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BSsamr mm r. V: :r -:.-- ' ' - Sgll SJI Pb Hn P|gS| g E flflflll :. ' ■■; " ■: ' -■■ ' " ' ■ " • " " BWBBBHM • ■ ' - ' •: • " ■■ ' : - : " : ' ■:.-■■. ■■ " ■■: a THE MIRROR 1954 THE 19 5 4 THE SENIOR CLASS of The North Shore Country Day School Winnetka, Illinois PRESENTS MIRROR MR. PERRY DUNLAP SMITH DEDICATION We, the Class of ' 54, are proud to dedicate the 1954 Mirror to Perry Dimlap Smith. He has listened to our smallest problem and guided us with a knowing hand. He has recognized us as individuals and taught us to work together. He has given us limitless opportunities to grow in academic and extra-curricular activities, and through his friendliness, understanding, and tireless effort, he has won a lasting place in the heart of our school. MEMORIAL WINDOW ADMINISTRATIVE HEADS MISS DEANE Dean of Women MR. SMITH Headmaster MR. THOMAS Dean of Men MR. FRENCH Head of Lower School MR. RHODES Head of Middle School KNOLLSLEA HALL HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY Left to Right: Mr. Howe, Mr. Allison, Mrs. Harridge, Mr. Smith, Mr. Talley, Mr. French, Mrs. Sandal, Mr. Marsh, Miss Deane, Mr. Reidy, Mr. Thomas. Left to Right: Mr. Taylor, Mr. Benkert, Mr. Ostrom, Dr. Landau, Mme. Valvo, Miss Pick, Mrs. Miles, Mrs. Paige, Mr. McCarlv, Mr. Hanford. MIDDLE SCHOOL FACULTY Left to Right: Mr. Eldredge, Mr. Steel, Mr. Rhodes, Miss Ingram. Front Row, L. to R.: Mr. Allen; Miss Putnam, Miss Lund, Miss Swazey. Second Row: Mrs. Rumsfelt, Mrs. Tarini, Mrs. Fleming, Mrs. Bleoch, Miss Pot- ter, Mr. French, Mrs. Dose, Miss Collingbourne. LOWER SCHOOL FACULTY FACULTY FROLICS » 10 W " n._, " : i Dunlap Hall HIGH SCHOOL 11 SENIORS JUDITH BEEBE ATWOOD Expression: " Where ' s my knitting? ' Vassar Varsity Basketball; 2, 3, 4, Mgr. 3, 4. Varsity Hockey; 1, 2, 3, 4. A Cappella; 2, 3, 4. Opera Lead; 3, 4. Purp Staff; 1, 2, 3, 4. Co-Editor; 4. BARTON EDWIN BERNDTSON Expression: " Whal is this please? " North Shore Country Day School Varsity Football; 4. Varsity Baseball: 3. Purp Staff: 2, 3, 4. Co-Editor: 4. Council; 3, 4. PATRICIA PRENTISS BLUNT Expression: " Hey, I ' ve got a prob- lem. " Vassar Varsity Hockey; 1, 2, 3, 4. Capt.; 4. Purp Co-advertising Mgr.; 3, 4. Vaudeville; Co-Director 4. G.A.A. Board; 1, 4. Senior Play, General Mgr. Judy say 12 1954 Clancy LESLEY BOAL Entered Mid-lerm Sophomore year. Expression: " I can ' t do it. " Centenary Varsity Hockey; 3, 4. Varsity Basketball; 2, 3, 4. Capt.; 4. Purp Staff; 4. Vaudeville; 3, 4. Opera; 2, 3, 4. WILLIAM EDWARD GOGGIN Entered Senior year. Expression: " Whaaat?? " Grinnell Vaudeville; 4. Opera; 4. Golf; 4. Varsity Football; 4. Senior Play Stage Crew. NANCY ANN CLINTON Expression: " Doug " " University of Wyoming Varsitv Hockey; 1, 2, 3, 4. Varsity Basketball; 2, 3. Council Rep.; 2, 3, 4. Purp Staff; 3, 4. Cheerleader; 3, 4. ! 13 SENIORS JUDY WTNCHELL DAYTON Expression: " Oh, I dorTl either " Smith A Cappella; 1, 2, 3, 4, Chairman; 4. Varsity Baskethall; 1, 2, 3, 4, Capt.; 3. Class President; 3. Varsity Hockey; 2, 3, 4. Opera Lead; 3, Co-ordinalor; 4. JEREMY BEVRDMORE JEWELL Expression: " Who cares? Kiss me! ' Denison Council President: 5. Varsity Foothall; 3, 4, 5, Co-capt., 5. Varsity Baseball; 4, 5. Senior Play; 5. Opera; 3, 4, 5. ELAINE FAVILL Expression: " There has been noth- ing since the classics! ! " Radcliffe A Cappella; 3, 4. Opera Chorus; 2, 3, 4. Vaudeville; 1, 2, 3, 4. Orchestra. Judy Jer-Bear 14 1954 Heidi Douy Fluffv HARRIET MONROE FETCHER Entered Sophomore year. Expression: " I ' ll never tell " University of Colorado Varsity Basketball; 2. Vaudeville; 2, 3, 4. Sailboat Committee; 4. Opera Eead; 2, 4. Senior Play. DOUGLAS KRAMER Entered Sophomore year. Expression: " You japper! Westminster Varsity Baseball; 4. Opera; 2, 3. Business Comm.; 4. Library Committee; 3. Stage Crew; 3, 4. Ground Crew; 3, 4. Co-Head; 4. FLORENCE LOUISE FRIESTEDT Expression: " Talk much? Hardly! " Pine Manor Varsity Hockev; 1, 2, 3. Varsity Basketball; ], 2, 3. Vaudeville; 1, 2, 3. Mirror Advertising; 1, 2, 3, 4. Morning Ex. Comm.; 3. 15 SENIORS KATHERINE BLOOD GILBERT Expression: " Hey you kids! " Bryn Mawr Varsity Hockey; 1, 2, 3, 4. Cheerleader; 2, 3, 4. A Cappella; 2, 3, 4. Council Secretary; 3. Senior Play; 4. FOREST RODERICK LOWREY, JR. Expression: " Ain ' t that hairy! " Grinnell Morning Ex. Coirm. 1, 2, 3, Chairman; 4. Stage Crew; 1, 2, 3, 4. Class President; 3. Varsity Baseball 3, 4. ROBERTA WALLER GRANT Expression: " Aren ' t you going to laugh? " Stanford Council Rep.; 1, 3, Delegate-at-large; 4. A Cappella; 1, 2, 3, 4. Varsity Hockey; 1, 2, 3, 4. Mirror Circulation Mgr.; 4. BR1DAI ATH Kate Rod Berta 16 1954 Nat Derigible NATHALIE CLAIBORNE GRISWOLD Expression: " Dmm You ' re a doll! " Vassar Mirror Co-editor; 4. Varsity Hockey; 1, 2, 3, Manager; 4. Council Vice-Pres.; 3. G.A.A. Sec.-Treas.; 3, 4. Class Pres.; 2, 3. DEREK BROWN PAYSON Expression: " What a chick! " Lincoln Varsity Baseball; 3, 4. Varsity Football; 3, 4. Senior Play; 4. Vaudeville; 1, 2, 3, 4. Opera 1, 2, 3 Stage Crew; 4. SYLVIA HII.LER Absent Junior Year. Expression: " Wait for me kids! ' Undecided (College) Opera Costumes ' Committee; 2. Vaudeville; 2, 4. Opera Chorus; 4. Morning Ex. Committee; 4. Senior Play. 17 SENIORS VIRGINIA LUNDING Expression: " Fabulous! ! ' Smith Varsity Hockey; 2, 3, 4. Varsity Basketball; 2, 3. Vaudeville; 1, 2, 3, 4. Opera; 2, 3, Publicity Chairman; 4. Class Treasurer; 2, 3, 4. KHSflSWHK RICHARD REDPATH RIDENOUR Expression: " Take GasP Princeton Varsity Football; 3, 4, Co-capt.; 4. Varsity Basketball; 3, 4. Capt.; 4. Mirror; 3, 4, Co-Editor; 4. Class Pres.; 4. Council Treas.; 3, Delegatc-at-large; 4. SUSAN PIERCE Entered Junior Year. Expression: " Hey kid, I feel for you " Bradford Purp Staff Girls ' Sports Editor; 4. G.A.A. Morning Ex. Comm.; 3, 4. Vaudeville; 3, 4. Senior Plav. Gine 1954 Margo MARGARET CARSON PTRIE Expression: " Oh lawd! " Bryn Mawr Varsity Basketball; 2, 3, 4. Library Coram.; 1, 2, 3, Chairman; 4. G.A.A. Pres.; 4. Senior Plav Vaudeville; 1, 2, 3, 4. FREDERICK LEWIS WINE Expression: " Don ' t know and care less " Carnegie Tech Stage Crew; 2, 3, 4, Manager 4. Library Coram.; 4. Mirror; 3, 4, Business Mgr.; 4. Opera Stage Crew; 3, 4. Prom Decoration Comm.; 3. ELLEN FITZGERALD REEVES Expression: ' T hale men! " Pine Manor Mirror Advertising Mgr.; 4. Purp Staff; 2, 3, 4. Morning Ex. Comm.; 2. Opera Business Comm.; 2, 3. Refreshment Chairman; Jr. Prom. 19 SENIORS DEBORAH ANN STEARNS Expression: " Sex is here to stay ' Vassar Vaudeville; 2, 3, 4. Opera Chorus; 2. Opera Business