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FOREWORD Millions of Americans enjoy The Flint- stones. These characters in their pseudo- anachronistic settings make us laugh as they satirize our foibles and our sometimes mis- placed enthusiasms. People need to laugh to relieve the pressures of the modern world. A country that can laugh at itself will survive The Class of 1962 of North Reading High School wishes to express its gratitude to Hanna-Barbera Productions for their permis- sion to use The Flintstones to inject a little humor into our yearbook. 2 Mrs. A. Stephanie Delaney We, the class of nineteen-hundred and sixty-two dedicate our yearbook to Mrs. A Stephanie Delan- ey. We appreciate her guidance and inspiring lead- ership as yearbook and class advisor. We will al- ways remember her wonderful sense of humor in many trying situations. 4 ADMINISTRATION CHANGES GEARS WITHOUT A BACKSLIDE A MESSAGE FROM MR SZUBERLA As you, the members of the Class of 1962, step forward to receive your high school diplomas, you leave behind you the pleasant days of youth and proms and football games, and you enter into the mainstream of life. A new challenge now confronts you, for you are charged with the responsibility for mould- ing the future of our nation and our world. At no time in our nation ' s history has the high school graduate been faced with such a tremendous challenge. The threat of inter- national communism hangs over us like the Sword of Damocles, and the world is threat- ened with nuclear holocaust. And you, the graduates of the Class of 1962, will be numbered among those responsible for our future welfare as a people and a nation. The challenge is great, but the tasks ahead are not impossible of achievement. Bold men and women will be required to face and meet the challenges before us. Personal sacrifice and supreme effort will be the order of the day. William Shakespeare, that master of human psychology, once noted: Our doubts are traitors, And make us lose the good we oft might win By fearing to attempt. Bear this in mind, graduates, as you leave North Reading High School to face the chal- lenge of the future. Do not fear to attempt the unknown, for you may lose an opportunity to accomplish great good. Your experiences in the past, here at North Reading High School, have been pleas- ant, and your accomplishments have been many and varied. Yet, past achievement will not sustain you on the road that lies ahead. You must rise to the new challenge. If you, and the other members of the Class of 1962 throughout our nation, can accomplish this, then our future is assured. Godspeed to you all in the tasks that lie ahead. 7 Seated: Mrs. Bell, Mrs. Boyce, Department head. Standing: Mr. Mannheim, Mr. Schwartz, Mr. Driscoll, Mr. Cohen. Seated: Mrs. Barmby, Mrs. Flaherty, Miss Donovan, Miss Nordin. Standing: Mr. Haney, Mr. Campbell, Department Head, Mr. DeFeo, Mr. Lynch. 9 Seated: Miss Fitzpatrick, Mr. Lazenby, Department Head, Mrs. Flaherty. Standing: Mr. Defeo, Mr. Markham, Mr. Olivo, Mr. Clarkin, Mr. Whipple, Mr. Green. Seated: Mrs. Murray, Mr. Castine, Mrs. Delaney, Department Head, Miss Christie, Miss DeVito. Standing: Mr. O ' Donaghue, Mr. McGurn, Miss Egan, Mrs. Frazier. 10 Miss Catalano, Mr. Clarkin Mr. Barresi, Department Head, Mr. Ligor Mrs. Killeen, Mrs. Gascoigne Dr. Hoyt, Mrs. Johnson Mrs. Foltz, Miss Carr Mr. Nolan, Mr. Venti, Department Head Mrs. Eisenhaure, Librarian Mr. Hughes, Art; Mr. Weisse, Music mam PATRICIA AHERN 1 Yoke Street Pot . . . lots of pep . . . popular . . . pleasing personality . . . Junior Princess . . . which one shall I date this week? .Activities: Norehisc Girls ' Club; Class Sec. 2, 3, 4; Transcript reporter; Student Council Vice-President 4. PETER E. ALEXANDER 79 Elm Street Pete . . . we II always remember " patapoof Pete " as his name . . . great smile . . . good personality . . . June 7 8, 1961 ... future as a nuclear physicist. Activities: Projector Squad 1, 2; Ex- ecutive Comm.; Vice-President Na- tional Honor Society 3, 4; Track 3, 4; Football 4. 5 MARIE APPERTI 66 Central Street Purdy . . . seventh period study . . . March 7, 1961 . , . plans to go to business school . . . good sense of humor. Activities: Baton Squad; Yearbook; Norehisc Girls ' Club; Newspaper; Junior Prom Committee. BU S I N ESS SCHOOL WILLIAM B. BIRKMIER, JR. 85 Park Street Bill . . . with the pleasing personality . . . which way to the girls? . . . " Library " parties . . . weekday nights . . . plans for the seas via Naval or Coast Guard Academies. Activities: Class Treasurer 1, Science Club 2; Math Club 2; Math League 2, 3, 4; Student Council 2 , President 4; Yearbook staff; National Honor Society, President. JANET E. BLACK 26 Eames Street Jan . . . Oct. II, i960 . . . who s R. B.? . . . plans to be a hairdresser . . champion nail polisher. Activities: Norehisc Girls Club. ALFRED A. BATTISTA 62 Lowell Road Al . . quiet . . . likes sports . . . Algebra I with Mr. Whipple . good personality . . . plans to be a physical therapist. Activities: Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Bas- ketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1; Student Council 4; Leaders ' Club 1, 4. PATRICIA R. BOWER 4 Hillview Road Pat . . . cute kid . . . yearns for Nebraska . . . college bound . . . newcomer this year . . . will be a basketball star. Activities: Football Queen DIANA LEE BRANDT 134 Main Street Di . . . life at parties Summer of 1961 . . Logan Airport. Activities: Baton Squad 1, 2; Basket- ball 2, 3; Leaders ' Club 3; Norehisc Girls ' Club; Yearbook Staff. BETTE LOU TREASA BREWSTER 2 Southwick Road Crash . . . the one who put part of North Reading in darkness one night . . . plans to further her schooling . . peanut butter joke on L. K. Activities: Newspaper 4; Treas. of Norehisc Girls ' Club; Baton 3, 4; Yearbook; Chairman Junior Prom Com.; Volleyball 1. GORDON A. BROWNE 6 North Street Gordon . . . 