North Quincy High School - Manet Yearbook (North Quincy, MA)

 - Class of 1958

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'WDC' YNW77 44P"f':,4a MNQM gg 1 is A .. I!-3 Q i X Xl I 1 If I 5 f Y 9 ff 4 , ,+A ' .,,, in 4 .lQi--:T-ilii if 3.,f:'f4i A ii l Q'f.i.Q..'E' , All C V1 J -'o- N' J "il "Iv 1 ' . v 4 2. w ff' ' M ' s 'O ,'1-mf. -. ,,. ,wg I f . . f- -'1":'.. ' N rf- ..f'5 0 'qw Q 4 A ' . . '5.v I Q I'-Q ii". 8:4 '," . 'ble' l :':f'.hl: c ' - QV' ' ' A ' I . . 5 5' . - - .0 f,.. f .4 1 I u O . ,gk .r O o' .9 .L '.'i......." 4.5 N -m . 'P ao-', - 'v "S-I-V 3,4 ji, ' . 'A' ' A lltf hfs 'Q o h .O .-1 'f" ' ' af' . V .INV P . . - .f ' 'A ' O ' 'I' ' o v UK 9.1 .wff .' 'N . A T.. I S 4 l'..' . QI. '.,c.L-J., . r4.".i.l V' ' ..f1m"x r "ffl f 1- - .A "W: . 'fd' 5,1 .,J. f f' K Q, .WY s I O 1 I -- is G-'Z'9w21 gif' 1 WING, 3 Wh AII1, I g ii looking toward tomorrow S A, - W.. Cn- ,mim- W 'bl 1 ::r,lEg',, 'T' ,A u 1 1 Q17- . L the clan of 1958 Prefefztf vff w in ' , , V4J4'T.4 .'- .QI Hg ax A 'gr 1 . :W--,pf 'if4"t"frL lf' Q 'L H4 fwzk' 5.15.5 , ,B iffy V1 L, y,1.u"b3-'. ,f J- Jw .'. gl, 'Q ,jff X.?5"'1' . ,-.ff "L, +1 fe -, . 6 pw -218, ' - north quincy high school north quincy, mossclchuseils 9 - U 5 ififfdl 'fo .ez-iiwivffzv .11 5,7 v .--1' . x 14,21 eg-x 1 Q JL 3, , Ill' ,,, if L '- 1.-P 1 4 ! 'Of' QI, HH ' .. ti: 1, I n . "M,a .IU A 1 .V 51- --L , K "- 'Lf x l 'I ,fn . ESE! 4 FOREWORD CONTENTS We, the Seniors at North Quincy High School, have spent our high school years in preparing for things to come. All our work, our achievements, and our fun have been not ends in themselves, but means by which we might attain our goal, by which we might become the better citizens of the future. To emphasize our theme of looking toward tomorrow we have designed our book with what we consider the most modern method of lay- out: integration of seniors with activities. Thus the Manet remains not only as a record of past occurrences but also as a symbol ofour participation in the future . .. FACULTY 6 MESSAGE 8 SENIoRS 14 CURRICULAR 16 SPORTS 22 ACTIVITIES 46 IN MEMORIAM 77 CENSUS 78 ADVERTISING so PATRONS 82 .ADVERTISERS 84 1 N Q A-G' 11 5:2 .0 we Ea.. Bruce Aiexamicr Bob Geddes Barbara Ardini Bruce Nordstrom Bill Tinneb' BARBARA ARDINI Editor-in-chief BOB GEDDES BRUCE NORDSTROM Literary Editor Layout Editor BILL TINNEY BRUCE ALEXANDER An Editor Business Manager JOHN HOFFERTY Faculty Adviser 4 DEDICATION MR. JOHN W. WALSH He is our intellectual principal. for he disciplines us to reason out our challengesg he is our cultural principal. for he captivates us to improve our tastes and to refine our mannersg he is our moral principal. for by example he inspires us to live ethically and righteously: he is our realistic principal. for he spurs us to realize that our school record is a symbol of our future worth to our family. our country. and our God. And so to our worthy principal, Mr. John W. Walsh. we fondly dedicate the Mane: for 1958. 5 A 'QI' .A-L. 'MWF ffxv-'11, Q ' 11 U il 1 4 'lQQ'lli -1- i' 18 5 f TIRE? QQ ig yd K at . ,Cl FACULTY nv 9 'SF WT aa f-All i .J I 1 :1 I 'E o '. in I .,r ' x 5. ..J l,VIk'I' vs e if 5 21 4 Q I r "1':' i . n 'iw L I Jie E t 1 ':'- x 1, Q J- "f?.fx' " 1 "' .b A 5 L ' -' ' , 5 ,, J AT, ' . Q ' j I 5 i r ' ' i D ' 1 I N"gN'."' JF- X' .-L4 -- '- xv-vi. f. ifjffff' 1.x-. -- v' r.- !" . -'wx' .'4' 'W PRINCIPAIJS MESSAGE When God gave faith He bestowed upon man His greatest gift. Because we have faith, we have hope, and it is with hope that we look to the future. These are perilous times. Yet man's most magnificent achievements have often been bom of trial. The world belongs to those who have the courage to meet its tests. No one can ever be lost while he possesses the life-giving gift of faith-faith in his country, in his people, in himself. Youth, limited in tradition, naturally looks to the future. Age in turn can look only to the past. Age has its memories, youth its dreams. These very dreams, an- chored in reality, have within them the seed of triumph, but must be rooted in the fertile ground of hard work and basic accomplishment to bear fruit. The future holds for us no sure promise of success. It is a fundamental error to assume that life owes us something. We must realize that as we give so do we gain, as we earn so do we deserve. Armed with faith and eager enthusiasm, which is the hallmark of the "teens," sobered with wise counsel gleaned from age, youth may resolutely face the future. With the poet it may say: "I am the master of my fate, the captain of my soul." ld. ldweaxf- 8 A Way -2. QWXYZQ 1X'f, uf fl 4 .,.M1' -f-.., .1 lp ?nQQQi'1nr'2 0.5-A i - , kg1L.:.54wJ,i IIHSII John A. Evans As.ri.vmnt Prmripal if ' .......-.... f x X, x Edmund J. Kung .4 vvivlunl Prim ffm! CLERICAI STAFF Fsthcr AA Morrison Sally A. Hannon -nf' Z CQ ,F 1' f 1 Flrgt lady of the Kungk Fmzllsh N ..f .H df '1QLX1?'?Q 1' r' '11 ' W 1 El" 'Y' 'E ' L, :Qi ' ', gy, ug- tw' '-"' div-Ulf, V Q M . 'I ' .- "F t 1 Y 'r Kittie, 'Liv-"".-i Tk f'f7fvf-m...,,.:......fff1f' iw" x "Ei,3Ug1' 9. iid' LANG LEXGES-Louise Mable Pratt. X SCIENCE-.vilrinpf Wilma Schieldsp rmmhvw Rm l. Sinclair. Thaddeus P i l l First lady of Euclidian theories 'N-Y . N v X- . N I I , x - , v 1 - i 5 I 'I 6' . E MATHEN1ATICS--.i1'!t1'n.r:-' Gramm G. Howland. Katherine F. Harrigan. Dmzd P. Houring minding: Eileen Dearing. John F. Pzirrcll. Thgiddcux P. S.z.lovwl,:. Carl Leone. Louis Maloof. 2513: Q' --,g.1l1 Wi Sadowski. Arnold Rubin. Ann Kcnnedx rlilx tihc Fwd- and c 'i1"5'f" ' " Q A-3 4-T 44 L11--. 5UCl-Xl Sl'l'IJlPS ti'1:inif. Katherine Nl. Coimtic tclcr Hcrmon Nl. Noyes. Nlztrgtirct Nl, Plating .i1m1di'f1sr,'.' Joh Donathttc. Cicorgc lahnl nifniriy from ptt'I14rc.' Elizztbcl Sawage. nl. hB. a- . ,' ' -lv -dll' ' J. hw 43 l gxlb 6 , 'N 4'-is :L Y rut fl 5 kt.. v j,,I'A H 5' Lita fl 'xv ' ' ,J-ff? Q 1 . 3, B I 3' Q f' 1 :ii 5 x' 1 l tw' ' ,.,,,,. y 4' 05 1 i rf' A. xi, Q n.,,-- 1 iff. A C ix FINE ARTS-Anne P. Savxitskyg n1i.s,sirz Q,fr1mz picture: Anthony First gentleman of Democracy Fcrrantc. Ethel Newman. Elizabeth P, Sherman. HOME ECONUMICS-Nlargtirct Nl. Mahoney. Ruth Mac Gregory. E - ?Y PRACTICAL ARTS-Arthur Burgess, Ralph D'Entremont, Edgar H. Phillips, Walter H. XL, M " :,,,,. Warriner. l l l Fw FAMILY LIVING-Agnes F. Purcell, Agnes E. Berry I ut: T ff' Nuvstfvmf 4 6' .gal dm-1 It f ' , a p ' '- Af- .rf v . 0 I ., 4 I -4 R ,- W. - - 'J-0. .- 'F L CONlN1ERCIAl,-Nlurray E. Rohcru. Mm 'flllqhpmxky Nhm C. Jack. John J. Nlullurkey. Nlnrie If Mmngcrnmri. fmm pic'mre.' Lillian Nl. Gormley. HEALTH AND PHYSICAL FlJL'Cf.-XTlUN g Rcnrctn Rzgk, son. Katherine N1cCoy.Alicc Grey. X l K 1 X 1, l. I O L ff l s L.---1 ljIl'Nl lady of human rclnimm .s l 1 N lp ll w alll: 'I.2'.'-Z" Fifa . J.. Q C'Ul'NSllI l INC: Nlnr'-vrx' l lm' 5' lwrf- .H ll I Qnrullfwc Wcllh, Rnlxn' l' lvx 1- Y - -r - 1 i---1 -14:-1 -r-11-pr 111- 4157? snuo 1 X.X"'flf 3' A TL 'se gs- 20-.2 i i i ' I is i I Q0 23 if QF- fc? If 5 Q ,ol ' r 1 n gf f I X . I 1 , . -r"' Notre litiison mee lgi Priinee BRTC F G. AI-FXANDl5R V9 Xlilton Street Alnl ittle Szitehmo . . . Ptineho . . . BBBBB . . , Oiie mimi. I rnezin. like. NVovxY Btind. l. 2. Pres, 3g klmic! Bus- incw Xlgr, 31 Tennix. l. 2, 3. Winter Truck. 31 Honor Roll. I. 21 Hi-N. Trezix. 31 AGC. 13. F? 3' A pointer in Family Living Typing takes nimble fingers KENNETH ALMEIDA RALPH AMES BARBARA E. ARDINI 24 Holyoke Street 52 Ptirk Avenue 43 Sagamore Avenue Svlns--Czin he drive? . , . Can't Ruff-Straight eight . . . Ruff 8: Barb-BBBBB . . . Dorchester you see that hydrant? . . . A Pat . , . Burrucudzi . . . Where's , . . P. and B.R. . . . Fran's other fifty-cent rocket. ElliS'7 half . . . Glacier, l, 2 . . . D.V. Altuivr. 3. Football. l. 2. 33 Track. 2: Stu- Many! Editor-in-Chief, 33 Na- 'ai .-. xi . ..,' f" -'U w 1 , . i dent Leader. 2. 3. tional Honor Society, V. Pres., 2, 33 Biology Club, Pres., 2. 39 A.G.C.. 2.33 Honor Roll, l,2,3. 'fi ,W 4 ,4- O KHXRIIS HXIKXN1 F9 Ihwgx Qtrcm Tzzfrifzxrtj. 1' . . . Chow! lic . gc' Cfulghr :rt thc Wd' C.- .. mR.mph' Humcroom Rcpfuw-n'..' f-1 .ga HIXN X1 H XR XMAS' I xu f.-- 1 1 M- -- . i,.',L ... A, Hx.... . ,- xx H ly. ... . 1 VN- ' - IMHX UIQ fx wx... R if ' H' n 4' N x H " X1 VWW M, . l Q . Q ..-I .1 -NI J M. Even in gym: "Bottoms up? English IV: 'Talk to me about it, dear." JAMES A. BENINATI 249 Billings Street Jim-Elevator man . . . B.Y.A. . . . Amateur de hockey . . . You're late, Kid. National Honor Society. 2, 3, Elevator operator. 2, 3g Biology Club, 1, 2, 3, Basketball, 1, 2, Math Club, 3. ? l-""',' BEVERLY F. BIGGS 58 Cheriton Road Biggsie-Frank . . . Summer at P-Town . . . Nights at E.N.C. . . . Where's Kathy? Manet, 3g Tri-Hi-Y, 2, Vice- Pres., 3, Drill Team, l, 2, Drum Majorette, 35 Student Leaders, 2, 3, Girls' Sports, 1, 2, 3. A' "Spit and polish C7 1 DONNA BOSTWICK 39 Marshall Street Dawn-Do I have to walk? Sam . . . Second Musketeer WWF MARIE E. BOYAJIAN 137 Elliot Avenue I-li, ya honey! . . . Oh. he's too short! . . . Tremendous . . . BARBARA BOYD 63 East Squantum Street Barbie-Herbie . . . 4!l0!57 Dot . . . V-6 . . . D.K.B.P. fx 'f ' A if l'm starvin' . . . L.I.T.D.R ..-- Coffee Club . . . Oh, ya! Where's Denise? . . . Tank Spelunk. Bowling, 2, Treas., 33 Pep Club. 56 . . . Florida. Mwlef. 32 NOVUI 51013 1, 2, 33 33 Glee Club. 23 Dance Com- Bowling, 2, 3gRec., 31Mt1n6t, 3. Dance Committee, 1. 2. 31 mittee. 3g Sketch Club, l, 2, 3, Homeroom representative, 3. Mgngf, 3, J47 Jfr ENGINE Wim afhrbunmr In Aeronautics Bill says, "This here is the wing, H+' 1 VL boys." I!!! J El! W ELIZABETH JEANNE BRENNAN ll4 Sagamore Street Jeannie-Bren .... Jawzies . . . Fri. nites Johnson's . . . Mon. nite Al's . . . Ya . . . See'ya. Drill Team, l, 2g Glee Club, lg Tri-Hi-Y, l, 2, Sec., 33 Prom Committee, 3g Girls' Club Exec. Board, 3: Receptionist, 3. X K LEC ,..--1 ' a it l 1 ff , -'.l'. The toothpick test in Senior Cooking "If I were Commissioner of Education. I'd . . lla. ,,. .f""'-'.-,..4 73 iq, i'ttt.' it 'fe' I , s . - I l A profile in North's Bookkeep- 4' X i - - "-A -. X t Ct mg credit column rf ' 'v ls.. wi. 'N,g-hw ,f X ' '--an--M 'Q' ' t nz 1-." , 1.vif:s.,.rv-unnis.-m...,..,,- Q.: f .. Y... U-...-....'.-fig.- vain- -ur- ,v , ..fri,v,,,v- -,-,.,-msv..i,,....,-...-.,...-..,. Ag, ' v-'EQ f " 5. t ' . " 9 i T U 1'!, s 'IZ I i s A r , Sw '. yi? 1 J 5 ff i -it ' ff . , fri. 'ij NH 4 , "xii,-i ' gi T' , -f ,aim L'-QT. it 4 t at i A '51 'dii""'ff1iN 'Z .E?f 'yi'h.L 1 l RUSSELL BRIERLY 44 West Elm Avenue Russ-W.Y.C .... Handsome . . . Hot Hustler . . . Brace up . . . . Staunch defender of our coastline. . Track, 2, 3, Cross Country, 33 Student Leader, 2, 3g Tumbling Team, 1, 2, 3, V.C., 3. JAN C. BROWN 45 Vane Street B00-Numismatist . . , Angler . . . Terror at third . . . Rusti- cates in Gloucester. Chess Club, lg Biology Club, 1, 2, 3, Atomic Energy Club, 2, 33 Math Club, 3, National Honor Society, 2, 3, High Honor Roll, 1, 2, 3. ,QQ in ALAN BRUDNO 3 Buckingham Road N.H.S .... A.E.C .... Chaddie Fox in a Bush . . . Cal LNHSM- HNHRM-EFPSM-SSR. Atomic Energy Club, 2, 3, Na- tional Honor Society, 2, 3, Bi- ology Club, 3, Math Club, 3, Honor Roll, 1, 2. DOROTHY E. BRUTON 17 Channing Street Dottie-Bob . . . Hip, hip . . . Do it again . . . You have one . . . BVGBP . . . Combination. Cheerleader, 1, 2, Head, 33 Glee Club, 1, 3, Basketball, 2, 35 Girls' Club Vice-Pres., 33 Dance Committee, 1, 2. l , N "X L. ., ,. Our Spaniards have a nose for the news f L A PDE V54 4 'aagwntf This chemistry is dropping like the gentle rain from heaven 'LHow's your German marks?" P.D.: "A test! Today? P .. 1 CYNTHIA B. BRYER 2ll Elmwood Avenue Cyn-Eddie . . . 6fl5!56 . . . Great hill . . . Northeastern . . . The Commons . . . l0G . . . Ask me a word. Teachers' Career Club, 1, 2, Pres., 33 Biology Club, Sec., lg North Star, 33 Manet, 3. DONALD B. BUCKLEY 243 Billings Road Don-Fred's on Monday nights . . . Drive-ins . . . Pewee . . . Little Knick . . . Miler . . . W.D.T.J.B. Cross-Country, l, 2, 3, Track, l. 2. 33 Basketball, lg Varsity Club, 3. X 1 f :KWW W f. at :Qi ANN MARIE BUTTS 31 Glover Avenue Buttsie-L.I.F.D.R .... Stop rocking! . . . Remember S. S. . . . D. F. d .... F. F. Student Leader, 2, 33 Tri-Hi-Y, 33 Dance Committee, 33 Honor Roll, l. Our Ames in Geography Let me check these figures once more." How to make good in Sales 21 s'G",..a MARY CAHILL 55 Hilma Street L.J.T.D.R .... Hi, buddy . . . Remember S.S. Because of you . . . Gertrude . . . T.L.A.R. . . . Southie. Receptionist, 2. iii? fri H I Xi X, I ANN CALLAHAN 24 Holmes Street Joanie's . . . Auntie Anne . . . l don't care . . . Is that what you mean? Girls' Club, 3. ELLEN CALLAHAN 63 Colby Road Ellie-Johnny's . . . Hot Rod 65 . . . F.B.A .... Lel's have a party . . . Frappes . . . So juve- nile. Nurses' Career Club, l, 2, 31 Dance Committee, 3g Glee Club, 3g Manet, 3. 'tr dd-1 -J. ' 41-Am' , X l l' 6 - .A-u::.x:-'..:1ru'r' A IZ 5672.152 in 0' ' . r ,,,p. my 91 5 na! ' 'W A if f G.. S 4 A-, 'epyi '.afr.,' F 'av' :..l , s 4 1 All the way X A. 5. "v 4w Jn . . ,fiat ' 'SQ Q Shu f ,. , . J KK u.-1 iv I nn- H . nua- y.,. -' 1 ,J ni. ,f , 4 1 QQ. :vi - Q A -fr-1-Q ,.f Xarsilx Surmumicd Football Isis- nff 'H '.. Couch "Jack" -- -Q ,- jul Y'i , . af, -L, Kevin Mahoney Jim Baldwin i 1 Dick Murphy Quarterback sneak North opened against Stoughton. Although the underdog Raiders gave them a run for their pointage. Stoughton squeezed in on a conversion point to win 7-6. o Dehnitely outclassed Q13-69 at North Attleboro, the Raiders' lone touchdown was the result of a Mahoney to Cooke pass. 0 North was again brutally overpowered by Taunton. although the score at I3-0 was no indication of the Raiders' lighting spirit and determination. The game was a heart-breaker for Ralph Ames who scored a T.D. in the First half that was called back because of an offside penalty. o Braintree entered into combat with North confident that they would fairly A vt SPX .. 1, it 7' FR-XNCFS CAPRFR.-X 3' Pratt Road Clzkltie-Nlon. .-Xls . . . Fri Howard lohnsonk . . . Wal-F-in . . . B.Y.G.B.P. Class Vice Pres.. 3: Cilee flu?- See.. 3: All Group Council. 31 Tri-Hi-Y. 31 Prom Committee. 3: Dance Committee. l. 2. 3 Nurses' Career Club. fl l'l'tilfNl' l -XRRUII lb? Satlortl Street foil"-Nlerrx Nlontclair trample us. A determined North time lass ill 2 :tl team, with the help of a sloppy held. Cfolf. I held the Braintree eleven down until a desperation play by the quarter- back bore fruit in a touchdown and xxx' ll Rl 'H UU' R a Braintree squeeze at 7-0. o Natick U T proved rough opposition for North's Q X, ,,,, .E kr, ,Z Rx., HN Raiders. outseoring them 27-6. with 0 time ll-it xi.--. the only North T.D. coming via end 4 -'-l-ltf Jim Baldwin. - .-xii previous hamtna- Wi' f 1 li" N tions were vindicated the next week. .ii 'ix 1 1 however. as North trampled Ded- ham for a brutal 27-6. Instrumental in this first win were Ames and Travis who scored thrice and once respectively. o The Raiders nest Ulll- distanced Milton. with Mahoney scoring to win 7-6. o Turkey Day Sonnx Scanlan dawned on rather poor North pros- pects. The speed and agility of Ouincy's Balducei proved too much for the Raiders as North went down to defeat in a crushing IR-7 romp. I , -. ...w-"-- l3.ir1ttltr....t .tv jfs 1. 4 ..v .,, QC- ,- J" 'H' 2 . ' 1 'j ,,,, lglvf. Tflnhan Scanlan sznes thc deny 11 0-if 4 Ralph Ames lgxrry Nlulonq QI! KJ' " 'QS J, 9-s ' .vb H' Bud Kearns Tom Nlorriascy so ' g Al Yacubian nn Roger Hartwell Norlhk bread and butter --'vt A ovnnb-'f-,as- ,, , , , -336' Lhurllc Morris r '3fig"":5 'Il .x-qfg-5 , .