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FLINT MEMORIAL LIBRARY Class of 1 983 It ' s time for me to fly I ' ve got to set myself free That ' s just the way it has to be I know it hurts to say goodbye But now it ' s time for me to fly 2 Table of Contents Dedication Faculty Underclassmen Seniors Senior Activities Clubs Sports page 4 page 7 page 1 9 page 25 page 83 page 1 1 3 page 1 25 HARRY LUCIER 4 It might be said that Mr. Lucier is a teacher in the North Reading High School Science Department but it would be unfair to limit his contribution to the students and faculty in such a fashion. In his quiet, unassuming manner, Mr. Lucier has consistently assisted the Drama Productions by personally constructing a prop for its productions or by providing an antique or a rare prop either from his own resources or from the many antique and thrift shops he canvases as a hobby. He has also served in the capacity of National Honor Society Advisor — each year organizing the selections of candidates and steering the Induction Ceremony and reception so that they are significant and memorable occasions for all those invited to attend. 4 Mr. Lucier ' s diverse interests are not limited to school-related functions. He is a Cum Laude graduate of Boston University and took his Master ' s Degree at Boston State. Interested in a variety of hobbies, he enjoys Classical music, sings with a Barbershop group in his local area, and plays the piano. He has also developed a Historic District of Lions Mouth Area in Amesbury for the historical society and works with residents at Lake Attitash to form a protective association to save the lake from spoilage. Mr. Lucier is also in charge of the Lions Mouth Farm — one of the three remaining working farms in Amesbury. Having grown up on his farm, Mr. Lucier raises sheep, oversees crop management, plays a vital role in the economical and practical aspects of farm life, and has been known to find adoptive homes or provide care for inumerable animals of all breeds, the most notable being " Jimmy " , the llama. Expanding on his knowledge and interest of the environment, Mr. Lucier has also completed a certification as a waste water treatment operator. It is to you, Mr. Lucier, for being the warm, caring, and giving person that you are that we, the Class of 1983, proudly and respectfully dedicate our yearbook. 5 6 Arthur A. Barresi — Vice-Principal Nancy Norton — Secretary Dr. William E. Butler — Principal Shirley Plouff — Secretary 8 Claudia Dardeno — Guidance Counselor Walter Miller — Guidance Counselor Jennifer O ' Brien — Guidance Counselor Raymond Whipple — Mathematics Charles Markham — Mathematics Bethe McBride — Mathematics Robert Pesce — Mathematics George Yianakes — Mathematics i Carl Puglia — Mathematics 9 Eleanor Dell — English Russel Dever — English Fredrick Keyes — English Charles Mague — Reading Raymond Landry — English Linda Welsch — English Robert Pushkar — English Lloyd Wescott — English 10 Robert Gosse — Science Arthur Cannon — Science Richard Kieran — Science Sen Harry Lucier — Science Max Mueller — Science loseph Venti — Foreign Language Margot Girodet — Foreign Language Susan Kerwin — Foreign Language Judy Perez — Home Economics 1 1 Philip Wicky — Social Science John Havice — Social Science Joseph Clarkin — Business Mary Anne Wolf — Social Science William Devin — Business David Cleary — Social Science Leo Richard — Business Ediita Ayer — Business Roy Conway — Social Science 12 Roger Young — Occupational Ed Terri Cappelli — Occupational Ed Harold Weisse — Music Peter Vennard — Industrial Arts Victor Sticklor — Industrial Arts Walter Teal — Industrial Arts Francis Hughs — Art Joan O ' Donnell — Resource Room Ruth White — Resource Room D 1 13 Nancy McLaughin — Physical Education Frank Carey — Physical Education Mildred Canavan — Secretary Athletic Donald Bell — Health Roy Condon — Health Victoria Yablonski — Librarian Stanley Sawler-Food Service Director Judy Thompson — Guidance Secretary 14 Waiter, check please?! Kiss me, I got the signal. I think his lip is stuck. It ' s time for a martini break. Can you identify this well known teacher? If you dare take a picture, I ' l 15 FACULTY WILL DR. BUTLER — solace MR. CLARKIN — high school bookie service MR. BARRESI — a day without excuses MR. DEVIN — his own point spread MISS DARDENO — a hug MR. RICHARD — modesty MR. MILLER — four stars MR. STICKLOR — a twig MRS. O ' BRIEN — a new name plate MR. TEAL — a class full of women MR. DEVER — the presidency MR. VENNARD — an answering service MRS. DELL — a seasons ticket to the theatre MRS. PEREZ — tall jokes MR. KEYES — his own homecoming MR. HUGHES — a faultless numbering system MR. LANDRY — a poem MR. WEISSE — a band that loves to sell cheese MR. PUSHKAR — a years subscription to the N.Y. Times MR. CAREY — a pie MR. WARD — much thanks MISS MCLAUGHLIN — a Willie Nelson album MRS. WELSH — possession of all existing Master Plots MR. BELL — a health club MR. WESCOTT — class full of mammalukes MR. CONDON — a win MR. MAGUE — a book he hasn ' t read MR. WHIPPLE — cotton candy MR. WICKY — chalk MISS MCBRIDE — whinning brats MR. CLEARY — a cheery Monday morning MR. PESCE — free tuition to summer computer camp MR. CONWAY — a class that listens MR. PUGLIA — 1001 unique jokes MR. HAVICE — Atari MR. YIANAKES — a new nickname MS. WOLFF — a fox MR. GOSSE — his own pharmacy MR. VENTI — a duck MR. MARKHAM — A class full of machines MRS. CIRODET — a " heyman " maid MISS YABLONSKY — the Kennedy Library MISS KERWIN — another frog MRS. O ' DONNELL — a day with students who like to ready MR. CANNON — a class of college students MRS. WHITE — sunshine MR. KIERAN — a trolly MRS. EASTON — a different color dot MR. LUCIER — a yearbook MRS. RASCHE — a day without pains MR. MUELLER — advisor of H.D.D.C. MRS. CANAVAN — pom poms MR. YOUNG — a job for every person MRS. NORTON — a day without notices MRS. CAPPELLI — a person for every job MRS. PLOUFF — a day off MRS. AYER — apple fritters MRS. THOMPSON — a secretary I ' m such a good little boy. I ' d eat a pen over school food any day. Would ya just get off my back?! There ' s nothing like brown baggin ' it! Oh please don ' t let her be mad at me. 17 19 24 Big sis mom ' s always there Teddy H.V. wknds H.V. SQR. B-ZON Hoby A.L.G.S. pwease giwis! Beth smurf M.M. )R MS trips Ice cream 5 gallons skating XYVISION SNDY P.M. pizza The Big 107 Discovery! summer ' 82 RNNING CHNSPLNTS voice Oklahoma Leo Dale " TRIUMPH " is " UMPH " + " TRY " . . . Hold on to dreams for if dreams die, life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly ... (ana Why?!!, Soap Aisle Herd, 6-?, C C Hampton Beach, Canobie Lake, . . . Huh Ryalsmobile I an II, Lil ' sis " Di " I ' ve got the Celtics by . . . " All nighters (yawn!) No — Mind Mobile " Wet Summer, Dave?, Darr . . . The Great Dennis, and in line, O ' Tay C.K., M.R., P.C., D.M., P.G., T.O., )L RV SB DD )F AB just like Fat Albert, " Whatsup? " Thanks Mom and Dad for pushing me in the right direction. 1 couldn ' t have done it without you. Special Coke, OFF to College! K. Oc iae nne66ey. Sl n ne yicxxluc e Allyn Bowers — Scty., Sean Hennessey — V. Pres., Diana Murphy — Pres., Kim Woodside — Treas. " Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves. " — Barrie J.F. MKD ).B. K.R. summer 82, Ogunquit Beach, concerts, ski trips, " I ' m a rock " suprise party, cute?? HSC Ruth — a vary special friend. Hello Again, breakfast on the lake, CAW, fral, tl nb ck tc jf dr db Tuesday nights, spirit weeks " wicked excellent to the max! " tennis, gymnastics, Dannielle, Mia, Robyn Cheryl and lenny Thanks Mom and Dad, I Love You! " Two roads diverged in a wood and I, I took the one less travelled by and that has made all the difference. " Robert Frost S.H., R.V., I.D., L.D., I D., E.B., C.W., Atlantic " A Separate Peace " , Piano, Denmark ' 80, Phillips Academy summer ' 82, S.M. M.W. Thanks to Miss D., Mr. Pesce, Mr. Dever, Mrs. Carberry and to my wonderful family for all their love and support. S ' y n : oa)e ' ) 6 34 DAVE, Bonehead, DM, Tom, Paics, “PARTIES " , Montreal, ALL THE GOOD TIMES! NE, BW, PD, PA, KB, JL, Ronni, BR, KP. " You ' ve got to reach high to grasp a rainbow. " Eriends, esp. Kris: Metheun, talks, our trip on Main St., concerts, DB, DS, PL, TS, KL, CH, JOHN, our locker, 71 Cutlass, Elorida, herbs, meat market. Proms, Snow, Drive-in, M, Danny, sailing, laughs and dreams. Senior yr., " Ann " , Kim, Boston, and Good Times, Special thanks to my family. MOM DAD I LOVE YOU! i S ' Z ett There is only one success — to be able to spend your life in your own way. Laughs w Liz, Di — twin? SALT — EIRE! Annie, expl-rt, Wendy, Patti — B CW, Cheering: rallies, Spencer, sp. w. friends: MKD, |G, JE, LM, ME, Marcia " embarrassing moments " , SEIL, pr. Jr. yr: soccer gms, RM , d.l., all-niter, SUMMER — Mdibro., " Solo " , Wash., D.C., m-m-m " nanny " , depression-fits? pig-out! wknds., Bambi, gbs., L D " thanks " , (Love to Dana, Dave, Marcia, Mom Dad) S ' i otH ff t fam S it — True happiness consists not in the multitude of friends But in their worth and value — Jennifer, Steph. — " Dutch " , Janet, Sherri the yrbk, KO McVVong ' s, Winter Guard champs Hull, 81 , 82, LH, TH, SF rifles. Cupcake the mem. DF 10 1-10 3, DC, JS, PS the scarf! A rainy day in |uly, VN SR, LF , SC, SD, Marcia, D.D., RW, Kit ' s, AH, BE, Majets. Friends, Proms, Spirit Week ' 83 Thanx to Mom, Dad, Dennis Cheryl. — Dave — Football, Coach Sverka, Afghan, The Sled, Sprints, Troll, G?, Thanksgiving, Winchester Hospital, ice-cream, needles, Maine, Stoney, silver, BL, FP, BM, JC, DC, BJ, SE " The superior man looks for in himself what the common man looks for in others. " 35 (4 Ji uSan ’Oa awi ' t ' O Do it your own way. It ' s your life, live it! Friends, " tFie crazy times! " Esp. w DM, MM, VN, LD, CD, RV, EC, Gettin ' even, Duster, " Have a nice one! " Hillview C.C. w w ML, )P, RO, DS, PS, DP, S, S, — GDI — " Dingy " , Meadow Brook, Proms, Beach, X-Country, hearts, 10-23-81, D| ' s cottage, " Peanut " , Cutie, D-S, ILUD), The Family — Forever DAVID — November 1, 1981, Led Zep, The Alleys, Bull Pen, Bhaze, Tressel Party, " Ya Know " , Art Major, Lloyds Class, C-wing, When I ' m Bad I ' m Good! And When I ' m Good I ' m Great, LOREVER KRIS! f i S ' . SSi a}( xa a o Bubba, Lani Island, Conn. J.F. Brian 3 17 82, The Congress " Snowy Knights " A.F.A. Bruce Lawtie, Kris, Her, Sul, Le-Le excursions, Swilla, Muffin P.D., P.H., Mrs. C., Lanes End N.H. Ela. 82, N.Y., M.P., F.S. Mic. Lites Caroline, K.L., Good Times, The Cops — Bagged again!! L.B. Caprice, My brother Peter ).B. DAD, MOM — who was always there for me!! AND LIFE GOES ON . . . S . Smile an everlasting smile. Proms, Good friends: Karen, Annette, Kim, Sheila, Annette D., Deb, and Terry. Good times at Hampton Beach, Hojo ' s, A.N. at H.B. Gilford, N.H. — jungle juice, M.E., boat ride, " am I blonde yet? " 9:1, Reading Crowd — Capri, Mac ' s Topsfield — M.I.D. and RC. Skiing — T-bar " hold on! " What a class! Thanks Diane and Billy. Thanks a million Mom and Dad! — I Love You — " I get by with a little help from my friends. " Majets — Denise, Sherri, Robin, Steph, RS, DK, DS, SF, BK, DS, KM Summer ' 82 C.C. Windsurf! Jen — P.B.C. J.R.F.C. Mr. X. — j.T. — Handyman 2GMTA Wanna hear a joke? — T.R. Put. Pan. O.J. StrayCatStrut Friendly ' s H.H. Lanai Island B-Cake The radical Way. Janet Joel. R C getting lost with D S. Boston " Is this the end or is it just the beginning. " 36 Jf; J{. “Dream until your dreams come true " Tyler Perry Montreal 79, Good Friends — BW, DD, )TB, TD, KA, CM, " Everybody ' s got the dues in life comes and the way life goes. " A Special person — Bob Englund, Eor understanding Mom Dad ILY, I ' ll Keep on Rambling . . . " Smile an everlasting Smile " A special friend — Annette ’Junior Prom McGills, Ruin, props w Jess — Spirit Weeks Summer of ' 82, Linda — Lake Good Eriends: Sheila, Jessica Greg (Joe), Squal Dogger, ]P, AC, MC, SE, KV, MD, PA, WATSON, Jane ME, PS, Gug — your memory is everlasting I love You! My special Family, ’most of all ... times with John Beatles, East B.E. Mom-Dad — Turn the Page . . . Bob Seger It c iae The Rope, rafting, Rabbotts, The shack. Late again? 3 or 4, grey ghost, fooling garound. Beck, Atkins, Betts Dominoes, zz, Stewart, and Clapton shows, sand dunes, heat waves, night szims, boat attacks, save the cattle, " where ' s the speaker? " Crab, Mike, yeah — good! )im, Kevin, joey and " gotta go to Malden " , The group, snickers, Lloyd ' s classes, Ralph, " Put a candle in the window " , CREEDENCE S ixa et t S nne y-oam " You only live once, but if you live right, once is enough. " Soccor, Swimming, Nights at McGills, I hate crutches, friends — MC, AT, RM, jC, DD, MD, SM My friend through life — Tim Woburn with Mike, CAW, Canada Cathy — I love you. Flying, Keith Be yourself Andrew, thanks Mom Dad California space ' Mid Pleasure and Places We may Roam . . . space Be it ever so Humble there Is no place like home . . . Family and Friends: Kim, Robin, Cette, Janet, Sherri, Lisa, Cathie, Bethie, Trish, Mona, D D Lil Bro, friends at and from work Big Guy!, Why?! Thanks esp. Mom and Dad 37 The Most beautiful things in life cannot be seen nor heard, they must be felt with the heart. A special friend — Kim — Artichokes, Bow Lake, The Dynamic Duo! Friends are a present you give to yourself! Brian, Bonnie, Sam, Boo-Boo and Gretchen. To my family . . . Thanks for everything I LOVE YOU! Special times with a special person — Phil — " Todays Dreams Are Tomorrows Realities " All my friends esp. NO, PL, NO Friends, )J, MP, SO, )P, HS, )U Marching Band, Winter-Guard CYFI, YB, " Sorta Kinda Maybe " Open Arms, Canada w Nancy Canada 82, KC, DC, WC, DT To Dena and Doreen You two are the best sis ' s I Love You Both Thank-You Mom and Dad I will Love You Always Hockey, Pasqual, Dave, Scott, Steve, Tom, Mark, Concerts BOC and Foghat, AC DC, Cuz ' s house Starrett ' s House, Beaches state bound N.A.S.C. 11 19 82 N.H. Summber, proms — all nite 11 28 81, picked up 78 ' , T.F.F, Lopa ' s, Parties, K.D. rm., Douces Thanks Mom and Dad Most of all — KELLEY — m S Cameron ucA te Good Friends: lean, Pam Ann Gin, It ' s not a party it ' s a thing Wanecta, Ch. 35000, walks with )S Tom ' s house — Journey, A B, Glenn Humma, Jay, LM, CT, JM, snowbound Clubbin, Zoo Mass, Lisa, Chelsea Concerts, Proms, Ann (SWITCH!) Flye Pt. w B, M J, on the rocks Chink Food Aye? A.S.N.A.P.I.W.B. Special Thanks to Elaine John Thaniss Mom Dad, I Love You Most of All, a special person — Rob — 38 Memories. Salibury 82. F. Nat, Richie, Wendy, Red, Tom, Nancy, Kelly, Mike, Joe, Ruth. NBRDMBDCDT. Mud Stompin, tressle. Pit Parties, Party, jack Daniels, Freebird. SledDog, Never ever. Salad Teenage Wasteland, Betty Gritty ' s, Tim. Ma Adams A very special friend Wendlebomer. Heather Boo-Eyes, I love you Ma Pa. LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL. flfcAae fccra SOCCER STATES 82, Ind. track Spr. track, tennis 81 . GOOD FRIENDS — Rob, Tim, Kevin, DD, MD, AT, CT, JM, TO, li, KM, jC, Bj, Kj, AD DB, jr. prom, C, L, I SHEILA, CAMP — P |. the Grave — R M, McGills — gangia So. Pac. Hawaii, Cruise 81, Seabrook Kwaj. Nonna, M R Lisa Marie Critch. Woub., Mus., Mag. SET with T., Special thanks to my very best friends — Mom Dad. S- nn , fc ie e ' (bctHHoy For long you live and high you fly. And smiles you ' ll give and tears you ' ll cry. And all you touch and all you see. Is all you life will ever be . . . Pink Floyd M.R., C.K., S.H., R.M.I., A.T. and " The Deliberator " , M.C. What happened?, B.C. concert chain, 5 10 82 AC DC Bust, H.P. Camping Scott ' s Cove — B.H. and guitar, M.L., Sexy B.M., S.R., D.K., SGD. G., prevaricator L.R. and our excursions, lucky 7 waterslide, waste with )., 9 20 82, " flipping cow burgers " Mom, Dad, Greg. " Live Today — Dream Tomorrow " Good Friends: Pam, Jean, Buzz Cape 81 82 w Pam, Buzz " switch! " Summer 82, Pam ' s dinner, Donna, TS, NF, DB, AE), CE, Jr. Prom, (double D D) SS, Let ' s Blast — Glasses Ice It ' s not a party — it ' s a thing! Showers at D.U. w Jean, concerts " our clothes " Elaine S., snowbound! Toga w T.A., Hampton, chello, C.T., L.B. Special Thanks to mom dad someone very special — ‘Andy 39 Floating down Ipswich. Skiing. The Cat food lady. Corn Harvest. Restaurants w friends. Bike ride to S. Beach. Boat Attacks. Homework? Space Avenger. Atari. 