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FLINT MEMORIAL LIBRARY 550 00209 7704 IIIp iinii iihh Not to be taken from this room ■BBuituummuumuu muuummmuuuuu ' ! 1 . Created and Published by The First Senior Class to complete four high school years in the North Reading School system, North Reading, Massachusetts VOLUME II Dedication I UNDERSTANDING . . . HELPFUL . . . LOYAL . . . 1 % CO-OPERATIVE — you have been a true friend to all l.Vb Of US. ;§ We, the Steering Committee of the nineteen hun- dred and fifty-nine Golden Years of North Reading igh School, do with affection and gratitude, dedicate is, our yearbook, to you, Mr. Boothby, so that you •May knowchow greatly your participation and your ' ii ur activities have been appreciated. ■ • • ' v-K mtir WntimTi A| .V Our Memories HERE AT NORTH READING HIGH Administration 4 Faculty 6 Seniors 11 Activities 49 Athletics 59 Undergrads 69 Advertisers 77 Our Mascot “Buzz” 5 «► Our YOUR LEADERSHIP WILL My congratulations to you, the class of 1959, for having completed this phase of your education. You will discover that education is a never-ending process which will continue as long as you live. May I leave with you the philosophy, expressed in the following quotation, which has comforted me on many occasions: “DON’T LET IT WORRY YOU " If your efforts are criticized, you must have done something worthwhile. “If someone calls you fool, go into silence and meditate. “If the world laughs at you, laugh right back. It’s as funny as you are. “If you have tried to do something and failed, you are vastly better off than if you had tried td do nothing and succeeded. — Texas Parent-Teacher” Mr. J. Turner Hood, Jr. Superintendent The Twenty-third Psalm The diploma sheet is signed. Administration LONG BE REMEMBERED THE CLASS OF ' 1959: It is a pleasure to have the privilege of writing these few paragraphs for your yearbook. I am sure that you realize that you are the first graduating class from North Reading High School to have received all twelve years of your education in our school system. I believe that your theme “Memories” is a most appropriate one, for you have been a part of the tremendous growth that has characterized the school system of this town. You have seen a one- building school system overflow into the Grange, Legion, and Town Halls and finally resort to a double- session basis so that all students could be housed. You have seen the agonizing delays with the building of the high school. In September, 1957, you entered the new building and returned to a single session. You have seen the school grown in slightly over one year from a mere building into a functioning high school. The above mentioned developments have afforded the Class of 1959 many unique experiences, both of the unhappy and happy variety. You have participated in the growing pains of the last few years. You have experienced frustrations and delays that at times seemed without answer. However, you have had the satisfaction of participating in the solution of many of the problems and in the establishment of traditions that will sex-ve as guideposts to future classes. You have memories that will provide many pleasant interludes as the years pass by. Fortunately, the pleas- ant memories will soon crowd from your mind the less desirable ones. The truly important incidents will re- place the trivial. I am sure that you will feel justifiable pride in your part in the development of the North Reading High School. In conclusion, I wish each and every one of the gi ' aduates of 1959 the utmost success in whatever en- deavor that he or she may choose Very truly yours, Daniel C. Boothby Principal “Your attention, please!’’ “Take a letter!” Mr. Daniel C. Boothby Principal Good news tonight! YOUR HELP WILL ENGLISH DEPARTMENT Miss Anna M. De Moor Mrs. Stephanie Delaney Mr. John R. Burns Mrs. Mary H. Dooley HISTORY DEPARTMENT Mr. William B. Driscoll Mrs. Elisabeth R. Boyce Mr. Ernest J. Coulouras Mrs. Mildred E. Barmby Mrs. Ralph V. LoPilato Mr. Stephen M. McGrail Miss Jean Barmby SCIENCE DEPARTMENT faculty NEVER BE FORGOTTEN MATH DEPARTMENT Miss Doris J. Mooers Mr. F. James W. Lazenbv COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT Mr. Arthur A. Barresi Mrs. Barbara J. O’Riordan Mr. Thomas Triangale LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT Miss Beatrice M. Mercurio Mr. Donald E. Boucher Hr HEALTH AND NUTRITION DEPARTMENT Dr. W. Hadley Hoyt Mrs. Louise B. Gascoigne Mrs. Ruth V. Killeen Mrs. Elizabeth C. Johnson Mrs. Mildred E. Mathews Mr. John L. Kalinen Mr. Victor J. Sticklor Mrs. Michelina McCarthy PRACTICAL ARTS DEPARTMENT MAINTENANCE DEPARTMENT Mr. Clarence E. Nutter Mr. Walter F. Carpenter GUIDANCE DEPARTMENT Mr. David 0. Lynch FINE ARTS DEPARTMENT Mrs. Barbara M. MacLeod Mr. Harold L. Weisse, Jr. Mrs. Agatha Eisenhaure PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT Mr. Lester E. Levey Miss Evelyn K. Florence ‘Your excuse, please The N.R.H.S. payroll Checking future grads, The National Honor Society comes to N.R.H.S, Our adviser advises. Working card, you say? We, the Seniors of North Reading High School, wish to dedicate this, the Senior section, to you, Mrs. Delaney, in apprecia- tion for your understanding and contri- butions to this, the Class of 1959. DEDICATION X V RICHARD F. BARRON “Richie” “When Richie is playing, you’ll probably be hearing His girlfriend Meri doing plenty of cheering.” Activities: Captain, Basketball; Baseball; Co-Captain, Track; Leaders’ Club; Boys’ Club; Yearbook Staff; Student Council. I ' et Peeve: “Meri.” Favorite Memory: Mr. Burns. Ambition: To be a physical education teacher. LAURENCE BERNAT “Larry” “Here is a boy we think is keen; You should sec him on our football team.” Activities: Football; Track; Yearbook Staff; Stenroh Boys’ Club; Leaders’ Club Pet Peeve: People who pass hitchikers Favorite Memory: Fire drills Ambition: To further my education DIANNE K. BLACK “Diane” “Here is a girl all for sports — - A champion player on our courts.” Activities: Yearbook Staff, Basketball, Softball, Leaders’ Club, Norehisc Girls’ Club, Senior Play Cast Pet Peeve: Math Favorite Memory: Junior Prom. Ambition: To go to college. 12 PAULA A. BLANCHARD “Paula” “To follow her soldier all over the states Is the kind of future that Paula rates.” Activities: National Honor Society; Yearbook Staff; Girls’ Club; Leaders’ Club; Softball; Cheerleading; Basketball. Pet Peeve: The Army Favorite Memory: Yearbook meetings and cheering at football games. Ambition: To be a secretary. LOVINA BOURNE “Lee” “Where there’s fun, she’s always in it — Never still for half a minute.” Activities: Yearbook Staff; Norehisc Girls ' Club; Baton Squad Pet Peeve: Doing homework and not having it collected. Favorite Memory: One day last summer. Ambition: To be an airline stewardess. PHYLLIS C. BRENNAN “Phyll” “Her sweet smile and cute way In our hearts will always stay.” Activities: Norehisc Girls’ Club; Leaders’ Club; President, Dra- matics Ciub; Yearbook Staff; Cheerleading; Senior Play Cast- Pet Peeve: My “idibityness.” Favorite Memory: September 16, 1958. Ambition: To be a nurse. 13 1 REBECCA M. BRYANT “Becky " “We ' ll remember ‘Becky’ for her winning smile, ’Cuz she’ll keep you laughing all the while.” Activities: Director. Baton Squad; Cheerleading; Dramatics Club; Yearbook Staff; Senior Play Cast; Debating Club; Norehisc Girls’ Club. Pet Peeve: French II Favorite Memory: Being princess of the Junior-Senior Prom. Ambition: To be a forest ranger. I JUDITH ANNE CALDWELL “Judy” “To those who know her, she’s lots of fun — A willing friend to everyone.” Activities: Future Teachers’ Club; Vice-president, National Honor Society; Junior Ring Committee; Student Council; Cal- endar Committee; Norehisc Girls’ Club; Co-Editor-in-Chief, Yearbook; Secretary, Sophomore Class. Pet Peeve: Homework and rainy days. Favorite Memory: June 22, 1957. Ambition: To travel. LINDA J. CAULK " Lin " “The quietest person we can recall: This is our Linda, admired by all.” Activities: Norehisc Girls’ Club, Steering Committee. Pet Peeve: Noise in the lunch room. Favorite Memory: Junior-Senior Prom. Ambition: To work at an airport. M GEORGE D. CEASER “George " “Down the corridor come fire and flash; We know in a minute George is late for class.” Activities: Stenroh Boys’ Club, Yearbook Staff. Pet Peeve: Homework. Favorite Memory: Friday nights. Ambition: To join the Marines. ETHEL CHISHOLM “Ethel” “Quiet and reserved she’s said to be; In the world of nursing she’ll hold the key.’ Activities: Softball, Yearbook Staff. Pet Peeve: Getting up early. Favorite Memory: One special dance. Ambition: To be a nurse. WILLIAM A. CEASER “Bill” “Smooth and suave he’s said to be; These words describe him to a ‘T’.” Activities: Yearbook Staff, Stenroh Boys’ Club. Pet Peeve: Cafeteria lunches. Favorite Memory: Mr. Green’s shop math class. Ambition: To join the Navy. PAUL DORSEY “Paul” “Paul, we know, is a likable fellow; His brain is sharp and his humor is mellow.” Activities: Senior Play Cast, Basketball, Baseball, Stenroh Boys’ Club. Pet Peeve: Cafeteria lunches. Favorite Memory: Mr. McGrail’s homeroom. Ambition: To be a millionaire. EILEEN M. CONNORS “Eileen " “A kind friend and faithful too, She always has a smile for you.” Activities: President, National Honor Society; Student Council; Norehisc Girls’ Club; Basketball; Softball; Co-editor, Yearbook; Senior Play Cast; Rifle Club; Steering Committee. Pet Peeve: Camping out in the rain. Favorite Memory: Coming to N. R. H. S. Ambition: To complete my education. MILDRED CHRISTIE “Millie” “Our ‘Millie,” who has red hair, Goes through life with a nonchalant air.” Activities: Softball, Yearbook Staff, Basketball, Norehisc Girls’ Club. Pet Peeve: Homeroom. Favorite Memory: Office practice classes. Ambition: To become a stewardess. MARY J. FANO “Fano” “Mary’s a gal that’s gonna go far; She ' ll have a mink coat and flashy sports car. Activities: Yearbook Staff, Norehisc Girls’ Club. Pet Peeve: A cheater. Favorite Memory: Mr. Tringale’s class. Ambition: To be an accountant. WAYNE B. FACE “Wayne” “A witty senior with plenty of style — His clever remarks make everyone smi Activities: Football; President, Stenroh 1 Staff; Student Council; Basketball; Bas mittee. Pet Peeve: Tests. Favorite Memory: Algebra II with Mr. Ambition: To be an engineer. BETTY L. DOWNES “Betty” “ ‘Betty - is full of vim and vigor; In our class she’s an active figure.” Activities: National Honor Society; Student Council; Future Teachers’ Club; Norehisc Girls’ Club; Chairman of Write-ups, Yearbook; Steering Committee, Yearbook. Pet Peeve: The results of my physics experiments. Favorite Memory: Summer of ' 58. Ambition: To be a domestic engineer. DIANNE GALLEY “Dianne” “To become a hairdresser is her ambition. She’ll scale the heights as a ‘colortishun’.” Activities: Norehisc Girls’ Club, Yearbook Staff. Pet Peeve: English. Favorite Memory: Consumer Education. Ambition: To become a hairdresser. WALTER F. GESWELL “Walt” “About this lad the girls all rave; ’Tis his wavy hair they crave.” Activities: Student Council; Yearbook Staff; Ushers’ Club; Senior Play; Basketball; Stenroh Boys ' Club. Pet Peeve: Homework. Favorite Memory: Algebra II. Ambition: To go back to Pennsylvania. 1 WILLIAM R. HALEY “Reed” “A car that won’t go but gives with a buzz; All that Reed wants is a new car that does.” Activities: Steering Committee; Stenroh Boys’ Club; Yearbook; Senior Play. Pet Peeve: Cafeteria lunches. Ambition: To join the Navy. 18 PHILIP HOYT “Phillv” “Peace of mind is what he s found; A success in life is where he’s bound.’ Activities: Boys’ Club; Yearbook Staff. Pet Peeve: Getting up early. Favorite M emory: Mr. Tringale’s class. Ambition: To own a gas station. BARBARA J. HICKS “Barb’’ “Here is Barb, and can she draw! Her every sketch is without a flaw.” Activities: Artist, Yearbook; Baton Squad; Softball; Norehisc Girls’ Club; Steering Committee, Yearbook; Senior Play Cast; Cheerleading. Pet Peeve: Getting up early and being the first to school. Favorite Memory: My first formal. Ambition: To travel. JOHN C. HOY “John” “In consumer ed. he was always a clown. When he’s around, you’ll seldom frown.” Activities: Yearbook Staff; Boys’ Club. Pet Peeve: Lunches. Favorite Memory: Mr. Curran’s English class. Ambition: To be a millionaire. RICHARD E. HOYT “Richie” “ ‘Richie’ and Judy are like coffee and tea. One without the other you rarely see.” Activities: Junior Rotarian; Co-captain, Football; Baseball; Basketball; President, Leaders ' Club; Student Council; Business Manager, Yearbook. Pet Peeve: Not being able to participate in sports. Favorite Memory: Going to school with Judy. Ambition: To be a mason. DORIS I ML AY “Dottie” “When any mischief has begun, Dotty is there and full of fun.” Activities: Co-captain, Basketball; Treasurer, Norehisc Girls’ Club; Softball; Yearbook Staff. Pet Peeve: Poor sports. Favorite Memory: July 7, 1958 Ambition: To be a beautician. 21 PAUL HUNNEWELI “Paul” “The only time Paul starts a ‘barkin’ — Whenever the teacher says, ‘Stop talking!’ ’ Activities: Boys’ Club; Yearbook Staff. Pet Peeve: Cafeteria lunches. Favorite Memory: Mrs. Delaney’s homeroom. Ambition: To be successful. :y. •% ■ ZZ S. AUGUSTUS LAMONT “Gus” " Here is a boy who is always in style; He’s friendly and natural with a pleasing smile.” Activities: Football; Basketball; Baseball; President, Senior Class; Leaders’ Club; President, Student Council; Yearbook Staff; Stenroh Boys’ Club. Pet Peeve: Student Council meetings. Favorite Memory: Mr. Glasheen’s consumer ed. class. Ambition: To go to college. ALBERT N. KENRICK “Al” “With his seemingly bashful way, Al woos a girl from Lynnfield way.” Activities: Footb all: Basketball; Baseball; Leaders ' Club; Dra- matics Club; Sports Editor, Yearbook; Senior Play Cast; Sten- roh Boys’ Club. Pet Peeve: Cafeteria lunches. Favorite Memory: Mr. Curran’s driver ed. class. Ambition: To skip school. DOROTHY KING “Dotty” “Somerville’s loss is our gain; ‘Dotty’ King is her name.” Activities: Norehisc Girls’ Club, Cheerleading, Basketball. Pet Peeve: Noisy eaters. Favorite Memory: Initiation into Norehisc Girls’ Club. Ambition: To be an airline stewardess. 22 EDSON M. LARKIN “Ned " “ ‘Ned’ always has a smiling face, Especially when he has a car to race.” Activities: Student Council; Treasurer, Senior Class; Stenroh Boys’ Club; Yearbook Staff. I’et Peeve: U. S. History. Favorite Memory: Sun O’ China. Ambition: To be a service manager. HARRY L. LARKIN “Harry” “ ‘Harry’s unhappiness starts at eight; We bet he’ll be glad to graduate.” Activities: Stenroh Boys’ Club, Yearbook Staff, Dramatics Club. Pet Peeve: U. S. History. Favorite Memory: Saturday nights. Ambition: To go to G. M. College. JUDITH A. LEIGHTON “Judy” “Judy is a sparkling dream, Who is always on the beam.” Activities: Cheerleading; Basketball; Softball; Secretary, Senior Class; Secretary, Leaders’ Club; Norehisc Girls’ Club; Yearbook Staff. Pet Peeve: My middle name. Favorite Memory: Coming home on three tires from N. H. Ambition: To go to Chandler. LORRAINE B. LONG “Rainie” “Lorraine Long is a cute trick to see, While cheering N. R. to victory.’’ Activities: Cheerleading; Softball; Treasurer, Junior Class Treasurer, Leaders’ Club; Norchisc Girls’ Club. I et Peeve: People who mock the National Guard. Favorite Memory: October 12, 195(5. Ambition: To be an office worker. ROBERT MACOMBER “Bob” “Women delight not me; Let me remain forever free.” Activities: Yearbook Staff; Boys’ Club. Pet Peeve: Homework. Favorite Memory: Mr. Green’s class. Ambition: To be a pilot. MALCOLM MacRAE “Mai” “With a car he likes to tinker; We’d be safer if he’d sink her.” Activities: Boys’ Club; Yearbook Staff. Pet Peeve: Science projects. Favorite Memory: Mr. Curran’s English class. Ambition: To enter the service. 24 “Carol is a friendly little lass; We’re mighty glad she’s part of our class.” Activities: Norehisc Girls’ Club; Senior Play Cast; Band; Year- book Staff. Pet Peeve: Gossip. Favorite Memory: “One-half year senior.’’ Ambition: To be a commercial artist. CAROL F. MAHAR “Carol” WILLIAM MAHONEY “Bill” “Here is a boy who is quiet, it’s true, Always occupied with. something to do.” Activities: Yearbook Staff; Rifle Club. Pet Peeve: Homework. Favorite Memory: History classes with Mr. Chamberlain. Ambition: To be a publicity agent. KENNETH MANGOLD “GUS” “ ‘Tis true he’s not much inclined To fondness for the female kind.” Activities: Boys’ Club; Projector Squad. Pet Peeve: Term papers. Favorite Memory: The football strike. Ambition: To join the Army. ft . V BARBARA A. MARTYN “Barb” “ ‘Barb’ is a friendly little lass; Wa’re mighty glad she’s in our class.” Activities: Cheerleading; Norehisc Girls’ Club; Steering Com- mittee, Yearbook. Ret Peeve: Fussy people. Favorite Memory: December 1, 1958. Ambition: To be an office worker. BARBARA L. MOORE “Barb” “Barbara is a senior whiz; She’ll make out on any quiz.” Activities: Secretary, Norehisc Girls’ Club; Cheerleading; Secre- tary, National Honor Society; Transcript reporter; Student Council; Chairman. Prophecy Committee, Y’earbook; Steering- Committee, Yearbook. Pet Peeve: Waiting for driver education course to start. Favorite Memory: My first formal dance. Ambition: To be a private secretary. A mk CAROL A. NAREKIEWICZ " Carol " “A certain red-head is Carol’s delight. His name is John, and he’s all right.” Activities: Yearbook Staff; Norehisc Girls’ Club; Leaders ' Club; Co-Captain, Basketball. Net Peeve: Homework. Favorite Memory: Office practice classes. Ambition: To be a receptionist. 26 WAYNE NUTTER “Nick” “His thoughts, so profound and deep, Make us think that he’s asleep.” Activities: Football, Track, Stenroh Boys’ Club. Pet Peeve: Shop classes. Favorite memory : Saturday night parties. Ambition: To be a frogman. JEAN S. PARSONS “Jean” “To be a successful wife is one of her wishes. Will she actually enjoy doing those dishes?” Activities: Norehisc Girls’ Club, Yearbook Staff. Pet Peeve: Being teased about my shyness. GEORGE C. PARK, JR. “Chris” “On the gridiron he won his glory, But as a cheerleader it’s a different story.” Activities: Football; Vice-president. Student Council; Dramatics- Club; Secretary, Stenroh Boys’ Club. Pet Peeve: Cafeteria lunches. Favorite Memory: Being on the football team. Ambition: To be a forester. Favorite Memory : Mrs. Barmby’s classes. Ambition: To be a nurse. 27 LAURICE M. PUGLIA “Pooch” “Good looks and brains are hard to find, But in this lass they are combined.” Activities: Vice-President of Class, 1, 2, 3, 4; Secretary of Stu- dent Council; Future Teachers’ Club; Leaders’ Club; National Honor Society; Basketball; Softball; Co-editor-in-chief, Year- book; Norehisc Girls’ Club; Governor Furcolo’s Executive Com- mittee. Pet Peeve: Experiments that never seem to work. Favorite Memory: Lunch with John Kitch. Ambition: To teach in North Reading High School. JOYCE M. POTHIER “Joyce” “Joyce’s good humor and peppy cheers Will be remembered throughout the years.” Activities: Cheerleading, Norehisc Girls’ Club, Yearbook Staff. Pet Peeve: “You better believe it.” Favorite Memory: August 5, 1958. Ambition: To go to Burroughs’ School. HAROLD PIKE “Hal” “In study hall he was always a clown; Each study hall teacher had to quiet him down.” Activities: Yearbook Staff; Boys’ Club. Pet Peeve: Detention. Favorite Memory: Mr. Boothby’s office. Ambition: To be a millionaire. ANGELA M. SARNO “Angela” “A quiet lass is this we see; A success in life we know she ' ll be.” Activities: Norehisc Girls’ Club. Pet Peeve: Hospitals. Favorite Memory: Junior Prom and being able to return to school. Ambition: To be a receptionist. ; i MARTHA SHEPHERD “Mardv” “ ‘Mardy’ is a cute lass. A welcome newcomer to our class.” Activities: Norehisc Girls’ Club, Cheerleading, Yearbook Staff. Pet Peeve: Getting up in the morning. Favcrite Memory: Cheerleading. Ambition: To be a model. MARION SILVA “Mar” “For a couple of years-secretarial fame, And then she hopes to change her name.” Activities: Cheerleading; Yearbook Staff; Norehisc Girls’ Club. Pet Peeve: A person that brags. Favorite Memory: Mr. Tringale’s joshing. Ambition: To be a housewife. 