North Robinson High School - Robin Yearbook (North Robinson, OH)

 - Class of 1959

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North Robinson High School - Robin Yearbook (North Robinson, OH) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 158 of the 1959 volume:

if .v A 5 1 v I n 4 , 1 v iw '-'Q Q ' ,- a .X., .1 1 r , ' 1 V-4 E . ,, '1".fLg,gh K g"u,f.fN1f ., A s 'PA' P' n - r ii 'F 84,5 .qu , if -ix, Wi: , f' 1 Zeofcafzbn We the seniors of North Robinson High School want to thank our parents who have given freely of their time, patience, and understanding, Because our parents have dedicated their lives so that we might have a bettereducation with more opportunities, we dedicate this annual as a token of our appreciation, Kvnzz mzf SJW GRACE MORTON - TOM SEIF - - - JANE MCFARLAND AL GROVE - - JANICE CHANDLER RON SHAWBER - - MR. DAWSON - - - - Editor - - Co-Editor - Business Manager Circulating Manager - Features Editor - - Sports Editor - - -Advisor r- 1, ' I 40" .Q ffe-Nw-w 10 ' aclministrutio u 5" . , I MOFM WO6b2SOI? Cgcfoofygoarof SITTING, left to right: Mr. Yaussey, Mr. Hartwell. STANDING: Mr. Sweney Mr. Ulmer. ABSENT FROM PICTURE: Mr. Huber. f . was XDflUQ,fS Milo Brown, Mr. Dapper, Mike Knell, Mr. Ritzhaupt, Willard Poland. 599.3015 CSAC500fr730dfOf SITTING, left to right: Mr, McFarland, Mr. Bauer. STANDING: Mr. Eckstein Mr. Feick, Mr. Eckert. 33115 Qrzbers Kenny Studer, Red Fetter, Bemard Spencer Executive Head, H, J. GARY Principal MR. A LTHOUSE IRENE VAN VOORHIS RICHARD BROKA B. B. in Home Economics B, S. Education Ohio University Bowling Green JAMES M, CLEM MRS. ELOISE HOOVER A. B. Fairmont Capital University State College W CHESTER N, DAWSON B.S. Political Science Fairmont State College BARBARA PITTMAN Bachelor of Music Ed, Otterbein College Bowling Green State University RENO CAROL DAWSON A. B. Fairmont State College BYRON PA RLETTE A. B. Education Bluffton College .X is JOHN DUNBAR MARION ALBRIGHT Ohio State University Ollefbein School Secretary, MRS, SENS I .. ESTHER HEITZMAN BLANCHE GROVE BELLE SHUMAKER LOREN PFAHLER MILTON COLE -4- . X Q5 35' 3 Q iw 5 .WFP I in iors CHARLOTTE BECK "Becky" True to her studies, her word, her friends" WILLIAM ALLONAS " Bm" Mischief sticks out all over" GEORGE BAUER " Georgous George' MR. PRESIDENT! JUDY COLE .. Jud. "Closet full of clothes and nothing JANET BOGAN ll Bogie!! Them there eyes" to wear" JANICE CHA NDLER " Chimwit" "Neat as a pin and just as sharp" TONI CORONA " Toni" " Lot's of fun ! " BRENDA EHRMAN "Benny" "La Petite" l MARILYN DeGRAY " Men" "Sew and Sew" DOROTHY EHRMAN " Dot" nYeS or butn "Confusing but amusing" JEA N GELBACH "Jeannie" Q . 3 ALLEN GROVE ll All! " Tall, dark, and handsome LARRY HALL .. Larry.. BEVERLY JOHNSON .. Bev.. what a mischievous light in her eyes" "This guy gets around" i 1 , v:'7'?"f ' JANE MCFARLAND "Annie" My memory's the thing I forget with" -1i.,.If,.-2l..f gi kgv, iii, DOYLE MCMICHAEL ll Bud!! "Sma11 but mighty - remember the atom" LARRY METZ "Butch" Thinking is but an idle waste of time" EDNA MORROW "Emmie" "Let's have a ball! CORINNE NELSON "Corky" "I'd give you Ricky's autograph but I'm not the right Nelson" MARLENE PFAHLER "Marlene" Love is what makes the world go around" GRACE MORTON .. Mort.. "Nice things come in small packages" RAYMOND RANK ..Ray.. The only time he's quiet is in class" The world needs great minds, Wwe NATHAN REED ..Nate,. here I am" DELWYN ROWLAND " Del" "He's quiet, but we wonder THOMAS SELF " Tom" "WOW" CARL STIRM "Worm" Has anybody seen my gal?" RON NY S HA W BER " Ron" "Lad of many talents DOROTHY VA UGHN .. DOH.. "The quiet one" "The great hunter - qof coon!J" JERRY VOLK "Scarey" ALICE WITTER "Wit" "QUiet! - genius f??J at work , vi: 'x t Q enzbr Bill Allonas, will my ability to skip school honestly to John McFarland. George Bauer, will my office of class president to Bill Cook, in hopes he can satisfy the girls better than I did. Charlotte Beck, will all my nicknames to the next poor person that can put up with them. Janet Bogan, will my long eyelashes to Phyllis Rinehart. Janice Chandler, will my ability to blush to Jeannette Knell. Judy Cole, will my history book to anyone who wants it. Toni Elna Corona, will my flaring personality to Barb McMichael, Marilyn DeGray, will my ability to flunk typing to Carla Shumaker. Brenda Ehrman, will my thinness to anyone who wants it, Dorothy Ehrman, will my pony tail to Nancy Miller, so she can play with it next year in Gov. class. Jeanie Gelbach, will my good driving ability to Carla Shumaker. Al Grove, will my ability in track to Mike Cartwright. Larry Hall, will my running ability in track to Mike Lahman. Beverly Johnson, will my ability to never shut up to Marcella Bogan. Jane McFarland, will my scatter brain to Dave McKean Doyle McMichael, will my basketball ability to Bob Foreman Larry Metz, will all my brains to John McFarland Edna Morrow, will my transistor to anyone who has a boring class Grace Morton, will my petiteness to Wayne Hout Corinne Nelson, will my ability to type slow to Dick Kanable Marlene Pfahler, will my ability to skip studyhall legally to Karen Kanable Ray Rank, will all my bad grades and hard times in school to Dick Metz Nathan Reed, will Nathan Reed to anyone that will take him Delwyn Rowland, will my Studebaker to Mr, Broka Ron Shawber, will my ability to cause trouble at the candy stand to Mike Lahman Carl Stirm, will my big feet to Dick Kanable Dorothy Vaughan, will my shortness to Karen Eichorn Jerry Volk , will my ability to weld and burn my hands to Larry Rowland Alice Witter, will my ability to laugh at the wrong time to Carol Hoover li Tom Seif, will my curly hair to Ron Lutz. mugb fypewrift sl not e d beyon V pr ed li :MQ gany C XQIZIOI' Cfkzss WCQITY President ---- - - - GEORGE BAUER Vice President - - - - - JANICE CHANDLER Secretary - - - - - 'GRACE MORTON Treasurer - - - - - - CARL STIRM Booster Club - - - - - EDNA MORROW in .,,, ds, fixffi-f v Jail f YQ. s :x,.,.', ngxli - fm. 