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LH 974.4 1975 Flint Mpmona! Library 1- ' 7 F ' ark Gt. North Readina, MA 01864 FOR REFERENCE Do Not Take From This Room the images of then weave into now from moment to moment then disappear what remains — dreams of tomorrow Contents: dedication 12 student activities 70 sports 122 seniors 17 underclassmen 78 class will 158 memoriam 69 faculty 82 p reserve yo ur m em ory A leaf falls . . . the sun rises; the sun sets winter freezes; spring thaws the tide rolls in; the tide recedes innocence becomes experience dreams inspire reality. all things must pass and so we must be on our way to face another day. A SPECIAL TRIBUTE Mr. Arthur Cannon 12 " There ' s nothing new under the sun; it ' s only new to you. " A. Cannon Mr. Cannon is a very unique person. His understanding of youth has made them not only his students but his friends. As Senior Class Advisor, he has motivated us into ac- complishing numerous goals. With him behind us, no problems were too difficult to overcome because of the unity he brought to our class. Mr. Cannon ' s varied background ac- quired through his education, his experi- ences, and his travels with the Merchant Marine reflects in his dynamic methods of teaching. Special to his style is his keen sense of humor ( " Never start out vast proj- ects with half-vast ideas! " ) which stimulates student interest. Someone once said, " Teachers touch souls. " Mr. Cannon, you have touched us in a special way and for this we dedicate this book to you. Thanks, Mr. Cannon. Jumpin ' jive, look alive . . . Senior Class of seventy-five mmm ‘ M M0M4f SENIORS ' 75 Brad Anderson Kathy Anderson Nancy Aims “Wistful wants are hidden dreams that just the heart shall know. " Memories: Friends, Rallies, hating Chemistry, Tennis, Camping at Mrs. Williams ' cabin, almost winning a lot of things. Yearbook, class of ' 75, lots of laughs! Marianne Alexander Memories: Colin, October 7, 1972, K.F., H.W., Spa- ghetti Supper, food ser- vice, January 1974, Summer of ' 72, Salisbury, The Class of 1975. Ann Aioisi 18 Esther Ansourlian “Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusi- asm.” “Dream of Yesterday, Live for Today, Hope for To- morrow. " Memories: Dave, June 18, 1973, Plum Island, Canobie Lake, Summers of ' 73 and ' 74, Senior Prom and C.K.D. Joanne Arsenault Carolyn Ash “Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to make them come true. " Memories: Yearbook, more typing?, J.B., Rainbow, C.R., Honor So- ciety, Weekends at B ' s, bulletin boards, D.P., 1975, good friends. Linda Atwell “Welcome always a smile. " Memories: Feb. 16, ' 73, June 1, ' 73, Bob ' s class, ejection button, long ride, Mr. Keyes, Junior Prom, York Beach, Fire Works, Dead End, Brandy Pond, My special guy Mike. “A smile is a lasting im- pression. " Memories: Sophomore year, basketball camp ' 72, ice skating Friday nights, R.B., Springfield, England ' 74, Ken, Oct. 26, 1974, The Ship, McBride ' s 2.2 ' s. Barbara Austin 19 " Yesterday ' s dead, Tomorrow is blind, I live one day at a time. " Memories: Friday ' s Friends, Living, Learning, Laughing, The Cape, Summer of ' 73. Memories: The Junior Prom, meeting at B-wing lockers. Memories: Montreal, First Sectional Wrestling Champ, The ranch. The wall, Springfield bed, Jimmy-Bo, FHow ... e now, FHony Johnny, " Story " , Juan at Senior Prom, Buddy in Springfield College, (N.Y., Friends), Daph, Aerosmith, The logs, SIR, M, M-BY, L.M.S. " Love means never having to say you ' re sorry! " Memories: Lester, July 2, 1974, Summer of ' 74, R.B., The Ship, Mac ' s, Mrs. Seth ' s German class, Mr. L., L., and P. ' s classes, Mrs. C. Mark Balestracci Charles E. Barkhouse Kim Bauer Mary P. Bakas Kathy Balestracci 20 " We are all born for love. " Memories: Lee, Jan. 19, 1973, Hampton, Elm ' s, Mac ' s, R.B., Malden, Puerto Rico, Springfield, New Year ' s Eve, Talent Show, Prom, Graduation, Unc. and Mr. D. " Live today. Remember yesterday, For tomorrow may never come. " Memories: (Krazy Buddies) Debbie and Kathy, Summer ' 73, Camping H.P. all night. Proms ' 74, Drive- In, Parties, Boston, " Bugs " , April 6, 1974, always remember j.D. Memories: The Hole, The Logs, The Red Door, Oh Darlin ' , The Tower, Weir ' s Beach, Jed ' s Shed, Summer ' 74, The Ranch. Christopher Beale Mark Birkmaier N.B. — " That was why. " Memories: The Dream, Bi- ology, Elton John, the Saabmobile, Halloween dances. Tires and Wheels, Snow banking. Road Rac- ing, Hudson, being bent, Ricky don ' t lose your — , Mr. Havice kid. The Hornet ' s Nest. Debbie Bishop Carol Bennett Michael Beagen 21 Denise Boucher " We are what we are in our hearts and not in our words. " — Donald S. Ewing Memories; Waffles and " delightful " , glonkies, Nut- cracker, beaches, 99, T.C.C. — " rotten! " , Or- mond, " oommm " , long talks, special friends. Found. " Strive to turn your dreams to reality. " Memories: Baseball and Uncle Bill, Band and Harold, Interstate 495, Salisbury, Buck 10, Bosco, Dusty, Chris, Kitty whist. Parties at Jean ' s, Mac ' s parking lot, echoes from the past. Steve Bourgeois Jay Brady Memories: B.L., L.S., band room, exchange concerts, studies, Kitty wist fifth, friends, set construction, the plays, senior year, foot- ball games, marching. " A day without laughter is wasted. " Memories: Sophomore year, algebra 2, Hampton, A.B.M., Salisbury, softball, and the gang. Carol Brogren Mike Brennan Memories: State champs ' 74, Montreal, Rockport, U. Mass, summer sessions, the sled, Mr. Mangle. 22 Memories; Martha ' s Vine- yard ' 73, ' 74, Sunset Lake, Maine, April 12, 1972, parties, the road, the sack, C.C., Mt. Madison, con- certs, cruising around. Karen Brophy Donna Brosseau Memories: Rallies, 40 Acres Camp, Christmas parties, March ' 74, German Class, Bruin ' s games, playing cards in study. Al- gebra 1 and 2 with D.C., visits in Dorchester, Murphy ' s squeaky shoes. Cape Cod, Batman and Robin. Corrine Burke Cheryl Burns " No one needs a smile more than those who have none to give. " Memories: French and Spanish classes. Ma- jorettes, Sue, Paula, the squad. Football and Hockey games. Cheering, Katie ' s house, piercing my ears, and Oct. 11, 1974. Chuck Burton ) 23 Richard Callahan Memories: J.L., State Champs, Montreal, Summer practice. The Ranch, logs, June 23, scoff fights, Lynnites, Baseball, workouts in gym, Carlton, chest protector. Oh Darling, Barn Stories, good times. Memories: Tin box and Wescott ' s class. Amal- gamated Leads, The Buzz, Coca-Cola, The Hill and the Hole. Karen Butler Rick Cantone Kathy Bussey Bill Canavan 24 Memories: Sophomore and Junior years, summer of ' 73, S.B., Mr. Olivo and Alg. II, ' 73- ' 74 Braves and Boston Garden, Camping, Mt. Madison, Montreal, England, Florida, Spaghetti Supper. Mary Ellen Carr “To that one certain guy . . . Paul. I live to see the sunshine, and remember that lost little star. It will stay within me forever, and never wander too far . . .1 love you Sunshine . . . miss you, star. " Debra Carrocino Kathleen L. Casey “Only those who listen with hearts can under- stand. " Memories: I ' ll always re- member the good times at N.R., Chinese School, B- wing, Salisbury, H.C., Turn- around, Prom, Bomb scare, Maine, Kosmo, C.C., Vt., Rallies, Ice cream. Sept. 15, and Kennit. Diane Carrocino Jae Casa “Don ' t live up to anyone else ' s expectations, you can ' t please everyone, just live up to your own. " Memories: Gary, Soph- omore year. Hill and Dodge Rd., Mr. Wescott ' s communications class, Mr. Baressi ' s clip board, Mr. Kenney ' s trash, Sullivan ' s, California ' 72. “There will be an answer, let it be . . . " Memories: Cheering!, football, basketball, B.K., “Bus leaves at 5:00, come at 6:00 " , “that ' s cool " , " watermelon " , " come love " , Nov. ' 74, Mark, seriously, long talks, Heather, Maryann, Karen. 25 " Belonging to the everlast- ing life is for me.” Memories: M.D., Skip, Maine, Eric and Richard, A.B.M.L.P., " Helpless”, Penno, Piercing Cheryl ' s ears, Culo, Hoss, Terri, " the gang " , j.D., Dee, B.L., concerts, partying, K.B., Mac ' s, Hampton, Billy. " Make every yesterday a dream of happiness, and every tomorrow a vision of hope. " Memories: " Fiddler”, Summer of ' 72, Big Brother, camping with Deb, Junior Proms, parties, the gang, Drive-In, Spirit Week, Senior Prom ' 74, N.R.H.S. Memories: Freshman foot- ball, Hamilton — Wenham game, McDonald ' s, " D.j. " " What a joke! " Memories: Freshman year. Spirit Week rallies, " Rollin ' Nolan " (four years). The Bus, State Champs ' 74, Montreal, Hampton Beach during school. Band, Mc- Donald ' s. " Though we travel the world to find the beautiful. We must carry it ourselves or we will find it not! " Memories: " I can ' t find it! " . Braves, Fred K., Vinnie O., Spinney, Florida, suntans, Hy Horse, " I ' m cleaning my room”, Denise ' s patience, and Monty! Steven Correale Michelle Cordesco David Centarrino Shelley Conron Katie Conrad 26 Memories: Italy ' 72 " It ' s only the giving that makes you are what you are. " — Jethro Tull Memories: Summers and L.E., P.C., C.H., Muske- teers, Keg parties, " SHOE " , the Flume, Seniors, Spirit Week, camping, never in class, hockey games. Brandy, E.J., ski-dooing, C.S.N.Y. " When there ' s time for thought. There ' s time for Truth. " Memories: Chris, March 8, 1973, 3rd period ' 72, beaches, talks with D.B., Case ' s house, E.j. and her disciples, Patty and Lynne, j.j.L.P.C.K.C.K.M.T.O. " Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads. " Memories: I ' ll always re- member N.R. and the good times, Chinese School, B- wing. Ski trip, Salisbury, A.C., Vt., cheering Turn- around, G.G., rallies. Proms, bomb scares, H.J. ' s julip. Hamburgers and Kosmo. Pat Correlle Maryann Crane Philip Cullen Allan Crosvvell Gina Costanza 27 Cindy Culleton " Cutlet " Daniel Curtis Memories: Always re- member all the good times at N.R., April 27 , 1973, Alan, Salisbury Beach, Gloucester, Donut Shop, Rebel ' s, B-wing lav, rallies, and Zoom. Memories: Field Hockey, Sunset Lake ' 73, 40 Acres Camp, parties. Thanks- giving night ' 73, Three Musketeers, crazy classes with K.S., Martha ' s Vine- yard, Mr. Lucier ' s Biology class. Perfume, Boston, fun times, Plymouth, 2 House tour, OH NO . . . " To accomplish great things, we must not only act but also dream, not only plan but also be- lieve. " Memories: B.B., C.C., S.B., band, moof, July 14, 2 down, dive, the kid, and all the great people I ' ve met and known, it ' s cool. Debbie Cumming Donald Dalton Joanne Davis 28 Tony DeRosa Sandy DeRosa " Life is a process of relating. " Memories: Paul ' s, Bank