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LH 974.4 1979 Flint Memorial Lib ■ 147 Park pv ran North Re 01864 FOR REFERENCE Do Not Take From This Room Class of mi North Reading High School North Reading, Massachus efts WE MAY NEVER PASS THIS WAY AGAIN Life — so they say Is but a game and they let it slip away Love — like the Autumn sun Should be dying but it’s only just begun Like the twilight in the road up ahead They don’t see just where we’re goin’ And all t he secrets in the universe Whisper in our ears and all the years will come and go And take us up, always up We may never pass this way again Dreams — so they say Are for the fools and they let them drift away Peace — like the silent dove Should be livin’ but it’s only just begun Like Columbus in the olden days We must gather all our courage Sail our ship out on the open sea Cast away our fears and all the years will come and go And take us up - — always up We may never pass this way again So I wanna laugh while the laughin’ is easy I wanna cry if it makes it worthwhile I may never pass this way again That’s why I want it with you ’Cause you make me feel like I’m more than a friend Like I’m the journey and you’re the journey’s end I may never pass this way again That’s why I want it with you We may never pass this way again We may never pass this way again — Seals Crofts TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction Page 1 Dedication Page 6 Faculty Page 11 Underclassmen Page 19 Seniors Page 25 Green and Gold Page 83 Sports Page 97 Clubs Page 141 Senior Events Page 155 A Special Thanks Page 168 Sponsors Page 170 It wasn’t raining then. We worked so hard for this? 5 IN APPRECIATION This year marks Mr. Weisse’s twenty-first year at North Read- ing High School; and his ac- complishments of the past years are just too numerous to men- tion. Although his efforts are often unacknowledged, they do not go unnoticed by the students and faculty at N.R.H.S. Thanks to Mr. Weisse’s instruction, the music department is proud to hold many awards from performances of Senior Concert Band, the Jazz Ensemble, and the Stagehand. One of the best marching bands in the Cape Ann League can be found practic- ing in the high school parking lot. The band has become a great asset to the town of North Reading. Football fans are proud to have them perform at half time. Mr. Weisse also coordinates the intricate marching patterns with the flag squad, the majorettes, and the color guard. The combination results in a spectacular per- formance. This year, because of scheduling problem s, Mr. Weisse performs magic as he teaches two classes during the same period. These classes, Chorus and Concert Band, combine to perform two concerts yearly. 6 Mr. Weisse not only runs the music program at the high school single-handedly, hut he is also the music coordinator for the en- tire school system of North Read- ing. As if this wasn’t enough, he also spends an endless amount of hours every Spring working on the annual musical. These are only some of the reasons why this yearbook is dedicated to you, Mr. Weisse. Your devotion to music has been an inspiration to your students and to the school. Sincere thanks from the Class of 1979. 7 Daydreaming. How boring! I think we may have missed the bus Lets get out of here. Lets not go back. We want food! Catching 40 winks. Good thing I studied. Do you think she’ll say yes? Run that by me again. What a breeze. 9 Daydreaming. Lets not go back. We want food! I think we may have missed the bus. How boring! 8 . Catching 40 winks. What a breeze. Don’t take the picture yet! Run that by me again. Good thing I studied. Do you think she’ll say yes? 9 I think I am in love. I think I could like this place. It’s stuck to the roof of my mouth. Hi! I’m Miss Kerwin. OH NO! More dishes? 4 Just another day. You’re not that great looking either. 10 JlioiKKrrn cam not JmM uuJPi t J tcerruW ' oft Jd oAcy OmA mo gtul CO K, JJl JUuJkai J C YYyi Z oft -fyjO ' 6mcH oimmifJL JJftoA ) L Gxu£jj, (ftrtrni Qjryd yo Jl Q7 d Al WJUjuL Qm (y A (P nnc ' iGVjQs ii ADMINISTRATION . Mr. kennev — Principal Mrs. Brady — Secretary Mrs. Plouff — Principal’s Secretary Mr. Barresi — Vice Principal 12 Miss McBride — Mathematics Mrs. Nevers — Librarian Mr. Lupton — Science Mr. Lucier — Science Mr. Markham — Mathematics Mr. Mague — Reading Miss McLaughlin — Physical Education Mr. Nolan — English Mr. Mueller — Science IH II I itTTfl 15 Mr. Pesce — Mathematics Mr. Pushkar — English Mrs. Seth — Foreign Language Ms. Scibinico — English Mr. Richard — Business Mr. Puglia — Mathematics Miss Strelis — Business Mr. Venti — Foreign Language Mrs. Rooney — Nurse 16 Mrs. Welch — English Mr. Wicky — Social Science M rs. Windt — Guidance Secretary Mrs. Canavan — Physical Education Secretary Miss Smith, Mr. Miller, Miss Dardeno — Guidance Life is a voyage in which we choose neither vessel nor weather, but much can be done in the management of the sails and the guidance of the helm. 17 23 o JJ{ai rrcYoAsL ui rOiU VUJ J Q X L ' -fytUfZ- p0jQjQ2sH ) | j $oo4 rrwmc Mb QjmH JkaA otiml oonrrvL Jj snyCL j at Jkot 1 5 6j UjClL dkp€J t Qjr L Jt cibe ) uum mrtOJL pam jju x ay jsri. U cc Kt f CJbyrryi ydb. 25 BARRY ALLEN SCOTT ANNAND “Every man has within him the ability to do great things. His touchstone is challenge. No matter what his field of endeavor, a man must measure himself against the demands of his world.” Memories — If, Hello Dolly, train, Mr. Whipple, TGRL, math meets, Sets, Summer ’78, keep on truekin Karman, AP Chem, Owl, DKSSRGRGAKG MDRSSSRAMAWSF, Mom and Dad. DONNA ARSENAULT Memories — Double Sessions, Hi Babe, K.T., Wierd Beard, F T., Methvl-ethvl, M 2 , N.A., G.G., RB, RP, SLLL, JT. AL. BM. DG. DM. and two very special men D.E., R.A. and thanks to all my family and friends for making these years memorable ones. The best way to face life is to face it with a smile. Memories — Diane, Judy, Pam, Goose, Lynda, Field Hockey, Cheering, Boston Garden, Concerts, Florida, McGills, crazy parties, “mad dog”, all nighter, crash, Annie, Weasel, JQ, LC, CM, ER, NA, LK, JS, Springfield, The Cape Geils, What LUCK!, Lanes End Vodka, Jr. Prom., Excellent times at NRHS, and RICHIE. BRIAN ATKINSON JUDY ATWELL The relationship between you and me is the most beautiful thing in my life. 3 29 75 Memories — Got my soul and twist — SBPPGD 9 16, Good times with Gai, Edie, Donna, Silvia, Carol, talks with Mrs. Dell, Ferns, “Christmas of 77”, cottage, 3 roses, my firebird, Mr. Stubbs, 5:00 sunrise, Florida, my family, Pete — I’ll always love you, together forever! 27 LISA BALESTRACCI Memories — Gayle — Kurt, drive-ins, cam Glouster, Sheryl, Hampton, the grave, Rm, RC, ER, ' BN, JA, PC, ah, I get it. Food Fight! Max, Scott, Methyl ethyl, no brakes, Maine trip miss carmen, SFP, Wakefield, the garden, especially David. Memories — Atmosphere thinking, green-eyed monster, “deprived”, “Randi”, Marblehead St., “My shoe’s untied”, Lollipops, Irving Witherall, “teach”, Mr. Yianakes, football, soccer, and hockey games, and good friends — Kathy, Sharon (Tweety), Lyn, — JT FF KM AM LM DS LR EM MD CD and a special thanks to my family and Karen. PETER BARBAGALLO SUSAN BASHORE NANCY AUCKERMAN Memories — hockey, Canada “77”, Boston Garden “78”, Lane’s End, New Hampshire, DP, LC, PC, SO, MP, BM, RL, NA, RM, DB, “68” Mustang. SUSAN BABCOCK Memories 8 summers of 73-78-75, Danny, Tommy, Danny, Mike Heidi, Holly, (Queeny), Pam, Peasant, Kathy, Lisa, Jackie, Sue, Grant, Phil, NRPD, Mr. D. MaGills, TUESDAY, Steves, Kathy, Linda, Tish, Billy, Vinnie, Michael, Boston-Boston, Aug. 13, 21, Kens, Muppets, Rose’s party, July 14th, Bummer, mondays, TWEED, all my friends at N.R.H.S., driving, “check it out” $2 mother, my godchild Heather April 19, 1978. If you love something, set it free. If it comes back to you, it’s yours. If it doesn’t it never was. Memories — Summers Love, H.P., “76”, Freedoms Eagle, Mike, “Satan’s Magic”, friends, parties, Kola Love, Lee race way, panther star, parking lot, White mountains, Ernie — Carol, very special thanks to my parents. “Rocking cnair”, Bruce always — forever. 28 JACQUELINE BATCHELDER JIM BAUDANZA GAI BAXTER “To have friends is to be a friend” Memories — long walks, long talks, long rides, “1977!”, Queen — Aerosmith, New Years!?!, elubin’, “Hockey game, somewhere, “quash pie, “you fudpah!”, “Fly like an Eagle. ”K CKDDBDBDCJQRM R W L P . . . Gilda — Claire, A dear firend, Colin Cameron. “Labing isa” John Memories — rallies, spwk, cheering, FH — Gymnastics — soph, yr., Vacations — NH, Washington DC — 76, Europe, Hampton Beach (6 78) — H.C. — Hmmmf, green m m’s, HB, Fvurt!, Adidas Friends — BS, pool parties, awakening, proms, scoops, long talks, dances, squirettes, parties, cruisin’, scheming, chine food, macs frybean!, cheese!, M-B-Test — F-Chris, The Bank — - 33A, Gloria’s, countdown — T C J W D B J U, Friends — PBJM, Linda, Donna Susan, Kathy, LC’s, LMDCSTAPD S, Friends from 77-78 — Kathi, Thanks — Mom Dad! DONNA BELLINO “Victory belongs to the most perservering” — Napoleon Bonaparte CARL A. BIGHAM III Memories — Got my soul and twist — SBPPGD 9 16, Paul’s Cuda, Grants, BHHP, Peter’s House, Great times with Donna, 5:00 sunrise, D’s cottage, DAVID, Mr. stubbs, 2 Mistakes, DCAC, Chris — Carolyn, 3TAL, Jr. Drop-Out, My Parents, 3 great friends, Kim, Donna, Ann, Long talks, Heartbreaks, Silvia, “BRANDY”, HENDRIX, MAJOR, Roy, Don’s Disco, Michael, Camping, PP, Surrey Lane 9 21 78, Steve, Tom, Topsfield, Tom’s Ticket, Sambo’s, Denny’s, BEACH NIGHTS!, Kim Tommy, Steve. — WL — “Don’t worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will worry about itself.” — Matt %:36 Memories — The one’s I’ve had and more to come. Soccer Roy, ORFORD, Furr, sleepingbag, Chaw Always Bouncing, Bust’ em , Track Vaulting, Tuesday Night’s, I got stuck Peter! John, Dave, Peter, Tom, Mike, Harry, Raga’s laugh, MC, Mac’s Conn. Rumney, Canada and a special thanks to my family. Friends, Mark and Jim. ptl! 29 ROBERT (BISH) BISHOP Memories — Football, The coaches, parties, Daltons, Drive-In, McGills, my car, muffins, all my friends. Rich, Cruiser, Bane, Black, Tuna, Polito, Curious George, Weasle, Ronny, Crowely, Weaver, Ginna, Bobbles, Angel, Livi, Wardy, Duce, CA-CA, Jr., Emily, Cliffy, and my parents, thanks. ED BROWN Memories — ' 69 Buick, Parties, skiing, Tuborg gold. Good Friends, Lousy Food. B.H. (Lumberjacks, Inc.) R.M., P.B., B.M., V.M., D.G., S.M., Dynamic Dell (Hardo), S.P., C.H., D.B., K.S., Strangers are friends you’ve never met and as an old Chinese man once said. ROBERT BROOKS DEIDRE (JODY) BROTHERS “More than yesterday, less than tomorrow.” Memories — Great times: Volleyball, swimming, summer vacations, adventures in work, Debbie, Linda, Jackie, Boot, Beany, Kid, DD JU TS. Everyone in my family for the precious moments we’ve shared and most of all, the wonderful years I’ve had with my father. RICHARD BRANDT 30 KIMBERLY BUGDEN DAVID BUBAR The grand essantials to happiness are something to do . . . something to love . . . and something to hope for . . . Memories — Hood School, WEPC, NSCC, Cole John Une, neighb. “H”, J.J. Furbar, James, the Jade, the Lake, 57, f.b.’s, MC, p-day, V.C., Orford, it’s up to you, Queen, ZZ Top, ELO, b-ball, soccer team, Coach R.C., What’s the matter? Maine, s.b.’s, J.P., all my friends and m.s.g., Anne. Memories — Memories of Paula’s disco night, 6 car pile up, 360 on Rt. 114, skipping, flying high over island, Rambler, cruising, long talks, heartbreaks, growing up too fast, 123 TAL, Revere Hotel, Feb. -May 1978, Jeff, Steven, Frank, Nicky, Tom and Steve, Tom’s ticket, Denny’s, Sambos, beach, camping, Larry, Peabody Park and. . . Gai. We say our good-byes, go our own ways, and live our own lives. KENNETH BUNKER KEVIN R. BURGESS Memories — Quebec, June 2, FINAST, classes with Mr. Elliot, French classes with Mrs. Girodet and Miss Kerwin. LYN BUTLER Memories — Lisa, Kid, Beans, Bub, Bicep Bettv, Boot, waffles, volleyball, K M S R MC K D L R L P, Green eyed monster, yeah right, 78 yearbook, gone, Mac’s, skiing, girl’s coccer, “I only got three ”, Rangley, atmosphere. Junior year, Hockey, Baseball, Tammy, lollipops, Mr. Yianakes, Mrs. Ayer, Shhh, “Amy made me eat the meat”, and especially my family. 31 (Clean Kim) “Yesterday’s dead and tomorrow is blind.” Memories — Skipping, Hillview Country Club, North Carolina, good times at “C and 6”. Xmas “77”, 6 car accidents. Trip to Boston, accident city! Goin’ for coffee. Girls Locker Room — Jackie, Michael, Gai, Tom, “Cupcake”, good friends. Thanks Mum — Dad (I don’t know what for, but everybody else writes it, and it sounds pretty good.) just kiddin’ — I love you both. “You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.” Memories — Jimmy, Washington, Mousey, Banana, CAW, JU — gas, JHS line up, “the family”, Jade, S.O.S., shuffle brain, Waltham 10:15, The Wall, green m m’s, rallies, musicals, fvurt, Jr. Prom — W.M.T.B? Duchess, Hornet’s Nest SL, Adidas, long talks, friends, scoops, Susan, mom, dad, friends — TCDBJWJUPHAPC WECSTCOKCL C’s, Donna, Liz, Donna, great times with great friends. Count your life by smiles not tears, Count your age by friends not years. Anonymous. Memories — B.B. cheering, French — F.D. Miss K.. Jr. Yr. Cathy, S.G. — Mythology, Class of ’78, F.B. games, P.D.B. concert L L, Stone Cross dance. Wash. D.C. TLC, Summer 77 — Jason, McGonagle’s house, summer 78 — Carole M.S. — CIBY? CITY? Lauren 7 1 78., Nahant, B.K., B.M. The Cape, Long talks with Peg 33, “Get Directions” C. W. L. M. J. W. J. S. T., Friends, and a special one-Karen. LINDA CASEY CHRISTINE CERASOLT “If you really want something, let it go. If it comes back to you, its yours forever. If it doesn’t, it was never yours to begin with ...” Memories — Pam, Judy, Lynda, Laura, Annie, Debbie, Lynn, JQ, DS, JB, CM, EC, ST, 1, SG, BN, NA, PK, Richie, Peter, Field hockey, Hockey cheering . . . Boston Garden, Track, Proms, Canasta — Hunts, weekend in N.H., Sebago Lake . . . memories with Dana. I’ll alway’s remember the sixteen wonderful years with my father, December 9, 1977, Ma and Cliff, Thank you, Gordie and Rose, All my good friends at school, York Beach, Pictures in No. Conway, May 6, 1977, Always and Forever Steve. 