-J Defender Flanagan Us Q Jim Fontaine Alum Young 72" ,IQ Q11 2 Q 9 W A A Tom Flanagan SI J Q SK ,f"f'-'r lL'I3l'lll C 'XSXKI ll IH london Marne Jxnifloc 'il ll l VHS.. lel-Cater' Nlnrsnes Clmgk 4 ag Glrlx' Bmxlmg, I, -, F l ll " ,V Y. I. 31 Prom lkltcrl D :N JJ I ilonwmltrec, T. I, 1, Dr l 1 " ' Q, 2. cm: r rm rm Bw is -il - r ff . ld Su xrlm Tom Kelly 1.. -, ., V' rl in.. "Ll 'wi .I ' f' l I lsj' I l G '15 R1WNXll5l'1KXXN l Q' jf.: yy. r 4 I., xx ,. .. N IX ! K Nl,.', lynx. . hzvqnw A lU'N l ,K l "C llnrxf f N e. l"w l ll.-we llwllzvg l'XlRIalX1llxll-'E ffl ll X ' N' ' f'.' ll V l N N- I ' i 3 4934" 4' .Q.Q' F , , - V .wp-"'-f"f' '51-.-j .' i-Wi--'41 5 -M' -- 'rn -9-+ c-' l X 1' . l Q vnu-rg fx x :Ltr . f-:limi k DAVID CHANDLER 38 Wedgewood Street lltxrt-King? . . , Carole . . Hot Buick. Tennis. l. 2. NANCY LEA CHANDLER 78 Knollwood Road .lim . . . 'X-1 '5-1 . . . Harvard . .The group? . . . Volkswagen . . . Love and Nlarriage. Receptionist. 3: Cilee Club. 31 Ciirls' Club Exec. Board 3: lftlllfl. 31 Prom Committee. 3, FRRNCFS ROSF CHFTVVYND 38 Ciloxer Avenue l'l'tUI-rlJC2tll1 Valley '.., P, 84 BR ..r. Good Clean fun? . . . Barb! other half . Dorches- ter . . , C arnev Nurses' Career Club. l, 2. 33 Girls' Club. 31 Winter. 31 Honor Roll. 2. ,Q is QW 0 I' riff t . 5-A 'I .xvf . T Two more for Lefty 0-f.,. Coach Rickson Q7-1' -. ith-.- ' 93" u ' l ,c o-Q0 . J. V. Coach Sinclair With only four returnees from last years team. it looked like a slim season for North. We entered the Greater Boston League. one of the strongest in the state. with freshman coach Ken Rickson at the helm. Although we dropped our first game to powerhouse Ouiney. we rebounded to take Medford. 57-46 and to trounce Lowell. 63--16. Weymouth caught us on an off night. but we then nipped Revere. 43-39. We kept rolling. beating Malden and romping over Chelsea. but c0uldn't match Somerville. and Everett. two of the best teams in the state. We finished in the top half of the league. however. with Jim Baldwin. Sonny Scanlan, "Lefty" Fredericltsen. Paul La Brecque. and Russ Landberg leading North's attack. ul fs F ix It X-V! ' x 'f l Qo ... ,I '15 I. AQ. 1 , l,.. . ff 'Ng X ,f",! 'ff' my Spzxnlzm PN 55 Jim Baldwin Russ Lundberg T 1 .1 ' f Lrnunyd S.n Jim Greene I 1 Q x fy K xx, KI? X X xr- 1 V 'I N' I ' I Baldwin in action X-Nr X N Sonny scores THIfRI SA ANN NANCY NI. CHISHOLM BETTY HERALD CHRISTIE C HI- IWYND 37 Nlontclair Avenue 26 Edgeworth Road .18 Ciloier Avenue Cliis Com .... Hi. Red - Huff: f'Angie' '... Fieldsie 'larry Iiddie . . . Dorchester B.V.Ci.B.D .... Iovssies . . Babe . . . Green-eyed lovers . . . Hey. louise . . . Bedpan Simpleton . . . Just joshing. . . . Me tool Commando . . . Castle Island Cilee Club. I. 3: Basketball. I. Class Secretary. 31 Student . , Moonlight svt im . . . 2. 3: Drill Team. 21Girls'Club, Council, lg Prom Committee, 31 T.T,IfT,T. Sec.. 3: Dance Committee. 3: Tri-Hi-Y. 3: Dance Committee. library Staff. lg Nurses' Career .x1fIlIl'!Sh0VN. 2. I. 2. 3: Drill Team. 3. Club. l.2.3. Biology Club. 2.3. 7 . J., "WTA, '- LOUISE ANN CLARK 47 Ocean Street Wvezi-"Josie" . . . Fieldsie Babe . . . Rita's other half . . . S.Y.C. addict. Nurses' Career Club, I. 2. Pres.. 33 Prom Committee. 3: Tri-Hi- Y. 3: Drill Team. I: All Group Council. 3: Drum Majorette. 2. Co-Head. 3. g vi BARBARA ANN COCHRAN 261 Billings Road Barb-V.K.S .... 325 . . T.A.C ...., A I's . . . Jean . . . Marilyn's other half . . . Timo- thy. Dance Committee. I: Recep- tionist. 3. BEVERLY ANN COCHRAN 3l Ridgeway Street limmiv-"Shoiley" . . . Fieldsie Babe . . . California. Here I come! . . . Blooper. library Recommendation Com- mittee. I: Prom Committee. 3: Ciirls' Club Exec. Board. 3: Sketch Club. I. " it . if I ' rt' ' I l 1 Coach :ting Sf 'pf Conch Lziingk belligerent lxtnd of red- rziider rangers. hgiinpered by ti lziek of experience. entered the newly-formetl Metropolitan League this year. l-'orxxpirtl Charlie Nezigle. defensenitin Joe Pittr. and netniinder Toni Lloyd were the only xet- erzins. Getting up tit gill liourx of the 'fir U1 orning l1'llf.tetree. X-tftille lx:- ptixlieiw .ipptxiretl .ft tlie Nr illitirxtliy niglit ln tlieir Mrs 4 et lttlletl Re'Ke'l'e'. .Z-l, l'1.. experienee toltl tlnring 'ne Er.: 1 , . . . I - C Ne.ixon, .ix t.tu. ' Mutt lttp pUNlllNll elF.-'KNNF H. CODY YAXNCY Fl ll XBFTH ill XRI I S F' KONDHN l I lf' Xlll lll NNN I9 Artlell Street till-l'l5Y ll ltluin Street 1 l'NNt tl l N Sllsir'-Y"Whgngi' you mqggnq' 'QAV Fl Roxnl Street f'l:ini'., tnnglit in the XYH' i"" t Ri- I 7,ff4lV57 , , Twp nk n E E Sam Ytrmx fQ,H S. . DF Still looking Ut-n'I Kill me ffl " l'Q.k'r- U . . . "NVhere'R Dotty7" Pet Peexe . . lortlnn Nlnreh Nine lixes R,-f H 'A ' Glee Club. 3: Dance Commit, Rl-wk and Yellow Nteres Nketeh 4 lntx i. N im, 4 T"'- 1 -f at X 1 P tee. 3: Honor Roll. l. 21 Fawh- l.iShion Show, l.2Q Otliee Help l. Plotter Roll. l ion Show. I. 2: Receptionist. . ' - -0-J N I trl lf t t t Q 5""','IfTv"' it---H R' i 40 -.wiv 'C l l AH A 1 .4 - 5 :tic t-tits. Riqliic Rgtiit. sim tmsnmf Htl' Reagan. Bob Hutchinson 4 f Q4 . 'ij' .2 , Ny lbvru gtws Reilly ttgztiit Chzirlie Anderson, Al Johnson R XYNHJND DX. COOK RII 'X NI. COOK C-XROLF .-X. COURTNIRCY NI.-XRGARET CRAWFORD It Xktdstmrtb Street 242 Billings Street IZX Stzimlish Ruud -1 Fduin Street Minh -Xcrmiyiittmip . . . Ralph Rffsi'iffFicldsic Babe . . . Lou- Soldier buy '.... tXnn's other l'l'L',L',V'T-A-C. . . . VRS . . . tintt Nttibcl . they pziss tit iscs other htilf .,,' 'Well :th htilf. . lt's the best . , . Finast Wow yeh? . . . Ginny'S other 90' . Remember thc INR R, stty. 'A smile . , . Rod. bult ',., Htmvtzird Johnsonk . . . Ciulf. l1Ttjrtt':is.2,3jNir1l'Il1S'ItH'. Drill Tcum. 2: Prom Commit- Ciluc Club. I. 21 Librztriztn. 3: Cium. l. 2. 3, 1. llmlscjt. Fi Cilcc Club. 3. tcc. 31 Nurses' Czirccr Club. 2. Rcucptionist in Nurses' Oflice. 3. Glec Club. l. 32 Girls' Club. 3. SCL. ?L Girls' Bowling. l. it A 'i --an .f-1 Elf 'J .vi . l 4' f Tm, . .-vt'-il - ll l' K I i G I i C.-XROIT J-'NYNF DICKFY g 43 Ridgeway Street ICI 54 . , , New Horimni , . 5 I I N8 A56 . , The Future look Secure. Charlie Neagle. Dave DeSchamp.Wziyne Gamer Sketch Cluh. l. 2. 3 JOHN CROSSMAN 26 Dean Road Theoretically '... Weymouth . . . B.Y.A .... Straight eight . . . Fnngio . . . B,S.F.C. Munvr. 31 Biology Club, Vice Pres., l. 2. Pres. 3: Math Club. Vice Pres.. 3: Bziekethnll. Main- ziger. I. 2. 3: Honor Society. Z. 3. i li E l i T T ,""D- IU-XNNI' l- DOI PHIN 6-1 Xklilrizzt Street 3. I . . , .fi -SHNK l3t:g! t or t Tum llliiil iicr l ieltixfun Uwghei -Jw'-5 ter kills "HCV Kitt ict :T QUT' Xiix Nilfils M A RClllg'N git .lg1.llU Rksxh Que. , :U XI ,iq vu l. Rucpiztir' . T, Hur,-I ' UINNI5 CUSSVN RUHTRT DNYIUSON T' Xl'l l IDUUI KN 6-1 ,-X Buy State Road ffl Nrrioltl Rtmtl l' Rlcliffhl N"ccT 17: -Y Johnnie and Niqlfy V E lli:ri'ri Hurley. Roh-o ll .1 llw' li' .K N .3 l-'rzippes ...' 'I'll nexcr fell" Htl' T P O 'K Where! mu" 1 N1 IW' .1.::f . . . '56 I incolnx. Squintiim' 'AWho .irc wil N Act? WML" Wiz" Ynrlli Shir. fo-editor. FL Girls' Plum!! 'Wi ullll l"VllP1hlW livin X I il"l'f" i V " Club FXQQ BQ3:lfd- fl: U,-ill ll.lsltCll'.Ill, l. llmchill, l NNN ' ll"' ' K ' Team. 23 Drum Nlaiorcttc. 31 Itwkf-M T 1 filflf lliiktling. 1.2, fl. X i 7 n 0 Q - Q . i X ' 'X fi QR! , GY 'L al , if , -I 2' r P 1 1.441- 45 x Fran Ward 1 fs'1 ei , Sonny Scanlan Tom Ofonncll Jim Kenny IYCN fn X Gene Qqhunmqhcr auch Phullzpx .md l 0.1gP1 Iwu lvm 4-V N ' x 9 W' mf' .X W ' 1 S-, sb' 11.3 X e x14 gi fl 'I 1-' -4. -C-e' A 1 5. .K I w ROBERT ELLIS l7 Winslow Road A workout for Jim Greene Y f Bobby-8!5 57 . . . Linda . . . 325 . . . Hot Vic . . . Great! . . . Barracuda . . . Wanna Drag? Football. 1. We lt l Couch Fsrres "' be I I l t li i i ' P irwf Rift' - W -,,L,x --ie -gl- 1-if l l l Vg NlgCg '53 "Got - f 5 Lgrrj. BRUCE DLNBAR if Nleaio'-A Street Yak-,S mfr" . -LN! EA . I C I C S J W Green I Hgrret ll . "How the he:k7" 1 Si,:e',t Leader. 1. -. 3 i -1 4, 4 Y I - L. -cl L :"l'-7" r"u4Tf.u-.-L' 'H' 1"5ii'Ff?i2-1751. -4' .... E . gf' ' 'tary-,.::5s CECILIA LURRAINE RUSSELL ECKBLONI DIQRKIN' 9' Cummings Axenue 12 Bdgkgjghgm Road Ecke-The quiet man . . . '57 Len.:-Food comes first at Nia? Pl5m0U!h WHEOU - - - BY-.N , A Ham grid eggg , . Pagina- ,-XlTlI1!f3Lll' de hike? '... Future tzg-2 . . Push those pies. BCH Fflmklin. Teg1:here'Career. E. 2. 3:.N'of1h VGWI- 31 Honor Roll. 2. Stu' 31 Girls' Club. 3. CAROLE A. EVANS 133 Bromfield Street Cafper-Fourth MUSKCICCI' . . . loanne's other half . . . O.R.G. . . . Come on. Student Council. 2: Bowling, ll Tri-Hi-Y. 2. 3: Sketch Club. 1. 2: Honor Roll. l. MARGARET A. FERRIS 44 Apthorp Street Peeey-B.F.C.L .... Caught in the Web . . . "Will ya take a homeroom?" . . . Hey. Teach! Teachers' Career Club. I. 2. 33 Spanish Club. 2: Mr. Burgess's Secretary. 3: Manet, 3. r""" 3 'A I. .3 Cj,rr"' 1.5 ' Q I 'Fig qu.. ,ff .,-4-4J"4 ' ' g f - . ,ft -ff ' .- - 1 eg... 1 'fra -AP"A Co-managers Judy Murphy and Sheila O'Keefe sight a pointer with Coach Meaney JAMES F, FIFLD, JR. I5-1 Standish Road Jimmie-llot Chew '... My Connie . . . Donna and Tex Submarine . . . The Rock Rf. Homeroom Representative. 31 .Uum'f. 3. Y . JN P.-XLII..-X l. HNN 258 Belmont Street Slrl Duhio , . "Yeah' '...' 'l'll l'-up that" . . .laekk daughter . . . "W' n1atter"" Senior Student Council. Sec.. 3. 2 .-XII-Group Council. 31 Ynrllt Shir, '41Ciirls' Bowling. l. 2. 1. Receptionist. 3 - A-.tu toaeh Nlear--u l'nex em 'gp Those boys you xee running around the triangle in tall and running up and down the eorridors in winter .ir C ll+'f tleeing from the loeal gendarinex. lor thexe .are the :neth- hers of our large and unuxually xiieeewlul traelt xtpiatl With cross-country. winter traelt. and later Npring traelt Constantly keeping their pants up. the hop ran thr. almost all oppoxition. Qtopping only oeeaxionally to iet ll1C Nose' Plll Ilte xltol. windows. llowexer. with around to lteep talw. the Cambridge latin Jo-Sl. The higgest win ot' the in the State Xleet with 23 lll'l l N lf l R'X!ll'R R Nngux Street Real xncaltie Une Nhort tluelt gone Puxh the luitton Note to llrainttee Hum: 1, Nketeh tlizh. l. 7 lxhrarx Staff. l. f. llowling, ' fl ,, .lt Mig.. uxually through nezghlmwr' 1 eoaeltex Nleanex .-ntl Ci lwou ltegil Natielt in-f" hut ltwt to lleirtiont Ft xeaxon wax, li-iw er. :ml p points. l'l tt it IRI ltl Rn Mt N l"' ll't"l. Ninas? t 1 -- tt wp- xt 4 Z- X.tw1.t'.-' ll NhC"'1- - X t' - 1 it tiff- .tv i 1 i' -- 1 -- 1 it t -- 'A 1 K 4' . ,fi x -'wrt i.ii u t fK. J K ,.2x l .g v-- -- -Quin, I I , 1 I : ! 3 1 'H ,W ..Ma,f.,.,,q,,sy Jr I4 N N... YMHM' Spring Track x .v .. .HN NJQILY Y H NBII! DFT? ? 1. . ' t mm HURT UD1 , X S5 ,Jr 1 5 Cross Country seniors: a pow wow .V aff ' mn K 1 an W t 'rw iff X,.,,.l Coach G. pins his hopes on Bruce and Larry f 1 : Coach Gentry Bruce sets the Workout pace 36 ,N V , x wn,,,- - ew .X .N lit, x, 2 ,F .- , ' ,r'f2g,,i 'ms " ,Fifi SA I' 4' 1 w, QF n s ' . I' I Qg1h".i'.ii'-,?, 9 i s Yac makes ready DOROTHY A. GALLAGHER 52 John Street Dottie-"Yeh" . . . Hip, hip . . . Jeanne's other half . . . Week- ends . . . Buz . . . Honey. Glee Club, lg Student Council, 1, 3g Girls' Club Exec. Board, 33 Honor Roll, 23 Cheerleader, 33 Tri-Hi-Y, 3. Winter Track 7 JUDITH C. GARLAND 269 Highland Avenue Judy-Paul . . . Philippine Is- lands . . . Johnny's and Nick's . . . '53 Chevy . . . "Wake Up Little Suzy" . . . "Sweets" Drill Team, 2, 3g Dramatic Club, 3. Barring none, North's "Hnest" Jim Olson MAUREEN F. GALLANT 37 .Tyler Street Renny-Tremendous . . . Hey, hey, hey, there! . . . Tumbling along . . . Searching. Student Leader, 1, 2, 3g Nurses' Career Club, 1, 2, 3, Pep Club, 2, Sec., 3, Dance Committee, 2, 33 Tri-Hi-Y, 2. GREGORY GALVIN 167 Sherman Street Greg-"That's me" . . . F.M.S. ...TimeTed...S.N.D.... Who? . . . What? . . . Where? Football, 1, 2g Student Council, 35 Prom Committee, 33 Dance Committee, 3, Manet, 3. J 117 ROBERT A. GEDDES I4 Freeman Street Bob-BBBBB . . . Dealer's plates . . . B.Y.A .... Chatham Ho-Jo . . . You DID your P.D.? Manet Literary Editor, 33 Ten- nis, 3g All Group Council, 31 Honor Roll. 1, 2, National Honor Society President, 2. 3. CATHERINE GLENNON 10 Hamden Circle Kay-Dick . . . See You at Howie's . . . Brigham's, too much . . . Where's the salt? . . . J.P. Glee Club, 33 Dance Commit- tee, 3. -,- ' ,q,E,,,- ....., ,.'-"- 1' qs 45" 4, 1 49 vi rw... ' ' if!!-fi 70.4,-5 1 . 1 'T x tb' x f , . ,I ,I yr.. .. , 4 ua H' Q ' ,ang itil! ki I -5 - xi, .nfl .ll Q Varsity Golf l l nn' These are Mr. Sinclair's boys. Their tech- nique has left many an opponent without 4 i Av even the strength to jump the net. The 3,2 Q ' V results? See for yourself. ' " " i Ouincy 4-l 4-l won 5"-1-fi , Whitman 5-U 4-l won i' ' ' J Thayer 2-3 l-3 lost V ff .Q-N t Ni JAMES J. GREENE l35 Vassall Street fl'I?I-HCy'. PeeWee . . . Gene's other half . . . The Diego Kid . . . "Whats the story'."' Basketball. l. 2. 31 Baseball. l. 2. 3: Cross Country. 3g Student Council Treas.. 3: Class Day Committee. 3. BRUCE GORDON 168 Elmwood Avenue l"!a.yliaaLot1ise . . . Joyce . . . Bev '...' 'Like. wow!" . . . Sport . . . Tom 84 Ed . . , Hot Olds '88. Sketch Club. l. 2. 3. u. The green fairways call them from the classroom to the great outdoors. Armed with club only. they seek to batter their way through the opponentg to place the little white ball in the hole more deftly than he. Do they succeed? Of course, with such a score as North 7-Quincy 2. Varsity Tennis .AA...cLifE'.'! LJ' niith ' 011 "QL V "-IE. I- Batik...-I K . l'i.JBlCltl I "1-S.: .Que '!-Q !'!"iF'U0a' I P i V 1 0 - ' sm., 1 'L . .unans- X I - l 'avril 11' QNX- li 'W- I I LINDA GREENLAW GEORGE HAIGHT 25 Sunrise Road 32 Flynt Street l.l'Il--i'GlL' '... Squantum gang That you? . . . Dig out . . . . . Carole's cellar . . . N.E.T.- Hey. Fish . . . What's that? . . A.T.C .... W.D.l. "Kind of precarious." Glee Club. l. 2. 3: Bowling. 2. Basketball. l.2.3: Glee Club, 3 31 Dance Committee. l. 2. 3. ' -1 is If' i f X tsl varsity club "All Americans, every onef' is their motto. "To be athletic prowess personi- fied," their goal. This could only be North's unique Varsity Club. As athletes, the boys showed themselves to be no fumblers when it came to social activities either. This year, the club held a long- awaited semi-formal in addition to a record hop. To round out a full program, with Mr. Laing at the helm, the Club held a sumptuous banquet for the elite of the athletic world. The Exec. Board K IORAINE JFAN H.-XMATY ll Pierce Street Qhutterbug . . .They were doing Ron' H01 '54 Y Q C ee the mambo . . . love that sztxo- horn . , . l-IO? I Nl N1 1 N k phone, . . luxe thou' t r e Y L 'Vurlh Smr, I. 2. Bus. Mgr.. 3. men r L Photographer. 2. 3: NlP.O.C. lfootlmll. I. l His t W. Ciirls' Bowling. 2. 33 Dance l SHI ommtttee. I, 3. -. l lt 1 ri t mr 7 l I ROGYR XV. HXRINNIII ll X H 16 Richfield Street Num L Nlgr.2. gft it 1 7' 1 ip Y 579 ic rl vl- 1 .- -.v ..--v .. 1 ' F4 " r 1 ': HUUL iA1"t 9"-e' , Y 'Ax .P op, , , I I ' ' ' 9lr s J P O J +G' boys' of R 49. ,g. M 1 . -Q, hr ,Yep-, . --., 9 i Kg A 'nl -.JJ W'-:P RICKH.-XRD W, IRXN IN W 9- Dans Street .SiP1'!'tlAl - Irwin darling . . Spt kie . . . Next time with me. loanie.. Ro e Nl r Biology Lilith. l. I: Ritle C l 21 Wtzrret. 3, Ugh-h! Have you ever wondered where those hoys go who leave homeroom at peculiar times? Chances are. thex' belong to the student leaders. Under the direction of Nlr. Rick- son. they spend at least one homeroom period a week I d in the practice of death-defying stunts on all kinds of iillgflglgfiln " lf K a equipment. For Mr. Rickson's time. these lineal de- lMmiPLm:c:1'T m YN we scendants of Alley Oop reciprocate with help in his WMC ,'1,,,.y. ki ...A ik Junior High gvm classes. ln addition to their school ttarsts .ami tail' activities. the Terrihle Tflf7llDR of Tomorrow provide N-'YW' l ll-'Y '-" Nt- f" several puhlic performances throughout the year. CTf'i""x' 'Q 't 'X 7. Homo' R V' BEVERLY A. HURLEY FRANK X, Httggpy ROB!