'Z 'if OI' u1210z1s' FIRST ROW: Joyce Kernp, Karen Smith, Judy Guinther, Pat Seif, Carol Sue Albright Margaret Yunker. SECOND ROW: Sue Starling, Barbara Fitzpatrick, Jane Gledhill, Karen Eichhorn, Karen DeVore, Sherry Metz, Linda Poole. E FIRST ROW: Carla Shumaker, Betty Severns, Linda Courter, Francis Morrison, Betsy Wehr, Jane I-locker, SECOND ROW: Sondra Hoover, Barbara McMichael, Nancy Miller, Linda Miller, Brenda Knisely. 111210143 l I 5 1: ,V I if 1 . . ,h . , Q. 1 af , l ld agar FIRST ROW: Bill Rinehart, Lydon Hoover, Donald Pfahler, Dick Kanable. SECOND ROW: Larry Rowland, John Agin, Ron Coleman. FIRST ROW: Ron Lutz, Bob Burgin, Lowell Eckstein, Loren Pry, David McKean, Wayne Hout. SECOND ROW: Burnell Bender, Jim Clark, Bob Mesnard, Francis Klahn, Roger Harriger, unzbr G ass Offgbers President ---- ------ L OREN PRY Vice President - - ---- LINDA MILLER Secretary - - - - - CAROL ALBRIGHT Treasurer - - - - - - BOB MESNARD Booster Club - - - - JOHN AGIN so YES CSO!0g 0122 01493 FRONT ROW: L. Scott, S. Christman, K. Gans, S. Johnson, C. Hoover, P. Rinehart J. Knell, B. Whited. MIDDLE ROW: R. Metz, P. Gantzler, R. Palenshus, M. Cartwright, D. Palenshus, Mrs. Albright, I. Mollencopf, J. Seif, R. Beach, D. Heintz. R BACK ROW: D. Rosebrough, R. Rose, C. Smith, P. Roe, D. Poland, J. Holtshouse, L. Rowlinson. CSOIUAOIDOFQS 5 4 Q-,JA I' -1didnr"r""-1ulsuu-- -lub- FRONT ROW: J. Gelbach, R. Harriger, C. Rossman, G. Burkhart, J. Kemp, D. Wood, N. Dapper. J. Harden. M. Maag. B. Hoover. MIDDLE ROW: Mr. Parlette, G. Carroll, M. Eckstein, B. Foremen. N. Huber, B. W. Heintz. E. I-lout. C. Bauer. J. Inscho. Cook, BACK ROW: D. Hart. G. Weisman, B. Hartwell, E. Harris, L. Courter, D. Smith. We Dedicate this section to the memory of BUDDY ALLONAS ik csop 01220149 Cwss fygbers President - - - Vice President Secretary - - - Treasurer - - - Booster Club - - - - CHUCK BAUER - - IEANETTE KNELL - LYNN COURTER - CAROL HOOVER LARRY ROWLINSON E l M wi M Jw ,xx uw W N ' ' ww 1 yu. N M um:-g wx X v K freshmen w N1 W w M J w w ,l7I'Q.S!gI22QI2 FIRST ROW: K. Kanable, J. Worden, J. Smith, S. Weber, P. Candel, A. Miller. M. Christman, C. Grove. M. Pennington, C. Finney, I. Hout. SECOND ROW: Miss Pittman, D. Hour, C. Alkire, C. Cole, D. Hirtz, C. Ashcroft C. Rinehart, I. Kent, S. Morrow, I. Hendrickson, M. Bogan, M. Alkire, B. Burk- hart, Mr. Dunbar. THIRD ROW: B. Ritzhaupt, S. Eichhorn, D. Ulmer, J. Volk, R. Feick, L. Eckert. FOURTH ROW: I. McFarland, J. Yunker, E. Rose, J. Seif, R. Hocker, D. Beach. L. Spangler, J. Guinther, L. Wagner, B. Heckert. res man CFQSJ Qjffcers President ---- ---- D AN ULMER Vice President - - - - CAROL ASHCROFT Secretary ---- - - - SAM EICHORN Treasurer - - - - - CAROL FINNEY Booster Club - - - - LOWELL ECKERT 'WWW 'WiW ,JJ iff w1WM uf+ 'W' " 'lx 'wwwffl QWUW M W fl ww IWW "W MM :Z gina Q FRONT ROW: I. Scott, I. Agin, D. Ulmer, C. Cook, G. Candel, R. Christman, A. Yunker, MIDDLE ROW: A. J. Frost, A. Klahn, R. Beach, D. Smith, W. Dapper, L. Hart, C. Ehrman, B. Smith, K. Poland, P. Earnshaw, J. A. Liles, C. Burgin, C. Inscho BACK ROW: Mr. Dawson, B. Sens, T. Corona, D. Kidd, L. Kitchen, R. Shumaker, K. Shuster, G. Nelson, R. Agin, D. Corona, D. Lutz, Mrs. Van Voorhis. ieuenff graofz RE. FRONT ROW: R. Haas, N. McMichael, D. Foreman, C. Pfahler, G. Knisely. R. Rowlinson, I. Shearer, B. Ervin. S. Lea, T. Baker, C. Shumaker, S. Outhwaite. M. Barlow. MIDDLE ROW: B. Weber, T. Roe. R. Zucker, L. Seif, I. Fox, P. Shumaker, B. Nigh S. Seyler, C. Jordan, B. Pritchard, C. Stirm, F. Knell, C. Pfahler, M. Stirm. BACK ROW: Mrs. Hoover, Mr. Clem. euenzf anof Cfjzyfff fyraofe GQJS Ojfcers President ---- - -CHARLES PFAHLER President ---- - - BILLIE SENS Vice President - - - - - TERRA BAKER Vice President - - - - JAMES SCOTT Secretary - - ------ TERRY ROE Secretary - - ----- DANA LUTZ Treasurer - - - - -CHERYL SHUMAKER Treasurer - - - - RONALD SHUMAKER BOOSISI' Club - - - - NEIL MCMICHAEL Bogster Club - - ---- CRAIG COOK ,WM I I 1 ,,, ,,,, 515516 QJUOQ FIRST ROW: R. Palenshus. T. Cook, E. McFarland, T. Miller. I. Harden, D. Ritz- haupt, P. Barlow, B. Conklin, E. Brown, A. Pfahler. MIDDLE ROW: Mrs. Likins, K. Poland, K.. Laipply. P. Nelson, P. Harris, S. Huber S. Foreman, L. Dotson, C. Foltz, P. Barlow, K. Lady, C. Wagner, M. Eichorn. MRS. LIKENS Bowling Green Ohio State Ohio University 'ar Q W..-.ew . .. . . . ,. .......... ..-ig-Q, FIRST ROW: L. Warner, D. Sens, R. Christman, W. Cheney, P. Harris, M. Huber, J. Spreng, S. Nigh, T. Kattyan, G. Pritchard. MIDDLE ROW: J. Baker, B. Lea, C. Nigh, N. Hass, R. Hendrickson, J. Brown, S. Spangler, S. Beach, H. Alkire, S. Seyler, M. Ulmer, T. Gelvin. BACK ROW: R. Fox, J. Cox, D. Dotson, N. Seif, S. Wehr, T. Clegg, R. Rowlinson K. Maag, D. Phillips, D. Christman. MRS. GARY Ohio Northern Ohio State Bowling Green Fxtention i T ourfbh CQYQQQ FIRST ROW: S. Eusey, L. Lady, R. Shumaker, R. Gregory, B. Outhwaite, T. Smith MIDDLE ROW: C. Holrshouse, C. Rowlinsc-n, T. Conklin, L. Wagner, C. Palenshus, C. Livingston, B. Sweney, L. Nigh. I. Agin, T. Cartwright. I. Roberts. BACK ROW: W. Morrow, B. Eichhorn, R. Dapper, I. Ulmer, T. Cox, B. Spangler, F. Pugh. MRS. GUINTHER North Central College Capital University Ohio State 76126 QFGOQ ,Www 11, ii. .nun Ji? M FIRST ROW: A. Lust, B. Swick, R. Pritchard, D. Phillips, R. McDan1e1s L Candel M. Shearer, R. Smith, T. Gelvin, J. Livingston. MIDDLE ROW: J. Maag, G. Warner, W. lnscho. J. Ritzhaupt. 1. Cook D Huber L. Gledhill, M. Stratton, A. Haught, B. Zucker, W. Alkire, C. Orewiler M Fortney, L. Morton. BACK ROW: N. Scott, D. Starlin, C. Smith, N. Cole, B. Shuster, M Wagner B Cox, G. Alkire. J. Lantz. L. Cox. MRS. RUTH MILLER Bowling Green Ohio University QCOI20fgZ'd0Q FIRST ROW: G. Agin, E. Alkire, J. Fox, D. Shumaker, J. Barnhart, S. Severns, B. Cox, K. Burwell, M. Phillips, G. Neumann, C. Lust, R. Laipply, F. Gregory R. Hout, C. Prosser. BACK ROW: R. Eichhorn, B. Sweney, C. Smith, D. Prosser, R. Shuster, G. Brown, A. Christman, M. Del, D. Cole, P. Warner, M. Eppley, M. Eusey, P. Fpght, C. Livingston. JEAN HUBER Heidelberg College w 1 jzktsf 9?ea0Q FIRST ROW: B. McDanie1s, L. Wagner, B. Mankey, J. Wagner, D. Prosser, B. Shuster, M. Richards, D. Russ, L. Artille, B. Nelson. K. Morris, D. Phillips, M. Turner, L. Miller, I. Van Horne, R. Beck. BACK ROW: B. Swick, D. Deffendall, J. Smith, M. Poland, B. Spangler, L. Brown J. Spreng, G. Hoffman, C. Marvin. C. Smith, J. Hendrickson, T. Fortney, P. Eppley, M. Lady, P. Henderson is not in the picture. . MRS. LUCILE REED Ohio Northern University 122 efyarfen FIRST ROW: L. Shumaker, T. Conklin, N, Ritzhaupt, P. Pargeon, D. Turner, C. Swick, B. Gelvin, C. Mesnard, S. Wachtel, G. Anderson, C. Smith, D. Cox, T. Teetrick, J. Poole, B. McFarland. BACK ROW: I. l-lout, P. Gledhill, L. Stratton, J. Eusey, J, Gelbach, M. Sabo, B. Yaussy, G. Warner, M. Fortney, C, Kelley Ir., K. Rowlinson, T. Dill, R. Scott E. Klahn, D. Falter, K. Agin. ' MRS. MARVIN Bowling GIGCH l K 1 f.,f2 if ' .gps . x 1 . . , . , 42.4 ggszr pm.: .