North Quincy High School - Manet Yearbook (North Quincy, MA)

 - Class of 1984

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911611:-:no-v Q , ! . . i .f 9 -9- ......i...-.....---N,1 , ......--Y i x L x .. - ...-- -.......1.-.....f .un-an-..-.. Y ' .-......... ..,..-..... -,.. --,..-,MAw.-.uw+.--4p-, ..f...-- ,. ,.. . ..Y ,..., . , , - .-...ig-., .. A ,..... 3 . Y a ,- ., I 55 3 I I s S 1 V , ff' ., b ,rg . ff J' vs of D 1 il 49953 Were gonna ff wih al! Our niglwf' Were game IN .. .-:Nunn us.-Quan..-.p-K,.,..-.. ...U -,- . - .- ... V -. .. -2+ f Mm,,,,,,,.lN' r,g....m.,,.- .af , 4 3 in f,pQ 1 A?21",, ,' , 1 +L Af3"1! 5 Q X bb .- .. was 1 Fr? Q, fi x f ,I I Lx vs i , on Y i Tk. ,wiv 'iwiisx W ,rg . . 1:15 if J ffyvifk R10 I i i l l g Norrrn Qumcv . Hier-I scnool. P r l l l OUINCY SCHOOL COMMITTEE Q Honorable Francis X. McCauley, Chairman ? Francis F. Anselmo Christopher F. Kennedy Mary P. Collins Joan C. Picard I Stephen J. Durkin Nicholas Verenis l Lawrence P. Creedon, Secretary and I Superintendent of Schools l l l r n F3698 Sauntering the pavement, or riding the country by-road-Io! such faces! tk' ' .tt asa ... ,.-:.w"""' 98 Os '--2 5 a 4 - xlk 4 9 W u Q JH' ' 7' x XXX s 'A ,Ax X Q How do you start this thing? if 'A V V l n A Dream Becomes a Reality Pep rallies give NQ students a chance to show their support and spirit for school teams. The tall rally for the boys' soccer team was no exception. Led by the cheers and applause of their fellow classmates, the boys were given an extra boost going in- to the tournament. Last year after missing the tournament by two points, this year's seniors decided that they were going to be in the tourna- ment. John Joseph, Jamie Paz, Joe LaPierre and Steve Golden started to begin this year's practice the day after missing last year's tournament. They knew that through hard work and determination they would be in this year's tournament. With the leadership of tri-captains, Terry Stark, Jamie Paz, and Dave Brown, the team worked hard all season to come within reach of its goal. Throughout the entire season, all of the players made a dedicated effort to turn their dream into a reali- ty. All of this work paid oft for them when they became Subur- ban League champs and tourney bound! wg 'V I 1" Q Q . 1 mi 1 . Q A towering eltort ix. I 1 M . N' ' ' in .H ,,, izu W 'V 400' QE.. V 1 - Lawyers and judges, broad at the back-topg the faces of hunters and fishers, bulged at the brows - the shaved blanched faces of the orthodox citizensg The pure, extravagant, yearning, questioning artist's face: The ugly face of some beautiful soul, the handsome detested or despised face, The sacred faces of in- fants, the illuminated face of the mother of many childreng The face of an amour, the face of venerationg The face as of a dream, the face of an immobile rock: T1 The Little Drummer Boy we xii 'in Hb fl' it Who, me? 10 l ,I I ul"'7'7' Q ,,,.... CI 1 .. xr' s' Q 34 ' Y ,fu-vA,,Q"f, .Af-" ' 4? 'WPT 7'1" Q 1 4 'D 5,..g w 1 0 ral' I t X '55 4. -1210, -w-....1gq T I a, ,V X... Q-nur xi. . , -4: '. - uhh N 1. 4' What do you mean - Brillo Pad!! Could I have some help please? - Y Wifi 1-A-v, V,,.,.w,5,l-ji-,azewxz-x 1 .aa'f,-:.1"'?-wwf' ' "'mi :L 1 ' ' l"""l , ' , , 1131 , ,Jr Z , ff! This face is a life-boatg This is the face commanding and bearded, it asks no odds for the restg This face is flavored fruit, ready for eatingg This face of a healthy honest boy is the programme of all good, These faces bear testimony, slumbering or awakeg They show their descent from the Master himself. 'wad M- "K-.. '41 What camera'?? ff-. , 5' 3. 1, Wan, xl' CNJAQ-hi Q Q Aff l' Contemplatuon When does this concert start'P? -1' lv V I I 1 3? 1 MW' 533: X 'X , Bib' Cb W va- Ch? lg 1 X fi Q K2 'X I 421 I9 if QA A-1' fm W. Faculty 4 Y "5 , 4 'Unfair 1 xx f . ag-.--gg... vu-.eq-...q i QF aff -.1 'Q 15 L u , I '4 R!! ai? J 'Wx M 4 W mi 1 1 5 2? 1 I 'V It C' 'ir xg W .uf ' "' I AQ 'U' "5 fm "l!1,.' ll Frank Moffett Gordene Everett Paul Phillips sg f .lf ,f-,-- , ,,, , ffffs-v' A ' 4' -5 J f wx Paul Farrell Louis DeMarco Mark McGulnness -'sf fw- 11 i- S-f Roland LaQuagIla Angela Solmonte Davld Bergman me Alberta Murray Head -'Eff 3 :QL-ii,,?. ' 9 'o ii r 1 l I-P , r Qt ,.x .R A' l 23 'lr--H' Dorothy Cavicchi Roland Small Gale Palmer in mx Thaddeus Sadowskr Charles Waugh Stephen Brenner ovxfvx 3 Z2 Nix Mary Young Fred Cawthorne Wilma Schields Z1 Q filly .sf ffrttfv '3' Steven Joyce Nancy McGrory Marjorie Bollen it 4 A l .A 'ta Q syw rw 1"" or' 'P'-, Ruth Black irene Sancinito All I. John Perkins 1 , I .MYER Thomas Regan David Hourin Thomas White . u Vxfx "5 , Qwfx '71, ' V, , A 'f X '.' 1, . . .4 1 W5 X .1 .nv-. 4 33, are 1 , , 1 or .,. v A? I .Q' -21. ' Q' 1 -s Y' - 'I -4P"'- lf! '4.,f" New Qzfrb gf? Ronald Erikson David Burke Cheryl Manoli Y' , fog., av gy! fYX Judith McMahon Richard Hutchins 44.3 H . , , fi ! 1 ' i if-,a. ff:-3 5f,3,.ge 'fig' My .! 1 Q 2' 'Xa '-.4 W' "4 , ,-,n x - I ,, ly . 1, E+? We F? - i' 1 " . if 3 r,3" Q, W, - M A:-11 i lr . Y. 4-,, , . P f -aff nf 5 i Al f . XA-5, lil: if ' 5 if L x 'ps ,. 1,1 1'- , il .1--34 af-fa, 'ng is" .2 if . fgjiif- . ":V,l'.fff:Af' 1 3. X "2-,affair 'gf 'Ziff' 5 ',,'s" vigil: , ' 4. 'ra 5' " 57"S,?q K , ,Q 'I' ' .. ' .f ' v I' "I ' r I A. um. 5 4-gi' i i I 1,-. i 4. -rw 'Q L- 0 Q 4 .L--nv JP F 'if x "1 d, Ar in Lois Nediadi 'UYA gf MP' Arthur Tanguay Margaret O'Brien lg' if. . b 32: ,wx '-gf Nancy Kelly Maria D'ArcangeIo E 'Wa t " f Qygls Q '53 1 Qsf-1 lat Deborah Higgins Anyarita Martyak -S.. Luis Muzquiz 'W Kathleen Swanson if 53,21 ' f.-5 """T.'F's-.. fha.. fm R 5 0 I 'T .a-Q V .jf-' .I-..4q4' .gn C ,, , K Q. vb- 1 ' i . 9 . . ju N mx. . K , 139' U i "2 U. - l , ., . -i ,gf ., 4 :fx . Q.. .- .Q ,g 155 ,Q i f - 'ns . . as fix Josephine Guerriero Marilyn Burysz Y e-'ff Sara Shapiro I ."lw. ifsfvwxw. Mary Livingstone 1. .4 - rua' Lucinda Morrissey fc' M O I i .93 'Q Ol Q O! l 5 '- . 6 L ANN L Geraldine Stein William Tinney mm Lt. Col. Joseph Ciampa Helen Tobin 94-3F"'A"" A ' 'V I ' ' wifi X :S-wi t--.if Henry Conroy Paul Haight -of W, NN Maurice Carbonneau Frank Matheson Paul Hogan 43-N mx 'KI' l Walter Benedict Irvin Pinkofsky Eileen Fiowbotham Q- C? C9 a m Us 5' 15:51 N 9 Q 'S 1- A T4 Www, -ru ' fl V4 Lift ff? vb ur' H N 5 2 -98 4-J wi -p Y i ul 1,0 ,pf A Z' Q W s Zh ' ,. , - 5 ' Weis, ' 'Ziff Q . 'J gf. ,,.., L V., M., Lv.-..-:ggLafi:..x .V . A . , , - five xl 'Q ' . if. '-' 'f M .af ,- y Q3 a- 'M"'- 1?551't wi 1 ,,. 'wifffiggi A'-' if 'Be-, , R , ' . ' 1,5 ,j'l 51 .mglwif-yy? sa", - V . lx W: 3'?,-mix ,W 1' 'wi fr f: , .1.L7: '.fr. v ' x I, ff--'17 ' V 5 ' - M .A ,ff M ,,, H ' V SH' - A "" f.'f,q'?ffzQ ,--A f O Q z' if x lk K Q VA Q f ' A Lv , N 4, gs L i I y NW f xt uf: xb , . ,J ,' W l,. , X, ,Rv ,gm , ,Q 1 ', '1 AJ if 'WL..,, an "PN ff I 1-"' QW qt Q7 , .fr If , 4. .4 -1, Doug Abbe 32 Surfside Lane Mr. Hutch's Homeroom 9, 10, 11, 12, PARTY 9, 10, 11, 12 Ambition: very Little "The ROCK" MY GRANDMA'S HOUSE 82 and 83 BUD DRIVE-INS "DOUGMAN" DANO, LAMBIE SCREEN HOUSE, BONEYVILLE. NELLY HBO "ROVER IS DEAD" JU- LY FOURTH "USE The SINK" O.J.P.P.gF.P.I.A COLLEGE POND WITH 12 oz. curls GET OUT OF THE CLOSET JACK MIC OATS OUT THE WINDOW B-DAY, WEBB SKIP DAY AT SCUSSET BEACH, DEB DREW. CHRIS, JOHN, ALEX, BRYAN KW Joanne Ahearn HJOH Mike's attic zoof8 P. Patch Betty Pitts Scott's Mushroom 70 ambulance May 1 Blue Hills via Mass Ave. P town MK IV CONTI Samoset Seagull Island boarock values are more than rules and regulations rather, it is the key to the way of life Mother's Day - Should I get the Kodac Jolly Joes Tig- ger Bible Study Julie Alibrandi 366 Billings Rd. Pride Comm.+Track 9, 10, 11, 12 Field Hockey 9, 10 LK, LG LF MRS K MAD CM from FH CAROL ANNE'S FANFULL HALL UNIT IO ID AHO YODA JUICE JILL CHRIS Ice tea SUMMER OF 83 RICK JAMES SOUTHIE N.Y. - DH RB CITY SIDE B. MARYLAND STEVE'S LOOSE IT NICELY'S QUARTERS FLASH DANCE SY JA KC TM-2 EM POOL PARTY NICE SOMEONE HAS TO STUDIES! ONLY 17? BUTTERFLY SUE'S SEA 11:30? ALWAYS AND FOREVER MARK THANKS DAD NO PROBLEM 143 DAY! Yoshlo Andorluoma 'x 5 IQX Q--"9" -J .......-ff Donna Abdon 32 Hamden Cir. RF DA SW DW JW ED JC JC LJ LJ. Bob Seger WGT ED IDMBBMBWGE. BH MS BS TT Roast Beef BB. Monkey Island HP JP YA YOMO. G Swanie JG BK DI Melvin Ed. SO CO VO lm Ok Just One More. Woodbine crew PC JP 83 ANTR. DLIE TB FT 810 A-Y-R-? YMMDCT. THANX I-L-Y! BE Ma ItsYourTurn. YourBaby4"Eva Lin Di Jim Goe. PETER Sue DW M+D THANX LUV-YA. I Hid In The Clouded Wrath Of, The Crowd But When They Said. Sit Down I Stood Up,GROWIN UP! The Boss GOOD LUCK CLASS OF 84 Kim Altano 35 Glover Ave. HMRM 301 BYE MR. HUTCH P.E.I. OH YEAH LIFE GOES ON MILRED 8. JOEZEPY GO RIGHT NO LEFT WHERE ARE WE! ORANGEHATTED- SALSHAKER BANDIT MOEY'SPOOL l'M PEGGED! MW JL DF THE YELLOW BARACUDA'S DF DG ME HURRY OUT THE FRONT DON'T FOOL WITH THE LOCK - WE'RE LOCKED IN KD DF CHEER UP JOHN CINDY WHITEOUT THERE'S ANOTHER WORLD I'VE YET TO FIND IT'S ONE I'VE YET TO LOSE AND THERE IS A WINDING ROAD LEFT BEHIND AND ANOTHER YET TO CHOOSE. Susan Amendolaro 103 Oxenbridge Rd. Nat Hon Soc -- Treasg FLHSgItal Cl ChoirgDramagPD Com:SADDgSoccer Mark QSPAZI QSMR 83:VIC: CMM:SDg MFgPGgTHgLVpDDgSVELT: Ice-Cream Long-TIMEQTA-REE-SA: How'd she get green'?gl AM ONLY KIDDINGQ Mary Catherine'?g WHO'S CRAZYI? Hutt 'em or cem 'emg l'MALOSER "LUUV"gYa know what I hate 7 L.I.O.C.M.: Thank you, NQHS I LOVE YOU, MOM8t DAD HITCH YOUR WAGON TO A STAR - R. Emerson ChriaArchor SeaguII,JV Archer, Crisbo Coverboy Soccer 9-12,BasketbaII,Track it20"Tourney"1983 College Maj:Business:Pre-Law 'Hawaii Bound' THANKS:FLOCK OF SEAGULLS,HR301 KING OF PAIN - YOU MAKE ME LAUGH OLD MAN.DN,BG,PM,TS,KS,KC,JO SPECIAL THANKS TO: MOM+DADGROUP ART+EEN,JeIIy- bean,RAP, POO-BEAR J.E.,BIKE TRIP83: Love you JC A.E.l.O.U. "WHY DO THAT?! "EEK A MOUSEI" '23 wr x S ' 1 n .-n t, Sandra Austin Anthony Botora 29 Eustis St. Wollaston FOOTBALL 9,10,11,12 COLLEGE MAJOR: COMPUTER ENGINEERING "THRIFTY'S" "HIT THE NICKLE!" "THE MARTINIQUE BLUES" "B.B.- 16" "MAY 1984" "IF I HAD THE CHANCE TO DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN, I'D PASS IT UP." Donna M. Berry 162 Pine St. Football Cheering 11, Co-Capt. Soc- cer Cheering 12,Spirit Committee 11- 12,Softball 10,Treasurer C.Y.O.! 'Lots of Fun with BH, LG, TN, MN, MM,SC.SK,JP. CAMP BORING SUM- MER "83." FISH 81 Bed Checkl? Mt. CIimbs,Ski Trips + B.B.G's, SCUSSETT BEACH PARTY! Aug.11 All Night Long "MoeSIE" Boys Soc- cer Team TOURNEY BOUND 'Time is ours now, life suddenly seems short' Thankx MOM 8. FAM. GOOD LUCK Grad. Class "84" RobertBiIotao QLEFTYJ QBUBBA BJ ATTIC AT- TACK,WEEKEND WARRIORS. PlNEY,CLASS TRIP! SLEEPLESS NIGHTS OF HAVOCK BEACH WALL. Homeroom 301 White Line Fever.TAKE A MEMO, HAUNTED House. K.M.A.L. THE GARAGE THE BOAT CREW! PONYSXTALLS SNUFF an -fir Danny Baker 57 Saftord St. Football: 9, 11, 12 Baseball: 10, 11, 12 N.H. I-93,Toys R.l. 8!27'Bakes Paul Jacka Airport X ,J nockf Lite, Mo Atter JP., Scusset X My .QQ .,,1:,. A X X tower MG's Parties, Bunks house Joseph Berlinguot Homeroom 301, class trip Plymouth Plantation, Stop 8 Shop TJ Max Moeho Sister Mary T Be there or be square cookie Hi Hun, Morning cruse, Corronet 440 Do um up Bubba mobile Beach What the'??? Ya Gus I have the car! Chris "The song remains the same" Christmas party See ya later much William J. Bilton 98 Montclair Ave. Homeroom Rep., PRIDE Committee Northeastern Electrical Engineering AGGIES M.M.S,H. F.B,F.P. "THE GARDEN" J.S.g I.K.T.D. H.R. 301 T.S.G.I.D, BUDA DavidBIaton 54 Botolph St. SOCCER 80-81 TRACK 80-81 CITYCHAMPS 800M WRESTLING 82-83 134Ib SOCCER 83-84 TOUR- NYBOUND83 KCEIG "E" KET- TLEHOLE!EFFY'S JULY M NIGHT ALL NIGHT DB,RP,JC,THE TAIL,HUTS,SCHOOL EAGLES "82" KETTLEHOLE,ROCK BEACH "BUSTED" DB-N-JR 83 - LOTS MORE IN SUMMER OF "84" 37 I Y"F'V x . i Xt, x 'IN It f-J 1 I AJ ...alive 'Tir' ...X Dianne Boland Da Mundo Sisters NP BUDDY! Bona's alive! Krissy more stir his emotions! PIG! Down Flirt Ying Phone Dom Syn- drom stuff A moose crawled in my ear 52.45 Baby Ben Heinydoga! Fitch- burg Spanky-trapped Slug Protest! Sunkist Good Vibrations Garcon The Leathers who's been Playin Muy Bien coolar Let's go find it! Nice Pecks Cheeped Up at Nasty's 2:30 Skeleton's she's detached just like you said! D8tA ya whana wrestle Tender moments. Syonara Debbie Lynn J. Borromeo 125 Beach St. Nat'l For. Lang Hon Soc - 11, 12 Pride Committee - 11, 12 Span Club - 9, 10, Sec 11, 12 Pres French Club - 10, 11 Sci. Club - 11 MJrtts - 91011: C-Capt 12 Feature NFalIs Mont'l NYNY FHALL XMASS LUV ya berry much Mom and Dad! NORFate Norchance NorAny Commands,Suc- cess and Failure - Naught but your own hands SC AKRRLPPOSBTG CATHAY PATHETlC?'? CRASH - OHmy Gandhee! BIdcSpecial? TKOL Jr.Prom ws Sr.Prom who'??? PS. !BUZZ oft GRlNGO!! Hi! ER Louis R. Bowes "LOUlE" 74 Tirrel! St. EFFY'S THE BALLS,JM Road, K.E.G EagIe's Field,Quincy School Toga,New Year's 83, PJ,DM,BM,PC SPINA, Remember BiIl's'? I do. Camp- ing K.E.G style, ELLIOTT Jr. Prom 83,Summer 83,7!83 BBT DESPINA 10!7!82, I Love You Always 81 Forever, Faithfully. Hey Yo, Midnight Raids, L.T.H Joey, what do you think? Me too Hey G.A. thanks, GBTCO 84 D.T.Y.F.C.I.M.L.A.D.E. L.I.L.Y Annette M. Bradley 20 Small Street Colorguard 9: Italian Club 10, 11tV.Preslg Student Council 11 S.A.D.D. 11: Pride Comm. 11, 12 FLHS 11, 12: Yrbk. Comm. 123 Nurses Club 12. 11:00 ABD Girls! New York "82" Girls' State "83" DG., A.C., L.C., K.D., L.F., A.R., T.C., L.V. "Hold fast to your dreams, for as you dream so shall you become." Thanks Dad, Mom, 81 Lene.Luv Ya tl. L X'1 'Y .95 C"5' I is tJ,' L51 . Q! S we John G. Bolster 140 Brook St. Football, Baseball 10,11,12 My house closed for repairs! Oldies - Iinguini Blasts - ski trp Who - can you see the real me? Jack, Munka, Jeff down cape Big Hee-haw:A-house the beater.Fishing trips - Live free or die."99" to spliff-Inns-conch Whaat sweet Polly +Due Time+ You're OK! for - bsyspacourseyard - deecent - Splu-rgachipbigsharkamuzted- chub Nick bov.vros bigasmitty Teah Alwaysn forever Teah ma-honey Sark - USMC? Chip - Army Good Luck Steve Boutilier fBootsJ Nellie 1. MDYTTTTBMBWhat'sa moondog? That's queer. Oh l see! Not another flat! HTCOSOAB- JRUOTR! Day Blvd Look out for that dog! Crash! Look, moveable thumbs! Ouiche! I forgot my socks! Oh, oh, MDA Club Cal. Castle Island. Hr301 Sean, l think you're drunk! - CA Dunks. Oink! BSIAEI TASP? JBSG College Fair 83 Tree Frogs! DL SG TG LP-n-JB PO AKtAHJ-n- CP ILU- Roxane!!! - Forever - JLIAOI! Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst! TXBD! Joseph Bradbury 10 Gr. Vice President Pride Commit- tee, Miller's Court, Next stop the Twilight Zone, A ride through the Blue Hills, Billy's kids Cat walks. I lost my keys BMW 750 CV Honda 350 D,A,M.B.P,. M: mile, you're not mad are you? Walk out of Black Box,College Fair At the pound Good Luck to all, This is The End Joanne Brennan Homeroom Rep. 10,11 Spirit Commit- tee 11 Attendance 11,12 Bay State Graduate 12 ROTC 12 "SMILE, for long you'll live, and high you'll fly, laughter you'll give and tears you'll cry. All you touch and all you see is all your life will ever be." 0 o our class ogs regularly! I' I, .cvs fi' 1'--wx I Brian David Bresnahan 04!02!66 BOOM BOOM: BREZNA: it18:CJHS 111 J.V. Boy's Soccer Grades 10+11 Varsity Boy's Soccer Grade 12 "The Tourney Team" Why us '?'?'? Thanks Coach, We finally did it Thanksgiving Rally Decorating, Year- book Committee, Hobbies: Com- puters, Camping, and Soccer. Life Ambition:To go to college and earn a degree in computer science to and be successfulg DB,CO,NC,MW,MH,JJ, SG,CA the gas tank is scraping the road "To lose a true friend is the greatest of all losses" Robin Briggette 24 Woodbine St. Sr. Choir 1, 2, 3, 43 French Club 4, Science Club 2, 3: K., J.B, J.C, J.R, J.T,J.M, M.S.,P.G. R.B, K.D., J.B.S.G., "Keven", 21O,"On a Sun- day", F.Y.M.Y.,B.P.'S "Go back to what you're doing," Sly Fox, The time is 8:07 . . . I finally made it!!! I'll miss you, N.Q.H.S., Elaine Brown GHRSJOLPMCP EVERYTHING ALWAYS HAPPENS TO US YES THE MORE I LEARN THE LESS I KNOW HOLD ON THEMOONTHESTARS- ANDTHESUN SEEALL WITHOUT LOOKINGBTILL SNBSMLIKEYOU DO.lNMY LILYM.OUI STRAWBERRY WELLIT WASN'TSOBAD YOUKNOW DREAMREALITY WHENICNSING MYHICOSPEAK MYMIND VENUSIN- THE TENTHHOUSEl.S.RAINBOW Chris Bunker 78 Hilma St. MONTCLAIR STUDENT UNION PRIDE COMMITTEE BASEBALL9-12 BASKETBALL9-12 GOLF THANK YOU MR T TEMPEST COLLEGE FAIR WHERE DID YOU BOYS GET THAT SWING-SET? AIRPORT GARAGES FEASTARAGU HAMBURGERMAN TRACK FANS CHAOS RATMOBILE BETSY HIGGAS HOUSE THANK YOU NICK! LABEL NY NAME IS CRAG! The morning WHITEY HIT THE CAPE A CRUISE WITH JEOF- FRY8.THE BOYS GRANDMASTER DAY AFTER JP HOTDOGS AAKUKU Xa aa' 527-317'-71 lx. ,o ,Q ,q4. D'lA.f U. 1. i 'Q i 'f""- 'R . 1 Q ' 4 I, L: -in Qt 415 Krisann Bridges 177 Harriet Ave. I.C.B.W.S. THE END! N.H. Red- mobile 2542 Bang A U'ie What's Shakin Foxie? SSW lt'S Wooing! Lunch-12 W.G.l.L.'? We Understand the Den-Jah!! O.D.P.L.P. J.P. - The Hike!! '10!16!83' L.A.V?? H.H. N.S. "clicks" Macca Dee's every day s.e n.l c.e l.c d.s k,t s.h Little Runt S.Y.J.G.S.-W.T.F! Galavantlng Choke !Listen! G.Club O.K Joe!!! Got Any "Things" Gotta Go!! Luv Ya MSD See Ya Later!!! David Brown "Brownie" 15 Morgan Rd., Wollaston Soccer 10, 11, 12 Captain 12 "TOURNEY 83" 10-2-5 We did it! Briggy, C8tSO, MW's, NC, LB, JS CO'BtNo C.or BJ Scusset - "Where are my keys??'?" LITE tTG!,LF!J "Beak" Villa 7!31!83- TNTLWO Where's LB'?'? Party at my house??'? H.P. "Flasher" "Cheerleader" Wrong Again Hi ..., And, + . .. A.E.l.O.U. "All Night Long" Hi Cab!! "That's Funny!" The best is yet to come. Kimberly Buckley Karen Budrick 39 , James M. Burgess 65 Marlboro St. Hockey - 10, 11, 12 The Police,K.Y, DD,G.Y. - Lost Loon J.D.,B.E.,J.B., A.C.,R.L. Rockbound, The Hill, G.M.A.B. "Hey Bud, let's party Little golf in SmalI's Shocked Ouarters, 99,KEG, Thrittys Cruising in the Con- tinental G.S.B.B.-21 J,D.D.,B.C,,K.R.. B.C. V2 galIon,D.P.O. M.A.l.S.U.H.M. English G.G., I Can't Explain. Jack Burke 15 Ocean St. FOOTBALL 9-12 SOUANTUM PRPP N.H. I-93 Brawl,TOYS,JK, trunk Bet- sygRoxanneg Alter JP Scusset Tower Paul,Bakes "LlTE"Airport, Rl, CLE DC, BRS 10,11,12, CCSO PP COACH 55,53,73,12 - Shotgun,SH MG'S PARTY 2-25 Booz Cruise MM- BC, MR.T,T.U.H. JW TKS.SM Lauren Cahill 6 Phillips Spirit and Pride Committee Summer ot "82" CB The Garage! Whiteys P+P The Cape and The GC Drive Ins CRASH 83 The Rock Scusset Beach, Jr Prom Turkey Day Kathy - SCNTD 12!4!83Chuckie Houghton's Pond Lisa's House "Hey,Don't Worry About It." Always Remember The Best Times of your Lives. See you Guys Later! Paul Cahill 18 West Elm Ave. FOOTBALL 10, 11, 12 Baseball 10- 12 BasketbaII1O-11 "MrED" LABEL LAKE CAMPING IN NH SH BG MH JB JC JM DM SC JM JM THE CAPE DG KM"YOU GOATS" JB 1 LOU 123 TOTAL RATNESS THE HULK THANKSGIVING GAMEHUBTHE ROCK 11!24!83 JACKS PARTY 11!23DA+A BALL JUNIOR PROM83 SEANO'S Party HALLOWEEN82 SENIORProm83 HALLOWEEN81 99toyou"lSSICA" THE MASSADOME Whataparty afterOuin- cydeteatin "83" "Froggy" 9!24!83 THE GARAGE GIBBA THANKS CLASS OF 84 THANKS MOM AND DAD Joanne Burke 1 Marlboro St. Swim Team, 10, 11, Capt. 12 Co-ed Club, Spirit Comm. 12 Are We Fami- ly? We Are! CM TM KL ST KC JW SM RM CO EM AL LO CD LH CM - My Best Friend OAS "The Fans" See you at 7-11,TFI Scusset+Whitehorse FOJP at 111 C+T walking in the rain ACME My WlR,V,S-7, The Cars FYM Ya, its definitely Ten O'clock Skip Day - Whatever right Chris Have a Good One! "Rally" J.J. 1O!31!812!14!60 BUY NOHSI I LOVE YOU MOM+DAD Joishoter. LynneAnn Byron 34 Webster St. Swimming 9-12 8 is enufl LR,JC RS,MC,ME, KK,MF. M.Park8tB.K. MY Buddy "Your the one for me" GOT Any Rat Poison? TC's Pass-over "K lets SD" The Rock?? Where's that?? 4!30"I Like lT" DOT DAY 83'KOFC - Lets Do The Twist! Sun- ning In The Common w!L8tR. Jr.P Candy Girl Back in the PARK! Lisa's Pool8.The COT "Hey, Lisa, Do U Wanna Go Outt?HUH!" TABLE TALK8t Group Counseling! Bermuda Bound! Thanks MOM 81 DAD TPS! Lynne Cahill 16 Bromfield Street Winter, Spring Track, 10 Pride Com- mittee, 12 The Cheat Group Lunch 12 WGUIL? The RB's mooin Lumpy- June-Beav-Eddie-Kitty Listen wimp, Hey foxy, ODPLP The Poodlemobile, The Monte the zoo, the pool, the ramp The GC, SYJGSWTF, S.A.W., NS MacaDee's everyday, The usual at DD's, The Inevitable! The Townie, CHOKE! NL,DS.KT,SH, KB,KB,SE,RD Let's blow this clambake! Joseph J. Callahan Jr. "CAL" EFFYS 304 Atlantic St. FOOTBALL 9, 10 KEG-HUTS-JM- EAGLES-QS-CREW JS MACK EDZO JAY-Z BRI MESS OBIELR BK BUM KW BB STICK PENNA LOUIE ARIZONA 81 GK JG EL EB RP ROCK COLORACOBOUND "84"JAMAICA SPR? CLASH DK BLACK FLAG "TV PARTY" X-MAS"82" NEW YEARS"83" CL T SPLIT KNG WP B- 52'S DEVO"3" BOOF'S SUE SU KS GOT MY BUCK? SOMF! LUV YA PAULA,PHYL, JL WHO IS BS? FUNK PUNK AND ALL THAT JUNK! SPECIAL THANKS TO MA,PA + JUDY WITHOUT YOU I WOULD NOT HAVE GONE THIS FAR! NU BOUND? LATER ixav find 'il-.--vb Michael A. Camillo 204 Wilson Ave. "MlKE" JRPROM ITCJ The White Yacht The Rock Florida 82,84 MuskygPonchg Boutrice Big RED:Chaos TC373BCP SDQKTQCBQ SHQJMQTK SSSTB "BYE-NORTH" Maureen A. Capplis 150 Milton St. Mauss, FacecIoth!Tehetian, TGC New Hampshire 82,Senior Prom - Sagamore Beach 83,Wonderbowl, The Beach,the Green Machine, Where's the PARTY!Oh my gawd, No probIem,Nasty, Theoretically speak- ing, B.K. - the gangs all here - TW,LG,DG,LR, SG,AP,DB,AAC ROTC 9-12'MM,SF, BH,KM, Weymouth N.-Lights out at 10:00.Payday - now you see it, now you don't. lt's been real. Thanks Mom and Dad!B,S,L. Brian Carney 80 Standish Ave. Hockey 9, 10, 11. BC,AB,DO, KR,DJ,AS"MANY STORMS" JL, JC, DK, TD, SH, PH, PM, SK, THE 80-81 GOOD TIMES BAD TIMES l'VE HAD MY SHARE. GOOD LUCK CLASS OF 118411 Michael Paul Cassidy Activities Special Olympics Winter Olympics Grade 10 Field and track Basketball Work Study Stop and Shop Future Plans Stop and Shop Manager Favorite Teacher Mr. Donovan Mr. Mason Ms. Small Mr. Lynch Aff ,J 2, Yin lg 1 I f' -"' Harry Canellos 125 Huckins Ave. WRESTLING - 12 YEARBOOK SQUAD THE ROCK J.W,D.A,M.M,B.D,P.L, J.W. - SOUANTUM M.C,C.B,J.M. S.D,B.B,S.H,K.K B.G3S.L:R.G: B.RgM.RgJ.Hg SULL-DRIVES LIKE A MADMAN WHISKEY DELUXE - J.DgD.LgD.GgB.C MARGE'S AN- THROXBIO CLASS THE POLlCEgBEATLES: WHOQJGEILS STONES Nunzio Carbone 12 So. Cetral Ave. BASKETBALL 1, 2, 3, 4! SOCCER 3. 4 BASEBALL 1, 2!FOOTBALL 1,2 TOURNEY BOUND "83" "SUP Y'ALL" SETTLE DOWN SLICK SCUSSET BEACHXAIR STRIPXNAN- NY FREEZEXGRAND MASTER FLASHXRAP "YODEL"! WOODEL- BURGER!WE'RE IT FLASHER lPlCBit2+3l APRIL 19, 83 GET OFF EMXWK. END UP UMASSI1111 JD,JM,SK, JL,DB,MW, CO,SO JAP - l'M GIVING YOU A LONG LOOK DAVE'S PARTIESXITALY! BEAVERISH SAILBOAT SHORTS!lT'S NOT MINE YO,THERE SHE ISXTHANKS MA+DAD Michael Cascarano "Look Ma and Ria I made it" Paula 3l20!82, Rads!Rif Rat Don't Forget Florida P.D.,M.P. Love Ya Ma and Ria 7!13!84 Bye Pat and Jude Wheel House Diner Patricia J. Cattafe !Patti!Punka LC-ED-CK-PM-PM-DM-AN-JP-PS: 81 SC 2!18!81 WAF 143 Ma GRUBS K.E.G lt's a girl BM Boys JM OS HUTS WB ROCK SDatWB THE BET V FHIDI P.P.JN 711 Mr.T's WHO DlED?DYT What t'ell is going on ere BM? IN THE BOOK MISSIONS FROM GOD Gimmy a boy ATtoGT DOOR JOB TF Ladies Night MB 96003 PIE Rye! BB8.B FF Mario OPD NGM L day 83 Campaweeva WATS lt's done Kell NB Tempest GOPHER IT Pat Cubed LUV U SARK Got 50m PSS WTF NIB Ya Foolin Around U-HALL MarshM GOOD TIMES I LOVE YOU GUYS BYE 41 l Daniel J. Ceurvals 321 Beale St. "Mr. YAKOO" 12 T-DAY Rally 83 ROTC 9, 10, 11, 12 Commander Pride Committee 9, 10, 11, 12 Hockey 9, 10, 11, 12T Bound 12 Baseball 9, 10, 11, 12 Football 9, 10, 11 "Sheila" Senior Year 83 - 84 Mike-+Rita Rob- bie Gippie Doo Scusset Beach Pearl Harbors Burkies 11 Wilkins summer schl Ski Trip 11 Waterville Valley Turkey Day Win,Lose,83 "DANNY" "Gerbel" "Yea who" THANKS tor the Good Times NO Judy Chiampa ltJudll Cheering - 11,12 Tourney Bound! "The Gang"NK,SD,DM,EMgFF Messa Is there another one? VaIle's FUN GIRLS!JS,GG,DM,lHOP Bound WYWH Parker Days"Froggy"WATS! ED8t KC, 3pl EOC-SC NQHS Soccer "All Night Long"FCA-JP "Dynamic Duo" Notebook MM-248 Yo Ladies! SMLT-SO,PG,MM Last Night 6!23 Free-For-All! No Turning Back. B81 E at KiI's, Muttface,Wenches! KXE Crew Thanx! CMM Alrightl? Bestest GirI,JJM Memories, T.D. Cherry,Mary-Lou, Lolli-pop, ILY Mom 81 Dad Thanx.Stay With Me. . . Beth Ciardi 37 JohnSt. Band 9,10,11 CANADA LINDA MAE'S THE A.C. LIBMUT BSW BETH-n-Beth Inc. Elevators Hey Jo, Can ya believe it? LEMON LAKE WINN. Lollipops Shaving Cream BR Locker Mike 10!29 PLIGHP Beth. what time is it? JHBTLMAG AFP- ODSMD KPRCMKDD Julie A. Clark 90 Sagamore Ave. SWIMMING 9, 10 TRACK 10 SOFT- BALL 9, 10 BASKETBALL 9 10!2!82 What I did for YAGO Behind the "Y" F!O Stutterface NOR on the fence "B" to the rescue WW CREW Halloween Party 10l26!82- 10! 