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xx -N., fx . .Ns CRANE ' FUEL-C LISQM-f L,.,rm.5.-E I V I , S' r 6 fapaxsct - " fb .bs ' f" 'A ,sf .' L1 -4.5 X n it, 6 4' H Salon lG .. .. n ff K Y ' a Q 3 its X ill? S, if if E ffffi,ML 3' . il si l fi if i W Ei 5 il 2 4 ' 'A E ' ' Q! lf ' g 1 l f 34 ,i v I-1 f J ll-, i, ,ll Y - ,411 vl u Q 1 I 4 F I 1 If 51. Zi I! 2 1 3 H . 5 5 4 V 3 Aw v wi Y W 2 RL W Ei! X K ,alff I 4-F! Y . ' .v 411 i X xx 'xt X , X xx xx XQXX N X '- MANET 1965 North Quincy High School North Quincy, Massachusetts B. ' .Q , -LZ. e L. 3 G' Viv 4 -E Q A pf '. 1, f I 5 Q Y. 01 ' . I Q Lxn XJ-I mf' P' yy ' L? -'FIA ' 4 .w i I f f . -. S62 'G 4' g, 'EEfZgg:I' ' ipiizr . QW , Y ,s wg 1 9 wi ' orewo rd Perspective is the set of attitudes and standards with which we measure the comparative values of every aspect of life. Every experience - everything we do, every person and idea influencing us - is an element in the never- finished scale of evaluation lry which we make r ,L 0 u 5 our decisions. A g. H' aft 5 . D- U These our high school years I are most important, I ' ,ft ,W for in these years of transition ,i V 1 " 5' between childhood and maturity ' V 5 5., ' if 'ln w W . '. w- I.. 'sw ma.-5. guy ff i.-fi fl' TA' 'a ft' " , wx I -. A . I 'YK ' - 4 MJ. .M -'L' - .-Q 5 ' l inux' :32a': fill: 1254 A ff? , st igir ibp i ,X -.1 V-'11 -'JF' li ."' ,re ': '-1 eh-ft I 'sf fr ' ,A :ff ,A ' ,'?a'7q. af- 1 A .7-'55 . ', 'H vi., Q I a. f-xf.,f-gfafsw , . ' '93f:Tl1'.2'iIf' 31 ' I I M". ss, . A., ,mu ,U-A - Q. A- f. 'ffv --Bs 551 P. -' -- ,, ' .e f ' T2-1, 54- 1 ' 'mi , Q: QA'-," ' . ' " 4 2'v,Y. 3 ways. ,R r 5,1 .a . 1 fr vfhjl'-' 'F 7 .. L f' 53' ' E 2 Wliyg. '- Q - ,Q 1 . F195 I S our experiences and the resulting outloolcs are the most varied and influential in our young lives. This combination of attitudes, of standards, and of relative values - this perspective - with which we face the world as adults is our perspective for the future. COTLIEIZZS F ORE W ORD 3 PERSPECTIVE 4 A Definition 10 Dedication 11 Faculty 12 SER VICE 18 SCHOLARSHIP 34 SPOR TSMANSHIP 48 FELLOWSHIP 78 Seniors 80 Curricular 82 Extracurricular 112 Class Census I I 123 ADVERTISING 1 I ' I 142 INDEX I 160 -11 BV working for Ilze selzooi aria' the eomiiiimzix' we gain insight into our social responsibilities alia' into the spirit of service. ,!"' f ,? fb' ' 5 .f U 'INA I I, ,ip f f P44 flf'J'w"' X -.1 I'- Fw PEM .l gl! n ,LVM ' :v,,,'J - 1 , 6' .,.JAQtif'N' f - ,'jf'hq, . I ffifjrll, 1 f ly 1 - f W1 ' I .. 2 .--V ...-1" J KJIY415 f Ui- T u ' f 4 ' A ' 1 1 x 1,11 ' V 1 . L l. 'VGA' 1 fx I f ,...- jf 1.145 N ' ,g, Y X 4-S Y3' - Sr .1 . ' w ..' 4f"1fz1 1 - - 'bk' . n . ,, . W ' ,iillgs 32,5 t . X X Xxi, ' , u 4 ..v45i.w LJ .e-I 7 w H. , 4.1. A f ' - V-V-., , 'Q- r 9 4 X f , gli Q 'I f fx-.U ,Hi I ,gg "" x ' N ' .QP -we-Zh-1 l -..i,NW86ff fs,'1 k, 4. ,J V -V fs: 1 1, A 4 'al' . . :fx s ,u,,y, -cz' r xi' Q 'U 1 3 v s. Y"" l J' I ' 3 . A K 1- V M., 'Nr-4 Y 'N -K 'bw . ny ... '-,nv U- .1- L 7-MA.-...-.,?x' NU, ,....--..-.,,..----.,-..- . K ,..-nx ' .fi W h l .Q ,,: Aw- 41 ' , "1J'7',,qu1-Ak.",,',. 5 ,ff-r , 6 I' x v .Hag Q ' - .5-,-U i- f 14 "A, N itpbyv.-. L 2 m L 59 Y MESS 'HA S3 SE TWG AUXNCY f I '-v V! 'S 5 afar -Z' 1 ai' x , 5 . A 5? ,uf , ,Q dxf 1:1 x , X , , . I fx , '-A ' ,K -. r A. 2 TJ " I W ' l T ff Ill!!! '5iN.i. 1 rl-1l"iUM'i' mnnlJ.a.'. 1 l jd,1IIlllI5'i'llIl' 1 SLI 4-Vi we 1.5 '. Gly " Q Q N eil? '-I 4- W. r.f':- 4'- th 1 'M - ' v. A x 1. . . . " , 4 . I , -I J , V Q' - .. , : h K 1 'V Vm - :I - I 1: ,Ll ' . hf, T 'V Y- qu I-Agfa' 7 rrp! 1' ' , .7"' , ,- 2- , I 1, -.4-N a 3 , , -, ' F - P 'T . I 'f' ' ' rj J ' ' 64 ' 1 xv v -J 1:5 . A 3, . V V Q 'P "gt Ni ,AX J. . I ., F I r , ,- I , q. 1 , - v f ' fl - ,.41--1 - 4 ' u , 'Q gn- 'a 1 x , s 1, A 1 X 1 -W' li i 'I x .1 -lv r' T x 3 ' " ,I 'Nfl' Y jf Y P 'J 5 ' 3 bb AI, 1 2x gs if it 1 Y 1 , . . . , ,g ui bill A . -n f' :G 5? .f 'af - F Q ai 1 J i L' I 4 A s X xixv M f,. 2 X - 2 Q, f ,"i"Q Ti N xx ef N Q f X N 1 Yum Sh N ,yffn "L ff K D ff .11 L- , wk- . L 1 'fy- Mr. John W. Walsh, Principal Mr. Walsh congratulates Judy on her induction into the Na tional Honor Society. ci definition To be well educated is to have perspective-defined as the "art of so drawing . . . as to give the effect of solidity and relative distance and size" CAmerican Oxford Dictionaryb. This symbolizes the essence of a good education-an understanding of the ebb and flow of the tides of history. a knowledge of our cultural heritage, the ability to distinguish the important from the trivial, a sense of our role in the stream of life, a comprehension of our responsi- bility in shaping our own destiny. The twelve most formative years in your lives have concluded. These have been rewarding if they have equipped you with a sense of per- spective, for this will be the compass by which you navigate the un- charted seas of the future. ld, ld 10 . Mr. Anthony N. Penna dedication Our perspective must extend beyond classroom decisions into the judgments we make on a more complicated scale in life. We therefore consider it a privilege to dedicate this book to a man who has stimulated us to learn, to question, and to arrive at our own conclusions logically not only in the classroom but in our complex contemporary societyg who has encouraged us to act with responsibility in classes. in student government. and thus in life. In appreciation of his inspira- tion and his encouragement we proudly dedicate this book to a true teacher- MR. ANTHONY N. PENNA 'C' I I A As a P.D. teacher Mr. Penna proves that economics cannot be As Student Council advisor Mr. Penna helps Gary plan for the lHdLlCllVCly Ll1'1Cl6fSlOOd. Quincy Yguth Cgnference, ll Roy B. M errilt 'fl A .W -,.., A JA faculty Mr. Martin H. Casey 7' ASSISTANT PRINCIPALS CLERICAL STAFF ufx- Q90 4.4 k Al, Miss Katherine Horrigan Head of AlllflICI71fIflAC'S Dvparrmcnf THEMATICS MATHEMATICS-Stazfirlizztn' Philip Ryan: Jeanne Ralstong Barbara Krabekg Ruth Black, National Honor Society: Charles Baillargeong Gerald Lyons, Cross-Country. Sitting: David Hourinl Katherine Horrigan, Math Club. fMi.s'.i'- ing from picture: Murray Roberts: Carl Leone, Footballj Mrs. Margaret King C allege Mallieniutics' SCIENCE -,iff Mr. Charles Waugh Chemistry , Ji .All if-1 A k I.. v f I. , A., ' ' 4 ,' K " K f 4 s blovk , KTQZJ. Miss Wilma Shields, Head of Sc'iem'v Dvpartment-Biology SCIENCE1SflllItIl'llKL7.' Roy Sinclair, Tennis: Roland Small, Science Club: Charles Waugh: Gunnar Munnickg Gerald Lyons, Cross-Countryg Thaddeus Sadowski, Football. Sitring: Alfred Cawthorne, Science Clubg Wilma Schields, Science Club, Marine Science: Hope Jahn, Science Clubg Katherine Townsend. Science Club. , ,,. N .0 'v--1' '--f' Mrs. Barbara Simpson English ENGLISH-Standing: Rose Enosg Margaret Horng Gordene Everettg Anne Hosmang Thomas Murphy, Manet. Sitting: Anita Maistrellis, Girls' Club: Bar- bara Simpsong John Hotferty, Great Booksg Marie Banks: John Young. iMl'.Y.S- ing from picture: Paul Carlin, Key Club, Bowlingg Robert Laing, Hockey, Varsity Club: David Meaney.J E GLIH Miss Mable Pratt Miss Ruth Meisner, Spanish Head of Language DcfpartmenI-German , Mr. John Hofferty, Head 7 of English Department xi LA GUAGES . M . E. A th T LANGUAGES-Stfzrzdings Louise Fifield, Latin Honor Society: Fred Gerstem: Frijnch r ur anguay Mable Pratt, National Spanish Honor Society: John Parrellg Louise Jack, French Honor Society. Sitting: Ruth Meisner, German Honor Society: E. Q Arthur Tanguay, Russian. fMl'SSiI1gfVOll1 picture: Janice Sullivan.J fi rf- 0 We v -Ax Y' l Mr. Hermon Noyes. Hvucf of Social SI11d1'c',x' Dtfparmzcn!-Prohlwm of Dvmocerrzcy SOCIAL STUDIES-Standing: Leonard Miceli, Debating Club. National Honor Society: Norman MacWilliam: Paul Wynn: Robert Gentry, Track: Lloyd Hill. Football: Robert Nolan. JV Basketball, Football: Paul Stanton: Anthony Penna. Student Council, Executive Board: Hermon Noyes. Sirzing: Charles Forrester: Elizabeth Savage: Dolores Tormey: Norma Fick: John Donahue. Senior Class Advisor. Golf. SOCIAL STUDIES n'x ,.-L Mr. Anthony Penna Pruhlvnzs' of Dcnmcrut x Mr. Paul Wynn Prahltnzs of Dtnmt racy Mr. Barry Jones-Henry-A rt ,r'?-1, h ' -.Q . ' - .- , ,ig , nv.-, ..-,,-.: 1- -.1 fe x',J,b,,,Af- - FINE ARTS-Barry Jones-Henry, Art Club, Norrlz Star: Helen Rubin: Denise Buckley, Library Staff: Richard Keaveny, Art Club: Emily DeCilio. fMi.s'.s'i1ig from pic'1ure: Emmett Ingersoll, Band, Concert Choir, Mixed Chorus. Drama Club.J 15 ! .. .....!'4.lT- USI ESS EDUCATIO 1 N49 r V Ci Mr. Joseph Cunniff Salas BUSINESS EDUCATION-Smrza'ifzy.' John Mullarkey: Graton Howland: Joseph Cunniffg Julianne Moon. Sflll'II,Q.' Helen Rooney: Rena MacBride1 Marie Youngermang Sara Tolchinsky. fAf1l'S.S'l'lIlQ from picture: Mary Conlin.J HCME ECO OMICS an y J 0.4 N gn 4 2' Lg M F. HZ1FFiHglOl"l-Tceclzn1'c'al Dru wing ab I: X iwx:f 6 I 1 'P ' J: W fi' K" Qgitt if-'lj' .IU 14 2 - 1 'L U 2 PRACTICAL ART x l. 92' .J K' 549442533 -4 HOME ECONOMICS-Mary Hayes, Ruth MacGregory, Margaret Mahoney. 'Z T .vw-5 Y -' PRACTICAL ARTS-Edgar Phillips: Howard Mason, M.P.P.C.: Paul Hogan: I Edward Harrington: Arthur Burgess, Riiie Club: Walter Warriner. 16 I .rd i Miss Caroline Welch Head of Giridzzriw Depurlnicfnt Miss Mary O'Connor P1lf'.S'iC'lll E!lllC'llfl'lIII ? HEALTH and PHYSICAL EDUCATIO CGU ELI GUIDANCE-Agnes Berry: Caroline Welch: Marjorie Currierg Helen Kellyg Albert Savitsky. fAI1'.vxi11g from pic'mr0.' Donald Fowkel G7 Miss Katherine McCoy Pl1ys1'f'ul EtfllC'll1ll2Il imiiriipgry P I. muy., be lHilii'l'lf5'ei ff? iggli HEALTH AND PHYSICAL CULTURE-Smmiingx George Golding. Gym Team, Soccerg Kenneth Rickson, Basketball. Sitting: Katherine McCoy, Bowl- ing, Cheerleaders, Junior Class Advisor: Alice Gray, Nurses' Career Club: Mary O'Connor, Girls' Basketball. 17 .3 v.,'-..' ' f. ,fn '-3991: 3 -.4 U . 1 4 I 4. ,I ' 1 .lf nJ'5 'j , " 1 .I , J., ' y sr 8 QQ, omg. 4" Q . 9 , - I ' .nk J I if " F I i r -V Sf 8 Nu, .. 'T' .Q Y . " , .gc I. R. N- ' r . . 'WL - i'-v. J H"- - b A -5w!..m...,. an -V., . -.J QE .D f' 5 ,J af 05 vb., lx P V viz h 'I A - : "1f , nd " .' , . 5 f" ' T' ' xr W0 if I I service -299 , K I - ' x - tg ii im Q1 --T .-- :rl 1. Standing in front of the school with Mr. ofhcers face the future confidently with the Donahue, the class advisor, the senior class values they have gained at North. - gli! Z! .9 Y Treasurer Jake seeks inspiration from literature to fin ways to make seniors pay class dues eagerly. SE IOR CLASS DFFICERS "The time has come." the Prexie said. "to talk of many things: of Proms, of pins. of senior dues, of record hops and rings, of why lunch lines are always long. and the cost of Class Day flings." In- deed the Senior Class officers directed and coordinated all class ac- tivities. Early in the year the class ollicers. Michael Cvreenlaw, Patri- cia Granahan. Deborah Hodges. and Thomas Morrison decided that they could best serve the class by choosing the best students possible for the prom. dance. spirit. and class day committees. and coordinating the activities of the committees in order to insure top performance. With this goal in mind the officers carried out their individual duties: Mike coordinated all the committees and smoothed out prob- lemsg Pat took care of last minute details. advised the Spirit Com- mittee chairmen. and directed scrapbook activitiesg Debby handled official correspondence. phone calls, and broadcasts: Jake collected and deposited all money from activities. and handled the prodigious task of collecting dues and keeping the books in order. Besides these individual tasks. all four took the brunt of all com- plaints from the student body. They also represented the school at assemblies and conferences. In all the decisions involved in serving and in representing the class. the Senior Class oilicers have shown a sense of values and standards that served as an example for the entire student body. 20 N 4 5 IN 1 1 i tl Q. S I i 5 Secretary Diane stops a moment to think what she would like to call the prom. i G . Prexie Mike eyes the future speculatively. YY" The line up" of Junior Class Officers and their advisor Miss McCoy. In preparation for their own big year, the Junior Class officers demonstrated a remarkable ability both in leading and in organizing their class. Under the capable leadership of Christian Snook, Presidentg Ann Donahue, Vice-Presi- dent, Diane Deraney, Secretaryg Russell Doherty, Treasurer, and Miss McCoy, the class advisor, the class has moved forward successfully. At the beginning of the year, the officers supervised the ordering and the delivery of class rings, and later they were able not only to increase their own treasury but at the same time to build up North spirit through the sale of North buttons and their two successful dances-the "Broomstick Stomp" and the "January Jive." At prom time, the oflicers proved their organizational ability by choosing able committee members and overseeing plans for tickets, refreshments, favors, and decorations. In this way they guided the class successfully to the climax of the junior year-the Junior Prom. By meeting these chal- lenges skillfully they have given the Junior Class a clear insight into the responsibilities which go hand in hand with the social fun of the senior year. 22 J U ICR CLASS OFFICER 'Q N' r-,Q 'finial 5 it w ?' ' .1 QQI, . eg 75.1 A E. i"i ?,'l J Treasurer Russ contemplates the money in the Junior Class Treasury. vwmiff- Prexie Chris shows his presidential .vavuir faire. 4 1-Q .Y-X' 2 I, n x qfssf 4' Q AN'-ax I .4-H U :lad nga.-, 4- 'xi 5, X iewgy y L' '.-n. -- 3 l "2 gy.. "- I A. in Veep Ann relaxes from the tension of the Junior Class problems by examining the comparatively calm world scene. ST DE COUNCIL A Mr. Penna and Gary demand an accounting of the prohts from TWIRP weekend. Kathy reads the minutes at an early morning meeting. As the official representative body of the stu- dents at North, the Student Council fulfilled its Q responsibilities to the student body with capable ' leadership and dedicated service. Under the di- rection of Mr. Penna, the Council was headed by Gary MacDonald, Presidentg Lynda Clarke, Vice- Presidentg Kathy Grimshaw, Secretaryg and Steve Kramer, Treasurer. Under this leadership the members undertook several ambitious projects benefiting the school. Continuing the traditional sale of North pennants and bookcovers, the Council also tackled three new projects: the Sponsorship of TWIRP Weekend, the organiza- tion of a bookstore, and the installation of rail- ings on school walks. Throughout the year, the Student Council has served as a forceful element in shaping North's objectives. The Student Council 24 xipx Barry, Tom, Paul, and Gary work strenuously to get the Student Council Bookstore in shape. 3, Steve directs the pennant-counters personally. EXECUTI E BGARD Made up of the presidents of the school's prin- cipal organizations, the Executive Board coordi- nated the activities of North's clubs and repre- sented the school. The chairman of the board, Gary MacDonald, directed the other members, Kathy Cooke, Christian Snook, Michael Green- law, Thomas Norton, Theresa O'Brien, and Frances Shachat in fulfilling the board's function. Representing the student body, the members took charge of orientating the freshmen on the lirst day of school and of greeting all new students, including the exchange student from Chile. By participating in the city-wide Youth Conference, the Executive Board again served as representa- tives of North. 4.1 isp? KAN . The Executive Board of the Student Body 25 The Key Club The biggest part of the Key Club-Prexie Tom. 7 KEY CLUB The Key Club is a multi-purpose organization which develops initiative and leadership, provides opportuni- ties for service in both school and community, and prepares members for useful citizenship. In coopera- tion with the Quincy Kiwanis Club, its sponsor, and the South Shore Association for Retarded Children, the club's main objective is to aid the exceptional chil- dren of Quincy. Accordingly, this year several activi- ties were planned for the children, including the tradi- tional Christmas party. The club's other objectives were reflected in its varied activities, which included the sale of programs at football games, the Trophy Dance for fall sports, the Parents' Appreciation Banquet, the Model Assem- bly, and the annual ski trip. Under the successful lead- ership of Mr. Carlin and the ollicers, Thomas Norton, President, George Olson, Vice-President, Philip Maher, Treasurer, and William Bestgen, Secretary, the boys re- ceived many commendations for outstanding service to the community. Among these were three special cita- tions from Kiwanis International for work with retarded children and a plaque from the South Shore Association for Retarded Children. Through its varied objectives, the Key Club has provided its members with a broad spectrum of experience in school and civic service. The Key Club GIRL ' CLUB As we look back on our senior year. we tind that one of the most outstanding clubs was the Girls' Club. Led by four capable ofhcers: Theresa O'Brien. President: Julie Doherty. Vice-Pres- identg Susan Jakub. Secretary: and Susan Page. Treasurer. this club was engaged in both social and civic activities. The Girls' Club social activ- ities started with a football dance. "Who ls Mr. Touchdown'?". sponsored jointly by the Girls' Club and the Drama Club. On February 13. the Girls' Club held its annual Semi-Formal. this year called "Sayonara" and probably the most talked-about dance of the year. The climax of the Girls' Club events was the Mane! Show for which all students were invited to submit acts in order to raise money to reduce yearbook costs. The importance of the Girls' Club is not found. however, in its social events but in its civic activi- ties. This year. as always, members of the Execu- tive Board conducted a Thanksgiving Food Drive for poor families in Quincy. Later the club held a Christmas Party for the retarded children at the Pollard School. Through its entire program the Girls' Club has never lost sight of its purpose: service to the school and tothe community. There is something basically hilarious about giving away S500 to the ilmivl. The Girls' Club Executive Board What's wrong with ravioli for Thanksgiving? Even the Indians must have wanted a change from corn and turkey. 