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a eedo FLINT MEMORIAL LIBRARY 3 1550 00209 8306 R For Reference Not to be taken from this room CUV iaecv cocw luuw Aere . .An ' icAeo ingredients: as you like it 12 who ' s who 22 yellow pages 66 applause 72 top brass 74 every-body 96 students in motion 102 blood, sweat tears 114 class legacy 150 a word from our sponsors 152 tn iaeo axi riartare Acre ' 1 High School Graduating Class, c. 1890 4 a iw it ' stl l eoMtA ' cmt i A a icl coAa- co€y oha i to- S T€€£siaf?V ’76 IV-i Nancy Alexander AS YOU LIKE IT We teen-agers are too old to do the things kids do and not old enough to do things adults do, so we do things nobody else does As We Like It. 4 t Where a bicycle rolls, Mr. Kenney is sure to follow. Head mushroom surgeons: R. Madden, J. Aloisi, K. Parsons ll Ajax, the dishwashing liquid used by champions, D. Wallace anc. Belanger. ii K. Mitchell and M. Rooney: brawn-power pauses for brain-power. Just Judy Get yourself together! North Reading Colonials 1976-style, L. Romeo and D. Wilson, strike a pose at the Putnam House, a Historical Society Restoration. ■ ■ Temperature ' s rising in the Junior Class Kathy Coleman can ' t question chemistry Gunzie A meeting of senior minds Seniors times four: Clockwise: Jim, Andrea, Lynn, Eileen Is this the way it ' s done? There ' s a bird in my class WHO ' S WHO " Let today embrace the past with remembrance and the future with understanding. " Nationals — placing 73-75, Jr. Proms 74-75, Austin Sr. Prom 75, T.T.O., Beach Boys Concert, Nantucket, Coates Island, Skate-a- thons, cast. Hunt Labo- ratory, Grants, twirl- ing, K. D. L. A. D. H., L. M. cheering, E. J.S. W. F. C., skating, J. B. P, K, W. K., Winnie- the-Pooh. " They who take the time to help small crea- tures of the earth, feel emotions that others never take the time to understand. " Vicki Adamy Feb. 4, 1974, Sept. 24, 1975, Junior Prom, P.G., the hole. Little One, A.C., G.V., T.S., Dutch and Dutchess, Mac ' s with Fonzie and Tim, J.S., J.E., Nancy, Sandi, Verne, Andrea, " Lover Boy " , that one special guy — Billy. To all the good people I ' ve met, all the good times I ' ve had here in the East in the short time I ' ve lived here. Strongest memories: Nancy, Relation, Kathy, friend, P.D., M.D., B.L., J.D. Sandra Aims Glenn Alcorn " For a student of school, class is ended. For a student of him- self, class is half over. For a student of the universe, dass is just beginning. " 2001, computer, transit, Salisbury, Italy, M.P., B.K. 24 Lisa Allan Jim Allen Richard Allen Football, Falcon, Lynn- field nights, scoffs, Rockport basketball game ' 75, last period study (the zoo). Ring Races, Exorcist, giving driving lessons. Gun- ner, Ted, ludy. King, Shoulders, Chumley, The Bench, J.B., J.D., M.P., B.Z., P.C., B.G., C.H. Ronald Annand " I am not afraid of to- morrow, for I have seen yesterday and I love today. " Bubble gum, " Seven Oaks " , Maine, football games. Spirit Week, hockey games, nephews, orange VW ' s, yearbook. Junior year, June 10, 1975, crazy times with friends. Michael Arsenault Always remember Carol K., all my friends, last period, good times last sum- mer, and camping with J.D. " Today I know, yester- day I knew, someday maybe I ' ll know tomor- row. " Princess 12, Tonawanda, J.P., sketchbooks, Nancy, H.M.J., Godspell, Cleo, Camperama, rejection slips. Kiss Me Kate, J.L., flags, tryouts, Sat- urday mornings. Basin Street, the puddle. Kathleen Apigian Madeline Anderson 25 Mary, " Ralph , Chumpi-the walking zit, Class of ' 76, " Neck " , toilet paper. Chase ' s Grove — Summers of 72-75, Bobby, The hole, Jim- Jim, Mac ' s with Fonzie and Tim, The drags. Long talks and walks, A. M. G. V. B. W. B. C., Lisa, Sandi, Verne, Spencer ' s with B.L.T., Florida, Cruisin ' , Aerosmith, Rustler ' s and Tim. Elizabeth Bakas " Yesterday is gone to- day; Today will be gone tomorrow; But tomorrow is forever. " The Bug, summer of ' 75, C.M.C.Id., Penn- sylvania, Niagra Falls, 5S. AND Z.C. in 3D. Alton Bailey •; . 4 Joseph " Bubba " Barbagallo Cliff Baker 26 Nancy E. Barnard " If you love something, set it free. If it comes back, it is yours. " To a friend who has always helped me out, C.B., Cindy ' s camp, talent show, Jr. Prom, graduation, partying, all my friends. " Some men see things as they are and say why? I dream things that never were and say why not? " — Robert F. Kennedy Boston, 2nd period, S.B., K.D., D.D., E.M. " God gave us our memories so that we might have roses in December. " Summer of ' 75, Cape, B.B.B., June ' 73, Oct. ' 74, proms, C.D. ' s Bos- ton, Elm St., Manfred, the chase, S. S. B. D. B. K., C. J. L. S. G. J., J. B. D. L. B. " Friendship is the in- expressible comfort of feeling safe with a per- son neither having to weigh thoughts nor measure words. " G.M.L., Cutie, R.B., summers at Lake Win- nepasaukee. Spring- field, Fi.F.F., partying, B.V., New Year ' s Eve, and friends. Nancy Bickford Lori Birkmaier Scott Bashore Deborah A. Berton Patricia A. Barrasso 27 Joann Bohn Susan Branch Mr. Nolan ' s English grammar review. Chuck ' s Mustang, the Lynnfield Bell. The Shop Class 1,2, 3, 4, the parking lot, Friday nights up the barn, snowball fights in the parking lot, the B-wing lav. Cheryl Bishop " Nobody ever had a rainbow until they had rain. " London, 529 Party Room 531, skiing, " The Liberty Tree " , P.B., D.D., K.D., S.C., Bos- ton, " Tootie " , the prep, 2nd period, Laverne, harlequins. Ned Breneman " There is a place where love begins and a place where love ends . . . And love asks noth- ing. " Class of ' 76, N. S. C. D. N., New Year ' s Eve, Springfield, partying, talent show, gradua- tion. I J Russell Brandt 28 " You give little when you give of your pos- sessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give. " Steven, 8 27 75, 2 20 75, " Goodbye Again " , " The Way We Were " , P. C. L. C. M. L. P. C. A. S. M. L., S. C. L. S. D. P. M. L. E. C., " I ' m embarrassed " . Crane ' s Beach, morning run, N. R. G. H., Peabody rink, circus, Smitty. Julie Brooks Michelle Brothers " Smiles melt away frowns. " two weeks two days, summer of ' 74, fishing all night, the road to Triton, the roof, Canada, Italy, Mitch, the light, J.H., L.S., T.S., Carol and friends. Francis Buonopane Patricia Burbine James Burke 29 " The only way to have a friend is to be one. " " You-Bargin " , 1 1 75, winter-summer of ' 75, Jeff, sunsets, " Hey look, there ' s a J.V. ' s car! " , Lynne, " I ' m em- barrassed " , M. L. M. B. P. C., J. G. M. C. T. C. N, S., L. W. D. C. P. A. B. D., BS cheering, " Two-Down " , Case, breakaway, Bing-Bing, Uncle Willie, Stairway to Heaven, great teachers-friends, times at N. R. H. S. Deborah Campbell Patty Campilio Maureen Capillo The Bell, Boston, McDonalds, the Prep, Lowell Tech., Ann, Brenda, Lisa, Sue C., Kathy Hi., Cathy, Kathy A., Sue B., Sue G., Warriner ' s and Mr. Nolan, Elaine, Kathy He., Thanksgiving game, getting my license, Ann defending the basketball net, " you turkey " . " Remember the good times with those I love, my friends who will always be in my heart wherever I may go: P. C. L. C. M. B. M. L. D. B., L. B. F. S. L. L. E. R., D. E. C. K. F. C. L. K. D. B., P. C. A. R. R. R. " Plays, C-B-Wing lavs. Parties, Basket-Football Rallies, F.B.Q., Sum- mers 74-75, Salis- craneshampton Beaches, morning run, Nole- son ' s class, art. " Our lives are filled with simple joys, and blessings without end, and one of the greatest joys of all is to have, or be, a friend. " 7 7 72, summers. Proms, nutty friends, shopping sprees, Movie-Day Thursday, David, " My Lake " , — my special guy, Jeff. 30 Pat Cardello Sue Chandler Christopher Cohen " Attain the unattain- able. " C. C.C., A.O ' .D., L. Star, J.G., F.L., M.T., D. R., K.S., J.D., D.S., ' 73 prom, spastic chump, taz, Buffalo, TGIF, Basketball, Track, X-Country, Hockey, the garden. Waterfront!, J. Berry and Jaws McMinna- mon, Gerry F. and Washington, Elsie ' s Eh?. Kathy Coleman Seabrood, N.H., visit Miss Smith, parking lot, parties at Green- briar. Glenn “Blunt " Conant Charlotte Conners Never forget: Freshman year, Kelo, Oz ' s, Rufus, July 26, 1974, the bridge, common, corner, Salisbury, J ' s, the Big " C " , J. Giels Concerts, H.P., Cavalier, piggy ' s, Mor- rison, California, cook- ing, and all the parties. " I find as I grow older that I love most whom I loved first. " Colour My World, May 16, Florida, TV April 4,5, hospital(s), Patty, M.L.M.B.P.C.D.S.J.A., Cranes Beach, " I ' m embarrassed! " , con- cert, Sambo, Hornets Nest, Oct. 25, " Love will keep us together " — DAVE! Lynne Costa " What is today without time to wonder. " Megan, talks, P.E.I. " 75 " , Charley, B.S.A., Paper Route, barrel, apartment 13, Salis- bury, T.C., Frank, Star- lite, bridge, parties, Beverly Beach, Cadillac, N.H., Joey ' s concerts, Jim, riding, clubs, John, hopes. Junior year, basketball games, C.K., Debbie, Red Sox and Celtics games, concerts, ski- ing, " Philadelphia Freedom " , " Mama Kin " , bwb (srg) pjh, " Slime " , Cheese, Don, " Capie " , buzz, neat!, Payo Band, " burnt worms " , headlights, 360, " man of the hour " , nineteen points, the good old days. The " Prv " B.C., Ryers, " the wagon " , J and J, Pomps Pond, Karate Lessons, Kathe " , Win- gaersheek, TTFN, S.L. (L.B.), " Poetry " Chicago. " Walk me back through summer moonlight, take me back beyond the dawn . . . " PI73CCHS74, proms. Chump!, 1st Street, " we ' re lost! " , 6 21 75, the line, escort, locker, masher, " What a hunk! " . Flora, Bonca Boats, Mugs, hokey M. A., L. P. E. J., R. H. L. C., P. C. V. A., J. K. D. A., H.