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0 TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION Pg. 3 UNDERCLASSMEN Pg. 7 FACULTY Pg. 13 DEDICATION Pg. 22 SENIORS Pg. 25 SENIOR EVENTS Pg. 79 CLUBS Pg. 87 SPORTS Pg. 103 SCHOOL ACTIVITIES Pg. 139 NORTH READING HIGH SCHOOL This page is sponsored by Frederick A Keyes This is North Reading The place we call home It may not seem like much And to most others is unknown It may not be fancy to the eye And not much night life can be found But to us our little town is the best one all around! OPEN FOR BUSINESS FREE KNOWLEDGE BRING YOUR OWN CONTAINER jfi (P Ae odl ' b bad lo bid you goodbye od’ m banc toe bb mecl ayain borne day . . . diden ibic bum ayain bbineb briybil dm anybl ibc baddtny Iroeb ' O ' dbdem lAe ebibdnem baayA ibiobe cAi dib i yanneb wo adb once coy . . . (Sboom, wc bb meet ayain . . . bbbbbeaali id nobobadj od bony bo fion bfwiny lo amove; (ddbn in h wimy, od biavc a biend in you . . . QyVancy bdecevicA fdayed 4 I know that key is here somewhere. Right . . .well, you take the ethnocentric velocity of the spewconforgity function . . . Wanna buy a caterpillar . . . cheap? You want me to do what? If you come any closer with that I ' ll break your face! Now, where did that contact lens go? j| RsjMSSi 5 I think my head is stuck. Two typical NRHS students. There ' s got to be an easier way. The phantom hand attacks unsuspecting victim. 6 7 SOPHOMORES 8 JUNIORS This page sponsored by NATIONAL TILE DISTRIBUTOR ' S INC. Lisa Bradbury, Secretary; Eliot Lazenby, President; Brenda Fitzmaurice, Treasurer; Lisa Gianetto, Vice President; not shown 10 ADMINISTRATION MR. KENNEY — PRINCIPAL MISS DARDENO — COUNSELOR VICE PRINCIPAL MISS SMITH — COUNSELOR MR. BARRESI — A MR. MILLER — COUNSELOR 14 4fc EE lEL FACULTY MR. DEVER — ENGLISH MRS. DELL — ENGLISH MR. KEYES — ENGLISH MR. LANDRY — ENGLISH MR. PUSHKAR — ENGLISH MS. SCIBINICO — ENGLISH MR. WARD — ENGLISH MR. WESCOTT — ENGLISH MR. MAGUE — READING 15 SOCIAL SCIENCE MR. WICKY MRS. PEREZ — HOME ECONOMICS MRS. ROSENTHAL — HOME ECONOMICS MS. ALLEN — SOCIAL SCIENCE MR. CLEARY — SOCIAL SCIENCE MS. WOLFF — SOCIAL SCIENCE 16 MR. VENTI — FOREIGN LANGUAGE MRS. GIRODET— FOREIGN LANGUAGE MISS KERWIN — FOREIGN LANGUAGE MRS. AYER — BUSINESS MR. CLARKIN — BUSINESS MR. DEVIN — BUSINESS MRS. PROULX — BUSINESS MR. RICHARD — BUSINESS 17 MR. WHIPPLE — MATH miss McBride — math MR. MARKHAM — MATH MR. PESCE — MATH MR. PUGLIA — MATH MR. YIANAKES — MATH MRS. WHITE — RESOURCE ROOM MRS. O ' DONNELL — RESOURCE ROOM 18 MR. GOLDBERG — SEEM MR. LUCIER — SCIENCE MR. MUELLER — SCIENCE MRS. RICH — SEEM MR. GOSSE — SCIENCE MRS. CANNON — SCIENCE MR. KIERAN A .. La MRS. NOVAC — SCIENCE — SCIENCE 19 MR. LEVEY — PHYSICAL EDUCATION MR. CAREY — PHYSICAL EDUCATION MR. CONDON — PHYSICAL EDUCATION MR. HUGHES — ART MR. WEISSE — MUSIC MRS. RIESE — NURSE MR. BELL — HEALTH ROOM miss McLaughlin — physical education J 20 MR. CLOVER — INDUSTRIAL ARTS MR. STICKLOR — INDUSTRIAL ARTS MR. VENNARD — INDUSTRIAL ARTS MISS YABLONSKY — LIBRARIAN MR. YOUNG — OCCUPATIONAL EDUCATION MRS. NORTON — SECRETARY MRS. PLOUFF — SECRETARY MRS. WINDT — SECRETARY 21 ARTHUR J. KENNEY The class of 1981 would like to dedicate this yearbook to you , Mr. Kenney, in appreciation for our memorable years at North Reading High School Ui I III II Jll ' H ' ll m n . B. 21 Grant Street Mifoni, Maw.. Wi lined High School Milford. Mat,. Sxialil. I. 2. 1. I : Kre-liman H-.M-k.ll I; Haw- kill 2. ». 1: Sport. 1. 2. 3. I. Milford Club 1. £ 3. i. ■ rt " Kenney sparkling niounri ace a bulwark of «.ur pitching -taff a “lefty with a- many trick- a. Ilouilini jrnl the rhythm ami form of a ballet dancer ... On the inouml. he i- -low and deliberate careful in hi- choice of " -tuff " nd off the mound " rt“ i- ju-t a- careful in hi- choice of mu-ie chousing the be-t in hi- choice of play- travelling even to Bo-Ion and New York for the leading produc- tion- . in hi- hobbies choosing the superior in art . especially landscape , -un-ct-. and Currier and Ives lithograph Equally careful i- Art in his moral taste and a- Chair- man of our league of Decency. h»- inspired others to that -ante • arc Pain-taking was he as a progress ive sale-man Student . . with a deep interr-t in Philo-ophy and Education could often be found in a spirited di-cu-ion on the various system- of Education . Gentleman respected by all his -terling qualities guarantee him major league rating regardle- of the career that may In- his . Mr. Kenney is a graduate of Milford High School, Holy Cross and the University of New Hampshire. He was a member of Kappa Delta Pi. While attending Milford High, he was Captain-Pitcher of Boston All Scholastic Team. Mr. Kenney earned his 3 letters in Varsity baseball at Holy Cross College. Beginning his pro fessional baseball career. " Art " Kenney played with the Boston Braves. He was also a member of the Toronto Maple Leafs, the Hartford Braves, and the Evansville Braves III. Beginning " Art " Kenney ' s semi-pro ball career, he played for Littleton Collegians and the Harwich Cape League. 22 J Mr. Kenney started out his career as a teacher of English, Latin, French, and rose to the position of principal. In 1964 he joined the staff at N.R.H.S. as principal. We were lucky to have you as our principal. You showed us leadership, spirit, and friendship and at the same time upheld the respect we have for you. We hope you enjoy many years of happiness. Love, Class of 1981 May I be granted the strength To accept the things I cannot change The courage to change the things I can And the wisdom to know the difference. 23 FACULTY WILL MR. KENNEY — HIS OWN BASEBALL TEAM MR. KIERAN — EFFICIENT STUDENT COUNCIL SECRETARY MR. BARRESI — A BLANK CUT LIST MR. LUCIER — SOMEONE TO SMILE BACK MISS DARDENO — COMPUTER DATING SERVICE MR. MUELLER — A NEW BOOK OF JOKES MR. MILLER — A THREE STAR GENERAL MS. NOVAK — HER OWN LAB ROOM MISS SMITH — AN EXTRA BOOK OF PASSES MR. YOUNG — JOBS FOR EVERYONE MR. DEVER — A BASIC SKILLS COURSE MRS. AYER — LONGER STORIES DURING CLASS MRS. DELL — A FREE PASS TO ALL FUTURE PLAYS MR. CLARKIN — SEASON TICKETS TO CELTICS GAMES MR. KEYES — A NEW JOGGING PARTNER MR. DEVIN — AN ACTIVE GYM CLASS MR. LANDRY — NEW DESK TO STAND ON MRS. PROULX — A YACHT MR. PUSHKAR — AN EDITORIAL IN TIME MAGAZINE MR. RICHARD — A PRE-PAID LIFE INSURANCE POLICY MS. SCIBINICO — A NEW CAUSE MR. GLOVER — CHRYSLER CO. MR. WARD — NO RADIO DURING LUNCH MR. STICKLOR — HIS OWN FOREST MR. WESCOTT — A HEATED CAR ALL THE SAME COLOR MR. VENNARD — A FULL CLASS MR. MAGUE — LIBRARY MRS. PEREX — HER OWN MOUNTAIN MR. WICKY — A COURT ROOM MRS. ROSENTHAL — A KITCHEN MS. ALLEN — MUCH LUCK MR. HUGHES — SKETCHBOOKS HANDED IN ON TIME MR. CLEARY — SOMEONE TO GIVE HIM A HUG MR. WEISSE — CONDUCTING THE " POPS” MR. CONWAY — A TRIP TO AFRICA MR. LEVEY — HIS OWN BRAND OF LEVIS MR. HAVICE — AN ELECTRONIC CONTROL TO SHUT OFF THE LIGHTS MR. CAREY — AN OFFICE FULL OF ATHLETIC SUPPORTERS MS. WOLFF — AN ISLAND OF EQUALITY MR. CONDON — A LIFETIME SUPPLY OF HUGGIES MR. VENTI — A TRIP AROUND THE WORLD MISS McLAUGHLIN — RETIREMENT PLAN MRS. GIRODET — A CHEERFUL BULLETIN BOARD ALWAYS MRS. O ' DONNELL — A QUESTION FOR THE ANSWER MISS KERWIN — MR. HOFFMIAR AND SQUIZACK MRS. WHITE — AN ANSWER FOR THE QUESTION MR. MARKHAM — POWDERLESS CHALK MR. GOLDBERG — MORE HELP MISS McBRIDE — A WINNING J.V. BASKETBALL TEAM MRS. RICH — EVEN MORE PATIENCE AND UNDERSTANDING MR. PESCE — A BOOK OF TRIVIA MRS. RIESE — A DIFFERENT COLOR DOT MR. PUGLIA — UNBREAKABLE ANKLES MRS. NORTON — A BOOK OF APPOINTMENTS MR. YIANKES — A JOB WITH CAPTAIN KANGAROO MRS. PLOUFF — A NEW TYPEWRITER MR. GOSSE — A BOOK ON HOW TO MAKE FACES MR. CANNON — A CO-OPERATIVE SENIOR CLASS MRS. WINDT — A WELL-DESERVED VACATION 24 □o— zmco Class of 81, class officer, softball, v-ball, football games, powder puff, spirit week ' 81 banner, looney island, Cutlass Somerville — July 4, 79, Hampton Beach 77 Yarn Phantom 79, P.J. day, poster parties Susy and Ralph, parade, Marty, all night party, Vickie, Simon, Chris, Scott, Bev, Belinda, MM, |M, Greg, Mr. Conway, Karen, Tracy Queen, All my friends at N.R.H.S. Thanks Ma and Dad — I love ya. My high school experience at North Reading has been a pleasant reality and will be an unforgettable memory. Classmates: Keep in touch for the reunions. Thank you Miss Dardeno, Mr. Kenney and Mr. Cannon for your advice and guidance. Good luck to my old friends R.F., J.R., J.L., |.P., And C.C. Love to my beautiful family. RRcMfMrA RRe yecca Q ft. ( ones Jean Wilson — Treas., Russell Bowers — Pres., Becky ]ones — V. Pres., Vickie Rajaniemi — Scty. Z. Rxz awieMii 1978, Cheering, )V ' 79, Camp, TOGA, )V plane crash, Spencer, USRDA, msl — CL, Ms. " S, " Eng. 10, Lance, Mary, Kim, Vicki — bookend, Kris, 9-1-79, rallies, football games, Spirit Week, powder puff, Hampton Beach, Mr. Richard, my nose, Double Dates, Haunted House, Specs, Prom, Lodge, Wakefield Lake, " Alfie + Alice, " 3 + 5 per. study, " Beauf, " baseball games, CV, CS, DO, RD, CM, LM, BH, RM, WR. All good friends, the boys. Mom + Dad — Thank you, Most of all — Marco — 2-2-80. " A single rose can be my garden a single friend my world " F B-ball cheering, JV Cheering-Whimp, F-ball games!!, SPIRIT WEEK — p-parties, Wilsons, parade, Jr. Year!!, P-Puff, Cheering Camp — TOGA, Yarn Phantom, MAINE! — moosebath, summer ' 80 — JR, Eng. 10, Spencer — U.S.R.D.A., p-wedge, bashes, " loser, " Goose, P-J day, Crazy times at NRHS!!, Class of ' 81 — FRIENDS!, Becky, Jeannie, Koren, SD, LM, CM, CS, MV, WM, K A R., J ' s, S, M, and . . . Jeff. Mom, Dad, A. Sandy U. Don-ILY!! 30 Q ' Mic tae G tf yyuxe e " It all went by so fast, but not fast enough " Baseball, Running, New balance, " STANGS, " 71 Mach 1, I wish I had a shelby, The beach, Seabrook, Haverhill, The weekend of 9 26, Sailing, Road Racing, Belfast Track, Maine, The big T, M.C., G.M., J.R., M.G., K.H., Surf, Lope, bones, G.S., Ollie, Pats games, S.T.T.M.B., Thanks Ma and Dad. and especially CHERYL O fla y yjo cW co y t Kangamangus 2 21 80 Sugar Mountain, Goldens Parties, The Wall Gang, Mr. C ' s, Summer 77-80, Best Friends Di Nance, miss ya J. Geils 4 80, Van Halen 7 80, Bob Segar 10 80, Snowmobiling, Snoot, Camp, Pond, McGills, Good friends: Ricky L., Ricky R., Jimmy D., Sue Bee, John B., SH CS DG RM GD KC SA DG MC, Let the Good Times Roll, Crusin, Grand Prix 6 80 Chester N.H., Thanks Ma Dad ALWAYS AND FOREVER BOB (hfti avi c ‘ ! } f , tail Theres nothing you can do that can ' t be done, Theres nothing you can sing that can ' t be sung, Theres nothing you can say. But you can learn how to feel inside. Beatles Fri-Di, Seabrook, Tracy, Strawberry Fields Forever. Linny MVP Long talks, Loud advice, Annie, Lika-wow, Head fir the Hillz, Art D.G., CBS Crew, Catch 222, I can ' t COPE, Snowing in the summer, Good friends, Good times, Katy. Theres nothing to hung about. 4 V (j . Q Ce Zy " IF YOU CAN IMAGINE IT, YOU CAN ACHIEVE IT IF YOU CAN DREAM IT, YOU CAN BECOME IT. " Summer ' 78, Hampton Salisbury Beach, SAT-C, Parties " That ' s bad, " Keep smiling, Ross, Traci, Kathy, Ricky, Mike, Laurie, Anne, Marion, Te rri, Patti, Rodger, Sue, Diane, Cindy, Marianne, All-night party, Seger, apartment Exxon, Great times, JDSCSOTCSDMPBFTSTTSPHEBLRFAKH- PWLMP. Thanks Ma and Dad — Let me be free Let me be me Q fita p ixa xefA OQ A Into every life a little rain must fall R.Y., L. A., S.L., K.P., K.G., N.F., O.G., M. P., K.A., K.N., L.S., T.A., N.B., P.L., Rosa Picassa, Gumo, chico, Griss, Scooter, Maarrrtha, Gonga, Salisbury, Canobie Lake, hats, desoto, movies, miniature golfing, Yearbook, Senior Year, Thanks to all my friends and to my mom and dad The future always arrives a little before you ' re ready to give up the present. QyrttcAae " Summer of 80 " ' (Salisbury, Seabrook, and Hampton Beaches). Drive-In ' s, " Go For It, " Roller Skating, Stuck at Seabrook, Concerts, Cottages, Prom, Combat Zone, New York and Florida, )im, Bill, Glenn, Gordon, Chip, Dave, Rich, Tony, John, Jeff, Gerard, L.G., P.F., M.W., My other Friends and the " Class of 81 . " Thank You Mom and Dad. twMyn " Things Take Time, " Basketball, Yearbook, Anatomy, A.P. Chem., Prom, Paul and Bobby, Excuse me, Laurie (Charlie), Marianne, J.P., K.A., K.G., D.G., L.Y., R.H., S.T., S.S., And K.N., Love to Mike, (Running and you can do it if you try), Brian, (musicals), Cheryl and Sam, (all the help), and especially Mom and Dad, (thanks for everything). Q Atar c " Another one bites the dust " Memories — " 72 Charger, " The Pond, Hockey 70-80, The Big Bash 8 2 80. 6 4 80 Cape Cod — DF, Hubba Tubba, Mimi. Friends — Onion, MM, JW, CT, MR, DG, DF, TS, LH, MM, CT, SW, SM. Always Patty. Thanks to my Family and everyone in North Reading High. )ia rve Q At. fye Zima A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future and accepts you today just the way you are. Growing up with Kerry, lemonade! Luau-Logan, frozen PC ' s, 10:06, FYCS, wild laugh, Lanai, Peinarse, the Bash, POP, the Fair (house), typing, powder puff, spirit week, parade, " Who Cares? " Igpaeatinlae, divided by 3, QM Gang: MSKDS, Special People: KO, MB, SM, NP, BH, BH, PL, KQ, DO, SH, BT, MK, SH, SM, JAS, Especially: Mom, Dad, Donna, John. 32 QMa ycta yi " It is a beautiful necessity of our nature to love something " Good times w gd. Friends, Froz, P.C. ' s (6 12), Mdnt. Walk (7 4 ); 5 26 80 ; Kwaj 79-80 (P.S.M., R.M.); All nt. Party " 80; " Ruin, Daq., diets, lifeguard, Capri, Stones, CT, JAS, Mugs, Luau, " 2nd Tour, " divided by 3, parties; sp. wk. Quebec R. bow-camp, G.A. (tne orange): " I ' m in a Daze! " , The gang — Ron, K, DC, D, CM, B ' S, V, M, + ; Special people — Karen B S. (Yowza (N), D.), Shar., Di, Su, D. O ' B, Mom (thanks) Sr. year and our excellent class of " 81! " QyVamelte ' ewruey " Cherish Yesterday, Dream Tomorrow, Live Today. " " I get by with a little help from my friends. " Lisa, Sue, Deb, Lois, Di, Marla, Cruisin, Parties, NH, Reading and Pg, Macs, Harold Parker, Proms, RF, Long talks with good friends, Mrs. G, " choice, " Dimples, Summer of " 80, " and Steve. Thanks Ma Dad — I love you! ( p iyibtime yam a nte Nancy B., L.S.E.D., Ann B., Spacey Casey, Cheryl B., Joe, Dave, Donna C., Marianne P., Julie P., the party at Marianne ' s house, Party Hardy!, the good times we had in 5th period STEPHEN B., D.T., Kelly A., T.C.Y.F.C.A.P.G. yartc. A c£ACyutim % Sowman There is nothing final between friends. Fresh, yr. tunnel, Quebec, Mrs. S, Always Susan and family, My allstar Cindy, Pinks trims, Beauf, softball — C.A.L. champs, states, Bish, Thanks Rita, N ' BYPT, 16, " Ya, I Know! " , truck, B.M., Want my hand?, 9-28, Raft, Panzer ' s, times with Doug, Do a favor, Robe, " Bow, " Hang ' em up, good friends, K.Q., J.J., " Awesome, " — Brad — , Now and always — Robin, My fondest memory — Mary, my family, and Mom and Dad — You ' re all to me. 33 ya. ’dAeayA " 81 " moving onward and upward, A.V. office, Nantasket, friends: GS, RG, SD, TM, MA, BK, my license, Firecreek, His Royal Harness, Firestream, Roosevelt, NYC, trophies. A special thanks to my aunt and uncle, teachers, and friends. rSfa u an ■y teeau York Beach 8 79, N.H. 8 80, Lexington, Ms. C., weekends, friends, Linda it ' s been a long time, Di miss ya, Mary — yoey and the snowman, A P S.C.P.W.G.D C.C., Kojak, Pond, letters, 861 . . ., heartbreaker, 2 13 80 — never forget it, surprise roses, concerts, class of " 81, " Thanks for everything Ma.and Dad, 9 1 78, mosi of all a very special person, RICHIE ... ILY )twyve o4l. Vfo yotAeyti A friend is the