North Quincy High School - Manet Yearbook (North Quincy, MA)

 - Class of 1948

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North Quincy High School - Manet Yearbook (North Quincy, MA) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 138 of the 1948 volume:

1 H doBI BBs ti JOiiSS Oiisi. Manet 19 6 Copy 1 North Quincy High School Media Center ' m ■ ■ S ■m W9H«wlBw3 M ■ ■■■ [ ] »5m 1 1 HH ■ MBit I y ■ 1- ' . I HI Hi K hB MEMS ' t -Saw .! ' • ■ ' » 9 I ImiHBh BI -- ■» ■ X v, %»■ aSHf ■ Own l SSv ft S ■ ■ ■ . ■ bwAI ■ 9 1 1 ■ ft« Shirley J. PtuHaon, Secretary NORTH QUINCY HIGH SCHOOL JOHN W. WALSH. Principal Poitr J. Chrisom Ar-sielAnf Principal February 14, 1972 PETER J. CHRISOM The greatest assistant any man could wish to have. k) hn W. Walsh, Principal Presented by the Class of 1948 North Quincy High School, Quincy, Massachusetts f North Quincy High School Miss Wilma M. Schields DEDICATION THE CLASS OF 1948 DEDICATES ITS YEARBOOK THE MANET TO MISS WILMA M. SCHIELDS WHOSE CEASELESS EFFORTS AND INSPIRING LEADERSHIP TRULY REPRESENT THE NORTH SPIRIT. FOREWORD The class of 1943 is now leaving the very familiar surroundings of North Quincy High School and is about to start on new and varied careers. After six years at North, there are many things to remember: the many valuable friendships which were made with both the faculty and the student body; the events which took place, thrill- ing, happy, memorable in every way; the good times and honors which came to every- one. It is the sincere hope of those who made this book that it will be instrumental in keeping fresh the memory of the high school joys which can so easily fade away. CONTENTS . FACULTY . SENIORS • ACTIVITIES . ATHLETICS To the Class of 1948, North Quincy High School: Good work brings its just rewards and it is our hope that this book, replete with fond memories of happy school days, will provide that pleasing satisfaction to its many interested readers. Numerous phases of your school life are herewith presented in review for your perusal and enjoyment. May they stimulate you further in your cherished hopes and ambitions for continued successes in life ' s journey. The Yearbook Staff through conscientious and painstaking endeavors has com- pleted its work well, and is to be congratulated upon the excellence of the result. The entire school organization expresses its best wishes to all. James S. Collins Principal Asst. Principals: Mr. John Walsh Mr. Harry Beede Office: Miss Esther Morrison Miss Marion Sullivan . ' Mm - n t m ENGLISH DEPARTMENT Front Row: John Hofferty Ruth Leavitt Ruth Meisner Back Row: Marjorie Currier Elizabeth Sullivan John K. Young David L. Meaney Louise Fifield LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT Front Row: Louise Fifield Back Row: Mary Cotter John Walch Roberta Webestersmith SOCIAL STUDIES DEPARTMENT Front Row: Hermon Noves Back Row: Margaret Flavin John J. Donahue Cornelius Fair MATH DEPARTMENT Front Row: Katherine F. Horrigan Frank E. MacDonald Marion B. Reinhardt Back Row: Donald West Graton G. Howland COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT Front Row: Sara Tolchinsky Melvin C. Jack Lilliam G ormley Back Row: Eleanor Reddy John J. Mullarkey Marie Youngerman SCIENCE DEPARTMENT Front Row: Warren Westhaver Charles E. Walkden Roy Sinclair Back Row: Louise MacDonald Rose Mellios % o HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION Katherine G. McCoy Marie E. Garafalo PRACTICAL ARTS DEPARTMENT Front Row Ruth MacGregory Agnes E. Berry Helen Melanson Back Row Ralph D ' Entremont Walter Warriner Thomas Walsh Edgar Phillips FINE ARTS DEPARTMENT Beatrice V. Fitts Elizabeth P. Sherman ■ : £S S. ■ j ' %£■ 9fc ' Hi m $Si Wwa ■;? II sg S» jrS Cta X 1,0 ivy. " : 5 |A III n 5 u III II II ' I ■■r ■■ ? JANE ADAMS 1 wmey 67 Ardell Street Girls ' Sports, 1, 2. 3: Girls ' Club Secretary, 3; Tri Hi Y, 2, 3; Traf- fic Squad, 2; North Star, 2; Manet Staff, 3; Library Staff and Social Studies, 1, 2, 3; Student Secreta- rial Staff, 3; Honor Roll, 1; Prom Committee, 3; Sailing Club, 1; Tennis Club, 1. LOWELL ALBEE 36 Hollis Avenue Band, 1, 2. 3 : Orchestra, 1; Spanish Club, 1, 2, 3; History Club. 2, 3; Boys ' State, 2: Class Play, 3; Honor Roll. 2. WARREN L. ANDREWS 9 4 Belmont Street Tennis, 2, 3. JAMES HERBERT ARMSTRONG Jimmy 74 Walnut Street i iafeteria Squad, 1. IRVING AYERS " Irv " 62 Botolph Street ' ' rosh Country, 3; Track, 1, 3. i!to M t? JEAN ADAMS " Twiney " 67 Ardell Street Cheerleader, 3 ; Honor Roll, 1, 2 Traffic Squad, 3; North Star, 2 Tri Hi Y, 2, 3 (Vice President, 3) Manet Staff, 3; Library Staff and Social Studies, 1, 2, 3; Student Secretarial Staff, 3; Girls ' Club, 3; Girls ' Sports, 1, 2, 3; Sailing Club, 1; Tennis Club, 1; Girls ' State Representative, 2. MARY ALLAN " Mae " 6 9 Faxon Road Glee Club, 1, 2, 3; Girls ' Club, 3. CLARENCE S. ARMSTRONG " Chet " 257 Highland Avenue Honor Roll, 3. JANET AUSTIN " Jani " 90 Taylor Street Library Staff, 1, 2, 3; North Star, 2, 3; Girls ' Club, 3; Girls ' Sports, 1; Manet Staff, 3; Chorus, 1. 2, 3; Radio Club, 3; Honor Roll, 3. RICHARD E. BALLOU " Dick " 191 Elmwood Avenue JANET BAUER " Bauza " 71 Hamilton Avenue Sailing Club, 1, 2; Chorus, 1, 2, 3; Tri-Hi-Y, 2, 3; Cheerleader, 3; Manet Staff, 3; Girls ' Club, 3; Girls ' Sports, 1. ROBERT BECKETT " Bob " 296 Safford Street WILLIAM BELL " Ding Dong " 49 Albion Road Football, 1, 2, 3; Track, 1, 2; Chorus, 3; Prom Committee, 3. JOHN BLACK " Blackie " 231 Hoi brook Road Football, 1. JOHN BOWEN " Jack " 30 North Bayfield Rond Football, 1, 2; Basketball, 1; Track, 1, 2. JOHN BEATON 12 Cheriton Road Football, 1, I Track, 1, 2; ; Cafeteria Squad, 1; Chorus, 2; Basket- ball, 1. WARREN BELANGER Joe 35 Arnold Road MARGARET M. BIRMINGHAM " Peggy " 178 Highland Avenue Glee Club, 1, 2; North Star, 2 Sketch Club, 3; Manet Staff, 3 Girls ' Club, 3; Honor Roll, 1, 3 Student Secretarial Staff, 3. ELIZABETH MARIE BLINN " Betty " 24 Faxon Road Girls ' Sports, 1; Glee Club, 1, 2, 3; Sailing Club, 2; Girls ' Club, 3; North Star, 2; Chorus, 2, 3. REGIS BOWEN " Squeegy " 30 North Bayfield Road Football, 1, ■ ; Track, 1, 2, 3; Bas- ketball (mgr. ) 1, 2; Rifle Club, 1; Cafeteria Squad, 1. ANN BOYAJIAN 11 Bass Street Girls ' Club, 3; Girls ' Sports, 1, 2 Drill Team, 3; Glee Club, 2, 3 North Star, 2; Chorus, 1, 2, 3 Honor Roll, 1, 2; Sailing Club, 1 ANNE BRESNAHAN 177 Har: iet Avenue Sailing Club, 1; Library Staff, 1; Social Studies Staff, 1; Girls ' Club, 3; Tri-Hi-Y, 3; Manet Staff, 3. ROBERT N. BRIGHAM " Bob " 29 Russell Street Basketball, 1, 2, 3; Baseball, 1, 2, 3; Hi-Y, 2, 3: Prom Committee, 3; Chorus, 1, 2. CHARLOTTE B. BRYER " C. B. " 211 Elmwood Avenue High Honor Roll, 2; Honor Roll 3; Chorus, 2; Biology Club, 3 Girls ' Sports, 1; North Star, 3 Manet Staff, 3; Spanish Club, 3 Girls ' flub, 3; Library Staff, 1, 3 HELEN BLLGER 39 Kendall Street Girls ' Club, 3. SHIRLEY J. BREMNER 10 Wedgewood Street Girls ' Club, 3. RICHARD BRETT " Dick " 15 Clement Terrace Football, 1, 2; Traffic Squad, 3. MARILYN BRYAN " Lynn " 60 French Street Riding Club, 2, 3; Drill Team, 3; Girls ' Club, 3; Chorus, 1, 2; Girls ' Sports, 1; Gym Demonstration, 1, 2; Library Staff, 2. AUDREY E. BUCKLEY " Aud " 103 Waterston Avenue Chorus, 1, 2, 3; Glee Club, 1; Rid- ing Club, 2, 3; Library Staff, 2, 3; Girls ' Club, 3; Girls ' Sports, 1; Tennis Club, 1. ELIZABETH BUTTS " Buttsie " 33 Glover Avenue Gym Demonstration, 1; Girls ' Sports, 1, 2, 3; Sr. Student Council (Secretary), 3; Girls ' Club, 3; Tri- lli-V, 3; Swimming Club, 1; Sail- ing Club, 1; Tennis Club, 1; Stu- dent Secretarial Staff, 3. JANET CADIGAN " Jan " 111 Safford Street Girls ' Club. 3: Chorus, 1, 2, 3; Girls ' Sports, 1; Library Staff, 3. ANN CALLAHAN 63 Colby Road Tri-Hi-Y, 3; Girls ' Club, 3; Chorus, 2; Student Secretarial Staff, 3; Gym Demonstration, 1. JEANNE CAMPBELL 59 Hodges Avenue Bowling Club, 1; Girls ' Club, 3; Chorus, 1, 2. MARIE GURINE CAREY " Re " 18 Faxon Road Girls ' Sports, 1; Girls ' ClubT 3; Chorus, 1, 2, 3. JOHN M. CASPOLE " Johnny " 99 Piermont Street Traffic Squad, 3; Tennis Club, 2. HELEN L. CALDER 19 Huckins Avenue Girls ' Sports, 1; North Star, 2; Girls ' Club, 3: Manet Staff, 3; Stu- dent Secretarial Staff, 3. BETTY ANNE CAMPBELL 245 Elmwood Avenue Chorus, 2; Manet Staff, 3; Girls ' Club, 3; Sailing Club, 1; Library Staff, 1; Gym Demonstaration, 1. KENNETH CAMPBELL " Kenny " 42 Warwick Street Golf Team, 1, 2, 3 ; Hockey. 3. DENISE CARTER 68 Henry Street Girls ' Club, 3. JANE CATTANACH " Janie " 30 Pewell Street Bowling Club, 1: Spanish Club, 1, 2; C.irls ' Sports, 1, 2, 3; Girls ' Club ( i;.-.ecuti e Board), 3; Chorus, 1; K . imming, 2: News From North, 1. LAWRENCE CEDRONE " Sid " 249 Hancock Street Football, 3; Basketball, (Capt.,2, 3), 1, 2, 3; Baseball, 2, 3; Hi-Y, 2, 3; Prom Committee, 3. ROGER A. CHAMRERS " CoCo " 21 Freeman Street Football, 1, 2, 3: Basketball, 1; Track, 1, 2, 3; Hockey, 2, 3; Prom Usher, 2; Graduation Usher, 2; Senior Student Council, 2; Senior Class Treasurer, 3 ; Prom Com- mittee, 3; Manet Staff, 3; Hi-Y, 2, 3; Sailing Club, 1; Chorus, 1, 2; Traffic Squad, 2, 3. FREDERIC S. CHASE " Fred " 29 Ocean Street Spanish Club, 1, 2, 3; Rifle Club (Pres., 3), 2, 3; Traffic Squad, 3; History Club, 2, 3; National Honor Society (Treas., 3), 2, 3; Honor Roll, 1, 2, 3. CONSTANCE CHRISOM " Connie " 323 Fayette Street Girls - Club (Executive Board), 3; Chorus, 2; North Star, 1. NANCY CHRISTIE " Chris " 26 Ed ge worth Road Gym Tx-monstration, 1; Glee flub, 1, 2, 3; Girls ' Club. : ; Traffic Squad, 3. EUGENE CHAFE " Bunky " 122 Harvard Street Hockey, 2, 3. MARIE CHAMPAGNE " Mickey " 144 Elmwood Avenue Girls ' Club, 3; Tennis Club, 1; Library Staff, 2, 3; Chorus, 2; Student Secretarial Staff, 3. BARRARA E. CHISHOLM " Chissie " 117 Essex Street Chorus, 3; Senior Student Council, 2; Senior Class Vice-President, 3; Tri-Hi-Y, 3; Graduation Marshall, 2; Manet Staff, 3; Prom Commit- tee, 3; Girls ' Club, 3; Girls ' Sports, 3; Sailing Club, 1. PETER CHRISOM " Pete " 565 Hancock Street Track, 2, 3. ELINOR J. CHURCHILL " Sally " 70 Brook Street Glee Cluli, 2, 3; Chorus, 1, 2, 3; Library Staff, 2, 3; Riding Club, 2; Girls ' Cluli, 3; Sailing Club, 2. ELINORE CLAPP 11 Clayton Street Girls ' Club, 3; Chorus, 1; Girls ' Sports, 2; Manet Staff, 3. LORETTA CLUETT " Le " 92 Walnut Street Girls ' Club (Treasurer), 3; Tri-Hi- Y, 3; Library Staff, 1, 2; Sailing Club, 1; Chorus, 2, 3; Manet Staff, 3. FRANCIS X. COLLETON " Frank " 37 Washington Street EILEEN COUGHLIN 97 Franklin Avenue Spanish Club, 2; Girls ' Club, 3; Chorus, 3; Sailing Club, 1; Girls ' Sports and Demonstration, 1; Nursing- Club, 3. RESSIE COULACOS " Betsie " 33 Milton Road Chorus, 2, 3; Girls ' Club, 3. WALTER CLAPP " Wally " 8 5 East Squantum Street Football, 1, 2; Basketball, 1; Track, 2. VIRGINIA MARIE COLE Lrinny 139 Hamilton Avenue Glee Club, 1, 2, 3; Girls ' Club, 3; Chorus, 1, 2, 3; Student Secretarial Staff, 3. DOROTHY COTTER " Dottie " 202 Billings Street Girls ' Club (Executive Board), 3; Chorus, 2, 3; Sailing Club, 1. JEANNE COUILLARD " Jeannie " 18 Blake Street Chorus, 1, 2, 3; Girls ' Club, 3; Tri- Hi-Y, 3; Manet Staff, 3; Honor Roll, 1, 2. GERALD F. CROKE " Jerry " 117 E. Elm Avenue Hockey, 3; Baseball, 3. MARJORIE CROUMEY " Margie " 111 Russell Street Social Studies Staff, 1; Library Staff, 1, 2. 3: History Club, 2, 3; Teachers ' ( ' lub. 3: Spanish Club, 3; Manet Stnff, 3: Girls " Club, 3; Honor Roll, 2, 3. MIRIAM CROWLEY Mim 161 Holbrook Road Girls - Club, 3; Chorus, 1, 2. 3. WILLIAM P. CROZIER " Bill " 132 Sagamore Street Track, 3; Football, 1; Rifle, 1, 2. FRED R. CURTIS " Kurt " 89 Ardell Street RORERT W. DANFORTH " Bob " 55 Dundee Road Baseball. 1. 2, 3; Basketball, 1 Student Council, 3; Manet Staff, 3 Boys ' State, 2; Honor Roll, 1, 2, 3 Hi-Y, 3. JEANNE DESMOND 217 Beach Street Cheerleader. 2. 3: Tri-Hi-Y, 2, 3; Nursing Club (Corresponding Se- cretary), 3: Girls ' Club. 3; Girls " Sports, 1; Gym Demonstration, 1; Sailing Club, 1: Tennis Club, 1; Bowling flub, 3; Chorus, 1. DOROTHY CUNLIFFE " Dottie " 102 Botolph Street Chorus, 2, 3; Girls ' Club, 3; Manet Staff, 3. JOHN DANCKERT " Jack " 272 Atlantic Street Track, 3; Chorus, 2. JOAN L. DELANEY 67 Division Street Girls ' Sports, 2; Library Staff, (Secretary). 1; Social Studies Staff. 1: Tennis Club. 1, 2: Sailing Club. 1. 2; Girls ' Club (Executive Board). 3; Manet Staff, 3; Sketch Club, 3; Bowling, 1. LEIGHTON A. DEWEY " Dew " 18 Pope Street PHYLLIS M. DOLAN " Phil " 43 Prospect Street Girls ' Club, 3. BARBARA DUGGAN 216 Holbrook Road Girls ' Club, 3; Chorus, 1. E. MARILYN EATON 1 my 111 Hollis Avenue Library Staff, 1, 2, 3 ; Glee Club, 2, 3; Girls ' Club, 3. GLORIA EMERALD " Glo " 132 Bellevue Road Honor Roll, 1, 2, 3; Tennis Club, 1; Manet Staff, 3; Student Secretarial Staff, 3; Girls ' Club, 3. WILLIAM R. ERICSON " Swede " 18 Clark Street Football, 1, 2, 3; Baseball, 1, 2, 3; Hi-Y, 2, 3. PHYLLIS ETHEL DREYER " Phyl " 56 Hamilton Avenue Girls ' Sports, 1, 2, 3; Bowling, 3; 1 ifle Club, 2, 3; Gym Demonstra- tion. 1; Tri-Hi-Y, 3; Girls ' Club, 3; Tennis Club, 1; Riding Club, 2; Chorus, 3; Swimming Club, 1. JOAN L. DUGGAN 216 Holbrook Road Chorus, 1, 2, 3; Student Secre- tarial Staff, 3; Girls ' Club, 3. GEORGE E. ELA Joe 163 Sherman Street Traffic Squad, 3; Cateferia Organization, 3. ROBERT W. ERICKSON " Bob " 99 Amesbury Street Band, 1, 2, 3; (Band Treasurer, 3); Student Council (Treasurer), 3; Orchestra, 1; Traffic Squad, 2, 3; Track, 1, 2, 3; Manet Staff, 3; Honor Roll, 1. A. RAYMOND EVANS " Ray " 14 Warwick Street Sketch Club, 3. ALICE L. FALCONER " Al " 234 Newbury Avenue Chorus. 