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9, % DDQDinrdDiriD® n b r s n n u n LI 1U n G W U n u n tot n G DEDICATION For her devotion to the school and to us as individuals for her wisdom, guidance, and, above all, for the high ideals which she has set for us and helped us to approach, we, the Senior Class of 1956, gratefully dedicate our Mirror to Miss Virginia Deane. ADMINISTRATIVE HEADS Mr. Thomas, Mr. Jackson, Miss Deane, Mr. French. KNOLLSLEA Mrs. Talley, Mrs. Murray, Mrs. Harridge, Miss Brunner, Mrs. Felix, Mrs. Jorgensen. 7 FACULTY vsi VvmcvaW t tfV. W W Otf FOLLIES PEDANTIC PROFS 10 DUNLAP HALL . . . THE HIGH SCHOOL 11 SENIORS LESLIE LYNN ANDERSON Mount Holyoke Ambition: To have an ambition " I Didn ' t Know What Time It Was " GEORGE AID Harvard Ambition: To be the second great Democratic president from Missouri " Drinking Song " JILL BUCKLIN ATWOOD Vassar Ambition: To go WEST! " Dark Eyes " 12 1956 GALE ROBERT BACH Harvard Ambition: Just to set on my porch with my hound dog and a plug of tobacco in my mouth. " Tennessee Memories " BETTE CLAIRE BASILE DePauw Ambition: To use CANNON towels for the rest of my life " No Other LOVE Have I " FENTRESS S. BARRY Cornell Ambition: To have my own green- house " The Flower Song " Batch Bet Fenny 13 SENIORS KATHERINE LEE BIGGERT Smith Ambition: To learn how to refrain from talking when I should be listening. " Take Me Out To The Ball Game " SHELDON CLYDE BERNDTSON Carleton Ambition: To develop the sport coat habit " He " SHARON DICUS Sarah Lawrence Ambition: To lose my sense of humor " A Small Cafe, Cherie " Kitty Bernst Sherry 14 1956 RICHARD ALLAN BERS Arizona Ambition: To see the Mirror in print " Two Guitars " LENORE FOLLANSBEE Pembroke Ambition: To gain recognition of my athletic prowess " Everybody Loves A Baby " TORREY EVERETT Harvard Ambition: To catch Mr. Thomas misspelling a word " Crazy-Legs " Misto ' B. Norrie T-Bags IS SENIORS ELEANOR FAVILL GRAVES Stanford Ambition: To give New Mexico back to the Mexicans " You ' re An Old Smoothie " JOHN CHARLES GAINES Brown Ambition: To win enough money in Leicester card games to send my children to HARVARD " John, John " JOHANNAH CLARK KUNKLER Hanover Ambition: To continue to be a " Southern Woman " " Hot Canary " Nora John Joby 16 1956 JOHN RADFORD HARDY Colorado Ambition: To bring back the full- fledged beard " Black Denim Trousers and Motor- cycle Boots " MADELEINE GILLIES MACKENZIE Vassar Ambition: To keep the pot boiling " The Last Time I Saw Paris " RICHARD LAWRENCE HUMPHREY Stanford Ambition: To make the moon " Daddy-O " Nelse Madie 17 SENIORS COLEMAN SELLERS HUTCHINS Yale Ambition: To sing second tenor " My Hero " VIRGINIA LYNN OLSON Smith Ambition: To be a midget " Semper Fidelis " KNUT KAGE College in Germany Ambition: To buy a Volkswagen and drink my beer in the Brauhaus " Auf Wiedersehen " Hutch Lynn Krout 18 1956 BARCLAY DeLAY JOHNSON Harvard Ambition: To graduate from that institution which, according to a prominent educator, is attended by all the erudite viola tri-color Hor- tenses " Efficiency " MARCIA DICKS McMILLAN Smith Ambition: To never, never, ne ' see another rabbit again " Seventeen " PAUL LOOMIS Yale Ambition: To be a full-fledged rat killer " Teach Me Tonight " Bark Mush Simool 19 SENIORS FRANKLIN JEROME LUNDING Yale Ambition: To play with the alumni rather than against them " Last Night " VIRGINIA WELLS ONTHANK Pembroke Ambition : To be considered a genu- ine product (Blond ! ! ) " My Buddy " CHARLES HAMILTON NEWMAN JR. Yale Ambition: To make the " Sacred Cult of Mercury " a co-ed organiza- tion " Charlie is My Darling " Taz Onny Noomers 20 1956 WILLIAM BELL RAY Haverford Ambition: To defy Satan ' s one percent " Billy Boy " LORIE HELEN SELZ Radcliffe Ambition: To squirt Dr. Landau with her own dreaded water pistol " Pony Boy " JOHN ANTHONY RODGERS Yale Ambition : To win LeMans " Ain ' t Misbehavin ' Crazylegs Lorie Taz 21 SENIORS SARA LOUISE SIMMONS Colorado Womans Ambition: To supply heat to North Shore " My Gal Sal " RONALD STEPHEN SAYETTA Knox Ambition: To retire at 21 " Let Me Call You Sweetheart " CHARLOTTE BRUCKNER SWEENEY Europe Ambition: To get Number 13 on the M.C.D S. Basketball Team " Curlylocks " Muffy 22 1956 i ROBERT BLESSED SCHNERING, JR. Stanford Ambition: To see the day that Len finishes his car " In the Evening by the Moonlight " BRENDA ESCAVAILLE SMITH Briarcliffe Ambition: To lead the Confederacy when it rises again " Smoke Gets In Your Eyes " Maniac Bren 23 SENIORS LEONARD S. WALWORTH, JR. Stanford Ambition: To catch it " Are You Satisfied? " CYNTHIA ANN WOODWARD Mount Vernon Ambition: To be a ditch-digger " Lullaby of Broadway " Len Cynny 24 THE SENIOR WILL IMt tijc Mentor Class! 