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1 A v 1 5 i E E s 2 3 E E 5 2 s 5 E 5 s 5 1 S X Q Q s I E 2 5 K 3 E s I E e Z 2 5 2 i S F a i v S . M Mm M M' VNA1Vlx1.:fv.'ixvrurifFx-1'J I' Aff-Mf'L4rV'f.i.-riwl L,4fLl'11rrM1A4v9f l11:'VfHb1fv tvnvtzh'-yr uf-.Wlx'mrM' umm' ylfufw' lvl unfit M ,r VSV! V1 :ffl rl' M r .4 J w n J 4 f . f ,, f r 1 - P . U , W f 1 I 4, n 1 Q L I r r v4 1 . . a .. 1 I e I . . I, f v F r I u , w I L . P r mf.,fM,1,.1nM.wm.f.,.,.M m,.KM.M M Wy- Mywmnym -,m1my1MW,,.f. -f.,.yL,fy.m Y. ,Wm W-,H X.-,.,fm1.,.,.,n uf M .,L,m,m ,nm yl H wwf, ww uf.,- 1. x.,-. .4 .rm .W -V 1 F ri w . f ,.+ gym 299' ANNIVERSARY OF NORTH ROSE CENTRAL SCHOOL 0 - ,N S 0 i . 'YJ G"J' db 4 I I i I - THE SENIOR CLASS PROUDLY PRESENTS ,a,,1955f X .ix - Q' R? A an , Z, 4 Lx K A wx? M 'Y Ai 'buf N g 1 kv , 4 -+A S 1. "F .4 'iff fx X fx M 11' 'M' ' -uw , 2 W . , 13 N U r. - W A,:, ----- ' S 3 'vm M-f""" ' ' , t , F v 5 1 QL S 5? , . , X., I ,,,, I A 7A,:sffU- , .. .M-""""w EX M 'M K 43 fx ' A , Wm . wk Ng, W4 55245, L'., A S X KH G A4 ,LW ,ZW Nik , ..., 1 -ya 4 W' 35' mf' FV . yy' E A UT X2 IQ 2 " S K x - wg. Lk wx ' f :'1 2 xi m N WARREN L. EDWARDS, Principal 1906-1941 - PAUL J. EDINGER, Principal 1941 We, the Class of "SS", on the 25th Anniversary of our school, respectfully dedicate this edition of the North Rose Rambler to Warren L. Edwards and to Paul J. Edinger, in honor of their ser- vices to our school and community. Over a period of 25 years, these two men have supervised our school with the objective in mind of improving the school, raising its standard of education, and helping the students to make the right choices and take part in community affairs. The principal of a high school has one of the most important jobs in a community, for he is helping to shape the lives of the future citizens of America. We, the Class of "53", express to you, Mr. Edwards and Mr. Edinger, our heartfelt thanks. May you both have many pleasant and happy memories of our school life at N. R. C. S. 155 .Ak -I- 15ii,f3ENlVER Aley "we ARE PROUD" W These walls are precious: Thrilling, happy memories of those priceless, golden days- A hard-fought game, a rousing cheer, and scintillating plays, Boys and girls in classrooms have prepared for their vocation, Many of them have made us proud, after graduation. The laughter and the singing of our merry boys and girls, Fun-loving, carefree boys, and little girls with curls, Loyal sons and daughters cherish memories of the past, 'I'hey'll not forget N. R. C. S. as long as life shall last. These walls speak volumes: Here many students Ieamed the rules, Recited many lessons, and used their many tools, Boys whispered tender words of love a heap, Which made the waiting heart of many girls to leap, Teachers taught their boys and girls to rightly live And of their very best in all of life to give, Mr. Edwards and Mr. Edinger toiled each day of school To teach all our children to observe the Golden Rule. These walls belong to us: "OUR ALMA MATER", strong and staunch it stands, The work of many loving hearts and faithful hands, Each student and each teacher who's a part of North Rose High Will fervently and proudly "Raise her praises to the sky"- The years may come, new lessons learned each day But, "Memories of thee shall linger in our hearts for aye". Parents, Teachers, Friends, we appreciate all that you have done- We offer you our heartfelt thanks, God bless you everyone. Y Celia E. French fClass of '32J EDUCATION IS AN INVESTMENT The citizens of our community have a sense of pride and accomplishment when they look at this well-cared for school building and campus. The greatest contribution which our school has made within the last 25 years of its progress has been apparent in the lives of those boys and girls who have attended our school during the last quarter of a century. We can make no greater investment than in the lives of the boys andugirls of our com- munity. Education is an investment in Democracy, it guarantees the American Way .of Life. The boys and girls in our schools are the nation's best hope against insecurity, and against Communistic aggression. Our nation must be strong-strong enough to resist anything which would destroy our national freedom, or our individual liberty. Let us preserve these freedoms, and with God's help determine that America shall always continue to be "The land of the free, and the home of the brave". 4 ADMINISTRATION L. to R.: Seth Oaks, Helen Welkley, Warren Baldridge, Prcs.g Raymond McQueen, Gilman Marshall, Cecil Champlin, Lloyd Gowers. BOARD OF EDUCATIC Many are the long hours which our Board Members have donated so generously in trying to improve every part of our educational system. In every situation we feel that they have worked and are working for the very best interests of the students, the teachers, and the community. The greatest contribution which our school has made within the last 25 years of its progress has been apparent in the lives of the boys and girls, who have gone from the halls of our Alma Mater to serve in their community, their country, and their world of today. We deeply appreciate the work of our Board Members, and feel with them that no greater investment can be made than in the lives of the boys and girls of our community. Education is an investment in Democracy, and it guarantees the future of our Freedom,-our American Way of Life. 6 MARlAN GOODSELL Clerk ofthe Board and School Secretary We appreciate you, Marian, and all the many things which you so willingly