7th period study Junior year . . . plans to attend college . . . quiet?? . . . another student of Mr. Walsh. LLOYD BUTLER 350 Haverhill Street Lloyd . . . proud owner of a motor bike . . one of Mr. Whipple ' s legion of faithful followers . . . Future Plans . . . to graduate from a technical school. Activities: Projector Squad. GEORGE BUGLEY 3 Anthony Road Bugs . . . Assistant milkman . . . quiet . . . Favorite Memory . . . Mr. Whipple ' s geometry class . . . Future plans to become a bookkeeper. PETER CAMPBELL 30 Marblehead Street Soup . . . Caddy master . . . quiet . . . rowdy in 5th period study . . . Favorite Memory . Fifth period study . . . Future plans, to graduate from high school. DEBORAH P. CARTER 7 Shore Road Debbie . . . best waitress at the Clam Spot ... a future secretary or court stenographer . . . She rates Feb. 9, 1958 and Nov. 6, 1961 as her favorite memory . . . Activities: Norehisc Girls Club; Year- book Committee; Newspaper Staff Typist; Junior Prom Committee; Freshman Dance Committee. PHILIP M. CARUCCI 29 Burroughs Road Porky . . . our athlete . . . very popular . . . Favorite Memory, five years with Mr. Green . . . Future Plans are to go to college. Activities: Football 2, 3, Co-Captain 4; Baseball 2; Class President 1, 2, 3; Student Council 1, 2, 3; Leaders ' Club; Track 3, Gymnastics 2, 3, 4. STEVEN R. CARUCCI 29 Burroughs Rood Steve . . . lists the Junior Prom as his favorite memory . . . future plans to enter business school. Activities: Dramatics Club; Junior Prom Comm.; Yearbook. CORINNE M. CONWAY 7 Porter Road Rene . . with an ever ready smile . . . rates the Thanksgiving rally of 1959 as her favorite memory . . . her future plans ore to become a secretary. Activities: Student Council Rep. 4; Secretary Norehisc Girls ' Club; Soft- ball 2, 3, 4; Junior Prom Comm.; Newspaper Staff; Yearbook. PHILIP COPPOLA 32 Winter Street Phil . . . plans to enter politics . . . great talker . . . good personality . . will always remember first year at N.R.H.S. Activities: Science Club 1; Football 1, 2; Baseball 2. CATHERINE MARY DAILEY 15 Nichols Street Alvin . . . California, 1961 . . . football games, 1960 . . . working in office, 1961 . . . active on baton squad . . . IBM machine work or bookkeepe r? Activities: Norehisc Girls ' Club; Year- book staff; Baton Squad 2, 3; News- paper 2,4; Office Helper. u ROBERT J. DEGROOT 191 North Street Bob . . handsome boy with wavy hair . . . loved 7th period study last year ... is college bound. WAYNE R. DONLE 3 Tower Hill Road Wayne . . . happy times at Bow Lake . . . college bound . . . always tinkering with cars . . . enjoyed 7th period study last year. Activities: Yearbook Affairs Club 4. Staff; World 21 KAREN LEE DOWNES 10 Damon Street Downsey . . . . . popular . . . Walter? on boys ' bus! baby talk!!! peppy cheerleader private secretary basketball games . lot of fun . . . Activities: Cheerleading 3, Co-Cap- tain 4; National Honor Society 3, 4; Rifle Club; Math League 3, 4. RUTH MARJORIE DOWNS 70 Haverhill Street DIMS Ruthie ... a reliable committee member . . . works at Monroe Fuel Co. . . . Foil of 1959? . . . enjoyed selling food at the football games . . she will make a great secretary. Activities: Class Dance Committees 2, 3; Ring Committee; Library Assist- ant; Newspaper 2, 3, 4. JOSEPH ELSTON 4 Winter Street Joe . . quiet ... no specific plans for the future ... no favorite memory . . . likes red fire engines. EDWARD EMERSON Pluff Avenue Activities: Yeorbook Staff. STEPHEN ERAMO Wilson Ave. Steve camera girls . college Activities: Manager of Football Team; Leaders Club; Yearbook. DOUGLAS ERICKSON 33 Anthony Road Lief our chief ham . . . remembers Mr. Levine ' s geometry class . . . plans to attend college. Radio Club Activities: ELLEN R. FOSTER 279 Horvehill Street senior year hygienist . favorite memory is her . . plans to be a dental pretty, short. Activities: Student Council 4; Baton Squad 1; Cheerleader 1; School News- paper 1; Rifle Club 3; Yearbook Staff 4. DOROTHY JEAN FINDLAY 243 Park Street Kitten . . . June 2, 1960 . . . Eddie, looks forward to July . . . R. D.P Janet ' s best friend . . . what is Jani- gansP Activities: Dance Committees, News- paper Staff . . . Norehisc. CHARLES FRANCIS 26 Cedar Street Chuck . . . college in the future . . . remembers 1960 Christmas vacation . . . lots of fun and laughs . . . often seen walking with L. B. Activities: Yearbook Staff; Intra- mural Sports; Junior Prom Commit- tees. LINCOLN C. FULTON 30 Lindor Road Line . . . plans to go to college . . . remembers arguments with Steve C. . . . has a yellow Merc. . . . nice smile. Activities: Dramatics Club; Science Club; Band 1. KENNETH GARLAND 21 Cedar Street Ken , . regular guy . . . plans to be a mechanic . . . favorite mem- ory is May 26, 1 960 ... I wonder why? Activities: Junior Prom Comm. WILLIAM GODLEWSKI 7 Elvira Road Bill . . . newcomer to N.R.H.S. . . favorite memory is moving to Alas ka . . . plans to go to College. Hockey; Football; Basket Activities ball. FRANCIS A. GONSALVES 289 Elm Street Greg . . . " coledge " Frank? . . . fav- orite memory is half day sessions . . . wants to be a technician. I COL Em ' Humt -JLQsELNK rflrrvt m STEPHEN S. HASELTON 1 3 Bow Street Steve . . . finally made it! . . . nice smile . . . remembers a week in Aug- ust, ' 61 . . . good artist . . . plans to be a millionaire. Activities: Basketball 3,4; Yearbook. ROBERTA ANNE HATCH Francis Street Byrdie . . . to be a secretary . . . remembers world history with Mr. Hayes . . . long hair. Activities: Norehisc Girls ' Club; News- paper typist; Yearbook Staff. 