North Quincy High School - Manet Yearbook (North Quincy, MA)

 - Class of 1987

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North Quincy High School - Manet Yearbook (North Quincy, MA) online yearbook collection, 1987 Edition, Cover

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.A ll. l .xv i 1 .-.-,.....4 -Q 4 1 1 r -w 14 -PV 4 . Q: yi ,M SAQQ-'.'f'J,.i'm'!'. . 1' ' 2 Q.- Ag 2 KH?" Jqff' Sf' . ' '1'. : .- is w A 'I -5 I i 3 fi 9 fi F a 1 's I N .!, L J. onm our mr Hlcuscnool. OUINCY SCHOOL COMMITTEE Honorable Francis X. McCauley Chairman Francis F. Anselmo Christopher F. Kennedy Mary P. Collins Margaret Nigro Stephen J. Durkin Frank Santoro John A. Osterman, Secretary and Superintendent of Schools TQL. S Dx rf f , .J- ,ff n. FW 1 i 4 I gf, 'xl h J: Ei. 'Lac-Qi K vflf - I . ,K nl- . 1 .6 .o, , A I fha Ii.. , AMN r rx . .2 , if ,Q .mfs , ii 2 2 1' ig ' Af fb- 3 Q 4, Ei ,Q nay' 3, Q 5 - T 62 5. 1 - ,ij ,.-,. . ,, Ji K, 4 l'f,,' 'S ,ci fu' , f 4, '- Yi S, ,bam Q ay 1, - 5 fy, f - --qu ,, gdyf, r Elis 01? 1, 'r K. 4 r'- hhx -. '.,..w 'fu ,fob 5. v Mg, , kg ?4 ,. x H' yn Y 91 9 f 4 ,, ' ffff ' Q K. K 'w-.. gm - 't - I if bi- In-' xv 41, -:l"f Gamdids QCi'!.iG5f:.2'Q.Ei.QOJ!!. Faculty - ' Seaman Pammaits Spams Q clubs! Qvgfalmizatiams I Baby 9165212363 1' , 1 w Y w Y W w Y .vw 42 'L 1 , J -A K 7 'f?',1 2' ff- ,451 .pl ' 'fl . , L, in fa' ' .. fl .6 v f if 1. 1 VE ' x 4. it-, jd 098 4.781 Aw '5"yx,. , .g,.. ' , v 'S . S- QQ Y- -' Vo. " x t. s..q'.v , .',2.w T F' . . .g-W NMI M: . my .kv qgjgx' j 1 g ., Q, .,3 ,. A A I -.-rx., ,,, 4? . fzw-'+V fovf' " I . mai , ' .J ul ,. S S N6 iid l W IURQHK' I l 'Tir i fi L29 22.0- 1' U -wif 'K ,I v 1' 52 fi c Y 3 5, Q . lx 4 1 W .gs S' G' X q me Xl 'L Y' 'r . 4 6 2 X" Nw I A Q 'Q X It 5 ,t R fr V, gil? 'Q ff ,gf Q '53 ark?" 1 1 M' - W? , '- gi ,. 'fi 2- ' Q' 1 f ........! aa, Lui Ll Q-16:5 '55 4155516 , 'fQ1.1-Ssfiaf. 4, 7 I f X x S 4 E I I l w 4 F Qs- -JV :I+ K N4 ' NAV' l Y' 1 , . -X I I. f,,,,.3 ,N ,'f:,gg,i?c' ,1,-,g4, X' 'f-N1' ,,,!E5M v ,w:, ,l 1 'Nl , , X ' A . ' I e -, M ssivff IM - fn f'41 , 'iff 5 P 'T 1 'S ' -V .7 "' -r' 'V is if ' - .E ,..' 1' . Af" 1 '.. 4 7 , ski! 3 ia? X -2 4 'Q' -1" B if nefgnff 1 v, -10' il ln , , ,r if K x m And 3 sin x equals . . . I I ff 1' N X ' rx I X , I if-fl ff' v Q V . pn...-Phu ,V 1 F' -X - Q., ll Are you talkin' to me? 'ii I 1 l i off QX 3 .4 -,, 'Nj v..,.29' Ek I H5m,M if L, ' ,' if x i 1 , 1, M? 4 , 1 ew' MM - I, fff"g,Q'1'jgf:W-x4,,K ,MQ Q .Ji 5 iii 1 I m C .V 1 vfgj 49' Q Q fir, I 5 Ir My ' X' I F 47 1 4 AI What would happen if I mix. . . if I! Ii Can I help you? , ll,,!'-f'fX T NV., ' 'Wm 'imxw How many times do I sum -1' have to tell you . . . '2- li "Hey" You've got to be kidding me. 00ooo . . . F 1,3 S X? ,,J:"7'f ' NM K: 5 . J -c v-' Z 5 4 L' I N v fi 'NJ' a 'Sm- r 55 Knwgg R , 1 . ,- X. N.. ff H , N-. . X 0 xv X Bergman, Ever wonder how we aced your tests?? .xx 7 t' -F, 4, ,. ' - -1 1 X. .l j ,. .- ' X "f 'V -5' '. .' U ,ar .A -'Ibn 4 ,- ' 'A ,- fxi: r ' ZZZzzzz . . . , ' 4 A s , .4 11: X, -A , 'ii-'-1 Q f f Don't make me laugh! 4. ,, Copying? v V' 1 N Q Q ,,..a fl? "Smile" we're on candid camera! Please go 'way- lun. G- -143 Go ahead, make my day! ff' I think I deserve a higher grade! K What are you doing on the floor? f I don't believe I just did that!! ,Qs 'QW 'PF 1 J, L hu:-mari'-'f ' ,, ,, 'xx 'E .R -Tuul? . S'1"ig': ' I ' 4 '.1,"1-U11 ni? W . -4 'I A 41 N4 a Q--,xg 22 ,-.J F5-H as - -I .. if 4 ug, u.e-na-sasnaas-1 -u,....a-..-.-N. ,H 0 -5, xx 1,6 l t . .V 1 I 0 , 1 7 .-1-u DEDI CA T I 0 Sara Marie Gregory Once I had a best friend Her name was Sara-Nlarie She was pretty and blond I met her the first day of school We became friends instantly We did everything together We talked for hours on the phone We were like sisters We were like all best friends - We had our ups and downs But she will always remain with me No one can replace her She was one in a million One day we will be together again But til' then she will be with me in thoughts and prayers. THEY SOFTLY WALK They are not dead who live ln hearts they leave behind. In those whom they have blessed They life a life again. And shall live through the years Eternal lite, and grow Each day more beautiful As time declares their good, Forgets the rest, and proves Their immortality. Hugh Robert Orr . God Bless You Sara, I Love You. D 0 "What is And What Should Never Be" LED ZEPPELIN Duke is gone, but we'll always remember that he was cool like the month of November. He is love by family and friends who wish they could say this all pretend. Dealing with that, makes one feel blue, and at the same time tears his heart in two. Bringing him back cannot be done only comfort and support can help everyone. lf there's a Heaven l know he's there, hoping with trust that we'll think of the memories he left with us. He'd want us to think of the good times not the badg to feel happy not sad. "Do That For Duke, He'd Do lt "4" You" Chris E. Neenan "Been" To Duke: Thinking of you Thinking of the good times we had trying not to dwell on the bad. l lay in bed with tears in my eyes open my window and look up to the skies. 18 years old is far too young Mike's life had only begun. Mike's in Heaven and l'm sure he's alright knowing that will help me sleep at night. Bill Moriarty ..Fry,. To Duke, The tears of pain and tears of sorrow shall lead us to a better tomorrow. With "Your Lucky 4" and "My Lucky 7," we shall all feel you climb "The Stairway to Heaven" T "Seano" Sean M. Gray For Michael A. Deluca: Duke will always remain in my mind and my heart. Memories of him will last and never pass. l will always remember the times we spent together. Duke you were a great friend. Nancy Maher For Michael A. Deluca Good times, bad times we've all had our share When a friend like Mike is taken away It leaves us in despair. . Though, there is hope for a better day, Until then Just remember Michael in your own special way. . Ken Johnson "Class of 87' To Mike who will always "STAND BY ME' in my heart To a good friend and so much more With love, from your Babe Barbie Johnson ie I'l'l"l Q U .Lf 45 Us ', r 'WI .I f -of' NK 1 Va 'fm 4' li- . u -.-' fr- . . ,. fa" 1 Q. fe ..w., C24 . , ..-.,.-'f--M: ,W ,.V1 W- V-- 4- A-YH r 'fy 47 1 ,.f.. fI?:1f J - " 'TA' ff ffl .- Q - 4 .4-,--' v . -f L'-.4-,gv ,lm 5 -. r I ,Tx Q- 5, 24 fx, xi uf' ""'? s.f"""' O 'mn Eugene Macomber Susan Nash Patncua Mclver 'fi 1 f . 1:-4, 555,15 a ,-' '- John Kenney WQL. L ui Iwi ri-fx A ff u , V ' b 'L 1 Q' ,, vi .ff fy Q ,, xr. ' v 41' 'Q' i -a ltefhi Ar, 'lk W Richard Meyer- Dept. Head ,ffifi . - 5 af-. 'K rg . 65 SEX XXX ffllbuii mx-248. H , , Laura Asci 711 it I -N44 iff'- mf - .1 ' 1 "aa :Ai ff R ' , "v affix Q .-' s We an Y. F4 fi' K Q 1 Q Mx ir I ty LX Wt 1 a f I 'U 3 J T xiii 55.4 .giu A I i N tif ' ,Qi Am V. iygf i r' Q V t 1 vieth Curran " ' 7 I I vw ie, f i fx Feter Fitch Robert Nolan Gerald Ridge Patricia Bird M l 'FX 'U J , A Margaret Marland Margaret Anastas ""'5e " We .aw M Wayne Mirick ew-...Q NN-xv-auw, 9 f K x '?l ' ,.cL 5' y ' 1' wi' M if 3 -.. 1 Q A .H. ' , ny O43 3- V I '4 , ,t ' Yin' 1 if Gloria Davis Barbara McConaghy Linda Cibotti Jospehine Guerriero :Wa 5 , fifsgg 4' 'fi ' .vw 6 W2 A "5 8 L' X A Cf? Elinor Connelly I fr 41 Nm 'A- S hr, Kathy Cameron V i A 1 J May Crowley Lucinda Morrissey ' atv. ,fi I! ...M f .1-lMp"hi"i!y:,.. I lf' 4 IF ' r'-"" :if-ik.. 1 E GLIH v-w X Q M'-G N A 1 Paul Farrell - Dept. Head Alberta Murray -Head Ronald LaOuaglia 53? Q Angela Solomonte Frank Moffett Gordene L. Everett fi PN 4? S ' David Bergman Eileen Rugg Louis DeMarco ll A 'W f'S fvv."" 42:23 Margaret Buck Robert Cotto Corinne Mitchell -X 4 l fri for ...v ' Paul Phillips Mark McGuinness Hank Pasquarella gi lf I E bi X GCIAL ST DIE 'E 1-hill 'I :QI A' 1 Q 447' Q . K .J Dolores Tormey - Dept. Head 5 1 fistril x....J ii Judith Jensen 13-'fir wif' John Bokas o fb. ? li 'l' "J-"f 1 4 1 W, f. Paul Stanton 28 sa? t ri k, Michael Hurley 'S-... William Willoughby Vincent Ouagge rp 'K IU i Leonard Miceli Robert Troup E? Lawrence Maloney Sandra Rougvie 'fins ,N Thaddeus Sadowski I 11,9 e X .. Eff 1 ff V , ,-A ",.+xM . 4 ,, A .. 555' Q 1 cf- , f , K 1 ,I 4 Ib' l 4 6 W Qu .. . J :- Ask 1 -' E W nr 'QA A if ,Q " 4 X T, 5+ vw! Patricia Waugh Marjorie Bollen if N Y J 1 IH 1' 'r "' 14. . , 4 ,, S., . ' . -5.1 f XJ A Alfred Cawthorne 1'X Q if Roland Small Gale Palmer m. Stephen Brenner Steven Joyce Nancy McGrow Howard Churwin af ff'ff"'f"-we A 'WMM' if A tif ' I nv'- ,Ig Q' - 0 9 BUI S I DUCATIO I , an t. ..,l if x Salvatore Vento - Dept. Head ay ,. . 'nw ': vm sf' I X Diane Merrill James Murphy Marie Lydon .1E.I??1-2. f-"Fw Edward Ryder Diane Daren Gerald Ouintiliani 'ia -114 HUYUN 4, UWA Winifred Tikkanen Ronald Ashford Charles Bunker 19110. I ,tea . 'K MQ' QM! . ,F ' 4-sf. . 5 I ,.. l. f N iii X Q Q g f'..E"', ,E f XR :gg ' ' . , , ff A l Ralph Younie Paul Hogan Daniel Coughlin l ww A of USTRIAL 1 l-tN"",. -Fav: Marilyn Burysz Henry Conroy ii: H EI-Eco GMICS .Li NA' A r 1 Charles MacLeod JOBS BAY STATE GRAD 1 r ff .Ji 'fs '1 , 'x ef -,. V 415. ' . , 5, 3 1 ffx Ui X5 ! W 4 1 ' 1 WE 9 'z I x SQ' .I I - ' fi ., ' f K A in Q ' Cafeteria Staff 1 R 'if T T' I' .?' 4? ., qu-1 I 75 I fflifq .41 1 Q S , fat , Was' S , f. A . Xa.. 5 'vi " fi P. U' M- ,'-s!-'-- , 5' . 39. .ye M . . Us 5 Wy . f -M' . M . saga - , 14 ' Q ,fa ,v , , . 1 i f ffQ"' AJ Cindy Allbee A.F.J.Fl.O.T.C. C.A. - L - D.P. Summer of "84" "Whats sa matter" JC., MM., JS., J.W., M.S. Wooby Thank you Sarge and Maior for all your help. 'W"W"' " ' :WK4 1 sl Jill Askin Goodbye NO Later to the clicks! I love ya DD SC SB JM ls the head held enough? Diane Ill alays be in the PINK! Yea right Watchout for the moving curbs! Linda we did it! the tire and the shin How is your morning buzz? The night in cunningham s in the volaril Excuse me? If you don t believe me ust ask me Good thing ou dont drink uh? On the Ave again want to go away! Halloween 86 I We need slee I July 4th Cape 1986 oh well I hear that ll never move again Thanks Mom Dad and John I love yas Phil Mike Adams Journey Aero Smith Time Pilots Thanks Mom and Dad I Made it No more school No getting up for School in the morning The future weatherman Phil Adams Steve V Mark Calnan Joh Bilwin Steve A Tiger NOHS rules rodney chafant Ben Reider ENC rules LIFTING weight school night its Friday Landscaping meteorologist eto box chrisbo hoop Kurtis blow AMP Run MC New Edition Stryper Isaih 53 5 soldiers under command petra Beat the system not of this world old testament New testament he who seeks God shall find him Mat 6 30 the Lord is my shepherd I shall lack nothing Cape Annmarie Anderlionis 47 Taylor St. Basketball 8- Softball 9-12 RALPHSNORTON 87 YO TEACHER? HEY! ARE YOU AWAKE? THANKS MOM 81 DAD!! HI GUYS: TERRI LYNN DONNA PEGGY 8- JEN! NICE KNOWIN YA! THANKS LITTLE BROTHER! SAY WHAT? GOIN TO THE GAME TONITE? NAH! GET OUTA THE SUBURBAN LEAGUE? FOR WHAT?l HEY TEH WHAT S DAT? DER U PINHEAD! GETIA LIFE! TRTMSTGC ALL BITE Wilt! AGT 4-EVA DUH YA LOSER! IL- UGYMDTODI LETS GET OUTA HERE! ZIPPER ANI.: BUTTONS MY BABIES! C-YA NORTH! GOT ANY CHICLE? WE FINALLY MADE IT! HAPPINESS IS HARD TO COME BY IN LIFE 81 YOU GAVE ME MY SHARE! Steven T. Adams Heart - Cheap Tricks - INXS -the Cult- The Alarm - Ball8.Pivof The Cure - Th Del - Fuegos - Concerts Phil 'Sonny' Mark Jr. Steve ' stud . . Mike H. Dave Mike M John's Impala my Newport "WANNA RACE?" Putt Putt - Ma's Vette "Yo over the line!" Kellie Am Yvonne and the fork - The Nazz Feild - our ma gotta - Kim W. Maura G. Karen M. Medi Mart 248 is the best - Con- trywestern and Wham - U2 Rules - AC1DC - The Furs - Peter F, - Rods 8 Cones - Meltsin Bour binny - Thanks Ma, Dad Wendy, ave - "One day I'lI die, the choice won'l be mine, will it be too late, but you can't fight it" - Out of Control by U2 - Stay Young ff 42 as . yi ,mr ,ge , .1 fi Doug Annis Tom Boyle Lives!! Hello Jack Ron and Sid the Masters of Reality. Scooter Robo Jake Merf-dog Jigsie Slompa Bozo MEATHEAD Daffy Duck and athe rest of MSP. Black Sab- bath Led Zeppelin AC DC Motley Crue Van Halen Rush Iron Mai en Deep Purple Pink Flo d, Fond memories of harassin Mrs. Mc ahon. Beecky The Mount 21 assy Piney The Jersey Barrier Warriors The Pit Azar IncutIWhos oing to run first?J. Thanks to Bruce. Good luc to all the Earth - dogs Hell Rats and Rivet-Heads everywhere. fm 27" x Julie Anastas 5-21-86 I LUV U JOHNNY! Forbes Hill - Good Times! LET'S PARTY! BAHAMA BOUND! Peanut - HD, BD, DK, JC HM Friends Forever! Lets BO to ElTorito's. Ed, The Little Drummer oy. Want another BEACH BUMS! Where are the Army guys? JENN - BOSTON COLLEGE - I ON'T REMEMBER! Here comes Harvard St. Babs! Party over Kiley s. SURIN U.S.A. ls the par- ty over? Dont forget me when lm gone! Wheres Joey? We have a Flat! I cant believe I made it! Thanx for everything Mom 8. Dad. I Love You! Bye Doc Wish me luck! 1 'Q-: . Cx, ,f Andrea M. A er A Moe-baby Mrs. T and i-gel DS and DE - Let the good times roll M1Field - NC PF TD2 PM DM etc. 121 - JFA Hyde Park1 Papaya store Moe - Remember the Heaven in my eyes 8. Amanda T - You ll be lllin FofL night 464 - DS DE MM 8. EH DS - Remember BDSPJ 4125186 7125186 Panama 85 - TSP 8130186 - Wemet the Giraffe and the Porcu ine SJ - THanks for being there M T A - est friends forever 9127186 - The Wild Night 1014186 - The Accident North End Fanuiel Hall - Van Halen LD - SunnyJ - NY86 El Torito - K E M B ls this the end? - Stand by me! California MM - Thanks M80 - Thanks Goin Crazy Nasty Chi-Chi-Boom! i I I I i X . Michael D. Bartkus 64 Summit Ave. -lockey 9,1O, 11, 12, Golf 10-12, Hockey and 3olf Tourney 11. NOHSSMD The 14th hole 8. he rock HE VINCENTS - BB'sLgig Me8rHol- 31 boot Marco's wtgn Where's B DITENRAN- Y Steve, Zim, Bu i, Tenzo, Randy, Sigs Billy J, Matty, JP, Mickey, PT, Holy PM, JR, 3weedo. Me8-Ten: SkiEpy8rBi Summer 1tsWALLEY WORLD. LIT sd8. kt. tpa man rea right! Don't talk 2 db's we use em'matt Ir1e8iSteve tel. pole semi nt. 73 scamp. Easy Beth8.Kristine: GLITF. Thelma, Booma 3 LUV YA! think snow! Thanks Mom 8. a . . U Larr Bollingzer g Senior Basketballfgennis amp, Bike tlnlp Retreats HOODSIE Festival of Lifefhoop, . Bowl T.S. R.M. Sgoalloupolisl K.D. S.P. T.S. J.C., T.G. K.C. R. . RAP B.W. Celtics Dorieto Dorielgo Rines riens Moose Wolly, Pres. John 3:16 he Mount FurnyJThe NAZ. reshman OH NO All Right, YOU D MMY Skating C.O. D.C. RG. Alton Bay N.H. Celts!Sox Ieiarade I got tickets! F.C. S.S. J.N. Thanks MO +DAD. Patricia Ellen Barrett "Tricia" 34 Copley St. b I Cross-Country 9-123 apt. 'Spring + Winter Track 9-12, Capt. ' Boston lobe ,All- Scholatsic ' Boston Herald All-Scholastic, ' Patriot Ledger All-Scholastic, ' MVP Award For Cross-Countryg ' Undefeated in Suburban League. '85 "Party Time" Thank-You Mr. Toz- zi - 1986 Cross-Country - All By Myself! Jid e, Jeff, PC, KK, KC, SO AT, TL, SB, BB. LES!! Canada, FRENZ 4-eva, Ouarrys, BCHigh - MM, CR, 3 boys? PBBus, Cape Cod "Moeped" MBParV "AN" Store, Dot "Meow" Bermuda "KATH " KC, AH, MB, .MG - Tropical WC-14 Roses Gary - Mansfield Car, KM "JO" KG, Slow Down! "Jeep" Oueens Court Thanks MOM+Dad Susan Barry 84 Ashworth Rd. Scott Feb. 8, 85 I Love You Thanx for everything Love Sukka Diane the Rock Par- ties, Your Bathroom, Thanx for always being there 143, Dee! Barbs Party 84. Andrea Thanx for the good times at lunch. Kaz We had some reat times to ether I won't forget ya. arsh-Horri an ove You a lot Never for et ya. Thanx s. Swanson 143 THANKS M M +lDADI Thanx North for the memories See Ya Later much! DAD I LOVE YOU FOREVER!!! 61 is "fit hvk 4 I I . ?' Theresa Billard Remember the good times collegle pond 84, 85, 86. Mr, Hawaiian hey bet w o is it this week? June 2 1985 hi Rach thanx 4 everything if a girl answers, don't hang up. dance factory, hey Jess hows meathead AJ LUCKY STAR remember the double dates Lisa oct. 25, -85 I LOVE U CHRIS! jr. prom C's senior prom new ed Apr. 24 Alicia wheres the P'A'R'T'Y Mar. 2 86 CELEBRATE!! GOOD LUCK CLASS OF 87. . '?' 'P X lf' John Micheal Bilwin 1 Anthony N. Battistone Jr. Guido The good times were only temporary but the memories will last forever.' BOSTON CELTICS BOS ON RED SOX .. PA IOTS MMB 'M.Z.'A M. I. And a special THANKS TO MOM 8. DAD. VX Qo- Joseph K. Boti Joe Body! Bowtie 10 Appleton St Foo all 10 11 12 911 Hockey1O 11 12 Baseball 11 12 lfinall made it Thanks to my friends SB NC BC S TG TD SW OJA Never forget the Raider pride The Senior trip to Bermuda turkey day game! Senior prom the Mets winning the World Series Thanks for everything Mom and Dad Good luck class of s. ' ,. , X ani-1-K Stephen V. Brooks Brooksie 4 A pleton St. Foo all 10 11 1 1f89'BasebalI9 10 12. After 13 yrs. I final! made it it feels great. Thanks friends: JB C SW TG TD DS BR KH MM RS Remember: Raider Pride OXA 75 Buick Skyhawk The Senior Trip to Bermuda Rock Golf course Papa's 59 brothers Inseparables Turke Day Game!!! B e NO OVTS. Good Luck lass of 1987. T ank you Mom and Dad love Steve. 43' Susan M Bulger 98 Safford St SC AC KM DP CC KK JM KP Florida Nov 86 France April 86 almost made it What a Concept! Amy look out for the tree! SAVE Why Prom Sue the Maniac driver Cape summer 86 What an experience! 19 We have not had a fight Do you use OUTBACK RED? Salty Hotdo s NAVEL! Green MGM in Frostvalle Amy o you have any film in the camera? n the canoe backwards Chiquita Banana 6mo 13days38min Stacey sharp teeth Scruples After the Prom! Well Gu s we made it lLove You AII!Thanx MoM8.Da I Love You Michelle A. Briere BF - ASH. JG, RS, CS, DE, DS, MM, KK, BP, JS, MM, DN, RDT, CW, PAG, FC, LH, WP, KC, AH, TB, MG, KG, NG, LC, SC, SB, SB, JB, KK CK, HC, CL, MS, BM, RW, DS, PW, KM, JR. DS, JP, AT, MM, DW. The Beach Boys DD Sox, Pats, Celts rallies! Hi Jude! Halloween - DS M+MC! Knowatlmean, Vern? Kim - Let's break into school SC. Beaches - summer of '84 with best friend Ashley Schall - Myrtle Beach, SC + Bermuda - spring brks '84+'87 - JR-SR Wknd - Streamers! No JG - You CAN'T drive! STOP! How are ya'lI doin? - Great! l'm glad it's not . . . or nuthin! Life's a Beach! When the goin' gets tough the tough to shoppin Jan + Dean JS + CS - Want to go to Stone ill? Deborah Ann Briggette 24 Woodbine Street JACK, NAHN, CC, KAR, TOM, MIKE, AMY, KH, BB, KM, SB, GK, RG, RL, SC, MF, JP+JC, EFRIENDS FOREVERI, Swim. 9-12 IDIS? hoir 9-12, Softb. 9, 103 Compu. CI. 9-1 g Yr.Bk. Co. 12, JBSG 12 ISOTMA Col. Gard. 93 Bus. Cl. 12 IFR Officerlg TE RY lWHAT?I THANKS JACKIE FOR BEING THERE WHEN I NEEDED YOU! THANKS IMR. ASHFORD ILOVE YA ALWAYSP, MR. O. MR. C. JACK WE MADE IT!! I LOV YOU TOM COME ON CC SING LOUDER! 2-16-84 V.D. PARTY JACK WHERE S THE BLOW DRYER! DON'T Rl THE NYLONS! JACK ARE YOU GOING DEAF! WHAT? JR. PROM ITHE BEST 4-11-86 8. -5-85 HANKS NGILOVE YOU OM8-DAD. is? 4-sig. i It-'r g Kimberlee A. Brown 38 Ro al St. 3130184 Mark I.L.Y. aways 8. forever Spark are we almost there? Hey Mark I will showkra. Brant Rock Friends forever - KP SD M SB PP MD DA RF MINA PM SH CS. PP party down your cellar P.Town Pam friends forever. SB she s gross. KM we ve had some good talks. PT what a score! Pam 3 Let s par- ty. OB EC BC PC VC I LOVE YOU ALL VERY MUCH! Mom you re the best Dad in the world I LOVE YOU!! are we kissing the dashboard Jr. Prom Senior ' David F. Buckley Buckwheat Orchestra 10 11 12. Zambowian Mud Pit Dive Team 9 10 Paradise Peninsula Milton Gig N.H. 2nd 3rd 4th Annuals MH To the Creek! Mod Ouadrophenia Marshfield Madness Dodge Dart Indian Head Georges Island Sea 8. Sand T.B.K. This ace smells Cup O Joe? AI Nelly Dave Andrew Ed ar T-Bone DrinkfJam MGS Out on the E- ay Image Eddie T. Bud Team Pink at Hyatt Magically bored on a quiet street cor- ner free frustration my generation . .. . ' T Chris Brown Brownie 15 Clive St. never forget BiII"' 'SMG Buddogs Golf B ires G.M. D.D. C.K. P.N. C.P. K.L.: April Vacation 86 "OUlFFA Roids Bald Head Super Bowl 86 Ortrs. CQ G.M. Thanks Mrs. B' B R C r 8. D8.V THANKS MA O AndIDidn't. --qv U Matt Burns It s been real Its been fun but it hasnt been real fun. Never forget-JG VP SK MH OW ... - Mr. Baker- Mr. Riel . .. . . . Auto Mechanics 1 2 3 66 Nova - Is it fast!!! Blue Bomber - Loon Mt. Bob Seager 86 Aerosmith 86 oh no lost my brakes!!! VOOM-VOOM-FLAP McDonald s for unch I was born ready!! S100 ticket But it wasn't me officer Penn Flicker Always remember the OSCO crew!!! tan 8- Mike - study 312 8.443 HOTROD" dats nas BeanHead - kosher - You8Me Tris Its been a fast 4 years - see ya NORTH I love you I made it Good luck to everybody LATER '. 5 Stephanie Byron , 34 Webster Street I LTOMPI FF:KM, KB, SH, PM, CS, LS, JL, II VILD - LBFM! Who's 8. Shawn's - FPark ,I I :APE 86' Stop poking around Kim's Pool - .atenight SD! IGGY!!! 'You're the one for me" lot-Da 85' Shannon's house, SBS - Bunch I if BI's K of C "Stay right there" 7-11 L8.K The I lock, GC-NT's - Swallow it!!! Uninvolved 9' 2, CigarsfCastle Isl. Jr. Prom, July 4th - lrid ewater U2, Fresh Fest. 86' Forida - IDIINAGGI TPS - Thanks Mom 8 Dad. e Q my I I A Brian Campbell f , "Wt" I-ootball 9-12: Track 11. Mr. O T.G., S.W. it I I wivi., D.G., se., auoiviiui Je., ss., o.s.f fIOOP AT THE MOUNT CLASS OF 87 IN- ISEPARABLES. THECRUE 77 REGAL, BCN. ll AAF, SLED MEN, GLOBE OA, OUINCY, ATLANTIC, T.D.1 CAMPING ROCK, BERMUDA, I HALEN, A. SMITH: TRIP E. NORTHPORT, NY. IRAYNHAM, PATS, SOX CELTS, BILLINGS. I PUTNAM, BEALE, T.B. M.M. BOYS NIGHT ,I DUT D.G. IT DOESN'T MATTER TG, DON'T I TAKE MY CAR OUT TONIGHT S.W., KEEP It YOUR EYE ON YOUR MONEY S.B., SHOUT, IBACK SEAT BRAWLS J.B., YOU TALK TOO , MUCH: THANKS D.S., ALL YOU ZOMBIES: EVERYBODY T.D. DANGEROUS BUT WORTH :I RISK LET THE MUSIC DO THE TALKING: I Beth Bussard 1 Band 9, 10, 11, 12 Florida "84" Roaming the halls again. Suspension I George 4-Eva "All Cried Out" "Friends and Lovers" "You give love a bad name." We live for weekends "par- t time" F R GOLF COURSE W T R'S Forever NJ FS KS JK DK DG MM SS CO JK+TH KP-FRG RG+BB JC+CH JB+RNl RH+IVIR PC+CM R0 SO HG AH EP ML SV BYE GUYS. Love ya, Hope we're Together 4-eva Thanks Ms. Swanson and Mom for being so patient Love Ya lt's oft to the hard life. lt's been Real, Bye North. 11,' Brian R. Callow 72 West Elm Ave. 471-5583 Football 9 10 11 12' Hockey 9 10. Thats Right the Partys Back! Rados Rodo Tom- Van DaveL Nando Fi DonSc Jimbo Rico Toby Tomd SalSsTd E STAND BY ME party 38 11th Gr was Awesome 10thSum Sr.year Thirsty Thurs, Anytime - I m You re Man MarkViIuvya Marklllrip Grapevine Rock Golf Anywhere BENCH Melo-land Rodo s Pool+Tyrell RESsq. Cohasset MrEmLb- JwKfMany oth. Thanx or Sor. Smashed Chochman Celtsplayoffs RC BlanchardRyan- Tyson Hoot Ya-Yo lots KIM: The Best Times only get better Montreal SrProm OueenDnc Rico s. Kirk: Tests Sheilas KFC FNCcrewEE All my Teachers MOM + Dad Thanks. Sean Butland 286 Highland Ave. PT JL CW SG PT-well the Houndsreturn - Alwa s Alumni when BUZZED - Ph"'lll - Joey C ON - Pedro ya mad at me? - WOO Cra' - Mr. Ga - DEETSA - SOUIRREL - EDRO - EANO - BFDS FBGC - Forbsey - Joes - Woll T-PARTYS CC'S - RHL S - BUTTAS - UUHHH - Cancun or bust - Bahamas here I come - thanx Arndoga - Pete let s hit BLANCHARDS - I I TKM-HITF-0nisz283S W DOWN! Thanx MA DAD love ya - PT's thanx for givin my wardrobe back - Craig STOP - Let's play pool 8. dans - Eddie nice car - Mr. Gary HALLOWEEN? - Hey - Well we've all had a POP! Good luck JE - STOUGHTON - I had a blast NOHS - Best of luck everyone. I? Brenda L. Campbell 111 West Elm Avenue Volleyball 9-12' Thanx Guys' Natl Hon. Soc. 11 12' Pride Com. 9-12' Decorating Com. 9- 12' Student Council 12. BERMUDA BOUND! KG MH KJ MH SF: RepRun4t4 FINALLY! Mona-ALAV Do As I Sa 8. Not As I Do NMSAHARA' P-Putt Jen. Wolly Beach - What time was it? No More RC s Summer of 85 - KG MH 8. BC - The Weather Girls' G - 'Can We Handle This? ' Thanks for a reat 9 rs. Remember DDs Car FII NAB' ICE! amp Wing - DM JP 8 BC - n 'r- mary? Di - You know I understand! Thanks KP I Luv You' Mom 8. Dad I never would ve made it without you. Thanks love Ya Me. 5 l""' if ox . '19 a ., :ral Julie Cairns Wobby Hey Deb Did we talk him into it? Motel What motel? We made it! Julie 8. Jeff 4-18-86. Love you! Eric - From the top! Laurie Hey Peps Smoke a Ci -but! Mike M. I love ya! J. Who s J? Joyce here did you say Barnsted was? Party at Robs. Take care of Ozz I Jason Elliot Rob love you! Force of DL. he rebels survived the click of NOHS. Mike you ruined Mom s ru I Jee! There's nuttin in here! Mar- ried? Nort you'lI never know! Thanks ROTC 4 yrs. Thanks Mom. l love you. You're 411. Forsan et Hic olim. ., W... I... ,,T,.. , V . is , Qt- ,- Christina Cangemi "Tina" This 8:00 again, Jenn Bottles For You Cans For Me! Stay-Free! Ellie Laurie V66 PartyESR! ONIYO T.JLY I luv Ya Class of "86" TWFAF JR 8 SR Prom Pumkin Heads Ft. Ld. RM 328-DEB - Frozen Toes DISH? GanzoLY Sara Smile Snicker Bar - R U Goin Sunday? Falmouth The Buttons on Fire! Duzzi Mel s house! Sandra it s the crack of dawnHCO! Run DMC 8. Jay Mic Masters MRICBIPOOYS? T Bird SC lts snowin Holiday Inn Twist SYNOLT! DNYCKOLY! enny U Be lllin with SIX!! Thanks Maree 8. Hoss 8. Aunt Annie DIZZA U R My Endless Love 377785 The Rock Forbes Luv Ya Dad 8. Ma ha.. --Lx. . inf' L David Carter Nicholas J. Cangemi 60 Ap leton St. Hockey 9, Football 1 ' Track 11. 