North Sevier High School - Northern Light Yearbook (Salina, UT)

 - Class of 1953

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North Sevier High School - Northern Light Yearbook (Salina, UT) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Cover

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KY. WF' ' ""f"""'71-'Y' 'ff' "f"'E':4'fTW' ?3""'7F'7'F?- 1 . .p V .,... 1 I 1 5 1 , , QQ ' , . I, , . . H , q. . V li' .Mr .. A ,, . , V-rn, T, . . X by , f" . . TAL . E . 'f V .,, . M I . , T: V . . . :Dk R, K v 'V 4 'iailf' -2' -'Tia-"fi xg rt!! Ju.. N L -f-J-15, . ' ' . .Tw - I .V,, N 2 Q 'EIN , ,. -, . 'V ,Ja " . .Iii 1' gf? f. .' ,wf-. Li-I 1 . A f ' x fxfiiail LN' ' 'Q JJ-j, ,f -RZ V' . . , 4.2 ,I , 5' i fig, Si! .r ff' ,,, fg- :L-2'1:,,', ., F , , ima ,W wi .54 'i Sr... ,!..,., 1 lf. 1 n NORTHERN LIGHT SECTIONS ADMINISTRATION CLASSES DEPARTMENTS SCHOOL LIFE f ff K ff 1 IC' I I . 1 1 I . A" 1 " pf Q11 1 'Q :fl ' Y -1, 1 1 i 1 'J 1 , "r. 1 51 1 1 , , ' 1 VG H . 1 TT' ? M ,Z ,, Th s Ed 1 o of 1he IX, ffi NORTHERN LIGHT -.ii ! Is ded cated to the me and Wx ome of The fut e he I li 17 ff 1 Ll frm? 1 + 2" H! tml :I 1 11 ' ' 711 1 1'm1 X f 1Q 11g1 11 1 1 Ere' Q1 ' ' smqlwr : jf iL111 , K1 1 W11' 1 ' 1. 1 1 3 'T f 111 7 Q N1 sk if Vu Ph 1 1 fs 1 1! 1 J1 1! 15 rw 1111 11 11 1 WMI 1IlI K q 1 W th I 'Y 1 11 1 1 1 1 ' V 1 f h K .f A K 3 N-1 gf F.- 1 11 11 ' " Va: flfi ,iid T M: F1 U stude Ts of No th Sev'er H'gh School fi 7 5 Z Qi fam: 41g f -74' i -' 5219 42" .-an ,-- ' - K5 A A? f '4 -B-if-' I --17' A f , N Q' f' V+ y ? X ' c' X-....f?""'? 'L' -1 ,R f fhk X - j ff K 4 A L, i X-f ., K- ,fx f - ai - 1"',L4'a'-' K -.1-, , ' - ? A - ' ,4f- -,Lg I L- I 'Q . . , -'g l fs, vt, f If II I I I l , III II' Ir r I I f , V I . X Y Y I , if I I I III 1734 fs , J X' ' W fifilifx z 1 I1 IJ -11, W ,-.Sf ' 2111 flgftggi- ,z fafgi fq ff A f Q' . :' ..fa ,,.,g?--:'1.ffff 2-4'fff y- I 2-9--ai,-Y' .vit -.. f--' " - " " '74, ,.-f- 'Lif 'I' - "-. '-4--' -qfil ' - , 1- 5 - ' Y. -71 ,-1 I ""' -' Lf:-' - L34-gf f f-L- 1-g':-Zib:f'f"'1,4 Q-f , 1 I I - - - 1 A.,Q2LI.i3:jg7?"5,f,' if Al-5: H . . ' ' H:-':'::E..3-fir'--'Y--., fi f 712-T S,'L"'-iii. -5 -' ' ffgf L- -T? Ig 'Q A -Q Qs- I iifig-'2a.i X:-"" f :Q 1'- , 1, f ' ' -L ' is -3 fi,-' 1:3 'Y--' -f-4- 1 -- I BV -- -:vu -- f--591.32-:i,-Sigg--S xfkb i- Sh - -, , t NMA g, Q r . -,xx -Zi t AIJIIIIIIIISIRATION lk...- cyj Kermit Anderson English 'lrvzf X Staples , Dent Sorenson fl.,-'-"' Kaye Palmer Science Coach Wells McAllister Music N f, X f -Q ff l' 405 cf. A., Y: ,. Leo Mower lnduslrial Arts Briant Jr. High Social bs... -sung? Merna Johnson Commercial -4- Verla Jensen Office Clerk I Smith -P 'Q Qs, Sammy Newton Science 4.-,, - '29 f Hugh Bird Physical Education X 5 Xxx XX.-X X X XX S ff? Zelma Burr Mathematics Lyal Ashman Librarian Frances. Qhrisfensen Home Economicsbxk -5.. 'lcv La Von Christensen Sr. High Social Science Q audia Paper Kay Hales Treasurer Jo ense JoAnn Spencer Music Mgr. SW 1.4 Terry Ashman Soph. President Tb' Caren Morley lice President Kay Crane Secretary 'i K, X .' 