Comm.; 4. Purp Staff; 4. Mirror Adv. Staff; 3. JAMES SUMMERS WITHERELL Expression: " You ' re golden " ' Stanford Varsity Football; 4. Varsity Basketball; 3, 4. Class Pres.; 1, 2. Council; 1, 2, 3, 4, Pres.; 3. Opera; 2, 3, 4, Stage Crew; 3, 4. GAY CURTISS STIRLING Entered Junior Year. Expression: " I don ' t know. " Vassar Varsity Hockey; 3, 4. Varsity Basketball; 3, 4. A Cappella; 4. Class President: 4. Senior Play; 4. Debbie Sugar Jim Gay 20 SENIOR CLASS WILL Judy A. My innocence to anyone who wants an education in the Senior Girls ' room. Bart — Myself. Patsay — My hips to Charlie Newman. Bill — The fire escape of Leicester to George Aid. Les — My indecision to Hamlet. Jerry — The knowledge that I gained in my fifth year to Bill Stearns who needs it. Clancy — My willingness to do anything for a friend to anyone who is fool enough to do anything for a friend. Doug — Mr. Thomas to all deserving Junior boys. Judy D. — The responsibility of cleaning the smoking room to anyone who has gumption enough to do it. Rod — The traditional gold pants to Bill Pirie and my bird-dogging techniques to Bob Jones. Lanie — My interest in athletics to Pat Victery. Derek — My moonlight nights to Pearce Sherman and my Louie Armstrong records to Tim Griswold. Harriet — My terrific art talent to anyone who gets hooked into taking art minor. Dick — My trumpet and the Jazz Band to anyone with ear plugs. Fluffy — My open-houses to anyone with bravery and a brewery. Fred — The shop to Mr. Reidv. Kate — My loudest cheer to future football, basketball, and baseball teams. Jim — The baseball team to Pearce Sherman and my Bob-o-link pants to Humph. Berta — Punch to my sister, Carol. May she control him better than I ' ve been able to. Nat — Lonely nights to Bill. Sylvia — Sally Simmons to the Junior and Senior Kindergartens. Gingy — My brain to the British museum — and if they don ' t want it, to the biology class. Susie — My continual stale of panic to anyone without emotion. Margo — My long locks to anyone who can keep them curled. Ellie — Mv mambostic tendencies to any girl who thinks she can put up with John and Humph. Debby — Mv blossoming figure to Carlene Blunt. Gay — Mv power of disorganization to Marcia McMillan. To the Frosh — more and bigger boys. To the Sophs — the sophomore boys back to the sophomore girls. To the Juniors— - hours of spare time in which to perfect their study habits. To the School — larger classes. To the faculty — intellectual curiosity. 21 THOSE ARE SENIORS?? 23 Front Roiv: L. to R.: Bradford, Glasser, Cooper, MacKenzie, McEwen, D. Simmons, Bishop. Second Row: Sherman, Farwell, C. Bowes, Barker, B. Bowes, Furgerson, Suter, Bacon. Third Row: A. Johnson, Jones, W. Stearns, W. Pirie, G. Smith, T. Groves, Hood. JUNIORS In September the boys, happily enough, found five new girls in the class; the girls, however, remained rather indifferent at the loss of the three boys. We then embarked upon the school year with high hopes and a low treasury. This latter did not bother us, as we soon came up with a great, can ' t-miss idea, the Snow Ball. Our net gain: $6 and a lot of fun. We managed to wade through mid-year ' s with varying degrees of success and lack thereof. This was followed by the third quarter let-down in anticipation of the tournament and spring vacation. Now we are facing hopefully forward to our coup grandissimus, the Junior Prom. In retrospect, we feel that we can say that we have had quite a successful year; we certainly have enjoyed being part of the school and doing what we could for the school. In addition, thanks to the untiring efforts of the faculty, we even did learn a bit! 24 JAZZY JUNIORS Front Row, L. to R.: Kunkler, Olson, McMillan, Sweeney, Anderson, Woodward, B. Smith, Voss. Second Row: Churchill, Biggert, Colton, Jill Alwood, Selz, S. Simmons. Third Row: Walworth, Newman, F. Lunding, Schnering, Everett, Wineman. Fourth Row: Rogers, C. Hutchins, D. Humphrey, Hardy, Loomis, Aid, Bers, Ray, B. Johnson, S. Berndtson, Bach. THOSE WONDERFUL SOPH BOYS The best class of 1953-54 is, naturally, the Glorious Class of ' 56, otherwise known as the Soph- omore Boys. They reside in that hallowed room which occupies the south west corner of Dunlap, noted for the occasional snowballs, buns, apples, etc., which fly mysteriously from its windows upon hapless bystanders below. The Sophomore class is also the most ambitious class in the High School. Among its members are a Vice-President and a Treasurer in Council, and a future Purp editor (the other is a SOPH- OMORE girl!) All I can say is, just wait until they ' re Juniors! THOSE PERFECTLY WONDERFUL SOPH GIRLS The very, very best class of 1953-54 is, of course, the terrific group of girls of ' 56. Glamor — you can cut it with a knife! Brains — tons and tons of them! Personalities — suffice it to say that not a single one of them has become engaged all year. The Sophomore girls co ntributed two leads to the opera, two cheerleaders, the council secre- tary, a big share of the hockey and basketball teams, and a future Purp editor (the other is a SOPH- OMORE boy!) Furthermore, the Soph girls have dated onlv Robert Wagner, Eddie Fisher, Jeffrey Lind, and their associates who regularly fly out from Hollywood to date these delectable bits of femininity. The big problem the Sophomore girls face as they become Juniors is finding more fields to conquer! 26 SCINTILLATING SOPHS 27 Front Row, L. to R.: Rooney, Victery, Humphery, Massessa, Patrick, Washburn, Greenough, G. Speakman. Second Row: Morgan, C. Blunt, Dick, Williams, Barrett, Von Gehr, Palm, J. Lichty. Third Row: Walling, R. Johnson, J. Groves, A. Taylor, Koff, Woodhead, Huebner. THE FRESHMEN The freshman class is very small, as there are only seven boys and sixteen girls, but we hope that with the years our population will increase. Eight of the girls and five of the bovs were new this year. But small as we may be, we are still mighty, and who knows what the years will bring! Our class is rather gullible, and we will do just about anything we are told. The onlv objec- tions come when the teachers do the telling! This year in the opera we were well represented by both bovs and girls. Three or four of the boys sang in the chorus, and the rest were on the stage-crew. The girls worked verv hard on the scenery and make-up. We were also important participants in both boys and girls sports, partic- ularly the girls as we had Ginny, Carlene, Buffy, and Ann on varsity basketball and those four plus Karen on varsity hockey. Those who were not active in actual varsity sports faithfully at- tended the games, cheering to the best of their ability. Pat Victery did an excellent job as a cheer- leader, having the pep that cheerleaders require. We lived up to the reputation that all freshmen are given. Some live up to it, some don ' t. We did. We were not very well organized at times, and very often we found that one person could start a general confusion. Once or twice it took a really firm hand to get the " hot air " out of us. Sixth periods were new to us, and we found them interesting, fun, a time for rest, or joy, or . . .??? All in all, we thoroughly enjoyed our freshman year at North Shore, and we will return next fall to go on to new experiences as Sophomores. 