32 CEY COHAN Memories — Sophomore year, gymnastics, Aerosmith Derringer, Sue’s parties, Martha, Hampton, “rolling wheels”, Freebird, “Where the ! % are we!?”, “CY and EY ”, the caddy, the course, S. D. M. F. C. R. D. L., Good times with good friends, Class of 79. PAMELA COLBURN E “Don’t just fill your life with year’s, fill your years with life.” Memories — “I don’t know.” soccer, Roy boy, Orford, Jr. Sr. Proms “78”, Hood School, “The family”, GREEN, vodkaing, W.E.P.C., parties, “Oh Bov”, Batch, The Nest, the line up, Lalce Quannafvurt, ELO, Lynnfield, FBer’s, N.S.C.C., p-day, Glenns falls. Boob, John, Peter, UMASS, Brewski, Virginia, hartland N.H., LCLMSTC BECDWDBLCCWAPSN Everyone at N.R. H.S. “Smile and the world smiles with you.” Memories — Raf, 7 15 77, week of 7 9-78, LANES END, Summers of 75-78 , the dock, Cills Kelly, FLORIDA, C.V.M., Field Hockey, Cheering, Boston Gardens, The Big Fall!, 19, jr. prom, WK-End trips to N.H. Cape, concerts, all the parties up the lake, southern . . . , Judy C., Judy A, Laura, Lynda, Anna, Mark, Weasel, Bp, LC, AG, DB, NA, JQ, JB, LB, FH, Joe — 75, Rick, Donald, 8-4-78, “Stairway to Heaven.” parties, games, Boston Gardens, spirit week, weekends!!! Wash. D.C., Jr. Prom, Double D’s — Reading, cookies cook’n, skydiver, follies with Laurie, crazy times, URI, Logan, special people — M — • D, M M, Nona, long talks with Steve — 12 24 77, good friends, DW, SG, CM, DJ, LM, and especially Chris. Anything is within your reach Ding, Memories — Whittier, Melvil, Kancamagus, cross country, sailing, roof tops, CORRUPTION, mur, spider woman, locker room duty, Field Hockey, “I’m not wrong”, bus rides, FHPAC, D.I.I.T Dirt, B-Ball, “5”, Track, pits, 440’s, BA Everyone? The Prom, Lake Canoeing, Senior year, Thanks Bird, all the good times with friends, winkle, Peter, Cal, Ma, Rob, Sally, Laurie, especially Susan and my family. Dong. THOMAS COLEMAN ELAINE COLLINS 33 SA CONTINI Memories — It was nice to have friends when I was in school, but some left because they were seniors the year before. I’ll make new friends when I go out to work and make money I hope. It was nice being at N.R. High. I’ll probably come back and visit of N.R. High after I get out. RAYMOND COOMBS “Dream until your dream comes true.” Memories — Summer 78 + MD, Ramada Inn, Mexico, Washington, hangers, field hockey, tennis, THE TENNIS PARTY, B.B. games, Kittys, Rallies, 3 yr. crush, Tripple, Harvard Square, Red Sox 4, Boston, Sunday mornings, FD, MS, Austin + Naz, Coleen, My family, 11 26 76, Our Town, scoops, corvettes, Deb, Eileen, Ellen, ALL THE LC’s, KC, SN, F F J F D P B R Bobby, DBDWCGKMCH MMCGEMLMJ W, Senior Year LAUREN COMERFORD Smile an everlasting smile, A smile can bring you near to me. Don’t ever let me find you down, Because that will bring a tear to me. Memories — Long talks with Susan, Liz, Bateaux Mouche, France, Diane, Cal, Lisa, Hampton, Summer ‘77 with John Squirettes, Christmas Dance, CAW and Awakening, Miss Kerwin — French IV and VII, ECKMJFDWD BJUAPSNDB, Boston, PHDFCS, Boston, Lake PDP and others, M M G F M L E F, Pool Parties ’76, EVERYONE? GET DIRECTIONS! JOHN COLLINS 9 34 MARK CORREALLE MARK CRAFT LYNN CREILSON Memories — M.H. — G.H. — C.L. — B.L. — L.G. — L.C. — R.C. — J.C. — M.W., Bozo, Addict, Jokeson, Hal lie. Fang, Jackie Johnson’s Party, TULL, Hippie, S.O.S. (Jay V), S. Cope Coke, Spazzman, 4837 Kegs, Ya Ya No Ya, Concearny, Von Sticklors Class, 68 Ford undented, ARTIE, GARY, CARBO, RON, Work with Smut, 360 Husky Bone, Ham and Egg, PETER, Two, Two, FWEE for you and me, Cindi L. What a long, strange trip it’s been. The Grateful Dead Memories — Concerts, skipping school and hitting the beach, Parties, the D.R., The road to Fitchburg, Friends, All the things I couldn’t think of now but I’ll remember later. JIMMY CROWLEY O’Lord make my words kind and gentle today for tomorrow I may have to eat them. Memories — Twitch, Michelle, Ricky, Mark, Patrice, Vaz, Viz, Robert, She, Mark, Gary, Maratha, Susan, Tom, Melissa, Scott, Dave, Kelly, Merideth, Karen, Louise, Lyn, Kathy, Lisa, Superjock, Richy, OB, Sandy, Carmaiane, and everyone who, helped me through it all especially Ma and Dad. May the force be with you always. JEFFREY CUOCCO Memories — Lanes End Summers, R B MWCHMPACPCLB, parties, the dock, rocked, all-nighters, | C J A LG LKJQLCLSPCGTRH, “the boat”, sledding, NH trips, cruising, ’78’ parties — 4 8 78 8 17 78, Florida, Sandy, Robin, Andrew, Bob, and my father whose memories will be with me forever. 35 CHERYL D’ENTREMONT And no one can be my disciple who does not carry his own cross and follow me. Luke 14:27 Memories — LGH, MHS, ’’halo”, Maiida, Rosette, Wafica, Wendy, “Cnarlie”, “Squiggy”, “Irving”, “kid”, “Beans”, “Boot”, “Randi”, FRIENDS, I’m not strange, I’m unique, P.T.L., “Raviolis”, “1,2,3, . . . 23”, Illinois, My family, who gave me all the love and support I needed! ROBERTA DAVIDSON Time flies Suns rise and shadows fall Let time go by Love is forever over all. Memories — Band, Chorus, exchanges, painting music lockers, Lisa, Ann, Anne, sounds, toot, bang, click, Robin Hood, Laurie, Melissa, Terri, Math Office, UN!! Zayres, Sr. Prom, All night party 78, Joanne, Susan, Michelle, Alex, Bob David, Patty, Mark, Thanks Pam, Jim and Keith, long walks, ice cream, biking, Boston, Summer 78. KATHLEEN CULLEN High school isn’t a time and a place, it’s a state of mind. Frank Zappa Memories — Susan, Donna, the Lisa’s, Linda, Acapulco, Lake Q., 7th period study, Michael, pony tails. Bad Company, Frolics, Creen Grove, TLC, Singing Sands, “Hunk City”, Gary, Lynnfield 77, B-Lunch, The Claw, LiT Peach, Frisbee, Shuffle-brain, J S D C JCPOLCJARH — Good Friends. DARRYL DENICOURT Memories — Stien, BC, KD, CL, Jim, SS, KC, CD, DG, L.J.S., B.B.F., Fry, C.H., L.B., Concord field trips, JW, SP, Owens Smoking, Broads, Beer, Birds, leah. Hockey, L.H.C.H., midgets, J.B., G-3, Pin Head, W.C., W.C., M.C., Ralph, M.C., cause trouble, cincama, J.B., Phil, Wickey’s class, P.F.T., E.R., Pushcar, cheerleaders, D.R., M.H., B.H., as you go through life brother whatever be your goal keep your eye on the doughnut and not the hole. Stein. KATHLEEN DALTON “But it’s no use going back to yesterday, Because I was a different person then.” Memories — Thanks Donny, I love you. My bear, Ricky, Jr. Prom, Mickey Mouse, Wednesday’s 15 minutes, “Goodbye Girl ”, wonderful friends, Lisa, Cheryl, Sharon, Lennie, Lyn, Kid, Maria, Mark, Richie, Dennis, “Irving Witherall”, “Shoes”, lollipops, “Hello Mr. Rock”, eyes, 3 little kittens, shorthand, “teach”, Oak Hill, Nancy Higgins, Mrs. Spicer, Alice, Moustaches. 36 DONALD DEWAR JANET DEROSA JOHN DOHERTY “When we do the best we can, We never know what miracle is wrought in our life or in the life of another.” Memories — “WHOOTER”, Print “Mr. Whipple’s Computer Assignments. ’’Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, calculus, Trig, Spanish, Owl; BSA, SUB, RGRGGMTDKCAM SRLPLRAKMWTLESJRMCP CJUKMSSJSMLTPDSDZ. DEBORAH DOLAN “There is never a sad goodbve as long as there is a memory to say hello to.” Memories — Debbie, Julie, Amy, Patti, Diana, Ann, Andover, B-Mall, Montreal, 1. 404, Royal Flush, softball, track, 2 mile summer 78’, R.F., Soccer games, Wakefield, SWIGTP, CM, LM, JB, DS, MJ, CH, KH, KJ, JF, BW, LU, BJ, O.C., “Wish I had a car”, “Hey” Billy, K-Bye, photography, “M-K?”, My family and good times with Steve. Thanks Mom and Dad. MARK DONEGAN 37 THOMAS DONNELLY MAURA DONOVAN SUSAN DOTEN Memories — Summer of “78”, Saturday night parties, Hienekens, Harold Parker parties, Seabrook with Moe, Bri, Mad Jack, Dano. Singing Sands at 3:00 in the morning with Rusty, Go for it! Raving with Lori, Senior Prom and the all night party. Peter, Rockport, Muddy waters and the Outlaws in Lenox. (Mosquito knees and blackeyed peas) Lost Reading, Martha, Tracey, Donna, Diana, John. PETER DOUCETTE ANN DUNCAN Memories — Sophomore B lunch, whipped cream. Algebra II ponytails, dances, howling, movies, football basketball games, Thanksgiving Rallies, “junior Power” stude row, gym ugh! Espanol, “I’m hungry!”, “Get it straight”, C lunch court, McDonalds, “I’m going the same speed”, blond or brunette? chicken special, sharing a locker, blue levis, Canobie Lake, beach. Blizzard 78, Ireland, “Pog ma hone”, Kids K M L T GWLPAMKSLBDMCDSRLB L R. “There are places I remember all my life, though some have changed Some forever; not for better. Some have gone and some remain.” Memories — Nawaka ’74, ’75, ’76, ’77, J.B.C.G., Foxy, K.H., Lake George canoe trip. Fall of ' 76, Rainbow, Spirit weeks, Burlington Mall, “Boo! ”, L.B.I., Spanish, The Human, the car Abbotts, “You stupid”, the pool, Amy, (AJGB), J.P., B.J., D.D. L.P. US 38 LORI DURNEY KEVIN DUVAL Memories — Mooch, Joyce, Starr, Shell. Could never forget Laurie and her great family. Pam, Dee, Peachy, JO, BF, LF, CF. Yes, Steely Dan, Jeff Beck. Pinball, Budda, Durkey, Mom thanks for 4 18 78. Everyone at 12 Beech St. My fantastic family: Mom, Dad, Billy, Kathy, Bobby, Mark, Kitty, and of course Robert for making me feel like a somebody. 5 3 78. “School gates remind us of our memories.” — YES— Memories — summer of 77, 78. Lee Raceway, the chase, the gang, Roy, Ed, Pete, Jim, Bimbo, the old Chevy. The barn. Lily truck, Salisbury, per. 6 power mech. B. T. M. P. S. D. Maine, M. H. Auto, T. J. E.W. R. C. K. D. M. C. D.G.D.G., raids, the camper, Senior Year. JAMES R. FANCY (Fance) Memories Going through the High School with all my friends old ones and new ones. Gym class of my sophomore year. Fridays, and all the school vacations. “To share with a friend is to see twice the beauty.” Memories — Carol B. Weekend at Roches cottage, Almy’s gang, Tracey and Spot, Oh Boy’, Dennis, Brady’s Parties, JoAnne, Debbie, Cathy, Gai, Accounting class, D M D G L D, summer’s of ’76 and ’78, Scott, Andrea, Summer Nights, David, Chris, 7 21 78, 7 28 78. Always CANADA. 39 TRACY FLANDERS Memories — July 5, 1977, May 31, 77-78, Good friend always Laurie, cow path, Jr. Prom, Pam, Lori, Amy, Ann, Brenda, Diane, Jack Jill shower, Stark N.H., parties, TP, Vodka, Kangamangus Highway, hank, friends, Bye N.H., VW, Love always and forever Mark. Memories — 9th grade, Wakefield, Emerson rd., Hampton Beach, Joe Cool and “That old man”, Lani Island, Plaistow N.H., the dungeon. Park St. East, Harvard Square, Red Sox 4, Lisa, Kim, Bicentenial class, a good friend Beth, Louis, Summer of ' 78, Denise. .1 would like to remember the people that were something special to me. Mr. Lucier — Biology, Mrs. Dell — Speech, Dave Cleary — Psych. Memories — EY CY, Poo, 6 miles, “ The Balance”, The Stang, September, Autumn. BARBARA FITCH HEIDI FLORENCE It is a law of human life, as certain as gravity; To live fully we must learn to use things and love people . . . Not love things and use people. Memories — Never forget my friends, P.M., S.B., K.G., L.S. Twins, S.B., J.O., Bonnie “Randy”, B.A., Summer “78”, D.W. Ugly Mr. Devin, Freshman yr., late sat. nights, “The Rainy Weekend”, my beeter half Holly, “Times with Chris”, most of all — RW — EILEEN C. FITZPATRICK HOLLY FLORENCE 40 SYLVIA FOHLIN “We have been friends together in sunshine and in shade.” Caroline Norton Memories — M.B. — gen, fake, CHAIR!, unmarch HLW — i Dec. mthmt Chuck — probabab. A W L F A M so confused! Liz-chem. and SRP APCH Y.G. retreats II and III — the dock “Ultimates” Amy, Lisa, Lou, m and m 0.6 78. JMSSSMRGTMSB SRDMTDjBHDCJCD Rainbow D.L. 1 78. musicals MFL, HD!, B, ALM, Fred — bustles, “move your buns”, costumes, ads — Aprille remember. BOB GALLAHUE MICHAEL R. FORD Searching, Experiences, New Beginnings, Ideas Growing, Outward Bound, Remembering . . . always remembering. Memories — parties, good times, the peach, Boston always, “Bill and Jan’s”, Kathy, Tom, Jan, Susan, Marcia, Monique, Clean Kim, goin’ for coffee, nights at Lynnfield, “wanna ride?”, “son”, “fun city”, games, rallies, bummed, beaches. Chinks, miniature golf, spice cake!, “No Nukes, Baby!”, Antons, swimming, first time, living for today, and good friends . . . SUSAN GALLAHUE MARTHA FRITSCH Memories — Sophomore year, gymnastics, Parties at Sue’s, Wayne, Hampton, Singing Sands, Tracey “Where the ! % are we!?”. Crazy times on the golf course with D.C., T.C., S.D., C.R., Donna, Remember the Christmas lights?, Aerosmith, Neil Young, and many good times with Scott . . . Memories — McGills, Cookouts, Boston Garden, R.P., D.M., D.G., B.P., M.P., D.S., B.B., J.T., B.M., K.|„ R.M., M.R., K.R., C.M. Memories — Summer 78’, Tavares — no card, SEABROOK — Cathy, Field Hockey — camp. Sue — Gurt, St. Maarten “74”, Davie; “Boston Concert”, Ann-Marie; Norwood, Winter track with Laura, “3 musketeers”; 9th grade skip day, transitor, “Red Sox game — Cathy — the train!!”, Acapulco — parachute, Sugarbush — skiing, Jellyfish Fight, Ghost town, Chris Lisa — McD’s, “leaves”, Diane — phone, Pizza, 3:00 a.m., trans-am, “Beach Boys”, Parties; “This is only the beginning.” 