18!83 It's finally oft TPS nl 5300 of our class went tot e Paul Ceurvels 69 Barham Ave. EM KM WOODHOUSE AIRPORT NH CREW LITE MARAVISTA 1148 EILEEN MONTCLAIR J.P. PEARL HARBORS: 2!2!80:OPD DAY AFTER ILIGHTHOUSEI SCUSSET FOOTBALL TRACK WRESTLING ROCK BEDTIME MAGIC 106 BAKES JACK WHAT IT IS YOU KNOW WHATA MEAN WE ARE STUDENTS OF WORDS 5 WE ARE SHUT UP IN SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES AND RECITATION-ROOMS FOR TEN OR FIFTEEN YEARS, AND CAME OUT AT LAST WITH A BAG OF WIND A MEMORY OF WORDS, AND DO NOT KNOW A THING. BETSY THANKYOU Dean Christensen 23 Faxon Rd. BasketballIJim, B.B., Mr. Do,DBB WNC lHooplg FBG IAwesome!l, AB- CA FOL,CoIlege, Quarters! A.B.G. RUSH, Queen! Roommate-Jett G. BO.,117 m.v.s., "Oh, man", Retreat camp. My Box 8 R.B., Facials "Someday I may pass the test." The Group. Arcades. "You Fag" Sailing - "lt won't tip over!" can we stop? Is the sun up yet? Jim 81 Jo, MSID. D8tD. Res Band D.N.,B.G.,C.A., J.R.,M.G.,J.C. Jill 8. the Skiers.Out at night Julia A. Clancy 30 Harborview St. LR MF LB MF Mo KK RS CM Eight is Enough, Milton Park, Our Tree, 7- 11+BK, My Buddy, Lisa's Pool, My Party, Gas Station, Bark in Park, K of C, 1O!29!83 David D. 4!8l82 My Skinny ginny The Italian I'II never forget, You're the one for me. vac, K+8th, WWMFM, Mary Moe, The Rock'?? Where's that?? Bermude 84 . . . TPS I love you Grandma. Thanks ma and dad. Thomas Cleary You leave when you have to, or when you're meant to. And part of you dies when you go. You leave it there, it stays there. And what is left of you moves on to someplace else. N.O. James Cleary 1 Michael Colleary 1 I R 4 , f 1 A J Caroline Collins "LUR" DGXSCXEGICZXMO Princess Di u wont be a stuntman Black Trans "maam! MAAM!!" "look they're on a bus"A VELVET ANIMAL?? "oddIed iquors Chin" BK Lounge-11O..111 . . . and so on TRAPED in the B-room B.O.B. - 11!5 wait 4 the stop sign to change QBITY BITYI Got a Yoke FLA. 83 WOO-WOO pull over I! What are we gonna do? L.B. 914183 "in the Y.B." Thanx Dad + Mom William Conley 143 Newbury Ave. DL,DC,JDJS,MH - DELUXE Hl'LOW! W.Store!SN Fun 81 Games, Gee-Whiz, REPLAY,SAlLING - IT CAN TIP OVER SKllNG,RETREATS, TP,NANTASKET VO-TECH! COL- LEGE POND "lF IT'S BIGGER THAN US,DON'T ARGUE!!!" "DON,WE'RE IN NEW HAMPSHIRE!" THE PED MASH, "LL",1Opm TO 6am THE NAZ-FOOZ, PONG, AIR HOCKEY RUSH,BEATLES, STYX,BEACH BOYS, QUEEN - AB- CKFBUWWFSYKP "OCYOPUSS GARDEN - ONE MORE TlME" KW' 232, t, ,it xr 1 ,3!,'.' H, -Qvjrfif !gi f Q 'ia-nv James Clougherty Arthur Collings 12 McDonald St. Spring Track 10, 11, 12 Winter Track 11, 12 Cross Country 12 Greg,Dave,Kevin,Jose'? TRACKIES What's Up! , Hoodsies, Bart P. Mr. T's,The Red Hat, Fosters Holbrook? - Mr.Blowen's Party! Hit of the sleeve,l'm a dead man! "Lets blow this J!" The police '83 "I'm goin home" Shaw's,Best Buy, The Valiant! La Cucharacha , What the hey! F.Y.M.Y. , Love ya Ma Bollen John Comeau 89 Ardell Rd. J.C. J-Bar Football 9-10-11-12 Baseball 9-10-11-12!Tourney Bound w!CB Turkey Day Forever North over Quincy Dream On!!! Feast of Friends at the Hyicinth House!Jimbo H. Jim- bo M. S.C. Su-Flu-Say get the ball please? I'lI never look into your eyes again. Rags, Lloydel, Scott, Geritol, Messa, Bozo, Bab, Kiley JP Dancing with myself!! Thanks Julie!! Maryellen Conlon 74 Havilend St. KK MF RS LK JC LB MF CM eight is enough! MP BK iBack in our H-days! 6!28!83 Just Be Good To Me . . . in the morning!!! The Stampg talking shop with Mary Fitz, JD MY BF Castle Island luncle charlie coming t-day! Hey, I just cleaned my window! July 3rd party with CL!! Table talk, our group counseling'??? Bermuda Bound 84!!! , . . TPS 43 I - v Cf' we--f ii.. I' . I I I AM sffffl f Deirdre Connell 381 Palmer St. It seems like only yesterday that the Lord took you away even though you're far away to me you're very near I take this time to tell you to me you're someone dear. ls only as I'm alive your memory will live when I think of you all my loving will give. Remember MW,PL,MS, JM,LL,KB, ME,MG,KM. JK,PL'S CAR Sean Connolly MONTCLAIR RULES, GOLF, DIKE WARDY, SMITY, ELMO,JC, DlZ,OD JH PC THE ROCK SUMMER83 POLICE, EDDYS KEG PARTY JPMC THANK GOD FOR WORKSTUDY WHOS PAKIN,T STA SHAWZO SCHOOLS OUT,LATER Thomas J. Cook "COOKA" 87 Thornton St. OH YAA, "HOW WE DOIN' " One Thing Leads To Another MOOSEHEAD NG "THE DEW" KOOL-"LADIES NIGHT" B-R-I-C-K HOUSE. Windsurfing In HAWAII- FLAWLESS EARTH BOOGLE WONDERLAND MOONWALK "WHAT A FREEK" SATURDAY NIGHTS WITH THEOLDIES "YO" . . . LATER! Lisa M. Corbett 83 Vassall St. Soccer 9,10,11 Softball 9 Spanish Tutor 12 Where do they go, the peo- ple who sail into our lives like green leaves and disappear like snow? - Rod McKuen ABACTCDDKD HOW DGLFMF MANY EW ? 'GELD"82---" - THANKS - ILYM - Adios sl fp- 45: , 5 1 , Bda' ui Chris Connolly 16 Gordon St. Gus Voog . .. Voo are you The card . . . You bet The Traveling Circus Murphy's law Hutchies class John Mac with his gestures JF JD Jimbo Locka Nunzio Joe D Danny Mark Frog Jerry Megabucks Cheech+Chong Rat Leny Fitz TB the "Y" Suzanne Cook SUE MM MOD MF DB DB"YA"! TJ Days "The GeneraI" mother Superior "JOEY "" Shoe" 9!23!83 - T.A.G.E. T.E.O.T.H. Foolin' 1O!7!83 1O!21!83FM "7" 111183 YTrap mantace Tripsta JP83 Florida"83" 12481 2982 RM,DM, KC MM-L-ER4- eva HaHA! Anne Cooney Gymnastics 9, 10, 11, Capt. 12 Track 11,12 Swimming 12 L:LF,KD, LC,AB,DG "Far away, there in the sunshine are my aspirations. I may not reach them, but I can look up to them and see their beauty, believe in them and try to follow where they lead." L.M. Alcott Thanks Mom and Dad Jean Corey us received a flower on Carnation a l ...,,.aq9f Tracey Corrigan Cross Country 10, 11, 12 Capt. Winter Track 10, 11, 12 Capt. Spring Track 10, 11, 12 Capt. PRIDE Com- mittee 11, 12 LK SB MK ML DL STATE CHAMPS 82 "GOLDEN" MMB THANKS MR. T "THIS IS lT" 'EL' KD JC "KAREN" AR AC AB LC EC FL "WELL ALRlGHT" "IF YOU TRIED YOU HARDEST YOU'VE DONE YOUR BEST" Kelley Anne Coutts "KILLER" CHEERLEADING 9, 11, CAPTAIN 12 PRIDE 81 SPIRIT COMMITTEE 9-12 TRACK - WINTER 81 SPRING VAR. 9-12 RUGBY QUEEN 12 OYGTDAL FALFTBTT 180D, MARES, LILI, SAN 81 AND, DL 8 DL, ESTEE,BFS 4EVA, JUDY8.ELLEN WATS TMTP, 3PL,A CHINLESS PB,STlNKlN MM PB ALSO,FLA 83,YO ADRIAN, I SURVIVED THE JP DISASTER,WOODY IS THIS THE END? V2 GANK OF TAS - MUCH!,CUTLESS, KILLER PI LOCK- ED IN WARD 5217 - HELP! B'?B. DESERT MTH., HOSE'ROUND, BZ.DNC. DON'T LET THE MEMORIES DIE"84" "GARY"1129180 LUV YA THANX M8ID Jacqueline Coyne "Jackie" 15 Bromfleld St. The crew - JL PH DK DM SH TG TD BC AB DO KR DJ BC Best of Friends Massy stairs 81 LOOK OUT Sorry AB ANAP Ski Trip SP LT CD BK The Port Marshfield 83 Beach Buddies Julie we're Mental DD-JM 4210? Jr. Prom - College pond lt's Wednesday Julie! DNP 4-eva House Parties Save it for later The B.B. Sisters JL SP LT TG Is this the end Laurie??? Patty we tricked them all "15" Thanks mom and dad C-YA!!! Sheryl Cunningham "Chuck" Never forget DG1CC1EG1 MO1ZAK1XBS "Lur" "Digel" Lurch Mobile Caroline don't drive on the sidewalks The summers at the Capel What do you want to do? B,O,B 1115183 Florida 83 No that's wrong, that's wrong, Diane go show her how to do that. That's going in the QYBJ ! Thanks Mom and Dad! Diane you are grounded AGAIN! Ellen shut up! Fri- day night, good plan, it worked Ellen! JOE 11112182 ai if if Q-5 "fr,-'iff 'FUN .QA 'E Laura Coughlin TP:PC-ED-CK- PM-DM-PM-AN- JP- PS We Are Family - ln The Book - WATS Ladies Night - BB+B-FF Mario-PYT Remember this when your 30 WTF Who died'?K.E.G. - JM-OS- WB Rock-V BM Boys - JP-the Cape-Semi-Tail Mud woman - lt's a girl - L day83 Nantasket,KELLY'S - Beach Boys Campaweeva - OPD-NGM-Pool Party! There Here Deb's Partys - Mr. T's The DINK Gopher it - 2118181 - Pie What t- ell is going on ere - MB Grubs-Sonny - ls this the end?'? Time endures and can not fade The memories friends have made. Brendan P. Cox 89 Cummings Ave. Kelli 2117183 and forever! 3127183 New Years 82-83 CYO SKI TRIPS, PINEY, AZA,DJ'S LABOR DAY WEEKEND,6-10+11. TD,DM,SH. DK,JC,JL, TG,DD,DDDK. BC,KR,AB. DO,DJ,AS, ILHBDDBI KC 87-88 LGCTF-DD Eileen T. Crehan Cross Country 10 State Champs. Winter Track 10, 12 Capt. 12 Spring Track 10, 11, 12 Capt. 12 Aim For The Top, Thanks LT+JH. Basketball 11, Volleyball 11. Spirit Committee 12 Powderpuff Sandy, Tippy 2, Stinky! IYEENI Yaz Day AC we made it! NFP DIU We Are Family MC,PC,MC, CC,PC,MC, KC,EC,AC, and 2BL,EPC, EDZO,TC TBHl.DuWop. "rocky" GWITWR 88. J.Geils 4-21-80 JB BT EC PC MC Celt's Day MG. KEC. Baat Day82 THERE BUT FOR THE GRACE OF GOD GO I GO I. DREAM. . . DREAM. . . DREAM GFI Barbara Curry 38 Holyoke St. 5-17-83, Class of 84, Shiela, Mike 10-13-83, S.C., Chris, Roula, 17, Sab- bath, W1S, Summer of 83, High Times! SOCKO, Brewskies, Bestwishes, Montclair, Turkey game 83, The Doors, loohcs skcus, see ya later, much! R1M 45 I Andrew Curtis 65 Newbury Ave. Spring Soccer 9, 10, 11 Indoor Soc- cer 11, 12 Varsity Soccer 11, 12 Tourney "83" IndOOr Tennis 11, 12 Varsity Tennis 9, 10, 11, 12 Lifting THE GOLDEN RULE Mr. Will Cape Cod Bassets Island, Matts Beer Ball The Point, Marthas Vineyard "83" "This Buds For The Pocassette Gang" Pre-med, Travel around the World, Hang glide Robert G. Davis Science Club 10-11, PF 9-12 North- eastern U. - E.E. TYMMQMHQMMQMS Alexis Deering John DeLappe 66 Henry St. Football - 9, 10, 11, 12 Track - 9, 1O,11, 12 Pride Committee - 11, 12 Ski Club -10, 11, 12,UP Ski Trips to Loon BETBRLTBAC Scusett,Arby's X BOONE Voog I bet Lenny L.N.M.A.B.U.! B.S.O.T.T. KIT - BDTDNGVD SHKDNN JNJM Too Late Now! Ellen M. Daly National Honor Society 11, 12 Foreign Language Honor Society Pride Committee 12 Spanish Club 10, 11 Jay DeAngelia JAY-2 76 Kemper St. EFFY'S Rules K.E.G. Quincy Sch. Police B-52's Devo Clash DK,BF The Hole JM Road N+GS obies cel. Dot SKS JAY-2+MESS E on W.Tower "North Quincy Hockey" JAY-2 MESSA Bri EDZO Stick Pena Mack obie Kenny Louie Booter Cal Wlado Gweedo The Kids of EFFY'S Michelle DeBeneditto 37 Sterling St. "THANKS FOR THE MEMORlES" GOOD LUCK CLASS OF 84 See ya, CT DD LP GW RR BD PG JK JB SB AB Ellen DeLuca "Duke" Cheering 9, 11, 12 Paul 8!9!83 KH- Winter82 JMFort Huts New500 TD+BM 2!18!81 T-Day KA Tat2 HC D4-Jeanzo!WATS Heuh Poo-Pcoat! DMparties JBHBuf QPDNGMe Mr.Ts Bet MMfight WTF? Got 5Oc? 3pL GTCEL - Gopher it!Door Job! Wy30! 1OPetals - WAF Ladies night, JIB DM . .. where's the er? DisplayCZD Jillian Van Day Rock BB+B-PSS Mis- sion from God - LDIT! NWH - 3MI Nantasket TSRCD P.Nawton TM+D Dog Escort who died? Ruckus AT We made it guys! - In the Book. Q:- QT' 'uf' Y' '1"'Y'9 kd' K Richard DeLuca The Duke Rule Boy Weekends, the great gadsby, Little harbor w!Charlie D. Chuck Ms front lawn, Paula As House, White island pond Angelo's crew. Par- ties at Dave's w!Donna M. All- nighters down the circle Labor day weekend 82 Eagle stream SSD 83 RWB Fourth of July, RB's at Chet'sll!10!83 Out went the lights Where have all the rule boy's gone? Orchard beach That's where you'll find me. JJ TT Shiek, PS DM TS MR B EF 83 Thanks PC EF NN BM James DiBIasi Pride Committee, Student Leadership Council, Summer 1983 - Police Con- cert One day l'll get the vette! BH, MM, HC, DL, DC, BC, JW ,... The on- ly difference between good and great is a little effort. Diane DiCrasto Tara H. Dillon French Club 10, 11, 12 For. Lang. Hon. Soc. 11, 12 Ski Club 10, 11, 12 Pride Committee 12 Stephen 10!82 tTrulyl "The Club" Summer 83 MS. CF. The Crew Q-Girls DK,DM,JL, JC,SH,TD. The Port A.N.A.P. C.C.C.w!Sand,Sis, TD,SF,DK, JB Hull-83, Ski Trips The Cape, Marsh- field, Jack's H.P. 113063 TD,SH,KD, BM,NG,JD,VD. Good Luck Class of "84",Thanks MOM 81 DAD! 1 Kristen Dever 143 Marlboro St. Bio-10th, The Fish, Semi, Jr. Prom "Package Deal" TND skip - The Start 6f17!83 - Summer of 83 1i1:"movies" W. Beach Manomet Police+Bowie Concerts No More Wor- ries! The Flock + + + Bernadette Best F.F. + + + BR, 1O!15!83 SGNV- JSTBB "A4" Thanks Everyone!!! The Best is yet to come . . . Good Luck! Bye North . . , Toni DiCresce The Say "Best of Times" Sean 1!25f80 81 still going strong!" LP,AD,JC. PC,PS,PM, ED,CK,AD, SC,MV,JC. MS,JB,MFi, JM,LL,DB, DD-n-RM KmDB! Baby Steven,Baby Jillian! Ms. Solmonte Mr. Hourin Sean 8 Lisa l'Il Love ya always! Duran Duran ADAM ANT!Remember the prom, the O.P., Fri-nights, Rallies, Turkey Day, The Flock, Montclair Park, s-end, The Par- ties, St. Patty's Day 82-83 Remember the good times! l'll miss ya all! Keep in touchl Vicker V. DiGravio 25 Janet Fld. Football 10, 11, 123 Baseball 11, 125 Class Treasurer 11, 125 St. John w!Mr. Bill SnowBowls 3093 B3063 N.G. T.D. S.H. J.D. Sorry about the munchkins Pete 411183 lt has to be done Lurch S.A. S.D. M.F. P.G. T.H. water Hey Beby! Cheeech Night '83 The Ball Team: S.G. J,J. J.L. D.M. J.M. P.M. J.P. RG. Starting Over... Again Susan Dodd 190 North Central Ave. The Montclair days! EM, JC, NK DM . . . FF lt's over. Conference time! The Wall. Frankentiner oberdare The last day of 9th . , . Free for all . . . No turn- ing back Labor day of 81. I think l'm losing my hair . . . Start me up! Donna's Juv. del. home Cathy's Falmouth summer of 83. 5!13!83 J.E.T. Love ya, forever Thanks Mom and Dad Bye North 47 I Ux 4 QVN iff, x :vie it-ev - - I If M1 ,STL . J , H. fha- Debre A. Doherty "Debbie" 124 Atlantic St. soccer 9, 10, 11, drama club 9, 10 softball 9,spirit committee 123 pride committee 11, 12, future nurses club 123 wsshkgHUMOR SCHOOLL "yurp"p "what color's your red shirt?" memories with SD,PG,TH, MF,SA,LV, LC, AH,KB, LS-BK,7-11: FYMYQD2 gossip Sue'?phone 101161823 MF's sci fair nite 3!20!82gsveltg va AH's col. wkend'sg thanks m8td, c-c- company's here 11!11!83. Emilie M. Donlan 24 Greene Street Use what talents you possess: the woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except those who sang the best. Yearbook,North Star 11, JA11.12 R.E.B.S. PARTIESIT-Day 83 Stewy, Jr.Prom lLDB81 QBTBO MoonDogs - Aphi - Dot Southie Skip? it Muskateers Fooled Ya Dad! Didn't I? Thanks Ma. Bye North Bill Donnelly TRACK 10, 11, 12 WATER POLO TEAM 10, 11, Capt. 12 College Fair at Kingston Beach Last Day Cook Outs Man Rolling Rock the best around AUSTRALIAN Oil Cans l Can Stop Any time I want I Just don't want to Boone Late night at EDDIES Matty's Car NO Track is Bush Kel,Webba, Matty,Teaks, Stryks, and Ragu Special Thanks to: Crag and Mr.T Christine Donovan 21 Bittern Rd. Basketball 10, 11, CAPT. 12 Pride 81 Spirit Committee Lisa, AL,RM,SM, ST,CM,LO, EM,JW,CO TM,KC,KL,JB. THE FANS!! O.A.S. The Boot-2V2 days D.S.C. HCB-MGAF "Outstand- ing" F.Y.M. Hoop W! Crazy CBS REBEL!! SCUSSET! Mr. T's Banana Mobile 1433 S.S.M.C. F.O.J.P.5f14!83 N.O.H.S. Forever Thanks Mom 81 Dad I LOVE YOU FLORIDA BOUND 4! 10183 I .W vs- W I-IW? Joseph Doherty 53 South Central Ave. Scusset Beach Carcalo's cellar PAR- TY with HPD April 19, 1983 This BUDS for you except for Gerbils party at Gretch's house NC - Carcalo JM - Hondo JL - Gretch JK - Howdy Golfie at third hole The Scamp - "Joe, Punch it" PINE STREET Don't Abuse lt Gretch Kevin Donohue 58 Deerfield St. Swimming 9, 10, 11, 12 KET- TLEHOLE winter 81-82 KEG Quincy School, Edzo's LeMans Eagles Field, Huts, Rock, Forts The Tail, JM Road, Wolly Beach Stoney Bear BK, Rusty, Grima, Bum Camping, Paul's Monte, Elliot Stuie's Rabbit RIP J Geils Tom Petty, ZZ Top Rooster's Pad RET HR 309 Fishhead, Kerwin, Bum Nautical Erin you wench Thanks Mom and Dad, Goodbye NQ Brenda Donovan Cynthia M. Donovan Fred!Cindy "Take your time, Think of every thing you've got, for you will still be here tomorrow but your dreams may not." - C.Stevens NAWAKA, CiTs82, The Cozy, OTIS BD watch out for the penguins. Ferd Terd 81 Umbie Face. BLAWC84 12!8!80 "Give Peace A Chance" At D81 Ds or the BPL? . .. HippieNut Mick Nuke NQHS Veg Out . . . I don't know and I don't give a damn Fun 81 Frolics MOO-BUNNY Homeroom? Never! . . . Love You MNR MN 81 All . . . Thanks MS P, Mrs. Y. Ms C, 81 Mr F. Accept Yourself -e . - USWGYGIFI COS - - - - WGBH. 'Qi 'csv John Donovan BUBSO HUBA BUBA GOOD STUFF S30 I CAN'T MOVE THE M'S GRBD micro VEGIES MEL OHYA THE ATTIC STRANDED ANN Boreen sum- mer 83 July 4 HEEEY! TP Beach Boys SEGER YAZ DAY 83 BEHIND THE GARAGE 78 RED SOX ON THE ROOF DON'T BURN THE VEGIES SPIN EM TEENAGE WAS TELAND THE T SKIP EVEN BETTER STUFF TOMORROW. . . SEEYA IN HAWAII if ix? Michael P. Donovan Sean Downing 46 Alvin Ave. BIG RED 1, CHAOS: SS,STB3LABELS! SHLCBQKTQ JMQMCQCMQTKQ THE DENT VW924AC:STANDARD LESSONS: TC37. CHUCK T:ORBWGMg PLAIN- VILLE: THE DODO. 216QKT'S: LOP AFTER CRUISES9, 10, 11: THE AUSTIN. MR.T:BBOREM OTHER- WISE! AGGIES LATE NIGHT: BURGERMAN SCUSSET: KEV'S PAL. SPICOLI:I KNOW THAT DUDE!! MAXISPORT:ATP: WHO ARE THE GUYS? ACK!!! "TIMING" MB: JUSTA GOOD DED.ClNEMA: WE HAVE TO SEE IT. HLLWN: SUPERHEROES BYE NORTH!!! Mark Dunlea 62 Prospect Ave. MASTER COUNCILOR O. C. DEMOLAY WEEKEND WARRIOR WOOD CREW JUNIOR SKIP DAY! TP CONCERT "83" FRANKO BUBSO H.B. MARGARET + BASSMAN JEW N.H.DON'T PLAY WITH GUNS! HALLOWEEN PARTY PM RG JH JB ET FIREBIRD KING! LET'S DRAG! JH - STATLER BROS. JB GUMBY BASSMAN, FOLS - WATER SLIDE GUYS! SUPER LOOPA LIVES +BILL THE CAT JB +BASSMAN THE HAULERS THANKS MOM+DAD THE END. Q i .f , I I .1 - 'art . .1 rv ta. .,,.. 1' . .-..' lil ,i .4 , Michael J. Donovan 120 Elliot Ave. Wrestling 9-10 Track 10-11 Band 9- 12 Drum Major 12 Thanks North8tClass of 84 Moose, Mag,SB,TC, CG,RR,PO DS,JW,JW SB,SM,DG, RC,EF,RD Turkey Day. Sunday Football Summer Cruisin Premier Love ya Kathy,Mr. Haight Blue Burr Smoke Show Good Luck and See Ya Karen Dougan 242 Everett St. 11, 12 Pride Comm. 11, 12 NHS 11 SADD Thanks, Tray Hi,BB,SB,SD, CV LD, HD.. Lunch - AB AC,DG,LF, LC AR,JC The Park "This is flippin' crazy" "I have to leave, I can't stay here forever!" Let your dreams today Be your reality tomorrow Lyn M. Doyle 11 Pierce St. North Star 11 Spanish Club 9, 10, 11 Junior Achievement 11 - V.P of Finance 12 - President MassJac, Rojac, Najac Indiana University "The HiII" "Nasty" Good-Bye LFKDDBBKCG David Edgren 49 I Susan Edmonds 19 Sixth Ave ue IC B W S THE END' Rich 12 26 8 orever kb nl lc ds sh kt ce The Chicken Crew. J.Prom sunburn Vermont - "Massacre Hike" W understand the DEN-JAH. L.V. 1-29- 83 at G.H. 7-6-83 11:53 Rl. van totaled. Osbourne 4-1-83 r.o.p.s g.o s.e Bed Mobile 256 - bang a U'ie! cudo, though, BUD, hoodsie, Thank You Mom and Dad! Bryan Ellis 107 E Squantum St Football 9 10 11 12 Gymnastics 9 Captain V P Ski Club Pride Commit tee Party At Scusset Beach K E G Joys The Best! Mohawk Fu Man- Chu Dano,Dougs Grandmothers, The Flo k, G.F.O.H.,Ouincy J.P. Ski Trips,Mr. Small, "Bud"ir1 Nantasket Beach,Drive In Moped Vs. Datsun Chris,Doug, Drew, John, Alex,Jack, Bob W. Movies,lce Creams, Halloween David Fair Peter Farren Lisa M. Federico 38 Ferndale Bd. C17H2104N - 8!82iBKi "The Flock" "Crash 83" July4th Jr.Skip Day B.P.C. - 9!6!83t5 more minutesli SOSB' 1O!1 tDFiTNBi St.Patty's Day The Stones - 12! 18181 tSummer 84'?l' loneachside,AP? KK-EOYFf11!23i Metamorphosis - 6114 "Cornelius" TripstoChina QLCJ . . and like" TB - "This looks famiIiar!" Huts B.P. - almost It'sAII OverNow - J!Fi "Many dreams come true, and some have silver linings. I live for my dream, and a pockettul of gold." - QLZJ OXO of us have a par Diane Fair 28 Lunt St. Joe, Kim, Tommy, Krissy, Lal, Spanko, D.G. Baby, Dave, Deb, Moe. Hi David, Don't worry, maybe joe will help you, Will you take Tommy's leash off before he gets hurt! Shu-wa, why not, What's up for tonight? lt's your turn, I always have to decide.That's good, STOP! I can't l have to be home at a halfway decent hour. Ok, l'II tell em. Hey Joe, I gotta tell ya something, remind me later. Andrea M. Fasano 29 Appleton St. Band - 9,10,11,12 -Treas. - 12 Drama Club - 11, 12 Yearbook Committee - 12 ilydlr FlCBCKP'DLR" Marshmellows Flene's Party! "Don't touch me" Canada '81 FL4!16-514183 Maine! "Get in the carriage, PLEASE!" 6-5- 10-11-83 BROTHERSSISTER JP Make Like ESKIMOS! My TOY bkrm It's 10:30. OK, HURRY UP! 6-20 Sum- mer of '83. The ocean is so big yet my boat is so small. Lynda Feeney 22 Sacnem St. Swimming - 10, 11, 12 Capt. Basketball - 9, 10, 11, 12 Track - 11, 12 FYnda L:AB,KD,AC,DG,LCZ's Remember the good times not the bad. BD LD,Z1,Z2, AFl,TC Always look for the rainbow after the rain. Thanks Mom and Dad for Everything Good Luck K.P. Af 'diff X Maura A. Feeney 20 Surfside Lane S.CounciI - 11, 12 Choir, Madrigal 10-12 Nat.Honor Soc. MAVEBICK: There is no substitute ShhPine MABSHFIELD-LABOBDAY 83- SKELETOB SeeKONK!Newport 1 81 2 Moonlighter HW1 81 2181 BATJ NICE! TurkeyDays JP Biddy!Bon!Bof! 7l1!BK"Cycle on" "Guys8lDolIs" SANCTUABY BadBoys Essence of K' ' ' '1 Pancakes FYMY Time of your life, eh kid?!WTF Ou'est-ce que c'est? LUV U ALL Be yourself. No one can ever tell you you're doing it wrong - Herlihy Donna Feulo PROV,3:5 81 6 COSTA RICA 83 TARA.Debbie8t Dee Wanna ride? Julie L. C.G. 81 D. QHAJ Crossroads retreat 1892 Mom 81 Dad I Love You! Thanks Bob C. Aug 23,83 Sept 22,84 "IT MUST BE LOVE!" Sr, Prom My handsome Prince The Lord must have brought us Together. Bob Bullock,Paul mac,Don 81 Margaret THANKS! Summer of 83 YOU are the star. THANKS GOD! Michelle Fish ' FISH ' Soccer 9, 10, 12B-ball,9 Track, 9, 11, 12 Ski CIub:10, 11, 12 Prid comm 8- Spirit:12 Debating:12 JP8lTux WENCH cyo misfits lets go skiing! Hey NK:WE MADE IT!! the port? JH EF OB MC Cheeks Bonnie-n-Tracey 2!18!81 SF, t not bad its how sept morn'82 J.Jettii1 9!25!83 I LOVE IT ALL Going to Ma's FLASHDANCE THE Beach MK-4-ever No one can hurt me now cause u know its true l believe in me so u believe in YOU!! THANKS SC,CC 81 MRF Mary T. Fitzgerald 242 Wilson Avenue Castle Isle UncleCharlie T-Day Talkin' Shop w! Mellon at DD's Allnightas w! MC 81 KC! "Hey, I just washed my windows" SPUDS'?? When Boys Talk . .. Lisa's pool! JC's Passover When we Talk . .. RS MC LF! MF LB KK JC 81 KM 81 CM The Bock? tWhere's That?l RS 8. The Corner - I could be happy NYE w! WAWA BW w! KM Excuse mdyhap? Holiday, get away . . . Bermuda 84 ATNIDBTT JD8l S7! There's only 9 ofus?! MD'sFlBTS!! 4'-"Iv l 'Sims zkf' X, W, John Feerick 75 Beach St. Wollaston, MA Wrestling 9, 10, 11, 12 Jobs Bay State Graduates 12 Yearbook 12 KFC Boys CW,BH,MM,BT,PH,TB,JD JUNIOB PBOM Hey Carl, Wanna go for a ride? Murphy's Law Good Luck CW,AH,DN, FlT,FlH,MM, BH COB,HUGO, JOHNZO,TS,lv1Fl,SB Donald Fink 48 Vane St. Track 80-81 City Champs 100-LJ Football 80-81 Worlds Finest-USMC Semper Fidelis Hull Tower Teresa Sept. 18 Summer Nights at Packtasket Buss' Keg Party-Crash Me 81 Mike VODKA-"Sunday Bloody Sunday" The Green Monster DF 8 TM "Maybe Someday" Lots more in summer of 84 Erin Fitz Gerald 28John St. Choir 9-12 Drama 11, 12 Soccer 11 T'I"T'Z WENCH JEB LIVES! CT'S Seekonk NOSC1i1 Pearl Harbor!!! Adam + Eve Waterfront TOWNIES Moon Island WALLOW! Sept at Js Aquariaum-swim + Portoparty TIG-HP VIBGYOB-TBIP The color is red! We're rockin' The Baby-PIIP tHC Green Monster MADNESS BR+BTG BUSTY + RUM The SB's of olde Spots! BJPG-MGM Breaktime - M+BK NP! KK - Babes to babes! JAMstorm BOA All-nlghters LDW- wee hrsHU the cave - FUBAF! JS SLskinnydipn exatIz!DM lLYall!Let's reflect Mary L. Fitzgerald 334 Billings Rd. Soccer 10, 11, 12 New Year's Eve 1!1!83 MH 2!27!82 - The BIG 4th Date! MF Boat Party - SPLASH! SA, SD, TH, PG, LV, HWI, HWII, MF - What's Shakin' NICE!! 7-11, Ice- Cream! Hey Guys - Wait up!, 1!1!82. Soccer Shower Scene. MUD-WHAT MUD! This is the 80's Mighty M., SVELTE - Green Bomber MAIBS - Pookie! Thanks Mom. 51 Jake Flaherty 105 Elmwood Ave. RIC, FERARRI 308, MARIANNE SOC- CER PARTIES, THE FENCE JUNIOR PROM, SCUSSET BEACH BAKER AT THE FORT THIS BUD? IS FOR YOU BROWNIESL DB.CO,SO, JS, AND MM MICKY DEE'S RULES?? HEY DUD. GOOOD NIBORG GRAPHIC DESIGN RISD OR PORTLAND CALIFORNIA BOUND? I DON'T KNOW? I LIKE TAHT Michael Flaherty 30 Havilend St. Track 80-81 Semper Fidelis - USMC Worlds Finest Hull Tower Sue Sept 23 Summer Nights at Packtasket Salisbury - Kenny - Help!! Me St Don Vodka - "Sunday Bloody Sun- day" The Green Monster JC - THE Flyer - "Slow Down" OH NO! What about this summer "Lots more in summer of 84" Kathleen Ford "Looks like we made it" Richard, always and forever July 15 UW with SC "Is this the end" Nov. 1 M.L. Remember C-T M.R.P.R. "lt's gonna be an all night thing!!" August 13 Friends Forever M.L.O.S. M.K. together forever I told you I'd do it!! The End Christine Francis 145 Pine St. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY SPRING-TRACK "H.W.it1" MARSHFIELD 9!5 HMOONLIGHT- ER" 10!1l83 MAVERICK Les hom- mes de Paris DORCHESTER . . . what? D-O-D, Duh,Duh, "NICEI" FRENCH WINE FYMY "I'm hot INTERIM CONVERSATIONS Shut the door and turn out the lights. ARE YOU AMERICAN? NYC "SHHH!" FINISH- ED YOUR LEAF COLLECTION? "Dreams are the true interpreters of our inclinations, but art is required to sort and understand them." - de Montaigne Mary P. Flaherty 25 Newfield St. Bobby1Ol29!80 I Luv U,Xmas Eve H.J.FIatts, N.B., Remember me!! No Vacancy?! Here Come The Quincy Girls! QMFASI LR-JC-MF-LB -MC-RS- KK-CM, Eight Is Enough. 7-1181 BK, Milton Park,LR'S Pool rJuIie's pass- over,Jezo's Apt., Bark In The Park, K of C, YAC, K8i8th, Wally Gator's, Wolfen, The Rock? Where's That?? Ruth 8tThe Blizzard, Mary Moe. Thanks Ma,I love You Too! Don't worry Bobby, You still Have Me! TPS JPW!JC"lIlusions" Bermuda "84" Robert Flynn Stephen Foster ROTC 9, 10, 11, 12 Drill Team 9, 12 US ARMY, Airborne! "Georgia Bound" 8l14!84 lt's been real MM,BH,EF,JO MC, DC, KJ, JAP, BE. and CR. Mr. Hutch 10, 11, 12 - Thanks! Sqt. Holland, Thanks! Thanks John and Buell Tr. 1510A Adams Pond 8-184 RC Camp Massasoit, B.E.'s Bog. THANKS MOM. NAN, RON, and RICH. Kathleen Francie 13 Taylor St. Gina, Despina, Alison, Traci, Lisa, etc. Good times and bad Chemistry at G.'s, Girl Scouts and red lights, 120 to C.F., MM - 6!10!83 "YUAYMDYF", NMH '83 w!Nora, MA - Boston '84! Partying in A.Shore and 29 so far, more to come, right Melis? "Who knows when we shall meet again, if ever." Thanks for everything Mom, Dad Goodbye all. 8500 of us ave attended a so oo activity' Kerry A. Gannon 69 Huckins Ave. Student Council 10-12, Student Ad- visory Council 11-12, Pride Comm., 10-12, Mass. Girls' State 1983, Drama 10-12, Choir 11 Madrigals 12, Southeast 1984 V-Ball 11, Softball 10-12 Yearbook Ed. 12 Laura, Annie, Carolyn, Tiger It has been the pro- vidence of Nature to give this creature nine lives instead of one. - Pilpay Nick Gelsomini 75 Webster St. "Nicka"!"GeIsa" FOOTBALL 9, 10. 11, 12 Basketball 9, 10, 11, 12 Baseball 9, 10, 11, 12 Ski Club 9, 10, 11, 12 Class President 11 National Honor Soc 11, 12 Pres. Foreign Lang. Honor Soc. 11, 12 Pride Com. 11, 12 Chairman s-g T.D.JD.VD.KD. BM.SH.N3063 ski 83,84!colIege fair 83! Ragu's banquetfdominant left side with convictlyour welcome Bunks!CB.SH.SH. BG.FC.JT. JM.JC. Diane Gigante 21 Lunt St. Never forget, CC,SC,EG, KM,ZAK,LF, MO,CR,KIMBA,DF,CJ,JD,RD,BS, SO,DD, THE LURCH MOBILE. QLURJ. BgOgB11!5!83. GUESS WHAT I'M GROUNDED. DIFA- BABYIELLEN, I THINK IT's SNOW- ING OUTIIBIDIJ LUR,DON'T DRIVE ON THE SIDEWALKS!! GOTTA BUCK? LAURA,DON'T FORGET THE GRAPES. WHAT DO YOU WANNA DO?ELLEN, SHUT UPI! CAPE"81"Il PARTY AT CAROL'S!ll NO THAT'S WRONG, THAT'S WRONG: DIANE GO SHOW HER HOW TO DO THAT!! ITHANKS MOM 8 DAD FOR ALWAYS BEING THERE FOR ME.l Rance Gillespie Jean Gaudet "Jeanzo" Burkie's 11,Duke:78638 TF War LW SK TM SN FF S.T.Spark A.O. You're in the twilight zone 2:30 CZ 10!23!83 F.S.K.W."ETL" Tby - Almost got busted "HUTP" 3rd degree burn at Forbsie w!SK N-DR-INS! WSW!D2 Deedles bom Can't believe this is hap- pening Sark - sorry about the keys WTF Not once, twice, 3, 4:U love me! UNDER THE BOARDWALK? B.S.Nite BGF Luv him he's excellent 8!23 Summer 83 S.T.C.M'? Plastic Bag A.H. Muffins L 81 S, memba FH 8. GC . . .? GTAFBTFA Thanx M 81 D LU Bye North Brian Gibbons 63 Abbey Road Baseball 9-12, Football 9, 12 Basket- ball 9-12, Track i'?l -12 The People's Rep. of Massdomia B E A T L E S F O R E V E R Label Lake, Having a ball,Mr. T Le chein est beau let l'en- tant aussil B.Brook, The hook fense SYNCRONICITY - The Police 4!82 81 8!83.U2-Electric Co. 5!6!83 6!28!83.We're in garageland, The Jam - 5!20!82 All ModCons, The Who - The Real Me,Sh,PC, Mh,Ng, The Beatles - 1!3O!69,SGT. PEP- PER I read the news today oh boy There will be answers,Let it be. Michael Gill Chris Gizelis 37 Huckins Ave. Winter 81 Spring Track 9. Wrestling 12. "O.J.P. Party" "Scusset" "Nelly" Bry,watch the yellow line. "Dano 81 the 36O's" CC-3 Doug's Grandma's 82-83"the sink" "this isn't a P-park" Nantasket 83 "Whitehorse" The voyager Barb,Patty, John The Hole 82,The Rock 83 - K,F,G Lambie. Prine-Ins. . . Dongman - "ROVER IS DEAD" B,E, D,A, J,P, Slimons A.K. J.M. Chapter 18 Burkies"11" ls this the end? 53 K' .Ka f ,N ' 2 If Christine Mary Golden Ireland England 8182 2!18!83- PC lTB,MR 1t!837 Nightbird I Stev- ie ! Sara X Gypsy f Rhiannon ! White-winged dove . . . In The Air Tonight, Turn It On Again, "see ya at the tarm . . A.W.O.A., Arts Wrkshp, Oneida Ziggy, Bunnie's Disco,S.S.8-G. east of eden, a mere STONE! create an atmosphere, My name is not Cristina! A Chorus Line medieval, Renaissance, autumn, Crlstina's World, W Side Story The clouds never expected it . . . but the sea changes colour. . . Paul Gorczyca 157 Highland Ave. Wrestling 9, 10, 11, 12 Track 10, 12 Basketball 9 U2 at Centrum Running on empty Which way to Boston? BPD at tam "I didn't do it" Green Machine Hurls for Pres Billy, give me back my crutch The Pond 14th Hale Aggies Reign of Terror Beecatcher Song of Roland: Blinded Me With Science Montclair Tracy L. Gorman "Peaches" MC. CG,RR-N-SB SG-N- SH CAL LP+JB OH I SEE! GOOGOO CHARLIE THE BLANKET SPOT SNOOPY BONO U2 WAR TOUR 83 SEPT. 29 1984 REMEMBER SUNDAY BLOODY SUNDAY ROCKY COL- LEGE FAIR 83 "IT TAKES A SEC- OND TO SAY GOODBYE SAY GOODBYE SAY BYE BYE WHERE YOU GOING TO NOW?" U2 "SECONDS" LOVE TO ALL SPEED LIMIT SIGNS PARKING METERS Sheilah Graham Soccer 9-12, Basketball 9, 10 Softball 9-12 Oh I See! GOO-GOO, Charlie S.W.P.B.A. C.l, H.E.P.O.l.T.C. S.S.l.Fd'SM. S.A.S.P WHTT 103-FM Dedham Racquetime D.A, D.C, D.G,A.S, S.E.C.M.O. Hi PUP! 10-24 ALL NIGHT LONG M L O O N A A By A.S. l.L.D.A. mudtight with M.H,Bryan, D.C B.K.W.D.F.L. on Oct. 18 D.T.M.O.F.C.F.I.W.L.Y.A.S.N. M.W. LOVERBOY Concert won S103 10f9 I.S.T.B.F. L.P.S.M.F.F. Patti 'x X I it, . 'U 1'8- . V I , r I-.rags Stephen Golden 47 Waterton Ave. Soccer 10, 11, 12 Hockey 10, 11 Wrestling 12 Track 10, 11 12 Este,Tevie, Goldie, Fuzzhead TOURNEYBOUND With Briggle 83 ST. John V.l. The Land of Sun and Fun plus Iguana SenorlJJJ Squash UPI Sleepy lJLl Dick IVDI SugarlYSl SmurflPMJ Too Many Soccer balls to the head Huh Golden JR. PROM BOLLENS Trip PAZZY'S HOUSE See Ya Thanks Ellen Gorham Never forget, ZAK,Kris, Marie,Diane, Sheryl, Caroline, and BS. 1981. Maine, Summer of 82-83 Clubll is where it all began. 3-D specialty, Lynn's House Beach 44 - "Cobwebs" Old Orchard Golf Course: Cavy Zak's House:UNBA!! HEY PSYCHO . .. Friday Nite3Good Plan! lt's Been a Blast. Thanks Ma and Dad, lt was worth it! Dawn Lynne Graham 63 Atlantic St. Basketball 9, 10 Soccer 9 Volleyball 11, 12 Yearbook Pride Committee 11, 12 FLHS Bump-Set-Spike Slam Dunk Bushmen are people too! - AB An- thro. Pistachio nuts! Turkey Day Greenwood Hill Cracker SB - True SLN Who does the dishes? - Not me Mara!ChocoIate! Sian!Makeup l'lI never forget NOHS! 1984 Thanks, I love you M,P,N,S,M Great things are never achieved without enthusiasm. Mary A. Grant J us have been late to school William E. Gray 16 Sewall St. Quincy, MA Billy w.a.B. B., Tennis Team D.N., C.A.D.C., TS., 4more,Guys K.C. tRoosterI, Pat M., David M. R.C.iCheeks Caldwelll, "Quifee" JP.JEAN W., LISAS., KATHYS. THANKS ART and GLEN "PR BD. SNAPPER" "WHY DO THAT?" CON- GRATULATE ME MOM 8 DAD LONG LIVE THE GROUP Polly Griffin 49 Appleton St. SD,MF,TH,LV, MFIBOATJ ,CF FYMY H.W. BAT J.S. PRIDE COMMITTEE 7-UP:BK:RoyaIs NICE! LAWYER! YES, THIS IS MY QUEST Thank you, MUMMY! Gratefully, POOKIE THIS IS THE 8O's! Christopher A. Grochowski 232B Quincy Shore Drive Tech. 1, 2, 3? Mr. Small's Chemistry CC-5, 82-83 Got to get a good job! "The song remains the same" Good bye! Mirella Gullifa 126 Winthrop Ave. National Honor Society L.O. iPlaygirl! You're the best! R.R., E.C., A..S, Halloween '83 allnightal 22 going on23 Jackson and James, Italy '83, '84, Benny Hill '84 FOREVERMORE!! IJ.S.l, B.K. sneaky nightsl, B.K. Christmas Party '82, Finally College Boundl, Warning! Warning! CeIticit1, Live your life to the fullest . . . We can never return. Arriverderci CLASS OF '84!!! Francis G. Griffin "CHIP" We gotta get out of this PLACE Not without you Ms, CIANCI I LOVE YOU We finally did it RIELS Cutting Out,Getting Caught, Karen it's been two good ones Let's go for tour, Let's PARTY Ground Control to MAJOR MOE! The Corner Crew, Getting Booted Whats up for the weekend, Let's KEG Out. The CLASH 8-21- 82BOWlE Ramones,U2, GIELS, ALL Good Ones Thanks Mom and Dad LATER! Joseph Grimaldi - STONIE BEARS - Grima,Rusty, Bum,BK, Jerry,Vito Mark the tail thing reee BAB - KEG PARTIE'S - Kettle Hole Winter 82 The Rock Hut's Party Quincy School J.M. MSS Crew Edzo sister's house Breast Elliot Boo Hiss HOOTDA I got my wooden spoon get down Late Nite in the llemans hey's in the van a presky cruise BUD Pearl Harbors Booze Cruize BFDS SS, JO,JG, JH TFTB Deb's Wagon J.Prom with the bakes walk-out TRACY AND BONNIE 2!18!81 Pamela Grubb FOREIGN LANG HONOR SOCIETY II MR S CHEM AC AW CT KT SPARKYII KKC AW PG CT EW RB FRENCH CLUB 12 AW CT EW THIRD LUNCH AW LP ED CH RD GOOD TIMES ON MTA LAURA F. REMEMBER THE BARG BETH H GYM 12 AW DD CT EW SH QUEBEC BOUND 83 AW EW CT ALASKA BOUND PG HM RM 450 LEROY JH ROG SH MG MG TG SG CLASS AUREVOIR C A AC BD SN E AC DD LisaHagerty 5 Bittern Road ..Hag.. Christine, AL, RM, SM,ST,CM. LO,CO,EM, JW,TM,KC, KL,JB, THE FANS! SPIRIT 81 PRIDE COM- MITTEE THE BOOT-2V2 days! D.S.C.!F.Y.M. H.C.B.-MGAF "OUTSTANDING" 1!21 Crazy!! Rebel! Banana Mobile! Scusset! F.O.J.P. 5!14!83 DIR. Mr.T's! St. P.D. - "Did anyone see the parade?" O.A.S. The best is yet to come!!! Thanks mom 81 dad!!! FLORIDA Bound!! - 4! 7O!84 55 J 43: ,' 'Oi 'i""1'7 'U' Scott Hamel Jim Hardin 89 Taylor St. High School - 9-12, Part Time Pride Committee Member, Assault on Plymouth Plantation, 14th Green, SH,SD,JK, CB,BB,SH, BG,JB, MM BD,JW,TK - Take Care of Yourselves, U2, Stranger In A Strange Land, Drowning Man, The CLASH . . . She's Mine, The JAM, To Be Some- one, In The Crowd, The POLICE, So Lonely, Can't Stand Losing you, Col- lege Bound Maybe. Sandra M. Hatfield 237 So. Central Ave. Sandy Jimmy June 82 FOREVER ILY! M.S. and that R.R. bimped my head?? "The Crew" TD DK JC JL DM PH KB "The best of Friends" Mary H. W.A.B.F.!! PARADISE!! oh just fine!! "The PORT" NO WAY!! A.N.A.P. labor day weekend'?! J.H.P. THE BEST!! Give me a ride!! M.S. - B.S.!! CCC w!Tara, How Far Is lt?? Memories of the past . . . Good Times in the present . .. A New Life in the FUTURE. . . See ya later NOHS! William Heim 75 French St. R.O.T.C. 9, 10, 11, 12 U.S. ARMY FORT DIX NEW JERSEY HUTCH MATH 11, 12 LUNCH CREW 9, 10. 11, 12 WE DO CHICKEN RIGHT! YES. l'M ONLY A BIWL JERSEY BOUND. UNCLE SAM AUG. 14 OCT.28 SlR,YES SIR THANKS JAG, SLYS MAYBE SOMEDAY DF ON A SATUR- DAY NIGHT TAKE IT EASY GUYS, MM,SF,JD, JPS,JO, JF, TB,MR,COB. AND SUE THANKS MOM AND DAD KT' Q' ,Wt my John J.Hanl 329 Atlantic St. GOLF 11, JA 10.11, PRESIDENT 12 "BASSMAN" EARTH,WlND 8. FIRE MD "THAT'S THE WAY OF THE WORLD" CERTS ROLLOFF! CHEER UP KlM.JG MARK N'MARGARET - WATER SLIDEIKM IM GUMBY, AUNT MlLLlE'S,J PROM. GRUNDY WTF,PAY UP! PAM + RODGE NO PLAZA BOB,GOTTA PLAY S.B.JW TURBY'S STUDY! SUGAR MTN. DMS. BILL THE CAT "TRY NOT TO HIDE, WHAT YOU FEEL DEEP IN- SIDE, IF YOU CARE, YOU MUST DARE, TO BE FREE, AS THE AIR" - EW 81 F. BYE NORTH! Amy Harrison 25 Hobomack Rd. Gymnastics, Cheerleading, Piano, Science Fairs, NHS, Belgium, Skiing, FFTG:NN, JN,NF,Central, Camping, Maine - Don't ever forget it! ES:HS - We really made it, USY - Well, we all had our moments. BF:FF - Skiing and FBG - Those were the best times. Future Plans: Pharmacy and Having a good time. ALWAYS REMEMBER TO TAKE IT TO THE MAX AND DON'T BE AFRAID TO SET YOUR GOALS HIGH. OUEEN:WATC Thomas Healey Kathy A. Hegarty 145 Wilson Ave. Class secretary 11, 12 - Student Council 11, 12 - Pride 10, 11, 12 - Yearbook - FLHS 11, 12 - NHS 12 - Montclair - CJHS-B.B. rafters - 10th grade bio trips - JM CF DG BM l'lI miss ya! - Gold Duster - FYMY! - Good luck everybody! - Thankx Mom 81 Dad! I love ya! We learned to cherish each little moment for what it was, since we would not pass this way ever again. Bye NQHS,IMY!! 'MI o our class attended e 982 'fl ki I. Susan Hegarty Swimming 9 PSO, Townie 83""But I Can't! Dee Dees, the zoo, OH NO! Lunch 12: w.g.g.i.l. CHOKE KATIE SLOW DOWN! Who Me? Any gossip Deb? SMILE 8t WAVE Wally and Beave, gimp. lsn't he though? 5-year plan, Katie MBBP! NL,LC,DS. KB,AW,JW,CT. The Bug, The Eddy. IKEYU! The Wall 'WOW' THE MONTE, CRUZINI MACCA DEES lt's been real, Goodbye Guys! Donna M. Hidalgo 88 So. Bayfield Rd. The Maverick 7-11, Sanctuary Marshfield 9!5!83 W.T.F.-M.F., M.M.. C.F., M.S., L.T. - "What's Up?" The Moonlighter, "Scoop" G.Q. Material, Newport 1 81 2, ANTMUSIC, Wishing on a Star - tS.C.i Skeletor, Pride Comm.: Too Emotional Am I? Wrong time againg Everything must have an end, like an ocean to a shore, like a river to a stream - like a river to a stream, it's the famous final scene. lt's over. I love you Mom 8 Dad - Bye North Steve Higgins 15 Dahlgren Baseball 9-12, Hoop 9-12 Golf 9-12 Tourney 11, 12 Aggies Hoop 80-83 Tourney All Yrs. Under Bizac 81 Man- ning Nat'l Hon. Soc. 11, 12 - Boys' State Pride Com. 10-12 Voll.Ball Tempest aches - The Bullet is Betier CB,LOE,SD, JM,CRAG,TK, KT,MC,PC NG,QJS,DB 81 MONK Nice nose Woodhouse Lisa A. Hoffman 34 Holmes St. 18od Barbs, kill, mares, DL-D1, San- dy8tAndy BF-Goodriches, BDBN Hooney MS PAPPSRAZZI Stinkin BN11!13!81 S. Hips NY E.82 s-7 Mr. Mouth loss of muscle coord visiting hours are over! Brut 33 li-turn the keg oif! Where are my shoes! C.S. - twins at BK lt's too late now DRVI Schl. Tainted Love catfish drvn 10 Poison H20 Hose 'Round Hal 81 68 MPH-Hi Ma Trooper ped peitin H.H. Rockin Boxes scooping outfit cruising despo drive TTFP JP What a Nite? Thanks M 81 D Jo Anne Hernon 176 Farrington St. Band 9-11 Bill June 27 Summer of 83 vito Canada, Coke can, shaving cream Beth+KP Hows your cucumber? Spaghetti at 3 AM Renes party T.P. and Marshmallows, YEEES What time is it? Frozen peas Midnight munchies, KS Lollipops Linda Mae's The big A.C. Island Mutt+Jeff, The BR locker Purple 111 Bc Cottage The JP Beth let me out, Bill guess what? . . . Forever BCKPAFAG Cohasset Libmut BSN Annette Higgins Annmarie Hines "HlNZlE" 32 Colby Rd. Sometimes ya just gotta say . . . 2!23!83 WORTH THE WAlTlgTKlFi MHAMASHF: LHALHF: KJILYA: H20 NP2 HBLFAGT?: JSB:BFAGR: OPD 3!20!82 Kimbles:ANMHE: AYLHD:S8tS: TBTL JP - TFTDKF: GIMME MICK: GRUESOME Camping 8!83:CCP: TOGAI: M,GAO? 4am walks:ML's: WR's: VFP: TP8tS! KB:AB: M81 l:KT:SD:JG: SH2:INlB! This is true: LlFOP:WRONG AGAIN Right here BUDDY:Partying w!JD No,l don't think so:ZOE GUTEI Why are we here?:lDBYJDT: BPDP! P- PUFF:OUCH! TOO FUNNY! 6!4!84 Stephen Hogan 15 Vassall St. Football 11, 12 SOCCER 9 Basketball 9, 10, 11, 12 Baseball 9, 10, 11, 12 Co-Capt. MR.ED'S - MR.T'S - TONY,HlT THE Ngckel? - Label lake - Bear Brook - THE MOUNT - S'L'A'S - THE DOME - Puck - THE JAM - 99 TO YOU - THE GARAGE - Hig's dogd on the rock - Coxie's House - U2 6f28!83 - ALL FIRED UP!! - Cape '83 THE BOAT - Having a Ball - shotgun 53 - OLSON - "AWAY FROM THE NUMBERS" PAUL WELLER GIBBA- HUB FROGMAN NICKA- WHEAT - THANKS MOM and DAD 57 Mary P. Holleran 53 Florence St. Soccer 10, 11, 12lCl Basketball 10, 11, 12lCl Softball 9, 10, 11, 12 Hoop Tourney '82' SH WABF SR Best Friends:DC Ah-XES 'Pockets'g 'Fritzg DKQKMQASZ SG: New Mexico '82': CC-4 Calaradie '83'g "Yo Sull" Photo with CK. Thanks NOHSQ Mom+Dad. "Think about the past, live for the pre- sent, dream about the future." Mark Hubbard 53 Cushing St. Wollaston Soccer 11, 12, Tourney 10-2-5 Baseball 10, 11, 12, lt-bound! Massadome, Bearbrook, N.H. lRRl Pit stop 183 College Fairy DHWG Briggy V-F day? SM LO Wolly Ball, Two can Fran, S.R. lHigs H. 8. Dogsl 6-25-83 Label Lake, Thanks Mr. T,J Hell say hey kid, chase 8 He cat pumping station H.N. GET IT? HMT Destroy the evidence, GIBBA Froggy, Hoga, MW, NC, MG 992U AEIOU Theresa L. Hutchings 10 Winslow Road SOUANTUM Thanks Mom and Dad THANKS NORTH Mary Johnston PC-12 Tennis 9-12 Frch Clb 12 18OD - THANX - KILL, BARBS, Li-Li, DL+DL, ANDY+SANDY, M R, "IS THIS THE END" LUV UZE GUYS. DONNA THATS NOT YOUR CAR! JP nite to rmember? FLA83+84 - ARE WE AA BOUND DL? Poison H20! - Killy, HOW'BOUT Brafist? BONE WIA BONE - BLOW DOORS BRO N B+Eing At ANNAS HOSE'ROUND DAISY DUKE GRN N 68 Hi Mr Trooper PC - YCHL WlLD109 DRV SCHL MARY P,I,ANDY THE TENTS LEAKn-BALL COW-BOY WANTS-U! J.DOORS - ROCKS! Li-T'KEYGS runnin' - MY APES ARE LICKN C- PEARLE - DOES MONTE EVA SLEEP'?CHOW Beth Horan 55 Granger Street BETH-L-JOHNNY Forever 1O!11!82 S.M.G. The Corner, The BOG B.B.G's Mountain Climb "82" SCUSSET BEACH 5f5!82! "Joe Machanic" "Joe Def" TN,MN,DB, EG,JC,SF, BK,JN,BL, KR,JK,JKjr,Mikey 81 Ziggy. Drive-ins, ROTATE Spack of Brewskies, Toucan the man, The lee sisters, The villa 81 the BIG Thanx MOM!!! B-Bye North, its been real. Paul Hughes Phil Iacobacci 28 Vane St. Football 9, 10, 11, 12 Pride Commit- tee 12 Humanities Council Remember Biology '81 and The fish and the ter- rarium! Thanks to everyone that helped make my senior year a great one: "MS', RW, JL, JB, DN, TC PH. John Joseph Tennis 10-11-12 Soccer 10-11-123 Just a bunch of American boys: Et tu Brigus The Tournament Team Go Spanish, Senor! "l don't know how you do it."g C and C - Nice Dreams: Mickey Mouse: The Super-Collosal Atari Party: Woody Allen, SnowBowlsg Sorry about the Munch- ins, Pete. lwant him hit and I want him hit hard! The Bench, The Baseball Team - JP:DM:PM:JL:VD:SG:RG: JM. Alrula Kapetanakos Yearbook Committee 81 Spanish C.. "WE ONLY JUST BEGUN" A.Ioves Chris s. m. forever Thanks mom,dad,aunt, two uncles 2 people I will a. remember Both my grand- mothers A.K. A.P. M.P. P.P. R.R. D.B. L.P. C.M. K.R. J.Z. R.N. M.B. E.M. T.G. P.G, Tanquay Class "80" 11!25-26!81 F.R. 16th Birthday "82" Goodbye Dairy Joy 4l21!83 Chinese F.P.H. Quincy Market I made lt!!! Thanks Chris Stephen F. Kearns 25 Wollaston Ave. Football 10, 11, 12 1122 Pride Com- mittee 12 T. Defense 12 NC,JD,JM, JK,JL 4!19!83 Party w. H.P.D. Mohawk 11, 12 "Who stole my cup?" Scussett and White Horse Beach any time Jimbo latter 6 packl "sibyl" It went all too fast Barbara T. Keenan 180D THANXM+D AND MARES,KILL, Li-Li, DL+DL,SA- nd+And+Meliss-FLA83-CAN. 111- 37+40-Holiday Inn's next door! Kissimee-NW-SH-Its Rain'Menl Police 8!83 Hal81 T-nite JN.JP-WHAT A NITE? BIB ROCKn'BOXES BLOW DOORS BRO NOVA WlLD109 Ms you were going 68 - yes Mr Trooper, Stinkn Drv schl Barbie - DOLL P.I.DI's 10th HOSE'ROUND Ms. you're in 3rd COACH MARE - YES MARE WE ARE THE BALZIBAR BTLS? NOT USIDEADLY G- SCOUTS,ROCK ON JIMMY DOORS PASS THE BLEACH IS THIS THE END? NO WAY UZE GUYS! VX- 3. 'Wiatr X sl, , S dT' chan. i I .1 'I I -had Elizabeth Kelley 1' ,If Thomas Kearney 23 Piermont St. Track 10, 11, Capt. 12 The TRACKlES:Stryks, Jakes, Kel, and Billy D3 The Fans, Bunks, Huck, Bakes, Woodhouse and Sean What would we do without Mr. T? Probably Brian D CRAG, WHITEY and WEB. Ah,ya this is true The Tempest, Cavalier Pete Rose you bag! Where have all the Hoodsies gone? Conn Relays, I love NY, whats next. . . Sand Castles? "Its just too easy." Per- sistence and Determination 'GOOD LUCK EVERYONE 1984' Carol Keating "Spaz" "Caz" Cheering 9, 10, 11, 12 Jerry 8f18!82 A-n-F PC-LC-ED-PM-PM-DM- AN- JP-PS- "V" K.E.G. The ROCK, OS. WB "We are Family" ladies night JP, The Cape, JSD, Ski-trip, Daytona we're there, cruizin, BB-B-FF, Angela-MUD-Woman, TF,Magic Bus, WTF, Winter "82" KH PSS. Missions, T-day-KA! K108 GOOBA2. MMF- Micky D's Mr. T's Campaweeva, Dock Party-PYT. 14BD-Party! P:CB'? 10 Petals - Jillian, AT, WHO DIED? OPDGM, LYM+D lt's in the Book, WTN? James W. Keenan 83 Lincoln Ave. Soccer 10-11-? Party's at CarcaIo's - "Settle down Greten" P-C-B 2+3 4!19!83 JD,JL,NC, SK-Who Broke the door - JL,JM,JD,NC Gret- ches house - didn't get my hair. JPwJW 6!10!83 This Buds for you Gerbil Hutchies Class Chrisgus Mur- phy's Law - JD,JF,CC, AC,DB "SCAMP" Christine Kelly "Kel" 270 Holbrook Rd. Nov4 the best day of my life The best times with MW. Truely KNJAJF SFMGPM KDMMSRJRJM The Jr Prom with Matta Up Plymouth, MeMattaKathy 8. Keith July15th April 27th Thanx for your help Ms. Cianci. I love ya MW I had fun while it lasted MG never gonna let you go. I Love You Ma I wish you were here Dad I did it Ma 59 Kathleen Kelly 17 Phillips St. Pride Comm. Spirit Comm. Parties 10, 11, 12, Thanx M 81 D w!Lauren at the GC 81 WXSCNTD the garage the white van Diana Crash 83' 10!29, the fence Jr. Prom 8. OHSprom, the rock! Jr. skip day, scusset beach, 4th of July twinkusli stranced St.Patrlcks Day, the Police my mistakes!, the drive ins I'm up to 3, the beach, sum- mer 83' over LF 81 AP I'm NAAH! Dead sunflowers, I DID IT!! Q. M If T: 7'-N Mary Kelly egg. kb- Jamea Kennedy "7" GN Christine M. Kennetick "Chris" "Cristo"SO'B-JW Junior Prom - June 5th Best Day! Deet you guys! The bus. June 11th, 1983. Filene's Basement and some good times. K- 108 H13 the corner,MontcIairg Ber- muda here we come! All of the good one's are taken. the golf, church yard. " WOW " Der. Look out! V81 OJ KN- JA-CK-JF Look Ma and Dad I made it! Drink much you guys? Girls night. Bye, bye North . . . where to now? Kevin Kelly President 121 Vice-President 11, Foot- ball - 10, 11, 125 Indoor Track 11, 123 Spring Track - 11, 12 Billy D., Webba, Jakes, Jeft,Tom The Crew- College Fair '83 Australia, Foster's CRAG! Maneuvers-U2-The days on the Rock-the other Kevin-Bakesales MR.T's-TASTE GREATXLESS FILL- ING NO TRACK IS BUSH Walking in 1120's Footsteps Bill Will's Homeroom Cookouts at the Rock - LAST DAYS Theresa Kelly Nancy J. Kennedy JC, SD, DM, EM, LG, NM FF. TSB'S + B'S, WPOD, SSD, FISH, M, SO, SUN, SNOW, JR YEAR, JP, "84" DREAM ON - A, "THE WALL" PRETTY IN PINK, PARKER DAZE. BS, PD, 3YS + . . .? COMES A TIME Singing in the sunshine, laughing in the rain, hitting on the moonshine, ROCKING in the grain, GOT NO TIME TO PACK MY BAGS, MY FOOT'S OUTSIDE THE DOOR, I GOT A DATE I CAN'T BE LATE - ILY MOM THANKS! - LED ZEPPELIN TRACY, BYE NO, LOVE - BAKE Deidre M. Kiley tDeei 109 Lincoln Ave. Volleyball 9, 10, 11, 12 Pride Commit- tee 12 JOEY - 3!1O!82 - i luv you! C.F's CREW: Jack,JuI, Taz,San, "T",Deb, MS,.CF,. A.N.A.P. PARADISE?'? Oh, just fine! Sanftord Park. "LIBRARY" B.S.!! F:i!13 Peter's Pond Merry Xmas Junior Prom - College Pond - 83 "Best of Friends Never Part" "Remember yesterday: Dream of tomorrow, but, Live for today" - Joey,Ed. Stook,Guy - PORT GOODBYE, . . . N.Q.H.S. 3160 class ta n I 4, Ot J S3 Karen Marie Kilroy 34 Hollis Ave. Majorettes - 10, 12, Choir- 10, 12 French Club - 9, 10, 11, 12 "On the Lord's Day, Robin?" Junior Prom - Shelby and Karen "Joel, get off the Baby-sitter" R.B.,D.F., J.T.,P.G.. J.B.,J.C., A.P.,B.G., S.C.,G.F.. L.B.,J.D. Fluffy, Pat FaheygNavy R.C.p "Get Bent!" A.C.g H1999 - Party!" North Rules - Turkey Day '83: "Myron!" Gibberish-Future - work- 1984g college - major - French. J.B.S.G. P.G.