North Quincy High School - Manet Yearbook (North Quincy, MA)

 - Class of 1969

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A Q6 by 41 v, 14 f. h 'fi 'A' 45, "V V W . - N K4 hwgiifi ., :gf fa: . . , 4. , . , T, , 5 r, Sl' v!'. 'WH' N' ' , +." , ,5 ,hracg ,L ,' W :"U.g' ,- kt I: 1 K. 5' I , ' HJC' , 51.2 , -, A-H, . , ,' - 9 , ww rf .,' -. ' f.' -YA, ,,.3,v,1'.i 7' 31' 1, . . , :J ,Tm-v.:'v,'. nz: 1,-1, v. gf :..'.. ' 'mP'T'JR, Q 5:15171 By ff , ,, ,K A . 5 ,, f .gl w,' Y' ' ' I' Q K luv' ' .1. lv , -: 1 ,. , -- . 2' 'nm 1 ' 2'6" 51,-.3 -:guy ,V W , 1--.'5 :M H -fmfgq.. , .,4,A -. ,.i,i,. 'IL ,Ffa -,3 ,:., . , lu.. , , , .A1.w.Qif Mnfggg'-p.i.Q .L ,rwnik "4 -sf .', NORTH OUINCY HIGH SCHOOL NORTH OUINCY, MASSACHUSETTS VOLUME XL. NINETEEN HUNDRED and SIXTY-NINE EDITOR Constance Chandler CO-BUSINESS MANAGE RS Rebecca Bauman STEPHEN WOLBARST a lu 5, 1. ,.,'q.gj4L,..' "R fn..'-"' 'f ,. -'gkgn-.'f'T:+i'1 '- ., r-1,1znu.'.'.-,v-1.,,. v ,un T1 ,, .NP 'Wm V .,,,yx,,: .wvmrx ,ww X QL f-md .T T- - A f .- .-. ,x JW.. ..1. . , . .rt ,gig x if F ' 's"..-.-'- -P' 's,. -rl '-1 .. A1111 f ' Q ' ,af 9? Q , ,.--r"' ...J " 1gqMHe' f , , sn... , ' 1- '1-'- " ' ':1. 4 ' ' u' V 5 YA 5 -- ' 1 15- 'au IB ' -- 5 ll 55 55 f ig E " EEE' 5 E' B E "Fai ff: ' Ill ll fc 1' ':- in-ff. Jfliwfg 1' . 3 l J - Z ... " Z ' - Tffzj 3:-jf, I ' jgizlf VIS' in' 'j ggi? 5333 EW! 44, Q, Q j , , 'ww' M M ' " ' 'Z xl' 'Z N if 'gif " 'A A 'T l mu ann :mu - 'J fm H E E 3 as lm 5 li 5 ll lt: L+ li -W , .3 f Yrvlziix-S 5 I ! -3 Mai M AU l -7 h P It Ill! llllif San' II-- 41. f.,:,, if V ,QV gl Q' 6 ' 'm A 4 A '- . ', A Taxi" - , g 7' "1 .,' ' - ff" VI, . Q." . gif' V: if . Q ? ' ' :Q , q :"7,i' " 'N qi' ' V ' 'fl P. +- 4 - 'F' A Q ,.....g..,..Qf:L.f , Q I -"W-:QV A- Q-A 'Eff' --ii. 1 :H ., i".u 'L Mi:-E -.V v i'A5:1'M : - igga sg agE ""1--3 ' 17' i 1 r!"2 I E 4 -i- Q :E .Q full!!! ,fig g"""'i'jM "' r, ix-1 F1 -1 -1. 'f'1lJg' gala? .-'.' .f 415 N- 1 fi. L' , .L , --. . - 'sf ' L':i"-- 1 x -asf ' f ' V A fk nu -- f -1-A. A ' ... - A , :nf ' 3 5 .' ' 'J -nf " mi 5' . 4' LQ f ' lf-ll' zum . m n 1 5 , A- Q2 - F - ',1., llll U, L I , H ' ' I, 1 1.2 hz! :ru 1 '1' -' EJ - ?i":......'k'..w,ff,g: fi F 1 Qlv' ' f Q. E gg..-A-I 'lf-1"'gf lf :- I I Y '-' - Q ' Q : ' - 'P' ' - 1,11 nv A 'Q . ' ...i , F - Z it , , 'i I. 'A 1 'I 9 -. aix ,,,.. . V4 x .' .4 ll I I . nl., "!. 624- WPG' I . . F15 . 1 ' new", -,.,, ,., , -' , .1 I , , I.,-,. I '. 4 Ir,-.. , ,- I .- -. www iv'-5 . ,. I -2- . .4- .rt- '- rf-.a,ff'LQ, --I-gi-g:fiIr',awvw M755-. X 1: A ,DI ni, 1r,fql,.7Jw4q4 41,1 FV I 1 ' . . . Nu ..-I X , -- , R ., ,sk 1.1. 1 , ' . ., 1, ' . TABLE OF CONTENTS OPENING FACULTY AND ADMINISTRATION SENIORS ACTIVITIES SPORTS CLOSING SPONSORS INDEX V if lx J 1 -Q T bw if if 4. W-. 1 , 36 'FS .W J .H 251 3:32 "7 .'ff., .X x Y 4, fi fn: pig, I ,Na mtl F4 Fragments . . 0 M V61 : A. fl I Y gl- - ',"' '1" '! 4 T J iil1.gilJ- hz: f 1411 'JJ1' I ,Lggq-5 yfgU13w5aEp1 paw' ',4 4,, . i 53Nl:Il::: f:'P:Sfe ! H- gvenfkfi , ff f.':':s-:?E: ff5-525255 PM 'F -in 'ii . ill! V "' I . 'N '-val' 1, , rg mr1n5xEfY3TSalS'!"'hn?nii!t YIBJERILSPI " g Illlalmnnnnmr-uwu1m,e frf-rm-ggmgg IIIHUWUHII dZ?"i13'?.'?llllf3r.:q'g Q ., ml. ' !lM?-SITFZ1' ' 7? - c 31 .ia iran JG: L . lu I iliilill-.. iS'fw.1xsjpQ'p,5-'Mg ' T' 4 fur 'iff 1 1 , . 5 53 1 4, 044'-J-If-4 3 . W5 3 ' ' 4 A : 5 n I ,L lg .. A , -,W -.5 fi , 1 ': 1.-:.W2.'.Sfi.2z?-M 1: q,,,ff"5iw"1 " I. II B xi' : 5 ,H 1 tr .Q A " . S Sur' "E . J gpg it 5 I ' M il ,frgg 5 .- -' 2 IK r S ll!! f I I L 1' 1 in, E z g 4 ggnglgwviikvww ra . ' . f uenw-q Q f. it: llgl Il-maxusbemsv mmnmlum If 5 -V ll:l limnf:'mn-- wmemzmlnnnv-f f I lllllllllltiwl naw, u-mn. H, I .l"l-IIWINK' MN-1 2.l."T , gf ,L - llll llllllumv iw" vs. ':, ' - "::gI'-::':::::a-azfifsawf palm!! ' 3 :G-11:1 lift. is .. IPI ll ' lllllllnamanum-4 . ,, '. 'uiuuliulan-. wwn ', -1 'll llllllnamn '11 ! , l '1 lllllllzl 'uw . s L g :lnlull lsli: , g llullllnllt. ,, as ,ap-vrrrf-rrnrrrr'rrrr'fr'f"""'!:i:llf ' ., - .... ,ZH .4 , i Ill! ' ru ..f'-y"' .Q ,. , . A ...-v-f- ": 0 , L . ,Q e"', ' , f "1' - . f ,,- ,,,.-' D .sv 0 ' Slvl' P . a 'O 1 K J W Yj fu 1 " fv- Af f. ,l-A -- - . M-.2 J , I ,,.. J rg -'lkiff'-'J' 3 . w . .Q o41 .." ,A I qbovowl in: ' ' VYYYII ' .IL .. - J Y 1 1 N lf- . "' I 'Ykw ' x V4 I' 4,' ". A , I 1 N Q In , ., V 1' a A .xv ,, ' , N I ' 1 2 A - 1 -. L r .1 g- 1 w , 5 - r U , -, A 5 A X QL , L W we - . 'Q 1 ., - 2: 4 . . .534-5, 1 ", 'A if 3 1 F V " , 'lf 4 9 V V Eli, ,. .T i gui, 5 I 3, f 0 2 A E ' Q 21 'ri i -I 'K X1 X 5 H1 49 1,2 'if ' Q Q I ,gi " X J v ' -s yi x Q .2 a , Qt N B A 'A f.. 'fx 5 i -Q I, ft 3 . , gs v- f J if -'f . K . H Ya ff' 5' -3'5" .1 X T? ' AQ Y' ' M, 1 A f-A Q ITE 1 f 'Iggy .., S 4 gf : ,-. , .iv 1 'Z ' 'I , 1' W' ' I Q Ts' X9 .-.J x 1 1i ' F7 GLW sv . .. tw I Vx Q 1. ff A ., W ff? 'liix az .QQ gui S lg 1 XX NS -'. f vm - 'ff' ff' ! X f . v V1 4' V " ' X 'fx Some we seef 8 -dU9"a ...:7.a4 A -- fue! 5 1?-"1 5.- 'w '-5 x-I .H Q x n - ... rl. Q-.L ,!, .x .-I M -'J' if Q-.fu 0 'N Z ..-.rv-.4115 12 I 1 , ? jagged and smooth: .Z lff at wyn- o -' 4 'Lim' persona! and shared 1 Y x 9' A " wiv. fl'4'4qf,-L.- 'FM' 'Q .hx ' x J S wg. H 9' 4 'Q EA, Q- 1' Q'f3irg-gf ,JJYNEQ I . U X :ITL ., -'fp . .1 A . N1 .I ilkxqix k A . . NA. Q .sew 1' -' if E, 1--F1 'ln' Q 41' ' f The radiant moments and the routme moments are equally vital I5 I " 'W Q is , . Us f' Ji-A 12155 ,x Our world is an unfolding of the new before us and an aooumulatfon of the old behind us. s Wx i 'I e "L-1' o o 1 1 1 5 I ' . i XXW f A f xx X . p - 53? H I X I .- ' -fx X X wjdzaj-S' 4x ,Ln l ',' 1 . 15514159 1 A A '-.Qfsu X- 4x- nj' U, 1'!6 ifqrl, I if - N, R ,f Ja an 1 1 ' 1 A-EJ , 'jx 'ly ' K 51 T QU' 4 T 1 ' 9 ' f'f " i . '1 f 'Mi i, 3, i1:jfQi7Zl,' "dl IV 1 , 1 5 Asn NOT WHAT ,rl 04: "nm 3 f YOUP COUNTRx .Q '75 T' '22 L5 , CAN DO FOP YOU LE ,xl ll V '. fi? 'J ASK WHAT YOIQ ffi W 23335 QQ' A CAN DO FOR YOUR COUNTRY ',f' if . JOHN! r we-wrm FL s r . ..l ruin, "T - T - T-'W' -Y H' TPS 1.0, f .-1 A 5 .4 A . uw fy MW iw' . .L- f 'x '13 T 'QI Agn .. 1b1Qr1rfr'1e2?.-xrxfvwiggml 'Fixx 41 4 is -1' ufw'QsffQffx'Qo' 9 9 rp ra we WD fa mg if 2 o. ,ii and create a complete mosafo of North Oufhoy High School !4,g'l 19 i i ,sy 36. My Nr? ,H .. .Q rrf .al 'i Ee ' s,,'i , .JJ .YQ A 1 5' 531' 'Nb V I i 41 K , , I-'L I., I . , ,, any -. G ' g -.,. I ' K "' I , 4... X - KJ lf' N ' 'Nils I I A-,If - -sang? A-v ' "..... Z---g.-.1 - tl ,M M "'- 'lr ' y es 1 ,, ' 'f 'r' V ' ."S-ni..-......-v-Q-1-li-...L-v " ' 'A '- ' - U 1 Q".-a.T'12-F . 2 , 5 - r J -- , - Xl!" - f2.."QY... - , -1, . - ' , A , ,x"'z4."1, N732-'-ii' " MR. JOHN WALSH, Principal. Mr. Walsh, our greatest fan. Ns 'l. F 3 5 Administration .X 1 f L- I-- I -C I f NIR. MARTIN CASEY, Assistant Principal. lllIlIh E f- ....-f--s-- W., JI I MISS KATHERINE McCOY, NIR. CARL LEONE, Dean of Women. Dean of Men. Cheerleaders, Football COBCII. We emphasfze in our Mosaic the importance or learnfhg, a give-and-take process. 2 I ,-p-A John Young Mr. John Hofferty, Dept. Head. Great Books. The secretaries of tomorrow? Miss Margaret Horn. guna r-Kg. il .3 ',,.,- Miss Alberta Murray. M Girls' Club, North Star. 1 X1 N- Mr. Paul Carlin. Miss L. Gordene Everett. Student Council Advisor, Boys' Bowling. 77 f F11 ff-A -'Hi Mrs. Marie Banks. ln an English dass we reveal our fhhermost thoughts and experiences through written words. F Miss Eileen Silverman. Mr. Thomas Murphy. Miss Josephine Pulpi. Drama Workshop. - ww- ' Mr. Roy Merritt g -is ... pl x ,,, ,, -iv, 1 '- -V ,a'X u .1 ry?-0 fi s ,- LJ fi . O N Mr. David Bergman. I Miss Everett explains a nuance to John. Mr. David Meaney. Miss Kathleen Sullivan. Q- Xe, I .- ' Mrs. Sharon Bready. 23 3 f .NS Miss Rose Enos. Mr. Robert Cotto. Q'...'Jlf."s n T' l- f- f' lVlr. Hermon Noyes, Dept. Head, Contemporary lssues, U.S. History. Nlr. William Pagnano, Contemporary lssues, World Civilization. Asst. Football Coach. ,- al. Miss Judith Kagen, World Civilization. 24 xg IVlr. John Donahue, I -s " lVlr. Leonard Nliceli, Civics. Mr. Norman MacWiIIiam U.S. History. J-5 .Env- Z U.S. History, Golf Coach. Nlr. Robert Gentry, Civics, World Civilization. Cross Country, Winter Track Coach. MV- Paul Stanton, Contemporary Issues. l 'Q f'-'f ,-31 lVlr. Bernard LaCouture, Anthropology, World Civilization. Mr. Lloyd Hill, I Civics, World civilization. s-"f E' 1 lVlr. John Bowes, Contemporary Issues, U.S. History. Q-. lVlr. Robert Collins, Civics, U.S. History. Debate Team. if- .455- Nlr. Arthur Burgess, Civics. ' Rifle Club. Ns- Nliss Dolores Tormey lVlodern European History, U.S. History. ...J -J lVlr. John Pierce, Contemporary Issues. Senior Class Advisor. ill, I vlflix. Mr. Michael Hurley, Contemporary Issues, U.S. History. By examining Man is past ideas and in titu tions, we may better reaiilze our own role in the future The election line-up. 25 We disco ver the complex patterns and mathematroa! order of the universe. . M, ' 22, . I .1 5 Mr. Edmund King, Dept. Head, Coll. Math 4. g. "' V .- 4. Mrs. Margaret Keiley, Coll. Math 3, Pract. Math 1. .9-at Mrs. Margaret King, Coll. Math 3. .env Mr. David P. Hournn Coll. Nlath 1, Pract Math 1 9th grade track coach 1-,vc 'N Mr. Gerald J. Lyons, Mr. Murray E. Roberts, Coll. Math 1, Coll. Math 4 General Math. 26 fl Our study of the sciences helps us to understand the functions of the world around us. f- 4' .PT 43, 'ull'-il. Q Mr. Thaddeus Sadowski, P.S.S.C. Physics. Miss Wilma Schields, Dept. Head, Assistant Football Coach. Biology Science Club Advisor. 9' 5 Mrs. Melanie Messer, Biology. Miss Gale Palmer, General Science, Biology. Miss Marjorie Bollen, Anthropology, General Science. MV- Charles VV3U9h Coll. Chemistry. Mr. Fred Cavvthorne , Biology. Marine Science Club Advisor. 28 x JUUHNEY MUON lx X X -Ib :x i' 1 - Mr. Charles Gliniewicz, General Science. vm Miss Palmer works with Debra Roche and James Johnson. 1839! ' ef Y' f 3 .--v Mrs. Anne Crothers, Mr' Rmand Smau' General Science. Coll. Chemistry. Chemistry Research Advisor. Mr. Roy Sinclair, M55 Katherme Townsend' Pract. Chemistry, Aeronautics. Biology J.E.T.S. Advisor 29 lVlrs. lVlary Young, Coll. Chemistry, Biology Mamet Advisor. We gm PM f -:,, H WV A . i I si, Ss Mrs. Andree Caro, French, Spanish. 'js Mr. Alfredo Peterson, Spanish. Advisor to Tri Hi Y. ..v""' , '546 , V... i.. A., L -, O 1. w ,J ., r . ' . .3 W v o f Miss Ruth Meisner, Dept. Head, German. German Honor Society Advisor. Miss Mable Pratt Spanish. Spanish Honor Society Advisor. 'Q Mrs. R egina Vintiades, Spanish. Mrs. Lucy Medaglia, French. 30 fat Miss Louise Fifield, Latin, Spanish. Latin Honor Society Advisor Mr. Arthur Tanguay, French. French Honor Society Advisor and Russian Club Advisor. iff, i fbias: .i,5,,..---"" Robert, Debbie, Barbara, Connie, et Pat s p ent francai Knowfedge of a foreign people requires our abf7f'ty to speak their language. Mr. Tanguay communicates in French Danny Pam, and Brian. I ,f 1 1 ,S I ' 4 f We aim to mas ter the skf7!s of business. Mr. Charles Bunker, Business Math, General Business r Q.. it 3, it N .nh- 4-.. 1. x. l A . -S A .V AN. M" .31 .' fc fd" i 1 's...1 1 lift Mrs. Mary Conlin, Dept. Head, Economics. .- v ,, x 1 I 1 4 Miss Sara Tolchinsky, Shorthand, Typing. -4 X I x ...asdfghjklg.. '+?..g ? '? 8-K. S. ,f Pk I .- Q v . w . Mr. Salvatore Vento, Bookkeeping, Typing. Mrs. Evelyn Feldman, Office Machines, Sales. he -S 'SQ 24 .N .i wk' -'A ' 'r"b"-ff . ,I .2Q'2'Ja! g fx' Myne ' I f ' fi ' .A e -g,, f.' Q C j A :-Ei' ,AZN l FT' 32 V' Mr. Ronald LaQuagIia, Business Math, Typing Mr. Edward Ryder, Business Math, Typing. Miss Daine Daren, Sales, Typing. I W 1 'Wir' . Miss Marie Youngerman, Shorthand, Typing. Mrs. Rena MacBride, Bookkeeping. Pat, Jean, Ralph and Andrea demonstrate their skills in typing. Mr. Ronald Ashford, Business Math, Economics, Typing. 5 , A K if fr "NM 33 L f ,Y I 65,0 ,IA R K .1 , Mrs. Winifred Tikkanen, Clerical Office Practice, Typing , 5' 4 w i - 1 L. n I , :-' '- 5:40 'fi i 51 'YK Rv lg Mrs. Carol Swartz, ki if Art Major, Crafts. Art Guild. Mr. Irvin Pinkofsky 1 Q Orchestra. --...I iq N, -1 1' '1 :- fl Mr. Pau! Siemering, Art Major, Crafts, Art Appreciation. Art Guild. An art class experiences the chaos of creation. Miss Sharon McGrath, Art Major, Art I and II. Art Guild. Mr. Maurice Carbonneau confers with Concert Choir officers. Concert Choir, Harmony, Mixed Glee Club, Music Appreciation. i P94- ,rf- tif 1 di: 34 Mr. Carl Leone. Band, Stage Band. A Mrs. Anna Meadovvsg Miss Suzanne Noonan, i rar Library Staff Advisor: Mrs. Sue Noone. Z ' . f ..-A A Ast dyhall ell e Mrs. Florence Contant, Librarian and Library Staff Advisor, confers with Miss Schields lseatedl. We apprecrate the beauty of art music and literature and add our persona! rr: terpre tations. 35 Our physical health provides a basis for our men ta! efffefency Miss Mary O'Connor, Physical Education. Intramural Girls' Sports Majorettes. Miss Alice Gray, Nurse's Career Club Red Cross Council N u rse. . Q14 2 L35 fs 36 1. lVlr. Robert Daniele, Work-study Program. Filmed and directed by Roy and Doug. Robert Nolan, Occupational Program. Basketball Coach. fi Jane, Mike R., Richard, and Mike S. eagerly do their assignment. ln the Work Study Program we receive voca trbna! trarrrrhg whr7e con z'mur'ng scholas tic studres. 37 Mrs. Alice McLaughlin, 1 , 1 1,- ,X .gl i Mrs. Mary Tranford, " Homemaking Dietetics, Foods and Nutr t Mrs. Margaret Mahoney, Clothing and Textiles. 1 Q 1 Just like mother used to iron! Prac tical Arts prepares boys for an immediate role in the building of our community while Home Economies prepares giris for marriage or industry. 38 Just like mother v iff.-as used to make. Mrs. Kay Wilder, Foods and Nutrition Homemaking. i 4 I 1 IVIr. Edward Harrington, Industrial Arts. QQ? 1 i 1 i i l i IVlr. Laing, Industrial Arts, confers with Robert. Hockey Coach. 1 'v' -. l I 4 :rf ' ff A I 4 .f TR 1-:--'T V v-vi--,' dd? f"' 1 ' Lug. I - A x 1 . A - xx . t- x 1 .Q K,-ggi. s .AW M ,Q ff. x ' ' , " ..-L - R . . , A -1 4-1 - ,,2- Lenny and Arthur make busy-boxes. Mr. Charles Baillargeon, IVlr. Paul Hogan, Industrial Arts. Industrial Arts. 39 i . Guidance Counselors. Seated: Miss Agnes Berry, Mr. Peter Fitch, Dept. Head, Guidance Reception ists, Miss Margorie Currier. Standing: Mr. John Murphy, Future Teachers of Amer- ica, Mr. Albert Savitsky, Mr. Richard Meyer. S ' fire 4 al up cr, fi Ya A' 'au Mr. Fitch is working hard. ci If Y .Q . Ni iz' I ,fi ' A , E W . . 1!'. 4-1 1 Id' ...-.1-1 With the help of guidance counselors and office staff we search for a way to persona! success. Cafeteria Staff. Mrs. Florence Reyenger, Manager, Mrs. Ardis Lally, Mrs. Mildred Meldon, Bookkeeper, Mrs. Cather- ine Smith, Mrs. Katherine Chase, Mrs. Helen Golden. 1 an-9 ,Y fi 1, N A 1 A f -5555, X ' 1 .2241 l 40 il... j"' Seated Mrs Ruta Burke. Standing: Mrs. Emily DeCnlno Mrs Helene Barba Mrs Shirley Paulson Secretary t Mr Walsh, Mrs. Ruth Kuperrnan, A Inttle consuutatlon between Mr. Walsh and Mrs, Burke. Custodians. Seated: Mr. Charles Murphyg Mrs Marion Enosg Mr. Henry Dillon Head Custodian. Standing: Mr James Grappig Mr. John Kohut Mr. Harry Frielg Mr. James Faulk ner. 4 ,. ,,.x. .. ' --Qi.. """" I , T, If 2 - H' 1, ' la-Q v if. i 1 i 1 1 5 liilllnliu-1 FREE? . an is as As A 111?1 ll- fo I-'W gr-fr Qi: 5W'w? f. T 0 ' 3 ' . I Larry Munson, Senior Class President. 1.M I . Li' 33 I Qu f"k73A4 Q sw, rv, Patricia Donohoe, Senior Class Secretary. Mr. Pierce, Senior Class Advisor, Larry Munson, Mary Ellen Cochrane, Marjorie Hoffman, Patricia Donohoe. Larry, May, Pat, and Margie . . . Four names familiar to all of us, four devoted students vvho have led our senior class this year. They introduced new class advisor, Mr. Pierce, to his duties and with his assistance chose com- mittees and organized activities to raise money for the Senior Prom and class gift. They worked on a new set of school rules and even attempted to bring back a forgotten dress code. In short, they have helped to make the "69'ers" a class with class. Mary Ellen Cochran, Senior Class Vice President. ' . , 1, ll-"'s'E3ff'3Ql ff,-+"" ff.. uuf" - fixes -- Q5 vii, " bi,4wff"Wf1ifibWW ,lv f ,,..,4-4""'-'-.rn 1 Mig' 4' L A' A ,,.,a i- -A V ,,,,u4"' i uh! A-'A ' , ,fi L' I Q ,,.- YJ- ' .2315 "' l t fsiaw f'W"y We , N gf", its r ' K Q' --'-"""f' . . f . -J., , .- 0'i'-9 ,, . A Ll fa- , L. ' ftya-tlqli -r s . l ' 1i!r.i1' farm, 5 ,44- , - -,,.,1" . -, , Marjorie Hoffman, Senior Class Treas Senior Class Officers 4 l Ufef. CATHY A ABBOTT 30 Amesbury Street Girls Bowling 3. 4? i f x 1' l MARY ELLEN ADAMS "Mea" 1 1 Webster Street SAMUEL A. ABRAHAM 99 Sherman Street Baseball 1,2,3g Soccer 2,3. 43 CARMEN AGRESTI 33 Bay State Road JOSEPH F. AHERN 93 Sachem Street Key Club 3. JOHN M. ANTHONY 1 JANET L. ALCAREZ 116 Sherman Street Art Guild 25 Drama Workshop 1,2,3, Dance Comm. 3g Mixed Glee Club 1,2, Science Club 25 Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3. 28 Winslow Road JAMES J. ALBERINO "Albie" 305 Safford Street Baseball 1,2,3g Winter Track 2,3. 1-up IT CAROL ARIENT 348 Quarry Street EDWARD M. ANDERSON "Teddy' 58 Royal Street Rifle Club 1,35 Soccer 2,3. l 4 1 5 1'-lf., JEFFREY W. BARNES 163 Bay Side Road Ju MARGARET M. BEGLEY "Margie" I 144 Farrington Street Dance Comm. 2,35 Girls' Basketball 1,2,35 Nlajorettes 1, Head 25 Tri-Hi-Y 1,3. . 'gi . 'Zi' SUSAN lVl. ATKINSON 74 Sagamore Street JUDITH lVl. ATCHINSON 55 French Street Art Guild 2,35 Girls' Club 3: Office Receptionist 2,3. 2 -YA LL I PATRICIA A. BARTOLONI "Tisha" 73 Faxon Road Dance Comm. 25 Girls' Basketball 15 -Q X as Girls' Volleyball 15 Spirit Comm. 35 Tri-HI-Y 1. I '- 4 , ,g I ,- PAUL D, BENNETT THOMAS C. BEVANS 5 Miles Drive 101 Crabtree Road Great Books 25 Latin Hon. Soc. 1,25 Cross Country 15 Winter Track 1,2. North Star 2, Sports Ed. 35 Science Club 2,35 Soccer 1,2,35 Spring Track 2,35 National Hon. Soc. 3. 43 ALAN L. BARTELSON "Whitey" 46 Alvin Avenue Band 1,2,35 Baseball 2,35 Football 1,2,35 Golf 15 Science Fair 15 Symphonic Band 3. REBECCA E. BAUMANN 45 Beach Street Art Guild 15 Latin Hon. Soc. 25 Manet Bus. Man. 35 Spirit Comm. 3: Tri-Hi-Y 1,35 Manet Patron Staff 35 National Hon. Soc. 3. STEPHEN J. BEHENNA 23 Huckins Avenue Tennis 1,2,3. ..4 MARIE BINA .sf ELIZABETH BOLES 396 Highland Avenue if lr- ' I ' ' ggi, v---gr QC I N JOSEPH A. BOYD 19 Royal Street Art Guild 35 Band 1,2,3. 4. Yi 101 Farrington Street .. .. - 7. QB' LEONARD P. BOIVIBA 266 North Central Avenue RICHARD G. BLAlKlE,JR. "lVlorrissie" 20 Roberta Lane PETER F. BOUCHIE 18 Tirrell Street Football 1,25 Gym Team 1,2,35 Spring Track 1,2,35 Winter Track 1,2,3. 5 - .l , I 1 ' , . + I LAWRENCE BRAY 144 Pine Street Basketball 1,25 Dance Comm. 25 Foot- ball 1,2,35 Rifle Club 15Spirit Comm. 35 Spring Track 1,3. . " T W" - MARGARET R. BRANTON 34 Brae Road Dance Comm. 25 Future Teachers of America 1, Girls Club 3, Prom Comm 22 Tri-Hi-Y 1. JANICE BOUSOUET 184 South Central Avenue DIANE M. BREGOLI 44 Ballou Street Class Day Comm. 35 Dance Comm. 2,35 Girls' Club 35 IVlodern Language Hon. Soc. 3, Spanish Hon. Soc. Sec. 35 Prom Comm. 25 Prom Usher 25 Office Recep- tionist 35 Student Council 1,2, V.P. 35 Tri-Hi-Y 35 National Hon. Soc. 3. EDWARD F BRINKERT JAMEST BRODERICK "Brodi" 42 Holbart Street 160 Highland Avenue Baseball 1,2,3, Basketball 1,2, Dance Comm 23' Football 23' Key Club 2 Rifle Club 1,Spirit Comm. 3. DONNA lVl. BRYANT "Don" 4 Price Street Girls' Club 35 Guidance Receptionist 1,2,3g Library Staff 15 Office Recep- tionist 1,2,3g Tri-Hi-Y 1,2. l , l . l DENISE BURKE 28 Vassall Street Future Teachers of America 2,35 Girls' Club 3: Library Staff 15 Office Recep- tionist 3. PATRICIA K BROWN 356 West Squantum Street Dance Comm 3 Girls Club 3 Library Staff 1 Office Receptionist 2 I CAROL A BUCKLEY 34 Cheriton Road Dance Comm 3 Girls Club3 lt Q 51.3 3 NEIL L. CADOGAN 927 East Squantum Street Key Club 1,2. DONALD BURKE MICHAEL F. BUTTS Buttsie 28 Vassall Street 58 Young Street Pi .qs Boys' Bowling 1,2. X 2 pf' THOMAS CANTY 214 Newbury Avenue Key Club 3. RANDALL CAHILL 480 Beale Street Football 35 Manet Show 2,3. V? MARILYN M. CAPPELLANO "MaI" 350 Belmont Street Girls Club 3, Guidance Receptionist 3, ROBERT C. CARRAGGI "Cosmo" 64 French Street 'WY I J . f-V ,f I K ARTHUR F. CASEY 48 Hovey Street Band 1,2,35 Great Books 35 Science Fair 1,2,3. ui' ly . -Ar f 1 Rifle Club 22 Latin Hon. Soc. 1 25 Manet 35 Modern Language Hon. Soc. 3, Manet Patron Staff 3 42 - ..