41 ANTHONY GENOVESE RICHARD GARBARINO Cherish Yesterday, Dream tomorrow, Live today. Memories — DeMolay, Friday Night Basketball, stage set and light crews, the Cats, Max, A.P. Chem, Mr. Whipples class, Bald Jokes, DONUTS, Physics, Peeko’s, the Proms, the music room, the blizzard, Roj, Sub, Ko, Russ, Mess, Jim, T S B A M W and most of all Maryann. ANNE GLEASON If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it. Memories — Carabelle and Di in France, C.A.W. and T.E.C. “The Pecks”, Tony’s games and the garden, Glouster and vacations with Joanie. My family (good gravy), field hockey and the bus rides (I’m in a deep spaz), Carol — “you goober!” — Friends, new and old. KATHY GILLIS “To love is to live and to live is to love.” Memories — Summer of ’77, ’78. Salisbury, Hampton, Cruisin, parking lot, ALL NIGHT LONG, partying, rainy, weekend, Wakefield, McGills, Heinekens, byrds, sebago, rallies, “I know” weekend, rowdies, dimmer dance, “EGOR” Good times w P.M. L. S. H. F. S. B. L. S. C. Z. H. F. K. C. D. G. B. R. R. C. D. C. T. M. P. L. E. K. M. J. CAR GLENN, typing w c.z Miss Smith, Mr. Conway, Mr. Devin, Mom and Dad. DAVID GIANGRANDE Memories — Football 77, 78, 79, the boat, McGills, 78 Thanksgiving (30,0), cookouts at Ichy Bee’s, DM, BG, DS, BP, RP, JT, BB, BM, KJ, MR, MP, MC, RW, CM, KR, LH, Triton, B D I T G W B. 42 LAURA GORMLEY DENISE GOODWIN Memories — Summers of ’78 and ’79, Lori, Debb, Carol B., Mrs. Dell, Starr, cruisin’, TSL and BG, tone of the bong, Party, what another book! Baryishnikov, Salisbury Beach, Claire Montagnier, GMC(God’s Mechanical CreationO, 6th period study, CF, DG, SM, LS, RM, JH, LP, BA, PL, DE, CZ, PL, TO, WW, LP, RV, KM, RW. A lunch, and Mom and Dad for helping me. Don’t say all you know, but know all you say. Memories — Lynda, Judy2, Pam, Weasel, Neil Young, April 28, At H.J.’s, The Sunshine State, Bird Hackers, the big fall, gymnastics, footballk and hockey games. Cape Cod, HyCorLoy), parties, Killington, JQAGCMTDP M R P O, Halloween, The class of ’78 and ’79. LISA GREEN The world is round and the place which may seem like the end may also be only the beginning. Memories — Rainbow — W.A., 5 27 78, football games, 11 26 76, 9 23 77, Exchange concerts — New Jersey, BS, TS, “Chez-Lise”, chem. 7, mv ear, summer ’78, Kentuckey — Ohio, Dayle, site, Movies, parties, Kathy, Kitty’s, the Claw, Sr. year, friends. RUSSELL GREENE When you’re extraordinary you gotta do extraordinary things. —Pippin Memories — DeMolay, MC, Chipper, Sub, Garb, Mess, Burg, Ko, Jim, Siglvia.Amy, Janis, French, Nips, M F LAMSHDTF, El Gallo, “stabbed”, Donuts, Improvs, Anne, Pam, Shortcut, to Agatha’s, Misse, Uncle Harry, Fred’s Hat, Dan, Mrs. G., L C G M A M J D B A, Mr. Whipple, Bald Jokes, Jennifer Smith, Honor Student? Valiants, ye die, music room, T J, (P?) LeVert, Lunches, Quebec, Exchanges, Friends. GAYLE GREENLEAF Memories — Nancy and David, drive-in, Ellen, trips to U-Mass, the grave, FOOD FIGHT!, Robert C. and Robert M., Ah! I get it!, All the fun times we never had. Max, Scott, methyl ethyl, no brakes, running on empty, J. Geils, the Cape, Hampton, Singing Sands, skiing Tyrol, the garden. All the excellent times with Kurt. 43 Memories — Scarbourgh Fair, Kontiki, Point of view, Weirs, White Mountains, Salisbury, Love those rays, 4 July 78, toot, boys, Heineken, 8 25 78, Sweet 16, lune 23, 76, friends, RF, SF, JW, FS, RH, TC MF, MH, LP, SD, LG, Burger, Jackie, Barky, Farbo, Phil, Herb, Without love where would you be now, BB, PD, MB, DB, BC, DL, BW, always remember Sherry, Still alive and well. DAVID GUNNING A man said to the universe: “Sir I exist!” “However,” replied the universe, “The fact has not created in me a sense of obligation.” Memories — My nephew, Mike and Mary, Sports Camper, Nova, Plymouth, Dave, Jim, Roy, Ed, Jimmy, P.L., D O., M.C., S.P., C.H., D.G., L.D., K.S., H.F’s, Spindler’s, Lily, N.H. Barn, Citgo, Pond, Unknown Comic, Jr. High rumbles. Animal House. 44 The thing to do in life is to do with purpose what you propose to do. Memories — Cheering 76, 78, 3rd and 4th period study, snowball fights, Bluejay, Somerville 77-78, stoneham, cape, summer of 78, fun with Donna, Debbie, L.M, D.B, I.C., G.B, L.C., L.M., C. R„ L.C., E.F., B.N., E. R., G.G., N.A., B.M., D. D„ B.C., P.H., L.H., Miss Dell, Mr. Venti, M.J.G., C.H., and Silvia who has been like a sister to me, I hope we stay friends forever. “Therefore do not be anxious for tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Live each day as it comes.” Memories — Soccer, Roy always bouncin, anticipate, Orford, track, Ramblin Ron, Great times. Class of ’79, B-Ball, Citgo Quick Mart, Friday nights. Carol, Mess, Sub, Roj, Garbage, Ko, Russ, Peter, Mark, Bev, Sue, Steven, Nancy, Sarah, Medith, A.M., L.P., M.L., W.J., D.N., Dad, DEH, Rev, O’Niells. Both My Mothers. MICHAEL HIGGINS Memories — Yesterday, Bowling allies, Green St., horror shows, 442, cruisin, Outrageous parties with good friends — “Chubbs’ , “Donnafred”, D.R.J.P., “Flappa II”, Winter of 78 “Stranded”. And the person who has helped me through bad times and showed me alot of good times — Tommy — (Thank you). Memories — Elaine (miss you), Laurie, Gail, Tracy, Diana, Jimmy and Linda, Mom, Summer, the beach with Laurie, Kathy, Debbie, Karate, little tracy, Rockport, Medford, Boston, Sophomore yr., Arb, softball. Gymnastics, Parties, Concerts, Bob Seger, “The Bell”, The Underground, S.P.E.D.Y., The park. Oak Hill, And mostly my favorite times with Steven. 45 Memories — Robvn, Soccer, 13, Orford, furrr, Hood School, MC, Yellow Bird, U. Mass, Horseback Riding, CHAW, The Castle, HoasPH, Sniper, 1970-80, Tommy, Lake Parties, Jade, Tull Concert, Squeeze Me, D-Girls, Waterskiing, O’Brien, Fall Canoeing, What happened to me guys, Lanie, Daktari, The Bettencourts, Replacing Carbohydrates, TG, SB, Sb, AD, PH, RP, SD, EC, TC, DB, JW, JU, CB, AP, LM, LC, CW, LC, DW, ST.A special thanks to my Family, and especially Robyn, Tommy and his family. PETER HOWARD Memories — basketball cheering, Spencer, Summer of 78 — Hampton Beach, Joe Cool, ’That old man’, red cameras, Wakefield, the dungeon. Vets, May 8, 1976, Boston, Cape Cod, Lynn, Plaistow NH., cheap champagne, Hey You!, Fitzi, 9th grade, Eileen. LAURENCE INDELICATO Memories — D.M. — H.F., B.R. — D.D., E.W. — M.K., C.M. — R.G., Miss D., Mrs. W., D.G., B.G., Tressel T.C., White Mts., Chevy, The Grave, McGills, parties, Drive-in, H.P., Soft Ball Games, Red Sox Games, Sophomore year, Candystriper, Sunnycorner, Andover, Cape Cod, Center, H.I., Salisbury, D.F., J.K., J.H., Mrs. Dell CRAIG JACKSON DENISE A. JACKSON TOM JACKSON 46 MARK JOHNSON Memories — Freshman prom — M.M., M.D., M.S. — B.S.C. party, brown bones — Addict, Bozo, Hallic, Correale — C.L., B.L., L.K., P.L., D.D., V.L., Magills J.F., K.M., M.J. work T.C. Ralph “C.B. 78 " , K.G., K.K. sticklors, eh-eh, bahh! D.R., B.R. Freebird, keg. full foghat Hampton, flat, boat J.L., U.G. concert Lums A.B.M. Harold Parker D.B., L.G., T.G., F.G., H.F. Plum I. Wash. — S.C. Memories — class of 79. WILLIAM KING LYNDA KELLEY Oh my friend, So at last we reach the end. Memories — Richard and Laura, Pam, Judy2, AG, JG, PO, CM, MS. football and hockey games, Dot, field hockey with Bird, Powder Puff, F.A. Keyes, April 28th at H.J’s, S. Yarmouth, J. Giels, p.o.g., Hycor, Loy, “Dolly”, J.F., F.F., spring fever, parties, Goose, NEIL YOUNG, MR., Scuppa, and Cole JIMMY KNIGHT LAURA D. KENTY MORE TO BE DESIRED ARE THEY THAN GOLD, YEA THAN MUCH FINE GOLD, SWEETER ALSO THAN HONEY, AND THE HONEYCOMB . . . FRIENDS. Memories — Thanks Mom and Dad for everything! Lisa, Amy, Youth Group, Kid, Bur, Beans, Boot, Pam, Roberta, Ellen, Upperclassmen, Lowerclassmen, Masquers, Hello Dolly, Sweet Rosie O’Grady, Softball, YEEHAH, HEY WO, HES, SIR!, OH WOW!, Volleyball, Lisa, I will write. Memories — Mother, Father, Nana, Grandmother, Grandfather, Jimmy, David, Eddie, Roy, Peter, Jean, Eddies graduation party, McDonalds, Citgo, summer of 78, Blizzard of 77-78, 69 Plymouth, My honda, 68 Chey, Buick, Nova, the bam, pops, moms, Mr. Richard, Mrs. Dell, gym, Woburn, Reading, Wakefield, Atlantic, Beach, Guidance, S.F., C.M., S.M., M.S., P.C., J.C., D.C., R.D., J.K. 47 DAVID ALFRED KODIS “Have no friends not equal to yourself.” Memories — Natalie — 6 23 78, Rock Formations, Lynnfield, Pekos — Double Milla? Friday Night B.Ball, Development, Set Construction, Cats — The lights keep spinning, cast parties, Nike Site, yearbook. Golf, 151, Senior Prom, T.C.C., California, DeMolay, Sub, Roj, Garbs, Mess, Sots, Brian, All friends past, present, and future. PATTI JEAN LANGTRY Memories — Mum, Dad, Lori, Billy, Mr. Nolans class, mess, Mark, Mrs. Dickey’s class, talking, water fights, Wingasheek, Janet’s Starburst, Lisa, Hiedi, Holly, Kathy, Debbie, Cathy, Cheryl, Lauren, Dean, Denise, Lady Sue P., Grittys, Sue B., cruising, pie throw, proms, Carol H., North Conway, New Hampshire, Barbara, Carol, Patty, Liz, Scott, S usan T., Maine, Jeff, Wade, Robin, Amy, Ellen, fryman, Linda, Ento, Mark, Skip, Cliffy, Kevin, Christine, Steven, Jimmy. THOMAS LADD MICHAEL LALLY Memories — Mr. Dygert, Mr. Weisse (Our beloved leader). Exchanges, Marching Band, Bone Section, JMDM, Band Council (signal), T.M. — GFI, “OH My”, S.B. “Hiel!” J.L. “Say no more”. Dance parties, M.P., R.R., New Hampshire, Dolly — A.S., Movews, Computer Room, M A, Summer Concerts, PS, TG, CS, SR, JU, GL ole salt. Lucky Lady, and friends. ATHAN KULIOPULOS “If you just try all the doors one of them is bound to be the door into summer.” Heinlein Memories — Yaya and Papou, Mr. Wipple, Gosse, Landry, Mrs. Welsh, Miss Kerwin, Soccer, tennis, marching, 5 6 78, band exchanges, E.A.S., Stamps, Echelon Mall, RJ, BA, JD, GM, AW, CM, skiing, sailing. The Wagnors, Jack and Elleni, The Leonards, B-Lunch, Mike and Chuck, my family. Mbfl “Be what you are and be satisfied.” Memories — 3.3 mile run, Mr. Levey’s coaching, Mr. Gould, Mr. Miller, pep rallies. Cape Cod, “the fence”, “My Ma’s”, softball games. History club trips. Friends: Peggy, Patty, “Kid”, Miss, Joanne, Laura, Ann. Thanks: Friends, teachers, Mom — Dad. Memories — Remembering the good times: friends, Robin Carl, Susan, all of us at Jethro Tull, Summer of “77”, July 4, concerts. Summer “78”, fountain of bubbles, Matai, All night all right, singing sands, the barn, sheryl, the grave. Parties, My family, weekends at williams college visting sis. Bahamas, Bermuda, Europe, a special friend Chris DAVID MANGENE Cherish yesterday, Dream tomorrow, Live today. Memories — Amy, Carol, Maine, 1 1 23 77, Jr. Prom 78, H.P. Sr. Prom 78, C.S., “the tent” Mic’s, 12 2 77, Millers, 12 7 77, green m m’s, parties, spiritweeks, rallies. Rainbow — W.A. “lovin’ fun” 1 13 78, Macs, the beach, fixin’ up A — D, M.E.A.Y. Friends: D B JBSHLCKMLRLBKD, Nana — Grandpa L, Thanks Mom and Dad . . . 8 18 —Ricky — Memories — Dave G., Mark, G.I. Vittozzi, Ricky oflairity, uncle. Eggie, frogie, twitch, elefance, Dave S., Ross, Mike, The Voc., Linda, sarge, Breakheart, the attic, Molson’s, gym class. Animalistic, Wild Crazy, friday movies. Stuntman? RL, RP, JL, ML, DP, and to Mom and Dad. 51 “Hearts speak when words cannot.’’ Memories — Melanie, Carol, Janis, Cal, Tim Robin, Amy, Ginny, Steven, " Janice, Cindy, Tony, Mr. Hah; Strawberry Hill, Loones for Boones, “Sweet Pea”; Christmas Party, 12 10 77; band notes, PB (skunk), syndrome; “I Like Dreamin”; Book of Boredom; Quebec “Ya big baby”; Mrs. G., Troll, Jingle Bells; Masquer ' s; Shawtown, un faggot, Plymouth — C’s pants, “boys-where?”; S. Comfort; exchanges; deep discussions; CAW Fral; gourmet meals; Friendly’s Friends! PAMELA MCMENIMEN GAIL E MCKENZIE BRIAN MCSHEEHY Memories — parties, class of ' 79. Lexington and Concord fieldtrip. Friends; Robert, Brian, Mark, Kenny, Gary. Michelob beer caps. 1001 different kinds of Dust. Robert’s Great Cars, Senior prom. Beach days, Mr. Richards jokes, Lynnfield, Van Halen, doing the Somba. Vaz’s graduation party, breaking and entering. Robert’s twenty-five dollar stunt. Special thanks to my parents. Doreen, everything good reminds me of you. LEROY MCMANUS BRIAN MCTAGUE Memories — Weasel, Bob, Robert, Ken, Mark, Brian, Montreal, Bosten Garden, Weasel’s bone Challenger and my mighty Maveric (demolition derby to come) Lawn Shows, Power Mechanics, Mr. Goose. 52 CATHERINE MEANEY CRAIG MESSINGER Memories — Sir, Track, cheering, 2-mile, Seabrook, Salisbury, Trans am, 3:00, a.m., Beach Brockton, U-Mass, 2-4-78, S S B, rallies, Oh Mary, football games, parties, fall play, nada, Boston, Christines Car, La Nariz Nariz, Chalet, Red Sox with Susan, Train Station, C.C., surprise party, 9th grade skip day, ski lessons, Reading, double bike, Lori, Ghosttown, Three Muskateers, jellyfish, fights, don’t cry baby, 78’, work, Lisa, Diane, Debbie’s, Friends. THOMAS MONAGHAN I am what I am and I will be what I will be. Memories — school lunches that moved, Peekos, Miller, The development. The Nike Site, the Pond, the bell, Mr. Vennard and printing class, Gil Starble, DeMolay, ski trips, skip days, Sub, dob, Ko, D Rich, Fred, Garbs, Roj, Fance, JH, BM, Zig, Rocky, P.L., L.R., M.P., Coma and Drew, Mayo, MC, MO, Dancing Bear. KAREN MONTFORD You have to offer friendship first, to make friendship last. Memories — 9th grade stage band, 3 Toms, Exchanges, musicals, DeMolay, Rainbow, Bex, Sue, Flags, L. R. S. R. K. M., Mooch, summer 77-Di, Maine, Y.G. Retreats Ultimates, Lisa Godspell 1 2, Tim’s parties, Oreo cookie, Anne Lauren, Big Band Nites, C.B. Paris, Flippin’ out, PUBO. Thanks ma, dad . . . and two special people, Jerry and Skip. Memories — Bricks, wiki and crazy guys, exchange concerts, band, New Hampshire, band council, 9th grade stage band, Monty Python, present arms, go for it, memer mind, percussion section, B-lunch, Our Beloved teacher, the dances, sound crew, clieu, NAT. lamp., Luis OBisbo, computer room. Macho Midget, Cosmic Muffin, Luis, Un-Club, Frisbee on the common, ML, SB, AW, AS, CS, AM, TS, BM, GM, Oh My. Memories — The atmosphere, brown and blue cars, Mac’s, beach, twinkies, hockey, football, and soccer games, “yeah right”, “What?”, Druggie, Calif., A and C lunches, Gretchen, Big D, “Special on chicken”, Dolphin, my car won’t start. I’m going the same speed, running chairs, “part of the wall”, ’Tin hungry!”, Mr. A Mach, Beth, Les, MD, AM, LP, ES, DM, LB, LB, DS, DS, BB, LK, SR, GL, LR, KD, FRIENDS. AMY MOLLICA 53 LAURIE A. MOORE Memories — Melrose, SB, BR, TS, DH, and MS, McGrail Campaign, MHS, Mr. Harrington’s class, summer of ’78, parties, Melrose Sr. Prom, “Freebird”, Mr. Keyes’ class, SG, HP, chorus, Kitty’s, the Pond, friends, Lynne, (FAPP), Peter, Charlie, Denise, AP, SC, CR, DS, VandC, my sister Debbie, Frampton concert, Thanks Mom and Dad. APRILLE LIANE MURPHY “If at first you don’t succeed — try, try again.” Memories — BLOTD, “What do you mean short a spoon?”, “Scum”, Welcome Mat, “One more vegetable and I’ll scream”, “Ads, Tickets, Props, Yuckl, “Sorry!”, ALM; JESB; SLR; HLW; bulcnU, Father Whipple?, dx dy, “Quero morir!”, Mr. C-5 in a corner, Ms. Murphy, Long bus rides, “Give me a break!’’