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FLINT MEMORIAL LIBRARY 550 00209 7662 mm 974.4 1961 f 0R Reference °° NOt Take From This Room ■ iint Memorial Library 147 Park Si North PppHfo ha from the Candidates United States Senate Washington, D. C. To the Class of 1961: Your generation of youth, I believe, is more aware of, more interested in, and more knowledgeable about the affairs of our nation and the world of nations than any other generation of young people in our history. And this is as it should be. For you will soon be the new generation of voters, the generation upon whom the responsibilities of representing and governing, the re- sponsibilities of determining issues and deciding this country ' s place in the councils of nations, will descend. In your history, civics and current events discussions, in your studies of world civilizations and the struggles of mankind to find the better — the free — life, you should be getting a solid background of man ' s slow but steady climb toward freedom for the individual. It is true that in this ascent there have been temporary stops and even descents. You see this setback for the individual in his loss of dignity and worth in the Communist countries to- day. But the comparatively short history of the United States shows a steadily growing appreciation of the value and dignity of the individual. And I am sure that much of our progress comes from good teaching in good schools, schools that must constantly be improving to keep pace with the accelerated times in which we live. I believe that from good schools, from inspiring teach- ers whose concepts of democracy fire a generation of youth eager to learn, will come our greatest national asset — a forward-looking generation of youth — and an even more informed electorate. John F. Kennedy Vice-President Nixon President-Elect Kennedy Office of the Vice President Washington, D. C. To the Class of 1961: This is just a note to thank you for your recent letter. I am delighted that so many young Americans like yourself are taking such an active interest in politics. Our free system of government can be sustained only so long as our people remain well informed and are thus able to exercise an intelligent choice of leaders and policies. You and your staff appear to be well on the way to- ward fulfilling the duties of citizenship. I am glad to send you my greetings and best wishes for success. Sincerely, 2 Co-editor Spicer Co-editor Bruce Bus. Manager McLean Getting Assignments Subscription Manager Balcomb Contents Dedication Administration Seniors Sports Activities Undergrads Advertisers Jrom Our Jnk Mottle ' Dedication m - Mrs. Mary H. Dooley We, the members of the Class of 1961, take pride in dedi- cating our Yearbook, Golden Years Volume IV, to our advisor, Mrs. Mary H. Dooley, in appreciation for the friendship and guidance she has offered us since our junior high days. We hope that in some small way this dedication will help show our gratitude for the time she spent helping us. Spirit Among Wheels You think we ' re in the red? Dean of Boys Arthur Barresi Executive excellence Dean of Girls Mildred Barmby Dimples and double entries! The glasses make the difference , 5 these Zwo C’s have Spirit A Message to the Class of 1961 When I was asked to write for the Golden Years of the Class of ' 61, two thoughts came immediately to mind: This is the first graduating class which has spent all four of its senior high-school years in North Reading High School; and this is the first graduating class from which, at the time of this writing, more than fifty percent of the members will continue their education in institutions of higher learning. It is doubtless sheer coincidence that both of these " firsts " belong to you, the members of the Class of ' 61. Nevertheless, the simple fact places a unique responsibility on your shoulders. All four years of your high school education were gained at this young institution; therefore, your future successes, or lack thereof, must be laid at this doorstep. More than half of you are going on to educational institutions where you will provide, for the first time, a yardstick by which the officials of those institutions can measure the educa- tional products shaped in four years at North Reading High School. We, the present and past administration and faculty of your school, have done our best to produce in you educational products of which we, yes, all the citizenry of North Reading, may be justly proud. We are confident that the yardstick will measure well, and that you will forge for yourselves and for your school a path which will be well marked by accomplishment, one which future four-year graduates of North Reading High School can readily find and follow. Gregory C. Coffin Superintendent Edgar G. Craver Principal Needed — The Uncommon Man As you are about to leave North Reading High School, let us pause a moment and consider that imaginary creature, the Common Man. This is supposed to be the Century of the Common Man. The Uncommon Man is scorned and belittled. The Common Man stands for the negation of individual dignity and is the slogan of mediocrity and uniformity. Think for a moment of whom we want when we are sick — the uncommon doctor; when we are at war — the uncommon general; when we choose a president of a university — the uncommon educator. In such times and cir- cumstances we seek the leadership of the Uncommon Men or Women. It is your right to be uncommon if you can. Seek opportunity — not security. Take the calculated risk; to dream and to build, to fail and to succeed. Prefer the challenges of life to the guaranteed existence; the thrill of ful- fillment to the stale calm of Utopia. Do net trade freedom for beneficence, nor your dignity for a handout. When you get something for nothing, you do give up something — a part of yourself known as character . It is each individual ' s heritage to think and act for himself; to inquire and form judgment. Seek the truth; and when you find it, proclaim it and vigor- ously defend it. A nation is strong or weak; it thrives or perishes upon what it believes to be true. We, your teachers and parents, fervently hope that we have led you rightly in the faith of our fathers, in the t ' aditions of our country, in the dignity of each individual man. If we have succeeded in our task, then our power will be stronger than any weapon of destruction that man can devise. Zke Co-operative Spirit Jn ’61 In Tribute to A Dedicated School Man This year, Mr. Malcolm S. Stevens is con- cluding eight years of service as a member of our North Reading School Committee. During his years of service, he witnessed the growth of our school system from one school building and twenty-nine professional em- ployees to five school buildings and one hun- dred and six certificated personnel. When he was elected to the Committee, the school enrollment consisted of nine hundred and sixty-eight students in grades one through nine, on a double-session basis. Today, our town ' s five school buildings house two thou- sand, one hundred and ten students in grades one through twelve. Residents who have been here in North Reading during his term of office realize that Malcolm Stevens has played an important role in this period of dramatic, educational change. Unstinting of his time and effort, he had sufficient foresight to realize the need for additional school housing. Having been employed at M. I. T. for several years, where he had adequate opportunity to ob- serve a highly competitive admissions situa- tion in operation, he did much to advance higher academic standards in North Reading. His resignation from the North Reading School Committee is accepted with deep re- gret by his fellow-committeemen, administra- tors, and taxpayers in general. Language Department 1st row — Mr. Boucher, Mr. Venti, Miss Mercurio Social Studies Department 1st row — Mr. Driscoll, Mrs. Boyce, Mr. Coe. 2nd row — Mr. Burns, Mrs. Pelofsky, Mr. Swartz. Mr. Mannheim English Department 1st row — Miss Egan, Mrs. Delaney, Mrs. Frazier 2nd row — Miss DeMoor, Mrs. Dooley, Mr. Me Gum, Miss Christie, Miss D ' Orlando. Science Department 1st row — Mrs. Barmby, Mr. Campbell, Miss Barmby. 2nd row — Mr. Lynch, Miss Nor- din. Miss Ryan, Mr. Sveden. Mathematics Department 1st row — Mr. Green, Mr. Lazenby, Mr Levine. 2nd row — Mr. Markham, Mr. Olivo Mr. Whipple. 2 it « I Commercial Department 1st row — Mr. Clarkin, Mrs. Matthews, Mr. Barresi. 2nd row — Mrs. Faulkner, Miss Catalano. I n Maintenance Department 1st row — Mr. Palmer, Mr. Foote, Mr. Carpenter, Mr. Peach, Mr. Grover. Guidance Department 1st Row — Mrs. Dooley, Mr. Szuberla Health and Nutrition Department 1st row — Mrs. Killeen, Dr. Hoyt, Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Gascoigne. HS This dedicated quartet started their North Reading teaching careers with us at L. D. B. We salute them with the six-year accolade. Name: PAMELA ABBOTT Nickname: “Pam " Address: 6 Shore Road Favorite Memory: Summer driver education courses. Pet Peeve: People who say My Heavens! ' all the time. Ambition: To become a physical therapist. Activities: Softball 3,4; Baton Squad 1,2 Sophomore Variety Show; Prom Decora tions Committee; College Club 3; Year book Staff; Leaders ' Club 3 , 4; Presi dent of Norehisc Girls ' Club; World Af fairs Club; Field Hockey 1. Call me chicken once more! ' Name: BRENDA ANDREWS Nickname: " Bren " Address: 4 Sylvia Road Favorite Memory: September 18, 1959. Pet Peeve: Getting up in the morning. Ambition: To become an airline hostess. Activities: Baton Squad 1,2; Rifle Club 2; Leaders ' Club 2,3,4; Sophomore Variety Show; Norehisc Girls ' Club. Name: NANCY BAKER Nickname: " Cooky " Address: Old Andover Road Favorite Memory: The 1959 ski trip! Pet Peeve: Doing dishes when she comes from school at night. Ambition: To be a fashion designer. Activities: Sophomore Variety Show; Nore- hisc Girls ' Club; Senior Play Committee. Pamela Abbott " It came from Saks " " C ' mon! Throw it! " Nancy Baker ' Pul-eeze " Name: Myda Bakoian Nickname: " Val " Address: 101 Central Street Favorite Memory: Twenty days in the sum- mer of 1960. Pet Peeve: The fact that “they " won ' t let her print what she wanted to. Ambition: To be a happy, wealthy writer. Activities: Rifle Club, Secretary 2; Archery 3,4; Sophomore Variety Show; Norehisc Girls ' Club; Prom Committee. Name: LURA LEE BALCOMB Nickname: “L.L. " Address: Mount Vernon Street Favorite Memory: Football games. Pet Peeve: Long math assignments. Ambition: to become a math teacher. Ambition: To become a math teacher. Leaders ' Club 2,3,4; Field Hockey 1 , Subscription Manager of Yearbook Staff, Sophomore Variety Show; Basketball 1,2, 3,4; Junior-Senior Prom Decorations 3; Norehisc Girls ' Club; College Club 3; Prom Princess ' s Attendant. Myda Bakoian " 1-2-3 Cha-Cha-Cha! ' Gail Barron Lura Lee Balcomb " Wanna see me whistle thru my teeth? " Name: GAIL G. BARRON Nickname: " Ghoul " Address: 284 Haverhill Street Favorite Memory: Planning for the Beatnik Dance. Pet Peeve: One-armed drivers. Ambition: To be a medical technician. Activities: Baton Squad 1,2, 3, 4; Student Council 2; Softball 2; Science Club 1; Associate Editor of Yearbook; Rifle Club 2,3; Norehisc Girls ' Club; Prom Com- mittee; Chairman of Sophomore Dance; World Affairs Club; Prom Princess ' s Court. i Name: SANDRA T. BERTOLI Nickname: " Sandi " Address: Vine Street Favorite Memory: Summer of 1960. Pet Peeve: Waiting. Ambition: To become a medical secretary. Activities: Leaders ' Club 3,4; Basketball 2; Cheerleader 3,4; Softball 2,3,4; Nore- hisc Girls ' Club. " Interruptions! Interruptions! Always interruptions! Sylvia Black Name: FORREST BLANCHARD Nickname: " Woody " Address: 478 Park Street West " As I was saying Favorite Memory: Art classes. Pet Peeve: Detention. Ambition: To become a commercia artist Activities: Sophomore Variety Show; Volley ball Intramurals. Name: SYLVIA BLACK Nickname: " Sylvie " Address: 351 Haverhill Street Favorite Memory: Jazz Festival. Pet Peeve: Curfews. Ambition: To attend college. Activities: Basketball; Newspaper Staff; Na- tional Honor Society; Science Club; Col- lege Club; World Affairs Club. Sandra T. Bertoli " Same to you. Mister! Forrest Blanchard " You mean you ' ve been driv- ing all these months? " Name: LINDA BRUCE Nickname: " Brucie " Address: 1 1 Wri ght Street Favorite Memory: Summer of 1960. Pet Peeve: Not enough time to do all the things worth doing. Ambition: To have a career in teaching. Activities: National Honor Society 3,4; Hornet Highlights 3, Co-Editor 4; World Affairs Club 3,4; Student Council 3, Treasurer 4; Representative to WBZ 3,4; Sophomore Variety Show Ticket Com- mittee; Moose Citizenship Award; N. C. T. E. Participant; Yearbook Staff Co- Editor; Norehisc Girls ' Club; College Club; Junior Princess; Library Squad 1, 2,3,4. mi Linda Bruce Name: JOSEPH CARRIERE Nickname: " Joe " Address: 295 Park Street East Favorite Memory: Mrs. Dooley ' s English classes. Pet Peeve: Going to school. Ambition: To become an electronics en- gineer. Activities: Junior-Senior Prom Committee; Sophomore Variety Show; Projector Squad. " Just for you. " Edward Cartwright Joseph Carriere ' Well, it ' s Monday, isn ' t it? ' Name: EDWARD CARTWRIGHT, JR. Nickname: " Eddie " Address: 42 Lowell Road Favorite Memory: Stock-car races with the airl from Nova Scotia in the summer of 1960. Pet Peeve: Mr. Lazenby ' s homework assign- ments. Ambition: To make good. Activities: Football 1; Projector Squad 2; National Honor Society 3,4; Math League; Intramural Volleyball 1,2,3. 