26 HERBERT ARNOLD JONES 9 Flint Street Useless . . . summer of 61 ... Jun- ior Prom Comm. . . . College or Navy . . . Snazzy clothes. Activities: Junior Prom Committee. LYNDA J. KERR 7 Orchard Drive Kerrzy . . . summers on Cape Cod . . . hospital work in future . . . has big Algebra problems . . . nice per- sonality ... Jr. year. Activities: Student Council 1 ; Pres. Norehisc Girls ' Club 4; Guidance Library; Yearbook 4; Newspaper 2,4 SANDRA KINSMAN 44 Elm Street Sandy . . . talkative . . . loves Ana- tomy . . . May 28, 1960 . . . Fourth period . . . cute smile . . . X-ray technician. Activities: Norehisc Girls ' Club; News- paper; Junior Prom Comm.; Year- book; Student Council 1; World Af- fairs Club. 1 X ' RA1 (tpcmH ICl P)N l ! ANTHONY J. LAROCCO 38 North Street Meatball Junior . . . Mr. Levine ' s Geometry class . . . embarrassment in Anatomy? . . . attend U. of Ari- zona to study law. Activities: Leaders ' Club 1,2, 3, 4; Bas- ketball 1,2, 3, 4; Track 1,2,3; Foot- ball 1; Vice-President of class 4; Executive 2,3. MARCIA CLAIRE LEIGHTON 40 Haverhill Street Marsh . . . very busy girl . . . smart . . . pleasant personality . . . plans to become a secretary, remembers Drivers ' Ed. Activities: Class Secretary 1; Home- room Rep. 2,4; Library Assistant 1, 3,4; Best Student Award; National Honor Society Sec.; Student Council 3, Editor Hornet Highlights. JANET KURZ 290 Haverhill Street Jannie . . . natural curly hair . . New Year ' s at Skateland ... Jr Prom Comm. . . . College. Activities: Jr. Prom Comm.; Refresh ment Committee. cJhcT S o ' s £ PATRICIA ANN LETTERIE 30 Winter Street Pat . . . loves Physics and Math . . . money holder . . . everybody ' s friend . . . Math engineer. Activities: National Honor Society; Class Treasurer 3,4; Student Council 3; Homeroom Rep. 2; Library Assist- ant 4; Yearbook Staff; Math League; Norehisc Girls ' Club. ROBERT ARTHUR LOUD 184 Haverhill Street Bob . weekend of June 2, 196 . . . Navy or business school? . . rides a motor scooter. Activities: Year Book Staff; Football Newspaper. SUZANNE LEIGHTON LUEBKER 1 6 Pomeroy Road Sue . . . Mr. Hughes ' Art Classes Yearbook Staff . . . Newspaper . . . Art Club . . . quiet . . . very nice . Commercial Artist. Activities: Yearbook Staff; Newspap- er; Art Club. JAMES V. LUTHER 246 Elm Street Jim . . . optometrist ' s plans . . . bad speller . . . bombs around in a hot gold sponge . . . reme mbers student- faculty basketball game. Activities: Yearbook co-editor; Dance Committee 3,4; Math League 3,4. JULIA ANN MAC RAE 6 Leland Road Julie . . . Mr. Hayes W. H. Class . . . to be a Medical Secretary . . . pleasant personality. Activities: Yearbook Staff; Newspap- er Staff; Dance Committee; Norehisc Girls Club. MARTHA J. MARSTON 295 Main Street Activities: Yearbook; Dance Commit tees; Norehisc Girls ' Club; Newspap er. HNOP fat SUN X LESLIE W. MERRILL, JR. 266 Haverhill Street Les . . Weirs Beach, N H. a motor scooter . . . Driver Ed . . . to become a forester. Activities: Varsity Football 4; Driver Education; Track; Basketball. DIANE E. MULCAHY 10 Rodgers Circle Di . . remembers Oct. 14, 1961 . . . Grants ' . . . J. S. . . . plans to be a telephone operator. Activities: Yearbook Staff; Norehisc Girls ' Club 4; Newspaper Staff . . . Dance Committees. I WILLIAM OBERLE 1 9 Erwin Road Bill . . . the big 0 ... to be a horse doctor? . . . the boy with the Renault. Activities: Yearbook Staff; Driver Ed.; Intramural Basketball; Seniors Play; Prom Committee. SUZANNE PARK 22 Mount Vernon Street Parksie . . . great basketball player . . . school teacher . . . junior year . . . June 16, 1961 ... to go to school again? . . . quiet and shy in school. Activities: Basketball 1,2, 3, 4; Rifle Club; Softball 1; Yearbook Staff; Norehisc Girls ' Club. FORREST E. PARKER 134 Elm Street Silva . . . Latin nickname . . . San- dy ' s party? . . . N.R.H.S. . . . late for class . . . sleepy. Activities: Football 2,3,4; Track 2,3, 4. SHERRY PALMER 40 Chestnut Street Chester . . . flirt . . . Oct. 7, 1959 J. D. . . . Mr. DeFeo ' s Math class! . . . secretary . . . talkative. Activities: Norehisc Girls ' Club; Junior Prom Committee; Yearbook Staff; Newpaper. HOf-tewOtlK A3St rNNH ' JTj| ELIZABETH ANN PEARCE 7 Tower Hill Road Beth . . pleasant personality . . . roller skating fan . . . remembers her birthday party . . . plans to go to technician school. Activities: Norehisc Girls ' Club; Year- book Staff; Junior Prom Committee; Tennis. ROBERT PARSONS 8 Travelled-Way Butch . . . likes Mr. Sticklor ' s shop classes . . . quiet . . . Plans to be- come a singer. Activities: Football 2,3. JAN PERREAULT 273 Elm Street Jan . . . familiar figure in a blue Renault . . . fond of visits to Lynn- field? . . . quick with a smile . . . plans to be a vet. Activities: Track 2,3,4; Yearbook Staff; Science Club; Math Club; Jr. Prom Committee; Dramatics Club; Driver Ed Club; Intramurals Sports. DVM 7 CHARLES W. RALSTON 170 North Street Bill . . . will always remember Mr. Walsh ' s Driver Ed. Class . . . plans to enter service . . . another scooter owner . . . Shepherd Kings. Activities: Yearbook. SHARON ANN PLACE HAROLD LESLIE PRATT, JR. 6 Southwick Road Wes . . . coolest of beatniks . . . digs deep water diving . . . satisfied graduate of Mr. Pat Walsh . . . fav- orite hangout ... A. V. room . . . plans to be an engineer. Activities: Projector Squad. 