do for each one of us. Your happy smile, and your constant cheerfulness have combined to make our school days much happier ones. Our wish for you is that you will achieve success in all you undertake and that you will be happy always. Row I, L. Lo R.: G. Amyot, L. Verbridge, P. Edinger, F. Knapp, R. Bailey. Row xii X s we sw f n HIGH SCHOOL 2: J. Lyon, C. French, L. Miner, S. Serviss, F. Finch. Row 3: D. Gregory, D. MacGregor, D. Van Wagenen, W. Paddock, C. Gillette, C. Rouke. FACULTY As we, the Class of '53, depart from the halls of our Alma Mater, we know now, that every year we live, we will be grateful for your counsel and influence in helping to properly direct the course of our lives. We thank you for your cooperation in everything which we, as a class or as individuals, have set out to accom- plish, and your help in making it possible for us to attain our goal. We consider it a privilege to be able to work under the guidance of such competent and friendly teachers as those we have in N. R. C. S. Dear Teachers: Your Students Sow 5, gzhlf.: L. Waldron, G. Hunthp. PCEIICI, F. Durbin, Marsh, N. Crane. ,R. ,. ,. Mgzllister, Sfiikodelhlfllif Flatifallihgaynl. lgnor, J Klse ou L Gage E F ' 1 K VNS qfx New .HQ "TEES ...K 3 K F- JANITORS l.. to R.: Steve Boyer, Arthur Maunder. MAINTENANCE STAFF TO "STEVE" AND "ART"- We say thank you for your friendliness and your constant willingness to help. It is through your efforts that our building is kept clean and comfortable. TO OUR BUS DRIVERS- We express our sincerest gratitude. Each day you have guided us safely to and from our Alma Mater. We appreciate you, your friendliness, and your thoughtfulness of each child in your care. TO OUR GOOD COOKS- We say many thanks for the warm, tasty lunches which were served throughout the year. We appreciate your helpfulness and the nourishing meals which you have pre- pared for us. BUS DRIVERS CAFETERIA STAFF L. to R.: Mrs. Lloyd Gowers, Mrs. Arthur Goodsell, Mrs. Florence Knapp, Mrs. Raymond MacDougall, Mrs. Cecil Clingermau. 8 L. to R.: C. Briggs, E. llorn, Fitch, D. Streeter, L. Richardson CLASSES DONALD MILLS SHIRLEY SMITH RUTH STATES President Vice-President Secretary "You cannot put the same "What's yours is mine, and "True love is the ripe fruit shoe on every foot." what's mine is yours." of a lifetime." v.5"R CLASS qi DONALD VanWAGENEN WESLEY PADDOCK Advisor Advisor "A great mind conceives "And who but feels that the greatest things." half the joy is in the race." RONALD KALBFLEISCH Treasurer "Her stature-Lallg I hate a dumpy woman." l N I0 THOMAS FULLER Student Council Representative "There is merit without elevation, but there is no elevation without some merit." OF I953 CHARLES DeVAY "Emotion is the spark plug that gets action." ll KATHRYN MIRAGLIA Student Council Representative LEONARD HUMBERT "This above all-to thine "Lock all your troubles in own self be true." a big strong box, and then sit on the lid and laugh." s P' R A Y P-NNWER v VIRGINIA BASTIAN THEODORE GARRISON "What a man is,-so you "Don't give up afore the must humor him." ship goes down." TERRY HALL "Never change when love has found its home." WONNEKEN PIESBERGEN NOTE: Wonneken is an Ex- change Student from Gronau, Germany. "America, l love you,-the Land ofthe Free." RICHARD KISE "He was the mildcst man- nered man that ever scultled ship or cut a throat." CLASS . E R 5 A aj A N N X N I WILLIAM BULMER ANN BARNABA "Even good men like to "1 hope beyond the shadow make the public stared' of a dream." LLOYD DURHAM "lt is the mind that makes the man, and our vigor is in our immortal soul." 12 ISABE LLE MORGAN "The road to success is not paved smooth." OF I953 JAMES LaVALLEY flames will complete the requirements for graduation in January, 19541. "All is fish that cometh to ner." 13 ADA SIGEL "For every why there must be a because." THE LMA JOHNSON lThelma transferred to a school in Florida last Novem- berl "Wear a smile although you feel like frowningf' CALVIN BRIGGS "May I ask a question?" 2 NNV R ANN PIRIWITZ fAnn left in December, and is living in Californial. "The greatest curse that a man can labor under is the witchcraft of a woman's eye." 1?-f SENIOR SCOOPS NAME Kay Wonneli Ann B. Ginny Bugsy Terry Bill Smitty Ruthie Ada Izzy Tom Don Ted Ann P. Dick Cob Chuckles Leonard Lloyd jim Cookie Mr. Paddock Mr. VanWagenen HOP ES TO BE Housewife Successful Happy-always Married Man Mechanic College Prof. Nurse Housewife Bookkeeper Married Game Warden State Trooper Sailor Married A. P. Lawyer Ford Dealer Teacher Farmer Sailor Married Successful Successful ALWAYS FOUND Smiling Making Speeches Dreaming With Bob Out too late Where he shouldn't be Bragging Winking With Eddie In Lyons With Bill Arguing Wolcott Soda Grill Parking Flirting Sleeping Wayne Center Studying Kitchen Swimming Reading Coaching Debating FAVORITE SAYING Holy Cow! Oh, Boy! Oh, Gee! Holy Toledo! You know what I mean Really? Beat it That's a nice jeepers Me don't know Is that so? So what? Wait awhile That's the truth Good Lord! What do ya mean? I guess so Well, anyways! Good Heavens I don't know Darn For gosh sakes I told you What do ya mean? 14 Tb PET PEEVE Time Lipstick Showoffs Pests Rules Ag Ann B. Lima Beans Vulgar lan- guage Baby Sitting Doing Dishes Walking girls home Shaving Kelly Sisters Pick-ups Teachers Skidding Lazy People ' 'Queers " Carp Dick Kise N. R. C. S. Athletes Malnutrition BIGGEST CRUSH Chuck America Vince Bob's Mercury His Ol' Car Basketball Alice Marvin Ed Boys Bill Hunting Joyce "Georgi Miller" Millard Hazel ' 