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a 4 ' i . !,: 'f 4'-1.4 S? if . wif xg wi We Work HQ T 0 getber uincy High School N rfh Quincy, Massachuseffs The 19YR'7Z9-'Pb A rw 4 tl NQUl P: ge -Us ui t ii -A -vi i - 'PQ ". A 'M' 4 v!, IIHBII 1959 Tax 'S Q -QQ, . , at , : 1 -wg! .-I .- ' p vs 1 I '. . 5 . Qt , w , 9 I .- sa X N V ' 'N 4 . , k ' ,I X X 1 f V ' 'L A 'X it 'A . ' ' , .Mtn I x A N " A ' Q: H I A, tx ' W x W Ll, X -4-:ill N V 3 ' . . Q , I R A I Q x 3 n . . Mn, 5 N 41' gx XX X Joaxina Little CONTENTS FOREWORD PRINCIPAL'S MESSAGE FACULTY 'S ssmons CURRICULAR ATHLETICS ACTIVITIES CENSUS ADVERTISING PATRONS ADVERTISERS Alan Carlson William Crawford I ' STAFF J OANN A LITTLE-Editor-in-Chief ALAN CARLSON -Co-Business Manager WILLIAM CRAWFORD-Co-Business Manager GEORGE GALLIVAN-Co-Layout Editor GERARD DeGENNARO-Co-Layout Editor JOHN HOFFERTY-Faculty Adviser 4 George Gallivan Ii 3 is fi A 5 1. Ii 7 I a 9 14 I6 3 22 46 87 90 92 95 Aa is fi , '11 eu fe Q. ,Ex if- WE DEDICATE MR. EDMUND J. KING In 1939 he graduated with academic and extracurric- ular honors from North Quincy High School. In 1952 he returned to North Quincy High School as a teacher of mathematics and as a coach of underclass basketball. In 1957 with the respect and good will of all he was ap- pointed assistant principal of North Quincy High School. As a student, a teacher, and an administrator he has always exemplified North Quincy High's unique togetherness in his intellectual accomplishments, his extracurricular liveliness, and his gentlemanly fairness. So to you, Mr. Edmund J . King, we fondly dedicate the Manet of 1959. 5 3 'I It zk eaferywhere! In fare if if infectzoux' North? .epeczbll brand of togetloernefx Here it if in the ofce of the bead counselor af M135 Welch and Alon Carlson elm! about Bob,-on Innizuze Alan? cbozee of college FGREWCRD "1N1- 11'111'1i 111Q1'1111'1',H l1'111N 111N1111'11111111 11 1114I1'1'41 11111 11J11ll11'1' 4114 +11l' N111'l'1'NN1'111 1111111111111.N111111'111w111 X111-111 1Q11'111-1 1111111 . rx 1 1, .. h1'1111111. 11':1111111111:111v1, 11111' -11111111 r11l1'11 1- f.1'11111111111111s 111111 il 1111511 N1.111-1,11'11 111' 111- 11'11111'11l:11 1'1111111-111111111 211111 111N1'11111111- :11111 111i 11111':11'111'1'11'111:11' 1,1111 :11111 1111111-:1111111. 11111111 111111111 11111 51 1111111111 s11f1f11111'1111l11l1 11111112111 1511l1'11:l1'1Il111:1Il111',1N1 111111111111-11 11':11'111'1'n 111111 1P1l1111N 1111111 111Lf1'1111'1'111l'111NN :1111111111. 141'11111-Q1-111111g111111111111111 111111 11111 111'- 111'1' 111'1-111'11111-N1-1111111,111-1111-1 111111 111- :11'1' 1111-51-11111113 11 1111-111111'1' 1111-111 11111 111111 111 1-111-1'1x111111 1'1'1111111N1'11111-1-N 11111 :11N.1111 X111'111 Q111111'.1' 1111111111-111-51 '111Il1N 1111141 1111- 11llIll1f 111 111.151 1111 111 :111 l1w1'1':1111"N11 --111111111111 11111' +111-1'1:11 N1ll'11l 1J1l1114'.1 111.1511 51-1111111 111111111 111. 111151-1111-1'111-NJ The PTi11C?6llli' Meffa e Ll It is said that "graduation" n1arks the end of the preliminary phase of our lives. Significantly college re- fers to it as "commencement"-not the end of the old, but the beginning of the new. So it must always be that the end of one chapter imperceptibly intertwines with the beginning of the next. You stand at a great fork in the mainstream of life, where are made binding decisions that affect forever your destiny. It is a time of retrospectg it is a time of foresight. You seek to make a smooth transition be- tween where you have been and where you are going. To have meaning the two must be related. Many have been together from the first days of school, most for the last six years. Growing out of this I is a unique "togetherness" at North. Through the most formative period of your lives you have worked and played together. And yet, you cannot escape the realization that the whole is a fusion of the parts. As the perfect harmony of a great symphony is a delicate blending of the tones of each instrument, so are the great accomplishments of a group the subtle compound of the efforts of each individual. As you work in concert with others remem- ber that your self-respect lies in your own contribution. North has served you well if you are better for having been hereg you have served North well if it is better for your having been here. Each, I hope, has left forever its stamp upon the other. 541.41 . , . "H WK if-NL'-N' "!lnlllillEWi5 Edmund J. King Assistant Principal 4gC0x.LN.xQ1kXN- . QQ, .,. Rr- K 'Q qw QXN- Fx , X f X HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION- silting: Alice Grayg slanding: Kenneth Rickson, Katherine McCoy. 9 CLERICAL STAFF-Emily Difilio, Sally A. Hannon, Esther A. Morrison. :ix Thy lead uf in English: Ruth H. Leavitt mxk, J E. A 'f 'K Aff. A . . - i egg? wi 2 , X34 3' X Q H f K 'iw K -- Q 1 l' , . .Eff YY . ii A L. i ' . ' A K K K f g 'K J kklfi . .71 X Q- if ff V A , , L,,L 5. I Q, , Q iq M.-. f ff . k,. -' X V A V. 'MQ 1' V , l.. fi-Q v 1, k.VV, I - , . K V' Q v 1 A 1 lg l e gg 5 'E I ' ' ' A ' iff. ' 'ask ' - L ziffl '- if may - , . . .H 2-gf . '.,., 5. 'kk- I ,V H 1. . .- L ' ,gjgfg-1 l, fi NN..,,-Q l 'L , W ..,,. W - : ,:.f'g:gj.'L':3 gfz,giy:f.v3.:if5i ,gfsggjvkjh Jw' Social Studies: Hermon M. Noyes U N,,,mm.m .po-an 6,111 Mathematics: Katherine F. Horrigan . Science' Wilma Schields fl0llllSGlllI1gC faroline W1-lvh Commereial Sulrjec-ts: Melvin C. -Iavk LANfILAGES-Louise Jack, Ruth hleisner, Roberta VVehstersmith, Louise D. Fifieldg mz'.v.s1'ng from picture: Mable Pratt. M ENGl,lSlI-.viHfng.' Marjuriv IC. Fnrrivr, Rose U. Enos, John K. Young, Ruth ll. Leavitt, Jessie Jenn-sg .Vffllldfllgf 'l'holnas Murphy, Rohm-rt Laing, Ruth Moisnur, A,nn lU4irvii1y'I,.011isv Jack, John S, Hof- fekng VN My My W. X - LlM,iA,,flflZ,f1Vl, hi 11, " 'nfifli' V1-.M,.. W hwy hfnw lx' 2' v' if JA N V . SOCIAL STUIHlCSis1'Iti11g: Elizabeth B. Savage. Katherine M. Countie QclerkJ,,Margaret M. Flaving standing: John J, Donahue, Qc-Orgs Jahnv NQQIIQHII MacWilliarn: mzlvqing frimg i1Iff'f1ll3'.' Hefhkmii M. . 5' 1 Noyes. I N 'hill Xf ' if LLL - ibm' li ' ui" X , I Y, x lr ,-Ml' - 'Q-L ,L U K, ,L Q HI' 1 f A J k- V . 'Q . Vi xil. . '- X ' A uf 1 M NLE .' . 'Z I I mi -at L 'Li in vi f x H ! COUNSICl,l,lNfif,-sitting: Agnes Berry, Marjorie IC. Currier, Agnes Purvcll, Carolinv VVelc-li: standing: Roy Merritt, Niels Knakkergaarcl, Martin Casey. FINE ARTS-Anne P. Sawitsky, Anthony Ferrante, Ethel New- mang missing from picture: Elizabeth Sherman. Q PRACTICAL ARTS-Ralph D'Entremont, Arthur Burgess, Walter H. WVarriner. 1 K .. . ,f -, ' f -1 N if SCIENCE-front row: Thacldeus P. Sadowski, Ann Kennedy, Roy 3 KJ '. Sh, 1 K .Nj I . , , . . .. 1 . . . 5.5 pk!! k xi If .sy A l'L':Y7'1,'i wx. L. Smclalrg bark row: Wilma bc-hlelds, Arnold Rubin, Katherine fi Townsend. IQ 'OMMI-IRCIAI.-Marie E. s.v0llIlgPI'YlliiIl, John J. fullarkey, Sam Tolf-hinsky, Lorna Avritch, Lil- an BI. fQOI'Illl0y, Melvin U. -lack, Murray E. Roh- rts. W HLXNG Tvvuinl Busmrss LEHER NIA'l'Ill'1MA'l'If'S' ,l'll2lllllOllS P. Saulowski, limi- fnrl lmoxw, Murgnrcf King,Jol1n F, l':1l'r1.-ll: Illfsxfflq from lPI'I'fIll'l'.' KIltll1'l'illl' F. IIOI'I'ij.IJlIl. on G. Howland, David P. llfrnrin, Plilcon Dczlring, ' WA S IIOMIC Ecwtyxclxllf'S"'NI2ll'f.Z1ll'l'f Nl. Nlulmnoy. Ruth M:1cUl'cgo1'y. Uur gfxiiizgb Q ,A - HQ .vga-I 'Q'-:-.ii-. ,q,i ' - F! u 'T' if i I i XX, 'if 'J - :mins UM 'Y .3 Simms? Q45 uuuugm J' M8831 M fl! A "il'3 I ,iz my 'fihskwiil YWNWQT Swiss ,isf1.- . 4 ,. L1-eww N'Xl5le..xZf WMS' DKNY! ,. srnnwmv 'i 1115192.11 'I QQUPUH mu? .1""l, 1 ,- Q- . , if .P mf'-f I ,. x ug, M V.. , Q. , f ,.i?f1Tf'1 . ..v, .- ff N... L Jw 92,1 V-4 Umawfl .msn ..- gg Curricular GYMnnsti0s JUAN I.0l'lSlC ANDREWS 85 East, lilm Avenuv .lmlllllir-ffifl7,f58 . . . B.B.B.B . . . Ju1ly's and fNlnrv's lmcldy . . Amlmlors. Bowling, 1, Q3 llznwe Ccmlxlllxittev 3: Girls' Club, 3. I r 16 F "Ruthie"-WQ5 yet . . , "VVhere's Andrea?" . . . 10fl0f58 . . . 56. . . S.0.T.D .... "Hot" Merc. Girls' Club 3, Health Service, 3: Nurses' Career Club, lg Dance Committee, 3. 312' "Wh ROSEMARIE A. ARCIPRETE PATRICIA 31 Elmwood Avenue "Rosie"-Little giant . . . Jeff . . . "PM" Spaghetti bender . . . Smeerty . . . N.Y.E. '57 .... I r. Cheerleader, 33 Tri-Hi-Y, 2, 33 Student Leader, Q, 3g Dance Com- mittee 1, 23 Girls' Club, 3. ogy iIIo 1el'O0lIl 'ec. Board Committee Mr. S. monitors an experiment in Physics xx Concentration in Typing III 3 X, tw ' H Q An' N it tg 'v 1 l r V. lk Al". glint r ' ' 'L u A SANDRA .MNH .x'1'u'A'L'i-za 1.1" Q09 Wilson Avenue 2 A' . ' , "Samly"Y"5l Tank . . . Sflifbtl .- . . . Patches . . .'.ll. ' , . . . Seconi Darling. V 1 Basketball, l, -2.31 Dramatic Club, Sec. l, V, Pres. 2: Glee Clllb, 33 Tri-Ili-Y, Q, 33 Jlanrl 3. '39 1' ,.-. rig' o . ,9 ,, , JUDITII AXIKHRG 139 Elliot Ayenue "AXie"g'I'l1e Capt -... "'l'lle ball bounces" . . . "Uuoli, bual1ly" . . . 'Ylusta joshing." Student Ireatler, 3: Jlmzrf, 31 Nurses' Career Club, 1, Q, 3: Girls' Sports, l, Q, 3: Glee Club, 1. l'Il.LEN L. BALDWIN 46 IValnut Street 5 A. M.? . . . "Just a Dream" . . . "Uh, no!" . . . l'.I+I.ll,M.l'.S. . . . T. B. Bowling Club, Q: Nurses' tjrger Y w L Club, Q1 Icp Club, 2: Gi lq'f'Iuli,, lil 3, Dance Unnnnittce, K Ill. ,vi Q14 0 il 'iw- Qi K It's a won1an's world in Senior Cooking Class. From kiln to 1-riticul appraisal in Ccranlies Strengthening our girls in Gym Mr. D. explains the gc-nr to Tom, Paul, and Larry in llfechanical Drawing S lp ,if . xg A y-W: iff, av 'X sl i. ROGER W. BALLOU 191 Elmwood Avenue "Hog"-Party at P0ppy's . . . Up at Higgie's hut. North Star, 2. WILLIAM Qkaseb N, l X f l f XN i V , A .K ' I ll L X in e A X 4 X il JUDITH BARRY lj 49 Apthorp Street "Judy"-Weekend in Connevti- X cut. . .Speed kills. . . 8f'7f57. Receptionist, Q, 3g Bowling, 25 Girls' Club, 3. iSiw.a2J-P . R' 'L , ,. 3 .,..k 3... . . 3,531 - ' K A -he-K - 3 -f.+eiE 2 'f::ifr 5. , , ,. L Ng. .,,,,3 3 ,..., , .,, , ,V . 3 we ff "fm 3 'K 2 .-gg -.,,,., .ww -f ' .1 -Us i 331, ,M . . 1 . 3 . A 1. . 1 K eu., - .L-. E W gtf- 1 3 'Q if 1' .1 sf" F 7. 3 Q55 ' 'Y X 3, 1. 3 Q Kie1,,im5.,,,,q 5 N 57 Q JOAN BASTEY 61 Wedgewood Street "Joannie"--Ron . . . Jinco Qfl9f57 . . . 6f3f6Q . . . -1 J's . .. R.P.I .... R.E.b. Tri-Hi-Y, 33 Glee Club, 33 Girls' Club, 33 Home-room Rep., 1, Q, 33 Dance Connnittee, 1, Q. 'kk e . 'L 14. JUDITH A. BECK Q5 Newfield Street "Judy"-6'Tl1at's not fair" . . . VVoman driver . . . "VVhere's Sistie?"...Physics?..."Ubviously." National Honor Society, Q, 33 Manet, 33 Prom Committee, 33 Girls' Club Exec. Board, 3g Glee Club, 1, Q, 3g Honor Roll, 1, Q3 ltlath Club, Treas. 3. Tickling the funny bone en francais. EDWARD BENCKS JUDITH ANN BERRY 181 Beale Street 148 Oxonbridge Roald "Beacky"-Supreme Mkt .... "Judy"-"'I'l1o ball bounces" . . "Gotta work" . . . "Just ducky" lQfQ6f55 . . . Dee . . . Mr. WVonder . . . Clean Ford. ful . . . Nice . . . B. Band, 1, Q, Treas. 3. Bowling, l, Q, 33 Girls' Club, 3 Honor Roll, Q: Jlanet, 3. 12,550,- Attending to figures in Bookkeeping. 19 Informality: The keynote of n conference in English Comp. 999' :NK LINDA BERTOLACCINI PETER J. BLAMPIED JOHN J. 31 Ocean Street 12 Sumac Road 28 Newfield Street 'Linn-Bobby . . , Aug. 5, 1957 K6P6t6,,+sKRGIH6I11lJ6f Rainsfordu "Johnnie"-Pat . . . , . . '39 Ford . . . Vveekends . . . . . . "Yeh, I support the German "VVhere,s Tony?" . . f"d.K.,Boss" "Uh, ya?" , . , Squantum. cause." . . . Al's Drive-In ,lf . C.C. Tri-Hi-Y, 35 Prom Committee, 33 Football, 1, 2, 35 Track, 1, 2, 33 lllanet, 3. Q, 3' 1 anet Show, 1, Glee Club, lg Receptionist, Q3 Prom Committee, 33 Jlanet, 35 Girls' Sports, 3. Varsity Club, Q, 33 Prom Usher, 23 Hi-Y, 3. Aeronautics, first hand AME Getting a Solid foundation in Trigonometry. 0 9 , . 0 s ' v ' v . b U D g 0 - - ,',v.u....',-..',-U. 's X s, 5 X 9 K. , M ' l ' -,-- I ff f,, ,, ,J if Theory in Driver Ed rwgmglqgpmnnvrwf Nr I 'N fr N rv M I 'f ,W l ,KN ,W-cpe Wi KT XL! rj'- Jf my E PHAT, BR ,. . N 76lA esbur t Cuclulegmf-Jahv. Jor a s 4:06-RK. 4f'17f . " ing but not able. ,. ' ,X Glee Club, l,x3'KNurscs' Career Club, lg Pep Club, 85 Girls' Club, 3. JOYCE BRESNAHAN 177 Harriet Avenue "VVherels Pat?" . . . "Long . . . '48 Buick . . . "Not me, Dance Committee, 13 Pep Pres. Q3 North Star, 1, 2, 33 Show, 25 Manet, 3, Glee V. Pres. 3: Tri-Hi-Y, 3, Basketball, 3. talks" boy!" Club, Manet Club, Girls' 1 ANNE MARIE BRYAN 245 Newbury Avenue "Annel'-Tony . . . lf17f58 . . Pizza . . . Saturday dances . . . Bowling . . . Tigers-96 . . . Dough- nuts . . . Sugar. Student Leader, 1, 2, 33 fllanft Show, 1, Q: Girls, Basketball, 1, 2, 33 Dance Committee, 23 Recep- tionist, Q, 3. mi. PATRICIA 2-l-3 Billings Road "Pat"-"W'ln-rc-'s Joyce?" . . IVeHet . . . Howard .Iohnson's. . N.Y.D.C.M .... B.C .... Black Bomber. Mane! Show, l, '21 Prom Commit tee, 33 Girls' Club, 33 Tri-lIi-Y, 3 Girls' Basketball, 35 Pep Club V. Pres. 2. l A panel of amateur psychologists in Psych I Brushing up on our P. D. -8 6 3 A. DAVID H. BIIRNIIAM 17 Bromfield Street "Dave"-"Boy, are you dumb!" . . . Howard Jol1nson's . . . So. Harwich . . . Deutsch. Manei, 33 Biology Club, 1: Honor Roll, l. 4 4 ' I ' Q - ...Www .. ,. l ---...- The football team of 1959 was a good one. Its final record was five wins and three losses. The team was based upon two three-year men, co-captains Tom Kelly and Tom Flanagan. The two veterans were diligent leaders and creditable players. The whole team worked hard throughout the season so that they might win the enthusiastic support of the school, faculty, and pupils. This year's team created some of the old school spirit, for which North Quincy High School is famous. The season had its ups and downs as far as wins were concerned. Our boys with a case of stage fright went down in defeat to Stoughton. They then went up against Milton. Picked by many to lose the game, North proceeded to annihilate the "Whiz Kidsf' from Nlilton. The guardians of Northfs gridiron then took a disheartening trip to Natick. After losing to Natick, the team traveled to Hingham. Play- ing on a muddy field, we came through with a slippery victory against the "Ilarbormen.', The Raiders then re- turned to the comforting walls of their stadium. Meeting up with a fair Cambridge Latin team, thc Raiders sent the Intown team back into Boston with a sad expression on their faces. Our team then met what was supposed to be a strong New Bedford team. Considered the underdog by many, North went out and soundly defeated the previously-picked winners. Then lowly Dedham came to pay our team a visit, but found that the Raiders were a very rude and self- ish host. Thanksgiving, so it seems, came too quickly for our team. The Raid- ders, getting a few bad breaks, went down, de- feated but still fighting. The score might have been reversed except for those fumbles. The Sports' Edi- The scores: North 14 Stoughton North 28 hiilton North 14 Natick North 12 Hingham North 16 Camb. Latin North 44 New Bedford North 40 Dedham North Q 184 Quincy E Kelly breaks through Coach Donahue Ronnie Zoia torial Staff of the Manet congratulates the football team on their winning sea- son. 22 Bob Travers Tom Kelly Tom Flanagan TOHI YOUHE Joe Pronack Howie Harding Jim Fontaine Pete Blampied 23 Joe Gillis if-'F' Ed Gherardi Mike Panaro DITH BUTCHER Z Berlin Street lCdi0"4Artit -... '55 Ford . . . :irlm . . . Milton . . . Fueling 'ounfi . . . Knickknavk. owling, 1: Girls' Basketball, 3. "'!N. fix ......,?, Brian Blahoney .XD ', A, Ken Joy ,V x ." M' ELEANOR M. CAMERON 26 Newbury Street "Ellie',-Hot '36 . . . D.R.T.Y. 0 EPH qAi:iXQ:IfQQ'N "Arne fm..."what,me R letory 'treet 219 Ed Swirbalus Dick Meyer KENNETH S. CAMPBELL IQ Freeman Street "Ken',-Old Cape Cod . . . Ad- mirer of J. NI .... 161i39 to go. ' . 'P Tx 1X?HlLPf,S - . . C2lV,S md- . . . "Wl1ere's Nant-e?" . . . Peterfsf M ..0.C.,'w1Q'2f8: Radio Club, 1. . . . 8199158-52 . . . 143 Joe. "LM gl" Dance Committee, lg X R-Q., ketball, Q, 3 sms' Club jk, AU J . V t w E, fix ai J v-+ea k C KX 24 . ef fi' lo ll cuts 1 corner JOHN C.XRROI.L 156 Farrington Strom-I "Jack"-N.Il .... llut . . . No sweat . . . CC. Varsity Club, 3. Brian Connerty Paul Sadlier Q, . . JNALD CHICKERING J Q 4' I- x Russell Street . , cet , llilfkllluflllllll. or bust" . . . Qt- cial the-fi p'S best losers . . .6f18f58. . . A' - 1 , . , , reamsl. much . zz. seball 1, 2, 33 Basketball 1, 2, 35 Mane ' - WL rslty Club 3, Rifle Club 5. 26 GEORGE CHRISORI N , '76 So. Bayfield Road Y "Ge0'ifH0t '49, Fbrdu. . . The Allen-Aires' squeezefinab-. . 1 B,0li's bodygualll. Lf' ' Radio fT.V. Club 1, 9335 Manet Show? 1, Qfllansitis Club 35 Rifle ' lafClub'8. ' C . C-' li . . L0 eekencls. , J' J Q w la DOLORES ANNE CIRILLU 44 Farrington Street "Dee-"wPaul . . . 'YH-X57 . . Hooligan . . . Circus . . . Prom . . . Graduation. . . G.H.C. Office 1, 23 High Honor Roll lg Honor Roll 25 Receptionist 35 Health Service 3g Manet 33 Girls, Club 3. X3 ? . GEORGE A. CLISHAM 35 Lunt Street Air-Force Blue . . . Bruin's Fan . . . M.WV.T.P .... Weekends . . . Slow. Atoiniv Energy Club Q, 35 Mane! 33 Rifle Club 3. fl ,X ,VifTON Cbcnnan 6 illingslltoad ' . ewtT7!LHarol,d's . . . "' ' ig" . . . pl , .Ji I xl L A' ll A . . f 9 ,Ui Q. Lic The basketball team of 1959 was called by some experts a rebuilding year for Coach Rickson. With only two returnees from last, year,s varsity team, the team went out and battled gamely to win the respect of all. Every game was played with high spirit, good sportsmanship, and great determination. The team was built around the two returning vet- erans, Captain Russ Landberg and Paul LaBrecque, along with some of the more experienced J.V.,s from C":'chRiCkS"'1 last year. The team opened up its season with Jerry Thornell, centerg Rich Holmberg, left forwardg Jeff Davison, right forward: Jim Painten, right guardg and Russ Landberg, left guard. They were ably backed up by Fred Bonner, Al Firnrohr, George Tibbets, Frank Gadbois, and others. The team, probably one of the most unlucky teams ever to eome out of this school, had lost, at mid-season, four games, by less than four points in overtime. Although it was 011 the losing side of the ledger,.the team was very colorful and won the praise of opposing teams and coaches. Anyone who saw our team in action and then saw them go into one of those "all-court pressesf' or come from behind to tie the score with only seconds remain- ing got a certain thrill out of supporting such a team. North 58 Alumni 49 North 69 Revere 61 North 38 Sommerville 71 North 44 VVeymouth 66 North 49 Everett 78 North 49 Lowell 52 North 58 lNIalden 53 North 66 Medford 70 North 44 Chelsea 45 North 48 Quincy 52 Is it going in, or isn't it? Erik ii - - fe Srl if Paul LaBrecque W C FORK lr COOI FW PHII IP A CORBETT 0 fa 52 Vussal Street 565 Hancock Street Q Jorge 55 Olds lNof00lm 9 Fuuy Hot Hudson . . . Field- ston The old A 8: P. R1He Club 1, Treas. Q, Pres. 35 M P O C 13 fllanei, 3. Dick Holmberg ' E 'r 2 K I W f X, 4 I 2 xx I li ' Jeff Davison Managers Billy Sheehan, Henry Lamb, and Jim Rougvie DAVID CORKUM 66 Holyoke Street "The quiet man" . . . Life at QQ. Radio T.V. Club, 1, 3. 