3: Library Staff. 3: Bowl- ing Club, 3; Girls " Club, 3. DELLA FEARING " Del " 30 Buckingham Roacl Honor Roll. 2: Manet Staff. 3 Swimming Club. 3: Ping-Pong, 1 Bowling. 1; Tennis Club. 1, 2 Student Secretarial Staff, 3 : Girls Club, 3: Chorus. 1. 2. PAUL FISHER 213 Billings Street Outdoor Track. 1. 2. 3 : Cross Country, 3. JOAN VIRGINIA FLAHERTY " Joanie " S9 South Bayfield Road Girls ' Club, 3; Manet Staff, 3: North Star, 2 : Girls ' Sports, 3 ; Chorus, 2; Student Secretarial Staff, 3. LAWRENCE W. FONE " Larry " 99 Hamilton Avenue Sketch Club (President), 3. ALBERT J. FAYAD " Al " 67 Albion Road Football, 2. THOMAS FINNERAN " Finnic " 31 Appleton Street Football. 1. 2. 3: Baseball, 1, 2, 3; Basketball, 2, 3; Hi-Y, 2, 3; Traf- fic Squad. 2, 3; Prom Usber, 2; Jr. Class Treasurer, 2: Manet Staff, 3; Prom Committee, 3. ROGER J. FISHER " Fish " 247 Beale Street Baseball, 1, 2. 3; President Junior Class, 2; President Student Coun- cil, 3; President National Honor Society. 3: Traffic Squad, 2, 3 (Captain, 3); Manet Staff, 3; His- tory Club, 2, 3; Boys ' State, 2; Harvard Prize Book, 2: Senior Class Play, 3; School Representa- tive, 3; High Honor Roll, 1, 2. DOROTHY FLINT " Dottie " 57 Royal Street Junior Class Secretary, 2; Girls ' Club (Executive Board), 3: Sail- ing Club, 1; Manet Staff. 3; Bowling Club (Secretary-Treas- urer, 1), 1, 3; Tri-Hi-T, 3; Girls ' Sports, 1, 2, 3; Tennis Club, 2; North Star, 2; Rifle Club, 3; Swimming Club, 1; Honor Roll, 3. ALLAN FORTNAM " Al " 72 " West Elm Avenue Band (Vice-President, 3), 1. 2, 3; Track, 1. JEAN C. FOWLER 159 East Squantum Street Gym Demonstration, 1; National Honor Society, 2, 3; Chorus, 1, 2 3; North Star, 2; Manet Staff, 3 I.ibrarv Staff, 2, 3; Girls ' Club, 3 Honor Roll, 1, 2, 3. MARY ELLEN FRAUMENI 171 Billings Road Honor Roll, 2; Library Staff, 1; Sailing Club, 1; Girls ' Club (Ex- ecutive Board), 3; North Star, 2, 3; Manet Staff, 3; Tennis Club, 1, 2; Chorus, 1, 2; Glee Club, 1; Bowling Club, 1; Swimming Club, 1; Ping Pong Club, 1. IRENE FRAZIER 25 Birch Street Girls ' Club, 3; Chorus, 2, 3. LORRAINE T. FRIZZELL " Frizzy " 76 Henry Street Social Studies Staff, 1; Library Staff, 2; Girls ' Club, 3; Bowling Club (Treasurer), 3; Nursing Club, 3; Chorus, 1, 2; Sailing Club, 1; Honor Roll, 3. RARRARA FLORENCE GARDINER " Barb " 267 Safford Street . Girls ' Sports, 1, 2, 3; Girls ' Club, 3; Social Studies Staff, 1; Library Staff, 2, 3; Graduation Usher, 2; Nursing Club, 3; Chorus, 1, 2; Health Service, 3; Office Messenger, 3. RORERT J. GILRODY " Bob " 253 Highland Avenue EDITH M. FRENCH " Edie " 1 Sterling Street Girls ' Club, 3. MARJORIE J. FRYE " Margie 21 Ocean Street Glee Club, 3; Chorus, 1; Girls ' Sports, 1, 3; Tennis Club, 1; Na- tional Honor Society, 2, 3; Traffic Squad, 3; Girls ' Club, 3; Sailing Club, 1; Manet Staff, 3; Bowling Club, 1; Social Studies Staff, 1; Honor Roll, 1; High Honor Roll, 2, 3. LUCILLE GEYER " Lucy " 454 Washington Street Orchestra, 1, 2, 3; North Star, 2, 3; Library Staff (Secretary, 2, President, 3); Riding Club, 1, 3; Teachers ' Club, 3; Chorus, 1, 2, 3; Girls ' Club, 3; Girls ' Sports, 1; Radio Club, 3. LORAINE GLAVIN Kama 191 W. Squantum Street Library Staff, 2, 3; Girls ' Club, 3; Manet Staff, 3. WILLIAM GLENNON " Doc " 57 Mollis Avenue PATRICIA GRAHAM .. r .■ ? ' Pat ' 28 Mayflower Road Bowling Club, 1; Chorus, 2, 3; Gills ' Club, 3. BARBARA ANN GRAY " Barb " 24 New-field Street Honor Foil, 3; Girls ' Club, 3; Manet Staff, 3. JANET M. HADLOCK " Jan " 12 Webster Street Girls ' Sports. 1, 2, 3; History Club, 2, 3; Library Staff, 1, 2; National Honor Society, 2. 3: Manet Staff, 3; Traffic Squad, 3; Spanish Club, 3: Sailing Club, 1; Girls ' Club, 3; Chorus, 2; Gym Demonstration, 1; Honor Roll, 1, 2, 3. BARBARA E. HALL " Barb " 10 Dunbarton Road Girls ' flub. 3: Manet Staff, 3; Na- tional Honor Society, 2,. 3; Girls ' Sports, 1. 2, 3; Tri-Hi-Y, 3; Student Council, 2: Rifle Club, 3; Sailing Club, 1; North Star, 1; Honor Roll, 1, 3; High Honor Roll, 2. MARY TERESE GOEPPNER 45 Holmes Street Chorus, 2, 3; Girls ' Club, 3. ELLEN GRANAHAN " Ellie " 101 Billings Road Sailing Club, 1; Library Staff, 1; Girls ' Sports, 1, 2, 3; Traffic Squad, 2, 3: Bowling Club (Presi- dent) 3; Rifle Club, 3; Manet Staff, 3; Tri-Hi-Y, 3; Girls ' Club (Executive Board), 3; Riding Club, 2; Tennis Club, 1, 2; Honor Roll, 1, 2, 3; Swimming Club, 1. LLOYD MELVIN GREEN 76 North Bayfield Road Band (Business Manager, 3), 1, 2, 3; Orchestra, 1; History Club, 2, 3; Honor Roll, 1, 3. BARBARA A. HALL " Barb " 241 Billings Road Library Staff, 1; Sailing Club, 1, 2; Girls Club, 3; Tennis Club, 1, 2; High Honor Roll, 2; Manet Staff, 3; North Star, 2, 3; Chorus, 1, 3; Bowling Club, 1, 3; Nursing- Club, 3. HELEN HANNON " Nancy " 5 Ellington Road Spanish Club, 2; Girls ' Club, 3. MARIE HANNON " Ree " 91 Franklin Avenue Gym Demonstration, 1; Girls ' Club (Executive Board), 3; Prom Committee, 3: Chorus, 3; Sailing Club, 1. TERESA HARRINGTON ' Terry " 81 Walnut Street Girls ' Club, 3. JEAN G. HART 93 Hollis Avenue Chorus, 1, 2, 3; Girls ' Club, 3. LOIS HAYDEN " Lo " 1 Webster Street Glee Club, 2; Chorus 1, 2; Girls ' Club, 3. GEORGE HENDRIKSEN " Henry " 171 Pine Street Stamp Club, 1, 2. PATRICIA A. HARRIES " Tish " 60 Marlboro Street Girls ' Club, 3; Manet Staff, 3; Student Secretarial Staff, 3. CHARLES R. HARRIS " Chuck " 153 Holbrook Road Baseball, 1, 2, 3. JUNE D. HART 93 Hollis Avenue Glee Club, 1; Chorus, 1, 2, 3; Girls ' Club, 3. JOHN B. HAYES " Johnny " 42 Kendall Street Football, 1, 2; Traffic Squad, 3; Cafeteria Squad, 1. FRANK HINES " Frankie " 108 Oxenbridge Road Football, 1, 2, 3; Basketball, 1, 2, 3; Track, 2, 3; Community Drive Committee, 2, 3; Prom Committee 3. MILDRED HORNER " Millie 69 Rawson Road Senior Class Secretary, 3; Tennis Club, 1; Sailing Club, 1; Swim- ming Club, 1: Senior Student Council. 2; Prom Committee, 3; Manet Staff, 3: Bowling Club. 1; Tri-Hi-Y. 3: Girls ' Club, 3: North Star, 1; Chorus. 1, 2. 3; Gradua- tion Usher, 2. ZOA HOUSTON " Zoie " 21 Clive Street Girls ' Club (Vice President), 3 Tri-Hi-Y, 3; Traffic Squad, 3 Rifle Club, 3; Manet Staff, 3 North Star. 1. 3: Swimming Club 1; Honor Roll, 3. BARBARA JEAN HUTCHINGS " Barb " 46 " Walnut Street Library Staff, 1, 2. 3; Girls ' Club, 3. BARBARA JOHNSON " Babs " 22 West Elm Avenue Girls ' Club, 3. GEORGE JOHNSON " G. G. " 224 Mollis Avenue Baseball, 1, 2, 3; Basketball, 2, 3. WILLIAM HORNER " Homer " 69 Rawson Road PATRICIA HUGHES " Pan " 189 Everett Street Manet Staff, 3; Bowling Club, 3 Girls ' Sports, 1 ; Nurses ' Club, 3 Library Staff, 1; Sailing Club, 1 Tri-Hi-Y, 2, 3; Girls ' Club, 3; Tennis, 2; Honor Roll, 3. JOAN JACKSON " Jackie " SO Ashworth Road North Star, 2; Girls ' Club, 3; Chorus, 2, 3. BETTY JOHNSON 17 Pierce Street Chorus, 1, 2, 3; Girls ' Club, 3; Swimming Club, 1: Manet Staff, 3; Honor Roll, 1. ELINOR JORDAN 111 Brook Street Girls ' Club. 3. GLADYS A. JORDAN " Slim " 310 Billings Road Student Secretarial Staff, 3; Girls ' Club, 3: Honor Roll, 2, 3. CONSTANCE KEANE " Connie " 100 Russell Street National Honor Society, (Secre- tary, 3), 2, 3; Traffic Squad, 3; Library Staff, 1, 2, 3; History flub, 2, 3; (Editor), Manet Staff, 3; Class Play, 3; North Star, (Edi- tor, 3), 1, 2, 3; Honorary Member, Wollaston Women ' s Club, 2; Girls ' Club, 3; Social Studies Staff, 1; High Honor Roll, 1, 2, 3. EDWARD KELLEY " Keir 108 Hamden Circle Baseball, 1, 2, 3; Scrap Drive, 1. JOAN KERRIGAN 28 Brook Street North Star, 1; Girls ' Club, 3. DOROTHEA KIRK " Dottie " 144 Arlington Street Girls ' Club, 3; Chorus, 1, 2, 3; North Star, 2. BARBARA KAULBECK 72 Tyler Street Senior Student Council, 1; Tri-Hi- Y, (Treasurer), 1, 2, 3; Chorus, 1 2, 3; Gym Demonstration, 1 Cheerleader, 3 ' ; Girls ' Club 3 Student Secretarial Staff, 3; Prom Committee, 3. MARION KELLEHER 127 Clay Street Tri-Hi-Y, 2, 3; Honor Roll, 1, 2, 3 ; Nurses ' Club, 3; Girls ' Club, 3; Senior Student Council, 1; Sailing Club, 1; Bowling Club, 1; Tennis Club, 1 : Chorus, 1 ; Traffic Squad, 2, 3; Manet Staff, 3. MARY KELLY 98 Tyler Street Girls ' Club, 3; Basketball, 3; Chorus, 3. BARBARA KILPATRICK " Killy " 67 Carlisle Street Tri-Hi-Y, 3; Girls ' Club, 3; Prom Committee, 3; Chorus, 1, 2; Glee Club, 1; Girls ' Sports, 1, 3. ROY KLASNER " Roy " 138 Oxenbridge Road Glee Club, 1; Chorus, 1, 2, 3. NORMAN W. KNIGHT " Normie " 50 Vassall Street Track, 3. EDWARD KRONHOLM " Gus " 230 Safford Street Radio Club, 3; Track, 1, 3. DAVID LAMR " Shorty " 285 East Squantum Street ROY LARSEN 15 Arnold Road JEAN M. LEAVENS 31 Gladstone Street Girls ' Club, : ' ,: Rifle Club. 3; Tri- ll i-V, 2. 3: Chorus, 1, 2; Girls- Sports, 1; Nurses ' Club (Secre- tin yj, ' . ' ,: Glee club ( Aerompian- ist), 3; Gym Demonstration, 1; Tennis, 1; Bowling, 3. BARRARA KNOWLES " Knowlesy " 14 Channing Street Girls - Club, 3; History Club, 2, 3; Nursing- Club, 3; Gym Demonstra- tion, 1, 2; Girls ' Sports, 1, 2; l.onor r.o.l, 1, 2, 3; Manet Staff, 3. BLANCHE LADD 9 Mayflower Road Chorus, 2, 3; Girls ' Club, 3; Bowl- ing Club, 3; Riding Club, 3. PHYLLIS LANERGAN " Phyl " 12 Thatcher Street Girls ' Club, 3 ; Girls ' Sports, 1 Tri-Hi-Y (Secretary, 3). 2, 3 Prom Usher. 2; Nurses ' Club, 3 Riding Club, 2; Chorus, 1; Bowl- ing Club, 1: Sailing Club, 1; Gym Demonstration, 1; Honor Roll, 3. THERESA MARIE LEAHY " Terry " 67 North Central Avenue North Star, 1; Girls ' Club, 3. ROBERT L. LEGCE " Dob " 22G Wilson Avenue JOSEPH LEMIEUX " Bud " 93 Vassall Street Football, 2; Basketball, 1, Track, 2, 3; Honor Roll, 3. JOAN M. LENNON 118 Colby Road Tri-Hi-Y, 1, 2, 3, (President, 3): Chorus, 1, 3; Girls ' Club, 3; Grad- uation Usher, 3; Prom Committee, 3; Girls ' Sports, 1. MARTHA A. LEWIS " Mickey " 46 Bellevue Road Chorus, 1, 2, 3; Glee Club, North Star, 2, 3; Gills ' Club, Library Staff, 2. ROBERT R. LINDGREN " Ling " 15 Edgeworth Road Hockey, 2, 3. JOAN LOFTUS 1U Ferndale Road Girls ' Club, 3 ; Chorus, 3. MARJORIE E. LEMON " Margie " 91 Granger Street Drum Majorette, 2, 3; Tri-Hi-Y, 3; Library Staff, 2; Gym Demon- stration, 1; Girls ' Club, 3; Secre- tary of Band. 3; Manet Staff, 3; North Ctar, 3; Office Work, 3; Student Secretarial Staff, 3. DOROTHY R. LEWIS " Dottie " 18 Mayflower Road Honor Roll, 2, 3; Girls ' Club, 3; Student Secretarial Staff, 3; Bowl- ing Club, 3; Library Staff, 1; Manet Staff, 3. RUTH H. LINDBOM " Ruthie " 61 Park Avenue Library Staff, 1, 2; Spanish Club, 2; Girls ' Club, 3; Nurses ' Club, 3; North Star, 1, 2, 3. DONNA E. LINDHOLM " Lindy " 122 Beach Street Girls ' Club, 3 ; Gym Demonstra- tion, 1. MARY LYNDON 31 Hunt Street No th Star, 1; Girls ' Club, 3. GILBERT PAGE MacCALLUM " Mac " 122 West Elm Avenue Football, 2; Basketball, 1. PATRICIA F. MacDONALD " Pat " 15 Mascoma Street Girls - Club, 3; Manet Staff, 3; Gym Demonstration, 1. PHYLLIS MacGREGOR " Phyl " 27 Sewell Street Glee Club, 1; North Star, 2; Girls - Club, 3; Tri-Hi-Y, 3; National Honor Society, 2, 3; Wollaston Women ' s Club (Honorary Member) 2, 3; Student Secretarial Staff, 3; Girls ' Basketball, 3; Manet Staff, 3; Chorus, 1, 2, 3 ; Honor Roll, 1, 2. LAURA MacLARTY " Lollie " 51 Arnold Road Sketch Club, 3; Biology Club, 3; Girls ' Club, 3; Manet Staff, 3; Honor Roll, 2. LAWRENCE MAIBACH " Larry " 50 Sterling Street Spanish Club, 2, 3; Track Team, 2; KinV Tnam (Secretary-Treasurer), 2, 3; History Club, 2, :: ; Honor Roll, 1, 2, 3. NANCY MacDONALD 3 Williams Street Girls ' Club, 3; Chorus, 1; Sailing- Club, 1; Traffic Squad, 2, 3; Or- chestra (Secretary), 1, 2, 3; Stu- dent Council, 3; Social Studies Staff, 1; Bowling- Club, 1; Manet Staff, 3; Prom Usher, 2; National Honor Society, 2, 3; Girls ' Sports, 1, 2; Gym Demonstration, 1; Honor Roll, 2, 3; Tennis Club, 1. ROBERT D. MacDONALD " Bob " 92 Wilson Avenue DONALD MacKENZIE " Mac " 187 Wilson Avenue Glee Club, 1, 2, 3 (President 3); Spanish Club, 1, 2, 3; History Club, 2, 3; Traffic Squad, 3; Cafeteria Duty, 2, 3; Chorus, 1, 2; Class Play, 3; Manet Staff, 3; Radio Club, 3; Honor Roll, 1, 3. PAULINE F. MADDEN " Polly " 18 Border Street North Star, 1, 2, 3; Girls ' Club, 3; Chorus, 1, 2, 3; Library Staff, 2. ALLEN F. MANNING " Mike " 11G Sherman Street Tennis Club, 2, 3; Manet Staff, 3. ELEANOR MARROCCO " Roc " 250 Newbury Avenue Senior Prom Usher, 2; Manet Staff, 3; Tri-Hi-Y, 2, 3; Girls ' Club Execu- tive Board, 3; Chorus, 1, 2, 3; Driv- ing- Club, 1; Nursing ' Club, (Presi- dent), 3; Girls ' Basketball, 2; Prom Committee, 3. MILDRED M. MARTINEZ " Millie " 15 Appleton Street Chorus, 1, 3; Tri-Hi-Y, 3; Girls- Club, 3; Prom Committee, 3. rorert c. McCarthy " Mack " 127 Brook Street Bowling, 1, 2; Senior Class Play, 3; Radio Club, 3; Honor Roll, 2. ELEANOR McGUIRE 156 East Elm Avenue Riding Club, 2; Glee Club, 1; Tennis Club, 2; Driving Club, 2; North Star, 1; Gym Demonstration, 1; Tri- Hi-Y, 2, 3; Chorus, 1, 3; Nurses ' Career Club, 3; Girls ' Club, 3. R. ELEANORE MacLEAN " Toni " 79 North Central Avenue Library Staff, 3; Teacher ' s Club, 3; Girls ' Club, 3; Radio Clu! ,3. ELEANOR K. MARTIN " Ellie " 20 Mascoma Street Gym Demonstration, 1; Drum Ma- jorette, 2, 3; Senior Class Gradu- ation Usher, 2; Girls ' Club, 3; Tri- Hi-Y, 3; Community Fund Drive, 2. CAROLYN MASTERS " Carol " 101 Belmont Street Girls ' Club, 3. ELIZABETH McCUIN " Betty " 33 Flynt Street Girls ' Club, 3. WARREN E. McKAY " Mac " 3 Canton Road Stamp Club, 1, 2. MARGARET McMASTER " Peggy " 249 Hobart Street Chorus, 1, 2, 3; Girls ' Club, 3; Sail- ing Club, 1. CHARLES McNALLY " Chuck " 51 Vane Street Football, 2; Hockey, 2; Bowling Club, 1; Chorus, 1, 2, 3. DORIS MARIE McNAMARA 27 Sycamore Road Library Staff, 1, 2; Spanish Club, 1. 