1 1 7 Elm Street Smiley . . . summer of 1959 . favorite memory . . . nurse in future . . . tall and quiet. Activities: Yearbook Staff; Newspap- er; Norehisc Girls ' Club. J DANA A. ROWE, JR. 193 Elm Street Dana . great hockey player . . . loves California . . . going to college to become a hockey player. Activities: Football; Hockey. NEVA ANNE ROWE 193 Elm Street Anne . . . great with the words . . . her favorite memory is Mr. Camp- bell ' s jokes-er-class ... to be a nurse or stewardess, that is the question. Activities: Dramatics Club 2,3,4; Norehisc Girls ' Club 4; Library Assist- ant 1,2, 3, 4; Newspaper 2; Yearbook. WILLIAM E. RICHARDS 4 Willow Street Bill . . . basketball A 1 . . . hockey speedster . . . June 14, 1958 . . . quiet . . . plans a career in the Army. Activities: Leaders ' Club; Basketball; Hockey. VIRGINIA M. ROYLE 32 Marblehead Street Ginny . . . always ready to help . " I want to be goalie " . . . will never forget Kennedy ' s victory . . . some doctor will have her for a nurse. • Activities: Girls ' Softball 1,4; Year- book Staff; Library Assistant; Rifle Club, Vice Pres. 3; Norehisc Girls ' Club; Basketball 1,2. RACHEL E. SANBORN 278 Elm Street Rach . . has a talent for art . . . June 2, 1961? . . . a good commit- tee worker . . . what happened at parties B.L.B. had? ... a Lab. Tech- nician or a banker?? . . . which will it be, Rach? Activities: Leaders ' Club 1; Norehisc Girls ' Club; Science Club 2; Softball 1; Volleyball 1; Executive Board; Baton 1; Yearbook Staff; Newspaper 4. DAVID GORDON SAVAGE 22 Peter Road Dave . . . can be seen leading our band . . . quite a wolf! . . . liked Miss Nordin ' s study hall . . . how ' s Barbie? ... he wants to be a good funeral director. Activities: Student Council 1; Math Club 2; Science Club 2; Projector Squad 2,3; Band 2,3,4; National Honor Society. KAREN L. SCHROW 26 Lakeside Boulevard Chick . . . remembers spring and summer of ' 61 . . . Plum Island? . . . college in future . . . great in sports. Activities: Leaders Club 2,4; Nore- hisc. Girls ' Club 4; Basketball 2,3,4; Softball 1 ,2,3,4; Yearbook. STO? AT h SCOUT ' S LA JOAN MARY SCOTT 293 Park Street Joony . . . will always remember Mr. Mannheim ' s history class . . . plans to work in a motel . . . quiet. r OTt BARBARA M. SEGAL 3 Sylvia Road Barbie . . . July, 1961 Hampshire . . . small . go to dental school. Activities: Yearbook Staff; Norehisc Girls ' Club; Baton Squad 1,2. FLORENCE J. SILVA 53 Marblehead Street Flo ... a typing whiz . . . she re- members the summer of 1 959 and Mr. Hayes ' World History class . . . desires to work in a bank. Activities: Yearbook Staff 4; News- paper; Norehisc Girls ' Club. GARY E. SLADE 51 Mt. Vernon Street Shotgun . . library assistant . horse lover . . . A.F.M. worker . . . favorite memory is Kennedy ' s victory . . . plans to go to college. Activities: Assistant at the library. k EIV)EDY [■or . Gr- " Sladz _ JANET CHRISTINE SPENCER 7 Swan Pond Road Jon . . happy personality ... ski enthusiast . . . boys ' best friend . . . her favorite memory is a party at Tufts ' . Future psychiatric worker. Activities: Rifle Club 4; Tennis Team 4; Norehisc Girls ' Club; Newspaper 1; Baton Squad 1; Yearbook Staff. RETA LOUISE STAPLES 148 Central Street Instigator . . Parties in Wakefield. Summer of " 61 " . Model or airline stewardess? Short hair looks great. Our champion globe trotter. Activities: Yearbook Staff; Newspap- er; Norehisc Girls ' Club; Dance Com- mittees. JOHN G. STEVENSON Off Lowell Road Brother . . will remember Mr. Kalin- ens shop classes . . . taking Driver ' s Ed. class from N.R.H.S. ... he re- ceived his license . . . John plans to be a millionaire. Activities: Driver ' s Ed. KENNETH R. STRICKLAND 3 Gordon Road i between classes with Maggie . blue " 53 " Ford . . . very active sports. State Police in future. Ken Activities: Football 1,2,3, 4; Baseball 1,2, 3, 4; Track 1; Basketball 1,2, 3, 4; Leaders ' Club 1,2, 3, 4; Gymnastics Club 1,2, 3, 4. DAVID SWANSON 6 Pomeroy Road Dave . . . favorite memory summer of " 61 " . . . college bound . . . quiet and studious . . . misses French 3. Activities: Track 2,3,4; Football 4. SALLY ANN THOMAS 90 Park Street Sal a willing worker . . . remem- bers September 2, 1961 when she made the R.S.R.O.A. Haverhill . . . a good typist . . . her goal is college and the entertainment field. Activities: Science Club 1,2; Dra- matics Club 1,2, 3, 4; World Affairs Club 4; Norehisc Girls ' Club; Library Assistant 4; Yearbook. NORMA MARIE THOMPSON 136 Park Street Norm . . . Geometry class . . . A.T.O. parties at Tufts . . . Nurse? . . . den- tal hygienist . . . enjoys Anatomy classes . . . always ready with some- thing to say. Activities: Norehisc Girls ' Club; Yearbook; Rifle Club 1; Dramatics C.lub 1; Baton 1,2. 41 JUDITH MARION ANN WARNOCK 29 Maple Road Punch or Judy . . . Home Ec . . . cookies in World History . . . June 24, 1960 . . . future Nurse . . . inter- mural sports . . . great help in get- ting ready for teas. Activities: Basketball; Volley-ball. JOHN W. WERNER 7 Burroughs Road Jack . . . quiet . . . bowling lover . . . the day I left my old hometown? . . . to enter the service. JOHN A. WILLIAMSON 43 Mt. Vernon Street Jack . . . President . . . future Petro- logist . . . not enough time to do everything . . . active in sports . . . very popular . . . will always remem- ber football. Activities: football 1 ,2,3,4; Basket- ball 1,2, 3, 4; Baseball 1,2, 3, 4; Class Treasurer 2, Vice-President 3, Presi- dent 4; World Affairs Club; Student Council; Yearbook Staff. CLASS IDEAL Girl Boy Marcia Leighton BRAIN William Bi rkmaier Julia McRae HAIR Robert DeGroot Betty Lou Brewster EYEBROWS William Oberle Marie Apperti EYES Forrest Parker Florence Silva EYELASHES Phil Copolla Pat Ahern NOSE Jan Perreault Martha Marston LIPS Steve Haselton Pat Letterie TEETH Gary Slade Sharon Place SMILE Kenneth Strickland Rachel Sanborn COMPLEXION Jan Perreault Lynda Kerr HANDS Peter Alexander Linda Jeanes FIGURE Jack Williamson Sandra Kinsman LEGS Jack Williamson Suzanne Park HEIGHT Steve Haselton Sandra Kinsman WEIGHT Al Battista 43 rio sT P 0 1 1 1 " _£ s UoTWtr ( v 1ai cia_ lv£i rtn QUIET ?i,EA5t (9o lt,1 ' £S+ ' Joa_n 5cott P £ i r Coimbfe e,U J kJK tt)» • l i q »soo VI LOO L P- Qif| 13 ' r 1 rn a £ h TbJ A h t r n Class Sft .OL. l-Wst- ' bon Su£- l»ut Class Wnght ' 0 jo Is Dtbb ii.Cart L.t- forrtst Parker Hc,rY?iL wqm,+5 joloLf lbs. Tor ' tar - Hdl rtamf-d X u ;ai A do v l a ti , this ,s not OtXX JL C 7%LS (0 L- fcck ' . OuST D o r • fc rcj , M« r-T ! Th«- drtawtir ' at u)orK ' Ujhat ' s TVie. ma.trti .Oa rVt-food ? Ujhaf cgo«n on htr , ■ n VoOCXin’i Wic t, cJo TV t XV) Don ' t IccK., Da Old Gf ' iOni t .f LOvr Per ' -s c ' ' r)t( on £. cj ot a_ I tt h w 7 W)lna.ada ct t t-fc. , CTaJl a i v ? G[ r u t 5 ne. Tctio-somg . 