+J.T. Forever! "Totally Megapsycadelic awesome!" Bye NO! Mary Kineavy Eileen Kintigos 227 Marlboro St. Mohawk Trails Erving Camping "83" Quincy School The Rock The Hut's JM Road Kettle Hole CS Parties Grimas Shower The Window Trip RMPV PB PauI's Apt. Howie Deb's Car Winter Activities D.A.J.P. Fubar! EILEEN -N- STICK - I LOVE YA - CSJS Ben W. Klingenetein 50 Copley St. Football 9, 10, 12 Track 10, 12 Col- lege - Curry B.P. 400 Lbs. Summer 83 Best Friends - DF,MF,BR, PC,DB,KK,JK,TK,JB,JM,GM,CB,SH, MR.T July 4 Weekend Football number 64 CB'S 11 Grade Yi , r A' 'LS' S -9 5 . fx" I N I ,. r -x at ' ' iifrmiri , g .sw is 3 'CTV' fvx ..-.5 June Kimpel Jobs for Bay State Grads Looking Forward To Office Work I Like to read crochet draw type write Remember - DC,TK,JB, KB,LL,KM, HC JG,CS,PW,BC GOOD LUCK TO THE CLASS OF "84" THE BEST CLASS NOHS WILL EVER HAVE. WE'RE NUMBER rr1 Robert F. King 16 Rawson Rd. MARY 1O!29!8O I LUV U,XMAS EVE H.J. FLATTS,N.B., REMEMBER ME! NO VACANCY - STONEY BEARS, RUSTY, GRIMA,BUM, BK.-KETTLE HOLE '82' OUINCY SCHOOL HUT PARTYI, TAIL KEG-JEB LIVES, JOHN'S PARTYIBAB - DRINK MF DRINK! HEFF'S+SOFTBALL - ALWAYS REMEMBER PAUL, JOHN, + JOEYfDAVE'S PARTY! CAL,BL,BW PAULIE L. HAS ANYONE SEEN ELIOT? BEV+PAUL SR. PARKER-RAWSON RD. NEVER LOOSES. I LUV U MOM+DAD+ THANX DON'T WORRY MARY U GOT ME Sherrill Kleiman LW JGTMSNSD ff H-U-GIBET GRAND CENTRAL WTF D3 ANGIE FLAGMAN BPAO WAGON TOSHY GOOD JOB JG BSNIGHT BOM fMC NR I KNEE YOU SILLY RABBIT T- ZONE CANT BELIEVE THIS IS HAP- PENING WHATS YOUR SIGN? IHOP FAFDGEEK N-DR-INS TIN-BEACH JUICY-FRUIT ST-POLICE-2WKS SICK ON MY BED? L+S JIMMIES! SPARK-ANTHOR-ONE GIL+SKIP LUV-HIM- HES-EXCELLENT A-OOP NOT-MENTHOL LC-NOT-HW JY WSW? MR-SKUNK NOT-I-BU+2 STRIM 10:30 DONUTS128 COIYG PLASBAGIE IS THIS THE END MANIAC 3dGBWJG DEEDLE TPETL MEMBAFH+ GCBTLUM+D Michael Klump 11 Pierce St. The Den, Bud, Rastaman, The World 4-+The Universe!-r New Years Keg And Someone said fair warning, Lord strike that poor boy down, turned hunter into hunted and went to hunt somebody down, VH Octoberfest 83 Abadon meets Redbong Jah vs. Satan zunguzungu guzunguzeng 61 l .S s,"3QN Q11-I Lois M. Koelsch 67 Billings Street I LOVE YOU MOM Despina Kyranis 39 Royal St. Cheerleader 9, 10, 11, 12 Spirit Com- mittee 9, 10, 11, 12 Hey T, remember Friday B-Ball? We're really out now! Yo,Kathy! Chemistry at G's'? Cape Cod 83,Can you feel it? Jr. Prom 83,Summer 83, Bill's LOUIE 10!7l82 I.L.Y. Always 81 Forever, Faithfully. L.T.Y.F. C.l.M.L. A.D.E.L. l.L.Y DawnLaPenna 72 Meadowbrook Rd. "SUMMER OF 83" "BEST OF TlMES" MOONDOGS APHI DOT CASTLEISLAND BIBBA POTTER I LUV JIMMIE PARTIES! BOYS POWDERPUFF rf77 SENIORS: REE STACE LAW EM "WE ARE PALS" "3 MUSKETEERS" "SKIP" "THAT'S OUEER" "NO WAY" "OH BOY" "OH I SEE" "NELLlE" THANKS MOM 81 DAD FOR SOME GREAT YEARS! DML "83" Julie Lebbosaiere 69 Hamilton St. "Little Lebo" The Crew - JC DK TD TG SH PH DM KB KR BC BC AB DO DJ JB The BB Sisters LT SP JC TG JL!Massy Stairs - Piney-Aza - The Port Cumbie's New Year's 83 - AS Whatever 12-23 Hey Jackie It's Wednesday! Marshfield - Is your name Pete? Jr. Prom - College Pond Brian PPP-HILL 18 - Merry X- Mas Bez! Jackie's house parties - the best ANAP Bye now! X y---S ,z..-- 211 I I 1 f otx Maura Kowlski 66 Harriet Ave. Tennis 9, 10 Cheerleading 11 A.M. always KH, EM, LJ, KH, AC Summer of 82 Starburst, Kit Cat. The Bunks Hi M.B. Like your all .. . Jackie B. J.S. CUTIE Scott D. Lampert "BRlLL" "BUBBA" 157 Wilson Ave. YearbooklHumanities Council 12 NASEA 8 WPT-"YAA RlGHT!" CREW - HC,JT,JW, MR,CW,JL, JD,DL, JT 81 JB 1983 - 1984 THE MPHS - JP,RM, CM,DK,PM, JS, DD, JB,JB,HT, MG 81 CL FOREVER CALlFORNIA'S "RED LIGHT- NlNG"f"BLACK THUNDER" - PISTON POWER THE POLICE - SYNCHRONICITY I JUST WANT THE "EASY MONEY"!"CHRISTlE LEE" - B. JOEL 81 C.B. TAKE IT EASY PEOPLE 81 SEE YA SOMEWHERE ON THE ROADS OF LIFE Joseph LaPiorro "Sleepy" Act. soccer, 10-12, hockey, 11 tennis, 10-123 EMST. Tourney-bound:AElOUg tt14gFun bunchgandg Dunfeys:B.D.1 Bickfordsg Spankyg Fav. sing. Air Sup- ply, Simon and Garfunkle, Police, Michael Jackson, Phil Collins, Fur- rious5 Wk-end act: Munchkin patrol, Pizza-grams, soccer at Christys cruis- ing, Atari parties, pract. at the Naz.,down the beach . . . Never say goodbye, only hello. When the future takes you to new adventures your past will help to lead the way.BoL 84! Donald Leo 15 Hancock Terrace BU or UMass, Engineer, CPA Downhill skiing, hockey, football, thanks M+DiDixl J.Geils, Beach Boys, Rush 2112 BC DG JD HC Bruins 111 The best wishes for the class of 84. Hope to see you all in the near future. 62 I -:Sf wud' gl ff IL. 1 l'T f . Q .Q Debbie Leonard 31 Royal St. Cheering 11, 12 T-Day Party!DL MJ DK KL SW LH AM Hey George What's up? seen Sally Lately!! Oh my God Anna's Father's Home St.P. Day - Did anyone see the parade? World's End, Halloween 81 - Are we gonna get killed? The Masked Man Scott517183-NO. D. Rugy Party! iR.U. 8 B.l.T.B. O.A.P.U.J DOnna That's not your car! Hey mare want to go swimming - they're wrecked! GIGMWBO 12131182-W.S.M.B! PTHERP RT'S Let's all take a bow UZE GUYS Thumpingtisiamming Thanks M"D Nancy Linnehan 24 Hamden Circle Winter, Spring Track - 10 The Cheat group little foxies, Hey Babe Lumpy- June-Beav-Eddie-Holly The Monte. The Townie,The Pool Sue's Beach, The Zoo, The G.C. SYJGSWTF, Maca Dee's everyday The usual at DD's, J.S.A.W, Lets walk on the wild side ODPLP, Whats Shakin Meet you in- side '413182' LC,DS,KT, SH,SE,KB Bye guys it's been real Thanks Mom and Dad Paul Lloyd James Locke 15 Prospect Ave. "Locka" "The Animals House" - the closet door, the trim, and Granny D. Car- calo's Cellar, Pine Street. "Tonight Let It Be Lowenbrau" too expensive "This Bud's for You". J.K. and J.M. "Wimp Out" "Joe who were you with?" Party with the H.P.D. 4119183 "ASIA" "NAVY BOUND" N.C. - "Carcalo", J.D. - "Aniaml" J.M. - "Hondo", J.K. - "Ears" l think we'll all remember the "HAMSTER MAN" it st x I . RUN .Tv-"u-t""' 'rv'-Jr Qxrrfff Stavroula Liberidis fRouIai Freeze now or burn later, put down your arms, give peace a chance!! Do not turn away pay attention to your world. Stand up for what you believe in. Thanks and love to the folks. Anna Lio 24 Harriet Avenue CD,LH,ST, RM,SM,CM, TM,JW,JB, KL,KC,EM, CO,LO.. IWOMENI - THE FANS! D.S.C.-T.G. - 411183 - SoCo!Crazy! J.S.D.-SAAB GANG!Thanx Hag - Mr. T's run! THE BOOT - 2112 days!OAS! ST.P.D. - 3113183 - "Did anyone see the parade?" - C'mon Eileen! J.P. - 6110183 . . . Scusset I8 ll! Celebrate good times!! STRUT! Kitty,Kltty! Rebel! Sometimes you just gotta say W.T.F.!l Banana Mobile! Thanks Mom8tDad FLORIDA Bound - 4110184!!! MY NAME IS SOI' Siv L0. I CAME FROM CAMBODIA. MY FAMILY ESCAPED FROM OUR HOME LAND IN 1979. WE WANTED TO LOOK FOR FREEDOM. I HAD SPENT TWO YEARS IN THAILAND, AND FIVE MONTHS IN THE PHILIP- PINES CAMP, BEFORE REACHING THE U.S. IN 1982. NOW, WE HAD FREEDOM, AND I AM VERY PROUD TO BE A STUDENT IN NORTH OUIN- CY HIGH. I PLAN TO MAJOR IN THE FIELD OF COMPUTER IN THE FUTURE. THANKS TO AMERICAN GOVERNMENT! BrianJ.Lowe "BRI" 66WalkerSt. EFFY'S RULES, OUINCY SCHOOL. BABOBlE'S CELLAR PARTY, J.M. ROAD NEW YEARS "83" R.E.G. HOT PARTIES WINTER "82" AT THE HOLE, HOODSIES K.W.,S.M.,L.B.. E.P.,P.P.,O.B., S.B.,K.M.,L.R.. P.M.,J.Z.,R.B.,8.L. CLAUS H. RAMONE'S, B-52'S DEVO,POLlCE BUSTED AT THE BEACH 18 CURLS. THE ROCK PARTIES TRACY 81 BONNIE LATER t I-E QF ltr J' ,f ,y X 1. Donna Lydon 160 W. Squantum St. 180 D. tC.P.T.l HAL "81" B!B Police 8!10!83 Rockin Boxes crusin despo drive blowdoors Bro NOVA crusin in the topo 83 C.C. Illusions corp beach CG. Oh my God Anna's fathers HOME! D.T.N.Y.C. Thumperes ammin Where's my pocketbook? WILLIOY Poison H20 M.J. hose around "CS" TWINS at BK Get mid- night Deb! YAGO take a bow guys! kill its redsyellow "ls this the end'?" never! Mare,Barbs, Deb kill SAND8t AND Thanx BF's FOREVER CHICKSCHICKS THANX M St D John MacDonald 105 S. Central Ave. "MACA" "HONDO" Hoop 9 Baseball 9 Skiing - Dynastar,NH Goling - S. Sneads Jamaica me very happy! P.S. BASIC VALUES ARE WHAT WE'RE ALL ABOUT. NU,EC,OR NPC bound. JO lAnimalJ NC lCacaloJ JL tGretchJ JK lHowdyJ Airstrip - slvmal - L.l.B.L. Nothing else is a volksie. Deborah A. Mallory CDEBBIEJ 368 Belmont St. Jackie, Julie, Kelli, Sandy, Tara, Dee. Joey, Stocka, Kevin, Micheal, Eddie, Anthony, Brendan, The O Girls, The Port-Boys, Cumbie's Crew, Aza, Piney, Habor Lights, The Port, Massy, Eddie's Party, New Years 1983, Sophomore Skip Day, C.l.T.L., Junior Prom, College Pond, Time ln A Bot- tle., SIS, Snickers Bar Little Boy? "ANDY" Bye Quincy! l'll Miss Ya!!! Patricia Markham "Patty" LCQPCQEDQ CKQDMQPM, ANQJPLPS- WAF B+T-2118181 Van Day - 11!16!81 RR-9!1!82 KP - 6!10!83 DLH1 HP83 Jillian - 10!17!83 Quadra-woman K-E-G-KH Winter 82-JM-QS-EF-WB Huts QPD got me Campaweeva! SD at WB wonderbowl OH-8!19!80 DM Parties - Marshmellows N-500 GT-cellar- Gopher it! Door Job BB8 B,FF Mis- sion Who died? LN! Patty Cubed tempest 7-eleven Mr.T'S WTF AT T at 2 Morey P'S What time does Midnight Mass Start? IN the BOOK TSRCD! PSS! Marina 83 Luv u Ma! See ya f r Janice Lydon Julian Macri Tennis 10, 11, 12 Choir 12 Orchestra 10, 11, 12 Pride Committee and NHS +Julio+ I LIKE PASTA, WHAT'S IT TO YOU Marge's anthropology class. Fights with Chico. Mr. Will!!! Vittorio Vidal Beatlesongs Sure, l'm playing soccer this year. V-ball Hard work will get you places. +Good luck N.Q.H.S. 1984+ Marie C. Manchester 76 Willow Ave. "REE" Yearbook - 12, Nurses Club - 12 Powder Puff, J.A. 11-12 Beth, Stace, Dawn, Em, Laur 'Best of Times' "Summer of 83" "DOT" - Moondogs 5!29 'DIV' Caddy, Aphi, Castle Island!! R.E.B.S. Parties!! Drive-in!! "Mega" - "That's queer" P.S.q.o.q. - f.u.m! Q.B.T.B.O.l 'Turkey Day' R.D.B.W.P.J.l Quakes! Deborah M. Marah - "DEBBIE" Montclair-NK JC EM SD QFFJ Bobby-Joe, 3-9"The Barn" ICBGFY "The Roof" inApril "Ya coulda been here! "Last night of 9thNo Turning Back! "Where you going'?" PS-SP! Mornings alter, let's go to breakfast! "l'm in shambles" Winters - .80-82 Pizza anyone? K-E-G Beach Lightning Strikes! ST "JUST A LITTLE YOKE"3!17!83 TB SS-SB ED-ER? Hosing with MJ-Th Gang! GMOFH! EM-Dt RdSmPks! JB8teveryone - AlIThe Rocking Times - CP THANX- M8tD For Everything! TD VH-Til-6 TR-"STAY WITH ME!" Kimberly H. Marshall eeeeee faced! Di!! Always BPF Remember "P" in library w!C+C Jr. Skip Day "82" Best Twosomes Di + KM Miss ya's Julie, Jill, Mary, Chris - 11!5!83 - FRlENDLY'S! 7!6!82- w! McGinn - 9!2!83 Luv U Always S.M. Archies Sr. Prom 84 "Nite to remember" Flaky Puff "81-82" Kimberly Martin 12 Pembroke St. Paul - 6!14!82 - I LOVE YOU! Monet et Chandon, "Ocean" Sunday Mornings Jr. Prom, Bickford's B and the L Peg-n-Jim, Halloween '83 The Island, Summer '82 and '83 Bunsmania, Chem. 11, SL 81 TT G.H., S.B., and me. The Three Dad, Cheryl, Cociosg THANK YOU Sean P. McAIeney 43 Ellington Rd. I did it my way Mom8t Dad FY Mary Young Brian McCarthy 1 'x Z'- KTA' P nf -uni' Jerry Marlin Football 9, 11, 12 Hockey 9, 10, 11, 12 Kettlehole winter 82 55 53 73 Lou 1, 2, 3, O my ratness P-Party Jimbo's cellar The films WAM Street hockey Softball Fatman Jr. Skip day Ouincy School H.H. Keep the change JR Prom OAJP Carol 8l18!82 To the max at Jim's Dominant left side with Herman CC Chicks stupid questions Keg More ERB BDAA Halifax PP Coach Ya ok See ya Later North Theresa Mayhew James M. McCadden 55 Sturtevant Rd. WRESTLING, FOOTBALL JIM HOOLEY JC STEWEY WARDY LOU1 LOU2 LOU3 TOTAL RATNESS ZEITH TARD"O"REBALS WEBBS TOOL MATTY JOUNER SKIP DAY VALLIES KEEP THE CHANGE BEAUTY PAGEANT JIMBO HOOLEYS KIT- CHEN TABLE THE ROCK HALLO- WEEN AT DEBS WXT TAXI TURKEY DAY JC'S POOL SIDE JIM LOVES DIANE ALWAYS 6!18!83 TC'S SLUMBER-GBI CAPE COD THE BROOK-POMP ANESIT BEACH THANKS MA AND DAD GOOD BYE TO ALL THE CHARACTERS Margaret McCarthy Kim 425 The Beaver and the Lumber- jack lBickford'sI Chem 11 S.L. T.T. Jr. Prom Kim-n-Paul B.B. D.F. D.S. S.C. Sully 9!5!83 D 1 Nd """?? Nl' -Cf' 7 Tara McCarthy 92 East Elm Ave. Spirit,Pride, Coed,Yearbook Com JW,JB,CM, KL,ST,KC, EM,CO,LO. AL,SM,RM, LH,CD "Where's the Par- ty" Ken the GigologWH Remember the new year Pool Room H-Game "BD" Jude the flowers haven't died yet nights at Ken's Wonga Pong Door Knobs Acme Joe's Parties Keep Looking for those 3 Stars Scussetgtalks w7 Sam Nantasket Chinese Red Light WIR "Cars"it6 Keep out of the marshes H-KQSS TSC-walk in the rain Halloween 7- 11"Florida" Thanks Mom 8. Dad Sheila McCloskey Junior Achievement 10, 11 Eileen, Al, Lori, Deb, Moe M. Traci, John's par- ties, Friday nites at Lori's, "the crew", TWZ,UPS, Heuh "Do you have a pass?" Talks w7 Tara, Turkey Day, Like ya know? Too Funny! coffee? Cathy-O 120 to Woburn We had homework? "Surprise" Mr. T's room itch Pho w7 Jo De-sufnoc JL 37 317 83 Florida 4783 Jimmy 4712782, B 81 T 2718781 ls this the end? IMY!! Elizabeth McEachern 201 Salford Street Montclair crew SD, JC, DM, NK, EM . . . FF The Wall. DM never touch small boxes!!! Confrence time. SOTFF Susan's hair ha! hal Donna's Juv. home Parker The Beach The many nights at the Y Tom Petty 977783 Cape 82, 83 KM memories. Going to BH tonight? Steve ilu-always The bestest girl, I tried Dad! Thanks Mom I Love You! I Do believe l've had enough it's time for me to fly - REO John McGIame 171 Harvard St. Whitey Magic 106.7 WMJX Tempest Runs To Mr. T A gentleman is one who does not hurt one's feelings unintentionally Ruleitt Don't sweat small stuff Ruleii2 lt's all small stuff lf you can't flee it your just gonna have to flow. Q Q YT T' l xx ik 4 nu , ,, .JM I Jennifer Mary McCauley 210 Manet Ave. Pizza Chef - WOW! Skip - If you were younger - Wolfgang - l'M FINNYI WE SOUND GOOD-See- KONK! Choir Trip 1 81 2-Hojo to Go - Right in the bucket, Donna! District '83 1714783 - MOONLIGHTER 9783 - What A Nightgownl - MARY CATHERINE? How TALL is Guildenstern?How tall is his SON? But I do it THIS way! Tempo - 4711783 - Chris, John, Liz, Mauz, Donna, EVERYBODY - HAVE A NICE LIFE 8. NEVER TAKE YOURSELF TOO SERIOUSLY. Paula J. McCormack "POOH" TP: PC-LC-ED- CK-PM-DM- AN-JP- PS Ladies Nite-WeAreFamily - SOFINE K.E.G. - ROCK - OS- HUTS - JM-EF-ASW! "RYE"-TX- CAPE-DOT-SClT- TASKET! TOTB- PSS-"GRUBS" - 711-GOPHERITI FHID-P4-LDay - theDlNK - LETSDO IT! DOCKPARTY - CMBOYS - Eyat - PEACOAT? BMBOYS - 12LS - CUTIEPIE - PYT- V-TF! JP-JSD-OPDNGM-MRT'S-C: CB?- LYJC 108 - CLASH-EM - WATS - 3MI - DAYTONAI MIS- SION FROM GOD! MARSH- MALLOW "Gonna Marry Sum Rich Guy IT'S A GIRL! lT'S IN THE BOOK! Bobby 9-11-83 XO "DM- JBMDSBPSJ" "ls This The End?" CAMPAWEEVA! Debra McGahan 217 Holbrook Rd. Debbie N.H. 7-4-81, the good old days, PB, LG, TK, friends forever, Montclair, TK's parties, 3-20-81 Laus should I? Cape 10-15-83, Sam 81 Sharon, Louisiana, CWMAK 143ED, Chuck 81 Bob, Jr.Prom, the bus, Bermuda??? the apt, What a bunch, B-Cruise 8-17- 83 Cowboys, Ernie Always Susan McGrail 77 Shed St. NOHS Boys Soccer ii Cheering 12 Tb Game W7 J+K Track 10 Pride Comm., Parties: Scusset days OAS ER TR Mdays Summer83 JP+SP'S FTM PSL "Let's go legs" Who's winning? FOJ Foot+B ball games T-days P-puff "Possibly" O.D. on MM Cat-HA "WDI" 10:00 at B's BKCLC 9725782 C-night 4719783 143 MY MD 7 PATB+OP C+NY Eve TN FYM RM Thanx for listening good luck IMY RM CO EM LO LH CD AL CM TM JB ST JW KC JP P D JITXJ Thanks Mom Florida 84 Bye NOHS I Y Matthew T. McGuiggan 73 Ocean St. Wrestling N.H. Cape Code Camping in Erving "LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL" Maria K. McGurI 300 Bellevue Rd. WINTER TRACK 9, 10, 11, 12 SPRING TRACK 9, 10 SOCCER 11 PRIDE COMMITTEE 12 WIZ, MF, DH MARSHFIELD!!! 9!4-9!7!83 SKELECTOR KEEP IT UP WATERMELON PCH,WHY'? M.S. KNOWS IT ALL AND SO DI I. T.G. QMY BUDDYI,WGTlA. WHAAT? SOMETIMES YOU JUST HAVE TO SAY J.M.-DL "YUM" F.F. WOODS HOLE. MR. TURTLE TY-DEE THANKS MOM AND DAD James McNamara Michelle Medeiros 90 Ashworth Rd. LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL! TGIF Chickatawbut Rd Braintree DI KS in Roslindale 111 JS in Dover FOREVER! What!What? BUD THURS DAY LEPRECAUN ALWAYS ON MY MIND CAN'T BELIEVE I MADE IT! Thanks Mom+Dad To my friends THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES! CON- GRATULATIONS CLASS OF '84 GOOD LUCK! I f a .. ul John A. McGuire 7CaIumet St. CHOIR 9, 10, 11, treas.12, PRES. STUDENT COUNCIL 9-11, VicePres. PRIDE COMMITTEE 9, 10, 11, 12 SOUTH EAST 9, 10, 12 ALLSTATE 10 FOOTBALL 9, 12 SEEKONK- THUMB FOR P.J. with EF IRISH PUB Lizdawhiz WHAT SNOW? MK. SATOL.l. SEPT. 81,82, 83LEMANS J.P.SKlNDlP, S.L.AOUARIUM SWIM TOWNIES, PORTOPARTY, JO Hick DR NEW YEARS 1!7!83 ON THE FIRST N.H.ANDP.T. MMEFMK JEB LIVESIYUM Rita McLaughlin 99 Billings Rd. Pride Comm 11, 12 SPIRIT COM. 12 Track 10"Hay go babe" tHUH?J FYM Jr-Prom, Scusset 1, 2 IPHI P.I.G. "CRAZY" "Thats funny" "The Boot" "WTF" M-Days B-Ball games and FOOTBALL GAMES 1121 t143MG1117i Summer"83" P-Puff "RUMPROAST" The fans S.S.M.K T- DAY!NOit1-83 Joanne - Parties. "10!29!83" Mrs-T SM,Thanx - UR- MYBF, 4-ever,CD-1433 F-days MY house, CD,LH,CO,LR,EM,ST,AL, TM,CM,JB,JW,KC,JP,PM,DC GOOD LUCK ALWAYS CLASS OF "84" Andrea McNeice 12 Ruthven St. Tennis 9-12 Thanks MAURA 6 yrs DER like your all Chuckles, OK- Ready-GO!! Victims of the GC VOD JP Spoony'?Faced!!! 1800 Wishing on a star TG MC Races at GH Watkins St The Beach MJ, BK,KC,DL, DL,SW,LH NEW Years EVE 82 POLICE 8!10!83 Are You Still Here? Spark up the habac hi! What Party at Andrea's 121 Slammers Codders at DL's mare this pacer smeIls,Mel get out of the tire Hey donna thats not your car! There's a animal in this car! COWBOY Thanks M 8 D David M. Meleedy Activities: National Honor Society, Computer Club, Harvard Observatory, Mos!JVAC Future Plans, To attend a good college and to graduate high school. To marry into money Things to Remember: Matt in the museum. D 81 D with Chris, Ed, and Steve. night observing with Dave. Murphy's Iawnever fauls. I better be successful by the time I read this 67 XY' "NTP KK- A rift! L fyff . it 7 iii... f ,, 4. 4 IP A -...1" I Carolyn Marie Mercier 31 Knollwood Road Choir,Madrigals, Band-vp,Cguard Pride com, NHS,So.East, Drama-vp Girls' State,Sci-fair, Laura,remember to . . . Sue Kez SeeKONK 82183 N1 Florida 84? Pret- ty scary WAH! A May-an! Our Town Guys and Dolls KST-Annie - JM JP 82-DR 83-CM-Rockport CJHS Thank You Mr. C, Mr. H, and Mr. M. I love you Mom and Dad!!! Ours is an ex- quisitely bizarre relationship. Michele Miller 222 Wilson Ave. Soccer: 10, 11, 12 Doug 7!25!81 My Guy, Roses Sr. Prom "83" The Cape LR,OB We're at the movies? M. Lites Metro"Candy Girl" 7-11 LR,MF KM! Paragon The Mic Mug Kim about the flat, Mom's Car Mike's Chauffeur f Z- 2,MS I can't believe it! Thanks Mom and Dad Kim Moran 43 Tyler St. SOUANTUM YACHT CLUB, WEYMOUTH THE LITTLE RED GT. MARBLE-HEAD RACES, PAUL + KIM 4-EVA. "I AM THE MASTER OF MY FATE AND THE ONLY TEACHER OF MY SOUL." IT'S BEEN REAL! MOM AND DAD,TOLD YOU I'D MAKE IT. DC,MF,JH, BC,DD,DM, LK, NK Eileen Morris i .vw """7 "K QQ Scott M. Meaaina lMessaj Hockey 10, 11 Captain 12 S.L.A.S. 10, 11, 12 Football 10, 11, 12 1133 TONY D. Baseball 10, 12 Thanks Bunks 11 EFFY'S CLASH Obie's cellar BAB Madness E on tower JZ 81 MESS Police Ramones 52's 83 WP5 Jr. P Benches B-Lo 8- OB OS K.E.G. K Hole winter 82 Hut Party JMR Trash Eagles RAMBO WB TKOE JC St. Hock Jims films Mac Ed PEP Ya ok see-ya O MY RATNESS Wam Nothing is over Later NORTH! Maureen C. Monahan "MOE" 119 wimhrop Ave. Volleyball - 12 Spirit Comm. 11 8 12 SC,MO'D, DB,MF,FM, AS,NC - Scusset Beach - 5-5-83YTRAP 8- 11-83 "ANL" w!d,M,V,K,D Camp Borig Cabin 113 "Do FISH Swim?" 9- 23-83TAGE wfshoe 10-7-83 "OTLTA" F-Moon 11-12-83! TJ-Days "The GeneraI" "Mother Superior" "Joey" "We're working!" SC-L-JT 4eva! Y.A.!! EGGROLLES 4eva! L's Apt.w!d winter 83' "Always 8 Forever" Florida Bound! "Police" 8- 10-83 v-B83 Thanks Mom8tDad Catch Ya! Michael Moriarty 57 Cumminns Ave. MICKEY ROTC 9, 10, 11, 12 U.S.AR- MY, AIRBORNEI FT.BENNlNG GA. THANKS MRHUTCH AND THE FULLERS 1973 OLD CUT SUP SO LONG J.D.B.H. S.P.S. J.O. SARGE SAFIGE AND COLONEL MO C. DAN C. ERIC F. DOM KFC JIM MAC U2 7728783 Deborah A. Moaher 71 Alstead St. Soccer 9 - capt., 10, 11 Track 9 - city champs JOHN - 3!17l81 Always 81 Forever Ten Petals, Marina, TSRCD, Seach, K-E-G, Peaches, QPD-NGM, Escape, Brigham's, we're immature? CVS ls John here? Van Day - 11!16!81 Gopher it! MS KISS, Strand, CZD Tower. Got 50c?, Display, Jr.Prom BB8iB, "QTNA" Fort,Dog Escort BM8iTD-2!18!81, lt's in the book Campaweeva, MMF,"Who died?", AT, Mc.D's, Abs,Jillian, Daytona, WAF Thanks Ma 81 Dad, Later North! Maureen Mulkern 408 Belmont St. Remember all the good times! Moe 8t Bill Rosey Peg Eileen Di Vik Sam Pat Deb Maryann Vernie J.A. 1980-81. Pres. of J.B.S.G. 1983-84. My baby Magnun. Ya Know! You want to wear it? My Charger. No bus to school! Ski bum - waterskiing all summer"83" Good trip to Ireland - summer83 Home Sweet Home "Dorchester." THANK-YOU MOM and DAD! Laura A. Mullin 52 Wayland St. Choir 9, 10 - Trees., 11, 12 - Treas.g Band 10, 11, 12 - Pres., Drama 9, 10, 11- Treas. 12 - Pres., Stage Band, Madrigals 10-121 NHS 11, 12, StuCo 10, Swim 9, 103 PC 10- 125 Southeast 9, 11, 12, Heritage 111: 81,82, 83, Worcestor, SeeKONK! Newport, CaroIyn,Kerry, Music Ban- quet 81-84, O Holy Night, Our Town, Guys 81 Dolls, JP:81-813 Thanks PDH,MCg Ride on King Jesus. Cheryl A. Murphy "MURPH" 38 Vanen St. 9-12SOFTBALL "LOUI" ALLTHEWAYS - ME REP SADD Committee 11-12 N4GOTTENT.D. 4 yr. COLLEGE E.C.H. "KP- OTHVBACE" BUD!SRiL8-101983 "THECOPS" AVON? R-SUMMER82 LONGWALKS THE"D" J.P.G - 10- 83 W.V. S.S.GEORGE T.W. GOODTIMES1-2 D.P.MRJBJJJAMA BKGRENWNINFA - MARY - Richie!G-TIMES WEMA DEITIN "84" NORTH THANKS MOM-DAD!"CIAO" Marianne Murphy Patrick J. Mulkern 333 Belmint St. WSY Forbsie The Course WDFA The SPA The Arcade Saturday Night with the oldies "99" Quarters "Hee-Haw" "Ain't Nothin but a Party" L BIG SARKA Skeffa Booolsterl Larz-on lm- ph!Smitty Chubba Nick muz Chippa Diker Tedzo Bernadette C. Murphy 80 Elm Ave. CJ-RAT.6!12, sleep-overs, PROM 10-Bio-The FISH, BIackRussian BOD 11-HistLateEvery Day "skipping" JR.PromCYOFF! LeenBo starts "SUMMER" The Break, BRAIN- TREE, concertsfSting, Bowie 81 George! WOLLBEACH, SOUAN- TUM,The Movies 12 - The Gremlin, weekends, A4 ANL S.G.-N.T. V.J.S.K.B. l'IIMissYa " " ' KRlSTEN:WHAT CAN I SAY'?'?"" Ourindepthdiscussions The Best Bye Everyone Good Luck Thanks Don't Forget The Dette. . . John Murphy Pierce Murphy , l 69 Lisa Napolitano G.F.-M.W. J.L.D.F. K.A.S.W. C.O.C.J.S. Cin Rabs-B-Friend Cindy you leech! Summer of 81 w!Cin. Lisa-n-Jimmy! 4-23-82 I Love You Jimmy! Leon, Snugs Effys 81, 82, 83V2. Made it Mom and Dad! Das's house! The Huts The Beach, Effys Corner. Z-W TODAY IS THE FIRST DAY OF THE REST OF YOUR LIFE! THE FAMOUS FINAL SCENE, J.F.B.G. SEGER! Kathleen Noe "Kathy" 52 Harvard St. I made it! Love ya Keith.The Golf, MK,PL'S Fort.Good Times The Rock Parties, KD Always remember forever, CK,JA,JE,SF, Thanks for everything KD,MG,MM JM,SR,DR, IR,PN, always remember MG'S KD'S JR'S and KEL'S good parties MGs X"mas par- ty.l did it mom.Love ya Mom and Dod. N.G.U.N.N.A.F. nad H.F.M.l.S.S Oct.13 Keith 83-84 Plymouth JR Prom The gang Parties up at Plymouth. Thanks for everything everyone ,,..i9 15 MD 'Qi 4Qg 3:2 ,1 I Y ei- f Robert Nelson Angela Nogueira "Noogs" IL john 12-4-82 IL Jillian 10-17-83 VanDay11-16-81. Quadro Mud- woman BMB. LadiesNight. LC,PC,ED,CK,DM,PM,PM,JP, PS.WlGWL. Tat2. RUBICS! HOML. LARDY'O. WhoMeMom? ANatWoII Thankyou Bethany and NQHS. Honky TONK, WOMAN! ISRCD. pooIParty6- 10 Spence,PSS. Clothesline, AT.FC You only live once! TEN PETALS We're going to make it!3 of us ILY Mom and Dad. WelI,See Ya! 1:04 -X, Julie A.Nee 87 Bartlett St. Gymnastics 10, 11 fCapt.J 12 Cheerleading 10, Swimming 12 Na- tional Honor Society, Spirit Commit- tee, Foreign Language Honor Society, Yearbook Comm. Co-ed Club, An- thropology Club NN NF DS AH Maine "Beached" The hill, BM+R "Holy Hoodsies" Sandy Neck, JB, July 3, 1983 The pursuit of excellence in the face of adversity is invariably matched by the glory of the result. Thanks Mom+Dad - I love you. Susan Nee Natalie Ellen Nigro GYMNASTICS 10, 11, 12 SPRIE COMM. YEARBOOK SKI TRIP SCI FAIRS E COLLEGE LOVE YOU. ROADRUNNER IMSKYLINE Cl SAN- DY NECK JR.PROM BEACHED GREAT ESCAPE SNOOPY VI IG- UANA FURY3 MANIAC NERVES BFF:JN,AH,NF, ES NN L CP THANKS JULIE lT'S BEEN REAL! PN JM COACH TRICKY EUROEAN ROMAN- TIC 12!23!82 THANKS MOM AND DAD ANTHRO CLUB 114,39 HUGS SQUANTO + POCAHONTAS FANS CLASSY LADY MISS YA AMY BET- TER IS ONE'S OWN PATH THOUGH IMPERFECT THAN THE PATH OF ANOTHER WELL DONE Carl 0'Brien TTT? jx fi wi 'vc-31' A Catherine 0'Brien 393 AdamsSt. Cheering 10-12, Gymnastics 10 EM,LO,SM,JW,AL,RM,CM,KC,JB, TM,LH,CD,ST,KLg Scusset 18.2 W.T.F. MARAVISTA 4148 7!21!83 Jr.S.Day FM"Who's Winning" CPJ1 St.P.D. DD with Morris M-Days PSL NAJ AIRPORT PDJ O.D,ING ON MM "ALL NIGHT LONG" LB's PARTY 7!31!83 Fall River? T's 81 B's "Blow it oft" Summer 83 FOJ AEC"WOMEN!" B.Cheering.QH: "Cousins" TAXI-A!l!S Windsurf- ing:Sking Q J.S BKCLC "CRAZY" "SUE, WE GOTTA!" KAT- HA..FLORIDA 4!10l83! Susan O'Brien 190 Fayette St. "POLICE CONCERT" . . . Sum- mers 81 81 83, ALL NIGHTERS GOLF, JAY'S PARTIES, ALWAYS REMEMBER:J.W., C.K.,D.M., D.G.,J.H.,L.