1 1 ;04 and 55 sec. Rabbott Shoe. " What size? " Jenny, Penny, Gerbie. Bike trips to Dad ' s. C.L.P. the Rope. " Fooling-garound " at Atlantic. Produce Pals — ]M, MB, JR, MP, LS, DV. Always remember my teachers. Monopoly games. All my friends, esp. Mike B., Kevin, Mike P., Jim, TCK. " Nothing prevents our being natural so much as the desire to appear so. " BJ — phone, KRMD, " All day " , all that advice, SHDD ' S, PC ' S, MC ' S, impressions. AH, The Carden, JL, The Prom — Thanks Lisa. Sp., " smile " , M, J, BS, rumors, scoffs, " Why not? " , Basektball, S D, T. " Dreams can come true if you want them to bad enough " Football Troll, Sessions, gases. Friends — SE, DL, MC, FP, PO, PS, CT, BJ, JJ, LM, KP, PM, RM, JT, JC, JP — Lanes End — " Oops " — HB, Mike M., PD Seabrook Toga Salisbury, Pete ' s Parties, Mac ' s McGills walk, " Don ' t come in! " — TC Pump, snatching. Prime Cut Chad Mom — Thanks For all your Love and Time, and the Fond memories of my Father — 1 3 72 — Most of All — Tricia, 3 1 1 82 The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say cannot do. Freshmen year, Dreams, Friends, esp. KM, RM, TH, KB, MC, BJ, BM, DC Music, " Spank the Plank. " CCI, N.Y. Going to Calif. Football, 57 , linebacker drills, gasses, sprints, captains practices SAP. Severker Niz. Champ. Fun Day Thanksgiving games. Track, 13 ' 1 ' 2 " " Will I Still Be In Your Eyes and On Your Mind. " 40 Mom + Dad — Sainthood isn ' t easy Marcia — thanks forever, Lee, Rascal, Agatha, HK, Reggin, John Phelps, Nads, Rod, ect.. Pipes, Cigars and the Village People Bass drum — cellmates, DDB, I.M.F. Missions, Treehouse, Mr. Sec., Roach Roof, McBill, Herro Rarry Benise, the scarf, rain in July BB, 10 4, 10 10, 11 23, Babex Philly, FOESAD, Dung Beetles Rage, High knees. The bru Donna " Imagine all the People living for today " — John Lennon MD, JM, JJ, KB, TH, MC, RM, AT, ME, BJ Soccer states LINE UP Beatles Beowolf Crendal Hrothgar Bob by Joe Max Ba(OH 2 Brothers McGills Ricky Ricardo Bonmy J HOWRU JIMMY NAPOLEONE Excuse Me! I caught the snake! Buddies H.C. Memories of Dad Thanks for being their Mom, Deb, El, and Will I LOVE YOU! 3aof 3)aou " Eriends, I will remember you. Think of you. Pray for you. And when another day is through. I ' ll still be friends with you. " Walking home w LD, )D, RV! Trip to NASC — Rose, bus trips: Canada, Wow!, Philly, meets. Huh? RV, LD, JD, WW, EB, SG, RG, SA, SE, EP, TA, my family. Shadow, M J, Explain! 3 2:38-4 to go! C B, cards, donuts! lost, in dark! (HEEP!) Doug, Thanks for being a friend Climb every mountain Eord every stream Follow every rainbow Till ' you find your dream . . . A special friend — Dana — Jr. Prom, " Beatles " , McGills Good friends esp. Sheila, Jess MC, SB, AC, JJ, CT, GQ, PL, ML, LM Summer of ' 82, F.H., Spirit weeks Tubba — U.S.N., Rob -i- Nancy, Andy S.M. — E.B. -F I.V., " The Beefy " Thanks Mom -F Dad 3a u(( 3le6e ti ft no t ott tfoen era fn me 41 ' a n « IfcAe S 9l ' oL Dawn + Dan, 80, 81, 82, 83 Dawn, I Love you. Haggles, “Making fudge " Karate Camp 82 Thanks MA Teaching Kids class Best friend ever Paul, Ricky, Muggy Good luck everyone TANG SOOO!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!! Live today to the fullest because no one promises tomorrow . . . Good friends: Kim, Janet, Jennifer, NA, DB, Sr. Prom 1982, good times w J.C. friendly drive-thru “dead cows in N.H. " MKba Cape Cod Mall truck, balloons, roses Boo-Boo, Mom and Dad, To A special person who changed my life and I will always care for; JAY S e i O keep a Place Apart Within Your Heart For Little Dreams to go. Spencer, Cheerin ' Camp. 2nd, N.E.C.C. L.W. ' s “Goodnight " , Alg 11, Poker, P.C., 3 28-9 82 w Tim, Billy -i- Kim, L.I., Summer 82, Wei rs w Jo-Ann, Marios, Senior Activities, Proms, Class of 83! Jr. Year, laughing w M.L., K.M., K.Y., J.J., J.T., P.S., D.J., — A Very Special Person — Tim “ily " 12 12 81 " K + K " “T.T. " , Thanks Ma -i- Dad for Everything i ' ' o ta ioe fc iaeZ (i i ' Oiwr i “82 " XCountry States Ajax Exchange K.T. P.A. Liberty Bell Eest. Sheraton Rm. 410 Liz Sept. 2nd, 1982 82 Indoor Track 21, Laps To GG! “82 " Out Door 10:56 Octopus Sneakers Motom, Kevin ' s Philophy On Running. Freedom Trail C.P., The Navigator. “South Pacific " A.T. D.C. “81 " Marching Finals. Friends, A.T. D.C. B.M. S.H. K.T. K.D. Mellie Indoor Track Is Back! Life is a road race. Nor fate, nor chance, nor any star commands; Success and failure — naught but your own hands Good Friends — Dave, John, T.H., K.B., M.C., B.J., A.T., J.J., C.T., M.E., J.L., Faz. DeWayne, 18-2 B.B. Cal Champs, Savio, Jeezus, Guppy, 20, Spunky, Soccer States Brian, “Line Up " , " You psyched " , McGills, So. Bio., Bobby Joe, A lunch, Orford Bro, Pitt NJ Camps, Florida 81, B.C., “GOOD NIGHT IRENE " , Special thanks Mom and Dad for all your guidance 42 Friends, especially: Robin, Janette, Janet, Maureen, Sandy, John, Liz, Al, Mona, Cindy, Ed, FJillview friends, esp. Jeff, Marlene " dingy " , Sandy ' s jokes Mur, the blue thing — what is it? Street corners, like fer sure, Snaut! Hawaiian Rainbows — javs Track, GH — definately, no biggie ZZ top LB concert, Coley, DB! Thank you Mom and Dad, and friends. I ' m as free as a bird now. — LS — Going to karate thanks Dan D. Allies playing in the band J.C. M.B. B.S. J.M. S.A. D.H. ect. It ' s been a great 3 years in High School, gonna remember my memories forever. I love Laura R. Thanks Ma and Dad All my friends, especially: Lisa, Robin, Janet, Elizabeth, Mona, Dawn, Maureen, Sandy, Allyn. Summers, vacations, Itabit, It ' s snowing out Sandy ' s jokes. Like — oh my God Totally, Snaut! Harvey Enfield, N.H., C.C., B.C., What? Fer sure! Thank you Mom, Dad, Paul, Cathy, Mike, Sandra, John and Friends Jay Janet — Funhouse Robin Lisa Janette Dawn Lisa B. Sandy Allyn Denise Liz (EBA) Track — Never Gritty ' s — Chris Rainbow Always Jane and Deirdre Summers — CCB and All Eriends. 8 22 82 = SMF JE NE Sais Rien Boston — Shopping Thanx Mom and Mike for your support. Dad You ' re always in my heart. All my love — Jay — Our Father in heaven always knows best. And if you trust in His wisdom your life will be blessed For always remember that whatever betide you. You are never alone for Cod is beside you. All my Love Richie — au Q ' fSco 43 Mom Dad: Always there, thanks Watch your step! 10 31 NEMH Friends I didn ' t know I had. Cheaper by the Dozen, Oklahoma! Nads, Rod, Phelps, Rascal, Eugene E.T.M., N02, Paris; FL Branch Secretary ' s Mission: We did it WW, Spike, Low Brass, ALARM, HEW Ma Bell: Blue Box? I prefere Red. " Theft of communications is a federal offense " DISAVOWED Monday, esp. 6 14 Terri football 1,2,3 Champs 1981, Niz Tilley, Troll, wrestling 1,2,3, friends, TC, FP, SM, SE, MC, KM, B), JT, CM, RJ, DP, " Micks " Fordy ' s Party Talent show 82, Chucks house, kegs, SS, " seabrook with Piercey " " The Pond " camping in New Hampshire, moon dial. Bob White, Storm Troppers, The Patch, C-wing Thanks to Mom Dad, Mokson, Coke " To the class mates the futures uncertain and the is always near " (The Doors) Patty! " Things turn out best for the people who make the best of the way things turn out " DL PO |C B) FP PS )M J] |M DB KV KM TM TR KP JP — Parties B.H. Beverly Football — 80 CAL Champs Sap, Sverker, Turkey day — Capts. + B.S. Baseball — Cal Champs 80-81 81 sect. Champs, Mr. Carey Cym Sessions 5:00 sprints K.T. N.H. W.S. toga, Pete ' s Parties Proms, a special person Stacy Thanx Mom and Dad for everything " There is no substitute for hard work " Thomas Edison I found out the hard way The Taylor Twins, Mark R. Mark " Snap " Pothier, ]M, MS, TS, KM, JS, Cape Cod and the Beach Mobile Scuba Diving, Andy ' s Bieast? Skiing — Kami Kaze Style All my thanks to my family and especially to my parents If it is to be, it is up to me. Friends and the times with them, skiing, Frisbee, Soccer (Masco, Brownie, State) " Boys that ' s horrible. " " On the line. " ; musicals, stage crew, set const; Outward Bound, Traveling; Thanks family for the support and love through the years. l jan ny d a e attic 44 isa foren f to Like a quest who stays too long. Now it ' s finally time to leave . . . New Hampshire, Maine with Lords PH, BO, NG, AMM, SS, Dee do Dee, PL, WC, LT, DH, TP, CC, Tim, the Morgans, Chevelle Sunday cruise. Van Halen, Hockey 9-25-82, M -(- M ' s, )r. High, Atlantic sux Kahlua, Dazed and Confused! Power Mechanics, Dawn ' s party, Lynn Rink Love to my family, baby blues. And most of all, I love you ‘Keith Thank you Mom and Dad Good Luck LD, SG, LG, JD, AB, )D, and LF. The waiting is the Hardest Part . . . Friends, A.C., D.M., J.P., C.M., B.W., Special Friend, Donna Sue, My Friend for life! Proms, Concerts, X-mas parties. The Gang Down the Road, Sudden Blazes, Summer, Beach, wild parties, L B Sis, I LUV U GOOSIE!! April where are you? Most important of all ... — Tommy The years pass so quickly but the memories are forever! Mickey ' s " At the beach " Pizza " True love never runs smooth " So I ' m told. Thanks for being there and Caring Mrs. Dickey Rodger! Always remember the Windt ' s Mom and Dad. Especially RODGER A person who follows the crowd will never be followed by a crowd. " Avoir and Good Luck Class of 83 " Summer Eun of 81 ' w Eddie, VR -t- )B Olds-98, Cuba, The Palace, H ) ' s wed New Yrs. Eve, E. Cambridge. N. End — Maria, Friends: Sue, Val, Steve, DA, LF, GM, HG, LG, Cie, LeeAnne Robin, Prom Court w Dennis. The monster Kitty ' s. Aerosmith concert w Kevin, NY yrs 83 Kane, Sue. Clubbin Bal-a-roue cruise Good times w Friends SC, VR, SD, GM Luv and thanx to Ma, Dad -F Gram 45 “My precious child, I love u and would never leave u. During your times of trial and suffering, when u see only one set of footprints, it was then that I carried. “Thanks Janet: soon. Taboo, outside, concerts — Dress up day. Taxi, the beach, summers, sweet 16, ten. ski? K.R., M.K., Liz Nan: xpl-rb; C.A.W.: Kim: I.O.U., bubbles, Ruth, C.B., N T, C.K., S.C., Thanks MW., M D SHS: j.M. S.M. Co. Martha ' s Vineyard 3 Musketeers “PF " ski! LHS: LF, SB, jC, )V, DK, DD, XG. Soccer “Munks " Hampton “Mr. B " Winnepesaukee NRHS: Rockport Lemmer Sundaes Haunted House P.P. my truck “C M“ O.J. Thanks to everyone who made my one and only year here great! especially, D.A. j.B. the Lunch Bunch! “DUTCH " Thanks Mom Dad sis Bro. Sometimes in confusion I felt so lost and disillusioned Innocent gave me confidence To go up against reality — Rush — To all my friends especially Nancy, Ruth-Anne, and Kathy, Sara, Rachel on Winnipesaukee Staff East, Beach Bound! Hieeee C ruising around Wakefield This is the end . . . my friends — Jim Morrison — — Thanks mon and dad Life is half spent before we know what it is . . . Good friends: Mary-ann, Mrs. Dickey, KT, TS, BK, CN, TF, DM, VN, LF, LM, SF, DA, MS, concerts on the common changes, “hit the swings " Mafia, F Muppy, C. parties, Stoneham, half-days forever! Mr. Devin, Thank you Mom and Dad for always being there: Mark, Michael, and Dennis, you are the best! “Life is nonexistant without trust " Summer “82 " , here — there — everywhere, Texas, the Gulf, Mexico; “WAD " , basketball, again; Special thanks to Mon Dad. Vi- 46 There are places I remember All my life, though some have changed, some forever not for better. Some have gone and some remain, crab, Kev, Keber ' s in hass, Dan and Dawn, Elmer Fudd 42-26-90 Weight Room, Hill Jew, Dell ' s class. Bill N. -(- Greg M. Gang from H.C.C. CD, RO, |H, Mitch, crash, bitch, Moosehill Pit Freebird, Lloyd, Piazza — Most of All )oe, Joanne, Tom, Mom and Dad What you are is God ' s gift to you but what you become is your gift to God. Cheering, South Pacific, Cal, LV, SF, Sails, Summer with Hoopies, Nov. 4, 1981 Friends — San, Dianne, Diz, Diana, Wendy, Ruth, Mary-Ann, Sandy F, K -F John, Miss Kerwin, Miss D., " Lou " , B. Sit, Days, Jr. Prom — JM Freshman Year, My family, Basketball Games, Billy + T, Thank You Mom, Dad, -F Karen — I LOVE YOU Friends: CB, RG, WW, SH, DR, JP, LP, CS, RA, DIZ, DM, DS, (SS) CAT, RB, FRIENC)S. Good Times with " LOU " and " CARN " (THANX) " CB " , BOBBY, SANDY, Ginger, May 27 81 A Special Friend — DAVID — (KOLY), " CJ " Favorite Couple — LISA -F CHRIS Love ya! " BM " Summers of ' 78, 80, 81 , 82 M M Explosion, Sails., PACK, TZ, JN Himalaya, JR. YR., BAND, CANADA — CB Philly Trip — " why? " , ANP81 , JR. PROM BBALL CAL CHAMPS ' 82 " HOORIES " , GR " NECK " , 11 4 81 (R.R.) " SILVER BELLS " , JB THANKS MOM DAD — I LOVE YOU!! {jeyay ( " No one is ever alone who has something good to remember " — Walt Disney " The oasis " — PC, CAW, " Be not afraid " — |C, Fral, ME, breakfast on the lake, CGVKNK, band, Philly, Ajax, Mont., P X, Boston, v-ball, Macs, HSC!, proms AM — shows, C-parties, Fame, French, Special Friends, esp. Kim, Wendy, TL, JF, CB, JG, JM, DR, BW, DS, DS, LP, SS, DC, RC, ... MM Minune, Tom Paul . . . thanks Mum and Dad ILY! " I want to live! " — J.D. " I Am I Said " — Neil " You don ' t die of a broken heart, you just lie down and give up trying " FAME schnapps A.O.H. punk out twilight zone — MC Escher Chicago (Wilmington — 82) Jan. 21, 83 (March 19, 82) Dave, New Years 79 Pt. S. GD. ph, bjo, Im, sm, md, pp, bb, dt porcelain god, chicken, cbn Trudy Alena (BID window Hos. — 8, Thanx, Italy 50-83 LOVE IS NOT 47 Don ' t give up your dreams never leave them behind; find them, make them yours, cherish them and never let them go. friends — Mary Kay, Kim, Lori, Liz, Nan, SH Summers, beach, exi-RB, skiing. Jellybeans, mirror image, soon Tabu, outside? bubbles, concerts, dress-up day, taxi, cc, proms, all night party, tennis, spirit weeks. Cape Cod NH, MD thanks Jennifer Lori for always being there; Mom Dad I love you I ' m Free P.D. K.A. S.A. J.M. A.A. L.R. S.S. C.P. B.R. T.C. MeadowBrook Ozzy Osbourne Live James Marshall Hendrix 1968 Pontiac Tempest D.B. D.C. J.S. The Band Music Madness What ' s up Doc Good bye to All ya people Special friends — Caroline, Patti, Janice, KR, TS, JG, DK, DF, PG, Mark. East Boston, Hyannis weekend, Pitts. w Heidi, The B ' s, Hockey games, HWA — Mrs. M., H B, Vball, TOUCH! — JW, Spirit Week, BC, Da Moovies @LS, Denny ' s — spatch! 