. Love to S F L S B AWSRGMAAOSPy especialmente las magniticas 2 3. ELIZABETH (Banana) MORLANI “Just what you want to be . . . you’ll be in the end.” Memories — Banana! Florida, “the family”. Jade, the Lake — Anne, S.O.S. Hampton, 250, WHO’S EVERYONE!? Get Directions, JHS line up open car doors, Crash, Margaret, Eileen, Carol, Linda, John. AR, PH, COD, JW, LC, ST, EC, DB, TC, BH, DF, CW, DC, God Forbid, yellow roses, Spirit Week, parties, N.H. Lisa Tootsie Rolls, pain, football, basketball games, Irishman, GREEN, 6 11 76 77, Mousey, Pel ican, “My Way”, Friends at N.R.H.S. KAREN (Mooch) MOOTREY “One thing I can tell you is you’ve got to be free”- Beatles Memories — Joyce, Lori, Starr, V.W., (Warning), Van, mustang, summers 77 78, parties at Lee Raceway, Esplanade concert, ’NORMAL’, basketball — hockey games, Linda’s punch, Salisbury-4 a.m. T-Bird (Pos), Lily’s Puke, MPRMCFGTJGLM D M, a very special friend — J.M. BOB MORRISSEY Memories — Mark, Brian, Vaz, Gary, Kenney, Brian, Bob, parties, Michelob, Senior year, class of 79, the Grave Boston, Van Halen, my 69 Camaro, Lynnfield, mindblowers, I’m so confused, I get it, N.R.M Pam, Oct. 15, 1976, skink-skank, summers of 76, 77, thanks mom and dad, Waterville Valley, Salisbury 1001 different kinds of dust, that stunt $25. Winter 78 — snow — banks, A special thanks to a warm and special girl — Pam. 54 PAUL NELSON EILEEN MURPHY True happiness consists not in the multitude of friends, but in their worth and choice. Ben Jonson Memories — “77” track pals. Hi There! No, you lose bucwheat! twotter, HF, DS, LB, SR, KD, CR, BW, RV, Bub, Kid, Boot, Bren, Oscar, Spot, Wottle, Squiggy, Lennie, Aimless, Lisabelle, Charli, Monti, Boom Boom Moo, Kram, Snaggle puss, Beans, Macadoo’s, Pomp’s pond, Cathy’s typing. Bicep Betty’s Waffles, Running, Basketball, Volleyball, “Sting Em Hornets”, and always Miss True. LAURA NEPHEW “Just about the time you think you can make both ends meet, somebody moves the ends” Memories — Much Goodness, The Neff, Hear the Band?, Hollywood, rushed, you’ve gotta be!, Ento, Summer of “Ts — ”, TSD, old friends -v. RICKY NETH Memories — CC., Kathy, Ward Hill, hockey. Mess, Summer 78. RRENDA L. NICHOLS “I love my past. I love my present. I’m not ashamed of what I’ve had and am not sad because I have it no longer. " MB. Memories — Freshman yr. manzanas, cold feet, the wagon, the dock, C.A.M., J. 79, “the family”, HB, Ellen, JB, LB, LK, JQ, PC, BS, LG, JC, cruising. Dr., Gayle, Nancy, Goodtimes. 55 Service to others is the rent we pay for our room in heaven. Memories — Donna, Kathy, Donna, Mark, Lisa, Bobby, V.F.A. M F L M A PSTTCCBLCCWJWJUFDAR — Big brother, pool parties ’76, oopopp. Scoops, green, Fvurt!, Frace — Joh, Ec, AM, LC, Jr. Prom — John, Auburn, JP, Hampton Beach, HC, Hmmm! Kevin, John, C and DW, burnt! The Claw, RMPPLKSH, Sugar, JA, Ramada Inn — EM, MD, Summer ' 78, Scott, Senior Year. SUSAN NORTON DENNIS O’BRIEN DEAN OLIVER “Id love to change the world, but I don’t know what to do, so I’m leaving it up to you — Oh Yeah!” Memories — riding. Outlaws, Scarborough fair, Jimmy’s, Shina, Fresh, Conehead, Donkey, Frosdes, Bongs. People I’ll alwyas love — Jimmy, Sister Paula, Porky, Paco, Addict, Gin, Ms. K. Dave, Hippie, Cliffy, Billy, George, Mallet, My family, and friends. Killa Ken, Fearless Frank, Last and lovely forever, Lauren. STEPHEN OSGOOD JANET O’TOOLE Memories — C. Mess was here, Hey Fred, Bird, Chris, Dee, Summer of ’76, Bent Alleys, Doc Dancing Bear, Buzzard, Banana Midget Kathy Italian Jokes Twich Cheez you dip HOME OZ spaz stunart Ham Sam Proms Take a bow Let it rip Beanfight Weddings, Randy, Antionette Cruise Toupe Grace Produce Dept. Danny Judy DREAM the farm the dirty dozen Dad Linda and everyone. Memories — maryjane, heidi holly, chrissy, ssheila, charri tracey, l.s, l.d, l.u, p.l, d.g, m.s, m.m, n., “Snaggle Puss”, pomps, pond, mustang field, a.r, go football games, gymnastics, biking, Lynnfield, p.e.i, b-wing lav, Egor, Mr. C Mr. D, friends, mom dad. 56 Memories — Liz (Buddie), Stash, Big B, Ca, Ei, D B, my son, Anne’s cans, JW, Sqttes, Summer 77-Liz, long hike rides, the lake, see-saws, swings, volleyball, the Jade, Hampton 78, “Hey Miss K”, GREEN, Spirit Week, the “Family”, J.P. 7 12 78, Maine 78, C W D W L C L C, all my friends and m.s.b., David. LAURALEE PARSONS Memories — “Stache”, Bob Seger, J. Geils, Maine, 5 seasons, Alvin, my family, the Russo’s, “Hunga Bunga”, Muffett, Porker, My surprise party, Green St. parties, Summer of “76”, All the crazy and good times with Donna, Patty’s imitations, Ingrids crazy ways out, Good times at Debbies, Like-a-later, “I dare you”, Maria and Hanif, KP, MF, JR, DL, ST, SG, PS, TA, BH, ES. Memories — Never forget good times with good friends, Moe, Donna, Holly, Diana, Tracey, KS, PM, SO, Dave, Chris, Kevin, and Summer with Maria, Andy, Karen, and Deb. Hampton Beach with Moe, Deb, Donna and Kathy. Bob Seger concert. Karate, Blow-out, Special thanks to my mother, father, and sister. Good times with Danny. ANNE PASQUALE RICHARD PAUL 57 ELIZABETH PEARCE God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, tne courage to change the things I can; and the wisdom to know the difference. — Reinhold Niebuhr Memories — N.H.; Camp, weekends, the grave, chows, Billy S., Cheryl — Sandy, Liz, and all my good friends. Never going back again. Fleetwood Mac, Thanks Mom — Dad for everything. AMY PIERCE Memories — Ann, Laurie, Debbie, Les, Cathy, Julie, Becky, Bev, Connie, Sharon, Laurie, Vicki, Meredith, Debbie, Karen, James, Peter, Bill, Montreal, 1404 Twirling, Paula, ESSEX, Trash barrels, “M-K” Aerosmith, Another Adventure, Flourescent Green, Porshe, Luvalot, My sisters, Jayne, Courage. “Mama, I’ll always cherish those seventeen wonderful and fun years we had together, I’ll love you alway’s” “Dad, Thank you for being my Dad! I’ll love you alway’s.” LAURIE PECK Memories — Abbott Shoe, Royal Flush, Canada, Rm. 1404, Boston, flat tire, two-tone boots, FTSr, CC oh-wow, mmm-buddah, accidents, you stupid, bowling — alley, Pits, Drive-in, HP. cow-path, shoe fights. Great times with Lori, Pam and her cutlass, Amy, Ann, Denise, Mooch, Eddie, George, and especially growing up with Barbara. Thanks for everytning Ma — Dad Though many roads we travel only one leads to the pot of gold. Memories — FMCMDEDCJSM ECKSKJEMDMMMRWTDT G F and F, Hikes in White Mountains, You don’t know which way the wind blows, so you can plan tomorrow. “THE MAN” J.C. IS HERE FOREVER. KAREN PENNEY MIKE PIJOAN MARK R. POLITO RONALD PRONOVOST ' well lived makes every day a dream of happiness and Itomorrow a vision of hope. i ies — Youth Group, retreats — imates, three muskateers — , Amy, rallies, senior year, m and lunch, bosom dubby life long RDSDMEMSRLBSRPC C J D D S, Its been real!, Soccer ockey games. Thanks to all my c riends at NRHS. Memories — Cruisin’, scoffs. Weasel, Bish, Scott, D.F., M.Q., M.K., J.T., Indoor Track, Baseball, gym sessions, Carey, Devin, Richard, Vega (while it lasted) Memories — LORI, Lanes, End, Brian’s party, Lynnfield, Football, Indoor Track, Baseball, and my coaches that never stopped yelling at me, But in the long run they made me a better athlete and a better person. And also all my teachers. My friends — RM, BM, VAZ, NB, PB, LC, AC, MC, PC, LB, KS, MR, BM, AK, DC, RW, PP, and all my teammates and other friends. Thanks Mom Dad. Memories — Suzie, Donna, Lorraine, Val, Edie, John, 78, Voke, F.S., N.H., Working at West Peabody Cinema with Kathy, Parties, All nighters, Camping, Boat Cruise, Boston Airport, Cruisin, Getting High, Long walks, Neighborhood friends, T.C., Roks, Tressle, Bob Seger, All the trips, Munchin, Betting, California, Summertime at the beach. JANIS A. POTTER LESLIE PRINCE I hope that where I travel — They may say of me one day — That it somehow made a difference — That I passed this way. Memories — Shawtown, Plymouth, “She’s dead! ”, C’s pants, Loones, diffusion, pardies, band exchanges, Mascomectomies, 8 to 5, HLW, Agatha, NRHS Friends, Gail, Cal, Carol-Steven, Janice, Cindy (H.B.’s) “meep”, Masquer’s, proms, Friendly’s, CAW FRAL, GOURMET MEALS, Melanie, GiulBook!, (1 8 77), (5 6 77), Incompulsive, always JEFF. 59 LOUISE RAUSEO TULIE M. QUINLAN Memories — - Hampton, C.C., Rams head. Pickle Barrel, RRRReekinridge, Beantow, the Fiat, Mona’s, homegrown, ZZ Top, Dennisport, Halloween’s, Kangamangus. B.G. Summer League, Bicentennial summer, FH, Silver Lake, Image, Lane’s End. DONALD RICH Memories — My senior year, Amy, Sharon, Lisa, LBKDMDKMSFL BDSEMCBKCSRM CP C J D J H C M M L T M S S R G, flag squad, Cheering, Football, Basket ball, and Baseball games, Rallies, It’s too early in the morning, Sophmore and Junior years. Two years shorthand with Mr. Ayer, Rainbow, Youth Group, Proms, Graduates, Mom and Dad, Krissy, and all my friends at North Reading High School. DEAN PUZZO Memories — Blizzard “78”, “Snooze”, Mustang II. 60 DAVE RIDGLEY Memories — Wrestling, “Stien!”, Jamming, Freebird, Hampton, Virginia Beach, K.D, B.H, M R, M.H, J.C, Making weight, Dylan concert, Lynyrd Skynyrd. STEVEN AL ROGERS JOHN ROBINSON Memories — Summer of ’78’, Barnstead, Who, Bleachers, Voltage regulator, Job-hunting, My Shadow, my shrinks, the arks. Basketball and bus rides, Coaches Kipnes and Lang, Mac’s, B Lunch, Library, Tom, Spanish II, B-wing corner, Waltham, Whitey, Beak. Ed, Dan, Mary, Susan, Cindy, Lauri, Kim, Monique, Mark, Joe T., and the rest of my friends. CHRISTINE C. ROMEO CATHY ROCHE Memories — “Midge”, CF F L M S G RMBMBMSPCHNAGGMPS R L R M R, Vas, Bean and all my friends, the snowball fight, my cottage, “SOMERVILLE”, The Disco’s, Proms, shorthand, Mrs. Dell’s Class, cooking class, “Yst”, B-wing lav, “Hi there”, The Sensations, N. C.C., summer of 78, volleyball, “Hey Man”, Ricky, my sister Debbie and especially Jean Pierre. Thanks Mom and Dad. Never insult an alligator until after you have crossed the river.” — Cardell Hull Memories — “Awesome”, DeMolay, Basketball, Peekos, “I’m Easy”, Nips AMS, HD, TF, Mrs. Welseh, and Miss Marano, Mrs. G. Principe, Well, Keith, Sub, Ko, Garbs, Jim, Mess, and Rooster, Eunice, Aprille, Sylvia, Janis, Gail and the Stacey’s, Fred-Longball (Ray, Gabe, Cap and the Gong) Lew’s and the Gray Ghost. Nat, Buck. Memories — - Football Cheering ’78, Skelly, Thanksgiving Party, B. Gardens, Beach Boys, Wash. D.C., Memorial Day ’76, Maine, Logan, Amtrack, U.R.I., Block Party, Hillview, Double D’s, Hit Run, Seabrook, Trans-Am, Clara, Beach days, I know the way? Wingearsheek, Yous twos . . . Doug Johnny, Crimp, M M, follies with Laurie, skydiver. Crazy times, Storms, Jamming, Topsfield Fair, Freshman Skip Day, “the leaves”, Louis, S.G, C.M, D.J, T.C, L.M, Friends and Lisa. 61 LAUREN ROONEY “To have a friend, you must be a friend.” Memories — The Oreo Cookie, Ralph, Boing, Stagehand, “Spaz out”. Flags, Plays-backstage! Exchange concerts, Youth Group, Retreat, Godspell, Boston, Riding all the time, “Go wild”, much “Badness”, “I skidded”, Tull, Everywhere 1 know. Friends I love, Pattie, Laurie, 3 Toms, Leigh, Robbie, Sus Susan, Jeannile, Especially, Amy, Laura, Anne (Anny Bannany!, and my very special friend, Dean. JOANNE ROSE Memories — Karen and Nancy, good times with close friends 1975-?, Summertime, L.S.B.A, the field. Sister Rose, beaches, cott crazy, concerts, rock ‘n’ roller forever, good tunes, Nervous Eaters and others, dreams that came true, my family and a very special boy who has become part of it. ELLEN RUBBICO Memories — I’ll always remember Junior and Senior proms. My family, Field Hockey, Florida, Pub’s car, Rallies, Laconia and trying to water ski. Singing Sands, Swimming at 5 a.m., The Human Elavator, U MASS and NO GAS, Running on empty, 10 15 78 and S.B, Just can’t get caught!, Gayle, Lisa, Brenda, NA, RC, FD, RP, RW, DG, PM, SP, CH, JA, LK, LG, JC, PC, UGGA BUGGA, Nov. 6, 1976, and all the great times at N.R.H.S. — Phil — PHYLLIS ROSS “I’m as free as a bird now” L.S. “Betsey”, B.H., “B”, Bob Seger, Summer Jam, “B-day”, S.k. SHARON ROSE The times change and we change with them. Memories — Amy, Lisa, Kathy, Louise, Lisa, Eileen, Karen, Cathy, Lyn, BH, MMMDCDDS, “Tweety”, Erving Flag Squad, Maria paula, CAR, squirrels, tjomlomg, toothpick. Look, hats, tar, soccer games, football games, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Oscar and Felix, Mrs. Ayer, Mrs. Dell, Christina, Kelly, hospital, “Fruit”, and special thanks to my family. 