29 ANNA M. Tl ' RILLI “Ann " ‘Rosy checks and shining eyes, That’s our Ann — no surprise!” Activities: Vice-President, Norehisc Girls Club; Softball; As sociate Editor, Yearbook; Steering Committee, Yearbook. Pet Peeve: Entering Mr. Barresi’s room during class. Favorite Memory: My junior and senior year. Ambition: To go to Europe. EDWARD SMITH “Eddie” “Here’s a fellow that’s a lot of fun; There’s none like him under the sun.” Activities: Basketball; Baseball; Yearbook Staff; Boys’ Club. Pet Peeve: John Hoy. Favorite Memory: Mr. Coulauras’ room. Ambition: To be on the Celtics’ Basketball Team. JOHN M. STAFF “Staff” “Seventeen years ago was born a bouncing baby boy; That day began a life of fun and joy.” Activities: Football, Co-captain; Basketball; Baseball, Co-cap- tain; Vice-President, Leaders’ Club; Boys’ Club; Yearbook Staff. Pet Peeve: Homework. F ' avorite Memory: First home game. Ambition: To join the Coast Guard. “Quiet manner and sincere — To all of us she’s very dear.” Activities: Chairman, Will Committee, Yearbook; Norehisc Girls Club. Pet Peeve: Commercials. Favorite Memory: Entering North Reading High. Ambition: To be an office worker. ROBERT WELLS “Bob” “Bob, there’s no need to sit around and grieve Over that silly little pet peeve.” Activities: Football; Basketball; Spanish Club. Pt‘ Peeve: Cafeteria food. Favorite Memory: Football team. Ambition: To become an engineer. WILLIAM A. WOODWARD “Woody” “In his behavior in class he has no discretion; Whenever there’s a noise, it’s from his direction. Favorite Teachers — Mr. Burns, Mrs. Delaney Activities: Boys’ Club; Senior Play; Yearbook Staff. Pet Peeve: “You better believe it.” Favorite Memory: North Reading’s beating Westford. Ambition: To be a forester and a landscaper. We, the graduating class of nineteen hundred and fifty-nine, being the first to complete four high school years in the North Reading school system, do hereby bequeath our most cherished posessions to the following and do proclaim this to be out- last will and testament. We, the class of nineteen hundred and fifty-nine, do bequeath to Mrs. Lillian Andersen a Massachusetts license plate. We. the class of nineteen hundred and fifty-nine, do be- queath to Mrs. Mildred Barmby a replica set of microscopic organisms to be studied by her biology classes. We, the class of nineteen hundred and fifty-nine, do be- queath to Mr. Arthur Barresi a baker’s dozen of 6’2” basket- ball players. We, the class of nineteen hundred and fifty-nine, do be- queath to Mr. Donald Boucher, a fresh bundle of pointers for his foreign language work. We. the class of nineteen hundred and fifty-nine, do be- queath to Mr. John Burns one Driver’s Ed car in first-crash condition. We. the class of nineteen hundred and fifty-nine, do be- queath to Mrs. Dorothy Bennett plenty of " free cash’’ to pay all our high school bills. We, the class of nineteen hundred and fifty-nine, do be- queath to Mr. Daniel Boothby a set of Briar pipes so that he can enjoy the tobacco left him by our predecessors. We, the class of nineteen hundred and fifty-nine, do be- queath to Mrs. Elisabeth Boyce another quiet senior homeroom like ours. We, the class of nineteen hundred and fifty-nine, do be- queath to Mrs. Mary Dooley twenty-five roses, one for each year of leaching. We, the class of nineteen hundred and fifty-nine, do be- queath to Miss Beatrice Mercurio another glamorous Prom like “Stairway to the Stars.” We. the class of nineteen hundred and fifty-nine, do be- queath to Mrs. Mildred Mathews students more interested in learning the art of cooking than that of eating. We, the class of ninteen hundred and fifty-nine, do be- queath to Mrs. Barbara O’Riordan nothing, since she has every- thing. We, the class of nineteen hundred and fifty-nine, do be- queath to Mrs. Lorraine Ruderman a new group of office work- ers to be trained. We. the class of nineteen hundred and fifty-nine, do be- queath to Mr Victor Sticklor the “wherewithal!” to build our stage sets for future Senior Plays. We, the class of nineteen hundred and fifty-nine, do be- queath to Mr. Thomas Tringale a larger bookkeeping class next year. We, the class of nineteen hundred and fifty-nine, do be- queath to Mr. Harold Weisse a group of boys and girls inter- ested in membership in our school band. We. the class of nineteen hundred and fifty-nine, do be- queath to Miss Doris Mooers a new door for her car. We, the class of nineteen hundred and fifty-nine, do be- queath to Mr. Clarence Nutter cleaner cafeteria floors. We, the class of nineteen hundred and fifty-nine, do be- queath to Mr. James Lazenby, another “quiet six” trig class to “try” to take our place. 33 We, the class of nineteen hundred and fifty-nine, do bequeath to Mr. J. Turner Hood, Jr., fewer budget headaches. We, the class of nineteen hundred and fifty-nine, do bequeath to Mrs. Eliz Johnson more federal funds to reduce our lunch rates. Wc, the class of nineteen hundred and fifty-nine, do bequeath to Mr. Lester Levey another group of leaders to “try” to take our place. We, the class of nineteen hundred and fifty-nine, do bequeath to Mr. David Lynch more uninterrupted conferences. We. the class of nineteen hundred and fifty-nine, do bequeath to Mr. Walter Car- penter a walkie-talkie with which to contact the office. We. the class of nineteen hundred and fifty-nine, do bequeath to Mrs. Michelina McCarthy a year ' s supply of pincushions for her holeless needles. We, the class of nineteen hundred and fifty-nine, do bequeath to Mr. Ernest Coulouras a filing cabinet for the efficient filing of his detention slips, his corridor passes, and his correspondence. We, the class of nineteen hundred and fifty-nine, do bequeath to Mrs. Stephanie Delaney another Broadway hit and cast like ours — of course! We. the class of nineteen hundred and fifty-nine, do bequeath to Miss Anna Marie DeMoor, a suitcase and a little red scooter to be used to carry her class work and test papers. We. the class of nineteen hundred and fifty-nine, do bequeath to Mr. John Kalinen a year’s supply of nails. We, the class of ninteen hundred and fifty-nine, do bequeath to Dr. W. Hadley Hoyt bigger and better lollipops for vaccination days. We, the class of nineteen hundred and fifty-nine, do bequeath to Mr. William Driscoll another successful football season next year. We, the class of nineteen hundred and fifty-nine, do bequeath to Mrs. Agatha Eisen- haure another crop of efficient student assistants. We, the class of nineteen hundred and fifty-nine, do bequeath to Miss Evelyn Florence more towels to add to her collection. We, the class of nineteen hundred and fifty-nine, do bequeath to Mr. Stephen McGrail a large bottle of Chanel No. 5 for his laboratory. We, the class of nineteen hundred and fifty-nine, do bequeath to Mr. Ralph LoP lato more equipment for more experiments in Senior Science. We. the class of nineteen hundred and fifty-nine, do bequeath to Mrs. Barbara MacLeod a set of paint brushes to be used by future artists. To those sorrowful, unfortunate human beings who will have to return in September to N. R. H. S., we do hereby bequeath the following articles: Clause One: I. Barbara Moore, leave my carbon smudges to Arnette Anderson. Clause Two: I, Paula Blanchard, leave my position as head cheerleader to Mona Narekiewicz. Clause Thre : T. Wayne Face, leave my roadmap of Groveland to “Chuck” Carucci and Bill Strickland. Clause Four: I. Bill Woodward, leave all my detention slips to Melvin Peck, com- pliments of N. R. H. S. Clause Five: I, Lorraine Long, leave Mr. Glasheen ' s friendly h ello to Anita Black. Clause Six : I. Dianne Black, leave my Leaders’ Club emblem to Pam Salter. Clause Seven: I. Reed Haley, leave my car and its troubles to Ray Jeanes. Clause Eight: I, Ken Mangold, leave the lock to my locker to Richard Doyle. Clause Nine: I, Linda Caulk, leave for sale on graduation — one battered gym suit at half price. Clause Ten: I, Ann Werner, leave my quiet personality to Sandy Whiles. Clause Eleven: I, Phil Hoyt, leave my job in the cafeteria to John Puglia Clause Twelve: I, Bill Mahoney, leave my horse shoes to Dick Mahoney. Clause Thirteen: I, Judy Caldwell, leave my height to Mae Censer. Clause Fourteen: I, Barbara Hicks, leave my enjoyment for office practice and typing for the teachers to my sister. Carol Ann. Clause Fifteen: I, Gus Lamont leave my position (left endi and number 8 to “Manny” Martinho. Clause Sixteen: I. Richard Hoyt, leave my “luck” in sports to Bob McLean and Jimmy Morrow. Clause Seventeen: I, Judy Leighton, leave all my bobby pins to Joan Eisenhaure. Clause Eighteen: I, Becky Bryant, leave my aptitude in French to Barbara Mullin. Clause Nineteen: I. Richard Barron, leave my position in basketball to John Mytych Clause Twenty: I, Larry Bernat, leave my old lunch bags to John Doucette. Clause Twenty-One: I. Lovina Bourne, leave to Johnnie Brunetta another chai»erone as capable as I was at Nahant Beach. 