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o The Clan of 1946 .,, at North Quincy Hzlgh School presents the I1 9 5 x q' W ai 4 ae: ' f ,I E J ' 7 sf ., S , ,Av ' QQ . XX 1 fx al f f v dQ1aCwTQfPm5 bwfi TQ The mcfeul T0 wfmch so many dedxccffed Their 1 5 JC0 cm pecncefui prmressuve fmuure ' ' ive N-' f AL' N1 '-1 .:.'yg,- V.-, . C1 E'g21g'1'.4 , .,. 1 Y' 4 ',f1Ff'5'f'7i - NC nifp Q X' F 1 ff f , Q , 9 1 x ,J -fx rf ' ' K. A ML .4 f' .fig in 'fQ?:.i,,? H ii fi Az J WY lx . .. I 'Fx 2 5' W-va, 3 4 xnf. 'Q " L ' u , 1 3 , -'M 4 A V4 an V5 5.1-3-?f 7 1' H ffm 'K f 4 1, fb M ff' x 'S ex .ix 11 tg wif? ,Y far f..f,f 'f -uni 'y -. w -K A vi r s '19 A , s 'E em 'v s., "'-4-mg, 'S EQWVWQK, LJ ff M1 "W x K wi kflx Xb YW ww Uufwm QYXQKQQJM MEJYK of Ax mQrxc,cxnw TY A xiii JXYMUKS Nm smcm Q W UW TY LF 1 NAU CWM awww md M UM Q Q N V WW UUSSQ SUKMZNOY- JQYYWUJXQ U 0 xa N ,I L KMMVXXLS U JM? WCW Q vvnqi YU 0 X jkm Und Jw 5 J D 9 r 5 4 I x v I' 2 fu- ' r Y 51 , 77 5 I X 41 Y x 4 R A K." 1 ' f 'cf -X, - . . X J y . 2' , , ' 4 , . Y x x8 'M1kef'4 1 ix P 4 f nf' 2' 1 ,:. fd-. J , ' K 1.6 513 1 1 + ! will '3- signal 45 'Clit RA-ix T' 6' xxlxv i v 4 ..6.. .as V s P' 4 J' 1 , s Hi JY! , 2.2, 1 1. lf' Z" . , "- Y' V uf X , ,I 'x 4 X .H f, . ' , 1' 2, f -A x , ',,.x, . f-fx 1 F., f . ,i V 1 I T, 2 45.1, X :cr-.3 . ' , . Aa ' ', , A Na 1 -a I 1. I4 5 . . w, 53 ' V R , - 1- ,xx , ,Ny H .qw fy 11? 17"- ,X F . 1 ' rn X ' 1 Q, . f , N '- .4 0 sk- x I' r 'Z x . , , - . - , ... ,: 1 Q ' J' -A , Snr. 4. f, Q 7.42 A.. yu 1 'ti J: :L .rx , ' 1 ' ' 1 M D. ' 1 fv f ,ff ' I . ' 1 K : , Y 71 in , it w 'Jr-54 , ,fffw r 'f , . fy' 'K' I. . .. I M A yygi - 'N A .A ' fx? x 4 Ny. Vg V, Q: A P J l I '. , X' f- es f -fn e ,- WN 1"41 - x,'. ' X: m 5' I , 3. i Rf' , L' 1 ,- 'f vy A . 2 ' A " L 2 -x I Q , . Nix' Q Y , X . N, Q. X fx xx XXX XX XX Y Z' 1. J A -If ,lr E X XX X X X X R i V- 1 f-fy I f yy 1 -X, ,' k at Z ,,f' X fx I ! ff. ' 45 X 3 , ' ' l - I r' fl! ff I t' A fu fr xx X A he . fy R K N X' Z 'if l 1 , Xuxy ,' X XX .X X 'Aw 7 , X 4 m X ' f T XS W , .. Y , H. my k x X q K V' at . A Xb xx I A i E . x Q 'li .E A 1 x, x xxx X 5 x 3 K xx X - c 1. I V. i X Rx, S Vi . - ,.. , 1 f h X x P S ' I s xl 'K 4 A ax X 'Fr , '15, , . ig M ':" V'-' af ' ' ' , . S lv ' V5 ' ' W 5 14: ,A . . ' Q y X '- , . I x ,Q ' V r ,Q H x x " r-xr , E . Y r ' nf' X x 125 W My I nl fggff f f Vg?-p NR div' vi ' f ' A f ! 4 f iw, A-NWT K 1 Lf ti fi my BW' . r A X . E 5 A f 5 '5 Www ' -'0 .X 2 X 4 I ' 5 Q A-'v f S1 an YQ. auf. 1,4 " J ff 1 -,W rr HV S' 1 fi- ,, 'v xii QV' f 4. "' ws s-D4 I-XNIPS S COLLINS f 'V it Prim 117111 W f r' 'F Z s -:7 571' E-n Z Q15 50 Ez Ns- I" I K 1 V an v' R x 1,2 'vf 'LDA ge, -4. Tx, '57 Opportunmes are unllmlted Nlay we reilxze th1s fact as we 'accept the great challenge that the post yy ar y ars are presentlnv Already we hate felt many ot the SlQI'lll'Ln!1f chinges especnally IH the realwatlon that educatlon IS contmuous and most essentml to the prospernty and sn ell bemg of our democratnc socnetx North umcy Hugh School has extended a cordxal welcome to our many returmng yeterans and are happy to Lnovs that they are success fully seeking through further tralnlnv 1nd preparatlon oppo tumtles th1t lxe ahead Ihe beacon llght of that Urefit lu'n1narx the North Star xl ways pomts the was and IS ssmhonc of great acluexements The yery vsord North xs full of meamng to all of us M1 we and especially the members of th1s class he conscious of IIS xmport and lccept xt as a falthful vuxde m ou journey through lxfe Our entrre staff IOIUS V1 best tushes to all ames S. Collzns, Prmczpal M' U 1 I 'A D Q. .K -T sei ff ' "J, K C-'K Af- J Pk 4-p . L ' ' Z ' ' . - ' ye' g. . 1 C v . 1 .A ' , ' . , - V L - 1 . , , L D 1 . L' . . 1 ' ' .' C, t . ', ' . ' . 2 - I' lv" ' ' . , , , ,Q VY , , V I 3 v . . ' D . . S. 