84 at the 14 Hole The Gang PH DH SIG1, SIG2 BM OTIS TK THE OTHER BOYS DL MS BD TM THE ROCK AND THE WOODS THE OTHER GOLF THAT THE BOYS GOT ME GOOD DOOR JOB SIG THE PATS 86 THANKS MISS SWAN- SON "DC" HOLT PARTY MLC I LOVE YOU GOOD LUCK ART? MIZER BIG "ED" PM THANKS MOM AND DAD "PC" I LOVE YOU AND YOU TO TINA JEN JO SEE YA NO. Vinny Capone 176 Billings St. Colleen 273785 Thanks or everythin I love you! The dungeon, Keith, Peter, glimmy, Carolyn, Chris, PPSP. Winters, Swanson The Rock, Hockey games, Softball games Football 12, The park, abysitting, The Red sox! Sun- day sleep day. Fuzzy, Kingers house, Jr. Prom, Hot dog and pickle, Ouincy school. 1 yr 9 mos best of my life thanks! Thanks mom and dad I love you. WT I I' ' by ease ' -ff. N-.N-Q ,X ,,,,.. Scott D. Chansky ' Nando 10 Faxon Rd Football 9 10 I1 Capt 12 Parker Boys DL ME ML MS JP BD TM MARTY LATE NIGHT PHONE CALLS FLATTOPS ARE BACK SC ME DH Get Some Bubbasl DN DL BC TM Pat s 85 86 BLANCHARDS RUN Feel the Wrath Montclair' Wi a THE ROCK 14th HOLE Sx Mochines Ju y 4th 86 M HOUSE BERMA APR 87 NRA DEATH O GLORY THANX AR Nice Hat Doug 2 J s IN A D Aerosmith 9 14 85 MS TM DL In The Park After Dark 71786 MBM NFTGT Remember You Send Me SPUNKYI SCZLVL TSGNQQSXMOMXDAD THATS ALL Thomas A. Case Foot all 9-12' Wrestling 10- 2 Capt. 12' Baseball 10-12, 12 min. coach Mulvl lm shaving like daddy' Shh they cant see me' ISWANK' Slampigs fWinchendon 863 fun- bags' !Hey Babel' RoadTrip' FoodKing Clam- Bake' The 9 s' Driving the Bronco to Lynn' New Years 85 'Cotton Bowl Syndrome Ken s weekend celebrations: Ms. Stupid Mrs. Hughes fort, ILet me lay here dude! Bermuda '87 3 Tookyg He likes it, hey Mikey! The Scrap- per, New Hampshire '86' SANDY 17728-?I Thanx Mom + Dad, I really do appreciate all you've done for me! Extra photos may be ordered for S995 each, supplies are limited. Debbie Casserly 26 Becket St. Pride Committee 9 and 10. Junior Prom The train station Rush hour Cathay Pacific Gummi Bears Third lunch Good Luck! Hot Dog, S.E.. B.R., C.C., L.M., and, S.C. Best of Luck to the class of 1987 Thanks Mom and Dad. if 'Nu- sf fi -nl IEIIM Il. 3.4-1 I? Richard M. Carter "Rich" 158 Highland Ave Ouincg Football 4111 7 Gran Torino The Mobile The ghosg The November night at KeI's JDJ May 6' Wire climber Tivie - "Phil let's get the out of here" Bahamas '87 Kel, ob, Phil, and maybe Libba UI Gal got an extra blue. Mr. Fisher lConnaJ tThe librarianl Gal you H.P. I2l John are you sure you know where you are going. 7T'Bird Thanks Wendy l'm crazy about you. Hey boys remember the times in Green Harbor Old Silver Beach April 12 86' Thanks Mom for gig ggu have done. - Stalagtite - JG, Charmaine Ann Chapin 188 Belmont Street Choir912 Madrigals 12 Yrbk 12 Business Club 12 DP AC DB SC JM SB KM CM LN JS RG NO MF KG KH CS JF SS AL DD MM RH CB GR 9V Day party GR11 Per6 DP unbelievable Jr Prom 1 2 3 up' GR 12 I understand Mr Penguin 9 29 86 AC remember hiding AMY YOU LIGHTS Its an experience KH remember when Aug 24 815 lm so confused HELP' TWFAF HIT THE BRAKESII YOU RE UNBELIEVABLEII Thanks for everything Deb So Sorry For Leaving Anyone Out NA WORD UP There were rough and easy times but most times were with close friends Thanx Mom Goodbye North -v IP I E I Joyce C. Chroniak 107 Ouincy Sh. Dr. nal! made it! "87" Best Year!! Band 9-10. B Florida Bus Ride. Best of Friends, eb, Conn. Bound!!! Again? YAH! Squid City! A-HA!!! JuIie+Jeff, hanx for everything. emember the best of times in RR. Thanx waneIy+Mrs. B. Do I really have a big mouth? Iliot, ob and Jason IIIBI Bros. Forever! Love a! WTR, Thanx for the friends Steve. Moe. Ianhunt down the beach! Let's go roller- kating! NAW! Jules, time to go NH? JP, MM. W, E ,DL. ND+LH to the Fair! Party at Jimsg obs Anywhere, who cares? "Cruisin in my ar ICI-IRIS! Death Rides!" Bye North Clicks mrever. I I 6 ef' Darlene Ann Columbare 1 23 Bedford St. Hi - LFKMMMADCMRL Don't forget: MyPants. Holg Cross! The Long weekend Qs Dr. 10-13- 6 'Bangl' Hairspra Word Up ual! Parris ls. LF? Hi RKMKM The Ledger I Spirit Committee 7:0O? C-ya Hi EWSW MWJB L HAH EFSN From Granma The Hint! Whyme? ldon tunderstand Homework for LF-L-XL-H , Whhops MM Leeannes Bloodshot eyes Con- tacts! K.M. - Key, K.M. - Housewc. The Bench! YOU BASKET Track 9-11 R.L. "lh!" Newfriends Old friends KGSF'Tico' Club California Vogue Escapades Churchill Park Milton Boys YUCK!! Bangles I'm Onl Human Hi C.D. Summer86 lsaw hitneyH. 'Tony S.' Thanx MOM 8. DAD Bye '!Eyb" N.O. Andrew J. Chernov Well, I guess I'm one of them now It's a dirty job, but somebody's got to do it . . . Everybody gets on the guest list! Tippin' at the Crick, Hanging.. out at Paradise Peninsula, and who knows w ere else . . . It's a great car, l'll never have anFv trouble with it . . . DM at In- dianHead . . . axon bust??? Garageland, here I come Il'm armed with three chords and a one note solo! THANX MBC, C8.E, ETC. "You take what's good for you and l'll take my freedom." Thanks to you guys, I made it Iand you know who you are!! S V, LZ, PF, DMATS Who, KR, Fender, MB, CaICooI! 81 NG? HA!! Laura J. Chiampa Cheering IO 11 12' Class Sec. 9-12' Pride Comm. 9-12' DSAB 9-12. R-E N KATIE - Naah! Zin - Me AR MO CO JW TK MT NL CH M JW - BYOBALLS! KXYXS Kim Tew-Tew! Moon Over Marina - GAC J-O-A- N the TREE IBreakfast Club! PlC'S HOUSE! We're 91 B-at Chev s Ace - 2DogNite KF- JP "Our Dates? 8 lLWHB8.FF - " e Island" Mort 8- Salami S "Youre My Favorite Waste Of Time C MD - Sandbags Rocky D IBIII "We're Here Lets Party - Hey!!" ProsfTif2fShun Vo ue? Celts Day? July 4,86 The Van Killer W ork KS - McChic at BK! o-GO! D '86 N NA Ft. Lauderdale '87 - TF2 DON-LIN-JUD THANX MOMBDAD "Always Leave Them Laughing When You Say Good-Bye!" El. Stacey Christine Cochran "Spacey" "Garanimal" 32 Alvin Avenue sue, deb, charm, amy, kristen, carla, dawn, dans, diane, leesa, thanx for everything! OTAY, Chiquita banana. save? navel? GROUNDED!!! what a concept. blah! 6mo.13days38min. salty hotdogs . . . Do you use OUTBACK RED?? Cape, UMMER '86. JR. PROM sharp teeth. SR.PROM?? Good Iuck to the Class of '87, it has been a great four years, GOODBYE, see ya in 5. Good-bye N.O.H.S. and thank-you, THANKS DAD, I LOVE YOU!!! 5.1 I Laura A. Ciulla I LOVE YOU WALTER A. SPRAGUE!! "THANK YOU" LED ZEPPELIN RAMBLE ON FOREVER! CD-L-CD. US-JH.KK. BK.BH. JMPK. JS.RP. Snake-on it! Tuesdays, dool, HCTS! THE LOOK!! We are in a CASUAL school, SD. Mid- night excursions to the beach The PPME Inc. '9' Korz. Beautiful, KK. Good Morninlug Class. UGH! Party in Mr. Fitch's office. e won't PM mind! Volle ball 6th per. 11th HENRY AND EMMA LIIAE ON! AAH' lT'SAWESOME! ' WHERES THE CAPTAIN? IN THE CORDOBAIII River Rat, This Love Lasts Forever! THANKS, MOM, DAD iPauII I never could have made it without you. MY LOVE ALWAYS!!! Deirdre C. Collins , Dee-Wee-Pee, Tweety, Double D Team FLA- - L 86 - JA, JF, TC, PO, AO, KD, TL, TD . . . Mar- T K N tlys Cornor - PO, JC, MH, "ManyMang by . imes" Lamberts - Ziggys Party. INX 5 2 wfLur+ +Karen+Stevie. Friends Foreva SC, . I DG, MB, PK, SB,TC, KD, DA, MP, SC, KR, ER, I j ni ,K ME, JS, 'Thankhyou Ms. Swanson" RM 429 'f Ms. P's class I ooka+Mi? COOKA WE . I .ff . SURVIVED THE NO CLICK ...J.R. Prom - f 1 , 86 - Patrick N. DJ+Jai V-Day "86" - .f . THANX for the roses Dougie, Luv ya a lot. I Q Marines who else is going? MP, KW, CC ff . l Miss-Ya . . . Cooka "Hic-up" "out again NO" - .1 f' The Green Tank - 72, "HEMEY ARK - " ' STAND BY ME" - Shedog+Mary+Pam. Rockys 1, 2, 3+-1. Amhurst - Get Off The Eidefwalk. See-Ya North, Thanks Ma+Dad uv a. YW Paula Connell Soccer 10 Cheerin 12 Yb Comm MD GOLF THE ROCK CH KG EK EG LIS STAND BY ME KATIE BFA HANSON 4 IN THE MORNING TONI! UTTALLY I BEACH BOUND DEEP CONVOS SNICKERS BIB BPIBOF IT RODGE SYBIL UBJAKE YEAH IM JEALOUS RUIN YOUR NIGHT HAWIO YTBTFE TRACY ITS FLORIDA TIME! YOUR SUCH A DAF! LWUL A TINFAF TRACEY MOVE YOUR KNEES! PAM FLORIDA DOUBLE TROUBLE CAP LIZZA TYS FFIP STACEY IABTFYT TFBSAGS TSHSTSSBWSOSB BRUCE BINFYA WLL'7'7 IARD!TD! OSB BJDKK BKN ES NANA MOMSDAD THANKS FOR EVERYTHING!! I LOVE YOU WELL M OUTTA HERE OFF T0 THE REAL WORLD BYE NORTH!!! 43 WH? riszif- IWJTL - ARM' - S5 " " - 84 - "ce" - .. T 5' - ' ' .. - - T- i' Amy N. Conroy Christopher J. Conway Gonga" 43 N. Central Ave. -al9: .C 9'S ,C 'P ' Pride Comm 12' Bus. lub 11 12' SADD 9 OP, DB,JM LD DD CM BK NO BR SE CD. JA - friends to the end!! What if? Ledger Land "Stack the back' Mish Gig, Limo ride 'Kat" 19 GWs CM 10fd Look out for the tree! Toga party reat who's gonna buy it? Jr. Prom Green M8.M 1st burp off 86 oops u side the head "Ham sters" Jun les of N "lunch room noises" o the bird " arty train" Dont be fresh! Word-u . It s been real guys! I luv-u-alllthanx MOM8 AD R V B I Itl lub , gan Iub1'1, P11, x 9 - 101 Yrbk. 12. NZ, KK, SA, SB, KM, CC, SC, .-3 I ' ' ff A 1 ' 1 , 1 3 J S Susan M. Cooke Cookie G b e NOC. P-PUFF IN 10 I1 12. KJ CF G MJ JA SA JM ILUV YA ALL! JR. PROM SLEEP WHATS SLEEP! I HAVE NO PLACE TO STAY! I NEVER FORGET THE GOOD TIMES AT THE CORNER! THE DOOR! CAPE COD JILL KEEP THAT HEAD HELD HIGH! LABOR DAY DC JA WE HATE THE CLICK! REMEMBER DESTROYING THEM ON T-DAY NO MORE SPIRIT IN N.O.! WE LIVE IN THIS CAR! LETS GET THE YELL OUT OF OUINCY! THE BARS GONE! WE NEED MORE JUICE! WHEN I THINK OF YOU J.D.! LUBY-YA MA 8. DAD THANKS TO MY FAMILY 8. GOOD FRIENDSIPARTYIII Stu Coull 123 Waterston Ave 71 Chevy The dirt road Pino Where s your c In the shop? Gas Station T WEEKENDS RR What a trip LNB 45lb stri er Bluefishin 16ft Glass Bar Hunting Ml MIKE MA SEAN OTTIE JOHNNY The Pond IW R MK 86 Thank You Mom and Dad foreverything A Student 1, 23 Do matics I6-27, 8-151 Wichen- don Homeless aif Festival 86, July 4: Brom- field Dub - 120 8485 861 Put It Off Until Tomorrow And It Will Never Get Done, The Nines MBL, GG Allin ATSQ PIROTECHNICRAGE LIVE KAOS, NOHS1GOES TO HULLQ KKC Vault Ratsg The What?, Hangin Around in Kenmore Square Blitzkrieg Bop, Bermuda 87, Roadrunner, Stomp In The New Year, "Your My Guitar Hero", Never Mind The Bollocksg War Whooping Blow n. Chunks, Repo Man, Thanks To 25 Miltong Regards To All Not Aforementionedg Goodbye "Chris" VI? Q--,, John Corrigan 136 Ouincy Shore Drive The mount JM PO MD TD AS DD MZ JN JC CP F.B.G.C. thanks - 714186. Bruces Cape Cod 86 what s in the tub. Camping 85 ou didnt do JM WC PC you re not at the T. V.O. 84 New Years Eve 86 Its m sink you ASPs Wheres the brakes P0 B. . its gonna blow M.D. It taste better going down than it does coming up doesnt it. JP-IB-LS Marshfield 86 MBH. - 650 317186 was it wodrtg 219 6003 Florida Bound! Thanks Mom an a 69- 163 ar ' ' if 'LOS 9 'fl ,un if-1 .ae ' 1 Theresa Coughlin Marianne Cormack 18 Newton Ave. Well that was classy! MF1you beat me to it SM HDHK? Chris is C-eyed again! looking FAB Who's holding out? 'Get me a burger to go! Fandangle that boy! CP - No one's home! Remove it or lose it! 2 Minutes? Jr. Prom Hit the Plavement lt's the Phobia DM SC JA SM BC SL KN PC LM AS CP Di - MAN ALIVE Mellowland Still Searching? PF - 1:00 SLAVC - YOU MAN! 'cfc' You Die Comeau! What happened to that AK? That's just the way it is - Thanks dad and mom. il-as Andy M. Craig 28 Eddie St. West Ouincy lt's about time!!! Mike N. let's go fishing!!! The Cape MM MN JK JF JM WK West Dennis Vandals. The Mods The dump! Let's get more wood!! The Reeb thief Dump Crew A MN JK JF MV SW MM Eggy got a smoke? N.O.H.S. Click survivor. Junior Prom. Kings and Queens Skeet Shooting 25 Some day! Thanks Mom and Dad I made it!! Later everyone good luck! P I I I Jennifer Curran It's 8:00 am again Tina! .Cans fowfou bottles for me! 5 yr. veteran!! Tina Will e Ever Get Out Of Here? Cheekie 8- Comp. GSC'S8iFPO VT TC l'lI talk to ya! Falmouth wfEd FitzCrew, L, T, S, T, J WHATITIS! Montreal 86 SH+EW Have another one guys! THANX PD, Like those yellow cups Tina, Peds 8. Eggs??.CeIts 81 B's ARE WE HAVINGFUNYET? onsider it gone JL, SC, TC, CM, Ken, I don't know Jim- my Forever A-B-S! Billy K. Miss Ya! Montclair - GC - It always seemed to Snow! JA BC I don't remember! Tina friends forever! Love Ya "STAYFREE" Marc OCT. 7!! Missly 83! Tracks of my Tears! NO l'm Out of here! hanx Ma! 11"- Richard A Damigella 104 Franklin Ave STEVEY VA VON THE OUTLAWS 86 THE BEST OF THE BEACH CREW + BONE HOLAHA DUGGAN LANARK DILLY ROGER SON OYOY MAYO MILLER NORTON JT THE BA PARTY S PAGEANTS WHITES CREW WHITE ROCK NAZE THE BUS T O T O VO PS GOOD TIMES HEY TAKE IT EASY Kimberly Cunio "Kimbo" Choir 9, Volleyball 10, 11, 12, Science Fair 9, 10, 11, Award in 10, Yearbook Committee 12, Business Leaders Club 12, "A.M. - Thanx Luv a, the 24 hour Cape Parties, VA. TM+KyB? - the games, S.P.P. + Kiley-Riley car! "E.H."-"Trust Me", C-86 was the besti B.B.'s were 41, S.B.B.O.A., Aug. 6! The Rock! Friends Forever G.T.F. "Ali - Best of Times", Alex + Eugene? Ashford Brownies, BERMUDA 87 Shannon WHO!! The Best Amy l've ever heard! TB Joy Ridin! KG-B.C.H. was the IANJ best! Moe, T+A - nasty girls, MB - it coul 've been! - Michelle - Thanx It's been real - SW+RL - 4eva"Bye Love ya Mom, Dad, Thanx Nana+Papa. Barbara Dailey "Havrvard St." THE BLUE BOMBER PONY ROOM LOOKOUT THERE GOES THE FIREPLACE DEAD MAN'S COAT GEORGE'S HOUSE THE GRAND SPORT CONVERTIBLE FORT DEVEN PARTIES DEB'S HOUSE OUARTERS JERRY YOUR HAIR IS BURNING PAUL'S BOAT SHE'S A LOONIE HALLOWEEN PARTY IN BOSTON WATCH OUT FOR THAT TREE BANG OOOPS PARTY AT BARB'S HOUSE SEPT. OF "84" JUILE MCGREGOR KEEP EATING THOSE POTATOES I LUV GEORGE KATHY AND JESSE JULIE ANASTAS JANET LYNCH JC JW KM KG SB TC JD THANKS MOM AND DAD LOVE YA. Tammy E. Cunniff Cheerleading: Football 11, 12, Basketball 10, 11, Pride Committee. Billy 12f8f85 ILY - Alwa s TFBT. Mac 14214. The Rock 16 Parke TMT Capt? LF AK The house on the left with the Ii ht. Laura - dont forget TBT NY 85 DM? P R 4th of July - all night. Tabby. JP 85 Scusset. LC Priorities JBB. Are we gon- na get hungry? St. Patty s Day. 128 Forgotten now. Shel-Milton? L s BBE. Junior Prom SB F.P.D. Cheering camp 85-86. Bye N.O. Thanks Mom Dad and Pat. MW' id 377 :EQ !,.' '? - A Diane Dailey Blondie I LOVE U ROB 4EVA -PARK WXVOLORIE JA - ILL DRIVE GOOD IN BERMUDA. BATHROOM CREW THANX SUE 4- EVE YTHING - ROCK - NH - - MUCH MEMORIES! 143 THANX MS. SWAN- N - MR. CIANCI LOVE AS CHRIS+JANYCE LOVE YOUS! MOM+DAD THANX 4 EVERYTHING LOVE U BOTH! MR. BARRY - GONE BUT NEVER FORGOTTEN - I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU RC - BD - SB+SM - TC - AL - CL CIPITELLI FAMI- LY - 143 - KATHYHESSE LOVE YOUS DAVE+BARRY TOO! BILL - DEB - PAUL - KIM BARB - GEORGE - DENNIS - LUV U ALL!! THANX FOR THE MEMORIES NORTH!! MISS+LOVE YOU ALL! THANK GOD I M OUT OF THIS! P.S. THINK SMART - LIVE LONG! LATER ALL - MUCH! Diana Dabrowski Woodstock ITS BEEN REAL PEOPLE RIGHT? THANKS TO ALL MY FRIENDS LIKE: ALI - AL COOL J PONDSKUM HOTDOG MM CINDY KATHY CC SUL DOGS MEI ALL AT McD'S - LIKE MOM AND THANKS TO MY MUM AND DAD AT HOME AND CD I HAD FUN IN PHOTO AND LET'S NOT FORGET MR. A AND MR. B AND OTHERS PARTIES WERE FUN GONNA MISS THEM HOPE EVERYONE HAD FUN DRIVING THE SUBS CRAZY HATED BE- ING A HOODSIE GLAD IT'S OVER - THANK GOD! SEE EVERYONE IN 5 YEARS AT THE REUNION CLASS OF 87 WAS THE GREATEST!!! SEE YA ALL SOON! 2.5 - w, V STM' 9' ty, Q sv u I- i' A 'af .fm if ' , FQ is ' V ' I y ,Y . . . 32 e,.!,. . ..,. Ere. . are- if R CAB .W S so v 'P 'T 4 r' ' , ' . .xx X Li . 'X' if I 'T Susan Darrigo Well well I made it! Thanks J B S G It was fun Mr McLeod Let s do it again sometime! Only kiddin! ACooper I am the future Ree 0 K This place is like a desert! NOH itistoweep IHTP really! I luvJM See ya round!! T' April J. Dempsey 71 N. Ba ield Road SUPER BOWL SUND Y 86 DANCE FACTORY RC DONTWORRY md GETAJOB ma I HAVE A CURE FOR THAT rc KF CAV BONES MM KG CF BDW1 MT JM BM TH PH PHIL RCx2 KATH FRIENDS 4-eva: ONLY YOU UNDERSTAND .. . DS I MISS YOU! THANX 2nd ma'KL MIKE WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DO? I DONT KNOW THANX FOR SOME REALLY GOOD TIMES. I LUV YA THANX FOR EVERYTHING MA8iDAD ILY! PIP COULDNT HlA'VER'MADE IT WXO YOU. TALK TO YOU L . Kevin G DiMattio Dimmer 9 Lillian Rd. ALRAY BOXES RX1X MS SC PD CC S0 TM 86 Year For Boston S orts MAKE NEW ONES BUT KEEP THE LD Class of 87 Thanks Ma 8 Pa. Michael Deluca Duke squantum the cape Mikes house armory sunset lk. walk the traks ozzy 82 what s tgp! le parot CAPE wXBEAN BOBGBUD IM INE! the BA ROBO the rock wheres the bash? N.O. RULES JJshaloween bash let s o on a hike the HUT FIRM BG 4row IM HERE! nova u north LETS GO! CELTIC BASH YO SEAN! DLRSTHPP you buyin? 'THERE A PROBLEM blk tape bat huh? HAMPTON BEACH POL CVS. AK'S wanna race? downMAX, RUN SEANO! ma netic house, slippery bulkhead MD SG W ML CN SCHOOLS OUT" 'TIME I WAS ON MY WAY RAMBLE ON THANKS M8.D 'I FINALLY DID Michael Dever 545 Newport Ave. Campin 86 Have a dooby. Petes fathers July 4 he Cape Wheres Rob? The Mount Parties! 5-0 got to go! JR Prom Didnt I come with someone? Mistake 31 Fishin with JN KD Mistake 82 Cape with JN JM he Clash Gap Band Sox 86 Basketball 9 10 11 12 See alaterJN KO RD PO CP JC JM JM AS B FW DD MZ PK. Thanks Mom and 8 . 1-317' Diane M. DeMasi 90 Elliot Ave. Ban 9 10 11 12' Stage Band 11 12' Na- tional Honor Society' Sci. Fair' S irit Commit- tee11 12' Spanish CIub12.X ' A XBand in FLA 84 Hey Hey were the Monkees! X Beach Party X Streetaphobia X Rock Lobster Stranded in Ashmont? X ' I want to o home, X Brady Bunch trivia X JESS PUT T IN THE PILLOWCASEI - DORRIS Switching the channels in Milton Sue were going to the CARNIVAL! TM TG - BINKY" X JD CM - W N. Truro ROOM CAPACITY: 4 GOONS X Butc 8 Zig Bauhaus X Shriekback - Gun- ning for the Buddah X She s in Parties Cure Ziggy Stardust X Psychedelic Furs - Let It stay forever now. . . '. Qu' Robert Dever 143 Marlboro St. Wollaston MA Wrestling 10 11 12. The Tech Montreal weekend FT. Lauderdale Stuck in Amherst Thanks Pete 8. Fred. Summer of 86 the Cape cam ing trips Nantasket Beach Hanover Party T E CLASH CITY ROCKERS The Mount weekends nice tryl AS PK P0 MD JC JM MZ DDJ CP SD FW SB DJ JS TT TM JM WC and GIRLS. U2 Sex Pistals The Police COMPLETE CONTROL B - muda? Celts It s been real but the best is yet to come. Thanks Mom Dad and Family I ap- preciateit! ' If-. Paul DeSimone Tim! good begal, 105 mph hydroplaning Alumni pizza Our spot LAL's picture frame Sox's September choke Boiler room bake Ray bakehead Ferris Bueller excursion Our spot Deece's Ieag Police Academy 3 First Pheasant 11 X15X 6. Cf" Jessica Dindy JESC Cheese Dexter! Diane putitinthepillowcasel Room Capacity 4 Goons Stuff? What kind of stuff? Love You HP Always Joe Plant Lives MawthaMc Niece 81 The HoJoTile W Sioux sie and the Banshees. The Cure. Save me from tomorrow. I don t want to sail with this ship of fools. idont care ifudont idont feel itifudont 8. iwont say itifudont say it first. . . . And these children that you spit on as they try to change their worlds are immune to your consultations' theyre quite aware of iaihat theyre going through . - David owie Q 1 gifs l l Christine Doherty 3E:SM""'Up the rock weekend partys Thanks Mrs. B-L. SLate again- watch out or Bign - Stezoanother day in the yall box mother cold night up the Downs - Boo Boo Bear 86 NORA - Ball syvear LS - SM - AM -MR-KH-VL-AH-CN-ND- .R - DC - HD - MP - JG - Good luck LYA - LS+DC Remember Ledger Land 3D+TM Ouick picchics we made it S Lit 86 JC Remember Mrs. Bean Head 0cd+DC gig- Ie buddys Lunch buddyls MF - KH - Tm aianks mom-i-Dad ILY w at do you wanna do iowmm - LR - LMILY 4 emh mm - LR - -M-MP-KM-MC-DR-PP-MZ - DG - NL - erremember Danny Reynolds -louse The Cellar - erand the bathroom - -low could we foget - mmremember KM - :lub california - cal : scoop : The summer- Jf 1985 - M+C - asummer to remember lAM Jordan marsh - Trouble 85. l John Donlan Paul Dineen IT S BEEN REAL IT S BEEN FUN FD REMEMBER TOENAIL AND CUKES DONT FORGET MISS CLAIRDL ABE DON T FORGET DANNY BK, FD, DO, LD, NO, LD GOOD LUCK THANKS MOM AND DAD. 1 "Huy Derek DiPalmo In memory of Bill Kinsella SK JK LM CR JK EM CB CB WP TD TC KH Chuck KB MF JN TU RF Sean Ln s Nov. 10 86 pc 4 am wired NOHS SMG Ouifer Clash Yeaho weekends weha golt sx ma friends forever the best thing in life hpwhii Bog Super Bowl 86 Ng Skin Heads neezo Brenta Warren good times with Bill K Miss Swan Celtics Boston RedSox Boston Bruins Patriots Class of "87" OH I Didnt make it. 5 i Linda P. Doherty 124 Atlantic St. Basketball 9' Soccer 10 11 12, Remember the good times not the bad. Summer 86 at Ledgerland AC KK. l'm listening to reason. AC remember driving pretty scary. Know What I Mean Vern? KS dont forget PEE WEE 86. JM AC FD DD KS KK LL PD TG, good luck in the future. Thanks for the memories NORTH. Thanks mom 8- dad. . r . f ' r r - 1 r 1 i 1 1 . fy .es 1 1 I I rv ' , -, ,ff , , . F Atglhyg Z 1 we 'fu sl g 4 on ,Bari 'F xad , , . 44, Michael F. Doherty 818 E. Squantum St. Golf 9-12. Squantum - DL1DN1DG1TD1EG- JD1Rock - Golf Course 1 JP - Old Silver- SC! Thirsty Thursday - VL1JD1DG1MD? Montclair Parker Quincy 1 PATS 85-86 1 Dougs Cottage Holtys House Sigs House HEF ...! Montreal 1187 Bermuda Bound 4187? BC - Geor etown - Garden July 4th 85-86. THANX M0 +DAD. Tom Dolan Chris 916 85 love ya always hun! Football 9 10 11 1 Capt. Jr.P thanks pcl NMM? tits about timep ILBIYA AMAILBWYC!!! Cmon over to daves kitchen murph hows the water taste bag day the SLED and sock lcr. the rock and the GC. KNSCP anybody got a nickle? sheila s house 8 rodos WHERE S FRED? keep on eaten snacks! Squantum Boys DN DG DL MD8.EG. Chris don't worry about next yr! Thanks Mom and Dad!!! ' all T fav- Maureen Donovan 21 Biltern Rd BAM NHS 11 Sec 12 Hoop912 Ten 912 Student Council 11 Treas 12 Cheer 10 Pride and Spirit Comm ROCK 14th D S A B 912 NL LC MM CO JM JW MT CH TK AR KG WE RE GOLDEN! B3 TF? PIC S HOUSE SG 486 July 4 86 lTHE VANJ Oueen s Dance NANA's LC - 'Keep your sandba s close at heart!" MM - Umbrella Wars AG TAI AC LEG Moon Over Marina TTF - SL VOGUE? CELTS DAY? SORRY NANCE LY MBF - THANKS lLFFl JPw1SS CAROL N - 'SHUT-UP!!" "GOT NO JUICE" JOKER Thats Funny' CS - TFTGT - WDHA JR'S Pool - LDOS 85 SNAGGED! DRIVE-INS THANKS MUM AND DAD FORT LAUDERDALE 4118187. T' N ...- Fred Donovan Wellits been too REAL 7 remember all the good times - Joe STRANDED? Sunday night SO's Attic bound Like Realuy Suc a LOS R7Spaz7D RTHATSS UID- - Anyone got OIL? Yeah AI. Yo Barbie bears and Karen cats - LaBel Ale re7Friends forever - Glad it's over - Fe-rig t Joe? So oun -Mouth - Ali-AI Judy - c-ya-next? The Summer - 86 - Click cruisin to MaBay - Toenail - Paul - Spread those hands 7 Mc 's - Poolin 7 JM - watch the hole Chow Donna 4 C-ya - Bahama-bound bu - dies Thanx Ma8.Dad - I made it 7 Bye North. Terrence E. Downing "TackIeberry 7 Rasberry 7 Lips" 59 Holyoke Street Football 9, 10, 11,12.tif74 THE SLED HOGS -Us The 59 Brothers MWA-A-A-A MONTCLAIR I OVER PARKER FOREVER CONGO BARS 72 Camaro Good Boots! 46 Alvin Ave, NO I ' DON'T DRINK! Mr. Clean THE ROCK Rack of ' CC. OOPS! SORRY COACH! RX7 kmihyfg - NORTH OVER OUINCY TURKEY DAY? U.S. Q, ARMY here I come. BOOT CAMP this summer. B.l.G.A. G.C.O.T.B. Hi Christine Volleyball Games Remember its only a game THANKS ,r 4 FOR EVERYTHING MOM. DAD, WISH YOU COULD HAVE BEEN HERE. Thanks Don WELL EVERYONE, lT'S ALL OVER NOW SO HAVE A NICE LIFE. BYE NORTH. Julie Dunn "Jules" 2714786-8722786 Danny L.Y.A. T.Y. BOB - KS, LK, KR, DM, SIS - KD, GM-DW, LK, MR, JD - T.U.P7S,O.M.H. KD - ROCK T+L7V? PISTOL KD, KS, LK, KD - T+L FEB. VACA, - T+L+D KR, DW, MR, PH, CM - VGM7B BB - KS, EM, KM - SPIT DF - S, EM, KM, ? - T+L W.T,DK - No THE SHIP PAR- TY - KS, LK, KR, DM BD 7 SHOTS DW - LK, SC, PS - STW7ZAP! PN+ED 85 PARTY - PN o7L7B - FA7FY CAPE ee Lk, PT, ED - SUMMER 86 - TMITBT 7 Paul, Tom, John - GO! 26 - Paul L.Y.A. 4.E,B.F. - B7NR LK, PT, J? SSG-SBS 7 G.A.L See Ya! Beth Miss Ya - L.Y. WTS 7 6-TAN HOW - CHIEF - CREW L.Y. 7 B.T. ECI SOYS! LETS GO! U ALRIGHT THANX MA+ AD. Noreen M Duran 12 Cheriton Rd Wollaston 773 8806 AFJROTC 10 11 MOE ALLYSON RENE ELEANOR 8 JEN US 8. LIFE AT 595 HAN COCK ST SYC' FURANCE BROOK GOLF counse 1079 a 1177786 FRIENDS 8. LOVERSI THE WTR S SS JC V RB BM JD JB GM BB FS GK CO SO KR RG AH RH MR PC CM JC TH JC BB MB JC JP MM 8. KH LG RC CD JD NORA ALL CRIED OUT FRIENDS DREAM ON!! SHYO PARISH SHOWS 82 86 10712786 CAST PARTY WHAT A JOKE 9730786 JANICE TAYLOR' H Y MICHELLE BON TE 8 RC I LL NEVER 4 GET YOU 2" MR DOHERTYS HR' THANKS MOM 8. DAD KAY JOHN 8. MIKE THANKS MRS NASH MISS SWANSON' GOOD LUCK' BYE 4 NOW B Linda Doucette Friends Iorever RS "SMF" DE PDS Bio 84 Ugly Ducklin Dexter, Ron "Have you started yet, youre mashed!" HA!!! Jr. and Senior Proms. KW love ya. Rock on Crue TS Y+T DD Bon Jovi. Just ducky! I'm not amused. I'm so confused. Thanks Mom and Dad, love ya!!! DID IT!! Now I can sleep late! S?