1956, being siounb of mtnb anb bobp, bo fjerebp bequeatb tfje follototng possesion : Les : A fter fourteen years there ' s nothing left to leave. George: To Mr. Thomas, a Marshal ' s baton, a cocked hat, and a permanent summer cottage on St. Helena. Jill: Who says you can ' t take it with you? Gale: My pocket-sized computer to Bob Turpin. Bet: " Phoebe ' s " wig to any of Lorie ' s competitors. Fenny: My horticultural knowledge to Ronnie Rosset. Kitty: My ability to drive on ice and my high topped socks to Mig Hardy. Sheldon: The opportunity for any daring soul to continue the " Flashes " sup erlative basket-brawl. Sherry: P.C.S. Mazintl to all future Chemistry students. Dick B. The roller tappets from my " 61 " to Bob McQueen and my photographic ability to next year ' s Mirror staff. Norrie: My innocence to Karen Rooney. Torrey : One chromed statue to the first art lover to speak up. Nora: My ability at modern dance to Margaretha Walk. John G. : My affection for Marcia to Ronnie Hueszagh. Joby: The excitement I had to a certain driver of a red convertable. Jack: I pass my bike megaphone on to Bob McQueen Madie: My theory that life is wonderful to any future disillusioned Senior girl. Dick H.: My leather jacket to Karen Rooney. Cole: The curse of the " Blue Bag " to the next itinerant scholar. Lynn: My subscription to " Tall Girl ' s Magazine " to Trinkie. Knut: My hair to Mr. Eldredge. Bark: An absolutely free gift of my share of B.R.A., together with the memor y of the T.E.A. to any three scholars who want precedent and inspiration for the founding of a new three letter coterie. Marcia: The spirit of John Gaines to Ginny Speakman and Louise Delafield. Paul : My " Sacred Cult of Mercury " uniform to Rich Johnson — his is torn. Frank: My German vocab to Dr. Landau. Onny : My blush to anyone with as many embarassing moments as I have. Charlie : Left halfback to Ginny Speakman. Bill: My ledger and B.R.A. banner to anyone who collects such useful objects. Lorie: My insomnia to the female half of next year ' s Mirror. John R. : My pipes and other XK-140 equipment to Lynn Williams, who will need them Sally: My right wing position to Kevin Hauser. Ronnie : My erratic and classical driving style to McQueen and the rest of the strokers. Muffy: My traditional Milwaukee County Day track shoe, yellow letter and number 32 to Nancy Kimball. Bob: My success in going steady to Lynn Williams. Brenda: My inability to manage my own affairs to Mig Hardy. Len: My little rust spots and Som Babbis technique to Rodger ' s Jag. Cynny: My complete sanity (I ' m not crazy, really I ' m not) to Jenny Burnell. 25 SENIOR 26 SHENANIGANS 27 JUNIORS Top Row: Gerry Hunt, Harry Atkins, Rich Johnson, English Walling. Fourth Row : Lynn Williams, John Marfield, John W illy, Bill Boodell, Bob Koff, Mike Brookins, Jim Groves, Andy Taylor. Third Row: Ron Huszagh, Carlene Blunt, Karen Rooney, Ginny Speakman, Lois von Gehr, Joan Palm, Ed Huebner. Second Row: Ann Dick, Liz Washburn, Jean Long, Ann Greenough, Barbara Barrett, Pat Victery. First Row: Lynne Humphrey, Bunny Morgan, Jane Lichty. Absent Girls: Judy Williams, Cindy Parshall. Absent Boys: Ward Woodhead. THOSE JIVY JUNIORS 29 SOPHOMORES Top Row: Left to right, Tony Kramer, Alan Carroll, Courtney Bryant, Bob Haugh, Gordon McCollum, Buzzy Norton, Ronnie Rosset, Gardy Barker, Bob McQueen, Bob Miles, Jim Atwood, Jim Schnering, Charles Mortimer, Jay Jensen, Dave Hunt, Bob McLaughlin. Third Row: Sonia Ragir, Jenny Burnell, Lisa Guenzel, Sue Harris, Joan White, Louise Delafield, John Nutting, Bruce Adams. Second Row: Susie Brew, Mig Hardy, Judy Cranage, Mary Ann Willy, Pam Taylor. First Row: Mickey Innes, Ann Gegner, Nancy Carstens, Nancy Kimball, Diane Williams, Linda Porter, Tim Gris- wold, Bill KaDell, Paul Hambourger, Bill Flanagin, Charles Sanford. 