62 THOMAS RYLAND DONNA A. RUSSO Memories — Maine, the Five Season, J. Geils Concert, LaPosa, My horses, Alvin Parties at Green St., Good times at Debbie’s house, “Hunga Bunga”, Jean’s never ending’s (Bart), Porker, Summer of ’76, Patty, Pierre, Elien III, Bob Seager, Salisbury and Nantasket Beaches, Fun times with Ingrid (Grid), “I’m quitting school ”, White Mountains, Mr. and Mrs. Bermuda, ES, KP, TA, JR, DL, MF, ST, “Got any Chew.” SCOTT “SUB” SANTORO Don’t walk in front of me, I may not follow. Don’t walk behind me, I may not lead you. Just walk beside me, and be my brother. Memories — DeMolay, M.C., the cats, Light crew. Tennis, A.P. Chem., Sets, Max, Mr. Whipple’s class. Music room Mess, Ko, Garbs, Roj, Peekos, Friday Night Basketball, blizzard, Conclave of 77 and 78, Leadership Conference 78, RGJMJHAWAMBANJSFDM T S. PAMELA SAIA Memories — “Friends, they are something to be proud of.” Mr. Whipple, Hi! Mrs. Welsch, Enzy, Keith, David, Roberta, Mike, Michelle, Lisa, Jim Laura, UnClub. Writing. To Jim; “I love you not only for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you.” 81etters, “And, God Bless; Everyone.” ERIC SCHAITEL 63 “The better part of one’s life is his friendships.” Memories — Di — laughing, bouncing, just going wild! “Boston”, “America”. Summer 77-Cal, poison-ivey, one big party! Tammy-good friends, WALNUTS!, summer parties, scoffing, Moddy Blues! Lisa -SITC, Kentucky, FOOTBALL GAMES! Rallies, Spirit week. Volleyball-RA!, Net face, powdy? Kid, Bubba and vou guys! S G JQLSLNSTECNHLGST, Rainbow. Senior year. Friends! All the good times! “Who we are, what we become is determined by those who live us”. Memories — Quebec; Mrs. G. Hello Dolly! Janis and Gail, Shawtown C.L., J.S. What happened at Plymouth? Short St. Annie — “you goober!” J.U. Elle nous detest! Volleyball-Kid, bubba, boot, bish . . . Anne! squish, b ubbles in movie theatres. Friendly’s. The Book of Boredom, Cal. “Imagine” Goop? 3 beeps. Magumba Musk, seals. And especially . . . Steven 5 6 77 CHRISTOPHER SHAW Memories — Good ole “NR” 19 Park St. New Hampshire, Grandpa my family, summer “78”, my sophomore yr. Friends — Susan, Laurie, D. Lee, LS, CJ, NN, BC, SS. “78”, N.H. trips, camping, polar caves, Weirs Beach, drives, concerts. We all went to Jethro Tull, Parties, -Micks, Boston, Bubbles, Balloons Beaches, Crazies, We’ll be Millionaires Someday. A lifetime isn’t enough time . . . Carl. 64 Memories — M.P, T.D, D.R, T.G, J.R, K.C, C.M, M.C, M.C, K.S, Mr. Kieran’s Chemistry class. Mrs. Dell’s Creative Writing class. The computer room during A-Luneh. JANICE L. SPINNEY Yesterday is but a memory, tomorrow still a promise . . . But today is ours to hold and live. Memories — Camping — Patuckaway, Natural High, Plymouth — S.C., “she’s dead”, Quebec — the key, Kitty’s, Mac’s, Jeff s Pinto, “Loones”, “Thrill”, 42978 — “It’s Charlie!”, H.B.’s, Jason’s Swamps, G.C. — “Bein’ Cool with A.S. and J.W., “MEEP“, Painting with J.W., “microphones”, Crusin’, W.T.F., D.B. from W., Exchanges — STBJ, Paries, long talks and coffee, Cindy, Janis, GMCS, and all my friends. JOE SPOUSTA KEN SPRAGUE Memories — Never forget all the kids at N.R.H.S., Patti, Heidi, Holly, Susan, Janet, Kitty’s, Waterfights, Fitzi 9 15 77, Horse Shows, gymnastics Nitt. with Patti, Hampton Beach, J.H. Dinner Dance, Tobaggan Party, Spirit Week, and especially Billy. Friends are those who are there when you really need them. Memories — Good Times with — F.F, V.E, R.H, CC, L.C, R.M, R.L, M.P, B.M, D.O, B.M, M.C, S.P, B.S, C.L, B.L. To a special person who was always there — Thanks Ma. 65 “Thinking of departed friends is to me something sweet and mellow. For when I had them with me it was with the feeling that I was going to lose them, and now that I have lost them I keep the feeling that I have them with me still.” Memories — Track, Algebra II, Junior prom. Julie and Cheri Baby. LAURIE STAFF DIANE STANDLEY “A day without laughter is a day wasted.” Memories — Rallies, Football games, French 3, giggling, softball, Oh No! Maine, ski trips. Miss Strelis, Bren, Boot, Beans, Bub, Bish, Bicep Betty, Net face. Spot, Fro, Charlie, Gator, Tigger, KDLBLPAPLKM DJTKMSR, “kid”, waffles. Senior year, jokes, you’re gone, lollipops, you lose buckwheat, 3 outrageous years at N.R.H.S. DAVID STARRETT Memories — Baseball 78, 79, CAL Champs, States, Mr. Carey, workouts in gym, roll and runs. 2 hockey, THE GARDENS, morrisey’s, bursts, 21, the boat, wardy. Cruiser, Gin, Bobby, Bain, R.P., D.F., M.P., P.B., Jim bob, tic, Kurt and GG, drive-ins, Mr. Luce, weekends, good friends at NRHS and especially Nancy. DEBRIE STEADMAN Memories — Summer of “78” — Blockdance — Beach Suburban, KB, SQ, RM, CS, “Birch”, Burlington. “MOYNIES”, CS, RM, SC, WW, SC, GS, MC. B-Ball, BB, FB games, Boston Garden, Fairhaven, Rallies, Tennis 2,3,4. Tennis Party? PP, ES, KK, JW, Boston Lobsters, Cedardale, CW, “Mrs. Hewiggins”, DM. “TRIPPLE”, FF, “DUCKIE” Po, Fred, “J.E.R.K.” BR, “PRO” DP. Lisa, Deb, CM, LC, LM, SG, DB. “HOPEJACK” RC, DD, JW. JF, “EGOTISTICAL” DF, “REGGIE” “TEDDYBEAR” BW, BC, “JETHRO.” Always Remember Good Luck to Class of “79” TIMOTHY STENTIFORD “And though the night is cloudy there is still a light that shines on me. Shine until tomorrow, Let it be.” Memories — Good times, April 15, 1977, Community Group, DeMolay 9 24 77, Disco Mike, townies, Boston, “Bill and Jan’s”, Spice Cake! Jillish, rainy nignt, Easter Seals, telethons, Hogan, miniature golf, “Alice Cooper,” Mrs. M’s class, Spanish, M M’s, Essex, ALPCA, No Nukes, telephone booth, and always Janice. 66 WENDY ANN STOREY Memories — The BARN, Mac Margaret, PRIZE, Horses, the bam gang, 4-H, The Store, Dennis, Gary, Boz Scaggs, Horse Shows, Gwen, Terri L., Virginia M.M, A.R., J.B, Lunch with Lauren and Dean, Jim Leslie, VVestford, Parties S.H, “Didn’t I blow your mind this time?”. To love is worthless, to forget solid gold, W.A.S. When the ground beneath your feet is shakey, move forward forever. W.A.S. Memories — Bob, roses, T-Bird, crash, Hampton, Singing Sands, house parties, Crazies, summer of “76”, Geils, Zappa, Lloyd, Yes, Road to Boston, Midnight, New Years, pstkinh loy, Becks, Heinekens, J.D. toot. White Mts., Llorida, common, bonfires, softball 8 15, BSC Halloween, Lreebird, shrieks, cows, Sparkling eyes, Never a dull moment, Robin, Jo, Janet, Deb, Laurie, Bri, Cal, Dave, KP, RP, DL, AM, BR, ALL FRIENDS. LISSA R. SWEETLAND PATRICIA L. STRACHAN Memories — The summer of “78” and “76”, Mailne, TLT. weekends, “Mustangs”, yee ha, My family, crazy times with Dean, Debbie and the Ferns, Donna and all her different cars. The White Mts., Hunga Bunga, Parties at Green St., Donna and Peter, DRPSJPPSDTSGJRDLIHES, The beach, Dafey, drives, double dare. Always Brian. ED SUTTON JEANNE TARTAR ■ Memories — Dan, Mary, John Mark, Mike, Kim, Monique, Good Griff, Who, Taxi, Mark’s car, Harold Parker, Oh Shit!, Breeding Hips, Waltham, Summer “78”, Hampton Beach, Our S.C, Marshfield, A. M.M M.E.L, Inspector, Fenway Park, Yankees, Fenway Billboard, Mary’s Big Mouth, Friendly’s, Basketball, bus rides, Jack, the dragway. Froggy, Robinson’s football games, Squash Bowl, What’s in the bottle Dan? Whitey. SUZANNE THIBODEAU DEBRA LEE TAYLOR Memories — Seminary Meadows “Wild fire” “Brutis” “Hunga Bunga”, “S.G.“ the con, Jeans Salad, Donna’s Laugh, Patty and the spins. My surprise party. All the good times over Rizzo’s, Green St. Parties, “White Mountains”, Salisbury and Nantasket Beach, Drive-In with Jean and Danny, Jam sessions with Steve, Tommy and Riz, “The Green Monstors S.R., D.S., L.M., S.B., K.E., “King” Forever . . . Steve. Memories — Hampton Beach 6 24 78 S.G.D.M.B.L. Good times with EM, LJ, Friends. Summers 75, 76, 77. Parties, Millers, T.C.C., H.P., WP. Accident P.L.R.S., Senior year, graduating. JOHN UNNI When you don’t have love, you don’t have much. Memories — SLR, Fr. C, YM, Fral, CAW, TEC, Awakening, Jr. Prom, GAS, Winkle, Boob, Cole, John, Anne, Liz, Dahn, Fvurt, Parties, ELO, Karen — Cheryl — John, IWKYAO, “Exsqueeze-me?”, “Elle nous deteste” — (CS et moi(, Pushing the Pinto, Nawoichyks, Joey and Paul, All my FRIENDS! , My mom and especially my dad — A great part of my life is gone, but I have beautiful memories of his love, and those memories will last forever. SUSAN TIERSCH “Today well lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness, and every tomorrow a vision of hope.” Memories — Ding, Melvil, Whittier, Cranmore, Chorcurra, Kancamagus, pits, rooftops, Field Hockey, cheeseburgers, Bball “5”, Track, Bird-thanx, d.i.i.t. dirt, Summer 78, parties, flying eggs, corruption, Montrose, Everyone?, Senior Year(?) Bababa . . ., Queen, Freebird 72, Cal Lauren, Cindy, Marob, Schmack, Sue, Sally, good times with family and Friends . . . especially Elaine. Dong. ANNE WALSH JOHN WAITT For I must be traveling on now, ’cause there’s too many places I’ve got to see. — “Freebird” Memories — Boob, Cole, Une, Night with the “Family”, Banana, Hood School, Hartland, line up at J.H.S., Vcing, Fvurt, Soccer Champs, Orford, (Fbers), Roy, Carl, Skip, Peter, Finbar, Harry, Danny, B.Ball, Summer at Tewks, Camp Evergreen, Gleens Falls, LCDSSFCI, Hi Lauren!! Cases, My Slave, July 2nd, O L N C O, Karen. Memories — Where’s my HOJO’s menu Cynthia? Ninth grade, Lauren and Amy and the Oreo Cookie. Georgette, Valerie, Parties at Jackies, Soph. Alg. w Chuck, Jeanne. Second Altos, bricks, UN Honeycakes, Go Fish! OH MY, Adora Jean (Cheers), painting w JW, Miss E, Agatha, HLW, Jazz Band, Improvs w R G M C T M T MASCBPBSRAKSBSWAM. Pat Metheny and, my very special friend Greg. RUSSELL B. WARD Memories — I will never forget all my friends at N.R.H.S., R.P, B.P, D M, D. S, D.G,B.G, D.F, K.J, M.R, B.M, E. R, J.B, Baseball, Football, Basktetball, Crank, Kipnes, Devin, Semi Finals (never got past them). All the Good Times I Will Miss. “Stormin Norman”, “69” Cougar. Mary “3” ROBERT P. WARE WILLIAM (Willie) WEEDEN I think I’ll go it alone, You should’ve shown me if you cared. Lies will turn a heart into stone, few would have known me if they dared. M emories — China Island, Ms. Dell, Miss Dardeno, good times with good friends, Julie, Sidni (for now), “But if she moves you”, AVA Gardner always, Chico, Genevieve, Ma and Dad — I luv ya! Most of all, — Vince. 69 “One need not always be profound. Sometimes one can be helpful.” Memories — U.N.H., Jazz, Summer, 5 6 77, C.A.W., Walking the dog. Fair Lady, Dolly, WALTZ, Exchange Concerts, Junior Prom, Track, Soccer, Marching, Teddy Seal, Bread and Coloring, Big Band Nights, Bang gang. Sis and Uncle Miek, “BEEP, BEEP, BEEP” Red wedding band, Enzio, and, God willing, Carol, always. I’m out of jail, at last. Memories — Dean’s car, McGill’s, Sticklors class. Parties, fwee, Brooksey’s green bomb, Doodleton, Cruller, Hobbs, Tokin Texaco, Hey Pal, Friends, Later Bub. MARK WELLSPRING Memories — Quebec . . . sleepness nights. . . Morning walks . . .Wimpy . . . Getting home. Track . . . Indoor . . . Ramblin . . . Wimpy . . . The Country Club . . . Burpess . . . High Jumping at Hamilton Wenham . . . Calf Cramps . . . The Rodriguez Brothers . . . ’77 Soccer Season . . . Milk . . .Water . . . Innocent . . . Periscope . . . Voltage Regulator . . . Last period study . . . Half days . . . Waltham . . . The Brothers Rebound, The Grinch that stole Halloween . . . Hilljew . . . Summer softball games . . . Train Rides . . . Mary, Ed, John, Scott, Ron, Steve, Mike, Joe . . . Senior Year. MATT WILLARD RICK WILLIAMSON Memories — Soph. Pug’s Algebra — Appendicitis, Hampton Hmmm! 6 78, UPCHUCKLE!, Volleyball — S b Before W, GREEN, Jr. Prom — W.M.T.B. ? U.M. Amherst Rt. 2 — NO GAS! Hey Curls!, Goulash, Scoops, Squirettes, Summers — BSPB, Friends from ‘77’ and ‘78’, Lake Q., fvut!, Neighb, Jahn, Nhyeur, Donna, T C L MAPLCLCLCPHJWST, CAW, Football games, CRAZY, Parties, Long Talks, Good Friends — Susan, Linda, P.S. There is no such thing as a Dumb Blonde! “If in time, I hope we meet as friends and not as enemys, for there is nothing worse than being left out.” Memories — Mark, Twitch, Richie, Scott, Dave, Willie, John, Meredith, Kelly, Melissa, Keith, Troy, 1 Tom, Mike, Debbie, Dan, Noises in the corridors, Mary Ellen, Hunting with Twitch, Oh! and Ricky Neth, Craig, Denise, O.B., Laurie, Susan. 70 CAROLYN “CAL” DAN ZICKEFOOSE WINDT “Still crazy after all these years” Memories — Washington, Shawtown (Gail, Carol, Janis), encampments, RALLIES, Book of Boredom, Corruption, softball, Summer of ’77 with Dayle, writing notes, Gator, RMeat, WHO ' S EVERYONE?, Summer at the Cape, field hockey, I’m in a deep spaz. Get directions!, Rowdie senior year. To: LMDCAGGJUL ACPTCPHJWCMLC, Gail, Schmack, Fro, Sue, and friends — memories of you are priceless treasures. CHERYL ZWICKER You were born to be you and only I can be me. Memories — the hill, parking lot, parties, cruisin, the allies, skipping w C.C. (Salamandus), summer of “76”, typing w K.G. gym. Miss. Strelis (Porportion), all my friends (C. C, S.B, K.P, C.F, L.P, J.M, LS., H.F, H.F, K.G, P.M, I K, S.B, L.D, L.L, L.S, B.M, J.D, V.J.O, especially (M.W.), Special thanks to my family. JAMES DOHERTY DANIEL FORD Memories — Ed, Jan Jesso, Mike M., John, Mike C., Mary, Monique, Chuck, good griff. Who, Taxi, Andover, Harold Parker, Yankees, 44-Reggie, Boston, Fenway Park, Fenway billboard, Hampton beach, Waltham, summer 78, Sabbath bloody Sabbath, breeding hips, N.E. Dragway, Friendly’s, hook, olivia, isspector, Jock, groggy, B. B. B. B. S. C., Mary’s big mouth. What’s in the bottle Dan? Robinsons football games, the squash bowl. 71 OLD DAYS, GOOD TIMES I REMEMBER, FUN DAYS, DAYS I’LL ALWAYS TREASURE . . .CHICAGO 4square, hopscotch, “cooties”, monkey bars, recess, milk 30, lunchboxes, fishnet stockings. See Spot run, Dick and Jane, field days, scraped knees . . . Teams — A, B C, The first to stay 4 years at J.H.S., Skinner, Egor, B-wing lav, smoke bombs, dances, bomb scares, up the down staircase, “You have to eat your carrots!”, no straws, detention, tag days, assemblies, L.G.R., field trips, freshman skip-day, 10 minute break, 2:26 bell, “Where’s your pass?”, 9th grade Dinner Dance, the experimental class, freshman year . . . Silly Silly Sophomores, American Issues, the only ones with assigned studies, co-ed gym, C-wing and B-wing lavs, class rings, winning Spirit Week, magazine drive, “Boston”, licenses, skipping school, beating Lvnnfield, green and gold, Jr. Prom, C.A.L. Champs, Bos- ton Garden, Jazzy Jazzy Juniors . . . SENIOR YEAR!, no more gym, no studies, walking into rallies, trying to get a job, Senior Prom, (parties!), Senior Week, (parties!!), Spirit Week, Spaghetti Supper, Talent Show, (more parties!!!), cliques, class pictures, A Great Football Team, cruisin’ around, being rowdie, senioritis, Graduation ’79 . . . 73 Three wild and crazy guys! They call me Mr. Stud. He is such a fool! 76 And I can only say this about that . . . Friday night, here we come! I think I’m going to be sick. I know the answer is here somewhere! 