- 'fHHz5f7ifZfF-:Q1fl"TL'1i1e?f1Qf5S55??We W - sggf M , , 1 .Mb I ' . . I ' EM K CL? igiasgiij .ily ,lk I t t tu YN ' 'rum x, ip...-',U.-J-.+31.l - 5' 1 if - . 2 2, -'I Q 5w'.hr'xrx " ' x'1'r':'fr'f:'rTfX'iY - '2'u'1:.1'm':wr'r 'r '1'r'run:1 ,nv .rxr.x., kv I R ,..-,.-,. 1 xutrxx xr r-' all .. M .xx 1 A, 4 ,,,w,,,,,, , rrvu uxxvxr 1 ' y.f1':rr.: L 1 1 1 ,Q J 9 1 rmmy, 1, 1-,1,'r,xxu , :nf fzf' :ix , yf 6501113 FRONT ROW: John Gelbach, Gary Richards, Charles Bauer, George Bauer, Judy Worden, Marlene Pfahler, Beverly Johnson, Linda Courter, Janet Smith, Jane McFarland, Doyle McMichael, Sam Eichhorn, Mike Lahman, Bob Foreman. SECOND ROW: Ann Miller, Karen Kanable, Brenda Ehrman, Christine Grove, Dorothy Ehrman, Betty Severns, Nancy Miller, Susie Weber, Jane Hocker, Sharry Metz, Sandra Christman, Karen DeVore, Grace Morton, Judy Guinther, THIRD ROW: Bill Cook, Loren Pry, Ricky Feick, Ron Shawber, A1 Grove, David McKean, Dan Ulmer, Larry Metz, Earl Harris, Don Pfahler, Wayne Heintz, Jim Yunker, ll 012002 92462 Ska C616 FRONT ROW, left to right: Accompanist, Karen Kanable, Brenda Ehrman, Grace Morton, Jane McFarland, Margaret Yunker, Beverly Johnson, Linda Courter, Betsy Wehr Linda Poole, Dorothy Vaughn, Janice Chandler, Edna Morrow, Dorothy Ehrman. MIDDLE ROW: Sondra Hoover, Barbara McMichael, Karen Smith, Jeanne Gelbach, Barbara Fitzpatrick, Francis Morrison, Karen Eichhorn, Betty Severns, Sharry Metz, Karen DeVore, Jane Gledhill, Judy Cole, Miss Pittman, Director. BACK ROW: Judy Guinther, Alice Witter, Joyce Kemp, Marilyn DeGray, Jane Hocker, Sue Starling, Marlene Pfahler, Carla Shumaker, Brenda Knisely, Nancy Miller, Linda Miller, 9 anof 10 Qfffe' QQQ C116 FRONT ROW, left to right: Accompanist, Ann Miller, Janet Smith, Mary Jane Christ man, Jane Kemp, Dorothy Wood, Sandra Christman, Jeanette Knell, Carol Hoover, Bonnie Whited, Nancy Dapper, Marcella Hogan, Jane Hendrickson, Sue Weber, Bar- bara Ritzhaupt, Carol Ashcroft. BACK ROW: Carol Rinehart, Margaret Pennington, Dorothy Hour, Sharel Morrow, Sharon Johnson, Linda Scott, Phyllis Rinehart, Karen Kanable, Christine Grove, Judy Worden, Jo Ann Hout, Donna Hirtz, Carol Finney, Miss Pittman, Director. ------........,,.,,,,,,.,r.,,,.,,, .,M, ,,,,,,,,M, Akkk A , W t.., .x,.. , 5? R it joys 9 QQQ FRONT ROW, left to right: Karen Kanable, Dan Ulmer, Gene Rose, Bob Foreman, Jim Yunker, Sam Eichhorn, Don Pfahler, Earl Harris, Bill Hartwell, Bill Cook, Ron Shaw- ber, Allen Grove, Bob Mesnard. MIDDLE ROW: Ronnie Hocker, Jim Guinther, Johnny Gelbach, Chuck Bauer, George Bauer, Jim Inscho, Bud McMichael, Gary Richards, Mike Lahman, Donald Beach, Miss Pittman, Director. BACK ROW: Larry Rowlinson, Lowell Eckstein, David Smith, Bob Rose, Carl Stiml, Dave McKean, Lynn Conner, Larry Hall, Ricky Feick, Dale Poland. Left to right: Karen Kanable, Dan Ulmer, Barbara Ritzhaupt, Rieky Feick, Sam Eichom, Christine Grove, Jim Yunker, Ann Miller. 7? O C7 1. 12 LEFT TO RIGHT: Donald Pfahler 7 Doyle McMichael Dan Ulmer 5-V A1 Grove O 1. I? 3 JH r if Q 1 Grace Morton, Janet Bogan, Dorothy Ehrman, Bev Johnson Grace Janet Dorothy Beverly Our Wfqbreffes r 1 e A ' A . ' A L V Judy Cole, Billie Sens, Jane McFarland, Karen Eichhom, and Sherry Metz. OUI' jdI2Of yjaper Csfqf SEATED, left to right: Mrs. Hoover, Marlene Pfahler, Alice Witter. STANDING, left to right: Marilyn DeGray, Linda Miller, Barbara Fitzpatrick, Judy Cole, Corinne Nelson, Janice Chandler, Linda Courter, Charlotte Beck, Brenda Ehrman, Grace Morton Beverly Johnson, Dorothy Ehrman, Betsy Wehr, Jane McFarland, Edna Morrow, W L 2,9 X 'ETX , lf' 7 I j! V X R- il ' XA X " Y Y 4 X ' ' 1 7- T 1134, Q: , ' X Q X M-le' -i T. E 2 Kwyrzbugure FIRST ROW: W. Heintz, I. Guinther, R. Hocker, D. Barlow, R. Lutz, D. Beach, J, Seif. MIDDLE ROW: Mr. Dunbar, P. Gantzler, W. Hout, C. Smith, J. Inscho, G. Carroll, L. Rowllnson, D. Rowland, J. Holtshouse. BACK ROW: F. Klahn, R. Har riger, D. Heintz, B. Hartwell. J. Volk, E. Hout, T. Seif, R. Feick, N. Huber. 'I 71 in: - . A 1 vw Jg WI I . -- ' -,.:f,, v -v -Q i."EL 1 ' -1- ' r.. .2 ' : v -.1 j sau: as ll 60" hx " 1 ll dI2Off2 SITTING, left to right: Karen DeVore, Karen Smith, Janet Bogan, Brenda Ehrman, Beverly Johnson. STANDING: Linda Poole, Brenda Knisely, Karen Eichom, Francis Morrison, Linda Courter, Janice Chandler, Judy Cole, Corinne Nelson, Barbara McMichael, Berry Sevems, Sherry Metz, Judy Guinther, Dorothy Vaughan. BACK ROW: Toni Corona, Marlene Pfahler, Jane Hocker. BETTY CROCKER AWARD Marlene Pfahler Mrs. Van Voorhis 9 dI2Off0 Margaret Pennington, Janet Smith FOREGROUND, left to right: Jeanette Knell., Sharon Johnson, Phyllis Rinehart. STANDING: Linda Scott, Carol Hoover, Ruth Harriger, Bonnie Whited, Nancy Dapper, Marilyn Maag. BACKGROUND: Mary Jane Christrnan, Barbara Ritzhaupt, Joan Hout, Dorothy Hout, Marilyn Alkire, Gail Burkhart, Carol Rossman. C4141 di' FC'-.T'M 53 9 412000 9575 A s 1 2 2, D 4 f p X ' Q i A a it . R O a FRONT ROW, left to right: Donna Hirtz, Karen Kanable, Janet Smith, Judy Worden, Marcella Bogan. MIDDLE ROW: Carol Rinehart, Mary Jane Christman, Barbara Ritz- haupt, Sharon Johnson, Bonnie Whited, Sandra Christman, Ann Miller. BACK ROW: Jane Hendrickson, Dorothy Hout, Sharel Morrow, Carolyn Cole, Bernice Burkhart, Ida Kent, Marilyn Alkire. ll M002 QFZ7. FIRST ROW, left to right: Jeanie Gelbach, Beverly Johnson, Barbara Kent, Barbara Fitzpatrick, Betsy Wehr, Janice Chandler, Jane McFarland, Miss Pittman. SECOND ROW: Sue Starling, Edna Morrow, Jane Hooker, Jane Gledhill, Dorothy Ehrman, Mar lene Pfahler, Marilyn DeGray, Charlotte Beck, Grace Morton. TOP: Judy Cole, ABENT FROM PICTURE: Brenda Ehrman, Janet Bogan, Karen DeVore, Linda Miller, Edna Morrow, Corinne Nelson, Judy Guinther. hvilies X . 