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THE PARAGUN Presenting life at NORTH ROYALTON HIGH SCHOOL during the school year Of 94 E IIEDICHTIIIN MR. HAROLD CONRAD In the dedication of the Paragon, we, the gradu- ating class of 1954, wish to give full consideration to Mr. Harold Conrad. Mr. Conrad has been, through our high school years, an advisor and a personal friend of the stu- dents of this graduating class. We found him always there when we needed him most, and so learned to rely on him when we needed a helping hand. His friendly smile and cheerful attitude has brought us an abundance of knowledgeg and we, with sincere thanks and heartfelt appreciation, are proud to dedicate the 1954 Paragon to Mr. Harold Conrad. APage2 i DEIIICHTIUN Along with the dedication of our book to Mr. Conrad, we, the graduating class, believe the dedica- tion should be shared by the four other advisors the class has had - Mrs. XYilliam Nelson, Mr. VVil- liam Nelson, Mr. Raymond Friedl, and Miss Nancy Ross. Mr. and Mrs. Nelson guided and prepared us for our later high school years. Mr. Friedl and Miss Ross shared the responsibility for the class at dif- ferent times. lt is only proper and fitting that we mention the names of these persons when speaking of dedication. Our appreciation lies in the following pages where we have tried to put our best foot forward and use the knowledge these advisors have given us through- out the years. Page 3 SNHPS 'HPI' RUXX' l,lil"'l': 'l'he Key Cluh, Kiwzmis-spmisorefl Lfluh uf Xurih Rnyzilluii. is Xl1mx'ii1g'ull'tl1e sweat shirts they were selling lllll'lllp2,'171l!'l uf the felnml year. 'HH' IU HX' Rllilll: The .liminr Class with zulvism' Mrs. Mefalferty, felling refre5hmemN ut :1 fuuthnll game. ClCN'l'lfR ROW' l.l2l"'l': The junior Claws Ilg'Ilill,0llly at ll luukellmll gznue, hut still Dk'l'liUl'Il1lllg' one of their mzmy money lllillilllg' nluties. L'liN'l'lfR RUXY Rlfillli Must he sm interesting lilm, fellas: two uf the projeetioii hoyf. IAJXYICR ROXX' I.lCIf'l': Ciwxvcl, Cixwxvcl: it's mum time in the eufeteriu: my, ex'ei'ym1e liwokx riifheml, l.UXX'lfR ROXY RIfiH'l': The .lmiior Class again? Thif time they are selling Cliristmzix vzmlsg my, hut they are 21 huwy class. Page 4 fran X ff a 2 , ff,, 7 f4'77Z7ff6e ffw' W, ,f f . ,717 . nf A J 3, V , N f 1 ygff ' ,ff 7 ,f ff f f V , fff wx, I ZL A fxf , 1-9fZWff, V' . f ji X ff yff 'cf A, 4144, V , , , ,, fa, ,, ,, 1. , f ,ff :fvLZ'f V Wg, C, ,.,,,, , ,, fm af, - ff-L . ,J ,QQ 4x5 ' K f if , z' , 4 If X , BOARD OF EDUCATION O X WZYQYIT Sli:XTliD: P. Averill, prcs,: N. Hutton, H. Ii 1 li I' t It QT NDINCV' VX' ,4 W, wf wWff52zfwWf QW' 'mx nr, .. xuo, sum. . A. ' I: . Dounct, clerk-trcus. XX Doodle: J. Hmm. 417 f' fp?f'6Cf 5 f ,,,,, , E " If, ff",ff,f ff : -:-. X fu ffm f e9wffggzaff1i w1. c 2 . esefe f if mime .,.'f.A z:z:zs:s:s:z:s: 212221i1:1:..... 5' f 1 i 2" ' .. 2 f W Z 12 ff Q "1' f f ff ff ff ' , , VX ln' , f , f f , Za Zz, 3 , X 1 If, ' fff' 'fy X 3? V ff f Qfff . ,f 7 f X f X f X g Z Q 7 i Z ,f X 6 X f X Z f FACULTY PRINCIPAL Nr. Xxvllliillll Nelson, principal of North Royalton High School, has a great responsibility on his shoulders-the responsibil- ity of the students of Royalton High. He is respected for his good judgment and keen inter- est in the students. Mr. Nelson is a graduate of Ohio Universi- ty where he majored in history. QWW SECRETARY Mrs. Clarice Monhart, the of- fice secretary, has a sparkling personality and always is cheer- ful toward any request the stu- dents make of her. Her capa- bly assumed responsibilities she has handled well at N.R.H.S. for the last six years. Mrs. Monhart was graduated from North Royalton High an d Dyke-Spencerian Business Col- SUPERINTENDENT Mr. lfrnest Root, the superin- tendent of North Royalton High School, is a great friend of the students. He not only has served his school well, but also his country. Returning af- ter his most recent eighteen months in the service, Mr. Root has assumed his duties at North Royalton High again this year. Mr. Root is a graduate of Hald- xvin-Vvallace College and of Ohio State University, where he received his Masters De- gree. lege. . ur l.. to R.: Clyde Hach, George Shoaff. Rohert Allen. CUSTODIANS liach year the schools have to be maintained: and each year the staff of custodians have done their job well. This year. as in the years past, they have made ready the school for each day and made ready the auditorium for the many school activities. To these custodians goes the fullest ap- preciation for keeping the school clean and cheerful. .guna-ulnnmmuw lt is tlirongh the wise eunneil :incl gniclzmce of every member of our fztenlty that the present grucliizttiiig' eluss can enter the world with confidence. liztch teacher, exeelling' in his own tielcl, gave to the stuclents consirlerrttion :intl nnclerstzinrling' throngli their nnlminserl opinions of ezteli lJI'lJlDl61llr'l1lllS cun- sirlerattiun :intl nnclerstztntling' will lung'remz1in in the mincls :incl hearts uf each memlmer of the grzicliizttiiig' class. Page7 FACULTY Dorothy Naples .' Ritek State Tezieliers Cwllege: l'liysic:1l lilllltllllltlll. lleziltli, Social Stmlies Arlene Wollin .-X.l3.-llowliiig Green State l'niversity: Connnercizil Patricia Grider ll.S.-Ohio llniver- sity: :Xrt Betty Feryn Morris .'X.B.-Motnit L'ninn College, XYestern Reserve University: linglisli, l,zitin, -lUlll'IlIlll5lll Francis McCafferty St. Klztrys of the Springs. Clevelzlncl College, l3.S.-Ohio l'nivei'sity: Htnne liemioinics Nancy Ross ,X.ll.-Xl nslcingnmi linglish ROW 1: Kenneth Wilkinson XX':illz1ee College. Kent State l'niver- sity: lfnglish, l'nlwlie Speaking. Science. Venedict Sycz l3.S.-lfenn Collegei xl2lillClllZlliCS, Physics. Chemistry Harold Conrad Y l3.S.-Howling Green l'niversity: lnflnstriztl .Xrts ROW 2: Robert Culver ll.S.M.-Bzilmlwina Xxiilllllfll College: Vocal and lnstrnmen- tal Music Robert Steuve l3.S.-Ohio Univer- sity, Kent State. XYestern Reserve: l'l1ysic:il lftlnezttiun. Science, Biology William Donnet AB.-Heiclcllmtirg College. Kent State University: ltlutlienizities Clair Bush A.B.-St. Francis College: History Stanley Parrish :X.l3.-Baltlwin- VK'ulluce College: l'hvsical Education, Driver Training C3725 'Zigi .Ev yr fri? C21 20 L M4 A9916 Qwgi? YQ My if Q? R NJYjfrb Q if ig? Sf' wg aka N5 WN ff K " +0 'WM' Xa?-'Q ,f'VVQ5?51l .1549 M :vb Lg, 44 Q73 W' ,W X3 JM UZQ5 jx WX K UWWjf1'29' Q, ww Q2 Q. gikvs O6 'QA ,E gy aff X MW X QA" X' QQ VW wm'3sS1V?? MW JWQW WW ' 7 fs' QWQM-QQ 211 6 f V-f CLASS OFFICERS RUXY 1. I.. to R.: L. Pcchko, sec.: M. Major trcas. ROXV 2: Miss Ross, j. Muller, pres. l' KI1LlillL1x x m Q 'Xlr Comdd advisor I HOWARD BOWMAN "Howie" l,1ll'ZlQlUll. zulvt. ingr. -lg Student Council 32 Lat- in Clulm, l, 2: Mixed Cliorus 1. 2, 31 Class Play 3: Proni Conunit- tw: 33 liznsclmll 241. 3. -llg lntrzunurzlls -l: lluskct- lmll l, 2, 3g Key Clulm, trczls. 3, -ll Scliolnrsliip xll'fl1ll. JAMES CERASI llJimU LAWRENCE BREYLEY ..Larry,, MATHEW CHEEK 'iMatt', Pnrzigon, Sports lad. -lg Student Council 2. 3. Prcs. -lg Key Clulm 3. v.- prcs. -lg Mixed Cliorus l, VERNON ALFLEN uBuddyn Paragon -lg Mixed Chor- us, 1.2.3,-lg Class Plav 3g 1 r Iiaselmall 3f'g Intrzunimral 3g Footlmall 1g1g.2fr,3,-lglfg Track lil, 241, 35 -l. ROBERT AYARS iGBob!, Paragon, lmusincss nlgr. -lg Studtgnt Council 2, -li Latin Club 1, pros. 2: Class Play 3: P. 'l'. A. Asst. -lg Hasclxall 31, -lik: Basketball Z, 3:3 -lik: Key Clulm, sec. 3, -lg Senior Play -lg Track lg Para- gon King -lg Sulutatori- an. SENIUBS MARILYN ARON niMartyvs Mixed Cliorus. l. 2. 5 . , . , -lg Class lluv l slim' ng Grail. Cslicr- 3. MARILYN BECKER G6Mel,, llllfiljlhil. uctivitivs cd. -lg G..-X..X. 1. 2. 3, -lg Lzllin Clulm 1.2: Xlixt'dCl1ol'us 1. 2. 3. -lg Rand l. Z, 3, -lg Class Play 3g County lfcstivzil Z, 3, -lg Cznitccn 33 Mztjorcttc l. 2. 3, -li Srliolzirsliip AlC1l1ll. 2: lfootliall 2. 3: Track l. 2. -lg Scl1olarsliipMcd- PETER CIBULSKAS "Pedro" Paragon -li lfootlmll 1, Z. -lik: Track Z: Latin Clulm, 1, 2: Mixed Chor- Us l, 2. nl. GEORGENE CIFRANIC "George" Parzigon -lg Royal News 4: C1.A.L. 3. -lg GA..-X. 1, Z. 3. -lg Mixed Chorus l, 2. 3. -ll Clin-crleader 2, -l: Safety Patrol 3g Li- lmrnrian 3. HERBERT CRUTE "Little Bevo" llatin Lilub ll Xlixed lilluflls li lland l. 2: Vounlx' liestival Z: lu! tl unui il l ' K 1 ul l'4sl1eri.i: llasbetballi 41 LEE ANN FECHKO ..Lee.. Paragon 4: Royal News .ii Ufliee assistant 41 ll, .X.l.. 3. lreas. 4: Proni eonnnitlee 3: li..X..X.,2. 3, 43 Prom Queen 3: Safely Patrol l: Grad. li5llk'l' 33 Librarian 2. 3. bead lib. 43 Kanteeu ni Senior Play. 4. WILLIAM DONNET "Bill" l.atin Club l, 2: Class Play 3: lllIl'Zlllllll'1llS 43 llasketball lg Scholar- sliip Medal. JAMES GRADEN A4JimYY l.atin Club l, 2: Mixed Chorus 2, 3: lntrznnurals 1 .i. 1 Z. l'ootball-Zi, .wr 4. Lllitlulrew belore grad- uation tor active duty. lf S. Klarines.l ALICE HEIM UAV, Paragon editor 4: Roy- al News 3, grade ed. 43 Student Liouneil 1, 2, 33 Office assistant l. Z, 42 fi..