77 SENIOR ACTIVITIES SCOTT ANNAND — Football 1,2,3; Wrestling 1; Indoor Track 2,3; Y.E.S. Club 2,3. DONNA ARSENAULT — Yearbook Staff 3. BRIAN ATKINSON — Math Club 1,2; Masquers 1,2,3. JUDY ATWELL — Field Hockey 1,2; Cheering 2,3. NANCY AUCKERMAN — Hockev Cheering 2,3; Student Council 3. JACQUELINE BATCHELDER — Track 1,2,3; Gymnastics 2,3; Volleyball 3; Y.E.S. Club. GAI BAXTER — Color Guard 2,3; Soccer Cheering (Capt.) 1; Year- book Staff 3. DONNA BELLINO — Field Hockey 1; Gymnastics 1,3; Football Cheering 2; Student Council 1,2,3; Yearbook 3; National Honor So- ciety 2,3. CARL BIGHAM III — Soccer 1,2,3; Outdoor Track 1,2,3. KEVIN BURGESS — J.V. Soccer 1; National Honor Society 2,3. LYN BUTLER — Volleyball 1,2,3. JUDY CANAVAN — Field Hockev 1,2,3; Hockev Cheering 1,2,3; Track 1,2. DIANE CASEY — Football Cheering 1,2; Basketball Cheering 1,2,3; Student Council 3; Yearbook 3. LINDA CASEY — Field Hockey 1; Basketball 1; Masquers Club 1,2,3; Chorus 1,2,3; Musicals 1,2,3; Fall Play 3; Student Council 3; Yearbook 3; Class Secretary 2; Class Vice President 3. LISA CICCIA — Football Cheering 1,2, Co. Capt. 3; Basketball 1, Tennis 1,2,3; Hockey Cheering 2,3; National Honor Society 2,3; Popsicle 3; Student Council 3. PAM COLBURNE — Field Hockey 1,2,3; Hockey Cheering 2,3; National Honor Society 2,3. TOM COLEMAN — Soccer 1,2,3; Track 1; Indoor Track 1. ELAINE M. COLLINS — Field Hockev 2,3; Basketball 1,2,3; Track 1,2,3. LAUREN COMERFORD — Field Hockey 1; Gymnastics 1; Stu- dent Council 3; Yearbook 3. LISA CONTINI — Field Hockey 1,2; Tennis 1,2,3; Yearbook (Edi- tor) 3; Student Council 3. LYNN CREILSON — Basketball 1; Softball 1. KATHLEEN CULLEN — Marching Band 1; Concert Band 1; Year- book 2,3; Student Council 3. CHERYL D’ENTREMONT — Sorry, I wasn’t around much to join anything. ROBERTA DAVIDSON — Masquers Club 1,2,3; Concert Band 1,2,3; Marching Band 3; Flag Squad 1,2; Chorus 1,2,3; Y.E.S. Club 3. DARRYL DENICOURT — Cross Country 1; Wrestling 1; Outdoor Track 1; Hockey 2,3. JOHN DOHERTY — National Honor Society 2,3; Soccer 1,2,3; Bas- ketball 1,2,3; Baseball 1,2,3. DEBORAH DOLAN — Softball 1; Track 2,3; Indoor Track 3; Year- book Staff 3. MARK DONEGAN — Wrestling 1,2,3. ANN DUNCAN — Math Club 1,2. JAMES FANCY — Hockey 2. SYLVIA FOHLIN — Masquers Club 1,2,3; Math Club 2; Chorus 1,2,3. BOB GALLAHUE — Football 1,2,3; Hockev 2,3; Track 2,3; Base- ball 1. SUSAN GALLAHUE — Field Hockey 1,2, Co. Capt. 3; Indoor Track 2,3; Outdoor Track 2,3; Basketball 1; Tennis 1; Student Coun- cil 3. RICHARD GARBARINO — Indoor Track 1; Math Club 2; Mas- quers Club 2,3; Class Rep. 1; Fall Play 3; Musical 2,3. ANNE GLEASON — Student Council 1,2,3; President Student Council 2; Field Hockey 1,2,3; Track and Field 1,3; Hockey Cheer- ing 2; National Honor Society 2,3. DENISE GOODWIN — Popsicle 2; Yearbook Staff 3; Student Council 3. LAURA GORMLEY — Field Hockey 1,2,3; Gymnastics 1,2,3; Y.E.S. Club 1,2; Student Council 2,3. LISA GREEN — Student Council 2,3; Student Advisory Board 2; Concert Band 1,2,3; Marching Band 1,2,3; Field Hockey Manager 2. RUSSELL GREENE — Fall Play 1,2,3; Musical 1,2,3; Tennis 1; Class Treasurer 3; Masquers Club 1,2,3; Marching Band 2,3; Con- cert Band 2,3; Chorus 1,2,3; Math Club 1,2; Swim Club 1,2; Director of Sr. Talent Show 3. GAYLE GREENLEAF — Field Hockey 1; Cheering 1; Tennis 1,3; Yearbook 3. CAROL HANSEN — J.V. Football Cheering 1; Basketball Cheering 1; Football Cheering 2. JIM HILTON — Soccer 1,2,3; Indoor Track 1; Spring Track 1,2. MAUREEN HOGAN — Softball 1; Gymnastics 1. PETER HOWARD — Soccer 1,2,3. DENISE JACKSON — J.V. Football Cheering 1; Basketball Cheer- ing 1; Yearbook 3. LYNDA KELLEY — Field Hockey 1,2,3; Hockey Cheering 1,2,3; Y.E.S. Club 1,2; Musicals 2,3; Student Council 3. LAURA KENTY — Masquers Club 1,2,3; History Club 2,3; Softball 1,2,3; Volleyball 3; Popsicle 3. DAVID KODIS — Golf 1,2,3; Basketball 1; Masquers Club 2,3; Fall Play 2,3; Yearbook 3. ATHAN KULIOPULUS — Soccer 1; Tennis 1,2,3; Concert Band 1,2,3; Marching Band 1,2,3; Yearbook 3; National Honor Society 2,3. MICHAEL LALLY — Computer Class 1,2,3; Stamp Club 1,2; Band 1,2,3; Masquers Club 1,2,3; Yearbook 3. PATTI JEAN LANGTRY — Soccer 2; Student Council 3. JAMES LEONARD — Stamp Club 1,2; Marching Band 1,2,3; Stage Band 1; Yearbook Staff 3; Ski Club 3; Tennis Club 1,2,3. 80 CYNTHIA LORTON — Masquers Club 1,2,3; National Honor Soci- ety 2,3. IEFF LUPO — Band 1; Indoor Track 1; Baseball 1,2; Cross Country 2.3. RICH LYTLE — Hockey 1,2.3. GREG MACAULAY — Wrestling 1; Concert Band 1,2,3; Jazz En- semble 1,2,3. FRANCINE MACDONALD — Y.E.S. 2. ELLEN MAGUE — History Club 2,3; Y.E.S. 1,2,3; Student Council 3; Softball 1 ,2,3. DIANE MAKER — Masquers Club 1,2; Chorus 1,2,3; Flags 1,2. GAIL MCKENZIE — Masquers Club 1,2,3; Band 1,2,3; Field Hockey 1,2,3; Tennis 1,2,3; Gymnastics 1,2,3; Y.E.S. 2. CATHERINE MEANEY — Fall Play 1; Outdoor Track 1,2,3; Indoor Track 3; Musical 3; Student Council 3; Basketball Cheering 2; Soc- cer Cheering 1. AMY MOLLICA — Masquers Club 1,2,3; Musicals 1,2,3; Chorus 1,2; Band 2; Flags 1,2, Co. Capt. 3. KAREN MONTFORD — Yearbook Staff 3. LIZ MORLANI — Volleyball 1; Basketball 1; Class Secretary 1; Class Vice-President 2; Student Council 2,3; Yearbook (Editor) 3. APRILLE MURPHY — Masquers Club 1,2,3; Math Club 1,2; Band 1,2,3; Chorus 1,2,3; Jazz Ensemble 2,3; Stage Band 1,2; Popsicle 3; Student Council 1,2,3; Student Advisory Council 1,2,3; National Honor Society 2,3; Sr. Talent Show 3; Class Treasurer 2. EILEEN MURPHY — Volleyball 1,2; J.V. Volleyball Capt. 3; Bas- ketball 2. LAURA NEPHEW — Field Hockey 1,2,3; Girls Basketball 1; In- door Track 2; Girls Softball 1,2,3. RICKY NETH — Cross Country 1,2,3; Hockey 1,2,3; Track 2. BRENDA NICHOLS — Popsicle 2,3. SUSAN NORTON — Volleyball 1; Student Council 3. DENNIS O’BRIEN — Baseball 1. DEAN OLIVER — Class President 3. STEPHEN OSGOOD — Baseball 2. ANNE PASQUALE — Volleyball 1,2,3; Student Council 2,3; Year- book 3. AMY PIERCE — Majorettes 3. MIKE PIJOAN — Cross Country 1,3; Indoor Track 2,3; Track 2,3; Masquers Club 1,2. MARK POLITO — Football 1,2,3; Indoor Track 1,2,3; Baseball 1.2.3. JANIS POTTER — Masquers Club 1,2,3 (VP); Popsicle 2,3; Band 1,2,3; Chorus 1,2,3; Student Council 3. RON PRONOVOST — Soccer 3; Indoor Track 1,2,3; Baseball 1,2,3. DEAN PUZZO — Tennis 1; J V. Hockey 1,2. JULIE QUINLAN — Field Hockey 1,2; Basketball 1,2; Softball 1,2,3; Y.E.S. Club 3. LOUISE RAUSEO — Flag Squad 1,2,3, Capt.; Basketball Cheering 1,2; Masquers Club 1,2,3. CATHY ROCHE — Volleyball 3. STEVEN ROGERS — Masquers Club 2,3 (Pres.); Class Vice- President 1; Student Advisory Council 2; Student Council 2,3; Track 1; National Honor Society 2. CHRISTINE ROMEO — Football Cheering 1,2, Co. Capt. 3; Bas- ketball Cheering 1; Girls Track 1; Hockey Cheering 2,3; Student Council 3. LAUREN ROONEY — Chorus 1,2; Plays 1; Y.E.S. Club 2; Flags 1,2. SHARON ROSE — Flag Squad 2; Capt. 3. ELLEN RUBBICO — Field Hockey 1,2; Student Council 1,2,3; Yearbook 3. PAMELA SAIA — Computer Course 1,2,3; Masquers Club 1,3; Chorus 1,2; Popsicle Staff 3. SCOTT SANTORO — Football 1; Class Treasurer 1; Tennis 1,2,3; Set Construction 2,3; Light Crew 2,3; Masquers Club 2,3; Math Club 2. DAYLE SCHEMACK — Softball 1,3; Track 2; Volleyball 2,3; Year- book 3. CAROL SILVIA — Masquers Club 2,3; National Honor Society 2,3; Student Council 2,3; Volleyball 1,2,3; Basketball 1,2,3; Gymnastic’s Manager 2; Class Secretary 3; Chorus 2,3. JANICE SPINNEY — Masquers Club 1,2,3; Field Hockey 1; Na- tional Honor Society 2,3; Band 1,2,3. LAURIE STAFF — Field Hockey 1,2,3; Basketball 1; Track 1,2,3. DIANE STANDLEY — Y.E.S. Club 1,2; Volleyball 1,2,3; Softball 1,2,3. TIM STENTIFORD — Tennis 1; Y.E.S. Club 1,2,3; National Honor Society 2,3. JEANNE TARTARO — Basketball 1,2,3; Track 2,3; Tennis 1. SUSAN TIERSCH — Field Hockey 1,2,3; Basketball 1,2,3; Track 1,2,3; Student Council 3. JOHN UNNI — Soccer 1,2,3; Basketball 1,2,3; Tennis 1,2; Class President 1; Student Council 1,2, Pres. 3; Yearbook 3; Masquers Club 3. JOHN WAITT — Soccer 1,2,3; Basketball 1,2,3; Track 2,3; Baseball 1. ANNE WALSH — Band 1,2,3; Chorus 1; Stage Band 1,2; Jazz En- semble 2,3; Masquers Club 1,2,3; National Honor Society 2,3; Year- book 3. RUSSELL WARD — Football 1,2,3; Basketball 1,2,3; Baseball 1,2,3. BOBBY WARE — Football 1,2,3; Indoor Track 2,3; Track 2. STEVEN WEISSE — Track 1,2,3; Soccer 2,3; Masquers Club 1,2,3; Jazz Ensemble 1,2,3. DONNA WELCH — Volleyball 1,2,3; Track Manager 1; Student Council 3; Yearbook 3. MARK WELLSPRING — Indoor Track 1,2,3; Spring Track 1,2,3. CAROLYN WINDT — Field Hockey 1,2,3; Basketball 1; Softball 1,2; Yearbook 3; Class President 2. 81 There is an energy in us which makes things happen when the paths of other per- sons touch ours and we have to be there and let it happen When the time of our particular sunset comes our thing, our accomplishment won’t really matter a great deal But the clarity and care with which we have lovec others will speak with vitality of the great gift of life We have been for each other. 83 Do Seniors realty do it better? No, they do it best! And we proved it by winning Spirit Week once again. It was not, however, the only victory of the week. Our spirit car- ried us through the rally and onto the field where the Hornets pro- ceeded to become the C.A.L. Champs with a 21-8 victory over Lvnnfield. Awaiting the final decision. We’re off to see the Wizard Hey, don’t leave me here! Hey guys, only 600 more to go! 88 Powder Puff was a Senior Success 8-0. Meet the New Patriots offense. I Got It! That stupid REF! What should I do now? Juniors plan their strategy. Come on you guys it’s freezing out! 93 94 AFTERWORD A dream has reached fulfillment, We’re graduates today; Our hopes leave grown and blossomed Like lilacs in the May, No brighter time we’ll know Though years may come and go, Than this commencement memory With each one’s heart aglow. This dream has borne us skyward, We’ve reached our goal today; And with our hearts triumphant We sing along the way. Oh hours of light sublime. Dear graduation time. No words can voice our rapture That now we’ve made the climb. — Anonymous — 96 97 FOOTBALL First Row: Coach Sapienza, J . Collins, R. Ware, D. Giangrande, Capt. D. Mangene, Capt. B. Proudy, Capt. R. Paul, R. Gallahue, R. Ward, M. Polito, R. Bishop, S. Annand, P. Doucette, Coach Sverka. Second Row: R. Livingston, K. Jones, M. Rogers, B. Mahoney, W. Wamock, R. Triano, R. Phinney, F. McNeil, D. Demetri, J. McCormick, C. Russek, L. Stevens, S. Angelini, J. Tremblay, Trainer L. Tremblay. Third Row: D. Barnard, R. Murdock, M. Vasapoli, T. Gregory, P. Texiera, T. Pottle, S. Tilton, K. Brennan, P. Correlle, D. Romeo, M. McDonald, P. Lee, C. Martino, Coach Bogigian. Fourth Row: Coach Nizwantoski, R. Doucette, E. Pucillo, W. Welch, M. Vitozzi, M. Connor, W. McNeil, Fester, W. Gallant, B. Hillard, D. Pisco, M. Gallahue, F. Brooks, Coach Champi. 98 FOOTBALL CHEERLEADERS C. Romeo — c. W. White L. Sykes L. Hobby L. Ciccia — c. M. Romani S. Hurlev M. Waitt K. Riese C. Luoto K. Bailey L. Buzzuto 100 K. Canavan, L. Sacco, K. Rashella, L. Gianetto, M. Trullo, L. Bennett — c., A. Rashella, A. Bonnano, M. Bartlett, A. Pierce, L. Bradberrv. MAJORETTES AND COLORGUARDS 101 FIELD HOCKEY Coach N. McLaughlin L. Kelley A. Gleason M. Boucher S. Gallahue — c. L. Staff — c. C. Young C. Windt J. Canavan G. McKenzie M. Kodis L. Gormley E. Collins L. Nephew P. Colburne C. Mangene S. Tiersch 102 VOLLEYBALL Coach V. True C. Silvia — c. E. Murphy L. Kenty D. Brothers A. Pasquale R. Rasche C. Stacey T. Hoyt N. Horton A. Simonds C. Roche P. Dalton D. Stanley L. Butler J. Batchelder H. Fields T. Waitt D. Schemack L. Berry 104 SOCCER Coach R. Condon T. Panaro P. Cowley M. Currier B. Harris T. Silvia M. Lopilato J. Rowntree M. Sullivan M. Moise J. Doherty T. Donnelly P. Howard J. Hilton T. Coleman — c. J. Waitt — c. D. Bubar C. Bigham R. Pronovost S. Weisse B. Lee m.f.p. — J. Unni A V 4 KORTH ' READING 106 CROSS COUNTRY Coach S. Jeanes W. Mahn M. Pijoan K. Spicer R. Neth — c. D. Ford — c. R. Windt G. Sonia R. Schell C. Cote C. Petti J. Smith M. Wagner G. Kaiser J. Lupo P. Barresi M. Spicer 108 INDOOR TRACK 1st row — R. Paul, J. Lupo, R. Pronovost, S. Weisse, S. Gallahue, L. Ciccia, M. Wellspring, B. Ware, S. Annand, M. Polito, B. Proudy, M. Pijoan, V. MacDonald. 2nd row — S. Prevost, D. Romeo, T. Silvia, P. Cowley, M. Sullivan, P. Texiera, K. Riese, D. Fawler, T. Pottle, S. Russell, J. Smith, M. Wagner, M. Texiera, T. Pottle. 3rd row - Coach Bogigian, T. Moreau, A. Morlani, J. Brosseau, P. Surette, G. Kaiser, J. Losso, M. Paulding, G. Sinia, M. Spicer, C. Cote, B. Brooks, J. Prince, B. Germino, P. Lewis, Coach Bettencort. 4th row — T. Burgess, P. Donahue, S. Gregory, J. Hull. 110 BASKETBALL 1st row — M. Kodis, T. Waitt-c., J. Tartaro-c., H. Fields, S. Tiersch-c., C. Mangene, M. Panzer, K. Young, C. Bowman. 112 1st row — T. Jones, S. DiFranza, T. Atkinson, L. Colbert, M. Panzer, C. Bowman. 2nd row — M. Leonard, A. Zelenak, S. Mahoney, N. Pecevich, K. Nelson, Coach B. McBride. 113 BASKETBALL 1st row — T. Ladd, Tri Capts. — J. Waitt, R. Ward, D. Bubar, Coach B. Kipnes. 2nd row — J. Doherty, R. Shaw, D. Salem, K. Jones, J. Bellegarde, C. Shaw. 114 1st row — M. Stern, J. Mollica, C. Turner, B. Hillard. 2nd row — Coach S. Lang, W. McNeil, J. Lones, P. Barressi, J. Haynes, T. Dubois, D. Barnard, MGR. M. Svehla. 115 BASKETBALL CHEERLEADERS D. O’Brien L. Doucette K. McGonagle C. Palatesta D. Casey M. Waitt B. Jones L. Brown M. Romani V. Rajanemi 116 ! » f HOCKEY CHEERLEADERS L. Bozzuto C. Romeo L. Hobby L. Hurley J. Canavan K. Canavan L. Uliano J. Perkins D. Titus L. Kelley S. Hurley K. Quercia 117 ICE HOCKEY 1st row — M. Jurczak, B. McTague, R. Lytle, B. Gallahue, D. Mangene, P. Barbagallo, D. Starrett, M. Currier. 2nd row — B. Warnock, K. Brennan, J. Tompkins, B. Cavanaugh, R. Neth, M. Messier, D. Denicourt, S. Freedman. 3rd row — Coach B. Sands, Coach Nizwantauski, A. Lore, M. Quercia, D. Livingston, B. Lee, R. Russell. +- r- - A 118 J.V. ICE HOCKEY - 1st row — M. Lopilato, M. Baudanza, M. Gallahue, R. Doucette, D. Santos, J. Prevost. 2nd row — S. MacAlpine, R. Fay, J. Baglio, R. Henderson, R. Windt, C. Turner. 3rd row — Coach R. Russell, P. Correlle, E. Pucillo, D. Denicourt, T. Thirkell, R. Leach. % •n - GIRLS’ GYMNASTICS 1st row — L. MacMillan, P. Langtry, C. Luoto, S. Lord, W. Storey, G. McKenzie, R. Rasche. 2nd row — L. Gormley, Coaches — K. Reilly, E. Pretty. 120 WRESTLING 1st row — G. Murphy, M. Donegan, J. Collins, M. Connor, D. Ridgley. 2nd row — M. Rogers, D. Ford, P. Dailey, D. James, R. Bettencourt, Coach E. Turner. 3rd row — M. Kelley, B. Mahoney, J. Tremblay, D. Demetri. 