34 Clause Twenty-Two: I, Phyllis Brennan, leave my subscription post on the yearbook staff to John Hatch. Clause Twenty-Three: I. Bill Ceaser, leave my custodian chores in C-6 to Bill Cotter. Clause Twenty-Four: I, George Ceaser, leave my day dreaming in class to Virginia Eaton. Clause Twenty-Five: I. Carol Mahar. leave my artistic ability to Jerry Gerrior Clause Twenty-Six: I. Dotty King, leave my naturally curly hair, scissors, and patience with it to Joyce Callahan. Clause Twenty-Seven: I. Paul Dorsey, leave my thespian ability to Lincoln Fulton. Clause Twenty-Eight: I, Fred Heselton, leave “king” position in office practice to Ken Orben. Clause Twenty-Nine: I. Jean Parsons, leave my dancing feet to Eleanor Livingston. Clause Thirty: I, Laurice Puglia, leave my scholastic grades to Betty Murphy. Clause Thirty-One: I, Walter Geswell, leave my Problems of Democracy to Tom Henderson. Clause Thirty-Two: I, John Hoy, leave my luck at cards to the Conways. Cla use Thirty-Three: I. Milly Christie, leave my red hair to Marianne Gerrior. Clause Thirty-Four: I. Carol Narekiewicz, leave my gym basket to Janet Mason Clause Thirty-Five: I. Chris Park, leave my Saturday football jitters to Bill McLean. Clause Thirty-Six : I. Wayne Nutter, leave my football number 18 to George Sullivan. Clause Thirty-Seven: I, Meri Haselton, leave my cheerleading uniform to Betty Connors. Clause Thirty-Eight: I, Joyce Potliier, leave my cheerleading sweater to Joann Freda. C ' lause Thirty-Nine: I, A1 Kendrick, leave my attendance record to Marsha Woods. Clause Forty: I, Ned Larkin, leave my little black book to Peter Brennan. Clause Forty-One: I Diane Galley, leave my Problems in Consumer Ed. to Joann Thoms. C’lause Forty-Two: I, Mary Henry, leave my many wasted hours in study to Mary Jane Flynn for talking time. Clause Forty-Three: I. Harry Larkin, leave my way with the underclass girls to Ronnie Stephan. Clause Forty-Four: I. Malcolm MacRae, leave my transmission to the Driver Ed. class. Clause Forty-Five: I, Marion Silva, leave my curly hair to Lindah Aldred. Clause Forty-Six : I, Ann Turilli, leave my loquaciousness to Madeline Mercurio. Clause Forty-Seven : I. John Staff, leave my number I in football to Ken Puglia. Clause Forty-Eight: I, Hal Pike, leave my last dime to Gene Moreau. Clause Forty-Nine: I. Betty Downes, leave one of my trigonometry tests to Ellen Beacom, flower of the Algebra II world. Clause Fifty: I. Ethel Chisholm, leave my personality to Mary Lou Blanchard. Clause Fifty-One: I. Bob Macomber, leave my sneakers to Mr. Green. Clause Fiftv-Two: I, Dotty Imlay, leave my treasurership in the Norehisc Girls ' Club to Shirley Kinnie. Clause Fifty-Three: I. Eileen Connors, leave my “drawing” ability to my sister, Andrea. Clause Fifty-Four: I, Mary Fano, leave my pierced earrings to Virginia McNeil. Clause Fifty-Five: I. Martha Shepherd, leave my hula-hoop to Glenn Reynolds. Clause Fifty-Six : I, Angela Sarno, leave my freckles to Carol Cole. Clause Fifty-Seven: I, Barbara Martyn, leave my “height” to Beverly Smith. Clause Fifty-Eight: I, Ed Smith, leave my tardy excuses to Jimmy Curtin. Clause Fifty-Nine: I. Paul Hunnewell, leave. Clause Sixty: I, Bob Wells, leave my senior year memories to Gail Barron. On this, June 12, 1959. the Class of ’59, North Reading High School of North Reading, Massachusetts, signed the foregoing instrument in our presence, declaring it to be their last will and thereafter as witnesses thereof we eight, at their request, in their presence, and in presence of each other, hereto subscribe our names. Ann Werner, Chairman Lovina Bourne Mildred Christie Joyce Pothier Diane Galley Ethel Chisholm Mary Fano Harold Pike 35 Class History In September 1954, our river began its journey to the ocean. As a class, we certainly witnessed all of the hardships of a crowded school in an ever growing community. This was our very first year of high school, but the question was, “Would we ever be a part of a real high school?” Our activities as fresh- men were very limited. Our schooling consisted of half day sessions. There were no social events at this time. The river then becomes rapids, and we find the going rough. Most of our studying must be done at home. Attaining those high grades necessary for entering colleges and business schools was not easy for any of us. Mostly work, little play, describes our sophomore year. With the assistance of Mr. Boothby everything began to have a brighter outlook. We chose our school colors, elected class officers, and organized a Student Council. How fascinating it was to watch the construction of our very own high school ! It was to be the first high school that North Beading ever had. Now we were destined to be the first class to complete tweleve years in the North Beading school system. In the fall of 1957 the doors of “N. R. H. S.” were finally opened. We were entering as juniors, which added to the glory of it all. Everyone was confused and lost in this big, beautiful building. Maps came in quite handy. The rooms began to settle down, and we gradually got organized. At last, the course was straight and the sailing smooth. The football season won a lot of publicity for the new school. We were just starting out and did well considering all the planning that had to be done. There were no patterns set by classes ahead of us. We were organizing everything for the first time. All of our games had to be played away, as our field was not yet ready. This did not hinder us at all, though, as the rooting led by the newly picked cheerleaders, brought our team to victory at more than one game. At the end of the season, we had our first social event of the year. This was the Cheer- leaders’ Dance, and it was most successful. One of our first objectives was the election of class officers : Richard Walsh, president : Laurice Puglia, vice-president : Barbara Moore, secretary: and Lorraine Long, treasurer. From then on money-making projects were at the top of the list. In April, juniors and seniors could be seen rushing around trying to get everything ready for the first Junior-Senior Prom to be held in North Reading, “Stairway to the Stars.” It was a colorful affair, with the school cafeteria prettily decorated to give the illusion of a castle in the sky. September, 1958, we were finally seniors sailing down the last stretch of the river to graduation. We confidently elected leaders to compass us through our final year: Gus Lamont, president; Laurice Puglia, vice-president; Judy Leighton, secre- tary; and Edson Larkin, treasurer. “Love and Lollipops,” the theme for the Cheerleaders ' Dance, wrapped up an exciting football season. The dance was held on November 2G, and it was brightly decorated in red and white. A comedy, “All in the Family,” was presented and met with the approval of everyone. This was a great deal of fun, backed by a lot of hard work. As seniors, we maintained the Norehisc Girls’ Club and Stenroh Boys’ Club. Our advisors were Mrs. Dooley and Mr. Lazenby. At the first meeting, officers were elected. Our luncheon meetings were held every Monday. December found us frantically studying for those ever ap- proaching mid-year exams. Even though we were slightly up- set with these, basketball started and happy excitement was in the air once again. Our enthusiastic cheerleaders and loyal spectators all turned out to encourage the players. A fair share of wins and losses made Friday night dates more fun. As we progressed into spring, the main sports were baseball, track, archery, and softball. The long-awaited Senior Prom was getting nearer every day. We all worked hard at decorations, refreshments, and enter- tainment. Along with the prom came the sudden realization that we were enjoying our last exciting days of our high school career. Getting measured for caps and gowns gave us a closer feeling as a class. We were all too aware of the fact that pretty soon we would go our separate ways. Our last opportunities for gathering together as a class were Baccalaureate, a beautiful but serious occasion, Class Day, a hilarious day where we discovered many of our hidden talents, and finally Graduation. Just as our river has ended to join in with the ocean, so have our twelve memorable years in the North Reading Schools. The little river will be swallowed up in the great ocean, and our small class will be lost in this huge world. We may never see some of our classmates again, but we will take our diplomas with a smile ; and look forward to whatever may be awaiting us in the future. 