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AND TIMES AT NORTH READING HIGH SCHOOL -‘-i Flint Meirorial Library 147 Park St., North Readina, 01 864 Do Not Take From This Room NORTH READING HIGH SCHOOL TABLE OF CONTENTS FACULTY PAGE 13 GOOD-BYES PAGE 22 DEDICATION PAGE 24 SENIORS PAGE 31 ACTIVITIES .. PAGE 63 CLUBS PAGE 93 SPORTS EDITORS; PAGE 107 ANNA NEWBERN AND GRETCHEN JENKS BUSINESS EDITOR: DONALD STEPHENSON 3 5 Life and Times We, the staff of the 1 987 Yearbook have put great thought and consideration into choosing a theme for our yearbook. “Life and Times at North Reading High School” shall be remembered with both happiness and sorrow. The trials and tribulations we have collectively shared as a class have brought us together as a close-knit group and will forever act as a bond between us. Each member of the class of 1 987 will always carry with them a special piece of North Reading High School. Though we begin to travel that long and winding road of life and become separated, the friend- ships that originated here are destined to last a lifetime, as will the memories of our “Life and Times at North Reading High School.” le Oijd dot d7i ten t 7 (oo nnid (Z or yed t i a ye oa (oood, Z dfi ' o yy Zd coo d 00 t nrod Zod { d Zc o ic t uH ' e % Za ty ds ood Z id ZooZcd doaot one chs Zd cooZd Zdo (oZiere tt Ze il t i die u ide roiodi ; ZdZte i tooZ die odiee, mjnst Oeidit, Z id Ziaoi iy .lerZia M die Zie Ue cZoi ii, Zoeeo Me it loos y reuy a id coa iteeZ loeeio; ZdZioiiyZi as Joe diat die Missi ty die v Zdad loom die ii eeaZZy aZoat die sa iie, Z id ZiotZi dial iiomtoy eyaedZy Zay Zdi Zeaoes no ste Ziad tmiZde i ZdaeZi. Cdi, Zd Ziyfil die i sf or a iodiee dea f Z et Z ioioi iy Zioio ana Zeads o i to loay, Zd doid tedy Zd sZioidd eoeo eooie ZiaeZi. ZdsZiaZZ Ze teZZi iy tZiis loitZi a styZi dooieioZiere ayes a id ayes Zie iee: Zdtoo mads d oe yeeZ iti a loood, a id Zd — Zd tooZ die one Zess tmoeZed Ziy, (nd dial Zias niaeZe aZZ die d emnee. Please smile you guys, please! We can’t wait to sell candybars! Kenny s innocent look. Sure you ' re comfortable enough?! There’s no film, right? The infamous sign-hanger. Kim ' s full of hot air today! Am I GQ material, or what? They must be looking at something funny! The Happy Birthday Boy. 9 Good one Michele! Slip sliding away Are they brownies or what? The Hallway Gang Surprise! 11 Faculty The Senior Class of 1987 would like to take this time to show our appreciation for your dedi- cation and time which you devoted to us through our high school years. You touched many of our lives in a special way and we will remember you fondly when we think of our time spent at North Reading High School. Sincerely, The Class of ’87 Arthur Barresi, Vice Principal Dr. William Butler, Principal 14 Ediita Ayer Business Department j 1 David Cleary j Social Science Department Roy Condon Health Arthur Cannon Science Department Terry Capelli ■ Education Occupational Roy Conway Social Science Department Mildred Canavan Athletic Secretary Frank Carey Physical Education Joseph Clarkin Business Department 15 Faculty Faculty Claudia Dardeno Guidance Department William Devin Business Department Jeremain Donovan Science Department Cheryl Forbes Health Margot Girodet Foreign Language Robert Gosse Science Department Eleanor Dell English Department Francis Hughes Art Department John Havice Social Science Department Frederick Keyes English Department Richard Kieran Science Department Dan Kraft Foreign Language i Raymond Landry English Department Harry Lucier Science Department Nancy McLaughlin Physical Education Beth McBride Mathematics Department Charles Mague Reading Charles Markham Mathematics Department Faculty Faculty Walter Miller Guidance Department Joan O ' Donnell Resource Room Shirley Plouft Office Secretary Robert Pesce Mathematics Department Judy Perez Home Economics Department Nancy Norton Office Secretary Robert Pushkar English Department Max Mueller Science Department Carl Puglia Mathematics Department Jennifer Smith Guidance Department Judy Thompson Secretary Joseph Venti Foreign Language Walter Teal Industrial Arts Department Leo Richard Business Department Victor Sticklor Industrial Arts Department Stanley Sawler Food Service Director Peter Venard Industrial Arts Department I Beth Thomson Nurse Faculty Faculty Linda Welsch English Department Ruth White Resource Room Lloyd Wescott English Department Robert Ward English Department William Wasileski English Department Philip Wicky Social Science Department Harold Weisse Music Department Raymond Whipple Mathematics Department Mary Anne Wolff Social Science Department Victoria Yablonsky George Yianakes Librarian Mathematics Department Faculty GOOD-BYES Mr. Barressi — We all know him. Mr. Barressi has always been the one to listen to students explanation of why he or she was not in a particular class. He also is the one who stops us in the hall to demand what we are doing. For all your hard work and looking out for us the Senior class wishes to thank you Mr. Barressi. Best wishes for the future. 22 Mr. Mague — Mr. Mague has been teaching the students of North Reading High School better reading techniques for many years. Not only does he teach but he practices what he preaches. He always encourages students to read widely. He truly believes in his subject. Thank you for sharing your knowledge of literature. Mr. Wescott — Another member of our English department is leaving North Reading High School with the Senior class. Mr. Westcott has been sharing his vast knowledge of the short story with the students for a long time. He taught us through the use of symbolism and helped us to polish our own creativity through stories of our own. Thanks for all your work and dedication. 23 DEDICATION We, the class of Nineteen Hund- red and Eighty Seven would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to a teacher well deserving of one. This year’s dedication goes to a man who has bent over backwards to help his students achieve. Year after year he succeeds in creating a cheerful atmosphere in the school lobby with his magical creations. And year after year they get better and bright- er. Although no one teacher can be given full credit for a student’s success, we can attribute the posi- tive feeling of his students success. Mr. Hughes, you have ac- complished an outstanding job and we are proud to have had you as a mentor. 24 Caught off Guard Faculty Will W. Butler — less power A. Barressi — one last notice to slip under the door E. Ayer — a rattle M. Canavan — a day without absences A. Cannon — a class who understands him T. Capelli — the Globe want ads F. Carey — a day without Maggie J. Clarkin — a class that does 60 words per minute with no mistakes D. Cleary — an optimistic class R. Condon — a new pair of shorts R. Conway — small classes C. Dardeno — an organized senior class E. Dell — a gift certificate to Tan-o-rama W. Devin — a class full of boys J. Donovan — a quieter voice C. Forbes — a real leadership action class M. Girodet — “Poison” R. Gosse — brilliant scientists J. Havice — a pack of vivarin F. Hughes — a day without having to stay after with students from technical drawing F. Keyes — a gossip column R. Kieran — someone who cares R. Landry — bop ball D. Kraft — new boots J. Lucier — Felix C. Mague — students who don’t put up the shades C. Markham — a right answer B. McBride — a lifetime supply of candy M. McLaughlin — a fashion consultant 26 W. Miller — a new set of eye glasses M. Mueller — a healthy year N. Norton — a reliable computer J. O’Donnell — a tennis membership J. Perez — a perfect resume R. Pesce — a trip to Bedrock S. Plouff — no more green slips C. Puglia — a day without a bad joke R. Pushkar — students who hand in assignments on time L. Richard — Respect J. Smith — a yearbook staff V. Sticklor — no study duty W. Teal — a faculty with all new cars B. Thomson — a real patient J. Thompson — a quiet day in Guidance P. Vennard — a full day at school J. Venti — a day without a smile R. Ward — a Pre-organized talent show W. Wasilewski — We don’t know H. Weiss — a jazz ensemble with perfect attendance L. Welsch — high heels L. Wescott — a mental orgasm R. Whipple — a passing pascal class R. White — a day of screaming P. Wic ky — a year supply of note books for his class M. Wolfe — a time machine Ms. Yoblanski — a Bigger library M. Yianakes — an obedient basketball team A Note of Thanks Mr. Ward the Class of 1987 would like to express our deepest gratitude for your determination and patience in making our Senior year the best it could be. Miss Smith the Senior Class is grateful to you for all of your time and effort which you contributed to making our yearbook something we will always treasure. 28 SEKllOf a TOWlOR ' S Sophomores FRESH EH Craig Arcari Gilligan Soccer 5 Track Tennis Don ' t be too quick to cover up your mistakes Suzanne and my friends This has got to be the best country in the whole state you think your tough " Practically, the old have no very important advice to give the young . . . " HTD Thanx Mom Dad and Family Life is what you make of it; Do what you can, when you can. And made the best of it! B-Ball 32 Killington — Big Dipper ' 86 Hampton Beach; Good Times with Fitz, Tom, Dave, Steve GF; HC, BL, JD, CH, DB, JD, JF Never Forget my 3-year live in locker mate. Beth: So I made a mistake, my new H.T. L.G. — ILY. MFTL " Good Friends " Family: I Have Some Faults, But I Love You M D 12 down 4 to go, but they tell me the next 4 years will be the best experience of my life one big party, " college " Never Forget good friends, Ron, Bill, Matt, Libba, Rat, Herb, Wayne, Ken, Chris, Nick, Beave, Dan, Jeff, Andrea, Julie, Karen, Vickie, Dee, Mandy, Tracy, Sue, Lori, Kristine, " The Group, " Hampton beach " 86 " Trussel, all those crazy times in school. Always remember my family, all my love to Mom Dad Christine Eric Arthur Arvanites Ric Tina (Muffin) " Our dreams are limited only by how far our thoughts will take us.” Kelly, Sarah, Dana, Chrissy, Lisa Florida! the park L L Keily’s house " Aunt Jemima " Mr. L’s room “wooden spoons " algebra with Sarah “EEEE” sledding with Ke Tana Jeff the Hill concert ‘ " pinky " ' Cheering Dancing The Company working with S, M, J P.C Thanks Mom Dad Dan Live, Love, Laugh be happy Goodtimes, W good friends NANCY Lawrence, hammered Allnifers, house parties blizzards, egg tuna Hatch’s, Tm in lust!” Trips to poolhall, pmobile Franco’s unit, gangbusters Delayne, Cape Cod, Canada Swt. 16, tressel. Buds, Julie Jr. Prom, The Claw, Coupe, TA JM, TE — BB , KW, TB, CC, DD, SM, JD, Dokken, EJ, ZEPP, RUSH, DW Thanks mom Dad ILY To all my friends I ' ll never forget you. Nancy, Tina, Jen, Lynn, Delayne Best Friend Michele. Never forget 10th grade shop at Voke 1 All my trips, Reading Saugus 11th grade. Concerts and Parties Summer of 86. Hampton, kee My car!! All the good times ' Peter THE WORLD STANDS ASIDE TO LET ANYONE PASS WHO KNOWS WHERE HE IS GOING FRIENDS: DAC LIBBA CHIEF WAYNE J-BONE FITZ RF SB MB JC AM AP RAT KF TD BC KEE RC MO SM BELOVED GUITAR!! 