-Rl' R Hl It HlNstiN t I XlRl xt 'xt tittstw ll5 Vassall Street 6 Amsterdam .-Menue fl'-3 Wilson 'UCUIIC ii Hel' 'oi R-ti-l llurl-Com .... lowsies , . , Red--"Don't say that' '... West Hflffll' Ulrtfa ltinrh liters l' -i'-' Wi 'W l W B.V.G.B.P .... Chickies other Flm Awe ..., My '54 Chexic Hairy Hex. Lick N'-wr' U 27' ' half . . . B.I.T.R.C'. , , . Nlargy. Bill 'VF Weekend itil'-C ll K ll' l ' ' V' Glee Club. l. 3: Basketball. I. Biology Club. I. 2. 3 lflsh mist llfss' 1 i'f""' "ff l 2. 31 Muriel Show. 21 North Hockex I. l fliih 1 ll"'-C ll-"Ti Slur, 3: Dance Committee. 3, 1-. rm Q . .ev l. 'U HBO girls' bowling Spare? Strike?-the two most important words in the dictionary of North's bowl- ers. Again this year our Girls' Bowling Club with Marilyn S.. Barbara B.. Paula Nl.. and Marie B.. as officers scored high at the Norfolk-Downs-Alley Monday ses- sions. As we go to press Paula McBride, Paula Nelson. and Anne McLaughlin lead the senior-class bowlers. '17 GER,-XRD A. JERNEGAN 30 Holyoke Street Jerry-Student Nurses . , . Room I3 . . . Hospital man . . . No jokefl Band. l. 2. 3: Basketball, lg Class Day Committee. 33 Dance Committee. l. 2: Martel, 33 Home Room Representative. 2. ' lt xr 1' 4, . . t JG FRANCIS KEARNS IH Ocean Street Hut! -s 0.1.0, . . . Joan . . . Sonng and N10 . . . Time. Ted. Football. 2. 3. C ARN1liI- KELLY 32 Colby Road T 4. iii Peanuts-Onion Rings . . . What brothers? . . . Hydrants . . . Shut up . . . l.eRoy . . . Mau- reen . . . 2fl0!60. Nurses' Career Club. l. 7 girls' sports Roll fem up! Who said hoops for ladies had gone out of style? Why, these hustlin' hoopsters are at it almost every day during the season. Returning this year with a team as successful and hard driving as last year's, the girls wore down all opponents foolish enough to play them. They boast that they can hold their own with the best of the opposite sex, and woe to the males that scoff at the nomenclature of "The Real McCoys." 'GD- '1 JAMES EDWARD KFNNFY DFNISF K. Kllfl Y I8 Hzimden Circle I7 Birch Street Pvvwn'-Hi. Neighbor . . . Hey. Ilnirm-J'l'here's Bsirharzi' , Beaver . . . Ilp und nrvr . . . Kflfs PJ .... -SIX . . YO, . , l.ittle Knicks. Horidd . . , Shoedehuck . Winter Truck. I. 2. 3: Flzisehnll. Hey. Abbot -. 3: Cross Country. 2. 3. Cilee Club. I. lg Vhccrlendcr. Girls' Club lfxec, Board. 3 Student leader. 7 N.- I1 'vu' s ',? 'v. , A. Warming-up period l Ul'lSlf l I l l N RHI ll 246 ldiriiigtun Street George Wire Wdlkiiig JIS I I D l R l Xt D l' I3 lil Dance Kuniniiitcc. 7 'Et F. :- eerleaders if: 'f'1y i A""15i 'ill i. 1 fi 3 FQ 3 ' .L- L:-.mrs C. 11, 19 5 1175" .,. T Q .C T ' .HA lQ The Cheerleaders and Coach Stanton "Let's hear it again!" This famous plea from North's twelve peppy cheerleaders continually rings in the ears of their loyal rooters as they energetically cheer the team to victory. Led by versatile Dotti, the hard-work- ing crew have never disappointed the spectators with their dazzling routines. We have only one word of encouragement to offer the twinkling twelve: CHEERS! DIANE l.ANGll.l-E IX Hamilton Avenue H. EARL LANTFRY, IR. 332 Billings Road Flush-W.Y.C .... Al'S . . The Stadium chorus line U - s ...L i .r I IDI---VVahbits . . . StevensOn'S hideaway . . . Mondays Al's . . . Tan bug . . . B.V.G.B.P. Cheerleader. 3. Student Leader. l. 2. 31 Dance Committee, l. 21 Prom Committee, 31 Tri-Hi-Y, 2. 3: Track Manager. l. 45 Saugen . . . Where's Steve? . . Hey. Sook . . . 429'er. Mamet, 3g Clam Day Commit tee. 3: Math Club, 3: Riiie Club. 2. 3: Radio. T.V. Club, l, 2, 3 Atomic Energy Club, l, 2, 3. ull! l N, i - l I X M l'Hit 'em again-harder-r-rl" drum maioreiies As the Drum Majorettes twirl through kg one of their fancy numbers with the ease and grace so common to them, one finds it hard to imagine that many long hours of practice were necessary to insure such a flawless performance. However, the girls realize it was all well worth it when they march upon the Held and hear North fans cheering their appreciation for a truly spectacular performance. I . 8 , N' I The Drum Nlajorcttes ' gt ago f In The head: Carol Waterman JANICE LARKIN IOUISF I.,-KRKIN I-44 Safford Street 9 North Central Avenue Jun-Caught in the Web . . . Lulu-Weekends in NH, . . . Sure . . . Smile . . . Hi. Cousin Skis . . . Late again? . . . The , , , Eddie , , , Com, "Worm' '... Crazy '48 auto, Student Leader. I, 2. 3: Bas- Girls' Glec Club. I1Nurses'Ca- kethall. I. 2. 3: Sketch Club. I. rcer Club. I. 9-04' in-A The Drill t I MRF A I .-XRR-Xt'I'Y I IU I XX I NIH R 52 tummmgs .Mcnue W Svcs' gd, j.1.. ...,. IM I... . Idiot Caught tn the X'- IKY PY Nufrli Sm' K I rms NI N- lc. .N . I. -. Id -in chief. l. 'XII limup tltx ltxw KN 1 IQOIIFICII. 3. flaw Dax mittee. I. Vtmrr I, Hon Nw ttm NItf'1tI..' tcm.-nw Rcprcscntntuc. l. Dance tom- mnttcc. I. I. l. hlec tlulx I S I - 4 ' il 1 1 I . .. ... 1-.9-' "" gf 'Q' 41-71:- Last May. the results poured in: the irrepressible Jim Baldwin was chosen to head the packg as his executive assistant. "Chickie" Caprera received the school's nodg as expected. the "Nose" won by considerably more than that: as ideal Secretary. "BulT,' Christie was chosen to round out the complement of the fearsome four. Upon these four sturdy shoulders fell the manage- ment of all important Senior activities. Their busy heads were buzzing all year long with the million-and- one details of a successful Senior year. With the Prom as their crowning achievement. the Officers deserve a resounding round of cheers for a year well managed. JAMES C, LAWLESS -il Bayside Road Lolly--Hot Chevi . . . Girls and music . . . Gung Ho . . . P.l. . . . Chow line. All Group Council. 31 Interna- tional Conference. 3: Glee Club. Z. 3: Ride Club. 31 Cross Coun- trv. l, 2: Track. 1.2. rrp "N" . 3 -, 4, lt, -J ' If MARILYN E. LEBLANC 39 Prospect Street Clzirkie-l'll never tell . . . Com. . . .Bev's other half . . . Caught in the Web. Cheerleader, 2. 3: Student Lead- er. 3g Dance Committee. 3, Stu- dent Council, 23 Homeroom Representative, 3, Mane! Show. 'Y ... Prexy: Jim Baldwin 'fn O gatipg I' lb,-xii' QQ VXX ,'i' 'J 1 i, -X iw- ,. 'tl qs ID rg- RUTHIE LEIGHTON ISABELLE LEONE 9 Gladstone Street 85 A Sachem Street Flea-Shangri-la . . . Bruce . . . llnney - Dance anyone? 5!9!57 . . . Clams, anyone? Who, me? . . . Oh Danny! . . . Gret's better half. G.l.N.V.U .... Irwin darling Receptionist. I: Glee Club, lg Dance Committee, 31 Glee Tri-Hi-Y. 3: Bowling Club, l. Club, 3. ' .tts . if .-if 6 ,NN p-1 Treasurer: Al Yaeubian Veep: Chickie Caprera U ., , .P , x .. - - -f--.ref s':f - .- H A V lg' L' tu- N.: , 54 1 ,' ' ' .,. X '-.fn . ' 5 1 . J 5 k.p r . . r-.vt oo, ,, . . x -1 ' 1 -QL- , .LK .' rvglfe 5 -I in gt " 06"-e THOMAS D. LLOYD 3l Division Street Tvrry-Hot '36 . . . Last of Montclair . . . 41 . . . Brett's . . . "Terry." Baseball. l. 3: Hockey. I. 2. 3: Varsity Club. Treas.. 3: Home- room Representative. 2. 3. 4 . -N I it . 'grin' BARBARA LUNNA 258 Newbury Avenue BarhAHi there . , . Com . . . A.l. and B .... Caught in the Web . , .That's the breaks Glec Club. Vice4Pres.. 2. 31 Dance Committee. I. 3: Bowl- ing. Vice-Pres.. 3: Drill Team. 2. 31 Manrt. 3. 'l C 'W 1+ Prexy: Tom Flanagan An unheatahle combination of rock-and- roll record hops and financial Wizardry' resulted in a most successful in-the-hlack year for our Juniors in quite some span of years. With Tom Flanagan holding the whip. accompanied hy' assistant mule- skinner Sue Kelly, the ollieers drove them- selves and their classmates to success. Tom Kelly constantly kept his list on the moneyhags and Linda Hardy noted down the year's activities with considerable agility. The Senior Class of '59 would do well to choose them to run the mule train again next year. .f 1 NL: .SQ Mr .' A18 Treasurer: Tom Kelly Nl-N Any Thursday morning To hll the spot at the head of the council. Gene Schumacher was chosen. To add the feminine touch. two all-round girle. Judy Murphv and Paula Finn. were elected Vice-President and Secretary re- spectively. Keeper of the purae was Jimmy Greene. "Proiect Yakoo" kent the Coun- cil busy for a long while. Yakoo waQ un- veiled at precisely I0 PM. on Novemher 29. a date that will curely live in the memories of all Red Raiders ln addition to this iollv new mmcot. thiQ x'ear'Q in- dustriom Council hae put on aseenilwlies put out hulletinc. and carried the hall for all Fmt-line Qchool proiects iucl ni council -5 I in On May 16 we put on our white ties and tails and got that certain feeling about us fthe good feeling you can't help getting on Prom nightl. Then to the music of Ken Reeve's orchestra we enjoyed our most -wonderful if high school social, a forget-me-not night at the Blue Hill Country Club that served as a decorated back- ground for a festive panorama from gossamer evening gowns to our cherished favors, silver-smith wrought necklaces with a star motif. Surely ours must have been the best prom since time immemorial. Chickie is telling this one M l - C1 of bl, L ' f' 140 fy, - 'lhey laid the ground-work When Atlantic comes a courtin' Squantum KEVIN J. MAHONEY ' 106 Safford Street lx'm-73 Footballer . . . My girl 'Q b 7 Mary '... G.l.Q .... Sonny 5- 5 and Bud . . . Gillette Strike. Q -. Q , Student Leader. l. 2: Varsity t' I b L' , 4' Club. 31 Football. 1. 2. Co- ' f 'gm "X - Captain. 3. N x 1 p , ' . 'g. .Af I 5 if LS. ' ' , 50 In best bib and tucker ll lass clay :ommlllee Z The dcviltry behind the idea LAWRENCE MALONFY 36 South Bayfield Road Larry--'56 Merc . . . 66 Fool- ballcr . . . "My Girl Donna" . . . Four years to go. Football. I. 2. 31TraCk. l. 2. 31 Student Leader. I. 2. 31 Prom Usher. 2: Graduation Usher. 2: Spanish Club. I: Biology Club. xlx mf 1 5 '-'iG,. Fr lf: no l ,111 XS .ppl .4 CLARE M. MC' CARTHY LAWRENCE THOMAS 36 Nlontclair Avenue MC CARTHY "Hi. Red' '... Check the Com T5 Harvard Street . . . Deep Purple . . . The Ren- Lurrv--Sharkev '...' 'H.C.T.P.- delvous, O.A.' ',.. Clubhouse boy . . . Glee Club. l: Girls' Bowling, 2: Montclair Promoter . . . Capi- Drill Team. 2: Homeroom Rep- tal and C. of C. resentative. 31 Girls' Club Exec. Baseball Mgr.. l. 2. 31 Biology Board.31 Dance Committee. 3. Club. ll NIUIIUI, 31 Varsity Club. 3. Y 'lb 5 MARY L. MCCORMICK MARILYN l. ll Ellington Road MC CULLOUGH RwlAA.M .... Ford . . . Caught H2 Quincy Shore Boulevard in the Web . . . Toni's . . . Llvn-Marilyn-Eddie . . . J-5-56 TA. C. "You Know." . . . Barb's other half . . . Where Student Leader. 3: Dramatic are you? . . , "I do." Club. 3. Drill Team. lg Library Staff, lg Receptionist, 33 Dance Commit- tee. 3. national honor society tv! I 'fl Q Qt The revtard for intellectual achievement Character. Scholarship. Leadership. and Service-these are the cornerstones of the National Honor Society. the honorary organization to vvhich. each year. several top students are elected by the teachers. Each candle Hame represents a part of life that is essential to success and happiness for the individual. The large number of students that vvere elected this year only serves to point up the excellent teaching staff and administration responsible for the high degree of learning that these students have attained. "We really know just what to do" rye, L-'F' DAVID S. MC GEE 220 East Squantum Street Dave-Hi! . . . Squantum Par- ties . . . "Where's your school Spirit?" . . . 30 . . . Dissenter. Class Treasurer. 2g Prom Com- mittee, 33 Dance Committee. 2, 33 Homeroom Representative. 31 Mallet, 3. 515-7 lrigxz,-A. . s 9 '.', ff -ra y "' I - . LAWRENCE J. MC GEF 8 Ditmar Street Larry -"Wanna drag'."' . . . "What'll you have?" . . . G.l.Q. . . . "ls dat you?" , . . loank husband. Football. l. 2. JEAN S, MC HOUI. 35 Myrtle Street Susie-"lNlade a booboo" . . "Tremendous?' '... Y.M.C.A. P. J. Parties . . . Wicked Tom. Girls' Club Treas.. 3: Drill Team. I. 2: Drum Major. 3: Dance Committee. l. 2. 31Glee Club. l. 31 lllunrl Show, Ig Tri-Hi-Y. l . O ws Nlany good heads are better than one good head This is North's melting-pot of executive talent-the organization behind the United Fund drive-the group of Presidents in I the City of Presidents. What do they do? -Name itl The motto is "can do!" I.-XMFS MC' KNIGHT I4'lu'n'y Nlurph's other half What weekends? . lohn's Prisoner . . . B A. R . A B. Football. l. 2. 3. FV Prexy: L. ,anis pi Iii Nia' '1 hh Herbie Wood NX TW. S I' -XNNI NlNRtrXRll Rl XXIII t- N11 lltlll NH l -Xltilll IN 'Ji Nawjl N"et' X -12 Xklilker Street V .- l' "R s ll U Shy "Dear leach" lllo.l"'.s'r's ' lf' ltlroekton Ri"'i'ls N1 X l ll leathers' t .ireer t lub. 1. Yue- 'wut V U Pres, 2, See, 3, Spanish l liil' , . . ,H lglfls ntwllltif. 1, llilttitl Roll l hleelliil' 1 j ig 1'1- 'L .fx L 4 ELIZABETH MC NEALY llll Raxxson Road Berry-N. H. Ski Trip . . . Wild Cats .. Tinker Bell... J.E.B.P.H.CN .... Little Susie. Cilee Club. 3. C I f glrl club 5 A The girls do it again! Hurdling all ob- stacles in their path. the Girls' Club fin- ished in the money again. Leading the pack this year were four real thorough- breds: Carole. Dotty. Nancy. and Jean. the hard-working Executive Board. Spurred on by Miss Dcaring and Miss Mellios. the girls once again proved they were unbeatable. Their various dances and charitable collections. outstanding semi-formal. and successful Mane! Show all added up on the tote board to a re- warding. winning year. "WU LAURAINE C. MERCER I I8 Atlantic Street l.uuric-Q. H. S .... D. E. Lin- colnk . . . Hi . . . "Comm" . . My Heaxens! Fashion Show. l. fi ' 1' al BARBARA J. MERRILL l25 Huckins Avenue Burlw'v-"Teach" . . . The Island . . . Spook . . . Braintree .' . . "Yes. Dear" . . . Al's Drive-in. w Sketch Club. I. 2. 31 Teachers Career Club. I: Glec Club, 31 iWam't. 3. E14 . L-,gy ,fly as . 'M CAROLE L. MEYER I7 Sycamore Road Squantum Gang . . . May I7. l957 . . . Northfield . . . Hot Plymouth . . . My Fella. Student Council. I1 Class Sec.. Z1 Girls' Club Pres.. 3g A. G. C.. 3: Glee Club, I. 2. 3: Prom Usher. 21 Prom Committee. 3. 'I 'fic l I i z , , 1 D71 Girls' Club Executive Board -fx 'Wi -r..- ' thanksgiving food 'I 7 0, . f 1 ' l STEPHANIE MITCHELL 274 Billings Road .S'rm'iz'-Drive-ins . . . Butch Haircuts . . . Pizza . . . Woll. Beach Days . . . Knemocks. Girls' Club Exec. Board. 31 .Wr1m'!. 31 Prom Committee. 32 Dance Committee. 2: Sketch Club. l. 2: Receptionist. l: Bk. Rec. Committee. l. N 1 Sw- sd 5' f TT' u- 54:1 Platter spinners iingle bell rock Go. eats. go? FRANCAIS P MORIARTY till.-XRl.l'-,S ti MORRIS 'l'HONl.'XS Y. MORRISSEY l-1 Ciortlon Street lil? Russell Street fl llist lflm Axenue Hot -e Pass going . . , Good Spor1fSO A... former pocket Tonifloanie , . . Feh. 5. l956 looking . . lieaeher's . . . Buds house . . . Swish . . . . , . VVolI. Beach . . . 85 . . . tfage i..' 'Hou about a ritle'."' "Something like thatl" . . . Football. l. 2. 3: Basehall. ll "Hey, Fran?" Basketball. 2. 31 Golf. Varsity Cluh. 3. ?swAteqg'1a w.,.ivA . L ff.. i N A :Z . F ' I ti 2, 3: Football. I. 2. gl Home Room Representative, 2. 33 Varsity Club Exec. Board. 3: Prom Committee. 3. A.'3f'5J 1. ' ' . 1 f PAUL,-X ANNE MULROY 25 Eustis Street M111 e-Ralph . . . "Thats life" . . . B.V.G.B.P .... .loan's other half . . . T.H.l.F. . . . O.H.l.M. Bow ling. 31 Dance Committee, l.3: Glee Cluh. l:NorthS1ar, 3. i . Q1 Q - , sf ,.. , X A f. V , S N . Q t DENNIS J. MURPHY Ill Hollis Avenue Muff-"Ht1gie's Rod" . . . Home- work? . . . What's that? . . . Finast smile . . . Irish Mist . . "Pink. wheres Mason'."' JOYCE MURPHY lfstl Billings Street Fred . . . lutly's other half . . TAI' .... Nancy , . .418 . . Got the car . . . Oh. Bob. ' Dance Committee. l. 3g Home- room Representative, l, 23 Glee Club. 31 Girls' Club Exec. Board. 