'Bobbie" Kay Ag Alice His Muscles ' 'Willie" llpegh "Billie" -1 A bbs fs ,X t S S . . t is spas Row 1, L. lo R.: J. Rose, O. VanSteen, S. McQueen, L. Catchpole, C. Catchpole, L. Jewell, T. Gillette, A. Norris. Row 2: Mr. Gregory, G. DeVay, M. Price, C. Poole, E. Akins, B. Clingerman, R. Bastian, S. l.aValley, Miss French. Row 3: P. Dickinson, R. Austin, R. Riggs, S. Spencer, M. Skutt, P. Kise, C. Wig- field, S. Knox. Row 4: A. Avery, D. Hartley, W. Peck, E. Briggs, L. Frazer, M. Harper. The Juniors began a busy year with a round and square dance with music by the Rhythm Rangers. ln November our very successful sale of Christmas candy commenced. The day before Christmas vacation we enjoyed a party in our room. We had a grab bag, and delicious refreshments. On February 6, twenty-nine "Jolly Juniors" re- ceived their long awaited class rings. March was another month filled with activities. On the 20th, we had a St. Pat's Dance, with music furnished by Ken Malcolm and his orchestra. We also started selling candy at Easter time. On April 1 we had a dinner at Matteson's Restaurant, followed by a party at school. This month also marked the taking over of the candy store and the sale of the popcorn. The "Jolly Juniors" truly had a busy but a very en- joyable year that will be long remembered as a happy part of our school life. 15 C ASS OF I954 Charles Catchpole President Loa Jane Jewell Vice-President Lynda Ch tc hpole Secretary Suzanne McQueen Treas urer D. Hartley, P. Dickinson, S. McQueen Student Council Representatives Celia French, Don Gregory Advisors Row I, L. to R.: johnson, B. Patchen, G. Fuller, M. Gillette, T. Hickey, R. Noyes, M. Anthony, G. Bamaba. Row 2: Mr. Amyot, M. McDougall, A. Young, J. Salerno, J. Kershaw, D. johnson, N. Doolittle, L. Clingerman, M. Case, Miss Vcrbridge. Row 3: L. Clingerman, G. Loveless, W. Davis, E. Berry, S. Caldwell, E. Catlin, L. Lipshitz, T. Barnes, N. Jewell. Row 4: R. Matteson, Snyder, D. Bitter, D. jay, M. Lee, B. Berry, M. Chapin, B. Rose. Row 5: G. Riggs, C. Prober, E. Champlin, D. McMahon, C. Davenport. -ff? F ,,' ,L, Y 5-:' XX? K i -sf""fl4,.Qf 1 IIO5 'Q Row 1, L. to R.: D. Pitcher, T. Darling, M. Horton, E. Harrison, W. Dickinson, D. Gillette, C. Knapp, N Moore. Row 2: Mr. Bailey, G. Miraglia, L. jones, Hickey, Bastian, R. Hall, C. McQueen, C. Clingcr- man, C. Sigel, Miss Lyon. Row 3: H. Godkin, C. Morgan, C. Finch, G. Avery, O. Shipley, L. Drury, A. Drury, D. Smith, N. Lee. Row 4: L. Poole, L. Streeter, Price, C. Clingerman, F. DeWind, ll. Frazer, G Russell, D. Frazer. 16 X E s iws Q Q0 sk 3 Aw sv Q sw 'B ,R f. 3. 'I' 4 ,Q Q.. V 133, ig: A1 A 5 'w , Q . Ly V sary ,R I L mi .3 Q . is QM M if W SM, sg? , K 3: 35? ffm 7 Ai . W "' -'fi H . 'M Y. X . A+ N X 1 Ap A 1 1,, , lv 2 7 AX M K V , X -K 44 -fflw ' Vzrb , K A f A . if Q. Q , e " , QW , gf mg We X ' U f 5 .4 K gg, , . ..,-- Q if ' W f iii L .lx rn L 7 .K ,g , f xi' ff -. ' 7 . g Q . , fi X hes. , 'W . ' , K '15 S I 4 n' Q is S Q! A ,' . :E g ix X iillggi ' f ' puma' ' I .' "hifi f ' t ' ' ISL , .n , ' L mi, ' 529 ,gf J . 'n, 'ww I 1 k A , ' . , up .Alf ,, ,. ' an 1 Maw Q ' mr., V?- ,' A ,si 11"-" 'A . f,"s ' , , ' 1 nL."u- 5 .M ,. A f'S"1q F- 2-1" . f: v-i,., , ,W w A V QQJMQVUV Lg . .3 an .I t Q 4 - Wig!-' J 1' I I ,X f' . J ,. 1 Q - 'A ""d A B - H+ we Q- 3 3 mm.L 5 UQ' ff ' Q' , an ,sh ,gf ' s gs J .f Q A . , QM' " W 'jf--K N-1'1 I ' 1, - A A J 3 ' NA in L Q 9 N 5 5. , r" 1 'Ny 5 gi L 'J' 335 , X Ai an Q32 ,gf , Q ,S EE vs M sy- is If Qf D wi? as A ggi A KAV, was M 4 E Q ., 3' - 1. " 9 Q Q Q32 f gi QM ' ,N,, 4 - 5. W Q Y Q N . S3 Q' Q if PR. ,JB Qu'p"k E rrp!! 1 gg Na:-' is A L :sf 3. f' 311 -S w t,E'w5f'fx,g ' 4, Q? nf ,-,,. : Q 3 f-M' ,vs T Q N 1 M fa fy 'S 'W' ffXS'155i'- ,3 af in an 3,-f' . , , QE sf' 4,9 gf j' K5 - , - J. gf' K H' Kkgp Y? R , ,,. K J gk 'Q ,L Y . lv fv ,x 4 K t M , 0 Wei 'ro n. An... 1, 1- 1.. R.: R. smith, A. M. Adams, P. Nmith, ll. Volhurn, G. Rising, I.. Bliss. Rau' , A 'J I . A. johnson, N. Rzurmgc, I.. Altlrich, ll. S N Il 1 l Smith I 'I 3 A Avon, M. Paso, 'l'. Ilrnmles, Cf. Powell D. Kvlli-5, Nlrs. Mzxrslmll, lwuwlwr. .?' Y A. M. KINDERGARTEN L? if an rown, .. harrison. ho . . , L. . .fl Ron 1, I.. to R.: D. Taft, M. Madigan, J ortcr, lf. A. Harbor. Rim fi: C. Horton: R J NI. Spaulc, Smith, Mrs. lflatr, Te'm'fu'r. A. M. KINDERGARTEN P. M. KINDERGARTEN Row 1, L. I0 R..' P. Burley, S. McGall, P. Richardson, S. Koenig, M. Briggs, I.. Van Kouwenherg, M. Young. R ,o. ' . ' - - rm .., lx. Bastian, S. Creech, I-. Terhune, R. Caves, M. Webber, A. Dickens, L. McQueen, L. Sharrow Mrs. Flatt, T.f'ur'hr'r. . ,K 615 3 . films Iiollicr, R. llazlc-tt, A. M. johnson. R011 2: C. Reid, lf. llissctt, l.. Guthrie, IJ. Coonroal M. fall-s, F. Robinson, M. Milan, I. A. Milan, if. QQ 'F :ggi 5' 5 f iff? 1 A .A h A ggi , E ' ,',: f wi! , 1. X Q ' w 1. fr Lv! 1 ,' 1' 'g f ' ,, fp M V M- .. f W K ' Q ', I 'Y W .,.. V' ' V x K P9 , V 'QT 14115 D A Q if1l' - 554 'X' X x 1 f ,1 rm is, A X R 5. S, B gf E . c Q j 5 Q. s !+ nv '. 