30 THOSE SULTRY SOPHS FRESHMEN First Row: Left to Right: . . . Girls: Sally Coulter, Ayrie Moore, Patty Dixon, Emily Gilmore, Carol Grant, Susan Palm, Nancy Dayton, Elsie Smith, Kevin Hauser, Alice Harper, Linda Tanenbaum, Carter McAlister, Anne Edgren, Mary Allen . . . Girls Absent . . . Margaretha Walk, Ann Fisher. Second Row: Left to Right . . . Boys: Jim Blumberg, Tally Tribble, Fred Hering, Charles Price, Mike Davenport, Bill McKee, Gordon Phillips, Rich Gilbert, Bill Basile, Mike Schilling, Mel Cahan, Dave Lewis, Dan Dose, Morgan Fisher, Haul Healy, Bob Turpin . . . Boys Absent . . . George von Gehr, Roger Field, Maurice Franks. 32 THOSE FRESH FROSH 33 THE GRAPEVINE a o ' 34 MIDDLE SCHOOL Mr. Steel, Miss Bolster, Miss Ingram, Mr. Eldredge 35 EIGHT GRADE Top Row : Onthank, Lang, Holland, Boal, Parshall, Darrow, Everett, Miller, Merrick, Hutchins, Abrahams. Third Row: Moore, Osgood, Morgan, Buck, Collins, Graham, Strong. Schnering, Beck, Davis. Second Row: Spitzer, Ostrom, Wilder, Sheesley, Bers, Trieschman. First Row, left to right: Wavering, Ruggles, Jackson, Hardy, Neuman, Miller, Gardner, Benson, Cosier. Absent: Barlser, Alsman. 36 SEVENTH GRADE Top Row: Grant, Gegner, Allison, Huebner, Cummings, Thomas, Capron, Madlener, Smith, Kimball, Speakman Spitz. First Row: Ostrom, Shapiro, Kern, Bengston, Dick, Wilson, Winston, Sperling, Heten3 ' i, Rule. 37 SIXTH GRADE Top to Bottom: Dayton, Tribble, Lewis, Gottschal, Pettengil], Howe, Pese, Thomas, Ware, Russ, Geraghty, Aleshire, Bowes, Strong, Gallivan, Strong, Brew, Lang, Schreiner, Hamill, Wilson, French, Burdick, Moore, Howe, Boal, Seaton. Absent: Dreeman, McKinney, Rutherford. LOWER SCHOOL 39 FACULTY Top left: left to right : Mrs. Tarini, Miss Lund, Mrs. Williams, Miss Koch, Miss Collingbourne. Top right, left to right: Mrs. Kratz, Mrs. Dose, Mrs. Griswold, Bottom right, left to right: Miss Bleloch, Mr. Allen, Mr. Licata. FIFTH GRADE Left to right: Basile, Goldt, Rowell, Keitel, Buck, Kline, Barton, Allison, Schupmann, Schulz, Denson, Donaldson, McCarty, Schnering, Walk, Geraghty, Newman, Haw- hurst. Absent: Beebe. 40 FOURTH GRADE Left to right: Matzen, Huston, Brew, Pettingill, Lunding, Abelson, Miller, Guenzel, Foetcher, Allison, Thompson, Taylor, Gegner, Dwinell, Cain, Jones. Absent: Paige. THIRD GRADE First Row, left to right: Benson, Cohler, Griswold, Schnering, Shepard, Allickson, Davis. Second Row: French, Dose, Steel, Donaldson, Geraghty, Dammann, Hutchins. Third Row: Burnell, Goetz, Ratcliffe, Morse, Ware, Ott. Absent: Daniel Ball. 41 SECOND GRADE Left to right: Ellickson, Hurd, Schreiner, Morningstar, Gordon, Mouzabeotas, Howard, Jones, Wells, Tarrant, Hetenyi, Hawxhurst, Karhan, Morgen. Absent: Weary. FIRST GRADE r " ' . ' -. . v " » Left to right: Licata, Logan. Second Row: Scott, Thompson, Wilson, Pettingill. Third Row: Milliken, Friedman, Morgan, Victor. Fourth Row: Lee, Ly decker, Lydon. Fifth Row: Marsh, Benson, Smith. Absent: Jack. 42 SENIOR KINDERGARTEN Left to right: Stone, Rhinestine, Hector, Donaldson, Ragir, Thomas, Ellickson, Hawx- hurst, Eisener, Conant, Penson, Harridge, Purinton. Absent: Levy, Allison. JUNIOR KINDERGARTEN Left to right: Miller, Frank, Stibolt, McCaleb, Alpert, Sanders, White. Second Row: Sweet, Siegert, Appleton, Morse. Third Row: Paulson, Gougilman, Idol, Hersley, Aspergren, Kissel, Murray. Absent: Slafer, MacKinnon, Kraleman, Geraghty, Foley, Morningstar, Stern, Victor. 43 CoNWc , TV Wv ?r G sU« «■ °°k " TbocVi V I ACTIVITIES . . . From left to right: Lynn Olson, Jill Atwood, Lorie Selz. MAY DAY STUDENT COUNCIL Left to right: McMillan, Aid, Koff, Bryant, VonGehr, Griswold, Lunding, Speakman, Newman, Blunt, Bach, Gilbert, Guenzel. First Row, left to right: Von Gehr, Hardy, Speakman, Hunt, Mackenzie, McMillan. Second Row, left to right: Walk, Bach, Blunt, Newman, Bryant, Walling, Gilbert, Williams. 46 GIRLS ' CLUB First Row, left to right: Palm, S. Moore, Hardy, Carstens, Kunkler. Second Row, left to right: Onthank, Greenough, Brew, Von Gehr, Biggert. Left to right: Biggert, Von Gehr, Brew, Vic- tery, Ontank. Right to left: Gilmore, Palm, S. McMillan, Porter. 