36 Class Poll Favorite Name — John, Debbie Pet Peeve— Homework Favorite Food— Spaghetti Favorite Male Singer — Pat Boone Favorite Saying — “You better believe it!” Favorite Class — Office Practice Favorite Sport — Football Favorite Car — Ford Favorite Actress — Debbie Reynolds Favorite Actor — Tony Curtis Favorite Movie — “The Vikings” Favorite Period — Lunch Favorite Teachers — Mr. Burns, Mrs. Delaney Favorite Color— Blue Favorite P. A. Announcement — “Walter Carpenter, please coyie to the office.” Favorite Drinks — Coke, Milk Favorite Song — “All in the Game” Favorite Eating Place — Home Favorite Season — Summer Favorite T. V. Show — “American Bandstand” Favorite Activity — Basketball Favorite Holiday — Christmas Favorite Dance — Waltz Favorite Orchestra — A1 Mitchell Favorite Disc Jockey — Joe Smith Favorite Age — Eighteen (18) Favorite Clothes — Dressy Favorite Cruncher — ‘Chips’ The muse llml refresh , . . ivilli iee-eohl Coen -Co 37 1959 1909 A CLASS PROPHECY FOR THE CLASS OF 1959 “Somebody Roofed!” The big day was here — the day that our Class of 1959 had long been waiting for! Our future was go- ing to be made known now for the first time in history. For you see, kind readers, a great deal of independent research in the field of “phycho-prog- nosis” has been carried on unknown to the rest of us poor mortals in North Reading’s senior class by our learned colleague, Wayne Face. The results of his laborious study are to be revealed now by means of this ominous-looking contraption reposing on Mr. McGrail’s lab tables. On this March 20, 1959, the members of the class gathered around the huge steel machine in the center of Mr. McGrail’s lab. At last the future could be seen; and amid the confusion, lab assistant, Larry Bernat, worked the dials and knobs for control. The sounds that the machine uttered were indescribable! But at long last the picture screen began to come into focus. Why it’s Eileen Connors, but what is this? She’s riding in a trolley car! And those clothes . . . floor-length dress, knee-high boots and that hat — too silly for words! I thought this was to foretell the future. This looks more like 1909. This squeaky, horse-drawn trolley car with its rattling windows, horsey smells, dirty plush seats and its crowded aisles looks vbry strange, indeed. The happy conductor controlling the horses is that expert driver, Ned Larkin. Stumbling down the aisles collecting fares is A1 Kenrick (the world’s longest- lashed fare collector!) The conductor brings the car to an abrupt stop in front of a department store. Several of the passengers alight from the vehicle and make their way into the store. The passengers who we can see on the tiny screen in the machine are unfamiliar. No . . . wait a minute — it’s Harry Lark- in. What a get-up!! He’s wearing a dark suit, hig h- collared shirt, grey spats, derby hat, complete with vest and tie and a diamond-studded stickpin spark- ling in the sunlight. The sign over the door is barely visible, but it seems to say, “Jones Brothers ' Merchandising Mart.” This department store certainly doesn’t look like any of the ones we have been in recently: no fancy lights, no air conditioning, no music and no escala- tors! A very distinguished-looking gentleman is walking towards us, and everyone can recognize him as Walt Geswell Walt looks very busy and a sign on a nearby door tells us that he is now ' the chief purchasing agent in the Stays and Bustles Department. His able assistant, Chris Park, hopes to succeed him some day. The picture suddenly switches, and we see a rec- reational area. A tennis game is under way with Millie Christie and Angela Sarno gracefully hitting the ball over the net with their rackets. Watching on the side lines are Barbara Martyn, Marion Silva, and Mary Fano, proudly displaying their new candy- striped silk shirt waists. Near the corner of the screen we can see the “ole swimmin’ hole.” There Nick Nutter and Bob Macomber can be seen wading in their vivid, bright red and white striped one- piece swimming outfits! Dotty Imlay and Ann Wer- ner can be seen practicing for the annual swimming meet. The cop-on-the-beat is none other than Bob Wells. The screen blurs up, and nothing is visible. Well, I guess the machine just gave up! After some squeaks and squawks, the picture comes back into focus, and it looks like some sort of shed. Through the open door we can catch a glimpse of Paul Dorsey and Bill Ceaser — two great automotive designers. They are working on that new invention called an automobile. Paul’s secretary, Barbara Moore, is busy taking notes as the plans are being perfected. Gus Lamont can be seen trying very hard to install a muffler and a tailpipe, but with a great deal of dif- ficulty! Something outside seems to have their at- tention — of course, Judy Leighton, Richie Hoyt, Lor- raine Long and her known admirer on bicycles-built- for two. It appears they’re on their way to a picnic- Mmmmmm. . . After the machine takes us on a mad scramble through many towns, buildings and places which cannot be recognized, the machine focuses on the corridor of a professional building. Reading the signs painted on the doors . . . WE DRAWUM CO. Art Studio Barbara Hicks Carol Mahar Ethel Chisholm Jean Parsons WEEFIX TICKETTS, INC. Legal Counseling Ken Mangold Malcolm MacRae Edward Smith Harold Pike LOCO LOAN CO. THE LEVAGGI TEAROOM John Hoy Pres. Wm. Mahoney V.-Pres Richard Barron Treas. Lovina Bourne Sec’y. William Woodward, proprietor Dorothy King, hostess John Staff, D.M.D. Carol Narekiewicz, Assistant LYNCH’S EMPLOYMENT SERVICE Mary Henry Martha Shepherd Philip Hoyt George Ceaser MARTHA MURRAY DANCE STUDIOS Instructors: Betty Downes Paul Hunnewell Oh, oh, here we go again. The machine is off on another mad adventure through the past. On the screen now we can see a one-room schoolhouse. The impressive-looking schoolmaster is Reed Haley. Reed is attired in his Oxford-grey suit, resplendent with its shiny knee patches and adorned with elbow re- inforcements. (This, you understand, is the one and only suit his teacher’s salary can afford). The bare walls, pot-bellied stove of the Campbell House are a far cry from the modern building we are now in! He beams graciously as a comely ma- tron, accompained by protesting triplets, advances to register her “happy” brood. Listening quietly we learn our comely matron is Mrs. Judith (Caldwell) Van Graham, who insists that Johnny, Mike and Ann be given plenty of number work! Before the school- master can recover his customary composure, after his talk with our audacious matron, he is beset by still another problem in the from of dapper, little Frederick Heselton, Esquire. His daughter, Eloise (much absorbed in the antics of her slingshot) is to be enrolled in this year’s second grade. Dashing in late is Mrs. Paula (Blanchard) Filler with Eddie, Jr., complete with his velveteen Lord Fauntelroy suit. Junior keeps insisting that it is Chemistry II and not Chemistry I that he should be taking. Scarcely had we ascertained the significance of this precocious child’s remark, when our attention is directed to a masculine voice that we recognize as that of Mr. Boothby’s over the P. A. 39 “Your attention, please. Your attention, please. It gives me great pleasure to an- nounce to the student body that I have just received an official communique from Presi- dent Dwight D. Eisenhower. It states that he has this day made the following appoint- ments: Ann Turilli: Good-will ambassador to Italy; Lauriee Puglia: Special Presidential recommendation for a four-year Rhodes scholarship; Diane Galley: Hairdresser-in- chief of all visiting ambassadors’ wives; Joyce Pothier: Sixth assistant typist in charge of Presidential information ; Becky Bryant : Student representative to the Dior shops in Paris; Linda Caulk: Official inter- ior decorator in charge of all Washington’s public buildings. I am sure that I express the sincere congratulations of the whole stu- dent body to these six girls who have brought this great honor to North Reading High School. Congratulations and good luck ! That is all.” In the excitement of th announcements, the machine and its travels are forgotten. However, a sudden loud boom recalls our at- tention and once again a strange image flashes on the screen. Three attractive young ladies in bloomers, carrying pickets, are pa- rading in front of the White House. These courageous suffragettes, Meri Haselton, Dianne Black, and Phyllis Brennan, are pav- ing the way for the equal rights amend- ment. They certainly are making good use of their history background. Suddenly vibrations shake the room ; a jet from Hanscom Field has once again broken the sound barrier, and now our “goofy” machine does go haywire! A sudden explosion and a few screams from the femin- ine members of our class appropriately end the career of Wayne’s invention. Mr. McGrail’s consoling words of advice to Wayne are, “ ‘When more materials come in,’ we’ll see what we can do about correct- ing your errors so that your machine can see into the future!!” 40 Memo ties Football victories . . . first home game . . . report cards . . . looking forward to gradua- tion . . . getting our picture proofs . . . foot- ball rallies . . . cheerleading . . . Monday morning blues and Friday afternoon joys . . . assemblies . . . homework . . . Junior Prom . . . tag days . . . “no school day” be- cause of snow storms . . . class meetings . . . Yearbook meetings . . . rides home from Yearbook meetings in Reed’s car . . . fire drills during a quiz . . . arrival of class rings . . . double sessions during Freshman and Sophomore years . . . Student-faculty bask- etball game . . . football strike . . . cramming for exams . . . Norehisc initiations . . . P.A. announcements . . . Army and Air Force “sweethearts” . . . waiting for the new high school to be finished . . . bomb scare . . . Miss Florence’s gym suit Fashion Show-1956 . . . Mr. York’s “gymnastics” . . . the floods in the Batchelder School basements . . . grass- hoppers in Biology class . . . Chemistry class and the odoriferous results . . . Mrs. Bulliner and the Pythagorean theorem . . . falling asleep in class: attention, Ken and Ethel . . . time writings in typing . . . the over- crowded senior science class . . . Mr. Lazen- by’s teasing . . . term papers . . . welcoming Mr. Boothby in our Freshman year . . . Business Dept. Fashion Show . . . Mrs. De- laney’s patience and understanding in “Cur- tain Going Up” and pre-performance jitters . . . extra holidays because of heating dif- ficulties . . . Mrs. “O’s” business world anec- dotes . . . first corsages . . . Judy L. and Richie H. . . . Meri and Richio B. . . . Betty Downes and her bottle of cough medicine . . . Mr. George . . . the legendary “bottle” in Laurice’s locker . . . hiccups in Physics class . . . deficiencies . . . Driver Ed. . . . Mrs. Barmby’s “tods” . . . Mr. Chamberlain and our trip to the State House . . . Blooper records . . . Mr. Barresi’s shorthand records . . . Christmas party with frozen coke . . . Mrs. Monroe’s dancing classes . . . drag races in French II class . . . chewing gum in class and getting away with it . . . Algebra I with Mr. Driscoll . . . Mr. Harpin and his morning shaves . . . P.O.D. . . . Anna’s “you better believe it” . . . Miss Reilley and her shower surprise . . . Student Council debates and committees . . . Wayne Face’s sarcastic re- marks and Becky’s “brilliant” statements . . . quiet ( ?) study halls . . . 