-XUX. l. 2. 3, 42 G.gX.l.. 2, 3, 41 l.atin Club 1. 2: Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Class Play 3: Safety latrol .wg l.1bra1'1an 4: Qanteen 1. 2: Senior Plav 4. CHARLOTTE JENKS "Carlota" Paragon. senior ed. 4: Royal News 3. news ed. 4: l.atin Club 1,23 Class Play l'slier 3: Grad. l'slier 3: l.ibra1'ian 33 lli-News 4: Senior Play 4: County Festival 4. RONALD JUDSON "Juddie" GRACE KLUNZINGER "Gracie" Paragon 4: Royal News 4: Office assistant 43 Ci. .'X.l.. 3, 4: G.l-XA. l. 2. 3. 4: Mixed Cliorus l. 2, 3, 43 Band 4: Safety Patrol 4: County Festi- val 3, 4: Grad. Usher 3: Librarian Z, 3, 4: Schol- arsliip Medal. THEODORE KMITT XYitl1drew Before Graduation FRANK KNEZINEK iiBeakYl Paragon 41 Mixed Clior- us l, 2, 35 Class Play 3g Baseball 1, 2, 341, 441: Football l, 2, 3:52 eaptaiu 411 Basketball 1, Z, 33, 441: Key Club 3, 4: Class v.-pres. 4: Senior Play 4. SHIRLEY KUSKY "Shirl" Paragon -i: Roy al News 3, feature ed. 4: G.A.L. l, 2, 3, sec.-1: G.:X..-X. l, 2, 3, 4: Latin Club l, 2: Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Hand 1, 2: Cheerleader 2: Class Play 3: Prom Hostess 3: Safety Patrol 3: Grad. Csher 3: Foot- ball Princess -lg Librar- ian 4. MARILYN MAJER uMa-in Paragon, feature ed. 4: Royal News, head typ- ist 43 Student Council 3: Office assistant 3: Lat- in Club l, Z: Hand l, 2: Class Play 3: Prom Connnittee 3: Prom Princess 3: Safety Pa- trol 3, 4: County Fes- tival 3: Majorette 3: Class sec. 2, 3, 4: Driver A W ard 3: Paragon Queen 4: Senior Play 4: Scholarship Medal. EDWARD MCHUGH "Eddie" Mixed Chorus l, 2, 3, -l: 3 band Z, 3,141 Track l. 2: County l'CSllV2ll 4. COLETTA LEIBLINGER "Colet" Grad. Usher 3: Royal News 3, 4. ROBERT MALECHA nBoobn Student Council 1: Latin Club l, Z: Mixed Chor- us 2: Football 2, 43. ANNE MCILVAINE "Baby Doll" Paragon, art ed. 4: Roy- al News 3,.4: GJX..-X. l, 2. 3. 4, Latin Club 1, 2. Mixed Chorus l, 2, 3, 42 Class Play Usher 3: Grad. Usher 3: Librar- ian 3: County Festival 4. DONALD KOHLER uDonn Football 344, -Vt: Basket- ball 2. 356, 496: Track 1: Librarian 4: Canteen 4: Mixed Chorus 1. ADELINE KUCHARSKI "Addie" Paragon, class ed. 4: Royal News 3, exchange ed. 4: G..-X.L. 1, 2, 3, 4: G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Lat- in Club l, 2: Mixed Chorus l, 2, 3, 4: Grad. Usher 3: Play Usher 33 Librarian 1. 2: Re- corder 4: Senior Play -1. DONALD KORTAN LiDonl7 GARY KUCHLE "Kuch" Student Council 4: Olf- fice assistant 4: Latin Club 1, 2: Intramurals l, Z: Honorary Grad. Ush- er 3: Basketball ingr. -l: Class sec. 2: Senior play 4. DAVID MELCHER usamn JOHN MULLER "Mau1er" Paragon -l:QMixed Chor- us 2. 3: Llass Play 3 l'ootball Zi, 35 -VF: llas- ketball .23 Class officer pres. 3, 4: Key Club. pres. 3, -li NYest lligh l WARREN MERKLE "Casanova" Office assistant 41 Latin Club 1.2: Mixed Chorus l. 21 Class Play 31 In- tramurals l, 2. 3, 43 Basketball ingr. 3, 4: Senior Play 4. KALMAN NAGY ..Kal,, RONALD NELSEN "Radar" Student Council 3, v.- pres. 43 Mixed Chorus 1, Z, 3, 4: Librarian 25 Football ZX, 3953 Basket- ball l, 2: Track l, 2, Canteen 3. ALAN NOVACK HAI!! ARTHUR OLSON HArtI! Paragon 4: Latin Club l, 2: Mixed Chorus 1, 3. 43 Band lg Class Play 33 County Festival lg Base- ball l. Z, 35 -W: Intra- murals 4g Basketball 1, 2, 33 Track 1, 25 Senior P l a y 4: Scholarship Medal. BILLIE NEWTON "Willie" Latin Club 1. Z3 Mixed Chorus l, 2, 3. 4: Safety Patrol 3, 4: Grad. Ush- er 3. SHIRLEY ANN OLSISKI "Shirl" Paragon -lg Royal News 4: Student Council, sec. -li: Office assistant 3, 43 Cy..-XJX. l. Z, 3. 4: Class Play 3: Safety Patrol 3, 4: l'.Fl'..tX. assistant 4g Grad. Usher 33 Scholar- ship Medal. PATRICIA OLSON ilpatif Paragon, typist 4: Roy- al News 3. 4: G..-X.L. 3, 4: Grad. Usher 33 Safe- ty Patrol 3: Play Ush- er 3: Mixed Chorus l, 2. 3, 4. gy! HOWARD SCHUENAMAN "Schunney" Paragon 4: S t u d e nt Council 4: Latin Club 1, Z: Prom Committee 33 Baseball 1, 2, 31 443 In- tramurals 13 Basketball 44: Key Club 3, 4. BARRY SLAVIN llAce!! Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 43 Basketball 23 Track 23 'Nest High l. NANCY SPRAGUE llNanC!I Parma Schaff High 1, Z 3 RICHARD SCHUSTER "Herm" Paragon 43 Class Play 33 Baseball 13 Prom Committee 33 Intramur- als 13 Football 43 Key Club 4. YETTA SLICK KlYetH laragon 43 Royal News 3, 4, CLA..-X. 1, 2, 3, 4, Latin Club 1, Z3 Mix- ed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Band 13 Cheerleader 23 Prom Princess 33 Safe- ty Patrol 33 Grad Usher 33 Football Princess 43 Canteen 43 Play Usher 3. CHARLES STEINERT "Stinky" Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 43 Class Play 33 Intramur- als 1, 2, 33 Football 1, 2, 342 443 Basketball 4413 Track 1, 2, 3, 4. ELEANOR PASEK "Ellie" Paragon 43 Royal News 3, ed. 43 Latin Club 1, Z, treas.3 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 Safety Patrol 2, 3, 43 Librarian 2. 33 Press Hi-Timers 43 Val- edictorian. MARILYN POWERS "Shortie" Mixed Chorus 3. 43 Grad. Usher 33 Berea High 1, 2. MARLENE PERZY "Perz" Paragon, photography ed. 4: Royal News 3, circulation nigr. 4: Stu- dent Council 4: Olfire assistant 43 G..-X.L. l, Z, 3, pres. 43 Latin Club l, Z3 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Band 1, Z: Class Play Usher 33 Pronl llos- tess 33 Safety Patrol 33 Grad. Usher 3. EMIL RELJIN MTiny!! Baseball .243 Football 295 L V t l V l GBHDUHTIUN is for the GRATITUDIC which is felt toward our administration and faculty members. is for the REMIQMBRANCES which we seniors will always have. is for the ANXIETY we feel now as graduation day nears. is for the DIEVOTION we have for our Alma Mater. is for the UNDERSTANDING which has been the keynote of the education relayed to us by our teachers. is for our AMBITION to live up to the ideals given us during our school davs. is for our THANKS to our teachers for all they, individually and collectively, have given us. is for the INITIATIVE we will have to develop as we go forth to meet the world. is for the OTHER PEOPLE too numerous to mention, who have in some way or other. taught ns right from wrong. is for the NIGHTS we spent studying and all the NIGHTS spent with that certain someone, forgetting our studies. Together they spell GRADUATION, a word meaning both that honor and that achievement which has been reached by the Senior Class of 1954. COLORS MOTTO FLOWER Royal Blue and White He Who Hes1tates Is Lost" White Rose CAROLE STEPP UI-Iood!! Paragon 45 Royal News 45 G. A. A. 4: Mixed C h o r u s 43 Football Queen 43 Garfield Hts. High School l, 2, 33 Senior Play 4. ARTHUR TEWKSBURY uArtn Paragon 4: Latin Club 1, 25 Safety Patrol 1: Baseball 1, 2: Intramur- als 43 Librarian 4: Bas- ketball l, Z5 Track Zig. 325, 4445 Class pres. 1. WILLIAM VEVERKA "junior" Latin Club 1, 23 Mixed Chorus l, Z: Baseball l, 2: Basketball 2, 3, 442 Track 1. SHIRLEY TELKINS "Shirl" Royal News 3: Student Council 13 Office assist- ant 1. 43 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 43 Latin Club l, 25 Mix- ed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 Class Play 3: Safety Pa- trol 3: Grad. Usher 3: Librarian lg Senior Play 4. FRANCIS TOMAN "Fran" NANCY ZACKEL "Zeke" Paragon 4: G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Mixed Chorus l, 2, 3. 4: Safety Patrol 33 Honorary Grad. Ush- er 3. 'klndicates Athletic Letter JIINIUIIS TOP. LEFT, I.. to R.: D. Tewshury, F. Pelich, J. Shoatf, J D. Gienke. TOP, RIGHT: B. Tremmel, C. Cygan, J. Demko, CENTER, Sitting: J. Pasek, pres., C. Simon, v-pres. Standing Parrish. CENTER, LEFT, Row l: M. Radtly, R. Hatch, E. Talaba, Magnes, J. Sashko, S. Krajack. CENTER, RIGHT, Row I J. Schwandt. M. J. Nelich, G. Bonath. LOWER, LEFT: N. P. Macuga, D. Nyman. LOWER, RIGHT, Row l: B. Jones, F. A. Bergstresser, P. Collins, J. Bradner, J. Boryk, T. Manek, "Get your hot wlogs here," was the cry of the memhers of the Junior Class who gallantly gave their time to working in the refreshment stantl insteatl of watching.: the games iluring the football season. These amhitions juniors spent their year husily raising money for the annual event, the Junior-Senior l'rom. To help this money-making campaign along. the class play. "l"inclers, Creepers." was given antl ontrihutetl greatly to that l'roin "Kitty" This play Oleniacy, S. Dragon, K. Puntel, T. Stewart, S. Chalmers, P. Reed. B. Bernat, M. Borchert, C. Bryk, R. Hutton, R. Hanacek. C. Bryk, sec.3 Mrs. McCaH'erty, advisor: P. Koepke, treas.: Mr. J. Kellogg, A, Sykes, J. Piechowiak. Row 2: L. Vanek. R. M. Downes, I.. Orient, I., Ball, A. Lewis. Row 2: E. Brubaker, Kupchick, B. Redding, D, Drabik, D. Ringgenherg, P. Rechnitzer, Villwock, M. Kralik, E. Smith, B. Buckner. Row 2: N. Conway. G. Nemes. was not only enjoyetl hy the autlience. hut hy tht players as welll for they playetl it to the hilt of its mystery-cometly theme. The Juniors took time from their rigorous, money making campaign to select their class colors, oven which quite a flehate was waglecl. The "IYinnah entergetl - "Black anil XYhite." The effect of thest colors was startling when the Junior jackets arriveil antl were worn proudly on the shoulclers of tht memhers of the inimitahle Junior Lillian. Compliments of S T E V E at J o ' s Royalton litl., near State SOP1I0 011125 TOP, l.IiF'I', I.. to R.: J. Hejduk. P. Folburt, M. Geiger, D. C111a'ano, C. McCarthy, S. Lloyd, K. Kccsccker, D. Fink. TOP, RIGHT M SPFLCIILI D I-'ovura S1111 'ln R Stewart H. : '-',j.'b.,.1-1, 11111111112 C1iN'I'IiR, sitting: M. Novak, ser., IOII: R. Auhle, pres., 1011: M. Logan, pros., 1111: C. Dil.uzio, v-pres., 101. Standing: XV. Iiruhakcr, v-pros., 10111 M. Law, tr1-as., 1011: Mr. Bush: Miss, Morris, advisor: P. Foihcrt, S1-r., 1111: C. Wolfe, trcas., 101. SEC- OND ROXV, I.IfIi'I': B. Timko, H. Holtz, B. Brandt, P. Smith, A. 1111, 1111111 :11 111151 1s11'1 it 11I'L'11j'1" .Xll 1111- 511111111- Salaciak, D. Pelich, E. Pohle, G. Ostrowski, C. Kuchle, C. DiI.uzio M. Kc1lcr, T. Fashcmpour, L. Zbiegen. SECOND ROW. RIGHT, Row 1: C. Kraus, D. Toher, R. Gonda, J. Stocz, R. Keirn. Row 2: C. Phiel, I.. Hofer. J. Hohzek, B. Mayernick. I.OW1iR LEFT, Sitting: L. Nagy, H. Przybys, B. Rohrhaugh, A, Merklu, B. Lurca. Standing: R. Azre. LOWER, RIGHT: T. DcXVcrth, B. Toman, J. Kellogg. D. Weber, L. Leimbach. 