28 FIENDISH FROSH ___ _JL_JI 29 HIGH SCHOOL SNAPS 30 Eliot Hall MIDDLE SCHOOL 31 Front Row, L. to R.: Carstens, Royer, Kimball, A. Gegner. Second Row: Willy, Guenzel, P. Taylor, Williams, S. Brew, Burnell, R. Russ, T. Smith. Third Row: Madlener, Mortimer, Flanagan, Cain, Harris, Miles, Nutting T, Griswold, Jim Atwood, KaDell. 32 Front Roic: Basile, McKee, Holsten, Camp, Hayes, Gilbert. Second Row: Smolen, Dose, Price, Tribble, Blumberg, Phillips. Allen. Third Row: Dixon, Lowry, Dayton, Palm, Allen, C. Grant. .1 x -% ' . ■-« mj ■ ii, " ' ■- • ' - $i ' ■ - , Front Row: N. Neumann, Trieschmann, Ekman, Sheesley, Benson, P. Ostrom, Seymour. Second Row: Holland, Wavering, W. Miller, Ruggles, H. Rhodes, Collins, Graham. Third Roic: Klug, H. Hutchins, Laug, Morgan, S. Miller, Bengston, Buck, Parshall, Beck, Onthank. LOWER SCHOOL Walling Hall 35 Left to Right: Thomas, Madlener, Osirom, Grant, W., Sinek, Harris, Bengston, Gegner, D., Miss Collingbourne. : FIFTH GRADE CALENDAR September- -During September the Lower School gave a big Morning EX: on the subject of Vacations. Three members of the Fifth Grade — Peter Bengston, Terry Ostrom, and Tonv Thomas took part. Donna Rae Maloney was the announcer for the program. October- Members of the Fifth Grade attended the Lower School Halloween Party in costume. Afterwards cookies and cokes were consumed in the classroom. November — The Lower School again gave a Morning Ex: The 5th Grade told about their Social Studies program. Each member of the 5th Grade took part. Tony Thomas was the announcer for the whole program. December — The 5th Grade joined with the 3rd and 4th grades, and the Middle School, in con- tributing to the Christmas program. Three carols were sung, and three 5th Graders contributed solos — Bill Grant, Tony Thomas, and Richard Harris. Members of the 5th Grade helped with the 5th Grade booth at the Treasure Chest Salein Decem- ber. Those taking part were Terry Osirom, Tony Thomas, Peter Bengston, Bill Grant, and Susan Sinek. February — The 5th Grade gave the program for Lincoln ' s Birthday. The program consisted of poems, music, and a short play. The part of Lincoln as a boy was played by Tony Thomas, as a man, by Richard Harris. Everv member of the 5th Grade took part in the program. On May 7th and May 21st the 5th Grade is planning to give big Morning Exercises in conjunc- tion with the 4th Grade. 36 4TH GRADE WHAT DO YOU LIKE TO DO MOST IN YOUR SPARE TI.MK? Susy Dayton Jock Thomas Eleanor Pese Billy Tribble Pam Schreiner Scott Russ Anne Hanford Wayne Petlengill Judy Brew Tony Rhodes Mimi Masessa Fred Bowes Barbara Berndtson Sherry 1 Ware Carol Cosmos Jeremy French Leslie Howe Ride m bike. Play baseball. Go to the neighbors " and get cookies. Eat meatballs and spaghetli. Baseball. Eat and play baseball. Ballet. Climb trees and go fishing. . ' Dance. Watch robins. Play baseball. Watch television, eat. do real estate. Swim, horseback riding, ice skating, collecting horses. Swim, ice skate, horseback riding. ■ % .. i . Horseback riding, ice skating. Transplanting, sailing, swimming, eating. Climb trees. Front Roiv, L. to R.: Dayton, S. Hanford, Schriner, Pese, Howe, , Thomas, J., Russ, Brew, Masessa. Second Row: Ware, French, Tribble, Rhode Miss Lund. Left to Right: Coldl, Wertheimer, Hawxhurst, S., Donaldson, Basile, Denson, Schupmann, Rowell, Crutcher, Burton, McCarty, Buck, Allison, Massessa, A., Seymore, Miss Linell, Mr. Allen. Absent: Rowell, Savage. THIRD GRADE WHAT FAMOUS PERSON WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE? June Allison — Audrev Hepburn. Ralph Basile — Bennv Goodman. John Beebe — Abraham Lincoln. Steve Buck — Robin Hood. Sandy Crutcher — myself. Tracy Donaldson — a famous ice skater. Howard Coldt — Mr. Smith. Steve Hawzhurst — Jerry Mahoney. John Kerr — King Arthur. Audrey Masessa — Esther Williams. J.ucy McCarty — Myself. Joey Rowell — Graucho Marx. Robin Savage — King Arthur. Buzzy Schupmann — Frankie Baumholtz of the Cub s. Susan Wertheimer — myself. Shelly Denson — absent. Seymour — absent. Burton — absent. 38 SECOND GRADE WHAT DO YOU LIKE TO DO THE BEST? Susie Abelson — Horseback ride. Joannie Brew — Ice skate. Jan Miller — Dance. Billy Cosmos — Play baseball. Phoebe Pettingell — Swim. Kathy Stolkin — Swim. Linda Allison — Play with Miss Pick. Jean Kight — Play with Miss Pick. Ondre Huston — Go (ishing. Chris Lunding — Go in the ocean. John Gegner — play baseball. Mike Cain — ahsent. Front Row, L. to R.: J. Brew, Cosmos, Abelson. Second Row: Huston, Miller, Gegner. Third Row: Cain, Kight, Lunding, Stolkin, Miss Swazey. Absent: L. Allison. First Row, L. to R.: Wynbrandt, Moloney, Ott, Griswold, L. Second Row: Donaldson, Damman, Steel, Cohler, Ratcliff. Third Row: Hanford, L. Dose, Hartmann, Ellickson, Wortheimer, A. French. Absent: Bracb. FIRST GRADE WHERE WOULD YOU LIKE TO GO THE MOST? Betsy Ann Cohler — 1 would like to go to France to see Paris. Grace Danman — I want to go to Australia to see the people and the animals. Polly Steel — Because I like to climb, I am going to choose Starved Rock. Alison French— I want to go to Starved Rock. Betsy Ratcliffe — I would like to go all around the world. Ann Hartmann — I would like to go to Hollywood to see the movie stars. Mary Lee Hanford — I want to go to Salt Lake City, to see where my sister was horn. Henrv Ott — I want to go to California to swim. Tommy Wynbrandt — I am going to Australia to catch Koala bears and ride in a kangaroo ' s pouch. Leslie Griswold — I hope I can go to Indianapolis to go swimming. Linne Dose — I have never been to Florida, so I want to go there. Vin Brach — I am going to Arizona to catch lizzards and bugs in the desert. Gloria Ellickson — I would like to go to Florida to get things for my fish. Douglas Wertheiiner If I could go anywhere in the world, 1 would choose South Africa for snakes. Patricia Moloney — I would choose Florida for swimming. Holly Donaldson — I would go to the Virgin Islands to make tunnels in the beach and swim. 40 WHAT DO YOU WANT TO BE WHEN YOU GROW UP? Allen Gutsche — A deep-sea-diver. Ted Mouzakeotis — I want to be when I grow up a doctor. Johnny Howe — I want to be a carpenter. Chris Hawxhurst — A giraffe. Bonny Karhan — A nurse. Robin Whittlesev — A mother— I may change my mind but I never know. Jerry Gordon— T don ' t know et. Cole Schreiner — A doctor. Linda Morgan — A toe-dancer. Paulie Wilde — A fireman — no, a pilot. Neil Proudfoot — Cowbov. Davey Gold — umm — archeologist. Gana Browning — umm — piano player. Jack Ellickson — Well, I guess I ' ll be a doctor. Paul Wertheimer — Why? I don ' t know. I ' m going to be a policeman — I ' m going to change. Mike Kelley — I ' m gonna probablv be a cowboy, and I ' m gonna be a space man. Katie Hallberg — Well, first I ' m gonna be a mother, then a ballet dancer, then a regular dancer, then I ' ll go back to being a mother again — that ' s all. Kalhy Moloney — I want to be a nurse. Barbie Wells — A nurse. Courtney Hurd — absent. Front Row, L. to R.: Tarrant, Ellickson, Browning, Hawxhurst, Gordon, Mrs. Klug. Back Row: Howe, Hallberg, Proudfoot, Mouzakeotis, Gutsche, Schreiner, Rigsby. Absent: Karhan, Whittlesey, Morgan, Wilde, Gold, P. Wertheimer, Kelley, Moloney, Wells. Front Row, L. to R.: Fridstein, Gordon, Logan, Weinstein, Marsh, Victor. Second Row: Prussian, Barth, List, D. Wynbrandt, Wilde, Altman. Third Row: Bernstein, Mr. Smith, Miller, K. Smith, Mrs. Bleloch, Hightower, Lowen- stein, D. Howe, Mrs. Putman. Absent: Kornblith, Thompson, Barack, Lydecker, Hamity, Cole, Allison. WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DO THE MOST? Dee Hightower — Dolls. Ajnn Lee Kornblith — Paints. Donna Wynbrandt — I want to paint. Chucky Bernstein — I have a lot of things. I like the most to swing on a board between two swings. Peter Thompson — I like to plav with dirt. David Howe — I like to play with the punchers, slide down the slide and let the piano go by itself. March Barack — I like to plav with sand. Roger Barth — An electric train. James Altman — A fire engine. Laura Lydecker — I like to draw pictures and plaj house. I like to sit on the rug and hear stories. Karen Hamity — I like to draw pictures. Susan Cole — Have juice. Randy Miller — Ice skate. Ann Marsh — To play on the playground. John List — I like a sky-shooter the most. Carol Victor — I like to make Easter Eggs. Paul Logan — Cars and the work bench. Stuart Gordon — Play with toys. Blake Allison — Play with a fire engine. Kenny Smith — Play with the blocks. Peggy Fridstein— I like to paint. Marcy Lowenstein — Dolls. Pam Riddle — I like to draw. Absent — Fridstein, Weinstein, Prissian, Wilde, Lowenstein. 42 ACTIVITIES 43 THE MIRROR ■t... , jjWPMMW— " % j. • - -l.? - v a - pi p — m . Hi B I ' k r J Le t to Right: Ridenour, B. Slearns, Farwell, Wine, Cooper, R. Gram, K. Gilbert, Glasser, N. Griswold, Reeves. Co-Editors Junior Editors Business Manager Junior Manager Advertising Manager Junior Manager Circulation Manager Junior Manager Copy Editor Photographers Faculty Advisor THE MIRROR STAFF Nat Griswold, Dick Ridenour Dee Dee Simmons, Bill Stearns Fred Wine Glen Smith Ellen Reeves Lynne Cooper Roberta Grant Joyce Glasser Kate Gilbert Frank Bacon, Bill Stearns, Leonard Walworth, Rich Gilbert Mr. Thomas 44 THE PURPLE AND WHITE Front Row, L. to R.: D. Stearns, Boal, P. Blunt, Judy Atwood, Jill Atwood, Pierce. Second Row: B. Stearns, Jewell, B. Berndtson, McMillon, Beeves, Colton, Bradford, Glasser, A. Johnson. Editors-in-Chief Advertising Managers Business Manager Circulation Manager Photography Editor Boys ' Sports Editors Girls ' Sports Editor Typist . Staff . Next Year ' s Editors PURP Judy Atwood, Bart Berndston Pat Blunt, Alice Suter Andy Johnson Mary Bradford Bill Stearns Andy Johnson, Bill Stearns Sue Pierce Jill Atwood Les Boal, Nancy Clinton, Berta Grant, Debby Stearns, Jerry Jewell, Jim Witherell, Joyce Glasser, Alice Suter, Tom Groves, Kitty Biggert, Marcia MacMillan. George Aid, Joan Palm, Liz Washburn Jill Atwood, George Aid 45 THE STUDENT COUNCIL Standing, Left to Right: Ridenour, Judy Atwood, Grant, B. Berndtson, Clinton, Bacon, Newman, Koff,Suter,Rooney. and Selz. Seated: Witherell, vice-pres., Gilbert, sec, Jewell pres., and F. Lunding, treas. Back Row: J. Williams, Ridenour, Clinton, Huebner, Bacon, Rogers, Berndtson, L. Olson, R. Grant, Judy Atwood. Seated: F. Lunding, treas., Selz, sec, W. Stearns, pres., Newman, vice-pres. Absent, Witherell. 46 G.A.A. Seated: K. Gilbert, N. Griswold, M. Pirie. Standing: Viclery, P. Blum, Anderson, Suter, B. Bowes, G. Speakman, McMillan. This year the Girls ' Athletic Association has been completely revised. The Association was limited to those who were interested, instead of having a compulsory membership of all the girls in the high school. Due to the great interest shown early in the year, the girls decided togivea Halloween party and called it the Pumpkin Prowe. It was held in the Girls ' Gym, and there were side show attractions and various booths, the most popular of which was the fortune teller. There was also dancing later in the evening. Everyone worked extremely hard and the party was a great success, Great enthusiasm has been brought about bv the suggestion of working for a goal, that goal being a tennis court. In order to attain this goal various suggestions have been submitted: among them banquets, parties, dances, bazaars, and cake and cookie sales. The most important accomplishment of the year was the writing and acceptance of a consti- tution. It is hoped thai by having this constitution the organization will have something to stand on and therefore will continue to grow in number and importance. 