'Q K . . O X MARJORIE WHITE ELIZABETH P. SHERMAN WALTER H, XVARRINER CLARA SISSON AGNES E. BERRY A- ' .na , MARION B. REINHARDT MABLE F. PRATT XVARREN C. WESTHAVER , MY'L. I C ROY L. SINCLAIR KATHERINE G. MCCOY JOHN S. HOEEERTY x DORA D. PALMER CAROLINE WELCH RUTH MEISNER MARGARET M. FLAVIN SARA TOLCHINSKY RALPH ITENTREMONT HAROLD F. FOREST JOHN J. CCNNORS I IQ 1141, 1 gE' -fa.E-C - , 1 .- 1-0 - , 4' ITJV JOHN ,l. DONAHUE ETHEL C. CROCKETT LARO C. ROGER ,JIS-'-rvv' RUTH M. CARMICHAEL HERMON M. NOYES GRATON G. HOWLAND JOHN J. MULLARKEY MARJORIE E. CL as vn- HELEN A. MELANSON EDGAR A. PHILLIPS RI'TH Mz:cGREGORY Tm. viii-u..L.k rf vu! J I KATHERINE F, HORRIG.-KN XYILMA M. SCHIELIJS F X LETA F. XVHITNEY RUTH . LEAVITT LOUISE D. FIFIELD JOHN VV. WALSH MELVIN C. JACK X J of ' M X7 1 az wud, J 101 M . E., Aga' 02404. - ' 1 f, fi ,MMM Www , FRANK SMOYFR 'MARIE E YOLNGERMAN JOHN K. YOUNG Y -nv VQWW ff ge if fwg2 w ll r 3 gm' -' .lt i 'lg x ' ? SQ X N " :ja ,D ' . vm ' t al? Q' sf P ' N . ,s - w R k , " .1 ' P x W Z A - N: I I "Look at them all in that group picture. Why do they need all those people just to get a yearbook out?" 'l'hat's a fair questiong the very page you're reading gives a fair answer. First the page was an idea, a title, a vague plan. Then a distinct layout took shape in the minds and finally on the drawing boards of Art Editor Ken Humphrey and his staff. Other people had to redraw and measure the finished layout for the printer. At the same time, this article was being written by a member of the editorial staff. After being passed by Assistant Editor, Carolyn McTear, it was typed by the commercial department, headed by Mary Marella. Business Manager Donald MacLeod and Advertising Manager Stuart Shaw were meanwhile making sure that ,through their staffs, enough advertising and subscription money came into pay for the printed page. judy Stoyle as Photo Editor saw to it that the page had suitable formal and candid shots, while the Sports Editor Bob Gallagher was arranging for the write-ups and layouts of his section. Finally, just before its jour- ney to the printer, the dummy was rechecked by Editor-in-Chief john Alexander, who had supervised its progress from the be- ginning. The Manet Staff wishes to thank Miss Schields, the faculty adviser, Mr. Smoyer, Miss Morrison, Miss Sullivan, Miss Gorm- ley, Mr. Cowie, and all the members of the faculty for their great- ly appreciated aid in the making of this and all other pages of the Manet for 1946. MANET STAFF Edztor H1 Cble IOHN ALEXANDER fisslstant Editor CAROLYN MCTEAR Lzterar-I Sta MARY BARRY JILDA BERNADI JEAN BUTLER SHIRLEY MARSH RUTH RosEN PATRICIA TESSON Commerczal Dept Manager MARY MARELLA Commercial Dept JOYCE ANGELL MARION BR EASOLE DORIS DESMOND ELEANOR LEMON JOAN MEADE LORRAINE NEVOSH Photo Edztor JUDITH STOYLE Business Manager DONALD MACLEOD Ad 1 ertzsm Q Manager STUAR I' SHAW Ad: erhsmg Sta ELEANOR CASEY LUCILLE EVANS AUDREY GUNN RICHARD HOW ARD RALPH KENT PATRICIA QUIRK CAROL PETERSON BETTY YOUNG Aft Edztor KEN HUMPHREY firt Staff BERTHA GOLDING IACK MUELLER ELSIE RIES LARRY TOSE Sports Edztor ROBERT GALLAGHER Facultj Advzser MISS WILMA SCHIELDS V 4 -. f I Y 1 . , H o g 5 7 I . If you have ever heard, "Go around the other way," shouted at you or-more likely--felt an arm thrust out to lead you in the right direction, you grinned cheerfully. It was just a traffic of- hcer doing his duty, trying to keep orderly traffic in the corridors. Since the squads policy is to rotate members from floor to floor, traffic officers have an opportunity to observe all types of students. On the first two floors are young students comparatively new to the building. The passing crowd includes clusters of chat- tering boys and girls as well as lone students who, looking neither right nor left, are earnestly endeavoring to reach class on time. On the other hand, the upper floors are frequented by older students, who are veterans at between-class procedure. Here traffic is more evenly distributed with little congestion, possibly because senior students don't care whether they're