17 Name: CAROLE A. COLE Nickname: " Cozy " Address: 1 6 North Street Favorite Memory: 1959 Bedford football game. Pet Peeve: Getting up in the morning; doing homework; washing dishes; taking pills. Ambition: To be a nurse. Activities: Basketball 1, Variety 2; Nore- hisc Girls ' Club; Leaders ' Club 2,3,4; College Club 3; Gymnastics Club 3,4; Yearbook Art Assistant; Sophomore Var- iety Show; Prom Decorations; World Af- fairs Club 3, Vice-President 4. Name: ARTHUR COLLIER Nickname: " Art " Address: 25 Marblehead Street Favorite Memory: Newport Jazz Festival. Pet Peeve: Mr. Lazenby ' s math assignments. Ambition: To become a lawyer. Activities: National Honor Society 3,4; World Affairs Club 2,3,4; Baseball Man- ager 3; College Club 3; Hornet High- lights, Proofreader 3; Sports Editor 4; Yearbook Sports Editor; Basketball Man- ager 4. Name: ROY CONWAY Nickname: " Roy " Address: 10 Porter Road Favorite Memory: Mr. Levine ' s classes. Pet Peeve: Waking up for school. Ambition. To go to college. Activities: Track 4; Basketball; World Af- fairs Club 4. Arthur Collier " What ' s it to you what side I ' m on? " " Don ' t knock it if you haven ' t tried it! " Carole A. Cole Roy Conway i Name: RICHARD CORRELLE Nickname: " Snaggle Puss " Address: Lakeside Boulevard Favorite Memory: Working in cafeteria for four years. Pet Peeve: " Button your shirt " and Eng- lish. Ambition: To be a millionaire. Activities: Football 2,3,4; Leaders ' Club 4. " It ' s really none of your cot- ton pickin ' business WHAT I said " Jeanne Cronje Name: WILLIAM C. COTTER Nickname: " Bil Address: 252 Haverhill Street Favorite Memory: Mr. Tringale. Pet Peeve: The last lap. Activities: Football 1,2,3; Co-captain 4; Basketball 1,2, 3, 4; Baseball 1,2, 3, 4, Junior Rotarian; Track 1; Gymnastics 3, 4; Leaders ' Club 1,2, 3, 4; Student Coun- cil 1,2,3, President 4; Sophomore Variety Show. William C. Cotter " Lookout, here I come! " Richard Correlle Name: JEANNE CRONJE Nickname: " Crunch " Address: 110 Haverhill Street Favorite Memory: Summer Driver Education. Pet Peeve: The lack of time in which every- thing has to be done. Ambition: To become a math or science teacher. Activities: National Honor Society 3,4; Baton Squad 1, Leader 2,3,4; Leaders ' Club 2,3,4; Library Assistant 2,4; Col- lege Club 3; Sophomore Variety Show; World Affairs Club 3; Basketball 1,2,3; Yearbook, Secretary; Norehisc Girls ' Club; Dramatics Club 2; Rifle Club 2,3,4. Nome: ANTHONY CROSBY Nickname: “Tony " Address: 281 Haverhill Street Favorite Memory: Winter vacations Pet Peeve: Stretched out math periods with Mr. Lazenby. Ambition: To continue his education. Activities: College Club 3; Yearbook Staff, World Affoirs Club 3,4, National Honor Society; Drum Corps 1,2; Math League; Junior Rotarian. Name: ANNE M. DAY Nickname: " Anne " Address: 1 Williams Road Favorite Memory: Summer of ' 60 Pet Peeve: Waiting Ambition: To be a business teacher or a private secretary. Activities: Cheerleading 2,3,4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Yearbook Staff; Leaders ' Club 4, Class Treasurer 1; Class Secretary 4, Sophomore Variety Show; Prom Princess ' s Attendant, Nore- hisc Girls ' Club. Anthony Crosby William DeGroot Anne M Day " Blond and curly, even then " Name: WILLIAM DeGROOT Nickname: " Bill " Address: 191 North Street Favorite Memory: L.S.P Pet Peeve: Math homework. Ambition: To own his own business. Activities: Basketball 1,2, 3, 4; Track 1,2; Sophomore Variety Show; Projector Squad; College Club 3; Leaders ' Club 4 t Name: JOHN R. DICEY Nickname: " Jack " Address: 1 Southwick Road Favorite Memory: Returning to N.R.H.S. and ou r fifteen minutes wind blown trip to Hampton. Sick cars. Ambition: To attend St. Francis Xavier Col- lege. Activities: Science Club 1; Dramatics 1; Yearbook Staff. Name: DIANE DOLLOFF Nickname: " Di " Address: 40 Central Street Favorite Memory: Summer vacation, ' 60. Pet Peeve: Monday morning. Ambition: To become a registered nurse. Activities: Sophomore Variety Show; De- John Dicey Life is just a bowl of cherries Bruce Donle Name: BRUCE K. DONLE Nickname: " Bru " Address: 3 Tower Hill Road Favorite Memory: Bow Lake. Pet Peeve: Females. Ambition: To be a billionaire. Activities: Sophomore Variety Show coration Committee of Sophomore Hep; College Club 3; Norehisc Girls ' Club. " If necessary. I ' ll read an- other chapter. " Diane Dolloff " I see the birdie from Purdy! " Name: BONNIE G. DOUGLAS Nickname : " Bon ' ' Address: 369 Park Street West Favorite Memory: Summer in Brookline. Pet Peeve: Unfair and unfriendly people. Ambition: To attend Pierce School in Bos ton. Activities: Sophomore Variety Show; Year- book Staff; Newspaper Business Man- ager 3; Co-editor 4. Bonnie Douglas Name: JOAN M. EISENHAUR Nickname: " Joanie " Address: 39 Haverhill Street Favorite Memory: Summer of 1960. Pet Peeve: Waiting. Ambition: To go to a business college and later become a secretary. Activities: Cheerleading 3,4; Sophomore Variety Show; Class Vice-President 1; Class Secretary 2,3; National Honor So- ciety; Norehisc Girls ' Club. " What I like: a lazy Saturday. " Favorite Memory: 4th of July, 1960. Pet Peeve: Geometry. Ambition: To go to work. Activities: College Club 3; Sophomore Var iety Show; Girls ' Rifle Club 2,3. Joan Eisenhaur Name: NANCY ELDREDGE Nickname: " Nance " Address: 93 Haverhill Street " Whatta ya mean I ' m not get- ting supper? " Nancy Eldredge i June Ferguson Nome: IRENE FISHER Nickname: " Fish " Address: 1 1 Emerson Rood " We ' ll replace the Maguire sisters! " Mary Jane Flynn Name: MARY JANE FLYNN Nickname: " Mary Jane " Address: 184 Central Street Favorite Memory: Mr. LoPilato s homeroom and class. Pet Peeve: Excitable people. Ambition: To be an over-seas teacher. Activities: Future Teachers Club; News- paper; Sophomore Variety Show; Junior Supper; Yearbook; Vice-President of Norehisc Girls ' Club; World Affairs Club. Favorite Memory: The summer of 1960. Pet Peeve: Unfriendly people. Ambition: To get the most out of life. Activities: Softball 1,2,3, 4; Leaders ' Club 3,4; Dramatics Club 1,2; Treasurer, Sophomore Variety Show; Norehisc Girls ' Club. Name: JUNE FERGUSON Nickname: " Fergi " Address: 81 Marblehead Street Favorite Memory: Mr v Boucrher ' s Latin class. Pet Peeve: Chemistry. Ambition: To attend a business school. Activities: College Club 3; Sophomore Variety Show; Basketball 2,3,4; No-e- hisc Girls ' Club. Irene Fisher " But I can ' t find my Easier bonnet. " " No, you can ' t use this fire hydrant! " William Gaffney Name: WILLIAM GAFFNEY Nickname: " Gaff " Address: 13 Burroughs Road Favorite Memory: Summer of 1 960. Pet Peeve: Homework. Ambition: To become a state trooper Activities: Sophomore Variety Show Name: SANDRA FRANSEN Nickname: " Sandy " Address: 1 97 Elm Street Favorite Memory: June 14, 1958. Pet Peeve: Being late. Ambition: To become a secretary. Activities: Norehisc Girls ' Club; Sophomore Variety Show Sandra Fransen " Whatta ya mean count ' em? " Favorite Memory: Summer of 1960. Pet Peeve: Mr. Boucher ' s cracking his knuckles. Ambition: To be an elementary teacher. Activities: Sophomore Variety Show; Bas- ketball 1,2, 3, 4; Leaders ' Club 3; Junior Prom Ticket Committee; Sophomore Dance Decorations Committee; College Club 3; Yearbook Staff; Norehisc Girls ' Club, Secretary. " The boogie man will get you! " Marcia Fowler Name: MARCIA FOWLER Nickname: " Foxy " Address: 96 North Street Patricia A. Gallagher " This is how it happened. Wham! " Patricia A. Gill Name: PATRICIA A. GALLAGHER Nickname: " Pat " Address: 270 Haverhill Street Favorite Memory: Coming back to North Reading High School. Pet Peeve: Algebra II. Ambition: To be an elementary teacher in Hawaii. Activities: World Affairs Club 3, Secretary 4; Art Editor of Yearbook; Prom Decora- tion Committee 3; Guidance Librarian 4; College Club 3; Norehisc Girls ' Club. Name: FRED GIBERTI Nickname: " Fred " Address: 320 Main Street Favorite Memory: Mr. Levine ' s math class. Pet Peeve: School lunches. Ambition: To continue his education. Activities: Sophomore Variety Show. Name: PATRICIA A. GILL Nickname: " Pat " Address: 6 Sherman Road Favorite Memory: Being selected as head cheerleader. Pet Peeve: Waiting. Ambition: To be an X-ray technician. Activities: Basketball 1,2; Gymnastics 1,4; Cheerleading 3,4. HAINES Name: KATHRYN M Nickname: " Kathy " Address: Elm Street Favorite Memory: Labor Day week-end, 1960. Pet Peeve: Her real name. Ambition: To be a dental hygienist. Activities: Future Teachers ' Club 2; Dra- matics Club 2; Basketball 3; World Af- fairs Club 3,4; Rifle Club 3; College Club 3; Prom Committee; Sophomore Variety Show; Library Assistant 3. ' The things I do for money! Kathryn M. Haines Richard C. Hammond Ambition: To become a physical education teacher. Activities: Softball 1,2; Basketball 1,2; Dramatics Club 2,3; Rifle Club 1; Science Club 1,2,3; Yearbook Staff; Norehisc Girls ' Club. D Favorite Memory: A certain girl on the corridor patrol. Pet Peeve: Girls who stick out their tongues. Ambition: After four years pre-med, four years medical internship and specialist courses, a surgeon specialist. Activities: Football 1,2,4; Baseball 1,2; Band 1,2, 3, 4; Leaders ' Club 3,4; Pro- jector Squad; Library assistant; Sopho- more Dance; Sophomore Variety Show; College Club. " Even when I was little, I was smart. " Carole Ann Hicks Address: 1 Stewart Road Name: RICHARD C. HAMMOND Nickname: " Dick " Address: 1 3 Swan Pond Road " But my mother likes big hair ribbons. " Name: CAROLE ANN HICKS Nickname: " Carole " Favorite Memory: Algebra with Mr. Green. Pet Peeve: Trial balance in bookkeeping. - i " I left my comb home! " Nome: RUTH HOYT Nickname: " Blondie " Address: Meade Road Favorite Memory: April 3, 1960. Pet Peeve: People who keep asking her what she uses on her hair. (It ' s natural) Ambition: To go to Hairdressing School. Activities: Baton Squad 1; Sophomore Var- iety Show; Basketball 1,2,3; Softball 1; Senior Play Committee. Name: WILLIS H. HOYT Nicknacne: " Had " Address: 143 Haverhill Street Favorite Memory: 1960. Pet Peeve: Spending money. Ambition: To become a dentist and make lots of money. Activities: Band 1; Football 2; Basketball 2; Track 1,2, 3, 4; Leaders ' Club; Library Assistant; College Club; National Honor Society. " What a revolting development this is! " Dottie Hughes Hadley Hoyt " Flower for you, Mommie? " Name: DOROTHY E. HUGHES Nickname: " Dottie " Address: 109 Central Street Favorite Memory: Summer Driver ' s Educa- tion. Pet Peeve: The office phone. Ambition: To go to Oklahoma. Activities: Newspaper Staff; Sophomore Variety Show; Norehisc Girls ' Club. Name: WILLIAM HURLEY Nickname: " Bill " Address: Locust Road Favorite Memory: Mr. Levine ' s math class. Pet Peeve: In-school suspension. Ambition: To become an aviation mecha- nic Activities: Football 3,4; Leaders Club 4. Bill Hurley " I go to Revere Beach, too! " Carolyn L. Jeanes " You mean you want a kiss? " Richie Johnson Name: CAROLYN L. JEANES Nickname: " Carolyn " Address: 16 Lowell Road Favorite Memory: Summer of 1 960, (es- pecially August 27th). Pet Peeve: " Caroline " . Ambition: To be a medical technologist. Activities: Softball 2; Sophomore Variety Show; College Club 3; National Honor Society 3,4; Student Council 3; Year- book Staff; Norehisc Girls ' Club. Name: RICHARD JOHNSON Nickname: " Richie " Address: 14 Flint Street Favorite Memory: Fifth period Vocational Math class. Pet Peeve: Being on crutches. Ambition :To become a C.P.A. Activities: Science Club. i Name: ALAN JONES Nickname: " Jonesy " Address: 14 Orchard Drive Favorite Memory: Miss Mercurio ' s French classes. Pet Peeve: Getting behind on homework. Ambition: To go to college. Activities: J. V. Basketball; College Club. " So you don ' t think I can make it, huh? " Name: STUART KERR Nickname: " Stu " Address: 9 Marblehead Street Favorite Memory: Mr. Levine ' s second per- iod math class. Pet Peeve: People who step on his shoes. Ambition: To be happy. Activities: Sophomore Variety Show. Stuart Kerr Name: RICHARD LaLIBERTE Nickname: " Rich " Address: 12 Batchelder Avenue Favorite Memory: School vacation. Pet Peeve: Girls who talk too much Ambition: To join the Air Force. Activities: Science Club. Why haven ' t we met before? " Name: ELIZABETH M. LaROCCO Nickname: " Betty” Address: 38 North Street Favorite Memory: July 23, 1960. Pet Peeve: People who don ' t like Yorkers. New Ambition: To become a high-school science teacher. Activities: Basketball 1,2; Rifle Club 2,3; College Club 3; Science Club 3; News- paper 3; Sophomore Variety Show; Jun- ior Spaghetti Supper; Norehisc Girls ' Club. " This is the way we do it in New York, kids! " Elizabeth LaRocco George O. Linkletter " What do you mean, the ski lift ' s broken? " E. Ann Loud Do I hafta hold his hand? " Name: GEORGE 0. LINKLETTER Nickname: " Link " Address: 128 Park Street Favorite Memory: Fighting with " L.L. " Pet Peeve: Long math assignments. Ambition: To be a geologist. Activities: Football 2,4; Baseball 2,3,4; Basketball 2,3,4; National Honor So- ciety President; Classroom Library Com- mittee; Math Club; College Club. Name: E. ANN LOUD Nickname: " Annie " Address: 184 Haverhill Street Favorite Memory: Weekends. Pet Peeve: Superior people. Ambition: To be a nurse. Activities: Basketball 1,3; Leaders ' Club 3,4; Rifle Club 2,3,4; College Club; Sophomore Variety Show; Junior Prom Committee; Yearbook Staff; Norehisc Girls ' Club Treasurer. ( Name: PAUL MAGRATH Nickname: “Paul " Address: 426 Park