2, ' X w I X A, ti., .. lyn Q? 2 ll- M C 'J 'ff'-vu S JS 4 -, I 4 2 Q. ,aid . K ' ' :Nh .dig 'Nu-v L. F! 2 ' v 1 ir ax v Al? 3 sr ,., .H I Ji? 5. My X K ,ww I Q ' 0 25519 ' , , 1 M Q W, ,ggi 5 If S 7,4t,:h ' ,W I VI-,kb LL b KN ' lux" H v xg.." .. xx! A 'M .W wg-K 5' 'M , I .. E' Wx ,..., W , N Z," W P SQ .Www V Tuff H , ACTIVITIES Seated, L. to R.: C. DeVay, S. Smith, V. Bastian, W. Bulmer, I. Morgan, A. Sigel. Standing: T. Fuller, Miss French, A. Barnaba, L. Durham. THE I953 RAMBLER STAFF The members of the yearbook staff would like to express their gratitude to the students and teachers who through their assistance have made this yearbook possible. Your cooperation and willingness to work together has made the work seem much easier in addition to improving the year- book. The '53 Rambler has evolved from an idea to a reality only through the efforts of everyone who has contributed to the construction of this yearbook. As a class, we would like to thank you. The officers of the '53 Rambler are: Editor-in-Chief, William Bulmerg Business Manager, Thomas F ullerg Advertising Manager, Charles DeVayg Circulation Manager, Lloyd Durham, Art Editor, Ann Pirwitzg Sports Editor, Ronnie Kalbfleischg Activity Editor, Isabelle Morgan, Photography Editor, Shirley Smith, Typist, Ada Sigel, Associate Editors, Kay Miraglia and Virginia Bastian, Advisor, Misa French. 24 TUDE T CGUNCIL President . . . . . . Donald Hartley Vice-President . . . . Thomas Hickey Secretary ................. . ........ . ..... . . . . . . Ruth States Treasurer . . . . . . ............................. Paul Dickinson The Student Council began a busy year with the Campaign and Election of officers for the school year. The first activity sponsored by the Council was the Halloween party. Then came the Christ- mas Tea, with the soft music, the candlelight, which proved to be a most pleasant occasion. This year we continued to sell Savings Stampsg this project was successful. Again we celebrated Poor Riclmrd's Day, and some of the old costumes worn by both teachers and students were humor- ous, as well as pathetic. ln May we sponsored the Honor Banquet which was well attended. The Annual Prom was a gala occasion, and festive with all the gay ribbons and flowers. The selection of the King and Queen was a time of excitement and frm for all. The Devotions this year were sponsored by the Council, each of the high school classes being responsible for programs throughout the year. One of the most enjoyable occasions of the year was a surprise party planned for Mr. Edinger. We closed our busy year with the planning of the annual school picnics. We had a busy, but a profitable and successful year working together for the improvement of our school functions. Row 1, L. no R.: M. Clingerman, P. Dickinson, D. Hartley, R. States, T. Hickey, L. Powell. Row 2: 1. Hickey, D. Colburn, L. Bliss, J. Hickey, C. Sigel, Miss Finch. Row 3: Mr. Bailey, K. Miraglia, N. Jewell, S. McQueen, P. Meyer, E. Harrison. Row 4: L. Clingerman, T. Fuller, D. Mills, C. Catchpole. 3 mf... C. M... , 'Q 6 -Q . cz? H? 'Q ai +- I X WSW' ,i.... gs was ss' Q-ww LIBRARY LUB President . . . . . . Leonard Humbert Vice-President . . ............ . . . . Marilyn Skutt Secretary ....... . . . . . . . . . ...... Nancy Moore Membership in Library Club means one work period besides a regular meeting each week. Routine desk assignments, processing new books, organizing displays and exhibits are some of the responsibilities. Activities include the Book Week Tea, help with grade assemblies, Open House at the Anniversary, sending a CARE k field trip. pac age of books and a . ' l ti Row 1. Seated. L' to R" D' G11 e et Pres.. Sec.. L' Humbgs, . Row ggzsllfice-Pgsgsihamng, Wig' 2: Miss lllciilikon .L. Clinsefmlw' C' f- ld - ' , - M. Hofwn' S' aiqueen, Row 3- C ldwell T. Knox, A. Dr-Irv, 5' ' ' Duling- ART CLUB .wi I, Standing, L. to R.: E. Briggs, B. Patches, Mrs. Marshall, D. Smith, F Slate, A. Pirwitz, M. Gillette. Absent: M. Martin. 26 . x mrs' A 1 X . ,i.f,S-EE 35 F kk , A , M ,Q A ix x QQ.. xx X x.,. . ' 'N Y wx' 5, X X . News K u 2 Q5 ,Q s fx S ,L f m -it Y . x N KX X Q Y ., M, N Q k -X15-A7"'!:f?S5X??f A'ffS3?Q'x9.wx' A 'ii-JXE 'Q r X L. : M g Nm- U wwf -N wwf- + X W is M , V Y K gf- - : ' -'EQ 2 1 A XSS 'X A .. . , E Q A -Ai he ,f K . EQ, M A X' - V --Q m rew wi! Q X f -'N -W A 'H ' v w , 2 ,gs Q S S QRS . Q: Q wx f, xx x ,xxsnsm 5 xx, .k.. sswawxm ks! - it .,,' 'us mv , gnu i Snwvfi , 1 if ff! f K was Fw vs zilz '33 . Q if W ,.x. ,W YW - 'if . if-. U , 4. '-Q si. ,-. -W 2: Q9 -e qu . KPK .. V Liv? .Asp- A X, x ESS W W . X . ' x swf, N 85 3 fs Mfg? egg XA T fa: :" gif YQ xi? Q' is :N IFJ?-' . 1-is X Sk , M .K 3 NORTH ROSE CHAPTER We hm Wil, gk 5 I 1- I1 . CHOIR GIRLS' TRIPLE TRIO L. to R.: N. Doolittle, S. Smith, T. Gillette, E. Cntlin L. Jewell, R. States, N. Jewell, V. Bastian, K. Mira glin, Director, Miss Verbridge. . , -. K " vw. , , ,. if 551 -I, me Row 1, L. to R.: M. Gillette, M. Horton, S. Knox, E. Catlin, S. McQueen, Miss Verbridge, V. Bastian, K. Miraglin, M. Anthony, D. Gillette. Row 2: B. Patchen, N. Moore, E. Akins, T. Gillette, E. Harrison, G. DeVny, M. McDougall, S. Smith, S. LnVa.lley, N. Doolittle, L. Clingerman. Row 3: L. Drury, L. Jewell, W. Piesbergen, M. Chapin, B. Rose, S. Spencer, L. Catchpole, N. Jewell, P. Kise, C. Clingermnn, R. States. Row 4: J. Hickey, L. Frazer, L. Streeter, A. Pirwitz, M. Skutt, A. Avery, C. Catchpole, T. Garrison. Row 5: W. Didrinson, J. Snyder, W. Peck, D. McMahon, D. Hartley, L. Poole, L. Clingerman. 28 x Y ex ,, Q X, I K sw Q: X A Vi? .Q gp-K-as . . Q 5.iag '4+m K , .J x yi FK. NK "' Vx. S ,, AW is x X Y xx Q. :LN if K3 Q-. W5 Q Q ix 33 K K H J ax XS 1 X 1.-L X- 9 I on F' '-:WP Q YS , N N 7. X 465134 ,w"',Qf:?g P5 ,,v,.,,.,,, .,.. . A W. - .z 3 iffy Q-14 eww 'Ing xg MQW K hi?',5.:133??ll z XEKQ V. QQ: Q ,, ig ng, ,wg f A X' M 'h In W1' 4 Mlm' 40 U 0 A f- . vw -avg, g..- M.. ,... ...,...- -W..U..........