3' X David Johnson Sr. District Council Rep. 7' Frank Prows Mgr. Mgr Carroll Williams Burke Johnson Hlslorlan Jr. Disfricf Cmmril Ren, X Delis Christensen Yearbook Ed. X Peggy Mueller Girls League Pres. .X Bradley Johnson Boys League Pres Douglas Johnson President STUDENT CONGRESS In ACTION Q'-w H DQ!! MR f f X .1 X .I 1, I, Ming, x N ' 'ffsjfax S I' , " fiffzigmf' Y ff If I7 xlzlzllfyi X ' J if-"MDI K V , 1:f:,,gq:4,U, f X T aaiiivg . ,Cyl lv. V X , 2 ,,4,,,,. , X ,f - MQ f ff ,Myw X f f VQQX fffj 7 .K-My f W '5"l"'x 0 ZX x.. X- W M y WX Y ZZ Nfl? X, Q A A WL SSSS , .D CJ? A ZWWWW Wilma W' WMM? ti, 0 , 11' .' K X 5 yang AMS' v , xQi'fA1:i' 75X r. ,,f N ,. . Q U.. .1 Xxvx... AF' NN W f 1? NNRXNNK gi V if easel EXPLORING NEW WORLDS CLASSES 9 President Vice President Secretary Gerald Briggs Delis Christensen Dancer or Pharmacist Would like to become which will it be? a scientist and marry a genius. Ronald Shaw David Day Future Farmer of Aurora. Dan Curtis Plans to go on living. Colleen Curtis Plans to marry as soon as possible. Kay Hales De V678 Stewart Going into business Hiking to Logan with Norman L. in the fall. l -10- Draftsmang fhave him plan your home.J CLASS OFFICERS Norman Larsen - ls going to be a friendly undertaker. Rae Dawn Rasmussen - Plans on captivating the B.Y.U. Carol Sorenson 4 Which will it be? Beauty School, College, or the guy in Korea. -ef! SENIDRS Neldo Torgensen Raising crops. Bernell Mason Fascinaie the B.Y.U. then marry a million- airess. Karen Morley Plans to go on doing what she's already doing - fmarriedi. Kay Jensen Radio Technician. Floyd Christensen TiIlin'1he soil. William Humphrey Study Civil Engineering at The Univ. of Utah. Kay Crane To become educafed at the B,Y.U. Nurses training school. Vernon Cloward Interested only in women, Roberta Jorgensen Plans to live a life of dramafics. Lynn Mickelsen Edgar Hoover's hawk- shaw. CF.B.I. Agentl SENIORS Ferrell Lazenby College at U.S.A.C. then, who knows?? Norma Crane Going to the city to work. Richard Crane Farmer of a few thousand acres. Vivian Ditlevson Going to the city To work. Dale Peterson Trade school and study carpentry. George Murphy Join Uncle Sam's academy. Kay Colby Employee of Uncle Sam's Navy, Janet Liston Join The Women of the Air Force. William Crane Attend college at the U.S,A.C. Kendall Shaw Future Farmer of Aurora. .Li SENIORS David Johnson Mechanical engineer. Frank Prows Pilot for commercial air lines or Uncle Sam. Peggy Mueller Beautifying the already beautiful. Jerold Johnson Plans to use his vitality in college. Preston Jensen College if Uncle Sam doesn't get him first. -13- Douglas Johnson Mechanical engineer. Carroll Williams Practice being a practical nurse. Bradley Johnson Hopes to marry Gayle and take up ranching. Gayle Jackson Hopes to marry Bradley and take up nursing. Erin Seely Join Uncle 5am's academy. Dolan Torgenson Joan Hatch Become a Undecided' commercial artist L J Howard Curtis egy telllsen Salesman with g ermary poetic ideas. science. Camera shy: Lynn Jensen - Auto- motive mechanic. AUTGGRAPHS -- SENIOR WILLS -- Gerald Briggs Wills his dancing shoes to David Noyes. Delis Christensen Wills her undescribable laugh to Ellen Burgess. Norman Larsen Wills his little trips to Axtell to Dennis Jensen. Carol Sorenson Wills her height to Gayle Kiesel Rae Dawn Rasmussen Wills her vivaciousness to Patricia Robins. Ronald Shaw Wills his Ag. jacket to anyone who wears the same size. Kay Hales Wills his Drum Maior baton to anyone that is tall enough