Street Favorite Memory: Baseball with Mr. Trin- gale. Pet Peeve: Mothers who work in school. Ambition: To enter into electronics. Activities: Baseball 2. " Do I have to pay for the window? " Paul Magrath The name is Roy, not Royal Manuel J. Martinho Name: MANUEL J. MARTINHO Nickname: " Manny " Address: 328 Haverhill Street Favorite Memory: Mr. Tringale. Pet Peeve: Being " picked " on Ambition: To be a teacher. Activities: Football 1,2,3, 4; Leaders Club 2,3,4; Gymnastics Club 3,4; Sophomore Variety Show; Basketball 1,2, 3, 4; Base- ball 1,2, 3, 4. Name: ROY MAKER Nickname: " Roy " Address: 92 Central Street Favorite Memory: Mr. Levine ' s eleventh grade shop class. Pet Peeve: Women drivers. Ambition: To be a mechanic. Activities: Sophomore Variety Show; Bas- ketball Intramurals. Roy Maker Name: NICHOLAS MARTINHO Nickname: " Butch " Address: 328 Haverhill Street Favorite Memory: Athletics. Pet Peeve: People who take me seriously. Ambition: To go to college. Activities: Football 1 ,2,3,4; Baseball 1,2, 3,4; Basketball 1,2, 3, 4; Sophomore Variety Show; Junior-Senior Prom Com- mittee. Nicholas Martinho Name: SUSAN E. McFARLAND Nickname: " Suzie " Address: 1 3 Damon Street Favorite Memory: Losing her voice at foot- ball games. Pet Peeve: Breaking her index finger. Ambition: To become a teacher and coach. Activities: Basketball 1,2, 3, 4; Future Teach- ers ' Club 1,2; Rifle Club 2, President 3; Student Council 1, and Secretary 3; Class Vice-president 2; Leaders ' Club 2, 3,4; Gymnastics Club 3,4; Cheerleader 4; Junior-Senior Prom Committee; Norehisc Girls ' Club. " How times have changed. " I Susan McFarland Name: ROBERT McLEAN Nickname: " Bob " Address: 2 Woodland Drive Favorite Memory: His ninth grade career. Pet Peeve: Week-end evenings alone. Ambition: To get through college. Activities: Track 2,3,4; Co-capt. 2,3; Foot- ball 2,3; Class President 2; Vice-presi- dent 3; Leaders ' Club 2,3,4; Student Council 2,3; Dramatics Club 2,3. " I ' m doing this just for you. Mother! " Robert McLean ( Name: BEVERLEY J. MOSACK Nickname: " Bev " Address: Shirley Avenue Favorite Memory: Being elected football queen. Pet Peeve: People who leave the " e " out of the end of Beverley. Ambition: To be an airline stewardess. Activities: Class Secretary 1; Girls ' Rifle Club 2,3,4; Sophomore Variety Show; College Club 3; Library Assistant 4; Student Council Secretary 4; Yearbook, Associate Editor 4; Norehisc Girls ' Club; World Affairs Club 4; Football Queen. " I forgot my hair ribbon. Mother! " Name: WILLIAM J. McLEAN Nickname: " Willie-Lump-Lump " Address: 2 Woodland Drive Favorite Memory: Hiding from Coach Dris- coll at the Moose Dance, with the rest of my buddies. Pet Peeve: Going steady. Ambition: To be a history teacher. Beverley Mosack Activities: Football 1,2, 3, 4; Baseball 1,2; Track 1,2,3, Captain 4; Leaders ' Club 1,2,3, President 4; Gymnastics Club 3,4; Class Treasurer 3,4; Student Council 2, 3; Yearbook Business Manager; College Club; Junior-Senior Prom; Band 1; Sopho- more Variety Show; World Affairs Club 4. " Manny gave me your name " William J. McLean Barbara Mullin Name: BARBARA L. MULLIN Nickname: " Barb " Address: 1 Birch Road Favorite Memory: French II with Miss Mercurio. Pet Peeve: People who use big words. Ambition: To be a social worker. Activities: Baton 1,2,3, Leader 4; Basket- ball 3,4; Softball 1,2; Rifle Club, Treas- urer 2,3; College Club 3; Sports Editor of the Yearbook; Norehisc Girls ' Club; Sophomore Variety Show; Junior-Senior Prom Decorations; Leaders ' Club 4. " But, I can ' t answer the phone! " Adrian Nelson " Ooh! Just what I wanted — money! " Name: ADRIAN NELSON Nickname: " Ace " Address: 75 Main Street Favorite Memory: Shop math, eleventh grade with Mr. Levine. Pet Peeve: Women drivers. Ambition: To be a mechanic. Activities: Senior Play Crew. Alexander Murray Name: PATRICIA O. NETH Nickname: " Patti " Address: 1 1 Parker Drive Favorite Memory: Summer driving. Pet Peeve: Insincere people. Ambition: To be a nurse. Activities: Basketball 1,2,3, 4; Leaders ' Club 3,4; Rifle Club 2,3,4; College Club 3; Yearbook; Norehisc Girls ' Club; Jun- ior-Senior Prom; Sophomore Variety Show. Name: ALEXANDER MURRAY Nickname: " Sandy " Address: Oakland Road Favorite Memory: Shop classes. Pet Peeve: Schools to which the students can ' t bring their cars. Ambition: To be a mechanic. Activities: Sophomore Variety Show. Patricia Neth Name: CARL OLSSON Nickname: " Ollie " Address: 8 Nichols Road Favorite Memory: Mr. Levine ' s second period class. Pet Peeve: School. Ambition: To go to trade school. Senior Play Poster Committee. Activities: ' Graduation Glee! Carl Olsson Name: DOROTHY PALMER Nickname: . " Dottie " Address: 40 Chestnut Street Favorite Memory: August 20, 1960 Pet Peeve: Sherry and Secretary. Ambition Club; Sophomore Activities: Variety Thomas Parker Dorothy Palmer I ' m late! I ' m late for important date. Name: THOMAS PARKER Nickname: " Tommy " Address: 318 Haverhill Street Favorite Memory: All my. teachers and NRHS days. Ambition: Yearbook, Associate Editor; World Affairs Club 3,4; Newspaper 3,4; Dramatics Club 1,2, 3, 4; National Honor Society 3,4; College Club 3; Sophomore Variety Show. I can dream, can ' t I? Name: PAUL L. PELLETIER Nickname: " Paul " Address: 12 Grand View Road Favorite Memory: Mr. Campbell ' s chemis- try class. Pet Peeve: His junior year. Ambition: To succeed in whatever he does. Activities: Football 2,4; Baseball 2,4; Basketball 1,2,4; Leaders ' Club 1,2. Name: LINDA PIERCE Nickname: " Lin " Address: 1 7 Mount Vernon Street Favorite Memory: Summer of 1960. Pet Peeve: Studying for a test. Ambition: To be a physical therapist. Activities: Basketball 1,2, 3, 4; Softball 2,3; Rifle Club 3,4; Yearbook Staff; Field Hockey 1; Sophomore Variety Show; Gymnastics Club 3,4; Norehisc Girls ' Club; Junior-Senior Prom Decoration Committee. Linda Pierce Going out. Yogi? Name: KENNETH PUGLIA Nickname: " Kenny " Address: 1 99 Park Street Favorite Memory: The squirt-gun war. Pet Peeve: Mr. Lazenby ' s math classes. Ambition: To be an airplane mechanic. Activities: Class Treasurer 2; Class Presi- dent 3,4; Vice-President Student Coun- cil 4; Football 1,2,3, 4; Basketball 1,2, 3,4. Paul Pelletier 09 My favorite topic — boys: Kenneth Puglia I Gerard Regan “But, Mrs. Dooley, I can t say wabbit! " Dana Rowe Donald Richardson Name: GERARD REGAN Nickname: " Jerry " Address: 92 Burroughs Road Favorite Memory: Archbishop Williams High School Senior Prom. Pet Peeve: Mr. Campbell. Ambition: To go to U.S. Merchant Marine Academy, King ' s Point. Activities: Science Club; Projector Squad. Name: DONALD RICHARDSON Nickname: " Don " Address: 127 Elm Street Favorite Memory: Mr. Hayes ' s eleventh grade economics class. Pet Peeve: Teachers that don ' t answer questions. Ambition: To be an auto mechanic. Activities: Football 1,2. Name: DANA A. ROWE Nickname: " Budgie " ; Rollo Address: 139 Elm Street Favorite Memory: California. Pet Peeve: Anything he doesn ' t like. Ambition: To be a bachelor and make a billion. Activities: Football 1,2,3; Leaders ' Club. " To Alaska! " " But I don ' t want to go on a Metracal diet! " Name: JOHN B. SCHUMAKER Nickname: " Barry " Address: 1 3 Abbott Road Favorite Memory: Shop math with Mr. Levine. Pet Peeve: Not being able to play sports in his senior year. Ambition: To get an A in English (with Mrs. Dooley). Activities: Football 2,3; Track 1,2. ' Boy, R-E-L-A-X- A-C-T-l-O-N! " " I ' m the author ' s friend. David Smith Wilson Sidelinker " But my Mother thinks checks are smart! " Name: DAVID A. SMITH Nickname: " Dave " Address: Marblehead Street Favorite Memory: Senior review math class Pet Peeve: Meetinq the school bus. Ambition: To join the Air Force. Activities: Science Club. Name: WILSON S. SIDELINKER, JR. Nickname: " Winkie " Address: 18 Lowell Road Favorite Memory: Mrs. Dooley ' s English classes. Pet Peeve: " Easy " S.A.M. assignments. Ambition: To make a million. Activities: Projector Squad; Math Club. Douglos Smith " Lady and mistress of all she surveys: Josephine A. Sobocinski Quiet! Man at Work! Name: DOUGLAS SMITH Nickname: " Doug " Address: Park Street East Favorite Memory: Government and World Affairs with Mrs. Boyce. Pet Peeve: Projects. Ambition: To have his own radio station. Activities: Projector Squad; Science Club. Name: LEOLA SMITH Nickname: " Leo " Address: 9 Wright Street Favorite Memory: Someone at the B. and L. Pet Peeve: Pessimistic and conceited people. Ambition: To go back to work. Activities: Basketball ]; Basketball Mana- ger 2; Rifle Club 3,4; Dramatics Club; Junior-Senior Prom; Sophomore Variety Show; Norehisc Girls ' Club 4. Leola Smith Name: JOSEPHINE ANN SOBOCINSKI Nickname: " Jo " Address: 29 Park Street East Favorite Memory: July 4, 1960. Pet Peeve: Dick ' s Navy duty. Ambition: To work in an office. Activities: Baton Squad 1,2,3; Sophomore Variety Show; Yearbook Staff; Norehisc Girls ' Club; Leaders ' Club 4. " Thank you, thank you, thank you. " " I ' ve always liked beach parties! " Name: MARYANNE SPICER Nickname: " Spice " Address: 219 Park Street Favorite Memory: Those terrific French III classes. Pet Peeve: Math, in all ways, shapes, and forms. Ambition: To be a beachcomber in Ja- maica. Activities: Basketball 1,2; Student Council Treasurer 3; Leaders ' Club 3,4; Trans- crip Reporter 3,4; National Honor So- ciety, Secretary; Library Assistant 1,2, 3,4; Norehisc Girls ' Club; Yearbook Co- editor; Sophomore Variety Show; World Affairs Club 3, Treasurer 4; College Club 3; Best Student Award, 1960. Maryanne Spicer Name: MARTHA STEVENSON Nickname: " Marti " Address: Off Lowell Road Favorite Memory: Election to National Hon- or Society. Pet Peeve: People who don ' t practice punc- tuality. Ambition: To be a success in whatever Ambition: To be she undertakes. tivities: Baton Squad 1,2,3; Hornet Highlights 3,4; Yearbook Typist; Na- tional Honor Society 3,4; Norehisc Girls ' Club. George F. Sullivan Martha Stevenson " I really want to be a cow boy. " Name: GEORGE F. SULLIVAN Nickname: " Sully " Address: 3 Poplar Terrace Favorite Memory: Senior year in football. Pet Peeve: Football sprints. Ambition: To be a construction worker. Activities: Football 1,2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2,3,4; Track 1,2,4; Leaders ' Club 1,2, 3,4; Gymnastics Club 3,4; Sophomore Variety Show; Projector Squad. Name: ROBERT THEBEAU Nickname: " Bob " Address: Wilson Avenue Favorite Memory: Mr. Levine ' s shop math class. Pet Peeve: One-way corridor. Ambition: To join the Air Force. Activities: Football; Track; Gymnastics Club. Robert Thebeau Name: SANDRA TOPPING Nickname: " Sandy " Address: 132 Park Street Favorite Memory: June 13, 1959. Pet Peeve: Working on Friday or Saturday night. Ambition: To be a beaution and a house- wife. Activities: Baton Squad 1,2,3; Rifle Club 2; Norehisc Girls ' Club. Who ' s camera shy? Rose Turilli Name: ROSE S. TURILLI Nickname: " Rose " Address: MacArthur Road Favorite Memory: Miss Mercurio s home room. Pet Peeve: People who call her " Rosey. ' Ambition: To become a secretary. Activities: Softball 1,2, 3, 4; Leaders ' Club 3, Secretary 4; Yearbook Staff; Junior- Senior Prom, Decoration; Sophomore Variety Show. This one better be good! Karen Woglom " I do believe they ' ll all make it! " Name: ROBERT WHILES Nickname: " Bobby " Address: 1 Peter Road Favorite Memory: Watkin ' s Glen ' 59. " Pet Peeve: Tardy people. Ambition: To go to Northeastern Univer- sity. Activities: Leaders ' Club 1,2; Sophomore Variety Show; Basketball 1,2,3; Student Council 1.2. Robert Whiles " So what if I like to sun bathe in the winter? " Mother doesn t really approve of thumbing, but " Class Officers Secretary T reasurer Vice-President President Anne Day William McLean George Linkletter Kenneth Puglia Name: KAREN M. V. WOGLOM Nickname: " Wig " , " Kate " Address: 7 Cedar Street Favorite Memory: Junior-Senior Prom. Pet Peeve: " Porky " Ambition: To raise Arabian horses. Activities: College Club 3; Basketball 2; Leaders ' Club 2,3; Sophomore Variety Show; Junior Prom Princess ' s Attendant 3; Dramatics Club 3; Norehisc Girls ' Club. Can You Imagine Mr. Lazenby with a whole piece of chalk? Maryanne without a telephone? C-D without stale cigarette smoke? Anne Loud with big feet? Donald Richardson without his car? Richard Correlle without a toothpick? Mrs. Dooley without the class of ' 61? Sylvia Black without Liz? Mae Ceaser 6 ' 2”? Fred G. and Roy C. with a drive-in pass? Miss Mercurio not saying " n ' est-ce pas " ? Hadley without his motor scooter? Barbara Mullin with laryngitis? Tommy Parker not requesting Mr. Lazenby to repeat the homework assign- ment? Our football team without Mr. Driscoll? Rose Turilli without her co-operating spirit? Kathy Haines without her Renault? Ken Puglia and Bob Whiles not playing Yogi bear? " Ma " Jenkins without Bill Cotter? Joan E., Sandi B., Sue McF., and Pat G. without a cheer? Karen Woglom without gum on her nose? 5 Ed Cartwright without his life saving certificate? Mrs. Jeanes typing a letter without interruptions? Linda Bruce a Democrat? Carol Cole without her sneezes a la Cole? Jeanne Cronje without her wiggle? Diane Dolloff with her Latin incomplete? A weekend without homework? Carolyn Jeanes not receiving her weekly letter from Wheaton? Bonnie Douglas with late assignments? Nancy Eldredge minus dimples? Sandra Fransen not at the ticket window at the drive-in? Dick Hammond not teasing? A quiet class meeting? Carole Hicks driving on her own license? Ruth Hoyt with her hair out of place? Bill Hurley with a haircut? Richard Johnson without his crutches? (Soon, we hope!) Richard LaLiberte on a debate team? A short Student Council meeting? Manny Martinho not scoring in a basketball game? Bob McLean without his French translations? Pat Neth not worrying? Paul Pelletier not squinting? Gerard Regan not listen ing to his report from Radio Moscow? 