Robbery, Chevy, Partying, Kipnes, Wolff, Condons, Unbelieveable, Chumley, D.S. (Joyce), P.M., S.W., R.F., D.P., J.H., C.D., K.B., K.H., L.E., L.B., A.W., D.B., K.C., L.A., A.L., J.R., D.M., Mr. L., L., P., D., C., Four- nier ' s house. Robert Davis " Duck " Donna Day " Nothing gold can stay, but for every tomorrow, there is a new rainbow. " Memories: 11-28-72, hill. Dodge Road, Scarborough Fair, new road, parking lot — Jed ' s car, Christmas ' 72 and ' 73, and too many people to name. " Love understands love; it needs no talk. " Memories: Mike ' 72, Flampton ' 73, Naa, Potato, Luck-Luck, Mac ' s, B-wing lav, cruisin ' . My Sopho- more Year, and most of all Dad. Patricia Demetri 29 " You can always look back, but never go back. " Memories: Summer ses- sions, U. Mass., The Shack, Squeals, Marcus, Monk, Butter, Joseph " Jude " , Jed ' s room. Uncle Fred, Pit, all the good times, the sled with Mangle. " I do not intend to follow blindly the lead of other men. George Doig James Doten " Baino " William Doke " Look around, choose your own ground for long you live, and high you fly. Smiles you give, and tears you ' ll cry. And all you touch and will ever see, is all your life will ever be. " " I am an optimist. It does not seem useful in being anything else. " Mark Dionne Michael Donnelly 30 John Doucette Memories: Mrs. Hart ' s creative writing class, Zoom, Coach Mangle, Flex, Tuna, Larry, Tom, Biff, Friday and Safurday nights, Joey ' s, the middle line- backer, Mike and Turtle, The Sled, Friday practices, Sal ' s stories. " Today faces are whole and clear. Tomorrow faces will only be half there. " Joanne Drinkwater Mike Doucette " Live for today, have a good time and just think about tomorrow. " Memories: Columbian, Summer of ' 74, Plum Island, Christmas party ' 73, My House. Lois Duncan " For God is not a Cod of confusion buf of peace. " — I Cor. 14:33 Memories: February ' 73, Mitch, Grand Assembly, Habitat II, Bow Lake and Dad ' s Pad, Neil, Hogan, Spanish IV. " As time goes on I realize just what you mean to me . . . Color my World with love. " Memories: T.P., German class, Summer ' 73, ex- change concerts, cast parties, Jr. Prom, G.A., M. P., Dent, Fifi, Charlie, N. C., Seabrook. Debbie Dyer 31 “You know you ' ve made it when you have the one you love. " Memories; Memorial Day weekend, 5-25-73, Mission Impossible, July 16, Karate, Chump, S.G. and L.F., joey ' s, “Boogie " , Bengal Tigers, Bobo, Chinese Fire- drills, Dirty Dave, My little Cecica, and that one special guy — David. “To know your life, like a skier knows each turn in a race, is to live without en- joyment. " Memories: B.A.R., island, N.R.K.W.T., layouts, tennis. Dusty, Friendly ' s, parties, exchange trips, marching, Feb. 22, 1973, Rozzies, the mogul. “Life is an experience — to love, and to learn from. Take each day as it comes, and thank God for every precious moment. " Memories: Habitat ' 72, Old South, J.M., Finland, Sally ' s, Sisu. Memories: Babe Ruth Team, Summer ' 74, Donna, Rallies, Dances, Tuesday night at the Atlantic. " Nothing should be prized more highly than the value of each day " — Goethe Memories; First goal in Girl ' s Ice Hockey, the gang, Parker Island, Art Major II, Mythology, Paint- ing bulletin boards. Field Hockey, Godspell. Robert Equi " Bud " Richard Estes Lyn Eastman Andrea Edkins Eauren Fancy ;2 Sarah Farris Denise Ferrell Kathleen Fitzpatrick " The friends I have made this year will forever be a part of my memory. " Memories: " Mikey " Memories: Martha ' s Vine- yard, April 12, ' 72, violet perfume. The Sack, The two house round, parties. Sunset Lake, Red Sox games. Thanksgiving night ' 73, North Reading hockey games. Memories: class of ' 75, Ricky, Tony, Scales, " H " , Wings, Soybean, Duck, Joe, B.C., wrestling. Cap- tains of ' 75, Heck, football, everybody, Messrs. (Wes- cott. Mangle, Champi) Devin, Carey, Lucier, Yianakes, parties, concerts, skiing, Italy, Sunday morn- ing, and especially Patty. Jean Fedele Ricky Field 33 Debbie Freeman Morene Florence “Cherish Yesterday, Dream Tomorrow, Live Today, Nancy.” Memories: (Krazy Buddies) Kathy and Carol, Summer of ' 73, Camping, O.S., H.P., Drive-In, Boston, parties. Bugs, All the kids, K.H.T., May 8 and 11, 1974, never forget all the good times, my sister Nancy, and Karen. Marie Florence Mary Jo Ford Jean Edmondson “For those who laugh; the world For those who love; every- thing beautiful For those who live; ul- timate happiness. " Memories: K.Q., Band ex- changes, marching, year- book, Summer 1973 and 1974, Camping Weekends, Sherwood Forest, “Okay Troops! " R.C., and friends. Christine George Memories; the rowdy lunches, shopping, Jon ' s parties, roller skating, Kitty ' s, the gang, Dec. 1,1974, Bird ' s class. Typing, Bill ' s Datsun, Weekends. Mark Freeman Kevin Fuller " Always do one thing less than you think you can do. " Memories; Fiddler, G. and D., Mattress, Jon, Max, Dave, Mrs. C., Cirillo, J.T., Construction, H.C.C., Zinga-Zinga, Yearbook, Space, No soap radio. Clayton Caw Memories; all the great times with friends. Mark Gallant 35 Philip Giadone “To be free and happy is the only way to succeed in life.” Memories: Parties at Harold Parker, cruising in the Chrysler, Clayton ' s total along with Mucker. “I am so glad that he let me try again. We must all keep trying until we reach our highest ground.” — Stevie Wonder Memories: M.H., Wescott and Wonder. Joseph Gleason Linda Giovino " But it ' s all right now I learned my lesson well You see you can ' t please everyone so you ' ve got to please yourself. " Memories: Times happy and sad, Spain, leaving, the future looks clear not dismal somehow. " No matter how hard you try to alter your feelings; some things can never change. " Memories: Marching, Ex- change Concerts, " Oh c r u d ! ' ' , ' ' Mom ' ' , " Bubbles " , " Ballet " , audi- tions, almost something big, long talks — true friends, " Cracker " , summer fun, a very special friend. " Ach, the world is not yet ready for it. " — Einstein Memories: Sandy, 3:2:Bosco, Indoor Champs ' 72- ' 73, K.C.B., " Who ' s on first? " , " Hike it Owen " , " Get your knees up. " Cheryl A. Graham 36 Laura Griffin “I wanna laugh while the laughin ' is easy. I wanna cry if it makes it worthwhile. I may never pass this way again. " — Seals and Crofts " Good things in life take a long time. " — Chicago Memories: 612, freight ele- vators, nub fights, ms.=mad., la rose et les epines, N.H., June Bugg, Seabrook, T.P., Washing- ton, missing exits. Bish- op ' s, officer ' s meetings, V.C. ' s, 20:1. " If you look into your past, the future will never come. " Memories: Summer ' 74, D.S., D.B., K.B., P.D., cruisin ' , Mac ' s, Spain, Hampton, drive-in, Mr. L- P, Peabody, Katie ' s House, Elms, Zoom, talent show, graduation, and N.R.H.S. Nancy Griswold Juli Greene Dawn Greenleaf Eric Haak 37 Memories; Life is what is, june 30, 1971, canoeing, Chinese school, football games, zf ' 44. Spaghetti Supper, Kitty ' s, soybean, that hectic time, spring fever, H.R., proms, Keyes ' and VVescott ' s classes, G.G., Maine, 1 and 2, sharing. Memories; 4 yrs. at N.R.H.S., A-7, Band, Chorus, Dance Band, Theory homework, Mas- quer ' s, Matchmaker, Fid- dler, Charlie Brown, Mattress, the rest. Ex- change trip to N.Y. ' 73, Niagara Falls, Summer of ' 73 in Ridgeway, Ontario, May 10, 1973 and M.J.P. Memories; Jack the Cat, Spring Fever ' 74, " the ranch " , a great person, San Diego, friends, watching the Senior Prom, F.K., " story " . Hectic, eating, " what a roach " . Memories; Daphne, wicked bad!, getting something I wanted. Spring fever ' 74, " the ranch " , Duaneisk, Best friends, Charlie-Bo, Chick- enhead ' s car, " story " , Hal- loween ' 73, H.R., pulling cons, Mr. Keyes, pleasing Mrs. Ferrari, Miss " D " , four outrageous years. David Hall John Hart jimmy Heckman " Fuj " Kim Haerer David Ham 38 Scott Herman High school is a revolving door, which leads us either deep into ourselves, or out into society, and prefera- bly, both. Memories: The football pass, fall ' 72, parties, first Girls ' Track Team, alarms, " greasers " , B-8, summer ' 74. Wendi Holden Memories: My fondest memories are the Hockey games I participated in and attended. Debra Higgins Tom Hopkins Fred Hein 39 Dave Howard “Don ' t try so hard. " Memories: Wendi, Plum Island, Spring and Summer of ' 74, Salisbury, Orrs and Baily Islands, dance in Reading, Harold Parker, W.M., L.K., Herb, Deerfield Fair, Topsfield Fair, Wake- field Common, Aerosmith, frozen — lost, July 29, 1974. Memories: Jennifer, Harold Parker 3:00 a.m. with flat tire. Fungi ' s 17th birthday. Sambo ' s 19th birthday, Magazzu ' s party, parties at the ranch. Hornet ' s Nest, ' 74 all night party, wrestling, Lynne and Patty asking for rides home. V f Ricky Howe Danny Ingram Memories: Freshman foot- ball, Hamilton — Wenham game. Basketball with Roy, High School dances and brawls, screen fund with Mr. Curtis, Never forget my friends at N.R. High. Diane James " Tak for al den venki hed der blev vist mig, da jeg kom her som en exchange fra Denmark " The only way to make friends is to be one. Anne Merete Jensen “Better late than never. " Memories: Mrs. Dell ' s class, and how the kids could sidetrack Mr. Keyes, Thanks to all the kids and teachers who made my year that much easier. 