for the entire band to see. Dan Curtis Wills the females of Richfield to Leon Draper. Colleen Curtis Wills Don to anyone who dares compete. De Vere Stewart Wills his wavy hair to Stephen Sorenson. William Humphrey Wills his sleek car to anyone who can start it. Bernell Mason Wills his favorite basketball fthe one with no air in itl to Melvin Wilkes. Karen Morley Wills her chewing gum and earrings to Jackie Miller. Kay Jensen Wills his cooperation to anyone who is willing to cooperate. Floyd Christensen Wills his drawings on his American Problems iournal to next years art class. Vernon Cloward Wills the pole-vault to anyone who can make it over. Roberta Jorgensen Wills her dramatic gestures to Claudia Christensen. Kay Crane Wills her tiny waist line to Carolyn Sorenson. Lynn Micklesen Wills his willingness to work to a willing worker. Ferrell Lazenby Wills the basketball cleanser to next years Ath- letic Manager. Norma Crane Wills her neat, well groomed appearance to Gwen Sorenson. Richard Crane Wills the horn on his car to Rae Noyes. Vivian Ditlevsen Wills her genuine blond hair to the peroxide advertisements. Dale Peterson Wills his nick name "Toolie" to Harold Johanson "Hattie" George Murphy Wills his almost red hair to Bill Peterson. Kay Colby Wills his pair of loaded dice to Jimmy Martin. William Crane Wills his ialopy to the iunk yard. Kendall Shaw Wills his and Joyce's necking place to Terry and Carol Mae. David Johnson Wills his drum to "Dutch" - Alvie Lau. Douglas Johnson Wills his bass horn to the case. Frank Prows Wills his favorite parking place - right in the middle of the road - to Ronald Crane. Peggy Mueller Wills her magnetic personality to "the birds." Jerold Johnson Wills his prize beef to the butcher. lat 51.00 per lb.J JUNIORS CLASS OFFICERS Gayle Keisei Rae Noyes Lorraine Davidson President Vice President Secretary 4 rw, ffl YS? 5- i .JL KEY Jensen Jerold Sheilds Jackie Miller Sid Curtis Ann Haskins Esther Horne Alvie Lau Lorretta Davidson Gary Sorenson Jo Ann Spencer i i :- x . I Gay Martin Leon Mason Mary Lou Mortensen Max Lambertsen Mary Louise Curtis ...1 6.. 0 'K fi 5 ik,- , if ,ff" Urffff- X ff ,1'5! - "'3f4Qj - sr ' in f ' za 2' . ' 1 1 'lf' ur' ""l'IN ' ' Kaye Nielsen De Loy Schaugaard Leta Simper Dennis Jensen Carolyn Sorensen l ,fi 'si Kenneth Gurney Renae Murdock Albert Taylor Dawn Nelson Hal Torgensen 1 1' K' 'vi V7 ,4 . I . Mary Lu Mortensen Leon Draper Shanna Lou Poulson Ross Harward Jo Ann Poulson 6 J La Moine Curtis Anita Harward Melvin Wilkes Robert Huntsman X I A . sr. J '-aff gli?-SB JI Q4 o A' PK 'Il Dorihy Begay Dale Allred Terril Larsen Ronald Curtis -f-g QS'-K 3, T 3 + , ic.. N. - X .Xx'!-A.- ' X X i .X Phyllis Newton Edla Ann Humphrey Jackie Lane Woolsey gs X -XX X X N j Nl . . , . -r-rx --X V- L X Q ' .N - .xg N-- Q- KKK -.'.jXix xx.A ., 'rr AN .X Z ,-Lk kk lx- N X--,X.k . xxx t x h-.lsxv . vs ' .X - ,ix - xl -Q' XXX X 1 XR --Q XX i i. ,V rf' . X51 K x . V R+ X 'V .0 ..l ' -N x i - A X N -. l, . -N 'z -3 -X -- , - '55, x. . ,ff ., '-X, ' f jf? .f ,,.- er' -f,,i 'F f-Sw nigngieyrittlx -X xx X I X"-M Q 'x x ',' 1 ' L - I- 1. 9 Hg. Tl'-1l Q , 1 7 7f?f5s.g- X X l-gin:-A -1 -- ,QL X L .,....- ff g ---MA, A -.X -v A- in . . -, 5 K A X X :X 5 T I' -,r" ii., Z. " .T ' Rx NR X X l .