2; North Star, 2; Girls ' Club, 3. JAMES McNEICE Jimmie 12 Ruthven Street Golf Team, 1, 2, 3 ; Hockey Team, 2, 3. ARTHUR MORIN " Art " 3T Hamden Circle Football, 3; Hockey, 2. STEPHEN MOYNIHAN " Steve " 112 North Central Avenue Football, 1, 2, 3; Track, 1; Prom Committee, 3: Traffic Squad, 3; Honor Roll, 2; chorus, 3. ROSEMARY McNALLY 24 Hunt Street chorus, 2, 3; Girls ' Club, 3. PATRICIA ANN McNAMARA " Pat " 192 Davis Street Manet Staff, 3; Prom Committee, 3; Traffic Squad, 2, 3; Student Coun- cil, 2; Office Work, 3: Tri-lTi-Y, 2, 3; Girls ' Club Executive Board. 3: Chorus, 1; Girls ' State, 2; Sailing Club, 1, 2; Class Play, 3; Prom Usher, 2; Homeroom Representa- tive, 1; North Star, 2; Gym Dem- onstration, 1: National Honor fo- ciety, 2, 3; Riding Club, 2, 3; Tennis Club, 1; Community Fund, 1, 2, 3; Girls ' Sports, 1, 2, 3 • Bowli lg Club, 3; High Honor Roll, 1. 2 ; D. A. R. Award, 3; Swimming Club, 1; Honor Roll. 3. JANICE MORGAN Jan 190 Elmwood Avenue Gym Demonstration, 1; Drum Ma- jorette, 2, 3; Girls ' Club, 3; Com- munity Fund Drive, 2. ROBERT MORTON " Soapy " 18 Berlin Street Basketball, 1, 2, 3; Track, 2, 3 Football, 3; Graduation Usher, 2 Prom Committee, 3; Chorus, 1, 2, 3 Hi-Y, 3. FRANCES MILLER " Frannie " 2 Windsor Road North Star. 1; Girls ' Club, 3. JOAN F. MUELLER " Jeff " 108 Amesbury Street Girls ' Club, 3; History Club, 2, 3 North Star, 2, 3; Glee Club (Vice President), 1, 2, 3 ; Girls ' Sports, 1 2: Traffic Squad, 3; Class Play, 3 Honor Society, 2, 3 ; Manet Staff, 3 Radio Club, (President), 3; High Honor Roll, 1, 2, 3. MARY MULLIN 19 Hollis Avenue Girls ' Club, 3. SHIRLEY A. MURNANE " Shirl " 184 Newbury Avenue Cheerleader, 1, 2, 3, (Head Cheer- leader, 3); Student Council, 2; Tri- Hi-Y, 2, 3; Manet Staff, 3; Chorus, 3; Girls ' Club, 3; Sailing Club, 2; Girls ' Sports, 1. MARTIN NEE " Skip " 14 Royal Street Glee Club, 2; Chorus, 2; North Star, 2, 3; Manet Staff, 3. NORMAN NELSON " Nellie " 39 Freeman Street Football, 1, 2; Baseball, 3; Basketball, 3. KATHARINE A. MULLIN " Kay " 86 Highland Avenue National Honor Society, 2, 3; North Star, 2; Biology Club (Secretary) 2; Basketball, 1; Girls ' Club, 3 Teachers ' Club, 3; Manet Staff, 3 Girls ' State, 2; Honor Roll, 1, 3; Chorus, 1. JANICE E. MURDOCK Jan 144 Hollis Avenue Glee Club, 2, 3; Library Staff, 3; Girls ' Club (Executive Board), 3; History Club, 3; Teachers ' Club (Secretary), 3; Biology Club, 2; Manet Staff, 3; Driving Club, 2. JOSEPH MURRAY " Bush " 160 East Elm Avenue Chorus, 1, 2, 3; Hockey, 3. BARBARA NELSON " Barb " 133 Bayside Road Chorus, 1, 2; North Star, 2; Girls ' Club, 3. BEATRICE L. NEWMAN " Bea " 93 Quincy Shore Drive Girh; ' Club, 3; Honor Roll, 1. IRENE NICHOLSON 274 Holbrook Road Girls ' Club, 3; Driving Club, RICHARD NORTON " Dick " 255 N. Central Avenue Hockey, 2, 3; Baseball, 2, 3. MARIE A. O ' CONNELL 12 Blackwell Street North Star, 1; Girls ' Club, 3; Stu- dent Secretarial Staff, 3. ALFRED F. O ' CONNOR " Al " 120 Hamden Circle GERALDINE ORCUTT " Gerry " 1B7 Pine Street Girls ' Sports, 1, 2, 3; Tri-IIi-Y, 2, 3; Girls ' Club Executive Board, ' ■ ' ,: From f ' onimitte.-, 3; Manet Staff, 3. ALBERT NOGLER " Bert " 27 Ruthven Street Golf, 2, 3; Hockey, 2, 3. SHEPPARD NORTON " Shep " 108 Marlboro Street Veteran MARY THERESA O ' CONNELL 23 East Squantum Street Riding Club, 2, 3; Girls, Club, 3. PRISCILLA OLSSON " Cilia " 35 Edgeworth Road Prom Usher, 2; Junior Class (Vice- President), 2; Manet Staff, 3; Girls ' Club (President), 3; Bowling Club 1; Girls ' Sports, 1; Sailing Club, 1: Honor Roll, 1; Social Studies Staff, 1; Tennis Club, 1; Traffic Squad (Captain), 2, 3. BRUCE D. PACKERT 220 Beach Street Sailing Club, 1; Band 2. DANIEL A. PAGE " Danny " 45 Gladstone Street Traffic Squad, 2. FORDIE PITTS 159 Elliot Avenue Golf Team, 1, 2, 3 ; Hockey Team, 2, 3. HAROLD RADLEY " Red " 50 Young Street WALTER RAMSDEN " Super Wee " 15 Ocean Street MARY E. REED " Betty " 53 Buckingham Road Glee Club, 1: Chorus, 1, 3; Girls ' Club, 3; Student Secretarial Staff, 3. ANNETTE PITTS 69 Freeman Street Glee Club, 1, 2, 3; Chorus, 2, 3; Girls ' Club, 3; Ra.dio Club (Secre- tary), 3. ALDEN POWERS Hue 49 Wedgewood Street Track (Captain, 3), 1, 2, 3 ; Cross- Country (Captain, 3), 3; Indoor Track, 3; Rifle Club, 1. FRANCIS RAFFA " Sonny " 78. Glover Avenue RICHARD RANDALL " Dick " 5 Acton Street Band, 1, 2, 3; Orchestra, 1, 2; Glee Club, 1, 2, 3; Baseball, 2, 3; Ground Patrol, 1, 2. WILLIAM P. REILLY " Gabby " 34 Hollis Avenue Football, 1, 2, 3; Basketball, 3; Hi-Y, 2, 3. DONALD RHUDE " Don " 145 Bellevue Road Motion Picture Operators Club, (Secretary), 1, 2, 3 ; National Honor Society, 2, 3; Traffic Squall, 3; Manet Staff, Assistant Editor, 3; High Honor Roll, 2, 3. ROBERT J. RICHARDS " Butch " 193 West Squantum Street Football, 1, 2, 3; Golf, 1, 2, 3; Hockey, 2, 3; Prom Committee, 3. JOSEPH RILEY " Spider " 85 Vassall Street Football, 1, 2, 3; Track, 1, 2, 3; Hockey, 2, 3; Prom Committee, 3; Prom Usher, 2. VIRGINIA ROBERTS Ginnie 33 Amesbury Street History Club (President), 2, 3 Spanish Club, 3; National Honor Society (Vice-President), 2, 3; Bi- ology Club, 3; Library Staff, 3 Manet Staff, 3; Radio Club, 3; Ca- feteria Squad, 2, 3; Traffic Squad 3; Girls ' Club, 3; Honor Roll, 2, 3 CHARLES V. ROSS " C huck " 53 Vershire Street Glee Club (Business Manager), ?, ; Cafeteria Squad, 2; Football, Hockey, 2; Track, 2. SHIRLEY E. RICH " Richie " 92 Sagamore Avenue Drum Majorette, 1, Co-head Drum Majorette, 2, Head Drum Major- ette, 3; Student Council, 1; Secre- tary of Band, 2; Girls ' Club, 3; Tri- Hi-Y, 2, 3; Girls ' Sports, 1, 2, 3; Prom Committee, 3; Sailing Club, 1; Manet Staff, 3; Student Secre- tarial Staff, 3. JOAN C. RIDLEY 53 Arnold Road Glee Club, 1; Spanish Club, 2, 3; Biology Club (Vice-President), 2, 3; North Star, 3; Girls ' Club, 3; Manet, 3. CAROL RING 132 Farrington Street Glee Club, 1; Drum Majorette, 2, 3; Chorus, 1 ; Girls ' Sports, 1 ; Gym Demonstration, 1; Girls ' Club, 3. MARY C. ROBINSON " Mae " 11 Eustis Street Girls ' Club, 3; Basketball, 3. CHRISTINA S. RUSSELL " Chris " 29 Newbury Street Girls ' Club, 3. DONALD RUSSELL " Buddy " 58 Woodbine Street Baseball, 3. JOSEPH H. SCANLON " Dom " 138 Fayette Street Football (Manager), 1, 2, 3; Bas- ketball (Manager), 1, 2, 3 ; Baseball (Manager), 1, 2; Prom Committee, 3. BARBARA R. SEARLE 79 Russell Street Social Studies Staff, 1; Chorus, 2 3; North Star, 2; Manet Staff, 3 Girls ' Club, 3; Honor Roll, 1, 2, 3 Student Secretarial Staff, 3. BARBARA LOUISE SMITH 19 Hodges Avenue Bowling, 1; Girls ' Club, 3. MARIE E. SPENCER " Re " 110 Hollis Avenue Girls ' Sports, 3; Biology Club, Rifle Club, 3; Bowling Club, Girls ' Club, 3; Spanish Club, North Star, 2; Honor Roll, 2; Manet Staff, 3. KENNETH SAWYER " Kennie " 33 Calumet Street Football, 1, 2, 3; Prom Committee, 3. WILLIAM H. SCHRADER " Bill " 144 Marlboro Street Glee Club, 3: History Club, 2, 3; Radio Club, 3: National Honor So- ciety, 2, 3; Manet Staff, 3: North Star, 3; Senior Class Play, 3; Chorus, 1, 2; Traffic Squad, 3; Honor Roll, 1, 3; High Honor Roll, 2. ROY T. SHAUGHNESSY 156 East Elm Avenue Football (Captain 3), 1, 2, 3; Base- ball, 1, 2, 3; Prom Committee, 3; Hockey, 3; Chorus, 1, 2, 3; Prom Usher, 2. JOAN SMITH " Jo " 12 Billings Street North Star, 2; Girls ' Club Execu- tive Board, 3; Swimming Club, 1; Honor Roll, 1. LOUISE E. STENBORG 160 Arlington Street North Star, 2; Girls ' Club, 3; Chorus, 1, 2, 3; Manet Staff, 3; Graduation Usher, 2. EDWARD STOVER " Ned " 30 Becket Street Rifle Club. 1; Bowling: Club, 1; Prom Usher, 2. RICHARD R. STOYLE " Dick " 7 2 Taylor Street Band ( Business Manager), 2. (Pre- sident. 3): Orchestra. 1 ;Traffic Squad, 3; Cafeteria Squad, 1, 2; Chorus, 1, 2. GILRERT F. STROREL " Gib " IS Holyoke Street Cross Country. 3 ; Indoor Track, 3 : Outdoor Track. 1. 2, 3 ; Riflle Team, 1. JESALYN A. TATE " Jes " 48 Warwick Street Student Council. 1; Traffic Squad, 3; North Star (Editor,2), 3; Girls ' Club, Executive Board, 3; Biology Club, 3: Honor Roll, 2; Spanish Club, 2, 3; Manet Staff, 3; Chorus, 1. DOROTHY R. THORNE " Dottie " 89 Myrtle Street Girls ' Club, 3; Chorus, 3. EVERETT STOYLE " Ev " 72 Taylor Street Band. 1, 2, 3; Motion Picture Ope- rators ' Club. 1; Rifle Club, 2; Or- chestra, 1; Track, 1: Manet Staff, 3; Boys ' State, 2. ALDEN STRECKER " Aud " 117 Fayette Street Basketball. 1, 2, 3 ; Track, 2. RICHARD J. SULLIVAN " Sully " 79 Carlisle Street Football, 2. 3; Basketball, 1, 2, 3; Baseball, 2, 3; Community Fund Drive, 2; Hi-Y, 2, 3; Graduation Marshall, 2; Boys ' State, 2; Senior Class President, 3; Chorus, 2, 3; Honor Roll, 3; Driving Club, 1; Manet Staff, 3 ; Prom Committee 3. ELIZARETH A. TAYLOR " Betty " 44 Elm Avenue Traffic Squad, 3; Girls ' Club, 3; Honor Roll, 3. EDITH TOBBEN " Edie " 12 Beach Street Girls ' Sports, 1, 2: Glee Club, 1, 2, 3; Student Council, 2, 3; (Vice- President), 3; Honor Roll, 2; Manet Staff. 3; Traffic Squad, 3; National Honor Society. 2, 3; Girls ' Club, 3. SHIRLEY R. TUPPER " Tup " 158 Harvard Street Girls ' Basketball, 1, 2, 3 ; Girls ' Club, 3; Chorus, 2, 3; Spanish Club, 1, 2; Honor Roll, 2. GEORGE J. WAGNER " Bing " 28 Newbury Street Chorus, 1, 2, 3. FRED WARNER " Buzz " 11 Berlin Street Football, 1; Sailing Club, 1. GENEVIEVE MARIE WARREN " Ginny " 193 Belmont Street Girls ' Club, 3. RONALD F. WEIR " Ronnie " 20 Ocean Street Tennis Team, 2, 3. ELEANOR VOLZ " Ellie " 67 Brook Street Chorus, 2; Girls ' Club, 3. PAUL WALTER 84 Elliot Avenue Cafeteria Squad, 1. JOHN WARNER " Lucky " 11 Berlin Street Cafeteria Squad, 1, 2, 3. CHARLES J. WATSON " Doc " 105 Hobart Street Cafeteria Squad, 1, 2, 3. RARBARA WELCH " Barb " 170 Pine Street Spanish Club, 1, 2; North Star, 2; Library Staff, 1, 2; Girls ' Club, 3; Nurse ' s Club, 3; Health Service Staff, 2, 3. WILLIAM B. WESTON " Willie " 249 Billings Road Senior Student Council, 3. BERNADETTE WHITE 54 Sterling- Street Girls ' Club, 3; Student Secretarial Staff. 3. CHARLES A. WHITING " Chuck " 4 8 John Street Driving Club, 2. MARY F. WHOLEY 26 Conant Road Spanish Club, 1, 2, 3 ; History Club, 2, 3; Honor Society, 2, 3; Girls ' Club, 3; Honor Roll, 2; High Honor Roll, 1. ELIZABETH C. WILLIAMS " Betty " 18 Prospect Street Girls ' ' iui , 3; Chorus, 1, 2, 3; I ' rom ' mi in it 1 ■ •, ' ■ ' ,. ALICE WHITE 55 Hamilton Avenue Spanish Club, 1, 2; Girls ' Club, 3; North Star, 2; Honor Roll, 2. PATRICIA A. WHITE " Slim " 58 Buckingham Road Library Staff, 1; Chorus, 1, 2, 3; Girls ' Club, 3; Kxecutive Board, 3; Tri-Hi-Y, 3; Prom Committee, 3. PHILIP WHITTEMORE " Phil " 100 Botolph Street Football, 1, 2; Track, 2, 3. JEAN C. WILKINSON " Wilikins " 193 Billings Street Girls, Club, 3. E. BRADY WILSON 10 Gordon Street Football, 1; Baseball, 1, 2, 3. EILEEN W. WOOD " Woodsy " 7 4 Royal Street History Club, 2, 3; Biology Club, 3 Library Staff, 3; Nurses ' Club, 3 Girls - Sports, 1; Manet Staff, 3 Girls ' Club, 3: Gym Demonstration 1: Honor Roll, 1, 2. RICHARD WOODAMAN " Dick " 15 Buckingham Road WALTER WRAY " Jerry " 96 Edwin Street ROBERT WILLIAM BLACKWOOD " Blackie " 95 Farrington Street THOMAS F. COLLIGAN 161 Arlington Street JAMES GLOVER " Tommy " 108 Granger Street Tennis Team, 1, 2, 3; Band, 2, 3; Orchestra, 3; Senior Class Play, 3. MORRIE HIBBARD 20 Phillips Street " HERBERT B. JACKSON 105 Bellevue Road Rifle Club, 1, 2; Swimming Club, 1. P. G. RUTH McNULTY " Ruthie " 12 Faxon Road Girls ' Club, 3; Tri-Hi-Y, 3; Chorus, 2. BARBARA LAUGHLIN MITCHELL " Barb " 9 Hodges Court Library Staff, 3; Manet, 3; Girls ' Club, 3; High Honor Roll, 1, 2, 3. ROBERT T. QUINLAN " Bob " 251 Newport Avenue Bowling, 1. ARTHUR T. REGAN 282 Atlantic Street Veteran JOHN C. RILEY 85 Vassall Street Veteran JAMES WHITE " Jim " 190 Pine Street p. a. Girl Dorothy Flint Joan Delaney Ellen Granahan Louise Stenborg Katherine Mullin Jeanne Desmond Betty Ann Campbell Patricia McNamaxa Louise Stenborg Constance Keane Marion Kelleher Constance Keane Shirley Rich Phyllis Dreyer Mary Reed Patricia McNamara Marion Kelleher Phyllis MacGregor Barbara Kilpatrick Mary Ellen Fraumeni Barbara