- ,... "BOY WAS THAT CLOSE" Bermuda?? Jr. Prom Weekend June 5th w! the 4 Fu's, Cape 83 Jean 8. Bobs trip to FEN- WAY!! Chuck 81 Bob, Minibus, Cristos Thanks for the memories SEE YA LATER NORTH "THANKS MA 81 DAD" Richard 0'ConnelI 78 Winthrop Ave. - Rich - The Den - Jah Rastafari-The O's The Poor Children of 83 Camping, Ice Cold Buds Centrum Concert zung- guzunggug uzungguzeng Porch Wood, F.B.G.C. - S.P.T.W. H.F.A.O. L.P.A.G.C.J.F.O. 81 OCTOBER FEST "83" Van Totaled 7-6-83 11:53 "' . . . Summer 83 Natty Dread. Michael D. 0'ReiIIy REILSI This ain't no party This ain't no disco It's N.Q.H.S. We finally made it CHIP- PA! 'Best friends 4 ever' BABES! DM.EE.RF. PN.RC.RP. DG.JN.LC. RW.JB.DP. KG.MW.JW. CG.FB.JP. BG.KW.DL. JE.FM. Thanks Betty, Carol, Mary, MARTHA! Study Julie, Kris I love ya' Karen Thanks MA Thanks DAD -as ---Q "EiT'7r' +37 Kevin O'Brien 91 Montclair Ave. THANK-GOD ITS FINALLY OVER. 12 YEARS QSORRY 13 YEARS! IT WAS DOWN HILL IN SENIOR YEAR GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE IN THE FUTURE"" P.S. THANK YOU MOM AND DAD iESPECIALLY SUSANI Cathy 0'ConneIl Friends Forever:BC,MC, CR,PM,PS, PL,LN,LW, JS,CS,JH, BW,SW,PP, AS,CM,IM, ED,EK,DL Puerto Rico, "It's PARTY TIME" The Rock,Kettle HOLE, WTTBLWHIQ Camping in Irv- ing,Sean 6!27!83 P.Road, Mr. T'S, Fights wf Betsy "l'm In a BOX", "TTHD" "FUBAR!!" Champagne nights, Hutt Party!!! Bonnie and Tracy 2!18!81, KEG The Beach, EFFIES. J.P.6!1O!83 The Cape, W.T.F, J.M.Road, I made it Mom,l Love You Dad! Mary 0'DonnelI 41 Barham Ave. Tennis - 9, 10,12 MM SC YA DB MF Thanks North Lauren O'Rouke LEGS 8. B 5 Northfield Ave. GYMNASTICS, CHEERING. TRACK,COED PRIDE COMM, SPIRIT, DRAMA,NHS CO,EM,SM, ST,CD,LH. AL,RM,KL, TM CM,JW,KC,JB "WOMEN" DSC F!F OAS PDJ THE ROCK O.R. AFBG MXL SCUSSET SLUSHES SUMMER 83 LDOS JULY 31 JM JSD JP SHADES WTF ODING ON MM W! CAT HA ORAT FOJ M DAYS W MORRIS ALL NIGHT LONG CHINESE REDLIGHT NANTASKET DAVE T'S, JB,JM, PARTIES WSAJC SN W! SUE EOC PSL FTM RATNESS FLORIDA BOUND LUV YA MOM 81 DAD 7 1 I firmer? 9 iff-3' 4 1. d x i X . . ,ft ff 10' x Craig Orrock 245 South Central Ave. SOCCER 10, 11'?, 12 fThanks Davel TOURNEY BOUND! V112 A.E.l.O.U. Distance does the job everytime L.l.T.E.The Airstrip + Rock Scusset Beach!Where's David T? Good luck to all the B's! 9!24f83 Animal, IN- FKDQJPWIEM D.BgM.WgN.CpM.Wg S.OgJ.F.Hi Cab Time to head for the mountains No C or B5 Woo's on the 4th. Brownie's House! Raxwellg JD. Everyone is FUBAR3L.B's 1st P. 2V2 pack makes a Rack-o' - em! Time for Celebration,Seeya NO! Lisa-Ann Pacino 55 North Bayfield Rd. "Best of Times" JH,TD,AD, LD,JC,JB, MS,DB,DD MIKEY D.,KL, LW,KD,JL, KD,SL,LC, TC 81 MOHO Fantastic Voyages. DOT,BARK IN THE PARK, OOH RATS,Xmas parties New Year's Eve 82-83,ST. PATTYS DAY 82-83 Pearl Harbors, OUT TO LUNCH AT TONI'S "Don't worry about it," The O.P., The Rock,Twisted, beg, shnasty, No right,Where am i?, DORCHESTER MARTINIS SCHOOLS OUT I MADE IT Thanks Mom + Dad. John J. Palma Jr. 14 Heath St. Squantum Wrestling 9, 10, 11, 12 Football 9-11 Gymnastics 9 Capt. Deb 3-17-81, Dougs Grandmas, KEG Rover DIED, Dougman CGDABEASAK Gilligen, Bone,SS. Dana, Lambie Kettlehole, Screenhouse, Irving CC-3 Ch18 MrSmall, Nellie, Fiat The voyage, The Rock, Scussett Roosters, White- hoarse, Boneyvile JuIy4"Who Broke The Choir" Drivelns "Chinese Water" "OJP" "The sink" College Pond Zone 2AM Areti L. Pappas C17H2104N-9111183 "CRASH '83" "The Rock" Jr.Skip-day July4th LDOS-"Dazed and Confused" LISA: Remember 10!1!83 TRACY D. RPC- 9!6!83 l5more min!Right LF'?J KK - "I don't get it'?!" DLC-IDR! St. Patty's Day "Shi-doo-bee" THE ROLLING STONES 12!18!81 We're there Summer of '84!! "Don't let the world pass you by, you'd better take your chance now, or be sorry for the rest of your sweet loving Iife." - Jagger!Richard Scott Orrock 245 South Central Ave. D.B,M.WgN.C, M.W:C.O1C.O' BgE.Mg and Lauren Dave's and Jo's HalloweenQ Brownie's, Raxwell IDN- BL'SK I know I didn't. JD jpfwlmd, I'm not Craig, the party platter profes- sionals at Barry's DeIi.Airstrip and Rock. College Pond '83 Pats' Game. Maybe Killington? I do not play soc- cer, 3V2 pack, RL and CK thanks a lot. Pat's Peak Jan.'83 WTEBJIML? We won't forget the hamster., Thank You Mom and Dad. What's Next? Edward F.Page "EDZO" 36 South Bayfield Rd. EFFY'S,Capt. JAY-2,PEP, BAB,KEG KH PARTIES, WINTER 82 OBIE'S CELLAR,HUT PARTIES, JM AND EF FORT,SUMMER 82 AT WB,OLD SWILL DAYS, WINTER 83 AT QS,KILL THE DOT RATS, SUM- MER83 BOWIE AND THE POLICE AT SS, B-52's C.C., SlOC,BOOF'S ON DEVO DAY, SUMMER 83 AT WB,SUMMER 81 AT APPLETON GMB,DAP BROKEN FOOT, HALLO- WEEN 83 AT DEB'S, BEACH ST. AND TM BUSTED WB, CLASH AT- TACK, ROCK, GOOBA 1812 SOOON!!EFFY'S WILL GET YOU GRIMA, E RULES,LATERl!l John E. Panaro 8 Winslowed SQUANTUM Football 10, 11, PATDU 12 PRPP SBC - BD GC DM JR TP DD MB JM MK? 4th of July 25th The Rock The Big D The Field Boiler Makers QPD Caught me Black Cadillac FBL CYP Jaime Paz "Squash, Crazylegs" Soccer 10, 11, 12, TOURNEY'TEAM Briggy8t FatBoy live, GO-GO-GO . . . This team was special to me. Weekends - Munchkinsg ParkingLot Soccer: CheechNight3 AtariParty CADDY: Break-Dancingg Moonwalk HAWAIIAN SHIRTS, MicheaIJgDiana Simon8rGarfunkel: Beechieg RAGS - the WonderDogg Marlo C., Get the Gang - J.JpS.GgJ.Lg V.D:D.MgJ.Mg P.MgR.G 81 some pizza's 81 We Be Jamminglz If you put your hand on your heart and listen to your soul, you'lI be able to dance. NO NUKES, Thanks Michael Phelan THE SPECIALS - GHOST-TOWN! too HOT CANSTERS CONCRETE Jungle lT'S not wise to be A good stu- dent RASTAMAN Johnny was stiffnecked fools you think you are cool crazy-Baldheads grow your dredlocks Don't be afraid Kool-Bros All you Jocks And all you clics keep- on fighting until your dead Robert P. Pirelli Student Council, Pride Comm., Spirit Comm., Baseball V.P. - Thanks to the speech. Air Force? Marines? Col- lege? Politics! I will be PREZ! D.D. for Mr. B and me - lHTCJ Track, Lot- tery, Cards, MEGA! The Gambler, Don't Bet Me! If at first you don't suc- ceed, give a good speech. John, I can't go to SSP I have SB. How about a LP. concert? We love Fi.D.! Thanks to all my friends C1437 Thanks Ma and Dad - I Love You! Linda Pontes Love Ya Jim! pumpkin, never let ya go! MD, RR, SB, PO, TG, AK, DB. Katie, Dunks, Greenpeace, Mr. Tangway "When streams turn pink in the setting sun 81 a shudder rushes through the fields, a plea for hap- piness seems to rise out of all things 8- it climbs up to the troubled heart. A plea to relish the charm of life while there is youth 81 the evening fair, for we pass away, as the wave passes, the wave to the seas, we to the grave- Bourget. Peggy Marie Quill 'Sis 'Pig'Pegs' Majorettes:9-11, Capt.:12 FLHS Pride Comm. Band Yeah!Oh my Goodness Gagope Linda Mae's 6130? Chuck Pizza Hey,babe DD Goo-goo Beagle Fla? Lil'blue Chevette Maaagret Lori Ellen 82-83: "The Year" Fred! OIC JP: T.F. Oink Bike Ftides:Sunset lake OCH Bookshelf But Emma E4 Bonjour,Julie Chocolate Nantasket The babysitter Football games MJDD Tra Hurles Mrs. B. F 81 F oopsie The Ledger PDH-ACF Practice?fJ+G! Mon!Dieu! Peigeen DSXNOIJQIDOI We made it sis! JoyPimenteI 128 Standish Fioad Cheering 9, 10, 11, Capt. 12 OJP- NJP, "Crystal", Crash "83 "The Rock" PeggyNawton "Party" FCA "FiedLight"JudyC. and BK's OHB "DynamicDuo" "Campbaweeva" "Moochie" "Ladies'Night" Smurf "Gopherlt!", "Deb'sParties" Beiil THE GANG, "unbelievable!", BSWBVS Scusset "Anotherparty?" Gum in THE HALL Kelly's NTSKsum- mer'83 - THANKS MOM 81 DAD - "THE BEST OF TlMES" Robert F. Plante 324 Farrington St. Swimming 11, 12 LC Bubba KEG,THE School,THE Hole THE Tail Beach 8!17 Huts Party Bubbamobile DB-BEN-CR-JL-MK DKs Slammin- Channel sts MDC UK-Anthro- Dentist - THE-ZOO - BAB-Robert-Plant - 9!6!83 FR - WHATS-UP- MATES - JB-EFllN-DEB-HEFFS-JS- CAL - JG-Stick - EP-BK - Bum - Don't Bite-it - PARTY-DOWN- THE-HOLE THANKS - MOM 81 DAD Nora Prendeville MUNDO Sisters 2.45 Baby BEN Get cheebed up! Cold doggies Nasty,out to catch? Ya I have socks Smell a tree HB Who's been playing? The LEATHEFi'S There's something going on!!! Mesc Slug Protest Check out those pecks Down Flirt FREDDIE Toll-man-trapped CHARLlE'83' l'm going back there! BUDDY!! HUH? En- tice me more! l've got the tap! Bona's dead Hurten unit Good Vibrations Sunkist! Does he blow lunch? PIG Sorry No tip! Goofy! DB See ya North Cindy Reba 176 Harvard St. Cind-LN-BF, CO,KA, DG, EF, SW. DG, KFi,RP, KD - EFFY'S 81-82. WB,HUT PARTIES, OS. llove you, Tommy. Angel, Grassey West, Scussett Beach Summers, "Late again, Kath?" Baby Jane.SUMMEFl of "81" WfLis. W and Z's. Acapulco. Doing what you like is freedom, liking what you do is happiness. Montclair. Thank you mum 81 dad. ALL my love U.F. iN.G.B.l 73 sts 4 " 4 I I . , A 'af 'kznr' V5 Y-3 , . an fix, Vfgf, 'S 3 Q: .q:'.'a' ,b st ,'Vi R '43 Richard Raguaa 54 Hovey St. "Flagu" Football 9, 10, 11, 12 "Big 71" Wrestling 9, 10, 11 Capt. 12 Matt,Bill, Webba,Jake, Chris,J.C. and all the boys.Plus "Koo Koo" "Squantum" curtis "The Rock" We'll see what the Marines can do for me. "Oh my Loydness" BFi,LD Junior Prom Night Mohawks before Milton. The tool,flaky putt, chappy North over Quincy on turkey day.Thanks MoM and Dad I Love ya. The Banquet for the boys. Alice Reilly W-Track 10, 11, 12 S-Track 10, 11, 12 CC 125 Pride Comm. 11, 123 Remember CC'83 T.C. M.L. T.L., T.B., S.B., L.B., M.K, A.T, D.L,: You guys' desenfe the best, go for it all! Never Forget! J.C A.C, E.C, J.Z, A.B, K.D, L.F, The Poor Man ls Not He who is without a dream. Never let go of dreams for it dreams die life is like a broken winged bird who can never fly.Thanks Mom, Dad, Moe, and Sheaba! William Rielly Lisa M. Rodophele 126 Harvard St. Swim Team 10, 11, 12 My PoolSDWLB My Carrot7!2!81 The House . . . 2:30am my win- dow"Sweet Dreams" MFAS LB,MF,JC,MF,RS,MC,KK,CM,MM, DC, KM 8 is enuf M.Park 7-11 BK"Lynne, Do I Want To Go Out?" "Here Come The Quincy Girls" S BUBBA "the killer" ABRACADABBA I K+8th YAC Julie's pass-over G The rock?Where's that?'? JPWIJS Candy Girl Bark "Lets Twist"DOT DAY "For The Grace of God" BEFiMUDA"84" Thanks MOM and DAD +1 fe 4 'YYY' LS X 1 'if Qa- Nts.. ' if I , Y l l, ,W y Raja! Ray tRogerJ Co-editor Yearbook "84" Student Council - 12 Science Club - 10, 11 Pride Committee - 11, 12 Photographer Yearbook "84" First Place: Art Festival "81", 81 Photography Exhibit "82" Editor of the "DOWNS" Karyn Reilly 24 South Central Ave. Winter track 10th, Drama 11th Pride Committee 12th Southie Deb and Bob 4-ever, SOCO. JR Prom, Limo, DA+PC ME+MF The Rock, MV - How's ya head? Kavy, 5+6 ohno EM 11!5!83 What the - SM LL JM RB Stop + Shop, LB KH KF JC HM JL JB CC BB SS fThe flirtl Remember the good times - Andera, Eileen, Kelly, Kerri, Kelly, Sue L. Margie and Chris 4-ever 11!29l81 Thanks Mum! Bye North! Bob Reynolds 76 Davis Street "Geynolds" Ski Trip, Quincy Q's-82 BlG,FLA-Bound - 84 Airstrip, Y,VilIa UMass-Suffolk photo-12-settle down Grand Master Halloween - Browny's The 4th-Woo's Later North Mark Romano 64 Vane St. D.F. On Saturday Nights, Light Speed Carl, U-2 6-28-83, Look Out Here Comes Ugly, Ski Trip - 11, Sandy Neck Beach, LOBBIE DIVE, Larry is found, BH,MM,JT CW,RT,JF. JD,DN,RP, Mitsy, See Ya North! 'J Robert Romano 64 Vane St. Cape Cod weekends, Ski Tripp Party Till ya drop, Jr. Prom Scusset Beach WPD Finally Got me, Summer Cruisin, DIVER DOWN Don,LOOK OUT FOR THAT TREE!! We'll Party More In "84" DF,RS PQ,DE,MF, RP,DB: Miller Crew JD Is not for me: Blue Colt Rides' Again! Later North Joseph Russell Stonie Bears, Rusty, Grima,BK, Bum,Vito, Jerry,Mark, Thing, ree! MrBergan's Tie Summer School82 T.D. Savantonews-crew T.M.F.U.N KEG Parties HUT Party-The Tail-The Rock OuincySchooI - KettleHole - Winter 82 - Grima's Mother- Hoodsieville SummerSchooI83 - Erin's House Party - TheJP WithTheBakes - The Cape - Raws on Road-Rats-TB BFGs - The Booze-Cruise - Sleazo DEBBIE I toldyou Iwould getout Ma+Dad. School's Out Forev Paul Ryan 203 So. Central Ave. Hoop 9, 10, 11, 12 ICAPT. 121 "A possible tourney contender" Baseball 10-12 JUDITH 1!29!82 "FAN- TASTIC VOYAGE" Sugar,Grand, Slick J. The 43The TOP 11!10f66 4th-Bombsaway Fiascos with Mac U.M.B.-"SLAM HOUSE" "ICE THAT" Cham B School Yo Sax-JP wl J,K,M "NO CLASS" Clicks:Two faced chumps 33-111 HOOPSTER BC vs. HOYAS Joanne Sarruda 9' ,,...-- Floxano Rowe "Rocky" IT'S BETTER TO BURN OUT THAN FADE AWAY!!! RB,LP,KN, LV,PS,PO. TG,AK,DB, CV,ER-TX8!21!81g GL- TX2!3f83g SH CA TD2f18l81 ' RR 81 SB9f29!83 ' BACLOIC GoogoogDunksg Xmas Party "83"r150 Billy Sguler - THE ULTIMATE UNIT College Fair"83" WelIsIeygDLRg Southie-Rooftops - Castle Island Tues.Nite BC,FredIMint Oinkl Cucumbersg mole patrol, crusin' Charlie: TASPQDILLIGAF? LED ZEP 47 Texas Bound Are We History? Julie Ryan Kathleen Santry David Saullers 46 Russell Street JA! 10, JFBSG! 12 UNH, UMM, UMO. UMFK "SALTY" FDGA, John don't ever forget what that symbol stands for! IDOTDIWG TFEPCOMO Try and figure that one out. Good luck to MD. You're in the Army for life. For those friends of mine who know not of their future, good luck! 75 I I fli '23 I x X J . W!- Q 'MJ ' 'ga Patricia Salton "Pattie,Butf" PC-LC-ED- CK-PM-DM- PM-AN-JP- WAF Ladies Night - Pat cubed - 2118181 ltsagirll - WTF-WATS- JBH: J+S! Goobal -PYT-K-E-G- Huts- OS-JM-WB Rock-D's party - pt+snitfIes -Pie BMb's-V-FHID - Lets do it-yst-AT L-Day83 - TF-PSS- Gopher it - MrT's PP-SH-12LS - DJ-NB: Temp-BB+B-FF Mission from God - The Bet - Sushi Who died?Gimmy a boy-Soco-Grub Mario-Jibberish - BB-7!2!83-SM?! Faithiully - ILYMA-T-Day 83KA7-11 What t'elI is going on ere - OPGM Fembot-BCBound - Campaweeva - it's in the book guys - Bye North - IMY Paul Seegraber 79 Winthrop Ave. The den Jah Rastafarl The poor children of 83 Camping, Ice cold Buds, zungguzung guguzu ngguzeng, porchwood, FBGC-SPTW Oc- toberfest "83" Natty Dread Dorothy E. Serrilla 273 Beach Street Majorettes 9, Co-Captain 10-11 Cap- tain 12, Band 9, 10, 11, 12 Orchestra 10, 11, 12 Orchestra for Sweet Chari- ty Sis,Toto, Short-Stuff, Dee POTDLMMD NBJWBFRS BV- VOAHEHTS! OCHVO, But Em- ma,620,0lC Hawaii 84', FIorida?, Canada 81 ChuckGaGo PeMaagret LV5-2175-28 Lori Ellen,Tracey Lea Anne lil blu Chevette,Monte, Bonnie JP John NeaI,Yeah JSCSLSC PRP- JSPO Thanxs I Love U Yes Sis,we sure made it! John Shaw 197 Hobart St. "SOUISH" "SHAWZO" THE COUGAR, SCUSSET BEACH COL- LEGE FAIR "83" Labels would be nice The Strip, Rockhound Golf Course-14th Stunting on Big Red "this is CRAZY" What would we do without Mr. T? "Hey take it easy" "Keep in touch" "Ahaeah" "SUD?" "Later" Thanks Mom 81 Dad 'QVW "3 Karen Scolamiero Russell Seidere Robert Shaheen QROBJ 236 Quincy Shore Drive MOM'S MONTE CARLO GRAY CHEVROLET JUNIOR PROM ??'? "1999" SCUSETT BEACH QPEARL HABORSJ NANTASKET BEACH "83" RUBBER LOLLYPOP 3B BACK UP YAKOO WIN 40-0 PAR- TY!"WHERE ARE MY KEYS" BEST BUY NO FOREVER SKI BOUND STYGSWTF, PRIDE COMMITTEE 11, 12 "I'M CRAZY" WHAT'S UP,T.D. W!L FOOLING MYSELF,DAN MIKE SHEILA - RITA BABE, MAD-DOG SM,LH,CO, MW,KT,DS'?? GIPPY DO LATER MUCH Jean Shea "Pickle" FF,CS,EK, GG,DM,JC, MC,LN,LB. CO. kEg-82-833, Pauls apt,FUBAR!! Rocco - shoulda neva came back! BK:dMFd! CS'house, HOWIEIIPEII Mohawk Trails - Erving - E.M.S.: DYHOC? Grimas shower - GBTY!!! Bouie - But its cold! DYMTSB?? R.F.s house, WDTGDM?, KH,OS,ROCK EF:WE ARE ROCKlN', Ricky the sicky, NY AT GlNAS!The deadly EFFY'S,QPDS, The Beach,ls This The WH? Pretenders:Lovers Of Today:RC, Wish You Were Here. - . ean we have a test AY? Q 'Q Ruth L. Shionis 15 Orchard St. odQKC:L+WCQMK! CTTOllH8H - lm- agion This.BERMUDA84! JPw!EC NYw!WaWa M,Slaveryls Illegal. Kingstonw!L BEEP'M+RsOfice. 50'swfL.GTTime? THE CLOWN! ParisPlans. Luth+Belz MTF-LR-MF -LB-MC-JC- KM-CM-KK+KD - BisB-DrunkenLove hrs8thrsByL's Pool! L'sKitchen Parties - Blizard w!MF+B+R. Owh,My UIser.Who BlewUp K'stv?O, Please - lGotta KnowRight Now - MrA! Read- MyFace. Lets AllSing Behindt ScenesQ1DD !M.BnPMUD722 2QuoteaPhrase . . . DMMSic . . . ILYMTFVM Alison Smith 223 Beach Street SAM, LJ, Deb, Traci, Kath, Cathy O. in a box? Mr.T's, The Crew, TWZ, Coffee,CALlF! "Desufnoc", TMPH,"Do ya know?" Fri. nites at Lori's, John D's parties, Bayfield, Squantum, "Not again", "HUT PAR- TY!! "SURPRISE!" 5!26!83 "You ready?" Jack's B-day,'82, Cruisinl, 120 to Woburn, Lamberghetti!!! "Are you crazed?" - "The good times last forever, the bad times fade away" - LATER DAZE!!! Ann C. Sousa 14 Holmes St. Volleyball 10, 11, 12 - Capt. Softball 9, 10, 11, 12 The Beginning, Behind the " Y " CLINK, CLINK, But I wasn't 2nd time, Noreen hanging around on a fence, But sir, STUTTER FACE B to the rescue!The collection Wayno's around 8t around, KOO-KOO, Cavy, Teddy, George Benson Green Vegies in Micro, Heeey Bubbso! Rafting with Scotty in ya yard. Gary, DAMN WELL WORTH IT! Coco, Nola. A person isn't complete without a friend!! Deborah Squires 99 Mayflower Rd. Gymnastics 9, 10, 11, 12 Spanish Club 10,V.P. - 12 Drama Club 12 'ANT MUSIC FOR S. PEOPLE' Good Luck To: The Guys MM AH CW MR AC - LOCO BUGS - - KFC - Wampatuck-By Night By e-Mc I saw a lady . , . chickens! Jr Prom-DF "h My Gaudy!" Light Speed Chewbaccal Stay on God Save the Queen target! Andrew Simmons 139 Brook St. ROSE-ROYCE DOUG AND SPOT WAFFE CG DA JP AK BE BW AND LAMBIE KEG 82-83 THE ROCK 4th of July The Screen House THE DAY AFTER. DEB'S HOUSE G-Town-IN THE SNOW - Chris is with BUB- BLES MY HOT SUMMER 83 WHERE is Lambie BOBS House SKIP DAYS DOWN THE CAPE THE BON- NEVILL CJSIHJ DANO OUT THE AIR STRIP - JM-RD OUINCY SCHOOL SHOP W! CG DA BL 11th G. LUNCH NQHS WILL CHANGE QEXWSYQ THE COURSE THE-HWNGT BUICK-BODY Keith Michael Smith 170 Davis Street "Smitty" Hockey 9, 10, 11, 12 Captain Baseball 9-12 WSY-Forbsie Golf Course Hi Kenny? zJimbo! Rocket "l believe in me so you believe .ln you!" disco, rap, funk! Deet's and Jerrzso. Hubba-BG WSY Let's come together and celebrate one day out of Lite! Munka, Ted, Sark, Chubba, Jackson, Nick, The Big A, and all the other big guys - Bye now!!! Brain E. Spring 25 Morton St. NORFOLK DOWNS,CAVY JD'S ROOM, CLASH,NUTTY, KANO CRAIGSY, lD,HERE COME THE BOYS! HOURIK AND MURRAY ANT MUSIC WHO THE HELL IS EFFY'S DON'T JOIN THE ARMY "BOY DO I FEEL EDUCATED NOW" QCMJ Cindy Standrick Camping in Erving,Summer 83, Mohawk Trails, The Beach,Hutts The Rock, KettleHole, O.S.,J.M., The Cape, S.P.D.H.P. 3f13!83, S.H.C.L.B, You Gumbay etc. .. . "Skins" KEG, lt's M.V,N.P., The Win- dows 2X,P.E. Apt., P.Road, Rex and King M.D., O.J.P 418 FUBAR!!! , I 77 I Q vwr 3 I 1 .xx N FEES ig ,ii 't XV it IQ? Terrence J. Stark V-Soccer 10, 11 Cpt.12p V-Wrestling 10, 11, Cpt. 12 Track 10, 11? State Sci.Fair 11+? Class Rep.: Tourney Team, King of Pain, Fat Boy, Sugar- Pill, Madman, Terry Timekeeper, Terry B., E.T. "I didn't go to Ber- muda!'?"g TP, F.M.+Choc. V-Ball, Pizza-Grams. "To suspect a friend is worse than to be deceived by him." P.M.,J.S., D.G.,J.F., C.A.,M.H., J.P.,P.S., J.O.,T.S., R.S.,J.P., J.J., Rooster,Boobs, Arty+Gen The Group, J.P.gJ1't1, Wit2, F.O.L. One Way. It Works! E.N.C. KOS Thanks M+D B.T. 833 D.H.W.G. Melissa Stone "It may be the end but it's only the beginning", new school - junior year - too much happenin - sweet six- teen, "missy", geezus, starburst, col- lege - WOAH! - senior year - Randolph - year of 1984, B.R. - 10-83 - Oh yeah - Let's have some fun on weekends, the gang at school - All your friends, W.A.O. - "That's queer" - D.L.,S.B., B.K., D.C.,L.P.,M.D., M.C.,R.B.,B.R - sum and sum - l'II always feel like a freshman - We're finally getting out!!! Elaine Sugarman 54 Hilltop St. National Honor Society - 11, 12 Pride - 11, 12 Sci.Fair -10, 11, 12 Yearbook - 12 Volleyball - 9, 10, 11 Tennis - 10 College, Fame 81 Happiness Marc - QBNKYIJ "You're My Best Friend", St. John '82 QIguana!'?i Child World A.H.,N.N.,J.N., N.F.,V.D.,J.J.,T.S. "Go Confidently In the Direction Of Your Dreams." Thank you, Mom,Dad 8tTuv Karen Sullivan I 1 I 4 S1 .ll Q we kv s S 'TILT Donna Stein 87 Hamilton St. Swimming - 10, 11, 12 Pride Com- mittee - 12 Winter, Spring track 9, 10 Cheat group, Lunch-12 WGUIL? Niagra Falls, Waterville, Sandy Neck- JP, "Holy Hoodsies" NS, the in- evitable, SYJGSWTF The Pool, Sue's beach, IHJWC Choke! Wahoo! The Zoo, Wimp! That's a gas! B 81 R, Chill Out! Meet you inside '4!3!82' Jim- my NL,LC,JN, SH,KT,KB,SE, Amazon Lets Blow This Clambake, lt's been real Thanks Mom and Dad Jeff Stryker B-Ball 9, 10, '? Track 10-12 capt. ISR 8803 Bart New Balance, "To train without pain is to train without gain!! "Trackies", Bushleague, Bagman Teeks, Wilo,Jimo, Webba,KeIs + Whitey, Marg!Wilmot flats N.H "Colby Sawyer" "Sandcastles!" Craga "Lites" "Green Monsters" "Rock-Strip" "The Cavalier" Whats up? fshakini NICEII, B.S W.T.F:H.W Bat!P.G, "Hoodsies" Europe 835 Court date?g Huck! "The ROSE" 18727783-R.IJ Mr. "T"g "Take life in stride" John L. Sullivan 77 North Central Ave. Cross Country Pizza Cheiff Joe-Joni- Paula-Sulldog - Lisa LTD Gran Prix Hanf-WTF Higgins IRA Ireland forever New Order Over Rule The Police Lene Lovich Lisa May 16, 1988 "Live for today" Marjorie Sweatt 53 Buckingham Rd. STUDENT COUNCIL: DRAMA: CHOIR, PRIDE COMMITTEE GR. 9- 123 ME AND CP fNOV.29J 4- EVERQRTGT DHQLTQMFQKR - MY BF:MM KNOWS IT ALL AND SO DO Ig THE MAVERICK: "MOON- LlGHTER" - JM"T.B.T.L.": HW1 SEEKONKgLT'S PINK PANTS: "THE ISLAND", THANKS A.S.l LBvsKPg LO "GRETCH": CANADA 81:HEY " " THANKS MOM 81 DAD! LOVE YA! "TAKE LIFE IN STRIDE" - DHIJS ALWAYS BE YOURSELF! BYE North GOOD LUCK EVERYONE! John A. Tamburi "TAMBA" 46 Appleton St. Winter Track 11, 12 Spring Track 9, 10, 11, 12 Pride Committee 11, 12 Humanities Council PINTO POWER Small CC-3 NG,BW,HC, PM,RG,TW. JW,JK,MR,BR SL,LB,BH,CR PACK- ING ROOM CREW LB33 MR.T LATER NORTH! Suzanne Therrien 121 Pine St. Pride 81 Spirit Committee 11, 12 Don't tell me your problems! Little Red Corvette, Gators, FYM O.A.S., F.O.J.P. 5114183, Mr.T's, Parliment Falmouth, Crazy Straw Caprice Classic, MJX rulesl, WH. They're ya go!, Kath 1914,wino, See ya at 7-11, chinese red Lts JW.KC,CD, LO,TM,JB, CM,AL,RM, SM,CO,EM. LH,KL,CG. "We made it"l Rappers delight Thanx MOM8tDAD! Remember the past, Live the present, Dream the future. Josha D. Tobman 1326 Quincy Shore Dr. Band 10, 11, 12 Science Club 10, 11 PJ JD DF KK JL RB JC JB RB God Big Bad Buick hole shot DlLLlgaf what the ???who cares Junior Prom 6110183 w1JP,KK+SP FnA FPA hey dude Lets Party Summer of 83 PJ JD JB KK JW MB 1Year 11124183! what a year Marshfield summer The pier The Marina April Vacation Katherine Toomey "Katie" 28 Ocean Street Good T'S! The Townie The Ramp! The Eddie' LD "83" NS BK Drive Thru' Happy Days' Macca Dees!! LIKE! ODPLP' Lunch 12: WGIL? RB is mooin Lumpy! Cl-IL? YEE! Loon, SYJGS: WTF! DM-BM IKEYU! GC's 10th-1144 Cruzin The Monte JP Alfie OH NO! Hey Babeg HORRIFY 9111183 ANTR LAV! NOTHIN! TFD - I Still Luv U So LISTEN! O but Susan ILF Mike J: Sue MBBP Hey fox- ie whats shakin? S.A.W! Sue KB LC NL DS KB CT AW RS AH PRR: LUV YA M 81 D3 See Ya Lada ' f X I if 1 1 N 33, Kevin T. Tenney 55 Albion Rd. Hockey 9, 10, 11, 123 Golf 11, SMS 10123182 lGS3in.P! To RtMM from a ton of Brock, thanx!!?! SS,STD Me,SD 81 TBREDWUN WJTFGS MASSC.! Thanx to Flawless I broke my wins 4 11!! UMBBAM WITOTTTFOOML To Mr. T, I leave you with the next of kin, thanks!! ACK!!! Set a better table, forget the black Label! VW9Z4AC!! Plainville revisited. The Dodo Mr. Taylor makes a nice sneak! SD,MC,CB,LOGAN,SH,WM,CM.TK, MB! The Pebble ACK! And so on. . . Carol Thomas 70 Pope Street Tennis 11, 12 Spanish Club 11 French Club 12 Foreign Language Honor Society AM IAPNTRI Bon Jour Maugarite! MSC AW, PG, KT, JL, AC IWAGI Jr. Prom 6110183 JM CANN- TRI LHP Summer of "83" MD, DD IPHTGTSH7 SH, DD, PG, KT, AW, EW, JW, MM, RS, KB, LW SY- JGTSWTF! Any Gossip SH 81 DD? Michelle DYHTL? Pam, IDNSTT! Quebec AW, PG, EW! IAWTRJ Elizabeth V. Toland 82 Cedar Street Soccer 10-12 Capt., Track 10-12 Pride Comm. Choir 10-12, Seek-onk-I escaped! Southeast Districts 11, 12 Marshfield 813183 Biddy, BonBof, MozF Awkward Situations HWI, Jogg- ing? MM,MUD? Who, Us? MF Moonlighter 1011183 Sanctuary! DH:MS:JM, MIGHTY MAVERICK Nice Back and . . . I don't see why not LM JM Thanks North If there were no moments of calm among the worlds haste and confusion no wishes could be born and dreams wouldn't exist. Christine Vella Brookedale 80-84 Barn party 81, Soxy Boston Common, Hampton Beach with Bryan, S.P. wagon. Glenn K., Froggie, Wedgie. PC., BG., I know you can join the ranks of the il- lustrious. Pond parties, The Cliff, Stuthena, Joe, Watch out for de fog! Later North! , I 1 l 79 I I w-77 Lisa M. Ventola "Svelte" Soccer 9, 10, 11, 12 Basket- ball 10!Softball 4 years "Pockets" Pride Com. 11, 12 "Stupid"!ltalian Club - Treas. NYC-10 SCI-FAIR'83 HM "PIE-Eating" Powder-Pull Ouch! New Year's 83!Monte Carlo' Driver Real Rich - Someday - Red Mercedes - Major in? Just give me a business. Thanks to my Family lSan- dy,too! "May we look back on time with kindly eyes" and look ahead towards happiness. lt's all been great, North. Mark C.ViaIpando Forbesy "Sark" The SPA WDFA: WOLLASTON SCHOOL YARD:waf "Live free or Die"on Sundays Ace Skinheads, LINGUINNE BLAST! No, ALI, Wipe out, the strut,BUD IN- FLUENCED BY THE DARK SIDE OF THE FORCE!!! Bel. Brig. "TSD" Ce- ment Head,Darth Vadar lives! !KlLLAVIS!, Indian Leg wrestling Team 11-12, Drac-Pack, Zeast Indianna-Jones, USMC BOUND, CFR! KLH-Big- Brother-assoc. !TFEI,YO The Course, Keg Olympics,BD-BD! TTTWLYA!, 328-SDSW! D,M,C-ILYA. Louie "MARKY SAYS BYE"!! Louie Michael Walsh 116 Oxenbridge Rd. "Woo" "Woodleburger" 117 Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4 Hockey 2, 3, 4 lt's hard to say, it's over guys "TOURNEY BOUND 83" WE MADE IT! BR,DB,NC,SO,CO,DB,MH,Massa Dome IRELAND "83" ALL NIGHT LONG J.P.,L.M. "83" Scusset Beach Never Forget The Clovers Bowzy B'S Games were good times FREEZE A.E.l.O.U!"Hi Cab" Brownie's Par- tylFlorida Bound "Get off Em" And,PIus, Ahight Have A Good One! BUS Rides from S.Games.See Ya! Thanks Mom St Dad Stephen W. Warren 142 Bromfield St. BASKETBALL: 10, 11, 12 "WILLIS" THE MASSADOME FAVORITE GROUPS:THE WHO, U2, THE CLASH .. I AlN'T QUIET, EVERYBODY ELSE IS TOO LOUD .. - "THE QUIET ONE" BY JOHN ENTWISTLE OF THE WHO THANKS MOM + DAD 'Cf J X N --..