present you give yourself. Robert Louis NRHS — Rallies, Spirit week, volleyball, Swim Program, Mrs. G, Good times w Lois, Deb, Sue, Nan, LC, JW, VR; " Chickees, " Summer of " 80 " — N. Conway, Scituate, Wompatuck — " Passout, " " Arctic Foxes " — JR (KITTEN), LM (Face), KH (Buns, DJB, DJ, DM, MM, DH, MR, BP, 310 Ash St. (M R), What ' s up? California, My family — " SYL, " Being an Aleana, Mom ana especially Dad — Thankx. JeAAie Thanks Mom and Dad for all the love and support and for being there whenever I needed you. Remember always: The Junior and Senior Prom, Spirit Week, Maine, Salisbury beach. Roller Pallace, Kimmies Most of all: Summer of 1980 Lois, Pat, Sue, Di and Dan the best friends a girl could ever have. All my love to Chris for 3 great years. yt yottm spirit week, parade, cheering, track, skiing, powder puff, brown eyes, hey blondie, sink singing, blush, preppie, sailing, N.H. weekends, rollerskating, carnations, ice cream, skinny dippin, Michael, " the lake, " S80WP, Dale, Bee, all friends, C.J., ED, K.M., N G, Mom Dad thanks for everythong, I love you! — Most of all unforgettable times shared with someone very special, PAUL 34 Q Cadiy anavvm Diana, M M, Kelly, Ricky, Dan M, Jim M, Billy Christine, Cindy, Susan, JTJMPOSN, KRAR PW, JHKLGKMRRHRW, New Years 77, Hunters ' Games, Spirit Weeks, Going M.A.D. in Hampton, July 3, April Vacation ' 80, the circus, bowling, Movies, MDA Day, 14, " Give Me Doubles, " Dot H, HNIB, Majorettes, Field Hockey, Hockey Cheering, Basketball Scoring, Tennis, Chemistry Geometry Class, and Seabrook with Danny, Gail, Dave, George. ( ame xpavwey Carol, Vickie, Jean, Specks, Kim S., Annette, Bilwy, Bill, Glen, Mike, Jim, Gordon, Gary, Nelson, Greg, Ray, Ruscak, Joey, Tony, Harmless, Mr. C., Mrs. O., Captain Video, Kim R., Kim C., Mrs. Proulx, September 24 — Carol. t paccia vw Mich, gangrene, Hey, C ' mon!, mong. Face, 4 25, 8 4, 1 17, 8 10, 3 79, 7 15, Montreal, the commune, p p swirls, Ted, Pat Robin, Blue Black, window shade, Japs, camping out, International, you ' re nabbed!, Crash Burn, sister!, stories, frane, ba-ba-ab!, Vongubar, deine, Central, night at R ' s, junior police, NH, HP, first reall, 10th deak, Kelley ' s (what ' s work?) BC, we ' ll get fired yet! pin, party in Mrs. G ' s room, cushion, LAZY, hollow M L, baloney cheese, the i. search, hosp., gullible!, Jippy, fout, too nice, can ' t say how much, let me outta here! Q vtar c, dfywn ce All my Love To Donna. Friends, DC, DD, RD, NB, DT, Zeppelin, Hendrix, Voke, V.H. Concert. Storms on the Hi Thanks Ma and Dad. Friends at N.E., AL, LR, CR, PM, PG, Summer of ' 80. J.C. in N.H. Doors, Airplane, John Bonham, L. Skynard. I ' m As Free As A Byrd Now. Thank God. 2) avid pamfdie pe r a " We ' ve only just begun " Musicals, " I ' ll get by with a little help from my friends, " Patty, Corina, Suzanne, Diane, Marianella, Dee, Lisa, Nan, and especially Debbie. Special summer of 80 with Jeff, Frye Island, Thanks Allison, Mrs. Girodet, Nana. " My Baby, " Miss you Gramps. Summer of 78, " Remember the times of your life " Thanks for hanging in there Mom Dad " I never can say good-by " p w io And I do set my bow on a cloud ' And it shall be a token of a covenant which I make between me and the earth. Thanks to my parents for putting up with the aggravation from school, and from my encountering years in Rainbow Football game Nov. 22, 1979, Senior Prom, and )r. Prom. All my love to lason. Kelly, Peggy, )o, Melissa, Julie, Mark, John G., Marianne, Patti, " Jasper. " All the hope to the future life. Mom Dad JASON Hockey 80,81, the races, beach, Mr. Grocers, paddy wagon, Storm, SouthwicK May 1 8th, Swill, good friends, and other good times. Q flcwie " The past is my heritage the present my responsibility, the future my challenge. " Wooh Baby!! Who cares? All night party 80, Tracy, Susan, Cindy, Kelly, John, Patti, D.M., L.B., K.R., P.B., S.M., K.M., K.C., b-buttons, " green moods, " C.B.R. 79, Grover, C-L Kr., " exasperated! " , O.H.D.C., R-bow 9 80-1 81, What ' s your prob?, B-P!, H-Ctr. Mr. C., XC, Track — TJP, KS, Mom and Dad you ' re always a part of my special memories — thanks; A person who always has a way to make me smile . . . Tim. Washington, Basketball, RaceOmooning, Terri — Harvey, Bruskie, M.F., J.B., R.W., S.F., K.G., P.H., R.H., K.A., J.L., Unkie, friends old new, Chucky — 3 yrs, Summer fun, Gremmies, Parties-ouija-Oz, Rollerskating, Georges Island, Camelot, Proms, movies, UNICORNS, Dippy, Woodstock, Good times — Bad times, Dreams Brad. May the road to meet you, And the wind be always at your back. 36 We may never pass this way again. Michele, Charlene, Nan, Sue, Lois, Bugs, Parties, Crusin, Nan ' s Car, N.H., Harold Parker, “Choice. " Long talks with good friends, Mac ' s, Reading, Joey, Summer " 80, " The Duster and Michael, Eddie, Peter, Judi, Jo, Donna, Debb (Gym?), Lori — Remember the good times! Thanks Mom and Dad, I love you! aune ' omneamiM I will remember Stubbs Mark Darryl Gary Chin Homeo Smith and his Charger My ' 68 ' Fast Back Reading Smoke Shows Drive-in " free gas " Brook ' s stairs New England Dragway Breaking windows getting fired from jobs Loosing Cops Swamp scared @? $ !! My family ' 81 " Salisbury Lifting. Von Sticklor Q fbcftae % ' O-nnor Football, Sessions, Wrestling, " The Grimace " Sit Thrus! Half! Superbowl, Friends: E.P., B.W., J.L., R.D., B.H., B.G., D.L., P.C., K.J., M.R., B.M., W.M., CRUISER, J.T. Rob Dog, Shultz, The D.P.W. Linda, Window P. BLASTS. SURE, Microcosm, Numb UP! Where ' s Eric? Tina, KQ, WW, LM, LM, CM. Break on Through To The Other Side. Thanx Mom + Dad. d 7ia?ria ( onno y Parties, Concerts, Montreal, snowmen, Van Hallen, J. Geils, Black and Blue, Keg parties, cinema, Blizzard of ' 81, ' Led Zeppelin, Gardens, 76 Monte Carlo, alleys, funnel, Salisbury beach, skin head, spankey, cuts, friends, P.S., S.M., D.M., D.D., L.L., B.L., M.V., J.M., G.B., Thanks Mom and Jim. " Craziness is like heaven " Hendrix The parlance, " We ' re addah hahre, " The blaring, Twons, Priddey Choix, swill, Luigi ' s, ' 69- ' 78, Crack, all the Swine Dogs, Prime Collection, ducts, Definitely, Do up waildnayss for the duration, Aerials, Effective. 37 oudey. All my friends, esp. AL, SR, JP, KL, MS, DS, JH, GK, JW, VR, K and A. Tennis, spirit week, Junior Prom with SS, Senior Year Parties, Ski Trips, Waildness! We ' re Addah Hah! Good luck at school guys, Clyde. " May you always have the freedom to be yourself " Summer of 79, 80. Good Times in Melrose with CN, RN, ED, DR, JB. Methuen: PC, SM, RB, BS, MS, JB, BT. Steve ' s garage, the gallery. Holyoke: Clyde John. Salisbury, Hampton Beach with Dick, Gilly and Mary. Pelham N.H.: DS, JG, DS, GC, TM, Salem, Lynn: Terry and Mark (HOOVER) Sam. Tne Willows. N.Y. in the vette. May 10th and that one special guy, TERRY. Snake Lady, friends, Vermont, Summer ' 80, 18 years in N.R., My family, Thank you for your love and support. Judi, Bonni, Katy, Janet, Laura, Kathy, JL, RB, LP, Baby Peyote, Cowboys. Ryers God gave you one face ... You make yourselves another. Remember: Summer ' 78, ' Danny, Eddie, Mary, Friendlies, the kitchen, Nancy, all the good times we had when we were young. My brother Michael, I love you. TREVERE, Grave, Mow, Pee Wee, Montreal, 5 9 80, T.M., P.J., M.A., A.P., A.L., J.L., L.D., L.H., Mr. Phinney, I ' ll never forget you. Anna, Banna, Cocktails, Dogs . . . I love you Mom Dad. Always and forever, with all my love, Jason. I shall pass through this world but once. Any good that I can do or any kindness that I can show, let me do it now for I shall not pass this way again. Bonni, Mr. M., Joe Lynne, Jo, and Katy. All my love and special thanks to Scott. 38 The Future still remains. " Frodo Lives, " Tolkein, Donaldson, exchange to N.Y.C., Mystic, Brenden, VAN HALEN, Beatlemania, Laurie, Lynne, Fran, Montreal, elevators, Boston Common Tree, NRTW, Lady, Fiddler, Kate, " Gollum, " plants, Salisbury, license, Tim Benzedrine, Drive-In, Monkeys, posters, Steve, Rob, Mark, Andy, )im, Dana, Derek, Cletus, and Jean. %»a ... I saw her standing there . . . To Nancy with love. Foghat, Halen, ZZ TOP ' 74 " Nova, " Foreigner, " Do What You Like, " Little Joey, Dave, Bunk, Donna, Once Again, I love you Nancy. Su tixsi-nne " I ' ll get by with a little help from my friends " Nan, Lisa, Deb, Lois, Di, good times, long talks, Nans car, parties, HP, Mac ' s, " Choice, " Jr. year. Summer of 80 ' — Tina, Mike — (I miss you) Mrs. G., proms, VRJWTWALRPTSDBLFMLAZRRTP, S-week, powder-puff, boston, b-ball, Reading, 1 7, games, — Class of ' 81 — Senior year! Especially Liz, Mom + Dad — thanks — I love you! ( Qva n TO THE FANTASTICALLY PARTYED UP SUMMER OF 80, TRIP IN METHUEN SUZANNE DRIVE IN P P CARTER NH, ME, BOS, PENN CALIFORNIA LOVED ONE ' S 7 oz MILLERS ARROW FUNNEL ALLEYS PC 1 LISA LANE Snoopy Beau 39 Ws The Summer of ' 80, golden funnel, keg parties, Van Halen, Black and Blue, Beach, the corner, Snowbound, 57 Chevy, C.R. 250, Molsons, Dogger ' s, Nedley, “Pam " Friends, Marylo Bob, Captain Pointy, Smelicus, R.M., G.D., K.J., R.L., S.H., T.B., J.B., L.F., S B., Ma Dad. 2a uyie The love between friends lasts forever, but the love between lovers has to end. Thanx Mom and Dad, Beach Parties, Beatles, Skinny dip, Who Me?, The Gang, What I) we get busted?!?, N.H. with Sharon, " POSY, " On a scale . . . Eggplant, Mr. Richard ' s Cliches, Thanx to those who tried to help when I went under. You ' ve got a friend — Sharon. Seek not every quality in one individual " Frjendly ' s, " summer ' s 79-80, )ohn, Mary + Eddie, Drive-in, SC, " eat me I ' m a peach. " CPR, Jr. Prom, " I ' m falling off the car! " Mac ' s, Boston Roses, DDBCJPDSJLCRKLDPMCTPTSCT. Eagles, Special friends — Susan, Diane, Anita, Kathy Kelly- Kim, Dawn, 1 29 80-9 25 80, Halloween — Gertrude, Mike Xmas, Thanx Mom and Dad. Most of all ... — Mark — lona c zfyc-ticefite Football, track, CAL 79-80, Sprints, Captains practices, Sessions, Bald Again, 25, Sap, Niz, Gary, Coach BOA, ERIC, Welchy, Marty, Mike C., Mike G., Brad, Marco (Wizard), Bill G., Warren, Foster, Black, Tuna, Fred, Barney, M.B., RS, BG, JB, TM, JD, TP, PW, MT, JR, PO, DL, PN, DB, JH, ML, TR, SENIOR PROM ' 80 ' All night grad. ' 80, ' Peabody Central, Summer of ' 80, ' always SUE, All my love, Mom and Dad. Q May c )o-a aA I ' ve never had better friends than the class of ' 81. ' Wayne, Gary, Tim, Greg, Mark, Chris, Mike. Salisbury, Augustines, NE Dragway, fourth Gear Chirps in my GTO. I could never thank my parents enough for their help and understanding. Steve, Scott, and Jo-Anne, you were always their to help. A special thanks to my neighbors. Special memorie — MT bridge with Dee! 40 What lies before us and what lay behind us are but tiny matters compared to what lies within us. — Emerson Friends: Twanka, Kelvin, Clyde, Blade, Jean, Bev, Greg, Rick, and all my friends at NRHS. Y.M., Fr. C. and G., s.I.r.o.p., and a special thanks to Mom Dad. " Yes, there are two paths you can go by, but in the long run, there ' s still time to change the road you ' re on. " — Led Zeppelin Good times with Laurie, Kim, Barb, Salisbury, summer at the beach, the paths, Van Lathem ' s, partying, Zep, camping, Christmas ' 79, 1 10 80, the judge, " one and don ' t make two, one and one make one. " All my love Bruce — always. Q fihc we ye o Q%Awi ie)( y d$enc e " He liveth best who loveth best all things both great and small. " — Coleridge Competitions, Heritage Festival — 1, Hal, Exchange Concerts, " claminets, " Sectionals, " Chair! " , half time, " Hal ' s Cals. " Francais avec Mile. Kerwin, Rocks, trees, and leaves with Mrs. W. " Daily Watch " Limm, K.G., S.L., R.Y., K.P., K.A., K.C., J.B., My family; Mom and Dad. dfflande M Sitting here I will ponder About the places I will wander My high school years have just passed Wishing that forever they last. Poo — long talks and loud advice. Montreal ' 79 ' Snowy weekends, Denise " and in the beginning we were friends. " Laura-B-Lunch excersions. Silk shirts, I couldn ' t have made it without your love and support, thanks Dave. Flying high, feeling fine. 41 ' urm ' otwrwe Let it Be . . . DayTripper, Good Times with LR + DF " SnowBlind, " Parking lot, Class of 81 F-Troop, PARTYS, Friends, ND, BN, AP Are those real? 10 10 79 A very special Person Franny McNeil Let The Good Times Roll! w “If it is to be it ' s up to me. " Goin ' Medfa, truck, Ron, Wayne, Tony, and always Ray. Thanx Mom Dad, Much Love and Appreciation!! 9th grade Bball with Kola and Bow, Mary ' s speech. Mr. Hughes, Lisa, Gerard Nelson. To the best of friends, Michelle. Old Friendships can never be replaced . . . only remembered and continued. Anne, Brett, Sandy, Summer of 78, 79 Soccer, TENNIS, Dave, Blade, Lope, Rockport MT, ST, RW, PW, all my friends at N.R.H.S. Sept. 2 Thanks to my Grandparents and parents all of my love — Ginger Q ftocAae rffa ZtiAue — If you strive for a goal you will reach it — C.A.L. Champs, Superbowl, Saps, Football Party, summers at Seabrook. Jr. Prom ).B. Margaret, Haddock, Fireworks JR " My Brother " My Family. Good Times with KH, MA, SM, CF, BC, CM, SQ, JT. Mohawks, wiffles, tires, skiing, Hockey, Gases, Pizza Hut, North End, Saint A ' s, Carol ' s, Fiasco, Canary Island, Lindor Road, MC, Thanks Mom Dad. e U6€- r r aorian The best time of my life is with Hans He is the greatest. My friends since Jr. High Melinda wild and crazy JD DT KB Maryjoe and Bob " SNOOT " Rush Concert, woods, parties, Thanks Mom and Dad for everything. If a person you love loves you back you know you ' ve reached the ultimate high. I love you Hans. 42 re n KlPt lotto " Keep your face always towards the sunshine and the shadows will fall behind you " Sue B, Martha, Rosa, Kim F, Dot, Kim P, Sue L, Lou, Diz, San, Di, Nancy (YWFTR) SS CD |P JB TA MP MB LC WW ES LS KN KA PO BL TL, " Gumo, " Jr. Prom, Salisbury, Summer 80 with G ' s, basketball, yrbk, flames, II Prom, Berm. 79, " DAYS, " Carn, Di ' s Pool, A-lunch talks, Regal, bouncing food, frosting card, M. Kerwin, Celts, Thanks Mom and Dad for everything. So many gods, so many creeds So many paths that wind and wind While just the art of being kind Is all this sad world needs I got by with a lot of help from my friend Donna And to the special person that I will always remember — DEAN — Ronny, K-G-D-K, Class of ' 80, ' the Demetri ' s Bobby, riunite coke, bagged (H.P.), it broke, Lori, RMLLMCEPBGBM, friends, Mr. Keyes, Mom Dad, and most of all Billy. WMu mm i lawt i vat gX iooduit MY NAME IS DEBB NOT DEBBIE! Slushy Doritos, Winter of ' 78- ' 79, Brett, Neicy, Sharon, The best friend I ever had, Ricky, Sue, Helene — RLJCJL " it ' s an operation! " HUT CAVES — A very special person Gary, Bobby M. a good friend, Toupe, Mom Dad, The Black Man, " Hey, What the F !? " , " it ' s a theory " NRHS, Friends, All my life, all my love Now and Forever . . . Gary Jonwa lermt no The time has flown like the wind now it ' s time to begin to open a new door and step on in There are so many locked doors with so many lost keys waiting to be opened by you and me House party 78, COMMON, J Geils, park swing Pine St., long walks, long talks, toot, Riunite on ice! thats nice, party hardy, SB, DG, JJ, SA, DL, GM, LD, Good memories always for JIMMY Thanks to Miss S, Miss M, and to my family. 