Chisholm Barbara Chisholm Barbara Mitchell Marjorie Lemon Eleanor Marrocco Ruth McNulty Best All Round Most Artistic Most Athletic Most Complacent 31ost Courteous Cutest Best Dancer Most Dependable Most Dignified Most Dramatic Best Dressed Most Efficient Friendliest Most Individualistic Inseparables Most Likely to Succeed Best Looking Most Musical Best Natured Most Optimistic Most Popular Peppiest Most Reserved Most Romantic Most Versatile Wittiest Boy Richard Sullivan Martin Nee Lawrence Cedrone Robert Richards Robert Richards Frank Hines Frank Hines Roger Fisher William Schrader Donald MacKenzie Thomas Finneran Roger Chambers Joseph Scanlon Richard Randall Roy Klasner Roger Fisher Norman Nelson Richard Randall Joseph Scanlon Roger Chambers Richard Sullivan Roy Shaughnessy William Schrader Richard Stoyle Thomas Finneran Donald Russell CLASS HISTORY During the course of human events, man ' s fondest memories often come from the time he was in high school. Such a wealth of experiences cannot but leave many deep impressions in his mind. Whether these impressions be humorous or thoughtful, they all contribute to his development and give him a sturdy foundation on which to build the rest of his life. Perhaps he recalls a perfectly silent study room. Suddenly, the bell sounds for the end of the second lunch, and preparations for The Olympics are on. Spontane- ously desks slam, lunch bags crackle, locker doors bang, bits of conversation fill the air. Everyone is waiting for the signal. The second bell and they ' re off! Fourth floor, third floor, second floor, cafeteria! " That ' s my seat. Get up. " " Let me in line in front of you, will ya? " " Has anybody got an extra penny? " Oh, good old lunch period! He may remember a wonderful dance if he is thinking of " Cupid ' s Choice " or the Prom, but they weren ' t all like that. He remembers the ninth grade afternoon dances when no boys came and the girls couldn ' t dance? Or maybe he remembers the time he went stag and thought no one would ever dance with him. It seemed pretty terrible at the time, no doubt, but it wasn ' t really so cataclysmic. Maybe he becomes thoughtful when he remembers the Memorial Day programs during the war, or the death of such good friends as Mr. McGowan and Miss Olive Hunt, or the sacrifices made by many of the alumni. Only afterward does he realize how much he misses the enthusiasm, the advice, or the understanding of those teachers who have left. The North spirit wells up within him when he relives those exciting moments of football, basketball, baseball, hockey, track, golf. He sees the band ( with those new black trousers), and the drill team, and the cheerleaders out in front lending color and unity and precision. From among his individual pursuits and extra-curricula activities he finds at least one favorite reflection. It may be the way the ninth grade members of the Ju- nior Student Council " ran " the junior school, or the excitement and suspense of the trips to the Tech Tourney or the Thanksgiving games with Quincy. Possibly it is the Girls ' Club picnic, the gym demonstration, or the class play. Maybe the most vivid memory is of an ordinary class. Every girl remembers the towel she had to hem that was in shreds before she finished because the stitches had to be ripped out so many times, or the stuffed egg that she got caught trying to deposit in a waste basket. That rush from the shower room to the Body Mechanics room in those electric-blue bloomer gym suits trying to avoid the stares and remarks of the opposite sex may have made a deep impression! Likewise, no boy will ever forget his first shop period and those delightful memo-pads and sink scoops, or the physics experiment that failed because he got the wires mixed up. Members of Mr. Walkden ' s class have the delightful recollection of the presentation of the hoe and the carnation in tune to " The Farmer in the Dell. " As a " Squantumnite " he cannot overlook his unique plight on a stormy day when the school bus couldn ' t get through. He could be expected around one o ' clock — just in time to pack up and go home again. Oh, happy memory! Finally he recalls that confused feeling of " What am I going to do next year? " To some this may have meant filling out applications and taking College Boards. To others it may have meant hunting for a job. But, whichever it meant his experi- ences gathered in high school will never let him down; he will cling to his memories and build on them! 4-U 1. Adams Twins 2. Roy Shaughnessy 3. Patricia Harries 4. Barbara A. Hall 5. Mildred Martinez 6. Joan Ridley 7. Constance Keane 8. Peter Ohrisom 9. Joan Delaney 10. Janet Bauer 11. Patricia Hughes 12. Barbara Ohisholm and Elizabeth Williams 13. Janice Murdock 14. Dorothy Flint 15. Jeanne Couillard 16. Nancy MacDonald 17. Thomas Finneran 18. Shirley Murnane 19. Marion Kelleher 20. Barbara Gardiner 21. Geraldine Orcutt 22. Ellen Granahan 23. Mary Allan 24. Gerald Croke 25. Barbara Duggan 26. Barbara Searle 27. Jeanne Desmond 28. Marilyn Eaton 29. Joan Smith 30. Virginia Cole 31. Eleanor McLean 32. Janet Cadigan 33. Mary Mull in 34. Richard Norton 35. Marie Spencer 3 6. Joan Mueller 37. Eleanor McGulre 38. Priscilla Olsson 39. Joan Flaherty 40. Charlotte Bryer 41. Barbara Kilpatrick 42. Jane Cattanach 43. Phyllis Dreyer 44. Edith Tobben 45. Audrey Buckley 46. Donald Russell 47. Mary Reed 48. Constance Chrisom 49. Jean Wilkinson 50. Joan Dugg-an 51. Mildred Horner 52. Elizabeth Taylor 53. Ann Boyajian 54. Dorothy Cotter 55. Betty Ann Campbell 56. Joseph Scanlon 57. Carolyn Masters 58. Doris MoNamara 59. Barbara E. Hall 60. Hart Twins Now that The Manet of the Class of 1948 is issued, the gust of wind coming from the vicinity of 424 is merely the collective sigh of relief of the staff. Since the book is now done, the staff can sit back and look around. Getting out a Manet is no " ' snap " ; no, it involves much hard work. That accounted for the amount of feverish activity that went on in 424: the editorial staff madly trying to think of a last sentence for that writeup; the art group hastily laying out the second dummy and trying to conceive a use for that extra page; the commercial staff mimeographing, and typing 200 words a minute to meet that everdooming deadline; the advertising staff scouring the countryside for that one last advertisement. Oh, yes, there was work, ever so much, but in retrospect it certainly seems worth it, especially when those thick scarlet books arrived from the printer! Faculty Adviser Miss Schields Commercial Adviser Mr. Jack Literary Adviser Miss Leavitt Class Adviser . Mr. Donahue Editor . Constance Keane Assistant Editor Donald Rhude f% 0 P5 £ Q{% f% f$ ADVERTISING Virginia Roberts (manager) Jane Adams Janet Bauer Ann Bresnahan Charlotte Bryer Marjorie Croumey Mary Ellen Fraumeni Marjorie Frye Janet Hadlock Zoa Houston Patricia Hughes Betty Johnson Marion Kelleher Barbara Knowles Patricia MacDonald Barbara Mitchell Janice Murdock Joan Ridley Everett Stoyle Edith Tobben Eileen Wood CIRCULATION Delia Fearing Geraldine Orcutt Marie Spencer COMMERCIAL Jean Adams Helen Calder Betty Ann Campbell Jeanne Couillard Dorothy Cunliffe Gloria Emerald Joan Flaherty Jean Fowler Lorraine Glavin Barbara Gray Patricia Harries Marjorie Lemon Dorothy Lewis Phyllis MacGregor Carolyn Masters Priscilla Olsson Barbara Searle Louise Stenborg ART Margaret Birmingham Joan Delaney Barbara E. Hall Laura MacLarty Martin Nee Shirley Rich BOOSTERS Loretta Cluett Ellen Granahan Shirley Murnane HOMEROOM REPRESENTATIVES Janet Austin Elinore Clapp Thomas Finneran Janet Hadlock Barbara A. Hall Allan Manning Eleanor Marrocco Priscilla Olsson EDITORIAL Robert Danforth Robert Erickson Roger Fisher Constance Keane Editor Donald MacKenzie Patricia McNamara Joan Mueller Katherine Mullin Donald Rhude Associate Editor William Schrader Jessalyn Tate PHOTOGRAPHY Dorothy Flint Nancy MacDonald The Class of 1948 got off to a fast start by sponsoring ' ' Autumn Serenade, " an informal dance, on October 4, 1947, an enterprising and remunerative under- taking: in fact, about eighty-five dollars was made. The dance was enjoyed by all of the many people who attended. The long-awaited class play was the first major activity of the new year. An appreciative audience warmly expressed its approval of the work of the cast, which presented " The Show-Off " under the direction of Mr. Hofferty. The boastful Aubrey Piper and the quick-witted Mrs. Fisher delighted all who at- tended this outstanding performance. April 2, the class sponsored its second informal dance. In our own gym- nasium many couples danced to the stimulating music of a fine orchestra. The Prom is the most colorful event of the senior year, and this year ' s was no exception. On May 28, in the gaily decorated Quincy Armory, the happy couples danced at their last formal gathering before graduation. The girls in their graceful evening gowns and the boys in their formal clothes presented an unforgettable and heart warming picture. THE OFFICERS OF THE SENIOR CLASS: Richard Sullivan President Barbara Chisholm Vice-President Mildred Horner Secretary Roger Chambers Treasurer John J. Donahue Class Adviser Under the leadership of its officers, the Junior Class has been able to make this year both profitable and memorable through a limited number of activities. You remember the " Silhouette Serenade " and the " Snow Ball " don ' t you? And, of course, you recall the Junior Class semi-formal that was held in the spring. These were colorful dances, and most pleasantly remembered. Following a two-year precedent, the members of the Class of ' 49 voted to buy class rings this year. After Mr. Fowler paid his final visit in February, one could see many underclassmen proudly displaying their newly obtained jewelry. Much of the credit for this year ' s success belongs to Miss Katherine Mc- Coy, the class adviser and to the many pupils who served on the necessary com- mittees. The officers whose tireless efforts made the year one which the entire class can be proud of were Richard Stratton President Patricia Kaulbeck Vice-President Eleanor Scanlon . . Secretary Richard Casey Treasurer " " The meeting will please come to order. " ' — And as the chatter ceases, the president. Roger Fisher, takes over another Monday morning meeting of the Student Council. " " The business of today ' s meeting " may consist of sponsoring and encouraging the Red Cross, Community Fund, or March of Dimes collec- tion, planning entertaining and educational assemblies, or cleaning up the school grounds and the cafeteria. Perhaps it includes new ideas and suggestions for the music program at lunch-ti me or committee appointments for the next dance. Whatever is " next on the agenda " is certain to be of great interest and importance to all North students. We always benefit by the heated discussions and enterprising plans of the representative members ( under the understanding supervision of Mr. Noyes ) , and many of the school ' s most important contribu- tions and improvements have come from the council. We can be very proud of the contributions to the Red Cross, Community Fund, and March of Dimes this year — more money was collected than ever before! With all these projects that the council undertakes, from winning the elec- tions one year to planning them the following year, we can easily see why the Senior Student Council ranks among the highest of service organizations in the school. OFFICERS Roger Fisher President Edith Tobben Vice-President Elizabeth Butts Secretary ROBERT Erickson Treasurer The National Honor Society gives recognition to outstanding students on the basis of scholarship, leadership, service, and character. Its objects are to encourage exploration and development of these qualities and to identify future leaders for school and country. Each year it is possible to have a membership equal to fifteen percent of the graduating class. That means that this year from two hundred and eighty-three seniors forty-five students will be the maximum membership. The new members, chosen by a faculty committee, are required to be in the upper third of their class and must have good reports of service and leadership. Last year the National Honor Society held an impressive induction, and Mr. Collins gave pins and membership cards to the newly elected members. While the chapters of many schools have active membership with projects of their own, the chapter at North has an honorary membership because all its members participate in a great many other activities. Again this year, eleven members of the society will be allowed to compete with pupils of 1,274 other schools for ten three hundred dollar scholarships. In each of the two previous times that our members have participated, one mem- ber has received a certificate of merit. Those receiving the certificates were Carolyn McTear in 1946 and Irene O ' Neil in 1947. Miss Katherine Horrigan is the National Honor Society ' s capable adviser and the officers are president, Roger Fisher; vice-president, Virginia