47 THE MIRROR First Row, left to right: Aid, Selz, Bers, Dick, Biggert. Second Row, left to right: Willy, Speakman, Rodgers, Walling, McMillan, Koff, Loomis. Editors Dick Bers, Lorie Selz, Frank Lunding Managing Editors Jill Atwood Junior Editor Ann Dick, Bob Koff Advertising Manager Marcia McMillan Junior Managers Ginny Speakman, Bill Walling Circulation Manager Kitty Biggert Junior Manager Joan Palm Business Manager John Rodgers Junior Manager John wn]y Photographic Editor George Aid ArtEditor Paul Loomis Staff Sherry Dicus, Ron Sayetta, John Gaines Faculty Advisor Mr. Thomas 48 THE PURPLE AND WHITE First Row, left to right: Olson, Hardy, Onthank, Porter, Von Gehr. Second Row, left to right: Johnson, Brew, Huebner, Willy, Boodell Third Row, left to right : Loomis, Bach, Rodgers, Koff . Editors Lynn Olson, Barky Johnsonn Business Manager Ed Huebner Advertising Managers Ginny Onthank, Linda Porter Sports Editor John Willy Circulation Manager Lois Von Gehr Staff Paul Loomis, Mig Hardy, Gale Bach, John Rodgers, George Von Gehr Faculty Advisor Mr. Pynchon 49 MORNING EX COMMITTEE Left to right: Miss Deane, Brookins, Mackenzie, Carroll, Palm, J. Barry, Long, Loomis, McMillan, Turpin, Willy, Palm, S., Mr. Hill. First Row: 1. to i : Cranage, Woodward, McMillan, Parshal, Palm, S. Second Row, 1 to r.. Marfield, Gaines, Davenport. 50 THE STAGE CREW First Row, left to right: Berndtson, Smith, Flanagin. Second Row, left to right: McCollum, Koff, Boodell. Third Row, left to right: Everett, Ray, Huszagh, Mr. Hill, KaDell, McLaughlin. 51 A CAPELLA Left to Right: Cranage, Basile, Selz, Biggeit, Burnell, Anderson, Olson, Woodward, Allan, Atwood, Carstens, Dick Dayton. FIRST SOPRANO Jill Atwood Bette Basile Nora Graves SECOND SOPRANO Lynn Olson Ann Dick Jenny Burnell Margaretha Walk FIRST ALTO Lorie Selz Leslie Anderson Cynny Woodward Nancy Dayton SECOND ALTO Kitty Biggert Nancy Carstens Mary Allan Judy Cranage 52 ENSEMBLE First Row, left to right: Miles, Loomis Everett, Johnson, Koff, Boodell, Ray, Blumberg. Second Row, left to right: Rodgers, Dose, Atwood, Bach, Aid, Bunding, Newman, Flanagin. Third Row, left to right: Hutehins, Gaines. FIRST TENOR Barky Johnson Knut Kage Cole Hutehins Bob Miles Jim Blumberg Hall Healy SECOND TENOR John Gaines Torrey Everett Bob Turpin Bob Haugh FIRST BASS Paul Loomis Gale Bach George Aid Jim Atwood Bob Koff Dan Dose SECOND BASS Charlie Newman Frank Lunding John Rodgers Bill Ray Jack Hardy Bob McQueen Bill Flanagin 53 BEHIND THE SCENES . . . K)T5M !! -e c xpi% eai cua. rni it • fhP- »« yM %VC " ICV - 54 1955 ACT I Vagabond Shoes Senior Girls Smoke, Smoke John Nutting Surprise Symphony Freshman Boys Lullaby of Birdland Bette Basile Jericho Four Junior Girls Campfire Songs A Cappella Shakespeare Reading Bob McQueen Hat and Cane Pat Ostrom and Robin Benson Winter Song Ensemble ACT II Slaughter on Tenth Sophomore Girls Soliloquy John Gaines Dance to the Pot Six Senior Girls Sewer Song Junior Girls Basin Street Girls Quartette Man in the Raincoat Bette and Bill Basile Sleeping Beauty Senior Boys Shoe Shine Boy Three Freshman Girls Ballet Sophomore Boys Under the direction of Mr. Hill and Mr. Allison 56 VAUDEVILLE 57 THE 1956 TRIAL BY JURY Usher Charlie Newman Defendant (Edwin) Barky Johnson Judge George Aid Council for the Plaintiff Paul Loomis Plaintiff (Angelina) Jill Atwood Foreman of the Jury Bill Flanagin Jim Atwood Torrey Everett Chorus of Jurymen and Bridesmaids H. M. S. PINAFORE Lorie Selz BobKoff George Aid John Gaines Paul Loomis Bette Basile Charlie Newman Ann Dick Nora Graves Cynny Woodward Carpenter ' s Mate Frank Lunding Little Buttercup Boatswain ' s Mate Dick Deadeye Ralph Rackstraw Captain Corcoran Josephine Sir Joseph Porter Cousin Hebe Chorus of Sailors, Sisters, Cousins, and Aunts Musical Director Stage Director Mr. Allison Mr. Hill 58 OPERA 59 THE SENIOR PLAY First Row, left to right: Gaines, Lunding, Kunkler, Selz, Follansbee, Everett, Woodward, Mackenzie, Walworth Smith, Atwood, Rodgers, Schnering. Second Row, left to right: Hutchins, Olson, Graves, McMillan, Anderson, Onthank, Biggert, Loomis Sweeney Barry, Ray, Bach, Kage, Simmons, Berndtson. Newman, Sayetta. " THE MADWOMAN OF CHAILLOT " 60 ATHLETICS Victery, Atwood, Olson, McMillan. CHEERLEADERS 61 1955 VARSITY FOOTBALL ■ , i,« t -C : .» ■. ' ; First Row, left to right: Hutchins, Humphrey, Rodgers, Walworth, Loomis, Newman, Lunding, Schnering, Bach. Second Row, left to right: Huzagh, Schnering, J. Rosset, Koff, Groves, Boodell, Hunt, Taylor. Third Row, left to right: Willy, Mr. Ostrom, Brookins, Miles, Mr. McCarty, Walling, McQueen, Berndtson. SCORES North Shore 7 North Shore 20 North Shore 25 North Shore 28 North Shore 13 North Shore 31 North Shore 47 North Shore 13 Milwaukee C.D.S 12 St. George J. V 19 Luther North Wheaton 12 Luther South 13 North Park Glenwood Francis Parker 7 63 64 BASKETBALL First Row, left to right: Hutchins, Loomis, Schnering, Newman, Lunding. Second Row, left to right: Willy, Koff, Huebner, Everett, Woodhead, Hunt, Mr. McCarty. 