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 - Class of 1958

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1 9 5 8 t t; THE SENIOR CLASS I reients THE MIRROR OF 19 5 8 NORTH SHORE COUNTRY DAY SCHOOL WINNETKA • ILLINOIS . " £4 r m! . ■ .-- ■» ft ■ ■■.■■■.., ,, - .% • ' • " TO hJT mf ' fei B ' i t : i»- ' .$ V If ' i V ■, ' ' % fts? !$ W « %t k ' ■ % - 4 " ' » sWW . " I, ■„■ : 4 ' HsJ ' m r ; • ■ ■ iy-.-.-v f t ;i ' mIH gag " ■? Al9» o edicat Ion For the many successful Work Days with rakes and leaves, for his ever present good humor, for theorems and logarithms, for his willingness to help us and those before us, we the Senior Class of 1958 gratefully dedicate the Mirror to Mr. Lewis A. Taylor. ■ ■■ ££ :• [ ■,■:. mm. rdmlnidtraui e rweadd NATHANIEL S. FRENCH Headmaster VIRGINIA S. DEANE Dean of Faculty, Dean o£ Girls MICHAEL A. POST Dean of Boys GEORGE F. ELDREDGE Head of Lower and Middle Schools MR. AGGENS MR. ALLISON MR. BRAUER MRS. GOULD MRS. HARRIDGE MR. HILL MR. PYNCHON MR. REIDY MISS RICHARD MR. ROHR MR. TALLEY MME. VALVO 10 MRS. HUMES DR. LANDAU MR. LICATA .J-A.-- . - ■■■ t .vJ mr. Mccarty MR. OSTROM 11 LOWER SCHOOL FACULTY First Row, left to right: Miss Lund, Mrs. Hahn, Miss Collingbourne. Second Row, left to right: Mrs. Kratz, Mrs. Williams. Third Row, left to right: Mrs. Cole, Mr. Allen, Mr. Eldredge. First Row, left to right: Mrs. Felix, Mrs. Griswold. Mrs. Roberts. Second Row, left to right: Mrs. Painter, Mrs. Harris, Mrs. Talley. MIDDLE SCHOOL FACULTY First Row, left to right: Miss Bran- des, Miss Mohr, Miss Bolster, Mrs. Humes. Second Row, left to right: Miss In- gram, Mr. Merbitz, Mr. Steel, Mr. Ostrom. 12 ill. II £ 9mm III 31 H ! ' ' ■ Sj-VYH -1j§ ROLLINS ANDREW " Did anyone see Maverick? " " Coats and ties should be standard equip- ment. " Best dressed cowboy; Troop- ing the Colour; The Ivy League look; Scotland. JIM ATWOOD " Did you say New Haven? " " Skip and I . . . " Football; basketball; number 40; Buicks; Cotillion. HUGH BOWLES " Evanston is the capital of the Middle West. " A traitor from the small car crew; the terrible tank; always a smile and a good word. J 14 SUSIE BREW " Bob, where are the l ' tirp articles? " " My great grandmother ' s birthday is next week. " Makes turkey starting at bridge club; number-one card arrang- er. JENNY BURNELL " I have it right here in my purse. " Walgreen ' s anonymous daughter; everybody ' s girl: Pepsi time; " My brother John . . . " 800 calories. ALLAN CARROLL " I got a date with the cutest girl on Chicago ' s Northwest Side. " " There is nothing wrong with the Frosh. " One of the Original Cousys; Vaudeville; Rogers Park. 15 NANCY CARSTENS " California, here I come. " Wally; Eur- opean escapade; " Way up in Lake Forest ... " Friendly, smoke, smoke, smoke that cigarette. JUDY CRANAGE " I haven ' t put a dent in my car for months. " " Where ' s Tim? " ads. ads, and more ads; Groucho in disguise; Vive la France! unconceivable. LOUISE DELAFIELD " I always sing Christmas Carols in September. " Lively; zany capers; car- rot top; always smiling. 16 [ ANN GEGNER " I don ' t have the time. " Lake Forest Academy; Louise ' s protege. TIM GRISWOLD " Have you seen Judy? I " he ' ©?!? Mirror! " New member of German Car Club; 135 pounds of solid?; yogi; Base- ball captain; " Little Champ. " LISA GUENZEL " Hi tweeters " " Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha! " The lure of the snowy slopes; " That x-??! car. " The Bermuda Race. 17 PAUL HAMBOURGER " Hi Fellas. " " Meet you in Mr. Talley ' s lab. " Member of the sixth period science discussion group; mad driver; Mr. Posture; Dr. Frankenstein. MIG HARDY " When I was in Sun Valley. " " Hey, Jude. " First woman president; ath- letic: mountain climbing in Switzer- land; hot rodder. SUE HARRIS Mr. Howell ' s favorite flash attachment holder; " Come on Nellie Belle. " Knit- ting; efficient; The green and the grey. 18 BOB HAUGH " The Purp must go to press. " Gung- ho; North Shore ' s version of a sick Caruso; loves to send college applica- tions; Kickster ' s hero. MALLORY HEYWORTH " Lihertyville is not the far west. " " That is a French poodle, not a mouse " Quite; sophisticated; all- around; meticulous. DAVE HUNT " Why didn ' t you pass to me? " " I ' m 100% Mid-West! " baskethall fiend; Jere; North Shore ' s answer to Lou Groza; Evanston; always aimiable. 19 MICKY INNES Icky Menace; The Highland Park Flash; " New Trier ' s only down the road. " Stick shift Plymouth; bubbles. JAY JENSEN " " Silence is a virtue; where he can usually be found — the lab; what he usually is doing — build- ing radios. NANCY KIMBALL " When ' s my new car coming? " Red Ford convertible; an Hth period angel; grub sweaters. 20 TONY KRAMER " My name is Jack Kramer. " " My brother has a supercharged Crovctte with a chrome oil filter. " Tennis; cars; " I am right, Allan! " NANCY MARLING " Pish tush! " Onward to the Northern woods; quiet. GORDON McCOLLUM " I am pious Gordy. " The Rage of Rush Street; Other of the pair; " But, Madame Valvo ... " Joliet ' s answer to Gordon Hathaway; Helium head; J. Press. 