late for class or not. The squad is under the direction of the Senior Student Coun- cil. It consists of thirty seniors and ten iuniors. who are elected by teachers. Floor captains this year are 'Ioan Meade, first and second floors: Donald MacLeod, third floor, and Allan Tate, fourth floor. To all at North the Senior Student Council means service- service not only to the school. but also to the community and na- tion. The twenty-one council members are elected representatives of the student body and each serves the school in the same way that a congressman serves his district. Service to the community and nation was displayed by the council's handling of the Community Fund Drive, the Red Cross Drive, the Victory Loan Drive, and the March of Dimes. All four drives proved highly successful, the results of the Victory Loan Drive, which proved to be one of the biggest tasks ever under- taken by the council, were praticularly gratifying. Service to the school was displayed by the council's organiza- tion and direction of the traffic squad, its improvement of cafe- teria conditions, and its supervision of yearly elections. Other activities sponsored by this year's Student Council were sports rallies, assembly programs. and a square dance, the first of its kind at North. Wfhatever the activity-great or small-it is undertaken with a zealous determination to make all the council's projects a success. Mr. Hermon Noyes is the faculty adviser for the group. This year's ollicers were Robert Chase, president, jilda Bernardi, vice- president, john Alexander, treasurerg and Mary Barry, secretary. W f i s l Q "Future secretaries at work!" would be an apt slogan for the Student Secretarial Staff. This organization is of immeasurable value both to the student and to the teacher. Designed to serve a twofold purpose, it not only gives commercial students an oppor- tunity to apply to actual practice procedures learned in the class- room, but it also serves the school by supplying secretarial and clerical assistance to the faculty and to the school office. These future secretaries take dictation from teachers, type class lists and forms for counselors, make duplicate copies of tests on the mimeograph and ditto machines, and prepare the school absentee list each day for the office. While performing these duties students are rated by their teachers on efficiency, depend- ability, initiative, and cooperation. These ratings are taken into consideration by counselors when recommendations for employ- ment are made. The staff planned several assemblies during the year at which films on secretarial and clerical procedure were shown. Because of these movies, her class lessons, and her actual prac- tice, a member of the secretarial staff may be confident when she goes to work after graduation that she knows her duties thoroughly. North Quincy High School and the North Quincy High School Band: they belong together. An essential feature of school life would be missing if the band weren't on hand at football games to play "Rah for North Quincy" for the hoarse rooters after every touchdown. The band also plays at assemblies and sports rallies, and marches in civic parades. Members of the band volunteer their services to contribute to the pleasure of the entire school. It is their purpose, under the guidance of Mrs. Wfhitney, to develop a fine musical organ- ization through encouraging high standards of rehearsal and per- formance. The climax of a year of rehearsing, of giving up at least one homeroom period a week, and of faithful attendance at all public performances, is the traditional Spring Concert. All of North's musical organizations take part in the concert, but it is the band which plays the feature role. Both the band and the student body eagerly await this event because it is the best opportunity both for displaying musical talent and for enjoying it. Bert jansson is president of this year's band, which is main- taining