4am Fball, Cara ' s letters, Jr. year, " Is it sold out? " moving in stereo, my " accent " . Mad. Park (MJJL P) Great times w Caroline Patti! — a very special thanks to my family — the future is ahead of us we have yet to see where we ' ll go, what we ' ll do in our world — you and me. friends esp. Ann, Jean, Buzz, Labor day at Terry ' s, Lisa, Sandi, Charlie, Jo-Ann AN also. Proms, community clothes, my dinner, F. hockey, D. Girls, Rin W, me Jen, Cape w Ann, talks w BL, Jeans house, laughs w Buzz thanx Ma, Elaine John, Ann ' s parents a special person Dan Baseball — State Champions Phantom Infield, Cigars Basketball — CAL Champs Soccer, " Ya Ready " , Sessions The Crow, Jeezus, Line up! Capt. Clue the Ideas Lemons, Stray Cat Strut Kevin, Mike, and Rob MD, DD, AT, ME, JC Friends Happy Days, JLC Jessa, Red Balloons, 031, Ml 9 Thanks Mom and Dad Also Jeff, Chris, and M 48 a rfc a ef so f Special Joys and Special Places, Special Friends Together, The moments pass so quickly, but the memories last forever, fence Soph. Yr. BxB Bermuda Poppa K-car where outta here, THE GREAT ESCAPE (SAXRC) Flower Maddness, N.H. Black Blue Lakefield Wake Snow Bound S.A. Good Times w Sam! Karen, Micky Leanne, S.S. M.F. E.B. D.M. B.H. P.T. M.C. B.T. AND Always Mom Dad, Gram Gramp. Euge, Rod, Phelps, Nads, J.M., T.H., P.S., D.D., J.J., M.C., M.E., B.J., N.L., R.T., J.L., M.S., K.B., J.M., T.P., " 72 " Malibu ( — fender), Soccor — States 83 ' Thanks David, Tommy, Died 4 times, Hab Challenge, sets McGills, Stray Cats, Rock This Town " FER " 1 Hit List, Raids on Roof Rain, AJAX, Phili, hotel, " Range " Wendy " Somewhere down the road our hearts are going to cross again " I will never forget " Always look to the future " l.M.F. Thankyou Barbara, Mum Dad EL Y. " Everyone is my superior, in that I may learn from them " ME, AT, DD, MD, RH, TH, KB, JH, JO, BT, Soccor States, Brian, Out West J.V. Captain, Ratley Roasta, DK Deliberator, El Salvador Mr. G Mr. Buzz, The General, Politics Hobbies, Judas Priest, Key-Not-A-Button, Ms. Wolff — Liberal Spring Soccor At Concord Bow Lake West Point Thanks Ms. D for all the help! " You are never given a wish without also being given the power to make it come true. " Rainbow — W.A. — Sept. 19, 1981 Grand Officer 1982-1983 Fall Guard, First Rifles Captain, Best Colorguard, W.G. Stop-Stop ' s Go-Go ' s Concert Stupefyin Jones Rainbow Ball I Love You — Brown Eye ' s, Rod, Nads, Euge, Fer, Kevi Thanks to all my friends. Mom, Dad, Tray, Carol 49 It is better to have played and lost than never to have played at all Football " 4| -champs 81-82 Coaches - jap Sverka Chanip Kiones PO, SM, SE, FP, KM, )C, DL, JC, WF, PS, BM, DT, Kim, CB, )T, BL, DP 80 Pumpkin, Snatching-signs MacHugh ' s porch Ma Pa k. F1PSP — six bag ' s Camping Bob A. SBFSH — Libbs — K) B) RJ Thanks Mom -(- Dad " My friends. My friends Never got together again But I love my friends my friends. " . . . Eddie Money — Last one! Yan California I love ya never forget the summers esp. 81 C.O.W.L. Love Those cowboys country music V-ball ' forsure ' ‘Softball CAL champ — 81 — " Hi Guys " Guido KO Great times w friends — Danno EP, BK, DA, SH, DS, KS, JW, CP -t- ‘Sherri To-my-Bros, Sis, Mom -I- Dad Thanks 50 " Every Point of Refuge Has it ' s Price. " Beverly, Drive, Hoop, C.A.L. Champs, Savio, Jeeesus! Beowolf, Soccer- States, Bri, Skip, Line up! Down Rick ' s, Good friends — Rick, John, Dave, Pete, M.D., T.H., M.C., R.M., K.B., S.E. P. w n everywhere! McGill ' s, Party! Growing up with jack, skitrip, How-R-U? B.B. Camp, Mr. Ward, Do you grope? You like ice cream? Sapper E. Marvis, Pittsfield, K.K. Thanks for everything Mom Dad. Kelly Amy and always; Nancy Art Major 1,2,3 and 4. D.T., J.M., S.O., j.M. Horror and Sci-Fi flicks; SPFX. Fangoria ' s, Queens, New York (Nor jersey!). Cliff, Cathy, Dino, Christine, Paula, F.R., S.H. Schaefer X-mas and summer, " cousin ' s apartment " summer. Thanks Mom and Dad for everything you ' ve done. " Now, before we end, and then begin, we ' ll drink a toast to how it ' s been. " — B. Joel. fane Of (S The Greatest Blessing to a Person is a True Friend Special times with my good friends! CN, MM, LF, TS, TF, VN, MA, AM, DK, LH, SM, Mel, jP, HS; Mega Concerts on the Common; YA!!! Summers of 81 , 82; Stopstops Pizza Day; Sept-jan 82, WA Rainbow; Half Days, Sunny Rebbel Henry. Excellant; F. Muppy; Crusin to Caldor, Wakefield, Swings; to Boston; Wicked; Rainbow Ball 82; Sva Ij Wl It ' s been a great time everyone. I ' ll sure miss you all. Now go out to face the worlo, saddened to leave, Good times — Kristos Theo with the boat bees. He and my keyboard. My great french class. Mr. Mueller ' s one-liners. Napoleane ' s hyper. Regrets — I should ' a joined soccer. Na Halloween costume. Sorry I didn ' t get to know y ' all better goodbye, good luck and enjoy " Experience is a high price to pay for knowledge " good times with M.R., S.H., C.K., B.M. study ).M., M.P., M.R., D.T., A.T. Mr. K, D.C., M.D., P.O. Thanks for all the good times with my friends Most of all thanks to my Mom and Dad who have supported me through the time of trial I love you both Football, Sverka, Sap, " Troll " Sessions, Gasline, Sprints Thanksgiving Games, CAL, 80 Baseball, " The Crow " , Stew " Hello " Gym sessions, 5:00, " EASY " )C SE BL PO FP )C BM B) KM BA PA MT Proms, Parties, " Chucky " , Buzzard Breaker 19, " The Lav " Drive Inn ' s, G, Town, The Thumper Thanks Mom and Dad Thanks Mom and Dad And to a very special person Kris (11-28-81) Jo u Je c c Jr. s . ‘Ju f Xf " Where you come from is not nearly as important as where you are going. " Skiing, soccer, sailing, track Greece, Phil, Harold Parker Bee-Lou, Hampton, Canada Phil C. Sean H. Mike R. T.K. Heidi E. J.R. J.T. D.K. My family The future always arrives a little before your ready to give up the past Summer ' 82 Camping ' 81 ' 82 Aye C.C.R. Shrooms, sals ' 82 Diamonds, FLA Opal, T.F., KG party ' s. Trestle, Sno Storms, Center, Wilmgt. house Lunar Eclipse, ' 82 B.G. Rock, Geils ' 80, Pricy ' s, Crystal Lake, Tiny Bubbles, Good friends, Workin at the grave, )r. " High " Days; thanx Cheryl jam., Gabes, l.L.Y. Always, Changes, Movin on. 51 au a K ( . S’ nne ocAe Each moment of the year is its own, a picture which was never seen before and will never be seen again. — Ralph Waldo Emerson Denise, Nancy, Tracy, Kevin, Lisa, M Band Drumline 1-DC RH, WW, DC, DB, LP, SO, LD, RM, SB ' 82, ST, CL, BM, DB, DM, )L, PS, )U (JP) " sound crew " AM HLW DAYDREAMS — EB Sarah Harry Susan Linda ILY — Forever! Mom and Dad, I LOVE YOU BOTH! Good Times in Maine 78-82 )obey, Ricky, Benny, Scott, )ane, Mr. Mrs. C, Mr. Mayhew, Uncle Brade, Thanx to Cliffy Billy, Diana, Ragedy Ann Andy, Tracey, Mr. Keyes Sp. Russell, Mike, Talks w David Vinny, Carol, Baby, Riunite, Tom Jr. Prom, Karen, Pat, Meat Market Water ski, M D ' s Aniv Party Moto-x racing, P.A., D.V., C.M., D.S., S.W., c wing lav, Todd, Krystal, Y.M.C.A. Thanks Mom Dad I.L.Y. " Good times in MAINE " w Joanne, Ricky, Margie, Peter, Jim, Benny Drive-In, 59, Ford, trunk, Kim, Jim, Barb., tent, coat, stump, Weymouth Mike, David, Russell, lost, slide " Tracey " " Bill " 1-4-3, Bob Seger, Cut. " Annette-AFA — " " I Love Your Forever " " Diana " Kim, Ken, Cliff, Rondah, Rob Football, Sandy, W.W.C., Ron, B.L., Rick, " Joan, Joyce " Aliys, Ms. Pac, l-Luv-u Pen, Jo, Trac, always there 4-me " Cruickshanks " Love-Ya all " Thanks Mom Dad I Love You! " The best summers 81 82 Jeepless in Salisbury — Deafening J. Ceils Yo! Railroad Ave. Strong sitting Beach Bound — mercedes Serious? — me? . . . ? Ollie and the Swinger, Rollerskating — in the south Good Times Bad Times Zep And. Wake. Boston — trips Good Friends My best " Buddie " Nancy the SLY N.B. Same as It Ever Was, The Meadow Great Great Times, Lynn Doubling with N M Bagged Labor Day, Georgia Pines 10-31-82 Waking us Snowbound, Seger Night Moves Zep. Thank You, How Many More Times Van Morrison, Brown Eyed Girl All my Love and Thanks to Jed " Dream until your dreams come true " S. Tyler Hockey: ' 82 States, Lynnfield Brawls, Niz. Friends: CT, WC, JB, DM, SW, SB, KM, CM, Ossipee w K.W., UNH, Aerosmith, The Van; Capt., Gritty ' s Reservoir, Jr. Prom w D.W. Florida Bobby Joe W., Beasley, Weekend Madness, P.C. McGill ' s, N.H., AC DC Kegs, N.L. lives on Forever, N.G., P.H., Montreal, 4-20 ' 82: M.R., Angus 1 Thanks Mom and Dad, especially Dawn 52 I . Life Goes On . . . Friends, esp. Deb R., Deb S., “Chris " , Caroline, PL, TP, SS, SL, SS, BW, DV, NF, PA, DO FM, EL, Kathy; journey, AC DC, J. Ceils, Summers of " 81, " 82, Deb ' s, " Ashby " Camping, FHycor, the hill, Montreal,, Munchies, Bad Co., DM, Allies the rats, C-Wing Lav, 2nd per. study, A. Lunch, Meat Market, " Charlie " Ant, Sis, Thanks Ma and Dad for everything! " Billy " friends — MM, AM, SP, RA, MA, RV, ]FW, SM, NP, Dennys, ping pongballs. Summer of " 81 " with Ray. Valentines Day with Tommy 2 14 80. Good Times with PS, BT, and TC. flaky puffs. Twinkles, Kiss 108. Talks with Scott Peters. — Lawrence — , Allnite skates. The Standleys, " B " lunch Summer of “82 " with Kevin Good times with my cousin Jim. Thanks Mom Dad I Love You! Most of all _ KEVIN — Our Life to gather is so precious togather we have grown — we have grown Paul McCartney John Lennon BEATLES Your So special: Keith — Kat fun w Annette and Dana, Hampton, Ruin-Purple Times w Peter N. Andover SH, DF, CB. MUSTANG, NF PO DV J.S.J.C.J.I.J.P. Great times w JOHN Proms, WJ ES McGills East B.F. Maguires KV, GIVE PEACE A CHANCE: JOHN L. GQ — Joe Driving w Dana: HELP! Jenny, Joella thanx Ma Pa r:ZAia Football Sverker Troll Sessions Gas Line " 80 " Champs " Union " Thanksgiving Games Buzzard, Track; Tan Time Friends D.L. F.P. B.M. B.J. B.A. P.S. J.S. L.M. P.S. P.O. J.C. N.J.G. Skiing Cunstock w F.P. M B. Valle ' s R.l. Bound Old Orchad Jr. Prom w Caroline Hampton w J.H., Rexy L at N 6:30 Thanks for everything Mom and Dad Memories should always be cherished — I Love you mom, dad, and Phillip Special friends — Cindy, Brian Jo, SM, PO, SM, SE, FP, CT, DF, AC, ET — Gymnastics, Mr. O., cheerin ' , Mrs. C. Comp 2nd, The GoGo ' s, Proms Pearly greens, summer of ' 81 Spirit weeks, chive in teeth m-golf. Good times in Maine — Bean Chokes, Trash-day, Moe, A special love always too — JIMMY — 53 y Today well-lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness, and every tomorrow a vision of hope. THANX MOM AND DAD, FOR EVERYTHING. LOVE YOU BOTH. " ASHBY " , " MONTREAL " , " WESTEORD " , " KAREN " , D.S., D.R., P.L., S.B., C.T., S.S., M.B., C.M., E.K., D.M., C.M., P.M., K.B., S.L., AC DC OZZ, Good Times, Bad Times I know I ' ve Had My Share . . . Summers 81-82 Parties . . . 2-28, " DREAMS " BAD-CO, ALL OF MY LOVE " DENNIS " 7 12 81 Salisbury 81, 82 The Wall Teenage wasteland SLED-DOG Class of 82 BHAGAVAD-GITA Summer Nights Pit Parties Mud Plopping Shine-A-Moon David K.S. Salad Andover Jeannie Betty Mary-Ann NAT Wendy Marlene Kelly Nancy Michael Maureen Dawn Benny A Special Eriend TOMMY ) NB RD DC MB DT PB )L RL AH Memories of a friend; BILLY Thanx, I Love You MOM DAD Snake, Mapman, Lock the trunk H.P. pick up trash, wrestling 157 states. Dinger, Doggin it Johnny ] Rads, Carol Ginzo Conways 10th Bob A, Beefy C The Big " E " , Moca man, Magills That ' s Nasty, Red Riders, NASC Off Campus, Hockey Games, BUD Cruisin with Barney, Keek Horotious, Devasted, Gogo ' s Crash, we almost made the, P.P. Ski Patrol, KMBJjTCT WC PS )M DP jS KB DF FP AD DB SM PL ST DM TS Wild house parties, the circle. Madness in Montreal, The summer " 82 " and " 81 " , Lauri Shaffer and the parties in Salisbury, New Years Eve in " 81 " , tatoo. Beans, A.C. D.C., The Out Laws, Arowsmith, D.M., N.L., K.O., C.C. and Wardy, Betsy, All my Love forever Nancy " Let ' s have lunch sometime! " Soccer State Tournament Let ' s go Gentlemen. On the line Terrible, no Horrible! Track-Tanning, Porsche C.C.I., Stray Cat Strut, Lemons McGills, 3 Count Curls, Camping Art, Dorn Deluise, Stage crew, Mike, Tim, Jim, Keith, Kevin, B.O.T.M. Cin jes Lor, The chase, Lil Sis DD, MD, AT, ME, PS, CT, ]C, SM, AD, JL, P. Cut Peter Z., L M, Tommy, WBCN, Tropics Thanks Mom Dad C D . I 1 Q 54 1 OXOffCjf, ' t ■ " You only live once, but if you live right once is enough " Class of 83 Cook times w friends Annette, Dana, Tara, S.B. D.T, K.V. K. B. ).j. Cape Cod, Field F3ockey, Camp candy. Spirit Week, Topsfield I caught the snake — D.D. McGillis Ski trips Florida Mt. Mdnck. The snow bank D.S. L. M. K.S., Claudia ).R. Year, Prom — Mike, May 1 Summer 82 Shirl old pal. — S.M. Good luck everyone Thanks to Bob, Mom + Dad " Summer 82 " , The cliffs, Redstone Hockey-States, Starretts parties, H.F. Sundaes, chunkies, s.c. night. Stud, Hymie, Bobbes, cornman. Don ' t forget your soap on a roap Vermont 1 st Buck, " This is the Big one " Thanks to mom Steve, and Dad — Lorraine Soccsr, Baseball, Basketball Cal Champions A. T., M.E., T.H., M.D., D.D., B.J., L.P., S.M., P.S., ).M., |.J., " . . . I ' ve been the king, I ' ve been the clown, now broken wings can ' t hold me down, I ' m free again. " G.L., S.H., M.P. ).M., C.K., M.R., )R, ).L., N.L., M.W., J. M., R.H., D.C., Peg, J.J., K.A., G.E., ).0., S.D., C.S., M.D., Psych, Possum, Falcon Power, " Moped Madness " , Art ' 80- ' 83, Atlantic 2 100, " Dats Bush " , C -F C, Yoda, A)AX, Philly, Mr. Hughes, Hal, C.C.R., Mac. Harro 3 AM, Slopes, Mr. Cleary Thanks Mom Dad " The future ' s uncertain and the end is always near. " — lames Douglas Morrison Bev and Nancy Mr. C ' s with all the gang Ginger — partying w townies Dana, LB, CS, IS, AC, GM, PH, Kath jamming at bonehead ' s, B-ball CAL champs, H-jump 6-2 ' 4 yeha! B.|. ' s class w Bobby, M.M., RR, RS, KS, S|P — MH, MM, DL, KB, Bro. D. Thanx Mom and Dad we ' ve been thru alot 55 ileo ney Partying The summer of ' 82 Salisbury Beach, Good Times Dawn W, RW, BW, RF, CM, SM, MM, HF, NA, MT, PD, CP, JM, DB, JD, DT, SC, R AND R Auto Body, volks Art, Bike, Goodbye Mr. B and believe me Mr. B I was there. " The child is gone from within us. It ' s time to spread our wings — It ' s time to live. " special friends: CF, JL, RT, DS, MICK, SS, NF, CR, Gang down the roas, parties, Montreal, summer ' 79, Art, auras. Sabbath ' 80, " Ay, man " , C + C " Musty " , Aerosmith, Wolf, wkends, Niki, Museum F.A., beach, stones, Impala, Mom and Dad, 7 25 79 All my love, forever. Chip Turn the page, Bella Donna 10th, Lunch, seg, bump Mickey D ' s, R-skating, Skip? Hillvw, wkfid, the Impala Barbizon, 11th, SMU Pat ' s ParSy, G town, AOH Summer 82, Bud, Doors Dl, Hockey T, Winthrop, Prime Rocky 3, Princess Drake Senior Prom, Fred, Tard, T + R Friends — Pat, Kim, VN, MM, LM, CD, LF, TF, SISTER CE — DOUG THANKS MUM + DAD K. i fcAe Dave, John, Mike, Pete, MC, RH, KJ, KV, )T, JS, LM, SS, ST, Deb, SE, DL, SM, SOCCOR 1 22, states. Hoop, coaches: Meaney, Rowntree, Kipnes, Carey Condon, Cleary, Orford, Breakfast at McGills, Round the world, H.D.D.C., Study 3rd Beverly The whole Meaney Eamily Led Zeppelin, Page, Plant, Jones Bonham, Good Times, Bad Times Mad times with Mundy, RM, MM, SS, SA, CP, BR, DH, Mec, Swill, Moe Porsche, Aerosmith, WAAF Blue Oyster Cult, Van Halen Elmer Eudd, Benny Hill The Firecraker Story Pictures at Eleven The Fort, Ramble ON Thanks Ma and Steve, Dad and Maureen 5 6 oO) € fL ' OfSe Z fc iae t Zlotfe Z Dream until your dreams come true . . . cheering, camp, J.V., toga, braid, stroke, punch, sleepover ' s, gymn. Wilm., Suprise, " Swim! " proms, hill bridge, beach, purple, Natalies, lake, letters, I Chalet, Swamp, " I ' m not sleeping in that room! " BWL, " Ouika " , Nov. 19, all-nite I parties, 2 20 80: Bev, Leanne, Deb, ' Vaz, S.B., C.H., K.R., A.R., K.O., 1 N.G., B.O., M.M., P.M., D.T., R.W., Thanx Ma Dad, MOST OF ALL Tim 1 " We ' re all baked not fried " ( Partying summer of ' 82 with Tim, Bob, ( Pete, Dave, Rick, Stephanie, Paul, Paula i " LIZ " D.A.B. Swinger rambler and the van KX 125 Crab ' s field Murph Mitch f Spinn S.M.R.M.R.R.T.).B.S.! The Who. I Led Zep, B.O.C. Van Halen AC DC ( Areosmith Rush Blak. Sabb I ' m gone I from this place " Thanks for everything Mom and Dad " Age is a matter of mind If you don ' t mind It doesn ' t matter — Last words Lanes End — We are family weej if 7 22 81 — Paul and Kelly Always special to me — Debbie and Kathy, Carol — thanks, good friends: LC, )C, SM, AD, DB, CB, MM, RA, PT, Weekends with Sue, |r. Prom — Doug freeze-frame, B-ball, S-ball " ridiculous " , A single rose can be my garden, A single friend my world. Thanks to my family I love you Mom! KAT FRIENDS " California here we come! " )r. Prom, Football Most of all to a man who held my absolute respect and love. To a man I never knew. My father Eugene R. Moreau Good Times with Friends: Linda, Donna, Tracy, Caryn, Becky, )udy, LM, VN, AM, TF, SF, SK, KD, CC, BL, DT, Salisbury — 3 wks. )D, Hymalaya! Summer " 81 " , " 82 " — all night, Sue Cruizing: Reading — Mic Dees, Cpr. Wadfid. — Lake concerts. S M, Stnhm., Malden, Medfa — Woods My Car, I can drive! E. Jarr. Rollerskating — Trios, Couples Softball (HA, HA, HA,) Pitch C. Party — our secret Boston Thanks Mom and Dad 57 Listening to Zeppelin, jamming over Ken ' s, and with the Allies. Gibson Les Paul and Ampeg Amp. Mike, Barry, )oe and Driscoll. " Please, I got to go