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FLINT MEMORIAL LlbnAn T 3 1550 00209 8124 •• in. ■ v , LH 974.4 FOR REFERENCE 1984 Do Not Take From This Room Flint Memorial Library 147 Park St. . North Fteadina, MA 01864 There’s always tomorrow for dreams to come true, believe for your dreams can come true. 2 TABLE OF CONTENTS Dedication page 4 Faculty page 7 Underclassmen page 17 Seniors page 25 Senior Events page 81 Clubs page 91 Sports page 101 « ZZ o . Z Zie nein. is a ynadaa e of da em . site (’ o Zeye wAere Zve ' deceived Ais ) . in ZnoZoyy and . ZZ . Z (A . in Seeowda y ScAaoZ administration. c ZZe is ft re.senj y a science feZZow at , Boston J Z ni versdq . ZZZe ams Asad of As .Science c efa d me n and a seie nce tearAer a dynnfte d cZ iyA . ZcZiooZ and a Zonda scZiaoZ s ystem. i ZZr. . ZZ ewm came to . ( or A zZleadi ny in 1977 a nd Aas Zeen a science teaeAer Acre few tAe fiast seven years, ode Aas sAared Ais Anow edye and sense of Aurnor udii e a wayA firoindiny as a itA cAidZenyinq cZasses. die a so too cm tAe position of dfadent ZnoanciZ SZdmsor . Arom ove nseei ny meet nys to oryanixiny tAe carnation sa e and ranniny t ie A oodmoAt e , Ae Zias faZf Zed de resfumsiZiZity comfiZe eZy . ZZr. , ' (to rein resides in Aeadi ny and Ais utife and two cAiZdren . c Ze enyoys fiAotoyrafiA y , furniture refnisZiiny, yardeniny and traoeZ. S And , as tve aZZ Annin, tAe ZeaeA is sacred Zand. 4 yy Cr. dGeran, se c om Aas a teae ier reac ied Ais students as you Aave . ou incite as to tmferove ourse oes and, as a restdt, fee letter a iout our aecomfe isAments . ou Aiave renewed our se fe-confedence and, adien we Aaite needed you, yeti Aiane seen t iere to re ctnd e our couraye. 4e resfeect you as our teacAer, mentor, and fen end . AanA you seems insiyntfecant comfeared to tAe dedication and insfuratton you Aave yoven as. « r. C eran, tAe c ass fe J.98t is Aonored to dedicate our year oedc to you. 5 “You wouldn’t believe what is under this table. Ik It ' s always tough on Mondays! “1 wanna new drug! " G.Q. — Here I come!? " Go ahead . Make my day!! Donald Bell Health Mildred Canavan Athletic Secretary Edlita Ayer Business Department Arthur Cannon Science Department Terry Capelli Occupational Education Frank Carey Physical Education Joseph Clarkin Business Department Roy Condon Health David Cleary Social Science Department 9 Roy Conway Social Science Department Claudia Dardeno Guidance Department Eleanor Dell English Department Margot Girodet Foreign Language Department Russell Dever English Department •U . ' 1 Robert Goss Science Department John Havice Social Science Department Francis Huqhes Arts 10 Susan Kerwin Foreign Language Department Frederick Keyes English Department I Richard Kieran Science Department % Raymond Landry English Department Charles Mague Reading Lisa Laudani Health Charles Markham Mathematics Department Bethe McBride Mathematics Department J Harry Lucier Science Department 11 Walter Miller Guidance Department Mancy McLaughlin Physical Education Max Mueller Science Department Nancy Norton Office Secretary Joan O ' Donnell Resource Room Judy Perez Home Economics Department Shirley Plouff Office Secretary Robert Pesce Mathematics Department Mike Phillips Industrial Arts Department 12 Carl Puglia Mathematics Department Robert Pushkar English Department Margaret Rasche Nurse Stanley Sawler Food Service Director Victor Sticklor Industrial Arts Department Leo Richard Business Department Jennifer Smith Guidance Department Judy Thompson Guidance Secretary Walter Teal Industrial Arts Department 13 Joseph Venti Foreign Language Department Harold Weisse Music Department Jack Vasapoli Foreign Language Department Robert Ward English Department Peter Vennard Industrial Arts Department William Wasilewski English Department Lloyd Wescott English Department 14 I Raymond Whipple Mathematics Department Ruth White Resource Room Phillip Wicky Social Science Department 1 Mary Anne Wolff Social Science Department Victoria Yablonsky Librarian Roger Young Occupational Education George Yianakes Mathematics Department 15 FACULTY WILL William Butler — position as warden at Walpole Joseph Venti — Roma Arthur Barresi — color coordination Margot Girodet — a new doorknob Claudia Dardeno — rotten garters Susan Kerwin — une grande sourire Walter Miller — full scholarships for the big and little guy Robert Young — a long tie Jennifer Smith — a day without deadlines Terry Cappelli — her own employment agency Eleanor Dell — a hot-fudge sundae diet Edlita Ayer — Stella Pudjunis as a student Frederick Keyes — a strong back Joseph Clarkin — negative one foot Raymond Landry — a new pair of glasses William Devin — a Pillsbury costume Robert Pushkar — appreciation Leo Richard — a different jacket for every day of the week Lloyd Wescott — a best selling novel Victor Sticklor — a rubber motorcycle William Wasilewski — a simple surname Walter Teal — a new shop coat Charles Mague — a longer arm Peter Vennard — another vacation Phillip Wicky — free ice cream everyday Judy Perez — six inches David Cleary — a bigger girls cross-country team Francis Hughes — a Picasso original Roy Conway — another field trip Harold Weisse — a smile John Havice — a dot Frank Carey — a Cuban Yaz Mary Anne Wolff — proof Nancy McLaughlin — a date with Frank Raymond Whipple — charmin Donald Bell — a clean dummy Charles Markham — dippity-doo Roy Condon — new shorts Robert Pesce — Betty Rubble Victoria Yablonsky — a quiet library Bethe McBride — Magnum Joan O ' Donnell — alligator wallpaper Carl Puglia — a funny joke Ruth White — Mr. Black George Yianakes — a new nickname Margaret Rasche — an efficient cold Robert Gosse — a life’s supply of throat lozengers Mildred Canavan — an answering service Arthur Cannon — eyes on the top of his head Nancy Norton — 100% attendance Richard Kieran — lacoste boxers Shirley Plouff — a coffee break Harry Lucier — a hug Judy Thompson — earplugs Max Mueller — a beaker of HCL ■■■ Juniors Class Officers — C. Hull — Treas., L. Pasquale — Vice Pres., C. MacNeil — Sec., B. Hughes — Pres. 77 e FOUC EveK- ' i paeATH you take Highlights of 1984 23 t e ( ass ofe ' Jt)8t woa d ihe to thanh you fear devotuny your time com efeort to aie our c aSS in it mun y e idea oors . ' He nea ixe the finessune s and region si hi dies ofe einey a c ass ad id son and a t t reeiate your dedication . 8 or hefeiney as mahe our ast year in hieyh sehoo ext re me ly enyoyah e, we tahe this s iace to say thanJcs . 24 . (Jarcia ahu „ { Zen “Look for the stars and smile, for they will always be laughing.” — PP — Special people: Chris, DJ, Missy, Sheila, Sue, Xcountry Mr. Cleary, DEI — Mr. Jones — Beatles Jr. Prom — Bill Lin Shane — Summer 83 BIKKK Philippe, Starmaker, Daddy: I wish you could see me now — I ' m all grown up. Miss you . . . Mom — Together we ' ve come far . . . I Love You Satrlcia . - imann 2-11-4-8-1-29 “Lose your Dreams and you’ll lose your mind " You only live once, but if you live right once is enough. Sandy, Colleen, TJ, HP, JG, KD 2 , CC, Rosa, “Manny " , Sr. Prom w Dan I miss you Mancy! my cuz Stac summers w Jim, Julie, Joey Labor Day — Lynne " 81 " Rick Summer " 83 " on the cape w Sonia, Linda, AM, DF, LG, “Wave” Lav Rats!! Thanksgiving Rally Thanx for everything Dave Jim Mark always my lil bro s Mr. C field trip Mom and Dad We can ' t find the rainbow Till after the rain, And we can ' t share the joy Till we’ve weathered the pain. Paris in the springtime 83 friends will always be remembered. Hold the Phone Quasi, flats and throughs 440 ' s Mega Machine TAFF To my parents, Ron, and Scott: all my love and thanks!! S.Y.R.S. C J. 5 + BJ Q)e ora i ( c . . {mirau b Q)cZZ(€ ' y ie a J7T . {n ianc 26 Never forget times with Arky Boy, the Quee, Ducker, and times in Salisbury the water slide, Mary’s tressel party Bernie at the drive in Swan Pond parties woodshop clowns and not to forget: Iggy, J.P, Snowplowing, Mr. Lucier, M.B. B addamage, Scruffy, Moocow, Cow Hampshire, R.F., Galaxie, suds, M.D., Chevies Role, Delayne, 355 chevy, and GeriLynn and K.L.P.L. and most of all Mom and Dad C-wing, tressel parties, Swan pond Rd. Chuck’s party 69 cutlass, 74 GTO, " AMENIAN” Terror “POCOLOLO” “ONIONS HCGE " Budweiser “HGEY " " YODA " “TITTY’’ Hockey, motorcycles, Kens invention, " BUCKETS” power mech. clowns, wood shop clowns, EBSTEIN, OZZY " 82 " " outlaws " " ducker” “spuddy " " chowder " " QUAZYMOTO " " BAD-SLAMMAGE " “DREW " “AMEBA " “CHIPPY " " SMITTY” Good Luck Class . 1 -ic ia as S. . {roamt s wA Q)iane Jit. Sjara n ia f ie Jerl o . { . fi a c e e ' ( c If I can ' t take it with me I’m not going. Varsity Hockey 81-84, No. 2. As — St. Capt. Woodshop clowns, the mad Ford 302, GTO, Always Remember: Huey, Greek, Ducka, Bone, Bad Damage, maddog, Artie, Beave, Mr. Lord, C pk Ik lc mm dr fs nc nm th fs gs he eb ss wp ed et rk kl cd fd gd bk mp lose dab jb jr dp kd ds Bernie Mr. Luc, Mr. Teal, Times at Salis. Bruin ' s Games, Natick, Maine. Thanks Mom + Dad, Papa + Grandma GeriLyn Qjaott yC. f Qtciui anza L J)cmuuje If you love something . . Set it free, If it comes back it is yours, If it doesn’t, it was never meant to be. Good friends: Lynne, Kris, Deb, R.D. L.C. AS. E.S. J.P. H.P. L.D. IT P.E. Matt. V + J.V. F.H. Good Times Hampton + Ssial. N.H. Cape ' 82 Summer of ' 83 Parties, Proms Thank you Susan and Billy Most of all Thank you MOM and DAD, for everything!!! Special person Joey 27 Qirtice yC. Q eswetf 6 . QoraMmy " Night Moves” “THE END” " MR. MOJO RISIN " LED ZEP, Seger, Yeah but . . . pheasant, Scrony, William, Squirrl, " Chowda " Sord, chevy’s, MX, Galaxie, Greg ' s GoaL A.H.W., Skiing, Flics, Track, Middleton pond, Swan Pond parties, Good times in N.H., JO JD JS BS SW BW DC PL KL DC NA JS LH LB TH GS DS MA TH’MAN, Half Moon, Pat + Skip Gibson copy, R.R. Beds, “Wild Horses”, What’s up, FL Salisbury, Welchie, Wimin DP, SW, weaslin Thanks Ma + Dad Put the past behind; start living for the life that lies ahead. We made it through the rain Yvonne, Lynnann, Vic, Lynda, Shell, Deb, Di, Heidi, Al, Jean, Jo, Poems. Town Hall — ET! Guppy. Spirit Week French Thanks Nancy + Will; never would have made it without ya! Mrs. Dell, Mr. Ward, Guidance, Miss. Kerwin Mickey Face Ma, I Love You. " I promise. " { J)aotc ( c f. 3$rasic ofi Good times out C-wing, parties, concerts Cruising around Times with Laura and all my friends Hendrix, The Doors, Led Zeppelin, AC DC waiting for the weekends all nighters, summertime Mr. Venti, Mr. Lucier, Miss Dell, and Mr. Conway. I’m outta here!! Q)ona c 3$rou i Q)ofi Who Knows What Tomorrow Brings? Feb. 18 Summer — 82 83 N.H. — Wild, Sp. Cowboy Friends — " Nynie” — Di, " Maracca " — Kris, Sue Lynn, Arlene, Deb, Sharon — T.P. George, A.H., R.S., R. D., T.C., MA, P.E., J.H., K.R., R.L., P.L., S. N, W.W., C-J.M., R.P.F. Hockey — 23, H20 KM 3 , CM, J M, Proms, Cruisin’, parties, Ziggy, Tenda’Big sis — Linda Thanks — Mom + Dad, Lee, Heidi, Brandy too. 84 1 — ALWAYS SOMEONE SPECIAL — MIKE Mr. Teal’s class with Scott, Carl and Dave, the tire machines, Led Zeppelin, AC DC, Van Halen, Joe Walsh, Dream Weaver, Cars, Auto Body, 70 ss, 72 Cutlass, Todd, Danny, Scott, Marty, Pat, My brother, and of course Laura, the great ski trips at Crotchet ML tressel parties, Magills, Dan remember 9 inch H.G. Smoke shows, r + D’s, Budweiser P.S. Good Luck to the Class 28 “At birth our death is sealed and our end is consequent upon our beginning. " DeMolay B.I., Misery party, The Place. S.I.U. — D.I.U., B.M.B.B., R.N., D.M., C.H., DA, The Hammer, Get out of there! D.R. Bucky, Chones, Fishcorn, Lamoron, “We ' re easily amused " THE DEAD, Dump Watt., My Path? WOODSTOCK, Those who live in the light and bless us with their words and song. IF YOU LOVE SOMETHIMG, SET IT FREE, IF IT COMES BACK TO YOU, IT ' S YOURS. IF IT DOESN ' T IT NEVER WAS. Good Friends: Leona, Lynann, Shelly, Diane, Vicki, Jean, Lynda, Alicen, Heidi, a " career in Nursing, " " Magazine” “No Way” Traitor to Kerwin. “I want my parents to know, that they are very special to me, and that I Love them both very much.” . ( ' ' ’ ’ G. G iri tofe ier Things are more like they are now than they’ve ever been before. Watermelon in Easter Hay Lyle, Gadd, FZ, Vinnie, Brad The Group, Coaty, Jam Crap B. Bros., Grampa, N.H., M.E. Nice Place, Z-Day Music Studio — Guest Room Clowns and Candid Photos Have a Happy I uonsie Garni e at i ee i ( c . Gaft v t It is Now our turn to leave NRH, And to enter into the future of our new lives. But it is also a time for sadness, for the parting of all our closest friends I will always remember everyone of you, because you all have a special place in my heart, all of my love goes to that one special someone in my life. 1 love you, Paul! “The trick is knowing when to laugh E. Bombeck More Deadlines? Deliberator or Yrbk? TAFF on Bushbrypt. Cujo + Here, Quick 5, HoUo C ' est Moi. Sftbl CA.L. Co’s W FOZ. The Umbilical chord + 3 diplomas Quasi, “SNOWBREAK”, BeachBound Tact is bad for the heart Hedonism, ulcers + roses Not Bad M + D “Don ' t Stop Believin ' ' Journey + Maine ' 81. And they said it wouldn ' t last Chari . . . 