the traditional high standards of musical performance. The Glee Club offers a fine cultural opportunity for all stu- dents with musical tastes to develop their interests and abilities. Under the direction of Mrs. Whitney, this group has presented programs of high caliber, choral tributes to the results of long hours of practice and constant teamwork. The efforts of these boys and girls do not go unrewarded, for their special broadcasts on Armistice Day and Thanksgiving Day, the Christmas Assembly Program, and the Memorial Day exer- cises are received with pleasure and enjoyment by teachers and students alike. The climax of the Glee Club's year is its participation in the annual Spring Concert given by all of our musical organizations. This concert, itself a herald of spring, is as welcome as the first songbirds and the first flowers. The Glee Club's officers are as follows: Presidenl, LAVERNE MCCULLEY Vire4President. DOROTHY HEAMAN Secretary-7'eumrer, MARGUERITE PETTIPET s 'ta Cgfkf' Music fills the air-the beautiful music of North Quincy High School's orchestra. Any boy or girl who plays an instru- ment may join the orchestra and form a part of this unit of pleas- ant harmony. The purpose of the organization is to provide an opportunity for pupils of grades seven through twelve to work to- gether in a field where their special talents may be encouraged and developed. Children in elementary schools are anxiously awaiting the time when they may go to North and join the or- chestrag seniors are thankful that they have been given a chance to play to their heart's content in the orchestra. Music fills the air at commencement exercises and also at the senior class play. At Christmas, the time of serenity and peacefulness, the orchestra's music is most important. Carols and Christmas music are played at assemblies, contributing beauty to the program and heightening the Christmas spirit. The Spring Concert provides the school with still another opportunity to hear the fine music of the North Quincy High School orchestra. Music fills the air at North: as long as the orchestra continues, the music will be beautiful and harmonious. 95 sv, I All individual and most classroom use of books relating to social studies is dependent on the efficiency of the Social Studies Laboratory Staff. Serving as a "library staff" in the Social Studies Laboratory, members check books in and out to both classrooms and individual students, put cards in books, and perform any other duties necessary to keep the books circulating. The volunteer members are approved by counselors and homeroom teachers, and then placed on a schedule which puts them on duty either in a study or homeroom period, or before or after school. Since the stall is a service organization, its social activities are limited. Usually there is a party for members and their mothers during the year and a picnic or a trip to the Pops Concert near the year's end. The Social Studies Laboratory Staff should be commended for its extremely essential service to the school. Under the direc- tion of Miss Pratt, it has made possible the circulation for general use of many worthwhile reference books on several social studies subjects. ,few 4.1, Wyafblff W fllliwk ,fs 1 'X , mb U Sleigh rides, splash parties, bowling parties, and movies are only a small part of the fun offered by the Tri-Hi-Y, an active and worthwhile organization for girls. Through these various activi- ties, and through bringing together Hi-Tri-Y and Hi-Y members from other parts of the city, the club hopes to extend throughout the school and community high standards of Christian life. Besides its regular social activities, this year North's Tri-Hi-Y, together with the Quincy High organization, enter- tained the Sixth Annual Massachusetts and Rhode Island Older Girls and Tri-Hi-Y Conference. This opportunity to meet others and gain friends was appreciated by all members. The club has also served the