-I I JEANNE E. CASEY 100 Knollwood Road L J I I JOHN M. CARROLL 26 Sycamore Road Cross Country 1,2,35 Dance Comm. 31 Key Club 2, Pres. 35 Marine Science 15 Science Club 2,35 Science Fair 25 Spirit Comm. 35 Student Council 35 Winter Track 2,3. tv' ilu- Drama Workshop 25 Girls' Club 35 Latin if J Hon. Soc. 1,25 Library Staff 15 Manet Co-Layout Ed. 35 Manet Show 35 Marine Science 1,2,35 Modern Language Hon. . Soc. 35 Prom Comm. Co-Chairman 35 Receptionist 15 Russian 15 Science Club 1,2,35 Science Fair 1,2,35 Spirit Comm. J 35 National Hon. Soc. 3. 1 , J x. ,Z JOHN F. CAVAGNARO "Jack" 173 Bellevue Road Art Guild 15 Cross Country 2,35 Marine Science 2, V.P. 35 Modern Language Hon. Soc. 2,35 National Hon. Soc. 2,35 Science Club 1,2,35 Soccer 15 Spring Track 2,35 Winter Track 2,3. 3 D TllVlOTHY C CAVANAUGH ii :i 5 250 Beale Street --5 BEVERLY CELATA f X DENNIS R. CETLIN 98 Willow Street ' Ja 10 Williams Street Cheerleader 35 Dance C0rnrn. 3: GiflS' 'A 3 Q , Band 25 Great Books 35 Mixed Glee Club Basketball 1,2,35 Girls' Club 35 Girls' 15Science Fair 1,25 Tennis 3. Volleyball 1,25 J.V. Cheerleader 1, Head L ' 2, Manet 35 Prom. Comm. 25 Tennis 2,35 Tri-Hi-Y 1,3. ' .,, lf KATHLEEN F. CHIMINlELLO"Chimma" 11 Chick Street Class Day Comm. 35 Girls' Club 35 Guidance Receptionist 35 Nurses' Career Club 23 Prom Comm. 35 Spirit Comm. 3. RICHARD CEURVELS 64 Piermont Street CONSTANCE P. CHANDLER "Connee" 277 Harvard Street Girls' Bowling 1,25 Manet Ed.-in-Chief 35 Modern Language Hon. Soc. 3, French Hon. Soc. Pres. 35 National Hon. Soc. 2,3. CYNTHIA CHISHOLM "Cyndi" 147 Essex Street Girls' Bowling 15 Girls' Club 35 Library Staff 15 Manet 35 Marine Science 1,35 Nurses Career Club 15 Russian 15Science Club 1,2,35 Spirit Comm. 3. CAROL F. CHRISTENSEN 25 Gladstone Street Art Guild 35 Drama Workshop 2,35 Girls Club 35 Manet Show 35 Marine Science 1,2, Science Club 1,25 Science Fair 1. ,-ng. xl GERALDINE A CLANCY 36 Harriet Avenue STEPHEN J. CLIFFORD Smokey 196A Morrissey Blvd. 5: Spirit Comm. 35 Winter Track 1. ,I-i si MARY ELLEN COCHRAN "May" 32 Huckins Avenue Class Day Comm. 35 Class V.P. 35 Dance Comm. 2,35 Future Teachers of America 25 Girls' Basketball 25 Girls' Club 3: Girls' Volleyball 2,35 Guidance Recep- tionist 1,2,35 Manet Show 25 North Star 35 Nurses' Career Club 2, Sec.-Treas. 35 Nurse's Receptionist 15 Prom Comm. 2,35 Spirit Comm. 35 Student Council 1,2,35 Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3. ROGER H. CONBOY "Spear Chucker" 11 Clark Street Dance Comm. 35 Gym Team 15 Manet 6 BRIAN COLLERAN PATRICIA A. COAN 20 Beach Street Class Day Comm. 35 Dance Comm. 25 Girls' Basketball 1,25 Girls' Club 35 Girls' Volleyball 1,25 Guidance Receptionist 1,25 Manet 35 Manet Show 2,35 Nurse's Receptionist 1,25 Prom Comm. 2,35 Rifle Club 25 Spirit Comm. 35 Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3. fix 75 Clement Terrace If ? KEVIN P. COLLERAN 75 Clement Terrace Baseball 1,2,35 Dance Comm. 2,35 Foot- ball 1,2,35 Hockey 1,2,35 Prom Comm. 25 Prom Usher 1. show 1,2,3. Mixed ciee Club 3, science 7' "' Fair 15 Soccer 2,35 Spirit Comm. 35 - Spring Track 1,2,35 Winter 2,3. ,I X A 2 4-7 3' L sl X is lg DONALD J. coNsTANTiNE r as 129 Beach Street Basketball 1,2,3. 48 .av tl, NIARYANNE COLLINS 41 Albion Road Dance Comm. 2,35 Girls' Basketball 25 Girls' Club 35 Girls' Volleyball 1,2,35 Guidance Receptionist 25 Nurses' Career Club 2,35 Nurse's Receptionist 2,35 Prom Comm. 2,35 Spirit Comm. 3. 5 in R'- JOHN J. CONNERTY "Jay" jf 120 Colby Road Class Pres. 25 Dance Comm. 2,35 Foot- ball 1,2, Capt. 3: Manet Show 2,35 Prom Comm. 2, Chairman 35 Spirit Comm. 35 Spring Track 3. X 3: :Y ,. w-,P 1-1 QU LINDA J. CORONELLA 34 Webster Street Girls' Club 3. I ROBERT J. CORRIGAN FRANK A- COSTA ,A MICHAEL CROSBY 36 Forbes Hill Road PETER J. CUCCHIARA "Cooch" 329 Elmwood Avenue Band 15 Great Books 2,35 Marine Science 1, V.P. 2,35 Science Club 1, Sec. 2, Pres. 35 Stage Band 15 Ford Future Scientists '5 NJ of America Award 2. Y "f ROBE RTA C. CURTIN "Robbie" 378 Belmont Street Library Staff 15Tri-Hi-Y 3. 115 East Squantum Street 145 Hollis AV9f'U9 Baseball 123' Basketball 1' Football 'b -L jf EDWARD CROWLEY 48 Vane Street Band 1,2, Pres. 35 Manet Show 1,2535 New England Music Festival 1,35 Rifle Club 25 S. E. District Music Festival 35 Stage Band 1,2,35 Symphonic Band .X 1,2,3. LEONARD F. CURRERI "Lennie" 215 Atlantic Street Dance Comm. 2,35 Football 1,2,35 Hockey 1,2,35 Manet Show 1,35 Prom Comm. 25 Prom Usher 25 Spirit Comm. 2,3. ANN M CUSHING 43 Parke Avenue Girls Bowling 2,35 Library Staff 2,3. MARILYN E.CYR Mal JANET DAHLOUIST 17 Princess Eve Drive 48 Lunt Street Art Guild 2 3 Girls Club 3 Manet Show 3, Prom Comm. 35 Tri-Hi-Y 2. GY V JC' I CHRISTINE A. D'ARRlGO 219 Newbury Avenue Dance Comm. 35 Future Teachers of America 35 Girls' Basketball 152,35 Girls' Volleyball 1,25 Red Cross Council 1. DEBORAH J. DAVIS 14 Safford Street IVIAUREEN C. DEKARSKI 121 Wilson Avenue NANCY l. DAHLROOS 40 Sagamore Avenue Girls' Club 35 Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3. ISABEL H. DAMON 11 Orchard Street Girls' Basketball 1,25 Girls' Bowling 1,2,35 Girls' Volleyball 1,2,35 Guidance Receptionist 25 Library Staff 152,35 Marine Science 1,2,35 North Star 1, Photographer 2,35 Nurses' Career Club 1,2,35 Receptionist 2,35 Red Cross Council 1,25 Rifle Club Sec. 1. I' ASD N4 ALAN K. DAVIDSON 61 Arnold Road Football 15 Rifle Club 1. I SALLY lVl. DEGAN "Snacks" 18 Livesey Road Cheerleader 35 Class Day Comm. 35 Dance Comm. 25 Girls' Basketball 1,25 Girls' Volleyball 1,25 J.V. Cheerleader 25 V Prom Usher 15 Spirit Comm. 35 Student . Council 2, Sec. 35 Tri-Hi-Y 3. A MARY ANNE DELCUPOLO 62 Kemper Street Art Guild, V.P. 2,35 Dance Comm. 25 Drama Club 25 Girls' Club 35 Spirit Comm. 35 National Hon. Soc. 3. Nurses' Career Club 1,2,3. KATHLEEN E. DELLA LUCCA I DENNIS DELORY 24 Prospect Avenue 12 Standish Avenue 'A "" W ' . S4 IVIARSHA J. DEWARE STEPHEN D. DIESO -A 5-J? BARBARA F. DITULLIO 171 Safford Street Girls' Basketball 1,2. K , 3! MARY C. DOLAN 384 West Squantum Street Girls' Club 35 Office Receptionist 1,2,3. . If ' 3 MARY L. DOHERTY 25 Pratt Road Girls' Bowling 3. JOAN F. DONAHUE 19 Blake Street Guidance Receptionist 35 Art Guild 35 Dance Comm. 35 Girls' Club 35 Nlajor- ettes 1. 62 Gould Street 115 Newbury Avenue Art Guild 35 Spirit Comm. 3. Basketball 15 Football 1,2,35 Manet . Show 2,35 Prom Comm. 25 Spring Track 1,2,35 Winter Track 3. ELLEN A. DONOVAN "EIIi" 9 Vine Street Red Cross Council 1,2. FRED J. DOHERTY 11 Becket Street Rifle Club 1:Soccer 1 PHYLLIS DOHERTY 256 Pine Street Girls' Club 35 Library Staff 15 Manet 35 Red Cross Council 15 Spirit Comm. 35 National Hon. Soc. 3. PATRICIA M. DONOHOE 102 Belmont Street Cheerleader 35 Class Day Comm. 35 Class Sec. 2,35 Dance Comm. 2,35 Foster Parents Club 22 Girls' Basketball 1,22 Girls' Club 35 Girls' Volleyball 1,25 Graduation Usher 25 J.V. Cheerleader 1,25 Manet 35 Manet Show 15 Prom Comm, 2,35 Prom Usher 1,25 Spirit Comm. 35 Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3. 'D j JAMES P. ooNovAN 310 Safford Street v Ax Baseball 1,2,35 Hockey 1,2,3. - -me ,IL-4 gig S rr. X Ui lQ'uf,::,f"' I N.. KATHRYN Nl. DORMADY 112 Sagamore Street Guidance Receptionist 1,35 Office Receptionist 153. A PAUL J. DOWNEY 84 Appleton Street fi Art Guild 25 Gym Team 1,2,3. '-'1 DENNIS M. DRISCOLL 124 Faxon Road Baseball 1,2,35 Cross-Country 1,25 Dance Comm. 31 Spirit Comm. 35 Winter Track "7" 1 2 3 .iq SHARON DUFFY "Duff" 81 Granger Street Art Guild 35 Dance Comm. 35 Girls' Club 35 Guidance Receptionist 35 Majorette 15 Office Receptionist 3. MICHAEL L. DORNIADY 1 12 Sagamore Street Baseball 1,2,35 Basketball Club 1,25Track 1. 1 A 'Ji' ROSEMARY A. DUFFY 41 Milton Road Office Receptionist 3. SUSAN M. DONOVAN 310 Safford Street Spirit Comm. 35 Tri-Hi-Y 2,3. gi 'fi 1,2,32 Rifle S' susAN DREW 196 Holbrook Road Future Teachers of America 2, Pres. 3, Library Staff 1,2,35 Red Cross Council 1, Russian 35 Tennis 2,3. W' 'f 1, A.'T"5"l' '-'Ria-'Efr . , . l KATHLEEN DUGGAN 52 Thornton Street Dance Comm. 35 Girls' Club 35 Prom Comm. 2. Dance Comm. 25 Office Receptionist 25 MARY DUGGAN 50 Apthorp Street Art Guild 35 Dance Comm. 35 Future Teachers of America 2, V.P. 35 Girls' Volleyball 35 J.E.T.S. 35 Manet Show 35 Modern Language Hon. Soc. 35 Rifle Club 15 Science Fair 15 National Hon. Soc. 3. MONICA L. DUNN 447 Morrissey Blvd. ' Glee Club 2, 3. ROBERT FABRIZIO 8 Warwick Street Basketball 35 Bowling 35 Rifle Club 35 Volleyball 2. if ROSANNA FALCETTA 44 The Strand Girls' Club 35 Spirit Comm. 35 1,2,3. JEANNE V. FANTUCCHIO 63 Hobart Street s Tri-Hi-Y DAVID DUNCAN 92 Botolph Street Golf 1,2,35 Soccer 1,2,3. "Wi . BARBARA J. EVERSON v' ll" ANNE FAGAN 25 Windsor Road Cheerleader 1,2, Head 35 Dance Comm. 2,35 Girls' Basketball 1,25 Girls' Club 35 Girls' Volleyball 1,25 Manet 35 Manet Show 25 Prom Comm. 2,35 Prom Usher 15Science Fair 15 Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3. Lui 1 Dance Comm. 3. - 62 Webster Street GQ T f LOUISE FALLON ff! JUDITH FARAGHER 51 Royal Street Girls' Basketball 1,25 Girls' Volleyball 1,2,35 Nurses' Career Club 2. 3 Brunswick Street Girls' Bowling 35 Guidance Receptionist k X T All 5 l CHRISTINE H. FATSEAS STEPHEN FERRARA 452 Hancock Street 24 Orchard Street Dance Comm. 2,35 Drama Workshop 2, Basketball 3, Sec. 35 Girls' Basketball 1,25 Girls' Club 35 Girls' Volleyball 1,25 Manet 35 Red Cross Council 1,2, Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3. JOHN IVI. FERRIS 69 Sagamore Avenue BARBARA FLAHERTY 34 Gladstone Street Class Day Comm. 35 Dance Comm. 25 Girls' Basketball 1,25 Girls' Club 35 Girls' Volleyball 1,25 Guidance Receptionist 1,2,35 Manet Show 35 Nurses' Career Club 1, V,P. 2,35 Office Receptionist 35 Prom Comm. 25 Prom Usher 25 Spirit Comm. Head 35 Student Council 2, Treas. 35 Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3. JULIE Nl. FLEMING 15 Tyler Street Foster Parents Club 2,35 Guidance Receptionist 25 Library Staff 1,25 Manet 35 North Star 3. 'IE' 6 'Q-13 RICHARD D. FITZPATRICK "Fitz" 322 West Squantum Street Band 1,2,35 Baseball 1,2,35 Basketball 1,2. KAREN FLAHERTY Y' . 22 Bay State Road A Cheerleader 1,2,35 Dance Comm. 2,3 Future Teachers of America 25 Girls' Basketball 1,25 Girls' Club 35 Girls' Volleyball 25 Guidance Receptionist 2,3 Library Staff 35 Manet Show 1,2,35 North Star 35 Office Receptionist 3 Prom Comm. 25 Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3. 3'- THOMAS E. FLYNN "T" 118 Highland Avenue Baseball 1,2,35 Basketball 1,2,35 Soccer '75 3. -GL- TIIVIOTHY P. FOLEY 64 West Elm Avenue Dance Comm. 25 Footb Track 1. all 1,2,35 "Ski" Winter JAMES FONG 115 Montclair Avenue 'U MAUREEN A. FOYE "Moe" 43 Surfside Lane Dance Comm. 25 Girls' Basketball 1,35 " Girls' Club 35 Girls' Volleyball 1,2,35 - Guidance Receptionist .1,35 Nurse's Q ' l Receptionist 15Spirit Comm. 35Tri-Hi-Y I 1,2,3. Xie is V I ARLENE J. FREEDMAN 633 Morrissey Boulevard Girls' Volleyball 35 Guidance Recep- tionist 2. -S JUDY B. GAZZOLA 145 Dorchester Street Dance Comm. 2,35 Girls' Basketball 15 Girls' Volleyball 15 Guidance Recep- tionist 35 Nurses' Career Club 25 Nurse's Receptionist 15Spirit Comm. 35 Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3. J.V. Cheerleader 1. LAURENT FRECHETTE 118 Franklin Avenue Spring Track 2,35 Winter Track 1,2,3. PATRICIA J. GALLAGHER 57 Robertson Street is 410 4- -.411 '- 'D' .. 4531 5 4-. 1 'R . -.DW -551 ,.,., Egg . F'!fl'e,v" - ' I -i f ' -' 'ju ,IX 'X K . A 1.7 Y MICHAEL P. GALLAGHER 17 Young Street Band 1. LAURINDA L. GAMSBY 259 Hobart Street Art Guild 2,35 Future Teachers of America 25 Girl's Volleyball 35 Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3. ini MARTHA GEARIN Marty 30 Herbert Road Art Guild 1 2' Girls' Club 1 i 47 Hunt Street DONNA J. GERIBO "D J " MICHELE GETHIN 178 Highland Avenue Girls Club 35 Spirit Comm. 3. l Q? DAVID A. GILLESPIE 11 Clive Street DENNIS GILDEA 45 Division Street Baseball 1,2,3, Basketball 1,2, Football -3. 1,2,3. '73 ROBERT W. GILLOOLY "Sam" 75 Appleton Street Basketball 1,25 Dance Comm. 35 Foot- ball 25 Hockey 35 Key Club 1,25 Manet Show 2,35 North Star 2,35 Rifle Club 2,3. KAREN M. GIULIANA 60 Sterling Street Girls Basketball 2,3,Girls Club 3, Girls Volleyball 2. '7' 2551? i. .if wr., f. 11.1 4 , ,A xi, STEVEN R. GOBBIS 87 Appleton Street 4? ,. if - '-I '1 ,. 111.7 -. - 'I' .',, 35.3, b -..'. .j. -4- If gil., .K STEPHEN J. GILLIS 19 Seymour Street Baseball 2. ROBERT L. GLYNN 164 Fayette Street Gym Team 15Soccer 1,2,3. 41 MARY GI LL 104 Cedar Street Girls' Basketball 25 Girls' Volleyball 2. 'X SANDRA E. GIORGETTI 821 East Squantum Street Dance Comm. 2,35 Girls' Basketball 1,25 Girls' Club Sec. 35 Girls' Volleyball 1,2,35 Nurses' Career Club 2,35 Recep- tionist 15Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3. Skull" Q y .a KRISTINE N. GOLDEN 30 Russell Street Girls' Club 35 Girls' Volleyball 1,35 Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3. I x 43 CLAIRE L. GOMES 70 Glover Avenue Cheerleader 2,35 Dance Comm. 2,35 Girls' Basketball 1,25 Girls' Volleyball "' 1,25 Girls' Club 35 J.V. Cheerleader 15 Manet Show 1,2,35 Office Receptionist 35 Prom Usher 15 Receptionist 35 Tri- Hi-Y 1,2,3. 8 ROBERT W. GORMLEY 83 Botolph Street WP' Boys' Bowling 35 Rifle Club 1,2, Pres. 3. ALAN H. GOODMAN "Benny" . . 238 Elmwood Avenue Dance Comm. 2,35 Football 1,2,35 Manet Show 2,35 North Star 35 Prom Comm. 2,35 Spirit Comm. 3. PAUL L. GRAHAM 43 Elliot Avenue Gym Team 1. ROBERT B. GRAHAM ROBERT J. GRAHAM "Nutty" 40 Woodbine Street 43 Elliot Avenue 1.3 Art Guild 1,2,3, Gym Team 1,2,3, Manet .9-wg. WILLIAM E. GRANEY 62 Hilma Street Football 15 Rifle Club 1,2. ,xg . KAREN GREEN " 134 Rice Road .jx ff v .Q df' N ' I I JARED F. GREENE 225 Holbrook Road Great Books 2,35 Marine Science 1,2, Pres. 35 Modern Language l-lon. Soc. 1,25 Science Fair 1,35 Soccer 1,2. if DEBRA J. GRANT "Debbi" 12 Colby Road Girls' Basketball 2,35 Manet 35 Science Club 1,2, Sec. 35 Science Fair 1,2,3, Jeff" 72,1 ful 'C' VALENTINA L. GRIEB Val: 190 Everett Street Mixed Glee Club 15 Red Cross Council 2,3. PATRICIA M. GULLINS 39 Davis Street Class Day Comm. 35 Dance Comm. 2,35 Girls' Basketball 1,25 Girls' Club 3: Girls' Volleyball 1,2,35 Library Staff 1,2,35 Manet 35 Nurses' Career Club 25 Nurse's Receptionist 25 Prom Comm. 2,35 Spirit Comm. 3. ELIZABETH A. HADDAD I DENNIS J. HALEY DORIS E. HANLON 95 Alrick Road Glrls' Basketball 2,35 Girls' Volleyball 3. 260 Billings Street Office Receptionist 25 Manet Patron Staff 3. " HN ' af- l IHQQ qv- . , .1 I 204 Beale Street DENISE E. HANNON 141 Clay Street Dance Comm. 3. BRUCE J. HEALEY 282 Highland Avenue Basketball 1,2,35 Dance Comm. 35 Intra- mural Basketball 15 Key Club 15 Prom Comm. 25 Prom Usher 15 Soccer 1,2, Co Captian 3, Spirit Comm. 3, Track ROY R. HANSEN 85 Bellevue Road ? I HOLLY A. HARRIS 2 Albion Road Dance Comm. 2,35 Girls' Basketball 2,35 Girls' Volleyball 1,2,35 Guidance Recep- tionsit 35 Nurse's Receptionist 35 Office Receptionist 35 Spirit Comm. 3. MARILYN R. HEMPHILL "Mandy" ' 'A' .I ' -' 125 Newbury Avenue Girls' Basketball 15 Girls' Club Pres. 35 Girls' Volleyball 'l5 Manet Show 1,2,35 Mixed Glee Club 15 Nurses' Career Club 2,35 Office Receptionist 35 Prom Comm. 25 Prom Usher 25 Spirit Comm. 35 Tri Hi Y 1,2,3. . l I NAOMI M. HENDERSON "Omi" CHRISTINE C. HERNON 25 Victory Avenue I 65 Buckingham Road CHRISTINE C. HICKEY "Hick" 33 Ellis Street JOHN J. HOLLERAN 53 Florence Street Baseball 1,2,35 Basketba 1,2,3. if -P Il 1,2,35 Football ,X . MARJORIE I. HOFFMAN 80 Forbes Hill Road Class Day Comm. 35 Class Treas. 2,35 Dance Comm. 2,35 Graduation Usher 25 Manet 35 Manet Show 25 Modern Languages Hon. Soc. 2,35 National Hon. Soc. 2, Treas. 35 North Star 15 Office Receptionist 35 Prom Comm. 2,35 Prom Usher 25 Spirit Comm. 35 Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3. I""" 1.1. STEPHEN P. HOWE "School" 111 Marlboro Street Cross Country 1,25 Dance Comm. 35 Homeroom Rep. 15 Key Club 15 Manet 35 Manet Show 35 North Star 35 Russian Club 1,25 Student Council 35 Tennis 1,2,3. Dance Comm. 3. Q? RUTH A. HUBLEY I 44 Marion Street I Nurses' Career Club 2,3. 59 I ? ANNE E. HIGGINBOTHAM 93 South Central Avenue Girls' Bowling Club 1,25 Manet 3. DAVID E. HOHMANN 60 Rawson Road Intramural Basketball 2,35 Intramural Volleyball 1,2,35 Track 3. JANET HOLMES 11 Dean Road Drama Workshop 1,25 Library Staff 15 Marine Science 3, Sec. 1, V.P. 25 Modern Languages I-Ion. Soc. 2,35 National Hon. Soc. 35 Nurses' Career Club 25 Science Club 1,2, Sec. 3. 5 5 DIANE C. IRWIN "lrgy" 92 Davis Street Dance Comm. 25 Girls' Basketball 15 Girls' Volleyball 1,2,35 Tri-Hi-Y 2,3. KATHERINE E. HUGHES 79 Billings Street "'Z,""- RANDOLPH L. HULING "Randy 134 Willow Street Boys' Bowling 1,35 Tennis 3. fm .V I. .sf RALPH E. JACKSON 73 Willet Street Basketball 2,3. RICHARD JOHNSON WILLIAM A. JACQUES 42 Becket Street Baseball 2,3, Dance Comm. 2,3, Prom Comm. 35 Spirit Comm. 3. STEPHEN A. JOHNSTON fl? MARK JELLISON 19 Gladstone Street Basketball 2,3. 139 Billings Road Football 15 Gym Team 1,2,35 Rifle Club 15Science Club 1. "? 76 Pope Street ROBERT G. JONES "Porky" -7' IRENE M. JORDAN "Rene 260 Elliot Avenue 105 Alstead Street Gym Team 15 Soccer 1. 41' KEVIN P. JORDAN 29 Harriet Avenue THOMAS JORDAN 22 Hillside Avenue PATRICIA KANE 73 Mayflower Road KAREN K. KELLEY "Kae" 52 Brook Street Girls' Basketball 1,2,35 Girls' Volleyball 1,2,35 Spirit Comm. 35 Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3. SHARON J. KILEY "Shari" 139 Farrington Street Dance Comm. 25 Future Teachers of America 25 Girls' Basketball 1,35 Girls' Bowling 2,35 Girls' Club 35 Girls' Volley- ball 1,2,35 Guidance Receptionist 35 Manet Show 25 North Star 35 Office Receptionist 35 Rifle Club 2,35 Spirit Comm. 35 Student Council 35 Tri-Hi-Y 1,2. 61 LINDA JORDAN 25 Hamilton Street Girls' Basketball 1,2,35 Girls' Volleyball 1,2. MARIA L. KAPOLIS "Hee" 34 Milton Road Library Staff 15 Office Receptionist 3. Y PAUL Z. KING 54 Wayland Street Baseball 15 Dance Comm. 1,25 Football 15 Key Club 2,35 Spirit Comm. 3. ff" LINDA B. JOSSELYN 934 East Squantum Street Dance Comm. 25 Future Teachers of America 35 Girls' Basketball 15 Girls' Club Treas. 35 Girls' Volleyball 35 Guidance Receptionist 2,35 Nurses' Career Club 2,35 Prom. Comm. 25 Tri- Hi-Y 1,2,3. PATRICIA M. KELLY 23 Grogan Avenue Girls' Club 35 North Star 25 Tri-Hi-Y 1. 'LT' Q r, as l fi' 5' i l l DEBORAH KNOX 36 Colby Road Girls' Club 35 Girls' Volleyball 1,25 North Star 35 Spirit comm. Co-Chairman 'F 3. DONNA Nl. KOVALSKI 8 Hamilton Street Art Guild 35 Girls' Bowling 1,2,3. MICHAEL KOWI LCI K "Kaloo" 18 Huckins Avenue 7 MARY L. KINSELLA 104 Cedar Street Art Guild 1,2,35 Dance Comm. 35 Drama Workshop 1,25 Nurses' Career Club 25 Science Club 2. l JOHN P. LAGODIMOS "WeasaI" 117 Beach Street Boys' Bowling 1,25 Dance Comm. 35 Manet 35 Manet Show 35 North Star 35 Russian 15Spirit Comm. 3. KENNITH KLINE 210 Norfolk Street J CHARLES F. KOWALSKI 86 Alvin Avenue Spirit Comm. 35 Rifle Club 3. LINDA A. LAJOIE 46 Apthorp Street Drama Workshop 3. Fw jj. fi? PAULA J. KORETSKY 41 Phillips Street Art Guild 1, Sec. 2,35 Dance Comm. 2,35 Drama Workshop 25 Girls' Club 3: Manet 35 Modern Language Hon. Soc. 35 Na- tional Hon. Soc. 3. ii T-T24 JOHN F. KUBIT "Kubes" 54 Botolph Street Band 1,2,35 J.E.T.S. Club 15 Orchestra 1,2,35 Rifle Club 1,25 Stage Band 1,2,35 Symphonic Band 1,2,3. PAUL F. LANGILLE "Stink" 18 Hamilton Avenue Football 1,2. JANE LEAVENS "Buffa" 212 Park Avenue Class Day Comm. 15 Class V.P. 25 Dance Comm. 25 Girls' Club 35 Graduation Usher 25 Majorettes Head 2,35 Prom Comm. 25 Spirit Comm. Head 35 Student Council 15Tri-Hi-Y 1. JOSEPH LANE A SANDRA D. LANE 5 15 Clive Street 24 Ellington Road BasebaII'1,2,35 Basketball 1,2,35 Football ,V Manet Show 25 Mixed Glee Club 25 1,2,3, Prom Comm. 3, Dance Comm. 3. 