0122 QC 0112 122 Q 1 ""'P'lPIdnu1Q..,,,,,,,,m Junior Attendant LINDA MILLER Senior Attendant JANE MCFARLAND Qt .lf 2 YZ f , N 1 if ni gm -w 1 A ' Vgiiyxwr Sophomore Attendant CAROL HOOVER Freshman Attendant JUDY WORDEN if -q,,,,Q x ,D 5 Q C Y 19. fi X, 0 122 f . I K I f if U A . 7 Cf, 20172 QUQQI? CSfZ1OQ?l?f 306112 cz' SITTING, left to right: A. Witter, J. McFarland, L. Miller, B. Ehrman G Morton J. Worden. C. Ashcroft, J. Knell, K. Smith, J. Chandler. STANDING G Bauer C Bauer, D. Ulmer, T. Seif, L. Pry, A. Grove. Booster Club Craig Cook Neil McMichael 'A'A Edna Morrow Lowell Eckert Larry Rowlinson John Agin PREPARING FOR OU R CHRISTMAS PROGRAM Before! After! ' ff lv Q O gf '1 "Howdy Folks" 'J' S "And all the rest are F ls!! It only hurts Look Mom - 1'm flying for a little while! I just look like I'm working! IVS 3 bird - It 's a plane I wonder when I get paid! FQ! 'W CA UGHT! 'NX Oh darn - another mistake! Guess Who! Q- if 4 ,o- e N W P Ill! V Expression P-L-E-A -S-E-!! What do you DO with a mess like this! This is Thursday? HERE HERE Hem I like finger paints best! - and we all got so tired Oh! My shins I don't always stand like this! y , ll Ain't we cute? Zan C122 y 122 X69 csfars Students of North Robinson, Leesville, and Whetstone and their guests enjoying the music under the stars at the 1958 Junior and Senior Prom. f 5 fi' ., ,M . ?6iY5ffi1LJL,, , I 'N Clfeefka QQIQS Left to Right: Phyllis Rinehart, Carol Hoover, Jeanette Knell, Ann Miller Left to Right: Sherry Metz, Brenda Ehrman, Linda Miller, Karen DeVore. arszly KNEELING, left to right: Bill Cook, A1 Grove, Ron Shawber, Chuck Bauer. STANDING: Eddie Hout, Lynn Courter, Rick Feick, Bill Hartwell, Bob Mesnard, John Agin, Jim Inscho. O Lexington - - Lykens ----- Tiro ------ Ill' WQCOFJ THEY ---55-- ---46 --g7-- -- ---61-- - Silphur Springs - - - - - '71 - - - Whetstone - - - - - - -66 - - - New Washington - - - - - 52 - - - Chatfield ----- - - - 56 - - - Mt.Zion-- ---82-- - charfield - - - - - 84 - - - - Mt. Zion - - Tiro ---- Lykens ----- ---35-- - -- 51-- - ---77-- - Holmes Liberty - - - - - 81 - - - New Washington - - - - - -70 - - - Sulphur Springs - - - - - 79 - - - Whetstone - - - - - - -61 - - - Holmes Liberty - - - - - 83 - - - Coach sax- l S 5 if "' 1 IM CLEM I ,vw it aw 'vt .F fda' LYNN A ., 3 1 , Q Q Q ' , Q . BOB - - 'W il ,. - NNN AL 'K .V,. . H i i, y n .,-13 5: CHUCK M9317 ef' CC 01431977 5 52' r If X X, , 'V' ,,, 2, ' " 'iff ' .if RON 9 xx 5 0 X 2 -i 0, ag X L' if JOHN S 1 3 1... ...E Q , . X ' A ig a W A CARL BUD fbbffle f7?061m U Gad' Z Q42 FIRST ROW, left to right: Chuck Bauer, Bill Cook. BACK ROW: Lynn Courter, Bi Hartwell, Rick Feick, Jim Inscho, Eddie Hout. We won 9 and lost 8. Qnlbr WILLIAM ALLONAS, glee club 1.2: paper staff 3, class plays 2, 3, baseball 3, county chorus 1, 2, annual staff 3, senior candy stand 4. GEORGE BAUER, glee club 1, 2, 3, 4, class president 4, chorus 2, 3, 4, student council 4, class play 3, baseball 2, 3, 4, basketball manager 1, 4, county chorus 3, library club 1,2, 4-H 1,2,3,4, sen- ior candy stand 4. CHARLOTTE BECK, class officer 2, band 1,2, 3, glee club 1,2,3,4, GAA 4, FHA 4, county chorus 3, pep club 4, senior candy stand 4. JANET BOGAN, glee club 1,2, 3,4, GAA 1,2, 3, 4, FHA 1, 2, 3, 4, co-editor of the paper 4, alternate cheerleader 2,4, class plays 2, 3, glee club officer 3, Homecoming Queen 4, senior candy stand 4. JA NICE CHANDLER, class officer 2, 4, glee club 1, 2, 3, 4, Honor Society 3, GAA 1, 2, 3, 4, FHA 1, 2, 3, 4, student council 2, 4, paper staff 3, 4, class play 3, glee club officer 4, annual staff 4, senior candy stand 4. JUDY COLE, band 1, 2, 3, 4, glee club 1,2,4, GAA 4, FHA 4, countyband 3, 4, senior candy stand 4. TONI CORONA, GAA 2, class play 3, FHA 3, senior candy stand 4. MARILYN DE GRAY, class officer 3, band 1,2,3,4, glee club 1,2,3,4, GAA 4, paper staff 4, county chorus 1,2, library club 2, 3, senior candy stand 4. Qpzfecfozy BRENDA EHRMAN, class officer 1, 2, 3, glee club 1,2, 3, GAA 1,2,3,4,,Fl-IA 1, 2, 3, 4, student council 4, county chorus 2, 3, class plays 2, 3, cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 4, Com Queen 4, senior candy stand 4. DOROTHY EHRMAN, class officer 1, band 1, 2, 3, 4, glee club 1,2, 3, 4, chorus 2, 3,4, GAA 4, office staff 3, paper staff 4, class play 3, county band 1,2, 3, 4, county chorus 1, 2, glee club officer 4, band officer 2, 3, senior quartet 4, sen- ior candy stand 4, JEANNE GELBACH, GAA 1,2, 3, 4, FHA 1, 2, 3, 4, class plays 2, 3, glee club 1, 2, 3, 4, booster club 3, paper staff 3,4, pep club 4, senior candy stand 4. ALLEN GROVE, class officer 1, 2, 3, glee club 1,2, 3, 4, chorus 1,2, 3,4, student council 3, 4, class play 3, base- ball 1, 2, 3, 4, basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, volley ball 1, 2, 3, 4, county chorus 1, 2, 3,4, glee club officer 4, annual staff 4, senior candy stand 4. LARRY HALL, glee club 1, 2, 3, 4, chorus 1,2, 3, 4, mixed octet 3, glee club officer 3, 4, mixed chorus officer 3, county chorus 2, 4, volleyball 1, 2, baseball 1, basketball 1,2, track 1,2, 3, 4, class play 3, senior candy stand 4. BEVERLY JOHNSON, class officer 1, 2, student council 1, booster club 2, band 1, glee club 1,2, 3, 4, chorus 2, 3, 4, Freshman-Sophomore Ensemble 3, Sen- ior Quartet 4, Honor Society 3, GAA 1, 2, 3, 4, FHA 1, 2, 3, 4, GAA representa- tive 2, pep band 1, paper staff 3,4, class play 2, 3, cheerleader 2, senior candy stand 4. JANE McFARLAND, band 1, 2, 3, 4, glee club 1, 2, 4, chorus 2, 3, 4, county glee club 2, county chorus 3, 4, county band 2, 3,4, Gibson- burg Musical 4, majorette 1, 2, drum majorette 3, 4, band officer 4, Honor Society 3, GAA 4, student council 3, 4, student council of- ficer 3, paper staff 4, annual staff 