1 x-v q a u. t Le c.f -vi €_ •• • JlsyxA O ' oha 5 fc Vt vvic- bo 05 5 toQvii " rviij rba«-j|?o1 ' i ou uJoo Mn-t dal ' s- . flo obfcxxd It ' o noV iVcct bacJ V iT ? A NolabcL. du_bb i. oLo o • • - • if U bost_ cj of- tit. clast- ic. 7 (-obcL$- cl 1 tJa.f -fill -X comb mtj too . . 1 ' -uhaj ‘ l 6 CL Jo Doc? DANCING IN THE DARK JUNIOR PROM CLASS OF ’62 Miss Barmby We dedicate this section of our yearbook to you in appreciation for your leadership as our class advisor during our Sophomore and Junior years. Miss Jeon Barmby Grand March 49 r ■ SENIOR CLASS SONG— 1962 Words by Sally Ann Thomas Tune: Making Whoopie Another June, Another class, We ' ve all been praying, That we would pass. We took the test. You know the rest, So long, North Reading. We ' ve worked real hard, But we ' ve had fun. We hate to leave you. The time has come, For us to part now, A brand new start now, So long, North Reading. We hope we ' ll be successful In everything we do, And if we are successful The credit all goes to you. We want to thank those, Who helped us through; We ' ll all remember, Detention, too. We should be glad, Instead we ' re sad, So long, North Reading. 52 JUNIORS Mr b 11 1 k -7 rl • • j 1 1 1 7 I IM - J -CSt k ii CLASS OFFICERS Irene Powell Judy Jarvis Carl Puglia Anne Hassinger Vice President Secretary President T reasurer Class Advisors: Mrs. Bell Mr. Lynch 54 HH ist row: j. moms, j. woisey, k_. oanaers, i. ouyemaTsu, b. seery, j. icnoriei a, r. icon, P. Wheeler, S. Stevens. 2nd Row: Mrs. Bell, E. Sobocinski, K. Rees, N. Towle, C. Wedge, D. Woodward, L. Roberts, L. Richardson, W. Warnock. 3rd Row: C. Puglia, J. Walsh, M. Proctor, P. Robbins. 1st- Row: G. Pierro, A. Mullin, N. Leighton, C. Parsons, D. Marchionde, J. Pascale,, B. Mal- colm, I. Powell, M. Pelosi. 2nd Row: Miss Christie, R. Pike, B. McNeil, P. Nichols, L. White, S. Murray, J. McGirr, C. Nolan, D. Nunes, J. Livingston, R. Pecorella, W. Mahar. 3rd Row: R. Mosack, J. Murphy, R. Morris, G. Lucia, J. Linkletter, L Lindgren, F. Paine, R. Moore, R. Luther. C-2 1st Row: M. Kourbetsos, J. Giangrasso, J. Galvin, G. Jeanes, S. Garland, M. Swanson, J. Jarvis, P. Kurz, M. Jason. 2nd Row: Mr. O ' Donoghue, W. Eldridge, S. Ivas, A Hassinger, C. Jordan, L. Joubert, P. Goodman, T. Gleason, M. Hussey. 3rd Row: E. Hickey, N. Fransen, D. Goodwin, B. Graham, D. Eisenhaure, W Hartigan, J. Elliot, J Fino. 1st Row: S. Aldrich, J. Costa, C. Brown, M. Cody, J. Crane, M. Barstow, L. Carlyn, V. Dillon, D. Durfee. 2nd Row: Mrs. Flaherty, D. Eastman, F. Columbus, P. Anderson, B. Colburne, L. Carpenter, A. Brown, B. Daniels, R. Bennett, D. Ahern. 3rd Row: J. Carriere, P. Beohner, L. Davis, B. Crossman, M. Apigian, G. DeGroot, R. Doherty. C-20 SOPHOMORES CLASS OFFICERS Seated: Vicki Johnson, Sec.; Robert Swadel, Pres. Standing: Miss Carr, Adviser; Joan Back- man, Vice-Pres.; Joon Pierro, Treas.; Mrs. Murray, Class Adviser. 1st Row: J. Purcell, D. Pascale, L. Robinson, A. Parker, J. Richards, L. Nadeau, C. Randall, S. O ' Dea, J. Pierro. 2nd Row: Miss Carr, F. Palmer, P. Noack, L. Pothier, S. Place, B. Por- ter, J. Pearce, K. Park, B. Rubbico, S. Quinlan, P Rogers. 3rd Row: D. Parker, D. Quar- rell, M. Robinson, T. Quessey, R. Palmer, R. Plouff, W. Peffers, W. Rodden, C. Pantos. C-16 1st Row: S. Brennan, T. Dame, C. Burnetta, M. Christie, T. Carucci, J. Barry, J. Backman, D. Bridge, D. Carlyn. 2nd Row: Miss DeVita, D. Bennett, M. Casa, R. Campbell, P. Alexan- der, J. Carter, L. Bertoli, A. Connors, K. Blanchard, J. Cosato, T. Daniel, R. Allen. 3rd Row: J. Cardello, J. Conley, R. Buckley, T. Bower, G. Balich, G. Andrews, J. Cabral, M. Crane, W. Corthell, R. Bartlett, T. Carter, A. Bernat. 1st Row: A. Siracusa, R. Wallace, C. Savage, D. Woodlock, K. Tone, B. Taylor, M. Thomas, D. Stephens, J. Woodside. 2nd Row: R. Strobel, B. Williamson, B Smith, M. Stephens, P. Smith, L. Strong, C. Taylor, F. Stanuchenski, W. Weir, J. Watson. 3rd Row: R. Swadel, R. Wilson, J. Veno, R. Zenoby, R. Snider, G. Sarm, A. Smith, D. Williamson. C-21 1st Row: P. Denning, D. Ferrell, E. Francis, C. Graham, S. Eisenhaure, S. Godfrey, D. Ferris, A. Gonsalves, M. Giangrasso. 2nd Row: Mr Defeo, M. Gosbee, J Henry, D. Flynn, J. English, S. Halloran, T. Foote, J. Garland, W Eisenhaure. 3rd Row: J. Gray, D. Dudley, F. Frazier, A. Gresek, E. Higgins, G. Glover, B Fowler, P Holden, G. Ferren, R. Hagan. 4th Row: J. Fitzmeyer, D, Ferris, W. Elliot. C-19 1st Row: N. Johnson, J. Miller, E. McKendry, G. Mytych, S. McFarland, D. Ivester, C. Longo, V. Johnson, L. Magrath. 2nd Row: Mr. Whipple, F. Meshna, A. McCarthy, N. Kenney, S. Kirkland, K. Kelly, M. Ivas, D. Ingalls, S. Murphy, J. McLeod, R. Laubinger H. Hoyt. 3rd Row: D. Milley, M. Mentos, D. Jeanes, H. Morgan, R. MacKinnon, J. Murray, R. Murray, S. MacFarland, L. Leighton, D. Allen, R. McDonald FRESHMEN C-4 CLASS OFFICERS Seated: Phyllis Fielding, Lynn Birkmaier. Standing: Mrs. Eleanor Frazier, Patricia Crosby, Jeanann McKenzie, Mrs. Mildred Mathews. 1st Row: A. Black, E. Cameron, E. Arsenault, D. Aims, S. Barry, D. Copeland, H. Costa, J. Amirault, A. Bakas. 2nd Row: Mr. Haney, F. Brown, J. Campbell, L. Birkaimer, R. Balich, B. Corelle, E. Anderson, J. Blanchard, R. Apigian, W. Bugley, R. Bartlett. 3rd Row: R. Buckley, J. Butler, S. Carder, C Burke, D. Colburne, P. Connolly, R. Cardignan, S. Clarke, B. Browne, C. Barstow, D. Callahan, D. Cabral, G. Carpenter. 1st Row: B. Duggan, F, Haywood, S. Gray, P. Fielding, P. Crosbie, S. Downs, J. George, C. Duggan, D. Gill. 2nd Row: Miss Catalano, P. Halloran, A. Gaffney, M. Flannagan, D. Elliot, B. Graupner, J. Goulland, L. Huberman, C. Cross, G. Gosbee. 