29 isp Q)e i Garroci io All my friends, especially Caryn Deb; LA, JP, DR, NG, CH, JS, SA, KW, DK, EP, KC, SC, KS, BB, JO, JD, BS, JM, JF, DF, HB, LAP, BM . DAMCIM FOREVER, Summer 82 83, ZZ TOP, Bob Seger, " Your shirt’s inside out!, leadfoot, “I want a new carl”, " our clothes”, SCRAWN, WORK?, " Ma I need money " , Mr. D, Mrs. G; THAMKS MA YOU ' RE THE BEST, " WISHIM ON A STAR " , I ' LL ALWAYS LOVE YOU, SEAN Smile an everlasting smile. Special Friends — Koren, Lori, Alicia, Margie, Cheryl, Jes, NL, LC, CY, JKBST, 9th 4sum, JBC The Cape, cheering — comp. 2, Spirit weeks, p-puff. Duchess Jr. Prom — B; dancing — Mrs. L„ NY, K + A sleepovers, window-walks, McGills, McD ' s + Cap, 10CB, Kido porter, ONJ — wrong train, LSBP, Alfie, (CS), LQ, A special thanks to Dad and esp. Mom for all your love and support — ILY! cT ie vm . if. Caruso " Look well to this day, for yesterday is but a dream and tomorrow is a vision. " Cheering — comp — great times! Good friends: ML, SN, BT, MT, JD, JO, MS, JM, ED, Boston, Cape, Summers, " Shooting Stars " , tents, spirit week, weekends, proms, Mr. Keyes — long talks — You can only live once, but if you live right, once is enough. Thanks Mom + Dad — Special times with John — BN, GM — IF THE CLOUD BURSTS THUNDER IN YOUR EAR, YOU SHOUT AND NO ONE SEEMS TO HEAR. AND IF THE BAND YOU ' RE IN STARTS DIF ' RNT TUNES I ' LL SEE SEE YOU ON THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON. RASTA, BLIZZARDS, Soph. High YR. ESCAPE! NOT TO BE FORGOTTEN — Pacos, chin, elmer Beautiful girls FRIENDS — " Q " DENNIS JOHNNY Brownie G 84 — Q.Z.T. O SPC BUT I REM. ALL 30 (ja es ian Go Zi m No matter how lonely the morning sun, It’s up to us to push the clouds away — Hugs, Tears, Special friends — Paula, Janet, Ren + Jen, AMG, MR, MN, LC, K, J, M, K, P, S, C, F, W, D, T, J, J — I Love you! Mr. Jones, 1 1 4 friends, fun cars! " my kids”, Evergreen, frogs, Dancin, Teddy bear, trips, gram. We may never pass this way again — Lisa I ' ll miss you all! Mom and Dad — you will never know how much I love you. Good Friends: JW, BD, KD, SO, DP, FD, JO, OB, JH, KG, JD, JL, TS, BT, MT, CS, PG, LC, JS, KK, LC, DF, 1 16 83, Sorry Ken, Tip Cape — 145? Matches, Crossroads, PA Steve’s, Tewksbury, Mac’s Fred’s driving, No Nuttas 5 o ' clock sprints, The Crow What Island?, Indoor Track A Special Thanks to Mom and Dad 4S wa . CW vm All anyone can ask you to be is yourself. Bio-buddies, “It’s too late”, V 2 days, COMMANDOS, snowbreak, FH — McB’s House, Study last, Citrus M M’s, “5”, Deborahlee, “Hit the Dirt! " , Jr. Prom, “ . . . days ' til Christmas " “You’ve Got a Friend " — J.T. Still crazy after all these years — DB DG DH DF CF LC’s PG SL KR KM MN NS JS KC LT — Deb, Lisa and all my family ' s love. GTZlOfMM Cmmer o ( fr. G iaa „ Zn i Uonsio A ' Special friends — Lori, Koren, Di, Marge, Cheryl, Lisa, Nancy, B + W, Cinema — Kim + Donna, Zu’s, R-Mac, The Manor — C 2 + J 2 , N + D, AM, P’Puff, TCC — Mare + Ger, Sp. Week, 9th-4some, The Window, B-B, ppdp-car, Buds, The Cape, T-bar, Porter, Kido — JL, BD, KD, DP, JO, OB, JD, SO, JH, AFA — Kim, CT + JC, Circle + McGills, A Mary, Fond memories of my father, Tom — a brother and a friend, Thanks for being there + caring, — I Love You — Mom + Jim 31 Cotter Cu ' w C riMe iclam “Cra t m” Today ' s Dreams are Tomorrow ' s Hopes. Summer of “82 " + “83 " H.B. The Moon-Baked S, V AC DC! Weekend nights. The LAV RATS Moon Friends (cat, kerbie) Standing in the Rain, J-Sick Big Day — Park Plaza Hotel Good times with friends J.B. J.G. A.S. I.R. C.B. D.B. B.C. C.C. S.B. Let The Good Times Roll All my love to, Alan Tomorrow is yesterday ' s dreams and today is yesterday ' s hopes. Friends: Janet, Alicia, Di, Marge, Cheryl, Koren, NAD CK JB TO ' BJ DM Cameo + Jazzy (sorry!), C-45, F-H " Hats Are In " R.M., Cape ' 83 (J-Dandys) Lanes End, Porter (ta-ta), McD P ' Puff, the Manor, Jr. Prom Spirit weeks, Ks SLP, the " Window”, McG thanks L, J, L, S, and esp. Mom + Chad I Love You!, Memories of my father forever, Someone very special — Jimmy Cmu GretAo i Old friendships can never be replaced . only remembered and continued. Nancy, Kate, Alicia, Koren, Deb, Marg, Di, Cheryl, JS, AM, CY, CL, DJ 3 BTO’B, V-Ball, Milford, H. Cheering, Jr. Prom — Kevin, Maine — 82, L-End, Willy 4- Guido-cake, S + K’s si. over, 7 18 83 — Beach, The Manor, TCC, Drive In — Inside Out, E.T. — McG, P. Puff-B, " The Window, " H.P. LJSL, Thanks Mom and Chad (I.L.Y). — Always Remember My Father — Someone Very Special ‘KEVIN Coy y Gees foa Gat tyy i Geotoe “Gat” Skiing Trips, Loon Mountain Camping trip, beans 4- Franks Soccer, Swan pond. Seger. ZZ Top, Sabath at the centrum “S ' up " , Mr. Luce, Lunchtime! ZEPPELIN AND THE WHO Willi, Pheasent, The field Good times with SL, FAP., B.B., BS, JH, JD, SC, BT Special Friends: KATHY, KERRI Babish, Kath, Patti, Dee, MC, JG, TJ, AS, HP, LC, DO, DH, JH, SH, TM, IL, RT, JB, Sherri Mrs. Aims, C-wing LAV RATS, Mr. C’s Field TRIP, Broken Leg, Mr. Keyes F-ball 1, Thanks to the Condons CNG1E 4-ever, Miss ya JJ, SORRENTO Pit Parties, The Pond, Family, SM MA and always DAD 32 r Suzanne Gtaran (( C ouz (GZ uu Qjamon, I made it spark ' em up! Best times down stairs “Life in the fast lane " Friends: SH, MH, BL, LH, KW, PW, KS, TC, KO, DF, SA, LT Laura — don ' t forget R’s stomache good times in gym My favorite teach — Mrs. Dell I’ll never forget Susan — who stuck with me through good + bad. Ma + Dad — who thought I ' d never make it. Tom How I aim, How much I see, How far I reach depends on me. Scott, I LOVE YOCII! DREAMS — ferrari, Island, Dog. Mac ' s, Beach, Hiking, B-rides, Proms, Hilton, laughing, veg parties, Mini-Golf, Waterbeds. Flume — “Soap Suds in my sneakers. " K.H., T.D., RA, Muffy, Gang. Goobers lawn, Theb + Milk, Fro sting, Zone, Fairy Sisters, Mrs. G. Thanks family, I love you all. eren QZamaZsan FRIENDS: L.S., D.M., T.R., D.B., M.C., B.D., K.B., K.W., M.W., B.W., J.S. Mrs. Dell, Mr. Teal, Mr. Phillips THANX FOR HELPING ME THROUGH THE GOOD AND BAD TIMES, MOM AND DAD “I LOVE YOU!” 34 Q el i Inn ( )c on f . . Q)e ore izo GOe ana FRIENDS — KD. JO, JL. DP, SO, Buns, JH, RO, JW, CS, FD, NL 2 MS, KK, AC, LC, CH, KM; Hoop McGills, TBFY, Superfly Summer ' 83-SO ' s Cottage NH Pool Hop, Mac’s, The Circle Party at Steve ' s, C-45’s Cape Cod — Jack $45, Tip Matches — Fred ' s Driving? The Capt, Crossroads, Rash! Cap Gun, Bruins, No Nuttas! Thanks Mom Dad " Love doesn’t make the world go round; love is what makes the ride worthwhile. " Nancy, Paula, Jim, THE GANG, CL Kim, “What is it?” Nothing Sqt Summer ' 83, singing beach ' July 14 the park w P D The Willow’s, Fun Times — HP, RR, KCC — 9 1 83 — ML, “the Promise " the List, 2-ME, July 16-24: BH " FAITHFULLY 114 friends, Pete Love thanks to my family Always and Forever ’Bill 33 Great Friends at N.R.H.S. No need to write them down, they know who they are. Cape Cod, Newburyport hoop Red Cards, Snuka, Fred’s Driving, “Brat”, Pool Hopping, Crow 5:00, Sprints, Tango Still too young to write down memories with so many more to come. Thanks Mom and Dad Always Remember LISA “A man has to be either a hammer or an anvil. " Football, Play the “D " with Freddy D. “See Red " . TMB Wrestling Dinger; HVY. Track C. Cleary, Three Musk. To the whole gang esp. Killer, Chowder, KD, TC, Thibs, Bull, Dick, BD I will miss you aloL JR-HR, Wrestling BG The Window, Superfly. Thanks Ma + Dad. MFATB tf iHsi Q)e a io Q )esuieAtf _ Of f “ffler He’’ " Standing on a Hill of My Mountain of Dreams, Telling myself it’s not as hard as it seems. " 9 5 82, 7 2 81, All my friends esp. Kathy, Cathy Sherri, All my love to David and my family, Robert Plant 9 6 83, Ward’s class, Conway ' s field TRIP, Mrs. Dell thanks Mr. Keyes, Thanks Mom and Dad I Love You. Memories of Geet and Luger, Sorry Erin The “P " family, Creative Writ. Q)o eri ZffatA eesi Q)ofiegum “tfLat u s” All my friends: BD, AE, MS, GM, DD, CW, VS, BO, K.D.T. snrs ’83 “Fairysister " 3:15CAMERAMAN? rskating, Brownie mix, boogie COTTY, Service Systems Boston ski trips, esp. you Quimby’s up N.H. Lori the rikkers K S Sandy, Ellen, Cheryl “GG, " “D1X” Jon, Mark, Jim, Dave Keith, FRATPARTY, ship wrecked! All Nighters WIERS Hampton, K mangas, the drive in? Boat Roases Never Fade! If the sun refused to shine, I would still be loving you . . . Good times, thanks for being there Cathy. RUSH! Good Friends: Kerbie, Face, Sam, PM, CT, DM, PE, MC, DH, SG, JB, KR, MA, LH, AS, BC Crutchin Down the Path Mr. Hughes + Mr. Miller thanks Mom + Dad, Yee-Ha! Golden! Psyched! Gotta Havit Parties, Music, Love 1 1 6 81 Larry 34 f Scott- GOoamey o ' a ti s QDamiam “C, m fame km te , ( vf e ar cT. Q)or ey Gary i Q)aty •The Best of Times Janice, Sherri, Kathy, Todd DB AS LB HP JH BF DH SA RT JG DM DO AH SM KK MC bash 83 Cousins Bobby Doug Proms Boston Hamilton N.H. North Conway 7 25 81 Hampton ' 83, Baltimore ' 82 Best Friends: Meryl, Colette Thanks for everything I LOVE YOU MOM, DAD, sis, bro •LOVE TO A SPECIAL PERSON SCOTT All amigos, esp. Deb Dee; SL, SA, KO, LW, DS, NG, EF, BL, JM, AE, DK, EP, BB, GS, BR, Bradlee ' s people, Lav Rats Uoyd, Mrs. G., Thanks Mom and Dad, actt. dancing, meow, Summers, Parties, Florida trips, " our clothes " , leadfoot, space cadets, Bagged! work? " your shirt ' s inside out " , Hey, Rapunzel!, Def Leppard, ZZ Top, " Which way did he go?” " I MUSTA GOT LOST Nothing can bring peace but vourself. G.F., JH, KG, KK, AC, DP, NL 2 , WC REM, SO, AMC, MOHAWK, JW, KM, KD, Baseball, NJ, CONN, HOOP, LC 2 , JL, W LOVE ALWAYS REMEMBER KATIE McGills, keoka watryders, o ' b, MALL BUST, MAY 28, 83. BT, MS, THE CIRCLE, MT, KERRIE, THANKS FOR BEING THERE MOM + DAD, A SPECIAL FRIEND KELLY, POOL HOP, SPRINTS AT 5:00, NO. 9. SB, VS, YC, LB, LF, GM, JM, TD, BD, AE, HG, Summer ' 83 My friends you are, and always will be, For now and forever till eternity. My heart has a place for friends like you, and there you’ll stay for I Luv you! Love, Di 35 Times of joy and times of sorrow, We will always see it through. I don ' t care what comes tomorrow. We will face it together, The way old friends do. N.EM.C. — all my friends in Maine McD ' s + Me language with Nancy Philly, Lynnfield at Fred’s Lawrence, CAW., Central, Tom, etc. Chastity, Nads and Guido’s girls To all my friends and family — Thanks Believe in what You believe and not what others believe in You. Good Friends: BOB, MIKE, TIM, DREW, DEW, TODD, DENNIS, Chuck, Rena, Scott, Brad, MACCA 1 973 Buick Century “ZZ TOP”, " Doors " , “Town Buckets” " BUGONYA " , R D MAN LIVERS " Nitrous ”, The Center, Kevin “Cruisin 28”, 455’s and Marty Without You Mom and Dad all of this would not be possible, Thanks DAB. Gar Gmm “Many dreams come true and some have silver linings, I live for my dreams and a pocketful of gold " — Led Zeppelin Good times with friends R.W., J-n-D, D.P. Cutlass S “That’s Canada " , Misty Rush “Bonzo”, J.P.P., 9 6 83 Aerosmith, Partying, Sucrets, The Fort, Concerts, Shop Ma and Dad Q aotr 9 o ert Gxam “ or a " (Sacum iSeter- ‘ ‘GGerla Making Dreams Come True All my friends esp. Tricia BD GM SB KS LB LF 2 YC RF K JM 2 DD TS HG DH CD Cameras F. Prom Shell’s Dress 81 3 boys Laureen Stacey C John Marissa Christine 83 I switched to Burger King Tricia 3:15 Waterboy KSP Truth or Dare April 1 7 MD Under 20’s Football Games 4th period Spanish class The Class of 84 Mom + Dad The Most wildest times of my past Bob and I getting arrested in Harold Parker, Drag racing down Moynahann stretch, Partying with the best of friends: B.R. PM. M.M. T.S. A.T. R.G. K.D. D.M. " YoDA " and Marty M. Aways remember L.B. D.B. TJ. 12:00 Lunch, L.C. and Kim Mattson, Thanks Mom Dad 36 Beach Bound with Kent ' s 55 and my 57 (hole shots, terrorizing, 1st Backed By 2nd gear stretches, and 3rd gear rubber, wheelies, showing off, smoldering, sliding sideways and sometimes losing it) Good times, Fred’s Place, Party, Black Woman? Boon ' s 10 inch Look girls, “WHERE! " calm down Friends who care, Hello and Good Bye, Best of luck to all School’s out! What’ll I do? Good times with good Friends " Lav Rats " , Mrs. Dell, Mr. Conway, Parties down sudden dirt road friends: CT, JL, CM, PM, CR, LH, RT, Danny, TW Street Gang, " Goosie " , F.F.L. — S.S., DS Van Shows w P.F., J.L., L.D., “MEL1AH " KRAZE. IP W KM. Montreal " California here we come! " Thanks Ma, b.b., N K I.L.Y. Lou « Te me c (( h u a Sfcaigua i Cy ti ta ( c a ?e cZi i ie zio v It is only when you see it, that you los e it. You cannot take hold of it, nore can you get rid of it. While you can do neither it goes on its way. You remain silent and it speaks you speak and it is silent Alan W. Watts I am real, JAM, RSM, Joshua, Viney, pixie, Thank you Mom, Dad, Todd, Amber and esp. Anthony 1 Love you All Oal u’rme Qjonsia c7t ' s er cfcore Zo Two Roads Diverged in a Wood And 1 — I took the one less T raveled by — FH B S Ball 24 fig Band Chorus MB Jazz Drmln 7rmb Tpt Xylo Good Coaches — Friends Mr. Mears Mr. D ES NRYB ref Photo Good Friends — Karen H Lori Doug Karen R and Many others; Gpper Classmen Thanks Mom and Dad Lee for All your support — and that has made all the Difference. Memories are precious when they’re made with those we love. Family Forever: Thanks Mom Elroy. JoAnne, Carol, Mike, Linda — I Love You Guys! Ricky, Roy, Gary. Wakefield, PEI, Friends, Good times and long talks with Kelly + Barbara 9th Grade, 10-29-83. My thoughts are with you, Man R. and Poppy F. Special: Lacey 37 -fy t i Of i r77or€ }£€ y u a G77ore ice i see my future at the rainbows end happy hours timeless friends and if i chance to find my way rest assured i will stay Good time Bad times with friends Leona Yvonne Lisa Sandy Roxanne Diane Dean Shelly Whole lotta love Mom + Dad Thank you Lynda Rock n Roll Led Zeppelin now i’ve got to ramble on. " What lies behind us And what lies before us Are but tiny matters Compared To what lies within us " — Em. Special friends — Deb, Donna, Deb, Missy, Sue, LD, CR, KR, LC, “A.L.B.O.T.” X-Country and Mr. C. Magnolia, FRMM. B-ball, “Luke, Luke! " CCH, Beatles, morning talks, Mr. and Mrs. Ch„ beach, Sprt. Weeks Thanx Mum and Dad Greg (jaro tsie jtt. GGo i m " Believing is the beginning of a dream coming