-T. Ann Marie Duplll 945 Ouincy Shore Drive Swim Team 95 Spring Track Team 10, French Club 11, 123 Drama Club 12, Spirit Committee 12, Band 9, 10, Yearbook Committee 12. "Best Frenz 4-Eva" 'KMMMCMLFDC' Chur- chill Park Milton 7-11 Massy Park Joan's Table Whoops! 'RBPBPL' The Tree T-Station Long Weekend DC's Party 10712786 Brighams Basket Case 'MGJMRLJG' Florida "8 " D-M 30 Hours 'JC' Luv Ya! Bob K's 8711786 Summer "86" Egg White Cougar CM The Shoe BC Prom 'HL' 5716786 But Seriously Guys Summer 'MMCM' Good Luck NO Class of "87" Thanks Mom8.Dad I Love You. in ir'-1 ,Z Tracey Dunbrack Richie Brooks Chud Sept. 22, 1984 I Love You! Senior Prom "85" JR Prom "86" KN "Rich PuIlover" Falmouth Craigas House? W.H.B. S 8 Steal Me 8 Lis Cape Cod Bound FYSG 85 JP Kimbas, "I won!" tonight snot Someday Steve! Charlies "Paula" Turkey Day 84-85 Did we make it? Kimba, Lis, Chris, Kath, Kathy, Laura, Sheil - Friends Forever! ML Deetz, Love Ya TFE "oink- oink" The "crew"? c-eyes CHMIWY Brook! WB - WHAT ROCKS! Thanks JM Ipockyl New Year's Eve 85-86 "Kerri" WH? hanks mom, dad, Dave, Rich, Bon Love You All! NOHS "87" Forever! I I -I It I I I, I Brian T. Durgin Durg Boo Boo Doog Danny Doo an Football 1112 KILLI GTON 85 DAVES HOUSE JUL 16 20 OH BOY BERMUDA BOUND APR 87 THE EGGMEN VOGUE VINCENTS THE ROCK G COURSE PARKER BOYS TM DL MS ME SC JP ML YEA AND YOU TOO MARTY S DO THE DOOG OH ROSE' REBARB BD TM THE ROCKET FUEL BR HERS AM 129 84 ALWAYS' LOVE YA D N TOUCH ME YEA RIGHT CAN I HAVE SOME PUDDA KS DH KD CW AD C T RULES THE REIDS FY JW TOO MUCH MAKE UP FOR ME D N T M SS WITH THE MASTER FEEL THE WRATH THE CHRISTINE CREW TOO BAD BD YOU LOSE' FURBALL 81 TANG THANX FOR EVERYTHING MA 81 DAD I, Matthew John Edmonds Il :ockf14 hole, THE PLACE TO BE. TFU Just I e yourelf not a pupgetlli Bubba Bros. too I ing a list . . .!! PARK R BOYS: ME, SC, DL. , M, JP, BD, MS "Would ya squat on a log", I D, LTU Fla. with TK, I had a great time! I LATIOPS ARE BACK: ME, DH, SC -Comp. . lTPDB'sl I won't miss you! mamv Don't I wrow that bottle! NEC 5!31f85 I LO E YOU Il K 4-eva, MEL! Summer X WHITEY 85, Ah my Ii and Doug Nov. 9-10 thanx Tricia. Feel the All hM I' Ohb IM TUBb d il rat one air, oy. arty oun . fl Ianchards run! J. Prom snoit, snort, PATS rl ame 85 Ya I Know, l'm not violent. Am I? SC ll 'uster+Folks, NMTT! Bye North, Thanks ,I 10M and DAD!!! 4 . I I I ' - .ii I I i il I Scott A. Erickson il 41 Ocean St. I 'earbook 125 Pride Comm. 12. S+S What a I Jke. you goober quiet, l'II drop a s on your I tstep. Omnipotant 654 Thanks Ma Rvowi dad Mark E. Durkin 5 Cushing St. A 3!30f84 Kim I.L.Y. always 8. forever Princess, Brant Rock DA, MINA, KB, VICIOUS MOUSE, GS, PS, DN, BK, ME, BA, SE. Marty's Corner Bo s - Burning down the House. Falmouth, CoIlege Pond, George's Cellar, TRANSAM, Tard-out, Strange Humor, Swivel . . . feathers everywhere, N Z, HOOP, SOUID, A-B Inc. KofB's, Let's Pound MMS - "I always thougiht that l'd see you again." - J. Taylor Than -you Babe 8. Big Ed. Mike Edgren 58 Cedar Street Hockey 9-12' Track 11 12' Ski Club. Stacy 5 Scott the list. AUDI 5000 MM BA SC DB PF DA MD GS KH Bob Sunday Summary Greeneggs + ham In the barrel Eg balls to all y - best 10 minutes tops lisa isa CUnext Tuesday Scott Here are the Bus Boys the blues. - Morris Day + LisaLisa - 85 good nte - Motown Hits 25 on the VCR Scott BC thanks Mrs. Feeney Mrs. Nash and to Mr. Fitc ou got me this far. all the way! Mom+ ad I love you thanks you too Dave couldnt have done it without all of you. good luck : Class of B7 Mo-D Accounting 1 . K 3, ' ,X ,g t ' 1 Nc, t" f ry,-X L.Q,,,.. . if i n 1, 7' V- f"'5'w- F 2 ,4 7, - I . ifwfi. " I A at 1 Dawn Marie Elwood To The Big G - THANX! DANS - THAT'S WHAT FRI NDS R4! pact. PLAZA - M,D, T LK GRG - MATT+GRANDMA - KIKI! TH, TG, TGJR. - BM, AVISION, NO DOUBT! MARY JJ, JED + LIZARD - why me? CC+SC - prop Loeav + stusiiesi Jos + ANDY. MIKE - WHAT IS A LLAMA? BANDANGO - MR. APPLEHEAD STARLAND, Scarface, SPY- ING? ADAMS F REMEMBER STRIPED SHIRTS + SHORTS!! CAPE COD? EL TORITD - B,E,M,K - PALS! SUE + YUL. FOLN - DS, EH, AA, MM - CRUZ 2? GABUS, RUSH, GUNEA +- Llama LANDS! DS WHAT DO YA WANNA DO 4 LUNCH? SOX + PATS 81. SOX RALLY - DS, MB, JG - KISS IT'S A BEIGE CAR, lT'S GREEN? THE G MOB. 7-11 2 HOME! BOB - WHERE DO WE KNOW HIM FROM? THE WALL! RUSH TAPE MOM+DAD I LUV YA! NOHS - VALE!!! Wi I nd kath. Good luck class of 87. Pamela Engrassia "Pam" CAPE - BOUND 8485 DUCKPOND EXPRESS MY WAYDLR 10686 THE HUTTS THE ROCK WATCH OUT HERE COMES CRASH JP86 SOFTBALL 910 NEW YORK 86 CHIPNDALES BEACH BOUND 86 LET'S GET BRONZED POKEY THE MAGIC "V" NELLY MARTHA SALLY Let s go for a trip!! DUZZMOBILE AP- MJCM Hockey Partys III NEVER TELL DECORATING - T-DAYENG. 10 SKIP DAY 85 Labor Day 8586 Which PAM??? WGYP Kermit ILY LET ME THINK ABOUT THAT YES BAHAMAS 87 DF I wont For et Ya! Hows Your CRACKER? WAMMY W NA WALLY! METRO PARK NEW YRS 86 WHAT DO YOU WANT HIM TO DO PPDK RRJC TMTCCP Robyn Wana Move ln? DD Late Night 5Yr. Plan JG CONSTRUCTION - 500FT. Ahead Typical Guy! I have to go! HANCOCKLIO. G- TOWN PARTYS 6-Times!! UNBELIEVABLE - YOU 8119186 . Susan M. Ellsworth 115 Russell St. Foreign Language Honor Society 11 128 French Club 12' Tutoring 11. KG, Science Badminton C.L.T.M. E.Y. Frankly Scarlett I dont give a - Clark Hey Betty! BETS? That looks like a BUS! JF. Your hair looks FINE! PLEASE D.C. NO MORE GUMMI BEARS!!! Are you Finnish? No I just started! GEE WIZI Maybe because I m ANN S FRIEND! KG. S.H. D.E. U. of O. Here I come! Remember Yul hawk, Bradys, and ... SAMPLES! L.M.A.C.K.K. D.D.J.O.J.W. T.B.L.C.J.H. J.M.C.C. Vous me manquez beaucoup T.M.! Thanks Mum, Dad and John! So Long N.O.H.S.!! M B.C.HHlGHALL NIGHTERS RICH, "I LOVE Yl- Cathy Jean Fair ' . f"'X Kathleen M. Feeney Me Kathe 22 Sachem St. I might not alwa s be right but lm never wrong. PERFECTI N 86 'Yes we're the cap- tains JAW Kano Guigga Laura need a date? JMcC APE forever friends N-0-R you know the rest - cam 86 I love you mom 8 dad thank ou my esttriend sis all 5 of you North 've taken a lot from you but you given back much more. Patty a friend Ill never lose Student Council 9-12 IPresidentI' Cheerleader- RAH 10-12 ICO-Capt . S8 JP2 CS SH Announcements Good bye orth Ill miss you. --,v James Ferreira 256 So Central Ave Wrestlin 10 11 12 Cross Country11 Foot ball9 C MM HM JL JH KD TM London Paris Geneva Nice NYU? BU UMASS Parties Spam Squid Croutons O Rec Don Bosco Boathouse Villa Killington Suzanne Faiardo FF -TN MH KJ JB LM MF. Plymouth 85' the tent the Dodge B-day party to many to much. sometimes I make me laugh. l'm sorry. Bomber's taxi JB - She makes me craz ! I luv ya Bullwinkle! Thanks Mrs. N. June -8. Bermuda bound - KJ MH KG MH BC SO AM. Shelle thanks for all the lau hs. K - what da is it? WATER MELONHEA !KJ MH SF - t e three some 7 what do you want to do? who's drivin ? Iet's eat! TS DB NT - Mick 's. Who ist at girl? Me+KJ up the rock . . . C - . P.C.H. doughbo +Jr. What il? Timmy, l'm in love with you. Thanks M+D! Bye North + Ouincy! Coleman Feeney 90 Walker St. l Have Spent MJ Life A Stranger HHEMEY PARK" rust o One Stone Wall Bub- baroonies 'THE BOX' - Da Home Boys - "I AM NOT I JUST CANT DRIVE" . . . - Dude - Mahatma, Jack, Moona, Kelzo, Maggot. Dotty-Watty, Jack P.J.'s years wasted, Snitzel vark! Where is everyone late night? Whx are they so ugly? What's the rock? ihtfs TH NKS MOM 8. DAD. 2: 1' Z 4 hp- Jacqueline Fennessey Toots TO MY FOREVER FRIENDS D8iN YOU WILL ALWAYS BE IN MY HEART 81 MIND FOR YOU GUYS ARE THE BESTI FRIENDS ANYONE COULD EVER FIN - ML OR JB DB NED TC LM VAL. PARTY NH RHP SHOW GA REGAE ALL THE WAY! CAMP GRACIAS PA! I LOVE YOU MOMGDAD B. GO SOX! AN- THONY ANTHONY WANNA SKINNY DIP? MY GASTRITIS IS KILLING ME! THE GANG PRINCE ODESSEY RIVER D. EXERCISE TIME - KIDS I CANT IM ON MY 3 DAY REESES HILL TOP I NEED A PEPSI FIX T.T.V. B.C.T. MEIABAWMC PREZ. OF BBC IOUEEN BEST FRIEND WHY CA W.L.F.? WE DIDI MOM!!! P.S. D IVE CAREFULLY. Ta... K . William Ferrara Alias: XXX Artist, Spike, BB and Sprinkler puller. "What's up Guys?" BL, JC, K, PH. Bob's shack. "How bout them parties?" I want a car! Don't go to DW. Christinie - "lit- tle miss dangerous" Sports: Hockey, Football. geach "Bum", Bikini Women Senior Prom ' f' 'bm' 'SB L Maura A. Feerick 75 Beach St. BestFriends - KF, AC, JM, CM, CC, NO, JO Sgring 86' - The Best! - Cathy's Rm - C inese Food, Whoops Sorry Nancl, Drive In - 8100.001 Belbow Sisters Big . . . Julie! Chevy Nova. Baby Alive Ann - Friendlies 8. KFC Never Again! Summer of 86 - So much for SL TS, Midnight Pool Parties, Boston - M - 8-19-86, NH - Cape Cod - Canada - WOWI, Hanitax move. CC remember JC Apt. KC 8 JP - Hey Dude! Larve. Lunch - Buddies TM, CD. Luv ya Mom Ouirk! 77' Oldsmobile, Thanks Mom 8- 9ad'Embarrassed - 7786 - Dan I Love ou. 504 'TWQTTV Leeanne Fitzgerald "Leo" 53 Freeman St. X-Country 10-113 Track 9-11. FRENZ 4 EVA'KM'ADDCMMCM - DC - crash 10- 13 86 pa 10 12 86 contacts Parris ls milton B massy park Churchill DC bench KM keys? 2cs wn cl sum mer 86 Kath July 4th SPUDO BM UM Amherst cornflakes gust breathe! SWEWJB MWMHAHEF BASK Tl MONOPO LY? Bellas THANX Ann cmpt whoops! Canada TB SB Vicki good luck 88 ? KM KM Ledger! Thanks Mr Tozzi 81 Jldge for everythin I Thanx MOM 8- DAD wish things were etterl Thanx Kath That s what Frenz R 4! Ace 86 RL TL CV KF JP WH Beach! Thanx N 0 GOOD LUCK CLASS OF 87 U'- Kimberley Fraser "Kimba" Mark LYA Sorry it didn't work out TFE Dec- Apr.8Sept. - an. 85-86 "Just One" Ouebec 86 "La Bistro" St Paddg Day BCHTK JP86 m house BN BCJRTM K TD 84-85 Webster JJSCDLTM TPF Jp 85-86 OSB JP86 CH? LTFPEGXLR 86 WHP-FPD JRSCDL Peaches July 4 Busted! The Rock LNAJ "TlMBA" GC14 hole 710 Hole WOFB Drive INS 86 Crashin At ShieI's Friends Forever TDEKKG MMEGKM KFCH MONCML ASPHSL SRCP Thanks SRTD8AS Best Friend TD Never 4Get U TFBT Thanks Erin For Everything Regatta 86 MMJW COMDDL VR "MGBP' Thanks Mom Love Always. Kerry Anne Gearin 132 East Elm Ave Volle ball 912 Were Goin All The Way TOG THER B Can We Han le This? BC MH KJ MH JR DM I Il Be There Ratfa E y han Oueen 8 Di No More RCs 711 1 5 GOOD JOB MONA ALAV Do As I Say not as I do RepRun AGAIN? JP YA Ouit On Us Flats ou are! +ro OD s car II P puf which is it ey TK! LOVE YOU KEL 53 RK Someday! 11115185 Humarock 86 Vball Runnin Buddies D VCOhere IWABHFYLS Kris Stacie IMOS Thanks Mom+Dad Love th 1tVPOP h NOHS e s e GF Ill MISS YA Paul T. Flaherty 131 Billings Street "Flats 4440" 1 Mortade Ia Flats - Flabo BC High 91 Mort 8 Salami - The Meat Men The Rock 1 14th hole 1 Can u smell it1 Bwa-a-a 1 LTU's She's got a mustache! g Celts Parade KG 'Never forget Bak Thanx Sorry - JP Pals IJMDGKMML WKS - Montcl. arker 8 Squant. Boysj FWENT 1 THE NRA 1 THE OA Your a Farce1Anisse - ROSE 1 The MDA No ffum to tult 1 T8A 1 This Time SPJA TT- TGWMIF - SSKPJA NLTGAORMTM 1 MC1:0O Hockey ame vs. Milton - NO PEN- NIES Bermuda ound - Montreal - 87 1 LCJRKAG DM 1 WOOBIES? PJ's 9-12 DEATH or GLORY I don't flirt 1 PT-LM 1 CC- 1 MUF-DVRS Danny Ardvark BYE NO - rules all!! Thanx MOM 8 DA I'm the LAST!! Carrie M. Ford 23 Birch St. MADONNA 1 Wanna Be 1 BORDERLINE Hey Cutie! 1 Goosh Your Face. 1 DogLips Cabbage Patchg Sewageg Chewwels CFgDMg Fanueil Hall 8 Park St. - Thompson Twins, Over the wall, in the Boys RM "83" Wollastonbums CFg DMg SL, JD: KS 1 OBRlEN'S CFQ JDQ SLp CFL JDL KS, Party In Milton 85 CF: AD GGQ DGQ Stuck In JBSG 1 HR! Meg Lets Double Date Oh Oh! No Show! KM lGUMBY1 Who Was And ls Always There For Me' Friends Forever "83" t ...JB1117185 to...Jr. Prom Limo Red Carpet Treatment Three Sons Slow Dancing Joe I Love You! Mom And Dad I Made lt' I Love You! or-fe O9 Augustine G. Garrigan "Gus0" WOLLASTON SCHOOL YARD W.A.F. W.D.F.A. SPARKY, LUMPZO, DOUGIE - D. SPIKA PLANTE, CICA, FLOMMA THE SPA Parties AtLum8s the COURSE lnThe Tunnels On Marathon ay Lumpyls The Innocent Man Cicas Pool Parties Dougs Apartment Trishas House Little Ships Pane Plante I luv Y'alI SD No Man Aardspark ANCYFTTE THE BOX ANARCHY 4 Wolly DDWC OjButch Ken OBdb TFTL BABZEE SADD NoReebs Halloween EggWar I Stood Alone THE CLASH Nowl Know Time Can March With Chargin Feet Nowl Know Words Are Only C eap A WooWoo. Dan Gaudiano 110 Standish Ave. W stling 9 10 11 12' Football 9. M Adventures Hows the Monte running? G- Town best time in life I Love You Sandy T. Went lifting . . . Cape trips Ho Jo's Midnight 3-D Beef burger That Pickup truck Thanks for being there ST JG GS SF EF MM JL TK KK Especially TB - RO SC. if 1-in John Gallagher 28 Kendall St. Football 10-11. RETIRED 121RICH THANKS FOR EVERYTHING 7 I AM NOT THE BALLOON MAN GO GET YOUR OWN BLUE! 2 OF COURSE I KNOW WHERE I M GOING IT S A SHORT CUT! HAY DON T FORGET THE EGG 1 IN THE "72' 1 LYNDA DON'T FORGET "I LOVE YOU '.! THANKS MOM 8DAD FOR EVERYTHING I LOVE THE BOTH OF YA. HAY LIB PUT THAT THING AWAY' 1 FRIENDS' RC JL JG PM JM PF ML TK8KG I HOPE YOU GUYS LAST. HULK R THE D' NORTH IS NOT SCHOOL ITS AN INSTITUTION." "SEE YA Sean Geary 24 Elm Avenue Swimming9 10 11 12 Capt Ja' Band9 12 P Massy! Azar Backste s 15mm Butta JUGS RAZ Norman Bates ssss S E8A SI IROC F B G C CREGGA! Hurleybird Mr Gary Goodby! D A C W S B H It rolled down a hill and hit a tree History does not repeat itse I The Naz Oct 31 1986 Hey Roland' Hey Mon BIG D McOuack O K you can kiss me now pip ESTELLA E H ACME Cumbies 21 Warriors Blood Brothers NutesS E Scanners The loft 50 rs 222 266975 Hm223 saying thanks Mom 8 Dad and GOOD by North 51 l I I I I I I I I. Il ii gi 'I II li 7 I il il Tl Kathleen T. Gordon 72 Cedar St. Track 9-123 Swimming 9. I will never forget - Tricia, KC, DC, MG, AH, Mike BC High rom, Hockeiy games, Dances, Ouarries, Store, Dot, PS3 B , JR, BH, OV, MW, MD, DA "Moped" 2 boys?! "GROOVEY" John - 11614388 Ber- muda "87" TB, MG, KC, AH, M 3 sco par- ties3 Working Hard at Jordan Marsh!!! Always walking, 25mph Exercise Bike!!?? Southie Dag Oueens Oancep Mansfield, Tropical WC!!! PB us, Cape Cod, SM3 Jeep! Thanks Mom+Dad!! "What's on your mind, now, Tricia???" I l l Il Ii Patricia M. Grant "Tricia" Soccer3 SoftbalI3 Drama 9-123 Pride Spirit Committee. Thanks to: Tim I couIdn't have made it wfout ya Moe my GB+SF Luv ya, I still owe W Wendy my car + the original wretched endy wfthe Pretty Little Angel Eyes iK.G.l: Duffa Kerry + Laura my Best friends! Love You3 Remember - JP + Cape bread in the fan, is the bread soft Kath, yes you carl: Ignore it! JM Road wf Sue+CaroI3 T- es sir no sirg E.W. Yeah, Yeah3 D.A.35 CorBr5Com'ag Sara - luv + miss ya3 TM - MG KD JR DM JS - CS - LM - KG: When all else fails SMILE3 Thursday's child has tar to Q01 Thanx M+D. Il Eric Michael Goodman "Goody" 238 Elmwood Avenue Wrestling 9, 10, 11, Captain 121 Baseball 10, 123 Pride Committee3 Nerd State: Science Fair3 Yearbook Committee3 Who's Whog Turkey Days 9 -100, 10 -114, 11 - 114. Skiing bumps n powder at Sugar-Loaf and Tahoe. Camp Joslin - Cabin 8, Indian Coun- cil, Viking-Niglilt, Boat Race, The Canoe Trip, PTPT JL B C NHGS Nantasket Thanks Mom and Dad, Lynne and Steve, Alan and Deb, II- ene and Mark, Glenn. Thanks for 4 Great years North. Go Red Raiders! I I l- 1 vig Gloria T. Gougian KS, TO, TR - 4-MUSKETE RS - HOW OLD R WE? WHAT HAPPENED TO THE GOUP. JAM ACA, HOMEST, OR, THEC - WALL? WW GIRLS LOVE 8- MISSY A83-85 SKI TRIP BOSTON BOUND PARTY! what's A CURFEW? RIZO Bri NIEG LIZA I NEED A RIDE AGAIN JULIE, BRANDEIS rm. CHECK - LIOUID DIET FOODS 2HARSH 9AM PRACTICES PAINFUL - RINO NEED A RIDE? IM LIA IT - 2 MUCH 4 YOUR RANGE GILLIS 2 1 THE PIT, BRIENOS COFFEE WHERE R MY SHADES? AF WE DON'T HAVE CAR!! CAPE 84 UNDERWEARS MEMBAKERX SHARKS SOMETIMES YA JUST GATTA SAY WHAT THE HAY!! M.WHO? LETS GO CRAZY REALITY ROTS BABBLE - ONS VILLIAN FEMS ROCK LOBSTER MOM SORRY FOR THE GRIEF. ei Thomas Goon 273 Billings St. Football 9' Basketball 9 10. The Cruew + Inseparables The wild car rides the good camping trip to N.H. - DG MM BC SW + the addition to the group SB JB. Victim MM McGay hunting at night. Playing cards at m house + MM. Can t wait to get into SW B house. Corrupted SW BC by SB The Cor- rupter. Boston Globe is where it s at. Ouincy E: Atlantic M: North O. We are truly the Mighty Mighty Raiders of NO. High Class of 87. Hope to see everybody around. Thanks Ma+Dad By N.O.! ar..-'J Kimber! Gott Cheering 11 12 Co- apt. FRIENDS 4EVA JW MDNL Really Great GC 4127 85 LYA The ROCK - MELLOWLAND - NA B3 - MIA Golf Tourne Summer BS." HCCandy GCMJLAURA TE EW PFThanx 4the JPN 4 etU SP 86 Pullover IFAB. NBT - DAY 5 TSDCD - Trouble Party AT PEGSD - DATEBY BN Its Too Light Here ILY Tom "A LOT You Know It Baby SL's - JMBC TMDN - FIG Sorry Kitty JP - Dou .Want Some Potatoes IXLXYFIG PEAC ES WHB RestArea Girls WeMust F. HBRIAN - How Many Times ls This? ILY lm STRAIGHT BER- MUDA 87 CS SH AR OD 86 MyHa+V+. K+B6:3O"NAH The4 Some NF C+LK YfS AR- MONTREAL 587' 'TODAY"TH PLAN glB TIHANX Mom Dad Nana+Papa ILYA YEN . , , 8 "SLPHAR LOIKFHEGPCH . .5 MMTKCH JMZO- ag .. Maureen K. Gralton "Moe" 196 Marlboro St. Cheerleading 9-11, Winter and Spring Track 11-123 Pri e Committee 9-12, Yearbook. GB'S 4-eva - you're the 81 SLOI3 MopeyX33 "Eunice"! Crunch 8. CHud - CC-53 Miltong BC Highg 7-11! We have attitude problems! Caught at the T! JR Prom3 S20 Trish U0-me Bermuda - goodni ht Michelle' l'Il never for et: TG CM KG B MK KMc TM MS M Ali thanks for being a great friend! Ill neva forget ya Ali - Our boys have no names! Flako C of 86 - Michelle Wen Al I II neva forget ya! Tech Drawing: AH RR KJ! Thanks Mom and Dad I LOVE YOU!!! Bye NO Good Luck Class of 87. efriff Paul R Grant 3U Student Council 912 Pres Pro Tem 12 Pride Comm 10 12 Manager Soccer Team 85 So Ion to all my friends in the student council an in Learnin Center 5 Thanks to JB and Mr Hurley pecial thanks to Ms Small for her help and friendship through the years Y' Sean Gray Colleen Hannon 28 Freeman St. S-BaII9-12. OAWNC Guigga! NL TK MM LC JW C0 JM AR, MT MD KG - FF-L2 TF2 B3 TK - Bloodmobile K1Y1S 5-0! 215184 - Thanks for the Memories!! 14th Golf Tourney Summer '85 VT INAB-BAD Sprinkler! Thanks MB Rock BUBBARIZED Mellowland STTCD HMTDIH TTYLM - N0 - SOTP Moween Smile SP '86 Have a COKE and a SMILE!! DJ - Cafe hi Lovey! BOOM'?! SDNH - 10110 Thanks ME 8 TK PB 31 TSC! OD '86 TNJ! MH - IOY - Five Bucks! Nice chicken win - Maureen TF!! TFAYHN - - NIICOMIWY - Tough Times Cl - MATT - Nice Voice! Chumpa Iet's walk b there one more time Good Luck JUNIO S Thank Mom8.Dad ILY! W!! Mike Han! "Hanfa" CV - MM - MO - MC - JD - Carls' 84- 86 Celts Parades Maiden Live After Death - Eddie Lives. And now for somethingr com- pletely ditterent. Jr. Prom - SHOU INCI- DENT. Matt. Stan, 3l2 Study. Mike it always rains on my da off. Charlies' Crew - Fav worker? COLLEEIN. PTR shw 84. right Chris. Time may change me, I cant change time. So understand don't waste your time always searching for those wasted years. '86 "SLAPSHOT" John Carl Hanfa - Hansens. The Beatles. Chuck Berry concert '85. REELIN' 8. ROCKINZ SWONK REVEN WORROMOT. LONG LIVE ROCK. Sunday Hockey ISTUJ. Thanks Mom Dad NO4i!I. 1:-rs if 12: Q Y Q QW! Paul Hanscom Hamhead 29 Belmont St. Hockey 9-11' Wrestling 12' P. Comm: ROTC 12. MONTCLAIR BM NC KSx2 DH God's Count 14th Squaw Rock SIG S House NEP.LI . July 4+5 Parker Squantum CS SH S House PATS 85+6 F.L.Crew SC Bound PI Jr Prom OK Sr Prom? USMC HERE I COME Thanks TK MA I LOVE YOU AND ALWAYS WILL. YOU DID IT ALL BY YOURSELF. I LL BE BACK - l ll really miss this place - but life must go on and if mine doesn't don t forget me for I II have died in vain. O0RAH" O D GOT ME 'SEMPER Fl THANKS AGAIN FOR EVERYTHING MA. Stephen G. Happas Happa W9 Fo all 9-12' Ba eball 9'12 Capt. 12' Basketball 9' Hockey 10' Track 11' P'de Committee 9-12. O-Le n. Ball Kel+Kag Sig Boody Libba Tenzo PT .P. RoDo SOX PATS CELTS in '86"'IWin Again Kel Moo-Waa- A-A-A - ya-right Welcome to Raynham Park The Golf He shoots and he scores 41 Driver! Skyhawk and the Van "Your Lookin Live OH BABY" Bus rides Communications Ma- 'or You'Il see me on TV! Class - 87 - or ettaboutit! To the family - MOM DAD GR MP SUSAN DEREK UN. TOM PAUL H. MIKE P. and the SARGE - THANKS FOR EVERYTHING I LoveUalI. Sheila Hartnett Anthropology Susan are you finish? De fien T! K.G. C.L, S.E. we got around to it in T's fizicsis phun. Thanks for help third period Ann. Up sox Geney baby! Science of bad- minton club 86 with K.G. AND S.E. Don t get perturbed! AHA The Sun Always Shines On T.V. Thanx Kathy for H.R. and Mr. P. Thanx K. . . . K. H. C. L. A. D. E for helpin settle in this year. III see you in five years time. GOOD LUCK! 'hu' Moliz Haque Soccer9 10 11 12 Captain League ALL STAR State Team Wrestling 12 Track9 10 11 Wheaton College Repeat your Repeats Away games Freaks in the backroom Highway rolling M Y SA select lea ue Fer rets on a stick Europe 87 Chestnut ill The pied piper No No No No Bootlegs I forgot my homework 10 Soccer ball over the fence OH YOU NERD Thanks Mom and Dad Rome 90 College ball BS man Copa Mundial 86 Teacher s iokes Blah!!! Webster MinkMinkle lives Always Always remember Its not im portant how smart you are but how smart others think you are Q' Nell W. Hatfield 237 So. Central Ave. Basketball 10, Soccer 12, 'Suburb All Star'g Baseball 10, 11, 12. GaroId's Cape Houseg D- D, T-Courts to Dark, 300 B-Bowl Walk. GS - CW - PT - SB - EG - PT 3-D'S SW Worm Budi Learn to Drive. "Gidget - 86" elts weet 16, Sox Choke Again!! Victory over Troupll? 5128169 ee You Later North! Good Luck "Class of 87". 1? Margaret R. Heim "Peggy" 31 Division St. Student Union 103 Pride Committee 10-12. Nhat do you say now Sheila aprt, time? yes! tisshParty78w! last trainB:q Hoigvfwgfgrgona Je ome. arren - - - what happened? Nothin lasts 4-eva but life loss on! I LSSIF . . . PCBB!! something about :IOUTHIEI CAL - "the good old days" never forget the crazey times Kim 8 Shei more to :ome - THE P - 10128184 BC - INSHH 1oudidn't miss athingl Sheila - TGTLBS 8184 Bl-l:vA:JlTcruis1in in thhe ornetl HTPagawl -I t4aIKlIj ira . w enwe opon t e - a miss Jye Mom8rDad - Lookout world here ICOM. 'Q- vr""' Daniel Herlihy Brian Hayduk New Year's Party, The Creek, Faxon Bust???, 2 Wasted Summers Famous words: "Blank!", "Slam!", "Punch it!", "What the", "To The Creek!", "We are the Couch Potatoes." Special thanks to Blanchards, Atlas, and Mur- phy's. A.C.'s Dart will live forever. 2 Church dances with just our friends. Randolph to Quincy in under 8 minutes. Bob Schwartz will not be forgotten. Carolyn M. Hegarty He e 35 Harbor View St. Cheerleading 11-12. CM KG AR LC KF EK PC Kim us 4 remember! B.O.T. J.R. B.C. The Rock! JP - Thanks - D.C. The Cape D.W.E.G.T.? N.A.JP S.L. house WAKE HIM UP! Mono friends 4-eva Ouebec La-Bistro lets o CHA-WOW-WA K.G. - SD TURKEY- DAY T KELZO The Eddy Fitz VC KB PM The Park Col W.D.S.C.C.? The Marina Schof Labor Day Ken and Ted The Beast Mobile Meg my house 3 in the morning CHIPS! Tommy Kel The Celts Parade Who are you? SUMO! Drive-in J.R. car! The Sox Watch out for the oops BYE NORTH lT'S BEEN REAL! Loe ya Mom 8. Dad! ., , J .. , ' 2 -i 151 'igiiseigl Elaine L. Hennebury 112 Hamden Cir. Soccer 10, 11, Capt. 12, Cheerleading 10. Best Friends, Kimbo Always remember Aug. 6 - rocky beach. "Crazy for You" it's been four years FOLN - DS, AA, DE, MM, cruise to ...? Party "84" Get the knives out Andrea. Let's go to the movies! - THE ROCK - All . . .thanx for the good times Alex 8. Eug.? Bye little sister RL8 W 4eva SKIING? S.B.0.A. lust you and me Cape 86 the B.B.'s were great A., My best to Terence 6128186 B-Clu - W.S.P. AV, RL "GUMBY" Bye North, We've only just begun. Thanx I love ya Mom 8. Dad. Q.: ..., .fr William J. Hennessey 34 Minot Street That ain t working that s the way to do it Bel- mont St. Parties over Kev s and Don s rule!! Camptime Leaders Club 86 Iggy wiggy I m a filthy roach. ROCKO! AH Tatuka Raffa for Queen!! Eas lipps!! Good Thing 454 4 barrel 12 bot posi turbo Do we have enough? PPPPPIenty... DS KS MM CM CC DEB PM MN JH KK JR SW EW GK DJ BO LC KH MH + YG! TEATY: TF FLS YHSMIWTB' HDHTYMB! Thanks Mom and Dad I Love you!! QM.. Kathleen Hendsbee Kathy 49 John Street Soccer 9 10' Business Club 12. Thanx guys for great years: KG CC ER CL KK JF DB DP SH SC JM KH SB BK BH EH and FOREVER! Yes CC I remember SN with KG Jr. Prom1 2 3 up...Cape Cod 85 N.H. 85 Thanx to B.K. F.S.M.T.W. Kiki and the V-Day party You did what!!! 8124185 You remember when??? Gonna miss you guys here at NOHS Good luck K.H. w1out me Thanx to Mom and Dad . . . couldnt have done it w1out ya!!! TQ .. Q .. ff' .M KM!! 