21 CARLOTTA McGUIRE convertible; . . " Moira O ' conner ' s modeling teacher. " Gee whiz. " ' 57 Ford mystery man; " My horse BOB MILES " I wanna get married. " sport coat and bluejeans; " What ' s a man without a woman? " Private Leagues Mickey Mantle. CHARLIE MORTIMER " Hi, Darling " " Jack Eigen for presi- dent! " Chicago ' s most enthusiastic sports fan, also most disappointed; Europe and Dr. Landau; most big hearted. 22 BUZZ NORTON " Who is going to Aspen? " " Nothing will ever surpass the railroads! " Ski- ing; future Chairman of Board — C NWRR; " The hoys. " wit; casual. JOHN NUTTING " Cousy, Cousy, Cousy ... " One man basketball team; the strolling min- strel; Winnetka ' s Elvis Presley; Mat ' s answer to Meadoulark Leamon. LINDA PORTER " I ' ve split the blanket with Doc again. " Wort; New Year ' s Eve parties; Senior girl ' s answer to Bob Cousy. 23 SONIA RAGIR " I know I ' m right. " New Trier niappe Board; savoir faire. Lag- RONNIE ROSSET " The Winnetka police are my best friends. " Unfortunate driver; class leader in broken bones; future Ail- American. ROXI RUSS " Vive la Switzerland. " skiing down Spar Gulch backwards; " skank " little one; ski bum. 24 CHARLIE SANFORD " Now, I ' d like to see you about just three things, sir. First ... " One of the pair; Rush Street: actor, singer, and dancer; Vaudeville star; money speaks; Governor of Nevada. JIM SCHNERING When the cat ' s away, the mice will play. " Meeting come to order. " One of the famous brothers; Rex Morgan, M.D.: the genial class leader. PAM TAYLOR " Let ' s play bridge. " Europe; color television; beer flag; little blue buggy. 25 MARTHA UHRIG " I ' m so sick of this it chives me bugs. " Waffles on Friday nights; " When I was at Wayland ... " Chorus. STEVE WEINRESS " Brooks Brothers, of course. " " I favor the 5 year plan. " C NWRR; Popo; ringer; tennis; German Cars; tweeds and Debs; debonair. JOAN WHITE " Come on out to my house. " White- walls; Princeton; another Andrea Meade; " My horse and I . . . " 26 MARY ANN WILLY " Oh, shuss! " " John . successor; bridge. Madame ' : Senior L luSS 1 1 ill ;er Rollins Andrew Jim Atwood Hugh Bowles Susie Brew Jenny Burnell Allen Carroll Nancy Carstens Judy Cranage Louise Delafield Ann Gegner Tim Griswold Lisa Guenzel Paul Hambourg. Mig Hardy Sue Harris Bob Haugh Mallory Heyworth Dave Hunt Micky Innes Jay Jensen Nancy Kimball Tony Kramer Nancy Marling Gordon McCollum Calotta McGuire Bob Miles Charlie Mortimer Buzz Norton John Nutting Linda Porter Sonia Ragir Ronnie Rosset Roxi Russ Charlie Sanford Jim Schnering Pam Taylor Martha Uhrig Steve Weinress Joan White Mary Ann Willy My North Shore party ticket to Bob Turpin. One pair of skiis and ski tickets to Mac. My extra large parking space to Andy Durham for his extra little Korman Ghia. My partnership in " The Coat " to my sister, may she wear, teed, and give it its due respect. The contents of my " carpet bag " to Alice Wilder, and if she doesn ' t want them, to anyone who will have them. My Cousy spirit to anyone who can qualify with the Cousy Creed. My " Cheshire " grin and my even temper to Susie Palm. My driver ' s license to the Winnetka and Glencoe policemen. My superb coordination to Margot Sheesley. My sixth period freedom to Dr. Landau. My size six football shoes to future " Monsters of the Midway. " My conservative and withdrawn personality to Carter McAlister. The physics lab back to Mr. Talley. My reserve and respect to the incoming Freshmen. My pony-tail to Anne Edgren and all the fun I have had with the " Mirror " to Betsy Loomis. All my straight arrows to some needy underclassman. My appetite to Jan Stanley. My passion for women to R - R - R - Rusty. My " Green Bomb " with its high tension clutch to Jill Trieschmann. All my " dud " rockets to next year ' s physics class. My indespensible bottle of hydrogen peroxide to any dark haired girl who needs it. My ability to hit the low notes to Carole Grant. My simply fantastic skiing ability to Andy Durham. My French vocabulary to Madame Valvo. My big, handsome hunk of brother to Robin Benson. My spot on the wall to Marnie and Bob. My place in the McAlister home to Rusty and my party spirit to Dirty Mike. My permanent smile to North Shore and to " Chef " , my points. My behind-the-back dribble to Jon Loeb. My " split blanket " with " Doc " to Mel Cahan. My curly hair to Ayrie Moore. All my late slips to anyone who can afford them. My complaints, my NSCDS ski club patch, and my T-bird to Sue Barrett. My Leicester Hall room to any poor slob who wants it. My interest in the study of anatomy to Joe. My " American Beauty " qualities (?) to any deserving person. My gym excuses to Lynn Massel. A Brooks Brothers gift certificate to the Junior Boys. My 12 mile drive to school every day to Carole Grant. My creative ideas to Linda Tannenbaum. 28 Jhe S )en5ciuonal 3 en Lord 29 J?k N N S fg . -. , Tunior C-taJJ First Row, left to right: Nancy Dayton, Karen Wagenknecht, Elsie Smith, Mary Allen, Carter McAlister, Emily Gilmore, Janet Stanley, Alice Harper, Elizabeth Loomis. Second Row, left to right: William Basile, George von Gehr, Anne Edgren, Ayrie Moore, Susan Palm, Anne Eastman, Kevin Hauser, Lynn Masse], Carole Grant, Linda Tannenbaum, Susan Barrett. Third Row, left to right: Morgan Fisher, Hall Healy, James Blumberg, Melvin Cahan, Maurice Franks, Andrew Peterson, Fred Hering, Anne Fisher, Michael Davenport. Fourth Row, left to right: David Lewis, Michael Schilling, Russel Ahrens, William McKee, Andrew Durham, Gary Sutherland, Richard Sutherland, Daniel Dose, Robert Turpin, Richard Gilbert. Absent: Sally Coulter, Margaretha Walk, Michael Riley, Talmadge Tribble. 