122 BOYS TRACK 126 BASEBALL 124 T)° H OCC- 128 SPONSOR’S Mr. Mrs. Max A. Mueller Mr. Robert Gosse Mr. Mrs. Arthur J. Cannon Mr. George Yianakes Mr. Mrs. Everett F. Leonard Mr. Arthur Kenney Mr. Mrs. Walter Jackson North Reading Education Association Mr. Mrs. Sebastian Russo The Casey Family Mr. Mrs. Roy T. Bishop family Mr. Mrs. Philip T. Cullen Mr. Mrs. Ronald Annand Mrs. Barbara Hilton Mr. Mrs. Charles F. Mague The Greenleaf Family Mr. Mrs. Maurice Donegan Jr. Mr. Mrs. Alvin D. Martindale Mr. Mrs. Robert E. Gallahue Mr. Mrs. Daniel Doherty Mr. Mrs. Albert Williamson Mr. Mrs. Edward J. Coleman Mr. Mrs. Carlton L. McKenzie Mr. Mrs. Anthony Murphy Mr. Mrs. Robert P. Butler Mr. Mrs. Edward Paul Mr. Mrs. John Greene Mr. Mrs. Donald Ziekefoose Mr. Mrs. Weston A. Bubar Mr. Mrs. Peter Genovese Mr. Mrs. Wesley F. Ladd Mr. Mrs. James Puzzo Mr. Mrs. Robert E. Wellspring Mr. Mrs. John W. Gleason Mr. Angelo Petrosino Mr. Mrs. Richard A. Mayo Mr. Mrs. John F. Bellino Mr. Mrs. Robert Lorton Mr. Mrs. Frederick Green Jr. Virginia Doten Mr. Mrs. Stephen G. Parsons Mr. Mrs. Bruce Atkinson Mr. Mrs. Eugene Auckerman Mr. Mrs. Richard E. Waitt Mr. Mrs. Paul Nelson Mr. Mrs. Robert E. Messinger Mr. Richard Flanders Ms. Karen Scibinico Mr. Raymond Landry Mr. Mrs. Michael Lally Jeff Strong Mr. Mrs. Lawrence Rooney Mr. Mrs. Anthony Morlani Mr. Mrs. Robert Mangene Mr. Mrs. Robert F. Durney Mr. Mrs. Roy Ford and family Mr. Mrs. John Collins Mr. Mrs. Charles Tierseh Mr. Mrs. Robert Potter Mr. Mrs. James Contini Mr. Mrs. Hugh Spinney Mr. Mrs. Ronald Johnson Abott’s Shoe Store Mr. Mrs. Alfred Kodis Mr. Mrs. Robert G. Pushkar Mr. Mrs. David K. Young Mrs. Phyllis Roche Mr. Mrs. Nicodemo Ciceia Mr. Mrs. Norman Baxter Mr. Mrs. Philip Polito Mr. Mrs. Clifford Steadman Mr. Mrs. John Silvia Mr. Mrs. John Doherty Mr. Mrs. Edward Sutton Mr. Mrs. James Walsh Mr. Mrs. Aldo Vittozzi Mr. Mrs. Ernest Gormley Mr. Mrs. Donald Dewar Mr. Mrs. William Welch Mr. Mrs. Fredrick Neth Mr. Mrs. Thomas Comerford Mr. Mrs. John Pasquale Mr. Mrs. Russell Mollica Mr. Mrs. Joseph Saia Mr. Mrs. George E. Panzer Paul and Jeanne Kelley Mr. Mrs. Harry Craft Mr. Mrs. Franklin Montford Mr. Mrs. Anthony Rauseo Mr. Mrs. Kenneth Starrett Mr. Mrs. Burt E. Kenty Mr. Bradshaw B. Lupton Jr. Mr. Frank Fino Jr. Mr. Mrs. Richard Spindler Tony Bonanno of Tops Electronic New Creation Bookstore Jimmy’s Fruit Orchard Mister Donut Mary B. Fohlin, M.D. Mr. Mrs. Ralph Sweetland Mr. Mrs. Robert H. Ware The Rubbico Family PATRONS Mr. Mrs. Joseph Barbagallo Mr. Mrs. Thomas Grinley Mr. Mrs. David J. Higgins Joann Creilson Mr. Mrs. Frank A. Tartaro Mr. Mrs. John J. Lupo Mr. Mrs. Robert E. Schoolcraft Mr. Mrs. Leo Casey Mr. Mrs. William Windt Mr. Mrs. James Ryland Mr. Mrs. Lyman Fancy Mr. Mrs. Richard Brown 129 IN MEMORY OF LISSA SWEETLAND JANET DEROSA We sat and thought, then we walked awhile. I looked at you But you would not smile. I want you now, and I wanted you then. But this is it, it is the end. L.S. If I had the chance to change my identity ... I don’t think I would. I am having a hard enough time trying to be myself. L.S. Memories Dreams and thoughts that all come true memories both happy and blue. Your life is aging day by day there’s no forward or rewind, only today! You’ve aged through mistakes, both good an d bad your good times were good, and your bad times were bad. You never thought you’d make it sometimes but things come through and then you’re fine. Your schoolday years are almost through, you progressed every day with what you knew. It will soon come time to say goodbye. And your head will long for those laughs and crys The time will come to begin a career, but never forget these golden years. J.D. Asides. . . School is probably the best years of your life. Why don’t we realize this until after we are out? L.S. JOHN EISENHAURE We must remember people Just the way they were. For smiles sometimes happen. And sadness does occur. Friends are really special Though people do not know. It’s love that’s hard to show. We very often do forget The love that John has brought, But many friends and relatives Know the lesson God has taught. Love from Maria C. Memories: STED, John Collins, Paul, Kerry, Lenny, Maria, Linda, Kathy, good times with good friends. Lion, parking lot, Salisbury, N.H., Hendrix, hockey, Angie, and Pete. Mr. Mrs. Stedman, and most of all MA DAD! 130 Death is a hard thing to accept in our lives. At one time or another all must face it. We will lose somebody dear to us and it will make us unhappy. We must admit to ourselves that we are actually angry at this person for dying. We feel that he or she has left a burden on our lives because we are suffering while they are gone. Death is like Love, even though they can be considered opposites, we mourn and cry when we lose them. Love, on the other hand, can be wonderful when you have a loyal and honest partner who loves you more each day. I hate to even think of somebody close to me, that I love . . . gone . . . dead. We must try to remember this person when he or she was alive. When he or she was involved in many activities. We should look at the person . . . not sorry . . . for if God wanted them alive . . . they would be. We all have our time to die . . . some sooner than others. We must try to go on and live our lives to the fullest ... as others have done in the past. Lissa Sweetland Creative Writing January 1979 WE’LL ALWAYS REMEMBER OUR FRIENDS, LISSA, JANET AND JOHN, WHO WERE ONCE A PART OF US. 131 WHAT’S IN A NAME? TROLL KILLER KO BARRETA SQUIGGY ELLIOT LUCIOUS LIPS WINKLE SPAZ WEASEL CRASH ADDICT CREECH+CHONG ZIGGY BAINER MOOCH GILLIGAN O’ PUMA OSCAR SONNY BURGE CHIPPER FANCE SQUIGS UNE BOOMBOOM BANANA CASE MONTI DOUCE PIGEON BURNIE BEANS GOOSE WARDY EGGIE BOONE WILLIE CLEAN KIM LANCE MIDGET CRUISER GINNA MOUSEY BOOB DIF GATOR VINNIE SCHMACK WOOFO GEORGE IKE STIEN NHYER NEIGHB QUINNER LENNY BUDMAN COLE KID MOTT SCAYO DUNCAN DONUTS WOTTLE BOOT DINO BETTY BICEPS NETFACE JAWBONE EDDIE ROJ INGAFRED CONCEARNY TWITCH GARBS CAL PENGUIN SPRINGER SPARROW ITCH SUB GOOBER DONNAFRED CHARLIE CORU MESS ROOSTER SNAGGLEPUSS CANARY NEFF DEE SNUE AIM FRO SKELLY COVER GIRL WIMPA AL RONZO FWEE JODI BEE TWEETY BULL MONA COORS SPACESHOT JORGE BISH VETO CRAZY BARBI DOLL WHOOTER GURT LOOP SPOT BUG 134 137 Hornets Capture CAL Basketball Crown NRHS MASQUERS CLUB M turd ay ' ll • V f suwdintq.) iftqijqsrg anj- -»v Y »!»• PM DANIEL H. SHAY AUDITORIUM ■ • tr ' ’ ' - ■ r 1 ijaWM ! !■ ■j l TT l r ' 11 With English Toffee and Crisped Ric i LYNN INGUSH HIGH SCHOOL -s — 8 c r U Imagine 3 1C " Always Have A Dream Forget about the days when it’s been cloudy, but don’t forget your hours in the sun . . . Forget about the times you’ve been defeated, but don’t forget the victories you’ve won. Forget about mistakes that you can’t change now, but don’t forget the lessons that you’ve learned . . . Forget about misfortunes you’ve encountered, but don’t forget the times your luck has turned. Forget about the days when you’ve been lonely, but don’t forget the friendly smiles you’ve seen . . . Forget about the plans that didn’t seem to work out right, but don’t forget to always have a dream. — Amanda Bradley STUDENT COUNCIL Pres. J. Unni, V. Pres. L. Morlani, Scty. E. Rubbico, Treas. D. Ford 1st Row — S. Gallahue, D. McGuire, A. Gleason, A. Murphy, L. Comerford, D. Bellino, C. Silvia, P. Langtry, D. Goodwin, L. Casey 2nd Row — D. Jackson, D. Schemack, L. Ciccia, C. Romeo, C. Meaney, D. Dolan, C. Young, D. Casey, S. Norton, D. Welch, L. Contini, A. Pasquale 3rd Row — L. Prince, L. Green, D. Hutchinson, L. Pasquale, L. Mitchie, E. Mague, S. Rogers, J. Potter, B. Lee, K. Cullen, S. Tiersch, G. Greenleaf 142 JAZZ ENSEMBLE CONCERT BAND i in L V m m j " Fy j r ' fxw ' - r 2 I L f i j Jmtm if i jC Jj i 1 1 F -m ' Jr til v J Jp - 1st Row — Adv. H. Weisse, A. Murphy, T. Silvia, T. Monaghan, P. Cushing. 2nd Row — A. Walsh, S. Sotiropoulos, M. Kodis, P. Murphy, W. Anderson. 3rd Row — M. Wagner, A. Rabasco, S. Burgess, D. Macauley, M. Lally, J. Mollica. 1st Row — A. Murphy, G. MacKenzie, K. Feindel, T. Jones, T. Silvia, C. Stacey, T. Monaghan, W. Anderson, R. Davidson, Adv. H. Weisse. 2nd Row — J. Spinney, J. Potter, A. Walsh, M. Leonard, P. Murphy, D. Harkless, M. Kodis, S. Weisse, K. Sotiropoulos, S. Casey, K. Johnson, K. Heckman. 3rd Row — B. Holden, H. Field, M. Wagner, L. Coleman, A. Rabasco, A. Kuliopoulous, D. Davidson, S. Proctor, R. DiGiulio, J. Leonard, C. Petti, L. Greene, L. Mitchie. 4th Row — S. Sotiropoulos, R. Fay, M. Sullivan, S. Burgess, R. Greene, J. Lones, D. Macauley, M. Lally, J. Mollica. 143 HISTORY CLUB POPSICLE 1st Row — Adv. Ms. Yablonsky, E. Mague, S. Moore, L. Kenty, P. Foote. 1st Row — J. Potter, A. Simmonds, J. Sawler, P. Saia, M. Parks. 144 DRAMA CLUB SWIM CLUB 1st Row — G. Baxter, Adv. Mrs. Dell, D. Arsenault, S. Doten. 2nd Row — C. Roche, C. Herrick, B. Keane. 3rd Row — L. Moore, K. Arsenault, F. MacDonald, L. Indelicato 1st Row — J. Doherty, J. Batchelder, J. Quinlan. 2nd Row — M. Ford, M. Parks, D Brothers. 3rd Row — L. Kenty, M. Dickey, J. Brothers, A. Sinnnonds, T. Stentiford 145 MARCHING BAND |iW HqA7 kw JASAir L VI I iiT k P v i [s lift ■ tl i r JIB’S 1 mHL HK Mr m Tm iff VM- j zvL ika I i 0ml ' - Mm d? L 0 jki : w j U . j| m 1st row — Harold Weisse — Adv., K. McLean, D. Cushing, J. Unni, B. Anderson, T. Sylvia, T. Monaghan, C. Stacey, S. Casey. 2nd row — M. Leonard, L. Fisher, B. White, B. Holden, D. Murphy, G. Lawson, M. Parks, P. Litchfield, K. Johnson, K. Heckman, S. Galvin. 3rd row — S. Sarsfield, D. Macaulav, T. Haynes, T. Cushing, G. Baxter, J. Potter, G. McKenzie, A. Murphy, S. Fohlin, K. Feindel, P. Murphy, S. Sotiropulos, D. Fay. 4th row — M. Lally, J. Mollica, D. Fay, S. Burgess, L. Coleman, P. Lewis, D. Harkless, J. Lally, P. Murphy, A. Walsh, M. Kodis, R. Greene. 5th row — J. Lones, S. Weisse, J. Mahoney, C. Petti, J. Leonard, S. Proctor, R. Dijulio, D. Davidson, A. Rabasco, M. Wagner, K. Sotiropulos, L. Greene, T. Jones. 6th row — J. Tobey, N. O’Neil, S. Rose, L. Rauseo, A. Mollica, R. Cunningham, B. Lewis, W. Weisse, M. Foote, D. Stewart. 146 CHORUS JAZZ ENSEMBLE 1st row — D. McQuire, S. Spousta, T. Kearney, T. Silvia, J. Mollica, B. Lipert, L. Sacco, K. Sotiropulos, A. Murphy, C. Silvia, H. Weisse. 2nd row — L. Mitchie, D. Maker, L. Coleman, D. Davidson, B. Anderson, E. Walters, M. Parks, S. Lochirco, C. Stacey, S. Fohlin, K. Heckman. 3rd row — J. Potter, A. Simmonds, A. Zelenak, L. Celata, R. Davidson, S. Burgess, R. Greene, S. Weisse, M. Foote, S. Santoro, M. Leonard, D. Jones. 1st row — J. Lally, M. Sullivan, D. Harkless, D. Ippolito, L. Coleman, P. Cushing, D. Bell. 2nd row — R. DiGiulio, S. Proctor, Adv. H. Weisse, M. Ferretti, B. Church, J. Unni, K. Sotiropolos, C. Stacey. 147 MASQUERS CLUB 1st Row — Treasurer — Aprille Murphy, Secretary — Gail McKenzie, Vice-President — Janis Potter, President — Steven Rodgers, Advisor — Mrs. Welsch. 2nd Row — Cindy Sweeney, Lisa Young, Lynn Sacco, Michelle Parks, Donna McGuire. 3rd Row — Cindy Lorton, Linda Casey, Lisa Coleman, Susan Lochiro. 4th Row — Silvia Fohlin, Jim Lones, John Fedele, Joyce Windt, Susan Moore, Lois Celata. 5th Row — Ann Walsh, Ricky Garbarino, Scott Santoro, Brian Atkinson, Russel Greene. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY 1st Row — Secretary — Ann Walsh, Cindy Lorton, Janice Spinney. 2nd Row — Aprille Murphy, Treasurer — Tom Ladd, Janis Potter, President — Steven Rodgers. 3rd Row — Carol Silvia, Scott Santoro, Athan Kuliopulos, Brian Atkinson, Greg McCauley. 4th Row — Silvia Fohlin, Gail McKenzie, Jeanne Tartaro, Tim Stentiford, Kevin Burgess. 148 YEARBOOK STAFF Jr. Co-Editor — S. Casey Advertising Editor — L. Comerford 1st row — S. Casey, L. Morlani, L. Contini. 2nd row — L. Pasquale, L. Comerford, D. Goodwin, D. Welch, E. Rubbico, D. Casey. 3rd row — D. Arsenault, A. Pasquale, A. Walsh, D. Bellino, K. Cullen. 4th row — Adv. M. Mueller, J. Unni, A. Kuliopolous, M. Lally, J. Leonard. Photography — D. Kodis Co-Editors — L. Contini, L. Morlani 149 Layout Editor — E. Rubbico Literary — J. Unni Literary — D. Arsenault Literary — A. Pasquale Literary — Business — D. Welch Photography — M. Lally Art — A. Walsh Layout — D. Casey C. Windt Layout — A. Kuliopolous 150 HELLO DOLLY The Cast Linda Casey and Janis Potter Russell Greene and Linda Casey The Waiters — Steven Weisse, John Fedele, Boh Whitney 151 FALL PLAY 152 CLASS WILL We the Class of 1979, being of legal age and touched mind do hereby proclaim and declare this, our Will and Testament. We humbly request our executor, Mr. Arthur J. Kenney, to pay for any bills, losses or damages that our class may have imposed upon North Reading High, the following effects have been issued to each member with no malice or defamation of character intended. We bequeath . . . B. Allen — directions on how to get to school S. Annand — a shrunken head and a girls football team D. Arsenault — Florida B. Atkinson — a giant hammer J. Atwell — another bell to paint N. Auckerman — a room at the Green Grove S. Babcock — a horse with 4 speed, an overhead cam, mag shoes, and duel exhaust L. Balestracci — 50,000 shares of Avon stock P. Barbagallo — Peter Puck S. Bashore — a license and a car J. Batchelder — her own dance studio J. Baudanza — enough quizzes, tests, and homework for the rest of his life G. Baster — an unbroken limb D. Belli no — an extra (extra) large jewelry box C. Bigham — a lunch without a food fight (meatballs, jello, peanuts, etc.) R. Bishop — a voice to speak with We grant to . . . T. Bradley — a criminal R. Brandt — a new leather jacket R. Brooks — all of Kitty’s pizza that he wants J. Brothers — her own volleyball court E. Brown — his own furniture store D. Bubar — a Chinese duck K. Bugden — a lead foot K. Bunker — a passing grade in Mrs. Welsch class K. Burgess — an executive office at Finast J. Burke — collision insurance for life E. Butler — a lifetime supply of chocolate chip cookies K. Campbell — one free cup of coffee every morning, compliments of Mr. Donut J. Canavan — an alarm clock D. Casey — lessons from Fred L. Casey — her own stage and directors chair C. Cerasoli — Steve L. Ciccia — a map of North Reading and a pocket watch T. Cohan — a house in North Reading P. Colbume — a vacation at Lanes End T. Coleman — an ounce E. Collins — a new pair of knees J. Collins — a box of hats from backstage L. Comerford — a new car (corvette?) R. Conneamey — a cookbook