Roberts; secretary, Constance Keane; treasurer, Fred Chase. What do you think of when you hear the words Senior Class Prom? Do you think of the rustle of lovely gowns, the scent of gorgeous corsages, the im- pressiveness of tuxedos, the lilt of laughter, and the length of the receiving line? Well, that ' s as it should be. But to a certain group of seniors, the prom com- mittee, those three little words also meant a lot of hard work. The responsibilities of planning and putting up decorations, sending invi- tations, arranging for an orchestra and ushers, choosing favors, and similar duties were the reasons for the furrowed brows and nervous twitches that the prom committee had for weeks before the big event. But do you remember the pleased, happy countenances of everyone at the Quincy armory on the memorable night of May 28? They certainly made it apparent that this committee had done a wonderful piece of work in making the 1948 prom THE prom of all proms. A big hug and a kiss go to Joe Riley, chairman, Jane Adams, Bill Bell, Bob Brigham, Sid Cedrone, Roger Chambers, Barbara Chisholm, Tommie Finneran, Marie Hannon, Frank Hines, Millie Horner, Barbara Kaulbeck, Barbara Kil- patrick, Joan Lennon, Eleanor Marrocco, Mildred Martinez, Pat McNamara, Soapy Morton, Steve Moynihan, Gerry Orcutt, Shirley Rich, Butch Richards, Ken Sawyer, Dom Scanlon, Roy Shaughnessy, Richie Sullivan, Pat White, and Betty Williams. ' THE SHOW-OFF " A comedy in three acts by George Kelley; produced January 31, 1948 in the North Quincy High School auditorium by the Class of 1948 with the settings by George V. Lord and direction by John Hofferty. The cast was as follows: Clara Mrs. Fisher Amy Frank Highland Mr. Fisher Joe Aubrey Piper Mr. Gill Mr. Rogers Patricia McNamara Constance Keane Joan Mueller William Schrader Roger Fisher Robert McCarthy Donald MacKenzie James Glover Lowell Albee It is eleven years since " The Show-Off " was first presented at North as the dusty files revealed to this reviewer. Although time dates a good many plays, this box-office favorite has been " wrenched out of life, " and thus is as authentic today as the day it was written. Kelley does well by his actors; every one in " The Show-Off " has a good part. And for good measure, the play was superbly cast. The perfect timing and dramatic sense of Constance Keane and Donald MacKenzie, as the leads, established a new high at North. Robert McCarthy frolicked like a natural through the part of Joe. Lovely Patricia McNamara and gracious Joan Mueller were able as well as attractive. Dramatic vignettes not soon to be forgotten were Roger Fisher ' s father and James Glover ' s working man. Lowell Albee and Wil- liam Schrader in straight roles realistically rounded out the cast. The direction of John Hofferty set a jolly pace for an evening of dramatic fun. Once again the Commercial Department has proved greatly beneficial to the school by offering a secretarial service through the Student Secretarial Staff. In giving this service, the staff, consisting of energetic senior girls, has handled duplicating work for the teachers and has been of great assistance in the office, performing such tasks as typing, filing, and making out the list of pupils who are absent. Because of the new six-period schedule, permanent secretarial assign- ments have been made only to department heads. However, by means of a secre- tarial pool, made up of girls willing to work in their free time, other secretarial work has been taken care of. Needless to say, the services of every member of the staff have been invalu- able to the school as a whole. In addition, the girls on the staff have found the work to be of value because of the practical experience it affords, experience which will mean a great deal when they apply for positions. Under the able direction of Miss Gormley, the Student Secretarial Staff has become an indispensable service to North. Probably one of the most energetic clubs at North is the Library Staff. The bundles of feminine energy, patience, and perseverance that call themselves members really deserve a vote of thanks from all the harried pupils and teachers who dash down to the library and hope to find books and magazines in two seconds flat — and who doesn ' t? And when you forget to leave your book in the Social Studies Laboratory before school, or when you leave the wrong end of your library slip in your study room, who fixes it up? Why, the Library Staff, of course! It isn ' t a case of all work and no play, however. The group has its social side as well. There ' s the annual Mothers ' Tea, the trip to Miss Pratt ' s cottage, and the Square Dance — all of which are planned and enjoyed by the girls, Miss Sherman, and Miss Pratt. OFFICERS Lucille Geyer President Nancy Raymond . . Vice-President Ethel Whelan Secretary Barbara Kiley Treasurer The orchestra plays a very important part in some of the outstanding events of the school year. The first time that the orchestra had a chance to show off its talents was at the Christmas assembly. In order to help put on such an impres- sive program, the members of the orchestra had to give up many hours of leis- ure time for rehearsals. The orchestra again took the spotlight at the Spring Concert. The orches- tra ' s presentation certainly showed many long hours of practicing in 402. At the Radio Club ' s devotional programs on Monday morning, members of the orchestra and also the orchestra as a unit played impressive songs that were broadcast to all the school. North Quincy High has always maintained a high standard in the musical field. Under the capable direction of Miss Beatrice Fitts, our orchestra has main- tained its tradition of excellence. OFFICERS Donald MacKenzie President Joan Mueller Vice-President Helen Mitchell . Secretary Adam Moore Treasurer Constance Sweeney} ... Business Managers Charles Ross La duce! Oops — watch those high notes! Yes, it ' s the Glee Club rehears- ing under the capable supervision of Miss Fitts. Glee Club this year has been much more than an organization for the ex- pression of vocal talent and for providing musical entertainment at Thanks- giving, Christmas, Easte r, and Memorial Day. Besides spending many " third period-Wednesdays " and after school hours rehearsing for these regular pro- grams, the club sent a representation to the New England Music Festival in South Portland, Maine, entered and received high ratings at the Eastern Massa- chusetts Choral Festival in Brockton, and presented its own Spring Concert here at school. The precedent set last spring at the combined social of Band, Glee Club, and Orchestra members was carried through this year to the immense enjoy- ment of everybody. Also, after the night rehearsals, refreshments were served. A new type of program was presented, too, this year. The Easter broadcast, conducted by Miss Fitts and Mr. Nelson, was a unique way of displaying North ' s vocal talent to the general public. Toot! Toot! Boom! Boom! Clang! Clang! These are the familiar echoes from 402 every Tuesday during the third period. During the course of the school year, the band plays an important part in many activities. It is indispensable to the success of the football games. Many afternoons find the band on the front lawn practicing in order to make the time between halves interesting. A very important unit in this complicated letter making is the Drum Major- ettes. These girls leading the band up the field, twirling and high kicking, are really something to see. Our Drum Majorettes really make it interesting wher- ever they go. The bands hardest job comes with the practicing for the Music Festival and the Spring Concert. For many weeks before the festival, the band has sev- eral rehearsals a week in 402 to learn its new concert pieces. As usual, the band received a very high rating at the festival. Besides taking part in school activities the band supports many o ther worth- while causes. During the Armistice Day and Memorial Day ceremonies, the North Band lends much color and meaning. This year Miss Fitts has again directed the band through a most successful season. The officers of the band are the following: Richard Stoyle, president; Allan Fortnam, vice-president: Robert Erickson, treasurer; Marjorie Lemon, secretary; and Lloyd Green, business manager. Who are those lovely creatures? Why, they ' re members of the North Quincy High School Drill Team. Those snappy little lassies in red and black costumes have worked many hours under the direction of Miss McCoy. Many nights after school when the rest of the students have left, these girls are seen out on the lawn twirling those shining silver streaks of metal. At every football game, both at home and away, the twenty-six bright splashes of color drew applause from all the spectators for the enthusiasm and spirit they added to the games. In early March, the girls travelled to Boston Gar- dens to cheer for their team in the Eastern Massachusetts Tournament where they made a hit with the several thousand fans. Throughout the year the Drill Team participated in several parades to the delight of the many spectators. One of the many reasons why the senior year is the most exciting year of all for the girls at North is the ex- perience of belonging to the Girls ' Club. Each year new touches are added to the same activities to make them just as much fun and of as much value. What activities? To name them all would take more room than is avail- able. The first one of the year was a picnic at Squaw Rock. To have seen the girls, one would have thought that the Indians had returned and m taken over their old stamping ground. The biggest social event of the year was the Valentine ' s Day semi-formal, Cupid ' s Choice. The Red Cross show combined entertainment with service, since all the proceeds were contributed to that organization. The Christmas play had every- one howling; consequently, the executive board members, who wrote and pro- duced it, were very pleased. The Christmas party was as jovial as Santa Claus himself. The Mothers ' Tea and Fashion Show was a huge success and a thrill to the girls who were chosen to model in it. Such worthwhile activities as super- vising the school ' s Thanksgiving and Christmas collections to the Welfare League and arranging entertainments for children were also part of their varied program. The parties, the benefit shows, services, dances . . . but why write about them all ! Ask any senior girl to tell about them and along with her account there will be a glowing expression of happy remembrances. ' ' :■- ■%■■■ ' : ' . . ■ ■ ; : : tv :■?;:.??■:■ : :: rJ5:::::;:- ' -: : - ■ ' ■$ : : A club that offers fun and the opportunity to perform worthwhile services is North ' s Tri-Hi-Y. Its purpose is " to create and maintain throughout the community high standards of Christian character. " To end the year in an entertaining and memorable way, the girls went on an outing to the Y. M. C. A- camp down the Cape. Swimming, eating, playing cards and games, and singing were only part of the fun. Remember those ad- venturous girls who rowed out to an island with only sticks for oars? By ex- tremely strenuous exertion, they managed to reach shore in time to collapse on the bus for the ride home. If last September, anyone saw a group of seemingly escaped maniacs roam- ing the streets in indescribable outfits, they were not seeing mirages; they were witnessing the grueling initiation of North ' s Tri-Hi-Y members. At a later date, there was an impressive installation during which the purpose and more serious aspect of Tri-Hi-Y was set forth. During the school year, the girls met every Tuesday night at the Quincy Y. M. C. A. for lectures and movies on fashions, personality, and world and civic activities. The members helped in the Community Fund drive, besides tak- ing up a collection for CARE and adopting a European child for a year. Joint meetings with other Tri-Hi-Y ' s and Hi-Y ' s were held. There was an informal dance held on New Year ' s Eve. With the help of advisers Miss Sawitsky and Miss Mary Sheriff, the officers who led the girls through a successful and worthwhile year were Joan Lennon, president; Jean Adams, vice-president; Phyllis Lanergan, secretary; and Bar- bara Kaulbeck, treasurer. Every Wednesday night found the members of North ' s Hi-Y gathered at the Youth Canteen ready for an enjoyable evening. The purpose of the organ- ization is to teach Christian living and to provide worthwhile entertainment for its members. An impressive induction was conducted by a Hi-Y group from another city, and many interesting programs followed throughout the year. Movies on naval training were shown, and Carter Lee, director of athletics for the Quincy Schools, spoke, to mention but two. During the school year, meetings with other Hi-Y ' s and Tri-Hi-Y ' s provided opportunities for planning more widespread activities. The advisers, Mr. Ballantine, and Mr. MacWilliams of North ' s faculty, helped arrange the various programs which were so popular. The club, consisting