- .'aS...i Stacey M. Vorrico 28 Newton Ave. "STACE" Yearbook - 12, Nurses Club - 12 JA. - 11, 12, Powder Puff - 12 Ree,Beth, Dawn,Em, Laur Best years of our lives!! Summer of 83'MOONDOGS' Dot Hud-Bud, 9!24-Aphi, Caddy,Castle Island, Nan- tasket, Drive-in R.E.B.S. Parties!! T.T.F.A.B. 0.0.T.O. - F.U.M.! Q.B.T.B.O.!! License - The Van! R.B.W.P. - O'S Tiny Bird! Ellis Haven, Cruisin' Thanks Everyone, Goodbye North. Carl W. Walker 130 Clay Street, Quincy, MA AH,CO,JW, PM,DS,DN, JF,RT,MR Luv ya Annette. Hey carl, Where's the needle?, Wanna go for a ride Yawny?, "printy", "edity", Try again Deb! Mark R. good luck with your physics ed. Hey Pam M. "The bad times are gone" Thanks Mr. C. Good Luck I Junior Year "GOOD TlMES" Senior Year "BEST TIMES" January 5 Remembered 4-ever "lf opportunity is at hand, grasp it" Jean M. Ward 102 Hamilton Ave. MONTCLAIR ,111 "" POLICE "" Cape Cop "83" The Tent 10l15!82 B. C. 4-ever Jr. Prom Weekend With the Crew. "What a "Trip to Fenway" 4-FU's on June 5, 83 with SOB, CK, and BC. All Nighter's. Jay's Partys. Where THE BUS? Golf Party's - Girls Night. BERMUDA??'? Summer of 81, 83 Follow all your dreams where ever they may lead you. lt's been REAL North! Thankx MA 8t DA John Webb 27 Surfside Lane WRESTLING 11, 12 THE "TOOL" F.Y.M.Y. FOSTERSXROLLING ROCK ROCK,STRIP AND THE 14th GREEN THE BIG BUST 8!6f83 THE BOAT PARTY COLLEGE FAIR AT KINGSTON BEACH LATE NIGHT AT EDDIE'S WILMONT FLAT ... THANKS MARGE AND A SPECIAL THANKS TO: CRAG BAKES, BUNKS. MATTY, WILLO, RAGU, WHITY, WOODHOUSE, JAKES, KELSA. TEAKS, STRYKES, HIGGA, BETSY, THE TEMPEST AND MR. "T" Maureen Welch Hanging at Don's Luncheon dates at the Big B Those long walks to school w! Jan and Jerry High times!! The gatherings behind the Teal. Birite's dscount store My best buddies, Joanne, Jan Leia, Diane, Kim, Chippie . . . "La Nip" The pickle patch The Mount . . . Is Joanne your sister?'?? Otherwise known as Spacey Happiness, Love, Peace . . . Life over the old woman's house ...Ciao... JamesWhaIen 37 MeadowSt. "WHALEMAN" "WHALEBONE" "JENNINGS" YEARBOOK 12 J.D H.C. D.L. S.L. J.W. J.P. V.D. J.J. J.L. M.R. J.T. C.W. K.Y. B.R. R.T. L.D. PHYSICS CLASS? THANKS B.S.J AN SO IT GOES. .. Jean Marie White Kathy White Special Interests - Listening to music - Singing - T.V. Sports - Football, Soccer, Baseball Basketball I like to play basketball - Writing Short stories and poems - Future plans - working, saving money - going to California I will miss Nrth Quincy - especially all the friends I have at the school. Laura-Jean Werth 237 Billings Rd. Patrick - 8!28!82 - 4-ever UP the Rock, Miles Standish Crew. Remember, Remember? Me 8 Al, 4th of July 1983 Going on a Trip. Par- ties at J.D.'S. Jack's B-Day 1982. Crusin' five miles, Al, Sam, Deb, Traci. Marshmallows. "Be a wowowow!" "Yes we all know" FTITCTAJ. Springsteen "The Boss" Thanks Mom. Bye North!! Jimmy White FOOTBALL: 9, 10, 11, 12 WRES- TLING: 9, 10, 11, 12 CCAPTJ TRACK: 9 CITY CHAMPS TENNIS: 10, 11, 12 St. Agathas Hoop 82-83 Tourney Bound - Coach Brian Man- ning National Honor Society: 11, 12 Foreign Language National Honor Society: 11, 12 Judy White 32 Sacnem St. Mrs. Yakoo Football - IHOP P.P. TM ST CM JB KC KL CO LO EM AL CD RM LH SM: FOJP 5!14!83 CP: MARAVISTA 1148 7l21!83l Thanx D.A.B. Bedtime MJX Kat-HA its getting Monotonous! Don't whip it! 'Airport - Mr T's, My W.l.R.g Identify Yourself! FOJ Scusset 6!22!83 BOYS SOCCER 10 11, 12 Its T-DAY Thanx C.B8tC.W. D.Knobsg D.O. W.T.F. "Blow it off" LSCQCP Fall River'?'? Do The J.S. F.I.M. MG's Par- ties DPJ, BKCLC. Thanx M 8t D!! Linda M. White SK SN TM JG You've got a friend Summer of 83 - ST What's your sign? WHB - DM+M Baker donuts on 128 Can't believe this is happen- ingl Suey what time is it? 10:30 Where's the party tonight guys? WSW SYJGS-WTF FHIHCTAJ CD RM Jean's house - 2 min. Pizza HTH Do- ing homework over SK-HTLC 7!28!83 - UTB - Isflhis The End? This ain't Grand Central Station Turkey Day GC+FH 81'82' GTAFB- TFA No Ruthie - No BS - Night SAO D-2 HOP 2a.m. - CCP Thanks Mom FE Wi" bffjfx Q-7 X f 5 . 5.1 VK? 4.9 4, James Whitehouse Susan Wholley James Wilson 9 Holyoke St. Well I finally made it Does anybody have my money? Thanks for everything everyone Have fun in the years to come JulieAnn Wolowicz Julie 68 Shoreham St. GiIligan's Island tSquantumi Colorguard 9-12, Co-113 Cap-12 Stu- dent Council 9 81 125 SADD - 11 Yearbook - 12, Pride Com. 9-12 Drama Club 11-12, Sec - 12 GD8tSC Band 125 l'm teaching myself!! Florida Bound?? Canada '81 Linda Mae's - 6:3O?!O-Tay, JPWXJK Dollyzyes, they're mine!FROGGY! Oh my gOOdness! Hey!SH! Remember the wall? WHAT football game?MM Kissy-Kissyg PiggygDotg L-Ellen: JtGgDimples: Les,Chuck8t Nell BYE Good-bye, North. l'll miss you. Sandra Whitehouse V-ball 91011Capt12g B-ball 9-12 S- ball 91011: Fr. Club 11, 12 Spirit Com. 123 Pride Com. 12 180D! the gang - Barb, Killer, LiLi, Mare, Don- na DoyaWanna, Deb, Andy - BF's Ndank brc,Lis? Estee Poison H20 OK Kil,Yr nt a twt! Desp Drv Mattyin- theAM JP Sorry 'bout that wts th nm oth gm? Too Nice?me?! yukyuk Bowie 83 BLoDrsBroNov FlopMeRt- ThFkOut! FLA BOUND ITS ROCKIN Thanx Fam LATER NORTH!!! Mark Wilkins 106 North Central Ave. Football - 9, 10, 11, 12 Swimming - 9, 10, 11, 12 - Capt. Spirit Com- mittee Junior Prom "Scusset" Burkies "11" "lvee" Junior Ski Trip "Nice try Danno kid", "Crash", "KEG" "Mr, Ts", "Weekends", "Party" Where's your pencil? "Those little get togethers" Craig,Scott, Dave,Nunzio, Mike, Danno,Mike-o, Rob-o, Mad-dog See you in summer school. Thanks Mom and Dad Jennifer Margaret Juliette Wilson "30" "I must remember to see with island eyes. The shells will remind meg they must be my island eyes." A.M.L. Ann Woodman 1 13 Oxen bridge Road Basketball 9 Swimming 9, 10 Spirit Committee, French Club Lunch 12, GC's, CP "THE MONTY" Sue what? Bonjour Carole 337 Hola Pamela 411 MS CT AC KT PG SYJGTSWTF! LTAWOTWS SH CT KT LC KB NL DS PG EW Good Luck Guys! 151 if 'll 4 pf? YI ELK' Timothy Worley Kennedy K. Yanefsky 63 Standish Ave. Soccer 10, Wrestling 12, MAY-B BB My Friend JACK SOUR MASH JD BIG GREEN MONSTER MORTON'S TOO MUCH HULL - THE TOWER Lightwaste Salisbury - MIKE "HELP!" STATE-E-J-THE FLYER Life's in Danger! J.B., D.D., M.F., J.C., D.F., S.O., says "YOUR TIME IS GONNA COME" Foxboro - POLICE SO LONELY Later Jack! Time For Me To Fly N.O. Tracy Bulens 44 Ocean St. !Mihe-IIy!MD,NG, ER,TF'Its Party Time Again!! - DOT RLS - Summer "83"D. Bowie Concert, Def Leppard "Rocks On" . . . To Live Without Love Laughter, And The Respect of Others ls Not To Live At Allg And The Ability To Give These To Others ls The Most Precious Gift of All . .. !MH Rember10-8-83lGood Luck To Everyone In The Class of "83" Kathleen Cavanagh 14 Milton Rd. ST. JW. TM. CM. JB. KL. LO. CO. EM. SM. CD. LH. RM. AL Laurens house 7-30-83 Maravista 48, 7-21-83 Sue 1914! See you at 7-Eleven Fake Police " FACED" 7-20-83 Summer of 83, O.A.S. Rock MG. Halloween 80. St. Pattys Day Soccer games with Judy, "All night Long" it17. ACME,KelIy's C,R,L Junior Prom 6- 10-83 - Scusset. FLORIDA BOUND 4-10-84 F.T.M Thanks M and D. R KV, 'Tam' FQ" ' ff 1 1 4 .5 4 I 4 1 I i,-' lwona Wygonoweki 213 Billings St. "EVONNE" BOOZE CRUISE 10f9!83g HALLOWEEN PARTY '83gBIRTHDAY PARTIES IN '83': "FORGET ABOUT lT"g "I'M FINE"g "PSYCHED": "GETATTA HERE" "AlN'T NOTHIN' GONNA BREAKA MY STRIDE"g "WHY ME" Remember THE GOOD TIMES - EL,JG,PS. RZ,CS.JW, GF,ND,YB, TW,BS. TD,M,K,C,D. . . PIZZA HUT-SERRED: Woolies - MR, DM, LH,MF,CM. B,J3THlFlD LUNCH - LC,PG CT.JW,AW . . . WE MADE IT!!! BEST OF LUCK TO EVERYONE! Roland Berglund Blaklocksvagen 100 162 40 Vallingby SWEDEN It has been nice to be an exchange student at North, and would like to thank everyone for their hospitality. I have met many new friends here who have made being at North an ex- perience I will never forget. Thanks also to the Enlandrons, my family Tack sa mycket fThank you! Ann Carroll 29 Mass. Ave. Student Council Prez. Drama Club. Choir, Seekonk I,II,RARE. Thanx:Miss T.tJ'?J, Mr. H. B.C. and I,Mary Z., Kerry G., SHE "If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen." Sometimes you just hafta say Crabs at Rockport RELAX,ANN. 5:00 Call, "The Company"Go to Class? the Shubert,C. Banq.82-3 "Here's lookin' at you, kid." Nora Furey . 269 Beale Street Pride Committee 411, 129 Student Council 1113 Gymnastics C107 JA, Maine'81 tBeachedIg JN NN FYMYI Ski Waterville 2!27g Scusset Sum- mer'83g Aloha! Slide KPYTJ The Metro QWMTLTIJ Music Circus TPS The European NMH Save It! Moonlighter LS AB The Hill Per- sistence and Determination! 83 I 'J-I 4' I Qj.7 .L -.ggi- Q.. :iz t fy' I Karen L. Koski 45 Thonton St. Jimmy 6!11!83 ... slb MFANS:ME, MF, MF,LB,RS, LR,JC,CM 7-11,BK, MP - our tree, The Rock? Where's that? My bash - WOLFEN! Julies party Butch, Sundance and Hoppy OBRW and smell i11!! Bananas at camp! YBBl!! Allnightas at Chip's "Chip, my hip!" Janis 81 rain KOfC Julius Caesar and friend bgaw-wein, etwcbtbl!! BERMUDA '83!! Christine Mulvey "Chris" 60 Willow St. Pride8tSpirit Comm. 11, 125 Co-ed JB - My best friend, TM,KL,ST, JW,KC,AL, RM,SM,CD, LO,CO,LH, EM,OAS The FANS! See ya at 7-11 SCUSSET! 6!21!83 ACME,WlR, V,S7 FOJP-JBS HOUSE Cars,JJ.FYM! T 81 J, walk in The Rain. "Parliment" HalIoween"80", "Valen- tine's"81" Hey,ls it Ten O'CLOCK yet? fake cops 7!20f83.SKIP Day. Have a Good One!"RalIy", "CRL," Thanks Mom 81 Dad ILY! Debra 0'Brien K.E.G.Hut's Ct S J.M.K.H. ROCK O.S-N.B- LBS-LDW SSL RR-RTG HU! THE BABY" R.I.P. "MobilityMuch? We're rockin ALL Night Again? VIEGYOR - TRIP-The color is red! BUSTY-t-RUM The S.B.'s of Olde Spots! MMM-AM-ElmatHildigarde Paddy-t-patty-SS-Tree Storm EF Green Monster Maddness Sab BOA The Cave.Wee Hours,we Made it! VaIly's-6-Who's got the I.D.? Wench! R.F.KK BHP-TG! The BTBB The Stoney Bears? Trip-on-Trip! Erving- Mohawk - But officer . . . FUBAR IL- MSB Let Us Reflect . . . Jose A. Sanchez "Julio" Hope to get a contract with EMIlAmericaRecords or other label. Will remember afternoon Jam ses- sions with Todd 81 Ed. Tim D. "We've got a gook playing guitar!" Chris S. The Corpse! Tracy,Suzette, Robin,Kareng Good Luck to all of my friends. THE LAW RULES! '37 I Caroline McGowan 55 Henry St., Quincy JULIE DUFFY - MY BESTIE! HEATHER McKEON - APr., MAY,84.ESTEE' BTS! SUPPORT THE ATH!X-MAS P's MFAC-RUTH, MARY,MARY, MARYELLEN, LISA,LYNNE, JULIE,KAREN- XUSTAR! THERES ONLY 8 OF US!4!7 CASTLE ISLANDIGO WALLPAPER! DORCHESTER K-OF- C! ALL NITE W!MRS.B. IMF! WILD?BlB!A DAY AT LISA'S POOL! JD-CARSON BEACH, I-ST,CASTLE ISLAND, THE NORTH END!RUG- GLES! IWALMP! IRA!10'82! 101483430951 NORTH - I WON'T MISS YOU!TPRDS!! Joseph Nickerson Michael 0'Hare Susan M. Durkin 5Cushing St. Oh, the last time how clearly you see everything: as though a magnifying light had been put on it: and you grieve because you hadn't held it tighter when you had it every day. nl 84 , I -'Y' rl I , Q nf A ii" At if it i "Ne -A :PA W Q ss ,,,.,,,, re uf X n -P James Hooley 141 Samoset Ave. JIMBO MCADDEN, J.C., WARDY AND STEWIE GOOD OLD GENESEE THANKS FOR THE LAUGHS WHERE THE HELL IS ERVING? THANKS A LOT FILENES, FOR EVERYTHING GOOD LUCK EVERYONE Deborah A. Cavanaugh "Debs" 12 EustisSt. Softball 10 Soccer 10, 11, 12 Capt. Basketball 10, 11, 12 Capt. Vinnie 4!29!83 CCLBG 10-4tCBTJ "Did you get the date'?" MFP Bball is where its at! J.P. Sunset Lake 6!11!83 The VW is ours -DMP-BB 4!21!83 L.R. Spud X Ahh xesrx! Hoop w!Crazy Annzo Baby LGP! YDWME-7th green-NFATGT in 83 "N.F.l:" Lenore L. Lindberg Good Luck to all exspecially J Bren- nan T Kelly M Grant D Connell J Kimpel JBSG K Sullivan K Budrick Thanks D Pease J Happel Class of 84 S if . Heather McKeon 202 Taylor St., Wollaston "WHERE IS THE BEACH ANYWAY?" "HAVE SOME ESTEE" "BTS" "DO YA THINK?" "APT, '84" "THE NORTH END" "CARSON BEACH'83" "THE SAME WJ P DELOREAN.." "SPOT" "YEAH, BUT IS HE IRISH?" "X-MAS P'S" "FlLENES 4-EVA" "THE A.T.HABlT" "MAYBE l'M Dl1ZY" "l.W.A.L.M.P.B." "J.M.l.A.B.C.l" "Q.OF N.C.AND L." "1664" "THE CAPE" "WEEK-ENDS AT NH" "WRONG TOOTHBRUSH!" "BEACH" "HORION" NlWMY! I Theresa Griffin David P. Zwicker Track Grade 10 Special Olympics 10, 11 Bowl and Board Restaurant Work Study Stop and Shop Future Plans Continue to work at Stop and Shop after graduation Favorite Teacher Ms. Small Today we'll start a new life And we'll say our last good-byes To all the friends we've grown to love With whom we've laughed and cried. Remembering the fun and laughter The problems and our fears And watching all our memories grow Throughout our high school years. Theifmemories of the dances And the new friends that we've met Vacations, teachers, talking, 1 st A it And exams we'd rather forget high school days are precious but brief. Where all your dreams come true. it'snot the end, but the beginning ,Of a iife we'll start anew. ,Taken from SEVENTEEN magazine, 1982 issue 85 A v 'f I V. if fs ,W 4- ...Q-'S V xg! i f g I 1 5 J 1' 7 ' , I : V9 1 . ' , .-F V iii , Mr' , ' ' ' ff . 'gf Q W , gil, , G i ,V ff . Mm- ,Q Q 1- - :W 14 W4 " L if A 4' 1, , .sw ' . .I A -Nw Q i s.. , W"-1 x X I -4' A A2 5 'Y I ' mf'-' r iail for drunk-driving Soviet: 4D0nvt knm proposed cigarette ban ce13pegePafcm WEXCAMPAIGN 's4: r X Q--f' f f Q 'C z A , D095 THE BEIRUTWBQMBINGS farms-talks .,E,,,,Dukak'S F Home e computer? e Leban0n 'Maybe next year SOCC91' l AIDS assailed Quincywble TV fpanfla l 1 o ' so 're e - I State board backs basic-slc EPlymouth N -plant sh at COLWBIA IS nuclear winter' Flynn Wins big MCll draft Signup Nobel laureate Lech Walesa educati hunger Troops set I0 leave Grew Reag21H Jesse Jackson Mgndalg nuclear future 513309135 3Stl'0H3UtS misilil e. 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Q l ,af to '- gs .Ah- :ft"'?"J 3 -., ,, is sshd? ffl-iigfsinreleif' F Fifi I W as Football Nineteen eighty-three was a successful season for Head Coach Ken McPhee's Red Raider football team, posting a 5-4-1 record. But the record does not in- dicate the strength of the North team. With a few breaks here and there, this was a team with 8-2 potential. The strength of this team was reflected in the Suburban League All-Star selections, as nine North Quincy players were selected. Tony Befera, Jack Bolster, Nick Gelsomini, Mike Gill, Steve Hogan, Kevin Kelly, Jim Kennedy, Jerry Martin, and Jim McNamara, all seniors, were named to the team. np 'PA r q sw 'Q .fm lg ft W2 def? jg if 5 '-nge? 5? 'F -. ,---is ' . 1-aw 'vm -, TG- 'i5i7'2ff"kf - ef - --ff .1 ....i.M .. t H... . f L1iv?'f'l'L....:i--...dv-':., "' ' f-W. -N A .M , ' to sw- -t N- fm , 4 ' 'A' ' , .' -f Q y --4, w, .I M r. ' - A '. , ' , X , h ' - 1 1-I-M ' ywf I ' . Y- '- 7,-P' . WW- ' H - A 'V ' A 4- Ai- 'K A : .. - -L' ,435 fr--' 1 ' 'rkzr'--. --f?r -i-!'gf-- .Q-65 6, A ' -X ' fy . "4"-" 5'-1 , 'E V 'J ' "M ' K9 Z '1- A ' --12.-'L t. 4: ,,l if-,, , . Q, - i ' -1 ,, -New 'T . -u"'f ' 4 11+ ' X , , W, K . . V h , A- Q 1 in ' ,Q ,, . 1 pn" "Un '- Q tv. -'bv 1' . qv, . gf I " N' -5 ' -' .- . -vim ' ,E-if X 6793 4' 'ff' " A , A ' - ' ' , ng , , ,, 'ui ' , ' ' - 5 ff -' 1 ' L, ,T ' E ' ' 3 f ' 1 - 4 fp , - '- ' -- - Lu B fl- 1 fs. f 4,4 4... 3- .f. B W X i ,- , - 5 v. .-aa, 1' ' -. 111 'J - W- 4. - s 'R If " - Z 1 . , t - ws 4 8. - V me X 4 ,. ' -'if 5 , 't - , ' ' , - ,J ., Q- K I-W, ' - .i "b- .i - . ' J' is . ll fs-fa. ae- -J '11 -- . Q - .. ,- ,,. f X'- .sg Q ,- . , A , , , f Q 'rf A M . 514 " :Jx "I K' .4 -- 'i r 5-M , . - w , 1-fi., f ' 2 -- - .., 1. 1 , - ' G , , ,t N- -' .1 -Q - .N .T-:Q-A-1 " .. V f- fi. . 0 . -vV",l. 4: , gg- ',, 3 f :Y - as 2 -4 1 s ---W an-' '- -rg-ef--... Q -f ' Af A . f -,, .--f 4- 1 , M W'-sv ""' ' . U ,, in-f t'!vE"'p-if f as . 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'L -J - 4wi'tfS,.:ve"?V " s, 't ,, " - ' ie?g4i1 3fJ-.fg,-.f. ,f',z ti- 7' f:z'Tl " Wgritf -'ff 1If.'ib-- :.,' "' "ff I- 4-1 -, .. -1-'ltfffmw --.-N f JJ" W 1.pTF"!'4'..,-sm.-'s.T .. ..-.2jl.a , The season opened with two losses for North Quincy. The Raiders were caught off-guard at Milton, and met Brockton the following week. The big play won the game for Brockton, but NQ countered with their own big play, as Steve Kelly ran the open- ing kick off of the second half 90 yards for North's only score in the 31-6 loss. Nick Gelsomini kicked a 32 yard field goal with less than a minute to play to cap a ten point North comeback to defeat Newton North 10-8. After a 26-0 victory over Cambridge, the toughest loss of the season came at the hands of Weymouth North. NQ scored two touchdowns by Jim McNamara and Steve Kelly in the final three minutes to take a 20-18 lead, only to have Weymouth run the ensuing kick off 70 yards for the winning score in the final 20 seconds. North bounced back from a tough 12-7 loss at Waltham to roll over Brookline, 40-0. The Red Raider running attack was in full stride, as the team amassed 308 yards rushing. Scott Messina accounted for 107 yards and one touchdown. North Quincy won their next two games over tough non-league foes. Somerville was defeated by a 14-6 score as Brian Ellis and Jack Bolster had the scores. The CM jinx was finally broken as North defeated Catholic Memorial 14-10 in a come from behind victory. Jim Kennedy caught a 31 yard TD pass from Steve Hogan, and Hogan rushed 12 yards for the winning score. North carried a 5-4 record into the tilt with Quincy on Thanksgiving morning. Neither team could get their offenses cranked up, resulting in a 0-0 tie, the first tie since 1940. The key play for North was made by linebacker Kevin Kelly, as he nailed Quincy's Mike Notarangelo in the backfield for a two yard loss on a third down and two play from the North Quincy 1 1 yard line, stopping what looked to be a fourth quarter TD by Quincy. Fl at I l y ON NORTH OUINCY, ON NORTH OUINCY. . . The Thanksgiving rally that was put on this year was one of the best ones yet. The seniors proved that they can eat pie the fastest, decorate the best, and shout the loudest. With the help of Mr. Chrisorn, Mrs. Feeney, Dr. Yacubian, Mr. and Mrs. Yakoo lDanny Ceurvels and Judy Whitel and Grandpa Yakoo iMiss Schieldsl, the rally turned out to be a great success and lots of fun. One of the highlights of the rally was the football skit. All the girls did fantastic jobs impersonating the football players and their various personalities. The band and cheerleaders kept everyone on their feet throughout the rally with lively music and exciting cheers. Although all the classes put forth great efforts in all the contests, the seniors turned out to be the winners. Since the Class of "84" is the most spirited class in the school, nobody would expect anything less. ',.' .frr ' iu br ' r.7 'C 'ff 1' . arf' "' tx Z T . f if-if' ' . . g V . f 2 lt! ,f it t 5 I If 4' ,ff ,ff cf ' 1 ""l' 'TH 5 1 -........., mf ot UV f iv-'Q D 3 kr 9 45 vt' "' 2 'Oi'f""'i' . .,, filth 1 ,, 1' ?.1X!tgl"1 . 4 . www . K . K -Nw-'95 .uf f 3' ' 1 mile 5 ' if X' 5, K G 5 p A . - It ' IWW .X X wk gg ' ' ii ffl, F1 RW " ,f . 'ig y an 'll 5 X Nfx- if if . . .. 1 Qt. i r 2 T fi! 1 s ' K 4 ff? Rm 'W . ,gg . 1, gjgj .- Y On North Quincy, On North Quincy Fight right through that line Don't despair, show the colors you wear And keep on marching keep on marching On North Quincy, On North Quincy As those Raiders go. Onward and tight, fight fight North Quincy High Rah for North Quincy We're here to win Onward to victor Y Fight and they'Ii give i On to the scoreboard Never say die Onward and fight, fight fight North Quincy High Q , .- . err H, u Bob Flynn r 4 2 Steven Kearns P aul Ce J gf ,,,, 7 f V fffdcyf' JJ., .1 ' ,f W, H Rich 9 Jim McNamara K lx! er Farr 1 La 46. 1 3' 141.1 fbi. s '14 ywfff- 'L 2 'v 1,1- Brian Ellis ,uv Pa I C 7'X 3 Nick Gelsomini J "?'l McCad Q' ,umm J Ma ch DeLu T Refe John Panaro Vlc D1Gra Tl if wy- J, If 01 I? mv" ' ni ,, v P- "' may 7f K Fl - . V "fi s 1 .an Q 1 ,,f . John DeLappe Mike Gill Fi :- John McGuire Danny Baker ef' nhl Phil Iacobacci Brian Gibbons Kevin Kelly White i X John Comeau I i I i l N x-, Jim Kennedy I , Q12 .lf 'Sw Jack Bolster Scott Messina wwf. fy oi' Mark Wilkins yi, , we-uw. Z Jack Burke i 'N'-x i gi Steve H0939 . . , x' Yiwu sf, din' L ,,u.1, Q, Nr' Tr' NP , , I ' .1 -'f Q 1 Q K ,gh ' 1 ,Qs ' -1 ' ' 4 , 4 Ceurvels sf' 9' ,V s X it FVPW 'Wt X l ,- ' Y M. M- .gl ' ,. UFKNEY Q. Y 1' '-sr' wal 3C 1 'Y e Q ' 1' Us 3 4 Q VY 1 , ' s -mfr , ,QMU .sw " 5 "' Soccer Work Pays Off A combination of seasoned veterans, natural talent and great self-motivation helped North to a 10-2-5 record and qualify for the EMass Division I South Sec- tional soccer tournament tor the first time since 1976. Coach Paul Bregoli's squad began the season with im- pressive wins over non-league foes Sharon and Barn- stable. Early season injuries to tri-captain and Suburban League All-Star David Brown and Mike Cocce were over- come due to the fine play of senior tri-captains and league all-stars Terry Stark and Jaime Paz along with senior Joe LaPierre and junior Pat Marcham. Also play- ing well for North were seniors: John Joseph, Steve Golden, Chris Archer, Dave Blaton, Brian Bresnahan, Craig Orrock, Mike Walsh. r vim, la 5 "They were not a team of GREATS, But they were a GREAT team." . . . A special thanks to Coach Tom White. 