410. 1 WILLIAM J. CRAWFORD 56 French Street "Bill"-DelVIo . . . xvSlSlllllgt0ll D. C .... Jazz ...1lfQ6f58... "VVhat's the P. D.?" C0-Business-llfanager Manef, 33 Rifle Club, 3, M.P.0.C., 1, 2, 3. GERTRVIDIC C'lt0lYI,l'lY Q03 Farrington Street "Trudy"-Mari4-'s buddy . . . "Who said ibut?" . . . Bill's ber hobby . . . G.N.B. Pep Club, Q: llcaltli Sorvic-e, ll Office, 1, Q, 35 Recvptionist, lg Fashion Show, '23 Girls' Club, 3. Y? :rg -I J XR'llf'I'ClS lllc lmilll? Flllill CROWTIIICRI I f'HRlS'l'lNl'l CYRTIN I5 Allmnv hlroet ill Wvcsl Squnntunl Slrevt SANDRA R. DAHLGREN 177 Highland Avenue , -iff 1 x. Jerry Thorncll I S ' 4 3 D Q A EE . S L 1 Al Firnrolir X ANDREA LICE llAlll.QUlS'1 '75 SOIIOIHQI llllild 'l'urlgc" Spanish 1 3 1 "C,'l1ris"-.loc . . . '48 flicvy . .. Girls' Basketball 1. l,inCnlu's ut 5:30 . . . 5fQ1f58. Howling Q, 3: Gloo Club 1, 3' Hcookieu-Royglxiv . . . '53 Ford . . . Army widow . . . "Oh, well" . . . Paul . . . "Fabulous," I'IOIH6I'00IIl Rep. 3: Girls' Club 3. "Andi"-25 yet? . . . nxvllLI'C s Ruthie?" . . . '7fl7f58 . . . B.B.l' 1 . . . 'gllixlczlwziyn . . . Rcml jacket Dance Colnrnittve 33 Honor Roll eg Girls' Flulae 3. A Y 1 Ll 'J' CL' X x-J 'Xa i a J X ,rf Coach Laing Every year We have had a Colorful hoekey team. This year's team was the hest team that we have had in reeent years. Uur team of 1959 was ripe for vietory. The pucksters playing in the Metropolitan League for the seeond year had their hest chance for the ehampionship. lvnder Mr. Laing's enthusiastie leadership the team of '59 went out in a winning streak. The boys finally got North Quiney reeognized as a llletropolitan League power. The team is built, around some returning stars from last year and also some of the J.V.'s who have been promoted to help out. The returning players were Joe Pitts, Dave Desehamp, Wayne Ganter, Diek Reilly, Jim O'Brien, Mike Densmore, Charlie Anderson, lid l'yne, .Xl Johnson, and, of course, Captain Steve Wright. After playing a great game, but not seoring so well. our team went down in defeat to Quiney in their opening contest. But then with fire in their eyes the fol- lowing week, they shut out Don Bosco Teeh. So with one win under their helts they proceeded to out-hustle, out-skate, and out-seore Revere, in what some ex- perts said was the biggest upset in tl1e history of the lllet. League. North 1 Quiney 5 North Q Don Boseo 0 North 4 Revere 3 Not only was the team of '59 one of the best ever produeed hut, "The boys were one of the best group of kids I have ever eoaehed!" exclaimed Nlr. L. The Sports Editors of the ,llanei eon ratulate the hoekev team on their winnin f season. . is Where is it? There it is. 31 Dave Descliuuip, VVziyne Gantcr Charlie Anderson, Al Johnson Steve Yvriglnt , . . L A 1 M - 5 ' K P-41 5 ll if .lov Pitts, Miko llcnsniuro Steve saves. X f fy, l 'Xl'l, .IANIIQS D'.XNlll'1l,0 l'AI'l,.X L. lDAl'l'lllNl'll'1 l'IlilZABE'1'll ROBERT DAVIS JU Tuylrn' Str.-ci 'lf Apple-ton Stn-ct Q56 Billings Stree 'I f fl f f fQ56 Billings Street l0llI4'llllJ0l' Miss BI'2llIlll'00 . . . "U:l11pll"fUlmo1gg's roll . . . "B0tty"fCQnni Q I' Nights li! 'KBolm"fBig B0ppvr...Dzil1pll's Jn-lmumirs' Swingin' Sax . . . Hain- l,2ll1IJlllS . . . Ui'lXl'llSl'SU . . . Allan- at lxliIIllIli0'Sl. . . i. gang . . . Ulu-rgls rml . . . Ynvlxts- cv . . . '50 Pun! .... W.Y.f'. tim- palrtics. nllarn right. 3' ry' . lx F lllilll . . . C.Y.0. Pri-Q innl, I, 2, Y. Prvs. 31 Ulm- fllllll, Nnrsvs' f':11'ovr Club, l, 2, 31 'Nurses l 'nji Q, 'llrc-sis. 31 Nl.l'.U.C'., l, Q, Pros. llnnc-0 f'nininittc-0, 3: Bowling, 31 Sec XC' Skotvlx Clnlr, 31 Rmlio 'l'.V. Biology Clnlw, lg Iiiluraxry S: ', ' lulr, l, V. llrvs. 2, Svc. 33 Dum-0 ,llaru'f, 3. l onnnit -Lxkk V ' W U . M--maui W xiii? w-45? vi, Q, giif A , , s- , S - f- fs! .1- ya E J R 5? GK X M l if ,E Rx P XKK. .3 5 K x i 4 We f in L ff 39 X ' Rivllie Riley, Jim U'B1'io11 :s: Qllflf I Sr X I VIRGINIA DIC I'RlS'l'0I".XRU 339 xY1lSlllllQlllll Sire-cl "Ging4-r" -"I,o11sy lisl1" .... lack . . . 9','1:I"57 . . . Prom . . . l'.S.N. . . . Sc-rx'i4-v wi1lows . , . llalmly- wagon. NllI'St'S' f1JlI'k't'I' fllllll, 2, 33 All. I-lrls I lm l',Ns'c'. If 1 tl, Q53 Alt. Art Ulu-Til, Tom Callulxlo Sill' ' l 1' "3 3 - f I f N0 g0nl?l 3. 5 N n 1' ,dv claflf nn, nl' ,fi - K V . ,. New wwf gl 's,.. 'N U Q ! Gl'fR.XlIl! l'. lHCGl'fNN.XlUl 27 Sll2lI'HIl limnl "Ja-r'r'y" lY.Y.l' ..., l,1'll0ll2llI'S' lP:uu'iu' Hmmm:-r . . . Ulu, littlv N2lSS2Illl . . . "lYuof-Yvuulf' Ili!-Lilylllll lfmlilur .lIam'f, 3: Glvv Vlulr, -21 Pros, 3: Bllllil, I, 2, 31 Rauliu-'l'.V. Vluln, I, 2, 31 Drzlmall- im- Clulw J 3: ljllllli' K'uxl1x11iltvv, NIAIIY I'lI,I,I'fN DIGANIC FRANFIS DICARING! X S.XI,Y.X'l'UIII'l DIC Nl.KIU'U 35 01-vain Strcvf Q2 Komlrlll Strvci i gf n 33 Elm Stu-I-I N X "Mol"--II11Ic'l1 . . . 6f9f58 . . . "Frzu1ny"-Ilvl 1... '. "S:1l"-- 'Flu' liwplorvl' Vllivl' , . 'A I':lrI-time-1' . . . K'IIvlc11's Plbllllllg II:1r0lcl" . A. I. . . I'v:l Forvst Y'illlp,f4'l' ,... 36-59 . . . xhllllili 5 down." pgyty. Sy gyy-'PII' Iinsolmll, 1, Q, :ig lliulngy, 2. Girls' Iluskctlmull, I1 Girls' Club, 3. j J ll ' . kgdj . ,1 , I J ' ' , - ,J 1. ,, ' 1 C X x, -If ' I il' mp I U C I ' nk' J I' fx' fl X-. . 'J V' Q if will W' Q. Q X J .f " "" fry Q I 'ir wvwannp- .-- ,,. is X 1 ff ls s5""' Y I - ' I 33 I xl S? l'lNlll,Y IJICRANY l59 lllliot .XYPIIIIU 'l'llnl11y"f-Nzilisct Light .... lluy- Oucll ll lu' Tomorrou '... ll ,,"" Q8f57 . . "R0zilly" . . . PL'll'I'lS . . . Sisters , . . Boy:-1. 1 llirls' flllllb 3. ,-l'l. . ' N X Dl'lNXl5 ll. IDI f'.XRl,0 -H l"ly11l Slrl-cl ul,l'lllll-Q"Bllllllll' . . . 5fl0f58 . .. N.Y .... .... Sfllllllll' . . Tulilry . . . lyll0l'lL'!' . . . fi,fl9,f.59 . . . 325. llzinvv flillllllllllkxt' 1, 3. 'X 'I Dave Higgins, Dick Cooke PL-tc Cooke, lifl Pynv fl ' PIIYLLIS I.0l'ISlC IJIXUN S N ' D ' qglqqymglq DUNCAN 13 Brook Slrn-vt '79 Fzlrri UI . irc X . 92 liotolpli Struvl Sis" Cut lover . . . Hl,2lg-llRlll- ' ' 1 "-'49 Cl L' . . . ' . . . The lust Of tho wont lrutl I , -alli' . . . "lvl-lllu . . . alloc." - ,.l . . . ir' . .Kfw -soma . . '1'0L.0ff. 'lop Flulm 1, 33 Dam-0 Committoz '5 N. ,gg l L olf 1, Q, 3, 5 fllrinfft fig Girls' Ululv 3. ' " ll 1125! P S fl 06220, Q, J, vu Girls ul: 31 Nursvs 5' 341 Our baseball acc speaks. "Play ballu is thc YV2ltCl1VVOI'il cvcry spring ill Norlh Quincy Iligh School. This your is no cxccption. C02lCll Hal Forrcsl :incl Assistant Coach Eel Phillips havc callccl thc cauicliclulcs logclllcr, and havc announccil daily practice at thc Montclair Ficlfl. As wc go to prcss, wc think lhis ycur's lcznn looks likc zu winncr. Returning vctcruns Dave llzunillon, Frcml clI'0Wlll0I', Vhcl l"m'bnsh, Don Chickcring, Dick Scunlin, Bob Lynch, lion C':u'ncy, :incl Jcrry Thorncll bring both cxpcricncc and conlimlcncc that shoulcl hikc Nortlfs wins into the inajority of the gzuncs to bc plaiycml. 35 :X b iv,- , X 1 M Q 1QfAQ' ' an 4. Dick Scanlin rf 1 L Il' A In ' V Ju V uxi , U ' S. - U , i 61111 za., 'R C V ' 15:5-K f-I 1 5 x1...,. , ..,.ff' ll? Mu' K Bob Lynch fr Fred Crowther . ' i . , , . ' I . H... i lV"vA ' l u' 1 .,sg I' 'i l y 3A Office 3' Ci ls' V ' i x "If nl He 1 - xy! ie " xvn'1 C ,'2, K ,o,3, ,iq R0 23 Dan xii- nmittee, 1,2w,-r 'I b, Q W, Sf, L 'Wt ,. , 4 f. K w i, :fm Lf! -- ,V , . ,.Y, ,Q f r: ,Y X D . A Q r f K ' kr wig.-re' Ri I X 4 'E 1 e -f' 1 111 . . Soda , . n . v .. ot Buick . g V u C ' adr li' ' l 'I 3 t C' ,. t , ' as all 2, ' 'ort ' y 4 ., 35 H ', V. s. ' B e , 1,35 Dance Connni tee, . 1 ETHEL FALLON 124 Hamden Circle "Where's Donna?" . . . Southie H.J.'s . . . Hampton '58 . . . Crew- cuts B.C .... 6f6f59. Glee Club, 35 Girls' Basketball, 3. 36 Don Chickering Coach Hal Forrest SHEILA FALLON 105 Hollis Avenue 8:Q5 . . . Zelda . . . "Oh, yah!!" Girls' Basketball, 1, 2, 33 Glee Club, Q, 33 Nurses' Career Club, 2, 3. Paul Sadlier Dave Al Johnson Ass't 2 7 a Street l ALBERT C. FIRNROHR 64 Hamilton Avenue "Al"-"Hot Merc" . . . dQuie war: i0IIl 39 Girls ri-Hi-Y 8' Sabe? . . . Student aders . Spanish III . . . "Zo .'7VV' . Student Len , Riile 1, S3 B 3. ' , I. E x Bob bunts. In El pickle lNIgr. Jack Terrell 'H0MAs A. FLANAGAN VIRGINIA FLOCK '3'j', .It4I .,nPtQNTAINPZ 6 Crabtree Road 320 Billings Road ff XL 7 VV I eet Tom"-Hey, Pete, 153 Sinkingggu "Ginger',-Ginny and Ed . . . 4 " ' H-L old's . . . Those big , . "Am I late?" C.I.T .... '58 Imperial . . . "Bly L ' s . Couversatioualist, 'ootball 1, 2, 35 Basketball Q, 35 OPINION I5-H L, J ootbzlllgll Q, 3g Track 1, Q5 Var- 'rack 1, Q, 35 Clglsg Pres., Q5 Stu- Glee Club 1, Qg Manet 3g Sketch I ity Clu , 35 Hi-Y 3. ent Council, V, PI-05. 35 Student Club lg P.T.A. Fashion Show Q. ,eader 33 Manet 33 Prom Com- nittee Chairman 3. .WS . E 'R MARGARET FONTAINIC 77 VValnut Street "Peggy"-Jack . . . 9flf57 . . . T.P .... 6fQ1f58 . . . C.l'l.H.M.P.S. Tri-Hi-Y Q, 33 Nurses' Career Club Q, Trcas. 33 Pep Club Q, V. Pres. 35 Homeroom Rep. 3. . I-R 43 I Q x Em During almost every season one can see tracklnen practicing. These rugged individuals belong to a year-round sport. In the fall it is Cross Country and this ycar,s team, although young, did a fine job and was a credit to Coach Meaney. Led by juniors Clark Maloof, Gordon Rollins, and Al Walker, the team had a good record for such an inexperienced squad. In the winter it is YVinter Track. Guided by Coach Gentry, the board mcn got off to a fine start taking YYcyn1outh for the first time in over seven years. Their pace slowed, but they still look forward to the State llfeet although they are in a higher class now, and will face stiffer competition. Leading Scorers are seniors Al Rutan, Ron Zoia, Ed Gherardi, Bob Travers, and Bob Strout. Finally, in the spring comes Spring Track. As we go to press, this year's group hopes to come out strong and looks forward to its meets, the Belmont Relays and the State Meet. Ivnder the excellent tute- lage of Cross-Country Coach llleaney, we know they will do a fine job. Quick pass clinches victory Mighty Mike! Conch Bob Gentry 39 'iz or-ni' Nw? 3' 5 1 ,Mu k my ,.. , x VK A 4 -' - I N Af' 5 + ,+ Y X 4' SQ? f T s IIl'IS'I'lili A. FORBUSH FRANK GADBOIS GICURGIC J. GALLIVAN 'Q Ilarvurd Strom-i Q3 51350011121 Street 68 lidwin Struct flu-t"-"Do your Spanish?" . . "Rod Hot Nash . , . Dozul Eyv . . . "Will "Hey, lid" . . . uxvllilt, mc wor- flTf58 . . . "Say, class" . . . '56 1911111 I':1kc it lI11lkCit?H . . . "Hope so." ry???" . . . "No 1-olllproxlclcf' . . . l'Z.R.lC .... Hot Spook. Slcvpy Rifle Club, 1, 2, Sw. 3. S.Y.C. asolzznll, 1, Q, 3g Ilfilllliilif' cxllllh Rific Club, 1, Q, 3g Jfaylfff, 3. f'o-Layout lirlitor, Jlalwf, 33 Ilock- I,2llll'CC0llllllittC1', 3. ' cy, l, 2, 3gXnrs1tyCh1b, .51 Ill-X , J. Rainy-day practivc I,I'21C'tiC'illf,I H10 lliltflll pass .mwmf-ww i W 5 nail 1 "All sci, Hacker?" Breaking the tape 4-0 .. . . Qi t 5 iff 3 AA,A Lk . A . . . ' A N rf 493' . ' ' , ,' if V., X ' Q' -. 5?-2?:'iSxP,'Z'4K'g,:v3tI't1 . , ti' T Q 2'f-nh'-415-.'.:...'g-q+, ' ttiw X . . zxfrm ,gsftf r ' t A tr. it ' 4. 'afagfx-.a,'fs5Q1es.1e ' Q s .. t 40 tr . he A10-,:fl"l?'41!:8l..kf, it ?1.1.'5fH. t :Qf f r s e . s Q ' Q4 V .qi 1.42 1 WILIARIJ WAYNE GAN'l'lCR ANTHONY GARAFALU EMU. J. llAIllDl'I'l' RONALD WAIRIKICN GICDIDICS 99 linst Sqnnntinn Street 58 llomlges Avenue 10 West Squnntinn Street 289 Bellevue ltmnl Hwuymn',K-'pile 1,1-rri,.S" , . I "Tony"-BigJ0l1n . . . Al's Drive- Grease Monkey . . . "Fill it np?" "Ron" -ti 'USS . , . llnt Dmlge! "Anylwmly tirm-cl?" . . . Worthless ln . . . Silver Guinea . . . Roxbury . . . Four-eyes. . . . S.Y.l' .... "lIow do yon know? . . . "Pass tlll' put-li, llave-E" . - - 4'f5 C-Cf Alfallff, 31 Rlflt' fllllll, 3- , . . tifti '59, lloc-key, 2, 3. llnslietlmll, lg llzlselmll, l, Ii: Sail- ing, 2, Ii: x2ll'NllY Ulnlm, 33 Dninw- IW riff ,J fllHIlllllll00, 3. 01' ft -Y .. '- ICIHVARD Nl. lllll'lRAlt,l7l 115 l'iern11unt Street "Nero"-"J1nnpe1l tlie gun" . . . What lnnwlles? . . . llefensive mlnty . . , Slnnver rmnn. Stuclenl fl0lllll'll, 2, fl: Foollmll, I, 2, 3: l'r:wk, I, Q, 33 l7:nn-e Unn- inittve, 3: Varsity Vlnlt, Q, 33 Pre-meet pep talk Allallflv 3- Tlie Inst lap Toni synlpzxtliizes with Mike 41 DONNA V. KHRSUN Q42 llnrvnrml Street uPlltlj.!t'N Sup . . . 'AS:iy, Pnl!" . . . RUYUBIY . . . "W'ln:rv's lialitll? . . Nlinnnnlrennty . . "U.K., Gnvs. Stnllent Uninx-il, See., 31'l'0zll'liL'l's' Clnrver tlnlw, l, Q, Y. Pres., 31 llrninzltim' Vlnln, Y. Pres. l, Pres, Q1 llzlsketlmll, l. 2, Il: 'PFI-Ill-X, Q, 3. f'- .A Q , A J! wwf JOSEPH GILLIS Q09 Newbury Avenue "Joe"-N.Y.E .... 0.M.B. . . . Time Teddy. . . Czuft wait 6f9f59 . . . Ron . . . Brian. Football Q, 3. Famous lust words Clark plzwod DAVID F. GILLIS 15 Prospect Street "Finley"-4QlA . . . Foamy Finley. 7 7 x lil -'ggi-If gf' k fCgfL',"?J fflfx .,,. ' nk .JL . ff .., X KNK Hkfggl QOH' x'Qf Qi 1' " 'Q ,fifdffij 1 43.40094 Q C X yy fe 42 MAITREI-IN C-lLlNIARTIN 94 Glover Avenue 'KlNIoo""'VVl1e1'c's Illini?" . Qfl0f58. Girls' Club 33 Pop Club 3: Recep- tionist 3. EDITH GLADWIN 136 Elmwood Avenue "Poops"-North Easthnni . . "Say, Palln . . . ROYSBIV . . . "Where's Donna?', . . . Blingerish. Girls' Basketball 1, 2, 33 Tri-Hi-Y Q, 33 Teachers' Career Club 1, 2, Pres. 33 Prom Committee 33 Math Club, Sec. 3. f' , 'i u' XJ XJ MARY GOLEMIS 4-6 Mayflower Road "Golly" . . . "llowd a hunk!" . . . "Are you all the-re?', happen to you " Bowling 3g Glec Club 1. Rifle Club V5.1 ll I torgt 'N ln form! r-nt, AIO X llAItI3AR.K AN N GOSSICLI N 141 Vtiilson Avenue Q3 Belmont Street . . . Ri:-In . . . l0f3lf58 . . . Pizza yt" . . . "What "Goodie"-llot Bu city "l3abs"5lf3 . . . Easy . . . l2f27f57 fy V .llanet 33 Glee Club Q, 35 Girls' Club l'lxec'. lloarml 31 Basketball y4" li' . . . Gomlfrey . . . Piano fingers. we Q fa M MJ 31 Pep Flub 21 Sketch Vlnh Q. W N 13 WWW 547' As we go to press, this year's golf team looks forward to another sueeessfnl sea- son. Guitletl by veteran football eoaeh Jack Donahue, the experieneeml ltaimlers eagerly await the start of the season. Al- though they mlon't have mueli ehanee to praetiee, the team expeet to be reatly for their early matehes. .Xml their seheclnle is a busy one, for matt-hes have alreatly been arrangecl with llroeklon, Sharon, Declham, Xorwooml, anal areh-rival Quin- ey. The greater part of the seoring will be tlone by returning golfers llugene 0,Keefe, George llunean, llaviml llooley, ltieharml llisnarcl, and David Nlet'onville. The team has experienee anal mlepthi with a little luek it ean be one of the best North has ever protlueetl. We Coach Sinclair shows form IARRIET S. GRI'llCNBU1tG l4 Franklin Avenue 'Sistieu-Si , . . HV1ill2l'S elieatinm . . 428 . , , "Hey, Jud" . . . Fuzzy- Lllinguspoop . . . 14325441. National Honor Society, Sec. 2, 39 Nurses' Career Club 1, 2, 35 Tri- Hi-Y, 33 Manet 33 Rifle Club 33 Honor Roll 23 Girls' Club 3. 1 R J IN In j F L a ty n redfyf L '... i . ons Q e g .A Cya okiygiefl. up . if. R l 1 7 3 S I, llanet ,Shb6f1 Though small, the -tennis teams of North Quincy High School have done credit to the school and to their coach, Mr. Roy Sinclair. North has produced some of the most successful teams in the state, and this year's team looks like no exception. Though there is not one returning player, we have confidence in Coach Sin- clairls proved ability to mold a winning team out of seemingly nothing. lvith extensive training, strength- ening the forward and backhand strokes, practicing for both singles and doubles matches, Coach Sinclair hopes to build a powerful team, which, as we go to press, we predict will win in true North tradition. FRANCES A. GRELAND 51 VValnut Street "Franil'-Y"0h, Sugar!" . . . "Where're you goin'? . . . J.D.M.N . . . 8f30f58 . . . The corner. Pep Club 2, 33 lllanet 33 Girls' Basketball 33 Glee Club 35 Girls' Club 3. ANN GRIMSHAW 57 VVebster Street "Annie"-Brant Rock, July 4 . . . "Party?" . , . "Who's new?" . . . T.C.,N.J .... "Shh." . . . Girls' Basketball 1, 2, 33 Bowling 2, 3g Dance Committee 2, 35 Manet 33 Nurses' Career Club 32 Math Club 3. 2 T5 . E SE iw-'. jwf' ' e L f' fri' I lyk! W MWWJ I ' t I I ,. n Q i I.i it ,fi -Q fr A 0 Qv.1.f3 f WILLIAM S. GRINDLAY 92 Brook Street "Bill"-Gridiron . . . 408 . . . Fire Dept .... The buzzer . . . Harold's . . . Bali-Hi. Basketball 1. '4- 3 ew V AAS , . M ., ff VIRGINIANINI. IGUfyTILiI,i ' ' " 5 Marlboro Street 1 , "Gimiy'LB.l..G.A. '. . . Wikid Linda . . . Qriflge . . . Onset . . . 4:00 A.M.? . . . "Great" . . . Track. North Star, Editor-in-Cliief 3g Girls' State Rep. Q3 H. Honor Roll 1, '21 National Honor Society Q, 33 Student Council 1, Q, 3: Tri-Hi-Y 2, V. Pres. 3: Student Leader Q, 3. DAVID HAMILTON 84 East Squantum Street "Dave"-Pro-ject .... -X De 110. M811 . . . Mumbles . . . Ravi-0- Noslen . . . "No pipes." Band I, 2, 33 Baseball l, 2, 33 Dramatic Club 23 Glee Club 33 lllanet 8. 71 -- I 'fx if - f - f xsggfasg YE -K 3. ,si H 2 GIRLS' BOWLING -Ni Girl! UWM' Y-7 i to i Q QQ- i tiglxvfwgs Top scorers "Strike!', That's the call of the North Qniney lligh Girls' Bowling Club. Under the direction of Bliss INIeCoy, eaeh girl reaches her goal, sportswonlanship, every Illonday afternoon at the Norfolk Downs Bowling Alleys. liaeh bowler is also seeking another goal, the highest score of the week. At tl1e end of eaeh year, the high scorers compete in the finals to determine who is the best bowler. At the pres- ent time the high scorers are Bev Finn, Lee Brownell, and Virginia Lagh. Possibly there Will be Inore by the time this year's elub ends. At this time there will be at Bowling Club banquet honoring the winners and tl1e oflieers of the elnb f-l'resi- dent-Ellen Joyeeg Yiee President-Janet Ilogang Secretary-Marjorie ltiehards: Treasurer-Joanne Huber. .-P 4-5 The mighty Ill0ll of 21111111111-s are 112111111111 111ge1l1erf11rthe seeoncl Con- seeutive year i11 the Varsity 1'lub witl1 11011011 Laing, hoekey eo211fl1, for their faculty 211lviser. The eryst21l b21ll of this elub 11111-overs the re- 21li1y that besi11es rigorous 11'21i11i11g 211111 year'-1'11u1111 athletic competi- tio11 in stiff SC'l10111ll0S, 1l1e boys 21re no fumblers when they plan social activities. In S1'p1CIllb0I' their 211111111111 get-211'q1121i111e11 112l.l'l1'E was 21 S001filly-WV2LI'lIllI1g aperitif 111211 whe11e11 a nS0l1l-Olllv 2l110I1ll2ll1CC 211, their se111i-for11121l i11 Dl'lf1'IIl1l1'I'. Then, too, the germ of sel1ool-spirit i1le21s is often for111e11 at execu- tive 11021111 1111-elings wi1l1 SllCll tangible results this year as the birth of the Booster Club, EL 1'o111bi11e11 1121111111 211111 C0llllIl1llll1j' org2111iz21tion to give renewerl impetus to school 2111111-ties. The last course of the lJllSy year was ll 1121111111111 for the elite of the athletic worl1l. Yvhat 21 fitting 1-or11i21l1 Beaux 211111 Belles 46 VARSI T Y CL UB Howie 211111 Diane were there Split-st-contl timing AR'l'lllilt ll.XNR.Xll.XN 03 Ellll .xVt'llllt' "Jn-rry'V Oct, 29, 1958 . . . Pt'lt'l"S llinur .... X.W.Il.S. in -A '21 'UD 19 if 0-P" ..