1986 CAPITAL PUNISHMENT SPICOLLI DANGEROUS DAVE TALL THE OTHER METAL HEADS THANKS TO MY WONDERFUL FAMILY OF COURSE DANIELLE . . . AND THE CRADLE WILL ROCK Jeff Barker Buddy In my thoughts I have seen. Rings of smoke through the trees. And the voices of those who stand looking. Its not easy being me. Best Friends: Kelly, Sharon, Jenn, Deb, N.H. On Sundays. The hill My Chevelle. Stacey the most beautiful girl I ' ve ever met. " What’s Up Buddy! " My thanks to the DiFraia ' s Who made this possible. ' Dream Your Dream, and Do Your Best, Never Doubt and Never Rest, Until That Dream is Yours . . . ' A.R.N.F. The " Island Paradise” AEROSMITH — Live 8 31 86 NEW YORK CITY — CD D.Q. fun Lisa, Diane, Suzanne, Lance C.C. — D.A. Neva Forget! " Peach” Zayres with June Paul GOON — JUSTIN ' DANCING Forever, Pink Roses Lots of Love — Mom Dad M A, H Good times with special friends — Nick, Ruthie, Chris, Craig, Wayne-n-Mandy, Mark, Beave, Steve, Bill P., Jeff, Joubert, Karen, Ronnie, HOCKEY " Moda Parties " Westward Circle ' MAINE ' Mommy Moda " We had a lot of fun Natalie ” All my love to brother Brian, sisters Melanie, Jessica and Mom — Dad Douglas C. Batchelder Herbert M. Beherrell Herbie YESTERDAY S WIERDNESS IS TOMORROW ' S REASON WHY! DEATH ON DEWARS DAY!!! 2 15 84 AQUACHURCH SHOP PUNCH “BOSTON TRIP " THE FAIRHAVER EXPRESS DAVE ' S PAINT JOB AT RANGE WHAT ' S IN UTAH? DRIVE-IN All I want is a cup! THE PARTY PART 2 CLEAN-UP WHO OWNS THIS PLACE? Thanks: YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. CAN I GO NOW? Always remember: Kris, Lori, Pam, Vicki, others, 95 more days. My My 1 1 :30 all ready. 55X ' S. B-Wing Lav Thanks for all the help Support Mom Dad. I Love You! To the most important person in my life, who I couldn ' t pass a day without. KEITH I LOVE YOU! 6 17 86 10:40 P.M. . . . forever!! Jim Bentley Jimbo Michele Lee Bevilacqua Lisa Bibo BEST OF TIMES WITH SUSAN ANDREA JULIE DANNY KAREN, MANDY WAYNE a.r.n.f. MIKE GLENN Dl JW, BH, CC, KB, GJ, AN, KM, TD, EM, JV, PD, KEITH BRI — Nova K + SL CHIEF, DOUG, HB, CA, VW, RG, SM + TS SM Tressel, McD ' s Capri — G.M. + Jimmy Pier 4-m B + J ' s J.A.M.S. CREW 1 JOURNEY — LIM-2 10-30 LT + JM Softball -i- Cheering P.Puff 1 Hampton + Revere, Boxford 85, O.J. ' JEFF I.A.B.M.I.L.W.Y. ' PROMS ' 34 I LOVE YA MOM, DAD, MARK ERIC The flower is a beautiful symbol, composed of a center its petals. Remove the petals, though, and the center remains . . . unchanged. — GBJ — “Old friends: Guy Ann Marie friends at dancing and TTC. " Sound of " and " Guys and Dolls " Canada ' 85 with family Bow Lake. My 16th birthday April 21 st anniversary — — ALL MY LOVE TO BRAD — “I ' d send you the world if dreams could come true for a friend takes it all then returns it to you” Best Friend Always Laura Never Forget Randy 8-4-85 Maribeth Sarah Dana Chris KB JR CH BR Mike MS MM JB JC MCD ' S French Fries Cape Cod Pinky In Between New Hampshire “EEEEEE” Florida GP Summer of 85 J M Thanks Mom and Dad Sharon Lee Blinn “Blinny” Gail Bourque Kelly J. Bowman Tracy Ann Brackett A Fool Will Lose Tomorrow Reaching Back For Yesterday. Mari, Chrissy, Sarah, Dana, Lisa Florida 86 ' , My Flouse, L + L The Park, “Aunt Jemima, " GT Mr. L’s Room, 19th Powder Puff Algebra Class With Sarah ' Wooden Spoons, " Study, Gug CC, PS, RS, JH, DS, JM, " EEEEEE " Choepan, Sledding with Mari Working w Dana, “Pinky,” The Flill Always Jack To my family — I Love You Kimberley J. Bragen Kim EASY DOES IT BUDDY — I miss you! ICYPAA M.Y. — Problems with babe? All my real friends — thanx especially Lara and Kin Saugus friends I ' ll never forget. TINA, LOOK AT YOU! REAL PEOPLE — LH, SS, MY, KD, SH, KB, MC, RF, BC, DS, BB, K, P, R AND ALL THE REST. MSCYPAA — T.W.C. Ma, Dad, Bill, I Love You Stephen 7-3-86 True Lovike ONE DAY AT A TIME 7-30-86 " The memories we capture today will make beautiful tomorrows. " Had good times with: Anna (psychic, talks), Kerry, Sonja, Diane -i- M B., TG, BH, KM, PC, TT, HO, SW, DS, LD, KW “Powder Puff” (32) Skiing Jr. Prom ' " The Lake " first ride in Police boat softball, V-Ball 1, Cheering Up NH with HANK (Sean) Mom, Dad, Eric, Gram I Luv U ’Always Remember Chuckle Edward Breen Daniel Brown Eddie Dan Varsity Football 90 End Friends: Jeff, Michele, Susan, Julie, Andrea, Wayne, Jimmy, Beave, Scotty, Wrestling DB, JF, TD, BD, KT, DC, CC, JW, NA, MJ, TT, RT, BW, RT, Hampton Beach Girls Cars Party — Bud Kitty ' s Bar Boston — Pier 4 Limo Proms Junior Senior Weightlifting with Jim, Heath 2good + 2be = 4gotten Special Thanks to Mom Dad and the 3 D ' s D.N. C.V. T.F. LK. E.B. The Coop Spofford, Trussel, Sobriety Good Friends Family Support Kevin Burke Mark Bryson Jay, Pepsi REMEMBERED FOR BEING CALLED • PEABO ' AND ALWAYS PLAYING GOLF. GOOD TIMES WITH FRIENDS ESP. JEFF, BRI, “T,” CC, JIM, TD, SP, KEN, AN, GS, DENT, TT, KB, KD, RAPPIN WITH DMC AND WHODINI, EASTERN MASS CHAMPIONS 6 IN 86 HOOP ' 23 ' , MJ ' S 63, ICE THANKS MOM, DAD, JEFF, LOVE YOU. PLANNING ON GOING TO COLLEGE TO PLAY GOLF. “YA GOTTA BELIEVE IN MAGIC.” If you love something set it free. If it comes back It ' s yours . . . Best Friends Always: I LUV U — ' Dianne, Karen, Susan + “D,” Peter Shapeless, Stephen, PattyDog Laurie, Cher, Chrissy, Kim Danny N.H. Summers w KB Softball 9, Volleyball N.D.L.C. Sun. Nite lake visits P.W.G. Thanks Mom + Dad! Moms 1 + 2 I ' m Forever Yours ' Bobby Lisa Marie Cameron Heath M. “Hank” Canuel OH WELL, HERE I AM. IT ' S 87 ALREADY. THANKS MOM DAD FOR EVERYTHING. THE BRUINS THIS YEAR? BOUT TIME. HEY, I LOVE U PINK. MCDONALDS DO BLZD 7586 3 WORDS SECRETS ONCE IN YOUR LIFE U FIND SOME1 , WHO WILL TURN YOUR WORLD AROUND BRING YOU UP WHEN ' RE FEELING DOWN. THERE ' S LOT THAT I COULD SAY, BUT JUST HOLD ME NOW CUZ OUR LUV WILL LITE THE WAY. I LOVE U MARCIA FS Susan Butler To Imagine Is Everything Michele — " B, " Julie, Andrea JAMS Crew, Mandy, Karen, Kim, Limi — Journey, 10-30-86 — LT Danny — GJ, DB, EM, GS -H MM, TM, KT — TIM SM — Spence’s Pty. McD ' s, capri Revere Hampton 9-14-84 Never Forget DONALD GBBNF Proms, Pyramids? “T” — Light TGM Nova — PUFF 21 TalkswHIM Cheering — Dancing Gr. BBGUN Thanks — MOM DAD. Family ILY Someone Special 9-2 Brian Good Friends, Bill, Kory, Eric, Dave, Derek, Laura, Janet, Remember All The Good Times We Had Time Time moves on and now it is time for the class of 87 to move on. Good Luck. Thank You Mom for helping me through the years, I couldn ' t of done it without you. Always remember the good times with my Dad, I only wish there could of been more. All my love to my family. 1968 FORD MUSTANG " 351” " LAURA " Ronald J. Caouette Julie Capillo Ronnie “Jules” Cheryl Ann Caproni “Cher” Good friends Matt Craig Billy Chief Dac Lib DB AM KF SM HB BC KF MP WM MO Mr. and Mrs. Emma (Grandma) Tracy and Debbie YSTC CS Monte Carlo Rest Area 93 Skiing Autobody, Parties Voke Camaro Zayres Led Zeppelin — Pioneer — Love and thanks Mom Nana Ricky 1 Love Karen Forever 8-27-85 Lifetime DON ' T JUST FLOAT THROUGH LIFE . . . MAKE WAVES FOOTBALL 5 — My leg BASEBALL — STATES, HOOP GOOD TIMES WITH — KEN, JEFF, BRI, ' T,” SOY, PEBO, TODD, JIM, DENT, ONJA, KERRY, ANNA, KIM, J.W. AT Pdy. P-RUNS, WHITY’S PARTYS FLA. — CREW DAYTONA HAMPT — BEACH, BUD — W, ANDOVER RICK AT N.A., NEW YEARS, TOGA THANK YOU MOM, DAD, DON. DEB I LOVE YOU ALL. " All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream. ’ Edgar Allen Poe I ' ll never forget my Best Friends . . . especially Diane. " LOVE NEVER DIES ’ — Hosehead — B.K., C.J., K-Q, J-B, S.S. K. M., P.R., T.A., G.K. — “Friends Wear Black Rubber " Mom Dad, Kathi, Jenny, Joey — Thank you, I love you all! And a Special Someone who found a place in my heart. Glenn Charles Christine M. Carucci Celata Best of times w Andrea Michele and Susan Journey “Limo” Karen Kim B J ' s MO WM JF2 JM2 KM JV VW RG GJ HB AP CA Capri Crystal Hi! Vetteman! Doug Tina Dan Jon, no scruples — Mike, TA ' my secret” 10 25 85 SPR Boston MFYF Jams Tressel P.Puff Champs 10, McD’s Micheal — Sr. Prom, 1st St. ‘GLENN " there ya go " MM Thanks to my family — ily! “Don ' t worry of me. I know where I have been and where I am going — I’m not afraid! Keily, Mari, Dana, Lisa, LC, BT, SS, MR, TC, NIKKI Keily ' s house, N.A. — the times Florida ' 86; New Hampshire — camp Volleyball 1983-86, No. 1 in ' 86 Powderpuff; " EEEEEE; " 19th Papa and Ginger — I miss you! Julie Michelle — thank you I Love You — Mom And Dad Brian E. Chabot Justin C. Cheverie Laurianne Chiango Love cannot be forbidden the more the flame is hiden the hotter it burns. the best of times with: LAURI, Sonja, Kim, Jodi, Anna, Di, Lisa Bobby, Eric. “Kevin” cPWG? — Funstuff — 3! ' DAVID 11 21 87 Hi Sandy! O K. it ' s a deal! Lau, " Let’s take a ride " 8 5 85 V-Ball, NSLV CHAMPS! V. Hill B-Ball 23 (gimpy), S-Ball Thanx for everything I Love You Mom Dad Learning is finding out what you already know; Doing is demonstrating that you know it; Teaching is reminding others that they know just as well as you; We are all learners, doers, teachers. Mom, Dad, Andy, Danny — Your the greatest. BRHSMB 1 WE DID IT! Bob Mark, Band Trips Proms, Teachers; Good Bad, All My Friends, Skiing, “STEVEN” Patricia L. Gofer Patty dog Scott Cunningham “Don’t be afraid to take a big step. You can’t cross a chasm in two small jumps.” — David Lloyd George Moscow in the summertime — It’s not just a trip, it’s an adventure. Big Eden, W. Berlin w Pete Chris. No drinking age! Sunny Scott’s Cove summers. White Regal 1 22 83 — Thanks Phil! To friends along the way. — To look back is a memory, to look forward is your Destiny. — Soccer ' 84, ’85, ’86, Their now my stickers, What’s up and That ' s funny, summer ' s. Mustang 68 and 69. Friends — M.D., S.G., D.M., M.L, B.D., A.N., D.H., J.C., S.J., S.P., D M. M.V. Thanks a lot Mom Dad Jayne M. Michael F. Davis Delaney James DiBlasi Brian James John Donahoe Donnarumma “To be all that you can be you must dream of being more " Always remember “The Gang: " Ken, Jeff, Tom, Todd, Brian, Mark, Chuck, K.B., A N., M.L, S.T., D.H., G.S., S.C., D.A., S.G., K.H., D.G., D.S. Wgt. room AJ ' s with Dan Heath Hampton, Virginia, and Myrtle Beaches (note pads and tennis balls) class stuff with B.H. T.G. Florida — V 2 — WDW Lanai Is. Mr. V.P.; Thanks for your help Joe Love ya Mom, Dad Mitch Don ' t be dismayed at goodbyes — a farewell is necessary before you can meet again and meeting again after moments or lifetimes is certain for those who are friends. I ' ll never forget all my good friends — Esp. Jen, Sue, and ‘Paul . Uptown, Soccer — Capt., Powderpuff Champs 1 1 Thanks Mom, Dad, Jeanne and all my family. I love you!! To all my friends, mostly Justin, Mike, Scott out on