-Q' ' -, f lil' WQJQ l ggs s- Q 1 l' L X sf.'qf-N 62-if - W 1- 'X ' Q , N ' - 'R . 'X Q W , RX- 5, X-NQBN-XQ X xlirs-gf X X xx f lxxjxt . 1- in 4. 1 , X . xx X . ' K , AX NY Y X X ii J Yi QA: S' ff?" f , - fa 'T' . 'J ,- , . 5- f,'J" + ' I- " . A- 4? WAMV - 94' K ' v ' - -:ggi-An? f: M-l.-4'g us--" -V f 'T i iff: fx ' ' L ??4 f ' -I :E Q 5 - 1---T15 :H A -- ...Q- N:,, : e,-jf--Q i H- --if 1 67,2 -f-Q. A ,I -1-fg""fT--i,.: lf 'kv -3 -- T- 1 Q, -,. -: , u .- E, -, 1-5,--x,.,QX4 Y - 4 rr Q4 ii. C - ' ,- 'l ' - .di T ,- A ! --" 4 r-V- ffl "Aki . -ij 2' '.Zl"'-'-"-gi T:-.F 'lf L: - NX uv? is-x ir- AZ, "if" QS 4 ' if f " S rnfgfw- 1. . NIR- N ' -iii? ."-g'!'7l'! -Y f V l Q - ' " -lf K ' 2-A . -id xetg Yi, ww, - j A , .,Q -:SE Q-7-f:Lgj1'3!-.tigl r A f, .- A --XX 4. -- ' 'lr' Cliff Z5 am. , , A x?e W ' VY 4:45 -Y , 4 91, , 'gy ff 2 x 'si '5 '53 - -. .. -- . 1 R ,.,P- , f --'- if Y H A N'iQ2- , f "J ff? ' X YS- Xiig? if 'iff ' f 'Ti' X- S0 Terry Ashma President PHOMCRES n Gwen Sorenson Margene Peterson Vice President Secretary CLASS OFFICERS "5" 44' Joy Draper Myron Johnson Joyce Crowther Kimball Harward LaVona Mickelsen 'J' Cloma Woolsey Gary Taylor Claudia Christensen Burke Johnson Anna Lou Liddiard Ja S 11 ' 4, Gail Gates Jimmy Martin Arva Torgensen James Larsen Maxine Nelson 0 SOPHGMORES C? Mm 1' ,."'.., 'Q' ' Marva Torgensen LaPreal Christensen Shanna Rae Anderson Robert Crosier Peggy Mason fi 2 Q 'J' Ellen Kay Jensen Briant Christensen Wanda Anderson Terrel Huntsman Joline Shiner Qt Il- - 1 vs- -J ...Q 1'-1 +4 lf, Carol Peterson Dwaine Burr Berva Holdaway Howard Sorensen Ann Jensen f V 1 J 1:1 if Shirlene Palmer Gerry Ashman Susan Willardsen Ray Christensen Carol Mae Crane SOPHOMORES xml K i X I ffl? l Ellis Nl, 0 K -A-, I 0 .. ' Ssa- Terre Mae Veater Kim Hamlin Eugene Anderson Leila Hampton Steven Sorensen ill- Marva Curtis Charles Fordham Marlene Murphy Ellis Jensen Mavis Barger -:Sf lf' -JO X-1:7 40- xd Arlene Erickson Robert Black Joy Peterson Jerold Taylor Marilyn Christensen Evelyn Rasmussen Theron Shaw Afton Miller Ferrel Huntsman Tonyia Bastian -21- -f SOPHOMORES r 'KM Brooks Curtis JoAnn Jolley Cleemonf Peterson Mary Lee Anderson Ronnie Griffiths AZ MQ W Z wx S152 X MQNW? 6' S9 Z E mnnfvh- fnsf'V Q oigfsffxex X!! 7 X 'WN Z X f Wa 6 ifwfwrfm rw 2 e of 'f ri' i53145ff'i?i2i2"S2? ig ee-gg -Q e Q 4 ,TK - fe, f,,x E e v e e - XX ..,-.,W,.s ff -qi -fs Ae f xx x evi- X V. X X gf X fkx x I f ZX if-1 Q- :if Tie fe -fszi es V K X gr :W 53 'Za I f ' s, -3 - Tgfja r, V K X S if ' XX N 'I 5' fy xxx W! X X1 'ef giggle. W Xe X 6 I' hx :le J V f "H Ns X ef +A' f f ff X X r K X 721 Ziyi s ,X A , I Q M-L,,,,:f' ,Z fig! I f Q X I- i 'gf ff? fx! ff f f , fe ff- f XX , X fyijjf wi X ig I y ,.p-:"7 n - J R Z 2f -, Y f, "Z X K f 7 - - CLASS OFFICERS OF 9'l FRESHMEN ll M f . 