40 m ' “Don ' t walk in front of me because I will not follow. Don ' t walk behind me because I will not lead, lust walk beside me and be my friend. " Memories: The Buzz, The gang. Parties, Hampton Beach. Steve Joyce Donna Jones “Music is love in search of a word. " — Lanier Memories: “On the sly " with D.S., “On the fly " with B.C., summer talks and sunsets with P.M., learning about life with F.R. “Remember back to long gone happy days Never find them, cause ev- eryone went separate ways. " — John Mayall , Memories: Soccer 4, The new road, Len, Webster slide, Mount Chocorua, Medford, The shack. All the dudes. Corn cobs. Mark Jones David Kasa Laurel Jewett 41 William Kennedy Memories: B-wing inter- section, the hole, Kegs, chopped off. No C, trip to the Flume, summer of ' 74, and all the weekends. " Don ' t forget to be indi- viduals — together. " Memories: rally ' 74, bas- ketball games. Donkey Hockey game. Ski Shows, summer ' 74, trig., J.L., C.B., J.H., S.O., Bethe, Lloyd. " When logic and misfor- tune have fallen fo lead and the White Knight is moving backwards and the Red Queen is on her head, remember what the Door- mouse said, ' Feed your head ! ' " Larry Kasa Barry King Cheryl Ann Killam 42 Dave Kebler Jeff Lannon “Honor peace, respect love and value truth. " Memories; Oh! Darling, Beatles, “canpitheckard " , “change " . Freak, Nixon, Zeb seeker, J.G., “Be " , J.L.S., Anthropology, beach, good times with good people, “You know Baltimore. " Memories: Billy, June 23, Summer ' 73, Ghetto, Bobo, Airy Ganal, Fat Marvin ' s, Elton, F. Gamp, Adrienne, Maggie, Bird, Burn, Oh! Darlin ' , S. of M. Donna Kulsa Nancy King Erich Kuehnel “It you smile at me I will understand, because that is something everybody does in the same language. " Memories: Pam, First homeroom cut, “summer thing ' 72 " , A.M. 500, con- certs in town. The Blue Bomber, The Flume, mem- ories of Debbie Galifornia Sunshine. jiil Lannon 43 “Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never fails.” — 1 Corinthians 13:7 and 8 Memories: Dictation records, French IV, Milles Bornes, records, and Mas- terpiece on Fridays, all my friends. Memories: Coming to N.R., first day of the freshman year, the night of the Junior Prom, taking pictures, night out at drive- in, Hampton Beach during school, all the good people and all my friends. Memories: Dan, Ray, Pat, and Mark, Mr. Pedersen ' s briefcase. Memories: C.O., 1974 State Baseball Cham- pionship, Montreal, U. Mass., Football summer sessions. Baseball Work- outs in the Gym, Scoff fights, Rockport. Raymond Lee Cheryl Laste Joseph Lenehan Richard Lawson Robert LeGrow 44 Lynne Lennon Bob Lewis Barry Lombard “Today is the first day of the rest of your life. " Memories: Rallies, football games, sweet sixteen, many friends especially S.L., ).P., A.E., L.D., lofs of laughs, C.D., Sphincter, Hunky, parties, H.P., The Lake, mucho whoopee. “you know how i feel you listen to how i think you understand . . . you ' re my friend. " Memories: 735, The Pifs, Sharon ' s, Penny, “The Birds " , Jo, ]. Ceils, Roger ' s class, Hyannis, Batchelder ' s Field, Dodge Road, A and B-wing lavs. Michael Lessard Nancy Logue “I knew I could do it. Paul Lones Memories; S.G. and Summer ' 74, Soccer, Gym- nastics, track, (R.G. and D.P.), Mrs. C ' s classes, after-school talks. Junior Prom, Living and Learning. " A smile is just a frown fumed upside down. " Memories: Mac ' s, Cindy, A.A.A., I.R.S., Going South, B-wing lav, Sam, gift, purchase. River King, John- Boy, birthdays, buzz, hats, WCAS, First Gear, boring, and finding and getting into trouble that I didn ' t need. " The life given us by na- ture is short; but the mem- ory of a well-spent life is eternal. " Debbie Lord Thomas Luoto Memories: Schwartz, the caddy, Mrs. Hart ' s C. writ- ting class, Mr. Devin, Mrs. Ferrari, Raymond, Rick, Hoss, Larry, Biffis, John, Julie (middleline backer), Cindy, Lynnfield ' s Bell, Montreal, All the good times not the bad ones. Michael Lopilato Sharon A. Lumb 46 Memories; Exchange to New York ' 73, " the radia- tor " , 6-11-74, Sturbridge Village, and all the laughing. Jim Lupo Ann Marie Lytle " Don ' t walk in front of me I may not follow. Don ' t walk behind me I may not lead. Walk beside me and just be my friend. " Memories: Bruce, July 4, 1973, Maine and New Hampshire, L.A., M.T., that certain guy. Cheryl MacDonald Kevin Macneil Memories: the hill, period 3, before J.C., Wescotf, amalgamated heads. Douce ' s house. Rocky Mountain Way, the bike, Carol. " No matter where I go, trouble is just one step behind. " Memories: Goosefish, Ma, Chicken Wings, Bali Moun- tain, S.H., " Wake up, Mac!, " Rocking Chair, C.L., Revere Beach, Brownie Bass Ave., The " Party " , Kinip, " Oh, ReallyC ' Cathi MacWhorter 47 " The bird of time has but a little way to fly . . . . . . and the bird is on the wing. I still believe in tomor- row. " — Omar Khayyan Memories; Danny, May 1, 1973, Freshman Year, P.C., A.W., L.C., Danny ' s camp, N.S. Debra Madden " Debi " Robert Marchionda Heidi Madden Adria Maietta " What ' s there to say? " Memories: Dodge Dart, parties, Doug ' s party. Clay ' s total, my total. Memories: June 17th, Mr. Fenton ' s class, wiffleball, Africa, Mrs. Seth, Strats, " Eddie " , " Maximum pickup " . Funky F and Uncle B. States, Montreal, Kiss-it-good-bye, Flyers, Putts, Elton, Karen, being by myself. Sears, FH.j. and " A " . Peter Mastro 48 Cathy McCusker " Little we see in nature that is ours. " Memories: Que pasa?, March 8, the gang, Malden, D.W., Mac ' s, bones, Bed- ford!, Mr. Wizard, weird moods. Hill, the lockers. Me and Mrs. Jones, Ms. " D " , SPLHC. Lisa McGonagle Michelle McDonald Linda McKenzie Memories: Montreal, Base- ball State Champs, The Chumps: Markus, Dutch, Butter, Squeals, Soccer brawls. Hank ' s smile, rally posters. King Pinhead, scoffs. " Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear — not absence of fear. " Memories: Field Hockey " Hackers " , Maggie and Bird, Gymnastics, tennis, 40 Acres, Sunset Lake, Martha ' s Vineyard, parties, A.M., and Elton John con- cert. 1 Kevin McGuire I 49 Jeanne McMenimen Marjorie Meuse Alan Michie “Lover of Life In a school for fools Looking for a way to sur- vive.” — Cat Stevens Memories: My Double Life. “Do not follow where the path may lead. Go, instead, where there is no path and leave a trail.” Memories: Cheerleading, Hornet ' s Nest, Polish lessons. Proms, Ferris wheel, Hampton, Maine, Half sharp. Nothin ' from Nothin ' , Surprise K.C., Compadre — Carol . Memories: Reception, Salisbury?, Nancy ' s porch. Party on the roof. Lunch!, S.P.L.H.C. Captain Widget, danker, York, Maine, Se- bago. Drive-in, Cardinal Puff, Daisy, The Rock, Gorga, johnny, Sullivan ' s, Mr. Wizard. jane McLeod Karen Meaney 50 Memories: Oct. 22, 1973, Big A, they stuck. Junior Prom, May 15, 1973, 1 and 2, the attic, bowling, and Peter. Memories: Mike, Bob, Ha- waii ' 72, Spirit Week, roller skating. Freshman Year, " the gang " , Mr. Wescott ' s class, Mrs. Ayer, " mama- lukes " , " dynamite " , hey look it, Marshall ' s, football games, McDonald ' s, drive-in, four great years at N.R.H.S., Bye, Bob? Memories: summer ' 74, Florida, climbing, the blues, slide. Flume, friends. Memories: J.P., June 17, 1974, Labor Day Weekend, Bedford!, Foofball Queen, the gang, Mr. Wescott ' s class!!, roller skating, parties, cruising, football games. Freshman Year, Spirit Week, Drive-In, McDonald ' s, What ' cha get?, Ahchickachickecho! ! Denise Milley Alice Morrisette “Morris " Cary Morrissey Jean- Pierre Morrissey " The first thing to do in life is to do with purpose what one proposes to do. " Memories: The gang, parties. Prudential, Pool Parties, rowdy lunch, roller skating, Kitty ' s, 12-1-74, Bill ' s Datsun, Drive-Ins, Summer of ' 73. Teri Morlani " Maury " 51 David Nix Douglas Noonan Patricia O ' Brien " Live every day as if it were the first day you had seen, and the last you were going to see. " Memories: Verne, State Baseball Champs ' 74, Mon- treal, Strats, Dicki-doo- donce, Peter, Adrienne, Duck, New Year ' s ' 73, Mr. Kipnes, Mr. Devin, Mr. Carey, Bill, Jill, The Wog, Kiss-it-good-bye, Ca- nadian flags, P.A.T., Hornet ' s Nest, Basically Forever Arni. Scott Orlosk Terri O ' Rourke Memories: Always re- member all the good times at N.R., The big A, Chinese school, the attic. May 15, 1973, my Valiant, that hectic time. Zoom, Salis- bury Beach, 1 and 2, dances. Rebel ' s, notes, rallies, basketball games, and sharing. 52 " Don ' t look back; some- thing might be gaining on you. " Memories: Mac ' s, The Gift, H.C.C., hatis, cuz, Cindy, Birthdays, First Gear, W.C.A.S., John-Boy, going south, S am, D.L., D.D., C.W., Friends. Pat O ' Toole Cheryl Orsburn James Parente " You have to offer friend- ship first to make friend- ship last. " Memories: Friday nights with Shelley, Karen, and Sue, my senior year, " Nise " , senior prom ' 74, basketball camp, suicides, the Cape, Mr. Nolan ' s class, and all my friends. Denise Parow " The greatest kindness we can offer each other is the truth. " Memories: B-wing and C- wing lockers, Mr. Keyes, and the rest of the teach- ers. Cynthia Peck 53 Memories: Will never forget Miss Stollatis ' Ren- aissance class, and Mr. Pedersen ' s English Lit. I class, Sandy Island, Satur- days at Atlantic, Pat, and those nights before term papers. James Perella Mark Penney jil! Piercey Leonard Francis Petti " If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed . . . nothing shall be impos- sible unto you. " — Matthew, XVII, 20 Memories: Band, marching at football games. Spirit Week, Niagara Falls ex- change, gymnastics. Art projects. Las comidas espanolas, yearbook. " Faith is the key to fit the door called FHope. But there is no power any- where like love for turning it. " — Elain V. Emans Memories: Sante, Parker Island, Godspell, mytho- logy, brief forms, WAQY, timings, spaghetti supper, rallies! " The world would be hap- pier if men had the same capacity to be silent that they have to speak. " Memories: Rallies, The Beast, First St., Concerts, and the Line. Louis A. Pintsopoulos 54 David Poirier Memories: The fort and the eleven o ' clock ghost, South Jett, Central, Herb ' s Dodge, " Little Funk " , the bomb, breakfast in bed (heh,heh), and a lot of good times with a lot of friends. Memories: Graphic Arts, Creative Writing, Volks- wagen, Perfect attendance at the World of Donuts. James E. Pothier " You ' ll never succeed until you try. " Memories: Drive-in, Gang parties, L.V., Pam ' s sweater, card games, and people. Edward Pronovost " When you come to the end of a perfect day smile. " Memories: Oct. 9, ' 71, Junior Prom, York Beach, Fireworks, Ejection Button, Dead end, SSSWNOCO, Playground, detour, long ride, and special moments with Willie. Memories: movies, run- ning out of gas, soccer brawls, Mr. Condon, Lou ' s class, homework, friends, rallies, summer sessions, wing-it, and spas. Deborah Prusik Mark Puzzo 55 " Time and tide wait for no man . . Memories: m.j.f., exchange concerts, Buffalo, N.Y., and Newington, Ct., " quiggs " , Crabtree et francaise avec Ms. Kerwin, marching band, C.G. and M.A. Memories: New York and Conneticut Exchange trips. Dance Band at U. Mass., French class avec Mad. Kerwin, Mike, Bouge, Chris and the Albanian Moun- tain Marching Band and Choir, 3-2-Bosco, Sym- phonic clams. Chair! Memories: Letters to Al, Stubby, " Beeps " , Kitty ' s, Tony, Tina, Jr. Prom, Spirit Week, Flume, Brownie points, joe. Foreigner, New jersey, John, Mac ' s, Mar- shall ' s, " streakers, " Spa- ghetti Supper, Kowloon ' s, Steve, Piezon, the gang, Maine, Bubba, Colour My World, EEEEHA! Kathi Quigley Teri Quinlan " Don ' t walk in front of me — I may not follow. Don ' t walk behind me — I may not lead. Walk beside me — And just be my friend. " — Camus Paul Raia Roxanne Ragusa " Ragu " 56 Pam Rajaniemi Carol Reagan Memories; Steve, Freshman Year, M.M., Junior and Senior Prom, Kowloon, Sept. 22, April 2, Karl and Sue, the gang, Kitty ' s, Drive-In, roller skating, McDonald ' s, hockey games, rallies. Spirit Week, Bone!, tu- toring in Lowell and N.R.H.S. “Many dreams come