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flint memorial ubharv 3 1550 00209 8165 CLiVSS OF 1 88 FLINT MEMORIAL NO. READING, MA 01 8« 1 Editor’s Note Putting this yearbook together wasn ' t always this much fun . . . Seniors, As you read through your yearbook . . . Smile a little Cry a little Laugh a little Live a little. VKIMItON We, the yearbook staff, would like to thank Ms. Smith for being such a talented and dedicated advisor. Without her, this yearbook would never have been possible. We, the class of 1988, would also like to thank Mr. Ward for all the time and effort he has devoted to us. He has helped to make our senior year one we will always remember. 2 Table of Contents Town Pictures ! Page 4 Dedication X Page 6 Faculty Page 9 Faculty Will Page 18 Seniors Page 21 Time Line Page 54 Class Will Page 56 Class Poll Page 64 Goodbyes Page 67 Clubs Page 89 Sports Page 95 Baby Pictures Page 160 Index Page 164 Patrons Page 165 Ads Page 166 The class of 1988 would like to dedicated their yearbook to Mr. Cleary. It is no mistake that his cl asses are by far some of the most popular ones at the high school. Mr. Cleary enjoys teaching his students and clearly excels at doing this. He takes an uncommon interest in his students, and they in turn take an unusual interest in what he has to teach. It is not often that a teacher becomes so involved, and his students therefore respond to this. Mr. Cleary’s students learn a great deal about themselves in addition to the standard subject matter. More importantly, however, is how Mr. Cleary manages to make this whole process an enjoyable one. His ability to relate to his students makes him an outstanding teacher as well as coach. His secret, perhaps, is the respect and sincer- ity with which he treats his students. They are entrusted with a unique freedom in his classes and spoken with rather than spoken to. His is a refreshing approach and for this reason, we would like to thank Mr. Cleary for a job well done and to let him know that we appreciate the way he has touched our lives. 6 ADMINISTRATION The faculty is an integral part of the high school, and though we’ve often disagreed, we would like to make clear how much we appreciate you and your talents. We thank you for your devotion, for teaching us even when we did not want to be taught, and we thank you for making our high school years so special. Best Wishes, The Class of 1988 Dr. William Butler — Principal Mr. Robert Pesce — Vice-Principal Mr. Richard Kieran — Vice-Principal Mildred Canavan Secretary Arthur Cannon Science Department Ediita Ayer Business Department Frank Carey Physical Education Terry Cappelli Occupational Education Joseph Clarkin Business Department David Cleary Social Studies Department Roy Condon Athletic Director Health Department Roy Conway Social Studies Department 9 F A C U L T Y Douglas Cubbins Industrial Arts Department William Devin Occupational Education Claudia Dardeno Guidance Department Laurie Doherty Language Arts Department Cheryl Forbes Health Department Margot Girodet Foreign Language Department Eleanor Dell Language Arts Department Jeremiah Donovan Science Department Robert Gosse Science Department 10 John Havice Social Studies Department Frederick Keyes Language Arts Department Charles Markham Mathematics Department S ' Francis Hughes Arts Department Raymond Landry Language Arts Department Lillian Hurley Business Department Harry Lucier Science Department F A C U L T Y Bethe McBride Mathematics Department Nancy McLaughlin Physical Education 11 F A C U L T Y Walter Miller Guidance Department Nancy Norton Secretary Max Mueller Science Department Joan O’Donnell Resource Room Judy Perez Foreign Language Department Shirley Plouff Secretary Robert Fhishkar Language Arts Department Carl Puglia Mathematics Department 12 Victor Stickler Industrial Arts Department Beth Thomson Nurse Carolyn Stackpole Language Arts Department Judy Thompson Secretary Jennifer Smith Guidance Department Walter Teal Industrial Arts Department Stanley Sawler Food Service 13 F A C U L T Y Joseph Venti Foreign Language Department Harold Weisse Musical Arts Department Ruth White Resource Room William Wasilewski Language Arts Department Robert Ward Language Arts Department Raymond Whipple Mathematics Department Linda Welsch Language Arts Department Phillip Wicky Social Studies Department Mary Anne Wolff Social Studies Department 14 i Victoria Yablonsky I Librarian l " Hey Gang!!! George Yianakes Mathematics Department History can be fun! 15 3=n I Faculty Will William E. Butler — A razor Richard Kieran — A personal problem Robert Pesce — A computer that works Edlita Ayer — A full-time babysitter Mildred Canavan — A day without responsibility Arthur Cannon — A devoted physics class Terry Cappelli — Front page on the times Frank Carey — A pair of jeans Joseph Clarkin — A luncheon with Mr. Keyes David Cleary — A dehumidifier Roy Condon — A year supply of pants Roy Conway — patience Doug Cubbon — Another car Claudia Dardeno — A date with Julio Elanor Dell — A contract with the Boston Opera Company William Devin — A credit Laurie Doherty — Rookie of the year award Jeremiah Donovan — A larger class Charyl Forbes — New window shades Margot Girodet — A doobee Robert Gosse — Stock in “Halls” John Havice — His own movie rental store Francis Hughes — An endless supply of paint Lillian Hurley — A life supply of packets Frederick Keyes — A gossip column in the Transcript Raymond Landry — A paperboy job Harry Lucier — Authority Charles Markham — A sorted bag Beth McBride — To train Joan Benoit Nancy McLaughlin — Her own fitness for life magazine Walter Miller — A superbowl win Max Mueller — A day without a backache Nancy Norton — An easy to use phone system Joan O’Donnell — Pierced ears Judy Perez — Someone to look down at Shirley Plouff — A weeks paid vacation Carl Puglia — A funny Joke Robert Pushkar — A mean day Loe Richard — A day without a jacket Barry Shae — A stadium Jennifer Smith — A studentless office Carolyn Stackpole — A tadpole Victor Sticklor — His own hardware store Walter Teal — Smaller hands Judy Thompson — A quiet guidance office Beth Thomson — A student without pain Peter Vennard — A Xerox machine that works Joseph Vend — A broken finger Robert Ward — A date with Ms. Yablonsky William Wasilewski — A class that knows the answer Harold Weisse — A new chalk board Linda Welsch — A stool for her feet Raymond Whipple — Bugs Bunny Ruth White — Front row seats to a broadway show Mary Anne Wolff — A solved argument Phillip Wicky — A day when he picks up the tab Victoria Yablonsky — A date with Mr. Ward George Yianakes — A clear voice Daniel K. Artone The biggest risk in life is not risking Best times with the best people; Mikey, John . BubJorge, Mike + Ike, Keith, Bri, Joe Soccer 8 — On the Line — Move! Led Zeppelin — Is this the ENDN or just beginning — Jr. Prom Krissy 5 25— 1 1 10 Alicia Skokie Jeff Bro 2 FRI + SAT NITE BUDDIES Sunday River— Bruins 1 — C. Neely Parties with the locals — Yeah ! Thanks Mom , Dad , Dave and others who have made my life happy. Kelly A. Barnes Kel Tomyfriends — You guys are great ! I ' 1 1 never 4-get any of you ! ! r ve had the best times! GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF YOU! Special Memories; 2 many Mikes “Gippa” “Ragged on by Greg.” YORK BEACH — HAMPTON BEACH8 8 87 “Hefron“ Just a joke Geo-class POWDERPUFF — 1 DANCING — 1 3 years TRACK — ’87 CAL Champs CHEERING — 3rd place B-Ball, 5th F-Ball 11 26 87 THANKSGIVING DAY 16-6 W-THING! Special talks w JIMMY MOM, DAD MIKE-ILY. Bye BABS! Gail Baldwin GOOD TIMES DO NOT ALWAYS LAST, BUT MEMORIES LAST FOREVER. I WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER GREAT TIMES SHARED WITH FRIENDS; MaryAnn BRENDA SUSAN REBECCA MARIA MaryAnnS. KRIS DB MB RF J.P. MRMPML SK GD WILMINGTON, CATHY AND LAURA SURPRISE PARTIES SKI TRIPS ENGLAND N L, A M CALIFORNIA 10-17-86 CONCERTS PROM PENGY DANA THE ONE WHO MADE HIGH SCHOOL THE BEST ILY! LOTS OF THANKS TO MOM AND DAD Derek Ball Always remember my friends BO, The Goose BP Waldo Gill RAM GG Party in Florida On the VISA GPZ Didn’t Kill Me, NOS will ... 1 wish I could do it all again Peter Bell Gerald Belmonte Jr. Jerry All the Memories. Hello No To all my friends; Bri, Craig, Gil, Di, Kris, J.J. , Glen. Jamie, Michelle, Cheryl. Doug, Dave. Don Bob + Others I haven’t mentioned. “One down one to go another town and one more show” -YES. School’s out and it’s time for the real world. Fan -I- Mr. Ed. Study, malls, getting lost (Remember Di and Bri and others? Whitesnake rules! Running out of room, so 1 am outta here. Here 1 go again — WS 22 Stacey Berton Birdie Love is something that you never want to shut your heart to; for if you shut your heart to love, you shut your eyes to life. I will never forget all the good times with my friends. The summer of ' 87 Birdie, Buddy, and Slariel.FIF The Heibbndrf’s What is and what should never be Mom and Dad I.L Y. and I will never forget all the wonderful times I shared with Jeff, 1 love you. Barbara Borup Babs I ' ve really enjoyed being here Goodbye and thanks a lot to my friends, with whom I have had lots of fun I ' ll miss you guys! If you ever come to Conenhagen Denmark, stop by and say " Fli " ! 62 in P-Puff on a freezing Saturday in Nov. Bye everybody from volleyball and basketball Mexico ' 88 — why don ' t I speak Spanish? New York T-giving. Thanks Kel for trying to teach me how to drive Thanks Reillys Special thanks to Mom Dad. Heidi Bradbury Friends are precious and very rare, you can ' t find friends just anywhere. G-Times w7 Kerri Beth, Krissy, Glenn, Jen, Tommy, MM DV. JF, AM, JM, CO, AMB, KD, BM, Mike The Group, PD, KS, DC,TJ, fJon, DelaKM, JP + Others Hhey BabesIlEMI! Men in motion, P-Puff 12, proms Reading, parties, Florida, summer Cheering, I 00 tub, new years " 87 " campsite w DaddyT + everyone Mcmba R-Ball nites w Keith 86 Thanx for everything Mom Dad I ' ll Find U Somewhere, Somehow Michael Berinato " We have come too far, sacrificed too much, to disdain the future now " JFK To all my friends esp.: J.P., Ryan Rodney Cookie Kim Kelly Dawn Sue-Be Greg T, J . Egg and everyone else. Good luck! T-C 1987 cross-country 7-3! The Rec Gang Freeze B.V.! The locker quotes Toyota-SB Mt. Washington? Congo classics Indoor and Spring Track — 4 yrs! You ' re A Ham! Ryan Driving?!! Thank you Mom, Dad J- Family David Berry 1 was not looking for my dreams to interpret my life but rather for my life to interpret my dreams. Always remember good times with good friends Brendan, breuie, Britt, Andy, Bbuz, Diane, buzy, Jen, Becki, Kmo, AnnMarie, Steve, and the Big A Gang, Parties in the lucky 7, Hiding-out, Nashoba Valley, Who me? Shirly King at MobyFlick, Beep right and wave left. Boat ride. Thanks Mom, Dad, buz, and nana, I love you all. Melissa Bemiss J Missy I If you love something, set it free. If it comes back to you, I its yours. If it doesn ' t, it was never meant to be. NEVER i FORGET: Julie2, Sue, D2H, PH, Sponge, RAT, KelTK, I SB, JB, BB. X — country — I made it! B-ball 22 What the I — are we going to do! Oh . . . ok Great, Just Great! f Wonderful, Just what I needed! Vt, Thanx Gram Gramps I + Phoebe The key to growth is the love around us . . . Thanx Mom, Dad, Geoff 1 LOVE YOU Ann Marie Braga Some memories are realities, and are better than anything that can ever happ en to one again. — WC — Always Remember: Jill, Doreen, Mel, JW, CS, HB, DV, JT, KO, MT, SS, NP Accounting W DB, CP, JM Spanish III “SS-b” “OPUS " — CG — Florida NJ Bahamas “87“ Getting lost on Friday nights 1 think I wanna go over there a SPECIAL THANX AND MY LOVE ALWAYS MOM, DAD, CHERYL AND JT Suzanne Julie Brown Let us go in dance once more on the dreams glimmery floor. TALK TO ME Bill BOSTON Meaghan SHOPPING U Drive 2 Past! Relax “One way! " Which Way?! “Oh-NO! " State House friends — LuvUJeff, Brian, Max, Krys being Molly Did 1 really do track? Gen RAT Canada ' 85 — tentmates kill-men The greatest virtue in a princess is to know herfriends. Jr. Srs Proms Times w Dana Thanx Michael, Missy, Heather I LOVE YOU Mom Dad Gram Eliz Kenneth C. Buch — Need a bigger Car — 70 Dodge Dart Telephone pole on Park Street Duncans Party (What Happened?) Jelly Donuts in study Joel, Chicago, Huey + Fleetwood RYER’s I still won ' t play basketball! Bruce Matt Duncan Joe Jaime Ms Dell, Mr. Cleary, Mr. Hughs Life Rushes by so fast, so make the most of each moment. Kristin Burke True happiness is when you follow your heart and believe in your dreams. All my love Tim. forever always Summer of 1986, August 13th friends: SM, MS, BG,GB, ME and all the rest of you. Girls soccer, Jr + Sr Prom Weekend ski trips with Timbo The Big Apple — Riverside Mike and Kris vs. Tim “Glory of Love” Thanks Mom, Dad, Dina, Lisa Remember, 1 love you all! Duncan J. Burns “Dunk” “All that we see or .seem Is but a dream within a dream " E.A.P. DEF LEPPARD “HYSTERIA " Never Forget Hampton Week, Oct. 9 HELP! Squaw Mt., Weekends with: Dave. Mike, Jamie, Matt, Spruce! Will not forget U Brenda, 1 miss my car! Summer of “87“ Best yet! Junior Prom, How was my date? Sike! Bill ' s Jacket Remember all Scoffmores BOB SEGER — Night Moves, Dokken — The Hunter And The Test is History Clumb High Climb far — Your aim the star. Gilbert Burton Gil Friends will be Friends The Group John Mike Craig Glen Jerry Carol Kim J.J. Dee Becky and Huckin — Feather Cow Hamshire weekends SAT ' s We paid for these?! Squish the fish pearl necklace Next year we pay for school It ' s been good so far Remember friends Master Councilor North Reading Chapter Order of DeMolay Sep. 87 to Feb 88 24 Steven Cappezzuto Cappy Jill Suzanne Butler If you love something set it free. If it comes back to you it is yours. If it doesn ' t, hunt it down and kill it. Never forget Ann Marie, Ange, Mel, Julie. Julie W., Doreen, Nerd Alert. 1 want to be over there! I ' m young I’ll get over it! Maine with AMB Moppet Bopping Is that your face or did your neck throw up? BG and Boston BB ! " I don ' t know. JC, BW, CH, AL, MB, BH, ESP My family JWP Make out of life what you can because you only live once. Good luck toall my friends in lifeesp. John 1986EM ASS CHAMPS, Baseball ! Thanx for everything mom + dad I also want to thank you Mr. Carey, But most of all Andrea for your love + support you are great, montreal, Martha ' s Vineyard, Canobie Lake, Pat Barney, Yankees Hibah Feb 18, Tuesday nights cards CHERISH ♦ :(c + 4: Jf: Julie Caruso Jules TO MY FATHER WHO I WISH WAS HERE WITH ME NOW. you want, but wanthing what you have. Good luck toall my friends, you know who you are. Esp. Deb, Doug, Ange, Mich. Tom, Jimmy. Mike, Herbie, Chris. It ' s your move! I heard things! 