32 Munet, 3. .,. .... 4-.. ' ,f -3 9 1 , l JUDITH ANN MURPHY 160 Billings Street Judy-Tom . . . Howie's for clams . . . 418 . . . No, I'm Judy ...Lovey325...T.A.C. Receptionist, 31 Dance Com- mittee, 3g Glee Club, 3. north Iar p, 3 l JUDITH MURPHY l98 Everett Street Judy - Summers at Martha's Vineyard . . . Wabbits' . . . Dearie . . . Barb's other half. Dance Committee. l, 23 Spring Track Manager, 21 Prom Com- mittee, 33 Student Council Veep. 3: All Group Council, Sec., 33 Tri-Hi-Y. 3. RICHARD MURPHY 94 Knollwood Road Murph - Black Chevie . .. Whitey's other half . . . Wild weekends . . . Patrol . . . John's 408. Football. l. L. 3: Prom Com- mittee. 3: Varsity Club, 3. 13 I 1 'M I fl Q '. 1' ' f s s ' . CHARLES NF.-XGLE llll Amesbury Street Sid-Future Bruin Player . . . "Got a smoke'7' '.., Great Golfer . . . Nlr. lfs coffee hos. Hockey. l.2.3: Varsity Club. 3. 0 - h - . N Q.H S Correspondents n t e spot reporting L net l'Q!5?'?P3? The probing senrchlight of the biggest "Star" :tt North brightly' shines into eserw closet. exposing the l.itest scoop in soeml ss. cluh activities. sports neus, .intl prominent students .mtl tmelters .it North After Nlr N1 lrphs. the Otlicml t"eris.rr. l t completes his poh. the presses .ire rttitli. to roll. .intl soon eserxone is ent-wine th: latest CUFF of Yortlfs fine iotirnilust-to tradition. ' fLL'g1"':u-4-.'g':-"'j.5s" '-1 j.'3r'w,'q-jg-.-'Q-mr -gg'gf.'.-,:2'g-js-f--vsG.a'5rq.'f"--5 ' ji.:-N--xt' cjgvfaicsg , - a?ff',,,i4EIfaa'22+?4:'kff..-Wetiff?-H41f?i'f5i3L?1e13+f?t31?1Hifakivife542553223319-LeifSer Wim-'fs l -it - - dorm- -"- 'HI-I 'wa '-V?-1'.S-:'J:.--'53 fYFa.H""'s'i'-Paeiffl--" 1K:"fL-'Si e-"fc,"-.'e,3'-M '95 1 f3"N?c'tf!l- -I x'z:A"." 3.126-.f-xf:1 Sv ffjif-:3.":-",vf"'j ,f CY vi '-'Qx-" 'V-" 1 -'QQQEL' '- sZAl. , me tg-ya .w-:Q H- -Nb.: 23315-1 -..,3.."'If11E.x.t , vi qu:-t Q ". , ,, vftnq- -' ' ."" ffx, ,J '-'Qi , ' Faculty ad viserr John Hofferty " it-"4 .1"z1....:....'f"' "3?..+..t.' X-3-.f'.'f:Zf-f-fif2rDg'3fftif?lfgfiHSL555333.':::'g3EJf5tT?3E'Blf':7Qsf?':L'?EfaQ'E?f?'S.f?'fgigs! '- , 4 'Q i, ,. .- 4: ff-tariffs-e?'.1sSic56t,g-gen . -' Li?--,E'.-':u'22-QQ-.E ,gk-..L'9' 'l Pi':zi15rf12aif1e.'5-Pfglifi 5 2: 3lff'iU'i flfsef.-Al?-f"-if .. P niwflsf 't?5f,Tgq.m.r:B3-es4"- l fi 'ajhiriicfggg-fnQ?6a':3.53' si, l 'S-S 51:-mf'44f:,2qg2?,:p-.,S'2xi:1'2! 'Q f- e3:'g3:1i:Sg,a:sc45.Q.'-Zicizflgi, 1 - 4 '1 few- '- z- ' wa- -.-t-.-'-- :. . If s ,yf!j.Ep.,vK:13 .-115.591 ,qv , r lf: siryf-Mig:-fiiazeeeif -f f' ' . 1? C-JVt'X1"q-e'5551f:'?'5"I3Q'fQ-at - -- 't,-1--.!-3--Lr1n.,e?e!-:- Q.:- ' - in ,..f7':f:',-.M -'far-1.1 ' .1-"""""'L, . --' -47 FQ. I" r i-ac.-3-:nie -.4-3"""'2. c- ,L g Etiiif?-,'A3f'3H5?f3J'333QE5"': ' ISSQI32-25,1-?5:,E'?51?9-" 172.12 ij fg5'5VfffE?iii'L-Nf"'7f"swE!"' ' No . ..a.e1. H, . 'P -z-2:3ai21:i1t+?.2:g:S3,4gg,'5g2!fl '41 ' 'fav-,. 'lNx:,.n',. - x R X . i i'.1:'5?Q2'-111-QQQR1.-fzx,3vf'I'fj': 0 -Je' : p 'fq' 1,.vLg ' -fps '. x' gflfffgfsfllz gt' Quguf:-5,13 -'-"w?1!-uf-'il-ts--P' H-32-v-it 5- Q t, . 75 1 -:vcfz 1 A, 1iS1T'ff5'H3f4'5?:g??'-22213-1S"? ba-E-7,'gf-fs' I U 'J 'I fo4f'gn- .' 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I 'ar A " x 'gin I K, -7535 Y?v.n,-32.w'J,"r blvl-rpxs r. .l3At,s:,tp':5r5,',r1:5.f QT.: 'z ,E I ' ' I I - , 1 1 4 . -. .J , , - x-I t . 5- 1' '1 Q '-1 P '- -625,-5'1'."'Hi-L'-:-"'fYG-Awpf'-.fflup awvbhwyfifhilg rvg 'UA .f4X LI? Hy - lJf'1u-15.1-5S.",'fx. ' P,QJ fr' 4, .. ' Q .'7A'o.'.lL?J:'lrwffX" 53.15-fr'1Jo" '-LQ1q':Y,?x,s 1'.fvf",,1f.l-.I ' z+5"f'ffff-."' '-'V ' ra? ra?" A-'-1'.:q'Z-el-:F-4 fa.-f:4:2?f5h" ' ' .','4 .' I t'.- ' ' ,-', ,.'. , '. '51 3 25.34315 ian'-1z'Hv.'-gulf-Q,711f'k 99?-i: 4 3 '--S3 rg5zi'f:G"5 .,fW.,-' vv'5VA.' , -'fn' -v-.PV dd' 2-v,faft:.'.+'Pf:'t-Ha.:w-stave.--. 17' MXN-'1 'A ' "' 29C-vvCib-'U -I' ' "NSA S 1 1-"P",-if jvluy '.-'-:,125.,'23121'?'-Lrfzwg,--p-5-1-X.-'-:'i'l."f.-.'l'J-3Qr1'u"2'-EL-J-'S'.,g,43 :ian V, - ,- -I' fx.:-'Sr.,5..a,N, Itvg: qx:..l:y,9k,,,:4l. irfin-nf.-131-t.-:2..1 ,j'."?.-uq'3.x'-i'L-Ui rw., ,L-, ti V git,-f..j,,'y1,,vvg, .. .-gffvn .ytly 'lima .Qin g1J.qszf,l 1 fg.L,5',L,n.--A-'gg' vu3,Q,1C,'s21', ,J-5-,.-: te. -.,,2 .g.n.. s'j . -.ue 1,..N..'.',k-5v'.-7!T'l-,I-',f' lx '.',-J7.giY'vs.--,Y .4 'hhgqq r:4"- T---,-- p..a J-s'-,f,-N fd' -tx 5-.. '-+:f:1f.'-1:-fyffgf g v 'fr' f -"Mp -'1Sf'.c.41:vl 'q.','V 5.1326 N.--'r-N," ' Q' n t fffqfr lf-.x',:1t-7:9aia:.j3,:,'u3f-3.375 7.9 25:55. Jfaig .1'5iB52....! PALQLA NELSON 7 Oak Axenue Dick . . . Third musketeer . "Don't sweat it." Girls' Cluh Exec. Board. 3: Bowling. 3: Cilee Club. 3: Re- ceptionist. 3. 'ff I PAUL NEVOSH I-12 Sherman Street Paul-Dolores . . . "Clown" . . . Hot Merc . . . "Sugar" Curtis Clan . . . "What a crew!" . . . After work . . . G.H.C. Football, l. 23 Track. 2g Dance Committee, 3: Prom Commit- tee. 5: Munet, 3. 4 r 1 n J K 'NK- .-..bQ- ,,c .4,,-1-I .,1u'--IP.-.rv .g.1S.',.n,??,'!L-, 51571.-:",'7.p,'..rJ..'-, 1 -1-?SLSglp 1'-9-Q'-1 KNO' Hf"eg"LgL, s '5',1','-lfokt JA'-1 s1'f-5151051-L req,"2f5'J"v.4l s- . -np., ,v-?,..,- ,.0.,g:- .,l-v.C,-- 5.4 ... 1 I K"'f1!,L-..,ytxv, Lg 'Sh-A.,-. 7,0 'lg1'.- "?h,-v.k..J'l,f7.',ff,l.uv4 e Q. g'J1-EE!-'JT'-' -:eafi-f -:ay 'l-.w..,w?gf my-,'.g.f1r,f 9.5-.b"La",Q1f49'0'J,fl -O' ' 'IL AVKINFKQQIDQI nlY. PAMELA NICHOLL ll5 Farrington Street Pam-"Oh, dear!" . . . Remem- ber when the popcorn popped! . . . Right? . . . Wrong? Nurses' Career Club, I, 2, 33 Glee Club. 3. . fwfr I "I TOLD you that you must use mental discipline but you just don't listen!" The cry rang loud, if a little shaky, from the portals of 405. "Of course, children, it's your book, but I can always get a new staff!!" Well, somehow the ilinching-four-plus-one staggered its way from September to June, little the worse for considerable wear. Who could tell that the pile of messy script and cropped photos would ever be a Manet? But somehow we squeezed it all between two colorful covers, and began to peddle our wares. They sold rather rapidly. because of good quality, we like to think, and not because of lack of any other edition. We like to think also that the few glowering visages we saw did not represent a quorum of opinion. It could have never been done without the coopera- tion of the five editors. We may have had our differ- ences, but we pulled in the traces together when neces- sary, and ignored the whip which we believed was administered with love for the best interests of all. History will prove the prudence of this assumption. Q ac, .4 , -J ,- at editorial staff Barbara and Bob pool ideas v--- -N, :ta + I 2 I f I-15 A -JA, if --uvxax --. -4' -a-ul-193 ' ----42 IJ Xe? ll K ' I Za rs- L. liF!j!' . ' 'f:i. ,nn 'H-. I llli' lllll -C rare niinixtcotrcl.ix.i1:ontor'-..s. Il ...c , i . ,,,- JUHN NICHOLSON ANN NICKFRSON Nl.-XRY I-il I7-XBITH NUII RRI 1 I NNRIWNIRUXI I08 Montclair Avenue 80 Newbttry Axenue 149 Ntlantic Street 1211 I Irnn.i.i,1 x lurk-Hi. Ralph . . . Paula's Vttf-v - "Jow1ies" . Hou livin Quinn stock Inns '42 I'?'.mi- '- mt, , x Dad . . . Ginger . . . Green about that'7 . . . l.l.T.DR . . , lc ne sais pas , Quiet I-mtv .. 1' I1I1.'1I2I2 Plymouth . . . The Handy Man YVhen's llomcroonf' , , , XVho'7 Q-hflNlfT1.IN Proxc it' .Ji 4 lm-Q . . . l'll get my Camera . . . . . . XVhat'7 . . . So I says ltbrarx Staff, l. Rcccptiorii R i.I-.- I X 1 ' '- Ne Secrets. Dance Committee. I. 3: V-zfirr, 33 Cilcc Club, 1 Pm-N I Www I ' f ' I Cross Country. I: Dance Com- 3: .NJ-rth Star, 3. I 4,4-, I ' -- I - x i. mittee. 3: Class Day Commit- ln ' 1 is tee. 3. 93 FW' xlib :P- 'W-.. X1 A -2 X., F YP if 4 Bill is pleased as Punch with his Patron returns 0 L1 lu' 1 CHARLOTTE OBFRC 37 Walker Street Jffewhzit. no homeroom? . .X'ir.' .. N1.Nl.C'lubl K 2 . .. H ll IH ni ni f '... Hom 1' work f' ll hufs' Illllll, Biology Club. l.31 Drumzi Club. 2: Receptionist. Z: Radio-TV. Club. l. 21 .Wmitm 3. 'lim . Q 'fx X vt, THOMAS E. O'CONNH.I. II8 Bcllewue Road Tmne--Nick's mob . . . D.L. . . . Washington trip . . . OSD. . . . Four M's , . . Hot '54 Chev. Baseball. l. 2. 3. f Af 4 5 Y,,,., John Cs mother swells the coffers for Bruce and Bill SHEILA OKEEFE 212 Highland Avenue Spzwix--Wzibbits . . . Steven5On's Hideaway '... Monday-Al's . . . Fridayvjohnsonk . . . 83. Truck Mgr.. I. 2. 3: Tri-Hi-Y. Pres.. 3: Nlunet, 3: Student Leaders. l, 2. 31 Cheerleader. 2. 3: Prom Committee, 3. patron staff GRETCHEN OLSON 20 Woodbriar Road SWl'dl'-Pillll . . . 7flf57 . . . "Smile, will y0uf"' . . . Leave me alone. Girls' Bowling. I, 2. 33 Girls' Club Exec. Board, 33 Tri-Hi-Y, '4. if -if typing staff 'S-C HMI n fi , 1 I ll I g JN Bruce A steals a purse strung duttes JANIFS P, OISON 254 Farrington Street limmv flonnnic . . . Qfllff' . . Blue Hills . . . lim . . Prom Chief . . IM I fur .N'l'l'l'F.' Prom Commuttcc. 11 Nntmnnl Honor Socictv. 2. 31 Xltrsitx Club. 3: Honor Roll. l. IL Cross Cnuntrx. 1.2: Track. 2.1 -1 L VJ- --5 mmute from f N '-. - 0- X ffl' 'x I .lfvunrtr -Hou HI. Ralph' . HRH Rmxkctlmll, l. lixcc limrtl. I advertising staff lOAXN l P-XRUNICH INHRUIHN Pl RRY DMX xl ll l V' ll M8 NVcstlfln1 'Mcnnc I2 lhxlwrrx R ul ii' N A ' K 'lvnll lhnl' . . RH! 11,1 S, -',,1 1' gm lv 'fk lf I ll lx 'Xnulmrw Xucigh t 4.1.-lg N ,t-.l,,f 1: 1 4 w - ll - t gfllllCX Nl.: N1 H R NN l' N N 1 ' W 'r ll 2. YQ Curl! Clul' ll.v.nl1m:. f, 7, IL-my t l 7. li0l"l1x'lt'0l'l1 rm'1t't'. l ' ' t-'pr t ' 1- ' Rcprcscnmtuws. I. 7. Rmslnntg Club l Ulmrf muttcc. l. I, 3 . 1. lhnqc 1 ont 1 G- fr, 2 T K I I Q ..l'f'Yx .rt , 'tl 4 l 4 -v ' I PRANCR PVTLRSONJ JOANNA PODLASKI WILLIAM S. POOLE MATTHEW J. PRINCIPE IN6 Essex 'street Warwick Street I9 Lunt Street I5 Border Street ltn likes blondes B B L mimic-Clyde . . . Goodie Pinkv-Blockbusters at Johnny's Skip-Vermont weekends . . . Hot -18 Dodge Cioodie , . . I could have danced . . . Rebels . . . The trip to Route 312 . . . Hunter . . . I-lot wouldnt give xou the sttls ill night. Maine, clarinet . . . Jay's boy. fiction Girls' Club. 31 Bowling Club, 3. Sketch Club. l. 2. Band. I. 2. 3: Munet, 33 Track, I. 2, 31 Football. lg Glee Club, 3: North Star, lg Rihe Club, 3. Q Ill' Plenty of pep with or without shakers A 2--.....s,.4..Q'f"fl"7' QA- "' 'SL J.-0 , , U ,QQ ' 6 , i . ,Y Ghenghis Khan had nothing on these red-skirted hordes who pour upon the football field with sav- age glee. "N-O-R-T-H! Fight, team, fight!" Certainly any other name would be a misnomer for this troop of Girl Shouts who would liven up a funeral if given the chance. 62 ,X g uf' 5...- Ragging it up "Who's the leader of the club that's made for you and me? . . ." Hark! The band approaches. "The Eastem Mass is rob- bing the poor, parley voo!" The band has arrived. Every Monday and Thursday. during homeroom periods. anyone can hear the "full" ensemble giving the Boston Pops a run for its money. Now and then. Mr. Ferranti's voice can be heard emerg- ing from the sweet tones: "Bruce, this is not the place for Spanish homework." Student Leader Jernegan swaps his stick of licorice for one of wood. and longhair is shed all over the stage. Moses himself would feel at home in our reeds. led by "Clem" and "Skip," Wherever the four winds blow, you can see our band doing likewise. BFRNADFTTE Ql'INl AN IFAXN If RI-'NDN XXII I I NNI RI Xi 253 Newport Avenue 'U Russell Qtrcct s Bnnuir-AI's Fried flams . . . lc'fHH1lz' - Dun N x Hot Ford , . I Frank...'If IVF' month TI R I 46 I I ff I 1 1 I I . . . ,-lriynm' for g'urn,' I7 P NI IQI R N Ik S I ibrnry Staff. I: Glee Club. 3 filer filub. I x'iIlIl'f. I I IIII' I I I ,ng 1 mixed glee club V . rf' li 4..t-,4, Tr' QHII 5 'T i i, .- guy. Q . I . Class musicians Carole and Gerry go Scheherazade 609091.- Music, music, music! This is the cry of the largest group of songbirds at North in many years. Our more serious assem- blies are happily graced by the sharps and Hats of this versatile group. Do you want classical music? Semi-Classical? Light- Popular? Popular? Go to the Mixed Glee Club. They'll grind out any tune for a nominal fee: the inner satisfaction of music well-presented. Under the watchful eye of Mrs. Newman, and clad in flowing robes that make everyone over into a smooth uniformity, they produce notes that do "soothe the savage breastf' 0051 MARGARET REDCAY tsl Walker Street PCQAQX--XVLIIRQI' Street . . . Any Iliinyfs 0.K .... 011, really . . .NDVI ,L'lll'.K'X' 1101. Glee Club. 3: Dance Commit- tee. 31 Nurses' Career Club, 3 tp ,I A .1 I 'rg yi ff I I KATHERINE F. RICHARDS 72 Holyoke Street Kathy-Hi. Alice! . . . Dave . . . I.ittle Secrets . . . lf4!3 . . Bev's other half. Nurses' Career Club. lg Recep- tionist. I. 3: Dance Committee. 2. 3: Girls' Club Exec. Board. 3: Tri-Hi-Y. 3: Cheerleader, 3. JAMES ROUGVIE 59 Belmont Street Rug-Oh, yeh . . . The silent one . . . Uh, hi.' . . . The thinker. Basketball. 3. FRANCIS SCANLAN 126 Russell Street Sunny-Francois . . . Poolroom A.C .... G.I.Q .... Moe and Bud . . . 74 . . . Weren't it? Football, l. 2, 33 Basketball, l, 2. 33 Baseball. l, 2, 3g Varsity Club, 3. t 1 'R These several female meadow- larks who like to sing just for fun augment most successfully the Mixed Glee Club itself. Under the patient baton of Mrs. New- man, the girls faithfully and dili- gently practice their do re mi's in preparation for the Festival. the Spring Concert, and community club entertainments whose suc- cess can be enhanced by the sound of young ladies' voices. FIAINF SCHAFFER 92 Turner Street Snorkel-F.W. W. Girl . . . Hardware . . . Oh. how l love Vermont . . . Quincy High . . . lucky Me. Nurses' Career Club. 2. Im Us I ,' aa. ta Z? ANN C. SFU LND 35 Shoreham Sveet The North Quincy Nightingales Stw1gNuttir:tl blonde F r smile . , . Dorchet r SS DJ ,,., I imey ' ' V Il 4 S cillnk other half 9 I Drill Team. l. I. Drum Nl -.7'W f Q ' l7iMl..i C. 31 Girls' Hun 3,3 HI-W 7' North Siu' l -A '-1 xl' "'s sing!" girls' glee club lfL.'GlfNlf SCHL'Xln'xCHl'R 26 Hunt Street firnr-Shorty . . .limmyk other hillf . . . Huw 'fvvut thai." . , . Nlikek admirer. Basketball. I. 2. 3g Hnsehnll. I. 2. 3g Student Council. Pres. 31 Varsity Club, Ii A GC. 31 Dance Committee. 1gCr.Cry..3 lfllkk' XRD xH Xl tillxl N 'll lieemm Nircct 3,"f"f QIYCCY' with 412 Nw lll l'lN Nlll l ll XX ,- - llmex Nurs' 41- M: N. -- i lh::i xx t Rl-Lf' I' ...-5 Drill ltitm ll' "' Xl f llettl 1 lt ' Numa' t rf- 1' 'X N.':1X:.,- f Kitt l EDWARD SIMPSON I5 Livesey Road FrIMWrinkled Stude . . . B.Y.A. . . . Raw-Liga . . . Encore? . . . Father knows best? Class Veep. Z: Student Coun- cil. 31 Prom Committee. 31 Varsity Club. 31 Basketball. l. 2. 31Tennis. Z. 3. - - x 2 i u I BRIAN SINCLAIR 30 Dunbarton Road Sirzc'-B.S.F.C. . . Lowesick- blues . . . B.Y.A ...., Atlas at- titude .... Amateur de Hockey National Honor Society. Z. 3: Basketball. l. 2. Mgr.. 31 Rifie Club. l. 2. Pres.. 3: .Manor 3: Tennis. l. 2. 31 Biology Club. l. 2. Veep. 3 RONALD SMART 60 Harriet Avenue Rwmie-Joan . . , Feb. l9. 1957 . . . 61 Wedgewood . . . I'm broke. '.,.. Sul! . . . Emlmrrasr- ine Sir. National Honor Society. 2. 3: Prom Committee. 3' Varsity Club. 3: Dance Committee. 