-B, Lori, Steve, Ge-Fry, Tad, Tina. Ted, Billy G., Diamond Jim, M.P., C.H., J.O., G.V., The " Y " , Mr. Conway, Mr. Lucier ' s Sophomore Biology, scoffs, soccer-J.O ' R., The Beach, Hi D.M., S,J,J, C, R, G, T, B. J. J. L. Peter Courossi Nina M. Crockett Frances M. Cutino Paula Dalton 32 Kathi Day James Demetri " know that I am never seperated in love from those who mean much to me. Love and Life are eternal and unbroken. " Mr. Conway, The " Y " , Jim O., Ted, Pistol Pete, especially Mike and Carol. Glenn Deniso Parties at Rich ' s, par- ties at the drive-in, the rumbleseat. Black Beast, tater, three pen- nies, a mile. Kidnap- ping, running away, camping, hubcap, dead on beach C.B., W. W. R. A. J. O. L. S. The Cape, Hamilton, Rd., Junior Year, Payo, Kathi, Beach Boys, basketball games, Don and Cheese, Colonial, B.Z., No!, garden. Red Sox and Celtics, con- certs, " Wouldn ' t it be nice " , Angels, Neat Zlice, burnt worms, QLT, Kink, 19 pts., " Wouldn ' t you die " , svelte, J.M. Sheri DiStasio Debbie Doherty Jim D ' Entremont 33 Judith Enos " Things take time. " Bobby, guitars, Joey ' s, Edzell, N.H., Paula, P.E.I. ' 75, Mitchell, Route, bridge, talks, Beverly Beach, Cadillac, bucket, T.C., Frank, Starlite, H.B.R., Barbizon, B.S.A.M., Apartment 13. " Of all the things which wisdom pro- vides to make life en- tirely happy, much the greatest is the posses- sion of friendship. " — Eprcurus Megan Doherty Chuck Dolan " Very little is needed to make a happy life. It is all within yourself, in your way of think- ing. " Football games, base- ball games ' 74, H. M. H., Friends, D. D., Bridgeton Maine, Fall ' 75, Walks, and Senior year. " Time is filled with promises . . . and only time can make them come true. " Sophomore year, base- ball-football games ' 74, friends, T.D., H.M.H., Maine, Ocean, Spring- time, the Bridge, M.G. Theresa Donegan Donna Dubois " Do not ask me to abandon or foresake you! For wherever you go I will go. " ' Tony, April 5, 1975, Summer of ' 73, L.R. j and J.P., " The Bridge. " ' J Martha L. Falle Randy Filliger " Smile, it makes peo- ple wonder what you ' ve been up to. " The good times Tve had with all the great friends I ' ve made; I ' ll always remember G.M. and L.W., J.M., M.M., Art 3, the " lav " , power mechanics. " To me, there are no strangers — only friends I have not met. " After school activities, Jan. 2, Robin, Sheila, Peanut and Debbie H., Feb. 11, counseling, friends, parties, Mrs. Dell, and that special boy — Patrick. " You are the sunshine of my life — all in love is fair . . . " — Stevie Wonder Dodge Road, 6 22 73 B.J., Snow ball fights with Wendy-Jo, Bow Lake with M. S. R. M. M. M. J. K. L. S. B. K. R. K., Qass with Dave, great times at N. R. H. S. with D. W. W. J. D. P. M. D. M. L. P. B. S. S., cow corn and al- ways Larry. ' 74 baske tball games, Kitty ' s, tobagganing, Boston, Villa, Kil- lington, Franklin St., circus, proms, ex- changes, canoeing. Long L. Beach, Dutch, Cape, lighthouse, Veg., Stables, Midpond, Mutt and Jeff, Jerry, anatomy. Rustler ' s, Mile. K., Whit, G. V. J. S., B. K. L. S., C. K. J. O., B. T. R. A., J. D. M. P. bbCH, B, G, P, C., J. G. B. Z., B. M. D. S. " You can live your own life, making it happen, working on your own time, layed back and laughing. " — N.Y. Doreen Ethier 1 Phyllis Evora Judith A. Fay 35 Patty Flanagan " Remember the good, forget the bad, and al- ways look for a happy future. " 735 House, The Hut, B Wing, house parties, concerts. Summer ' 72, D.C., Miss Smith ' s of- fice, Revere J.B., Peo- ple ' s Choice, Moose Hall Dance ' 75. " Peace be upon you from him who was, who is, and who is to come. " " Kim " , good times with friends, Phyllis and Pat, Mrs. Dell ' s speech 6th, Mr. Con- way and Mr. Wescott. Patricia Florence Robin Foote Junior year, hacking around, " good news " , proms. New Year ' s Eve, parties, shop- ping, Prudential, Vega, beach, Mark ' s VW ' s, 8 16 75, Merrimac, " hops " , movies, drive-in, races, con- certs, and that special guy — Mark. " There is never a sad goodbye, as long as there is a memory to say hello to. " May 2, 1975, Villa, Summer ' 75, mmm- — BBB, Maine, Cape, Gerry, good times with real friends, and above all, Karl. Sue Fitzmeyer. " The wor ld is full of beauty when the heart is full of love . . . Nancy. " Rick, June 12, summer of ' 73, Dream-On, Ann, Joddie, Lisa at Mac ' s 1:15, May 8 and 11th ' 74, Nancy and Karen, Mr. Keyes say- ing Huggie Bear and Kissy Face. David French Donna Freeman Ann Frenzo July 12, 1975, Donna, Bean, drive-in, the hill, H.P., the rocket. Merit Gas Station, Chrysler. Henry Furlong Barry Gallant 37 Stone, Sauce Pedro, Dave, Harry, Shark and Zanna, the Beach, Jimi Hendrix, B.S. Concert, skull, B.K., J.F., J.O., J.D., Anatomy, Maine, The " Y”. Louise J. Geangrande James " Gunzie " Gonsalves Kids in school, football and basketball games, having a good time with friends, C.Z., Salisbury, Porka at the shoe for a few S.Q.W. Nov. 25, 1974, Califor- nia, Lynnfield Nite, Old Route 1, Putts Ac- tion Madeira, E.V.C., Joanie, the Falcon, Middleton and Mac ' s, the Exorcist, Atlantic, Flex, Mac, Pitt, Hawk, Goon, Dupont, Orpah, T, Pat, Bill, Chumley, Pete, Barney, Jennifer. " Love is an act of end- less forgiveness, a ten- der look which be- comes a habit. ' Johnny, the corner. Mill St., and the island May 27, 1971, the kids, the pond Aug. 1971, Summer of ' 72, Donna, Ann and Lisa, A.T.P.T.B., crash hel- met and Donnie ' s house. " Everything comes to he who waits. " Tennis, Salisbury, P.A., Maine, movies, Chicago, hockey games, tango, short- hand, Lou ' s classes, Caviot Emptor, follow threw, Chrissies, sce- nic tours, Linda, cake, and all of my friends! Billy Gosine Joddie Govoni Heidi E. Graham 38 " If you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours. " Junior year, theory, London, long talks, bo- ings. Masquers, Hattie, curtain calls, Marion, " guards and dogs and barbed wire " , shells, K. H. B. M. J. K. L. C. D. A. F. C. D. H., S. K. , E. C. D., Misse, A. L. M. , H. L. W., and 10 . Denise, shop class. Good Goose, scoffs. Death Race 2000, stories, D.M.D.M., J.C., J.O., boo, M.B., B.G., P.C., D.L. Jeff Hall " United we stand, di- vided we fall. " My friends, two math classes Junior year, Mrs. Dell ' s Creative Writing class, smoking in the lav, B-Wing in- tersection, playing cards in the cafe last period, Lawrence Army Recruiting Of- fice. Pam Hammond " Gentle words cause life and health. " — Proverbs 15:4 " Chair! " Pat and Mark, marching band, " Want a cookie! " , cards (Rummney) with Rich, Claude and the distributor cap, Nancy, Andi and Jeff, Mr. Pederson, 12 12 73, " Glow-ri-a " , " And down " . Debra E. Hansen “Debbie” Robert Greaton Robin Hall 39 Doreen Harzmovitch Scott Hein “Reach for the heavens and hope for the future and not what we can be but what we are . . — John Denver. Paul, Ma, Pitt, Batman, MS. A., Gonsaga, Pep- permint Patti, Feb. 28, 1975, London, Sanford, Little Brother, A.M.C.S., J.E.P.B., P.R.J.B.R.L.C.F., and Michelle, Feeble Minds. Maureen Healey Kathy Henry “Happiness is not hav- ing what you want, but wanting what you have. " Maine 1-2, my squad. Wed. nights belgrade lake, 57 Lakeside Blvd., get down tonight, sculptured rocks, Lynnfield, Julie, Barb, MriaNBlm, VaCBKDPB, JJLFCTNW, all the good times with many good friends. Chris Harrington Jb Nancy Hill " All is changed with time, the future none can see, the road you leave behind, ahead lies mystery. " S.W., Oct. 19, 1974, S.B., M.H., K.H., M. R., L.P., S.A., A.M., N. B., J.S. " Kicking around on a piece of ground in your home town. Waiting for someone or some- thing to show you the way. " — P.F. Maine ' 75, J. Giels con- cert, Aug. ' 75, Last Re- sort, M.R.K.C., Friends. Kathy Hitcnins Bob Howe The good times and the bad. The Parking Lot, States " 74 " and " 75 " , Cape Ann League Tournament " 74 " , The Shop Class. " Remember no matter what mistakes you make in life, you mat- ter. " " Twirp " , Nightengale, Colour MY World, M.D.F.C.V.A.D.M., P.H.C.K.L.B.B.K., D.L. — W.D.T., cheering, plays, ' 73- ' 74, Cape, proms, Elton John con- cert, winter walk with Chris and Thistle, Se- nior Activities, long talks with Bill, 92 Townhouse Rd. Elaine M. Jackson " Live just one day at a time " . Water fights. Fire, Big " P " , lunches, camera. Senior Talent Show. Claude Jaynes 41 " Got no time for spreading roots, the time has come to be gone and although I know we drank a thousand times it ' s time to ramble on. " Tobacco Road, Baino (75), parties, N.L., D.P., S.D., and espe- cially Jimmy. Dane Jensen Wendy J. Johnson Doreen Jones Freshman and Sopho- more year with Scott, Senior Prom, my soph- omore year locker, BORING pverty, get- ting out of school early, how Mr. Pederson teased us, the Bobbsey Twins, and of course, Lisa. Matt Jurczak " Old days . . . Good times I remember. " — James Pankow Maine, Red Sox, Freshmen basketball, summer " 75 " , Friends. Charles Keighley 42 Cindy King " Adventure is the meeting of dreams and reality.” Richard, good times with friends, and great summers. Elizabeth Kelly Sandwich, 4th of July, Sandy Neck, Boardwald, at Choate, P.C., L.M. and her F.J., The PL, Jr. Prom, B.B.L.S., Whit, anatomy, U-Mass. Owles, Pink Floyd, security. The Elevator, Pepes, Charlies, Hal- loween ' 74, Kowloons, kidnapped, short trips on fast roads, Beep- Beep, and good friends. Michelob, The Mav- erick, summer of ' 75, S.T., L.S., P.V., Par- ties, the Vans, Harold Parker, The Beach, N.H., concerts. Bill Kennedy I " Nothing is ever final between friends.” I Summer of ' 75, 1 Peaches, underground, f Cape, C.D. ' s, Beaches, I Spider Haven, P.L., ‘ Fay ' s, B.B.B., Boston Elm St., Lynnfield j stop, B.B.L.S., To- boganning 28th F, I B.K., R.R., Good Friends. 