true” Buddies: Paula, Missy, KR, LC, KM, LB, I LOVE YOG ALL! V ' ball, Tennis ALA — Andy, John — cigars, Mew year ' s O.P summ’r 82 — guards, ’gammon, ETC! sunrises, walks, tunis (Tony), Ken . . . Funcars — summer 83 Bobby Sean — Escape, Atlantic — S.k. — diaper Bashes! Spirit wk. — DPW heist! Thanks — Mr. D„ Mr. K., — te amo Sra. G. Thanks to my family for their love and support. G iri tme . . G)eAoraA GFord cGu er We live a life of fact and fantasy, we alter circumstances to fit our needs. We gain in fortune but we lose in time. One door will open, one will close behind. SB, JM, LB, DD, YC, AE, SS, LT, sherry, RR, Athens? to my Family, esp. Lynnann, Thanks, We all shine on I love you MA and DAD . . . What ' s to painful to remember we simply choose to forget, so it’s the laughter we will remember whenever we remember the way we were . . . C lunch ' 82, " J.T. " , Friends — Kris , John, CA, LB, JO ' R, BRAT DB, KG, JD, “LG " , Proms, singing, skiing, Halibut PL Rockport, Wakefield Lake, Jeff + Darryl — 2 of a kind!! ‘West Point — Matt + Phil Thanx Mom, Dad esp. P.T. Someone always special . . . Fred 38 live, love, laugh, and be happy! Special memories Marshfield — best times — Eric Florida — Dad: a very special thanks to Heidi lav rats: friends: D.H. K.H. TJ. C.T. P.E. K.D. 2 R.T. C.C. R.D. A.S. A.H. SJA. D.B. M.B. B.C. L.R.: Braintree Christine? Mickey D’s Conways class, Boston with Lynn!? Jill, Lynn, Thanks with love to Mom, Dad, Chris, Rick, and relatives. “The best and most beautiful things in life cannot be seen or even touched — they must be felt with the heart. " hugs, Canada, DPW Heist, New years 83, the park w B + D, Singing Beach, Nothing Sgt! fun cars, daiquiris, “Phone? For me? " , 1 14 Friends — DJ KB MPS, Lori, Missy, Deb, Sean, Karen, Cuff, T.C. T.O. L.C. Jill + Fam. Thanks Mom, Dad, Lisa and Mike — I love you! Great times with special friends; Jennie — California, Debbie, Lisa, esp. David, Ann, Babs + Lon, GH, the Gilberts, KO, T-Bar, ‘Sunapee weekend w Babs — Ann — " W.T.F!” — 7 29 83 VA Beach, the Vineyard, Aot, Skiing VT, MAGS — 9 26 82. G2, Knotts Yosemite boys — C + R 8 16 83, the Cars, Kev M, 73, “you two must be friends!”, 3 3 83, “know what I mean " , K’s twin, and esp. my ' JiqfrAe i o. X o tza o Za o family. Zuiu a ( c f. ffian ietta “We do not remember days, we remember moments. " Softball — CAL Champs, F.H., X-Country, PO, PS, KC, SL, LT, especially Deb, the continuous laughter, the big " M.D.”, ARP! OK! Most of all, Paul, my pawpky peep, summer of 83, " watching cars " , 12 17 82, dunes. Mustang, all the time together, bye-bye! Thanks Mom + Dad — Quack! Good times bad times you know I had my share. House parties, McGills Central St., Tressell The buckets — Dick, Worm Tibs, Bubba Timid Twiga. Beach parties — " Pinto” G.S.G.L. Trip — summerjam " 83 " w BOA PM, MB, RT FLAPPER, WELBY Weekend warrior, Boot camp Dl’s, Thanks Mom + Dad “YAHOO, I’m outta here! " 39 I’ll always remember my friends who have helped me all through the years. They will always be a big part in my life wherever I go. “CALIFORNIA " , Summer of “83 " Kitty’s, GM, SB, AE, DD, PM, SD, VR, Usa F„ Boston, Mr. Conway, RW Mom Dad , My Family Especially my grandmother grAm To be successful you must Believe in yourself. Good times w good friends Esp: Jeff, Joe, Steve, Bob, Kate, Trace, Summer 81 +83 9 Upton Ave. Keoka, Halloween weekend 82, Joe, Heck + the fence Nov. 26, Jan. Soccer 3 sessions, pool hop, “How ' s work” SUP Thanks Mom + Dad, Family I Love You All Most of all remember always my love for Kelly SAem S Aecr All along we laughed like kids + all the silly things we did, Lee (cuz), Squealla, " Chill Out Bud, " Renee (dieting) Kath (Art, Mr. Hughes), Stan (Risky Bus.), PJ., T.M., E.E., B.B.B., E.G., (Riunite), Jim (G + T), Jeff (Gritty’s) Sac, Sandy’s, Deep purple, Oh George!, JJett, Sexy + 17, Boat Romp, My blue " vette” (Purple flames), Trs. Roses, Ma + Dad 2 ALL MY LOVE + THANX TO MOM + DAD Danny — A love that ' ll always B. f Ay e C W. . ( f (a £ ri us M B.F.; R.M., L.P. ILUV ' T.H., J.P., O’s, I.P., W.E. MAP, PEM UL’ABNER — E.M., Mammy, M.S., D, " EATHY DEAH”, OKL., S.P., T.M.W.-D.C. 82 Arsenic Old Lace Johnny — B.K. DOC., AA, A.M., More tie-up Buick T.’s Aries “K " — THANKS AM. Mom Dad esp. 4 love everything; Friends. S.N.D. Chorus, CAL’s, Boston, Batmobile " Hyperspace " H.S. esp7D.L.T.l.E. Marcus Welby M.DJL.PVMutt-Jeff “Time for moving on, Don ' t forget the yesterdays tomorrows " The good times are the best times, the bad times fade away . . . Partying with RS, SM, GS, MB, LB, SW, FG, GB, AM, Good friends; KD, GB, KD, JG, JB, NO, AM, SA, HP, Hycor, Summer " 82 " , Boston Baked, Airport “83”, It’s in the bag! " The way we were”, Good Luck " 84 " Thanks Mom and Dad, always and forever my love to Beth and Russell 11-4-81 40 yuirw ZZla Aima i 3ame ZScui f Zmc l c, mi CF, CT, SC, TJ, LT, TC, BC, All the good times w Cindy Sittin’ on the wall, typing + the side road, Halloween riding w Sam, Snowball fights, All the ski trips (DG-T-bar) Mew Hampshire — SS 20, Pig roast Wingarsheed, summer of 83 SB, SW, MC, McGow, JM’s cottage the boat, 65 mustang, Dream Weaver, Thanx Ma + Dad but most of all — Donnie The wind blows where it wills but you do not see whence it comes or whither it goes John 3:78 Good Friends: KG, JD, SO, Rem, O’B, TS, TC, KD, BD, JW, KM, LB, SM, AC, KK, JS, JO, BT, JL, Pinhead — Mancy, CS, WC, MT, LC, My hookers, Moosehead runs, Ethel, Kyle + the fence w Joe, Soccer, Sorry Deb, Thanks M + D, (Jncle W, Parties at AC, SO, DF„ McGills, Steve’s cottage — Why always minel 9 6 83 But most of all: •Judy [A ' Z ZTZm ex X-Country, Mr. Cleary — Thanks Cpat ' s Practices, States In the locker, Last again “Can we vote on this? " Baseball, sessions, B-ball 96 and counting, Mr. C, Mr. K, Mr. M The sign — " The new-look " “Am I cute?” I read the books Mo neck Fred, AT, PS, CS, RB, DK, DA ( c ir Q). Q)c ora yC. f lec mum f (o i mi Z Zec ia Q)cMie " JACKY " : Thann, Lisa, JAJ, Rob, LC, VS, Mark, BD, DB, CS, RT. PD, WF, JT, PS, KO, MO, MP, CF, GS, DH, TS: " PUTZ” Terri, RC, TH, DM, DK, JM, LM, KH, ST, PG, JL, JP, AC, BH, MRE, MRK, MLLEK. Alarm, HLW — " Mr. Wessman " MRP, DRW, drumline; BD: Sat. morn!!, Marching band, Concert-Band, Chorus, Canada; CT, Musicals — SP Lil ' Abner — Mammy, EQ, HJ, DS, MS, RS, P’s Miracle Worker: “We can because we think we can!! “ALL-MY-LOVE •‘Thanks — Mom-Dad-Annmarie " You are never given a wish without also being given the power to make it true.” Mever forget friends: Lisa, Deirdre, Chris, Donna, Wanda, Mew eyes! “heh” ALBOT, Hampton Bio-bug’s! 516 + Mok? K-sera Field Hockey 21, LB, LB, KO, CM, TM (ya know?) Jen; BC + PK I miss you! Extended family, “You two must be friends!” Especially Mom + Dad, Paul, Dan, Sue, Meg — I Love You All! i i 41 Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life becomes a barren field frozen with snow Day-Day, Donna, Cat Renee Shady Brady — Caprice, home-stolen, summer fun + snow V + D, 7-up, Anton ' s, escapes, b. door, B’s Book, Irish 1, “Wicked pissa cazh " Reeney, pinkey purple, Mom — JL, DGS, SG, RS, DO, LABO — good fr iends Good times, Bad times I know I had my share. “43 " Football, Partying, Trussel, McGills, House parties, centr + circle, Zalo, Worm, Bubba, Tibs, CM, DP, D:, Cheryl, Marg, Michelle, Hampt., Seabrook, Summer jam ' 83, New years ' 84, Snoodles, All-nite party, Twigs, J.H.S. Days, Alleys, Saturday nights, Good times w Sabine, CT, VS, KM, Flapper, B.OA, Thanks for everything Mom + Dad. Now the mystery starts! HHGatAerme . ( . PGa i Pirey GTGatA (H e y G7Gar a Q)ana f Gy a t G$ou -Q)cu Don ' t walk ahead of me, I may not follow . . . Don’t walk behind me, 1 will not lead . . . Just walk beside me, and be my friend. Lowell — Denise, Patty Florida w Cindy Mom, Dad, JG, DO, RD, SG, KD, KC, " Home stolen”, " T-Crew " , “Betsy’s Book " , JP, Scott B. Kath — " Reenie " MC, GT, DO, SD, Dee, EDDIE, LC’s, LAV-RATS, 84! GRicAarc HP. G ansusia QHccA I love you not only for what you are, but for what you make me. Marg, Alicia, Koren, P i, Lo r, LC, DM, RJ, DL, 9th grd. 4 some, FTBL. + Hock cheer’n, 7 20 83 w David (ILY) All night parties, Proms, Schools w Dave, McGills, TCC Cape, " Gimme a kiss " B + W. BK SJ MJ PD, Buds. PSW w Dave, Nana (ILY), Lisa Sue -t- Scott, Mary, sp. mem of u Jack Mom + Dad — I love you, Someone very special David I’m not mad, I’m interested in freedom J.M. HP, CT, KD, KD, CC, AS, PM, DD, PE, B + S Summer of 81, Soph. yr. 12 1 81, Lav Rats, Buds! 71’ Chevy, ZZ Top twice, Lunchtime, Triple LT Pete, Ellen + Rob, Art, Centr. Bums, Rally 82, Hatchery, Captain Pointy, 5th per. w AK.K.C-M., Perfect Fit, Mr. Miller Thanks Mom + Dad Always ‘Ricky 42 Do it for the fat lady dear; be happy — x-country ILLUSIONS: Alaska, MIT, Sea dreams have an adventure Those wild weedwaking Whyomins women: Pam Robin Sometimes I don ' t think that I ' ve said I LOVE YOU enough ‘Chris, Missy, Deb Bill John Andy Lauri Lori Mr. C. Thanks for the Duck, Dad Luxury Lemans crashing Crashing shady pick up Bad damage crash into Cougar Macka’s Riv, Cruising SCI Tripes, Reading Lumber Shed Heads, Good times: Tressel parties House parties, Onion, Yoda, Bad Dage Brothers, Spewa, Macka, Bill Strout, Chowder Chuck, O’Leary, Proudy, Mr. Lucier The Doors: Mr. Mojorisin Cont. Won ia ( c ar ZZZai er- QDamc Z u’ Zt ' U ' { J)ort uz ZTZerr 10-14-82 — The beginning Agatha — Miracle Worker The Bru, The Arcade, Smurfs Paris — the rain with Dave, My law: You don ' t have to! Good times and bad times shared with friends. Thank you Mom + Dad — you always let me be me. " I love you and you love me, that and that alone can overcome anything. " ZZZe z Z Zc’zjzz Zzzz z Z%oren Z Z Zay Zrmema i ZTcrror In the year of 1 984 the best class goes out the door. Always Led Zepplin Van Halen The Boneheads. The Summer of 81-83 Hanging out at the center, Busted Those good ole Tressel Parties Hammered at the Rockport Quarry Look out world here I come. Conning Mr. B all the time. KK, TR, DM, AB, TS, CM, DK, SD, MT, Skipping class and getting caught I love french women Thanks Mom + Dad Dream until your dreams come true. Special times w Special friends — Alicia, Marg, Di, Lori, Cheryl, Lisa, + Nancy, CL, JS, CY, JD, DP, JO, JH, BD, O B, K + S’s sip., JR. Prom — JL Fresh, yr — 4-some, Fla. w Alic., P. Puff, M s Stairs (slide), Buds Dancin (TOG) The Window — " TR”, J + B, Fallin out A’s car, The Manor, Macs, McGills, Cheerin, O-Venus, Sp. Week Virgy, Kido, Porter, Nut, TCC — Mare + Ger., AFA — Vickie, Thanx Mom, Dad, Danny, + Kev. 43 ricoU AsiUf ll Qja iiel ZAu foartrccA " Greatness comes to those with courage and determination.” Football, Wrestling, Track Dinger 169? Sit throughs Three Muskateers F.D., T.S., D.K. Batman Robin — J.C. Batch Fred’s window L.M., B.D., D C C — Red’s on the sprint line Tibs, Chowder, Per. 7 Acc’t Late nights, Got to go lift Most of all, Mom, I LOVE YOG Count your life by smiles not tears, count your age by friends not years. " Memories: Lisa, Koren, Alicia Lori, Marg, Di, AM, JS, BD, KD, JO, JD, DP, SO, Pinhead — Jeff. Kido The Stairs — NYE, Halloween — JM K ' s sip — donuts, v-ball — Milfor Bukes, Track — 440R., The Manor Spirit WK — boxes, p. puff, McGills The Circle, Will — Guidos’ cake, Jr. Prom — Jo, Summer ' 83, McD’s, Thanks Mom and Dad — 1 love you! (licAe e JeArecyue everyone esp: Donna, Steph Kathleen, Helen, JD, BB, JO, BS, JS, JH, KG, Pig and Mr. Keyes Keoka Beach, Anna Banana Senor Squeaky, Scooby Doo Cape Cod, Crash, Sis and Bro Mr. and Mrs. C , Mr. and Mrs. T. proms Annie Baby, Milford Boston Adventures with Don. Gram and Gramp — I love you — Smiley faces Mon Pier the beach ‘Bob Je t’aime and My no. one mom — thank you 6Ze V A. Awiofit Be an individual — follow the road least traveled. The Boston Celtics: World Champions Always, The Bird, " Summer of 83 " , Def Leppard, Florida, Golf, Arrow, " Hydrant " 755, Atlantic, CF jr. prom, MN, moped, Harold Parker, Good friends: TL, JL, SH, BH, DP, MD But most of all, Maria, a person that I will never forget Thanks Mom, Dad, and Puffy. " Believing is the beginning of a dream coming true. " Friends — J.S., D.D., A J ., K.K., The Gang, The Manor — cigs, J.R., Tennis — J.P., Mr. G, spirit weeks, Wndr. J,M, hkrs., Friendlys, Summer of ' 82, N.H. — L.E. 7 3 82, D.F. House, Jr. Prom — B. Eye Maine, " S.F.T.H. " Thanks Mom, Dad and family for everything Someone very special — Mark 44 ■Su asi 6Bar h : Kira feaoitt Cheerish yesterday, Dream tomorrow, Live today. Maine (Thanks Dad) crash! The Beach, Bonfires SGR TWMFH! Friends LT, C,D,N, C JL LD NP KP . BS H’s P.S. The Old House Krista States Kangamangus 10 2 83 M — 5’s 2 man tents F.H. S.B. mattresses?? Island Thanks Brenda Pat Esp. Mom “I love you! " I’ll never forget all my friends and the good times we had at N.R.H.S. . Kev, Bill, Joe, Steve, Dar, O ' B, AC, KK, MS, ML, WC, L D. Baseball 4, " The Crow” Devin, 5:00 Sprints, Legion, “Joe Beach”, McD’s, The Who, Rick ' s McGill’s, Growing up with John, Pete Townshend on van, Proms, Crossroads, M-Head Run! Manny, “No Nuttas! " , Cape — $45? The matches, Parties at Steve ' s . . . C-45’s. Thanx: Mom, Dad, and Bros. c foe Za Peace, Love, and Togetherness Crazy Times w RENA, CAROLYN, PATTI, CATHERINE, KATHY — Ct, hp, dp, cc, es, ds, mp, — NA SHAWN, SCOTT, CHRIS, DAVE Shnoodles Workmen, Dan, Chuck, ARUA! The Claw Jethrow — Hampt. B. w Caro Pat — YOU WENCH! Walter, Cindi, Paul Van shows w Cath, Lou, Sambo fridays w Kelly — wombats — FRONT ME SOME Mmm, Caro Capt. O.D. Love ya Krista, Roy, Dave! My Love To: JEN, JESS, MA DAD!! Remembering what you want to forget, and