to Malden. " Von Sticklors class. Clint Eastwood week. Late for Teals with best friend S. Mitchell. " 73 " Cutlass. Wheelers invasion. Crab, Stassen, Paicos, Spinney, Flapper, Bu bba, Haskell, Aims, and Totty. The Fort. All the good-times. Class of " 83 " It ' s time to ramble on. Thanks Ma Dad. Sera mia colpa, se cosi e? Machiavelli Nietzsche, Dostoevsky, Kant Mr. Doke and Tang Soo Do Mac Murrough Abu! M.P., M.R., neurotic Steve, Taylors little Murph, Big guy Fay The Doors, Australia, Duster My family, without whom this would be highly unlikely Q) a rite rnes t r t t " Happiness makes up in height for what it lacks in lenght. " " Barefootin " , camp-togas, punch, hockey cheering, ).V., D1-5, Sandra, Cheryl, Gin, Deb, Vaz, Bev, N.G., B.L., Proms — all nite parties 80-83 car stolen 12 26 80 Lanai Isl. ski. dipping, summer nights, Mich., " ovika " , gr. paint, powder puff, BWL. K-party, snow, bumps, M L, Celeb. TWBAF, AC DC lost. Thanks Mom Dad! Fla. Sue ' 82 MOST OF ALL ‘MARK Football " by Failing to Prepare you are preparing to Fail " Coach Sverka, the troll, Tilley 5 " I still don ' t like Sessions " Turkey Day, were did all these people come from. Friends B), FP, SE, |C, )C, DL, KM, |P Christine, Loup, — TCS it didn ' t make it through sessions N.H. the cottage S), TM. And Anybody I rtiissed not-not forgot, my family, most of all thanks Mom Some time some place we will all meet again. " DAB, " " Led Zeppelin, " " Essex, " " The Boneheads. " " May we all fine peace in our lives. " " To All the Girls. " " lackface, " " The Island, " " Here ' s to a Better life, " " luv n stuff, " " hunting, " " Driving that train. " 58 K f Zc l emHfca i i €€ O f ff OO M i Even as we begin to dream, we begin to succeed. Even as we begin to succeed, we begin to dream again. All my friends esp. DC, NO, PL, and ).). Summer w MIEL, Bets, Comps, Canada w Denise, Winter Color Guard, " George, " Hull-Gingerbread HS. — )0, TDWDTG, LTWA, CYFI?, S, YB, Marching Band, " The Miracle Worker, " Mom, Dad, Sue, Mike — I love you. — Always, Joey The only thing required to get where you want in this world is Life. Robin AC E)C, Lloyd, Henry, Bubbles, Quedo, Benny, Sweezy, Ronni, Jew, Medfa — KB, CB, D, E, S, T, Tl, PB, RR, F. Muppy, The lake. Concerts on the Common, Do you know . . . ? N.H. Bound, Crane, The Dam-Bagged, S. Pond, W. Ski 7mi, R GW, OBSESSIONS, I Love You MOM AND DAD. PA. 0 ’ PP OH r V Love is something special. Something to have and to hold. Always keep it with you, and You ' ll never be alone! special friends: Linda, Traci, Becky, Caryn, Mary, Lisa H., Judy, Tracey, Nancy, Suzi, Marlene, Mandy, LM, DA, SF (Dutch) Johnny, the bus w Kennybugs, Vi madness, Bazink ' s party. Happy Face Tommy! Thanks Chris for helping! Rm. 449 — 2 20 82, and all the wonderful times with S.P.!!!! ‘STEPHEN, I LOVE YOU!! Make every moment of your life worthy of being your last . . . Football Turkey Day 80, 81 CAL Champs 80, SAP Champs; Sverker, Sessions Track All-star 80, 81 12 Kim, Jo-Ann, Dave -i- Judy SE, BJ, JC, FP, DL, KM, DA, ND, RS, DT Nye 82 M-Head ASPATTDWFLRDATSTWCNFTLYC Thanx Mom -I- Dad Family Love you — little Brian — A special person ‘Cindy To live your life your own way . . . To reach for the goals you have set for yourself . . . To be the you that you want to be — That is success. Cape Cod, Tennis team, sailing. Best Times w Best Friends, esp. S, M, ), Skiing, The Hill, Spirit Week, R.S.A.C. w P L, Proms, N.L.T.C., 6:30 A.M. Classes, prep student council teachers, f, s + b-ball games Good Luck Class 83! Special Thanks and Love to Mom and Dad To get where our going it helps to know where you ' re at now; Thanks to all my good friends. Marching Band Rehearsals, Mac ' s, ex concerts, competitions. Plays, Sound Crew, Rainbow, WA May- Sept. " 83 " , MAH., Mears, Church choir. Youth Group, Rainbow Balls, Jr. Prom, Brother Stephen, Little Sis. Carol, Gram, all my love + thanks to Mom -I- Dad O ' 0 )onne ' aru Xm X. anoi tver " Yes, there are two paths you can go by, but in the long run, there ' s still time to change the road your on. " — Led Zeppelin Webster Lake, Summer " 81 " York Beach, S.O.W. with KC B-wing Lav SM, Bev, LM Toot, Enfield, N.H. crusin, stencil. The police, Boston, parties, H.R. 101, " Tuesday " ]M, DC, LH, craziness with KC -t- JN, B.S. Many thanks to Mom -I- Dad! If you lose your dreams you lose your mind UNH, " SWIM! " , Fandm, Wilm-JC LM — Bday 80, FaPr, NY-79 MrC ' s, Nancy, Sandra, Joey KO, WC, LM, PH, MM, LDWE 82-BP Barb — alive in friend Cottage — curtains, Nick ' s Surpized, Camobie Thanx Mom and Dad someone special . . . — Barry — memories — Maine, Salibury great times at D.T. ' s house KO, CC, DF, LM, JR, DS, BW, DT, MW, MM, NF, MS, DM, crazy times, being late Almost doesn ' t count, love to laugh, Free Bird 6 6 82 Tommy I Love You Thanks Mom Dad and Family I Love You all Let the good times Roll. 60 awH Uarte L (uen KfS Pau aicos J " mes S . PPa anxer Danny . . . I will always love you October 16, 1980 — I never forget! Junior Prom, Study Hall Thanx Mom and Dad, Karate Camp ' 82 " Makin ' Fudge " Red Belt — Yeahahi! all the good times we had Friends Forever! " Accept me as I am. Only then, will we discover each other " " But you didn ' t " Boston " Smile a while " Dan ' l Dok ' l 68 Z128 Highway to Hell, AC DC, Aerosmith, Good times. Bad times, DB, SB, PM, SS, jS, SM, KA, so hard to understand — DH, DB, KW (KL) 5th per. madness, Elmer Fudd right Rubbahead, KM, KH, Antons, H.P. Summer 82, Now I ' m Bummin ' " Be of courage and He shall strengthen thine heart " Psalm 27:14 I ' ve come so far, but have so far to go. Regrets and Triumphs, Pain and Pleasure, Great friends: JM, AT, MP, DF, AT, ME, KB, PC, MR, PS, " Dave, can I stay 0 -, " Schizo, val, tennis, ski, laughing, " I am not a lush, " foreign girls, Mcpeople, Lee — I.L.Y., Thanks + Love to Mom, Dad, and Jesus " Wheel in the sky keep on turning. I don ' t know where I ' ll be tomorrow. " Sveker and the other people with the football team. 68 Turkeydays Beach summers of 79, 82. 68 STANG Good People Frank, Dave, L T Patty BO, NG, SE, KP, JC, DC, PA, EP Montreal: Parties and Storms with |T, KM, BONZ, KM, TM, LR, My family MA PA Mary, muf THE FUTURE? I will always remember, T.R. KK CM MC ST DM SS LI PS C wing getting baked " Yoda " " Worm " " Crank Fairy " Baseball Freshmen ball 14 K ' s J.V. ball no hitter MACKA all the parties on weekends Getting busted in Essex Drunk Driving (Bagged) 11-19 82 61 K_ Z fc ia ZPecZ Live, Love, Laugh . . . summers esp. 81 Track, states + relay 52.4, V-ball, V-girls, " TONGA " Swilly wk. ends — Mich. " TANGA” Good laughs + good times Nan, Mdibro, vans, DS, KO foot. + bask, games, " Them guys " JR, spirit weeks, the DOORS All night party, proms p.j. ' s Nbpt. MAC ' S Crane ' s " Willie, " Thanks Mom + Dad Most of all ... FRIENDS I ' ll always remember you. Summers of 81 + 2, Salisbury, Yo!! Col. Apts, s-ball games, friends. Rollerskating Excursions, Strong ' s, The Swinga, Ollie, Wakefield, seniors Miss? And. boston, R.R. Ave, thanks V.N. 5-15-82 Michael Always, July 4th Using My Imagination, Lynn = " GOOD TIMES " Chipper? Christ Yes!! doubling with R -I- J, Labor Day — PARTY! Hysterical at Sebago Lake Me. RSGOM Talking Heads Concert, meadow B.S. Nightmares, 10 31 82, walks at H.P. C.O. at Topsfield, senior year — finally! Memories of my father mes Ja, rmte Gather up your memoires for tomorrows a new day — Dr. Suesse " I really mean it, Barfy. " " What phone bill?! " Euge, Nadds, Rodd, Phelps, Rascle, Barney Marching Band 5, Concert Band — Canada, EH? Our Fearless Leader HLW Scarf Mom Dad — Some Ruff moments but I think you handled it rather well — Tojo ZPAt n " I ' ve been sticklorized. " " Let ' s see action Let ' s see people Let ' s see freedom in the air let ' s see action let ' s see people Let ' s be free and Let ' s see who cares. " Mike, Mike, Mike, Jim, Joe, Paul, Dan, Ricky Xerox Mr. Luce " squealy Dog " Crunch bird 72 Chevelle 53177V 3HL Soccor, Dinga Carey, yogi, " You can ' t always get higher just because you aspire.” you could expire even knowing. Don ' t push the hands, just hang on to the band, and you can dance while your knowledge is growing. " The Who. Sweetheart Plastics, Winstead, Pholones When love is at its best One loves so much That he ' ll never forget. " THE LORDS " , Maine, All the good times with Billy, Dreams, talks with Dee Dee, Jr. Prom, C-wing lav. Dee Dee, Penny, Karen, " David I Love you, " Maryann, Kevin, Karen, my family, esp. Mom and Dad, " I Love ya both " , AND MOST OF ALL " , ♦Billy " I ' LL ALWAYS LOVE YOU " 1-1-82 62 ' ife t ec te e . 7 t fc ret LIVING WELL IS THE BEST REVENGE. Susan, Mad 66 Lemans Tang soo do, Soccer, SC Riley WHO USES LATIN ANYWAY? KN, PO, DS, The Taylor twins The Eantastic I.H.M., Texaco S.O. isn ' t stable, Leonard The BIG GUY, The C-Hey All the previous madmen, Thanks for all the support MOM, DAD, ALBERT, MELISSA " Greatness comes to those with courage and Determination " Skiing, Swilling, Boston Eootball, Sap + Sverka, Track " CMK " , 61, Great Times in N.H. " Hey Smuntie;, K. Parties, SE, JC, )M, BM, B), KM, and all the Good Times with Eriends. Thanks Mom Dad and Most of all DARYL 2 12 82 , (arc " And a bic bic bic yibee " Howdo — Where ' s the base? Disco Parties, Tainted Love lUNIOR WINTER, dirty bird, N.S. Blizzard, snowbound, Chelsea — Richie Rich, Lakefield Wade, PC Cheerin, Hockey games, A.M.l.T.W. Sailing, fencing. Sec. Ag. Mn. 6-9, Jimmy — 123 where dit go? Brad ' s, Eriends Eorever: Diz, Burnz, Cuz ' s, Yib, R.H., Kris, Poo Pat, Lea, Buz ' s, Sam, etc. THANX MOM, AND ALWAYS — MY FAMILY " it wishes were horses then beggars would ride " friends, past ' n ' present Hood School Rd., tainted love, jr winter, ftbllgames, 71 cutlas, disco parties, dirty birds, all night, concerts, sailing, cape cola, j.s. prom, champagne, n, roses drive-in mathew ' s, MAD-LUV, 10 30 82, moments, wishes, dreams thanks, MOM, DAD, ERIC, DANA, love, is hard to come by, XO 1 1 28 82 DAVID XO " Yesterday has been and gone tomorrow will I find the sun or will it rain. " OZZY OSBOURNE Always remember joe M., joe R., jim, BM, MC, MB, SM, DV, Kris joella " 76 " DATSUN, slideways, 2nd gear chirps. Traina your wrong!!! Rush 12 6 82, Jensen vs. Peavey; not too loud!! What? Guild Spymobile, double agent. I ' m not Gearge, I ' m outta here. . . . the famous final scene . . . 63 O) f ercfa xzuSeo- The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do. Hockey 11-3-3 States, Tennis N.S. Champs, Good Friends last forever . . . SPENCE, John P., Pete, Dana, jess, Bubba, C.T., Proms — P.S., McGills, Pete ' s Parties, Togas, Carribean, " One day in the life " — M.J.H., PHEOP. All night parties — (LOU) My family, special thanks to Mom and Dad Watch out where the huskies go and you don ' t eat that yellow snow Frank Zappa Brain Trust Capt. of the Yellow Sub The Shark Talking Heads, David Bowie Joe M. Mark P., M.R. J.L. Anatomy — Mr. Kieran First period breakfast " Donuts " Hi Mom " A friend is someone who dares to dream your dreams with you. " Friends funtimes Janet, Jen, Kim, Liz, CW, SH, MKD, PS, RG The Company, shows, red? no blue the steps, " walk much? " all night rehearsals — fun? PJ-Day, Jellybeans! Senior year. Summers N.H. KN Good harbor. Drive-thru (5) Friendly ' s, Thanks Mom and Dad Spirit Weeks, Spag. Supper, NRHS " Believe in yourself all things are possible. " Dancing Forever. Success comes to those who pay the price in sweat and tears Friends TS, LF, MM, CN, BK, CK Summers at Attitash Midnight Rides, 2nd 4th Iron, the beach shopping w Jeanne, switch (JK, PM, (IS, SS, RK, LJ, Sandy) crunch and munch Susan Thanks Mom Dad You ' re The Greatest " Live Free and High until You die " Always remember the summer of " 82 " with Stephanie! plus the good times partying in H.P. with; Peter, Mike, Dave, Paul, Tim and the gang. H.S. strip!!, 69 CHEVELLE CRASH!!! " Spewick " , of course My Gremlin the " C " wing Storm troopers; D.M., S. 5, D.M., S.M., C.P., " D.A.B. " " Center Bums " ME, Peter and Dennis " Yea Flin HA " I ' m out of here!!! partying in Mikes " Van " , mud flaten Thanks for Everything Mom and Dad , (a.k 64 Hampton Beach " 82 " " We Were Hit? " Marc ' s Datsun (AWESOME), Produce Madness; " In the worst way " , MP, JM, MC, BM, )M, PC, MR, R.E.O. Concerts 81 + 82 ).V. Hockey, Rush Concert " Looked around enough to know your the one I want to go through time with " Jason, I love you All my friends, Mrs. Dell Dribs + T.B., Brothers, Boston Kathys ' stairs. Baby James Trips, Good time to come Yet, There never seems to be enough time to do the things you want to do once you find them — Janice Mom + Dad thanks ■ eter d raiKS kJc( e i " As it was. Then again it will be. And though the course may change sometimes; Ri vers always reach the sea. " R.P. The Ryals mobile! Dead ends, cops in Boston. H. Parker leveled tents. Rock n ' Roll — WAAF, concerts, WHO tickets!? D.J. ing, Zeppelin, Coke Floats (Kunta) Thanks to my parents and to all my friends for putting up with me and being there. " What is, what was, it ' s all the same " Good friends Buzz, Pam, Ann concerts, proms, walks w LB, showers at D.U. (Ann), " our clothes " , let ' s blast (glasses + ice), it ' s not a party it ' s a thing, C.T., Flye Pt. W M, B + B, on the rocks, summer 82! beach, snowbound, cape Colgate weekends! Thanx Mom + Dad and someone special Michael. " School comes and goes but the friends you make are here to stay. " Good luck to all my friends, esp. GQ, CT, JC, SE, JJ, FP, BJ, JM, SM, JT, ME, Soccer 8-4-4, States, Hoop-cal Champs Keg party, toga. The party wagon Fri. nites at Harold Parker Beverly peep show ... A special memory GINA and a lot of love to MOM DAD! K. J la Sln n yJayc t aa a a ma yte 65 ' €€i1 fl . " Self-trust " is the first secret to success. " — Emerson Times w good friends — Lisa Sheila, Silvia — SC, Annette, DK, DB, SL, TO, Eileen -(- RT, esp. Deb — Got a bag? Timed Miles — FEH — Mono. BB practices -(- wins! Nbpt ‘SOFTBALL CAL Champs no. 7. Thanks Coach. " Crampy " Lots of love to my family and thanx to Mom who has her own place in heaven. " If you love something set it free . . . 3 1 82; special times with good friends: Lorraine, Patty, Silvia — MD Lisa and Kathy — ya, I got a bag! Freeze Frame; Summers in Maine and long talks with Pam, and always Bob. B-ball-ha ‘SOFTBALL CAL Champs! To Mom and Dad Thanx! " I needed you " Pumpkin — (4 am) " Two roads diverged in a wood; and I, I took the one less traveled by. And that has made all the difference. " — Robert Frost To all my different friends; DC, LD, WW, RG, JP, DA, SF, DK, Twit, Sue, LP, N.O.L.: l.M.F. Raids, The Scarf, F.O.E.S.A.D. The Solo: Oklahoma! Mousetrap, South Pacific, ‘The Miracle Worker Agatha, Flal, and other great teachers including Mom -I- Dad Late nights, good music. Proms All my love to you, Joan. Coke Adds Life, Dracut trips 4 way, C wing stormouts, (73) Magnum Mopar circle Kega Hampton 140 Aerosmith twice, tyler 1 eight Ball wired Florida summers Partly, Worm, Clay Figure, S.D. R.]