27 33' ' .7 fi' , tv' t ,Q if li '57 . xl The Nurses' Career Club Bob gets a sample of Comprised of girls who are consider- ing entering the nursing profession, the Nurses' Career Club aims to provide its members with a clearer understanding of the problems of nursing. To help achieve this aim President Diane McCrackin, Vice-President Mary Moore, Secretary Madeline Cedrone, Treasurer Marcelyn Stein, and sponsor Miss Alice Gray, R.N., scheduled trips to hopsitals and nursing schools in the greater Boston area. ln helping to make Christmas hap- pier for an underprivileged Quincy fam- ily, the members gained a personal in- sight into the understanding and un- selhshness necessary in nursing. Through these experiences the girls will bring into whatever held they may choose a greater awareness and understanding of human -N need. The Receptionists 28 RSES' CAREER CLU he personal attention given each patient entering 'a RECEPTIO ISTS At any time during the school day, vis- itors to North were made welcome and given assistance and directions by one of the girls who serve as receptionists. Each receptionist devoted some of her study periods to attending the information desk inside the main entrance. Mr. Penna, the group's advisor, arranged a schedule which never allowed the desk to be va- cant. With pride in their school and a readiness to serve, the receptionists helped to create many favorable first im- pressions of North. GUIDANCE RECEPTIO IST ff. The services of the Guidance Recep- tionists form an indispensable part of the carrying out of the functions of the Guidance Department. Displaying effi- ciency and poise in all situations. they greet and assist visiting parents and col- lege representatives. The girls also assist counselors in clerical jobs. by typing let- ters and memoranda. taking down infor- mation. and delivering messages. Always competent and willing to help. the recep- tionists help to make the Guidance Oflice, a vital part of North. a smoothly- operating unit. The Guidance Receptionists . O Neatness and consistency are the watch-words of the Dewey Decimal Sy stem. LIBRARY STAFF l 1 l The Library Staff performs an invalu- able service to the school in helping to keep library materials orderly and the li- brary's services efficient. Under the direc- tion of Miss Buckley. the members of the staff volunteered their time before and after school and during study periods, carrying out such tasks as checking out books. revising shelves and delivering li- brary permits. But their service was not confined to the library. The staff, led this year by Ann Moore, Presidentg Lynda Leavitt, Vice-Presidentg and Regina Scanlon. Secretary, again undertook the project of purchasing books for a class of handicapped children at the Pollard School. The Library Staff 29 TRI-KOLA-MARKEE Ollicers: Marsha Van Gemert, President, Gail Ougoorlian, Vice-President, Diane Carlson, Chaplain, Susan Jakub, Janet Masciarelli, Secre- taries, Susan Page, Treasurer. Debbie leads an obviously animated discussion of the values derived from participating in Tri-Hi-Y. TRI-DELTA-RHO Officers: Anne Breingan, President, Karen Kline, Vice-President, Deborah Hodges, Chap- lain, Ann Cippoloni, Deborah Wilkinson, Secre- taries, Kathy Grimshaw, Treasurer. TRI-HI-Y - 4 Sue, Gail, Diane, Marsha, Sue, and Janet try to beat the record for the greatest number of North Tri posters per square inch of wall. Tri-Hi-Y, the YMCA-afliliated organ- ization, is dedicated to the purpose of developing teen-age girls into mature. broad-minded, and wholesome adults who will create, maintain. and extend throughout the community high stand- ards of Christian character. , ',, A favorite Tri-Delta-Sigma activity is counting money. TRI-ELPHA-DELTA Officers: Janice Williams, Presidentg Ellen O'Neill, Vice-Presidentg Phyllis O'Brien, Chap- laing Kathy Day, Secretaryg Margaret Kelliher, Treasurer. TRI-DELTA-SIGMA Oflicers: Janice Flaherty, Presidentg Rosanna Doherty, Vice-Presidentg Diane McCrackin, Chaplaing Deborah Di Carlo, Secretaryg Joan Es- trella, Treasurer. Beginning early in the fall the Prom Commit- tee met continuously to combine their creative abilities toward making the night of May 2l a memorable one for the class of l965. Nick Verenis and Gail Ougoorlian, Committee chair- men, and the four class officers were faced with a number of problems but came up with good solu- tions. Conferences with class advisor, Mr. Dona- hue, and the principal, Mr. Walsh, further crys- tallized the plans. Finally several alternatives were presented to the whole senior class for its decision. The vote favored holding the Prom at the King Philip at Wrentham on Friday, May 21, 1965. Once this decision was made, the Commit- tee was able to concentrate on the actual prepa- rations for the Prom, such as making the pro- grams, ordering favors, and choosing a band. At last everything was ready for the long-awaited night and couples set out for the King Philip for -i--fx.-,-.-1 . The Prom Committee an evening of music and dancing. Gerry can just close her eyes and imagine the dances she, Midge, and Joan are planning. Dances always provide an opportunity for in- terested seniors to work together sharing ideas, planning details, selling tickets, hiring a disc jockey, and decorating the gym in order to make a big success not only for their class but also for the underclassmen who attend. Under the leader- ship of chairmen Joan Ronayne, George Fell, Gerry Mercadante, and Midge Curtis, the com- mittee members were inspired to cooperate and succeeded in producing two of the liveliest dances of the year-the "65 Jive" and the "Bermuda Hop." Y 'K nl 'wa 'P' 'lx PRDM COMMITTEE The Prom Committee chairmen use every opportunity to plan the pr OUT. DANCE CDMMITTEE Dfw C' I The Dance Committee 32 CLASS DAY COMMITTEE Tommy, Pat, Barry, and Holly practice for that intellectually-satisfying day. M.P.P.C. The Motion Picture Projectionist Club has the important job of maintaining the audio-visual equipment used at North. Mr. Mason, the club's sponsor, assigns a specific aspect of this job to each of the members. Some of the boys are re- sponsible for getting equipment to and from classrooms: others assist in after-school activities and assemblies. A source of particular pride to the club this year was two new 16 mm projectors. These addi- tions have enabled the club to provide even bet- ter service to the school in broadening the scope of classroom learning through audio-visual aids. ir-'9' U The Class Day Committee Starting early in the year the Class Day Com- mittee and its advisor Mr. Donahue mixed to- gether a concoction of hard work and careful planning and seasoned it with their wild imagina- tions. More precisely the important ingredients were the perfect location, Lake Pearl, and a co- ordinated plan taking care of the arrangements for the necessary athletic equipment, food, and transportation. The result was a day filled with swimming, eating, game-playing, and signing Mlll16I.S'. The class of 1965 will always remember this final class activity because of the successful efforts of this committee. The Motion Picture Projectionists 1 Q vi if 2 f 4 scholarship I l l l LATI HO GR SGCIETY Elaine and Russ help Rick emulate Cicero Gm The Latin Honor Society has recognized stu- dents who have shown outstanding accomplish- The Latin Honor Society l 51,2 rt- A . 4 I-'Fiat -. 1 I I' rw 'PQ 5 1' 5 i The German Honor Society, under the sponsorship of Miss Ruth Meisner, was organized to give recognition to students who have achieved academic distinction in their study of German. The ollicers, President Frances Shachat, Secretary Mary Bauer. and Treasurer David Han- son gave direction to the club's interest in becoming acquainted with the culture of Germany. The members gained an in- sight into yet another culture through North's exchange student from Chile, Adriana Cerda, who was made an hon- orary member of the Society. ment in the Latin language. Students in grade nine with an average in Latin of 90 or better, and in grades ten, eleven or twelve with averages of 85 or better, qualified for membership. Under officers Richard Goldstein, Presidentg Joan Quin- tiliani, Vice-President, Madeline Cedrone, Secre- taryg and Russell Doherty, Treasurer, the Society has continued both to give recognition to those who have achieved and to provide incentive for the achievement of others. GERMAN HO OR UCIET The German Honor Society 36 a- -..C5-- , The National Spanish Honor Society NATIONAL SPANI H HO OR OCIETY Rub a dub dub. The Spanish society's otiicers practice a peren- nially successful fund-raiser. Each year, second and third-year Spanish stu- dents who received all A's in their first year of Spanish and have maintained an 85 or above average are honored by induction into the Na- tional Spanish Honor Society. The new members must then continue to keep their grade average at C or better. This year. the Society's ofhcers, Brenda Goldberg, President, Pat Dodd. Vice- T . ' Q' President, Claire Donaghey, Secretaryg and Chris- ' tian Snook, Treasurer, led the members in car - f' .A .xu N XX '. 1. df washes, cake sales, and other profitable ventures in order to raise money for a scholarship to be awarded to a deserving student of Spanish. Thus, .ff members of the Society not only received recog- nition for their achievement but also gained a tirsthand perspective of cooperative eliort. Z ' in .i,, f '- g i FRENCH HO OR SOCIETY QE!Qh'J?'C50D . 1 The French Honor Society 37 The French Honor Society, now in its second year under the sponsorship of Mrs. Jack, participated in a new region- ally-based program under the guidance of its oliicers-Patricia Dodd, President, Claire Donaghey, Vice-President, Patri- cia Granahan and Kathleen Hennessey, Secretariesg and Ann Yeomans, Program Coordinator. In this program, the French Honor Society acted as a host in May for La Belle Anzericaine, a French film. In addition to taking part in this project, the Honor Society prepared for the May in- duction of new members. Between their study of French in the classroom and their participation in the Society's pro- gram, the members broadened their cul- tural background and increased their practical knowledge of contemporary France. Mr. Walsh congratulates Susan on her induction into the National Honor Society. Each year the National Honor Society inducts juniors and seniors who have demonstrated outstanding scholarship, leadership, character, and service. Spon- sored by Mrs. Black and Mr. Miceli and led by Eric Pearson, Presidentg Linda Maloney, Vice-Presidentg G e r a l d i n e Mercadante, Secretaryg and Duane Hard- ing, Treasurer, the members continued to show a spirit of service by holding a dance this year for the benefit of North's organ fund. As a highly-regarded school organization. the Society contributed a standard of excellence to the set of val- ues which form the perspective of North's student body. , 2 ' 'P ATIO AL HG OR SOCIETY While the other officers count the collars, Duane examines the spelling of National Honor Society on them. The National Honor Society 38 MARI SCIENCE Mary, Bill, and Bob classify the objects collected on a beachcombing trip. USSIA North's experimental Russian course, now in its second year, has met with con- tinuing interest from both students and teachers. Under the direction of Mr. Tanguay, the twenty-live students who comprised the first and second-year groups met on alternate mornings from 7:45 to 8:15 in room 415. The course offered a study of basic grammar and aimed to build a vocabulary for speaking and for reading. Not only did the pupils in the course profit from their studies, but the rest of the student body and the faculty gained a new interest, as is evi- denced by their constant query, "How do you say that in Russian?" The Marine Science Class Under the direction of Miss Schields, the Marine Science Club met every Tues- day in Room 416 with the purpose of increasing each member's knowledge of the marine world and stimulating his in- terest in it. To achieve its purpose, the club first learned about different branches of marine life by listening to reports given by club members. Then members tested the newly-acquired infor- mation by identifying and classifying specimens collected on field trips to Wollaston Beach. As evidenced by the school and regional science awards pre- sented to the co-chairmen, William Mc- Weeney and Robert Murray, for their projects in marine science, the club has realized its goal. EN . -. x 'if-5. The Russian Class I 1 'QQ G-D L' an 9 0 .- - - es., 0 if D - 7 X , if -1' nf-H1 A ff . A , xi ff ' Frannie savors several captions. l I S a ff -1 X , 'ini- 1 , xx 2 f' N Up to the last minute Debbie works on write-ups. "5 MAN T The newness had worn off the 4 x 5 cubbyhole the Mamet editors called home and the advisor was no longer naive about yearbook business. but the individualistic editors of the 1965 Mane! made change the keynote of their planning. Maureen McCabe designed a cover distinctive in its departure from all previous Manet tradition. This break with tradition was continued in the informal layout and color scheme Diane Carlson designed. As Debbie Lockwood strove for originality in the copy in areas other than grammatical construc- tion. Frances Shachat was the taskmaster who insured that each editor focused her contribution on the controlling idea of the book. Questioning the balance of Diane's layouts or revising Debbie's re- vised copy. Franny somehow pushed the staff into meeting every dead- line. Paul Manning made all the machinery of the yearbook run more smoothly by tracking down recalcitrant Literary Staff writers and helping with the subscription campaign. Armed with a broad smile and quick wit. Lynne Goodman secured the financial backing neces- sary for the realization of the staffs revolutionary ideas. Finally, ever- present with subtle reminders of approaching deadlines. Mr. Murphy kept a constant check on the progress of each phase of the book and supplied the staff with experienced assistance. Yet the new ideas in design and layout only served to accentuate the editors prime objective-to express all of the class's experiences in the meaningful pattern that all experiences contribute to the indi- vidual's ability to make decisions according to a mature standard of values. Indeed. the editors hoped that this pattern would be as mean- ingful to the class as it was to them during the long hours they spent fulfilling their duties. l"ll LJ' 'Civ Diane relaxes upon completing her dummies. 40 sk" Plzinning the color scheme. Maureen pictures the layouts in her mind. 1' sf' 9-' it 2 0-2 , X. .ty Mr. Murphy checks his editors' work. fi An accomplished photographer David dislikes posed pictures. ILX Paul, the Expeditor-in-Chief in all Mane! prob- lems. is outnumbered but not dismayed by four female editors. Despite delinquent payments, Lynne keeps on smiling MANET LIT ERA RY STAFF PATRON STAFF TYPISTS Once every month through the pages of the school newspaper students gain a fresh and comprehensive perspective of the everchanging pattern of personalities and events that are part of North. Successfully coordi- nating efforts of the entire stahl were the Editor-in- Chief, Emily Koretskyg the members of the Editorial i Board: Robert Huke, Philip Maher, Diane McCrackin, and Paula Shayg and the advisor, Mr. Jones-Henry. 'gn 5 Spirited and tireless North Star reporters kept Room 401, headquarters for the paper, informed of the t latest school news. Featured in every issue were write- ups of outstanding individuals among the members of the Senior Class, athletic squads and the faculty, and i expressions of the views of readers and editors on cur- i rent issues. Throughout the year the North Star continu- ally brought into focus the infomuation and inspiration 3 which stimulate pride in our school and a desire to A-Ai., f- .... X achieve. I The editors check the final layout. I 'ln-. ORTH S AR R'- Despite financial ditticulties. the staff members tried to keep the presses rolling-each with his own method. 1 l I 10.413, I f The North Star Staff Hwy The Art Club Peter explains to Maureen, Marguerite, and Leslie how he got perspec- tive into his sketch of Quincy Square. DRAMA CLUB Long. weary hours of rehearsal plus talented members were the principal components of the success of the Drama Club this year. Finally securing a spon- sor, Mr. Ingersoll, the club chose its oth- cers, Holly Grazioso, Presidentg Donna Pitt, Vice-President: Nancy Drinkwine. Secretary, and Nancy Shute, Treasurer. Once organized, the group began plans for the climax of its year, a musical staged for the benefit of the Norlh Star. At last, in April, the combined elforts of the Drama Club and the school's musical organizations made possible the presen- tation of Gilbert and Sullivan's "Ruddi Gore." ART CLUB The Christmas season was the busiest for the Art Club this year. Each member demonstrated his artistic ability by creat- ing a festive spirit throughout the school in many imaginative posters, murals, and window designs. Led by President Peter Johnston, Vice-President Maureen Mc- Cabe, managers Leslie Shugrue and Mar- guerite Barron, and the advisor Mr. Keaveny, the club combined its creative talent with that of the Music Department in the cultural exhibits and activities of the Spring Arts Festival. In all its proj- ects, the Art Club contributed to the school spirit of the students at North. The Drama Club 44 CONCERT CHOIR A comparatively new group at North. the Con- cert Choir is composed of students chosen by audition only. Under the new music program. the choir, directed by Mr. Ingersoll, met five times weekly. The competitive selection of the mem- bers and the increased rehearsal time enabled the group to attempt more diflicult music and achieve a higher degree of perfection than ever before. The acceptance of several choir members for the district and state choruses and the award of an A- 1 rating at the New England Music Festival to eight choir members. auditioning as a double quartet, served to point up the improved quality. Whether participating with the other musical or- ganizations in assemblies and concerts through- out the year or performing for community groups, the Concert Choir provided its audience with a meaningful and enjoyable experience. The Mixed Chorus E rfilii' -2 The Concert Choir Mr. Ingersoll conducts the double quartet in the "Hallelujah Chorus." Q' H f il -if 45 MIXED CHGRU This year has been a year of change and enrichment in the music department. A new music teacher and an expanded program in music with additional re- hearsal time enabled students in the Mixed Chorus to perfect their singing as well as to broaden their selections. Thus the Club gave an excellent performance at the Thanksgiving and Christmas as- semblies, a public concert in the fall, the Annual Spring Concert and the new "Pops" concert. These programs were in- deed evidence of the diversification of the musical experience of the club. NA V The Science Club SCIENCE CLUB Come rain, come shine, come seven other club or committee meetings, on Wednesday afternoon at least forty members of the Science Club were drawn to room 429 for the weekly meeting. In Mike explains the principles behind the micro fulfilling their goals of broadening their own knowledge of science and increasing the scientific interest of the rest of the student body, the members were led by Miss Schields and other members of the science faculty and by the club officers: Randy Sharp, President, Eric Pearson, Vice-President, Mary Moore, Secretary, and Robert Leavens, Treasurer. A meeting could consist of a report by a mem- ber on his project or on a summer science program, a science film, a demonstration of new equipment by a faculty member or a student, or a special program by a science expert from outside the school. Several times the club sponsored field trips to technical facilities in the area. Yet the high point was North's seventh Science Fair. To the general public, the Fair gave an insight into student activities at North and into opportunities open to students in science. To the participating students, the Fair as well as other Science Club activi- ties during the year provided the opportunities to demonstrate their specialized knowledge and to talk to professionals within their fields of interest. balance. Balloons and styrofoam balls are transformed into molecular models by imaginative future scientists. 