'l'111- i11i1iz11i1111 111 1111- 1"1'1-5111111-11 was 1111111111-1' 11121111 111 1-1'c111 i11 1110 11'11i1'1 111 activities 1'111' 1111- claw, 1111111-Q 114111 11115 111 any X1'11L'I1 111L'1I' 111111'11-111111111-11 01,5 gw :11'1'i1'1-11. . 1 I 1 I I . A I 1f1'1-1'y11111-11111-111111111 1111a 111i1ia1i1111 IJZIIICL' 11:111 1111-1111 11111"5"'14 11" 1111115 '11-111 1'1'1'1'1g 111 'x"11141'1'111'1111'1 111 1111111115 1111111 1111- :1111i1's 1111- 1-I'L'S11l11L'11 11'1-1'1- 1'111'1- 111111-1' wan 1111- 11111111 11'111111:1111111 111 1111- 5111111111111111- . A A 111 1111 1111 1111- 11151 1111111' 111 511. I 11ss. 1'111' 111'1'X'2l11111H 51111-1-1111fif1f111':1 5111110 s111'1'1111111l1-11 1111111'111?4' 111 1111' 11111f1V 111 11111 511111111 111111' 111 il 1'i1:111'1'1-1- 3411111 S111111- 111' 1111- 111115 1'1111s1- 1111- s1111'111' 111 111' 51 111'K'?11113' 11711 111 511011111112 1119 1'L'1113l111111PI 111111 N 110111. 111' 111:11 1-V1-11i11g. r Page I' FRESHMEN ,f'3- TOP l.IzF'I', I.. to R.: N. Gurin. Ii. Flowers, K. Hodapp, P. Ifenel. N. Cosby, R. Weaver, T. Drohny, B. Slick, M. Edgerton. TOP RIGHT, Standing: B. Jackson, J. Grumbling, E. Kmitt, B. liieldliouse, B. Behal, J. Brousil, D. Gienke. CENTER, Sitting: XV. lN1eCu.ltmugl1. J. Villwock. D. Metzger, D. Weaver. Standing: Miss Naples. Advisor: D. Howe, R. Ols, Mr, Steuve. SECOND ROW' I.IiFT: G. Sehlensker, B. Claridge, J. Knopf, C. Kieffer, J. l.ot-stlier. R, Eowers, D. Kupehiek. T. Jones, I.. Wolfe, B. HeKf'ee.'y. SECOND ROW RIGHT: M. Kulez, Mart5', N. Downing, A. Maeuga. J. Clark, M. Sashko. D. TDCWCFIII, B. In matte sure that the each and every one nt the memhers of the l"reshinei1 Class got nfl' mi the right path for high selmul life, the suplioiiiores initiated them ugnml and proper." IX'heii they fmiiirl out what they had to wear. the girls j1l'02lllCll, "Oh, mtl", and the hoys said "Nex'erl" lliit eaeh Zlllfl every one of them slmwetl up at the clanee in their liunor and at which they had tu imrcwe their ahility to he in high school. Phillips. THIRD ROXV LEFT: B. Barda, R. F'0werS, J. Romans, A. Demko. A. Bena, K. Borehert, R. Cygan, G, Crate, lf. Schraegle, I.. Busch, C. Steinert. THIRD ROW RIGHT: ll. XVaril. V. Slick. Pekareik, M. Preetl, J. Palmer, N. Lutz. K. Ross, P. Nemes, J. Sehwandt. D. Moore. LOXVIZR l.FIfT. Row l: l.. Powers, J. Tiske, B. Orient. Row .Zz N. Ziehm. I. XVu'owiet'. J. Wenink, M. Pekarcik, D. Perzy, LOXVER RIGHT. Sitting: J. Kehoe. D. Reinke. Standing: R. Kocah, XV. Mdinllougli. li, Stahl, J. Villwoek, I.. Tunders, B. Medealf. S. Gabor. J. llohzek. J, Geih. J. Gordos. There were slllllts for ererytme, and nut one meniher of the elass was itwgtwtteii. lfvei'ymie xxhu Came to wateh the ailties reitiemhered his uwii initiation and shiiclcleretl in syiupzttlly fur these fresh- men. .Xlter a change ut clothes lhiirlap hugs :mil Sllivflr 2II'Clllt considered the hest dance attirel. the class enjoyed the gala flanee that the supliumui'es gave in their limmr. EIGHTH s .A x ,V .Neg L M95 W.-w....,, I I ' S RUXY I, I.. to R.: Xl. Ilcim, C. I'II't'1lIlf,-I. II1':ulm'1', IXI. IJcXYcrtI1, N. Hall, If. XYilsmi, bl. I,llIlNCl', K. Siiirlur. IJ. llillnicuviu, S, llzmiincrstruiii. C. Knack. -I. I.imlcr, D. Monlmrt, ID. .-Xiitlimiy. I.. IJil.uzin. II. Iircylcy, -I. Ilzlwsmi, II. Ilnrclicrt, I3. Scliiicicler, gl. IXICLll'2ll'IiL'Il. ROW' .ZZ Mr. Uniiiict, zulviaorl Il. Ilziriicll, il. Dowli- ing, R. Llmiiicrs, R. Yam XL-ss, R. Yan Ncss, -I. IJiCuncczio, II.SpccI1t. NI. Ifccl1ko.,l. Iluxlwury. II. Kimcf, I., I':1m'1':lll. -I. Knight, II. Nlcliccry, Bl. Gzlwcll, G. Sykus, ,I. Dickey. If. Mares. IJ. Skrocki, ,I. .Ni-nil. Mr. XYIIIQIIISUII, aulvisnr. RUXY 3: II. SCl1IL'IlliL'l'llI1lll, Ii. Iiurrows, S. S0lllL'l'YIIIL', -I. Hccrllc, I.. I'liiIlips, Nl. lil'2llDUXY5Iqi, N, Kohler, I.. X1-lwn, K. SI-itlicr. Ii.Sclicimlcggc1', B.jzu1rla,j. I'licil. ll. Aitkcn, R. I.uImil:1. N, Iicllw, Lf Kcvscrkcr, II. I':uil. R. Slick. ROXY -I: 'I'. Yuriiooy, XY. Kuclmrski. XY. Katonzl, II. Swiiitck. .X. Costa, II. Toiimicr. I. Orivnt. I.. Smith, I'. Kruger. ,I. Rosslmrougli. J. Cosby, M, I'olilc, ,I. IDussuIYy, Ii ' I ' ' Y I Y' i . Rzullorcl, II. hu-pp, M. xillfllilf. l'. I.uI, j. Ixoculv. ,l. Hciiz. 5. Kirkwood, I'. Swzuitvk, C. Knight, OFFICERS I 5 1 ' ' I-rgy :xml cnllmsiznsin. 'Ilwy ure liar- tics. llius Qxmiiiiq' I-xpmiciicc lui' I . I . 4 55 5 4 5 A XIV. Ilmiiwt :mil NIV. XXIIIIQIIISUII, 'I'lic' viglitli gimlc-rs lmwk pzirt 111 sclwul lm- Iwi KIIHHSIIIQ claw lattice-i's :mel I'1'IiI'4'Sl'IlI1lIlX'i'S to Sluflviil Llmiiivil IQUXX' l. I.. to IQ.: Nlurilyn I'uI1lu, prcf.. Sllg IJ. ' ' ' ' ll X' ' A ' - Y - . v - . V . ' ' V .- -' . . 1 . , . . rr, f .-., 1. . ,. .1 '. f 's., IIILLTIICCXIU. prcf.. bl. IQ X -Z IK. .tvmn wc.-Ilwix.. Nll lx X 111 Yu x pu XII N N ii xilll x pu bl. I. lxmglit, wc.-tiwzlx., SI. , . , , , Page I9 SEVENTH IUJXX l. I.. to R.: .I. Iwutcr, S. Iizmsclmzm. .I. NIUIIIIRIFI, I'. Ik-Imzll. I'.. 5lL'III0l'l. R. Kmwxmlzx. II. Ilugu. Y. Sulm. R. IMIIIIICIICCIQ. R. Howe, Il. 'IiLfI'iL'lI1DCI, H. I'ulc:1r, DI. 'I'mmm-r. .X. Milla-r, R. Olclfh-III. S. X':11'g'u, L. I':u1I. RUXX 1: Ix. I.L-mc. 5. XX:1tcrlmury, Ii. Ixnczlnck. I'. IIorIz1pp. ,I. XIIIIUIIS. Il. Rufs. X. hlllgllll, Ia. D 7 I'l'L'!IL'I1, ID. I':wI1ku. fl Irzylmys, Il. IXIIIIISIIOXVCY, B. IIit'fI'2lC'.', IJ. l.uuII'la-r, I.. Skulmviuf. II. Ih-rxx':1l4I. IQ. Xx'l'llX'K'I'. XIV. Sym, advisor. ROW' 3: Il. Illack. XI. IM-Iuka. 'If I"z1sIu'1n1m11r. .X. I.lICilr. II. Ih-rry, if IIk'L'IxL'l'. I. .Xitkvlu Ii. SCIIll5lCl', ,I. XXYOIIC, Al. I7nm'11cs, I.. Smith. XI.. Sk1Il1lk'I.k'I'. Ifrzxlcy. I'x0XK'Il'li. II. ,.-- -1 .-. .x.... 'fz zr' -N 'wx' " . ' '1 I fl1uI1 X NQIMIUIILQLF, L. 5LIllltll.llll.lIl. RUXX -I. L. Ljglll. KI. QIIIIIIQI.. N. Ie XIKI. N. Huh III. 1. Iiznrrlmc. If. flrzllmicc. C. .Xckl0y. li. Dmnlct. H. Gunn. I.. K1lIll1llCl'j', R. SUI2lIlfIf. I'. .Xvm-III, XY. k':1rtcr, I. 5IHIVIiN,I1, I'umvI. QI. Nz1gy,L.fJNtu1'Iz1 Ilu- sn-vc-n1I1 q1'ucIc'1x up the I 1 ' ' ' IICXY- ml. 1-sl rc-sirlc-nts uf Nurlll Iluy:LItu11 IIIQII. XIV. 5YL'Z :mil Hr. L'11Ix'cr :LFC 2IlIX'INII'b mr thc- clww lla-p1'cw11t'1 c... . 4 V lim-5 tu f1lIII.l'l'Il. Sluclc-nt Cmmcil 1llIfIIlS xxx-II :ls cI:1ss ull Ilrsl 510135 III I7l'CHIIIlIIQ'1l usvtul px nf thc fturlc-111 Im Hicvrs. arc their lrt Page 20 OFFICERS NI I IIIXKI, I.. Ilmlm-1, x'-pn-N., 7 II1 X. I-r:IIvy. pu wtf., 7-I1 fl. I'uxm-I. x'-pww. SIX . ,. " . ' ul . l. L , " IXM. .x. l.m.1f. tum.. 1 II, K. I,uIxs1. Nu.. 1 II N Ilzmwlmzm. tru-uf.. 7I: ,I. NIuuI1ur1. wc.. TI. 1- ? 0 ,fy ff 0 4 Z I I 4 ah' I X 4 f W A 45 QA "N"N I fy 'S IX fS ZX 3 3 'xx 3 Z X 76- W 1, fgj 4 7' 27' Q 41? ' X f W W W7 .af VW Zz? f 1 K l '16, f 2 . 