4, library club 2, 3, Corn Queen 3, Homecoming court 4, senior candy stand 4. DOYLE MCMICHAEL, glee club 1, 2, 3,4, chorus 1, 2, 3,4, county choms 3, 4, Gibsouburg Musical 4, student council 1, class play 3, baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4, track 1, 2, 3, 4, senior candy stand 4. LARRY METZ, glee club 3, chorus 3, agriculture club 1, senior candy stand 4. EDNA MORROW, class officer 1, 2, 3, 4, band 1,2, 3, 4, glee club 1, 2, 4, chorus 3, band officer 2, county band 1,2, 3, Delaware Musical 2, Honor Society 3, GAA 4, student council 3, booster club 4, class play 3, library club 1,2, 3, senior candy stand 4. GRACE MORTON, student council 2, 4, student council officer 2, glee club 1, 2, 3,4, band officer 2, chorus 2, 3,4, band 1,2, 3, glee club ac- companist 1, 2, 3, Senior Quartet 4, GAA 4, library club 1,2,3, Honor Society 3, paper staff 4, annual editor 4, class play 3, Com Queen attendant 1, 4, Homecoming court 2, 3, senior candy stand 4. CORINNE NELSON, Bucyrus High School 1, 2, 3, FHA 4, GAA 4, glee club 4. MARLENE PFAHLER, Betty Crocker Award 4, class officer 3, band 1,2, 3,4, glee club 1, 2, 3,4, chorus'2, 3, 4, pep band 1, 2, county chorus 1, 2, Freshman-Sophomore Ensemble 3, Honor Society 3, GAA 1,2,3, 4, FHA 1,2, 3,4, student council 3, co-editor of the paper 4, class plays 2, 3, senior candy stand 4. RAY RANK, band 1, 2, county band 1,2, paper staff 3, class plays 1, 2. NATHAN REED, glee club 1, Honor Society 3, class plays 2, 3, basket- ball 1, 2, 3. DELWYN ROWLAND, class play 2, Agriculture 1, 2, 3, 4, track 3, 4, baseball 2, senior candy stand 4, THOMAS SEIF, annual staff 4, class play 3, student council 4, Agricul- ture club 1,2, 3, 4, track 3,4, basketball 2, 3, class officer 1, 4-H 3, 4, senior candy stand 4. RON SHAWBER, Class officer 1, 3, class play 3, baseball 1,2, 3,4, basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4, track 1, 2, 3, 4, glee club 2, 3, 4, chorus 3, 4, band 1, 2, 3, county chorus 3, 4, annual staff 4, senior candy stand 4. CARL STIRM, glee club 1, 3,4, county glee club 4, class plays 2, 3, track 2, 3, 4, basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, class officer 4, senior candy stand 4, DOROTHY VAUGHAN, band 2, 3, glee club 1, 2, 3, 4, GAA 1, 2, 3, 4, FHA 1,2, 3.4, paper ltaff 3. JERRY VOLK, band 1, glee club 1, 2, 3, chorus 2, 3, class play 3, Ag- riculture club 4, baseball 2, 3,4. ALICE WITTER, band 1,2, 3, glee club 1, 2, 4, county band 3, Honor Society 3, paper staff 4, class play 3, student council 4, GAA 4, GAA officer 4, class officer 1, 2, 3, sen- for candy stand 4. The Thundering Herd Executive Head GLEN COLE Science and Math MR. PAUL MORTON Music MRS, HARRIET MORROW E i Left to Right: Clessie Cole, Marie Beck, Marion Funk. Chester McKean a 12 1. f 0 11 CC., 1 UQ FRONT ROW: J. Burkhart, S. Volk, L. Mahaffey, M. Morrow, J. Fitzpatrick, J. Muntis D. Appleman, L. Kemp, K. Carroll, K. Hart, Mr. Spencer. BACK ROW: H. Whitt, D. Ehrman, I. Knapp, K. Mahaffey, J. Eckert, S. Weisman, M. Witter, D. Rose, S. Branch. 715 .QZPQOQ FRONT ROW: L, Branch, M. DeVore, D, Emmer, S, Eckstein, R. Kershner, H. Cook K. Neuman, F. Scott, B. Stratton, Mrs. Morrow. BACK ROW: L. Hessey, J. Shaw- ber, S. Mesnard, D. Grogg, T. McDuffee, B. Dahlman, D. Fetter, P. Hirtz, B. Finney, K. McKean. r 61.6 QRUOQ FRONT ROW: T. Muntis, E. Pry, I. Hoffman, B. Bittner, J. Cole. MIDDLE ROW: D. McKean, P. Emmer, L. Hessey, K. Dias, K. Dahlman, J. Starling, S. Cook, C. Burk- hart, C. Kent, Mrs. Patzer. BACK ROW: M. Columbus, M. Wachtel, T. Shrout, R. Tome, P. Morton, B. Yeitter, K. Eckert, J. Klahn, R. Heintz. . 516 CJRU ffe FRONT ROW: G. Ehrman, D. Weisman, B. Frank, M. Studer, S. Dias, G. Fetter, S McKean, C. Fairbanks, G. Eckert, Mrs. Stirm. BACK ROW: D. Garrett, G. Burgin C. Eckert, C. Columbus, J. Morrow, G. Denton, B. Matney, K. Davis, B. Little, I. Tanner, D. Whitt. fix 3.1 4 16 .QPUQQ FRONT ROW: D. Scott, N. Neumann, G. Hessey, K. Kinnaman, M. Mace, D. Cook, D. Morrow, K. Hoover, E. Davis, B. Scott, Mrs. Musselman. BACK ROW: R. Muntis, B. Burkhart, K. Dahlman, E. Studer, L. Wood, G. Dumm, P. Christman, S. Tummell M. McDuffee, D. Pennington. s 9 .31'rf9raff2 FRONT ROW: D. Morton, R. Dias, G. Hoffman, D. Morrow, K. Girtou, R. Pry, R. Cross. MIDDLE ROW: A. Columbus, A. Teetrick, J. Parson, L. Rinehart, B. Little, S. Johnson, D. Dumm, B. Burkhart, B. Rose, B. Eckert, Miss McFarland. BACK ROW: R. Beach, P. Branch, M. Volk, L. Matney, R. Robey, M. Ehrman, A. Gates, M. Star- ling, B. McKean. 5 .tea L- A 2120f KQ FRONT ROW: Mrs. Morton, R. Roop, K. Witter, C. Carroll, W. Scott, F. Christman, E. Anderson, G. Hessey, M. Smith, M. Parsons. BACK ROW: D. Barrett. S. Tanner. M. Pfahler, G. Wood, B. Light, K. Tunnell, L. Hoffman, J. Witter, J. Skinner, P. Cole. ls! QQUOQ FRONT ROW: G. Conley, T. McDuffee, M. I-locker, M. Jackson, D. Whitt, D. Wood, B. Wood, W. Branch, M. Armstrong, MIDDLE ROW: B. Page, G. Huber, R. Rodgers, D, White, M, Tanner, D. Barrett, R, Little, J. Denton, D. Teetrick, P, Dovms, Mrs, Ashcroft. BACK ROW: S. Wachtel, K. DeLong, B. Walters, S. Ransom, D. Kinnamon L. Scott, B. Musgrave, B. Bittner, P. Cook, K. Frank, M. Tone, L. Parsons. 11121014 GAeerQakrs Diana Grogg, Joy Shawber, Diane Fetter. , unlbr 760122 FRONTgDe1Wyn Ehrman, Mr. Spencer, Jerry Burkhart. STANDING: Mike DeVore, Deems Emmer, Ronnie Kershner, Stanley Volk, Frank Scott, Joe Fitzpatrick, Lester Mahaffey, Jimmy Knapp, Henry Cook, Steve Eckstein, Karl Neuman, Kenneth Hart Manager. W ,NivWHxv1"'ww':!!'Nlw!'uHN'Wi + h ++f l + mvwwwmnumwpqrmmwf mw N W ., ,CNW W , M dig, 433 if fwf Q kg mwlfw on Jufaex MQX3 My Wfxx M659 if. 9 W if QW A? W ii imii AWE BEST SENIOR LASS OF 1 5 THE CRAWFCRD STEEL FOUNDRY n Compliments of LAUNDROMAT LAUNDRY Coin Operated Self Serve Open Z4 Hours - 7 Days Per Week Wash, 2041 Dry, 10? - 10 Minutes 910 Bucyrus Road Gallon Ohio COMPLIMENTS OF HERCULES GALION PRODUCTS INC. Galion, Ohio Compliments of GAETECN :Ron womcs AND MANUFACTURING aders C Q Ro . Galion, Ohio THE iiBUSl! TRUCK STOP 24 Hour Servic Congratulations to the Clas s of l 9 59 INSURANCE PAUL B. MORTON AGENT