true and some have silver linings, I live for my dream and a pocketful of gold. " Memories: summer ' 73, Bermuda, N.Ff. (W.D.I.), Franklin Park, Daytona, Polish lessons. Hornet ' s Nest, J.D., K.M., R.R. Memories: Labor Day weekend. Football Court, Football games, the Gang, roller skating, rallies. Spirit Week, Kitty ' s Ragu, M+M, Bedford, “In Hiding " , Steve, beach, parlies Mc- Donald ' s, Freshman Year, Stand under the light, whoopie ties, October 23, 1974. Memories: Peter, June 17th, Summer ' 74, hockey games, McDonald ' s, foot- ball games, good times with B.C. and Jill, Fat Marvins, Bobo, Airy Canal, Elton, J.S., the Beast, Satur- day Nites, Sears. “Today well lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness, and every to- morrow a vision of hope. " Memories: Spirit Week, summers on the Cape, vio- lets, snowflakes, Cathy, all my friends, Italy, vacations, French, sunsets. Adrienne Redfearn Claire Reppucci Debbie Reardon Gayle Reynolds “I Made It! " Memories: the barn, the wine and the pigs, Kathy Reynolds 1-12, " unbelie- vable " Pie Face, parties, Sr. Prom ' 74, Hampton, " yeehaa " , greasers, Kermit T. Frog, Fridays, the foun- tain, " Bethie M. " , " crack- erbelle " , " Boom! " " He who reigns within himself and rules passion, desires, and fears, is more than a king. " Memories: Freshman Year, Wescott ' s class, Keyes ' lec- tures, 10 mile run. Plum Island, Kangamangus, po- etry, July 27, 1973, Gayle Reynolds 1-12, " Brat " , and Bob. Kathy Reynolds Jon Richards " Life is a journey, not a destination. " Memories: Cheryl, rowdy lunches, hot chocs, the Pastor ' s tree, " Lily " , bowl- ing, Daily brawls in geom- etry, zinging the margins, cruising around Boston, the Gang, Crane ' s Beach, ski trip. " I am not afraid of tomor- row for I have seen yester- day and I love today. " Rhonda Richardson Luwana Riese Memories: August 26, 1974, Summer of ' 73, Salis- bury Beach, September of ' 74, " Stairway to Heaven " , J.E. and D.P., and always Joe. 58 Debbie Rooney Doreen Robbins Peter Routenberg “Don ' t let life discourage you; everyone who got where he is, had to begin where he was. " Memories: Band, the gang, lunch, softball games, Kitty ' s, the V.W., skating, the parties, Hagnee, the mall, the weekends, the Prudential, and J.R. “Wait till tomorrow Think for today Think of the days gone by. " Memories: Synthesizer, being little, the groupies. Hole, the Belvedere, the ranch, G.V., logs, little man, Buzzin ' . Ronald Rouiliard " Goosh " “I have to say, my friends this road goes a long, long way, and if we are going to find the end, we are going to need a helping hand. " Memories: Bingo, Hampton Beach, Gang. Karen Roberts “Accept people for what they are and be their friend; it will make you a better person. " Memories: Paul, June 1, 1973, talking with Kathy, Fiddler, Guys and Dolls, Talent Show, “Goon " , and all my crazy friends. Memories: I ' ll always re- member N.R. and Alan, the night at Augustine ' s, the sheeps fold, Saturday nights, D.C. and P.R., the Spaghetti Supper, Mr. We- scott ' s class, the Rally, the night at Kowloon, and Mr. Brennan. " Today is the first day of the rest of my life.” Memories; The Caddy, The Junior Prom, The Sub Shop, Grant ' s, Cruisin ' , the Summers of ' 73 and ' 74, New Years ' 74, S.F. and 1 S. Road, T.N., J.S., Leapin ' Lou and Dirty Dave, Foot- ball, Hockey, and Basket- ball, Buick, B.P. John Ruggieri Susan Ryland " To learn, one must live.” Memories: Saturday nights, 2nd period math, Hampton Beach, Dites-moi que ' s and Qu ' avez-vous fait le weekend passe?. Sue, K.H., Daktari, " Hoss”, Lawrence, and Perphig- liano. " When you say yes to love. You say hello to life.” Memories: Ft. Lauderdale, BoBo ' s class, June 27, 1973, Oct. 23, 1973 and 1974, Junior Prom, York Beach Maine, " V” (L ' s) N.H. Apt. 01, and P.E.A. Most — great times with dynamite friends at N.R.H.S. John Sanders Benjamin Sands Joan Rubbico 60 Janice Sardina Daniel Schell i 1 m " Is a wise man a fool for being a wise man or is a fool a wise man for being a fool ? " Kevin Sargent " Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night. " — Edgar Allan Poe Memories: Cape Cod, Flip, tomatoes, cold winter nights, Maine. Memories; B.M., 5 12 73, running on T.C. with B.C., W.C., pub, jr. N., D.J., D.Y., M.C., achit, " 2 " , uh-uh, and I.R. William Schaitel Andrea Sasso 61 " Experience keeps a dear school, yet fools will learn in no other. " — Benjamin Franklin Memories; Parties at the Log ' s, Jed ' s shed, the Hole, etc.. Summer ' 73, ' 74., Weir ' s Beach, times with L.E. Memories: Scott, New Year ' s 1974, Basketball States, Peter, Adrienne and Elton, Softball with N.B., Sandi, Li sa and Nanci. Robin Schofield Verne Shaw Memories: Soccer ' 74, Spirit week, rallies, con- certs, 1st St., junior Prom, Mr. C., frosh class. Drive- in, The Falcon, The Bus, Denise. Peter Silvia " Drive-in movies Friday nights Drinkin ' beer and laughin ' Somehow things were always right I just don ' t know what happened. " — Jim Croce Memories: parties, M., B- wing lav. The house, Arab, Freshman year, Mr. C., Mac ' s, Terri and Bill. Memories: " Summer ' 74, " Duck " (Roland), G.M., L.K., J.P., D.G., P.O., Earl, " Chumley " , Mr. L.L.P., Mac ' s, cruisin ' , Peabody, drive-in, Katie ' s, partying, Hampton, Rebel ' s, Elms, " Zoom " , hockey games, proms, talent show, gradu- ation, and NRHS. Donna Schemack " Shmack " Karen Shamma 62 Grant Simmons Memories; Mrs. Young ' s cooking class, Basic Foods, Gourmet Cooking, and Food Service, Mr. Conway ' s Ideas and pro- jects, Mr. Clarkin ' s Ac- counting class. Miss Dar- deno and Mr. Miller in Guidance. “Live free now, because tomorrow has yet to behold. Memories; Victory Dance, Football team, parties, going out to eat with friends, open gym. Spirit Week, camping out in Maine, Playing cards, Mr. Lucier, Mr. Richards. Memories; April 27, 1974, my special guy Eddie, Fourth of july Party, Cape Cod, Summer of ' 74, “sneaker " , the crazy peo- ple who squished it, S.O.B. and D.P. who were there when I needed them. Denise Spinazzola Wayne Solimine Timothy Spencer “Dream until your dreams come true. " Memories; the chopper, biology twice, ' 73 with C.P., Elton John, Hudson, Headers and Gears, cheap Creek, Aerosmith, par- tying, N.B. and her ringside seat and all the good times with Sandy. Daniel Simes Robert Standley Sandy Terranova Memories: “Uncle Harry " , SAM., Football rallies, Ski trips. Brad, friends, Spanish buffets. Library and Mrs. E., Crane ' s beach, exchange trips, Buick. " Searching for beauty, I saw the morning! Looking for joy, I found no end; Searching for peace, I found the evening; Trying to help, I gained a friend! " Memories. Rena " The greatest test of courage on the earth is to bear defeat without losing heart. " Memories: Field Hockey " Hackers " , Maggie, Bird, Whitney, Martha ' s Vine- yard, Sunset Lake, E.J. ' s concert, Queety, violet, parties, classes with D.C., two house run. Memories: graduation, tal- ent show, proms, class of ' 75, P.W., A.W., K.G., John, rallies, Mrs. Cirodet ' s X- mas buffet. Karen Sweeney Donna Tobey Stephen Twohig " It ' s very possible for a person to be himself, as for a thing to be, and not to be, at the same time. " Memories: Soccer 3 and 4, the logs, vegetable kingdom, wizadry, Hampton ' 73, bird action. New Road. 64 James Vaughan Paul Vergakes " Life is like " C " you never get tired of it! " — R.R. Memories: State Champs, Montreal, Carey, Devin, Kipnes, Wescott, Chinese School, Bank Robbery, Spaghetti supper, Torino, Hose, Head, Soybean, Scales, concerts, parties. Talent show. Prom, Roland (Duck). " it ' s all in your eyes tor what you see is surely what the world will be. " Kicky Ward Lynne Warnock " Sometimes you dream. Sometimes it seems There ' s nothing there at all. You just seem older than yesterday. And you ' re waiting tor Tomorrow to call. " Memories: Cape-Ann League Colt Champs ' 74, U. Mass, Elvis, Dutch, Monk, Rouge, Squeals, Butter. " It ' s always wise to stop wishing tor things long enough to enjoy the fragrance of those now flowering. " Memories: Ski trip ' 70, Trip to Spain ' 74, Junior Prom, Spaghetti Supper, Summer of ' 74, E.S., Spirit Week ' 73. Anita Weir Nancy Waterman Susan White " It is so small a thing, to enjoy a sunset. " Memories: Nov. 16, 1971, Junior Prom, York Beach, Ejection Button, dead end, dpdknogo, Jan. 25, 1974, playground, detour, long ride. My special someone . . . Paul. Memories: Keith, D.T., A.W., S.D., Horse Shows, Proms, Mr. S., Girodet ' s X- mas buffet, rallies, babysit- ting for Mr. McGurn, get- ting out early, ski trip, tal- ent show, graduation. Pam Williams Tim Webb Memories: Salisbury Beach ' 72, ski trip ' 71, F.H., Dec. ' 74, A.A., F.S., L.B., boat, N.H. ' 74, February 14, 1974, dances, class of ' 75. " Remember yesterday Live for today And dream of the future. " Memories: Kathy — par- tying at the Drive-In, Spirit Week, painting the bell, graduating early, getting my license, Debbie, Garol, Summer of ' 73. Heidi Waterhouse 66 Sanford A. Woodmansee Michael Witham " Yesterday and tomorrow mean nothing. It ' s today that counts. " Memories: Parties with the gang — Nancy, B.E. and B.R., Judy, " Booge " , j.T. and T.M., " Bosco " , K.F., L.S., J.B., C.A., Greek danc- ing with Coach, 10-5-74, P.B. and C.C., Marching Band, Musical ' 75, and N.R.K.W.T. " The human race is great as long as you ' re part of it. " Memories: Beat Lynnfield, unhappiness is chemistry, happiness is the bell, party in Lawrence, 2001, and Spirit Week, Jumpin ' Jive the class of ' 75. " My life belongs to me, my love belongs to who can see it. " — George Harrison Memories: Montreal, State Baseball Championship, Stew, U. Mass., Football Summer Sessions, Human- ities, Wescott, Monkus, Buffy, Dutch, Squeals, Pittney, J. Deuce, Rouge, Vin, et surtout K.C. Mark Zurawel Bill Wooldredge " Work towards your goal in life until it comes true, for fhen you may say you ' ve succeeded in what you set out to do. " Memories: Band, Exchange concerts, chorus, musicals, gymnastics, December 1, 1974, my friends. Sue. " The noblest question in the world is ' What good may I do in it? ' " — B. Franklin Memories: You and me in our happy moments. Paul Zdinak 67 Say cheese! Tim Amaral Ernest Babcock Pat Bashore Ellen Bellegarde Mike Conrad Sal Cutino Sharon Duchak Cameron Finch Bob Fournier Keith Griswold Jeff Pierce Nina Pelletier 68 In Memoriam Jean O ' Hare DAY BY DAY Day by day; day by day Oh, Dear Lord, three things I pray To see Thee more clearly Love Thee more dearly Follow Thee more nearly Day by Day 69 STUDENT ACTIVITIES Marianne Alexander Ncitional Honor Society 3,4; Tennis 