47 MORNING EXERCISE COMMITTEE Front Row, L. to R.: J. Palm, S. Simmons, Glasser. Second Roiv: Pierce, M. MacKenzie, B. Smith. Third Row: Lowrey, Bacon, B. Bowes, Jill Atwood, Masessa. Between the third and fourth periods each day of the school year, the middle and high schools meet in the auditorium for what is called a Morning Exercise; often the lower school attends these Morning Exes on the days that they do not have their own in Walling Hall. The purpose of such Morning Exercises is to inform the student body of classroom projects and of other many and varied activities at school. These exercises are not restricted to student and faculty participation, which North Shore encourages, but also outsiders are invited to come and speak. The decision of who should be in Morning Ex. each dav is made by the Morning Ex. Committee. This committee is composed of a representative from each homeroom in the high school, one representative from the fourth and fifth grades. There are three faculty members from the high, middle, and lower schools who give suggestions for the different Morning Ex. programs. The doors to the Morning Ex. Committee meetings are always open, usually every sixth period on Thursday, to anyone who is interested and cares to see what it takes to make up a Morning Exer- cise production. Some of the most interesting Morning Exes, have been what North Shore calls the Educational Lecture Series. These series of programs provide varied interests for both the students and the parents. Manv such lectures are held in the evenings so that more of the interested parents can attend. Included in the Lecture Series this year were Maurice Schumann, representative from France, and the Dublin Players, who gave Shaw ' s famous " Pygmalion. " This series was closed by a well known news commentator, William Ray. reporting on world affairs. 48 LIBRARY COMMITTEE This year the library has undergone a great many changes. Many of the old and unused books have been replaced and the school has engaged a trained librarian to help sort out the books and to revise the card catalogue to fit the new shelving. Many of the new books have been covered with a clear plastic jacket which enable the paper jackets to remain visible as a guide to the reader. All of the new books have been chosen for the reading interests of the students, and it is hoped that they are being enjoyed. There is a new shelf at the south end of the study hall which has proved to te very popular. The shelf contains pocket book editions of many good books. The committee ' s thanks go to the librarians from the Winnetka Public Library who gave up their time to help arrange the books and to Mr. Howe who has spent so much time working for the library. Front Row, L. to H.: P. Blunt, M. Pirie, Bradford, Kunkler. Second Roiv: Wine, Aid, Jones, Williams. Left to Right: Judy A l wood, D. Simmons, Glasser, R. Grant, Selz, Favill, Jill At wood, J. Dayton, Anderson, Woodward. A CAPPELLA The A Cappella, an organization of girls interested in singing, started out the year by holding try-outs to find people with some ability to fill the vacancies made bv those who had graduated or changed schools last year. The year got off to a vigorous start with the presentation of the Vaudeville of a skit based on " Post Scripts " by E. Freed, a " modern type " chorus that many in the audience called " unusual, " but that was fun to sing. Next the group turned to Christmas and made its customary appearance in the music Morning Ex. and, with the Ensemble, in the tableaux and the Christmas play. Extra pieces were also pre- sented at the Evanston Nursing Home and the Veterans ' Hospital at Great Lakes. At Easter the A Cappella joined with the Ensemble again to sing choruses from the Easter portion of the " Messiah " by Handel. This was a busy season as they were also in preparation for a joint concert with the Lake Forest Academy Octet. The Grand Finale, as always, was the singing at Commencement, which was made particularly special this year by the retirement of Mr. Smith and the thirty-fifth anniversary of North Shore Country Day School. 50 Front Row, L. to R.: B. Berndtson, W. Pirie, Everett, Newman, Bacon, Biddle, Sherman. Second Row: Loomis, Jewell, F. Lunding, C. Hutchins, G. Smith, Jones, B. Johnson, Bers, A. Johnson, Bach, Hood. ENSEMBLE At the time this article was written, the Ensemble had left behind it a somewhat limited but nevertheless gay repetoire. Starting with " The Old Songs " and a premature curtain call, the Vaude- ville was their first hurdle. Since then they have twice combined talents with the A Cappella the first being the Christmas music, and second the portions of Handel ' s " Messiah " that were sung at Easter. Although they practice every Friday, with the exception of operatime, the En- semble has only one more scheduled appearance until they close the year at commencement. Another fact that might bear printing is that this year something new was brought to North Shore; A quartet has been formed and has met with mild success. We hope that this will be con- tinued next year. On the whole this year has been very good, as the quantity and quality of the voices was im- proved. The boys enjoyed singing together immensely, and a lot of experience for later years was gained. 51 Left to Right: Pat Blunt, Judy Atwood, Nat Griswold. MAY DAY Every year in the first part of May North Shore Country Day School celebrates May Day. The day is carefully planned for by the Sophomore Girls under the direction of Dr. Landau. The girls plan the whole entertainment. The program is drawn up in cooperation with the Art, the Music and the Athletic Departments and is printed in the school shop. The Sophomore Girls are also in charge of the seating arrangements, decorations, and the setting up of the throne for the May Queen, who is elected by the entire student body. The Sophomore Bovs supervise the refreshments, the making of the banners and help the Junior Boys with general clean-up, which takes place at the end of the celebration. The Morning Exercise preceeds the festivities, usually featuring a short play by one of the Lower School grades. After the play each class marches with its banner, which they have made, to the green where the rest of the dav is spent. When the May Queen and her attendants make their way to the flower covered throne. A folk dance is then performed for the May Queen bv each of the grades. All the girls wear dresses of pastel colors, and the boys are dressed in white. The last dance to be performed is the traditional May Pole dance, which is done by the seniors. The Queen and her attendants then leave the green, and this is the signal for the picnic lunch to begin. The lunch concludes the festivities. The day is very much enjoyed bv everyone including the settlement children from Chicago, who are guests of the Ereshman, Sophomore and Junior girls. If the weather permits May Day is held outside. Otherwise it is held in the boy ' s gym. This year the sun did shine for our May Queen. 