Leesville, Ohio Compliments Compliments of of SNYDER HARRY LOWE FUNERAL HOME CASE FARM FRED W. HEITZMAN EQUIPMENT Galion, Ohio Ambulance Service Phone HO-8-2531 Galion, Ohio Compliments of FREEZER FRESH CREQQINE DRIVE- IN W. Main and Park Road Phone OV 3-2160 Crestline, Ohio 110 N. Seltzer Fine Furniture Frigidaire Appliances Carpeting Crestline, Ohio Best Wishes Class of '59 THE NESTLE'S CO. North Thoman Cre stline , Ohio KNAPP AEROTRED SHOES Men and Women's Shoes All Sizes 601 N. Colurnbus St. Phone OV 3-3703 Crestline, Ohio Ambulance Service OV 3-2020 ORIE D. GARVERICK FUNERAL HOME 336 N. Thoman St. Crestline, Ohio Compliments of SCANLON AND BERGER Crestline, Ohio GENE'S AUTO AND TRUCK SALES Rambler and International Sales and Service Phone OV 3-2985 Crestline, Ohio Congratulations , Graduate s ! BECK FUNERAL HoME Phone ov 3-38 38 508 W. Bucyrus St. Crestline, Ohio PAUL B. BLUBAUGH Congratulations Clas s of 19 59 WILLIAMS SHOE sToRE Phone OV - 3-3581 Shoes for the Entire Family Crestline , Ohio 209 Seltzer Street Crestline, Ohio Congratulations to the Class of 1959 THELLER REXALL DRUG 163 Seltzer Street Crestline, Ohio Compliments of BISHOP BUICK SALES 8: SERVICE East Main Street Crestline, Ohio CRAWFORD CONSTRUCTION COMPANY General Contractors Exc avating and Gr ading Phone HO 8-3852 782 Charles Street Galion, Ohio Compliments of FRYE'S RESTAURANT We Never Close Phone OV 3- 1991 Crestline, Ohio CONCRETE PRODUCTS INC. Cement Blocks Ready Mix Concrete Since 1926 220 Lincoln Avenue C re stline , Ohio TOM'S ELECTRIC Motorola and RCA Televisions Whirlpool and RCA Electrical Appliances Knapp Building lll East Charles Street Crestline and Bucyrus FIRST NATIONAL BANK A Complete Banking Service 104 North Seltzer Phone OV 3-3737 Crestline, Ohio Compliments of GLEDHILL ROAD MACHINERY Galion, Ohio l!5 Mile East of Bucyrus Phone 5-2301 MOTEL BUCYRUS Box 226 Hot Water -Heat - Tub and Shower Free TV and Continental Breakfast Facilities for Conferences Displays and Special Events Bucyrus, Ohio FRANK HARDWARE STORE Hardware, Paints, Oil and Glass 135 Harding Way East Galion, Ohio BUCYRUS MATERIALS COMPANY Asphalt Contractors Phone 5- 1896 Bucyrus, Ohio All Forms of Insurance W. W. SAUER Corner of Rensselaer and W alnut Str e et Bucyrus , Ohio Compliments of THE COBEY CORPORATION Bucyrus, Ohio Compliments of BUCYRUS LOCOMOT IVE AND CRANE COMPANY Bucyrus, Ohio O. F. KIME LUMBER COMPANY We Serve to Sell Again 208 North Lane Street Bucyrus, Ohio FARM SUPPLY sToRE, INC. Galion, Ohio Congratulations to the Class of 1959 THE GALION INQUIRER FRANK HARDWARE COMPANY Hardware, Paints, Oil, and Glass 135 Harding Way East Galion, Ohio Complirn ent s of COLE'S GROCERY Leesville Compliments of KROEGEL'S PLYMOUTH - DESOTO GARAGE Phone OV 3-2164 Crestline, Ohio Equn-Y THE CRESTLINE EQUITY Brancli of the Galion Equity Exchange Co Crestline, Ohio Grain - Feed - Coal - Farm Supplies LINK'S WEST END MARKET Choice Meats Corner of West Bucyrus and Wiley Crestline , Ohio Compliments of THE FARMERS AND CITIZENS STATE BANK Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Member Bank of Federal Reserve System Cre stline, Ohio MOYER'S CRESTLINE AUTO WRECKING East Main Street Route 30 North P. O. Box 32 Crestline, Ohio SWAlN'S BLACKSMITH 8: WELDING SHOP 501 South Wiley Street Cre stline, Ohio Congratulations Crestline, Ohio Class of '59 CLEANERS DAIRY 108 Union Street Grade "A" Dairy Products Sta-Nu and Guards the Life of Ice Cream Your Clothes Crestline, Ohio HELFRICH FLORISTS North Columbus GREENHOUSES Phone at HO 2- 6911 Summit Street STORE Galion, Ohio A Complete Banking Service FIRST NATIONAL BANK Checking Accounts Bank Money Orders Personal Loans Auto Loans Galion, Ohio WEITHMAN BROTHERS, INC. Industrial - Commercial - General Contractors Phone Bucyrus Phone Galion 4-1428 HO 3-2981 Congratulations Class of '59 J. C. PENNEY CO. Galion Bucyrus ROYAL ALUMINUM MANUFACTURING COMPANY Manufacturers and Distributors of: All-Aluminum Storm Sash Doors, Screens, Awnings and Jalousies North Robinson, Ohio Compliments of SHUNK MANUFACTURING COMPANY Bucyrus, Ohio Compliments of THE BUCYRUS TELEGRAPH-FORUM Your Local Newspaper Read by 7,500 Farnilies Bucyrus, Ohio Congratulations Class of '59 AVIATION SERVICE KENNETH PARR JoH:N H. ALLEN Proprietor A N TIONWIDE INSURANCE Flying School Maintenance and Charter Work C 1' , Oh' , rest me 10 Bucyrus, Ohio G. AND M. ELECTRIC Everything Electrical Sales and Service Philco, Zenith, R.C.A. R. C. A. Whirlpool Victor 918 Harding Way West Galion, Ohio THE PUB "Best Eating Place" Bucyrus , Ohio A8.P TEA COMPANY Bucyrus , Ohio Compliments of R. A. JOLLY COMPANY Wholesale Grocery Phone 6- 1811 Bucyrus , Ohio FlSHER'S HARDWARE Bucyrus , Ohio Quality Hardware French Cleaners Crall Insurance Lone Pine Dairy Robert's Garage OUR BOOSTERS G. C. Murphy Co. Bucld's Electric Tom's Electric Koons Cleaners Buckeye Locker A. W. Drive-In Tuxedo Feeds Jay's Toggery Tuttle's News Sutter's Key CITY CHUCK AND DON FURNITURE, INC. BODY SHOP Complete Body Repair 119 West Mansfield street Glass ReP1aCement Bl1CY1'1-15: Ohio 114 West Warren Street Restonic Sleep Products Bucyrus' Chic LORD'S BUCYRUS JEWELRY MUSIC CENTER 119 East Warren Street Bucyrus, Chic Bucyrus, Ohio Compliments of MORTON'S POTATO CHIPS MOTEL AND RESTAURANT Bucyrus, Ohio Bucyrus, Ohio HECKERT BROTHERS Fresh Meats and Groceries ARTHUR- LOUIS PRODUCE EGG BUYERS 133 North Sandusky Avenue Bucyrus, Ohio Phone 3-1891 Bucyrus, Ohio Congratulations Clas s of '59 HOLCKER HARDWARE 320 North Seltzer Crestline, Ohio To the Class of '59 Congratulations From ANN'S DRESS SHOP Crestline, Ohio Congratulations Clas s of '59 BLUBAUGH'S SERVICE STATION 612 West Main Crestline, Ohio REIMHERR 5? TO Sl. OO STORE North Seltzer Crestline, Ohio Compliments of Pennsylvania R. R. Y. M. C. A Service Good Food RECREATION A Welcome for All Cre stline, Ohio C restline, Ohio Compliments of Compliments of PLASTIC Sc PLASTIC PRODUCTS THE FLORIST GEAUGE ' lowers for Every Occasion" PLASTIC COMPANY, INC. 121-125 S. Washington Ankert Road C1'eS1ZliI1e, Ol1iO Crestline, Ohio Best Regards DON'S SHOES 107 Harding Way East