5 Alex Murray not wearing a bright shirt? Pam Abbott with a superiority complex? Heat in the auditorium? 44 Can You Imagine (cont.) Anne Day without a comb? LL. not arguing during lunch? Martha Stevenson not wearing her NHS pin? The girls ' lav. without Nancy Baker? Irene Fisher as a miser? Mrs. Boyce without S - Q - 3R? Forrest Blanchard without his cigarettes? Leola Smith without her tiki? Pat Gallagher and Louise Claughton without their palettes? Carl Olsson causing a riot? Bill Gaffney without his laugh? Dana Rowe without his hockey stick? Mrs. Eisenhaure not collecting her fines? Bruce D., Stuie K., and Bill D., without their little black books? Melvin Casa with his shoes not shined? Roy M. and Adrian N. not working in a gas station? Mary Jane coming out of the boys ' basement? She did! N. R. H. S. without us and we without N. R. H. S.? The Cast Will and Testament of the Class of 61 Be it remembered thot we, the class of 1961, being the one and only class to complete four years of high school education in North Reading High School, in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, being of surprisingly sound mind and body, after our struggle to get through, do hereby declare this to be our last will and testament, (if we make it to another world.) We, the class of nineteen hundred and sixty-one, leave to the junior class our well developed grapevine. We, the class of nineteen hundred and sixty-one, leave to the sophomore class all our conceit, which has come to the surface only this year. We, the class of nineteen hundred and sixty-one, leave to the freshman class three blissful years of study, study, study. We, the class of nineteen hundred and sixty-one, leave to Mr. Barresi a money belt for the safe convoy of money to the bank. We, the class of nineteen hundred and sixty-one, leave to Mrs. Barmby an indestructible frog for Biology I; to Miss Barmby, unbreakable test tubes for the juniors We, the class of nineteen hundred and sixty-one, leave to Mr. Boucher a 10 piece set of uncracked knuckles to irritate his future classes. We, the class of nineteen hundred and sixty-one, leave to Mrs. Boyce a life-time supply of " Undecided” campaign buttons. We, the class of nineteen hundred and sixty-one, leave to Mr. Burns a bottle of nation-wide nerve tonic. We, the class of ninteen hundred and sixty-one, leave to Mr. Campbell a prolific rabbit. We, the class of nineteen hundred and sixty-one, leave to Mr. Castine a box of cigars for pre-game pleasure. We, the class of nineteen hundred and sixty-one, leave to Miss Catalano a group of experienced typists for the newspaper. We, the class of nineteen hundred and sixty-one, leave to Miss Christie a copy of excuses as to why she can ' t take Mr. Driscoll ' s 4th period study. We, the class of nineteen hundred and sixty-one, leave to Mr. Clarkin a pair of stilts for the future Mrs. Clarkin. We, the class of nineteen hundred and sixty-one, leave to Mr. Coe a gavel to conduct freshman meetings. We, the class of ninteen hundred and sixty-one, leave to Mrs. Delaney the gold record, " Tell Laura I Love Her. " We, the class of nineteen hundred and sixty-one, leave to Miss DeMoor a portable lunch cart for her third period lunch duty. We, the class of nineteen hundred and sixty-one, leave to Miss Desrosiers our unexcelled recipes for walrus stew. We, the class of nineteen hundred and sixty-one, leave to Mrs. Dooley a year ' s supply of blow-out patches. We, the class of ninteen hundred and sixty-one, leave to Miss D ' Orlando another senior like Nick to follow her around. We, the class of nineteen hundred and sixty-one, leave to Mr. Driscoll a private phone for his special messages. We, the class of nineteen hundred and sixty-one, leave to Miss Egan a square inch of Mrs. Dooley ' s bulletin boards in A-6. We, the class of nineteen hundred and sixty-one, leave to Mrs. Eisenhaure an appointment book to keep her luncheon engagements with Mrs. Dooley. We, the class of nineteen hundred and sixty-one, leave to Miss Florence a field hockey team. We, the class of nineteen hundred and sixty-one, leave to Mrs. Frazier a porter to carry materials from A-5 to the reading lab. We, the class of nineteen hundred and sixty-one, leave to Mrs. Faulkner a foolproof recipe for boiling water without burning it. We, the class of nineteen hundred and sixty-one, leave to Mr. Green another Manny to aid in morning exercises. We, the class of nineteen hundred and sixty-one, leave to Mr. Hughes a reminder to bring his attend- ance book to the office. We, the class of nineteen hundred ond sixty-one, leave to Mr. Kalinen a new green silk duster to wear in study hall. We, the class of nineteen hundred and sixty-one, leave to Mrs. Killeen a lie detector to cut down on outgoing patients. We, the class of nineteen hundred and sixty-one, leave to Mr. Lazenby an automatic pants " puller- upper. " We, the class of nineteen hundred and sixty-one, leave to Mr. Levey a fearless female worker who dares to go into his office via the boys ' locker room. We, the class of nineteen hundred and sixty-one, leave to Mr. Levine an itsy, bitsy, tiny, weeny yellow polka dot pointer. We, the class of nineteen hundred and sixty-one, leave to Mr. Lynch a year ' s supply of fresh air for the chem. lab. We, the class of nineteen hundred and sixty-one, leave to Mr. Markham a contract for a starring role in the " My Sister Eileen " series. We, the class of nineteen hundred and sixty-one, leave to Mrs. Mathews a boys ' home economics class. We, the class of nineteen hundred and sixty-one, leave to Mr. McGurn a low golf score. We, the class of nineteen hundred and sixty-one, leave to Miss Mercurio another Junior Class to advise. We, the class of nineteen hundred and sixty-one, leave to Miss Nordin a class of bright scientists. We, the class of nineteen hundred and sixty-one, leave to Mr. Olivo a blindfold to be worn at the faculty- student game. We, the class of nineteen hundred and sixty-one, leave Mrs. Pelofsky a pair of high heel shoes so that she doesn ' t have to look-up to her jlinior-high students. We, the class of nineteen hundred and sixty-one, sideline Miss Ryan for the student-faculty game. We, the class of nineteen hundred and sixty-one, leave to Mr. Sanders a bigger car. We, the class of nineteen hundred and sixty-one, leave to Mr. Sticklor a substitute for his classes when he goes for shop supplies. We, the class of ninteen hundred and sixty-one, leave to Mr. Sveden a pair of red plaid socks to motch his belt and tie. We, the class of nineteen hundred and sixty-one, leave to Mr. Mannheim a permanent place in the social studies department. We, the class of nineteen hundred and sixty-one, leave to Mr. Swartz a megaphone for study hall. We, the class of nineteen hundred and sixty-one, leave to Mr. Szuberla an IBM machine for processing student data. 46 We, the class of nineteen hundred and sixty-one, leave Mr. Venti with regret that we don ' t know him better. We, the class of nineteen hundred and sixty-one, leave to Mr. Whipple permission to use Mr. Svenden ' s black book every other weekend. We, the class of ninteen hundred and sixty-one, leave to Mr. Weisse a green and gold baton to lead the band. We, the class of nineteen hundred and sixty-one, leave Mrs. Jeanes as warm and friendly as she has always been. We, the class of nineteen hundred and sixty-one, leave to Mr. Coff in our unexcelled records in sports, scholastic ability, social activities. We, the class of nineteen hundred and sixty-one, leave Mr. Craver with the regret that we have known him only a short time. We, the class of nineteen hundred and sixty-one, give to Mrs. Bennett an automatic federal aid com- putor. We, the class of nineteen hundred and sixty-one, leave to Mrs. Famolare a dozen candles to be used when her supply of midnight oil runs out. We, the class of nineteen hundred and sixty-one, leave to Mrs. Magrath permission to substitute for Mrs. Jeanes when the opportunity arises. We, the class of nineteen hundred and sixty-one, leave to Mr. Blackwell a volume of How to Replace the Whole Teaching Staff at NRHS with an IBM-707. We, the class of nineteen hundred and sixty-one, leave to Mr. Goldberg a sound-proof office for his pupil conferences. CLAUSE ONE: I, Pamela Abbott, leave first. CLAUSE TWO: I, Brenda Andrews, leave to Diane Jordan my study habits of which no teacher has yet approved. CLAUSE THREE: I, Nancy Baker, leave Janice Liv- ingston my school bus seat sc she may enjoy her junior year bus trips. CLAUSE FOUR: I, Myda Bakoian, leave my exotic lunches to Bob Loud. CLAUSE FIVE: I, Lura Lee Balcomb, leave my blush- ing brush to " Anne” Park. CLAUSE SIX: I, Gail Barron, leave the mole on my right leg to Ellen Foster. CLAUSE SEVEN: I, Sandra Bertoli, leave to " Mickey " Proctor one piece of unmeltable ski wax. CLAUSE EIGHT: I, Sylvia Black, leave my attraction for redheads to Jerry Columbus. CLAUSE SIXTEEN: I, Carole Cole, leave my ability to say a lot of words that mean nothing to anyone who wishes a sore throat and jaws. CLAUSE SEVENTEEN: I, Arthur Collier, return peace and serenity to Mr. Lazenby ' s math classes CLAUSE EIGHTEEN: I, Roy Conway, leave my posi- tion on the honor roll (?) to my sister. CLAUSE NINETEEN: I, Richard Correlle, leave my toothpicks to Mrs. Eisenhaure. CLAUSE TWENTY: I, William Cotter, leave all my sports uniforms to " Porkey " Carucci. CLAUSE TWENTY-ONE: I, Jeane Cronje, leave my position as Baton Squad Director to Jill Crane. CLAUSE TWENTY-TWO: I, Anthony Crosby, leave my cloud chamber to Mr. Campbell. CLAUSE TWENTY-THREE: I, Anne Day, leave my worndown typing erasers to Marilyn Stephens. CLAUSE TWENTY-FOUR: I, William DeGroot, leave my basketball sneakers to the teachers; they need them. CLAUSE TWENTY-FIVE: I, John Dicey, leave my haircut to " Mickey " Proctor to go with his glasses. CLAUSE TWENTY-SIX: I, Diane Dolloff, leave my connections at Phillips Academy to Jane Wolsey. CLAUSE TWENTY-SEVEN: I, Bruce Donle, leave my P.O.D. course to anyone who can handle it. CLAUSE TWENTY-EIGHT: I, Bonnie Douglas, leave my perfect attendance record calendar for the last four years of high school to Mr. Lazenby. CLAUSE TWENTY-NINE: I, Joan Eisenhaur, leave my P.O.D. problems to Marianne Cody and Martha Frazier. CLAUSE THIRTY: I, Nancy Eldredge, leave French IV with Miss Mercurio to Linda Jeanes. CLAUSE THIRTY-ONE: I, June Ferguson, leave my " free throw " to Ruth Fuller. CLAUSE THIRTY-TWO: I, Irene Fisher, leave my fast pitching arm to Judy English. CLAUSE THIRTY-THREE: I, Mary Jane Flynn, leave my " mild manner " to my sister, Joanne. CLAUSE THIRTY-FOUR: I, Marcia Fowler, leave my Latin II information to Tony LaRocco. CLAUSE THIRTY-FIVE: I, Sandra Fransen, leave Mrs. Dooley ' s English class to Bill Richards. CLAUSE THIRTY-SIX: I, William Gaffney, leave my gym sneakers to Phil Carucci. CLAUSE THIRTY-SEVEN: I, Patricia Gallagher, leave the crack between my two front teeth to Mr. Dooley, who, I understand, loves the wide, open spaces. CLAUSE NINE: I, Forrest Blanchard, leave to John Ferrara all my quickly-doused cigarette butts. CLAUSE TEN: I, Linda Bruce, because I am Scotch, leave nothing. CLAUSE ELEVEN: I, Joseph Carriere, leave electronics " know how " to Timmy Quinlan. CLAUSE THIRTY-EIGHT: I, Fred Giberti, leave with mingled emotions. CLAUSE THIRTY-NINE: I, Patricia Gill, leave my fond cheering memories to my sister. CLAUSE FORTY: I, Kathy Haines, leave my miniature parking space to a big wheel. CLAUSE TWELVE: I, Edward Cartwright, leave my life saving badge to Ward Eisenhaure. CLAUSE THIRTEEN: I, Melvin Casa, hereby leave to Michael Casa all my used bookcovers. CLAUSE FOURTEEN: I, Mae Ceaser, leave my studious study periods to Dorothy Christie. CLAUSE FIFTEEN: I, Louise Claughton, leave my " foul less " basketball record to Candy Ives. CLAUSE FORTY-ONE: I, Richard Hammond, leave my " tuba " to the next big wind who can take a lot of ribbing. CLAUSE FORTY-TWO: I, Carole Anne Hicks, leove all my injuries to anyone who wants to participate in sports. CLAUSE FORTY-THREE: I, Ruth Hoyt, leave 102 points during one season of basketball to my brother Herbie to match. 