9 .S 87 — Private Party! Summer 87 P-puff 70! — ”C4G " — the postman The van, ya right! Premium red thanks mom .... I love you! Life is nothing but a game. Play it to the best of your ability. All my friends! Esp. MB. Rod, Ry, TJ. MC. KS, TK, KD — One Way! Tthe Rec Gang Sophomores! — Good Luck HOOP 43 STATES!!! The Dunk SOCCER 1 1 Onthe line! Moove! I . . . I Don’t Know — A Mixed Bag? Freeze! BV! — Is there a problem? Pox Watch — Will 1 make it? Locker quotes! Triangles — BW Let ' s just take a deep breath and calm right down! Thanks Mom Dad Michael Carriere Liuda Cardarelli “Congratulations class of ’88 " Best of luck to all my friends, especially, Marcia Burke. Always remember good times with the Melrose Youth Group, especially Saturday Night Roller Skating ' 85 — ' 87 Never forget the Junior and Senior Proms in “ 1987“ “thanks, Ma and Dad " I love you SCOTT H “Always " Joseph Casey J.P. Michael P. Casey I’d love tochange the world, but I don’t know what to do so 1 leave it up to you — A. LEE Unforgettable friends — Dan, Greg, Chris, John, Mich, Bob, JP, DS, AD, BW, JC, TB, JB, JO, the Walsh’s — my second family, Hampton, soccer 6 Fri 1 Sat night buddies, “We can’t ski like this’’, the Cape, Chris and Greg’s house — bagged, backseat driver, the point, Zeppelin " Is this the end or is it just beginning?’ ’ , Jenn — I hope , All my love to my wonderful family. Julie Ann Celata Jules “These are the days to remember the times to hold onto because they will not last forever " Football + Basketball Cheering 5 Competition POWDERPUFF 5 Spenser, Proms, U2 concerts “Ha Ha Very Funny MF " “Kim 1 Way’’ “I don’t know” — JP, Missy, Kelly Julie (puppies), Betsy (chickens) Susan, Amy, Kelly, Maura, Jill I’LL NEVER FORGET YOU GUYS!!! Thanks Mom + Dad, Chris + Michelle I LOVE YOU!!! Lauren Frances Chaffee Seek treasure where there is trash; see life as it is and not as it should be. D.Q. Stacey and Sharon Cindy first session — sudden pond so, here we are w-kid movies? rally 86 jen Chris Steph Laura Kath Ccarl Pete partys mich dee woods stacetodd liF A .R . 21 mrbindbuffy brian etc. clap brkfst rays breakin out 9- 1 -84 ca chargers soccer 10 crayola ILY MUM DSF JRERS ETC. THANKS “guess I’m on my way” Debra Clark Debi tomorrow begins a new time but still must we weave the future’s vine. It’s your move! 1 head things! Anatomy laughs To my friends esp. KH, JM, KB, KM, DL, HN, AD, TS, MM, BB, KK, Julie, Tom, Jimmy, Mike, Chris, Herb — July 30! The van! Ya right! Summer 87! “Ker " Florida 87 — Premium Red little squirt, CAL Track champs 9 5 87 — Private Party Dec. 26! Cheering — C4G — 64 P-PUFF! Special thanks to my family! AII my love to Doug! John Collings J.C. Good times with CSR’s Sul, Drew Kel, Pug, The U.P.’s CD, BW, ER Iroc Breakdowns — on the cape Topsfield with Bill and Vaz Football — Stopping in Ipswich Lynfield 16-6, B-Ball all bus team “Let me reiterate” “Polywogs " “Bill I just went " Injun Joe Paquette, francesconi and Sammy Davis. Buckeye country — SL, BM, JW G-Factor. Give the gun. The Face Escorted from Boston Garden. Rye NR, Thanks Mom and Dad Britt Collins “Brittsy” “ It is much easier to recognize error than to find truth; truth is hidden in the depths” Thanks to all my friends who have made this a special time Europe 87, Florida 85, M B., Nurse Kkelly, Olga K Musicals “I ' m letting my hair grow” Great times at Sunapee, “Beep left wave right, " The eternal quest . . . . The gang from the big A Mmom. Dad, Brendan, I love you. Thanks for being there 26 John Conchiglia Chig Don ' t ever look back because something is gaining on you To my friends at work + school Scott big ego that’s backed up Keith C’mon you can skip work I John We have to work again!! Steve Juice Dan and many more Lunchtime Rap The KM Annual Arcade Trips Garden Trips Poker, Hey Dan What ' s the Bet? Billy Ball, C3 Privileges It ' s not how you play the game, it ' s whether you win or lose THANKS MOM AND DAD Mark Corbett Hockey " Hope we win one’’ Times with PM, DJ, MM, SM, BB,GDEVE, Break down Morty, Musdog Times {) iT.C.C. Mike, Dippa Home from the condo " wasted " , Weekend 12 16 87 E C. Carts, Canada Thanks Mom + Dad To someone special Diana Diane Lee Cooke Di " If you think you can, or you think you can’t, either way you’re right " Always Remember;per. 4 — esp. " The Fan, " Summerof ' 87 , 10 26 87, SpagettiO’sand most of all ’ ‘SEAN Fudge, Celtics, Tang SOO! Getting lost, to all my friend who put up with my emotional roller coaster of a life — thanks good luck. Thanx mom-n-dad — luv ya! Adios, Mrs. G! Ciau All! Good-bye NRHS, good riddings Paul J. Cote Good Luck, success class of ' 88 Never forget JD, CP, MS, LG, AR, KM, DF, KS, EE, EG, and those 1 didn’t NAME. Car crashing in the " Pits " Fun time in N.R. Homestead Thanks to a few teachers MO, MW Many great memories with my girlfriend TANYA 1 love her a lot. I’ll follow my dreams till the day 1 find them. Dec. 6, 86 Paul Tanya Dec. 6, 87 Thanks Mom and Dad See yous later. Micahel Cooke Cookie " You only live once but if you live right once is enough.” To all of my friends especially Ryan Mike B. JP Matt Kelly Kim Kerry Heidi Jorge Soccer 9 Moove!! 3 man skill " 40 minute to blow your load” Ttrack H.J. 6’3 " Hersh 7’0 Bay State Games " The Zone " Mmount Greylock Zeppelin Rules Forever A mis- sion to a beautiful place ten at once, Y.K. Thanks Mom Dad Marlena Bill Cotter Good Tillies w Bill, Goose, Paco Salad, Scooter, Inca, Willie, Greg Class of ' 86. Fuch (all-nighters) Rich T, Gabe, Rich W. They’re BIG! Al, Donny, Greenbriar, Plowie Turkey Day 87 NRHS 16 LHS 6!! Party at Gooses, Capt 40Wrestlin 29-3 128 State Champ Thanks Bubba, Morgan Brawls!! Suckin weight in the showers!! Wish I could play fball foreva Love and miss you Nanny -r Bill Special thanks to mom . . . dad Never forget you Trace Love ya Brian J. Courtemanche “Bri” “What’s Up Doc?” Thanks all my friends Thanks, Mom + Dad Things remembered: S.T.V.! Gum on Bruce’s chair Lost at the mall! Mr. Ed! To gross! Diane’s mood chart. Ann the Fan, King Falcon — Splash! Chocolate Mousse! Study hall gang. College Bound, The greatest sound is silence Michael J. Cushing MikCNRHS — A nice place to visit but 1 wouldn’t want to live there. Marching Band 83-88, M.Club 81-88, Washington, Canada, Florida, NJ, VA, Districts Allstate (Going by myselO, 1 hate football games, E to the X weariny tights 8th Sus, being champions, not being champions, BAC 85-91, 82.8 teaching OA!, 79.9, Merideth, Pete, Mark, George, Gil, Mom Dad, Carol, Heather, — everybody-else, pet peeve: writing this! Well, this is it! Nancy — 10 3 — LY! Kim Delaney Live, love, laugh and be happy To all my good friends — 1 will never forget you guys and all the good times we’ve had! Cheering — Spencer Ann . . . good job dancing powderpuff — TAFF Do not enter — What!?! April fools — just a joke! 8 25 87 Summer of ’87 9 26 87 N. Adams — Don’t get me started! Hampton Beach 8 8 87 F2!!!!!!!! YOU’RE BUSTED !!!!!!!! Debbie — Thanks for everything Mom, Dad, Mike — 1 love you! Kristen Demarco Kris “A soul in tension that’s learning to fly condition grounded but, determined to try” PF MV weekends. Summer “87” The plasticmobile. Thanks for always being there Ange Bob Jami Carol Laurel Mark Marc Chuckie, George, Jay Marco John Julie, Miki , Mike, To Willie Jim To all the rest you know who you are! 1 love you Mom and Dad Thanks Mr. Richard Business Chill Ange. Chill . . . We are outta here! Beth Delamater Dela ‘ ‘The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched — but are felt in the heart.” — Helen Keller, Thanks for all the laughs: Beth, Kerri, Carol, Heather, Kathleen JM, DD , MP, DB, MT, BH,CL, AA, SS, SO Daddy, HB, Jeff, Drew, Cath, Skiing Cape Cod V-Ball Div 11 North Champs! 26 Thanks Karen, Mom Dad ILY To the one who keeps me sane, 1 love you — JOHN Greg Demetri “Meathead” The best thing is to hold onto in this world is each other -I- the memories we share. To all my friends, you know who you are. thanks for everything. Capt Football 25 Thanksgiving rally, T-Day game win 16-6. Capt Wrestling 87, HW CAL CHAMP Vision Quest Bay State Games Track lOOm hurdles skiing w Joe + Bill “Killington Crash” A11-Star Thanx for everything Lynn + Scott Always remember Susan 1 luv you Mom -I- Dad 28 Maria Desiderio i Maidge “Face the sunshine and the shadows will fall behind you " ' Neva forget fun times with best friends Melissa Michelle Kim Kim and the guys Maidges Summers of ' 83 ’86 in Italy Powderpuff 41 4 a m. w mich proms Summer 87 w cute boys Talks w MS at D D ' [Chrissy Sara Where’s XXXX? BREACHES ssjeam tSpecial times w Paul 10-1 1-85 All my love to . . .Mom. Dad, Vinnie, Joe and the rest of my family! Tina C. DiRico “Ti” ‘Although time will eventually pass — we still keep Tiemories.’’ Never forget the good times — esp. w Kim, el, Krissy, Dawn, Jo, Des, Kathy, Barba Best Buddie ristina — FUA = Summa ’87 ’88 Mexican Tan ' rhink-yum! (Nice . . . ) " Needatan’’cus-Laur“Boff -t- Fease " Look! — Shops!!! 7 14 86 Bobby thanx for pein’ there! ILY NR Spirit 1 1 25 16-6. Marilyn You’re ikeasis! Love ya: Non, Pap, Nick + esp. Mom -I- Dad. Angela Suzanne DeStefano Angie TO ALL MY FRIENDS YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. Summer of “87 " MAMA Dave what’s the WORD, The Bird Michelle Donna’s arguments The Postman, POWDERPUFF 20 ALFAMANIA in Wickey ’s Room 1 WOULD APPRECIATE IT IF??? September 27, 1984 1 1 ;22 a.m. Junior Prom Ma629, 1987, DUD Rainy Night 49, The Jaccuzze I Love you Mom Dad TO SOMEONE SPECIAL AND ALWAYS IN MY HEART — I LOVE YOU “ANDY ” Dave Donato “Life’s a stage and we’re all in the cast” Hampton Beach-87 Will Rremember Jamie, Duncan, Matt, Mike, Phil, Dela, Joe, Bruce. Scoffmores — Squirrel, Sunshine girl, Kerry. Kirby, Cabbage Kid, “Hoover girl " Oct. 9, HELP! Prom Night — Heffas, Wall Jam 87! “Novacaine brain” Squaw Mt. trip with buds, “Hello is there anybody in there” — Appletree Randy Rhoads — A legend lives on Billerica buddies, Whitesnake Thanks Mom and Dad Anne DeSwarte DON’T BE DISMAYED AT GOODBYES — MEETING AGAIN AFTER MOMENTS OR LIFETIMES IS CERTAIN FOR THOSE WHO ARE FRIENDS All of my friends Thanx for everything — love you Bball Field 86 JOUR REASONS CANADA JULIE G. CONN W MEG TALKS — KATH CRACKED VB 86-87 Champs TR-87 W-GIRLS The Camp-Tree NY-86 NOBODY’S FOOL THE BOAT MID DIZZIES $.25 S MILLER — TFL EDDIE S-FIGHT 86-7 ANA. LAUGHS CAMP TALKS W DLDK THANKS TO BETH PATTI MOM DAD Kimberly J. Donie Each day is a challenge to become our best selves. Special memories and friends Kim. Jill. Maria. Michelle, Melissa and everyone else. Party in inthe Volare! My Type cute boys — lets mingle — UMASS! The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. Th ey must be felt with the heart. Thank you Mom Kevin and the rest of my family — I LOVE YOU — Mark. 29 Darren Eisenhaur Making a friend takes a moment being one takes a lifetime Always remember good friends: Mike, Ed, Keith, Scott, Brian, Joe, Hags, Debbie Lor, Dan, LA, LS, AP Best of times with Jr. Girls LA ' s egg toss, pulling out fire Kristine, Groton, Helmets? torn? Summer Sleepover — $.25 check-ups Marriot r-10 tease me, meatstain Nerps, Poundbound — vintage times Lost weekends in ME. Fuzzy-di Special times with Keri 8 1 87 Good luck college bound buddys. Paul David Dorsey, Jr. Dorse To all my friends I’ll miss you a lot esp, Erin, Jeff, Vaz, Keith, Maria2, Melissa, Kim2, Jodi, Jenn Reading Apt. Have fun at the prom for me ! To all the good times. Locker 65 Football v 16-6, JV 26-6 The 1 O’clock club Hot tubs “The Ball’’ See you in 4 years G’s are dirt Autoshop 74 Monte My hair cut Southern Comfort ! ! Thanks Mom and Dad 4 all did “I WANNA B AN AIRBORN RANGER’’ May 26, 1988 " Bye ...” Julie Elizabeth Ehlert Jules Imagine all the people Chez Pondos SV2 CG JC PB CH TUNA!! OCEANWOOD Sharon Dave JF SB BR CC ST CF ML TA KS AP Caren Danny AL NL! ALFAMANIA!! On Top! ♦PARTY NAKED Narley! MAINE DD3 B AK Beals Fire! Buddy? Beggin’ 4 U! Jim-AMF Suma 87 Friends R Friends 4eva 2nd Fam: FA SHA KEL ERIC CA ILY ALL FAMILY esp. Lt. Hoyt Thanx; Mom Dad Bob Lois Oh Eric too . . . Bobby Zachary Frostie . . . Luv U Kristene A. Doucette Krissy Take time to recall the good memories shared with old friends and lovers. But don’t live in the past! The fun times with special friends — Heidi Tina Kathy Matt Diane Wads DM SEJFJM Powder-Puff l6Taff Study Chats W MM Cl PK Smile, Please? Junior Prom w Danny “All my love” Paint job? 1:00 $.25 10:16 5 25 86 — 1 1 10 87 Danny I.L.Y. Thanks Mom t Dad Mary Ann Eastman The past is but the beginning tof a beginning. Always remember Gail, Sue, Mayr, Brenda, Dana, and Mike K.B.,G.D , M.P., R.T.,T.K., M B , (Flat-top) J. P C, rec Soccer 9, Track (in -t- out) CAL Champs ’87, Powderpuff TD. Summer ’86 with Nan, A M Party- 16, the prom, ski trip Good luck everyone! Thanks so much Mom, Dad, and Mikey Joseph C. Encarnacao Inca ♦NEVER FORGET MY GOOD FRIENDS Fatso, TS, Moda, Goose, Stewy, Coot, Meathead, Scoop, McOops, Vaz, Phil. JC, CG, Doorse. KD, PB. BO. SL. JW’s Gordi. Di Sat. Night Spinning!! to all the rest Yo Meatball Hoop Crow PULL-OVER! ALL-STAR Capt. 22 TURKEY DAY NR16 LHS6 CELEBRATION P-party FISHSTICKS Cut-Loose. They’re Dirt, twister CHEAPSHOT. BARNES (I’ll be back) CONDO ’’HOODSIE HUNT " DUCK! BOY’S THANX FOR EVERYTHING MOM DAD 30 Ryan Ferrara Ray Nothing endures but change — Her Aclitus All niy friends, Cooka, Kel, Kim, NATO, J.P.m TJ, Dawn, Willy and Rodney A mixed bag Matilda — Rod’s car tennis Golf co-captains. Are you sure you ' re o k . ’ 1 still haven’t got a ticket yet. Thetirisjailbreak. Halloween ’86. The lockout. Mt. Washington? M.T., M.C., P H., D.S. — The Horses ’87 T.K.U. Jr. Pais Thanks Ma, Pa and Pain Remember wherever you go what ever you do " TRY YOUR BEST ” Paul Frotten Deborah A. Fogel Deb Shadows grow so long before my eyes — Midnight Raider of ’87 S.S. F.E.D. Crew, Party your body ! Hyde Park — Ross Field " Five-O’’ F.H.S. Prom ’87 — Brass Monkey Good luck JR, KF, MM, MC, RL, MW Buds made me wieser! R-U RFTW? R.L. " Baby I love your way. everyday” N.H. Flatlanders ’87 Island Parties KD — " Watch the boat!!’’ JL’s “secrets” KF: someone saved my life tonight luv you Nini, Donna. Mom, Dad, Dan, Mr. -t- Mrs. M — I’m gone! Joanne Fuccione Jo As the future thrives forward you must never forget the past and those who made it a memorable one. Never forget my friends: TD. KD. DM. DH. KP, KD. KH. KB, Cl, BB, HB. DV, but most of all KristinaJ. thru the good times and bad she is always there — 1 MISS YOU. DO NOT ENTER ' AHH! Ruffie 7 28 87 With KJ Powderpuff TAFF. Good times with Bros. Fuche — Tom Joe. Thanks Mom Dad I love you all! Julie Forbes Julie (2) Be slow in choosing a friend, slower in changing. Good Times — Julie Jill Mich Mare Gera Jule MD - MS - AL - Billys-GG-KM-JE-DK-RWBW-DN-BP-CT-BS- JD - PM - SM - CG -JW -b All the rest! We Love U Jimmy Are they gone?! — Soco -I- Pepsi — NEFrat — Partners in Crime! I’msoconfused! Ellusive!! Hey What it is Coop Ski Trips T-Town Puppy XMas’86 AP. VAC ’86 Sangus 10 3 1 .3:30! Hampton Thanx to my family — I Love You! — 87 Jason 88 Chris Gaigals Andrea Gavin “Andi” “They who curb predjudice and seek honorably to know and speak the truth are builders of a better life. ” Thanks to all my friends “2nd isnt bad . . . “Memorial weekend 87 — Moby Flick “Do the Shirley King”, McDonalds, boat ride M.Band — NESBA champs — R.O.Y. Essie, cast crew musicals Dancing The Big A 87 “Beep left wave right!” Band trips U2 Thanks Mom, Dad, Erica, Joe I love you all. Laurel M. Gore Dream until yourdreams com true . . . never forget all my friends esp. Christine Carol, Jami, Ange, J.W., K.D. Mark Someone very special!! Kinky + Pinky B F A A F B + D N.R.F.H. 18 — Hockey cheerin Capt. 88 — Never ever forget Tommy !!! B-Wing, B.R. pondruns — SADAGA — Eric. E — Ghost-Darren!! Frye Island! FM If they can’t take a joke! Mom, Dad + Jeff. ILY . . . Hallyann Gifl ' ord Shorty “1 AM stand ing up!” Friends. . . MB I ' 86, ' 87 leaving the field Babes Seed Cind Take Annie ALARM Dips’87, Ex. ' 87 — ' 88. . . SCV ' 89? Pictures At An Exhibition linos, the Twilight Zone (Rod) All dripping in tangles green. Cast up by a lonely sea. If purer for that, O Weed, Bitter, too, are ye? — Melville To my loving family friends — thanks for being there. “Tis the gift to be simple, ' tis the gift to be free” Chris Greig You only live once, but if you life it right, once is enough. Football 73 N.R. — 16 Lynnfield — 6 Good times at Hampton Beach Thanks Love to Mrs. Walsh Always remember good friends John, Greg, Mike, Chance, Inca, Billy, Phil, Julie, Maria, Jorge, JC, Sul, and the rest All my love and many thanks to Mom , Dad , Laura and Sharon To the special girl who will always be there for me my love to Michelle George Gillis Grouch PINK FLOYD Providence Budweiser Whats upGumby, ; Denis Party at Hericks Huff-n-Snuff lunches at the bench ' friends BR Chance Brian Bill Bill Waldo Smothy Bob ' Scottie Mike Jughead Cox Woody Jenn Erin Amy Missy ! Julie2 Shmerick Salad Tressel Parties Twister Weekend in j Vermont White Weekend halloween with Mike and Jack AC DC Family Motors Jim A-28 beat it no more southern 10th grade rally campers barn wake-n-bake GTO ■ Downeys dead Kathy Peter Ms Smith Special thanks to ; Mom Dad | Brenda E. Gunning Bren The good times are the best times, the bad times fade away . Never forget my friends esp. Gail and Dana, Mary Ann E. . BH, Maryann S., Susan, D.B., K.B.? and Duncan — remember our talks Sweet 16 bashes Powder Puff 21 Junior prom, my ticklish booba " Oh my word!”, the white olds, friends at the big ”M”, good luck class of 88! Thanx Mom, Dad, Marsh and Kev, and Jill 8-21-86 Always someone special Bob 1 Love You! 32 Marcia Gunning Burke Marsh Always remember: Diane V., Linda C., S.W., L.S., •; J.W., H.B., J.K., malls, D.Q., Atlantic, Bren, Mrs. ? O’Donnell, my car, movies, F.L.T., my locker, gym, ' pemi, chocolate, L.C. +S.H., Jill McDonald’s, notes, 7 6 86, art. Wells Beach, camping, Hampton Beach, Salisbury Beach, Monte Carlo, green car, Jr. Prom, Sr. Prom, E. ring, 7 25 87, fs, pocket, slice, C.L., M L. J Marriott, baby, apart. Kevin: i LUV U, Kayla or Brian ' ?? 10 Bruce Hagman I ‘Just hold on. You can make it happen rach for the sta rs, j md you will By!” Dio “Everybody has a reason to live” iss “Don’t forget your second wind” B. Joel Dunk’s - Bash lost in Lawrence, Playing pool at Kerry’s, Dream _ earn, 8 ball scratch, Jamie Mike Dave Matt Brenda Dunk j en Joe Beth Pete Rick, The Sophomore group “S“ tobe ou. Just checking Thanks Mom + Dad. I made it S pOLLEGE BOUND i Kathryn Hachey Kerri Dance is the only art wherein we ourselves are the stuff of which it is made. The source is love and the movement becomes breath .... Good luck to all friends esp. Beth Heidi Jeff I O’Clock Men in Motion Hamp. Beach — Brown’s CO’s lake — NH Maine Cerise ski-SR, WM, WV Spaghetti Morretti P-Puff — 34 Cheering Terry, Portia, LouisiaThanks Mom Dad , Andy Lauren my love to Leone — JS as the music plays on. DesCygne Hanson DES “We all go aur separate ways but the memories we’ve ahred will last a lifetime!’’ My Best Buddies URR ”GREAT’’ Don’t Forget it ILU all Dreams Rose, Sumrna Nites, Camp, W-Girls. lost, boat, MFBP — Nuts, Mid, .25 Fog, Geo Class. J-86, Kim-Great, M-Window, 3 in one, “Ding Dong”. Cracked. Dumpets, J-4th“Bud“, The Guys. “Look at me”. Bumpkin. Nobodys-Foos lt U + Me Kid “Ny 87. “W-Thgs “Thanx” Dizzes, 2nd Mom, Smiths Rob, Mom f Dad ILU , “NO REGRETS” Kerry Hagerty Hags Yes ... the time approaches when we must go our separate ways. And then these precious moments will besl! Special Friends UR The Best! TheCamp “Wild Things” Dizzes Peaches, Groton, You Fish, 7 4 Mouth2. Hey Babes! Lynn’s Horn WCOKM H20 Girls-52 $.25 Talks The Guys Cruise ’88 R. Roses Skiing — SR Gram Gramps P E L Thanks Mom-Dad-Colleen 1 Luv U Forever, Ever Always DA ' VID! Stefanie Suzzanne Harmon Stef Always remember all of my friends good times and bad Special times at the Catt with the milk man and summer of “86“ Never forget “Spin Out ” “Rock” “swamp” “Shopping malls” “Alien Mine” “Hey man” Eeb 8, 87 Tommy imbokebee, Mindy. Kelly, Kris, Dee, Stacey, Mic, Sharon, Todd, Craig, Mack. Dennis, Dan. Paul, Tim, Rob . MT, BS Special thanks to my mother and father and Samantha I Love You All! 33 Scott Hayes Highlights: Baseball 9 captain states, Basketball 14 captain. Friends: Chig, John. Keith, Dan, and Juice. Good Times Include: Chig Annual, Up at the cabin, Gaahden Trips, hate Night, and Hangin out. Tough phrases are: “Anything said to keith and Anything said by keith. Arguing at Poker Night, and l unchtime wrap. Thanks to: Mr. Carey. Mr. Kipnes, and most of all, my parents.” “Never forget those who stick by your side” Daniel Hoyt Well my feet they finally took root in the earth but I got me a nice little place in the stars 1 swear 1 found the key to the universe in the engine of an old parked car 1 hid in the clouded wrath of the crowd but when they said “Sit down” I stood up Growin ' Up — B.S.JMJO KM SH JC IWJTMTBLCG MTCOBDHRPIays:LAGADBIABS C YCTIWY AGYG Thank you Mom and Dad Susan Amy Horan j Sue j Be concerned with what is around you, not what lies in the ; future. Never forget special friends: Julie, Becca, Betsy, Kel, Missy, SM, ME, JC. MS, SB, GB, Proms, Senior Week NepinchiemepasI AhbonjourBetslcc — 10,11,12 1 + S Track — 10,11,12 COACH, GREAT! (Jule) — ' LDSH Powder Puff DS, DL, 2 13 87 42 DEB — j FRANCE!! Thanks Dad. Mom, DEB. PAUL, DAN, | MEG for all your love and support through the years! 1 1 143!!!!!! i Carol Elizabeth Higgins Higgy Hold on to your dreams, don ' t ever give in. for if you keep trying you’re going to win! To my friends esp. JJ, Laurel, Jami, Ange, June, The group, SSC, S3, ect. Thanks NH party FM if they can ' t take a joke! FH 16 Hockey Cheering 3 yrs Pond runs w L 1st. W L + J Wow! 12 18 87 1st DWTNGITW WA 9 19 86 DA 4 10 87 Mom, Dad, Lisa, Tracey + Boms Thanks 4-everything ILYA!! My Best Buddy Andy Peter Hudson Charlie “One who fails to try has all ready lost” Baseball — C. A. L. Champs ' ? Hurdlin’Hans + Franz C. Dave V-Man B-ball F-ball — oops Hydrants come on LHS with Rod C — Head the 4 Horses All-nighter Kevin Dave Derek Traci Joe Ry Marcus Mike W — Im a wimp Shortstop T.J. — it Clean up this mess Cagebound with Capa speed bump R paint -I- sweep job KISS concert “I’d rather laugh with I sinners than cry with the saints” Derek Howe Super O “Don’t hide what you feel inside. Don’t let anybody stand in your way” Friends: PB, PH, KS. AP.TS, SC, BR, LC, KR, DM. SS, SH, DB, KB, FD, JS, DC, BW, LW MT Tang Soo! July 1988 HELLO PARRIS ISLAND Westfield: Audrey, Claire, Karen, Heather, Paul, Amy, Linda, Sue To the one I will always love SUSAN October 24, 1986 You will always be special to me! 143 Forever 34 Christina lodice Friends last forever but thank — goodness school doesn ' t — Good times shared with Kelly, Maria, Heidi, Dawn, Tina, Bab, Kim, Jo, Kathy, Matt, Jeff, Vaz Paul " What are you high” Boston bound with Kimberly C. College partys — Amherst — W. Field " Where ' s the party? " Oh baby " Shubalahuh? ' 87 Dand MBA Pitstops — nowhere to go — help! Thanks Mom Dad Pete Denny ILY! Special thanks Mechele Brian Kimberly S. Kelleher " The only way to have a friend is to be one. ' ' 1 will always remember special times with all my friends esp: Kim , Mel, Maria, Mich, Jill C, The GUYS, Powderpuff 34, PEACH Summer of ' 871! Where is ?? Jr, Prom, crazy night, Cool-JM! If 1 only had a gun! " My type " Des-Leam! Lets mingle V-ball ? ' ? Ya right — Matador this isonly the beginning . . . Thanks Mom, Dad Amy I love you Darren Johnson Hope we win one this year Hockey 1 8 , Friends Mark , Phil , Scott, Mike, Erin, Jenn, Jodi, Good eve., Breakindown with Mark, Hoodsie Hunt, New Years eve 87-88 Crusin to Hampton Beach during school. Trips to Ipswich, Good times with Lance Getting primed at Pauls, Lance and the Lynnfield police. Thanks Mom Dad Tamiko Kido Tami " And you learn and learn . . . that you really are strong and you really do have worth with every goodbye you learn " tangerine dream — Vienna ' 87 T.K.U. V-Ball Tourney P ' s NITE Pizza-Hut Friends T.G.D.Game Crayolas God Bless the Subaru Suppose we had a map NANTSKT Stratton soccer hoop PPUFF 12 Special thanks to Kathy, Mike, Antoinette, Bill, my 3 families the zoo. ILY and will think of you often. (12-8-87) Steven Kebler Richard J. Klimarchuk Dick Take What You Do Seriously. But Don ' t Take Yourself Too Serious " Many Dreams Come True, and Sum Have Silver Linings, 1 Live For My Dreams A Pocket Full of GOLD " — The Speed Shop! To Sgt. Pepper Salad Mark Tim AL 2Kims Dino Rest HOCKEY Capt. 10 FB24 Gee Ward, You Were Awfully Hard on The Beaver Last Night. Hendrix — A 1 IG ' s Are Dirt — Lifes little Battles Are Not w o Cause U Sing A Song The Cradle Will Rock No. No Gum Here Thank you Mom Dad MV Peter Krysko ‘ ‘The future is not in the hands of fate, but in ours’ ’ “Only he who attempts the absurd is capable of achieving the impossible " Remember good times with: Riek, Jamie, Dave, Mike, Bruce: " S-to be you " Study chat with KD + MM + MB Anybody got a glass of WARDER? “They give out” “In a New York state of mind " Track faulting ?? SNAP ?? “You never get any fun out of things you haven ' t done " Thanx Mom + Dad Richard LaPorte Bubba Keith B. Lamont “K-Bone” Good times today will be great memories tomorrow. Never forget BRIAN, MIKE, DARREN. JOE, DAN, MATT,TS,KH,DS,AD,LA,NH,LS,AP,JC,JW,Lou 1 1 17 85 — 6 86 New Years 86 Groton $.25 Summer Sleepovers!! Lynn’s Lav, Puttin out fire. Bud Vintage times, check-ups, huge — I Sweet boots, Jr. Prom — Ya right Scoff sessions — that’s American Beach V-ball, helmets, frowning, meatstain, X-Mas party, Marriott C.C., Outdoors, Indoors?, Jorge 88 Thanks Mom, Dad, Cheri, Scott ILU John A. Laudate Rodney Success is going from failure to failure without lising enthusiasm Mike JP Ry Cookie Kelly Kim TJ and all the rest: Locker quotes Spirit King — Thanx Kel J- Crew FU — Its Monday Morning: Bye Ditz Halloween 86: Toyota SB: Xcountry Kick Every Rear Running In Hampton .’Traffic? Ice Cream She only speaks French! The Connecticut Connectionon:WlZ “I can make the sun shine from pure desire “SW: Thanks Mom + Dad Scott Lamont Make the most of yourself, for that is all there is of you. Always remember good friends: JOE, BRIAN. MIKE, DARREN, Tom, Matt, DA, DS, KH. DH, HH, LA, LS, JC , J W , K P Footbal I 32 T urkey Day V ictory Basketball , Track 4x1 10 states Summer sleepovers Groton “fish " Sweetboots, G-factor. fuzzy dice V-ball Hampton, “Helmes " Skokie vintage puttin out fire chief flavor of the month, AN, KB . . . HD scoff-sessions plaza 46 check-up thanks to my family 1 Love You Sean C. Lawson “A WINNER NEVER QUITS, BUT A QUITTER NEVER WINS " R.J. GRAND NATIONAL CHAMP JEFF WARD, BOB HANNAH MX USA 125 EXPERT ■‘SHOW ' IN OFF ” ALWAYS REMEMBER DAYTONA RACES CAPE COD AND FLORIDA NEW YEAR’S EVE ’86 BUN-hMOOCH LOOKING FORWARD TO NESC MX HEY DUD! NO SNIVELERS! THANX TO MY FAMILY LaPortes I LOVE YOU MICHELLE GOOD LUCK AND STAY YOUNG! MIEUX VAUT TARD QUE JAMAIS 36 Greg LeGrow ! “Live life to the fullest and never forget the past” li Remember the good times with Chris John Mike along I with MT, CO, JC, MS, MM, JO, DA, KH, BW, JP, MC Soccer 21 On the line — Move Dak, The Bud Men Billy — Ball Skiing down the path at Black thunder “John! Your driving” Claw Fries — What’s the problem “He ' s an S-D " Thanks Mrs. W Special love and thanks to Mom I Dad and Jeff All my love to Sue Danielle M. Libertini “Know who you trust, but don’t be fooled by who you know” California 1987 St. Louis, What luck! My guitar invisible Dec. 14, 1986 — Good Times — Rain, Batting Cages! The Lepars TRACK CAL CHAMPS 1987 PowderPuff VETTE Maine. The Pig Roast! Bike Ride Walk to Jens. The Cabin. Friday the 13th “mmm Squid’’ ♦Never forget all my friends — Good Luck!!! To My Family, 1 love you all Especially Mom + Dad Thanks! Adina Marie Lombardozzi Aguina DONT WALK IN FRONT OF ME 1 MAY NOT FOLLOW. DONT WALK BEHIND ME 1 MAY NOT LEAD, JUST WALK BESIDE ME BE MY FRIEND, SF — TOM It was hard — 1 love you STACEY R-times W SWJB2LNJMJPKMDL t more. You got the look! Will the real STELLA please stand up ' ? HUGH? Sorry about that. B-Bille, Anyone? OH GOD it could happen (laughing) 10 9 87 Chelsea — 1 KNOW THAT! S + M CHlEFThanks4everything — Mom + DadXOXU R EXTRAORDINARY 1 LOVE YOU — JOE Raymond MacLean Heidi Macomber NEVER FORGET YOU Laura Toucan Terri Tammi Keri J.K. Can’t turn the hands of time back to the way it was, you can only go on to find a better road. Miss ya, kid!! WO, TH, JW, CO, SS, AP, DM MissleSite — cops, carry the fire Laura, no-one found it!! 2:00am in the trees, 8 steps H-ride in DB’s car, eggs, jungle 10 23 86 11 1 86 l LOVE YOU SCOTT I Phillip E. MacHugh Jr. : Football 23 Wrestling 1 19 Turkey Day 16-6 Friends: i Scott, Mike, Dave, Dana, Mark, Morty, Paul, Bill, I JulieF, JulieM, DannyO The Condo w the Mahoney brothers Golf Carts at the Tara F iemcroft Skank Man, j Greattimes w HoodsiesMLMan, BudTime “TheSecret [ Lover " “The Heiniken incident in Maine " Dog Wood, j| Good Times at TCC w John “The lunch lady” Thanks ;! Miss Smith Scott Crusin the Dirt Road Kay, Thanks 1 Mom Dad Kim for everything — Jenny — i 37 Paul Madison James Marshall Jamie “1 don’t know where I ' m going, but I sure know where I’ve been” — Whitesnake . ‘ ‘These are my people and this is my crowd”: Mike, Dave, Ric, Beth, Bruce, Dunk, Special people of ‘ ‘The Club” ; Kerry , Cheryl , Karen , ” to be you “Cape Cod with the crew Wall Jam ‘87, Dunks Bash — almost made it til 9:30, " What 4th of July?” Always remember the summer of 87 when I got my act together Got everything going for me. Thanks Mom + Dad! Scott Mahoney Scoop “Sacrifice is the key to success” Wrestling 140 Football 5-5 season Turkey Day NR- 16 Lynnfield-6 31 Friends Phil, Mike, Bill W., Morty, Mark, Salad Waldo, Inca, Chris, BillC., BillO. and all the others. Medford “The Condo” Brian, Steve and Buzzy. Hoodsie Patrol Golf Carts. “Bud Time” “Yeah she looks all right” Thanx Mom, Dad, and Family for all the Good Times. Dana Mawn 1 Pink Floyd Bud. Led Zep 1 Good Friends Woody Paul Bill Brians Kevin Carmine Mike Hampton 87 Busted Remstrip Comfortably Numb Roger Waters Skipping School — Bounced Again Trips You and Them Sue? Soccer 1 7 