of more than thirty boys, elected the following officers: Frank Hines, president; Arthur Morin, vice-president; Jack Bowen, secretary; and Charles McNally, treasurer. Xorth Quincy High School has been blessed this year with an enthusiastic and original newspaper staff. This group with much industry and intelligence has fearlessly probed the complicated school politics, covered the social activi- ties, and run an expose on cafeteria conditions. This newspaper is calculated to appeal to all cultural levels: the editorials for the serious thinkers, the cartoons for the lighter minded, and the guess who ' s for the vacuous. Our paper, besides keeping us posted on all school activities will furnish an invaluable link to the past in future years, for what brings more laughter and tears to a person than a realistic picture of his past? Lnder the firm hand of Mr. oung. and the editor. Jesalyn Tate, the paper has striven to give all the students of orth a chance to participate, and to show their talents in the field of journalism. The staff of " 47 " wishes the staff of " 48 " success. Hidden away in room 424, unknown to most students, is a small group of earnest dabblers in the various phases of applied and unapplied science. Un- disturbed by the odor of formaldehyde these disciples of Darwin or Newton dissect, analyze, conject, and synthesize. All activity, however, is not confined to mere laboratory drudgery. The members have been engaged in everything from raising chickens to vacationing at the Cape. From the chickens who finally died from pneumonia, and whose wake was attended by the entire club, much was learned about the lower forms of life. From the Cape trip information was gleaned about the higher forms of life. Under the capable hand of Miss Schields, who does everything from direct- ing club activities to washing deserted test tubes, the students are constantly guided into new and more fascinating fields. This year ' s officers were John Kelley President Joan Ridley Vice-President Joan MacParland Secretary Barbara Nichol Treasurer fi£A Well, here we are again. The Spanish Club has completed its third year at North. Since the club was organized in 1945, several diligent " estudiantes del espanol " have enjoyed the activities sponsored by the Club. El Grupo de Charlar is the name which the club has taken this year. Never- theless, the purpose is still the same: to learn to appreciate Spanish culture and to speak Spanish more fluently, and, of course, to have a good time. The main activity of El Grupo consists of a monthly meeting. At these meetings the mem- bers are supposed to talk only in Spanish. This can be very inconvenient but the members have developed a motto which relieves them in difficult situations — " When in doubt, guess! " This guessing often results in some perfectly won- derful words although non-existent. Other activities which the group enjoys are Spanish dances, dinners, and lectures. Although the dances are hardly recognizable when the members are doing them, the chicos have a lot of fun. Some of them can actually do the steps right and try to teach others. Perhaps you have seen some interesting sights but you haven ' t seen anything until you ' ve seen a combination rhumba and jitter-bug. At the dinner, although the hot-tamales are good, the food most consumed is water. The group appreciates Spanish food but prefers to eat American. At the lectures, the members especially enjoy the atmosphere and the dances afterward. Little did Miss Pratt know what she was letting herself in for when she said she would sponsor the History Club. The purposes of the club are to learn and to have fun. They have wonderfully succeeded in doing both. In fact, the strange part about it is that they have made learning fun. This extraordinary feat was accomplished in several ways. One was attending the Chinese New Year celebration, an exotic and highly unusual affair. Probably one of the group ' s greatest privileges was meeting the only white woman ever to enter Tibet. However, the group didn ' t rely wholly on outside speakers for its meetings. It had plenty of ingenuity of its own. This was made clear at those meetings when they played charades, that game in which an event is dramatized with neither props nor words. Roger Fisher and Janet Hadlock almost knocked each other out trying to make the others guess the Boxer Rebellion, while Eileen Wood and Barbara Knowles shot at each other for five minutes trying to por- tray the fight over the Panama Canal Zone. The grand success of the club was the result of three things: the expert and friendly guidance of Miss Pratt; the active leadership of Ginny Roberts, the president; and the whole-hearted cooperation of the sixteen members. It is the hope of these sixteen seriors that the History Club will continue with the same enthusiasm with which it was begun, and that the twenty-one new members will get as much out of it as this year ' s did. p. i :.-: " « :- ; :T ' " ' W k ft -jfi W Bg jk We won ' t begin with the customary terse commands: " Lights, Camera, Action! " We will confine ourselves, however, merely to " Action. " This has been the keynote of the Motion Picture Operator ' s Club this yar. To most departments in the school, the club has rendered its services. Recreationally, the club has taken an active part in projecting some of the popular and instructive films to an afternoon attendance- In athletics, it has been an aid to the coaches in showing films taken of the games in the course of the season. The club has shown three very important pictures about education with the faculty as an audience. Membership in the organization has been voluntary, and customarily it is ob- served that only those boys thoroughly interested in projection work survive the vigor- ous period of instruction that one must undergo in order to qualify for an efficient projectionist. Aspirants for this position must pass tests on the various machines, such as slide, film slide, silent and sound projection, public address system, and wire re- corder. Instructors are members of the club who have satisfactorily passed and oper- ated all equipment. The girls have sometimes shown an interest, but have not per- severed, perhaps because they were outnumbered. The assignment of a projection room for our use this year shows the progress made, and we hope that in the future some improvement may be made in the location and adaptability of this very necessary space. Our Utopia is an acoustically correct projection booth, complete equipment, a room with graduated seats, complete black- out facilities, and seating capacity for about seventy pupils. VU t The hardy souls that constitute this group deserve a high award for courage in the pursuit of duty. They form lonely islands in a sea of confusion. Battered by currents fro m doorways, and the great gulf streams from the stairways, they are the dividing line between order and chaos. The Esprit de Corps of this group is understandable when you consider the necessarily high qualifications of each member. Physically capable and morally strong enough to tear himself away from class two minutes early, he must also be smart enough to figure out which is his right hand after the crowd passes, and which channel leads him to his next port. The captains, under the capable direction of Mr. Meaney, are Roger Fisher, Marion Kelleher, and Priscilla Olsson. t X- 6 .« Mj n ft fa if fi? — ' f From 3-4 on Wednesday afternoons is the big hour for all athletically minded girls at North. At this time we take over the gym for our favorite sport, basketball. Miss McCoy was delighted to see sixty of us report that first afternoon in December. Some were newcomers hoping to have a few lessons on the sport, and the rest of us were there for our sixth season. We formed teams and returned week after week to plav among ourselves. At the end of the season, the four best teams had play-offs and the winning team was decided. - Although we enjoyed playing basketball, the warm weather induced us to get outside. Most of us now chose softball as our favorite sport. However, Miss McCoy arranged badminton and ping-pong tournaments for those who preferred these games. All were able to get exercise and enjoyment with the opportunities both inside and outside school. In connection with Parents ' Night in May, Miss McCoy planned a gym demon- stration. The program by the senior high girls included Danish gymnastics, modern dancing, marching fundamentals, and advanced marching. The junior high girls demonstrated Swedish gymnastics, ballroom dancing, tap dancing and tumbling. This program was held to show our parents some of the work done in gym classes. iSis. Look out, everybody! Duck! Run for cover! The reason for all this commotion? Why the Rifle Club, of course. The members are engaged in one of their bi-weekly practice engagements at the Quincy School. A person actually travels in this neighborhood at his own risk. From October 1, through the April vacation, the duration of the club ' s schedule, the insurance companies refuse to insure anything or anybody in the vicinity of the Quincy School. Seriously though, for their diligent practice and the high scores obtained by the team, they should be congratulated- The scedule of the Rifle Team is unique. Frequently they go to some other school for a match on a day ' s notice. As far as team competition is concerned, they shoot with the best of them. They had two matches each with Maiden, Melrose, Braintree, and Quincy; of course beating Quincy. One innovation of the Rifle Club is the entrance of girls to this skillful sport. Of course, this resulted in a " boys versus girls " match to decide who had the deadlier aim. The girls won both matches which were handicap matches by scores of 478-475 and 480-477. The boys contended that they shot below par. (In team competition, they have averaged about 485.) Their final events, and some of the most important, were matches sponsored by the National Rifle Association. In the postal matches, our club entered teams in three divisions: senior boys, girls, and junior boys and girls under fifteen. The boys later fired the course required by the Director of Civilian Marksmanship, attempting to qualify for War Department medals- Although this sport can be enjoyed by many, it is especially helpful to the boys, most of whom will enter the armed forces. The offi- cers are: Fred Chase, president; Margaret Crozier, vice-president; Larry Maibach, secretary-treasurer. 60 Strike! Spare! Ten! That ' s what an onlooker heard every Monday after- noon over at the Norfolk Downs Alleys when the Girls ' Bowling Club from North started knocking down the pins. Yes, this year there was a good club, every girl having a commendable average. Under the supervision of Miss McCoy, they bowled three strings every week at a convenient reduction of prices. There was never a dull moment! Someone was either getting a strike or a big, juicy zero. Hmm! It must have been the alley; it couldn ' t have been the bowler. Oops! That girl bowling at the very end just went half way down the alley; the next time she will remember her sneakers. But in spite of humorous incidents, each member had a wonderful time besides getting in a lot of practice. The highest single for the year was Marilyn DiCarlo ' s score of 125 followed by Jeanne Desmond ' s 109. All thirty-five girls faithfully attended the Monday meetings. As officers of the Club, the girls chose Ellen Granahan President Mary Dunlop Vice-President Lorraine Frizzell Secretary Marilyn Di Carlo Treasurer ' ■ 1 mm m IB The rider mounts his saddle and feels the spirited steed beneath him. Sud- denly, the guide looks in amazement: instead of going down the trail, the rider is going up the hill. The guide shouts, " Come back! Where do you think you ' re going? " And the rider calls out in perplexed tones, " How do you put it in reverse? I can ' t get it to back up! " " Kick it in the ribs! Kick it in the ribs! " shouts the guide. " Where are the ribs? " asks the bewildered rider. And here we leave the rider, hoping he returns safelv with no damage to himself or his trusty steed. After a hard dav of bouncing all over the Blue Hills, one may be sure the mem- bers of the Riding Club are ready for a good supper and a soft bed. Organized in April of 1947. under the enthusiastic direction of Mr. Scla- renco, the club ' s main purposes are riding for enjoyment as well as for exercise, and enjoving nature at its best. Because of the extra-large quantitv of bad New England weather, the club was forced to suspend its activities for the winter, but with the advent of spring it reappeared, fired with new zeal. In spite of all the groans, the members enjoyed themselves thoroughly and always appeared in force at all meetings of this very popular club. HP S ?