forgetting what you want to remember Family; John, Beth, Chris, Michael, Jay. Friends Esp. KO, DF, BF, CC, JM, SC, SA. Conway ' s class 1 1th, Cruising, Basketball games 10th: roses Atta Boy, sure Mike Careless, confusing conversations. Derss-up L.l. “There never seems to be enough time to do the things you want to do once you find them” DEB, JL, THE GANG, Ft Bsk-ball cheering, comp — 2nd! Caw JS, ME, NH, the cape, THE JOYCE ' S, x-mas tree, RH, JM, “What is it? " 10 3, pw j everywhere!, Proms, the field, icecream, St. Mike ' s staring over, Mon. bsitting All my love to my family, forever: ‘JOHN I LOVE YOU! 45 A Friend is one with whom you dare to be yourself DNA, LNA, Spaz, Quazimotto, S J. Geils, Bodatious, Haus, AW Coke adds life, DS, DM, KR, C, C, C, O, S, M, A, A, G — MG LP , NO SO Sam, Tom, Dan, District 5 Good Times Great Friends, J P C, TAM HW, NF, KSO, LM, M J, GG, TBB JETFE, mop, ILY, DNJ promps, MB C, Tanks Mom for everything, you’ve made me my whole life worth living, ILY Who knows what tomorrow brings In a world few hearts survive All of our lives out there to fly. Good friends: Wanda, Karen, Tom, Amy, DK, LC, JD, JS, TP, LP, RC, RM, MG, and all I missed. Thanks Jeff John! MDA ' 82, Disney World ' 82 Seem, Tom and sugar Good Luck everyone Thanks Mom and Dad. ' iasu ra jflaclJsicrson a c ” Jam To all my friends thank you Everything changed in summer of “83 " . I ' m sorry love ya JH anyway Goodbye everyone KD, CC, LH, CL, WL, John, Buck, KD, TR, KK, DK, CT, TJ, LS, TB, Liz, “KD and I ' m High too! " Special thanks -n- sorry to Alex The Beach and subs at 1 1:30 “The park " Mike-n-Frank, JAY, Carl All you guys in Middleton “Chinese food " , “Shoot pool " Time to “Ramble on " . Thanks Mom, Dad and Scott " Joe” jfla ia i Everybody needs a little time away. Shnooles; aura? Good times w Mark B., Jo, Cry Ren, Car, CC, CF, DG, HP, MS, CM DP 2 (MP — BM — Lt) TJ, SS, DF, (JK) Winga w Rena-sp-qs-rc! Spd. Hamp. B-Large, mush-Cruisin ' . Howie, Scott, Lisa, mmjr; PCI!! “Yahoo " Icky Pick. The Claw — TP Good Ts. w Gary T. The Pond. Grant " ALL NIGHT LONG " Maybe S.T. SP? Thank you Ma, Dad, BOB D. 2 S. California here I come! class of — 84 — Mom, Dad, Paula, Second Sis Kitty ' s LF, SD, VR, HG, SB, DD, SD, RW, TD, BD, CW, BOO BOO Tricia ' s cottage, St Mary s Junior Prom, SD ' s prom Remember all new friends at work. If you have something let it go, If it comes back. It was yours If it doesn ' t It never was. Thanks Mom and Dad Keep Smiling! 46 The love in your heart wasn ' t put there to stay, love isn ' t love ’til you give it away. Buddies: Debba, Lynne, Diane Cape ' 82! sas Jeff , proms, J.V. P.E.I. “tmth, wishing " 4 29 83 GB N.H. ' 83 YFH!! I would 10 27 83 Sue, Mel, Chris, Maria, Kyle (agfa) CF, JP, KM, KT, JD, JH, BD, BT, BA, GS, M.D. Slushes, SC, E P, 4th M 2 , J 2 , R, G, Joe O R. Rally morn, 11 19 83 Thanks Mom and Dad ILY! “Keep your face to the sunshine and you won’t see the shadow " — FRED — " Thanks for the Love Memories " — 2 12 82 Proms (Jr.), Summer of 82, parties, lime, passion pit c-45, cin matt, AH, RS, SM, GS, LB, MH, SW " the way we were " . Best Friend — Jacki; Milla’, JAZZ, RH, CT, CL, NL " the Gang " Ho Gas? Scoopin, CJ-PEL, Mrs. G. " DANCE” — Mrs. C. my kids. Mom, Dad, Lil Sis Squirt — I Love Ya! jfJarotta C7 . (farto rt ur ( ( y " o (7 74 Football, Wrestling, fast Polish Sausage, BUCKETS, Fred, Macka, Todd, Dan, Tibbs, Yoda, Dick, G.S. G.S. U.L., Beach bound Busted, J.L. P.M., wrong way. R.D. Maneaver in Cougar, Head Beantown, budweiser, R.L., C.T. C-Red, Blizzard, Parties Thanx Ma Pa! _ ( i jflarie , ticffc oreau a f • w imue r i uiron . fJ A ' Leona, Lynann Lyn da, Yvonne, Vicki Tricia, Shelly, Aina, Lori, and Karen, Art, Ceramics, Mrs. Dell, Leo Richard, Miss Perez, Miss Smith, Miss D., John, Ronnie, " Cookie” Cooke, Joey, Nancy O’Connell, Susan, H.V.S., Tina Vose, Becky Wells, De De, Lori Thomas Like a guest that stayed too long, now it’s finally time to leave — It’s the famous final scene Europe 82, Madness, lav rats Sr. Prom 82, summer of 82 83 " Blues” Bros., A rpost 83, Grant Boston Baked, weekend nights All my friends, TP gang Swillbags — " George ”, Amy, Wilba, Mike, Lynne, Ankie, Scott, Fred, Harvey, Sack, All my love to David — Forever — 1 29 82 Thanx Mom Dad — love ya 47 c (’a i . (for wo (£aul « o ' ca t t e " These are the good old days " S.S., Buddy — NGLYG, ILW NY Feb. 4, ' 83, R. Skating, Boston Mac’s, all-niters, Half days vacation, Tricia? — B. mix Tracy — B. sitting? c-lunch FH — McB ' s House, snow break Caryn — skydive, “Salisbury " CN, TD, TS, MM, DR, B P cut, LC, SL, JS, CP, — Yulp, Just a dog “One never knows does one!” Florida Bound — “85 " I love you Mom Dad. Always remember Good times in Malden York Beach 83 with Louie and Steve B.OA Pet, Yoda, Swillivan, Drew, Bubba, Zablo, Lefty, Ronnie, 7th period study with Dennis, Ski trips, Hunting Midnight Janice M. Thanks You Mom Dad r oAn „ Wtc ie ( ?c y „ Uore ra “ 9 1 " " Why Don’t you take a good look at yourself and describe what you see and Baby, Baby, Baby, Do you like it? " R.P. ' 68 Carger (HA) LED-ZEPPLIN = MY SOUL, Wolfology Mark, Jeannei, Rob, Kris, Rex, Sandy, Woodvark, Dave Murph (Oh I’m so byrnt) Nelson Family — I love you all! I Lovermont, Maine (shrooms), NH “Kicking Around” on a piece of ground in your home town. Waiting for someone or something to show you the way " — Floyd. () !( ( r - (lory a i If you love something set it free, If it comes back to you it’s yours, If it doesn’t, It was never meant to be. I will always remember my friends, especially Donna Maureen. It’s been rough from the start, but now it’s time to go our separate ways. All my love and thanks to Mom Dad and the family. Forever Greg Never forget — Boston JRP MAAI, NYC — 83 sleep? party! Modeling. Mad Revere Times Leighann — Wild Horses We Will ride them someday. " You girls try and stay out of trouble!” Oh-No! (my poor feet) VH 1 Revere guys D.S. Jr. Pr. — Lisa go dancin ' cruisin the beach, esp. Mom Dad ILY! My 1 fav. R.G. Tom 5-12-83 — And so with the slow graceful flow of age, I went forth, with an age old desire to please, on the edge of seventeen . . . 48 To good times left behind, and great times still to find! To good friends: Joe, Cathy, CT, JM, RT, RJ, TR, DP, KK, CM, 83 Ait Class Joella Rena Beans on Skis k.k.k., TR, CM, Shrooming in Maine with the bone Heads T.L.R., Woody white Mts. with Kent, T.R., K.K. Tony ' s " 57 " Kents “SS " . " Don ' s Brownies” Fred’s drawway D.D. Lux LeMans Cutla ss Thanks MA Dad for everything. Good Friends: DC, ML, DH, BR, MB, HB, SK, BT, JH, KG, DR, JO, JD, BB, BS, EB, TC, MS, Cindy Swan Pond Parties What did you mean by that? Roller Skating, Talks with Deb, Thanks Prom night with Herb Vai s Party EM. Please boneyard madness why come? Thanks Mom Dad ‘Michael Q)a i . ff z u y ( ame . (fzzz Ay ‘ ‘Staorte f uzZ zzy , ! . VewAu yi ‘ ( My " No bird soars too high if he soars with his own wings.” Spanish — Ng WTF?!!, Canada 1 14 friends, fun cars, BBB southern comfort Oops!! x-country Magnolia, WAZOO!! New Years Eve 83, Latin, Skiing Match made in heaven?!! Paula, Lori, Karen, Carrie, Deb, Chris, Donna, Pam, Deb S. — Alias Valley B, summer Dad — forever in my heart Thanks Mom for being you. StefeAanze j z wn , ( yf o aZ OAAzYZVZ CM, BJ, Pond, Barn, Vagel, MW, DZ, DM, ryers, TD ' S Car, Spaz, WS, Capt. Video. " Ain’t no stippin ' us now” JR, DM, JD, CM, JL, JH, SO, BD, BT, KD 2 , WC, JO, KG, JW, BLINS, KK, CS, NL 2 , LC 2 , AC, MS, CH, CL, TS, FD, HB, DF, SN, ML, DC, = Good Luck! Steve’s Place, Rash, M.H. Run, Ken, V.P. Wrestling, Dinger, Chowder, Tri " States”, Welchie, Case, B.B., Crank, " Star”, G.SM.C.?, " You ' re Nuts!”, N.P. Hoop McGills, Macs, Galley, Mr. Conway, Mr. Yianakes, Mrs. G., Mrs. D., Mr. Pk, Dr. B, “Dad”, “opus Bill The Cat”, The Cape Dr. Heckyl Mr. Jive “74 " TC, S-Box, ME? I owe it all to you, Mum, Dad Fam. 49 SaMeen S ftefe im ffiAn 0 ’ Go t tor O ’ eil “SatA ” — Happiness makes up in height for what it lacks in length. — R. Frost — Great times with special friends: Summer of ' 83 — NH, Me playground, T-wax, Eh 2 The Bee The Scarlet — T, SNOW! Prunaloper, latenite talks — oblivious thoughts, " sorry " TiKi, “The Walk” Paul Thanks to my family for the patience esp. Sue — Thanx for being a friend “What is a friend? I will tell you. It is a person with whom you dare to be yourself.” — Nancy, DS, LT, KN, BD, NG, PS, KC, SL, JS, Macs — Tom. " Gum chewer.” X Country, spring track: mile, 2 mile. Thanks for the help: Mr. C Miss McB, esp. Mom Dad. “Happiness doesn’t come from doing what we like to do but from liking what we have to do.” O ' i lousAe 1 Same a O-e t Q)emm S. “Sam C Wax’ ' Friend: Jeff, Jack, Darren, Bill, John, Buns, KG, KD, JO, BT, O B, DC, KK, AC, LC 2 , KT 2 , Pool hop, C-45 ' s, sorry Ken Crossroads, The Matches, Mac ' s M — Head runs, McGills, Bruins, The Cape — $45. The Mall Bust, NH Motorcycle weekend with J.W. Great times at the cottage with good friend, tewksbury, A special thanks to Mom, Dad and family. 50 ffe t O ioer a 2 ce Sa aaa e D.F., J.R., B.L., S.C., SA, L.R., AR„ M.L., T.D., All the good times up Maine and to all of the people I’ve met and will never forget My ninth grade year I’ll never forget This year I became an Auntie, all the best to the new Mommy and Daddy and Jessica Marie McDevitt 1 0 25 83 Thanks to all the family especially Mom and Dad. Music is humanities gift to itself ' Jo — SG4, Ephesus (Eph. 4:32), Camp Cal. SAP — 1LY! Frederick, Joy, Mutt and Jeff, Plays, Musicals — Drma Fest, Mammy, Abby (Mar), Cast Parties, Band — Thanks Ag. Hal, exchanges, Tom (3 5), H.S. amigos, V.B.S. — PT Proms Dec. 17, 1982 Ice Castles, Jan. 1 3, Ashby, walking in river — pond Mrs. Carberry, Mrs. G. many thanks My family — friends — I love You Te Amo Rick — forever yours. Q)oria ( iZ erce Football — Capt. Wrestling — Capt. CM JT JR MT KK BM BW 20 Dick, McGill’s, House Parties Shed Heads — Bill S., Seabrook with Bones. Dinger, Mahoney’s Bash, Sm Lynnfield — Turkey Day 83 Dodge Dart, Montreal, O.S.CJ.L. Summer of 83, Swill Buckets All Night Party, Junior Prom, Senior Prom, College Bound The Cabana, John + Brian " Chowder " Thanks Mom and Dad im oa arre “Smile an everlasting smile, A smile can bring you near to me.” Good Luck w A.M.L. Margie Colette — Renee — Kris — Eileen ‘many more I’ll M.(JA McG ' s " 1 " X in Boston w C.P., R.D. — Flasher Tennis w Mr. G. — V.S. Dinner w B.F. Linda, JR. PROM — court 83’s S. Prom A.N.P. — DANCING 10 Topsf F. w T. — J.L. B.N. — 25s x w B.B. — AI.M.H. 1 21 83 Renee ' s party 3 12 83 — Mark — Thanx to Ma — Dad " Count your life by smiles not tears. " 9 “Best Damn D’ in America " Friends . . . All the Best: JR, O’B, SO, JH, CE, JD, JL, BD, BT, WC, JW, KD, JO, SK, TC, CS, KK, NL 2 , AC, MS, CH, KG, TS, FD, LC 2 , HB, SN, Steve ' s Cottage, N.H., Cape Cod ' 83, Hollywood Radio, Pool Hop, Ant 1 — Comm., Mac’s, Mall Bust, McGills, Joe Perry Project Aerosmith, THE WHO, Rodney!, AMC, Sorry Ken, Mrs. G„ BCN, Bloom Country, “No Nuttas " , Tango Parties at Steve ' s, The 5 P ' s, The Matches Rash!, Thanks Ma Dad, chowder! 51 Go elte . . f le Z Zfiriesl " What lies before us and what lay behind us are but tiny matters compared to what lies within us. " — Emerson v-ball, skiing, Vermont! JP RT AH Big bash 3 83! sailing, Meryl, Cape Cod ' 83, Proms, Dave’s!, SL Kyle + Jeff, S up?, 4 14, 83 BM, H-W, MH, The Murrin’s (ABI), Good time w best friends; Renee, Scott + Bobby! Boston ‘Douglas , Steven, Joe, Mom + Dad — Thanks for everything; I Love you! Fame is a vapor, popularity an accident, Riches take wings only one thing endures and that is character. H. Friends: DPIICS, O ' B, MT, BE!, AT, JW. U.S. ARMY Football, C-Red, NUT! Dave Letterman, Rodney, Lloyd Stripes (Boom) Fred D., Summer of ' 83 Police concert, McGills, The New Faces DB, The Fix, Doctor Detroit Hollywood Radio, ‘BCN, " Star " special credit and thanks to Mom and Dad. I ' m stepping through the door in this year of 84. Good friends: DM, CM, TF, KK, AT, PM So many good times all through my school years. C.R. DAB. YODA! Goldstein, Fiesta I ' ll always remember DONNA MARIE VADALA It’s not the way that you say it when you do those things to me, It ' s more the way you really mean it when you tell me what. 3$ria i 0. Ztoc ie Those who have friends . . . are rich. good times and bad times JG, TJ, CC, KD 2 , DD, CT, JL, PM 2 , TC, LB, LC, DB, BL, SA AS, MA, RD, LH, CR, DM, DO, TR, JH, PDE the center, Lav Rats, party, J. Geils — Aerosmith, cookin ' mixed — co, smoke em’ up, time off, get a grip, all my friends — — never forget Tom 52 Mad Times in woodshop 1975 Plymouth Duster Suzuki 1 Friends — MT TT MS HB NA DB KD KK TR BS Bad Damage, Spooney, Greek, Ducker Mom and Dad " One day at a time — this is enough. Do not look back grieve over the past for it is gone; do not be troubled about the future, for it has not yet come. Live in the present, make it so beautiful that it will be worth remembering. " Special Friends — PG, LC 2 , KM, CF 2 , KM, SA, WF, LM, LT, NS, Mr. K, Mr. G, Mr. Mrs. S., " Paper Drive! " “mega " , Spirit Week ’83, N.H. Thanks to my family for all their love and support. ' J cocn S oR c s (RR s mc (RcR ' ’ tfloma u ‘ ‘ Scra tfn (jaro f n (Rose A little light in a dark place, can brighten many lives. JOELLA PATTI, RENA + friends. Mom, Laura. Front me some Mmm. CO, C. City, Lav rat, schnoodles. Every time I felt as though my world was dropping out from under me you were there to catch me from falling. OD THOR — I’m glad I’ve been with you through your ups + downs, rory. My love to you forever — PAUL — (RRircn (Rasso