1,2, 3, 4; Masquers Clul) 1,2; Yearl)ook 4. Ann Aloisi Field Hoc key 1 ,2,3. Esther Ansourlian Softball 1,2,3. Carolyn Ash Yearbook Literary Editor 4; National Honor Society 3,4; Art Club 5,4; Archaeology Club 4. Barbara Austin Basketball 1,2; Softball I; Track 2,3,4. Charles E. Barkhouse Baseball 1,3,4; Wrestling 2,3,4; Soccer 3,4; Class Treasurer 4; Focjtball I. Patricia Bashore Memories: Junior Prom and Kowloons, Grant, Salis- bury, Betsy, Parties Gorga, Johnny, Sebago, New Hampshire, Friends, Drive-in, July 13, 1973. Kim Bauer Band 1,2,3; Masquers Club 1,2; Student Council 1. Ellen Bellegarde Band 1,2, 3, 4; Chorus 1. ' 4 am on a lonely road and I am traveling, Fooking for something, what can it be.” — Joni Mitchell Memories; just very special people: Dave, Dick, Wit, Lloyd, Pat, Dell, Sal, Donna, Jan, Jane, Leslie and Alan. Carol Bennett Color Guard 2; Softball 2; Hockey Cheerleader 4. Debbie Bishop Chorus 1; Masquers Club 1,2; Girl ' s Track 3. Denise Boucher Student Council 2,3; Masquers Club 2,3; Yearbook Layout Editor 4; Class Officer . Steve Bourgeois Baseball 2,3,4; Basketball 1; Band 1,2, 3, 4; Dance Band 1,2, 3, 4; Marching Band 1,2, 3, 4; Musical 3,4. Jay Brady Band 1,2, 3, 4; Masquers Club 3,4; Dance Band 1,2, 3, 4; Wind Ensemble 3,4. Michael Brennan Football 1,2, 3, 4; Baseball 1,2, 3, 4; Elockey 2,3,4; Student Council 1,2,4. Carol Brogren Softball 1,2,3. Cheryl Burns Field Elockey 1,2; Softball 2; Majorettes 3,4 (Captain); Elockey Cheerleader 3,4; National Honor Society 3,4. Bill Canavan Football 1,2, 3, 4; Hockey 1,2, 3, 4; Baseball 1,2, 3, 4. Rick Cantone Band 1,2,3. Mary Ellen Car r Yearbook Staff 4. jae Casa Student Council 3. Kathleen L. Casey Football Cheerleader 3,4; Basketball Cheerleader 1,2, 3, 4; Math Team 1,2, 3, 4; Student Council 1,2, 3, 4; Class Officer 1,2,3; School Newspaper 1; National Honor Society 3,4. Steven Correale Football 1 ; Hockey 3. David Centarrino Football 1,3; Indoor Track 2; Baseball 1,2,3. Katie Conrad Softball 3,4. Shelley Conron Softball 1; Basketball 1,2; Tennis 3,4; Art Club; Year- book Staff. Michele Cordesco Masquers Club 1,2, 3, 4. Pat Correlle Class Officer 1,2, 3, 4; Sfudent Council 2,3,4; Y.E.S. Club 3,4; Basketball 1. Gina Costanza Ski Club 2; J.V. Cheerleader 1,2; Hockey Cheerleader 4. Maryann Crane Student Council 3,4; Class Officer 3; Hockey Cheerleader 3; Football Cheerleader 4. Allan Croswell Track 2,3. Debbie Gumming Field Hockey 1,2, 3, 4; Tennis 3; Hockey Cheerleader 4; Girl ' s Track 4. Daniel Curtis Flying Club 2; J.V. Baseball 3. Joanne Davis Basketball 1,2, 3, 4; Softball 1,2, 3, 4; Field Hockey 2; Cross Country 4; Band 1,2, 3,4; National Honor Society 3,4. Robert Davis Basketball 1,2, 3, 4; Track 2,3; Football 2. 71 Mark Dionne Flying Club 2; Chess Club 3; National Honor Society 3,4; Ham Radio Club 4. George Doig Football 1,2, 3, 4; Hockey 3,4; Baseball 1,2; Basketball 2 . Michael Donnelly Flying Club 2; National Honor Society 3,4; Chess Club 3; Ham Radio Club 4. Debbie Dyer Band 1,2,3; Chorus 1,2,3; Masquers Club 1,2. John Doucette Football 1,2, 3, 4; Track 3. Mike Doucette Football 1,2. Lois Duncan Chorus 4. Lyn Eastman Basketball 1; Drama Club 2. Andrea Edkins Student Council 1,2; Yearbook 4; National Honor So- ciety 3,4; Masquers Club 1,2, 3, 4; Chorus 1,3. Robert Equi Basketball 1,2,3; Tennis 2,3,4; Musical 4; Newspaper 2; Yearbook Co-Editor 4; National Honor Society 3,4. Richard Estes Soccer 3,4; Basketball 2,3,4; Track 4; J.V. Baseball 2. Lauren Eancy Field Hockey 1,2,3; Archaeology Club 3,4; Chorus 1,4; National Honor Society 3,4; Art Club; Yearbook 4. Ricky Eield Football 1,2, 3, 4; Wrestling 1,2, 3, 4. Mary jo Lord Band 1,2, 3, 4; Chorus 1,2; Yearbook 4; National Honor Society 3,4; Masquers Club; Softball 1,2; Hockey Cheerleader 3. Debbie Ereeman Softball 1,2. Mark Freeman Ham Radio Club 3,4. Kevin Fuller Math Club 1,2, 3,4; Masquers Club 1,2, 3, 4; Gymnastics 1,2; Student Council 3; Chorus 1; Yearbook 4; Musical 1,2, 3,4. Joseph Gleason Football 1,3,4; Baseball 2,3,4. Cheryl Graham Tennis 1,2, 3, 4; Masquers Club 1,2, 3, 4; Student Council 4; Musicals; Student Advisory Board 4; Year- book Business Manager 4; Talent Show Director 4. James Greaton Football 1; Soccer 2,3,4; Indoor Track 1,2, 3, 4; Out- door Track 1,2, 3, 4; Math Club 3,4; Band 1,2, 3, 4; Na- tional Honor Society 3,4; Student Council 3. Juli Greene Masquers Club 1,2, 3, 4; Masquers Club Secretary 2; Student Council 1,2, 3, 4; Student Council Secretary 3,4; Musicals; World Affairs 1; Senior Class Secretary 4. Dawn Greenleaf Masquers Cl ub 1,2. Nancy Griswold Math Club 2,3,4; National Honor Society 3,4. L3avid Ham Student Council 2; Band 1,2, 3, 4; Chorus 1, 2,3,4; Dance Band 1,2, 3, 4; Masquer ' s Club 1,2, 3, 4. I John Hart : Golf 1,23,4. i jimmy Heckman Football 1; Baseball 1; Track 2; Soccer 2,3,4; Wres- ! tiing 2,3; Swim Program 1,2,3; Class President 4; 1 Student Council 4. Fred Hein ! Hockey 3,4; Track 2. Tom Hopkins i Baseball 2. ' Wendi Holden i Girl ' s Basketball 1; Girl ' s Track 2; Student Counc il 3,4; 1 Spring Musical 2,3,4. I Dave Howard I Wrestling 2,3,4; Football 2,3; Track 3. ; Ricky Howe j Football 1,2; Wrestling 1,2, 3, 4; Track 1,2. Danny Ingram Football 1; Basketball 3. Anne Merete Jensen Basketball 4; Tennis 4 Laurel Jewett Softball 2; Talent Show 4. Donna Jones Field Hockey 1,2; Track 2; Gymnastics 1; Musicals 1,2, 3, 4; Play 4; Y.E.S. 3; District Chorus 3,4; Jazz Band 1,2, 3,4. Mark Jones Baseball 1,2; Soccer 2,3,4; Wrestling 2,3. Larry Kasa Football 1, 2,3,4; Track 2,3. Cheryl Ann Killam Girl ' s Track 1,4; Cross Country 4; Indooi Track 3,4. 73 Erich K. Kuehnel Soccer 1,2, 3, 4; Gymnastics 1,2,3; Ski Club 1. Jeff Lannon Football 1,2, 3, 4; Basketball 1,2,3; Track 2,3,4; Spring Musical 4. Jill Lannon Gymnastics 1; Field Hockey 1,2, 3, 4; Girls Track 2,3,4; Hockey Cheerleader 3; Indoor Track 4. Raymond Lee Soccer 1,2,3; Yearbook 4. Robert LeGrow Football 1,3,4; Indoor Track 2,3,4; Baseball 1,2, 3,4; National Honor Society 3,4. Lynne Lennon Majorette 3,4; Chorus 1,4. Paul Lones Soccer 1,2, 3,4; Gymnastics 1,2, 3,4; Outdoor Track 1,2, 3, 4; Math Club 1, 2,3,4; Set Construction 4. 74 Tom Luoto Baseball 1,2, 3,4; Football 1,2,3; Hockey 2,3,4. Jim Lupo Band 1, 2,3,4. Ann Marie Lytle Hockey Cheerleader 4; Prom Committee 4; Student Council 4. Cathi MacWhorter Basketball 1,2, 3,4; Field Hockey 1,2,3; Tennis 1,3,4; Softball 2; Class Officer 1,2; Student Council 4. Debra Madden Basketball Cheerleader 2,3; Softball 1,2,3; Talent Show 4. Peter Mastro Football 2,3,4; Hockey 2,3,4; Baseball 1,2,3,4. Cathy McCusker Softball 1,2,3, 4; Yearbook 4; Student Council 2. Jean-Pierre Morrissey Spring Track 3,4; Cross Country Track 4; Indoor Track 4. Patricia O ' Brien Musicals 1,2, 3, 4; Plays 2,3,4; Tennis 1,2, 3, 4; Indoor Track 3; Student Council 4. Scott Orlosk Football 1,3,4; Soccer 2; Basketball 1,2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2,3,4. Denise Parow Basketball 1,2; Newspaper Staff 1 ; National Honor So- ciety 3,4; Yearbook Assistant Literary Editor 4. Mark Penney Flying Club 2. Leonard Francis Petti Marching and Concert 1,2,3 ,4; Chorus 1; Gymnastics 1,2; Art Club 1,2, 3,4; Yearbook 4; National Honor So- ciety 3,4; Student Council 2. Jill Piercey National Honor Society 4. Kevin McGuire Hockey 3,4; Soccer 3,4; Baseball 2,3,4. Linda McKenzie Field Hockey 1,2,3,4; Gymnastics 1, 2,3,4; Tennis 2,3,4. Jeanne McMenimen Lowell Tutor 3,4. Karen Meaney Football Cheerleader 2,3,4 (Co-Captain); Basketball Cheerleader 3,4 (Co-Captain); Girl ' s Gymnastics 1,2; Girl ' s Track 3; Yearbook 4. Teri Morlani Basketball 2; Hockey Cheerleader 3,4; Softball 1,2, 3,4; Yearbook 4; Talent Show 4; Art Club 4; Student Council 2. Alice Morrissette Softball 3,4; Art Club 2,3,4; Yearbook 4; Talent Show 4. Louis A. Pintsopoulos Indoor Track 1,2, 3 ,4; Tennis 1,2, 3,4. David Poirier Yearbook 4. Mark Puzzo Soccer 3,4. Kathi Quigley Chorus 1; Student Council 2,3; Masquers Club 2,3; National Honor Society 3,4; Yearbook 4; Band 1,2, 3, 4. Daniel Rabasco Band 1,2,3,4; Dance Band 1,2,3,4; Wind Ensemble 3,4; Baseball 2; Yearbook 4; National Honor Society 3.4. Roxanne Ragusa Softball 2,4; Cheerleader 4; Art Club 4. Pam Rajaniemi Softball 2; Talent Show 4. Carol Reagan Cross Country 3; Indoor Track 3; Yearbook 4. Debbie Reardon Softball 1,2,4; Yearbook 4; Talent Show 4. Claire Reppucci National Honor Society 3,4; Archaeology Club 4; Yearbook 4. Luwana Riese Basketball 1,2; Softball 2; Hockey Cheerleaders. Gayle Reynolds Gymnastics 1,2; Track 2,3; Art Club 2,3,4. jon Richards Ham Radio Club 3,4. Karen Roberts Softball 2,3. Debbie Rooney Masquers Club 1,2; Girl ' s Track 2; Student Council 1,2,3; Yearbook 4. Peter Routenberg Band 1,2, 3,4; Ham Radio Club 3,4. Ronald Rouillard Soccer 1,2, 3,4; Gymnastics 1,2,3; Wrestling 4; Track 1. 2.3.4. Joan Rubbico Softball 1,2; Cheerleader 3,4. John Ruggieri Hockey 3,4. Benjamin Sands Soccer 2,3; Math Club 1,2, 3,4; Yearbook 4. Kevin Sargent Flying Club 2,3. Daniel Schell Cross Country 2,3,4; Indoor Track 2,3,4; Outdoor Track 1,2, 3,4. Robin Schofield Soccer 3,4. Donna Schemack Chorus 1; Masquers Club 1,2; Softball 2; National Honor Society 3,4; Hockey Cheerleader 4. Verne Shaw Softball 2,3,4; Art Club. Peter Silvia Soccer 3,4; Basketball 2,3,4; Football 1; Baseball 1,2. Wayne Solimine Football 1,3. 76 Timothy Spencer Hockey 3. Robert Standley Band 1,2. Karen Sweeney Field Hockey 1,2, 3, 4; Gymnastics 1,4; Cheerleader 2; Girl ' s Track 3,4; National Honor Society 3,4. Sandy Terranova Field Hockey 1,2; Basketball 1,2; Outdoor Track 2; Tennis 1 ; Art Club. Stephen Twohig Baseball 1,2; Hockey 2,3,4; Soccer 2,3,4; Band 1,2; Dance Band 1,2. James Vaughan Basketball 1; Golf 1,2, 3, 4; National Honor Society 3,4. Ricky Ward Football 1, 2,3,4; Basketball 1,2, 3,4; Baseball 1,2, 3, 4. Lynne Warnock Art Club; Basketball 3; Yearbook Co-Editor 4; Na- tional Honor Society 3,4. Anita Weir Softball 1,2,3; Field Hockey 1; Ski Club 1. Pam Williams Ski Club 1; Basketball 2; Prom Committee 4. Mike Witham Football 1; Basketball 2,3; Tennis 3,4; Baseball 2; Newspaper 2; Yearbook Assistant Layout Editor 4; Musical 4; Math Club 4; Band 1,2,3,4; Stage Band 1, 2,3,4. Sanford A. Woodmansee Tennis 1,3,4. Bill Wooldredge Band 1,2,3,4; Chorus 1,3,4; Gymnastics 1,2, 3, 4; Masquers Club 3,4; Ski Club 2; Football Manager 3,4; Track Manager 3. Mark Zurawel Football 1,3,4; Soccer 2; Basketball 1,2,3 ,4; Baseball 1,2, 3, 4; National Honor Society 3,4. 