school by helping with the cloth- ing drive and other worthwhile causes. Service to the school and the community rounds out the Tri Hi-Y's fine extensive ro - , P . grams. Directed by Mr. Hardy and Miss McCoy, the club elected officers as follows: Prexideul, AUDREY WRIGHT Vive President. BETTY LOU DONNELLY Setretarn JOAN MEADE Treasurer. JOYCE ANGELL m --. v N 1 9 "lt's always fair weather when good fellows get together." Once every two weeks these good fellows of North's Hi-Y gath- er at the Quincy Y. M. C. A. for an evening of instruction, enter- tainment, and fun. The meetings are presided over by Charley Hadlock, Presidentg assisted hy Ralph Kent, Vice Presidentg Eddie Sweeney, Secretaryg and W'illiam Glover, Treasurer. After movies or a talk by Mr. Hardy, the group's director, the boys finish the evening by bowling or playing ping pong. Plans were made to invite speakers from other cities later in the year. Other special events arranged by the club were joint meet- ings with the Tri-Hi-Y, boxing matches, and hockey games. By emphasizing fine, clean sportsmanship the Hi-Y hopes to mold young men of high school age into upright Christian citi- ZCHS. Room 424 is one of the few classrooms in the building where one can find living creatures other than human beings looking on at classes. Mice, fish, snails, turtles, and even bats are a few of the inhabitants of the biology laboratory. Caring for these strange guests are Miss Shields and the North Quincy Biology Club. Inspired by a wish to further the interests of biological sci- ence in future doctors, nurses, and biologists, or in mere potential dabblers in the study, the club meets once a week to conduct in- teresting experiments. Dissections of starfish, frogs, and birds have been performed by skilled student hands. Earlier in the year the club traveled to Woods Hole to col- lect specimens of marine life. Besides various field trips, the group made a journey to view an electronic microscope. Another club activity is caring for and adding to its museum, started this year. Arthur Green is the Biology Club's only officer. Whenever you look into the library-during any study period or before and after school, you'll see a member of the library staff at work. Her job is to help Miss Sherman by checking out books, sorting the mail, and competently dealing with the confused student who persists in writing his homeroom number for the number of his study room on library permit slips. Of course, library staff membership has its lighter moments, too. Every year there is an informal party to help new members become acquaint- ed with each other and with older members of the staff. Later on the girls give a more formal tea for their mothers, who learn how the library functions and enjoy some form of entertainment. The library staff, incidentally, has the most attractive room in the school in which to hold its social affairs. This year our library staff entertained other girls from school libraries all over the South Shore. This South Shore Library Round Table was held so that librarians and staff members from all South Shore towns could meet each other and exchange ideas. The library staff, under the able direction of Miss Sherman, is one of our most active and useful organizations. 1-Z-3, kick! 1-2-5, kick! to the rhythm of South America's favorite dance the Club Caballero congas in for its second Manet interview. This years record of the three-year-old cluh's activi- ties show that it has achieved its goal of combining proficiency in Spanish with interest in our neighbors to the south. Whether it's at a Halloween party at Mr. XValsh's H0ugh's Neck cottage or a tea at the Pan American Cultural Center, the members prac- tice the Spanish tongue and learn to appreciate the South Ameri- cans, their customs, and their tantalizing dance music. Perhaps the formation of a Conversation Group has provided the best way for the interested to actually speak the