43 Wadefield lake — crash and burn, Beach bum, camping out, 151, Blue Oyster Cult, P P swirls, Hook School, The Keg, B. Ball, buzzzzing along! “The future always arrives before you ' re ready to give up the present " Grizzle, Kim, Rosa, Sue, Karen, Terri, Martha, Patti, Kris, Chris, Oakhill, Hig- gins, Hope, Kathy, Marianne, Ann, Don- na, Rollerskating, Joey, Sheila-A-LUNCH, Carrie, Jackie, Lisa H., Lisa B., Jeff, Sue N., Dave, Diane, Teddybear, Pontiac, year- book, King, Mom, THE WACKO ' S Dream what you dare to dream Be where you want to go Be what you want to be LIVE KAREN, Mike, Glenn, Bill, Leah, Post, Craack, Bones, Murph, Wrestling, Gritty ' s, Dave and Karen, Ducharme forever, I Hope, Dan, Patty, Gardner, Hampton, Wells Maine, 7 20 80 The best day of my life! Class of 81 is the best! GMC trucks are best. (SffaymeA- Eastern Division 2 Champs 80, “Slowballing right hander, " Curacao, Twankie burgers, Zevon magic, Lizard, Ralph and the Callahan Tunnel, Mr. Carey, Mr. Kipnes, Jeezus, Kelvin, Joe P„ Crackn ' Crank, TDSCMSRSMKKHCT, Boom-Boom, Bad Co., Doobie Bros., and Jackson Browne Concerts, E, L and P, Thanks (for nagging) Mom and Dad (you too Mrs. Dubois) dfaraA (Sffeffixvd " Don ' t walk in front of me, for I may not follow; don ' t walk behind me for I may not lead; just walk beside me and be my friend. " So! Don ' t ya love it! It ' s peachy! Spirit week, P ' Puff, Spencer, Togas! Ice cream, Bashes, M M ' s, Lanai Island, Prep, Colorado! Tennis, Boston, Apple picking, Best times with best friends; B.T., B.H., D.T., K.M., K.Q., M.K., S.M., D.B., T.J., M.K., S.L.H., Mark, Amy, Bev, Connie, and especially Mom and Dad; I love you! Our class — 1981 — Best of Luck! 44 c G7t ar ra, $ever y Q . “Old friendships can never be replaced . . . only remembered and continued. " spirit week-parade-court, r ' bow, YG, ST. K, Peachy! Don ' t ya love it!, M M ' s, ice cream, Summers ' 78, CS, ' 80 v + b ' ball, tennis, Bashes, " prep, " gator, BAH 2 , thanks Mr. Mrs. H; M, S, A; Aggie, Gram, )im, Sue, Mom special thanks and all my love; Nana, Daddy your memory is forever lasting — I Love You!; — Mark — ML, BH, BT, VR, NP, JW, DT, KM, AZ, DB, SM, MK, Kim, Sarah, Friends, our family, Good luck — Class of ' 81 — I love you — NRHS. Football CAL Champs 78, 79, Superbowl, Baseball CAL Champs 79, EMASS Champs " 80, " Basketball, Kipnes, Sap, Carey, Grande Prix, Cuarcao, Thanksgiving games, Cape Cod, DPW, Double Sessions, Sprints, Funday, Whiffles, Gym, Sessions, Planeride to Cuarcao, 4th of July, “19 " Carlos, Santana Concert, Marco, Freak, B.J., W.M., — Kris — , R.D., M.C., D. L., T.M., D.O., M.P., R.S., D.S., E. P., B.W., THANKS MOM -F DAD. " Changing for someone else is not satisfying to yourself " Some wonderful times: Revere Beach, Camping at Harold Parker, Topsfield fair, The Drive-In, New Year ' s Eve, The Fourth of July, The Attic, The field Hockey games in Peabody and Stoneham, Times in my Chevy Impala and times working at Hillview Country Club. My close friends: Jeff, Rodger, David, Scott, Maggie, Michele, Patty and Suzanne — Kelly — Sxnt a Q ft. (Sffa i i if It ' s Only Castles Burning . . . Wendy, Lisa, Mike, Chris, Pat, Cind, Vee, All nt. party, Mr. C ' s, poponeset, skiing, snowstorms, Cape, proms, 1 13 79, Saint Cruiser, KJ, LC, CB, LS, EP, BW, Spr. Bwl., Boston, Southern Snowballs, McGills, Rumdoggin ' it, Rd. House, B.A.B., Summer, Beach, Numb Up? Spillages, Quarys, Shriner nt., E.J. ' S, Freaks party ' s, Amp nt., Millisucks, line time. The end. No safety or surprise, the end. I ' ll never look into your eyes again. — Doors — Vfyay xiya Q . (£fta ew Daley, Nanita, Bev, Bellini, V+ B-Ball, Tennis, 16-parties (Bash), " McCartneys, " Blah, Coyoting w Nunca, The Mule, " P.S., " Ice Cream (F.V.), N.D. — C.W.L., Lockers-Mag ' s gym, Naked Nights, " Who Cares? " , Proms, Q.M., trio, Never Forget — T.J., Mahog, BAH 2 Ha-ha!, TT, " Oh-yeah! " green toads?, gator-prep, peinarse, Bee-Spaceshot (P.I.S.), C. Pickin, ' Summers-Work, P. Puff, Spirit Week, Class ' 81, S. Year! All friends + family — M + P, M + B, Grahds, A. A. + U.J., SH, CP, PL, KQ, DO, HF — Ma + Dad — I Love Ya! am ya Oakdale, parties, di, dare, )oyce, Mike, Gary + Dana 6 3 + 6 80 walnuts, " TNTLWIOP, " Lori, Monique, " Where ' s my duck " " I didn ' t want to hit it. " Tommy + Jackie, Anna, baina cocktails, dogs . . . Revere cemetary, Reading + fafu, Mr. Mailman, cheering, volleyball, moo, Spirit Week 78, 79, 80, parade Me as the Bee, Walnuts for Sue, Melinda — hangman forever! Michael Maslon, Mom + Dad Dayle " Give every man thine ear, but few thy voice, Take each man ' s censure, but reserve thy judgment. " Denise, Steve, GK, KLT, CC, MG, PP, SK, EW, PM, LY, Big Mike, Little Mike (Boom), Endless pool, YMCA — Florida, Definitely, The Big Split, Endless Summer, Silver Laxe, " To scale a mountain " The Band, " Play, " Rickenbacker, I say hello, goodbye. Sa u cm “ a heart is not judged by how much you love, but how much you are loved by others. " All night party 80, Froz. P-C ' s, Camp — TOGA, spirit weeks — PARADE!, )r. Prom, Naked Night, T-Wires, 9 1 79 G-C (B-H ), Football and Hockey Cheering, Zucho, Fire Ext., 5 (M.B., K.Q., D.B., S.M., D.O.,) Superbowl, T.H., V.I.P. — L.T., Bubbles w K, Nana, Collins; THANKS MA DAD! Most of all — Stephanie — Thank You. Q cm Q ftayie Softball, Cal Champs, Hockey cheering NBPT bus ride, JD, Jr. + Sr. Yr., THE CARS, Mary, Gigi, Jenny, " Who cares, it ' s SUMMER! " 80! TOOT! Comfortably Numb! Skiing, the Moose, SDWMAGACB, parties, proms, concerts, Mr. Keyes + Devin, Miss you DI, Molsons, Wingaersheek Beach, (Kevin), Spirit Week, PderPuff, rallies, 81 1 Turkey Day, Lynnfield Attack, all my friends, everywhere. Thanks Mom + Dad, Someone Special — John — Z2 Oeni e Faith, Hope and Charity are the ingredients to a Healthy Life. ‘David , to whom my charity will always be with. My sisters Donna Doreen. Thanx Terri, G.B., K.H., M.L., R.F., V.R., D.T., and Scottie you ' ll never know how much you have helped me. Soccer, Brigadoon, Camelot, " Kiss me Kate, " 7 7 77, all my friends, Heather, Joyce, and Mom, P.T.L. 46 (S ' yaey “Love is the author of happiness, happiness brings the gift of sharing, sharing reflects the beauty of Friendship. " Oliver lames. Special People — Special Places: KM, BT, SH, DB, DT, HF, LB, Di, BH, CP, KD, Track — (T)P with Karen Di) NY — 800 M.A.K., ]D. (A.F.) Bowling, Roller Skating, Mom Dad! Spirit week, Family. Qy Ce Zy Q tfC. oflzyve If you lose something, set it free If it comes back to you, its yours. If it doesn ' t, it never was. Senior Prom ' 79, Junior Prom EBII, railroad bed, looser courts, Salisbury Beach, EITHER OR, RITZ!, MK, MB, SM, SS, KM, TM, " The Attic, " " Blues Brothers, " Tuesday afternoons, " Can I ask you a dumb question? " Mom Dad, Grandpa R. — I wish you could see me now! To a special guy a special thankx — Mark 2 27 79 ' fe ffyey Q%a t ey Coast to Coast summer of ' 79, Lake Pawtucawag, Cross Country, Bike to Cranes Beach with Paul, Running Expo., with )EO, Running with Mike during summer of ' 80. And finally the promising summer of ' 81 . Q ftay c Q uycxa c Music is the way to the spirit, spirit is the way to the Lord. Laurie, " Marshall Amps, " lamming, Jimi Hendrix, Hockey, Stratocaster, Dad, PL, JL, PT, HBO, Moose Lodge, Old Man Syndrome, Gothic Trad, Ted Nugent, Les Paul, Van Halen, NRHS, Goodbye. m (£Z{jenrie y 47 Q fta r t ist (SCodtA He who smiles rather than rage is always the stronger. — Lao-Tse — I ' m with the band — " Weekend Madness, " field hockey ' 80, always just a tennis player, Softball States ' 79, Jazz w Hal, music in San Fran., New York Exchange, Paris 5:00 A.M. — 5 80, " later much, " O.K. fine, kinky, Springsteen Chapin forever, ILY — Dan 7 80, much to Terry, Bish, Yan, Mom, Dad, and friends. Q ftle redilA Cherish yesterday, Dream tomorrow, Live today. The Proms, Talent Shows, Art Room, R.R.B., The Trees, TV or Radio, Ritz, Soph, gym, Football field, Soccer games, Ice Cream, A Lunch, Malls, General, Tennis, Boston, Salisbury, QYC, A and M, 427. I will always remember: Melissa, Kelly, Mare, Anita, DB, PL, BH, SH, )), SM, RW, MC, TM, SS, CD, BT, T), DAVID — a very special person, and my family. Thankx for making these years special. (StefiA n c£Sn y t Our childhood years have finally passed Of all those days this is the last. Perhaps in our futures we will come to cope But no matter what happens We will always have hope. Keep healthy gang! K (BOOM) L, EW, DH, GK, PM, PP, B (FISH) L, MK, ](BLOB)P, JS, |R, SR, SC, )D, SL, Ly, Keep on programming! BSA, Good luck to all! Thanks Mom + Dad Q Ae ene c£%ani c Front Page, allies, Greeno ' s, Laini, Mary, Debb, Sharon, Susan, Sandy, Ronny, Jeff, Bob, Lisa, Dana, Kathy, John, Dini, Maggots class, Donna, Rosa, Salisbury, Moongoon, )ohn The Grill, Stormin, Bobby, " Screw this! " , Richie, Ronnie ' s poems and songs, Tressle, Debbie, Becky, Eddie P. Apartment, David, Judy, Diane, Danny D., Danny W., Terry S. " If the sun refused to shine I would still be loving you . . mountains crumble to the sea there will still be you and me. " " Thank you " — Led Zeppelin. Summer " 80, " Crusin, Parties, Mic ' s, Good times with JGBBLFJRMGJSDDNDRCMMBMMKKD- CNBDTBM, (thanks), " Sex-n-Drugs-n-Rock-n-Roll, " The Beach, Charlie Daniels with ).G., Wilmig and Wak., Thanks Mom and Dad, YEE-HA! 48 ' Accepting change is so much easier »vith the help of friends. " Rosedale, N.Y. .aura: Christine: Kenny: Shawn: Seth: Gina Kelvin, Clyde, Tom D., Twanka, Awesome " )oe, Bev, lean, Vicki, Scott Ak, Skiing, Spirit Week ' 81, Talent show, Thanks Mom and Dad, Kitty ' s So. Afindham, Conn. 9 7 79, Haunted House, Crack Concert 10 80 Good Times and friends, " Hot " kxl, MV violations, Salisbury B. Anchors Van, pit blasting ' 70 ss 6 81 we ' re outta here! 3 a is all that we see or seem, But a Dream within a Dream! York beach Maine, with L.H.S.M.P.I.W.A.R.T.S.L., Mr. Mrs. THE Fire Place, Long talks with Diane S., S.D.W.P.A.L.H., L.H. Remember york beach animal forest with B.K. D.L. and all the stuffed animals, S.M.D.G.L.H.C.L.L.F.G.N.M.P. Billy L. Class of ' 81 Mr. Hughes G N 2 22 80 Always and Forever — Paul — vim " We wish time from us, and then we wish him back. " Baseball, Billy Devin, Friends: Twanka, Joe Man, Gregor, Simon, Crack, Tom D., All my other friends. Parties, Flix, (G.Twn.), Concerts: Jackson Browne, Bad Company, Doobie Brothers. Talent Show, Graduation, Babb ' s Chem. class, Mom and Dad: Thanks for all your help and support. OPf. Sc " Let the good times roll " Friends: Shirley, Donna, Gary, Nanc, Donna, Tomboy Walton, " To remember my sister Nat and forget the fights! " Michael, C.L., Boota, C.B., a Very Special friend. Parties!!! Softball 78, 79, 80, 81. " 67 " Oldsmobile, M.E. S.C. is the best, Wango tango Northeastern Univ. with Laura, Montreal trip of 79!, Crusing, Asbery Grov trip, Summers of 72, 75, 79. Concerts with friends, " Do it up " " The good times in Lawrence with bootsie. " I ' m Free as a Freebird! Ye Ha. I ' m out! Thanks Ma + Dad. 49 P rrtff G Z. Stn enyer " Thanks for the times that you ' ve given me, the memories I hold in my mind. " Friends: Nancy, ABA EBE, 44D, Long talks, vand, Brow. — Diane, spaz, Lanai, Dale, Lori — Lred, Pin. Cal., SC., crazyness, songs, Pauls. MKKMMRSCKLMCBHMK . . . Hockey Cheering, Kitty ' s 2 1 80, 2 1 1 80 — LATA, MFES |T 2 2 80 — ATI my friends, The Proms, Parties, " Class of 80 and 81 ! Thanks for all you ' ve done Mom. VPe e r See Si Aia r SeacA KANKAMANGUS ' 80 N.Y. HOCKEY 70-80, GOLDEN, THE LOGS BELAIR BOMB, MR. C ' S, B.A.B. TOOT, MOLSENS, MARY )0 ROB, ]D, DP, )B, BF, DG, PB, SA, AP, RC, DS, )ACK D., ZAPPA, YES, |. GEILS, ZZTOP, NUGENT, CANOBIE LAKE KEGS, ZBR, HOUSE PARTIES, EVERYONE AT N.R.H.S. y 50 Seo vareA Senior Yr.l Great times . . . F. Ball games, P.|. Day, P. Puff, Spirit wk., Quincy M., Can-o-bie L., Barefootin ' , Potty, " It ' s all out of love!, " twin sis Bev, Jr. Prom, " BLAST! " ., pig out!, Tabitha, B-Ball, Track, Auntie M, Mr. P., " Brownies, " VT, Sailing, Summer of ' 80 with Athan. Good Friends: Dee, Patty, Mere, Kel, Bev, Vicki, K.M., T.J., Nan, Blah, Di, L.C., D.B., S.D., L.F., Thanks Mom and Dad for their Support. " Live simply, love well, and take time to smell the flowers along the way. " rae SiAe t Friends: Laurie, Ken Locke, Stephen Knight, Eric Walters, " Bruskie, " Pauls 1,2,3, John Lally, David Bell. Teachers: Mr. Lupton, Mr. Lucier, Ms. Allan, Mr. Landry, Mr. (Chuky) Markham, Camelot, George ' s Island, The Junior Prom, Summers, Good Friends, Good Food, and Good Music. Be Wise and Beware! 1980 Eastern Mass. Div. II Baseball Champs. Excellent Friends: PT, RC, MC, MV, BH, AL, ML, RF, RD, BF, BW, |L, Ralph Giovino, CL, LM, SM, VR, TT, LB, Jj, DG, LH, DB, PL, DO, MP, LR, SR, KQ, LV, BJ. Especially “LORI U. " Crank (the sparrow) Curacao Bunny ' s. S.S.I.A.C.S. Bunseye, Tex, and his mosquito bites. L.A.U. I ' ll never forget about you. Make it “big " in Baseball. Thanks for all of your support Mom Dad. Sa f dan uwco- New horizons are waiting for those with courages to find; and just as love gives wings to the mind; “Where ' s the beach? " Vermont, " A " Lunch “Oh my God!!! " Agatha, “Camelot Brigadoon " Bandroom " make-up " Rosa; Kim; Susan; Cindy; Dot; )anet; " I don ' t get it! " David and Chris. Love to all my friends. In life one looks back on the fond memories of friends and the love we share. Ma and Dad — I Love Yal! Q fkir c E£oAi cUc ' STANG ' S FOREVER, SOCCER, THE BEACH, SEABROOK, HAMPTON, CAMPING, rattle river 1.6, CRUISING, PROMS, DRIVE IN, |. GEILS, U. LOWELL, Nest, McDonalds, Sully ' s T.R., U. Mass, S.M.U., Queen, Cars, Seager, Tensions, Orford, Georgia, Chinese food, Senior Week, Skiing, Scooping Soccer Camp, Parties, My Party, 22, Golden, Curls, Boothill, Sully, Boom, A.L., B.H., P.R., M.A., K.B., C.T., Thanks to Mom and Dad, and especially Kristen z-rC ' -ro " Judge not, and you will not be judged; condemn not, and you will not be condemned; forgive, and you will be forgiven; give, and it will be given to you. " IT was a blast! Thankx everyone!, CYA! GS Prom, DS, EAW, SK, Lord Ward, PSBABF, DH, Atlantic Wildness, Tang Soo Do, 40, Computer Room, Bubble ball, Purple Raison, Omatapameom, Whippy, Thanks Mom and Dad. Q%ezvriet i S oc ce JAY — Always remember that I love you, and love is the strongest thing there is. 3-15-80. Laurie, LYLASEM, YGAF, Mt. Cranmore Valley, " Come on car, START! " MARTHA ' S VINEYARD, this bear, Oggie Doggie, " What if we get busted?! " shake it, ou° u ou, Who ' s sorry now? NOT ME! (and I never will be) 110 yrs. Thanks to LD and JE. I need you both more than you know. JAY — Love always, from your " little girl " 51 “Dreams will come true if you want them bad enough. " Hag. Hockey, Niz, 5:00 A.M., 17, DIZ, Brunswich ' 78, Cape, Seabrook, All my friends, Good Times, Thanks Ma and Dad for your love and support. Remember all the good times, Learn from the bad ones. 175 amp, Jake, P.T., L.M., P.L., M.C., It ' s getting cloudy again, Pudcachicken, Noggins, Thanks Mom and Dad. Grand Prix, Cutlass, VW, I ' ll Love you always Monique % eroriwa Au casxem ct Yeeha! Party Time, Cruisin ' , Hit the beach, Concerts, Boston, Soirees, Rock-n-Roll Buzz, Get down with Zeppelin, Hendrix, and Joplin, Munchin ' Out, Charlie and Mel ' s. “I live for my dream and a pocketful of gold. " France, Laura, Lisa, Pam, Linda, and J.H., E.K., Special Thanks Mom and Dad. u ce Good times with Gigi, Jan, Mary — 1980 all night party R.C., eye contact. " GWOSR, " Trips to Boston — David ' s Skiing, snowstorms, the Claw, Mr. C ' s (2) 151, Summer of 80 ' with Paul, 4th of July, White Mountains, Canada, Hampton Beach, Black Sabbath, Caroline. Florida R.T., " Wink, " always Kevin. Good Luck Barb and Dave! Special thanks, Mom and Dad. Leslie, Barb, Dale, “I get by with