'G.P.',- 5124185 L i'LL LDVE'YOU J xxx I l -I 'F' Kirk Highfield Alias "Krik" Motto: Beach 8 Ski This tragedy is finally over! Wow. Don't steal. lt's bad. Ask Brian. Mid terms 8. Finals were so easy. Dee Dee's pizza is abused. I lost the Presidency election. I cried. Mr. Small is my friend. I hope I win Megabucks! I was Kermit the frog After school missions' Cindy Lee my biggest help Football 9 Track9 10 11 12 X country 10 occer 12 Sci Fr 9 10 12 State National H S Vice Pres F Cl Ch Pride Comm Stud Coun Capt W Track Ill miss ya Tracey WHATSNEXT Kerry Hogan 253 Holbrook Rd. Ouincy MA 02171 We ve only just be un! Class of 87 LOOK You re a friend o mind. SOUtHlE P85 Everybody wants us! cape - eitherwva wanner oor adontwanner go? BOF J CM DA 0 R CS LK. rank night at shauns CS CE JM, Mom time for that PARty! Paul Forever, crash down columbia Rd Donna drive by one more time BW, JJ, BW. Dad no more Morn- ings. Kara Have fun. Thanks ma 8- dad. I final- ly made itll! Andrew J. Hirst 308 Atlantic St. NO. OUICNY MATT MIKE JP85 YAYO B ALLSY WELCOME YOUNG WGYP NORA MONTCLAIR 82 SMG MM DO MH CD TIMMYB VC PM JR TWEETYIWHAREHAM SUMMER86 MR. WILL THANKS: NYC 86 ROCK PARTIES MR. L. USMC SLICK MR. BUNK ER GUMBY BAHAMAS lMAYBE SEAFOOD POCKET I had to Matt! 83DODG OMNI SUSP. SU. N PP NP KW MO KB John Whareham chicks DB's. ST, PATTIES TM PHIL BLANCHARDS 85 MIKE MCGRATH NEVER FORGET KEEP IN TOUCH MATT LUV YA. THANKS MOM AND DAD LOVE YA ALWAYS. TOLD YOU SO MR. SILVERMAN. LATER NORTH! ' 1v"" . 'i ty S ' DAY,'TURKEY DAY: EM, oo lsremsai, wP, .. vt ? -I' it X 8. tl. f ' ' 2 5 3, T'--7 Kathy Hughes 299 Elmwood Ave Soccer1O 11 12 781 Turke Day Itstoo funny Dont be stupid Hey Jer What s Up? Summer 86 Wolly Beach S252 52 Ouincy Youth 1st car 9 24 86 Hi Honey Because they love me My Buddy Dan Whos Your Favorite Sister? Would you please look out I know - u Dont Wor About It' Homework? hats Homework. III Miss Ya Karrie Bye North Good Luck Love Ya Jimmie 9-26-86. Thanks Mom and Dad. Shannon A. Horrigan 22 Salaamore Ave. PP, SB, CS, LS, P , JL, KM, KB, Rx - BI'S ZANNONg Remember that time . . . LS The T- Door, Get rid of it Stef' CHEECH 8. CHONGQ ICETEA! S8.P BPONY' M-LOAF w LS' U WANNA COOKIE? L VOG R ELEE? Fashionably Late! SARKI THE PEBBLE' WHO SAID IT? U-DID! Meestermeyer yavant sum- matzahs? OUEST - sooner OR later! BER- MUDA MIA Euro e - JPwfCM! K-TEL 79 AR LC KG big Y LLOW bus! HOW S YOUR MUG? LIBBY JUAN HAMHEAD DHOLT' MONT-BM BOD Twin18.2 PT D8.RC LIP MKA 714186 DL8tCREW - FIGNEWTONS ASTRO-T 22SAVAGE' TheTAPE! Thanks JIMF. ltll Be ANARCHY! SUP PATS TOYS THANKS M810 ILY!! MOVI ON! BYE NO. John Hoadley Michelle Hubbard 53 Cushing Street 9-12 Decorating Committee. Summer of "85" T-Stationl Merrymount MMMMWWWWAAA .S. love you! Mick and Sue s with Buckwheat 8. Neil New Hampshire Skiing. T.S. M.H. S.F. K.J. K.G. B.C. D.M. S.0. You u s are e Best!!! 9 10 olf course 12 ROC .J. 8. S.F. M.L.H. The T reesome. What do you want to do? kj. Holbrook STOP IT SUZIE!! sf. Who wants to drive? Charlie or Lester? Who s that? OINK OINK!! RRRRRRHHHHH!! SHELLFISH. What about mee? Powder Puff Victory over jr. 20-0 B.C. 8. K.G. NMRC. Terri Thank you Mom and Dad!! Derek E. Holt Hot V-Hockey9 10 11VzM P9 10'V-GoIf9-12' Class Pres. 9 10 Pride Comm. 9-12' We R Montclair Ham Sig Nick Bill Lib Kei Otis Okas the 14th hole sig U weakling My Raider- bowl Goodluck Parker Marty is Smart Goodluck Ham Head Eddies Dinner Thanx for putting up with me Ladies. The gang that spells fun you deit it PP Welcome to my Disco. S 0 WBM S50 Dave Get in the house Dolly of course its Hef The eg man is here But its not mine Bill got Buste twice Thanx Ed 8. Ann UR swell folks. Matthew 0. Hughes J D ff Basketball 9 10. THE theory on women Hey Fiddle Diddle Its not my fault Forget it we re goin the ca e This shoulda been a movie Sat. nite: -dome Too bad B.C.Jul 6 Oh! Hi Mister Griffin Farewell to the Ford he original Hugo and Kathleen Thanks for puttin up with me Thanks to NOHS especially John 8. Colleen' Eilleen and Barbara lm proud of you Thanks Bro. Finn Fr. Connelly Thanks for everything Mom 8. Dad. 'I - T 'I ii j Kari A. Jancaterino "Kaz" , tball 9, 10, 113 P-Puff 11, 12. lt's finally 5 rl TC MJ CF SC GG Sl SA THE DOWNS. E l CAPE! Get Down With Your Bad Self -! i ty I learned how to Wen the trunk "EX- ,I 5 ME, DO YOU KNO ANYTHING ABOUT I IS" Just stay here, Marz Veteran's Day It Jr. Prom Ma e me another drink! MJA luv ,I 9-21-85! EC I still did it more! JK SF, MH ii KD KM DC KC l'll Miss Ya! The Accident! i ne Game in the rain '85! Me and Cookie at I Water gun fights with Mike B., Cookie ,I 'ah,I and me. Thanx Mom8iOad I'Il miss ya! . ya I -' .,,. I I I Ii I I I Donald Jones "Jonesy" QI iys Soccer 10, 11, 12. party locker 86, 87 lantreal 85, N.0.S.C. Good luck to all m I ands ET CL RG, GK RC CC BH JM K BC KH GS Gary dontfor et about the I GOOD BYE NORTH T ANKS MS V NSON 8- MS WITNERS for your help! I ADE IT MA Allison Elizabeth Hulme "Ali" 21 Kemper St. FBLA 9-103 Leo Club 1 3 Choir 123 Class Rep. 9-11, News Reporter 103 Homecoming Princess 10th. Special thanks to my best friends in Connecticut - T.L.C.C. L.F., K.C., L.C., JB., S.P., S.M,, C.G. - Miss you all. BERMUDA '87 Never forget Eugene and Alex, Kimbo. Ashford brownies forever. The best "Shannon" I ever heard. To the flake - Thanks for the fun. Senior Girlscouts. Mo - lt's been great - Thanks for all your advice Killington 86, To Chrisse and Carlene - You always believed in me - thanks. M.K. - Always. Mom, your love and encouragement prevailed. Y Q- I. .V Q' Karen M. Johnson 71 Cliff St. BERMUDA BOUND 4-18-B7 ILP, SF, AM, MH, SO, KG, BC, MHJ Best Friends 4eva LP+KJ "Tanks for dos Luggage Cruise l5-15- 86i MIT Parties KJ, S , MH - 3 MUSKETEERS Jen Raf H.C. Oueen Thanks for bringing us together, Sue - 6:30 Wake Up Call ester + Chuck - Dr. B P-Puff 85186 Bye mc 11587 Hello sos - I MISSED YOU! Anna - CRASH! minor head ing Chuck Ms. Ever CAN'T STOP LAUGHINGII heila's Party THE CAPE - cure, furs, buzz, SUAVE, midnite swim MD - WATERMELON HEAD LP+ B.M. Couldn't of made it wfout ya Ip LOVE FOREVER + ALWAYS Caraboo. Thanks Mom!-Dad, I LOVE YOU. Monica Hutchinson 18 Blake Street Its been great! Lots of memos! E. Fudd roams hallways. Hey Jen? We learned a lot since 2nd period didnt we Colleen! Ill neva 4get Cl thats where it all began. Bermuda bash April of 87 with m B-friend MH and KG KJ BC SF. Skiing at H' good truckin Shell thanx for leaving me stuck TS! Nice sunglasses, don't ever try this at home kids. Grass skiin lessons, September 1986, it's about time! an have tried but the best man always wins. ever forget that. We'll be gigether forever! Lots a luv-n-thanks to Ma 8 ay. N in--Q' Ken Johnson KBTIZO Holmes St Crew BJ SG MN JD CN MD The Rock the Pit Crew LJ KK DG SG BJ SL MN Magic Shilleiagh JJs Halloween party New Year s at Mikes hut partys MB on the oatwalk The zoo VH 3-18-84 A Smith in Lynn Summer School Bc cookies The last Hut party "Led Zep" A Smith at Sullivan Bob and Tac Fools Day "86" The best "The cornerhouse" KK SP thanks Ms Swanson! "Hey guys stay Iate" The Burkshires. Thanks to ma and Dad "I'm out of here!!!" Good time Badtimes you know we've had our share. ,f N, su Marah Janineh Itsfinallyover! AWSOMII Sabrina 86 Itwas the best summer H-H-Hurry - Come for Cur I!! 4th of July N.Y. Yahl. - Yo Baby! - LOV RS - I ain t down enou h - Where did you uys go last night? NA CISSUSII Kari et own with your bad self mother - riends Forever. Sapacy Tracy - 8 C.F. Thanx Bitterman - J.P. - Coo ie - . . KJ SA J.M. Mcee Dees 85 - H-A-M!! Ill et you back! T.M. - Turkeygame - 83 - .A. Thanks! W.F. Love you ABF - PALESTINE - Thanx Mom 8 Dad I m gonna make you proud. Thanx North It s been fun. I ll check youz out later! - TOOTES! Erin Kane Cheering 10, 12, Capt. JudeIAS PEACHES KimlWABHFY Perfection wfanE T-Day KILK Castle Island BBB JNukibaby: Frasers BN SLpartySC Oueens Dance J 85-86 CH?ts twww? Edaville v8.s The Rock DREAM ONsgs Sweet16 wsy! GC, woftb! WHB FPD JR DL C P-Puff He e - Quebec EF85886 bk SorryKK NTAEMIT +enDooba Help! un-hum, out wf who? DON TOUCH ME BC get out! Ester TMsfe Mark ILY BFF PC woftdd Thanks Sara8iLee LY glRyan lWont Brin U Down 11110 86' M8R 4eva The Red Car' F KF JW KF K TD KG SL CH EG STAND BY ME cheerleaders 86 Thanks For The Good Times! BERMUDA BOUND 87 OHS DS Thanks to my family lLove You! TIP' Linda M. Kane Howard" 153 Atlantic St. Friends 4-eva KR JD KS DM CF JC YS! Charlie Beans LK, KR SB CS!!! 4th Part Duck Dies. Kez's Bash! Howie's House J MN JF RW, KR JM, A-n-M get out! Joe Blood Bros ,... G.Band Cancelled - Koo -n- Gan I!! Karen s KR snoozin in Iav later! 7-11! CAV . M-n-M S in Can. Taxi!! CL. LK KD Y ,RS MN SC DK SA K-Hole No G. TM T Kill the Cs LK, JD Eastern. Pee Wee -n- Crew!! MR Thanx 4 the good memories C N.Y. Eve JC,MK LK KR SC MW JM IP! . .A. sna ged in hut LK JD KR . . . Florida Busch A. exas ride em It's been real Thanx Ma-n-Dad . . .. , Q John Keaney ' '55 X we !,'-i' . . ' 1.152 Kathleen Kinsella 159 Farrin ton St Oops upside your hea Farringtow Street Camp Kingsmont 85 86 Jordache bag Toga party Scarlet letter S Bruce tape Super Gooch Mr. Ed Tweedle-dee and dum Bub- bles and Slug o in Led erland care package from Gig and hell Yea rah DePauw Buean suerte Inez. Miss ou - CLBKBH LCJHRS EGDDJM BKMMJ MBKGMM. AC BK CL M MM EG - I love you all! Good uck everybody! Barbara Kelsay l've seen this happen in other people's lives and now It's happening in mine - stretch out 8 wait A storm comes or is just another shower? Thanks KD for everything KKSICL - 218! Dahlin ohmy! Duffel ba I Time after ime - - lm sorry E - TFBMF SNAKE! ED 1 81 White House - thanks SCOOP! CAMP KINGSMONT the big S ROB 1117 - Thanks turkey - Hearts are breakin someones daughter joins with someone s son - MM keep in touch COW! Trig par- ty reams are what you live for It doesnt matter if this all shatters nothing lasts forever but there is a light that never goes ou. CD Paul Kavanagh .. av . Wollaston Wrestlin 12. 'CLASH ROCKER Allison "I Don't Like Mondays' 11122185 - ? "The Mount" "Twist and Shout' - 69 S idey 'Snit Snit As " New Wave is it: S istols Idol U2 B 2's e B.A.D. Graphic Arts Gambling Club O'Lindey's Billards Whippin 'Late Again' EZ "Paint the Town" Sneakin w1Dirtywork 3-12 Celts Destination: RELEX! 12114185 'OUT OF CONTROL" Risk 50's Sunset Society will Conquer Thanks: RD PO AS MD GN JM JC letc.1 "lf I Had Never een Mistaken I Would Have Accomplished Less" TQ its . 7,14 Julie F. Killion 137 Grandview Ave. Swimming 9-12, Capt., Track 9-12, Gym- nastics 9, 10. MLO. The Crew Scott, Rob, Doug "Tom Boyle Lives" Sandi 51.50 a cup - is she for real? "ROOM CHECK" Girls night out "AEROSMITH" - Beam me up Scottie Dave - I Love Youj The night at Forbs What happene day after Senior rom? Thank you for coming Mr. Hurley To all my close and personal friends: "It's been reaI!" GG, LH, LR, SM, RAZ, SN, DA, CB, RG, SG lSPKA- Anyone "RELAX" Thanks for everything om and Dad. GL to Class of '87, i Timothy J. Kelly "Kel" 41153 Football 9, 10, 11, 12. Montclair Boys JLSHBO DRCPTK SZBMNCPHDH Squan- tum Boys DNDG DLMDTD Parker Boys SC MEDLBD MBWAAAAA Kerry ILove U always 8.4 ever 11115185 14hole GC eggmen SHwindshild Race to pats Hummarock with the Gearins summer of 86 TK Hope to Room with you. Traveling with my brothers Kels Car T-Day NO-OH up downs in the snow The sled Thanks for watching over me DAD iloveU MOM we had some rough times but we made it iloveU Thanks Jimmy Jackie Bobby. ILOVE YOU ALL. See ya NOHS. Barbara Korzeniowski I made it!! Kathy - L - George Karen Cats! Fred! Nov. 23rd AD4 Barbara Bears What homework? Bubs - L - Paws La Bellina Alegre! Lookout world here I come! KH'2 Kat y are you asleep yet? TEDDYBEARS! TB ER BOOM-BA-BA-BOOM CP DE DL JM AL! Dabs CL BK KK LC Beautiful, Thanx CHUCK and COURTNEY! LC-L-WS CC Where is the concert? WEEKEND GP MARKY! MARK - MIKE - ED - BILL - BILL V-BOB - AMY Bubbles and Suds! Mark Where are You? Class of AD7 RULES!! DER . . . that's stupid! MISS RYAN!! CHOIR!! DONNA - VICKI - SUZANNE - JOYCE - DAN LC Good Morn- ing Class! Lard-N-Lumpy REUNITED! ALFIEI Have you got all the answers? THANX MOM-N-DAO. ,T T I I? I I Christine Krantz I 56 Marlboro St. Ouincy llih School - 9-12. yaknowwhutimean? I metimes ya lust gotta say "WATCH OUT ll RTHE TREEI. "I will light YOU SIX OF EM!" "K" car! "The black ag!" B.F.F. LM, DM, i E, JG, DC, MP, CL. VERN.!I Feb. Vaca. "87" I sconsin. Florida "87" Hey MrgiG. The rl ach Curtis Bashes "I Lost My S oe" OH Il d, here comes the yuppies!!! Do you tl ate?! "Yup it's broke" OH Song Wrong pic- !! es!! Maggie, Lets us go HARV srirlc. un- ! Jim, egg, get me out of this net! Thanx il s.G. and sis 42. Thanx Miss Swanson, See N: North! lt's been real!! thanks Ma!! I r I I L Sheila Lawn I I I l I I I I I 42 Patricia A. Koski "Tricia" 45 Thornton St. Matt 513385. ILYA . . . Fla. wf Fam! B3 TF? PIG PSD BCC YA MAN B-E-B Rock - Mellowland - need a5pole - VT!! 14th Golf Tourney - Summer 8 YKI! 8131 My Toilet! Nice PuPu Platter No Tables Nice drool Nance HB! MB, NL, JM, CO, JW, MT, LC, CH, MD, AR!! OSOAD! JRs PP-LDOS - BUSTED! bubbasl "The Cul?" BFM Julie Moween - W.A.Y? Oueen's ance 86 TNJ Kool wJ a K Julie - GET THIS BOAT OFF MY BAC I Nov 9-10 Thanks Matt Celts Parade Broken Glass Everywhere . . . myring Any favors? PBs Bowling Fiwt - SE 5- alert RUN! July 4th "The Van" A:LlFE "E" Thanks Ma and Dad. Stan Kovalski A-Hey - Phil - Double - Pumper! 66Nova - W2 - The-Blue-Bomber lLost - Miy- Brakesj lFlea-Bag! Mike 8. Matt - 31284 3 - Never-Forget - CF - KF - DM - CK JC-RS- S-MN--YS-MK-SK - KD - MH - MJ - SC - Crackers - The-Godson-Marsh - KD's - Cellar - 3Cases - Between 4-VOOM-VOOM FLAP - "'?S - You-Crowe - CELTS - PARADE 86-REDSOX ' - Rally - 86 "WHlTE-RAlN" - Scusset-Beach "86" - T-Day Rally - lt's-Been-Real-Because-I - Can - How- Long-Until-Vacation? - Hutches - Class galil- - CKSUS - 4-U - YEAH Thanks - om8.Dad - I-Finally'Made-It John l307I WAR -HANFA - lt's-OK - Markus Icebeggin - NASTY lNo-Way-Ociffer? - WA -l- REALLY-GOING-THAT-FAST?. SH TAKE- THIS-JOB-AND SHOVE-IT - LATA. tar' Anthony James LaValle DILLIGAF? I made it Ma!! Thanks Fred. 33 F st. Hull!! Class of 85 - Ted Joe Cool Leif. Baseball Southie - Buzz Scott Mikie Slato Kenny, Jimmy. DORCHESTER Rich, Kenny s. Duke, Derek, Chuck, Cind , Michelle, Judy Kelly, Kerrie, Jean, Julie D. he Corner Rules!! To my beloved Donna: See you in four years we'll be together. Love. Anthony. U.S.M,C. 'Navy Adam Lane 138 Oxenbridrge Rd. A.K.A. ON THE WALLS AN DESKS AS AEVIL OR DANCER STANGS RULES THE BUMP!!! 4th of JULY AT O BRIANS KILLIAN S IRISH RED 81 Jr PROM!! WHOS GOTTA SMOKE. THE CLASS OF 87. LATER B.M.KEN. RANDY. TOM. MIKE. TINA. LONG DISTANCE BITESII AND ONCE AND FOR ALL ITS SPELLED KARI. OFF THE LOADING ROCK!! WELL IM OUTOFHERE SO LAY-TA LL!!! . .. I 'Q 4 1 I . QQ? , f X 7 f f 22? , , Of fgf y X, , f W? f ,, , , Y Mfffgyff ' Susan Lawlor Summer School 86 wfJC Bananaboat Jackie R U ready? Drive-Ins wfJC l48J 8 MJ f the dump X Heard it thru the G.V. Sunday at Chriss house wfthe cops. Wheres Laura? JPXBJ Deb B Biff O Literally. MA Field got us Deb 7f31f86! K.F. well meet a ainl Squan- tum' with KN JC MB MISTAKE ot. the Toy. Who s got class? IHTS TGIOI Chris Don't U hate her? Tracey - Oink-Oink that was 4 U. The Snot Twins. The Rock was ood til the Clicks. Sandi how s Soula? JR - lu Stang 8. Eggbert. Rodney! CALIFORNIA! Dad I did it! 'L 4' Cynthia Lee Sappenentoots? Our idol in plaid Swedish meatballs long distance Bye Panda bear! Puritans ickey mouse Mr Jaws you Are my life DR Leesa On The Far Side CP get a life! Life s a beach MBI Barbie 8. Country Bum kin! Breakfast Club Slaveboy Kat This is lust too much fun! KH Are you with me? So nearr yet so farrl SE ou brown nose! I Love You Too DD eiruml Nahn turn it in on time! No more knee Slappersl Boycott 308' Hello to God FL CL GJ JW and Peking duck I now ou don t care! Clark you ve changed' MP F TM KG l5ltI Forever ELLCIE IT, Sv Connie Hon Ying Lee North Ouincy High School 85-87 Eastern Culture Society Treasure F.C. BLACK WHITE P. FRIENDLY NICE CHEERFUL HB. CH ESE FP. S.V.!. E. H. S. G. 8. PP. T. 2 Y. C. M. F. BF. I. D. N. M. BF. I. M. N. T. I. B. AC. 8. G. T. L. IN JULY 45 LAM, K. H. S. M. AT 28, 29 I GOT 1 D. AND 1 S. BECAREFULLY 22-25 CLUB OFFICERS A.J.F.L. J.W.C.L. S.Z.T.L.H.L. GYM TH. Vernon Charles Leister Jr. Everywhere On Merrymount Ave. BEASTIE BOYS MCA AD ROCK MIKE-D Jimbo life with Jim VLJP - forever Double S On the Love AH COME ON! ERNIE 8. BERT Oangermouse NYU S MONEY Rock Firs Thirsty Thursda Squantum Boys Rodos yrell 8. Pool RS DFO RSC NAH! FORGET ABOUT IT WHITECASTLE FRIES ONLY COME IN 1 SIZE! BENCH REBSO. ROCK COHASETT TM-BC BLANCHARDS LIFE RENEE ZOOTED wfSS ANISSE - Us, Always Forever ILY! Oueens Dance Cape Elizabeth BAM! Down SO. w!Dad 'THE BIG TRIP' OC Mom !SnowwhiteI IM STILL YOUR BABY Trips wfmy friends THANX MRSPHELAN Thanx 2my family especially Michelle JIM, WE'LL BE RICH - FAREWELL ALL! Nancy Celia Leonard 235 Newbur Avenue JIMMY 4717186 LYA - SLTHY 5131 Soc. 9 10 12' Hoop 9-12' S-ba!! 9-12. BAM JMW MM AR CH TK MT LC JM CO KG - REALLY GREAT MOON ON MARINA!! No tables No chairs. B3 VOGUE?? YKI JRS LDOS 85 FT LAUDERDALE 87 ABS R- BDA! GOLF TOURNEY SOF 85 turkey brain Its OK BAM ' FF-TTF Oueen s Dance 86 - NANAS BOINKI DRIVE-INS CELTS-STAY ON THE BUS! EASY KILLER P. PUFF 85186 DROOL Wheres my lunch? STUFF! 21 sec - HULE S SBP MOWEEN W. A.Y.? PU PU PLATTER? ROCK WBTKOE . . . CC-5 RAINE 519 86 9 t. turn SNAGGED K.L. H.M. J - L OS -DAJP PSYCHO CS-TFTGT NEWIE THANX MOM+DAD LY. CFS David Michael Levine 3 Calumet Street MWA A A Football 9 12 DOOR JOB DOOG S HOUSE MY HOUSE JULY 4th JULY 16 20 BERMUDA BOUND APR 87 EGGMEN THE ROCK G COURSE BUBBERS SPRINGSTEEN 85 U2 85 KISS PARTY CAPT CELTIC CELTICS 31, SOX 86 PARKER BOYS. SC BD MS TM ME JP MONTCLAIR CREW: REGS SIGS DH PH MS DC NC PATS GAME BLANCHARDS CHRISTINE 4722786 W F BXMXS ILL LOVE YOU ALWAYS 8. F R VER MISS-PERFECTION UGLY RM GMB JAWS FRIENDS: SH PM SB KM f DS YouLostSCRUFF MICKEY DOLL BITE!! MAY 10 DAD I LOVE YOU AND WILL NEVER FORGET YOU . . .THANKS MOM AND LARRY THANKS UNCLE ZEEK 8. AUNT ZELDA. f?-wage Qi fvpx Liea Leoncello Southie 83 Danny Rooftop party Is this the end? De-De-N-Pat !t's about time Mac8Che at 3 a.m. Little Buckaroo Shea Rink Jim March 1 Hard Habit to break Walking in the rain Wollaston Beach Summer of 85 Frankie WW Dance My name is Fred I don't get sick Nov. 9 Carson Beach Jay Mc Where are you? Stand by me So Co Serious! sometimes you have to sa what the heck! hank ou De-De You LOOS R HI TB BR DS AJG DJ BH Terry loves Chris JR Prom Always and Forever Tender Love I LOVE YOU JOHN!!! XOXOXO We made it LITTLE brother LUV YA Thankyou Mom8tDad I LOVE YOU BOTH. Renee A. Levesaue CRASH SOUE SPIKE RED SP NKY California - Summer 85 FL Bound IH-EYB - keepin touch. Handiman ILOVE You - Fixm ire? Nothing to say? Pnk Champagne. kiing Coach? Laurie's Pa - What time is it? 3:45.Sun. Mornings. hip-Star Parties - Flirt Jimmie s room - S8iE - BOUNTY - TUNA - Leo Mang - Wonk to o - OH Prom - Slap - Thanx - Tony - .U. Ms. Tik. 3 yrs. Ms. Manoli - Brigham's - Rudy - Dave - Joe - Manager - Kevin! State St. Half GI. - concussion. hemodialysis - Lesson in Love - Iovya - 4eva. SOMEDAYI C. Mint- V.CarI V. GOY! Timings. MA, DAD, JIM FRANKIE, AO'S 4-eva, B-Good, Mich, JO-JO. Mill, Sarg. Dan, THANX. Drive-On. Future Passed. We'II make it . . .. 'VU' Chris Leoncello "JeIIoman" U2, THE POLICE, AEROSMITH DREAM ON. K.S. C.C. K.H. M.H. D.F. L.L. DRA W.W.D.A. WHAT IS IT HUH? HEY MIKE, RIGHT! OH YEAH! THANX EDDIE F.T.R. A TUB FULL OF JELLO!!! ME AND CHRISTINE 4 EVA ENDLESS LOVE THE LITTLE WEASLE, WEEBLE TO MY SISTER LISA, YOU'RE THE BEST BIG LITTLE SISTER. Dimitrios J. Liberidis 1 '. I I I I, Mark John Lombardi I 245 Newbugr Ave. latballp Wrestling. 10, olf 12. Cape Cod I 5" PM, JR - T ieve Valiant, Suzuki, Pats. I XX - Celts. - 16, Sox. - 86 "Saabster" ly Machine" W1 4-5f2Of86 DMC BUDI W1 ash, ME, HEF, HAP, KS, KEL, SIG, DH, PH, I Il , 255-LVN "Ya Right" Bombers - ME, JP Q - Rod, TENZO, HAP, - T - Tunes, ,I isse EggJMen Durg, DL, TM, MS, DH, JP, Hod, T ZO, HAP, Neil, Steve, RW, Paul, .I I, MZ, MF, BD BUTE, WUSS, "Get some I dda" Bermuda Bound "87" Arrest Vin The n 11 12 Rock Golf TFTM "Can Ya S uat on I, ' 1 q II K18- the G Thanks Mom and Dad. Bye Ii I1 I I I 1 .I I I I I I Joan M. Lydon , "Jodi" fride Comm. 9-12. BFF: Lisa - Patti AM IMPP SHSB CSKB Lis Hagpy New Yr. 86! LN - MY HOUSE! The NI Y. BL, thanx AK, 'CR s Mtownhouse Bulls oh-oh, LS! Spr Brk II6 CC gva-Mg League! Ouick Crz Beyond BT! :IPL .UBE AM Kim Casdogs 5 am? Ianoozing-n-Sav! Amanda - Jods Here Jougies Comin! Thnks Vann! Cas-Satdy Jp 36 M! How Ya Doin? Bg! Babe Basic The Qukes ESquant St 3some JJL? Lis Ski93-MD! ,tal Here Come! Johnny 5186 I Luv Ya! L- nIIe8CC WkEndCrw - DKJSPJ Thanks Don S. Kim, K8tE I Miss YouSteve. gf-ILY Thanks Vlom 8 Dad ILY! Good Luck Everyone! Robert Michael Linnane 40 Gordon Street Football 9, 10, 11, 12. The main man. May I have another Pepsi. Celtics parade IBer1I Randy's party. Parker Boys Rule. The window Job. J.R. Prom. My pals M.C. J.M. K.O. J.M. K.F. R.W. D.M. P.S.Y. The rock. Until we meet again the best of luck to the class of 1987. Nicole Elizabeth Linville Drama Club 11 12' NFLHS 11 12' AVL EC MC BFI LS BS TD DB SM JLP TG CS KL MM NG CW TM DP RR BM RC T8IJ FRANKO! I made it RUDY! NIKATIKA CAST PARTIES! Drinking Does Not A Party Make. JLP VL SS boxers. WHAT IS UP ELIN? Charity Haze Mrs. VanD Sophie. WGYP!!143 Ala8tLin Bye Mr. Cotto! Smile Mr. Hurley! NIK the DL. RIUNITE D ORD! Thnx Fitchy FISHBOWL Nantasket! Girls Nite at Beaz. Elins SP86! COLEY Lock It Up John the Elephant! Patch Kate Tig Sade8.Fred. SING IT! BSD s Weddin I PKLBURG TO GO! Thanx to m family HANX TO THE BEST MAILSIS 14 fi fir Mark Lunnin Football 11-12. Track 11-12. Red Raiders Iron Club. Junior Prom 86 Door Job Silver Beach Parker Bogs, Montclair, Squantum SC JM DW DG JM B ME DN PF PT BC JR TM DC BM MD TD EG MS The Rock Penny 171111861 - 8. Always! Love Ya Mark! Scott's House Chicken in the fridge LTU's can you smell it? Rodos Par? PJ Esthers House Fwent! Lets Get Some ubbas - She Got A Moustache! The Duster Doing It My Way Snug Harbor Fraser's House Toby Lemon Salami Jim Mor- tadella Flats - Dann Ardvark S ecial Teams 81 FARCE Thanks om and ad l'll never forget you! Love ya, always. Q'- Joseph Lowry NORTH 41 thanx SM 4 good times! PEDRO SEAN TONY KREGA FILO! THE BEST 2 FREINDS 2 HAVE! THE COURSE WOLLASTON THE ROK! No my spelling is fine! KEEPRIGHT! ALUNI PIZZA WITH A BUZZ! LOOK OUT WORLD AM I READY? Che?'I n me maybe come day! Erica youjll b n me eva! LEMME C WHATELSE? CEL S 41 TOO! IS ANYONE READING THIS? S MEGABUCKS S S BOUND S only if I returned da em tees! My wkends were made 4 miks! THANX WOLLY CENTRAL, NO, MOM DAD U2! META LOTOF PEOPLE! CANCUN! ohya coke cola! GOOD LUCK 2 THE CLASS OF 87! DUZ ALL THIS SOUND RIGHT? HI 33B! THE YEARS FLEW! WISH I COULD DO IT AGAIN. BEEN REAL. HNIKIH pr cel .Ia.U, Ep, FJMQ MM, 'NP,'AL,' BYE ., BYE John Lutts Band 8. Choir 9-12. EDDIE WAS HERE, THANK YOU MC8. "SKI" IT'S BEEN FUN- PIROTECHNIC RAGE THE BEST ROCKZLROLL GARBAGE BAND EVA KEN, TOM, MIKE, STEVE, CHRIS, CHAD, KING, MEZ, MARK, JOHNO, KEVIN 8 KIM I LOVE YOU CAROL 4f19f85 - FOREVER KM'S WEEKEND BASHES I TASOBAFAI X KREAPA, JERRY, KEVIN, PAUL, DAN, TUC, "CALL A CAB!!" 6 R138 f TO ALL THE PEOPLE I KNOW - LIV LONG AND PROSPER. THANK YOU MOM 81 DAD I LOVE YOU BOTH. AND EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN ISIN TUNE BUT THE SUN IS ECLIPSED BY THE MOON. - R. WATERS. l 'Wx Nancy Maher 61 V I l N fv- I I ' James E. McCluskeB Ii tbaII9-12.SaIamiJim31T - ayNRA The itiful Ones Always hurtAGS 14th Hole The SK LTU'S Bwa-a-ah PATgames CanYa illlt? Fwent! JP Pouda The MEATMEN , +MortI Ber+Mon. Bnd S. Craig+The Rock EI dows - Blodims Celts Parade Rodos Par- - STEF - THIS INDECISIONS BUGIN I THE cLAsH - DEATH or cLonv - I rFre Keg Sum.85 SexPistoIs - Anarchy Idams arties YourA Good Egg "Danni liark" BLANCH I was 1st 31 186 TP I :hines THAT'S A FARCE! The MDA. NOOK! I Skip DAYS - Sunset, Whthrse, SilvaLk I' STUFF I FORGET. DWDGPFML JMCM - I. Bys, MONTCL. SOA - Thanx MOM + I WD 5 I I I I I I I Thomas McDonald I I I I I -I John McCarthy "Jack" Swimmingh Track 9. IBC Highj In town after school, e+Fred - Professional Beach Bums+Pinball Wizards! Wey. N. Jr. Prom wf CC, SH Sr Prom wfDB, NO Jr Prom w!DB + "86 CORVETTE" TopSpeed - 137, The Mount - You Guys Are The Best! The Band - DD, VP,PM, C Top Concerts - Van Halen, ACXDC, Crue U2, N. Ranlaer, ZZ Top - Front Row! and many more, istakes - II The Rock - 2? The Cape w!MD+JN 3 Where's STON? uly 4 at Petes - Me + Fred in the Camaro, Braintree Drive Ins, I drank but no one else did! Everybody Wants Some, TNT, Livewire, I Would Die 4 U LOTS OF LOVE MA "LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL", 8 w Q., f Joanne E. McCloskey 196 Newbury Ave. Child Growth 1 81 2 was great but break was BETTER!!! Remember the little BABIES at O.C.H. Jr. Prom was a BLAST!!.! . . , S.C. J.A. ..S.F. .. .. .. ..A.D.L.D. .. T.M .... Homeroom Bunch . . . Miss and Love you Sara-Marie . . . Jill 8. Cookie don't forget about the statue of Gloria .. Scary Thank ou Ms.S. and Good Luck with Max. Ms.B. hank you for listening. I LOVE YOU and will MISS YOU. GOODBYE to North Ouin- cy High!! Thanks. 