3. J , . . V , . .Fu la A 1-Q On Tuesday afternoons in Room 424, our future scien- tists and biologists can be seen arduously searching for the key to the wonders of nature. Guest speakers and field trips frequently add new ideas to the individual's storehouse of knowledge. Microscopes and various other types of equipment are available to the students to facilitate the pursuit of individual projects. It is both a credit to Miss Schields and a source of pride to ourselves that such an organization as the Biology Club exists at our school, for it presents an excellent opportunity for the real student to further his knowledge. biology club L by so Ed and lreneaBiology's loving parents E ra l i . l A fiii atomic energy club T! . . .. -Xtoms for peace cience research club This past year. a new organization was instituted at North: the Science Research Club, On Wednesdas afternoons Room -124 bunes with activity as the charter members work on their particular atomic bomb plots In the process. these young researchers learn all the skills of scientific inquisition: the makine. staining. and reading of slides: bioluminescence. thc studs' of animals which produce litzht and the nature of this lieht: and photosynthesis. With all these proiects going full steam under Miss Schields it's no wonder the members have that blcary-eyed look. - l 1 fav ' .-ni. -, I., -f . 'Nail With the motto. "Bc the first kid on your block ti destroy the world." the Atomic Fnergs Club plots es rs Monday afternoon in -130. under the able direction that scientific saboteur. our ossn lineal descendant t Enrico Fermi. Mr. Rubin. The conspirators are ea ilx recognized by the fevered clicking of that CL-i tr Counter as the sadistic slipstickers look for the setr t of the unclean bomb. l l l 1 l .- . ' I Q I 'QL' g X X x 1 Al' , ... N I' i Q fxfll . S f"f7 ' ' I "Wig: do you mein you dorft know the Dewey Decimal ' s 'fl ' S:-riff, Wy' riosz of ps dorfz. but thank goodness -- 'Z , , Fil -- . . - 1 . . - X - - Niiss 5:e" - bungee gnc'-R 311 ine shelves hke the P ' 'C if B -Y AA! I-Q I 1 X" T 'w": k hi-: . -s Ns 'filtl Cf Iiflf XTX .. ' --'J -A STS GCSE Kline X C s. AKA u --ns- ,. pids. for '-red newer get our research -. tnem. :reguse on the digestike system of the se..--rNt C .Q Catalogee. pleasea yes. Lhat's right. NF 1-3' A--. .4,.k.4sx fx . A E431 before meh hour A X X -f','L S l'2" . A :fe gg L93 s1PPLE RQNALD swamz s e f sw- - s---- H Ns a-- .s , .- , .- ,..... , --, .... -' - u"" 9 , - ..,. -. . ,Ups " xi.. 7:-Seat, S-, D326 Rfzf - LQ-:ding for seme- -f E-'liA. -'gg gs T..- In- Oi ting. ' s "NNThat. then. if-ser P -3- 'Qg.g. 'ie L sc-1.1. iaste f:-::L ,1 .ish . Lecille - e Si-: si 5-1-7: -. Skit PQ'-4' V E1-Ages, Lise C: I 3 R C1-'. . Glei-C331 - "lg H: -.f- ' Vx P. Hirief:-577. Repre- Q.-4 I gl KA - ,.Ts--v - '5' -1 f , 1 'NS f . s -""ff? '5 i mail: club Every Thursday in Room 423, the sound r r of smoothly sliding slipsticks is heard as the Math Club checks figures to see whether Einstein and Newton were really right. Miss I-lorrigan does her best to re- yr , 4. pulse the attacks of these abacus addicts if A' ' on the world of Math. but they are not .4 easily convinced that l be 1 does not equal Sharpers :it figures ' -u - -1- W iw fi ty I , v if: infinity. 'una 5-W c-a KURT SWFNSON 28 Middlesex Street Rubs-Back seat . . curly . , . No. one . . . Nothing . . . "I don't care." Football. l. BARR.-XR.-K THISSVII 225 North Central :Xwcntic Burk .Wabbitx ',., 2 646 , Stcwcnsonk Hidcrmny. ,ludxk other hnlf . , BND B lf Girls' Basketball. I. 2. Prom fnmmittcc. WL Tri-Hi-Y. 7. Dance Committee. I. I. lx Homcroum Rcprcscntzitixc. T. Vurirf Show. 2 laik IORRXIYY IHOHXN NNIIIIXX1 l llNX I' Hunt Strcct "-1 Wu l X limi lftlvi U ll S I5 l If llll'lll XN l'r.itlcr "Hitt still" sn' ' 'Niircu "Hi tlicrc H N. ' Niiiscs' f'.itCCr t ltilt i. f. l .ish l'1 N mn Nltuxr, l. I, Utlitc llclpc' l N l. I V ' K l ' 1 ' '- x ' 2 g.. 4 I I' A l1,4,.,' T M3 nurses' career club ' s -.l 'I ts 5 I I. ' i 1 I 4 1 , - 1 - alt? fir I , l In the back of every Nurse's mind is the fond hope of a future ren- dezvous with some handsome doctor as love is born over the ether cone. Until that time. how- ever. the bedpan brigade must go forth and practice the healing art on unwilling and often unsuspect- ing guinea pigs. until the M.D. of their dreams says with a smile. "How'd you like to go to a real swingin' pathology party. Nurse?" Ralph and Nliss Gray: NN ho is xsrapped around whose finger? ,..c 4,1 Why not wait till these girls are capped. Al? BPX'I"RI.Y DORIS ,IANFT F, V.-XY NIETFR LINDA YALITRAIN LINDA VIATOR XUXNJ BIBBIZR l9 Hunt Street 66 Botolph Street 455 Hancock Street 139 Fayette Street Weymouth . . . Bob's . . . Hip. Lin -Cilass anyone? . . , When l.iHfl,VfUh. those WCCkCl1ds . . . t"ooLi'w4Ji'arige . . . "Feeble- hip A 4 b m!,30!f54 . . . U,S.A,F. do we eat'. '.,. Writers cramp Hi, stranger . . . "Aren't you minded' ',.. Clams . . . Nloon- . . . Nlel's bookies . . . Hot Ford, . . . XXIIVS7, clever!" glow , . . "Hi" in a whisper. Ciirls' Basketball. l. 2, 3: Bowl- Glce Club. 2: Muriel, 31 Honor filet? Club. 22 MIllIl'f. 31 Girls' Nurses' Career Club. l: Girls' ing. I. 2, 33 Girls' Club Fxeq, Roll, I. Sports. 3: Girls' Club. 3. Bttslscllilll. l. 2. 31Skeleh Clllli Bugird. 31 A-'LI11f14'1, 31 Studgnt l. 3: Honorary Member of leader. l. 2. 31 Cheerleader. 3. Womens Club. 3. S.. S5 I New .U 278.2 1 l lx 9 - 1 achers' career club no With the Junor High as their human guinea pigs. the members of the Teachers' Career Club are often found putting their pet theories into practice during homeroom and study periods. With Cyn as head- master, the girls learned the ABC's of teaching through observation and actual practice. From the initial breakfast meeting in September to the final picnic in June, the year offered much invaluable prepara- tion for these future educators of America. X-X? Nlotixatcd interet CAROLYN WALSH Fl ll.-XBFTH WAI SH RORVRI' el P W-Xl SH Dill t l Ns xx xl IN I4 Felton Street R9 Harriet Avenue 158 last Sqimntum Street Tl lwr' 'i Nvfri C'urnlhDid-TT . . . RTW . . . Hvrli-'57 Olds . . Nlinot Street Holi 'tSh"' Strong silent ll i. More llv N Randolph . . . "Made a boo- , . e lucky Strikes . . . Coke type t5r.itlu.ition Dax lr-t-.1 Am- t boo' '...' 'l'm telling." and fried clams Tons i . Quiz Kid l l Receptionist. I. 2. 3: Bowling. Guitars Nlath t'Iiil-, 1, -Xtomie lm-ret H 3: Dance Committee. 3: Girls' Girls' Club. 3. Club. 2. 1. Biol.-gi Vliib. I. Basketball. 3: Honor Roll. I. t hcss t lub. l I yu ,g-il 1 ,' . lv' 'i ' Q 3 f . ' t radio-Lv. club dramatic club "The theater is dying." wrote Richard Rogers. Not so at North! Still in its fledg- ling years, this talented group of modern Shakespeareans rollick their way through comedy and tragedy alike. "Arsenic and Old Lace" rolled on the scene in the late fall and was greeted with uproarious ac- claim. Broadway was definitely never like this? Directed by Mr. Maloof. a man whose talent is being recognized in his first enterprise. the Drama Club deftly steal each scene and make it uniquely their own. Under the directors eye ARLEENE M. WARNER I8 Channing Street SkipMDon . . . Halloween Ply- mouth . . . "Wait for me" . . . Hi. Cousin . . . Weird sister FRANCIS E. WARD I26 Wilson Avenue lfrurz--Maureen . . . 4!5!57 . 'Nothin' to worry about" . . . Hey. Tom? , . , 3!l6!4l. Basketball. I. 2. 31 Baseball. l, 2, 3: Varsity Club. 3: Dance Committee. 3. . . , B.V.G.B.P. Norzlz Star, 3: Dance Commit- rvc,31 Munt't.31 Glee Club.2.3. It has been said that radio and television are the best mass-media to be developed in years, and these disciples of the vacuum tube, directed by Miss McConarty with Bruce Nordstrom as their president, are wasting no time in filching a hefty chunk of that experience for themselves. Once a year. they invade the facilities of WJDA and emanate a little for experience and try their hand at commercial broadcast- ing. Possibly they should concentrate their efforts in eliminating the TV commercial A-that would indeed be a service to man- kind worthy of an Emmy. CAROLE WATERMAN 283 Billings Street The "Fieldsie" girls . . . Al's root beer. . . 712157 . . .Cape Cod promise. Drill Team. I: Drum Majorette. 2. Head. 3: Student Leader. 2. 31 Tri-Hi-Y. 2, 3: All Group Council, 33 Prom Usher. 2. MARGARET WATSON 37 Webster Street Peggy-Short duck gone . . Major fall from minor.. Caught in the Web. Biology Club. I, 2, 33 Basket ball. l, 2, 3: Honor Roll, l Boating and Sailing Program 35 Bowling, 3. . lic, I sketch club Sh-h-h! We mustn't disturb the artistic temoerament of the future Van Goghs and Al Capns. These mural maniacs will abstractly bedeck anything in sight and have no qualms about the creation of six- foot snowmen and bigger Yakoos. Under the expert brush of Anne Sawitsky. the creations that roll out of 329 are real art. Anyone interested in a Hat in Green- wich Village? Class artists Bill and Stephanie hold a privatt exhibition Q. J 'x J No" 'zz N i- 'wa A -, -. X X in Rx V Q' X gully 47, P --N 4 i .lf -1. A ' Nix ? r 30- ' ' Q-A . vi ""' Af. 4' Q ,' - fl,'fll ..fg,.f f ' .- ffl! I ' . ,- ff is ' A BURTON VVHFFLOCK l97 Arlington Street Dm--fBriefcase. slide rule, and gyp sheet . , . Rats . . . Bounce it off the atmos. Biology Club, l. 33 Atomic En- ergy Club. 2. 31 Chess Club. Ig German Club, 33 Math Club. Pres.. 31 National Honor Socie- ty. 2. PRISCILISA WHERTY 35 Gladstone Street "Mailman come yet'." . . . S.S.D.J .... Patil , . . FINAST smile .... 'Xnnk other half. Drill Team, I. 2: Drum Major- ette, 31 Bowling. Vice Pres.. 21 Nurses' Career Club. l, 2: Tri- T Hi-Y, 2. 3. .IOANNE MARIE WHITE -H Buckingham Road Joe-FINAST smile . . . Oh, yeah? . . . "Sure. I will" . . . 'l'.G.I.F.--O.H.l.Nl. 2. 3. Girls' Club Exec. Board. 31 Girls' Bowling, 2. 3: Teachers' Career Club. Sec., I. 2. 3: Re- ceptionist. 3. RN. I i 1 ,l vi J i l.! recepiionisis RONALD WILLNER 37 Bayberry Road Willy-Drags at Sanford. Charlestown . . . Hot Rod Maga- zine . . . Hot Ford . . . Nailed OUI. Band. l. 2g Tennis. I. S Barbar WOODROW WILSON 326 Atlantic Street Woody-Hot minx monster Striped top . . . Y pipes . . . Cap'rs . . . WNIMJX F.N.S. Amateur Radio Club. 3. 7 Z1 S yet "May I help you?" The sentries take their posts. The Junior High looks at them with scorn, while the seniors think of the poor girl who must be nice to everyone and still get the ol, homework done for next period. Just once they would like their opening question answered: 4'No, thank you, I'm just brows- ingfl tour of duty HERBERT WOOD 735 South Franklin Street . Herb-Ford . . . Syndicate . . . Third prom . . . Sports . . . . Wild weekends . . . Student nurses. Student Council. lg Prom Com- mittee. 33 Basketball, l. 21 Var- sity Club, 33 Class President, 2g All Group Council, Pres., 3. W, 1, . 1 -If X' I '- iii' YN 1 ffl Marksmanship medalists Lights out! Start 'er up! The Motion Pic- ture Operators' Club rolls into action again! Under the able direction of our own Mike Todd, Mr. Gentry, these boys learn the reel skills of motion picture op- eration. However, their assistance is in- valuable to teachers, who are able to make class work more bearable through the use of visual aids. The influence of these people extends even into the ob- scure hierarchy of the Student Council. who team up with the M.P.O.C. to pre- 12X 'NX I' N2-x' .A gd rf sent entertaining and educational films to the students at assemblies. ALLAN YACUBIAN 235 Beach Street Ym'-The nose knows . . . Caught in the Web . . . BilI's best boy '... Monsieur Money- bags. Class Treasurer. 3: Football. l. 2. 3: Varsity Club. Pres.. 32 North Star. 3g Muriel. 3. rifle club A car pulls to a halt in a darkened school- yard. A group of armed figures slink out into the night. A murmur arises as a door creaks open. and darkened forms file in- side. A moment later. lights flash on. Cracks of rifle fire break out. No. it's not an invasion. it's the North Quincy High Rifie Club practicing in the basement of the Squantum School. Nlr. Burgess and his riflemen tgirls. tool will pit their skills against any foolhardy challenger. lfxen Wyatt Earp and Annie Oakley pale before these sharpshooters. S O 9 'C 'Q iw f llllq Nfr ti lectures on sound control JOHN YOUNG IUNN 7-NtiNRl'll -X lib lantlstloxxne Street Nl' llmssood Menue ll'hilir Corners up . . Pre- loan Toni lritlax night bedtime nap . . . Sports . pizzas lllit' ll l' Sailing . . Food. l'.iul.i's other bill l-ll ll Tennis, 2. 3. Biology' Club. l. Cvirls' lloulitig. I I, tittls' h Basketball. 21 Math Club. ll tlul' fixes lloartl. 1, llasket y Dance Committee. 2. Yarsitx ball. l. I. lliiiee tionmiittee. Club. 33 llonor Roll. l. I l. 2, 1. Nkcteli t lol- I, f. tilcc 1 tltib, l, - 'V :YV mul r. fi 40 X lllllN bl' 3 'I L K lri-hi-y Every lN1ontlav evening at the new Y, 45 enthusiastic girls can he found planning a new Tri-Hi-Y activity. Whenever these girls put their heads together. you can he sure the result is worth waiting for. This year held a first for Tri: the December semi-formal put on in collaboration with the Yarsitv Cluh Along with the fun. however. the aim of Tri is never forgot- ten: "to create. maintain. and extend throughout the home. church. and com- munitv. high standards of Christian char- acter." With that atlmirahle ideal in mind. the girls plan and present each activity with the utmost success. semi-formal - Ja 1100 Herb and Sheila, fun-loving prexies These are the male counterparts of the YWCYXR Tri-Hi-Y. them. their em- phasis is on relaxation and community service. Results? Pure eniovment gleaned from activities ranging from splash parties to community projects? J. '4' 'ST HELEN E. HOLLAND January 26. I9-10 - August 25. 195 IN MEMORIAM DAVID SHAPIRO March 8. I9-ll - January I2, I95 Q. 1 .. aw 1 I K ,,0.- Nloxt athletic: Dottie Bruton. lim Baldwin Nlost courteous: Herh Wood. Buffi Christie L1-Q ' ' l l ,..s '51 that J 1 . l' ful- Ea. Class inseparables: Joan Zagarella. Tom Morrissey l -i l . itjir , fr 1 , Class wits: Al Yacuhian. Jeanne Brennan -J QW L Class individualists: Frank Hussey. Charlotte Oberg ,,- ff' 1' -' I-QQ 5. f .ify"" 5 " . . ' 1 4. I 9, fav!" 21,-5' 'Q ,C ,444 , - 7 Ifm. -2175 Most popular: Jim Baldwin, Sheila O'Keefe ' 1 l 1 i l l l - Ov in--.I YW' ,Q E?"-N """"?E'1 Most versatile: Sheila O'Keefe. Jim Baldwin ? Best looking: lim Baldwin. Judy Doyle Nlmt wphixticnlctlo Ronnie 9n1.m'. lagtln Xlizrph Nloxt dcpcndziblci Cicnc Ychiznmclwcr. t .role N Nlt Best dzinccrxz Hcrli Wood. lnitc Xlgl :ntl Quictcxti Bob Xllilxh. l intl.i X'.it:tr.1in Mt lmiincwliltci Hub Cictltlc-. Nliltlmul Nl-N-xii Best all-around: Sheila O'Kccfc. lim Baldwin Bent drewcd: Tom Nlorrkwcy. Gall MacDonald Optinuxts: Bot' l'll:xil1.ivlwtZCUlXCTg films QCDIIISCNQ H.irl'.ir.i Nrtlzni, Hmm Sinillz' I2 J fi 6 gif? WY'7Z9 ,dbx 1 4 QAHQJQQADVERTISING N 4. I-'Q in 9 A A, -1, 'fl XO 'Nl 1 IISFIHI CUSTUM ---Ulll' best advertising fOr over 20 Years -' A549 X Y ,,g.-, L- K . . and with our lqyzl rupporterf. . . 4- 1- '- In September the for ourselves: "The to be you, the class ent, and future." staff and I set a goal 1958 Mane! is going of 1958-past, pres- And it was my job to make that goal the reality that you now hold in your hands. I could never have done it alone. It was only with the help of many people that the challenge was met and the goal achieved. And so to Mr. John Hofferty, our experienced faculty adviserg to Mr. James Bleiler, our ace photographer, to Mr. Roswell Farnham, the voice of Keller Press, to Miss Esther Morrison and Mrs. Sally Hannon, our bankers, to our Staffs - Editorial, Advertising, Patrons, and Typing, to Bob, Bruce, Bill, and Bruce, my indispensable co-workers, and finally to you, my classmates, I say, "Thank you and God bless you!" bmdafw-f 5. 