47 Zhe Cast Will k Zestament of Zhe Class of 1961 CLAUSE FORTY-FOUR: I, Hadley Hoyt, leave to Wayne Donle the physics work he didn ' t do this year. CLAUSE FORTY-FIVE: I, Dorothy Hughes, leave Mr. Whipple and vocational math to any future senior who may need graduation credits. CLAUSE FORTY-SIX: I, William Hurley, leave my spot on the football bench to Forre st Parker. CLAUSE FORTY-SEVEN: I, Carolyn Jeanes, leave my " grouchy " disposition to my sister Linda. CLAUSE FORTY-EIGHT: I, Richard Johnson, leave my legitimate excuses for not attending gym classes to all boys during square dancing. CLAUSE FORTY-NINE: I, Alan Jones, give my geom- etry back to Mr. Levine. CLAUSE FIFTY: I, Stuart Kerr, leave my cafeteria job to Wayne Donle. CLAUSE FIFTY-ONE: I, Richard LaLiberte, leave my dilapidated notebook to Paul Hodson. CLAUSE FIFTY-TWO: I, Elizabeth LaRocco, leave my New York accent to John Landrigan. CLAUSE FIFTY-THREE: I, George Linkletter, leave to Jack Williamson my hands so he can hang on to lateral passes. CLAUSE FIFTY-FOUR: I, Anne Loud, leave to my brother, Robert, some unknown junior girl. CLAUSE FIFTY-FIVE: I, Paul Magrath, leave to Al Battista, all my excess height. CLAUSE FIFTY-SIX: I, Roy Maker, leave all my sen- ior science notes to Herbert Jones. CLAUSE FIFTY-SEVEN: I, Manuel Martinho, leave all my ability to get along with teachers to Joe Nuccio. CLAUSE FIFTY-EIGHT: I, Nicholas Martinho, leave my seriousness to Pat Ahern. CLAUSE FIFTY-NINE: I, Susan McFarland, leave to my sister, Sandy, my fond memories of NRHS. CLAUSE SIXTY: I, Robert McLean, leave all my fail- ures in math to Bill Birkmaier. CLAUSE SIXTY-ONE: I, William McLean, leave after four years to Bobby Swadell my number 9. CLAUSE SIXTY-TWO: I, Beverley Mosack, leave my love for the Revere Beach roller coaster to Irene Powell. CLAUSE SIXTY-THREE: I, Barbara Mullin, leave si- lence to NRHS ' till it is broken by my sister Linda. CLAUSE SIXTY-FOUR: I, Alexander Murray, leave my parking space to Gary Slade. CLAUSE SIXTY-FIVE: I, Adrian Nelson, leave a broken-ban-saw-blade to Bobby Swenson. CLAUSE SIXTY-SIX: I, Patricia Neth, leave my " knocking knees " to some calm junior when she faces the Registry. CLAUSE SIXTY-SEVEN: I, Carl Olsson, leave my de- tention slips to Peter Flynn. CLAUSE SIXTY-EIGHT: I, Dorothy Palmer, leave my 80 words a minute in shorthand to Mary Christie. CLAUSE SIXTY-NINE: I, Thomas Parker, leave my complete file of papers, grades 1-12, to the school library. CLAUSE SEVENTY: I, Paul Pelletier, leave my foot- ball number 22 to Joe Veno. CLAUSE SEVENTY-ONE: I, Linda Pierce, leave my threadbare gym suit to Miss Florence. CLAUSE SEVENTY-TWO: I, Kenneth Puglia, leave my uniform number 21 and position at left guard to Jeff Sam. CLAUSE SEVENTY-THREE: I, Gerard Regan, leave my compass-pierced fingers to Mr. Lazenby. CLAUSE SEVENTY-FOUR: I, Donald Richardson, leave my old skate laces to Neil Fransen. CLAUSE SEVENTY-FIVE: I, Dana Rowe, leave my hockey skates to Leslie Merrill. CLAUSE SEVENTY-SIX: I, Barry Schumaker, leave with regret that I was not able to play football in my senior year. CLAUSE SEVENTY-SEVEN: I, Wilson Sidelinker, leave my Kentucky Colonel tie to my brother Leslie. CLAUSE SEVENTY-EIGHT: I, David Smith, leave my golf clubs to Harold Pratt. CLAUSE SEVENTY-NINE: I, Douglas Smith, leave my water distillery unit to Mr. Campbell. CLAUSE EIGHTY: I, Leola Smith, leave my inability to type to Lincoln Fulton. CLAUSE EIGHTY-ONE: I, Josephine Sobocinski, leave my long fingernails to Nancy Leighton. CLAUSE EIGHTY-TWO: I, Maryanne Spicer, leave to Nancy Towle my knitting needles so she can get her " white letter sweater " the way I did. CLAUSE EIGHTY-THREE: I, Martha Stevenson, leave to John Stevenson my good marks and Mrs. Dooley ' s English class. CLAUSE EIGHTY-FOUR: I, George Sullivan, leave my itchy back to Therese Gleason to scratch. CLAUSE EIGHTY-FIVE: I, Robert Thebeau, leave daily football practice to Bernie Williamson. CLAUSE-EIGHTY-SIX: I, Sandra Topping, leave my old car keys to Norma Thompson. CLAUSE EIGHTY-SEVEN: I, Rose Turilli, give to Mr. Clarkin a mimeograph machine for running off the football programs. CLAUSE EIGHTY-EIGHT: I, Robert Whiles, leave my broken hockey stick to " Butch " Fransen. CLAUSE EIGHTY-NINE: I, Karen Woglom, leave my license and car to Martha Frazier. Signed — Irene Fisher, John Dicey, Diane Dolloff, Mary Jane Flynn, Gail Barron, Joan Eisenhaur, Anne Day, Beverley Mosack, Myda Bakoian, and June Ferguson. In testimony whereof we hereunto set our hand and the presence of witnesses do declare this document to be our last will on this, our graduation day, in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and sixty- one, June the sixteenth. On this, our graduation day, nineteen hundred and sixty-one A. D., members of the class of 1961, North Reading High School of North Reading, Massachusetts, did sign the above document in our presence and did declare it their last will. Thereafter, we six, in their presence and in the presence of each other hereto affix our names: Barbara Mullin, Beverley Mosack, Gail Barron, Linda Pierce, Thomas Parker, and Linda Bruce. Hypothetical Heartbreakers For Him Hair Bill DeGroot Eyebrows Bob McLean Eyes Bob McLean Eyelashes Bob Whiles Nose Bruce Donle Mouth Ken Puglia Teeth Nick Martinho Smile Jack Dicey Complexion Roy Conway Hands Dick Hammond Physique Bill Cotter Wardrobe Tom Parker Legs Bill McLean Height Manny Martinho Weight Hadley Hoyt Intellect George Linkletter For Her Hair Ruth Hoyt Eyebrows Joan Eisenhaur Eyes Barb Mullin Eyelashes Anne Day Nose Jeanne Cronje Mouth Linda Pierce Teeth Lura Lee Balcomb Smile Pat Gill Complexion Rose Turilli Hands Linda Bruce Figure Carole Cole Wardrobe Mary Jane Flynn Legs Bev Mosack Height Gail Barron Weight Sandra Bertoli Intellect Maryanne Spicer 49 Class Poll HtM’ Service Navy Car Ford Color Blue Subject Math Food Spaghetti Sport Football Pastime Sleeping Movie “South Pacific " Song “Thousand Stars in the Sky " Cruncher Potato Chips Favorite Season Summer Holiday Christmas Favorite Teachers They All Are, Of Course! Age Eighteen Disc Jockey Arnie Ginsburg Favorite Clothes Sport Clothes Favorite Excuse “No one told me! " Names Bill and Lisa 50 Our Trials and Triumphs Double sessions . . . football strike . . . first day at NRHS . . . painting the goal posts . . . proms . . . yearbook meetings . . . Mr. Lo- Pilato ' s " corny " jokes . . . Sophomore Variety Show . . . summer drivers ' ed . . . Mr. Lazen- by ' s math homework . . . Student-Faculty games . . . football games . . . victory parades . . . last bell . . . tag days . . . Mr. Lynch, Guidance Director . . . P.A. announcements . . . leaking ceilings . . . basketball season . . . cafeteria lunches . . . Mr. Boothby . . . mak- ing the mermaid for the prom . . . our activity period . . . detention . . . study in the audi- torium . . . hearing no school announcements . . . sulfur experiments in chemistry class . . . dissecting frogs . . . Mr. Tringale, . . typing to the classics . . . Wednesday night WAC meetings . . . the day pictures were taken . . . report cards . . . crowding around the mirrors in the locker rooms . . . corridor romances . . . newspaper deadlines . . . Mr. Campbell ' s plaid tie . . . Christmas vacations . . . Yearbook " bloopers " . . . gym uniform inspection . . . our freshman music appreciation course . . . the smell coming out of the home ec room . . . Senior Play rehearsals . . . deficiencies . . . the glare from the snow . . . crowded lockers . . . fire drills . . . sliding down the walk from C wing . . . monitoring . . . induction into the National Honor Society . . . French III " par- ties " . . . High School Salutes on WBZ . . assemblies . . . physical fitness tests . . . ob- stacle course . . . Senior bike day . . . Jack ' s party . . . the day we got our license . . . Christmas decorations in the lobby . . . anat- omy classes . . . senior pictures . . . our trip to the State House . . . the book sale . . . class trips . . . our elementary school teachers . . . Student Council meetings . . . movies in the auditorium . . . the Halloween night Mrs. Dooley had visitors . . . football rallies . . . our first meeting with Mr. Craver . . . the day we got our class rings . . . memorizing passages from Shakespeare . . . cramming for exams . . . college boards . . . Mr. Campbell ' s stories . . . the free-for-all discussions in Government and World Affairs class . . . making the Hon- or Roll . . . Nick, Jack and Bob in ty ping class . . . new desks . . . learning our locker com- binations . . . our first outdoor rally . . . music during lunch . Asian flu epidemic . . . the day we were late because the clocks were early . . . graduation . . . our school motto . . . probation . . . singing " Happy Birthday " . . . opening exercises . . . cold classrooms . . . crushes . . . our first dates . . . fooling in study hall . . . selling refreshments at the games . . . press conferences . . . " Private parties " . . . " Attention please " . . . slippery floors . . . basement passes . . . canteen dances . . . in- tramurals . . . homework . . . oral reports . . . the science fair . . . " Ma " Jenkins ' s .loyalty to the senior class . . . cleaning lockers . . . wash- ing blackboards . . . girls ' club meetings . . . world history . . . selling tickets . . . Christmas . . . Mrs. Eisenhaure and Mrs. Dooley ' s lunch dates . . . Reader ' s Digest reports . . . the year Jack came back to the NRHS . . . shop classes . . . surprise quizzes . . . L. D. Batchelder school . . . warm water in the water fountains . . . summer of 1960 . , . but most of all, our senior year at NRHS. 51 u )n I %T wf foM I r • v ' S u eZ! to( h+b „«i“ c ? 79 1 ' l f Y b- ' c £y x I f a ■3 5 ,4 A f « fh » ,v4 1§N pS . (3,i‘ vw. 52 Rye, North Reading (Sung to the tune of “Bye, Bye, Blackbird " ) Pack up all your marks and books. Here we go with backward looks. Bye, North Reading. Where the cold world waits for us, Don ' t you dare fret- or fuss. Bye, North Reading. No one now to help or reprimand us; no more detention will they ever hand us. But we really can ' t complain; We got through, safe and sane; North Reading, good bye. 53 Class Done most for N.R.H.S. Bill McLean Linda Bruce Class Athletes Lura Lee Balcomb Bill Cotter Most Pleasing Personality Sue McFarland Ken Puglia Most Original Maryanne Spicer Tam Parker Class Dancers Bill DeGroot Carole Cole Class Couple George Linkletter Lura Lee Balcomb Class Cut-ups Barbara Mullin Nick Martinho Class Typists Tony Crosby Anne Day Quietest Carl Olsson Bonnie Douglas ballot Ideal Students Linda Bruce George Linkletter Most Casual Kathy Haines Jack Dicey Class Artists Louise Claughton Wilson Sidelinker Class Flirt and Class Wolf Carol Cole Manny Martinho Most Popular Sue McFarland Bill Cotter Class Night Owls Joan Eisenhaur Bill McLean Politest Mary Jane Flynn Tom Parker Most Likely to Succeed Maryanne Spicer George Linkletter Best Dressed Gail Barron Art Collier XX V V 0 ' |V V W _ K - S Vvoo u Wy owvQl V x yV y V OVJ f V - o V Vv AV v oot ' Xxsy vo ' ' JO - 1f - ' 56 StWtvV ' V Vv tOtVN oA Y V? . 0 e oV At, VtfW f-v fObfil ' h 3 fldiiv£ ibykSdopI cf s s i r 57 i Irorn Zke Marquee A " The Music Man " — Mr. Weisse " An Affair to Remember " — All-Night Party " Blackboard Jungle " — Classrooms " The Rat Race " — School in general " South Pacific " — We can dream, can ' t we? " Psycho " — Final Exams " The Young and Innocent " — 7th and 8th grades " The Bell Boy " — Jack Dicey " Some Like It Hot " — Cafeteria food " Pillow Talk " — 6:30 a m. Monday through Friday " Because They ' re Young " — Painting Goal Posts " Hole in the Head " — Compliments of the Rifle Club " Duel in the Sun " — Football games " Strangers When We Meet " — Mr. Craver, but only at first " Pollyanna " — Sue McFarland " On the Beach " — Labor Day Weekends " Career " — Guidance office " Operation Petticoat " — Girls ' locker room " Away All Boats " — 2:30 buses " Circus of Horrors " — Obstacle Race " Ice Palace " — Study in auditorium " Lady Killers " — McLean and Martinho brothers " Anatomy of a Murder " — - Grendel " The Sound of Music " — Our Variety Show " Miracle Worker " — Mrs. Dooley " Hercules " — Bill Cotter " Affair to Remember " — Jr. - Sr. Prom ' 60 " Please Don ' t Eat the Daisies " — Walking across the grass " Wake Me When It ' s Over " — Finals " Goodbye, Mr. Chips " — Graduation night " For the First Time " — Ours, the class to graduate after four years in a new school " Gone With the Wind " — Last year ' s seniors " Around the World in 80 Days " — Drivers Education " The Big Fisherman " — George Linkletter " The Catered Affair " — Alumni Association Banquet " Ten Commandments " — — Probation policy " Come Dance With Me " — Cheerleaders ' Dance " Don ' t Give Up the Ship " — " Laz ' s " math classes " No Time for Sergeants " — Monitors " Bloomer Girl " — Girls ' Basketball Uniforms " The Fugitive Kind " — Detention Getters " Wild River " — Corridor flow " Middle of the Night " — Cramming " Tall Story " — Marcia Fowler " Bells Are Ringing " — All day " The Great Day " — June 16 " Say One for Me " — Morning exercises " God ' s Country " — North Reading " Where the Hot Winds Blow " — Not in this school " Sayonara " — From all of us to you. i . £ ' 77 . 7 , . 