-' uw g 'S' su, P WQLKPR JW? 5 Q X, ,Q f.,, . zz ' , 4 tp, 41 is 1 ATHLETICS E R The 1952 season proved to be a successful one for the N.R.C.S. Booters. The soccer squad gave all opposing teams a good scrap, while capturing the Wayne County C Cham- pionship. At the end of the regulation season North Rose and Red Creek were tied for the top in the C league. ln the play-off game, however, the N.R.C.S. kickers downed the Red Creek squad 5-0. This win enabled the squad to enter the Section 5 tournament against Bloomfield at Williamson. The North Rose team was defeated by Bloomfield 4-1, thus ending the soccer season. Well done, boys!! E .+A -H ef' 1 Z. si 0' Z U are ar. a if 1.5 4-out Q1 Qi agp. f'? .JK LQ Al? it 4' R010 1. L- iq K.-' L- Catchpole, R. Austin, C. DeVay, D. Hartley, R. Kalbfleisch, G. Avery. Row 25 MI- Amyot,.j. Price, P. Dickinson, L. Clingerman, A. Avery, C. Finch, I. Andrews. Row 3: R. Matteson, E. Champlxn, W. Bulmer, C. Clingerman, L. Poolg, VG L L B L L Standing, L. to R.: C. Catchpole, D. Hartley, Coach Paddock, C. DeVay, R. Kise. Kneeling: E. Champlin, D. McMahon, R. Kalbfleisch, W. Bulmer. l . .. , : nr 4 u f 1 Nu X .. ,G . I S Q 5 2' QS .xt In ' Q it I in 'QQ An ksiif li L4 ux1s1v41u 1 W qw! awhflwe adn f This year's JV's showed a big improvement over last year's record, with 7 wins and 9 defeats, as compared to 3 wins and 13 defeats last season. Although there were some stand outs, the stress seemed to be on good team play. One of the teams most heartbreaking defeats was their overtime loss to William- son, one of the top IV teams in the league. One of their most heartening wins, however, was their sensational victory over Clyde's JV team. Congratulations boys!!! Row I L to R Roger Bastian, Managerg L. Poole, D. McMahon, E. Champlin, D. jay, Ass't. Manager, Keith Avery Row 2 I Hickey, C Finch, G. Fuller, T. Hickey, H. McMahon, Coach Paddock. fm.. . In K.: l'. lfullvr, f . IM-Y.1y,1'. f-Ll!4'llP0ll', 'l'. Hull, 'l'. llirkc-y L lnson 1 oath Pmimlock. Hmr 2: ki. lnvelr-ss, Ci. l'lif1,kLC'l'IIlklll, ll. liittvr usszll l btrcctct, llirkvy, R. Hall, R. Bastian. Rm: 9: U. Akinx, W u nur A wflcisvh, lf. l,humplin, in Uvwintl, ll. N1cN1ah0n, ll. ll1ll'flC'y, A in sign., W LW S., g .., . X Qbxyn X' umm AA X Vw' A . f 'A Q ,!,,2 a L54 , 'S YR 4 Q 5 A . R aw 'Q i ikmga ig , . A Tiff. 9 1 1' n-'T 9' -FT5' raxst ev- 73 Q 'g ' Q Q-M549 E iv '. 1 " 1 1' ,N f A Q ?. Q? A! 3' ig 5 9 Q 5 '1 u u 1.1 ! El' 4. . Q , . k E!!- ? I 11, 'E ' -2 g 1 ,3 x.:,, 'V' ,J A N3 I ? XX i A535 - S X Y S l ' Q is , Remed1a1 Class - Mrs. Marsh, Teacher V lst W . "Smitty" Swimming in Jan. , .. AQAN W A xi mu, . U Q.- yy, 1 fl' I " . fuiyjfk... V f Qwflxbm- ,Q Q X pn 1 swf' vis X , Tgpiy 4 - X H-eff A a , 1 Q,- ,NX X xp. , .. 1-f Q- 4 Xaxfxk X'3gv-""wQ - -QQYS !LA,,gfg , Barnaba Gals -Biig Q Thelma f . ,,:3,Qh. gk' V. V swag, ..,x. w 1 x A 5 YP 2 Q 4 A 4 A my - . Y W wwf. X K g . 3wf4'fftk.T:EfXf" " ' ' My ' Lg K xv SCHUCL . S ATIC MARCH l9 27 Norma nose cesrnm. scnooi.: FEBRUARY V928 .,,i,,,,,,. , Q: 4 cosuensrous F o n N sw ' . mu Dr. Graves Gwes ,f-" O For so many years, "a new school bonsai.. l',?2t?e2?,mL?5,m?"1i?at 'ii ff - 22212, an r. Q., a d,e.,m.m. soo ATTEND Exsnclsss HELD IN Aum. true to be able to see the building R M n actual rocess of erection. And l 9 now the cornerstone ls laid. da evening, January 18, were held 4 in the school auditorium, Wednes- Wlthln the cornerstone has been y placed a copper box which 00918-1115 the dedicatory exercises of the new ?1Dzh:'1gft1umlZi"ge afffggfg building for the Central Rural Dis- :fve been mam, mmmmc sbecma, trict. The auditorium was filled to mms when Wm that box some to its capacity, with interested friends ugm' again? was win srigvin who Qgfgnlgigfsl, The Pfugfam fo' We ., . - . Yiznvotozee uwtlllcc:-::,Sngi'Q rr:-iv 85:3 lriusic ... .... -... High Schoog0rcl11estra they feel about these bits of 111509 nvocougxa """""" ev' Bssup mation we have enclosed tor them? 1, L O K was o. d ioofoa d K ll isa sliould noe be read for that " ' u S' Efiejgassm 01 oo' o hun re years-t may ess y 4, . gg'-ggr-gysg, s0f,g,,gf,, 13:62, 22 "'s'gzs,fiL??05"2?"E2Ze Ch" cuyituifai Simson win ioseiygor- ifce,P'auce Offguisgusoffeouigcuf ohards still cover our holds, or will 'umoxaagggs gr FoPooGmf'ise" 1 they an be reoxaced by Leemmg N. Y. S. Commissioner ot Educati factories? What will pupils be yuesem mm t Fl C rx C A studying. What courses, what sub 1 aAcceomnc2g0E"Fk: ' jects? Millions of strange ques- Mrs DBMS M Catchiole tlons. A wierd speculation,-what St' i S an Ed Banner will the people say who find this al Aomag Mater little copper box with its contents After me mgmm many ex which has been placed inside me one inspected, the new building cornerstone of the new school The guts presented were an house. . . . - 1 ' - Hers, aresome of the contents ot R25 'hS5o,:f?'f0g:g:e'gEf yoog'i1:g'2 'f mm .xt 0. F.: a pictur-e,,Classes oi DR FRANK P GRAV ' ' bulgdgxgure of our present sebum and 226: aurniskgings oleic Teach- d ,,.,- bb ' er's es. oom yinem rs ot the ad ress in the state, I shall endeav- sgxjgxeiuxogtxnfoxlmchaglie 32:23 present Faculty. D or to respond to any invitations that in mu 1915 and 1916 luxcerpts from the address given are sent me to speax at the dedica- Copxgs of me mst Au issues of hy Dr. Graves follow: ' U U lion 'in a centralized rural school 1 St u "The completion ot this building district. Nothing is more deserving Souoo ofok m ti ned in is a great credit to the people ot of approval. A oouyxo 1 o 23129 do rig me your community and l am proud to "The citizens who have made posf Auguuu ozog V' o ego 55 x have a part in the ceremony