0 0 Editor-in-chief we can never thank you enou lo Mrs. Fred J. Abbot Mrs. F. G. Acker Mrs. Martha Acorn Miss Janet .Adams '54 Mr. Richard Adams Mrs. Virginia Adams Mr. Har.y M. Agnew Mrs. Jean Alberti Mr. and Mrs. George R. .Alexander Mrs. Barbara Alisee Mr. and Mrs. George Allen Miss Patricia Andrews Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Anglem Anonymous Mr. A. J. Archambault Mrs. T. C. .Archibald Mr. and Mrs. John A. Ardini Mr. Adna .Armstrong Mr. James Armstrong. Jr. '48 Miss Connie Ashland Mr. G. Fred Ashworth Mr. Lloyd C. Atkinson Mr. Robert I.. Atkinson Mr. Mallory M. Atwater Mrs. Ethel I-. Atwood Miss Linda Ayer '57 Mr. Gilbert Axberg Mr. Joseph Baker Mrs. Raymond Balch Mrs. Mary Baldwin Mrs. Charles Balkam Mr. and Mrs. William R. Ballou Miss Rebecca I-. Barnett Mrs. Bernard Barrows Mr. B. J. Beagle Mr. and Mrs. Edwin J. Beck Mrs. Mrs. Joseph Beck Mrs. Mr. Joseph Belanger Mrs. Miss Mary Benami Mr. Mr. James A. Beninati. Sr. Mrs. Mr. Joseph I.. Bernasconi Mr. Mr. Oscar Bernier MrS. The Berry Twins Mr- Mrs. Ralph Bevans Mrs. Mrs. Margaret Bienkowski Mr. Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Biggs Dr. Miss Doris Biggs '53 Mr. Miss Ruth Biggs '56 Mr. Edward A. Burke Eugene Burke John E. Burke and Mrs. John G. Burke Walter F. Burke Howard Burns Ellen Butts John F. Callahan. Jr. '56 Thomas J. Callahan William H. Callahan and Mrs. Donald E. Callar Colin James Campbell and Mrs. James Campbell Mr. Gordon Billard The Ciipfcfll Family N1r,J0hn E, Birnie Mr. Clyde Carlson Mr. Robert E. Blair '53 Mr. Frank Caruso Mr. and Mrs. Edward Blampied Mr. and Mrs. Frank S. Casey. Jr. Mr. William Borden Miss Geraldine Chabot Mr. M. Bosch Mr. Romeo J. Chabot Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Bostwick Mrs. Romeo J. Chabot Miss Lgrrainc Boyajian Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Chandler Mr, Walter Boyd Mr. Donald Chapman Miss Lorraine Boyden Mrs. Chase Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bradley Mr. and Mrs. Francis B. Chetwynd Mrs. William Bradley Miss Theresa tBubblesJ Chetwynd Mr. and Mrs. Bernard J. Braudis Mrs. Donald Chickering Mr. Charles S. Breasole Mrs. Charles S. Breasole Mr. Mr. Dr. James Brennen William H. Bright and Mrs. James C. Brudno Mrs. Roy T. Bruton Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Roy T. Bruton, Jr. and Mrs. David T. Bryer Maurice L. Bryer Mr. Mr. Mr. Donald F. Christie James F. Clapp, III and Mrs. Alfred F. Clark Miss Ann Clark '54 Mr. and Mrs. George M. Clark Mr. Tommy Clark Mr. and Mrs. T. Clasby Miss Pearl-Ellen Clayman Mr. Samuel Clayman 82 Mr. Paul Clement Miss Edith M. Cleveland '57 Mrs. George Clisham Miss Helen Cluett '53 Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. A. F. Clyde and Mrs. Albert R. Cobb and Mrs. Newton Cochran Arthur L. Cody Dennis Coffey Joseph Coghan and Mrs. Donald J. Cohen Miss Joy Cohen Miss Jean Colewell '57 Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. John J. Colligan Richard Collins and Mrs. Ronald Colwell Edward Condon Joseph Connolly Mrs. Margaret Connolly Mrs. Arthur Cook Miss Florence Cook '57 Mr. Mr. Robert Y. Cook and Mrs. Stewart Cooper Miss Margaret Cooper '57 Mrs. William Costello Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Couillard Mrs. Samuel Coulter Mrs. Charles Courtney Mrs. F. W. Courtney Miss Jane Cowee Mr. Mr. Richard Crawford Robert J. Crawford Mrs. Gilbert Crofts Miss Louise Cronin '57 Mrs. Crozier Mr. and Mrs. Cummings Mr. Arthur F. Curran Mr. Ralph Curran Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Curry Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Curry, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John P. Curry Mr. David Curtin Mrs. A. G. Dahlquist Miss Carol Davidson '57 Mr. Harry L. Davidson Mrs. John F. Davidson Miss Barbara Davis Mr. Harry Dawson Mrs. Betty Tirrell Day '45 Miss Barbara Day '56 Mrs. Dorothea Day Mr. and Mrs. John J. Day Mr. Stephen H. Day '42 Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Dean, Jr. Mr. Bob Dean Mr. and Mrs. William Dearing Mr. Walter Deiss '40 Mrs. Al Deprey Mr. David DeSchamp Mrs. Marie J. Desmond Mr. Robert Deware Mr. Ronald DeYoung '60 Mr. Robert Dickman Mrs. Henry Dienst Mrs. Mary Dillon Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Dingwell and Family Mr. Dolan Mrs. Betty Dolan Mr. James Donnelly Mr. James Donovan Mr. and Mrs. Lewis B. Doten Mr. and Mrs. Albert Doyle and Family Mr. Edward Doyle Mr. James C. Doyle '53 Mrs. Joseph F. Doyle Mrs. Raymond Doyle Mr. Albert Drake '57 Miss Margaret Drake '56 Miss Marjorie Drew '57 Mrs. Adelaide T. Durkin Miss Elizabeth Durkin '54 Mr. Mark Durkin Miss Rosemary Durkin Mr. Thomas Dwyer Mrs. William Edmonds Mr. Walter Edwards Miss Terry Mae Ellis Mr. William S. Ellsworth Mrs. Martha Emanuel Mr. Kenneth Emerald Miss Doris H. Erickson Mr. Emest G. Evans Miss Joan Evans '56 Mrs. Philip Fabrizio Mr. and Mrs. William Fahey Mr. and Mrs. A. Faiella Miss Ethel Fallon Mr. and Mrs. J. Fallon Mr. and Mrs. Felix Favorite Miss Madeline Fay Mrs. E. L. Ficks Mr. and Mrs. James Field Mrs. Lois Finch Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Finn Mr. Richard B. Finn. Jr. Mrs. William Finnell Mrs. Thomas Fisher Mrs. Roy Fitzgerald Mr. Martin Flaherty Mr. Richard Flaherty Mrs. Ruth Flanagan Mr. and Mrs. James Flate Rev. Floyd O. Flemming Mrs. F. Flukes Mrs. Daniel Flynn Mr. and Mrs. Henry Flynn Pvt. Paul Flynn, U.S.M.C. Mrs. Robert Fogo Mrs. Emery Fontaine, Sr. Miss Elizabeth Fontaine '56 Miss Barbara Foster, U.S.N. Mr. Donald Frazer Mr. and Mrs. Ralph S. Frazier Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Fredericksen Mrs. Estagrache Frieb Mrs. H. A. Friedenberg Mr. and Mrs. Norman E. Froggatt Mr. Rocco Fusco Mr. and Mrs. Charles Galvin and Family Master Ebony Gallant Mr. Chandler K. Garland Mrs. Chandler K. Garland Miss Judith Garran '57 Miss Donna Gibson Mr. and Mrs. Leon Gibson Mrs. Louise Gladwin Mr. Charles Glover Mr. Mark W. Gobbi Mrs. Blanche Kelley Golden Miss Carole Golden The Golemis Family Mr. and Mrs. Earl A. Gordon Miss Mary Jo Gordon Mrs. Graham Mrs. Leo Graham Grammy Mr. James P. Grant Mr. Jim Grant '60 Miss Pauline Gray Mrs. Thomas E. Green Mrs. Darby A. Greene Rev. and Mrs. Frank E. Greene Miss Mary Greene '57 Mr. William F. Greene Miss Susan Greenfield Mr. Frederick Greenlaw Mr. Bob Gregory '57 Mr. Herbert Griffin Mr. Douglass Grutchfield '57 Mr. Edward H. Gurwitch Miss Grace Hall Miss Margaret Hall Mr. Roy Hall Mrs. A. H. Hansen Mr. Robert W. Harding Mrs. Howard Harding Mr. William Harmon Mr. Richard Hart Mr. Clark Hartford Lt. David C. Harvey Mrs. Grace Harvey Miss Roberta Harvey Mr. and Mrs. T. Harvey Mrs. Georgina Hawkes Mr. and Mrs. Hazelhurst Mrs. Margaret Hemieon Mr. D. Hemingway Miss June Hendry '38 Mr. John F. Herlihy. Jr. Mrs. Lydia P. Hersey Mrs. Kathryn E. Hickey Mrs. Alexander L. Hill Mrs. Edward C. Hill Mr. and Mrs. Chester Hobart Mrs. Bee Holmes Miss Louise Horton Mr. and Mrs. Philip Horton Mr. and Mrs. John Houston Mrs. John Houston Mr. and Mrs. Robert Howell Mrs. Howell Mr. and Mrs. John S. Huber. Jr. Miss Mary Jane Humphrey Miss Rita Hurlburt '55 Mr. George Hurley Mr and Mrs. Norman P. Hurley Mr. and Mrs. Frank D. Hussey Mr. Arthur J. Hutchins Mr. Joseph A. llacqua Miss Margaret Ann Irvine Mr. and Mrs. R. ltri Mr. and Mrs. John W. Jackson Mr. Robert Jackson Mrs. Charles Jaehnig Miss Bonnie Jaeger '59 Mrs. George Jakub Mr. and Mrs. Bradford C. Jemegan Mrs. lvor Johanson Mr. Olaf Johnsen Miss Beverly Johnson Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Johnson Mr. Neal Jones Mrs. Thomas F. Jones Miss Evelyn Jordan Mrs. Julia Juodis Miss Sally A. Keane '57 Mr. Frank J. Keams Mrs. Audrey Kiough Mr. Lloyd Keefe Mrs. Nancy Keefe Mrs. Charles Keegan ' Mr. Paul Kelley Miss Margaret Kelliher Miss Emma Kelly Miss Margaret Kelly Miss Jean Kemno Mr. George R. Kenney Mr. Chester Kirby Miss June Knight '5l Mrs. Richard J. Koch Mrs. Koesters Mr. Bill Kondey Mr. and Mrs. Paul LaBreque Mr. and Mrs. Arvid H. Lagh Mr. Edwin lLoverl Lambert Mr. and Mrs. W. Edwin Lambert Miss Ellen Lamie Mrs. Wilson Lang Mrs. A. L. Langille Mr. Frank tTinyl Langille Mr. and Mrs. Earl Lantery Mr. Frederick Larkin Mr. and Mrs. George Larkin Mr. Bernard LaR0chelle Mr. Richard Latch Mr. John Largey Mr. Bemard W. Larracey Mr. John Larson Mr. Bernard Lawlor Capt. C. A. Lawson Mr. Clarence Leahy Mrs. Burton Leavitt Mr. Albert A. LeBlanc Mr. and Mrs. Lemv Leighton. Jr. Miss Doris Arlene Leith Mr. George J. LeMieux Mr. B. Lessieux Mr. Philip H. Levine Mrs. Joseph Lewis Mrs. William Lewis Mr. Fred Lindbom Mr. Charles Linnehan Misa Louisa Lipsett Mr. and Mrs. C. Everett Lister Mr. George Little 'Little Richard' u 83 Mr. Richard Lombard Mrs. Karl Longmire Miss Rose Mary Lucci Mr. and Mrs. K. J. Lunna Mrs. Nathan Lutch Mr. John A. Lynch Mr. John Lyon Mrs. John Lyons Mr. James MacAleer Miss Dorothy MacDonald Mr. Walter F. MacDonald Miss Anna MacEachern Mr. John MacEachem Miss Jean M. MacGregor Mr. John MacKenzie Mrs. MacKinnon Mrs. Allen MacLeod Mrs. R. M. MacLeod Mr. and Mrs. Russell MacLeod Mrs. Joseph A. MacRitchie Mrs. Charles Mahoney Mrs. Margaret Mahoney Mr. Paul Mahoney Mr. John Malmgren Miss Gigatina Mamilosi Mr. Edward Mann '52 Mr. Robert Mann '56 Mr. Robert B. Manning Mr. and Mrs. Reno Marini Mrs. Dorothy Mamell Mrs. A. F. Marsters Miss Ann Martin Mrs. Gay Marx Mrs. Mathews Mrs. Margaret McBride Mr. Chuck McCall Mr. and Mrs. McCarthy Mr. and Mrs. F. L. McCausland Mr. . . . . ss and Mrs A F McClean Mi Marilyn McConville Mr. and Mrs. J. F. McCormick. Jr Miss Katherine McCoy Mrs. Marian McCuin Miss Edith M. McGee Mrs. Francis P. McGee Mr. Joseph McGillicuddy Mrs. Russell M cGue Mr. Alexander McHoul Mr. and Mrs. James R. McHoul Mrs. Barbara Goode McLaughlin Mr. and Mrs. Peter McMahon Misses Anna and Mary McNally Mr. John McNulty Mr. and Mn. Mr. and Mrs, Mr. David F Cpt. Gregory U.S.M.C. Mr. Gregory Mrs. Mildred Mrs. Francis Mr. and Mrs. Mr. Richard Mr. and Mrs Donald McPherson Joseph T McWeem Meagher Meagher. Jr Meagher. Sr Melden J Nlelealx Theodore Melsh Menslage K Nlttrtll Mr. George Merrill Mt. Robert Merrill Mm Alice M ever '61 Mrs Fltnor Mover Mr and Mrs lawrence l Mover Mau Millie Mtldmm Nlr Chester H Miller Mm Frances Miller Mr and Mrs Richardl Miller Mr Richard Miller. Jr Mr and Mrs John Mini Mrs Marie Mitchell Mr George Morvdv '54 Mr. James Slowly' I Miss Florence Mooers Mr. James Mooney Mr. Richard T. Mooney Mr. Howard Moore Mr. Moore Mr. and Mrs. Roy Morrell and Family Mr. and Mrs. O. J. Morriss Mr. Arthur Morrissey Miss Katherine B. Morrissey Mrs. Mary Luce Morrissey- VEEP-'47 Mr. T. J. Morrissey Mr. Jonathan Morse Mr. Charles F. Mosman Miss Eileen E. Mullen '50 Mrs. John J. Mullen Mr. James P. Mulroy Miss Mary Ellen Mulroy Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Mulroy Miss Carol Murdock Miss Linda G. Murdock Mr. Charles F. Murphey Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth F. Murphy Mrs. Nancy G. Nagle Miss Barbara Neil Mr. Alf. F. Nelson Mr. and Mrs. Gordon F. Nelson Miss Joan Nelson '56 Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Miss Pat Nelson Mr. Walter Newman Mr. Robert W. Newton Mr. and Mrs. G. K. Nickerson, Sr. Miss Diane Nicholl '63 Miss Pamela Nicholl '58 Mr. Herbert Noel Mr. J. Frank Nolan, Jr. Mr. Joseph R. Nolan Mr. and Mrs. Victor R. Nordstrom Miss Kathy Norris '57 Mrs. Doris H. Oberg Mr. Rudolf O. Oberg Miss Janet O'Brion Mr. William J. O'Connell Mr. Alex Ogilvie '56 Mr. William Ohrenberger Mr. and Mrs. John C. O'Keefe Mrs. Arthur Olson Mrs. George Olson Mr. James R. Olson Mr. Edward O'Neill Mrs. Helen O'Rourke Mrs. Marjorie Page Mrs. Russell Page Mr. M. H. Paige t Mr. and Mrs. James A. Painten Mr. Paul Painten '56 Mrs. Josephine M. Paronich Mr. Fletcher W. Partridge Mr. and Mrs. Payson . Mrs. Saul Pearlstein Mr. Stewart Perrin Mr. and Mrs. Donald Peterson Mr. F. T. Peterson Mrs. O. Peterson Mr. Russell Peterson Mr. John Pettepit Mr. Joe Phelan Mrs. Paul Phillips Miss Andrea Popoli Mr. James Powers '56 Mr. Michael Prato Mrs. Agnes Purcell Mrs. Thomas Quinn Miss Anne Marie Rabbitt Mr. Edward C. Radcliffe Mrs. Agnes Radley Mr. Ken Rae '57 Mrs. Clarence Ralph Mrs. D. Rantuccio The A. K. Redcay Family Mr. and Mrs. A. V. Redcay Mr. Frank Redmond Mr. Raymond Reichel Mr. and Mrs. William R. Reid Mrs. Mary Richards Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Richards Mr. Fred Richardson Miss Dorothy Riordan Mrs. Edmund Rioux '38 Mrs. Ethel M. Roach Mrs. Austinia Ruccuzzo Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rougvie Mrs. Charles Rubino Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rubino Mr. Clark Rubino Mrs. Doris Ryder Miss Genevieve Ryder '57 Mr. Paul W. Sadlier Mr. Abraham Sakolove Mrs. David Salomon Mr. William A. Salvucci Mrs. C. F. Sargent, Jr. Miss Gladys Serafinelli Mrs. Nina Scanlan Mrs. Helen Scanlon Mr. Emmanuel G. Schembari Mr. Dick Schiano Miss Patricia Schumacker '56 Mrs. Emily C. Schwaner Mr. and Mrs. Carl Seaberg The Robert Sealund Family Mr. Lloyd Seaman Mr. Herman Seppala Mr. M. Shauffer Mrs. Lawrence T. Sheehan Mrs. Thomas Sheehan Mr. Clayton A. Sheppard Mr. Stephen Silva Mr. and Mrs. Silvio Silvestri Mr. and Mrs. Harold Simpson Mr. Sinclair Mr. and Mrs. Sipple Mr. Francis Skerry Mr. Sidney Sloshberg Mr. Alan Smith Mrs. Franchette Smith Miss Gloria J. Smith Mr. Raymond F. Smith Mrs. Vincent Smith Mrs. Anna F. Smyth Mr. A. G. Soderberg Mr. Alfred Sorensen Mrs. Arthur Sorensen Mrs. E. Sowerby Mr. Paul Stanton Mrs. Mildred Steele Mr. Frederic E. Sterritt Miss Lois Stevens '57 Miss Dianna Stevenson '57 Mr. Donald E. Stevenson '56 Mr. and Mrs. Fred Stevenson Mr. Benjamin Stewart The Thomas'Stockton Family Mr. Ralph Stoddard Mr. F. C. Stone Mr. Fred Strobel Mr. Lloyd Strout Mr. Joseph L. Sturtevant Mr. Rayrnond T. Sullivan, Jr. Mrs. Rose M. Sullivan 'Mr. L. Suttill Mr. Edward Swindler Mrs. Kenneth B. Taft Mrs. Thomas Talbot Mr. Nicholas Tamasco Mr. Edward W. Tasney Mrs. V. Taylor Mrs. John Teed Mr. and Mrs. Ernest F. Terrell Miss Bernice A. Thissell Mr. and Mrs. William R. Thissell Mr. and Mrs. Elmer A. Thomas Mr. R. Donald Thompson Miss Marjorie Thompson Mr. Stanley Tibbetts Mr. and Mrs. Fred Tinney Mrs. Walter Toczko Mr. John Tompkins, Jr. '57 Mr. and Mrs. Horace Turner Mr. Gordon Urann Miss Katherine Vallas '56 Mr. Malcolm Van Bibber Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Vautrain Mr. Arthur Vautrain, Jr. Miss Karen Vautrain '57 Mrs. Raymond Veilleux Mr. and Mrs. Albert Viator Miss Linda Mae Viator '58 Mr. and Mrs. William H. Viator Mr. Henry Vierkant Mrs. R. J. Vigneault Miss Marjorie Vlass Mrs. Walbridge Miss Diane Walker '53 Miss Lillian Waltman Mrs. E. F. Ward Mr. and Mrs. Francis E. Ward Mr. and Mrs. T. F. Warner, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Waterman Mrs. George Watson Mrs. James Watson Mr. James Watson '54 Mr. Byron Weber Mr. Don Weber '53 Mr. Joseph G. Welch, Sr. Mr. John H. Westerbeke Mr. Harry L. Wheater Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Wheaton, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Burton H. Wheelock Mr. Cleveland Wheelock Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Wherty Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Whitcomb Miss Nancy White '56 Mrs. Thomas J. White Miss Sandra L. Whitney '56 Mr. George H. Whittum Mr. and Mrs. Albert B. Wight Dr. and Mrs. James Will Miss Shiela Williams Mr. Carl Wilner Mr. Robert H. Wills Mr. and Mrs. Gregory M. Wilson Mr. Don Willy '52 Mrs. Joseph L. Wingate Mrs. Charles Wood Miss Jackie Wood Miss Carol L. Wynott Mr. and Mrs. Frederick W. Young Mr. and Mrs. Linwood B. Young Mrs. John Youngworth Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Zagarella Best Wishes to Closs of '58 North Quincy High Compliments of from A FRIEND Class of '58 Quincy High 84 ,n'-1: 11- - +-l- - TUXEDO RENTAL SHOPS Soufh Sl1ore's Largesf srocnc or FORMAl WEAR 0 DRESS SUITS 0 CUTAWAYS 0 TUXEDOS 0 OXFORD JACKETS 0 SUMMER FORMALS 0 DARK SUITS FOR FUNERALS 0 BOY'S FORMAL WEAR X fuer? Suif .S,anifizea!in Our 0440, mfg Chaning pfanf jar .SZL of IZMJ GR anit 2-6510 17 QUINCY AVE.. QUINCY OPPOSITE CENTRAL FIRE STATION PRESIDENT PRESS PRINTERS TOT Adams Street Quincy, Massachusetts A FRIEND 67 HANCOCK ST. ATLANTIC, MASS. :ull