3rd Row: R. Dame, G. D ' Unger, P. Eisenhaure, R. Hartigan, R. DeLorenzo, R Dewhurst, W. Foote, H. Gresek. A-6 1st Row: V. Williamson, H. Roby, H. Stracuzzi, F. Titus, H. Rogers, J. Wulleman, B. Russell, J. Stafford, J. Stephan. 2n d Row: T. Spencer, R. Schena, G. Wilson, K. Wright, B. Taylor, B. Sears, J. Sewall, N. Topping, M. Short. 3rd Row: J. Shookus, L. Sidelinker, P. Trimm, D. Swan, S. Smith, W. Walsh, C. Wilson, R. Rogers, N Segal. 1 sf Row: P. Keyser, B. Hitchins, D. Held, B. Hill, C Loveys, A MacFarland, B Higgins, C Lindkvist, G. Jarvis. 2nd Row: Mrs. Murray, E. Henry, M. Lavoie, B. Kerr, J. Jeanes, M. Kinnie, C. Lowe, K. LaPerche, C. Lavers, M. Hoyt, R. Malcolm. 3rd Row: R Larkin, M. Halloran, R. Hellmuth, G. Ivas, J MacDonald, J. Hotz, M. Kenny, J. Kurz, A. Lucci, R. Jones. C-15 1st Row: S. Mosher, S. Mclntire, J. McKenzie, N. Manning, L. Nichols, B. Morrow, C. Pef- fers, L. Mullin, J. Pelletier. 2nd Row: Mr. Nolan, A. Pearce, S. Rice, K. Mann, K. Orben, J. Palmer, S. Patnoe, L. Pomeroy, P Meuse, P. Nolan, A. Pierce, D. Milley, C. Nunes, L. Moore, J. Murphy. 3rd Row: A. McKennon, J. Melanson, S. Wilson, E. Nolan, P. Owen, R. O ' Connor, J. MacLaren, A. Moran, G. Pi re I lo, P. Riemer, J. Mallet. C-14 Acrivme OFFICERS 1st Row: P. Ahern, C. Conway, J. Backman, C. White, D. Woodward, M. Swanson, L. Birk- maier, L. Nadeau. 2nd Row: Mr. Mannheim, B. Williamson, B. Swadel, D. Callahan, R. Doherty, S. Wilson, M. Hallorhan, G. D ' Unger. 3rd Row: C. Puglia, J. Williamson, A. Bat- tista, D. Allen, B. Birkmaier. Bill Birkmaier, President Pat Ahern, Vice-President Al Battista, Treasurer Mary Ellen Swanson, Secretary Karen Shrow Patrons Patricia Letterie Business Manager Pat Ahearn Subscriptions GOLDEN YEARS 1962 James Luther Co-Editor Linda Jeanes Co-Editor GOLDEN YEARS STAFF Rornef Ri-ftgWs Volume III, Number 2 North Reading (Mass.) High School December, 1961 LEADERS CLUB 1st Row: Pelosi, M.; Schrow, K.; Jason, M.; Brennan, Frazier, M. 3rd ' Row: White, C.; Elliot, D. Pomeroy, L.; S.; Ahern, P. 2nd Row: Miss Florence, Instructor; Mai- Kinnie, M.; Stephens, M. colm, B.; Leighton, N.; Park, K.; Carucci, T.; Gray, S.; LEADERS CLUB 1st Row: LaRocco, T.; Quarrel, D.; Swadell, R.; Gresek, Fransen, N.; Proctor, M.; Veno, J.; Ahern, D. 3rd A.; Strickland, K.; Casado, J.; Fino, J.; Eisenhower, W. Row: Colburne, B.; Goodwin, D.; Eisenhower, D.; Bat- 2nd Row: Mr. Levey, Carruci, P.; Puglia, C.; Irwin, T.; tista, A.; Richards, B.; Andrews, G.; Sarm, J. CANDIDATES FOR THE GYMNASTICS CLUB First Row (L to R) Marge Pelosi, Ken Strickland, Charles Francis, Dana Goodwin, James Cosato, Terry Irwin, Mickey Proctor, Pat Ahern. Second Row (L to R) Mary Ellen Swanson, Charles Black, William Hartigan, Michael Robin- son, Bill Birkmaier, Richard Pecorella, Joe Veno, Sue Garland. Third Row (L to R) Miss Florence, Lindy Carlyn, Bill Fowler, Ward Eisenhaure, Paul Alex- ander, Danny Ahern, Bob Swadel, Lorraine Magrath, Mr. Levey. Fourth Row (L to R) Barbara Taylor, Carrie Bnown, Pam Denning, Joan Pierro, Vicki John- son, Cheryl Randall, Ann Perreault. 69 ART CLUB Sitting: Linda Mullin, Charlene Peffers, Edith Francis, Anita Parker, Roberta Wallace. Standing: Joseph Co- nolly, Steve Haselton, Susan Halloran, Suzanne Lueb- ker, Thelma Foote, Joseph Cabral, James Mallet, Ron- ald Schena. DRAMATICS CLUB 1st Row: G. Pierro, J. Purcell, J. Miller, S. Thomas, A. Gonsalves, D. Ferrell, A. Syracusa, M. Giangrasso, N. Johnson. 2nd Row: A. Rowe, L. Nadeau, R. Balich, L. Carlyn, A, Perreault, K. Tone, J. Backman, C. Brown, S. McFarland, M. Hoyt, Mrs. Foltz. 3rd Row: V. Dillon, C. Taylor, M. Stevens, B. Smith, C. Lowe, J. Pierce, M. Ives, E. Anderson, K. Orben, F. Stanuchenski, S. God- frey. MATH LEAGUE 3rd Row: R. Dewhurst, D. Colburne, J. Luther, G. Balich, B. Colburne, D. Swanson, P. Alexander, W. Birk- maier, D. Allen, R. Buckley, B. Taylor. 1st Row: J. Miller, D. Ferrell, L. Nadeau, P. Letterie, S. Downes, J. Glavin, P. Ahern. 2nd Row: S. Green, S. Quinlan, J. Pascale, L. Carlyn, J. Backman, L. Strong, P. Smith, B. Smith, C. Brown, J. Lazenby, R. Whipple. Row: Mr. Mannheim, M. Barstow, S. Garland, E Pearce, W. Donle, J. Williamson, B. Seery, L. Strong M. Ives, Mrs. Boyce. 1st Row: S. Stevens, J. Spencer, L. Nadeau, D. Nunes, V. Dillon, P. Noack, C. Savage, D. Ferrell and J. Mil- ler. 2nd Row: S. McFarland, C. Brown, J. Backman, G. Jeanes, C. Nolan, N. Towle, J. Flynn, L. White. 3rd WORLD AFFAIRS CLUB GLEE CLUB 1st Row: L. Magrath, J. Miller, A. Pearce, L. Nadeau, E. McKendry, M. Lavoie, D. Durfee, D. Ferrell, G. Lund- stedt. 2nd Row: H. Weisse, Director, B. Kerr, C. Gra- ham, S. Quinlan, H. Morgan, R. Plouff, R. Hagen, S. Wilson, S. McFarland, D. Woodlock. 3rd Row: S. Mur- phy, S. Godfrey, C. Taylor, L. Strong, J. Pearce, P. Smith, M. Ives, B. Smith, J. Backman. BAND 1st Row: V. Hoople, D. Durfee, A. MacForland, E. Mc- Kendry, C. Graham, K. LaPerche, A. Pearce, G. Cross- man, L. Magrath. 2nd Row: H. Weisse, Director, G. Wilson, D. Williamson, P. Savage, S. Carder, J. Gray, D. Savage, J. Kurz, R. Dewhurst, S. Quinlan, B. Clark. 3rd Row: S. Murphy, C. Taylor, P. Smith, R. Hagen, S. MacForland, B. Colburne, C. Jordan, L. Pomeroy, J. Jeanes. LIBRARY ASSISTANTS Sitting: B. J. Hill, J. Glavin, D. Randall, S. Thomas, P. G. Royle, M. Leighton, G. Slade, D. Brandt, B. Browne, Letterie, B. Kerr. Standing: S. Carucci, A. Rowe, S. L. Jeanes, L. Kerr, Mrs. Eisenhaure, F. Brown. Godfrey, L. Fulton, R. Downes, W. Donle, L. Joubert, LITERARY CLUB 1st Row: J. Thoms, P. Ahern, J. Spencer, P. Kurz, C. T. Carucci, V. Dillion, D. Nunes, W. Maher. 