65 ACTION 66 FROSH SOPH FOOTBALL Front Row, left to right: Fisher, Haugh, Kramer, Nutting, Bryant, Barker, Mortimer, Atwood, Flanagin, Hunt, D. Griswold. Second Row, left to right: Blumberg, Healy, MeKee, Turpin, Jensen, Herring, Phillips, Basile. Third Row, left to right: Gilbert, Davenport, Merrick, Dose, Lewis, Schilling, Cahan, Price. Fourth Row, left to right: Mr. Reidy, Mr. Pynchon, Willy. FROSRSOPH BASKETBALL Front Row, left to right: Rosset, Mortimer, Atwood, Hunt, D. Griswold, Xutting. Second Row, left to right: Willy, Schnering, Schilling, Miles, Bryant, McKee, Turpin, Mr. McCarty. 67 VARSITY BASEBALL First Row, left to right: Rodgers, Lunding, Groves, Neu-man, Schnering, B., Williams. Second Row, left to right: Mr. McCarty, Rosset, Berndtson, Johnson R., Hutchins, Bach, Gris- wold, Willy, Mgr. First Row, left to right: Haugh, Miles, Barker, Mr. Ostrom, Schnering, J., Atwood, Mortimer. Second Row, left to right: Blumberg, Herring, McKee, Willy, Mgr., Lewis, Price, Dose. FROSH SOPH 68 It is at this point that we, of the Senior Class of 1956, must pause and pay tribute to a man who has guided our growth from our youngest days in the school to our Senior year. He has given un- sparingly of his wisdom and interest and has guided us through the many prob- lems of High School life. It is with deep regret that we bid farewell to Mr. Cleve- land Thomas. 69 1955 VARSITY a. Jfe 4 q t4| r 1 1 ' A V¥ US ' A A I f 1L ' ' vff • m f? i f I ; - fc .■: ' V 1 ' - if « % I i 1 1 I • r 4 J 1 - 4 ' ■KM ■j i iMk« " . , ; 5£ 23 1 M 5 5 t ..■ ' $$ £,. » ' . ■ ' .■ yi pS i 1 If Left to right: Burnel], Cranage, Lichty, Dayton, Palm, S. Rooney, Morgan, Willy, Greenough, Carstens, Barrett, Blunt, Victery, Dixon, Grant, Hardy, Dick, Anderson, McMillan, Atwood, Biggert, Washburn, Brew, Wood- ward, Allen, Olson. A TOAST I stand before unbeaten North Shore And that ' s the cheerful reason, That here from your coach is a toast, not reproach, To a very successful season . . . The words I ' ll say to Country Day Are few and I hope timely, So here to you all are salutes for the fall In a manner brief and rhymely . . . My toast is done and to everyone My thanks in a hockeyish way. Though now what I ' ll miss Will be blowing my whistle for North Shore Country Day At least till next year when once more we ' ll cheer For the swellest girls and games. And now I am through but for wishing you The best for The varsity Dames 70 HOCKEY 71 GIRLS ' BASKETBALL Left to Right: Brew, Grant, Hardy, McAlister, Speakman, Kimball, Onthank, Blunt, Biggert, Carstens, Porter, Kunkler, Smith, Allan. Some say the game of basketball Is just not meant for girls. They say that shooting basketballs Will never mix with curls. One glance at North Shore ' s skilful team Would change their mind right quick. For the gals that play on North Shore ' s team Make Hollywood ' s look sick ! ! 72 LEICESTER HALL First Row, left to right: Aid, Bach, Johnson, Atkins, Sanford. Second Row, left to right: Marfield, Gaines, Turpin, Koff, McCollum, Mr. Reidy. INMATES 73 iAt -4 , ' 0. i - -)Mi t .. " " » The advertising staff are the people who, through their time and hard work, have made this book possible. The Mirror especially thanks Marcia McMillan, manager of the advertising staff, and the following members: Mig Hardy Betty Basile Mary Ann Willy Jenny Burnell Sherry Dicus Kitty Biggert Pam Taylor Lorie Selz Cynny Woodward Ginny Speakman Sue Brew Les Anderson Joby Kunkler Jill Atwood Carol Grant BLOCK § KUHL COMPANY Elm and Chestnut, Winnetka Wl 6-0630 LARSON ' S STATIONERY STORE 1801 St. Johns Avenue Highland Park Keep Living It Up!! Les and Lor A COMPLETE DRUG STORE Hillman Pharmacy Theodore L. Rehn, R. Ph. 3.53 Park Avenue Gleneoe VE 5-0387 or VE 5-0388 A complete department store featuring student apparel for all age groups. 