a little help from my friends, " Long walks, Long talks, 4123, Skiing, Stacy, Braces, Prov. R.I., Vanlathems, Key West, Summer at the beach, The Paths, 5 B. Garden Concerts, Cruising, Zep, Summer of ' 79, OUT West . . . , New Years Eve ' 80, 7 20 79, Partying, Good Times, Bad Times, Sunflower cofe, And especially My Favorite Times With Ronnie — Always 52 TIME MAY CHANGE ME BUT I CAN ' T CHANGE TIME . . . Cape, Term, Steps, Skelly, Cheering, O-K, 9 29 78 Rainbow Ball, F.B.H., Friends, C-Lunch, 9th gr. , Lisa, Linda, Death mobile, Tunnel, Pembroke, Poponesett Kentucky trip, Beach Party, McGills, K C, Springfield. Always a special person . . . MARK Is this the end or is it just the beginning — Zeppelin — Wendel, Dilla, Hobbs, Pat, Cindi, Veronica. Yale Bowl, Mr. C. King Clubs, Outlaws, Seger, Geils, Keg • parties, Rumdoggin, snowstorms, leaves in Autumn, I ' s apt. Shore Drive, Amp. all nighters or early mornings, Pond, Reading friends, Cape Cod, Beaches, Proms, Boston, Claw L.K., skiing, Ma Bob ' s wedding. Patty, Scott, Howie + Pam. Thanks for your understanding Ma, and always my father. Q tacnei Ma and Dad, Sap, Niz, Uncle Barry, Crank, C.A.L. CHAMPS 78, 79, Super Bowl, Hotel Brawls, “On the sprint line. ' ' , Boston Garden, States, E MASS Champs 80, CURACAO, Dan August, the itch, Cape, Gort, Woo McNute, Big Bill Devin, Brad ' s House, MVBHBWEPMCBBMMCMRDMGBJVR friends — “Thanks for the good times. " Seabrook, the beach, parties, Jackies ax in Haverhill, The North End $50, waking up at 4:00 in the morning for hockey practice with nobody picking me up (the alarm clock) The Angels and Mr. Dailey. MG, PP, |P, DM, BS, DL, MA, DS, AL, JR, AS Q tacaa ay Gather up your memories, for tomorrow ' s a new day. — Dr. Suesse The bands, our beloved leader HLW, exchanges, Brickyard, games, big band nights, A-7, renegade band, omnia delanda sunt, signs, the paper haul, Joe ' s, prom ' 79, Maine, travels with Datsun (R.I.P.), 35-boxes, cruising, “Back Off! " , " mescaline hash reefer, " parachoting, brigadoon?, open houses, Cemeterys, “seriously guys, " Regards to — JSBJMJLPCPTMGMTMTHCMLD DGSMET. AL . . . " and then there ' s Trish. " 53 yon C h y " To Have a Friend is to be a Friend " Roller Skating, Spirit Week, Dairy Maid, Bowling, Powder Puff, V-Ball, B-Ball, Track — JBWT, Surprise Party ' s, " Excuse Me? " , Good Times with Friends, FPWPAN, Class 80 and 81, Thanks — T) — Jimee B, HF, BT, DT, BH, SH, CP, BH, NP, KB, PL, DC, ML, AZ, KD, DB, KB, Senior Year, Special Thanks to Mom + Dad for all their help and support. rf ut yon Q tc a e " Books and songs and poems have ends But never the love between good friends " Donna, Marcia, Bev, Kim, Bellini, Sue, and all the gang! Cheerleading, Spencer, VSRDA, Toga! Rainbow WA ' 80, Springfield, Quebec, Spirit Week, T-Wires, the big bash, $5 please, M M ' S, OTIS, HT ' s, CBR, DIZ, Nunny, " Who Cares, " JAS Ligeguard Mike, " The Long Run, " Summer ' 80, HP 23, — ILY Mom and Dad, Thanks — 1 1 30 79, My Pal Always . . . Michael yu ' Jofi io y C: ftlo y ino C.A.L. ' 7 8- ' 8 1 Sessions Sap Niz Suerka Superbowl C.A.L. Champs, Mowhawks Sprintline Hamburg Squad 5:00 A.M. icetime ' 78 Tourney ' Mt. Ararat 83 30 1 3 ' 1 " C.A.L. and State meets Seabrook " 80 " Good times with friends RD AL BW MV BH MG BG WM MC BB )H JD ML JR B| CP VR CL JT LF CG CF BC Thanks Mom and Dad MOST OF ALL — LISA — I will always remember my good Times at NRHS and my friends, Gordon, Jim, Mike, Glenn, Chip, Jim C. and Seafood Gerardamo, Nelli and Pete. Also all my good times in Karate, Seabrook 4th of July and most of all my mother. It ain ' t nothing but a party — J. Geils Band All those dogs down the pond, byrds, funnel pond parties, Goldens, Swilldews, pit parties snow bound, Dog Noggin, Chin, Sux, Kegs, Smellicus, KJ, JD, MF, JB, RL, RR, JBr, PB, SD, DM, Mary Joint and the Showman Senior Week, " 80, " Ted Nugent " 78, " Good with — Gail — and a lot more to come, Later much N.R.H.S. Thanks Ma and Dad 54 n Q Z. Q Ztc ay ue “Let the Good Times Roll " The Cars 6 " Joe " Snowing all year around, LL, DG, PS, SR, PL, CL, LV, Toot, Heiny ' s, Lanes End, Summer of ' 80, junior Prom, Powder Puff football, Hockey Cheerleading, OTL, Van Halen Concert, Foreigner, 9. Especially, Dana 1 4 80 " Sound the Trumpet ... " Hodie, N.P.C.S.: Te Deum, Battle Hymn: Timpani, Fantasticks, Brigadoon, Brad, Puzzo, Mark C., Kim, Kittapoop, Shuffling, David, Fred, guitar, " Say Goodbye! " , Dorn making passes in Lib., first date: Ray, Dorn and I at drive-in, " Everybody loves plastic bags, " Summer 80 ' : Best! Steve, Nugent: first concert, skipping WINDOWSHADES? " Sorry! " Fabulous friends + Lisa, )ohn, Norma, DONNA; but most of all Domenic: Thanks. tea " Keep on trying, you ' ll get it " — MOM and DAD NRHS Band, Masquers club — Our Town, Hello Dolly, Fantasticks, Camelot, Cheaper by the Dozen; Vaulting; Basketball — " mole; " Marching Band; Cast Parties; Dana and the Bone Section; N.H. skiing, Unicycles; Exchanges; Juggling; magic; Jazz Band; District; Mr. Fish; Paper Haul; Jason; talks with Amy; Tom and Jerry — Washington Brothers; Ears; MY FAMILY fl FiL . jiTO k |f v te 1 ? Iter (§fha Q Zti Aer " These are the seasons of emotion, and like the winds, they rise and fall. " Eastman, jams, Drive-in, Debb — the best friend I ' ve ever had, Kathy, Chip, Sandy, Mary, Keith, Bottles, High life?, 3 guitars, partying, ' 73 Charger, big words, acid rock, good times with good friends, and especially the one guy that makes my life complete, Rick. Q ZZa uZy Remembering back to all the good ' ole times in North Reading. 20 20 shot, yes-no-maybe-so. Good Folk ... , Penskie, Pete, Clib, Arty, Jay, GR., Nogg, Storm Troopers, One Word, Amped, Special thanks to a person named George. Rush, J. Geils, Amped once again, Jay ... 175 WATTS, Thanks Mom and Dad. 55 C era yd Q Atuyfi iu Tang So, Boxing Golden Gloves 78, 79, 80, Destruct Destroy, Ryan ' s summer with Debbie, HB Leah, Army Friends NM, Jew, AL, BM, DR, FL, JC, EC, Mr. B Thanks Mom, Dad. QPau odtayfiAy Magic, Assembly 104, California, Contest winner; — CC — , track, CCL 1, " G wing track club, " MS, CT, GK, GS, JF, DS, JS, PB, KS, RS, WM; Band, J.E., 1980 Heritage 1, JM, DM, MS, DH, AR, DB; Juggling, " clink, " The Grave, EE, Martha ' s Vineyard, Lake Pawtuckaway, whitewater, SK, DH, SR, KL, EW QyVe tem Q f{i yyay Karate, The station, Jims IMPALA, Mr. Hughes, Mrs. Dell, Salisbury, Parties, 69, The Blazercrazy Driver Concerts, The Zone, L + L, Maine, Seabrook — Mad Dog, Friends GM, BM, AL, JG, GS, TS, DS, GM. QyGifA e n Qyde so ' n. Hold to a true friend with both hands — Nigerian Proverb — Field Hockey, Camp, Guiness Foster, Charlie, Mickey — Frog, North Conway, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C., Virginia, Australia, Le Prof, The Beast, RSG All my friends qA . oA eftAeui An acquaintance is a Jewel, a friend is a Fortune. Jenny, Jan, Mary, " SDWJAMACB " scared for life, Cars, Santana, Hampton, Art 1-4, Mr. H., softball, " GWOSR, " Jr. Prom, SA, JT, MP: SA, DO, WL, LL, JL, |B, Skiing 1-2, Ind. Max ' s wedding: The bartender, Gramy Pig, 1 year, good times with Lucas, Spam, Caslberry, N.V. Parties, Gary, Daisey Duke, Mr. Mrs. G. Peanut M M ' s, green ones, nogger, " one-of-a-kind " David. 56 HHHi Qy eZ y ClA o-rfovi Destiny isn ' t a matter of chance, it ' s a matter of choice. Friends: Lynne, Michelle, Barb, Kenny, Bruce, Step, jimmy, Steven, Ricky, Michael, Robert. France! CO, drawoh, 20 minutes, the spoon, NCNW! Pewter Pot, Chocolate pudding, pitters, SAP-HJN-SMS, Jr. Prom, codes, smell, B ' s locker, notes, scuzby, cherry + blueberry, Hampton, Lost in Boston, Camelot, L ' s parties; Lillian! Thanks Mom + Dad. 2 . " We are limitless for we believe in our dreams. " S. Sillbert Cheering, Camp, TOGA ' S, Class of 81 ' , Sharon, Kim, Sue, Marcia, Bellini, Specs, Mother!, The group, 16 Bashes, c-party, Freshman year, Quebec, Brian L., J.V. plane crash, Naked nights, Spencer, U.S.R.D.A., Superbowl, proms, weddings, J.A.S., 7-27-80 — Peter, M M ' S, Thanks Mom and Dad, GO FOR IT, 81 ' !! " And the Forest will echo with Laughter " " Smell the Floor, " Fire in the Chimney, Summer of 79-80 — Winthrop; Gary R., Mrs. J., Maryhooch, The hill, Hampton, Toot, Wendelbomber, OREO, Good times with Diana, Paula, Mikey; Dutchess, Nana, Mrs. Dell, jaws!, " D + K, " jj, LN, MP, WL, AP, LV, CM, DS, PL, SP, GN, " Hey Goob, " " Gotta Have It! " , Denise and Kathy, 7 9 80, Thanks Ma and Dad! " There is only one success — to be able to spend your life in your own way. " Ismo, ART, horse, Revere + Saugus, summer 78, majorettes, rifles (co-capt.), C-Lunch, " who me?, " pint, Deb, Diana, Diane, Dot, John, Karen, Kim, Lisa, ' Lynne, Paul, Pike, Rosa, Sue L., Sue, Tim, Tom, firing squad, B-rides, arm, H-P, Mr. Hughes. " Wanna trade? " 5-12-79, frogs, green, dates, proms, B-boys, ss, YTMBA. Thanks for everything family, especially Mom + Dad, and always . . . DAVE ( r r 0 ’( cole Kim, Dale, Dom, Jackie and Glenn, B.B.K. Summer of 78 ' , pomps Ponds, N.H., 9 8 78, Long walks, Swan Pond, Old Blue, B.S.A.A., 5 20 79, My family (sometimes) Life!! " Sunshine " someday mountains. Thanks Mom and Dad, for always being there. Most of all, Drew, a special thanks for all of our special moments together. 57 Q%lm e r y OOpin pPac w s ci (QyGwiyJ " Friendship is like the shadow of the evening, which strengthens with the setting sun of life. " " Say What? " Scooter, Love ya, Mrs. Brown I wish it was Fri. EBOGSLCDSSMARYPOOMKNLSKGGS- CSRARBMAWRCBKR and lack, Second to None, the night the lights went out — Blues Brothers 7-80, Sat. nites F. Skating, Mis Gatos Ming Luce, Kimy Wher ' s the beach? ILUVYAMOM Q fl. " Face life with a smile! " P.S., " Who cares?, " F.V. Ice Cream M M ' s, Barb ' s Xmas Bash, Per. 5 Gym, Roller Skating, Eng. 10, J.V. Plane Crash, Lanai Island, Feasts, Y.M., Hampton Beach, Aug. 14, ' 79, " There, " Proms — Limo, Cheering, Spencer, Cheering Camp, Toga, Turkey Day, Spirit Week, P ' Puff, Marina, Sarah, Debbie, Tracy, M.K.D., B.H., C.M., C. M., K.M., N.P., K.S., M.S., B.T., D. T., Special Thanks and Love to Mom, Dad, Nicky, Thanks for all the special times and memories ... — Bobby — Q Ma-vy PPa mce-r 9th grade — Quebec, the tunnel-softball 11, States — C. A. L., Champs, Great times w great friends: Kris, Becky, Kim, Jan, Gigi, " Who cares, it ' s summer! " double dates, lodge, muffet, The Bowmans (excellent People) Jr. Prom, Jimmy, Singing Sands, Snowstorms, Summer of " 80, " Laurie, Castleberry, Mariall, Kris me w her truck, fudgscicle, CO, K.F., J.L., M.F., D.L., Sandy, Lans, Rit, Parties, " Kris is special, " My family, Mum, DAd. All the times I ' ll never forget. Class of ' 81, and John. VParry Foth, my old friend, it is all a auestion of worth. Grasp what you can before it falls from reach, and warm it with your touch, But don ' t hold it too tightly, lest it die in your clutches, and become useless as a gift. " Our dreams pursue us from afar And what we have been makes us what we are ... " Growing up w Pat, Barb, Dale, Diane (FYCS), Karen-Mahog, BH, DO (Mother), SM, Bee, JP, CP, " Friends, " Louie, F. Hockey, Banana Squad, KB, MK, Coke Juice, Camp, Moe, A 2 Z, ML, SS, B. Ball, Celts, RP-15 (12), Track, Waterville, VT, Summers — ' 80-Mich., QM trio, Bellini Bash, coyote-Bla, Nunca, " Trik-mops, " pellet, Spirit Week, " Class of 81 !!, " Carol, " BL, Bobo Floops, Mary, Ern-uh?, Jen, Ma Dad, I love you! 58 PPew ciwA WHAT YOU ARE IS GOD ' S GIFT TO YOU. WHAT YOU MAKE OF YOURSELF IS YOUR GIFT TO GOD. Remember: Montreal, Washington, D.C., Salisbury with jan, Summer of 80 with Sue, Catch 225, We do the rock it ' s stimulating! Like Wow!, Steal away, snowing in the summer, our weekend, My special friend Ronnie K., Paula, Jenny, Monique, Sue bee, Carrie, Kelly, and most of all Scott. Thanks Mom Dad! Q ftaria rme PPi ce ‘Q Pteawb ” You only live once so live it to the fullest. All my love and Thanks to Mom and Dad for all their love and support. A special thanks to Julie for all tne good times: Bermuda, Novascotia, and most of all her friendship. (I don ' t believe you!). Forever memories. Good Friends: Terri, Martha, C.C., K.G., D.G., K.A., P.J., M.C., N.F., P.O., M.E.R., T.W., L. C., Atlantic, Tray, Dreams, Canobie Lake and movies. Michelle ' s Wed, M. B.S., Moe, good times is school. " 81 " MOM ' raMnc-i To all the people who helped me through these three years and made them enjoyable, THANK YOU!! The Great Collajse pf " 78 " climbing mount Washington, skiing, Killington crotchet, cannon, The party. August 4, 1979, 12 27 79 D.C., L.M., R.G., B.B., M.F., Concerts, Ted Nugent and Blue oyster cult, me and Mike going to World War III, Family reunion, 1 17 80, 5 1 80, The Awesome K-D 125 My first accident, The Drive-In, Nixdorf , kittys ' , Barnside, The trip to Montreal, Miss " D, " Most of all Tnanks Mom and Dad. " If I worry, will it change tomorrow? " — Kwai Chang Soccer, N.R. vs. Bedford ' 79, Orford, Roy and Camille good luck, Twanka, Kelvin, The Krysko kid, Anthony, Diz, Simon, Steve, Tom, Mile. K., Doobies, Jackson Browne, Mom Dad, thank you for everything. 59 (S coCt S yoc oy Southwick, 493, Bronco, Good Times with Bob, F.S., R.C., R.R., and all the rest, Salisbury Amped, The Garage, 13, Winthrop Wall, The Doors, The Cove Coke B.F., October 14, Crash, Unadilla U.S.G.P., W.F.O. Tressel You Can ' t Always Get What You Want. Thanks for everything Ma Dad. " Now comes the mystery " (pyic Football, Superbowl 79, CAL Champs, MC, BG, BW, DG, LH, PT, MP, JJ, RD, CM, BH, JP, DL, Hockey states, Saturday nights, Heavy cumps, Cruiser, Fred, Tuna, Nigger, Frank, Angel, hunt, Rob, camp, Murdock, Where ' s the beach, keg parties, " Oak Tree, you ' re in my way, " I ' m outta here !!!!!! Py c wtowx- Courage, Strength, and Wisdom to carry on in Life. Special thanks to Mom and Dad for all their support. To my best friend Marianne, thanks for all the good times we shared, and for all your help. Good times with Cheryl. Summer of 1980. Scrutiny, 12:00 raids, TKJACCYFCAPG. Fun with Friends Maureen, Kenny, Lance, Kelly, Carol. Movies GB. Gym with Dale. Atlantic, KL, DE, MP, )S, DG, LM, MC, TM, P), GG, BO, BB, Loafer, Beach. N.D. Vftau axxo- " ... with labour and toil shalt thou eat thereof all the day of thy life ' ' Future dreams. Friends: KL, MR, JP, DH, MG, SM, EW, SK, Champagne Taste, N.H. weekends, pool parties, Prom, Bambie, Festa Liquors. Always cherish the memories of Uncle Marty; " I am the resurrection and the life; he who believes in me, even if he die, shall live; and whoever believes in me, shall never die. " Love always especially: Mamie, Nonno, Mom and Dad i y y aeycca We have friends together in Sunshine and Shade 9th Grade, Quebec, Summer 78-80, spirit weeks, " Parade, " OTIS, T-wires, $5 please, CBR Super Bowl, Camp, Togas, Proms, J.V. plane crash, football hockey cheering, Kathy ' s party, Paul C., Kitty ' s, all night party, 16th B-days, Best Friends: Bev, Mary, Susan, Sharon, Donna, DT, DB, SH, PG, BH, BJ, KB, WM, MV, DL, MC, BH, Gang, Good Times — Jimmy — family, Love and Thanks to two very special people: Mom Dad 60 PR«Aa y PReyno Summer of " 78, " zztop, ted nugent, black blue, Kansas " 79, " Allman Brothers " 79, " 68 LeMans, 76 Grand Prix well done, swilling molsen ' s with Maryowy and the snowman, Harold Parker, victors class, smokeshows busted in the parking lot with )B, JD, SP, Skipping school and Hitting Salisbury. Raving in the office, All friends at N.R.H.S., Hockey " 79 " 15-0 Captain Pointy Oppa Ae ' ri-ne and a poem: About Being Dazzled You were walking. The Black forced invisible needles into your body. Sadness, lonliness, anger, fear, frustration, shame. Then, past the dark, shaggy arms of the pine trees, you saw the moon. It was brilliant. And you forgot your pain. And you were dazzled. Be dazzled and remember: I love you. Q AAt oe- P Lci n tiMi i If I don ' t meet you no more on this world I ' ll meet you on the next one, and don ' t be late ).H. " 69 " TOAD, CHRIS, KELVIN, JEFF, WACKA, 67 NOVA w 327? KELLY KC, KIM, CINDY, RAJ, ROSS, SUSAN F. SS, PH, Drive in 6 80, 44, 307, 383, 351, ? VTB, HILLVIEW M 3 THANKX TO 2 SPECIAL PEOPLE = MOM DAD ( Am, PRoAicAieaM Rattlesnake Pimento H.P.S.F.L.D. " 80 " FDSA space Bike T ' s " 80-81 " season conway LA A G R, Now People, Lost, 4th 2nc Iron, slide, Atlantic Floors, G-?, A.C. J.C. M.H. P.W., E.T.I.B. 61 2 nM VRc. se " Do the thing, you think you cannot do " Karen (1974) so many changes (1978) Richie, an early surprise, April, MA DAD and JOANNE, friends, since day 1 with Sue, Jim, Di, didn ' t forget you! A special person, Lisa, Next Dewar, Don and Dan, Laur and Fran, thing there, Dreams, Music and my Nova. Summers of 78, 79, 80, Ossipee, Raymond N.H., Beach, Florida. 