7:30 opening exercises at the Batchelder school . . . Our genial, friendly Mrs. Vivian Eisenhaure and the help she gave us in elementary school days . . . making the teams . . . Mrs. Cheney’s choral reading . . . wild-life specimens roam- ing the corridors . . . George Haines and his blue convertible . . . polio shots and lollipops . . . corridor passes . . . Prom decorations . . . 6:30 rising for 8:00 bell . . . the school buses . . . the “gang wars” and quarrels amongst the girls . . . broken hearts and off and on romances . . . our senior adviser, Mrs. Dooley . . . Consumer Ed. with Mr. Tringale . . . Leaders’ Club . . . being fitted for caps and gowns ... all of these and more we shall always remember as the wonderful years of high school. No matter where we go or what we may do, this school, the faculty, our colleagues, and the good times and bad will remain in that secret place in our hearts reserved for MEMORIES. 41 ROTARIAN Done Most For N. R. H. S. Ned Larkin and Laurice Puglia Ideal Seniors Eileen Connors and Reed Haley Best Figure and Build Richard Hoyt and Paula Blanchard Best Dressed Paul Hunnewell and Becky Bryant GLAMOUR McCalls COMPACT Class Dancers Betty Downes and Walter Geswell Biggest Ileartbreakers Harold Pike and Phyllis Brennan Noisiest John Hoy and Lovina Bourne TRUE CONFESSION BILLBOARD Best Looking Albert Kenrick and Lorraine Long Most Nonchalant Wayne Nutter and Mildred Christie Friendliest Doris Imlay and Gus Lamont HARPER ' S BAZAAR IVY LEAGUE LOOK Getting set for the prom! Barbara, close your mouth What’d he say? Look Ma, no cavities 7 Baby Doll Cute As A Puppy Don’t Turn Your Nose Up At Us! Oh, No! Air Raid! Her majesty, Queen Carol So you’ve been crowned ? Queen Carol’s attendants! Time out to eat! Macbeth, no ea «y le: May a few of us girls enroll ? Ditto here, too! Queen Carol’s attendants! C-ll C-12 Front Row — Laurice Puglia, Mary Fano, Paula Blanchard, Dottie Imlay, Lorraine Long, Barbara Moore, Ann Turilli. Barbara Martyn. Second Row — Mrs. Steohanie Delar.oy. William Haley, Edson Larkin, Wayne Nutter, William Woodward, Paul Hunnewell, Philip Hoyt. Front Row — Barbara Hicks. Mildred Christie, Judy Leighton, Ethel Chisholm, Jean Parsons, Linda Caulk. Betty Downes, Phyllis Brennan. Second Row — Mrs. Elisabeth Boyce. Richard Hoyt, William Ma- honey, Gus Lamont. Kenneth Mangold, Martha Shepherd, Richard Barron, Walter Geswell, John Hoy, John Staff. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Front Row — Judy Leighton, Secretary; Laurice Pug- lia, Vice-president. Second Row — Edson Larkin, Treasurer; Mrs. Mary H. Dooley. Adviser; Gus La- mont, President. C-6 Front Row — Carol Mahar. Joyce Pothier. Ann Wer- ner, Judy Caldwell. Carol Narekiewicz, Meri Hasel- ton, Mary Henry, Diane Galley. Second Row — Paul Dorsey, Bill Ceaser, A1 Kemick. Malcolm MacRae, Edward Smith. Harold Pike. Chris Park, Wayne Face, Fred Heselton, Mr. Stephen McGrail. j p 4-h • Senior Play Cast First Row: Phyllis Brennan, Paul Dorsey, Walt Geswell, Reed Haley, Barbara Hicks. Second Row: Mrs. Stephanie Delaney, Carol Mahai, Wayne Face, Bill Woodward, A1 Kenrick, Paula Blanchard. PROPERTIES COMMITTEE — First Row: Linda Caulk, Judy Caldwell. Ann Werner. Second Row: Barbara Moore. Ken Mangold, Mr. Ralph LoPilato. BEHIND THE SCENES HELP— First Row: Marion Silva, Dotty King, Joyce Pothier, Anna Turilli, Mary Henry, Carol Mahar, Barbara Martyn. Second Row : Mrs. Mary Dooley, Ethel Chisholm, Judy Leighton, Meri Haselton, Martha Shepherd, Eileen Connors, Carol Narekiewiez, Mildred Christie, Lorraine Long, Barbara Moore, Laurice Puglia. Third Row: Ned Larkin, Chris Park, Paul Hunnewell, George Ceaser, Harold Pike, Gus Lamont, Wayne Face. mi X ' , y lU ■jst 1 CJ Li 1 ill rr EM ( Student Council 1st Row: Betty Downes, Barbara Moore, Paula Blanchard, Treasurer; Gus Lamont, President: Chris Park, Vice President; Lauriee Puglia, Secretary; Susanne Park, Ellen Foster. 2nd Row: Mrs. Mildred Barmby, Philip Carucci, Bob McLean. Paul Pelletier, Judy Caldwell, Richard Barron, Walt Geswell. Rich- ard Hoyt, John Staff. 3rd Row: Bill McLean, Gene Moreau, John Hatch, Gail Barron, Robert Whiles, Chuck Carucci, Wayne Face. STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS Lauriee Puglia, Secretary; Paula Blanchard, Treasurer; Chris Park, Vice-President; Gus Lamont, President. STEERING COMMITTEE First Row: Mrs. Agatha Eisen- haure, Eileen Connors, Linda Caulk, Barbara Moore. Second Row: Bar- bara Martyn, Barbara Hicks, Mary Henry, Reed Haley. Our thanks to our adviser, Mrs. Mary Dooley, for her help in mak- ing our yearbook possible. yearbook Staff First Row: John Hoy, Reed Haley, Barbara Moore, Anna Turilli, Laurice Puglia, Judith Caldwell, Ann Werner, Betty Downes, A1 Kenriek, Richard Hoyt. Second Row: Barbara Martyn, Diane Galley, Paula Blanchard, Barbara Hicks, Mary Fano, Linda Caulk, Mildred Christie, Jean Parsons, Doris Imlay, Carol Narekiewicz, Martha Shepherd, Meri Haselton, Judy Leighton, Lorraine Long, Ethel Chis- holm, Joyce Pothier, Mary Henry, Carol Mahar, Phyllis Brennan, Mrs. Mary H. Dooley, Adviser. Third Row: Paul Dorsey, William Ceaser, Philip Hoyt, Paul Hunnewell, Gus Lamont, Walter Geswell, Kenneth Mangold, Edward Smith, Richard Barron, Wayne Nutter, William Woodward, Harold Pike, Chris Park, John Staff, William Mahoney, Malcolm MacRae, Wayne Face Hoys’ Ceaders’ Club First Row: Chuck Carucci, Wayne Nutter, A1 Kenrick, Richard Hoyt, John Staff, Richard Barron, Gus Laniont. Second Row: Mr. Lester Levey, Manny Martinho, Rob Whiles, Alfred Battista, Bill Cotter, Hadley Hoyt, Paul Pelletier. Third Row: Bill McLean, Bill Strickland, George Sullivan, Robert Woodbury, Bob McLean, Kenneth Strickland. ' Girls ’ Ceaders ’ Club Front Row: Claire Cullity, Jean Cronje, Laurice Puglia, Judy Leighton, Lorraine Long, Paula Blanchard, Phyllis Brennan, Karen Woglom. Second Row: Miss Evelyn Florence, Shirley Kinnie, Carol Narekiewicz, Pam Salter, Ellen Beacom, Marjorie Allen, Carol Goullaud. Third Row: Lura Lee Balcomb, Maryann Spicer, Mona Narekiewicz, Carol Cole, Rachel Sanborn, Susan McFarland. Paul Dorsey; Philip Hoyt; Chris Park, Sec- retary; Wayne Face, President; Richard Hoyt, Vice-President; Richard Barron, Treasurer; A1 Kenrick; John Staff. Second Row: Mr. James Lazenby, Reed Haley, Ken Mangold, George Ceaser, Wayne Nutter, Edward Smith, Walter Geswell, Harold Pike, William Mahoney, Robert Macomber. Third Row: William Ceaser, John Hoy, Paul Hunnewell, William Woodward, Ed Larkin, Malcolm MacRae, Gus Lamont. fiorekisc Girls’ Club Phyllis Brennan; Carol Narekiewicz; Doris Ini- lay, Treasurer; Barbara Moore. Secretary! Meri Haselton. President; Anna Turilli, Vice- President; Judy Leighton; Martha Shepherd; Barbara Martyn. Second Row: Laurice Puglia Barbara Hicks; Ann Werner; Jean Parsons; Judy Caldwell; Mildred Christie; Linda Caulk; Joyce Pothier; Mrs. Mary H. Dooley, Adviser. Third Row: Mary Henry, Betty Downes, Mary Fano, Lorraine Long, Paula Blanchard, Carol Mahar, Diane Galley. ' Dramatics Club Elinor Brennan, Carol Cronin, Chris Park, Phyllis Brennan, A1 Kenrick, Lura Lee Bal- com, Janet Kurz, Betty Warnock. Second Row: Mrs. Stephanie Delaney, Norma Thompson, Ann Rowe, Ruth Fuller, Virginia McNeil, Pamela Salter, Virginia Eaton, Linda Aldrich, Diana Brandt. Jeanne Cronje, Kathy Haines, Mr. Ralph LoPilato. Third Row: Kay Wogloni, Thomas Parker, John Hatch, Steve Langille, Bob McLean, Irene Fisher. Stenrok Hoys’ Club Zke Hand Seated: Donald Bennett; Patricia Smith; Carole Jordan; Beryl Stevens; Bruce Clark; Douglas Smith; Richard Hammond; Paul Hodson; Roy Hagen; Richard Larkin; June Cram; Bryce Colburne; Kenneth Crooks; Richard Johnson. Standing: Lorraine Magrath; Leon Leighton; Ralph Zenoby; Cecil Cram; Doreen Ingalls; Sheila Murphy; Lincoln Fulton; Mr. Harold Weiss, Director. Science Club First Row: David D’Unger; Steven Blanchard, Vice-President; Pamela Salter, Secretary; Paul Perreault, President; Thomas Henderson, Treasurer; Beverly Smith; Roger Abbott. Sec- ond Row: Mr. Ralph LoP ilato, Adviser; Wilson Sidelinker; Douglas Smith; Dana Towle; John Mansfield; Steve Langille; Raymond Jeanes; Lawrence Nevins; Mr. Stephen McGrail, Ad- viser. Eileen Connors, President National Honor Society First Row: Betty Downes, Treasurer; Judy Caldwell, Vice-President; Barbara Moore, Secretary. Second Row: Laurice Puglia; Mrs. Elisabeth Boyce, Adviser; Paula Blanchard. future Zeachers’ Club First Row: Jeanette Johnson, Gail Plouff, Pam Salter, Eileen Connors, Lauriee Puglia. Sec- ond Row: Miss Mooers, Adviser; Anna Turilli; Gus Lamont; Richard Barron; Arnette And- erson; Myda Bakoian. Projector Squad World Affairs Club Here he is, our 59 er; he came late; but he finally arrived! Seated: Elinor Brennan; Beverly Smith, Vice- President; Mrs. Elisabeth Boyce; Virginia Mc- Neil, President. Standing: John Hatch; Arthur Collier; Pam Salter, Secretary; Mary Henry, Treasurer. First Row: Edward Cartwright, Kenneth Or- ben, Wilson Sidelinker, William Woodward, Raymond Jeanes, Gene Barr. Second Row: Mrs. Mildred Barmby, Hadley Hoyt, John William- son, Paul Perreault, Douglas Smith, Richard Corrado, Bill DeGroot, Gary Slade, Richard Hammond, John Brunetta, David D’Unger, Kenneth Crooks. Seconds, anyone ? Calculating Cuties? Caught by surprise If only Purdy would come every day Hobby lobby You better believe it Wrong-way Corrigans Gus Lamont John Staff Richie Hoyt A1 Kenrick Nick Nutter Chris Park Jimmy Morrow football Zeam Driscoll. Third Row: Coach Arthur Barresi; George Sullivan; Kenneth