gui gif 'ggi li! uh 3: ,Ju P El FTW JF M' lji 211 9:3 H urs-su Q. ff? NORTH WALKS ON HARRY'S SHOES Compliments of Mrs. Alice Mitchell scHooL caMMirrEEwoMAN BEST WISHES DAIRY FREEZE 645 Adams St. Quincy Ice Milk-Low Calorie-High Nutrition Sundaes, Cones, Frappes, Sodas 86 I Compliments of Compliments of Dowd's Liquor Store FASHION QUALITY CLEAN ERS 66 Billings Road Public Parking Area GR 2-5352 PR 3-9241 RICH'S TAXI SERVICE 3 Billings Road North Quincy 7l, Mass. 24 Hour Radio-Taxi 8- Limousine Service Special Rates Arranged for Groups, Clubs, and Parties Be Healthy By Drinking Our Pure Rich Milk CLOVERLEAF DAIRY CO. Of Quincy, Moss. 83 Dysart St. Tel. PR 3-0934 Mgr. Pot Foherty Prop. Morgoret M. Foherty Serving Quincy, Weymouth, Braintree, Milton, Hinghom, Randolph YOUR HEALTH IS OUR BUSINESS" H. P. HOOD RT Compliments of The Ckms of 1958 Telephone: MA 9-5272 CHINA STAR 8 CHINESE-AMERICAN RESTAURANT Plumbing 81 Heating COCKTAIL LOUNGE 676 Hancock Street Open Daily-ll:30 A.M. to 3:00 A.M. North Quincy 71, Mass. Orders Put Up to Take Our GRanite 2-5468 Estimates Furnished Air Condmoned for Your Comlorl Special Luncheon-I I:30 - 2:30 I05 SEA STREET Quincy, Mass. KARL'S AUTO BODY REPAIR CO.. Inc. 23 eneersiwoao AVENUE Wollaston, Massachusetts ACCIDENT WORK and INSURANCE APPRAISING GRanite 2-8l00 Congratulations and Best Wishes To The Class of 1956 Fox and Hounds Grill Quincy, Massachusetts GR 2-2070 FLOWERS? Walter J. Hannon Ray, Tire Co. U. S. Royal Tires - Miller Tires 94 Washington St, . . Q nc ,Mo Exide Batteries U' Y ss Retail and Wholesale N0'l0l' C"0'99 Pic' Am ff c Recapping - Vulcanizing - Road Service Store Residence 495 Hancock Street Quincy 70, Mass. GR 7-Wm MA 94377 89 Compliments of The Class of 1959 Congratulations to the CLASS OF '58 SWIFT and BACIIMAN, INC YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD IMPERIAL, CHRYSLER and PLYMOUTH DEALER 330 HANCOCK STREET NORTH OUINCY, MASSACHUSETTS 90 HAll EQUIPMENT COMPANY - Serving The Petroleum Industry - 'k QUINCY 70. MASSACHUSETTS PR 3-6749 Congratulations and Best Wishes NORTH QUINCY Junior High P. T. A. We try to build BETTER Homes BETTER North Quincy High BETTER Communities by Parent-Teacher Cooperation Donald C. Beach-Pres. Mrs. Paul E. Crowley-Vice-Pres. Mrs. Joseph E. Sullivan-Recording Sec Mrs. Bernard W, Larracey-Cowes. Sec Mr. David S, Rubin-Treas, A QUINCY MOTOR CO., INC. Sales 1 Service B5 Quincv Avenue South Shore s Olaes' cnc Li 0 FORD DEALER PR 3-6500 LECD CARR Pres JP" fs T'PC1 Francis M. Sweeney Richard T. Sweeney cgwaeney Bzofgau HOME FOR FUNERALS QUINCY WATCH AND CLOCK REPAIR SERVICE IIIIIS G. IIIIIISIYIIE euazcxfmcm I INDEPENDENCE AVENUE Telephong TI Parking Wqy nz. GRnnite 2-6344 QUINCY 69, MASS. Mhnower 9-7990 Quincy' Mau- BRAINTREE CORNERS PR 3,6450 JOE GRAZIO, ,,,,,,,, cnmggg RESTAURANT CU 6-3939 Electronic Eng'r. COCKTAIL LOUNGE WE CATER TD WEDDINGS SPECIAL DINNER8 BANUUETS SERVING CHINESE 6 AMERICAN FOODS DANCING EVERY THIJRS. FRI. SAT. NIGHTS Drum DAILY FIOM 3 P.ll. 'ro 1 A,u. BUNDAYI, Houonrs Fnou 1 lu. Toi Am. All Orders Are Carefully Pu? Up fo Tale Our Phone VI 3-2045 lralntru, Man. IOIIEOI 12'-37 Mobile Radio-TV Service Co. Television - Radio - Phonographs Days, Nites, Sundays and Holidays 255 BEALE STREETI' QUINCY 69, MASS. An.ANnc Moron Ssnvlcs TIP O Nam AND LOU PENZO Tn. GRANITE 2-8199 45 ATLANTIC STREET P. O. BOX 23, NORTH QUINCY 71, MASS. GENERAL AUTO REPAIRING WHEEL ALIGNMENT AND BALANCING GARRISDN 7-SDSU ANDY'S SERVICE STATION CITIES SERIVCE DEALER B95 MASSACHUSETTS AVENUE BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS COPELAND CLEANSERS Funmsns - - 'rA:LoRs Q. Sansone G. Sons 9 'Im L10 Gfpeciall rut as El ur y BONDED FUR STORAGE MA 9-0360 261 E. Squantum St., Quincy, Mau. 9 DEPOT STREET TEL PR 3-6960 QUINCY. MASS. Hifi' 7 Q' ,wily ,Y .lc I ounvcrs FASHION CENTER 93 Co"'o' 'tents of Compliments of gud and Lan., sweeny Alfred G. Peterson 8. Sons, Inc. SAGAMORE GRILII 78 Sagafno'e Skeet Awning Manufacturers il Newbury Street North Quincy, Massachusetts PITTSBURGH PLATE GLASS COMPANY MAyflower 9-0700 254 WASHINGTON ST. :: QUINCY 69. MASSACHUSETTS qi PITTSBURGH P mrs ..o"S "'6"S C Bes' V' shes bc" 1.768 jaCH'Mf83 ix-: : :sv A Ccccs :"s C CM ng ic' me En, Ve POTW George and Bob Allen .446 Hcncock S. -': :' Suse' D? 3-392' Q., "cv Vcss. P C' -5' S '-'cz Sysop Mg' GR 2-5089 f-s'e::: cf Cnasif' - Come to .lASON'S '54 Ha-:o:r Sweet, Quincy PR 3-2080 N Q. -4. PECQPD HEADQUARTERS Compliments of QUINCY CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC South Snare Headquarters tor Maiorette Supplies - Dance Supplies - Music and Musical Instruments Instruction in Voice - Musical Instruments Dancing - Baton Twirling 7 Foster Street Tel, PR 3-5550 Quincy, Mass. With thanks to the North Quincyites who have worked with us - Best wishes to you all JAMES WATSON 8. CO. 51 MELCHER STREET BOSTON TO, MASS. Best Wishes from PALMA SHOE REPAIR GR 2-4337 NIGHTS 81 HOLIDAYS PR 3-9307 THE BLUE FLANIE 0IL C0. POWER BURNERS - Sales - Service - Installations 260 NEWBURY AVE. NO. QUINCY 71, MASS. "Personal Service" Wickens 81 Troupe Funeral Home 26 Adams St., Quincy Tel. Talbot 5-67l0 Wholesale and Retail Old Colony Lobster Co. and Grill Lobster Dinners a Specialty 200 Old Colony Parlzway Dorchester, Mass. Operated by Bill Gosselin Gkanite 2-6048 Peter Calimeris, Pres. and Treas. MAYFLOWER DINER, INC. 473 Southern Artery Quincy, Massachusetts Pllesident 3-0223 Morley and Company Home Applfances and Telemfon Sales Service 58 Billings Rogd North Quincy, Mass P, E. Morley Congratulations Seniors 1- 1:3 2' Q- 5JrK.NS - Z: lufkin's Real Estate and Insurance Company Wilson I-l. Lufkin, Insurance Agent Homes, Mortgages, Insurance, and Building Wilson H. and Mable W. Lufkin Owners and Managers Bus. VI 3-5335 Res. VI 3-5442 96 The Glidden Paint Center "Spred Satin" 233 PARKING WAY QUINCY, MASS. President 3-5911 Compliments of . . . GRAHN BAKERY Get the Best of Both Go RAMBLER American big car comfort with European small car economy YOUR RAMBLER DEALER C. A. COX Rambler, Metropolitan, Willys Est. l934-Sales 8- Service Compliments of OLD COLONY CONSTRUCTION COMPANY OF OUINCY ROAD CONSTRUCTION AND ASPHALT PAVING Joseph F. Cahill, Sales Manager Compliments ol SNYDER'S DELICATESSEN AND LUNCHEONETTE 735 E. SOUANTUM ST, Squantum GR 2-9355 Complimentg cl THE LEANING TOWER OF PIZZA S41 SOUTHERN ARTERY, OLHNCY next to Denim Dcmfg l7 Delicious Vaffewes 0' 9 o plus Tgntglizmg ltglign Fggd S995 Q gg To Please the Twe Ocurme' Compliments of THE HOLLOW Compliments of HASSAN BROS. INC. Rambler Sales 8- Service America's No. 1 Resale Car 310 WASHINGTON ST. QUINCY, MASS. open evenings till 9:00 PR 3-8810 A Savings Account for a Good Start in Life QUINCY SAVINGS BANK 'A' North Quincy Oflice 371 HANCOCK STREET Main OlTice 1374 HANCOCK STREET NORTH QUINCY CLEANERS 68 NEWBURY AVE. GR 2-7615 North Quincy, Mass. Pick up Delivery Service NlCHOLSON'S W. Squantum St. and Montclair Ave. GR 2-4401 An interesting store for The Entire Family" Garden-Household-Bicycles Hobbies-Gifts Compliments of BAKER DRUG MERRYMOUNT DAYLIGHT ALLEYS Quincy's Most Popular Bowling Spot 12 Streamlined Alleys Automatic Pin Setting Ample Parking Area Call GRanite 2-9257 17 BROAD ST. QUINCY Off So. Artery near Quincy Police Sta. Directly Opposite Mayflower Diner Compliments of Compliments of: FIRESTONE STORES Tires - Tubes - Home 8. Auto Supplies A--I 2 School St. z 1 Phone MA 9 3208 Quincy, Massachusetts i 91-X IEST TODAY'- STILL IETTER TOMORROW MUNROE'S VARIETY 203 West Squantum Street North Quincy C I' 1 "For the best in variety Omp 'men S see Munroe's" of Compliments of DENNIS MURPHY CAI 9 on 2-2340 RlCHMAN'S sHoP Fon MEN a. aovs 1554 HANCOCK ST. QUINCY CENTER Van Heusen Shirts Adam Hats Gramercy Park Suits Compliments of ROMAN GARDENS 635 S0 Artery MA 9-9110 MacFARl..AND'S New Englond's Modern Hardware Store PACKARD PAINT GRonite 2-4800 DOYLE 81 LONG, Inc FUEL on and out BURNERS Ample Parking - Tel. GR 2-0041 630 HANCOCK STREET 9-ll Brook Street, Wollaston Wollaston' Moss' Q i ff THE DOQRWAY ro PRoTecTioN of tm 1 4-7 so Um, ty ll A i t l l ' R -.lf-1 -1 A 1 BURGIN. PLATNER 81 CO.. Inc. GRanite 2-3000 INSURANCE Quincy Square, Massachusetts Compliments of Douph's Variety Try us before going out of Squantum - We have a little of everything Specialty of Toys and Gifts Shop at 1'orgersen's 740 E. Squantum St. Squantum MA 9-7548 100 -1 Conme Greg 9.1.9 7 1' 'ni -V . ' Er HIM Al Gene Judy Ginncx Nina Mr. Roberts TWU CCMPLIMENTS 1 THE STUDENT CCUNCIL Eddie Pat ihrv? 'Mix Paula Jim J . Joyce WI Niarnlxn , X rf I-:S t I Compliments of CAPITIIL SUPER DIABKET i 1508 HANCOCK STREET i ouumcv MASS. Compliments of BlACKER 8. HOLLAND f I. s Lumen co. mc. Sm" 0 ' 0 ea Church 10 Newport Ave. Squcntum No. Quincy, Moss. Sclufes on 2-8660 MAN51' 102 GRanite 2-8688 NOTARY Q ullunlu MAyHower 9-2921 AUCTIONEER aria! I b ' f Qmivs WILLIAM J. SH EA BAQBEIQ SIQQI5 Real Estate and Insurance 75 EAS, SQUANTUM STREET REALTOR ND.l-UUINCY, MASS. Nunn No. Qumcv Hman-4 Sci-'pg I2 BEALE STREET WOLLASTON, MAss TRAVIS J' GREY Tu GR 5043 PResIdent 3-0580 TIRES -re co SAWIN MACHINERY COMPANY :Safely assigned CONZQQQSJQQQHQSAILS Hsussvs SERVICE STATION LUBRICATIDN, AUTD ACCESSORIES' CAR WASHING RUDULPH L. HEUBBI, PRDP. Office and Factory 49 HANCOCK STREET GRAN- 9656 BENIAMIN G. SAWIN NORTH OUINCY 71, MASS. 634 HANCOCK 8TREtT won-ASTON MABB Complimem of Pizza ot its Best at "U-'5 VARIETY "Mixes" non-ur xml: 316-A Quincy Ave. 76 "U-'NGS ROAD East Braintree Norfoli Downs, Moss. BR 2 7270 MA 9-1715 QUINCY FURNITURE CO. Compliments of Montclair Barber Shop COMPLETE Hon: Funnies-eine 121 Mo,.,,do,, Avenue l6D4 O-Mncocx Br. MAx Lonoon Oumcv 69, Mama. North Quincy COMPLIMENTS - of - ORTH QUINCY HIGH HOOL ALUM I ASSOCIATIO "Mort Active High School Alumni Auociation in Md5IdClJNJ8ff5,' Charles F. Murphy Lois Bryan President Vice President Betty Waldron Jean Kemno Secretory Treasurer 1 04 Best Wishes fo The Closs of T958 QUINCY TEACHERS' ASSOCIATIDN President .. ...... Borboro De Wolfe Vice President .......... John Devlin Secretory .... ...... M orguerife Reinholrer Treosurer .... M. Eno Frederte Q.T.A. SCHOLARSHIPS AWARDED TO NORTH OUINCY HIGH SCHOOLS 1957 GRADUATES Sharon Cody Beverly Joseph Elmo Dingwell Donno MocPherson Frederica Flukes Joyce Mitchill Borboro Johonson Borboro Wye H15 DEVLIN'S MEN'S STORE l7A Beale St. Wollaston, Mass. lOpposite Wollaston Theatrel Arrow - lnterwoven - Botany claire markle dresses and accessories 29a beale st. wollaston Reis - Jayson - Hanes gr 9-8591 Gordon - Swank - McGregor GR 2-2342 WALLACE R. MARDEN CO. Compliments 299 Newport Ave. of Wollaston REAL ESTATE BROKERS on the South Shore COMPLIMENTS OF MATHEWSDN MACHINE WURKS, Inc. NO. 2 HANCOCK STREET AT NEPONSET BRIDGE 106 compiimenfsof TONI'S PIZZA 745 E. Squantum St. Squantum For a good pizza, or sub. See you at Toni's, Gang! Tel. PR 3-4195 ROGER W. KENT 81 CO., INC. . Compliments Kent, Roger W. North Quincy High '38 Kem, Donald E. North Quincy High '35 Of Mansfield, R. S. North Quincy High '42 Radcliffe, E. C., Jr. North Quincy High '47 Q Quinlan, R. T. North Quincy High '48 Manning, R. W Jr. North Quincy High '39 69 Billings Road Manning, A. F. North Quincy High '48 Murphy, J. H. North Quincy Jr. High 30 Fresh Fish received do ly PLUS 14 MORE TO SERVE YOU Compliments of EDWARD M. HIGGINS General Insurance I . Corner Ho brook Rd 19? Blumgs Sf, d on No. Quincy 71 Mass Sottord Streets MA O-841: Montclair l07 Billings Pharmacy, Inc. Tel. GR 2-6160 282 Billings Road Wollaston, Mass. REAL RICHARD J. BARRY ESTATE AND INSURANCE BROKER 270 HANCOCK STREET North Quincy 7l, Massachusetts GRanite 2-6780 , . L 1 A lliiiil A liilii A . lll: gifiiiizli HAROLD E. ROBBINS -C RESTAURANT. 0,55 Auto REPAIRING S7Q All Malres of Cars , F,N5f5f,D no NEWPORT AVENUE . Lfouons o AIR CONDITIONING I ' GR anit 2-4463 ownso ar ovznnso av A 6 S79 SOARTEQQQINCY E J Wollaston, Massachusetts Authorized Bralzes and Light Station PR 3-0279 Compliments of WOLLASTON GOLF CLUB BEACON CLEANERS OF WOLLASTON Tailoring - Fur Storage 3 Hour Service 624 Hancock Street lOpposite Supreme Market Wollaston, Mass.l WITI-IERELL'S Candies of Wollaston 21 Beale Street Assorted Chocolates and Bon Bons Select your own assortment Telephone PR 3-0694 COMPLIMENTS OF THE MONTCLAIR WOMEN'S CLUB pi- , . I . 'bf E1 Q 5" sis '2 55 f g a '-1.-9 ' - 4,1-LL,f7 4- . uowmnjonnsonj Ice Cream in 28 Flavors l11'l assachusetts Engineerin Co., Inc. North Quincy, Mass. WOLLASTON FABRICS 681 Hancock Street Wollaston, Mass. Tel. GR 2-8890 Pllnident 3-74 I 3 TOTS 'N TEENS SHOPPE MISSES' SWIM SUITS, SHORTS and HALTERS DUNGAREES. SOCKS, SLIPS, PANTIES, HOSIERY 46 BILLINGS ROAD Norfolk Downs, Mass. Compliments of Sweeny Funeral Service M. Joseph Sweeny PR'3-2723 74 Elm Street Quincy, Mass. Telephone PResident 3-0725 GEORGE'S MARKET Meats . . . Groceries . . . Vegetables 184 West Squantum Street North Quincy, Massachusetts "Best of Luck - Seniors" .lohnson's Filling Station, Inc. 700 Hancock Street Wollaston, Mass. GR 2-7121 Walter R. Farbush All Kinds of Insurance Real Estate - Mortgages Confidential Sales and Services Rendered 78 Beale Street Wollaston 70, Massachusetts 110 1 Compliments of HANCOCK Paint and Varnlsh ANDREWS' PHARMACY Family Druggists George R. Andrews PH.G., Reg. Pharmacist, Mgr. 95 Newbury Avenue, North Quincy, Mass. Telephone GRanife 2-6180 - 2-9685 0 -, Thr Bmuly of our Businrss is Flowers A ' 1619, W o 1,1 X .Quaid .' . If I ,W WI GREENHOUSES l -if H LL ll27 HANCOCK STREET lQuincy Squarel H- QUINCY, MASSACHUSETTS Tn Love was born in o Garden of Flowers OPEN EVENINGS TUESDAY THROUGH FRIDA"' THE ' BEAUTY SHOP 1361 HANCOCK S79 .-..i.....L...... E :worse DRESIOENT 7620 GRani1e 2-9490 OLANCY '-'A ZALl.EN'S GR 2-1 l37 HI 4,2698 Delicatessen 53 1111111195 Rd. DEWARE BROTHERS NP' Q"l"'Y Funeral Homes and Chapels Open Till I0 P.M. GR 2-1850 Serving Any Dislance sn HANCOCK STREET Wollasfon, Mass. MA 9-4547 , 129 LINCOLN STREET S Hingham, Mass. HAIRSTYLING We Specialize ln All Phases ol Beouly Cullure ROBERT M. DEWARE DONALD M. DEWARE Non-Sodorian COpley 7-5920 Thorough Intensive Training, Day and Evening Divisions XC Secretarial School Individual Advancement Begin Any Mon. -Open All Year Full Secretarial and Short Courses 367 BOYLSTON STREET Boston. Mass. ll2 Best Wishes from SCOTT-WILLIAMS INCORPORATED Timken Silent Automatic Oil Heating GLADYS A. DIXON Dressmaking and Alterations Bring your own materials Phone for appointments 143 Brook Street Wollaston PR 3-2870 9 Saville Street . PR 3-7713 Quincy, Mass. BRYANT CHEMICAL CORP. Manufacturing Chemists North Quincy, Massachusetts cfvozfoffg Qfowsz cgfiofz GR 2-8888 Dhd NU 'Semis 287 HANCOCK STREET N. QUINCY 71, MASS. FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS GR 2-7100 CARLSON INSURANCE COMPANY 138 VASSALL STREET QUINCY 70, MASS. Days - MA 9-7800 Evenings - PR 3-9002 Complete Insurance Service assr WISHES MONTCLAIR MEN'S CLUB IIS SAM'S SPA 141 Billings Rd. PResident 3-8036 Chase Press Printers 134 West Elm Avenue Wollaston, Mass. WESTLAND'S SPORTING GOODS E7 Qiffl I -1 f ,eq N i 11. ll? QQ' V' ll f, f 1, I, 9 Q, Equipment for Every Sport ll REVERE ROAD Quincy, Mass. "WHERE CLASSMATES MEET" Come in and See Our Summer Fashions JANTZEN SWIM SUITS SEAMOLDS BY FLEXEES Dresses and Sportswear to F-it Your Budget Remember lt Doesn't Cost a Fortune to Loolr a Million at The BETSY LEE SHOPPE II BEALE STREET Wollaston, Mass. COMEAU 8. WOODFORD Gulf Service Station Tel. MA 9-8363 100 Hancock Street Quincy, Moss. Motor Tune-up 8. Repairs PR 3-8118 LATEST CREATIONS IN DRESSES THE PARLEE-COVEY DRESS SHOP 4 MAPLE STREET Quincy 69, Mass. McI.AUGHI.IN SERVICE Lubrication Engine Tune-Up Tire Repair Battery Service 610 Hancock St. Wollaston, Mass. GR 2-9427 MA 9-7080 Smooth Sailing to the Class ot '58 Stan's Friendly Service Station Squantum, Mass. Cbmphhwnucj 1ZejMQyW and TbeCHyC2mndl Let Kennedy's ll llllllllllllll llllPS cue you O O O cw L' v 1' WI-lAT'S NEW and SMART O7 We've got our ears to the ground - ready to pick up the newest ideas - the big trends -the . wanted lad-items . . . and X have em for you when l l you want em' Here's where you'll find every- thing that makes a lxrst- rale wardrobe . . . all lxl arranged lor your easy, N speedy shoppxngl KENNEDY'S BOSTON ' FRAMING!