7 .MMI I CLASS lllS'l'0liY Finally! We are Seniors. Back in the ninth grade our senior year looked so far away that we all thought we would never reach that honored position. But at last we are among the "choice few" who can use the expression of "Seniors first." We can bluff our way through questions of forgot- ten algebra and disregarded geometry that are asked by lower classmen. We, the Senior girls and boys, are used to that look of envy from junior high students, fand perhaps a few crushes, too, offered humbly from a seventh graderj. And above all, we now have the privilege of recalling. "Remember, "way back in the ninth grade, when-". Yes, do you remember back in the ninth grade when we were initiated by supposedly "su- perior sophomores"? How ridiculous the girls looked with their hair in pin-curls and no make-up. Their blouses were on backwards, and their fathers' shoes didn't help their appearance any. And the fellows looked so silly with lipstick and burlap bags for dresses. They had bows in their hair and high-heeled shoes. How could we ever look at each other again without laughing- and some actually go steady with each other after that night of horror? But revenge is sweet. In the tenth grade we made up for all the abuse and fallen pride we had suffered and took it out on those poor freshmen. Is it any wonder that their fingers were worn to the bone polish- ing our shoes, or that they were so embar- rassed when we made them propose to the teachers and chaperones? Yes, everything we had suffered was compensated for in one cruel night of repayment. Then in the eleventh grade we tried our hand at helping the faculty with the problem of an over-crowded school by having bake sales. What an epidemic! Also we put on a dance which was a big success. Naturally we bribed everyone to come, and therefore we made money. And who will ever forget our junior play with its falling scenery and forgotten lines? VVe all agreed it was "something to tell our grandchildren on a winter evening." Then, the night of nights! Our Prom, glittering and sparkling as only a first prom can be. Oh, the wonderful walks along the pool at the Wade Park Manor and then the floorshow at the nightclubs afterwards - the thrill of a lifetime! Then the joyous event of becoming Seniors. We held a hayride which none of us will ever forget because of scars of mem- ory or flesh, whichever the case may be. The hayride smashed up, but no one was hurt. Again, we agreed, it was something to remember. Announcements to be picked out, gowns to be measured for, the senior play with its happy memories of rehearsal, the prom - gay, but yet sad because it was our last, and - finally -- commencement. Yes, now we're alumni and proud of itg but deep in our hearts we would give anything to be back in the ninth grade with all of it ahead of us once more. Page 22 PRRHEUN RUYHLTY MARILYN MAJER, by vote of the faculty, is recognized as the outstanding senior girl in scholar- ship, character, leadership, and service. Always in evidence have been her constant and persistent work and effort in behalf of the Class of '54 and her genuine interest in its welfare, her good sportsman- ship in accepting decisions whether or not they be of her choice, and her desire to carry out duties entrusted to her. To her, this honor of PARAGON 1954 ROBERT AYERS, by vote of the faculty, is recognized as the outstanding senior boy in scholar- ship, character, leadership, and service. His ac- ceptance of responsibility given him, his genuine interest in class activities, his example of sports- manship -- both in and out of competition - are all a part of the person he is. To him, this honor of PARAGON KING is bestowed. Page 2 3 QUEEN is bestowed. cuss wm. We, the Senior Class of the Village of North Royalton, County of Cuyahoga, State of Ohio, being of sound mind and memory, do hereby make, publish, and declare this to be our last will and testament, hereby revoking any will or wills here- tofore made by us. Said party of the first part fClass of '54l doth hereby bequeath to the parties of the second part Cunderclassmenl the following sentimental objects which were dearly beloved and treasured by the party of the first part. Article I We, the Senior Class of 1954, will to all the underclassmen our ability Ol of having every- thing changed from the traditional way to some new way. Article II BILL VEVERKA wills his beautiful hat to Winnora Brubaker. ALICE HEIM wills her many school activities to anyone with loads of time. MARILYN BECKER wills her job as head ma- jorette to anyone who's willing to freeze for nine Eames. SHIRLEY TELKINS wills her false teeth to someone with a big mouth. BOB MALECHA wills his '35 Chevie to Jim Wenink Uim refusesl. YETTA SLICK wills her luck to her sister. SHIRLEY OLSISKI wills her sewing ability to anyone who likes ill-fitting UD clothes. CHARLES STEINERT is willing to graduate. DON KOHLER wills his pet goat to Winnie Brubaker, Mary Jane Nelich, and Phyllis Keopke. TED KMITT wills his knowledge of cars to the driving teacher. ED MCHUGH wills his personality and good looks to Jim Wenink. FRANCIS TOMAN wills his ability to play the accordian to anyone who is willing to work three hours a day. DON KORTAN wills Elsie Pohle to the vault for "safe keeping." ANNE McILLVAINE wills her short hair to anyone who's foolish enough to cut her own hair. KALMAN NAGY wills his eagerness to get out of school to his brother, Joe. BOB AYARS wills his basketball letters to Le- Roy Powers. MARILYN MAJER wills her typing ability to anyone who has stock in an eraser factory. GARY KUCHLE wills his handwriting to any illiterate. BARRY SLAVIN wills his knowledge of 27 flavors to someone who works at Howard Johnson's. MATT CHEEK wills his job as Student Council president to anyone with broad shoulders. NVARREN MERKLE wills his golfing ability to Ben Hogan. DAVE MELCHER wills his nickname of "shad- ow" to Mark Logan. ALAN NOVAK wills his driving ability to the "Society for the Blind." JOHN MULLER wills his character parts in plays to the Three Stooges. RON JUDSON wills all his cars to anyone who is interested in starting a car lot. JIM GRADEN wills his Charles Atlas book to Nora Conway. ART OLSON wills his teachers to Martha Car- rithers. FRANK KNEZINEK wills his heavy school schedule to Tom Manak. ELEANOR PASEK wills her quiet ways to Elaine Talaba. GEORGENE CIFRANIC wills her cheerleader uniform to next year's new cheerleader. GRACE KLUNZINGER wills her dirty bucks to anyone with a bottle of shoe polish. ADELENE KUCHARSKI wills her gift of gab to Walt Kucharski. PETER CIBULSKAS wills his used flash bulbs to anyone who wants them. PAT OLSON wills her knowledge of bookkeeping to the juniors. LEE ANN FECHKO wills her ping-pong ability to Harriet Holtz. DICK SCHUSTER wills his acting ability to Richard Widmark. SHIRLEY KUSKY wills Jimmy to the Marines. BILLIE NEWTON wills her artistic ability to Grandma Moses. MARLENE PERZY wills her office job to Marian Law. HOWARD BOWMAN wills his wavy hair to Barc Rohrbaugh. CHARLOTTE JENKS wills all her nail polish to Charlotte Kieffer. CAROLE STEPP wills her pony tail to any pony without a tail. HERB CRUTE wills his Dairy Queen spoons to anyone saving for a hope chest. LARRY BREYLEY wills his glasses to anyone who won't wear them. MARILYN POWERS wills her shy ways to Sue Pekarcik. BILL DONNET wills his curly hair to Barbara Knezinek. NANCY ZACKEL wills her "jitter-bugging" to anyone who wants it. TOM KELLEHER wills his jeepster to Don Drabik. HOWARD SCHUENAMAN wills his build to Art Bergstresser. ' EMIL RELJIN wills his baseball suit to Mike Fechko. COLETTA LEIBLINGER wills her job on the Royal News staff to any hard-working junior. NANCY SPRAGUE wills her seat in Civics class to Marlene Sprecher. MARILYN ARON wills her status of being en- gaged to any lucky girl. RON NELSON wills his radar to the Air Force for "Night pick-ups." ART TEWKSBURY wills his track ability to a fast junior. JIM CERASI wills his old clothes to someone he's sure they'll fit - Frank Villwock. In Witness whereof, we, the Senior Class, the testator, have set our hands and seal hereto this ninth day of June in the year of our Lord, one thousand, nineteen hundred and fifty-four. Signed, sealed, published and declared as and for the last will and testament by the Senior Class, above-named testator, who have subscribed our names hereto as witnesses on the day and year last aforesaid. Ernest C. Root Harold Conrad Superintendent Advisor " Un Maxx' U, Wm. l.x-x- .Xxxxx xclxlm waxy x'x'xm'xxx-xl l'x'xx :'1 , . ,svn ' lll X on-lx lxy lxxx'xxxcx- Qxxcx-xx. Q xxxzxlxcllx- l'lxillilx5. l'x'xxxxx l'x'ixxx'x-hsvs, fllzxrilyxx Nlzxjxxx' :xml Ycttzx Slivla. juimxxl Qm-x-xx llmx lixxlxlx-1' Ixxl' xlxx- rxxyxxlty clzxmm- witlx tlxx-ir pxxrtxxx-xx. llxwlx Ky: Nlxx R qw- xxx x , llxl.lxf1xxxIlu'lx'. S' Q , l ,dtex PBO 0F 1953 flll Mzxy 9, 1953, tlxx- - '- vlzxss ol J-l pwscxxtvxl tlw ,lxxxxixw-Sclxiox' l'1'mxx at tlxu lllzxclc l':xrk Maxx- or. 'l'lxc cvcxxixxg: was sm-xxx xlzxxxcixxg xxx xlxx- 111115 ix'.of llzxrry llcx'slx0y .xml lxxs xx1'x'lx0ftx':1. llxc llI'Ulll llxxstcsscs wore Slxirlvy Kuslxy :xml Mzxrlcxxc l' 0 x' z y, wlxu joyflxlly gxwctcxl xlxc COII- plcs zxs tlxcv cxxtwwl tlxx- lxzxllrxxxmx. I lxc l'x'o1xx L xxxxxxxxxxxvx' im'lx xxluxl llowsxrxl llmv- xxxzxxx, ,Ixxlxxx Xlxxllx-r. Klzxr- ilyxx Nlzxjcr, :xml .Xxxxx lfx-ulxluw. l cc ,Xxxxx :xml xx f .xml lxxlxxx FUUTBHLL UUEEN 1'11111111111 11111-1-11 LH1-111 511-1111 1'1-1Q111-11 111 Cl' 1111 - Q111111-, :l11V11!' 111111 1'1'11lkl 1 's 1111111 51lL'1i 111111 51111'11'1' 1Xl1S1i1', 1111 Y11- X'l'IlI1HI 11 111 111111111' 111 1111' 1"D.1 11-11111 1111' 111g'111 11:11 1'1'1f111111111'11111. 11'1111 1111' 1'111'z1111' 111-ing 11111011 111 1111- 111-111 111 Il K'1P11Yi'1'111311x. 1'1111l11Zl11 11121Yt'l'r 1'rC111'll'11 1111- 1.111 111, '1111'11 N 1111- 111-111 111 1111- 1111'11111- 11'111-1'11 1"11'11 1 5 . 