3rd Row: Loveys, J. Glavin, S. Thomas, M. Kourbetsos, S. Stevens. Mr. O ' Donohue, Adviser, M. Hussey, P. Alexander, H. 2nd Row: M. Lavoie, L. Carlyn, E. McKendry, J. Kurz, Pratt, S. Gray, T. Irwin. Kneeling: Karen Downes, and Mary Ellen Swan- son; Co-Captains. Standing: Marguerite Pel- osi, Pam Denning, Joan Pierro, Vicki Johnson, Therese Gleason, Martha Frazier, Marianne Cody, Cindy Wedge. BATON SQUAD Thoms, I. Powell, J. Woodside, S. 1st Row: J. Thoms, I. Powell, J. Woodside, S. Aldrich, J. Crane, Leader; A. Hassinger, P. Wheeler, J. Higgins, J. McKenzie. 2nd Row: A. Parker, J. Glavin, C. Brunetta, J. Jarvis, B. Kerr, M. Thomas, D. Ivester, L. Scott. 3rd Row: B. Brewster, B. Taylor, L. Pothier, J. English, A. Connors, L. Haberman, J. McGirr, C. Lavers. Baton Squad in Action CHEERLEADERS PROJECTIONIST SQUAD 1st Row: R. Bartlett, R. Mentus, M. Robinson, W. Pratt, L. Sidelinker, F. Meshna, T. Spen- cer. 2nd Row: R. Laubinger, R. White, J. Shookus, J. Gray, T. Irwin, R. Plouff, R. Rogers, B. Taylor. NOREHISC GIRLS CLUB 1st Row: R. Hatch, K. Schrow, J. Spencer, E. Foster, S. Thomas, J. Black, P. Ahern, F. Silva, C. Dailey. 2nd Row: D. Carter, B. Brewster, L. Kerr, S. Kinsman, L. Jeanes, J. MacRae, S. Palmer, A. Rowe, C. Conway, M. Marston, P. Letterie. 3rd Row: R. Sanborn, D. Brandt, J. Warnock, R. Downs, S . Place, V. Royle, E. Pearce, M. Leighton, K. Downes, J. Kurz, J. Findley. US OVER! ■m 77 CANDIDS around N. R. H. S. What Price Glory! Surprise! Gone, but not forgotten Please observe the rules J immy s harem v ' V ■’ The Three Musketeers soggy, Watch that play Remember big Nick? Louder, Karen Relay [fail rtfii SKi ] Ir “ ■ ' WzMwk-it rmlL ' -sciw »■- ' A i { W -fe i ' Ip i e iiim 1 „ H L _ , " , k SI-Jf V ' i st0 ' — p 1st row: C. Puglia, M. Crane, A. Battista, P. Carucci, J. Williamson, J. Murphy, J. Sarm, E. Sortini. 2nd row: R. Wilson, R. Bennett, B. Graham, A. Gresek, D. Goodwin, F. Parker, J. Linkletter, L. Merrill, K. Strickland, J. Garland. Co-Captain Phil Carucci Co-Captain Jack Williamson Mr. Whipple, Ass ' t Coach; Mr. Driscoll, Head Coach; Stephen Eramo, Manager. VARSITY FOOTBALL SQUAD 1st Row: C. Puglia, M. Crane, A. Battista, P. Carucci, J. Williamson, J. Murphy, J. Sarm, -E. Sortini. 2nd Row: R. Wilson, R. Bennett, B. Graham, A. Gresek, D. Good- win, F. Parker, J. Linkletter, L. Merrill, K. Strickland, J. Garland. 3rd Row: R. Swadel, J. Elliot, D. Swanson, W. Hartigan, G. Lucia, D. Eisenhaure, A. Brown, J. Walsh, B. Williamson. CHEERLEADERS 1st Row: M. Swanson, K. Downes. 2nd Row: P. Denning, V. Johnson, T. Gleason, M. Cody, C. Wedge, M. Frazier, J. Pierro. On Parade Who left that snow there? More Parade First row: Anthony LoRocco, Carl Puglia, Jack Williamson Ralph Ben- nett, Paul Beohner. Second row: Mr. Driscoll, Assistant coach, Larry Da- vis, Glenn Lucia, Al Battista, Jim Linkletter, Steve Haselton, Bill God- lewski, Mr. Vincent Olivo, Head coach. Third row: Chris Gleason, mgr., Jim Elliott, Gary Andrews, Jim Murray, Winn Elliott, Tom Bower, Phillip Spinney, mgr. Fourth row: Donald Bennett, Ed Hickey, Marty Halloran, Alex Gresek, Bernie Wil- liamson. VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM First Row: Frances Stanuchenski, Dianne Woodward, Pat Bower, Annie Park, Diana Brandt, Irene Powell Second Row: Leslie Nadeou, Kathy Park, Linda Bertoli, Tami Carucci, Corinne Conway. Third Row: Karen Schrow, Miss Child, Majorie Barstow, Nancy Leighton. JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM First Row: Judy Woodside, Nancy Towle, Ann Hasinger, Jill Crane, Josephine Giangrasso, Bobbie Jean Malcolm. Second Row: Jean McKenzie, Joanne Flynn, Marilyn Stephans, Mar- jorie Kinnie, Phyllis Fielding, June Pelletier. Third Row: Karen Kelly, Miss Child. The Shockett Leap Eager Beaver Let ' s talk it over! Ballet at Bedford Now cough It floats through the air, with the greatest of ease. Sneak it in! Hail O ' Mighty Basketball! No propeller on my beanie! Peter Pan Getcha cotton-picking hands off muh Basketball! Whoops, a speck of dust! BASEBALL 1961 1st row: P. Pelletier, K. Strickland, M. Martinho, J. Williamson, W. Cotter. 2nd row: R. McDonald, R. Moore, B. Graham, M. Crane. 3rd row: E. Sobocinski, C. Puglia, D. East- man, B. Wilson, J. Garland. Coaches: Mr. Green, left; Mr. Castine, right. TRACK 1st row: G. Lucia, J. Carriere, G. Linkletter, R. Mc- Lean, G. Sullivan, T. Irwin, P. Carucci. 2nd row: D. Quarrell, F. Frazier, H. Morgan, R. Plouff, J. Walsh, P. Holden, R. Swadell. 3rd row: Mr. Barrest, G. Sarm, D. Swanson, F. Parker, L. Lindgren, W. Hartigan, T. Quessy, Mr Mannheim. 4th row: R. Peccorella, D. Ahern, P. Alexander, B. Williamson, N. Segal (Mgr.) Peter Alexander 93 SOFTBALL 1st row: C. White, M. Swanson, A. Hassinger, C. Conway, K. Schrow, N. Leighton, M Pelosi. 2nd row: T. Gleason, L. Magrath, T. Carucci, L. Bertoli, V. Johnson, J. Pierro Miss Florence. rtCW mo, c TENNIS CLUB row: D. Ferris, H. Roby, H. Loveys, C. Lavoie, L. Moore. 0 Connor, lore. 2nd Instructor. 1st row: D. J. Flynn, M. row : Egan, Kinnie, D. Stephens, Topping, Miss Shop Between classes Language Lab A-V Room 96 PATRONS AND PATRONESSES Mr. A and Mrs. Daniel J. Ahern, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Clement J. Allen Mr. David Anderson Mr. and Mrs. B and Mrs. James Apperti and Family Mr. Henry Babicz and Family Miss Jean Ba rmby Mrs. Mildred Barmby Mr. and Mrs. Edward Bennett Mrs. Edward Bernat Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bertoli Mr. and Mrs. William Birkmaier Mr. Earland Black Dr. and Mrs. Alexander Bova and Family Mr. and Mrs. George Boyce Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Breneman Mr. and Mrs. Brennan The Charles Brown Family Mr. and Mrs. Fredrick Brewster and Family Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Butler C Mr. and Mrs. Albert Cameron Mr. Joseph S. Carder, Jr. Mr. Daniel Carr Mrs. Thomas Carroll Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Castine Miss Hunna Caughey Channeys Dry Cleaners Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Coffill Ronald Colburne The Columbus Family Mr. and Mrs. B. J. Correlle