-f HOWATHJ MTXRSDl'INf X s t A , W .V X iumnnscs ni A 6:2 lIzili1tlel'xrf'irc-lc-fi' - g 'XIIcivic"-J'Rexxnvinbdr Raiuis- t'ond'l . BQF. PI:l'SlClQ'h3v U I, K III . . .!f'Tl1auk'yoiltniuolilyd . .L Y "Silo docs?" A X f Fogitbally' 1, Q4 l8gl Dancv XCOHI' mittee, 1, Q: Prom flOlllIQiUiL40,k3Q Varsity l'lulx,X2, 35 Ili-Y, Cliaplaiin 33 Jlanvl, 3. ww' . ' L JQFY: t X , ball ganivs again this year arm- tln- 11-tl-lt-ggi-ml arro- bats, Nortlfs Girl Sluflvnt la-amlvr's. Wvvrv you to riotl on Friday you would ln- nun-li 11-livvvtl to soc' that tlu-y oncv again assunu- tln-ir nornial skin col- hcarl-slancl, llillltl-Slilllll, anal writln- into all sorts of vontortotl positions. Stutlcnt livaclc-rs also lt-arn tt-aniwork, for if ont- bricfk in tllv pyrainitl is we-ak, tln- cntirc struc'tur0 will topplv Wlll'lllt'l' upon tlu' santls ol' tht- wlvsc-rt or upon tho wootl floor of our gyinnasiinn. 'Flu- blavk-antl-rvrl-attirvtl girls also tlt-vt-lop the ability to lvacl liy assisting tlu-ir atlvisvr, Miss Nlvfoy, in her physical cclucation vlasst-s. Lot us hopc that tlu- supply ol' ft-inalc g'ylllIlilSlS is nvvcr cut off from Nortli Quincy lligli School, for our Stutlvnt livaclvrs art' Certainly a t0p-pvr- forining part of our student hotly. LINDA U. HARDY 188 Yvvst Squantlun Strvot lll'iNll.Y V. ll.XllNl0N 31 I- Saflortl Strvvt Wiait anll llopc . . . S,fi29f58 . . "llank"- llot l"or1l . . , 'l'lu' W1-ln lliikitl Ginny . . . B,l,.G.A .... . . . Una- ol' llc Mo. lloys . . . Moonglow . . . "Pl1wt-Q-t.'l Hyannis. North Shir, Profluc-tion litlitor, 3: Uantl, I, 'l'rt-as. Q, Pros. 3: tilt-0 Tri-lli-Y, 2, l'l'vs., 31 Sillllvllf flulv, 31 'l'rat'k, lg llUIlIl'K'00llI Council, lg Proin Uoininittcv, Zig Rap., :ig Math Club, 3, Junior Class, S01-. QL Daucv cltilll- inittvv, l, 2: .ll!1I1l'f, 31 llonor Roll, lg Girls' fluli, lixov. B., 3g Skctr-ll Cluli, l, Q, 3. f 'vs AQ.. ..,, swat -4- 'i Dvligliting tlu- spectators at tlu- lionic liaskct- stval a. glanvv into tht- gyin tluring lionu-rooin pv- or and wc-ar bluo gym suits. llcrt- they bac-k-In-ml, Nl11sc'11l:1r co-or1li11:1tio11 BARBARA l.. HARVEY 105 l":1r1'i11g1to11 Stu-et DIANE MARY HARRTS 169 Atlantic- Strc-ct "Di"-Vic . . . 5,f2lf58 . . . HSLS- isllilI'l5ll'Bllllllly' . . . Gfllf58 . . . c-rt-tly" . . . Forrls . . . "ll1'vvk, soc Miss 670xl5 . . . Nnuset Light . . . l'ct0r's Clzirvvr. Girls' fllllll, 3g OHM- lYo1'k01', 1, you up at ll..l.'s" Nurses' clttI'l'l'l' Club, 2, 33 .Yorfh Star, Q1 Glu- Club, 2, 31 Girls' Q, 3: Fashion Show, 23 Nntionzil flnln, 3, 1 Honor Son-it-ty, Q, 3. is tljy.1l"J W I 12 ,wg , l,,, mm J it if Q Liv ,NWN Nlr. Ric'kso11's Sllltl0lll lt-zulcrs lmvv llllll- hlccl into 2lll0lll0l' 0111-rgc-tic' your. Anil if you i11sist that sec-i11gishclit-viiig wt- invitt- you to join 11s at :1 fzisl-pzlcctl p1':u-tit-v scs- sion in I'00Ill Ill clnring any lltllll0l'UOlll pvrioml. NVQ- wugvr tl1:1t, along with ns, you will sweat thc swt-:it of norvous prostra- tio11, that you will want to Sl'l'l'2lIIl at the llll1SCl0-lWlSllllg', tlc-a1tl1-tlvfyi11g fonts of boclics hurling tl1o111svlVos llll'0llgIll spzwo i11 tl sc-ries of but-k flips, lD21I'iLlll'l-bill' con- tortions, :intl zilmstrnso 111z1t work. lint tht- scc-rct i11g1'0mlic11t of tlu- nary 11 fninlmlo i11 Hzutlt-ss Q'XCC'llll0ll is thc pt-1'l'cctio11 of hul- anc-0 :incl i'00l'Klllltlllllll that Mr. Ric-kson so offortlcssly instills into l1is lt-:ull-1's. Imtct-tl, if rozil lic lllltll tivt- tl2llIf.fl'I'0llSly, thest- arc thc lu' 1111-11 of North Qninvy lligh School. is " 1 'Wal ti 5 LEADERS 2 i . ' i 1 W :rg . ai .A if-ff'-f'f,.'.Q - - V, 7 gky W. ff-N-.YM . QQ i , Q A ,, NP- .. ma. ,ig-.4432 Q QNVSHS N 4 A K 15,3815 f raj,-f'.e:f:.fx QQFQ K - -4-q..xLQ.f'aii . M,,,,,,W...,,,, . ,mfg M A . i M- -j f -'- awe? lik E' f. ni' ' L , ,, 5 5 i mn 5 -iffy if ig g h F Q? W 5 fi K g as ss 'P N.. XW.wwWW'5'93"Nm x 5 WWWIKS I WW 4 ,QX S 'vi 1 .QE-smear 'X . A N .L W? Q 25554 Ninn gets set, for the rebound GIRLS' .VPOR T 5 If you think that Basketball is strictly a boys, sport, you should see North's own girls play. Tal- ent for the hoops Comes naturally to these ehamps of the baekboards. Although the seores are not often very impressive, you can bet that genuine spirit and enthusiasm are the elements that really make these gals cliek. The desire for winning is always present, but our ehamps find that losing can be fun too, and they take defeat as real troop- ers. Fair play and sportswomanship always shine through. The sincere eHorts of hliss lllefoy help to keep the ball rolling and competitive spirit alive. lVIueh credit is due to the girls who partieipate and lnake this sport so popular. If such interest continues as it has in the past, Girls, Basketball will remain one of Northis most popular and respected intra- mural sports. .lf EDXYIN B. llASl,AlWl CAROL LYNN IIAWKICS .JAMPIS IIFINRIKSFSNI if JANET F. HOGAN 63 Division Street 30 YYarwiek Street '40 Arden Street x , ' 11 Flynt Street "lid"-"llil" . . . 'iflose the "I,ynn"fStan's Drive-ln . . . Ji4fii'AChief , , , "Got gushed" ".lan,'v"0lly:1?" . . . 3f29f55-l . . . doors" . . . "l didn't do my home- Bell, Calif .... Specialty . . . Monte , . . ','INkedf:oIpeg11l11!" . . . Toasties "Laugh ta beat the band" . . work!" Montez . . . '7f29f57. . , , Pa "llul1?" Girls' Club, 3. H. R. Rep., 33 Danee Committee, Library Staff, 11 Girls' Club, 35 hievatou Uperator, 3. W Treas. 33 Bowling, '2, V. Pres. 31 Office Vvorker, 1, Q, 31 Nfltimlill Honor Soeiety, Q, 32 HOIIOI' Roll, 1, 2. ,M Q! 5 lxgyuxx if Q ip, ,- E' 'f A . l 'vs'-sci i 1 1- 'ii sn. ii N ? x. l of . f M Mag, ,-,.. -Q 1 '- K 5 . - 1-fe' '.-,. - E W-W-'Q' sf-gg . K ,J 'H -' if ..., .... I It R x 4. I K ix? . L i I , if s f, Q ge -is fir. 1 ' 1155 ti' 4 Q 3 ' Yip,-xzixiif :eff 50 CHEERLEAD R5 "Esprit de corps"-North's cheerleaders have it! Let tedious hours of hoarse-producing practice, aching muscles, cutting wind in their faces, gravel- ly dirt on their knees, all go hang. These girls hur- dle the obstacle course of the back-of-the-scenes insurmountables, and with a nice balance of pro- fessional skill and teen-age charm arouse packed grandstands to yell their heads off in support of our teams: "Hit 'em high, hit 'em lowg Come on North, let's go. With an N, and an O, and an R-T-H lVith an H, and a T, and an R-O-N, Backwards, forwards, upside-down North Quincy High School go to townf, "VVe cut her out so that . . . CARY HOLMES BARRY HOOD ll Dean Road 193 VVest Squantum Street Deutschland uber Alles . . . Hzlupt- Awning Shop Allstars , , . "It mann . . . "Who's off the wagon?" better be gl-genn , , , "Woe-Snifl . . . Woompa. Snifff' , Baseball, 1, 3g Atomic Energy Rifle Club, 3, ' Club, 2, 3, Band, 33 Drznnatie Club, 23 Biology Club, 1, HZ. S A N f 'iw she could cut up fiQ?i'e , -wk gl '5 x , .N I 2, Q ,F K Q . 9 4 . v 1 J' "uQf.,v 6 5 . ' DR UM Those girls in the colorful red and black uniforms marching down the field in perfect time with the music are North's own troupe of majorettes. These girls have added color and increased the school spirit at the football rallies and games. Such precision artists as these must not only master the most difficult twirls, but also acquire grace, poise, and coordination. With the assistance of Miss Gray, their adviser, and the leadership of Sue Kelly, head majorette, the girls put in long hours of practice. They are rewarded, however, when they hear the cheers they receive as they march upon the football field to perform their in- tricate routines at each game. f ff 5 if .V 5 ,Ki ue steps high 'fy L P if PNA ff 'fywof ,ow W ffj flvpv f ,f',,p,, S Lf ,V wif, l3ARBAR.X IIURGAN R0 IQRTA N XRY . if I8 Mayflower ltozul IIOTTICIAIANN Rq . . . 'ilnforniuiion please" . . 5 Oliver Street 1111, hug , . . 51.1" .... 'l'llli'lJ. liruintree lam . . . IUXZOXS7 . . . llfillllilllf' Vlulr, l, 2: Nurses Neponsel Drive-ln . . . "Al's or fm-per Clnlx, 11 'llc-:lellm-rs' Czureer ilowie's?', lfluli, 31 Girls' Vlulr, 3. Dzlnce l'omniith'e, 1:Ref-eptionist, 33 llonor ltoll, Q: Uflic-e Worker, lg Rep., lg Girls' Vlnlr, 3. W ,pq X we , f""n i ll H x.fN , 4 4 fm-"7 jf' 59 VVILLIAM D. JACOBI Q0 Aberdeen Road BONNIE I.. JAEGER 33 Hamilton Street ".l:1key'+"Tli0Blolf' , . . Sept. 27, Dennis . . . 5fl0f58 . . . BLS.- 1954- . . . 'KTl1at an go" . . . Jun-. 29, lNI,D.D .... Giggles . . . Cha Cha 1956. . . . N.Y.D.C.M .... K'0opsl1oop." RiHe Club, 1, 2, 33 Hockey, 1, 3. Clleerleader, 1, Q, 3: Student Leader, 1, Q, 33 Tri-Ili-Y, Q, Sec. 3, Receptionist, 2, 33 .llunet Show, 1, Q, 35 Girls' Basketball, I, 2, 3. T spmfri is 1 r h ,e X lf Donn 1 dr-pl IW s parfect p lrullclism tldllllfl stfmfc' I 1" IJ ut ki L ef f I 5' xr-X" ,fm ArXlzqgA, lEl.A1Nr: f0lINS05f 70 Popq Strcgff fl l "SI1ortQ"1J8f25Yf5,?P, . .,. fupo . . lofqfas . . ,Rowling . . . -frnyff Doc!" . . sffflll, llbllo th01'c!",' Girls' Bzfkvtlmll, 1, 2, 3: 'l'f1:fr-lu-rs Carver! Flulw, l, 3: Drumativ fluh 1: Nurs:-s' Career Club, 1. 'E GIRLS' GLE CL UB .33 ingnig In ,rg Club, 33 If you have ever heard zz cage of canar- ies singing, then you will recognize the sound of our Girls, Glee Club. Each soph- omore and junior girl who is ai member of this club is a canary in her own right. But put them all together in one cage, room 402, and give them an experti director, Nlrs. Newman, and you will have as fine a group of singers as there has ever been at North Quincy High. RONALD KALII, 11 Albany Street PAULA JANELL JUDICE 82 Bellevue Road ' "Jan"-7X4-X58 . . . 5926" . . . "Ron"-7f3f58 . . . '50 Rocket . . . Squantum dances . . . "Are you Crznninse . . . "The Farm" . . . kiCldin'?" . . . The Rebel. Swingin' . . . No sweat. Pep Club, 2, 35 Glee Club, 35 Rifle Club, 2, 35 Jlanel, 3: Math Sketch Club, 3, Girls" Club, 3, Club, 39 Atomic Energy Club, 2, Bowling, lg Dance Committee, 3g National Honor Society, Q, 1, 2. , Pres, 3, Honor Roll, l, Q. 9 , fi MIXED GLEE CL UB llllilllli ggumlm-M um mln uol lmvv lo l:um-ul: llu u 1 'ol lmy lu wan' ll is 4 IllSl03l1lXVl'll1lVl'Il,Lfll lamp of NOI'lll f2lllIliX mol ilu- music mn mis lmolll scxvs who usoui N lxu Glu' Vlulx umlm-I Ili 1 u of Mrs. lillul Nu llllkl' by ilu-ir up im ' uri' nu-lm 0 s 1 ilu lu rislums :mil l u si-iulmlivs illlll 0111 slum sim-ul grvl-logi uls v lllv l,lSll'li'l ftbll lllc vily-wimlc Sn C'l'I'l llugv sprm-zu No N liwllllllllll Illl'l01l.V ln x 0 llu- sc-lnml llsvll . MARY I.0l' Kl'l.XliNS 162 W4-st lilm ,Xu-11110 "Bunny "-' nclf7IlIll0lS flllllllllllllt . . . Kids in Nlillrru , . . Nlislukou itlou- lily ...- luuv. 1959, Sululy. ' Nurses' Faurm-1-r Vlulv, l, 2, 35 Girls' Howl Cross Couuci 3. Vlulw, 33A Pup Ululy, ig Library X i Stuff, ls 3. - i 77 'N ' 'X -fx l '.! l l vi ' ' V In KV l' A ' M .1 , ffl I l ' Q Milli i W 1- Llili KEITH H Pope Strvvi "Suzie Dz1rliu"' . . . "Tho B'g Aiuzxzoif' . . , Pixie hose . . . lf tle 55 MARK A. KELLY SVSAX Kl'Il,l.Y 46 limlwiu Struct '20 fll0Ill4'Ill 'l'crr:u'v Uuc of tllc gang "'l'lw A-1 HSIIOH '52 l"ur1l . . lim q store." Q Q,fQl,".37 . . . Usllllilllllllll X Rifle Club, 1, Q, , . 1, 'r.v. su-uuiHg11ig1....-'c ull lv Ululm, 2, 3. Drill lllvlllll, I, Q, ll llnskotlmll, I, Q, ,gif Ci: l 'num' VQU lilylf' 7 K' ss V, l,'u'us, 3g'lN l.-Q., Kult' lsx Jrll ll '33 46 Monmouth Street 52 Ply . . . Sister's eliziulleur . . , Yes, sir . . . Supreme worker. fllanel, 3. Committee, 1, 33 Ofliee Worker, :V SSW. ,f V , I k A i ,gi ..',g l A if H ,cc 'f Y - A F I 1 ,et f r i , M, f ' ' - 3 I ff 1, a ' e Z V 5 v 4.--HQ? I II: E . I if ' ' - it . . l"m G K K I 2. as 'IIDNTAS Kl'll.l,Y I,lNDA Klillllj DIARY GAYLE KERKHOF BOB 2 Colhy Road 86 Norfolk Street 18 Linden Street Kell"--"ltememlmer lt:iiusl'ord" "Skeelzi"-Nauset Light . . "Blondie"-Kgviyi , , . X, Y, 1-1, . . llydraut main . . . B Fled . . . Motorcycles . . . llzlve a party . . . . I u Pretty Thing , , , High Life, 1, 'hc Great l'relender. Record llops . . . Drifters. Q, 3 , , , Oli, lmlpy. 'ootlJ:lll, l, Q, eo-captain, 31 Bas- Girls' Clulm, 3. Cheerleader, 31 Girls' flluli lixec. etlmll, 21Trzlck, 1, Q, 31-lr. Class :XX Rl' Bd., 3, Tri-lli-Y, Q, 33 Student 'reaso 2: Varsitb' flluh Exec. Bd., kgs! Leader, 3: Recfiltionist, 31 Dance , Q, 3- A-X x ' Q 'JN 1 0 3 fvgswafll Ragggin' it up! l 56 1 l Gounod knew the emotional rat-a-ta- tan of martial music and so he gave us The Soldiefs lllzorusg Verdi knew the splendor of victory and so he gave us The Triumphal .lIClI'CIl. And North Quincy High's musical department knows the color and lively music-ianship of assembled instruments on the playing fields, in the assembly hall, and in the musicroom con- certs, and so it has given us North's Band, the performing boys in red and black. I am sure all of us will thrill throughout life Qin memory of eoursej to the bursting of the rafters at our rallies as the hand ex- ulted in the traditional light song: "On, North Quincyg Un, North Quincy, Fight right through that line!" YYith uniform nattiness, marching pre- cision, and musical performance, thie boys took their place with the best in the city's Veterans, Day parade, the merchants' Christmas parade, and the traditional hlemorial Day parade. YVhether perform- ing at school affairs or in civic demonstra- tions, our hand is worthy of its inspiration- al director llr. Anthony Ferranti. Vive the Band! J g, X' 4,1 fx V g,. 1 HENRY QW. 1 Bllltifflo if V A W. RVSSELL LANDBERG p20 mlli ins treejf' ,lr ' '7 'X A 0133-t Centre Street :'HaI. "VT-ZW.Y.CA'. fi . Sfllfyi .f. . HQ! "Russ"-Mohnherg . . . Trzule "Pa her . .a'j'it'Wlrert-'Z-i!S11'1fiVbfl'Ezdii Toovie , . . "Who's n hound?" . . . J . ., 'or' 5"'H0f ALESKYR1-' L4 K No Fleep-Hoohies . . . Iloniehoovie. Bit, fi ' . lyfii 33- lllnfflffy 31 Basketball, 1, Q, 33 Trnek, 1, 2, 3: ilfjliigs uy,6'1:ii1Qlr1iLl6i-', 31 Ilan?-mtl 'l 'KOFLIII 052 K A I f' , ,iz 'T we ir Q if e ,ffl ' X 1 f f .Vorfh Star, Sports lirlitor, 33 Stu- dent Count-il, Treas. 33 Student Lentler, 3. ,gy Nw LJ MARY ,ov LA 'ui I ' 'X 18 Hamilton ghN'0l w "Lu Lu"-B F and C n' Brain . . . N.Y.H. '57 . . . "Do it again." Cheerleader, 1, Q, hezul, 3: Tri- Hi-Y, Q, 33 Girls' Basketball, Q, 3: Prom f'onnnittee, 33 Il.R, Rep. 1, 2, 31 Nurses' Career fluh, 3. W Z W MM, WM f'fMffl' P The pepsters in repose If bees were blaek anal ed, only then could they megin to eonipure with our 'ep Vluh, whieh swarms rut over the foolhull fit-ld luring the halves buzzing ful their eneourugenient to he spec-tutors and players like, :intl flying in true for- nution. Of course, their buzzing imlieutcs hut one hing: their clesire for at hon- y of ai victory. fwfr W ,f V!! 7 ' 1 by I luiliimx j L.xxz.v QU' sojh-yny it-iff I Q lv 1,1 I- "fhf"f'l,f3 . . . 1 mt-QF. ixfszcif-ie 1 ...1'Quif' . Ubin. .lgmog-v1+t..f , Rehoraler . . .f"Jfz"Q, Pizvzn k . - ' tilt-e l1yb,3?f Dfauiinliqsfllulv 1, QQ Iavzeli f'iirls', Prwutihflll. 31Girls'l'll1lm,8.'v" " N .J , :gs Q . I X5 ' C ,aq- 41' N u xx. , I x i 'ig' 1 X A !r' JOHN l'. IARKGICY JR. 32 Pratt liozul uJ1lC'k"' Nancy . . . Qfl0,f58 . . . A reul g.I2lSSlllglll1lL'lllllt' . . . 6fl9f58! Student l.e:uh-r, l, 2, 33 Ili-Y, Q: Rifle Club, l. JANET l,. l..KYl'lllY NVQ 'Al 39 Xllulnut Street H A V ' Jun -Y I,l.lI5 . .. Ihr- l'ol i. ITIL ! . , . lie good" , . . "l'll tr 'fc' ' it I Girls' llnsketlmll, rl, llonor Soeiety, X. l1df4'.,L3'f' Bowling. Iazgh Vlxllyfl iigf .vwrh It Clilh law-. ' L new if ,cg 915' J 'IZMILX 1' 57 f 4 l SE I OR CLAJS Prexie Alan Rutan 'AULA MARIE LAVIDOR 5 W'illiams Street 'Miss Magoo"fSay, man . . . 'Didja hear?" . . . Coffee frappes . . P.D. mail. Vorth Star, 1, Q, 33 Sketch Club, 35 Dramatic Club, 23 Receptionist, lg Girls' Club, 33 Dance Commit- ee, 3. Steering our ship of state, the U.S.S. North Quincy, this year was Captain Al with Judy second in command. Our Purser, Bernie, certainly did a commendable job keeping our money from the pirates. NVith Nina keeping our log up to date and cor- responding to foreign ports before our arrival, the ship was in calm waters, sailing smoothly all the way. Under their direction the dance committees, prom committee, and class day committee found their tasks easier to perform. Our first dance on board was most successful, bringing out almost every passenger from his cabin. Meet- ings were almost always in session in cabin 325, that of the manager of the line, Mr. Donahueg how often could We see the captain and his crew under the light of the ris- ing moon strolling back along the deck to their respective cabins from a long meet- ing. Although we shall never make such a pleasant voyage, nor one under t pctent leadership of our four ofhcers, no matter to which port We may Wand W shall never forget the U.S.S. North Quincy nor Alan, Judy, Bernie and Nina. ,L U ll ' . A t l Ll i 1 . 1 MX I 7 V 1!m W p' JOHN LEARSON QE I ' i af ad X 57 Ocean Street 4 ntic a . sf 0X5 . .. ua ite "Jake"-Girl next door . . . The ' ommy . fl . . . ly oy , .f evil p t' st.. y. great J.P .... Squantumite . . . , , , t 'Q L. rv ce W' 0 If ee b, 25 nc-e y fnmittee Hot '57 Merc. e Q . . Letters ' Q M ei ow, Qg Janet, 33 Rifle Club, SZ, 33 North Star, 3. c omrni 56114125 Recep rls'!Qf3n 0 jf' t' st, 33 Nu - areer Club 1 9 AN Aj i ' A tudent Le er, 3g M anet, 3. IW 58 f a F ICERJ' Veep Judy Stimberis JVDITH LINDAHL 51 Ocean Street ".ll1cly"+l'l'lio's too short? . . Tllc Four L's . . . "I get Cllil.n .Yorfh Star, Business Ed., 2, 3g Girls' Club Exec. Bd., 3: National Honor Society, Q, Treas. 3g Stu- dent Leader, 31 Girls' Basketball, 1, 2, 33 Honor Roll, 1, Q3 .llamft Show, 2. X , i ,mf . S lllliii THQMKS NDS. Y im! g Street Tori - a s 3' Ford? if . . Sw' gill, llngsl B 1 ' lanet,3. -1 J! s'ff:F7 A xl' Treasurer Bernie Moore Secretary Nina Sacco JOANNA LITTLE 69 Appleton Street "Jon-VVanna bet? . . . 2f8f58 . . . LAL andfor BAG . . . Little Bug! National Honor Society, 2, 33 Editor-in-Chief Jlanet, 33 Honor Roll, 1, 25 Dramatic Club, 1, Q3 Girls' Club, 3: Nurses' Career Club, 1, Q: .llanet Show, Q. 2 if' it . , . Rt -.a X . QVWS xc X i ,-' .Y , wg DIANE LOMASNEY 85 Sonoma Road "Din-Elaine's buddy . . . "lWIy Heart Belongs to Daddy" . . . Moguls . . . 1591069. Glee Club, 2, 35 Sketch Club, 3g Girls' Club, 3. SI NSA Q f UNI OR CLASS OFFICERS s ,-x T s e K, 4 ei 2 if' as? ,ax M 2 'i at ...Q , Trumping this year,s junior pack have been Spade Densmore, Diamond Kelly, Club Cooke, and Heart Greenlaw. Play- ing their cards so well, they have directed the successful junior class activities lay- ing down tricks for their senior yearg there never has been observed such an active game as this and never quite so many jok- ers. Did anyone ever discover which card shark made the myriads of posters an- nouncing the various activities? Although this game is over and the pot has been distributed, plans are already being made for a new one next September. May the players again choose such a Winning hand. I Secretary Carol Greenlaw and vice-president Pat Kelley Prexie Mike Densmore l 715 sffux ., x ttgg ' If .,X?4fL.Qi' . V X WW A W X .H- Treasurer Dick Cooke 5 T UDENT CUUNCIL Around the tables in our cafeteria, Toni Young and his group gather periodically for meetings of the North Quincy High School Student Council. Representatives of our four classes join prexy Young, veep Flanagan, secretary Gibson, and treasur- er Landberg to solve challenges that such a large school creates. This group has been responsible for presenting many programs of entertainment and education. This year the council has initiated the dress codes, both for school and for school ganization also signed a contract with the lilotiou Picture Operators' Club and be- tween the two we were shown several edu- cational and entertaining films. VVithout this group, where would wt be? VVe owe them a great deal and llu-5 may be assured that we are exlremelw grateful. dances, in addition to sponsoring lighted holiday decorations of the school at Christ- mas. Groups were also selected to attend meetings at neighboring schools to see what was being done elsewhere. This or- "Tl1is is just a suggestion, but . . ." 