Baseball The Bell 87 Grand Prix Wake and Bake Friday Night with C.M. J .D. The Glow Wombats Deep Purple also remember JO PA EA CF Thankx Mom and Dad Susan Mahoney Good things don’t last forever make the best of them while you can. Volleyball — 1987 Div.ll Champs C.A.L. Champs “The Relay” Powderpuff 44 Junior Prom Always remember good friends Mayr Gail Brenda Where’s KB ? Heidi — What’s for suppa? Shoo Jen Mike B Joey Bets RAT The Recreation Crew Good Lord! Thanks Mom Dad + the gang Memories of the one I love . . . Greg 3 28 86 Keith McDonald “Everything is dust in the wind”K. “A friend in need is a pest” B. B . H . — This must be the juicers seat. Best friends — Chig Oest, Hayes, Hoyt Juice — I’m the middle — New Years Party — Rocky Point — N.R. Movies — Moonlighters! Poker night at Chig’s house Tracey Gaarden trips — Hit the arcade cut work — Monday sickness (HA) J.C. annual blowout — Projectile Billy-Ball " where is the Coke?” Thanks — Mom and Dad 38 Brian T. McDonough Melinda Mclntire As the day ends so begins the hopes and dreams of tomorrowjBest times with: Mike, Ed, Keith, Darren, Joe, Scott, Deb, Hags, DA, AD, TS, Juniors — LA2, HH, LS, JW, JC LA ' s parties. Putting Out The Fire Mike’s bash, Lamont’s parties? Summer Sleepovers =.25 “GROTON " FlavoroftheMonth with AN + KBPIaza46 New Year’s 86 KBLSKK Football 21 Turkey Day V ictory T rips to Metheuen S weetboots ! Never Forget Y ou Sue 9 2 86 Thanks For Your Love Mom + Dad Sharon Michelhaugh You Can’t Really Be Strong Until You Can See A Funny Side To Things. K.K. One ceases to recognize the Significance Of Mountain Peaks If They Are Not Viewed Occasionally From The Deepest Valleys. BOWAMBA A Conspiracy Of Silence Speaks Louder Than Words. JOL thanks To All Those Who Gave Everything Took Nothing, Goodby e To All Those Who Took Everything Gave Nothing. RSMUMMY DADDY, SUE SCOTT, NANA PAPA, SPUD SMOKEY I LOVE YOU!! THANKS FOR EVERYTHING JefTerey Anthony Moda Moda Life ' s battles are not always Won by those who are Stronger or faster; Sooner or later the person Who wins Is the person who THINKS He can! Good Luck to all my friends I ' ll Miss you Guys! Memories 87 88 FLA. Stewy all of them are dirt, remember — M S. lO ' Clock, Reading, Thanks Cool-K 34, S.S. Michele Feb.$, 1 LOVE YOU Mom, Dad, John + Wayne Denise McLean Andrea Michelle Mola Capa Time is so short yet it goes on FOREVER Can ' t believe it is over Remember great times w Heidi, Trish + Lance, miss U Kristina. Never forget all the good times w good friends. Thank U 4 all of the love + help Mom, Dad + Dean Also to Mr. + Mrs. C. . Mich. . David + Dan. Steven thanks 4 being the best I love you with all my heart MORE Prom 2 yrs. Feb Marthas Vinyard ' 86 Calif Dancing Cheering CHERISH Bye 39 Keith E. Moore MOORSEY Always Remember all my friends, you know who you are. Thank you for so much, you have helped me immensely, Esp. Jeff, Paul + Joe 4 years Vars. Hockey 16 CAPT. football ’88 5-5 T-Day 16-6 52 66 Chevy Impala Conv — CRUISIN’ — HAMPTON SUMMERS — 7 4 87 — DYNASTY Cottage in NH — Art, Mike -(- Wendy U of Tampa 5 22 87 " Stewy” G’s ARE DIRT. “Reading Parties” ARM “Good things come only to the ones who work hard for it . ” Thanks to Mom , Dad , Lisa -I- Brian Michelle Morin Instead of putting all your effort into hating someone, learn to like them. To all my good friends, good luck! The MAMA JC DC EM JJ JF MD MS DS LD DL JM BT Wads CR Juicin I would appreciate it if?? Crazy Nights Immediately Vermont trips with CR A carload House parties and beaches Love + Laugh The dude flippin out 27 Powderpuff This is it! 8 25 87 Special Thanks Mom -I- Dad ILU ’85 ILU Chuck ’88 Dawn E. Moreira Dawny If You Love Someone, set them free if they don’t come back to you then they were never yours ... To All My Friends I’ll never 4-get Hampton Beach F2 Summer ’87 I Cant Believe This ! 8 8 87 Kim Kel Kath ILY ! Heidi Des Frenchies Mich Thanx JMTDJoKrissy MP Wads DR NA PowderPuff — TAPE — Parties Sh . . . Rodney Mikes JP — Miss YaKristinaJ Summer 881? New Pal Kristinal Babs Time Flies . . . To a Special Friend 1 Love You Always JEFF To My Family — Esp. Mom, Dad Terri Matt Moulison Soccer 1 3 Soccer Hous Ltd. World Cup 87 Budmen vs CSP Tripling Banned from the Marg KM JO JC SH MC MC GL Cl CSP FR JC KD KH BW HB JC SM Smitty KH Let’s do Lunch Dio + Smith 12 87Study Chats wCris + Krissy Boston with Jen Moonlighters 84 Wads lumber Cruisin in a hunter Would ya NA with KD KH MP TDS DTS Whenever you dream you’re holding the keg it opens the door to let you be free Thanks to the family — Mom -I- Dad Anthony Moretti Jr. T.J. “Success is going from one failure to another, without losing enthusiasm” Never forget getting the CPox Hey Ponch,Gus, Rodney JPRF MB KS BDRCJC Andmy two neighbors BW and HB TKU Jorge “1 just don’t know”, “I’ve got a mixed bag” “I’ll crush you like ajellybean” LL COOL J Golf 4 Spraying the bumps 6th row Pizza Hut gang, Mario The Bue Bomber Adios, Amigos Thanx Mom Dad for everything Julie Mulloy The Good Times Are The Best Times The Bad Times Fade Away! V S F Jill Julie Mare Mich Gera Julie Rough Boys Jr. Prom Are They Gone?! “NE Frat” Erin G T W-MB BS JD MD MS KH CS DK RT RW DN AL PM FM RM Billy3 CT BP 143 New Years — 87 — PUPPY! Apr.Vac’86 Im so confused! Hampton SoCo -t Pepsi T-Town Ski-Trips! Allniters ?Purdue? Saugus 3:30AM Whatitis! Flip!Flip! SW A11 my Family! Thanks Mom + Dad 1 Love You! 40 I Craig Nelson Dr. Nelson , Basement Boogy Yellow Submarine MrC Tom Lunch it Time Bagohnyia Virus Bud Swill again Keg Party The Hill Dr 1 Woke Up This Morning 1 Grabbed My Self A Beer |! The Future Is Uncertain The End Is Always Near ' SDR R The Bell Leaves Are Falling All Around Its Time I Was On My Way Thanks To You Im Much Obliged Such A Pleasant Stay But Now Its Time For Me To Go The ( Autumn Lights My Way Now The Rain With The Pain Its Headed My Way Some Times I Grow So Tired But I No One Thing I Got To Do RAMBLE ON Ultimite Spinach TaTa I f Laura Nilsson Ozzie Rememba — ya dont hafta do any thing ya dont hafta wanna! cops missile site carry the fire did anyone find my shoe yet Good friends Heid Sharon Cindy Terri -n- Tim LC AR AF JS W02 BG SM DO Tami JK JM SW JW AL KT PR DAVE MIKE JOHN Eddy -n- Keri Lou Aerosmith Dokken Keri are U OK Motley Crue Whitesnake Thanx Mom -n- Dad For Everything Never 4-get the walks so bored Well thats just great! Rememba live 4-U not for someone else!! Heidi Neukackatz Neuka Do not take for granted what you have today. Tomorrow it may be taken away and all you will be left with is a memory MichaelW. Hill 1 1 29 87 I ' ll never forget you! Good luck to all my friends You know who you are JB, AM, SM JUNK! Maine — Summer 87 Mike with the bike. SG, SE, HP ILY! Cool beans! Track CAL ' 87 Champs Good-bye Scott Mahoney Never Forget DKL 1 1 26 87 1 6-6 Thanks mom and dad I Love You! Robert W. Noseworthy Jr. Bobby This part is now over. I have so much further to go. Thank you to everyone who has helped me make it this far. I used to think that this was a bad time for me. Now. I am glad it happened this way. It has made me what I am. If you sit down and think, you will realize how unlucky you are. I have no regrets, but one; realizing this so late. Thank you Mom. Dad. Family, and Friends. " Bye! " Darlene Nilsson When it ' s over . . . It ' s over! Good Friends Sharon + Brian, Debbie, AR, Angie, Steph, Donna, Maryanne, Mr. -I- Mrs. P., Love Ya Mom and Dad, Dath, Stacey , Cindy .Terri, Joey, Laura, Andy ' s house, Lauren, V-Ball, Basketball Softball Thanks a bunch Mr, + Mrs. Lucci! Always and Forever Tom 1 Love You Saturday 6:53 p.m. 1 1 14 87 Kristina Cindy O’Brien 41 Michael O’Brien te; - ■ Julie Anne O’Brien O’B. Make new friends but keep the old; one is silver and the other is gold. Sue, Bets, Fish, Missy, Kelly, Jule, Jill, Lisa Esp Kerry, “Great!” BOWLING?! “Ne pinchie me pas!” Cheering Soph. Senior Prom’86, N. Walks 8- 27 9- 1 -86, HCU 1 1 -23-86 “Isn’t that cute” Bryan — 4 O’OK Thanks Mom, Dad, Kris, and Dan for your guid- ance. I Love You AIways remember great times with my special guy . . . Love You Paul 4-10-86 John Oest Egg Hockey 3 , X-Country . So many good times with the best of Friends: Dan (plumber), Keith (jabba), Scott (showboat), + John(grumpy “Immature -f proudofit”) Juice. Shooting t.s. at lunch. The Moonlighters — derelicts In the middle. Busted again. “Win if you can. Lose if must, but always cheat” — J .V. “John, How we gonna get food?” “Keith, Wanna cut?” Big City Nights “. . . From pure desire” Thanks Mom J- Dad William O’Keefe To all my good friends Bill, Alan, Goose, Brian. Salad, Jay, Chris, Scott, Fred " Ifyoudon’tfrontit we don ' t want it” Weaver there Big there Big Greenbriar and the puff shed F-y Alan Beat runs in the Impala. Gooses mad Monte Carlo. Webber patrol Thank you for putting up with me Mom Always remember you DAD BETH Brian O’Connell Carol O’Neill “For with God nothing will be impossible.” Luke 1:37 Never forget great times with: Britt, Kerri, Wheels, Tricia, Heather. Dela Miss ya Mer! TK , KS, GL, JO, AG, DH. MM. MT, PW, MB “Babe in Arms” “Cinderella” AG YG Dirty Dancing Movies Parties “Knock on Wood” Beach, Florida Trip, Summers in NH, Powder Puff — Thanks fortrying Paul — Thanks Nancy . Steve. Gram and Kelly esp Thanks to Mom and Dad I love you! 42 Gregory Pagnotti Jennifer L. Pearce Jenn Good Luck toall my friends!! Always remember: Halfday I trips Halloween ' 85, Camping in Rain. Fryeburg, I Brooklyn, Wilmington Sunrise, My Brothers, Sparky ' We Be ' , Greenie, My Old Room! When’s 7:45? My Own I Place Miss You Marie! Freedom ' s Just another word! I When the mountains crumble to the sea there will still be ’ You and Me — Led Zepplin — Thank you Mom and Dad : Most of All Chris Dhwani Patel Thanks to my aunt and uncle for letting me stay with you while I attend N.R.H.S. Miss you a lot Mother, Father, and Brother. Especially Grandmother and Grandfather I Love You Katherine Pearson Kathy If you love something, set it free. If it comes back to you. it’s yours forever. To all my friends, you ' ve been great: Kim, Dawn, Krissy, Heidi, Andrea, Kelly, Kerry, Joe2, Mike, Ry, Scott, Jeff Best times 6 24 86 — 10 8 87 Tom Bio. 10 lollypops, roses, kids Buddie and nubie. Presents B . K . Ceekas and rainy day nugu win Thanks Mom , you ' re the best I’ll never forget you. TOM I ' ll love you forever!! Maria Paterna “Friendship which first came will be the first to endure . . . K4-DM Cris my sis. Andreasvs Cheering’ Comp BBall 3rd FBall 5th Henna Kim “Ah . . . Good Job “Pump it Up! Thanksgiving 16-6 87 Rally 88 K — “Dont get me started” NAdams BWater? Yes! Allnite JProm V.Day Bye Paul, Good Luck! Summer ' 87 Thanks Mom Dad — N L ILY Elaine2The Love In Your Heart Wasn ' t Put There To Stay, Love Isn’t Love Till You Give It away . . . I’ll Love You always JOE Jill Peluso All memories may fade but never the ones of the friends I have made . . . Julie, Julie, Mare. Gera, Julie Mich. Hampton I’msoconfused — JM. N.E. FRAT!T-town, GT w DN. RW, RT. EB, MG. BC, BO, MD MS, KD. KK. AL, BM, FM, KH, MB. BW, KM. WE LOVE YA JIM! puppy April — vac’86. Are they gone? Seagrams, 3:30 am Saugus, Jr. Prom. Can’t stop — MD, HD — JF Thanks to my family — ILY Someone Very Special DANNY — ILY 43 Michael Pietrillo Mike I don ' t know where I ' m going but I still know where I ' ve been Good friends — Brian, Dana, Phil, John, Kevin, Bill, Dari, Mike, Matt, lst+ 7th period huh Bri The Pub Jampton Psychopath right Dana Summer 87 Marines Dana + Patti 1 Love You SUE Always + Forever Michael Puglia You have to treat yourself Like number one — KISS ' 76 To all my Friends! Jamie Duncan Dave Matt Beth Greg Heidi Mike Sue Maryann John Murph Joe Dawn Kerry and others — thanks TCL Guard with Sul — pond diving NR16Lynnfield6WeWin!l! Football 68 best yearever Wrestling — Vision Quest — Bay States — Wilm. Tourney — CAL ' S Track shot record will fall Thanks Mom and Dad and Coaches Andrew Pike Holiday lnn8 Junior Prom Soccer20CSRS Jeff, Sul, Paul, RickT. Paid 12 TownCar, Monte SS, IROC 2 Mavs NCBL Champs 3, Sept 27, 1984 Did Pete call you tonight?5 USA vs Russia 29 Carpenter vs Muskyn CSRS Bring home the cup 1 1 “BannedfromtheMarg” “What is this propaganda? " Lots of Love to Angie, w5 and remember how crazy I am for you Skokie — A.C. Master Andrew Putney Putter Dream about tomorrow but never forget the memories of times past Videomicroscope will remember DE, RF, TS, MC, JC, DH, MT, Hoop for lunch?!! Boston and Aerosmith rule Thank you Dad and Mom I wouldn ' t have made it without you Brian Pisco Good times with all my friends Vaca — Daytona Beach Fla Dave Let ' s bum one. Hockey 19 Bad Scene — Heading to the Mountains with Jay Yee Ha!! I drive — Goose. " Sh--t Happens! Mr. Mrs. T. Apple tree " 3 days " tressel rats beans Crazy Dreams. Kim I ' ll never forget these times. Amy Reardon Girls Nite Out Summer of ' 87 York Beach Closed Window Metal Diet Grapevine The It Book JH Manhole I Don ' t Know Why OH HI — Projects Pig — Berry Jan + Mike Pando BW Goat + Jason Boat MO Gram Cracker Sled + AFJCTK DV BigLSS Fun Times w Kath Bike RiderJS Terri Lau PC Holo Stacy GG AL Dude DF " Special " PM JOBB BT " Loosa " LNJ-callsTeg Dekab Bonehead Kim @ Ray Donna Lau Roach 1LY Mom 8-4-87 Doug Forever 1LY 44 Michelle M. Roselli Mick, Buddy Alright everybody freeze this is a bust party ' s over folks! Summer of ' 86 Party. Party Dan! The Hill Donkey smell Birdie Buddy Scarlet Blood Sisters DPT ' S are the best partying in the living room Jen myn " Fred " FY Doinkers! Kris, Dee, Sharon Park Colony Bashes. Who ate all the food ' ? Paco FIF Never forget all the good times with Tom 1 Love You babe! Ahh Spin out Led Zepplin Bro. Kier Mom Kath Most of all thanks Moni( Dad LY. Justine Rudgis “Great spirits gave always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds. " — ALBERT EINSTEIN Always remember weird cinversations w. Hally, fall foliage in 30 weather w. Betsy, the Phantom Paint Crew, Tammy ' s words of wisdom, and Brandeis w. Britt. Heather, Miki, Shannon, Ann, Eric, Sharon, Andrea . . . TTFN Thank you Mom Dad!!! Paul A. Salem Three Cheers for nty brothers Goose, Piscp. Rigo, Phil, Scoot, Bills, Blow . Kier, Ram. Deebs, Jay the Mort, Pigs. Huey + the Rest Soccer 12 CSR ' S indoor Saturday nights " We ' re Hying " Hi Ho Hi Ho on a hoodsie hunt we goSwillHill " The keg is Dead " Ski trips, the box. Sunday BudMud Pedro the Mentor, Prime Time the silver night, concerts Live long my friends Thanx Mom + Dad Heather Riddell “Dream lofty dreams, and as you dream, so shall you become. " To all my friends — Good luck in whatever you do! Joey Jill, way cool, SW, LM ' s I just . . . Don ' t know. Eeatha it builds character, twit twerp Baby, Whoa Dude! yah Maybe Listen Everybody! Ann-Joy-Penny " To desire is to obtain, to aspire is to achieve. " 4-26-87 Thank you to my family esp. to the most special in my life — MARK Christopher Remillard Rem, Remma Hanging on the promises. In Song sof yesterday. 