4 Carol Kouns Lisa LaCasia 43 Dan Leach Shop class, snowballs, the parking lot, scoffs, stories. “Live to seek God, and life will not be without God. " — Tolstoy Debbie, Nancy, ex- changes, marching band, “8 to 5 " , cards (Rummney) with Rich, Claude and the dis- tributor cap, the re- treat, York Beach, Proms, 1 8 73 and Mark! David Lennon Parties, Munchkin Mobile, cruisin ' , D.M., J.W., K.P.B.G.A.M., etc. . . Florida, midnight charades, Kappy ' s, hockey, ' 74 and ' 75, Halloween, W.O.D., tunes, no gas. Football, “Ted ' s pep talks " , " The 58 " , Mr. Luciers class 73-74, Canada, Good Harbor, The Cuda, The King, Gonze, No Neck, Jimmy, Chris, Ted, Billy, Pete, Mike. Steven Lindgren Patricia “Pat " A. Litchfield 44 William “Libby " Livingston John Lones Marie Lucas " The deepest feeling always shows itself in silence. " P.C., M.B., L.C., P.C., " I ' m embarrassed " . Cranes Beach, summer of ' 75, the Gang, Friends. h,b’ Danc aiia, " xct concerts Berklee Festi- val, Uncle Harry. Doug MacMillan " Now they shall wait no longer, I am ready. " Wendi (with the " i " ), Maine, fishing, C. F. F. S. T. S. T. N. B. C. M. J. O. D. V., Miss D., My Car, Grolier, SST, concerts, P. O. W., Eats Inc., Cedar Beach, my bike, Grampa, tootles. Heart to Hearts with Ma, Kitty ' s Calories, Man Count " 30 " , CoffPotadTry , " IT ' S ALL IN YOUR MIND " . Peter Mague Wendy J. MacDonald 45 ”B wing lav. Dodge Road, Plum Island, Spirit Week, student parking lot, parties. All the good times with Karen, G.O., J.P., R.E., August 25, summer of ' 75, the " Gremlin " , and that one special guy, Richard. Adria Maietta Karen Mannion Donna Marson " It is not known on any map; true places never are. " Sox games, Enny, Lloyd, J.R.R., Kate, Sue . . . mmm . . ., King ' s Sewer, flowers-castle hill, midsummer nights swim, Chris-Thistle-a- snow-walk, busrides, Mac, Ches, Murph, sand castles, singing. 46 Debra Martindale Daphne McManus Bruce McGuire Carey, baseball, sum- mers Eddie, Tennie, Boo, Mrs. Dell ' s speech class, Halloween, C. B.S., J.C., B.C., P.C., Gordie, stories, crazies, J.O., R.W., R.H., J.H., D. D., M.B., sinking the boats at Murts, Mr. Cleary ' s class. Townie rides, Billy and the bot- tles. Dana McManus " Dreams last forever. " Friends, Chester, Jill, Bird, Chuckie, Maggie, Duck, J. H. B. C. K. S., J. F. J. O. B. T., J. S. J. C. M. C., Scully, C. S., Dana, K. R., best friends Tae, Killington, Mudd puddles, 440 ' s Ick!, Anatomy, Eddy, Wit, the beach, " Hi Pete! " , summer camp, sports, hectic, " Dawn " , all the great times. " As a man is, so he sees. " — William Blake Barbara, the moun- tains, Blackie, B.J.F., rock barge, railroad bridge, working in North Conway, Mario ' s, cornfield. May 25th, Billum, Drive-In, bowl- ing. Robert S. McSheehy 47 Matt McMinerney I r William Mentus " Tomorrow ' s gonna be a brighter day. " Jimmy 5 17 75 a.m., Subaru, prom, out- rageous, Middleton, the fire, memories. Sept. 1, N.R.F.D., Achit ds, 5 12 73, I.R., being jealous, " A " Marching, D. A. B. M. L. P. T. S. D. Y., B. C. W. C., D. A. J. B. R. H. M. S. S. Cruisin ' , Chevy, Reading Line, Jo, Katie, being short (Whit), Kitty ' s, run- ning, and always — Moey — Barbara A. Meshna Keith Mitchell " For with slight efforts, how should one obtain great results? It is foolish even to desire it. " — Thomas Jeffer- son London, party in 531, Ms. Allen ' s classes, basketball and football games, summer of ' 75, rallies, especially ' 75. Elaine Monaco " You ' ve got to have friends, the feeling ' s oh so strong. " — Bette Midler Reading Square, " Splinters " , Brenda I ' ll kill you. Basketball- football games, the Bell, Bee, chasing Lynnfield out, Boston, the Prep, McDonalds and especially all my friends at N.R.H.S. Ann Morlani Linda ' s mailbox. Drive-in speaker, the Van, Merrimack, prom, junior year. May 30, 1975, Turtle and Vacu- um, 6th period lunch. Hops, " Tonto " , Lifesavers, parties, hacking around, alot of good times and good friends, a very special person — Doug. Laurie Morrow Nancy Lee Mugford Cindy Mugford i ' Andrea Murphy " I gave up trying to understand people long ago . . . now let them try to understand me " Think it ' ll snow? " . Headers and Gears, " Push in the clutch! " , shootouts, Tortman, Flakes, Coots, Sandi, Lisa, D-AUTO, and the " Greek " . 57, canoeing, mid pond. Singing Sand Castle, L.C.C., spider haven, sneeze, P.C., Mile. K., V. Sommers, my f.j., C.D., pepes, Jerry, Mutt and Jeff, rides, and friends. Linda R. Murphy 49 " Let us live together as individuals, love each other as friends. " Mike, 10 5 74, The Gang, Madeline (Pee Wee), Mass. Art, sneeze, musicals. Yearbook, Big P., Fran, mashers, Kathy, Sue, hokey, chump, 6 8 75, C. George and W. Pooh, exchange con- certs. Ken Nelson . . And all you touch and all you see is all your life will ever be. " — Rogers Waters Pink Floyd, Mitch-a- lobe, H.P., 5th per. ' 75, parking lot w Columbo and my old pal Red, G.C. with A.M. The Fort, 11 o ' clock ghost, the hill. Shoe For A Few, Mrs. Dell 5th period, alky to the end. Big Rock Cave, a lot of good partys with a lot of good friends. Richard Neal " We won ' t get fooled again. " — Pete Townsend Charley, Bob (Gimp), Bob (Haze), Whit, Ray, Al, Rollerskating, mov- ies, golfing, exchange concerts, 18 27, X-C, indoor, Frosh. B.B., Mr. Sid, Pub, Joe, Jr. and Sr. Proms, Cathy. " Live up to your own expections, not some- body elses. " 735, C.E., Railroad, midnight charades, friends. May 14, 1975, Malden, E.L.P.H., The logs, concerts. House parties. The Wall, L.L.B.C., The Hut, cruising, G., expedi- tions, crazy, summer ' 75, Feb. ' 75, vacation, Feb. 17, 1975, and especially John. Howard Nunes Salvatore Nicosia Nadine Norse J Anne O ' Donnell James S. Oliver “Though I am different from you, we were born involved in one another. " “Spastic chump " . Pleasant Mt., skiing, B.B., X-C, London, fly- ing, Marshall ' s, D.E., Jo, Kate, Spin, Coke, and the really nice people I ' ve known. “Life ' s too short to waste, so make the most of it. " Mr. Lucier, Biology, Anatomy, Mr. Con- way ' s scoffs, stories, “Good Friends " , Kil- lington. Villa, good times with all my friends, J.H.J.D., M.P.D. and D.M., C.W.J.F., B. and J.C.B.T., G.V.B.G., P.C.D.B., S.F.G.D., C.S.M.B., and espe- cially Jane. Orientation, The Bear, cross country and track, salt tablets, shin splints, “How ' s your foot? " , chicken. Wild Bulls, ' 67 Plymouth. Best year ' 75, classes with Dell and Cleary, help from Mr. Brennan and Miss Smith, par- ties up H.P., nights at the Shoe, days in town, and never forget N.A. Michael Pecevich Don Peach James O ' Rourke 51 Michael f ettersen Laurie Phinney " The pride of the peacock is the glory of God. " — Blake Compy, plays, teach- ers ' room, " Gone With The Wind " , Crab-Crab, chickens and vampires (3 Jpacbmbyume!), Hate, the ol ' suit. Tur- nip and Mushroom, transit. Gobble Gob- ble!, Annotated Doink, Tssssssi. Summer Practices, Coach Nangle, Mr. Conways ' class, Freds ' die-hard sayings, De- metri, B.T., C.W., R.H. " Yesterday is already a dream, and tomorrow only a vision. " Summer of ' 75, Maine, walks and talks, sail- ing, bats. Red Sox, six, Boston, basketball, football games. May 2, Beach Boys, that song, stalling, what?. . . Montana, Europe, Po- land, Plumberhill, R.K.A.T., the great par- ties, Heineken, great hiking trips, Websters Slide, Pemigewasett, Welton Falls, Nantuc- ket, Martha ' s Vineyard, growing my own, bas- ketball games, sunrise: chocurua, whiteface, gone away: allergy, Whit, Indians, cas- cawash. Glacier Nat ' l Park. John Peck Michael Phillips 52 “If you love something, set it free. If it comes back, it ' s yours. If it doesn ' t, it never was. " Freshman year, sum- mers of ' 74 and ' 75, green lollipops, 2 weeks and 2 days, Kel- lys, 3-28-75, " If " , Peter. Doug Pond Debbie Pronovost " Life is love, life is free, life is you and me. " Oct. 31, 1972, Pretzels, Marblehead St., Dec. 31, 1972, Canada New Hampshire, B-Wing lav, P.C., M.L., P.C., L.C., D.F., A.F., M.C., D.P., S.M., Montvale, L.B., C.C., C.F., and Harold. Eileen E. Reilly Cathy Reppucci I know love is the an- swer, it keeps holding this world together. — Bahlin football games, Italy, rock fountains, the Cape, sailing, cast, Dave ' s, Mac ' s, vanilla, shake, J. Starship c on- cert, Hickory In, Lemon or Jelly, Elton, Bakery Brawls, violets. Brownie lady, JGLA DALCJMBWPGNBSS. Susana Quinlan 53 Partying, Somerville, moving to North Read- ing and meeting a lot of dynamite people. Florence Rinaldi Steve Rizzo " Be tough yet gentle, humble yet bold, swayed always by be- auty and truth. " — Unknown French Mountaineer David Roberts Kathy Roberts " Everybody needs a change, a change to check out the new. But you ' re the only one to see the changes you take yourself through. Stevie Wonder Maine, Cape, concert, beaches, Alvin, Chick- enbones, and last re- sort. Oct. 28, 1975, all the good times at N.R. H.S., junior proms, Kevin C. M. N, O, C. B. L. A. B. S. C. K. S. S. D. B., Mac ' s, the band, Eldorado, Salis- bury beach, and most of all that one special guy — Danny! Sheila Rogers " Never look down to test the ground before taking your next step: only he who keeps his eye fixed on the far horizon will find his right road. " Run Rabbit Run, Dig that hole in the sun. And when at last your work is done. Don ' t sit down it ' s time to dig another one. Econoline, Pink Floyd, P.R., XL, Orford in the rain. Lisa Romeo Michael Rooney Majorette competition, Maine with everyone, Alvin, the last resort, chickanbones, con- certs, HOB, Fun by the shore of Long Lake, Fun at Potomat with D.H., dancing. The Y, The course, and most of all Donald! Maria E. Russo Linda Saleh Talent is produced in solitude . . . Character in the mainstream of life. Heidi, peeper-poopers, hand-signals, tango, Colorado-Utah, cre- ative-writing class. Concerts, Scubadiving, ski-trips, diets. Har- vard Sq., Nonuts, An- dover Sportsmen Club, Pewter Pot, and some- times Rob. Orford, Whit ' s ties -t butterflies, Charlie ' s Chalk, class of ' 37, O.B., My Ex-neighbor; S.K. Doug Sands Mark Sargent Chess and Bidwhist during studies, the Bi- ology and Science rooms, the computer, and the Hilltop. " There are two paths you can go by. But in the long run, there ' s still time to change the road you ' re on. " Led Zeppelin Diane Sarsfield Linda Sawtelle waiting, waiting, an- ticipating, wondering, wondering, when? Treasured thoughts of Karen Rose, Sandoora, perfect timing. Wrin- kles company, H.P. Mutt Jeff, wictor Chicks, MWaa, Boe, 2 years long!, proms, spirits, all night par- ties, cole slaw, houses, Ricardo, Beach, ugg, dreams. A