-IAM ' PROVIDENCE WORCESTER ' SPRINGFIELD ' HARTFORD BROCKTON ' MANCHESTER Pllesident 3-82ll lRETT'S Wollaston lobster Co. Package Store Now Carrying A Complete Line of 205 wegf gquonwm Sffeef FYQSTT North Quincy Joseph E. Brett Proprietor 749 Wm. T. Morrissey Blvd. STAN'S CARD 81 GIFT SHOP ComDllmef1fS0l the Pottery Hallmark and Norcross Greeting Cards tor all Occasions Religious Goods 42l HANCOCK STREET Al Billings Road I North Quincy, Mass. Norfolk Downs PResident 3-7254 HM and PETE I' 9? vi 1 s A " ily' T? l9A Beale St. MA 9-43l3 WULLA TON MUSIC SHOP Records, Sheet Music, Phonographs, Tape Recorders, Musical Instruments, Musical Novelties GRC-miie 2,9318 Tel. GRanite 2-6610 ANCHOR 'NN Qumcv Music co. A Landing Place for Good Food 'PlZZA" for 757 Quincy Shore Boulevard Wollaston, Mass. Freddie Gilberti The Best in Recorded Music 20 Cottage Ave. Quincy 69, Mass. 116 Compliments of QUINCY AUXILIARY POLICE ASSCCIATICN, INC. MRS. TOM F. SPRAGUE Real Estate - Mortgages 79 Bellevue Road Squantum North Quincy 71, Mass. GR 2-0614 Congratulations to the Class of '58 SQUANTUM MARKET Herbert T. Danielson, Proprietor 746 East Squantum Street Squantum, Mass. GR 2-9557 Free Delivery Factory Telephone Exhibit Telephone GRanite 2-3120 PResident 3-1657 MEMORIAL GRANITE CO. INCORPORATED Manufacturers of SUPERIOR MONUMENTS Exhibits at 159 HANCOCK STREET 725 SOUTHERN ARTERY Quincy, Mass. Compliments of EDDIE'S SHOE REPAIR 72 Billings Rd. A GREAT NEW YOUTH CENTER WITH ONE OF THE LARGEST AND THE FINEST SWIMMING POOLS IN NEW ENGLAND. YMCA OF QUINCY II8 I PRESlDEN'I"S LAUNDERETTE Wash and Fluff Dry Rugs, Spreads, Blankets and Regular Laundry Shirts and Flat Work Expertly Done 156 Franklin Street Opposite Birthplace of John Q. Adams Quincy, Mass. Telephone PResident 3-3444 Pick Up and Delivery OWNER - T. F. COLEMAN wisi-ies TO THE 'NC- l2 MODERN ALLEYS QUINCY BOWLADROME AUTOMATIC PIN SETTERS Open Daily lO A.M. to Midnight '58 Opposite Masonic Temple ll67 Hancock GRanite 2-9729 MCNTCLAIR 'k PHARMACY, INC. Sidney C. Kalish, Reg. Pharm. 221 WEST SQUANTUM STREET Quincy, Mass N E P 0 N S Ghnlle 2.6170 DRlvE-iN PR BEALE STREET PHARMACY INCORPORATED PreSCrlpti0n Phgrmgqiyg Russell Keene, PHC. Reg PH '-'u Donald R Keene BS Ast' '-'G' 649 Hancock St neo' Stab S"c-e Vvollggegn. Mase THE DEXALL STCEE ll!! 4-w-198.4 wil---'-'anasxl FLIGHT TEST READY TO START as Raytheon engineer conducts final check, He works with some of our country! top design engineers on aircraft naviga- tional and guidance systems. If there ez future or ou in the chez l len gi n cg held of eleet1'onie.r? lt's tougli-trying to decide which com- pany you'd like to work lor, where youll advance lastest, be happiest, and have the brightest future. Raytheon is the electronics leader in New Iingland, ollering interesting job opportunities at many of its plants in the suburban areas around Boston. XVhy not drop in to one ol' our employment ollices and chat about your chances in this business. Other plants located in Andover, Bed- ford, Lowell, Maynard, Newton, XVal- tham and XX'ayland, Massachusetts: Santa Barbara, Clalilorniag and Hooksett, New Hampshire. Raytheon makes-guided missiles for the Arniy, Navy '... radar lor the Air Force, the Arctic DEH' line . . . microwave tubes, radio and TV tubes, transistors. Sales volume: about S200 million. Employment Office: 465 Centre Street, Quincy A .gcceffcnca ..Ln. 5' '!-C"Vl-LC2- RAYTHEON MANUFACTURING COMPANY 9 0 Omg. Hom rnulr BASKET mc. on z-mo PR ERNEST C. HATCH PRESCRIPTION oPTIcIAN zs IIEALE smear Wollaston, Mass. 60 Billings Rd. Norfolk Downs Quincy, Mass. Fresh Fruits 8- Vegetables 8. Fancy Chocolates "Where Customers Send Their Friends." You'll Find Your Bathing Suit- The Famous Makes - all at the - SWEATER SHOP 1504 Hancock St. Squantum Service Station Inc. Quincy Shore Blvd. 8- East Squantum St. Sunoco Products Kelly Tires wmvnowzn 9-2411 anocnou 9752 Granite 2-949I N ANJDA CORSET SHOP .IARDIS SERYICE STATIO IDA M. BRIDGER - ANN L. GALPIN NO. QUIrtCY, Moss. Ignition - Carburetor and Battery Service Road Service and Repairs II GRANITE sr. 24 MAIN srnzn 325 Hgncock Street QUINCY. mxss. BROCKTON. moss. T:L:rI4oNl PR:sIo:NT 3-3700 Glanih Z-Nil Norfolk FIlIIllI'l'UlIll Company Q""""' ""C"""" CERTIFIED GEMOLOGI T S Complete Home Furnishers Infants and Juvenile Furniture and Toys Regisferedjeuvler Q Anurfran Gun Socorro DISTINCTIVE JEWELRY OF QUALITY LANE CEDAR CHESTS 68 BHUNGS ROAD C7 IILLINCI nano Nom' QU"'C7'- M055 HINRY anna nonrouc oowus. moss. 'Il it 1' ii.. sim CORSAGES A SPECIALTY 389 Hancock Street PResident 3-0959 Ted 8. Jim's Barber Shop 20 Billings Rd. North Quincy Jim, John, Mitch, Ted Union Shop Best Wishes to the Class of "58" Johnnie and Nick's Dairy Bar 258 ATLANTIC ST. North Quincy, Mass. GRonifo 2-I l67 A. I.. TURNER HARDWARE E. S. DENNEEN--R. T. DENNEEN HARDWARE-POWER TOOLS "Hardware Built lor Hard Wear" 47I HANCOCK STREET North Quincy, Mass. Compliments ol 234 Billings Rd. Wollaston, Mass. 122 CO PR 3-7213 Best Wishes Class of 1958 Bernie's Modern Formal Shop See Modern For Your Next Tux Special Attention to N.Q.H.S. Students 1639 Hancock St., Quincy Cornphments of Mae Deane Dress Shop 16 Beale St. Wollaston 70, Mass. Next to Woilostori Theatre PR 3-0880 H I L T 0 N ' S 1620 HANCOCK sr. Fishing and Sporting Goods Compliments of MEYER'S MARKET 18 Highland Ave. SOMERVILLE, MASS, A545011 cenfer of! flze ,SZLJA ,glare . . OF CUIIICY ' .fzlz-S:f:1:1:24f:3:i:f. ,5.5.f.5.1,K.g, 3322- . . . '.i:i:i:3 451- ' ffztrssxzrrir- 5:55 '-I-'-I" ' I4-2' ' . 'I 'Awv' .'. '41, 4:1:'., f . '-:-'af .: :-, 132327:-.-:':?:-:9 ififfT::.-,f,fffffQF:Q:392' . . - '31.1:7:i:1:i:-12:-',:-L-Lgfgf V .-I-I I-I'f-':I--'-:i:1:i:-:5:5:-:-:-:' 1' 212:34-1-.-' .:3S:5:7:f :3:Q12:3'f:f:':5:i:3:5:f:5:g:5:3:- ',l5:?:7:1:4 2 .-.-.,.3tgg:2:4:2:3:3 3.3 1.1.3 ,.g.1.:-3-1:-1-:-1-' , 2:-1-'-'-121512: , ..... , . . ........ , . I ,.,. f ..,.. 1,-In J 2 15513151-:--.-., 3:3.5'5'5:,. -'f-.41-.-1: ' M 2, 5,-212:-12' -.14 1 :fi-1-1-.-:IU ', N 2 , X m .... ....,... .,. . 1 ..,..,. , A-' 'fr Y, , . 12 2, .,, ,za ,.., .,..... I ,o, 9 'V E -.4 -.-.-, . .-1-.-,lr 2- 2 4. -, 2. Zi-I-Z-,in I" 7 I"-,I A ' 1-:f'+:-21-41:13 V :C+:,:5:-4x- -xo, ' 5 ' .',,wlkl1w' 2 'WM .,A1, ,141,:.. . ,. 2.2 3x MM i. mia, 5 You never outgrow your need for QS K X , ,, ,. 2 -'.'-':-'illliizlzixgsf :M 'S iz: ,fig 753231.--1 1.1 g -552153 'im 2 xi Ep' Mfw 52. "Eg 13255:-f2f 'r p-j, 1 2 222 1k.,2252lI2, GQQI ,-251222351351 2, lf'L2i'12,4 gegzgg 225 rw I' X! - 22221. 13,2 1.41 A ,, Har.. 5252 fam.. nv- if '21, 3355. ,,.3.v' --2252 ""3Z33E2:fifA 3 ji' ,Q:5:3,6:"' '5' :?-"' XQ'1:2::12:- "" f- "', ,fi 15222, . i2f2i222i25 , ' I x 25255252 . ' fziitlzi: 3S:i:1:1", , I ' 1--1-:-'vz fcfd f 2 Q I FL!! ' 0' A ' . u ' I A ...AA. IOS. THAT MILK' KINCAIDIYS "Quincy's Dependable Furniture Store" 1609 Hancock St. Quincy, Moss. PR 3-2345 Complimenh of flue K E O H A N E FUNERAL HOME HANCOCK STREET Norfh Quincy, Mass. I2-I ' BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF T958 A 0 , FROM zi F. LESTER MORRILL NORTH QUINCY HIGH SCHOOL CLASS OF '39 IF WE CAN HELP YOU OR YOUR FAMILY WITH YOUR HOUSING PROBLEMS. NOW OR IN THE FUTURE. The South Shore'a Leading Center of REAL ESTATE and MORTGAGE Service . . . -l- MDHHILL ff'- CALL US a fyifggw , . fr Ig 490 HANCOCK sr., QUINCY 5"'f Q 7' 1665 MA:N'STs.,SOxTH vfsvmoum A oue nur Ington Inc ' ' WE BUY - SELL - ., I 8e43 D"":'T .... :Zigl- SO. SHORE 0 QUINCY 0 WEYMOUTH f I' HINGHAM v BRAINTREE v MILTON Q-fr.-:v Sf' ROCKLAND 0 WHITMAN . SCITUATE 'N' NORWELL v HANOVER To REFlNANCEa f0R 001616 r4C7f0N MORTGAGE 0' One Call fo Our Office I-ANU CONTRACT- WIII Bring Us to Your Home "'L",,'3,,'12'LD MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE for GI, FHA and Member of QUINCY and C0NIQi'jTL?'NQ::?ANS SOUTH SHORE BOARD OF REALTORS 722313535 MA yflower 9-2600 ' I A ED 5-6542 I 2.3 Compliments of Compliments of A. Ee 1419 Hancock Street 9 S Quincy 69, Massachusetts Church Goods SPORTING GOODS Men's and Boys' Wear Gifts GR 2-9580 Trophies Authorized to renew and replate Sacred Vessels by the Archdiocese of Boston o My "MT Wi- . --f -IUA I rljisff v:f1kgYZf:VE5iE!I!4'9'.Z :'7 '51 f'1. 5-f -'-' 'e.-:-co:-a. vw, .. , ' , A. 'B' V :Jw :yuh V., .:,.A ,- V. dl ,,,,, 4 .:.,.,. ,,.,,4 .... , ,.,,.4.. , ..,,, . ...., ,,,1. , ,,.,1:.x f11' """" i FINE DIAMONDS o s1LvsnwAnE Q wncuzs BINOCULARS o cl.ocKs o cAMenAs o APPLIANCES PR esdnt 3-7800 667 HANCOCK ST. BRADBERRY'S Sporting Goods 809 HANCOCK ST. SCHUERCH'S ATLANTIC serzvice STATION 570 Adams St. IF "NlCKlES" lt Has To Be Cleaned Try Your Neighborhood Cleaners 69 HUCl4lnS Avenue Squcnlum Mendlng and Buttons sewn On Hendries Ice Cream - Candy -- Cigarettes FREE Ready to Wear -- No Tags - No Pins SQUANTUM CLEANERS 747 East Squantum St. Call MA 9-4600 Greeting Cards and School Supplies Bakery Goods on Wednesdays and Saturdays Orders taken for Birthday Cakes 5 MEDA'S AUTO SERVICE 376 WATER STREET QUINCY 69, MASS. GENERAL AUTO REPAIRING Compliments of NORM'S VARIETY 8. GROCERY STORE 273 ATLANTIC ST. No. Quincy MONTCLAIR SERVICE STATION 224 West Squantum St. NO. QUINCY, MASS. FUEL OILS Compliments of CAFARElI.A BROS. MARKET GR 2-9452 For the Bos? Food on H10 South Shore WINFIELD HOUSE The Big White House by tlwo Side of th. Road COCKTAILS BANQUETS - WEDDINGS - SHOWERS WINFIELD L. STROUT, Prop. 853 HANCOCK STREET Wollasion, Mau. THE PRESIDENTS' CITY MOTEL - QUlNCY'S FIRST - 845 Hancock St.-on Route 3 Tel, MA 9-6500 JAMES BARNETT Franchise Dealer JOE on ANNE LANDRY NORUMBEGA STAMP AND O, com snow Eagle-Picher Aluminum Storm Windows Everything in Stamps and Colm and Doors Bought, Sold, or Traded I PR 3-1554 8 Myrte Street 297 Auburn Street Quincy, Mass. Free Demonstration without obligation Auburndole 66, Mass LA '-5554 SCCTTY STAINLESS STEEL, INC. 352 WESTERN AVENUE BRIGHTON MASSACHUSETTS + Precision Heavy Metal Fabricators + All Metals + Production, Iobbing 85 Special Equipment + Designers, Engineers, Fabricators + DONALD F. CHRISTIE, President Call Al-4-2890 Ma-9-8343 128 J. J. SMYTHEI INC. Package Goods Foreign and Domestic Liquors Wine - Beer - Ales Coldest Beer on the South Shore 66 Newbury Avenue Atlantic, Massachusetts Compliments ot CARLISLE F. SMITH, INC. Registered Ph armacists Telephone GRanite 2-3942 245 Atlanti c Street Atlantic, Massachusetts CApitol 7-0385 C. C. GIFFORD 81 CO. EGGS - BUTTER - CHEESE VENUE I33 ATLANTIC AVENUE Boston 9, Massachusetts I0 ESSEX A GR 2-5426 COOLIDGE PHARMACY PRESCRIPTION DRUGGISTS 1. S. BECK, PH.G., Reg. Pharm. 253 IEALE STREET Wollaston, Moss. Zlhr ffrf 511112140 PCG50NALr'tw :v0n'rr:At':: C'.w.L.l MJ -fn :J-1.1. WCOD'NG SnCC'AL'F"3 QUINCY. MASS I7 SCHOOL STREET YEL vA904no. cs VA 2,2626- 29 DEE IlEE'S RESTAURANT ll you cant drop in Smile on the way by NORTH QUINCY GARAGE CO. Duggan Brothers CHEVROLET Sales Ambrose C. Duggan 24-Hour Towing Service Service Francis Duggan 131-133 HANCOCK STREET North Quincy, Massachusetts Compliments ol EDDIE'S DINER Home Cooked Foods and Pastries ON ROUTE 3 Southern Artery and Quincy Avenue Eddie Eaton WELCH'S CAMERA CENTER Cameras : Films : Photographic Supplies : Developing and Printing Film Library Movie Films and Projectors Rented 680 Hancock Street Wollaston, Mass. 130 Compliments of . . . PR 3-5000 GARRETT RADIO and 'l'.V. OLD COLONY LAUNDERERS Floyd D. Garrett ZORIC CLEANSERS 100 Sagamore Street IO0 Quincy Avenue North Quincy, Mass. Quincy, Mass. MA 9-8333 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 58 PNEUMATIC SCALE CORP., LTD. Manufacturers of AUTOMATIC PACKAGING AND BOTTLING MACHINERY WOLLASTON BRASS and ALUMINUM R. C. Ttbbetts Presvdent FOUNDRY Non-Ferrous Castvngs Tel GR 2,8874 'T 1 ,.n-' No CL I'4I TUXEDO RENTALS I A COMPLETE RENTAL SERVICE f 'F 'fl GRcniI 24102 o TuxEDOS PERFECT o FULL DRESS FITS 0 SUMMER EORMALS GUARANTEED 0 CUTAWAYS FR MAIL O T .. S ROLL S ORDERS o RING BEARER SUITS ,NWTED 0 FORMAL ATTIRE FOR CHILDREN Authority On Correct O COMPLETE Formoi Weor. Open ACCESSORIES E'e"i"9S bY APP" 7 7 DON AHER S MEN S STORE INC. SINCE T979 A ' Cc, ' Ofec FO' You CCfT':O'Y I562V2 Hancock SI. MAKE LENDEE'S THE HEADQUARTERS FOR YOUR LISTENING PLEASURES AND PHOTOGRAPHIC TREASURES i' ..LENDEE'S .. Record 86 Camera Shop, Inc 44 BILLFJGS ROAD NORTH QUINCY, MASS. MA yF1O-wer 9-4868 IF42 Compliments of Frank A. Fowler "THE CLASS RING MAN" 9 Class Rings, Medals, and Trophies E4 Specialists in Prom Favors E4 A RECORD to be proud of 9 Official Jeweler for all Classes l946 thru 1959 Eastern Division HERFF-JONES CO. Worlds Largest Manufacturers of School Rings 27 School Street Boston 8, Mass. Richman 2-0l6l lift L "Tastithin" Ribbon Candy P-CHEII CORPORATION 70 ELM STREET HINGHAM, MASS. REPRESENTED BY FRANK D'ORLANDO 81 CO. BOSTON, MASS. BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS STEEL CASTING or 1953 co, AND :Ts YEARBOQK FROM 30 Fayette sf. PR 3-2825 LINCOLN STORES DRAKE'S GULF Emmerson Animal Hospital SERVICE STATION ALAN M, MORSE, V.M.D. 'Mechomc on Duty" 61 Hancock Sfree? SQUANTUM 'Wm QWCV' MOSS' 753 E. Squonfum sf. GR 2-9562 I34 -xr . NORTH ROLLS ON GENERAL TIRES BLUWUUT GENERAL TIRE T I MA 96706 A60 ADAMS QTREET QUINCY 60 MAQSACH QFT li -,ff ,..,-av ,....a-w...-e-.-..-.,- For iluinoy youth . . . career opportunities with a company that serves all America Boston Gear transmission products are sold and used "wherever wheels turn" throughout the United States and Can- ada. To serve this far-reaching market, the company's operations extend from coast to coast, requiring a large staff of qualified employees. For Quincy youth, this offers the advan- tage of home-town employment with future prospects that are unrestricted. Any employee can move "up the ladder" new - . ... .- 1.1-V w- 'I'-PG S ' A rmsfw N.,,.. N an -- ,.,.-u,. .,.. . "fy,-, -asia lf ,- ei- ,aaa-1' -was Wit. ' 3-jf' 4431161 .... g"' saws. ass. 'swf , 'C ' ' ,.-Wil' ew REBS ZW-'fi' fl guyz... A . ' SP- ' Wa u t im: 'V egg mf 18112155 GM aus-nv-M' --P--4 4 LSSTQ '--spqies ms: Q23 imsxarsvmmanr 331549544 V 155' rgaxsnuaaizs a'eeklH.WKr,. !L,..d5 315355 zaansurlfsagnr, Iljifakllhsil use marynzzsz 1113 sd-fmthieitmlu 5552. iii! Sillwl iff? Kilim Jwfmiidsaifq 1131 lil P531 swf 'f -"i B filhff l in dy, ls k"T7l,L 'W 7053 Standardized Stock Transmission Products 8 National and Canadian Factory Branches 100 Distributors with large local Stocks 250,000 Customers throughout Industry 71 24 More than as fast and as far as his ability and enterprise can take him. Over 857, of Boston Gear's executive group are local men and women who have won their titles in this way. BOSTON GEAR WORKS WORl0'S IARGEST PRODUCER OF STANOARDIZED STOCK TRANSMISSION PRODUCTS SINCE 1878 136 1,1 YRW77 X 44lf"?:,w5 S2 H5 Q A Q Q- -A -. J gag. S 5 in iIN JO. -,i..... - 5-Els Iii gg-:-2,413 is 51 ll ' in -1' 'I' QUIN ' 'I 5:5-Q Q .-:'.?f.6-.5 1 fg - - - 1? f-Y?-'.'fif I "5'fff' '- 0 ' 'Q ! . . 3 I' rm A , "l!IHI'1 I ' " I""' '. M"

Suggestions in the North Quincy High School - Manet Yearbook (North Quincy, MA) collection:

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