11,-exit. Tom young 61 DANCE COMMITTEE Heap-Big Chief Alan pontifieates! Intermission for committee members Bonnie and Dennis They were at the first dance of the se ison September was the beginning of months of hard work for a group of behind-the-scenes slaves, the Prom Com- mittee. Under Tom Flanagan,s cracking whip, all backs bent to the task: staging the most alluring and scintil- lating prom in school history. On May 29, their year's work was completed. Our prom, with its beautiful set- ting at the Blue Hills Country Club, its delicious dinner at Hugo's-Kimball's, and its carefully-kept favors, gave us all memories to be treasured forever. VVe can thank this hard-working committee for removing all the neces- sary worries and allowing us to reap the full "dream- eome-true" experience of the Prom of ,59. A second group of slaves went to work in early Sep- tember, our Dance Committee. With overseers Linda Smith, Alan Carlson, and Bonnie Jaeger always at their backs, the three committees, without time for a breath- er, made highly-rated additions to our social season: dances expertly organized from disc jockey to decora- tions, from bizarre and intriguing names to posters to match, and, most important of all, from affairs of top- notch fun to profits that gave the class treasury quite a lift. ii! . Vx . 'A tsl . I f X """!x Inv' MARSIIA l,l"l'K'lI 115 Yvilsoll .xVL'llll0 "Bl:lrsll"f'f"UliL'l Dulul 9f23f57 . . . "Gotta hung., nm . . . "Nuo1lniL-ki" . . . xlhtllllll nut--!" Girls' Clulw, lfxvc. Bel., J Ru iionisl, 21 Girls' Bnslutlm Biology flulr, l. 4 S RIB :lynx 'RYNCII I Vlll0I'lil!Dll ftxyci V 1' f' lv'-f--Fri. Ll ' l.if1 L "0lE,v" . ku. ,-Phu XL tn u If 'grngn' m " Af B 1 uw BXiNmnlI,vll l Ta I 1'l5: 'Wlmll 9. I N - Q ' 0 1 , X " x X l N ll I ll CXRUIXN I,lCSl.IlC Mu lvl-5 llzumlvu firm-lv I L ,. . In but ull md tm U "Mac - A llllISll IS llL'2lll ru ofts-11 illc-ollvvllivllt. Norfl1Sfnr, l,2,3gNntim1nl llm Socivly. Q, 3: llmmr Roll I 7 Sketch flulm, 3: I,Illlt'0 funn 4, X J L ,S 4 ive, 3. E I K A L . 1 1 N. x 'N E six uf' Our other selves Y The Class Day Committee Was faced with an awesome task: to bring us in stages from the screa1ning and giggling terrors of our teachers' nightmares to the mature young men and women of their fondest dreams. On the morning of June 4, We set out on the first stage. Complete with pig- tail, lollipops, baseball bats, and crazy hats, we carried on long-suppressed antics. In the afternoon We advanced to the second stage. Here we re111inisced, as only adolescents can, over our Yearbooks during the Yearbook-giving ritual. In the evening, the mctamorphosis was complete. As we combed out pigtails and washed OH' grease- paint, we were made over from the inside out so that When we attended the class banquet and dance, wc gave reassurance to all that we were ready to stay grow 1-up. .WWW Je 9' M LEOD 1 . B' lm S et ate a 'ini . . . ' u know what 1 11. ' .. 'zzas . . . 'Klley!!" s' Basketball, Q, 33 Bowling, , 21 Glee Club, 3: Honor Roll, l, 2. MICIIELE DENISE MADDEN Q3 North Central Avenue "Mike"-6fQ'7f? . . . U3 . . . Ski trip . . . Qf'7f58 . . . Definitely! . .. Pizza . . . "Oh, Janet." Glee Club, 1, Q, 3g Health Service, 1, 2, 3g Girls, Club Exec. Bd., 3, Biology Club, l, Q1 Girls' Basket- ball, 33 Jlanet, 3. CLASS D Y COZILUWI T T EE lei IAN lNI X ,Y f 1 aQrH S 1 t ' T l kiln 'P' li-Q,-r i , , ,3- PHYLLIS MALDERO 30 Bellevue Road "Pl1illy,'-6fQ8f58 . . . Swabby . . . "Oh, your mother loves you!" . . . uChevy." Pep Club, 3g Girls' Club, 3. ATIO HO OR JOCIETY l sz FQ' 'I . .nk At North they Conic by the hall' dozen .ln , . .4 LU ll W The blueprint. to sueeess in leadership, seholar- ship, Character, and service is to he found in North's Honor Society. To the extent that a good Way of life in high school has earned nielnbership in this society so, in turn, does lneniliersliip in the socicty prediet a good way of life in the post-high- school world. To prove the pin of lnenibership is justified and the potential of future dedication to the Challenges of life is strengthened, the soeiety has maintained a year-long, all-inelusive program with Ronald Kalil, president: Janet Lavery, viee-presi- dentg Harriet Greenberg, secretary: and Judith Lindahl, treasurer, and Misses Louise Fifif-lil and Diario Youngernian, advisers. ml 1 A A f fklljvlv' ,J , QM' ,J r i, ffjbkivyl WY X bij Y NANCY F. MARINI fp," ' f!i,Q" lNIARGARETAlNNE MAYNIC DAVID Mt-l'0NYll,l.l'I 276 Belmont Street I fy ijlfl' I 64 Ashworth Road llti Farrington Street "Nanee"f'l'ony . . . l,fiy5yQi . I . . . jx .1 i "Peggy"-BiH . . . QXQX58 . . "l7:lve"'-f'1ltlly . . . Piliil lib' fllv '1'l.n.yvN other Ilgf . S . -vM!'lRal1l,ltSv,r B-U .... Listenillg to YYBZ Ll. . Prince . . . Bill-Il-lllllll' . . . Sf U57 "You're kidding' Sea tiful. f lf j V , YVaiting for 7:00. V1 V . . . Swinging Trio. Nursvs- '21 .WL 'lu 1 il 2 N34g'zinl?'NQfZl5,,l, l may-ls' Club, 33 Gleevffltlpzg. ,ilu Golf, Q,31B1lS0l1:lll, l. 9 "l ' Lb' H IJ' A ll' I 'tif' ' X, 7 1 V., ,V L L I VJ, I lvpl' A W ff Ci L W' Club,3: 1 M W tl GJ 'CP if 25 vw U 3 . X iw sis 65 ' A GIRLS' CL UB Girls' Club Executive Board ' I +I'ire1ess wutllers on project 51682 in ,f 'JT J ' Sine of our? ' gt precious belen ings are our tradi- R i , Qi F tions. Wefa1g'sure that the senior. irl at North feel just J ' , ft 0 Phat yhtiout the Girls? for it was established I s fi 4 l ,fi iby thTQrls of he first gr' ating class as an outlet for sqofal and ch 'table actiw' es. Right up to today it has c ntinued W h never ' Yfpse. RUBBRI ,L M6503 ' T- gf i J The Qs of ,59 are aking their contribution to tlns 475 Beale Street "Bop"-Pea shooters . . . Carft do :1 head stand . . . G-Man. Track, 2, 3g Varsity Clgbfiig Stu- dent Leader, 2, 3. RR traditio both purposeful and lusterworthy. The club s two annual recor ops were top-shelf socials. The tradi- tional Than S ng food collection brought Quincy's needy famili closer to an old-fashioned holiday dinner. The Christmas doll project helped to fill the stockings of needy? Children who otherwise might not have had a visit frpm Santa. The Valentine's semi-formal 'gChanson d'Anhour" is lingering with all the romance of un bateau -mouchc excursion on the star-reflected Seine. The spring musical was a gift, indeed, to the whole class of '59 with part of the proceeds helping to defray the Year- book costs. The hlothers' Tea in lVIay culminated most approp- riately a satisfying year for the officers: hlarie Prizzio, Donna hlorrissey, llarjorie Richards, and Janet Hogang for the advisers: Mrs. Eileen Feeney and Miss Ann Ken- nedyg and for the executive board. LIBRAR Y J' T AVF Behind the eurtain of silenee which usually prevails in the library you will find Northls Library Stall' meni- bers working feverishly doing the behind-the-scenes tasks which keep our library in such neat order. These stage- hands ean be found eheeking books in or out, digging out back issues of magazines, or painting the props whieh decorate the Staff bulletin boards. These girls work during study periods deeoding names scribbled on east sheets and trying to track down missing eopies of needed seripls. If il were not for these industrious back-stage work- ers, the sniooth, daily performance of our library would never be the hit that it is and-we are going out on a lilnb -always will be. fs 1 XS' O it l MARIE MICLDON MARIIC NIICSSIXA 57 Marsliall Street 581 Willard Streel "l'eanuts"--"Jinnny" . . . GXQVI-X58 "Bla--Me" wlhul . , . 8fTf51i . . . . . . Squantuin , . . 7flf5s , , , 'l'rudy's buddy , . . lirninlree lillll Pzunmyis other half . . . l'.S..X.l". . . . llot flll0Vll'S . . .,ll, Bfujorette, Q: 'll4'2ll'lll'I'Sl fareer llonor Roll, Q: lllee Vlub, Ii: Vlnss fllub, Q, 33 Bowling, 33 Girls' Day i'onnnittee, 33 lleeeptionist, flub, 3. 31 lllllllff, 31 l'ep Vlub, Q1 Girls' Club, 3. ltlC'llAlll7 NIICYICR 15 Clive Slreel l,li'lx -l'zinious lust uxvlllllll be the de'llll of V Football, l, Q, .51 Wars 'S' lhnee Vol F' , 41. ,A40-.+A M' Neyer an idle lninutc for this stafl' GICOIUIIC Nll'l'C'lll'ZI,l, 176 llolbrooli ltond "Slit:-li"-' linrly morning I pushing . . . l":uirw:1y patroler lfstudio el llspzinol. et W ,MH if ,,'l lllK'k Baseball, I, 23 Golf, 2, 3: lloekey, X ., L ,,-,nz J 3 -f-fr" 9 27' fit mlllie office? Right across the liall, sirf' REC PTIO ISTS This group of Alpine guides helps the many misled explorers find their footing through the maze of North's slippery cor- ridors. It never fails to amaze them that after having given explicit directions to turn left at the swinging doors, they in- variably observe the recipient of their ad- vice bypass the doors, turn right, and top- ple to the valley below. They are a hardy lot, however, and stick to their posts with St. Bernard perseverance. I few 1 ff" ,404 'ci f X , ai , N . N. bakes' . . . Contiift witli IQ 23 National Honor Senior Class eas., Qxfig Atomig Cnergy l Club, get my in N' l ' 1' ' 5 X A U V H X ""Nn 2. H Q5 4 gin in S- X P' ar V .ii L' l . ix PIIYLLIS JEANNE MORRlCl.L 170 Vassell Street "Phyl"-D.lNI .... D.M .... Cali- fornia somebody . . . Army or Navy? . . . 7 kids. Jlanef, 33 Girls' Club, 3. A fi .,,,f i 44 C ' JAMES MORRI L L M2 Fayette Street "Doc"-Tlie Neck . . . 325 . . llot y-l-9 . . . 9f2lf57 . . . 5f7f59 . .. 6f9f59. Student Leader, 2. DONNA MURRISSICY 51 Rawson lload lvliite Bucks . . . liZf20f5'7 . . . B.C .... Do. De. Do ..... lolin- son's . . . GXGX57 . . . "wha-re's Hillel?" Girls' Club, 3 V. l'res,: Gliver- leader, 2, 31 National llonor Society, 2, 35 Student Council, 3: Tri-lli-Y, 35 Prom Connnittee, 35 Girls, Basketball, l, Q, 3. Q PATRICIA A. BIIIRPIIY 37 Ferndale Road "Pat"kSquantu1n I, Q, 3 . Hot Chev . . . Where's Red? . . . Sig- nals . . .325 . . . Sonny. Tri-Ili-Y, 2, Treas. 3: Reception- ist, Q: Dance Connnittee, 2: Class Day Connnittee, 35 II. B. Rep., 1, Q, 3. L, of KENNETH A. NELSON 126 Highland Avenue "Ken"fMr, D's left-hand man . , . The Olds . . . "Ili, Tom." Football Manager, 1, 2, 31 Varsity Club Exec. Bd., 35 Hi-Y, 33 Dance Committee, 3. LINDA NOBLE 221 Beach Street '"-Brad . . . U.S.M.C. . . . The Qnd hot dogs . . . The Cape on UW. Tri-Hi-Y, 3: Bowling, 1, Q, 33 Jlanet, 3: Rifle Club, 33 Nurses' Career Club, Q, 3. If a school pulsates with academic and extracur- ricular living as does North Quincy High, it is just the meat for news-nose hounds. Is it any Wonder, then, that the .Yorflz Star is a full-sized and fre- quently-published newspaper? Virginia Guptill, editor-in-chief, drives relent- lessly and demands such a concentration of human interest that all waking hours are the reporters' working hours. Business manager, Judy Lindahl, keeps her Advertising Staff members hopping to solicit endless ads so that the financial ledger of this publishing business isnlt too tight a squeeze. One most cften finds Linda Iflardy, production editor, in conference with her bosses, Ginny and Mr. Murphy, as to the artistic design of the paper and its readying for the deadline. Ray Evans, ac- tivities, editor, and Russ Landberg, sports, editor, keep busy by sniffing around for "the latestu to fill their repective columns. In suin, these editors and their staffs have given us this year a newspaper in the best journalistic traditions. What a scoop! 46 I NW' 1 ' 1-'V , ' ft' .. 'ff , ,LM X sl-' ld' v I S Y l I BARBARA L. Nora, Q ' H9 Atlantic Street "Barb"il,a Olll-l'I'lll2l . . . Ivhoosa goochie . , . Blue . . . l.B.M. . . . Always smiling . . . lVs. A. Girls' Olee Vlub, lg Nurses' Career Ulub, l, Q, Pres. 3: Girls' Uluh, 33 Norih Star, Q: llanec fonnnittee, 3. x kg 7 S X V JY' K if f .v-Gi A Q fir rf ,jg P- V' c t N... Wu." 1 --jj 'X ,ol "" 'c W 1 pfyw vi Faculty adviser John Hofferty ZILIANE T A beam of light fell across the dark corridor of the deserted North Quincy High School. It streaked out of the door of room 405 where the editors of the '59 M anet were just pools of mental sweat. The six draw- ers of the file were pulled openg Yearbooks of past classes were dog- eared from scrutiny, dummy sheets, rulers, stickers, and all the ac- cessory paraphernalia were inches deep at every work desk. The book- keeping ledgers were being checked and rechecked. That afternoon the usual sounds had issued from the doors of 405. "I hate people who sit around like dead wood. You know there is a deadline to be met and I refuse to be a committee of one to do all the work. Now get busylu To those of us who literally live in that room, this ultimatum was nothing new. Mr. Hofferty-what would we do without him!-had commanded and so we obeyed. Joanna proofread the work of the editorial stad, put the write-ups in readable order, and tried to decide what work would go to which typist the following morning. Meanwhile, George and Jerry were oe- cupied cropping and measuring pictures to make sure they would fit the right space, reading Mr. Has criticisms, and attendingto the mis- takes the senior proofreader found. VVhile all this intense routine was going on, Alan and Bill were adding long columns of Hgures to decide whether or not well be able to pay for the Mamet and how much more money we'd have to squeeze out of the book's purchasers to keep out of debtors' prison. Donit think this was an isolated afternoon. This was, in reality, every afternoon during the long months before the illanet went to press. Each of the editors did his ow11 job, but we also joined forces to help one another. f'lVe work together" is the theme of the book and the motto of the staff. If we didnft work together, we would never publish any semblance of a good Yearbook and this year's book, we hope, is good. Jerry says, "This is the way it's done." 70 BU INES5 STAF Business manager Alan Carlson gps!! l "And don't Colne back till it's done." " ' i PAUL NOGITIIRA Q21 Atlantif- Sir:-ct "Noogs"-'Ann ...' l-XIQX51'-3 . . . Coon . . . M.Y.F .... l7unkur0o . , . C13 ..., 'l'l10 lvriclgv. Manrf, 33 Track, 1, 33 ll. R. Rep., 3. ..,.. 'I as ' , I sl 'a".".,-'fs-'nw - - 1. x AR'l'lll'll S. Olilfllili ,,,,.....----" 33 Ramlloll Hlrvvl U.xI'tN4l,RlllIDlllS . . . 88 4-I9 , . . Marizfs pizza , . . l'e-tc-r's . . . l'ar- tivsinAtl:1uti:-. Football, Q: llm-kcy, 3: Varsity Club, 3. , l 'H l. 'a .lx - - f l,,ak 'VL .'lk .x,,,, L... . JP, X l 'f 7 ' '1 fl 4. JIRA? y. ', vf -ff' 1- alll J S'l'l'Il'lll'IN ll. U'llRllCN 182 Vnssnll Str:-of uSfl'Vl'I'lllllu' lli-llo Sh-vo . . . ulvlllll, mo slxavs-F' '.,. llluc lmomlx striko. x Editor-in-c-hiof Jomma Little The high pricstess K'0lIllllilIlilS NNW . fx 'f ,. l ,ft , - ug 1 rA1x11cs"b'i2R1QNl f ' 3 Acton Strget 'H ,wif it EUR"-8226 ilYlKlf4il0 . . . lloravv . . .lot . . . "So 1 ywziyn . . . alley Ldv!" I I , - lf' V ' ' lllanrft, 83 Ili-'YH 2,1 3g Class All-my Committee, 33' lloc-kvy,' 1, 42, 3g Varsity Club, 3. fx- I 4 f W l f 37 Lzlllilstlilwllc Strt- t SN r EDITORIAL S T AF BIARILYN E. PALRI 15 Botolph Street School . . . lllusic' . . . Fellowship . . . B.F.C.L .... Page . . . NHP- SCO . . . Cape Col . . . Ha ha. Glce Club Accompmiist, l, 2, 3. 'ZS' N 'S 72 MICHAEL DENNIS PANARU Q19 Farrington Street "lVIikc"fStunding up . . . l me-an like . . . "l'inbull', . . . "SQ," Svienc-e Research Club, l, 23 Track, 1, 2, 3, Football, I, Q, 35 fllanet, 3g Prom COIH1IllltCl', 3, Varsity Club, 2, 3. .Z THOMAS PETERS 294 F enno Street "Tom"-Q,H.S. . . , Finast "So what!" . . .July Q6,1958 . .. Peter's Diner. NSY .I Q I ,-lf' Inspection Day -:2z',--as ff Co-Layout Editors: George Gallivan and Jerry DeGennaro They cut the stencils and typed. JUDITH ANN PHELPS 176 Harvard Street "Judy"-D.U.A .... Army Widow . . . "Oh, no!" . . . "Sigh!" . . ROYGBIV. Dramatic Club, 1, Q, 33 Girls' Basketball, 1, 2, 33 Band, Q, 3g Receptionist, 3. LOCKHART J. PINGREE Q9 Sagamore Avenue "Locke"-Hot Ford . . . The Awning Shop . . . "Ace." Track, Q3 Rifle Club, 3, Band, 2. 5 K 'Q' t , , , r.-. ,, 1 2 , S' si 1 ., 65. A .Q 5 :K 5 - 4:21 . t S1 -itr-i E .ISC g s, 'SR x ' . ' ' i ' 1 i f 'Qll . 1 X 1 1 K , A 4 ' ,gf i , ' 5 Q' ,fe - - 7 Az! 5 JOSEPH PITTS 188 Atlantic Street "Birdcage"-G.N.A .... Harold's . . . "Hit 'em on the blue line" . . . The Cape. Hockey, 1, 2, 3: Dramatic Club, 2, Varsity Club, 42, 3. I. y ELAINE F. POCIUS 42 Davis Street Rojo . . . Two-Some . . . Ugb! . . . Pete's . . . P37 .... "We never give up!" Manet, 3, Glee Club, 2, 8, Biology Club, 13 Girls' Basketball, 33 Receptionist, 'Z, S. ROSE POLVERE 145 Harriet Avenue Connie . . . 10fl6f56 . . . U.S.N. . . . "Oh, those week-ends!" . . . B.D.Q.T. Pep Club, 25 Nurses' Career Club, l, 33 Girls' Basketball, 83 Glee Club, 33 Girls' Club, 3. I PA TR O fTA.F u 6159 , Patron manager Bill Crawford signs up Judy's mother. I . G . V I. i - ,Sf We ' rr . M Q r r yy 'J as A L . ll r Ml BETTY LOU PURVES . 276 VVest Sqllillltlllll Street 1, 4-, 3. . .Brian . . . lNI.N.Y.E. . . . K'VVe're through" . . . T.N.A.lNI. ...74...VVilli...3f5. Cheerleader, 3g Student Leader, 2, 3: Girls' Club, 33 Dance Com- mittee, 1, 3. P fl Qlv' 5 N 'N rd C., 'U 2 LIOHN QUAISLIA i B84 Edwin Strellt X. , "Qua'ey" S.S. l,C. r. . 'f0h, you X-lciqif' . .VIC 'weetie!"lN.iJX1 Family fhilging .YL . " 'f1e,re's,9'llnrilyI1?" K Dlrflrrialfle Club, 1,2 Q, Sketch Club,l8. w JOANNE CLAIRE RANTUCCIO 50 Pope Street "Joey"-Hockey . . . Hyannis llc-lie0pte1's . . . Bowling . . . H.A.D.F.C .... 7fl6f58 . . . Blaine . . . Graduation . . . 8f3f57. Girls' Basketball, 2, 33 Teachers' Career Club, 1, 33 Girls' Club, 33 Biology Club, lg Rifle Club, Q. Street cami-er 'ofesf ...S.0,'I'QCf . .. XONIQ55 f' .Jima LA FY 1 , , '- J gquau- -lothey. . I K 1' t . . . 'K e ' l . ,ijfootba Club, 1, Q, 33 Jlaizef, 3. 