ot sible such a sound and complete ufoooseo bonu Rose outta dedication. It is one ot the hrst of high school training and the fathers 5f'uuo1- the numerous schoolhouses under and mothers who are sending their A hoof ooooum wmou tous construction in centralized rural boys and girls here for mg 391-vice about me vovillwev ooo industries sf-hool districts to be completed and of the community, state, and nation, 01 North Rose mug? throw wide its doors to the children are the most worthy of patriots. A 111191 u151oW of tue movement who wish to secure a good high The citizen who is genuinely solici- 1o Sooufe ous uuuumg' 'rms fo' -school education near their own tous about the training ot the next 15195 that me 11151 movement re home. generation and the parent who sees WMP CODHOUGWOH Occuffed 111 '-in my yuugment there is nothing to it that his my or gin receives lair, and traces the story oi the more important in this great state the best opportunities, is inspired COBSOHGHHOD, Bild the P18115 101' of ours than the education of the by the same sort of patnotism and 919011011 of 1119 511'uo1u1'e- young people of the farm, and I am loyalty as the soldier ln battle or Statlstlcs to show school growth ,ery happy to See that many places me smtesmen in me senate halls. from 1911 W0 1927- in the state have awakened to the "Peace hath her victories as well as necessity of this education and are war." requesting state help to form cen- tral districts in order that they may have it. It l never make any other 38 North Rose Central School Marks 1953 25th Anniversary of Dedication SCHOOL FETES 25TH YEAR-Miss Won- IGKII Plesbergen, German exchange student, pour! coffee at 25th anniversary celebration of North Rose Central School last night. Sland- North Rose-Yesterdays 25 An- niversary' Celebration at the North lose Central School will long be rememlxred by the townspeople. Allii of the last quarter of a century, former faculty and School ltlrd members and interested Nlldtnta of the surrounding area illed the auditorium and over flowed into the corridors, while the Anniversary program was in pro- gress during the evening. The North Rose Central School' building was dedicated Ian. 18, i928 after the faculty and student body had moved in 3 few days before. This is North Rose's third school building . . . the first being the old Red School house and the second a brick structure known as District 2, according to Fred Thclnas of North Rose. who was a member of the School Board at the time of the dedication of the Dreaent building. The North Rose school system is unique in that it has had but two school principals and two First Grade Teachers in 50 years. Both school chiefs, Warren L. Edwards, who was Principal of the school system 35 years previous to the beginning of the current Principals term of office in 1941, and the present school chief, Paul Edingcr were honored in yesterday's Anni- versary program. Pictures Exhibited Miss Pauline Porter, who 27 years ago succeeded the first grade teacher. the late Miss Lela Rose Kto whom Miss Porter herself went to school! was in charge of an ex- hibit of pictures of yesteryear, show- ing the faculty members and students of 25 years ago. Extends Welcome 1'he principal, Paul Edinger, ex- tended a welcome to the many visit- ors and lmes Kovacs delivered the anniversary address, entitled "A New Lease on Democracy." ing is Mrs. Claude Collier of North Rose, member of 1929 graduating classg seated, Mrs. Ethel McAllister also of class of '29. Right, Mrs. Horace Putnam, Wayne Center, hostess Open house followed the program in the auditorium and refreshments were served by the school's Home Economics Department. Mrs. Hor- ace Putnam of Wayne Center, a graduate of the class of 1929, was the official hostess. In the afternoon a special anni- versary assembly was held at 1:30 p. m. for the present student body. Special tribute was paid the mem- bers of the 1828 school board, namely R. L. Oaks, presidentg George Mitchell, Mrs. George Catchpole, Frank Hill and Fred Thomas, the only one of the group present at the anniversary yesterday. Organlutlons Assist Paul Edinger, chairman of the Anniversary Committee, was assist- ed by representatives from the vari- ous civic, fraternal and religious organizations of the community. Chief among these were Seth Oaks. of the present School Board: Vir- ginia Winchell, who was a member of the freshman class the year the school building was dedicated: Harry Panrick, president of the Literary Society fwhich organization insti- gated the anniversary celebrationj: auline Porter, both an alumna and faculty member: Fred Thomas, Orrin M. Smith, Warren Baldridge, Florence Finch, Geor e Amyot, Mrs. Horace Putnam, Orlando Mon- roe, Charles Oaks, Lloyd Richard- son, Florence Quereau and Larry Clingerman of the NRCS Student Council. A total of 414 have graduated from the NRCS building since its dedication in l928, at which time 600 people jammed the auditorium to hear the New York State Com. missioner of Education Frank B. Graves deliver the dedieatory ad- last will anh Testament On the 19th day of june in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and fifty-three, we, the Class of 1953, of North Rose Central School, Town of Rose, in the County of Wayne, and the State of New York, being sad at heart at leaving our Alma Mater, but of perfect minds and memories, do make and ordain this our last will and testament. ARTICLES: I, Teddy, leave my '36 Olds to Bicket for taking out those Wolcott gals. I, Lloyd, leave