Friday nights, concerts, SAM and Sheila, 4th of July in Wakefield Thanks Mom, Dad, MaryKay for helping, I love you. All the good times, may there be more to come. The journeys of a thousand miles begin with one step. Lao-Tse Always remember my friends Paul Ghost Kory Bill Heath Eric Bob Rob Ed Brian Jughead Dan Jim Mike Ken Laurel Carol Laura Janet Jenny Pam Amy Laura Wally ' s class Mr. B Ms Dell MOM AND DAD 67 Camaro THE BOO “A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you ” Friends: Julie, Anna, Di, Bri, Jeff, KEN, KB, SP, MB, CC, GS, TD, TG. sexdevil parties, Scott? seagull — plop! ‘ Idunno ’ Oh No The CHURCH!! proms “U R hanging out " Thanx for being there A,D,B 1-1-87 Never forget ’Darren Mom Dad — never would ' ve made it w out your love support Thanx I LOVE YOU!!! The Best of friends — Jeff, Lori Acqua, Tom, Henna, Mark, Chuck, Jim, Joey, Keith, Ken, Scott, DG, JW, LS, LA, KE, GS Football 50, Shotguns!? Fiestas at whitey ' s house New Years Eve, being jovial Thanks for the support Mom and Dad, I love you! " Don ' t go where the path leads. Rather go where there is no path and leave a trail.” Kerry Bryan Doty Donovan Doty Jennifer Doming Jenn (Kid) " Failure is only the opportunity to begin again, more intelligently.” Memories: Flights in the Little Blue Schmegg! W N.H. T.A., S.M. " Shopping " wTTracy never 4-get many nights " Early Morning” w The R-Dog Special Moments W Chris a Big part of my life 4-eva Good luck all my friends may all your hopes and dreams come true always Lawrence T. Dyment Todd Karen E. Emma Emma Always remember 44 havelin Debes Vince Fred Fozie Whitey Merr y Scott Jim Kory Heath Bill Smell Bum Laura Beth All the rest Maine The party pit Stogie! Malibu ' s rule Bake Pac ' s Light Weight The Crue Got no money slide me some gas Thanks Mom and Dad True Friends Janice Mandy Andrea Kim Robin Gretchen Julie Vickie Michele Jen Sue Cathy ’Remember Matt Craig Chief Doug Rat Lib Wayne BP BC TS HB CC JD KF Limo — Journey ’Seabrook’ Dancing Craigs pty York Monte Carlo ’YSTC’ Roses ’Caouette Family’ All my love to Mom Dad Grandma Debbie Tracy most of all Ronnie I Love You 8-27-85 The world is full of kings queens who blind your eyes steal your dreams, its Heaven and Hell! good times with Carol: never forget, Glenn, Nancy Don, Ang, Sandi, La La La La . . . oogha boogha. Dingo Parties, all I wanted was a pepsi ' Locked In always my love john thanks Mom Dad for putting up with it all. Kimberly Enright Sister Gertrude Dan Eustace Kim Marie Fennell NEVER SAY DREAMS CANT COME TRUE! KE, AM, MO, VW, RG, JC, TD, SB, TP, CUZ — Sharon Joanne, 18th B-Day dinner, nights sleeping on the beach, tressel Concerts, 5th GRADE Trips to Maine THE GROUP. Summer of " 85 " Florida Tom — Wenzul — Chris Dac " Faithfully” special thanks to Mom Dad A very special person that will always be in my Heart, I Love You Forever Sean — 1981 John Patrick Kevin M. Fitzgerald Finnegan Fitzy Parties friends from The Hill, Eiesy ' s, The Resevoir, and anywhere else, " Trips " Quests to N.H. The Cape, Niagara Falls and Elsewhere. Party — Party! concerts and camping-out for tickets ' AC DC ' “Who Made Who " on stage ANGUS “Let ' s go to New York! " Jeffrey! Lord Foul Kegs See ya later! Grub Rock — Lazarus 85-87 Bud Bass, Butts, Quarters, V.A.V.! Bondage R.J.J, Den Brian Dan Darren, Tam, Shell, D,W.U R.H.S, Hi-cube “Im on my way!!!” Berklee MA, Anuil Jodi Dad Jake Ellie Dave ' s F.B. 41 C.C, J.C. Consume! Miss D. — Bye N.R, High! Lowell Strip! “I know it ' s only Rock-N-Roll” Villante! The Channel S M D.C.B. 151 Mesc?! Shell-vg-Di, Lynda Distortion! Very — Metal! Fred! Sonic Reducer!! Jeffery K. Florence Chief Johanna Fohlin Mode Robin L. Gallo I get by with a little Help from my Friends: Doug, Wayne, Lib, RAT, Kevin, Brian, Keran, Woody, Michele, Herb, DAC. also: MO, SM, KF, HC, JF, CA. Football ' 86 — Todd — chuck. You’ve all left an impact on my life. The Tressel S.P. Parties and Good times in C.P. Road Crew ' Metal Night ' Thanks Ma and Family. Thank you Sonja . . . Happy Trails! 1987 Already! It Seemed so far away, times have changed, but I ' ll never forget. Through the good and the bad, I’d like to thank all my friends, and especially Mom and Dad! I couldn’t have made it without you! 69 Nova Blues: My car is junk everyone knows it! (Who needs brakes anyway?) Stay off the sidewalk! Off to college! ... 4 more . . . “Together we stand: we fall” Thank you Ms. Hashian! N.S.V.L., DIv. 2 Sec. V-Ball Champs! Capt. Track, S B-ball Thanks to friends you know who you are! Laura, Jill, V.W. E. J., G.B., S.P., P.C. Ms. D •P.W.G. Oh I know’ — R.H., T.O. Bobby! " Thanks, V. Hill, B.M. Thanks to the Delano Family “Proms — Kenny — Rasberry?!!” “The Gang!!!’’ T.B.C. ' CORNELL ' CALIF. “lU HAVE A DREAM . . .” “You only live once, but if you live right once is enough " friends who are dear to me: Cathy, Susan, Heather, Robin. Always remember walking the beach with by best friend, Jamie that’s you. I Love You Even though I have only known you a short time you made me see things I never saw before, Thanks. I love you Mom and Dad you’re real special to me. Steve Joyce Susan Gerakines Gerardi Diane Germino Amy Dent Gonsalves The love between lovers will die, the love between friends will live FOREVER . . . All my buddies: Bri, Anna, Kerry, Jeff, Sonja, Mark, Ken T, " Chuck, Patty, Kim, GS, TD, " 1st time” SPLAT my face NRRLM Beach — BH Summer 84 — MB " I DUNNO!” Klepto! Jeff’s house, pants — AN VS NSL CHAMPS ARNF LP, JW2 Thanx Mom, Dad, DBSD 1 LUV U Someone Who’s ALWAYS There Special Friend ' Brian ILY!! Always remember fun times w Joyce and Susan: Burger King, Christmas Shopping, you know the rest. Good to Have you back Jenn. School Daze — Amy, Lisa, Heather, Ann, Marie, Karen, Genevieve, Ski Trip 86 — Killington, never again Krista " Scorpio Never Forget Matt Aug 85 — June 86. Thanks Mom Dad I couldn ' t have done it without you Thomas Guy T Let people know you for who you are not who you think you should be. Good times with Ken, Chuck, Mark, Jeff, Todd, Henna, Sonja, Anna, Dent, JD, KD, GS, DM, RH, KBIG O NO! Jeff’s House The Mall Baseball 15 5:00 sprints 6 in ’86 — 1987 Back For More Soccer 3 — Doubles (Down and Back) The Back Pack Thanks to family For Everything Cathleen J. Hall Cathy Lorraine Halucha Lori Happiness comes of the capacity to feel deeply, to enjoy simply, to think freely, to risk life, to be needed. Cathy Loves B.R.D., Scorpio “in love with a jerk ” ‘Sagittarius’’ Laurie Steve Ricky, Peter, Dana, Brian, Billy, Jules, " E.N. ” ricecakes. Fleabag, stretch My Destiny " Faithfully” Love you Mum and Dad The only love worth having is love freely given. Never forget: those witchy nights with Cheryl Atlantic Countdown — VIBES I ' m intoxicated! Baby talk — You were the first for me! Hampton — 86 — BENNY MC (BB) Robin — Chicken? Shnizzles!! Michelle Sue Kristin Kim. D. Sheila Trade (Paula Anne!!!) Helen Daddy Jason Janie Thanks Ma Al Susan (ILY) Ann Marie Hauck Scott Hart Am Brian Hennessey Henna " You go to work, work hard all day. At the end of the week, you collect your pay. That ' s just where it ' s at, it ' s as simple as that. " Soccer ' 84, 85 B-ball ' 82 Winter Tract 84, ' 85 I DONT WANT TO RUN HILLS! Tom G„ Bobby B„ Linda C., Ann S., David M., Kevin B., Rexy Jr. Prom with Sarah Thanks Mom, Dad, and Kim I don ' t know if these were the best years of my life, but I sure did have fun and I ' m not stopping here I ' d like to thank all my friends for all of the good times together hope to see you soon especially thanks to Mom and Dad Am I a descendant from hell, Or an angel from heaven? Neither I ' m just a survivor From the Class of ' 87 " Don ' t Just Float through life, make waves " I ' m gross Best of times with friends Dent, Whity, Ken, Toddy, " T " Chuck, Peabo, Soy, Jim, SP, AN, KD, TT, KB, can ' t believe it casade Whity, Hoop, Track My knee is beautiful talks with Diane — " What a brainstorm, " wasa — right Di? High school sayings, span class. Why? Thanks FOR EVERYTHING MOM AND DAD Steven J. Daniel James Higgins Horan 1 If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain and bitter; for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself — Desiderata To all my friends, new and old: I love you! Thanks for standing by me. Love you too. Mom, Dad, Jim See life not as it is but as it should be. Journey 10-31-86 Cafemorns Friends: GEOFF, PW, DM, DM, JD, LC, PH, BR, SS, SH, BG, MB, AH, KR, CA, KB, CC, AW, Belteshazar A Jeep and a Dog Je suis un poisson rouge! miss Stu — Track — We have fun! Mr. Cleary CC Indoor Hackey Vermont VH Mon 1 1 A.M. OUCH! That ' s Funny? Rainwalks Never Stop Believing Dad Mom D,P,S, M ILY (really) Lost weekend at Kathys MG July 4 weekend, Gangbusters Ltle Blue Schmegg, P-mobile Lawrence, F.S.G., Egg Tuna, TTTTBB Handcuffed to a tree AR SF All my good friends especially TA, TA, SM, HW, CE, JM, DW, MUFFIN! Burger King W SB JD Led Zep — " The sea was red and the sky was gray, wonder how tomorrow could ever follow today!” Dokken, EJ, SN Glenn Lefebure Forever Special thanx to Mom Dad Remember good times with Laura Heath RT Laura Marc Berry Fuche Pam Andy Sled Kim Ray Darleen Greg Jene Ozzy Osbourne MC Paul Amy the P-Patrol We Hate Moe! Tressle with Lori and Kim Wine Dine " OH HI " Sarah Lee Memba Pack of lighters = LR Saturday night parties = LB Go To McWongs! Ma Dad Jen Senior Prom 5 23 86 " Crazy 4 you " Love ya Always Mike 3 86 Matthew Joubert Dupe Alwlays remember friends Craig Billy Ronnie Huna Herbie Robin Wayne Eddie Nick Ruppy Beave “T " Jeff Freddy Mahoney Dot Janice Rat Dac Vies Class The Lords " 68 " LeMans Doug The Tressel Craigs house Boxford I ' ll never forget good times w Cath and most of all my grandmother who got me through the worst of times and brought me to the best of them. " the place where I come from is a small town — they think so small " PAUL TRACY JENNY JILL KAREN KD AM MB SB Long Distance Friends — Beth — Sue — Rach PCF T3 MAIL SUMMER ' 86 — BRITS (TUES WEDS) New Friends — New Years Eve Not only do I love you, but you are also my very best friends — Mum and Nat I ' ll miss you guys! “As you push off from the shore won ' t you turn your head once more and make your peace with everyone " Demolay Kelly S Mike L. Gil Dave M. Kris Jenn Sue Cheryl C. Friends wear black rubber! Mom Dad Bec ky Heather and Glenn John W. Moody Blues Remember Ixtian Warm Ice Rocky H Janet Kelly Jan George Kenty Cale Klimarchuk Micheal Ogre Laquidara If you feel that you can ' t go on And your will is sinking low Just believe, and you can ' t go wrong In the light . . . you will find the road Var. Football 29, C.B., C.R., 4 yrs of brutal punishment Smile when you say that! Speed shop! Thanks, Dad Mom The summer of ' 86 what an experience. Tenth grade Algebra, Blueberry Hill Rendall Rd. Bear Rd. Green B. Cards at lunch: Royal