., Flapper (nose for?). Center Bums, C.P. (Bone Z) HP Cate Late night Stateez-nailed — Park Cleaners Thanx Mom and Dad . . . Mrs. Burne " Trust in God Believe in yourself. Dare to dream. " — R. Schuller volleyball, " v-girls " , T J, KG, T], exchanges, musicals, proms, MB, c-word. Goo, games, cheering, NA — twin?, track, Tonga, Swilly, " wild " , wkends — mich ' s, Nbpt., Macs, d-in, McGills, Laughs!, spirit week, C.O. Coobs, the Cars, Good Friends Silver Streak — Smith!, summer times, beach, e-moments, mdibro. My Family — Thanks — Dad and Mom. e po ra i Jj, A? j 66 68 Camaro RS, Led Zepp, Plant, 5th period, Wally Gator, Chris, Sully, Bubba, Mundy, Mitchell, LeAnne, Who, AC DC, good times bad times, Aerosmith, madness, ZZ Top, “riding that train " . The Grateful Dead, Iron Maiden. I think I ' m gonna miss it. Special joys — special places special friends together — The moments pass so quickly, but the memories are forever. Liz, Jen, Lou, San, WW, RG, RH more " Them guys " , Oklahoma — " Gertie " , VB — Stewey, circus clowning, W.A. — " I ' ve gotta be me! " , 5 82, weekends w " THOSE PEOPEL " esp. Ft. Mif. Jc — Dale. Miss D Chris, Scott, Binky — many thanx. Thanks Mom Dad — I Love You. " ... a little help fr my friends. " Good friends: DM, ST, TS, Bobber, ]B, BG, Blackey, KB, GQ, SL, Good times: Summer of 82, Crusin for trout. Revere Beach, EHockey, The Cliffs, The Z, My Chevelle, Redstone, bust. Parties in cellar. The office, STVD, Stemmit, EHeimi, Bob, Dog, DM, The EHunter, Liptin with Dave, Rosy, Old Friends: John and Eric, Thanks Mom. DONNA tajtne ne S- ' nn ’ nan Sue, EHornet, EHP, Bfp, Javelin, Candlewood, Maine, Rick Lisa, Peter, Bobby, Paul, Flyne Brian, Tressel, Jag, Voc, Cbevell SS 396, Preformance plus. Exit 20, The Beach. Thanks MA DAD. . . . Better by far you should forget and smile than you should remember and be sad. Caroline, Sue, NA, ND, KL, CB, DC, N.E.C.C. ' 82 — Comp. 2nd place, F H Cheering, Hockey games, 1 3 81, 2 1 7 82 — Greg — Jr. Prom, WCN H.W.A. — Mrs. P., The B ' s, Denny ' s, spatch, da moovies, buses?, B , DD ' s w Cline, Dynamic Duo, Hampton ' 82, Twinkies, Labor Day, P.l. w BB. Thanks Mom — ILY. Special — Dad — your memory remains in my heart . . . 67 There is nothing final between friends . . . Patty, Ann, Sue, Gretchen, LY, KP, Susan, PM, PH, DY Skating — Jenny, Leanne, Kelley, Susan, L.C; The Claw Sophomore Yr., Florida, Revere Beach with Susan, jr. Prom, All Night Party, Dec. 81, “MAINESTREET " cola, Christmas Vacation, Halloween, my family; thanks for everything Mom Dad Friendship is the greatest enrichment that I have found — A.E. Stevenson Judy, Mary-lou, Linda, Caryn, Becky. Red Stone. Wake-lake, — Concerts Summer cruses. Dean, J.D., Medfa, etc . . . Take a Right Pis! Were like this$! Softball, J.V., C.A.L. Champs Baby Sitting Kelly? Beach B-days. JRNY-jew, Bubs, Sue, Ginger whipdish Seniors? GoGo ' s, S.S. Girls Miss D. — Thanks Mom and Dad I love you Both. y The Moon is just the Sun At night Scott — 5-25-82 Kowloon, The Beach “Lis " , M.C., T.C., A.B., G ' S, French Frie Ptr. July 4th, Quarries, AC-DC Zepp, Concerts; Rush Good Times with Leanne, Diz, K.L., C.M., S.L., T.B., P.M., MOE, Sully R.R. camping, Dave ' s wedding, Mnt. snow storms, Blue, Jilly ' s summer of " 80 " — Singing Sands. Proms, 11-4-82, Ozzy, Party At Dawn ' s! MONTREAL BOUND! Ju ¥ The good times are the best times, the bad times fade away. Friends: KM, CS, CT, AW, SB, SF, KL, BW, DV, AC, CF, DM, My friend forever, Nance! The gang down the road, parties, horseshows, 8 15 80 TBM, The Boss, My Family Davy, Summers, Charles I ' ll always miss Mitch! All my love too . . . Richard All Good Things must come to an end. Double Sessions Football Track. Keith Jim Friends. Proms The Beach! Thanks Mom Dad Family X . i c " Far away tFiere in the sunshine are my highest asperations. I may not reach them, but I can look up and see their beauty, believe in them, and try to follow where they lead. " Louisa May Alcott, Diane, Robin, Jennifer, D.M., E.B., D.A., Masquers ' — Shows, backstage, Ms. Pres., " Hey Chic " , C.O.P.S. My family — thanx — I Love You, A very special friend, Robin — Cod Bless. " Whatever the journey may be, the wayfarer must bring to it at least as much as it offers. " Sap, Champy, Sverker FNF Troll, Masco 81, Champs 80 Track 440? Hockey Flop 3-24-82 ATBTWMF Andy M, P, S, F, D2, B2, J Cape 82 Drew ' s Beach — Mobile Thanks, to the greatest Mom Dad and Cara " Life ' s battles won ' t always go to the stronger or faster man, sooner or later the one who wins is the one who thinks he can " Football, Hockey flop, the beast is running. Beach Mobile, D, M, J, M, S, F, B, K, Dave, Tang Soo Do, " Ret have another " " I like rain " Skiing, Scuba, Boss Mark, " So what er you doing, huh? " Great Parents, I ' m ready for the real world, all the way with optimism. S. {(y ce Remember the good times and learn from the bad. I ' ll always remember: Stud, Bobber, Goat, Pappa, Blackie the Pumpkin, The G.P., turboruns. Hockey, and making the states, going fishing, trout, Reading good times in Stud ' s Cellar Lifting in Thirkell ' s gym " Cmon Mark, can you spare it " Thanks for putting up with me Mom and Dad I will always remember: Bog Dog The jew " Can you spare it " Coat, Stud Stem it, " you gut one I can Borrow " PAPA, B.D. SM KB FP IP TR Bj GO MC Good Times Semit ' s cellar, Starrets Party ' s, Libby " Any Trout Around " , Reading, Cruising, Grand Prix, The Black Boat, Does it hurt? lifting always!! Tim and Wayne Beatings, Hockey Navy Bound, Dad, Thanx Mom! 69 in ri aS ' n y erscA Kim JC CT PH HEN PO CM PS JM RS KV SM Punk-Out! Co, Go ' s Zoo Spencer — passout rallys spirit week cheerin capt — 2nd place specs sink B-face E.T. Fla proms party Mike " his Lil ' girl " midge The car died?! N.H. summers Good times w friends All my love to Mom Dad Always a special memory — Wayne — Of all the things which wisdom provides to make life entirely happy, much the greatest is the possesion of friendship. Football Hockey Cheering, Camp, Toga, Braid, Stroke, punch. Chalet-swamp, Help Me! " I ' ll clean it up. " Winter of ' 82, lockers. Proms, Friends esp., Karen, Sandra, Leanne, Sue, K A, C.H., Thanx Ma Dad, Most of All — Bob — Good Friends; DT, )D, DF, SE, JC, AT, ]M, ]], MD, TH, MT, DM, ST, KB, PO, KM, FB, )S, PS, MS Always Remember the Dunhams Trips to Salem Ashby Fake Movies Tracy Rob Riverside CAF Champs in Football, Basketball, Baseball Double Sessions, gym sessions Thanks to my Family Thanx Mom and Dad I Love You And Most Important Lisa If you see someone without a smiles, give him one of yours soccer, shriek. Hockey, states L.F. brawl, scoffs (p.a. 2), Van, Tennis Hona, Buzz Jean, CHELLO, the map " It ' s not a party it ' s a thing " Keek, Trunkkey, P A, lawn show Hampton, Gog ' s, McGills mocaman Buds Michs (P ' s D ' s), the big " E " Crash — we almost made it, p.p. Pete ' s, Beffy C, that ' s nasty, ea ' me PSWCDPMCRMATSLJTKMADSMPL H.C.J. w Kim Thanks Mom Dad Here are the treasures of the heart, that time can ' t take away — The wonderful mementos that can bring back yesterday. Montreal, Summer of 82, Party at Dawn ' s (Bagged), top. Soph, year B B, Flower maddness, K-car we ' re outta here, snow storms. New Hampshire, my knee. Blue Jillys, (S.A.R.C.) The Great Escape, good times w Sheila, Dawn (Diz), M.P., P.T., S.F., K.S., T.B., R.F., Moe. d { m mey d o y Thank you, class of ' 83 For all you have given me Like all the friends Who showed me how to And all my mates Who told me not to For freedom to think And some food for thought And also some other Food I quickly forgot But on you my memories I will not bestow For it is to you All of them I owe. All that we see or seem Is but a dream — Within a dream. Good Times with Friends; Deba, Sue, TA, K A, CH, SS, SM, PH, JT, DB, JL, KM, SE, N T, Gunstock, Parties, )R SR PROM, H.H. w A.C., M.S., " Tweedles " , " Spencer " , Cheerin 81, 82, comp. 2nd E.T., All-N. AT HB, PC, concerts, OH NO! T.F.S., Special Times shared with TOM; ISLY — My Love Thanks to Mom Dad, and my Brothers. — GOOD LUCK 83 — I ' LL MISS YOU! — o ( m Tm a c a Memory is the diary We all carry with us! A special friend Nancy, and friends Ann, ap, SS, pi, cf, DM, Rollerskating, Dancing Sept. 1981 S.B., F.J., M, S M M, jr. prom (double A A) " our car " I, love, you, Guido! D.A.B.; varks; Q; L.Z.; Buddha P.C. ' d at F.S.; Mable; Sm. Italian; Gollum The darkest depths of Mordor KM, KA, DM, I, NG, TP, |ohn Henry — Irving — Bill All my friends: LISA SHERRI ITTABIT MAUREEN lANETTE )ANET JENNIFER SEAN MARLENE ALLYN GLUCKIES + ALL THE V ' s Summers, Vacation, Track, X-Coutnry, Parties, Lanai Island Street corners. Busy roads, Hawaiin Rainbows, DB, WVBK, It ' s snowing out. It ' s in the stars. The blue thing, Shaut, Mur, wutta wocker, like, er-ru-rer-rer-rer, OH MY GOD! Many thanks to friends + family for everything HELP! 71 Dream Until Your Dreams Come True — Aerosmith 9th Grade, MaryAnn — FOLDING Laundry, R. Skating — Ruth-Anne, Penn. ' 80 — Larisa, Suzanne, Art, Soph. yr. Strong ' s — Nancy, Thrills and Spills, Summer 81 !, Mag., WAKEFIELD, Cruising in the Cougar, July 3, Rt. 1 14, Tops., New Years ' 82,Cedardale — Parking Lot Blizzard, — Bob — I LOVE YOU. We are free to go where we wish and to be what we are. — Jonathan Harpswell, Whitefield, J B, MYWE, Italy, Pope JP2, Colby Dance, Philly, SMTCDCCBRGHM M J, Jo, Crow, Jane, District Jazz Ens, Marching Band?? HLW, cornflower, the Choir Loft, Mr. M, HSC!!!, Brothers, skiing, concerts, magic, and Arnold Calfe the Dragon. yeu ' iie ' }( li e ndy S. efsse " Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to make them come true " Plays — Cam., C. By D., OKL., M.T., S.P., M.W., L.A., Dist., I.M.R., M C Band, C.A.W., Fral — P.M. Bos., Barry, Band Rm., T.O., Exch. Con. — Can., Philly, MntrL, Cast P. T. Show Jazz E. , Dreams " 88 " N.H. Lake Q., H.S.C.! F. J.S. Prom, 10 Bio., sports, FRIENDS: L.P. D.S. J.R. D.K. J.M. S.S.2, N.0.2, L.G. S.S. A.M. ROO!!! Forever, all my love to ‘Russell Loving, caring, crying . . . Never ending thanx to Mum Dad, I Luv U! ’(Jadiai a m,fe Friends, Susan, Patti, Nancy, K.R., d.d. w sis Pat, movies L.S., good times w S P, Sue ' s 4 R letters, V-day, F.C. pals PNKJKNDNJCA, Football and Hockey Cheerleading, C. Camp, Spirit Week, rallies and Mrs. C. C.A.L. Cheerin ' Comp. — 2nd place Jr. Prom, best times — Junior year — Bruce 1 1 14 81 Many thanks to my family for all they ' ve done for me 72 14oo I I C la ) c ll m ie au € i ouN jf 4¥oi Good Times, Bad Times, Friends remembered — Let Bad Times Co to Let Good Times Grow — I ' ll never forget my friends and the good times we have together! KB, DD + RP, Parties the Beach, Summers, Led Zepp 1, Mantreal, Thanx Linda, Ed, Thurley. Thanks Ma and Dad ILY. I ' ll always love you — Tommy What lies behind us, and what lies before us, are only tiny matters compared to what lies within us. CA. 79, 81 + 83, Melissa, Bermuda 80, Mexico 82, 7 4, Freybery, Sue B. honey, Sandee, Summer 82, " Snowy nites " , And in the beginning we were friends — Brenda, AFA Stephen, 10 20 80 — 8 16 81 — M.)., excursions, Lani Island, Zombied, Tea, 8551, Instant Karma, Mrs. Dell, Thanx Mum, I.L.Y. ' 2Ro t€r s im ' tarn 73 This page sponsered by Labo Inc. CAMERA SHY The Class of ' 83 would like to take this opportunity to welcome our new school nurse. We thank her for her excellent work this year and wish her all the best in the future. Margaret Rasche Scott Aims Pamela Duff Richard Roberts Kenneth Smith Kenneth Souza Jn (Miam . at iyd % f{ ' aHnyt(y?t le c ass o J383 e s 9(ea soff?(Of i r t ie ioss ( tarn Vaacjf ifori . an . .K lunmori . Si eryone t i oar c aSJ mj a ( f €re i i€rsoH f ati tn s; ui t }i u € come fo fAe)(, aie earn Mxm eacA ofAer oh A Am t eacAi o Aie cjfj oai , recjf a}uA i f A toem oo exc€ i( 0 )U . A! A€ aie fe s iti flecA you n meri ' okYAi oo A fcAeas. ASecaose (oe milis Atom , ute uiouAcA AiAce to (AeoAtca e Aus ac o o Ae memortes. )(oy ancA A tAA wt AA aAoxiiy A e Atouc At o ' ' as ta)( o ' ' oar oyracAaa r sa cAasS . 71 uwtS a yeni e e?iS xn . UKii a (ji ood aKir cer t if Zi a yrm m- u i a Zf f c e f x Kiyc tey sc ioo ye or{6f M fff€i, . le ia a fHm ' Oy a f nm ey sAaiied anyey to anyone. Ae UKii yyato A oy wAatovoy you (Afd y Aey . Aie urns yoooA to Aey yienoii and Aey teaeAey and veyy Ae i u to tAem . d Ae a jus tAe Aest ytend a eyson cou d Aa ve. d%e cou d ta A to ieo de easdi and cou d ta e you tnto Aey con denoe. ddndu ujus ytoiny, ouiny eyson . e a mtss Aey. ” d ee m d ass uy, J382 78 CLASS PROPHECY It all happened about three weeks ago. I had heard about a mysterious gypsy passing through North Reading, who was experienced in the art of Black Magic. Apparently, she could cure ills, cast hexes, predict the future, and perform other supernatural wonders. My curiosity immediately got the better of me and I just had to see her. After all, how often does someone like this pass through North Reading? In fact, how often does anyone even pass through North Reading? I inquired as to where she was staying and learned that she was living in a small tent on the edge of Harold Parker State Forest. Excited, I found a friend to accompany me and we hurried off to see her. When we arrived, we saw the gypsy standing in front of her tent. She went inside her tent, and motioned us to follow. After a few moments of silence, she spoke. “What is your will, my children? " " We would like you to predict our future. Could you possibly tell us what we will be doing in ten years? " " That ' ll be twenty-five bucks cash, up front, uh . . . I mean that will require a donation, please. " We enthusiastically paid her and she then seated us in front of her crystal ball. " Alright, " she said. " Tell me something about yourselves to help me get started. " " Well, we ' re both members of the North Reading High School Class of 1983. " " Okay . . . let ' s see now. My crystal ball is a little bit hazy today, but ... oh yes! Here we have it. You ' re going to be the editor of the Boston Globe, and you, my dear, are going to own a massage parlor. " " What? Where did you come up with something like that? You must have us confused with someone else. " " Aren ' t you Phil Cheverie and Leanne Buczynski? " " No, we ' re not! " " Oh, sorry. I shall try again. You are going to be the vice-president of the United States, and I see you as the President of the League of Women Voters . . . that is if y ou ' re Sean Hennessey and Diana Murphy. Are you? " " No. " " Well ... it says here that Michael Morelli will be the new owner of ANNETTES, where he will employ janette Doucette, and Leanne Murdock will have founded a new program of hockey cheerleaders known as the Boston Bruinettes. Is that of any use to you? " " No. Please keep trying. " " Hmmm . . . Lisa MacDonald will make history by being the only woman to win the Indy 500. Christos Kuliopollis will be the U.S. Ambassador to Greece, and Mechele Pothier will be the Ambassador to France. " Bill Apigian, Jim Crowe and Michael Peck will all be bird doctors sharing an office building next to Susan Barabino ' s branch of Audrey ' s Hideaway. How am I doing? " " Not so hot . . . May we should forget it. " " No, stay still! I ' ll get it. Patti Aloisi and Kris Pucillo will be fashion designers, and working under them, Tim Haynes will create high-fashion underwear. Astronauts Dawn Hayward, Suzanne Frotten and Shelia Sweeney will be in orbit, and Scott Aims will work in a toothpaste company. Susan Barbagallo will be a successful horsetrainer, while Michael Dolan will be a professional marathoner, competing with Bill Mclntire and Moe Doherty. Under the command of General Brad Jones, Kevin Bernier and Steve McKenzie will sweat out the rough army life, while jo-Ann Thompson co-captains the New England Patriots Cheerleaders with ■ Nancy Dolan. Any good? " ' " Not yet. " ' " Ummm ... I see many musically inclined people here. Michael Boucher and Paul Driscoll will be rock stars with their group. The Allies, and David Haskell will form his own one-man band. Tracy Sweeney, Becky Kenty, Mary Ann Morrow, Caryn Noonan and Marlene Avjian will form a Go-Go ' s tribute that will perform at Spit — owned by Mark Riley and Mark Pothier. 