4.13. Y, irls' ub," PW 3: S LW NX .Lx ' Q4 , Q, 3 N rfht . , Q 3 Ci lf' . . n gi", Xxktffl if K- 1 ' 1 ee, 3, Xri-HL 3 X ,"' Q, 5--5 X 5 I 'Jia qs- urls' etgll, ,Q,3.pR,N D , 402-I NEP' c-ai' 74 Q 3 .f'4"' 415 ANN Nl.Xlt.ll'l HICGAN IAURETTA REGNIICR Q6 Saltorml Street H-7 Govenors Road Hyannis . . . Please . . . China t'l'etite" . . . t"I'hunclerbir1l" . . . Arhnirer . . . Pretty thing . . . B17 .... Creweuts . . . Howard Knit-kknaek I, Q, 3. .lohnson's . . . l2f2Sf57 . . . Senior Girls' Vlub lixee. Brl., 31 Hariri, Prom. 35 Glee Club, 3: Girls' Basketball, Prom fl0IIlIllltt6L', 33 Tri-Ili-Y, 33 33 Ilonor Roll, Q. Girls' Club Exec. Bd. 3: Student lreafler, 3: Reeeptionist, 2: Danee fonnnittee, 1, Q. lx jai 5 'A A . JL ff p Q' E 3 .S x Q. -. K 10 ll if t '43 ' x l 1 S JOAN RICH, i 'Bl'IA'l'RlClC RICHARD 130 Ilannlen Uirele 192 Fayette Street ....' . . "Beal'--NVQ-ylllulllll 'gill Fla .... Fortl . . . Sky trip . . A,F ,,,, SUIIHIIOI' '57 "Got any gum?" Green Ford. Glee Club, 1, 2, 3: Jlanef, 33 Receptionist, 33 Oftiee worker, 3. Q., NN fi , . ...Marv I l rf!! No temperament in these artists VVhen venturing into 3Q9 we may expect to Ineet a group of off-beat boheniians with various kinds of eoinplexes. Happily this apprehension is quick- ly clispellecl as we ineet a group of normal, popular seniors who are putting their talents to Construc- tive use. The Sketeh Club is a real serviee organi- zation, whieh is willing anal able to help other groups. The beautiful Inural at the Varsity Club semi-formal was the result of Illillly pains-taking hours of work, as were the mleeorations for the flllI'lStlll2lS and Easter assemblies. Every time We have a tire 4lrill we shoulcl reeall the Sketeh Club who inamle the neat l'llll'I'gl'llf'y signs which have been plaeeml in eaeh room. lncleecl, we should all be thankful that North has so much talent to put to work. 75 U . O 5:'21.n I5-I 'qp','! 1 uv' I SKE T H CL UB 5, is .,-it -.V ,S,,, Q if A5 u li EILIEN RICIIARDS 56 lVcst Elin Avenue "Richard"-Bob . . . QfQ1f5'7 . . . J.I3.P.G .... Surf . . . CYO . . . Al's . . . Wheelhouse . . . "Ya knowf, Sketch Club, 1, Q3 Glec Club, 3. "TTY MARJORIE RICHARDS 101 South Bayfield Road ''Margie"-Sayonara . . . IQXZSX57 . . . Blue Chevy . . . IIoughs Neck . . . P. .I. Party . . . 301. Girls' Club, Sec. 35 Bowling, 2, See. 35 Glee Club, 3g Receptionist, 33 Pep Club, 2. JIIDITII ANN RILEY 28 Shoreham Street "Riel,'-6f17f58 .... I oan's and Mariels buddy . . . "Amblers" . . . .Ioan's other half. Majorette, 1, 2, Co-head 31 Glee Club, Q, 33 Bowling, Q3 Tri-Hi-Y, 33 Library Staff, QQ fllanet, 3. g . K is . ,ew--sm I 165' . pit y H- . I i , 355 . New lu U 0 ATUMIC NERGY CLUB lYhen we at North are asked what is being done in this post-Sputnik era to en- lighten students, we can proudly point to our Atomic Energy Club. Every Monday night, Nortlfs future nuclear wizards meet under the auspicis of Mr. Rubin in 430. There they explore such pertinent subjects as isotopes, fall out, and radioactivity in general, and hear lectures on atomic energy. By participating in A.E.C. they ex- press their interest in their future, and the future of their country, a form of dedica- tion to be admired and imitated. A preview of our latest equipment HERBERT ROGALSKI 135 East Squaxatum tQet "IIerbie,'+f'YFraulein . . "IIab ich einen l'Qirst?.l'1.uV. Polonia vs ceiufwtav. ' 1 Assis. High Soccer Coach, 33 SketctijCluh,,1, rl, 3: Dramatic Gluhg 5 Bfffogy Club, 1, Q. A X ! .X- .I N, xv t, as -W " x . 1 . .ff D 1 ,vw JEANNE T. RULI. 391 Beale Street "Jeannie',-M.S.C .... 7f-U57 . . . SXSUX58 . . . 7f26f58 . . . f'Don't let it get 'chaf' Nurses' Career Club, 39 Girls' Club, 35 Student Leader Alt., 33 5 gain. JANET RUSSELL 83 Harvard Street "Jan"-Ronnie . . . December 8 . . .Judyls other half . . . "Te-rrifict" . . . Sept. Q6. Majorettc, 2, Co-head 33 Girls' Club Exec. Bd., 33 Drill Team, 19 , I V we Q- ' -Q Q 3 Ar' . Y Q 5 , , ' " -vp., A 99 if ' F if -I " Q. I .klffff .... . , P11 L.. U" "3 C-I 'xi '1 Q4 Ill FV' N :Q I-1 . ,Ti s 76 B OL UG Y CL UB lntently awaiting the result ' M :XM . 'TAlNUf SANDRA JEAN SABIN Q6 I wird Str t 83 Saratoga Street " -4' l- .? . . - Lilvfilfy . - - "Sam',-Maine . . . Camping . . . .lrlifx . . Mousiv . . - 4405. Horses . . . Summer ,58 . . . Senior "Pr yi" . . lslilfhg- - - Prom . . . llf26f58. P crie V K Band, Q5 Nurses' Career Club, 35 . cni r , .s Pl' ' Hisli Helier Dance Committee, 3. Rol , 25 Trac , Q, 35 National llo Society, 2, 3: Student Coiun il, 25 Varsity Club Exec. Bd., 2, 3. NINA SACCO 40 Bay State Road Long Talks . . . T.C.T .... lint. Q . . . Squantuni . . . ,55 Ford . . . B.F.D.C. Senior Class Sec., 35 Student Coun- cil, l, Q5 Girls' Basketball, 1, 2, 35 The Biology Club, under the stimulat- ing guidance of Miss Schields, pursues that branch of knowledge which, when simply stated, treats of living organisms. And speaking of pursuit, room 4-Q4 on Tuesday afternoon occasionally emits coin- bined squeals of laughter and apprehen- sion as an attempt is made to recapture an errant laboratory mouse. At other times this group may be intently st.udy- ing the metabolism of a cell, or the nest- ing traits of the Bower Bird. All of this, when highlighted with occa- sional field trips and guest lectures, augurs well for the future in science of this dedi- cated group. DIANE L. SANllll'll,lAN -L6 Division Street "lYeense"--"You know!" ll.lV.B .... "l don't get it Mickey . . . Broiler. Student Leader, 35 Prom Com- Girls'Club,Cl. mittee, 35 Tri-Hi-Y, 2, 35 North Star, 2, 3. -...nun ,ag Girls' Basketball, l, Q, 35 Bon 1, 2: Receptionist, 35 .llmu RICHARD J. SCANLIN 17-I North Central Avenue "Dir-k"f"I7on't get mein trouble, Charlie!" . . . Traction shoes . . . Sting. Baseball, l, 2, 33 Basketball, 2. MA TH CL UB Under the guidance of Miss Horrigan, and her four able officers, Herb Thomas, Steve Grant, Judy Beck, and Edie Glad- Win, the hlath Club carries on an invcsti- gation in the world of advanced mathe- matics. Every other Thursday in 4-Q3 this group can be seen intently at Work studying the latest math books, concentrating on prob- lems which are beyond the scope of ordi- nary class work, and exchanging informa- tion and experiences which involve math- ematics in today's world. NVho knows? Maybe someday one or more members of this group may aid man's advance into the far-Hung reaches of out- GI' space. CYNTHIA E. SCIIIITZ 153 Bayside Road 104 "Cindy"-Bob . . . -lf7f57 . . . G.U.Q.T ..... A l's . . . Waiting . . . Old for weekends . . . M.S.M.R.II .... Signs . . Soincdav? Track, 1, 2? 3, . , Tri-Hi-Y, 31 Glee Club, 1, Q, 3: Girls, Basketball, I, 35 Girls' Club, 3. 'IG' : PATRICIA ANN SHICA 95 Dorchester Street enemies" . . . Mary's other halt Girls' Club, 3. Club, 1, Q. 78 Judy measures Alan's brain power. Yes", "Pat"g"I'eople are my worst wa 5553 BARBARA SIIOICNICR LURRAINIC SINOPULI DALTON Ii. SMART, JR. DAVID NNII I ll Q07 Billings Road 110 lVest Elm Avenue 60 Harriet Avenue 53 South Il ix lu ld I o "IIarh"- -Ilarts und Flowers . . . Vvollaston Beach . . . lT.S.A.l4' "Buddy"f"Squecze that trigger" "Siuitty" 'S X I I r n Drive-ins . . . Sisters . . . Ili, Itls fabulous! . . . Dickie and his . . . "Agaiu'! . . . 8f3f58 . . . IIHIINIUI' un s Iii ' lloney! . . . 6f6X59. pavilion. IQXQSX57 . . . The woods. , . . Tflll N Who s h IX Glce Vluh, I, 31 Girls' C'luh, 3. Glee Club, 1, 33 Pep Cluh, 2. Rifle Cluh. 1, 2, Pres. 3, the party TEA CHERY CARE R CL UB Believing in the adage-"Teachers are born, not lllililfiu-lAI21I't,Ill Casey, the spon- sor of the Teachers' Career Club, wel- comes as volunteer members of his club only those juniors and seniors who sense their dedication. Ilere they are exposed to both an articulate balance between theory and practice and an introduction to the social amenities of the profession. W' Panel discussions by the members sage- ly moderated by Mr. Casey evaluate the mental-discipline approach to intellec- tual achievement, the emotional-needs approach to individual differences, and academic and extracurricular relationships between the teacher and the pupil. Down-to--earth professional talks by specialists give an authoritative scope to vital problems and decisions. Both John lvalsh, our principal, and Miss Loretta llcllugh, elementary consultant, have been most generous with their time and helpful with their encouragement. "February Frcezeu, the winter dance created in its social swirl just the antithe- sis of its name. This year's active ofticcrs are Edith Gladwin, Donna Gibson, Rob- erta Fogo, and Janet Zoia. .IIc1n1'f, 3 gg I Nt: w Teacher lidie rules supreme Cluh, I: lluut iouuuittu I W 1 fo My , , 7, 4 Wi ' f Q 5 GLORIA SINIITII 277 Quarry Street Johnny . . . UQQXSG . . . Green and yellow Ford . . . Maine. Girls' flub, 3. Mir' ,W X A. SMITII til Carlisle Street "S1nitty"--Long talks . . . "l.N.- S.l..Y." . . . "YYh:it's the matter?" .. . 'l'.l'.l'.K .... "7-ltr." flll4'0I'll'Ilfll'I', 3: Norlll Shir, 2, 31 Danee Connnittee, I, Q, 31 Tri- lli-Y, 31 Girls' Vinh, 33 Jlanel, Zig Girls' Basketlvzill, l, 2, 25. lv, Best foot l'orward RSE5' CAREE CL UB To help open the door to a nursing ea- reer has always been the goal of the Nur- ses' Career Club, but this year the group is opening the door wide for one of its members by awarding a scholarship to a deserving girl in the Club for any nursing school of her ehoiee. This is truly another first for our Class of ,591 To the girls and Bliss Alice Gray, sponser, We say, "Thank you for helping to make us a class to be remernberedf, This year's ofiieers are Barbara Noel, presidentg lifarilyn Straeuzzi, vice-presi- dentg Betty Davis, secretary: and Peggy Fontaine, treasurer. 2 l5l'lVl'lltl.Y A. SNYITHR LEO SULARI ltlf'llARlJ STIQIN -ll'l7l'l'll A. S'l'INlliI'ZRIS 90 Exeter Street H57 .Xtlzintie Street 323 East Squantuin Street 124- Bellevue Road "Bc-v"fNl.'l''ll.T.ll-3 - - f "Lee"--.Xrelly .... Xll about -lan "Diek"fGopher . . . linele "Judy"f'l'oln . . . QfQ7f55 . . . Dieli . . . l'.5.N -.-- vvvllflilltl . . . George-'s brother. George . . . The Port . , . Nornfs "If Dreains flOIll0 True" . . . Foot- liells . . . Dorm-liester . . . Ronnie lmmllullis , , , Hey, there! ball . . . S.lJ.'l'.1'. "lteally?" ,,,I,eslie, Senior Flass V. Pres., 33 Cheer- Pep Club, Q, 35 Girls' Club, 3. lender, 3: Student Vonneil, Q, 35 iz. Girls' Basketball, I, Q, 33 'l'ri-lli- Y, Q, 31 Girls' State Rep., Q1 Prom Connnittee, 3. T 'W '22 80 E F55 . ft YW- V Q L Vwriisfgi i' ,",- RADIO- 1 1, 'Q I V X CL UB t 4 5 3 y Sf? , X 3 N The ltzulio-'l'.Y. Cluh is a niust for all those in- terestetl in uny zispeet of rzulio uncl televison work X is their enreer, :intl for those who feel that they 5 Y would enjoy learning about the flifferent phases of rzulio or television progrnins. Whether listening ittentiyely to :1 lec-ture on the operation of :1 tc lc vision ezuneru or pzirtieipztting in the presentation mf their own sc-ripts. :ill the inenlbers of the Club incl an opportunity to learn about 21 field of work ,vhic-h is lK't'0llllllg nic 'iusingly iinportunt in luring- ng relaxation to :1 gIIlll.,CJfj1"I'VOS and to find en- oynient in tl ,gylftuclit m-1 iy, 1 rietl agtjvitics. I fx lx' I if ' V L V1 KL i. f' l U L -,," fci-gg Wxv Y ' 'N C. iffy -4 NV K!!! . if NY, V . ' ,Jy Vi- KT W ,SX f X5-JJ' XXX 'D' X Cf lx Manning YY. J. U. A. V VIANIYI' l,UI'ISl'I S'l'R.XNIOCK ROBl'lR'l' S'l'lY0tl'l'tl A 1 it 4 JULIIC ANN SULLIVAN IIXRUI. SWICICNICY D6 Slu-rninn Street -Hi filziflstcliiqiltrtftft '.. X' Q0 Kentlull Street N5 llnrluun .Xvenue H-lttlln''AllIllltl0IlS to he n nurse "Holm"-Tlili, Great Pzirrell . VVinrly's :inll lynn! . . . Crystal June, l!l59 . . . Chips . . . lllneks' , . . Still holding lninfls . . . Mean- Ineonipletel . 1. flfSeen this? A. . Room . . . ulll,fllllln...uxYll1'l'0'S Crt-ek . . . l,..l. . . . Yolmsu. while. Ulf to C.ll.N.llx.fStudent Lencler, Ellen?" llrill 'l'vgm1, :ig Howling, 3: Girls' Nurses' Fnreer Vlulm, 1, 2, 33 Q, 3: Tsqek, QMS. Q , Q Bowling, l, 2, 3: tllee Vlulm, Ll, 3a t'luIv, 3. liirls' Bnsketlmll, 2,31 Bowling, 33 'Q -.' , N' - Jlfnzfl, 33 Girls' Clulm, 3. A Nw' Biology Vlulr, See. 3. Q b 'A l' - F A 1 Fu x " ' Yxxjh MB KL N V , 'X X 5, A . i ' KN . ' U' X l AJ-J ' X , D ,I X , . be f7 t XJ lift x ' fl ' lv' If ' 5 - . , K XL 3 L ' K xi V f , V M -SQ -4 X f 1'-3 -DU' e it X1 L lm N ki S f S L, ' 'X lucid. lr , xi t H A 81 Beryl eyes the birdie RIF E CL U ' Every VVednesday night strange sounds JAMES TEED 54 Colby Road "Jim"-George . . . 8:29 . . . .41 don't have 'too much' work to- night." fy iiadio 'r.v. ' 4 52 - 1 I 9 X. W VIRGINIA RAE TEDIPLE 296 Saflord Street "Gin"-Good driver . . . Fans nice- ly . . . Oli, those Cape Cod week- ends. Biology Club, lg Girls' Basketball, 3g Library Staff, lg Girls' Club, 3 can be heard coming from the Squantum School. A little questioning reveals that these sounds are coming from weapons of the sharpshooters of North's Rifle Club. Further interrogation shows us that this is one of the most popular activities of the school. Perhaps the nature of these meet- ings in part accounts for the club's popu- larity. Here the guys and gals learn the basic techniques of marksmanship, shoot 22's, and then compare targets. The goal of all faithful North sharp- shooters is a place on the Rifle Team. The best of the club members get to compete with teams from other schools and of course always try to come out on top. -Q V fgfw- ' HERBERT C. THOMAS, JR. ' a QQQARD F.4Tff0RNELL, JR. 146 Billings btreet banyM'eet "Moe,'-"Captain,sir',...CAP... 1F"IT5pn"-chef-5.'. "NP Reau- Pilot . . . Hot Ford . . . "VVl1ere's ,K gifs," Dead,l'ye . . 'fllif Ev!" Mary-Ann?" i'4Basketbfnl, lvifgg Baseball 1, 35 Band, 1, 2, 33 Atomic Energy Club, 'Kent Leadgi, 33 Varsity Glhb, 2. Q, 33 llath Club, Pres. 33 Dramatic K I if I , V Club, QQ North Star, 33 Amateur ' Radio Club, Pres. 2. V W sQi's'fe1'.s..s' ' K, 2t,,.,.:,g-.5 . , "9 it ' 'F . ' -13 ,x .. ., Ek p q, ,.,. fp Q z " A A' ii B ii.. 4 ,, ' ,. "' fx , ff . A L was as 5 s 3 A xg 'W' 82 ' 2 X, MPOC Paul shows how! North Quincy High's lI.G.lNT. lot with its many and various whirring cameras and miles of projection film is located in the Motion Picture Operators, laboratory. Here Director Robert Gentry peps up his boys with the scoop on all facets of Visual Education. From such training emerges a corps of specialists who not only book films for subject enrichment in the classrooms but also set up and operate the moving picture machines at the convenience of the teachers concerned. These same specialists run the projection booth in the auditorium with the aplomb of movie magnates. Although all of the boys give freely of their spare time for the interests of North, both Bill Bradford and Richard Ohrenberger hover with the te- nacity of guardian angels over the fortunes of the club so intimately are they associ- ated with its every project. If XX .I . f' - if is Rl 5 ' ' 1 fi X ,I , f ' '- x C, milf,-' 'V .Q ff 4,.,1 V ILL L70 JF 1104 ax MARY TOMPKINS 19 Holmes Street "Terry"-Dietician's S.Q .... Nan- cy's other half . . . "Huh?" Nurses' Career Club, Q, 85 Tri-Hi -Y, 2, 35 illanet Show, 2. -an-1 . ,JV ', ROBERT TRAVERS 48 Hilnm Street "Hacker"-"On the field at 3 0'- cloek" . . . "Quit dancing." Football, 1, 2, 33 Track, 1, 2, 39 -Yzfzty Clu9b,I3L lf! xflf if Aj! O MW 4 E Q .J I ' l - ' 10 ROBERT THORPE GEORGE E. TIBBETTS ANN L. TOLSTRUP RA ll UHTH 25 Bayside Road 18 Flynt Street 38 Belmont Street Hi ia e Bob"-C.P.A. Esq ..... -X Pen. "Geo"-Tiger, Booky . . . Band Paul, 4-XIQX58 . . . Chicago, lWI.Y.F. "Barb" o -B o , M.Y.F. .. boy... 3f29,f57 , . boy ...Judy . . . Baker's No. 1. . . . . . L.L., the "Ridge" . . . "409" "Wlmt?" 1X5 7 . . . l ' 'J 1 52Q1QQ45,z1f.aWjdjl,V, Go Cat. . . . Cupid. brakes, ya!" . P arties. 3 ,Ci A pf lfsifxigl Band, 1, 2, 3g Varsity Club, 35 Bas- Manet, 35 Glee Club, 1, 2, 35 Bowl- Girls' Club Exec. 85 Glee Club, 'Qi' " X' I i ill. L ketball, 1, 2, 32Tl'HCk, 3- 2 3 Girls Bnske ball 1 2 8 L1 lVif."if l,.- I bal 3 br'1ry Stull 1 'mini ,XLT K . 1 is Ph xx Q. 'X N an ing, 35 H.R. Rep., 35 Girls' Basket- ' , 3 " ' ' , , , 3 '- ' l, . . ' ' ', . K 45? . L i'ii 1 , '. 5 R X , -. i 2 fmt f X W 35 'Q - Fo be able to combine sociability and a seriously in- rational aim takes some doing. But the junior and iior girls in Tri-Hi-Y do so very naturally. Every lllonday evening they meet at the Quincy YQN1. X. where after devotions by Chaplain Nina Sacco, esident Linda Hardy conducts their business meeting. this time the girls have lived up to their aim: to cre- :, maintain, and extend high standards of Christian lracter, as can be evidenced from such projects as a ' wash to help build up the treasury, a hay ride for a tial interlude, the donation of a Thanksgiving basket a needy family, a jewelery party to boost the club,s ids, and many other social and charitable activities, of which originated at meetings. With the Work of their meeting out of the way, the 'ls never tire of discovering that quite coincidentally e Hi-Y never fails to have a Monday night meeting an adjoining room. Of course "iron bars do not a pris- makef, so the rest of the evening, sociability is the ll of fare. The girls lhemselves vow that memory Will never dim e sparkle of their junior-and-senior-year Monday ghts. vu I , .K le' yr- wi 43 HARRY WEIKEL, JR. , 61 Apthorp Street l5f12f5s eam, Head V. Pres. 2, 35 dance Committee, 3g Glee Club, 3. "Sonny"fVVith luck my future 7f4f5'8, field will be physical education. Student leader, 2, 35 Glee Club, V. Pres. 33 Mamet Show, 1, 2. Spit and polish MARY JANE WHELAN '74 Henry Steet "Jane',-"W'l1at?', . . . '51 Merc. convertible . . . "Did you do your French?" Girls' Club Exec. Bd., 35 Glee Club 33 Teachers' Career Club,1. T RI-HI- Y LORETTA C. VVILLIAMS 38 Bay State Road "Willie'-1'll never tell"-6T5 . . Old Chevys . . . "Hey, Cuz" . . B.C. Bowling, 1, 2, 3g Drill Team, 1, 2 Majorette, 33 Nurses' Career Club 1, 3g Manet, 3. :i.fii5QQ,t, 4 ssl. ,st ? HI- Y Three lnusketeers tlreamin ' u 1 a ha ' ol' trieks. E ts RUBICRT WILLIAMS 58 illidxllesex Street "Holm" -June 27, Treasur ...0et. 10, , , l'enn.l1oy f . 1:53 ' v "2 Q35 ' -Q.. ef f 'V 6: X Howie, Ray, Alan, Toni, and Russ set the pave. "To Create, maintain, and extend throughout the home, ehureh. and eonnnunity, high Si2llltl2l.l'4iS of C'ln'istian Cll2ll'2ll'l0I'u is the purpose of the Hi-Y. This group is Illiliii' up of the nlale part of the Y.Nl.1'..X.'s Tri-Hi-Y. Every Nfonclay night the lvounee of the ping pong lxalls anll the swish of the shuffle board proelailn the vitality of our Ili-Y Vlulm. These typical American boys, so you see, are unitecl both to help, in whatever way youth Can, the welfare of Quiney and to enjoy the gam- ut of the Y's recreational faeilities. 1Yith meetings starting promptly anytime lmetween 7 and 7:30, or whenever Al got tirell of playing shuffle lmoarml, the lmoys tlitl Illll'2lTlll0 clietu-get to the roots of business with lmreakneek speed, and inaugu- rated help to the needy at holiday times and assisted Tri projeets whenever they eoultl. This yearis officers are presiclent Alan Varlson. viee-presimlent Ray Evans, secretary Russ Lundberg. treasurer Toni Young, and ehaplain Howie Harding. HARRIICT WOLFF JANE WRIGHT STICPIIICN WRIGHT 185 Hamilton Avenue 16 Meadow Street 113 Iluekins Avenue e Island HM .... Pizzas . . . Red Jaeket "Janie"-The 4J's. . . "Iley,,Re4l" "Gus"-1-08 . . . The Great. Parrell . Gang. . . 409 . . . Beauty. . . Rm. . . . Maine . . . Hidaway . . . "So , . . Tiger . . , God's Country . . . 325. wl1at's new?" Hola. Bowling, 2, 3, Girls' Club, U1 Glee Club, 33 Girls' Clulv, 3. Iloekey, l, Q, Capt. 33 Baseball, 1, we . sg Q, 35 Varsity Club, 3. W M L' if "' 7,,i0fQha, FQ , J' i. Y A ,wg -- M., . ,NDRA A. YATES 9 Crabtree Road rzrlyf-6212" . . . Soon, no kiml- ig . . . "Shall we dance?" , . . Iello There!" cc Club, 1, 33 Nurse-s' Carver ub, 1, 33 Girls' Club, 33 Spzlnisli ub, 1. 