Rumy Aerosmith at Manning Bowl Never forget all my friends in Middleton. My best friends Dan M. Chris L. John C. Rob T. Ed S. Bill W. Dianne M. George K. Angie S. Angie P. Maureen D. Tina C. Tracy H. Pink Floyd. Thanks Mom, Dad, and Dave William J. Leavitt " Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive. " Always remember friends BD, JC, SC, ND, DM. AN, ST, DM. DA, SG, LV, wherever you may be, and Especially Mary Ann. Summer ' 86, Cape Cod Maine, Whalom Park, skiing at Loon. Concerts — Van Halen, DLR, AC DC. Just Cruis ' n Around Thanks and Love to Mom, Dad and Uncle Dom. " I ' m pulling out of here to win. " Football, Wrestling Capt. All my friends: RAT, Chris, Chief, Doug, Chance, DAC, Robin, Kim, Tracy, Jen, Ron, Billy, Craig, Herb, Dupe, Heidi, Wendy, Yin, Wayne, Karen, Scott, Phill. Summers in Maine. The Group Jimi Hen drix, Hampton, Summer of 83, weekends. Proms Being a Juvenile Delinquent and my Family Marc J. S tephen J. Liberman Libertini Thomas W. Long Jr. Tommy Bondage Douglas Lipert Lip Kenneth T. Maguire Chef " If you don ' t believe, you won ' t achieve " Chef 12:17 Gd. Friends: Brian, Jeff, Jim, Glenn, Chuck, Tom, Todd, Mark, Bud, J.F., W.M., D.G., A.N., T.T., K.D., K.B. Florida Crew — Daytona Beach Whitey ' s, Bermuda, snowmen Ind. Ridge Summer, " The Gas " Track with Coach C., 880 Chargers forever P-runs Andov. P.D. Toga Special Thanks to Mom and Dad This is not the end only A Beginning for the future Never forget great times W Tricia EVERETT REVERE MP ' s Kara Step Kim Sue Lo Kristin Janice Jeff Rob Friends in POPE JOHN stranded in Atlanta ALABAMA -86- DD GN MD DH Great X ' s in NR Summer of -85- To a special friend — Mandy others in NR Thanx Mom Dad Joe Michele Harry ILY sos Vinnie Sean Mahoney Rat Sheila Mahoney If You’re Gonna Sin You Might As Well Be Original “Fitz, Dave, RJJ, PRIS, Anvil, Odi, Ric, Ogre, Heidi, Wads, Darren, Danny. Denis, Wads. D,C,B, ' U-A-V, " The Young ones Ms. D Brub Rock Marlboro Dave’s Lazarus Burnt — Bored — D.W I.! Broke And Busted! Casual Quarters! The Moose Mesc? Bud Bacardi 151 C-Wing Ma Joe Lowell Strip Evil Keilly Sarah Mauler! Calif YESTERDAY I SAW YOU KISSING TINY FLOWERS BUT ALL THAT LIVES IS BORN TO DIE SO I SAY TO YOU THAT NOTHING REALLY MATTERS ALL YOU DO IS STAND CRY Dac Jared Markte ‘ Joel ALL MY FRIENDS — THANKS TO YOU I ' M MUCH OBLIGED ITS BEEN SUCH A PLEASANT STAY MAY HAPPINESS BE WITH US ALL " CLASS of 87” SILLY RABBIT TRIPS ARE FOR KIDS?! SO SHINE ON THANKS Mom Dad Drink and be merry for tomorrow we graduate! [ Tuna Moldy Star Fish, Dac, Libba, i Finney, Chief, Moda Donny, Wenzul, Chris, Marly, George L. Wrestling Capt. Jr-Sr, Football, Tempest, I AC DC Concert, Trips to Maine, The group. Trestle, Weekends, Stairway to Heaven! Thanks Mom -i- Dad. Kim Dianne E. Marra David S. Marshall Andrea J. Mastro “A.J.” Although its time to leave, The memories will remain. Good times and bad, Laughter and tears. Never forget the friends. You ' ve made through the years Always remember Karen, Lisa, Sue, Steve, Bobby, Stu, Danny, Dave, Jen " Stepped in what? " August, North Adams Forget About the Past Live For Today, And Think About the Future! Bentley T.T., L T, Have you met Ralph? Soccer 9 " Babes in Arms " Stage Crew, French Doors! No, I Don ' t think so! Mike, Anna, Tom, Dana, Jodi, Patti, Jayne Is this a great country? of what! WPI — Miss D., Funnel Katie, Amy, Kathy, Juli, Dana, Luke Thanx Mom Dad, Rob, Chris and Cindy! I love you! ' Karen ' “A friend is someone who dares to dream your dreams with you. " — J.A.M.S. Julie, Karen, Michele, Susan, Kim, Mandy, Cheryl, VW, JP, GJ, RG, CA, JF BP, HB, W + JM, DB, GS. MM, Dan, Keith, MIKE, Eric, Mike, GR, GF, 12 85 GMC SPR — Boston, Mw. Yrs. Eve, MFYF C.S., F-bird, Hmptn + Sbrk. Conan Capri McD ' s Journey — Limo P-Puff 52, Proms, Libby + Co Stunning, Boxford, 7 28 ' Bob Thanks to my family — ILY Bernadette McCarthy Bern Believe in your dreams and they will be fulfilled Always remember good times w mags, Fiona, Jodi Karen, Kris, Mare, JM, JP, JF TO ALL the good times in the " USA " A Special thanks to my American family also to Goodhuen and to Miss Smith. To those I miss from home Margaret, Carol Kathleen and Jackie SB, JC I am thinking of ye always Thanks for everything " Mary " David Mauceri Kory L. McCauley David Meli Wayne A. Moda Waynal Finally we made it (INBS) Baseball “Am I hitting Zoo” Track “We have Fun” — D.H. " Heavy Metal From Hell " Waiting for VH tickets Friday Night Crue: Scott, Mike, Brian, Justin, Mike Sidewalk Crue: Scott, Brian Murphy ' s Crue: (83-86) George, Co. L.G.F.A. Crue: George, Don, Steve Lost Crue: Todd, Matt T.T.O.T.W.T.B.T.I.E.R.T.W.D. Crue ” — Marcel Marceau Wrestling captain 134 pds Soccer captain 8 — FRIENDS Herb, Craig, Rat, Doug, Chief, Bill Matt, Ron, Kevin, Libba, Beave, Steve, Tom. Marc, Nick, Chris — FM — EB — MB — GS — tressle Jamming with Joey -r Rob 12-12-86 DESTINY, live, Don ' t Let The Dreams Die! Guitar and metal forever! ??LOU?? — Thanks Mr -i- Mrs B Love ya MOM, Dad, John, Jeff " 9-20-86 Love ya Mandy " Friends J.M., D.D., B.S., K.F., R.C. Period Three First Time Skiing Mom Dad all the chances They GAVE Me Jason Moody “J-Bone” David Moore Moorzy I Love Wendy Steeves! Dad, Betsy, I Jared, Wendy, Cheryl, Helen, Wax, Dennis, Eric, Vinny, Beth, Dave, Daughter Lori, Wendy, Chris, Ed, e Jen, Danielle, Limpy, Dougie, Kristen, Sonja, Julie, Charly “G,” ny . Tommy " Doo,” Tony, Jennie, Mary, Bobby -2- Steve, Richy, Bruce, I " AD DC " Donna, Alyson, Chevy, ' Keith Sharon ' Led Zeppelin [ " Spokesmen Of American Youth.” " I Got It Covered” " Beating The Odds” “WHAT A WEEK I ' M HAVING!” Fun times with 151 Always remember friends: Bill, Heath, Dave, Paul, John, Doty, Johnny, Hampton Party Trestle, go ' in wild, Metal head. U.S.M.C. Go to War Wild Summer Nights Forever a Pondaronian I ' m Edson, Stogie Mom Dad Kerry Suzanna P. Mounter Daniel Murray Sue Dan The Good Times Are the Best Times, The Bad Times Fade Away. Friends — ' Tracy , Kristen, Dee, Tina, Kim, LO, RG, TP, LD, Kena The Coop. Mode ' s House, (ZT) UM-HI. Kitty ' s. Im trying to use the phone! Christmas Party. SM JF All of my friends + All the good times. WILBUR, BP — (GBAFO) (Clifford) — The Lords (ILY) — The Boys — George — (Bungy) Thanks Mom + Paul — I Luv You — Andrew + Valerie. — Good Luck 87 ' — " Nothing like eating hay when you’re faint, " remarked the king, munching away. " I should think cold water might be better, " suggested Alice. " Or some salvolatile.” " I didn ' t say there was nothing better,” roared the king. “I said there was nothing like it! " Verkaufits mei G ' wand, I fahr in Himmel. Goodbye, Love, the Funny Valentine. Anna Newbern If you can imagine it. You can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it. Special Friends Di, Kerry, Kim, Bri, David, Tommy, S.P., Kim, C.C., M B., T.D., G.J., J.P., P.C., Jeff? Proms, Kim (psychic, " talks”) O NO! Parties — " banannaberry, " psych! The lake — McDonalds Again? S.L., B.M. " Flavor of the month” V-Ball NSL Champs, — Tennis Mom, Peter Missy — I Love You! Forever in my heart. Dad. Merideth C. Amanda G. Norris Ogren Dotes Mandy I will never forget the good times at NRHS with my best friends Marc Dave Mark Rob Ed Angie Cross country 15:40 Indoor and spring track Rockypoint the Blues Brothers Algebra 2 Great times with Amy Tine Heather Melanie Patrice 3 weeks 4 days Rollerworld playing cards ' Daniele Manning Bowl Thank you for everything Mom Dad and Amy To Live is to Dance, To Dance is to Live. Wakefield: Nance, Lau, UGs, Pompons, Bandstand, ' Michele Love Ya, sis! Move to NR Thanks for your help Shea! Karen, Kim, Andrea, Michele, Julie, Sue, VW, RG, JP, ' YSTCI Herb, Ronnie, Matt, Jeff , Doug, Rat, Craig’s, BP, NA, CL, MS, SR, Cheering, Capt. Mandy-Puff Boxford, N.H., 9 20 85 , Feiro Love ya Mom, Dad, John, Jeff, Love you Wayne — Faithfully Jennifer Ohotnicky Heather Paige Jenny Owen What we keep we lose, only what we give remains our own. Always remember: Tracy, Gretchen, Laura, Robbie Jeff, KM, MS, KO, DR, Mom 1 1 , win Thanx Mom Dad! i love u “clean close shave? " Just an old fashioned luv song Christmas Eve — Junior High Will you marry me? monster mash. Visits to Bean s, " someone to lean on I love you now forever, •Bob " believe in yourself and all things are possible! " To all my friends, never forget u guys! PowderPuff Pysch w Steve, Billy Craig Salisbury Revere Beach 86 The Palace: our 2 favorite Bouncers Jon Tom " Gumby” Florida-Bound Foreign-Guys ya snooze ya looze “You only live once but if done right, once is enough " Thanx to my family a very special friend: JOANNE Darleen Peck Darla TO ALL MY FRIENDS: ILUV YA SLED, REARBUM, DE, JODI, ANGE, SONJA, CHERYL, “ON HI! " FIST? CUTE CHEEKS! SEXY, BABY! DP SNIFF! W A.M.H. KISS! YOU KNOW! BOGIE-POWDER PUFF 62 VIEVE CANT FORGET SCRUFFY!! THANX DAD AND MOM!!! 5-4-85 ‘ GREG‘ rL Y THERE COMES A TIME IN OUR LIFE WHEN WE MUST TAKE FLIGHT AND TRY OUR OWN WINGS. Jennifer Perullo Angie Petrillo Jen “Pokey” " These R the days to hold on to: it’s the memories — that you ' ll want to!! Friends — esp ’Susie Debbie, Lynn, Kim, Cossette Joyce MEMORIES — Naz, SMH Florida! Pontiaclemans " Breakfast " 8 ' 16 . . . what a scare! V 2 A?! Powderpuff 61 — Billy 16:6 REMEMBER — Frank, Rick, Bobby, semi w David Jr. Prom w Dan Thanks — Mom, Dad, K-K Gram Friends Family I Love YOU ’GUMBY Scumchicken Batch Shmuck Squirmy Dari Heidi JC Kaka WOODSYS Rick NYE But most of all . . . ’TAMMI ARNF •Jack Bill KJS Aug. 4, 1984 Vince Neil” MAY 6 If the sun refused to shine, I would still be loving you. When mountains crumble to the sea. There will still be you and me. ’BOB I LOVE YOU ’ALWAYS Thanx Mom and Dad (2) ILY William D. Phelan III Pheno Susan E. Pickett Sue Michael Piscatelli Hockey Good Luck Class Of 87 ' And All My Good Friends Kenney, Craig, Herb, Ron, Dee, WM, Rat, Libba, Finny, Dupe, Tracy, JM, Sue, Kristian, Bungy ' s, Goerget, Bobby. Boxford Party’s on V 2 Days Late Night At Treasle " Budwieser " Don ' t Worry About It This All Was Happens Long Lake Maine. Water skiing Rot-Row Phsyc PR.3 C-Wing Thanks Mom, Dad John much Love T.U. Nothing Gold Can Stay — It is through change that we grow. Good Friends are for Keeps: " T,” Pattydog, Henna, Dent, Anna, Odd, Whitey, Bryce, Carlos, Ken, Kerry, Jim, Soy, Kim, Joyce, Hode, Trace. Field Hockey, Hoop, PPuff, Track ‘F.H. trip to England. Ur Dur. Thanks always Ms. McBride. Parties. Jeff ' s house. O NO! McD’s. Proms — T.S. Work (§ ' H.V. Klepto! 