1 2 years. It ' about time! Late Night Partying with Donna L " Marines " JV, KW, BH -I- Andover. Long Hours at Guidance JT, CD, MM -I- SW. I ' m Late ? Hours at the Pub Doobies for Dana with Coca-Cola! Will not forget — Ange, JB, DV, DB. MP, KB, BO, EM, LW, Dave -I- Track, SH -I- every one else. Hampton Beach Trips with JS -I- Everyone else kicked out! Land Lord is Dead! Right Dana! Be Back Next Year. NAH! Phillip A. Ricardo Rick " All men are sculptors constantly chipping away the unwanted parts of their lives trying to create their idea of a master piece " Always remember good times with friends, Corey, Peter. Jamie, Dave, Mike, " Duncans Parties " Spontaneous Come Backs! great sayings " @ :? to be you " HA " Wow look at her! " " I hate you for life! " Take itaday ataTime. Valueyouryouth. WUAAAA! " Thanks Mom and Dad I Love You” Kelly Lynn Salisbury Kel Follow your own star for those who never try never succeed . . . Hold onto your dreams forever! To all my friends I wish you the best of luck! To the Group SH, RT, BW, JO, MB, I ' ll miss the good times with all of you Memories last forever. Always remember P-Puff 82, Lunchtime, 2nd per study with KW, JM, KH . . . Remember the crane? What kind ? Rollerskating anyone? Rainbow Thanks to my sp ecial friends! Nick and Judi Love ya both!! Miklos Sandorfl Miki You are led through your lifetime by the inner learning creature, the playful spiritual being that is your real self. Don’t turn away from possible futures before you ' re certain you don’t have anything to learn from them. You’re always free to change your mind and choose a different future, or a different past. Sound Harvey Babes Bad Can’t 83 — 88 Friends: Bobby , Justine, Hally, Kris, SW, AS, BW, JO, BW, AL, JW, Mom, Dad, Kasila — Love you! Thomas P. Selfridge You have failed only when you have failed to try. ARM classGood times with my friends Joe, BW, Moorsey, SL, JW’s, Jeff, Coot, GD, KL, DE, MT, Vaz, PD, Goose, JC, CG, JP, JF, KD, KK, DS, AD Fall the rest Jr. Prom, KATHY, raining. Mine, TKY NR16LHS6Turkey Day, Tree Swan S PM Sprint Popeye B-Ball Capt. Baseball, Crow, States Bound, 11 Never forget my teammates Summerof87, Painting withSHA ASpecial thanks to my family Most of all my MOM Louis Silva Lou An Accomplishment is doing what you want and being who you want to be. Always Remember Good Friends Jeff, Kerri, Bob, Matt, Wads, Debi, David, Kris, CD GoodTimes — JrProm W. Jerilyn Music, Piano, Writing Songs Iron Maiden and Dio Concerts Heart, Barracuds, Stevie Nicks I Love You Momand Shannon Love and Memory of my Grandmother and Grandfather Love and Memory of my Father Ann Schumaker Congratulations class of ' 88 We finally made it! Good Luck to all my friends esp. LC, RL, Mel, JB, Di, Bri,GB, MS! JR, and Dhvani Like your shirt Brendan S.! Never forget; Varsity X-Country indoor track " Stairs " , 4th period study. Geometry with J.P., Joe Dawn Paint and Construction crews Academic Decathlon team and Physics with Tim, Leah, John Thanks Mom, Dad, and Karl Melissa Sinopoli Maidge " Each person can interpret another’s experience only by his own " Special friends Maria Kim K. Kim D. Michelle " The Guys " VSP BW Powderpuff 20 Peaches Bay — Banks Maidges forget about blondes! Jr. Sr. proms w GS Talks w MD at D D, Thanks! Peaches w 1 0-1 0-87 cute-boy! Thanks Mom Dad ILY! 46 Joseph M. Spina Joe “Life is like a rollercoaster it has its up ' s and its downs and whenit’soveryoualwayswantmore . . . butit’stoolate " — Live Life The Best Way You Can — Rock and Roll All Night, Party Every Day — KISS Trends; MP MT JM DD DB DH BW BD PH BP and All the Rest All the Good Times We’ve Had The Humming Hurdlers Track Art — Man SPECIAL THANKS TO: Mom, Dad, Tony, Maria Maryann Storey Mare It is time for a new journey to begin, but the old will always be remembered. Soccer 23 “The Trash Can " , Basketball 32 Powderpuff 83 “Stick em“ — Best of luck to everyone! Take the challenge, go against the odds! Meeting BIRD, Walton, McCale “I always want Celtic Tickets” Spring Soccer in Lynnfield withJenn IStomachs UP! HEAD-IT Thanks to all my teachers. Now it time to say farewell. OH-YA! Thanks Mom Dad Angela C. Stamegna Ange [I ' Our dreams are limited only by how far our thought will ake us. Kris Jill, Jami, Jo, June, Tim, Laurel, Carol, DU, KP, KS, Fishy, MM, CO, CR, DM, JO, Jeff — the nemories will remain forever! “Dickie Boogie JFAAF " Frye Island ' 86 The Cape (SWF) Field Jockey?! 15 CHILL DRIS CHILL The Club 10 30 87 ;ohn ILY! Glouchester Its better 2 have loved lost than ' ever 2 have loved at all MOM, DAD, DARLENE, DONNY I LUV U! I Craig Spellman Spellbinder Memories are things of the future that are fantoms of the present and past Frankly my dear, I don ' t give a damn The best has yet to come To my friends, the bvond will remain stomg. Keep in touch: Gil, Bri, John, Mike, Jeff, Jerry, and Glen The good times roll on Thank You Mom and Dad for everything The past is documented, the present is happening, and the future is a mystery. Good Luck DeMolay Good day eh? Wendy Stewart Gwen Beth Dannielle, Jennifer, KimD, Billy, BillyC. Brain, Chance, Jaym, JenniferM (Leap) “The Cabin”, Moo MMM Squid, Walk to Jens, Maine Brownstain P.D. Everybody, Joel, MomG, “Sleepy”, Mom Dad Thanks Love you Cheryl Helen Janie Total Eclipse of The Heart 1-21-84 If the Sun Refuse To Shine I Would Still Be Loving You! If Mountains Crumble To The Sea There Would Still Be You And Me! Love You Always Chris 88 Deborah Lynn Smith Somethings are out of reach Somethings I ' m not sure I need But 1 just cant let be cuz ItsTouchn deep inside of me. All my Buddies — Thanks Keep Dreamin Never Lose Hop e Summer Nites Rose Groton — Im so confused Long Talks, MFBPNUTS, 8 16 Fog Bah Danger, ARM, Mid, Lynns laugh DREAMS Thanx BM W — Things “hurch ski Boat 2nd MA Rob The Guys $.25, ;amp, wGirl, j86 Dizzes LOST U Me Kid I WantU Fhanx MA DAD My Brothers 1 Love U NO REGRETS 47 Kathleen Sullivan Kath “No love or friendship can ever cross our path without affecting us in some way forever” Tami (l 2sis) — Thanks, ILY TKU! Nantasket ’87 — ‘Til pay you!” Anne (Computer Talks) -DS-DH-JW GNO w Beth2 Kerri Pizza-Hut Gang-Snowball Fight @ Ry’s JP — “I . . . 1 just don ' t know” — Mike V-Ball: NSVL ' 86 Champs Div. 2 North Sec. Champs — 86 87 — 25 TT B-Ball 11 — Boys Games — Capt.2 Bermuda — It’s a Different World Thank You Mom, Dad Kevin Sharon Lynne Surette “there’s something out there 1 can’t resist” — Heart First Session, Sudden Pond! In the Air! AR, SM, LC, C -(- A, AR, MR, MS, RB, AF, DM, BS, JT Comer Clap SH, WO, CN, And the rest 14-60 -f 4 10 87 Eisenhours Rally ’86 Tom -(- Darl Kristina! Oh my God! Thanks for everything Mom -r Dad 1 love You Brian, Foreva and Always! Matthew D. Sullivan Sul Good Times: John C., eggroll CRS’s 1 Drew, kelll rick T, Paid Jeff, MD’scamiine and Bill Soccer 5, Fire-itup! The Line Tennis with Eggie and Peure Cape Cod, Breakdown than to wellfleet. Marquis Maddness Cruisin’ in the Iroc, Juice Big Beef, HQ, Missions, Banned B.C. with Noodle, J.C. Runs “Life moves pretty fast if you don’t stop to look around you might miss it,” — FB — Thanks to my Family esp. Terry and to Mom and Dad Michelle Thomas Mich There is never a sad goodbye as long as there is a memory to say hello to Special Frenz Maria Kim2 Meliz Jill John Mike Greg JS MD GS AL JP JW BD BT JE BW JC 1DKWIL11JD! Whatitis? Maidge! Where’s ? nights w CJM G Such anelusiv fish OHF’Y! Sat Trio Proms 4:00 w Mare summer 87 4-88 thnx MS S. Dancing Thanks Mom and Dad I Love You Chris Joe + Jess lea Love ya To a very special love in my heart always Chris Dan Sully Stumpy Good friends Mike, Maryann. Shawna Ghost. Ken, Kris, Jon, Uinee, Tony Parties at Dave’s House. 73 ”442” “Buckwhest” 77 “455” Cruisin’ Hampton Beach, Summerof ’87, Motley Crue, LedZep, Aerosmith, White Shale. Thanks Mom 4- Dad good luck to the class of ’88 But most of all Joy 1 love you 12-17-86 Lifetime Chance Thorton Goose Good Friends = Brian, Jay. Bill. Bill O, salad, Allan, Chris G. Steve P, Weaver. Inca, Greg, Debbie. George, Lynn. Cheryl, Fatman, Thanksgiving Day Game. 19 No. Reading 16 Lynnfield 6. Celebration my house! Daytona Beach with Pisco. Sleepin’ on a Hood. You don’t front it we don’t want it! Bad scene. Hoodies Patrol. Hockey Hope win I . All Night Party yaho! Prom Cruisin’ intheLimo. Special Thanks Mom Dad Couldn’t of done it without you. 48 Matt Tobin Mattie “Good Times Bad Times, You Know We Had Our Share” 1 will always remember: Beth D, Beth W, Heidi, Heather, Cheryl, Kerri H, Kerry O, Ray, Joe, Bruce, Duncan, Dave, Cookie, Dan H, Amy, Summer of ’87 at Hampton Billrica Trips, Junior Prom via Heff, Field Trip to the Zone, Oct 9 at D ' s, Led Zep Drive in riot — summer of ' 86 ‘ T Live For My Dreams And A Pocket Full of Gold " — L.D. Thanks and I Love You Dad Mom Mark Trulson FL 86 NJ 87 VA 88 PA 88 MO 88 NESBA CHAMPS DIV 1 2 QUASIMODO TURTLES PEG-LEG WIST JOE BUS-DRIVER MONTY P DM TUNANTES FRISBEE BEARBALL CIN SOUND SEED BABES TAKE GUN ARBOL DISTRICT THE “D " CHOWDA PETE BUBBA CHARLIE RYE ROD MER AM GB MIKE GIL BEFF HEATHER CAROL TWISH LANCE PEAR CAS SIE LAURA EL MICHELLE DAN SUE SHARON 29 MRS.G? ESPANOL BOSOX CELTS B ' S WITH VELCRO GRAVITY’S OBSOLETE MA + PA TANX! REEN INDEED Beth Tompkins Friendscome and go but memories neverdie! WSDLJP CO KD MT AR MM BC AC CG GirIs Night Out KB TJ MBFMKH Andalltherest . . . Maine the cabinbillumi forgot meet ya at Atlantic! mmm squid the walk to Jenns Green People Animal Haverhill Hey Allie R + K “Bike Ride’’ Act Like a tree!! “Webe” Friday the 13th weekend The Pig Roadt Thanks Mom + Dad And I’ll always remember Billy Michael W. Tryder Everyone must set his own course and take the rough seas and the calm. Always Remember good friends: DARREN, KEITH. JOE, SCOTT, BRIAN. ED, DAN, DEB, HAGS, LOR12, LYNN. HH, AP, AD, DH.TS. 25 LA’s bashes summer sleepover 87 Groton Sweet Boots Check-Ups Sledding into trees You Fish DE Nap Driving Puttin Out Fire NERPS Vintage Times Hel-lo Bud Sanchez Huge-one Helmets Chief Scoff-Session With all my love thank you Mom, Dad -I- family Rebecca Tompkins Living has life tooffer if one is courageous enough to strive for it. Never forget the fun times with Bets Kathy Kelly Julie Missy Sue VeevesGB ME MS SB SM Tam “What’s Wrong! ' ?’’ Fish P-Puff we won! C-Country Ski w-end, Jr Prom FMac Merci Buckets! Dingbat Are we there yet? I don’t know! Yes you do! Thanks Mom Dad Loma Jessica for always putting up with me. Joe Vasapolli Vaz With each sunset, there’s a new sunrise, the future begins with each day we rise . The past is history , the future is the mystery: BEST FRIENDS, GOOD LUCK Dorse - Moda - Moorsey. Always Remember the class of “88“ FBALL THANKSGIVING 16-6 HAMPTON 86-87 Summer of ’87 “im Bizzen” Parties Memories of JRHS ’67 CHEVELLE ’80 T A — ALL NIGHTERS — JRPROMC — Little . . . THANKS MOM DAD — ALSO SOMEONE SPECIAL 2-14-87 MAR1A I LOVE YOU! 49 Diane Ventrillo Di,Di “Dreams were made to follow. “Always remember my friends. Shannon, Lisa, Krissy, Heidi, Marcia, Ange, Dave, Karen, Jill, Julie, GS, LB, JF, CO, KT,DS.OHHI! Lisa Pizza, Bud-Chippy WeeWee, Wilbur, Junior Prom! Never forget CD JO. Always Always fun at DQ! Atlantic’85 KATG 9- 1 2-87 , Cape Cod 87 ! Dirty Dancing, Late nite movie? Always PaPa, I.L. Y. Thank you Mom Dad, l.L.Y. Always there for me S,J,M C! John Walsh J.W, THE GOOD TIMES ARE THE BEST TIMES THE BAD TIMES FADE AWAY ALWAYS REMEMBER CHRIS MIKEGREG DAN JORGE MICHELLE JULIES MATTS WEENY JW BW KH TS JE JM KM PD JC JP PSYC LYNN THE REST GOO TIMES DAN ' S, APPLE TREE, CG ' S, JEFF’S, GREG ' S, HAMPTON, C-hC MD, RLC, SKIING, BACK SEAT DRIVER WHAT ' S THE PROBLEM OCTFFER, FRIDAY SATURDAY NIGHT BUDDIES PROM GRADUATION -( UMASSI HOPE LOVE YOU MOM 4 LIZZY LOVED AND NOT FORGOTTEN DAD Kristen Von Sneidern Always Remember Never Forget Birdie, Mic, Dee, Stef Tweet Zeppelin dazed and confused trailor and the clubhouse bake JULY SPRINKLES Doinkers Stink! “right here, dude! ’ ' IMBOHEBEE Captain Jolt Buddy Weiser Know what I mean, Vern?!? Var Suzi ' s Halloween Party-wasted Salisbury Beach w Sharon, Mic Stace. BAD COMPANY: Cleet Ycnan Paco = Demented sad, but social. TS WO MC JW Thanks for everything. Mom. I love you. June Marie Wenzil June Bug (Spoon) Dreams and Friends are forever! Special Friends: Ange, Carol, Laurel, Jami, Mel, Stef, AND TO ALL THE GOOD TIMES W Wendy JC, TC, JB, KV, DY, LN, HM, CO, AR, KD, JE, MR, SS, Trips to SS at 1245 am. field hockey 35 (bus rides) CLASS ' 88 “ALL THE WAY” Boston concert 8 15 87, Bruins, Thanx Mom. Dad and all my family. I love you. A special thanks to JAN, GARY, BETTY and Families Michael I love you 4 5 87 Jason Waldo All my friends — George Chance Pisco Scoop Debes Salem Steve Bill O. Michelle Chris Walshy Stephanie Jenn Fred Scott Jim Doty Stacie and all the rest. . .Trip to the mountains with Pisco, If you don’t front it we don ' t want it. Bad scene. Waken ' bake. Golf carts at femcroft. AC-DC Good luck Dad Laurie and Matt. Thanks Mime and Gramps. I couldn ' t have done it without you Mom, thanks. Julie Bethany Wheeler Wheels La plus perdue de toutes les joumees est celle ou Ton n ' a pas rit. Good times with all esp. KERRl Heidi, O ' Neills, beth, KS. HR, John, Greg, Mike, Punk, JB — an obsession Debes. Larkin, T, Ginsu Campsite, NA. Partys, Very Berry, Summer ' 87 P-Puff. Cheering, VBBench, S-Ball, Skiing, Proms, Movies? Ker “we ' ll laugh about this later " LOOTub Thanx Mom Dad for everything A person special to me 4ever 1 LOVE YOU FRED 5 23 86 50 Elizabeth Williamson Betsy The most useless day of all is that in which we have not Laughed Never Forget: Jules2, Sue2, Fish, Kelly, JP — 1 WON! Mike Ryan. Bwandy with S JOops! What ' s in the rice ' RAH A 1 ,2.3,40ink0ink! Poor Poor Charlotte! Ah Bonjour! Love always to Dad and Jen. Mom Charlie, Julie, Sarah, Cay, Shelly and everyone else!! William Williamson The BOZ Never forget my good friends Inca, Hippohips, Scoop, Phil, Coot, Tom, Vaz, Moorsey, Modo, Ry, SL, Mac, JC, Jas, Doorse, Pisco, Chance, BO, Chris, JW ' s, , toall the rest!! LOTG 56, Turkey Day NR 16 LHS6 P-Party “Hoodsie Flunts” Condo! Blazer — Pond — Run on i Empty — Skin! Cut-Loose, DUCK! Pounding, Boys B-Ball, 5-0, Hoop? Stand-Up Pugs Girls — Jill, Julies, i MD, MS Keri Fun times with the crew — Hello! : See-Ya, Ya Right Inca — Brian MB Thanks for everything Ma Dad Kevin Wulleman DEN1SE Friends DL, JV, DM, MP, PO, EA, DR, MC My sister Jenifer Dana Lally Chevy’s 305, 350 3 wheeling -I- mud July 27 Sept. 5 July 4 PATTY LALLY The swamp Canobie Lake Spencer Bros. First St. BUDWEISER WINGNUT Construction the summer 87 The cure Lowell $150.00 keg of Koolaid Thank You Everybody 1 Love You DENISE And Thank You Miller All Tied Up Summer of 88 Deanna Teresa Young Dee Good Times Bad Times You Know We ' ve had our share Special Friends Kristen Stace Mick Stef “Rastro” Hampton July sprinkles. Captain Jolt Buddy Weiser Led Zeppelin Waltham with Scott Sean Julie MC. JO. JW, NC . Wake-n-Bake Scrambler Rambler the cave Crank the tunes! Girls LAV The trailer and Clubhouse