77 a i V llradi rrotel PALM SPRINGS CALIF. To the Sunny Class of ' 57! 78 Wtnnetka Camera Shop B 730 Elm Street WINNETKA, ILLINOIS CLASSIQUE Beauty Salon. ESTHER PERKINS 1815 St. Johns Ave. HI 2-1603 Highland Park COMPLIMENTS OF PAUL KLING FURS INC. 162 N. State Street Chicago BARBARA OIL COMPANY 79 BLUNT ELLIS and SIMMONS WYATT COONS Realtors ATTEBERY ' S Service Station 110 Green Bay Road, Winnetka Wl 6-3033 Sincere Felicitations to The Class of 1957 from Capt. Edward Miles In Glenview Since 1923 L AN YI 740 Elm Street, Winnetka 999 Waukegan Road GL 4-3000 Fur Storage Fur Remodeling Fur Repairing Phone HI 2-0054 FERDINAND HUMER SON Established 1913 MANUFACTURING FURRIERS FINE TAILORING 1894 Sheridan Road Highland Park 80 LANDI PAINT CO. 356 Park Avenue Glencoe Prompt Delivery Service Charge Accounts Solicited C.O.D. Orders Invited Phone: WI 6-1205 GROCERLAND Fruits - Vegetables - Groceries Meats - Frozen Foods 924 Linden Avenue Hubbard Woods THE KNITTING SHOP 918 Linden Avenue Hubbard Woods Evwlyn Wilson WI 6-0506 MARION HEUER INTERIORS, INC. Marion Heuer, A.I.D. 984 Linden Avenue Hubbard Woods PREMIER Cleaners Furriers 988 Linden Avenue Hubbard Woods WI 6-0280 PARK AVENUE BOOTERY Shoes for the Family 329 Park Avenue Glencoe VE 5-1140 ALICE CULINARY ART SHOPPE Cooked Food Box Luncheons VE 5-2029 Gifts Toys Garden Supplies Husenetter Hardware 447 Roger Williams Highland Park Houseware HI 2-4387 RUNNFELT BELMONT Service Station COMPLETE AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE Shell Products 81 2 Oak Street WI 6-0334 Winnetka GOOD LUCK to th. CLASS OF ' 56 82 Sylvia Gore UNUSUAL APPAREL ACCESSORIES , r 990 Linden Avenue WI 6-6180 Hubbard Woods the TOY CHEST Come see what is new in beach and playyard equipment at the Toy Chest 930 Linden Avenne WI 6-3120 Hubbard Woods Compliments of Szabo Food Service Veni. Vidi. Vici Class of 1956 THE VILLAG E TRADING POST ANTIQUES FURNITURE APPLIANCES 653 - 655 Vernon Avenue Glencoe Phone: Glencoe 319 or 2039 HUBBARD WOODS Shoe Repair Shop H. Hestermann, Prop. Our rebuilt shoes look and wear like new 962 Yz Linden Avenue Hubbard Woods ROGER WILLIAMS Service Station Ernie Homeyer, Prop. 535 Roger Williams Highland Park HI 2-8998 Bratschi Plumbing Co. 801 Oak St. WI 6-1421 BRAUN BROS. OIL CO. " For Fuel- Use Oil " FUEL OIL OIL AND GAS HEATING EQUIPMENT 31 Years of Service on the North Shore 81 2 Oak Street Winnetka 84 WINNETKA Coal Lumber Co. NOBLE PRINTING CO. Distinctive Printers 1046 Gage Street, Winnetka VOGUE TAILORS Furriers and Cleaners 44 Green Bay Road, Winnetka Here ' s to All Our TIGHT SCRAPES Highland Park Trading Post 1813 St. Johns Avenue, Highland Park LEEDS JEWELERS 491 Central Avenue, Highland Park W. S. CROSBY, JR. Diamonds Watches Jewelry Silverware Fine Repairing Phone Wl 6-5171 553 Lincoln Avenue Winnetka THE PANTRY Homemade Bakery and Cooked Foods and Salads 817 Oak Street Winnetka WI 6-4720 Briscoe, Briscoe and Wissmann GARNETT BEAUTY SHOP Joseph Weng, Proprietor For Appointments Call HI 2-0724 D E N N I ' S 452 Central Ave., Highland Park Ice Cream and Good Sandwiches HIGHLAND Radio and Record " A complete library of recorded music " 651 Central Avenue, Highland Park HI 2-0154 EARHART LLOYD Realtors 1899 Sheridan Road, Highland Park 762 Waukegan Road, Deerfield HI 2-0880 Deerfield 1873 distinctive dothes for town country travel priced to please imee 85 ( Jedt [JViAheA CURTISS CANDY CO. 86 Mrs. Snyder ' s Home Made Candies 720 Oak Street Winnetka PICTURE FRAMES Made to Order BRAND ' S ART STUDIO 459 Central Avenue, Highland Park HI 2-0256 Winnetka Phone: WI 6-0999 E. B. TAYLOR CO. Everything for Home, Lawn and Garden Best Wishes to the CLASS OF ' 56 HENRY BARTHOLMAY, III ' 41 General Insurance — O — 175 W. Jackson Blvd., Chicago WA 2-0163 EARL W. GSELL CO. Pharmacists Highland Park HI 2-2600 Ravinia HI 2-2300 ELECTRICITY for Portable Phonographs - Radios Clock-Radios, Tape Recorders Zenith Webcor UM General Electric 716 Elm Street WI 6-431 3 KUSS JEWELRY STORE The Best In Diamonds - Watches Jewelry Silver Pierre Andre Beauty Salon 710 Oak