11115 1'1'1111'111-11 111' 111111 111 1111' 11121X'l'1'N. 1711 Y1 Cl'liXY11k' 11'1'111111'1' 11. 11150. tIlI'111l' 511-111 1 11'111' 1x1 111 111111 Nk'11il 511114. 111 .1 2 1 11.11 11 1'11111111111 Q111'1'11 111 N1111111 1111111111111 1511111111111 171L1jk1'1W 1'k1'111111 1x111xf111111, 11111111 X111111-1' 111111 171611 51'11l1N11'1' 1w1'111'11'11 111L' 11111-1 11 211111 111-11 1I1'1111'1'NN1'N 11L'111Nx 1111' 1111111111111 11L'111 111 Y111111 1411111111111 1'.1.uc lb The tenth year reunion of the class of 1954 is being held at the Graden home on the Island of Oahu. Jim and Shirley are celebrating their tenth wedding anniversary, so this is a double celebration for them. As the strains of "Aloha O" are heard in the distance, Shirley and Jim begin to greet their guests. The first to arrive is Gary Kuchle. Gary now owns a rubber plantation in Brazil and keeps Breyley's supplied in tires. Frank Knezinek and the former Carole Stepp just arrived with their seven boys. It seems they couldn't find a babysitter! Seated at a large, well-decorated table on the patio, I see Warren Merkle, playboy, who just purchased his own golf course. He employs Mari- lyn Majer, who manages the refreshment booths. "Boss" Chuck Steinert is here with his crew of builders, consisting of Ed McHugh, Ron Nelsen, Don Kohler, and Emil Reljin. They have just completed building a new wing on N.R.H.S. which includes the long-awaited gym. Sitting with them is Art Tewksbury, now a counselor at a Boys' Camp. Grace Klunzinger is at the next table. She manages one of the many Woolworth Stores. Georgene Cifranic, Nancy Zackel, and Shirley Olsiski are three happy housewives who work part- time for her. Just arriving are John Muller and his wife Yetta, who own and manage their own catering service. It seems they are doing very well in New York. There is Marilyn Becker. She is busy these days giving skating lessons to youngsters, such as the Malecha twins and the four, freckle-faced Kortan children. Charlotte Jenks, of Hollywood, and Alice Heim a Broadway Star, are discussing their latest roles. They have both become famed actresses. As the guests continue to arrive, everyone is presented with a lei: and the party begins to be quite a gala affair. Sitting under a large palm tree are the Donnets and the Olsons. Adelene and Marlene are exchang- ing recipes, while Bill is telling Art details about his trucking line. Ron Judson joins them. Ron has much to add about his business, Jodsun Motors, Inc. It comes time for a little entertainment from a few of the talented among us. Shirley Telkins dances a can-can fwhich is quite strenuous for a private secretaryj. followed by Alan Novak who plays a selection on his Stradivarius. Bill Veverka has the class in stitches with his magical tricks. He made a mistake in trying to saw Lee Ann CLASS PMI!!-ICY Fechko in half. Nancy Sprague is next on the program. She is a tap-dance teacher who gives out with a few fast steps. Kalman Nagy has just let us in on a secret. In his garage he has a machine that will revolutionize the automobile industry. The un-veiling will be held soon, and I'm sure Vern Alflen will want to be there to get a few pictures. He is a photograph- er for Life magazine. A very complimentary remark was just made about Barry Slavin. They said he was the best' dressed man here, and he should be. He is affiliated with Slavin Tailors. Telling of their accomplishments now are Dick Schuster, who just recently invented a vaccine for potato bugs: Jim Cerasi, who just wrote a book entitled "The Answer to the Kinsey Report": and Pat Olsen, who is an accomplished piano tuner. As I move on through the crowd, I hear Bob Ayars discussing the problems of a college basket- ball coach with Herb Crute, who is now with the F.B.I. Managers of Royalton's new Drive-In Theater, Howard Schuenaman and Matt Cheek, are trying to negotiate a loan from their old friend, Banker Howard Bowman. Eleanor Pasek is now one of the leading circus bareback riders. She is telling everyone how much she enjoys the carefree life. While some of the crowd are watching the hula dancers, others are listening to Peter Cib- ulskas as he tells about his career in photography. He now goes from door to door with his pony, taking snaps of Royalton's small fry. Two of the fellow graduates are now working for the Press. David Melcher writes a comic strip entitled "Gertie the Gigglerf' and Francis Toman writes up the obituaries. Marilyn Aron, a tea-leaf reader, is predicting everyone's future. She has just told Anne Mc- Ilvaine that some day she will be a great artist. Right now, Anne paints by numbers. Larry Breyley's good looks have paid off very well in his job of modeling. You have probably seen his picture in all the leading magazines ad- vertising Arrow Shirts. Billie Newton is a taster in a Pepsi-Cola plant. Her job is just one burp after another! The last two to arrive at this gathering are Tom Kelleher, the moderator of T.V.'s Quiz Kid show, and Marilyn Powers. Marilyn is being true to her name, as she is one of the newest Powers' Models. As the sun sets on the sea casting soft shadows on the beach, everyone knew the time had come to say "Farewell" They gather in a circle to drink a toast of happiness, health, and continued good luck to all in the Class of "54." Page 27 SNHPS lil PXX l, l., 111 ll.: Xu, it! lltll i,,2lll'L'll l"111' :1 lJ:1y. lm 11 1l11- l'z11'z1g1111 lii11g:1111l Q111-1-11 litll' 1l11-1111-x'11111 Xl ll l'lr.l.'- l'l1111114l1 lluf is lllll tl1c- .X1'z1g1111 l1z1ll1'1m111. it i- 1l11- Zlilflllllfllllll 1l:1111'1- ll11111' 111 1:1i1l1111l N. li ll K ll 1'1111l1l lu- clslfsilln-rl Ili tl1c- limwul llzlll, lm' it wzlx 1l11- l':11'z1g1111 King' :1'11l l,Jllk'k'll l7:1111'1-. RMU' I lltilll lIllNlfllxL' 1l11-rv lilll' 11f11'i1'l11-5: llll'y 1l1111't llllX'L' tl11-ii' l11-:ul :1ll tlu- 11:11 111 1l11- Qlllllllll. lllL'NL' 1111- N111111 111 1l11 xliirla-1115111-1'1'111'111i11u i11ili:11i1111 wtiiiitr-'l'l1v111-pwovln-111 liiclf 1-11ll1-c1111g 11111111-5' tm' lrzulcn-ll1z1ll g:1111 111111lY IIS wsu fulml lwy ilu- Al1111i1w1' Claw 1l11ri11g' tl11- lmflcn-tl1:1ll g'2lllll'b. RUXY 3: 'l'l11- 1l:1111'1- flour xxitli x1111l1111M Yllllllllljl wil' 111 NK'lR'k'l lllL'll' 111111111-1's for 1l1c 111-xt 1l:1111'1--ll1':1111l111:1'f piciiivi Xu. jiixt ilu- l11i1i:11i1111 lllllkk mr lllx' 11i111l1 g1':11l1-.--XYl1:11 is this? Coulcl lu- lu- 5L'L'illy' "'l'l1c 'l'l1i11g4"? RUXY 4: S1-1'i1-111 11111-N lll N1 1111l" ll'-'ll llllllf UU' lllwl' 'l2l5's Clblllilljlg tu?-'l'l1is XYIl5ll't tlu- clay lQ111'z1l11111 cl11-1l1 it win :1 cl11-1-1' l'21llj 1111111 1l x1-1-1-111 litbl' tl11- 11p1111fi11g 11-:1111.-'I'l1c l'iSC1llll'L' girls i11 111-rso11. Page Q8 v ' I ' Qiii? ' f f X V 6 W 4 Z7 'J f 2 IV ....- 1 f "'A I f ' f Q! f f 34,,4ff ?- 44321979 gh , ,,.-.,-..g- -..'- .3-I ,f', fig '-!f ,, f y ..,. -. 1 W ,ay 44525 Qgf'1"g?1ffifgfI1f..52.:fP"'T . : 2:S1"",--:QIIESSSEF 43, zz. - f , ..... -vW '1 Q 'Qf- I f' 5 ,771 yf ff f X, -2,0 V A 5,7 ,7 f 1 Q , ji, ,rx g- if ff f ff, f 1622! VV 7 ' A WMQW I A ,V "" ' f fif V f X W f ffZ442yfW'f f,:f , If X A70 , VVAC, f Z y y f f f f W f X N lj X Q f K S ji Z - ff f W BAND RUXX' l, l.. to R.: ll. llultx, J. llejclnk. Rl. Becker. Xl. KL-cling. ROXY 2: Ci. Klnnxinger. 'lf Vliillip lf. firalwiee. Lf Usterlancl. J. Monliart, IJ. Skrocki. ROW' 3: -I. Foster. fi. Ixaclforml. XY. lanl. bl. llmxni nl. 'l'uii1i1n'r, S. llaininerstrmn, bl. llenz, l'. Swantek. K. Seitlier. lxOXY -1: l'. Reed, li. Uls. 'I'. l"uwlxi Il. llerwalfl. K. l'nntel. XY. Nlnnslimver, l.. Sknlmvins. Y. Slick. ll. l'l1illips, S. Swniieiwille. if !'anl, X Kiipeliirk. ROW' 5: ll, Rolirliangli, S. llekareik, -I. XYeninli. fi. llnnatli, l.. Yanels. 'l'lie niarcliing' laancl has again this year aalmleii eulnr ancl entlinsiasin to all the fuutlmall ganies. Klr. fnlver, tlie new flireelwr, has lmeen very enthusiastic in lmnilcling' the lmancl intu une uf the largest in the emiiily. Several nieinlmers nf tlie lmancl are seleeteil eaeli year to represent tlie selnml at the Cfniiity Klnsie liestival. 'lllie Hanrl Hoosier Org'anizatiun is tlie backer uf llie lmancl. finaneiallv. 