language. Once a week ten to fifteen members descend on willing hostesses with printed vocabularies in hand to spend an evening learning fundamental Spanish, with a slight accent over the "fun," Enjoyment and improvement, however, are not the only pur- poses of the clubg because of last year's brilliant performance members were invited to the Quincy U.S.O. for a repeat enter- tainment exhibition. Once again servicemen cheered the dazzling tambourine routine, the intricate Mexican Hat Dance, and an imitation of Seville's beloved bull fights. Many votes of thanks for a successful year go to Senor Walsh and President Donald MacLeod, Vice-president Hazel Olsen, Sec- retary Shirley Marsh, and Treasurer Eugene Margozzi. 1,621 V - X 4 4 - 1,7 1" 01.-a. gf..lMzu4.'l'l" wfff'-21 .N-:f..,.ff -L1-dr' ,fa-JNmf,., XJ g"Aq""vjo1,'f'n I 'a 1, Sf in Many afternoons after school the gym is filled with lively, laughing girls who thoroughly enjoy an opportunity for relaxa- tion and recreation after a day of concentrating on textbooks. Badminton and ring tennis in the fall, basketball in the winter, and outdoor games in the spring are a few of the activities in which these girls participate. Although there are no interscholastic games, spirited compe- tition is provided by team games like baseball and softball, and by tournaments in ping-pong and basketball. An outstanding event in girls' sports this year was the public gym demonstration, supervised, as are all girls sports activities, by Miss McCoy. The varied program included figure marching, flag drill, folk dancing, ball and jump-rope drills, and typical gym class exercises. A visit to the gym on a weekday afternoon would really convince those who do not participate in girls' sports that North offers a broad, worthwhile, and enjoyable program. To a certain group of seniors the Prom meant more than the last dance of the year or the "first night Dad let me use the car"g it meant planning decorations, arranging for a band, sending in- vitations, appointing ushers from the junior Class, and a million similar headaches delegated to the Prom Committee. On their study-rounded shoulders rested the responsibility of making May third a night to remember. For months they tramped North's corridors with frenzied expressions on their faces and streamers of crepe paper around their necks. But their efforts were rewarded when they saw your amazed pleasure as you crossed the threshold of thc armory ballroom. The fragrance of corsages permeated the hall, the Grand March was impressive. just one glance at the faces above swirling skirts and smooth tuxedoes was enough to assure the committee that the Prom was a success! Thanks go to Bob Murphy, Chairmang Marjorie Flint, Au- drey Gunn, Ken Humphrey, Paul Kennedy, Cy Kennedy, LaVerne McCully, Bob O'Neil, Pat Quirk, Bill Reid, Mavis Studley, Ed- ward Sweeney, Audrey Wright and Shirley Marsh. QW w t "Nine down on two balls! Not bad. No-Wait! the pin's still wobbling! lt's going-it's-yes! it's gone over! I've got a spare!" Thus do excited young voices float through the doors of the Norfolk Bowling Alleys every Tuesday afternoon. The North Quincy Bowling Club, earnest in its purpose of cultivating skill in an extra-Curricular sport which may be enjoyed long after grad- uation, meets right at the alleys every week. Intramural compe- tition is keen, although special attention is paid to the develop- ment of individual speed and form. The Club's officers-Miss Vock, director, Dick Brown, presi- dentg and Dorothy Flint, secretary-treasurer-have planned an outing for the group at the end of the year. Another project of the club is to obtain a bowling pin or emblem for qualified mem- bers. Former members, however, need no emblem to remind them of happy times with the bowling ciubg their skill at the sport is always a reminder to them and proof to others that the club's purpose is fulhlled. For a preview of future voters and statesmen in action, you