Street, Winnetka Wl 6-0930 1908 Sheridan Road, Highland Park HI 2-9010 Henry C. Wienecke, Inc. Complete Hardware Service The Toy Shop 680 - 682 Vernon Avenue, Glencoe VE 5-3060 COMPLIMENTS OF RICHARD D. BREW AND COMPANY INCORPORATED CONCORD, NEW HAMPSHIRE KEYSTONE RAILWAY EQUIPMENT CO. 80 East Jackson Blvd. Chicago 4 MANUFACTURER OF FREIGHT CAR PARTS ROYAL OAK STABLES • HORSES BOARDED • RIDING LESSONS Phone: Northbrook 299 or 171 Whatever the season . . . or reason . . . you ' ll find an unusual gift or interesting accessory at the ROBERTA VILLAGE FAIR 839 Elm St., Winnetka Ravinia Auto Service 710 Burton Highland Park, III. WINNETKA TRUST AND SAVINGS COMPANY Winnetka, III. 89 HAZEL BAXTER COMPLIMENTS 57 A Lincoln Avenue, Winnetka Wl 6-4042 OF Headquarters for Lanz Cottons A MARIAN MICHAEL FRIEND Children ' s Clothes Babies through Pre-Teens and Custom Mades for Sister, Brother and Mother 574 Lincoln Ave., Winnetka Wl 6-1177 We are privileged to act as distributors and wholesalers of both the Crane Co. and the Youngstown Sheet and Tube Co. lines, as well as many others. " Wholesaling is Our Business " WARREN BARR SUPPLY CO. 900 No. Spaulding Ave., Chicago 51. Warren N. 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As a combo this class clicks, With their savvy, just for kicks They relax by solving cryptics, Using Greek and papa ' s slipsticks, Rattle off by name the cliques That patchwork quilt our politics, Make the piano sing the " Chopsticks " With a blindfold on their optics; Name your kind of acrobatics, They treat it just like mathematics; When a magician shows them tricks, For each he does they ' ll show him six. So, in brief, these Country Day hicks Are not hiding under hay-ricks. Doubt me, do you? Their dramatics Make it clear these ain ' t no sad icks. Thus, you know these guys and chicks Do not come from any sticks. Though there may be some erratics, No bones rattle in these attics. Who informed me they ' re such slicks? Why, the class of fifty-six. 92 Bulah ' s Beauty Shop Qj To ' 56 864 Linden Avenue, From Hubbard Woods Mable Ann Ernst CUSTOM MADE MILLINERY MODELS AND REPRODUCTIONS ' 58 1870 Sheridan Road, Highland Park HI 2-0315 GOOD LUCK Class of ' 56 BEST WISHES Mr. Mrs. K. Russ 95 Compliments of CHICAGO PUMP CO. SUBSIDIARY OF FOOD MACHINERY AND CHEMICAL CORPORATION 94 ECKART HARDWARE COMPANY -•- 735 Elm Street Winnetka WI 6-0843 When you look in your " Mirror " Be Fell dressed. Abe Fell. Best Wishes from WOZNICKI JEWELERS THE JUVENILE SHOP Show Place of the North Shore Small Fry 930 Lincoln Avenue Highland Park HI 2-8655 1900 Sheridan Road LEE ' S Glencoe Distinctive Haberdashery Oak and Chestnut Streets Winnetka SEGNO The Sign of Today ' s Living 821 Chestnut Court Winnetka Contemporary Interiors Accessories ELLANGEE SHOE STORE 522 Central Avenue Highland Park HI 2-0879 RAVINIA SHOE STORE 471 Roger Williams Avenue Highland Park HI 2-0718 95 COMPLIMENTS OF United Products CHESTNUT COURT BOOKSHOP 815 Elm Street, Winnetka Wl 6-0882, Wl 6-0883 All the newest books Heritage Books Classics Toys - Games - Leathers - Gifts Greeting Cards Eaton Imperial Stationery That new book is as near as your Telephone Deerfield and Glencoe : Enterprise 2425 Roessler ' s Exclusive Cleaners 727 St. John ' s Avenue SAME DAY SERVICE ODORLESS DRY CLEANING Rugs and furniture cleaned in your home Highland Park, Illinois 96 ranees HE FFERNAN " Where Fashion Has a Flair " A complete collection of outstanding summer clothes and accessories 572 Lincoln Ave., Winnetka DRAPER and KRAMER (incorporated) Established 1893 REAL ESTATE 97 RASMUSSEN COUNTRY GIRL SHOES Distinctive 810 Elm St., Winnetka Wl 6-0805 Women ' s • Sportswear Manager: C. 