Scott I LOVE YOU TRUE LOVE IS FOREVER! Thank you Mom Dad Jay Shannon Elizabeth Whitmore Shan, Willa, Slick, Nan The most completely lost of all days is that on which one has not laughed Ms D + T I will miss -I- Never forget U To all my friends esp. Claire, Tina, Dawn, Jeanne, Dont the rest know you are — Thanx for being there throught the good times -I- the bad 1 LUV U — Stay Cool -F Never Change Mom + Dad Murphy my 2nd Home Hey Dude — What a cell — What have U? Powderpuff 75 Summer “87 " NH, ME, Cape, Hampton ARUBA NF — Florida 1 LUV U Mom, Dad, Jacob, Rex -F Mary Joseph Whitehouse Joe Good times don ' t happen without your closest friends: SCOTT, KEITH, MIKE, BRIAN, DARREN, Jay, Dan, Tom, Jeff’s friends, Ed “Sr. Girls " , Butts, Brice, Kelly Memories with Jr. Girls — JOELLE LA Parties, Skokie, Beach-Ball Summer 87 — Sleepovers — Parties ' Sweetboot, Fish sticks, skin Prom? — Yea Right! Basketball Thanks — Dad, Pat, Bro, Whitey Jr. But most of all. Mom, I Love U Patricia M.K. Zalewski Tricia Trust in your deeply hidden feelings, because they show the person that you are. Andrea our fun friendship will never end — BEST FRIENDS! First period study you guys are weird . Carol — we rebuilt something meaningful — FRIENDS — Never will forget those MEMORIES with the laughs the cries softball, beavers, Colorguard Capt.. Thom McAn, Div. I II Champs Florida trip, summer of ' 87 ' Nov. 13, 1986 I Love You Lance! Jami Zarella I ' ll never forget my friends: Esp. Anne . Jay, Ange, Carol. Kristen. June, Laurel, Brett . . . FM ifyacan ' ttake a joke! Sebastian . N.H. " I’m lost " !! Run — DMC Raising Hell Adidas L.L. Cool J. Bad B.G. C-CIubGood Times IN C-L 1st w c + 1 Late Night Talks with Anne!! 1 want to give a special thank you to My Mom. Field Hockey 14 Softball 14 Dougie Fresh!! Outside C-Wing and B-Wing Lav. " NO MORE GETTING UP EARLY " !!! Robert Bernstein Shy Seniors Jenifer Clements Stephen Cox Matthew Joubert Eric Lucas William Prince Carl Sadlow Sarah Williamson 52 Artone, Daniel K. Baldwin, Gail J. Ball, Derek J. . Barnes, Kelly A. I Bell, Peter J. 1 Belmonte, Gerald J. Bemiss, Melissa H. Berinato, Michael V. I Bernstein, Robert I Berry, David W. Berton, Stacey A. Borup, Barbara ! Bradbury, Heidi L. ! Braga, Ann M. I Brown, Suzanne J. ! Buch, Kenneth C. Burke, Kristin L. i Bums, Duncan If Burton, Gilbert E. i Butler, Jill S. S Capezzuto, Steven J. Cardarelli, Linda Carriere, Michael j Gamso, Julie A. i Casey, Joseph P. Casey, Michael P. I Celata, Julie A. I Chaffee, Lauren ! Clark, Debra f Clements, Jenifer I Codings, John R. I Collins, Britt K. ! Conchiglia, John M. »I Cooke, Diane Cooke, Michael A. I Corbett, Mark B. I Cote, Paul J. Jr. I Cotter, William C. Jr. ! Courtemanche, Brian J. : Cox, Stephen ! Cushing, Michael J. ( Delamater, Beth A. Delaney, Kimberly A. Demarco, Kristen M. Demetri, Gregory J. Desiderio, Maria Destefano, Angela Deswarte, Anne B. Dirico, Tina C. Donahue, Daniel I Donato, David P. Donle, Kimberly J. Dorsey, Paul D. JR. Doucette, Kristine A. Eastman, Mary Ann Ehlert, Julie E. Eisenhaur, Darren E. Encamacao, Joseph C. Fade, Darren E. Ferrara, Ryan J. Fogel, Deborah Forbes, Julie E. Frotten, Paul Fuccione, Joanne M. Gaigals, Christopher Gavin, Andrea L. Gifford, Hally A. Gilds, George F. Jr. Gore, Laurel M. Greig, Christopher D. Gunning, Brenda E. Burke, Marcia A. Hachey, Kathryn C. Hagerty, Kerry A. Hagman, Bmce J. Jr. Hansen, Descygne Harmon, Stefanie S. Hayes, Scott B. Higgins, Carol E. Horan, Susan A. Howe, Derek J. Hoyt, Daniel A. Hudson, Peter G. lodice, Christina Johnson, Darren P. Joubert, Matthew Kebler, Steven J. Kedeher, Kimberly S. Kido, Tamiko H. Klimarchuk, Richard J. Krysko, Peter Lamont, Scott A. Lamont, Keith B. Laporte, Richard J. Laudate, John A. Lawson, Sean C. Legrow, Gregory S. Libertini, Danielle M. Lombardozzi, Adina Lucas, Eric M. MacHugh, Phillip E. Jr. MacLean, Raymond MacOmber, Heidi Lynn MacPherson, Scott Madison, Paul D. Mahoney, Scott Mahoney, Susan Marshall, James C. Mawn, Dana M. McDonald, Keith M. McDonough, Brian T. Mclntire, Melinda L. McLean, Denise Michelhaugh, Sharon K. Moda, Jeffrey A. Mola, Andrea M. Moore, Keith E. Moreira, Dawn E. Moretti, Anthony M. Jr. Morin, Michelle D. Moulison, Matthew Mudoy, Julie A. Nelson, Craig Neukuckatz, Heidi E. Nilsson, Darlene S. Nilsson, Laura S. Noseworthy, Robert. Jr. OBrien, Cindy O. OBrien, Julie A. OBrien, Michael W. OConned, Brian Oest, John B. OKeffe, William W. ONeid, Carol J. Pagnotti, Gregory Patel, Dhwani Patema, Maria Pearce, Jennifer L. Pearson, Katherine E. Peluso, Jill E. Peitrido, Michael A. Pike, Andrew L. Pisco, Brian M. Prince, William Puglia, Michael J. Putney, Andrew R. Reardon, Amy L. Remidard, Christopher Ricardo, Philip A. Jr. Ridded, Heather R. Rosedi, Michelle M. Rudgis, Justine N. Sadlow, Carl Salem, Paul A. Salisbury, Kelly L. Sandorfi, Miklos A. Schumaker, Ann M. Selfridge, Thomas P. Silva, Louis Sinopoli, Melissa Smith, Deborah L. Spellman, Craig A. Spina, Joseph M. Stamegna, Angela C. Stewart, Wendy L. Storey, Maryann Sullivan, Kathleen F. Sullivan, Matthew D. Sully, Daniel C. Surette, Sharon L. Thomas, Michelle M. Thornton, Chance C. Tobin, Matthew Tompkins, Beth A. Tompkins, Rebecca A. Tmlson, Mark C. Tryder, Michael W. Vasapodi, Joseph Ventrido, Diane Von Sneidem, Dristen Waldo, Jason R. Walsh, John E. Jr. Wenzed, June Wheeler, Bethany L. Whitehouse, Joseph D. Whitmore, Shannon Williamson, Elizabeth Williamson, Sarah Wudeman, Kevin Young, Deanna T. Zalewski, Patricia M. Zareda, Jami 53 Marine Lt. Col. Oliver L. North in testimony before the Iran Contra hearings in Washington. The 24-day strike by NFL players ended in mid-October with the union taking management to court. Deaths: dancer Fred Astaire dies of pneumonia at the age of 88; Liberace, showman and pianist, dies at the age of 67; director John Houston dies in his sleep at the age of 8 1 ; actor Lee Marvin dies at the age of 63; comedian Jackie Glea- son dies at 71; and actor Lome Greene dies at the age of 7 1 . Rumors of Democratic pres- idential candidate Gary Hart being romantically involved with Miami model Donna Rice cause Hart to withdraw his candidacy. 54 The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco celebrates its fiftieth birthday. Over 750, (XX) people turn out for the festivities. President and Mrs. Nancy Reagan greet Pope John Paul II as he arrives in Miami for a nine-city tour of the U.S. T.V. evangelists Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker bid fare- well to their PTL Ministry after Jim’s sexual encounter with a young woman and Tammy’s drug dependency are revealed. A barge loaded with 3,128 tons of American garbage become a national joke and a symbol of the nation’s in- ability to deal with solid waste management. Year in a Capsule On “Black Monday " the Dow Jones industrial stock average The Senate rejects President Reagan’s nomination of controversial Robert H. Bork to the drops and unprecedented 508 points and $500 billion are stripped Supreme Court. Brilliant jurist or dangerous extremist? — you decide, from Market values of U.S. securities. Proclaimed to be “Public Health Enemy No. I " , the mysterious AIDS virus has killed over 25,000 Americans in the past six years. Minnesota Twins’ Kirby Puckett and Jeff Raerdon celebrate their World Series victory over the St. Louis Cardinals. Stars and Stripes captain Dennis Conner brings the America’s Cup back to the U.S. after losing it in 1983 to the Australians. In order to maintain navigabil- ity of the Persian Gulf, the U.S. begins escorting vessels to protect them from Iran. Iran retalliates by mining the Gulf and several skirmishes ensue. 55 Danny Artone — a day when he’s not being friendly Gail Baldwin — a voice Derek Ball — pants he can breath in Kelly Barnes — a loud cheerleading squad Peter Bell — leader of a band Gerry Belmonte — a day without his book bag Missy Bemiss — a new leg Mike Berinato — a day without Rodney Robert Bernstein — captain in the Air Force David Berry — a management position at Atlantic Stacey Berton — a desire to go to first period class Barbara Borup — short hair Heidi Bradbury — a steady boyfriend Ann Braga — a hyper day Suzanne Brown — a court room Kenny Buch — a star of a basketball team Kristen Burke — perfect attendance Duncan Bumes — a bumper for his car Gilbert Burton — an apartment in Harvard Square Jill Butler — a day without arguing Steven Capezzuto — a minute without Andrea Linda Cardarelli — weight Michael Carriere — his own pizza place Julie Caruso — flat shoes J.P. Casey — A basketball scholarship Mike Casey — aggressive pills Julie Celata — long hair Lauren Chaffee — permanent late pass Debi Clark — Her own video on MTV Jenifer Clements — reality John Codings — someone to do his homework for him Britt Collins — her own stage John Conchiglia — season tickets to the L.A. Lakers Diane Cooke — a date with Chuck Norris Mike Cooke — pass trigonometry Mark Corbett — a date with Vanna White Paul Cote — a hair cut he likes Billy Cotter — Hulk Hogan’s job Brian Courtemanche — new suspenders Steven Cox — a new license Mike Cushing — a job with the orchestra Beth Delamater — a coaching job Kim Delaney — a smaller heart Kristen Demarco — a day without being spoiled Greg Demetri — a teddy bear Maria Desiderio — a life supply of hair spray Angela DeStefano - — a peaceful day with Andy Anne DeSwarte — an organized day Tina DiRico — a management’s position at Marshalls Danny Donahue — a diploma Class Will Dave Danato — a barf bag Kimberly Donle — a mean day Paul Dorsey — Pillsbury dough boy Kristen Doucette — a paint job for her car Mary Ann Eastman — a new track record Julie Elhert — spring training with Doug Flutie Darren Eisenhaur — his own cabin in Maine Joe Encamacao — a straight answer Darren Fade — the same car for a whole month Ryan Ferrara — the Brownie King crown Julie Forbes — a day without an answer Rob Freccero — a good grade Paul Frotten — a hair cut Joanne Fuccione — a megaphone Chris Gaigals — perfect attendance in every class Andrea Gavin — a day without sleeping in class Hally Gifford — height George Gilds — a day without detention Laurel Gore — a good night sleep Chris Greig — shock absorbers Brenda Gunning — a boyfriend from this town Marcia Gunning — something to go with the microwave Kerry Hachey — a part in the Boston Ballet Kerry Hagerty — an unsociable day Bruce Hagman — a date with Brenda DesCygne Hansen — a grumpy day Stephanie Harmon — a sense of humor Scott Hayes — drafted by the Red Sox Carol Higgins — a rainbow Susan Horan — a nasty thought Derek Howe — his black belt Danny Hoyt — a pen that doesn’t smudge Peter Hudson — a career in Major League baseball Christina lodice — a weekend at Westfield Darren Johnson — a spazy moment Matt Joubert — a whole week in school Steven Kebler — his own cookie factory Kimberly Kedeher — watermelon hairspray Tamiko Kido — a low grade Rich Klimarchuk — a serious day Peter Krysko — a New England accent Scott Lamont — a lunch with Michael Jordan Keith Lamont — socks Rich Laporte — a day off the farm John Laudate — an unspirited day Sean Lawson — a motor cross title Greg Legrow — a week not being grounded 56 Danielle Libertini — her own 1988 Corvette Adina Lombardozzi — a frown Eric Lucas — his own gas station Phil MacHugh — a comedy spot on Star Search Ray MacLean — a bad bag Heidi Macomber — free tickets to metal head concerts ■ Paul Madison — Jughead ; Scott Mahoney — a case ; Susan Mahoney — a normal brother Jamie Marshall — a staring roll in Vision Quest . Dana Mawn — a steady job : Keith McDonald — his own restaurant : Brian McDonough — gloves Melinda Mclntire — a job in guidance , Denise McLean — money Sharon Michelhaugh — an optimistic day : Jeff Moda — a contract with the Patriots I Andrea Mola — a cheerleading spot on the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders : Keith Moore — a permanent smile f. Dawn Moreira — a modeling contract T.J. Moretti — his own MacDonald’s chain I Michelle Morin — a problem-free car ; Matt Moulison — a day without hugging ' Julie Mulloy — a salt shaker ; Craig Nelson — a guardian angel : Heidi Neukuckatz — a quiet party ' Darlene Nilsson — a Mr. Donut chain i Laura Nilsson — laryngitis Bobby Noseworthy — having to wear the same thing twice Cindy O’Brien — more party animals i Julie O’Brien — gift certificate to Scribbles I Michael O’Brien — a new car . Brian O’Connell — straight A’s 1 John Oest — a position with the Bruins Billy O’Keefe — a perfect car I Carol O’Neill — a date with Patrick Swayze Gregory Pagnoti — a punching bag Dhwani Patel — a management position at Dunkin Donuts . Maria Patema — a brother I Jenn Pearce — ten pounds I Kathy Pearson — short fingernails I Jull Peluso — a day being on time for school I Mike Peitrillo — shaving cream Andrew Pike — Howard Cossell’s Job Brian Pisco — a try-out with the Bruins ! Billy Prince — a princess i Mike Puglia — a full length mirror and hairspray Andy Putney — a spot on a varsity basketball team Amy Reardon — a bigger driveway Chris Remillard — a license Phil Ricardo — a bad joke Heather Ridell — a normal laugh Michelle Roselli — a house on the hill Justine Rudgis — season tickets to the Centrum Carl Sadlow — a years membership to school Paul Salem — a road without speed bumps Kelly Salisbury — a beach Miki Sandorfi — an uncooperative day Ann Shumaker — another brownie point Tom Selfridge — a toaster Louis Silva — his own Ticketron Melissa Sinopoli — a guy who is not blond Debbie Smith — an uncute grin Craig Spellman — another book Joe Spina — a published cartoon column Angi Stamegna — a booming voice Wendy Stewart — two tickets to Led Zepplin Maryann Storey — a season without Mr. Boutwell Kathleen Sullivan — a volleyball scholarship Matt Sullivan — an uncool day Danny Sully — his own mechanic shop Sharon Surrette — her own basketball team Michelle Thomas — a small car Chance Thorton — a goose Matt Tobin — a big car Beth Tompkins — a perfect boyfriend Rebecca Tompkins — fish Mark Trulson — a trip to Florida Michael Tryder — his own real estate agency Joe Vasapoli — a whole day without Maria Diane Ventrillo — her own flower shop Kristen Von Sneidem — more time to get ready in the morning Jason Waldo — a quiet weekend John Walsh — a luncheon with President Reagan June Wenzell — July Beth Wheeler — a ride in a hot air balloon Joe Whitehouse — a day without ragging on someone Shannon Whitmore — a Kawasaki SRV snowmobile Betsy Williamson — an obnoxious day Billy Williamson — a steady girlfriend Kevin Wulleman — a new pair of jeans Deanna Young — her own decision Tricia Zalewski — another hand for Lance Jamie Zarela — a hair color that she hasn’t tried 57 Gonna wash that gray nght out of my hair. ■ They melt in your mouth, not in your hands “Any questions?” afe- “It’s Lester Lightbulb!” Guess she wasn t expecting us “Great smile Mary Ann! “We need another volunteer.” 