5 , Nurses Career Club 2, Pies. 3, Spirit DEAN A. LARSON 48 Prospect Street Rifle Club 1,3. 4fi,iR'7' . ji Comm 3' Tri Hi Y 2 3 MARION P. LANGLEY 192 Wilson Avenue Dance Comm. 3, Girls Volleyball 3, Mane! Show 25 Nurses' Career Club 35 Tri Hi Y 2. . 1 STEPHEN R LARSON 91 Atlantic Street Great Books 2 JETS Club VP 1 BRUCE C. LEGGAT 57 Huckins Avenue Marine Science 1, Pres. 25 Red Cross Council Treas. 15 Science Club 1,2, Treas. 35 Science Fair 1,2,35 Northern New England Junior Science and Hu- manities Symposium Award 3. JOHN G. LEBLANC "CIank" I tj' O . 1 1' 1,1 x ,.fv DEBORAH J. LEIGHTON 452 Hancock Street Guidance Receptionist 25 Nurses' Career Club 25 Red Cross Council Sec. 1, V.P. 2, Pres. 3. :UN T. SCOTT LITTLE 301 Belmont Street Baseball 2,3. .A f r Q: ' fri ? JANICE M. LEONARD 235 Newbury Avenue Dance Comm. 25 Girls' Basketball 1,25 Girls' Volleyball 1,25 Manet Show 1,2,35 r, -7' Prom Comm. 25 Spirit Comm. 3. "Slim" KW' STEPHEN D. LESHANE ' 143 Crabtree Road Football 1,2, Captain 35 Track 1,2,3. JOHN E. LIZ 89 Faxon Road MICHAEL LONERGAN 78 Pratt Road PAUL G. LORANGER 143 Pine Street Art Guild 2,3, Gym Team 1. PATRICIA E LUCIER Little Lou 149 Sherman Street Dance Comm. 35 Tri-Hi-Y 3. PETER J. LOOBY 43 Armory Street Rifle club 1,2. JANET Nl. LORMAN 20 Gordon Street Class Day Comm. 35 Dance Comm. 35 , Girls' Basketball 15 Girls' Volleyball 1 Manet 35 Prom Comm. 35 Spirit Comm. 35 Tri-Hi-Y 1. 1---eo .f ' M 3, qv, ' 'hifi ROBERT P. LYSAGHT f ' 124 Phillips Street Football 15 North Star Co-Ed.-in-Chief 3 4l BRIAN C. MACDONALD 15 Greenwood Avenue 6' CAROLYN A. MACDOUGALL 109 North Central Avenue Art Guild 35 Foster Parents' Club 25 Future Teachers of America 2, Sec. 3: Manet 35 Modern Language Hon. Soc. 2,35 North Star 35 Red Cross Council Sec. 15Science Fair 15Tri-Hi-Y 2,3, DORIS R. IVIACKENZIE 48 Hamden Circle Future Teachers of America 15 Girls' Volleyball 35 Great Books 2,35 Guidance Receptionist 35 J.E.T.S. 35 Manet Patron Staff 35 Modern Language Hon. Soc. 2,3, German Hon. Soc. Pres. 35 North Star Ed.-in-Chief 35 Science Club 1,2,35 Science Fair 1,2,3. KEVIN MCBRINE 134 Prospect Avenue Gym Team 1. 19 F Q. . 4: I uw 'rf I ' Q,- ,M- IJ '13 ,. -,fcf I , .,, ,A 1 n I .'r' :r M z C- . ' ' 1,6 ft .gl . DENNIS H. MCCARTHY "Wally" 38 Sachem Street CLIFFORD J. MACDONALD 6Sonoma Road Art Guild 15 Baseball 35 Dance Comm. 35 Football 1,2,35 Hockey 1,2,35 Home- room Rep. 15 Key Club 1,2,35 Manet Show 2,35 Prom Comm. 2,35 Science Fair 15 Spirit Comm. 3: Student Council 1,2, Pres. 35 Track 1. JANICE MCALDUFF 99 Montclair Avenue MICHAEL G. MCCARTHY "Fatty" 75 Appleton Street Dance Comm. 2,35 Football 1,2,35 Key Club 35 Manet Show 2,35 Marine Science 1, Prom Comm. 35 Prom Usher 1,25 Rifle Club 15 Spirit Comm. 2,35 Spring Track 1,2,3. ALEXANDER MACINTOSH 65 Newbury Avenue Manet 3. ENI D M. MCCANN 24 Tyler Street 4. V 6' 1. 5 I ,sf 1 .5 1 "Sandy i il' I x JUDITH F. MCCLOSKEY 15 Edwin Street Dance Comm. 2,35 Future Teachers of America 25 Girls' Basketball 1,2,35 Girls' Club 35 Girls' Volleyball 1,2,35 Nurses' Career Club 25 Nurse's Receptionist 1,2,35 Office Receptionist 35 Spirit Comm. 3. EILEEN P. MCCORMICK 48 Hobart Street Class Day Comm. 35 Dance Comm. 25 Girls' Basketball 1,35 Girls' Bowling 2,35 Girls' Club 35 Girls' Volleyball 2,35 Manet Show 2,35 North Star 35 Office Receptionist 2,35 Prom Comm. 35 Rifle Club 2,35 Spirit Comm. 35 Student Coun- ,sc 7- RICHARD J. MCCORMICK "Pop" 48 Hobart Street CHRISTINE MCEACHERN 14 Chapman Street Library Staff 2. ". ffl! X, I 2 lbs DONNA M. MCEVOY 79 Sharon Road Dance Comm. 2 35 Girls' Club 35 Girls' Basketball 1, Girls Volleyball 1, Manet Shovv 2,35 Spirit Comm. 3. 1'-W cil 35 Tri-Hi-Y 1. MARIE MCEACHERN 4 Hamilton Street Art Guild 15 Girls' Club 35 Future Teachers of America 2,3. :,1.,.,,.-.,. . . .. ,..,,- ,..--i.,.,,.., ,.,, Eff V -. V , .5 9 . u. "J: JOHN C. MCCUE 30 Walnut Street 4,7 MICHAEL J. MCGEE "Maxie" 220 East Squantum Street Basketball 35 Dance Comm. 2,35 Foot- ball 1,25 Key Club 35 Manet Show 1,2,35 Prom Comm. 2,35 Spirit Comm. 35 Track 1,2,3. 06- 'TN SUZANNE MCGI LVRAY 80 Summit Avenue Dance Comm. 25 Girls' Club 35 Guidance Receptionist 25 Mixed Glee Club 15 Nurses' Career Club 15 Office Recep- tionist 35 Tri-Hi-Y 2,3. GARRY S. MCGRATH 107 Atlantic Street Baseball 1,2,3. I 5 rx' ir Q QQ-L xi Wl. i E , , f I , . g , 1 S Q . .1-.- E .4-L A 4 . I 1 sf , , 1 kj. 'EX fi . .Fr W . gm.. . 'Ni STEPHEN J. IVICINTIRE 192 Fenno Street Football 1,2,35 Spring Track 1. JAMES IVICGUE "H0ga" JOANNE MCINNIS -' 170 Arlington Street Baseball 3, Manet Show 253, Rifle Club 5, , fF! 3 Spirit Comm 3 -'Q ff 16 Sherman Street if lVlARlE lVlClNTYRE 70 Bromfield Street Future Teachers of America 15 Girls Bowling 1,2,3. V77 Y JOHN F. MCLAUGHLIN 19 Shoreham Street I f , ARTHUR P MCIVER 29 Aberdeen Road Basketball 1,2,3, Dance Comm. 35 Foot- ball 2 3' Spirit Comm 3' Track 1 2 3 SUSAN C. IVICLEAN 22 Hamilton Street Dance Comm. 25 Girls' Bowling 1,2,35 Girls' Club 35 Girls' Volleyball 1,25 Manet Show 25 Nurses' Career Club 15 Office Receptionist 15 Prom Comm. 25 Rifle Club 2,35 Spirit Comm. 35 Tri-Hi-Y 1. JEAN E. IVICKENZIE 88 Havilend Street Dance Comm. 25 Girls' Club V.P. 35 Guidance Receptionist 35 Manet Show 2,35 North Star 3: Office Receptionist 2,35 Prom Comm. 25 Spirit Comm. 3. MARK R. NICLAUGHLIN "lVlac" 33 Royal Street Rifle Club 15 Soccer 1,2,35 Track 1,2,3. KATHLEEN lVl. IVICNALLY 23 Theresa Road Girls' Bowling 1,35 Girls' Volleyball 3. GAIL A. MCNAMARA 105 Standish Avenue I A' EILEEN J. MCPARTLIN 89 Fayette Street Future Teachers of America 35 Girls' Club 35 Library Staff 35 Receptionist 2. Art Guild 1,2,35 Dance Comm. 35 Future Teachers of America 2, Girls Club 3. PAUL W. MCWHINNIE ll .I FRANCIS M. MCVEY 7 Canton Road Basketball 15 Spirit Comm. 35 Volleyball 1. Tri PAUL W. MALONEY 311 Safford Street Band 1,2,35 Great Books 25 Latin Hon. Soc. 25 Math Team 35 Modern Language Hon. Soc. 35 National Hon. Soc. 2,35 Orchestra 25 Russian 1,25 Science Club 1,2, V.P. 35 Stage Band 35 Symphonic Band 1,2,35 Westinghouse Science Talent Search Award 35 Bauch and Lomb A- ward 35 Fifth Annual High School Prize Competition in Mathematics Award 3. at 141 Willow Street -3-uv 3 X KATHLEEN M. MCNULTY 187 Wilson Avenue Dance Comm. 35 Girls' Club 35 Girls' Volleyball 1,2,35 Nurses' Career Club 35 Spirit Comm. 35 Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3. 'uc- 1 MARGARET E. MAGUIRE "Peggy" 238 Marlboro Street Dance Comm. 35 Girls' Basketball 15 Mixed Glee Club 1. PAMELA MAN LEY 64 Robertson Street Office Receptionist 2,3, Tri-Hi-Y 3. 2gfw'F'?S""'.l JOAN M, MANNING 5: ' RICHARD J. MARINICK 85 Glover Avenue "WYQef1h6imer" Art Guild 2,35 Class Day Comm. 35 Girls' Club 35 Manet Show 35 Prom Comm. 35 Tennis 1. 173 Warren Avenue Gym Team 15 Manet Show 2,35 Prom Comm. 2,35 Rifle Club 2,35 Spirit Comm. 2,35 Track 2,3. ROSEMARY C. MARINO 362 Beale Street X ...Ii- JANIS R. MATHEWS 49 Webster Street Dance Comm. 35 Girls' Club 35 Manet Show 35 Nurses' Career Club 35 Office Receptionist 3. THOMAS F. MEADE 315 Billings Road a"I GAIL A. MASSEY 208 Morrissey Blvd. Class Day Comm. 35 Dance Comm. 25 Girls' Club 2,35 Girls' Volleyball 1,25 Guidance Receptionist 35 Manet Show 1,2,35 North Star 35 Nurses' Career Club 25 Office Receptionist 35 Prom Comm. 2,35 Prom Usher 25 Spirit Comm. 35 Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3. Y 7 DANIEL J. MERCURIO 71 South Bayfield Road WANNETTA MATRICIA 168 Harriet Avenue Band 152535 V.P. 35 Orchestra 2,35 Stage Band 1,2,3. KATHERINE E. MEREDITH 73 Davis Street .0 Girls' Club 35 Girls' Volleyball 2,3 Spirit Comm. 3. DONALD MEYER 1 3 15 Clive Street Dance Comm. 3, Girls Basketball 2,35 Manet Show 35 Nurses' Career Club 35 Band 152. MICHELE MIKAL 142 Crabtree Road '-"vw MARK L. MESHER "Hund" 267 Fayette Street Art Guild 35 Marine Science 1,25 Rifle Club 3. '. Baseball 1,25 Basketball 1,2,35 Dance 5,5 Dance Comm. 253: Marine Science 1,25 Comm. 2,35 Football 1,2535 Prom Usher W' Prom Comm. 25 Science Club 1,2,35 1,25 Prom Comm. 35 Spirit Comm. 2,35 4 K 'J Science Fair 152,35 Spirit Comm. 35 Track 253. si' 4 5 ' f:i'i'- i i' ' Wg. 2 1. ii' Yi, i s gnxwi. '55 it ,.5L. nw. iw?-,J4, ,Hs ' iid. t 5 - I Student Council 3. WAYNE E IVHRICK JOANNE F MITCHELL 3 Ji Dance Comm. 2,35 Manet Show 35 Office Receptionist 25 Prom Comm. 25 Rifle Club 25 Tri-Hi-Y 1. Safford Stfeet Shirley Stfeet 17 ROBERT J MOLLOY Molly 86 Glover Avenue Basketball 1 Dance Comm 2 Intra mural Basketball 1 2 Intramural Volley ball 25 Manet Show 2,35 Rifle Club 35 Spirit Comm. 3. SUSAN L. MOORE 148 Newbury Avenue Cheerleader 1,2,35 Dance Comm. 2,35 Girls' Basketball 15 Girls' Club 35 Girls' Volleyball 15 Manet Show 1,2,35 North Star 35 Office Receptionist 35 Prom Comm. 25 Prom Usher 1,25 Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3. JOHN R. MORAN "Rock" 110 Piermont Street Football 15 Golf 2,35 Spirit Comm. 35 Volleyball 2. ' '5' ey.. DANIEL R. MORAN 52A Safford Street JEAN M. MONTGOMERY 79 Alrick Road Girls' Basketball 2,35 Girls Volleyball 3 'II jf 50 Edwin Street 4.1 -f,-:f15,,- ROBERT v. MORGAN 1 Basketball 1. A ' DEAN MORRISSEY I ROBERT W. MORSE 11 Wilson Court - ' 17 Ridgeway Street CHARLENE M. MOSCARITOLO "Chuck" 212A Morrissey Blvd. Dance Comm. 2,35 Girls' Basketball 1,2,35 Girls' Volleyball 1,2,35 Guidance Receptionist 35 Library Staff 25 Office Receptionist 2,35 Prom Comm. 2,35 Spirit Comm. 3. JOAN MULDOON 31 Ardell Street Dance Comm. 25 Girls' Bowling 25 Manet Show 2,35 Prom Comm. 25 Rifle Club 25 Spirit Comm. 3, EVELYN MURPHY "Evvie" 45 Hamilton Avenue Art Guild 2,35 Dance Comm. 35 Future Teachers of America 2,35 Girls' Basket- ball 35 Girls' Bowling 35 Girls' Volleyball 35 Manet 35 Mixed Glee Club 1,25 Tri- Hi-Y 1,2,35 Manet Patron Staff 3. WILLIAM J. MULLEN "Moon" 78 Lincoln Avenue Science Club 15Track 1, 2 Tl-IERESA A, MUCCI 126 Faxon Road Girls' Club 35 Spirit Comm. 3. 'Ziff l 'fs f 'AA t N . Qt? I , J , I , . L 'f ' . I - . "va-v RICHARDE IVIULLEN "Mull" 176 Newbury Avenue Tennis 3. JOHN L. IVIUNSON "Larry" 54 Andrews Road Class Pres. 35 Dance Comm. 35 Football 1,2,31 Golf 1,25 Graduation Marshall 25 Intramural Wrestling 2,35 Modern Lan- guage Hon. Soc. 2,35 National Hon. Soc. 2,35 Prom Comm. 2,35 Prom Usher 25 Spirit Comm. 35 Track 2,3. PATRICIA A. MURPHY 569 Quarry Street Art Guild 2,35 Nurses' Career Club 2 Tri-Hi-Y 2,3. f I l RICHARD J. MURPHY "Murph" 51 Flynt Street Dance Comm. 25 Football 1,2,35 Rifle Club 1. JOHN V. MURRAY 8 Hancock Terrace Baseball 1,2,35 Dance Comm. 25 Hockey 1,2,35 Key Club 35 Manet Show 25 Prom Comm. 2,35 Rifle Club 2,3. I1 ffl ? cl . ' X- TR-'s. I-i . f 5' - X . .TI . .gi 2 'F' - wifi!" 5 ' . .199-" . ,551 5-S+' Q S ' hrslgff 'V-Aga, Q gig, F if 'fwifj . 'riser PAULA J. MURRAY 294 Billings Road Girls' Club 3. G 'U JOHN A. NEE ,JS ' 38 Hamilton Street " A get 3, 1 , f . ,Wi . Q V A "ii 3 . 9, r A .f I I 7 if xx fi f J HERBERT NEWELL 138 Vassal Street Gym Team 1,2,3. PATRICIA A. NOONAN 175 Fenno Street Dance Comm. 2, Girls Club 3, Girls Volleyball 35 Manet Show 2,35 Prom Comm. 2,3, Spirit Comm. 3, Tri Hi Y 1 KATHLEEN F. O'CONNELL "Carrot" 81 Rice Road Manet Show 35 Spirit Comm. 35 Tri-Hi-Y 1. Band 1,2, Manager 35 Cross Country 35 GRETCHEN E. NELSON 139 Summit Avenue Art Guild 2,35 Drama Workshop 15 Girls' Basketball 35 Girls' Volleyball 35 Latin Hon. Soc. 2,35 Maner 35 lVlixed Glee Club 1,25 National Hon. Soc. 2, Sec. 31 Nurses' Career Club 2,35 Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3. DEBORAH A. NORTHALL 96 Wilson Avenue Future Teachers of America 15 Girls' Club 35 Girls' Volleyball 35 Guidance Receptionist 15 Science Fair 15 Spirit Comm. 3. 72 BRIAN W. NEAGLE 101 Amesbury Street MICHAEL S. NOONAN 28 Harriet Avenue Cross Country 1,2, Capt. 35 Golf 25 Spring Track 1,35 Winter Track 1,2,3. B 'Q KATHLEEN P. O'CONNELL "Okie" 160 Farrington Street Class Day Comm. 35 Dance Comm. 25 Girls' Bowling 1,25 Girls' Club 35 Manet Show 35 Mixed Glee Club 1,25 Office Receptionist 25 Prom Comm. 35 Spirit Comm. 3. SUSAN E. O'CONNER 25 Wedgewood Street Art Guild 35 Dance Comm. 35 Future Teachers of America 2, Sec. 35 Girls' Volleyball 35 Homeroom Rep. 15 J.E.T.S. Club Sec. 35 Manet 35 Science Fair 15 Tri-Hi-Y 2. KATHERINE Nl. O'DONNELL 250 Newbury Avenue Class Day Comm. 35 Dance Comm. 25 Girls' Club 35 Girls' Basketball 1,35 Girls' Volleyball 1,25 Guidance Receptionist 35 Library Staff 35 Manet Show 1,2,35 Nurses' Career Club 25 Nurses' Recep- tionist 1,35 Office Receptionist 35 Prom Comm. 35 Spirit Comm. 35 Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3. WILLIAM H. O'DONNELL 31 Amesbury Street Art Guild 1,35 Manet Co-Art Ed. 31 Track 3. RICHARD A. O'HANLEY 192 South Central Avenue Cross Country 15 Football 35 Key Club 1, Sec. 25 Spring Track 1,2,35 Winter Track 1,2,3. +1 .I X Nix. X DANIEL E. O'HARA 72 Montclair Avenue Basketball 35 Spring Track 3. l TIMOTHY F. O'MEARA 202 Highland Avenue Band 1,3. DAVID R. O'LALOR 3 Faxon Road Baseball 35 Key Club 2. CLAIRE A. OGILIVIE 39 Conant Road Dance Comm. 25 Girls' Basketball 15 Girls' Volleyball 25 Spirit Comm. 35 Tri-Hi-Y 1,2. 1 i Aka. QS PATRICIA M. O'LEARY "Trisha' 247 Pine Street Dance Comm. 35 Girls' Club 35 Girls Basketball 35 Girls' Volleyball 35 Tri- Hi-Y 1. KATHLEEN Nl. O'FlOURKE Cork 127 Prospect Avenue Class Day Comm. 35 Dance Comm. 25 Girls' Bowling 1,2,35 Girls' Volleyball 15 Library Staff 15 Manet Show 2,35 North Star 25 Prom Comm. 3. DENIS M. OUELLETTE 11 Marlboro Street North Star 15 Rifle Club 1. 'Y ' ' x L A fx REGINA M. PAUL 42 North Central Avenue Qi PATRICIA A. PASOUARIELLO 26 Clark Street Mixed Glee Club 15 Office Receptionist 35 Tri-Hi-Y 1. ---v KATHLEEN PARKER 35 Summit Avenue it A ROBERT PASTOR "Paste" 650 Furnace Brook Parkway Baseball 1,2,35 Cross Country 15 Track 1,2,35 Volleyball 2. Q6- JANET L. PEARCE 59 Havilend Street Art Guild 2 3' Dance Comm. 2' Drama Workshop 1,2,35 Latin Hon. Soc. 2,35 Manet 35 Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3. STEPHEN E. PEACOCK "Bird" 109 Harvard Street Band 1,2,3. -A ,pub Q5 Q Q-.elm Y Q val' I' ftakll. K' I I X -Q DENISE M. PERREAULT 30 Eddie Street THOMAS PERRIN 29 Herbert Road Baseball 1,2,35 Football 1,2,3. PATRICIA PERRY 180 Fayette Street Tru-Hu-Y 2,3. A .172 352 ROBERT J PIERCE Pegga" Dance Comm 2 Football 1 2 3 Golf 25 Hockey 123 Key Club 12 Manet GAIL G. PETERSON 49 Hamilton Avenue Class Day Comm. 35 Dance Comm. 35 I STEVEN E. PETIT "lVlr. Steve" 198 Fayette Street , 'ff-519' Girls' Basketball 15 Girls' Bowling 3, 1' N? , Prom Comm. 35 Spirit Comm. 3. LINDA C POLLACK 110 Reservoir Road JAMES W. POMAROLE "Parm" 122 Parke Avenue Football 1, Mgr. 35 J.E.T.S. Club Science Fair 15Spring Track 2,3. Art Guild 35 Dance Comm. 3: Drama ,Q Workshop 3. - 55.55 QF. ' 222i 410' THOMAS G PISCATELLI 16 Alvin Avenue Baseball 1,2,3, Football 1,2,3. DANIEL M. POLVERE 983 Hancock Street Dance Comm. 2,35 Football 1,2,35 Manet Shovv 35 Prom Comm. 2,35 Spirit Comm. 35 Spring Track 2,35 Winter Track 1. PAUL F. PONIES "Pomesy" 66 Lunt Street Dance Comm. 25 Homeroom Rep. 15 Manet Shovv 35 Rifle Club 1,35 Spirit Comm. 3. l I I i l l 77 'Wim l.. i 'Y :Al l i KATHLEEN lvl. POOLE ' 125 Winthrop Avenue Drama Workshop 1,2,35 Girls' Club 3: Manet 35 Science Club 15Tri-Hi-Y 1. STEVEN POORE "Rich" 25 Princess Eve Drive Dance Comm. 2,35 Football 1,2,35 Grad- uation Usher 25 Mamet Show 2,32 Prom Comm. 2,35 Prom Usher 1,25 Spirit Comm. 35 Spring Track 1, Capt. 2,35 Track 1,2,3. Math Team 35 National Hon. Soc. 2, V.P. VICTOR POWERS 11 Greenvievv Street Baseball 3. THOMAS P. PSOTO "TheAMaster" 10 Marlboro Street J.E.T.S. Club 15 Rifle Club 1, Treas. 2, Range Master 35 Rifle Team 1,2,3. RONALD S. PULSIFER 112 Sherman Street 35 Science Club 2,35 Science Fair 2,3. A 1? CHRISTINE E. REDMAN 61 Albion Road Girls' Club 3: Girls' Volleyball 25 Comm. 3. Q . LINDA T. RABEL 55 Copley Street Art Guild 1,3, Historian 25 Drama Work- shop 15 Manet 3, Modern Language Hon. Soc. 1,2,35 Tri-Hi-Y 25 National Hon. Soc. 3. Spirit WILLIAM M. REPOFF 249 Beach Street Boys' Bowling 2,35 Key Club 1,25 Rifle Club 1,25 Tennis 35 Winter Track 1,2. BARBARA A. QUINN "Barb" 162 Elliot Avenue Art Guild 2,35 Future Teachers of America 2,3, Girls Basketball 1,3, Girls Bowling 35 Girls' Club 35 Girls' Volley- ball 1,3, Manet 3, Tennis 3, Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3. PATRICIA L. READY "Patty" 11 Lunt Street Dance Comm. 2,35 Girls' Basketball 1,2,35 Girls' Club 35 Girls' Volleyball 1,2,35 Nurses' Career Club 1,25 Nurse's Receptionist 2,35 Office Receptionist 35 Spirit Comm. 3. KRISTIN J. REGAN "Kappy" .1-"Ti 81 G lover Avenue Class Day Comm. 35 Dance Comm. 25 Girls' Basketball 1,25 Girls' Club 35 Girls' Volleyball 1,25 Guidance Receptionist 35 Homeroom Rep. 15 Library Staff 35 Manet Show 35 Office Receptionist 35 Prom Comm. 35 Spirit Comm. 35 Tri- Hi-Y 1,2,3. rw t gk 4' 2 A PATRICIA RHILINGER 154 Highland Avenue Mousey Debating 15 Rifle Club, Sec. 2,3. MARC J. RILEY "RiIes' 116 Glover Avenue Dance Comm. 2,35 Football 1,2,3 11 Earle Street 9 f FRED RICCIARDELLO ELISE IVI. RICCIUTI 64 Myopia Road Boys' Bowling 1,2,35 Rifle Club 1,2. Dance Comm. 35 Future Teachers o Manet Patron Staff 3 .-ri!"l,1., -A - 'fl-,-.'H, j'. .' ' 'g'mi'-a :"".L,.jl ,.,,Q3 , ,: .-- 4 ig . N ' 2:-3' .,,, ,I I Lf, . . , . . . ,T I -wife- America 15 Girls CIub5 Tri-Hi-Y 15 -'X 'wi Homeroom Rep. 15 Intramural Basket- l J ball 1,25 Manet Show 2,35 North Star 2 Prom Comm. 2,35 Spirit Comm. 3: Win- X ter Track 1. HOLLY A. ROBINSON 129 Grand View Avenue Office Receptionist 3. MORRIS W. RODENSTEIN "Moe" 150 Reservoir Road Soccer 1,2. W:-ff I' .J- DIANE C. ROBERTSON "Fidget" 93 Sharon Road Dance Comm. 25 Girls' Club 35 Girls' Volleyball 1,2,35 Manet Show 2,35 Spirit Comm. 35 Tri-Hi-Y 1,2. SHELLEY W. ROCKNIAN "Shell" 9 Princess Eve Drive Art Guild 1,35 Drama Workshop 2,35 Future Teachers of America 25 Mane! Co-Art Ed. 35 North Star 2,3. Band 1 S "arf DIA ROLFS "Claud' CLAU 288 Wilson Avenue 1,2, Sec. 35 Mixed Glee Club 3 Stage Band 1,2,3. JACK ROSENBURG 52 Sealund Road Rifle Club 1,2,3. SHELLEY ROSENBERG 781 Southern Artery 'fs 'X-all PETER RUGO LEO J. ROSETTE 122 Newbury Avenue Baseball 1,2,35 Gym Team 35 Manet Dance Comm. 2,35lntramuraI Volleyball Show 35 Rifle Club 1, STEVEN J. ROWE 246 Fayette Street 2,35 Manet Show 1,2,35 Rifle Club 1,25 Spirit Comm. 1,2. ELAINE lVl. RUNGE 10 Ridgeway Street A . -+1 , 4'-961, i fi,-C .ui Y 5.5 5 412..- ,M ., KATHLEEN A. RYAN 286 Atlantic Street Dance Comm. 25 Girls' Club 35 Girls' Volleyball 1,25 Guidance Receptionist 35 Manet Show 2, Office Receptionist 2. RICHARD N.SARDANO "Ricky" 9 Eustis Street SUSAN SAUNDERS "Suzy" 1 Dunbarton Road Art Guild 1,2,35Tri-Hi-Y 1,2. 