46 DEB TI . CL B 8 The Debating Club Should nuclear weapons be controlled by an international organ- ization? This was the basic question which the North Quincy High School Debating Team argued all year. Every Wednesday afternoon. members of the debating squad went to various South Shore high schools to present their views on the subject. At these weekly de- bates. our debaters exhibited the results of thorough research. care- ful organization of material. and practiced speech techniques. Led by President James Dunn. Vice-President Arthur Houlc. Secretary Karen Cunningham. and Treasurer Leslie Powers. North took part in over sixty debates this year as a member of the South Shore Debating League. The team climaxed its successful year by participating in several tournaments and speech festivals. Through this club, the de- baters not only developed poise and self-conhdence in speaking be- fore a group but also became well informed on an important world issue. GREA BDOK 'ff' "" Every Friday after school the mem- bers of the Great Books group met in Room 201 to discuss selections from great literary works. The purpose of the discussion was not to come to any fixed conclusion but merely to present the ideas of such authors as Sophocles. Machiavelli, Shakespeare, and Rousseau. Although Miss Persis Johnson. the group's leader, asked questions to stimu- late and guide discussion, the partici- pants had to reason for themselves and form their own opinions from the read- ing and the ideas of others in the group. Through the discussion, the students were given the opportunity to both broaden and focus their perspective of human experience. Suzanne challenges that the opposition has used their facts like a drunkard uses a lamp post-for support, not illumination Linda. Paula. and Diane discuss the individuals relationship to society 47 Y' 2' 8.44 0 X 'T F' a k"'!l""7 rye- . ,, S0-H X 4 ' ' ef' , P 9 5 7 .VIS- fr -.-K 1. ,, gig A: fag g.. L 75.4431 1 A.: 4 - ,7,,, -el, Q N xv' ' 'Is --.1 '-af ,fs ,EE .Q si, fi : ':. M , . 'sf .. M, , 4' 'iff' turf., . ,- fi iififf' f N is A si .5, ,,1,. .31 5' Q. Y 2-f-ff ,js g a - - :X f Neff' QW i ,. 2 i. 'igzii-, " 5 if:"I.-. - 1543? I: tu' an F' ,fag sportsmanship - ..,.1.-.1---m...w..-.a....--.1u1.nv' , - 5,2 . Q. 'P N , Franny breaks through the Quincy line for a first down. FQQTB LL The North Quincy High School football team, this year, passed through a season which proved to be filled with hard luck. First came the shocking news of Coach Leone's heart seizure. Secondly, the team was plagued with injuries throughout the season. Finally, they had one of the roughest schedules in the school's history, play- ing against tough Class A competition. In the opening game of the season, the Raider team found them- selves up against last year's Class A champs and suffered a 22-8 defeat. Hampered by a start-of-the-season defeat. the team fell again before the strong Malden and Medford teams. But, when Chelsea High School came into Veterans Memorial Stadium on October 24, the Raiders exploded. Rated the underdogs, North handed Chelsea a fine 28-8 defeat sparked by the great play of quarterback Rick Wan- less. halfback Fran Lacey, and end Lang Willis. North's upset win over a strong Somerville High team, 14-6, for the returning Coach Leone, left North high in spirit as they gunned for a decisive victory over their Turkey Day rivals. the Presidents from Quincy High. The odds were against North, yet they went out on the field determined to bring home a victory for North. They almost did as out of sheer determination they gave Quincy "their toughest game of the season" in a close 12-8 decision. North 8 Everett 22 O Malden 32 6 Medford 26 28 Chelsea 8 12 Hingham 30 1 Revere 0 14 Somerville 6 8 Quincy 12 50 Coach Leone iliiiig ITG Q Iiiiif li U... 1 L. . aa'-v -- - I f-jg1f'ff',.l P. , ! , R' f IDT Af " ' : ', wg, -, TQ ., ,K . .Q ,.,., .. .., 1..'.... ' ' 942 "uk 1' 9 N .ps 5, ----1 sm 51-P." NS. W -A '.gn,.,.,h'i3 . 11- ', -I -.ln ' V, ".n' fr. ' ' h lsqfffglawqh " ' f '. 'iijri -Q 34.169 -Aw., H rf' , h J.-1,5 V- '. .-twpgglx, I I. - Fha! , . 'ff' A Iwmx'-.Ivo 'r ' M ff . " '. " ' Q '14 FJ f'fw WW " f A ' 4 x Q Q "jo L - . V1.1-s 'fy' I Calf l 'nl x 'X' v"' ' -K I' ' A I 1 1 .lx I , f r Qt 1 1 ' 'K ,, ,' xt, 'J N' if 1 ' - 1 5 -' . ' . ,f N fs . 4 xl - J -s I , . , so I Tri-Captain Paul Zzxmbernurdi I x 9 5 Y Y I I I 7 K Y w w The Football Team Tri-Captain Bob Stephansky is T. J X o X '-1 'UV' 32 Q 'i 1"i1gpg'v.Y,t!q' ing y x 'S if Q 5. K "nr A . . 4 I 5 'Q Tom Norton iw' , 254 I Z '..l 5 es-'Nj 3 .f 'xv 5 , 1 I 'x F I R Ill! Ill! -. Jerry Galvin - 527 ..g-,X .5 , ., nfs. , 5,.-,,"!2f- ,f.., in v as dw, , ! ark.-. - Lang Willis A f 3, ps v 4 .ix lip' . A tense toss-off starts the Turkey Day Game. ..-...-.--, INA' L-.,.-. . - ,Jem lvu. .,,,,, i Kerry Newell Ray BeHenna "N-. 'll Q MII! ' um' Z ,f Richie Giachetti Bob Stella l Gary MacDonald North holds Revere as Richie hands off to Peter for touchdown drive. -fel asa K Q xIll:1 in-.-.Q-L it H Q. 5701 Dan Bradley Scott Kiley I Us M .C 5, ffm -' tm HH B111 Bestgen Ed O Donnell Ed Holden Jlm Murphy Y Q M 'U' - Q IQ ...L lla' 5 X The Tennis Team "Forty-all," called Dick Courtney to Coach Roy Sinclair. "What are the scores on the Morrison and the McCarthy singles?" asked the veteran coach. No matter how confusing this conversation might seem to a casual passer-by. it might easily have been overheard at any one of North's six- teen fast-moving matches this year. As a member of the South Shore League, North played Quincy, Brockton, Weymouth, Catholic Memorial, B. C. High. Sacred Heart of Weymouth. and I-lingham. Even before the season began. Mr. Sinclair was sure of improving last year's 7-5 record with his varsity squad of eight Squantum scrappers and one Montclair maverick. Larry Courtney ll' kv 425555 N A ,- JT, Q '-1' . ' X,--V ,... v .4-. .' 'Q , 1 , sg iii . A. 4 . of .av-XV' Rich Courtney ta is .QxWbb... life: ..,'EHi:f4x Tri-Captain Jack Trefry and Paul Bregoli At the conclusion of the 1964 soccer season North Quincy High School was able to boast the proud title of South Shore Soccer Association Champions. Coach George Golding, in only his second season as coach, carried the talented team to a record of eleven wins and one defeat. More than just a compilation of wins, this record repre- sented a spirited light to dethrone Sharon High School. the champions since the Association's beginning in 1959. Pre- dicted to be of no threat in the league race. North overcame its inexperience with a strong competitive attitude and hard work. Winning the South Shore Championship gave North a berth in the Massachusetts Schoolboy Soccer Tournament. After a hard iight. however. North fell before a strong New- ton High School team. The captains who guided North through this successful season were Steve Kramer. Richard Quinn. and Jack Trefry In posting the greatest season in North's history, the team was sparked by a scoring punch which provided 43 goals for the season. The big reasons for this great number of goals were all-scholastic player Larry DeFelice. who scored an amazing nineteen goals, and senior Jack Trefry. who scored ten. The offense, although strong, would have had little suc- cess without the superb defense paced by Paul Bregoli. Dave Hanson. Mike Kelly. and all-scholastic goalie Steve Kramer, who posted four shutouts and averaged only one goal scored on him per game. SOCCER 56 l fast ' " 'T' North 3 Quincy 2 5 Norwell 2 2 Sharon 4 3 Avon 1 7 So. Shore Voc. O 3 Duxbury 1 4 Quincy 2 2 Norwell O 2 Sharon 1 6 Avon 1 l So. Shore Voc. O 5 Duxbury 0 Massaclzusetts Sclzoolboy Soccer Tournament North O Newton 4 ijififiiiia ia.-1.i 1 if pppunazu ' 3 Qf i' lgniiu-1.3" 1-war-'ig' ' 'rim' Q f 4-r, 3 lfll Tl W'- r rv , , ll 4 . i ! ., 1 '31 . 'iQ ,,,i......,..--1-- Ill. fn.,- .2 --1 Qi l - --W... -ng Couch Golding Mike Kelly and David Hanson ' i Cfl 9 The Soccer Team Larry DeFelice A L A L. . Y . QF., l1"" 57 Pete scores despite Somerville's "foul" play. N! Coach Rickson The Greater Boston League Champions In its best and most exciting season in years, North Quincy High's basketball team captured the Greater Boston League Championship and won a cherished berth in the Tech Tournament. With a combination of unparalleled spirit and hustling the team dribbled, shot, and rebounded its way from a preseason rating of average to an outstanding record of 16 wins and only I loss. From the start, North displayed superb form as the first away game pitted them against the league favorites, Everett. But a determined Pete Varney saw to it that Everett was the lesser of a 78-65 game. In the second of a series of three close games Dave Zink and Captain Mike Greenlaw tied Somerville at the ten second mark. Then Greenlaw's half court swish with 2 seconds left downed Somerville 65-63. In the closing seconds of the January 19th Quincy game, Pete Varney's jump shot handed North a slight 1 point margin of 58-57. As the second half of the season began, a twenty-point victory over Medford saw all twelve in the scoring column for a second time. It was not until Everettls big Ed Siduit came into North's gym that the Raiders fell by a mere 3 points. The Everett game and the two to follow demon- strated the quality of the bench as Rich Giachetti and Lang Willis substituted for two players whose temporary injuries could not immediately be eased by the tapewinding abilities of managers Robert Gore, Nick Verenis, and Steve Kramer. The Everett loss sparked some emotions as North rolled over Malden and then Revere to qualify for the Tech Tour- ney with four games yet remaining. The last of these games saw the Raiders go out in style as Dave Zink scored 27 points in an all-out effort to subdue the Presidents. The result, North 74 and Quincy 63. A Vin Clancy North 73 78 77 74 97 67 65 43 58 , -71 :z after Captain Mike Greenlaw North Medford 56 75 Medford 55 Everett 65 65 Everett 68 Malden 67 69 Malden 66 Revere 46 79 Revere 51 Spellman 43 67 Chelsea 61 Chelsea 59 68 Somerville 64 Somerville 63 68 New Bedford 41 New Bedford 42 74 Quincy 63 Quincy 57 TECH TO URNEY North 76 Lawrence 49 North 52 Durfee 5 8 l Dave Zink Scott Healey V Na' 9 R I' Pete Varney Larry Grazio Oakie O'Connell Lang Willis Z, Plays like Vin's proved too much for Revere. 6 4 Fi A , .. Qj., iffwff 'Tr """"" ""-vial North fights through Quincy's defense to break the tie. l Coach Laing 'Diffs' " . ., 1 North 0 Revere 5 1 Chris. Columbus 5 4 Don Bosco 7 3 Malden 14 1 Quincy 7 0 Chelsea 8 2 Everett 12 0 Revere 6 O Chris. Columbus 5 4 Don Bosco 4 1 Malden 6 4 Quincy 7 ' . 2 Chelsea 4 ' i 3 Everett 4 The Raider Hockey Team under Coach Bob Laing settled for a long, though sometimes breathtaking, losing season. The final record was 0-l3-1. Although the first half of North's season was disheartening as North lost all its games, near the end of the season North seemed to find the right scoring and defensive combination with Skip Smith, Rick Jakub, and Ron Malzone as forwards and Bob Lippens and Ed Gallagher on defense. Improvement was evident in the Don Bosco game as North led at the end of the first period. Goals were scored by Rick Jakub, who was assisted by co-captains Bob Lip- pens and Skip Smith. Don Bosco, however, made a rapid comeback in the second and third periods to pull ahead 4-3. Not to be denied, North came back again as Russ Doherty scored the tieing goals with Todd Smith assisting. Such memorable playing proved that the Raiders deserved the loyalty of the boosters who cheered them throughout the season. HGCKEY 62 J -ad' If ,ul ,Ski . 5 rv Paul Zambernurdi Bob Stephansky The Hockey Team Skip und Quincy's center are poised at the face-off. -.rglwl in V fly! , ' IA ,4 , ,L- I Rlck scores agambt Don Bosco. C0-Captams Bob Llppens and Sklp Smith, and Rlck Jakub. Ed Rose Ron Malzone, Todd Smith, and Ned Gallagher 64 I With Captain Steve Sager and Coach John Donahue leading the seven-man team, North's golf pros were oh' on another exciting year of competition within the South Shore League. Mr. Donahue looked forward to a successful season and was certain the boys would win the majority of their 16 matches with Quincy, Duxbury, Hing- ham, Weymouth, Scituate, Cohasset, Watertown, Braintree, and Milton. The reason for this confidence? Team mem- bers Ed O'Neill, Peter Fick, Mike Davis, Ron Malzone. Jim Barkas, Rich Starsiak, and Steve Roger were all veterans of the varsity team and practiced constantly on weekends. With such ex- perience and diligence, the golf team was sure to fulfill Mr. Donahuels predictions. The Golf Team as ,, SSQI, gd 0.25. I- V U", ,As 4- -hd ui-rd" J. , - ':-aquvirxkcff -'7-35 .nfl - 21" .L is i - . --. 1. ' !"'3 " -mg-4. "" 4. rf ' .- w . . ll - ft 2 L . ,gs , .. 'K . Ron Malzone Mike Davis TRACK On your mark! Now set! Go! These words appropri- ately represented the spirit of Northfs hustling track squads. North started its year-round participation in track with cross-country in the fall. Coach Jerry Lyons' team, captained enthusiastically by John Laverty, had a successful season, winning all but two of its seven meets. In addition to its regular season meets, the team competed in the Catholic Memorial Invitational Meet and the State Meet. John Laverty and Rich Starsiak both finished in the top ten at the State. The second phase in North's track season was win- ter track, coached by Mr. Robert Gentry. The young, inexperienced squad, dominated by juniors and sopho- mores, found it tough going in this year's Metropolitan League, finishing with a dismal 2-5 record. Neverthe- less at the State Winter Track Meet at the Garden John Laverty came in fourth in the 1000 yard race and Gerry Byrnes second in the mile. Yet, the greatest cause for encouragement was that the team had gained invaluable experience and had improved greatly by the end of its season. With a strong cross-country squad and an experi- enced winter track team, Coach Gentry was confident that North would fare well in the third phase of track competition in the Spring. L gg .. -Ji 2 , 5' PW' -iq Q I 'gill 'll ai! 2'-'il -4--is we se: L32 'ft "- if Ricky is determined to leave Somerville behind in his dust. Gerry Burns L :nib ix '12 la wha A-ry' w- ee .iff- up V -N-A o 14. v ,.. wx '-"c-:W-'Lai if . -F uct? 22'f'if.-ff' lr , Q A-QQ'-2 , - 1.1 v0,l ,' vga ,Q 1' - I ff- wi V Zu' I' 45 , 1 - I ::,,. ., ., . xi" Captain John Laverty Q.-i-...L - 3 srlim 'fu 3' -1 .'- 'a '5"5!5:"' A' fb' PC ..- . . l.. ii ' '7"-- 5'-1 '- . G 5' 3'1" +5504-'75 :.'..h',-" ,A 23:3 ,r'9",,'-'gsgo The Cross Country Squad ll Z QJIIJU 63 r Ready! Get set! . . . xl UINL Fri.-.,'.,,,.-4 Go! 68 Paul Fawcett North's Gymnastic Team under Coach George Golding finished its most successful season in three years of interscholastic competition with a tine record of 7 wins and 2 losses. The members of the team worked tirelessly throughout the season to develop and improve their routines on the mats. horizontal bar. side horse. still rings. parallel bars. and tloor exercise. Standouts among the many line members of the team were Richard DelGal1o. Steve Sager, and Paul Fawcett. all three lettermen. In the State Individual Champion- ships in which Paul. Steve, and Richie competed. Richie became the state champion in tumbling and was second in floor exercise. The hours of hard practice by the squad as a whole in whatever space available resulted in exhibitions of great skill and agility leading to a fitting culmination of the year as participants in the Massachusetts State Team Meet. The Gym Team Norllz 93 108 108 107 108 114 ll-1 120 129 i 75 100 103 95 132 103 105 119 135 GYM TE ul? The Baseball Team Even well before the snow had vanished from the dia- mond, the 1965 baseball season promised to be one of great success. The team boasted eleven returning lettermen, seven of whom had started on North's first team to play in the strong Greater Boston League. According to some predic- tions, these seven could provide North with the most power- ful hitting team in the league. The pitching chores were to be handled by two returning starters and two hopeful J.V.'s. Adding to the team's strength were two other veterans and two newcomers. The team faced a temporary setback when it lost the services of veteran coach Ed Phillips. Mr. Robert Lewis, his replacement, has had great success working with boys and developing winning teams at Atlantic Junior High School. The boys were really looking forward to playing under his guidance. With the leadership of Mr. Lewis and the experi- ence of the boys the team promised to have both the ability and the poise to carry it through a very successful season. ASEBALL Q I , t we Coach Lewis " -flirt , E , . . , f 1 Lang slams a homer. Et Rich Giachetti Mike Greenluw if .f . Tom Norton 71 North's Cheerleaders Q K Outstanding examples of school spirit and good sports- manship this year were North's cheerleaders. Under the su- In their spare time the cheerleaders form shaky pyramids. pervision of their advisor Miss Katherine McCoy and head cheerleader Kathy Cooke, the twelve energetic members of the squad, with the occasional help of the two substitutes, cheered North's teams on to victory. Besides meeting a de- manding schedule of games and rallies, the cheerleaders spent long hours at early morning practices and frequent sign. pompon, and shaker meetings. Outfitted in the traditional red and black. the squad was joined this year by the warpaint and headdresses of the boy cheerleaders. Both squads maintained the enthusiasm of the spectators and the morale of the teams at a record high with spirited war cries of "Go Big Red!,' But at the game the North locomotive reverberates through the stands. 