58 IN TRIPLICATE, OF COURSE The year being 1980, the class of 1 96 1 have long since scattered to their respective " little corners of the world " . We, your census takers, will now invade their privacy by re- questing each to fill out form number 26574- 8910, revealing the all-important information that Uncle Sam needs to know. The class of 1961 was chosen as a representative group to provide a cross-section of life for the study being conducted to see what happens to the average student after graduation. As the Olympics and Presidential election both take place this year, our " snooping " should be interesting. First, we journey back to NRHS to search through the files to find the whereabouts of these pepole. To our great surprise, we find Marcia Fowler as the first woman principal of NRHS. Miss Fowler reports that other graduates of the class of ' 61 are working in the school. Sylvia Black works as Mr. Lazen- by ' s assistant. She has been his assistant for the last twenty years but is hoping for a pro- motion soon. Elizabeth LaRocco is loyally working as assistant to the assistant. Dottie Palmer is working as a penmanship teacher, while Susan McFarland has opened a public kindergarten and is beloved by all as " Miss Peach " , the second. Nancy Eldredge is tea ch- ing French and can be heard throughout the building yelling, " Fermez la grande, grosse bouche. " Myda Bakoian has charge of the cafeteria, and Richard Correlle is working as her assistant. Today they are making heart cookies. As we leave the school with the needed info, we are nearly run down by Pat Gill, who has taken over Pat ' s Auto School. Diane Dolloff, Mrs. Killeen ' s replacement, rushes out to see if we are all right. Having recov- ered from our fright, we continue on our way to visit the graduates who have become prominent businessmen in th e surrounding communities. We find that two of them have WJ iT taken over the management of well-estab- lished businesses. Richard Johnson now owns and manages Howard Johnson ' s, while Linda Pierce has taken over the S. S. Pierce Com- pany. Both are continuing the fine traditions of these two prominent firms. As we continue on our travels, we see two gas stations, each in competition with the other; and the well experienced Bill Gaffney, once a bundle boy, now owns a chain of supermarkets. Washington, D. C., is our next stop. At the White House we find Joan Eisenhaur follow- ing in Dwight ' s footsteps as President. None other than Sandra Fransen is Joan ' s secre- tary! In her Cabinet, we find William Mc- Lean as Secretary of the Treasury and Nick Martinho as his bodyguard Gerald Regan is employed as a secret agent to prevent in- come tax evasion. David is another worker at the White House — special golf instructor for the whole White House staff. The girls of this class really play a promi- nent role in Washington. Dottie Hughes is the official Washington hostess; Rose Turilli is head bookkeeper in the U S. Bureau of Sta- tistics; Martha Stevenson is the official in- terior decorator for Madame President; and Brenda Andrews is the chief inspector in the Pure Food and Drug Administration. Douglas Smith, a political analyst for NBC, is at the White House for an interview with Roy Conway, an indispensable worker who has just been awarded the J. A. Eisenhaur Award for Business Courtesy. 59 The exact location of our next stop cannot be divulged, for the stop is at the Secret Test- ing Laboratory, where all the newest inven- tions are tried out. Bruce Donle, inventor of the Don-1, the first car fed by a gasoline capsule and guaranteed to give the owner 200 cruising miles, is the first familiar face we see as we tour the building. Forrest Blanch- ard is there too; he ' s drawing a picture of the great invention for " Car " magazine. Two floors above, we find Pamela Abbott saying " My heavens " as she looks through her telescope to point out to us her discovery, Planet Hornet. George Sullivan drops in to tell us that he is trying, without too much suc- cess, to invent a cure for blushing. He brings with him a typed message from Ruth Hoyt to the effect that she will not be able to see us because she is busy trying to develop a sol- ution that will grow hair on Dick Hammond ' s head. Dick, we learn, is such a busy doctor that he lost his hair worrying about where he is going to put all his money. The note also explains that Ruth has heard from Louise Claughton, who, at present, is engaged in writing illustrated nursery rhymes for the different child. Bob McLean sticks his head in the door just long enough to say that he had invented and almost perfected a fool proof alarm clock. This invention comes twenty years too late for him. The time has now come for us to leave the lab. As we board the bus to head back to our hotel, we find that Mary Jane Flynn is the a bus driver! Other passengers on the bus in- clude other class members. Bill DeGroot tells us that he had just been to see Hadley Hoyt, D.M.D., and fears that his beautiful set of teeth had just been ruined. Bonnie Douglas, also on the bus, has become a journalist, as we expected. Carl Olsson has just won his twentieth gold record, " I Talk Too Much " . Alan Jones and Donald Richardson, other con- test winners, having been elected to the quiet- iest gentleman in America and the man with the best smile, respectively, are on the bus as passengers, too. Bill informs us that Carole Hicks now manages the trampolines on Main Street and that Wilson Sidelinker, who re- placed Walt Disney, is now filming in Africa. Tom Parker is in the Congo; he replaced Lumumba. Now it is time for us to make the big hop across the ocean to do some more snooping. Beverley Mosack is the hostess aboard our superjet airline that flies us over. Rome, Italy, is our first stop. The summer Olympics are now being held, so we should have an exciting time. As we hop a taxi to go to the arena, we discover to our amazement that Fred Giberti is the driver. Upon alighting from out taxi, we bump into June Ferguson, who travels as coach, no less, for her basketball-player husband. June reports that she has just come from visiting Tony Crosby at the hospital. Carole Cole is caring for the leg that he broke in the skiing event at the winter Olympics. As we walk further down the avenue, we meet Nick Martinho, who is taking part in the Olympics. Sandi Bertoli and Pat Gill are cheerleaders for Manny, and with their help he is really doing terrifically well! Ed Cart- wright has the privilege of lighting the Olym- pic torch, while Lura Lee Balcomb has the privilege of carrying it. While we are talking to those we meet, a messenger brings us the happy news that Bill Cotter has won the De- cathalon and Gail Barron, the water ski event. 60 After all our hard work, we decide to take a flying trip to Paris for a little recreation. On the Left Bank, we see Pat Gallagher paint- ing, while on top of the Effiel Tower, we can see Joe Carriere and Paul Magrath building a radio tower. As we climb down from the tower, we meet Carolyn Jeanes coming up. Carolyn wanted to go mountain climbing in Switzer- land but had spent all her money in Paris. Our overseas adventures now over, we re- gretfully head for home. On the plane we meet some of our other suspects, who are now professional athletes. Bob Thebeau is playing for the Patriots; Dana Rowe for the Bruins; and Paul Pelletier, for the Celtics. So, as you can see, the Boston teams are about the best in the country. Alex Murray, on board the plane, too, informs us that he is now advisor to the Atlantics. As soon as we alight from our plane at Logan, we see Bob Whiles, that famous sports car driver, and his mechanic, Kathy Haines. They give us a ride back to our offices. As the key turns in the lock, we give a sigh of relief — until we see our mail box ... it is piled high with forms that have been mailed back from people we couldn ' t visit. With a sigh we decide we must get busy and finish reading these forms before Uncle Sam be- comes angry. The top form is from Stuart Kerr, who tells us that he is a shoe salesman; thus he is able to replace his shoes when people step on them. Barbara Mullin tells us that Mae Ceaser is her best policeman, hav- ing captured the most wanted criminal in the U. S., single handed. Karen Woglom is a gum taster; Jack Dicey is working in Carnegie Hall as a comedian. Our switchboard operator, Nancy Baker, in- forms us that Sandra Topping is on the line. Sandy tells us that her education in home economics is coming in handy in the care of her home and family. Our next call is from Barry Schumaker, who is overyjoyed about the fact that he has finally earned enough money to buy his own car. After our pleasant interlude on the phone, we go back to opening the envelopes. The next envelope is from Leola Smith, who reports that she has become the most optimistic weather man in history. A telegram from Melvin Casa comes to us from Bonne, where he is starting in his attempt to drive nonstop around the world. Ken Puglia reports that he is a dancer in the Bolshoi Ballet after having been taught how to dance by Pat Neth. Jeanne Cronje is teaching chatter at the U. of Mass; Art Col- lier is ruling in Moscow as a result of having gone too far to the left. Our secretary, Anne Day, announces that she has typed a report for us from the forms that she read. (Bless her heart 1 ) From her re- port, we find that George Linkletter is a ski bum; Ann Loud models Cinderella shoes; and Richard LaLiberte has gone in to semi-retire- ment after his tour of duty in the Air Force. Bill Hurley is in the Army; he is taking orders instead of giving them. Josephine Sobocinski joined the Waves in order to be near a certain sailor. Now that we have completed our snooping into the lives of these people, telling you only that which can be made public, we pack- age up the information to mail to Uncle Sam. It is now up to him to analyze this informa- tion and see what we have proven about the average high school graduating class. We, your census takers, now retire to the country to rest in the fresh air from our ordeal. Linda Bruce Maryanne Spicer Your Census Takers 61 Here We fire Again l 1st Row — A. Loud, D. Hughes, P. Neth, M. Spicer, J. Sobocinski, M. Stevenson, J. Eisenhaur, P. Gill. 2nd Row — R. McLean, T. Parker, S. Fransen, P. Gallagher, M. Fowler, A. Day, G. Barron, W. McLean, R. Johnson, Mr. Driscoll. 3rd Row — R. LaLiberte, R. Hammond, A Jones, W. Hurley, G. Regan, R. Maker, G. Linkletter, W. Cotter, B. Donle, D. Smith, A. Nelson. 1st Row — I. Fisher, L. Smith, J. Cronje, K. Wog- lom, L. Balcomb, S. Bertoli, B. Andrews, D. Dol- loff. 2nd Row — Mr. Green, J. Dicey, E. Cart- wright, M. Flynn, L. Pierce, C. Jeanes, S. Top- ping, B. Douglas, L. Bruce, M. Casa, K. Puglia, P. Magrath. 3rd Row — R, Thebeau, A, Collier, A. Murray, F. Blanchard, W. DeGroot, H. Hoyt, M. Martinho, P. Pelletier, R. Conway, B, Schu- maker, D. Rowe, J. Baker. 1st Row — M. Ceaser, N. Eldredge, K. Haines, N. Baker, M. Bakoian, S. MacFarland, B. Mullin, B. Mosack. 2nd Row — F. Giberti, O. Olsson, R. Hoyt, R. Turilli, P. Abbott, J. Ferguson, S. Black, C. Cole, G. Sullivan, S. Kerr. 3rd Row — R. Cor- relle, R. Whiles, D. Smith, N. Martinho, A. Crosby, W. Sidelinker, W. Gaffney. Helping to balance the budget I ' m an attention-getter But I learned to read in kindergarten! Guidance, Guidance! we like guidance! Class Alphabet A mbitious — George Linkletter B ashful — Carl Olsson C aptivating — -Bill Cotter D evilish — Nick Martinho E motional — Tom Parker F rivolous — Kathy Haines G abby — Barb Mullin H ard-to-get — Bob McLean I nquisitive — Carole Cole J ittery — Pat Neth K issable — Bill McLean — Gail Barron L anky — Marcia Fowler M usical — Dick Hammond N onchalant — Jack Dicey O ptimistic — Pat Gallagher p essimistic — Leola Smith Q uarrelsome — Lura Lee Balcomb — Art Collier R ascally — Manny Martinho S aucy — Jeanne Cronje T actful — Linda Bruce U nforgettable — Maryanne Spicer V ersatile — Ken Puglia W insome — Pat Gill eX citable — Mary Jane Flynn Y earning — Ruth Hoyt ippy — Sue McFarland Z Will travel. Have bannister But, Mrs. Dooley, we want to be in the senior section. In the ignition, of course Her Majesty: The Gridiron Queen All right, Roy! Where are the keys? S ' Aw right — S ' o.k. ! I I Headliners in ’61 Class All-State Football Bay State Basketboll Tournament Class C All-Star Team Member S?o°r SOChuse " S AU-Stau e F °otb a li All-State Football Team Honorable Mention DAR Good Citizen Award i Graduation Speakers P.6 North Reading High School Best Student Award Winners Manny Sully Dick 68 FOOTBALL TEAM First Row: J. Murphy, R. Thebeau, R. Correlle, N. Martinho, G. Linkletter, J. Williamson, W. Cotter, K. Puglia, M. Martinho, W. McLean, G. Sullivan, P. Carucci, C. Puglia, J. Linkletter. Second Row: Mr. Castine, W. Hurley, W. Hertigon, L. Davis, J. Sam, K. Strickland, R. Hammond, P. Pelletier, P. Beohner, J. Apperti, A. Brown, Mr. Driscoll. Third Row: D. Ahern, J. Walsh, A. Battista, B. Graham, F. Parker, F. Columbus, A., Gresek. Back Row: Junior Varsity. Copt. Puglia NORTH READING SCORES 20 AYER NORTH READING 20 BEDFORD NORTH READING 20 IPSWICH NORTH READING 30 ESSEX AGGIE NORTH READING 28 LYNN TRADE NORTH READING 22 WILMINGTON NORTH READING 36 BURLINGTON NORTH READING 6 LYNNFIELD Capt. Cotter What ye waiting for? Lying down on the job! Hand? What hand? Queen Bev! Three to one — good odds! Roving Reporter at work! Where do you think you ' re going? This a private talk? But I tell you — it ' s my foot! Come on, Nick; join the party. Rally ' round the Flag, Boys. Last chance How s it taste? Here s my card Up for a pass. George and George closing in. Tea, anyone New dance step, Manny? Who ' s hurt, team? Baton Squad First Row: Jeanne Cronje, Barbara Mullin, Gai Barron. Second Row: Joanne Thoms, Arlett Mullin, Katherin Daily, Dianne Campbell Susan Aldrich, Anne Hassinger, Sharon Robi taille, Jill Crane. Cheerleaders First Row: Sandra Bertoli, Pat Gill, Mara- guerite Pelosi. Second Row: Susan Mc- Farland, Karen Downs, Anne Day, Joan Eisenhaur, Mary Ellen Swanson. Head Coach Barresi Varsity Victors Coach Driscoll, Coach Olivo Dracut 28 Billerica 46 Lynnfield 52 N. Andover 61 Westford 29 Tewksbury 38 Wilmington 46 Andover 57 Westford 69 Tewksbury 32 Methuen 39 Wilmington 52 Stoneham 70 Boys ' Varsity Basketball Team K. Puglia, A. Jones, B. Cotter, B. DeGroot, N. Martinho, Mr. Olivo, Coach; M. Mar- tinho, G. Linkletter, J. Williamson, P. Pel- letier, G. Sullivan. Co-captains M. Martinho, N. Martinho Georgetown Masconomet Georgetown 27 Reading 27 Wakefield 9 Ipswich 25 Andover 1 5 Masconomet Amesbury 38 36 Co-captains M. Fowler, L. L. Balcomb Coach C. Mack Girls ' Varsity Basketball Team P. Neth, C. Ives, M. Fowler, S. Park, L. Balcomb, E. LaRocco, J. Schofield, B. McNeil, N. Towle, D. Brandt, D. Woodward, S. Black, B. Mullin, Mrs. Mack, Coach. 