friend is the first person who comes in when the whole world has gone out. Football games, " moof " , " How to be " , " Buzzzzzzz. . . " , Rail- road, " Que Rasa? " , friends, all the good times, riot the bad ones. Robert Schafer Dianne Schemack “Sh ' mack " Kidnapping, P.L., Groupies, Charlies, Parties, T. Sunrise, R.A., J.B., K.M., J.C., K.P., D.W., pepes, the elevator, nutmobile, Harry ' s Park, concerts, swedes, tater, summer with G.V., N.R.P.D., Halloween, Jr. Prom, trips, clubbing, Salis- bury " tout nuit " , Whit, canoeing, H.C.C. and close friends. " Reach for the heavens in hopes for the future, in all that we can be, not what we are — John Denver Nick, swimming, scott and jenny, camp- Donna, Teddy and the kids, Boston, Hearts, Raspberry Turnovers, P.O., work. First Base, Australians, Friends. . . . if man ' s ideals . . . are impossible to acheive he must nevertheless continue struggling to acheive them . . . despite the anguish of his struggle . . . Ibsen Field Hockey: 1974 State Tournament, " Do Not Enter " , 1974 CAL champs. Middle Essex League 1975, S ' mack, Joyce, Laurie, Julie, Cheryl, " Rarissime " , conseillere C.D. " Strength is born in the deep silence of long-suffering hearts; not amidst joy. " Ragged Roy ' s class, Fred ' s stories, scoffs, Peter, Billy, ' 65 Mus- tang, Ned ' s cars, trees, Lynnfield nites, J.W., T., J.D., Chumley, M.P., D.M. Be yourself not what everyone else is, you ' ll like yourself better! me " Got a Byrd?? " , Mrs. Mr. Chickenbones, J. Ceils, Earl, Midnight Charades, New- buryport, " You ' re Weird! " , Donna ' s Hut, White Motel, Crunt, Pearces Party ' s garage, Iowa, D.W. and her tong, ST., G.V., P.A., N.Y.E. and especially Dave. I Kathy Silvia . Linda Skerrett Susan J. Smith Charles H. Sonia, Jr. Marianne Smith 57 att-a William J. Spencer What an attendance record I had. Herbie 1 2, Firebird Mustang-GT, Herbie 2 again, G.V., A.M., N.B., S.S., O., H.I., Tim Lisa VW 12 12 75, A.A.R. cuda limited, prod, by Tim, crashed by me, Honda 750- Canada, and the most important person and the special person in my life, " lisa " The hill, Joyce S., Miss D., March 75, " Mr. Nice Guy " , Chevell, Easter 75, Butch, Cape, Summer of 75, Brett ' s, Debbie, One of those nights, June 21-22, 1975, " Shasta " , N.H. State Park, court, E.K. + Company, Uncle Eddie ' s, Pigs, parties, " Knives " , " Ye-Ha!!! " , Lynne, Con, Moe, Flo, Jo. Terri Spindler Lisa Spinelli " We can make the in- visible visible. " A. Cannon Basketball, Softball, Hockey, Running, Trini Lopez, " Spin " , crystallined dewdrops, chump. Dee, Ski Trip, Why did the chicken cross the street? Yes? No? Eh? Annie O ' D Coke. M.F., July 4th Sandwich 72-75, U-Mass Owls, L.M. and her F.J., Pink Floyd, trips, roads, the P.L., cemetery, 2-days, Boston, Charlies, pepes, Jr. Prom, the elevator, Halloween-74, kidnapped, Kowloons, Tyrol and L.B., Security, canoeing, anatomy, Madison, Whit, and good friends. Lori Stackhouse ski trips, Bahamas, long bike rides, proms, spirit week. Roller Skating, class of 75, prudential, riding with Pam, junior year, pool parties, senior week, Laurie, Jean, Diane, Linda, Jon, October 5, 1975, May 30, 1975, and always remember Bruce. 58 Cheryl Standley " Every individual has a place to fill in the world, and is impor- tant, in some respect, whether he chooses to be so or not. " — Nathaniel Hawthorne Exchange trips, hock- ey, M.B., Kitty Whist, Annie, all my friends. Prudential. Nancy Stern " I hope if you think of me, you ' ll remember only harmony. " W.P.H.J. — 11 1 74, Hampton, the island, green limosine, rye, 1 1 75, goofy, R.L.H., Seabrook, 7 31 75, Prom, skiing? Tenny, E.J. Concert, J.J.M.S., Elm St., bird 5th, L.M. and her F.J., Whits ' lit., Jr. Yr. , ackos, scoffs, Manfred, the chase, Jafs Mirror, C. G. J. S. D. P. G. B. J ' s. Jane M. Stiles Ann Stobbs Mary Stobbs Frances Sullivan Sandi Sullivan Robert Terranova " Ted " The Hill, Joyce S., the house. Miss D., Shoobie-doobie-bop- bop, K.B., the lav, Peabody, Tim ' s, Green Nova, M.D., Summer " 74 " , H.P. 12 74, hal- loween dance. Thumper, Chinese vampire, Terri, the file. Cape, A. B. N., Uncle Eddie ' s, K. R. D., Mic B. C., C. C., Mo, Flo, Jo. Steve Sweeney Lisa, Lucier ' s Class, Conway ' s class. Driv- ing Ron ' s Car, P.C., J.D., J.O., M.P., Ring Races, Rhona, They, Scoffing, the lunch ladies, last period study, " The King " If you smile at me, I will understand, ' cause that is something, everbody, everywhere, does in the same lan- guage. Crosby, Stills And Nash 2 2 74, Elton John, Aerosmith, cruisin ' , the hole, " A.A.R. " , Ju- nior and Senior Proms, mis padres, long talks, grawls, partying, Lisa, Nancy, Verne, Andrea, Loretta, G.V., P.B., C.B., A.C., good times with Tim, the lane, " learning " , and Billy. Gail Veracka Lynne A. Swanson 60 " Hey, tomorrow, where are you going? Do you have some room for me? Beach Boys, styrofoam cups, zlice, mal, bas- ketball, Deb, Kath, BZ, Oct. 27, RMH, 2AM, proms ' 75, the Ship, Ain ' t No Sunshine, Smile!, and Richard. Whitney, Harry, Char- lie, L.M. and her F.J., Newfound, Z.Z. Top, Pink Floyd, trips, roads, beauties, Hallo- ween ' 74, Kelly ' s V.W. ' s, Reed ' s Room, pepes. The P.L., The Get-a-way, Drink- Tester, Musicals, canoeing, close friends, and Johnny. Christine Waller Brenda C. Warren Know The golden moon in the dark night sea. Know the glitter of stars in the sky. Know the height of the moun- tains and the Spirit of the open road. Know the freedom, the joy and the peace in me. Leslie Rene Wallick To all my friends at NRHS: Thanks for the big party, high school parking lot, J.P., J.H., M.P., E.H., V., S.H., D.M., J.O., D.W., S.S., S.D., B.A.B., D.L., Reading Parties, birds, hangovers, and espe- cially Laurie. " There never seemed to be enough time to do the things you want to do . . . " Jim Croce Bobby, Wilmington kids, " splinters " , summer of 1975, " Nose " , Rustler ' s, MCAMLRNB, " BZ " , Junior Prom 1974, Nite Before Thanksgiving 1975, 12 12 75. Donna Wait! Carl Ward 61 John Waterhouse " The 58 " , Football Summer Sessions, shop, Libby ' s Car Day by Day take it as it comes. Holy Grail, Iowa, J. Geils, Mr. and Mrs. Chickenbones, Got a byrd!. White Motel, pearces party (Wild Turkey), Midnight Charades, Bow Lake, M.S., D.B., Zap, S.C., Garage, S.S. and Crunt, the Hole Espe- cially Steve and the " 55 " . Donna Weaver football and hockey games, JBVACDLML ATHCP Interstate 495, Beach ' 74, S.B., J.B., D.M., L.S., " Echoes " , parties ' 74, Band, ex- change concert ' 74, S.S. sisters, musicals, cast parties, Joe ' s!!!, Nov. 28, Dec. 3, ' 75, Pool 2-3, " Steve " , L.G. The things which are impossible with men, are possible with God. Luke 18:27 Ken (8-2-75), " Ral- phie " , " Pokie " , Holly, Pat and Mark, Nina and Lee, Deb, Youth Group, Snowcamp 75-76, Elm St. Camp- ing, Linda and Laurie, and proms. Susan Weisse Nancy Lee Whitehorn 62 Wendi White If I had to do it all over again I ' d do it all the same (wasted). Track with Dirty Dave, cats. First Car, parties. Trig, cast parties at Joe ' s, Physics, Slinky ' s, Mr. Cannon ' s male and female screws, Betsy. David H. Wilson Love is like the sun. You can ' t always see it, but it ' s always there. Sweden 74-75 (Sandvi- ken), Britta, Gustaf, Karin, Dance 10 74, Nobel Presentation (Stockholm 12 6 74) New Year ' s Eve, Den- mark (Jensens, Jorn, Bjarne, Copenhagen), Boston Never do today what you can put off ' til to- morrow. The " murph " , J.C., Happy Harry, Fred, Jazzbo, " Ventura 400 " , M.P. Sharon Wirtz Alan Wright " Among those whom I like, I can find no common denominator, but among those whom I love, I can; All of them make me laugh. Summer ' 74, LCC, Chang ' s, Bermuda, May 2, 1975, Middleton Pond, " Breakway " , June 6, 1975, J.G., Villa, Ford, " Kate " , Whit, Bette, Mile K., Lynne, Good Friends. Brian Zurawel 63 once a part of us . . . Laurie Violette Linda Violette PHOTOPHOBIACS Stephanie Beale, Craig Bigham, Brian Crawford, William Doke, Mark LeGrow, Rudy Longo, Cheryl MacDonald, Sean Mclnerney, Stephen Moore, Jay Valade, Brian Wheeler. Senior Officers: Brian Zurawel (Treasurer), Jim Gonsalves (President), Donna Freeman (Secretary), Pat Barrasso (Secretary), Pat Campilio (Vice-President). Junior Officers: Dianna Storey (Secretary), Michelle Currier (President), Joe Sophomore Officers: Jennifer Owens (Secretary), Sandi Lynch Magazzu (Vice-President), Debbie Young (Treasurer). (Treasurer), Pete Datillo (President), Fred Dobson (Vice-President Not pictured). 65 YELLOW PAGES Vicki Adamy Majorettes 1,2,3; co-captain 4; Varsity Hockey Cheer- ing 4; Spring Track 2; Student Council 1,2, 3, 4; Class Secretary 3; Popsicle 1,2; Masquers 2; Drama 1; Year- book Staff 4. Glenn Alcorn Math Club 1,2, 3, 4; Masquers Club 1,2,3; Honor Soci- ety 3,4. Lisa Allan Majorettes 1; Football Cheerleading 3; Cross Country 2; Basketball Cheerleading 2. Madeline Anderson Chorus 1,4; Band 1,2, 3,4; Art Club 2,3,4; Drama Club 2,3; Masquers 2,3,4; Band Council 4; Musicals 2,3,4; Dance Band 4; Yearbook Literary Co-Editor 4; Fashion Show 1. Ronald Annand Football 1,2, 3, 4; Basketball 1,2; Wrestling 3; Baseball L2,3,4. Kathy Apigian Masquers ' Club 1,2,3; Co-Editor, Yearbook 4. A1 Bailey Football 1,3; Outdoor Track 4; Indoor Track 4. Joe Barbagallo Football 1,2, 3, 4. Nancy Barnard Drama Club 1; Volleyball Intramurals 1; Softball 2. Patricia Barrasso Majorette Squad 2; Tennis Team 2,3,4; Archaeology Club 2; Hockey Cheering 3. Nancy Bickford Yearbook 4; Girls ' Track 3,4; Talent Show 4. Craig Bigham Wrestling 2; Chorus 4. Lori Birkmaier Track 2,3; Drama Club 1,2. Susan-Branch Drama Club 2,3,4; Popsicle 3,4; Yearbook 4. Ned Breneman Football 1,4. 