59 Barbara making some new friends “Sounds pretty boring to me, John.” “Good Morning!” “Miki, 1 don’t think she really cares.” If we could read that, it might be funny € 60 “I’m so confused!” It’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it 61 “Yo Cookie, over here!” “Sometimes I sits and thinks, and sometimes I just sits.” Everybody’s so happy! Who’s Who Class Clown Funniest Best Athlete Best Buns Adina Lombardozzi Phil MacHugh Best Looking Best Artist Mary Ann Eastman Joe Encamacao Class Prep Best Dressed Julie O’Brien Bobby Noseworthy John Laudate Maria Desidario Scott Lamont Best Musician Most Likely to Succeed Danny Hoyt Carol O’Neill Mike Cushing 64 In the Class Class Brownie Most Bashful Most Gullible Beth Delamater Ryan Ferrarra Most Spirited Most Eccentric Kerry Hagarty Greg Demetri Best Actress Actor Most Talkative Maria Desidario Kelly Barnes Bobby Noseworthy John Laudate Class Optimist Hally Gifford Miki Sandorfi Most Lovable Debbie Smith Ryan Ferrarra t think SCAN Beth Wheeler Ryan Ferrarra 65 Of ’88 Guy’s Girl Girl’s Guy Class Pessimist Kathy Pearson J.P. Casey Debbie Smith Jeff Moda Class Couple Nicest Smile Friendliest Debbie Smith Jeff Moda Debbie Smith Jason Waldo Done Most For Class Class Flirt Andrea Mola Steven Cappazuto Sexiest Michelle Thomas Mike Casey Julie O’Brien Miki Sandorfi Heidi Bradbury Matt Moulison Kerri Hachey Jeff Moda 66 As a science teacher at NRHS, Mr. Cannon dealt with students who were not always overly enthusiastic about learning scientific theories. Using creative experiments and everyday objects, he brought mind-boggling sciences back down to earth ... as easy as “Kachunk, Kachunk, Kachunk!” 67 Robbie Robert W. Freceero Jr. July 12, 1968 — Feb. 8, 1988 God grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can and Wisdom to know the difference O o o o o o o o o o o 0 0 o O o o o o c 0 o o o 0 o o o o o a o ooo o o oO 0 o 0 0 o OOOOOOOO c 0 0 5 6 0 OO c O o o o o o o o o o o 0 0 o D 0 o o O 0 o Ooo o ° O ® ®oo 0 o oo o o O o o o u O 0 0 Oo o ' Cr THE PPiOM H::§Sr 69 Spaghetti Supper Coke is it! It’s really good . . . see? Caught in the act . . . We be gettin’ busy! 72 The Spaghetti Supper has been a traditional class fundraiser for quite some time, allowing senior class members to prepare and serve a complete meal. Usually it is scheduled on a night when voting also takes place in the school, but this year was different; there was no election. Not giving into defeat that easily, the class decorated the cafeteria and prepared what turned out to be quite a feast. To every- body’s surprise, quite a few people came to the fundraiser. As a matter of fact, the en- deavor made the class five hundred dollars richer, more than ever has been made from this particular fundraiser! Oh no . . . Not the tomato sauce torture!! 73 74 75 0. 010 ' a’T3 THANKSGIVING RALLY The Court Our Award-winning band g D a y G a m e Victory, Sweet Victory In anticipation of the last game of the season, the captains and coaches of the opposing teams met for lunch as a sign of good sportsmanship. This annual event is the last time North Reading and Lynnfield meet on friendly terms. In the past few years. North Reading has been the underdog, but this year the football team was victorious 16-6. On that miserable day in November, we scored two touchdowns and two two point conversions. This year, lead by the class of ’88, the team made North Reading proud and ended the season with a record of 5-5. 78 You Can’t Take “Sank you. Sank you” TOP TO BOTTOM: Mark Trulson, Rich Laporte, Andrea Gavin, Heather Riddell, Carol O’Neill, Miki Sandorfi, Danny Hoyt “A little to the right” 80 CINDERELLA A Royal Wedding The Royal Family 82 Do I Love You . . . Here ye. Here ye Who Made Those Stupid Hats? OOOH Pretty Impressive Do the Bird!! 83 Senior Talent Show Phil! Phil! My name is Melvin . . . That’s IT! I’ve finally gone CRAZY! Hey! I have taste in women! My dream girl!!! S4 M.0 87 So this IS what happens when the teacher leaves the room Waiting in line for class to begin? I guess this is one way to get a date for the prom! . . . and Friday afternoon! Monday morning . . . CLU ir ik Concert Band (fronl)Ken Brown, Scott Berinato, Rich LaPorte. Lea Stratton, Hallyan Gifford, Tricia Zalewski, Lance Borque, Mr. Weisse, Mike Cushing, Carol O ' Neil, Cathy Owens, Eleanor Verrico, Peter Bell, Mark Trulson, Sharon Michel- haugh, Karen McCabe, David Schapleigh, Christine Samp- son, Tim Mustone, Perry Gerakines, Geoff Neilly, Phil Wuorinen, JP Casey, Mike Case, Kevin Murphy, Rick Tiberi. Stage Band (front)Scott Berinato, Christine Sampson, Hallyan Gifford, Cathy Owens, Mr. Weisse, Mike Cushing, Carol O ' Neil, Perry Gerakines, Peter Bell, Mark Trulson, Tim Mustone, Lance Borque, David Schapleigh, Geoff Neilly, Phil Wuorinen, JP Casey, Kevin Murphy, Rick Tiberi, Ken Brown. Chorus (front)Mr. Wiesse, Rich LaPorte, Lea Stratton, Hallyan Gif- ford, Tricia Zalewski, Lance Borque, Mike Cushing, Peter Bell, Mark Trulson, Carol O ' Neil, Mike Donovan, Eleanor Verrico, Christine, Sampson, Perry Gerakines, Cathy Owens, Sharon Michelhaugh, Karen McCabe. 90 Masquers’ Club (front)Kerry Walsh, Ann Schumaker, Hallyan Gifford, An- drea Gavin, Britt Collins, Sue Mundy, Tricia Zalewski, Steve Grant, Steve Rettberg, Sharon Miehelhaugh, Justine Rudgis, John Laudate, Kerri Hachey, Jenn Vieira, Lanee Borque, Rich LaPorte, Mike Cushing, Carol O’Neil, Cathy Owens, Eleanor Verrico, Peter Bell, Perry Gerakines, Mark Trulson, Laura Bower, Tamiko Kido, Dan Hoyt, Miki Sand- orfi, Beth Delamater, Tim Mustone, Jeff Trulson, PH O ' Brien, Phil Wuorinen, Mike Cooke, Katen McCabe, Matt Tobin, Peter Hudson, Ian Wall. The Deliberator (front) Ann Schumaker, Hallyan Gifford, Andrea Gavin, Britt Collins, Susan Muncy, Justine Rudgis, Sharon Michel- haugh, Suzanne Brown, Jenn Vieira, Peter Krysko, Dan Hoyt, John Laudate, Kerri Hachey, JP Casey, TJ Morretti, Peter Hudson, Heidi Bradbury, Kathleen Sullivan, Beth Wheeler. The Popsicle (front)Rich LaPorte, Sharon Miehelhaugh, Susan Mundy, Andrea Gavin, Britt Collins, Jenn Vieira, Hallyan Gifford, Laura Bowers, Justine Rudgis, Suzanne Brown, Dee Burton. 91 (front)Ryan Ferarra, Kelly Bames, Taniiko Kido, Anne DeSwarte, Kim Nadeau, Michelle Regan, DesCygne Hansen, Kerri hachey, Debi Clark, Heidi Neukucatz, Cathy Owens, Eleanor Verrico, Jenn Woodside, Amy Costa, Julie Williamson, Karen McCabe, Julie O ' Brien, Jenn Vierra, Becki Hozubin, Skye Stewart, Shannon Silva, Carol O ' Neil, MaryAnn Eastman, Beth Wheeler, Karen Delamater, Krissy Doucette, Julie Celata, Lori Atkins, Christina Sadlow, Scott Lamont, Ken Brown, Alicia Hildago, Greg Davoren, Laura Bowers, Jenn Curan, Tom Selfridge, Jenn Caproni, Heather Hennessey, Joe Whitehouse. 92 (front)Beth Delamater, Miki Sandorfi, Tamiko Kido, Justine Rudgis, Heidi Neukucatz, Andra Mola, Hallyan Gifford, MaryAnn Eastman, Tina DiRico, Sharon Michelhaugh, Suzanne Brown, Lauren Chaffee, Kim Kelleher, Scott Lamont, Heidi Bradbury, Krissy Doucette, Kerry Hagerty, Kathleen Sullivan, Kim Donie, Joe Whitehouse, Keith Lamont, TJ Morretti, Louis Silva. Student Council II ' Math Club (front)Karen McCabe, Cathy Owens, Michelle Chabot, Cindy Brown, Eleanor Ver- rico, Sharon Michelhaugh, Jenn Vierra, Perry Gerakines, Ann Schumaker, Laura Bowers, Mr. Whipple, PH O’Brien, Jeff Trulson, Mike Sandorfi, Beth Delamater. Yearbook Staff National Honor Society (front)Sharon Michelhaugh, Betsy Williamson, Tamiko Kido, Mark Trulson, Brenda Riddell, Gail Baldwin, Cathy Owens, Michelle Chabot, Mike Donovan, Dave Pinaro, Jenn Vierra, Lori Atkins, Cindy Brown, Eleanor Verrico, Karen O ' Donnell, Jeff Trul- son, Hallyan Gifford, Brenda Hamel, Susan Mundy, Kathleen Sullivan, Dan Hoyt, Beth Delamater, Perry Gerakines, Greg Davoren. Senior Class Officers Junior Class Officers (front)John Walsh, Danny Artone, MaryAnn Eastman, Julie O’Brien. Sophomore Class Officers (front)Dianna Jamieson, Heather Hennessey, Shawnette Tirenzi, Kris Fransen. Student Advisory Council to the School Committee (front)Skye Stewart, Brian Williamson, Julie curan, Alicia Hildago. (front)Sue Mundy, Beth Delamater, Cathie Remillard, Ryan Ferarra, MaryAnn Eastman. 93 mv 94 H0KNET5 Illlll FOOTBALL Row I Adam Boyer, John Codings, Greg Demetri, Keith Moore, Joe Encamacao, Chris Greig, Tom Selfridge, Brian McDonough, Mike Puglia, J. J. Fogarty. Row 2 Joe Fuccione, Scott Famont, Joe Murphy, Bill Williamson, Chance Thornton, Scott De- metri, Steven Andrews, Darren Falle, Coach Walter Miller. Row 3 Mike Barnes, Scott Mahoney, Fred Moda, Row 4 Rich Klimarchuk, Todd Lothers, Bob Colby, Bill Cotter, Alex Cain, Paul Dorsey, Scott Gramstorff .. ' ' t- ' -t im VARSITY FOOTBALL CHEERLEADERS SQUAD PICTURE 1st Row — Heidi Neukuckatz, Co-Captains; Kelly Bames Kerri Hachey. 2nd Row — Brenda Hamel, Jennifer Muscone, Andrea Mola, Debbi Clark. 3rd Row — Joelle Martin, Kelly Nolan, Heather Hennessey, Julie Celata, Julie O’Brien, Kim Delaney. MISSING: Maria Patema. , rj The NRHS cheerleaders make a lot of noise as they cheer the football team on. Cheerleading capts., Kelly Kerri hold the hoop for the football team The cheerleaders get the players keyed up for the game. They gaze out to the field to watch for a good play. The cheerleaders pose for a quick picture. The cheerleaders get the fans involved with the spirit of the game. The NRHS football cheerleaders had a great season. They came in fifth place at the cheering competition held in November at Masconomet High School. (Ah . . . good job!) 99 JV Basketball Cheering U.a K«„. A„d,e. P.,e„.. K.d A. .ns, K„e„ Bam„g„, Je„„ P.,„, M„„. C.,a„„, R.„„ v.a.aur, Ciad, P„naf,c„. Maliaaa P„,d,„. Dicki„a„„. Sasan c.d„e JV Football Cheering I Christine Pouche, Karen Barringer, Tracy Casey, Andrea Patema, Dara Campenello, Julie Curan, Robin McDonough, Jenn Jamieson, MaryAnn Collins, Cindy Puliafico 101 DIV. II. N. CHAMPS Volleyballercise V A R S I T Y The 1987 Girls Volleyball Team has a record of 19-3. A very proud record only losing to Stoneham and Case. Every game had contributions from everyone and not just from individuals. That’s what makes a winning team. The fans and parents greatly contributed to the girls success. CONGRATULATIONS to the Varsity Volleyball team for being the DIVISION II NORTH CHAMPIONS! There you go, Whit. What a nice placement. 103 Co-Capt. Jennifer Caproni, Co-Capt. Karen Delamater, Jeannine Jamieson, Kim Nadeua, Katya Newman, Bobbi Jo Jacobson, Coach Barbara Holden, Lynn Demetri, Cheryl Lundgren, Barbara Borup, Skye Stewart, Melanie Hagman A Freshman Sprawling? 104 SMILE! Keep your eye on the ball VOLLEYBALL TEAM Boy’s Varsity Soccer This years boy’s varsity soccer team played exceptionally well, winning 7 games out of 18. The team played aggressively and came extremely close to winning games lost, they kept intensity up in most games. Two highlighted games were Newburyport where the team was down 0-2 in the first half, and in the second half Carmine Pet- risino scored 2 and Matt Sullivan 1 winning the game 3-2. Rockport where in the first half the game re- mained scoreless, then in the second half although Rockport scored 1, North Reading scored 2 ( 1 by tri- captain Mike Casey and Carmine Petrisino) winning the game, and knocking Rockport out of the Tournament. A great season was played by All. 106 TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Coach Pete Barrasso, Brian Fitzgerald, Matt Moulison, Matt Sullivan, Lance Tryder, Craig Spellman, JP Casey, Tim Butler, Greg Legrow, PH O’Brien, Tim Mustone, John Brussard, Dan Artone, Mike Casey, Paul Salem, Rick tiberii, Jorge Pinon, Mike Mclaughlin, Dave Panaro, Brian Williamson, Dave Collins, Andy Pike, Carmine Petrisino, Mike Cooke. 107 Brian Devasta, Tim Mustone, Mike Casey, Mike Yachimiski, Steven Glavin, Kevin Sullivan, Jamie Mustone, Chris Kido, Craig Ferrara, Mike Gibardi, Doug Malone, Nathan Johnson, Kevin Pouche, Kevin Ring, Scott Berinato, Matt Griswald, Sean Nolan, Brendon Staek, Coach Davis A Hornet player warming up before a game. The Boys J. V. soccer team ended their season with a 9-7 record. The team hopes to improve their record next year with many returning players. In his first year. Coach Davis has put together a fine soccer team. Coach Davis cheering on his team. 108 Kevin Ring attempting to score for the Hornets Matt Griswald breaking up a play on defense Chris Kido starting a Hornet attack. Kevin Sullivan also playing good defense. Mike Gibardi making a great save in goal. 109 8-7-3 winning season MVP — Tamiko Kido UNSUNG HERO — Cheryl Allen COACHES AWARD — Maryann Storey TOP SCORER — Amy Dill 12 goals, 1 assist MOST COMPLETED PASSES — Tamiko Kido Brenda Riddell — 5 shutout games as varsity goalie ALL LEAGUE Tamiko Kido (L to R) BACK — C. Sadlow, L. Spellman, M. Pothier, M. Tobin, M. Mclntire, M. Storey, L. Chaffee, C. Allen, S. Hayes, A. Hidalgo. FRONT — A. Dill, J. Buccerie, K. O’Donnell, A. Wall, T. Kido, B. Riddell, M. Eastman, H. McLoed, A. Murray, J. Boles. GIRL’S VARSITY SOCCER “The Girl’s Soccer Program has come a long way since its incep- tion in the fall of 1985, and one of the keys to our success has been the commitment and leadership of our seniors Lauren Chaffee, MaryAnn Eastman, Tami Kido, Maryann Storey, and newcomer Melinda Mclntire. They are going to be hard to replace, and we’re all going to miss them next year. I have great hopes for my team next year.’’ — Coach Boot Boutwell 111 Girls’ J.V. Soccer (front)Melissa Pothier, Stacie Mawn. Karen McCabe, Dianne Glavin, Maura Tobin. Annette Wal, Eleanor Verrico, Christina Alves, Amy Costa, Corrine Fiory, Meg Tobin. Chrissy Butler, Amy Bartkin, Christina Sadlow, Jennifer Buchari, Mr. Boutwell. 112 CROSS COUNTRY The 1987 cross-country team was successful this season with a 7-5 record marking the first winning season in 9 years. The team was led by seniors; tri-captains Keith Lamont, John Oest and Michael Berinato; John Laudate also a captain was injured most of the season but contributed his strong leadership skills throughout the year. Also responsible for the success of the team are the following: Juniors — Mike Leyden and Ken Brown. Sophomores — Brian Magnagni and Keith Landry and Tom Laudate. Freshmen — Mike Penney and Jim Marshall. The girls cross-country team having more than 5 runners for the first time in years received two victories this season. The team was strongly supported by tri-captains: Susan Horan, Danielle Libertini and Rebecca Tompkins. Other members include: Ann Schumaker, DesCygne Hansen, Darlene Stamegna and Missy Bemiss. 114 1st row Danielle Libertirri, Rebecca Tompkins, Susan Horan. 2nd row — Ann Shumaker, Descygne Hanson, Darlene Stamegna, Missy Bemiss. 3rd row - — Mike Penney, Jim Marshall, Keith Landry, Brian Magnagni. 4th row — Coach Mr. Cleary, Ken Brown, John Laudate, Mike Berinato, John Oest, Mike Leyden, Keith Lamont. 