'HOMAS H. YOUNG 3 Nlnyflowcr Rourl '0m4"R0ino1nlmcrRuinsl'orrl" . . 0! . . . "YYl1:1t's kccping Flzm? . . GI'-9-0361 . . . ls lllilt 95? '00tb:1ll, l, Q, 3: Truck, l, Q, 3g tudent Council, Q, Pros. 31 Vanr- ity Club, Q, Soc. 33 Hi-Y, Trcus. g .illl17l6f, 3. IRAN ll. Zl'll,l.l'lN 3 Bloolnfiolfl Slrvvl feanie-Dewey . . . llimlcwuy . . I-J'S . . . HYYIIL-rvis Janet?" . . Dorf-llcstvr . . . l0f15f58 . . . Hllvy, Red!" Bowling, Q, 33 Receptionist, 3g Glec Club, 33 Girls' Club, 3. JOHN ZIN KITS E a 97 Eliot Avenue Jll!'A'I.84vVOllRlStibll Yanclit Club . . . llot Eviururlc- . . . Curol. RiHc Club, 2, 3. Vsaking up the wall flowers CAMERA SH Y JOYCE M. COS'l'lflI,l.O JOSEPH J. GRAHAM EDWARD IIALLORAN lCl.lZAl5lC'l'lI My-Nl'lAl,X iwnlulzw F. Mm: IIOLI.YlliTONm L U - 1 il' QL L ig LD f ' V. :XL pllzlljlf ,Q in .VA ll .KX ia , al - N1 ,. r '11, ' ' v -1 v. f C if MVA' qi' f f y V 1 ix r xg fb' . XL K V A J Pl IY 'fix I Best dressed : 1100! IPM. AW Linda Smith, Dennis DiCarIo DOIIIIII algo!!! nd: YWQQXE . I,,l,r1.w W oil A -.sp , , LH' 'ww J- 1' WS' at 'AW' U"' 1'7. Sue XS -lll11A,:l,I OUR CLASS CE SUS 10.3-1 1, MP9 1 111111 Itutafi .rig-weed, .WMNL . ' '13- 81.11121 G UPUYI 87 - . XY . - - L , - west- . xx-N' 1' Tlstkxshx fwxvxxx' Mm, If ffffyzbl' r . illlue J. 'I Ego Class opfz mz sts: Re u New Ray Evans, Nina Sacco 67 60,40 endubw' Nkugxb' Tom Y 49: dl 5,613 mootg, P 0111151 I l Jllda M 0: xfxe ' I' , 15,11 A sw Plb, Class artzsts. Linda Hardy, Herb Rogalski Best danr'ers: Diane COII1i, Frau Fzlreri 88 Sll1l'tlI nb , S 1,11 Edo, CWS" U' N YN Nitidusz YXXCXQS fl' Oki Class genius: 0 . . . . 1 X865 Virginia Guptlll, Alan Rutan 20121, x . - '19 lo v cables' Mil bv C'?'IIer x07 xx Oli .nsgl A ,901 1 B01 A055 l NEXNXM- I Tr- L' 'Yom dllefis' M ost sophisticated: Tom Kelly, Roberta Hottleman Class individualist: David Burnham, Gale Lawson Most Businesslike: Alan Carlson, Donna lllorrissey Quietest: Robert Williams, Ann Grimshaw Uv 2' 'Un 0 92 DN R N Asp fl 0,51 T f"'11u!,,,'. om LY Ure H1 . 143811, Linda Q i M ost! N - Hzxfillmli Ulffjl XXUWW 89 5 Y My mrtemls SH" N Umf 9VAW77'2Ap s , ,fn A u um xvusxunnu1lltuAl1D01A.itt'lQ Q '3 " ' I ew. A me -Q - 1 R MAGBH'S ' Uigmxi ,kuiwwxx lixgmmiw Iv Num L- Mm fume' W -W., ,H-Q:-Vg X - A A V"'ry-y, X .. .x ,':l:....f L. ' 1 . , , iw- Jf"9'f""' I , 21 4'7" " TT fT,5'35,'f5 :' I f A u.1'1sufqw,u 'L ,Q ,f" t 4 1 UM VS V W1 kb --l".,.-...H fj N cg ., Nat: , M, ..... ,, if , 'J 5 4 V I ,Q 4 ' ill a -- '1 5, X,,QQ,Q,3-.- ' ,1 .b "L. Q .,-,Q, ' Nw , ,.1 wig, 3 tw ff --J XAL,-v. . , X , i 31 1:-H My gg,.....,,,,,,m nuns wt , In , ,U llnppwnu.. f, , """'lrvu us ,,,'1l'll'l as .fs M fkg 3-. -- M- WP' X K ,,., L m V ,L W X- - "'... ? III, , ' K ' 'ww 'Mq'5'?53f'Qfp:f,.,'3'-af"'. J. L'-gr ."'1' -L - away-" "1-Y' H w..-1 v- A , M .nnvuj S- -M,-tgs' ' 552 - L 1.4 .""'9-'fx a W, ' ' "1 'A .SSP 'if I. lg NL M . ,-. .. . , A, X. : HEVRGLU . A ?12"-ff-53'l'165 if-usa' H1 5-M-'ff menus: f-'ff-ww "' - H -1--"""7f5 -124, in 'Vik V V L . ,.,. f ' tg , ,Tx " -' X J.: hp-.. ."-4 MM f an -f,,....,.l M:v'uX5wf:,,.L DJ.-im, 0 A ,5 lyk .1 ff :M " T' """""?""'."-152 ,S '98 Ria-3:51. AQ wa AGMW A . : is mi 9213 ' - ww-fvwwwf-awww -13, .1 .M A .. AN flftlma-M: egg a 2? , mm- . ,ffm I -....., 3-Lffbmyp'-'Q 5 ,vmj ' - g' f f ,twgjwih f W 'WX . K gg X Q fm- 3.121 .,.,'1181w1,ffSy,kQg: -'-ff' """' 2'- 1 ,... :L 1' v 'gf' .tv k 'K K lfi ZEMR' M 'WE-21 tjig' 2:22359fQi,g1??w,QffC1g5b5f'if:a'11':s., f. , X15 '-6,4 q . . Q fgiffg 35- '188 "RIB V K"'?:535 -' ff ,f-flfkf E wg-W. Y-b ' -.. , W: --- , X ,. . X ,W N . xg Q .-5 ,.- uv ,Q V' ' 'z.r:.w.:.v- -fT-3Q?i Wjllglv Qs: , - ' '.Uf5'W X X . -ll- K1 V "5 5 ,ff . Q .1",:.":xQn.'z1:4:.z.x:.,.::4::.1. .., ...W l,,:fi Qg.Q,,L, G:-Mi -9495 Hi'?fnf'k?'3N:,l3' K' L +1335 ffvxs v P1-A 5' 'Ei x.g'iX?F N f kiwi' .-.-w4W.'sQ3 iSSQf..x'5f . s GN Qsmif -X' mx VA ':'lY'fM':', 4, Q. .,. Sl?-F-iiXi 8 -LS' K X his "'igf,giQf 5 :X qi Q . A L. Q 1.55 2 ? it ...fy .Y-'N' A ., 6?,V"'x..v3 ' 'LAA 3L""i"y A 5 , QW x, f -ig LL Ln if LL Q A ,hw J wx - . 3 6 if 3 5. X S , 0- ASN. wx N A - L f + .Q . X I Fha- .,,,,Ht.,,x3g . .A ab k -2-5 k jg L1 X jig Xi, 95 -f skjfx -fufigv any ivffvssk X,--- 1 ,WM5-,.L -'N' X -fm, 5 QA. .1 typ, ff, . 5 X -LX - X.. X. Q iv -ang: x 4 Mrs. Mrs. To be editor-in chief of the MANET is a year-long thrill: challenges, write-ups, photographs, appointments, deadlines-all to be met in such a way that the Year- book will be just what I know all of you will treasure: your own memory book of busy, achieving, happy days at North. And then the togetherness, the unasked-for, but constantly valuable, cooperation of our adviser Mr. John Hofferty, of George, Jerry, Alan, and Bill, my editors, of all the members of all the staffs, of our official photographer Mr. James Bleiler, of our publisher lVIr. Roswell Farnham, and of our financial backers, our patrons and our advertisers-how wonderful all of these people have made me feel even under ines- capable pressures! I hope, more than anything else, that every time you browse through your Year- book you will feel just as wonderful with the results of all of these persons as I do. was Thank ou, jinclnczbll backers, or our qnirit of togetloerneni Miss Elizabeth Barrett Mrs. Francis Barrett Mr. 8x Mrs. Mallory M. Atwater Mr. SL Mrs. Alexander Avitabile Mr. Sz Mrs Alond Berry Mrs. Genevieve Berry Mr. Sz Mrs. Lewis Alberti Mr. Robert T. Aldrich Mr. Sz Mrs. Thomas Aldrich Mr. 81 Mrs. Fred E. Allen Mr. Sz Mrs. George S. Allen Dr. Leo F. Amrhein Mrs. Jennie Anderson Mrs. Percy Andrews- Mrs. Ralph Andrews Phil Angellis The Dr. Anglem Family Mrs. A. J. Appsit Louise F. Arciprete '55 The Ardini Family Miss Barbara Ardini '58 James Armstrong Jr. '48 Mr. Robert Askin Lloyd C. Atkinson Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Tat Mr. Sz Mrs. Anthony Avitabile Clement Avitabile Joseph Avitabile C. Gilbert Axberg '56 Sr Mrs. Carl G. Axberg Charles Ayers '47 iana Babushkina Hollis Baird Mrs. Bert Baker Mrs. W. Baker Mary Baldwin Mrs. Edward Baldovin Mrs. Elizabeth Ballard Mr. George Balsor Mrs. Eugene Bannister Mr. Nicholas Barbadoro Mr. S. Barbaro James Barnett Miss Florence Barry Miss Frances Barry Mr. 81 Mrs. John M. Barry Mr. Robert Barry Mrs. Muriel Bartaloni Mr. Guy E. Bastress Arthur Bearon Mr. Wilbur Bevans Miss Judith Beck Mr. 8: Mrs. Joseph Beck A. T. Beedi Mr. 8z Mrs. Edward Bencks Sz Family Mrs. John Benedetti Mrs. Bernice Bennett Marion Bennett Mr. Clifford H. Benoit Mr. Bernier Miss Berry Joseph Bertolaccini '58 Mr. Sz Mrs. Bertolaccini Mr. 81 Mrs. John P. Bevis Mr. Paul Biagiotti Mr. Sz Mrs. Gordon Billard Mrs. John E. Birnie Mrs. John K. Black Mr. R. E. Blair Mr. Edward Blampied Mrs. Edward Blampied Miss Suzanne Boland '54 Mr. 8a Mrs. Thomas J. Boland Mr. Thomas J. Boland '58 Mr. 8: Mrs. John Bonner Mr. Sz Mrs. Walter Bova Mrs. J. R. Bradshaw Barbara Braveman Mr. VIr. George Brennan '57 Vfr. 8: Mrs. J . Bresnahan vfiss Catherine Broderick VIrs. Lillian Brown VIrs. R. J. Brown Jr. 8: Mrs. Brudno Mrs. John Brun Jotty Brutton VIr. Wm. F. Buckeley vIr. Bernard Buckley viiss Ann Buhrig virs. H. G. Burwell vfrs. Edward A. Burke vfr. Eugene Burke Jr. John Burke dr. Walter Burke drs. J. W. Burnham vlrs. Charles E. Cahill Jr. ieorge P. Calarusso vIrs. George Calarusso diss Jean Caldwell slr. Richard Caldwell Barbara Callahan Iharles J. Calnan vIr. 8: Mrs. Agustine Calto Jr. Allen Cameron vIr. Dougald Cameron vfr. George Camia vIr. J. Cammarata dr. 8: Mrs. Campbell vfrs. George L. Cann vIr. 8: Mrs. Arthur Carey vfr. 8: Mrs. James Carey vIr. Robert Carey Jenny Carini vIr. Richard Carini vIr. Richard Carini '57 dr. Frank D. Caristi vfr. 8: Mrs. Clarence W. Carlson 'anet Carlson vIr. John E. Carlson vfr. 8: Mrs. Carney lIr. 8: Mrs. Micheal Carney vIr. 8: Mrs. J. Casey fir. 8: Mrs. R. Casey lr. Henry Castle Irs. W. D. Cataldo lm. Harold Cathy lr. William Caulfiel Irs. Elenor Cedrone Irs. Alice Celata Irs. James P. Ceurbbls Irs. Arthur Chambers Ir. 8: Mrs. Francis B. Chetwynd Ir. 8: Mrs. Donald E. Chickering Irs. Henry Chisholm Iiss Nancy Chisholm Ir. John Chmielinski oe Churchill Ir. 8: Mrs. L. Cirillo ieorge M. Clark Irs. William Clark Irs. Ann Clasby Irs. John M. Clements Edward J. Clifford ane Clifford Lobert Clifford Iiss Helen Cluett Ir. 8: Mrs. Ralph B. Cobb tichard Cobban larbara Cochran '58 Ir. 8: Mrs. W. C. Cockshaw fancy Coffey Irs. Timothy Coffey Irs. B. J. Coleman Ir. Paul J. Coletta ack Collins oe Collins Ir. 8: Mrs. P. E. Comi fompliments of a Friend Ir. 8: Mrs. Anthony Condangelo Ir. Edward Condon Irs. Anna Conners Irs. C. E. Connick Irs. Robert Connolly Ir. 8: Mrs. William J. Connolly Ir. Paul D. Connor Ir. Patrick Connors 'aul Cooperband Miss Rhoda Cooperstein Pat Cornelissen Mr. John W. Cossart Class of '53 Mr. Wm. J. Cossart Jr. Class of '55 Miss Barbara Costello Mr. Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mr. 8: Mrs. Henry Costello . Carol Coughlin . Blanche Coulter . Countie . Lem E. Craft . F. H. Crawford 8: Mrs. John F. Crawford Peggy Crawford 'ss Mr. Mr. Mrs 8: Mrs. Gilbert Crofts 8: Mrs. Fred Crowther . Mary Crozier Mr..Robert Cuce Miss Mary Ann Cunningham Raymond Cunningham Daniel Currie Mrs. William Currier Robert Dahl Sandra R. Dahlgren Mrs. William R. Dahlgren Mr. 8: Mrs. Andrew G. Dahlquist Dave, Laraine 8: Nancy Dahlroose Mr. Reed Damon Mr. Lester Darche Ernest D'Arrigo Paula Dauphinee Miss Priscilla Dauphinee '56 The Dr. Davidson Family Dr. Esther Davidson Joyce Davidson '60 Mrs. Bernard Davis Mrs. D. E. Davison John Daw Mrs. Eleanor Dawkins '43 Mr. I. C. Day Mr. John Day Mrs. John J. Day Bob Dean Mrs. D. DeFederico Jerry DeGennaro Miss Suzanne Delaney '60 Mr. 8: Mrs. Anthony Del Gallo Frances R. Dennison Mrs. Denprey Robert W. Densmore '55 Mr. 8: Mrs. Edward A. Densmore Mr. Henry DeScenza Mr. R. A. Desmond Mr. J. C. DesRouche Mr. John T. Devonshire Vera DiCarlo Miss Lee DiNella Mrs. Dingham A. W. Dingwell Mr. 8: Mrs. Donald T. Dixon Mr. Harry Everett Dixon '57 Miss Joan Doherty '58 Buddy Dolan '42 Miss Nancy Dolan '54 Mr. Dolan Mrs. Rose Dolan Joanne Dolphin '58 Brian J. Donahue May Donahue Mr. H. F. Donovan Mrs. Doucette Miss Judith Deborah Ann Dowley Mr. 8: Mrs. Richard M. Dowley Mr. James F. Downes Mr. Edward Downs Mrs. Albert Doyle Mr. Albert Doyle Edward Doyle Mr. Raymond Doyle Mrs. Everett Drew Maureen Drummy Mr. Fred Duchemin Mr. Richard Duffey Mrs. E. F. Dumont Mr. W. Bruce Dunbar Mr. 8: Mrs. W. A. Dunbar George Duncan '59 Mr. 8: Mrs. George Duncan Mrs. Marie Duval Mrs. G. M. Elcock Mrs. Alfred I. Elkhill Robert Ellis '58 Mr. Louis Enders Miss Enos Andy Ericson '89 Mrs. Wm. B. Evans Mr. Evers Mr. Francis W. Fallen Mr. 8: Mrs. Anthony Faren Annie MacFarlane Mr. Felix Favorite Madeline Fay Mr. 8: Mrs. Gerald Feeley Mary Feener Mr. 8: Mrs. Samuel Feldman Greg 8: Jerry Fennessey Mary K. Fennessey Mr. 8: Mrs. Walter Ferguson Mrs. Lilly Ferranti James Field Mr. 8: Mrs. Finn Mrs. Ruth Finn Mrs. Sylvia Firnrohr Mrs. Fitzgerald Mrs. William Fitzgerald Charles F. Flaherty Jr. Mrs. Charles Flaherty Richard Flaherty Mrs. A. Flanigan '42 Miss Flavin Jean E. Fleming Mrs. Adolph W. Flock Mr. Paul Flynn Mrs. Robert Fogo Miss Elizabeth Fontaine '56 Jean Fontaine '46 Forbes Family Mr. 8: Mrs. Maurice Forbes Mr. 8: Mrs. Charles Forest Mr. John E. Forrast Rev. Frederick P. Frank Mrs. Fred B. Frazier Peter Frederickson '58 Mr. Frederick B. Fuller Mrs. Ethel Furness Mrs. Joseph J. Gacqua Joe Gacqua Mrs. Harry Gaffney Mr. Rodney C. Gallagher George Gallivan '59 Mr. Robert Gallivan Thomas Gallivan John P. Galvin Mr. Leo Galvin Mr. Thomas H. Galvin Mr. 8: Mrs. Willard J. Ganter Mrs. Gune Gardner Mr. James Gartland Carole Gately Mrs. Emil Gaudet Mr. 8: Mrs. Charles Gaughan Roger Gazzalo Mr. Geary Mr. Jack Geary Mrs. Joseph Gerulskis Mrs. Frederick Gervasi Mrs. Gerald S. Gherardi Mrs. Paul Giallongo Mrs. Marie Giglio Mrs. Frank P. Gill Mr. Raymond Gillcrist Mr. John L. Gillis Mr. 8: Mrs. Donald F. Gillispie Mrs. Joseph Gilmartain Mary Gilmartain Mr. 8: Mrs. Foster Gladwin Mr. Carl W. Gold Mrs. J. Goodhue Mr. Kent Goodnow Mr. 8: Mrs. Norman Goodwin Mr. Syd Goren Mrs. Graham Frank Graham Mr. John F. Graham Mr. Robert F. Graham Mrs. Ralph Grattan Mr. George I. Grant Mrs. Iring Grant James P. Grant 93, Mrs. Everett Grass Miss Carolyn Gray '59 Mr. 8: Mrs. Yale J. Greenburg Mrs. Anne Greene Mrs. F. L. Greene Jening Greene Mr. 8: Mrs. Thomas A. Greland Thomas A. Greland Jr. '54 Miss Ann D. Grimshaw Mr. Fred Grimshaw Mr. 8: Mrs. Thomas Grimshaw Mrs. Virginia Guptill Mrs. Ruby Gwynn Anna Haley Mrs. Roy Hall The Halsam Family Mal Hamblett Mr. 8: Mrs. Gilbert T. Hamilton Mrs. Mabel H. Hamilton Mrs. Arthur L. Hanrahan Mrs. Lester Hanson Mr. H. M. Harding Mr. 8: Mrs. Henery S. Harmon Ruth E. Harrington Mr. 8: Mrs. C. Harris Wallace Harris Richard Hart Pat Harvie Mr. Dan Haskins Mr. Wilbur Haskins Mrs. Georgina Hawkes Jack Heffernan Pat Heiland Mrs. Hemeon David W. Hemingway Mrs. Eleanor Hendrick Mrs. June Hendry Ruth Hennelly The John J. Hennessey Family Mrs. Anna E. Henriksen Mr. 8: Mrs. Howard Henriksen Louis Hernandez Ira G. Hersey Family Mrs. Esta Herson Mr. 8: Mrs. Richard H. Higgins Miss Blanch Hinds Ethel A. Hoel Marge Hobart '57 Miss Janet Hogan Mr. 8: Mrs. William F. Hogan Mr. Paul Hohmann Mrs. Rita Hohmann Mr. 8: Mrs. Holinberg Mr. James Holland Mrs. Harry Holmes James Holt '60 Mr. G. W. Hookailo Miss Louise A. Horton Mrs. Robert H. Howell Mr. Howland Mr. 8: Mrs. John Huber Jr. Warren Hubley I. B. Hutchinson Mrs. James Hutchinson Linda Hutchinson Mr. Robert Hutchinson , Claire Jacobson '58 Mrs. Clifford Jacobson Mrs. Jack Mr. 8: Mrs. Alfred Jackson Mr. 8: Mrs. Clarence W. Jackson Mrs. Virginia Jackson Mr. 8: Mrs. Charles H. Jaeger Mr. 8: Mrs. Thomas Jager George Jakup Mr. Leslie Javolin Billy Jenness Miss Virginia Jenkins Mr. 8: Mrs. Alber B. Johnson Mrs. C. A. Johnson Mr. Ernest 'Johnson Henery L. Johnson Mr. 8: Mrs. Hugal A. Johnson Mr. 8: Mrs. 0. Norman Johnson Paul E. Johnson The Johnson Family Mrs. W. E. Johnson Norma Johnston Mrs. Virginia Josselyn Mr. T. Joy Mr. Sz Mrs. P. I. Judice Mr Mr . Sz Mrs. Joseph T. Kacgenski PF Sz Mrs. Francis J. Kearns C. Francis X. Kearns U.S.M.C. Mrs. John Kelly Mrs. Kennedy Mrs. J. Kennedy Jim Kennedy Miss Joan Kennedy Mrs. Katherine Kerkhof In memory of - Mr. Mrs Mrs Mrs Mr. Mrs Mr. Mr. John Iose h Kerrigan Jr. Harold 3. Kane p Harold Kilpatrick Mrs. . Gertrude Kimball . King . Matthew Kinniburgh Sz Mrs. C. Kislowski . Norman Knight '48 Norman Knight '48 Ralph E. Knowles Mrs. Barbara Lacey Mr Mr. Ral h La Coste - P Mrs. Henry Lamb Leo J . Lamb ' Mrs. A. F. Lane Mrs. Forest Lane Mr. Sz Mrs. Adin L. Langille Frank "Tiny" Langille Mr. Earl Lantery Mr. Joseph Larkin Claire Larracey '58 Mr. Richard Lavery Mrs. B. Lawrence Capt. Clifton E. Lawson The Learson Family Mrs. Burton Leavitt Miss Ruth H. Leavitt Miss Anne Le Blanc Joseph E. Le Blanc Mr. George Lee Mrs. Doris Leith Mrs. Lemelin Mr. Sz Mrs. Frank D. Lindahl Mrs. Thomas Lindsay Jr. Mr. Sz Mrs. C. Everett Lister Mr. George Little Mrs. Irene Little Mrs. Karl E. Longmire Freddie Lucas Mrs. James C. Lynch Mrs. Louis Lynn Mr. John Lyon Mr. John J. Lyons Mr. Michael J . Lyons Mr. Robert Lyons Mr. Sz Mrs. Frank E. Mac Donald Mrs. George Mac Donald Howard R. MacDougall Mrs. C. D. Mac Falden Mr. Mr. Mr. Douglas Mac Gillvray Clement Mac Isaac Joseph Mac Isaac Miss Flora Mac Kay Miss Carolyn Marks '51 Mrs. Gay Marks Mr. Mr. Mr. D. Frederick Mac Leod Sz Mrs. Donald S. Mac Phesson Ed MacQuarrie '55 David F. G. Maegher William Mahan Mrs. Daniel J . Mahoney Nelsie Mainhall W. Mallard Mr. Richard Manthorne Mr. Mr. Sz Mrs. John E. Marcou Sz Mrs. Reno Marini Fred Marshall Mr. Mr. Charles Martin Jr. Raymond Martucci Mrs. Dean Mathews Miss Joan Mathieson '56 Miss Dorothy Maybury John A. Mc Adams James F. Mc Aleer '55 Miss Kathleen Mc Bride '56 Mrs. Cyril L. Mc Carthy Mrs. Joan Mc Carthy Mrs. Walter Mc Carthy Mrs. E. J. Mc Connell Mrs. James Mc Cormick Mary C. Mc Cready Mrs. Henry Mc Daniel Dr. Glenna L. Mc Donougn Dave Mc Gee '58 Betty Mc Ginn Mr. Thomas J. Mc Hugh Miss Pam Mc Kay Mr. Robert P. Mc Keogh Whitie Mc Knight Barbara Goode Mc Laughlin Mr. Mc Laughlin Mrs. Joseph Mc Laughlin Grace Mc Neice Mr. Tom Mc Neice Mr. Sz Mrs. Joseph Mc Parland Miss Mc Mirriman Mr. Kenneth Mc Tear Mr. William Mc Vey Mr. Thomas Meade Miss Meisner Arthur Mellett Mr. Sz Mrs. Charles Melvin Mr. William Menslage Mr. Herbert Merrill Miss Marie Messina Mr. Lawrence Meyer Samuel R. Meyer Mr. Sz Mrs. Sidney Milgate Dr. Sz Mrs. John C. Minihan Virginia L. Mirick Mrs. Marie Mitcheel Miss Dorothy Moles Mr. Joseph Mollay Howard F. Moore Petty Lois Moore Mr. Sz Mrs. John B. Moran Genevieve Morgan Mr. Sz Mrs. Morgan Mrs. Anna Morrill Mrs. Roy B. Morreel Mr. Douglas P. Morrill Mr. Sz Mrs. Thomas Morrissey Mrs. Morse Mr. Sz Mrs. Richard Morse Mr. John Morton Mrs. T. J . Mulhern Mr. John F. Mellen Wilher H. Mullen Mrs. G. Mundie Miss Judy Ava Murphy Judie Murphy '58 Mrs. R. F. Murphy Richard Murphy Mrs. Edward Murray John H. Murray Jr. John W. Murray '54 Norman A. Murray Jr. John Murray Mr. Sz Mrs. Albert Myers Mr. Sz Mrs. Ralph Naclerio Mr. Julian Nathinson Mr. Sz Mrs. Arthur Nelson Arthur W. Nelson Jr. '34 Carlton Nelson '54 Mrs. Gertrude Nelson Mrs. Nelson Mrs. Ida Nervi Nita L. Nervi '54 Patricia Nestor Mrs. Elizabeth Neville Miss Emily Neville '55 Miss Mary Neville '53 Mr. Timothy Neville '49 Alfred E. Newman Mrs. Newman Mrs. Oliver Newman Miss Ann Nickerson '58 Mr. Arnold Nickerson '49 Sgt. Gilbert Nickerson Mrs. Blanche Noble Mr. Sz Mrs. Clinton Noble '57 Miss Ann Noel '54 Mrs. Herbert H. Noel Miss Mary Noel '58 Mr. Sz Mrs. Donald W. Nogueira Mrs. William H. Nolan Mr. Sz Mrs. Victor Nordstrom Mr. John Norris Walter J . Norton Mrs. Joseph Nourse Gregory Nuazher Sr. Arthur L. Nurse Mrs. John Oakes Miss Charlotte J . Oberg '58 Mrs. Claire O'Brien '86 Mr. Horace Catt O'Brion Mrs. W. I. O'Connell Mr. Wm. J. O'Connell Mr. Edward J . O'Hern Miss Barbara Ohrenberger Miss Sheila 0'Keefe Walter 0'Leary Miss -Nancy O'Neill Mr. Paul O'Neill Mr. Jasper Orlando Mr. Harold O'Rourke Mrs. Marjorie Page James Painten Mrs. Harlan E. Palmer Mrs. Reginald W. Palmer Mrs. Irene Panizzi John F. Parrell Richard Patterson Miss Joan Pauzl Shirley Paulson '51 Mr. Sz Mrs. Payson . Miss D. S. Peach Mrs. Saul Pearlstein Jack Pedan Mrs. Raymond Perkins Mrs. Edward Perry Mrs. W. R. Perry Albert Pesso Diane Pesso Mr. Joseph Pettepit Mr. Sz Mrs. Harold W. Phelps Miss Judith Ann Phelps Mr. Sz Mrs. A. Pieciul, - H. B. Pinkham Mr. Edwin Pinola Karin Pint . Mr. Donald Polvere 1 Mrs. Walter Pomarole Mr. Sz Mrs. Robert W. Pope Dorothy L. Poutree '84 Theodore R. Poutree Miss Pratt Mrs. Ann M. Priamer Mr. Sz Mrs. Mathew Principe Sz Family Mr. Sz Mrs. John J. Prizzio Mrs. Agnes Purcell Mrs. Thomas Radley Mr. Sz Mrs. John Randolph Mr. Sz Mrs. A. J. Rantuccio Brother Ray '58 Bill Reardon Kathryn C. Reed Mr. Sz Mrs. Cornelius Regan Helen Regan '62 Mr. Sz Mrs. Raymond Regan Mr. Sz Mrs. Leo Regnier Ruth Reichel Mr. Sz Mrs. John M. Reid Mr. Sz Mrs. Charles J . Reil Miss Reilly Mr. Thomas Reimer Joseph Reis Mrs. Renzetti Mrs. Joseph Repaff Miss Elaine Richards Mr. Sz Mrs. William Richards Mrs. L. C. Richardson Joseph Riley Sz Family Mrs. J. D. Riley Mr. Sz Mrs. Robert H. Riley Noram Rizzio Miss Debbie Robbins Dick Rollins Mr. Elton S. Rollins Mrs. Roper Mr. Richard R. Roscoe Al Rosenberg Dan Ross Mr. Sz Mrs. Louis Rota i Mr. Sz Mrs. Frank W. Rougvie -Linda Rowell Alan Rudkin Benjamin Rudner Mrs. Daniel J. Rull Daniel J. Rull Jr. Mrs. Daniel J. Rull Jr. Daniel J . Rull III The Francis J . Rull Family Jeanne Rull Mr. Sz Mrs. Huntington Rutan Sz Family Mrs. Sybil Ryan Jean Ryan Mrs. Evelyn Sabitta C.C. Sacco Mrs. Ruth Sadlier Donald Sakolove Mrs. John Salenius Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mr. Robert Sanderson '37 Santoro Catherine Sorruda Sz Mrs. John M. Sauter Mr. Joseph Scanlin Mr. Charles Schofield Mrs. Mrs. Charles Schofield Dorothy Schofield Mr. Stephen Schofield ' Mr. Theodore Schofield Miss Pat Schumacker Dr. Isadore Schwartz Sz Family Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mrs. Loyd Seaman ' Robert F. Seaverins Frank H. Seghezzi Edward Shannon Miss Patricia Shannon John J . Shaughnessy Mrs. Catherine Shea Mary Francis Shea Mrs. Mr. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Harold Sheehan Clayton A. Sheppard Philips Shumeton Samuel Shultz Mildred Silboritz Stephen P. Silva '56 Sz Mrs. Jack Silverstein Edward L. Simmons Mrs. Sinclair Alexander Smith Mr. Smith 4 Mrs. Smith Mr. Sz Mrs. Fred Smith Mrs., Matthew Smith Mr. N. Smith Mr. Sz Mrs. Ralph Smith Sr. Mr. Raymond Smith '58 Mr. Raymond Smith Stan ley Smith Warren Smith Mrs. S. Snidman Mr. Samuel Snidman Mrs. James Soraghan Mrs. Charles Sorrento Ronald A. Speed Miss Maureen Spence Walter ,F. Spencer James P. Spillane Jr. Mr. Sz Mrs. E. C. Sprague Mrs. Spraigue Marie V. Standish Mr. William Stanley Mr. Stanton Mrs. Hugh 0. Stanwood Mrs. Ann Stanziani Mrs. Alfred B. Steele Mrs. S. S. Steele ' Diann Steveson '57 Mr. Sz Mrs. Fred Steveson Mr. Don Steveson Judy Stimberis Mr. Sz Mrs. J . Stimberis Thomas Stone ' Mr. Anthony Stracuzzi Mr. Sz Mrs. William Stramock Mrs. Sullivan Mr. William E. Sullivan Mr. C. Gordon Sundberg Mrs. James Swan James E. Sweeney I Mrs. C. Swinton Charles Snyder Mrs. James Syme Mrs. Harry Talanian Mrs. Thomas Talbot Miss Tolchinsky Tampa Fruit Mrs. Thomas Tangney Mrs. Joseph Tantillo Mrs. Edd Tasney John Teed Miss Barbara Thissell - Mr. Herbert C. Thomas Jr. Lorraine Thomas Mr. David Thomsom Mr. Gerard Thornell Family- Mrs. Helen Thornley Mrs. Clarence Tiffany - Jim Tobin Mr. Sz Mrs. Paul Tobin Mrs. William Tobin ' Mrs. Walter Toczko Mrs. Rita Todd Vincent Todd Mr. Sz Mrs. George E. Tolstrup Mrs. Lucy Toohey Joseph Touma Earliest Towne Miss Katherine R. Townsend Miss Maureen Tracy Mrs. Clinton Tylor Mr. Sz Mrs. Henry B. Uhtoff Mr. Sz Mrs. Dana Valencia Mr. Sz Mrs. Ernie Vitarius Mrs. Daniel P. Vodola Mr. Sz Mrs. Stephen Vuono '44 "Duke" Venesky Mrs. Herbert Wabridge Don Waldron Mr. Frank Walker Mrs. Kenneth C. Walker Mrs. Rita Wallace Mr. Albert Wallquist Mrs. Martha Wallquist Wally Mr. W. P. Walsh Mr. Frank Walter Doug Walty ' Mr. Fran Ward Jr. '58 Mr. Sz Mrs. Francis Ward Mr. Warner Arleene Warner '58 Mr. George Watson Mrs. James B. Watson Miss Margaret Watson '58 Mrs Margarate Waits Mr. Waltson Mr. Robert J. Weafer Miss Webstersniith Mr. Sz Mrs. Harry L. Weikel Miss Patricia L. Wentworth '58 Mr. Chester Westberg Mr. Sz Mrs. Edmund H. Wheat Mr. Sz Mrs. Joseph A. Whelan Mr. Francis Whitaker Mr. Darrell U. White Dorothy White John White Mrs. White Mrs. Rose White Mr. Julian E. Whitney Jr. Mrs. Howard Wiley on Jr. Mrs. Kenneth Wiley Mr. Sz Mrs. Allan Wilkinson Miss Ruth E. Wilkinson Mr. Ralph H. Williams Sheila M. Williams '48 Barbara Wojnet Mrs. Ilse Wolff Wright Family Mr. Sz Mrs. Wesley Wright Albert F. Wylde Mrs. John Yates Mr. Claude H. Young Mr. Sz Mrs. Horace Young Judy Young Miss Joan Zagarella '58 Mrs. Louise Zambernardi Mr. Sz Mrs. Armando Zoia Miss Carolyn Zoia Lawrence Peter Zoia Jr. Mr. Sz Mrs. Nicholas Zoia Mrs. J. R. Zottoli NORTH QUINCY GARAGE CO. Duggan Brothers CHEVROLET Sales Service Ambrose C. Duggan Francis Duggan 24-Hour Towing Service, 131-133 HANCOCK STREET North Quincy, Massachusetts Compliments of EDDIPS DINER 81 MOTEL Home Cooked Foods Egan's Service Station U and Pastries 635 Adams St., Quincy On Route 3 Southern Artery and Quincy Avenue Cusiomimended Blue Sunoco Eddie Eaton Office Home GR 2-l9l0 PR 3-5388 ER-NEST C. HATCH rizescizlrrlori OPTICIAN 25 BEALE STREET Wollaston, Mass. GR 2-7121 Walter R. Forbush All Kinds of Insurance Real Estate - Mortgages Confidential Sales and Services Rendered 78 Beale Street Wollaston 70, Massachusetts Congratulations to the CLASS OF '59 SWIFT and BACIIMAN, INC. YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD IMPERIAL, CHRYSLER and PLYMOUTH DEALER 330 HANCOCK STREET NORTH QUINCY, MASSACHUSETTS Telephone PResident 3-0725 GEORGE'S MARKET Meats . . . Groceries . . . Vegetables 184 West Squantum Street North Quincy, Massachusetts PR 3-SIIG LATEST CREATIONS IN DRESSES THE PARLEE-COVEY DRESS SHOP 4 MAPLE STREET Quincy 69, Mass. 96 SEE SID for your TUX Whatever the affair Whdfevel' YOUI' S526 FORMAL WEAR FOR EVERY FORMAL OCCASION Wk .. LARGEST SPECIAL AND PRICES FINEST T0 STOCK NO. QUINCY ON STUDENTS THE Every Suit SOUTH Sanifized in SHORE our own plant Formal Wear For Every Occaxion 17 QUINCY AVE., QUINCY opposite central fire station GRanite 2-6510 C mpliment f The Ckms of 1959 if 'l lfimif Sy? mm like Wholesale BAIQBEQ SHQD 75 EAST SUUANTUM STREET Nc1.uuiNc:Y,MAss. 108 Brighton Ave., Allsron N No' U"""':' H""' Sc UL Rusco Products Company Auto Supplies ' L Machine Shop TnAvis .J GREY 'r can 2 51343 NORTH WALKS CN HARRY'S SHOES Compliments of rinse lA1'1':nn:s HASSAN BROS. INC. 'I' C0 Rambler Sales 8g Service America's No. l Resale Car H EUSBI'B SERVICE STATIDN LLlBRICATIClNy AUTO ACCESSORIES, CAR WASHING QUINCY, MASS. RUDULFH I.. HEILIBI, nur. mum. 9 as open evenings NH 9:00 PR 3.8810 sa4 r-:Annuals STREET WDLLAITDN, Mus. Compliments of . . . AI'l'leI'iCGI'l LegiOI1 Wollaston Post No. 295 I. 4 I X N QIQ 'hit-5' C 661069 .L ll. s X6 I I0 ' I. . 4 5. sh Y' I' ' 5 v 1 ? VT' 'M E fx.. 'ef ,' I ., Af' ,! swc Tx 5 my fx Commander - Wade M. Burnhauser MARCIANO F. SACCO Bulldozer Rental Service , 40 Bay State Road PRes:dent 3-9311 No. Quincy, Moss' A GREAT NEW YOUTH CENTER WITH ONE OF THE LARGEST AND THE FINEST SWIMMING POOLS IN NEW ENGLAND. if YMCA OF QUINCY QUINCY STEEL CASTING CO. 30 Fayette St PR 3 2825 YOUR HEALTH IS OUR BUSINESS H. P. HOOD .l.1-.1 GRAN11' 2 4519 Wdbn Coin Co. 09121 tllllnnrq 222- BOUGHT. SOLD AND APPRAISED ROOM ll 77 PARKINGWAY QUINCY 69. MASS. GlRanite 2-4800 DOYLE 81 LONG, Inc. FUEL OIL and OIL BURNERS 630 HANCOCK STREET Wollaston, Mass. Atlantic Methodist CHURCH SCHOOL Salutes the Class of '59 Compliments of The Mayor and T be City Council ED gewafev 5-2718 Open Daily from 12 Noon t A1 WOO RESTAURANT Clvinefe - Amerrkan Food - Cocktail Lounge U to Take Out o 3 A.M. Registered FISH AND TRY OUR HOT 527 Southern Artery lon Route 3l CHIPS Orders Put p Weymouth, Mass Quincy, Mass. ' ' Candy 428 Washington Street On Route 3 to Cape Cod World's Thmnest Ribbon 102 I Qu1NCY's FASHION CENTER 103 TELEPHONI PRESIDENT 3-3790 Compliments of Norfolk FURNITURE company Q"'Nc'0iofli55I2'A'o" C0mPIe'e Home Fufnislwrs South Shore Headquarters for Maiorette Supplies - Dance Supplies - Music Infants and Juvenile Furniture and Toys and Musical Instruments LANE CEDAR CHESTS Instruction in Voice - Musical Instruments Dancing - Baton Twirling Q7 Bm-,NGS ROAD 7 Foster Street Tel. PR 3-5550 HENRY GREEN NORFOLK DOWNS. miss. Quincy, Mass. I Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of I959 from The Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd W. Squantum and Harvard Streets North Quincy THE A. w. DINGWELL SALON Mortgages - Real gdfalc - Appraisals 2 ROYAL STREET Open daily 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. MAYFI-UWER 9 5135 BURNER BILLINGS RUAD TIIUISJCYS Ulla, 9 PJII. GRANITE 2 1205 wczLLAs1'i:iN, MASS. Ches+nu+ Sheet' at Quincy Square MAyfIower 9-5862 104 Compliments of Compliments of MEYER'S MARKET HANCOCK Palnf and Varnlsh 18 Highland Ave. SOMERVILLE, MASS. MAKE LENDEE'S THE HEADQUARTERS FOR YOUR LISTENING PLEASURES AND PHOTOGRAPHIC TREASURES 1 ...LENDEE'S... Record Sc Camera Shop, Inc. 44 BILLINGS ROAD NORTH QUINCY, MASS. ' MAyn0wef 9-4868 Tu.. MAYn.uwl:n 9-6352 WINDOWS DQQRS .1EA1.ous1Es scRl:ENs BEURBE -.IANBBDN CARL WIDMAN COPELAND STREET Tullio 6: Sons Manufacturing Co. AUTO BODY CQ, Aluminum Products COMPLETE aonv s. FENDER REPAIRS PHONE' GRANT' 24850 WDRK BUARANTEED 65 ST, 59, 170 WASHINGTON STREET 59, 105 ATLANTIC FUEL 81 OIL C0 U. S. BURNER Sales-Service 24-Hou B rner Service FUEL OILS C II PRe de t 3 4268 221 Atla 1 SI' N th Quincy, Mass. Telephone Gkenile 2-9500 Orders put up Ie take out CWA CHINESE - AMERICAN RESTAURAN T 35 COTTAGE AVENUE, QUINCY, MASS. Open Daily II A.M. Io 10 P.M. Closed Sundays PLENTY OF PARKING IN THE REAR Under the Management of Tow Lee Pkesidenr 3-1729 Rug Clmnm Since 1904 SOUTH SHORE CARPET CLEANIN C G O. ORIENTALS 8: DOMESTIC RUGS Shampooed - Repaired and Stored Tarked D ' own Carpeting Cleaned an Your Floor A. YACOBIAN 359 BEALE STREET Manager WOLLASTON 70, MASS. A JEEP. I M QUINCY MOTOR CO., INC. Sales - Service 85 Quincy Avenue Soufh Shore's Oldest and Largest FORD DEALER PR 3-6500 LEO DARR President 8. Treasurer GR 2-'I 137 HI 6-2698 DEWARE BROTHERS Funeral Homes and Chapels Serving Any Disfonce 576 HANCOCK STREET WoIIos'I'on, Mass. I29 LINCOLN STREET Hinghom, Mass. ROBERT M. DEWARE DONALD M. DEWARE Non-Sec'I' THE FINKST IN UIAUT K FOR TH! DISCIININATING IUMA! ff: TQQ Y up ge.-. ' S ,Gmane 2.8220 V it . I H igg.--' -Q Claire-Jean M fe 53 Q5 4, BEAUTY SALON I I ,i , FLORENCEMSANFORD is -.S" j 5 303 Newport Avenue X. I' ' E 3 . Wollaston 70,'Mue. sracliukrs IN N I I AIR SHARING STYLING AND PERMANENT HAVING GRANITI 2 6367 gnu Ulurbeii BEAUTY STUDIO 565 HANCOCK STREET WOLLASTON 70. MASS. 107 kifz Motel Mrs. Herman Seppala 1915 IQ Avenue O""' Hollywood, Florida Compliments of Dauph's Variety Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 1959 DUNKIN' DONUTS of AMERICA, INC. Quincy, Massachusetts With thanks to the North Quincyites who have worked with us - Best wishes to you all JAMES WATSON 81 CO 51 mncusn sum BOSTON 10, MASS. Telephone: MA 9-5272 CHINA STAR CHIN ESE-AMERICAN RESTAURANT COCKTAIL LOUNGE Open Daily-l l:30 A.M. to 3:00 A.M. Orders Put Up to Take Out Air Conditioned for Your Comfort Special Luncheon-I l:30 - 2:30 l05 SEA STREET Quincy, Mass. CLAUS GELOTT E, Inc. Camera Stores Everything Photographic Boston - 284 Boylston Street Cambridge - Harvard Square Quincy +- 1387 Hancock Street Dressmalzing and Alterations - also -- Magazine and Newspaper Subscriptions GLADYS A. DIXON 143 Brook St. Wollaston PR 3-7713 Compliments of FASHION QUALITY CLEAN ERS 66 Billings Road DRAKE'S GULF SERVICE STATION "Mechanic on Duty" SQUANTUM 753 E. Squantum St. GR 2-9562 Billings Pharmacy, Inc. Tel. GR 2-6160 282 Billings Road Wollaston, Mass. Compliments of CAFARELLA BRQS. MARKET 77 Newbury Ave. PR 3-2368 Congratulations and Best Wishes NORTH QUINCY Junior High P. T. A. We try to build BETTER Homes BETTER North Quincy High BETTER Communities by Parent-Teacher Cooperation Donald C. Beach - Pres. Mrs. Paul E. Crowley - Vice-Pres. Mrs. Harold Betzger - Recording Sec. Mrs. Maurice H. Leonard - Corres. Sec. Mr. David S. Rubin - Treas. Compliments of . . . GRAHN BAKERY MAYFLOWER 9-24-II BROCKTON 9752 AN-IDA CORSET SHOP IDA M. BRIDGER - ANN L. GALPIN Free Fittings ll Gfdnlfe Sf Necessary Alterations Quincy, Mass GR 2-5426 COPELAND CLEANSERS cool-IDGE PHARMACY FURRIERS - - TAILORS PRESCRIPUO BONDED FUR STORAGE N DRUGGISTS ' J. s. BECK, me-., Reg. Pharm. 253 BEALE STREET 9-0360 2.61 E. Squantum St., Quincy, Mass. WOHGSNH. Moss. 1 N' 'llsum W-.QP Tpuzavfrfillfi CWM' , NN W ' T IIEE I THE DOORWAY TO PROTECTION EEEE 'Qlgg at ' L ix Th' 5 'X M if N ll IT ig- f- -it ' ' : 'Q - BURGIN. PLATNER 81 CO.. Inc. INSURANCE H Quincy Square, Massachusehs GRoni'l'e 2-3000 BEST WISHES ' Compliments DAIRY FREEZE 645 Adams St. of , Qumcy Dowd's UQUOI' sfdfe Ice Milk--Low Calorie-High Nutrition Sundaes, Cones, Frcppes, Sodcs 110 CRANE CRANE WE DO THE MONEY COMPLETE DOWN PHONE FOR MONTHS COMPLETE TO PAY INFORMATION VISIT NEW ENGLAND S MOST MODERN SHOWIIOOMS ,I I I . NO . .los if ,af 48 , 'I' I 'I' MON. THRU FRI. SATURDAYS nm ronm nm. rosm. , I 5 ' ' 111 , f A XWQ4' ' V A' - XI! pf: ...4... 4 ,. , sk ..:.,,:.:.f.-, Nxi.: .,:.:.1,,.,.A . A , woumou NNNN N soum "'Gi nmmonns Q s1LvEnwAna 0 wncuss BINOCULARS 0 CDUCKS O 'CAMERAS I APPLIANCES PR esdnt 3-7800 "1 es-1 mmcocx sr. I l 'Z I, , N X FOR ' N ' II xxx ,' FUN ' " "' 9 I A I - 5 F o R I 'I Complimenfs of I N F E 3 BLACKER 81 HOLLAND 1 LUMBER CO. INC. W ' 10 Newport Ave. t os. G THAT MILK " No. Quincy, Moss. GR 2-8660 112 Compliments of Bud and Larry Sweeny SAGAMORE GRILLE 78 Sagamore Street MA 9-7080 Smooth Sailing to the Class of '59 Stan's Friendly Service Station Squantum, Mass. Plosidont 3-74 I 3 TOTS 'N TEENS SHOPPE MISSES' SWIM SUITS, SHORTS and HALTERS DUNGAREES. SOCKS. SLIPS, PANTIES, HOSIERY 46 BILLINGS ROAD Norfolk Downs, Mass. Compliments of SWEENEY FUNERAL SERVICE M. Joseph Sweeney, Director PR 3-2728 74 Elm Street Quincy, Mass. WlTHERELl.'S Candies of Wollaston 21 Beale Street Assorted Chocolates and Bon Bons Select your own assortment Telephone PR 3-0694 "PersonaI Service" Wickens 81 Troupe Funeral Home 26 Adams St., Quincy PR 3-7117 BEALE STREET PHARMACY INCORPORATED Prescription Pharmacists PR. 3-1400 A-1 CLEANERS 8: Russell Keene, PH.G., Reg. PH., Mgr. LAUNDRAMAT Donald R. Keene, B.S., Asst. Mgr. 649 Hancock St. near Beale Street 150 EAST SQUANTUM ST. Wollaston, Mass. N0 Quincy THE REXALL STORE Congratulations, Seniors lufkin's Real Estate and Insurance Company Wilson H. Lufkin, Insurance Agent Homes, Mortgages, Insurance, and Building Wilson H. and Mable W. Lufkin Owners and Managers MIM!!! 4 Bus. vi 3-5335 Res. vi 3-5442 NATIONAL ASSOCIATION INSURANCE AGENTS C pliments of THE GIRLS CLUB 1959 SUMMER IS APPROACHING! Compliments of Leave your lawns in charge of a reliable person HCll'OId,S Dil1el" 263 Hancock St. Call DONALD T. DIXON North Quincy at PR 3-7713 COMPLIMENTS OF MATIIEWSUN MACHINE WDRKS, Inc. NO. 2 HANCOCK STREET AT NEPONSET BRIDGE Compllmenlsol Squantum Service Station Inc Quincy Shore Blvd. 8- BEER 8. WINE co., INC. E"s'S"""n'UmS" Sunoco Products 385 Hancock St. GR 2-9369 Kelly Tires NORFOLK DOWNS BOWLING ALLEYS 421 HANCOCK STREET North Quincy, Mass. JIM and PETE Best Wishes from PALMA SHOE REPAIR RICH' S TAXI SERVICE 3 Billings Road North Quincy 71, Mass. 3? PR 3-9241 GR 2-5352 24 Hour Radio-Taxi 811.imousine Service Special Rates Arranged for Groups, Clubs, and Parties WELCH'S CAMERA CENTER Cameras : Films : Photographic Supplies : Developing and Printing Film Library Movie Films and Projectors Rented 680 Hancock Street Wollaston, Mass. Compliments of J AY'S SPORTING GOODS Men's and Boys' Wear I T -, Tlif Bmuly nf our Buninrss is Flowers ,iv . N- '.. Quinfi M M s GREENHOUSES ' ll ff Q- 1127 HANCOCK STREET iczusncy squarei . V. V'-Mm.. 'Q QUINCY, MASSACHUSETTS Love was born in a Garden al Flowers ...,..i....-i..-.... tzizvuoms PRESIDENT 7620 HAROLD E. ROBBINS AUTO REPAIRING All Makes of Cars l I9 NEWPORT AVENUE Wollaston, Massachusetts Authorized Brakes and Light Station PR 3-0279 A Savings Account Compliments for a of Good Start in Life QulNcY SAVINGS BANK Francis X. Bellotti Att. at Law 'A' North Quincy Oflice 371 HANCOCK STREET Main Office 1374 HANCOCK STREET 350 Hancock St. Beale Delicatessen 59 Beale St. Wollaston Hot Cooked Lunches Sandwiches Home-Made Pastries PResident 3-8211 Wollaston Lobster Co. Now Carrying A Complete Line of Fresh Fish 749 Wm. T. Morrissey Blvd. f vf was N . uowmojounsonj Ice Cream in 28 Flavors J. J. SMYTHE, INC. Package Goods Foreign ond Domestic Liquors Wine - Beer - Ales Coldest Beer on the South Shore 66 Newbury Avenue Atlantic, Massachusetts Best Wishes from SCOTT-WILLIAMS INCORPORATED Timken Silent Automatic Oil Heating PR 3 2870 9 Saville Street Quincy, Mass. CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES FOR YOUR FUTURE PROM Compliments of l WIFI? firm DC ' . iim5N . , 0 L it A is , 7 H QV , Q -...Q .,.....4 , f- B ' ' """"""""' ' CW . ...M .-fe... 'U 'ii"J - '.7IQe Mfenfdzres Grckesifa Music For All Occasions 74 Botolph Street GEORGE ALLEN Azalea Lane North Quincy South Yarmouth PResident 3-3921 BOB ALLEN EXeter 8-2459 Francis M. Sweeney Richard T. Sweeney Aiwasnay B"LOfgE'Li HOME Fore FUNERALS l INDEPENDENCE AVENUE Tel. GRnnife3-6344 QUINCY 69, MASS. Compliments of THE HOLLOW Baseball Basketball Koch Club No. Quincy's Year-Round Athletic and Recreation Club Bowling Softball Compliments of Koch's Oil CO. North Quincy, Mass. PR 3-0635 Best Wishes North Weymouth ATLANTIC Moron SERVICE TIP OiNEILL AND Lou Psmzo TEL. GRANITE 2-8199 45 ATLANTIC STREET P. O. BOX 23, NORTH QUINCY 71, MASS. GENERAL AUTO REPAIRING WHEEL ALIGNMENT AND BALANCING Compliments of HiITon's Compliments of W. T. Grant Co. The Friendly Store GR 2-2070 Walter J. Hannon Tire Co. U. S. Royal Tires - Miller Tires Exide Batteries in me Retail and Wholesale Parkmgwoy Recapping - Vulcanizing - Road Service 495 Hancock Street Quincy 70, Mass. Compliments of Compliments of ROXIE'S BAKER DRUG Compliments of BILL'S VARIETY 76 BILLINGS ROAD Norfolk Downs, Mass. Granite 2-9491 JARDIS SERVICE STATION No. Quincy, Mass. Ignition - Carburetor and Battery Service Road Service and Repairs 325 Hancock Street FRUIT BASKET INC. 60 Billings Rd. Norfolk Downs Quincy, Mass. Fresh Fruits 8. Vegetables 8. Fancy Chocolates "Where Customers Send Their Friends." BEACON CLEANERS ,or woLLAsToN Tailoring - Fur Storage 3 Hour Service 624 Hancock Street lOpposite Supreme Market Wollaston, Mass.l F. W. WOOLWORTH CO SHOP IN WOLLASTON Congratulations to Class '59 Fairway Market William A. O'Neil - Proprietor 746 E. Squantum St. Squantum, Mass. BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF i959 AND ITS YEARBOGK FROM LINCOLN STORES COpley 7-5920 Thorough Intensive Training, Day and Evening Divisions wow Secretarial School Individual Advancement Begin Any Mon. -Open All Year Full Secretarial and Short Courses 367 BOYLSTON STREET Boston, Mass. QRQD Glnach Grills A, MAL A ' f'y,,!g'5 ,, .-'A 6:, 'iF""p1g , 5 riff' 131 7' , A Zlxsjh'-Ll gait 'fr'-f-. 111 s ' GENERAL OFFICE 89 Beale Street Wollaston 70, Mus. 125 Compliments of WaIsh's Restaurant 9 Billings Rd., No. Quincy Beauty Salon Beauty Salon TAMBURRO BROTHERS Hair Styling Tinting and Dyeing Done Very Reasonably 418 Hancock Street Opposite Quincy Trust Co. North Quincy, Mass. GR 2-9558 WOLLASTON MUSIC SHOP Records, Sheet Music, Phonographs, Tape Recorders, Musical Instruments, Musical Novelties 19A Beale St. MA 9-4813 Compliments of Thomas N. Byrnes, .lr Att. at Law 350 Hancock St. GRanih 2-I I67 A. I.. TURNER HARDWARE E. S. DENNEEN-R. T. DENNEEN HARDWARE-POWER TOOLS "Hardware Built lor Hard Wear" 471 HANCOCK STREET North Quincy. Mass. WOLLASTON FABRICS 681 Hancock Street Wollaston, Mass. Tel. GR 2-8890 Try McLeIIan's Store First Compliments of Dalton E. Smart Z' Let Kennedys li DERGRAII Sll0P cue you . . . cv- WHAT'S NEW and SMART ground - ready to pick up the newest ideas the big trends -- e wanted tad-items . . and have em for you when you want em! Here's where you'Il find every thing that makes a first rate wardrobe . . . all X. arranged tor your easy, speedy shopping! KENNEDY'S BOSTON ' FRAMING!