and Family Mr. Corthell John L. Creilson and Family Mr. and Mrs. Rodney S. Crerie Mrs. Annabelle Crosby D Mr. and Mrs. Vernon G. Dailey Family Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Day Mrs. Stephanie Delaney Miss Mary Anne De Vita Mr. and Mrs. Ernest P. Doucette. Family Mr. and Mrs. Sylvester Doucette Family Mr and Mrs. Floyd L. Downs and Family Mr. Daniel Duggan E Mr. Robert Eaton Mr. and Mrs. Edward T. Eisenhaure and Family Mr. and Mrs. Norman Eisenhaure Miss Nancy Eldredge Mr. and Mrs. John Ellis and Barbara F Mrs. Lucy Fariole Mr. and Mrs. Earl Florence Miss Evelyn K. Florence Mr. and Mrs. Harold Foster Mrs. John Fox Mr. and Mrs. Charles Francis Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Frazier Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Froumeni A Friend G Mr and Mrs. Author Gallant Francis Gonsalves and Family Mr and Mrs. Chapman Goodwin Mr. and Mrs. Dana A. Goodwin Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Grant Florence Green Mr. Joseph Griffin H Mr. and Mrs. Hadley E. Hatfield Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Henderson Mr. and Mrs. Donald Holden Mr. and Mrs. J. Turner Hood Mr. Alfred Hoyt Mr. Dana Huston J Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Jeanes Family Ma. Jenkins Mrs. Irene Jordan K Mr. John Keating Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Killeen Mr. and Mrs. George Kerr and Family The Kuehnel Family L Mr. and Mrs. Leon Lacoste The Lavers Family Mr. F. James W. Lazenby Mr. and Mrs. Conrad A. Leighton Mr. Leon Leighton Mr. Heinz Leninger Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Letterie Mr. Pat Letterie PATRONS Mr. Lester Levey Mr. and Mrs. John C. Lewis Mr. George Lindgren George Loud Mrs. Fred B. Lounsbury John Lupo Mr. and Mrs. James V. Luther Mr. and Mrs. Donald Lynch M Mr. Wilson MacKean Dr. and Mrs. John P. Mahoney Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Maine Mrs. Mary Mansfield Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence H. Marston Mr. James Martino Mr. and Mrs. Hubert C. Matthews Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence McLaughlin Mr. and Mrs. Stuart McNeil Mr. John Mentus Mr. and Mrs. Fred J. Meshna Mr. and Mrs. Arthur D. Mills Mr. and Mrs. Douglas G. Mitchell Miss Barbara L. Moore Mr. James H. Moore Mr. Joseph P. Moore Mr. Bernard Morrissette Beverly Mosack Mr. and Mrs. John Mosack Mr. and Mrs. William Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Paul Murray Mr. Duncan D. Mutch N The Neth Family Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Niven 0 Mr. Francis O ' Donoghue Mr. and Mrs. Arthur F. Orben P Mr. and Mrs. Robert Parker Mr. and Mrs. Richard Paulding Mrs. Kenneth Phinney Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Pothier The Powell Family Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Proctor Mr. and Mrs. John L. Proctor Michael Proctor P Mr. and Mrs. Ugo Puglia and Family Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Purcell and Family Q The Quaiel Family Mr. Paul Quinlan R Mr. and Mrs. F. Earl Randall Dr. and Mrs. John A. Redmond Donald Richardson The Rosen Family Mr. and Mrs. Dana A. Rowe, Sr. Family Ginny Royle Mr. and Mrs. William Royle and Family S Mr. and Mrs. Willis D. Sanborn Warren Sanders Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Sands The Schofield Family Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Scott Mr. and Mrs. Reginald E. Scott Dr. William Segal and Family Mr. and Mrs. L W. Shepard Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Sidelinker Family Ginnie Simms Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Smith Mr. Gerald C. Smith Mrs. G. H. Spear Dr. and Mrs. Donald Stackhouse Mr. and Mrs. Edward Stafford Mr. Victor J. Sticklor Mr. George Sullivan, Jr. The Suyematsu Family Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Swanson T Mr. and Mrs. Warren K. Taylor Family Mr. Harry Thomas Mrs. Marion Thompson Mrs. Helen Topping W Mr. Michael Walsh Mr. and Mrs. William P. Warnock Mr. Albert Waterman Mr. and Mrs. Charles Weir Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Werner and Family The White Family Mr. and Mrs. Joseph White NORTH READING LAUNDER DRY CLEANER Complete One Stop Service 7 Bow Street Next To The Post Office Free Estimates CYRUS MUGFORD SONS, INC. Building Contractor 27 Gordon Road 4-4038 NO 4-4235 North Reading, Mass. 4-4364 too COMPLIMENTS OF HILL VIEW REALTY 102 142 Main Street No. Reading TOWN TAXI 24 HOUR SERVICE DISPATCH RADIO PHONE 4-4125 4-4076 4-8563 Rita M. Perry 103 CROSWELL FUNERAL HOME Ellsworth Croswell, Director Serving The Community Since 1912 19 Bow Street North Reading, Mass. NO 4-3031 Best Wishes to the Class of 1962 Compliments of from HORSESHOE CENTRAL PHARMACY CAFE 104 105 106 Good Luck to the Class of " 62 " and the Golden Years May you have many Joe Price, Allen the Girls CENTER REXALL DREG Compliments of NORTH READING TRANSCRIPT North Reading ' s Only Newspaper 107 108 109 Best Wishes to the Seniors from THE FRESHMAN CLASS Best of Luck to the Class of ' 62 J. J. CRONIN CO. Best Wishes to the Class of 1962 NORTH READING ROTARY CLUB CROSBY ' S BARBER SHOP " by appointment only " Washington St. — Dutton ' s Corner Since 1921 Compliments of RYER ' S STORE No. 4-3053 God Bless and Guide the Class of Nineteen Hundred and Sixty-Two is the Prayer of Saint Theresa ' s Church Father John R. Lizio Father George F. Murray Father John J. Lane Compliments of EMERSON REALTY ASSOCIATES 203 Main Street No. Reading No. 4-2421 944-4777 Compliments of NORTH READING PRINTING COMPANY 1 13 Compliments of THE NORTH READING HIGH SCHOOL ALUMNI ASSOCIATION President Jack Creilson Vice-President Gail Plouff Secretary Phyllis Palino T reasurer Albert Kendrick Compliments of J.E. PURDY STUDIO Official Photographer for North Reading High School

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