77 UNDERCLASSMEN remember yesterday, project tomorrow, but live today. we ' re free to go where we wish and to be what we are. Richard Bach i€l isHMtir ntr i ISnim ' ,4 9 m m V SiSi Live and make the present hour pleasant and cheerful. Keep your mind out of the past and keep it out of the future. J.A. Schindler ADMINISTRATION Arthur A. Barresi, Vice Principal Arthur j. Kenney, Principal Francis X. O ' Donoghue, Superintendent BUSINESS V - Judy Ferrari Joseph Clarkin Clockwise; Fred Keyes, Russ Dever, Ray Landry, Bob Pushkar, Eleanor Dell, John Nolan. Com- mu- ni- ca t!on FOREIGN LANGUAGES Joseph Venti Sue Kerwin Joanne Lambert MATH Bob Pesce Ray Whipple Mary Zwirner Carl Puglia " The sum of the squares of the legs of an isosceles triangle equals the square of the hypotenuse, " said the scarecrow. Bethe McBride Charles Markham George Yianakes Charles Nugent 91 SOCIAL SCIENCE the lessons of yesterday 92 Clockwise: Phillip Wicky, Roy Conway, John Havice, Mary Anne Wolff. SCIENCE Clockwise: Bob Lynch, Bob Gosse, Tammy Mentus, Max Mueller. Students+ CAFETERIA Pat Molborg, Elizabeth Hanson, Irene Berdard, Barbara Parsons, Grace Schaitel, Carla Johnson. Lawrence Stevens Lorraine Redding 96 Les Levey, Athletic Director Nancy McLaughlin Edwina Kornechuck Roy Condon GYM Clockwise; Doris Young, Gail Rosenthal, Home Eco- nomics; Agatha Eisenhaure, Librarian; Charles Mague, Reading; Harold Weisse, Music. Clockwise: Doris Riese, Nurse; Peter Vennard, Graphic Arts; Steve jeanes, Victor Sticklor, Industrial Arts; Frank FHughes, Art. images i remember . . . Dance Band: Row one: P. Bourgeois, ). Taylor, D. Jones, L. Sutton, D. Silvia. Row two: D. MacMillan, S. Rabasco, S. Bourgeois, D. Schell, j. Kodis, |. Hayward, B. Lotion, N. Stern, B. Anderson, D. Rabasco, M. Witham, C. Anderson. Missing: T. Macauley, j. Brady, D. Ham. Chorus members joyfully sing in the Christmas Concert. Right: The Galloping Gourmets we are not! Preparing tor Harvard The Masquers Club skillfully brings courtroom drama to the stage. D. Jones as the Prosecutor grills witness C. Alcorn. THE NIGHT OF JANUARY 16th Defendant P. O ' Brien evades the implicating questions of the Defense Attorney, P. Cullen. Lefty ' s wife objects to a leading question by the Prosecutor: " Lissin ' Missy . . judge Heath (K. Fuller) ponders the testimony of the state ' s witness, J. Mollica. ANDRES vs. THE STATE 108 SPAGHETTI SUPPER Wednesday is no longer Prince Spaghetti day at N.R.H.S. Left; A. Redfearn, B. Canavan, L. Atwell, ]. Richards dish out scrumptious portions of spaghetti. Below; Senior Girls huddle and ask, “Who brought the dressing? " North Reading ' s “Spaghetti Benders " : K. Meaney, B. Davis, P. Demetri, R. Ward, C. Reagan. THANKSGIVING WEEK Thanksgiving slipped through North Reading but not witnout notice this year. Spirit Week provided its usual festivities with posters of every description covering the gym from top to bottom. The Sopho- mores were rewarded for their talents when they walked away with the Spirit Week prize. Undaunted, the Seniors reas- serted their vocal ability and won their second yelling contest. Tne game, howev- er, will probably be rememoered a little longer. In the ice and snow the Hornets and Pi- oneers battled back and forth. Throughout the game, well-engineered drives ended in frustration with the elusive pigskin chang- ing hands. Finally, Lynnfield broke the ice and scored midway in the second quarter. In the third quarter, N.R. caught the spirit when Ward rumbled in for six points and Orlosk added his own special touch. Controversy came in the waning minutes of the final quarter when Canavan broke up a pass along the sidelines. Even though the receiver came down without the ball, the play was ruled complete and Lynnfield went on from there. Time and mistakes finally squelched North Reading ' s shot at the Turkle. PIOMEW Above; Underclassmen salute the mighty Seniors. Top: Hoopla. Right: King and Queen, B. LeCrow and T. Morlani await their coronation. 110 Out of the minds of nuts come . . . little Japanese guy . . . hokey ... I voted for stipple . . . what ' s a bum? . . . Job 253 . . . but it ' s a glonkie! . . . taxi service . . . schlockie . . . se- curity leaks . . . asking Dick for exten- sions ... it doesn ' t have pizazz . . . pregnant pause . . . the night before deadlines . . . pink slippers . . . get- ting run down ... it stalled again . . . " THE " football layout . . . what ' s a belly flop? . . . Dutch Boy . . . who ' s got the eraser? . . . retyping Michael ' s pages . . . Carolyn ' s laugh . . . Co-Editors: Bud Equi and Lynne Warnock. Literary Editors: Carolyn Ash and Denise Parow. . . . lost layouts . . . Bible Belt . . . pushing drugs . . . got to get home for the mail ... no more headlines, please . . . Bungle in the Jungle . . . what ' s for dinner tonight? . . . spilled Coke. . . jobbie . . . Tiller of the Ship . . . captions at 11:00 p.m. . . . locking keys in the car . . . what ' s -another word for . . . whose house this weekend? . . . Voulez-vous . . . expletive deleted. Layout Editors: Denise Boucher and Mike Witham. 114 Left: Staff: Row One: Andrea Edkins, Marianne Alexander. Row Two: Debbie Rooney, Kevin Fuller. Missing: Lauren Fancy, Danny Rabasco. Below: Cheryl Graham, Business Manager. CONTRIBUTORS Leonard Petti Cathy McCusker Terri Morlani Claire Reppucci Carol Reagan Terry Quinlan Shelley Conron Kathy Casey Mary Jo Ford Kathi Quigley David Poirier Debbie Reardon Mary Ellen Carr Thanks to Loring Studios, Dick Lowe and Hunter Pub- lishing Co., and a special thanks to Bob Pushkar. Below: Biff Sands, Photographer. Below: Ray Lee, Photographer. Row one: C. Graham, C. Anderson, M.J. Ford, A. Woodford, D. Moore, R. Jones, S. Lytle, B. Ham, B. Meshna, S. Sidilou, B. Lastinger, M. An- derson, H. Weisse, Director. Row two: L. Ferretti, C. Brady, A. Monaghan, j. Thomas, J. Mollica, L. Sutton, L. Anderson, M. Casey, N. Stern, D. Jones, W. Mitchell, J. Ippolito, K. Silvia, N. Olsen. Row three: M. LoRe, J. White, L. Petti, B. Feindel, C. Bourgeois. Row four: K. Bauer, S. Weisse, S. Hanson, K. Quigley, D. Rabasco, S. Bourgeois, J. Lupo, P. Sullivan, S. Rabasco, D. Schell, M. Atkinson, J. Bauer. Row five: J. Taylor, S. Taylor, D. Ham, K. Field, D. Silvia, P. Bourgeois, J. Brady, N. Mugford, F. Cutino, J. Fay. Row six: B. Anderson, T. Macauley, M. Stobbs, J. Creaton, W. Wooldredge, P. Bellegarde, J. Davis, J. Kodis, J. Davis, M. Witham. BAND Dan Rabasco puckers up. Cheryl Graham, Drum Majorette Row one: D. Sarsfield, J. Magazzu, M. Pettersen, C. Reppucci, C. Ash, L. Fancy. Row two: L. Anderson, A. Morlani, L. Romeo, C Reppucci, K. Comerford. Row three: B. McLaughlin, P. Sorenson. ' " There ' s gotta be something here somewhere! ' ARCHAEOLOGY Right: " Only 694 feet to go! HONOR SOCIETY Row one: M. Donnelly, D. Rabasco, J. Greaton, M. Witham. Row two: C. Burns, L. Petti, C. Ash, J. Piercey, L. Fancy, M.J. Ford, P. T-jQ Lories. Row three: ). Davis, K. Casey. Row four: L. Warnock, B. Equi, D. Parow, C. Reppucci, A. Edkins, K. Quigley. Row five: M. Dionne, B. LeCrow, M. Zurawel, I. Vauehan, M. Alexander, R. Estes. MASQUERS The Masquers soon discover “There ' s No Business Like Show Business.” together we ' re One STUDENT COUNCIL Row one: M. Brennan, D. Arsenault, B. Zurawel, P. Datillo, F. Dobson, P. Neal, R. Ragusa, C. Orlosk, L. Gormley. Row two: D. Young, L. Bozzuto, J. Jasinski, M. Nephew, C. Sands, S. Lynch, M. Currier, C. MacWhorter, C. Pietrasz, M. Crane, K. Casey, S. Fitz- meyer. Row one: P. Lones, M. Stobbs. Row two: A. Stobbs, B. Rush, J, Lasso, M. Currier, S. Hilton. Row three: J. Creaton, M. Pettersen. 119 MATH CLUB LIBRARY AIDES I POPSiCLE Row one: Ann Stobbs, Lynne Lennon, Susan Laste. Row two: Michael Murphy, Michael Stevens, Robert Jones, Gregory Titus, Eileen McCabe, Russell Woollacott. Missing: Charles Frangos, Timothy Riese. E. Monaco, E. Sarsfield, P. Branch, D. Waite, S. Branch, K. Day, P. Reagan, N. Crockett, C. Rajaneimi, M.j. Ford. 120 Brad Lupton, Advisor, M. Donnelly, P. Cullen, C. Titus, M. Anderson, C. Bergeron, P. Routenberg, M. Dionne, ]. Richards, M. Freeman. ■ i ■ ' € mm FLYING CLUB Row one: D. Moore, M. Ford, j. Miller, ). Taylor. Row two; P. Datillo, P. Cullen, P. Bourgeois, ]. Monaghan, R. Lynch, Ad- visor, B. Sullivan, F. Dobson. 1 LKAH lQIS Even though the Hornets did not have an overly suc- cessful season record-wise, their spirit and determination were unswerving. Battling out many tight scores, the team ' s strength was evident if not always highly visible. Numerous offensive rushes by Bill Canavan and Joe Gleason revealed North Reading ' s offensive might along with Quarterback Jim Demetri ' s powerful passes. Co-Cap- tains Peter Mastro, Rick Ward, and Mark Zurawel worked closely with Coach Wescott in holding the team ' s game plan together. But it was individual efforts that shone through the haze of defeat. Above all else this is what Coach Wescott remembers about Season ' 74: " The improvement of the football skills and team attitude are a tribute to the kids. " Perhaps this is what high school football is all about. Charging onto the field. V Row one; J. Nangle, Asst. Coach, T. Weir, M. Ridgley, R. Annand, V. Bonanno, P. King, M. Zdinak, S. Solomine, J. Mc- Menimen, R. Alexander, C. Boucher, L. Wescott, coach. Row two: ). Barbagallo, J. Lannon, M. Brennan, R. Field, R. Ward, D. Coffill, M. Zurawel, M. Parente, W. Kasa, M. Quinlan, M. Phillips, D. Paul. Row three: B. LeCrow, J. Gleason, B. Canavan, P. Mastro, J. Canavan, B. Terranova, J. Gonsalves, J. Cameron, B. Livingston, L. Batchelder, L. Kasa. Words of encouragement come from Coach Wescott. Hornet defensemen close in. Ginger takes her shortcut. There are very few people, let alone football coaches, who have not been in- fluenced by the adage, " win at any cost " . The cliche, " It ' s not whether you win or lose, it ' s how you play the game " , has become virtually non-existent. However, we are proud to announce that we know and love a member of this minority. Coach Lloyd Wescott. At North Reading just two years, he is a talented, thoughtful, and dedicated coach who took a group of high school boys and formed a hard-working team. As a coach and as a person, Mr. Wescott is a rare breed, and we are for- tunate to have him with us. M. Zurawel struggles for a couple more yards I don ' t believe it! ' 125 4 J. Demetn fires an aerial to M. Zurawel L. Kasa leads the way Eat your heart out O.J The Green Machine prepares for battle 127 C. Doig and J. Lannon close in for the tackle. This is absurd! T- " a CHEERLEADING Above: Seniors M. Crane, K. Meaney, and K. Casey celebrate the Hornet ' s finest hour. Left; T. Canavan. Hornet Spirit Makers; Row one: D. Storey, D. Young, T. Hayes. Row two: M. Crane, K. Meaney, L. j- Allen, P. Campilio, S. Kelley, D. Bowen. Row three; K. Casey, L. Costa, E. Jackson. ( %■ :. m-- Austin, D. Harzmovitch, L. Lennon, L ont: V. Harzmovitch. Cormley, K. Duval, C. Burns, K. Twohig, N. Bodanza, 129 • ' --A ■ ' -’ ' ‘. ' vJ . ■ ■•. ' ■ ■ ■; Renting the colors: A. O ' Donnell, P. Dalton, K. Henry, R. Hall, |. Fino, C. Reppucci. C. Burns (Captain) twirl. MAJORETTES COLOR GUARD FIELD HOCKEY Varsity; Coach N. McLaughlin, K. Silvia, L. McKenzie, L. LaCascia, S. Quinlan, K. Sweeney, J. Lannon, D. Cummings, D. Martindale, J. Taylor, J. Fay, D. Higgins, Coach B. McBride. I J.V. Squad Members: L. Troiano, M. Reilly, D. Leach, L. Gallant, C. Sands, B. Lastinger, D. Cavanaugh, R. Murray, S. ; Taylor, D. McManus, M. Furey, M. Sasso, A. Ferretti, C. Orlosk, D. Cillis, L. Spinelli, C. Paddleford. " A Trio of Hackers " K. Sweeney, L. McKenzie, J. Lannon A struggle for the ball between D Cummings and a rival. Left: L. LaCascia heads for open grounds. Above: Food for thought. The stars of the ' 74 sports scene no doubt are the Girl ' s Field Hockey Team. As the Cape Ann League Champs, the spirited " Hackers " suf- fered only two losses, attaining a proud record of 10-2-1. Some of the credit goes to Coach Nancy McLaughlin who steered the team to consecutive winning seasons. Junior goalie Kathy Silvia ' s key saves often determined the out- come of many contests. Still, team effort by all collected victories in the win column. Captain Jill Lannon and Co-captain Debbie Higgins leave the squad, however, a strong mixture of underclasswomen prom- ise many equally successful years. D. Higgins scoops past a Newburyport opponent. Row one: Coach S. Jeanes, D. Schemack, M. Casey, B. Meshna, J. Davis, N. Olsen, S. Gonsalves; Row two: B. Rush, S. Mahn, J. Beaumont, T. Murray, T. Sonia, T. Ford; Row three: J. Murray, R. Neal, M. Pecevich, D. Schell, J. Barkhouse, B. Ford, B. Allen, E. Coleman I— z D c ) O LO U O cci U D. Schell leads the pack. 132 The longest yard. North Reading runners prepare for the start of a meet. T. Ford runs with determination. Ah! The finish line! 133 Coach Roy Condon puts a sting into his Hornets during halftime. " Gotcha! ' ' Kickeroo. " Soccer fever hit North Reading High School only a few short years ago and since then has mushroomed into a major sport. The Seniors of ' 75 grew up with the added sport and quickly turned it into a school asset. The varsity line-up this year consisted mostly of Seniors with three solid years of soccer behind them. Tri-Captains Chuck Barkhouse, Paul Lones, and Peter Silvia often were deciding factors between a win or a loss. Of course, goalie Rich " Cheese " Estes deserves credit for saving many a rough-and- tumble contest. Coached by Roy Condon from the start, the soccer squad sparked new in- terest in the foreign spoti. Three of this year ' s Hornets, Chuck Barkhouse, jim O ' Rourke, and Rich Estes, were chosen All-Stars in the Cape Ann League. Despite graduating Seniors, many upcoming prospects guarantee continuing Soccer successes. 134 C. Barkhouse dribble. Anticipation. D. Sands, M. Jones and C. Pietrasz help goalie R. Estes clear the ball away from the net. Captain P. Silvia leads N.R. ' s charge. Coach Roy Condon ponders his team ' s strategy. 135 BASKETBALL Row one: Co-Captains, B. Davis and M. Zurawel. Row two: K. Mitchell, M. Quinlan, P. Estes, P. Silvia, S. Orlosk, P. Zurawei, R. Estes, C. Wheeler. " This is nonsensical. " " It ' s mine. No, It ' s mine. " 136 See Scott score. Knights darken M. Zurawel ' s lane. End of Round One 137 What goes down must come up, I hope. JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL Below: Gentlemen, place your bets. Right: A little help please It n TiteaifT 1 y 1 itw L f i pi 1 f jj ► ( 1 ,.J i . IN fPIHBI 138 Row one: R. Svehia, D. Paul, M. Bubar, M. Zdinak, B. Laske. Row two: T. Stewart, P. Estes, C. Baxter, B. Lorton, S. Solimine, C. Boucher. Row one: P. Campilio, L. Costa. Row two: M. Currier, S. hiore, D. Storey, K. Casey. Row three: D. Bowen, D D ' Entremont, K. Meaney, T. Hayes, S. Kelley. one: S. Atwell, K. Parsons, M. Bowen, ). Cogliano, H. Madden. Row tv o: L. Masi, |. Auckerman, S ilton, L. Austin. 139 VARSITY JUNIOR VARSITY GIRLS Row one: D. Higgins, K. Coleman, Co-Captains. Row two: A. O ' Donnell, C. MacWhorter, D. Martindale, J. Davis, L. Spinelli, A. Jensen, L. Murphy, J. Taylor, K. Silvia, E. Kornechuk, Coach. Row one: M. Brown, M. Casey, N. Olsen, ]. DeFranco, M. Sasso. Row two: B. Rush, C. Roberts, J. Cunningham, R. Ivester, M. Pecevich, D. Welsh, N. Wheeler. Row three: j. Taylor, j. Fisher, B. Stacey, B. Standley, T. DeFranco, D. Waitt, T. Mentus, Coach. Above: Leaping for the rebound. Right: D. Higgins blocks an opponent ' s pass. 140 Below: K. Coleman pauses to talk strategy with the Coach. Right: Leaders of the pack. Middle left: D. Martindale dribbles around a rival. Above: Concentration. Left: L. Spinelli eyes the hoop. %!■ Stick to it, George. D sTMcGure? SandH j ' D ' Emreront " p B?rIa ' ' Barkhouse, M. Mclnerney, T. Luoto. Row two: C. Murdock, J. Ruggieri. ' ' ' Barrasso, J. Ohver, D. Coffill, B. Canavan, B. McGuire, P. ,, .cos..,, c. 143 Instructions from Coach Reste between periods. K. McGuire checks an opposing player into the boards. 144 Left: ). Oliver sweeps down the boards. Middle left: The face-off. Below: Masco is foiled again. Left: j. Oliver steps around a defenseman INDOOR TRACK Charge of the Track Brigade. J. Creator! heads for the finish line. Above: Is he going to clear? Right; J. O ' Rourke prepares to hurl. Left: D. Schell flies high. Below; C. Killam kill ' em. Above: Row one: N. Palmitesta, F. Dobson, R. Neal. Row two: J. Beaumont, L. Pint- sopoulos, M. Rooney, D. Centarrino, ). Murray, C. Killam. Row three: Mr. jeanes. Coach, P. Bellegarde, B. Creaton, E. Coleman, T. FHopkins, R. LeCrow, |. Lannon, Mr. Blackington, Coach, J. O ' Rourke. Left: The agony before the ecstasy. 47 GIRLS GYMNASTICS Above: L. LaCascia on the wing. Right: It ' s not working! 148 Row one: Coach C. Carbone, D. McManus, L. McKenzie, L. LaCascia, S. Quinlan, E. Reilly. Row two: M Sherman, L. McTague, K. Sweeney, ). Bryant, K. Lewis, M. Reilly, L. Troiano. Row three: M. Cohan, D. Leach, D. Young, L. Skerrett, T. Reynolds, C. Sands, H. Kuliopolos. Above; C. Sands completes her vault. Right: She flies through the air with the greatest of ease. Left: Eileen a little to the left. Below: L. McKenzie goes around again. 149 BOYS GYMNASTICS Lord of the Rings S. McMillan performs a vault C. Cohan gets hands -on experience. Agility + Effort = Success, A Hornet gymnast completes a vault The Coach in action Cohan casts off. WRESTLING Middle left: J. Burke skillfully pins an opponent. Middle right; " Get off my back! " Above: Teammates intently ponder the next move. Row one: E. Turner, Coach, R. Rouillard, B. Rush, P. Crawford, T. Ford, ). McMenimen, B. Ford, T. Courossi, D. Donegan, S. Kalvin, Coach. Row two; R. Field, B. King, B. Howe, C. Barkhouse, P. King, R. Annand, J. Burke, J. Laudano. aJik. imu mm 152 Left: " Is that my leg or yours? " Below: Ug! King of the mat. Middle: N.R. grapples with a Triton contender. Above: Bobby Howe grinds him into the mats. 153 BASEBALL 1974 154 The backbone: Row one: S. Orlosk, M. Brennan, M. Zurawel, R. Ward, B. Canavan. Row two: F. Carey, Coach, C. Barkhouse, P. Mastro, B. LeCrow, J. Gleason. Try hitting this one! Rick Ward tees off. MASS. STATE CHAMPS h Left: Unity pays off. Below: Am I safe? Below left: Coach Carey talks strategy. A sign on the Maiden Co-Op Bank proclaims it with pride to all who pass, " Congratulations North Reading Division I State Champs! " Every game was fought for; stolen bases, belly slides, bunts, and catches that defied reason were Efornet trademarks. Coach Frank Carey said at the start of the season that with consistency this team would take the league championship. Frank, you set your goals much too low. Consistency was an understatement, as the FHornets rolled on without hesitation. Their attack was brought into the limelight when they tore apart the Whiz Kids from Milton by a 6-2 score. Bill Canavan made one of his game-saving catches, Har- tery hit a 465-foot blast, and Rick Ward held the Whiz Kids at bay from the mound. In mid-June the scene was Rockland for the Division I State Finals. The Hornets scratched out a run. Then Bill Canavan put Pittsfield in the web of his glove with his now-famous diving catch in center field with the tying run on third. The final score of 2-1 told the story: The Hornets were the Bay State Division I Champs! SPRING SPORTS DU Coke does the Fosbury flop. TRACK Is this the finish line? TENNIS Ground ball to Silvia . . . Follow, follow, follow. Keep on truckin . D. Higgins smashes away SOFTBALL 157 A. O ' Donnell lets it fly. T. Morlani prepares a mighty swing. GOLF i IMMMM MMW 4i - j‘ V •f ' - • ' • ' ■ . a ' . ' ’A fl -P 9 fA A curve or a fast ball? Only one more mile to go. T. O ' Brien counters with a backhand. 1 ' t. CLASS WILL We, the Class of 1975, being of legal age and warped mind do hereby proclaim and declare this, our Will and Testament. We humbly request our executor, Mr. Arthur J. Kenney, to pay for any or all bills, losses or damages that our sanctimonious class may have imposed upon North Reading High. The following effects have been issued to each member with no malice or defamation of character intended. We bequeath . . . . . . a twenty foot sub complete with periscope to Ricky Howe. . . . a box of stationery to Mary Ellen Carr. . . . a bag of M M ' s to Nancy Griswold. . . . an elbow sharpener to Joanne Davis. . . . a pair of platform shoes to Ron Rouillard. . . . a lifetime supply of index cards to Mr. Dever. . . . a bag of c ontetti and a crown to Teri Morlani. ... a player trumpet to jay Brady. ... a hole in one to John Hart. . . . a bird ' s nest to Miss McBride. . . . a canister of laughing gas to Carolyn Ash. . . . a weekend at Sun Valley to Erich Kuehnel. . . . a 16 " X 20 " glossy of the library assistants to Mrs. Eisenhaure. . . . gold-plated drumsticks to Brad Anderson. . . . ten lessons on how to frown to Lynne Warnock. . . . a memo pad to remember to set his alarm clock to Biff Sands. . . . another course with Mr. Wescott to Larry Kasa. . . . a " C " in anything to Kathy Casey. We grant to . . . . . . Mr. Whipple an abacus. . . . Luwana Riese a copy of " 1001 Ways to Get Out of Class " . . . . Peter Routenberg a distributor cap. . . . Patty Correlle an award for putting up with our class for four years. . . . Danny Simes a gift certificate redeemable only at Agganis School of Driving. . . . Lauren Fancy a complete set of the writings by Goethe. . . . Mr. Hughes an errand boy. . . . Andrea Edkins a private Chemistry course with Mr. Mueller. . . . Mark Zurawel his first pair of dungarees and a comb for his swoop. . . . Stephen Bourgeois a college visit every third period. . . . Debbie Rooney, Peter Puck and a Cooney bird. . . . Mrs. Kornechuk a padded bench to kick. . . . Michael Witham a year ' s tuition to Katherine Gibbs ' . . . . Shelley Conron a room to clean. . . . Robert Standley three more years of Doctor Lawson. . . . Bob Lewis a permanent leg cast. . . . Karen Roberts a driver ' s license. . . . Lois Duncan a year ' s supply of Dunkin ' Munchkins. . . . Mr. Nugent a " creature " . 