- ' :. ::js«s: tM [451 North Quincy 13 Watertown 13 North Quincy 14 Braintree 13 North Quincy 12 Dedham 7 North Quincy 7 Weymouth North Quincy 27 ■ Hingham North Quincy 25 Danver ' s North Quincy 19 Milton 12 North Quincy 27 Winthrop 6 North Quincy 28 Norwood 6 North Quincy 6 , . Z ; i " 3 Quincy 19 Mfe ' ■ " ■■ ' ■PBMBH jrajg LAfEBAL] IClBOMi CAHRiia route In the fall of 1947, the North Quincy football future appeared dim. Bill Bell, Lou DiBona, Bob Richards and Roy Shaughnessy were the only returning lettermen. However, Head Coach Jack Donahue and Assistant Coach Jack Mullarkey soon molded a team out of the material on hand. As the season progressed, it became evident that the first team consisted of fourteen men. These fourteen carried prac- tically the whole load of the season except when a high score allowed the liberal use of substitutes. The first team consisted of Lou DiBona and Joe Riley at ends, Bill Bell and Joe Collins at tackles, Steve Moynihan, Roger Chambers, and Jim Pontes at guards, and Paul Bohannon at center. In the backfield were Jack Gilbody, Roy Shaughnessy, Sid Cedrone, Bob Richards, Paul McGuiggan, and Bob Welch. This year the South Shore Jamboree was held in the Quincy Stadium with North as host. In the abbreviated exhibition game, North had the better of the going against Rockland High. The first official game of the season pitted North against a strong, heavy Watertown team. The result was a 13 to 13 draw, but it was a moral victory for the Raiders. Next the Red and Black faced Braintree, and, by virtue of Roy Shaughnessy ' s trained right toe, came out on top 14 to 13. Dedham was the next victim 12 to 7. Then followed four straight home games and four straight victories. North scored early against Weymouth on a forward pass from Gilbody to DiBona who lateraled to Cedrone and then held the highly favored Maroons scoreless, out- playing them all the way. The final score of that big game was 7 to 0. The following week Hingham was thoroughly crushed 27 to 0. Then Danvers was eliminated 25 to 0. The next Saturday, for the twelfth consecutive year, the Wealthy Towners from Mil- ton were unsuccessful in their crusade to beat North. A 19 to 12 setback added another to our list of victories in this series. The Raider ' s next stop was Winthrop where they overwhelmed their hosts 27 to 6. Back home again, Norwood went down to a 28 to 6 defeat. The season was complete except for the big game with Quincy High on Thanksgiving morning. The Blues were heavy favorites and although Sid Cedrone scored first for North on a pass from Richards, the Quincy High Team came back to score nineteen points in the second and third periods to win 19 to 6. This year in every game North had at least two co-captains. One was always Roy Shaughnessy who made most of the decisions on penalties, and the other was a different boy each week. On Thanksgiving, the four returned lettermen, Bill Bell, Lou DiBona, Bob Richards, and Roy Shaughnessy were co-captains. The season ' s record of eight wins, one loss, and one tie is one of the best in the school ' s history. It is the first time any North team has won eight consecutive games in one season, and is also the first time any team has gone through nine games in one season without being beaten. Thus, the class of 1948, in its three years at North, has an enviable record of twenty-two victories, four losses, and two ties. In its last twenty- three games, No rth has scored at least one touchdown. By scoring 178 points to their opponent ' s 76, the team, for the fourth year in succession, broke the school record. This year the Raiders were on top of the Class C title race from the beginning of the season up to the last game. • iKDftj BEJJ North Qu North Qu North Qu North Qu North Qu North Qu North Qu North Qu ncy 53 Gloucester, N. J. 20 ncy 48 Braintree 29 ncy 63 Weymouth 28 ncy 30 Durfee 52 ncy 46 Brockton 33 ncy 42 New Bedford 27 ncy 43 Weymouth 24 ncy 55 Brookline 13 North North North North North North North North Qu Qu Qu Qu Qu Qu Qu Qu ncy 36 ncy 26 ncy 68 ncy 47 ncy 48 incy 42 incy 33 ncy 30 Newton 20 Durfee 36 Thayer Acad. 18 Braintree 21 Brockton 24 Quincy 20 Quincy 22 Everett 32 I T •• " .. • | : : % i 1 vBfl t - If I fir ' 1 J% ! Mi : i 1 ] A m ■W 11CY V " f f M % f 11 vl 1 North ' s ' 48 basketball team started off with a bang by thrashing visiting Glouces- ter High of New Jersey, 53-20. Even at this early date. Coach John Mullarkey ' s quin- tet showed the polish and finesse that later brought them an Eastern Mass. tourney bid. Like a whirlwind they swept on, vanquishing Braintree 48 to 29 and then running wild over Weymouth, 63 to 28, before a capacity crowd of screaming North rooters. Then bang! A trip to Durfee found North on the short end of a 52-30 count. But after sampling the bitter dregs of defeat, the team rebounded with a decisive 46-33 triumph over Brockton. Recovering their high-scoring habits on the Boston Garden boards, North trampled the New Bedford club which had previously lost a 1 point overtime contest to Durfee High. Now in the throes of another winning streak, they handily defeated Weymouth and Brookline by wide margins before journeying to Newton for one of the highlight clashes of the campaign. Leading by a single point at half-time, North " froze " the ball for seven minutes of the 3rd period before Cedrone sank a set shot from mid- point which further demoralized the Newton team. Holding them scoreless until late in the fourth period, North increased its lead and won going away. However, visiting Durfee once again broke North ' s winning streak, but this time only by a 10 point margin. Picking up speed again, North swept the five remaining games of the sche- dule, including two decisions over arch-rival Quincy. As a climax to this highly successful season, North received a bid to participate in the Eastern Mass. Tourney. Jumping off to a 13-4 margin in the first period. North seemed to be on its way to an easy triumph. However, with a torrid surge in the 2nd period, the Red Devils from Everett fought to a 17—17 tie at intermission. A nip and tuck 3rd period saw Everett take a slight 22-20 lead. Hitting their stride, Everett ran up a 9-point lead early in the 4th period before North started to fight back. Capital- izing on a fast break and pressing tactics, three successive baskets put North within four points of a tie. As the crowd went wild, Cedrone scored from under the basket to make it 32-30 with 20 seconds to play. But the final bell cut short this spirited rally and brought failure to North ' s sixth attempt to land the Class " A " crown. This year ' s high scoring combine was one of the best balanced in North ' s history. Paced once again by Captain Sid Cedrone, North tallied an average of 46 points per game while holding the opposition to a mere 26. " Sid, " one of the most versatile athletes in the State, combined his excellent floor play with deadly accuracy to lead his team in scoring. Teaming with Cedrone in the scoring column was Al Strecker, one of the most improved players of the ' 48 Red Raider edition. Although virtually unknown at the beginning of the season, Al developed into one of the most prolific scorers of the South Shore. The only other veteran from last year ' s tourney team was " Richie " Sullivan, who displayed such aggressiveness and fight that he captured the hearts of the fans. Tall Tom Finneran, the sixth man on the ' 47 quintet, showed his adeptness in controlling both backboards. Tom frequently hit double figures by his patented hook shots. Normie Nelson, another rebound king, coupled his defensive ability with his backboard work to become one of the most dependable performers. Especially noteworthy was his holding Andy Farrissey, Durfee ' s high scoring center, to six points, and his outstanding tourney play. K S s » M ( J si «l A 1 y s During the latter days of March, North ' s battery candidates began their workouts in the gymnasium. Because of the harsh weather conditions, outdoor practice had to be postponed until the April vacation. A frequent scene during this waiting period was a gathering of eager candidates in coach Hal Forest ' s room, asking for an earlier date. However, realizing the danger of sore arms and other injuries, Mr. Forest wisely held off practice until warmer weather set in. Strengthened by the return of no less than eight lettermen, Sid Cedrone, Paul McGuiggan, Tom Finneran, George Johnson, " Swede " Ericson, Paul Bohannon, Jim Kenny, and Ed Kelly, the team is strong enough to receive pos- sibly an Eastern Mass. tourney bid. Among these lettermen are included five infielders, a complete battery, and one outfielder. Sid Cedrone is expected to lead the club in batting as he did the previous year with a lofty mark of .522- A great deal of competition is anticipated for all positions especially for the outfielder berths. The schedule will include home and away games with such teams as Thayer, Weymouth, Braintree, Brockton, Hingham, winding up with two clashes with arch-rival Quincy High. Moving up from last year ' s undefeated Junior Varsity squad are such pro- mising candidates as Bob Danforth, Roger Fisher, Roy Shaugnessy, " Richie " Sullivan, Dick Norton, Bob Brigham, Bill Nichol, " Ace " Randall, and Wesley Burnham. This season should show the results of Coach Forest ' s well-executed build- ing plan over the past two years. ■ESaflEl! At the season ' s half-way mark, North ' s hockey team had been beaten only once in four starts. Sizeable scores had been run up against Hingham twice and Brockton once before the team bowed to Brockton in a repeat performance. Led by North ' s Milt Schmidt, our diminutive " Bunky " Chafe, our hockey team has brought to North all the thrills and action of the world ' s fastest sport. With each line a scoring threat, and boasting a formidable defense, such capable performers as Bob Richards, " Bunchie " Carroll, Walter Hannon, Bert Nogler, Fordie Pitts, and Bill Cobban have brought their team close to the top of North ' s sports schedule. Future games are being scheduled by sponsor Roy Sinclair with such op- ponents as Whitman and Norwood to complete such a promising season. Hockey at North is rapidly taking the position it holds in other schools, and in future years should become a threat to the popularity of basketball. %. ft ( f ) W ith the advent of spring North ' s golf team is expected to maintain the high standard of previous seasons. Losing only Captain Don Meehan from last year ' s outstanding club, the team still has a complete sextet of standout per- formers with the return of Jimmie McNiece, Fordie Pitts. Ken Campbell. Bill MacCarthy. Bert Nogler, and Bob Richards. Lnder the direction of Jack Donahue, the boys have a good chance for the Norfolk County League Championship. Although golf is one of the so-called minor sports, the high calibre of past teams has brought this year ' s team into the student ' s eye. The experience of the returning veterans could, in all prob- ability, bring even another S tate Championship. This year the schedule includes such outstanding teams as Norwood, Needham. Brockton. Walpole. and Quincy. Good golf teams are becoming a tradition at North. ■LsflLui ) The approach of warm weather promises a stir of activity around the Mont- clair tennis courts as North prepares for its second tennis season. With a nu- cleus of five returning veterans North ' s second year of interscholastic tennis points to a banner season. Under the capable direction of Coach Roy Sinclair, this is becoming one of North ' s more popular sports. The number of candidates to greet Mr. Sinclair at the initial meeting was twice the number interested last year. This season is expected to surpass the more mediocre record of last year ' s team — the first in a number of years. The one-two punch of Tommy Glover and Warren Andrews, backed up by such court veterans as Ronald Weir, Donald TenEyck, and John Caspole assures North of a good representation in this sport. A great deal of competition is expected for the six positions on the team. Matches are being scheduled with such perennials as Quincy, Hingham, Braintree, Thayer, and possibly with Weymouth and Milton. In spite of such a difficult schedule, the tennis team should live up to North ' s superior standards. Although comparatively unnoticed because of the school ' s excellent foot- ball team, North ' s first Cross-country team under the able coaching of Mr. Donald West, achieved almost as enviable a record. During the chill autumn afternoons, many Atlantic residents were astonished to see these boys in track suits running through the streets. This was the inauspicious beginning of a squad that was to run up a 4-1 record in South Shore competition and to place second on ly to Braintree in the annual South Shore Meet. Led by Capt. " Buc " Powers and featuring such outstanding runners as Ken Layman, Irving Ayers, Paul Fisher, Louis Chinzi, Paul Murphy, and Gil Strobel, North defeated Quincy twice and Milton and Weymouth each once. The only loss was at the hands of Braintree ' s championship team. In the South Shore Meet bringing together Braintree, North, Milton, Weymouth, and Quincy, North finished a strong second. As a first year