'ff Phyllis Rasmussen Bruce Beach Sonia Poulson President Vice President Secretary is are a- L f F I A A-I, .fig X fix XX xx . f'- l' MXL Mescal Anderson Douglas Harward Kay Jensen Dewey lvie Emma Lou Bagley 4' sv- 4-as f"'7 .As , Lynn Gates Louise Lorentzen Keith Long Deanna Morley Courtney Eweles Louise Christensen Douglas Herbert Nora Fay Curtis Jimmy Crane Kay Mickelsen -23- CLASS OFFICERS OF 9'2 Q FRESHMEN Koz Hallows Norman Alverson lone Williams as ,., Q4 S S S L 8 Que Curtis Gaylia Sorensen Max Jacobson Shirlene Murdock Myron Bird "' :S gi l f 'J . I . X i l Darla Bird Nard Sorensen Kaye Johnson Shelton Kennedy Patricia Robins I iq I ww-5' J , I F X Coy Curtis Carma Lane Warren Nielsen Sandra Jolley Dan Nielsen -24- f grim ' Q ix ff g. I'0, , I flax.. fi .471 , . ifllg-2:5 IIIJ55 1 'li' YK.. x 1 GT Arlene Stevens Jay Draper Grace Nielsen Donald Jean Shaw Connie Wilson l x C 1 ' " N C l ah LaRae Averetf Karen Cooper Kay Mickelsen Veon Nielsen Onda Vee Curtis l S l rx 'N J 'N Juanita Jolley Blaine Spencer Larry Larsen Wayland Shaw LaDawn Okerlund Z , 2' ' . 7 , f X 1-A j 'ffi ,1- f f f .4 ff-ff , ,. - fe. A! f Z 1 ff , X f e ff , -f f ,f iff , U! -g S ' a fa nl' f 3 fjw af fee J f . ff , Y ,f 1 ,r , f ,-ff fv V A ,f f- :ff ff7, jA 'K X Z LM ' 6 A I 'V K fa" N, A l " C " Xi, 2 A X ll K, 4 "'52', gear" X Y' l . ' f f , 5 Lf 13' ' ' Z X7 ,ff f a Ii E K E lim J' 'I-ff! 'JJ X Z gif" ie. N ,MZ , J an Q -1 "lee viii 'ai' xx ,I ',,??. ' ' 7 ef CLASS OFFICERS OF 8'I EIGHTH Billie Lou Sorensen Dixie Ridd Gyann Sorensen President Vice President Secretary uv E' lcv l Melvin Briggs Andra Lin Daslrup Bruce Hase Marylin Nelson David Noyes T 3 ,l.J 'WFS' Cherye Lynn Curiis Gene Sleele Marie Sorensen Deon Hansen Nelma Jensen 1' ll! f-J Q Bill Peterson Ellen Burgess Glade Curtis Judy Peterson Billy Richards CLASS OFFICERS OF 8'2 Sheree Jensen Virginia Jensen President Secretary EIGHTH l 1' 15 Ray Mueller Kathleen Poulson Glen Kimball Deanna Liston Allan Burgess 'R K 3 A' .Sq ., ,xx Jean Peterson Garry Holdaway Betty Larsen Kendal Cloward Kay Sorensen 4' -C fftv' 'X ad' AXBF Q-qv A . Kelly Peterson Mairaim Fordham Kirk Jeffery Roma Veater Tom Simpers ,..f.:Q ,n 1- - x ff, -' 4. ,,, 4 v 1,901 V, ,"l- A ,y Ibvxs 7 - W' ljjvd EIGHTH -vi' .31 J Raylan Jensen Jerry Lou Neilson Brice Mickelson Vannene Andersen Dennis Woolsey 1' Bessie Jensen 4. 1 Janet Harward Gail Madsen LaReen Hails Verlynn Bastian VerrDon Durfee Ardella Erickson Rodney Rasmussen Maxine Albrecht Nathan Olsen Anna Rae Taylor Ralph Keele Beth Mickelson Sherdon Murphy Carolyn Stewart -28- 5 MUN ,- x ' ,WSW gwfxfl :..i,Af ,fn 41.7 1' .. f T -ff A Terry Thompson Bernell Taylor LaMar Curtis Vern Anderson Gary Poulson KL ff- ' f fi-X .. ED gf.-X,-, TT' hog Cl.'.X ff'P- f-- i D X - T C- F f X J ---P 'wil C -2 5 igxegz, -?D -X A , ij.. FQEJJ QQN- X --4 xrrxxb Z Ax Q--,. D NW -L f ' QZM7, T y'iye , f ,E ff , ff f f X X S X X f 44f'5T fffffxw Sf owX ee- - e 1 e e X N Q X XX i - 4- , A- Q S Q x , x f xx 1 XX NZ -:-5, HQ T , Z-rgi!-3-,-,."?-QE. X. ,QL ,jg Toi ff? km X 9 f iii? f "' f ' Q- e 'T '5 f f- ' f 4: T fAe, ' :ZX 'i ' e?f9T1! To X effilf e a ' e f -1 ' iff, - A f Y ff f 2- 4 of VKX rf' f ' f if A A ,ffP2srfMJXTX X g A f YX Q X 'X f ,, 'E ' A ' Xl ,lcaeiiggi Q., ,Inf Awww. QmmwnxwQ4fX.f',v,gEiSwq 2+-Ef ifyfx Qaawmfffglg Q, To T, : T 'r e T' fm.fWTTffT2TTTN TS lfkfarhfw N- '-lfg...1i H Y T K T 1, 'A' ',AN.y,:: . xg f ' Ax xg, - 4--N ' he , 1 1 x , E . , A T5 N . 