883 East Squantum Street Dance Comm. 2,35 Girls' Basketball 1,25 Girls' Club 35 Girls' Volleyball 1,25 Guid- ance Receptionist 25 Manet Show 25 Nurses' Career Club 1,2,35 Nurse's Receptionist 1,25 Office Receptionist 2,35 Prom Comm. 2,35 Spirit Comm. 2,35 Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3. DAVID A. SANTACROSS 118 Elm Avenue Manet 35 Manet Patron Staff 3. . THOMAS C. SARRUDA 53 Hamilton Street 0 Boys' Bowling 1,2,3. ROGENE Nl. SAVILLE "Ro" 22 West Elm Avenue Dance Comm. 2,35 Girls' Basketball 1,25 Manet Show 35 Prom Comm. 35 Spirit Comm. 35 Tri-Hi-Y 1. JVH NIADELINE SCIAFANI "Maddy" 141 Hollis Avenue Girls' Basketball 15 Girls' Volleyball 15 Tri-Hi-Y 1. f-1 T' MARTHA N. SERIGHELLI 15 Phillips Street Mixed Glee Club 15 Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3. nmartyl, ROBERT H. SCHE RER 44 Farrington Street Boys' Bowling 1,2. SUSAN A. SCOTT 36 Hillside Avenue DAVID E. SCHURGA 62 Henry Street Nurses' Receptionist 25 Red Cross Coun- cil 2,3. .',, 13 K.. Q. JANICE lVl. SEARS 39 Edwin Street Girls Basketball 1,3, Girls Volleyball 1,2,35 Library Staff 15 Tri-Hi-Y 1. l BEVERLY A. SHEAFF 5 Dunbarton Road Dance Comm. 3. ,Q SUSAN L. SHAW 5 Lunt Street Spirit Comm. 35 Tri-Hi-Y 1. T"'1Y BARBARA J. SENTER 66 Tyler Street Dance Comm. 35 Girls' Basketball 1,2,35 Girls' Bowling 15 Girls' Volleyball 1,2,35 Guidance Receptionist 1,35 Debating 1,25 Library Staff 1,2,35 Manet 35 Mixed Glee Club 1,2,35 Science Fair 15 Spirit Comm. 35 Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3. JOYCE A. SHORE 75 Arthur Street Girls' Basketball 1,25 Girls' Volleyball 1,25 Tri-Hi-Y 1. S CHERYL L. SMITH 22 Albany Street Dance Comm. 25 Girls' Club 35 Majorette DEBORAH V. SIMMONS "Debbie" 182 Beach Street Dance Comm. 35 Science Club 25 Tri- Hi-Y 3. ,l ROBERT C. SLEETH 129 Bromfield Street Baseball 35 Basketball 1,2,35 Dance Comm. 2,35 Football 1,2,35 Prom Usher 15Spirit Comm. 35 Track 2. . .35 8 15 Office Receptionist 25 Spirit Comm. 1' 35 Tri-Hi-Y 2,3. DONALD A. SMITH 40 Royal Street Baseball 2,35 Boys' Bowling 15 Golf 15 Hockey 2,3. lu,-. Mg . --wx, 1311:-',. I' . PL "Il'fZ- . L:-'1"7i " 5 5 Jlfffij R'.'a'gX ' ' 11::E???:::':'i-.H Hit L l I 10 HENRY J. SMITH 34 Ruthven Street Golf 35 Hockey 3. WILLIAM E. SMITH "Butcher" 197 Wilson Avenue IA. 1 V . .v 5, I sh ' x . rg. fax .B X ,,x'1 " 5:5 4 1 .111 1. v i 'ge' J .il DAVID E. SPRAGUE 4 Marion Street l JAMES F. SPENCER 125 Dorchester Street Intramural Volleyball 25 I 'O :-Q.-zif: Q-1: -'f1"' . . ,uf 4 asf? 44' PATRICIA A. SMITH "Trisha" 222 Holbrook Road Tri-Hi-Y 2,3. Rifle Club 2,3. ' RICHARD S. SPRAGUE 469 Furnace Brook Parkway Basketball 1,2,35 Golf 25 Soccer 3 Volleyball 2. JUDITH A.STACK ROBERT .LSTEIDINGER 58 Apthorp Street 145 Rice Road Future Teachers of America 35 Girls' Boys' Bowling 1,25 Key Club 25 Mixed Volleyball 35 Library Staff 25Tri-Hi-Y 1. Glee Club 15 Rifle Club 15253- -- aw, ANDREA L. STEIN "Andie" 34 Tyler Street -Y -ff-V - , 1-1 - Dance Comm. 35 Girls' Basketball 2,35 Girls' Bowling 35 Guidance Receptionist 15Spirit Comm. 35 Tri-Hi-Y 2,3. THOMAS D. STEWART 147 Harriet Avenue Band 1,25 Symphonic Band 1,2. BARBARA STOLLER 517 Furnace Brook Parkway 5- fv g '. 71 Art Guild 2,35 Future Teachers of America 2,35 Modern Language Hon. Soc. 2,35 Manet 35 Office ReceDfl0fliSI 35 Tri-Hi-Y 3. I ff. eg' . It 4 . 3 "wi 71 ed . I PETER K. STONE 31 Sunnyside Road JANE M. STOKINGER 122 Willow Street Cheerleader 35 Class Day Comm. 35 Girls' A JEFFREY STEIN 323 East Squantum Street Xl x .1 Basketball 2,35 Girls' Club 35 Manet as 1' 5 Show 35 Office Receptionist 2,35 Prom 1 3 1 Comm. 25 Student Council 15 Tri-Hi-Y 1. ' 1 TIMOTHY E. SULLIVAN 19 Greenview Street Q .A LESLIE A. STONE 347 Highland Avenue Art Guild 1,2,35 District Music Festival 35 Drama Workshop 1, Sec. 35 Manet Literary Ed. 35 Modern Language Hon. Soc. 2,3, French Hon. Soc. Sec. 35 New England Music Festival 25 North Star 1, Feature Ed. 35 Science Club 2,35 Science Fair 1,35 National Hon. Soc. 3. 'Sull" " . rf' I A 0 ',.,:'k SHEI LA IVl. SWEENEY Bean ROBERT D. SWI RBALUS Swlb A. 114 Grand View Avenue 38 Holmes Street Dance Comm. 25 Nlajorette 15 Manet Football 1,2,35 Prom Comm. 2,35 Prom Show 2, Spirit Comm. 3, Student Coun Usher 2, Spirit Comm. 3. cil 3. PAUL S. TANOFSKY 55 Princess Eve Drive Basketball 2,35 Football 1,2,3, Home- room Rep. 15Spring Track 2,3. "Tish" JUDITH A. TAYLOR "Jutze" 200 Newbury Avenue Dance Comm. 25 Girls' Club 35 Mane! Show 1,2,35 Prom Comm. 25 Spirit Comm. 35Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3. QT GAIL THORNTON 14 Orchard Street JANCIE Nl. TUPPER 297 Wilson Avenue Dance Comm. 35 Girls' Cl Receptionist 25 Tri-H i-Y 2,3. 81 Thornton Street I 1 2 3. ,i-I-up.. ub 35 Office vr 'rv f? LOUIS J. TRUBIANO "Wege" Dance Comm. 2,35 Football 1,2,35 Grad- ' uation Usher 2' Prom Comm. 2 3' Prom Usher 1,2, Spirit Comm. 3, Spring Track ALAN J. VASCONCELLOS "Vasco" 157 Newbury Avenue Football 2. ROBERT T, VEASEY DANIEL VECCHOINE 41 Webster Street 56 Bird Avenue 'Y 82 f"' EVELYN C. VENA "Lynn" 141 Hamilton Avenue Dance Comm. 2,35 Drama Workshop 1,2,35 Girls' Basketball 1,2,3: Girls' Volleyball 1,2,35 Latin Hon. Soc. 1,2,35 Manet 35 Mixed Glee Club 25 Modern Language Hon. Soc. 35 North Star Copy and Layout Ed. 35 Red Cross Council 15 Student Council 35 Tri-Hi-Y 152,35 Na- MAI-LIS VENNESLAND 810 East Squantum Street Art Guild 35 Girls' Bowling 152,35 Girls' Volleyball 35 Library Staff 15 Manet 35 Nurses' Career Club 35 Tri'Hi-Y 1,2,3. ff' tional Hon. Soc. 3. ANNE E. VETTERLEIN 308 Highland Avenue Art Guild 25 Drama Workshop 1,25 Manet Co-Layout Ed. 35 Math Team 35 Modern Language Hon. Soc. 35 North Star 15 Rifle Club 15 Science Club 2,35 Science Fair 15 National Hon. Soc. 3. I? A 5 ROY WALBRIOGE "Walrus" 38 Webster Street CHRISTINE D. WALLIN 11 Alfred Street Rifle Club 1,2. Dance Comm. 2,35 Guidance Recep- tionist 2,35 Marine Science 15 Nurses' Career Club 15 Science Club 15 Spirit Comm. 35 Student Council 3. -- : 1 '. JOHN M. WARD "Wardo" 15 Aberdeen Road Baseball 1,2,35 Class Day Comm. 35 Hockey 35 Homeroom Rep. 1,35 Key Club 35 Spirit Comm. 3. S -t I ANDREA M. VlTAGLlANO 22 Ocean Street M3D6f Shovv 25 North Star 35 Office Receptionist 35 Spirit Comm. 35 Tri-Hi-Y 3. DOROTHY A. WALKER "Dot" 192 Marlboro Street Girls' Club 35 Office Receptionist 35 Spirit Comm. 35 Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3. DEBORAH E. WALSH 27 Heath Street Nurses' Career Club 2,35 Office Recep tionist 2. f Y rf GEORGE R. WATSON 50 East Elm Avenue Boys' Bowling 15 Class Day Comm. 35 Homeroom Rep. 15 Soccer 15 Spirit Comm. 3. p CARLTON F. WEST 25 Wallace Road Baseball 35 Soccer 1,2,3. JEFFREY H. WEISMAN 99 Bayside Road Gym Team 1,2,35 Manet Photographer 35 Marine Science 1,2,3. E J yi WILLIAM F. WEST VIRGINIA M. WELCH "Gini" 136 Billings Street Cheerleader 1,2,35 Class Day Comm. 35 Dance Comm. 25 Girls' Basketball 15 Prom Comm. 35 Spirit Comm. 35 Tri- Hi-Y 1. FRANK E. WESTBURG, JR. 51 Hillside Avenue Drama Workshop 1,2, Pres. 35 Great Books 2,35 Modern Language Hon. Soc. 35 National Hon. Soc. 2, Pres. 35 Russian 1,25 Soccer 2,3. JEANNE F. WIENERS 27 Merrymount Avenue Nurses Career Club 3. 21 Harvard Street Marine Science 1. W9 'D CELESTE A. WIGIVIORE "Cesti" 61 Trevore Street Dance Comm. 25 Girls' Basketball 1,35 Girls' Club 35 Girls' Volleyball 1,2,35 Mixed Glee Club 25 Office Receptionist 35 Spirit Comm. 35 Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3. : BARBARA A. WILKINS Wilky 57 Sherman Street Girls' Volleyball 15 Manet Shovv 25 Mixed Glee Club 1,2,35 Office Recep- tionist 1,2,3. S-"7 E. JOHN F. WHALEN "Duke" 30 Holyoke Street Baseball 1,2,35 Class Day Comm. 35 Rifle Club 1,25 Spirit Comm. 3. Q l. - GERALDINE WILLARD "Gerry" 11 Ditmar Street Class Day Comm. 35 Dance Comm. 25 Girls' Basketball 15 Prom Comm. 35 Spirit Comm. 35Tri-Hi-Y 1. STEPHEN C. WOLBARST "Whoop" 84 Alrick Road Class Day Comm. 35 Dance Comm. 3: Golf 1,2,35 Homeroom Rep. 15 Intra- mural Volleyball 15 Manet Bus. Manager 35 Marine Science 15 Prom Comm. 35 Science Club 2,35 Science Fair 1,25 Soccer 2,35 Spirit Comm. 35 Manet Patron Staff 3. 3 r lf' 1622. yi' JACKIE YEE 435 Newport Avenue Cross Country 35 Spring Track 2,35 51? Q Winter Track 2,3. 'J . rx,5 1 LAURA Nl. YOUNG 'UN STEPHEN J. ZAKREWSKI 26 Ruthven Street Baseball 3. 126 Winthrop Avenue Class Day Comm. 35 Dance Comm. 2, Office Receptionist 25 Prom Comm. 3, Spirit Comm, 35 Tri-Hi-Y 1. I JORDAN S. ZECKER "Zeck" 42 Estabrook Road Boys' Bowling 1,2,35 Debating 1,25 Marine Science 25 Rifle Club 2,3. ALSO GRADUATING: John Belcastro Thomas Burgoon Gerald Byrne Christopher Cavanagh Mary Ellen Chetwynd David Ferrara Kathleen Foye Edward Frey Karl Gazzola Catherine Golden Doris Harrold Joy Jenkins Patricia Keith Margaret Kelley Michael Lee Donna Lindstrom Richard McNeice Glenn Mirick Joseph Quinn Robert Serroni Michael Sweeney Judith Walsh Q 5 in 5 X E151 DAVID A. YUSCAVITCH JP STEVEN D. ZALL 44 Saint Ann's Road I0 N17 1 13 Safford Street Basketball 2,3, Football 2,3, Marine Science 1. 'X ANN M. ZELINSKY 62 Davis Street Future Teachers of America 3 Nurses Career Club 35 Prom Comm. 35 Tri Hi Y 2. ...Ls k '44.qg I !L. , I Is , .il MOST POPULAR Arthur Mclver Mary Ellen Cochrane A 'sigrxf . igkw si' :ARA .Biff P 1 Xxmxlj EQES4 MOST SOPHISTICATED Michael McVey Paula Murray 7 . 'Al is - MOST LIKE LY TO SUCCEED Marjorie Hoffman Larry Munson 'T 'fn I MOST BUSINESSLIKE Michael McGee Janice Sears 86 MOST RESPECTED Thomas Perrin Barbara Flaherty Fragments of 5 - 0 R-Q. CLASS CHATTERBOXES William Jacques Charlene Moscaritolo 1 v I -S-K ,-. 1 A Y Q F""- -D-. '-Q . 'SCA V14-.- .A CLASS FLIRTS Jane Leavens Mark Riley Popularity Is'- ' J ',.-w. .- -59!"e..s!9!5 ,---L . - r."s... . ' LW,- U' f ' - .,'h ...x , -4 -' 0 X , 4 s 4' -if :K-14. 915, -rmvdif .. 4 U . 1" -r Q Zgi'f:r,.-:ff -an-f fr 'au-L T" - - ' -wi' 9' -7"'f"'V ,Kazan 'II Q' '. CLASS GENIUSES CLASS INSEPARABLES Christopher Cavanagh Constance Chandler Geraldine Willard Robert Svvirbalus ..,.,.?. V4 P 5 , Az if 1 K, 1 ,H F 'K 5+ S a...3n S- BEST ALL AROUND BEST DANCE RS CLASS ARTISTS Robert Sleeih Beverly CSIBIH Eileen McCormick Peter Bouchie Judith Taylor Robert Graham 87 1 X - as .cs 9 'yr 1 M f S -. F1 , 4 B .1 , It IQ A 'B BEST DRESSED OUIETEST CLASS WITS Larry Bray Michele Mikal Joseph Lane Patricia Bartoloni Mary Ellen Cochran James Broderick I '1 4'- llllll ""-il , if '. iff,-L Gi FRIENDLIEST MOST SPIRITED BEST LOOKING Arthur Nlclver Linda Josselyn Barbara Flaherty Roger Conboy Rogene Saville ' Steven Poore 88 MOST DEPENDABLE Ja C y CIffrdM i o CLASS MUSICIANS MOST ATHLETIC Claudia Rolfs Alan Bartelson Anne Fagan Robert Sleeth We seniors value our friendships and experiences at North. We will keep some friends for many years and will lose others at graduation. We will fit some experiences into our mosaio of life and forget others. We leave North with a realikation that life is complex but hope that now we are better able to meet future challenges. 4' 1 if Q Q X xv .4- m""Y.e 3 4 L' 'SQ g x I x - 1' 6' W.. lf?"- Y T J, 41 .-.9 . ..',. -1- -' 1' ' 1 .... s X -I-nn l . 595' .- .- ,. " . ' z i 4 4 . v. I y . ' . f X , X ' Front Row: J. IVlorris, D. lVlcNeiceg L. Zona, C. lVlacDonaId, Pres., S. Degan, Sec., B. Flaherty, Treas., D. Bregoli, V.P.g lVl. Nlorahang lVl. O'l-Iare, C. Guest. Back Row: S. Howe, J. Carroll, E. McCormick, L. Vena, lVl. Cochran, S. Kiley, Nl. Mikal, C. Wallin, K. Eramo, J. Walsh. No student at North is twenty-one, but nevertheless all students have the opportunity to retain some voting privileges. Each year they help elect representatives to the Student Council, a student government that serves both as an advisory board and as a service organization. With the help of their little red and black suggestion box, members of the Student Council bring student views to the attention of the administration and recommend changes and improve- ments in the running of the school. They also conduct opening exercises and keep the student body informed by reading the morning notices over the public address system. Under the leadership of president, Cliff lVlcDonaId, and advisor, lVlr. Carlin, Council members undertook a number of projects. Together with the Girls' Club, the Student Council sponsored the annual "lVlr. Touchdown" dance. They also raised funds by selling boxes of candy, and con- ducted the "lVlarch of Dimes" collection. li ' 1 4' i..., L. i...i ui i-. T l .-..l Find the missing president who towers over his officers Diane, Sally, and Barbara! Student Council ff' Q J W .i .' lg S 1 5. .1 . - fl .F . -it 2, Q Front Flow: B. Senterg M. Foyeg M. Cappellanog J. McKenzie, V.P., S. Giorgetti, Sec., M. Hemphill, Pres., L. Josselyn, Treas.g M. Gething K. Flaherty: S. Moore. Second Row: Miss Murray, C. Gomes, P. Noonan, C. Wallin, J. Mathews, C. Crhistensen, M. Langley, J. Tupper, D. Burke, M. McEachern, D. Hannon, C. Wigmore, B. Celata. Third Rovv: A. Bitagliano, K. Chirniniello, D. Walker, D. Bregoli, G. Massey, K. Regan, J. Taylor, M. Vennesland, J. Gazzola, B. Flaherty, K. O'DonnelI. Back Rovv: P. Koresky, P. Murray, E. Runge, M. DelCupolo, E. Ricciuti, S. Lane. Girls' Club Girls' Club is not a secret sorority, but a thriving service organization. Though all senior girls are members, an executive board of twenty members planned and presented such major activities as the "Mr. Touchdown" Dance and the splendid "Victorian Valentine" Semi-Formal. Every month a nevv project was undervvay. ln November, the girls pre- pared Thanksgiving baskets for the needy. ln December, they baked and sold fruitcakes and in January they sold cookbooks. In addition to numerous bake sales, they held other fund raising activities to enable one girl to receive a scholarship for her service. They topped off the year by organizing the annual Manet Shovv. Diane and Marc at the semi-formal. The band tunes up during the semi-formal. 89 Junior Class Officers with Miss McCoy, their advisor. Jerry Mulcahy, Linda Zona, Pam Vllye, and Philip Carroll, this year's Junior Class Officers, were determined to make their class the best ever to graduate from North. Assisted by their advisor, Miss McCoy, they began their class activ- ities vvith the delivery of class rings in October. During the football season, "Raider Power" buttons raised money needed for the prom and for next year's activities. Tvvo dances, the Halloween Dance and the Winter Dance were successful practice runs for the Junior Prom in April. Qliir i 35 sq Phil Carroll Treasurer. Pam Wye, Secretarv- 13' A token of appreciation. I could have danced all night. Are you going to Scarborough Fair? ln April of 1968, many Juniors replied "Yes l am!" with a tingle of excite- ment as they thought of their forthcoming Junior Prom. On the big day, April 26, North's gymnasium was transformed into a carousel of color. Streamers, paintings and balloons created a gala fair-like atmosphere. The happy couples danced to the music of the Eric Ross Orchestra or eagerly helped themselves to refreshments. Class officers distributed petite favors as a souvenir of this soiree magnifique. Junior Prom lx x Y ,i 5 l Count off by tvvos! Having a ball. 'f'i I , My girdle 91 is killing me! Will it ever end? Modern Language Latin Honor Society. Honor Society. Front Bovv: P. Koretsky, C. Chandler, Pres., D. Bregoli L Stone Sec A Vetterlein L Babel K Poole, J. Casey, M. Cappellano, M. Hoffman. Back Flow Mr Tanguay C Wallin L Munson M Duggan, L. Vena, C. Cavanagh, B. West, T. Perrin C MacDougalI D MacKenzie J Cavagnaro P Maloney. Front Fiovv: J. McKenziepJ. Morris, R. Doherty, Pres J Hemphill C Kennedy W Stevens K Doyle S. Brophy. Back Fiow: B. Gabel, L. Smith,C. Sorensen M Vincent A Bauer C Stokinger M Wallace D. Runge. Modern Language Honor Societies Parlez-vous francais? Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Habla Usted espanol? Vocarene Lingua Latina? To be a member of a Language Honor Society, a student must have the ability to not only speak French, German, Spanish or Latin but must also maintain a B+ average or better and demonstrate a gen- uine interest in a foreign language. This year members of our French Honor Society dreamed ofthe Champs-Elysees, our German leaders longed for Baden-Baden, our Spanish speakers hoped to make a fiesta in Madrid and our Latin scholars prayed for a revival of ancient Rome. A shot of the fair. Front Row: J. Cavagnarog C. Chandler, L. Nlunsong M. Hoffman, Treas.g P. Maloney. Back Row: R. Pulsifer, V.P.3 W. West, Pres.g C. Cavanaghg G. Nelson, Sec. l t male emuie Where's my project? Well . . .you see. . . Behind every project in the Science Fair, there is a story. A story of doing hours of research and preparation in the labs or at the Thomas Crane. A story of giving up the Saturday night movie in order to watch Drosophila hatch. A story of accidently using potassium cyanide instead of potassium sulfate. A story of staying up the entire night before. A story of nervously explaining the formation of a crystal to an lVl.l.T. professor. A story of gaining knowledge and experience, if not a prize to go with it. National Honor Society Scholarship, leadership, service, and char- acter: four qualities of each National Honor Society member. The society itself has an important purpose. It strives to create enthu- siasm for scholarship, to promote worthy leadership, to stimulate a desire to rencler service, and to encourage the development of character in the pupils of North. Members of the Society are selected in their junior or senior year by a panel of teachers. The spon- sor of the Society this year is lVlr. Lyons. This year, the members participated in fund- raising projects in order to present North with an electric-organ. A break between judges. Well, I started five months ago, and... 93 ATIBT gl BDU!! That's some chick! .sexe Brushing up before the next judge than --4c Front Row: lvl, Paullg J. McKenzie, J. Casey, D. Grant, Sec., P. Cucchiara, Pres.: P. Maloney, V,P., S. Larson, Treas.p L. Stone, M, Freedman, D. Cobb. Middle Row: D. Finger, A. Vodola, M. Winerip, P. Davis, G. Crowell, Fl. Donovan, M. Donaghue, S. Karaian, N. Gabaree, L. Sealund, T. Sylvester, T. Giordano, T. Keating, S. D'Andrea, P. Marcantonio. Back Row: R. Bernasconi, L. Davis, W. Meservey, W, Phinney, P. Salomaa, M. Levine, C. Cavanagh, D. MacKenzie, P. Ciarfella, M. Griffin, J. Connors, J. Cavagharo, R. Pulsifer. Science Club Science Club meetings consist of student demonstrations, guest lecturers, faculty explanations of equipment, discus- sions, slides, films and endless planning of dances and poly- wog sales, under the supervision of Miss Schields. Members attended the University of Massachusetts' "Science in Action" program and M.l.T. and Museum of Science lec- tures. Another major program was the Open House at which the students who had attended Summer Science Institutes attempted to explain their work to their parents. A dance l'l'l 'n- .l'l and a bake sale raised enough money to send students to Summer Science Institutes. lt's all in the way you heat it. The backbone of the fair-Miss Shields. Cooch displays his wares. 94 Front Row: J. McKenzie, M. Moynihan, T. Lyell, Sec.: J. Cavagnaro, V.P., J. Greene, Pres., I. Damon, S. D'Andreap J. Metcalf. Back Bow: M. Donaghue, C. Cavanagh, T. Grogon, W. Meservey, P. Cucchiara, P. Melanson, M. Blair. CLUB Marine Science Exhibit. Join the J.E.T. set, alias the Junior Engineering Technical Society, and you will do things you've never done before. You might visit the Wise Fluorite Mines, climb up Mount Monadnock, visit Miss Bollen's cottage in New Hampshire, or witness the printing of a Boston Globe Edition. Further- more, with the help of club sponsor, Miss Townsend, you will prepare yourself for a career in engineering or a related field. Marine Science Club Members of the Marine Science Club have one thing in common-an adventurous spirit. The Marine Science Club could be renamed the Adventurous Peoples' Club. Members of the club this year conducted experiments in the midst of Ouincy's renowned salt marshes, and collected specimens from the ocean at Wollaston Beach. Some members built aquariums equipped with their findings. Others set up an exhibit for the Science Fair. By June, after having learned the basics of marine chemistry, biology, and physics, they realized the importance of the ocean as a source of food, fresh water and mineral resources. A ' A I , . warn X 1 w fl H fi 1 gg f'f.W!ll f , , www wi 'Wllll N J.E.T.S. learn how to use a telescope. J.E.T.S. Front Flow: D. MacKenzie, Fl. Bernasconi, Treas.g S. O'Connor, Sec., R. Millner, Pres.g M. Donaghueg A. Ferris, Back Rovv: Miss Townsend, W. Phinney, M. Griffin, P. Marcantonio, M. Duggan, T. Sylvester. 95 65 V' I I f 9 CN 'ax 1, -EEE, iff!QkChN fs-'Q TQJUFXA RF? F l u .f.