'l'liis vear tliev presenterl a slum' entitled "Flying lliglif' This slinw is une uf tlie innney-inaking' icleas put furtli by the lianrl liimsters Organization. Page 30 MARTHA KEELING MARILYN BECKER Head Majorette Again this year the North Royalton majorettes, led by head majorette M a r i l y n Becker, have been on hand to march the boys to victory. Three of the majorettes have just started this year and plan to hold forth in the following years. The girls had new uni- forms this year made of pur- ple and gold flannel, while the head niajorette uniform was of gold corduroy. HARRIET HOLTZ MIUUBETTES JOAN HEJDUK IXED CHUBUS il. Rlunfinger. ,Xecompanisti RUXV l. I.. to R.: l'. Koepke. S. Krajaclc, Rl. lleclcer. X. Zackel. QX. Klcllvaine C. Ylenlas, ll. Iluclxner, I.. Orient, VI. liradner. bl. l'ieeliou'iak. l.. Yanelf. X. Kupchick, RUXY 2: ll. Newton Xl. Yithons. I.. llall. .X. Lewis. l'. Collins. S. Telkins. M. l'erzy, .X. lleinl. lf. l'asel4. ll, llernat, S. Dragon Lf Simon. Rl. Nelich. Nl. Downes. R. Magnus. ROXY 3: M. Powers. VI. Kellogg. S. Knslay. Nl. Raddy I.. lfechko, X. liucharslii. XI. Ilorchert. -I. llorylc, S. Ulsislii, -I. Schwanrlt. Ll. Str-pp. ii. Ronath. Ci. Cifran ic. Y. Slick. l'. Olson. RUXY -li C. Steinert, R. Hutton. ,I. l'asel4. .X. llergstresser. Nl. liralik. R. fart wrigln, lf Cygan. K. l'untel. VI. Shoali. R. Judson. lf. Yillwock. .X. Olson. R, Redding. R. llzniacek, I" gflllllllll, S, fhalmers. l'. Reed. ll. Nynian. lf. Mcllugh. lf. llrullalcer, Y. Alflen. l'. Macuga. The mixed Chorus. under the direction of Klr. ClIlX'l'l', had an active year in '54, Mr. Culver is assisted hy accompanists Grace Rlunzinger and llelores Gawell. Again this year, the chorus appeared on radio station XY-IXY and was also called upon to sing and personally appear down at the Public Square at Christmas time. The chorus had representatives ap- pearing at the County Music Festival. The Senior Choir is composed of juniors and seniors: while the -Iunior Choir. the freshman and sophomore organiza- tion, is developing into a fine upstandiug chorus in themselves. Page 32 VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Qty Q NYIININORX UH. SIMON . e ity Li - xt f-- HIXUILXKICIX Cuptztin The squaul ui' six varsity ehee1'le:ulers have clollc Z1 XYUllliL'l'i.1li jolm in cheering the hoys on to their many victories in the football :mil hzlskethzill seasons. 'l'heir lmiforiixs of pur- ple Hzumel :tml hmg-sleev- ed jackets kept them warm througlmtit the Chilly foot- hzlll sezxstm. lluring thc hnskethull season the girls thwttetl their jztekets for white i0IlQASit'CVk'li hhmse:-2 with vests of mzmtching Ihuliiel. VIIYLLIS SNIYTII IIYLLIS KOIEPKIE MARY JANE NELICH ORGICNIC Cl FRANIC PHRHGUN 2 S -m x ,qs 1 A' Q, .X ima '4 -A 'Y iwx .WF D .L 4 2 P N L 11 L 2 LI Q Jr Q 12 M -.. L. Z if Jr 5 '-1 LJ 'la 3 P Ld fi 2 CJ 'F' L- ,f If L L N f. ,L -J - LE L L U I L4 ,a L5 l. 1. 1 L ll .2 IJ U LJ 2 1 11 f 5 : 2 Z L L , Z ,MSI Li 11 N 11 LC J Jr v. : LC Ll 5 1: D F: Z L L C L. rf L 1 L- :G C ,, 2 L fi E lf L 71 Q T '54 .1 N 2 L L L P L LJ ff ff L I LJ I 'I .V Q 1, ZH -.J 5 f: Z 2 'Xl L L L IL' 3 ': 2 J. L L 'N sa 5 .1 T u w LJ 5 L2 IJ I, , L2 U 'A lf' Z f Q 'll 1: STAFF L f LL! - F 14 H' L- Q 1.1 4' L- TTI L Ll F Lf' AK LL' f i' . - K , 5 ' i?3wQx15Qaf I b- ww, 2 O Q. .,,.,.,., ,i .H vi : 5-4 . . -1. , , "' E -: hi t ' Q X 5 ' H ,.... L V W -J 5 ' K L. L L L. L L L L : L .- L ' C C C 2 C C C - ' L ' iL.:.: 31 .: .: .':.: E ia fl 5-5,-L,-L-I...L.J...l..-J-.': 2 46 5 E: 5 2.055222 ,,': 3 Z 'f'2I 'Z E :L 5 L .2 -rw -r:A ,,-..: 5 Q Q .J F D: C .. .-,I -. .Z 5 L gm ,-1 Lazy f. .. L-rs .L L Q, L- ,J -L:-L4 I L 4 'DC - 3' " 1, -'I -'S' Q la F 'JE1 2 .E Li C Q41 ' 4 U un E:LJ I-4 :LL L : . Z :LJ 4 14' U I-4 vi- U7 P-4 U7 , cn LE E 1, . :Lx 1.2 1-'L :EZ Lrg:-Eypgcjgzig , :T x J L :- .- Q:':4vff1.v.L:N: -4 L ,-.,",:,::J1'-5 '-3:9 1442" :..f.2T:-.JA.11:'f- 5,1 ..., ., V L ALJ P." u - " : M ' ':' 1: 7' - 'f'fFf.A LFE?-':-Ft ?-JA C12 z:,:g.:f'f'?' :fd-: F: x 3, L : L L .- L 5 1 5 L I: E C .: ': JL : :L LL J: J: - Q - ,E L 3 .C2,J4f24222'f,LjL 7,1-,J , A, L .L . 25 Z f: Q, C E .L f- L. .L L 3 1- '- H L - -- 'L 3 C' , 1 "' 1, '.- L. C2 j7 h -- U- Q 3 bn -1 'f. ,, - L .L . -f -- C5 ,' L 1, -3 1. L CL ij 3 11 L- -v "' gg L -- gg -' 'J .SI F- - . 1- L Q4 L L L . .If T' 5' L C 6 "' H 2. " ZZ 1, "- .: 1- 1, 3 L. f- E' 'l. .L :J -J F, -4 L. ':: 31 'li - Z: :: : L .- - '- N- '-L -7. '- -f 2' fl .. .- f'1 " "- ,L I ,: if '-' - 'T' Z C 3 L ,- ,: .. J - W- A A : : L , 1, - ' 'J : " A :, : :Lf r -r , - .1 V, - ,- v ur. -3 .CI Q L .L .L 4: ,, if ' 1: gl rs 3 L L ,L L N: - L - Q 't Q : Il - , Z I "- r' "' '- ' .. 'L ,L -4 ' '12 fi H 1. 7: 1.-: L . 9- LJ A L .- L. 5 L Q Z j: L Q: TLS if I 'ZZ .- .EI ':: EE 5: Z Lu L Q-1 l 1 " - - jj 2 2 bi L E i E ' E f '-' "" " 1 -1 .- I 1 2' '-' '-' 1, .,-1 L " - V ,A L 1, L- L L L- .3 V 2 " E - 5 " .: F Q 3: v 'T ,, L . .,: 3- 0 .2 p L : : 5 y .1 o mo.. Q : 7. H -, : : gn G1 TJ "' L- 1. L' A I ,H .L ' 5-1 1, H L T .L L m L 'f' J L M A .L m 1, 'T' lf '- A -3 r: 1, Q4 Q-4 L- T 'j- F .L f L A : - 7 ,L -L A L ., , ,, L L L, v 1. LL .F F- f- - 'N .. . - " F- ... - .1 -- .. ' "' ... L Q '-' A' " Z H L 2. - 1, -- 1 lf. : L L .Z .: if If -f 3 'C 1 L .J L2 - CI Q L Hen 1 Xrt it ld CI 'E ld L2 Lt ii L. Vat Olron Varek Eleanor norm. maws EDITOR l'.l.l'..XNOR l'.XSlzK RUXY l. l.. to R.: .-X. Xlellvaine. S. Olsiski, .-X. Kneharski. E. Paselc, M. l'erzy. ROW' 2: Miss Morris, advisor: C. Jenks, A. Heiin, C. Stepp, Y. Slick, l'. Olson, G. Klnnzinger, G. Cifranie, M. Mujer, Kusky. RUXX' 5: .'X. Olson. Subscriptions, ztcls, ztrt work, ztnrl ussigninent and collection of articles ztre the responsibilities of the Royal News staff editors. liclitor lileanor Pusek, ztclvisor Kliss Morris. and their stuff have again clone it fine job in publishing the Royal News. Gathering fztets ztncl writing stories are the clnties of the reporters. Most of these reporters are juniors, who will use this yeztr's experience to help them with their johs :is eclitors and IllllllZl.g'CI'S next year. The junior issue of the Royal News was their "test run" :tt being on their own. REPORTERS STAFF lfrlitor lileztnor l'z1sek Business lXl:tnztg'er Shirley Ulsiski Cirenlsltion hlllll1lg0l' Marlene l'erzy .Xssistatnt Colettn l.eilmlinfJer V lleaul Typist Nlnrilyn Mujer .Xssist.tnts. lat Olson. Yettn Sliel: News lfclitor Clmrlotte lenks .xsrlwhllll tleoigene Lnranne lientnre lftlitor Sillflkj' linslqy .Xssistunt llrztee lilnnzinger lfxeliztnge lftlitor .Xclelene Knehzwslei .Xrt lftlitor .Xnne Klellvaxine llrzule lftlitor .Xliee lleini Sports lftlitor ,lim l'ztsels X Ixllvixm. Mig Morris RUXY l. I.. to ll.: Nl. Downes. Rzultly. R.'. Koepke, J. Sehw:ln1lt,t1. lionztth. ROW 22 bl. Szxshlxo. I.. X ztneli. C.. Snnon, l'. Reed, C. l.eihlinger, N. Knpchiek, L. Orient. Page 35 STUDENT CUUNCIL P R E S I D E N T .,.,, ' 3 J x Q, I q iv . ' f ' s -IES! ' -:fe MATHEXV CHEEK ROXY I, L. to R.: M. Perzy, sec.: M. Check. pres.: Mr. Nelson, advisor: R. Nelsen, v-pres.: M. Downes, treas. ROW' Z: M. Demko, B. Mun- shower, j. Downes, B. Tiniko. D. Catalano, G. Ostroxvski, F. Stahl, I.. Vankratz. li. Mares. j. Knight, lf. Mares. ROXY 3: R. Behal. H. Przyhys, H. Schuenzunan, D. Nynian, J. Pasek, G. Kuchle, L. XYolf, B. Ayars. l'. .-Xverill. The Student Council. under the direction of Mr. Nelson and l'resident Mathew Cheek. has achieved another successful year. This governing hody sells school supplies to the students and has charge of showing noon movies during the winter months. The Student Council also helps to sponsor and finance spectator buses to sports events played away from North Royalton. This year the Student Council has estahlished the nluch enjoyed ping-pong activity. Menilmers are also responsible for introducing the guest speakers at the assenlhlies given to the student lmody. The Student Council, in addition, held two dances during the school year with proceeds going to pay for the Honor Banquet which is sponsored hy this growing organization. This governing lmody is proving to he a vital part ot the many school activities. HEAD LIBRARIAN L In In A N Tx FICCH KO S RUXY l, L, to R.: Schraegle, lf. l'ohle. L. liechko, Head Lihrarian: ti. Klunziuger, G. Ostrowski. ROXV 2: R. Hatch. D. DeXVerth, li. lfloxvers, .'X. Kneharslfi, S. Kuslcy, .X. Heiin. H. lloltz, Miss Morris, advisor: XY. llruhalxer, nl. tiraden. M. Law. ll. Kohler. .'X. Tewslvury. K. llodapp. C. Kuchle. LIBRARIANS The lihrary is very useful to the students for reference work and pleasure reading. The statt under the direction of Lee .-Xnn lfechko. head librarian. and Miss Morris. advisor, have worked well and co- operated in the interest of the students. The staff is composed of students from the four upper classes. CIINTEEN ADVISOR I 1,9 E NIR. S. SIQXZX CANTEEN IQUXX I. I., to R.: X. 5ht'k, IT. Ixnlllcr, R. Ilutrh. prow.: tl. IIo11:1th, I l11111Il I I ' Il xk Ix I 1 1 , 1 UIXY -1 R. lII:1cI4, l. I'xt'IIl'I, ti. Sc1c11.' 'c1', '. :Iowa-'N. ' ' " ' U I N. 11111111 I. l.11t. AI. lxtvcuh. I. I'ilSIlk'IlI1NWlll', I.. I-1w1'1'I1c1't. 'lxhiw j'L'1tl', 11111h-1' thc mIi1'cctiu11 uf Klr. S. SI4:1z:1 :1111I l11't'si1I1'111 IQt1IIL'l'lil II:1tt'h, L':111t1'1'11 CtPIl117IL'lt'lI z11111tI1Q1' fucccssful j'L'ZlI'. 'l'h1- C:111t1-Q11 hvhl its 11s11:1l 'I'11cs1I:1x' night 1l:1111'i11Q with :111 111111s11z1I IIIICIIKIZIIICC 11011-r Imvftwt' uh- 1:11111-1I. 