L. Contini — seasons tickets to the Red Sox R. Coombs — an understudy in one of Clark Gables movies M. Correale — a Rainbow girl M. Craft — salad dressing with cheese L. Creilson — lifetime supply of groceries at Atlantic J. Crowley — manager of his own gas station J. Cucco — a football rally once a week K. Cullen — blood poisoning C. D’Entremont — God’s best gift K. Dalton — Ricky R. Davidson — free music lessons D. Denicourt — a talk with himself M. DeSimone — a role in Barretta D. Dewar — a gold plated easel John Doherty — an owl Jim Doherty — a book “How to impersonate Women” D. Dolan — a gas pump M. Donegan — his own gym to wrestle in T. Donnelly — a new set of unblinking eye lashes M. Donavan — all expense paid trip to Ireland S. Doten — a backstage pass to a Bob Dylan concert P. Doucette — a memory S. Douglas — a last name that isn’t a first name We leave . . . A. Duncan — amplifiers for her voice L. Dumey — Robert K. Duval — Reading High School J. Endicott — a quick recovery J. Fancy — casual attire D. Fino — a free pass to Gloria Stevens C. Fisher — Mrs. Brady’s position B. Fitch — a muzzle E. Fitzpatrick — a corvette T. Flanders — his own pack of cigarettes Heidi Florence — an endless party Holly Florence — a first period study S. Fohlin — the ownership of Singer Sewing D. Ford — a wrestlers diet M. Ford — a bottle of No-Doze M. Fritsch — the best of luck R. Gallahue — the Heinsman trophy S. Gallahue — a bit of confidence R. Garbarino — more competition A. Genovese — a cougar to beat on D. Giangrande — Gilligans Island K. Gillis — 1001 ways to get there A. Gleason — one more mood We confer upon . . . D. Goodwin — a retirement at Spartan Paint L. Gormley — a gander L. Green — a colored bangle bracelet for each day of the year R. Greene — a hassle free talent show G. Greenleaf — the grave D. Griffin — her old horse Sherri T. Grinley — gypsy rose lee D. Gunning — a razor B. Hamilton — platform shoes J. Hammond — a mouse C. Hansen — a one way ticket out I. Hansen — a summer vacation in North Reading M. Higgins — his own mountain to ski down J. Hilton — 1 meter squared M. Hogan — Underground P. Howard — a full game of soccer L. Indelicato — Austin Prep C. Jackson — a name tag so everyone will know who he is 156 D. Jackson — a wind up for the back of her Volkswagon T. Jackson — a job at Green Grove M. Johnson — a new car with a radio that plays only Freebird L. Kelley — lessons on how to frown L. Kenty — tranquillizers B. King — a king J. Knight — a free pass at McDonalds D. Kodis — a book, “How to be a Geologist” A. Kuliopulos — layout lessons from Ellen T. Ladd — a trip to Montana via Shelton M. Lally — his own photography studio P. Langtry — 20 lbs. P. Leblanc — a car without dents D. Lee — her own business M. Leonard — megaphone C. Lord — a conehead C. Lorton — lessons on how to smile J. Lupo — a new pair of track shoes R. Lytle — dinner with Steve Martin G. Macauley — his own jazz band F. MacDonald — a mannequin V. MacDonald — Chris E. Mague — a pound of candy and 10 packs of bubble gum D. Maker — a nice wedding D. Mangene — his own cruiser L. Martindale — a spill proof glass S. Mayo — his own 3 ring circus G. McKenzie — enrollment in an all boys school L. McManus — a new first name P. McMenimen — a new nose B. McSheehy — a pair of jeans B. McTague — a set of encyclopedias on jokes We donate . . . C. Meaney — a limousine service from Brockton to North Reading C. Messinger — a steady job A. Mollica — a Farrah Fawcett midget doll T. Monaghan — a toupee K. Montford — a disconnected battery L. Moore — a bottle of vitamins K. Mootrey — a date with Foreigner E. Morlani — a Camaro R. Morrissey — a new engine A. Murphy — the presidency E. Murphy — typing erasers P. Nelson — spare parts to a Caddy L. Nephew — a teaching certificate in Tsong so do R. Neth — a car with a bigger engine B. Nichols — another chance at her license S. Norton — Hit or Miss D. O’Brien — his own garbage truck D. Oliver — a book, “How to run a Senior Class” S. Osgood — a baseball career J. O’Toole — bullets for her rifle D. Owen — a father that doesn’t look like a president J. Panzer — a harmonica with complete lessons L. Parsons — her own album A. Pasquale — a license R. Paul — a girl friend E. Pearce — a diploma L. Peck — summer of ’78 K. Penney — 5 more months of school S. Petrosino — a little Italy A. Pierce — a few extra pounds M. Pijoan — a 1st place ribbon from a 50 mile race M. Polito — a hair dryer J. Potter — a chance on Broadway L. Pottle — 100 piddidles L. Prince — a king R. Pronovost — his old Vega B. Proudy — a real guitar D. Puzzo — a brand new piano J. Quinlan — her own private basketball court L. Rauseo — stilts D. Rich — some growning up D. Richardson — a pair of scissors and a comb D. Ridgley — Lynard Skynard J. Robinson — a week With Friday C. Roche — a discotheque S. Rogers — better funny jokes C. Romeo — a bottle of peroxide L. Rooney — whipped cream to throw at Dean J. Rose — a tour with nervous eaters S. Rose — a dozen roses We present . . . P. Ross — a new hat E. Rubbico — a full tank of gas D. Russo — a new car T. Ryland — a never ending bag P. Saia — her author to publish her books S. Santoro — a meatball sub E. Schaitel — a voice box D. Schemack — a cure of poison ivy T. Schoolcraft — some vitamins C. Shaw — a voice C. Silvia — six inch heels R. Smith — some time with Carl Lisa Spindler — a free pizza at Captains Lori Spindler — her own raceway J. Spinney — a paintbrush J. Spousta — publishing rights for his Creative Writing Journal K. Sprague — a fruit orchard L. Staff — a sparrow D. Standley — a 200 game D. Starrett — his old stationwagon D. Steadman — a Reggie bar T. Stentiford — a new Volkswagon W. Sorey — her own riding school P. Strachen — 1001 ways to get out of cuts We Give E. Sutton — Mary J. Tartaro — a BUDman D. Taylor — a car that will take her to the White Mountains S. Thibodeau — a pair of brass knuckles P. Thomits — a free driver education course S. Tiersch — tryouts with the Celtics J. Unni — a 1001 outrageous excuses for any occasion R. Vittozzi — fingers J. Waitt — a dot to dot book A. Walsh — the golden paintbrush award R. Ward — a private place to have his own fights R. Ware — a bee W. Weeden — Ava Gardner S. Weisse — princess Leia D. Welch — anything but blond hair M. Wellspring — under 8.0 M. Williard — a years subscription FWEE R. Williamson — a position as chief bogger C. Windt — a vacation in Hawaii D. Zickefoose — season tickets to New York Yankees C. Zimke — a pronounceable last name C. Zwicker — a high school diploma Mr. Mueller — a new Yearbook staff and a bottle of Excedrin • » ' « « . 1 t ? ’ 1 1 n ' " SPAGHETTI SUPPER 158 Not another one of his jokes! There’s always another tomorrow. I’m a soul man. TALENT SHOW Nag, nag, nag How did they ever con me into this? 160 Go Greased Lightning Go! Two heads are better than one. Don’t rain on my parade. 161 One Wild Crazy Class! Two parental units. Talent Show Fever — LIVE! Liberace at work. Start pouring the booze. 162 0 P ' S’ 9 — — £ p (p Z P ' S ' £- U " XtTOTI — fbpZJ’P C UVh Meanly Ken SpragMC. C-hris Ccrasoli 164 165 +■ o — Ucr tcDv-.-cj-c 5: o ' S)- p v_d p a - -i p cy r -+ f td 167 A SPECIAL THANKS . . . We wanted to reserve a few pages in the Yearbook to aeknowledge those faculty members who do not receive much recognition. Many students benefit through their efforts by broadening their education. Mr. Sticklor, Mrs. White, Mrs. Young, Mr. Jeanes, Mr. Hughes, Mrs. Rosenthal, Mrs. O’Donnell, Mrs. Rich, Mr. Goldberg, and Mr. Vennard — we would like to thank you for your support and interest in the class of 1979. Mr. Sticklor — Industrial Arts Mrs. Young — Home Economics Mr. Jeanes — Industrial Arts 168 Mr. Hughes — Art Chairman Mrs. Rich — SEEM Mr. Vennard — Industrial Arts 169 Mrs. Rosenthal — Home Economics Mrs. O’Donnell — Resource Room Mr. Goldberg — SEEM A SPECIAL THANKS FROM THE ’79 YEARBOOK STAFF TO LORING STUDIOS AND GUY GARON. A special thanks to Mr. Max Mueller for the time he has dedicated to the 1979 Yearbook. He has given us a lot of his help and understanding, but most of all he has given much patience. H is sense of humor, along with his many jokes has helped get the staff through many tough times. His ideas and suggestions have been greatly appreciated for this has been our first year as well as his. We would like to thank him for he has worked above and beyond his duty to make this year’s book a success. 170 r Compliments of Best Wishes and Success To the Class of 79 Hornet s Nest Fireside Specialties 132 Park St. 944-5157 V J J r - r May the Luck of the Irish Be with the class of ’79 Horseshoe Lounge Rt. 28 No. Reading Host Hostess Pat Veronica Lee Compliments of North Reading Transcript J V 172 Good Luck 79 North Reading Education Association V J r a r a Compliments of Ryer’s Store Best Wishes to the class of ’79 from Bob Russell and Warren Pearce class of 1966 J V 173 Join the people who’ve joined the Army. Best Wishes to the Class of ’79 Dr. Arthur Dr. George Lundstedt Dr. Donald J. Lynch DMD Dr. Nicholas Marinakis Dr. Donald Stackhouse V J r Congratulations from A lot of young men and women have discovered a good place to invest their time . . . The Army. What they’ve found here, they may not have been able to get anywhere else. Some came to learn a skill. With training in hundreds of different fields to choose from. Some came for the chance to travel in Europe, Korea, Alaska, the Canal Zone, Hawaii, or almost anywhere in the U.S.A. Some came to meet a unique personal challenge. Like as- suming responsibility at an early age. Some came to get a start on their college education on tneir own time. With the Army paying up to 75fl of the tuition for approved courses. And some came to do something positive for their country. Which is a pretty good reason in itself. Call Army SSG Tom Bolan 245-1755 Join the people who’ve joined the Army. V -J OUR OFFICE IN THE HISTORIC “JARED MCLANE HOUSE” Northrup Associates, Inc. REALTORS The Tryders The Real Estate People J V 148 Park Street North Reading NORMAN E. NORTHRUP 174 r Compliments of Sunnyhurst Farms and Sunnyhurst Dairy Congratulations to Class of 1979 Leo Meltzer Furniture Inc. 1 10 Main Street North Reading V J J r a r - Congratulations from Joe Price’s Center Rexall Drug 4 Washington Street North Reading 664-4561 Best Wishes to Class of 1979 from Carr’s Stationner’s v 175 Patients Cared For Bv Appointment Phone: (617) 664-4455 CHIROPRACTIC ASSOCIATES 2 Washington Street North Reading, Mass. 01864 Congratulations Dr. Wayne W. Reetz class of ’79 Dr. Allan R. Steingisser Dr. Steven Galena Moynihan’s North Congratulations to Class of 1979 from Chiropractic Associates 2 Washington Street North Reading , Reading V. J V a r tVv2l We Can Serve Your Every Banking Need! m winter hill m federal savings MAIN OFFICE: 342 Broadway, Somerville 666-8600 BRANCH) OFFICES: 5 Cutter Avenue, Somerville Rte 28 (Atlantic Plaza), North Reading 664-6303 Revere Beach Pkwy (Parkway Plaza), Chelsea 884-5904 Lynn Fells Pkwy (Caldor Plaza), Saugus 233-4721 50 Western Ave, Lynn 599-7434 Atlantic Pit JPFRMAWKETS Atlantic Supermarkets 30 Haven Street, Reading, Mass. 01867 265 Main Street, No. Reading, Mass. 01864 177 FOR PEOPLE ON THE MOVE 24-Hour Jet-Style Banking withMELBANK No. READING WILMINGTON HEAD ' MO STONEHAM MELROSE TOWERS Close to Logan .... 24-Hour anytime banking when you need it! MELR SE SWINGS BANK 476 Main SI., Melrose, Mass. (617)665-0125 Rte. 1 29, Lucci ' s Shopping Center, Wilmington, Mass. (61 7) 658-5775 Two Washington St. (Route62), North Reading. Mass. (617)664-5778 27 Melrose St., Towers Plaza, Melrose, Mass. (617)665-2400 274 Main St., Reading, Mass. (617)942-0530 240 Main St., Stoneham, Mass. 02180 (617)438-0785 178 Congratulations Class of 79 a r -BEST WISHES FOR A “ BRITE ' FUTURE- x B rite v A ' Lite Electrical Service, Inc. " NEED AN OUT LET : WE HAVE THE CONNECTIONS " RESIDENTAL- COMMERCIAL- MASS. 0rN.H. LICENSED ELECTRICIANS TELEPHONE 664-4164 The Real Estate Center At the Heritage Building 133 Main Street Route 28 944-3949 " BUCKO ' S " SPORTING GOODS, INC. INDIVIDUAL AND TEAMS OUTFITTED 289 MAIN STREET NO. READING, MASS. 01864 179 (Eras u) ell funeral Home ELLSWORTH CROSWELL. Director . . Established 1912 19 BOW STREET cc A NORTH READING DD4 OUO I 180 Best of Luck Class of 79 Lil’ Peach a r J v a r J v Congratulations and Best of Luck Class of 1979 The Center Cut 135 Park St. 664-8503 North Reading Optometric Associates, P.C. Vision Specialists Eyes Examined-Contact Lenses 133-135 Main Street North Reading, Mass. 01864 944-3937 181 r CAPTAIN PIZZA Our Own Dough Pan Baked Pizza Norman C. Marquis Reg. Optician THE OPTICAL IMAGE Pizza — Hot-Oven Subs — Roast Beef Spaghetti — Greek Salad Family Restaurant Food and Atmosphere of Good Taste Mon.-Tues.-Wed.-Thurs. 11 a.m.-12 p.m. Fri. Sat. 11 a.m.-l a.m. Sun. 11 a.m.-ll p.m. COMPLETE OPTICAL SERVICE Norman’s Optical Image The Optical Image 8 Atlantic Avenue 133 Main Street Marblehead, Ma. 01945 No. Reading, Ma. 01864 Tel. 631-3328 Tel. 664-6211 V J A BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 79 FRED A. KEYES 182 r You have a bright future waiting for you . . . make the most of it. MALDEN COOPERATIVE BANK 172 Park St. North Reading 664-5116 V 184

Suggestions in the North Reading High School - Yearbook (North Reading, MA) collection:

North Reading High School - Yearbook (North Reading, MA) online yearbook collection, 1976 Edition, Page 1


North Reading High School - Yearbook (North Reading, MA) online yearbook collection, 1977 Edition, Page 1


North Reading High School - Yearbook (North Reading, MA) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Page 1


North Reading High School - Yearbook (North Reading, MA) online yearbook collection, 1980 Edition, Page 1


North Reading High School - Yearbook (North Reading, MA) online yearbook collection, 1981 Edition, Page 1


North Reading High School - Yearbook (North Reading, MA) online yearbook collection, 1982 Edition, Page 1


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