1. "Hurry up Brian." 2. "When Briggy talks. . l v 5 . . .-s lit .., rs -- .. ql4"?? - l, ,A M Di ,-Q. M Q Q gm: 35- ' K5 E. . .V 4' 1? . 1 NJ v ' A? ,var TWQFVUP' 11 2 .ni . ,--t 'sl vs. A --JK-, 'QT Y P 2 3. I :- .Vi i -ll. After a 1-1 tie with Brockton and a 3-1 loss to Newton North, the Red Raiders ran off a string of five victories and a tie. All the victories were shutouts by goalie Mark Hubbard. The Suburban League All-Star finished the season with 8 shutouts and a 0.76 goals against average. After embarrassing Quincy 7-0 on the strength of 3 goals by league all-star Nunzio Carbone, North qualified by defeating Oliver Ames 5-2 with senior wing Andy Curtis scoring 4 goals. North was disappointed in the EMass Tournament losing to Falmouth 2-0. However, the loss did nothing to diminish the remarkable ac- complishments of this year's team. It was truly a year to remember. TEAM SCORE TEAM SCORE TEAM Sharon W 7-0 Sharon W 5-0 Quincy Barnstable W 2-1 Waltham W 2-0 Bishop Stang Brockton T 1-1 Brookline W 2-0 Waltham Newton North L ' 1-3 Brockton T 1-1 Oliver Ames Cambridge R Sl L T 1-1 Newton North W 1-0 Brookline Quincy W 4-0 Cambridge R 81 L L 0-2 Falmouth SCORE W 7-O W 4-O T 1-1 W 5-2 T O-0 L O-2 99 w . 1 v I I I i n i 2 1 1 g 14 aiu. 'aww .f v.. sucunuv Q .Y I 3 SE, ,i a S 7 ,J 4"'l 'Q L 'git n UH bn u Sefmor Smoke" lv 2 -U, , fn. , g.. . ,A -f"1 JD! .AML .X 4 1, f '5"' ' .' in 1 L ,, 1 'X . 1 qi' 3 .Riff CZ' 1' , 'fr I , w 3'e9PY Joe f Rack "Squash' "Sugar" ' gg ff- Y P . :. 1 vanscnlzs - "V N , ,,,..-s:iiiEt.3a'2..,w Xl. ,. . Soccer 1983 proved to be a difficult year for the girls soccer team. The team's record for this year was 4-6-2. Seniors Mary Holleran and Liz Toland were Co-Captains. Although the team did not have a successful season, the follow- ing players had outstanding performances and were named Subur- ban League All-Starsg Mary Holleran, Shelia Graham and Karen. NG. opened the season against archrival Brockton and with a good team effort came away with a victory. Newton North proved too strong for N.Q. and the girls went down with a score of 6-O. After being down by two goals at halftime N.Q. came back with goals from Holleran, Hughes and Holleran, thus registering their first win. Goals by freshman Tricia Grant and Senior forward Liz Toland enabled North to beat cross town rival Quincy 2-1. A strong Waltham team shut out North by a 2-O score. Brookline edged NQ. on a freak goal in the last quarter 1-O. Brockton-O North Quincy-O another scoreless tie sparked by great goal tending by Shelia Graham. Newton North eventual league champ was forced to the limit before squeeking away a 1-O score. Mary Holleran's hat trick sparked a 3-O N.Q. win over Cambridge. Ouincy fell to North Quincy as Holleran scored another hat trick. 4-1. After battling to a 4-4-2 record and looking forward to a win- ning season, N.Q. was shut out in our last two games by Waltham and Brookline to finish out the season 4-6-2. l if' e -1 fi ga X ' bf 1- .4 XJ 5 F 'l N V W , V ' , ' ij ,jf L , Q. 1 as W - -nn , . 14. Q v. 4 4555? 134, sl arf ' 25 .Qf V t . . y . ri 4' H it r ', .un S . i I I i 'Q D U I 1 f in ve: 4, Y R .ir WK X, SQ W 5. is :Q QW 4, rr N pf NY I X Aw in Q y, ii ,xx W mx X W svn Q . ' Q -gg? X 'Q Nik? X K A nf Q . Q X N ' vf mr- , Fx Q 'N ,f , lv. .1 Q L 'x hm 'sf ', I 'F ,As Q .. ,Vt an 1 XY Y if ., 4 .,, 'vi X! . yr. ilu, x Y N- I fy H514 .'Xfl' Ktlff' T f I 'Xxx 'ff L!!-i rs SJW 0111, av- K X .I , sa .itll My xc 4 ' Q I ' ' i 5 f 'I Q - ,J i s Q 5, Q ' ill 'Q Y' ' X - " Z- il, w ,357 ' l' Mi- f 4: ! . I V . if Y X 4 X , . T -3 gh ' '---' , 'KN fav-lg ,., f ,gf . rl 1 fa gf' ' s . 4, u Q . f s, 1 I . I , w' 1. l ' A k V r gg ff-nfs n ,H ,v .a 6 1 ' T T 9 l T 1 X HS- 'f I x Volley- Ball Rebuilding For Success ln a rebuilding year, the North Quincy Girls' Volleyball team finished with a six win, ten loss record. Some of their highlights in- cluded an upset win over Boston Latin plus two wins against Waltham and Newton North. The combined efforts of all the players im- proved the team's performance. Ann Dougan was selected to the Suburban League Coaches' All-Star Team as well as being voted the most valuable player on the N.O. High team. Co-Captain Sandra Whitehouse was voted the best setter on the team, while Co-Captain Ann Sousa was elected the best defensive player. The volleyball season was both interesting and exciting. It will be remembered as a building block for future success. ?Y4.1'ilTHY x s me , . ' ' T' " ' . N A - f f--' - W. , ' , - .. - tus., V' -- .i W H ' V- -f fr N i 4 tl f' Qs gf -Iii"-'s.?' 1 L2 'fx' ? . ..1 W' L .K f. rw 4 1 5 J 1, X 1 Yi? 4' ll I1 1 .. Dawn Graham C39 Dee 1' 571' Maureen Monahan iii ui Mais Ann Sousa Sandra Whitehouse . illli sxtrlls ' Wit 'twff -Nl 'l .4 an 'Ji ' A Rpssgnililtllt fi,3N9Y it .lllll ill il ' Q- R T6 1. fi ' y ,, l N21 4 WS fl -5' l Q RTX, l. Girls Cross Country ,lo-i There's No Catching the g Cross Country Team l In keeping with the latest tradition to begin at North, the Girls' Cross Country team, coached by Lou Tozzi and Micheal Burke, finished with an undefeated streak that began back in October of 1981! Not only did the girls earn the Suburban League Championship, but also they became the Eastern Massachusetts Division I Champions once again. With the leadership of Captain Tracey Corrigan and senior Alice Fleilly the team had many ac- complishments. Mary Anne Kelleher was a Subur- ban League Champion along with Tricia Barrett. Both were members of the Patriot Ledger All Scholastic Girls Cross Country Team. There will be no forgetting this team, its records, or its many achievements. Memories of this Golden Team will come for years to come. l l N, 'l l i l l l Sf' N117-31, f-.., Tracey Corrigan Alice Reilly i i i V - s Q. in , ,nt- 4-l-Q45 4r"".5 Arthur Collings 'KT' 'Hs if Tom Kearney Jeff Stryker Y i X . . ws-Aff . reef i s .f .CY . wifi :gf 4 ,-4' ,if l .nf Boys Cross Country The Boys Cross Country Team rebounded this year from last year's lack luster showing. With four seniors: Jeff Stryker, Tom Kearney, Arthur Col- lings and Bill Donnelly, leading the line-up and several underclassmen, the team went on to finish with a very respectable record. This is all con- sidering the size of the team. All the boys showed commitment and determination to help generate a great team spirit. Hopefully the renewed interest in cross country will continue so that North will be more competitive in this area. The team would like to extend their gratitude to Coach Bart Petracca for all his devotion to the sport. L '4 r N x -a l r A L i 3 sg 1, ,- Jmgx. , 1, gr xx J! 3' .ag i 14-L QA ' 4 I .' K ' ,A - .sal 1 r . .xx .-5 Q 1 ,' r l I Y H 35 K s ' 1 .- , ..: . , 1 ,' P r 1 jg 'jx' x MM -., Q' fi , K? , x 'i- S V ,. ' J . -o , .. f' ' V ' 'b , ., 'V ,., , 1 . .. .. , ' 3' N , w f J, , . ' Q -X gc 173 . V! R v .Alt B it ft: jj lliilfy A , 'T v tx" H".- M' , k. -Af ,5 , 1 . f V HS . . x , X ' . , xw, f, it . , ,f I N 5 x , v ' P, fnmyv X X 1 r if .6 1 ma-ffff MQ? Ea::",'H M Q f W HW! - xXuP'f'b' W Sw ' ' Wx! ' K., V X ' 'M ' ' N. 'ji' P1 3 , X-'ggi' 'Q Q "gif: I X 5 Hg I 4 Q -.fl g I img-'wriw A f , 1 ,ff - P-Kizssffffili. ' H 4 " -' ' " " Q' ,ff . XX , , ,jf mx K 1 5 'J s 1 X K ' wr V my In W ,,, j' V ,, s Y' J X' W .- if-, Q l f-W'A3.,'W V 1 ff 5" ' f 1 A j 17' y ' Y " ff yi , 33 g , ! X M 6 K A Q ,V 1. , f j i f Q -Q. 1 J 5 'K S J 'f I . x l -.Av ' , 9' igizf 3 ,111 i uw 1, l 'fu M f, Z' Q xgxiini 3 HEI WN , , .gil . , '--Q6 Y Q . 14,9 'T' 1 I3 in !"l X a .2 "' . 'f"! ? 1 J' V Q 5 2 "QQ, I 'i.J "- ' N,k' xg X - F ' 1 fx 6911, 1 .v M , 4 v A 'N w N - f. '90 X t ' -. .Q I I! .I X I. 'V 1' v fi l.P 3' +uuv.u...vv - 1, .-' gb J ' ' 'hw-,gi I -'U L, . --. . '. A - ' 'Wi ' 'ik gat' , ' - 97: nl W rf-5 - yr" - V. Q X' , Qu r. ' 'N f. -.Q b. D .- ' , F", V Y.. aff w ' 'x ef K K I -i xi YW ,. ,en -.51 , o , MMF, JYC1 -5 Y. lf E ' ' .. ' I , fr ri if A fr-fx, '. V" A ' I 4' ' I dy' F?ow.der. Puffs . f Q QF -H f 4 -Q X 1 5 nr, .' s 'H A - 1 , fl- ' K '-SQ., Q, , , Q' A' , 1 T-'32 4 951 ' !,-'17'fs- ,f - if .6 fffi "' ' F 'Ti f f' -.Wg 1 ' ' L " p f' wi Es-'lif fl .-f1fgf'g all ' A-he x ,. +5 1.,,f"V, - 'f5faf?:f,?n if "' H' I" ,f 5-riff 1" V K ' is ,Q it .pl 1 4 U 'Y' ' : .A , ' Q, 4. - 5 " r J' , L, , A .. 4 Q 1 -1 I L 1 ' 5 Q f , 4 K ' N YH T., 3 ' f U5 -vw 4 ' -.,.lI, 'E-Q. FN 1 ,n.-Q, ' 'T . . . , - 2:.zs.' -v-vdlf - 4 ' , ' 'Mr 'M .CA ' - 'T ' - .. ' 1 u ' 'V - 4" '.'. ,qw -' . ' ff .R--S" I ' : sl QQ" rf' sa ' "' , "" ', .'n,"k", .N K Q, .'. ' A 'P' .44 'WH .un-5 fqgfjc. N V 4, nom- 4- - rwlfiilke'-.js . . . Efif-4 -3 '1 zz "' 1 ' I, O ,. J 4 F, .- . jj V. ,L ,.. 'v ' '1' T " ' '- A 1 ar -6 ' .,. ,V rf -1 ' ' . . .9 , . .Jig ' rf-ul' -A ' . 1 I uv ' - Q I N I " , F, ' 1 1 A . "Q I Q ,.r--rf -0 f .W-, NAV ' 4-4 ,B A I ' 4111, a , l ,Mfr if-.1 as Wrestling The 1983-84 North Quincy High School Wrestling Team, coached by Mr. Steve Joyce and Assistant coach Mr. Butch Montoya, were looking to be a much improved team over the last few years. Being led by tri- captains Terry Stark, Jim White and Rich Ftagusa, the team worked very hard to defeat such power houses as Needham, Marshfield and almost beat top-ranked Brockton. During the season many first and second year seniors proved that they could handle a spot on the varsity level, such as John Webb, Steve Golden, Chris Gizelis and junior Al Dibella. The strength was still with our wrestlers who had depth in the sport, such as John Palma, Stark, Ragusa and White. ,1- b X , 'Y F I j . . 1' r " Z nn 4- 0 X if' 'K ' 1 ' ' J , ' ,, I' J' 'lv ,, NK- w,,, ,1 , E f ' M - ' "Al -lf- .- f - .zrku 4. I ,I -v' 1 ,ff ,fqyrllfvnm tis . .6 ai plkiwa lk '-"+G-"f 114 A 4 YS 585, -,J . ai, . fi! rl 123 '12 fig, " 33 ' 4., 901512 84' fii, , wif 3 J' -Vw: ,iffrvf ' 7.5-- ef 'Hump Rrch Ragusa Lf gay-figw-I we Ei John Webb .' 93. ' i"45"fv': TT? Paul Gorczyca -41' . T1 U1 'lr Jim White fly? ye CQ 'V ek- Steve Golden Terry Stark Harry Canellos John Palma www' E r L BOYS I 4 1 X I ' L,.guS"""" Nm If K --,,,.-n1' Q 4 3 I 1 -N... -Q' 'gf 'bk A ' QW Lu x v M N , Y. ff 1" 'Us ,QR TS' 4 5 IUUUCY ' v - 'ffirf NN 3 . .Vi X , , 1- 55 '25 345 xg , . 5 f K 112222: .. g. " """"""""""h V I! I , U ' s ali 'S 5, ' 'ly ali W.: 5 Us 1 dwg L' R 'Q Qs' A 7 Y nf Us L, 2 ,Q , ' v 3 XC 3- Y 'C . f I 3' x .,, X vw- XX --f" X X? K ,IQ Q, ei' r f 1 'N4' E A 1' ' um, lf, N 5 l .- ,012 vw En? Q N CY James Kirylo Nunzio Carbone 31 Nick Gelsomini yXUxTf 4 I Chris Bunker '11 2 11" , Z 452 M i W y Q... J.. V 4, 1, ,L WK. , , 43? ,f ' .Z 3 4 gal M 1 I , 4,4 ' .1 f - ,L V '21, is 1 Y ,,,, ,,.1 , W ,l .rg V, , , F., L, 2' n LT. if """"U Z1 ""'la 'Q . ,,, mrvl' ul' I Q K x' . ip J ' f,. 9 Z N , 'S 4.15 T J 5. 4 1 G W f V132 5394 -is-"' Th. as 2 gf 'Q ii 1 'Q W! ,Q if F if 3 I 'QF af' -D 4 i U Q , ,I 'I v i if 1 1 W n ,..,.. . -v-4' I ' ...W 4v""' ' an ..-.f.wwnu"v' I 9 5 , . 4 1 X-.2 V JVX X 1 1 .1 'X puuulwiw K" 335' N1 .1 1' Qf ' fr Steven Warren QUR Ty 3 4 UU I N CY Michael Phelan Paul Ryan I A :Q f" f-""' 'fi-5 . 9 gr , x x , x . 25,04 Y w 1 W Girl's Basketball Although North's girl's basketball team never quite played up to its potential, the Red Raiders got some strong individual play, particularly from senior tri-captains Debbie Cavanaugh, Chris Donovan and Mary Holleran. Also making significant contribu- tions were seniors Karen Koski, Linda Feeney and Sandra Whitehouse. Highlights of the season included wins over Dorchester, Natick, Newton North and Quincy. In the first Quincy game, Holleran scored a career high 22 points in a great all- around performance. She also was selected as a Suburban League All-Star. Despite losing some quality seniors, things look bright for the future as sophomores, Karen Runge, Jean Welby and Eileen Warren along with junior Ann Duggan all was extensive varsity action all year. .4 b,AJ""' M. ...a-1-- K w 'vi EIA Arn N , H .,,, , , ya. n ,, ,V , ,Q inning , A 4 tffp qlz . W y lfi- ', ,, ff- Y Q r V ,-Q ...A QQ ,W A Ni7W?'g v .puv""' ,4 sag' 1 . Juv" I Q ' v' , a ..,--U, K 'r..'KB nc.-9. A A e . mx N ' "' il' 3 J .ZQYH .Ib f i5?4f,L,fszx,? m 'j igwm ,fj'11:T14? W N N J i 1' A z -f A -V -... Q MM, ff! -NM. Y Q 5' X R' if Y' ' ,..... .. 121 1.555 a Whitehouse ,X imp , ,ff Y" 6' -'fi , H ,555 . n-na. .magma Au. , 1 I A Christine Donovan Qi! ypwnw-"Wt 35 im Debbie Cavanaugh ,M Karen Koski 'ww jf! 4 X' lf .. hgifx. Qs , Www l i X 1 ,ss-5 KUN- X ak-W Arthur Collings Jeff Stryker if 12717 Bnan Gibbons fi 'Ph- John Tamburi WM? Tom Kearney Kevln Kelly Jim Kennedy Roland .wwna0inwx44sueA31f'-ef y ,sawn , 3 'V Y' My 'jg "MQ M A 1 1. , W, T l wif 3'0" f Y N ri Q w ff' twig, A 4 :, . .-we 5 -4: jiyg. Tlizxiffgis 'g ':, l ' Q- K " A ' g4i'hb 'fr . ew .- -4-' Q. W. j - ': -V f-',jA,,.r', .p . x ,'.Yx' ,ff - ' Q 435316 4 g,,".5 'f?",'.""N 5 v'ft5l" "Wg, qua ' 3- Ygvrxfmevg. l ' -ek-vga!! ,fr .M - -H . - ff? . if- " ' -?"'.ff7'N 1' Q: .Ji', .-l o, . . , -, xv-.QM , M. 3QQijXf',f" av." A Qglf-is fl- amvpwfi- .Q 74-. 3 ,wi I I U 1 , 'f"AE:?g'2,:-x'i.495l:g3,-"'W-4 JYWLH A , -N --., 1 A, " K w. 'Tr'-M F' .- lf"' 4 . , v ' '-l V' , N-Q-:fi-VV ' A' L. b E 9,3 Ihr 1 Q bfi- ,gi-" PLZ?- -' A .ff ," 3:1 . r fgigllalg-?A ' 4 r Egg. sfwfyg. wr 03. -.1-N 3' - , if 3 lg, ,of-j.,ff'ji5 'Mg 5' ' V' 'Q 4 Y , . Q 'A' " . - :-' 5. I D , ,' f f - If Bill Donnelly 4' ' .. .4 "Url -'Valli' ' K Mix Girl's ' Track The NQHS Girl's Winter Track team enjoyed an outstanding season and was a Suburban League title contender, and perennial State Meet championship challenger. The great tradition of past seasons continued as the team's 4 year record of 34-1-1 further improved. The team battled Cambridge for the league title, and Falmouth for the State Champion- ship. The Flaiderettes rivalry with Falmouth for state supremacy has become the highlight of recent indoor track seasons. A 11" Alice Reilly Eileen Crehan 90' 1 Tracey Corrigan Maria McGurI f' M19 1' if S Liz Toland .df P 4, 15' fa W' Wi. iss -a-6,3341 X X . . if L Boy's Swimming The 1983-1984 N.O.H.S. Boys Swimming Team had a strong season and finished with a record of 7 wins and 3 losses, placing 4th in the Suburban League and 4th in the Suburban League Swimming and Diving Championship meet. In the post season 8 swimmers and 1 diver qualified for State Championship Competition. M 'S' 'M' 6:14 f Sf Rx Mark Wilkins 1 fy- . M 1 T,-A xx M Q ggcfe Q35.. Y Q W' X v f ,, F 3 gi K x X-XQ5-hI,:, xiii - N xx X QA xx Q' , A N eq S QS A, qggsl gm W SX H , 4 1 - XS X x SS Qx Clk: Q. in '1-iw 4, s 1 :Q I A gm, , , . ,,, -4 5-NW" wh' zwygy' Q - miiffl fl. , Wu , qrc.,-. ff M +7 4 43 , . - 4 5. 0 Bw X .A .1 . -5 .ff .Q if w ...N f .2 Q.-1 is 'J OX 'L pi di -.C n N, I , 1 1 . ,A , s.-1 , f '.'- - . "v - ' 4 S A A..' I . 1 Q , . -f .fS?. I 1 K 1 ' l Ax. 15 xx , 'Q ,ri 5? , , 'Z iv , A 311 3, 5 , . 1 Q, Q f iii, . gd i W Vg. wb 5 , gg, , an 4, ' ep' wpgf? 41, R 5 Q A I if "'-'51-L... n 1 iii-T' , ,fg I ,, 4, . 1 I ,Q 1, l X U ff' f jyffafm- f I, LA f mr Vi " 'fig ,f K , , 1,9 - ' S If fa, if 5, . ,a ,A-ex - , -an ,,,,x., Rx 1. if 1 1 I Z" sf? W NZ' i urgess 1 X as is..- 'Vw i ilu 's 'Ep Gymnastics GIRL'S GYMNASTICS In spite of a small team this year, North Quincy was not to be overlooked. Each of the gymnasts did an outstanding job. Their team spirit and professionalism showed in their performances. Natalie Nigro and Ann Cooney were captains. The underclassmen on the team proved themselves as excellent candidates for future teams. Natalie Nigro Anne Cooney lm ."'-ff. 1 A Q4 I QSQWQ ' , G" Xml' x. , W A gq.4y5,5, N X as ' N . - , X . , 1 ,,!"Pl '!W24 1 ,, v we f n he ' "' ' V " - -'-- Vg , A ' f A , fg.,,.uf.' C. 1-v, 1 . 1 1 O 35' A 0 'Q .,-x, i Ax .milk ss. 1 Esleen ll Hem'--M. rris Catherine O'Brien f xx X X V E I fn Susan McGraiI .1 Af -J Rita McLaughlin Q F, '- , L, 1 ' f 14 f 1' D E Il 1 'Y :Z , A C N I I w J I F i r 1 1 1 Q -A --, i 140 t A gl Choir The North Quincy High School Choir was very active throughout the school year. As in the past, this year's Choir was a large group with many talented singers. They per- formed many diverse types of music, including classical, religious and contemporary. The Choir per- formed a Christmas Concert in December to an almost sold out au- dience. Other performances during the year included: a wreath-laying ceremony at the President's Church in Quincy, the Inauguration of city officials, and a Spring Concert. Also, a large group of chosen members participated in the Southeast District Music Festival, where they were among the most talented high school singers in Massachusetts. In September, students auditioned for Mr. Carbon- neau and the most talented became members of the Madrigals. The Madrigals rehearsed and performed separate music at the concerts, and they carolled through the school for Christmas. Known throughout Quin- cy as the city's most talented Choir, they enjoyed an active and suc- cessful year. "adn" . A ,, I TT '. 'f'Q5.T!i. 7 .6 . . '.' ' ' -"Ji" j 1 "fi, Ji' I A V, -4.1, ' M. , ., ' . 15:5 Ju, 2. .,' . , , I in ' ?1'H9't'- v'i -A gg .' '?":ag:g ' 5, JW, A w ' . .'ff',Q7" .' " 'N Mffrf' " W4 ' , . , ,. ,y " , sri V' .Ti jf .. '4 ,Lg ,. ' in 4 , X V .fl ' Q1 '- 1 ' 5 46 , .i 'A ,. , W" FW -sf , ' Q A V! YQ: J L I ' 5' y i .,4" i . ,Q 5. Y V Q 'br vi f 4' 1 62 'fs A I ' ' I lr . 3. 5,5 i if ' . - - 5 5 1 3735 9 qv, r :Q " ' " X , : .yvafi-f' ' . , . , my V, 5 Q . .f UW, - , :him Nw- .- ,Qi , - 'Q f ' B 6 at wx 9 . A fi K. ff ,4 x? V ii? .mu 4 K ' ,F sf 1 Q, 1 -K 23 A ,l K ,, X . '3 - ,b I wg?-,,' :,gig5XX1 X .Wm-Q. 'K M ' , " Q lx si, 1 A is I v. 5 K, '-A f' r ' 2 X is 'W ' 7 wr? K NM '. W . fl L' xx 3 K Y E A N Wy m "im H ff 9 v ' Q Y? f K W x 'Wx 4 W X35 Q M? I big- up a -.A ,, H 4' v. Q . rbi., ,,,v5,,l,, , kwfr, :vw Y ' H-1 V315 5 ,fl 5:15 'j W X ,Ragga fn: 1, J T 'Mi W 9'Wf'- - if 1 11" 'X - X 1 ' L W- :sk-1 5,1 ' ,Q 1' Q H . A. :L-325212, ij? Q ' igifii' .7.' ,'lN X5 f 7 ' 2' 2152x3332 I , "Wil V V ' ' . Y xx f S .W .AQ 'lm E Ti W 'af o -v 3 ...W .ff Band The N.Q.H.S. Band is made up of forty-three students with almost half be- ing treshmen. Many hours have been spent outside of school preparing march- ing routines for the Saturday football games and parades. Other performances have been Rallies, Christmas Festival Parade, Christmas concerts, St. Patrick's Day Parade in Brockton, Pops Concert, Spring Concert and a concert at Sea World in Orlando, Florida during the April vacation. Some of our goals we are striv- ing for are to increase in size and to con- tinually improve our sound. 143 1 6 Q . f Q 4 gs 6 A an ' , 5 05? in 4 Q4 Z " X, Q .M M -:Q u A: ga A vs n S ifx 7 1543.9 ,fi w. 13 M? 1' 4 Wyuwgf 41-lg' Q S ff v rfllaoigals iii Q l 4 1 Y - 4-5-I Q-'QP 4.-Q9 iii H ' at-1? ' at'-'3' da-so 'E at 'H' 4-1- E , og ' ff as N Guard 'T' ... A E WL A Wen-.,.,, :Win 111 'Z 1 r ag e, H - E ., ' ", .lk L I xii' '4- gb f . f I -N999 .I V Y c.,..,,Assocm ' x French Club Vive Le Club de Frarcais! The French Club had a very exciting and eventful year. The French Club Christmas Party kicked off the year. The French custom of having Pere Noel iSanta Clausl put candy in shoes was practiced this year. Leaving their shoes outside of the classroom doors, students waited for Pere Noel to fill their shoes with candy. Members of the French Club also went to the French Library in Boston to help host a Christmas party. Some members had the unique experience of hosting students from Perigeux, France in their own homes. During February vacation, the members headed to Quebec for a thrilling trip. The Mardi Gras celebration at the French Library was another exciting oc- casion that the French Club participated in. Ann La Chere, a native French woman, spoke at North as a guest speaker for the French Club. The year was wrapped up with French Club awards. Outstanding seniors in the fourth year class, students who received the highest scores on the National French Exam, outstanding student tutors, and students who were most involv- ed in the club all received awards of recognition. The French Club members definitely had an enriching and rewarding year. v4 J, 4 s 5' 1lILfv,g7's- 2' N r ,t J" if . li,.V . ff warg W T fe? f C 5 V f v tiff , T , ,PI-it-, v who , -' i FLA' 148 '1 ..?"' Spanish Clu lo Spanish comedy, pinata making, fund-raising for club ac- Activities of the Spanish Club this year have included: tivities, atourofthe Pan-American Society in Boston, hosting Hosting the Spanish Dance theatre Ramon De Los Fteyes, of the Foreign Language Honor Society's Induction Spanish Christmas Fiesta, field trips to Berkley theatre in Ceremony, a farewell party for Amity Aide Luis lvluzquiz, and Boston, a Spanish movie, the Museum of Fine Arts, a cooking demonstrations on making ethnic foods. Club Esc 1' 4 ff? 15 'il 4. vw 'C' 4 L. PM ?'K 1 Wi. ' l Yearbook l BUSINESS MANAGERS SUPERVISOR James Whalen CfQ'j1'g'Tgff0Q'i1MBERS James Lynch Jennifer Wilson Jaime Paz Qgpy EDITQRS Brian Bresnahan EDFQTQTEZH Kathy Hegarty John Joseph Kgfy Gannon Elaine Sugerman THANKS TO PHOTOGRAPHERS - LA Your EDITOR Rajat Ray fljf0:1Yg'AMefC'e' Scott Lampert Kerry Gannon H a C 801' Robert Shaheen affv ane Os FLEEETING GLIMPSES OF A TYPICALLY UNTYPICAL I YEAHBOOK MEETING ,QQ-for It fi . . . "ls there a meeting today?" . . . "ls Rajat here I yet?" "He's probably still in the darkroom." l "Did you see the proofs?" "Hi Guys." "Hi A , Kerry" . . . "Hi Kerry" . . . "Hi Kerry" . . . "Does anyone , 'S know where page 113 is?" . . . "Its not our fault that they can't take good pictures" . . . "This person does I g " not exist, I don't know what happened, We'll have to change the entire order." . . . "Okay Scott, calm down, we can fix it!!" . . . "We need more candids"? . . . "Another Nim-Nod turned in a bio but no picture." . . . "Absolute black reverse block, or absolute block reverse black?" "Get some granola" '1Most apathetic, most likely to resemble a large farm animal - Did anyone bother to read the class census???" . . . "The final deadline for yearbook deposits is Dec. 10th . . . Dec. 23rd . . . Jan. 1st . . . June 29th . . ... "ls anybody alive in here?" . . . "Don't be so technical" . . . "Did Mr. Lynch leave yet?" . . . The committee to over- r- I E I I E ,I ,E throw the yearbook committee . . . "Okay who has the food?" 7 Q' 1 "But I wrote to the President and to Jesse. . . . . YEARBOOK ENCAMPMENT . . . "Jennifer dropped by. . . . . "l'm sorry, l'm so l sorry" . . . "Shut up Jim!!l" . . . "So is my name going to be in the yearbook or what?" ..., "lsn't this neatlll, Large type for simple , minds" . . . "The cover is not orange" . . . "Who's the coach for girls mud wrestling?" . . . "This is a dictatorshipl" . . . "Sorry Rajat, this , is a co-dictatorship!!!" . . . "Now that all the work is done everyone wants to help." . . . "Another typo" . . . "Does the North Star still ex- ist?" . . . "The penguins delayed me" . . . "ls today the 27th, or is it the 17th?" . . . M St M's anyone?" . . . 4..,l H .was AA . ff' w "I want the chair with the wheels" . . . "Kerry has abandoned us for the mts. VY ' f of N.H." . . . "Let's use System 80, I remember that from grammar schooI" f ' ' , 1 . . . "Don't write on top of the quad-pak." . . . "LETS PLAY HOCKEY" . . . ' "Its balanced go for it!" . . . "Can anyone think of a caption for this . . . can f' 'I anyone think?" . Headlines Page, Kerry's masterpiece . . . "Who canyiden- AQ Lg' if trfy this teacher first, Kerry or Rajat? Its candid not caption!!! .. . , K vla n' , "Don't burst a blood vessel" "Okay, Fine" "We have 5 empty N spaces" "Okay, Fine" . . . "Get the phone" . . . "Okay Fine" . . . "Te 'i , Julina that we left and are not coming back!!!" -JM. sa-f: -f"X,, I t't, f-is pri 7 fl' 'x 'W.T.F. - can we edit this out'?" Class census and class survey answered by .2 'Vo of the senior class . . . "We can't change anything now!" "Are the wrestlers dancing to Micheal Jackson in the atrium, or are the cheerleaders?" "Did MiIler's call back yet?" "Breakdown" "Lets pack it in" . . . "Time to clean up guys" . . . "- Got a ride?" . . . "Toodlely doo" . . . "Be wary of the wrestIers." 