p o . CRo sloh ce Sacco GOODBYE NRHS FOREVA, PARKER DRIVE DREW, SULLY, BOBBY, STEPHANIE, VAL, PETER, YODA, CENTER 111, 69 68 CAMARO, CHARLENE, KATHY D, KATHY F, CATHIE W. AND ALL MY FRIENDS. C-WING FLOOD 1982! MOM AND DAD FOR ALL THE CONFIDENCE YOU ' VE GIVEN ME TO MAKE IT THROUGH THESE YEARS. ALL MY LOVE TO SCOTT THE GOOD TIMES ARE THE BEST TIMES THE BAD TIMES FADE AWAY . . LAV RATS “83 " Don’t be dismayed at goodbyes, A farewell is necessary before you can meet again. And meeting again, after moments or lifetimes is certain for those who are friends. — R. Bach I.M.F. Arcade, Canada — Philly, ALM March Band, swimteam, “The Beast " Anag, Dr. Fins. Teddy, Lights — poof Penguins are gone! All nt. party Proms, All my friends, class of 83, Peter, Melissa, Rod Thorne Thanks Mom Dad, I love you all. 53 Life is to live and enjoy Mr. Jones: Virginia, PEI Moosehead, 69. Mustang, AT, BH, JO, SK, MS, Race Cars X-Country perfect record Maine — the water s always warm, Crane ' s Beach — it’s only a sandwich, Meadowbrook Driving in HP, the movies Thanks mom and dad. We are free at last!! More than anything NANCY Good Times w Good Friends ‘Janice Rena SM DB MS JL RD RM PD KD EB KM PO CH — sis DH — B.B. games 1 1 28 81 — ykw M. Field B + T (OHT) T + R Parties McGills R.L. Mic. L. N. Sis ' SC — Jess (SWC) s. place N. Dev. — Snow bound “WAL1AGCN” USN PL ML PW — J. Prom Bro — Rick, Dan, “JBGTM " EJSD 4 years — Beans — you ' re special B.F. Peter ‘Hampton Galley Gang memories of Grampy and Love and Thanks to my family and to a special friend — My Mom ffa y ' orte (. ua o- A)eAora i yC. ricA w a i “SeA” “To be what we are, and to become what we are capable of becoming ... " X-Country, sis 2 , S-ball CAL Champs, Sad Sqd. 1 It’s the laughter we will remember: Nancy, PO, LT, SL, NS, RA, KC, PS Ms. D + Ms. K " Okay — " arp! " No problem! " Debski Thanks for everything Mom and Dad — ILY! (Si een ' Ae ra ye i taw ( r 3 ea u Each happiness of yesterday is a memory for tomorrow. Gr eat times w Special Friends: Koren, Alicia, Cheryl. Di, Lori, Lisa. Nancy, Ricky, RJ SB EK JN RJ DM, Brian, Cheering, P ' Puff, Sp. week, Prom — DB, Porter, Ta-Ta, The Window (TOG), O-Venus, PPDP-Car, T-Bar, Buds, Virgy, McGills, Mac’s, Summers on the Cape, What gives? PM, TS My Family! " Your restless dreams will lead the way, So follow your dreams, and live for each day. ” Cameo + Leroy, THE GANG AM, CL, KK, DC, PO, Mike, Rob (crunchies) CCI " Hat’s are in! " Fric, Frac, and Fupt, Q’s the W, NP — Sisters, STVV Camp — Rie, Twits, The Manor (Cig) 245, Sunrises, Gumby, FH — MS MC B5! DB-SN + the cape, McG’s, Wumpley, Special Times wA ' im Mar. 19 Red Balloons, B39 — Mum + Dad 54 My friends, My family who have helped me who have loved me always there; thank you. B-ball, C-country Band, the shows Paris, NYL, Cape Cod Mr. J’s Trips. And all the feelings that we leave behind and all that we choose to keep Good Times with SW, JO, JD, BB, EB, MA, WELCHI, THE GREEK, RM, JS, LH, PL, KL, SW, Oct. 26 Bad Damage, Swan Pond, CCR Zeppelin, Craby, Mr. Luce, JR, Spoony Wieslin, Big Time Barruchi, peavy Seger Concert Thanx to My Family This is " The End” Morrison Woodshop class Same a r fmit i “Doing what you like is freedom Liking what you do is happiness " My friends NG, PO, DS, NS + LT Especially Kathi A friend an inspirer Sad Squad, Maine Summers Mushy, Beach Bound, McWork Witty Bob, an irreplaceable friend — Deb Thank you I love you Mom and Dad “DARREL 3$ rad rf rndi 3$ar ara ' mow " You only live once . . . but if you do it right, once is enough!” Yee-hah I ' m out!!! — on to bigger and better things. . But I’ll never forget Shelby, Shelly, Donna and most of all my " Big Brother” Eddy — I Love You! Special thanks to Mr. Hashem — GOOD RIDDANCE MAX!!! •Jeff 7 1 1 82 I think we can make it . . . 55 " If you ' re not just a little bit crazy, Life is boring” The Three Muskateers, T rack, Salisbury and York beach, Peter’s House, Dance Factory, Vega Power, Putnam, C.H.R. Mr. and Mrs. S., The guys from the Atlantic, but most of all The Gang. Esp. Peter, Dan, Fred and Mike D. Special Thanks to Mom and Dad for putting up with me for all these years. Always remember good times at N.R.H.S., Friends BT, BD, JOR, DP, TC, JL, O ' B, MT, JR, JW, KD, JD, Running For Coach Cleary, and his 300’s We went to MacWongs? P A Steve’s, Mickey D’s Pick up B-Ball, Football Summer ' s in Rangely Rain on Cape Cod, out 45 Sorry Ken, Nut McGill’s Looney Island with JR Thanks Mom and Dad . c C f. Sbina G)c6 tc Steele , 1 Ian ' Sieeoer Qjuclcr Remember all the mad times in wood shop. Old chevys never die. always remember Ruthie, F., Maryann D., Maryann B., Gerilyn S., Kim L., Jill P., Mary B., Debbie S., Debbie W., Forever Led Zepelin, Aerosmith, Ozzy Swandpond, Bodddamage, G7Gto, arky Boy and Quee, Bernie at the Drivein, Ozzy concert " 82” NA, HB, HB, BC, BO, MT, TT, BS, BW, SW, SK, RK, DL, WS, DR, Led Zeppelin For one’s one and one’s all 84. G iris ' Strong iSo je t t iutc tftc To exist is to change, to change is to mature, to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly. Beth and Lee Karen, Debbie, Rena, Joella, CF, KM, PM, CR, NL, DD, PG, KW, DO, SD, — Class of ' 84 — JF The Watkins Clan, Late, C-Lav, Cookin ' Out, Parties, McGills M + S — The Abbotts Crew, McD MUNCHIES, Slex, Amy , Chris alleys, concerts, My Family Bill Naughton, Greg Mannion The Rock, Heineken " 66 " Cat Summer time + Thunde Bridge “Under Pressure " “Free bird " C Wing stormtroopers Art 7 Mr. Hughes Fridays Black Sabbath " Paranoid " “The Circle " — BN, GM, ME, RS, MC, JR, TD, CM, JC, GS Good times, bad times We survived them all 56 The Mad 74 Duster 360 4sd. Wood Shop Cowns B.S. Greek M.s. D.B. S.R. H.B. Good Friends Maddog, Click ed, Muff Man C.N. Beaver, Arty Flounder, Bin, Beverly, Berry, Wirly, Trish the Dish, Hal, Junior, Jen Baby, Scruffy, M.P.S.R. Herpes D.R. T.F. Good Times at Swan Pond. Thanks Mom and Dad. And Especially ‘Stephanie { ' e ic ' Szt ma isAi . (fu ac tTa m a f Sforti tTa i f a i Always remember woodshop class Swan Pond, Trussel, Mary’s party, Summer of ' 83, Mopar Madness Val’s Party, Bull Pen, Quiet Riot, DEF LEPPARD, LED ZEPPELIN Friends, SK, MB, JK, SR, HB, MS, NA, RM, SN, JP, Baddamage, MAD, MAB, GLS, DR, KL, BR, DD, LT, MT, HF, JR, HB, BO, BC, RF, KH, DK, DH, Spoony, RK, EB, JS, LM, RC, MP. Class of 84 meets the streets. jfisicta S. 9 Tierriaa t Co m ,77u )oc am Friends: LB, TJ, AM, SM, LC, RD, DB, MP, JG, CC, Art Per. 3 6 . . Lav Rats . . . Pumpkining w MM 10-15-85, 4:50 a.m. Parties Marshalls Gang — KM, MM, KR, KG, TP, PS, JP. Map, BB, PF, JM, RL, (Fri 30 83-3 a.m.) JF, BW, DF, DR, BM, Bru, Al, BK, N.H. 5th Per. w T., K., K., C., M. I’ll always remember Bro. Leaving my home, leaving my friends, Running when things get too crazy — Bob Seger — Football 1 ,2,3 The locker room sprints, sessions, “snappa”, gerr! The polish sausage, “get a helmet”good times with Bubba, Chuck, Dick, Twig, and Zalo. Summer Jam 83 ' Tressel Part’s, Boneheads, Burnt? Sidney at the Drive-in, The Dorf BEEP! BEEP!, Beantown, Billy D, T.C.C. KM, RP, MM, BN. DAB 57 . t . forsAaa £77iom afi 4 icJrew- - . £To ?t j u i { J) r o Personhood, Let your feelings flow. See beauty. " Try it! " Music, Mind-and-soul, Wonderful people, Loves of my life, Germany, Cindy and Scott " The ten-thousand things carry yin and embrace yang. They achieve harmony by combining the two forces. " Lao Tzu, 6th Century B.C. China I have danced through these years in laughter and in pain and with others, touching hands, exchanging glances; living — And now to translate into the English language experience? To all of you who have touched my life in the smallest way. Thank you. A(om ia How far we travel in life matters far less than those we meet along the way! PO, DS, BS, EB, LC„ MG, KC, PS, BM, GG, CH B-ball almost? V-ball Milford “useless " Softball 3 States? Coach Sub w M and Vz the gang All the times w “Baby " Beaches, “Maple Haven " " Mattresses and Feffers " All my thanks love, M D _ fLe is a ATofiacAel Grasla S rmiA a The Future ' s uncertain But The End is always near. The end is always near. All my friends Brad Yoda M.M., Sully, T.R., P.E., P.M., B.R., S.W., L.B., L.S., J.S., good times, camping at gunstock, Ya-hoooo!! We re out of here You always save the Best for last “Thank You " Mom + Dad Goodtimes, Badtimes, Know I ' ve had my Share. (M.M.), “We ' re on Hobbytime " , Rocky Racoon, Races, Riding, (267), Cookout, Buds 2 on the Beach, always clubbing, Meliah Kraze, Mark, Bass, Casey limo Cruise, " Big Guy”, Centerbums, Allycats, Ponderronians, Parties, Snowblind, PM, TJ, CM 2 , JD, RH, JT, RP, CF, DP, LH. Thanks for every thing Mom, Dad, family, Especially Richie! California Here We Come! 58 The crow at 5:00, Princeton, Conn., Double Sessions, McGills, The Circle, Bullwinkle’s Bend 31 See Red Hut Hut, Gym Sessions Thanksgiving 81, 83, CHERI, CS, JR on Saturday nights KD, JO, TC, JW, JL, JH, BD, JD, Freddie D, RP, Bazza, Friday night films, MacWong ' s? Maine The 4 Summer OOB New Years eve 135 mph or 140?! Cars License Driving in HP Racing Snow! Cpt prac team spirits running — skiing obsession w D S 4 at 1 nee? — A Very SKL — “FUN” Friends more than that sun rise set Dad 6 27 82 Thank you Mom Dad For the very special memories . . . thank you . . . I love you . . . . (far t , ( 7 ? c uf G iroiline cT ' oia fO ' O l i Zto e ' cTrt c er Mohawks, Mall bust, Keoka Poolhopping, Super Bowl World Cup, Bagged!, Ken Moosehead runs, Soccer 2 States, Masco dies, Bunter ZZ Top Concert, Moynihans Good Times with JOR, JH, KG, DP, TS, O B, JD, GB, TC, SO, KD, BD, JL, JR, JW, DC, LC, NL, SM, AH, SN, KT, KT Most of all MICHELE THANKS MOM + DAD { ic rew Q). Jur ier Gcit ierioe . ffo y ( ({ a A Gat uc With each unfolding day we grow. JOELLA PATTI, DEB, EILEEN, COLETTE — N.Y. — RANDI CAROLYN, KATHY, Winga w Patti cookin ' out, trips, cruisin ' parties, shnoodles, EBYT S.D. DANNY, MSCFR — proms, USN, ART L-Rats, McGills, aura, ZWOBFD DENNIS, Dave. KENNY, workmen! GOOD TS w Bean, " HAMPTON YOU WENCH! MFA w PM JL KM N YR ' S E, " SANDY T RICH + LISA THANKS MOM + DAD " SCOTT The biggest trouble with a sure thing is the uncertainty. All my friends + esp. John Dawn Don Liz Kris GM TD BD MB MA SD Beach, Parties Friday Nights!! There are so many memories but so few of them are remembered. 1976 Thank you MOM and DAD I love you both, Teresa and Genevieve 59 Good Times with BS, BW, JO, KM, SB, DB, LG, PM, Swan Pond Radish King Weaslin, Big Time, Seger Concert, Galaxie Mr. Luce, The boat, Butchies Maine with Welchie, NOVA Hockey No. 10 “Night Moves” " Lara " Thanks Mom and Dad Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for a while and leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never, ever the same Roberta-birda IMG kirptan-kak kook Jazzy-leroy Hat ' s are in C45 Q the W the GANG FG-McB-5 Rob — CCI bd — journey twits — hh Matthew — ILY 022-23 Fred — Ann lime (J-PEI Chris Bri Di t-p-D esp Mr B C-L-J MOM and DAD I LOVE YA! ucalt warren tfumaer a WMm Ofi Donna, where are you? My 69 Grand Sport. Fun times with Jason, Cheri, Crystal + Cindy. Suzy, Did you feed my cow? That ' s your sister? Friends: K.S. S.C. T.F. L.S. DM. J.R. D.D. D.H. K.R. R.B. Diane + Ric Thanks for everything Ma! February 24, 1980 Kim + Kenny forever! I love you Kenny! Good friends — Steve, Tom, Jim, KD, JR, BD, KG, MT, JL, JO, CS, DP, JH, BT, OB, LC 2 , NL 2 , MS, CH, KK, AC, DC, DD, DF, FD, Steve’s Cottage, " Near Miss " , “Buns " The Crow at 5:00pm, Princeton Always remember Oak Place, “Lots a fish " , McGills, Mac’s Mail Box Hunting, Tewksbury, " A special Thanks to Mom Dad 1 love you Guys”, “I love you Christine Airborne. " Gfjn Jua . (Jary ou iy “Gamea” 60 Camera Shy Glen Anderson Anthony Bartoli Michael Canavan Anthony D ' Antoni Scott Macpherson Kenneth Souza Valerie Storey Rebecca Wells 61 The truth now . . . Who ' s cuter? “You, re going to make me eat this?? " One of N.R. ' s great thinkers “Not until I finish all this homework " 63 ddon t Ae dismayed a yoodAyes Sd fix reive is neees.uxry Aefixre you cun meet ayain Sdnd meetiny ayatn, aj er moments or Ajetimes, is certain fisr those who are yriends . Richard dR ach The Class Will of Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Four We, the class of 1984, being of questionably-sound mind, do hereby bequeath the following tq each member. We hope that each recipient will be duly provided for, subsequent to our departure from North Reading High School. Shelby Aims — a chance to be last Marcia Louise Allen — tact Patricia Amann — a day off from school Debbie Amirault — a tropical paradise Glenn Anderson — a puzzle he can ' t solve Sheila Annand — a pot of gold Nick Arvanites — a car Diane Barabino — an excuse Anthony Bartoli — crayons Herb Batchelder — mechanical ability Dave Baudanza — a mug Jill Bauer — a job Bruce Bennett — a personality Lynne Bradbury — a hair out of place David Brandon — a new walk Leona Brashears — her own candy factory Donald Brown — a vacuum Robert Buck — Baker ' s Island Michelle Bugley — Levi’s Chris Burgess — lessons with Steve Gadd Michael Canavan — a rubber referee Yvonne Canuel — a magazine Kathi Caproni — umbilical scissors Denise Carrocino — another speeding ticket Donna Carucci — stilts Theresa Caruso — her own island Diane Casey — a place in the class Who ' s Who Mark Chabot — a snow blower Lori Coleman — a summer that lasts forever Joe Collins — the name of the man with the red hair Lisa Collins — J.T.’s autograph and a snowbreak Tom Comerford — lifetime pass to the World Series Alicia Connolly — porter pants Lynn Cotter — everlast heels