'DWF nfl ' ' 'T 5 lil 'iff gr!" " iff X X gtk' 'Z X f e e1-- Mn, A CLASS OFFICERS OF 7'l Jeannet Palmer Richard Johnson Vonda Curtis SEVENTH -. . . I Q Leon Quarnberg '13 Beth Jensen Rodney Petersen Karen Sanders Allen Nielsen J' sl -.Q-nf Diane Larsen Newell Huntsman Dorothy Johnson McKay Johnson Nola Faye Mueller Jerald Jacobsen Judy Sorenen Stuart Johnson Janice Jensen Terry Robins -30- CLASS OFFICERS OF 7'2 SEVENTH I 1 Kenneth Wilks Norman Huntsman Rosalind Bumgardener Nina Kesler Teddy Robins LaVona Kimball Stephen Petersen Juanna Fae Curtis Clyde Williams Sondra Andersen David Sorensen Kathleen Gurney Norman Johnson Deanna Rasmussen Tommy Shepard Linda Grimstead Don Taylor June Thompson -31.. SEVENTH 1' Marvin Curtis Deanna Squires Bartley Christensen Geraldine Maxwell Neal Christensen 1' Genee Jorgensen Glen vi, 1' 1.3 l ,sg-rf J Bird Kathryn Mason Richard Nielsen Pat Crane 'f-X 11 l . sn- Q -r A, Joan Steele Arden Horn Dale Shaheen . LaMar Christensen Students whose pictures were not available: Juniors Freshmen Eighth Seventh Ronald Crane Dallon Dennison Patsy Martin James Ainsworth Harolcl Johansen Elo Jensen Weldon Payne Garn Nelson Wallace Peterson Wendall Rasmussen Glen Williams Ferrel Harding Dennis Grirnstead Theral Curtis Bartly Curtis Stanley Black Lee Ray Fairborne Kirk Herbert Allen Thorsen Sheralun Jensen Rea Mernrnott Katheryn Yergensen 1' 4 .. X if it -' V- R ,ff " ,X I W xf XX , , V lwq, fl' 6 2 f ' R ."4'i'fA'f' - ' fxx 1, mf! X X x -1r If rx X N f -Q '- K fy N' N 4- : ' f K Z, N X I' f lx! fly , Q X E Q7 X , s X MX Qxk ff :Hr jj S.- X Q4 xi- ., if Z" 1 Ns vfwf X Zixv 5 .' , jf Ze' 'LF xx E firm 7 A K Xu p 22 5 ' "f 5 E . p -fx' M c, X 1 , ' , C'f1'j ' 6,1 ' A ff jf! . ff K O, '24, f ,jf . wa, ,iff Q. if' -.. ' x iff- ul . J X , 0 1, v1 Ll 'A J' E X X V za J 1 ' f ,S E ni- - -12.11 f X- ' 1: 'Q IKGIL. :of X X Vx -li-' N ix 3 A , E XX xx v' . -E X N A , ' xx X X E1 x NX . X :NX ' K X . 'XX X xx ,xx X 'x 1 NXTR wcjx xx 5 . . E' X' N - .Q , -xiii NEW INVENTIONS DEPARTMENTS I i 1 3 I Home Economics Depaltment 'K , -M ., A 0' faq s , jiri ,QV Jnu , s 3' J Z' a F 'M , ka.: f3"'m 'gs ., A - . gg, v f , , -g ,AY '-Si' Wi-NQBEJ, ' , , 2,-I . 2337 , f"'-Qavqeb ' , Home Living Training at N. S. F a f Ju- 'lllll 1 ,4' B Advanced Sewing Class gg. . L dh ix - 4 Learning Cooking Arts Agricultural Department Farm Study with Mr. Peterson Sx Officers of The F. F. A. Successful Farmers of Tomorrow, F. F. A English Department Better English is Their Goal Mrs. Palmer's Oral Expression Class Y Literature as You Like It Social Science Department AX ew Hisfory in the 81h Grade 7 - Trauma CFDFFIIT alLm13gg'g9B.rgn FM 2, GH' 5. American History Taught by George Staples i sch: .vis .. ii 'iw Sfudenf Congress? ? ? ? Science Department CI ll an Biology - Osmosis?? 'X , Lx EH Chemistry in Action Mr. Peterson's Eugenics Class Commercial Department , . , f Q S at! 'L e f Q' E ,Q x A .nb Mixed Type CI BSS Book keeping Can Be Fun. TE I 39 Mafh Wizards of Gther Departments an-qv hf'X Jr, Carpenters at Work Boys Physrcal Educahon L x - ,Il ' ' A' ' 4 Phofog" Class MUSIC DEPARTMENT Girls Double Trio JoAnn Spencer Accompanisf DTJTTI I-lllflifrgr Sophomore Trio T w 1 4 f 'X X W X X X L 'M' -but wmall 'aa' ' W i ,e , - sv: kno 'fm ' I' Uwe 11 0- DC n- 1 di aww. 4 . V, ill- , y f k n 7: 1 W A'- X031- umm Q1 . Cliff' Wilt uv ,, , .gy iii! s an-4 'i ,Q as use ,war W f my Q-ww! HQ ilu!! twmscmym lil al 1 QQQHD W"-I' LAC!! un-Q! ww " l out-swan iw' 1' may a ,mfhflf muiuvavuaql Tun Pi 'Fl wi ,Q--1-4 ajax! 8 ... .., agp mv.. an as up H Mwii'-9"' 1 DA. hm.: .fn J ' ,,- .... ...,. ,,,. 