5 20 78 The past and future with Dennis 0 00 00. VPjeha yd VPote " In your vision of the world is an image of yourself " — Morgan. Prom, All-Night Party-80, Rich ' s Lemon D. Emma, KS, ST, Dan ' l Fuller, Rodeo, C. Lake, D. Roche, SAT-C, Kelly, Acct, the bridge, Mao ' s Friendly ' s, Mall, Beach, Smurf, Rollerskating, " G.H. " party. Intersection, Fame, " That ' s Bad, " " Don ' t Bum Out, " Mrs. C., Miss s, Atlantic, " TPS, " talks w — MW, LP, CJ, DF, PM, DT, )L, LF, Summer-78, Boston, Especially Mom Dad. Q flicAae VPjdienUein ddtefdien VP. VPuMwdc " My friends tell me, that I ' ve been a fool " The Allman Bros. ... but who cares. Kitty ' s and the Swi 1 1 pit, AERIAL MAN (C.C.) Dave H. the A.H. The Swines (J.H.K.L.S.C.J.P.M.S.) Rickenbacker (Duane and Cream) The Band and " Dreams; " Just No; There it is! And most of all ... J.B. PfiiAan VPjddiu ' HCO " A fool wil lose tomorrow reaching back for yesterday " memories FLA. 77, 78, 79, 80, Richies camp. The Cape. All Night Party, Prom Cary. M.C.L.I.L.D.P.S.M.P.D.S.L.L.L.M.S.H.R- .L.A.T.B.R.T.M.G.L. Kitty ' s Stephine Mills " Katie " parties. " M.I.L.Y. " Gator. Class of " 80 " Long talks with good friends. Hampton, Salisbury. English Mrs. Dell. Thanks Mom and Dad for making it all possible. Someone special — Gary — 62 3 ynne CKXX I may not be perfectly wise, perfectly witty or perfectly wonderful, but I ' m always perfectly me. Friends: Kelly, Michelle, Bruce Kenny, Jimmy, Steven, Susan L., Step, Patti, Lisa B., Lisa H., esp. Ricky 5 18 79 Wash., Hampton, Disney World, lost in Boston, F. Play, Martha, Ma, Majorettes, rifles, rallies, notes, SC ' by, Choc. Pudding, pitters, Codes, SAP-HJN-SMS, Apple Banana, Jr. Prom, parties, jogging? baby bro, Thanks Mom Dad. zuido fbc iae C Aa em " May friendships made today last until tomorrow. " To all my friends esp. Lope, Sully, Ant. Good Luck! SAT NITES — Mac ' s Nest. Harry ' s party, curls, camping 80, Upper Baker Pd. (Boom-Boom) Roy ' s Raving, St. Tourney. Barry ' s jokes (Just lay the ball in!) ski trips, Tennis prac. with Coach, Proms, A special thanks to MOM DAD, you ' ve been great! Vermont Gang, Summer 80, Montreal-Ds, Plays, Stagemanager, BUD, Snake Lady, BE — God, Mrs. Bill, Tony ' s 1, 4-H, LD, JC, KR, SS, JP, JM, AL, Mrs, Noah, Imagine no Possessions I wonder if you can No need for greed and hunger A brotherhood of man Imagine all the People Sharing all the world . . . You may say I ' m a dreamer But I ' m not the only one I hope someday you ' ll join us and the world will be as one . . . " Imagine " (John Lennon) lame- C cAcv cwife " It just seems so useless to have to work so hard when nothing ever seems to come from it. " " The time is gone, the song is over, thought I ' d something more to say. " YB Maine 7 79, Wells, Seabrook, camping. Good times with good friends Di Paula. BB VO. Summers. SP, LE, MA, SB, AP, SA, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. And All of My Love to you, Mark. Q fAtcAae 4c- lat §h tm mows y (Pfct xi ia Tony, Revere, Pontiac, Where ' s the beach? " Go for it, " ' Summer of 80 ' Salisbury-Hampton Beach Parties, Roller Skating, Drive-In, Weekend Parties, Mike, Bill, Murph, Gordon, Glenn (Margaret) )P, MG, ML, DB, SH, )D, SC, MGA. " Without friends, life itself would be impossible. " Thanks Mom and Dad. P ltc cy To achieve all that is impossible, we must attempt the impossible. To be as much as we can be, we must dream of being more. Summer League Rieka Mr. Kipnes D.S., J.H., W.M., g.s., Rexy, P.W., cat Finally beat North Andover M.S., K.)., Mr. Carey D.B. ICE e a ameta MARK, My Katie, MP MP, Lanes Ends, Naz, Snow, parties, Smirnoffs, two weeks Pam, Gapa, Heaven, Rolls Royce, Booze Cruise, Cherish your yesterdays, search for your tomorrows, toot, 51, 81, Haunted House " Trip, " Wedding Bells, Thanx to Sue for being there to listen, and to my granma, for being concerned, and to my Mom-n-Dad for giving me my life, and thanx to Mark and his family. I Love you ALL, MARK. Summer of " 80 " Foxboro, Salem NH Mopar 1 Charger, TNT, Tina, Carolyn, Friends to remember, WC, GS, TT, MB, BM, NM, BB, JO, RG, Burning of R.P., Gatteries, Bud, " jump Starts, " " Truckin, " Gramps car, B Hanover, Beatles, Segar, Goodtimes. Thanks Mom and Dad 64 “It ' s not that ' today is the first day of the rest of my life ' but that now is all there is of my life. " H. Prather Forever (and ever) Chapining out, THE BEACH, the field, E.J. ' s the rise and fall (and rise?) of Chameleon, Mr. Aimes, CHAPIN AVE., the absolute stillness of moonlig ht melts into abstractions of perfect peace . . . (ffo cmuz “Live today, you may not tomorrow. " Tim Wayne, ST Show, FS, JT, TR, JP, BB, GS, JC, other friends, my brothers and Christine, Ma and Dad, Cape Cod, Cross country, Why, Tim ' s lunch money? Tony, Billy, Bean, my barn — PH — O Ati oe " Pain is my best friend " Ward Hill, CC79, 9-4, Sonia Smile Kelvin, Sack, ).H., 15:35, 1:59.4, Fenwick, 79, 80, j.K., C.T., P.M., Gerry, 700 Club, Chelsea, 200 BP, York, B., MGH, " Lige in the Fast Lane, " Les Farceurs, Michie Stradium, My Family + Richie. Cheering, tennis, B-wing, Intersection, Friendly ' s parking lot, Friendly ' s, Mac ' s, Newburyport game, CPR, drive-in, New Year ' s Eve parties, seal, Hampton, Atlantic, the camper, proms, football, soccer. Cindy, Kim, Kelly, Diane, Mary, JR, ES, MW, AR, AZ, ML, MW, KG, MC, JM, RS, PJ, Troy. Thanks to my Family and all my friends for making these years memorable ones . . . ( aA n 65 an " A good name is rather to chosen than great riches " Proverbs 22:1 Band, Exchange trips " Of course I Practiced " Marcel? " Don ' t be gross " Camelot sewing with Mrs. M MA, Rainbow W.A. Me? Late for school? Driving test(s) I passed! Good friends Lisa, Karen, Martha, Terri, David, Chris, Dana, Chris, Dana, Jamie, Shawn, Shawn, you showed me what friends are for. God Bless. Memories: Baseball, Going to State Finals, Going fishing with Joe, Looking for my first car, Shop Class, Maine, friends — JM, BS, AR, JF, JL, JW, LF, LA, LG, TB, LM, BD, SM. Hiking = Big Blisters, But most of all Thanks Mom and Dad. Pftaa The Band: Mat Dave J. Geils Black Sabbath Blue Oyster Cult, Rush. " Just havin ' a good old time " " We need a place to play. " Gibson SG John Henrey Bonham Lives forever LED ZEPPELIN is 1 Dot I ' m in the Pink. HNDGMJDNMJJD Bob Segar thanks Donna for. a good time. Most of all Maureen. oA ntes d ftron Q flteAae fa t iv-an Friends: T.T., J.D., L.J., D.H., 73 Cuda 340-71 chevelle 145 on 495, Lt 150 dream. Cars, J. Geils and my main mechanic Susan. 66 Vd a dfare te Soph, year (42), Clyde ' s classes, My daily nap during World Wars, Wescott ' s sick sayings, talking with Miss D., Beagan ' s house New Years Eve., York Beach with Mr. and Mrs. L., Feb. 22, 1980, The Golden Gloves, July 4, Long Sands, Sept. 28th, hit and Run, Jr. Prom, Sunday Night bon Fires behind Ladd ' s house, the Fight at Fenway, and especially, — LISA — d vAcucm Q tfCa, Aum’ Aa h yte I believe in the sun even when not feeling it. I believe in God even when He is silent. Chorus, Rainbow Ball, Camelot, make-up, painting, cast party, Jr. prom, the Grave, Friends: Lisa, David, Karen, Terri, Chris, Kathy, Shawn, Deb, Jeff, Leigh, Mom Dad, I love you. Joan, words cannot exress the value of our friendship. Thanks for being there and caring. m •- w (SdmotAy d Aw ce A ■meA “ am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together. " — Beatles Hockey 1,2,3. Freshman year $30 W.C. G.S. P.A. ART, Lifting! Dreams of the " U! " THE BEATLES, Santana, Hampton Beach, Maine, A special thanks to Mom, who put up with my laziness. Dad — esp. S.M. dd e (rt A ( ddC. ddayAov Live, Love, Laugh Moving, New beginnings, Barb ' s X-mas party, Pigs In Space, Ice Scream, Spirit Week, Parade, Talent Show, Proms, Per. 5 Gym, " Big 81. " Park, Cafe Study, sing alongs, S + V Games, Bus rides, " Space Cadet, " Telepaty, CWL R Roller Skating, N.H., P.S., Lanai Island, Hit the beach, Cape Cod, Graduation, Hockey Games, ARNF the Good times! DT, LB, CP, KD, BH, KM, TJ, DB, SH, BH, NP, JW, CM, MS, MM, DS, SC. Family and Friends, Thanks for being there. I Love You! " Bee " Telepathy, Lolly, JV Plane Crash, proms, NDNN, someone very special, Mark. Haunted house, Cape Cod w capt. Toppie Mary McD. S ' ball V Ball, states, voules-vous, apple crisp, hockey cheering, cobbler, ice cream, Bellini Bash, Christmas party, weenie, nunca, Black foot slalom, Mt. Monadrock, DB, KB, MB, BH, SH, BT, TJ, PL, DM, SM, DO, CP, MP, NP, KQ, VR, MT, special thanks to my family. 67 f You are never given a wish without also being given the power to make it true. 67 Nova, all those parties, Hockey. All my friends, Thanks guys. Remember the junior and Senior Prom, Talent Show. Special thanks to my parents. I made it. Q tftawco- 2) . Curacao, Baseball CAL Champs — “79, ' ' E. Mass Champs " 80, " Coach Carey, Track Champs “80, " Coach " B, " Football CAL Champs — " 78-79, " Superbowl " 79, " R-Inn, Nbyt. football game " 79, " Coach Sap, Niz, Sverka, Mr. " R, " Mr. " D, " Rob — 2 in 1 night, Lodge, Prom, Specs, " A A, " Cape, 3 5 per., D-Dates, W-Lake, K) — " Drizzle, Drizzle, Drizzle, Drone, Time for the Wizard to go Home!, " PA, WM, PC, RM, DB, PS, TC, CM, BH, DL, DB, BL, CL, MP, KQ, VR, SH, My Family, Thank you Mom Dad. Most of all — Becky — 2-2-80 £((uy r Po-ta LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL The many experiences with V.L., Clubing; Revere Beach, Running Rollin with L.D., B-Lunch Excursions M.F., All the fun in Boston; The North End; and " Sommerville, " All the Beach Scenes, Salisbury — especially 9 7 80!, Anton ' s; L.R., EVERYONE from the Pond!, junior Prom; R.C, Bob Seger Concert; A BLAST!!, Good Times with D.S., M.j., B.K., ).)., J.H., D.O., P.S., P.L., N S.A., E.K., J.M., Linda Bobby, Thanks MA DAD for your understanding Support. 79 superbowl, wrong side of the scoreboard, Hotel brawls, We ' ll get ' em this year, gasses, on the sprint line, Good times with good friends: B.H., M.C., Pete, B.B., M.G., W.M., Pue, Cruiser, C.M., Ernie his cobb, M.F., L.M., K.Q., Itchy, Freakies parties, Restitution Blues, My buddy Duce, a very special freind Dot. Thanks Ma Dad. ytc The future belongs to those who prepare for it — Emerson Amis, sk, kl, pm, sm, jm, jb, pj, pp, dh, mo, ms, Nouveaux Hiltens, Skis, and racquets with Mile K and French, Latin, CEJ and trips, Ray, DeMolav, Computer Room, BBL and Max, Bubbleball, February 20, Chumley Qu ' avexvous fait pendant le weekend? Adv. Comp., Boo Welsch. — Special thanks to Mother and Father. 68 Take your time, don ' t live too fast troubles will come, and they will pass find someone, and you ' ll find love and don ' t forget, there is someone above. Lynyrd Skynrd My Axe, Fridays. Q ftwry Wl " If you say yes to love, you say yes to life. " Parties, Melrose, Dewey, " Jo:, Nov. 9, Dave ' s house, CN RN ED DR )B PD CF, CRASFt! Methuen, Steve ' s garage, Gallery, PC BS RB SM MS, Summer 79 80, concerts, Salisbury, Hampton, pulled over again?, The Tent Fell!, DS JG GC TM DS, The Willows, Ruuuf!, TR MR MM, Hoover, Terry ' s Apt. Alleys, July 12, Bob, MG DM HK JM BD DD BB MG JM SG SM JR DB DG SM, and of course SC. S ic? Q o-imy A ship in a harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for. LOJB, " Oh God, " learning, bored, confused, Is this worth it? Masquers Club — Agatha, fond memories — Props, Africa? Lisa D, Cathy + Cindy, Brian and his family, MM, fri ends TAKNSSJSKSMKLM Especially Mom Dad, Thank you! W-temary Cutlass Supreme, LTD, NF, NB, MA, SL, DG, JS, KA, TA, HK, PO, KG, Yearbook, Gonga, THE WACKO ' S, California, York beach, Salisbury, Fleetwood Mac, Thanks Ma ana Dad for everything, Butch, chico Gumo, Grizzly, Marrtha, Scooter, Xanadu, and Thanks to my teachers. " I did it my way! " S e ema c And Spring herself, when she woke at dawn, would scarcely know that we were gone. A 2 Z, " Zomb, " Blaba, Nanita, Cofe, Bellini, Bev, Kelly, Mere, Vic, LC, DB, SD, Cin, Su, My Pocketbook, bucknine, " munchout, " " Pigout, " R. Burg., Quin. Mar., Cana. Lake, Proms, Spirit week, P.J. Day Diet, " Brownies, " " Coach C " and " MaB.A.M.!, " Fat, Fat, Fat! " , Jog, 81 1, Preppie?, B.ball, Track, 9 8 80 WOW! " Thanks Mom and Dad. " Most of all Marianne, " Love ya ALL " " Missing is the Hardest Part " — MARK — 69 CAMERA SHY William Nelson Richard Robbins arr oo c } . ♦ I (Scott ® TiAonAaiore IN MEMORIUM Our class of 1 981 feels great sorrow at the loss of our coach and close, personal friend, Mr. Lester Levey. Mr. Levey became physical education director in our school when it opened in 1957, and served as athletic director for 17 years. He was president of the Mas- sachusetts State Athletic Directors Association in 1 974- 75. During Mr. Levey ' s 23 years at North Reading, he coached gymnastics, baseball, and girl ' s softball. He contributed a great deal of joy and understanding to these teams. We strongly appreciate the love, concern, and de- dication that Mr. Levey expressed to all of us during his years at North Reading High. He has guided us through 12 years of ups and downs, from gym class in elementary school to coaching us for the states. Mr. Levey will be fondly remembered and our memory of him will be everlasting. 