2 Ai CHEERLE DERS E FH I , l i i 'l Er Q North's Majorettes MAJ GRETTE Half time at the football games this fall was always the setting for exhibitions of color, precision, and co- ordination by the members of the drum majorette squad. Dressed in colorful Indian costumes, the major- ettes added much to the spirit at games and rallies as they twirled to the accompaniment of the band. Throughout the fall in rigorous practice sessions each Tuesday and Friday afternoon, the squad went through their intricate routines under the supervision of their sponsor, Miss Mary O'Connor. Although made up al- most entirely of sophomores and juniors, the ten-mem- ber squad, headed by senior Marilyn Mushlin, over- came any lack of experience through consistent prac- tice. During the remainder of the year, the majorettes performed in North's Annual Spring Concert and marched in both the Christmas and Memorial Day pa- rades. Whatever the occasion, the majorettes repre- sented North well with excellent performance and true school spirit. 73 Julie's hand-off to Babe shows why she swims and Barry, Babe. and Paul play football. Made up of students who held a letter in at least one of the varsity sports. the Varsity Club boasted an exclusive membership. With a first- hand interest in North's teams, the club lent its support this year through the sale of "Beat Quincyu and Varsity pins. For the first time, the lettermen extended membership to a female ath- lete, Julie Doherty, who was awarded a letter for her performance in the National Junior Backstyle Meet. As club secretary, Julie helped President Paul Zambernadi, Vice-President Barry Welch and Treasurer Edward Holden plan activities worthy of the organization's distinguished mem- bers. The Spirit Committee Chairmen VARSITY CLUB .FJ gg' .pl 5 SPIRIT CGMMITTEE Win or lose, the members of the Spirit Com- mittee kept up an endless effort to provide spir- ited support for North's teams. Week after week the Committee plastered the staircases with pos- ters urging attendance at all games, and set a good example by their own loyal backing. During the fall, Walter Horion and Kathy Murray co- ordinated the spirit that helped make possible the successes of the football and soccer teams. Con- tinuing into the winter, Edward Brennan and Mary Croft led the Committee in keeping spirit at a fever pitch for the hockey and basketball squads. Throughout the year the Committee set a high standard of school spirit for the entire school. l 4 . 'Z 'W 5 M714- N. .J" f X ,xxx N.'Z wXX5l 'z fd? - ff I I V 5? fav: -if Xff H 5,35 -Era. S5 n ,ag f V. N., W F-2'-'f-'f : K' 1' X- ll ' o j ' N19 , .-R 3 4' ,, fX ' x411k . .gn . 359m Girls' Basketball GIRL ' SKETBA LL Anyone regularly passing the girls, gymnasium on Tuesday or Friday afternoons this year would not have been amazed to hear continuous bursts of screams. because these sounds were the char- acteristic signs of the girls, basketball games. Un- der the tolerant coaching of Miss Mary O'Connor the twelve girls' teams each played once a week, competing with other teams from their own classes for the class championship. Once these games were over the four class champs played in the finals to see who would become the school champions. Win or lose, these girls exhibited their love for fun and the enthusiastic spirit that is characteristic of North. D 'W 76 It's a spare! It's a strike! It's the Girls' Bowl- ing Club from North Quincy High! Every Mon- day afternoon at the Norfolk Downs Candlepin Lanes these girls rolled those little black bowling balls down the long alleys with the wide. wide gutters. As their club advisor. Miss Katherine McCoy. helped to keep score. the members tried to qualify for the high single. high average. or most-improved bowler awards. Together with their club officers Lynda Warner, Presidentg Laura Pinto. Vice Presidentg Pam Green. Secre- tary: and Lee Nightingale. Treasurer, the girls had a great deal of fun. while at the same time im- proving their style and developing a sense of good sportsmanship. BOYS' BGWLING Every Friday afternoon the North Quincy High Boys' Bowling Club met at the Wollaston Boulevard Bowladrome. Under the enthusiastic direction of Mr. Paul Carlin, the skilled bowlers formed teams to compete among themselves for honors. Awards were given at the end of the year to the bowlers with consistently fine bowling rec- ords. In addition to enjoying and improving their bowling, the club's members proved to be out- standing representatives of North by their show of good sportsmanship. Sbfl gi 294 .1 , Ni . 7 Boys' Bowling RIFLE CLUB f- -Us-sgfxiagge tml pea-an V L.,--, ' A-- . ' , b--. '- - 4 One of the Rifle Club's functions is apprehending suspicious-looking co-members. The zing of flying bullets and sporadic shouts of "Bulls-eye!" were the customary sounds at- tending the weekly meetings of the Rifle Club. But amid the noise of steady fire, the members were actually learning about the safe handling of lirearms and developing accuracy in shooting. In- structed by Mr. Burgess, some of these marks- men qualified for the club's rifle team, which competed against other teams from Quincy, Braintree and Holbrook. Members of the team, as well as all other shooters, were allowed to advance at their own speed and strove for pro- gressive awards within the club: promarksman, marksman, marksman hrst class, sharpshooter. expert rilleman and distinguished rilleman. as The Rifle Club , 77 Ct Q9 Cam 6 is fellowship GEORGE ADAMS LESLIE ADAMS JAMES V. ADDUCI 47 Airport Road 34 Randlett Street "Duce" Bowling 1 K y Club 3 Glee Club 1, 2. 64 Alvin Avenue A uk- MARY JANE ARDINI 43 Sagamore Avenue Drama Club 21 Riiie Club 23 Student Council lg Dance Comm. 2: Spirit Comm. 31 Nlanet 3. fi' CHRISTINE ALWELL "Chrissy" 228 Atlantic Street Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3g Basketball 1, 2, 3. RONALD B. ARONSON LYNNE BARANOW "Woofa" 161 East Squantum Street 14 Bishop Road Dance Comm. 3g Spirit Comm. 33 Receptionist 2, 3g Bowling 2g Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3. JAMES J BARKAS PHILIP BARRY KAROL BARTELSON 187 Holbrook Road "Phil" "Ka" 1 'r 3 BO ng 43 Andrews Road 46 Alvin Avenue Dance Comm 3 Key Club Key Club 3g Science Fair 2g Band 1, 2- 33 5YmPh0T1iC Spanish Honor Society 2. Band 2, 3- MARY BAUER 8 Ellington Road Library Staff 1, 2, 3: Recep- tionist 3: Nat'l Honor Society 2. 31 German Honor Society 2, 3g Spirit Comm. 3: Teach- ers' Career Club 23 A401161 3: German Club 1: Bowling 3: Tri-Hi-Y 2, 33 Prom Comm. 3: Honor Roll 1, 2. i fs RICHARD BAUMBER "Rick" 321 Fayette Street Key Club 3g Track 3. LOUISE J. BERCHEN "Julie" 90 Winthrop Avenue H. R. Rep. 3: Tri-Hi-Y 2. 3. I' ' r..' qw Q 'inf DAVID BIANCHETTA "Dave" 150 Hancock Street Bowling I: Track I. 31 Foot- ball 2. 211' ' I 7-i ' I I st BONNIE BECK RAYMOND BeHENNA "Becky" "Ray" 82 Sachem Street 23 Huckins Avenue H. R. Rep. 2: Receptionist 2, H. R. Rep. 2, 3: Football 3. 31 Norlli Star 2, 3: Basketball 2: Almzct 3. BARBARA BENEDINI "Barb" 210 Newbury Avenue Cheerleader I, 2, 3g Student Council 23 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 31 Nurses' Career Club 21 Drama Club 23 Rilie Club 23 Russian 3: Dance Comm. 21 i'llllI1L'f 3. an WILLIAM BESTOEN "Bill" 24 Florence Street Key Club 2. 31 Football 3' Dance Comm. 2. 31 H. R Rep. 3: Spirit Comm. 3. l MARTHA BLAIR 6 Hatherly Road Spanish Honor Society I. 2. 3: Science Club I. 2. 31 Art Club 21 Library Staff 2. 3. Treas. I: Science Fair I. 2. 3: Mane! Show 23 Great Books 3. -i Ng 1 NANCY BETTUCH1 "Nan" 72 Tatfrail Road Glee Club I. lax JEFFREY C. BEZANSON "Biff" 292 East Squantum Street Band I. DANIEL BRADLEY "Dan" 491 Hancock Street Football 2. 3. ROBERT BRADY "Bob" IS3 Harriet Avenue Bowling I. 2. IZ Curricular activities. . . TS? FRANK BRANGIFORTE 245 Hollis Avenue Band 1. 2, 3g Science Club 1. ELIZABETH M. BRESLIN "Liz" 869 East Squantum Street Honor Roll 1: Spirit Comm. 3: Tri-Hi-Y 2, 31 Receptionist 31 North Star 21 Basketball 1. 21 Dance Comm. 3. ANN MARIE BREINGAN 23 Windsor Road Cheerleader 3: Tri-Hi-Y Pres. 2, 31 Concert Choir 33 Manor 3: Basketball 2, 33 Spirit Comm. 2: Dance Comm. 21 Prom Comm. 21 Nurses' Ca- reer Club l: Guidance Recep- tionist 3. JEFFREY W. BRIGHT "Jeff" 42 Channing Street Band l. 2, Pres. 3: Key Club 1, 2, 3: Symphonic Band 2, 33 Muriel 3: Library Staff 1. 2. 3: Muna! Show 21 Spirit Comm. 3. Gerry must agree that it is best to start a year- book section with an inspirational pose. F" 5 vi 'J DIANNE BRENNAN "Dee" 176 Farrington Street Ofiice Worker 1, 2, 3. ,iv DAVID S. BROWN "Dave" 127 Lansdowne Street Science Club 1, 2, 33 Honor Roll 21 Munoz Photographer 3: High Honor Roll 1: Ma- rine Science 2: Science Fair 1. 2, 3. EDWARD P. BRENNAN "Eddie" 251 Belmont Street Student Council 11 H. R. Rep. 1, 2, 3: Key Club 3: Spirit Comm. Co-Chairman 3: Dance Comm. 31 Hockey 1. 2. 3: Varsity Club 3: Boys' State 2: Honor Roll 1, 2. DUNCAN BROWN "Dune" 35 Arnold Road Bowling 11 Russian 3. . we are introduced ' spectrum of ideas . 2 ' J-' 'w to a broad Tommy discovers that Miss Horn has made English grammar comprehensible to George, Linda. and him. VIRGINIA BROWN "Ginni" 53 Cleaves Street WILLIAM BURKE "Bill" 7-1 Ocean Street Spanish Honor Society 1 3: H. R. Rep. 1, 2. 3. DOROTHY NI. BIJCKLEY "Dottie" 243 Billings Road Tri-Hi-Y 31 Receptionist l. ROBERT BURNS HB-- IZ Ty ler Street Football 1: Spirit Comm. 3: Bowling 31 .lltniel Show 2. 41 PARKE BURKE ROBERT BURKE "Stoney" "Bob" I9 Sheptirtl Street -15 Marshall Street Football li Bowling 1.3. Spanish Honor Society 2, 3 RONALD BYK GERALD BYRNE "Bic" "Gerry" l60 Huekins Avenue 38 Woodbine Street Golf 2. 3. Truck l, 2. 3: Key Club 3: Spirit Comm. 3: .llmzel 31 Dance C om m. 31 Cross Country l, 2, 31 Varsity Club 3: Norrli Sim' 3. 3 Q uv. . 3 . 2 W l Il 'Vitamin-41 iss.: Any P.D. class may inspire serious intellectual discussion be- fore the period begins. PATRICK CADY "Pat" 78 Pratt Road Track 1, 2: Soccer 3: Spirit Comm. 3: Key Club 3: Dance Comm. 31 H. R. Rep. lg North Star 31 Cross Coun- try I. 2: Gym Team 2, 3: Sports Show 1. 2: Mamet Show 2. if 4 1 gi, 539 ,'s.EN'!el' L - 4137 S-Q n le. 1 KENNETH CALVERT "Truck" 29 Appleton Street 'X 415 ROBERT E. CALARESE "Bob" 115 Hollis Avenue French Honor Society 2. 3: Rifle Club 3: Mane! 3. l BEVERLY CAMERON "Bev" 14 Beach Street Art Club 2, 3: Library Staff 2 . and attitudes, in the classroom . . -'I JAMES CALLAHAN PAUL N. CALLANAN "Jim" 45 Saratoga Street 9 C2lUmClSI1'SS1 H. R. Rep. 2. Key Club 2. 3 Spirit Comm. 3: Baseball l 3: Dance Comm. 3. RALPH CAPPOLA JAMES CAREY "Rufus" "Jungle" 250 Elliot Avenue 230 Belmont Street Rifle Club 3. Track 1, 2. 3. iv-W gfl' nj With deep concentration Claudio reads from E.s.mys, Old and New. PETER CARISTI "Tony" 5 Eddie Street Baseball 2, 3: Soccer Man- ager 3: Key Club 3. DIANE CARLSON IH Appleton Street fllurivl Lay-Out Editor A Nat'l Honor Society 2. 31 French Honor Society 2, 3: Spirit Comm. 3: Prom Comm. 23 Great Books 2, 33 Tri-Hi-Y Chaplain 2. 3: Dance Comm. l, 2, 33 Honor Roll 2: High Honor Roll lz Graduation Usher 2: Basket- ball l. 2. 3. LINDA CARROLL 46 Lansdowne Street "Ray" 38 Bellevue Road RAYMOND N. CARTER Lf? 'I "How important is this picture of an English class, Don?" "Just alittle bit." I? 5 Q c ELLEN CAROSI "Ellie" l7 Monmouth Street Nurses' Career Club l, 2. 3: Tri-Hi-Y 2, 31 North Star 3. e 1 SHARON CARUSO 183 Fenno Street Cheerleader 2, 31 Glee Club 21 Concert Choir Z: H. R. Rep. 1, 2. 3: Nurses' Career Club l, 2. 31 Dance Comm. 21 Muna! Show 1. 2. 33. JOSEPH CARRAGGI "Deda" 64 French Street Football 11 Gym Team l, 31 Student Leader 1. 2, 3: Li- brary Staff l: Science Fair 1: H. R. Rep. 1. 3: Track 3. ANTHONY CATALDO "Tony" llA Felten Street Spanish Honor Society 2. 1 have to tell you . . DAVID CAYANAGH "Harvey" 27 Prospect Avenue Science Club 1. Z. 3: Library Staff 1: Debating 2: Great Books 2. 3: Honor Roll 21 Science Fair 1. 2. 3. MARK D. CHAUSSE 105 Alstead Street GERARD CAVANAIJGH "Tweedy" -15 Arnold Road Bowling 1. Z, 3: Key Club 3 . and in smaller gT0lLpS. . -1 iii? . ,v.4 fi' tu "You're another one. Randy. How many times do I Even .lack and Bob know conic sec- tions have their humorous facets. Q 43 GREGORY CAVICCHI "Rik" 35 Willow Avenue Basketball 1. 15 MARJORIE E. CHISHOLM NC-hip.. 37 Montclair Avenue Norzlz Slur l. 2. 3: .Urinal 3 Tri-Hi-Y 3: Guidance Recep- tionist 3: Dance Comm, 2. 4? Nl. JOYCE CHISHOLM "Pepa" 1-17 Essex Street Spanish Honor Society 1. 2. 3: Tri-Hi-Y 2. 3: Spirit Comm. 3: Cvirls' Club Exec. Bd. 31 Basketball 1. 2, 3: Bowling 2, 3: Library Stalf 3. JOANNE CHAMBERS 98 Billings Street Tri-Hi-Y Chaplain 2. 3: Dance Comm. 2: Oftice Worker 2: Cilee Club 1: Spirit Comm. 3: Drama Club 2Q1X'OI'Il1 Slur l. wk i 1 2 . ANNE MARIE CIPOLLONE nop.. 26 Fenno Street Tri-Hi-Y 2. 31 Dance Comm. 2. 31 Spirit Comm. 3: Oflice Worker 3, N eflpfa ln explaining the number system to Rickey and Car- ole, Fred demonstrates his aptitude for teaching. Randy finds calculus a hairy subject. if sv ROBERT CLARK "Bob" 60 Weston Avenue Basketball 1. 2. 3: Baseball l, 21 Football 31 Key Club 2. 31 Dance Comm. 2, 31 Spirit Comm. 31 Prom Comm. 2. 3. 3 MARY CLIFFORD 75 Alstead Street Majorette 1. 2. Head 31 Dance Comm. 21 H. R. Rep. 2. 3: French Honor Society 2: Great Books 2, 3. ' 4. JEANNE MARIE CLARKE 62 Hodges Avenue Ntwllz .Smr l, 2. 31 Tri-Hi-Y 2. 3: .tllmivr 31 Dance Comm. 2. 3: Spirit Comm. 3. 'i ROBERT CLYDE "Rob" l-1 Cheriton Road 1 . tl LYNDA A. CLARKE H5 Sonoma Road Student Council 2. V. P. 3: SCOTT CLEVELAND "Grover" 56 Hillside Avenue H. R. Rep. l. 2. 31 Dance Key Club 3. 'T Comm. -. 31 Spirit Comm. 3: Glee Club 2. 3: Receptionist 31 Nurses Ollice Helper 3: Basketball 2. 33 Honor Roll lx Bowling 3. F .Q JOHN COCHRAN "Jack" 32 Huckins Avenue Baseball 1. 2. 3: Spanish Honor Society 2. 3: Hockey 3. WM 11? A WILLIA M 1. COLLAGAN "Bill" 30 Glover Avenue Bowling l. 3: Riiie Club l: H. R. Rep. 3. 'S FREDERICK J COMIS Rick 84 F ixon Road ack 1 3 Foo im! 3 Nnrtli Stir 1 Student Leader 1 Debating 7 Key Club 2 f-8 "TV ,N EDWARD CON DON nsEd'1 77 Bromfield Avenue Bowling 1, 2. Dlaflii COFICCHITZIICS on aCCllI'aCy P S S C Physics if! X1 f 4 NANCY CONLEY "Rusty" 125 East Elm Avenue Norflz Star 3. -x li N REGINA F. CONNELLY "Jill" ' 171 Pine Street Tri-Hi-Y 2. 31 Dance Comm. 2. 31 Spirit Comm. 3: Basket- ball 11 North Star 2. 3: Honor Roll 11 Munoz 3. Working Ln pairs Ln the laboratory, we gazn new interests GREGORY CONTOS "Greg" 79 Russell Street Rifle Club 31 Bowling 3: Golf 1: Hockey 3. KATHLEEN L. COOKE "Kathy" 93 Hilma Street Cheerleader 1, Head 33 Girls' Club Exec. Bd. 3: Prom Comm. 21 Graduation Usher 2: Student Council 3: Mmm Show 1, 2g Concert Choir 2. 31 Dance Comm. 1. 23 Bas- ketball 2, 3: Honor Roll 1, 2: Exec. Bd. 3. 11 MARY COPPOLINO 197 West Squantum Street Nurses' Career Club 3: Spirit Comm. 31 Tri-Hi-Y 33 Dance Comm. 3. 1 MADELINE L. COSTA "Maddy" 145 Hollis Avenue Office Worker 3: Muriel 3 Spirit Comm. 3: Bowling 3: Nurses Office Helper 3: Dance Comm, 3. A g pf ,. 5 . JEANNE COUILLARD "Jean" 166 Everett Street Art Club 3. .iirgvlffn ffl 1hn:nIi George and Mike calibrate Z1 spring balance. RICHARD COURTNEY BRUCE C054 NLLISIQN "Crush" 22 Winslow Roald 217 Arlington Street Tennis l. 2. 3: Truck Z. 3 Bgukellwgll 1,134 Bzisketbzill ll Key Club 3. GUN CHARLES CRAMER MARY CROET "Chuck" 184 Fayette Street 61 Houioke Street Girls' Club Exec. Bd. 3: Nm-zh Smr I1 Bowling 3 Nw-rlz Smr 3: Spirit Comm. ,llunvr 3: Key Club 3. Co-Chairman 3: Receptionist 3: Prom Comm. 21 Prom Usher Z: Graduation Usher 21 Tri-Hi-Y 2. 31 Dzince Comm. 5 MICHAEL I.. COX "Mike" 89 Cummings Avenue Soccer 2. 31 .Xkwrli Smr 3: Russian 2. 3: Spirit Comm. 31 Key Club 2. 3. . WEL: 7" 'F' A CYNTHIA M. CROFTS escindyvuq 108 West Elm Avenue Girls' State 31 Girls' Club Exec. Bd. 3: Spirit Comm. 31 Dance Comm. 31 yllmzvr 31 Tri-Hi-Y 2. 31 Art Club Treats. 21 Basketball I, 2. 31 Monet Show Z. s LAW RENCE COU RTN EY "Larry" S9 Lansdowne Street Tennis I, -. 3. WILLIAM COX "Bill" -10 Alvin Avenue Baseball 2. 3. fi- txxi X MARGARET A. CRONIN 'peooyu 22 Windsor Road Nurses' Career Club l: Dance Comm. 2. 31 Tri-Hi-Y 2. 3: Spirit Comm. 3: fllmzcz 3: Norrlz Smr 31 Guidance Receptionist 3: Honor Roll I: Glee Club I. 5 JANET L. CROWTHER "Jan" 15 Albany Street Basketball 11 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 31 North Smr 2. 31 Dance Comm. 1, 2, 3g Spirit Comm. 33Mf"'Uf 31HOHOfROl1 1- With a few diagrams and some complicated-looking equip- ment, Eric proves inductively that ferromagnetism can be un- derstood. FRANCIS CUCCHIARA 329 Elmwood Avenue Spanish Honor Society l. Z. 31 H. R. Rep, 2. DIANE CURRAN 22 Woodworth Street Tri-Hi-Y 3. EDWARD CUNNIFF "Eddie" 36 Hamden Circle Soccer 1, 2, 31 Hockey 2, 31 Gym Team 3: Key Club 31 Baseball 1: Bowling 1. 2, 3: Spirit Comm. 3: Dance Comm. 2. 31 Student Leader 31 Track 1, 21 Golf l. I t vt? ROBERT CURRAN "Bob" 197 Beach Street Baseball 2. 3. KAREN CUNNINGHAM 215 North Central Avenue Debating 3: H. R. Rep. l, 2, 3: Nm-rl: Smr 2. 3: Majorette 21 Dance Comm. 2, 31 Spirit Comm. 3: Basketball 1, 3: Glee Club lg Guidance Re- ceptionist 2, 31 Nurse's Office Helper 3: Manor 3: Manor Show 2. MARJORIE CURTIS "Midge" 330 Beale Street Basketball 1, 2, 31 Guidance Receptionist 2. 3: Oftice Worker 21 Norflz Smr 3: Prom. Comm. 2. 3: Tri-Hi-Y 2. 3: Spirit Comm. 3: Dance Comm. 2, 3. and an urge to explain them to others . ygiljt, Q A . E.. fi If 5,-1" f "q, 1 CYNTHIA S. CURRAN acyn.. 62 Harriet Avenue Spanish Honor Society 2, 3: Nurses' Career Club 2: Stu- dent Council 3g Rifle Club 2: Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3: Cheerleader 2, 3: Drama Club Z: Guidance Receptionist 3: H. R. Rep. l. 2. 3: Nurse's Office Helper 2: Spirit Comm. 3: North Smr 1. MICHAEL CUSHING "Cush" 43 Parke Avenue IX IIILIUUT ts ,g 5 .H- x . "Nn..', Paula's planaria intrigue two future scientists attending the Science Fair. IWRIK DAI-ILQUIST "Pud" -18 Lunt Street FRED DALEY CLAIRE DALY EDVVARD DALY "H, M3h0ne" 175 BClllC Street "Ted" 126 CIUY Street Art Club 3: Tri-Hi-Y 3: 18 HOVCY Street French Club l. Bowling 2, 3. RICHARD D'ANDREA "Rich" 16 Ardell Street Rifle Club 3: Key Club 2 Bowling 31 Honor Roll l. 1 :fy JOHN C. DANEHY JOHN DANIELS CORINNE DAVIS 34 Vershire Street "Father john" 225 Everett Street Mane! 31 North Star 31 Spirit 126 Greene Street Spirit Comm. 31 Basketball 11 Comm. 3: Key Club 31 Track Key Club 3: Bowling 3. Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3: Dance Comm. I. 21 Honor Roll I1 Muna! 3' Girls' Club Exec. Bd. 3. 91 EUGENE DAVIS "Buzz" I0 Hamilton Avenue H. R. Rep. 2, 31 Student Leader 1, 21 Tennis 31 Soccer 3: Spirit Comm. 31 Key Club 31 Art Club 31 Truck I: De- bating 21 Mmivt Show 21 Great Books 3: Honor Roll ll Norlll Shir 31 iI1lIl1Uf 3. F. LINDA NANCY DAVIS 41 Landsclowne Street Library Staff 2. MICHAEL DAVIS "Mike" 10 Hamilton Avenue Basketball 11 Golf 1, 2, 3: North Star 31 All1l1C'1 31 Key Club 3: Spirit Comm. 3: Honor Roll lg Dance Comm. 2. KATHLEEN DAY STEPHEN DAY "Kathy" "Steve" 96 Edwin Street 96 Edwin Street Dance Comm. l, 2. 31 Spirit Track 2, 3, Comm. 3: Basketball l. 2: Art Club l. 2. . -'11 Er will Deurscli II sludieren. Learning the ways of others . Kathy finds French III a bit of a problem. RICHARD R. DELGALLO ..Sam.. 129 Highland Avenue Gym Team l. 2. Co-Capt. 3: Key Club 3: Student Leader l. 2. 3: Track 3. i 5 12.3215 'wi CHRISTINE M. DeLUCA "Chrissy" -191 Quincy Shore Boulevard Cheerleader 2, 3: Glee Club 1. 2: Concert Choir 31 H. R. Rep. 11 Prom Comm. 2: Tri- Hi-Y 2, 3: Dance Comm. l. 2 -.Lil-B5 ,F 14 AU! PAUL DeLUCA "Pub" A 62 John Street .U VV tl' . is Baseball 21 Key Club 3. Paul, Diane, and Alicia share an international joke. 1 A f . i g MARIE DeSANTIS ..Ri.. 106 Saehem Street AIIIIIUI Show 2. John demonstrates his facility with the Spanish lan- guage. .fi- ia PAUL DESMOND RICHARD DESROSIERS EDOUARD A. ARLENE DEVINH 10 Lois Terrace "Lumpy" deVARENNES 50 Taylor Street Key Club 3. Science Fair 2. 31 I4umS1feef "TCG" ri-i-Hi-Y 2. 3. Buskeibriii 1. 43AHdfCWbR011d 2. 3: Bowling 2: Guidance Key Club 3: Bowling 3. Receptionist 2: Spirit Comm, i 31 Dance Comm. 21 Nurses Otlice Helper 3. 93 Majorette li Glee Club l. 2: I I af " 7 i CB i l I , . . "-fgff. l I l I l I I li I I I Il I 2 , -. Q. fi is EI I l l I I l rw 7' '. -' fi PPESERN ED WITI-IOLQT A cawrmt KNOWLEDGE Miowc y THE . reovtg, HQ-f JOHN ADAMS I The value of learning. l, ll I Q DEBORAH DiCARLO "Deb" 42 Flynt Street Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3: Basketball 2: Bowling 21 Spirit Comm. 3: Dance Comm. 3. . gives us an insight into our own society. twmmw I "Now, now, it's just a little quiz." 1 ROBERT DICKMAN DANIEL DIESO JR. "BOD" ' "Flash" 70 Buckingham Road ll5 Newbury Avenue Great Books 2. 31 Football 1: Track l, 3: Rifle Club l. 2, 3: Science Club 3. Football 11 H. R. Rep. 31 Key Club 2, 31 Science Fair l: Gym Team l. 2. JEAN DIXON "Jeanie" 260 Everett Street Spanish Honor Society 2. 3: Spirit Comm. 31 Girls' Club Exec. Bd. 3: Tri-Hi-Y 2. 3: Dance Comm. 3: Honor Roll I: Basketball 3. 94 PATRICIA DODD MPM.. 8 Ruthven Street French Honor Societv Spanish Honor Society Nat'l Honor Societx 3 Spirit Comm ance Comm. 3: H R Rep 3 N0rIl1SI41r2 Baslxetbtll l 3 Honor Roll I Mr. Stanton gives U. S. politics new meaning for his Students, t I1 Jerry explains to Gilda what he does not know about the Congo. LEO DOHERTY 30 Merrymount Avenue Basketball l: Track 11 Glee Club 11 Spirit Comm. 3: Dance Comm. 2. 31 Key Club 2.3. I JULIE DOHERTY 117 Green Street Tri-Hi-Y 2. 3: Basketball Official l. 3: Nurses' Career Club 1: Spirit Comm. 3: Stu- dent Council 31 Girls' Club V. P. 31 iVuncI 31 Honor Roll 1, 21 Receptionist lg Varsity Club Sec. 31 Dance Comm. '7 ,ASQ Y Q, awaggr I Wzziw. 'Qu ai PHILIP DOHERTY ROSANNA M. DGHERTY CLAIRE DONAGHEY "Phil" "Rose" 902 East Squantum Street IO3 Taylor Street 25 Pratt Road Spanish Honor SOQ-:iety 1. 2. Honor Roll l, 21 Basketball Tri-Hi-Y 2, V. P. 3: Dance 3: French Honor Society 2. 3: lg Key Club 31 H. R. Rep. 3. Comm. 2, 31 Almzvt 3. Norzlz Star 2: Spirit Comm. 31 Dance Comm. 31 Basket- ball l1I-Ionor Roll l. 95 I f,Q'i,,',,f.,?' "ff-Q ,g tyff fif- - 1 . 31 7 ' 'A a y.. ff, 3 l CORINNE DONOVAN 104 Glover Avenue Girls' Club Exec. Bd. 3: Dance Comm. 1. 2. 31 Prom Comm. 2. 3: Spirit Comm. 3: Prom Usher 1. 2: Graduation Usher 2: Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3: Bas- ketball 1. 2. 3: Receptionist 3: Nurses' Career Club 1. 2. SANDRA DREYER "Sandy" 56 Hamilton Avenue Tri-I-li-Y 2. 3: Bowling 1. 2 Office Worker 2. 31 Basket- ball 1, 2, 3. 'l JANE M. DRISCOLL JOSEPH DRISCOLL 120 Morrissey Boulevard "Joe" 130 Elmwood Avenue Key Club 3: Track 2 Spirit Comm. 3. KEVIN DUFFY 128 Prospect Avenue H. R. Rep. 2. Are you sure you really want that book. Linda? The library is always a restful place for study. Literature . 96 JAMES DUNCAN "Dune" 92 Botolph Street 'J JAMES DUNN "Jimmy" l I9 Salford Street 24 RICHARD DYER "Dick" GERARD T "Gerry" 15 Elmwood Avenue . EARLEY 30 Freeman Street Debating Pres. 2. 3: Key Spanish Honor Society 2, 3, Bowling 3. Club 31 Great B olts 31 Rus- Treas. lg Bowling 11 Ritie U sian 3. Club 31 Honor Roll l. 2. .x arf .f 5 '. N. X. 1. K x For the serious student. li KATHLEEN EDGEHILLE "Kathy" ll2 Colby Road Basketball 1: Receptionist 3. 4 ' 1 A Pb E, M 4 ws 'Nj ke Pete, the library has ti wide variety of source materials. i I. Wx Janet. Bob. Gail. Oakie, and Barbara demonstrate the librarians view at the check-out desk :it 2:30. 97 if SHIRLEY EDWARDS 195 Fayette Street MAE.. i i A-13' vi LORNA K. ELKINGTON PAUL ERLER JEAN ESTRELLA 39 Newbury Avenue 50 Hunt Street 159 Farrington Street Tri-Hi-Y 2, 31 Spirit Comm. Baseball 2, 3. Basketball l 3 3 Reception 31 Dance Comm. 3. ist 3 JOAN ESTRELLA 159 Farrington Street Basketball 1, 2, 3: Tri-Hi Y 2, 3. JANET EVANS "Jan" . and the fme arts "And uh one, and uh two and uh three Peter's work is evidence of artistic talent and patience 106 North Central Avenue Yfi "' Tri-Hi-Y 2. 31 Glee Club v '- if 4 K 3. A in 4 Wu 98 l KATHLEEN FAGAN "Kathy" 106 Russell Street 'U FRANCIS FAHERTY "Frank" 95 Highland Avenue Tri-Hi-Y -1 Spirit Comm. 31 KC! Clllb 31 Football 11 Dance Comm. 3. Track 31 Baseball 3: Dance Comm. 3. 1 IP' 69 LORRAINE FALLON 3 Brunswick Street Tri-Hi-Y 3. Sec. 2: Dance Comm. 2: Guidance Recep- tionist 2, 3: Nurses' Career Club 23 Spirit Comm. 3: Nurse's Orhce Helper 3: Re- ceptionist 3. FREDERICK EARRELL "Rick" I6 Small Street Bowling 2, 3. 45. I .L Emily is fascinated by the lines of the mobile she is hanging on display. enrich our experience by communicating that of others. 99 PAUL FAWCETT 26 Becket Street Student Leader 1, 2. 3: Gym Team 1. 2, 3: Student Coun- cil 2: Key Club 2. 33 Dance Comm. 2. 3: Spirit Comm. 3: Sports Show 2. GEORGE FELL 153 East Squantum Street Spirit Comm. 3: Key Club 2. 31 Dance Comm. Chairman 31 H. R. Rep. 3: Prom Usher 21 Class Pres. ZL A1tlllt'f Show 'T DL 'SX 'rz' DOL'GLAS EIELDING JANICE FLAHERTY DONALD FLENIING JANET FOLEY "Dougie"' 3-1 Gladstone Street 2-1 Bay State Roud 151 East Elm Avenue 133 PIHIIIPS Sites! Tri-I-Ii-Y Pres. 2. 31 .ifimtfi 31 Track 2. Tri-Hi-Y31 Bowling 3. Nurses' C tt r e e r Club 2: Nurses Office Helper 2. 3: Dunce Comm. 2. 31 Spirit Comm. 31 Receptionist 3: Guidance Receptionist 2. 3. 1 STEVE T. FORD ROBIN NIARGERY DAVID NI. ERAZIER ROBERT E. ERAZIER 7-1 Volker Street FRANKLIN "Dine" 'tBob" "Rob" I6-1 Standish Roud 25 Birch Street 60 George Road Glee Club 2: Coneert Choir 3: Guidunce Receptionist 3. . The business courses . . . ' -as EDXYARD GALLAGH ER euxedw 0- 30 Buyberry Road Hockey 2. 31lie5 Club 3. The loneliness of the long-distance typist. 100 4? GERALD GALVIN KEVIN GALVIN JOHN GARDNER KEVIN GATES "Jerry" 23 Rawson Road 40 Hamilton SING! 3 Gilmore SU-ect ll GCOVSC Rwd Spanish Honor Societv l. 2. Football l. 2. 31 Key Club 31 3. l Spirit Comm. 33 Varsity Club 3. .3 x , ! X l I MARGUERITE ELLEN PFTI-fR GFARIN LINDA GEDDES LINDA GERRY GAUGHAN 30 Herbert Road 61 Davis Street "Jerry" Npcggl' . Football l. 21 Track I, 31 Tri-Hi-Y 3: Dance Comm. 3: 96 North Bayfield Road 60M0'tlCl11"'AVCHLIC Norrli Smr 21 H. R. Rep. l. Bowling 3. Nurses' Career Club l, 2 Student Council lL H. R. 2. 31 Spirit Comm. 3: Dance Nurses Office Helper 1. 2 Rep. l. 2. 3: Dance Comm. Comm. 2. 3: Prom Usher 1. Noitli Star 2: Spirit Comm Z. 31 Norili Smr 23 Spirit 31 Dance Comm. 2. 3: Tri-Hi- Comm. 3. Y 2, 3: Basketball I. '24, L . Uk. ,,., L, Q.: Evidence of talented stenogra- phers is speed and accuracy. Linda wonders where the "5" button is on her calculator. 101 KAREN LEE GERTNER "Kagey" 28 Freeman Street Library Staff I, 21 Honor Roll I. 21 AiI0l'fl1SftIl' ll Mane! 31 fliruzvl Show 1: Guidance Receptionist 3. JOHN GILL 71 Elliot Avenue German Honor Society 2, 31 Cross Country 2. WILLIAM GLYNN 164 Fayette Street . mf A iz LYNNE GOODMAN 238 Elmwood Avenue Debating 2, Sec. l: Spirit Comm. 33 Library Staff 1, 2, 31 Mane! Business Manager 33 Honor Roll l, 21 Great Books 3: Basketball 3: Sci- ence Fair 1. 4' DAVID GILLIS LORRAINE GILL 157 Billings Road "Gil" 19 Seymour Street H. R. Rep. 2: Soccer 3. Spirit Comm. 31Mz1llc'I 3. fi LEO GOLDEN 23 Birch Street ROSEANNE GOLDEN 23 Birch Street JOHN P. GILLOOLY 75 Appleton Street Rifle Club l. RICHARD GOLDSTEIN "Slick" 21 Hovey Street Baseball 1: Latin Honor So- ciety 2, 3: Soccer 3: Key Club 3. '.-4-., V- ,-. Mr. Howland proctors a Business Math test. 102 . -,H Br ROBERT W. GORE MARGARET UORMAN KAREN M. OORMLEY "Egor" "Peggy" "Rare" 299 West Squantum Street 65 Billings Street X3 Borolph Street Band I. 2. V. P. 3: Basketball Nurses' Career Club I, 2. s Manager I, 2. 31 Great Books 3l5yIIlPl'1UI'llC Band 2. 3. fe RAYMOND GORMLEY ..R8y.. 83 Botolph Street Key Club 2, 3: Rifle Club Treas. I, 2. Pres. 3. CAROL JEAN CEOSSELIN DONNA JEAN CEOUCIH CLAIRE .I. GOULD 23 Belmont Street IZZ Highland Axenue I8 Myrtle Street Nurses' Career Club 2. 31 Tri-Hi-Y 3. Sec. 21 Reception- Library Stall l. Spirit Comm. 3: Dance ist 2. 3. Ciuidarice Reception- Comm. 2. 3. ist 23 Bowlingvl. 31 Basket- ball I. 2. 51 Spirit Comm. 3. ,vii Donna demonstrates the proper sales techniques to push Brand X. 103 RHODA GOUNER 6 Gilson Road Spirit Comm. 3. 'pig E,-A , PATRICIA L. G RANAHAN "Pat" I5 Carle Road Class V. P. I, 2. 3: Nat'l Honor Society 2. 3: Honor Roll l. 2: French Honor So- ciety 2. Sec. 3: Prom Comm. 3. Chairrnan 2: Basketball I. 2: Spirit Comm. 31 Class Day Comm. Chairman 3: Student Council Z: Great Books 2. 31 Graduation Usher 21 Teach- ers' Career Club 11 Alinicf 3: Dance Comm. 3. I W J r HOLLY LOUISE GRAZIOSO 1-10 Warren Avenue Drama Club 3. Treas. 2: Prom C o m m . 2: Dance Comm. 2: Spirit Comm. 3: Receptionist 3: Norrlz Szur 3. GEORGE GREENWOOD 6 Marlboro Street DONALD EDWARD GREEN "Don" 7-1 East Elm Avenue Art Club fl. 3. 1 X. it V , . JANE M. GRIFFIN "Janie" 218 Atlantic Street Drama Club 2. 3: Spirit Comm. 3: Norrli Smr 21 Nurses' Career Club 3. ,Z 523- The Clerical Office Practice class keeps pace with the age of computers. JAMES GREENE "Jimmy" 20 Prescott Terrace Key Club 2. 3: Glee Club 1. MICHAEL F. GREENLAW "Mike" 25 Sunrise Road Class Treas. 1. 2. Pres. 3: Baseball 1. 2. 3: Basketball 1. 2. 3: Key Club 2. 3: Norrli Star 3: Dance Comm. l. 2. 3: Graduation Usher 21 Boys' State 2: Prom Usher 1. Z: Spirit Comm. 31 Prom Comm. 3: Varsity Club 3. it ii HELEN BRYANT GRIFFITH "Griff" 101 Harriet Avenue Nurses' C aree r Club 3: Dance Comm. 3: Tri-Hi-Y 3. KATHLEEN M. GRIMSHAW "Kathy" 57 Webster Street Student Council Sec. 3: Tri- Hi-Y V. P. 2. Treas. 3: Norzli Smr 1, 2. 31 Dance Comm. 2: Prom Usher 2: Graduation Usher 2: Prom Comm. 2: Spirit Comm. 31 Basketball 3: Drama Club Z: H. R. Rep. '7 . and the practical arts . . Mr. Burgess reviews the rules of safe driving for Walter. Lynne and Buzz in Driver Ed. SUSAN GUILFOY ..Gmfy.. 29 Ebsex Street Tri-Hi-Y 2. 31 Nurse! Career Club 21 Ba5ketball l. Z. 3: Bowling 1. 2: Spirit Comm. 31 Dance Comm. 2. 31 Ger- man Honor Society 2. 3: Nat'l Honor Society 2. 3. IQ 1 NANCY HADDAD 260 Billinge Street H. R. Rep. 3: Teachers' Career Club l. 2: Spirit Comm. 3: Dance Comm. 2. 3: Tri-Hi-Y 31.lltmt'1 3. I. 1 'TIM ,i .4 -'13 .. ,.,-up MICHAEL GUILIANO JOHN GUSTAFSON WILLIAM GUSTAFSON "Mike" "Gm" "Cue" 60 Sterling Street 39 Greene Street I0-1 Vassall Street Basketball I: Glee Club 2: Key Club 2. 3. AY Q t .5 if tal i ,1 1 .. I to LORNA IQ. HALLAM 72 Russell Street Rcceptionixt 3, Key Club 3. l'Y .ssl Xi KATHIQRINE HANSEN DUANE HARDING "Kathy" "Drano" H5 Bellevue Road 68 Walker Street Cilee C'ub 21 Tri-Hi-Y 2. 1 Key Club 2, 31 Nut'l HO Spirit Comm.3. Society 2. Treats. 31 Spiri Ccmm. 3: Dance Comm 31 French Honor Society Tennie 2: Band I, 2: Rifle Club 1: Science Clu North Star 2. WN Walter shows he still has not learned them. 105 df X sl" b 1 ' W I ,. - l ga Q--I l G I ! I MARY HARDING N 60 Hamden Circle ,QE-QM, -fi, Tri-Hi-Y 31 ,llfuiuf 31 Norzli 1' V. Sim' l. 31 Basketball 2, 31 ' ' ' if l A Dance Comm. 3. The hands of a dedicated and competent, future drafts- man. 'NC Mr. Harrington and Bob see something humorous in Roberts work. but Philip and Stanley find technical drawing a serious subject at all times. -. fi STANLEY HATHON "Stan" -18 Prospect Street Charlie is unsure of the results of leaping into drill pressing before looking. THERESA M. HEAD "Terry" Zl Gilmore Street Nurses' Career Club I: Tri- Hi-Y 31 Dance Comm. 3. SUSAN M. HARDY "Sue" 208 West Squantum Street Dance Comm. 2. 31 Nnrrli Smr l: Spirit Comm. 31 Tri- Hi-Y 2. 3. VIRGINIA A. HAWES n-Ginnysx 83 Faxon Road Library Staff 3: Receptionist 3: Office Worker 3. NANCY HEATH "Nan" 7 Blake Street Glee Club 1, 2. X I i i I I I i I I I RICHARD A. HENDRY JR. 26 Huckins Avenue Track l. MARGARET K. HIRTLE upeggy., 3 I Calumet Street EDWIN F. HOLDEN "Babe" -121 Hancock Street Football 1. 2. 3: Baseball I. 2. 3: Spirit Comm. 2. 3: Rey Club 3: Basketball 31 H. R. Rep. l. "7'Q'l'f57f"T?'W' Y 'F I' WN I3 'W . RUTH HENRECKSON I2 Lee Street A-.Q Concert Choir 1. 3. iiltgg F' fv'? Vx, 4' . I-.lizzibeth finds her spoon has disintegrated in the food she is preparing. DEBORAH Qi. HODGES X6 Walker Street Class Sec. l. 2, 3: Dance Comm, Chuirmun 2. 31 Prom Comm. Chuirmun 21 Debat- ing Sec. l: H. R. Rep. I1 Busketbull l. 2. 3: Bowling l. Sec. 2: Nfit'l Honor Society 2. 3: French Honor Society 2. 31 Tri-Hi-Y 2. Chaplain 3: Spirit Comm 3: Graduation Usher 21 Great Books 2. 3. Helene witches the needle. lest it Zig where it should Zag. . enable us to become RICHARD HOLMES eiifllbhziiiis street integral parm 0 a working society. 107 Physical activity provides yet another common bond of experience. Our physical education program is aimed at producing well- rounded students. '53 ' fel If JUDITH A. HOOD "Judy" 44 Russell Street Library Staff l, 3: Spanish Honor Society 1, Z, 3: Great Books 2. 31 Russian 2, 31 Nat'l Honor Society 2. 3: Honor Roll 1.2. 711 1 - I xl -f 'lf t , . Pii- A W WALTER HORION "Wally" 124 Faxon Road H. R, Rep. l, 2, 31 Prom Comm. 21 Spirit Comm. Co- Chairman 3: Key Club 31 North Smr 31 Track l, 31 Dance Comm. 2. 31 Mane! Show l. . -. S-s -"4" ,- sf' : P i ' ?i we ' i-: f '. ' 5 7 - gm , X, A N W -x 5 TTT? S4 x A fi ROSEMARIE ANNE HUDSON "Rosie" 17 Old Colony Avenue Glee Club l. 2: Tri-Hi-Y 3: Norzlz Star 31 Mane! 3. ARTHUR HOPKINS "Art" 8-1 Alstead Street Bowling l: H. R. Rep. 2. 3. -ft 1' ARTHUR HOU LE "Artie" 74 Taylor Street Drama Club 1, 2. 3: Key Club 3: Debating 3: Rifle Club 2. H. ROBERT HUKE III "Bob" 90 Hobart Street Key Club l, 2, 3: Drama Club 1. 2: Spirit Comm. 31 Gym Team 21 Golf 2: Soccer l. 3: Kllzuicr 2, 31 .Walter Show l, 2: Norllz Star Edito- rial Bd. 3: Great Books 3. 2? FRED HUNT "Ricky" 228 Holbrook Road Rifle Club 2. 3: Bowling 2. 3. WILLIAM IRVINE 51 Standish Avenue Russian 2, 3: French Honor Society 2, 3. fi. JILL HUTTON 139 Bayside Road Student Council 2, 31 Tri-Hi- Y 2, 31 Spirit Comm. 2. 31 Dance Comm. 2, 3: Basket- ball 2. F VIRGINIA HELEN IAEGFR "Ginnie" 175 Cresent Street . .R GEORGE F. JAKUB "Rick" 62 Botolph Street Baseball 1, 2. 3: Hockey I, 2. 3: Football I, 3: Key Club 3: Spirit C o m m. 3: Dance Comm. I1 H. R. Rep. 1. fli SUSAN I. .IAKUB "Sue" 62 Botolph Street Girls' Club Exec. Bd. Sec. 3: Tri-Hi-Y Sec. 2. 31 Cheer- leader 31 Student Council 1: H. R, Rep. 2, 33 Bowling l, 2, 3: Nat'l Honor Society 2. 3: French Honor Society 2. 3: Dance Comm. 2g Graduation Usher 21 Prom Comm. 23 Prom Usher l: Basketball I. 2, 3. "Well, I told you not to look down!" "678, . .679. . .68O. .. X I . 'tl -f IRENE W. JAMES ..I.. 85 Elliot Avenue Library Staff l, 2. 33 Glee Club 3g Receptionist 33 Bas- ketball lg Spirit Comm. 31 Norrlz Star 32 Nlunet 3. JANICE JONES "Jonesy" 58 Holyoke Street WILLIAM JENNESS "Bill" 172 Vassall Street Gym Team 1, 2. 31 Student Leader 1, 2, 3. i QJ' JANIS E. JONES "Jonesy" 260 Elliot Avenue JAMES L. KAPOLIS ..Kap,. 34 Milton Road l ' i . GILDA KAUFMAN xuGilu 36 Sachem Street Tri-Hi-Y 3: Receptionist 3: Spanish Honor Society l. 2. 33 Norllz Star 2: Dance Comm. 3. ,k . i. SUSAN JOHNSTON "Sue" 96 Alstead Street Bowling 2, 3. PHILIP JONES "Phil" 113 Wendell Avenue BARBARA M. JONES "Barb" 491 Beale Street Glee Club 2g Tri-Hi-Y 31 Basketball 31 Bowling 3. JAMES KANE "Jim" 91 Fayette Street ROBERT KAY "Bob" 28 Clarendon Street Gym Team Manager 1, 2. 3. A 9 KATHLEEN MARY KELLEY "Kathy" 74 Winthrop Avenue Nat'l Honor Society 2, 3: French Honor Society 2, 3: Drama Club 2, 3: Rifle Club 2, Sec. 3: Dance Comm. 2. 3: High Honor Roll 2: Honor Roll 1. 9 MARGARET HELEN KELLIHER npeggy.. 73 Franklin Avenue Dance Comm. 2. 3: Tri-Hi-Y Treas. 2. 3: Spirit Comm. 3: .llunvr 2. 3: Mirili Shir 1. 2. 3: Receptionist 2. 3: Basket- ball 1, 2. RICHARD KEYES "Dick" 973 Morrissey Blvd. Cross Country 11 Spanish Honor Society 2: Gym Team 1, 2. 3. I- 9 1. LOURENA KLOCK "Lorri" 39 Sachem Street Concert Choir 2. 31 Band 21 Guidance Receptionist 3: Li- braryt' Staff 3: Drama Club 3: .Uulzcl Show 2: .Wunci 31 Symphonic Band 2. 1 JOHN W. KELLY MAUREEN KELLY "Jack" "Kelly" 30 Greenyiew Street 5 Newton Avenue Football 1. 21 Track 1, 3: Science Club 1: Basketball 1: Hockey 2. .Nm-Ili .Smr 2. 31 H. R. Rep. Z. 3: Spirit Comm. 3: .'11llIlL'I 31 Prom Comm. 21 Dance Comm. 1. 2. 3. fa? THOMAS KELLY "Tom" 34 May'11ower Road 'ii -415 SCOTT J. KILEY SUSAN KING "Bull-moose" t'SueA' 139 Farrington Street 5-1 Wayland Street Football l. 2. 3: Track 3: Tri-Hi-Y 3. Key' Club 2. 3: Dance Comm. 31 Spirit Comm. 3: Bowling 1: Varsity Club 31 .lluritfl Show 2. 73 EMILY R, KORETSKY STEPHEN KRAMER -11 Phillips Street "Stevo" ,warm star 1. 2. Editor-nr 14 Franklin Avenue Chief 31Libraryf Stat? 1. 2. 3: Soccer 1. 2. 31 Basketball 1. Drama Club 1. 2: Nat'l 2, 31 Glee Club 1. 2: Spanish Honor Society' 2. 3: French Honor Society' 21 H. R. Rep. Honor Society' 2, 31 Muna! 2: Graduation Usher 2: Stu- Show 21 Debating 21 Spirit dent Council Treas. 3: Spirit Comm. 3: Mane! 3: Basket- Comm. 3:Keyf Club 3. ball 1. 111 K ,xr A ct KAREN A. KLINE "Klem" 210 Norfolk Street Norili Smr 1. 2: Basketball 1 Official 2, 3: H. R. Rep. 1. 