Galion, Ohio Compliments of THE BUCKEYE STATE BANK "When You Think of Banking - Think of Buckeye" Galion, Ohio ALMA AND IRMA FLORIST Flowers for All Occasions 137 North Market Galion, Ohio HOEKSTRA COAL AND SUPPLY COMPANY Ready Mix Concrete Chesterville, Ohio - Phone 2261 Phone HO 2-7111 - Galion, Ohio PORTER'S MUSIC SHOP Sheet Music - Pianos Musical Instruments Musical Supplies Galion, Ohio BROOK'S SPORTING GOODS 811 Charles Street Phone HO 3-1071 Galion, Ohio Compliments of GALION BOWLING CENTER 850 East Charles Street Phone HO 8- 1408 Galion, Ohio E. J. EGNER AND SON, INC. Phone HO 2-8201 Galion, Ohio Compliments of NELSON LEE MOTOR SALES Authorized Ford Dealer 325 East Main Street Crestline, Ohio Diamonds - Watches - Jewelry ST RAUCH AND OBERMILLER Crestline , Ohio Expert Watch Repairing All Work Guaranteed for One Year Compliments of DR. O. P. COOK 309 North Seltzer Crestline, Ohio A. C. GLEDHILL LUMBER COMPANY Complete Building Service Dial OV 3-2727 Crestline, Ohio EVANS GRAIN Bc SUPPLY ARTHUR C. EVANS Grain - Feed - Flour - Coal Building Supplie s Crestline, Ohio Compliments of ECKSTEIN PONTIAC The Best in New and Used Cars Crestline, Ohio TORNlCHIO'S QUALITY GARDENS Weddings Parties Corsages We Tele graph Flowers Crestline, Ohio HOKE'S ELECTRIC A Complete Wiring Service 550 Thrush Avenue Crestline, Ohio C omplim ent s of CITY CAB RADIO DISPAT CI-I We Cro Anywhere - Anytime Phone HO 3-3635 126 North Columbus Street Galion, Ohio GALION PHOTOGRAPHY Portraits of Highest Quality 119 112 Harding Way West Galion, Ohio UNITED PLUMBING SUPPLY COMPANY 111 Harding Way West Phone HO 8-3457 Galion, Ohio Compliments of A 81 P SUPER MARKET Galion, Ohio Compliments of Congratulations Class of '59 SCHIEBER HAP'S OLDSMOBILE Sales and Service 374 South Market Street Galion, Ohio ELECTRIC SERVICE 242 Harding Way West Phone HO 3-2482 Galion, Ohio Congratulations to Class of '59 PAUL OMLOR'S MARKET Bucyrus, Ohio Congratulations Clas s of '59 CORONA VILLA PIZZA - SPAGHETTI Best Food in Town Bucyrus, Ohio POSEY'S I-IILLTOP RESTAURANT Bucyrus, Ohio Compliments of BAUMOEL'S The Store of Quality Bucyrus, Ohio Best Wishes Class of 1959 STEELE STUDIO Photographs of Quality Bucyrus, Ohio SPIECE TYPEWRITER COMPANY Royal Typewriters R. C. Allen Adding Machines Sales - Service Phone 6-1726 Bucyrus, Ohio Compliments of BAKER BROS. SPORTING GOODS Bucyrus, Ohio WALTHER HARDWARE Sales and Service Phone 2-2821 Bucyrus, Ohio Compliments of ZIEGLER MILLING COMPANY Phone 4- Z8 0 6 Bucyrus, Ohio Compliments of FOU LK REXALL DRUG Bucyrus, Ohio Compliments of SCHRIER CHEESE FACTORY Bucyrus, Ohio Congratulations Seniors ! MALO BROTHERS Galion, Ohio Compliments of THE HOME LUMBER COMPANY Phone 5-1736 Bucyrus, Ohio OBERLANDER CIDER MILL Cider and Apples Bucyrus, Ohio Compliments of NURSERY MCDQUGAL a. McFARLAND Lgffjjjjj Masonry Contractor s Christmas Trees 6 Miles E. of Crestline Old 30-N Phone PR-4-6464 BAKERS' BROS. SPORTING GOODS Bucyrus, Ohio MILLER'S HARDWARE Pittsburgh Paints Open Evenings 621 S. Sandusky Bucyrus, Ohio HARTWELL'S RADIO 8: TE LE VISION Magnavox Phone HO 8-3663 Galion, Ohio QUAY'S SICK ROOM SUPPLIES Pres criptions Phone HO 8-3044 Galion, Ohio GALION FARM SERVICE, INC. Inte rnational Har ve ste r Dealer 322 South Market Street Phone HO 8-1933 Galion, Ohio Compliments of POWER EQUIPMENT CO. Galion, Ohio THE Diamonds Watches MIDLAND ' NATIONAL SERVICE CORPORATION JEWELERS "Galion's Leading Jewelry Dependable Insurance Service and Galion, Ohio Gift Store" Galion, Ohio WEBER'S JEWELRY STORE The Diamond Store of Galion 109 South Market Street Galion, Ohio Compliments of OWNER'S PRODUCTS 225 South Market Street Phone HO 3-2892 or HO 3-1695 Cralion, Ohio SCHEIBER DANCE STUDIOS Tap Ballet Modern Jazz Ballroom Phone OV 3-2590 Phone HO Z-6491 H Compliments of . M. BROOKS, M.D. Crestline, Ohio Crestline Galion Congratulations Compliments of Class of '59 , THE BECK S BURCH BAKERY CORPORATION Crestline , Ohio Crestline, Ohio Congratulations Compliments of Class of '59 THOROCLEAN SCHNEIDER CLEANERS CHEVROLET Water Repellent and Crestline, Ohio Repair Service Crestline , Ohio PICKWICK STUD FARMS Compliments of WlTTER'S EVERGREEN NURSERY Landscaping Rt. ffl Crestline, Ohio Compliments of KENNY-LAYTON-HAP SERVICE STATION Galion, Ohio Good Luck Class of '59 ERFURT'S JEWELRY STORE 210 Harding Way East Galion, Ohio Good Luck CARTER'S ELECTRIC Industrial Residential Commercial Galion, Ohio TOM McNEW'S RESTAURANT "Good Food Is Hospitality" On the Square Galion, Ohio Congratulations to the Class of '59 WEAVER-NEFF 210 Harding Way East Galion, Ohio FISHER PRINTING COMPANY Offic e Supplie s Letterpres s Phone HO 8-2094 Galion, Ohio Congratulations GLEDHILL LUMBER COMPANY 235 Bloomer Street Galion, Ohio VOLK-RICHARDSON FUNERAL HOME Modern Furniture Arnbula.nce Service Galion, Ohio FAIR PRICE STATION Red Head Gas and Oil Bucyrus, Ohio NORTH ROBINSON EQUITY Seed - Fertilizers Coal - Feed Grinding and Other Farm Supplies PRODUCERS LIVESTOCK ASSOCIATION AND Daily Hog Market Auction Every Thursday Phone 2-2751 or 5-2476 Bucyrus, Ohio 321 North Sandusky Bucyrus, Ohio LADY'S CIT Y SERVICE Sandusky and Plyrnouth Streets BUCYRUS IMPLEMENT CO. , INC. Sales - Service - Repairs Phone 4- 1781 554 West Mansfield Street Bucyrus, Ohio FLICK-BOLLERER CO. Lumber and Millwork South Columbus Phone HO 2-6711 Galion, Ohio CRAWFORD FARM BUREAU CO-OPERATIVES ASSOCIATION Plyrnouth Road Bucyrus , Ohio New Method Laundry and Dry Cleaning Company Scheck's Shop Rite Super Market Western Auto Associate Store Slim' s Refrigeration Service Stewart's Root Beer Drive-In Don Phillmore's Barber Shop "Bill Stevens" Barbe r Shoppe Northern Ohio Telephone Co. Galion Equity Exchange Co. Jeannette's Beauty Shoppe Debolt' s Home Appliance Town and Country Shop O. E. Meyer and Sons, Inc. Bucyrus Farmers Exchange The Globe Clothing Store The Thomas Hardware Co. Frasch's Sohio Service Anatra's Clothing Store Galion Automobile Club The Ulmer Electric Co. Casey Hardware 8: Gifts G. B. Groh, Oldsmobile Bishop 8: Suver, Inc. Cotsy's Shell Station OUR BOOSTERS Cemco Industries, Inc. Flower Quality Market Sears