- Us Mr. Leone's Mafia. Spectator sportsmen. Being in a band is an unforgettable and truly worthwhile experience. No Band member at North could ever forget the 7th period rehearsals in the auditorium under the strict discipline of director, Carl Leone, or the hikes to Cavanaugh Field to practice marching formations in the crisp autumn air, or the hours of individual practicing for an agenda of nine football games, two rallies, four parades, and four concerts. In addition to providing varied experiences of musical enjoyment for its members, the Band gave members moments of successful achievement, widened their cultural horizons, enhanced their social development, and provided them with the discipline of devoting their efforts to a specific goal. A few members furthered their enrichment by participating in the New England, Southeast District, and All-State Music Festivals. Seventy-six trombones. . , !9'8 as-x ., -f....,, r fJ"f-If -iL,'u',4 E 3 gg Q. .x Band TH OU Banner Carriers: S. Chase, L. Beid, Band Officers: E. Crowley, Pres., T. Mead, V. P., H. Newell Manager, C. Barresi, Treas., C. Bolfs, Sec., D. Seager, Librarian. First Row: D. Nankin, A. Randall, M Taddeo, C. Cornwell, D. Buckley, W. Sheehan, D. Rolfs, M. Buckley, L. Drew, L. Carter, P. O'Neil. Fl Paull, S. McCloskey, L. Ashfield, Fl. Donovan, E. Yuscavitch. Second Row: Mr. Leone, J. Barron,T Mackiewicz, C. Wells, M. McPartland, S. Caley, C. Brown, A. Casey, J. Brennian, Majoretteg J. Leavens Third Bow: D. Neal, J. Spada, W. Wright, R. Kenneally, G. Veronneau, R. Saltzman, T. O'Meara Fourth Flow: J. Kubit, E. Nestor, G. Veronneau, J. Boyd, T. Stacey, P. Maloney. Fifth Row: 'C Desserres, D. Harding, B. McMahon, S. Marney, K. Hanson, T. McCarthy, S. Peacock. Sixth Row: F Sickel, J. Campbell, B. Levine, Fl. Doherty, L. Davis, M. Levine. Seventh Row: Fl. Marshall, D Shaughnessy, J. Bomano, A. Bartelson, D. Haight. Q - 'N Stage Band. Front Flow: S. lVlarney, Fl. Kenneally, P. Maloney, Fl. Doherty, G. Veronneau. Second Row: L. Ashfield, T. Meade, J. Boyd, J. Campbell, L. Davis, F. Sickel, E. Crowley, J. Kubit, C. Rolfs, K. Barresi. Third Rovv: IVlr. Leone, Nl. Levine, K. Seager, R. lVlarshalI, D. Haight, H. Newell, P. O'Neil, A. Casey. Were you ever able to sit perfectly still while listening to North's Stage Band? Or were you unconsciously tapping your toe, clicking your heels, or snapping your fingers? lf the second case was true, your behavior was acceptable. Fevv can resist the cool, suave sound of our stage band, improved this year by the attraction of our own male and female vocalists. lVlonday's earlybirds, the Stage Band, conducted by lVlr. Leone, performed at basketball games, the Spring and Pops Concerts and the lVlanet Shovv. Also they competed for positions in the All-lnstrumen- tal Concert. Come blovv your horn. if One and a tvvo and a three . .. Front Flow: C. Wells, C. Christensen, D. Grant, L. Stone L. Carter, K. Poole, M. Freedman, E. Murphy, P. Manning L. O'Neil. Second Row: Mr. Carbonneau, D. MacKenzie K. Seager, J. Pearce, J. Thayer, C. Chandler, M. Clancy P. Cucchiara, C. Vogel, S. Lane, H. Newell, E. Crowley Concert Choir This was a year of "firsts" for the Concert Choir. During first period every day, when many students were still half asleep, the Concert Choir members, under the direction of Mr. Carbonneau, were awakened by the sound of their own clear voices. For the first time in North's history, the Concert Choir sang a Christmas Carol at an assembly in the middle of October, while awaiting the arrival of the Irish counsull ln December, they presented their first operetta, "Amahl W and the Night Visitors", a smashing success and superb accomplishment. And who could .- 'Al O ever forget their magnificent performances . at the Christmas, Spring, and Pops Concerts? leg , 1" ' Noted for their fine musicianship, many :tg . Concert Choir members attended the Dis- Q'-9, , .. trict, New England, and All-State Music Festivals. if . -'T "Pi Sing! The Concert Choir entertains at the Christmas Assembly 'imbe- 5.4 hs" Glee Club Front Row: P. Moore, G. Brenton, L. Zona, M. Quinn, P. W. Browne, J. Little, E. Fiogg, J. DiStefano. Back Row: F. Myra, S. O'Brien, K. Barresi, B. Senter, S. Peterson, L. Tassinary, M. Dunn, P. Marcantonio, S. Gale, D. Nolan, Paige. Second Row: Mr. Carbonneau, J. Adams, D. Newton, W. White, D. Gilliland, R. Bono, B. Bourne, D. Paulson, B. M. Donovan, Fi. Crandall, J. Santacross, S. Shea, M. James, Quinn. ". '25, Mr. Pinkofsky conducts. Mr. Carbonneau adds power to the bass section. Orchestra Perhaps you have noticed that three times each week Room 402 looks like Grand Cen- tral Station during rush hour. Actually you were witnessing an assemblage of North's most gleeful group of students, alias the Glee Club. Under the direction of Mr. Carbonneau, members learned the funda- mentals of choral discipline, and their knowledge of music showed up in the thrilling performances at the Christmas and Spring Concerts. Who can handle Haydn? North's Orchestra can, but it takes practice and coordination. Conducted by Mr. Pinkofsky, the Orchestra performed at the Christmas and Spring Concerts, at the O.E.A. tea, and at other occasions. A number of players participated in the Southeast District Music Festival, this year held at StoJghton, or at the New England Music Festival, this year at Ports- mouth, N.H., or at the All-State Festival in Plymouth. f ,J ""':- YK Front Row: J. Doyle, A. Sandberg, P. Petrakos, E. McBournie, P. J. Kubit. Standing: A. Smith, Mr. Pinkofsky, K. Hanson, K. DeLuca, Sullivan, N. Caley, S. Caley, E. Yuscavitch. Second Row: M. T. Meade, M. McLaughlin. Levine, K. Seager, K. Barresi, C. Wells, M. Buckley, R. Fantucchio, 99 -f Front Bow: R. Fantucciog K. Doll, L. Borgalp C. Fatseas, Sec., M. Wallace, W. West, Pres.: P. Carroll S. Rockman, L. Pollack, K. Poole. Middle Row: Miss Silverman, M. Sutton, J. Alcarez, J. Poutree, M Bernstein, M. Kelly, M. Freedman, M. Sweeney, D. Blackwell, L. Vena, P. Manning, C. Stokinger, B Histen. Back Row: F. Tassinary, L. Ardini, D. Sanderson, J. McLean, P. Wilson, A. McForland, C. Horley, L. Smith, P. Toczko. Drama Workshop .1 One day, Hamlet at Elsinore cried out, "The play's the thing!" To this day his words, actually William Shake- speare's, have become immortal, holding special meaning for stage actors and actresses, including those of North's Drama Club, sponsored by Miss Silverman. With a surge of energy, members presented the "Conceptual Essence of Christmas" for handicapped children at the Pollard and Furnace Brook Schools and "The Overpraised Season", a one act play, for the Ninth Grade. In March they entered deGhelderode's "Three Actors and their Drama" in the Massachusetts High School Dramatics Festival. They also produced a full-length drama in the spring. ln addition to acting, members learned from theater professionals the arts of set building, costuming and makeup. The overall purpose ofthe Drama Club is "to open the minds of both the actors and the audience so that they will question, examine, accept or reject, or at least react to the emotions and experiences brought to life on stage," according to president, Bill West. Bill and Mike confer over scenery design. g W z 21 Front Row: S. Rockman, L. Stone, D. Cobb, J. Barnes, C. Chiminiello, Pres., M. DelCupolo, V.P.g P. Koretsky, Sec., R, Histen, Treas.g D. Barrett, P. Murray. Middle Row: M. Duggan, S. Duffy, G. McNamara, M. Vennesland, S. Saunders, E. Murphy, C. Stokinger, A. Cucchiara, P. Murphy, C. Christensen. Back Row: Fl. Graham, M. Mesher, W. O'Donnell, P. Dovvney, C. MacDougall, D. Kovalski, C. Meyer, G. Nelson, B. Ouinn, S. O'Connor. Picture a group of one hundred and fifteen North stu- dents, all in the same room at the same time. Picture Caren Chimminello, the exhausted president, after she has at- tempted to make herself heard over all the noise. Picture Paula Koretsky, the breathless secretary, after she has taken attendance. Picture Rita Histen, the frustrated treasurer, after she has tried to collect one hundred fifteen dimes. Get the picture? No, not utter chaos, just a typical Art Guild meeting. ln spite of its large membership, the Art Guild has sponsored some fine programs this year. By attending movies, concerts, museums, plays and art galleries, Art Guild members have learned a great deal about the vvorld of Fine Arts. Also, the Guild presented a "Native Uprising" Dance in order to raise money for the BiafrafUNICEF Fund. The donation vva deeply appreciated and shown in a thank-you letter vvhic' was received by the Guild. 1-1- Q1 Art Guild Exhibit. Art Guild Russian C ub Math Team sal it Front Row: C. Cavanaugh, B. Taylor, A. Vetterlein, P. Salomaa. Back Row: Miss Manoli, P. Mahoney, W. Larson, R. Ruback, Miss Mayo. Under the direction of Miss Mayo and Miss Manoli, the Math Club proved this year, in only a few simple steps, that intermural competition applies not only to sports but also to academic subjects. Step one-Five mathematicians represent North as a math team. On the team can be a maximum of two seniors and no more than one sophomore. Step two-Team reviews concepts and mathematical prob- lems. Step three-Team enters the Greater Boston Math League. Step four-Team participates in four meets with nine other schools. Step five-Team wins second place in the first three meets! ln addition to choosing a different team for each meet, the Math Club gives undivided attention to solving the "untouchable" math problems which sometimes stump even the teachers. Score ten points to this year's Math Club for creating new enthusiasm for mathematics! If you should see an animated figure running eagerly in the direction of North Quincy High some morning, don't panic. He may be your best friend. What is he doing? He is rushin' to Russian. Why? Under Mr. Tanguay's instruction he can receive a basic knowledge of a fascinating but ex- tremely difficult language. Worth it? Sure! Hey, I got the answer: 2 x 2 I 4! tiff L 1 Front Row: M. Panarilli, E. Keating, J. Pomarole, J. McKenzie, S. Drew, M. Moynihan, M. Campbell K. Doyle, T. Lyell. Back Row: E. McBournie, T. Keating, J. Nicholson, T. Giordano, S. Panarelli P Sullivan, B. Killeen, P. Solomaa, Mr. Tanguay. 7 '-9 .- Front Row: J. Salenius, J. Moran, S. Karaian, F. Tassinary, W. Phinney, P. Day, F. Orlowski, R. Fantucchio, J. Murray. Back Row: H. Reseel, B. Dunn, B. Killeen, T. Dolan, D. O'lVlaIIey, R. Bono, R. Saltzman. Debating Club Resolved: Is the Debating Club Worthwhile? Point Number One: The Debating Club trains our students in the fundamental techniques of public speaking. Point Number Two: The Debating Club trains our stu- dents to think in clear, precise terms, to express their thoughts, to question and to research an area completely. Point Number Three: The Debating Club measures overall success and does not use a typical vvin-loss record. Point Number Four: The Debating Team was accepted into the South Shore Debating League. Time Up! y ad! 1-...--1-. saw V' K 5. T ,. It is written . .. A iii-S x ,. .i ww 'Ak W -:.u..u-If :Jus ' -C :- ,. 1 .H V g 1 These pictures are great! Do you get my point? 103 W ...D GCT2.. l -Q Senior Great Books. lllll ,- . f -0 5 J ' F 9 gs' . I 5 5-5' 1 r f' P .B-f - A Ai 4: Q f iff 'G 4. l " 2 . Q l , ..4.i ' - ' W ... May I help you? Front Rovv: K. Poole, P. Cucchiara, V.P.: D. Cetlin, P. Maloney, A. Casey, S. Larson. Middle Row: J. Greene, W. West, Treas.3 C. Cavanaugh, D. MacKenzie, P. Bennett, Sec., T. Perrin, Pres. Great Books Club On any Friday afternoon you may find a group of enthusiastic students deeply in- volved in discussion of philosophical import. Under the able guidance of Miss Johnson, an adult Great Books leader, the club investi- gates the worlds of authors such as Sophocles, Thoreau and Plato. Confrontations between the members are frequent and prolonged. Often they result in heated arguments. The discussions are of value because they not only relate the questions raised by the classical authors to contemporary problems, but also present further issue for the student to consider himself. if --sf' 19' Paul Maloney initiates discussion as Mr. Ferrir, Steve, Dennis, and Paul look on. YV L-W4 Y Junior Great Books. Front Row: K. Doyle, M. Campbell, M. Sutton, B. Gabel, Nl. Freedman, K. Schaatzen, J Pomarole, D. Finger, Middle Rovv: M. Bernstein, L. Calarese, W. Meservey, W. Phinney, P Salomaa, M. Levine, M. Winerip, P. Davis. nl J -mime Receptionists Guidance Receptionists. Front Row: H. Harris, K. O'Donnell, L. Josselyn, J. Kennedy, P. Gulizia, K. Flaherty, J. Allison, E. Scribner, M. Foye, M. Cappellano. Second Row: Mr. Fitch, J. McKenzie, M. Cochran, S. Kiley, J. Donohue, S. Duffy, B. Flaherty, C. Gomes, C. Moscavitolo, J. McCloskey. Back Row: M. Kapolis, R. Megow, D. MacKenzie, C. Meyer, K. Chiminiello, G. Massey, K. Regan, J. Gazzola. Office Receptionists. N41 v---Q-:ff K 5 AS? via 1 Cramped study at the information desk. Front Row: P. Manley, B. Stoller, S. Kiley, C. Moscavitolo, K. O'DonnelI, J. Tupper, C. Wigmore, R. Baumann, M. Hoffman, D. Bryant. Back Row: P. Peirakos, G. Massey, M. Dolan, E. McCormick, J. McKenzie, E. Runge, P. Pasquariello, D. Walker, D. Burek. When it comes to answering telephones, giving information to people new to the building, looking up records, running errands or simply tracking down misplaced students, our Office and Guidance Receptionists are experts. Not only did this year's staff give up study periods in order to provide their services to North, but also, at the same time, gained experience in working with people. l I X - -T Office Receptionists. Front Row: N. DiCarIo, F. McCloskey, P. Ready, J. Mathews, S. McGilvray, C. Murphy, K. Sheridan, I. Damon, H. Robinson, C. Talbot. Middle Row: S. Duffy, B. Stoller, A. Bawer, M. Hernon, B. Fong, C. Cadegan, J. Tupper, J. Carosi, M. Collins, M. Hemphill, K. O'Donnell. Back Row: B. Baumann, S. DeMasi, J. Finn, C. Chiminiello, F. Tassinary, M. Dolan, K. Duggan, J. McKenzie, K. Regan, J. Leonard, A. Vitagliaro. Front Row: J. Mathews. l. Damon, S. Giorgettip B. Flaherty, V.P., S. Lane, Pres.: M. Cochran, Sec.- Trees., K. Dellal.uccag I.. Josselyn. Back Flow: G. Nelson, E. Runge, M. Hemphill, G. Massey, M. Vennesland, D. Walsh, R. Hubley. N urses' Career Club "Do l really want to be a nurse or is this idea just a passing fancy?" Many girls who have asked themselves this question find their answer by joining the Nurses' Career Club. ln this club, the girls learn about nursing, types of nursing schools, X-ray technology and physical therapy. They also have the opportunity to see nursing in practice at the Quincy City, Boston City, and Peter Bent Brigham Hospitals. Sometimes, the girls discuss nursing with speakers involved in that career. Club advisor, Miss Gray, is always willing to answer the girls' questions. The Nurses' Career Club also sponsors many fund-raising activities such as bake sales so that every year, one lucky senior girl may be pre- sented with a nursing scholarship. Sandy gives a lecture on the advantages of nursing as a career Our future nurses. Red Cross Council The Red Cross Council, sponsored by Miss Gray, gives students an opportunity to give of themselves. And what a wonderful feeling they receive when they give. This year members of the Council brought happiness into the lives of nursing home patients in Quincy by giving them small gifts and Christmas decorations. Also, the Council conducted its annual Red Cross Drive in February. Seated: D. Leighton, Pres. Standing: V. Grieb, Sec.: Miss Gray: S. Scott, V.P. 106 Front Row: M. Cody, G. Breen, l. Damon, B. Senter, L. Derany, E. Keating, G. Sturgis, D. Roche, A Fitzpatrick, A. Cushing. Middle Flow: A. LaBresque, T. Keating, W. Anthony, K. Regan, K. O'Donnell K. Flaherty, S. Little, S. Williamson, G. McCarthy, T. Bourikas. Back Flow: E. Foley, D. Harding, S. Dillon, P. Brennan, D. Perry, L. Kyle, S. King, E. McPartlin, C. Guest, D. Jennings, S. Tupper, J Poutree, K. Guiney. Library Staff If you ask a North girl out, but get the reply "Sorry, l'm booked up for weeks," chances are she's a member of North's Library Staff. Not only does the Library Staff have to manage the herd of frustrated students that drop by daily at 2:30 for World Civ., History, and Government books. They also have to check books in and out, mend broken bindings, put magazines away, deliver slips for study periods, catalogue new books, and help people find material. Today's students might very well be tomorrow's teachers. Some girls have already made up their minds that they will be. By participating in the Future Teachers of America, sponsored by Mr. Murphy, these girls have a chance to meet with others interested in a teaching career and discuss types of teaching, school problems, and the assets of the teaching field. They also take trips to teachers' colleges and are given lectures by past teachers, current teachers and student teachers. Under the new teacher-aides program, they apply their own knowledge of teaching by tutoring fellow students during study-periods or after school. Perhaps someday, they will return to their alma mater as full-fledged teachers. Future Teachers of America Front Rovv: S. Drew, J. Montgomery, B. Kreckie, B. Gabel, D. Felton, E. Murphy, B. Leighton, P, Smith, M. Foye, J. Stack. Second Row: L. Calarese, E. McBournie, J. Nicholson, H. Blanchard, K. Masters, L. Josselyn, D. Burke, M. McEachern, T. Phelan, D. King, Mr. Murphy. Third Row: E. Antonokisg A. Conlon, D. Clark, M. Duggan, V.P.g C. Cronin: A. Barkasg B. Stollerg A. Bauer: P. Antonakos. Back Row: M. Horan, C. MacDougall, Sec., B. Quinn, L. Ardinig S. O'Connor, Treas.g D. Spanksg N. Amrheing C. Smith, F. Strazzulla. 107 XJ Front Row: L. Munson, A. Goodman, B. Flaherty, M. Mikal, J. Casey, J. Connerty, Fl. Svvirbalus, S. Moore, A. Fagan, M, Hoffman. Back Flow: Mr. Pierce, S. Poore, C. MacDonald, M. McCarthy, L. Trubiano, K. Regan, E. Runge, P. Donohoe, M. Cochran. ii, A J if l Prom Committee -4 ---ef The 1968 Senior Prom. Donny does some paper work for the Prom Committee. Class Day Committee T Front Row: S. De-gan, S. Kiley, M. Cochran, L. Munson, P. Donohoe, M. Hoffman, C. Moscaritolo. Back Row: D. Bregoli, G. Massey, L, Curreri, J. Lagodimos, J. Leavens, M. Hemphill. 108 f Fall Spirit Committee. Front Row: P. Noonan, K. O'Donnell, M. Hemphill, P. Coan, B. Flaherty, C. Moscaritolo, J. Casey, K. O'Connell, M. Gethin, M. Hoffman. Second Row: J. Taylor, J. Leonard, S. Sweeney, G. Willard, K. Chiminiello, E. McCormick, E. Runge, P. Donohoe, M. Cochran, S. Kiley, J. McKenzie, S. Degan, A. Vitagliano. Back Row: B. Healey, S. Brustin, S. Howe, R. Conboy, B. Jacques, R. Marinick, J. Carroll, S. Wolbarst. One magic night, looked forward to for months, looked back upon for years, and cherished always: your own Senior Prom. The members of the Prom Committee were i chosen by the class officers. Under the chairmanship of Jay Connerty and Jeanne j Casey and the advice of Mr. Pierce, they selected a theme, and favors, and the band. The Sidney Hill Country Club, Gill Loring's Orchestra, the soft pastels of flowing evening gowns, and cool breezes were all a dream come true. u v L How often do five hundred seniors have a chance to get together for a day of swim- ming, eating, soaking up the sun, or just plain goofing off? Not very often. But there is one day when this dream of every senior comes true. Class Day at Lake Pearl is a memorable experience, made possible by the hard-working Class Day Committee, spon- sored by Mr. Pierce. Mr. and Mrs. Yakoo-Roger and Judy. Spirit Committees Without the efforts of a devoted Spirit Committee, just think of how dull, prosaic and lifeless our stairwells would be! They sponsored Booster buses just to make sure that we got to the games safely and sold us traditional Go-North-Go buttons. The Fall Spirit Committee, under the chairmanship of Barbara Flaherty, staged a hilarious Thanks- giving Rally and stirred up enthusiasm for the Raider Tribe by encouraging us to wear red Indian feathers at the Thanksgiving Game During the basketball and hockey seasons, Jane Leavens took over the chairmanship, continuing to project the true North Quincy High spirit. Front Row: C. Redman, C. Ogilvie, G. Peterson, S. Shaw, J. Leavens, L. Young, R. Saville, K. O'Connell, C. Chisholm, M. Deware. Second Row: L. Munson, P. Bartoloni, J. Lorman, K. Regan, V. Welch, M. Mikal, C. Wallin, M. DelCupolo, D. Walker, J. Bousquet, S. Donovan, A. Goodman. Back Row: J. Connerty, L. Curreri, C. MacDonald, M. Riley, A. Mclver, S. Poore, D. Meyer, J. Lagodimos, R. Sleeth, L. Trubiano, M. McCarthy. 