30 S ophomore L lc add First Row, left to right: Linda Fay, Margot Fraker, Margaret Winston, Virginia Caspari, Jean Ekman, Victoria Jackson. Second Row, left to right: Margot Sheesley, Lynn Wavering, Margaret Win sor, Philip Moore, Beverly Trieschmann. Third Row, left to right: Patty Ostrom, William Wells, Frederica Gardner, Robin Benson, James Beck, Bruce Everett, Lucinda Kingery, Harley Hutchins, Estelle Miller, Alice Wilder. Fourth Row, left to right: Riley Morgan, Lee Kanes, Peter Darrow, Robert Potter, Nancy-Belle Neumann, Richard Merrick, Stewart Boal, Heath Onthank, Christopher Osgood. Fifth Row, left to right: John Schnering, Ruth Hardy, Colin Graham, Roger Griffin, Robert Davis, Jonathan Loeb, Stephen Parshall, Ruffin Harris, Jean Wright, Robert Strong, William Steel, Deirdre Healy, Peggy Cosier. Absent: James Holland. 32 s o p H O M O R E S J-reSn man l ladd First Row, left to right: Stratford Dick. Joan Morris, Marion Borchert, Betsy Allison. Faith Kelly, Robert Spindell. Second Row: Stephen Cumminjrs, Leanne Etlelson, Leeanne Mitchell, James Dern, Margaret Magie, Keith Capron, Lucinda Kern. Third Row: Heather Pirie, Johnathan Loomis. Valerie Moreschi, Helen Scribner, Tom Grimason, Deborah Rathbun, Alfred Shotwell. Fourth Row: Leslie Spitz, Terry Ostrom, Mary Sperling, Harry Drake, Anne Smith, Nancy Hetenyi, John Westrich, Susan Shapiro. Richard Botthof, Alfred Turner. Fifth Row: James Wilson. Paul Kimball. Absent: Robert Kopple, William Merrick. Lynn Sratford. 34 • ' 36 J 4 4M a C Lakth Ljrade First Row: Julia Ferry, Leslie Howe, Lauren Doolittle, Markcll Foote, Anne Darrow. Second Row: Jane Rutherford, Pamela Ferry, Margaret Lang, Judith Brew. Third Row: Anne Lewis, Sonia Mouzakeotis, Susan Dayton, Sherryl Wate, Stuart Hamill. Fourth Row: Christina Strong, Julia Burdick, Lucy Moore, Pricilla Wilson, Patricia McKinney. Fifth Row: Gary Short, William Gottschalk, Bowman Mercer. Thomas Geraghty, Marc Levine. Standing: Lane Jennings, Frederick Preston, Peyton Young, Donald Aleshire, Frederick Bowes, Jonathan Strong, Jeremy French. James Howe, Ellis Boal, Charles Hunt, Wayne Pettingill, Stephen James. Scott Russ. Teachers: Miss Brandes, Mr. Steel. Absent: Thomas Freeman, Dustin Reidy. 38 Seventh Ljrctde First Row: Mary Tobey, Pamela Schreincr, Tracy Donaldson, Joseph Rowell. Second Row: George Schulz, Mary Schnering, Ralph Basile, Nahtalie Osgood, Michelle Denson. Third Row: Thomas Loeb, June Allsion, Hays Clark, Tom Harris, William Harper. Fifth Row: Lucille McCarty, Stephen Hawxhurst, Mary June Newman, Lance Morgan, Gerhardt Schupmann. Sixth Row: Henry Bartholomay, Christine Burton, Samuel Wyman, James Davis, Helen Geraghty. Seventh Row: Ellen Rockwell, Cynthia Cummings, Cynthia Walk, Edith Kirk. Teacher: Miss Bolster. Absent: Robert Keitel. 39 ylxth VJrctcle First Row, left to right: John Gegner. Second Row: Scott Sommer, William Groves, Merle Chambers, Nicholas Babson, James Reidy. Third Row: Christopher Luncling, Irving Benoist, Alison Taylor, Linda Allison, Jeffrey Alsdorf. Fourth Row: Thomas Moore, Julia Drake, David Johnston, Deborah Strong, Nancy Scribner. Fifth Row: Ondre Huston, Hollis Potter, Jan Miller, Susan Paige, Michael Cain. Sixth Row: David Strong, Neil Levin, Joanne Brew, Phoebe Pettingell, James Fletcher. Seventh Row: Douglass Cooper, Richard Matzen, Marguerite Paul, Sharon Fitzmorris, Nina Boal. Teacher: Miss Ingram. Absent: William Guenzel. 40 ;,-v v7- HBH KWffifJ ' ' v - i v »3@ £n ag: K V ■M rMk Ljrade First Row, left to right, seated: Bonnie Ware, Nancy Schnering, Leslie Griswold. Holly Donaldson. Second Row standing: Betsy Cohler, Alison French, Betsy Ratcliffe, Gregory Burnell. Stephen Wyman, William Davis, Stephen Price, Henry Ott, Lynn Reidy, Polly Steel, Margaret Morse, Grace Dammann. Third Row, standing: Daniel Ball. William Scribner, Brock Hutchins, John Benson, Joel Levin, Robert Geraghty, Linne Dose. Teachers: Mrs. Dose (Music), Miss Collingbourne. Absent: John Caiue, John Goetz. 42 srourth KJrctde Seated, le£t to right: Theo Fitzmorris, Barbara Wells, Anne Purinton, John Swift, Linda Morgan, John Hetenyi, Jerome Gordon, Theodore Mouzakeotis, Carol Howard. Standing: Graham Quaal, Robert Mortimer, Robert Wilcox, Molly Morningstar, Christopher Hawxhurst. Teacher: Mr. Allen. Absent: Courtney Hurd, Cole Schreiner, Rollin Weary. 43 Jhird KJrade First Row: David Ingersoll, Peter Benson. Robert Mayer, Susan Cranage, Elizabeth Dick, Audrey Morrison, Peter Thompson, Stuart Pettingell. Second Row: John Moreschi, Anthony Burdick, Joseph Licata, Stuart Wilson, Carolyn Victor, Ann Marsh, Jayne Friedman, Martin Jack, Paul Logan, Amelia Milliken. Third Row: Steven Barber. Teacher: Miss Lund. 44 Second Ljrade First Row, left to right: Robert Stern, William Fletcher, John Ragir, Blake Allison, William Harridge. Second Row: Paula Stone, Alison Conant, Celia Donaldson, Betsy Purinton, James Sander. Third Row: Linda Levy, Michelle Booz, Kennedy Hawxhurst, William Sturgis, Kim Daro. Teacher: Mrs. Cole. Absent: Barbara Shafer, Katherine Thomas. 