'l'l11-0111111-1-11 thusyt-:11' IlL'I1lt'tI sp1111s1n' 111111 l111z111cc thc hust-s to thc g':1111cs 11I:11'm'1I :11x':1x' 1111111 North RtlY2lIltIll. I11 this wav, L'z111t1-011 not u11Ix' :1i1Io4I 11111-wils, Imt :IIM1 tho SIIIKICIII Cthttlcil. ' w SAFETY PATROL RHXY I. I.. to R.: if I:l'01l1lI-. Ii. XYiIso11, .X. Xlc1'IQIc, II. N1-wtu11. l'. X1'1111-5, N. ll:1t1'h VI. Iirllogg. ROXY 2: NIV. XYiIki11sm1. zxclvisorg KI. K1-1-Ii11g, H. R11111IIc, KI. IJIXY, C. Kicttt-1' tl, St'IlIk'llSIik'l', ll. IIFIYUXYSIQI. I.. II:1II, .X. Sykt-s, KI. KI1llIZIlIgt'l'. II. NICLII'Ck'I'j'. RUXY .I I. S11':1111It, IJ. Nlo111't'. R. Ols, R. IIL'I1IlI, S. Ulfifki, Ii. I':1f1'k. XI. I71ww11ca. XI. I'11hh' II. II1'r11:1t. Xvw' 'I'h1 9 11.1 tx' I':1t1'1II, 1111111-1' tht s11p1-1'x'is- 11111 ul XII XX1II4111- 51111, IS UUIIIIIIIIIIIQ' :1 wh 11'h11'I1 IIlIil'S 11:1- llt'Ilt'l' '11 111 :1 t:1st 1111111l ,IIIII 1111 th 11:1t1'11I 1111-111I11-rs wt sw' 1- up '1 11-1'1' t'IIlCIt'lll x1':1lll1g us IIIIII t'Xt'I'Y 11111111111 IN XYUI. , U. hm. tm 1 1111111 1'tt11'11'11t '111cI 1111111111 :1I1h- S:1t'1-ly I':1t1mI. w. P. T. H. HSSISTHNTS :irc sc-icctcrl by Nlrs. Klum lfshiug' the Illtllllilij' I'.'l . 1 501141111 Uistfirt. I.:-ft to Right: R. .Xyzu's, S. Ulsiski. S. Drzigmi. .l. Shozlff, UI-'FICE HSSISTHNTS XvIlI'iHllS stuclcuts who h:u'c- frcc pt-i'iuds nrt- scl- vctwl to work in tht' officv :1s:1ssist.1utstw Mis. Kimi- hztrt. They do such things :ts run k'I'I'Zl!ltiS. typc.clelix'- or im-ssngcs tu stuclouts, :incl pass out umm hulk-- tius. .Ns in past years, the ufficv zlssistzmts have clinic :tu cfficiciit joh. ROXY l. I.. to R.: G, Kluuziugcr, E. Pohlc, C. Siniou: XY. Mt-rklc RUXX' 2: M, Perzy. S. Dragon, M. Kccliug, S. Olsiski. I.. In-cliku AX. lit-im. Page 58 Ihc P. I .,-X. ztssistziuts hurt to ztssist hc-r iu puh .X. Iiullctiu. This lhillctiu which is Calla-cl thc "lic-:L tml." is givcii tu L'X'Q'I'j ltfm 2 I. 1 x L1 '2 4? -1 1 C A 'l. A v -s . C LC 1 S Z 'l. -1 N -1 Z 1 Q ,1 'Q I J -v .. .1 l. .1 1 1 4 1 LJ 1 7 -X I. L1 x. ..1 .it L.. 'Z L1 1 J 4: 1 LC 'l. 1 Lf -1 , -1 1 L1 2 2 Q il L1 ': L1 E .J 1" X- .-1 1 L1 1- -x 'C 3.1 Z 1 .1 L1- N L-1 11 1.1 ..1 X- 1 1. L1 11 I 4 1, x. L V 1, 1 L1 1- 1f 1, K '1 I 2 '7 1 L- 1, ,1 1 1, ,.. Q-4 X-1 la IZ 1. l. J 11 F -: : : Q1 H A ': LJ 1,2 ,.1 1. L1 Z 'l. 1. Z 11 1- J ? idsgx QD" .Si A iii: gs- wr' Qfx sw - Q N. mx' 1 PT ,X ,.1 ..1 .4 4-1 l. 5-1 1.1 ..1 V ,.. 1, 'N 1' 1.1 ,.. L1 1 S- 1. .-1 Q 1 1.1 Q 'C nr, 1.1 1 . 1 -I 1, L1 L1 ..1 I C. I. 1 1 L- 11 11 11 1 L1 ,.. 11 Q, GIRLS' 1. ': LJ 7 I. , LJ ..1 L1 .J Z 1. I L1 1' ,1 1 ..1 L1 .1 .1 L 11 L- 1. .1 ,. 1 1 1 L- L L1 ,.1 1, 1, L1 J ..1 1 fu ,.1 1 ..1 L1 'l. I. .J ': 1. 11 1 ..1 ,.1 1.1 LJ ff L1 ATHLETICS ,.1 '1 1 1 ,.1 .1 A 1. 1 A I 1 L- 1.1 ,.1 I -1 .1 1.1 ,.1 L1 1 1-1 1.1 .1 :1 ..1 Q1 7, 1 -L ,..1 1 1 .LJ Q 'xl J, F' 3- 1.1 ,- ..1 ..1 .l, ,A ,. 1 Lg ,, - .- 1- 5' I ..1 : C1 3 '-: Q .. 7, .5 1. ,- .. ,- 'V l, 1, 3 1- TJ 1- H .1 X- 1. 1 g.. 1, :V I, L- 1 'r- : -L i' 1 .: .- 1 L1 - V : ..1 ., . 44:45 ii QI' 11-lf 51 AZ :Z- X -A :Q :Ig LC-1.1, .gf-.S Q A 'Q ,A nw, ?E15 -,7 1.2:-I 19,41 -M-: 3951: .:4-1: Ti? QM -Z. AJ .TQ :mv pu? --14. .,-- -NJ .1,': .zfxx lay,-! 91'- .ggz 421 1 iii ,STU ii-ZZ Ld .4 .ZA V ,- 'lif 31,23 .L .7 .J .i" '-if! aw ..., f-AZ 1 : SZ ',' 4-Eff ,,1 41:14 .L..b 01: ,J 7' I J .li Q '1 1' 7 A V L1 45 11 LC 1 1 2 'S il 11 1 l, L1 l. .J L: 7 L1 I. 11 2 1 I I if Tcl 9,1 L11 ..- .'l, J. LJ 1 Q3 14: -fr: fi-I : ,Lg 'f1 -f .X 14 ATS :jx Q 1,4 if ffl :C 1 .2 f, 41. 1 JV. , 1 :jx X X- ,L-11 '1f, .-'11 J. Eu ' u 35 3.4 k- I 1.1, 4: -1 3 -A 4:1- Ll 0.1. --..... SC! 'L-1 LC , .A 1.3 fi HL. Q22 gg. ,.,.: .-.Z 'S "V" ... 1 4: 'J 'l. SENIUR PLAY 1 1 , 1 1 1 111' ". . , . 1 . 1 Mm, ' fx 1 tl mwah 1xUXY 1: 17. 1'1c11111'icks. RUXY Z. 1.. to R.: 11. 11z11'11vs. C. 1'2lll1i1'111Z. X. i1111'. 11. 11111w1'11, 1 H1111 I L' 111 X. Cizllwl. ROXY .12 M. K11l11C1', 1.. N1k'11111111r. R112 1"1'11-111, 1111'1'1'1111'1 11., 1 1111 .11111, 11. 1,11111s, 5. 1Xvc1'111, 1'. 1.11g1111. f11'ct1'11'111 111111111'1v 1.11111c1 V111 1111111115' XX Il1'11l'1' 11115 1'.11x1111ct11 C1111 X11'f. 11111121111 11' 1.11110 1111- R111-11 .Xlcx k'11rl1'1'1't , , S11 1hU111L' 1 111' '1'11c 1 S 111 1 3 1111111-r 1111- 111r1-ct11111 111 Sl'1111lI' C11 sq . 175., Mr. 1i11y111111111 1"ric111, l11'C5Cl11l'C1 il t11rcc-11cl C111111-115' 1-11111111 ,1L'1l11 Carter 11111 11ll1'11L'5 .X111l1l Ci11111f1 1111 1.1101111111 K1clli11111w 11111111 1,Zl111il'1lI7 , 11111 Hulazck 1,1111 11c11111'ickf Roy 1.111115 1':1Zl111C 111'1I11ll1iL'F "'1'11c R11111 111 the 111111sC." CAST 131111111 111111111 -111111 5111111 ,111lX U'1J1111111'11 11111 1.11g1111 Kit 1i11gc1's Mary .X1i1-1- X11l11L'I' 1i111 111111015 N111113' 1,1111 H111' 1J111'11t11y S1l'W1ll'1 S111- .X11-1111 1,11'L'C101' 111111 l'1'1111111'1-1' R11y111111111 11'r11-111 15515111111 1J11'c1'111r X111111' 11111111111 Pgge 40 1 Lx I .lk it Ki s - .st tk Y xfgb Qgiwaig gag . 'K JUNIUB PLAY Wi ROXV 1, I.. to R.: S. Cliulincrs, J. I-lradncr, C. Simon, J. Pasck, L. Vzinck, M. Ruddy. N. Hutton. ROXY Z: J. Sushko, G. Honath, M. Krulik, M. Downes, D. Nj'Ill2ll1, l'. Recd, lx. llrnlizikcr, lu. lzdnlm. The junior play, under the direction of Miss Nancy Ross, presented Z1 mystery-comedy entitled "l"indcrs, Creepers." llcrculcs Nt-lson ., ...... ...... I 'aigc Recd XX'illsnr Nluxwvil lidson Brubaker lbzlpllnc Gail Iionatli flaindc .,,, ,Milan Kralik Cclcstc .. ..i':i2lillC Tzllzllmn ifliillliiil' ,, l.:lvcrnc Yzlnck .Xnnl Nillfj' Carol Simon tirznmy ,lim-.Niilic lirzuliwx' CAST lvllCiL' Holm .. . Henry ,, . ,, Harry Schuster Nladclinc Qniglcy , . jason 'l'. Quigley Dr. Ilrown , Ninn Qniglcy . ,, lJi1'cCtm' .... , ,,...,ji111l'.1sLlt ,, jcrry Szishku . .,,, Dave Nyinnn ,, Mzwcizl Dnwnus , Stan Lii1llilIlC!'S , R ox H utton ., ,, -M zirlvnu Ruddy iss Nancy Ross Page 41 J. V. CHEERLEADERS Left to Right: M. Raddy, M. Edgerton, R. Brandt, M. llorchert. These four cheerleaders, with newly-made uniforms, cheered the junior- varsity team throughout the season of basketball. The girls were enthusiastic to the fullest extent and really had the crowds jumping in the stands. C TEAM CHEERLEADERS The C team Cheerleaders in their new uniforms have been on hand to cheer on to victory the junior high teams. Girls from the seventh and eighth grades are chosen to he the C team cheerleaders. Left to Right: l.. l'ankratz, B. McCrcery, .X. SCll1llll1Cj'Cf. Page-42 X X N N xkx 'R X Ns N N Q NX NX x XXX . f I-'UUTBHLL Kohlcr, C. Stt-im-rt, l.. Rummcry, mgr.1 QX, Tcwksbury, statistitian. ROXY 2: Mr. Conrad. ass ti. l,l'7j'lly5,l1l7l'.Q'l. Shoaff. R. Hanacck. li. Yilhvock, C. Cy an. li. Schmidt. T, Kmitt, R. Sclm RUXV l, T.. to R.: l'. Averill. mgrq J. Mullcr. P. Cibulskas, V. .-Xlflcn. R. Malt-cha. F. Knczinclc, D t. Co: att-r. X11 u 7 y gi x S .. 1 's larrish. viacltg Mr. bush, asst. Coach. ROXY 3: T. IJCXYCYITI. C. lirvk, Ii. lfiuldho st. A 1 I D u t Lhllmtl Xl Kralilc. T. Stewart. H. lrzvbvs. ROW' 4: j. Locschcr, T. l"ashcmpom'. l. llcmko, R. Hutton. ll. Ruddt N. zit-tim, 1.. XYUlUXVll'L'. li. Mt-tit-Ulf, D. Kupfiiick. ' lt was hoped that thc' V353 football Season would be different, but thc :EIILIIICS lwtwecn Heights, Hay, and North Olmsted told the Story. The Bears lost in many a game by just one point, as their win-loss record Shows. The names Mr. Conrad and Mr. Parrish can go down in hiStory for thc womlcrful never-say-clic attitudes carried by them throughout the Season. This yt-ar Captain Frank Kuezinck, Mr. Conrad and Nr. Parrish strove to put forth good sportsmanship. All students of North Royalton High School wc-rc' proud of thc 1953 football team. Cuyaltoga Heights 7 North Royalton XYc'stlakc . S North Royalton Ray X lllZlQ'C 31 North Royalton llrccksvillv 7 North Royalton Brooklyn ...... 7 North Royalton North Olmstc-d ...l2 North Royaltoit Olmsted 1 s ...... ...., N orth Royalton Strongsvillt- 7 North Royaltou Page 44 Q . N """"""'. wg sw, 'Q " 1 M-M W... ' mppi-2sj..,gQ , ag ff If I 1 ,V Z? , J is ff , . ,I . 1462 V 3' I +-vgq-wwwqmwxfqg MNNNM . A 'Www sg. U1 -2 3. .ww sa, 43 f 'lin' if g w-W-vw bs'-1 . ,, 8 N-RFU' ,X N ".4:"N 9 Ji' v"""xx ..,, , 4. ' A.. . , ' S 'Q a 1 F' S f,...,.- .Q .. . . Q avi , Q' N - e ' ,Q BASKETBALL IQUXY I. I.. In R.: C. Stcincrt. I. SIm:xII', II. Ycvn-x'I4z1, II. CYIIIU, RUXY Z: ii. K1u'I1Iu. ' ' 1 V ' v 'UXYI X I'x1 Ill LI Mgr.: II. .Xy:u's. ID. Ixuhlcr, Im IXIICZIIICIQ. XX, Nlvrklu, Mgr. Ix .1 . , .-'gf Il. .X11IrIc, XIV. QAOIIYZHI, k'uzu'I13 I". YIIIWQWIQ. II. SL'I111L'11z1111:m. IUNIOR VARSITY .,NN,. 'FV C TEAM RUXY I, I.. to R.: .X. IIk'l'!SIl'l'SSUl'. R. IImx'c, 'I'. Dv- IQUXY I. I.. to R.: Mr. Ilufim. L'u:u'I1' I. I'IxicI. NI. XX'vrlIn. If Ilryk. R. Nlclzgur. Hr. SIUIIYC. L'w:wI1. I"L'L'IlIiU. I.. Smith. XY. Iimxcllxmrwlci, II. Ihwrclmcrt, 11. IUIXY li IJ. I'L'l'7j'. Mgr.: IQ. Ncflrling, R. .XuImlc. lf. SuI1cicIcggcl'. RUXY2 C. I!ccIw1'. II. IlI:1cI4. II, 'I'crr:u'0. X'iIIwm'I4, IQ. I"Imx'c1'f. Mgr. 'If I'42l5Ilk'1llI1U1ll'. Il. I'2lk'IlIiU. Page AI6 1X!11'1' 11l'1'Il1illlQ 1'11111 111 1111' 1111111111'1' 111 111115 111111 111551-5 111 11':1g'111- 111111. l1ll' 11115111 1-1111'1'- 1 U Y.. 1-11 1111- L 11111111 11 111111'11:111111111. 11llL'1' 1111'1'1'. 111111 111'1111111-11 51111 1111111111111111111 1131- 111111'111'111111111'1'. 