52 The Auditorium DRAMATICS 53 Opening Jazz Band Tells us Where the Good Times Are Clancy Clinton and Les Boal Monotonous Dee Dee Simmons The Case of the Missing Frog Freshman Boys We ' re Always True to Each Lover . Five Senior Girls The Old Songs Ensemble Deep Purple . Judy Masessa and Jane Lichty Girl in the Power Room Betsy Furgerson The Day Babe Hit His Home Run . . Senior Boys Make a Miracle . Kate Gilbert and Charlie Newman Greet the Press Aid and Co. 54 VAUDEVILLE ACT II Opening Jazz Band French Songs Mademoiselle Fifi Little Nell Five Sophomore Girls 100 Easv Ways to Lose a Man . Gingy Lunding The Old Chisholm Trail Dick Bers, John Rogers and Bob Jones Excerpts from " Post Scripts " ... A Cappella Hooray, Hooray, I ' m Going Away Madeleine MacKenzie and Sue Barker Oh You Beautiful Doll . . Three Eighth Grade Girls Peter the Wolf .... Eleventh Grade Boys Smoke, Smoke That Cigarette . The Seniors VAUDEVILLE COMMITTEES Chairmen, Pat Blunt and Rod Lowrey Business Manager, Gay Stirling Publicity Manager, Lynne Olson FACULTY ADVISORS Mr. Marsh Mr. Allison Mrs. Paige 55 THE 1954 CAST (Friday night listed first) Fiamelta Dee Dee Simmons, Kate Gilbert Francesco Barky Johnson Guilia .... Betsy Fnrgerson, Nancy Clinton Antonio Cole Hntchins, George Aid Giorgio Andy Johnson Vittoria Alice Snter Marco Bob Jones Guiseppe Paul Loomis Tessa Judy Atwood Gianelta Roberta Grant Duke Of Plaza-Toro Frank Lunding Duchess Lorie Selz Casilda Fill Atwood Luiz Rick Bers Don Alhambra Charlie Newman Inez Harriet Fetcher Chorus of Gondoliers and Contadine 56 OPERA COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN Co-ordinalor Judy Dayton Business Dong Kramer Publicity Virginia Lunding Scenery Design and Painting . Madeleine MacKenzie Scenery Building Fred S ine Musical Director Mr. Allison Stage Director Mr. Marsh 57 CHRISTMAS PARTY EVERYBODY DANCE 58 CHRISTMAS PLAY The curtain opened on the annual Christmas play given by the Freshman class. Every mem- ber of the class participated in the play. A beautiful stained glass window and curtains arranged like arches represented the inside of one of the early gothic cathedrals. This play was written by a nun in Belgium during the fifteenth century. It was one of the many medieval miracle plays that were given in cathedrals for the purpose of instructing those who could not read the Bible. The play began when a nun entered and explained the purpose to the audience. After her de- parture, Mary and Joseph appeared seeking shelter. They moved slowly across the stage to the manger where they were spoken to by shepherds and angels. The scene shifted to Herod ' s throne room as he was being informed of the birth of a new king. The three wisemen entered seeking the way to the Christ Child. Leaving Herod, they journeyed to the manger and presented their gifts to him. The background music during the play was supplied by the Ensemble and A Cappella. The Freshmen are deeplv indebted to Mr. Marsh, Mr. Allison, the stagecrew, and others who helped to make the play a success. CHRISTMAS PARTY The Christmas party started with the story of " The Night Before Christmas, " which was read by a senior girl. Then, to the delight of the younger generation, Santa Claus came in with a bound! The classes from Junior Kindergarten through the Faculty honored Santa Claus with various dances. While this was going on, the Kindergarten came up and told Santa what they wanted for Christmas. There were some unusual requests, such as a Chevrolet, some real guns, and a bomb. The most common request were a doll for the girls and a train for the boys. The finale was loop-de-loo bv the Seniors and the Kindergarten, in which even Santa Claus participated. 59 Back Row, L. to R.: Payson, Fetcher, Ridenour, Pierce, Lowery, Judy Atwood, K. Gilbert, J. Dayton, Boal. Seated, L. to R.: Stirling, Jewell, R. Grant. SENIOR PLAY On May 21 and 22 at 8:15 our Senior Play was presented in the auditorium. This year the play was a roaring comedy with a little bit of suspense and romance mixed in. The title of the play was " Years Ago, " and it was written by Ruth Gordon. The plot centered around an eighteen year old girl named Ruth, who was determined to become an actress. Ruth ' s father had other ideas. He wanted Ruth to become a physical culture instructress. Ruth ' s boy friend, Fred, wanted Ruth to become Mrs. Fred Whitmarch, but in the end Ruth had her own way and the final cur- tain found her setting off for New York to go on the stage. If you came on Friday night, you saw Margo Pirie as Ruth Gordon Jones, Jerry Jewell as Clinton Jones the father, Berta Grant as Annie Jones the mother, Sue Pierce as Katherine Follett, Ruth ' s next best friend. Derek Payson plaved Fred Whitmarch, Ruth ' s boy friend, Rod Lowrey as Mr. Sparrow, who owned a wagon, Dick Ridenour as Mr. Bagley from the Y.M.C.A., Judy Atwood as Miss Glavin the physical culture instructress, and Berta ' s cat as Punk the cat. The Saturday night cast included all the males listed above plus such well known seniors as Kate Gilbert as Ruth, Gay Stirling as Mrs. Jones, Judy Dayton as Katherine Follett, Les Boal as Anna Witham, and Harriet Fetcher as Miss Glavin. 60 STAGE CREW Front Row, L. to R.: Bacon, Lowrey, Wineman, A. Johnson. Second Row: Vine, Everell. 61 HASH!! ' Boys ' Gym ATHLETICS 63 Front Row, L. to R.: G. Smith. Bach, S. Berndtson, Wineman, Lowrey, C. Hutchins, F. Lunding. Second Row: A. Johnson (Mgr.), Mr. Ostrom, Goggin, Ridenour, (Co-Capt.), Jewell, (Co-Capt.), W. Stearns, Jones, Koff, Mr. McCarty. Third Row: W. Pirie, Payson, Hardy, Witherell, Loomis, B. Berndtson, Schnering, Walworth, Sherman, B. Humphrey. VARSITY FOOTBALL Although the season ' s record was disappointing, it can be looked back on with some praise, it was a very inexperienced ball club and lacked ability and man power. The injuries suffered in scrimmages and games handicapped us for our final games. Scrimmaging was almost impossible amongst ourselves due to the lack of players. This year ' s team lost eight consecutive games, some- thing that hasn ' t been done at this school for many years. They lost gallantly though, by not giving up until the last whistle was sounded. Our schedule slated us against teams all bigger than ourselves, which was a great handicap this season. We played our good games against the best teams. Even though we lost to Lake Forest, we were the first team to score on them. Against Racine, we had a tie ball game at halftime, but our defense fell apart in the second half. Up at Milwaukee Lutheran we had a ball game that, with a few of the breaks going our way, we would have come off the field the victors. Disregarding the statistics, the team worked together as a unit and gained a great deal of ex- perience that they will be able to use to their advantage next year. North Shore has withdrawn from the Midwest Prep Conference and joined the Private School League. The other schools in this league are about the same size as North Shore. The members of this year ' s team that won ' t be here next year would like to wish the best of luck to next vear ' s team and its debut in their new league. 