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BOB DANZIG Phone 22 Deerfield 98 Emily Jacobi Intimate Apparel OS? 578 Lincoln Avenue WI 6-4756 QUINTO BRUNO ' S PURE OIL SERVICE Phones: Glencoe 1 766-247 635 Vernon Avenue, Glencoe — FELL SHOES - A Name You Know with Shoes You Love 35 years on the North Shore FELL SHOES 932 Linden, Hubbard Woods 635 Central, Highland Park COMPLIMENTS OF The First National Bank of Winnetka 379 Elm Street, Winnetka 99 COMPLIMENTS TO THE Graduating Class GLENVIEW FLORIST " Flowers for All Occasions " 1232 Waukegan Road, Glenview GL 4-2240 BEST WISHES to the CLASS OF 1956 Phelan ' s Drug Company BE GOOD Mosh Norrie WESTON E. DAVIE CO. Real Estate 42 Green Bay Road, Winnetka Wl 6-4500 VOSE BOOTERY of Winnetka Wl 6-1108 837 Elm Street, Winnetka Best Wishes from All of Us to All of You THE ILLINOIS COMPANY Incorporated Members New York Stock Exchange Midwest Stock Exchange Underwriters - Distributors - Dealers Brokers Preferred and Common Stocks Corporate and Municipal Bonds Equipment Trust Certificates Chicago Bank Stocks 251 So. LaSalle Street Chicago 4 Fl 6-3400 100 BEST OF LUCK to the CLASS OF ' 56 MOTOROLA 101 Congratulations to the Senior Class 1956 Highland Park 2-0351 COMPLIMENTS OF VICTOR BROTHERS CO. AMERICAN Manufacturing Furriers DYEWOOD CO. 458 Central Avenue, Highland Park THE STYLE SHOP For Children ADLER MAXON Complete in Apparel for Infants Children 1925 Sheridan Road Highland Park 507 Central Avenue . . Highland Park 3000 Central Street . . . 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ZENGLER CO. in the Winnetka Walk ELLANGEE SHOE SHOP Dry Cleaners Quality Shoes for the Whole Family 616 Central Ave. HI 2-0763 Since 1857 CARSON ' S DRIVE IN Home Made Ice Cream - Finest Snacks Winnetka Station Hubbard Woods 1320 Waukegan Road Northfield Glenview GL 4-9834 104 You are invited to visit our beautiful new store at 858 Green Bay Rd. Winnetka JEWELL FOOD STORES 105 Good Luck COMPLIMENTS OF from NORTH the AMERICAN LIFE Girls of ' 59 INSURANCE GL 4-0800 GL 4-0801 CALEDONIAN RENNECKAR ' S MARKET, INC. INC " Your Rexall Drug Store " 886 Linden Avenue, Winnetka 1826 Glen view Road Glenview Wl 6-0912 721 Elm Street, Winnetka Wl 6-2840 • To Buy or Sell Your Home — CONSULT CLASSIQUE GLENVIEW REALTY CO. Beauty Shop 1141 Waukegan Road, Glenview GL 4-0600 1 81 5 St. Johns Avenue, Highland Park 106 What ' s thi matter eyesi For the Best In Reading Pleasure Black ' s Book Bar 796 Elm St., Winnetka WI 6-4066 ounnyvale ...a country flower garden for Cjjp your dining room! created by Castleton China It ' s springtime all year long when you live with this charming pat- tern! Delicate flower sprays in luminous color are framed in a dainty gold band on fine, lustrous Castleton China. The Pearl Edge Shape is touched with gold, to complete the beauty of one of America ' s favored china designs. Five piece place-setting, $15.75 HOUSE OF IRENE, INC. 552 Lincoln Ave. Winnetka, 111. 107 " On the Winnetka Walk " the TWEED TWINE, Ltd. DRESS Argyl Socks Yarn for Sweaters BOX, Inc. Trimmings Cashmere Sweaters 554 Lincoln Ave., Winnetka WI 6-41 1 916 Linden Avenue Hubbard Woods WI 6-0117 HELEN RICHARDS HARRIET VAN KENNAN NANCY STEELE Make Your Trip A Memorable One! come to the Spacious Skokie Lagoons 108 an AMERICAN TRADITION With each year of constant progress and faithful adherence to the traditions of " Originality and Distinction " , Pontiac remains the Master Engravers to America ' s Schools. The Pontiac proven technique of modern methods of reproduction by experienced craftsmen; the employment of the most modern precision equipment; the artistic abilities of our art and layout departments are Pontiac helps in publishing a successful yearbook. All of the personnel of the Pontiac School Publications Division are proud of their participation in the publication of your yearbook and express their appreciation for the splendid cooperation by your staff. Pontiac uiframn ciech ' otups Co. 812-822 W. VAN BUREN ST. CHICAGO 7, ILLINOIS Telephone HA ymarket 1-1000 SYMBOL OF EXCELLENCE For 48 years, emphasis on exceptional quality has been the key- note of Rogers yearbooks. A wide range of type selection, finest materials, careful preparation of all printed forms and good bind- ing, combine to assure an outstanding yearbook. Personal service on all yearbooks, based on years of experience in serving America ' s leading schools, has created a tradition of sincer- ity and excellence which has been recognized as a security to the school and an inspiration to the staff. ROGERS PRINTING COMPANY OFFICE -919 N. MICHIGAN AVE., CHICAGO, ILL. PLANT - 30T FIRST ST., DIXON, ILLINOIS tu toaranhs arapi ru toarapk arapi

Suggestions in the North Shore Country Day School - Mirror Yearbook (Winnetka, IL) collection:

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