1986 Champs — Celts, Pats, Sox. Thanx Mom, Dad, Heidi, Doug Sonja M. Priest Onja Dana E. Pucillo Friends Forever: I Luv You! ' Derek " Super D " You will fSalways be special to me! Stephen " stupid” “ox” We luv you and miss you! Dianne, Steven " shapeless, ” Karen, Danny, Peter, Gert, Bobby Lisa " Hank??” Remember: A-Lunch " Nothing gold can stay " or can it? Thank you Mom Dad I love you! In this promised land fire burning in our hands the choice is ours to make Journey — Friends: Mari, Sarah, Kim, Keily, Chrissy, Lisa, Sue Gl ' s Prom The Hill Maine ' 86, C C I can’t drive with all this commotion! Bon Jovi — parking lot — BC NHW M B " EEEEEE " NA Powderpuff, work w Keily, TRU MLA, AL Black Z ' s ooogies D, D J Thanks to my families and especially Mom A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you the way you are. Good times with the best of friends — PATTY, Amy, Ricky, Peter, Lisa and Brian — “DMLA " — Patty “Let ' s take a ride " 8-85 Halloween " 85” + " 86 ' ’ — pwg w pc — Thanks Ma + Dad for caring Forever in my heart I Love You Always — STEPHEN Laura Reardon Laurie Puglisi Rearbum Pamela A. Rettberg Sled To My Close Friends: R. Bum, Diane, Darla, Smelly, Sharon, C.C., S.R. The Whole Bunch " OH HI! " P.Puff Brownie The Slip! Lawrence 442 Rhonda Leo Lefty Righty B-wing Mudpacks Dusties " 12-25-85 " P-Patrol! J.D. Bum ' s Queen for a day! Go to McWongs! M M Brandy " I coulda ate that! " • THANKS MOM DAD •ALWAYS REMEMBER NEVER FORGET . . . ANDY • Leslie Anne Sonja Rich Robinson ALWAYS " MEMBA GOOD FRIENDS: JANET MIKE LAURA HEAN? RT? PAM ANDY BERRY FUCHE MIKE PEKA GREG Dl CHERYL SONJA JENNY BOB JODI JOHN GHOST SARA LEE KIM RAY LORI ED POWDER PUFF 71 TRESSLE O PACK OF LIGHTERS — WALLS — Z KEN BOOGA JODY AMY PAUL Z LEFTY — RIGHTY — OR — MIDDLE? Y ROW THE BOAT AT THE PITS! WE HATE MOE! GO 2 McWongs! The P. PATROL LEO RHONDA " OH HI! " ALWAYS FOREVER -MARC 2 MY FAMILY W LUV; THANKS 4 THE LUV SUPPORT! 2 LARRY, I LUV U! 5-24-85 2 DUBBLE STUFF THE REST OF THE CAMBRIDGE CREW, W LUV! 2 ALL MY FRIENDS! U KNOW WHO U R! •METROPATHWAYS B-WING •POWDERPUFF 87 24 SR. TALENT SHOW PRINCE 7 THE REVOLUTION!! I MADE IT!!! To all my friends: Pete, Steve, DiAnne, Sue super " D, " Karen, dog, Kanny, USA, Thanx for all your support P. WG — David, Sandra, Ronnie, Tina Linda, and everyone else! Warm summer nights at L. Winn, Weirs Boardwalk Beach. On July 9, 1969 a future millionaire was born. Thats my dream! Maybe someday everyone will believe me? Thanx Mom Dad Always Remember Lisa with All My Heart “You only live once but if you live right once is enough " Good times with Jeff2, Ken, Mark2, Mike, BH, TD, JW, CC, TG, WM, JD, MS, TM, AN — $10, DG, SP, TT, JW, KD, AM, MB, SB, Proms LR, DS, AH, I.R.C.C. crash trees with MM Sul oi! Whitey’s the Blue Bomber S.P. Tennis Soccer 10 A.P.D. — Bud. nights with Jeff — Journey Snowmen — Barrels MR. ' Frank’s Never forget ‘Julie thanks Mom, Dad, Lynne I Love You. Karen Gene Rowe The love in your heart wasn’t put there to stay. Love isn’t love until you give it away. Friends ‘Sue Kristen, Kim, RG, BM, TD, JF. Never forget the good times with LH, JT, MC, (Mode’s 8-1-86). The Coop, X-Mas party. The Lords my 2nd home I Luv u All. (GBAFO) UM-HI Artie late nights. 2T — Trashed " The Boys” Thanx Ma and Bill -Bungy- Tina, Billy I Luv You All Someone Special — Tommy To my Friends — Bobby, Karen, Lisa, Dianne, Dan, Dave, Sue, Pete, Derek, STU and Laurianne I leave you the memories of the good and the bad times we have had together and may dream that we will never part no matter who we meet or where we go. — Never Surrender — (Triumph) ‘Washington D.C., Ajax Ontario, Walt Disney, Fla. 1986 N.E.S.B.A. No. 1 Div. 1 miss ya bunches Lisa Hank Sue Diane Bob Peter Danny Shapeless Stu England and across The U.S. field hockey-track This is the time to remember; for nothing gold can stay Bobby-n-Lisa why does it all have to end? A-Lunch Yeah! All my love to Mom Dad 1 Mom Dad 2 Glenn Sawyer Steven Soy Shapleigh “Yes, that ' s my real name ' RISD Summer ' 86 ' CindyFroMD Jil Velcro Twins Forever Friends Beyond The Border GT ' s at the Palace w C + J Orlando — " Care for a chip? ’ Funstudy w Gail, Gen, AM Mr. P C. — Dolls, Babes, Sound, Seed S.S. w Sheila T.D. w Betsy Art Convo s w J.R. Ajax Bound Thanx Mom and Dad There are the best years! “Well isn ' t that special?” " I don ' t know where we are, but don ' t know how to get to where we want to be! " Weon “As soon as my heart stops beating. I ' ll be over you " JANET MIKE LAURA BUM RWF JENE (BIG GIRL) BOB ANDY PAM (SLED) PAUL AMY GHOST JOHN CHARLIE BOOGA PATROL Robbie 4 3 86 Toby THE END Lon L R MIDDLE? LEO JULES YAYA 3 20 86 All my love ALWAYS REMEMBER NEVER FORGET HEATH Guy S. Silvestro Laura A. Story John Storey Lau Terry Shaw Dac Good Times Bad Times You Know I had My Share. Fun times with Rat, Kim, Lip, Batch, Libba, Ronny, Mr. C, Flanny, Wensel and Flappy Camping in Maine, Trussel Tempest, Sour, L.A. Express " Its You " Let The Good Times Roll Uncle Dac Special thanks to Bob, yal My Family and Esp. “Tracy " I ' m an amnesiac and have nothing to remember. There are only three things that matter; You aren ' t one of them. Don S, of INSANITY IS — IS? Everything in this book may be wrong. Nothing lasts forever. Donald Stephenson " One day, I shall come back, Yes, I shall come back. Until then there must be no regrets, no tears, no anxieties, just go forward in all your beliefs, and prove to me that I am not mistaken in mine. " Doctor 1 William Hartnell Friends JS, MS, GS, HG, SM, JR — Thanx for helping me keep my (in)Sanity — Laugh every day! Mom, Dad, Shanna — You ' re the best! Tracy F. Tedesco Susan C. Timoney Robert Todisco Robbie To truly see beauty, one must not open ones eyes but ones Heart . . . Good times w Gretch, Jeff, MB, DG, KM, CC, GS, KB, AN, TD, Brian esp. MBF Jenny, I ' ll miss u lots. Crazy times " Long ' s” w everyone, esp. RP, FB, Hair Brush? Never forget HAWAII SETH ILUA! Thanx Dad 4 everything. Mom I ' ll miss you you’ll always be my best friend! I LOVE YOU! Coming to America and spending a year here was really a once in a lifetime experience for me which I really enjoyed and will never forget. That ' s why I want to thank the people who made it possible for me to do this., I want to thank my parents for giving me the opportunity of doing this and I especially want to thank the Russo ' s, my new family, for letting me be a part of their family. I also want to thank all the people who made this year a special one. 280 ZX Never Forget Good Times ' Laura Summer ' 86 ' 4 3 86 Toby ' 12 17 86 Ed — McD ' s 3 minutes Flat Dave — Bowling at Cranmore Marc — 12 23 86 — D.D. 30 sec. Jenny Bob — Cafe Sex Talks Missle Site with John — Monte ' Canobie Lake — Salisbury 1 18 86 P.J. 1 9 87 " " Maureen Gert Verpeet Mark Vincent Tomorrow is waiting for dreams to be dreamed, goals to be reached, tomorrow is waiting to be yours. Always remember: Jayne, Jen, Anna, Laura, David, Mihael, ' Special times with Mark puff champs. The Palace, Bon Jovi concert — Parking lot. Dancing, parties, proms T-bears Capt. A, locker W B Thanks Mom, Dad, Deb Jeff Rather than use this valuable space for incomprehensible garble here are some words to live by: buy AMERICAN vote REPUBLICAN FIGHT communism BUILD more NUKE plants BAN gun CONTROL ALWAYS plead the FIFTH And as a great man once said " Mistakes were made " “Time made me bolder, Children are getting older, and I ' m getting older, too. " To all my friends, all my love. Esp. Guy, AnnMarie, Gail, Darleen, Sonya, Cathy, Missy, Rebbecca — Thanks: Teresa, Cathie, John, Mom Dad ILY Great times in Cross Country " . . . Can I handle the seasons of my life? I don ' t know ... I don’t know” — Landslide Fleetwood Mac The World is Full of Kings and Queens, who blind your eyes and steal your dreams Kelly, Mari, Dana, Chris, Lisa Algebra class. Powder Puff TL, JF, RS, JM, SH, Peter, Tommy Mr. Luce ' s room, study, “EEEE ” Kelly ' s house-stairs “pinky” “Out of Control — Kelly” The Hill, working with M, M, J 1 can ' t drive with all this commotion! Thanks to my family I Love U Genevieve Diane Marie Walsh Weeden Vieves “Dee” Jeffrey L. Whitehouse Whitey — Only The Good Die Young — Friends — you know who you are Ken, Chuck, Henna, 2Mark, Tom Tod, Soy, Jim, Kbone, Ker, Dent, Budw, TT, SP, JF, SL, Bro. N Forget; the gang, Hbeach, Fla. Crew — Daytona Beach, Summer 85 ' , BM, Lmnth. N.c., IR — E — A — Go ' s, snomen, barrel day. Bashin’ w Andov. pd. Khouse, Whiteys? p-runs w Spicolo Berm. Toga, Suiinaked, H-10. P, Dad, Bro, and esp. Mom ILY Susan Corey Sarah Wood Williamson Sue Never forget best friends Pam, Cheryl, Sonja, Barb others U know who U are We had Wild Crazy times together they won ' t stop Now. I ' ll Never forget my Nova dose, or the curbs I hit while drivin it! Never forget my Lil Dokey And Most of All Thanks to My family especially My Mom Dad. I love U both. Always Forever ’Scott I love you babe! These are the times to remember, cause they will not last forever . . . FRIENDS esp. ’HEATHER Joyce, Cathy, Jenn, Lynn, Deb, Kelli, Kim, Greg, Mike? Canada ' 85, Florida ' 86 Best Times Summer 86 but for 2 weeks!? “Don ' t call Mon. " Party! “BACKOFF " Jamie-Oozy Thanks Mrs. B! ARNE ’Kevin To All My Family Co. Thank you. I LOVE YOU. Thanks to my friends: ' Karen Kim, Mandy, Andrea, Michele, Julie, Jodi, PC, JP, WM, SM, SL, CA, RC Cherin ' Spencer 86 ' 87 ' Junior Senior Prom ' Woodstock, Vermont 12-25-85 camping Trips “Our Dream " 2nd Period Study GJ Thanks Mr. and Mrs. Duval Kerri, Kathy, Kevin, Pam Thanks Mom, Dad, Alan ILY ' Murrie ' June 27, 1985 1 Love You Kenny Vickie Lynn Anna Karina Wood Wuorinen " He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep ot gain what he cannot lose. " First of all let me tell you that I love you Mom, Dad, Erika, and Phil. I know no matter where we go we will always stay close. Colleen, Tammy, and Lea you ' re true friends. I ' ll never forget MBCCTW, Space, Randy, Ag. 14, 1986. Phil 3:10. JD, ST, LC, MB, Bill Friends are friends 4-eva. Shy Seniors Robert Beauregard Lynn Ann Brennan Scott Cain Robert Freccero Edward Steph James Sully 58 Class Will Dana Allen — cable T.V. Maribeth Alves — the lead in “The Nutcracker” Craig Acari — nothing (he’s got everything) Eric Arthur — slam dunk a basketball Christine Arvanites — a day without a smile Trade Ashdown — a vacation from school Karen Avjian — a bottle of peroxide Jeffrey Barker — a Bic razor Douglas Batchelder — a hit album Robert Beauregard — a normal walk Herbert Beherrell — his own lunch James Bentley — a 72 Hurst Olds Michele Bevilacqua — judge Mr. Universe contest Lisa Bibo — fingernail clippers Sharon Blinn — Keith Silva Gail Bourque — the lead in a Broadway play Keily Bowman — a boyfriend not from North Andover Tracy Brackett — a muzzle Kimberly Bragen — a bag of doritos Edward Breen — his own floor hockey team Lynn Ann Brennan — a rattle Daniel Brown — his own Nautilus center Mark Bryson — to play in the PGA golf tournament Kevin Burke — a stepladder for Marcia Susan Butler — another Guess jacket Scott Cain — long awaited high school diploma Lisa Cameron — a trip to New York Heath Canuel — a set of weights Ronald Caouette — his own autobody shop Julie Capillo — a 1983 black Trans Am Cheryl Caproni — a night of sleep Suzanna Mounter — hair spray Charles Carucci — driving lessons Christine Celata — a jeep Brian Chabot — a full tank of gas Justin Cheverie — a real drivers license Laurianne Chiango — a four year scholarship to U. of Lowell Patricia Cofer — a fashionable knee brace Scott Cunningham — Mustang GT Jayne Davis — a map of Malden Michael Delaney — a voice James DiBlasi — a condominium in Florida Brian Donahoe — an optimistic day John Donnarumma — a legal day off from school Kerry Donovan — the sex devil Bryan Doty — a Harley Davidson Jennifer Durning — a day without lying Lawrence Dyment — acqua-velva Karen Emma — a night out until 12:30 Kimberly Enright — a happy life Daniel Eustace — to be reincarnated as Angus Young Kim Fennell — a condo on the beach Kevin Finnegan — an endless party Jon Fitzgerald — a paint job Jeffrey Florence — a lampshade Johanna Fohlin — fire-engine red Mercedes Robert Freccero — a day without problems Robin Gallo — this Buds for you Stephen Gerakines — a good joke Joyce Geradi — a weekend at New Hampshire College Diane Germino — a day without getting beat on Amy Gonsalves — a megaphone Thomas Guy — a shot put Cathleen Hall — a good excuse for Mr. Clarkin Lorraine Halucha — valium Scott Hart — home in Nova Scotia Ann Marie Hauck — a new car Brian Hennessey — a box of Kleenex Steven Higgins — own Karate school Daniel Horan — a moped Nancy Hyslip — an accident proof car Gretchen Jenks — her own Espirit store Matthew Joubert — a nice car Janet Kelly — to drive Mike’s car (without him) 60 George Kenty — contacts Gale Klimachuk — a win Michael Laquidara — chance on WBCN William Leavitt — the Celtics Marc Liberman — a Health class Stephen Libertini — anything that isn’t red Douglas Lipert — a new laugh Thomas Long — professional help Kenneth Maguire — a cooking school Sean Mahoney — a canister of happiness Sheila Mahoney — Aqua Net Super Hold hairspray Dianne Marra — a good day David Marshall — a quiet day in Mr. Pushkar’s class Andrea Mastro — a 2nd home in Reading David Mauceri — his own room at Bentley Bernadette McCarthy — a trip to England Kory McCauley — the Marines David Meli — no one standing by his locker Wayne Moda — a band Jason Moody — his own police force Davis Moore — his own autobody shop Daniel Murray — a pair of zingers Anna Newborn — another responsibility Amanda Ogren — her own ballet company Jennifer Ohotnicky — a boyfriend taller than her Heather Owen — oats Darleen Peck — a gray Mercedes Benz Jennifer Perullo — a bouncer Angela Petrillo — Gumby William Phelan — a day without being obnoxious Susan Pickett — a fence Michael Piscatelli — his license Sonja Priest — 5 more fingers (more pockets) Dana Pucillo — a 1986 black Z-28 Laurie Puglisi — more male friends Laura Reardon — turnips with mashed potatoes and lots of butter and salt Pamla Rettberg — Andy Fotino Leslie Rich — barrettes Sonja Robinson — Prince Robert Rocco — Hank Karen Rowe — shot put record Glen Sawyer — a life-time supply of Polo Steven Shapleigh — Bic disposable razors Terrence Shaw — a basketball team Guy Silvestro — his own exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art Edward Steph — a week of school Donald Stephenson — a job at Wang John Storey — a life-time membership in the Dr. Who fan club Laura Story — a perfect relationship James Sully — soap and a shower Tracy Tedesco — one hairstyle Susan Timoney — the truth Robert Todisco — a dent in his 280 ZX Mark Vincent — the presidency Genevieve Walsh — the seven dwarfs Diane Weeden — Scott Verri Jeffrey Whitehouse — a padlock on his front door Sarah Willianson — a goat Susan Wood — a forest Vickie Wood — a ring Anna Wuorinen — full tuition to college of her choice 61 63 The Bad Seed I wish she’d do something about her breath. And this is how you count to one I wonder if I should tell her she has something stuck between her teeth? Taxi please 66 Oak tree! I can hear the baby kicking That’s right, I said kiss my feet. What’ll it be sweetie, just a wash and cut? “Thanksgiving Game” 72 Babes in Arms 74 Hey, it’s not cool to smile! Can I hit her now? Spaghetti Supper We trusted them with the money? What concentration! 76 Airborne! Can you say nerd? Oh, I don ' t know . . . maybe SATAN?! The loser handshake 78 Senior Talent Show Hi Mom! Now there’s some real talent! They finally came out of the closet! That ' s my babe! Powderpuff 80 Who’s Who in 1987 BEST DRESSED Jeff Whitehouse Kerry Donovan NICEST EYES David Mauceri Keily Bowman NICEST SMILE Jeff Whitehouse Jenny Ohotnicky BEST LEGS Brian Hennessey Vickie Wood BEST BUNS Brian Hennessey Vickie Wood BEST LOOKING Herbie Beherrell Sheila Mahoney BEST BLUSHER Stephen Libertini Kerry Donovan MOST TALKATIVE Danny Brown Jen Perullo MOST OUTGOING Justin Cheverie Gretchen Jenks MOST FRIENDLY Chuckie Carucci Anna Newbern 82 CLASS COUPLE Wayne Moda Mandy Ogren MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Tommy Guy Anna Newbern : CLASS SCHOLAR 1 Dana Allen Laurianne Chiango MOST SPIRIT Wayne Moda Kim Bragen DONE MOST FOR CLASS ■ Jim Diblasi Gretchen Jenks OPTIMIST Danny Brown Darleen Peck PESSIMIST David Marshall Tracy Brackett BEST LAUGH Terry Shaw Sarah Williamson WORST LAUGH Doug Lipert Diane Germino CASANOVA FLIRT Steven Higgins Michele Bevilacqua QUIETEST Leslie Rich Mike Delaney MOST BASHFUL Scott Hart Maribeth Alves CLASS CLOWN Craig Arcari Jen Perullo BEST SENSE OF HUMOR Jeff Florence Andrea Mastro CLASS SPAZ Gale Klimarchuck Lori Halucha BEST ATHLETE Brian Hennessey Sonja Priest CLASS MUSICIAN Doug Batchelder Jayne Davis ACTOR ACTRESS Guy Silvestro Gail Bourque BEST ARTIST Tom Long Vickie Wood BEST FRIENDS Justin Cheverie Brian Donahoe Andrea Master Julie Capillo 84 MOST GULLIBLE Ronnie Caouette Karen Emma MOST ECCENTRIC Jon Fitzgerald MOST HUGGABLE Mark Bryson MOST VACATIONS FROM SCHOOL Ed Steph BEST CAR Rob Todisco ' WORST JUNKHEAP Jon Fitzgerald Sheila Mahoney Kerry Donovan Tracy Tedesco Mandy Ogren Chris Celata :i I Sophomores Vice President — Daniele Oulette; Treasurer — Christine Fransen; President — Susan Mundy; Secretary — Brenda Hammel 90 Chorus Bottom Row (L-R): Annmarie Hauck, Tricia Zalewski, Hallyann Gifford, Sharon Michaelhaugh, Perry Gerakines. Second Row (L-R): Mr. Weisse, Meredith Norris, Carol O ' Neil, Heather MacLeod, Peter Bell, Cathy Owens. Third Row (L-R): Mark Trulson, George Kenty, Michael Cushing, Eleanor Verrico, Leah Stratton. Last Row (L-R): Karen McCabe, Eric Nelson, Christina Sadlow, Beth Delameter, Tamiko Kido, Heather Riddell. Band Bottom Row L-R): Hallyan GifforcL Ann Marie Hauck, Mark Trulson, Laurianne Chiango, Perry Gerakines. Second Row (L-R): Mr. Weisse, Sharon Michaelhaugh, Merideth Norris, Carol O’Neil, Tim Mustone, Karen McCabe, Cathy Owens. Thrid Row (L-R): Tricia Zalewski, Michael Cushing, Peter Bell, Eleanor Verrico, Leah Stratton. Last Row (L-R): Eric Nelson, Kenny Brown, Philip Wuorinen, J.P. Casey, Rick Tiberi, Steven Shapleigh, Beth Delameter, Heather Riddell. Masquers Club Bottom Row (L-R): Ann Marie Hauck, Richard Laporte, Tricia Zalewski, Mark Trulson, Dan Hoyt. Middle Row (L-R): Carol O’Neil, Merideth Norris, Guy Silvestro, Susan Mundy, Hallyann Gifford, Sharon Michaelhaugh. Last Row (L-R): Beth Delameter, Perry Gerakines, Mikki Sandorfi, Steven Shapleigh, Laurianne Chiango. ■M ' in K. 94 student Council Bottom Row (L-R): J. DiBlasi, D. Brown, K. Maguire, G. Sawyer, T. Guy. Second Row (L-R); D. Clark, A. Newbern, A. DeSwarte, S. Timoney, K McCabe, C. Owens. Third Row (L-R): A. Ogren, S. Mahoney, B. Hennessey, S. Brown, J. David, T. Kido. Last Row (L-R): R. Ferrera, J. Whitehouse, P. Salem, G. Jenks, S. Priest, J. O ' Brien, A. Reardon, L, Chaffe Popsicle Bottom Row (L-R): A.M. Hauck, G. Silvestro, G. Walsh, A. Gavin, H. Gifford. Middle Row (L-l ): M. Norris, S. Michaelhaugh, H. Riddel, L. Bowers, S. Mundy. Last Row (L-R): Mr. Ward, S. Pickett, G. Jenks, S. Priest, C. O ' Neil Deliberator Bottom Row (l-R): J. Woodside, G. Silvestro, S. Mundy, L, Bowers, A. Schumaker. Middle Row (L-R): T. Guy, K. Maguire, T. Kido, D. Stephenson, J. Storey. Last Row (L-R): G. Sawyer, S. Priest, G. Jenks, B. Hennessey, R. Ferrara, M. Beranato 95 National Honor Society Back Row Left to right: Kathleen Sullivan, Tamiko Kido, Beth Delamater, Gail Baldwin, Anna Wuorinen, Sonja Priest Third Row Left to right; Jayne Davis, Gretchen Jenks, Susan Timoney, Sheila Mahoney Second Left to right: Mark Vincent, Tommy Guy, Anna Newbern, Laurianne Chiango, Elizabeth Williamson First Row Left to right: James Diblasi, Daniel Hoyt, Dana Allen, Heather Riddell, Hally Gifford, Sharon Miche lhaugh Q Foreign Language Club Mr. Craft, W. Taylor, L. Stratton, M. Chabot, L. Bowers, C. Owns, K. Lament, S. Brown, C. Brown, E. Verrico, S. Mundy, R. Ferrara, M. Cooke, P. Calborn, B. Hennessey, S. Priest, G. Sawyer, K. Maguire Math Club D. Allen, T. Guy, K. Maguire, A.M. Hauck, K. McCabe, C. Brown, S. Mundy, C. Owens, S. Priest, M. Chabot, B. Delemater, C. O’Neil, E. Verrico, L. Bowers, M. Vincent, M. Sandorfi, D. Stephenson, J. Storey, P. Gerakines, Mr. Whipple 96 A M. Hauck, G. Jenks, A. Newbern, J. Ohotnicky, D. Peck, S. Blinn, P. Rettberg, S. Timoney, A. Wuorinen, J. Geradi, J. Davis, D. Stephenson, G. Silvestro, B. Hennessey, M. Sandorfi, D. Germino, D. Horan Yearbook Staff 97 Highlights ’86 •, 7 IP t - 7 7r ! I rin - jj [7 1 rmirr hlktlMt Mil !• «• It • M «4 « ' M • t • MM Jan. 28 The Chcdlenger, its crew gathered here on the morning of their flight, explodes after lift-off. April 14 The USS America battle group withdraws after sending planes on a bombing raid of Libya. 1 Feb. 25 New Philippine Pr esident Corazon Aquino is sworn in. 98 April ISA Titan rocket wnth a military satellite blows up over the coast of California. April 26 A nuclear reactor at Chernobyl explodes. Its 31 victims to date are buried in this cemetery outside Moscow. May 2-Oct. 13 Vancouver’s Expo ' 86 offers a view of the future. May 25 Five million Americans join hands to rzuse money for the nation ' s hungry. July 1-21 Garbagemen ' s strike causes a big stink . :i Philadelphia, j Oct. 11-12 Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev meet in Iceland for arms talks. i Oct. 27 To the dismay of Red Sox slugger Wade Boggs, the Mets win the World Series. Dec. 28 Semifinal heats to choose an America’s Cup challenger begin. ♦ .»ov. Alter a speech to the nation. Reagan answers the pres; on sending arms to Iran. Aug. 21 Lethal gas erupts from a Cameroon volcano, killing 1,754 people aind countless animals. Sept. 5 Hijackers open fire on passengers in a Pan Am jet on the ground in Karachi, killing 21. Sept. 17 William Rehnquist is sworn in as the 16th Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. • e crown around at the Statue of Liberty’s 100th birthday celebration. July 23 Sarah Ferguson is royally bussed after wedding Britain’s Prince Andrew. July 6-26 Temperatures reach record high in seven southern states during a year of record ought. July 31 Moonlighting, withCybill Shepherd, is nominated for 16 Emmys. R 1 IS! ,r 1 ' •41 " v I M ' i 1 — Laurianne Chiango 2 — Jennifer Perullo 3 — Steven Shapleigh 4 — Amy Gonsalve 5 — Jen Durning 6 — T racy Brackett 7 — Tina Arvanites 8 — Dave Maucerri 9 — David Meli 1 0 — Karen Avjian 1 1 — Pam Retberg 12 — Sue Mounter 13 — Brian Hennessey 14 — Sharon Blinn 15 — Justin Chevrie : 16 — Gail Borque I 17 — Tom Long I 18 — Karen Emma I 19 — Tom Guy ; 20 — Kim Bragen ■ 21 — Robert Rocco ; 22 — Glenn Sawyer i 23 — Andrea Mastro ! 