1 see John Silvestro, Ruth Gagnon, and Russell Holden all playing with the Boston Pops, which will be conducted by Wendy Weisse. How ' s that? " " Not good enough. " " Well, several groups of people will go into business together. Scott Ellis, Brian Murray and Frank Prusik will own a nautilus , 80 1 club which will be in heavy competition with lack Crielson, Keith Moreau, David Lee, and )immy Panzer ' s rival club, known as Muscles Unlimited. Robert Richardson and Richard Roberts will be co-owners of Auto Parts Plus, where they employ Scott Mitchell and Marc Pruneau. Also, Ken Adinolfi will takeover Kitty ' sand rename it Adinolfi ' s Italian Cusine. There hewill have |oe I Russo, Paula LoChirco, and Susan Fino working as cooks, and Tracy Pisco and Annette Diguilo as hostesses. " " Hey, we haven ' t got all day. ' ’ " Okay, Okay, I ' m trying. Many people will go into business alone. Steve Krysko will own a vegetable shortening company, i Rob Mauceri will make big bucks with his Ferari dealership, Nancy Phinny will own Carousel Cleaners, and Debbie Smith will I own and operate Debbie ' s Donut Shoppe. Also, Bruce Lowthers will run a charm school, Kim McHugh will own a bean factory, and Chris Fuccione will operate the Hillview Country Club. Two people will be huge successes in the food business; frozen food president Susan Swanson will work closely with fried chicken queen Kathy Weaver. " " Yea, but what about ... " " Be patient . . . Oh, I see that the North Reading Fire Department will be booming with recruits from the Class of ' 83. Among the full-fledged firemen and women will be Edith Lord, Donna McDevitt, Ken Souza, and Debbie Timoney. I can also see two men in blue . . . Mark Chabot and Mark White. The High School will also retain many of its former students — who will become teachers. Among them will be Physics teacher Barbara White, Computer Science teacher Lad Dysart, and English instructors and Yearbook Advisors Denise Allen and Sherri Sweetland. Coaching for the Hornets will be Sheila McDonough for field hockey, Kathy Selfridge for softball, and Steven Mahoney for Wrestling. Nancy Allen will serve as the High School ' s cheerleading instructor. Kim Woodsideand Danny Ealle will be co-owners ofa weight loss clinic, Karen Lore and Richard Conchiglia will be co-owners of Pro-Bowl, and Greg Owen will own a hairstyling salon across the street where he will employ Diane Driscoll. Half a mile down from the salon will be the law firm of O ' Connell, O ' Donnell, O ' Neil, and O ' Leary where Nancy, Phil, Nancy and Kim will work. The signs for all of these businesses will be made by commercial artist Stephen Barret. " " How about ... " " I ' m trying. Many people will go into the literary field and become authors. Sandy Galvin and Lisa Garibotto will co-author the ‘ book, I Was a Celtic Groupie. Jamie Perullo will write a book called 10 Easy Ways to Talk to Complete Strangers, Patti Sullivan and Liz Parsons will write the book. How to Have a Loud and Silly Laugh, and Laurie Young will write the book entitled 100 Excuses For Getting Out of Going to School. Several local sports personalities will emerge from the Class of ' 83. Micheal Canavan will be playing for the Bruins, Mike Donovan will be a starting guard for the Celtics, John Leonard will be a tennis pro, ranked third in the country, and Brian Jones will . be the place kicker for the Patriots. There will also be two members of the U.S. Olympic team; Lisa Doran in the Javelin and Karl I Sweetland in the Pole Vault. Several people will have unusual professions — Ally n Bowers will be a public speaker who will travel around the country lecturing at various universitites, Greg Quercia will be a life guard on a cruise ship, Linda Ford will do volunteer work at the I Rehab, and Robin Ventullo will be a playboy bunny. Also, Tommy Culleton, John Mutch, and Mike Crabbendam will work for a male escort service — owned by Peter Salem, Mary Kay Donahue will be a cosmetics saleslady, and Ted Kubierschsky will be ! employed as an auctioneer. Terry Sullivan will be financially independent by collecting alimoney checks from her second husband, John Dilorian. Any luck? " " No. " I " Well, running their own modeling agency will be Mandy Mees, Tracy Flynn and Stephanie Frieswick. Their agency shall produce several famous covergirls and guys such as Karen Vassopolli on the cover of Vogue, Pam Hall on the cover of Mademoiselle, Caroline White on the cover of Pom Pom Digest, Wade Freeman on the cover of Muscle Beach, and Kevin Cullen will become a Cosmopolitian centerfold. Celebrities John Joyce and Patty Henderson will be a hilarious standup comedy team, David Doherty will replace David Letterman on his show, and David Fay and Donna Vadala will become members of the new Saturday Night Live. Also, Sandra Moise will make a guest appearance on Charlie ' s Angels, and Jean Sciretto will star in the situation comedy Three ' s Company. However, the biggest celebrity of the Class of ' 83 will be Andrew Tonachel, who will star in the hit movie " Woody Allen — Man 81 or Myth? " " It ' s getting late. " " Wait — I ' m on a roll ... several people will go into the alcoholic beverages industry. Cheryl Chabot and )oni Richardson will buy a Budweiser factory and rename it Betty ' s Brewery. They will then distribute their product to Mark Starret, new owner of the Stardust Lounge. He will be employing Tom Swenson and Bruce Dellapiana as bartenders, and Scott Thirkell and Dave McLean as bouncers. Marty Tilton and Elizabeth will work in CINDY ' S BROWNIE FACTORY; Penny Lord will work in a bank; David Taylor will be a butler; Kevin Butler will be a tailor; and Ruth Anne Locke will work at Spartan ' s Hardware making keys. Lisa Higgans and Denise Cameron will be co-originators of the new NFL colorguard program. Stephen Lord and Andy Taylor will run the chain store " Lord and Taylor " . Danny Doke will invent a new form of Karate with the help of his wife, Dawn. Judy Rodgers will be a ski instructor; John Meaney will be a psychiatrist, and Micheal Ryals will serve as Don Law ' s replacement. Mike Ciccia will be a professional artist, Mike Equi will be a professor at Harvard, and Diane Kodis will be a boy ' s college basketball recruiter at USC. How ' s that? " " Still haven ' t found us. " " Oh dezr . . . Well the crystal ball says that Bill Standley and Beth Wood will be carpenters, Stephen Owens will be a nuclear physicist, and Jennifer Bartlett will own a yacht club. It also says that John Mitchell is going to be the assistant editor for the National Enquirer and will give his former classmates Janet Glavin and Sandy Flanders jobs as a gossip columnist and a soap opera critic. Lisa Moore will work in North Reading as a veterinarian, and Danny Murphy and Joe Murphy will be lawmakers. Tom McDevitt will own a chain of gas stations and will employ Richard McNeil and John Spinelli as regional managers. Mary Ann Sardina will write poetry for a living; Kenny Smith will own " Snapper ' s Old Age Home " , and Suzy Libertini will be a women ' s rights advocate. Many other alumni from your class will have peculiar occupations. Pam Duff and David Cushing will work in a sofa factory; Caroline McLean will have her own talk show; Dianne Stewart will travel with the Barnum and Baily circus working as a clown, and Diane Silvia will be a professional belly dancer. Well, that has to do it, right? " " Wrong. I think we ' re going to leave. Where ' s our money? " " No, wait! The crystal ball is a little fuzzy, but I am sure 1 can find you. Just be patient ... let me see . . . Scott Spinney and Chris Paicos will be selectmen in North Reading and Nancy Fiorello, Nancy Oliver, Karen Beaumont and Lisa McCoy will work as their secretaries. David Totty will be a sound engineer travelling with a Led Zepplin tribute called " The Boneheads " which will feature Jim Munday on lead guitar. Tara O ' Donnell will be the regional branch manager of Izod; Krissy Rauseo will dance with the Rockettes and Veronica Nee will work at the Regional Health Center as a registered nurse specializing in elbow surgery. Charlie Tiersch will invent a new exercise program that will become so popular, he will get his own television show on channel 5 replacing " The Richard Simmons Show " . Timothy Weeden will work as a gardener, and Leanne Tompkins will model eye makeup for Avon. Both Bev O ' Toole and Nancy Geradi will become nuns; Dana Bowman and Jessi Luke will revive the Beatles fan club; Ann Connor will run a driving school located in North Reading; Mona Patal and Hugo Deau will work in a travel agency. Also, Janet Dupplissa will work for Xerox Computers, and Jennifer Foley will own the Edelweiss Gift Shoppe. Well that ' s everyone, so I must have included you both by now. " " No, you missed us both. " " Well, what are your names? " " Joe McNabb and Sue Halucha. " " Let me check again . . . Oh yes, now I know why I couldn ' t see you in the future. You will have moved far, far away . . . Brazil to be specific. " " Why there? " " I ' m not exactly sure, but is has something to do with being chased out of the country by a mob of angry students. Yeah, something about them not liking what you wrote in a yearbook ... " 82 83 1 1 SPIRIT WEEK Smile, your on candid camera. SPAGHETTI SUPPER Aren ' t you glad you used Dial? Go fishing? Get your bait here! Like my new hairdo? Go away, you bother me. She ' s got it! Gag me with axle grease TALENT SHOW Our fearless leaders They ' ll do anything for attention! Does anyone know the words? And here ' s my friend Melvin Let go of my Eggol! 88 COSTUME DAY WHO ' S WHO IN THE CLASS OF 1983 Best Sense of Humor Sandy Flanders John Joyce Friendliest Patti Aloisi Sherri Sweetland Jamie Perullo Most Talkative Janet Glavin John Meaney Most Bashful Sandy Galvin Kevin Cullen Most Gulible Linda Ford David Lee Most Liberated Sue Libertini Andrew Tonachel Best Personality Mary Ann Morrow Jack Creilson Best Athlete Kathy Selfridge David Lee Best Artist Kathy Weaver Michael Ciccia Best Actress-Actor Wendy Weisse David Cushing Best Musician Barbara White Russell FHolden Best Dressed Susan Barabino Peter Salem Class Prep Tara O ' Donnell Greg Quercia Class Brownie Cindy Brown Marty Tilton : Class Clown Caroline Maclean David Doherty XIass Diz Jean Marie Sciretto Mark Riley i Class Optimist Kris Pucillo Steven McKenzie XIass Scholar 1 Barbara White Mike Equi Class Couple 1 Dawn Owen Danny Doke XIass Flirt ' 1 Joanne Thompson Peter Salem 1 Guys ' Girl — Girls ' Guy Karen Vasipolli Scott Ellis Erank Prusik Cutest i Kim McHugh Kevin Butler Sexiest Sheila Sweeney Frank Prusik Best Looking Terry Sullivan Joe McNabb Most Spirited Susan Halucha Charlie Tiersch Most Likely to Succeed Denise Allen Tim Haynes Done Most for Class Diana Murphy Sean Hennessey 93 CLASS WILL We the class of 1 983, being of almost legal age and semi-sound mind, do hereby proclaim our Will and Testament. We humbly request our execu- tioner, Dr. William E. Butler, to pay for any bills, losses or damages that our class may have imposed upon North Reading High. The following effects have been issued to each member with no malice or defamation of charac- ter intended. Kenneth Adinolfi — a chance to be last Scott Aims — toothpaste Denise Allen — her acceptance to U of Penn. Nancy Allen — Mall Drugs Patricia Aloisi — a hand to hold William Apigian — an isolated locker Marlene Avijian — a name easy to pronounce Susan Barabino — grubby clothes Stephen Barrett — 25 pounds Jennifer Bartlett — the Cape, a windsurfer and a guy Karen Beaumont — a never ending flow of cash Kevin Bernier — an unbreakable leg Micheal Boucher — an alley Allyn Bowers — a voice Dana Bowman — a security blanket and a punching bag Cindy Brown — more brownie points Elizabeth Brown — a new toy for P.J. day Leanne Buczynski — her nickname Kevin Butler — Doucette ' s Anchor Denise Cameron — a flag Michael Canavan — a can of? Cheryl Chabot — J. Danials and Snoopy Philip Cheverie — a deliberator Michael Cicca — his own art studio Richard Conchiglia — Leland Rd. Ann Connor — a safe trip through the center Michael Crabbendam — an alarm clock John Creilson — a decision James Crowe — a bird Kevin Cullen — a microphone Thomas Culleton — his own cartoon David Cushing — a long red scarf and a rainy day Hugo Daou — everything that the United States has to offer Annette Digiulio — a fire hydrant David Doherty — a serious moment Maureen Doherty — an explanation for everything Daniel Doke — a life with Dawn Michael Dolan — first place in the Boston Marathon Nancy Dolan — a lion that agrees Mary Kay Donahoe — a telescope Michael Donovan — a one way ticket to Harlem Lisa Doran — a check that doesn ' t bounce Janette Doucette — a day without telling someone to shut up Diane Driscoll — a car that runs right Paul Driscoll — his own recording studio Pamela Duff — ' 66 Black Jaguar Janet Duplissa — a bad mark in any class Lawrence Dysart — the Tandy Corperation Scott Ellis — an endless season of baseball Michael Equi — his own ambulance service Daniel Falle — herbs David Fay — his own party Susan Fino — a song she doesn ' t like Nancy Fiorello — her wedding day Lisa Fiorentino — another gold necklace and four wheels Sandra Flanders — a life ' s subscription to soap magazines Tracy Flynn — her own fashion show Jennifer Foley — straight hair and blue eyes Linda Ford — downers Wade Freeman — his own jacket Stephanie Frieswick — a permission slip to graduate signed by foreigners Suzanne Frotten — Jim Morrison Christopher Fuccione — Hillview Country Club Ruth Gagnon — Main Sandra Calvin — a chance to score for the Boston Celtics Lisa Garibotto — ownership of the Boston Celtics Nancy Gerardi — a hopechest Janet Glavin — a muzzle Pamela Hall — her own hair salon Susan Halucha — a seasons pass to the Bruins locker room David Haskell — a bigger wallet Timothy Haynes — something he doesn ' t know already Dawn Hayward — a dizzy angel Patricia Henderson — some school spirit Sean Hennessey — a safe bet in a football game Lisa Higgins — a Trans-am from Daddy Russel Holden — a harem Brad Jones — command general of his own army Brian Jones — a head cheerleader John Joyce — a new book of jokes Rebecca Kenty — a $1000 dollar shopping spree in New York Diane Kodis — MacWongs and a cowboy Stephen Krysko — his own horror movie Detlev Kubiersky — his own planet Christos Kuliopulos — a simple last name David Lee — a sport he can ' t play John Leonard — a depressant Suzanne Libertini — a Z28 to take her to the sunshine in California Paula LoChirco — a life full of joy Karen LoRe — her own bowling alley Ruth Ann Locke — The Pomme de Terre Edith Lord — Maine Penny Lord — a neat market Stephen Lord — a parrot Bruce Lowthers — another four inches Jessica Luke — Paul McCarthy Lisa McDonald — part ownership in Readings McDonalds Kimberly MacHugh — the LP " Lead Me On " by Maxine Nightengale Caroline MacClean — a matching Z28 Steven Mahoney — a spot on a professional wrestling team 94 Robert Mauceri — Aphrodite Lisa McCoy — a Hatfield fued Donna McDevitt — a dog sled built for two Thomas McDevitt — directions to school Sheila McDonough — homemade grape popsicles William Mclntire — first place with a six pack of coke and a package of twinkes Steven McKenzie — a tryout wtih the Cosmos David McLean — an embraceable ewe Richard McNeil — Citco joeseph McNabb — another hat )ohn Meaney — a book for all his memories Amanda Mees — more health foods for lunch Kathy Miller — her junior year John Mitchell — his own debating team Scott Mitchell — 930 turbo porche Sandra Moise — a lifejacket Lisa Moore — her very own softball team Keith Moreau — a summer vacation in California Michael Morel I i — a motorcycle Mary-Ann Morrow — a sad moment James Mundy — a comb and a mirror Leanne Murdock — a day without a complaint Daniel Murphy — the Deer Hunter Diana Murphy — a day off Joseph Murphy — a book of 1001 famous quotes Brian Murray — living color John Mutch — a French movie Veronica Nee — An engagement ring Caryn Noonan — a day without Becky Nancy O ' Connell — a bunny rabbit Philip O ' Donnell — another sack Tara O ' Donnell — a live alligator sewn to her shirt Nancy O ' Neil — her own sound crew Beverly O ' Toole — a full week of school Kim O ' Leary — publicity Nancy Oliver — two days in school Dawn Owen — a life with Danny Greg Owen — nonsuspendible