71 SENIOR ACTIVITIES Mike Abruzese — Baseball 1,2,3 Martha Ash — Yearbook 3 Terri Atkinson — Basketball 1,2,3 Yearbook 2,3 — Editor Masquers Club 2,3 Honor Society 2,3 Mike Baglio — Hockey 1 Wrestling 2,3 Football 3 Mark Baudanza — Hockey 1,2,3 Diane Bellino — Tennis 1 Student 2,3 — Secretary Yearbook 3 Marcia Berndston — Football Cheerleader 3 Soccer Cheerleader 2 — Captain Basketball Cheerleader 1,2 — Captain Tennis 1 Swim Team 2 Yearbook 3 Russell Bowers — -C lass President 1,2,3 Tennis 1,3 Student Council 1,2 Honor Society 2,3 Kris Bowman — Field Hockey 2,3 — Co Captain Basketball 1,2,3 — Tri Captain Softball 1,2,3 Diane Brothers — Volleyball 2,3 Tennis 1 Swim Program 1,2,3 Lori Brown — Basketball Cheerleader 1,2 Track 1 Student Council 1,2 Indoor Track 3 Kathy Canavan — Majorettes 1,2 Field Hockey 3 Hockey Cheerleader 1,2,3 Tennis 1,2,3 Yearbook 3 Jirn Carney — Basketball 3 Lois Celata — Masquers Club 1,2,3 Student Council 2,3 Student Advisory Council 2,3 Richard Clewer — Hockey 2,3 Diane Cofer — Track 2,3 — Captain Cross Country 3 Majorettes 2 Laurie Colbert — Basketball 1,2,3 Lisa Coleman — Concert Band 1 Marching Band 1 Chorus 1,2 Mike Connor — Football 1 ,2,3 Wrestling 1 ,2,3 Track 1 ,2,3 Chris Cote — Cross Country 1 Indoor Track 1 Track 1 Stage Band 2 Simon Cowley — Tennis 1,2,3 Honor Society 2,3 — President Soccer 1 David Davidson — Marching Band 1 ,2 Concert Band 1,2,3 Chorus 1,2,3 Suzanne DiFranza — Basketball 1,2 Cindy Doran — Basketball Cheerleader 2 Popsicle 3 Laurie Doucette — Football Cheerleader 1,2 Basketball Cheerleader 1,2 Popsicle 3 Ron Doucette — Football 1 ,2,3 — Captain Track 1 ,2 Tom DuBois — Soccer 1,2 Basketball 1,2,3 Kim Feindel — Concert Band 1,2,3 Marching Band 1,2,3 Maquers Club 1,3 Robert Fuller — Soccer 1,2,3 Tennis 1 ,2,3 Mike Gallahue — Football 1,2,3 Hockey 1,2,3 Track 1,2,3 Student Council 2 Billy Gallant — Football 1 ,2,3 Indoor Track 1 ,2 Outdoor 2,3 Karen Garibotto — Honor Society 2,3 Basketball 2 Yearbook 3 Debb Goodwin — Field Hockey 1 David Harkless — Band 1,2,3 Marching Band 1 Stage Band 1,2 Wrestling 2 Jeff Haynes — Basketball 1,2,3 Baseball 1,2,3 Sarah Hefford — Student Council 2,3 Yearbook 3 Basketball Cheerleader 1,2 Football Cheerleader 2 Tennis 1,2,3 Volleyball 3 Ross Henderson — Hockey 1,2 Brad Hillard — Football 1 ,2,3 — Captain Basketball 1 ,2,3 — Captain Baseball 1,2,3 — Captain Bev Hilton — Volleyball 2,3 Basketball 1,2,3 — Captain Tennis 1,2 — Captain Yearbook 3 Student Council — Treasurer Linda Hobby — Football Cheerleader 1,2 Hockey Cheerleader 1 Student Council 1 Barbara Holden — Basketball 1,2,3 Volleyball 2,3 Tennis 2,3 Softball 1 Yearbook 3 Student Council 2 Marching Band 1,2 Band 1 Tammy Hoyt — Volleyball 1,2 Hockey Cheerleader 1,2,3 Softball 1 Susan Hurley — Football Cheerleader 1,2,3 — Captain Hockey Cheerleader 1,2 Student Council 2 David Hutchinson — Swimming 1,2,3 Student Council 1,2,3 — Vice President Honor Society 2,3 — Vice President Jan Jesso — Softball 1,2,3 Hockey Cheerleader 2 Yearbook 3 Becky Jones — Football Cheerleader 1,2,3 Basketball Cheerleader 1 ,2,3 — Captain Student Council 2 Class Secretary 1,2 Vice President 3 Yearbook 3 Tracy Jones — Basketball 1 Student Council 2 Track 2,3 — Captain Band 1,2,3 Marching Band 1,2,3 Yearbook 3 Kelly Joyce — Tennis 2 Yearbook 3 Mark Jurszak — Hockey 1,2,3 Jeff Kaiser — Cross Country 1 ,2,3 Indoor Track 1 ,2 Outdoor Track 1,2,3 Meredith King — Tennis 2 Yearbook 3 Stephen Knight — Honor Society 2,3 Martha Kodis — Honor Society 2,3 Field Hockey 1 ,2,3 — Captain Basketball 1 Softball 1 Tennis 2,3 Jazz Ensemble 1,2,3 Band 1,2,3 Yearbook 3 Greg Krysko — Honor Society 2,3 Kevin Ladd — Baseball 1,2,3 Patti Lastinger — Softball 1 Cheerleader 1,2,3 Volleyball 1 Field Hockey 1 Marianne Leonard — Band 1,2 Marching Band 1,2 Chorus 1,2 Basketball 1 ,2,3 Spring Track 1 ,2,3 — Captain Masquers Club 1 ,2,3 Brad Lipert — Honor Guard 1,2 72 Dennis Livingston — Hockey 1,2,3 Baseball 1,2,3 Susan LoChirco — Chorus 1,2,3 Masquers Club 1,2,3 Drama Club 1.2.3 Yearbook 3 Student Council 2,3 Ken Locke — Demolay 1,2,3 Mark Lopilato — Soccer 1,2,3 — Captain Hockey 1,3 Sharon Lord — Honor Society 2,3 Gymnastics 1,2 Anthony LoRe — Hockey 1,2,3 — Captain Honor Society 2,3 Cynthia Luoto — Student Council 1 Football Cheerleader 1,2 Gymnastics 1 Yearbook 3 Steven Macalpine — Hockey 1,2,3 Dana Macaulay — Concert Band 2 Jazz Ensemble 1,2,3 Masquers 1 Lisa MacMillan — Gymnastics 1,2,3 Warren MacNeil — Football 1,2,3 Basketball 1,2,3 Baseball 1,2,3 Karen Mahoney — Volleyball 2,3 — Captain Basketball 1,2,3 — Captain Track 1,2,3 — Captain Yearbook 3 Chris Martino — Football 1,2,3 Hockey 1,2,3 Outdoor Track 1,2,3 Honor Society 2,3 Sharon McCabe — Football Cheerleader 2 Basketball Cheerleader 1,2 Tennis 1 Student Council 2,3 Susan McTague — Football Cheerleader 1 Hockey Cheerleader 2,3 Leigh Michie — Jazz Ensemble 2,3 Masquers Club 1,2,3 Honor Society 2.3 Student Council 1,2 Stage Band 2 Chorus 1,2,3 Jeremy Mollica — Basketball 1,2,3 Outdoor Track 1,2,3 Masquers Club 1.2.3 Jazz Ensemble 1,2 Marching Band 1,2,3 Paul Murphy — Cross Country 2,3 Band 1 ,2,3 Jazz Ensemble 1 ,2,3 Outdoor Track 2,3 Kathleen Nelson — Field Hockey 1,2,3 Basketball 1 Honor Society 2,3 Donna O ' Brien — Football Cheerleader 1,2,3 — Captain Basketball Cheerleader 1,2 Track 1,2,3 Donna Oliver — Softball 1 Basketball 1 Patti Onessimo — Majorettes 2 Rifles 3 — Co Captain Yearbook 3 Barbara O ' Toole — Colorguard 1,2 Honor Society 2,3 Yearbook 3 Kim Pacholski — Figure Skating 1,2,3 Track 3 Connie Palmitesta — Football Cheerleader 1,2,3 Basketball Cheerleader 1,2,3 — Captain Honor Society 2, 3 Yearbook 3 Mary Panzer — Basketball 1 Softball 1,2,3 Nancy Pecevich — Field Hockey 1,2,3 Basketball 1,2,3 Softball 1 Track 2,3 Student Council 2 Yearbook 3 Jeff Prasinos — Sports Information 2,3 Sports Journalism 2,3 Student Council 1,2 Yearbook 3 Joe Prevost — Hockey 1,2 Soccer 1,2,3 — Captain Tennis 1,2,3 Scott Proctor — Hockey 1,2 Eric Pucillo — Football 1 ,2,3 Hockey 1 ,2,3 Track 1 Paul Puzzo — Masquers Club 1,2,3 Honor Society 2,3 Student Council 2 Kim Quercia — Football Cheerleader 1,2,3 Hockey Cheerleader 1,2,3 Student Council 2,3 Tennis 1,2,3 Yearbook 3 Vickie Rajaniemi — Basketball Cheerleader 1,2,3 Football Cheerleader 1.2.3 Class Treasurer 2,3 Student Council 2 Swim Program 2,3 Yearbook 3 Katherine Riley — Popsicle 1 Field Hockey 2 Honor Society 2,3 Masquers Club 2,3 Plays 2,3 Mike Robinson — Hockey 2,3 Stephen Ruscak — Honor Society 2,3 Lynne Sacco — Majorettes 1 ,2 rifles 3 Masquers Club 1,2,3 Honor Society 2.3 David Salem — Soccer 1 ,2,3 — Captain Honor Society 2,3 Tennis 1,2,3 — Captain Basketball 1,2,3 — Captain. Ricky Shaw — Basketball 1,2,3 Baseball 1,3 Gary Sonia — Cross Country 1,2,3 Indoor Track 1 Outdoor Track 1 Karen Sotiropoulous — Band 1,2,3 Tennis 1,2,3 Chorus 1,2 Jazz Ensemble 1,2,3 Honor Society 2,3 Mike Spicer — Cross Country 1,2,3 Indoor Track 1,2 Outdoor Track 1.3 Susan Spousta — Football Cheerleader 2 Basketball Cheerleader 1,2 Tennis 1,2,3 Joan Stentiford — Band 2,3 Chorus 2,3 Student Council 3 Masquers Club 2,3 Honor Society 2,3 Danny Strong — Baseball 1 ,2,3 Cross Country 2,3 Shawn Sweetland — Student Council 1,2,3 Masquers Club 1,2,3 Chorus 1,3 Belinda Taylor — Softball 2 Volleyball 3 Yearbook 3 Tim Thirkell — Hockey 1,2,3 Dale Titus — Football Cheerleader 1,2,3 Softball 1,2,3 — Captain Student Council 2 Yearbook 3 Volleyball 2,3 — Captain Hockey Cheerleader 1,2,3 Chris Turner — Cross Country 1,2,3 Hockey 1,2,3 Tennis 1 Marco Vittozzi — Football 1,2,3 Indoor Track 1,2,3 — Captain Baseball 1 ,2,3 Eric Walters — Chorus 1 Honor Society 2,3 Billy Welch — Football 1,2,3 Track 1,2,3 Jean Wilson — Class Vice President 1 Class Secretary 2 Yearbook 3 — Editor Volleyball 2 Softball 1,2,3 Student Council 3 Swim Program 1.2.3 Rodger Windt — Cross Country 1 Hockey 1 Outdoor Track 1 Rosemary Yahnian — Yearbook 3 Lisa Young — Softball 1 Honor Society 2,3 Masquers Club 1 — Vice president 3 — President Student Council 1,2,3 — President Student Advis- ory Council 1 Anita Zelenak — Masquers 1,2,3 Basketball 1,2,3 Track and Field 1,3 73 CLASS WILL Mike Abruzese — a real mustang Mary Jo Alcorn — a year without any cuts Paul Anderson — a hair cut Susan Angelini — Good dreams with )im Morrison Kelly Arsenault — twinkie toes Martha Ash — the front seat Terri Atkinson — an organizer Mike Baglio — a karate studio Mark Baudanza — a permanent license “Theodore " Beagen — The Cleavers Diane Bellino — a string bikini Marcia Berndtson — a place in the sun Nanette Bernier — a library Russell Bowers — Amy Carter Kris Bowman — year round sports Chris Bramante — Somerville Jeff Branch — a tree Everett Brashears — a crowded bus stop Barry Brooks — a pair of Foster Grants Susan Brosseau — me and my R.C. Diane Brothers — Bradlees Lori Brown — her own ski resort Debbie Bugden — her own clothes store Mark Bunker — - a hill Dominic Cacciatore — chicken David Campbell — soup Kathy Canavan — a muzzle Jim Carney — a job at a hospital Lois Celata — Barbara Streisand Carol Chabot — 10 pounds Richard Clewer — Joe Studd Diane Cofer — 1st place in the lunch line Laurie Colbert — a unicorn Lisa Coleman — a sporting goods store Wayne Connearney — a paint job for his car Thomas Connolly — North Reading Cinema Mike Connor — coconut Chris Cote — a guitar Simon Cowley — a green and gold throne Joanne Cullen — a hat rack Sandy Cummings — Lee Nails Monique Currier — Michael ' s T-Bird Judy Dalton — a pinch to grow an inch David Davidson — a name without David Lisa Demetri — a dress shop Suzanne Di Franza — a free trip to Denmark Robert DiGiulio — his own gas station Evan Doherty — Cookies James Donegan — a new car Cindy Doran — Friendly ' s parking lot Laurie Doucette — a bag of confetti Ron Doucette — his own crushing machine Mark Douglas — a gold plated 64 GTO Tom DuBois — Mr. Kipnes towel Dale Enos — Kim Kim Feindel — crackers Mike Fiorello — a Honda 350 Melinda Flanders — hangman Laurie Florence — a chance to be an only child Lisa Fraughton — a scholarship to an art school Ed Frotten — an unbreakable car Robert Fuller — an abby-normal brain Denise Gabrian — a day without a visit from Mr. B Mike Gallahue — Seabrook N.H. Billy Gallant — another senior year of football Karen Garibotto — chips Donna Germino — a few more do ' s Dot Gillis — her own dating game Debb Goodwin — an everlasting party Ray Green — a first name Dorothy Grinley — a grisley bear David Harkless — a new pick-up truck Jeff Haynes — a fast slider Sarah Hefford — a tennis racket Ross Henderson — the Hillview Brad Hillard — Aunty Bea Bev Hilton — an army of uncrushable costumes Linda Hobby — a rope to keep her tied to the earth Barbara Holden — alligator underwear Susan Hurley — a tryout with New England Patriots Cheerleaders Tammy Hoyt — a perfect bee David Hutchinson — his own swim team Jan Jesso — her own dear Abby column Denise Jones — Best Wishes Becky Jones — Specs Tracy Jones — jimmies Kelly Joyce — Ritz Mark Jurczak — the perfect Marshal amplifier Jeff Kaiser — his own T.V. station Billy Kennedy — a voice Meredith King — a camaro Stephen Knight — his own forest Martha Kodis — a sport she can ' t play Helene Konik — brass knuckles Dayna Kouns — another chance at gym Greg Krysko — shortening Greg LaBreque — a straight “A " report card Kevin Ladd — Garfield Lisa Ladd — a ticket to Texas Wendy LaRochelle — the outfield Patti Lastinger — a guest shot on 3 ' s Company Richard Leach — a free world tour pass for " The Doors " Peter Lee — an ancient Chinese secret Marianne Leonard — a book of hairstyles Brad Lipert — an editing job with Colliers Encyclopedia Dennis Livingston — a spot on the Red Sox Susan LoChirco — a college yearbook to edit Ken Locke — a bomb Mark Lopilato — a car for every season Sharon Lord — figure skates Anthony LoRe — a hat trick against NBPT jason Losso — the school record in the shot put Veronica Lukaszewski — 1001 reasons for leaving class Jenny Luke — a black vet with the works Kim Lumb — Dale Cindy Luoto — Cape Cod without rain Steven Macalpine — a " Big Mac " Dand Macaulay — his own marching band Lisa MacMillian — a coke and a smile Warren MacNeil — his own cycle shop Karen Mahoney — Mohogany Chris Martino — his own comedian show Sharon McCabe — a toga Billy McDonald — kung fu Robert McKinnon — an never ending keg Susan McTague — a spare set of keys for around her neck Leigh Michie — the piano man Sharon Miller — a case of Miller Jermy Mollica — 10 inches Larry Mundy — a snowstorm in a straw Gerard Murphy — golden golves Paul Murphy — magic marbles Nelson Murray — his own say in matters Kathy Nelson — Moe ' s flicks Billy Nelson — a honeysuckle rose Gigi Nephew — a paint by number set Kelly Norton — a lifetime friendship with Lynne Sacco Donna O ' Brien — Dixie Cups Donna Oliver — twist Patti Onessimo — her own horse Barbara O ' Toole — her own management at Atlantic Kim Pachoski — a cat farm Connie Palmitesta — an " F " on a final Mary Panzer — a date with Butch Hobson Jesse Parry — 100 more tee-shirt orders Nancy Pecevich — a book of complaints Anne Perkins — a calculator Marianne Pike — a computer Steven Pottle — a full tank of gas Jeffrey Prasinos — a column with no mistakes Joe Prevost — 1001 soccer balls Scott Proctor — a first place finish Jule Prokopowicz — a day without giggles Eric Pucillo — a goddess Paul Puzzo — his own disco Kim Quercia — a zucchini Vickie Rajaniemi — a Mark Eden Kit Richard Reynolds — stilts Katherine Riley — her own studio Richard Robbins — the Voke John Robicheau — a new charger with a wall to crash into Mike Robinson — Jimmy Hendrix John Rodgers — a beautiful day in the neighborhood Linda Rose — a tube of Ultra Bright Richard Rose — Bette Midler Susan Rubbico — a silent moment Mike Rubenstein — a permanent address Stephen Ruscak — the perfect guitar Jill Russo — " Hello Kitty " Mike Russo — longer time to sleep in the morning Lynne Sacco — a yellow submarine David Salem — shorts with suspenders on them Shawn Sweetland — her own sub shop Janet Sawler — I ' escargots Carrie Schoolcraft — a steady job Anthony Scibilia — a car without payments Ricky Shaw — a red three piece suit Gail Simmons — her own Avon Company Pam Skeffington — a guest shot on Charlies Angels Greg Smith — his own cheering section Gary Sonia — new jokes Karen Sotiropoulos — Camellion Mike Spicer — sneakers Susan Spousta — a lifetime supply of green jelly beans John Staff — perfect attendance Joan Stentiford — cranberry juice Paul Stevens — his own guitar shop Danny Strong — some weight James Strong — his own golf course Mike Sullivan — a whoopy cushion Paul Surette — a knife Husian Syed — a membership to the class of 1981 Belinda Taylor — a spaceship Tim Thirkell — tulips to tip toe through Dale Titus — frogs Chris Turner — a 67 Nova with a 327 engine Marco Vittozzi — Pressure Cooker Laura Voto — Gloria Vanderbilt Eric Walters — the TRS-80 Billy Welch — his own grape juice factory Jean Wilson — lifetime spirit weeks Rodger Windt — his bad jokes Mary Witham — a free pass to the chatable club Rosemary Yahnian — her own camera shop Lisa Young — another debate with student council Anita Zelenak — lifetime supply of junk food JNORTH READING « J_ transcript VOLUW.E XXX Mo. 2 fteAOui6 , masoachosctts , Jone5, oOI Saturday night the North Reading High School class of ' 81 held its 20th Reunion. All of the two hundred twelve attended with the exception of six people who made their apologies. Brain surgeon Simon Cowley had to perform surgery; professional dirt bike racer Scott Proctor had an important race; millionairess Dot Gilliswas in Italy; Detective Barry Brooks was busy with an important case, and ship Captain Paul Anderson and first mate Carol Chabot were away at sea. Many of the reunioners were still at NRHS: Art teacher Dot Grinley; Physical Education teacher Kathy Nelson; CheerleaderCoach Kathy Canavan; Rifle and Flag Coach Lynne Sacco, Math teacher and Yearbook Advisor Terri Atkinson; English teacher Marianne Leonard; Guidance Counselors Sharon Lord and Laurie Doucette; School Nurse Connie Palmitesta; Vice Principal Billy Gallant, and Principal Evan Doherty. In addition, many local residents attended, such as, Tom Connolly, Paul and Lisa Ladd Surette, owners of North Reading Cinema, Hillview Country Club groundskeeper Ken Locke, Recreation Department Director Tom Dubois; Gigi Nephew, Mike Baglio, Bill MacDonald and Gerard Murphy owners of The Blackbelt School of Karate; Tree surgeon Jeff Branch; local MD. Dr. Michael Gallahue along with Nurse Diane Cofer; Ronnie Doucette owner of Ron ' s Gym and Fitness Center; Dale Enos and Kim Lumb: Dental Hygenists, Policeman Larry Mundy and Donna Oliver; WCOZ DJ Sue Angel ini, and bank President Denise Gabrian. A delicious dinner was provided by Anthony Scibilia (owner of Anthony ' s Pier 7); and Donna Germino and Susan Rubbico (owner of Kitty ' s Restaurant). The meal was even praised by Gourmet David Campbell. After dinner entertainment was a live concert from a popular rock band with Paul Stevens, Mark Jurzack, and Roger Windt. A good show was also performed by Magician Paul Murphy aided by Assistant Patti Lastinger. A fashion show, with models Melinda Flanders, Pam Skeffington, Debbie Bugden, and Lori Brown was presented courtesy of Clothes Unlimited (owners Lisa Coleman, Suzanne DiFranza, and Nanette Bernier. 