64 65 Front Row, L. to R.: Selz, Colton, Jill Atwood, N. Griswold (Mgr.), P. Blunt (Capt.), V. Lunding, R. Grant. Second Row: K. Gilbert, D. Simmons, J. Davton, McMillan. Judy Alwood, Coley, C. Blunt, Bishop, V. Speakman, Dick. Third Row: Miss Pick, Boal. Anderson. Olson, McEwen, M. Pirie, Stirling, Suter, Greenough, Patrick. VARSITY HOCKEY This year, as in the previous three seasons, we started practice two weeks before the first day of school. The squad was chosen in the last week of September and after that the real work began. In playing eight schools, the second team remained undefeated, and the first team had only one loss. One of the most thrilling games was with a team from John Burroughs, a school from St. Louis, that we invited up for the weekend. A dinner was given for them Friday night in the lunchroom, and after a very successful party, they spent the night at the houses of the North Shore players. The game was played the next morning. (By the way, we won.) A word must be said about our coach, Miss Bonnie Pick, without whom we couldn ' t have had such a successful season. She was always ready not only to criticize our mistakes, but to praise us in our victories. As the girls are already looking forward to next year ' s season, the senior plavers would like to wish next year ' s team the best of luck. They will miss the before-game panic, the purple and white pinnies, the frantic cheering, and most of all the feeling of being a part of a team and knowing that ten other players are behind them when they get the ball. Pat Blunt, the captain, and Nat Gris- wold, the manager, along with the rest of the senior players, would like to wish next year ' s cap- tain and manager, Alice Suter and Linda Coley, and next year ' s team the best of luck for a suc- cessful season. HOCKEY SCORES First Team Francis Parker 10-0 M.U.S ] - 1 Faulkner 8-0 Downer 1-3 Kemper Hall 6-1 John Burroughs Roycemore Ferry Hall 3-1 66 Second Team 2 -0 2 -0 6 -0 1 -0 3 1 6-0 5 - 1 5 -0 67 VARSITY BASKETBALL Front Row, L. to R.: F. Lunding, Ridenour (Capt.), Jones. Second Row: Newman, Loomis, B. Berndtson, Schnering, Humphrey. Third Row: A. Johnson (Mgr.), T. Groves, Lowrey, C. Hntchins, W. Pirie, G. Smith, McCartv. Absent: Witherell. VARSITY BASKETBALL North Shore 54 North Shore 40 North Shore 47 North Shore 50 North Shore 46 North Shore 53 North Shore 57 North Shore 47 North Shore 47 North Shore 49 North Shore 46 North Shore 57 North Shore 41 North Shore 43 North Shore 31 North Shore 62 North Shore 44 North Shore 48 North Shore 63 North Shore 43 — conference game Glenwood 39 Milwaukee U. S 44 Milwaukee Luth 59 Latin 52 Glenwood 31 Lake Forest Academy 54 Milwaukee U. S 45 Racine Lutheran 62 Wayland Academy 56 Lake Forest Academy 60 Milwaukee C.D.S 51 Luther South 55 Northwestern Prep 53 Wheaton 53 Racine Lutheran 64 Luther South 65 Wayland Academy 39 Milwaukee Luth 70 Northwestern Prep 54 Milwaukee C.D.S 58 MIDWEST PREP TOURNAMENT North Shore 39 North Shore 51 Wayland Academy 5j Lake Forest Academy 52 8 69 • " ;.-. Front Row, L. to R.: Kramer, T. Groves, Ridenour, B. Pirie (Capt.), Lowrey, Jewell. Back Row: Mr. McCarty (Coach), Sherman, Schnering, Witherell, Payson, Newman, Jones. Absent: Manager A. Johnson. VARSITY BASEBALL As the Mirror is going to press, the varsity baseball team has a season record of six wins and seven losses, or almost a five hundred average, with five games left to play. The remaining games are against Northwestern Prep, L.F.A., Milwaukee Country Day, Milwaukee Lutheran, and Luther North. Of these, the team expects to win at least three or more and end up with a winning season. This year ' s team is comprised mostly 7 of relatively inexperienced players since six of last year ' s first nine graduated. However, both hitting and fielding are as good or better than that of last year ' s team. At the time of this writing, Frank Lunding, Derek Payson, and Charlie Newman are hitting over three hundred and Bob Schnering and Dick Ridenour are well up in the two hun- dreds. Thus, North Shore ' s young team, facing the longest season in North Shore baseball history, has done quite well for it ' s self. NORTH SHORE 11 NORTH PARK 1 NORTH SHORE RAC. LUTH. 5 NORTH SHORE 1 ST. GEORGE 6 NORTH SHORE 6 N. W. PREP 12 NORTH SHORE 4 L.F.A. 5 NORTH SHORE 5 LUTH. N. 3 NORTH SHORE MIL. C. D. 2 NORTH SHORE 12 GLENWOOD 1 NORTH SHORE 7 GLENWOOD 1 NORTH SHORE ST. GEORGE 10 NORTH SHORE 6 MIL. LUTH. 1 NORTH SHORE 4 LATIN 3 NORTH SHORE RAG. LUTH. 12 70 71 Front Row, L. to R.: C. Blunt, Jill Atwood, Greenough, Biggert. Second Row: Daylon, McEwen, Anderson, Judy Alwood, (Mgr.) Boal, (Capl.) M. Pirie, V. Speakman, Stirling. Third Row: Miss Pick, Bishop, D. Simmons, McMillan, Patrick, Suter, Coley, Glasser, Hauser. GIRLS ' BASKETBALL The girl ' s basketball team had a very successful season this year, and there seemed to be a lot of team spirit. Although each team lost one game during the regular season play, we were in there fighting all the time. This vear for the first time the girls entered the basketball tournament at Wayland. We went up on a Friday night and slept in their basement, of course, with a good sleep along with the hot water pipes and the patter of little feet, we were all ready to go the next day. We got in at seven- thirty, had breakfast at eight, and the first team played its first game at nine-forty-five. The game was very close but in the end we lost by seven points. Then the second team played, and they also lost by a few points. The first team played again and was ahead by a good twenty points when suddenly something happened. Downer caught up to us in the last quarter and we just squeezed by with a two-point victory. The second team ' s last game was lost by a very close margin. The potential of the team was shown by their continuous fighting spirit after their first defeat. At the end of the season the whole team gets together for the last time at a banquet where letters are awarded and, later it was announced that Kitty Biggert will be next year ' s captain and Norma Bishop will be next year ' s manager. Best of luck, Kitty and Norma! ! First Team. GIRLS - BASKETBALL North Shore 39 Kemper 16 North Shore 42 North Shore 24 North Shore 48 North Shore 30 North Shore 53 North Shore 50 Faulkner 7 M.U.S 26 Ferry Hall 18 Downer 30 Roycemore 27 Latin 25 Second Team North Shore 38 North Shore 33 North Shore 20 North Shore 44 North Shore 33 North