109 Fall Dance Committee. Front Rowi K. Meredith, E. Murphy, B. Senter, L Munson P Donahoe M Cochran M Hoffman A. Fagan, K. Flaherty. Middle Flow: M. Langley, S. Duffy L Vena D Bregoli C Gomes J Mathews J. Tupper, C. Fatseas, P, Gullins, J.Stokinger, B. Celata S Moore K McNulty L Pollack Mr Pierce Back Bow: C. Buckley, D. Driscoll, J. Carroll, J. Lagodimas A McGiver M McCarthy L Buccini J. Connerty, A. Goodman, B. Sheaff. Dance Committees Saturday night is the Ioveliest night ofthe week. Lay aside your books, put on your fancy duds, and get set for a groovy evening of dancing and socializing in North's gymna- sium. Last fall, swingers did the "Tighten Up" to the boom and beat of the Filet of Soul. The dance was made possible by the Dance Committees headed by the Senior Class Officers and advised by Mr. Pierce. Committee members hired bands and police- men, advertised with posters and loudspeaker announcements, printed and sold tickets, decorated the gym, and willingly suffered the assorted headaches of planning a shindig. Winter Dance Committee. Front Row: D. Hannon, S. Giorgetti, P. Koretsky, L Munson P Donohoe M Cochran M Hoffman C. Hernon, P. Maguire. Middle Row: E. Ricciuti, B Everson P O Leary M Collins H Harris D McEvoy, P. Ready, L. Josselyn, P. Lucier,J. McCloskey G Peterson M Begley Mr Pierce Back Row R. Sleeth, K. Colleran, S. Wolbarst, B. Healey, S. Howe R Conboy D Meyer J Lane L Trubiano S. Poore, B. Marinick. Tri-Hi-Y Ayuda. Front Row: L. Gamsbyg P. Murphy, Chaplain: G. Nelson, Sec.: B. Quinn, V,P,g B. Senter, Pres.: E. Murphy, Trees., M. Vennesland, Fl. Baumann, M. Cappellano. Back Flow: Mr. Peterson, J. Pearce, L. Vena, J. Tupper, P. Perry, S. McGilvray, P. Smith, P. Manley, B. Stoller, J. Alcarez, C. MacDougall. Tri-Hi-Y Hermanos. Front Row: M, Foyeg S. Giorgettig P. Donahue, V.P.: G. Massey, Treas.g S. Degan,Pres.1 B. Flaherty, Chaplain, K. O'Donnellg A. Fagan, M. Hoffman. Middle Row: J. Taylor, J. Gazzola, C. Gomes, C. Fatseas, R. Falcetta, B. Celata, S. Moore, K. Flaherty, K. Golden, L. Josselyn. Back Flow: J. Leonard, K. Regan, E. Runge, M. Cochran, A. Vitagliano, M. Hemphill, D. Bregoli, S. Lane, D. Walker. If you come across a girl whose motto is "try", you'll know she is a member of the Tri-Hi5Y. Each member of this service organization sponsored by Mrs. Whitcomb, at the YMCA, tried her best to contribute to her community. Each month the girls performed a service project. ln Novem- ber, they presented Thanksgiving Baskets to the needy. ln December, they made Christmas toys for the underprivi- Ieged children and sang carols at nursing homes. Although the girls did not receive merit rewards for their services, their personal rewards of self-fulfillment were greater. Tri-Hi-Y Anthropology Because of the astounding popularity of North's Anthro- pology course last year, it was offered again as a major subject to one hundred students. Students studied two terms of physical anthropology with Miss Bollen and two terms of cultural anthropology with lVlr. LaCouture. Phys- ical anthropology deals with evolution, genetics, and adap- tation to environment while cultural teaches the significance of man's institutions. This course was enriched by museum trips, guest lecturers and weekly movies. The Anthropology classes give their share to the Science Fair. lll Boys' Bowling Dn Thursday afternoons at the Wollaston Boulevard Bowladrome a group of boVS from North have a real "ball." Why? Simply be- cause they enjoy bowling so much. Divided into six teams, the boys compete for trophies that are given to the first place team. Also, at a final awards banquet, trophies are pre- sented to the individuals with the highest score and the HHQHSST average- A.sandbefg, e.sandberg,.i.spinak. Front Row: J. Zecker, N. Burgess, F. Ricciardello, M. Smith. Back Row: S. Fluback l l - gee, Wrong-way Charlie! Many girls who had spare time on Nlonday after school Bowling doesn't excite everyone . . . huh John? wended their way to the Norfolk Downs Alleys for a pleas- ant afternoon of socializing, eating, and perhaps even a bit of bowling. Under the leadership of lVliss Leonard, the girls were divided into teams that competed for trophies. Each girl hoped she would qualify for play-offs. The lucky win- ners with the highest scores and averages claimed their ' I ' prizes at a final Awards Banquet. Front Bow: K, lVlcNalIy, C. Cadegan, N. Peterson, D. Cobb, C. Abbott, I. Damon, Nl. lVlclntyre, E. Murphy, lvl. Doherty, A. Cushing. Back Bow: D. Paulson, S. Fuller, D. Kovalski, E. Holder, L. Calarese, B. Ouinn, E. McCormick, S. Kiley, D. Carlson, M. Campbell. 112 P x 'ul Xu. ii l Whities! Girls'.Sports Whether they joined in order to improve their skills, to work off the excess flab, or to simply have fun, the Lively Set found Girls' Sports to be revvarding and vvorthwhile. Volleyball, basketball and tennis vvere offered to interested girls after school this year. Under the direction of Miss O' Connor the girls divided into teams that participated in intramurals, and later played round-robin tournaments. Tournament vvinners competed for the school champion- ship, but whether they vvon or lost, they were always good sports. Front Rovv: N. Amrhein, E. Fagan, J. Giger, M. Kane, P. Manning, J. Faragher, E. Murphy, S. D'Andrea, B. Senter, P. Smith. Middle Rovv: Miss O'Connor, C. Gomes, S. Bevens, A. Conlan, A. Barkas, L. Murphy, B. Gale, K. Eramo, K. Murphy, M. Morahan, M. Wallace, T. Keating, L. Zona, K. Flaherty, B. Hale. Back Rovv: C. MacDougall, D. MacKenzie, G. Nelson, L. Gambsy, B, Quinn, L. Vena, D. Spanks, G. Massey, K. Regan, J. Leonard, M. Hemphill, K. O'Donnell. Front Rovv: R. Steidinger, J. Yee, J. Rosenburg, J. Jenkins, T. Psota. Second Rovvi Mr. Burgess: F. Keller, G. Mirick, V,P.g H, Resell, Trees., D. Robutog R. Gormley, Pres. North Quincy High's Rifle Club meets every Wednesday evening in the basement of Atlantic Junior High. Their advisor, Mr. Burgess, teaches them the basic skills of fire- arms' safety, loading, aiming, and shooting. Club members shoot not only at targets, but also at cans and pennies in practicing for their meets vvith other high schools. Vllhata kill! 113 Front Row: L. Carter, P. Bennett, C. Chiminello l. Stone D MacKenzie B Lysaght K Poole Vena, l. Damon, C. lVlacDougall. Back Row: S Rockman L Bresnahan J Curry C Munson K lVlurphy, R. Histen, Nl. Bernstein, P. Carroll, Ft. Kallsh T Keating T Lyell North Star Under the sponsorship of Nliss Nlurray, the North Star this year has tried to break tradi- tion and create some controversy. Its main aim has been to give North's student body an outlet for their complaints and criticisms as well as their praises on all aspects con- nected with school life. The North Star covered North's sports and programs such as Senator Kennedy's speech at Quincy High. The North Star kept the student body in- formed and amused. Bob, Shelley, Doris and lVIlke discuss an article Elise Fleccuti. 5. x Fashion Show Even though the dresses modeled at North's annual Fashion Show look as if they might have come from the window of Sak's Fifth Avenue, they are actually creations of North Quincy Girls, Inc., and the stunning models are the North Quincy girls themselves. Under the supervision of lVlrs. lVlahoney, the Fashion Show gives girls a chance to model dresses, suits, play clothes, or gowns they sew in their Home Economics classes. Vllith soft background music and lVlrs. lVlahoney's run- ning commentary, the girls model both sim- ple and complex patterns in varied weights and colors of cloth. They are delighted at the "oohs" and "abs" of girls in the audience Margaret Begley. Jean Wieners. Naomi Henderson. Comparing fabrics. 5 ll5 who simply can't wait to start producing their very own stylish wardrobes. They too are challenged to become women of fashion. l'i f V F is , 4-1 ' V V . :fi- . . , .1 I 1 ky S 5 l lilna KT' 9 'SSX NI-"ig N Cormee Chandler, Edaror-in-Chief, Jeanne Casey, C0-Lav-Our Editor. 'WS 'csv '. A. 1 gf yr?-""' Anne Vetterlein, Co-Lay-out Editor. Leslie Stone, Literary Editor. 'r '9 , I 9 av 116 S?" NJ .Z 0' Xe P-4'-K f f . ,. L-A "' 42 ' 0 43 I 1 K ' J-4-Air. ' ., - 17,00 9 7' ,iv , ' f , .. ,fo r r 4 A, Q' . 3:91 1' ' -, 4 r' ,, Lvl . 4 .' ' 1 I '-. ,I , " 'L 1,423 S N x- ' J Shelley Flockmen, Co-Art Editor. SW 121,11 'B n .f'!' lv ,. , 'hs . . I -4s .' - , -ur ,d J.: UA., , .1 s ., ,-M.. xv, A -f - '- -Wx' A ---1' P'-SW Bill O'Donnell, Co-Art Editor. shi. Setting: Boom 423, anvclay at 2:30, Props: One large Pepsi box, 3 million un- captioned candids, and lay-out paper vvith- out carbons. Dialogue: Becky: HS43626 + 4 I .... H Steve: "Have you sold your patrons?" Anne: "But Bill, if you don't go and get us some food vve'll all starve!" Jeanne: "Has anybody seen lVliss Bollen's scissors?" Bill: "I will not go to the Downs carrying a camera!" Anne: "Why can't vve add a 'not shovvn' to the Typing Staff?" Leslie: "How about 'Soccer to me' for a soccer caption?" Shelley: "What Jeanne? l'll ask her. I don't care." Bob: "Why can't I put a flower on the ,,., 'f cover?" " Anne, Pat and AI: "Would you just give us 4 something to do so vve don't just sit here ' like jerks!" F' ,,g,j , Jeanne: "Don't you think it'd be cool if vve f X put a little black square over her face in Y i the lit picture?" ' f 'Q'-lj lVlrs. Young: "You're the best staff l've ever i 1 sg r : fijf ' had, but. . . F- Becky Baumann and Steve Wolbarst, Co-Business Managers. Q-nl ff : 9. :l vi' ' .pw . , 'riff 7' ' . y ,445 H ,lx A - at i. J 1' xg - 'ws 7. - - - h 4' 1 , v .,:QffL'Zf4..' W, f . e"x' v.-. 'Q' , J -ff .' ov , sgff .1 253 I 1 in-QA. i , Q' 1 1. : E".i'7, J, ' I I," ' , 4 lg Efjgyg '11 ,-, ik 'M' ' . , 7 "Aff f7'g' ,f in Ulf: ' ' A50'A,' ll' Lx 1 - dial. Q 55 E. ll .. , I -1-.. Q 2 1 Q i l' lf r ,ps-. Spf A .-v- Seated: J. Casey, Co-Layout Editorg A. Vetterlein, Co-Layout Editor: B. Celata. Standing: P. Donohoe, A. Fagan. iypists. I X .wp 'W we-QA Q., -1 11' .HA i Seated: P. Murphy, E. Vena, C. Chisholm. Standing: E. Murphy. 3 :V if , A,-, . , . .f- Q' w, V x , z , f ,V at aj, 3 gi , IF' 2 ff 1. A .isa f Mitiwggi , . Business Staff. Seated: M, Hoffman, B. Baumann, Co-manager, S. Wolbarst, Co-manager, D. Santacross. Standing: S. Hovve, J. Lagadimos, C. Fatseas, B. Quinn, G. Nelson, C. MacDougalI. g ,Q D-- 'X f iw , ....N,. .-.ff x ..--, .,,, t J .j. Y r -Y,- , x , , , , A X: - I Pda ' f x v 4 C i Bob Graham-"Mr, One-man Art Staff" himself. iX , . I 4 . x , X., N x X XB X g,..1-s JZ. ...MW lair: A Patron Staff. " 14 i Seated: S. Wolbarst, B. Baumann. Standin 1 M. Ca elano, E. Murphy, E. Riccuti, D. MacKenzie. Literary Staff. Pfizer 9 DD Seated: P. Doherty, D. McKenaie, K. Poole, L. Stone, Literary Editor, B. Stoller, M. Vennesland. Standing: B. Senter, L. Rabel, A. Higginbotham, D. Grant, P. Koretsky, S. O'Connor, K. Duggan. Manet Staffs 'Lf 64 ruff. Kneeling: J. Leavens, Head of Bandg E. James, Head of Majorettes. Standing: J. Landers, S. Driscoll, J. Thayer, P. Ciafella, K. Hurley, N. Bronniche, L. Ognibene. f .u f s . . f' ,v N -fzjkf Janey displays her skill with the baton. Majorettes Round and round and round it goes... and our excitement grows and grows. We are fascinated as we witness the flash of the spinning batons. The agile fingers of our Majorettes were well trained to provide us with entertainment at football games, rallies and parades. Under the direction of Miss O'Connor, the Majorettes practiced their routines on Tuesday and Friday afternoons in the Body Mechanics room. Drum Major- ette Jane Leavens coordinated their marching with that of the band. We cannot deny that our Majorettes were major contributors to North's fine school spirit. sw' ,A Half-time entertainment. l I i T " Lx ' .94 N v. A A 5 I J . N I I l . , In f 2 Performing at the Ralley. 119 Heads: Ellen and Jane. ,. Y lx . . Q. 41' hifi. Varsity Cheerleaders. Bottom Row: P. Wye, C. Guest, B. Nolan, P. Donohoe, S. Kramer, C. Gomes. Middle Bovv: B. Celata S. Moore, K. Flaherty, D. IVlcNeice. Top Rovv: J. IVlorrisg A. Fagan, Head Cheerleader. Sue Kramer. Anne Fagan, Head Cheerleader. It was a good game. Cheerleaders 120 'E?'l"'lc llllglli m E3-2. -N Junior Varsity. 49 "' ifll Front Flow: L. Zona, B. Gale, S. Brophy, P. Manning, E. Fagan. Back Flow: R. Fantuccio, B. Hale, F. Strazzula, Nl. Wallace, C. Smith, J. Goren, J. Stokinger. Linda Zona. What is Happiness? ls it practicing strenuous physical exercise every Wednesday and Thursday afternoon from 2:30 to 4100? ls it standing out on a football field in the rain? Is it wearing a mini-skirt in bitter cold vveather? ls it giving up a Friday night date to spend the evening screaming at a basketball game? ls it making a valuable contribution to school spirit by leading the fans in showing support for North's football, basketball, and hockey teams? Yes-Happiness is Cheerleading. Ask Anne Fagan, head cheerleader, or ask any other cheerleader. Let's give three cheers for these spirited girls. 1 S i U-xcJ7.' Sure is a strong wind today . . . ti " IIE I 1 N-0 4 4 nf 7 bn ,' 1 40 4'-. by, 'M Q M sd' " Q OSIITE I , sv 1' ss Po Tzziill. " - FMT? mf ghd if 0, 5X"'! .v . , NX' ff X5 ,4 N, , QS Q'- ' , -Ax' - l' .V ., 4- 'lx vdffutq Rpqix L 4' K 3 r f,-334, 'v.-QP Alan Bartelson. Tom Perrin. Tom Piscatelli. Jerry Mulcahy. QQ ali' i 'F Richard Murphy. 5 -Ae-7 Donny Meyer. Jimmy Broderick. Dave Gillespie. Kevin Colleran. Craig Bogosian. . John Hemphill. Bob Sleeth. David Yuscavitch Football E Cliff MacDonald. Joey Lane. fi' Robert Pierce. Steve Mcintire. i I Y Larry Mu nson. Steve Poore. Luigi Buccini. Steve LaShane. Tim Foley. 121 Jay Connerty. Vvege Trubiano Mike lVlcCarthy. John Holleran. Tish and Lennie. 9' 1 4!l' muh Q Qfwxl ' ff Marc Riley. Bob Swurbalus. Larrv BYGY- Danny Polvere Steve Dieso. Steve, Donny, and Jay. Scoreboard Revere Lynn English Malden Medford Chelsea Everett Boston Tech. Somerville Quincy Coach Leone, Coach Frazier, Coach Pagnano, Coach Bovves, and Coach Sadovvski. 122 Home 28 36 24 14 48 30 6 6 8 Away 7 6 O 0 14 8 14 12 21 l Swleelllll ie e 9 Front Row: T. Perrin, A. Bartelson, S. Dieso, L. Trubiano, D. Polvere, L. Bray, D. Meyer, J. Connerty, S. LeShane, R. Sleeth, J. Lane, R. Swirbalus, S. Poore, K. Colleran. Second Row: A. Goodman, J. Mulcahy, D. Yuscavitch, C. Bogosian, C. MacDonald, R. Pierce, T. Foley, T. Piscatilli, L. Munson, L. eueeml, lvl. McCarthy, o. Gillespie, lvl. Riley, s. lvlelmlfe, R. Murphy, c. Leone, head Bobbi' 996 'eadl' coach. Third Row: A. Mclver, R. Frazier, J. Halloran, J. Sparento, R. Sanderson, J. Hemphill, J. Broderick, VV. Morgan, K. Murphy, S. Tomasetti, J. Bertoni, R. Constantino, P. Tanofsky, L. Curreri. Fourth Row: T. Sadowski, D. Zink, J. Panarellie, D. Doherty, K. Racett, P. Lippens, J. Deverens, T. Kelly, T. Sorrento, P. Murray, B. Riley, J. Pamerole, J. Pagnano, R. Bowes. Fifth Row: M. Martin, J. l-lorrigan, R. DeRosa, E. Linberg, R. Bell, P. Beuschamp, R. Welsh. Sixth Row: T. Fitzgerald, B Graham, A. Kirshna, T. Riley, S. Lane, P. Darling. Seventh Row: C. Forolo, E. Orouke, D. Quinn, L. -f.,"fQf 1 r 1 - Pappeal, S. Hoey, D. O'Malley. Eighth Rowi L. Davis, T. Lacey, J. Griffin. 13? Y This year's well-balanced and well-coached squad was characterized by a powerful offense and an even stronger defense. North's scoring proficiency resulted from the consistent running of Larry Bray, Don Meyer, and Dan Polvereg the clutch pass receiving of Wege Trubiano and Steve Poore, and the superior play selection and execution by quarterback Bob Sleeth. The offensive line of Steve -9- LaShane, Whitey Bartelson, Steve Dieso, Tom Perrin, Tom A Piscatelli and Kevin Colleran was truly outstanding. The defense allowed little yardage by either pass or rush. Steve Dieso, St. LeShane, Larry Bray, and Don Meyer contained the opponent's running attack while Joe Lane, Bob Swir- balus and Jay Connerty excelled in defending against the pass. Although good, the 6-3 record doesn't indicate how close the team came to an undefeated season. Got a hankie, Coach? v l , t l 0 W N Q l 1 x l A. S., Don't just lie there-play the game! BSHT YOU UD T0 The Gnd of the field! 123 3 S P' F-1 J, fi' , 1' ' M12 'J HJ " . Front Rovv: S. Manson, R. Rudner, lVl. McLaughlin, B. Healey, R. Glynn, S. Wolbarst, P. Bennett, J. Rich, G. lVlcCall, S. Nlullaney, A. Gamboa. Middle Rovv: J. Orlando, J. Verrano, R. Doherty, R. Conboy, D. Haight, S. Abraham, W. West, R. Sprague, C. West, J. Fong, P. O'Connell. Back Rovv: Coach Golding, P. Furlong, A. Strusik, T. Flynn, D. Gilland, R. O'Neil, B. Cobbin, R. Golden, V. Cameron, G. Bourikas, K. Hanson, F. Furlong, T. O'IVlalley, M. Jacques. Steven Wolbarst. .X Carleton West. Nlark lVIcl.aughlin. Scoreboard Home Away Avon lOTl 1 1 Norvvell 3 0 Hingham lOTl 1 2 Quincy lOTl 1 1 Plymouth 5 O Sharon lOTl 2 1 Duxbury 1 2 Plymouth 3 1 S. S. Vocational 4 0 James Fong. Sharon O 1 Hingham lOTl 2 2 Quincy O 1 126 Waiting . . . William West. 'il' Bruce Healey. 1 Samuel Abraham. 7 All right boys 27 Robert Glynn. Soccer This year's varsity soccer squad possessed considerable individual talent but lacked the necessary team play which marks a winning club. ln the first nine games, North com- piled a 5-2-2 record which placed the team one point off the top with three games to play. But in the crucial Sharon game, the Raiders dropped a 1-O decision. Then Coach Golding was lost for the season because of an auto accident. North managed to tie Hingham but lost to Quincy, ending with a 5-4-3 record. The team had excellent depth in the forward position with Bruce Healy, David Haight, and George Bourikas scoring consistantly. Outstanding on defense were goalie Don Gilliland, halfback Mark lVlcLaughlin and fullback Roger Conboy. At the end of the season North had tvvo players chosen for the League's All Star team, Bruce Healey and Roger Conboy. In addition, Bruce was selected for the Patriot Ledger's All Scholastic squad. ' 6 f ' ni Face off. Hockey As they sliced the ice, their faces puckered up vvith concentration, the Hockey Team members played vvith a determination and pride that deserves much praise. Under the direction of Coach Laing, the team completed a long disappointing season with a record of tvvo vvins, nine losses and two ties. An example of the team's hard work and exciting play was the game in which North tied undefeated Malden. Outstanding players were captain Bob Pierce, Cliff lVlacDonald, Lenni Curreri, Kevin Colleran and Ken Kline. Their aim vvas to shoot to score and to score to vvin, and of victory they had a taste. ,,,,.J Kevin Colleran. Scoreboard .., Home Quincy 1 Chelsea O Everett 2 Revere 2 Columbus 1 Don Bosco 1 Malden 2 Quincy 0 Chelsea 1 Everett 2 Revere 3 Columbus 1 Don Bosco 3 Away 4 3 4 2 2 3 2 4 3 4 0 3 O Robert Pierce. 44 Cliff lVlacDonaId. Brian Colleran. Ken Kline. 128 -I ji X 1'- VN .RS Front Rovv: J. Sheehan, R. Frizzell, R. Golden, R. Welch, A. Stuzik, N. Cronin, T. O'MalIey, M. Tobin. Middle Row: K. Kline, B. Colleran, T. Ouinn, M. Pistone, W. Gardner, P. McCormick, G. Ardini, Manager, D. Smith. Back Row: Mr. Laing, R. Messina, L. Curreri, R. Pierce, C. MacDonald, J. Murra C L. 7 I 1 ' ' nh . EP' Q 'f'. ff. . ga' 1 G i Ivu . . ..Q-nfiji' V 1- 4 ' ' ,r 'Q Q if H A Ji - .M J' J ff ,,.-rq,wf'5?'5 fgil f 0' Lennie Curreri, ir --ai'-if 4 - B.. X ifyglh R Cliff and Kenny fight for the puck. Bleech! John Murray. 