2, 31 Tri-Hi-Y V. P. 2. 3: Prom Comm. 2. 3: Guidance Re- ceptionist 31 Spirit Comm. 2, 3: Girls' Club Exec. Bd. 3: Dance Comm. 2. 3. BARBARA ANN KUHNS "Barb" 359 Belmont Street Majorette 21 Tri-Hi-Y 2. 3: Spirit Comm. 31 Girls' Club Exec, Bd, 31 11111101 3. v a extracurricular activities. . . Chrissy is getting suspicious about her part in Kathy's plans for the rally, . co-operation . A surprising asset of our studious senior girls. . and co-ordirtateci effort . 23 FRANCIS LACEY "Fran" 51 Hunt Street H. R. Rep. 1: Football 1. 2. Co-Capt. 3: Track 1. 2, 3: Varsity Club 1. 2. 3: Gym Team 1, 2. 3: Student Leader 1. 2. 3: Sports Show l. 2: Dance Comm. 3: Spirit Comm. 3. RAYMOND LAGERQUIST ..Ray" 57 Berlin Street C I MILTON LAPON "Milt" 82 Virginia Road Glee Club 1. MICHAEL J. LACH, JR. "Mike" 79 Forbes Hill Road Science Fair l: Rifle Club 2: Science Club l. 2. 3: Track 1. 2, 3. MICHAEL LANG "Little Mike" 36 Hollis Avenue 4? JOHN LAVERTY "Jack" 29 Deerfield Street Cross Country Capt. 2. V31 Basketball 2: Track 2, 3: Rey Club 31 Spirit Comm. 3: Dance Comm. 3: North SIM 3. -'R' 1 SUSAN LAYCOCK "Sue" 152 Kemper Street Nurses' Career Club 31 Tri Hi-Y 31 Receptionist 3: Bas- ketball 3. . :env I- LYN DA LEAVITT ..Lyn.. 120 Clay Street Library Staff 1, 2, V. P. 3 Receptionist 3: Dance Comm. 7 . ff- KA ns K v 'Z EDWARD LeSHAN E "Eddie" 143 Crabtree Road 'QI' .4-sq RICHARD J. LEAHY "Dick" 21 Woodbriar Road Gym Team 1. 2: Student Leader 1. 2, 3. - 11-. JOHN LeGRICE "John" 36 Landsdowne Street Track I1 Key Club 3. . Q AX ELIZABETH LEVINE ..LiZ.. 15 Hilma Street Basketball 11 Spirit Comm. 31 Band 11Receptionist 3: Dance Comm. 2, 31 North Smr Activities Editor 3: De- bating 2: Library Stat? 3: Glee Club 2. 113 , 1 X .fa . A ' . l -I IVZ 'N .wg Debby, Donna. and Chrissy show their ulrar egos for the ,lfllllL'l Show. . are invaluable . . Debby warns a barefoot Kathy to watch out for splinters as they decorate our gymnasium for the Coronation Ball. . in the preparations. The results reveal . The fcotball queen and her court-Gail Ougoorlian, Sharon Caruso, and Karen Kline. Queen Sharon on her throne. X A i ,ans DONALD LIBBY ulbby.. 141 Salford Street T ROBERT LIPPENS 197 Farrington Street Hockey 1. 2. 3: Baseball 1, Z, 3: Varsity Club 3: French Honor Society 2. 3. -l Q PHILLIP LITTLEFIELD "Phil" 103 Havilend Street Band 1: Science Club 1: Sci- ence Fair 1. Z: Nat'l Honor Society 2. 31 French Honor Society Z. 3: Honor Roll 1. 'T f B 15 . ll CAROLE LOMBARD 45 Lunt Street Library Staff 2. 3: Tri-Hi-Y 2: Nurses' Career Club 31 Nurse's Office Helper 3. , ,. Q 'Y DE BORAH LOCKWOOD "Debby" 15 Bromfield Street Maine! Literary Editor 3: Nut'l Honor Society 2. 33 German Honor Society 2, 3: Glee Club 1. 2: Library Staff 1. 2, 3: Great Books 2, 31 Honor Roll 1. 2: Concert Choir 2: Mane! Show 2. 1 GERALDINE LOMBARDI "Geri" 16 Janet Road Tri-Hi-Y 2. 3: Dance Comm. 2. 31 Spirit Comm. 3. EILEEN M. LORMAN "Miss C1airol" 29 Newton Avenue Tri-Hi-Y 3: Bowling 31 Spirit Comm. 3, RICHARD LYNCH "Rich" 19 Herbert Road Bowling 2, MARGARET MacDONALD "Peggi" 143 Everett Street Basketball 1. 2, 3: Majorette 2: Nurses' Career Club 11 Tri- Hi-Y 2, 3: Spirit Comm. 3: Girls' Club Exec. Bd. 33 Dance Com m. 2: Prom Comm. 2. s X MARILYN LUBARSKY 20 East Elm Avenue Nurses' Career Club 1. 2. 3: Tri-Hi-Y 2. 3: Guidance Re- ceptionist 2. 31 Debating 2: Honor Roll 1. 2. -A 'i GARY lNlacDONALD "Mac" 6 Sonoma Road Student Leader 1: Football 1. 2, 3: Hockey 1. 2. 31 Student Council Treas. 2. Pres. 31 llftlllff Show 1, Z1 Nnrrli Smi- 2. 31 Key Club 31 Prom Usher 2. 3: Spirit Comm. 3: Dance Comm. 3: Exec. Bd. Chairman 3. 3 'Q-:UQ DAVID MHCDOUGALL The team approves the choice "Howie" 62 Sanford Street 115 JAMES MACK "Truck" 247 Beach Street Rilie Club lg Football lg Afllllef S h o w 21 Student Leader 1, 21 H. R. Rep. l. LINDA MALONEY bLLynQ! 311 Salford Street Nat'l Honor Society 2. V.P. 32 Nurses' Career Club 1, V. P. 21 Russian 2, 33 French Honor Society 2, 3: Nurse's Office Helper 3: Great Books 2, 31 Marine Science 21 Mflllel 3: High Honor Roll l, 'J . the final element . 40' 1 ,XX x LINDA MacKAY 33 Ruggles Street --3 'w- A. PHILIP MAHER "Phil" ll5 Russell Street Norllz Star 2, Editorial Bd. 31 Key Club 2, Treas. 31 Track l, 2, 31 Student Leader l. Varsity Club 3, JOHN MAHONEY "Jack" 36 Hovey Street Ntll'Ill Smr 1, 2. WG? .wiv 'iQ 54' RONALD MALZONE "Mal" 59 Ardell Street SANDRA MANN "Sandy" 78 Sachem Street Hockey 1, 2, 3: Key Club 1. Tri-Hi-Y 2. 3: Office Worker 2: Golf 1, 2. 3. 1: Basketball 1. PAUL MANNING 16 Appleton Street Mane! Assistant Editor 3: Student Council 1: Gym Team Z. 3: Key Club 2, 3: Student Leader I, 2. 3: Spirit Comm. 3: Rifle Club l, 3: Dance Comm. 2: Marine Sci- ence 2. -if Kathy and Corinne know man lives not by bread alone, especially on the night of the Science Club Submarine Supper. 116 ai STEVEN B. MANZER "Steve" "Marsh" I9 Anderson Road Nat'l Honor Society 2. 3: French Honor Society Z, 3: Girls' Club Exec. Bd. 3: North Slur l, 2. 31 Basketball l: Receptionist 2: Guidance Receptionist l. 2. 31 Library Staff 2. 31 Prom Comm. 2: Spirit Com m. 3: Dance Comm. 2, 3. JANET MASCIARELLI 77 Wallace Road WILLIAM S. MATTSON "Bill" MAUREEN McCABE 32 Ridgeway Street Art Club l, 2. 31 Receptionist l. 2. 3: Russian 21 Student Council l. 2: French Honor Society 2. 31 Nat'l Honor So- ciety Z, 3: Bowling lg Student Council Sec. 21 Basketball 1: Debating 21 Ntn-Ili Smr 31 H. R. Rep. 3: A101161 Art Editor 80 Stedman Street 3. P, Warren thinks Julie needs two subs to keep her strength up. Q ' ,115 CDH X,,vi. s 4-'17 JOHN MASTERS ROBERT MASTICO "Jack" "Bob" 129 Old Colony Avenue Key Club 31 Track 3. 167 Norfolk Street Hockey l. 3: Key Club 3. 'T"IV BARBARA MCCARTHY "Barb" "Danny" 36 Acton Street Key Club 3: Hockey 32 Track DANIEL MCCARTHY 75 .Appleton Street Nurses' Career Club I, 31 H. R. Rep. 2. 31 Spirit Comm. 3: 3. Dance Comm. 3: Tri-Hi-Y 3: Basketball l, 2. it .1 Scholars by Clay are no fools by night. Q' JOHN MCCARTHY "Oscar" 36 Bloomfield Street Tennis 1, 2, 31 Manet Show 2. JAMES MCCREADY A "Jim" 56 Hamilton Street Bowling 2, 33 Riiie Club 2, 3. ,ass Y ROBERT MCGUE "Bob" 170 Arlington Street Honor Roll 1, 23 Spanish Honor Society 2. 31 Soccer 2, 33 Key Club 2, 31 H. R. Rep. 1, 3g Bowling 1. IQ. PAUL J. McCARTHY "Mac" 56 Glover Avenue ALICE M. MCDONOUGH "Chip" 22 Merrymount Avenue Dance C o m m . 3: Spirit Comm. 31 Tri-Hi-Y 3. . 0 f fellowship, Qi 1 NANCY A. MCCLOSKEY 15 Edwin Street Library Staff lg Bowling 2, 31 G u i d a n c e Receptionist 33 Nurse's Office Helper 3. DAVID M. MCGOWAN "Dave" 116 Willow Avenue Rifle Club 2. DIANE C. MCCRACKIN ssDi77 135 Phillips Street Nurses' Career Club 1, Treas. 2, Pres. 3: Norzlz Star 1, 2. Editorial Bd. 3: Tri-Hi-Y 2 Chaplain 3: Library Staff 1, 2, 3: Nurse's Office Helper 3: Mane! 3g Debating 2g Spirit Comm. 3: Honor Roll 2. 1 DONNA MCGRATH "Joe Bellino" 35 Newbury Avenue Drama Club l, 21 Mane! Show 2: Glee Club 1, 21 Concert Choir 3. "We're Barry's Boys!" 118 p 'ts Z A -.7 MARGARET MCINTIRE BRIAN D. MCLARNON KATHLEEN McLAUGHLIN PAUL MCMAHEN "Chicken" 24 Belmont Street 82 Chapman Street "Mac" 192 F9090 Street Cross Country 2: North Smr Bowling 1, 2: French Honor 15 Lum SUCH Basketball 2, 31Tri-Hi-Y 3. 3. Society 2, 3: Basketball 1 if RICHARD MCMAHON RAYMOND McPECK THOMAS A. McPHEE GERALDINE S. 28 Gilmore Street "Sam" "Tom" MERCADANTE Key Club 3. 91 Dundee Road 77 Alstead Street "Gerry"' Baseball l, 21 Tennis l. Gym Team 2, 33 Student 167 311111195 Road Leader 2, 3: Key Club 33 Nat'l Honor Society 2. Sec. 3: Spirit Comm. 3. Prom Comm. 21 Teachers' Career Club Treas. 2: H. R. Rep. 1, 2, 3: Spirit Comm. 3: Great Books 2. 3: Honor Roll 1. 2: North Star Exchange Editor 3: Girls' Club Exec. Bd. 3: Basketball 1, 2, 3. Even Mr. Leone could take notes on Chrissy's method at the football rally. 119 CAROLE ANNE MERCURIO "Carol" 776 Hancock Street Basketball 1, 31 Honor Roll 23 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 31 Nurses' Ca- reer Club 31 North Star 3. ii. F if KATHRYN METCALF "Kathy" 41 Holmes Street Tri-Hi-Y 3. RICHARD MINTON "Richie" 157 Fenno Street Norzlz Star Business Manager 31 Mane! 31 Debating lg H. R. Rep. l. GAYLE M. MOORE "Smiley" 106 Billings Road Library Staff I, 2, 31 Norrlz Smr 1, 2. 3: Basketball 1. 2. 31 Spirit Comm. 3: Nurse's Ofhce Helper l, 2, 31 Dance Comm. 2: Receptionist 2. 3: Prom Comm. 2: Glee Club l, 2: Tri-Hi-Y 2. 3: Concert Choir 21 Nurses' Career Club 2, 3. WARREN MEYER "Charlie" 17 Sycamore Road Basketball 1, 2, 3: Key Club 3g Honor Roll 2. JOHN MOMANEY I6 Eddie Street Baseball Z. PHILIP MILES CARL MILLER "Phil" 873 East Squantum Street 166 Harriet Avenue Band 1. Band I, 2. 3: Library Staff 1, 2, 31 Soccer 1, 3: Science Club 1, 21 Spirit Comm. 3: Hockey 3. , PAUL F. MOODY ANN MOORE 22 Corant Road 16 Vane Street Football 1, 2. 31 Track l. 3: Library Staff l. Treas. 2. Key Club 3: Bowling 3, Pres. 3: Russian 2: Great Books 21 Nurses' Career Club 21 French Honor Society 2. 3: Mane! 3. i- N! The imaginative students who created the rally sit back and watch the rewards of their work. 43 PAUL MORRIS -Q THOMAS A. MORRISON BARBARA MORTON 103 Russell Street "Jake" "B21Fb" Bowling 2: Key Club 3. 37 Newton Avenue Tri-Hi-Y 3. II3 Parke Avenue Basketball l. 21 Track 1: Latin H o n o r Society Z1 Graduation Usher 21 Tennis 2. 3: Dance Comm. 2, 3: Class Treas. 31 Spirit Comm. 3: Prom Comm. 3: Class Day Comm. 3. I Q' qdi ffl i . K SUSAN A, MU LDOON "Sue" 31 Ardell Street Spanish Honor Society 2, 3: Norlli Smr 21 Tri-Hi-Y 21 Basketball 1. 2. 3: Student Leader 1. SKIP TERESA MULLEN ROBERT MULLEY JAMES MURPHY JEAN M. MURPHY "Terrv" "Mul" "Murph" Q 75 Freeman Street 24 Winthrop Avenue 60 Freeman Street 93 South Bayheld Road Glee Club 1. 2. Nurses' Career Club 31 Con- Art Club 3. Football l. 2. 3: Varsity Club Cert Choir 3. 3. individual effort, and support. However interesting the skit may be, Margie cannot resist adding her own asides. 121 has ,fx 1 1 lf KATHLEEN MURPHY "Kath" 175 Wilson Avenue in 1 KATHLEEN MURRAY "Kathy" 16 Freeman Street Spirit Comm. Co-Chairman 3: Prom Comm. 21 Girls' Club Exec. Bd. 31 Dance Comm, 1, 21 Nurses' Career Club 1, 23 Basketball 1, 2g Graduation Usher 2: Tri-Hi- Y2.3. MARJORIE C. MUTTY "Margie" 44 Warwich Street Nurses' Career Club l, 2, 31 Tri-Hi-Y 2. 3: Glee Club 1. 3: Nurse's Office Helper 3: Spirit Comm. 3. . I KAREN NEILSON 66 Meadowbrook Road Dance Comm. 2. 3: Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3g Spirit Comm. 3: Guid- ance Receptionist 3. PAULA MARIE MURRAY "Sweetie" 8 Hancock Terrace Art Club 2, 3: Dance Comm. 1, 2, 3g Ritie Club 31 Spirit Comm. 31 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3g Mamet 3. Fw'-i.. gffu .wi - ,W .ca M, ' 2 ROGER MYERS ..ROg.. ll Speakman Street Glee Club 2. MARY NELSON l6 Sextant Circle Glee Club l, 2. RICHARD D. MURRAY "Dick" 294 Billings Road Baseball 1, 2. 3. ANDREW NAPOLITANO AnNap'1 -il Dorchester Street ROBERT NEWELL "Bob" 85 Elliot Avenue Key Club 3: Bowling l, 2, 3: Rifle Club l, 2, 3. .4 ' 5 fa MARILYN MUSHLIN "Mushy" 11 Briggs Street Majorette 2, Head 33 Nat'l Honor Society 2, 3: French Honor Society 2, 33 Girls' Club Exec. Bd. 31 Millie! Show 2. JENNIFER NEAL is-lay!! 347 East Squantum Street Red Cross Council 1, 2g Re- ceptionist l, 2, 33 North Star 2: Dance Comm. 2, 3: Spirit Comm. 31 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3: Honor Roll 2. KRISTINE E. NORDSTROM "Kris" 320 Elmwood Avenue Basketball 1. 2, 31 Teachers' Career Club 23 Library Staff 3g Guidance Receptionist 2. Qi WILLIAM NORRIS THOMAS E. NORTON JEAN NUNNARI CAROL NURSE "Bill" "Tom" "Tiger" "TWerse" 119 East Squantum Street 25 Hovey Street 117 Phillips Street 12 Randlett Street RiHe Club l. 21 Football 11 Football l. 2. 31 Baseball 1, Muna! Show 21TraCk 3. 2 ... 3: Key Club 2, Pres. 3: Student Council 2. 31 Exec. Bd. 31 Varsity Club 3: Prom Usher 21 Dance Comm. 1, 2, 3: Graduation Usher 21 Norrli Smr 31 Prom Comm. 2: Spirit Comm. 3: Class Day Comm. 3. Norrh Smr 31 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3. Basketball 1, 2, 33 Bowling 21 Nat'l Honor Society 2, 31 Tri- I-Ii-Y 2, 3: Student Leader 1. ur Census BEST LOOKING: Peggy Gaughan and George Greenwood. 123 N I X. if 1 JANICE MARIE O'BR1EN Lsjaniw 216 Belmont Street Basketball 1. 2, 31 Norllz Slur 1. 21Tri-Hi-Y 2. ' 'Z' -1 .KI KEVIN O'BRIEN "Kev" 182 Vassall Street PHYLLIS O'BRIEN SUSAN M. O'BRIEN "Phyl" "Sue" 25 Ocean Street 31 Blake Street Spirit Comm. 3: Dance Tri-Hi-Y 31 North Star 31 Comm. 2, 3: Tri-Hi-Y 2. 3: Guidance Receptionist 1: North Star 2. 3: H. R. Rep. Mariel 3. 1. 2, 3: Basketball 1, 2, 3. r 2 i Z5 THERESA M. O'BRIEN KEVIN J. O'CONNELL "Tree" "Otis" 55 Dundee Road 223 Elliot Avenue Girls' Club Pres. 31 Spirit Spirit Comm. 3. Comm. 3: French Honor So- ciety 2: Prom Comm. 2: Dance Comm. 1, 23 H. R. Rep. 21 Muna! 3: Basketball 2. WILLIAM O'CONNELL 81 Rice Road Basketball 1, 2, 3: Track 3: H. R. Rep. 2. 3. CLASS GENIUS: Randy Sharp and Frannie Shachat. Q Q 2.5 il X MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED: Pat Granahan and Randy Sharp. 124 i Football 1. 2, 31H.R. Rep. 3: 46: EDWARD O'DONNELI- GAIL M. OLIVER "Bul'I" "Ollie" 125 Harriet Axenue Dance Comm. 2. 3: Tri-Hi-Y 2. 3: Spirit Comm. 3: Nurues' Career Club 3. 250 Newbury Avenue Key Club 31 Varsity Club 3. .Q GEORGE C. OLSON "Ollie" 28 Hamden Circle Key Club 2. V. P. 3: Student Council 3: Basketball l. 2. 3: H. R. Rep. 1, PATRICIA C. O'MEARA MPM.. 202 Highland Avenue Drama Club lg Bowling I. 2 Honor Roll 2. QUIETEST: Mary Ardini and Bob Stephansky. Oreenlaw. X I i EDWARD O'NEILL "Bull" 33 Holyoke Street Golf l, 2. 3: Soccer 31 Spirit Comm. 3: Key Club 3. MOST POPULAR: Debbie Hodges and Mike CLASS INSEPARABLES: Barb Morton and Kevin Duffy. Q Q S I ELLEN M. O'NEILL 55 Sterling Street Glee Club lp Dance Comm. 2. 3: Omce Worker 1: Recep- tionist 2. 31 Spirit Comm. 3: Tri-Hi-Y V. P. 2. 3: 51411101 l. 'W GAIL ANN OUGOORLIAN 155 Bayside Road Tri-Hi-Y V. P. 2. 3: Gradua- tion Usher 2: Prom Comm. 2. Chairman 33 Dance Comm. 2. 31 Girls' Club Exec. Bd. 3: Spirit Comm. 3: Student Council 2. 3: Basket- ball l. 2. 3: Glee Club l. Z1 Concert Choir 2, 3. BEST DANCERS: Brian McLarnon, and Sissie Sac chetti. SUSAN PAGE "Sue" 238 Newbury Avenue Girls' Club Treas. 3: Tri-Hi- Y Treas. 2, 31 Spirit Comm. 3: Prom Comm. 2. 3: French Honor Society 2: Nurses' Ca- reer Club l, 21 Basketball 2. 3: Receptionist 31 Dance Comm. 2. YW: fa' KENNETH W. PANARO MARSHA PAPKEY "Ken" 40 Eustis Street 219 Farrington Street Debating 3. Science Fair 2. 3: Science Club 3: Basketball l. 'ft 4 CLASS OPTIMIST: Karen Kline and Barry Welch. FRED PASTOR "Freddy" A BEST DRESSED1 Erik Dahiqtiisr and Virginia 61 Wi'1OWSffee Jaeger. ERIC R. PEARSON 234 Everett Street Band l. 3: Science Club 1. 2. V. P. 3: Science Fair 1. 2. 3: Natl Honor Society 2. Pres. 31 German Honor Society 2. 3. Key Club 2. 3. mah x 'T JANET E. PECKHAM NANCY PECKHAM MICHAEL PENELLA 30 Edwin Street 39 Edwin Street "Mike" Library Staff 31 Latin Honor Spirit Comm. 3: Library Stall 132 Russell SUCH Society 2, 31 Spirit Comm. 3: 3. BOWIIUS 1- 3- 3- Oftice Worker 31 Rifle Club 3: Nurses Ofice Helper 3: Basketball 3. ' 127 BEVERLY I. PETERSON "Bev" 254 Newbury Avenue Basketball 1. 2: Tri-Hi-Y 2. 3. 63 FRANCIS PHELAN "Franny" 93 Belmont Street Key Club 2. 3: Glee Club 1, ' vvwvrz f1'il.' gfjxf' S 4., J 1' Q. I5 P f .f' ' ' "C BEST ALL ROUND: Debbie Hodges, Mike Greenlaw and Pat Granahan. ALTON F. PHILLIPS III HAI., 181 Essex Street Band l, 2, 3. DIANE MARIE PIAZZOLA 67 Taylor Street Tri-Hi-Y Treas. 2, 3: Dance Comm. 21 Bowling 21 Basket- ball 2: Spirit Comm. 3. LAURA PINTO 601 Morrissey Boulevard Library Staff 1. 21 Bowling 2. V. P. 3: H. R. Rep. 3: Teachers' Career Club 2: Guidance Receptionist 1. Z. 31 .llmzet 3: Girls' Club Exec. Bd. 31 North Star 31 Tri-Hi-Y 2. 3: Band l: Nurse's Otice Helper 3. DONNA M. PITT 63 Faxon Road Library Staff 2. 3: Drama Club 3, Sec. 2: Rifle Club 3: Guidance Receptionist 3. MOST ATHLETIC: Lang Willis and Julie Doherty. RICHARD QUINN "Rich" 311 Billings Road Soccer 1, 2, 3. rl 0 H tg THERESA MARIE QUINN "Terrie" 162 Elliot Avenue H. R. Rep. 21 Dance Comm. 2, 3: Tri-Hi-Y 2. 3: Girls' Club Exec. Bd. 3: Spirit Comm. 3: Guidance Recep- tionist 3: Receptionist 3. MARSHA ANNE RAFUSE 21 Billings Road Tri-Hi-Y 2. 3. RONALD PLETSCH "Ronnie" 64 Marlboro Street HELENE PROVOST 11 Woodbine Street Tri-Hi-Y 1, 3, Sec. 21 Dance Comm. 2. 3g Spirit Comm. 3: Prom Comm. 1.2. MARGARET A. RANDALL "Peggy" 321 Beale Street Basketball 2, 3. DIANE R. RAIQDING NDF 36 Birch Street Basketball 1: Dance Comm. 1. 3: Tri-Hi-Y 3: Girls' Club Exec. Bd. 3. TERRENCE T. REGAN "Terry" 81 Glover Avenue l RAY REICHEL "Tech" 5 Slay flower Road MOST VERSATILE: Mike Greenlaw and Gerry Mercadante. 51- Q HELEN REPOFF 249 Beach Street CLACDIA RICHARDS "ClauCl" 3 Crabtree Road German Honor Society 2: Spanish Honor Society Z: Tri- Hi-Y 2. 3: Dance Comm. 2. ELAINE MARIE RILEX 15 Newfield Street French Honor Society 2. 3 . MOST DEPENDABLE: Mike Greenlaw and Pat Granahan. 0- ,,7l"lR ii. DIANA L. ROLFS 288 Wilson Avenue Band 1. 2. 31 Science Pair 1. 2. 3: French Honor Society 2. 31 Norrlz Star 31 Science Club 1, 2. 31 Russian 3: Nurses' Career Club 3: Library Stal? LZ. , JOAN RON AYNE "loam" 3 Myrtle Street Ofhce VVorker ll Prom Comm. 21 Dance Comm. 2, Chairman 31 Tri-Hi-Y 2. 31 Basketball 2. 31 Spirit Comm. 31 Nurses' Career Club 3: North Star 3: Nurse's Oflice Helper 3. L.. ELIZABETH M. ROBERTS "Betty" 59 .Atlantic Street Glee Club I: Nurses' Career Oliice Worker 3. Qa- fi KENNETH ROGERS ..Ken.. 26 Phillips Street 'X la- x F? 'Q al CHARLES ROOBIAN EDWIN ROSE "Charlie" 505 Newport Avenue 9 Ridgeway Street Track Q. Club l. 3: Drama Club 2: Nurse's Office Helper 31 p I DIANE ROSENBURG 52 Sealund Road Science Fair 1: Art Club 2: .Yorrlz Star 3: 11111161 31 Li- brary Staff 1. MOST BUSINESSLIKE: Paul Manning and Lynne Goodman. mx BARBARA ROWE 218 Arlington Street Glee Club 1. 2: Art Club 1. '7 E . STEPHEN SAGER "Steve" 106 Shawmet Street DONALD ROWLEY "Drac" 7 Bass Street Science Club 1. 2. 3: Science Fair 1. 2, 3: Marine Science 'T "WD at I CAROL SANTACROSS "Santa" 171 Harvard Street GERALD SACCARD "Jerry" 51 Davis Street Debating 1, 2. 3: Track 1. 3: Cross Country 1: Science Fair 11 Science Club 1: Gym Team 1. VVILLI.-XM SANTINO "Bill" 23-1B Morrissey Boulevard fl I x . ARLENE SACC1-IETTI "Sissie" 65 Russell Street Tri-Hi-Y Treas, Z. 3: Dance Comm. 2: Nurses' Career Club 3: Omce Worker 2. 3: Receptionist 3: Glee Club 1: Spirit Comm. 3: Drama Club 2: Basketball 1. F 1 I REGINA SCANLAN "Gina" 20 Lunt Street Gym Team 1. 2. Co-Capt. 3: Tri-Hi-Y 3: Xurrlz Smr 3 Glee Club 1. 2: Tri-Hi-Y 2: Soccer 31 Golf 1. CHPI. 2. 3: Altmcl 3. Library Staff 2. Sec,-Treas. 