license Stephen Owens — help Christopher Paicos — a paint job James Panzer — a whole car Elizabeth Parsons — something to laugh about Mona Patel — India Michael Peck — a 10 Jamie Perullo — peace, love and granola Nancy Phinney — a ' 74 Dodge Polara Tracey Pisco — The Lord Mark Pothier — his own gas station Mechele Pothier — an illness she hasn ' t gotten yet Marc Pruneau — something he cares about Frank Prusik — rollerskates Kristine Pucillo — her own style of designing " LEES " Greg Quercia — a pair of socks Kristina Rauseo — a dance studio Joni Richardson — one more chance Robert Richardson — a drive-in with the right girl Mark Riley — sawdust Richard Roberts — two last name s Judy Rodgers — all the guys at Atatash Joseph Russo — a raise Michael Ryals — a group he hasn ' t seen in concert Peter Salem — a modest personality Mary Ann Sardina — a new boss Jean-Marie Sciretto — a concept of reality Kathleen Selfridge — a sport she doesn ' t know how to play John Silvestro — a shorter scarf Diane Silvia — a report card without an A Deborah Smith — Mr. Donut Kenneth Smith — a uncommon last name Kenneth Souza — a girlfriend named Barbie John Spinelli — a math book Scott Spinney — a new car William Standley — a facial expression Mark Starett — a real car Dianne Stewart — a clown in Rigling Bros. Circus Patricia Sullivan — a pink mustang and a no fuss hairdo Theresa Sullivan — a Harvard man Susan Swanson — Richie Sheila Sweeney — a house call Tracy Sweeney — bunny ears Karl Sweetland — a free visit to the chiropractor Sherri Sweetland — the real thing, not just a C.O.P.S. Thomas Swenson — a sweedish girlfriend Andrew Taylor — a mistake David Taylor — a football Scott Thirkell — table, table, table Jo-Ann Thompson — a new " knew " Charles Tiersch — a box of cigars Martin Tilton — Betty Crocker Deluxe Brownie Mix Deborah Timoney — a megaphone Leanne Thomkins — another trip to Canada Andrew Tonachel — a pet whale David Totty — crunch cabbage salad Donna Vadala — a chance to go on the Gong Show Karen Vasapolli — a nonviolent relationship Robin Ventullo — a bunny and a day without being called D.B. Kathryn Weaver — a million dollars Timothy Weeden — a mop that works year rouund Wendy Wiesse — a Tony Award for many great performances Barbara White — a solo with the Boston Pops Caroline White — a beauty salon Mark White — a colorful last name Elizabeth Wood — a diamond ring Kimberly Woodside — a house on the beach Lauren Young — a seafood dinner Ca say y x d6 y ma te9( tom Aar yaa om Atnys a a ays e t unsafe afrU ' ooc AyeS ane Sf en teans urt one ife a e e e tne yaoe yes are ea-S y onve are n ter, some ear u ft’s uiftA tAfS say o a o ny en y n e ne liAom neee to rememAer fiAien f is so one y SAno as tAe Summer sun sets S nc tAe msio starts i ayiny JA say ‘ ' ooo iy- ye my rfesie " 96 a 102 I ' m stuck! Zzzzzzzz Aren ' t I cute? I think it moved! Pacman? . . . Not quite! I ' m totally freaking out! 106 I can ' t handle this! Nobody sneeze? li Can I go to the lav? I Help! Some N.R. students hard at work. 107 Say what? Homecoming 108 VI 112 113 STUDENT COUNCIL First Row: S. Taylor, T. Higgins, R. MacLeod, |. Hauck, A. Bowers, S. Barabino, N. Allen, |. Glavin, D. Murphy, K. Riley, R. White, Second Row: E. Brown, D. Rodgers, D. Genest, D, Horan, C. Ford, H. Spousta, ). Park, T. Prentiss, M. Doherty, B. Hughs, Third Row: B. Hayes, A. Turner, K. Cullen, K. Woodside, K. Newburn, D. Amirault, C. Fohlin, K. Russo, D. Cushing, D. Allen, ). Perullo )ohn Silvestro — Treasurer, Kathy Selfridge — Vice-President, Diane Silvia — Secretary, Tara O ' Donnell — President 114 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY I K. Rauseo, N. Allen, E. Parsons, D. Sylvia, ). Bartlett, S. Sweetland Second Row: K. Cullen, T. Haynes, S. Lord, C. Tierish, M. Ciccia, R. Mauceri, D. It Dorety, J. Silvestro, Third Row: S. Barabino, R. Ventullo, J. Duplissa, N. O ' Connell, B. Jones, A. Tonachel, K. Bernier, M. Equi, K. Woodside, R. ■r Gagnon, B. White, A. Bowers, D. Stewart, L. Garibotto, D. Murphy K, Smith, M. Tonachel, L. Pijoan, W. Weisse, J. Perullo, R. Hall, R. MacLeod, S. O ' Connell, M. Perullo, D. Murphy, L. Mahan, Mr. Weisse Second Row: E. Dysart, S. Taylor, T. Peck, j. Hauck, j. Silvestro Third Row: M. Gracey, K. Rasche, G. Ede, D. Rogers, A. Nelson, C. Doucette, H. Spousta, j. Parks, D. Bishop, S. Freswick, T. Prentiss, W. Finigian CHORUS JAZZ ENSEMBLE, STAGE BAND, CONCERT BAND First Row — L. Pijoan, B. White, R. Gagnon, C. Burgess, B. Dysart, W. Finnigian, Second Row — C. Sacco, K. Arsenault, R. FHolden, D. Cushing, J, Perullo, W. Weisse, Mr. Weisse First Row — ). Collins, K. Smith, Second Row — Mr. Weisse, B. Macintire, P. Simmonds, J. Perullo, G. Ede Bjg " First Row — H. VonSneidern, ). Johnson, N. O ' Connell, j. Parks, S. Galvin, N. O ' Neil, L. Pijoan, W. Wiesse, B. Dysart, M. Doherty, B. White, S. O ' Connell, R. Hall, G. Ede, Second Row — Mr. Wiesse, j. Thompson, ). Hauck, K. Arsenault, B. Macintire, P. Simmonds, C. Sacco, K. Smith, M. Dolan, R. Holden, j. Collins, R. Gagnon, j. Perullo, C. Burgess, C. Kuliopolus, P. Chiango, R. MacLeod, T. Callahan 116 DELIBERATOR STAFF, POPSICLE 1st row — R. Ventullo, M. Avjain, S. Frotten, M. Sardina, K. Weaver, B. White, W. Weisse, C. Ford, A. Tonachel (editor), ). Mutch, J. Mitchell (ed.) 2nd row — M. Riley, P. Cheverie (exec, ed.), M. Ryals (ed.), C. Kuliopulos (ed.) S. FHennesey (ed.) 3rd row — J. Parks, T. Peck, S. Taylor, T. FHiggins, M. Tonachel, P. Smith, D. Amirault, C. Burgess, C. Tiersch, L. Buczynski, J. Glavin, M. Ciccia, S. McKenzie, G. Ede, S. Flanders, E. Selfridge, ). Perullo, R. Landry (advisor) 4th row — E. Brown, D. Rogers, P. Giannetto, D. Genest, |. O ' Brien, D. Bowman, A. Connor, A. Diguillio, N. Allen, ), Sciretto, D. Doherty, 5th row — L. FHiggins, S. Galvin, M. Doherty, L. Garibotto, K. Selfridge, D. Horan, C. Fuccione, D. Pracinos, M. Dolan, ). Russo, C. White, P. Sullivan, S. Halucha, K. Pucillo, J. Joyce, M. Equi, R. Gagnon (ed.), B. Mclntire, j. Leomard ' 1st row — R. Gagnon, D, Allen, S. Halucha, C. White, P. Sullivan 2nd row — B. White, D. Murphy, j. Sciretto, S. Baribino, A. Connor 3rd row — K. ! Cullen, M. Dolan, j. McNabb (ed.), j. Perullo, P. Chevery i j 117 MASQUERS ' CLUB John Silvestro — Sentinel, Elizabeth Dysart — Secretary, Sherri Sweetland — President, Wendy Weisse — Vice-President, Ruth Gagnon — Treasurer First Row — L. Higgins, D. Cameron, N. O ' Connoll, N. O ' Neil, B. Dysart, W. Weisse, S. Sweetland, R. Gagnon, j. Silvestro, D. Cameron, S. Taylor, T. Higgins, Second Row: D. Stewart, S. Frotton, |. Ftauck, L. Dysart, C. Sacco, D. Cushing, R. FFolden, M. Equi, M. Gracy, K. Smith, R. MacEeod, Third Row: ). Perullo, D. Bishop, D. Silvia, R. Ventullo, S. Rubenstein, R. Hall, |. Parks, T. Perullo, C. Finnemore, S. O ' Connoll, M. Perullo, L. Mahan, L. Pijoan, M. lonachel, T. Peck, D. Allen, ). Bartlett, H. Spousta 118 Jennifer Bartlett, Robin Ventullo Nancy Allen, Elizabeth Parsons YEARBOOK Suzanne Frotten, Dianne Stewart Sherri Sweetland, Buffy Dysart, Denise Allen Diane Kodis Nancy Dolan Veronica Nee 122 G EDITORS — Denise Allen, Sherri Sweetland, JUNIOR EDITOR — Buffy Dysart ADVISOR — Mr. Mueller LAYOUT STAFF — ). Bartlett, R. Ventullo, B. Dysart, S. Frieswick, ]. Foley, E. Brown, L. Doran, ). Doucette, ). Panzer, A. Connor, S. McDonough, A. Bowers, K. Rauseo, A. Digiulo, D. Murphy LITERARY STAEE — E. Parsons, N. Allen, S. Halucha, ). McNabb, M. Doherty, D. Silvia, ART STAEE — N. Dolan, S. Erotten, K. Weaver BUSINESS STAEE — D. Stewart, S. Erotten, E. Brown TYPING STAEE — V. Nee, S. Halucha, L. Higgins, L. Garibotto, S. Galvin PHOTOGRAPHY STAEE — D. Kodis, M. Riley GENERAL STAEE — L. Buczynski, ). Sciretto, C. Tiercsh, K. Pucillo, D. Bowman, P. Sullivan, S. Barabino, K. Vasipolli, J. Silvestro, ). Glavin, C. White 123 THANKSGIVING GAME 124 FIELD HOCKEY Coach McBride First Row: Coach McBride, M. Doherty, K. Selfridge, S. McDonough, A. Diguilio, Coach Sweeney, Second Row: P. Smith, N. Gardner, S. Annand, S. Lastinger, D. Barabino, L. Collins, C. Young, L. Creilson, Third Row: K. Caproni, ). Shaw, K. Sweetland, L. Watkins, C. McNeil, ). Roberts, N. Speck, D. Horan, Fourth Row: P. Canavan, K. McCarthy, K. Marata, L. Bradbury, K. Moreira, W. Finigian Coach Sweeney 126 BOYS CROSS COUNTRY First Row — L. Ford, P. Frotton, J. Spicer, Second Row — A. Turner, P. Simonds, M. Dolan, B. Mclntire, C. Strong, Coach Cleary. SOCCER p First Row — S. McKenzie, K. Bernier, K. Delano, C. Kuliopulos, R. Mahlerwien, R. Tryder, ). FHeckman, |. O ' Rourke, A. Tonachel, C. Tiersch, C. Crabbendam. Second Row — Coach Meaney, K. Griswold, M. Equi, B, Jones, P. Salem, D. Doherty, ]. Dunham, j. Meaney, R. F4olden, R. Mauceri, M. Pothier, M. Donovan, M. Ciccia, ]. Joyce, T. Haynes, Manager. 130 nu This page sponsored by Weston Florists VOLLEYBALL 132 1st row — D. Kodis, S. Hallucha, E. Parsons, D. Silvia, R. Gagnon 2nd row — ). Brown, C. Fohline, D. Genest, L. Creilson, ). Whitney, L. Thomkins, C. Prevost 3rd row — Coach D. Stanley, R. Dorsey, S. Greer, C. Riley, K. Rasche, K. O ' Connor, E. Doherty, K. Tryder, N. Ladd, S. Repucci, M. LaBreque, Mrs. Hill GIRLS GYMNASTICS I 1st row — M. Doherty, Captains K. MacHugh and S. Moise, W. Weisse, C. Thirkell, 2nd row — R. Troiano, |. Shaw, A. Encarinacao, P. Mastro, K, Sweetland, K. Hart c N 133 FOOTBALL First row: S. Gregory, M. Tilton, K. Sweetland, ). Panzer, B. Murray, K. Moreau, ), Crielson, B. )ones, D. Lee, S. Ellis, P. O ' Donnell, D. Taylor, D. Falle, A. Taylor, F. Prusik. Second row: S. Murphy, ). Moda, L. Riddell, S. Germino, P. Casey, B. Welch, R. lannino, R. Vittozzi, D. Kilpatrick, ). Fiore, ). Crowe, B. Lowthers, Coach Sverker. Third row: K. Shymaker, K. Hennessey, T. LaRouche, |. Robinson, F. Doherty, D. Pierce, M. Trembly, |. Scion, B. Moore, F. Kennrick, C. McCarthy, Coach Donahue. Not Shown: Coach Tilley, Coach Champ, B. Apigian, ). Thibodeau. 134 V«V; MARCHING BAND First Row — C. Noseworthy, D. Bishop, T. Higgins, L. Higgins, D. Allen (Capt.) S. Frotton, S. Taylor, D. Cameron. Second Row — N. O ' Connell, D. Cushing, R. Gagnon, C. Burgess, |. Collins, L. Pijoan, P. LoChirco, G. Silvestro, j. Hauck, D. Cameron, C. O ' Neil. Third Row — H. Wiesse (director), L. Chiango, A. Hauck, S. O ' Connell, ). Davis, ). Johnson, ). Thompson, R. Hall, R. MacLeod, W. Wiesse (Drum Major), j. Geradi, ]. Silvestro, S. Shapleigh, |. Davis, ]. Ridgely, G. Ede. Fourth Row — R. Taylor, W. Finigian, P. Dysart, C. Norris, K. Hoyt, P. Unni, T. Callahan, K. Doucette, C. Chiango, C. Sacco, R. Holden, K. Arsenault, ). Legrow, C. Finnemore, C. Peck, C. Haynes, B. Dysart, N. O ' Neil, Fifth Row — L. Reerdon, ). Perullo, j. Parks (Co-Capt.), T, Peck, D. Cameron, B. Noseworthy, K. Doucette, T. Finnemore, T. Walsh, H. Spousta, j. Jacobson, M. Perullo, L. Story, L. Core, C. Higgins. 136 Girls Varsity Basketball Front row: D. Smith, P. Smith, N. Specht, ). Whitney Second row: Coach C. Yianakes, L, Tompkins, D. Kodis, E. Burns, L. Moore, W. Finigian, K. Selfridge 138 Front row; K. Lord, S. Annand, L. FHiggins, Back row: Coach Sweeney, |. Roberts, K. Riley, K. O ' Conner, E. Doherty, K. Dermody, K. Rasche r 139 BOYS BASKETBALL 140 1st row — P. Salam, ). Leonard, M. Tilton, M. McQuillen, ), McNabb 2nd row — M. Trembay, |. Joyce, j. Meaney, co-captain T. Haynes, co-captain M. Donovan, B. Jones Coach Kipnes HOCKEY AND BASKETBALL CHEERLEADERS 1st row — S. Metropian, S. Fino, D. Timoney, L. Murdock, C. Hurley, T. Canavan, 2nd row — P. Sullivan, C. Watkins, K. Tryder, L. Creilson, E. Connelly, L. Pasquale 142 1st row — C. White, ). Thompson, N. Dolan, K. Vasapolli, 2nd row — D. Silvia, N. Allen, L. Dunham, 3rd row — C. Angelo, N. Lynch, A. Buczynski, J. White CHEERLEADERS Captains Kim McHugh JoAnne Thompson 1st Row — Patti Sullivan, JoAnne Thompson, Kim McHugh, Caroline White, Diane Casey, 2nd Row — Christine Angelo, Karen Vasipoli, Nancy Allen, Nancy Lynch, Nancy Dolan, Amy Buzynski, Jennifer White 143 This page is sponsored by Cillett Brown + Assoc. HOCKEY 1st row — D. Stacey, T. Fuccione, S. Thirkell, C. Teirsch, K. Butler, M. Canavan, D. McClean, 144 Wrestling This page sponsored by Hillview Pharmacy 46 1st row: S. Mahoney, E. Johnson, P. Casey, 2nd row: T. Tanion, D. Kilpatrick, D. Pierce, D. Falle, F. Doherty, |. Rigly, 3rd row: ). Fury, R. O ' Brien, |. Collins, B. Welsch, B. bothers, 4th row: S. Genzier, ). Parsons, D. Peters, B. Winters, R. Madison I Indoor Track 1st row: M. Dolan, A. Tonachel, M. Ciccia, D. Lee 2nd row: D. Kubierschky, H. Daou, R. Holden, M. Conchiglia, M, Equi, 3rd row: D. Remouillard, T. Comerford, A. Spina, L. Lupo, |. O ' Rourke, C. Strong, S. Hyland, Coach Cleary 147 i VARSITY BASEBALL 1st Row — Shane Walsh, Tim Haynes, Tony Morlani, David Lee, Billy Germino, Kevin Davidson. 2nd Row — Scott Ellis, )oe Meli, Jeff Hull, Mark Texieria, )im Donahue, Tim Brazil, Coach Carey. 48 J.V. BASEBALL First row: Kevin Delano, Joe O ' Rouke, Stephen O ' Neill, Tom Cummerford, )ohn Wieshere, Mark Trembly, Jack Lupo, Marty Tilton, Jim Dunham, Rob O ' Brien, Steven McKenzie, Tony Fennell, Andy Taylor. Back Row: Bill FHayes, Brian Welch, Steven Germino, Gary Edstes, Tom Laroche, Mike Richard, Mike Silvia, Rob Gofer, Chris Strong, Peter Salem, Greg Owen, Rob Vitozzi, John Fiore, Stephen Lord, Coach Devin. 149 SOFTBALL First Row: ). Tompkins, S. Neilson, P. Smith, L. Collins, J. Rodgers Second Row; Coach Meshna, L. FHiggins, K. Caproni, K. O ' Conner, D. Schuman, C. Prevost, N. Gardner, D. Moreira First Row: S. Lastinger, N. Speck, D. Smith, K. Selfridge, S. McDonogh, L. Moore, Second Row: Coach Defazio, W. Finigian, D. Kodis, E. Burns, L. Tompkins, T. Sweeney, K. Moreira 150 GOLF First Row: M. Hefferon, D. Prascinos, E. Lusta, B. Roche, Second Row; Coach Cohen, G. Quercia, A. Tompkins, D. Corbetti, |.B. Lupo, B. Damon 151 GIRLS OUTDOOR TRACK 152 1st Row — E. Parsons, W. Weisse, S. Halucha, M. Doherty, R. Ventullo, L. Doran, A. Bowers, Asst. Coach Mrs. Hill. 2nd Row — Head Coach Miss McBride, S. Annand, D. Amirault, N. Ladd, D. Delaney, L. Creilson, ). Shaw, L. Creilson, R. Troiano. 3rd Row — C. Whitmarsh, P. Oest, K. Lord, K. McCarthy, C. Ford, E. Selfridge. BOYS TRACK First Row: D. Taylor, J. Crowe, R. Conchigilia, M. Dolan, ]. Joyce, ). McNabb, R. Holden, Second Row: B. Louthers, R. Mauceri, K. Sweetland, M. Ciccia, C. Kuliopolus, j. Meaney, W. Mclntire, Third Row: Coach R. Blackington, F. Doherty, D. Kilpatrick, H. Fohlin, T. Spina, Coach D. Cleary 153 GIRLS TENNIS 1st Row — Coach Griggs, Amy Hefford, jvonne Encanacio, Jennifer White, Janice Pasquale, Jennifer Foly, Janet Glavin, Karen Butler. 2nd Row — Christine Angelo, Carrie Fohlin, Julie Whitney, Jeanie I Leonard, Captain Tara O’Donnell, Sherri Lamont. 