129 Don Constantme. John Hemphill. Bob Sleeth. Tom Foley. Ricky Sprague Ralph Jackson. Bruce Healey. Mark Jellison. Steve Brustin. l l l l Joey Lane. l asketball Coach Amorosino, Bob Sleeth, Coach Nolan, Don Constantine, Coach LaOuagIia. Varsity Basketball. Kneeling: B. Healey, D. Constantine, Co-captaing B. Sleeth, Co-captain, T. Flynn. Standing: Coach LaOuaglia, Coach Nolan, P, Tanofsky, J. Holleran, lvl. Jellison, Fl. Jackson, R. Sprague, S. Brustin, J. Lane, S. Ferrara, Coach Amorosino. Kneeling: B. DeRosa, L. Papile, C. Bogosian, R. Sanderson, D. Zinc, K. Baker. Standing: C. RiIey,J. Zenger, T. Flynn, J. Walker, R. Langley, B. Donahue, J. Small, J. Sauruda, R. Flaherty, D. McKay, J. Orlando, Coach Amorosino. Scoreboard Home Away Brockton 47 52 Boston College High 61 51 Chelsea 65 36 Somerville 77 76 Quincy 73 60 Medford 77 66 Everett 69 48 Malden 62 51 Revere 87 73 Chelsea 49 48 Somerville 85 83 Boston College High 46 47 Quincy 87 67 Medford 63 62 Everett 68 58 Malden 64 76 Revere 84 76 Tech Tourney: Archbishop Williams 58 72 A combination of seasoned veterans, natural talent, great desire, determination, a fine coach and a we-don't-mess- around attitude on the court captured the Greater Boston League basketball championship for North in 1969. After a thrilling season of fourteen victories and three losses, the team passed the Tech Tourney qualifications with flying colors. The reason was Coach Nolan's system of teamwork and excellent defense. The Raiders' performance was that of an efficient unit of five equally important parts. Their defense was a tough man-to-man in which all five players hustled, for if even one man relaxed the defense would be destroyed. North's Basketball Team boasted many outstanding players. Bob Sleeth, Don Constantine, Richard Sprague and Tom Flynn were high scorers. Perhaps the greatest asset to the team was fancy-shooting guard Mark Jellison, who averaged 23 points per game. Constantine's mobility and spring, Sprague's superb timing and deftly soft touch, Sleeth's jump shots on a quick drive, Flynn's and Lane's recoveries of the ball, and the general "fire" of the Raiders sparked a tremendous team. 132 Now look, gang . . Managers: Steve and Tish K ,un , . , V.-.-4-J ...- .M if Y a Ill E!!-V 259' fir.. 45- "Come and get it!" Wi :ut WA Q1 ,Q ,,:, 4. ? .HM an ily- lp i. . ,V if -.. i E!! fi! :lg - fi' ' 1, '- HSI F Tri-Captains: Jack, Mike and Jack. jg.. -4 -T. 1 will .- .kg F? 4' f ,. -.- P Q , ' 1 ti r 1 ," E 3' ll U ' pm . a I 33' ,gb --7 ills' E Ta su A if Stoppin' on a dime. Run, Jack, Run, Cross Country l f' - I 1 4 ,f 1 . f l I I Front Row: T. Flynn, E. Monti, P. McCormick, M. Noonan, J. Cavagnaro, J. Yee, P. Affsa, D. Coughlin, Mr. Gentry. Middle Row: F. Webb, J. Strungis, F. Carroll, J. Bauer, P. Murphy, S. Mellar, B. Fitzgerald. Back Row: R. Yee, S. Vella, S. Ruback, P. Bonoli, M. MeEIeney, W. Sheehan, K. Henry. Roger Conboy : -an-.. mill ESE S51 SPA s f fr 5 .-1: 134 -5 Q s gs F l Dennis Driscoll. in I 1 -S+ Faithfully plodding around the triangle every day, with visions of Olympic gold medals in their heads, the Track and Cross Country Teams ran through a successful year at North. This year was what might be called a building year-the teams were larger than usual, a fact that speaks well for the future-as most of the members were sophomores. Consequently, the Cross Country Team finished with a 6-4 record, having defeated Ouincy High twice. They also had the opportunity to run over the four mile course at the Blue Hills Regional School. Outstanding cross country runners included Captain Mike Noonan, Jackie Yee and John Cavagnaro. The Track Teams also stayed on the right track. Roger Conboy set two new records for North with a new shot put record of 46 feet W2 inches and high jumping record of 5 feet 11 inches. Richard O'Hanley and Larry Frechette soared swiftly over the hurdles while Roger Conboy, Richard Yee, Steve Poore and Paul Affsa constituted an excellent relay team. -vg Ns Paul Affsa. ,il . r"' - Rest time. Rickie Yee. N53 ,..! P-'nm ln Get set . .. R elay anchormen. .Q LQ" : L'b1'gj.ap,.- 'Y 'Uv '- Ti-f:'Q"' 1. 'ir' . M, -- . V 4.1 " 44,15 ,. -. 2 ,J is 1 - ' . Tennis ,tsl , 311 J. Nlarchado, S. Starsiak, T. Quinn, S. Howe, S. Behenna, Nl. Griffin. Tennis, anyone? Tennis, sometimes known as the game of love, is a sport which can grow into a lifetime passion. ln the spring, North's Tennis Team practiced faithfully every afternoon at the Welcome Young Courts under the direction of IVlr. Laing. They wore out countless cans of tennis balls in attempting to defeat such teams as Hingham, Vlleymouth, Brockton, Quincy and B. C. High. Although they were not eligible to compete for the Davis Cup, they all had a smash- ing time on the courts. North, one of the pioneers in high school golf, finished its thirty-seventh season in golf this year, with lVlr. Donahue again as coach. Over this period, North's team has had an excellent record with approximately two-thirds of its matches resulting in victories. This includes winning the high school championship twice. North is a member of the Massachusetts' Coast League. ln 1968, North boasted a fine record of seven wins, two losses and one tie. Returning veterans this season were John lVleehan and Mike Zakrewski. Prominent candidates included Wayne Fick, Brian Killeen, Ken Kline, and John lVloran plus an- other twenty boys who aimed to make the team. At any rate, all these boys chose a good activity in which to participate! B. Kileen, lvl. Zach, K. Kline, lVl. Donahue. Golf Back Row: J. Broderick, A. Bartelson, J. Ward, C. Bogosian, S. Brustin, L. X Z' S .. . ---saw is in F L in Flosette, J. Donovan, T. Flynn. Front Row: J. Alberino, D. Driscoll, R. Paster, K. Colleran, J. Murray. 1 l - 1 Olflv I 1' 1 A BasebaH Last year was primarily a building year for North's Base- ball Team. Over half the varsity team was composed of juniors and sophomores who gained valuable experience in their first year starting. Last year's coach, lVlr. lVloscadelli, having become assistant principal at Central, relinquished his job to lVlr. Bunker, an experienced ball player himself, having been a minor league pitcher with the Red Sox. The team looks forward to a promising season in '69. lVlr. Bunker brings his first-hand experience to the team, especially to the pitching staff. With the return of Garry lVlcGrath, backbone of the pitching staff, Frank Costa, and Craig Bogosian, also pitchers, and aided by the experienced senior talent of catcher Kevin Colleran, second basemen Jim Broderick and John lVlurray, shortstop Tom Flynn, right fielder Dennis Driscoll, left fielder James Alberino and center fielder Steve Thomasetti, the team aims to show the Red Sox how a real baseball game is performed! Steve Brustin. ali. ,, ,, . U.. . xr - Y Cv r C 3 4 , 5 p, . - " :7 5 Q 2 I' f' 3, " if h.3.?f'Tl7 : - ' J PWR 111 fig w ' ' ' -gi 1 Lf W- If ' M bu, A Q N5 'E 2 +1 ' if 5 SQ , 5 f -4 ff' '4 V- f " iz pg s,,,,ul19" . , T ' ' 'H 7 . ,A M, wa: ' A-' Q 21, 44. f .- . f ' -1 -:S -8 9?-f .,4':tx.f if -".. -f44!V'. Q ' P J 1, ., --Q-. if 9 W - -A ,ax zfiflfvii :Iwi I YA! ',., 75 'xii ' Vi- f1".w"' fx' fx 9,1 , X .wx J Q 1 S5 ' 44 l x ge, " X . wg gif, -W. D '58 'A A Q ?' , x-,Q 1 . X 5 x , 1 Qw' A , , 2 , e , 3 ' N 3 . Z 3 , I f 1 i E Y 3 ,Y 5 ,Es 2? 932 iii 5, if fi 4 I . O ww.. A" ' ' 551. M 'P 5 Y T, 1' fir 4 . 1 P iiflpx Qwl , ""1 Q -0 if W , , i x Xb . N? l' 1 A 1 Q sw ' 'V F V il! ,f 9 'haf 551. n. QQ if Anxious spectators. JW? ,054 'P 1 Ge 'WG- : if "fill Fragments. . . 1 i Li .r ,Q 6 -,,,,...s-v-F' if.. i"2v""' 'A-4' The Silent Sentinel. Give me an "N"! A gathering of musicians v -... J I ' s sq' Swib and Gerry 1 4 Q ' BevandBob. C si ,ff is ii .lf Ia is VE I .. 4, at I ' Nrpil it ii M v,g1 :xi W-gi! i ii i T. 15.3 '36 V 4 5 2 'H .1 v 1 b ,Q I ff i' I. .1-, .ai The Green-Thumbs. VVSQF3 15095 if 393m- fx- -J. 1 .,,-..,- 4:11. . 7 ,.. -Y M-.C3'.-:L..1f3v-I The Chrysler Crowd. Miss lVIcCoy warms the bench. Aren't you supposed to eat at lunch? .Mg-:IJ X n ,x io mga rffii. ' 41 C. I. is enthralling ...iv"Q' ff", , Memories fn bits and pieces. if T S W' viii, ' T 'D' ' 7 fl ' url' ' 1' 9 ' 46: 1 li 'fi ff". - 4, ' - 3' - ' ,J A li fn, 1 r 1, I' 'IT I fliqw I 4.4, ' V I. ,X A v .A ' J? ' I- 'fl t lv- Christrnas crowd. i 5,-Al Q ' Q-F " . L- 'aj . as .5 ,Yf'1J.- SF" 1. u wif -ll' Oh, rats! .JM .. Running a National Honor Society meeting is a pain. 138 r-Q '-V, Joe shows us his baby blues. fl I 'Wil - 'yu 5, I x Ron shares a little knowledge. .IQ Paul Newman pays a visit to the Science Fair. Concentration. f- ag,-,.., '-.f-1 iv -.... -uuilvlw' Y .xl i iiihqiii fi ...- f N, Q 1f...1... fq.. 4.1.1 . - P W -sr' ,,f ,A r The soccer bus takes off. Pam displays her artistic ability. 13" B' L. Billy and Jack show slides at a Science Open-house. 'K i f Miss Horn's English class is having a good time as usual. Mary Ellen grows a weed 140 -fs. gy U w 5x in uv QN- R A,- . , L. .-u 4 H , af. ,. H M., ., :Pl W1 l 4. 4-J' s- ,, ,-Nl rl--V - ,, . S., LN, -.High x .,,-- , ,M ,-,. o , Y .1 'wr 4 -.-. 1 ,.,,- D . ,D ' '-'MX , . MS., , r I ..',,, ,V , '. 1 -., sq ,aff an ' ...Ql i .Mia ., v dbx-4.1, I - 443' .- '14 1 kv C sq! 711 The line Up, Go N0f'thH , ,vi ' . ., ., , F", MN if... J, The gurls get theur work done. HOW' n -'Q -' -- ' wf1:g1.-1:-if2S':wlrb -v wwe vr X 5 . --.::'- v ' - 5 ,, g""" E' I 'I -'-y ..l:' luaiix-in -.iF Q ,. ., ' W V- f LQ ' ", ' ' F4'-' 4 - - . w- - . Q . ... " 4 -.nm-,1.. -- --.1' ' ' 'g,, - 3 - ,I -.- - -. V. ' - 11 , '- - 4. A' 7'fva.,'?r Ji- V, A - f . .. .- fc "-' - ' -' '- ' - -1-74-311-'-' -r 3.33977 Q 1135: ,br -rdf ,gr BJ.-.x-'51 .3545- If Kg' T, '-3 jia':.x:"f I .rofu7,,.--.J-J."'?. V 'QI sz ' Ji' + Ea North Quincy High's Marching Band. 142 The crowd watches. 'Q , , A Most likely to succeed? Paul POrT19S. r yA Y ,rf A 4- ' 5 iq.-A 6 - 4 I -4,44 B4 - - Yj'-'- F 'pl I P' S 1 l' Do I dare? 143 TT You got that ball-now move it! 'S ,arf 11" Paul Maloney, Westinghouse award winner, Xt -4.-Q-11 'lx 1' 451 ! ......-can aa f 1 I. Basketball trophy. Keeper of the gates Silent study. !!' 1 A f We share the dfsapporrztments of ALMOS71 the antferpatrbn of MA YBE the exuberance of FINALL Y. As individuals, each of us has his own private bits of TODA Y Whfeh wr!! fuse to form, for TOMORRO W, a memorable YES TERDA K hx J. 1 ,.- x Y . , a, A , I X ,.-ff . f ' .5 -K ' 'r-'ivy - ,ii X55 ' H I eff, , r, 4, - XX g ,L .- ' .' N ,x.' -' ' . 'v' -. K , 1 X A X I l x 1 VX.. K gg. , , f .x XX Q, P V A I 1 f - ' Q 1.yf'7 . 4 A 2 X ..- , 'TX - ,f4e-4,f" 'L - - . , r vf u X .fr .- fx s . . e -as us ,,., ' 1 ' .KN I -.ah T A lv: Q 1 i V f l,.- XX V .1,. T k V1 1 I AV A .Agia Y E s " 1 0 . 4 h ji Iv, '.v e . 4- - A I M Y .I t-N. .V N . Y 1 L T . 11 .. N-" 'W 'Revu e ' r Q-H f f - 'i sl ' 1-1' . V ' h :wx 1 A ' - " ' ' V- -7- 7' Kb 49.-'Y ---7? -v Na 5 X -L ' s N. ' x ' ' - - ' '-fb e rf ff.. J A .r 'Jef' , A PKK -" ' .MH . sf 4, . 71- " ha fbi' r +R ries MQ wig: sf -, 1 Ll 5 M iygu, ,., 4. ,.,. , ,f .. .qt 544551. .f e 5-J, ' ' '. f A L 1 ' ' 'ts?'Y- Q L-- -Af .'7 1' Q 'blk' 5' 1 . , ' A r v A ,,f. . fiiqy , , , .fg s J' ., A,- X: , ei ' . 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'Qu'-i N' hx! x s .N TQWJA ,L ul. 3 f is' . - A ., W.. 42 . R 4. ' ,'P:f'f'3'? J' :ERTQQF Q is '4 Y' A Q .A ,M 'zizhfyx Num, Q' - 2 A .r f K M .9 ,X e if 2 -Q. 1 . ' rvsw +11-.f'i-- I fa' Fr 21. E SS xx,"'9Jg -ex hx ,LSR A' X ' ' 1 A qi.kE?'a':uAf'3N. in-f1S.!:.r'vz,Pff 4211 Do you remember February 24, 1969? 145 . -pf -1 ,ly ,f 35 -f-fi-, .-r. . Y' 9' 'r . "6 vjxg- '31, If A ' ' 2" K' if-1:-4' . - .-3 D' - M --?g.r' Y- . 6:"gfl g:,. Y .- J . -kj, - ii- , ' -f 'yn na 1, .4 ev ,J-.:.,-F'-4 ,247 .4 4 ' v' I ,f 3 :ij -aa 3' ' , . 1 . 3 Q, .-g J. -. , 1 Y ', -- '- --CZ " . 0, 4' ' . .g- H., li. v . .VT - ' Q.. iw. C -,,-" ,: - '..- --.- fn? ' n" A. 3. , -15. -3 , no 'w ' 4 I , ' ,-W' ..L -"1" 'i-.1 "..- L.. -fur! ,, .,, .rf 51.7 -., 4 n ".b' -rp. - js- 3 . ual. ' . In Memory of PETER J. ZOIA, JR. 1951-1966 "Pete, as we all so fondly knew him, stood out in an athletic squad, a young people's group, and even among his peers, because he possessed a quiet yet friendly determination for good in his approach to every phase of his youthful dealings. He was endowed with a drive which urged him to excell in every activity that touched him during his all-too-brief lifetime. This young man was blessed with the qualities of leadership and was determined to see that these blessings were not granted in vain. Sturdy of physical make-up, he played and gave of himself completely-setting an example for other young people in his every endeavor. Praise of his accomplishments that extended in so many directions served only to make him more humble, and ready to give the credit to others. Peter Zoia, Jr. more than lived up to all that was expected of him. His splendid example is an infallible guide, yet, paradoxically, makes his passing the more difficult for all." A friend. 146 I Q FLCTS UICIIEUI as ll A H ffinaqi P ls lpf CMI IAIUNDS U11 Sponsors Mr. 8 Mrs. Frank Abbott Mr. Jolm Abbott Gilbert Adams and Family A Friend A Friend A Friend A Friend A Friend A Friend Mr. 8 Mrs. Taylor Ahern and Family Mr. 84 Mrs. Anthony Alessi Mr. 8 Mrs. L. M. Alexander Mr. 8 Mrs. Jolm R. Allen Anonymous Anonymous Mr. 8 Mrs. Angell and Family Mr. 8 Mrs. John Anthony and Family Mr. 8 Mrs. John Ardini Art Tailors 8 Cleaners Atlantic Fuel Oil Co., Inc. Atlantic Pharmacy, Inc. Mr. 8 Mrs. Richard D. Auitabile Peter F. Badger. '67 Mr. Baggins Mr. 8 Mrs. Joseph Baker Mr. Jolm Barr Mr. 84 Mrs. A. M. Barra Anne-Marie Barron, '68 Mr. 8 Mrs. William G. Barry Mrs. Kathryn Bassi Anne Bauer, '70 Rev. and Mrs. Frank J. Bauer Becky Baumann, '69 Mr. 8 Mrs. George Baumann Mr. 8 Mrs. Byron E. Bearce Mr. 84 Mrs. Melvin Berenson and Family Mr. 8 Mrs. E. A. Bergholtz Mr. 84 Mrs. Morton Bernstein and Family Elenor Bertrand Mr. Gerald E. Bertrand, '64 Mr. Kenneth J. Bertrand, '66 Sarah Bertrand James J. Best Celia Blaustin Joe 8 Mrs. Boghos Mr. 84 Mrs. Stanley L. Boles and Family Boston Crusaders Mr. 84 Mrs. William J. Brabazon a Family Janet Bragg, '70 Mr. 84 Mrs. J. Breen Diane M. Bregoli, '69 Mr. 84 Mrs. Louis E. Bregoli Mrs. John Brennan Walter V. Brennan Representative Joseph E. Brett Brett Package Store, Inc. Brite Cleaners Eleanor G. Brown John M. Browne Mr. 84 Mrs. Charles Brustin Steve Brustin, '69 Roy T. Bruton, Jr. Lois Stiniart Bryan. '42 Steven Bullard. '68 Mr. 8 Mrs. Albert C. Burgess Miss Joyce A. Burgess. '66 Mrs. Frances Burns Mr. 8 Mrs. Harold O. Buzzell I1 Diane Cambria Dorothy Cambria Mary L. Cambria Mr. 8 Mrs. Patil P. Cambria Michael Campanale, '66 Miss Joyce A. Canty Mr. 8 Mrs. Arthur Cappellano Mr. 8 Mrs. John Cappellano Joseph Cappellano Joseph Cappellano. Jr. Margaret Cappellano Nliehael Cappellano Mr. 8 Mrs. Mr. 8 Mrs. Mr. Mrs. Paul Cappellano Charles Caputo Robert Carnes Mrs. Helen Carter and Family Frances lMillerJ Casey, '48 Frank J. Casey. '42 Jeanne Casey, '69 Mr. 8 Mrs. Mrs. Primo Anthony Celata Ceriani Carlton P. Chandler Marquerite Vann Chandler, '40 Scott Chandler. '67 Mr. 8 Mrs. Peter J. Chiminello and Family Sharon Clark, '68 Mr. Donald R. Clarke H. Conrad Clarke Mrs. George Clarke and Family Judith Clarke, '68 Debbie Cobb Mr. 84 Mrs. Mr. Cgl Mrs. Mr. 8 Mrs. Family Mr. 84 Mrs. Mr. 8 Mrs. Mr. 84 Mrs. Louis Cohen Francis Cole David B. Coletti and Robert J. Colleran Andrew Collins George Collins Atty. 84 Mrs. James M. Collins and Family Brother James Connolly CLX Jack Contos, '70 Mr. 8 Mrs. Anthony J. Costa Mr. Frank Costa Miss Janie Cotter, '68 William B. Cox. '65 Mr. 84 Mrs. John B. Coyne Edward Cunniff, '65 Mr. 84 Mrs. Joseph A. Cunniii and Family William Cunniff Mr. 8 Mrs. Mr. 84 Mrs. Peter Curran David Curtin James Curtis Mr. Frank Cushing and Family Julia Daddario Mr. 84 Mrs. David Dahlross Ernest U. T. Dahlquist and Family David Daly John C. Daley Frank C. Damon III Frank C. Damon. Jr. and Family John Damon Bernard Daniels Dorothy McCormick Darois Mr. 84 Mrs. Louis D'Arpino D'Arrigo Family Elaine M. Degan, '66 William Degan, '68 Mr. 84 Mrs. William F. Degan Mr. 8 Mrs. Edwin J. Della Lucca Denise 8 Mark Mr. 8 Mrs. Daniel S. Dennehy Barbara Delp Dr. 8 Mrs. Edmond L. Demski Antonia Depicolswane Mrs. Robert M. Deware Mr. 84 Mrs. Frank DiCrasto Mr. 84 Mrs. Daniel J. Dieso and Family Henry DiRico Jean Doherty, '57 Mr. 84 Mrs. John F. Doherty Mr. 84 Mrs. Joseph Doherty Linda Doherty, '70 Maureen Doherty Mr. 84 Mrs. Philip J. Doherty and Family Virginia E. Doherty Mr. 84 Mrs. Charles M. Dolbeare Francis P. Donahue and Family Mr. 84 Mrs. Donovan Mr. 84 Mrs. Kenneth Donovan Simon Donovan Mrs. Corrine Downing Karen Doyle Mr. 84 Mrs. Herbert Duart Susan Duffy, '67 Marie Vann Durkin, '42 Everett W. Eaton Annie Elio Al Eramian Susan Erler Barbara Anne Faherty, '68 Frank Falcetta, '64 The Falcetta Family Miss Christine Fantucchio Mr. 84 Mrs. Louis Fantucchio and Family Miss Barbara J. Faragher, '66 Mr. 84 Mrs. George F. Faragher Miss Judy Faragher Mr. Cgl Mrs. Walter F. Fawcett, Jr. Miss Jane M. Findley Mr. 84 Mrs. George Fiqueiredo Chris Finnegan Maryellen Fitzgerald, '67 Mr. 84 Mrs. Richard W. Flaherty and Family Mr. 8 Mrs. Walter Flaherty Mr. 84 Mrs. Walter Fleming Joanne 84 Carol Flynn Mrs. John "'vnn Mary Naure gn Foley Mr. 84 Mrs. Thomas M. Foley Elaine R. Follis Mr. 84 Mrs. Fraccastoro Mrs. Edward Frazier Maurice M. Freedman Selmyn G. Freedman Alice C. Gamsby Maureen Garofalo Mr. 8 Mrs. Donald F. Gillespie and Family Mr. 84 Mrs. James W. Gillespie and Family Mr. 84 Mrs. Rance J. Gillespie and Family Scott M. Gillespie John A. Golden Mr. 84 Mrs. Hyman W. Gordan and Family Mae tHendryJ Gorman, '52 Debra Grant, '69 Mr. 8 Mrs. Anthony J. Grazer Mr. Cgl. Mrs. Alfred J. Grazioso PATRON Jonna Green Chet Greenberg Alan M. Greene, '64 Mr. 84 Mrs. William A. Greene Miss Jane Grifhn, '65 Mr. 84 Mrs. Gerard Guarnotta Mr. 84 Mrs. Patrick Gullins Mr. 84 Mrs. Louis Guson Mr. 84 Mrs. Albert Haddad Betty Haddad, '69 Mr. 84 Mrs. Fred Haddad Mrs. Freda Haddad Mr. 84 Mrs. George Haddad Mr. 84 Mrs. Mitchell Haddad Miss Nancy Haddad, '65 Mr. 84 Mrs. Nicholas Haddad Mr. 84 Mrs. Nicholas Haddad, Jr. Paul D. Haight Mr. 84 Mrs. Edward Hardiman Al Turner Hardware Mr. George Harland Mr. 84 Mrs. David V. Harrigan Jean M. Hatfield, '66 Kay Hayes Mr. 8 Mrs. Arthur G. Henderson Miss Rosanne V. Henderson, '64 Mr. 84 Mrs. Joseph E. Hendry Robert L. Herring Anne Higginbotham Ruth K. Higginbotham Sibley Higginbotham Barbara Ann Higgins John Higgins Phyllis A. Higgins Mrs. Phyllis Higgins Robert Higgins Dr. 84 Mrs. Herbert Hodess and Family Dr. 84 Mrs. William M. Hoffman and Family John E. Holmes, '68 Homeroom 413 Homeroom of 416 Mr. and Mrs. Harold Horan and Family Kenny Howe Barbara M. Howes Cecelia Hunter John Hunter Mr. 84 Mrs. George B. Hutchison, Jr. Mr. 84 Mrs. John J. Hynes Emma Imbornone In Memory of Inky In Memory of Princess Franziska Jackson Alma J aena Mr. Lester Johnson, Q.H.S. Maureen Johnson Michael J. Jetthin and Family Shirley Johnson Claire Joyce. '68 Christine Keegan, '70 Mary Keenan Miss Denise Kelly Andrew J. Kelly Andy Kelly Mr. 84 Mrs. John Kelley and Family Jim Kenny Louis W. Kent Mr. 84 Mrs. Gerrald Kilcommons and Family Mrs. Victoria R. Kiley Christine Killeen Joseph F. Killion MEMBERS Mr. 8 Mrs. Harold Kilpatrick Mrs. Gertrude Kimball Larry Kinnard. '68 Mr. 8 Mrs. Lawrence T. Kinsella Mr. 8: Mrs. Richard Koch and Family Morisa Kohanski Mr. 81 Mrs. Stanley J. Kovalski and Family Mr. 8: Mrs. Stanley J. Kovalski. Jr. and Family Dr. 8: Mrs. Hyman Kurtzman and Daughter Mrs. Deniese Labarre Joe La Camera Miss Linda Lajoie Pat Landi The Larkin Family Mrs. William Larson Mr. 8: Mrs. Gordon Lawson Mr. Sc Mrs. Charles W. Leavitt Dennis Leavitt. '67 Aldrac LeBlanc Myrtle Le Lacheur Mr. 84 Mrs. Mendel Levinson and Family Richard E. Linn Richard Lloyd. '66 Ernesta Lorbati Mr. 8: Mrs. Anthony