24 — Ronnie Cauoette i 25 — Susan Timoney j 26 — Jeff Whitehouse j 27 — Laura Reardon 28 — Donald Stephenson 29 — Dan Pucillo 30 — Sonja Priest 31 — Gretchen Jenks 32 — Kerry Donovan 33 — Janet Kelly 34 — Guy Silvestro 35 — Darleen Peck 36 — Julie Capillo 37 — Danny Murray 38 — Brian Donahoe 39 — Steven Higgins 40 — Kory Mcauley 41 — Cathy Hall 42 — Susan Wood 43 — Keily Bowman 44 — Sean Mahoney 45 — Diane Germino 46 — Jayne Davis 47 — Sarah Williamson 48 — Genevieve Walsh 49 — Kim Fennell 50 — Joyce Gerardi 51 — Anna Wourinen 52 — Danny Horan 53 — Dianne Marra 54 — Lisa Bibo 55 — Scott Hart 56 — Michael Laquidara 57 — Cheryl Caproni 58 — Mark Bryson 59 — Mandy Ogren 60 — Anna Newburn 61 — Jimmy Diblasi 62 — Todd Dyment 63 — Nancy Hyslip 64 — Chuckie Carucci 65 — Maribeth Alves 66 — Karen Rowe 67 — Bryan Doty 68 — Craig Arcari 69 — Heather Owens 70 — Tracy Tedesco 71 — Shelia Mahoney 72 — Matt Joubert 73 — Susan Butler 74 — Diane Weeden 75 — Michele Bevelaqua 76 — Patty Cofer 77 — Herbie Beherrell 78 — Jenny Ohotnicky 79 — Jimmy Bentley 80 — Danny Brown 103 T. Guy, W. Moda, G. Sawyer, G. LeGrow, R. Tiberi, M. Casey, D. Priest, G. Pagnatty, P. Salem, M. Moullison, A. Pike, Coach B., D. Artone, K. Maguire, B. Fitzgerald, D. Maucerri, J.P. Casey, M. Pietrillo, M. McAuliffe, D. Allen, M. Cooke, D. Mawn, C. Remillard, Coach Currier r W. 108 CD O co » 4 J. Fohlin, P. Gofer, L. Cameron, C. Celata, A. Newbern, D. Germino, D. Nillson, A. Deswarte, K. Sullivan, B. Delamater, D. Smith, Coach Hill 110 Football f P. MacHugh, R. Klimarchuck, B. O ' Leary, D. Tilton, J. McLaughlin, B. Hughes, G. Coughlin, F. Hezzleton, K. Moore, D. Brown, G. Demetri, J. Encarnacao, T. Selfridge, D. Batchelder, J. Flor- ence, S. Libertini, Coach Miller, S. Lament, C. Carucci, L. Dyment, J. Moda, S. Mahoney, M. Rae, B. Warren, J. Vasapoli, R. Caouette, B. McDonough, J. Murphy, M. Puglia, C. Thorton, S. Andrews, J. Burt, B. Williamson, C. Discenzo (K. Klimarchuck) 112 Field Hockey Front: S. Priest, R. Gallo, K. Rowe. J. Gerardi. Back: Assist. Coach M. Mahoney, M. Roselli, J. Wenzell, S. Mounter, M. Mclntire, D. Hanson, A. Stamegna, L. Gore, A. Pisani, Coach B. McBride 114 Cross Country Bottom Row (L-R): Genevieve Walsh, Rebecca Tompkins, Debbie Horan. Second Row (L-R): Kenny Brown, Keith Landry, Philip Wuorinen. Third Row (L-r): Michael Carriere, Mike Beranato, John Oest, Keith Lament, John Laudato. Last Row (L-R): David Marshall, Dan Murray, Dan Horan, Missy Beminn, Coach Cleary. mmxK BIHViT ruM kw 118 L. Chaffee, K. Burke, M. Eastman, J. Bowls, H. McCloud, A. Murray, K. O ' Donnel, Coach Boutwell, G. Baldwin, C. Allen, M. Storey, B. Ridell, T. Kido, J. Davis, L. Spellman, J. Buchari, J. Parks II 119 T. Sleeves, M. Pugli, G. Demetri, S. Libertini, J. Florence, J. Marshall, K. Finnegan, J. McNabb, S. Demetri, S. Mahoney, W. Moda, S. Mahoney, B. Cotter, P. MacHugh, D. Falle, K. Donie, T. En- carnacao, J. Ogren, B, Pierce, Coach Johnson (Bubba) Hockey 126 127 Indoor T r a c k D. Hancon, M. Rosetti, M, Eastman, A. Schumaker, K. Owen, S. Horan, D. Clark, A. DeSwarte, P. Wuorinen, K. Brown, D. Libertini, K. Rowe, S. Brown, J. Pearce, M. Moulison, K. Lament, P. Krysco, T. Guy, T. Dyment, D. Allen, D. Murphy, M. Berinato, C. Remillard, S. Hart, P. Beel, J. Spina, P. Hudson, D. Donato, M. Tobin, D. Meli, D. Marshall, M. Cooke, M. Delaney, Coach Cleary 128 Girls Tennis C Remillard, J. Whitney, A. Newbern, K. O ' Hotnicky, B. Hozubin, H. Hennessey, K. Donie, J. Delano, J. O ' Hotnicky, K. Kelleher, A. Kelleher, Coach Griggs 132 Boys Tennis E. Hozubin, J. Pinkham, L. Tonachel, M. Scarano, J. McNabb, D. Allen, G. Sawyer, W. Moda, T.J. Morretti, S. Kroh, M. Sullivan, J. Collins, Coach Maes, J. Coughlin 133 Boys Track 134 J. Spina, S. Lamont, M. Rae, G. Bemiss, J. Moulison, K. Lamont, M. Tobin, W. Sanders, K. Brown, P. Horan, M. Moulison, D. Horan, T. Dyment, B. Hennessey, K. Maguire, D. Murray, C. Remillard, Coach Blackington, P. Wuorinin, M. Berrinato, J. Waldo, J. Parsons, J. Legrow, J. Murphy, C.J. Abati, D. Marshall, J. Sylvestro, S. Mahoney, Coach Cleary, P. Kyrsco, D. Donato, S. Andrews, M. Spicer, D. Allen, B. McDonough, M. Cook, M. Puglia, D. Bedford, J. Walsh Girl’s Track M. Chabof, M. Oesf, J. Morrison, K. Gilbo, P. DeSwarte, K. McCabe, J. Oulette, C. Fuller, B. Gunning M Eastman, S. Mahoney, D. Libertini, S. Horan, T. Dirico, J. Fuccione, D. Clark, J. Pearce, T. Kido, S. Priest, J. Geradi, J. Fohlin, J. Butler, A. DeSwarte, M. Mclntire, B. Hamel, K. Rowe, S. Whitmore, H. Newkucatz, L. Chaffe, K. Barnes, C. Sadlow, N. Carberry, B. McBride 135 In Search of . . . The Class Of 1987 It’s the year 2007 and though not much has changed on North Reading’s Main Street, there are a few minor differences. The sale of the once notorious Horseshoe Lounge has many residents in an uproar, but new owner’s Sean Mahoney and Terry Shaw have so far owed up to their promise of retaining its classy image. Renamed “The Rat’s Nest’’ this establishment flourishes with many patrons from The class of 1 987. In fact, there is a party happen- ing right now . . . A long black limo, chauffered by Eric Arthur pulls up in front of the Rat’s Nest. Who could be its passenger? Why, it’s rock star Doug Batchelder with manager Sarah Williamson and their entourage of Groupies. Leading the pack are: Tracy Ashdown, Jayne Davis, and Tracy Brackett. Before they can enter, however, the door flies open. Bouncers Guy Silvestro and Donald Stephenson have just thrown out Rummie Jeff Barker and Bag ladies Tracy T edesco and Heather Owen into the street. Doug sees this hideous sight and invites the downtrodden trio to join his followers. After instructing Eric to shut off the Dana and Donny show-hosted by D.J.’s Dana Allen and Brian Donahoe — and parks next to a crappy Chevy Nova owned by airline pilot John Storey, who has taken his stewardess’ Lisa BiBo and Karen Aviian out for a drink. We finally enter and find a few regulars to greet us. In one corner is Laura Story leaning against the pinball machine and moaning something to bartender Kim Fenell. Kim shouts back and continues to talk with Mike Piscatelli and Robin Gallo, who have their own personalized stools. Cheers and roars come from the far corner of the bar where Jodi Fohlin, Joyce Geradi, Laura Reardon, Pam Rettberg, and Susan Wood, all members of the undefeated Roller Derby team, are celebrating yet another victory with manager coach Tom Guy. The noise dies down at the request of brain surgeon Ronald Caouette who wishes to watch the news on the large Sony television positioned behind the bar. The headlines are spoken by anchor man David Meli, “Today’s top story is the growing violence generated by the protest group E.R.R.H. (Equal Rights For Red Heads) led by Ken Maguire. Prominent members include: Anne Marie Hauck, Steve Libertini, Dan Horan, and Keily Bowman. On a lighter note local police officer Jason Moody was decorated by President Douglas Lipert for his bravery in apprehending Rat killer Scott Hart and Patty Gofer, the first recipient of a bionic leg is in excellent condi- tion.” These announcements are cheered loudly by Chuck Carrucci, Sue Mounter, and Julie Capillo. “Some tragic news to report here.” Dave informs us. “Sergeant Kory McCauly was shot by his own troops today during basic training exercises at Camp Curtis Guild.” A McDonald’s commercial starring Kim Enright appears on the screen. 140 Now we’re back with sports caster Dave Marshall “At the request of ball washer Bill Leavitt, Jeffrey Whitehouse will assume coaching responsibilities for the Boston Celtics, to replace ex-coach Brian Hennessey who quit in order to join Roto Router. Also Marc Bryson has won his third PGA tournament by slaughtering Bob Hope. Moving on to auto racing: driver Rob Todisco has fired pit crew captains Ed Breen and Byran Doty. Doty says he plans to attend tonight’s tag team Cage match at the Boston Garden featuring Cheryl Caproni and Sonja Robinson vs. Diane Weeden and Karen Rowe. The bout will be referred by Kevin Finnegan. In an unrelated story . . . Olympic Gold Medalist Sonja Priet announced today that she will follow in her mentors footsteps and teach math at North Reading High School. Principal Thomas Long, Guidance Counselor Gretchen Jenks, and home economics teacher Brian Chabot are confident she’ll be a big asset. The newscast finally ends after a commercial for John Donnerruma’s new movie Physco IV, followed by a Cross Your Heart bra commercial with Jenny Ohotnicky. We decide to leave this rowdy crowd and proceed south on Route 28, to the left is located AJ’s Gym, under management of Heath Canuel and Mike Delaney. Through the window all of the regulars can be seen: Dan Brown, Jim DiBlasi, Rob Beauregard and power-lifting champ Lisa “Hank” Cameron. Still heading south we are passed by Herb Beherrell and Kevin Burke en route to yet another landscaping job. Walking down the street is the famous singer actress Gail Bourque recently wed to polo player Scott Cain. They are among the couples soon to be appearing on Todd Dyments new Newlywed game. Leslie Rich, Robert Rocco, and Christine Celata will also be on the show along with enterpreneur Cale Klimachuck and his wife Michelle (formally Michael Laquidara). To the right is a somewhat disturbing sight: Martin Dale stockboys Craig Acari and Bill Phelan are peeping through a window of Amanda Ogren’s dance studio. Upon closer look we can understand why. It seems that Solid Gold Dancers: Jen Perullo, Maribeth Alves, Karen Emma, Vickie Wood, and Sue Timoney are being instructed by Genevieve Walsh, our attention is diverted because of Darlene Peck’s radio station WPEK has just reported that Judge Diane Germino has sentenced Stephen Gerakines to 10 years imprisonment at Sing Sing for embezzling 12 million dollars from IBM. The money hasn’t been returned as yet though Gerakines has hinted that one of his Penthouse pet of the month girlfriends might have an idea of it’s whereabouts. Naturally police Commissioner James Sully has rounded up Amy Gonsalves, Cathy Hall and Nancy Hyslip for questions. Even pet of the year Kim Bragen has been ques- tioned. Tired of listening to the radio cassette of Wayne Mode’s chart topping album is played to the enjoyment of 141 advertising the grand opening of Sheila Mahoney’s fashion store in Everett (where else). Helping Sheila will be • designer Angela Petrillo, Sales rep. Dana Pucillo and Consultant Dianne Marra. Finally we reach “Tina’s,” ’. sandwiched between Dave Moore’s and Matt Joubert’s junkyard and Steve Shapleigh’s new Transcript office, it ) appears as though sports writer Marc Liberman has, once again, locked himself out. Oh well it’s time for hot dogs. Inside Tina’s posh restaurant, we’re greeted by Andrea Mastro, handing out leaflets for her new Together Dating Service. Seated in the lounge are daytime soap stars Laurie Puglisi and Michelle Bevilacqua repeating local gossip. They are interrupted occasionally by Sue Pickett, who works as a waitress, and scientist Dan Eustace alone t in the bathroom making obscene noises. Sue Butler, receptionist for the North Reading Police Department, enters [ and soon joins Michele and Laurie in their unsubstantiated rumors. Deciding its the only way to find out what !