should sit in on one of the Pro and Con Discussion Club's bi- weekly meetings. By openly discussing current political and social problems. the club is achieving one of education's main aims: to make students intelligent citizens. Members will not soon forget the memorable discussion on "ls Russia a democra- cy?", or the hot arguments following reports on "Should there be a grade thirteen?", or the indignant reaction to arguments for and against "The right of eighteen-year-olds to vote." These dis- cussions provided an opportunity for energetic students to develop and mature their opinions. lt was found that rational opinions can't be formed without information, so it was not uncommon to see members burrowin ' S through the Readers' Guide for magazine articles or the editorial section of the evening paper for a new argument. Occasionally the more avidly interested members attended outside forums in order to profit by methods used in those groups. Wfith the aid of the well read mediator Miss Flavin and the dynamic president Barbara Phillips, meetings proved to be en- tertaining and satisfying to the inner urge of all seniors to be intelligent adults. The other officers were Patricia Morley, vice presidentg Mary Daminski, secretaryg and XVilliam Reilly, treasurer. K 1 C .. 9- ' , A student's senior year in high school is usually the one he re- members longest. North Quincy's class of 1946 have good reason to remember their last year for the rest of their lives. The first major activity was the "Corn Stalk," an informal dance, a similar dance was held in the spring. Between these two affairs the class officers were busy bringing about changes and improvements in traditional activities. A new class jeweler and ring design, the change of the color of caps and gowns to maroon and white, and the class banquet held the night before graduation were a few of the things planned by our original and energetic officers, whose names follow: Allan Tate, presidentg Peggy Keith, vice-presidentg Donald NVelch, treasurerg Marilyn Shure, secretary. When the Senior Prom date was set for May instead of Feb- ruary, as it was during the war, members of the class of 1946 agreed that their last year was truly the best. The junior Class officers say that their purpose is "to make the junior year a memorable one." Hard work and original ideas are fulfilling this purpose. There was a successful Christmas dance. "The Holly Hop." which was enjoyed by both juniors and seniors. Plans were made for a semi-formal dance later in the year. An outstanding accomplishment of this year's junior Class was the purchase of class rings in the middle of the junior year. Many other classes had tried to bring about this innovation. but this year's class was the first to do it successfully. Guided by Miss McCoy, the class officers have performed valuable services to the school, especially during the March of Dimes and the Community Fund drives. The names of these four juniors who have taken the lead in making the junior year mem- orable are as follows: Prexident. DONALD KEAY rife President. PATRICIA cAsEv Secretary. SARAH MARTIN Treasurer. ALVIN CLIFFORD 13 CU TX A mf C I Z CTV 4 tif". , I i , Q., S ,J rf ,rf ff' A Q ff, Q-:wa 'if .W 1-gt? ' x 'U l' . ,i , 'nfs - .vjif 1 .1 N1 r x X 1 ft .--vale r' 4194" .arm ,ff , Q u'-ex We .X ,F ' .,,,,,v,,.'f,i,,4 1 A UW vw. , X-,n,,zw, 1,4 , . . 