76 It was discovered that many of the Class of ' 81 had gone into business together such as Connor, Hillard, and Welch Co., Inc. And Mike, Brad, and Billy ' s business included Executive Secretary Diane Bellino, Meredith King, and Maryjo Alcorn; Public Relations Executive Linda Rose, and Accountant Michael Sullivan. Also together were members of the Barnum Bailey Circus: Clowns Barbara Holden Tracy Jones, Figure Skater Dale Titus, Snake Charmer Joanne Cullen, Juggler Jerry Mollica, Lion Tamer Jim Carney, Trapeze Artists Cindy Doran Sue Spousta, and Ring Leader Belinda Taylor. From Colubia Pictures Company came Actress Lois Celata, Singer Sue LoChirco, Stage Manager Janet Sawler, Commercial Actress Linda Hobby, star of The Godfather V Michael Abruzese, Agents: Deb Goodwin and Anne Perkins, Stuntman Richard Clewer, Make-up Artists Susan McTague and Laura Voto, and Hairstylist Cindi Luoto. Many members of the Class of ' 81 went into politics. They Are: Secretary of State Jean Wilson, Senators Robert Fuller and Martha Kodis, French Ambassador Veronica Lukaszewski, Mayor of New York City Greg Krysco, Local Selectman Russell Bowers, Democratic Party Leader Paul Puzzo. And Even President of the United States, Eric Pucillo, attended. Many sports personalities were present also. These include Star Pitcher of the Red Sox Dennis Livingston, and Red Sox Manager Dan Strong, Bruins Starter Anthony LoRe, Track Star Karen Mahoney, Golf Pro Jim Strong, Gymnast Lisa MacMillan, Celtics Starter Ricky Shaw, Professional Skier Steven Pottle, and Marathon Runner Mike Spicer. Kristin Bowman had received many honors for her coaching of the first Olympic softball team. Reunioners attended from all over the country. The state with the most members of ' 81 was " home sweet home, " Massachusetts. This included Frog Salesman Lisa Fraughton, McDonalds Manager David Hutch- inson, Architect Bill Kennedy, Maitre D ' at Anthony ' s Pier 7 Richard Rose, Public Speaker Kelly Norton, Hairstylists Donna O ' Brien and Mary Panzer, Gossip Columnist Laurie Florence, Real Estate Brothers Diane Brothers and Kelly Arsenault, Salesman Peter Lee, Psychologists Domenic and Leigh Michie Cacciatore, Complaint Department Chairperson Mary Witham, Florist Katie Riley, Day Care Director Shawn Santoro, Sharon McCabe (owner of the telephone company, " The McCabe System " ), Artists Barbara O ' toole and Patti Onessimo, and Editor of the Boston Globe Jesse Parry, along with Globe Reporter Jeff Kaiser. From the state of New York came Judge Ricky Leach, Mrs. Susan Brosseau Cerasoli, Publisher Sharon Miller, Clothes Designer Lisa Demetri and Kim Pacholski, Used Car Dealer Jim Donegan, Hypnotist Monique Currier, Nylon Entrepeneur Jeff Haynes, Izod Lacoste Manager Bev Hilton, Photographer Rosem- ary Yahnian, and Telephone Operator Marianne Pike. 77 From Georgia was Plantation Owner Mark Lopilato, and Cat Breeders Martha Ash and Karen Garriboto, Sheriff Kevin Ladd and Deputy David Harkless; and Zuchini Farmer Kim Quercia attended from the state of Montana. Those from Maine included farmer John Rodgers, Travel Agent Vicki Rajaniemi, and Dentist Mike Rubenstein. Aside from those working for Columbia Pictures, people from California included David Salem (President of Salem Tennis Balls), Co-Editors of Playboy Magazine: Eric Walters and Dana MacCauley, Sex Symbol Gary Sonia, Howard Cosell ' s Co-Sportscaster Jeff Prasinos, Salesman Richard Robbins, Attorney Joan Stentiford, Advertising Executives Michael Robinson and Greg Smith, Auto Mechanics Wayne Connearney, Chris Turner, and Mark Baudanza, Anchor Woman Jan Jesso, Gossip Columnist Helene Konik, and Photographer Kelly Joyce. From Texas was former Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader Susan Hurley, Horse Racer Jenny Luke, Calf Rancher Jason Losso, Square Dance Caller Joe Prevost, and Warren McNeil, Owner of the " Woo McNute Sport Shop. " From Florida was Chris Martino: Marine Biologist, and Co-Associate of Jacques Cousteau, Pharmacists Carrie Schoolcraft and Wendy LaRochelle, Astronaut Ricky Reynolds, and Hornet Farmer Tammy Hoyt. There were even some reunioners from other countries. Austrailian Sheep Farmer Sarah Hefford, African Anthropologists Lisa Young and Karen Sotiropoulous, Lord Mark and Lady Anita Zelanak Douglas of England, Nancy Pecevich, teacher of a Gothic class in Michigan; Rick Shaw, Basketball player in Japan, and Race Car Driver Nelson Murray from Switzerland. Ray Green, David Greer, Kevin Lawton, and John Robicheau had all joined the Navy. Free transportation to the reunion was provided by airplane pilots Mark Bunker, Robert Diguilio, and David Davidson, along with Stewardess ' s Gail Simmons and Dayna Kouns. The Steven MacAlpine Taxi Service and Train Engineers Ross Henderson and Mike Russo also provided transportation. Various prizes were awarded. The class member married the longest (19 years) was Denise Jones. There was a tie between Brad and Laurie Colbert Lipert and Marco and Becky Jones Vittozzi, for having the most children (each couple had seven). The person who changed the least was Chris Cote who was still burnin ' while the most changed was Rock Star Steven Knight. Marcia Berndtson and Steven Ruskak, writers of this article, are unemployed Fortune Tellers somewhere in the South Pacific. A fun time was had by all who attended the 20th class reunion. Plans were being made for the 50th. Who knows what we ' ll all be doing then??!! 79 SPAGHETTI SUPPER This page sponsored by Sorrentos Subs and Pizza. Oh my gosh, they ' re gonna eat that? Who me? I didn ' t eat them all! 80 Look mom, No cavities! I don ' t want to try it, you try it! What ' s wrong with this picture? Boy, I hate housework! I ' m having a ball! TALENT SHOW " Don ' t you wish you had a body like mine? " I always look like this in the morning. Riding Double 84 Whistle while you work! " Dig those shorts! " " Look mom, no cavities! " ■ • 1 1 The Hatfields Now you see it, now you don ' t! " 85 " I love the rainy nights! We could play it, if we could read music! " You ' ve got to be kidding! " Hard at work. Class Couple Three little devils!!! 86 87 c tocto CHEAPER BY THE DOZEN The Family — " Cheaper By The Dozen " Oh No! We ' re In Trouble The Line-Up LiULii (i 88 CAME LOT The Duel Continues! The King and her Majesty Along With Their Crew " I Dub You Sir . . 89 DRAMA CLUB HISTORY CLUB MARCHING BAND 1st Row — P. O ' Connor, D. Silvia, D. Cushing, S. Sacco, Mr. Burke (drill inst.), P. Lewis, ). Unni, W. Weisse, C. Burgess, H. Weisse (director), K. Kuliopulos, J. Collins, R. Gagnon, J. Whitney, M. Fallant, B. Lewis. 2nd Row — D. Stewart, D. Murphy, S. Galvin, D. Greene, R. Cunningham, K. Sotiropoulos, P. O ' Nessimo. 3rd Row — L. Higgins, D. McCloud, K. Feindel, M. Doherty, K. Carr, P. Dennahy, B. Fohlin, T. Jones, J. Buckeridge, L. Pijoan, J. Silvestro, D. Mola, J. Thompson, L. Sacco. 4th Row — L. Bradbury, J. Perullo, D. Bartlett, B. Mclntire, J. Heckman, M. Dolan, j. Lai ly, L. Dysart, S. Monaghan, B. Dysart, T. Ede, R. Hall. 5th Row — D. Allen, K Arsenault, B. Bennett, R. McCloud, B. White, C. Sacco, ). Steniford, K. Parks, R. Holden, M. Kodis, John Mahoney, G. Baxter, S. Sarsfield, T Cushing, D. Macauley, J. Mollica, D. Bell, G. Ede. COLOR: K. Doucette, K. Scott, N. O ' Neill, N. O ' Connell, A. Bowers, J. Parks, S. Frotten, J. Brown, H. von Snyder, A. Nelson, T. Higgins, D. Bishop. 2nd COLOR: T. Peck, D. Cameron, S. Taylor, S. O ' Connell, T. Monaghan, P. Saia, J. O ' Brien, Y. Encarnaco, M. Perullo, M. Allen, D. Fuller. 91 JAZZ BAND STAGE BAND: 1st Row — J. Perullo, J. Lally, B. Lewis, ). Unni. 2nd Row — ). Steniford, M. Kodis, D. Sortiropoulos. 3rd Row — T. Edie, T. Cushing, R. Cannon, P. Murphy. 4th Row — S. Ruscak, D. Macaulay, S. Sarfield, R. Holden, K. Parks, ). Mollica, M. Riley. 1st Row — W. Weisse, P. Lewis, B. Lewis, C. Kuliopolous. 2nd Row — D. Bell, D. Cushing, R. Holden, M. Dollen, L. Dysart, D. Murphy, ). Perullo. 3rd Row — T. Ede, J. Mohoney, S. Sarfield, B. Mcintiar. 92 MASQUERS CLUB CHORUS 1st — W. Weisse, J. Silvestro, B. Lewis, G. Baxter, ). Stentiford, L. Young, J. Sawler, S. Sweetland, T. Atkinson, D. Mahn, ). Day, ). Beeuen. 2nd Row — M. Kodis, ). Mollica, R. Holden, D. Bartlett, S. Tryder, S. LoChirco, D. Jones, N. O ' Neill, P. LoChirco. 3rd Row — T. Cushing, S. Mognahan, D. Cushing, D. Murphy, K. Fiendel, K. Parks, ). Sarronni, J. Unni, M. Equi, K. Norton, L. Sacco. 4th Row — J. Lai ly, K. Sortiropoulos, D. Stewart, C. Sweetland, T. Ede, R. Gannon, S. Sacco, L. Celata, L. Dysart, B. Fohlin, P. O ' Connor, P. Saia. 5th Row — P. Silvestro, J. Perullo, S. Sarsfield, D. MacLoud. 111 III 1| fj m l i Wm w 1 T ml Wl ' I. t i jH|] fm | m. ■ w. 1st Row — L. Colbert, D. Jones, D. Green, B. Lewis, D. MacLoud, J. Lai ly, J. Stentiford, D. Stewart, S. LoChirco, W. Weisse, Mr. Weisse. 2nd Row — Miss Marano, D. Silvia, D. Murphy, P. O ' Connor, C. Spears, B. Fohlin, K. Carr. 3rd Row — L. Celata, P. LoChirco, P. Saia, J. Silvestro, B. Lipert, P. Silvestro, S. Sweetland, R. Gannon, S. Crawford, G. Baxter. 4th Row — P. Lewis, J. Rex, D. Davidson, J. Perullo, S. Magnahan. 93 CONCERT BAND POPSICLE 1st Row — Mr. Weisse, K. Sortiropoulos, B. Fohlin, K. Parks, ). Stentiford, |. Unni, ). Mollica, S. Monnahan, M. Kodis, T. Cushing, D. Macaulay. 2nd Row — D. Murphy, T. Jones, D. Silvia, K. Fiendel, K. Carr, D. Steward, S. Galven, C. Spears, M. Dorherty, D. Green, T. Sweeny. 3rd Row — G. Baxter, D. MacLoud, J. Silvestro, S. Sacco, W. Weisse, N. O ' Neill, R. Gannon, J. Lally, B. Lewis, S. Sarsfield, R. Cunningham, D. Bell. 4th Row — P. Lewis, J. Mahoney, T. Ede, D. Cushing, R. Holden, J. Rex, M. Dolan, R. DiGilulio, D. Davidson, J. Perullo, P. Murphy. 1st Row — S. Lord, S. Hefford, D. Cofer, C. Doran, R. Bowers. 2nd Row — L. Doucette, S. Mognahan, B. Fohlin, J. Day, R. Hamilton, Mr. Ward. 3rd Row — M. Robinson, N. Pecevich, J. Parry, N. Bernier, T. Burgess. 94 STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS MEMBERS Row 1 — D. Bellino: Secretary, L. Young: President, S. LoChirco: Secretary. Row 2 — B. Hilton: Treasurer, D. Hutchinson: Vice-President. Row 1 — D. Bellino, D. Hutchinson, L. Young, B. Hilton, S. LoChirco. Row 2 — L. Garibotto, S. McCabe, L. Celata, S. Shuttner, T. Angelos. Row 3 — D. Murphy, J. Silvestro, S. Sweetland, R. Hamilton, L. Finigian. Row 4 — B. Deswart, D. Allan, D. Cushing, S. Hefford, M. McLaughlin, J. Wilson. 95 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY YEARBOOK STAFF Row 1 — D. Hutchinson, J. Stentiford, M. Kodis, S. Cowley, C. Palmatesta, C. Krysco. Row 2 Norton, L. Sacco. Row 3 — D. Salem, S. Ruscak, E. Walters, C. Martino, S. Knight, P. Puzzo. K. Garibotto, T. Atkinson, L. Young, B. O ' Toole, K — K- ... Ml itsr . • » w ir 1 l I m M Row 1 — J. Wilson, T. Atkinson, S. LoChirco. Row 2 — Mr. Mueller, N. Pecevich, P. Onessimo, M. King, C. Palmatesta, D. Titus, M. Berndtson. Row 3 — T. Jones, K. Joyce, D. Bellino, S. Hefford, B. Hilton. Row 4 — B. Taylor, K. Canavan, K. Mahoney. Row 5 — M. Kodis, M. Ash, R. Yahnian, K. Garibotto, B. O ' Toole. 96 Advisor — Mr. M. Mueller Trieditors — Terri Atkinson Jean Wilson Susan LoChirco Literary Editor — Belinda Taylor Diane Bellino Meredith King Nancy Pecevich Kathy Canavan Marcia Berndtson Photography Editor — Rosemary Yahnian Layout Editor — Sarah Hefford Beverly Hilton Karen Mahoney Connie Palmitesta Tracy Jones Martha Ash Karen Garibotto Business Editor — Martha Kodis Art Editor — Patti Onessimo Barbara O ' Toole Kim Pacholski | Or k f ,r (Uss H T-Sfcts EL-O 97 f . Jsf XKi, 99 w Cary Sonia-Live in Concert " This Thing has a mind of its own. " " Gads, we are beautiful. " Finalists of meatball wolfing competition. " Sir, I have this fuzzy fungus growing on my camera . . . " Are You Kidding? 102 s p 0 R T S 103 FOOTBALL This page sponsored by the Tilton Family. 104 1st row — Coach E. Sapienza, M. Baglio, B. Welch, M. Vitozzi, C. Martino, M. Connor, R. Doucette, B. Hillard, W. MacNeil, B. Brooks, M. Gallahue, E. Pucillo, Coach Nizwantowski. 2nd row — B. LeBlanc, P. Wilkes, ). Dona- hue, J. Hull, M. Texiera, J. McCormick, ). Rex, D. Batch- elder, J. Pierce, M. Libertini, T. Romeo, T. Morlani, L. Montford, B. Galant. 3rd row — M. Tilton, M. Morrelli, D. Taylor, A. Halucha, J. Crielson, P. Newburn, B. Germino, G. MacDaniels, B. Lowthers, R. Selfridge, P. O ' Donnel, B. Jones, 4th row — A. Taylor, B. Murray, J. Panzer, J. Crowe, F. Prusik, B. Apigian, S. Ellis, D. Lee, M. Canavan, K. Sweetland. Trainers — T. Montford, J. Fountain, A. Sakayanx, S. Gregory, B. Welch (not pictured). SOCCER »on N IHAQ tC 106 D. Salem — Tri-Capt., M. Lopilato — Tri-Capt., J. Prevost — Tri-Capt., K. Butler, D. Morris, J. Anderson, J. Unni, D. Jones, E. Johnson, S. McKenzie, M. Equi J. Katanzaro, F. Giberti, R. Fuller, P. Salem, J. Meaney, ) Joyce, T. Haynes, S. Walsh, J. Pasquale, D. Bell, Coach — R. Condon VOLLEYBALL 108 FIELD HOCKEY 110 1st Row — L. Moore, S. Barabino, K. Selfridge, A. DiCiulio, S. McDonough, A. Connor, M. Doherty, T. O ' Donnell. 2nd Row — C. Chabot, P. Hall, S. Coleman, K. Gallahue, S. Quinlan, ). Bellegarde, M. Mahoney, C. Fitzpatrick, K. Pucillo, C Brown. 3rd Row — Asst. Coach — L. Staff, D. Bowman, K. Nelson, M. Kodis — Capt., N. Pecevich, K. Canavan, K. Bowman — Capt., A. Maloney — Manager, Coach — B. McBride. Ill FOOTBALL CHEERLEADERS This page sponsored by Aluminum Age, In V. Rajaniemi, B. Jones, M. Berndtson, K. Steadman, L. Fowler, D. Timoney, L. Finigien, C. Svehla, C. Palmitesta, D. O ' Brien, S. Hurley, K. Quercia, J. Thompson, K. McHugh. 114 1st row; J. Carney, D. Salem, B. Hillard, W. McNeil, R. Shaw, ). Haynes 2nd row; Trainer — M. Svehla, M. Dono- van, L. Montford, P. White, F. Merchal, J. Catanzaro, ). Mollica, Coach Kipnes 117 GIRL ' S BASKETBALL 118 1st row — N. Pecevich, K. Bowman — Capt., B. Hilton — Capt., K. Mahoney — Capt., A. Zelenak, R. Condon, Coach. 2nd row — D. Dunleavy, K. Doucette, L. Colbert, T. Atkinson, M. Mahoney, S. Coleman. 