3 i' Lori-Ann McCormick 54 Safford St. JW MT AM CH TK MM JM TW JR JS. RH 4 on the moped - Nice pants Jude!! Uh oh Maureen B.F.L! BBOJW PF-PT Smile Mo- ween lLY! Crunch! - 9f3!86 COACH Not Me! - AM8.MT Hey T.U.L.S. Colleen get up! - NSOTP! "Lau how do you . . .?" Kosk - y u are so fresh! Guiggas BAB S CFC Bermuda Bound 87! HELLO'?! Rock!! 6f21f85 - JR's pp - Where am l?! BLC TS BMJ Thanks for the memories Love ya!! JW-BF s Powder Puff 86 Jenn you wild woman DW 182 MARY! HAMMA! Where's the food? J. Prom f Cape 86. DG - You Farce! Hey Ma I made it! Thanks Mom8.Dad I love you! Good luck Class of 87!!! ' P' CF EK TB CR CF CM , , 9, 'Xa we I 1' , , , ' O 41 , ' 5 , Kristen Mccready Matthew Stephen McCusker Swim Team 9, 10, 11, 12, Capt. Jeep, Capt. "Yakoo" Crunch 8. Chud CC-5, Porsche What a con- cept, Breakfast Club, JA Tim driving, l'm a lifeg1uard, Bill Dratic, There's a limit, ontreal, Fas ion risk, "The hagpy couple", Cruise 85, S.A.P.P, We at Papa 's pickles on a mirror? American pie Pretty in Pink, No Left Turns, ?4t2 Neomaxi zoomedweebie, West Point, Jake, Willie "reIaxsh", Ouincg Rec. What if ..."lt's my sisters", 6:24 SP RK of the day, CM's ceilings, AMXDOXSBXAC SCXDMXTMXMG - A friend is a s ecial gin . . . 2 B cherished forever. Good luc class of 1987 Thanks Mom and Dad I Love You! 2 Ellis Street Swimming 9, 10, 11, Capt. 12, Drama 11, 12. SRProm usher JProm Super Stretch SnowWhite caddie me Mike Andy Thanks Mike no seafood pockets Watch out for the cfrom-the-big Clainsapt yadu RE3RE3ch ABU dual rackabrue lager the guard Lanieisbacak! lthink? Smile Julie Jag Jugs mufdv Hef Fisherconan The Librarian blanchards thanks Mr. B Meand Andy human Beat Box Smokin Dock Slik Thanks Mr. Will Andy Hurst have a ood one goodbye North gonna miss ya! I hink Thanks Mom+Dad YAKOO SEE YA! 'J' ful' new QQ on..- ' I Thomas Patrick McDonald 254 Belmont St Football 10 12 THE SLED Victory over 07 Rados Brian Spam RODO Nando Dave Fi? Don Tom Rico SAL Jimbo BLIZZARD A ERICS HOUSE DN THIRSTY THURS V CRIB NAH!! REB O Cohassett THE BENCHBCVL ROCK Tyrell + Pool Blanchards MCA WHITE CASTLE Cralga Ark-IAFEEALLEII FORGET ABOUEJI IT! Rock Y MELLOWLANO KG Me T00 WATER CLASH AN A NICE COLO ONE AR FNC CREW! Thanx MOM DAD MRS C BW+RY TV CFLTS PARADE DAY- L's -, .. .. sf FRIESONLY COME iivi si2Ei Sheilas House. First' , P Q' Mc, sc, of cc. 63 T' Anne M. McGuiggan Guigga Soccer 9-12 ICI' Basketball 9-12 KCI' Softball 9-121CJ.G-D B-Ball Tourney 86-+87 Jam On It 833 - The Leapin Lizard What Attitude? G. is 3 for 3 Len Where's the Beast? Beep Beep! RUN - BNG You be lllin PB Yes Barry's my cousin - lreland87 Boom They Say Capt. We Say What Totes I wanna go home - BBcam 85 Not me! MT+LM Bermuda Bound 861-87 aren's WangChuck Crash He Jude - you O.K.? NapTime 11:00 90M.P. . Kathe your AWESOME! EKTKMB SOTGTMKR Love my little Shih-tzu Thanks Jane Mom + Dad love you. I m outta here! -. "r -- . Maria C Megias an 4 Bellevue Rd Drama Club 11 12 Vice Pres Choir 9 12 Madngals 10 12 Natl and For Lang Pres Honor Soc Soccer 10 11 Lets DanceI77 871 ULUS TEAM And you call ourselves ADVANCED?l? IDT et all Pipe own Jon! Choppers! Nahn fparking? NH skiing Mon treal B6 Spain 5 Thanks to Jen Jon Tim Carol Nanig Michelle F. Moffett 81 Fort Square People - Lifei ht' Jn 6:33 BLACKBOX - "Bu er Did Itll' 'Diary of Anne Frank" Star Spangled G' I "Ima inary Invalid." Thanks mom 8 dad - sod Iessthe Classof'87. Timothy J. McDonald "Tim-O" Jumping Louise f Hello? f Oh Thats Attrac- tive f Catch the Wave f Kris - Ton 's Pizza? f CAST PARTIES!! 15 Prospect X p 8. Cape - Bread in Ian! But I Can't! Friendlys Bar- rys X Yes Nanig I do! Juanita Conga! endy 8. her Wretched Cello - Is it soft? X Diane - Streetaphobia! f T - lt's my retainer! 1 Tricia Movies? NO JUST GOOD FRIENDS f Kristen - Drive? f Xmas songs in hr f Italy?! f Sara - I Love 8. Miss You 1 Tricia - Thanks for being there - Love You 1 JS, CS, MM NG KG, NL,JLP LM KG DM JuI8the Gan Mel DD CM JR AM KM CM J Special thanks to FJM Mom Dad8.the rest ot the family f Goodbye 8-Good Luck! 1""V Denise A. McLellan 130 Bromfield St. THE BUDDIES1 KS KR JD LK SL CF LET'S DSC AT RONALDO'S PLACEI' KIM S BANANA DANCE! G-WIZZ H.R.C. - TM KM JM - WHEN IS BREAKFAST SERVED? KM- BLACK8- PURPLE 'HAI KA-WHAT STOP SIGN? OSWHAC!! WHO HAS A OUARTER?? DYWAB? KERRY - IT ALL STARTED WITH AN 'F' IN ALGEBRA!! THANKS FOR BEING THERE SHELLY' I LOVE YOU! GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE YOUR FUTURE!! KS KR JD LK SL CF - LET S ALWAYS K EP IN TOUCH!!! 'lf' ' , I Michael B. McGowan Jr. 'Pe z " HELLO YOUR THE GR A EST THE FOLLOW- ING JP, EF DL,JW, ML JC, JC JS EPJ CP JD, BK. JUDAS PRIEST CONCERT LED ZEP- PELIN OZZY DARKNESS 81 THE GREAT ESCAPE OX PYRO FRIED JIMBO WOOBS THE COMMANDER PEPZY LOOK OUT HERE WE COME!! WE WILL ALL GO DOWN TOGETHER 2 the clik YOU CAN T KILL ROCK-N-ROLL! HE CHOSEN 1'S CHOSEN FOR WHAT? rim- my you can't smoke in the ool f backflip splash!! f halloween hi folks HATS WHAT! LIKE ABOUT UI THANKS DA FAMILY AND FRIENDS? STARSCREAM SHADOW WAR- RIOR REEBTOP SNEAKERS WHAT IF? OUT OF THE SHADOWS OX FRIED PYRO AND PEPZY HAVE ESCAPEDII FOREVER. Lisa Marie McLeod Swimming Team 9 10 11. Feb. 18 Best day I met Rob C. Junior Prom with Rob Greatest time. Catha Pacific Bunny and the Bear Bradlees et to Work Winthrop Kathy Russ and all the cats. Charlie Thanks Mom and Dad. .- ...,.r. -Li .. Angela McLain I Angelonia 8 Nanski Good Luck CD TM Lf, CC RB KW. 6115185 HuHuHu! OPD AL Chickadee 8 Chickaroo RUAV! N.H. wkeni sled Oct. 15 Gothoo Anycha mushy mush no more aerosmith July 3rd HIPL lag BEF MUDA BOUND 87 nnn-ooo na na bunr wanka Everlasting donuts APPA wint- troupa perknes. 3!15f85 f - loser. WV Geronimo! partners in crime keep rigt nonslidable floozies Roxanne. Cathy I wi never forget. Hayward 8. union prom 8 lunch at qvt summer of 85 bibbna wonder bowl turkey day Mcdees fc breakfast Thanks mom 8. dad for all u hav' done I Love You. Greg I LOVE YOU ALwa . Nancy you re the best stay that way. I ' PUMPKIN 4 - Eva SOMEDAY GREG '. .5 , Ave 1"- Lisa M. Mitton Basketball 9-123 Softball 10-125 Powderpt 85. Goodluck and thanks to: BR, SE, CL, Di KK, JF, DB, BB, TC, KM, MG, JO, AA, AM, TI CA, KG, KW, LD "Tropical the island breei All of nature wild and free this is where I lol to be Ia isla bonita" Betty, "Bets?", is that! bus no more g-bears please DC, dripdry "d1 pend!!!", everybody knows hour name, Kir rust ask, help ER LOVE A D THANKS 'I MOM AND DAD. YQ S-r Sabrina Mohammed Every little thing you do makes me smile. Hang it up! You ain't down CFIOUIQR! ooh please! Der! lt's a beautiful morning! hat was dry! He is mugdefied! Jam! am! Jam! Kalaloo! How you doing? Get Down With Your bad self MF ls that you Vanity? No lt's Sabrina Sixl. Good luck Pun Chan Sing "Joey Honey." Thanks Sally, Sweet 16 B-day was great. Ed- die And The White Boys! o Baby! You is "Fazine" Marah you're such a B! HA! HA! "LOVERS" MJ Summer of 86 was fun Huh! Am happy we met John. I love you Mom! Thanks or everything. Well North the PARTY has just begun. s H A "wif I1 -I 33 Sims Road ll Kathleen Ann Montgomery Swim Team 93 Track Team 103 Spirit Commit- :ee 11, 12. LeoADDCMMCM FRENZ - 4- EVA, DC Party 10112186 Crash 101131tr?A6! Y 1 Milton 7-11 Churchill Park, Massy Par - I Keys! LFrem July 4th Sgudo + BOB! AD never xl lolwet RBPBPL - "TH TREE" Joan's Table. rl U Amherst Cornflakes Doug's Mug!! -1Brighams, Basket - MM Hairspray. WH 'Beach - TL, RF, GW, AD - Florida "84" I Vicki, KMKM - Luv Ya! Cv JDBMTP RLD- IDRBJB Thanx Ma + Ann I Luv Ya! GOOD E LUCK cLAss or "er", I IJ' of 1 1 , Laura Christina Moreton "Lou" 36 Connell St. Ouincy John 10-25-86 I Luv U Best Friends DM CK BSMP JG CL Jr. Prom 86 with David N Christine 3rd Period Micki D's Ya know what I mean Never forget the Beale St. Part House in It the dark nite of the hurricane Bonnie I remember strip p. DP KH? Life's embarrass- Ing moment! Amesome concerts Tears 8. Fears - 1012 8- 10113 P Town 85 Curtis Par- ties Sat Nite Best couple HM JB MP JC PM EA , RM MM Thanks Miss Swanson I Luv U Mom . 8. Dad. I I bv- .--f"' Caroline A. Morash 200 Marlboro St. Band 9, 10, 11, 123 Rep. 10, Sec. 11, Year- book 12, Sganish Club 12, V. Pres. 123 Foreign Trip omm. 123 Spirit Comm. 11, 123 Sci. air 1 , 11. Florida Trip - 841 Rebels1 Mr. H 1 W-DD JD 1 Junior Prom - Always and Forever 1 You look beautiful - KM 1 Paul - Luv ya!! he day after Prom! 1 Straight to Cape! 1 he Bread 1 But Serious? Guys! 1 The T - We don't do that stuff! 1 M and Corn- flakes - Amherst 1 Milton, 7-11 1 But Anyways 1 Hello Globe? 1 Baskets!! 1 Hey You With he Attitude 1 MMKMLF ADDCM DD- JDTM PMTG 1 Canada 1 BandBus 1 '86 - Gang 1rAreyou withme! I1 Bye NO! GoodLuck Guys. hanks Mom and ad. Sag, ' 1227 . J' - i Colleen Monahan 4, ,L 3 "Mono" R' 10 Shoreham St. . Vinny 213185 4-eva Thanks for Everything, The dungeon 4:am wake up call, 5 min. of V P' 4 funk, oomphy, doomphy 2 of them! Jr,Prom 4 we had a blast! The caddy! KD's house sitting, hot dogs and pickles Vin! Vin remember the M' . PF? Spanish 10 Ms. Monahan thanks for a great yr! Florida 85, 86. Lions and tigers and bears oh! CH best of friends 4-ever! PC, EK, AR, PP, PE, TM, JM, AM, PM, KB. The Red Sox! Sleep day! Carolyn how's your leg? Bye - North Good luck everyone! hanks Mom, Dad and U.T. I Love You! Paul F. Moody 137 West Elm Ave. G5 Football 9-12g Track 11, Bus. Club. Turkey Day Showdown 1'86" North over Ouincy, ,,,f 0uincy's goin? down Parker Boys Rule: Nan- ""' do, DL, BD, P Montclair: Signs, TK, PT, SH, TD, BM Friends: BJ, SS, JM, L, SL, DN, JG, MS Jack + Mike remember New Hamp. Jack are you hungry? N.H. Hicks gave good chase, got me Urban Assault Mission, dumb idea erry D., CRASH, you dumb! Phil, run any stop signs lately? Curtey, Wolly T. look at al the stars. First trip to Blanchards Patriots, Celtics, Red Sox "1986" Thanks for everything Mom +- Dad. is N,- Debbie Moreton Q. ' lr ""N 'X qs-., l fre I A I r 1 Judy Morrissey Weebles Its been fun guys lm gonna miss ya Remember the good times cruisin to Marina Bay and Holding Back The Years swimming at night Fred Im not either I go break spaz Chinese food on half da s Thanks to eve one AC roll down any hills lately library on Thursdays N0 ood luck on your marna e w GKACD KKMNFDAUBRB CC DP SB SC RS SM KH N0 MJ Lt, FRIENDS T0 THE END!! To the class of 87 l miss ou uys Thanks mom and dad NORTH OUIN YF REVER!!! F .. .,.. . A ' , Y A VY at work Mr. A I'm going to miss you love ya ith . , 8 ,,,.,. A I X 8 , 1 5 a if 65 W' ls in John Mulkern THEMOUNTPO-JC-MD-R - W 1 Edward J. Mortell 89 Hilma St. N. Ouinc MA H83-87" Bahamas here I come! Beam me up Scotty there's no intelligent Iile down here!!! IT s been a long 4 years. Sean how's the air induction? Pete what's that stench? Party in the Bahamas with AH MV MM and Iriends. Never cross that double ellow line! Thanks a lot for everythin MoM+ aD love ou both a lot. browny ho d on . . . CRAS I! Rotten Cucumbers. Party in Mr. Phillips class! ICWTGT POOH!!! Later N.O.H.S. much later. GOOD-bye!!! Tanya N. Morway ..T,. MFF 7186 I LUV U!! CHEERING 11 AMY - REE+BRAD HOW LONG? DAD 143 SILVER SANDS, CALIFORNIA, VOGUE WEENIE IN THE T-BIRD IND MORE? ME AND AMUS AT STACY'S INO YOU CA 'T COME IN? NANCY IN SOC W1PP+PE N0 BAHAMAS OR ME. MF, AB, DF, WF, MF, DD, KM, PS, MM, SS, JH, RM, AB, SA, SI, NM, RD, JL I LOVE U MS. CIANCI AND RM. 138 I CAN'T THANK U ENOUGH AMY 143 ALWAYS REMEMBER THE SUMMER OF '86 THANX FOR BEING THERE THANX A LOT MM, LM, JM, AND MOM!! I LOVE U ALL!! GOOD-BYE NORTH!! I'M NEVER GONNA BE BACK. THANK GOD!! Us ry' , Q., . In ., I' Ii 1' ,I I 1.5. . A AS DD MZ SD JN D PKF 6 JC - RG - SN - LATER SNITS CAMPING - 86 - LAZY' "JC" NATURE WESSE MAR- TINS - L.L' ON THE RUG - COFFE .B PO - PAYBACK. FIRST TIME STEAL A GEK. PICS MATING CALL SEARCH WITH POCPPK. NANT. SMOKIN LAURA 10-31-85 MARINA BAY FLASHLIGHTS. 1st BRUINS GAME BRATS PEANUTS SHELLS. ILY LS. FLORIDA BOUND MARSHFIELD 714 86 WHAT A NIGHT JERRY NICE SH ES O.Y.S. MBH DISCUTANG CRASH NO BRAKES IRELAND 83. CRASH 85 ITS LEAKING GAS? MD. LOVE YOU MOM AND Sandra L Murphy 37 Buckin ham Rd Relaxsh Willie 1 Ester am Moses Jan Lis Liz Shell Skip Winkie my eye Sarah sk! Jenn Moe S uid fly girls Barb De BT next year 611 186 MF is U Mairs holding '- not me. Julie 81.50 a cup? ISFR? Jr. Prom 86 an experience TFTD 8. TJD 4119186 TFTH - never again! EF party 4- beat that Jules! 811186 ASFBG 1 smekurd Fun Mary? The Ps - FM! Diane thanx for being there - YTB! Yes Kimmy Ed s groov . lm cbS. Barbie continue the sagwa 8. SOO I Bst o lck c of 87 I ll miss ya. T anks Mom and Dad. I love you! Diane M. Mullin 52 Wayland St. Swimmin 9-12' Choir 9-12' Pride 8. Spirit Comm. ood morning MH Mona KJ SF MB-B 5 19186 DA-35 TM JP RELAX LH LR SC MCamp 10 11 TPT CC-5 PF: Pret- ty! cfc X-mas P'8C SM JR K-Party 8. Chaka Understand Brenda? Phobia 18.2 SLAVC Man Alive Ma DM KG JA T-Da SP- an one? WDTS ARB? Strike 1 B. ommon K Stand by Me THANX for everything Laura and Luke I love U Mom and DAD GOO LUCK ALWAYS CLASS OF 87 C - 4 Melissa Ann Murphy 139 East Elm Ave. S irit Committee 11 12' Yearbook Committee 1 ' Spanish Club 9 12' Drama Club 123 N.H.S 11 12. Hello! AD CM KM, LF, DC' FRENZ - 4-EVA! DD TM MG M8.M 10-9-86 THE LONG WEEKEND PARTY AT DC'S CRASH ON THE 13th! 7-11 Churchill and Massy Brigham s . . . WHOOPSI BASKET This Is true But anyways ALWAYS AND FOREVER White Cougar WORD-UP 1986 WORLD SERIES - Seriously uys Dont Izgy lawyer with me! Yes sir!lTG10 !Attitude - pray."GOOD LUCK CLASS OF 87!!! Thanks Mom and Dad! Luv if tw? 'WV' A 14,7 f Deborah Mullay MW SL KN MM LM MM TS KD Friends, eva. 'BRIAN' 1125186 I Luv U! A.R. 36,1 0186. Jr. 81 Sr. Prom '86 Ice Castles - " hat a trip!" M8.T which way 2 Marshalls? Summer 86: The Bananaboat. N-Beach w1a flat MA Field-Sue 7131 1GCHG. Deb meets car 2xs The Omen Tot. the Toy! Sue on the roof we need some si ns to go for a swim or a ride int e pea? Lisa - DHAC! JR - The Rodne the swamp Literally TGI01 Mom Dad I did it! Thanx! ILY. I I I I Rubber Re s? Montclair THE CLAS Bubez, PH, KS, D , DH, BO, NC, PT, TK, JL Golf Q 14thH.C. - The Rock - July 4-5 Jr.Prm nice wheels ks, dn gYAY tuft cond's William Thomas Murphy Jr.P.Wknd Old Silver ummer '85 81, dave . obie, cs, rodo's prtgs 81 U2sh 1 whtehorsi "itmelted" dc C's 6 parade 8. openr 'T ejected mssc PATS game 85-86 pre 8 pos game festivities, Bermuda '87 The Alarm ei qtm-dndgmdtddl tGo Easyj N0 - imdi dgml jmkm lStep Iightj Prkr-dlsc msmemlbi IStay Freej I fought the law dg southwick 'S X' HE Complete Contro watrslde 1 B.A.D Pistols Cape, D's : dmd, J'A. : pdw Blnchdsg Thanks Ma8iDad '87 "WHA ARE E GOnA DO nOW!'.' js. I H Christopher Neenan I ll I i l l I f 1 Keith Norton THE BEACH THE GOLF THE CONNER THE PARTIES AND TIMES WERE GREAT HAD GOOD TIMES UP OB'S WITH T.D. AND K.W. AND EVERYONE ELSE A LOT OF SILLY BAKERS BEHIND ATLO'S BUT IT'S ALL OVER NOW THANKS TO MY PARENTS AND MRS. C. IT S TIME FOR THE REAL WORLD. Kimberly A. Musso STOMP!! FF:SB KB PM JL LS CS SH PP 7-11 LKSKR Cape 86! - JAVA Stop poking around - Cigars Jr. Prom - JL s nail July 4th Wh ? Gerad s 1 Harneys - Wheres Lisa? I B! Christine - Watch out! Curb A. Dumphys 1 Latenight 6 Section - Unin- volved 9-12, SBS the Lug, Nl Castle Island, Bridgewater- Peeps Kim s Pool - LN talks, WILD - Lite Ap.Vaca - CC 1 Lakeville ' Jet ski? Kiss Part - KGG, SH's house - L .. Florida - A lWAGGl! 'p' - 911 1 hanx Martin's T-house VCR's - Subebam! S ring '86 - Jodi's house - LNQQCa. ls The ock, GC-NT's! Iggy 8 Twiggy TG it's over . . . BYE! Thanks Mom 8. Dad. Kathleen Na le ..C.P. .. .. .. .M.S.L. ie 3127 86 The Swamp! Summer of 85 Scusset Beac S.P. Rich pullover 1 nite in H. Park Sh 'a Lis see you in Deet s c set W.I.B.W.C.? NYR s eve 85, 86 what a setup. Crasin at Sheil's Metro-shot in the leg July 4th in Squantum the Rock Jr. P. the Mailman C- eyed 2 a.m. calls ppuft 85 - knockout tonite Bugs take a trip down BROADWAY! thanx Ma, Dad, Christine, Mol, and everyone ILY See ya K Q-Q, Scott R. Nettles Tom Boyle Lives!! Who The What The. on . Beachie to the Mount. Christies or Cumbies. .. . 'UN The Jersizy Barriers to Massy. Oh and don't :6IJrget1ENUHHHAi QAB Thank3vtohRobo Doothiclge, A . A urp y obo. " e ate meat ea I F Also svil sw DS JK Ms olives HUGE. Jigs A oh hi Julie. Van Halen Motley Crue Rule. H ' ' . A Aug 14 Jack 8 Robo. Aerosmith Aug. 31, with fl ' ' the crew. Budah wears tights!! Hi Doug. f Remembrance to Tom, Roger, Newt, 8. Bruce - thanks a lot 81 I stress that. Trans Am 8. forever. Thanks Mom 8. Dad I finally made it ff., . 1513 E Q? 74 9 Doug D. Newton ic or 's . . . L Eooiffball 'Sip 3aE8l'lI'E if 3188528032 - - Jer Nolan vs Being in a ark after dark 85 85 Donny G. , , Mugmh CELfl2's parade take it all Dave W. me XZiZa'8Bnt1:gOFV'5lxDKI?Dgglh'IL'e::5Kg Qghgrgg I f ERI 'S HOUSE M JR SNACKS stay hungry house '12-13 Cam 'in 'tri ' 300 miles to 5' Iet's go to the pats game YAY Tom's house - ' ' D 9 - , water the clash and a nice cold one M cot- Hmgham? The moms hum 0 you fealg "ke 1 f""' '91 ta 8 DG BM DL MD VS-A-A-W-T-Pi., S561-TS my prom shoes? Who did Mike go with. The W" Dgster B C Hat Cool Cat D C Yrs 3-12 Trash Cape. Great Bay Inn. Mount Parties! Scituate Ba ni Ht Letis walk hawks ' oufhand Many Parties! Soccer Team. Baseball Team Thanks "' WHITE? rms rm nook! coop Times. rm Mom and Dade finished Mark Later NORTH Thanks MOM And Dad tlT'S OVER! By. an-5 'VIK ' Q Mike Norton Outta here! Cooka we made it! Elbow Beach All nightas never again!'? Caribbean Bound 4187 Psyching Cris you Party Animal let s Party! busted Sept 6186 high vette lets skip! Dana and Phyiliss aching Sat nin s BS YS CF D S D K C s It s Party Time! Let s Go Crazy in search of the eternal Cheri Good Luck! See ya' 11, 7' Robert F. O Donnell Carolyn O Brien 393 Adams St. Cheerleadin 10-12' Pride Comm. 12. DAVE 5 9186 ILY JM JW LC MD MM TK AR L CH KG MT Thanks For The Good Times! Pies House Golf Tourney Summer Of 85 Maureen SHUT-UP Oats Ri ht! Celts Parade. VOGUE? OOPS Wron Way. Jr. Prom - Sr. Prom Marxbeth and obe Rock - Mellowland BT. G C - BS784LE CW. FLA 727Lane 1 Julie Stop Hiding On Gribble. -RS- 7 4186 "The Van" "The Cu " Where's arybeth? 1 Jim! Hule-B-40, hiame a-oa Breakfast Club, JM, LC, JW. Julie ' A- em' TSSSS! KS 84-85 TFTGT!'! FT. LAUDER- DALE - 87. Good Luck Class Of 87!!! Thanks Mom 8. Dad -I LOVE YOU! if Donna O Leary Putting on my eyelashes in homeroom. Stink butts for everyone!! Excuse me Ken - Stinkus Buticus. Good luck to all you jokes ll mean folksl on the bridge in your search for a life. You ll definitely need it! No more laughing No more fun Chinese School has 'ust begun. lf you show your teeth or tongue ou are out I must say its been oh so Ieasant rubbin elbows w1 all you chumps. i MOOI Mom m so glad this is over! Dad ou don t have to drive me anymore. Tom - I ove you babey. ALWAYS DID.l! Chow Fred!!! Y ' Ev' ' 1 2 0 . ,aft S' tie Z i rj f Q li ' 7 ei ' , 4 Sheila O Sullivan FC Are you still m Saturday love? Cape KJ FC KO FW PR BB W We re Precious Ps chedelic Smoke Out Adams Cornor Dot N rep 11 Waldo CY via Rox Knight Rider Japanese Baby CHOMP Trash Splash COor what! Charles River Arnold Aborium BB Suave'7 NO! The Cure Two Wild and Crazy Gals I still want ou Mona Collins N Y C JG FW + Kath e Prom Wait a minute Ms postman SLOW DOWN' CRASH G R M A B Camero Sheila s still m friend Mansfield TY C F AT + for being a true friend ILY Mike MBB + BF IMYB aa? a 33, ...S . .E . I ' I Thanxrlvlom and.Dad 2 2 3 b ca, , . . :aa ,ani I i . 3 M , : W Steven O'Brien 198 Beach St. Somedacy we're all gonna look back at this PIROTE HNIC RAGE LIVE AT N.O.H.S. July 4th weekend. Chased out of Winchedon. thank you reeb top A lot of teachers will now breathe much easier. Serfectly pober Thank ou Mrs. Brennan Speak of me as you remembered we were the ones who never surrendered. Burn- ing the candle at both ends. Together we're strong together were friends let us leave with no sorrow and hope and wait for a better tomorrow. Mr. X Ken I never liked you. I WAS THE ONE IN THE BLACK COAT. ,by l. Brian Kieth Orwig "Aka2Wiga" NORA TheParkg Rock: Downs, Cavi Lota Bears Lota Girls 8. a Lota Cursin BEASTIE BOYS L L COOL J RUN DMC HMS Crew: Rodog SCQBCQ SHQJP3 Jay Bleacher Creature Make a Baker Francis W Parker Boys Are Best Montclair Bites Our Dust PRA July 4th Double Decker Party It's Over, Wait Hendu Hit a Homer Rodo Grab a Ice Cream Got in at Shea didn't even pay North's B-Ball GoingAllTheWay Mooney Comin Back Probably In May What Time School Start 9 9:30 10 Steve Craig Where's My Clothes NY Metbusters Bearbusters Th Th Thats All Folks Love you Mom. If Jennifer O'Hare John B. Pacino, Jr. 46 Glover Ave. I. . Football 9-123 Hockey 9-123 Baseball 9-11 Pride Committee, National Honor Society 1 12. Bermuda Bound, The Rock, -Bute- 1 Ride VALIANT, Babson or Bentley Parkl Boys SC, DL, ME, TM, BD, MS VzParker 8 f - Morty lGood Phoneh Friends - ML, M Q' JR, SH, RW, SG, AR L , NL, Holt IBSJ, C tl Small Jr. Prom - CH Sfiape Cody, Mr. I North Over Ouincy lTur eg Dayl NASC- ' Egood schooll, Skiing! Kat y - 1111418 lass of "87" Good Ius, M A R K - ICP Parker over Montclair, DMC SugarBear - D One sip, Sox + Pats Bye North, Thanks ll and Dad. I 2 'r 'lf Carla Patalano il It change the world but u can change the ll 8. when u change the facts u c ange 5 s of view If u change points of view u IT change a vote 8. when u change a vote u r :hangs the world' 4 all the warmth it feels :I :ld 1 so young I feel so old 1 sure it I I but it's a heluva lot more real than the lr see u on 1 world of desTRUctIOn - 1 it ng out fire w1gasoIine 1 TKATT 1 dm code Q, IL" there is a light that never goes out 1 ii rtime u go away . . . somebody . . . Saint '1 us. . I James L. Phelan 53 Estabrook Road I ?9-12, Cayxt. 