155 158 SENIOR ACTIVITIES S. Denise Allen — Yearbook 2,3 — Editor Marching Band 1 ,2,3 — captain Class Vice President 1 Student Council 1,2,3 Winter Guard 1,2,3 — captain Popsicle 3 Masquers club 2,3 William Apigian — Football 1,2,3 Indoor track 2 wrestling 1 Marlene Avjian — Girls Spring Track 1 Fall Crosscountry 2 School newspa- per 3 lennifer S. Bartlett — Tennis 1 Winterguard 1 FHonor Society 2,3 Masquers club 3 Yearbook 3 Kevin Bernier — Soccer 1 ,2,3 Stage Crew 2,3 Ally Kathleen Bowers — Class secretary 3 yearbook staff 3 honor society 2,3 student council 2,3 track 2 masquers club 2 popsicle 2 fall and winter colorguard 1 Dana Fynne Bowman — yearbook 3 newspaper 3 Elizabeth Anne Brown — Tennis 1 yearbook 3 Student Council 2,3 News- paper 3 Cynthia ). Brown — Field Flockey 1,2 Masquers Club 1,2 Leanne Buczynski — Cheering 1 yearbook 3 newspaper 3 Kevin Butler — Hockey 1,2,3 Soccer 1,2 Philip |. Cheverie, |r. — Popsicle 3 Deliberator Editor 3 Demolay 1,2,3 A.l.M. 2,3 Michael Ciccia — Soccer 1 ,2,3 Indoor track 1 ,2,3 spring track 2,3 tennis 2 newspaper 3 masquers club stage crew Ann Michele Connor — newspaper 3 Field Hockey 1 ,2 Track 1 Yearbook 3 Popsicle 3 )ohn K. Creilson — Football 1,2,3 Track 1,2 lames Paul Crowe — Football 1,2,3 Pole Vault 1,2,3 Indoor Track 2 Wrestling 1 Stage Crew 1,2,3 Kevin Cullen — Student Council 2,3 National Honor Society 2,3 Popsicle 3 David J. Cushing — Concert Band 1 ,2,3 )azz Ensemble 2,3 Stage Band 1 Masquers Club 1,2,3 Marching Band 1,2,3 Student Council 1,2,3 Annette DiGuilio — Field Hockey 1,2,3 Softball 1 Prom Committee 2,3 Yearbook 3 David Doherty — Soccer 1,2,3 Baseball 1 Deliberator 3 Maureen Geralyn Doherty — Varsity Track and Field 2,3 Varsity Gymnas- tics 1,2,3 Varsity Field Hockey 3 ).V. Field Hockey 1,2 Senior Concert Band 1 ,2,3 Marching Band 1 ,2 Student Council 1 ,2,3 Yearbook Staff 3 Deliberator Sports Staff 3 Michael E. Dolan — Marching Band 1,2 Spring Outdoor Track 1,2,3 Cross-Country Running 2,3 Winter Indoor Track 2,3 Cross Country co-capt 3 Popsicle 3 School Newspaper 3 Nancy Ellen Dolan — )V Cheering Football 1 Cheerleading Football 2,3 Cheerleading Basketball 1,2,3 Yearbook 3 Michael Donovan — Soccer 1,2,3 Basketball 1,2,3 Deliberator Lisa Doran — Track 1,2,3 Yearbook 3 Newspaper 3 Janette Doucette — Tennis 1 Deliberator Janet Duplissa — Track 1 Track Manager 2,3 Student Council 2 Newspaper 3 Basketball Scorer 1,3 Lawrence A. Dysart — Marching 1,3 Concert Band 2,3 Stage Band 1,2 Masquers Club 1,2,3 I.M.F. 1,2,3 GSAS 2,3 Scott A. Ellis — Football 1 ,2,3 Tri-Capt. Track 1 ,2 Baseball 1 ,2,3 co-capt. Michael Equi — Soccer 1 ,2,3 Tennis 1 ,2,3 Masquers Club 1 ,2,3 Deliber- ator 3 Danny Falle — Football 1 ,2,3 Varsity Wrestling 1 ,2,3 Susan Ann Fino — JV Football Cheerleader 1 Varsity Hockey Cheerleading 1,2,3 Jennifer Foley — Tennis 1,2,3 Yearbook 3 Stephanie Frieswick — Chorus 1,3 Girls Varsity Soccer 2 Yearbook 3 Christopher J. Fuccione — Class Tres. 2 School paper 3 Ruth Marie Gagnon — Band 1,2,3 Marching Band 1,2,3 Stage Band 1,2 Jazz Ensemble 3 Masquers Club 1 ,2,3 Musicals 1 ,2,3 Chorus 1 ,2 Track 1 jv Volleyball 1 Varsity Volleyball 2,3 Popsicle 3 Deliberator 3 Sandra Lee Galvin — Concert Band 1,2,3 Marching Band 1,2 Basketball 1,2,3 Yearbook 3 Newspaper 3 Lisa A. Garibotto — National Honor Society 2,3 Yearbook 3 Football Cheerleading 1 ,2 Basketball Cheerleading 1 ,2 Student Council 1 News- paper 3 Spring Musical 2,3 Janet Marie Glavin — Tennis 1,2,3 Student Council 3 newspaper 3 Pamela Susan Hall — Field Hockey 1,2,3 Track 1 Diamond Girls 2,3 Susan L. Halucha — Volleyball 1,2,3 Basketball 1,2,3 Track 1,2,3 Year- book 3 Popsicle 3 Newspaper 3 Timothy P. Haynes — Baseball 1,2,3 Soccer 1,2,3 Basektball 1,2,3 Year- book 3 Sean Michael Hennessey — Vice President 2,3 Basketball, Soccer 1 RSAC Representative 3 Varsity Basketball Statistician 2,3 Varsity Basketball Transcript Writer 2,3 Deliberator Sports Editor 3 Lisa Jean Higgins — Marching Band Colorguard 1 ,2,3 Winterguard 1 ,2,3 Yearbook staff 3 Musical 2,3 Newspaper Staff 3, Play 2,3 MasquersClub 1,2,3 Russell E. Holden — Hockey 1 ,2,3 Soccer 1,2,3 Track 1 ,2,3 Concert Band 1,2,3 Stage Band 1,2 Jazz Ensemble 1,2,3 Marching Band 1,2,3 Fall Play 1,2,3 Musical 1,2,3 Masquers Club 1,2,3 Bradley H. Jones, Jr. — Deliberator 3 Soccer 1,2,3 Student Government Day Treasurer — Boy ' s State Brian B. Jones — Football 1,2,3 Basketball 1,2,3 John Joyce — Soccer 1,2,3 Basketball 1,2,3 Track 2,3 Class President 1 School Newspaper 3 Rebecca R. Kenty — Volleyball 1,2 co-captain 2 Diane Eva Kodis — Volleyball 1 ,2,3 — captain Basketball 1 ,2,3 Softball 1 ,2,3 Yearbook 3 Christos Kuliopulos — Soccer 1 ,2,3 Track 1 ,2,3 Band 1 ,2,3 Newspaper 3 Stage Band 1 Marching Band 1 David M. Lee — Football 1,2,3 Baseball 1,2,3 Track 1,2,3 John Jerome Leonard — Tennis 1 ,2,3 Basketball 3 Sports for Deliberator 3 Paula M. LoChirco — Masquers Club 1,2,3 Chorus 1,2,3 Marching Band 3 Musical 2,3 Stephen Lord — Hockey 1,2,3 JV Basketball 1,2 National Honor Society 1,2 Soccer 1 Bruce F. Lowthers, Jr. — Football 1,2,3 Indoor Track 1,2 Outdoor Track 1 ,2,3 Wrestling 3 160 Jessica Korrine Luke — Yearbook Newspaper Steven Mahoney — Wrestling 1,2,3 — Capt. Robert j. Mauceri, Jr. — Soccer 1,2,3 Hockey 1,2 Track 2,3 Tennis 1 Sheila M. McDonough — Field Hockey 1 ,2,3 — Capt. Basketball 1 Softball 1,2,3 Student Council 2,3 Yearbook 3 I Steven McKenzie — Soccer 1 ,2,3 Basketball 1,2 Baseball 1 ,2 Deliberator 3 David McLean — Varsity Hockey 1,2,3 — capt. Joseph McNabb — Basketball 2,3 Track 2,3, Popsicle 2,3 Yearbook 3 Newspaper 3 ■ John J. Meaney — Soccer 1,2,3 Track 1 Basketball 2,3 Track 2,3 ' Sandra Moise — Football Cheerleading 1,2 Varsity Gymnastics 1,2,3 — capt. ' Lisa Marie Moore — Field hockey 1 Basketball 1,2,3 Softball 1,2 i. Keith Bryan Moreau — Football 2,3 Indoor Track 1,2 Stage Crew 1 ,2,3 Set Construction 1 I Mary-Ann Jean Morrow — Basketball Cheering 1,2 Softball 1 I Leanne Murdock — Class Officer — Secretary 1 President 2,3 Student Council President 2 N.E.M.D.S.C. President 3 Volleyball 1,2,3 Stage Band 1 Jazz Ensembel 2 Honor Society 2,3 Popsicle 2,3 Yearbook 3 Brian J. Murray — Football 1,2,3 Track 2,3 Baseball 1 Wrestling 1 Veronica Ann Nee — Yearbook 3 ' Nancy L. O ' Connell — Fall Color Guard 1,2 Winter Color Guard 1,2,3 Masquers Club 1,2,3 Marching Band 3 Concert Band 3 Philip O ' Donnell — Football 1,2,3 Indoor Track 1,2 Outdoor Track 1 I Tara Jean O ' Donnell — Student Council 1 ,2,3 — President Field Hockey 1,2,3 Tennis 1,2 — Capt. 3 — Capt. Delegate Student Govt. Day Basketball 1 Softball 1 r| Nancy J. O ' Neill — Marching Band 2,3 Concert Band 1 ,2,3 MasquersClub 1,2,3, Fall Color Guard 1 I I Stephen J.H. Owens — National Honor Society 2,3 Tennis 1 ,2,3 Newspa- per 3 i James E. Panzer — Football 1,2,3 Track 1,2 I Elizabeth J. Parsons — Volleyball 1,2,3 Track 1,2,3 Honor Society 2,3 ' Yearbook 3 E. James Perullo — Student Council 1 ,2,3 Stage Band 1 ,2,3 Concert Band I 1,2,3 Marching Band 1 ,2,3 Jazz Ensemble 1,2,3 Masquers Club 1 ,2,3 I Chorus 1,2,3 Soccer 1 Track 1 Popsicle 3 Deliberator 3 Mechele C. Pothier — Basketball Cheering 1 Hockey Cheering 2,3 S Marc Pruneau — Baseball 1,2,3 Frank L. Prusik, Jr. — Football 1,2,3 Track 1,2 Kristine Pucillo — Field hockey 1 Masquers 1,2 Yearbook 1,3 I? Kristina L. Rauseo — National Honor Society 2,3 Yearbook 3 F Mark R. Riley — Yearbook Photographer, Newspaper Photographer n Judith E. Rodgers — Softball 1,2,3 Volleyball 1 , Joseph J. Russo — School Newspaper I Michael Ryals — Concert Reviews for the Deliberator 3 Peter Travis Salem — Soccer 1,2,3 — capt. Basketball 2,3 Baseball 2,3 Jeanmarie Sciretto — newspaper 3 Popsicle 2,3 Yearbook 3 Kathleen Selfridge — Field hockey 1,2,3 — capt. Basketball 1,2,3 — capt. Softball 1 ,2,3 — capt. Student Council 1 ,2,3 — V. Pres. Newspaper 3 John M. Silvestro — Band 1 ,2,3 Chorus 1 ,2,3 MasquersClub 1,2,3 Nation- al Honor Society 2,3 Yearbook 3 Student Council 1 ,2,3 Marching Band 1.2.3 Diane Silvia — volleyball 1 ,2,3 — capt. gymnastics 1 Basketball cheering 2.3 track 1 Marching Band 1 ,2 Student Council 2,3 — Secretary Honor Society 2,3 Yearbook 3 Masquers Club 1,2,3 Deborah L. Smith — Basketball 1,2,3 Softball 1,2,3 Mark Starrett — Hockey 1,2,3 Golf 2,3 Dianne Catherine Stewart — Volleyball 2,3 Masquers 1,2,3 National Honor Society 2,3 Chorus 1 Concert Band 1 Marching Band 1 Yearbook 3 Patricia Ann Sullivan — Football Cheering 2,3 Hockey Cheering 1,2,3 Popsicle 3 Yearbook 3 Newspaper 3 Tracy Sweeney — Volleyball 1 Band 1,2 Softball 1,2,3 Karl B. Sweetland — Football 1 ,2,3 Indoor Track 1 2, Spring Track 1 ,2,3 Sherri Lee Marie Sweetland — Student Council 2 Yearbook 3 — Editor Masquers Club 1,2,3 — Pres. National Honor Society 2,3 Andrew V. Taylor — Football 1,2,3 Hockey 1 Indoor Track 2 Baseball 1.2.3 David E. Taylor — Football 1,2,3 Indoor Track 2 Outdoor Track 2,3 Baseball 1 Scott P. Thirkell — Hockey 1,2,3 JoAnn Thompson — FT Cheering 1,2,3 BB Cheering 1,2,3 Diamond Gal 2.3 Charles G. Tiersch — Soccer 1 ,2,3 Hockey 1 ,2,3 — capt. Tennis 1,2,3 — capt. Honor Society 2,3 Newspaper 3 Yearbook 3 Deborah Ann Timoney — Football Cheerleading 1 ,2 Hockey Cheerleading 1.2.3 Andrew Tonachel — |V Baseball JV Soccer Varsity Soccer Indoor Track The Deliberator Honor Society Karen Vasapolli — Softball 1 Cheering Football 2,3 Basketball 1 — JV 2,3 Yearbook Robin Ventullo — Track 1 ,2 Cross Country 2 Honor Society 2,3 Yearbook 3 Masquers Club 3 Newspaper 3 Wendy E. Weisse — Band 1 ,2,3 Chorus 1,2,3 Jazz 2,3 Varsity Gymnastics 1 ,2,3 Varsity Track 1 ,2,3 Deliberator staff 3 Class Secretary 2 Marching Band 1,2,3 Masquers Club 1,2,3 — V. Pres. Barbara Ann White — Concert Band 1,2,3 Marching Band 1 ,2 Chorus 1 ,2 Jazz Ensemble 1,2,3 Masquers Club 1 Popsicle 3 The Deliberator 3 National Honor Society 2,3 Caroline K. White — Football Cheerleading 1,2,3 Hockey Cheerleading 1 ,2 — capt. Basketball Cheerleading 3 Yearbook 3 Popsicle 3 Newspa- per 3 Kimberly Anne Woodside — Class Treasurer 1 Gymnastics 2,3 Tennis 1 ,2 Student 1 ,2 161 li Throughout our stay, You ' ve broadened our views, Expanded our lives. With different hues. You ' ve taught us from books. You ' ve taught us from you. You opened our paths. To come walking through. Our lives are so hurried. Our lives are so centered. But through your kind work. Into our minds have entered. Great knowledge and wealth. In circles unbroken, You ' ve taught us so much. Words that aren ' t spoken. Throughout our stay. You ' ve broadened our views. Expanded our lives. Thank God for you. DJC 165 Mr. Mueller, Thank you very much for giving your time and effort in order that our yearbook would be a success. It is really appreciated. With Deep Gratitude, The Yearbook Staff 1983 A Special Thanks to GUY GARON and LORING STUDIOS 166 CONTRIBUTORS Mr. Richard Flanders Mr. Mrs. Robert J. DiCiulio Miriam Bill Allen The Richard P. Brown Family Mr. Mrs. Daniel L. O ' Donnell Family Max A. Mueller Carol Bill FHale Richard W. Anne R. Tonachel John Elaine Sciretto Girls Mr. Mrs. Philip T. Cullen Mary jane Doherty Good Luck Grads — The Frottens C.C. Robbie Butler Charlie jane Tiersch Mr. Mrs. Nicodemo Ciccia Mr. Mrs. Charles P. Dolan Agatha L. Marano Peter Judy FHaynes Mr. Mrs. Bradley H. Jones Brian Ellen Smith Mr. Mrs. Louis Quercia Mr. Mrs. Barry Butler Gerald Donna Sweetland Helen Thirkell William Standley — Candlewood Lanes Mr. Mrs. James Timoney Mr. Mrs. Louis P. Spinelli Mr. Mrs. David E. Taylor Mr. Mrs. James E. Oliver Anthony Sandra Adinolfi Stephen Elaine Bartlett John Evelyn Doran Mr. Mrs. Ralph J. Sweetland, Jr. Margie Warren Johnson Thomas Emily Euccione Eamily Mr. Mrs. George J. Ivas Jennifer Smith O ' Brien Mr. Mrs. Hugh L. Connor, Jr. Mr. Mrs. William Mclntire The Kenty Eamily The Equi Eamily Mr. Mrs. Erank Eino, Jr. Brigitte L. Kubierschky Mr. Mrs. Michael Hennessey SPONSERS John Elora Silvestro Mr. Mrs. Robert Hopwood Mr. Mrs. James J. Sardina Mr. Mrs. Philip O ' Donnell Hugh Eaye Spinney Mr. Mrs. Normand J. Pruneau Mr. Mrs. Manuel Apigian Mr. Robert Gosse Mr. Mrs. Richard N. Gerardi Mr. Mrs. Joseph J. Barbagallo Linda E. Welsch Mr. Mrs. Robert E. Pesce Mr. Mrs. Carlton L. McKenzie, Jr. Mr. Mrs. John P. O ' Connell Mr. Mrs. Erank L. Prusik Eamily Nancy Parsons Mr. Mrs. Lawrence B. Mundy Mr. Mrs. Lynn C. Lay Mr. Mrs. Tony LoRe Theresa A. Spinney Mr. Mrs. John C. Rodgers The Cheverie Eamily Mr. Mrs. Anthony J. Pisco Mr. Mrs. John Silvia George Anne Garibotto The Cushing Eamily The Kodis Eamily Mr. Mrs. Albert Avjian Mr. Mrs. Joseph M. Rosso The Brown Eamily Mr. Mrs. Thomas J. McNabb Mr. Mrs. Robert Beaumont The Mauceri ' s Mr. Mrs. Clyde Swanson Robert DiPasquale Mr. Mrs. James Donahoe Mr. Mrs. Robert G. Pushkar Jacqueline B. Crabbendam Joseph M. Judy Perez Mr. Mrs. Harold Sullivan Eamily Mr. Mrs. Thomas A. Bowman Kathy ' s Mom PATRONS Mr. George Yianakes Mr. Mrs. John Cappelli Mr. Mrs. Clifford Bowers Mr. Mrs. Jack Owens Chad Joann Andrews ComaS] CLEANERS CONGRATULATIONS FROM CAROUSEL CLEANERS Atlantic Plaza North Reading, Mass. Tel. 664-85?6 r (617) 944-8440 (617) 664-6733 Kenneth F. Dennison, P.E. " (efi etiHiion S iUiCKi f t , PROFESSIONAL ENGINEERS P.O. Box 364 No. Reading, MA 01864 r (617) 664-6211 THE OFFICE MANAGER The Optical Image — Complete Optical Service — Office Eurnishing and Machines EYE EXAMINATIONS ARRANGED • CONTACT LENSES 133-135 Main Street Corner Rts 28 62 North Reading, MA 01864 JOHN McDAID 134 Park St. (Rte. 62) Tel. 664-4747 North Reading Center, Mass. 01864 r CONGRATULATIONS GOOD LUCK to the SENIORS BROTHERS RESTAURANT PIZZA 2-4 Washington St. 664-4216 168 r A GOOD LUCK SENIORS FROM THE JUNIORS r CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS from the SOPHOMORES GOOD LUCK CLASS OF 1983 THE CENTER CUT MEN ' S + WOMEN ' S HAIR STYLING OC Th yElvD£UNEy CoNNOR INSURANCe AqENCY, INC. Hugh Connor (617)942-0565 Frank Delaney 133 Main Street North Reading, Massachusetts 01864 BEST WISHES to CLASS OE 1983 from CARR ' S STATIONER ' S 265 Main St. 664-2752 J V CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OE 1983 EROM JOE PRICE ' S CENTER REXALL DRUG 4 Washington St. No. Reading 664-4561 170 CROSWELL FUNERAL HOME 19 BOW ST. N.R. TEL. 664-3031 EST. 1912 ELSWORTH CROSWELL, DIRECTOR E. JOHN CROSWELL, DIRECTOR J V 171 r Compliments of the Class of 1983 The Dentists of No. Reading r CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1983 Dr. Beth L. Kamhi Chiropractor 129 Park St. No. Reading, MA. 664-6888 Have you every thought of a career in chiropractic? Any students interested are welcome to come and talk. I ' d be pleased to provide the necessary informa- tion. V V J CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF ' 83 Weddings Passports Portraiture High School Seniors on St udio, nc, ke f kotoqrapkic Specia listi No. Reading Shopping CTR 6 Washington St. Rt. 62 No. Reading, MA 664-4228 172 r r The Mane Attraction 299 MAIN STREET NO. READING, MA 664-4947 V J r CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1983 " BUCKO ' S” SPORTING GOODS, INC. INDIVIDUAL AND TEAMS OUTFITTED 289 MAIN STREET NO. READING, MASS. 01864 V BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1983 FROM YOUR TEACHERS NO. READING EDUCATION ASSOCIATION 173 174 A CONGRATULATIONS and BEST OF LUCK to the CLASS OF 1983 from KITTY ' S Restaurant and Lounge 133 Main St. No. Reading 175 r CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES to the CLASS OF ' 83 HORNET ' S NEST BEST WISHES FOR YOUR FUTURE SUPPLIERS AUTOMOTIVE PARTS CO. 4 Chaplin Ave. Reading, MA 944-6540 GOOD LUCK CLASS OF ' 83 LARKIN CHIROPRACTIC FACILITY 2 Washington St. No. Reading, MA. MAY ALL YOUR WISHES AND DESIRES BECOME REALITY. r TO TUE CLASS OF ' rs " ESTWISWES FDR A future BWTE- Eunwc on - UTE SEPVICEINC OcVWt. FvEStDtNTAL- COMHERCIAL MASS.W10 MK LICENCET) FLLECTWCIAHS r PARAMOUNT AUTO CENTER Rt. 28 North Reading J V 176 f CONGRATULATIONS + BEST OF LUCK TO THE SENIORS Mario ' s Pizza and Subs 20 A Main St. No. Reading, MA Tel. 664-8533 Pizza — Subs — Dinners — Breakfast L J CONGRATULATIONS TO CLASS OF ' 83 CANDLEWOOD LANES V J davis carpet distributors 944-3538 38 MAIN ST. 664-4631 NORTH READING, MASS. L J CAPTAIN ' PIZZA Our Pan Own Baked Dough Pizza Pizza — Hot-Oven Subs — Roast Beef Spaghetti — Greek Salad Family Restaurant Food and Atmosphere of Good Taste Mon.-Tues.-Wed.-Thurs. 11 a.m.-12 p.m. Fri. Sat. 11 a.m.-l a.m. Sun. 11 a.m.-ll p.m. V r A CONGRATULATIONS! CLASS OF 83 HASHEM REALTY V J r (61 7) 664-3165 CERAMIC TILE NATIONAL TILE DISTRIBUTORS, INC. 304 MAIN STREET (ROUTE 28) NORTH READING, MASS. 01864 V J 177 Walk Away It ' s hard to let go When you care Sometimes you wonder if life is fa To make you leave Everyone must go through Selfishness isn ' t justified When it ' s time to part Lift up your head and smile Walk ahead, and don ' t look back Your life is yours It ' s hard to let go I know it can ' t be fair But Life is a flowing river Not a stagnet stream

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