158 We leave . . . . . . a bottle of No-Doze to Patty O ' Toole. . . . green paint to remember the bell by to Tom Luoto. . . . a megaphone to Leonard Petti. . . . her very own chiropractor to Cathi MacWhorter. . . . a veal cutlet to Cindy Culleton. . . . one hundred pounds of baklava to Miss Stollatis . . . Betty Bones to Joe Gleason. . . . a debut at Carnegie Hall to David Ham. . . . two snow tires to Sarah Farris. . . . a box of spark plugs to Sharon Duchak. . . . Mr. Lupton to Tony DeRosa. . . .all of next years Freshmen gym classes to Mr. Carey. . . . 6,429 2 3 late math assignments to Barbara Austin. . . . a pair of P.F. Flyers to Danny Schell. . . . a different nickname to Paul Lones. . . . a donkey (y-en) to Mrs. Kaiser. . . . two sets of 6-0, 6-0 to Tricia O ' Brien. . . . a four minute mile to Cheryl Killam. . . . quatre more years avec Mile. Kerwin to Danny Rabasco. We confer upon . . . . . . Denise Boucher a bottle of Excedrin and a booklet of McDonald ' s Gift Certificates. . . . Michael Doucette his own Post Office. . . . jane McLeod the complete works of Camus. . . . Mr. Murphy oil for his shoes. . . . Donna Jones a pea and twenty mattresses. . . . Denise Parow a car that won ' t stall. . . . Scott Orlosk a copy of “How to Build Your Self-Confidence " . . . . Mrs. Mentus a pickled tennis ball. . . . Maryann Crane a do-it-yourself wire tapping kit. . . . Michael Brennan a 100-lb. tub of Parkay. . . . Phil Cullen $50 for a haircut. . . . Mary Jo Ford something to laugh at. . . .Robert Fournier collision insurance for life. . . . Mr. Nolan a list of the F.B.I. ' s most wanted women. . . . Juli Greene a medical encyclopedia. . . . Michael Donnelly a box of Bic pens. . . . Ricky Field a full nelson. . . . Cheryl Graham the best seller, “Tennis Tactics for Weekend Hackers " . . . . Mr. Lupton, Tony De Rosa. We donate . . . . . . a twenty pound box of Shake and Bake to George Doig. . . . wax lips to prevent the kissing disease to Wendi Holden. . . . next years Senior Class to Mr. Cannon. ... a few more cents to Mark Penney. . . . a kiss from Mr. Nolan and Mr. Keyes to Gina Costanza. . . . a paint by number set to David Poirier. . . . a contract with the Ford Modeling Agency to Susan White. . . . Mr. Ed for Nancy Waterman. . . . a B.S. in Foreign Languages to Billy Canavan. . . . a metronome to Cheryl Burns. . . . Paul Martin to Miss Kerwin. . . . a Toni hair permanent to Mark Birkmaier. . . . a can of Sunshine to Gayle Reynolds. 159 . . . a toy fire truck to jimmy Pothier. . . . 15 Handi-Wipes to Mr. Markham. . . . a box of SunMaid raisins to Sharon Lumb. . . . a subscription to the Wall Street journal to john Ruggieri. . . . a key to her own bank to Kathy Reynolds. . . . formaldehyde on the rocks to Mr. Lucier. We present . . . . . . Paul Zdinak a box of Crayola ' s. . . . Esther Ansourlian a fall. . . . jimmy Greaton an inversely printed Chemistry book. . . . Kathi Quigley a Mary jo Ford doll. . . . Mrs. Kelly a dozen red roses. . . . Kevin McGuire a bunch of Chiquita ' s. . . . Danny Ingram a case of beer. . . . Mary Bakas a bottle of Patchouli. . . . Raymond Lee free English lessons. . . . Rhonda Richardson a stable of horses. . . . Bobby LeGrow a plane ticket to Steven Point, Wisconsin. . . . Mr. Landry a 3,852 page book of beeeautiful Haiku, (oooooo.k.?) . . . Duck Davis, Ricky Ward and a hair net. . . . Debby Higgins a sweatsuit that can never be lost. . . . Kevin Fuller, Fred Astaire ' s old shoes. . . . Rick Estes an assorted package of Limburger, Swiss, Roquefort and Cheddar. . . . Marianne Alexander a copy of Lupton ' s Guide to Physics. . . . Bud Equi screw on legs for emergencies. . . . Mr. Kipnes a cheerleader voodoo doll. We give . . . . . . a Clydesdale led tour of the Budweiser Brewery to Hoss Doucette. . . . a double record album of Don Rickies ' best to Mr. Mueller. . . . a Charles Atlas Home Body Building Kit to Chucky Barkhouse. . . . her own Bookmobile to Claire Reppucci. . . . Duck to Ricky Ward. . . . a crash helmet to Mark Jones. . . . an 8 " X 10 " glossy of Mr. Nolan to David Centarrino. . . . ten pairs of yellow and white socks to Mr. Barresi. . . . Wendi to David Howard. . . . 2 free tickets to see " Easy Rider " to Kevin MacNeil. . . . a bamboo hockey stick and a paper mache puck to Mr. Reste. . . . a pair of horgies to Terry O ' Rourke. . . . 365 hokey pregnant pauses to Mr. Pushkar. . . . Alexander to Jill Piercey. . . . a coat that follows him around and one dozen 210 lb. linemen to Mr. Wescott. . . . a copy of " The Joy of Cooking " to the Cafeteria Ladies. . . . a tank of gas to Robin Schofield. . . . a Lear jet for the Flying Club to Mr. Lynch. . . . a mousie for Steven Correale. . . . Lawrence Welk ' s baton to Mr. Weisse. . . . a jar of Ragu spaghetti sauce to Roxanne Ragusa. . . . a long stick with a nail on the end and an economy sized Hefty bag to Mr. Kenney. 160 161 PATRONS Betty and David Allen Mr. and Mrs. Mario W. Aloisi Mr. and Mrs. James Barkhouse Roy T. Bishop and Family Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Bourgeois Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Brady Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Brogren Dr. and Mrs. Harold Chase Ms. Karen Condon Mr. and Mrs. Stephen S. Conrad Mr. and Mrs. John E. Davis Mr. and Mrs. Russell Dever Mr. and Mrs. Ernest P. Doucette Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Drinkwater Mr. Robert Cosse Mr. and Mrs. John A. Greene Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Ham Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hein Mr. and Mrs. Herbert W. Holden Jr. Owen and Miriam Ingram Mr. and Mrs. William Joyce Fred and Kay Bauer Mr. and Mrs. Joseph McKeague Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pesce Mr. and Mrs. James E. Puzzo Skip and Frank Kelly Mr. and Mrs. William MacKean Mr. and Mrs. Arthur McGonagle Mr. and Mrs. George Lord Mr. and Mrs. John J. Lupo Marjorie Mutch Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. O ' Brien Mr. and Mrs. Walter P. O ' Rourke Mr. and Mrs. J. Calvin Penney Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Plouff Lee and Jean Quinlan Mr. and Mrs. Charles Reagan Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Sasso Mr. and Mrs. John Schell Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W. Schofield Mr. and Mrs. B.A. Shaw Mr. and Mrs. John Silvia Jane W. Van Zandt Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Vaughan Mr. and Mrs. Albert Waterman Mr. and Mrs. C.W. Wooldredge Jr Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Piercey Mr. and Mrs. Alex Rabasco Mr. and Mrs. Floyd E. Eastman Mr. and Mrs. Paul Cote MERCI GRACIAS OBRIGADA SPONSORS Abbott Shoe Arthur R. Alford Mr. and Mrs. Davis Alexander Mr. and Mrs. Howard Ash Mr. and Mrs. Robert Austin Mr. and Mrs. William Boucher and Family Mr. and Mrs. F.L. Burton Mr. and Mrs. A.L. Centarrino Mr. and Mrs. Edward Conron Mr. and Mrs. Bernard J. Correlle and Family Mrs. Margaret Demetri Mr. and Mrs. George M. Doig Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Equi Dick and Peggy Estes Mr. and Mrs. Lyman Fancy Mrs. Phyllis Farris Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Eerrell Mr. and Mrs. Roy Ford and Family Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Gallant Mr. and Mrs. Henry Graham J. Greaton Mr. and Mrs. Frederick S. Haerer Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Hart Mr. and Mrs. Francis A. Heckman and Family Mr. and Mrs. David J. Higgins Hunter Enterprises, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Bradley H. Jones Arthur j. Kenney Mr. and Mrs. Richard Knight Mr. and Mrs. T.W. Lawson jr. Mr. and Mrs. Mike Lopilato Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Cordesco Mr. and Mrs. John Mastro Mr. James W. McCusker Mr. and Mrs. Alex D. McLeod Mr. and Mrs. William R. McMenimen Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Morlani Gertrude M. Morrissey Jean-Pierre Morrissey Mrs. Mary J. Parente Mr. and Mrs. Walter J. Parow W. Pedersen Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Pushkar Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Quigley Mr. and Mrs. S.L. Ragusa Mr. and Mrs. Frank Reardon Mr. and Mrs. Chet Reppucci Mr. and Mrs. George J. Reynolds, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. T. Gerald Richards Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Rooney Dr. and Mrs. Burton Rosenthal Anthony J. Ruggieri Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin F. Sands, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. David J. Sargent Mr. James A. Twomey Mr. Joseph Venti Earl and Judy Warnock Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Waterhouse Mr. and Mrs. Robert White Phillip A. Wicky James Witham Doris B. Young Mr. and Mrs. Henry J. Zurawel Mr. and Mrs. Fred Orlosk DZIEKUJE DANKE THANK YOU 163 rm fn rrim ' We sto? wall V K.r«os$mriS THE PEOPLE ' S CHOICE THE COMMERCIAL BANK ■II ■■1 fT7 STATE LAW STOP ON SIGNAL Caution Precious Cargo ; 164 THE HORNET ' S NEST COriGMTUL TIOMS TO TH ClhSS Of 1975 ROBERT CAPILLO General Contracting All Types of Remodeling Tel. 664-4245 Wadsworth Road North Reading WHY MOT HDD M W SklLL ? HMD mOM Y TO YOUR f UTUR TRY h PHRTTin JOB WITH h 5ULL TIM fUTUR 1 Q6 HRIHOR D CMMHLRY CHLL 944-6Q32 165 JUNIOR CLASS RYER ' S BUCKO ' S HILLVIEW PHARMACY 166 LEO MELTZER Compliments of The MAVERICK The WORLD OF DONUTS ARLINGTON FIVE-CENT SAVINGS BANK Good Luck from KENNETH R. IVESTER INSURANCE KELLY ' S OYSTER HOUSE MONROE FUEL CO. CARR ' S STATIONERS 168 ATLANTIC SUPER-VALUE FREDERICK A. KEYES, ATTORNEY CENTRAL PHARMACY SOPHOMORE CLASS 169 GRANT CITY 170 TRANSCRIPT CENTER DRUG HORSESHOE LOUNGE FRED ' S SUPERMARKEl CANDLEWOOD LANES 35 Main Street North Reading, Mass. 664-3145 171 MALDEN CO-OPERATIVE BANK 172 BEST WISHES from: Dr. George Arthur Dr. Raphael L. Greenfield Dr. Donald J. Lynch Dr. Nicholas Marinakas Dr. Donald B. Stackhouse 74 LORING STUDIOS Best Wishes to the Class of ' 75 C W TRANSPORTATION INC. 313 Main St., North Reading Bernie Corelle

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