my curly locks to Earl Briggs. I use "White Rain" Shampoo, Earl. I, Bill, leave my 6 ft. 2 in. in height to Roger Bastian so he won't have to reach up to kiss those girls. I, Ada, leave my quiet manner to John Kershaw. I, Don, leave my ability to stay out of accidents to Bill Peck. I, Tom, leave all my arguments to Mr. Bailey. I'm sure he's the only one that can figure them out. I, Terry, leave my cows and farm work to Leon Frazer. I, Ronnie, leave my big appetite to Phyllis Kise. I, Ann, leave my day dreams to Marilyn Skutt. I, Dick, leave my wise cracks to Paul Dickinson. I, Izzy, leave my giggles to Marlyn Price. I, Kay, leave my ability of "hooking" to Lynda Catchpole. I, Chuck, leave my long legs and Dutch accent to Chuck Catchpole. I, Ruthie, leave my good looks and pleasing personality to any junior girl who could make use of them. - I, Shirl, leave my shortness to Don McMahon. I, Leonard, leave my studious attitude to Chuckie Morgan. I, Jimmie, leave my mild manner to all Freshmen and Sophomore boys. l'm sure you boys need it. I, Ann P., leave my "f1irtatious weepers" to Thelma Gillette. I, .Wonneli, leave my love for America to all N.R.C.S. students. You really should appreciate this country, kids. . I, Ginny, leave my love for books to Miss F inch and all future librarians. I, Calvin, leave my love for old ialopies to Earl Champlin. I, Thelma, leave my happy smile to all students of N.R.C.S. I, Wes, leave my "liking for soup" totjane Rose. I, Pete, leave all my Seniors to the big wide world. Lots of Luck, Seniors. 40 K v M X v I SENIOR PLAY "We Shook the Famlly Tree" Class of 53 X .531 , +ve r , x,,, . N- A- -i Haw fx " -' ,X I ' ' Q . ' ' - ' N . , ' N ' . b We b m- "X .ec X ., 1- '- .. Q , :Mai "W ' A . eeee . ,ix . - QQ' Aly me Q 1 M -iv: 4 I ' 'ee-e . +- S M W . . ,. . . - Sodus, N. 'Y. TO OUR ADVERTISERS We, the Class of '53, wish to thank all of our advertisers who have so loyally supported our school Yearbook. It is because of each one of you that we are able to make this "Rambler" a success. It is a pleasure to get acquainted with you, and it contributes to a closer contact between you, the school and the community. We hope that you will enjoy this 25th Anniversary issue of the Yearbook, and we wish to convey to you our deepest grat- Compliments of THE BEACON MILLING CO. Auburn, N. Y. Glenn A. Mills Representative COLLINS' Red and White Alton, N. Y. itude. Phone: Sodus 2427 Compliments Compliments Compliments of of of SIDNEY PIERCE GARDENER'S MURPHY 'S Jeweler Sodus' N' Y' STUDIO Sodus, N. Y. C0mP1imCDtS Compliments f Compliments 0 Of f ALTON o FERRELUS KNAPP DRUG co. HOTEL M ' d WESTERN AUTO en 8 an "The Rexall Store" STORE Alton, N, Y, Boys' Shop Sodus, N. Y. Sodus, N. Y. OAKS FARMS Dairy ----- -Fruit Pasturized Milk and Cream Q Fruit in Season I North Rose New York OHMANN i JEWELERY ' ,. , Compliments C0mP11ment5 Compliments ' of Diamonds, of of COFFEE CUP Watches ENGLESON and woLcoTT CAR Shaffer--Parker and Wolcott N. Y. Pensets Sterling TRUCK SALES Silver Sets Wolcott N. Y. Wolcott N. Y. Clyde N. Y. MINERAL SPRINGS Compliments Compliments of of HOTEL WOLCOTT O'HERREN'S BAKERY Quality ciyde N. Y. Clyde New York Baked Goods Wolcott N. Y. 43 Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of '53 DAIRYLEA ICE CREAM 24 Clark St. Auburn New York Compliments Compliments of of KNOTTY PINE STR.EETER'S North Rose, N. Y. SUNSET FARMS Wolcott N. Y. ICE CREAM Compliments , ' C 1- of Q De11vered to Your Horne, omp lznents o DCLUXE VAN VLECK CLEANERS Wolcott N. Y. Wolcott N. Y 44 Compliments BLAIR STUDIO Phone 454 Newark, N. Y. WINCHELL'S MARKET Fine Meats WOLCOTT COOP. G. L. F. for Fine people Feed, Seed, Fertilizer North Rose Phone 5281 Spray Materials, and Farm Supplies of all kinds 1 . Wolcott Compliments C0mp11me1'1tS New York of of ' Service Farm DAGEL S BO-KAY JOE GHENT store store phone phone SHOP 7021 6511 North Rose, N. Y. North Rose, N. Y. GERMANIUM DIODE CENTER OF THE WORLD Clyde, N. Y. Compliments of LOTUS LODGE Resort, N. Y. Congratulations to the Class of '53 McQUEEN BROS. Speed Sprayers Spray Masts High Pressure Concentric Bean Sprayers Sales 8: Service North Rose, N. Y. 46 1- yr A 'Mfwgf Compliments Compliments of of FISHER'S QUALITY omp iments Wolcott N. Y. STORE of Wolcott N. Y. M v QUEREAU'S DEPT. STORE Groceries - Clothing F - S ' G d Compliments ootwear porting oo s Compliments of North Rose, N. Y. of EYGNOR BUCKMINISTER'S ATLANTIC Wolcott N. Y. Wolcott, N. Y. Compliments of PALACE THEATER Compliments Wolcott, N. Y. of oAKs ar soN h North Rose, N. Y. Compliments Compliments of of MALOY BROS. CASH MARKET Clyde, N. Y. Clyde, N. Y. 47 Compliments of LAKE SHORE NEWS Wolcott New York O 'BRIENS 'S k Compliments Ba ers of DAVID GROAT Clyde New York Phone 2071 - FRANTZ-MARSHALL INC. Richfield Petroleum Products Clyde New York Headquarters for Drugs, Prescriptions and Cosmetics SCRIBER'S PHARMACY THE REXALL STORE Clyde New York . l Used Parts Vic-N-Jennies Restaurant And 24 Hour Towing Service GRECO BROS. Used Parts Prop And 24 Hour . T n S D Best Wishes owlng ervlce FRED CASE Clyde, New York Rose New York Phone 3048 Compliments of GENERAL STORAGE and ICE CO. North Rose New York Congratulations to the Class of '53 GREEN DAIRY FARMS "DAIRY BAR" Compliments of 0. A. SKUTT CO.,INC. North Rose New York Wolcott, N. Y. HAYDEN'S Compliments f Jewelers for Half a Century o WELLS M. DODDS North Rose, N. Y. At the Clock Wolcott N. Y. DRURY 8: SON North Rose New York Compliments of WARD BUHLMANN Compliments of EDWARDS SHOE STORE