3: Dance Comm. 3: Key Club Nurses' Career Club 3: Re- 3: Cross Country 21 Spirit ,3epriQni5t3, Comm. 3: North Stur 31 Xftllltal 3: Student Leader 1. Z. 3: Sports Show 1. 2: .llmwl Show 1. 2. FRIENDLIEST: Mike Grcenlaw and Sissie Sacchetti. NANCY SCHURGA "Nan" 62 Henry Street Glee Club 1: Tri-Hi-Y 3. -A .rl.' "f1- vt 4-AQ HR JOHN RANDOLPH SHARP, JR. "Randy" 54 Knollwood Road High Honor Roll 1: Honor Roll 2: Class Pres. ll Science Club 1, Pres. 2. 31 Great Books 2, 3: Science'Fair 1, 2: German Honor Society 2, 31 Nat'l Honor Society 2, 3: Prom Usher 2. MARTHA SCHWARTZ "Marthe" I56 Milton Street Nat'l Honor Society 2, 31 Girls' Club Exec. Bd. 31 French Honor Society 2. 32 Prom Comm. 2: Spirit Comm. 3: Great Books 2, 3: Bowling 2, 31 Basketball l. 2. 3: Teachers' Career Club l: Dance Comm. 21 Prom Usher 2: .llfmvr 3. it l PAULA J. SHAY 86 Vassall Street French Honor Society 2, 31 North Star 3: Science Club 1. 2, 33 Science Fair 1, 21 Prom Comm. 21 Red Cross Council l. 3, Sec.-Treas. 2: Great Books 2. 33 Riiie Club 2. 31 51611101 Show 2. I l z , LINDA SCOTT 8 Newhall Street Girls' Club Exec. Bd. 3: .llunvl 31 Spirit Comm. 31 Dance Comm. 2. 3: French Honor Society 2. 3: Tri-Hi-Y 2. 3: Basketball l. 2. 3: Prom Comm. 21 Graduation Usher 'T JOHN SCHAAF "Johnny" 153 Milton Street 43 FRANCES SHACHAT "Frannie" 53 Wallace Road M u I1 et Editor-in-Chief 31 Great Books 2, 31 Science Club 1, V. P. 2, 3: Nat'l Honor Society 2, 3g German Honor Society 2, 3g High Honor Roll 1, 2g Science Fair 1, 2, 3: North Star 31 Basket- ball 2, 3. E1 xiii BARBARA SHEA 64 Hovey Street Tri-Hi-Y 2, 31 Dance Comm. 2, 31 Prom Comm. 23 Spirit Comm. 3x Glee Club 3: Muriel 3: Basketball 3. JOHN SIROIS "Jack" 47 Vassall Street Gym Team lg Hockey 1, 2: Track 1, 33 Key Club 3g Stu- dent Leader l, 21 Bowling 1: Science Club 1. MOST COURTEOUS: Gail Ougoorlian and Bill Bestgen. sf. w Q fm SHEILA SKERRY SALLY SLY "Skez" "Sal,' 685 East Squantum Street 39 Bay Street Tri-Hi-Y 3, Chaplain Band 2, Sec. 3: Concert Dance Comm. 2, 31 Sfplfll Choir 2, 31 Drama Club 1, 3. Comm. 3: H. R. Rep. 2, 3. Sec, 2, GAIL SMALL 117 Essex Street Tri-Hi-Y 2. 3: Basketball 2 31 Spirit Comm. 33 Recep- tionist 3g Mane! 3: Bowling 3 Guidance Receptionist 3. GEORGE SMITH "Todd" 40 Royal Street Baseball 1, 2, 3: Hockey 2. 3 Spanish Honor Society 2, 3 Bowling I, 2, 33 Rifle Club 3i' -ul if HENRY SMITH 85 Exeter Street Key Club 2, 31 Band 3. 'Z I' + i LINDA J. SMITH 89 East Elm Avenue Mane! 3: Tri-Hi-Y 2, 31 Bas- ketball 2, 31 Spirit Comm. 3 Honor Roll 2: Bowling 3 Guidance Receptionist 3. K NY I t . 1' ' .ix t . it ,. .. ,rl .3 'I Q" fi . I 22 N f 1 , ' f I ey . r :I QXUXJIT .,i 5 . ,. .-fri .IQA .if- 'it . 'T . H .J . ..,.... ,mi D CLASS WIT: Chrissie CHARLES SMITH "Chuck" 46 Ocean Street Gym Team 2, 3: Band 1, 2: Spanish Honor Society 1, 21 Science Club 1: Math Club 31 Science Fair 1. NANCY SMITH 197 Wilson Avenue Dance Comm. 1, 2, 3: Spirit Comm. 3: Tri-Hi-Y 3, Pres. 2: Receptionist 3. . r , . S a. a fl and Scott Kiley. CLASS MUSICIAN: Jefl Bright and Sally Sly. i 195 4 PAUL SMITH WILLIAM C. SMITH MILDRED SNYDER WALTER F. SPACCO "Skip" "Smitty" "Milly" "Rocky" 190 Beach Street 64 North Central Avenue 90 Exeter Street 159 Elliot Avenue Hockey l, 2. 31 Dance Key Club Z, 33 Rifle Club 2: Dance Co m m. 2, Prom Glee Club 1. 2, 31 Scien Comm. 2. 31 Spirit Comm. 31 Drama Club 2. Comm. 2. Club lg Mane! 3. Mane: Show 21 Key Club 2. 3. l GRACE SPAVENTO RICHARD STACK 109 Russell Street 58 Apthorp Street Tri-Hi-Y 31 Dance Comm. 31 Glee Club l. -63: X CHERYL STALKER MICHAEL H. STARSIAK 21 Crchard Street "Mike" Tri-Hi-Y 2, 31 spirit Comm. 52 Deerfield Street 33 Basketball 1, 2. 3: Muna! Baseball 1.2. 3. 31 Guidance Receptionist 3. .4-4' MOST SOPHISTICATED: Diane Piaz- zola and George Fell. i I MARCELYN STEIN "Marcy" 34 Tyler Street Nurses' Career Club Treas. 3: Tri-Hi-Y 31 Receptionist 3: North Star 3. JACQUELINE SUK "Jackie" 125 Willow Street Glee Club 11 Spirit Comm. 3 Tri-Hi-Y 3: Guidance Recep- tionist 3. 'ifl'.?Lf515 I . J- '27 RoBERT STELLA "Bob" 20 Holmes Street Baseball l, 2. 31 Riiie Club 2. 3: Football 3: Key Club 3, ELIZABETH R. SULLIVAN "Still" 64 Conant Road Tri-Hi-Y 2. 3: Spirit Comm. 3: Dance Comm. 3. me A ' gf : : fi 11. 1, ' I ff f ' 54' ROBERT STEPHANSKY "Bob" 67 Hamden Circle Football 1. 2, 3: Hockey 2. 31 Science Fair 1: Prom Comm. 3: H. R. Rep. l: Varsity Club l. 2. 3: Key Club 3: Dance Comm. 2. 3: Spirit Comm. 3. 1: I ROSEIWIARY SULLIVAN ..RO,. 324 East Squantum Street Nat'l Honor Society 2. 3: French Honor Society 2. 3: Great Books 2. 3: Majorette 21 Spirit Comm. 31 .llfuicr 31 Receptionist 3: Basketball lx Dance Comm. 3. CLASS ARTIST: Nick V E 1 i ,, 4 5 It Q i THOMAS STOKINGER "Tom" 122 Willow Street Cross Country 1: Baseball 3: Bowling 2, 3. ri V -"ij DAVID SWAN 17 Trevore Street Key Club 3: Science Fair 1. ,li-n-L Maureen McCabe. MAUREEN SWANSON "MO" 56 Hamilton Avenue Tri-Hi-Y 2. 3. PATRICIA SWEEN EY "Pat" ll-1 Montclair Avenue Basketball l, 2. 3: Library Stutl 2: Receptioniet 3: Spirit Comm. 3: Dance Comm. 2. 31 Girl's Club Exec. Bd. 3: Nurses' Cureer Club 3. I, 1:-Sf ggi' n 4 CLASS INDIVIDUALIST: Kerry Newell and Sally Sly. KAREN D. SWENSON 28 Middlesex Street .Nm-rli Smr Business Manager 31 Library Stull 1. 2, 3: Nurges' Career Club l, 2, 33 Nurses Oliice Helper 31 De- buting l, CLAUDIO TADDEO "Claude" 94 Faxon Road Band 1. 2. 3: Science Club I 2, 3: French Honor Society 2 33 Marine Science Z, 3: Li brary Staff 3: Rifle Club 3. '43 HUGH PAUL TOBIN RICHARD TODD JOHN TOMASETTI JOHN TREFRY "Paul" "Dick" "Bimbo" "TrefT" 29 Newbury Street 23 Middlesex Street 112 Oxenbriclge Road 172 Hamilton Avenue Football I: Band 1, 2. Soccer 2. 31 H. R. Rep. 2, 3 Norflz Smr 31 rllunet 31 Key Club 3: Spirit Comm. 3 Bowling I: Prom Comm. 3. LINDA TUFTS STEVEN TULL LINDA VALENCIA 45 Sewall Street "Stevej' 71 Farrington Street Tli,Hi,y 3, 3. 338 Highland Avenue Nurse-S Omce Helper lg Norrlz Star 3: Receptionist 3. MARSHA VAN GEMERT 24 Hovey Street Basketball I, 2. 3: Reception- ist 3g Dance Comm. 2: Prom Comm. 2, 31 Prom Usher 23 Graduation Usher 2: Girls' Club Exec. Bd. 31 Tri-Hi-Y Pres. 2, 33 Spirit Comm. 3. MARGARET A. VENA "Peggy" Q 141 Hamilton Avenue Dance Comm. 1, 2, 3: Spirit Comm. 31 Latin Honor Soci- ety 2: Basketball 2: Recep- tionist 2. A I! NANCY VERDE 245 Elliot Avenue Latin H o n o r Society 2: Honor Roll 1. NICHOLAS C. VERENIS "Nick" 82 Andrews Road Student Council 3: Key Club I, 2, 3: Spirit Comm. 3: Dance Comm. 31 Mane! 33 Prom Usher 2: Graduation Usher 23 Drama Club 23 Var- sity Club 3: Prom Comm. Co- Chairman 33 Norzli Smr 3. 45? E r '3 CHARLES VICKERY JOHN WADE JR. FRANK WALLACE "Charlie" 73 Walker Street ll Flynt Street 15 Ohver Street Student Leader l. Key Club 3, Football 3. ALBERT VIATOR MAIN 158 Arlington Street Debating lg Key Club 35 RiiIe Club 2, 3: Tennis 2, 3. NANCY WARREN "Nano" 21 Milton Road Dance Comm. 2, 3: Spirit Comm. 31 Student Leader I: Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3: Art Club 1: Basketball I. l 11 V17 MICHAEL WATSON "Mike" 50 East Elm Avenue Bowling 2. 3: Marine Science 'T tl 1- THOMAS WHALEN "Tom" 6 Apthorp Street Football l: Track l. -C1 ALAN WIGGIN HAI.. 32 Wentworth Road Baseball 3. MITCHELL WEINBERG "Mitch" 47 Willow Street Bowling lx Rifle Club l: Rus- sian 2. Nur' KATHLEEN WHIPPEN "Kathy" 95 Alstead Street Student Leader lg Basketball l. 2, 31 Spirit Comm. 3, VIRGINIA M. WILKINS "Gini" 57 Sherman Street JEAN WEISS "Jeanie" 57 Cummings Avenue Tri-Hi-Y 3: Dance Comm. 3g Alazzivl 3: Norlli Star 3: Office Worker 3. BEVERLY WHITE "Bev" 2 Ebbett Avenue Tri-Hi-Y 3: Spirit Comm. 3. RN v 1 DEBORAH L. WILKINSON "Debbie" 15 Windsor Road Nurses' Career Club 1: Dance Comm. 2, 3: Spirit Comm. 2. 3: Tri-Hi-Y Sec. 2. 3. BARRY J. WELCH 293 Fayette Street Football l. 2. 3: Hockey 2. 3: Varsity Club 2, V. P. 3: Key Club 3: Graduation Usher 2: Prom Usher l. 2: Prom Comm. 2: Spirit Comm. 2, 3: Dance Comm. 2. 31 Class Day Comm. 3. JOHN WHITEHOUSE "Jack" 30 Heath Street Track 3: Tennis 2, 3: Key Club 31 Dance Comm. 3. "SY RALPH J. WILLARD ll Ditmar Street Baseball 2: Soccer 3. JANICE WILLIAMS 31 Gilmore Street Tri-Hi-Y 2, Pres. 31 Dance Comm. 3: Spirit Comm. 3: Glee Club l: Receptionist 3. 1 Xa LANG WILLIS "Heinz" ll Richfield Street Baseball 1, 2, 3: Basketball l, 2, 31 Football l, 2, 31 Y Club 3: Varsity Club 3 North Star 3: Dance Comm. 3: Prom Comm. 3. CAROLYN J. WILSON 54 Ellington Road Tri-Hi-Y 3. Chaplain 21 Dance Comm. 2, 3: Spirit Comm. 3: Library Staff 31 Glee Club 2. 31 Norrlr Star 31 lllanet 3. Q W . LINDA WIPFLER 372 Billings Road Spirit Comm. 3: Tri-Hi-Y 2. 33 Mane! 3: Dance Comm. 3. PAUL A. ZAMBERNARDI "Zambo" 70 Hamilton Street Football l. 2. Co-Capt. 3: Prom Com m. 21 Dance Comm. 2. 3: Prom Usher 1. 2: Spirit Comm. 2, 31 Gradu- ation Usher 2: Key Club 3: Varsity Club 2. Pres. 3. DONNA WOISH 5 Graham Terrace KAREN ZENKER 29 Ferndale Road Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3. STEPHEN H. WOODWARD "Steve" 80 Tyler Street Band lx Key Club 3. ROBERT ZUKAUSKUS nszekewt 68 West Elm Avenue Key Club 3. 'fir ROBERT P. WILSON "Bobby" 465 Morrissey Boulevard Student Leader 2: Track 2 3 JOHN YOUNG 151 Essex Street Rifle Club l. Camera Shy ALICE BRENNICK DAVID CROWLEY DAVID FISHER CHRISTOPHER HEIM PETER LIND JEAN MacDoNALD PAUL MAHER KENNETH MIRICK GEORGE MORASH KERRY NEWELL RICHARD SACCHETTI HELEN SICKEL CLARENCE SMITH WALTER WISE Service, Scholarship, Sportsmanship, Fellowship . . . these are the phases of experience which our years at North have offered us. From oar insights into these phases we have derived our perspective for the future. 141 N ff' FH: fri .. w Rx IL, , 4 V, 2.- lf - ' 2 '. 4-J Qs V-7123... V.. ip ,rg - 9 h.fg5 5 fu ' wif.. I I Q acivertzsm 3 From the Editors . . . 'Q '-Q 4? .4 Lynne. Paul. Frances. Debby. Maureen. Diane, David ToYou... Mr. 84 Mrs. Frederick J. Abbott Mr. William S. Adams Miss Marion Akerley '63 Mr. Paul D. Allen Mrs. Guy W. Amrhein Mr. Mike Anderson '66 Miss Pauline L. Anderson Mr. Ralph L. Anderson '62 Mr. 84 Mrs. Ralph J. Andrews Mr. Wesley G. Angel Anonymous Mr. 84 Mrs. Archanbault Mr. gl Mrs. John A. Ardini and Family Miss Patricia A. Ardini Mr. gl Mrs. Thomas E. Ardini Mr. 84 Mrs. George Arnold Mr. 84 Mrs. Edward M. Arslam Atlantic Pharmacy Mr. Jack Attridge Mr. Marshall Bacheman and Family Mrs. John Banks Mr. Kgl Mrs. Frederick Baranow Mr. A. M. Barra Mrs. Florence Barrett Mr. 84 Mrs. I. M. Barrows Miss Susan Barrows Miss Helen Barry '60 Mr. James Barry '61 Mr. Richard W. Barry Mr. Frank Bartlett Rev. 84 Mrs. Frank J. Bauer Miss Rebecca Baumann Mr. 84 Mrs. Sidney C. Baumber Mr. Thomas Baxter '64 Mr. 84 Mrs. Edward L. Beaudoin and Family Rev. Leon F. Beauvais Mr. Ronald Bencks '62 Mr. Walter T. Berlo Miss Agnes E. Berry Mr. 84 Mrs. Kenneth Bertrand Mr. Charles Bezanson Mr. Harry Bjorkman '42 Miss Shirley Jean Black '63 Mrs. Ruth Black L uv i the Patrons and Advertisers . Mr. 84 Mrs. Robert Blair and Family Miss Cheryl Bogosian Mr. Anthony Bonfanti Miss Botana Mr. Edward J. Branagan Mrs. Brangiforte Mr. Daniel Breingan Mr. Peter Breingan '53 Mr. 84 Mrs. Peter Breingan Mr. 8 Mrs. Edward Brennan Mrs. Pat Brennan Miss Elizabeth Breslin Mrs. Frances D. Breslin '34 Mrs. Stephen Bressler '64 Mr. Peter B. Briggs Miss Heidi Anne Bright '70 Mr. Jeffrey W. Bright '65 Mrs. Pearl E. Bright Mr. 84 Mrs. William H. Bright Mr. 84 Mrs. Robert S. K. Brown Mr. 84 Mrs. Bernard J. Buckley Miss Denise Buckley Mr. 84 Mrs. Rocco Buonvicino The Burke Family Miss Edwina Burke '64 Mr. George G. Burke Mr. William R. Burke Mrs. Robert Burns Miss Carol Burrows '62 Mrs. Doris Cushing Burrows Mrs. Eva Burrows Mrs. John Butler Mr. 84 Mrs. George Byrne Mr. Gerald Byrne Miss Patricia Byrne '61 Mr. R Mrs. Alfred Cadman Mr. Guy Calapai Miss Deborah Callahan Mr. James J. Callahan Mr. Thomas Callahan Mr. Andrew N. Cameles Miss Charlene Campbell '64 Mr. Robert Campbell '62 Mrs. Evelyn Campitelli Miss Alice Carey '64 Mr. Paul Carlin Mr. Donald Carll Mr. 84 Mrs Clarence Carlson Mr. Joseph Carney Mr. Frank J. Casey Mrs. Frank J. Casey Mr. Fred Cawthorne Miss Linda Celata '64 Mr. Jerry Chaisson Mr. Jim Chaisson '64 Mr. John P. Chaisson '64 Mr. 84 Mrs. John Cherey, Jr. Miss Dorothy Chiessa Mrs. Betty Christe Mr. Joseph F. Churchill Mr. Elton Clark Mr. Richard W. Clark Mrs. Ernest Clarke Mr. Lawrence Coan Mr. Frederick Cobban Mrs. Mildred Cobban '45 Mr. John Cochran Mr. Alan Cohen '64 Mrs. Barbara P. Collins Mr. Colman Mr. Edward Colman Mr. Frederick J. Comis '65 Mrs. Madeline Comis Mr. 84 Mrs. Donald F. Conboy Mr. Thomas Conley '44 Mrs. Mary Connolly Mr. 84 Mrs. Patrick Connelly Miss Frances Connors Mr. Conti Mr. Eugene Cooney Mr. 84 Mrs. William Cooney Mr. Carmen Coppolino Mrs. Joseph Corbett Mr. EQ Mrs. Anthony Costa Miss Cathy Coughlin '64 Mrs. Martha Coughlin Miss Jeanne Couillard '48 Mr. Frank Courtney Mr. William Courtney '63 Mr. 84 Mrs. Cox and Family Mr. and Mrs. Cramer and Family Mr. Stanley Cramord Through our experience as editors of the 1965 MANET we have be- come aware of the necessity of the hard work and co-operation of many in producing a yearbook. For the invaluable assistance and sup- port of our staffs, our patrons and advertisers, our publisher, Mr. Ros- well Farnham, our school photog- rapher, Mr. James Bleiler, and our adviser, Mr. Thomas J. Murphy, we are sincerely grateful. Miss Esther Croft Mrs. Helen Croft Miss Mary Croft '65 Mr. 84 Mrs. Gilbert Crofts Mr. John Cronin Mr. Fred Crowther '59 Mr. 84 Mrs. Fred Crowther Mrs. Frank Curran Mrs. F. Curreri Miss Janis Curry '68 Mrs. William B. Curry Mr. 84 Mrs. Gerald Curtis Mrs. Laurence D. Curtis Mrs. Cuscianna Mr. 84 Mrs. David Dahlross Miss Cath Dammann Miss Alice Damon Mr. Frank C. Damon. Jr. Mr. Frank C. Damon III Miss Isabel Damon Mr. John Damon Mr. 84 Mrs. Cornelius Danehy Mr. Jack D'Angelo '64 Mrs. Agnew C. Darragh Mr. Edward T. Darsey Mr. Harry Davidson Mr. Andrew W. Davis '64 Miss Barbara Davis '61 Mr. 8 Mrs. Bernard Davis Mr. 84 Mrs. E. Gordon Davis Miss Mary Deane Mrs. Ruth DeFranco Mr. 84 Mrs. William Degan Mr. William D. Delahunt Mr. 8 Mrs. Robert Delaney Mr. 8 Mrs. Anthony DelGallo Miss Joan DelGallo '63 Mr. Richard DelGallo '64 Mr. 84 Mrs. John A. DeLuca Miss Dianne Derany '66 Mrs. Nellie DeSantis Miss Brenda Devers Mr. James Devlin Miss Linda J. Dias Mrs. Louis F. Dias Mr. 84 Mrs. Matthew Dias Miss Suzanne Dias '62 Mr. Henry Dillon Mrs. Virginia Dodd '58 The Dodd Family Mrs. Ann Doherty Miss Donna Doherty '67 Mrs. John Doherty Mr. Philip Doherty Miss Theresa Donato '64 Mr. ti Mrs. Alan N. Donkin Mr. Edward H. Donovan Mr. 84 Mrs. Edward J. Donovan Mr. George C. Doren Mrs. Ethel Dreyer Mrs. Annamae Driscoll Miss Jane N. Dunham '66 Miss Nina Eckley Miss Rose C. Enos Capt. 84 Mrs. John D. Enright Mr. 84 Mrs. Harold Erickson Mr. Stephen H. Erwin '49 Mrs. Philip D. Fabrizio Mr. John Fagan Mr. Edward Faherty '36 Mrs. Mary E. Fahey Mr. 84 Mrs. James Fallon Mr. 84 Mrs. Kenneth P. Fallon. Mr. 84 Mrs. John G. Falvey Mr. R. Fantucchio Mrs. E. Farrell Mr. James Faulkner Mr. 84 Mrs. Walter F. Fawcett Mr.-Walter F. Fawcett. Jr. '63 Mr. Thomas Fee Mr. 84 Mrs. George Fell Mr. Jay Felton '63 Mr. 84 Mrs. Fennessey and Family Mrs. Charles Ferrazzi Mr. Vernon Fielding Miss Maureen Fitzgerald '61 Mrs. Barbara Flaherty Mrs. John J. Flaherty Mr. Michael Flaherty Mr. 84 Mrs. Richard Flaherty Mr. 84 Mrs. James E. Flanagan Mr. Joe Flanagan Mrs. Robert D. Forbes Mr. "Skip" Ford '64 Mr. 84 Mrs. Charles H. Forest Mrs. Fountain Mrs. Fox Mr. Roger Frechette '64 Miss Ena Fredette Mr. Harry Friel A Friend A Friend of Class of '65 Friends Mr. 84 Mrs. Fullerton Mr. Richard J. Gallagher Mr. James Galvin '61 Mrs. John R. Galvin Miss Margaret F. Gannon Mr. Richard Gardner '62 The Gardocki Family Mrs. Angelo Garafalo Mr. Michael Garafalo '61 Mr. 8 Mrs. Charles W. Gaughan Mr. Fred L. Gerstein Mr. Fred L. Gerstein, Jr. Mr. 84 Mrs. Salvatore Giglio Mr. Frank P. Gill Mr. Arthur Gillis Mrs. Betty Gilmartin '43 Miss Janet Gilmartin Mr. Robert Gilmartin Mrs. Mary Glasheen Mrs. Charles Glover Miss Leslie Glynn Mr. 84 Mrs. William H. Glynn Miss Brenda Goldberg '66 Mr. Gerard Golden Mr. Gerald R. Goode Mrs. Margaret Goodman Mr. Robert Gore Mr. George Gorton '62 Mr. James R. Goskin '60 Mr. Richard Goslin Mr. 84 Mrs. Robert A. Gough Miss Doris E. Gould '64 Mr. Barnard Gouner Miss Rhoda Gouner Miss Janet Graham Miss Ellen Graf '63 Miss Rita Granahan Mrs. Richard L. Granger Miss Carole Granoff '64 Miss Alice O. Gray J Mr. Arthur J. Green Mr. Joseph Guerriero Mr. 84 Mrs. James L. Griffin Mr. 84 Mrs. William Griffin Miss Ann L. Grimshaw '59 Mrs. Thomas Grimshaw Miss Janet Guilfoy Miss Joanne Guilfoy '62 Mr. 84 Mrs. Walter J. Guilfoy Mrs. Michael Guiliana Mrs. George Gullage Mr. Albert G. Gustafson Mr. 84 Mrs. Daniel Gustafson and Family Miss Sandra Habeeb '64 Miss Mary Ann Hable '65 Miss Elizabeth Haddad Mr. 84 Mrs. Fred Haddad Mrs. Freda Haddad Mr. 84 Mrs. George Haddad Rev. James Haddad Mr. 84 Mrs. Mitchell Haddad Miss Nancy Haddad '65 Mr. 84 Mrs. Ralph Hadley Mrs. Hanley Mr. David A. Hansen Mr. 84 Mrs. Erling Hansen Mrs. Mildred Hansen '48 Miss Deborah Harding Mr. Duane Harding '65 Mr. Howard Harding '59 Miss Linda Harding '62 Mr. 84 Mrs. Harold Hardy Mrs. Harrington Miss Ann Hartford Mrs. C. Hartford Mrs. Sally Hartwell Mr. 84 Mrs. Richard K. Hawes. Jr. Mr. 84 Mrs. Richard K. Hawes and Family Miss Mary Hayes Mr. 84 Mrs. John Hemeon Mrs. Margaret Hemingway Mrs. S. D. Henderson Mr. Alan Higgins '65 Mr. James Higgins Mr. William S. Higgins. Jr. Mr. William T. Higgins Mrs. Patricia Hiller Miss Jennifer Hodges '66 Mr. John S. Hofferty Mr. Charles K. Hogan Mr. Edmund A. Hohman, Jr. Mr. Ed Holden '66 Mr. "Dutch" Holland Miss Cathy Horan Mrs. James J. Horan Mrs. Gertrude Horion and Family Mrs. Arthur Horick Miss Katherine F. Horrigan Mr. Richard Houghton Miss Ellen W. Howrihan Mr. 84 Mrs. Paul A. M. Hunt Mr. 84 Mrs. J. B. Hutchinson Dr. 84 Mrs. A. M. Hutton Miss Jill Hutton '65 Mr. Francis Iacomini Miss Lee Iacomini Mr. Craig A. Jackson Mrs. Davenport Jackson '56 Mr. Alfred Jago Mrs. Hope Jahn Mr. Bob Jellison Miss Christine Jensen '62 Mr. 84 Mrs. Paul O. Jensen Mr. Craig Johnson Miss Donna Johnson '64 Mrs. Grace R. Joslin Mrs. Arthur Joyce Mr. Thomas M. Joyce Miss Dianne Kahil '63 Mr. Richard Karini Mr. Ronnie Kaufman '62 Mr. Arnie Kaupp Mr. Richard Keaveney Miss Frances W. Kelley Mr. James F. Kelley Mrs. Jean Kelley Mr. John Kelley Mr. 84 Mrs. Leo M. Kelly Mr. 84 Mrs. Paul Kelly Miss Paula Kelly '64 Miss Peggy Kelly '64 Miss Sheila A. Kelly '64 Mrs. John Kennedy Mr. Frank Kenney Mrs. Margret King Mr. Chester Kirby Mr. James Kirby Sr. Mr. 84 Mrs. Kilby T. Kline Mr. Donald A. Koeller Mr. 84 Mrs. Harold S. Koretsky Mr. 84 Mrs. Bernard Kramer Miss Daina Kristosik '64 Mr. gl Mrs. Henry S. Kristosik and