66 Julie Brooks Majorettes 1,2, 3, 4; Chorus 1. Michelle Brothers Swim Program 4. Patricia Burbine Class Treasurer 3. Patty Campilio Basketball Cheerleader 1,2,3; Football Cheerleader 2,3; Co-Captain 4; Softball 1,2, 3, 4; Class Vice President 4. Maureen Capillo Yearbook 4. Pat Cardello Masquers Club 1,2, 3, 4; Art Club 1,2, 3, 4; Student Council 1,2. Sue Chandler Varsity Softball 1,2; Masquers 1; Co-Editor Yearbook 4. Chris Cohan Gymnastics 1,2,3, 4; Track 3,4; Swim Program 4; Foot- ball 4. Kathy Coleman Basketball 1,2, 3,4; Outdoor Track and Field 1,2, 3, 4; Cross Country 4; Student Council 3,4; Athletic Council 3,4; Talent Show 4. Lynne Costa Girls Track 1,2; Football Cheerleader 3; Co-Captain 4; Basketball Cheerleader 2,3; Hockey Cheerleader 4. Peter Courossi Basketballl,2; Soccer 2,3,4; Fran Cutino Band 1,2, 3, 4; Play 3; Musicals 3,4; Masquers 3,4; Secre- tary 1; Student Council 1,2; COPE 1; Yearbook Literary Co-Editor 4. Paula Dalton Color Guard 3; Masquers Club 1; Honor Society 3,4. Kathi Day Movie Committee 1,2; Softball 2,3; Popsicle 3; Talent Show 4. Jim Demetri Football 1,2, 3, 4; Basketball 1,2. Glenn Deniso Hockey 4; Swim Program 4; Baseball 2; Hockey 2. Jim D ' Entremont Hockey 1,2, 3, 4. Debbie Doherty Newspaper 2; Popsicle 2,3; Softball 2; Yearbook 4; Tal- ent Show 4; Movie . .Committee 2; Math Club. Megan Doherty Color Guard 2. Theresa Donegan Masquers ' Club 1; Volleyball Intramurals 1; CSF Drive 3,4; Yearbook 4; Talent Show 4. Donna Dubois Masquers ' Club 1; Volleyball Intramurals 1,2; Year- book 4; Talent Show 4; CSF Drive 3,4. Judith Enos Student Council 1,2; Basketball 2; Color Guard 4. Doreen Ethier Art 3,4; Basketball 3; Talent Show 4. Judy Fay Field Hockey 2,3,4; Gymnastics 1,2; Masquers ' Club 3; Hockey Cheering 4; Student Council 2,3,4; Band 1,2,3,4. Jean Fino Masquers ' Club 1; Drama Club 1,2; Color Guard 3. Sue Fitzmeyer Student Council 1,2, 3, 4; Tennis 2,3,4; Masquers ' Club 1,2, 3, 4; Y.E.S. 4; Talent Show 4; Ski Club 4. Patty Flanagan Gymnastics 1,2, 3, 4. Robin Foote Chorus 1,3,4. Donna Freeman Softball 1,2, 3,4; Basketball 1,2; Band 1,2,3; Student Council 1; Secretary 4. Louie Giangrande Football 1. 67 James Gonsalves Football 1,2,3, 4; Track 2,3,4; Basketball 1,2; Class Pres- ident 1,4; National Honor Society 3,4. Billy Gosine Football 2. Heidi Graham Tennis 1,2, 3, 4; Bob Greaton Indoor Track 2,3,4; Outdoor Track 2,3,4; Soccer 3,4. Jeff Hall Hockey 1. Robin Hall Drama Club 1,2, 3, 4; Color Guard 2; Co-Captain 3; Chorus 1,2,3, 4; Band 3,4; Dance Band 3,4; Masquers Club 1,2,3, 4, (President 3,4); Fall Play 3,4; Musicals 2,3,4; Pam Hammond Drama Club 1,2; Tutoring 1,3; Talent Show 4; CSF 2,3; Fashion Show 1,2. Debra Hanson Chorus 1,2, 3, 4; Band 4; Marching Band 4; Masquers Club 1,2,3,4. Chris Harrington Football 1; Basketball 1. Doreen Harzmovitch Majorettes 1,2,3, Co-Captain 4; Hockey Cheering 4; Student Council 1,2, 3,4. Kathy Henry Drama Club 1,2, 3,4; Masquers ' Club 2,3,4; Basketball 2; Color Guard 2,3, Co-Captain 3, Captain 4; S.E.E.M. 4; Talent Show 4. Kathy Hitchins Softball 1. Bob Howe Football 1; Wrestling 1,2, 3,4. Elaine Jackson Football Cheering 1,2, 3, 4; Student Council 1,2,3; Mus- icals 1,2,4; Fall Plays 1,2; Student Advisory Board 3; Masquers ' Club 1,2,3; CSF Drive 2,3. Claude Jaynes Masquers ' Club 1,2, 3,4; Lab Assistant 1,2; Yearbook Photographer 4. Dane Jensen Band 1; Football 1,2,3. Doreen Jones Musicals 1,2, 3, 4; Chorus 1,2, 3, 4; Masquers ' Club 1,2,3,4. Matt Jurczak Hockey 1,2, 3, 4. Charles Keighley Basketball 1; Baseball 2,3. Beth Kelly Basketball 1; Masquers ' Club 3,4; Honor Society 3,4; Student Council 4. Bill Kennedy Band 1,2. Cindy King Drama Club 1,2; Secretary 2; Vice-President 3; Student Council 2,3; Track 2,3; N.H.S. 3,4. Carol Kouns Art Club 2,3,4. Lisa LaCasia Gymnastics 1,2,3, 4; Field Hockey. David Lennon Basketball 1. Pat Litchfield Band 1,2, 3, 4; Chorus 1,2, 3, 4; Dance Band 2,3,4; Mad- rigals 3; Masquers ' Club 1,2, 3,4; Band Council 4. William Livingston Football 1,2, 3, 4; Track 1; Baseball 2. John Lones Soccer 1,3,4; Hockey 2,3,4. Marie Lucas Art Club 2,3,4. Wendy MacDonald Gymnastics 1,2,3; Chorus 1. 68 EYE PROTECTION BE USED IN THIS Doug MacMillan Dance Band 3,4; Band 1,2, 3, 4; Talent Show 4. Linda Mahoney Masquers ' Club 1,2,3; Gymnastics 3. Debra Martindale Track 1; Field Hockey 2,3,4; Basketball 1,2, 3, 4; Tennis 2,3,4; Student Council 1,2, 3,4; Masquer ' s Club 1,2, 3, 4. Bruce McGuire Soccer 3,4; Hockey 3,4. Matt Mclnerney Outdoor Track 1; Football 2,4; Hockey 2,3,4; Sean Mclnerney Football 3,4; Daphne McManus Field Hockey 2,3,4; Gymnastics 1,2, 3, 4; Track 1,2, 3, 4; Barbara Meshna Band 1,2, 3,4; Masquers 1,2, 3, 4; Musicals 3,4; Basket- ball 1,2; Track 1; Field Hockey 2; Cross Country 3; Keith Mitchell Basketball 3,4; Captain 4. Ann Morlani Basketball 1,2; Softball 2,3; Yearbook 4; Archeology 3; Masquers 3. Nancy Mugford Basketball 2; Volleyball 2; Band 1,2, 3, 4; Chorus 1; Masquers 1,2, 3, 4; Musical 3,4; Yearbook Layout Editor 4; Talent Show 4; Art Club 2,3,4; Hiking Club 3; Lab assistant 2,3; Band Council 3,4; Fashion Show 1. Andrea Murphy Girls ' Track 1; Cross Country 2; Student Council 2. Linda Murphy Student Council 1,2,3; Field Hockey 2,4; Basketball 1,2, 3,4; Tennis 1,2, 3, 4. Richard Neal Basketball 1; Cross Country 2,3; Indoor Track 2,3; Stu- dent Council 2,3,4; RAB 3,4; NHS 3,4; Band 1,2, 3, 4. Anne O ' Donnell Cross Country 4; Basketball 2,3,4; Indoor Track 2,3,4; Color Guard 2,3; NHS 3,4; Masquers ' Club 1. Jim Oliver Hockey 1,2,3, 4. 69 Jim O ' Rourke Soccer 3,4; Indoor Track 3,4; Outdoor Track 3. Mike Pecevich Cross Country 1,2, 3, 4; Outdoor Track 1,2. Michael Pettersen Math Club 1,2, 3, 4; Masquers ' Club 1,2, 3, 4; Archeology Club 2,3,4; NHS 3,4. Michael Phillips Football 1,2, 3, 4. Chris Pietrasz Soccer 1,2,3; Indoor Track 2,3,4; Outdoor Track 1,2, 3, 4; Student Council 1,2,3. Debbie Pronovost Masquers Club 1; Class Rep. 2. Susanna Quinlan Gymnastics 1,2,3; Field Hockey 1,2, 3, 4. Eileen Reilly Gymnastics 1,2, 3, 4. Cathy Reppucci Archeology Club 2,3,4; Drama Club 1,4; Color Guard 3,4; Talent Show 4; Masquers ' Club 2,3,4. Steven Rizzo Baseball 3. Kathy Roberts Track 1,2. Lisa Romeo Masquers ' Club 1; NHS 3,4; Archeology 2,3,4; Year- book 4. Mike Rooney Soccer 1,2, 3, 4; Indoor Track 2,3; Outdoor Track 1,2,3. Maria Russo Majorettes 4; Gymnastics 4. Linda Saleh Explorers ' Club 3,4; Hiking Club 1,2, 3, 4; AMC 4; De- bate Society 4; Ski Club 4. Doug Sands Soccer 1,2, 3, 4; Hockey 2,3,4. Mark Sargent Hiking Club 3; Flying Club 1,3; Debating Team 4; Tennis 3,4; NHS 3,4. Diane Sarsfield Masquers ' Club 1,2; Softball 2; Archeology Club 2,3; Color Guard 3. Bob Schaefer Math Club 3; Indoor Track 2. Dianne Schemack Cross Country 3,4; Basketball 1,2,4; Softball 1,2,3, 4. Kathy Silvia Field Hockey 1,2, 3, 4; Basketball 2,3,4; Softball 1,2,3; NHS 3,4; Band 1,2,3,4. Linda Skerrett Hockey Cheering 2; Gymnastics 3; Student Council 3. Marianne Smith Swim Program 2,3,4; YES Club 2,3; Softball 1,2. Susan Smith Lowell Tutors 2. J Charles Sonia Football 1,2. Lisa Spinelli NHS 3,4; Softball 1,2, 3, 4; Basketball 2,3,4; Cross Coun- try 4. Lori Stackhouse Masquers ' Club 3,4. Cheryl Standley Chorus 1; Assistant Librarian 1,2,3; Softball 4. Nancy Stern Band 1,2, 3, 4; Chorus 1; Softball 1,2, 3, 4; Stage Band 2,3,4; NHS 3,4; Archeology Club 4. Jane Stiles Student Council 1; Drama Club 1,2; Track 2,3,4; Class Officer 2. Ann Stobbs Math Club 1,2, 3, 4; Masquers ' Club 3; Band 1,2, 3, 4; Stage Band 3; NHS 3,4; Librarian Aide 1,2, 3, 4. Mary Stobbs Math Club 2,3,4; Masquers ' Club 3; Band 1,2,3, 4; NHS 3,4; Librarian Aide 1,2, 3, 4. Sandi Sullivan Drama Club 1; Volleyball Intramurals 1. Stephen Sweeney Soccer 1; Track 2,3; CSF 1,2,3. Robert Terranova Football 1,2, 3, 4; Baseball 1,2, 3, 4. Jay Valade Wrestling 1. Gail Veracka Musical 3; CSF 2,3,4; Drama Club 1. Donna Waitt Math Club 1,2; Basketball 3; NHS 3,4. Leslie Wallick YES 1,2,3. Brenda Warren Basketball 1,2; Art Club 1,2; Volleyball Intramurals 1,2,3; Popsicle 1; Drama Club 1; Student Council 1. Donna Weaver Lowell Tutors 2. Susan Weisse Band 1,2, 3, 4; Hockey Cheering 4; Student Council 4; Masquers ' Club 1,2, 3, 4. Brian Wheeler Plays 3,4; Swim Program 1,2,3. Nancy Whitehorn Musical 1,2; Masquers ' Club 1,2, 3, 4; Band 1,2, 3, 4; Chorus 1,2, 3, 4; Madrigals 3; Stage Band 2,3. David Wilson Soccer 1,2; Gymnastics 1,2; Outdoor Track 1,2, 3, 4; In- door Track 3,4; Plays 2,4. Brian Zurawel Basketball 1,2; Tennis 1,2, 3, 4; Student Council 1,3,4; NHS 3,4; Class Officer 4; Musicals 2,3. 71 APPLAUSE He faces life as it is and how it changes. Howard Fast Mr. Landry is a singular individual. His dedication is obvious in many of his endeavors. His almost boundless energy profits many. His work with handicapped children is an example of this. Through his work with The Youth for Easter Seal Swim Program, Mr. Landry showed his deep devotion to " his special children. " As a teacher, he works closely with his students and helps them realize the " joys of Japan, " " the pros of poetry, " and the " B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L Bicenntennial. " Mr. Landry ' s unwavering spirit and faith in our class helped unite us as Freshman and stayed with us through the next three years. Through his work with us he has given us the feeling that yesterday is experi- ence, tomorrow is hope, today is getting from one to the other as best we can. Thanks, Mr. Landry. Any questions, comments, or jokes? " TOP BRASS Mr. O ' Donoghue is in his sixth year as Superintendent of North Reading Schools. Through these years he has witnessed a shifting of attitudes and values in society that are reflected in the school sys- tem. The most significant changes have been " (1) increased concern for children with learning dis- abilities, (2) elimination of sex bias, (3) renewed emphasis on basic skills in reading, language, and mathematics.” Mr. O ' Donoghue singles out as one of the enjoyable aspects of his job " the exchange of ideas with many people in the community.” He says, ”I get a strange sensation when I realize that the children of students I taught at North Reading High School are old enough to be enrolled in our elementary schools.” To young people, Mr. O ' Donoghue passes along this ad- vice: " Set a specific goal and work toward it. Even if the goal cannot be fully attained, or if it is attained only to be found wanting, the pro- cess used in the search will serve as a model for future decision- making.” 