74 1st Row — C. Puglia, P. Boehner, L. Davis, A. La- Rocco, K. Strickland. 2nd Row — Coach Driscoll, S. Haselton, A. Battista. " Now what do I do? " 1st Row — N. Leighton, K. Park, M. Stephens, T. Suyematsu, M. Cody, C. Hicks. 2nd Row — L. Pierce, K. Schrow, V. Johnson, J. Pierro. " You say you ' re surrounded. " Watch out, kid; I ' m coming down! " " Hey, get off my toe. " 76 " C ' mon, Bill; put a little oomph into it! " " Which is the real Nick? " " Block it. Link! " " Manny to the rescue. " " George, you ' re in his way. " " Stop, you forgot to say ' May I ' . " Trock Team S titZir 0 1 «• " H. Hoy!; 6. W-C 2SS? D tgiS Baseball Team First R ° w: Williamson; N. Martinho; V. Pelosi; J. Doucette; C. Carucci; M Martinho- W Cotter. Second Row: Coach Green; A .Collier; K. Stricklond; D Eastman; L Davis- g ' Linkletter; P. Carucci; C. Puglia; P. Boehner; Mr. Tringale, Coach 77 iT Bill Centerfield ' Manny ' Pitcher Nick Catcher " Link " Shortstop Baseball spirit in action! The Untouchable! A peppy pitcher! Relay Runners! The Tracksters of ' 61 “Twinkle-toes, Link! Candid Capers Here comes Kenny with o whole lot of dribble. Mr. Cohen, our new audio- visual aids director. “Drat! " A little traveling music, please Hey, ref, wake up! Parksie " to the rescue! The ball belongs to Bill, Sonny! Swan Lake Ballet You say it got stuck in the rafters? I can ' t say nothing- nohow — " It takes all four to find it? Swinging Spirit On Parade ACTIVITIES D Spirited journalists D. Hughes, J. Cronje, T. Crosby, B. Mosack, L. Bruce, G. Barron, T. Parker, P. Gallagher, B. Mullin. Mrs. Dooley, Advisor; P. Neth, C. Cole, R. Turilli, P. Abbott, A. Collier, W. McLean, L. Claughton, L. Pierce L. Balcomb, A. Loud. Able Artists 82 But Linda said it was right here! Paradise Of Zhe Deep flight The Crowning Moment She is not breathing Coronation Cuties Let ' s get this show on the road. 1 6 Fathoms Whatcha looking at. Crunch? Oops! I think I ' m losing my gown! fiormalcu Day Boys Leaders Club 1st Row: N. Fransen, G. Sulli- van, B. Cotter, M. Martinho, B. DeGroot, D. Correlle, B. Donle, D. Hammond. 2nd Row: Mr. L. Levey, T. LaRocco, P. Carucci, P. Boehner, B. McLean, W. Mc- Lean, C. Puglia, K. Strickland. Girls ' Leaders ' Club 1st Row: C. Hicks, S. McFarland, N. Towle, R. Turilli, D. Brandt, A. Day, P. Abbott, L. Pierce, J. Sobocinski, S. Bertoli. 2nd Row: Miss E. Florence, A. Loud, L. Magrath, I. Fisher, C. Cole, M. Jason, P. Neth, M. Spicer, J. Conje, L. Balcomb. " The dance of the fairies " S. Bertoli — Treasurer B. Cotter — Vice-President W. McLean — President R. Turilli — Secretary Allah! Be praised! o.tN a 4 1 , Projector Squad 1st Row: W. DeGroot, E. Cartwright, D. Smith D. Hammond, W. Sidelinker. 2nd Row: P. Hod son, J. Williamson, H. Pratt, L. Davis, H. Jones D. Savage, D. Robinson, Mrs. M. Barmby. I always say that an 86 M-382 works better Mrs. Eisenhaure Library Assistants 1st Row: J. Cronje, M. Spicer, D. Hammond B. Mosack, L. Bruce. 2nd Row: Mrs. Eisen haure, L. Jeanes, S. Eisenhaure, R. Downs A. Collier, D. Jeanes, G. Slade, M. Leighton A. Rowe, L. Nadeau, P. Wheeler. 1st Row: M. Bakoian, B. Mosack, C. Cole, W. Mc- Lean, P. Gallagher, M. Spicer, K. Woglom. 2nd Row: G. Barron, S. Black, S. McFarland, K. Puglia, L. Bruce, P. Abbott, L. Smith, Mrs. E. Boyce. 3rd Row: T. Parker, J. Dicey, E. Cartwright, D. Smith, T. Crosby, J. Williamson, A. Collier, R. McLean. World Affairs Club Officers: President — W. McLean Vice-President — C. Cole Secretary — P. Gallagher Treasurer — M. Spicer Advisors: Mr. Lazenby and Mr. Green. 1st Row: L. Magrath, P. Ahern, G. Royle, P. Abbott, J. Spencer, E. Foster, I. Fisher, 2nd Row: Miss C Egan, S. McFarland, L. Nadeau, J. Cronje, C. Hicks, M. Bakoian, B. Mosack. 3rd Row: K. Haines, L. Pierce, T. Gleason, N. Thompson, K. Park, M. Barstow, A. Park. Officers: President, P. Abbott Vice-President, E. Foster Secretary, G. Royle Treasurer, J. Spencer Advisor, Miss C. Egan Highway Hazards! r2 i ' J ji fj IS !■ i m Highlighting Zhe Hornets! Newspaper Staff 1st Row: J. Thomas, A. Bonfanti, G. Pierro, E. Walsh, J. Spencer, B. Douglas, B. Andrews, M. Jason, S. Stevens, N. Leighton. 2nd Row: F. Brown, B. Hill, A. Levoie, B. McNeil, D. Ferrell, J. Glavin, L. Jeanes, J. Pascale, J. Jarvis, D. Woodward, L. Roberts, P. Savage. 3rd Row: C. Black, H. Jones, E. Anderson, J. McGirr, G. Smith, M. Leighton, C. Jordan, M. Barstow, J. Backman, A. Collier, T. Quinlan. Editors: B. Douglas, L. Bruce, F. Brown, A. Collier, Miss Catalano, M. Leighton. 88 Student Council 1st Row: J. Woodside, B. Mosack, L . Bruce, B. Cotter, G. Linkletter, K. Puglia, M. Pelosi. 2nd Row: V. Johnson, S. Eisenhaur, M. Leighton, S. Garland, P. Letterie, D. Ivester, E. Foster. 3rd Row: Mr. Craver, R. Buckley, D. Ahern, C. Puglia, J. Linkletter, P. Car- ucci, R. MacDonold. Officers Student Council Beverley Mosack William Cotter Mr. Craver Linda Bruce Kenneth Puglia Secretary President Advisor Treasurer Vice-President Turning the tables! With the help erf Mr. Clean, the S.C. monitor did it. Mr. Craver The Gymnastics Club 1st Row: J. Crane, S. Garland, M. Barstow, J Scho- field, T. Suymatsu, A. Hassinger, M. Swanson, C. Saunders, K. Downes, L Pierce, C Ives, M. Cody. 2nd Row: T. Gleason, M. Pelosi, L. Magrath, P, Gill, P. Ahern, B. Morrow, I. Powell, K. Woglom, N . Leighton, B. Malcolm, S. Bertoli. 3rd Row: C. Cole, W. Eisenhaure, J. Cosato, R. ' Pecorella, T. LaRocco, B, McLean, K. Puglia, K. Strickland, R. Swadel, A. Gresek, D. Bennett, C Pantos, N Towle. 4th Row: Mr, L. Levey, M. Frazier, P. Wheeler, C. Hicks, V. Johnson, J. Flynn, D. Ferris, J. Perreault, J. Glavin, B. McNeil, D. Ivester, C. Brown, J. Jarvis, Miss E Florence. 5th Row: D, Savage, P. Carucci, R. Ham- mond, G Sullivan, C. Black, R. McLean, M. Proc- tor, H. Morgan, J. Walsh, R, Plouff. 6th Row: W. DeGroot, B. Donle, D. Eisenhaure, M. Martinho, B. Cotter, J. Linkletter, D. Goodwin, B. Hartigan. Co-Leaders — G. Sullivan, P Gi wnvut i wan Norehisc rls Club The Officers Treasurer — A. Loud Vice-President — M. J. Flynn President — P. Abbott The Members Secretary — M. Fowler 1st Row: M. Ceaser, D. Hughes, P. Neth, N. El- dredge, K. Woglom, M. Spicer, I. Fisher. 2nd Row: K. Haines, J. Conje, N. Baker, M. J. Flynn, P. Abbott, M. Fowler, A. Loud, C. Hicks, M. Bakoian, L. L. Balcomb. 3rd Row: J. Sobocinski, B. Mullin, D. Dolloff, B. Mosack, L. Smith, M. Stevenson, S. Fransen, S. Bertoli, S. McFarland, C. Cole, B _ An- drews, Mrs. Dooley. 4th Row: J. Eisenhaur, R. Turill i, J. Ferguson, A. Day, P. Gallagher, B. Doug- las, S. Topping, C. Jeanes, S. Black, L. Pierce, L. Bruce. Dramatics Club 1st Row: H. Hoyt, L. Bruce, E. Cartwright, L. Strong. 2nd Row: Mrs. S. Delaney, T. Parker, M. Spicer, C. Nolan, B. Smith, L. Nadeau, S. Thomas, B. McLean. -President — . Hoyt ident — . Cartwright etary — . Strong Officers The music goes round and round Dress Parade! Officers and Advisor National Honor Society 1st Row: T. Parker, E. Cartwright, H. Hoyt, G. Linkletter, M. Spicer, C. Jeanes, S. Black. 2nd Row: Mrs. E. Boyce, M. Stevenson, J. Eisenhaur, A. Collier, T. Crosby, A. Day, L. Bruce, J. Cronje. Vice-President — Hadley Hoyt President — George Linkletter Advisor — Mrs. Boyce Secretary- T reasurer — Maryanne Spicer Crunch " I know what I ' m Quiet! Genii at work! Three ' s a crowd! M i Hi d it i f ■ " it J A w 9k 1L rtf 1 1 I - jpH, h if £ ■ • s 7 J J ; 1 3 i ♦ J? S ' M B ] 1 ■W if Spirit Swings, Glee Club Mr. Weisse and Our Music Makers Band 92 Carry On Zhis Spirit With Which We flow Endow you e-io 1st Row: R. Hatch, F. Silver, M. Marston, J. MacRae, R. Fuller, B. Strangle, D. Christie, E. Foster, K. Dailev 2nd Row: Miss Catalano, S. Murray, D. K. Downes, G. Bugley 3r TRow: H. Jones, V. Royle, M. Allen e-11 1st Row: P. Ahern, J. Black, P. Letterie, J. Findlay, S. Palmer, R. Sanborn, L. Jeanes, S. Thomas, K. Schrow. 2nd Row: Miss A. DeMoor, K. Strickland, W. Oberle, S. Luebker, D. Carter, R. Downs, N. Thompson, P. Kurz, J. Luther, J. Steven- son. 3rd Row: R. Loud, D. Savage, K. Gar- land, E. Poor, D. Swanson, W. Donle, R. Parsons, C. Rolston, C. Francis, F. Gon- salves, P. Coppola. e-s 1st Row: M. Apperti, J. Warnock, B. Brew- ster, A. Rowe, D. Jordan, S. Kinsman, L. Kerr, C. Conway, J. Scott. 2nd Row: Miss Christie, S. Carucci, J. Perrault, S. Eramo, S. Place, M. Leighton, P. Alexander, W Birkmaier, P. Campbell. 3rd Row: J. Wer- ner, L. Merill, G. Brown, R. DeGroot, D. Erickson, F. Parker. P. Ahern, Secretary P. Carucci, President P. Letterie, Treasurer J. Williamson, Vice-President Miss Barmby, Advisor Junior Officers L. Fulton, R. Staples, A. LaRocco, P. Carucci A. LaRocco, A. Battista, Mulcahy, B. Pearce, S. Park, H. Pratt, Johnson, L. Butler 1st Row: A. Mullin, C. Nolan, S. Garland, V. Chisholm 2nd Row: •W. Eldredge, Black, D. Lindgren, Carriere, Doherty, Kalinen J. Giangrasso, S. Ives, P. Goodman, B. Maker, K. Rees, R. Blanchard, C. Goodwin, G. F. Paine, J. M, Apigian, R. P Robbins, Mr. 1st Row: J. Thoms, B. Stevens, P. Wheeler, J. Jarvis, A. Pento, N. Towle, B. Malcolm, I. Powell, M. Pelosi. 2nd Row: R. Pike, D. Durfee, M. Frazier, C. Sanders, M. Barstow, C. Jordan, D. Woodward, J. Pineau, L. Roberts, Mrs. E. Frazier. 3rd Row: W. Warnock, W. Mahar, J. Cheney, J. Elston, D. Morris, F. Columbus, P. An- derson, R. James, P. Cronin. 1st Row: B. McNeil, S. Aldrich, J. Wolsey C. White, A. Hassinger, J. Allen, C. Par sons, J. Glavin, P. Kurz. 2nd Row: R Pecorella, P. Nichols, B. Meuse, L. Car penter, L. Joubert, B. Seery, T. Suyematsu J. Schofield, J. Costa, J. Fino, Mr. Hughes 3rd Row: R. Moore, G. DeGroot, R. Larkin J. Walsh, R. Crossman, F. Hildred, R. Dan iel, E. Sortini, C. Puglia. 1st Row: J. Pierro, S. McFarland A. Perreault, C. Savage, D. Ivester, S. Brennan. 2nd Row: W. Weir, W. Eisenhaure, P. Smith, K. Kelley, F. Frazier, A. McCarthy, 3rd Row: J. Andrews, S. Balich, R. Zenoby, J. Gray, D. Allen, Mr. Mannheim 6-2 1st Row: F. Allen, C. Longo, C. Penoyer, K. Tone, R. Wallace, L. Bertoli, P. Denning J. Woodside, E. Harmon. 2nd Row: M. Mentus, J. McLeod, J. Cardella B,. Smith, F. Stanushenski, S. Place S. James, D. Williamson, B. Williamson, Miss D ' Orlando. 3rd Row: G. Ferren, A. Greenough, R. Lowe, W. Corthell, K. Gates, R. Bartlett, E. Higgins. C. Randall, K. Park, J. Miller, M. Gosbee, J. English, J. Pearce, W. Mansfield, D. Ferris, T. Carter, J. Casato. Sophomore Officers N. Howie, Secretary; J. Linkletter, President; Miss D ' Orlando, Advisor; D. Ahern, Vice-President; M. Swan- son, Treasurer. A-6 1st Row: E. Walsh, M. Jason, N. Leighton, C. Brown, T. Gleason, J. Pascale, L. Richardson, J. Livingston, M. Koubetsos. 2nd Row: Miss Egan, D. Ahern, M. Swanson, P. Spear, P. Scott, J. Crane, J. McGirr, T. Jeanes, M. Cody, M. Hussey. 3rd Row R. Bennett, D. Eisenhaure, B. Graham, T. Devine, G. Lucia B. Hartigan, B. Mosack, J. Apperti. e-i2 1st Row: L. Magrathe, A. Parker, L. Nadeau, P. Rogers, H. Hoyt, D. Quarrell, J. Barry, G. Mytych, N. Johnson. 2nd Row: Mr. Whipple, K. Blanchard, A. Bernat, S. Murphy, N. Kenney, M. Stephens, S. Godfrey, C. Graham, D. Woodlock, J. Carter, W. Rodden, W. Foote. 3rd Row: R. Buckley, M. Roinson, R. Snyder, B. Porter J. Murray, J. Cabral, D. Mank L. Strong, G. Sarm, A. Connors. e-n 1st Row: M. Giangrasso, D. Ferrell, L. Pothier, V. Johnson, J. Purcell 2nd Row: Mr. Castine, R. Strobel, T. Foote, S. S. Kirkland, D. Bennett, 3rd Row: P. Holden, J Plouff, M. Murray, R. D. Jeanes, A. Smither e-i4 Freshman Class Officers 1st Row: President, S. Eisenhaure; Secretary, V. Johnson. 2nd Row: Mrs. Matthews, Advisor; Vice- President, R. Swadel; Treasurer, J. Pierro. C. Brunetta, A. Gonsalves, J. Backman, D. Bridge, F. Meshna, D. Milley, Eisenhaure, T. Henry, P. Alexander Conley, R. Crane, R. MacKinnon R. Wilson, M. Glover 1st Row: T. Dane, J. Richards, G. Columbus, E. McKendry, J. Flynn, D. Ferris, P. Noack, L. Robinson, A. Siracusa. 2nd Row: Mr. McGurn, R. Allen, T. Daniels, J. Garland, M. Christie, B. Rubbico, M. Ives, M. Casa, S. Quinlan C. Pantos. 