111111111 111111' 11l'1l'2l11'11 1l11111Y:111K71' 111 11111 51'1111-11111115 Zlll11 1Kll' 11114 :11111g':1 11i'1g'1l15 111 111111111 1111-1' 11151 lll ll 1A1l1l'1X' 11111511 g1111111. 1:111l 1X1z11'5. 111111 51'1 1111' 511111111 1'1-1'111'11 1ll1' .14 111111115 SL'1ll'1'11 lll 111ll'Q'1lllll' lll 1llF blllll' 1111' Xl'1ll', 11'11 1111' XX 1151 1111111111 1.1'1lQllK' XX'll1l 2.14 111111115 lll 11'11Q111' Q':11111'5. 111111 '1151P 1'1111111'11 51-11111111 111 1111- 111511-1121 111111 ll 11111111114.11'1111111115. S1'X1'll St'lll1ll'S, 1111151 111- l1l1'lll 11111'1'11115 111 11151 51'1151111. 111111111154 1-11 l1lk' 111111111' 111111111Q 1111111-1'. 11ll'1'1l1l11 11l1' 111111-1' 11-11111 11111111- 111'1'5 XX'l'l'l' 1'11'1111'111115 lll 1111' 1111- llllil1 .X1llllllll 15. 11115111 g':11111- 111' 1111' 5L'11l'l'1P1 311111-12. 111-5111111511111' 11114 1111' 1l1ll1l1l'11Y 111 11111 5111511115 51'111'111Q 11'1'1'1' 131111 .X1':11'5 111111 234 111111115 111 1111' 1t'llQlll' g'11111115. 1,1111 11111111-1' 111111 IN. 1'1':11111 1Xll1'Xllll'1i XYl11l 1411. 111111 511111111 111111 711, 15111 X'l'Y1'l'1iIl 111111 37. 1lll11 1'7l'2lll1i 11111111114 111111 211, Bill Veverka Herb Crute Guard Guard Frank Knezinek jim Shoaff Guard Forward Chuck Steinert Bob Avars Guard Co-Captain Howard Schuenaman Don Kohler Center Co-Captain SEASON'S RECORD 1953-54 N111'111 1111111111111 411 X111'111 1l1111511'11 117 42 4111llN1K'l1 1711115 73 55 XX151111111- 112 115 11111 1111:1g1- 112 F11 .X1lllllll1 42 55 1X1'11111111'11 48 117 S11'111114511111' 48 43 I!1'1'1'1151'1l11- 35 112 X111'111 U1111511'11 75 115 U1111511'11 1:11115 118 71 1:1ly X11111lgL' Sl 111 1Y1'51111111' 58 11.1 1111111111111 52 .111 S11'1111g41'i111- .W -12 111'1'1'1151'1111' Sl Tournament 1-5 111111'111'11111'111'1' SN -15 1111'z11111g:1 111-1111115 -7 if BHSEBHLI. KN .X3 North N1 wrth North Xurth Xurth Xwrlh Nnrth A, . if X uf? K' gi l M .fx ,,, W Q 'X llll xx X xj ' .Av TRACK 111111 1, 1.. 111 11: 11. 1,1'7j'17j'5. 11. 1111111111, R. '11111S1Tl1, X, 1l'XY1ir11ll1'j'. ROW 2: 11. 1l1lll1, 11. 11:111:11'1-11, 15. Y111w111-14. LA. k4yg:111. Y. .X1111-11. 11.1111 1111'1-1- 11-111-1' 1111-11 1'1'111I'111I1g' 1111 1111- "5-1" 1I'Z1C1i s1-:1s1111. 1111Ill' 1-111' :111111111-1' g111111 s1-:151111 :11'1- 111 111-xx: 1111- 111Q'1111Q111 111 1111- s1-:1s1111 was 1111- 1'1-111'1-S1-11111111111 111 X111'111 1Q115'11111111 :11 1111- 51:111- '111'1lk'1i N11'l'1 111 c1'l1111111ll1S. 111111 111-x 1111111111 111111?11Zl11.111111'1'1111. .X1'1 '111-1x'11s11111'y 111 1111- 111111111-. 111111 111111 111-11111 111 1111- 311111 11111. Page 50 51111 51111. 1.. 111 11.2 .X. 11-w11f11111'x', X, .X11 1 1 , 11-11, R, 111111l111. 11. 11.111. 11. -11111 11 R.: .X. 11-1x'11s1111ry. X. .X11 1 1 1111. 11. 1111111111, 11. 11111 11 ju 1 1 1 . 1 is X Q N f f XX fx X X X X X XX YN X X N S XX? NNX.XXx X X X MN X S XXXQWXSX QW XX w xxx? XXNX y ..-- -'XY X XSE X N X XX X W WX XX x x MS' Q x qv X F Nav N X'-42 X i w '-ls. XX VIN Ekxxxixx Q X X xx Xsx X . X N -wx f xx YN X f x N AQ SX X X x X X xg X X X X xx XXX N X X NN X X f N X X ,f X Q X M N S 5 x XX XXX! S P -Qxxw is Y. 'N - .., :: X- E : X x X ,Q,A, N f X-IIEQS .::1 sE:ss2:ss:- N Q , 'X A "-'f1'2-:r: E:33Er3E:3EE:5531 f . A Q .,:::, x . s , A 1 my Q SA " x .KxK. xx, S X XS ...:,.l .., . X QS , R -N X Q X X N f x ".. NN 6 XX wx Q X XXxg:fe::as::ss::1 X .gi:fs::zs:1s::as::ss:fff"''A X A F , X sxx SS X .Q A X x xi SS , x ' X kix X ggx SENIOR SCIENCE AWARD Presented to The Outstanding Senior Student in Science BOYD GRUMBLING - 1952 BARBARA MORTON - 1952 MARY ANN NOVAK - 1953 ? - 1954 Presented By SPECTOGRAPHIC LABORATORY EQUIPMENT COMPANY MR. AND MRS. JOHN W. HEIM MR. AND MRS. RICHARD E. LEHNHARDT 5913 Royalton Road North Royulton, Ohio P s Compliments of AVERILL'S SELF-SERVE Our Meat Department Operated By FRED KARL-Formerly Kar1's Market BEacon 7-7300 NORTH ROYALTON Compliments of HARDWARE Full Line of Plumbing, Electrical and Hardware Supplies 6669 Royalton Road BEacon 7-4271 Royalton and State Roads MATTHEWS REALTY "Your Suburban Realtor" Notary Public - Financing - Insurance Large Enough to Serve You-Small Enough to Appreciate You North Royalton Center BEacon 7-3771 Page 53 SEARLES AND BASSETT Compliments of Air Conditioned Paved Parking Area Cadillac Invalid Coach Service M Gnd J State at Royalton Roads BEacon 7-3071 YORK DRIVE INN fRecently Enlargedl DINNERS - SANDWICHES SHAKES - MALTS - SOFT DRINKS Corner York and Pleasant Valley Vlctory 3-8191 K'F Compliments of Complete Auto Service THE VILLAGE BEAUTY SHOP State and Royalton Roads BEacon 7-7400 13872 Bennett Road BEacon 7-6575 Compliments of FENCL'S TOYS - GIFTS - CLOTHING 6675 Royalton Road BEacon 7-6571 Page 54 STAN'S STUDIO, INC. CLEVELAND'S LARGEST AND FINEST Photography Studio Specialists in WEDDING AND GRADUATION PICTURES At Prices You Can Afford Plenty of Parking Space in Rear of Building 3025 WEST 25fh STREET Phone: MAin I-7066 Page 5 5 Compliments of DRABlK'S RESTAURANT 7375 Royalton Road BEacon 7-6542 Compliments of THE BRECKSVILLE BANK JOSEPH JANIS, JEWELER Diamonds - Watches - Luggage - Jewelry "For the gifts you give with pride, Let your ieweler be your guide." 8920 Brecksville Road JAckson 6-7234 Brecksville, Ohio 12744 State Road BEacon 7-7460 ROYALTON IMPLEMENT SALES AND SERVICE International Harvester - Cub Tractors Refrigerator - Freezers Compliments of BROADVIEW BUS LINE Page 5 6 Best Wishes NORTH ROYALTON DAIRY QUEEN "Cone with the curl on top" 6981 Royalton Road Compliments of BRADNAN'S RECREATION CENTER 24 A.M.F. Automatic Pin Spotters 8 Billiard Tables The West Side's Largest and Finest Recreation Center Pearl Road at West I30th Street Telephone: BErea 4-4700 ROYAL view TAVERN RYBA 8' SON SOHIO SERVICE Fine Food - Fish Fries on Fridays Bane,-ies Und Repairs Corner Royalton and Ridge Corner Albion and West 130th Street Gas, Oil, Lubrication, Tires Page 57 I PARAGONS Engraving Done By The Cleveland Engraving Co., Inc. 310 Lakeside Avenue-Crown Building Phone: MAin l--1055 Cleveland, Ohio E. T. SAMUEL, Printers Weddings - Dances THE ROYAL FOUR MUSIC FOR ALL OCCASIONS Phone: BEucon 7-6870 li,i9 Lakeside Avenue Cleveland li, Ohio Pius S 8 IN THE YEARS TO COME In the years yet to come you will often turn to your Paragon. Instead of blurred memories, it will give you an indelible record of these happy days. Take good care of your Paragon. Tomorrow you will enioy it more than today. P R 0 D U C E R S MILK ICE CREAM Best of Luck to the Class of "54" THE CHEEK CONSTRUCTION CO. B U l L D E R 7215 Cady Road BEacon 7-6772 Good Luck, Seniors from CANTEEN Page 59 PHTBUN LIST Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Alflen Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ayars Mr. and Mrs. Carl Becker Breyley's Hilltop Service Mr. and Mrs. Richard Brubaker Mr and Mrs. Mathew Cheek Mr. and Mrs. George A. Cifranic Mr. and Mrs. Williain C. Donnet Ed and Lou's Barber Shop Mr. and Mrs. Michael Fechko Mr. and Mrs. George Fencl Mr. and Mrs. Edward E. Frank Glen's Barber Shop Mr. and Mrs. Emil Gurin Harry and Berny's Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Heim Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Jenks Mr. and Mrsi F. C Judson Mr and Mrs. George Klunzinger Mr and Mrs. Frank Knezinek Mr and Mrs XValter Kucharski Mr..and Mrs C. G. Kuchle Mr and Mrs. Joseph Majer Mr. and Mrs Herbert Malecha Page 60 Mr. and Mrs. T. T. Melcher Mr. and Mrs. VValter Merkle Miss Betty Feryn Morris Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr. Mr Mr Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs John E. Muller Emil Nelsen J. Olsiski Arthur L. Olson Edward J. Olson Stanley J. Pasek Louis Perzy R. Schuenaman Herman Schuster George Shoaff J. Clark Slavin V. Slick Ed Soika's Sunoco Service Station Mr. and Mrs. Mfixan cl M rs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. fun, Mr. and Mrs. VValter Steinert Edward C. Stepp T. J. Stewart A. E. Tewksbury Thompson Frank E. Toman Mrs. T. H. XYittliiT W Mr. and Mrs. John Zackel 1 1 i 1 I i 5 , 1 I 4 l i i I . n ng.-....,1.,,... Q

Suggestions in the North Royalton High School - Paragon Yearbook (North Royalton, OH) collection:

North Royalton High School - Paragon Yearbook (North Royalton, OH) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 7

1954, pg 7

North Royalton High School - Paragon Yearbook (North Royalton, OH) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 51

1954, pg 51

North Royalton High School - Paragon Yearbook (North Royalton, OH) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 51

1954, pg 51

North Royalton High School - Paragon Yearbook (North Royalton, OH) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 9

1954, pg 9

North Royalton High School - Paragon Yearbook (North Royalton, OH) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 67

1954, pg 67

North Royalton High School - Paragon Yearbook (North Royalton, OH) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 41

1954, pg 41

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