Strickland; Dick Hammond; A1 Kenrick; Hadley Hoyt; A1 Battista; Richard Cor- relle; Paul Pelletier; Edward Cartwright; Barry Schumaker. Fourth Row: Edward LaRocco; Robert Loud; John Williamson; Robert Woodbury; Richard Cooke. First Row: James Motrow; Charles Carucci; Larry Bernat; Bill Strickland; John Doucette: John Staff, Co-captain; Richie Hoyt, Co-captain; Manuel Mar- tinho; George Park; Bill Cotter; Gus Lamont; John Puglia. Second Row: Kenneth Puglia; Bill McLean; Peter Brennan; Bob McLean; Nick Martinho; James Garland; Gerard Regan; Robert Wells; John Hatch; Eugene Moreau; Philip Carucci; Coach William Only two yards to go! Training Table Technicians! Chuck forges ahead! Half-time entertainment! Brawn and brains collide! Fortune smiles on our first home encounter! “Little Green Hornet!” Come out, come out, wherever you are! Cheerleaders First row: Joanne Freda, Ann Day, Judy Leighton, Marion Silva. Second row: Miss Elizabeth Ryan, Coach; Lorraine Long, Meri Haselton, Paula Blanchard, Captain; Mona Narekiewicz, Joyce Pothier. Maloti Squad First row: Barbara Mullin, Diana Brandt, Blanche Barr, Jill Crane, Sharon Robitalle, Ann Kassinger, Gail Barron, Carole Barney, Norma Thompson, Ellen Foster, Janet Spencer, Marie Apperti. Second row: James Apperti, Manuel Api- gian, Alice Sobosinski, Susan Aid- rich, Martha Stevenson, Janice Cooke, Becky Bryant, Jeanne Cron- je, Josephine Sobosinski, Rachel Sanborn, Brenda Andrews, Charles Black, Richard Luther. {junior Varsity First row: Ken Puplia; Bill McLean; Jim Curtin; Bob Whiles; Paul Pelletier, Captain. Second row; Mr. il liam Driscoll, Coach; Ed LaRocco; A1 Battista; Hadley Hoyt; Georpe Sullivan. First row: Gus Lamont; Nick Martinho; Richard Barron, Captain; Manuel Jartinho; John Staff. Second row: John Hatch; Gene Barr; Bill Cotter; Bill DeGroot; Robert Wells; A1 Kenrick; Ronald Stephans; Mr. Arthur Barresi, Coach. Varsity Varsity First row: Carol Cole; Elizabeth LaRocco; Dotty Imlay, Co-eaptain; Carol Narekiewicz, Co-captain; Laurice Puglia; Jeanne Cronje; Joan Riordan. Second row: Mona Narekiewicz; Judy Leighton; June Ferguson; Mar- cia Fowler; Pam Salter; Ellen Beacom; Shirley Kinnie; Leola Smith, Manager; Miss Evelyn Florence, Coach. {junior Varsity First row: Annie Park; Jeanette Johnson; Pat Neth; Patty Gill; Lura Lee Balcomb; Sandra Bertoli. Second row: Louise Claughton; Arnette Anderson; Sue McFarland, Captain; Ruth Hoyt; Sylvia Black; Diane Wood- ward; Miss Elizabeth Ryan, Coach. Third row: Barbara McNeil; Nancy Towle; Ann Hassinger; Ruth Fuller; Virginia Royal; Linda Pierce; Maryann Spicer; Jane Wolsley; Judy Betts. The Line-up Thou Shalt not Pass! ' Presenting N.R.’s High Scorer! Up And In! Two Points for N.R.! Where’s Her Guard! Get That Rebound! THE SCORES We They We They NORTH READING 11 . . . . . BILLERICA 17 NORTH READING 3 . .. WILMINGTON NORTH READING 5 . . CHELMSFORD 25 NORTH READING 0 . .... BILLERICA NORTH READING 6 . . NO. ANDOVER 3 NORTH READING 4 . . CHELMSFORD NORTH READING 6 . . . BURLINGTON 10 NORTH READING 8 . . . . TEWKSBURY NORTH READING 4 . DRACUT 5 NORTH READING 7 ..NO. ANDOVER Richard Hoyt First row: Will Rogers, Co-captain; Jack Creil- son, Co-captain. Second row: Coach William Driscoll, Gene Barr, John Staff, Richard Hoyt, A1 Kenrick, John Doucette, Warren Dalton, Coach Sidney Green. Third row: David D’Un- ger, Charles Carucci. Wayne Face, Bill Strick- land, Tom Henderson, Kenneth Puglia. A1 Kenrick Zhe 0 iris ' Kifle Club 1st Row: Bill McLean. Douglas Smith, Bill DeGroot, Hadley Hoyt, John Kitch. 2nd Row: Mr. Thomas McEnaney, Coach; Richard Barron, Lawrence Bernat, Steve Longille Paul Per- reault, Bob McLean , Mr. Arthur Barresi, Coach. 3rd Row: Edward LaRocco, Robert The- beau, Barry Schumaker, John Puglia, Timothy Rountree, James Walsh. 1st Row: Ann Loud; Patricia Neth; Joan Rior- dan, Vice-president; Susan MacFarland, Presi- dent; Barbara Mullin, Treasurer; Karen Schrow; Betty LaRocco. 2nd Row: Miss Ce- leste Egan, Adviser; Ellen Foster; Sylvia Black; Priscilla Perry; Eileen Connors; Gail Barron; Beverly Mosack; Karen Downes. 3rd Row: Nancy Eldredge; Judy Anderson; Lura Lee Balcomb; Brenda Andrews; Jeanne Cronje. Zhe Zrack Zeam Mere Jre Memories Jh Zhe Making UNDERGRADS To the undergrads of North Reading High School we leave hectic memories of the trials and the tribulations of editing a yearbook. NDERGRAl I JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Ellen Beacom, Treasurer; Mona Narekiewicz, Secre- tary; William Strickland, Vice-President; Miss Bea- trice Mercurio, Class Adviser; Charles Carucci, Presi- dent. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Susan McFarland, Vice-Presi- dent; Joan Eisenhaure, Secre- tary; Kenneth Puglia, Treas- urer; Mrs. Barbara O’Riordan, Class Adviser; Robert McLean, President. FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Marcia Leighton, Secretary ; Karen Downes, Vice- President ; William Birkmaier, Treasurer; Miss Anna DeMoor, Class Adviser; Philip Carucci, President. W -C-10 — First Row: Mona Narekiewicz, Jeanette Johnson, Carol Tropea, Gail Plouff, Susan Magliozzi, Ellen Beacom, Marianne Gerrior, June Cram, Joanna Parsons. Second Row: Mr. Tringale, John Knight, John Brunetta, Russell Trask, Gene Moreau, Peter Carriere, Virginia McNeil, Betty Murphy, Ronald Stephans, John Doucette, Dana Rowe, Roger Ab- bott, David D’Unger. Third Row: Ray- mond Jeanes, Thomas Stephens, Robert Wells, Steven Blanchard, James Garland, Barry Jordan, John Mytych, Gene Barr, Gerald Gerrior, Edward LaRocco. C-9 — First Row: Janice Cooke, Brenda Mullin, Rita Duffy, Carol Barney, Carol Goullaud. Sally Lord, Jeanne Walker. Second Row: Richard Cooke, Judy Byrne, Judy Woodbury. Josephine Pirello, Pris- cilla Palmer, Virginia Eaton, Lindah Aid- red, Barbara Spear, Edward Murray, Mr. Barresi. Third Row: Peter Brennan, Wil- liam Strickland, Richard Mahoney, James Dunham, Dana Towle, Philip Sewall, Steven Langille, Francis Jason, John Puglia. C-3 — First Row: Anita Black, Madeline Mercurio, Arnette Anderson, Joyce Cal- lahan, Shirley Kinnie, Eleanor Living- ston, Sandra Whiles, Carol Carbone, Jo- anne Freda. Second Row: Miss Beatrice Mercurio, Charles Carucci, Thomas Hen- derson, Kenneth Orben, Beverly Smith, Pam Salter, Frances Joyce, Betty Con- nors, Melvin Peck, Ken Hall, Lawrence Nevins. Third Row: James Morrow, Jo- seph Ferrara, John Hatch, James Curtin, John Mansfield, William Royle, Paul Perreault, Ronald Brown, Richard Doyle, Robert Lake, James Walsh. I C-2 — First Row: Patricia Neth Jeanne Cronje, Bonnie Douglas, Joan Riordan, Carole Ann Hicks, Maryann Spicer, Ann Loud. Second Row: Linda Pearce, Sandra Bertoli, Paula Griffiths, Marilyn Dean, Louise Claughton, Martha Stevenson, Joan Eisenhaur, Linda Bruce, Mr. James Lazenby. Third Row: Richard LaLiberte, William McLean, James Baker, Roy Maker, William DeGroot, Roy Conway, Alan Jones. C-l — First Row: Nancy Eldridge, Nancy Baker, Ruth Hoyt, Carol Cole, Beverly Mosack. Kathryn Haines, Elizabeth La- Rocco. Second Row: Mr. Ernest Coulou- ras, Stuart Kerr. Anthony Crosby, Bar- bara Mullin, Sylvia Black, June Fergu- son, Rose Turilli, Susan McFarland, Francis Pothier, George Sullivan, Carl Olsen. Third Row: Wilson Sidelinker, Nicholas Martinho,- Douglas Smith, Rich- ard Correlle, Robert Whiles, William Gaffney, Fred Giberti. C-7 — First Row: Patricia Gill, Dorothy Hughes, Marie Apperti, Judy Anderson , ! Josephine Sobosinski, Elinor Brennan, Mae Ceaser. Second Row: Anne Day, Thomas Parker, Adrian Nelson, Pris- cilla Perry, Marcia Fowler, Gail Barron, Robert McLean, Richard Johnson, Mrs. Barbara O’Riordan. Third Row: Richard Hammond, William Cotter, Bruce Donle, Gerard Regan, William Hurley, David Smith, Stephen W ' alker. C-14 — First Row: Catherine Dailey, El- len Foster, Norma Thompson, Rachel Sanborn, Diana Brandt, Martha Mars- ton, Sally Thomas. Second Row: Mr. Ralph LoPilato, Paul Hodson, Diane Mulcahy, Karen Johnson, Sharon Place, Elizabeth Pearce, Ruth Fuller, Dorothy Christie, Kenneth Crooks. Third Row: Anthony LaRocco, James Creilson, Wil- liam Richards, Alfred Battista, Gary Slade, Kenneth Strickland, Llovd Butler. C-5 — First Row: Claire Cullity, Leola Smith, Diane Dolloff, Sandra Topping, Carolyn Jeannes, Lura Lee Balcomb, Karen Woglom. Second Row: Miss De- Moor, Irene Fisher, Robert Loud, Robert Nevins, Robert Thebeau, Alexander Mur ray, Forest Blanchard, Kenneth Puglia James Tsepas, Brenda Andrews. Thir Row: Barry Schumaker, Glenn Reynolds Arthur Collier, Hadley Hoyt, Paul Pel letier, Manuel Martinho, Edward Cart wright. C-13 — First Row: Heidi Richards, Janet Spencer, Joanna Costa, Rita Heselton, Barbara Meuse, Florence Silva, Carol Lindkvist. Second Row: Mr. Burns, Lin- coln Fulton, Gary Kilgore, Sandra Marge- son, Judy Allen, Virginia Royle, Suzanne Park, Karen Downes, Ernest King, Paul Magrath. Third Row: Philip Carucci, George Bugley, Forrest Parker, Edward Emerson, Herbert Jones, Cecil Cram, Donald Richardson, David Bartku. Steve E Dance anyone ? Karen D. Jonn W. C-21 — Rirst Row: Janet Black, Barbara Segal, Sherry Palmer, Deborah Carter, Joyce Pineau, Theresa Heselton, Pat Letterie, Karen Schrow, Pat Ahern. Second Row: Miss Doris Mo oers. John Stevenson. Frank Gonsalves, Jean Findlay, Janet Kurz, Ruth Downs, Linda Jeanes, James Luther, Michael Proctor. Third Row: Kenneth Garland, Joseph Murphy, David Swanson, Richard Corroda, Robert Woodbury, William Ralston, Charles Francis. Keep your chin in! “Cuddle Up a Little Closer!” Pueros Amo. Do You Approve, Betty ? Expecting Company? The Best Period Of The Day! Artists In The Making! Forward March! Jump For That Ball! In The Doghouse, John? We Remember Zheir Efforts Zo Make Our yearbook Possible OUR BENEFACTORS To our junior class adviser we express our grateful thanks for