Losordo. Jr. Mr. Se Mrs. Daniel Lubarsky Gloria Lucchetti Karl W. Lutz Mrs. Karl Lutz Brian MacDonald Gail MacDonald Mr. 81 Mrs. Joseph A. MacDonald Mrs. Robert MacDonald Mr. 8a Mrs. Russell MacDonald Carolyn MacDougall Mr. 8: Mrs. David L. MacDonald Doris R. MacKenzie. '69 Mr. 8a Mrs. Francis S. MacKenzie and Family Mrs. Lela M. MacKenzie William G. MacKenzie. '68 Craig MacPherson. '60 Frank Macri Jackie Maguire. Jr. Mrs. Ann H. Malnati Mr. 8: Mrs. Lawrence E. Maibach Mr. 84 Mrs. George Maloof Lydia Maloof. '70 Mrs. Sadie Maloof Mr. 8: Mrs. Nicholas Manlirii and Family Elizabeth Manthorne Mrs. Edward Marchant. Jr. Mr. 8: Mrs. .Alfred Martin Mr. 8: Mrs. Edward J. Martin Marty's Market Dennis McBride James V. McCarthy. '66 Quentin McCaffrey John H. McCarthy. '65 Mrs. Jones McCarthy Kathleen McClean. '67 Dorthy M. McCormick Elizabeth A. McCuin. '48 Wayne McCulley Mr. George McGinn Mr. 85 Mrs. Charles McGrale and Family Margaret McGuire Mr. dk Mrs. Allen Mclntire and Family John M. Paronich Arlene McKenzie. '67 Mr. 84 Mrs. Norman McKenzie John J. McLaughlin Mr. 8: Mrs. Patil McLaughlin Mr. gl Mrs. McPherson Kathleen McNally. '69 McNiece's Variety Store Mr. 84 Mrs. Richard McNeice. '64 Mr. Sc Mrs. James L. McPartin Mr. 84 Mrs. William C. McPhee and Family Ruth McShane Me Nancy E. Melegos David Meredith. '71 Doris E. Meredith Mr. George T. Meredith Louise S. Meredith Richard J. Meredith Michele Mikal Dr. de Mrs. Stanley Mikal and Family Alice Mikalonis Eddie Miller. '67 Mr. cgi Mrs. George H. Mitchell. Jr. Mr. 8: Mrs. W. Mitchell Edmund C. Monti and Family Maureen P. Moore Mrs. Eileen Morahan Mr. 62 Mrs. Leonard F. Morris Jeannette Morrison Mr. 8: Mrs. S. J. Mucci David Mulhcarn Mr. 62 Mrs. Charles L. Munson and Family Douglas W. Murphy Edna L. Murphy Mr. Edward Murphy and Family Evelyn Murphy John S. Murphy Louis Walter Murphy Patricia Murphy Walter Louis Murphy Mrs. Alberta Murray Josephine M. Paronich Pat Pasquanello Nancie Pasquariello Eugene R. Paul Mrs. J. Paul and Family Margaret M. Paul Miss Janet E. Peckham. '65 Miss Nancy L. Peckham. '65 Ruth Whittaker Perry. '37 Mr. 5: Mrs. Frank R. Perry and Family Mrs. Doris Gray Peterson B. Peterson Diane Peterson Nancy Peterson ' Miss Diane Piazzola. '65 Mr. M Mrs. Harold C. Pierce . Mr. ei Mrs. Pinkham Mr. St Mrs. Anthony Piscatelli James Piscatelli Mr. X Mrs. Walter H. Pamarole Mr. K Mrs. Warren A. Powers John J. Quinn. '42 Raftery 84 Sullivan. Esqs. T. David Raftery Esq. Mrs. Patricia Ramacker William Rand Mr. K Mrs. Donald D. Ranney Mary E. Raux Mr. 84 Mrs. Robert Ray Charlie Redman vincent Redman Terrence Regan. '65 Frederick Ricciardello and Family Elise Ricciuti. '69 James J. Ricciuti Eddie Rice Mr. K Mrs. Michael Rice and Family Karen Rieman. '71 Mr. 84 Mrs. Farnum L. Robinson Mr. ee Mrs. Stanley A. Robertson and Family Mr. 5: Mrs. Warren H. Rockman Mr. it Mrs. Allen Mclntire and Family Arlene McKenzie. '67 Mr. A Mrs. Norman McKenzie John J. McLaughlin Mr. K Mrs. Paul McLaughlin Mr. K Mrs. McPherson Kathleen McNally. '69 McNiece's Variety Store Mr. ae Mrs. Richard McNeiee. '6-l Mr. K Mrs. James L. McPartin Mr. AL Mrs. William C. McPhee and Family Ruth McShane Me Nancy E. Melegos David Meredith. '71 Doris E. Meredith Mr. George T. Meredith Louise S. Meredith Richard J. Meredith Michele Mikal Dr. 8 Mrs. Stanley Mikal and Family Alice Mikalonis Eddie Miller. '67 Mr. X Mrs. George H. Mitchell. Jr. Mr. X Mrs. W. Mitchell Edmund C. Monti and Family Maureen P. Moore Mrs. Eileen Morahan Mr. X Mrs. Leonard F. Morris Jeannette Morrison Mr. LQ Mrs. S. J. Mucci David Mulhcarn Mr. Sc Mrs. Charles L. Munson and Family Douglas W. Murphy Edna L. Murphy Mr. Edward Murphy and Family Evelyn Murphy John S. Murphy Louis Walter Murphy Patricia Murphy Walter Louis Murphy Mrs. Alberta Murray Paula Murray. '69 Richard Murray Dixie Naughton P.D. Kevin Naughton Mr. and Mrs. Nelson David P. Newell and Family Mr. K Mrs. Frank B. Newton III Mr. 8: Mrs. Albert Nogler Mr. 8: Mrs. Stephen F. Noyes Mr. LQ Mrs. Frank Nunziato Mr. dk Mrs. David D. O'Brien and Family Lt. Jamie O'Brien Mr. 84 Mrs. John J. O'Brien. Jr. Mike O'Brien William P. O'Brien Mr. William P. O'Brien Mr. 8: Mrs. Frank Ochs Mr. 8: Mrs. Charles J. O'Connell Margaret M. O'Connell. '41 James F. O'Connor Jerry O'Connor. '68 Mrs. Herbert W. O'Donnell Mr. 8: Mrs. Frank Ogrodnik Mr. 8: Mrs. John D. O'Hara and Fami ly Agnes M. Rohan Mr. 84 Mrs. Horace P. Rolfs and Family Mr. Se Mrs. Mr. S: Mrs. Mr. S4 Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Family James Rooney William Rooney R. Russo Warl E. Sabean Mrs. Rosa Sanson Mr. 84 Mrs. Charles Santoro James C. Sawyer. Jr. Mrs. Pauline Scanlan Ruth E. Scanlan. '61 and Mr. SL Mrs. Donald E. Schaefer Mr. 8: Mrs. Daniel Schluter Mr. Sc Mrs. Donald Schwartz Mrs. Edmund J. Scott Karen Scott Mr. 8: Mrs. Philip J. scott Diane Seager. '68 Mrs. Harriet W. Sears Melvia S. Sears. '39 Mrs. Ralph Billy Seaver L. Sears Paula Murray. '69 Richard Murray Dixie Naughton P.D. Kevin Naughton Mr. and Mrs. Nelson David P. Newell and Family Mr. 8 Mrs. Frank B. Newton III Mr. 8: Mrs. Albert Nogler Mr. 8: Mrs. Stephen F. Noyes Mr. Se Mrs. Frank Nunziato Mr. 8: Mrs. David D. O'Brien and Family Lt. Jamie O'Brien Mr. 81 Mrs. John J. O'Brien. Jr. Mike O'Brien William P. O'Brien Mr. William P. O'Brien Mr. 84 Mrs. Frank Ochs Mr. 8 Mrs. Charles J. O'Connell Margaret M. O'Connell. '-ll James F. O'Connor Jerry O'Connor. '68 Mrs. Herbert W. O'Donnell Mr. 8: Mrs. Frank Ogrodnik Mr. 84 Mrs. John D. O'Hara Old Colony Demolay Mr. 8: Mrs. Lawrence W. Ordway Mrs. Maria Paglia Genevieve M. Palumbo Mr. 8: Mrs. Arthur Senter and Family Barbara Senter. '69 Charlotte Senter and Family Mr. 8: Mrs. Angelo Serighelli Old Colony Demolay Mr. 84 Mrs. Lawrence W. Ordway Mrs. Maria Paglia Genevieve M. Palumbo With Best Wishes to THE CLASS of 1969 THE MAYOR and CITY COUNCIL SOUTH SHORE TELEVISION MODERN FORMAL 1570 Hancock St. P R DNI DN1 SHOP 1586 Hancock S 773 7 13 150 Best Wishes to the CLASS of 1969 Compliments of: A FRI EN D DEWARE BROTHERS 576 Hancock Street Telephone--472 1137 South Shore s Most Beautiful Home for Funerals Come and Visit SHERATON MOTOR My CEARDEIQT SHOP 'NN 135 Newport Ave. North Quincy 472-4000 We have a large selection of the finest shrubbery attainable at reasonable prices. 29 Hancock St North Quincy Mass 471-1500 QUINCY JUNIOR COLLEGE oN10R uf Sv 0477 SX V . 5C KNOWLEDGE' A COMMUNITY COLLEGE SERVING OUINCY AND THE SOUTH SHORE PROGRAMS OF STUDY EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES ' Arts and Sciences ' Programs Leading To Transfer . General Educaticm To Four-Year Colleges ' Business Administration . Terminal Programs Leading Directly To Positions In ' Secretarial Business And Industry 0 Evening Courses For Part- Time Students Approved by the Board of Collegiate Authority, Massachusetts Depart- ment of Education to confer the Associate in Art and the Associate in Science Degree. ADVANTAGES OF THE JUNIOR COLLEGE ' LOW TUITION ' NEAR TO HOME ' SMALL CLASSES ' INDIVIDUAL COUNSELING 152 C' if Q :. ESTABLISHED 19 9 42" rmal Uiear RENTALS Featuring tne finest in formal wear in a complete selection of colors and styles. Every suit sanitized in our own dry 30 FRANKLIN ST- cleansing plant. 471-1440 New England's best equipped formal wear rental sho 17 QUINCY AVENUE QUINCY WITH A FUTURE opposite central Fire Station GR 2-6510 D' START A CAREER o Famous o o Take Home o ITALIAN DISHES Compliments of Prince pizza Orders Prepared in 15 min. .Lucia .finlan- Phone Ahead at the QUINCY SAVINGS BANK LEANING TOWER DRIVE-IN 1374 HANCOCK ST. 19 Varieties of Pizza 472-0025 GRHHIKC 9-4406 QUINCYQ MASS. 541 SOUTHERN ARTERY CRT. 31 CQNGRATULATIQNS Quincy OPEN DAILY-Mon., Tues., Wed., Thurs. and Sun. From 11:30 A.M. To 12 Midnight Fri. and Sat. to 1:00 A.M. 153 MATHEWSON CORPORATION 2 Hancock St. 472-7250 "Precision Work on a Production Basis' AMBROSE C. DUGGAN, President FRANCIS DUGGAN, Treasurer NORTH QUINCY GARAGE CO. 131-133 Hancock St. 479-9400 Compliments of. . . MASSACH USETTS ENGINEERING CO., INC. BLACKER 81 HOLLAND Penn St. Quincy 472-8660-1-2 Everything in Building Materials "Sudden Service' "Big Red Trucks" "Little Green Men" "Call the Lumber Number" OUlE'S Barber Shop N I O N S Personalized Hair Shaping Manufacturers Authorized ' RAZOR CUTTING Representative Service Station l' HAIR STYLING Q HAIR COLORING 2-Way MOBILE RADIO o BY APPOINTMENT 84 WALK IN SERVICE 235-241 Atlantic St. North Quincy, Mass. GRanite 9-0341 Open Thurs. Evenings 'til 8 P.M GRanite 9-3313 471-9786 70 Billings Rd., North Quincy OUR BEST WISHES to ALL GRADUATES for a SUCCESSFUL FUTURE DUNKIN' DONUTS, INC. Dunkin' Donuts Howdy Beefburgers Menumat Industrial Cafeterias 155 A Record to be Proud of Odicial Jewelry for all Classes 1946-1970 Compliments of FRANK A. FOWLER Class Rings, Medals, and Trophies Specialists in Prom Favors Room 312 27 School Street Boston 02108 Rlchmond 2-0161 Tel. 773-8769 ' 1 . zvwsyvqg 1 4 623 OHGL QV JL'WLZ!JY C0f11,0ANV 8 51 C'-4 '.3 VH 'S A 1470 Hancock Street Quincy, Mass. SOUTH SHORE BEAUTY SUPPLY, 1661 Hancock Street Quincy. Mass. 02169 Tel. 472-5900 INC 156 PRESIDENTS' CITY MOTEL e "A Home Away F1'o111 Home" 479-6500 I SH ERIDAN S WINFIELD HOUSE RESTAURANT QUUICYQS Fashion Center "Every Meal a P1ca.s'a1zt Memory" Wlzcrc you will ,find Ilzc' brand 472-9452 115111103 you know and wil! trust! 853 Hancock Street Quincy best wishes to the class of 1969 diamonds . . . Watches . . . jewelry 1402 hancock street ' quincy ' mass 157 L fl ...wht AVEDIS ZILDJIAN CYIVIBAL CO. 39 Fayette St. 471-2200 sTAN's cf-xno 8, GIFT sHoP 41 Billings Rd. 773-7254 CHINA LIDO 425 Hancock St. 471-3250 YOUNG'S RADIO 84 T.V. 58 Billings Rd. 479-4743 "Service - Sales - Rentals" BAVARIAN PASTRY 66 Billings Rd. 479-9867 MERCHANTS OF MON TCLA ll? AND QUINCY STEEL CASTING CO. 30 Fayette St. 773-2825 SWIFT 81 BACHIVIAN, INC. 330 Hancock St. 472-5400 HANNON TIRE CO. 495 Hancock St. 472-2027 FIVE CORNER QUIK PICK 163 Newbury Ave. 471-0119 ROBERT R. IVICIVIANUS REAL ESTATE 416 Hancock St. 773-8181 WALSH'S RESTAURANT 9 Billings Rd. Private Banquet Facilities 158 NORTH OUINC Y 254 E. Squantum St. ANTONY'S BARBER SALON 256 E. Squantum St. NESCO of QUlNcY 131 Billings Rd. FASHION QUALITY CLEANERS 67 Billings Rd. NABORHOOD PHARMACY 406 Hancock St. NORFOLK DOWNS BOWLING LANES 421 Hancock St. INTER-clTY RADIO at T.v. 74 Billings Rd. BILL'S VARIETY 76 Billings Rd. WARNER ELECTRIC, INC. V Af ,A Y ff 4 ff YY -"' V' , hz" xx, -1 .Q ,- 'Y Y V P -ff "nf ,-ff' ' fr R , ,JJ , ff., ,Av-f , i " I S. H. COUCH CO. 3 Arlington St. IVlcNElCE'S VARIETY 203 W. Squantum St. HANCOCK PAINT 81 VARNISH COMPANY 53 W. Squantum St. ARCH GEAR WORKS, INC. 97 Holmes St. IVlORSE'S RADIATOR SHOP 179 W. Squantum St. RICHARD J. BARRY, JR. 270 Hancock St. WHEELHOUSE DINER 453 Hancock St. BILLINGS CARD SHOP 50 Billings Rd. '-"-5 . R A .I A X ff I, . L Z a...i---. V K! V- T . FREEPORT CLEANERS 234 Hancock St. THE 4 BARBERS 20 Billings Rd. BILLING'S STUDIO 37 Billings Rd. DUDLEY FURNITURE 11 Billings Rd. DORAN gl HORRIGAN INS. CENTRE 19 Billings Rd. DlANA'S BEAUTY SALON 418 Hancock St. CAIVlIVlY'S oELlcATEssEN 55 Billings Rd. HARRY'S SHOES 10 Tyler St. 40 Billings Rd. DERRINGER the FLORIST f 389 Hancock St. CHARLIE S North Quincy High School BOOSTER'S CLUB HANCOCK IVIONUIVIENT HANCOCK FLOWER SHOP, INC. Robert Colleran 295 Hancock St. 395 Hancock St. President 159 RElVllCK'S of QUINCY 1517 Hancock St. 773-8000 "New England's Most Talked About Store" CARLOS' BARBER SHOP 57 Granite St. 479-8324 "Styling To Suit You" CARROLL'S SHOE FACTORY OUTLET 1417 Hancock St. 773-7410 "lst Quality Shoes at Discount Prices" COLPITTS TRAVEL CENTER 1550 Hancock St. 472-0051 OUINC Y QUINCY coAL 3. oiL co. 1520 Hancock St. 479-2345 Serving South Shore 62 years Nights, Sunday or Holiday - 472-2442 DONAHER'S 1554 Hancock St. 472-4102 Headquarters for Proms ROUSAYNE'S JEWELERS 1515 Hancock St. 479-7990 South Shore's Leading Jeweler LERNER SHOPS 1535 Hancock St. ROXIE MARKET 479 Southern Artery THE BURGESS STUDIO 4 Faxon Ave. MERCHAN TS BURGIN PLATNER 84 CO., INC. 1357 Hancock St. BOWIE PET SHOP 31 Cottage Ave. S. S. KRESGE CO. 1445 Hancock St. BOIT, DALTON 84 CHURCH, INC. 1424 Hancock St. SALON FIVE-HUNDRED, INC. 1218 Hancock St. HAMMOND ORGAN STUDIOS of BOSTON 1464 Hancock St. PILGRIM ELECTRONIC SUPPLY 26 School St. BLACKWELL STUDIOS 1350 Hancock St. MICHELANGELO COIFFURE 1361 Hancock St. 472-9490 ALBERT R. COBB Southern Artery HANLON'S SHOE STORE 27 a Cottage Ave. ANTHONY'S COIFFURES 1631 Hancock St. THE BARGAIN CENTER, INC. 6 Washington St. GOODHUE O'BRIEN 81 CO., INC. 24 Quincy Ave. KINCAIDE FURNITURE CO. 1609 Hancock St. LAWRENCE PHARMACY 27 School St. JASON'S LUGGAGE 81 MUSIC STORE 1514 Hancock St. CHILD WORLD 1473 Hancock St. SCOTT-WILLIAMS, INC. 9 Saville St. 161 I vvoLLAsTo1v MEHCHANTS 1 I II 491 I REPPUCCl'S PIZZA 84 SUBS QUINCY MUSIC CENTER MacFARLAND'S , 29 8 Beam St. 27 Beale Sf- HARDWARE STORE 773-5325 INC I 471-1044 ' 11 Brook St. I WOLLASTON THEATRE 472-0041 14 Beale St. 773-1600 KEENE'S BEALE STREET PHARMACY HERBERT F. COLE C. A. COX RAMBLER 649 Hancock St. 60 Beale St. 16 Beale St. 773-7117 or 773-4114 479-0454 479-4420 I THE IDEAL LADIES' APPAREL BEALE STREET FISH MARKET SHGPPE 35 Beale St. 17 a Beale St. BEACON CLEANERS I LEO'S BARBER SHoR 624 Hancock St- 10 Beale St. I WILLIAM J. SHEA- RICHARD J. GORMAN REAL ESTATE JEWEI-ER 12 Beale St. 23 a Beale St. WORLD WIDE WOLLASTON DO-NUT SHOP TRAVEL AGENCY CORP. 17 Beale St. 664 Hancock St. WELCH'S CAMERA CENTER 680 Hancock St. 162 OTHER MANE7' HELPEHS THE SWITCH RESTAURANT DORAN'S DEL Boston, IVIaSS. So. Shore Plaza 843-2622 INDEPENDENT LINEN SERVICE 4G Brighton St, ' LARRY IVIORTELL'S Charleston, IVIaSs. BARBER SALON CAFARELLA BROS. IVIKT. JUNIDR CLASS MISS IVIcCoy SENIOR CLASS STUDENT COUNCIL IVIr. Pierce IVIr. Carlin SCOTT'S I ONE OF THE LARGEST FURNITURE STORES ON THE SOUTH SHORE OLDE QUlNCY'S MOST FAMOUS COFFEE HOUSE 'WHERE FASHION 84 VALUE IVlEET" 1418 Hancock St. QUINCY 18 Chestnut St. 471-2880 472-4420 Open from early breakfast to late Snack time 163 EXOTICA LTD. YOT LINIITED TO THE ORDINARY" Eur. Suede. Leather 8: Accessories MONTCLAIR SERVICE STATION From Around The Globe 21 Beale St. , , . 1 Ignition Service - Minor Repairs Fuel Oils - Prompt Delivery 224 W. Squantum St. 472-1200 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1969 WOODS SOUTH SHORE AUTO SCHOOL INC. 60 Billings Rd. North Quincy. Mass. Full Driver Education Program Other Oilices in Adult Program Braintree and Weymouth 16-1 OUINCY EDUCATIONAL ASSOCIATION 1968 Scholarship Recipients MARCIA BEVANS I BOSTON STATE CHRISTINE KILLEEN UNIVERSITY OF MASSACHUSETTS VERNA JANE HOWE REGIS COLLEGE JOHN INFERRERA BRANDEIS UNIVERSITY MARGARET KELLY UNIVERSITY OF MASSACHUSETTS 61 AN' Everything in Sporting Goods Just a Dial Away 479-4351 479-1154 ' lei SKI SKI CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1969 THE PETER J. ZOIA FAMILY MR. St MRS. PETER Janet Cambell Joanne Kelly Carol Goward Cheryl Paul Beverly Owen Barbara Zoia ZOIA Paul Zoia Regina Zoia Rhonda Zoia Gregory Zoia Gayle Zoia Dean Zoia A Friend Anonymous Anonymous Ronald R. Ashford Charles Baillargeon Mrs. Marie Banks Helene Barba David R. Bergman Agnes E. Berry Mrs. Leslie Black Marjorie G. Bollen John Napier Bowes Mrs. James Bready Charles Bunker Arthur Burgess Mrs. John Burke Maurice Carbonneau Paul J. Carlin Andree Caro Martin H. Casey Alfred B. Cavvthorne Mr. Collins Mrs. Mary E. Conlin Florence Contant R. J. Cotto Mr. 84 Mrs. W. James Crothers and Family Marjorie E. Currier Diane E. Daren Emily DeCilio Henry Dillon John J. Donahue Rose Enos L. Gordene Everett Mrs. Evelyn Feldman Peter N. Fitch Robert Gentry Mr. 84 Mrs. Charles Gliniewicz and Family Mrs. Joseph Golden George Golding Alice D. Gray Lloyd H. Hill John S. Hofferty David P. Hourin Michael W. Hurley Miss Judith Kagen Mrs. Kelley Mr. Edmund King Mrs. Margaret King William Kloper Mrs. Krabeck Mrs. Nathan Kuperman Nancy Jean Laing Ronald LaQuaglia Mr. Carl Leone, Jr. Teacher and Staff Patrons Carl F. Leone lMusicl Gerald Lyons Mrs. Charles A. MacBride N. D. MacWilliam Margaret Mahoney C. Manoli Gayle Mayo Katherine McCoy Sharon McGrath Mr. 8a Mrs. John E. McLaughlin Anna C. Meadows Lucy Medaglia Ruth Meisner Roy B. Merritt Melanie Messer Richard Meyer Leonard Miceli John Murphy Thomas Murphy Alberta Murray Mr. Nolan Mrs. S. Noone Mary L. O'Connor William Pagnano Gale L. Palmer The Paulson Family Alfredo Peterson lrvin A. Pinkofsky John Pierce Mable F. Pratt Miss Josephine Pulpi Mrs. Florence Reyenger Thaddeus P. Sadowski E. B. Savage Mr. Savitsky Wilma Schields Miss Eileen Silverman Roy Sinclair Roland Small Paul Stanton Miss K. Sullivan Arthur Tanguay Winifred Tikkanen Dolores Tormey Katherine R. Tovvnsend Salvatore Vento Mrs. Regina Vintiades Mr. John W. Walsh Charles Waugh Mr. 81 Mrs. Dean Wilder John Young Mrs. Young Marie E. Youngerman Y fi l Anne, Anne, Margie, Leslie, Con- i nee and Steve check over last minute details. 1 Qfl 1 Jeanne's sounding off as usual. Connee Chandler, Editor-in-chief. Jeanne Casey, Co-Lay-out Editor. Anne Vetterlein, Co-Lay-out Editor. Leslie Stone, Literary Editor. Bill O'DonnelI, Co-Art Editor. Shelley Rockman, Co-Art Editor. Becky Baumann, Co-Business Manager. Steve Vllolbarst, Co-Business Manager. Bob Graham, Cover Design. Anne Higginbotham, Girl Friday. Leslie, Al, Connee, Jeanne, Shelley, Steve and Anne in 425 The story of Manet 1969 is one of lots of hard vvork, late nights, frustration and fun. We had lots of problems that worried us, but somehow everything seemed to get done on time. We also had puns to groan at, vanilla cokes and chocolate chip cookies to consume and a Pepsi box to carry from room to room. Since vve would never have made it without them, vve would like to thank all the people vvho helped us: patrons, sponsors and staff vvorkers, our photographer Mr. James Bleiler and Mr. Boswell Farnham, our pubIisher's representative. ln addition we would like to thank Mr. Grappi for putting up with us all year. Finally, vve would like to express our deepest grati- tude to Mrs. Mary Young for her guidance, hard work and sincere interest. 1969 Manet Editors Administration 20-21 Advertisements 150 Anthropology 111 Art Department 34 Art Guild 101 Band 96 Baseball 136A Basketball 130-33 Bovvling, Boys' 112 Bovvling,Girls' 112 Business Department 32-33 Mamet Business Staff 118 Cafeteria Workers 40 Census 86 Cheerleaders 120 Class Day Committee 108 Closing 137 Concert Choir 98 Counselors 40 Cross Country 133 Custodians 40A Dance Committees 110 Debating 102 Drama Workshop 110 English Department 22-23 Fashion Shovv 115 Football 120D-24 Future Teachers of America 107 Girls' Club 89 Girls' Sports 113 GolfTeam 136 Great Books 104 Guidance Receptionists 105 Gym Team 125 Health Service 36 Hockey 128-29 Home Economics Department 38 J.E.T. S. 95 Junior Class Officers 90 Junior Prom 91 Language Department 30-31 Index 168 Latin Honor Society 92 Manet Layout Staff 1 18 Library Staff 107 Librarians 35 lvlajorettes 119 Manet Staff 116-18 lVIarine Science 95 lVlath Team 103 lVlath Department 26-27 lVlemorium 146 lVlixed Glee Club 99 lVlodern Language Honor Societies 92 lVIusic Department 34 National Honor Society 93 North Star 114 Nurses' Career Club 106 Occupational Department 37 Office Receptionists 40A Opening 4 Orchestra 99 Patron Staff 118 Physical Education Department 36 Practical Arts Department 39 Principals 20-21 Prom Committee 108 Red Cross Council 106 Rifle Club 113 Russian Club 102 Science Club 94 Science Department 28-29 Science Fair 93 Senior Class Officers 41 Senior Section 42 Soccer 126-27 Social Studies Department 25-26 Spirit Committees 109 Stage Band 97 Student Council 88D Table of Contents 3 Tennis 136 Title Page 1 School Photographe Purdy Studios Boston, Mass. Y . E .. gi i f -1 1' W l' .Ui Q 9 1 1 j 1 if v

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