Kris Crabbendam — a finished typing assignment Michael Crabbendam — graduation without his brother Lisa Creilson — hips Lori Creilson — gumby legs Cathy Crowe — lockjaw Suzanne Curran — a candy store Bill Damon — plastic cymbals and nail polish remover Derek Davidson — a sharp razor Jason Davies — crumpets and tea Beth Delorenzo — a new laugh Debbie Delaney — another summer of ' 83 Kevin Delano — a full season Patricia Dennehy — her own hotline Kerrie Despres — a horse farm Fred Doherty — a sedative Kathy Donegan — a day without Larry Diane Donnelly — her own cooking show Renee Dorsey — Kermit the Frog Caryn Doty — a pencil sharpener Scott Downey — an eight ball Jim Dunham — a class that he’ll stay in Elizabeth Dysart — a life supply of Jelly beans Alicen Encarnacao — an unidentifiable picture Carl Enos — optimism David Exum — the force Peter Exum — nitrous oxide Tony Fennell — fuzzy dice Wanda Finigian — a neighborhood without dogs Cindy Finnemore — a finished house Cathy Fiorello — California beaches Donna Fisher — a wild date Lynnann Florence — only-child syndrome Lynda Florence — school spirit Caroline Fohlin — diapers Howie Fohlin — perfect measurements Chris Ford — a free car Debby Fuller — Jordan Marsh Joel Gagnon — depressants Nancy Gardner — a one-way ticket out of North Reading Deirdre Genest — California Paula Giannetto — switchboard operated by Leroy Stephen Gonzalo — a jungle Heidi Govoni — a bestseller Mark Gracy — the lead in West Side Story Sherri Greer — weekend money Kyle Griswold — coordination Amy Hall — 50 pounds Laura Hardiman — Bondo James Hauck — brownie mix Bill Hayes — webbed feet Joe Healy — a published book Jeff Heckman — a day without a problem Debby Horan — a gossip column Kathy Humphrey — plexiglass Cheryl Hurley — a florist shop Dana Hylan — an everlasting smile Ricky Jannino — a touchdown Tracy Johnston — a watch for Rick Donna Kaiser — a quail farm David Kendrick — one last six Donna Kerr — an acceptance to Emerson Ken Kevorkian — something he can’t break 66 Koren Kiley — position as head waitress at Thompson Club Dan Killpartrick — an old T-shirt and faded Levi ' s Scott Knight — a belt Michelle LaBrecque — grace Nancy Ladd — a helmet Cheri Lamont — a microphone Sue Lastinger — two good knees Barbara Leavitt — furniture store Joella Luke — a red Ferrari Jack Lupo — a mirror Nancy Lynch — a week at St. Michael’s Robert Macleod — an earring Patricia MacMillan — Shnoodles Sandy Macpherson — an enemy Scott Macpherson — a bike that runs Lori Mahan — a day care center Gina Mangifesti — a simple surname Kris Marotta — straight hair Joanne Martorana — a winning bingo card Chucky McCarthy — a laugh Lisa McCoy — a full day of school Ann Marie McGilvreay — a clue John Mitchell — a chemistry set Sharon Mills — T.P. Kelly Moreira — a voice box Cindy Morgan — a neck brace Jean Morrow — an identity Paul Muise — an earring tree Danny Mundy — a weekend rendezvous with Maggie James Murphy — his brother’s muscles Missy Newbern — an open jeep Sandy Nichols — spotlight Stephanie Nilsson — a small family Robbie O’Brien — driving lessons Kathy O’Connor — flat shoes Stephen O’Neill — a movie he enjoys Joe O’Rourke — strong ankles Pam Oest — dancing lessons Dennis Oliver — a queefer Kelly Oliver — a 20 year old’s I.D. Janice Pasquale — a bad mood Donald Pierce — cup of chowder Lisa Pijoan — glasses she can’t lose Darren Prasinos — his own radio station Colette Prevost — another complaint Heidi Priest — religion Joni Richardson — happiness Todd Roberts — a piece of kudu Jeff Robinson — anchorman of the 40 40 News Brian Roche — a car door handle Steven Rodgers — a distinguishable voice Kris Romani — the truth Carolyn Rose — twelve long-stemmed Karen Russo — her own Mustang convertible Chris Sacco — presidency of the Gargamel fan club Paul Santos — a paint job Margie Sasso — Green Acres Debbie Schuman — her own opinion Eileen Selfridge — another problem to solve Jessa Shaw — acceptance at Cornell Peter Simonds — a year ' s supply of champagne Lenny Smith — Columbia Pam Smith — Perma-lense William Brad Smith — an unusual name Barbara Snow — the Presidency Kenneth Souza — A fire extinguisher Anthony Spina — a new pair of pants John Spinelli — a silver spoon Debbie Steele — a day off Marc Steeves — a nametag Valerie Storey — G.H. Chris Strong — the Decathalon Timothy Sullivan — a diploma Rob Sutcliffe — Sabbath with Ozzy Arlene Szymanski — braces forever Michael Tannian — tool cleaner Tom Tannian — a pickie Linda Therriault — boxing gloves John Thibodeau — a Karate studio Joshua Tompson — a bigger earlobe Andy Tompkins — a muzzle Lornna Tompkins — 6 heffers Melissa Tonachel — the role of the Sugar Plum Fairy Crystal Tremblay — a Bible Mark Tremblay — a cage Rena Troiano — a cucumber Bob Tryder — a real chest Andrew Turner — a car that won’t go under 60 Cathy Walsh — car insurance Scott Warren — a restraining belt Rebecca Wells — her senior year Kim Wilkinson — her own baby John Wilshere — a dalmation Cindy Young — a Wrigley’s factory at sea 67 WHO’S WHO IN THE CLASS OF 1984 Best Sense of Humor Best Personality Best Dressed Best Athlete Best Musician Best Actress Actor Best Looking Most Talkative Most Bashful Most Gullible Most Liberated Most Eccentric Most Spirited Most Likely to Succee Most Lovable Class Prep Kathi Caproni Dana Hylan Debby Fuller Lornna Tompkins Wanda Finigian Lisa Pijoan Lori Creilson Nancy Ladd Barbara Leavitt Ann McGilvreay Barbara Snow Donna Kaiser Cathy Crowe Carrie Fohlin Lynn Cotter Lori Coleman Darren Prasinos Bill Damon Dan Kilpartrick Kevin Delano Joe Collins Mark Gracy Donald Pierce Jeff Robinson Steven Rogers Fred Doherty Robert Buck Joshua Thompson Bob Tryder Bill Hayes Mark Chabot Peter Simonds 70 Class Brownie Sheila Annand Tom Comerford Class Clown Pam Smith Jeff Robinson Class Optimist Lisa Collins Joe Healy Class Couple Michele LaBreque Bob Tryder Class Flirt Rena Troiano Tony Spina Class Scholar Missy Newbern Chris Sacco Class Spaz Joel Gagnon Peter Exum Class Pessimist Nancy Gardner Scott Knight Friendliest Margie Sasso Paul Muise Guys’ Girl Girls’ Guy Koren Kiley Jack Lupo Cutest Diane Barabino Todd Roberts Sexiest Patty McMillan Chuck McCarthy Nicest Smile Karen Russo Stephen O’Neill Nicest Eyes Kelly Moreira Joe O’Rourke Done Most For Class Paula Giannetto Robbie O’Brien JUNIOR PROM 72 73 I’m so cute! Couldn’t you just die? School Pizza is mm mm good! Don ' t look now, but I think we re being followed. Can I stop smiling now? It couldn ' t be Dave Kendrick in the library!! i love having my picture taken! Those bedroom eyes. Bashful and Dopey. He hasn ' t got any clothes on! What is in those school lunches? r m This is a candid, right? 75 HOMECOMING 76 (am See that ? That ' s my I.Q.!! 1 ...2.3... shoot! Computer wizard, Tony Fennell. We didn ' t pose for this one! 78 Guaranteed for 24 hours of bad breath. The class sex pots in a rare mood! Hey Kath, where ' s that hand? Real men smoke Marlboroughs! Here I am! The editor you want to see is over there. 79 Hold fast to dreams for if dreams die Life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly Hold fast to dreams for if dreams go Life is a barren field laden with snow 81 Spirit Week 82 Spaghetti Supper p 84 85 Talent Show NEUSFLAStf LriJ tnucreol io crfferry fc ih± UnpeuM . Or d fyvtfu aL TAL£K7 3 Uovf! turnc, : $ : £0 pff(. 3 ' + Av . : Htyh6d)a3p (uxtityi u n yiice,-- $3 00 (L tict t. ate 3 J AJ - Child (jcudancz (jausSfetf . 86 Hawaiian Day 89 Student Council Officers 1st row — D. Amirault (sec.), C. Fohlin (trea.), Mr. Kieran (advisor), T. Prentiss (vice-pres.), P. Giannetto (pres.) 1st Row — P. Oest, A. McGilvey, D. Rogers, E. Collins, J. Parks, H. Spousta, J. Hauck 2nd Row — T. Prentiss, D. Amirault, P. Giannetto, Mr. Kieran (advisor) C. Fohlin, L. Coleman, K. Russo, M. Newbem, J. Pasquale, C. Morgan 3rd Row — C. Young, D. Genest, D. Horan, C. Ford, M. Russo, K. Hennessy. J. Brown, L. Pasquale, K. McNeil 4th Row — S. Knight, P. Santos, A. Turner, B. Hayes, C. Feeley, K. Reily, C. Angelo, R. White, B. Hughes, G. Ede, R. Hansen. 92 National Honor Society Chorus 1st row — P. Oest, P. Smith, C. Doty, D. Carracino 2nd Row — C. Sacco (pres.), L. Pijoan (vice-pres.), C. Ford (treas.), D. Amirault (sec.), Miss Lablonsky (advisor), N. Gardner 3rd row — W. Finigian, L. Tompkins, D. Schuman, S. Annand, D. Kaiser, C. Fohlin, K. Caproni, M. Newbern. 1st row — Mr. Weisse (advisor), P. (Jnni, J. Hauck, L. Pijoan, T. Peck, T. Higgins, R. Taylor, S. Rubenstein, C. Finnemore, C. Laporte 2nd row — P. Dysart, W. Finigian, R. Macleod, S. Taylor, J. Parks, R. Hall, H. Spousta, S. Rex, B. Dysart, E. Humphrey, D. Rogers, L. Lochirco, A. Nelson 3rd row — M. Gracy, T. Ridgley, D. Connors, K. Smith, B. Peterson, K. Rashe, J. Davis, C. Noseworthy, S. Farrahar, T. Prentiss. 93 Jazz Ensemble Concert Band 1st Row — Mr. Weisse, C. Sacco, P. Simonds, K . Arsenault, P. Clnni, P. Dysart, R. Taylor 2nd Row — L. Pijoan, W. Finigian, C. Burgess, J. Davis, C. Laporte, C. Haynes. 1st row — Mr. Weisse, P. Clnni, A. Chiango, C. Sacco, P. Simonds, K. Arsenault, P. Dysart, R. Taylor, C. Laporte, 2nd Row — L. Pijoan, B. Dysart, C. Haynes, R. Hall, J. Parks, 3rd Row — J. Thompson, W. Finigian, J. Hauck, C. Burgess, K. Hoyt, J. Davis, J. LeGrow, P. Onessimo, S. Rex 94 Deliberator Popsicle Math Club 1st row — M. Chabot, M. Tonachel, P. Smith, P. Dennehy 2nd row — L. Coleman, C. Ford, J. Mitchell, K. Caproni, J. Hauck, D. Prasinos, D. Amirault, Mr. Landry (advisor), 3rd row — W. Finigian, P. Oest, P. Giannetto, K. Hoyt, B. Snow, N. Gardner, P. Dysart 4th row — M. Newbern, M. McQuillen, J. Parks, G. Ede, C. Burgess, D. Kaiser, D. Shuman, A. Encamacao, C. Sandorfi, E. Wuorinen. m mm 1st row — C. Doty, D. Carrocino, L. Brashears, M. Tonachel, C. Morgan 2nd Row — T. Prentiss, H. Spousta, C. Burgess, R. Hall, J. Parks, C. Sandorfi, Mr. Ward (advisor). 1st row — C. Sacco, S. Knight, S. Annand, B. Hayes, 2nd row — P. Oest, D. Schuman, T. Prentiss, B. Hughes, R. Hansen, Mr. Whipple (advisor). 95 Masquers Club World Affairs 1st row — T. Higgins, T. Peck 2nd Row — K. Arsenault, A. Chiango, L. Pijoan, D. Kerr, B. Dysart, R. Macleod, T. Prentiss, R. Taylor, S. Rubenstein, C. Finnemore, C. Laporte, P. Clnni 3rd row — P. Dysart, C. Sacco, M. Tonachel, A. Nelson, P. Simonds, J. Parks, K. Gilbo, C. Sandorfi, E. Humphrey, B. Hughes, J. O’Brien 4th row — J. LeGrow, K. O ' Connor, M. Gracy, W. Finigian, J. Hauck, R. Hall, S, O’Connell, S. O’Conner, H. Spousta, A. Turner, C. Noseworthy, K. Smith. Officers 1st row — D. Kerr (sentinal), L. Pijoan (vice-pres.), T. Prentiss (pres.) 2nd row — B. Dysart (sec.), R. Macleod (tres.) 96 1st row — J. Coughlin, M. Oest, D. Skreslet, C. Fohlin, P. Dysart 2nd row — P. Smith, Ms. Wolff (advisor), M. Tonachel, K. Caproni, K. Reily, R. Hansen, B. Hughes, S. Ford, M. Heffernan, R. Taylor. “Arsenic and Old Lace” Page sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Sacco - v - to m ■- - • m» Yearbook Editors — C. Fohlin, B. Dysart 100 1st row — N. Lynch, P. Giannetto, L. Creilson, M. Sasso, C. Hurley, K. Kiley, W. Finigian 2nd Row — C. Sacco, M. Tonachel, C. Ford, K. Caproni, S. Annand, C. Fohlin, B. Dysart, M. LaBrecque, D. Genest 3rd row — P. Oest, C. Lamont, J. Shaw, E. Selfridge, S. Lastinger, D. Schuman, D. Carrocino, C. Doty, C. Morgan, D. Horan, 4th Row — P. Santos, Miss Smith, M. Newbern, K. Russo, L. Coleman, D. Delaney, D. Amirault, D. Kaiser, K. Humphrey, A. McGilvreay, K. O’Connor Mfft I k V®K 101 Soccer ■■■■ Brian Meaney, John Moulison, Gary Estes, Kyle Griswold, Jim Moulison, John Fogarty, Chris Crabbendam, Steven O ' Neill, Scott Ring, Mike Silvia, David Remillard, Paul Maguire, Mark Meaney, Luke Tonachel, Jimmy Spellman, Capt. Kevin Delano, Capt. Bob Tryder, Capt. Joey O ' Rourke i m 102 D. Carruci, P. Deswartz, J. Brown, E. Doherty, K. Butler, C. Celata, K. Bubar, K. Ohotnicky, K. Taylor, J. Delano, L. Berinato, C. Sandorfi, S. Jamieson, D. Schrelt, A, Newbern, H. Von Sneidern, A. Joyce, J. Fohlin, J. Gouveia, K. Gilbo, K, Guy, Coach Hamer 105 Football 1 ' JL ■ 1 !!■ iiii mil P. Horan, R. Winters, M. Brussard, J. Parsons, R. Weaver, R, Hayes, M. Amirault, T. Sauvageau, D. Rowe, C, Abati, Coach Sverker, B. Welch, J. Marotta, A. McNabb, J. Sinopoli, E. Bezzati, M. Gabrian, D. Kiley, M. Russo, G. Bemis, J. Fiore, S. Germino, T. LaRoche, P. Casey, J. Moda, S. Murphy, L. Riddell, K. Hennessey, R. Vitozzi, J, Barnes, F. Kendrick, B. Moore, M. Trembly, R. Jannino, C. McCarthy, J. Thibideau, D. Pierce, F. Doherty, D. Kilpartrick, J. Robinson 106 Field Hockey Coach McBride, Janet Roberts, AnnMarie Prudhomme, Kim McCarthy, Melinda Bean, Debbie Connors, Kristine Sweetland, Karen MacNeil, Liz Collins, Chris Mauceri, Julie Morrison, MaryAnn Oest, Sally Erickson, Tricia Canavan, Kris Marotta, Wanda Finigian, Pam Smith, Susan Lastinger, Debbie Horan, Lynne Bradbury, Nancy Specht, Diane Barabino, Lisa Collins, Kathi Caproni, Capt. Kelly Moreira, Capt. Jessa Shaw, Cindy Young, Lori Creilson, Sheila Annand 108 Cross Country D. Schuman, N. Gardner, K. Dermody, D. Kaiser, Coach Cleary D. Amirault, P. Oest J. Ambrick, C. Peck, B. Dermody, M. Vines, Coach Cleary, E. Anderson, M. Spicer, S. Hylan, J. Myers, B. Hayes, A. Turner, C. Strong, P. Santos 110 Coach Cohen, S. Shapley, M. Heffemen, B. Roche, M. Bryson, B. Smith, E. Luoto Golf in Marching Band 1st row — W. Finigian, The Hornet, L. Pijoan, J. Parks, C. Burgess, J. Collins, D. Bishop, G. Silvestro, J. Hauck, B. Dysart, Mr. Weisse 2nd row — C. Laporte, J. Thomson, P. Zalewski, L. Chiango, J. Davis, A. Hauck, S. Farrahar, J. Thomson, M. Morris, M. McIntyre, T. Ridgely, J. Davis, S. Shapleigh, P. Bell 3rd row — P. Onessimo, S. Knight, A. Chiango, K. Arsenault, J. Mahoney, C. Sacco, P. (Jnni, J. Legrow, S. Arsenault, K. Hoyt, J. Gerardi, S. Rex, R. Hall, R. Taylor, P. Dysart, M. Cushing 4th row — M. Often, C. Moseworthy, M. Perullo, J. Jacobson, J. Perullo, T. Higgins, H. Spousta, S. Taylor, C. Higgins, T. Finnemore. 