45 jg " SXESS ml 91 .j _a kf V SS 79 Jk IL-T ft f — | ; -ififi- ,A, fcw ' ' 3 HCV ,4 tf v £ i rirst Ljrade Front Row, left to right: Laura Sanders, Philip Faucett. Second Row: Wylly Morse, John Morningstor, Allan Siegert. Third Row: Lance Botthof, Scott Barber, Robert Baker, Richard LeBolt. Fourth Row: John Victor, Cornelia Weary, Mary Ann Sewell. Fifth Row, Standing: Janet Myers, James Wilson, John Hunvilh, Miriam Geraghty, Louis Brown, Robert Levin. Teacher: Mrs. Williams. Absent: Linda Breuer, Laura Sanders. 46 Senior Jsinderaa ti First Row, left to right, seated: Dean Tinner, Ellen Donaldson, Ruth Burnell, George Bocz, James Hertz, Edwin Gordon, William Wirtz, Phyllis Texter, James Leslie, Linda Paintct. Elizabeth Perkins, Michael Sherer. Second Row, standing: Howard Conant, Ruth Cummings, Stephen Gcering, Rnth Mayer, Michael Post, Marcia Boots, Bill Rolhlin. Third Row: Taber Allison. Teachers: Miss Latta, Miss Anderson. Absent: Robin Barber, Sandra Friedman, Di, lores Humes, Robert Chase. 47 junior J inderacipten First Row, left to right: Carol BurkhardC, Thomas Tallman, Daniel Miller, Virginia Martin, Ellen Marsh, Gayla Hensley. Second Row: Gregory Paulsen, Betsy Ann Sanders, Steven Klinger, Virginia Idol, Victoria Mac- Clure, John Allyn, Murphy Reinschreiher, Anne Wilcox. Teachers: Mrs. Bleloch, Miss Dickinson. Absent: Alison Hurd, Jeanne Petersen, Barbara Post, Laura Friedman, Douglas Kuzmiak, Sand- ford Prizant, Thomas Sample, Dean Daskal, Pembroke Warrington. 48 A C T I V I T I E S Left to right: Mig Hardy, attendant; Linda Porter, attend- ant; Judy Cranage, may queen. 49 student Council — srirdt Jt erm First Row. left to right: Gilbert, S. Dick, Kramer, Allen, Schnering, Turpin, Atwood. Second Row, left to right: B. Strong, VonGehr, Hunt, Barrett, Wilder, While, Delafield, H. Scrihner. OFFICERS AND REPRESENTATIVES President Jim Schnering Vice President Jim Atwood Secretary Mary Allen Treasurer Bob Turpin Delegates at Large .. Louise Delafield Dave Hunt Andy Peterson 1 2th Grade Representatives Joan White Tony Kramer 11th Grade Representatives Sue Barrett Rich Gilbert 10th Grade Representatives Alice Wilder Bob Strong 9th Grade Representatives Helen Scribner Strat Dick 50 ludeni i ouncit — Second Jt erm First Row, lett to right: Delafield, Peterson, Barret, Gilbert, Winston. Second Row, left to right, standing: Fay, B. Merrick, Joe Schnering, Shapiro, Sutherland, Marling, Kramer, Massel. OFFICERS President - Rich Gilbert Vice President Andy Peterson Secretary Sue Barrett Treasurer Bob Turpin Delegates at Large Louise Delafield Tony Kramer 11th Grade Representatives Lynn Massel Gary Sutherland 10th Grade Representatives Linda Fay Joe Schnering 9th Grade Representatives Sue Shapiro Bill Merrick 51 Left to right: Loomis, Junior Editor; Griswold, Co-Editor; Harris, Co-Editor; Von Gehr, Junior Editor. m irror Left to right: Cranage, Advertising Manager; Peterson, Junior Circulation Mana- ger; Coulter, Junior Advertising Manager; Atwood, Business Manager; Dav- enport, Junior Business Manager; Guenzel, Circulation Manager. 52 First Row, left to right: Grant, Allen, Haugh. Second Row: Heyworth, Porter, Burnell, Edgren, MtAlister, Weinress. Third Row: Hering, Brew, Kramer, Hunt, D. Sutherland, Bowles, Cahan. J urple and l i hlt e STAFF Editors Susie Brew, Bob Haugh Sports editors Linda Porter, Mallory Heyworth, Hugh Bowles, Dave Hunt Circulation manager Carole Grant Campus editor Anne Edgren Feature editor Carter McAlister Copy editors Jenny Burnell, Mel Cahan Art editor Steve Weinress Business manager Fred Hering Advertising managers Linda Porter, Mary Allen 53 C ZrtJ Artnletic r56ocicition OFFICERS President Jud} ' Cranage Vice President Mallory Heyworth Secretary Treasurer Betsy Loomis Representatives Freshman Cindy Kern Sophomore Linda Fay Junior Carole Grant Senior Roxi Russ First Row, kneeling, left to right: Rtiss, Grant, Fay. Second Row: Hetenyi, R, Hardy, Heyworth, Cranage, E. Loomis. 54 Cy r j Tlhlellc S rASoclauon — Second Je erwi Fi ' .st Row, left to right: Loomis, Cranage, Heyworth. Second Row Standing, left to right: Sperling, M. Hardy, Porter, R. Hardy, Frakcr. OFFICERS President Judy Cranage- Vice President.- Mallory Heyworth Secretary-Treasurer .....Betsy Loomis 1 2th Grade Representative Mig Hardy 11th Grade Representative Ayrie Moore 1 Oth Grade Representative Mitzi Fraker 9th Grade Representative Mary Sperling Girls ' Basketball Representative Linda Porter Cheerleader Representative Ruth Hardy 55 «t .: ft v (k: i m ornin 9 C x. C ommulee Itti Front Row, left to right: Merle Chambers, McAlister. V. Moreschi, Mr. Hill, Tannenbaum. Second Row, left to right: Norton, Willy, J. Loomis, Cahan, N. Hetenyi, Bill Steel Jr. 56 3iacie L i f Up and Down Ladder, left to right: Lewis. Von Gehr, Boal. Gilbert, Basile, Beck, Leob, Capron, Spindell. Front Row, kneeling: Hambourger. Second Row, left to right: Griffin, Davis, Moore, Fisher. r i uppeiiu First Row, left to right: Allen, McAlister, Carstens, Cranage. Second Row, left to right: Sperling, Grant, Sheesley, Dayton. Third Row, left to right: J. Btirnell, Shapiro, Wright, Hauser. Fourth Row, left to right: Mitchell, Edgren. Absent: Walk. 1st Soprano: Carole Grant Anne Edgren Mary Sperling Leanne Mitchell 2nd Soprano: Jenny Burnell Kevin Hauser Jeanne Wright Sue Shapiro 58 1st Alto: Nancy Dayton Margaretha Walk Margot Sheesley 2nd Alto: Nancy Carstens Judy Cranage Mary Allen Carter McAlister C nSemble First Row, left to right: Hangh, Healy, Dose. Second Row: Darrow, l ' arshall, Miles, Beck, Strong, Davenport. Third Row: Graham, Andrew, Kramer, Carroll, G. Sutherland, Turpin, Atwood. Fourth Row: Westrich, Dick, Shotwell. 