-IAM ' PROVIDENCE WORCESTER ' SPRINGFIELD ' HARTFORD BROCKTON ' MANCHESTER r , I7 We've got our ears to the i Q 5 . , I if , , i X 1 is - J' ' n Compliments of MONTILIO'S PASTRY SHOP 29 Chestnut St., Quincy 148 North St., Hingham Compliments of Franclift Compliments of Select Ice Cream Compliments of SEYMCU R'S Ice Cream AVenue 2-9600 Top Quality Merchandise at Savings to You Zilen's 5c to 55.00 Dept. Stores 37 Billings Rd. No. Quincy Tel. GR 9-0l40 Try Us First Hairstyling by Mr. Sam - Mr. Earl Colonial 686 Hancock St., Wollaston GR 2-4513 OUR 46TH YEAR NORMAN VV. PEMBERTON, INC. Sleer77let4l70u6 - Slate. 7c'4zaneZQz4ad2oofe'a9 Illl NEWPORT AVENUE . BOX 9 . WOLLASTON 70, MASS. Oiice - Gllanih 2-5078 Rea. - GRanito 2-5755 Res. - Glhnito 2-I 0 7 l :Agent for Wolverine Porcelain Rooling Tilo DEE DEE'S BESTAUBAN T If you can't drop in Smile on the way by Best Wishes to the Class of '59 Atlantic Pharmacy, Inc. S. J, Porshin, B.S.g Reg. Pharm. "Your Community Health Needs Center" 245 Atlantic Street No. Quincy GR 2-3942 Formerly Carlisle F. Smith, Inc. North Quincy Esso Servicenter Atlas Tires Batteries Lubrication Tune up Accessories Thomas A. Cormier 363 Hancock St. bn-. Ji, n nnnn Compliments ot City Councilor Joseph E. Brett Best Wishes to Class '59 Ton 's Barber Sho Y tO Beale St. Wollaston, Mass. Harold B. Morris Insurance of All Kinds l6Oi Hancock Street Quincy, Mass. SHELDON W. LEWIS Headquarters for School Supplies Gifts and Carols 49 Beale St., Wollaston ,XX Star of the Sea Church Squontum Salutes MANET BEST WISHES 0 flu Clay 0 59 From Ae Cfdfifl '60 Freeport Cleaners 234 Hancock St. No. Quincy, Mass. McMurray's Spa Beale Street Complete Variety You owe it to yourself to ear at Peter's Diner 381 Hancock St. No. Quincy Compliments of Wollaston Theatre Charles Pratt, Manager v Congratulations and Best Wishes for Your Future AVEDIS Zu-DJIAN Cymbals Since l623 Nnrth lluincy En-Uperative Bank Compliments of 4-40 HANCOCK STREET Paul Slate North Quincy Mary C. Holmes, Treasurer complimenfs of RAND CANDY COMPANY WHOLESALE . The Mdyfbwer Specialties - CANDY - Novelties and ' ' 491 NEPONSET AVE., NEPONSET Peter Callmerls GE 6-5936 193 WILSON AVE., QUINCY PR 3-1491 Compliments of CAPITUL BRYANT CHEMICAL com: Manufacturing Chemists l503 HANCOCK STREET North Quincy, Massachusetts QUINCY MASS. MA 9-5966 Wollaston RAYMOND EVANS Federql Carpenter and Builder S , 'Remodeling ,H Specially av. ngs Bank 226 Harvard Street Wollaston 70, Mass. A. E. GOODHUE CO. 1419 Hancock Street, Quincy 69, Mass. Gifts - Church Goods - Trophies Ecclesiastical Silversmiths GR 2-9580 FlSHER'S Cycle and Hobby Shop 389B-391 Hancock Street North Quincy 71, Mass. Models - Hobbies - Crafts Sporting Goods Bicycles MAR-DRU PLASTIC PRODUCTS CO. Cor. East Squantum St. 81 Newbury Ave.. North Quincy 71, Mass. C. A. Cox Rambler Sales - Service Est, 1934 60 Beale St. Wollaston 70, Mass. MA 9-0452 MA 9-0453 Get The Best of Both Big Car Room - Small Car Economy cfvozfofg Qfocusz 56016 287 HANCOCK STREET N. QUINCY 71, MASS. FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS GR 2-8888 GR 2-7100 ORTH OUI CY HIGH CHO0L ALU ASSOCIATIO "Most Active High School Alumni Anociation in Ma.r.racbusem" Charles F. Murphy President Betty Waldron Secretary Lois Bryan Vice President Jean Kemno Treasurer 134 ' West Quincy Beverage, Inc. 665 Adams Street Beer - Wine - Liquors GR 2-1573 Rich's Shell Service 388 E. Squantum St. Corner Wollaston Blvd. GR 2-2539 The General Tire Company 460-462 Adams Street Phono MA 9-6706 QUINCY, MASSACHUSETTS DORA A. FERGUSON Caterer 255 Arlington Street Wollaston 70, Mass. Tel. Business PResident 3-2700 Residence Hlngham 6-1510 Absolutely Odorless Cleaning by DEPENDABLE 55 Beale St., Wollaston 27 Adams St., Quincy PResident 3-5587 Supreme Realty Company Ruth Doucette, Realtor Multiple Listing Service 755 So. Artery Quincy 69, Mass. Compliments from Nogler Bros. Co., Inc. Distributors of Albert's Mayonnaise Relish, Mustard Hunt's Potato Chips ARLENE'S PASTRY SHOP Home Made Enriched Bread Fancy Pastry of All Kinds . Cakes For Special Occasions d 9 Beale St. 401 Adams St. an , other Food Products Wollaston at Lakin Square GR 2-4025 MA 9-8667 135 ' f . Compllmenls O Compllments of Weymouth Skating Club Iris Variety Inc' l46 E. Squontum Sf. Best Wishes to the Class of '59 PONUAC WeIl's Bar and Grill lnc. H ' FBATUS MUTUH CAR CU. Home Coolmg 668-670 Hancock Sf. Wollaston, Moss. GR 295-l5 " 9734 NED MACBRIDE PRESIDENT 3 lO70 Af5Ai0I'L cenfer of fine .gimflz .szore . . W., 136 WUILASIIISIIRIITJTIERQIIFISIU IIO. BEEF, LAMB, PORK, VEAL and POULTRY 11 NEW FANEUIL HALL MARKET BOSTON 9, MASS. TEL. RICHMOND 2-3452 GR 2-2340 RICHMAN'S sHoP FOR MEN 8. Bovs Your Store for Smart Sportswear and Clothing I554 HANCOCK ST. QUINCY CENTER Plaza Cafe, Inc. 51 Billings Rd. GR 2-9148 Choice Steaks 81 Chops Full Course Dinners Special Sandwiches Reasonable Prices PResident 3-7300 POMPEO MOTORS INC. OLDSMOBILE - CADILLAC SALES - SERVICE 666 SOUTHERN ARTERY Quincy, Massachusetts GRanite 2-I390 KELLEY'S RELIGIOUS GOODS JEWELRY - oiErs - GREEHNG CARDS Haberdashery 8. Sportswear Notary Public - Public Stenographer DOROTHY L. KELLEY 393 Hancock Street North Quincy, Mass. 137 Best Wishes From CHASE 81 SONS, INC. Manufacturers ot Electrical Insulating Tapes Class B and Class H Laminated Electrical Insulating Materials General Offices: 26 Spruce Street-No. Quincy, Mass. Manufacturing Plants RANDOLPH, MASS. N0. QUINCY, MASS. F. M. CHASE E. E. COLLIGAN President Vice-President E. L. CHASE Treasurer 138 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 7959 FROM 'F . I s I 8 ..,. . ,.,.. Q A A F. LESTER MORRILL NORTH QUINCY HIGH SCHOOL CLASS OF '39 CALL US IF WE CAN HELP YOU OR YOUR FAMILY WITH YOUR HOUSING PROBLEMS. NOW OR IN THE FUTURE. The South Shore's Leading Center of REAL ESTATE and MORTGAGE Service . . . . F-L M HHILL W- I 5,, -3 ,T M ,I 3 490 HANCOCK s'r., Qumcv ' Q L " '555 MAI.'1.?Eai?HIIf.2Y.ETM0"T" Til ., EB I- we BUY - SELL - F E- i 'i ,: -,.,,,. 0-. M AND TRADE ..,, ,- so. sl-lon: - QUINCY . wEYMou1'H A HINGHAM 0 B'RAINTREE 0 MILTON ':jT?'.?1",x,z' ROCKLAND 0 WHITMAN 0 SCITUATE ' NORWELL 0 HANOVER - I ww 'ro REFINANCEa f0R QUICK ACTIUN MORTGAGE Q C II 0 Qff' LQNSUQONBEQFJ' Willnsring U? touYour 'Eliame ' , HQEIME MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE C0NIE'jGTiin5:aE?ANS souTHMselTc?5E CELJEEISNSI! ISEAILTORS MORTGAGE rnomms YTIOWEI' 4""' 139 FLOWERS? Roy's 94 Washington St. Quincy, Mass. Norfolk Charge Plan Available Store Residence GR 2-1900 MA 9-6377 Emmerson Animal Hospital ALAN M. MORSE, V.M.D. 61 Hancock Street North Quincy, Mass. Compliments of the K E 0 H A N E FUNERAL HOME HANCOCK STREET North Quincy, Mass. MCCFARLANDG New England's Modern Hardware Store PACKARD PAINT Ample Parking - Tel. GR 2-0041 9-ll Brook Street, Wollaston DEVLIN'S MEN'S STORE i7A Beale St. Wollaston, Mass. lOpposite Wollaston Theatrel Arrow - Interwoven - Botany Reis - Jayson - Hanes Gordon - Swank - McGregor GR 2-2342 MAYFLUWER- 9' 'l7 53 Barry's Delicatessen 661 Hancock Street Wollaston, Mass. Faith Mclarnon School of Dancing Classical Ballet Modern Jazz Tap Studio - Montclair Men's Club AllEY 81 FISHER CIGAR C0. J.A., 63, 8. Pippins Quality Cigars Since 1863 "Pick A Pack of Pleasure" M. M. McEvoy, Salesmanager KINCAIDES "Quincy's Dependable Furniture Store" 1609 Hancock St. Quincy, Mass. PR 3-2345 For The Best In Dry Cleansing Try ELDRIDGE 171 Beale Street GRanite 2-2430 ,QQ ' mt 1' - e es 111-11 t P1-inesl Pizza mit, in-' Famous Italian F wa, at the LEANING TOWER DRIVE-IN MAyf1ower 9-4406 17 Varieties of Pizza - Famous Italian Dishes Take Home Orders Prepared in 15 Min. Phone ahead Rt. 3 Southern Artery, Quincy OPEN DAILY 11:30 A.M. thru 1:00 A.M. Designers and Builders of Packaging Machinery Since 1895 Pneumatic Scale Corporation, ltd. Quincy, Massachusetts THE OLD BLACKSMITH SHOP RESTAURANT Junction of Routes 18 and 27 Whitman, Mass. Gibson 7-3041 Mr. Roberts CCMPLIMENTS OF THE STUDENT COUNCIL Compliments of MARY AI.YCE SHOP 43 Billings Road North Quincy, Mass. Dacey Bros. Dairy Store 330 Washington Street Quincy, Mass. GRanite 2-9437 Congratulations To The Class of T959 from M. DeMatteo Construction Co. 200 Hancock St. North Quincy, Mass. Tel. GRanite 2-8837 1 WW 4 BEAUTY SALCIN 1246 HANCOCK STREET O UUINCY. MA55 Compliments of Nowlan 81 Co. Realtors 42 Quincy Ave. Braintree Vl 3-2300 WASHING MACHINES DRYERS and IRONERS - REPAIRS 0 PARTS - "Factory Authorized" Whirlpool Bendix Thor Norge APEX Easy Largest 8- Most Complete Service Center in New England Our Factory Trained Servicemen are in your neighborhood daily Call UNiversity 4-9810 METROPOLITAN SERVICE INC. 217 Thorndike Street Cambridge Andrews Pharmacy G. R. Andrews, Ph.G. Morse's Auto Radiator Shop Family Druggists l79 W. Squantum St. North Quincy, Mass. Prescriptions, Diabetic Supplies, Drug Headquarters 95 Newbury Avenue North Quincy, Moss. GRanite 2-6180 GRanite 2-9685 PResident 3-9l+l I Telephone VI 3-2795 REAL ESTATE Barbara J. Montgomery O 295 BEALE ST REET WOLLAST Emily H. Smith Complete Real Estate Service MASS. 60 SLIMNER AVENUE BRMNTREE, MASS. TAMPA FRUIT CO. rnuns and Pnonucf 75-85 HANCOCK STREET N. Quincy, Mass. RICHARD J. BARRY REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE BROKER 270 HANCOCK STREET North Quincy 7l. Massachusetts GRanite 2-6780 145 IR ' . . , ' Q4 - king? Q, . ki, swf , fi 1 1 ,X . 1 ' L Il f 1 ,F f, , 3 if 2' 1 if H 1 ' "JN . I i K A L , G Q 'H -Qftg 1...... ,TQ-.1 Formal Wear For Hire Prom Specialists Newest Dinner Jackets Whites, Pastels, Plaids Smartest Cummerbunds 81 Ties Wide Assortments All Accessories Shoes, Shirts, Jewelry, Etc. Perfect Fits Guaranteed Every Garment Sanitized GRanite 2-4102 uhers Style been fm Wien Since 1919 Enter at 1562 Hancock St., Quincy or Direct From John Hancock Parking Area Phillips Candy House 8I8 Wrn. T. Morrissey Blvd. Boston, Moss. Compliments of A FRIEND of" 00 IVIIVI6 l'IA"1IL NIA Ke nj! ,MD If A PKICQ 203, cfm AFF 00,1 DRESSES SUITS NO INDIVIDUALLY DESIGNED COATS GowNS To FIT YOUR BRIDAL DUPLICA-I-ESI PERSONALITYI .I6OI HANCOCK STREET. QUINCY, MASSACHUSETTS O MAYFLOWER 9 7IO6O GRanitc 2-8688 NOTARY MA yfIower 9-2921 AUCTIONEER WILLIAM IJ. SHEA Real Estate and Insurance R E A LT D R I2 BEALE STREET WOLLASTON, MASS DOWNS PHARMACY PRESCRIPTIONS A SPECIALTY FREDERICK MYERS. Reg. Pharm. 35 BILLINGS ROAD ICor. Hancock Siren, Norfolk Downs, Moss. 147 Compliments of McGinn's Shell Service 315 Hancock St. No. Quincy GR 2-9277 Murray's Service Station Tires Batteries Accessories Road Service Repairs 260 Hancock St. GR 2-9104 lNext to N. Q. H. S.l Massachusetts Engineering Co., Inc North Quincy, Mass. IF It Has To Be Cleaned Try Your Neighborhood Cleaners Mending and Buttons Sewn On FREE Ready to Wear - No Tags - No Pins SQUANTUM CLEANERS 747 East Squantum St. Call MA 9-4600 Compliments of SNYDER'S DELICATESSEN AND LUNCHEONETTE 735 E. SQUANTUM ST. Squantum GR 2-9395 148 MUNROE'S VARIETY Compliments of , 203 W r s 1 sf r Montclair Barber Shop es qw' um 'ee North Quincy 121 Montclair Avenue North Quincy "For the best in variety see Munroe's" Get your tux at Bernie's Modern Formal Shop 1639 Hancock St. "i' r,.1 .,,,' .,.,. .... .....r.: Gllanite 2-7425 -A .rrr 5 V.,rr. .,.. ...,o,r.,.,..4.4..,,.,,..,.,...,,.,..,.,.... . .r... 4 H0155 Sfififggfs . FINE Harolcg Thurston ' UQU lfecfof ' AIR CONDITIONING Service That Sewer And Save: on .ner 2-4463 o NED n orsnnrzn av 1 E w 8' D . 'i'i Ei WOLLASTON and SOUTH QUINCY 579 so. Anrenv Q Qumcv 5 li 149 1 Compliments of Frank A. Fowler "THE CLASS RING MAN" EJ Class Rings, Medals, and Trophies 9 Specialists in Prom Favors E! A RECORD to be proud of Ed , Official Jeweler for all Classes i946 thru l96O Eastern Division HERFF-JONES CO. World's Largest Manufacturers of School Rings 27 School Street Boston 8, Mass. Richman 2-0161 150 Best Wishes to The Class ot T959 QUINCY TEACHERS' ASSOCIATION President ...... ..... W iltred Nolan Vice President .... ..... H elen Kelley Secretary .... .... S tella Krupka Treasurer ..... ..... E na Fredette Q.T.A. SCHOLARSHIPS AWARDED TO NORTH QUINCY HIGH SCHOOLS T958 GRADUATES James Beninati, Jr. John D. Crossman Jan C. Brown Paul Doolan Raymond Cook Brian D. Sinclair 151 Compliments of ROMAN GARDENS 635 So. Artery MA 9-9110 PRESIDEN1"S LAUNDERETTE Wash and Fluff Dry Rugs, Spreads, Blankets and Regular Laundry Shirts and Flat Work Expertly Done 156 Franklin Street Opposite Birthplace of John Q. Adams Quincy, Mass. Telephone PResident 3-3444 Pick Up and Delivery OWNER - T. F. COLEMAN CApitol 7-0385 C. C. GIFFORD 81 CO. EGGS - BUTTER - CHEESE I0 ESSEX AVENUE 133 ATLANTIC AVENUE Boston 9, Massachusetts Best Wishes from SAl.l.lNGER'S Clothing for the Entire Family QUINCY WATCH AND CIJOCK REPAIR SERVICE IIMIS 6. RUIISAYNE 1446 Hancock St. Wakhnmia Quincy, Mass. Telephone 77 Parking Way Moc Gordon, Mgr. GR 2-5089 MAyflower 9-7990 Quincy, Mass. J. P. Whelan Co. Rolf E. Eklund Insurance 94-98 Sagamore St. 37 Washington Street North Quincy, Mass. Quincy 69, Mass. DERRINGER we Fiji CORSAGES A SPECIALTY 389 Hancock Street PResident 3-0959 I I I O C I- f Quincy Marhnlzlng omp 'ments 0 1 1 Hour Cleaners Joe S Barber 83 Newbury Ave. 84 Washington St. Quincy, Mass. North Quincy GRanite 2-9111 153 BESTA WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1959 FROM RAYMOND WALKER 154 GR 2-4337 NIGHTS 8. HOLIDAYS PR 3-9307 TIIE BLUE FLAME 0IL C0. FUEL 8: RANGE OIL POWER BURNERS - Sales - Service - Installations 260 NEWBURY AVE. NO. QUINCY 7I, MASS. NICHOLSON'S Squcntum St. and Montclair Ave. GR 2-4401 W. "An interesting store for The Entire Family" Garden-Household-Bicycles Hobbies-Gifts PResident 3-0223 Morley and Company Home Appliances and Television Sales Service 58 Billings Road North Quincy, Mass. P. E. Morley MA 9-1715 QUINCY FURNITURE CO. COMPLETE HDME FURNIBHERG IEU4 HANCOCK-ST. MAX LDNDDN Qumnv 69, MAss. BRAINTREE CORNERS CHINESE RESTAURANT COCKTAIL LOUNGE WE CATER TD WEDDINGS SPECIAL DINNER! GANULIETG SERVING CHINESE 5 AMERICAN FOODS DANCING EVERY THIJRS. FRI. BAT. NIGHTS Dunn omur Flon 3 PM. 'ra I Ana. SUNDAY., Honours Flon I Pm. To I Am. All Orders Are Carefully Put Up fo Talre Oui' Phono VI 3-2045 lralnh-oo, Mon Ilolnos 128-37 KARL'S AUTO BODY REPAIR CO.. Inc. 23 GREENWOOD AVENUE Wollaston, M1assachuse'H's ACCIDENT WORK and INSURANCE APPRAISING GRani'I'e 2-8 I 00 155 BEST wlsHEs MONTCLAIR MEN'S CLUB Est. 1891 McGRA T H 1? Taxi Service Anytime - Anywhere GRanite 2-6210 6-41 HANCOCK STREET PResident 3-3171 "WHERE CLASSMATES MEET" Come in and See Our Summer Fashions JANTZEN SWIM SUITS SEAMOLDS BY FLEXEES Dresses and Sporfsweor Io FH Your Budgei' Remember I+ Doesn'+ Cos+ o Forfune 'Io Look o Million of LOUIS L. O'BRION All Kinds of Insurance The 3 Acton Street GR 2-1752 BETSY LEE SHOPPE Wollaston 70, Mass. LA 3-5700 II BEALE STREET Wollasfon, Mass. ann ID A.M. -1a P.M. BLDSED suNDAYs COMPLIMENTS OF THE MONTCLAIR WOMEN'S CLUB Tonsfs Submarine Sandwich Shop and DeIicaIessen TASTY HUT PIZZA 395 HANCOCK BT. NU. DUINCY, MASS. ANTHCINY BCINFANTI, P Tu.. GR 9-5993 Compliments of Billings Card Shop ELSIE'S. Inc. Stationery . . . School Supplies . . . Games .WHERE GOOD FEL'-OWS MEET.. Hobbies . . . Toys . . . 3-D View Masters Good Food - Choice Liquors 50 Billings Road North Quincy, Mass. CORNER BEACH ST. 8: WOLLASTON BLVD. Wollaston 70, Mass. PResident 3-7786 GRanite 2-9540 WESTLAND'S SPORTING GOODS Greaier Boston's Most Complete Sporting Goods Store 1. 157 KQV, A "Tastithin" Ribbon Candy P-CHE!! CORPORATION x , . we I W K " jf 70 ELM STREET HINGHAM, MASS. 1' XX L REPRESENTED BY FRANK D'ORLANDO 81 CO ' et BOSTON, MASS. EQUIPMENT FOR EVERY SPORT ll Revere Rd. - Tel. PR 3-l l33 MONTCLAIR METHERAU. an McCAUSlAND Pl b' 81 H t' Sidney C. Kalish, Reg. Pharm. Um mg eo mg 676 Hancock Street North Quincy 7l, Mass. 221 WEST SQUANTUM STREET GRanite 2-5468 Estimates F Quincy, Mass. GRanite 2-6170 urnished GR 2-9452 For the Best Food on the South Shore WINFIELD HOUSE The Big White House by the Side of th, Road COCKTAILS BANQUETS - WEDDINGS - SHOWERS WINFIELD L. STROUT, Prop. 853 HANCOCK STREET Wollaston, Mass. THE PRESIDENTS' CITY MOTEL - QUINCY'S FIRST - 845 Hancock St.-on Route 3 Tel. MA 9-6500 ROGER W. KENT 81 CO., INC Kent, Roger W. Kent, Donald E. Mansfield, R. S. Radcliffe, E. C., Jr. Quinlan, R. T. Manning, R. W., Jr. Manning, A. F. North Quincy High North Quincy High North Quincy High North Quincy High North Quincy High North Quincy High North Quincy High Murphy, J. H. North Quincy Jr. High PLUS I4 MORE TO SERVE YOU Gllanih 2-2333 QUENTIN McCAFFREY cenrisiso GEMOLOGIST Registered jeweler Q American Gem Society DISTINCTIVE JEWELRY OF QUALITY 68 BILLINGS ROAD North Quincy, Mass. Instead of Chasin' - Come to .IASON'S ISI4 Hancock Street, Quincy PR 3-2080 N. Q. H. RECORD HEADQUARTERS McI.AUGHl.IN SERVICE Lubrication Engine Tune-Up Tire Repair Battery Service 610 Hancock St. Wollaston, Mass. GR 2-9427 111111111115 ,fl Ililllflllfllllllllllg Afifwiii flklll6Qll06l11111111lll Internationally Famous for FINE FOOD EV 3 0766 Cohasset Harbor Off Route 3A OPEN YEAR ROUND 'X N N l l I l l i il I I I 4 . X - N l I X -"' 'f111"14'4 ll 285 HANCOCK STREET, QUINCY Opposite North Quincy High School EVERY AY SALE AY COME AND SEE Congratulations To The Class of 1959 John M. Corbett-President Jonathan Chace-Exec. Vice-President 159 Standardized Stock Transmission Products 8 National and Canadian Factory Branches 100 Distributors with large Local Stocks 250,000 Customers throughout Industry For lluinoy youth . . . career opportunities with a company that serves all America Boston Gear transmission products are sold and used "wherever wheels turn" throughout the United States and Can- ada. To serve this far-reaching market, the company's operations extend from coast to coast, requiring a large staff of qualified employees. For Quincy youth, this offers the advan- tage of home-town employment with :future prospects that are unrestricted. 7124 More than Any employee can move "up the ladder" as fast and as far as his ability and enterprise can take him. Over 857, of Boston Gear's executive group are local men and women who have Won their titles in this way. BOSTON GEAR WORKS WORlD'S LARGEST PRODUCER OF STANDARDIZED STOCK TRANSMISSION PRODUCTS SINCE T878 This book printed by VELVATONE, a special process of lth graphic printing. Sole producers: Wm. J. Keller Inc., Buffalo N 160 No ot her printing firm is authorized to use the Velvatone m thod ,L EES ' J E - H ig. I

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