12, Drama 10-125 CPs Choir 1 2. CSDM C + SP THANX EM, MC + FJM 5 fl VOYAGE PARTY - EUROPE 85 - LIFE VH IVAN, THE LOTTERY CAPEwMM ,:RES SOMEONE IN THE BATHROOM! AMI CE NAHI ILYOU MRS. LEISTER + ML JPI LHARMD MTKFJM SPTMSS VAN + SEMI + BC TOTALED' JP + MT AAF ANKS REALLY GREAT' LYKF' BRICK' THY SP BEACH PSWING WH CTYEFE RDS ATE PEPPERDINE BOUND' CHI XRNING TO LOVE YOURSELF IS THE EATEST LOVE OF ALL MM IM ONE PT TGPCWJJJ THANK N0 FOR 20 OD rs' THANKYOU MOM DAD + FAMILY I VE OU' Anthony R. Pallsi Vincent J. Papagno Skinna FAV. EXPRESSIONS: CLIP BACK OFF IMORE WORD OUTA U 8- HE GETS IT PAL STEC DONT BUMME OUT EDDIE MA GOIN TO THE MOVIES BE HOME IN TIME FOR BREAKFAST N0 MA IM NOT GONNA HARRY NOTIN TA CARRY OXES MOM UM- DIE? JIMBO THE PATS MRS. MCWOMEN infants! instant!! ME, 8- MURFDOG TAKIN ON ABINGTON, MY BASH "SKIP, SIP, 8 DIP. " JG THANKS MAN IDU 121 CONCERTS: VAN HALEN, THE CRUE 8 LED ZEPS LAST 1, HAL. WITH THE SICKOS. TRIG TASTEAM' ME 8 DOUG THE YUK EEST IN PHYSICS, 0'S WAY "DON'T STAND IN A CROWD, "BOMB CAN KILL U ALL," THANKS FRIENDS 8 ESP. THE BAND IPM, FC, JM, DD1' S C" Melissa Perry "Mel ie" "Millie" For. Lang. Honor goo. 11, 125 Band. while it was fun. TKATT. the odd ones: Medileesa jescncarla. but I din'do nufin! mr glrim loves you 81 so do i. EAT PASTE, DRI K POLO. MILE w BLACK TEETH at lunch, sharing cheezits. my honey. the S88 gang. ey! official suppliant to the 86-87 Latin Club. oh those AWFULNparties. WHY? I dunno. PMS daze. ug! M81 s. i'm HUNGRY! I am I, and you are you. And if the I that's I is not in har- mony w the you that's you, then the we that's us will become the them that was, or were. Thanks for it all, Mom. It was fun, but if I had to do it all again . . .. if X ,anti 'sf ,ff 51 fam" . L.. r ,I Carlene A. Pellecchia "Carl" 94 Russell Street Carlene 8. Mickey 1212183 I-L-U-M ALWAYS 56118184 - Mick's promp My love to Nana, Iana, Ma, Dad, Aunt Kathy, Jean 8 Jerry . . . Remember EFFY's KETTLEHOLE kids Note the PARTY PEOPLE: MM, JF, MR, RT, JG, CR, DG, AH, PS, MS, CW, KM, TC, SO, etc. CLOSEST TO ME ALWAYS: VP, MM, JG, CR 8- DG IA Sort of Homecomingj 8121184- 812018 - SAY BYE 2 THE ARMY MICK 81 Thanx for the memories - hope there's lots more - 814186-8114-86 GERMANY - Bye NORTH Can't say l'lI miss ya, 'cause I WON' I Someday we'lI get a JAGUAR right MICK? Christine Phelan Tom 918185 I Love You 1 Summer of 86 BSYMTC Thanks Tom glad it was me. Crashin at Sheils. Lis where did you go? 5:00am GYMIH New Yrs. What a set up!! Lou he was E talking to the dog not you. Jr. Prom Are you .X sure we're at the right one? The ROCK: it was we , good, what happened?? WHSGTBNMII ' TD81KN we only have a nickel Kath you tell the operator. Mari no one is home? or is it the wrong It? Tom don't forget me next year!! Ju- -' ly 86 never forget it! Lis get up!! You fools L: , N' your not better, so keep your noses down!! ' " , ONES JUST LIKE THE OTHER!!! ft ' . j , l it:-Jim , r ' I . ' W ,fu , N , A ,-to 1 ' . - -if I , ei . '45, I . Q1 :fi fb Deborah L. Pitts "Miss Pitts" 188 Atlantic St. Pride Comm. 123 Yrbk. Comm. 12. CC, SC, SB, JD, AC, KG, KM, KH, CS, JM, RH LM . .. Jr.Prom1...2...3...up!Wheredidthe rice go? Aug. 24 at 8:15, T.W,F.A.F. Oh no, it's the green van again! I missed something. Good morning Miss Pitts' Hang in there I understand I swear the curb moved' Unbelievable Guess what I made ya laugh CC get that goshdarn flashlight out of my eyes' Remember CBR and all the good times SBM thanks Thanks to all my friends could not have done it without you Thanx Mom and Dad Good bye NOHS 69 'I Q- - Jeff Pywell MM DL EF JW ML LH BARNSTED NH? JC RH JB EP MURKIN' JIMBOS PARTY! DARKNESS! ROB'S PARTY! TINK PLINKLING ZZY IS GOD! 436! SAYRE MASSASOIT ADAMS PINK FLOYD THE WALL THE DOORS BUELL GetOut T0 THE CLICK ROCK-N-ROLL! REBEL T0 ALL THE GUYS MAY TRUE FRIENDS NEVER PART. TO JULIE NH CapeCod JEFF-N-JULIE 4-18-86 "I KNOW DAT LAKE PEARL SALEM MARRIED YEA THAT'S IT! ENGAGED 11-15-86 To Debbie and Tom NH bound To MOM NAN PA THANX FOR ALL YOUR HELP! OZZY DEDICATED TO "Brewser The truck that would never die. IRON MAIDEN THIS IS THE END BEAUTIFUL FRIENDS THI IS THE END! Ik 3 Lisa M Ramsden Duke of ChutNe Latin Club 11 Pres 12 Advisor Natl and For Lan Honors Societies Swimming 10 12 TKA REX! eat paste drink polo smile w1 black teeth Bluehills Iama Raskolnikovi an guy! me + thoreau 4 eva dootus getalifel pup pies my friend pupplies ANARCHY th lesser of 2 evils sayno more! sayno more! now oaway or I shall taunt youasecond time! The ynamic Duo thearyan 8 the Oriental Allnightertsjl Vale amlcae VACCAE! Vastus animus immoderata incredibilia nimis alta semper cupiebat sed erat hic ani mus qui etiam tales res verus existere lecit tub! est Caesar? estne in balineo"I wellkids tisbeen real running outaspace outatime Pamela M. Plamte " am Cape Cod 84 85 86 Duck Pond Put on your Express. Whitney 86 DLR 10 685 The Huts Yhe Rock Crash. Woo Nelly JP85 SP86 Soft- 9 10 11. CHIPENDAL N.Y. . Seusset 85, 86. He Red. Beach Bound 86. Sally 8 Martha Joe Rose the magicv. All Go on a trip The Blazer 86 WGYP PE PP KB CP CM VC. Labor Day 86 Pam 8 Pam? July 4185 Beam me up Scotty. Thanks Mom and Dad. Good Bye NO lt's been fun. Pamela Player 16 Trevore Street SH. KB. AM. LS. JL. PM. KM. PP. PE. CS. e - Bermuda-85 - CP Nice JM . .. watch the door et rid of ' 9130 86 BG BB Buddies. GD DC AM AM C PL KH . Gregs parties H. party sorry Greg!! CALIF. 86 HI Terry mis ya! SO. MK. Barn arty King Shannon's house wheres Ma??. Pam Pam and Pam let s get lunch!!! KB Marshmallow - do you see it??? Despina JR. Prom. 916186 TS walking in the streets. CHEECH 8 CHONG PAUL 1015 85. l.L.Y. ALWAYS 10 22185. Mom 8 Dad Love You!! KP. TP. M . luv ya I DID IT MA THIS one's for you! bye NORTH!!! X'-' ' Nancy Ouigg Nan-c Spanish Club 12 Pres. JR. Choir 9 10. Sara- Marie I II never forget you LI'l Ragu - Love a 4-eva JR. Prom - 85 8 86 Joe Sara aul Golden Bowl after prom Chinese food was his tip!! SR. Prom - 86 A Lady Driver'??l! Attendance Gang Thanx Mr. O for everythin CC, SC, TG, JD, GK, JM, FD, FS, BK, AC, C, JTR Will the Duster be done??!! lt's been real!! Thanks Mrs. G 8 Mrs. C Good- bye North!! Jennifer Raftery 48 Norton Road Swim 10-12 Capt: Track 9-12. S1W cI VbG - 9 NHS Pride C HCO 50851 - YIH L Box- ers relax 7.7 : Hrd. rec. 1WLMl?I Y G-l mo, JsH SN + 4L1 1 RAFFA' JS-M0112 GLWEUG THE GAME Ppuf 1 BA EGYPTIAN 5119 - WalB. YEAHYEAH EWfDA35fTM They Wont Last Camping In 32 armed w1only a MOOSE, cigar 8 a match Morty - Sorry Even If I Didn't Hit U FLY Mona twucmh E. FUDD Xmas P.DM, SM 8 BC KJBCKG P PTC wed- ding 1 NYMLO M-IHWMSD Remember What The Evergreen Does - TDR Thanks 4 everything - Mom, Dad, Diane 8 David! G- BYE 8 GL C OF 87. 19' wr 'lr-v 'Ln Peter Ouevillon Hanover Party Summer '86 Montreal What a Weekend! LP in LRGRGCPB Halen 86 The Clash Sex Pistols Pa at D s ir House July 4 1986 Marshfield a - unt - Lenore What a Ni ht The Mo JMJCRD MDJND CPJMMZ ASPWSB Kool 8 Gang Concert Who's Chick in the Mini Skirt? No I dont have broken nose! Didn t know it was 30 miles Plymouth! Thanks Mom and Dad. ,W Y. Hr ! Randy S Rapalie Future Occupation Preacher Rines great pa Whoso putteth his trust in the Lord shall b safe I beg everyone of you to ask Jesus t come into your life You ll never regret it' Rea the book of Matthew it tells you how to be Christian Sports 9th grade freshma baseball 10th JV Soccer Tennis 111 Varsity Tennis 2nd singles 12th Varsil Soccer Left fullback Tennis Luke 23 3l and onto verse 43 I tell you the truth toda you will be with me in Paradise Rise agaii by Dallas Holmes great song Loo Moose The Jetsons Nickname RAP I . I ,I 'Q -I I I Michael Rayne p Ha Ca Etc. Etc. 'Im herfing ie ichendon s Finest JOE WALSH 'S 86 CHEEZE WHIZ A Sleeping Barry ies Not A Toilet Make Bostons Best The IGMATICS - one for Paul 15 1 Bronco .bor Day 85186 SKids 85 86 Capt n Nemo's - 2.57 HANGIN ROUND IN KENMORE JUARE huh? What Flock? S. ob!-walk to 11?I K.M. IBinkI I MB, IHiHo1 C.H IHe :bel T.C IWhiIst t ou kiss me in the dark.1 M ihp! J.K IShut u , man! C.C s 'I :oustic Jam-master! hanx Dmats ' anx KELETON CREW!!! Isn't that John Lutts? A.C 'ic 1 hartIand1'??I RUST NEVER SLEEPS cky I Wouldn't Live On Thayer Sr. be . T' fx Christine Rogers "Chrisse" I u 27 Flynt St. es, Mike it's a case. Carl u can finally 4-get ,VIS place. Thanx 4 trans. Jenn, Look AI Q. jieres the house. MS. S, your help will lxv T5 ways be w1 me. Mr. M. don't 4-get the hit I I 'I -Iii. Thanx RoTc ood luck ea. MLEF. .M.J.C. R.C.J.P. LOVE YOU PAT. U MEAN fIE WORLD. LOVE U 2 MIKE, Love u lots tom and dad, don't worry I'Il G0 PLACES. It Kim Flatt! YY ,4 I John Rodophele "Rodo" 126 Harvard BC BIT, SO I OUIT - NO W S REALY IT U WERE A BLAST - NOTHIN LASTS - WHAT DAYS I HAD WENT BY FAST 1 ME 8. BRIAN WE HAD SOME DAYS - 86'CELTS PARADE E-Z "CRAIGA WOULD SAY -IS OK" - "WE LIKE RIBS" STEVE WOULD SAY - GO THE CELTS, BUT DON'T PAY - EH' IS BLAN- CHARDS OPEN TODAY 1 HEY T-DAY WE WON 24-6 1 FOOTBALL WAS FUN - BUT WASN'T McPHEE'S SON 1 JR PROM WHAT A TRIP, BRI8.TOM KNOW 1 CREW UP GOLF OR ROCK - A PLACE TO PARTY NOT A LOT g CHIBA U WAS THERE 1 I BET ON MIAMI TEREL, BUT I DlDN'T DO THAT WELL E THANKS - I LOVE YOU MOM 3. DAD! TH PARTY'S OVER ITS KINDA SAD! Rajib Ray 952:- 1' James Reinhart Rhino 14 Ashworth Rd. W W Len Sheazo Jim Johnn Stu your thumb? Meow - Debi - Meow's Sue 8- Jackie How's Alice? Stu-71 Caprice Whata piece! hristine L.H. .D. Sue as Eggbert? - Wayno - FIX THE CAR!! Sulldoggal Diane need a ride?? JAYNO YOU OUKAA!!! Moreeeen! BRUT 8. SAGGS JAYNE 8. SUE Ern - catch this! Swicka! THANKS MOM AND DAD. I DID IT!!! C N- 1 , . Y. ,- Q 5 Rodney Dangerfield 9117186 Barb, How's 'E ' I I ' I Anisse Rodriguez 257 Newbury Ave. NL, KG, LC, CH, MM, MD, TK, JM, MT, CO, JW FRIENDS - CS SH PM - ThanxLY CPD "nf" PRIDE COMM CHEERING 11 12 Laura ZDOGNITE KIM TODAY Thats Really Great!i NEWIEHASSI 8- NA A 4EVA! BERMA 87 MONTREAL 87 ITHE PLAN! VAN Someday me and you! ILYA SrP86 Pullover Ill f1a1b JP86 4th of July 86 MIA In HN BSDER THE ROCK LDOS JRS 85 a GROOVIS!! MWAAH BUBBLES K E G GT SOF 86 THANX K IS 15 GANG! KLLH JPVLSSNL! KG Sh BC 'P WHBRA 86 CARLOS ANITA GL JR ML MK PM LYG KS2 PAULF M JM SC JP DL DN D THANX MOM 8. JAY I LOVE YOU G8tG8tJ 4 YEARS GOES BY FAST OH WELL!!! I 'QS Lori Rowe A.K.A. Ouiche mole BEAST Those hot summer nights ot shotguns and slammers The ground is moving aster than I am Hamster lightweight This has got to be a poke Dr. Ruth Wednesday night at elebrations Harvard Sq. Turkey day 8 -86 St, Patricks Day 85-86 WBCN Rock Expo 84-86 Hey babe wanna earn a backstage pass Def Lep 83 Too Typical I don't wish to subiect myself to this insanity Where's the Rat? MM The wonderful world of Lappin What do ya wanna do? Attic Attack Predicaments Why Us? If I had the chance to do it over I wouldnt. ll-1 Diane M. Rrvan Natl. Honor Soc. 11, 125 oreign Lang. Sec. 11, 12, Latin Advisor 11, Pres. 123 Blubll. 11, 12. Eat paste Drink polo Smilew black teeth dynamic duo laryan + orientall siouxie Omd- New order Ruggles Mr.Grim Ahoui! An Institu- tion 4A Better WayO'Life - Look Not Unto Others But Look To ME! Glemby. post remoso Iusmor simpe dietme Videlicet ulciscar meopteingenio Avalon Choc Sci MuUtopia See Cummings Enormous Rm Voltaire: paradise is where I am! tevery effort in this world will avail you little butmemuch Raskolnikov? meow my brain s full! Monty moo TKATT 5 agony of the mind leads to tor- ture of the body 5 ThanX!: Mom! Lis 8. John lee samelpycp iesc Byron: all farewells should be sudden, Daniel Santry Oil Dan Big Dan 44 Forum Rd. Ouincy MA Baseball 9 10 11 12. Wolly-Ball Celtics 16 Red Sox 86 Patriots 86 Cable Hockey and Football games Celts PATS Sox Rallies HAP HEF EDDIE V-Ball NH PT VP JN MW GS SW Thanks Mom and Dad. Kimberly A. Rudnisky ' im 178 Atlantic St, BUDDIES SIS LK. JD. KS. DM. FBMW. JC CB CLUB SB. CS. LK. KR. RA 7-11 KMSB HEY MOE WHERE ARE THE PARTIES? B88 ONLY! NYE at his house. INWR HOWS BASH OMWH "JK" MN. RW. LK. MW PUNCH ANYONE or was it SOUP??? KARENS LAV LlVES...HiMOE...lF...JK4-85...AAO WEISER PIN JP.NO. KERRY Skipping on the Coaster! DENISE . . . Banana Dance U ML TMDIH JULES Truckin w Pee Wee T8L M.H. Winda LETS GO YES LOOSA CAVE SOY 85 FLA w ANNA 4th 84 Bummin O'B's 6am ME 8 HOW MPA JBB MY DO! KILL THE "C"s ROCK GC NTU BUBBS. THANX FOR EVERYTHING MOM 8. DAD. Joey Ruscio ROTC 2nd Lieutenant, Special Olympics, Book Store Clerk, Bowl 8 Board Restaurant, Gym Assistant. l'Il Miss My Friends. Scott D. Sacchetti Double S Beastie Boys FRESH FEST I Dont Know Abuot That ONTHELOVE Barbara - Carroll Youre a BEAUT! Trip to Maine In Rodi NAAAAHHHH! New Year s wfVL8.JP ZOOTED w!V.C.L Dropping In On Halloween PartywV THE MOUNT VL8.JP WE DO IT OUR WAY GEK Party w!JP Edaville VL JW EK J Prom wf MD CAPE COD 86 KAREN - THANKS for everything MRS. LEISTER THE ROCK. Family Living Ms Buryz Basketball 9-12' Baseball 10' Football 12. FRIENDS - VLARJP TMcBC! Judi I Il alwa s LOVE YOU and I - will never forget you! orry MS - MOMSIDAD I will alwa s need you - I FINALLY Made It - THA KS N.O. -. f x "r" E . A . as, ., asv, . V4 532764 J Lisa Santostefano 167 Safford St. BFE: Jodi f SH, CS, PM, KM, SB, PP Sube 7 The APlane, Dukes E. Squ Quik Cruz 7 Cas Dog's! BBulIs NPL: Way Byond BT! Cape 86, Java till 6. The So's. UBeach "Dou.gie's Com- min" Mfloaf:SH HHYr 1 JodeCe2 Mac, Lya, 3some KiIlG. 'VANCE' THANX! JP?? Martin's Thouse 7 VC's. SECTION How's the MUG? Fred Dogs! GL Not Involved. FemU Babe 7 The NISY How Ya Doin? Wally 3K3O!85 ILY. Joan MD 1 Ski 93! WangHo L Vile 7 Bang a Right! The BG Matgor League 8- Cat Doos! GL:Keith Thanx M81 7 Good Luck Everyone! Elizabeth M. Ryan Thanx KG 4 the words! Hi 2 TAB LL BK KH SE LM DD AC JM KK CC JO TS KM - Good luck next yr! Cape Cd 85186 CP 80-86 NYC 86 LJ'S Grad Party! This way 2 LA tori HWII . . . "Step into the velvet of the morn- ing, let yourself lay back within your dreamsg take on the situation but not the tormentg now U know it's not as bad as it seems" . . And a fool never knows what! he's leaving behind so take the time 2 know I the real story 'cause a soul that's true is your ride 2 g ory . . - Stevie, Bella Don- na ! Rock a Little - Special thanx 2 Mom, Dadl, Chris + Karl tLuv yall Bye NOHS Stay I coo. i . 15 4 Lisa Schnabel 346 Granite St. H I M The 4 Worst years of my life, but I finally, f ., made it Kir. C.D. watch out for N. All for F!G.' I Late much or don't even come at all. Another! I f night over Kir's. house. J.G. M.P. R.L. M.G.l , L. .Keep in touch. Miss yah S.N. l -X - ....x In K ., j I I 'X I ' N ' I . KerrgA. Sherman I 1-4-86ILOveU illyl Forever Dontget me 'J rong Pretenders Culture Club 11-20-86 I ' lham! 84 Jimmy Friday nights Blue Hills I am ma be next time WhatAtrip! Record 'col- I ictin ! udwi I survived the North Ouinc I igh lickers H wow peonle let's go the roc pee Wee for president! Heil: oh wow .man . eavy bummer Sunday nites Well this is it! ii tanks Ms Swanson And to the Best two peo- le in the world who put. with A LOT And elped me All the way and put me where I am iday Thanks Mom and Dad I Love you You're i ie best. LI Mark Simonelli 1076 Furnace Brook Park Way soodbi NORTH its been fun here V Hocke I0 11 12 Capt Football 10 11 V Basebal I0 12 goodluck everyone Hey MOM' DAD' I nade it Told you I could do it Thanks a lot 'ley did you know KMIAFD Well Cin lam final y leaving all this skata Love ya thanks for be ng there Hey Cin wheres my car ITHAT S UNDS LOGICAL! Doesnt it See ya guys SN TM CV MV BC See ya Hutch remember the ood times in class Dont be worried oac we Il make the TOURNEY Mark L Keith P. Segalla g 44 Sherman St. Class President 11, 12, Treas. 9, Pride Comm. 9-123 Turkeh1D3y "86"3 Football 480 10, 11, 123 Track 13 asketball 93 Baseball 9, HR Rep. Jr Prom - THNX - SC Old Silver Lake LG: Jut Call My Name and I'll Be There! 3118183 OZ Night Montclair 14 Hole Comm., Golf - Rock Pat's Day "FWENT" Globes Here! Flamag Let's Party SOTM - PARK BOYS Eggmen Anita - Carlos Mick: Grls cn't trst thm! He Bro BERMUDA BOUND Apr. "87" P-Puff 8,5 Undi-Night Celtics Par Sox-86 NC Sherms Plc: JMD DG PFCMJM DLPH PTLSAR VP-CS BK:McChick: JMLCMBHF WHBeach NO ilfl Love Ya Mom and Dad. 26- Kerry Shurtluff I Love You, Eddie. 1122185. Buddies: J.D., D.M., K.R., L.K., B.J., C.F., Hamster- !T'L's with L.K., K.R., D.M. IN THE COASTER! Ed8.Karyl the taxi at NDI! DORITO MAN! Beth. W.T.F.A.W IN N.H.? Spud J.R. missing YOU! S.O. Thursdays. Booga party with the seven Ui! Clev. here we come '86 D8.J. LA-LA-LA I guess I lost! Jas, how was that donut? Kev, don't stgiisn Ed's nose! You Jerk! The Banana Girls J, ,L, K, K. The first time we met. Good Impression, Ed! Me8tJul D.F. every Saturday. I Love you. Mom 8. Dad and the K's you are my best friends!! Florida '86. Kevin P.. Segalla Football 9-12 Capt: Basket + Baseball 9 10. CRISSY McG0O I LOVE YOU! ANDREWS PARK 86 FIRST PARTY MY HOUSE 9th MONTCLAIR RULES OVER ALL HAMMER MURF NIC HOLTY ' PHIL TK2 PARKER BOYS: DL BD ME TM SC AR. SOUA-DN TD DG MD JD. N.0. - JM. DW CM DG JMc. DOR-JOB, BLANCHDS 14th HOLE, ROCK, OLDSILVER 86 JUNIOR + SENIOR PROM HOLTY + SIG COP UNIFORMS BAR- REL "OBlE'S CELLAR" "BUNKS" G.T. PATS GAME, BERMUDA BOUND 4187 EGGMEN, HEF FISHER, GERMANS, KS2 THANX BRO + MOM + DAD. 49' Gary Silverman 168 Elmwood Ave. Wrestlin 10 11 Captain 12'Orchestra9 10 11 12' asebalI11 12. Silver Bullet New la.m Head out on the Pedster 10 11186 All ni hter winning quarters taking a all fall B- B WL 3a.m. why that way Neil? Great iden- tical Algebra 2 final Mike RRRalph Cape house Danger in the ennis Courts Hey Trese member that shirt? Off to G-Town Dan? Summer of 85 86 NH MM DG CW JM SM - Bye NORTH. Jennifer Shores 107 Winthrop Ave. Drama, Nat. Honor Soc. Pres., Pride. 32" armed with a moose, cigar, and a match hee hee "THE GAME" BG - Love those A.M. ca s . .. "B.F.? 1 mny"' SsIiZzEeRr Morty HELP!! Jenn MOV2 1 BOF shake on it!-! C.S. GFATF Flo afternoon scrounger lme not youj M.M. al SHH Len fthoi cl. of 86 T.G. - nfW.H. T.M. Don t loose that string!?! D.E. YAHyah I ll oFM latinlover Thanks to mom and dad lu ance Good Luck. fx - ll -1- York 5130186 Miguel, Enrique, CIZME BACK f 3 .. Laura Lisa Sloan ou 74 Young Street JOHN 10131185 ILY Marina Bay JR Prom JC 1B Kath Lis Chris Tracey Sheila Sum mer of 85 crashin at Shells Metro o ride home shot in the leg the rock the mount Kath 8. Chris it s the MAILMANI Tonite NYR s eve c eyed M s apt Squantum Kath o home! Bruins' JM CRASH 85' Bermuda ound'7 Lis take a trip down BROADWAY' Castle Island p puff 85 Thanks Mom Dad C8.J ILY' .fs iff? Terri Ann Smith 18 Herbert Rd. Softball 11, 12. That's De ressing! Stoppy What's for lunch? Stacy on't forget Gym class Ann time to hit the keys! 80 Red Mustang What hap ened to the tree? No school Hurricane loria Ashford and his banana Registry of Motor Vehicles UGH! 2 proms one more to go! SC AA! RL RA BW AC CC KM ER DB JJ Chris 4-3-85 l'lI never forget Lou! I'm crazy about you College Bound NyMass at Amherst Florida Boun ! MB MA D RA l'll never forget you! Thanks Fred and Rose couldn't have done it without you! Danielle Elizabeth Spring ANTHONY 7720786 - Whats a Llama?? DAWN - That's What Friends Are For Pats Rally - MS, NHGUY - GABUSMOBILE - TH TG TGJR - A Vision! BM - Party?? , M - Pact LK GEORGE "Matt+Grandma" FOLN - DE AA, MM, EH - CRUZ 2?? SC+CC - OHHHHH! lT'S PRO- PAGANOA!! GABUS CHAMBER H and DAN- DY LANDS JOE "Where R m chicken fingers? 'Did you eat them IKE? AN- DY??" What do U wanna do 4 lunch? SAGA MORE - Papa Don t Preach Plaza - RP TN El ori 0 - B K - Here again? ' NIGHT IS YOUNG AND SO R WE' No it's a black car - its green RED SOX RALLY - JG MB + balloon!! DO U G T PROBLEM? ABERCROMBIE? SOX + PATS il' - THANX MOM+DAD LOVEYA. Jonathan C Stein Student Council 11 12 Sec Student Union 11 12 Pres Spanish Club ?? Blank! Punch lt! Ulus Hotline MS SW JS MSM High School Law of the Land F+ma Faxon Bust? Johnny you my buddy? ADE what else Good Choppers Rolands Research Crew: BH KH SW' WOM. Exchange of Ignorance' New Recordsi 8 min: Randolph 11 min: Hanover' l'm down man I'm down!! There's Drisco and Bang! Grand Old Party Forever! Signal 30 lays: a Dance? Murphys, Blanchardsg Creek, ock, The Discovery!! Life just doesn't get any better!! Thanks Mom and Dad! BHQAC - to the. . .. 74 Aristea Souliopoulos oe B He A Di Gel Nasty G G 708 HYP 872978 P Store The Bank I Cant Breath Serg!! Moe J T 'Mohawk You Be Ill in! Summer 86 Oh No lt s 12 Fly! Death Ride ll Ho Jo s H C For 4 T8.708 HYP 143' D8D Ice Coffee 'again M80 ls This The Way To Marshals? Deb G.G Made It To Beach wfFlat! Keep Ri ht - Bang! JL, MMPT 3713786 JP - 4 11786 PT. Gooney Goo-Goo Gus! I Smell Bacon Moe - Now What? LSR New York 5730786 Skip Again Deb? PTSJL Your Home, "On The Lawn!" Thank You Mom 8- Dad For Being There and For the car . . . Thanks - Diane 8- Peter "Party Train" Goin' Crazy Chi-Chi-Boom, Bye! TG. Q... 1 'T 5 4 1 ' f'-......-55. Michael P. Stanton 11 Edwin St. Parker Bobs BD TM ME SC JP ML DL Michael+ om Moondo Marko BiIlDBark, Zim Matt - Celts 84 6 GARDEN Patriots 85 86 14th Hole THE ROCK '86' Dave House Summer 86 JP Su er Stretch Snow White Limo Hockey 9 10' -Ball 11. Mistakes Many - Brain Barb all in one Holts Bash-Free Man Brawls Christine Crew PM SH SB KM KB PBermuda"87 Mont Ski Trip JM DW DG THE CLASH Death Or Glory Sta Fre Mont- clair - Sigs Hammer BM PT JL TK The Sag - White Riot Softball Games Goodbuy North lt's Been Different Thanx Uncle Steve - Mom + Dad. ?H1?"""'!"a WW Martin Steeves Marty" 91 Farrington St, Time to make the boxes. Nando - Nightly Calls. Park After Dark? Born a BABSON BEAVER - MS DH SC SW JP BD ME and you too Lip. Good Stats - Beware of Bo-Sox Tommy Mac Holt - GO - ein Stick - Celts - Dave Tultsy - Goodbye! That's right JP - 45 yds!! Danny Doogan tDY - Thanx Scott!! Republican Supremacy!! That II be your last mistakell' Goodbye ls Only A Greeting To Tomorrow. Later Killer. After Us There ls Only Heaven We're The Class of 87 . l "i4'7"5'! Robert L. Stacy 170 Atlantic St. N. Ouincy, MA Golf 12. BK, MR, DW, LK, KR, MC . . . Sun- day Dinner tBarnsidel C-ya!!! Hello Cafe!!! BS, BK, LK, KR, . . . Whiplash Howie, McGee, Willdogs, Slick! Beck's PorchOWL! . . . The Hornet Junk it - S, S, Monte Nantasket! Keys in Car, door locked, get the hanger Bummin! . . . Ground R. LK, BS, KR, BK No Subs!!! BS, LK, JD, MR K-Hole Bub- bas - No LK! F.E.C. No more S-n-S. Rox- anne . . , Bill go in, cowboy sing along .. . LLLLLOOOOOSSSSSEEEEERRRRR!!! Atlan- tic Crew, MC . . . C-ya Mc0uire dogs later much . . .Thanks Mom and Dad! bw 4""" Alisa Stevenson Michael 12 5 84 SP 85 Catman has the keys! Scusset Beach Gremi no reverse Katz see you in Deetsas closet New Years Eve 85 86 C EYES JP 86 Kimba who burned my hair Crashin' at Sheils ls it 5 am? Chris where did ya go DOT ? WIBWC 'Tonite 2 am phone calls 5- 5-8 ' Get into the Groove Michael kisses 8. hu s xo always TFE Richi l love ya Katz Chris rac Lou Shell Kimba Andrea, Eggnogs, Tobs, Teddy, Mom, Dad, Mi e - I LOVE YOU ALL THANX ALWAYS-N-FOREVER. 1:--7 5- . Thomas Edward Struzik "Edgar" Swahilian Polo Team: 10, 11, 12 Nelly, Buckwheat, Orewster, T-Bone Millarster, Alex, and therest ofthe Buddogin' Team - Fred's Bar8rGrilI 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th . . . Annuals! Head and Antlers above the rest Ski NH - Louie, Louie + Clark M+I+C+B: Onastick - Smokey Joe - SSS IYDLI, TGTFO! f TFOTWA fMooHaHaa!! For all I do . . .Il I get the hoop- gnat bIues4""""" Good Dart. T e Crik, The ub, MLeeH, wIy?id. Thanx Family tall! We're just two lost souls swimmin' in a fishbowl, year after year. lt's been fun f Stay Free. Phillip A. Tavares 59 Sealund Rd. Football .9-123 Track 115 Iron Club. Montclair Rules, Sig's Kel, Bob, RC, Murf, Liba, Ham- mer, Whiteg, Holty Park Boys DLBDME TMSCML, OTM BOYS DGDN TDMDDL, Quincy Boys JMDW CMDG, ' PATRICIA ' AUG. 1.1, 1986 I Love lou IABWYP, onion rings bite, JM, CMS, 1 th Hole, ROCK, - M , DO OR JOB, Hit The Light's H+R, 0's broken my car, GET OUT, Green Harbor, MY MOHAWK, HEF, MWA-A-A, AD, PP, KB, PC. BAHAMAS "87" OldSilver Beach, FILO SEscapeear THANK'S EVERYONE IT'S BEEN GREAT I LOVE YOU MOM 8. DAD, AM UJ, VV, UJ, PM, Glad You Were Babysitting! SEE YA BYE! P Joseph Stroscio 61 Ocean St. Nancy 2483 Steve we have minds We're no cheag piece of meat. J.R. Prom Party "86" The ock JL, AC, SC, JR, MC, Jim, TKO, NM. We survived the NO clicks. Thanks to Debbie B, Tricia D, Shelly M, and Many Jane. DC, LN, and EM. Girls Vollegfball 9-12. Thanks Mom, I II5ove You A Lot, ven Though I've Been A ain. Robert Stroscio Friends always FS PG KM ES+TF CP+JD Ris CM IW+Cl B, Liz Rocky "We don't gossip but we'II talk about it anyways." Milton crew, Love ya LD BK, McDee's with DB TD SM NM JM LS KK, The Crusher. Salad. March 10. Mom's house. ROCK ON Ozzy Y+T JP The Crue, and all the rest. STYX Sept. 24, 83 "KILROY WAS HERE!!!" Paradise Theatre will last forever! "We'll take the best, forget the rest, and someday we'lI find these are the BEST of TIMES!!I" Crystal Ball. Thanks mom, and Rock on Fran, Love ya! I Made it!!! HOW? 'if' James Sumner 18 Bellevue Road Gumby 87 Pepsi OX! Skinny Ragy Digger Smudge Whoobi Crank MM ML JC JP CA C EF TW BT86 CJ ZAP! WB BOKA Good luck Julie + Jeff Muddogs Swimming team 3 years R.O.T.C. 1 year Rifle team I wou d like to thank all my teachers for a great time at North Ouin- cy High Thank you Mom and Dad for bearing with me the last four years LOVE YA To the Great One David P Horin we will never forget you. 1 fum -J- iw , , . 1 f fi r ,.