1st Tenor: Haugh, Miles, Shot- 1st Bass: Carroll, Dose, Parshall, well, Healy, Graham. Westrich, G. Sutherland. 2nd Tenor: Turpin, Andrew, Darrow. 2nd Bass: Atwood, Dick, Kramer, Davenport, Strong, Beck. 4 y | U i [ « ■ H IB X " • 1 If 5rs •1 D R A M AT I C S 61 VAUDEVILLE r» w .j ' y?f i : i n. DL 1958 (X era THE MIKADO by Gilbert and Sullivan THE NORTH SHORE COUNTRY DAY SCHOOL March 20, 21, and 22, 1958 64 CAST The names listed last indicate Saturday night cast. THE MIKADO Allan Carroll NANKI-POO Hall Healy KO-KO James Atwood POOH-BAH Anthony Kramer PISH-TUSH Robert Turpin YUM- YUM Carole Grant PEEP-BO Nancy Dayton Nancy Kimball PITTI-SING Carter McAlister KATISHA Margaretha Walk UNDERSTUDIES Susan Palm Peter Darrow CHORUS OF SCHOOLGIRLS, NOBLES, GUARDS, AND COOLIES MUSICAL DIRECTOR Mr. Allison STAGE DIRECTOR Mr Hill ACCOMPANIST Mrs. Paine ACT I Courtyard of Ko-Ko ' s Official Residence in Titipu ACT II Ko-Ko ' s Garden 65 J enlof f la y First Row, front to back: Mortimer, Ragir. Second Row, front to back: M. Hardy, Atwood, Mr. Hill. Gegner. Third Row, front to back: Delafield. Carroll, Rnss, Hunt, Miles, Haugh. Absent: Harris, Weinress, Bowels. McGuire, .Sanford. THE MATCHMAKER by Thornton Wilder Horace Vandergelder Allan Carroll Ambrose Kemper Steve Weinress Joe Scanlon Hugh Bowles Gertrude Ann Gegner Cornelius Hackl Jim Atwood Ermengarde Roxi Russ Malachi Stack Bob Haugh Mrs. Levi Mig Hardy Barnaby Tucker Charlie Mortimer Mrs. Malloy Carlotta McGuire Minnie Fay Sonia Ragir A Cabman Bob Miles Rudolph Dave Hunt August Charlie Sanford Miss Flora Van Huysen Louise Delafield Her Cook Sue Harris 66 warsltu jrootbcLit J First Row, left to right: Bowles, Atwood, Mortimer, Rosset (co-captain), Jim Schnering (co-captain), Weinress, Haugh, Griswold. Second Row: M. J. McCarty (coach), Gilhert, Durham, Kramer, Joe Schnering, R. Merrick, Schilling, McKee, Hunt. Third Row: Beck, Boal, P. Moore, Sutherland, Miles, Davis, Sutherland, Morgan, Davenport. SCORES ' .S. Opp 32 St. Johns 14 19 Francis Parker 26 Luther South 7 13 North Park Academy 19 37 Walther Luther 14 12 Luther North 12 7 Wheaton Academy 19 21 Glenwod 68 war situ rrocke J y First Row, left to right: Willy Gegner, Mc. Mister, Cranage (captain). Brew (man- ager), Heyworth, Guenzel, Russ. Second Row: Wavering, Grant, Kimball, Allen, Hauser. Third Row: Sheesley, Hardy, Jackson, Healy, Porter, Gardner, Palm. Absent: Carstens. SCORES First Team Second Team . s. Opp. N.S. Opp 4 2 3 5 Faulkner Francis Parker Ferry Hall Roycemore Milwaukee Downer 2 1 9 5 5 11 1 Faulkner Francis Parker Ferry Hall Roycemore Milwaukee Downer 1 1 9 70 u rditu (l5cisketocill First Row, left to right: Turpin, Peterson. Bowles, Nutting, Ahrens, Atwood, Hunt, McKee. Second Row: Mr. McCarty (coach), Boal, Morgan, P. Moore, Schilling, Griffin, Joe Schnering, Hutchins. N.S. Opp. 57 64 48 Timothy Christian Elgin Academy Chicago Latin 51 13 40 51 Glenwood 33 63 Luther South 65 40 Racine Lutheran 50 48 Walther Luther 44 44 Francis Parker 62 65 52 Wheaton Academy Harvard School 60 57 44 Luther North 48 38 63 University High Lake Forest Academy 55 53 Private School Tournament 62 Elgin Academy 25 40 Luther North 43 72 Cy rtJ ( S usheWctll SCORES First Team Second Team s T .S. Opp. N. S. Opp 37 Timothy Christian 43 31 Timothy Christian 41 38 Faulkner 19 57 Faulkner 4 52 Francis Parker 26 38 Francis Parker 26 45 Timothy Christian 42 37 Timothy Christian 28 46 Milwaukee Downer 42 28 Milwaukee Downer 28 49 Ferry Hall 22 54 Ferry Hall 21 First Row, left to right: Sheesley, Neumann, Kimball, Burnell (manager), Porter (captain), Carstens, R. Hardy, Hauser. Second Row: Brew, Guenzcl, M. Hardy, McAlisler, Gardner, Winston, Grant. Absent: A. Moore, Heyworth. 74 H I. 2 % Uarsitu dSaSebciii y First Row, left to right: Griswold ( " captain), Hunt, Atwood, Miles, Haugh, Rosset. Second Row, left to right: Mr. McCarty (coach), P. Moore, Peterson, McKce, Griffin, Boal. Bill Adler (coach). SCORES North Shore North Shore 3 North Shore 8 North Shore 14 North Shor e 11 North Shore 8 North Shore 3 North Shore 5 North Shore 12 North Shore 8 North Shore 3 North Shore 5 North Shore 23 North Shore 12 ♦North Shore 9 North Shore ....14 •North Shore 3 Non-league games North Park Academy 1 Lake Forest 2 Luther North 5 Glenwood Timothy Christian 2 Walther Luther 1 Racine Lutheran 2 Luther South Chicago Latin 2 Wheaton Academy Racine Lutheran 2 Christian University High .. Lake Forest Academy ....13 North Park Academy 2 Timothy Christian 4 Luther North 2 75 jrrodk- opk jrootbcLli J P First Row, left to right: Morgan, P. Moore, Parshall, Wells. Boal, Griffin, Beck, Dick, Davis, Hutchins Strong. Second Row: Mr. Pynchon (coach) Dern, Spindell, Harris, Capron, Potter, Kancs, Loeh, Graham. Darrow, P. Kimball, Mr. Licala (coach). Third Row: Blumberg, J. Loomis, Shotwell, Ctnvmiings, Everett, Drake, T. Ostrom, Wilson, Turner, Iiotthof, Grimason. 