112 Football Cheering C. Angelo, M. Sasso, P. Mastro, D. Delaney, D. Carucci, J. White, A. Buczynski, C. Hurley, L. Dunham, K. Duval, H. Lynch — capt. D. Casey — capt. ‘ ' 5SS 114 Basketball Hockey Cheerleaders D. Carucci, C. Williams, B. McAuliffe, C. MacNeil, C. Hull, M. Lynch, Y. Encarnacaeo, J. White, C. Angelo, J. Buczynski, K. Duval, K. Kiley J. Brown, P. Mastro, A Connelly, K. Butler, C. Hurley, M. Sasso, L. Pasquale, K. Tryder, T. Canavan, L. Creilson, S. Martin, S. Metropean 115 1st row — C. Robinson, R. Vitozzi, K. Hennessey, J. Barnes, M. McQuillan, R. Weaver, A. McNabb, 2nd row — S. Germino, S. O ' Neil, P. Simmonds, M. Trenblay, B. Damon, M. Silvia, B. Hayes, Coach Kipnes. Boy’s Basketball 116 Girl’s Basketball 1 st row — N. Specht, P. Smith, L. Fogarty, K. Lord, 2nd row — Coach Yiankes, K. Rasche, S. Annand, E. Burns, W. Finigian, L. Tompkins 1st row — T. Ridgely, K. Guy, L. Surette, K. McFadden, K. Bubar, K. Hoyt, B. Crowe, B. Richardson, Coach Sally Wyle, 2nd row — L. Morris, J. Taylor, K. Dermody, M. Bean, J Moulison, M. Spina y , -4W mmmmm Wrestling 1st row — P. Moda, J. Ridgely, S. Murphy, S. Mahoney, E. Porras, D. Kilpartrick, J. Collins, R. O ' Brien, 2nd row — T. Tannian, P. Casey, J. Parsons, K. Lord, S. Libertini, F. Doherty, L. Rose, 3rd row — M. Phillips, C. McCarthy, D. Pierce, Coach Bell. This page sponsored by Donald Bell and Mike Phillips. Hockey Varsity — K. Delano — capt., H. Batchelder — capt., A. Tompkins, S. Warren, R. Spindler, B. Moore, T. Fuccione, D. Norton, D. Stacey, W. Corbett, R. Marston, C. Kilmarchuk, S. Ring, K. Burke, P. Maguire, H. Beherell, M. Gabrian, S. Douglas, B. Phelan. 121 Indoor Track 1 st row — J. Shaw, T. Comerford, C. Strong, J. O ' Rourke, T. Spina, N. Ladd 2nd row — B. Burt, S. Hylan, C. Peck, L. Tonachel, M. Scarano, T. MacDonald, J. Morrison, J. Gouveia, Asst. Coach — T. Pottle, 3rd Row — Coach Cleary, G. Estes, M. Barnes, J. Sylvestor, M. Spicer, J. Pinkham, P. Gagnon, J. Myers, K. Krzesowski, D. Allen. 122 BASEBALL Front Row (L to R) Bill Hayes, Rob O ' Brien, Co Capt. Kevin Delano, Tom Comerford, Tony Fennel, Coach Frank Carey. Standing Row (L to R) Co Capt. Jack Lupo, Joe O ' Rourke, Mark Tremblay, Jim Dunham, John Wilshere ». v 7 Softball 1st row — N. Gardner, J. Roberts, P. Smith, N. Spect, S. Lastinger, 2nd row Schuman, E. Burns, L. Tompkins, K. Caproni, Coach DeFazio. W. Finigian, D 126 I f r IS Girls Track Coach Bethe McBride L. Morris, K. Lord, M. Bezzarti, D. Connors, M. Spina, T. Ri dgley, J. Jacobson, K. Rasche, M. Avjian, H. Von Sneidern, M. Winham, B. Warren, P. Oest, A. Encarnaceo, S. Annand, J. Shaw, hi. Ladd Tennis Coach Russ Dever 1st row — T. Callahan, M. Heffernan, R. Hansen, J. DiBlasi; 2nd row — Coach Russ Dever, S. Owens, M. Equi, G. Quercia, J. Leonard. 1st row — C. Hull, Y. Encarnacaeo, J. White, C. Angelo, C. MacNeil, K. Tryder, C. Fohlin (V); 2nd row — J. Brown, K. O ' Hotnicky, K. MacNeil, J. Whitney (V), J. Leonard (V), C. Lamont (V), J. Pasquale (V), K. Butler (V), Coach Dave Griggs. 131 SENIOR ACTIVITIES Marcia Allen — Color Guard 9, 1 0, School Newspaper 1 2, Yearbook Staff 1 2 Deborah Amirault — Cross Country 10,11,12 — Capt. 12 — 3 letters, School Newspaper — 11,12 (Student Council Editor 12) Yearbook Staff 12, Student Council 11,12 Secretary Girls Track 1 0, 1 2 Junior Honor Society Honor Soci- ety 11,12 Sheila Annand — Field Hockey 9,10,1 1 ,12, 2 letters, Track 10,1 1 ,12 — Capt. 12 — 2 letters, Yearbook Staff Editor 1 2, Senior T alent Show Prom Commit- tee, Math Team, Basketball 9,10,11,12, — letter Softball 9, Jr. National Honor Society 9, National Honor Society 11,12, Nomination for " Who ' s Who in High School " 12, Member of Y.M.C.A, CPR Certification 9,10,1 1,12 Diane Barabino — Field Hockey 11,12 — 2 letters, Yearbook Staff 1 2, Honor Society Jill Bauer — North Reading Marching Band, Football Cheering 9, Basketball Cheering 9, Rainbow 9,10,1 1,12, Worthy Advisor — January-May David Brandon — Wrestling 1 1 Leona Brashears — Chorus 9, Popsicle 12 Donald Brown — Baseball 9,10 Robert Buck — Science Club 9, Radio Club 9, School Newspaper — Deliber- ator 11,12, National Honor Society, National Merit Scholarship qualifier Christopher Burgess — Band 9,10,11,12, Marching Band 9,10,11,12, Or- chestra Pit for Spring Musical 11, Newspaper Staff 11,12, Radio Show 11, Broadcasting Club 9, Stage Band 9, 1 0, Jazz Ensemble 11,12, Chorus Accom- panyment, Rock Climbing Club 9, Talent Show 9, District Band 9,10,1 1,12, Outstanding Jazz Musician Award 1 1, Master Councilor 1 1, Musicals Yvonne Canuel — Junior Honor Society 9 Kathleen Caproni — Chorus 9, Field Hockey 9,10,11,12 — 2 letters. Basket- ball 9, 1 0, Softball 9, 1 0, 1 1 , 1 2 1 letter School Newspaper — Deliberator 11,12, Yearbook 12, Junior Youth Group 9 (President), Suburban Softball League 10,11, Honor Society 9, National Honor Society 11,12 Denise Carrocino — Yearbook Staff 12, National Junior Honor Society 9, National Honor Society 11,12, Popsicle 12, Who ' s Who Among American High School Students, Basketball Cheerleader 9, Dance Club 11,12 Diane Casey — Football Cheerleader 9,10,1 1,12 — 2 letters. Cheering Certifi- cate 9,10 Mark Chabot — Golf 10 — 1 letter, National Honor Society 9 Lori Coleman — Band 9, Chorus 9, Yearbook 11,12, Newspaper 11,12, SADD 1 1 , Student Council 1 2, Gsher 9, 1 0, 1 1 , NEMDSC 1 2 Lisa Collins — Field Hockey, Yearbook 12 Tom Comerford — Yearbook Staff 12, Audio Visual Aide 9, Freshman Base- ball, Freshman Football, Varsity Baseball 1 0, 1 1 , 12 — 2 letters. Varsity Indoor Track 11,12, — 2 letters Alicia Connolly — Class Secretary 1 0, 1 1 , Class President 1 2, Yearbook Staff — 12, Football Cheering 9, Hockey Cheering 1 1 Lisa Creilson — Cheerleading 9, Basketball 1 0, T rack 1 0, Volleyball 11,12 — 2 letters. Hockey Cheerleader 11 — 1 letter Kris Crabbendam — Soccer 9,10,11,12 Lori Creilson — Jr. National Honor Society 9, Yearbook Staff 12, Indoor Track 10 — 1 letter, Outdoor Track 10 — 1 letter, Cheerleading 9 Bill Damon — Golf 11,12 — 2 letters. Basketball 9,10,11,12 Beth Delorenzo — Powder Puff Football 12, Basketball 9 Debbie Delaney — Football Cheering 9,12 — 1 letter, T rack 1 0, Yearbook 1 2, Basketball Cheering 9,10,1 1,12 — 1 letter Kevin Delano — Football 9, Soccer 11,12 — 2 letters Hockey 1 0, 1 1 , 1 2 — 1 letter — Co. Captain Patricia Dennehy — Marching Band 9,10, School Band 9,10, Easter Seals Swim Program 9,10,11,12, The Deliberator Photographer 1 2 Yearbook Staff Photographer 12 Elected into " Who ' s Who in American High School stu- dents ”, Basketball, 9 Kerrie Despres — Yearbook 9, Physical Fitness Award Frederick Doherty — Audiovisual Group 9, Football, 9,10,1 1,12 — 1 letter, Wrestling, 10,1 1,12 — 3 letters Track 10,1 1 ,12 — Captain — 2 letters Coach Football — Fall of 1982 Kathleen Donegan — Cheerleading 9, Art Certificate 11,12 Renee Dorsey — Yearbook 12, Field Hockey 9, Volleyball 1 1 Caryn Doty — Yearbook Staff 12, Popsicle, National Jr. Honor Society 9, National Honor Society 1 1,12, Who ' s Who Among American High School Students Scott Downey — Football 9,10, Soccer 10, Cross Country 10 132 James Dunham — Wrestling 10 — 1 letter, Baseball 9, 1 0, 1 1 , 1 2 — 2 letters, Soccer 11, 12 — 2 letters Elizabeth Dysart — Yearbook — Jr. Editor 1 1, Editor 12, Masquer ' s Club 9, 10 — Secretary 11,12, Marching Band 9,10,11, Drum Major 1 2, Concert Band 8.10.1 1.12, Chorus9, 10,1 1,12, Stage Band 9,10, Jazz Ensemble 1 l,Choral9, School Musicals Plays 9,10,11,12, Paint Makeup Crew 9, Crew Chief 10.1 1.12, Jr. District Band 9, Music Award 9, Basketball 9 Alicen Encarnacao — Basketball 9, Gymnastics 10,1 1,12, — 3 letters. Year- book 12, Girl Scouts 9,10,11, Soccer 9, Softball 9, Volunteered assistant gymnastic teacher 1 1 David Exum — Football 9, Baseball 9 Peter Exum — Hockey 10 Anthony Fennell — Baseball 9,10,11 — Merits 1 0, 1 1 — Awards 10,11 Mus- tang League Baseball 9, Pony League Baseball 10,1 1 Wanda Finigian — Chorus 9,10,11,12, Band 9,10,11,12, Jazz Ensemble 10.11.12, Marching Band 11,12, Field Hockey 9,10,11,12 — 1 letter. Basket- ball 9, 1 0, 1 1 , 1 2 — 3 letters — Unsung Heroine, Softball 9, 1 0, 1 1 , 1 2 — 3 letters, Yearbook 9,12, Newspaper 12, Popsicle 11,12, Dancing 9,10,11,12, District Chorus 9, National Honor Society 11,12, All star Softball 10,11, Muscular Dystrophy Volunteer Caroline Fohlin — Yearbook 12 — Editor, World Affairs Club 12, Student Council 10,11,12 — Treasurer 12, Regional Student Advisory Council 12, National Jr. Honor Society 9,10, National Honor Society 11,12, Volleyball 11.12, Tennis 10,11,12 — 2 letters, NEMDSC 12 Christine Ford — Cross Country 10,1 1 — 1 letter, Basketball 9,10, Scholar Athlete 9, Field Track 10, Student Council 9,10,1 1,12, School Newspaper 1 1,12 (Editor), Yearbook 12, Junior National Honor Society9, National Honor Society 11,12 Deborah Fuller — Yearbook 9,12, Musicals 9,10,12, Color Guard 9 Nancy Gardner — Field Hockey 9,10,1 1 — 1 letter, Softball 9,10,1 1,12 — 1 letter, Cross Country 12 — 1 letter, Newspaper 12, National Honor Society 11.12 " Who ' s Who of America High School Students 11,12 Deidre Genest — Pep Squad 9, Basketball Scorekeeper 10, Volleyball 11. Newspaper Staff 1 1 , Student Council 10,1 1,12, Yearbook 12, National Junior Honor Society 9, Student Advisor to the School Committee 10 Paula Giannetto — Class President 9,10, Student Council 9,10,11,12 — President 12, Regional Student Advisory Council 11,12, Yearbook Staff 12, Deliberator (school newspaper) 1 1,12, Rep. for Northeast Mass. Division of Student Council 11,12, Rep. for Mass. Association of Student Council 11, Hugh O ' Brien Outstanding Sophomore Heidi Govoni — Pep Club 9, Softball 9 Mark Gracy — Chorus 9, 1 0, 1 1 , 1 2, Masquers Club 9, 1 0, 1 1 , 1 2, Musicals, Plays 9.10.1 1.12, Leads in Musicals plays 1 1,12, Student Council 9 Kyle Griswold — Soccer 10,1 1,12 — 1 letter James Hauck — Band 11,12, Chorus 10,11,12 — 1 letter, Masqueres 9,10,1 1,12, Science Club 9, Plays 10,1 1,12, Musicals 9,10,1 1,12, Marching Band 11,12, Student Council 9,10,11,12, Popsicle 10 William Hayes — Student Council 11,12, Math Team 12, Computer Club 9, Band 9, National Honor Society 1 2, Boy ' s State Delegate 1 983, Cross Country 1 0. 1 1 . 1 2 — 2 letters, Basketball 9, 1 0, 1 1 , 1 2 — 2 letters — Scholar Athlete 9, Baseball 9,10,1 1,12 — 1 letter Jeffrey Heckman — Student Council 9, Hockey 1 1, Soccer 10,1 1,12 Deborah Horan — Field Hockey 1 0, 1 1 , 1 2, — Most Improved Player 10 — 2 letters, Girls Basketball Scorekeeper 9,10,1 1 — 1 letter, Yearbook 12, News- paper 11,12, Girls Softball Scorekeeper 10, Certificates of Merit: Basketball Scorekeeping 9,10, " Who ' s Who Among American High School Students " Katherine Humphrey — Yearbook Staff 12 — Art Editor, Track 10 Cheryl Hurley — Student Council 9, Football Cheering 9, 1 0, 1 1 , 1 2 — 3 letters, Hockey Cheering 10,1 1,12 — All-Star Cheerleader Award 1 1, J.V. Football Capt.l 1 Dana Hylan — Gymnastics 9,10 — 2 Ribbon Awards — 2nd Place — 4th place Richard Jannino — Football 9,1 1,12 — 2 letters Tracey Johnston — Deliberator (School Newspaper) 12 Donna Kaiser —Jr. Honor Society 9,10, Honor Society 11,12, Deliberator 12, Masquer ' s Club 12, Chess Club 12, Math Club 9,12, Basketball 9 — Scholar Athlete 10, Cross Country 10 — Unsung Hero Award 1 1,12 — 2 letters Donna Kerr — Masquer’s Club 10,11,12 Popsicle (literary magazine) 10,1 1,12 play " The miracle worker " 10 Musical “Li ' l Abner " 10 Mass. High School Drama Guild Competition All Star Cast — Regionals 10 Mass. High School Drama Guild Competition, All Star Cast — Semi-Finals 1 0 Masquer ' s Club Sentinel 12 Ken Kevorkian — Football 12 Koren Kiley — Football Cheerleading 9, Basketball Cheerleading 9,10,11, Yearbook Staff 12, Student Council 9 Dan Killpartrick — Football 9,10,11,12 — 1 letter, Wrestling 1 0, 1 1 , 1 2 — 3 letters, Track 10,1 1,12 — 2 letters Scott Knitht — Basketball 9,10, Math Club 12, Student Council 12, National Honor Society 12, Honor Society 9 Michele LaBrecque — Volleyball 1 0, 1 1 , 1 2, Yearbook Staff 12, Class Secretary 12, Pep Squad 9, Basketball Supporter 9 Nancy Ladd — Cheerleading 9, Spring T rack 1 0, 1 1 , 1 2 — 3 letters Capt. 1 2, Volleyball 11,12 — 1 letter, Running Club 9, Student Council 9, Class T reasur- er 10,11,12 Cheri Lamont — Tennis 10,1 1,12 — 3 letters, Yearbook 12, National Junior Honor Society 9 Susan Lastinger — Band 9, Softball 9,10,1 1,12 — Capt 9 MVP award Year- book 12, " Who’s Who Among American High School Students — 1 1 Joella Luke — Yearbook 1 2, Skiing 9,10,11,12 John Lupo — Basketball 9, Baseball 9,10,11,12 — Co-Capt. — 2 letters, Golf 11,12, Hockey 10, Indoor Track 11,12 — 2 letters Nancy Lynch — Student Council President 9, Yearbook Staff, Spring Musical 12, Football Cheerleading 10,11,12 — 3 letters — Capt. 12, Powder Puff Football 11,12, U.S. Cheerleader Achievement Award, " Who ' s Who Among American High School Students " Robert MacLeod — Concert Choir 9, Renassaince Corale 9, Band 9, 1 0, 1 1 , 1 2, Soccer 9, 1 0, District Chorus 9,10,11, Student Council 9, 1 0, 1 1 — T reasurer 9, Marching Band 9,10,11, Musicals 9,10,11, Winterguard 10,11, Baseball 9, Masquer ' s Club — Bus