Roebuck and Co. Norton' s Flowe r Shop Cole 's Sandwich Shop Harris Brothers Bar L. P. Auck Insurance Bucyrus Water Works Pangalls Recreation F. W. Woolworth Co. Schaffner- Myers Co. Les seur ' s Shoe Store Ten Eyck' s Florist Bucyrus Restaurant Sullivan' s Toyland Oakwood Gre enhous e Schott Bros. Sales Home Office Supply Baehr's Barber Shop Decker's Gift Shop J. 8: H. Shoe Store Shuey's Drive-In Quality Printers L- K Restaurant f TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY "The WorId's Best Yearbooks Are Taylor-made" .LA if - I-,,',:W:?f?xg5 I ' Tl, ' ' .7 'N' I X f I .,"-,7-,.7...,.,,,.. . -. ..l r-qw .,,,,.,., ,l.,.,W ,:,.,,,,,q,,vv,..,,,vv'-... ,.. ' 7---I. -wg-yuqxmv-.nw -- W I 'T'-1 5 1 5 . ' I XX 4 6 ' . r .Ilia mylzt has' tlzbulsand bgyei ' Aid the day but dm lift liglft afutlfe lirzylff wbrld dies Milf tlgq-dying sun. 1 in s ,,,-s- , ... f Mr. Gilbert, after 19 years of active service to North Robinson, is going to retire this year and take life easy. His sincere devotion, understanding, and unending patience have been invaluable to the students and teachers of the school. Mr. Gilbert has directed the junior and senior bands in the music festivals, Spring Mu- sicals, the Mardi Gras parades and many other concerts and social gatherings at the school during the past years. His unending patience and understanding have won him many lasting friends among the students and personnel of the school. His schedule has been full of individual and group instrumental lessons and with those things that only a band director would know about. "Mr. Gilbert, we, your friends, want to thank you for all the help and un- derstanding you have given us and we wish you the best of everything in your future years of retirement. " BAND ix,-X ,ff xiii R iffgmlfgifyf 'Qfx Qspbzhy , WKUJICJQ , ' XX-. flx " " 'Wiy K fwjkgff' "KF 41+ 11 and 12 GIRLS' GLEE CLUB MIXED CHORUS 7x17 fjfll . I mn' tw X The North Robinson G. A. A. invitcd nine schools to attend 41 Play Day. Each school was asked to send 18 girls to represent the school. Many different activities were offered to the girls. The girls were divided into teams and each team got to try its luck at volleyball, badminton, basketball, tumbling and trampoline. A light lunch was served to the visiting teams at the conclusion of the activities. K-. XIZUIZCIZXIUIZCI Wee! F I R S T P L A C E W I N N E R S FIRST INVITATIONAL TRACK MEET The First North Robinson Invitational Track Meet was considered a great success by all who viewed and participated. Although the competition was keen, North Robinson took fourth place. Plans are being made for the Second Invitational Track Meet next year, and if all goes well it will be an annual event. Many of the teams that entered this year stated that they would like to enter next year and the years to come. Some of our track stars! -5 7 if N-7 f I Right to left: Nancy Miller, Judy Worden, Phyllis Rinehart, Jane McFarland, Karen DeVore. These five girls were chosen by the high school boys to present the trophies and medals to the first five place winners of the First Invitational Track Meet, AL GROVE North Robinson's pride and joy pole vaulter, A1 Grove, entered the state finals on May 22, to bring home honor and the title of State Cham- pion Pole Vaulter. A1's amazing ll ft. 9 in. jump broke all previous records. "Congratulations, Al, we're all very proud of you. " Q U NN U2 O 3 25 Q Q Q FQ VD w 56910119 O present "OFF THE TRACK" 2 J' a comedy in three acts Mr. John Morgan - - Silas Dobbins ---- Flickie Nelson - - Betty Phillips - - - Joan Parker - - - Mrs. Guarina - - - B111 Lindsay ----- Mr. Oscar Posenby - - - Willie Woodson ------ Evalina Bumpass ------ Mrs. Reginald Vanderventer Miss Piggie McDougal - - - CAST 9 - - Carl Stirm - - George Bauer - Brenda Ehrman - - - Janet Bogan -Marilyn DeGray - - Grace Morton -----A1Grove - - Ron Shawber Doyle McMichael - Beverly Johnson - Janice Chandler - Dorothy Ehrman Directed by: MRS. MARION ALBRIGHT enzbr y "This is the life. " "I never did learn to walk. " "Cruisin' down the river. " "Are you com fy?" 5 enzbr 1400 "I just wanted to get away from it all. " rv-- and the beer is in the cooler. " .ik- "Boy, I'11 never try that "Mama in her kerchief. " again! " .FQ Lookin' for something?" "Always eating! " "Peek-a-boo! " 'The backward type." The Statue of Liberty 8 "Pleasant dreams! "Our guiding light. " "Three Stooges. " "Things really got desperate. " 5 x 2 'QU Hllllgfy, EWS?" "Why so serious?" if' "We got so sleepy. " "Smile for the birdie, " "HH" 'Nu " Want a bite?" I finally got everything "She needs a shoulder to lean on. " packed. He's a real gone guy. " "Home again, home again, jiggety-jig. " napsfofs BEFORE! AF TER! It can't be d0116" "We had a concert" "No, I don't believe we've met. " "And we saw some sights, too. " fan Cjam era Gary Richards ?a0Qaf122y G ass FRONT ROW: J. Chandler, G. Morton, J. McFarland, J. Cole, M. Pfhaler, B. Ehr- man. MIDDLE ROW: G. Bauer, R. Shawber, L. Metz, T. Sief, J. Volk, C. Stirm R. Rank, N. Reed, L. Hall, D. Rowland, B. Allonas. BACK ROW: A. Witter, J. Bogan, M. De Gray, B. Johnson, C. Beck, D. Ehrman, E. Morrow, T. Corona, J. Gelbach, C. Nelson. X f,fJ Kar? A , "x WD .7 is yang 44 T7V1T'1g-, Bbwlan Talrhavhehiu all Gffgou may P 4l"'-f,, . 3 B K 00 'h0rf'e'7 ,M XQUT' Qqs nf-'W' 10.6010 Hafg 0 W0 S'Wle SPN' Sehng Ig" 6 ur A91-ee Vmnng-M c"!BnN,??6zh-L ,AQ 'f U VWKFIGPWS Mg,5,fglGns Vorfe 6,38 7- - e.?09P'9'o X ff" was V qw ni 3 Q b "' 1 4: JVM mfef 41195: 4 DM 05 ahh AC! L iw VW xp vw G':v1c4k'V'M Ql,4gg'R,J?s X 'W NN T ta Se'P"'1 Q' v 5 fm-0 :nas t anno 7-477 9 df' Gs' qijacpm WA""f'i A 4- 40' VW Ji' ,oo N be XFQQB ,jg an f.-Lys J. U5 6' IWW 8 fd Q Cd, 59" , 4 'V rs 94-x EY 43' Occldtgfq me al as Q-15044-ma3'D M 0:74 '41, mepfgg " 22 ff . Way 'K Qmff 6 P' Q ff 24 f ce ' Q 9' I 4709 Smut 3599 ' 55' 1, 'qv x. 0 M5248 Qklofcoyktlf 'pf' M 'BQ S20 M75 G""'S1l'ms V Ac, . Armour Molucq,JTQiPs ROBSON 'S GROCERY COMPLETE FOOD SERVICE 6 2108 N th R b . u P ' ' J , . ii .il ' Et.: LH E1 5? ri? Q. lf " V, , 1 v . - L 1 x Q I

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