• happened to the remainder of the class of ’87, we cautiously approach the group. When asked what became of 1 “The Chief” Jeff Florence, a one time beloved figure in society. Sue claims that he is now living at Danvers State t Mental Hospital and that he’s a Hare Krisna in L.A. I guess we’ll never know for sure. It’s possible he was on the school bus that Jim Bently, Kerry Donovan, Audrey Serracchia and Anna Wourinen took in explore new lands in. ,i Everyone knew that Scott Cunningham ran off to join the circus, but which one? No one can be certain. Justin i Cheverie and Laurianne Chiango were last seen wandering aimlessly around the streets of New York. Door to door bowtie salesman Glenn Sawyer suddenly appears to inform us that Steve Higgiens has suffered a severe nervous breakdown after realizing that he will never be Chuck Norris. Glenn also tells us that Sharon Blinn married a gas station attendant and that since Dan Murray can no longer be a member of the U.S.A. track team he plans to sing a duet with Anna Newbern. Laurie changes the conversation by mentioning that George Kenty, Gert Verpeet, and Mark Vincent all intend to enter the Miss America Pageant under the new rules. This reminder evokes fond laughter from the surrounding patrons. The phone rings; its one of Janet Kelly’s metal head children placing an order for 30 hot dogs without rolls. Realizing there is still one class member left I ask “What ever happened yo Jennifer Durn- ing?” “oh,” sighs Michele “She moved to Phoenix” I’m your host Dave Mauceri and this concludes another episode of “In Search of ...” I hope you have found it entertaining and informative. i 142 Patron Labo Mr. and Mrs. Wiiliam Guy Joan and Dan O’Donnell Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Perullo Ruth and Joe White Sponsor Contributor Tom and Anne Laquidara James J. Higgins Bevilacqua Family Bryson Family Mr. and Mrs. John E. Davis Ann and Jerry Donovan Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Doty Mr. and Mrs. La A rence Dyment Fitzgerald and Associates Mr. and Mrs. Robert Germino Mr. Robert Gosse Deborah and Natalie Jenks Ms. Agatha Marano Meli Family Mee Chow Hound M.L. Newbern Margaret Ohotnicky Gordon and Hong Peck The Sawyer Family Jennifer Smith Mr. Robert Ward CONGRATULATIONS FROM THE STAFF OF RIVERDALE ANIMAL HOSPITAL, P.C. Best Wishes To The Class of 1987 2 WASHINGTON STREET • ROUTE 62 NORTH READING, MASSACHUSETTS 01864 DR. RICHARD F. LARKIN PHONE (617) 664-4455 HOURS: MON. - WED. - FRI. 8:30-7:00 TUES. - THUR. 8:30 - 3:00 NORTH SHORE PRINTING STATIONERY OFFICE SUPPLIES 62 CONCORD ST., NO. READING, MA 01864 BOB KILLIAN (617)664-2609 Dr. Kenneth M. Leavitt (6i7) 658-9774 Northeast Podiatric Medicine Surgery of the Feet 11 Middlesex Avenue Wilmington, MA 01887 JERMAR, INC D ' B A CENTRAL PHARMACY GERARD F FICHERA ReG Ph 22 MAIN ST ROUTE 28 NO READING MA 01864 (6171 664-4621 Q REFERRED Qeporting QeRVICE, INC. Investigative Reporting to the Insurance Industry Peter C. Spalllna Executive OtIice P.O. Box 122 Reading, MA 01 867 (617) 944-1892 Branch Offices Rhode Island (401) 823-7767 New Hampshire (603) 886-1367 Opposite Marshall’s BUSY BEE FLORIST Flower and Gift Shop Flowers for all occasions We Deliver 1361 Main St. Reading, Mass. 01867 IFreberick A. SCegcB ATTORNEY AT LAW SUITE TWO 246 MAIN STREET N READING, MA 01864 (617) 664-2383 144 GUARDIAN TRUCKING a Best Wishes To Joyce and the class of 1987 “ 1 from Mom Dad, Mj. Nancy and Jodi Gerardi Good Luck Jennifer Love Jacob CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES KEN WITH LOVE, FROM, Mom, Dad, Maureen and Paul God Bless The Class of 87 Mr. Mrs. Bruce Durning and JAIME we love you Jennifer We’re Proud of you Gail! LOVE, MOM DAD Best wishes to the class of 1987 Joan Bill Phelan Good Luck George Love You Mom Dad (617) 245-7235 KEN DENNISON ASSOCIATES, INC. STRUCTURAL ENGINEERS KENNETH DENNISON, P E 148 PARK ST President NO READING, MA 01864 j The Dancing School 276 Park St. No. Reading, Mass 664-2767 944-1760 CONGRATULATIONS Hall Sheet Metal Works Inc. HVAC CONTRACTORS GORDON HALL P 0. BOX N President WAKEFIELD, MA 01880-0302 im 944-9310 f 664-5500 READING REAL ESTATE INC. Susan Theophanis, G.R.I. 145 (617) 664-8553 JOE ' S SERVICE CENTER ALL TYPES OF AUTOMOTIVE REPAIR FOREIGN DOMESTIC JOE Lo VETERE 31 MAIN STREET Owner NORTH READING, MA 01864 GUY MESSIER RESIDENTIAL DESIGN 617 - 664-0161 148 Park Street • RTE 62 North Reading, MA 018 M DTHASSOCIATES Design • Manufacturing • Management 148 Partk Street No. Reading, MA 018(54 (617) 664-4007 David Healey Principal ACCOUNTING INCOME TAXES FINANCIAL PLANNING L D TAX CONSULTANTS LAWRENCE R DYMENT 664 3625 Arc -Gas -Tig Portable Equipment SCfttoK WMim Sewtce TRAILER HITCH SPECIALISTS 280 Park Street JOSEPH F. ELSTON No. Reading, MA 01864 ( 617 ) 664-3468 THE MANE ATTRACTION (617) 664-4947 299 MAIN STREET NO READING, MA (617) 664-8601 giorgio’s tor men women hair 24 Main Street, metrics No. Reading, MA 01864 tLidio, nc. " UL PLto rapLic .Ppeciaii. t i N READING Shopping Ctr 6 WASHINGTON ST RT 62 N READING. MA 01864 (6 1 7 ) 664-4228 146 Best wishes to the class of 1987 CONGRATULATIONS We knew you could do it! A1.WILUAMS FITZGERALD ASSOCIATES North Ki-AniMr. ma U1864 Bus. I-WJ(J-222-412y (Rte. 28) North Reading “THE TEAM (£ljc (Sallcru THAT WORKS ®allcrn ® tfl? HODifll: S OOjF 664-4709 Congratulations and “God Bless” the class of 1987 Good Luck! HASHEM REALTY 133 Main Street North Reading, Mass. 01864 CAROUSEL CLEANERS Good luck from The Music Place Congratulations Susan No. Reading 664-6213 Love, Mom Dad Congratulations, Dan Best wishes to the class of 1987 Love Mom, Dad, and Amy The Andover Spa Variety Store 9 Elm Street Andover, Ma 147 Best Wishes to the Class of 1987 Best wishes to Chuck and the class of 1 987 Mom, Dad, Donna Debbie LAB FURNITURE INSTALLATIONS SALES 23 New Salem St. Wakefield, MA 01880 245-9144 Donald B. Stackhouse, D.M.D., P.C. J. Steven Tonelli, D.M.D. 205 Main Street North Reading, Mass. 01864 Congratulations Class of ’87 Preventive and Restorative Dentistry (617) 664-3141 Best Wishes to the Class of 1 987 y ROCCO EXCAVATING, INC. DOZER AND BACKHOE RENTAL LOAM — FILL — GRAVEL TRUCKING 92 CENTRAL ST. ANTHONY J. ROCCO NO. READING, MA 01864 PRESIDENT (617)664-2487 148 NEW HONG KONG RESTAURANT 235 MAIN ST., RTE. 28 N. READING, MASS, 01864 GOOD LUCK from your Friends at Hastings-Tapley HASTINGS-TAPLEY INSURANCE Fork Place East — Suite 101 048 Pork Street P O Box 206 North Reoding, MA 01664 (61 7) 942 0565 • Toll Free (Moss ' 1 -800-842-1 216 CAMBRIDGE • DANVERS • GLOUCESTER • IPSWICH • MEDFORD NORTH reading • READING • SAUGUS • WATERTOWN • WOBURN Commercial Bank and Trust Company Main St., Rte. 28, North Reading 664-5582 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF ’87 SALEM READING PEABODY BURLINGTON Mr. Saunders Formal Wear JERRY BECKER MANAGER 287 MAIN STREET READING, MASS 01867 TEL, 944-5776 149 K. 1, h X i ' ]iumoJ j BUliDERS’ FINISH, ' ■ ' ' .,UV? V V ' l 1 Y HARDWARE V ' vV ’ ' ' ) ' ' t vvivTIWvv MOYNIHAN I NORTH READING LUMBER INC 664 3310 664 5794 - y !-• booRs w I », « , t, yi WINDOWS ; u ' ' FLOORING 7, ' ROOFING ' im. SI Op«n Mon . Sot . 7 o.m. • 3 p.m 164 Chestnut Street North Reading Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 1 987 Dr. Nicholas Marinakis and Staff THERIAULT ADVERTISING P, O. Box 448 5 Milk Street Westboro, MA 01581 ANNE L. JOYCE. R.E. Licensed Electrologist PERMANENT HAIR REMOVAL PROFESSIONAL EYEBROW SHAPING BEARD STYLING 178 Park St - Rt 62 North Reading, MA 01864 664-5770 150 I ■ Barnside RESTAURANT Tel. 664-6100 JOSEPH QUERCI, JR. President 303 MAIN STREET NO. READING, MASS. Compliments to the Class of 1987 Good luck in the future Piccadilly Pub Restaurants NORTH READING HIGH SCHOOL Piccadilly Pub Restaurants Westboro Rte. 135 Auburn Rte. 12 Peabody Rte. 114 Randolph Rte 28 North Reading Rte. 28 Tewksbury Rte. 38 Rockland Rte. 123 151 Best of luck in the future Class of 1987 Dr. S.S. Chawla DR. Mandy Kaur 50 Main Street North Reading, Ma 01864 664-5388 CONGRATULATIONS! Clark J. Sawyer, INC. and J B Associates, INC. 1 33 Park Street North Reading, MA 01864 152 GOOD LUCK NANCY WE LOVE YOU VERY MUCH MOM AND DAD CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1987 NORTH READING MASSACHUSETTS Patty We are very proud of you Best of luck. Love Always, Mom and Dad. Robert Gofer KOHF.KT COFER CONST. OFFICE PHONE 61 7» 664-4583 MOBII E PHONE 61 7 6S26-5236 PAGER 1‘HONE 617) 284-5160 155 CROSWELL FUNERAL HOME 19 BOW ST. N R. I HL. I ' ST. 1912 ELSW ' ORTH CROSWELL. DIRECTOR I, JOHN CROSW ELL, DIRECTOR 156 Be confident. Remove unwanted hair permanently. Enjoy a future of care-free, hair-free beauty with electrolysis... the safe, permanent method recognized by the A.M.A. Come for a consultation and discover how confident you can be. International Guild of Professional Electrologists Call Beverly Oho, R.E. 50 Main Street North Reading, MA 01864 664-5434 or 658-2640 ‘J. 0 157 THINKING OF BUYING OR SELLING IN N.H.? CALL: SHARON BLINN SPECIALIZED IN N.H. PROPERTY. BLINN REALTY, INC. 83 So. Broadway, Salem, N.H. 03079 (603) 898-5912 1 No. Main St., Derry N.H. 03038 (603) 432-4030 Rte. 121 A, Plaistow, N.H. 03865 (603) 382-4716 PRO LANES ‘THE FAMILY RECREATION CENTER WITH THE PROFESSIONAL TOUCH " • 30 TEN PIN LANES • PIZZA SHOP • FREE NURSERY FOR A.M. LEAGUES • PRO SHOP • COMPLETE BALL, BAG SHOE LINE • VIDEO GAME CENTER • 25 OF THE LATEST GAMES • LEAGUE OPENINGS (CALL FOR DETAILS) • 30 TEN PIN LANES • NORTH READING’S LARGEST VIDEO GAME CENTER 664-6204 160 MAIN ST. (ROUTE 28) NO. READING JUST NORTH OF KITTY’S RESTAURANT 159

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