3 Ft.0.T.C. NOHS AFJPOTC PROGRAM The purpose of the AFJFZOTC program is to familiarize high school students with the history, customs, and courtesies of the Air Force. One commonly asked question is what does a cadet do in AFJPOTC. The answer is an educational cur- riculum that is divided into two categories, each taught by an instructor. The first category is academics which is taught by an aerospace science instructor. The ASI teaches the military history of the Air Force through the use of textbooks. The second category is leader- ship customs and courtesies of the military which is taught by the Asst. aerospace instructor. The AASI uses textbooks also but relies a good amount on the senior cadets to teach the younger cadets about marching, drilling, and the proper way to wear the uniform. The AFJROTC program isn't all book work and marching. There are enjoyable activities such as training encampments and dances. There are numerous benefits for being in the AFJFZOTC Program such as learning self discipline, how to be a leader, and how to accept responsibility. Also for successful completion of two years of AF- JPOTC a cadet can enter the regular military with advanced rank and pay. Over all the time a cadet spends in the AFJROTC Program can be a educational and enjoyable experience. G N.Q.I-LS. Leadership MQ , Y eht Unio X. IU National Honor Society QM Foreign Language Honor Society Q 00 t A in n an '1 E13 Pride Committee .1 Committee for the Restoration ot the Statue of Liberty W. ...W gf 1. .1 it D06 FAX o ,uni ii'-M" 53 l Jobs for Bay State Graduates 08 ' Y jf r5""1'i fi Q Seventy-two seniors were selected to participate in JOBS FOR BAY STATE GRADUATES, during its first year at North Quincy High School. JBSG students work in employability skill sessions covering such topics as resume writing, interview techniques, career exploration anc development and other job-seeking and job-keeping skills. t X X X- X t mf A so , :Aw fi ,. f ess M YQ? W CW? I wa, QW, ,, " . ' if ,,,A i.,, X X X -r 'A A ,l""' A 'ffl' -, " 95.53567 ' a X 1 Q s-V3 -W '55 Q . , .... Q ' I' . Y Qi? ,sv 2:4-elf Future Nurses Club The members of the Future Nurses Club worked toward a goal of achieving success in the medical field. During their meetings, dif- ferent speakers visited and talked about their various professions. Also, the club saw health films and learned first aid. VVNQH Broadcasters , ,ffrfl V4 h W2 , 3' 7 ,',, J' 5? X. X Literary M Ncjrth Star ,, - TER .,:,SL1,?, " 3' We 1 f ,143 ' ' Q: M .,.K, 5 gn- V 141535 5" fr X The 19 84 Class Census 7 I N I , . k u Mo Sfp goof' Mopwar arf, C 983076 affafe N 1, .SZ OKNUQ eswo xev KBOXS QXXYXO C Ja WW, QXXB Cf 19 Jef Ssf fy Us Cal' M6 efoar Ol rffn 806 S Kea ,mg 11551175 1 FL fy, gr J Most Athletic Chris Bunker San ' use dra Whneho 5 imed N503 OZHNGXS ,WIN wma 'fi :J T I 5'-S' . .1 4 gzk Wilkins Aghn MCg5ff,4Cffe Mccarthy I7 Carrol! Ire SS MOSMI 'fer VOIV In Kefly On 9 New to 3 333509669 ufioe L YN OSX 50569 X4 6 .J X Af1i5t XS 0855 .ne F1390 i2QZx?X2he'N 2 N x NF 1 ps - if BesX Dance! Janne Q81 Class Partiers Bobby King Em FKxzGeraKd A W, yn A, 1 """f3T'XAW C4988 Jw' S lan falb 44 au A4 I' 30,7 ape eney 59 NUnZiOeg'SODa0? ar J' Efjn Qefald gg X65 osx QQ OK' OOM gdxe N66 'W Classfesr Joe Callaha U Julie Alib randi XR Besf ,qgx Ke Wh fflrog Sa Ke!! 00, Y nova Whlfeho USe L tw. , 'Aw ff N""'w..Nw T My 7' i erryg le ohms 'ad' Mulvey o e GW a oud 90 Q LBOXQWQOWQGX yy ST Bod? 'gms e . Y a X03 'Kev e Pxnihom B -H 1 7 ,Y . W' 1-Q, 'J ., .. if A 'Q-,A S A V Class Clowns John MCG-tame Judy Chiampa ve! BOY Susa0 WJGK 2 Lg QM, rg, l? gm! I f. C1888 A 0 Julian M 9613 QZZQW C . Sfoalsrgngu 446,02 Annett ac,-I e Brad, ey I I "'-"1 4 ed 1 Dfess 965 GQXXQYWO Km Agia w0Va0Q'v x -5 Y Ouretesl Ellen Daly Steve Warren u I L f I fx M 'Q X . X ' QF fp 1 'Qui' 'ix .lg -S-,, W A .Jr -,N "g,a,X ir. Web y ZIGG y O 6 U Wefe Heref 7984 U . fl Ton, lwsolgversal Press Syndlbat e Tal . 51 .te Q dv-2 60 fgiiow -9 CNG GSI Paulg Ch t or C ffstlh Zyca 6 D000 Van P' IIS! :due lr1d'V lass' an . e- iaux Squue oem 'n Hlemorg of Mr. Lyons 'r Mr. Gerald J. Lyons joins the litany of former teachers at North Quincy High School, who have devoted their lives and talents to the benefit of young adults. A scholar in the truest sense of the word, Mr. Lyons not only exhibited proficiency in the subject of mathematics, but also displayed an appreciation of the arts, especially music. Aside from his teaching responsibilities, Mr. Lyons rendered his services further to students, by being Head Track Coach, and Advisor to the National Honor Society and Student Council. In addition, he proved to be an invaluable asset to North Quincy High School by serving as Department Head of the Math Department and, on two separate occasions, acted as Assistant Principal. Truly, this was a remarkable man who will live on in the hearts of the students, staff and the community of North Quincy. His memory will be cherished forever. 170 W Tracy Duclos This poem is dedicated to Tracy Duclos and her friend Bonnie MacMurdo Tracy would have been graduating this year with us if not for an unfortunate accident. Both girls died on the night of February 18 1981 All who were lucky enough to know Tracy remember her smile and miss her deeply. It was a senseless tragedy to lose such a friend. . . . When we were together yesterday l never thought it true, That it would be the last time, I would ever be with you We joked and we laughed, Until we parted our way, But the thought never came to mind, That apart we would stay l dream about our friendship, All the good times that we had, And then I realize you're really gone And my happy dreams became sad I learned a great lesson As I sit here in sorrow Live for today, not for tomorrow . . . - Debbie Mosher Y' sf ' 'TC' a 1 F 1 f 1 W' ' 2' ,Ms , , f mf, ,R A Jmf , , 0' f 1 iviy -15. - ,, Q 3,411 ., , 2.5, , f , X f 'Mfr-rv W MW, 5 .ff Q 1 A fra f 2 k F '3- I I A ,X M -L Wh "Nw it-fm jj, 1 , ,L A , 43? af .-' v. f7, 1 ,fg 3 NX X X L 0 X 'WI'- L 2 X s 1' 1, h O 9' 9 l f1:.-.-lvl:-1-1F5v ' - ' If g... .5 .,,2 . ,Hn ,AZ " x r lL.,xL. HUF. if I s. Q D f"' K 'Wx H X I J 'K . MLA7m ' t A pucture is worth a thousand words Three Stooges Whiz Kids You Dirty Rat Nothing comes between me and my Calvins .ll 1A 3V ws XJ QP I ,gp 1 1 U B- W .X 8 1' "pv- 'UIQ BV ,al n Blinded he Oh, I gotta go to the bathroom igfmi' UU, ' " YES .., f0UT6 May I help you? Salutations, Quincy High BLQQM CQUNIY o By- Berke Bieothec YA KNOWWIN A SILLY, serirwemni mv, I im here, ,Be I SHALL B6 Mi55iN6 GOO OL' 1984 ggggf gi 'SCFGEANT ESTEKHFTUSN QU7 yziggg OF 'HTLL STREET Bw65" THF, MOST. I IGALLY SHAH.. Y 1 M. 4 h Hy- L Q , u 0 E 3 . , Q 1 K5 W ' 'Wx X 177 ' 1 J 'In 1A Sweet Dreams Prude Cornmitteeff? Splut Committee?? Mrs, Ferngno 1? mis' lax V""""'- an .X -on-Y. .,,9,, kv 'r"""'-sn.-w .1 'L I. T 5 if .lfb 44, - ca 'nw' 2 ffm Yr' ia eg Sei Q Z3 il QD if 1 A 'A' X jf 4 ...A 45 3A fm MQ .f "I wouIdn't do thot, mister . . .Old Zeek's liable to fire that sucker up." 4 I just don't understand Why am I doing tnls'7P I 179 'll ff 'wif 1 4 ff W , W, TSS si QA, X s ,ff gf af .. .. . M. ..,, ..,,. Q3 1 . W . 5, rl f 59" ,Ji ' - s f 4 x - Q - V -' - an , N' . i ,-,' ' . , , ,., ,.1,3 'L ' 'H' .. , , 4 ,, ff S g 1' ' 41551 H, Come up and see me some time. 4,41 , SL i G, Q Nice Dreams V 'fb Q., Qfgq. N .gif ,ni +A if qrisw x, s if Y f msg, : . .Ji x ,S , A 'A W ,g,'f'pX,,.sQ H- ae Q 11,5 1.13 ' A ' we' :egg fy wg- 5 "Q i . 93 f12f'1i ' W.. ' il s ,i?g?fw?J5: x bqli Lwia4i,fx5 ,G -4 mfg A X'-J ug QQOI' 0 4 47,f5 ?Gl: is .J - - , , f if . , .1 ' its' ug' ,H A -I A-4.3" 4 , Q4 j ' Z Wx f' e xaf ffm - sg 2 if p V ' ',xN3El-LHTX Q .h 1 S '1 "" ' ' ' X Q Q s- '- - ,wx ,mx 1. vpifggz , f..., g- we-,ggwm - ,. lwj ily ., f '4 4,,w gxsf 21 . i . 2.2 V W 4" 1' E .r f , , 4 . ,, .V+ 1 Hp. Y 4 I XX is av JW ,, -1 xx X is X x . , ' N Q EX X LA x 1 5 r ,. wx 1 is ,foxy Fi , +I-'v" fsf N ,f , .' ln I S ff' i"?5'::,a -inf 5 Ki 1' , 1,1 , , ff ' 1 ' 1 i .f L, 1. , ,.- 'Q 9 0 Get this mess away. 4 X 451 sk ' ' ,Cx 5 1 x if ' V' nn a ' ' 1' Q6 f g iss X I 1 9 ft' ft' 'Q ' in . ' 59',,f,.-. U. M.-' ' , x rr x V' x . .f - if ge 'fx . vfwkw E523 W if Xe. ik V r i f lg . ,, 5 . gi J -5 ' W , ,MW I R SENIORITIS Help Spread It -vff' - -5 ""' H A 'lf' ,,.V Mins Little Rascals 1. Future Miss Americas?'?'? 2. Electrowoman and DynaGirI 3. Look out North, Here we come! 4. The Great Walendass 5. Yes Mr. Kennedy 'W .J ,le xg ijzgaf, , , 5J"g . 2A 5 in-.23 5 tgffff n -5. W NK.-., ,t . ig ' H , 1. S Ns M Davis of 1984 its thank hours Mrs. this past with college schedules and report tice, Mis. Davis mountain of ing transcripts and Mrs. Poutree The Class of 1984 would like to thank Mrs. Dorothy Poutree for the contributions she has made to North over the years. Her devotion to the students of North and her hard work for the school was great- ly appreciated. N X Congratulations to the Class of 1984 TR FROM Tl-IE CLASS OF 1958 Patrons St Sponsors Tiger Gannon Mr. and Mrs. James McCarthy Opus the Penguin Lindsay Whalen Kathleen and John J. Ridge Bob and Barbara McConaghy Lucinda Morrissey The School Store Geraldine deR. Stein Laurence B. Stein Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John J. Whalen BiII's Limousine Service 328-4843 Gene Macomber Robert Knobby Nolan Cheryl Manoli Mrs. Winilred Tikkanen The Ragusa Family Mr. and Mrs. Jospeh Feeney Quincy Retired Teachers Assoc. Anonymous Helen Tobin Maria Darcangelo A. Solmonte Mr. and Mrs. John and Paula Whalen Jr. Mrs. Marie Bevacqua Mrs. Florence Higgins Mrs. Mary Whalen Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Smith Judi Whalen Richard Whalen iMr. Richardl The Macri Family Noah Algernon Gale L. Palmer Mr. LaQuaglia The Murphy Family Florence Cook Ragusa "57" William Ragusa Jr. H7855 Jeanne Marie Ragusa 0815! Rich Ragusa "84" Thomas Gannon A Friend ' 9 G lllo 1 I PAOTWV Quincy Boston - Faneuil Hall Hanover Braintree - South Shore Mall Hingham Burlington - Burlington Mall Soon to Open: Copley Square Congratulations to the Class of 1984 BALDUCCl'S PIZZA SUBS Corner of Han kSt. andBll g Rd 'Stuffing Students Since 1964" "Home of the Well Stacked Sub" Best Wishes for Success to the Class of 1984 FFOITI PATRICIA M TOLAND Councilor at Large QUINCY C24 BLESYSTEIVIS CORPOIQZITION Congratulates the N.Q.H.S. Class of I G 8 4 5 I QUINCY CZBLESYSTEMS CORPOIYITION J 81 SCHOOL STREET, OUINCY, MA 02169 16171471-9611 nu- I 4 V Cangratulatmns Best Wishes to the From class of 1984! 1 BEVERLY D. 1 ' "EA LAMPERT l gf 0'gC0""f'U n.N. M.A. ' Gflfdfw is Family Life 1 165 Old Colony Ave. EducatorlCounseIor Wollaston '- 1 ap Landscape 328-1048 1 xpesign 8L Maintenance Slirubsiffjflowers 1 Seeds, Fertilizer 1 ' akiviuieh, sod 1 ' , 3 . 4 DAVID OCONNELL , r- 2 1 1 Q r 471-6868 V 41 473 .'. . ' ,f -'a"".,f , Q. .3 ff ,'?f""K3- JAMES J. l ' ' SULLIVAN , , INSURANCE ' if AGENCY if l to the 1984 1 . 2 N.Q.H.S. S9I1l0l'S JAMES J.suu.lvAN 1 151 Hancock Street 1, North Quincy, Mass. 02171 328-8600 Q, !W , Y ,, 'W' illerf tudio S"ER ST REST. QUWNCY, MASS. O2169 We wefellee! ,ee on Afage C71 eere el you on flee hefel 'lfUeefLeJ with ,ee in flee Corf zeleee greeted you in flee gym, Eereery Cpafeieria, ana! cfaeeroome. whenever and LUAQFQUQI' yOU LUQPQ jhefe we Wefe .14 ffcwlz . . . a CECL of flue alluffer anal we capfurec! for a Afefime momenfa flzaf are agecwly memorieri Igeaf wielzeb. we seem! Wimr .gfuclio A"'L'itGc if-iii - -15" ' ,U - ff'- '.2W':f f 1 4: ' -I ""'4g . amy , 'YN ?' .' ' -A ' 5 .p.'f:T T k J..-f. ' -5 'yet-. f Cantonese and Polynesian Foods Wedding, Business Meetings, Dancing and Entertainment Nitely Orders Put Up to Take Out Open 11:30 A.M. to 2 A.M. Tel. 328-1115 111 Hancock St. N. Quincy, Mass. 02171 Congratulations to the Class of 1984 , , P w X. QI V217 l M 5 1 i 1 1 Y , , I 1 w 'f H i 5 5 fr ! I Q c P 191 Congratulations to the Class of 1984 Cf Yesterday a child came out to wander, caught a dragonfly inside a jar, Fearful when the sky was full of thunder, Tearful at the falling of a star. Refraing And the seasons they go round and round, And the painted ponies go up and down, We're captured on a carousel of time. We can't return, We can only look behind from where we came, And go round, and round, and round inthe circle game. Then the child moved ten times round the seasons, skated over ten clear frozen streams. Words like "When you're older" must appease him, and promises of "Someday" make his dreams. Repeat Refrain Sixteen springs and sixteen summers gone now, cartwheels turn to car wheels through the town, And they tell him "take your time, it won't belong now, till you drag your feet to slow the circle down." Repeat Refrain So the years spin by, and now the boy is twenty, though his dreams have lost some grandeur coming true, there'll be new dreams, maybe better dreams and plenty, before the last revolving year is through f ' , ,, . . Repeat Re ram tWords and Music to "The Circle Game by Joni Mltchelll 4 1 W L i x l K V w 3:-mv . x - X., qhnknb-:Lau-q1f-e--r ........ n ?Sliv4---- A x so N'-P A 's. i . , --4-1 R., 1 i, , Q... . . f I Us ,-v ,J g .. ,.-f ' ,ff Jn 4. J! Dont We up -he Were qomq 14? WWW aff Were ganna IN 5 1-QGQU' Q J' " Y 4 imnlllii ,,,,JFls ...-:saws-'!""" -D in j'f:',,"'.. if 'R Y by W "" New yff Q, I HM ., f , o- y 4' -C? WJ' 1 511 Q QA Q I. A 1 3, QQ.. I-'QI 1. 'M 1 ,- M,.,,,, 9' x ,TR v , . .il '- - .mi ' 3' .ix 1, ., ffgflg. . , Lf in ' 45 "fi f-"4 4 x wt? AQ W' 'auf 4 ,444 rgawi 'mu '?-Q 'fl' .WT 4, 'ef 'vi 'Q-' . 1-' . .331 !l.'lY-'gf as U Q ,Az',,g: ffm 451 gf-.. -f lwilnlv--' .Lv w ,fx ,, W 51-im 3 f' in '. -'f , ,ff X - ' if Wx X S-..., , 3 44 ,X .4 A W Fx E' 3 ffl fgfp' U" x Y. of: -A , ,- 4 5 -vvfmv 7!'v'. I GSSJHY K G , I xi' if ,X 5 sv . aff V xx. . . 6' ,L 9. x ff. I I WMA' 41,5 CW! 'Ei 5544, ' ' .q w f"" .. l -nb" SQ I lv KS, 3 Zz., fo Q.. . WX- r iz ,Q 5 eg J K ga ,,,f 1 L L. XJ N M f f' gf in g 2-YQ ' . fgf-Q35-JC' .aff A Q an, 795 . . S., w v-, N LL , S ,Susan M. Amendolare Q 'gfbaniel J. Baker .... llonn G. Bolster ..... 'Debbie L. Borromeo . F. Annette A. Bradley . . 'Brian D. Bresnahan . . David M. Brown ..... Christopher M. Bunker Harry Canellos ...... Ann T. Carroll .,..... -Dean G. Christensen . Deirdre Connell ...... . . . li 7Eileen T. Crehan . . . Ellen M. Daly .... - A John M. DeLappe .... Robert Davis ...... James J. DiBlasi ..... Vicker V. DiGravio .,.. .... Michael J. Donovan . . Lyn M. Doyle ........ Lisa Federico .... 'Lynda F. Feeney . . . Maura A. Feeney .... I rg ary L. Fitzgerald .... ephen C. Foster .... Christine Francis . . . Nora Furey ...... .erry Gannon .... .S 4 I' ick Gelsomini . . . . rian J. Gibbons ... 'Christine Golden ..... Stephen P. Golden . . . faul F. Gorczyca .... X lawn L. Graham ... ' irella Gullifa .... homas J. Healey .... Kathy A. Hegarty .... William K. Helm ...... Donna A. Hidalgo .... Mary P. Holleran , . . John P. Joseph .... Afrula Kapetanakos . . Stephen F. Kearns . . . Carol J. Keating .... Kevin P. Kelly .... lasschgi 19 4 Quincy Education Association - Dr. Paul Gossard Memorial Scholarship Independent Insurance Agents of Braintree and Quincy Scholarship Fairfield University Scholarship University of Massachusetts Scholarship Eckerd College Baseball Scholarship Quincy Women's Club Scholarship Dorothy L. Poutree Special Award Simmons College Scholarship Francis M. Tassinary Memorial Scholarship Quincy Lodge of Elks, No. 943, B.P.Q.E. Inc. Scholarship New England Chapter - Paralyzed Veterans of America Scholarship Quincy Police Betterment Association Scholarship Robert Charles Billings Scholarship Eckerd College Special Talent Scholarship Dartmouth College Scholarship Squantum Women's Club Scholarship American University Scholarship Quincy Retired Teachers Association - Blanche Lillian Pratt Memorial Scholarship Quincy City Paraprofessional Association, H.L.P.E. Scholarship Eastern Nazarene College Scholarship George F. Bryan Post No. 613 Veterans of Foreign Wars - PFC Richard J. Vasconcellos U.S.M.C. Memorial Scholarship Quincy Lodge of Elks, No. 943, B.P.Q.E., Inc. Scholarship Northeastern University Scholarship Bentley College Honor Scholarship Quincy Education Association - Merle Sawyer Memorial Scholarship University of Miami Scholarship East Congregational Church Scholarship Ralph J. Willard Memorial Scholarship North Quincy High School Football Boosters Scholarship Connecticut College Scholarship North Quincy High School Music Parents' Scholarship Bentley College Scholarship Kiwanis Club of Quincy - Edward White Scholarship North Quincy Knights of Columbus, No. 2259 Scholarship Quincy Lodge of Elks, No. 943, B.P.Q.E. Scholarship Jewish War Veterans - Post No. 193 Scholarship Robert Charles Billings Scholarship Springfield College Scholarship Quincy Education Association - Penny Petrakos Memorial Scholarship Squantum Women's Club Scholarship Robert Charles Billings Scholarship Harvard - Radcliffe College Scholarship Bentley College Scholarship Army College Fund Scholarship New York School of Visual Arts Scholarship Stonehill College Scholarship Joan Cavanagh Memorial Scholarship Quincy Education Association - Alice Killelea Memorial Scholarship North Quincy High School Football Booster's Scholarship George Douglas MacGilvary Memorial Scholarship Carl S. Eli Presidential Scholarship - Northeastern University North Quincy High School Football Boosters Scholarship Voice of Democracy - Second Place North Quincy Knights of Columbus No. 2259 Scholarship Dartmouth College Scholarship Wollaston Post No. 295 - American Legion Scholarship Quincy Education Association - Russell B. Street, Jr. M.D. Memorial Scholarship Voice of Democracy - Third Place Class of 1958 Scholarship Springfield College Scholarship Sons of Italy in America, Quincy Lodge No. 1295 Scholarship New Hampshire College Scholarship Organ Historical Society - American Guild of Organist Scholarship Maude M. Howes Memorial Scholarship Boston College Scholarship Quincy Education Association - Maxine Wigmore Memorial Scholarship Koch Club Scholarship Quincy Lodge of Elks No. 943 B.P.Q.E. Inc. Scholarship Dorothy L. Poutree Scholarship Army College Fund Scholarship Robert Charles Billings Scholarship George Douglas MacGilvary Memorial Scholarship Gerald J. Lyons Memorial Scholarship Stanford University Scholarship Wollaston Post No. 295 American Legion Scholarship Class of 1958 Scholarship North Quincy High School Football Boosters Scholarship Springfield College Scholarship Quincy Educational Secretaries Association Scholarship North Quincy High School Football Boosters Scholarship Quincy Cooperative Bank Scholarship Quincy Police Betterment Association Scholarship James P. Kennedy .... Ben W. Klingenstein . . . David Kroll ......... Donald T. Lee ..... Sor Siv Lo .... Guiliano Macri ... Jennifer M. McCauley . . Elizabeth M. McEachern Susan A. McGrail .... John A. McGuire .... Maria McGurl ....... David Meleedy ....... Carolyn M. Mercier .... Scott Messina ....... Michael D. Moriarty . . . Eileen M. Morris ..... Laura A. Mullin .... Bernadette C. Murphy . Cheryl A. Murphy .... Dennis F. Napier ... Julie Nee ....... Natalie Nigro .... Lauren O'Rourke .... Michael W. Phelan . .. Robert F. Plante . . . Robert Pirelli .... Peggy M. Quill ... Rajat Ray ..... Robert Reynolds ..... Patricia J. Salton .... Dorothy Serrllla . . . Terrence J. Stark .... Donna B. Stein .... Melissa Stone . . . Jeffrey G. Stryker .... Elaine A. Sugarman . . . Marjorie E. Sweatt . . . Lisa M. Ventola .... Stephen W. Warren . . . James F. White .... Mark N. Wilkins .... Jennifer M. Wilson . . . Julie A. Wolowicz .... Northeastern University Scholarship North Quincy High School Football Boosters Scholarship Hugh R. Simpson Memorial Scholarship Northeastern University Scholarship Massachusetts State Scholarship Quincy Education Association Janet and Nancy Christian Memorial Scholarship Security First Group Scholarship Sons of Italy in America Quincy Lodge No. 1295 Scholarship Robert Charles Billings Scholarship Rotary Club of Quincy - John D. McKay Scholarship American University Presidential Scholarship Lorraine Sholler Memorial Scholarship George F. Bryan Post No. 613 Veterans of Foreign Wars - Memorial Nursing Scholarship Quincy Lodge of Elks No. 943 B.P.Q.E. Inc. Scholarship Quincy Choral Society Scholarship University of New Hampshire Music Scholarship Maude M. Howes Memorial Scholarship John and Wales College Scholarship Class of 1983 Scholarship American Legion, Robert I. Nickerson Post No. 382 Squantum Scholarship Quincy Education Association - Alice Killelea Memorial Scholarship Fordham University Scholarship Cushing Academy Scholarship David Messina Sportsmanship Memorial Scholarship Army College Fund Scholarship North Quincy Knights of Columbus No. 2259 Scholarship Eastern Nazarene Honor Scholarship Quincy Savings Bank - Quincy Symphony Orchestra Scholarship Stonehill College Honor Scholarship May H. Gaynor- Rebekah Assembly l.O.Q.F. of Massachusetts Scholarship Voice of Democracy First Place and Scholarship Winner Quincy Education Association - Ann L. Murphy Memorial Scholarship Francis W. Parker - William E. Carroll Memorial Scholarship Army College Fund Scholarship North Quincy High School Swim Boosters - Joseph McKenna Memorial Scholarship Quincy Education Association - Munroe MacLean Memorial Scholarship Ithaca College Scholarship Quincy Education Association - Peter Bouchie Memorial Scholarship North Quincy High School Football Boosters Scholarship Cornell University Scholarship Quincy Municipal Credit Union Scholarship Army College Fund Scholarship Army College Fund Scholarship North Quincy High School Parents Scholarship Wollaston Women's Club Scholarship Northeastern University Scholarship Massachusetts State Scholarship Class of 1948 - Peter J. Chrisom Award City of Quincy on Premise Beverage Association Scholarship Wollaston Mothers' Club Scholarship Quincy Educational Secretaries Association Scholarship Quincy Education Association - Alice Killelea Memorial Scholarship Eastern Nazarene College Honor Scholarship Jewish Club of Quinch Scholarship Bryant College Scholarship Jewish War Veterans of United States, Post No. 193 Scholarship University of Massachusetts Scholarship Eastern Nazarene College Honor Scholarship Class of 1983 Scholarship Jewish Club of Quincy Scholarship Dorothy L. Poutree Special Award Altrusa Club of Quincy - Mary G. McGinty Memorial Citizenship Scholarship Ambrose C. Duggan Scholarship Kenneth G. Shine Legal Studies Scholarship Koch Club Scholarship Boston College Scholarship Ambrose C. Duggan Scholarship North Quincy High School Football Boosters Scholar pi rip Quincy Lodge of Elks No. 943 B.P.Q.E. Inc. Scholarship North Quincy High School Swim Boosters - Joseph McKenna Memorial Scholarship University of Massachusetts Chancellor's Scholarship for Excellence John Messina Art Memorial Scholarship Quincy Education Association -- Cassandra Thayer Memorial American Legion, Robert I. Nickerson Post No. 382 Squantum Scholarship J '44 KP' il Q . s 1 K X s 4 1: p xw R f'HI..,.,. ,QW "'7f:a::a+ I IQ 4 'W 1 ,Qi A 3 I 7 H' 'W thunk' ' xc' M "' , Y " 5 'g if f 3 LZ. 'GQ ' .. . I ' J' 'fain f X if 4 Q X an I 4 . . 4 E Q ,Q as W ar 8 ,NW IQ ii 1 -,,.- N 'H-A ve' V : Q Y Y PY ' ' " 'M if Maxx 1- f- . rl AV I D A. V A W 14 Q .fi -f ' 35" ., ' 0 ' , vi 2 x- i ak fx 4 - 1.4-N Q A 7' . K7 :M 1 y 1- 14. r' . - ...W v , 44 ' 1, '- b 411'-'KX I 'm.Qg" S':ff":f'--'- WA 7-'B Q eww ,mu , 'Q ."':h?'1 R,""!'-.Q ' .nfnldfz ,H 4 .nr ' -'t -.4 i,,,,q4X W..

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