74 Mr. Francis X. O ' Donoghue, Superintendent of Schools Mr. Kenney enjoys working with people and with the curriculum, in his words, " being involved. " Change in the high school curriculum has been a special concern to Mr. Kenney. He has been instru- mental in bringing about many of these changes. Numerous academic and sport programs have bene- fited from his influence, such as the Reading Program, Semester Courses, Occupational Education, and an ex- panded Girl ' s Athletic Program, among others. The humanistic approach is the basis of North Read- ing ' s philosophy of education. Mr. Kenney strongly believes in this. Educating young people as people marks the high school as a unique force in education. Mr. Kenney advises young people " to think sensibly about their future, to set reasonable goals, and work to attain those goals — have a sense of humor and care about people. " I Watching the success of graduates, and hoping that ;i some of his advice has aided them is one of the more en- i joyable aspects of Mr. Barresi ' s position as Vice-Principal. Like Mr. Kenny, he has helped bring about many ■ changes at the high school. Changes that he especially I prides himself in are the many privileges that students I have acquired and the humanism that has developed in ; the educational process. Lighter moments occur to educators and Mr. Barresi re- 1 members this one well: After considerable interrogation a i student who was absent (truant) from school insisted that ’ he had had a doctor ' s appointment. While sitting in the i; doctor ' s waiting room trying to have the appointment ver- 1 ified, the student finally admitted that he had not had an i; appointment. Mr. Arthur Kenney, Principal Mr. Arthur Barresi, Vice-Principal 75 Joan O ' Donnell The whole art of teaching is only the art of awakening The natural curiosity of young minds . . . Anatole France Dave Cleary Eleanor Dell 77 Bob Pushkar Edlita Ayer John Nolan Ullllllllllllllllllllll Sue Kerwin Jennifer Smith Nancy McLaughlin Peter Vennard Arthur Cannon Carl Puglia Judy Ferrari 83 Cheryl Bumpus Bethe McBride Jack Goldberg 84 Claudia Dardeno Joseph Clarkin Max Mueller 88 Leo Richard Victor Stickler Gail Rosenthal Bill Brennen 90 Les Levy ' ' We ' re trying to find a way to make you understand ... " Doris Young 91 Kathy Kane, Lorraine Redding. l-r Row 1; Carla Johnson, Irene Berdard, Barbara Parsons. Row 2: Elizabeth Hanson, Rosemarie Steph, Phyllis Hull, Grace Schaitel. Doris Reise I 93 The moment may be temporary, but the memory is forever. Bud Meyer Mrs. Kelley will always be remembered for her kind- .ess and sensitivity to North Reading students. She gave a helping hand and heart to anyone who asked, even though she was only Secretary of Guidance. " Tuning in” to students ' problems is one of Mrs. Kel- ly ' s many talents. A ' round-the-clock friend who could be called upon at any time, Mrs. Kelly was always will- ing to listen and help if she could. A sure fan at almost every school function — sports, plays, events — Mrs. Kelly cheered and applauded along with the rest of us. Although she left us for a new home in Ohio, a part of her remains with us. It has been said that there are two ways to spread light — to be the candle, or the mirror that reflects it. Some people can be the candle, some the mirror. Some are gifted enough to be both. Mrs. Kelly has that gift. For this, we will remember her always. Agatha Eisenhaure Skip Kelley Mrs. Eisenhaure has been the librarian at North Reading High School since its opening in 1957. During that time, she has changed the library ' s atmosphere in many ways. She worked to have it enlarged, to acquire more books, and added a colorful touch with her many plants. After graduating from Weymouth High School and Radcliffe College, Mrs. Eisenhaure taught English at Arecibo High School in Puerto Rico and then at Batch- elder School in North R eading. As she retires, Mrs. Eisenhaure will be remembered for her almost two decades of service and devotion she gave to North Reading High School. We hope she will remember us fondly as we will her. I Lloyd Wescott Lou Reste Mary Zwirner Brad Lupton Mike Fenton »| if|it4W P ' WM kr- ns H|HllllSl« |lil,AUiflfl IfltlUlltl Roy Conway Dorothy MacQuillan Joanne Lambert EVERY-BODY CFF. !! IWSHltVERE ' 0 AMM UHrrED STATES HAVY recruiting station Wondering Full of spirit, L. Masi Cheers on the Hornets B. Rasche ' s fan club Sometimes Mr. Kenney irons out problems in front of his office. Youths for Easter Seals: Row 1: L. Gormlev, A. Correalle, S. Kelly, S. Fitzmeyer, B. Livingston. Row 2: S. Smith, M. Brothers, M. Smith, M. Cohen, M. Reilly, P. Flanagan. Row 3: ]. Jasinski, C. Brady, B. Ham, T. Hayes, L. Barbagallo, M. McClean. 100 m STUDENTS IN MOTION DRAMA CLUB Row 1: T. Hayes, S. Branch, C. Reppucci, M. Currier. Row 2: P. Cardello, L. Cornetta, E. Monaco, J. Stiles, E. Dell (Advisor). Row 3: J. Magazzu, R. Hall, K. Henry, D. Arsenault. WORK STUDY Row 1: D. Noonan, F. Rinaldi, M. Falle, D. Harzmovitch, J. Enos, G. Hanson, C. Waelty, E. Reilly, R. Mitchell, R. Young. Row 2: N. King, P. Maietta, D. Higgins, W. MacDonald, ]. Valade, J. Backhouse, L. Sawtelle, S. Kennedy, P. Ronan, D. Weaver. Row 3: R. Longo, J. Hall, B. Gallant. MATH CLUB Row 1: N. Duncan, K. Comerford, M. Currier, L. Petti, A. Stobbs, M. Stobbs. 105 ARCHAEOLOGY CLUB Ivync- of ' M lXv.N 1 1 ; I, JPiVA ' M’:; llu ' . (]ic, ;l miry le ; ( ’ y W o ; 1 r . ' v ’ V ' rie.ruls entls fjntl 1 ' rul leayc ' ttiy here in 4 106 D. Roberts discovers " Aye, there ' s the rub! M. Stevens, M. Petterson, L. Romeo, N. Stern, K. Comerford, ]. Holliday, C. Repucci, J. Magazzu, Betty Allen (advisor). Student Council: Row 1: P. Datillo, T. Ruggieri, J. Magazzu, F. Dobson. Row 2: D. Young, C. Brady, M. Cohan, R. Mitcheltree, S. Kelley, M. Currier, S. Rasche, C. Joyce, J. Jesso, A. Mastro, S. Fitzmeyer, ]. DiFranco. Row 3: V. Adamy, D. Flarzmovitch, S. Weisse, T. Hayes, D. Arsenault, R. Neal, J, Fay, D. Martindale, J. Gwens. Row 4: T. Cutino, P. Zurawel, B. Laskey, B. Zurawel. Honor Society: Row 1: L. Spinelli, A. O ' Donnell, A. Stobbs, M. Stobbs, P. Dalton, E. Monaco, B. Kelly, C. King, D. Martindale, N. Stern, L. Romeo, D. Waitt. Row 2: M. Petterson, M. Sargent, G. Alcorn, B. Schaefer, R. Neal, B. Zurawel, C. Pietrasz, K. Silvia, J. Gonsalves. POPSICLE Row 1: K. Scibinico, M. Wolfe, Advisors. Row 2: S. Branch, S. Wamock, C. Rajaniemi, P. Branch, S. Stacy. Row 3: K. Spicer, J Tobey, E. Sarsfield, N. Crockett, S. Valiton, N. Wheeler. 108 Row 1: M. Nephew, J. White, S. Stacey, S. Beale, J. Bauer, N. Duncan, J. Thomas, J. Hanson, M. Anderson, R. Hall. Row 2: P. Rich, K. Comerford, D. Wood, G. Lawson, L. Crowe, L. Roberts, C. Rajaniemi, J. Tobey, B. Stacey. Row 3: N. Whitehorn, P, Litchfield, J. Magazzu, J. Kodis, D. Hansen, R. Foote, L. Filteau, H. Weisse (Director). Row 1; J. Taylor, J. Miller, P. Bourgeois, M. Ford. Row 2: R. Lynch, F. Dobson, P. Datillo, J. Monaghan, M. Sargent, P. Cullen. 109 CHORUS FLYING CLUB They ' re Entertainment!! Countess Bordoni (S. Tartaro), and the Count (P. Bourgeois) discuss fruit of the vine with Walter (]. Kodis) and Marion (R. Hall). no Axel Magee (A. Sawler) questions the new Sultan (]. Kodis) and his wife (R. Hall) as Father Drobney (M. Pettersen) looks on. Introducing the Sultan of Bashir (T. Equi). Ill NO NO L. Peffers, D. Arsenault, and T. Cutino snuggle up at Kinkajou Cottage. Uncle Jimmy (M. Petterson) gives Nanette (T. O ' Brien) some fatherly advice. Billy (J. Kodis) talks his way out of a misunderstanding with Jimmy (M. Petterson) while the mesdames (R. Hall, S. Hilton) look on. 112 3 - BLOOD, SWEAT, TEARS A Hornet charge pays off as ]. Demetri crosses the Triton front line. Coffill sweeps the enci for a Hornet gain. Drum Majorette S. Weisse shows high spirits during a North Reading drive. r THE MOOD-SETTERS Colorguard: P. Branch, C. Repucci, J. Brooks, K. Henry, P. Re- agen, J, Enos. Cheerleaders: Row 1: D. D ' Entremont, E. Jackson, R . Ragusa. Row 2: J. Au- kerman, T. Canavan (mascot), S. Fiore. Row 3: D. Young, T. Hayes, D. Bowen, D. Storey, S. Atwell. Row 4: P. Campilio (co-captain), L. Costa (co-captain). Row 5: S. Kelley. Majorettes: Row 1: M. Russo, E. Good, V. Harzmovitch (mascot), J. Jasinsky, N. Wheeler, K. Twohig. Row 2: L. Gormley, L. Filteau, M. Nephew, D. Harzmovitch (co-captain), V. Adamy (co-captain), L. Masi, K. Duval, N. Boudanza (not pictured: L. Austin). 119 D. Harzmovitch cautiously twirls her fire baton dur- ing a half-time show. Rainy day spectators S. Chandler, K. Apigian, A. Morlani, D. Schemack, and B. Rush watch another Hornet clash. Band: Row 1: Harold Weisse (conductor), S. Sidlou, C. Brady, D. Hanson, J. Thomas, M. Murphy, K. Silvia, A. Monaghan, J. Bauer, L. Anderson B. Meshna, S. Weisse (drum majorette). Row 2: J. Ippolito, P. Litchfield, B. Ham, L. Roberts, S. Harkles, L. Crowe, M. Lore, J, McSheehy, A Stobbs. Row 3: M. Anderson, G. Lawson, J. Fay, D. Moore, L. Ferretti, J. White, L. Sutton, B. Lastinger, W. Mitchell. Row 4: R. HaU, M. Casey, S Taylor, N. Olsen, S. Hanson. Row 5: M. Stobbs, F. Cutino, J. Taylor, B. Jones, P. Bourgeois, D. Silvia, J. MoUica, Row 6: S. Murphy, B. Fiendel, S Rabasco, J. Kodis, N. Stern, P. Sullivan, K. Field. Row 7: C. Bourgeois, ]. Davis, C. Anderson, B. Lorton, T. Macauley, P. Bellegarde. Football Team: Row 1: P. Crawford, W. Mahoney, P. Thibodeau, S. Reinhold, M. Heckman, G. Hoyt, L. Kratz, R. Sweeney, T. Gleason, J. Starrett, D. Potter, D. Moore. Row 2: T. Weir, D, Coffill, G. Rodgers, J. McMenimen, P. King, J. Laudano, V, Bonanno, T. Stewart, J. Cameron, J. Canavan, L. Batchelder, C. Gleason, Row 3: M. Ridgeley, J. Barballo, D. Jensen, B. Terranova, M. Phillips, J, Demetri, B. Livingston, J. Gonsalves, R. Annand, C. Cohen, M. Macinerney, M. Quinlan, S. Madnerney. Kelley and L. Costa pause to watch a Hornet drive. Firing up the Green Machine, D. D ' Entremont and P. Campilio lead a rhppr 121 THANKSGIVING WEEK Seniors are Number One! Thanksgiving Week was long in coming but when it came, it came in a flurry. An early snow blanketed North Reading, but failed to muffle the spirit. The Qass of ' 76 led the Spirit of ' 75 in the usual festivities of sign painting and decorating and some- how the Pioneer bell mysteriously turned its perennial green and gold. Before the big day, a high spirited rally sent a clear message to Coach Wescott and the Hornets that a win was possible de- spite the season record. Even a giant Whit offered his canded opinion that " A Hornet victory is no myth. " The Young Americans ' 76 led the school, firing up the fuel for vic- tory in the annual cheering contest. 