Wolcott, N. Y. CLYDE AUTO SALES Sales 8: Service "Fords" Clyde, N. Y. Phone 2591 Compliments of OLNEY HCARPENTER. INC. Wolcott, N. Y. JENKINS LUMBER Clyde, N. Y. Compliments of CLYDE MILLING CORPORATION SCHULER'S FOODS INC. Always ask for Schulers Potato Chips Potato Frills French Fried Potatoes Uullenne Style! Cheese Corn Sticks Peanut Butter Corn Sticks "America's Finest" Happy Cooking Metered Gas Service NORTH ROSE SUPPLY CO. North Rose, N. Y. Compliments of RADEL 'S HOTEL Sodus Point RAY D. VAN DUSEN Grocery and General Merchandise Frozen Foods and Meats All Beverages Open 8 A.M. To 10 P.M. Weekdays and Sundays Resort, New York Phone No. Rose 5521 WAYNE TRACTOR 8: IMP. CO Ford Tractors Dearborn Farm Equipment Sales and Service Phone 6521 Clyde, N. Y. Congratulations, Class "53" We Wish You All Success CLINT and GORDON Phone 3591 North Rose, N. Y. A. R. KETCHUM AND SON Purina Chows and Blue Coal Phone, Clyde 3321 Compliments of Robinson's LEADWAY STORE Rose, New York 51 Patro nize your local Airport CLYDE-LYONS AIRPORT The only airport operating between Rochester and Syracuse Open on Saturday 8: Sundayg Instructor at field on Sunday You can learn to fly. Learn to fly the 2. latest Piper Models: A-20 Pacer 125 Super Cub 3 miles from Clyde 4 miles from Lyons 1 mile North of Rout Phone Clyde 3181 e 31 Har old C omplim ent s of SALTER CANNING COMPANY North Rose, N. Y 52 Compliments of Compliments YANCEY'S GARAGE of MEN'S WEAR SHOP Appliances DR. JOHNSON Men's and Young Phone 3831 Clyde, N. Y. Men's Clothing Wolcott, N. Y. Compliments Congratulations ComP1imentS of to the Class of '53 from Of E 'S K RR BALDY'S I. G. A. STORE WOLCOTT DRY CLEANERS GULF STATION Wolcott, N. Y. Wolcott, N.Y. Phone 6622 Clyde, N. Y. ' I There is a Better Way of Living INTERNATIONAL LATHAM S HARVESTER Of Course It's Electric. PHARMACY A. G. 5-Inutchinson R. G. a. E. C' North Rose, N. Y. YOUR FRIENDLY SERVICE W01C0t'C. N- Y- COMPANY PETROSINO Compliments Success to the CLEANER'S Seniors Cleaners--- of Tailors N H, V M 1 e ie an a. e Moth Protection M. Call and Deliver 3571 N01'th Rose STORE" M0ndaY 8' Feed ----- Coal ----- Spray Materials Clyde' N' Y' Thufsdav Phone 4611 53 Best Wishes SEELYE LADDERS Manufactures of Ladders and to the Home Furniture Class of '53 Wholesalers and Retailers of Ladders, Lawn Furniture Lumber and Hardware North Rose Phone 3791 N. Y. A MARSH COAL CO. Rose Phone 3978 New York C 1' t om? men S soULEs SERVICE STATION of Gulf Gas 8: Oil HOFF PONTIAC Phone 3061 Clyde New York 1 North Rose New York I Otco Admiral Van Elect Grand Champion Bull Wayne and Seneca County Fair 1951-52 We have many other Blue Ribbon Winners. We have breeding stock for sale. Congratulations Seniors of '53 HALLCREST FARMS Maynard Hall And Sons Rose New York 54 KEUKELAAR 8: F ORSHEE Oldsmobile and General Motors Trucks Wolcott, N. Y. Compliment s of DeJOHN SHOE STORE Clyde, N. Y. WESTERN AUTO ASSO. STORE "Everything for the Automobile' Wolcott Phone 3921 B A good fishing place at Resort, N. Y. Jack Van Steen Phone 3481 North Rose AY BRIDGE INN H. B. PLAMER Meats and Groceries Wolcott, N. Y. SODUS CREAMERY CORPORATION Dairy Products and Eggs Wolcott Hannibal Compliments of RUSSELL FUEL AND SUPPLY Harold S. Mann SWANSONS Welding Service Distinctive Supplies, Equip Everything for Building Funeral Bar-sheet Tubes 1700-16 ESSO Products Markers 8: Wheels fm' Old Cornpany's Coal Monuments SPraYe1'3 Phone 4221 Wolcott Phone 6341 N. Y. Clyde New York Clyde New York 6512 . I W, G, BRAMER BAY BRIDGE GROCERY I Toyland JOE S Groceries-Cold Cuts Whitman's Candy Used Cars ESSO Gas and Oil Hallmark Greeting Cards Clyde New York Aanel H. Wilcox Clyde N. Y. Ridge Road-Route No. 104 North Rose New York -mmmumwmvn-w,mw',h'A W- , , '- . M wp-www, , un .mznnnmxmnmnulgmufr me ' A xmyl.nJmznynvmx1,ausmun1muun'.nmnmzuzununua- F QL -i . ,. , , -V f V. . M V n 4 fr . Agp 2 H VV 'Z -V , 5 :JV W' :ga -,.Ea,.5s,,V'5Vf,.g,g. - Q . 1- ',- Vggii' ",Vj7.,V 'V - -wi ,aifigsisfa 1 VV av' miifj 'k'T. '?jf,Vz VV ,+'3Qf.+4?g. ' -": . ,ff "M 'gif rf in - ,r 'f 3:5 "N' -4 'V s " Rf '-f Vf'f'3'?l?f 5577? '71 221 J .1.: -3 WSE Q. Q ' A.' E." if' "b'.ff' emi-Q'i-f .' w g V V f A- - V -'AYQ, V, '. - , -- 1- - .- . 4, p ,9 41 gg , -af V. V . -42' 1" E'??,iQP'9'5 wa, V - V ' .V . . V-.3-H. ' VV. 4 p V. ' .Ag-g 2 ,.V jg gg mpg.. .53-5' Q V fgg, his ,V 55,5-5,lZ.fV.i,Q:,'VQV:V--,J if! V A QM. 5.4! ffxj, .g, - : T ing . f l V ru q. ,Vfqfi sf gpzgggni WV U is lgpinflrelrffijh- relays . VW... Lknrq-, 1.. kjng C A ng , 1 . 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Suggestions in the North Rose Central High School - Rambler Yearbook (North Rose, NY) collection:

North Rose Central High School - Rambler Yearbook (North Rose, NY) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 33

1953, pg 33

North Rose Central High School - Rambler Yearbook (North Rose, NY) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 55

1953, pg 55

North Rose Central High School - Rambler Yearbook (North Rose, NY) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 64

1953, pg 64

North Rose Central High School - Rambler Yearbook (North Rose, NY) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 33

1953, pg 33

North Rose Central High School - Rambler Yearbook (North Rose, NY) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 16

1953, pg 16

North Rose Central High School - Rambler Yearbook (North Rose, NY) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 58

1953, pg 58

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