119 mm 1st row; D. Batchelder — Co-Captain, M. Connor — Co-Captain 2nd row; Coach Bell, J. Ford, D. Johnson, J. Brosseau, D. Falle, E. Johnson, R. Doucette, B. LaBlanc 3rd row; B. Murray, B. Apigeon, J. Crowe, A. Conrad, S. Mahoney, J. Pierce, M. Baglio, M. Peck, D. Pierce — Manager 121 1 ICE HOCKEY This page sponsored by Cillett, Brown Associates 122 121 1st row; C. Martino, R. Leach, M. Baudanza, C. Turner, A. Lore, ' D. Livingston, R. Clewer, T. Thirkell, E. Pucillo, M. )urczak 2nd row; Coach Lynch, Coach Gill, M. Canavan, G. Quercia, P. Newburn, T. Brassil, J. Pasquale, K. Butler, C. Tiersch, M. Starrett, D. McClean, Coach Nizwontow- ski, Managers — Jean Wilson, Belinda Taylor 1st row; K. Gallahue, C. Fitzpatrick, S. Quinlan, K. McHugh, M. Doherty 2nd row; Coach O ' Leary, S. Moise, D. Silvia, K. Woodside, D. Todisco, W. Weisse, J. Shaw 125 1st row; C. Sweetland, M. McGlaughlin, P. Masellas, T. Pottle, B. Welch, M. Vittozzi, S. Ellis, F. Prusik, J. Mollica 2nd row; K. Moreau, J. Donahue, B. Germino, G. Sonia, B. Lowthers, B. Brooks, B. Macintire, P. Murphy, P. O ' Don- nell, M. Ciccia 3rd row; Coach Sverka, D. Lee, ). Panzer, G. Kaizer, S. Walsh, M. Texiera, T. Romeo, T. Burgess, ). Meaney, ). Hull, T. Moreau, A. Tonachel, Assist. Coach — E. Sapienza 127 BASKETBALL CHEERLEADERS This page is sponsored by Vickie Rajaniemi and Becky Jones 1st row; R. Jones — Co-Capt., C. Pal- mitesta — Co-Capt. 2nd row; K. Raschella, J. Thompson, A. Raschella, K. Steadman, V. Rajaniemi, P. Casey, N. Dolan, C. Svehla 128 HOCKEY CHEERLEADERS HORNf TS 1 | triD $ L , ( £■ ) vj . IBIAl p Mllllbi i j B TjT F t r... . f L , r V „ ■ Center — S. Hurley — Capt., S. Fino, C. White, R. Cunningham, K. Cana- van, L. Fowler, L. Murdock, P. Sulli- van, L. Martino, Not shown: Patti Lastinger, Capt. 129 131 mam ■ ♦igma r- ' J.V. SOFTBALL 1st Row — Kelly Doucette, Darlene Moriera, Wendy LaRochelle, Jean Wilson, Laura Daily, Carol Svelha, Tracy Tilton, 2nd Row — Coach Davis, Belinda Taylor, Judy Belle- garde, Kristen Gallahue, Doreen Ing- aciola, Terri Moriera, Sandy Szy- manski, Donna Todisco. 133 BOYS TRACK 134 1st Row l-r: Jeff Kaiser, Paul Murphy, Michael McLaughlin, Michael Galla- hue, Tom Pottle, 2nd Row l-r: Assis- tant Coach Mr. Blackington, Ron Doucette, John Ford, Chris Martino, Jerry Mollica, Barry Brooks, Michael Connor, Billy Welch, Coach Cleary. GIRLS TRACK 1st Row l-r: Roberta Hamilton, Tracy Griswold, Rose Cunningham, Mau- reen Mahoney, Dee-Dee Greene, Lisa Finigian, 2nd Row l-r: Donna O ' Brien, Tracy Jones, Karen Mahoney, Marianne Leonard, Nancy Pecevich, Diane Cofer, Coach McBride. 135 GIRLS ' TENNIS 1st Row — D. Donlevy, K. Steadman, M. Trullo, C. Bernier, 2nd Row — Coach Williams, S. Hef- ford, S. Spousta, K. Joyce, B. Hilton, K. Canavan, B. Holden, K. Quercia. 1 17 We’ve c d ed t ve oAddl. dd o-vnefo dAe-’ve on-oapn Ay Axznd and tea dfAen ape- fliy vt ape tva y c incA d Ae a timcvte vectovy die vane t ve pAyA iny rfvivit odo ot ver team can Aieat did Avane tt in t ve apinten cAi Qt dncl in- tAe eady tevmmen Aieat d Tve de vtA op ? dci A on oav teamb Q ated api A yveevt fweci apn ddov a ven t ve time a f oe come anaand ddo- nva ce t ve viy vt deei ion dnd i u e Ane ced defvtA did a apayA A-ad yo-uny define ddo cAva A a-fi tAote apinA Qtdnd add apood to t ie ptne dd ve cd ovnet tnadvtion did a upayA Ae tAve-ve ape Aeane it api A a Ami e Qd nd a vtctovy tear . . . yo . H 139 Gest seust H0 nA y pav 7 - 2 - POME HOST Ross BovjeRS tor. Oe u WlU OkJ AMTKOWy Lo«e 6esT 4i A 0 pALir trrus u ff PCMMI5 UVlAJftS-TdM Best bawbara 0 TOOl£ Wft rr£U HtkiClL eeir pw eP Aey MM LEOMAR.P 140 v $ h « .. b ) z CrtFT or Su yu twe i CO t AO HlUJA O. Pt PTiesT Eye — Kim Que.iu.tA nine ALLA we UMOA HO is By Be$T A C1ZH je t-i HOIUCA 6 6ST ATHLETE fC iS 0 OWKAIU rrc - SftAO MltUVfcP CEM ' llL£ tfo se esr u» KsAjfe Pak SKerftM iw TiH TUlKK U- 141 C uASS cU K||ais UUI ST0K 6 AR8A A MOiPCW C My Jowci KArtjO VlTTO Z.Z.I SuiAK HO -L£ ' CL«bS HvSlClAM MACrvirt K6O15 jcrhm HOLucia CLASS S tffcLAR. re«j=u atkiajsok) Siaco c o uey CLASS HArcc. vnrrocT-‘ 142 hactw koc is HOST LIKELY td soq ceep AKTTHO V most l ue T»H ‘THiftK£ l - u hosr SPIRITED CHRIS TURM£R - S»»HOW CO ' OLSV $r Slssakt H c TA bLJ£ HOST 5£X w £LcH J AM H U.SOK Kih C 5T BASHFUL PATTI LASTtAJCrER A A. MOST CrULLABLg. Packolsph B»u-y KewA eoy i ' 1 - r ross Bowiee-S 143 SooJc S i ce fi e Q filadv o9t (ddhono you are, hoodiny -iadt the same ad you Aid hast time od touched you. Cddnd here od am chose to yettiny tanyded afi impede the tAouydvt ofiyou. ddo you hove him ad much ad od hove hen, and widh tdiat hove he strony, when odd fiedinys start to stir? dhdoeds hide wo made it. dAe hofi eaoA other a the way to another hove. ddoohed hide wo macho it, or od thouyht so ' tid today, umtid you wove there evoryadioro, and add od coudd tadte wa the hotie the way wo made it. Save ' s so stranye, fidayiny hide and mode with hearts and ahoay s hurteny. Chddmd wo ' re the find stanchwy chose enouyh to touch those hominy memories. Qhddnd ifi od hold you fir the sade ofiadd thole timed, hove made ud hode our minds, coudd od wen het you yo? ddh no wo made it. dPe hefi each otdvcr adh the way to another hove. ( ddoods hide wo made it, or tdd thoayhf so tid today, untd you wore there, everywhere, and adh od coudd tadte id hove made it. dnsohed hide wo made it. ddhefi each other cdh the way to another hove. the way ddoodcs hide wo made it, or (id thouyht so td today, untd you wore there, everyadvere, and add od coudd tadte wad hove the way wo made it. ddodcs hide wo macho it, hdh ddtahfo wo made it. dde ' ve yot to made it. 144 145 This is it, this is life, the one you get, so go and have a ball. This is it, straight ahead and rest assured, you can ' t be sure at all. So while you ' re here enjoy the view, keep on doing what you do. Hold on tight we ' ll muddle through, One day at a time. So hop on your feet, somewhere there ' s music playing. Don ' t you worry none, you just take it like it comes, One day at a time! 146 I dare you to. “What the heck is that! " ' I wanna go home. " We won! " " I can ' t help it if I ' m cute. " 150 “What am I doing? " “School donuts make me high! " “I think I just sat on a tack! " " Don ' t bother me, I ' m busy. " " What in the world are you looking at? " 151 " Put one foot in front of the other and soon you ' ll be through the door! " " Are you talking to me? " " It won ' t come off! " hope this is the place. " " What in the world is that thing crawling on my sandwich? " 154 FRIENDS Don ' t be dismayed at good-byes. A farewell is necessary before you can meet again. And meeting again, after moments or lifetimes, is certain for those who are friends. 155 Practice again. What ' s for lunch today? You ' ve got to be kidding me. The Fonz. Togetherness is . . . 157 ' ffl ' oday we end- another clay the future seems so faraway but it isn ' t far for the days pass fast and, the best times in life seen to never last. ike spirit week and football games faster parties and fumy names senior pictures, candy bars, the spaghetti supper and beat up cars midyear exams, the talent show, hockey acmes, just months to go. t’s senior week and the funs just started pvccas and yearbooks mb the cafe are carted Lfie banquet, haecahurmfe,, the. tension starts cause graduation, is here there ' s tears in our hearts. especially the ones shared witkfriends they re the special memories and memories dotit end. 158 [flood -bye” is not an ending f when you know tfiat peopfe care, Hor mifes may come between you but warm thoughts are always there... “fjood-bye” is not an ending but a different start for you, JA time for making brand-new friends and seeing dreams come true. . . fjood-bye” is not an ending, for you ’[[find a[ong hfe’s way, Within your heart you flatways have a part of yesterday. AM AN DA BRADLEY 160 This page sponsored by Charles V. Statu IvOUMMa ’f AtdAed afi, oat of tAve fi ace Gd Aia oe Amottm fr yearn. AAnAnooMnyAy tnaveAiny bomeudiene toi A new- UbnwundinyA- . fxfieetiny tAve wonbt of a biiaevtion G d Avave never ea ierienced . (fAeeminy aA f gAA wa tAie onAy fie Mon wAvo eeci tedj tAve onAy owe advo mattered, ddixxvveniny new fiAaeea, faced- and Amd, Aoviny fiend, ffettiny ieitAecA wi A a feeAiny o-f Aveiny, Ae emyiny. gAo Aonyer Acdt, fee Gd Ava ue yroavn into a new fiAace in my forever cAvanyiny eAinda gAC. (AdayAor CONTRIBUTORS Mr. )ohn S. Norton Mr. Mrs. Arthur J. Kenney Mr. Mrs. Max A. Mueller Mr. Mrs. Russell Mollica Mr. Mrs. John C. Parry Mr. Mrs. Merton J. Strong Mr. Mrs. Robert C. Enos and Family Mr. Mrs. Harrie R. Hobby Jr. Mr. Mrs. John S. Strong Mr. Mrs. Thomas Bowman Mr. Mrs. William F. Colbert Mr. Mrs. Joseph Ruscak Mr. Mrs. Lowell Spicer Mr. Mrs. Dominic A. Cacciatore Mr. Mrs. David F. Currier Mr. Mrs. Edward F. Paul Mr. Mrs. Hugh Connor Mr. Mrs. Peter L. Haynes Mr. Mrs. H. David MacNeil Mr. Mrs. Dennis Sarno Mr. Mrs. Albert G. Clewer Mr. Mrs. Arthur E. Proctor Mr. Mrs. Charles Hefford Mr. Mrs. Walter E. Ladd Jr. Mr. Mrs. Carl Abruzese Mr. Mrs. Carl M. Pike Mr. Mrs. Robert M. Germino Mr. Mrs. Redmond Mahoney Mr. Mrs. Donald E. Zelenak Mr. Mrs. Alfred Kodis Mr. Mrs. Bruce Alcorn Mr. Mrs. M. Lopilato Mr. Mrs. Paul A. Nelson Mr. Mrs. William Welch Mr. Mrs. Anthony Scibilia Mr. Mrs. Wesley F. Ladd Mr. Mrs. George E. Panzer Mr. Mrs. George K. Michie Mr. Mrs. Edward Konik Mr. Mrs. Eugene Doucette Mr. Mrs. Gerald Fraughton Mr. Mrs. Donald Holden Mr. Mrs. Gillette B. Knight Mr. Mrs. Howard Goodwin Mr. Mrs. Carl T. Luoto and Eric Mr. Mrs. Peter P. Krysko The Atkinsons Howard and Judith Ash Margaret T. Demetri The James Hurley Family Eleanor Cofer Perry and Lois Luke Al and Mary Yahnian DeWolfe Co. Inc. Anthony and Lois Murphy John and Andrea Coleman Robert A. Voto Everett and Molly Leonard The Jesso Family The Kenneth Jones Family The Losso Family The Walters Family John and Evelyn Doran SPONSORS Mr. Mrs. Donald Roberts Mr. Mrs. John F. Bellino Mr. Mrs. Robert E. Gallahue Mr. Mrs. Louis Quercia Mr. Mrs. John E. Joyce III Mr. Mrs. David Lumb Mr. Mrs. Arthur Sotiropoulos Mr. Mrs. Charles Moretto Mr. Mrs. Anthony Sacco Mr. Mrs. Robert F. O ' Brien Mr. Mrs. Maxwell McKinnon Mr. Mrs. William B. Feindel III Mr. Mrs. Lawerence B. Mundy Mr. Mrs. Robert Pottle Mr. Mrs. Carl T. Luoto Jr. Mr. Mrs. James R. Perkins Mr. Mrs. D.B. Robinson Mr. Mrs. William Windt Mr. Mrs. Wallace A. Rajaniemi Mr. Mrs. Joseph M. Russo Mr. Mrs. Philip B. Macaulay Mr. Mrs. Harold A. Douglas Mr. Mrs. Robert J. DiGiulio Mr. Mrs. Anthony J. Celata Mr. Mrs. Robert E. Schoolcraft Mr. Mrs. Paul M. Titus Mr. Mrs. Gerard E. Sweetland Mr. Mrs. W.J. Campbell Mr. Mrs. Anthony Prasinos Mr. Mrs. Aldo Vittozzi Mr. Mrs. Richard R. Robbins Mr. Mrs. James E. Puzzo Mr. Mrs. John A. Backe Mr. Mrs. John F. Canavan Mr. Mrs. Michael S. Onessimo The Antique Shoppe Lee and Anne Bernier Harry MacAlpine Abbott Tile Co. Inc. Jean Lastinger George and Anne Garibotto Barbara A. Hilton Doris and Art McTague Anthony M. LoRe Bernice N. Cote Jim and Jean Witham Peter and Corinne Surrette The Fire Place Bill and Janet Livingston Meredith and Donald Turner John and Dottie Rodgers Patrons Mr. Mrs. Clifford W. Bowers Mr. Mrs. John D. King Mr. Mrs. Richard L. Prevost Mr. Mrs. Frank Leach Mr. Mrs. D. DuBois Barbara Willis Christine Moretto Rick Luoto 165 7 Dear Mr. Mueller, We greatly appreciate all the time and effort that you have spent with us through this uphill battle. Congratulations! It Looks Like We Made It!!! " Love Us " We would also like to thank GUY GARON and LORING STUDIOS for making the 1981 yearbook a success! 166 167 i r a Best Wishes to The Class of 1981 from KITCHEN MAGIC INC. Kitchen Cabinet Fronts Visit our Showroom 151 Main St. No. Reading 944-7906 Put a New Look in your Kitchen (and save up to 60% over new cabinets) v y r y Congratulations Best Wishes to the Class of 81 From No. Reading Police Assoc. V J r FRED ' S FAMILY RESTAURANT 3 MAIN STREET NORTH READING, MA (617)664-4311 664-8644 Open 7 Days 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Full Take Out Service V J r Jones-Nelson Associates real estate PHONE UH-4737 17 park street NORTH OEAOlNfr, MAOISM V J 168 Greenbriar Estates — North Reading The Ultimate in Apartment Living by Davis Realty Trust INSURANCE AtjENCyiNC. Hugh Connor (617)942-0565 Frank Delaney 133 Main Street North Reading, Massachusetts 01864 V 169 ( JPqtand Veronica JCee J r N 313 Main Street Route 28 North Reading, Massachusetts 01864 (617) 664-5117 “Good Luck to the Class of ' 81 Yankee Tech Sales Woburn, Mass. J V 170 °PuIar Classic Shades ( u en tic Early American CoI° ' “ ' centennial White Tones j ch. Vibrant , p° Use Garden Shades g porary Mode rnH Best Wishes to the Class of ' 81 READING LUMBER CO. 1 10 Main St., North Reading Open 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., Mon.-Thurs. Fri. night ' til 8, Sat. 9-5 V 171 I Since 1955 BJORKMAN LANN Realtors 664-2230 130 PARK STREET (EAST) N. READING, MA — CENTER OF TOWN BROKER V A N iFMBl » t RELO. I23i££2j J Michael ' s Cut Above Hair Design Her ' s 215 Main St. No. Reading Mike Cimmino 664-4489 CAROL SPINAZZOLA V f " Congratulations Class of 1981 664-5461 J A Dr. Beth L. Kamhi Chiropractor Any student interested in a Chiropractic career is welcome to come talk. I ' d be pleased to provide all the necessary information. V J J f A A A Compliments of Ryer’s Store Compliments to the Class of 1981 The Dentists of No. Reading J V 172 r CONGRATULATIONS and BEST OF LUCK to the CLASS OF 1981 from KITTY ' S Restaurant and Lounge 133 Main St. No. Reading 173 r CAPTAIN PIZZA Our Own Dough cP Pan Baked Pizza Pizza — Hot-Oven Subs — Roast Beef Spaghetti — Greek Salad Family Restaurant Food and Atmosphere of Good Taste Mon.-Tues.-Wed.-Thurs. 11 a.m.-12 p.m. Fri. Sat. 11 a.m.-l a.m. Sun. 11 a.m.-ll p.m. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1981 FROM ZAYRES 80 Main St No. Reading V j r ANNETTE ' S RESTAURANT 62 CONCORD ST. NO. READING BREAKFAST LUNCHEON — DINNER SEAFOOD — PIZZA TAKE OUT SERVICE AVAILABLE PARTY PLATTER — FULL CATERING V J V J r CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1981 FROM JOE PRICE ' S CENTER REXALL DRUG 4 Washington St. No. Reading 664-4561 V J 174 r ELLSWORTH CROSWELL, Director Established 1912 E. JOHN CROSWELL, Director 19 Bow Street 664-3031 North Reading 175 f r a r NORTH READING Cyclist Shop BIKE Raleigh • Ross • Panasonic • Puch MOPED Puch 1 34 Park St. (Rt. 62a) 664-6420 CONGRATULATIONS GOOD LUCK BROTHERS CONGRATULATIONS and BEST WISHES to the CLASS OF ' 81 BICYCLE MOPED SALES SERVICE Authorized Dealer for THE HORNETS NEST to the SENIORS RESTAURANT PIZZA CARR ' S STATIONER ' S 2-4 Washington St. 664-4216 265 Main St. 664-2752 176 r Best of Luck to the Class of 81 PINE WOOD GARDENS LOOKING FOR A CAREER It ' s reason enough to find out about NORTH SHORE Call us for information. Beverly — 927-4850 Lynn — 593-3313 Fully accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. CONGRATULATIONS FROM CAROUSEL CLEANERS Atlantic Plaza North Reading, Mass. Tel. 664-85 6 BEST OF LUCK CLASS OF 81 Li I ' Peach COMMUNITY COLLEGE ' S Compliments of 39 degree programs. North Reading Transcript 177 r ' a GOOD LUCK SENIORS FROM THE JUNIORS V r j BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1981 FROM YOUR TEACHERS NO. READING EDUCATION ASSOCIATION 178 r A CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1981 " BUCKO ' S " SPORTING GOODS, INC. INDIVIDUAL AND TEAMS OUTFITTED 289 MAIN STREET NO. READING. MASS. 01864 r Don Steve Joe Bill George Sandy a r fe ? 11 VLF Rts PLUS J V CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS CLASS OF ' 83 A 179 4 Don t conserve your energy if you want a bright future MALDEN COOPERATIVE DANK 172 Park Street, North Reading 664-5116 V J 180 X£ r «J m V Sfc 2« 2- q? » 5 ?aTwi o S ' S ' Jsc -?- ). » ' 5 p«?jfe vS s vo ?3 4ff £d §tp fSggftl 7:Wc £7 f «Jj)«ijo ATT ' A % ’jScv: fy SL Wi ippbz 2? %r cvc-z -r x a uJ ? fj y ■ «3 T-vj) mjcSl « ' l 2 fl£ f ? x E - 5 j : 2 3 s R 3 «8 n i-r iuq tu!i - ecu ' Zt ' vrt- V ' l - v: u; (L o ai?se«o.| S iSS3?i5s - U 5 r " iS d2S?835£| 2 - ?• o£ S -) j4« 1 RqZ -U ®=»X £rns§(r 3 t uj in 3 Bit .$■ ;ln 5 ;z» ar ■ 5 ? 0 3 5 3 ' o v- 7 - l x-za -LZ%7,% fgSzP v, fT ’P- m npcA TST -r flC o ? 7. Z.

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