11 an '- WWW 2 W -una man Bl ,,,,',, iv Q 1 li!-B SENIOR BAND 'ww MSQQINAM in gy M- W ' f 451 KJ' 'r gf 1 W 5 i 1352595 1 Nw- i 'ww- W lit 42113-w agp, sg, ,,,. 'Qimfwn U 1:15 yuh. -, "Yi, iillffilbm -MQ" SNIS1 lk? than if r- ua ln: fa-4 H 1 me . Q , tw, 1 HN Q 311 libs: all 'Or-Q3 , ...ML -4 Sri IJ!! ' 94130 M38 wiv ax. .V ll. fl viii -1 x -b .-A .ff ,U umm 'wma 1: . 111 ,.1- f lar M.. sw.-v ,Q I -Q il Junior High Band Junior High Chorus 41, Rl li: ,J -SS ..' ji 'wi 'rwnuw-wY"' ' i-L+., 'i ig r '1i5'?si,i.-45 Q .- 2 J , N. S. H. S. Girls Chorus Senior High Chorus ju VW Clayton W. Sorenson As a member of N. S. H. S. faculty for 20 years, Mr. C. W. Sorenson headed the music department. He loved music, and instilled that love in the students whom he taught. The choruses, bands, vocal and instrumental groups he lead were oustanding. All students who learned music under his direction will enioy and appreciate it through the years. Mr. Sorenson acted as advisor to the Student Congress for several years. He also served in numerous civic and religious capacities. With his pleasing smile, he seemed to possess a special gift that created within students a desire to learn and to serve others. One of his favorite sayings was "The Greatest Mistake is Giving Up." He knew how to get things done. We the students of N. S. shall never forget his precepts or example. He has left a lasting impression on our lives. School 50:19 MTD rl J IJ-4 IIJSJJ Come an anolcAger',ckee.r',r,1xee"'for Nar'Hw .5ev3Cf Jfiw U1 J -E11-l I Thegchoolwelloqe, iris Curl 0.1444 ,wxa+er?- ULif, ' i , 5 if ,,1f :'Z !Q HT3ilf+rW1F' U 1 lJ 6351? ITF J 1 figs, 1 5 7' Comeozffauofcf1eev',cL1eerjcf14ev' for Neff 5-gvrer 'Jef E127 IV4flJIHJf'l Come awe oomeall avxof 1-mi! our alma MATCV 1 rw J VJ I Rah ! ware afffof 'you deaf oloxlfvolzv. SEL -I V J . V PNN! ri Dennis -A .r' . , ! . - 'h. Jensen Hal Torgenson Burke Johnson is-:js Dent Sorenson Coach I xx ex, r 3 J' f l X4 N s' Bernell Mason Captain I I , X S 'P L Leon Jensen Gary Sorenson Y r.'5' X 1 13 ,AJ r, Jerold Johnson DeVere Stewart Bradley Johnson f . Q I P Ax XX I J: lG',AQ' F' in J' l Ferrell Lazenby Athletics Manager Melvin Wilkes iv 'N nz f N .Y 4 X K K , l Rae Noyes Leon Mason -49- I 4 N ' - V mg, , :sv I N M W 3 1, ,A :f 1 L ri 2- , - A...-., -,r N 49. Q 011 i -Q .-pa, M .QA KK I l. 9' .M 1 VN .A-'Q Track Team Tennis Team rw, ' , , 1 , .. -v Hi I Q '5 in nf ' i xi, sk,- X-4 52- - fl-3 whiff N -X C -pf' . 425 if w We ,paws fs' T' 5 3rd Year Type Team Kay Crane Carroll Williams Mary Lue Mortensen Bookkeeping Team Carolyn Sorenson Wendell Rasmussen Mary Lue Mortensen Gay Martin Ist Year Type Team Glenn Williams Gwen Sorenson Shirlene Palmer Margene Peterson 2nd Year Type Team Carol Peterson Carolyn Sorenson Gay Martin Gerald Briggs A A , an L 1 x wi gr Q C 'fxrfxx ,,- Q.: . fi Wwsiliws , 'XA ' xr I b fl: -45 - V MM , ' :,, fl 1. L . I pw I ,, it f , M, za" f ':f:-"We, "L, P - ' , M 'gf . N, N Qgiwi ' ' f Vjffzggs' vb 'Nina 1 N W 1 , af-' -'R ' E gifiswi N wp-ug, ', 7,v'2'3"' V F E 7 'f Nix ' L N. - .425 -Q X X I ' ' x 4 4 'W x E mlm: HW . .