Manager 12, Masquers Club 9,10,1 1,12 Patricia MacMillan — Gymnastics 9, Student Council 9 Lori Mahan — Field Hockey 9, Volleyball 11, Softball 9, Basketball 9,10, Chorus 9,11,12, Play Productions 11,12 Kris Marotta — Field Hockey 11,12, Yearbook 12, Wrestling Scorekeeping 11,12 Charles McCarthy — Football 9,10,1 1,12 — Capt. 12, Wrestling 10,11,12 — Capt. — 1 2 Ann Marie McGilvreay — Honor Society 9, Yearbook 1 2, Student Council 9,12, Early Childhood Development Program 12 John Mitchell — School Newspaper — Managing Editor 1 1 , Executive Editor Kelly Moreira — Musical 9, Field Hockey 9,10,1 1,12 — Capt. — 3 letters, Softball 9,10 — 1 letter, Basketball 9,10 Cindy Morgan — Yearbook 9,12, Field Hockey 9, Cheerleading 9, Student Council 12, Popsicle 12, Newspaper 12 Paul Muise — Baseball 9 Daniel Mundy — Track — Football, J.V. Kathryn Newbem — Cross Country 11—1 letter, Indoor Track 10 — 1 letter, Yearbook 12, Deliberator 12, Honor Society 11,12, Jr. Honor Society 9, Student Council 9,1 1,12, Popsicle 12, Merit Award 9, High Honor Roll 9 Stephanie Nilsson — Cheerleader 9, Pep Squad 9, Softball 9,10,1 1. Perfect Attendance Award — 9 Robert O ' Brien — Basketball 9, Baseball 9,10,11,12 — letter award 11, Wrestling 11,12 — Coaches Award 12 — Best Prospect 1 1 — letter award 1 1 , Golf 10,11,12 — letter award 1 1 , Hockey 1 0, Class Vice President 10,11,12, Archery 9, Student Council 10,11,12, S.A.D.D. 11,12, Talent Show 12 Kathleen O ' Connor — Softball 9, 1 0, 1 1 , Basketball 9, 1 0, Volleyball 11,12 — 1 letter, Yearbook 12, Masquers Club 12, Jr. National Honor Society 9 Stephen O ' Neil — Soccer 1 2, Basketball 9,10,11,12, Golf 1 1 , Baseball 9, 1 0 Joe O’Rourke — Soccer 9, 1 0, 1 1 , 1 2 — Captain, Baseball 9, 1 0, 1 1 , 1 2, Basket- ball 9,10, Track 11,12 Pamela Oest — Field Hockey 9, Softball 9, Cross Country 10,11,12 — Capt. — MVP, Spring Track 10,1 1,12 — 3 letters, Winter Track 10 — 1 letter. Yearbook Staff 12, Student Council 12, Newspaper 12, Math Club 12, Honor Society 11.12, Jr. Honor Society 1 1,12 Janice Pasquale — Football Cheerleading 9 — Capt. Basketball Cheerleading 9 — Capt., 10, Tennis 10,11,12 — 3 letters, Yearbook 12, Student Council 9.12, Cheerleading — Hockey 10 — 1 letter Donald Pierce — Football 9,10,11,12 — 2 letter, Tri-Capt., Wrestling 9,10,1 1,12 — 3 letters — Co. Capt., Talent Show 12 Lisa Pijoan — National Honor Society 1 0, 1 1 , 1 2, Jr. Honor Society 9, Masquers Club — Vice President 9, 1 0, 1 1 , 1 2, Marching Band 9, 1 0, 1 1 , 1 2 , Jazz Ensemble and Stage Band 9,10,1 1,12, Band 9,10,1 1,12, Chorus 9,10,1 1,12, Yearbook Staff 9,10,11,12, Musical Plays 9,10,11,12, School Newspaper 12 Darren Prasinos — Golf Club 9, Baseball 9, Basketball Statistician 11, 12 — 2 letters, Silkscreen Club 9, Student Council 10, Golf Team 1 1,12 — 2 letters, Basketball Statistician, 1 1 , School Newspaper, sportswriter, 1 1 , Sports editor, 12, Yearbook 12, Talent Show 12, Golf Letters, 1 1,12, Submitted articles to Rock Magazines, 11,12, Wrote articles for North Reading Transcript, 11,12, Creator Program Director of School Radio Colette Prevost — Field Hockey 9, Softball, 9,10,12, Volleyball 10,1 1,12 2 letters, Indoor Track 10 — 1 letter Most Dedicated Volleyball Player Award 1981 Most Coachable Volleyball Player Award 1981 Most Improved Softball Player Award 1 979 Jeffery Robinson — Creator, programmer and disc jockey of school radio — " Hollywood Radio " 1 1, Football 10,1 1,12 — 2 letters Football 9, J.V. Hockey 10, Basketball 9 Karen Russo — Field Hockey Manager 9, Yearbook Staff 9, 1 2 Student Coun- cil 9,11,12, Softball, 9 Softball Manager 10,11,12 — 3 letters, Chorus 9 Squirettes 9,10,11 — treasurer, Honor Roll 9,10,11,12 Christopher Sacco — Concert Band 9,10,1 1,12, Marching Band 9,10,1 1 ,12, Jazz Ensemble 11,12, Masquers Club — Head of the light crew (12) Yearbook (Business Manager), Math Team 1 2, Stage Band 9, 1 0, National Honor Society Paul Santos — Yearbook 12, Cross Country 10,12, Bausch Lomb Award Winner, Math Team 12, Student Council 12 Marjorie Sesso — Class Secretary 9, Football Cheering 9,10,1 1,12 — Co- Capt. 9,11, Basketball Cheering 9,10,11 Deborah Schuman — Yearbook Staff 12, Newspaper Staff 12, Math Team 12, National Junior Honor Society 9, National Honor Society 11,12, Cross Coun- try 11,12, Winter Track 10, Softball 9,10,11,12, Basketball 9 Eileen Selfridge — Field Hockey 9, Field Hockey Manager 10, Newspaper Editor 11, Yearbook Staff 12, Prom Committee, Track 10 Jessa Shaw — Class President 1 1, Student Council 9, Yearbook 12, Rock Climbing 9, Jr. National Honor Society 9, Gymnastics 9,10,1 1,12 — Capt., Field Hockey 9 ,10,11,12, Track Field 10,11,12 — Co. Capt., Cape Ann League Field Hockey All-League Award 12 Peter Simonds — Cross Country 1 1 , Basketball 9, 1 0, 1 1 , 1 2, Band 9,10,11,12, Stage Band 9,12, Marching Band 10, Spring Musical 11,12, Masquers Club 11.12, Fall Play 11,12, Yearbook Staff 12, American Legion Boys State 1 1 Pamela Smith — School Newspaper 11,12, Yearbook 12, National Honor Society 11,12, Scholar Athlete Award 1980-81, Best Defense Basketball Award 1980-81, Field Hockey 9,10,11,12, Basketball 9,10,11,12, Softball 9,10,11,12 Barbara Snow — Math Club 9, School Newspaper 1 2, Commendation for the National Merit Scholarship Anthony Spina — Football 9,10, Indoor Track 10,11,12, Outdoor Track 10.11.12, Baseball 9 Debra Steele — Newspaper 9 Christopher Strong — Cross Country 10,11,12, Basketball 9, Baseball 10, Indoor Track 10,11,12, Spring Track 12 Thomas Tannian — Wrestling 11,12 John Thibodeau — Football 9,10,11,12 — Captain Joshua Thomson — Concert Band 9,10,1 1,12, Marching Band 9,10,1 1,12, National Merit Commended Student, Early Release Grade 11 Travelled to Germany Andrew Tompkins — Hockey 9,10,1 1,12, Football 9,10, Basketball 9 Lornna Tompkins — Field Hockey 9,10, Volleyball 11,12, Basketball 9.10.1 1.12, Softball 9,10,1 1,12, Yearbook 12, Math Team 12, National Honor Society 11,12 Melissa Tonachel — Masquer ' s Club 10,11,12, School Newspaper 11,12, Yearbook 12, School Literary Magazine 12 Crystal Tremblay — Student Council 9 Mark Tremblay — Football 9,10,11,12, — 3 letters — M.V.P. 9, Baseball 9,10,11,12 — 1 letter, Basketball 9,10,1 1,12 — 2 letters — M.V.P. 9 Rena T roiano — Field Hockey 9, Track 10, Gymnastics 1 0, 1 1 . 1 2 — 3 letters Student Council 9 — Treasurer, Yearbook 12, Newspaper 12 Robert Tryder — Soccer 10, 1 1,12 — 2 lette rs — MVP Award 9 — Capt. 12, Spring Soccer 9,10,11,12 Andrew Turner — Masquer ' s Club 10,1 1,12, Student Council 11,12, Year- book Staff 12, Cross Country 9,10,1 1,12 — 2 letters — Coaches Award — Capt. 12, Indoor Track 9, Outdoor Track 10, Hockey 10, Masquers Catherine Walsh — Basketball 10 Scott Warren — Hockey 9,10,1 1,12 — 1 letter, Soccer 10 Cindy Young — Field Hockey 9,10, 1 1,12 — 2 letters, Basketball 9, Indoor Track 10 — 1 letter, Yearbook 12, Student Council 12, Early Childhood Development 12, Craft Club 9, Rock Climbing 9 133 is it that me have host that hooh inmocenve a na i nasty ecaase , dhatanita is the hoSS o h anmoceace. and trust ? dhat is to he determined . dome of as are so- mature handhu tehh am om that me cam o me me re nee V • Kf me say love ti t6 a razor that Aeowes tAe soui to Ax eed dome iay Ao-ve it4t a Aucneje e an endless acAtn ■j need d Soaj Zone it is a fAowen Sdnd you it’s on y seed dot never Aeanns to dunce dt ' s tAe dneocm afroud o waAinej that never taJces a eAuwice dt’s t ie one wA won ’t Axe taicen toAo cannot seem to (jive Sdnd tAe sou A afraid of di tAat never Aeams to live Alien tAe ntejAit Aas Axeen and t ie -toad Aas Axeen too Aonej Sdnd you t unA tAat Zone is foe tiie AucA ' ij and tie stnoruj jficst rememixer in tAe winter fan AxeneatA tAe Axitter inow dies tAe seed, tAat uxitA tAe sun in tAe sfinncj, Axeeomes tAe idose. Miss Smith . . . The yearbook staff would like to thank you for the time and effort you put into helping us. Even when you thought we would not make a deadline, you kept your perseverance. We appreciate your dedication. 141 Diane B. Every best wish for your continuing success and happiness. Thanks for being you. Congratulations to all the graduates — especially those in marching band. Good Luck to you all. J. R. Jennifer Smith Contributor: Joseph and Maureen Morgan Richard and Anne Tonachel Wesley and Kathleen Ladd Ronald and Frances Annand Mary Lou Newbern Nancy McLaughlin William E. Butler Max Mueller Jeanne Gagnon Sponsor: Gillette and Barbara Knight Kathleen Amirault John and Andrea Coleman Walter and Rose O’Rourke Paul and Joanna Thibodeau Robert and Marilyn O’Brien David and Beverly Finigian Richard and Marsha Oest Fred K. Bauer and Family Brian and Ellen Smith Bob and Jean Lynch Douglas and Sandra Doty Dr. Mee Chow Hound, w.o.m. Claudia Dardeno Donald and Meredith Turner Robert and Susan Delano Patron: Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Sasso The Encarnacao Family The Country Candy Store Daniel and Josephine Doherty John and Joan Lupo Robert and Constance Bradbury Jacqueline Casey Virginia DeLorenzo Paul and Nancy Horan Eileen’s Mom Joseph Ann e Russo Fred and Nancy Finnemore Gordon and Jean Mills John and Rosemarie Pasquale Francis and Sandra Connolly Ms. Judy Perez Aurther J. Cannon, Jr. Robert Pesce Lloyd Westcott Catherine Birkmaier Mr. Robert Gosse Mrs. Margaret Rache Abdul and Abdella Terri Cappelli r Yesterday had many fears today experienced many tears tomorrow holds so many dreams if all the seniors join a team. The team is formed of love and honor there is no time to run or wander for we are here, but not for long we’ll do our thing, and then we’re gone. So all of you we leave behind do not forget, keep us in mind for soon we’ll go, we will be free to you, to them, a memory. RPM V r v r 80 Main Street North Reading, Mass. “Your Vision Is Our 1 Concern” NORTH READING OPTOMETRIC ASSOCIATION ‘‘Good luck class of 1984” CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1984 BUCKO ' S” SPORTING GOODS, INC. INDIVIDUAL AND TEAMS OUTFITTED 289 MAIN STREET NO. READING, MASS. 01864 J V 144 r Thermal Associates, inc. THERMAL PACKAGING TECHNOLOGY CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1984. “CONFIDENCE CONQUERS, DOUBT DEFEATS” 197 Main Street, P.O. Box 248, No. Reading, MA 01864, U.S.A., 617-664-3342 145 GOOD LUCK SENIORS FROM THE JUNIORS r TZ The Errhre STafF oF The Morih fead i nq H i 92% ’ 3 . JjMMKyjJ iBeSfuOl i 0 {toot a( i 146 r n r To The Class of ’84 — “May you reach all your goals” OLD MILL CARPET CLEANERS 664-4700 Residential-Commercial Do business with your local merchant Compliments of DRAKES BAKERIES Special Thanks to John Norton r Compliments of NORTH READING LUMBER v 147 r CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS Compliments of MONYNIHAN LUMBER V r y r n BEST OF LUCK SENIORS FROM THE SOPHOMORES BEST WISHES to CLASS OF 1984 from CARR’S STATIONER’S 265 Main St. 664-2752 J V 148 CONGRATULATIONS class of 1984 from the members and officers Loyal Order Moose NORTH READING LODGE No. 1511 r CONGRATULATIONS GOOD LUCK Compliments to the SENIORS of BROTHERS North Reading RESTAURANT PIZZA Transcript 2-4 Washington St. 664-4216 CONGRATULATIONS and BEST OF LUCK to the CLASS OF 1984 from KITTY ' S Restaurant and Lounge 1 33 Main St. No. Reading 150 on St u dio , 3 nc. OL photographic Specialists r turn mu Rte. 28, N. Reading 664-5561 J s CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1984 from THE STUDENT COUNCIL V r — » °Jfie netty uU Aeb fo a out J S ' kkS . Hillview Pharmacy 250 Main SL 664-3211 V J ( | CONGRATULATIONS + BEST OF LUCK TO THE SENIORS Mario ' s Pizza and Subs 20 A Main St. No. Reading, MA Tel. 664-8533 151 r v UNIQUE GIFTS FOR ALL OCCASIONS J V GOOD LUCK SENIORS JOE PICANO 664-8503 JOHN BERMANI me cemen cut THE MUSIC PLACE 134 Park St. LESSONS • REPAIRS No. Reading, Mass. NEW USED INSTRUMENTS CONGRATULATIONS GOOD LUCK CLASS OF 1984 1984 a r ICLEANERSJ CONGRATULATIONS FROM CAROUSEL CLEANERS Atlantic Plaza North Reading, Mass. Tel. 664-8026 Catering Chefs PETER SIMONDS MELISSA TONACHEL 664-2687 664-4702 J V r BEST OF LUCK CLASS OF 84 Lil’ Peach GOOD LUCK SENIORS tyldcVJoha’d 664-3148 J V 152 A CROSWELL FUNERAL HOME 19 BOW ST. N.R. TEL. 664-3031 EST. 1912 ELSWORTH CROSWELL, DIRECTOR E. JOHN CROSWELL, DIRECTOR V 153 dd iey a.d ed u not to cdccPe our eyes as we ocdced onto me sun; l s ade t iosc eyes flrcwn em o tconei and c on t ever want to e adone . ddeccm wdiat you- can , wdven you cun yet c ont e ■tWttdte tdse entotwnad reserve anel morud redrount at entoy your yout c , it ' s yeetiny and 1 o ad t its, and in t ie myrioud ’s centradietions you fieuce of mtnd at y dy- ove mt es ier tour d-cy.c 155 d ie afloat » Va d a cen d wo roads diverged in a ye oas wood Sdnd Sarny dd cou d not trave AatA Sdnd pc one trave er, any Sf stood Sdnd AooAed down one as few as Sd cou d ddo wAere it A ent in- tAe underyrauSA ; d Ae n too c tAe otAen as Just as feair, Sdnd Aaniny JienAaJis t ie Aetter c aim , it was yrassy and wanted wear; ddAoayA as fen t iat tAe Jassiny tAere d d worn tAiem read y a eat t ie same; Sdnd AotA t iat monniny eyuad y ay dn eaves no steji Aad troo den due . CA, Sd Aejt tde ferst fen anotAer day ddet Anowiny Aow way eads an to way, d c oa ted ij dd sAou d ever came AaeA . dd sAa Ae te dcny tAis witA a siyA dameadiere ayes and ayes Aenee: ddwo roads diveryed in a wood, and dd dd tooA tAe one ess trave ed Ay, Sdnd tAat Aias made a tAe di ere nee . ddoAert d rast • Winston-Salem HUNTER PUBLISHING COMPANY • North Carolina Guy Garon, Hampton Falls. N H

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