team, North ' s Cross-country compiled an unusually good record. A great deal of credit should go to these runners and their coach for the long afternoons spent in running on their two and a half mile course. The return of captain-elect for next year, Ken Layman and two other veterans, point to a bright future for this — North ' s newest sport. Track has finally become a year round sport at North Quincy High School. nbJhs Football! Basketball! Winter! Spring! No matter what the season our peppy cheerleaders are on hand to boost the players ' morale. Although their first appearance each year is at the opening of our football season, they begin practicing as soon as school starts in order to gain that perfect coordination which everyone notices, friend and foe alike. Bubbling over with vim and vigor, North ' s cheerleaders would naturally have something spectacular for the biggest athletic event of the year, the Thanks- giving Game. And what could have been more effective in making even the most indifferent fan sit up and take notice than the acrobatic and tumbling act that our enthusiastic eight had perfected? The pyramid was especially remarkable. How our cheerleaders could climb up on top of one another, hold that position, and then just flop without breaking at least a dozen bones is a feat to marvel at. But before there was time for one more short cheer the football season was over and the basketball season was well under way. Along with new cheers to fit the season, these vivacious girls appeared in a stylish new outfit. The cheerleaders really deserve a great deal of credit. Our sports events wouldn ' t be complete without them. They coordinate the cheers of the crowd and help display the fine spirit for which the school is noted. To Mr. Forest, coach; to Shirley Murnane, head cheerleader; to Jeanne Desmond, Janet Bauer, Barbara Kaulbeck, Jean Adams, Rita Marrocco, Betty Geary, and Gloria Mc- Carthy goes a rousing, rollicking, roof-raising cheer! ALUMNI BOOSTERS 1936 Phyllis (Cosgrove) Hope William Peters Frank A. W. Morrison Edmund Rioux 1937 Albin Johnson Henry Tucker 1938 Edgar Chisholm Barbara ( Keith) Johnson (Vice-Pres.) Mildred Knight Alice MacLaughlin Betty (Knowles) Sanders Dorothy Schrader Margaret (Fontaine) Rioux 1939 Ruth Cosgrove John B. Harrington Richard A. Knowles, Jr. John Morley Virginia M. Hollva 1940 Dorothy (Knowles) Abruzese James Frazer Robert V. Frizzell, Jr. Robert Foster Dorothy (Peckham) Morrison Barbara Mulhern Tom Underwood 1941 Mrs. Edith (Baldwin) Smith Margaret O ' Connell 1942 Dorothy (Luce) Bradshaw Paul A. Couillard Doris Cushing Richard N. Dalton Mary Hennessey Richard T. Koch Louise Lundin Thomas MacLaughlin Stanley Scott Phil Conroy 1943 Dorothy Bell Marion (Chambers) Cliff) John Creedon Kenneth Eranio Calvin Frazer Vlary F. Harrington Eva Hurlburt Shirley Knight Neil MacDonald Norman Murray Anne M. Nestor Barbara Ryder Warren R. Scollin Katberine Spencer Marion Sullivan Marjorie Vlass 1944 Elizabeth (Calder) Bergfors Ann Cadigan Edward Campbell Louise M. Cluett Shirley Daniels Marilyn Gardiner Margaret Granahan Joan Hazelhurst Gloria Hurley Fred Lane Helen (Orcutt) Mahoney (Vice-Pres.) Seth W. Manley, Jr. Tom Meade Catherine Mulhern Mary Sloss Shirley Weston 1945 Kay Belliveau Susan Black James J. Butts Betsy Cataldo Francis Chambers Patrick Cluett Pauline Cole Pauline (McBurnie) Couillard Peter J. Creedon Lois Crosby Mary B. Curran Bill Fitzgerald John Foster Janice Hobson Marjorie Horton John Higgins Herbert B. Jackson Mary Lanergan Mary Lou Leary Priscilla Luce John K. MacKenzie Anne Martin Esther McGahan William Orcutt Barbara Rich (Secretary) Barbara Smith Robert Whitelaw (Treasurer) Robert M. Goeppner William J. Thomas Herbert Morrison Ann Carmichal 1946 Eva Adams Diane Cobb Dan Daley Marjorie Flint Francis Forsythe Robert J. Gallagher Robert Glynn Charles Hadlock Fred Hayes Jean Houston Barbara Hoyt Arthur Lee Hughes Arlene Johnson Mary Keating Peggy Keith (Vice-President) Elizabeth Kiley Elizabeth Lauriat Jean MacDonald Eleanor Lemon Donald MacLeod Josephine McGahan Joan Meade Dennis Morrissey Paul Nestor Peggy Rooney Marilyn Shute (Secretary) Jean Stewart Mavis Studley Allan Tate (President) Valo Delia Valle Betty Young Robert L. Gallagher 1947 Marion Aitkin Lloyd Carroll Irene O ' Neil Paul Collins Margaret Dalton Joseph Daminski Dorothy Des Roches Paul E. Doherty Kenneth Dow Frank Dreyer Norman Ellis Constance Gagnon Claire Gallagher Shirley Greenwood Mary Hayes Natalie Hayes Winifred Henebry Pat Hennessey Muriel Hirtle Carol Kennedy Barbara La Fosse Phyllis Lang Bruce Lindbom Mary Luce (Vice-President) Dorothea MacGillvray Marjorie Morin Edward Morris Arthur Morrissey (Treasurer) Mary Murray Marion Myers Irene O ' Neil Barbara Pray James Richardson Norman Rickard Rodney Rupert John J. Stevens Dorothy L. White Theodore Bauer Carolyn Lawler Evelyn Black Ann Cummings Ruth E. Harvey Blanche Page Eleanor Gossard SUPPORTERS FOR ' 48 MANET Mrs. Thomas Adams Leonard Benoit Mr. C. C. Chisholm Mrs. C. C. Chisholm Mr. William A. Couillard Mrs. William A. Couillard Mrs. Henry S. Flint Mr. George F. French Mrs. George F. French Burnell Hall Mrs. Thomas Horner Mr. Thomas Horner Rep. Alfred Keith Mrs. Alfred Keith Paul Koch Linda Murdock Mrs. Ernest C. Rich Janet Rich Mr. Walter F. Spencer Mrs. Walter F. Spencer Hubert Van Ness Patricia Nestor Rita Marrocco Adam G. N. Moore Spanish Club Best Wishes to the CLASS OF ' 48 taoe matv2) CLOTHES MART Compliments of SQUANTUM MARKET 746 EAST SQUANTUM STREET Squantum MCKERSON ' S Ice Cream • Greeting Cards Candy • Fresh Bakery Daily HUCKINS AVENUE Squantum M. K. Murray. Manager SALLINGERS Clothiers To Men and Women 1481 HANCOCK STREET Quincy, Mass. GRA. 2-5089 Tel. Mayflower 3459 Granite Plumbing Supply Co. Inc. Plumbing and Heating Supplies Electrical Appliances 88-90 BEAUE STREET Wollaston, Mass. Shoes for the Entire Family- Telephone PRE. 3-2645 LEVANDER ' S SHOE STORE 52 BILUINGS ROAD No. Quincy 71, Mass. NABORHOOD PHARMACY The Prescription Store The Rexall Store 404-406 HANCOCK STREET Corner of Billings Rd. Norfolk Downs T. P. O ' Brien, Reg. Ph. Compliments of BURNS, INC. 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PRE. 2-6250 Compliments of LODGEN ' S MARKET COTTAGE AVENUE Quincy, Mass. GRA. 2-9110 Compliments of CHARLES P. MILLER 6 CHESTNUT STREET Quincy Massachusetts THE FRUIT BASKET " We aim to please " Fresh Fruits and Vegetables 60 BILLINGS ROAD Norfolk Downs Quincy, Mass. Congratulations to the Class of ' 48 BETSY LEE SHOPPE 11 BEALE STREET WOLLASTON Lingerie — Dresses Sportswear For Workmanship and Service . . . Try DE LUXE Shoe Repairing 1639 HANCOCK STREET C. Vallas, Mgr. Quincy, Mass. THE ART STUDIO Personality Portraits Candid and Formal Wedding Specialists 17 SCHOOL ST., QUINCY, MASS. Tel. MA. 9-0480 Res. MA. 9-2626 PAY TAKE FOOD SHOP Strictly Home Maile Foods 4 BROOK STREET, WOLLASTON Tel. PRE. 3-5173 LEONARD ' S PERFUMERS 55 BILLINGS ROAD Norfolk Downs GRA. 2-5317 COSMETICS Such Famous Makes as Revelon, Coty, Yardley, Lentheric Elizabeth Arden, Houbigant, Max Factor Du Barry, Old Spice, etc. TOTS TEENS SHOPPE Hosiery For All the Family 46 BILLINGS ROAD PRE. 3-7413 COOLIDGE PHARMACY Prescription Druggists J. S. Beck, Ph.G., Reg. Pharm. 253 BEALE ST., WOLLASTON (Cor. N. Central Ave.) GEORGE ' S MARKET Quality Meats • Groceries 184 WEST SQUANTUM STREET North Quincy Tel. PRE. 3-0725 Knitting Yarns Trimmings Greeting Cards Buttons Zippers Bernat Yarns THE COTTAGE YARN SHOP Botany " Dlo Dye Lot " Yarns 18 COTTAGE AVENUE GRA. 2-6468 Quincy, Mass. Compliments of NEWCOMB ' S BAKERY 67 HANCOCK STREET GR. 2-0465 45 BILLING ROAD PR. 3-1 129 T Compliments of BARGAIN CENTER QUINCY, MASSACHUSETTS SHELDON W. LEWIS School Supplies, Paper Supplies Dennison ' s Goods Gifts • Novelties • Stationery 49 BEALE STREET MA. 0-0619 Phones: Office, Granite 1910 Home, President 3588 ERNEST C. HATCH Prescription Optician 25 BEALE ST., WOLLASTON, MASS. Business Telephone PRE. 3-2700 Residence Telephone PRE. 3-9657 DORA A. FERGUSON CATERER 318 Safford St., Wollaston, Mass. BEALE ST. FISH MARKET 35 BEALE STREET Wollaston 70, Massachusetts Compliments of JAMES F. CLIFFORD Compliments of RICH ' S TAXI GR. 2-5352 ▼ T OFFICE: 3 BILLINGS ROAD, NORTH QUINCY ▼ ▼ 24 HOUR SERVICE — ALL POINTS LIMOUSINE SERVICE FOR ALL OCCASIONS Compliments of of the FRANCIS W. PARKER PARENT-TEACHER ASSOCIATION Best ivishes and Congratulations from FRAZIER ' S MARKET 69 HUCKINS AVENUE Squantum, Massachusetts Compliments of CARLTON DRUG SQUANTUM, MASS. BEST WISHES TO ALL NORTH QUINCY BOBBY SOXERS MOREY PEARL King of the Frying Pan Compliments of DOWN ' S PHARMACY, INC. Hancock St. and Billings Road (Next to Grant ' s) Telephone GRA. 2-4410 GALLAGHER NEWS CO. ISEWS DEALERS 13 DEPOT STREET Quincy Compliments of CURT DRAKES ' GULF SERVICE Squantum Compliments of SOUTH SHORE CONSTRUCTION CO. 1058 HANCOCK STREET PRE. 0100 Call GRAnite 7500 CALIFORNIA CLEANSERS DYERS Expert Tailoring and Repairing 660 Hancock St., Wollaston, Mass. Watches, Keepsake, Diamonds, Clocks ESTES The Jeweler 12 CHESTNUT STREET Quincy 69, Mass. GRA. 2-8940 Jewelry — Expert Watch and Clock Repairing REST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1948 DR. AND MRS. NELSON R. SAPHIR PIANO LESSONS Reginners taught popular music (swing style) in 10 easy lessons. Guaranteed. Complimentary Demonstration. MISS HILDA KELLEY PR. 3-2356 HOWIE AND CRAMOND Prescription Opticians 1157 HANCOC KST., QUINCY Wm. G. Cramond, Proprietor Compliments of FARRELL ' S VARIETY STORE GOLD EAGLE RADIO LAB 89 NEWRERRY AVENUE Radio, Radio Service, Records, Albums OLSON ' S HORRY SUPPLIES U -Controls, Free Flights Trains and Accessories 256 PARRINGTON STREET Wollaston Massachusetts RICARDS PICTURES MAKE IDEAL GIFTS WELCH ' S CAMERA CENTER Photographic Supplies Of All Kinds 680 HANCOCK STREET Wollaston 70 Mass. Compliments of ABBOTT ' S RESTAURANT 27 BEALE STREET Wollaston, Massachusetts • CAINS WHERE GOOD DINING IS A TRADITION AND MR. LOBSTER INVITES YOU TO PAY HIM A VISIT WHETHER AFTER A PROM OR ON AN EVENING OUT. • GIFTS • C. F. CARLSON Hallmark Greeting Cards TRAVEL SERVICE Roseville, Haeger Fenton Pottery Framed Pictures and Prints ♦ • STAN ' S Card Gift Shop 8 DEPOT STREET 60A BILLINGS ROAD QUINCY 69, MASS. PRE. 3-7254 Norfolk Downs ACE VACUUM STORES, INC. FOY ' S MARKET 1608 HANCOCK STREET Quincy, Mass. 1177 HANCOCK STREET Opp. Sears Roebuck ' s 60 FRANKLIN STREET New Cleaners PRE. 3-1234 Quincy Immediate Delivery- Repair Service of All Makes Congratulations from ANDREWS ' PHARMACY HANCOCK to Class of " 48 " Paint Varnish, Inc. " DOC " ANDREWS NORTH QUINCY MASS. 68 Newbury Ave., North Quincy, Mass. Compliments of CHECKER CAB QUINCY SQUARE Telephone GRA. 2-2500 24 Hour Service Compliments of NORTH QUINCY FOOD MARKET 66 BILLINGS ROAD No. Quincy GRA. 2-3490 Diamonds and Watches VANCE E. BUKER JEWELRY 1356 HANCOCK ST. PRE. 3-5533 Adams Building, Quincy, Mass. Compliments of THE SENIOR STUDENT COUNCIL 1948 THOMAS S. BURGIN INC. INSURANCE QUINCY GR. 2-3000 CONGRATULATIONS To the Class of ' 48 from THE ROGER W. KENT RUG CO. AND ITS NORTH QUINCY GRADUATE EMPLOYEES class Robert Huke 34 Donald Kent 35 Roger Kent 38 Robert Mansfield 42 Edward Radcliffe 47 ROGER W. KENT Rugs — Carpets — Linoleum WOLLASTON BEACH BLVD. Open Evenings QUALITY not fust a word- " but a trod it ion through oil the years White Bros THAT B MILK BEST OF LUCK TO OUR BOYS AND GIRLS FROM NORTH QUINCY CAFARELLA BROTHERS SINCERE CONGRATULATIONS to THE CLASS of ' 48 from the Entire Personnel at I L» " Buy in the Newport Market and Save ' " 278A NEWPORT AVENUE Open Sundays Free Delivery GR. 2-6050 CLOTHES The right clothes are im- portant to a fellow ' s fun, good-looks and comfort ... it ' s smart strategy to choose your clothes at Kennedy ' s Undergrad Shops, — long noted for school apparel that more! than makes the grade. KENNEDY ' S UNDERGRAD SHOP Compliments of A FRIEND YOUR NORTH QUINCY PATRIOT LEDGER CORRESPONDENT MRS. WALTER COOLIDGE GRAnite 2-1460 GIBBS GIRLS GET OUTSTANDING JOBS Secretary to radio producer . . . right- hand to busy advertising manager. . . . The list of posts held by Gibbs-trained secretaries is impressive. One and two year courses. Four-city personal placement. • WRITE ENROLLMENT COMMITTEE FOR JOB BOOKLET, " GIBBS GIRLS AT WORK " KATHARINE GIBBS SCHOOL SECRETARIAL 90 MARLBOROUGH STREET, BOSTON 16 NEW YORK 17 CHICAGO II PROVIDENCE 6 230 Park Avenue 5 I East Superior St. !55AngellSt. HARRY ' S SHOES Shoes for the Entire Family Poll-Parrot, Londonaire, Little Yankee D. R. Chase ' s — For Children W. L. Douglas " Sporters " by Sandler 40 BILLINGS ROAD — PRE. 3-2380 For Free Delivery and Courteous Service CALL ANDERSON ' S NATIONWIDE MARKET 97 RAWSON ROAD Pr. 3-0220, Pr. 3-0221, Wollaston, Mass. Compliments of GIRLS ' CLUB 1948 HEATING OILS OIL BURNERS Sold, Installed Serviced Fueled 56 FEDERAL AVENUE, QUINCY Tel. PRE. 3-2500 PURDY ' S PORTRAITS ARE PERSONALIZED FOR PERFECTION IN YEAR BOOKS 160 Tremont Street Boston, Mass.

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