-. S' .sn bzL'L...a.' . .. 'ef Christine Noelle Swierk 124 Ma lower Road MRS. YAKOO VICE- RES. 11-12 CHOIR BEST OF FRIENDS-PM DB SH LS SB KM PP SAID IT? U DID! 22 SAG AVE - ZANNON S PARTY PLACE! LBFM DIANE - AREYA MYTWIN? DOUGIES COMIN MANDINSANDI HOWS YOUR MUG MKA KIM - CURB AC- TION - YLHO! WILD 1090 FASHIONABLY LATE. BIG YELLOW BUS! LIBBY - VACA- TION - CAL. DREAMER - BON J BERMA - AR KG WATERFALL MM MD-TTF! NANCY L ILY! PH KS DH BM DC - PALS DAVID 4122186 WFBMS I LOVE YOU!! JULY 4th "PARKER BOYS O ELAINE! MWAA! CB CLUB HI TERRY D 'COTTO' DS - A LOVE BIZARRE THANKS DAD 8. PAM MAMA SWIERK I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!! Robert E. Sullivan JL, KB Rx-ers! REELEE? THETAISE. wi-id "-'61 Michael P Tenney 55 Albion Rd Hockey9 10 11 12 golfing tonight! SKIPPY 81 BIFF Wally World the SAAB77 1 f 8 f f TNIFBIMS X Couch Potato the PEAK almost sox! 86 yea right K 8. S Lt s Il special delivery 1 D B s the PEBBLESQ Q5 bedrockSW ML RW JP MZ MB H 2, ' , , I . ' . V , VaIiantSS That'sit!..! H H n n I n ' I F '!G- . V 75 Philip Thompson Jr. 13 Old Colony Ave. Basketball 9 10 11. D.M.G. - STAND BY A.8.F. A.K.A. Eileen Thanks or everything. PEDRO SEANO SOUIRREL KREGA and FILO: J.L. ANOTHERHOUSEPAR- TY. PT. a nice CELLAR-DRYER. ltsoutta as Sean whoa! U2 RULES!!! 4119185 .C. Nothing changes on New Years Day C A N C U N ITS MY TURN! 912185 Life Begins. C.W. - I really don t think you know where you are. DMG, - Dont forget about 'Sb' iq?---V' Lin Ca Tham Ca Tham Soi Maureen Tolson 89 Narragansett Road LM CH TK NL MM CO MD LC AR JW JM Hoop 10 11 MONSTER TK + NL!! Nice chicken wing Colleen - SGLYl Uh oh Lori BFL!! CRUNCH 9 3186 Be a happy clown! Nancry + Joan K. . Golf Tourney - Summer 5 B TKs 14186 JRS LDOS tSoph-851 WFLTYDNE Hi! Mar I Hammal Nance Tricia - Where are youl? elts parade 86 tDOMl p. puff!! JP 4111 86 - Thanks Jim. LM-B C! 2s enough! ricia youre fresh! Hey Law NSOTP! Bermuda bound 87 PB 10117186 IB- FILY!! kickball 85 Good luck you guys lm gonna miss you! Thanks Mom + Dad I Love ou. ME ' ' , f , . . . -.ii 2 . , iii n Q n f :I V '54, me V 5 Z. W. W if 8 1 . i I i 4 I . 1 5 . ! Y 5' Q Mark Vegnani 12 Elm Ave Ouinlciy MA TOD STAR JS DF S ML DM BM RM PARKING LOT CREW Bahamas in 87 PT known asthe BOFFA Edsowatch in Dean s office Carl and Mark S Those were the four longest years of my life Sunday morning football best th ing! Thanks Mom and D I have finally made it!! PARTY ANIMAL out forthe 'joouBLE YELLOW LINE." Never . I . ' . " . ' +2 ad, H ' b ' .. " ' 76 1 7 1 0,-. Peter A. Tufts Ann Toland 3 Becket St. X-Country 9-12, NY, Rl, NF DivingT12g Winter Track 9-12, Spring Track 9-12. hanks Mr. Tozzi, Gii, KK, CC, TB, LF, TL, ML, SB, AD. KM, JS, Ls, MH, KM Computers, Automobile The Summer of '86 SG, MG, RL, KL, BR, BS, ES, CS, RS, SM, 12 days of Christmas Hey Charlie Fat Albert Shut up Elmer Broom Fight Dayroom MP Semi Formal We're iust looking Tossing Cookies Kc mini-golf sneaky com- mune shells-n-cheddar football A-yes Ra- coons smokey the Bear DM Go-Carts Dances A-NO Beach Time At this point we do not know Party time Friends forever The best of Times Lots of Good Memories. fb! Carl A. Verderber Jr. 1316 Quincy Shore Drive Well it's about time!! Say Hey! Marcos The Hansen's: Spike 81 JD. Ooo my friend - Gin- ni. Thanks for all the rides Crash. Hef youre still a wimp!! AL Wento Good morning indy! Angus. In the summer time!! O's! Beach in the morning Let's go to breakfast. Well mom 8 Dad I did it and hanks for the torture. i I l I J u Robert F. Ward K! . "' 1 be David Waas 71 Buick GS. 35OCID WBCN 104 The Mount: DDMZSD PORD JMCMAS JSJNCP "asp" "shit" WAAF 107fm The Bog. ACXDC '86 The Tech Electro 2 Dave who is that girl Jamie How's your hand? How about my windshield? The 'Rama Thanks Mom and Dad. David M. Ward 25 Edgeworth Rd. MELISSA 4718786 LOVE YA W.L.F. Dan-J- Marsh - lmBusted Pats games - watch the radio - CELTS PARADE Doug take as much as you can. Airstrip Blues - don McAdams parties "you're a good egg" The Rock 14thHoIe com Sum-85 "Danny Ardvark" Fuent-Mud HWI-GF Don's Boa' Hide the Bub- bers! T-ND JP. Old Silver - DG, JM TPA lJWFBlWNI 4thMyHse. They Won't Come Home WindBnd Bermuda Bnd NMTTWDATT Montreal SKi Dtch T. Dan Wats that NOISE!! M-G-F BddyWser JMSDG - JM2KMPFMLSC Sigs DG2DN Squ.MontcI. Parker Boys MH - IHWNB - YATBGI EHAWAH - STGABT - ILY Thanks Mom Dad L8K Love Yas. Randy Weikel 121 Edwin St. FLORIDA '84 '85 '86 '87 WRESTLING 85 'THE ROCK AND THE COURSE HEF-WLY BUDI - MACHINE, TENZO - SAAB, WILLY, CH, BARTKUS IADJ - SCAMP, ZIM-GT, JOE LBEAVERI JPJWTW MCJMKF DHKSHA PAMW JRARME DLSCMS BDTG, JOE - SKIING '86 THECLASK - - M RESIEWDUB - GEK HEY COME ON HEY COME ON MAN THE CARS RUNNING' THE HUNT WATER SKIING 84-86 O'BRIENS 4th OF JULY RANDOLPH 8727 BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME WHERES BUDI BUTE 'YEA RIGHT' T-TUNES LET'S PARTY THERE'S NOSTOPPEN USNOW CLASSOF'87 PARKER BOYS RULE! B.K 86 THANX MOM AND DAD ROB WAYNE I KNEW I COULD DO IT THANX -M. sm 'aes 11 Michael E. Watt 145 Kemper St. Hockey 9 10 11 12' Tennis 11 12' Band 9. Watty Watts his name doctor ER you know like movies Piney!!! Florida "84", B.O.J. Matt irr. not a g. MH, NJ PM DM, MC MC, RW DY MZ SW SW NH DW TW JW JW JW bye bye North I'm out of here! LS, yikes dude spanken wrongzo thank you Mom Dad Q Kathy. 5 v .,,. V . . RN ,... ME, A?J, NJ, the beach, nc ss for me Thomas J. Weitbrecht -rs I I l I Joan M. Welby H 238 Marlboro St. Cheering 10-125 Tennis 9g Brandeis DONNY 37186 Goofy 662386 ' TFTGT NL, JM, CO. M, TK, LC, M , H, MT, ARSKG Breakfast Club IJCJLI WHAT TREE? 8-5-86 LEG Hule, STOP THE CAR!! HN Feb. 28 LITE Celts Parade ' ILWHB '? JP Thanks BM! JM! No Ride. BC-56? CandyG CAKI DYERKWRIUA OSOAD BBB Mellow Land Golf - 14th Rock Zayre 8-31-85 123 Your Out THE VAN GAC The Cug PPuff 85-86 T-Day BOINK? "OCH- 86 N TNECKS 4-19-83 MB The Pinata TFTF! 9pt Turn NEWYORK CS The REGATTA Ft. Lauderdale 4f18' Take Me Home! A1 Premium ITRULYA ' DOUG: NEED I SAY MORE' Lt YELL W LINCOLNS ' Thanks MOM and DAD . . ,, nil- 1' it T' ' - 'Lv-.,,,,, In ' f ' 8 ,. ' '-1 ff' f ,l, ., ' W ef' - ' , . N My Mg: 4 5 fa Steven Wildes Varsity Soccer9 10 11 Capt 12 BasebaIl9 12 Spring Soccer 10 tt 12 ULUS Team 12 NO Soccer City Champs 86 Science Fair N H S Research With Roland U L U S H O T L I N E BORN A BABSON BEAVER Raider Bowl Manifest Destiny Th In separables Good Car Ride An Even Better Camping Trip Montreal Soccer Trip Florida Skim Jet Skim THE END lSorry Mortyll THA KS DAD AN MOM! Trac! Wilson Bus. Leaders Club, resg Swim Teamg Yrbk. Comm. f CF PC EK MJ JW RW CM MD LMc SC SB JW SM f cape 85+86 - l'm outta this car! - Erin wanna walk? JP '86 - MJ+JW - Where's my obsession - will someone sew my dress?! f. Bermuda '87 f the rock - P -do ' all- ya ou're bad! Iet's wa k up LA f "dream on" can't han Ie a whole week! f CF+JW - look at all those roaches - yuk! X Dad's totaled Lincoln f Bruce - - Don' sell yourself short f u2 - 85 - front row! f Celtics Parade - 84+86 - Mike - Where's my ticket? f PC - When are we moving to Florida X goodbye NO - gonna miss ya where to now X Thanx Mom + Dad for everything - I love you guys. JosephineW Y Wong 30 West Elm Ave Orchestra 9, 10, 11, 12, Jr. Choir 9, Band 11, Computer Club 9, 101 Pride Committee 11, 123 J.B.S.G. 12. WE FINALLY MADE IT!!! CL, CL Remember Peking Duck. and how we always wanted to pluck him. But he migrated. And remember BBBBBBBBBBBB? 78 I I Steven R. Willaims MIKE, ZIM, TENNEY, LUMBI, RANDY, ESTA, MATTY, PAUL, DAN, NEIL, KRISTINE. U2 APRIL, 85. CELTS 85186 CHAMPIONSHIPS THANKS BG. THE ROCK AND THE COURSE. REC SKIING "SUMMER WITH BETH AND KRlSTlNE." IGRAVE YARD ENGLAND AUG. 86 PARKER FOOTBALL UNTING UP THE ROCK. ME8.MlKE TEL73 SCAMP. TENNEY LOVES WALLY WORLD. Jayne Wolowicz WH KM WE CAN'T FORGE DPARK 'DM PN' W-PARTIERS WALLY WEENZO WAMMY" MIC OR BUDDIES EM DT KG KC I LOVE YOU GUYS! DANCING GALS 4-EVA AL AND JW! NH BOUND JO MH THE RED PARTY- ING MOBILE" LET'S CRUISE TO - SHH!! I WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER THOSE SB BOYS! DON'T GET UPSET KD I DIDN'T FORGET YOU "KIMBERLY" SOUANTUM MITES, KG, MG, EM, DN, LS, SD. WHO IS GOING IN B'S? EM DON'T FORGET MY KEYS! "MlKEY" 2 PACKS OF M-LIGHTS AND SHE LOST THEM! "THE CRYSTAL" WELL MOM AND DAD I DID IT! THANX FOR EVERYTHING! I LOVE YOU! G-YA NORTH!!! C5 QD' 'liar' 2 . 1 Kathleen A. Wilson lx 41' S 7 Judi Whalen Cheering 10, Capt. 12. MARK 10111185 IL- YF. Yes were the Capt's KF. Lau How Do You? 4 on a moped BFF. EK "it's only a skunk" KS '84 RR IMY Where's the food White Rock Beach PN meet you down there - THE ROCK EK 'Dream on' TW ML 6f21f85 ISLY Bermuda Bound 87 Guigga BAB, Get Up! Ants In Africa. BCHS parties "Who's TC?" Nap Time 11:00. "HR Bud- dies IMY" Scott, it's been the best 4 yrs. Never forget ANYTHING Look! 90MPH. UH-HUM out with who? cruisin in the red car Cape JP86 Ma Dad Rick Jim Thanks for Everything Love Ya! N0 you're the best Thanks for the good times, CH TC-WIWT SS I'lI never leave BYE NO. I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I-I., ,.. .W ,.. 'III Joseph Yaw Kong Won I was originally from Malaysia. The ducation system and lifestyle in there are much dif- ference compare to Boston INorth Ouincyl. I have only attended North Ouincy High since the beginnin of last year so I really do not have much c ance to get to know the school. Nevertheless, I feel proud being a senior in the class of 1987. Lastly, wishes to the teachers and Best of luck to: JOHN LUTTS, TOM CASEY, KAREN GOLDEN, SUSAN ELLSWORTH, CYNTHIA LEE, CONNIE LEE AND JOSEPHINE WONG. '- it Craig A. Wright I I I I 'U' Eugene Yee There're special people who come into our lives to teach, support, encourage, 8- to love us. They leave their imprints on our hearts and we're never same again. The stu 8. fac were such people: JP, RR, BH, SW - gu1ys, thanx 4makin' me part of MANIFEST DES INY. KK, AC - REDSOX Opener in 84. SW - l'm W1 in ACCT, ALWAYS! SE-YO JOE! JR8.JS - GENEY BABE? MS, MZ, EG, PF, MG, BC, AA. KG, MD, DD, AD, CM, etal - GREAT TO HAVE FRIENDS LIKE YOU. MrA, Mrs. Merrill, MSSoImonte, 8- MsPB - thanx4 your guidance, inspiration 8. care, GONNA MISS U. om8.Dad, Ilove you both dearly. Bye NOHS, YOU GAVE ME 4 YEARS l'LL CHERISH FOREVER. Mark Zimmerman Ima 97 Hollis Ave iockeyV 9 10 11 Capt 12 Tourney Bound 'i ootball 11 Lake Placid 76 or me rock G ourse wally 7 11 and milton memories ARKER SCHOOL YARD the as station SW I ITMBBO MF PMJR RWML J li 'I David Scott Young 36 Winslow Road H ey 9 10 11 12' Tennis 10 11 12' Jr. Achievement 10 11. Trip to Sweden in 84 8. trips to Germany in 85 8- 86 THE CREW Celtic Cycle Piney Joes Pub The "O s' Adidas My Chevetle Jumper Bronskies me 8. my buddy weiser, Summer School 86 Jammin on the 1, and why you wear those glasses? So I can see, can't live without my radio, Joined the Nami, Ma illa, Thanks to THE CREW, Ed. Run-D C,LL ool J, The ben les and Mom 8. Dad. Good luck Class ot 87! D BJNSBD. iv? t Q. 91:57 ' . ' we-I Cya . ' f-ff: l ' - Mark Zinkus in 53 Hamilton Ave. Ca s of 87 EZ - you The Clash VT Because U Deserve what every Individual should enjoy regularly The Mount Bashes 71 Camaro How's your dog? The Cape 86 Weekends B-and-C Schools Out lt's been Real The Boys! The D-Team at MM NO Turkeyda Con ratulations LZ and KL Elec- tronics hop lectronics 10-11-12 Later I Made IT THANKS MOM! ,IW lr is "Z k" IS " " sl E CAMERA SHY Stephen Breslin Andrew Chernov Randy Chin Robert Cronin Frederick Crowley Janice Donovan Kathleen Dunn Richard Fair Jay Hamaty Brian Hart Timothy Jones George L. Kilroy Michael T. Lyons Michael J. Moulton Christian Neamtu Anthony R. Palisi Elizabeth A. O'Brien Richard Salamone Jeffrey R. Scott Michael Smith Gregory Sullivan Tammy L. Stuart Albert Urquiza Marsha Warner 1,8 g"C" s U , Q ,A 1- ,ggi Q , Y . ,N A,. WOO' H 1 Qi' "ff, 1 s4!.,l All if , , WN, ,ww . ef . I wr .v " , 2115 5 H if ' 'A , . ,f qi i ' sy 4 1 fi' ? lr 17 , 4 94' ,, ,LF 4 if ff Wig .... Q. 7 , 74" .- ,, 5. 'E 4, 5 X ' 4 M Q I HW '- . If 9 ,,'A M In V' 'e FU . Iggy K V ,, 4 pug, -af FOOTB LL 1 bw 4-""""-1' "'T I-5 5- 5 - mu if ETA Back row: M. Smith, T. Sadowski, P. Zola, Chrisom, K. McPhee, Carter, J. Walsh, Coban. 5th row: C. Peck, V. Moran, McNamara, B. Herman, P. Nimascren, Clancy, S. Collins, B. Craig. 4th row: T. Stevenson, M. Ainsley, M. Shields, P. Brown, S. Patch, L. Saso, M. Curtain, S. Darcey, P. Ester, M. Johnson, J. D'Angelo. 3rd row: B. McDougall, T. Kelley, V. Capone, D. Lawless, J. Mulvey, B. Silver, S. Crowley, P. McCormack, D. Steele, P. Hogan, R. Linane. 2nd row: D. Levine, T. McDonald, D. Newton, J. Liberedis, S. Brooks, K. Segalla, S. Happas, J. Pacino, P. Flaherty, B. Campbell, S. Sachetti, T. Downing. Front row: M. Edmonds, B. Durgin, P. Moody, P. Tavares, K. Segalla, T. Dolan, S. Chansky, B. Callow, J. McCIuskey, J. Boti, T. Casey. 'KL Before the '86 football season began, we all had hopes and dreams of attending the Superbowl. Founded upon team spirit, this inspirational feeling dwindled as we entered double-sessions. We emerged, nevertheless, fairly confident of our abilities. We knew the Suburban League to be a tough league, yet vowed to fight for every game, for every yard, and for every inch. With the help of talented coaches, we knew we could meet with success. As we contemplated our difficult schedule, we found it necessary to abandon our dreams of the Superbowl because of many untoward injuries. Our ultimate goal, however, to demolish Quincy on Thanksgiving, was yet to be realized. Turkey day approached. On the last lap of Cavanaugh Field before game day, many tears were shed and memories revived as we looked back upon our last four years of football. Although considered by some to be underdogs, we knew that our team spirit would be no match for Quincy. We were right. Treating our fans to be an exciting 24-7 victory, we felt as though our main goal had been accomplished. A Turkey Day victory had been achieved. ' Many lasting friends and memories were made during our four years of NQ foot- ball. We thank the cheerleaders, Booster Club, fans and coaches for making foot- ball a truly rewarding experience at North Quincy. - Iohn Pacino 0 l s l 4 l 4? ' 2- 2" i-ll '4"llil fl? l l l l 1-I L I - U, ,Af X- 'I -Ls. 7 QQ W, 4 01" JL' 'Ji :,Q- Dui ' . .- ,aa ,- v' - . . . u " -4,-.,' , '- - . . . 1- . y , n ,,,. . .. ,-I f 'Mu-. -'HI , t ' ' . . I .' F 4 I , .f ., . .L ,-,. ff "' ' , ... 1 " 4 - NGA. .-,,- ,1---. ,.,,b,.,Q!1, rg, ,,J,:-II: I. ,.. ,, . , . fb Ir., I I, , . . . Q- ' is Q" ' ' I I KI x gx f fs-Q . -'9G'f'.,,.. 'IN .F 7 --iff -Ulu- If a-A-1or'3-J-J4g-M "1 4 .. V .. -. ' 1' ' 9 .. . --wh w:: II: 'Ig' IRI I I I- ,, I .nf .3 , ., , 'Q .Ev , . "H, I M. " "v-Q1-1 , I ' 1 M- , IIN- f4.x..:.,,, QI.II .v."ff!ag'J.1,I.r,I gulf" -4- r- " . Ip: - S - II A-4f' jd' II vm.-0 , ' I.I,,,," , 1' .4 "' ' 4 I ,I .-,v P':Q',...r- n',g:,11- A33-I 'A af- II., .v ,, -.I , Ji1R,III, , ,If r, I I j-' 'Q 3-. '5,I3,- 't' i-"W-A-'::',1r-1K":.,.l 'I gi , . . .44 , , , ,, 3, . . . , ' f- -'Sir' x R u 0, JW H.-. . ' - --.V Q..-f ..' a1.q.a'f'-Y " -xxh' ing- ' f-. ' . 'L rf' Q -'-A . ' ..,. -4' ,.,. I '-.mqw :lv 'rf '. , .. .4 I . n - II . -IX A. . -. 4 .- - . ,v""' A "-7,----'M -" .Nl- I I , .., - I ,I,,..vIlafx.zI'2'x. valign:-II.fAa4IsiinP,','I, I I .,e".'wwy'5'1"3 'A . gf' Q, " Y' -A-qi-f- ' A-gf. , ,.- Q . "M rf.. '-ILQSQ.. .. .N-. A. ,wh ' X ..A- - . I .. I . .. . .. II A ..',x. C- .Q I I 'Q ' . l. ' ' U v , l.. uh. 'X Q - ' 4'-' -. Y wxwnp' , . ' N, hr.- .44 Am.-if '- v-g,,.., . 9.-,Q- I"' 1'---' -.J g,..,, nf I u ' I I- I . ,fb ..,x ., ,, , I "- M. -3-I .. ran-ur--nr-Q , - "51f2,L::- 'Sm ' . ,QV-""..--. ,kan ,as.f',. 6. .1 f . .., . . uid., ." 44,4 x . W 'Y n 5, . ' ' , - .. . Q 'Ot ' ' - , . - " XL.-new v--.-,,,.,1ln1-"' , A Q 4' ','. .J ,,-,a.,.- iran' 'wg I , . . , . KI, . ,. , , -IIII - .mv .. - I -W-N--I-a. ' A+ ---up ' a - -' H 5 . ' 'f.' ' 4 Q-' , u vw . - 4 wI I I,I -N a. .- Q I- A .5 .. yn- '- . 1 "" '. ' x 'X . Q-.. 'Z' '-' 'Q' 'N , - 'Ji .I . Q-.wg-'waz M . 3 Q . i - I' '. . . A n I ' J.. N- I I'I'1'. -cial Q I I I,-I, N"-'11 .f -f-94 '- Ln- .1 L. Q - f '-'-A ' 1 . . .M 'Q ,-1 -'M L- '-Lf., - mf JJ fn-44 r-,'3'2I' ' F- ,Q ...,""' f , wk . V4 '-an XI ff! . , II 23544, 1 aff fx Q n o I. X -fb.. he Qtr' "N 133 4 I , . 0 6 0 K '25, al IFJ II. X, 'Q Fm ,5 - Q'-55: I -sg, ,..TA:'II I4 ' -122 Mb , 5 S I I sb! Al.. M,... ...L..... . .MII -iI','-Q-ffoa- Q. I - .nj Iwg-13 f I, -IIIII-vzI,.,IjI:r 'ef ', MIN - -1-Q, '- 4,.' Jyfvw, ',. A ,433 l"'..!.'..." -- --'I '7"f,QL'Q ' 'mv . " f 4.sf,r.r,L K' -'," I I :CWI - 11 "' f'-V"' '--9:-' sushi- '41 ' -M.. 571' . -4 If- A . . 4' A,- ,A-c .. lx-. Q... -4 .I III.Ig,7 ss in Y ' . 'I4I"1Q5:a. " , " 0.4! 5. I Q 1 ' ' o N 5 5. 'ax , 'W U' A-ma'-, -7 5 H O II , - y M 'mi'-M - . W.. L WE ' ,I TL... 'I "' L. , sr 'OW' w-I 1" 5-all 'fir 1 faxes, . - , . r ex I WY' I' ,-1-,.,. 1 I I 2.55. I ,. J.. , .4,- "."- " . 'ir nv I-. '. ?,,U"Q!, aug: limos " Ui' , f-M ff, ..f.- Q - Q - . r 'Nl A , .' , '- 2-', 1-fix . y- . ' -. " dr. .- 3' . ..""'.'?z'?-. ..t..r', ' M 'n ,V . " 'A if I ' ,, ,I v., II I-.ily-J.- 1' -'I .I I fi I A y.I.I.IIrYj.'I, JfAl,.n.-1x:l"' 11" ' ' 'Lf -'Li I1 532,-92 ',-.' ' -11' --ffl. ' ,V ya". ., A M- '-'.'. V -,I!.',.1gf..--.L 4 A . - '- 1 I I A- RED RAIDERS 41 Vi J X-J fa! .1 'ff' ikinntiii Stephen Brooks Brian Callow Brian Campbell Vin Capone ,Ta 'vvs 1 'Xi' W W ' ' 1 f A rl fl If Q i Brian Durgin Matt Edmonds Paul Flaherty Stephen Happas aux Us it gh v f J . '-.Ex -"T 55' 'Wf"' Mark Lunnin Jim McCluskey Tom McDonald Paul Moody r 'X ,Q X 5,1 1 , 1 -t.. ,,,, 4-Q" rv Vx 7?-V-4 91 ,,,--f Keith Segalla Mark Smith Phil Tavares Mike Smith, manager . , -x 7. S. i Q i'l S-.Q A 1 On North Quincy, On North Quincy. Fight right through that line! Don't despair, show the colors you wear And keep on marching, keep on marching On North Quincy, On North Quincy As those Raiders go, Onward and fight, fight, fight. North Quinc High! Rah for North Quincy High! We're here to win! Onward to victory! Fight and they'll give in, Rah Rah Rah! On to the scoreboard! Never say die! Onward and fight, fight, fight. North Quincy High I '4-r ff ,u . J' -ff xi 5 'i V -. 7., 9, 'NH A',x4'X' S ,- .qg5Q11,:A' ,f S if J, ' ' ' -v. V vp .ik-kr: W Q , f Q! 1 J hr gif' . G U, 64,15 91 , I J. .V 1 fgiwli . ,wi 'fffqxi'-9 5 N, Q N wx! X y , WS- U Ni E 5 's 1 1 3. 'Q .Ng wfwgtw-4-9x.i- " '35 J ' " -S . -sw- , I- .. --rf s . ' :urn ,,., f A 14 , ..n .Q-0 , ,3,, , ,. 3814 fag?-9' 4 , ,- 'ypg-461 ,. -I 'I V7 ' 1 I5-4 A VF . g 'Q W Q . 1 ' i 5 5 I 'f X 7 4 """,.,X ",.-- 4 1 .... ,L f v ' Q F :it FT 2-"' .Q 5 , - a-- .7-x A A 1 6 JA xx I ,. 'J VI' f xi ' " A . X J IN J- 0 X 4, 7, N-ky! , x gf X- iu' V 1 3 . e. if .4 x 3 M' .' 'fg' g . V, Q I t BOYS SUCCER rl -Z ' f"":"v" pf' if -'. , H'-ggqft-. D 1 '11 i '1 .,. if SJ 5.1 1... v V wi . we Y Neal' -' . .J Y 5 Y., - V1 g fic' nv- vgf- . V 1 -1 ,ff +f.s,'fQ,fr-Q' . . g s ,,,u - 1 ' , ftf' ' ,' ' .- 1, 'V' Q., inf " .1-tin: ' . f. t-rw., . , W Y an ' p, ' X , . ' .wx .hu I- km , . A ,, .. i",.M 'ty ' "rf fwferzlitlai-f . . ,A , ,,,.,, , K ., -,'l--e,4?., . At-J ' jf' ', can V ,, .5-gi.-iv'- - , -.-.. 1 ,-... ,, ei ..---- if .- . - ,Q , ,sb ... i W - A 1 , Q. xi ,nm . I ' !. ., . --. Back row Bill Santry Paul Murphy, Neil Hatfield, Rich Gilbert, Kirk Highfield, Rob Sullivan, Randy Rapalie, Donald Jones, Jon Rork, Scott Reptelis. Front row Lance Panaro, Mike Walsh, Paul Meon, Rob Hubbard, Steven Wildes, Mofiz Hague, Mike Dubie, Eddie Walty, Paul Montero, Banny Yee. .s At the beginning of the season after surviving double-sessions, the Boys' Soccer team had dreams of making the tournament. Although the team did not accomplish this difficult task, the team was hard- working and showed much spirit. Headed by first year coach Iim McGuire and assistant Mr. Dano, the team hoped that the coaches' vast knowledge of soccer would rub off on some of the more inex- perienced players. Each game, the diligent team members were spurred on by en- thusiastic cheerleaders and team mascot Phillip McGuire. On the field, the team was led by talented seniors, while underclassmen will- ing to learn shored up the bench. In several games, the spirited team seemed to dominate, only to lose by a close margin at the end. One question entered the minds of the players - would the team continue its undefeated streak against cross-town rival Quincy High? A last-ditch effort against Quincy in the final game of the season answered all doubts. Winning 2-1, the team was once again the "CITY CHAMPH!!! Throughout the season, the dedication displayed by hard-working members of the Boys' Soc- cer team made soccer a fun, popular sport at North Quincy. - Steven Wildes ' if " ., in-are .41 C3 fd. JJ: 'Sul CL? 93 1' wa , nl' 471. " Mb' rite." 'fn 69: t L- 'TA ' Alf: tio, 7 1 I ,L fe., 55 ,y V2 4, up 56, 1, tie .I rn nffffff' vii. fi." .nu W -.Lu-1 . .dim an f fi -.N 5,1 " ' -'xl I I I . 'PQI as as -iff' f .2 A .A me 1 as were -H. , Q, 4 , Steven Wildes - Capt. Richard Gilbert Mofiz Haque - Capt. Pg ' . .ZZ if ' MM eA" .ti ,.. it 5 an ' i if M , an J ., vwigf px ,l 4 Neil Hatfield Kitk Highfield za 5' s,j 'W ll!-1.-I! 1 Randy Rapalie Rouen suuivan A' 'il af jx l it 'N , , ' 6 13 Donald Jones Tim Marchulaitis I at f , ,HDI A 4 -aF , . - ,gi . Y 'an wi-I 1 ' 'N ' ........,..-- 5 " -N '- ' v-'. .., . A it . ax! ' 51"- ,bfmiw 3 . If N ' f 1 SOCCER CHEERLE DERS Back row: Wendy Lampa, Carolyn 0'Brien, Jolanda Zych, Tracy White, Kelly Gillespie, Carolyn Hegarty. Front row: Jane Amendolare, Stacy Lee, Kim Gott, Erin Kane, Paula Connell, Sharon Stroup. Erin Kane Capt. Kim Gott Co-Capt. Zi? L Q3 f 'ka- Paula Connell Carolyn Hegarly GIRLS SOCCER I P. N L ,- .."-"':?5i F , up 'i Y. fy .,,..:? 3 1.', ' "fy t 1 .f..f. ' .-'. -Q' V- 1 - si , ,A M. r- v ' ' 4 A ,I pf- 6 'fits-, mn? Y, ,o. .r I ,sr 7 'Lil' - 'W t tr e wiv ' , '- 2 , . v. y f ' ' .:. , wa, , t -H4 f -5 , 7 r - Q., k .. v1.,'- , ,- .M , I ' .. - , f', , f ' .,A J , f .Y ' . . -:. -ww mf f . . . .5 .I , f ,tid-5, Yu- "iv, ,-'ti9"'2 f f V f ,Jf -- '- . -nm... ., -1...-A, 1. g ,Q t -. y ,Y , -.- f,.,?.6....ff - "' . 1 , iam v . , -. ff+R::-X- ' f'-'-"'-w,m-- a - A .' u I - , ' f ' , - . 1, , ' v ' v 1 . , ' ' J. 'P 125- "fs" . - , ' "-1.-Vf.:'t ' 'K - f 'H' : - - ,f 4- - . , . Q - .I-.s Q. Yi ' 4. . ' qq- , 5 .. - I . - 1. -. 1 , K W- ,, 6 9, 1. , , ' I - ,, -L-L, ' r M . 1- -. ...le ,-'- X .- . 1 . -zm,'!,.... . .'..a..ara ,. 1 L l The girls' soccer team finished their best season ever with a 7-8-1 record. The co-captains were forward Elaine Hennebury and fullback Anne McGuiggan, who missed half the season with an ankle injury. Other seniors were Linda Doherty, who had an outstanding year in goal, forward Tricia Grant, fullback Kathy Hughes, and halfback Nancy Leonard, who missed the whole season with a knee injury. The team played strongly against two of the best teams in the state. They lost to Newton, 2-0, and Bridgewater, 1-0. They knocked Cambridge out of the state tournament with a 3-2 victory and defeated Quincy twice. Overall, the soccer team had a great season. I - Anne McGuiggan , 96 . .:,h I U , 'ra L .W ew, are ,D -, 1, th , L' 6 A., lx ,A l L'xnl'x 'bf 1 X f 3. M f X 'E ' Elaine Hennebury Capt. ' nn -ng: ..A 5' pix Wi" 'ii Kathy Hughes WA? in f- .. ' fefgfw-ri'.e 5 i sid , Km- ' fvglfadi. Q15 :e'.134ff1 .91 md- :sr Q'-:V W if , . 3 f 5g Anne McGuiggan Co-Capt. Linda Doherty I K7 if U 1 .Ju ir r H 1 'HQ .8 PN. ge. If F QW .X me , 5" f 'JQ""1 n nt D 1 F , ' I V A , ' J, .-.A ,gnu ' ' .. Vik , ,,, 9 . Q-,..eJ ,S . 51 .Ei . ,,. 4. K Q- ' '4e.Au: . -ffm "Ze ' 1 - Ae.-if-N V '-Q-fa-.ff-...,.e e X ' 4 rf'-f -N-"mf 'K -' . R 4. -f ', ' .-"J i,x,'D.n 'Q ' ' g ""'1' W bi--f , " , x W.. ' A ,A 1 '- ' 'fn . '- ', zjiuf- , IW 'LF' k I 1 Li, ,f . x - ur F .W -.,-... N , M 3' p .7 ,s,.,g.Ql N ,QA ,. 5 u,L,gk Nlhsima :.ix,,dg,. Y- ,,f-73.22-1:Kb?:' f -f1,1aw.,r.fff yew--made A if and ul B fi' A. 'lla I 3 if .,. Am :Y , 5- I r- qu-Jr" ,K M , ' A I Li' 5 .f' S Ap, ' 5 9 LMA. ne.. rx ee- . -4 5 F X 0 97 GIRLS VOLLEYBALL U I QU! Q Y is v fl 3 - ie ' , x f V Vg' ,si fy ' n ly Q A' 7 C X "4-A, x f- ,Fu- Y' Q. ,Af , 1..- 5 .gi Back row: Angela Venezia, Brenda Campbell, Holly Flendle, Denise Marnell, Deirdre Murphy, Jill Caldwell, Julie Deitweiler, Head Coach Jim Rendle. Front row: Kerry Gearin, Eileen Campbell, Barbara Carroll, Christine Venezia, Robyn Guilfoy, Debbie Panaro. l' ' ,Q a ea .. il Q0 I .