122 The Junior Green Machine and a swarm of Hornets anticipate tomor- row ' s game. Whit ' s Words to the Wise: A Hornet victory is no myth. Morning arrived in a sopping rain and " Canceled” was the word sent out. But the Saturday after dawned dear and bright and the underdog Hornets charged onto the field be- fore a capacity crowd. Spirit was the right in- gredient as the scrappy Hornets out-played and out-hustled a stunned Lynnfield eleven in the first half as the opponents were able to muster only one TD. In the second half, the Pioneers came bounc- ing back and led 16-0. Undaunted, the Green Machine under Jim Demetri ' s command, broke through the Pioneer front wall. The Hornets gained two TD ' s, but the clock won out — Score: 16-12 . . . Maybe next year? The Hornet Front Five charge a Pioneer drive. Tina and Company MAYBE NEXT YEAR . . . Seniors rally ' round the drum. Reflections on a Hornet team. 125 P. Zurawel takes the ball in stride W. Roberts mysteriously levitates the ball (or does he?) ]. O ' Rourke contemplates his strategy. J. O ' Rourke controls the ball on a Hornet charge. Varsity Field Hockey Team: S. Sweeny, Coach McLaughlin, K. Silvia, L. Troiano, B. Lastinger, M. Bowen, L. Gallant, R. Ivester, S. Quinlan, D. Martindale, D, McManus, J. Taylor, J. Fay, Coach McBride. 128 K. Silvia does a double-take during a lull in practice. North Reading Sticksters battle for the ball. D. Martindale makes a charge. M • r‘ t JV Field Hockey Team: S. Sweeny, Coach McLaughlin, D. Welch, T. DiFranco, K. Roberts, J. Cogliano, G. Lawson, C. Sands, D. Cacanaugh, R. Murray, S. Taylor, A. Shaw, D. Higgins, T. Cutino, C. Paddleford, Coach McBride. 129 c CROSS U N T R Y BEEP BEEP ' 130 T. Hopkins meets a weary J. Barkhouse. T. Sonia brings in another victory for the North Read- Jimmy jumps for joy. ing team. Row 1: B. Ford, S. Mahn, M. Casey, B. Rush, A. O ' Donnell. Row 2: M. Pecevich, T. Sonia, B. Giovino, D. Schemack, J. Barkhouse, L. Spinelli, T. Ford. Row 3; Coach Jeanes, B. Meshna, E. Burke, T. Hopkins, E. Coleman, T. Murray, J. Beaumont, K. Coleman (not pictured: G. Baxter). 131 BASKETBALL Right: C. Boucher leaps for two more. Left: Hornet spiritmakers, K, Parsons, C. Roberts, and S. Fiore. Above: The Varsity: Kneeling: K. Mitchell, C. Wheeler Standing: B. Svehla, P. Estes, P. Zurawel, G. Baxter, C. Boucher, S. Solomine, M. Quinlan, Coach B. Kipnes. 132 Left: C. Boucher bounds for the re-bound. Below: P. Estes hops for the hoop. bove: Varsity Cheerleaders: Row 1: K. Parsons, T. Canavan, C. Roberts Row 2: D. Storey, S. dore, L. Masi. Row 3: M. Bowen, T. Hayes, L. Crowe, D. D ' Entremont. Right: Coach Kipn ■ hows ' em how it ' s done. |38 Boy ' s J.V. Basketball: Row 1: B. Laske, P. Sullivan, G. Bergeron, R. Waitt, D. Silvia, M. Svehla. R. Waitt bounds for the net. Row 2: R. Woolcott, J. Davis, A. Ruggeri, F. Bulter, P. Datillo, ]. Roundtree, M. Bubar, C. Puglia (coach) 135 I GIRLS BASKETBALL Girl ' s Varsity Basketball: Row 1: L. Murphy, K. Silvia, ]. DeFranco, R. Woodside, Row 2: D. Martindale, J. Taylor, K. Coleman, D. Schemack, L. Spinelli, E. Kornechuk (coach) L. Spinelli grabs the ball from an opposing player. D. Martindal signals for the ball. 136 L. Murphy protects the ball from her opponent. R. Woodside leaps for a basket. Girl ' s J.V. Basketball: Row 1: D. Welch, T. DeFranco, M. Pecevitch, J. Cunningham, S. Stacey Row 2: B. Stanley, N. Wheeler, K. Frangos, J. White, J. Hansen, T. Mentus (Coach). 137 GIRLS GYMNASTICS Above: D. McManus seeks a perfect balance. Right: M. Cohan completes her vault. Poised in mid-air, E. Reilly performs on the balance beam. 138 Girls Gymnastics; Row 1: M. Cohan, M. Reilly, D. McManus, E. Reilly, L. Troiano, H. Kuliopoulas. Row 2: Coach Reynolds, R. Flanagan, C. Sands, V. Lawson, T. Reynolds, P. Collins Left: With the aid of Coach Reynolds, E. Reilly creates the beauty of motion. Above; A stopped moment as R. Flanagan moves toward a graceful conclusion. 139 BOYS GYMNASTICS P. Downing seeks momentum on the high bar Up and over, P. Downing vaults the horse. 140 T. Weir meets his challange and clears the horse. Boys Gymnastics: Row 1: S. Ma cMillan, J. Weir, P. Downing, B. Surrette. Plouff, T. Weir, C. Cohan. Row 2: Coach Left: C. Cohan poised ready to complete his test. Above: Coach Plouff intently watches his protege, S. MacMillan. mm i ri 2 os J, Oliver faces off. HOCKEY Hockey Team: Row 1: P. Barrasso, J. Canavan, B. McGuire, S. Doig, J, Oliver, W, Roberts, D. Coffil, T. Gleason. Row 2: Coach L. Reste, Devereaux, . Mclnemy, J. Tones, D. Sands, J. Barkhouse, D. Arsenault, R. Mayo, S. Oliver, D. LopDato, J. D ' Entremont, S. Mclnemy, Asst. Coach Nickerson, Tryder, A. Reinhold. 142 Not this again!! 144 Wrestling: Row 1: D. Donegan, D. Moore, B. Ford, B. Howe, P. King, J. Laudano, P. Crawford, P. Saleh. Row 2: Coach Turner, T. Courrossi, B. Rush, S. Sully, G. Hoyt, F. Desimone, T. Ford, J. Dalton, L, Batchelder. Don ' t bite my hand!! INDOOR TRACK Left: E. Coleman and D. Wilson charge the hurtle. Below: T. Hopkins vies with a rival for first place as J. Demetri holds a strong second. Up, up and over, tracksters head for a safe landing. 147 148 E. Coleman jumps in a backwards belly flop. A quiet game. M. Quinlan throws a fast ball B. Meaney leads the pack. 149 CLASS LEGACY We, the Yearbook Staff of 1976, before reposing, wish to state that the following material was composed without spite or much aforethought. We Bequeath . . . Michelle Brothers: an unbreakable hockey stick. Joe Barbagallo: a crash course at Betty ' s Ballet Studio. Daphne McManus: a ten point floor routine. Chuck Dolan: no-doze tablets. Billy Cosine: a road map to Sears in Saugus. Doreen Harzmovitch: Sonny. Lynne Costa: the " 1000 faces " award. Claude Jaynes: his very own distributor cap. Richie Neal: Whitney. Dave Roberts: a pair of hiking boots. Jim Oliver: his 15th bowl of jello. Kathy Coleman: Terry O ' Reilly. Jim Demetri: Joe Namath ' s book — " How to Complete a Pass: On and Off the Field. " Nina Crockett: Mr. Lupton. Donna Marson: a box of " cookies " . Peter Mague: college life without father. Billy Spencer: a screwdriver and a tow truck. Nancy Barnard: a cowboy hat and a new ringside seat. Anne O ' Donnell: Mrs. Kornechuk. Sue Fitzmeyer: a box of kleenex. Glenn Alcorn: an oak tree. Sue Branch: driving lessons. Pat Cardello: a brush-up course in drivers ed. Mrs. Seth: her own dog pound. Mr. Nolan: the " Best FBI Agent " award. Sue Chandler: a one-way ticket to New Hampshire. Elaine Jackson: a bird in a guilded cage. May Stobbs: an undeniable french horn. Brenda Warren: a yearbook staff all her own. Mr. Weisse: a drum section that does what it is told. Mr. Baressi: a bicentennial clip board. Sandi Sullivan: a Tim Spencer voodoo doll, scotch tape, and some kleenex. Vicki Adamy: diamond-studded roller skates. A1 Bailey: a private comer in C-wing. He nry Furlong: a spot next to A1 Bailey. Bickford: a first name. Gail Veracka: autograph pictures to her " fan club " . Madeline Anderson: a key to Emerald City, in Munchkinland. Brian Zurawel: a rose and some blue leotards. Sandy Aims: a life time membership to the anti-vivisection society. Mr. Kenney: a case of Hefty trash bags. 150 Ms. Kerwin: a bird encased in her window. Lynn Swanson: a frozen dinner. Chris Waller: a handful of skits for the talent show. Debbie Campbell: a smile. Jim Burke: a life time supply of Coke. Katby Apigian: another personal typing course. Lisa Allan: a raggy wardrobe. Ann Morlani: her own basketball net. Mr. Hughes: a psychedelic smock. Michael Petterson: a book on how to " Brush Up Your Shakespeare " . Fran Cutino: a vacuum cleaner that doesn ' t work. Nancy Stern: a fixed challenge. Mr. Wicky: his own loud speaker system. Lori Birkmaier: an alarm clock. Nancy Mugford: a free life-time pass to the N.R.S.A. house at M.I.T.. Robin Hall: guards and dogs and barbed wire. Ron Annand: a neck. Mr. Pushkar: Ben-Gay for the stiff neck and Pepto-Bismal for the ulcers. Ned Breneman: a can of green paint. Richard Allen: a TONI permanent. Russell Brandt: a permanent job. Maureen Capillo: a schedule for yearbook meetings. Kathy Silvia: a private gym. Donna Waitt: a hunk of " cheese.” Mr. Cannon: a senior class who has paid all their dues. Craig Bigham: a case. Cathy Repucci: a life time supply of MacDonald ' s cookies. Billy Doke: last years ' yearbook picture. Beth Kelly: life-time membership to the P.L. club. Kathy Henry: a six-foot-five-inch package from Lawrence, Kansas. Debra Martindale: a bronzed basketball. Susan Weisse: I.D. cards. Mrs. Girodet: a patience plaque. Michael Arsenault: a home room. Julie Brooks: lollipops. Chris Cohan: a year ' s supply of gymnastics ' chalk. Sheri Distasio: Police Dog repellent. Martha Falle: Shoes with heels less than 8 inches high. Rudolph Longo: His own guidance office. Susana Quinlan: a silver field hockey stick. Doug MacMillan: a gold guitar pick. Heidi Graham: Oatmeal cookies. Andrea Murphy: Seasonal ski pass to a mountain of her choice. Patty Campilio: Pit Cliff Baker: life insurance for the yellow bug. Linda Murphy; a case of Heineken. Cindy King: a room of spiders. Peter Courrossi: a pistol. Paula Dalton: a Sunday newspaper. Jim Gonsalves: a pair of sneakers with lemon and raspberry jelly. Mr. Lynch: a sopwith Camel Keith Mitchell: an all senior basketball team. jean Fino: a McBird doll with accessories. Debra Hanson: an apartment in Lynn. Mr. Keyes: the “Fastest Jogger " Award. Jimmy O ' Rourke: a gold-plated soccer ball. Pat Barrasso: free foreign language lessons. Mr. Devin: a book on repairing typewriters. Sean Mclnerny: Wilkinson Bonded razor blades. Marianne Smith: a ticket to Australia. Mr. Pedersen: a one-way ticket to a Utopia. 