Family Mr. George Kugal Mr. Martin Kusser '64 Mr. Joseph LaCamera Mr. Michael Lach '65 Mr. Raymond Lagerquist Mr. Charles Lamb Mr. Henry Lamb '59 Miss Linda Lamb '63 Mr. 84 Mrs. Arthur F. Lane Mr. 84 Mrs. John Larner Mr. Warren R. Larsen Miss Donna Larson '62 Mrs. John E. Lawless Miss Elizabeth Lawrence Mrs. Alice Laycock Mr. Jack Leary '50 Mr. William Leavens Mr. Thomas Leavitt '66 Mr. 84 Mrs. Robert LeBlanc Mr. 84 Mrs. Eugene Leonard Mr. Henry Leschernier Mrs. Henry Leschernier Miss Suzanne Leschernier Mr. 84 Mrs. Charles Leveroni Mr. 84 Mrs. A. B. Levine and Family Mr. O. U. Libby Mr. Frank D. Lindahl Miss Nancy Lockwood Mr. 84 Mrs. Raymond E. Lockwood and Family Mr. Stanton Lockwood '62 Mr. Van Lofgren Mr. 84 Mrs. Leavitt Lombard Mr. Ernest W. Lord. Jr. Mrs. George Lowe Mr. Daniel Lubarsky Mrs. Chris Lucas Mr. Thomas P. Lyons Mr. Donald Maahn '48 Miss Janet K. MacDonald '61 Mrs. Joseph F. MacDonald Mr. Russell C. MacDonald Mr. Howard R. MacDougall Mrs. Ruth I. MacDougall '37 Miss Joan MacGillivray '60 Mr. Joseph J. MacKey Mr. C. MacKennon Miss Joan MacNeil Mr. Norman MacWilliam Mr. Thomas Maguire Miss Karen Mahoney Mrs. Mary Agnes Mahoney Miss Barbara Main Mrs. Margaret Maisey Mr. William A. Maisey Miss Anita D. Maistrellis Mrs. Ann Lane Maloney Mrs. Sadie Maloof Mr. David Malmgren '62 Mr. John Malmgren '60 Mr. Louis Malzone Mr. William Mangan Mrs. William J. Mangan Mrs. Agnes Walker Mann Mr. John F. Mannix Miss Janet Masciarelli '65 Mr. 84 Mrs. Harry F. Massey Mr. 84 Mrs. D. A. Matheson Mr. 84 Mrs. Francis Mathieson Mr. Donald McAdam '61 Mr. Robert E. McAdam '60 Mr. Hector McBournie Mr. 84 Mrs. Charles F. McCall Mr. Kevin McCann Mr. Leo McCann Mr. Cgl Mrs. Leo McCarter Mrs. McCarthy Mr C L McCarth . . . y Mr. 84 Mrs. James McCarthy, Jr. Mrs. John McCarthy Mr. Thomas McCarthy Mrs. Thomas McCarthy Mr. J. Donald McCleaw '45 Mr. Edward McCloskey Miss Nancy McCloskey Mr. 84 Mrs. Francis McCormick Miss Katherine McCoy Mr. John J. McCrackin Mr. 84 Mrs. William H. McCrackin Mrs. Sally McCusker '53 Mrs. D. A. McDonough Mr. Robert G. McDonough Mr. Joseph McGillicuddy '51 Mr. 84 Mrs. Allen J. Mclntire Mr. Arthur Mclver Mr. 84 Mrs. Joseph McLaughlin Mr. McLean Mr. Cgl Mrs. McNeice Mr. Raymond McPeck Mrs. Leo Meehan Miss Meldred Meldon Mrs. Muriel F. Mellyn Mr. 84 Mrs. Ralph Mercadante Dr. 84 Mrs. Charles D. Merrill Mr. Roy B. Merritt Miss Bernadette Messian Mr. Warren Meyer Miss Carol Miller '64 Mrs. Warren C. Miller Mr. Billy Mitchell '63 Mr. John Monahan '62 Mr. 84 Mrs. Richard Mooney and Family Mr. Jeffrey Moore Mrs. Victor Moore Mr. 84 Mrs. William Moore and Family Mr. Frank Morrisroe Mr. 84 Mrs. Arthur Morrissey '47 Mr. Dennis Morrissey '46 Mr. Paul J. Morrissey '45 Mr. Richard Morrissey '42 Mr. Charles G. Morse Mrs. Henry Mountford Mr. John J. Mullarkey Mill Evelyn Mulouf Mrs. Joseph Mulouf Mr. Gunnar Munnick, Jr. Mr. Charles Munson Mrs. M. Graham Murdock Mr. Murphy Mr. A. Murphy Miss Evelyn M. Murphy Mrs. Helen Murphy Mr. 84 Mrs. Murphy and Family Miss Eleanor Murray Mr. 84 Mrs. James Murray and Family Miss Mary D. Murray '47 Mr. 84 Mrs. Abraham Mushlin Mr. 84 Mrs. Victor L. Mutty and Family Mr. Roger Myers Mr. 84 Mrs. Harold B. Neal, Jr. Miss Linda T. Neal '61 Miss Deborah Neilson '62 Mrs. Thelma Neilson Miss Evelyn C. Nelson Mrs. George T. Nelson Mr. Gorden Nelson Mr. Cgl Mrs. Robert W. Nelson Mrs. C. Nerri Mrs. Paul Nestor '49 Mr. 84 Mrs. David P. Newell Dr. 84 Mrs. Richard W. Newman and Family Mrs. Judith Newton Miss E. Neylan Mr. 84 Mrs. Charles Nicholson Mrs. Priscilla Nicholson '58 Mrs. Forrest Nickerson Mr. Peter Nickerson '63 Miss Suzanne Nickerson Miss Pamela Niclole '57 Mr. 84 Mrs. Paul Nogueira Mr. Paul Norarty Mrs. John Norris Mr. 84 Mrs. Thomas E. Norton Mr. 84 Mrs. Leo Nunnari Mr. 84 Mrs. Frank Nunziato Miss Ann Marie O'Brien Mrs. James J. O'Brien Mr. John J. O'Brien Jr. Mrs. Paul O'Brien Miss Theresa O'Brien '65 Mr. James O'Brion '59 Mr. 84 Mrs. Louis L. O'Brion Mrs. Charles O'Connell Miss Kathleen O'Connell Mr. E. T. O'Connell Mr. 84 Mrs. William A. O'Connell Miss Mary O'Connor Miss Kathleen O'Donnell '64 Miss Nancy O'Donnell '64 Mr. William H. O'Donnell Mr. Bill Ohrenbreger Mr. Joe O'Keefe Mr. Joseph Oliver Mrs. Marguerite Oliver Miss E. Olson Mr. John J. O'Malley '64 Mr. William V. O'Malley Mr. Henry F. T. O'Meara Mr. F. W. O'Neil Miss Josephine O'Neil Miss Theresa O'Neil Mr. 8: Mrs. Edward O'Neill Mr. James R. Orlando Mr. 8: Mrs. Jasper J. Orlando Mr. John Ortenzi Mrs. John Osbourne Mr. Edwin A. Page '54 Mr. 8: Mrs. Page and Family Mr. Harry D. Paige Mr. 8: Mrs. Theodore Papaptros Mr. 8: Mrs. S. W. Parros and Family Mr. Mark H. Payson '62 Mr. 8: Mrs. Paul H. Payson Mr. 8: Mrs. Perley J. Payson, Jr. Mr. 8: Mrs. Arthur A. Pearce Mr. Les Pearce Mr. Dennis Pearl '61 Mr. Jeff Pearl '61 Mr. Eric Pearson '65 Mr. Thomas Pelleter Mr. Anthony Penna Mr. John D. Perrin, Jr. Mr. 8: Mrs. Ross Perry Miss Beverly Peterson '65 Mr. Donald Peterson '58 Mr. 8: Mrs. Donald Peterson Mr. Frank Peterson Miss Janet Peterson '63 Mr. 8: Mrs. Robert Peterson Mrs. Edward J. Petrosuis Miss Lee Petrosuis '64 Mr. John Pettinelli '60 Mr. William Phinney Miss Carol Pierce '63 Mr. 8: Mrs. Harold Pierce Mr. John Pierce Miss Elizabeth N. Pitt Mr. 8: Mrs. David Player Mr. Alfred Pletsch Mrs. Lawrence Poirier Mrs. Margaret Pomeroy Mr. 8: Mrs. Robert W. Pope Mr. Geoffry Potter Mrs. Janet Powers Miss Jane Pray '40 Mr. Antonio Quaglia Quincy Swim Team Mrs. Neil Quinn Mr. Thomas Quinn Mrs. Florence M. Ragusa Mr. William J. Ragusa Mrs. Dorothy Raimondi Mr. 8: Mrs. Douglas Randall Miss Kristie Randall Mrs. Rantuccio Mr. James Rantuccio Mr. 8: Mrs. Walter Rauding Mrs. Donald Readon '49 Mrs. Doris Readon Mrs. Frank Redmond Miss Carol Reily '63 Mrs. Francis Ridge Mr. Donald J. Riley Mrs. Fred Riley Mr. Robbins Mrs. Chandler Robbins Mr. Chandler J. Robbins, Jr. Mr. 8: Mrs. Edward Roberts. Jr. '40 Mr. Edward J. Roberts, Sr. Mr. Murray Roberts Mrs. Eleanor Robertson '45 Mr. Stanley A. Robertson '43 Mr. 8: Mrs. Kenneth Rogers Mr. John J. Roper Mrs. Dorothy Simpson Ross Mr. 8: Mrs. David Rubin Mrs. Beatrice A. Rudderham Mr. Francis Rull Mr. 8: Mrs. Edward Rush Mr. 8: Mrs. James C. Russell Mr. Joseph H. Ryan Mr. Skip Ryan Miss Geneviere Mr. Thaddeus Sadowski The Sager Family Mr. Stephen Sager '65 Mr. Doug Sailly Miss Michelle Sue Saltzman Mr. Robert Saltzman Miss Shyrl M. Saltzman Mr. Mike Sama Mrs. Barbara Sargent '42 Mr. Donald Sass Mr. 8: Mrs. Everett Saunders Mr. Albert Savitsky Mrs. John J. Scanlan Miss Wilma Schields Miss Martha Schwartz '65 Miss Mindy Schwartz Miss Catherine Sclafani Mr. 8: Mrs. Frank Sclafani Mrs. Anita Scott Miss Diane Scott '67 Mr. 8: Mrs. Harold Scott Mr. Harold H. Scott, Jr. '40 Mrs. Helen Peterson Scott '45 Mr. 8: Mrs Robert Scott Mr. Stanley Scott '42 Mrs. Stewart Scott Mr. 8: Mrs. Francis Seager Mr. Lloyd Seaman Mr. 8: Mrs. Edward Sears Mrs. E. H. Sears Mrs. A. Serighelli Mrs. Lillian Shachat and Family Mr. 8: Mrs. Harry Shahbazian Mr. John Randolph Sharp, Sr. Mrs. Thora Marie Soderberg Sharp Miss Lena M. Shaw Mr. :Q Mrs. James E. Shay Mr. John M. Shea Mr. Joseph Shea Mrs. Margaret Shea Mr. William Sheehan Mr. 8: Mrs. Henry J. Sheridan Mr. 8: Mrs. Bernard J. Shine Mrs. Ben Shulman Mr. Thomas A. Sibbald Mr. 8: Mrs. Jack Silverstein Mrs. Barbara F. Simpson Mr. Roy Sinclair Miss Lorraine Sinopoli '59 Miss Sally Sly Mr. 8: Mrs. James Small and Family Mr. Roland Small Mrs. Smith Mr. Charles Smith Miss Deborah Smith Miss Denise Smith Mr. 8: Mrs. Dexter Smith Mrs. Henry Smith Mr. 8: Mrs. Joseph Smith Mr. 8: Mrs. Mathew F. Smith Mr. 8: Mrs. Minard Smith Mr. 8: Mrs. Raymond M. Smith Miss Sharon Smith '63 Mr. 8: Mrs. Stanley Smith and Family Mrs. Dorothy Snyder Mrs. Irene Soderberg Mr. Arthur Sorenson Mrs. Arthur Sorenson Mr. 8: Mrs. Souke Mr. Dean Souke '64 Mrs. John R. Spanks, Jr. '48 Miss Maureen Spence Mr. 8: Mrs. E. M. Stalker and Family Mr. Gerry Stanton Mr. Paul Stanton Mrs. H. D. Stanwood Mr. Richard Staples '64 Mrs. Starck Mr. Michael Starsiak Mr. Dick Stein '59 Mr. Gary Stein '64 Mrs. Stempleski Mr. 8: Mrs. Raymond F. Stockless Mrs. Robert Stoddard Mr. 8: Mrs. Richard Stohlberg '54 Mr. 8: Mrs. Thomas Stokes and Family Mrs. Rita Stokinger Mr. 8: Mrs. Robert Sullivan Mr. 8: Mrs. Vincent P. Sullivan Mr. Gordon Sundberg Mr. 8: Mrs. Louis Suson Mr. Emery A. Swanson '50 Mr. Walter S. Swanson Miss Carol Sweeney '59 Miss Catherine Sweeney '64 Miss Joan Sweeney '64 Mrs. K. J. Sweeney Miss Linda Sweenie '64 Mrs. Margret Sweenie Miss Ginny Swindells '61 Mrs. Samuel Swindells Mr. 8: Mrs. Sydney Swindells Mr. Thomas Swindells Mrs. Harold F. Swindler Mr. Anthoni Taddeo Mr. 8: Mrs. Franklin A. Tangille Mr. E. Arthur Tanguay Mr. Allen G. Tate '46 Mrs. George Taylor Mrs. John Teed Mr. Peter Thomas Mr. Jerry Thornell Miss Linda Thornell Miss Carol Todd Miss Bette Toohey '64 Miss Katherine Townsend Mr. 8: Mrs. Oscar J. Toye Mrs. Trainer Miss Rose Marie Trainer '65 Mr. 8: Mrs. John H. Trefry, Jr. and Family Mr. George S. Troupe Mr. Earl W. Tufts Mr. John Vacca Mr. Clarence Valade Miss Donna Valencia '59 Mr. 8: Mrs. Henry Van Der Molen Mrs. Marjorie Van Gemert Mr. 8: Mrs. Varvaro Mrs. Richard Vena Mrs. Beatrice Verenis Mr. 8: Mrs. Raymond E. Walker Mr. John Ward Mr. William Waterman '64 Mr. 8: Mrs. Norman Watson Mr. William Watt Mr. Donald R. Weber '53 Mrs. Donald Weiss Miss Gail Welch '62 Miss Joan Welch '64 Mr. James Welling Mrs. Frank Wentworth Mr. Elmer Wherty Mrs. John P. White Miss Veronica M. White '62 Mr. Gordon Wickland Mr. Carl Widman Mr. 8: Mrs. Thomas F. Wiggin, Jr Mrs. Adolph Y. Wilburn Mr. 8: Mrs. George Wilkins Mr. Richard Wilkinson Mr. Ralph Willard Mrs. William R. Willis Mr. 8: Mrs. James N. Wilson Mr. Paul F. Winn Mrs. Winsloe Mr. 8: Mrs. J. Wiptier Mr. Jack Wiplier Mrs. Roger Witcomb The Witherel's Miss Harriet C. Wolff Mr. Charles Woodbury Mrs. Mary Woodhouse Mr. 8: Mrs. James Woods Mr. 8: Mrs. Jay Woodworth Mr. Parker E. Wynot Miss Ann Yeomans Mrs. Margaret York Mrs. Carol Young Mr. 8: Mrs. John R. Young Mr. Paul Zambernardi Mr. Skip Zellen '63 Mrs. Arthur Zenker Mr. Peter J. Zoia '36 Miss Cheryl Zona Mr. Joseph J. Zona, Jr. '64 Mrs. J. Leo Zschau Mrs. James Zwicker SUBURBAN MERCHANTS The king philip lake pearl parlc + evergreen 4-3111 Q wrenfham, mass. Restaurant, Ballroom, Party Rooms, Sports Camp, dl Beach Club Cultivate the King Philip habit for the best in leisure time activities. uf- 3. THE MANHATTAN FORMAL WEAR CG. Tuxedo Rental and Sales SPECIAL RATES for North students for weddings and proms 715 Dudley Street, At Uphams Corner TA 5-5100 Ge 6-9303 "Open Evenings" One Minute From Neponset Circle FULLY AIR CONDITIONED DAY and EVENING COURSES ox' 9096 s ,QW :riffs Q gQ4 ep 1-soho 96' .'::iv:::,' 2231112 Siarl any time -Morning 81. afternoon classes oylston St. at Arlington Sf., MTA, Boston 16, Mass. 147 1 1 96 FASHION CENTERS oumcv soum sucks PLAZA Where you will find the brcuzcl names you know and will trust! LOUISE DUFFEY TRAVEL AGENCY Tours, Cruises, Hotels, Air, Steamships Groups, Bus, Car Hire DICK RICHARDS, president 49 Centre Street, West Quincy Gr 2-3232 107 South Street, Hingham Ri 9-9500 A Record to be Proud of Ofhcial Jeweler for all Classes 1946-1966 Compliments of FRANK A. FOWLER Class Rings, Medals, and Trophies Specialists in Prom Favors 27 School Street Boston 8 Rlchmond 2-0161 148 North walks on Harry's Shoes . . HARRY'S SHCES 40 Billings Road Norfolk Downs Pr 3-2380 Serving North for over 25 years GR9-7875 250 Elliot Avenue, Quincy Richard J. Barry, Jr. Real Estate 84 Insurance A f Q, 1 're-,eff kj fn, 1 270 Hancock Street in Gr 2-6780 Next to North Quincy High School Ra' Ph Cappola Contractor Since 1929 Builders of better homes and garages, Brikerete and Concrete c'onsrruc'tion. 149 Am demic Cfxcellence Wcrsonal Concern Stmtesqic lbcation Spiritual Values Eastern Nazarene College Dr. Edward S. Mann, President QUINCY, MASSACHUSETTS ' 150 Before you accept that first job . . . Look over your employer as earefully as he does you What's the Company like anyway? Would I be proud to work there? Reputation for square dealing with employees? Pleasant surroundings? Will I be working with others my own age? Are they friendly? Do they socialize after hours? Will the boss be reasonable? Appreciate good, hard work, but won't explode if I make a mistake? Will I make a decent week's pay? Have a chance for raises, advancement, more responsibility? How about fringe benefits? Is the work challenging? I had what it takes to get through high school. Will they give me a chance to use my brains? Note. Many young men and women in this area can answer Yes to these questions. They work for New England Telephone Compan New En land s lar est Why not talk with our employment intervlewer soon . before you graduate? Ask your Guidance Counselor to tell you when and where to apply. y - - - g ' g employer. New England Telephone T' Part of the Nationwide Bell System .Z 151 QUINCY JUNIOR COLLEGE QNIOR QQ, 477' Qjegcx KNOWLEDGE- A COMMUNITY COLLEGE SERVING QUINCY AND THE SOUTH SHORE PROGRAMS OF STUDY EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES 0 Arts and SCi6IlC6S 0 Programs Leading To Transfer To Four-Year Colleges ' Gellelial Eflucfiflw 0 Terminal Programs Leading Directly To Positions In O Business Administration Buginesg And Industry 0 Evening Courses For Part-Time 0 Liberal Arts--Secretarial Students Approved by the Board of Collegiate Authority, Massachusetts Department of Education to confer the Associate in Art and the Associate in Science Degree. ADVANTAGES OF THE JUNIOR COLLEGE o LOW TUITION 0 NEAR TO HOME 0 SMALL CLASSES 0 INDIVIDUAL COUNSELING X 152 vL-RC A I F3 5 1 .Ji-,s . . I ' - .IJ ' "Sn.,..,,,,,,Nw:Li4',,gf?g', v bf DONAHER'S MEN'S STORE 1516 Hancock Street 472-4102 QUINCY BEAUTY ACADEMY 30 Franklin Street 471-1440 PRESIDENT'S CITY MOTEL A Home Away From Home 479-6500 ANTHONY'S COIFFURES 1631 Hancock Street .2 - 415' ., M1110 MIS UINCY SQUARE MERCHANTS TOWNE AUTO DRIVING SCHOOL, INC 25 Chestnut Street 773-1173 REMICK'S OF QUINCY 1517 Hancock Street 773-8000 WINFIELD HOUSE Every Meal A Pleasant Memory 472-9452 Compliments of REPRESENTATIVE JOSEPH ' r' 4 fi 32 E. BRETT I 153 , f-I Studio 17 17 Billings Road Astro Food Market 47 Billings Road Al Turner Hardware Co. 471 Hancock Street Warren's Coffee Shop 423A Hancock Street 5 Corner Quick Pick 163 Newbury Avenue Home Market 97 Rawson Road NORTH QUINCY MERC1-LANTS Charles' Barber Shop 420 Hancock Street Eastern Shade and Screen 20 John Street Baker Drug 1 15 Billings Road Hannon Tire 495 Hancock Street Studio 747 747 East Squantum Street 154 STAN'S CARD 84 GIFT SHOP DERRINGER THE FLORIST 41 Billings Road 389 Hancock Street 773-7254 773-0959 773-9609 F. J. GREENLAW, INC. 542 East Squantum Street 471-3694 f.". 1 . 4, X ,x I. -.N ' af- it WH WHEEL HOUSE DINER CUMPLIMENTS OF Good Food--Good Service- Good Coffee DRUGS' NORFOLK TELEVISION SERVICE 154 East Squantum Street 472-9085 12 Wilson Avenue 773-4608 Sales and Service Compliments of Montclair Barber Shop MONTCLAIR MERCHANTS NORFOLK AUTO BODY CO. Nicholson's Montclair Hardware Co 125 Montclair Avenue 121 Montclair Avenue Walsh's Variety Montclair Pharmacy 221 West Squantum Street 203 West Squantum Street GRANITE 5 to 81.00 STORES, INC. Milton, Holbrook, Brookline, Brighton Montclair Service Station 224 West Squantum Street JOHN E. MCNALLY 8a Plumbing and Heating 8 Brookside Road Braintree SONS Compliments of. . MASSACHUSETTS ENGINEERING CO., INC. 156 15 CARQOL 'UT RA TE COSMETICS Y . WOLLASTON MERCHANTS Donald J. Hayward, Optician Snyder's Auto Wash 25 Beale Street 60 Beale Street William J. Shea Real Estate and Insurance Walter R. Forbush Insurance 12 Beale Street 78 Beale Street Metherall and McCausland Master Plumbers License 716207 Kem Rug COIIIPHHY 676 Haneeek Street Wm. T. Morrlssey Blvd. Coolidge Pharmacy B. C. Realty 253 Beale Street l6l Beale Street C. A. Cox Rambler 60 Beale Street QUINCY MUSIC CENTER, INC. BERRY INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. 27 Beale Street 671 Hancock Street 773-5325 479-5500 BEACON CLEANSERS JOHNSON'S FILLING STATION 624 Hancock Street 700 Hancock Street 773-7400 DEWARE BROS. FUNERAL HOME RICHARD J. GORMAN. JEWELER 576 Hancock Street 232 Beale Street 472-1137 773-5031 157 MKWQ H J 3335551 K2-A Q22 E! gif ,...-'- - -, :sul-I-H-"'!' ' H my ' 5 ' fd hXXg,,.... - -L 5 "- 1 fl " " , M 'E --i' 158 SCHOOL HELPERS STUDENT COUNCIL TRI-KOLA-MARKEE Tri-Hi-Y Mr. Penna Marsha Van Gemert, President CLASS OF 1965 TRI-DELTA-RHO Tri-Hi-Y Mr. Donahue Anne Breingan, President CLASS OF 1966 ELPHA DELTA Tri-Hi-Y Miss MCC031 Janice Williams, President KEY CLUB DELTA SIGMA Tri-Hi-Y Mr. Carlin Jancie Flaherty, President DRAMA CLUB Mr. Ingersoll QUINCY TEACHERS' ASSOCIATION 1964 SCHOLARSHIP RECIPIENTS Richard Mosca-Quincy Junior College Diane McDonald-University of Massachusetts Randall Sleeth-University of New Hampshire Maureen Ryan-Boston State College ' T59 Advertising Art Club Assistant Principals Band Baseball Basketball Boys' Bowling Cheerleaders Class Census Class Day Committee Clerical Stall Concert Choir Curricular Activities Dance Committee Debating Club Dedication Drama Club Executive Board Extra-curricular Activities Faculty Fellowship Football Foreword French Honor Society German Honor Society Girls' Basketball Girls' Bowling Girls' Club Golf Great Books Guidance Receptionists Gym Team Hockey Introduction I DEX 142 44 12 75 70 58 77 72 23 33 12 45 82 32 47 11 44 25 20 12 78 50 3 37 36 76 76 27 65 47 29 69 62 4 Junior Class Officers Key Club Latin Honor Society Library Staff Majorettes Mamet Marine Science Class Mixed Chorus M.P.P.C. National Honor Society National Spanish Honor North Star Nurses' Career Club Patrons Principa1's Message Prom Committee Receptionists Rifle Club Russian Class Scholarship Science Club Senior Class Oilicers Service Soccer Spirit Committee Sportsmanship Staff Student Council Table of Contents Tennis Title Page Track Tri-Hi-Y Varsity Club l 1 5 i 1 i 1 1 22 26 36 29 73 40 39 45 33 38 Society 37 43 28 144 10 32 28 77 39 34 46 20 18 56 74 48 2 24 3 55 1 66 30 74 1 1 i 1 This book printed by VELVATONE, a special process of lithc graphic printing. Sole producers: Wm. J. Keller Inc., Buffalo, N. X No orher printing firm is authorized to use the Velvatone method f' Af, f',.,Mf-1'f57 -1' 1 - -vl""' 41 N5'Ai - '- .- f ' ' ' x - 'H' ' s V A ' , 1 l Y Y 3 2 I 1 f 1 A T -' I 5 2 5 ' Q ' I ' 1 1 , 4 f W g J. X - .,. '1 I . -I xg F Z, . if igvflgrm, 5 Q Q X5 9 5 L 3 5 2 Z Q K 5 5 1 X , 9 z -4-v-vm - 4 M i"-A' 5 ? 2212 iii I T1.'lN' Q T Q , 4- K 1 ' 1 , . K 5, x 2 --I7 . f ,,.--- 4 ,..uf"' ,. rr ,- 00" NC! gl QP' ,fo- j X S f f 1 1 4 A 1 w 1 1, l 1 , s Q. L XFQ KW I 5 1, .nf q ,

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