76 srroSn- opk (J5cLskeW First Row, left to right: Boal, Loeb, Morgan, P. Moore, Hutchins, Joe Schnering, R. Merrick, Griffin. Second Row, left to right: Osgood, Everett, Graham, Cummings, Dern, Steel, P. Kimball, Beck, W. Merrick. First Row. left to right: Grimason, Dick, Shotwell, " F. Ostrom, Turner, B. Merrick, Wilson, Westrich. Second Row, left to right: Mi. Ostrom (coach), R. Merrick, Joe Schnering, Davis, Everett, Dern, Morgan. Graham, Bill Adler (coach). 77 t liddie School rrocm i First Row, left to right: Darrow, Wilson, Judy Burdick, Judy Brew, Kirk, Ellen Moore, McKinney, Foote. Second Row, left to right: A. Taylor, Chambers, Huston, N. Allison, N. Scribner, T. Donaldson, P. Pettingell, Joan Brew, Drake, Miller, Burton. Third Row left to right: Benoist, M. Schnering, Rockwell, S. Ware, S. Mouzakeotis, Howe, Cummings, Doolittle. Fourth Row, left to right: Dayton, J. Allison, J. Ferry, P. Ferry, Rutherford, Lewis, Potter, C. Strong, N. Osgood. Fifth Row, left to right: C. Walk, Newman, H. Geraghty, McCarty, Denison, N. Boal, S. Fitzmorris. 78 I licldle S chool srootbult FirsL Row left to right: J. French, C. Hunt, W. Pettingill, Young, S. Russ, Goltschalk, Schulz, E. Second Row, left to right: Levine, J. Howe, T. Geraghty, J. Strong, Freeman, Jennings, Sandy Wyman, Mercer, Schupmann, Rowell. Third Row, left to right: J. Reidy, B. Hutchins, W. Scrihner, Babson, J. Fletcher, James, Preston, Reitel, J. Davis, Harris, Harper, Bartholomay. Fourth Row, left to right: Groves, Alsdorf, Cooper, T. Moore, Steve Wyman, W. Guenzel, Lund- ing, Cain, R. Basile, D. Strong, Sommer, Gegner, Fifth Row, left to right: L. Dose, Johnson, Alshire, Clark, Bowes, L. Morgan. Coaches: Mr. Ostrom, Mr. Merbitz, Mr, Steel. 79 , V», cJLeicedter hrcili First Row, left to right: Bob Turpin, Mike Riley, Charles Merbitz, Mrs. Merbitz, Bob Haugh. Second Row, left to right: Mr. Reidy, Gordon McCollum, Charles Sanford. Absent: Mr. Merbitz. 80 w $ $0$ m i. i •mtmds. t rti- - " ' ■ ' ■ Jkrouah the f addina UJi eard It is with pride that once again through the medium of photography we have been able to fashion a graphic record of your school year — a pride stemming doubly from the knowledge that herein not only have we helped to create a record of so much meaning to each of you, but in so doing we have had the opportunity to share warm pleasant associa- tions with so many. Always, as years pass, this record will have a special place in your heart for it will be the visible token of the wonderful experience of your growing years, rich in the foundation of true and lasting friendship. Our heartiest congratulations to all! Cordially, John Howell and Craftsmen £eM WtikeA $w Continued £ucceJJ m the €hJum$ IfearJ Eden ' s Plaza PHILIP ' S SHOE CLINIC Complete Shoe Repair While " U " Wait Orthopedic Restyling — Refinishing — Tinting — Shoe Supplies ( I I I I I I 1 i I ( I I I 83 Whatever the Season . . . or reason . . . YOU ' LL FIND AN UNUSUAL GIFT OR INTERESTING ACCESSORY AT THE ROBERTA VILLAGE FAIR 839 ELM STREET WINNETKA, ILLINOIS THE CLOTHES LINE INC. Sweaters — Belts — Jewelry Bags Casual and Date Dresses Formals 640 NORTH WESTERN AVENUE LAKE FOREST, ILLINOIS jood JL itcU and jTjcst UUishes to the C Jass of 58 WINNETKA TRUST l AND | SAVINGS BANK t Winnetka, Illinois 84 Motorola makes portable phono history! f) 1 Vfc l M y . " ■■■ ' Wrap-around styling — looks like an expensive overnight case Hi-fi in fiber glass! RADIO-PHONO COMBINATION in Duraphonic Fiber Glass case, two speakers, 4- speed changer. Brown and Sand or Mint Green and Antique White. Model 5R23. POPULAR PRICED PHONO with Dura- phonic Fiber Glass case, big 6 " speaker and 4- speed changer. In Ceru- lean Blue or Flame and Antique White; also Charcoal. Model 3F22. Out of this revolutionary duraphonic fiber glass case comes tone quality you ' d expect to hear only from a hi-fi console ! Motorola shaped this tough, light, miracle material into an almost acousti- cally perfect case. (Notice how even the lid " baffles " and projects the sound like a bandshell.) Inside you ' ll find three hi-fi speakers, an automatic 4-speed record changer, and separate bass-treble controls. The Motorola Calypso (Model 3H24, above) comes in Caribbean Blue or two-tone Jamaican Sand and Ivory. And you can choose from phonos, radio-phono combinations, and hi-fi portables — priced low as $79.95! Prices and specifications subject to change without notice. M MOTOROLA World ' s Largest Exclusive Electronics Manufacturer You kids in the Class of ' 58 1 I I Are on your way, it ' s true, I I i So the girls in the Class of ' 61 Are wishing " Good Luck to You ' from the Qirls of 59 (ADedt l Uhked to the Ljraauatina i ladd of 1958 I ! N. C. Hurley, Jr. President J. A. McGuire Vice President 87 88 1 ) I t 1 I I I I ) I I I ■ I I ) I 1 i I I } I I 231 S. LaSalle Street Chicago 4, Illinois ) ) I I I I WEINRESS CO Investment Securities i t -a- -a- i I { 89 I 1 I ♦ ♦ I ) I i Cjtant fldtetttiiny J)hc. ♦ ♦ ♦ Where Sav ngs Really Pay— WINNETKA SAVINGS LOAN ASSOCIATION 814 Elm Street, Winnetka, Illinois Compleie Travel Service FOUR CORNERS TRAVEL 511 DAVIS STREET EVANSTON, ILLINOIS DA 8-8484 -:- DA 8-6161 MARIAN SCULLEY CATHERINE ROWLEY U . . . . 