Shore 47 North Shore 28 Kemper 3 Faulkner 12 M.U.S 11 Ferry Hall 19 Downer 34 Roycemore 18 Latin 22 TOURNAMENT First Team Second Team North Shore 33 M.U.S 41 North Shore 23 Wayland 26 North Shore 43 Downer 41 North Shore 25 M.U.S 34 72 TENNIS Left to Right: George Aid, Ward Woodhead, Bart Berndlson, Frank Bacon, and Barky Johnson. Absent: Jack Hardv, and Bill Slearns. Left to Right: Bill Walling, Dick Humphrey, Paid Loomis, Glen Smith, Bill Goggin, and Andy Johnson. Absent: Dick Biddle. GOLF 73 Front Row, L. to R.: Wineman, Humphrey. Walworth, Loomis, Bach (Capt.), Schnering, Everett, Rogers, F. Lunding. Second Row: Mr. Hanford, Aid, C. Hulchins, Biddle, J. Groves, B. Johnson, S. Berndtson, Mr. Howe. Third Row: R. Johnson, Woodhead, Taylor, Huebner, Walling. FROSH-SOPH FOOTBALL The Frosh-Soph football season was not what most people would call good since only two out of six games were won. However, there are a few things that brighten the picture. The first is that three of our losses were at the hands of the same team, Lake Forest Academy, and we showed improvement in our last game with them. Also, the other team that defeated us, Wheaton Academy, won on the last plav 7-6. SCORES Lake Forest Academy 14 North Park Academy Lake Forest Academy 14 Lake Forest Academy 14 Lulher North North Shore North Shore 18 North Shore North Shore 7 North Shore 12 74 FROSH-SOPH BASKETBALL Front Row, L. to R.: Bill Walling, Gale Bach, Iluebner, S. Berndtson. Center Row: Hutchins, Walworth, Rogers, Schnering, Humphrey, and Everett. Back Row: Ray (Mgr.), Lunding, Jim Groves, Biddle, Woodhead, and Coach McCartv. Front Row, L. to R.: Koff, Bach, Johnson, F. Lunding, C. Hutchins, Huebner, and S. Berndlson. Back Row: A. Taylor, Rogers, T. Everett, Walworth, J. Groves, Wineman, and Mr. Ostrom, (Coach.) FROSH-SOPH BASEBALL 75 MIDDLE SCHOOL FOOTBALL Front Row, L. to R.: Mortimer, Nutting, Harris, Flanagan, T. Griswold, Cain, Miles, Madlener, Jim Atwood. Sec- ond Roiv: Mr. Hanford, Morgan, Lang, Price, Dose, Miller, Graham, Holland, H. Hutchins. Third Row: Mr. Eld- ridge, Bengston, Buck, Camp, Allen, Krug, Parshall, Beck, Onthank, Mr. Steel. Front Row, L. to R.: P. Taylor, Eckman, Wavering, Ruggles, S. Seymore, H. Rhodes, Sheasley, Benson, S. Palm, P. Oslrom, Neumann. Second Row: A.Gegner, Willy, B. Bach, T. Smith, Burnell, Carstens, Royer, D. Williams, C. Grant, S. Brew, Guenzel, R. Russ, M. Allen, Dixon, G. Lowerv, Kimball. MIDDLE SCHOOL HOCKEY 76 WHAT IS THIS PLEASE? 77 Leicester Hall Front Row, h. to R.: Goggin, Bacon, Mrs. Marsh, Ann Marsh. Mrs. Moore, Aid. Second Row: Mr. Reidy, T. Everett. Jones, Koff, Mr. Marsh. LEICESTER OFF-GUARD 79 THE CLOTHES LINE, INC. 650 N. Western Ave. LAKE FOREST, ILL. Shirts - Flannel - Plaid - Tweed Sweaters - Belts Jewelry - Bags Casual Date Dresses COMPLIMENTS OF The First National Bank of Winnetka 739 Elm Street Bob ' s Nervous Service The Class of ' 54 has Elected HERFF-JONES (World ' s Largest Manufacturers of Class Rings) As Their Official Jewelers Renneckar ' s, Inc. " Your Drug Store " 1 826 Glenview Ave. Glenview, III. Phone Gl. 4-0800 Carl C. Renneckar, R.Ph.G. Jewel Food Stores EDITH K. 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Elm Chestnut Wi 6-0630 Block Kuhl Company A Complete Department Store Featuring Student Apparel for All Age Groups BOWES CO., INC. Insurance 135 S. La Salle Street CHICAGO 3, ILLINOIS Ravinia Auto Service Roger Williams Burton HI 2-1066 C dwufd 3 Cosmetics— Hair sty ling 1719Glenview Rd. Phone: Gl 4-5066 89 FELL SHOES Established 1921 For Men, Women and Children Hosiery and Bags 633 Central Ave. Hi 2-0456 932 Linden Ave. Wi 6-2330 The Florsheim Shoe Company Kjood dLuck to tm Ljraduatina K luSS 90 Compliments of MONTGOMERY MOTOR SALES CO. 2300 W. Madison St., Chicago MOnroe 6-5900 AUTHORIZED OLDSMOBILE DEALER SALES, SERVICE, AND PARTS GLENVIEW MOBILE SERVICE STATION 1016 Waukegan Road We Have Everything Your Car Needs: Tires, Batteries, Washing Free Pickup and Delivery EMILY JACOBI Intimate Apparel 578 Lincoln Ave. Winnetka, III. Telephone Wi 6-4756 91 The Surprise Shop VOLTZ Grocery and Market, Inc. Quality and Service Since 1900 814 Elm Street Winnetkc Phone Winnetka 6-3933 The advertising staff are the people who make this book possible. We would like to thank them for their help, time and cooperation. They are: Lynne Cooper Joby Kunkler Flo Friestedt Lisa McEwen Dee Simmons Mary Hauser Muffy Sweeney 93 Congratulations to The Class of ' 54 THE CHESTNUT COURT BOOK SHOP Inc. 815 Elm Street Winnetka, Illinois 94 Salerno Butter Cookies are scrumptious! So good I could eat a whole box at a time! Salem BUTTER COOKIES Baked by Salerno-Megowen Biscuit Co., Chicago, U.S. A. RUNNFELDT and BELMONT 812 Oak Street Winnetka 95 Compliments of Rasmussen Shoes 810 Elm St. Winnetka, III. ROSIN -STARR A I- — 96 As time passes . . . . . vou will cherish more and more, the memories of these past few years. ] ew places, new events, new friends will come and go — but those of today will for- ever hold a special place in your heart. Congratulations and best wishes for continued happiness and accom- plishment. LOWREY os w WINNETKA COAL LUMBER CO. WINNETKA TRUST SAVINGS BANK ROBERTA Village Fair 829 Elm St. AVinnetka 97 G Country House WE TAKE PRIDE IN OUR SALAD DRESSINGS Henry Keats at the Organ Private Dining Room Available Sunday Dinner Served at Noon PORTER ' S ELECTRIC 813 Elm St. Winnetka Take Gas! GOOD LUCK THE CLASS OF ' 55 98 The Onwentsia Stables Under Ownership of Ed Hilliard Specializing in Complete Courses for Children Transportation for Groups Telephone — Lk. Forest 440 GOOD LUCK TO THE CLASS OF ' 54 Flattery Will Get You Nowhere! DEBBY AND GINGY The Barbara Oil Company 99 Good Luck to The Class of ' 54 rwazel d5axL axier Nat and Ellen have absolutely nothing to say, but upon finding the Mirror in a financial predicament decided to buy an ad. This is the forementioned ad. BYE NOW! Good Luck Seniors! 100 Charles A. Mortimer Warehouse Co. Southwest Storage Co 101 Compliments of Atwood Recreation Compliments of A FRIEND Open All Summer (Always Be Cool) 102 AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS

Suggestions in the North Shore Country Day School - Mirror Yearbook (Winnetka, IL) collection:

North Shore Country Day School - Mirror Yearbook (Winnetka, IL) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


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North Shore Country Day School - Mirror Yearbook (Winnetka, IL) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


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