115 Golf Back Row: Jeff Bryson, John Nelson, T.J. Moretti, Dana Magee, Scott Hayes, Darren Johnson, Jim Calvino, Coach Cohen Middle Row: Brian Hanson, Ryan Ferrara, Geoff Neily, Brenden Thirkell, Marc Moretti Front Row: Jeff Ogren, Matt Dyment The 1987 Golf team finished a disappointing season. It was especially disappointing for the seniors, who were T.J. Moretti, Ryan Ferrara, Darren Johnson, Scott Hayes. They all would have liked to finish with a winning season. All the seniors played the best they could and should not be disap- pointed. All four seniors finished out the season strong shoot- ing, 44 for Darren, 46 for Ryan, 47 for T.J. , and 50 for Scott. With just four seniors leaving from a team of fourteen, the future looks bright for the golf team. 117 Boys’ Basketball (Cape Ann Co-Champs) (front) Scott Hayes, Scott Lamont, Carmine Discenzo, Stephen Cappazuto, Brian McDonough, Billy Williamson, Matt Kelley, John Collings, TJ Morretti, Ed Feeley, Tom Selfridge, Joe Encamacao, JP Casey, Joe Whitehouse, Tim Butler, Coach Kipnes. 1 18 r r • Cd H M t 3 ta 120 Coach Canavan, Andrea Mola, Kim Donle, Julie Curran, Maria Patema, Brenda Hammell, Jen Muscone, Kelly Nolan, Joelle Martin, Heather Hennessey, Julie Celata, Capt. Kim Delaney, Capt. Kelly Barnes s 1 ... ' T Boys’ JV Basketball (from) John Brussard, Rid. Tiben. Mike M.k. Y.chiiiisk,, Casey, Dana MaGee, Donald Seals. Keyin MuTshy, Jeff BDson, 122 Girls’ Varsity Basketball Cape Ann League Champs! (front) Tamiko Kido, Michell Chabot, Sue Hayes, Jennifer Whitney, Kathleen Sullivan, Mr. Boutwell, Mary Ann Storey, Jennifer Caproni, Brenda Riddell, Missy Bemiss, Mr. Lombard. 126 A greatly improved Lady Hornet’s team nnished with a very successful record of 14-3, winning their Cape Ann League div- ision. This also ensured the team a spot in the state tournament, something the Lady Hornets had not been able to achieve in the last 12 years. Senior Kathy Sullivan, junior Brenda Riddell, and sophomore Sue Hayes were honored as Cape Ann League All-Stars, adn Coach Rick Lombard was named Cape Ann coach of the year! 127 Girls’ JV Basketball (front)JodiGerardi, Lynn Demetri, Jodi Fitzgerald, Melinda Mclntire, Jenn Mahr, DanaCampenello. Barbara Borup, Alicia Hildago, Jenn Boles, Mr. Boutwell 128 HOCKEY Back row; LizNeily, David Cameron, Brian Minani, Kurt Jones, Geoff Neily, Jim Cal vino, Darren Johnson, David Brown, Sean Gallant, BrendenThurkill, Dave Santiano, Mike LeBlanc, Front row. Coach Barrasso, Mark Corbett, Keith Moore, Kevin Ring, Rich Kilmachuck, John Oest, Coach Rossetti 130 «PIA3 Hockey Cheering Although we did not have a winning hockey team, the cheerleaders were spirited and drew a crowd. The hockey cheerleaders of 1988 showed incredible school spirit and loyalty. In competition, they performed a routine designed by captain Beth Wheeler and placed fifth. They were also presented with the most spirited award by their fellow cheerleaders. 133 INDOOR TRACK Cooking over the final hurdle Ahead by a nose Handoff aat Sda “ Lo«i» Sil... J« Spin. Fro., row: Ken Brown, Tim Mnslor 134 WRESTLING 136 Back Row: Coach Johnson, Tom Encamacao, Randy Helgason, Matt Puglia, Michael Barnes, Rich DeStefano, Kevin Donle, Matt Dyment, Michael McLaughlin, Jeff Ogren, Coach Lord Front Row: Steve Andrews, Scott Mahoney, Michael Puglia, Greg Demetri,Bill Cotter, Joe Murphy, Jamie Marshall, Phil MacHugh VARSITY BASEBALL •m.- nght down the middle B. McDonaugh, B. Williamson, T. Selfridge, J. Encamacao, J. Murphy, B. Hanson, F. Carey, S. Capp ezuto, C. Carucci, T. Guy, M. Bryson, S. Hayes 138 The Hornets of North Reading qualified for the state tournament with a 15-5 record. They lost to a tough Boston Latin team in the first round. Coach Frank Carey has high hopes for the team in 1988. collision at the home plate back to back no-hitters now what do we do? 139 140 Varsity Softball The Lady Hornets Softball team ended this year with a 12-7 record. The girls started off with a bang, winning 3 in a row. But unfortunately from then on they lost one or two in-between single wins. They just barely made the states at 11-6, but got bumped out in the Sectional Semi-Final game by Pentucket. The team this year is going to feel the loss of the seniors last year, but feels strong about Seniors Kathleen Sullivan, Kerry Hagerty, Debbie Smith, Darlene Nillson, Beth Wheeler, Rebecca Tompkins. 142 J.V. Softball The Junior Varsity softball team ended the sea- son with a record of 9-9. The team had just enough players to make a team. The Dedication had to be and was high. The new J.V. coach Carol, can take credit for getting the team into shape and psyched for each game. 144 145 Boys Tennis Back Row: Coach Maes, Matt Tobin, Dana Magee, Matt Sullivan, Glenn Sawyer, Dana Allen, Doug Priest Front Row: Ryan Ferrara, Scott Berinato, John McNabe, Kevin Sullivan Although our boys tennis team never won a match, their spirit and potential are to be commended. The boys tennis program is a new one, in its third season in 1988, yet coach Maes has a fine group to work with. Senior Matt Sullivan was captain in his junior and senior years and is expected to do well this season. He is followed close behind by John “Egg- roll” McNabe, who will excel in both the doubles and singles competitions. Other prospects include Tim Bultler, Steven Glavin, Doug Priest, and many others. We wish them the best of luck. 146 North Reading Transcript Photo 148 Girls Tennis Back Row: Heather Hennessy, Kim Kelliher, Desgyne Hanson, Kim Donie, Tracy , Becky Hozabin, Shannon O’Donnell, Jodi Geradi, Coach Griggs Front Row: Kristin Ward, Alicia Hidalgo, Jennifer Whitney, Anna Newbum, Ann Shumaker, Heather Dickenson 149 Boys’ Spring Track (front)Mike Ray, Brian Magnani, Steve Andrews, Kevin Donle, Mike Barnes, Jeff Moda, Peter Krysko, Dan Murray, Dave Donato, Keith Lamont, Phil Wuorinen, Scott Lamont, David Marshall, Mike Berinato, Kenny Maquire, Joe Spina, Ken Brown, Dan Horan, Matt Moulison, Brian Hennessey, Mr. Cleary, Mike Puglia, Mike Delaney, Jeff Florence, Ken Buch, Greg Demetri, Mike Cooke, JP Casey, Joe Whitehouse. 150 m Debi heads for the finish line at the Cape Ann League Meet. During the season, she set a school record for the 330 hurdles. We love this weather!! The mile relay team went to the states after winning their race at the league meet in 87 152 Coach McBride Don’t try to fly Mary Ann, just jump and land in the sand pit! CAPE ANN LEAGUE TRACK CHAMPIONS Hornets ’87 Karen Rowe, Joyce Geradi, Jodi Fohlin, Sonja Priest, Genevieve Walsh, Coach McBride, Kelly Nolan, Susan Horan, Michelle Chabot, Lori Acquiviva, Mary Ann Eastman, Heidi Neukuckatz, Coach Roole, Christina Sadlow, Kelly Barnes, Susan Mahoney, Darlene Stamegna, Brenda Hamel, Danielle Libertini, Anne DeSwarte, Debi Clark, Melinda Mclntire 153 MARCHING BAND The 1987 season was a season of change. N.E.S.B.A. moved us from Division 1 to Division 2. Bob, Mark, Paul, and Andy kept the drill in line, Joel maintained our gold-medal winning Color Guard, and Frank led the percussion to new heights of achievement. The band won each show and even in Division 2, we won the championship and got Best Color Guard and Best Music (Thanks to Mr. Weisse.) ’87 was also the year of our mascot, Bowamba, and in April of ’88, we went to Virginia, All in all it was quite a year for all of us. Drum Majors — Carol O’Neill and Susan Mundy Color Guard Captain — Tricia Zalewski Head of the Drum Line — Eric Nelson 154 156 North Reading’s finest Well hello Mr. Goodwrench Who’s dog is this anyway? Straight out of G.Q. 157 “Really Lauren, how can you eat that stuff?” Another satisfied customer Stop in the name of love! “Smile Brian!” “B” is for bubbles 158 1 think we need to fix the horizontal hold on this one! “If you don’t like the candids, blame this guy!” Another unsuspecting victim of the yearbook camera. Such a happy class! 159 1 . Heidi Bradbury 2. Kerri Hachey 3. Michelle Morin 4. Ryan Ferrara 5. Adina Lombardozzi 6. Joanne Fuccione 7. Gilbert Burton 7a. Peter Hudson 8. Jennifer Pearce 9. Laurel Gore 9a. Beth Delamater 10. Keith Lamont 1 1 . Scott Lamont 12. Greg Demetri 13. Julie O’Brien 14. Phil Ricardo 15. Debi Clark 16. Shannon Whitmore 17. Suzanne Brown 18. Heidi Neukukatz 19. Bill Williamson 20. Danielle Libertini 2 1 . Kristen Demarco 22. Phil MacHugh 23. Matt Sullivan 24. Ann Marie Braga 25. Paul Cote 26. Rebecca Tompkins 27. Maryann Storey 28. Derek Howe 29. Marcia Burke Gunning 30. Brenda Gunning 31. Tamiko Kido 32. Peter Krysko 33. Joe Spina 34. Diane Ventrillo 35. Maryann Eastman 36. Jill Butler 37. T.J. Moretti 38. Lauren Chaffee 39. Missy Bemiss 40. Bruce Hagman 41 . Matt Tobin 42. Beth Tompkins 43. Justine Rudgis 44. Mark Corbett 45. Steven Kebler 46. Jami Zarella 47. Brian Courtemanche 48. Susan Horan 49. Paul Salem 50. Tricia Zalewski 51. Dawn Moreira 52. David Berry 53. Mike Tryder 54. Kelly Salisbury 55. Beth Wheeler 56. Gail Baldwin 57. Jeff Moda 58. Steven Capezzuto 59. Kerry Hagerty 60. Andrea Mola 61. Kim Delaney 62. Joe Vasapolli 63a. Paul Dorsey 64. Maria Patema 65. Kelly Barnes 66. Joe Whitehouse 67. John Laudate 68. Anne DeSwarte 69. Maria Desiderio 70. Kathy Pearson 71. Keith Moore 72. Tina Dirico 73. John Walsh 74. Matt Moulison 75. Mike Berinato 75a. John Codings 76. Sharon Surette 77. Kim Kelleher 78. Kim Donle 79. Billy Cotter 80. Brian McDonough 8 1 . Joe Encamacao 82. Mike Casey 83. Julie Caruso 84. Shannon Whitmore 85. Jill Peluso 86. Julie Mulloy 87. J.P. Casey 88. Stacey Berton 88a. Heather Riddell 89. Carol O’Neill 90. Mike Cooke 91. John Conchiglia 92. Christine Lodice 93. Debbi Smith 94. Danny Artone 95. Krissy Doucette 96. Sean Lawson 97. Scott Mahoney 98. Susan Mahoney 99. Betsy Williamson 100. Melissa Sinopoli 101 . June Wenzell 102. Chris Remillard 103. Dana Mawn 104. Kenny Buch Contributor Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Fuccione Family Mr. and Mrs. Sandorfi Sponsor Mr. and Mrs. Harold Sullivan Mr. Robert Ward Dr. Mee Chow Hound Richard and Marsha Oest John and Joan Puglia Patron Thomas and Mary Pat DeSwarte Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Gavin Jr. Richard and Jean Howe CC Rob 165 Congratulations Kerri And the entire class of ’88 You’ve got what it takes for a lifetime of Success. Go For It! Love, Mom and Dad H. Congratulations! “Rick” We’re proud of you. Love, Mom, Dad and Corey Congratulations!!! Brian The future is what you make it! Love, Mom, Dad, Robin and T.J. Maria, We are proud of you say We are proud of you Love, Mom, Dad, Andread, Nancy and Lisa Congratulations Michael B. Love Mom and Dad ut- II Op r: U y)K 2jpMCL ' J yj " V ' ud. jubh 166 (617) 935-9210 I ONY MODA President LOCKE MFC. CO., INC. 44 Sixth Road • Woburn, MA 01801 MR. MODA CONGRATULATES THE CLASS OF 1988. John 1985 Uayne 198 ? ' Jeffrey 1988 167 Maria, We are very proud of you. congratulations, we love you! Mom, Dad all the Desiderio’s Congratulations Susan! Love, Dad, Mom, Debbie, Paul, Danny Meghan Arc - Gas • Tig Portable Equipment £fo(oK WeSdUtg S wtce TRAILER HITCH SPECIALISTS 280 Park Street No, Reading, MA 01864 JOSEPH F, ELSTON ( 617 ) 664-3498 Congratulations Julie We are proud of you! Love Mom, Dad, Kris, and Danny Congratulations!!! FOR THE TIMES YOU ' LL BE THANY Congratulations Keith ALWAYS REMEMBER YOU ARE A VERY SPECIAL Ann We are so proud of you. CONGRATULATIONS PERSON. We love you Love, KRISTINE CONGRATULATIONS AND Mom, Dad Mom and Dad, Lisa and Brian LOVE LOTS OF LOVE. and Karl and PAPA! MOM AND DAD MOM AND DAD Best Wishes for a Bright Future! Gallery of Homes Fitzgerald Associates 50 Main St, North Reading, MA 664-4709 Congratulations!!! Kelly Barnes Our Best Wishes For You at College Love, Mom and Dad Congratulations!!! Matt Love, Mom and Dad Bruce H. Congratulations!! I love you Love, Mom 168 Candlewood Lanes 664-4779 ♦ Forest Riding Academy Congratulations Class of 88 IN THE HAROLD PARKER FOREST Horses Boarded SALEM STREET NO. READING. MASS. Congratulations!!! Mary Ann We are very proud of you! Love Mum, Dad Mikey 664-4932 DESIDERIO SON _ CONSTRUCTION CO., INC. MASONRY WORK Congratulations Ann Marie! Love Mom — Dad Cheryl Ann John Thomas 1 6 Stewart Road Ext. No. Reading, MA 01 864 Bones, You make me SO proud! I love you. Mum “Debbie” Keep Smiling Always Have Fun You Deserve The Best Love Ya! Mom Dad The Brothers 169 RESTAURANT LOUNGE NORTH READING, MASSACHUSETTS CROSWELL FUNERAL HOME 19 BOW ST. N.R. TEL. 664-3031 EST. 1912 ELSWORTH CROSWELL, DIRECTOR E. JOHN CROSWELL, DIRECTOR 171 We Can Serve Vbur Every Banking Need! tvinter Hill federal savings MAIN OFFICE: 342 Broadway. Somerville 666-8600 BRANCH OFFICES 5 Cutter Avenue, Somerville Rte 28 (Atlantic Plaza), North Reading 664-6303 Revere Beach Pkwy (Parkway Plaza), Chelsea 884-5904 Lynn Fells Pkwy (Caldor Plaza), ugus 233-4721 50 Western Ave, Lynn 599-7434 172 I A A CAREY LIMOUSINE 161 Broadway • P.O. Box 45078 Boston (Somerville), MA 02145 617-623-8700 • Toll Free 1-800-336-4646 Lawrence Willwerth, Mgr, BEST WISHES TO OUR GRAND — DAUGHTER LAUREN E. CHAFFEE AND THE CLASS OF 1988. the Picc a dilly Pub Restaur ants are Proud to Support the North Reading High School IW ' I CCA0 ii ■ ±1 ' ilUBlW 6 Piccadilly Pub Restaurants Rout Tewksbury North Reading Westboro Worcester ★ . , HaMolph Auburn Rout 28 ■ ' W 49$ Rout 128 Westboro North Reading Rte. 135 Rte. 28 Auburn Tewksbury Rte. 12 Rte. 38 Peabody Rockland Rte. 114 Rte. 123 Randolph Worcester Rte. 28 Rte. 9 173 PRO LANES • 30 TEN PIN LANES • PIZZA SHOP • FREE NURSERY FOR A.M. LEAGUES • PRO SHOP • COMPLETE BALL, BAG SHOE LINE • VIDEO GAME CENTER • 25 OF THE LATEST GAMES • LEAGUE OPENINGS (CALL FOR DETAILS) • 30 TEN PIN LANES • NORTH READING’S LARGEST VIDEO GAME CENTER " THE FAMILY RECREATION CENTER WITH THE PROFESSIONAL TOUCH " 664-6204 160 MAIN ST. (ROUTE 28) NO. READING JUST NORTH OF KITTY’S RESTAURANT To the senior Class of ’88 and A very special daughter Kathleen congratulations and love Pat and Cathy Sullivan Congratulations Tom Mom finally made it Jim, Wayne, Michael, Roger, Dana Maureen, Rob, Kath, Eileen, Gram 1 74 CATERING SPECIALISTS EUROPEAN MASTER CHEF CAROL M. BUCH RAIMUND BUCH FUNCTION CONSULTANT ®asitefully ours at the SOUTH SHORE COUNTRY CLUB SUPPLYING YOUR EVERY CATERING NEED 274 SOUTH STREET PHONE: 617-749-1720 HINGHAM, MA 02043 HASTINGS-TAPLEY INSURANCE Pork Place East — Suite 101 ■348 Pork Street. P.O. Box 206, North Reodlr g, MA 01864 (617) 942-0565 • Toll Free (Moss.) 1-800-842-1218 CAMBRIDGE • DANVERS • GLOUCESTER • IPSWICH • MEDFORD NORTH READING • READING • SAUGUS • WATERTOWN • WOBURN Best Wishes to the Class of 1988! ALL THE BEST TO THE CEASS OE 1988 FROM THE STEPHEN JAMES RESTAURANT OF MIDDEETON Congratulationons! ! ! Ken The future is yours! Our love, Mom and Dad. 175 kysSr A.R.A. BOSTON THERMO KING SALES and SERVICE 5 Claflin Street JAMES DEMETRI Boston, Mass. 02210 Tel. 423-6720. 423-6721 North Reading High School Congratulations and Best of Luck to the Class of 1988 To our son Greg, Congratulations and we’re very proud of you and love you. Dad, Mom, Lynn and Scott 176 FOR REFERENCE Do Not Take From This Room , TV 4 fUN f mWoRIAL UBRABy NO. RE D!MG■ -- [Hi

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