90 ( " f . Jsmperial id uour representative for ) RENAUlT « PORSCHE MG (%7 J JflL ALFA ROMEO AUSTIN-HEALEY uVa ..n nn ,c lm 7 JAGUAR MORRIS Jh| AUSTIN WIMPERWB| DEKIXCLEl ON CHICAGO ' S NORTH SHORE Complete Sales and Service Facilities for Foreign-Made Cars JmperiJ MOTORS, INC. 721 Green Bay Road, Wilmette, III. • Phone ALpine 6-0606 (facing Northwestern R.R. Station) Compliments of I THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK of Winnetka 379 Elm Street, Winnetka, Illinois Caledonian Market, Inc. 886 Linden Avenue - Winnetka 6-0912 721 Elm Street - Winnetka 6-2840 { Winnetka, Illinois i ENGLISH IMPORTERS - ANTIQUE FURNITURE ( INTERIOR DECORATORS - CUSTOM UPHOLSTERING : 91 I I OLD ORCHARD BANK TRUST CO. The only bank on the North Shore open six full banking days. Member FDIC Deposits insured to $10,000 OLD ORCHARD 90 SKOKIE, ILL. WINNETKA CAMERA SHOP 732 Elm Street ) Winnetka, Illinois J BLOCK KUHL COMPANY l I Elm and Chestnut, Winnetka, Illinois HI 6-0630 A Complete Department Store Featuring • ( Student Apparel for All Age Groups J 92 I ( onurutulauond to the CLdd of 1958 • 93 THE ILLINOIS COMPANY Incorporated New York Stock Exchange Midwest Stock Exchange 231 S. LaSalle St. Chicago 4 Financial 6-3400 RAY ' S SPORT SHOP " If You ' ve Tried the Rest- Now Use the Best " COMPLETE EQUIPMENT ARCHERY TO TENNIS BARBELL TO PING PONG 659 VERNON AVENUE VErnon 5-2366 GLENCOE, ILLINOIS RASSMUSSEN SHOES 810 Elm Street, Winnetka, Illinois HI 6-0805 Manager: C. A. Bookwalter ELLANGEE SHOE STORE 522 Central Avenue Highland Park, Illinois ID 2-0879 I RAVINIA SHOE STORE 5 ( 471 Roger Williams Avenue I Highland Park, Illinois ID 2-0718 l 94 KEYSTONE RAILWAY EQUIPMENT CO. Railway Exchange Building Chicago 4, Illinois MONOLAC FOR COAL HOPPER CARS PORTLOC OUTLET FOR COVERED HOPPER CARS When you look in your " Mirror " Be Fell dressed Abe Fell GOEZEEH and WIEDE REALTORS i I 790 Elm Street HI 6-5544 i i . 95 LUBUNER HIMMEL 908 Linden Avenue Winnetka L. Ringer Realty 457 CENTRAL AVENUE HIGHLAND PARK FELIX PALM a ASSOCIATES 155 E. Ontario Street MO 4-7005 COMMERCIAL ART 9f COMPLETE TV SALES AND SERVICE ADMIRAL • MOTOROLA • RCA l e tti J jrothers J . U. ( ompanu Open Monday and Thursday evenings ' till 9:00 SAM PETTI - MARIO PETTI Phone HI 6-1288 CHAS. A. MUELLER Saddlery Shop 248 Westminster LAKE FOREST, ILLINOIS QUINTO BRUNO ' S Pure Oil Service 635 Vernon Avenue VErnon 5-1766 or 5-0247 GLENCOE, ILLINOIS I I LANYIS For Sportswear ) and ) Dressy Dresses ' ( Sizes 7-15, 8-20 720 Elm Street, Winnetka, Illinois Phone HI 6-2824 ) ( 98 THE JEWEL FOOD STORES at I 858 Green Bay Road J Just South of Tower Winnetka and 1919 Lake Avenue Just West of Ridge Wilmette ARE READY TO SERVE YOU BETTER. EARL W. GSELL CO. } Highland Park, Illinois Ravinia, Illinois I ID 2-2600 ID 2-2400 PIANOS MUSIC ORGANS ACCCESSORIES All Musical Instruments Karnes Music Company DA 8-3737 906 CHURCH ST. EVANSTON 99 I ) I I I Pharmacists I ) I 1 j The Largest, Most Complete Camera Shop on the North Shore POWELL ' S CAMERA MART } 589 CENTRAL ! I { C roncyratulations to tne Class of 1958 Highland Park, Illinois ID 2-8550 CHARLES VARIETY STORE Headquarters for All Staple and Seasonal Dime Store and Variety Store Merchandise 808 Elm Street Winnetka, I llinois HI 6-6313 Chestnut Court Book Shop 815 ELM ST., WINNETKA HI 6-0882-0883 All the Newest Books Our Paper Book Shop with All the Better Paper Books Including Bantam and Pocket Books for Required Reading. (Righi Around the Corner) AT 547 CHESTNUT STREET 100 Dini ' s Fountain Lunch For Good Sandwiches and Wisconsinized Ice Cream 452 Central Ave. Highland Park, III. Across from the Alcyon Theater Phone HI Merest 6-4224 I lortnern oLiantd Lamps and Shades 894 Linden Avenue Winnetka, Illinois Phone: VErnon 5-2029 v — vtlinavu Atrt kJ hoppe FOR YOUR LUNCH BOXES 710 Vernon Ave. Glencoe, Illinois SHOE CLINIC Ed DeRouin Shoe Reconditioning Three Convenient Locations • 525 MAIN STREET • 925 DAVIS STREET • 1614 CHICAGO AVENUE A Complete Drug Store REHN ' S HILLMAN PHARMACY Theodore L. Rehn, R.Ph. 353 Park Avenue, Glencoe, Illinois VE 5-0387 or VE 5-0388 SAVE WITH SAFETY AT DEERFIELD SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 735 Deerfield Road Deerfield, Illinois Wl 5-1911 101 MARIAN MICHAEL Children ' s Clothes Babies Through Pre-Teens and Custom Modes for Sister, Brother and Mother 574 LINCOLN AVENUE, WINNETKA, ILLINOIS HI 6-1177 HENRY C. WIENECKE, INC Complete Hardware Service THE TOY SHOP 680-682 Vernon Avenue, Glencoe, Illinois VE 5-3060 ECKART HARDWARE COMPANY 735 Elm Street Winnetka, Illinois Serving the Community for Forty Years The Ccuhtrtj tfcuJe, inc. INTERIORS GIFTS I ANTIQUES 280 East Deerpath Lake Forest, Illinois Telephone: Lake Forest 244 J t KB L-Jood =JLuck to the ( laAA of 58 DRAPER KRAMER INCORPORATED I WINNETKA CLINICAL LABORATORY 725 ELM ST., WINNETKA, ILLINOIS HI 6-4588 All Kinds of Laboratory Tests for Your Doctor I — FELL SHOES — A NAME YOU KNOW WITH SHOES YOU LOVE ) 36 Years on the North Shore I FELL SHOES 932 Linden, Hubbard Woods 635 Central, Highland Park i 103 Mr. Nathan Cummings CONSOLIDATED FOOD CORP. 135 South LaSalle Street ... j I s 104 I I I I I I c- A .., Compliments of EKCO PRODUCTS COMPANY The Greatest Name in Housewares CHICAGO 39, ILLINOIS ■Q- 105 Runnfeldt Belmont Service Station COMPLETE AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE Shell Products Oak and Chestnut Streets Winnetka, Illinois HI 6-0334 BEST WISHES to the CLASS OF 1958 from THE CLASS OF 1960 Congratulations to the Class of ' 58 I 06 1 JOHN A. COLBY SONS Fine Furniture — Interior Decoration Since 1 866 Chicago LaGrange Park Evanston NOW, ON UNITED, YOU CAN BE CERTAIN YOUR PLANE HAS RADAR! Radar means smoother flights and greater on-time dependability — in any weather! | EVERY UNITED MAINLINER " IS RADAR EQUIPPED! 