- 96? ' 2-, N ,f , fkcg! Fr 4? X rf? X cs, SL W f ag I xi K U ' ga g if , ,awzm NEW TYPES or LIFE SCHOOL LIFE pun-Q Senior Hop Decorations Junior Prom L1 Senior Hop Committee Chairman: Gerald Briggs Dances and Junior Prom Committee Chairman: Phyllis Newton ,L-I 41, ef .f ommittees Sophomore Swing Committee Chairman: Carol Mae Crane At The Dance fi-,Y?-n-- Freshie Frolic Committee Chairman: Gaylia Sorenson .ix Advertising for the "Mardi Gras HMP A F! , u,3,' if ' ,fraij Q4 rB.v.5',j 3-fgjgj,,.-err, i -:gigs H 1- .141Zfa4'4Ei"i5:fff"ql?i1Ef e 't'?"o0Wl'f'fJ' V ,,Z,QQ,'f'4""W"QW'V 1414? Girl's Day Yearbook Staff ll C M M I Graduation Committee T E X N1 Aiigg -56- Class Loyalty Day Misfit Day Clean-up Day Fw Delis and Gerald Musical Committee Chairman: Gerald Briggs in "Jet" Parisian Escapades CAST Gerald Briggs Roberta Jorgensen Peggy Mueller Carroll Williams Joan Hatch Kay Crane Janet Liston Kay S. Jensen Norma Crane Vivian Ditlevsen Rae Dawn Rasmussen Carol Sorenson Lorraine Davidson Dawn Nielsen Shanna Lou Poulson Leon Jensen Keith Long Jackie Miller Claudia Christensen Colleen Curtis Dale Peterson Howard Curtis Gayle Jackson - Gayle Jackson Pierre Duval - Frank Prows Leslie Buat - Kay Nielson MSleu Luna Tic - Kim Hamlin Pavloma - Delis Christensen 11 Zing Went the Strings of my Heart" Roberta and Gerald in "SIaughter on Tenth Avenue wfi'.,I Y ,cfsmal . 3 .- . , . . 1 mmf, i . 'F sf 5 as as ? l-Y ri , is to 1 ll' li, K f fi - -Al gf . - 4 -5a- J. A 2 L L s 1 Mwsgaas 2-fm 6-R-Q i. -- .. X., Q. V.-. I- .:, Y, 7 'R Q ' 'A - -' I's"g'i2 fu .g:,i,g5-gk QV. Qi, 4, ,I ' 1 171 "7 ,wa i I Q 41:54,-, 1-fig? '-'ne Team Introduction at First League Game ... Web l I X, A Laz's Favorite Pastime aw,,, wgtirvyfx-1? ., ai t,wt..i. , .W ,a.':' p Round Consolation Robin Trophy l Up, Up, and Over Physical Education Carnival px I 'N 'll ' up f mx ,- Q 55? gg' 4, ., Svwxl K H I C W. 1.1, X. X Q Y F.F.A. Queen and Attendants r-,3,.'f' ui.,-mm 1 , o-. 4 til. S , 1 Bl: -Q K lr 4 , if ' A its ex Band Front Practice v I 1 Janitor's Hel per Janitor Guy Nielson Oratory Contest Winners Enthusiastic Teacher Food Preparation Experts Tvs' 3 . 1 I N J-' N, .- , Q Q 'R Wi . " T '3'?"kf""f n I iyzwsf ' if 1 1 1 : v- -f si' Campus Shots ' ZZ7 5W5?QODJEV1f3ufOV5 Qwfjfiwkm ,WM 39,1 'ZW yzigfxgfafd .Bank ofxgaflfrfz fwfffffiffww-f' Jflflwc fLM1,Q,L!,4ZM ri, Awww F TEDIS QW gdfgcw Lgffncff S sin ujadwwjfm 6L6Zg.f?f fMz f . fo ' I Xfff-,rrfll Mb l5v?'1'f g?QMezg,W ggggf f AW14zi EQWMQQ, eff? -64.. 4 ' ,', f Q V' -u al -I IV '- N ' , , , . ,, 5- .A N.. Q - Q ' Y ' . Q - , w ' it " ri" , v " 7f2' 3 5A" '-.-iJ1Jg,'- -.?41- w k t l- I N . .Aj . .. N u ,' , ,X , - ., , : "' , , . - . A , ' -+ 5' . ,, 1 , 1 - .- 1. .1 -5 , - ' 1 1 -.- 1-y," -Q 1, -I '- 1 -v I - -4 w - , ' ' Y 'M ' 51 A Y ' LM M Q j ' ZW, J - b ' -I - ' , 'I ' 1 "M,Ff':L.,, 6 X A :vw Y' W5 ' ' ,+ f ?MjZ2?ffMf? ff 'W w QM? My ff f0i1:gZ52+ Q W W Wil Q, W . J - A51 KWWL 70? ,K M M aff ZW WW M E .M 62,4613 Q MW 'f"Wm'50WWN r,,,,fW'W,izfe3f'52QZiZ WRQQQATWWWMW f s"?'W'977 'VWTYY -65- , xwjfwwgv 55532 F- 'QJSQVW W S3 Wgyfwww Q Q4 Yi? ff, rw 2 si X Kyra wp 35.4 mul W Ziff Q17 wb M b,P'f7w"' iiw 1 2253 539152 S22 Qi E73 isig-gig W 1I2S3Te7gRZwi114fEffi2f ' fu g WI, ' keg. ii 221533-2 WWE, fvffffl in Leg? 2 ,Riagg AUTOGRAPHS PQJZ ruff.-ff 11,1 1 ,.-1 a AUTOGRAPHS 52114 WW: ' 'il-L0ff"3:uMLJfL!f .fdff-ccaoa-9"A.Q7wf-fwf Q,a. 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