152 □ Compliments of RYER ' S Arlington Five-Cent Savings Bank Compliments of Meshna Printing 580 Lynn Street Malden, Mass. Phone: Business 324-6155 Home 664-3348 CENTER DRUG 4 Washington St. North Reading Phone: 664-4561 153 PATRONS Betty and David Allen Mr. Albert Anderson Arthur L. Baker Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Barbagallo Mr. and Mrs. Emilio P. Barrasso Donald H. Berton Mr. and Mrs. Roy T. Bishop and Family The Brady Family Mr. and Mrs. A.E. Brandt Mrs. Pauline F. Breneman and Family Mr. and Mrs. Robert Brooks Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Cannon Mr. and Mrs. Agrippino Cardello Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore Costa Ms. Dorothy Courossi Mr. and Mrs. Fynn C. Fay Mr. and Mrs. Harry C. Filliger Mr. and Mrs. Paul Fitzmeyer Mrs. James Flanagan Mr. and Mrs. William Cosine Mr. Robert Gosse Mr. and Mrs. Henry B. Graham Jr. The Paul H. Hall Family Mr. and Mrs. David T. Healey Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hein Mr. and Mrs. Everett Henry and Family Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hill Mr. and Mrs. Walter Jackson Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert A. Jaynes Mr. and Mrs. A. Edward Kennedy Mr. and Mrs. Jack King Mr. and Mrs. Frank Feach Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Fones Mr. and Mrs. Peter Fucas Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mague Mr. and Mrs. John Mentus Mr. and Mrs. Fred Meshna Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Morlani Mr. and Mrs. Hugh E. Murphy Philip O ' Donnell Mr. and Mrs. Walter P. O ' Rourke Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pesce Mr. and Mrs. Ralph F. Plouff Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Schaefer Ms. Karen A. Scibinico Mr. and Mrs. John Silvia Mr. and Mrs. Harold J. Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Swanson Mr. and Mrs. Harold L. Weisse Doris B. Young Mr. and Mrs. Roger E. Wilson SPONSORS Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Alcorn Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Annand Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Apigian Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. Barnard Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Bashore Mr. and Mrs. Hazen E. Bickford Mr. and Mrs. William Birkmaier Mr. and Mrs. Edward G. Chandler Mr. and Mrs. William Cohan Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Coleman Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Connors Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Day Mrs. Peter Demetri Robert Distasio Mr. and Mrs. D.j. Dubois Mr. and Mrs. Ronald N. Ethier Mr. and Mrs. Frank Fino Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Warren I. Foote Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Howard B. Freeman Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Frenzo Mr. and Mrs. Arthur R. Giangrande Mr. and Mrs. Francis A. Gonsalves Mr. and Mrs. Winston S. Greaton Gordon and Pauline Hall Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Kenney The Lindgren Family Mr. and Mrs. Norman R. Litchfield Little Miss Hagnee Bill and Jan Livingston Mr. and Mrs. Walter Mahoney Mr. and Mrs. Edward Mclnerney Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Mitchell Marie Monaco Mr. and Mrs. Charles Moretto North Reading Education Association North Reading Baseball Team 1976 Mr. and Mrs. James Oliver W. Pedersen Mr. and Mrs. Aage Pettersen Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Phinney Mrs. B. Pietrasz Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Pushkar Mr. and Mrs. Chet Reppucci Mr. and Mrs. Sam Russo Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin F. Sands Jr. Mr. and Mrs. David J. Sargent Dr. and Mrs. Donald Stackhouse Robert and Dorothy Standley Mr. and Mrs. Edwin H. Stiles Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. Richard Waitt Mr. and Mrs. John A. Waller Paul and Roberta Waterhouse Phillip Alan Wickey Shirley and Charlie Wirtz Ralph and Ethel Wright Mr. and Mrs. Henry Zurawel The deadline for contributions was March 6. Any received after that date are not listed. Thank you BEST WISHES CYRUS MUGFORD SONS, INC. BUILDING REMODELING 29 GORDON RD. NORTH READING from the TEL. 664-4038 WARREN MUGFORD PRESIDENT SOPHOMORE CLASS OF ' 78 CONGRATULATIONS FROM compliments of the CLASS OF ' 77 HORNET ' S NEST 156 Congratulations EVERGREENS TREES DOC ' S PETLAND 266 Main St. North Reading 3 ACRES OF FINE NURSERY STOCK Lnscvood a ulsn, Unc. 327 MAIN ST NORTH READING MASS ROUTE 28 664-4472 THE WORLD OF DONUTS HAIRSTYLING for WOMEN MEN 157 CROSWELL FUNERAL HOME ELLSWORTH CROSWELL, DIRECTOR FUNERAL SERVICE ESTABLISHED 1912 19 BOW STREET NORTH READING 664-3010 158 best wishes from: DR. GEORGE ARTHUR DR. RAPHAEL L. GREENFIELD DR. DONALD J. LYNCH DR. NICHOLAS MARINAKAS DR. DONALD B. STACKHOUSE 159 Good things happen on a Honda. 260 MAIN STREET PHONE 664-5256 NO. READING, MASS. 01864 PHONE 944-8428 What the world is coming to. 75 KACS 150 Honda Civic CVCC Wagon Today you’ve got it made! See what the world is coming to at From Oil . • Fuel Oil • 24 hour service • Oil Burners • All types of Heatinjr (old and new Homes) • Service Contracts ».to Soil • Sand • Cement Blocks • Cement • Patio Blocks • Mortar • Stone M@nroe AUTOMATIC HEATING SERVICE 113 Haverhill Street, P.O. Box 67 N. Reading, Mass. 01864 664-3113 good luck from: KENNETH R. IVESTER INSURANCE best of luck to the class of 1976 CANDLEWOOD LANES 35 Main St. North Reading NORTH READING TRANSCRIPT I. 161 123 Main Street North Reading 664-4541 664-8589 Italian Specialties • Steaks Sea Foods • Delicious Pizza Complete Dinners Businessmen ' s Luncheons Cocktails • Sales Meetings Ample Free Parking 162 LEOMELTZER Cental and Sar American 664-4882 STORE HOURS TUES. -THURS. -FRI. 10 TO 9 MON. -WED. -SAT. 10 To 5:30 ROUTE 28 COR. PARK STREET NORTH READING. MASS compliments of LORING STUDIOS Best Wishes to the Class of ' 76 C W TRANSPORTATION INC- 313 Main St., North Reading 163 187 Luxurious Apartments Built, Owned and Managed by Davis Realty Trust. BEST WISHES from GREENBRIAR ESTATES North Reading You have a bright future waiting for you... make the most of it. MALHEN EOOPERflTIVE BANK 172 Park Street " North Reading 664-5116 I, Sue Fitzmeyer from the cracked window a ray of sunlight floats like a small staircase to the outside world for here in the attic time has stopped. memories linger in each corner emotions are hidden deep under blankets of dust and only good things exist. Great Grandmother ' s wedding dress with it ' s trails of cobwebby lace. Tommy ' s first baseball glove and Dad ' s old rocking horse, a warmth of life surrounds me preserved by the magic of the room I shiver as 1 close the door hoping never to really close it on my own memories. Madeline Anderson mechanical time, ticked away by clocks wound every morning or once a month, programs our live to rush or sit in rooms for hours, man-made time will continue as long as man makes it. Madeline Anderson Claude Jaynes David Roberts Looking into the lak e, I saw a stranger. A sad face being rippled by the wind. Uncertain, unsure, yet constant. I stood, staring into the nothingness that was my image. It stared back at me, full of terror and fright. Uncertain, unsure, yet constant. Then darkness came, casting a shadow upon that stranger, and when it had gone, 1 was left . . . Uncertain, unsure, yet constant. Lorraine Anderson Nancy Alexander t ' .l ' ;llil I| ' e? ' I « “3- " ‘iw ; Nancy Alexander I sat beneath a tree thinking of the reason for life. Every thought eventually ended the same: death. I guess that is why the instinct to live is so strong. Lorraine Anderson Co-Editors: Kathy Apigian and Sue Chandler Gibberish from the jaded journalists . . . hokey . . . the walking pants . . . Jimmsy . . . mashers ... Is hand biting legal? no! . . . stuck under the tiles in dark corners . . . poison-pen letter . . . CHUMPS . . . munchkins . . . SPIRIT SPIRIT RAH RAH RAH . . . !? ! . . . 16 . . . the invisible person . . . the phone call . . . deadlines . . . puhhs . . . red hot jobbies . . . refrigerator rooms . . . the ant . . . the magic seeds ... a twerp . . . hetlines . . . " Don ' t come to me with your problems " . . . the gross picture . . . sniffin ' magic marke rs . . . King Robert . . . thufferin ' thuccotash . . . the flu . . . the thethauruth . . . Willie Wonka . . . missing the sun . . . seagulls . . . stiff neck . . . the trash-picker . . . dedication . . . " Wait til my mother finds out " . . . the " head " . . . sketchy- poos . . . assorted nuts . . . the search for the roadrunner . . . play rehearsals . . . the locker huddle ... go sit on a cupcake . . . the way we used to be: SANE!!! Photographer: Claude Jaynes Contributors: Nancy Bickford Maureen Capillo Debbie Doherty Theresa Donegan Donne Dubois Ann Morlani Lisa Romeo Cheryl Standley Diane Sarsfield Sue Weisse Kathi Day and Sue Branch (Business Manager) Thanks to Loring Studios, Dick Lowe and Guy Garon, Hunter Publishing Co., and a special thanks to Bob Pushkar “the King. " 171 Layout Editor; Nancy Mugford Literary Co-Editors: Fran Cutino and Madeline Anderson (Hit lA a d (rndji iri tA Poem by Lisa Allan to corner. 174

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