107 i VILLAGE ) 1 ELECTRIC RADIO SHOP . ALL ELECTRICAL SERVICE ( MARINE - MOBILE - PORTABLE - RCA ( 1 i G.E. - MOTOROLA - INDUSTRIAL : ) Compliments of 1650 Willow Road Northfield, Illinois ( | THOMSON HI Merest 6-1100 ( CONGRATULATIONS AND : BEST WISHES FOR | McKINNON CONTINUED SUCCESS : TO THE I CLASS OF ' 58 : { Securities — Commodities j Members New York Stock Exchange : Midwest Stock Exchange -John Willy ' 57 j For High Fidelity Singing: Consult ( • And Other Principal Exchanges THE CHORAL GROUP j I 231 S. LaSalle St. Fl 6-2400 LYNNE MARGOT j NANCY JEAN GINNY CINDY I • Chicago Resident Partners • William E. Ferguson Carl F. Krebs Jrene s ( ) INDIVIDUAL DESIGNING j » CUSTOM MADE CLOTHING ( ) ♦ ♦ ♦ Remodeling - Alterations j 894 LINDEN AVENUE (In the Court) j HUBBARD WOODS, ILLINOIS HI 6-1990 = 108 1 ) I I I E. B. TAYLOR CO. j ( Everything for House, Lawn and Garden i ( WINNETKA, ILLINOIS PHONE HI 6-0999 ■ CHOOSE ( YOUR STERLING FLATWARE ( PATTERN THE CELLINI SHOP r Jewelers Silversmiths Since 1914 • We Carry Patterns of ( All Leading Silversmiths ■ Chicago Avenue at Davis Street EVANSTON Noble Printing Co. j Distinctive Printers { 1046 GAGE STREET j WINNETKA, ILL. ) • Compliments ) North Shore Cleaners y 7 Hour Service 5 336 Park Avenue VE 5-0038 Glencoe ALLEN ' S I Stationers Shop . WILMETTE, ILLINOIS 1 129 Central Avenue Eden ' s Plaza • AL 1-7940 AL 1-7353 i Greeting Cards for Every Occasion I Party Goods Favors — Home Office Supplies ' Albums, Scrapbooks Diaries i School Supplies — Art Supplies : Two friendly stores dedicated to quality merchandise and quality service for quality customers. f V Hot Water Heaters - Frigidaires - Bendix Washers I V. J. KILLIAN COMPANY ) PLUMBING and HEATING ) WINNETKA, ILLINOIS j V. J. Killian, President { Telephone: Wlnnetka 6-0908 ( 933 LINDEN AVENUE Prompt Delivery Service — Phone: Hillcrest 6-1205 ' Charge Accounts Solicited — C.O.D. Orders Invited » GROCERLAND J FRUITS - VEGETABLES - GROCERIES ( MEATS -FROZEN FOODS I " Where Quality Prevails " 924 Linden Ave. — Hubbard Woods, Winnetka, III. j 109 ( COMPLIMENTS J | HIGHLAND MARKET B G Standard j 1644 Willow Road Northfield, Illinois [ Phone: HI 6-4483 : CONGRATULATIONS ( TO THE CLASS ( OF ' 58 Alice ) Marnie 5 Peggy : Ruth SHELL ON WILLOW Corner of ) New Willow and Old Willow Roads j Northfield, Illinois : Frank Szczesny, Jr. : Hillcrest 6-6768 { I THANKS, ) ) THANKS A LOT j TROOPING THE ) COLOUR 896 LINDEN AVENUE } HUBBARD WOODS, ILL. ) H. S. HOYT, Jr. Hillcrest 6-6360 ( CONGRATULATIONS - CLASS OF 1960 ) Love j Vickie ; Derry ■ Linda NORTH SHORE CUBE AND BEVERAGE COMPANY 90 Frontage Road r Northfield, Illinois Phone HI 6-0077 : Beer - Soft Drinks - Ice Cubes • I BLACK ' S BOOK BAR, INC. Gifts - Stationery - Books ) 796 Elm Street j Winnetka, Illinois ' HI 6-4066 COSMAS FOOD MART j 732 Waukegan Road ' . Deerfield, Illinois ' f ( ( SMALE ' S ( Barber Shop ; Appointment • Dial HI 6-3555 rntltonu Uoqel • HAIRDRESSING SALON ) 982 Linden Avenue Hubbard Woods, Illinois 5 Telephone Hillcrest 6-0838 i j ROSY ' S NORTHFIELD PHARMACY : Victor Rosy, R.Ph. ! 1670 Willow Road i Northfield, Illinois j Hillcrest 6-4242 COMPLIMENTS OF BERT J. DREW GROCERIES 1 ! i God Bless The Cousys THE WAGGIN ' TAIL ( 705 WAUKEGAN ROAD • DEERFIELD, ILLINOIS 1 Trimming, Clipping and Bathing 5 Where All Smart Dogs Hang Out j Wl 5-1350 { Owner: Elaine Ortman 11(1 1 I { Robert W. Pease ) PRESCRIPTIONS I ( HIGHLAND PARK, ILLINOIS ) ID 2-0144 I 495 CENTRAL AVENUE Kyanize Self-Smoothing PAINTS LANDI PAINT CO. 356 PARK AVENUE GLENCOE, ILLINOIS J. LANDI VErnon 5-0048 GLENCOE CAMERA SHOP Custom Photofmishing — Salon Quality Enlarging We Own and Operate Our Own Plant KODAK STORE 655 Vernon Avenue VErnon 5-2507 | Paul ' s Recorded Music { Across from the Teatro ) For: • LONGHAIRS I • JAZZ COLLECTORS | • HIT HUNTERS ' JUST BROWSERS Stieg man ' s Shoe Shop Shoes for Children Cradle to College Congratulations FREDDY GINN NANC I Distinctive Women ' s Sportswear l COUNTRY GIRL I 708 VERNON AVENUE ( GLENCOE, ILLINOIS 5 Phone VErnon 5-0716 DEERFIELD HOBBY AND TOY SHOP 734 Waukegan Road Deerfield, Illinois Wl 5-2312 Deerfield Garage 745 Waukegan Road Deerfield, Illinois Wl 5-4240 ) Phone Wlnnetka 6-0280 | PREMIER CLEANERS FURRIERS • 988 Linden Avenue ' { Hubbard Woods, Illinois CAMERA HEADQUARTERS of the NORTH SHORE McCOY CAMERA 1643 ORRINGTON EVANSTON Phone DAvis 8-2363 Hillcrest 6-4093 VICTORIA ANTIQUE SHOP Importers of Fine Antiques 91 Linden Avenue - Hubbard Woods Louella and Bernard Dehler Winnetka, Illinois J III MIDDLEBY MARSHALL OVEN COMPANY 761-769 West Adams Street Chicago 6, Illinois imee 112

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