- N Q' N if Kerry Gearin Brenda Campbell I-11 N Z -A '?, ui.. 4 -1-F - in I PN ,JK 3 H U ., W' 4 1334 A i x in rs ne 4 f 'Q 5 lr f i 'E K an J 4 """". ,,, sf' wap... N N 5 al X' L ' ,-.,-nw Nur ,,.4f" 'iv .-11,313 99 45- A " GIRLS SWIMMIN 1 -,h" . 1 " ' ' ' ....-. gg' ..,f- , .. ' f' ' 1 O O O' N I K A N ' ' .. Is AW . " Ulf? v 5 ,I W" 'Q ,I 9 ,tai cf 1 3 l 14 .---- ,id I iii ' V' lm ,,,..,.,...q-nw-bv'-v'4W"" Take a group of girls in bathing sults put them ln a pool tell them to swim 20 laps and vo1la!' You have a sw1m team - right? Wrong That IS not merely half Oh of course a swim team is composed of swimmers who compete agalnst other sw1mmers from other schools But that ISDI quite all. The North Quincy Girls swim team IS only 10'Vo girls - 900fo of the team IS SPIRIT!!! Belng a part of the swim team IS not only a challenge but also a tremendous experience Each swimmer champion or not, is cheered on in each race and 1f that certain swlmmer may not place she is not relected but congratulated It is this lnsplration which makes our team special The 1986 season turned out a record of 5-7. Although not quite a winning season, the team showed tremendous effort, and even had the grand pleasure of conquering several teams who were all-too-long unconquered. Indeed, the North Quincy Girls' swim team has had quite a pleasurable season!!! - Lisa Ramsden U.. 4, . K y wfv-'0'--nrsvvwhvvvufvlxvA l M L ., , ..,,. .,,.,. , , ,. . .., Y a 5 9 , .. . . . . , , . , . . . . , . . . . 9 IA V Q U I 7 . , , I ! I 7 9 ' , . . 1 I . Q I e--we its .,. Q X uf! ' ..4Il"" HQQ ok gf' fg- 'ig 'Sp -' :ik M Q 1 :fi v . r',.-- 8. Q 'ia' 1 V5 1' ll . 'Q v -'qv K ,......-u-v,'t. F .ig --6 , ', f . 1-, -ra QL s'C N .xx , -- Q I V A f N..-an-2' 4 , '4 4 'K' B 46' -35fPiinf 'W-QN.,,, ,. . wi' .. , JM ff? -- Q X i'fQsi,N'f YA J' . E .W ..+ J' - if 3 -,., GOLF Michael Doherty, Derek Holt, Michael Bartkus, Mark Lombardi, Derek Nickerson .gpyngbp X ll IlIll 1? 1821 Michael Bartkus 3 NI Quilt-I9 arf- Y' S Michael Doherty Derek Holt Mark Lombardi 5 i pa BOYS TRACK BOYS BASKETB LL ,' i K l 3 ATUPD 'Q U l X. 19551 ,r tal e 'cw N 2 Rl tltiiflnh l QU A ff 6 2 SW, .' v' N,,. p X if 'Q Back row: Coach Ed lVliIler, Ted Stevenson, Dennis Cronin, B. J. Silva, Dave Lawless, Joe DiGrandis. Front row: Nlatt Hughes, Robert Sullivan, Jim Phelan, Scott Sacchetti, Larry Bollinger. After having much success in both the spring and summer leagues at North Quincy, this year's varsity basketball team got off to a rather good start. Facing some tough non-league opponents in Revere, Everett, and Weymouth North, the Red Raiders were able to come up with just three wins in their first six games while playing very well in basketball. As usual, the league opponents provided very stiff com- petition. After drop ing some hard-fought league games to powerhouses like Brocqcton and Cambrid e as well as Newton North and Brookline, North got a chance to cefebrate with a victory over cross-town rival, Quincy. Due to complications in personnel, the Raiders saw Dave Lawless, Ioe DiGrandis, and Dennis Cronin sitting out two games. With a halfway oint record of 4 wins - 8 losses, North looks forward to a successful second half of the season with a full and healthy team. - Iim Phelan limi i l Mlm F Jim Phelan, capt. QAIUELQZQ R! " 0' I Larry Bollinger Scott Sacchetti Matt Hughes Hjfirmf-er , fqlkgcfjef ' Z5 Robert Sullivan q , -fa N ,, , .A "gin ,,zq.. , w,,g5, - , WY 4 S. HQN f 'if S Q WLM JJ 'Juv TX . CFC 5 tr , .1- W'Q"5, ' ASKETB LL CHEERLEADERS -. 'V 9- '-x -- 'X 'U a 4, 1- - 1 Back row: Carolyn 0'Brien, Yolanda Zytch, Tracy White, Amy Davis, Kerry Lynch. Middle row: Wendy Lampa, Kristen Morris, Andrea Kelly, Stacey Kane, Stacy Lee, Jane Amendoulare. Front row: Judi Whalen, Kathy Feeney. f,! .Mfr ,ff 'v H f 1' 1 L A ,I - , H Judi Whalen, capt. Kathy Feeney, co-capt. 109 GIRLS BASKETB LL - 4 'Qu-.g . 3 i, , 'S , v J T? Sim. V Q? a 5 p A RQ 5 x 1 argl --,i't?T Q rf NURTH fu , A531 , V" f' 'cor .Y rf Back row: Asst. Coach Ken Panaro, Kellene Duffy, Debbie Panaro, Melisa Miles, Nancy Flukes, Deidre Murphy, Rita Rooney, Paula Tolson, Patty Feeney, Stacey Welch, Karrie Pistorino, Coach Paul Bregoli. Front row: Nancy Leonard, Tricia Koski, Anne McGuiggan, Mary Beth Maloney, Maureen Donovan, Lisa Mitton. North's irls' basketball team continued the tradition ogexcellence of recent teams by blend- ing hard work, to etherness and talent to finish with a record ofg15-6, third highest winning percentage in the team's history. Once again, North, which was ranked sixth in Mass by the Boston Globe, qualified for the Division I South Sectional Tournament. Early in the season, North got off to a 6-0 start, thanks to the senior leadership provided by co- captains, Anne McCuiggan and Marybeth Maloney and the excellent play of seniors Tricia Koski, Maureen Donovan, Nancy Leonard and Lisa Mitton. Significant wins during the streak included wins over Everett, Revere and captur- ing the North Quincy Christmas Tournament. McGuiggan and junior Nancy Flukes made the all-tournament team. North defeated Brockton at home in a very thrillin game, one of only a handful of teams to defeat Sie Boxers all ear. Two wins over arch- rival Quincy and quallifying for the tournament at Cambridge R8fL with an overtime victory were also very satisfying. North, seeded sixth in the tournament, drew Dennis-Yarmouth in the first round. Des ite a significant height disadvantage, North battl,ed to the end before droppin a heartbreaking 51-50 decision. However, that Foss did not diminish the tremendous season this team had. They set and met all their goals and played up to their poten- tial. It was a great year! NORTH 56 51 57 38 39 50 35 48 39 41 36 47 50 52 38 41 76 45 44 37 50 1986-87 Results OPPONENT Medford 17 Everett 42 Revere 56 LOTJ Weymouth North 3D Weymouth South 32 Somerville 33 Brookline 36 Brockton 45 Newton North 52 Cambridge R8zL 34 Quincy 34 Waltham 41 Brookline 44 Brockton 68 Newton North 50 37 QOTJ 34 Cambridge R8cL Cathedra Quincy 38 Newton South 39 Waltham 45 STATE TOURNAMENT Dennis-Yarmouth 51 5 F 1.2L-:F -1 1 f N-wfa""" 1 so I U H fun. 9 E...f 5,21 , rr .ye 1 Lf L Q a R1 1 --"nm" y Xb X lrwrwr-:-. Anne McGuiggan, capt. Maureen Donovan an 1 1 ,Gus 'NJ' new WN Nancy Leonard rf.: I L3 H A ' r, Vggg,-. , , 2 2- r'. 2 .4 5 1 5 . ' 1 g5zafea.'f:'1' 1 X .X ' ' af 1 1 . I ,',2"- xv' TQ Sifiag , W gg' M - '-fwfr" 1 Mary Beth Maloney rf i gi nl 1 1 Q-4:2 HY? 0 fi .0 'Ny "1. A1311 r fr? . .f 1 L Q 1 I 231 gr, TriciaKoski ar . J ,F .", J H1 ,,.,g . 1 -.. . .--I R " E21- LQL 9 r'x dl' Lisa Mitton 111 YS .TC Y I f, U X 4, . -Q 1 ,f-"" g, , in 4 . C' I Jar fr' , - :w 'L V Z , 1 A J M V mit 0 is E4 I g N A 7 2 y - jg mpg' W. Q X H 1 I' , -.1.- " t ' 1A . 15.4 ' " l wax A ,K 7 X, x il X F ,f 36 N 1 I NTI 1 Umm: ,4,-.1--v-"' 52:4 --mal J.. LI HT? 1 4 f J ,LHQQKSJ H2 ,, , i HOCKEY ll I I 1: -rl Inns .S ! iii 'Q Q at A nl 'T X i I i Front row, L to R: John Pacino, Mike Watt, Bob Kane, Mark Zimmerman, Brian Mahoney, Mark Simonelli, Steve Sugarman, Sal Mangaro, Bill Dineen, Paul McGrath. Q Back row, L to R: Coach Kevin Jago, Dick Tapper, Joe Boti, Brian Zimmerman, Jay Rodriguez, Mike Bartkus, Dave Young, Rich Connelley, Bob Thomas, Mike Tenney, Joe Keagan, Marty Feeney,N I Furtado, Rick Avery, Asst. Missing from picture: Jeff McGIory. i I I i I Y 114 it Joe Boti NSR Ly 0UINYfk XXURT6, INV, Mark Zimmerman, Co-capt. 551RT,5f UUINYIX A! ,fm mm f 1-157:-' , g W m Wm iw 9 40 mix x I stew N X x I X 1 , ' X . X m . X ff , X o OO ,. ., v- , sf 5'2- O OOOLC ' QQQ? I- rl Wg Mikewan X fe Y E' 5 ,. f X' R v!':A. ' ,I A '- -QT QBR Ly C UIIINCK m Mike Bartkus QSBR Ty ' 1 Ulfmii WM 0111 NY? n . Dave Young Ni 'Nl s Q . nl., 1 1' 'p L fl' Q' X nf' 'Fun U H K J -6+ 155 ' ' ' N x D , X XX fe if, 'N I :I f N .Y m 0. 'o s X x fig!! . if : X Q 3 M A. ' . A 'i Nb 1 ,MQ yff Ii ,J c!,f"' fvw.5.4 ' 'rw-4 Sl wifi!! ww-r :- mwusmsna X . ,.4w'1.'f:....' 'Q xii' . H- 4 otQ 4 ' 05.2 Jfa Q qui' Q15 N F-'39 W. I 49 'Q Q A lf- X J 4-Q Q 5 KW I-1' 15- .a.g,f. ,, .1 N A w 'V +V fa , N, as KF' A , - A? ' :Fa bm. 'X W Z . -1 W -G 'f A .Y 1 C QCCK gs E.. sr Front row: Beth Roberts, Joanne Costello, Laura Chiampa, Erin Kane, Sharon Stroupe, Suzanne Rochon. Back row: Megan Gannon, Christina Kalantzis, Kim Gott, Katherine Gralton, Melissa Holt, Carolyn Hagerty, Paula Connell. i Laura Chiampa, capt. Erin Kane, co-capt. 'VX ft .1 . Lligj A Q5-r Kimberly Gott Carolyn Hagerty Paula Connell EY CHEERLE DER WRESTLING ..... .E ......"'?v' ' I - ..l"' w 3 1. GW! F N w 2 wg! .fir ' V. 'ew gf. s.,,P!v 2- I 8 x 2 1' ix Nix I' 5 Eric Goodman, Tri-capt. Gary Silverman, Tri-capt. . ""'4l! wr ,.v-1 Paul Cavanaugh Arm f'-NYU 'U Vx Tom Casey, Tri-capt. Am ll 5' iipmlneqn Jim Ferrerra Mike Mauriello .:,-954.1 - Q 'I-.Ev 24k'1fi-T:'- W wa Vi i vlffbxl-Q 4? 4?-"'l!'+""'fffJ' i W -1' 5 '- '1- X W I ,..- .. nib -r Y-'M " S' 'E 1 snug flaw WI' X NV? X 'Na 2 -il 9-i , """"5lnuu .yy I ilu- P k "l va T :gf 1 N av ? , ,W M 4 I 1 Q , 'c k. 2. . QQ' 1 x . , dk 1 x 5, X Y '11 a ' im , ig.. , I s T I 4, 5: . 4 J' 9 1 w ff 1. ,A W as Y' Z e ' - 6 , ' 2" ,',r1gV':':H x . ,M P 'mf V . 1 uf" ,,,:. H. AAAA . , ,, ,Q Q , , . .g1.....,'f-1-f+Mf f-W y 'W 0 4' ' - ' 'fl ' A W M ' 1 ' ,M ,!,,,,..,w" 9 ,mf V J' 0 W, i Q ' kwvv mf 4... f. 2 ,. 4- m h. , ...M .k-aiz?"'5 W s Q,,,., .,1 . evif All C " f '. 'id .V - I-,,, .33 Q GIRLS TR CK Front row, L to R: Joanne Moriarty, Brigette Toland, Melissa Flaherty, Gloria Gougian, Maryann Cavanaugh, Kathy Gordon. Back row, L to R: Coach Kevin Kelly, Tracey Panushka, Robyn Gilfoy, Holly Rendell, Tricia Barrett, Jennifer Raftery, Leanne Fitzgerald, Sarah Harrington Ann Toland, Sherrin Ouintilliani, Betsy Zeilig, Coach Peter Chisom Jr. The 1986-87 Girls Track Team has had an overall good season des ite their 3-3 record. They had many difficult meets in which a victor came down to the last relay. This was the case for the Brookline meet, one of the meets we won. Seniors Tricia Barrett, Iennifer Raftery, Gloria Cougin, Kathy Cordon, Ann Toland, Leanne Fitzgerald, and the girls would like to thank Coach Peter Chrisom Ir. and Assist. Coach Kevin Kelly for a great season. c , fi 'lf , , K if X at .l ' .Y-9 ,QW T lg 'fly' F 'tw F i ft i 4 V gr N -.11 Q Clit-L, 52356.51-'f?'1 i l 1-.f 5.3 ' 441, h o ,f ,. .ff ST V ,e if L L 14 l , l ll I i , if me-1' ibn 'I at l l X-1 ,gg ,ff P s 3 Tricia Barrett Leeann Fitzgerald Kathy Gordon W IV ,Vx ,I o Q I Gloria Gougian Jennifer Raftery Ann Tgland E27 - 1 Y g.Qf . , lf x 2 5 " -4-ff' 'fb Y' Alan .-v""" -mix A P fu ll Q Y L ,.,,,...,uu-vi? 3.--aw inxmmi' o- MF Y I USIC SENIGR CHUIR l, 1 i 1 The highlight for the choir of 1986-1987 was Mr. Maurice Carbonneau's farewell Christmas Concert. Truly a night to be remembered, this special evening brought back many choir alumni who wished to bid Mr. Car- bonneau good-bye as he entered into retirement. Singing "The Halleluia Chorus" and "And the Glory of the Lord", all choir members and alumni were reminded of Mr. Carbonneau's unique ability to communicate l directions while conducting. For he is indeed a man of great talent, and was able to make us sing above and T beyond our limited talents. North benefited tremendously from his years of dedication and service, and will surely miss him in the future. I L r 1 , 1 1 9 I 1 ' N MADRIGALS w I ,I r ' 'I' 1 5 N Z -- , E- w ln BAND -', l i ' ' I URCHESTRA If av 1, X f,'1"ii f. -.wr M 32" " J ?'?2f ' OLORGU RD J ORETTES R Student Council new Student Council p-L w i i 4 1 Q 1 -1 ni 'n 10"""u- an .-fy... -fp... ,Q 31 y fb 1 I-mLan,l.,fJ,.gt41f' ww 1 1' A :"?"5:'E,' Y'f'U.',1,1f'.3 4 "iw-lf". ' -'v'-'ff' Ulf an 'Y Asian merican Club Q7 if .o.T.C. 'ff . -Elm , "nxt, i 'Q Mg! ,'E"'9"'q'r it French Club f r QI 9 F 1 L Ls-, J!! 1 I in ocial Enrichment Club N - 1 1EAVllH1n i ? r IJ. H 5 sters .m fir K w W N l 'KU' Wulf 3 fs. A-I Computer and Selenee Club From Ianuary to May 1987 NQHS had a del1ghtful opportunlty to learn about Spanlsh culture Lucla Fraga a oung woman from Madrld S a1n was hosted North and all who met her eneflted tremen ously Sharlng her culture through group presentatlons Lucra also worked 1nd1v1dually Wlth students to help 1m prove thelr pronunclatlon Unlversldad Computense de Madrld Although she plans to be an economlst Lucla through her classroom work has drsplayed a natural glft for teachlng Whlle 1n Qurncy Lucla enyoyed the generous hospltallty of Mrs Margaret Qul g whose two daughters Nancy and Paula atten North We hope that LUC18 has enjoyed her stay here at North Qurncy Hrgh as much as we have en loyed havlng her ,Grac1as por todo' Lucia has a degree in Economics from the DRAMA CLUB During our time at N .Q.l-l.S., the Drama Club has produced comedies and dramas such as "The Legacy", "Pla Suite", "The Butler Did It", "The Diary of Anne Frank", "The Star-Spangled Girl", "The Imaginary Invalid", ai "You Can't Take It With You". Whether it be acting, working tech, assistant directing, or working on stage crew club members found drama an enjoyable experience at North! ATTN' r , Jl l ,IM Uv, l 13,13 ' 8 QW: .....4,,,, ,.T,...,.. if ' ,,!' -5 2 JN il-nf 1 148 l QYY 2-1 1 J' fff. -5312 X I "The Butler Did lt" "The Imaginary Invalic I8 L if "The Star-Spangled Girl N .xv X 1, K ii 'T' 'T ""-S fri l""k'Q 'il' hr? ' .3 "T X x. x' xl 'tb , rg, .K- rs' 3 xi I 1:11 I i L -if I F' I ff . L- QI- ' l ,', r V an i i ,, y x Vs if NATIO LHO 0R oc1ETY 61042 -"""Nx iw 94 ,pf The National Honor Society at North is not a dorman' in organization - its members regularly serve the com- I munity through various projects. At Thanksgiving, a suc- I cessful can drive provided food for needy people, while Christmas time saw National Honor Society members caroling and visiting with residents at the john Adams Nursing Home. Providing community service was indeec a valuable experience for all members of the '86-'87 Na- - tional Honor Society. Aud- xff Q9 1 1 'e i 150 b5...q,', , NHS members visit at nursing home during Christmas. l 49 if , xx Y K Off Students enjoy refreshments after singing at nursing home. 11 r. r 1 C' 6 Gm C7 ks! xx' ,xg If, f X 'C 5, , A, ! l ,. . Q Q t-M , Q". .V Qt .gfgx X H, f T' -l 93?- 'X X Mg r- ,. xx. gf , V151-34w1.r ft' ft " ' ' Tiftswif- auf n , Q' v.,.QQ-mr fi '+V ,t , N lfqfgf Q-V , ' sr ,f'1t,:M,i,gl.WXJS..'r -' ' 91 - 'ff-N-Xp 't5'f1Q,g.4 . gg.. 5595.353 X' sg tx , :z:f.g5s.1sfAitifrv3st K , gl lK.'g.g.I..?iv " - gs. K 'xq . -t . , tr ,5.ti,.X3,w:, t, ne. ive, X 1.3 'Q 1 9' ff: A , Cy at Yr jf' 1, ,ff A4 ski Club If 1? -A M., .jlgf . Q g as 'ii I A. if ff uv. 4 , ' A . E' , ' -far' X ,. Yi ,, x 0 4. 15, 1 vw .44 4 , - ..,... N-,,...1..x...1n,..,....................A............,..W , . up s .-, 1 Q. . x iq, .1 4 - Tibz.. , . I .k:A1E.?. 4 91 V V ' .Rf-:Q-.5 A , . .. 'agify C+ fifill , 32321 , ...gfvfw , Ng.-.,.. , g , ,. ,,. .WJ 11 "'l xl. ,J r, -f-gsm. , -f'i?4':5 . .-Q , 4 -1,-. V , -v, gs-, f -X A -na. 'TVf?wf5 -1: 235--. U au Calculus Team flllw I 154 Coached by Miss Cheryl Manoli, the Calculus Team at North has traditionally placed very highly in national standings. The '86-'87 Calculus Team seems likely to succeed as well - scoring in its first meet, the team appeared to be off to a good start. Onl ten teams in the country received perfbect scores. The second meet, however, was more difficult, and the team could manage only a score of 38. Because of the difficulty level, it is hoped that the team's standing hasn't dropped significantly. For all members of the team, Calculus meets have been a fun way to use the Calculus we've learned throughout the year. The team expresses many thanks to our excep- tional teacher and coach, Miss Manoli. 'l 1 M-ff Ali 3119111 Z I I 5 x 'S I. ll. I at -11 . fi Q.. , IX ., A- 1 , ' E-i'-.2-an 'I . 1 2 """"'19 . ' . Q 4 L .., 1 ii 4 lg? 13- 'Fit Ng. , J., 1 'lf i ,,...v'.'JF"""" 4,11-"' iff in if-11-" if 2 K ljjp yyjj! 5 mmf' fl LAL, Editors Maria Megias Rajib Ray Business Committee Ann Dupill Stacey Cochran Caroline Morash Melissa Murphy Maureen Gralton Maura Feerick Kim Cunio Dawn Elwood Danielle Spring Iudi Whalen Advisor Ronald I. LaQuaglia Layout Editors Y. Nanig Gheridian Eugene Yee Cover Scott Erickson Staff Scott Erickson Kim Cunio Charmaine Chapin Debbie Pitts Lori McCormick ff' ' fff 1.'f -LLM No, we can't come, we have rehearsal - We are not getting paid for this! - Now really, is there a ski club? - I like this one. . . how about this one . . . maybe this one . . .? I think a vote would be very democratic! - What do you mean, the teachers voted??? - ls it too late to quit? - lt's not our fault, the photographer lost the pictures. - EXCUSE NIE! You're not in this club -- No, we cant miss Calculus anymore - Did I crop this picture right? - Rip the Quads much Jib?? - Another Goof passed in a Bio with no picture! - Are there any Seniors in here? - Action shots! Good action shots! - Are the proofs in yet? Are the proofs in yet? Are the proofs in yet? - When's the deadline? oh . . . last week. - ls there going to he a yearbook??? J li fi gh ,r n Editors i Advisor ,sax K """ Cover Layout Editors The 1987 yearbook committee sincerely thanks Mr. Ronald LaQuaglia for all his time and dedication as yearbook advisor. KN .J i 7 7 i S ,Ll 37 ax .233 3 PI ,SS . I J " I. 1 fs: SE II Sf J Sf N I 1 Sf N A if , 6 ,N fm.: V Sf II 31 if L J! 1 i Ll F t x IDM . 11.41534 Q? nqu . A fffi -A Q, A gggxfex 'Q R5 S IR 4+ Q . .vii MMU ' wwf, 4 ,651 Q, fi. I X. . A R VIZ' V . X 1-3 ix Ji .-rx:uuLliNlll'fXll.lI-l.'1.W xv' A. ,.X.', 4 R"3.,,. 159 x L ,r"N ,REQ Y x -4 , ., fl IL 1 x r vi 4 161 ? -Cl? . All Af x. p. .5 A V , IMI' --.fl-. ,J. ,rf .. .N I '41 ibn YL, is! 'Vs al ,i fn 111 1' 4 - 3 9 ' ' g Q rf .g I v x K Q 4 T, 5 U- r .551 wg, .V 'X .56 Tr, Av , '-Q 1 X Q P 'Qui X .--' :ww ' iam' 1 r 'T Z7 ,ff 'N if vs, DUATIN 1 9 8 J 4. S .4 9 'Wh- i D 1 ju-4 -J I I 4 I v .Q I 2 'L A 4 r",1 Q I i 1 .5 f QQ., ,Q-,QL " ' ,cs ,,., 1 X ag., 1. M l"' 6., 7 Q - I f""Ax ,gS""" 'Q-X, IM 'Q -nf A-alll" N- ,, N S bus. . 1 IN M , f ffm' yn fi 1' , 4' 10 .J sl 1 FW?-sq X ...--A 8 5-0 'i fi -Ns xsh 'Sun 0 -b. p of Ofc ,ilgi ,f , s I l 3 x' . I QU' if f, XJ, 4' 'u Y . il f , , i".aA . '4 , . . v' if 3'-44-fi.',4ki,: . ' g H ...- f.. L. i fc: --,,. , 'ty K ,Q 1' 4 I' , .,. ,JS '?1.f'!,.lQ - V Io 'f51C I to ' ' . -1 ',1 ' '- 'P . .,,. . I' - - ., -. , , .W-1, R ,, '- A . . .,... .Q ...Q .. A N , X., AX y . I 8-fs.-1' ',". 4 .X b"' .1 ' ',--d 1 . 'bf . ,,'J':'.'m'Iy QSM ' '. .' ff- .0:.N- ' jx' '4 , . f - om',- , .5 . . we 1 l . ,'-u','v F, .T ,g --Dil. . ,'. " ' .U 'X' 1 ' 9 ... , in 1 'Nay Q5 1 ,, 30 to 41 I ,IO 'Q ' 1' 9 I AU' .ui ' 'E 32rfQ,,, Q Rl W M X ff ah' lax Y 7- 4 V 3, .5-1 10 4. V' x 'Q J 4, I A -4 f x 4' 'a 1 As! Sf I J' x, .n A .wx f 1 ...i"' is i 'Xu' xx nd 50 J cs iff f Q 9 M , ' I I N. -aff N. if ,X O' , , , ' v I 1 5, jf-rf' 55 'Tj l - S... , . 57 ' -- -, QM x ...YQ-I ,jf 4.5 5. 9 , X -J 5 v.. S. f - A X 4 J 9 Q. Diane Ryan David Levine Jackie Fennessey Laura Sloan Paula Connell Amy Conroy Dawn Elwood Brian Durgin Andrea Ayer Christine Swierk Terrence Downing Donna Glynn Nanig Gheridian Lisa Ramsden Colleen Hannon Tracy Wilson Eugene Yee Diane Mullin Shannon Horrigan Brian Callow "v9- ' 5 U .' TL?" - 1 A f Q, 60 '63 Q' g I I .""Q 14- . Tracy Dunbrack . Tim McDonald Keith and Kevin Segalla Ann Toland Jennifer Shores Anne Dupill Scott Erickson Maria Megias Lori McCormick Elaine Hennerbury Paul Flaherty Ann Anderlionis Jennifer Rafteiy Maureen Gralton Julie Marsters Beth Bussard Stacey Cochran Deborah Briggette Darlene Columbare Niki Linville 6 l. Tom Casey 62. Kathie Nagle 63. Carla Patalano 64. Kimberly Gott Paul Moody Kristen McCready Deborah Pitts Caroline Morash Alisa Stevenson Michelle Briere Kathy Gordon Laura Chiampa Kimberly Cunio Charmaine Chapin Debbie C asserly Carolyn O'Brien Diane DeMasi Anthony LaValle Danielle Spring Kerry Gearin Donna O'Leary Melissa Murphy Colleen Monahan Melissa Perry SAI, 1 Y F UT I5 :. x 'Q is we,-3 x JF--A America's Cup Raider Bowl Jififilfiy Stand By Me' LAZER is 'Baby M'? b b TAG G0 sox. Republicans , 6Little Shop of Horrors Max Headroom Liberace CQIUCS Yanna whltf Amerlka Dukakis Wham Breaks Up Aquino Llghts at Veteran s Stadlum McCauley Goodwlll Games Br Suburban League Reagan Nicaragua Chgrngbyl Arms-deal , LLL Red Raiders Beat Quincy 'n"55., Q,,f 'E STAR WARS 5 Daniloff Released t Reykjavik Summit 'Moonlighting' Statue of Liberty i USF L wins S1 from NFL Miami vice Gorbachev Centennial Seat Belt ' 5 Law 64 Repealed Roger Clemens Bill Cosby Sak-harov Bay Slale Khadaii B MONKEES I Beirut kidnappings Challenger c fr. 6' i at I 1 1 u 9 . , ' Q Check it out! , . 'i al 1,1 'Q 3 EL- 1 A A 4 l l 4. N! " i'!'L,? Xe fl V7 i o 4 1 fr Q, If J, I an T7 119' 55 "Delicious and Nutritious" T7 xl' fb " "1 sl r -'- 'I Love You!" What is this? The Art of Fnne Dumng It wasn't me. M95 fn ee: 244 ' . ef 5 , 5 6. .., Go easy, Jim! tg' J 'P' Q14 Gee! The legs come right off. xfii Jil PK' 'J -115-Hr, -' 4' PS3 , I 1 1. J as N 1" --fl"x1 1 Q md I YL? 1155 xl. "c 'T' I' , t - ,. A -f---v Q-ns-4....4.:4-.a-..4.,.,......a14...a I 5 F F 'Q 25' 'ii C' ,'N 4 I 1 I MW ,x, gf: 4.,x ,iw , QI, '- . A p f... 1 .' " 1- ,.t I V 4 T2 NJ' 'jbillfv .13 Vi? -'N-+ f J .I tn X ff gas i Ng: fri rv R 41 Y' 3., 5. -...i pw MW 44 Ski Club Cheerleaders Should l use the computer for this? Coach: Mr. Phillips Af -9-31 QTY Hmmm? X fr W 4 L SMILE! -1 BINKLE WA X 5- fir 8'0" ix ff. Why, Zi' ja yfp 'NYM u W 34' fx ,E 111 ,Aw fm ,liyud ,, HL , Q, . 3,55 ' 12 ,XIQSF - T , 14, 17,155 . fr, , 1 Q If gfxgwx. of b 4. RFS A47 L-f5':,?."' ap.-15551 Siwfiii ,X xy, K6 UP! WAKE ll 2-.av'5F2 5 MRS MCGREEVY 7 WHY SE, STH6 THE L LW: ' 333 ' . 'A ff' . , , kkyl "' mx 'lm 575 V . ...,., . n 4, 1 V ---.....,.. r' u . . fA.,w5s.s.u H, Ks' f , , , 1 +9 Z' . my 1, . ,ff . by .. 'J . g5g,y3,r:-,- ,Q-,,,'1L-yin. fn ,1- - ,-Q . Y +1 2' l ffm, vqgfyw Jw . 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Q , iq x . .- . .Q A -V, 14. - A mm M If " . ' ,- V 1 1 ' T- . K, ,x X -. ' 3.1, ' ", Q. '- , ...h -gig A " ,, - - I " ,. . 4... . - .if 1' - ' A' uv :Nay -'Q 1" 1 I.. Lv " ' T1 1' 'Q' ill H 1 .j.. ', Yfiz V L, 3 4: l . 1' .D . .', 1 f 1 I 3, ili- H 1 Y . Q I R i "What's the problem here?" ..- e -4.14 ,f"":"""f7I5l', ' A 40-- nop 1.-.ns .Z ,,,,e-4 uf 2 ,-1. I 1 f "f ' L Q 5-.S I V49 1 yy ew A ww la .5-'fb 1 SN x A 4 4 7 ee "bs e Q 4 X. How does Keith stand and sleep at the same time? Cheeeese! we 1? -e I K 3, . fmgw lf' 0, S35 F Qi!! F 'v Q, 4'- g,..-ff' . s i .. , . , ? g V Iwllffg 11 r 2' ,.. ', ' I Yann U' I1 ., L, , . "SSG ' lx" I X ! -Tallwk--.E Iwi, Watch'a lookin' at? v J K Q ,J Pal, .nv N LKW, 4 1 5, . " funn: L. 544 6 L- '-uf 1 L 1 L.-- . - Q7 "Oh, I see." Sothat's where it is. What's up there? "llll" REI r. '11 MQ? ?5'pm"K fp! 5' ' Q "my 1 a 'IW . rf am., 4 f L I For an autographed 8 x 11 call 1-800-DRK-HOLT 189 Q .f 4- 9 10,3 PY 4 A IEA 9- QW YL 'x 1 1M...,q WAN .423 4, , " ul 0 I ! ,. "'-if vw . B '.'g,. . , A' U ,, -- ifs ,' E- f' R I ff. LJ. -Vx ny'-' .' 7. -rn: Mx" .vmf-fx kr'-" i ,1 N I bo. ,ip :wi -1,-+32 :HJR 5, l 'v5" fr Sits '. . , l 'Egg' RS 'tl- 5'v-.lq-'4 1 hx KI. .5-.154 rg, '- i'-- 4 "1 ' Sign' '-7'A7.4ii"i AES X -i Y 'ww 'A 1. ... , , ' .t I! L I . 4 . ' ' 1, n A . I, ' , Xl Q ' I 1 ,V . 0 FJ wx ,z' , -1 I , ,ig 1 , A Q ' so 1. .4 41, L, fisig f' N f' l 'Ati uf 'VJ-' 5- X, he A ,WA xx-3 ' 1 O . 1 A , ' i Q , i 7 C Nino" ' 1 ' 1' ' 'N Q.. ,- .I-Andi E l X i Y '- A Xl KX-s-,. , , . W x '-1 'T . V135 5 ' is , .A -1 X xl in F3 S I' x 'JN 1 5 1 ' wr ., M' Nui fv 'v' sg.:- ,,. -0 vw x A if f Q I aff'-Q '1- 1 'z f .I ' f 4 K Xi' 4 X E 'xg l PATRON S AND SPONSORS Miss Burysz Mr. Fisher Mr. Quintiliani Mr. Farrell Mr. Moffett Miss Bollen Mr. Macomber Mrs. Young Mr. Sadowski Miss Gralton Miss Palmer 4 45 SQ Q9 P,XT'AIT1GI'jga, n V 9 ll: QF' yu CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATIN G CLASS OF 1987 QUINCY CABLESYSTEMS CORPORATION l SCHOOL STREET, QUINCY, MA 02169 C6171 479- FASHION QUALITY CLEANERS 67 Billings Rd. Qumcy MA 02171 Good Luck Class of '87 Congratulations North Qumcy High Graduates Class of 1987 Qumcy Education Association, Inc. your teachers Congratulations to the North Quincy Red Raiders Good Luck Class of 87 XX x x L ONLINE SYSTEMS AMERICA Suife 304 190 Old Derby ST. Hinghom,M0. 02043 66177749-6718 C61 79749457 19 WE DELIVER AND WIRE EVERYWHERE file Wahsfaa 9' 6415! 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