3rd Row: R. MacDonald, A. Gresek, R. Swadel, J. Veno, J. Parsons, J. Fitzmeyer, H. Morgan, W. Peffers, W. Fowler, J. Nuccio. First period fakers! Student ' s Handbook. The roving eyes of the NRHS spotters " Hornet ' s Buzzin! " Squares It seems evident you haven ' t read page 8 of the Is this the " Get ferocious " play, coach? Math League marvels! - Making! If you ' d open your eyes, you ' d see it, too! Graduation greetings from Monroe High School! Zke Helping Hand Of Our (food Neighbors Zke Co-operating Spirit HOL LIE’S n f Or ' »x ADVERTISERS ; -VS ••I ' l-V’ ■ ' -v;4y;S;V| ' V ■■ ■ ■ ■ ' ' V ' Candid Disgust personified! Camera Proof positive that Metracal works! And here the great problems are solved. P.O.D.: Pondering our dilemmas. Kenny! Come out; come out wherever you are! Here I lost you six words back. Ha! Ha! That s a good one, Mrs. Faulkner. Why don ' t you help him., Tom? A Mr. and Mrs. George Abagis Mr. and Mrs. Everett Abbott Mr. and Mrs. Samuel B. Abbott Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Adams Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Ahearn Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Ahern, Jr. Miss Lindah Sue Aldred Mrs. and Mrs. Charles Allan Mr. Albert Allen Mr. and Mrs. Albert Anderson Mr. Carl Anderson Mr. Richard Anderson Mrs. Edward Andrews Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Andrews Mr. and Mrs. James Arsenault Mr. and Mrs. William Aulich B Mrs. Edwin Backman Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Baker The Arthur Baker Family Mr. and Mrs. W. Bakoian and Family Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Balcomb Mr. Nate Balich Mr. Ralph Barron and Family Mr. Truman Barstow and Family Mr. and Mrs. Josh Batchelder Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Battista Mr. Robert Becker Mr. and Mrs. R. Bennet and Family Mr. and Mrs. Jack Berenholz Mrs. Charles Berglund, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bertoli Mr. Bert Bertoulim Mr. Peter Bianca Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Blais Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bliss Mr. Anthony Bonnano Mr. and Mrs. George Boyce Mr. and Mrs. Fredrick Brewster Mr. A. W. Brown Mr. Charles Brown Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Bruce and Family Mr. and Mrs. J. Brunetta and Family Mr. Edward Buckley Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Bunnell Miss Cheryl Ann Burns Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Butler Mr. Red Butler Mr. and Mrs. W. Byrne and Family C Mr. and Mrs. Howard Cairns Master John Callan Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Cameron Mr. and Mrs. Earl Campbell Mr. and Mrs. James Campbell Glen K. Canton Mrs. Ralph Carter Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Carr Mrs. Eleanor Carr Mr. and Mrs. John Carrier Mr. and Mrs. E. Cartwright and Family Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Casa Mr. Kenneth Castine Miss Ida R. Catalano The Anthony Centarinno Family Dr. and Mrs. H. Chase and Family Mr. Charles Christenson The S. Churchill Family Anerio Cincotta Marilyn Cincotta Mr. Joseph Clarkin Charles Cogen Mrs. Paul Cogliano Mrs. Frank Colanino Mr. and Mrs. A. Cole and Family Mr. and Mrs. Collier Mr. and Mrs. Collins and Family Mrs. Rose Connolly Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Conron Mr. and Mrs. William Copeland Lillian Corbett Mr. Don Corson Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Cortell Mr. and Mrs. Albert Costa Mr. John Cox Miss Gillian Crane Mr. and Mrs. Jack Creilson Mr. and Mrs. Herman Cronje Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Crosby, Sr, Mr, ond Mrs. Willis Cullen Juanita Cummings D The George Davis Family Mrs. Harold Davis Mrs. Roger Davis Mr. and Mrs. Robert Day and Family Mrs. A, Stephanie Delaney Miss Anna DeMoor Mr. and Mrs. Arthur DiNatale Mr. Maurice Donegan Mr. and Mrs. Earl Donle Mr, and Mrs. Richard Dooley Miss Elaine D ' Orlando Mr. and Mrs. William Doten Mike Doto Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Doucette The Ralph Douglas Family Mr. Paul Doyle Mrs. George Duddy Mr, and Mrs. Alfred Duggans Mr. Walter Duncan Mr. and Mrs. Robert D ' Unger Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dunlavey Mr. John Durfee E Mr. Robert Eaton Miss Celeste Egan Mr. and Mrs. Norman Eisenhaur Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Eisenhaure Mr. and Mrs. Edward Eisenhaure Miss Sharon Eisenhaure Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Elms Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Erickson Mrs. Evittis F Mr. and Mrs. Harold Falle Mr. and Mrs. John Famolare Mrs. Jacquelyn Faulkner Mr. and Mrs. Clive Fazioli The Ferrara Family Mr. and Mrs. Donald Ferrell Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ferris Mr. and Mrs. Alan Finn Mr. and Mrs. John Finn Mr. and Mrs. Fisher Mrs. Joan Fisher Miss Evelyn Florence Mr. and Mrs. Warren Foote Mr. and Mrs. David Foster, Jr. Mrs. Clarence Fowler Miss Sharon Fowler Mrs. Dorothy Fransen Mr, and Mrs. Ralph Frazier and Family A. Friend Mrs. Mary Fritz Frosty the Snowman 101 G Mrs. Leona Gaffney Mr. and Mrs. James T. Gallagher Mr. and Mrs. P. Gallant and Family Mr. and Mrs. Walter Gallant Mr. and Mrs. K. Garland and Family Mr. Herbert Gent Mr. and Mrs. William H. Gill and Family Mr. and Mrs. Edward Glavin Mr and Mrs. John Gleason Mr. James H. Griffin Mrs. Joseph Griffin Mr. Austin Gueney Mr. Mark F. Gunning Mr. Thomas Guzzetti H Mr. and Mrs. Frank Haines Mr. and Mrs. George Haley and Nana Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Ham Mr. Hamlin Mr. Herbert Hammond Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hanson Mr. Paul Haryreaves Mr. and Mrs. W. Hartigan and Family Mr. Elmer E. Haselton Mr. and Mrs. Harley E. Hatfield Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Hathaway Mr. and Mrs. Philip Hathaway Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Held Mr. Everett Henry Mr. Fred Heselton Mr. and Mrs. Edward Hewitt Mr. and Mrs. James Hicks Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Higgins Mrs. George Hollis Mr. and Mrs. J. Turner Hood, Jr. Mr. T. G. Hoople Mr. Richard Howe and Family Mr. and Mrs. A. Hoyt and Family Mrs. Roy Hubei The Charles Hughes Family Mr. and Mrs. Howard S. Hughes Mr. B. Humphrey Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Hussey Miss Maura Hussey Miss Doris Imlay J Mr. John Jacobus Mr. and Mrs. R. Jeanes and Family Ruth " Ma " Jenkins Mrs. Elizabeth C. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. H. Johnson and Family The Norriss Johnson Family Mr. Harold Jordan Mr. and Mrs. William Joyce K The Edwin Kendrick Family Mr. John Kenney Mr. Elme r Ke nny Mr. and Mrs. A. Kerr and Fam ily Mr. and Mrs. George Kerr Mr. and Mrs. Kei -ineth Kill een Mr. and Mrs. E. King and Fami ly Mrs. Lloyd King Ruth Kirkland Mrs. George Kittrell Mr. Albert Klinger Robert A. Koralishm L Mr. and Mrs. Paul Laflamme Major and Mrs. J. Landrigan Mr. and Mrs. Edward Lane Mrs. Edward LaRocco Mrs. Gertrude Larson Mr. James W. Lazenby Mrs. Harold Leather, Jr. Mrs. Donald LeBland Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Lee Mr. and Mrs. Bradford Leighton Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Leighton Miss Judith Leighton Mr. Leon Leighton Mr. Everett Leonard Mr. Heinz Lenninger Mr. George Lindgren Mr. William Locke, Jr. Mr. Robert Lord Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lord and Family Mr. Charles Loveys Mrs. Claudine Lowe The James Linkletter Family Miss Patricia Litchfield Mr. Richard Lucey Mr. David Lumb Mr. John Lundstedt M Mr. and Mrs. Frank MacCausland Mrs. Anette MacTammany Mrs. Walter McAllester Mr. and Mrs. John McFarland and Family Marie G. Mclntire Mrs. Lawrence McLaughlin Mr. and Mrs. Norman McLeod Mr. and Mrs. Harold McMenamin Mr. and Mrs. Ed McNeil Mr. Stuart McNeil Mrs. John Mack Mr. and Mrs. Magrath Mr. George E. Maker, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. E. Maker Mr. Willard Maker Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Malcolm and Family Mr. John Manheim Mr, and Mrs. James Mann Mr. Guido Marchionds Mr. Arthur Marllett Mrs. Melvin Marston Shirley Martin Mr. Albert Martinage Mr. James Martino Mr. and Mrs. George Masters Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Mathews Mr. and Mrs. Harry Melkonian Mr. and Mrs. Leo Meltzer Miss Beatrice M. Mercurio Mr. Leslie W. Merrill Mr. and Mrs. George Messinger Mr. Mario Miani Mr. R. Middleton Mr. Lloyd Milley Mr, and Mrs. Douglas Mitchell and Family Mr. and Mrs, John Mitovich 102 Mr. A. D. Moberger Mr. James Moloney Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Moran Mrs. Joseph Morriello Mrs. Morris Mr. James Morrow Mr. and Mrs. John Mosack and Family Mrs. Ellis Morton Mr. William Murphy The Frank Muzzy Family The John Mytych Family N Mr. and Mrs. Gerold Nephew Mr. and Mrs. James H. Nesbitt The Fredrick Neth Family Mr. and Mrs. George Neth Mr. Nanzio Nicosia Mr. and Mrs. Robert Niven O Mrs. Donald O ' Brien Mr. Paul O ' Brien Mr. and Mrs. Thomas O ' Leary Mr Vincent Olivo Mrs. Peter Olson Mr. Lawrence O ' Neil Mr. and Mrs. Arthur F. Orben P Mr. and Mrs. George Park Miss Kathy Park Mr. and Mrs. Robert Parker The Parows Mr. and Mrs. Nolan Peck Mr. and Mrs. Loue Pelletier Mrs. Leo Petti Mr. and Mrs. Harold Philips and Family Mrs. Kenneth Phinney Mr. and Mrs. Carmen Pirello The Ralph Pomeroy Family Mrs. Helen Pretty Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Proctor Mr. Karl H. Proctor Q Mrs. George Quarrell R Mrs. Lina Radoochia Mr. and Mrs. F. Randall David W. Redfearn Mrs. Ethel Reynolds Mr. and M rs. George Reynolds Mr. John Rideout Mrs. Joseph Rivers Miss Beverely Rogers Miss Diana Rogers Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred Rogers Mrs. Maude Rollins Mr. and Mrs. John Rountree Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Rubbice Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Russell Mr. and Mrs. William Ryer S Mr. W. N. Salter Mr. and Mrs. Warren Sanders Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Sands Mr. Edward Santoro Mrs. James Sardina Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Sarno Mr. and Mrs. Reginald Scott Mr. and Mrs. J. Schipper Miss Jane Schofield Dr. and Mrs. Segal and Family Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Shaptor Mrs. Mildred Shaftor Mr. and Mrs. Warren Shepard Mrs. John Shookus and Family Mrs. Viola M. Shubert Mr. and Mrs. Domenie Silva Mr and Mrs. Arthur Smith and Family Mr. and Mrs. John Smith The Leo Smith Family Mr. and Mrs. Walter Sorokoff and Family Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Sorrento Miss Cheryl Ann Sorrento Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sorrento and Family Mrs. Jennie Sorrento Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Sorrento and Family Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Sorrento Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Sortini and Family Mrs. Dorothy Spicer Mr. Chester Spinney Dr. and Mrs. Donald Stackhouse Mr. and Mrs. Paul Staples Mr. and Mrs. Malcomb Stevens Mr. Thomas P. Stephans The John Stevenson Family Mr. John G. Stevenson Mrs. Walter H. Strobel The Edward Stuppord Family Mr, and Mrs. George Sullivan and Family Mr. and Mrs. Harold Sullivan Mr. Richard Surette Mr. Ronald Sveden Mr. and Mrs. Frank Swadell and Family Mr. and Mrs. Chester Swanson Mr. Jerry Swartz Mr. J. P. Sydow Mr. Charles A. Szuberla T Mr, and Mrs. Joseph Thomas and Family Mrs. Founee Thorndike Mr. and Mrs. Dana Towle Mr. Russel H. Trask, Jr. Mrs. Mary Trulla Mr. and Mrs. Fred Turilli and Family Mr. and Mrs. Richard Turner V Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Veno and Family Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Viverios W Miss Jeanne Walker Kay Ward Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Walsh and Family Mr. and Mrs. William Walsh Mr. and Mrs. W. Warren Mr. Stuart Weatherhead Mrs. Milton Werner Mr. and Mrs. William Wh iles Mr. and Mrs. William Wilkes and Family Mr. and Mrs. Richard Williams Ted Williams Mrs. Douglas Wilson Mr. Richard Wilson Chipsie Wilson Mr. and Mrs. A. Woodside and Family Woody Y Robert Yeaton Z Mr. and Mrs. Emile Zecher Mr. and Mrs. Philip Zeimetz 103 ! i ! Complimen ts of MONROE FUEL COMPANY I 04 Compliments of RYER ' S STORE Compliments of D S SERVICE STATION Studebaker — Lark Compliments of JONES BROTHERS Think big! 105 Compliments of Larkin Lawnmower Service Incorporated Complete Ground Equipment Sales and Service Herb, Ethel, Ned, Bettiann and Harry Our technique has improved now. Fire frightens me. Compliments of JACK ROUNDTREE Best Wishes from Fran and Frank Mace TOWN AND COUNTRY PACKAGE STORE Compliments of CODY ROOFING Congratulations To The Class of 1961 From EDDIE ' S SUNOCO 106 Compliments of NORTH READING TRANSCRIPT North Reading ' s Only Newspaper 107 President William Cotter Vice-president Kenneth Puglia Treasurer Linda Bruce Secretary Beverley Mosack Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 1961 FROM THE SENIOR HIGH STUDENT COUNCIL Daniel Ahern Marcia Leighton Linda Bruce Patricia Letterie William Cotter James Linkletter Philip Carucci Robert McDonald Sharon Eisenhaure Beverley Mosack Ellen Foster Marguerite Pelosi Susan Garland Carl Puglia Diane Ivester Kenneth Puglia Vicki Johnson Judith Woodside 108 Compliments of J.E. PURDY STUDIO Official Photographer for North Reading High School 109 Compliments of REDDING DISPATCH B. Correlle, Prop. Compliments of THE JUNIOR CLASS God Bless The Class of Nineteen Hundred and Sixty-One is The Prayer of Saint Therasa ' s Church FATHER DENNIS TWOMEY FATHER JOHN LIZIO FATHER JOHN LANE | declare Best Wishes to The Class of 1961 From CENTRAL PHARMACY Compliments of THE CRUSADER Compliments of WINDSOR TAILORING CO. What ' s our favorite sport? Best of Luck From DeFEO ' S I. G. A. Three Guesses! 1 15 COMPLIMENTS OF MADCO DOOR WINDOW CO. Underclass Spirit No sleeping on the job! being tr Qn " p ' We can ' t stand these muddy games! A penalty, I Compliments of THE SOPHOMORE CLASS Compliments of VIVA ' S BEAUTY SHOPPE N.R. 4-4010 Best Wishes to The Class of " 61 " from THE LEADERS ' CLUB Breaking away! Compliments of NORTH READING FLOWER SHOP 118 Good Luck to The Class of " 6 1 " From Cal and Ace Pretty good for a sophomore! Between the two wheels! Even Mr Weisse approves, Doug. T-l-M-B-E-R ! It takes three bosses to do this job. Sauntering sophomores How do you rate in front of the ropes? Compliments of LEO MELTZER ' S FURNITURE Best Wishes to The Class of 1961 CAL ' S DINER Compliments of C. WITNEY CRAWFORD Insurance Compliments of THE CLAM SPOT The Pensive Miss Compliments of GLENN STEEVES ' CHEVRON STATION Compliments of CHANNY ' S CLEANERS 121 Compliments of THE NORTH READING HIGH SCHOOL ALUMNI ASSOCIATION President Robert Stracuzzi Vice-pres dent Judy Leighton Secretary Barbara Moore T reasurer Marjorie Murphy Advisor l L Mrs. Mary Dooley 122 JAemoribilia 123 Js MNIST QUALITY IN YCAIIOOK ;--rj

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