helping us establish our class treasury and to our Year- book advertisers our sincere appreciation for your aid in making this Yearbook possible. r Compliments of i MONROE FUEL COMPANY J. E. PURDY STUDIO — OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER FOR NORTH READING HIGH SCHOOL MB , To Mrs. Mary H. Dooley, our honorary member and former class adviser, we extend our sincere good wishes on her twenty-fifth anniversary of teaching. We hope our senior year will be one of her pleas- ant memories of her teaching career and that this year ' s edition of the Golden Years is as suc- cessful as ours, that or the class of 1958. The North Reading Alumni Association. Best wishes to the staff of the 1959 Golden Years for a successful yearbook. The North Reading Alum- ni Association. Mrs. Mary H. Dooley J. E. PURDY STUDIO OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER FOR NORTH READING HIGH SCHOOL li CROSWELL FUNERAL HOME Fllsworth Croswell, Director Funeral Service Est. 1912 Call North Reading 4-3031 19 Bow Street North Reading Compliments of NORTH READING TRANSCRIPT NORTH READING ' S ONLY NEWSPAPER J. E. PURDY STUDIO — OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER FOR NORTH READING HIGH SCHOOL Mr. James Donnelly RE 2-1002 N. R. 4-3141 MAGEE-DONNELLY COMPANY, INC. PLUMBING AND HEATING POWER OIL BURNER SALES SERVICE 1 1 2 Haverhill Street North Reading, Mass. J. E. PURDY STUDIO — OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER FOR NORTH READING HIGH SCHOOL J. E. PURDY STUDIO — OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER FOR NORTH READING HIGH SCHOOL DeFEO ' S I.G.A. SUPER MARKET Cor. Park Main Street Complete Line of Groceries Meat Produce Open Daily 8:30 A.M. - 8:45 P.M. Tel. No. Reading 4-3165 J. E. PURDY STUDIO — OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER FOR NORTH READING HIGH SCHOOL i Settling World’s Monetary Problems! North Reading’s Intellectual Giants! North Reading’s First Royal Court! We Even Fraternize Where Is The Ball? With The Enemy — Bedford Ten Little Indians! Loose Ball! We must have won! We did! .Side Line Quarterbacks! MECHANICS SAVINGS BANK payday. The steady building of your Savings Account, through deposits and regularly-added dividends, gives you a sound foundation for making any plans you wish USE THE SERVICES OF THIS LOCAL MUTUAL SAVINGS BANK ATLANTIC FOOD MART " The supermarkets with the friendly atmosphere " NORTH READING STORE • Large Fresh Fish Dept. • Large Delicatessen • Finest Meats Sold Anywhere Established 1922 643 Main Street, Reading THIS IS THE PLACE to deposit something from your earnings every Main Street North Reading North Reading 4-3177 Reading North Reading Visit Our New J. E. PURDY STUDIO — OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER FOR NORTH READING HIGH SCHOOL J. E. PURDY STUDIO — OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER FOR NORTH READING HIGH SCHOOL J. E. PURDY STUDIO — OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER FOR NORTH READING HIGH SCHOOL To all those who helped us to make this Yearbook possible, but especially to our class adviser, Mrs. Mary Dooley, we are most grateful. THE CLASS OF 1959 North Reading High School North Reading, Massachusetts J. E. PURDY STUDIO — OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER FOR NORTH READING HIGH SCHOOL Good Luck To The Class of " 59 " and THE GOLDEN YEARS — May You Have Many! JOE AND THE GIRLS CENTER REXALL HR Hi Best Wishes To The Class Of ' 59 From The NORTH READING LODGE NO. 1511 LOYAL ORDER OF MOOSE J. E. PURDY STUDIO — OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER FOR NORTH READING HIGH SCHOOL COMPLIMENTS OF Members: Gus Lamont, Chris Park, Laurice Puglia, Paula Blanchard, Walter Geswell, Chuck Carruci, John Puglia, Gene Moreau, John Hatch, Bob McLean, Philip Carruci, Sandra Kinsman, Annie Park, Bob Woodbury, Ellen Foster, Judy Caldwell, Betty Downes, Eileen Connors, Paul Pelletier, Barbara Moore, Wayne Face, Richie Hoyt, Richie Barron, John Staff J. J. CRONIN CO. Contractors North Reading, Mass. CHINA ROYAL RESTAURANT Specializing in Chinese Foods Open daily 4 P.M. to 1:30 A.M. Sundays, Holidays, 1 P.M. to 12 P.M. Orders Put Up To Take Out Rt. 28 North Reading Tel. N.R. 4-4284 J. E. PURDY STUDIO — OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER FOR NORTH READING HIGH SCHOOL J. E. PURDY STUDIO — OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER FOR NORTH READING HIGH SCHOOL Compliments of Judy Leighton, Sec. Richie Hoyt, Pres. John Staff, Vice-Pres. Lorraine Long, Treas. Miss Evelyn Florence Mr. Lester Levey Membership: William Strickland, Wayne Nutter, Al Battista, Anthony LaRocco, Kenneth Strickland, Robert Woodbury, Gus Lamont, Al Kenrick, John Staff, George Sullivan, Richard Hoyt, Paul Pelletier, Richard Barron, Larry Bernat, Charles Carruci, Robert Whiles, Kenneth Puglia, William McLean, William Cotter, Robert McLean, Manuel Martinho, Hadley Hoyt, Paula Blanchard, Lorraine Long, Phyllis Brennan, Laurice Puglia, Dianne Black, Judith Leighton, Carol Narekiewicz, Mona Narekiewicz, Ellen Beacom, Pamela Salter, Shirley Kinnie, Judith Byrne, Sue McFarland, Lura Lee Balcomb, Maryanne Spicer, Jeanne Cronje, Carole Cole, Karen Woglom, Marjorie Allen, Rachel Sanborn, Carol Goullaud, Claire Cullity, Sandra Bertoli. J. E. PURDY STUDIO — OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER FOR NORTH READING HIGH SCHOOL PATRONS A Miss Eleanor Adams Mr. and Mrs. Maurice F. Ahearn, . The Aims Sr. Family Mr. and Mrs. Charles Allan B The Walter Bakoian Family Mr. and Mrs. Francis H. Barmby The Frank Bartlett Family Mr. Paul Bertoli The Ralph Bennett Family Mr. and Mrs. Erland S. Black Mr. Eldow C. Blanchard Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bliss The Daniel Boothby Family The Fred Brewster Family The Theodore Bunnell Family Mr. John R. Burns The Robert Burns Family The Frank Butler Family The Ronald Butler Family C Mr. and Mrs. Lester C. Canova Mr. Anthony R. Carbone Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Caterina Mr. and Mrs. J. Raymond Caulk and Mr. and Mrs. A. Christensen The Arnold G. Cole Family The George Crowley Family D The Danis Family Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Day Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Dooley The Douglas Family The Thomas Doyle Family The De Christopher Family Mrs. Stephanie Delaney Miss Ann DeMoors The Roland Dewhurst Family Mrs. Dorothy Dolloff The William Driscoll Family Mr. John J. Dunne E The Edward T. Eisenhaure Family The Gilbert Eisenhaure Family The Eisman Family Mr. John Ellis F Mrs. Kay Ferrara The Frank Ferris Family Miss Evelyn Florence Mrs. Carry Flosdorf The Thomas Flynn Family Mr, and Mrs. David T. Foster The Clarence A. Fowler Family Mrs. Ruth Fuller G The Ken Garland Family Mrs. Gerrior The Walter Geswell Family The Bob Goldhammer Family The Ronald Gray Family Mr. Robert Guedet H Mr. and Mrs. Donald K. Hanson The Allen Hartford Family The Richard Haselton Family Mr. and Mrs. John Dever Hatch The P. K. Hathaway Family The Henderson Family The Everett Henry Family Mr. and Mrs. Alfred G. Hoyt I Mr. and Mrs. John Ivester The Wyatt Ingalls Family J The Bill Johns Family The Leon R. Jones, Jr., Family The Harold Jordan Family K N The Nadeau Family The Neiss Family The Nunzio Nicosia Family Mr. and Mrs. Robert Niven The Clarence Nutter Family The Stanwood Nutter Family O The George Odell Family Mr. and Mrs. Richard Olson The Lawrence O ' Neill Family Mr. and Mrs. Joseph O ' Riordan The Walter P. O ' Rourke Family P The Pierce Family Mr, and Mrs. Ugo Puglia Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Kelly Mrs. Elmer Kenney Mr. John T. Kenney Mr. Albert Kenrick The Fraser Kerr Family The Lloyd King Family Mr. and Mrs. Paul K. Kuehnel Family ■ The Lazenby Family Mr. and Mrs. G. Bradford Leighton Mr. and Mrs. Charles Leord The Herbert Lev is Family Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Long The Ralph LoPilato Family The Charlie Loveys Family Mr. and Mrs. John J. Lupo M Mr. Clifton J. MacDonald The Raymond Magliozzi Family Mr. George Magrath Mr. and Mrs. William Mahar Dr. and Mrs. John P. Mahoney The Maine Family Mr. William Magnuson The Albert Martinage Family The James Martinho Family Miss Ethel McLellan Mr. and Mrs. Richard Martyn Mrs. William F. Mason The Hubert Mathews Family The Ray McDonald Family The Stephen M. McGrail Family The Norman McLeod Family Mr. and Mrs. Stuart E. McNeil Miss Beatrice Mercurio The George Mercurio Family Mr. Mario Miani The Lloyd L. Milley Family The Gordon Mills Family The John Mitovich Family The James Moore Family Mrs. Eva Morris Mr. Ralph Mulcahy The Muller Family The Carl Muse Family The James Myers Family The Charles Mitchell Family R Mrs. Virginia Ralston Mr. and Mrs. F. Earl Randall Mr. Glenn Reynolds The Roche Family Miss Diana Rodjers Mr. Arthur Rose The Royers Family The Allan Ruderman Family Mrs. E. S. Russell The Fred Ryland Family S The Samson Family Mr. and Mrs. Warren A. Sanders Dr. and Mrs. William Segal Mr. and Mrs. E. Philip Shaw The Albert Silvia Family The Ray Smith Family The Lloyd Steeves Family The Stephan Family The Paul Stetson Family Mr. and Mrs. Hollis Stiles The Stokes Family The Walter Surdam Family Mr. King Suyematsu The Sydow Family T Mr. and Mrs. Thorne Mr. Thomas Tringale Mr. and Mrs. Fred Turilli V Mrs. Lillian Vinchilla W The Joseph Walker Family The Ward Family Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Werner Mr. Joe White The Chalis Wilson Family Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Wilson Mrs. Fred Wolsey J. E. PURDY STUDIO — OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER FOR NORTH READING HIGH SCHOOL M;i - ’jm iiBm

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