1' 45' . ,N X a-,uf ,T J' R, 4 I . f x 3 . wi' , , is 1 ' . K it 'fl 5. F 'za Vfdfifi f 1 , l z ' r-H l i 1 1 fl' if? r' Service? Ask the Girls' Club! There's always a busy group of senior girls making gay party favors for Veterans' hospitals, supervising the school's Thanks- giving and Christmas contributions to the Welfare League, or campaigning for some worthwhile thing which will improve the school. Auditorium and cafeteria cleanup campaigns, neater clothes campaigns, no-combing-in-class campaigns-all have been successfully waged by the Girls' Club. Social Activities? Ask the Girls' Club again! At the hot dog roast we had so much fun that we forgot we had eaten too many of the delicious weiners. The club planned a splash party to which all seniors were invited. Roller skating parties and sleighrides are other forms of entertainment that the Girls' Club provides. Near the top of the important social activities' list was the club's semi-formal dance, "Cupid's Beau." The Mother's Tea and Style Show is always held in june. "Fun and Service" is the Girls' Club motto. Fun and Service are combined in the Christmas play and the Red Cross benefit show, which, presented by the Girls' Club, have become traditional at North. Service? Social Activities? Fun? Any senior girl who is looking for these three important aspects of school life should see Miss Crockett, who guides the Senior Girls' Club through each successful year. mn ,ygq-1 xt s 1 v 11Qlt'l ll ,,., , I -1, i X x , 5 Q fl ,D X Hn XX N1 Q S wif. XX NW I Fx X 1 v, 69' , s 1 S xj I I L of f ' 5 WX Q g 9' 0 X X 4 5 9 A N X4 - ' E x ,XX , ,Lilly X f X X X '-3 xmml A 'M ' i 'M a.J"' ff an fb? O 'xo Z 'INN XJ X Sweeney bounds off to the rxght hesltates Go' Barrett snaps the ball back to Burke Llndbom races straxght out Burke fxdlng back lets the pngskln go wxth a qunck flip of the arm Suddenly, out of nowhere a blur of red and black leaps up, snatches the spnrallng ball from the a1r and speeds toward the goal Touchdown' The crowd goes wlld' Agaxn and agam snmxlar spectacles were repeated nn the fall of '45 The end of season score was 7 won, 1 lost, l tned North was runner up ln the Class C champnonshlp, losmg by only 37 of a point Members of thls outstanding hrst team were Daxe Burke, halfback and cap tam, Bull Walsh, fullback, Hank 1'1sher, end, Bob Gallagher, tackle all veterans from the '14 squad Lloyd Carroll, a capable yunlor took the end slot, Paul Ken nedy was at tackle and Frannne Barrett at center Blll Robertson was at guard, f'?"l-If . 4 M -,mf g A . V ,I we , ' M, 1 " 'ff' - s A ' ,ia if . ,Q i fi 3 if f 9, . -35. -- nf 'X -f ,Jil .- , 2 21, ff s f 'E e ' - , - V 4 1 ' X , Q s x,.. -' 0 l W U . 'Q if 0 rw X 1 N. it .N , ' 'N p at 3 4 f xr, VIV4 Qu' I M t Ytty D ,X if s X f e" Y R 'X If ,f ' T ll To T ff? X 0-. V 79 ,y t uf 1 Q ,ff iwdx L 1 7 0 I vfifg M A QQ . 'TTA xl' . x . X -'-4 l 1 xx 21 'I vp T' fs 5 fi ,ff X Fred Wilkinson at endg and Leo Luchini and Ed Sweeney filled in the backfield. Others playing frequently were Bill Reid, tackle, Bruce Lindbom, backg Ed Smith, tackleg and jack Bowen, quarterback. We started off with Framingham, where we met stiff opposition. After two hours of attacking defending we only pulled a tie. Next we slid over Milton for a 14-0 score. At Dedham we won 14-6 and at Weymouth 25-0. Then, a bit over- confident, we went after Hingham, whose effective defense helped them nose us out with a 6-0 lead. After that we bore down for a long winning streak-Abing- ton 31-6, Norwood 20-6, Rindge Tech 32-6. Then there was only one game-the big game-left. Quincy had a strong squad this yearg the final clash promised to be an evenly matched battle. Finally Thanksgiving Day rolled around-or should we say poured in. A torrential rain had made the field a quagmire, but early in the morning loyal rooters began to fill the stands. By 10:30 the stands were filled with wet, cold spectators, who used blankets, newspapers, and umbrellas as partial shelter from the downpour. Mean- while the players lined up on the field. The whistle blew. Eleven Red Raiders charged down the muddy field. Luchini kicked the slippery ball into the air. End over end it sailed toward the Quincy team. Striking a Quincy player, it bounded over the goal line. Burke, galloping through the mud, fell on the ball. There were a few seconds of doubt. Everything had happened so quickly that the spec- tators were momentarily bewildered. Then somebody began to shout and soon the North stands resounded with a roar of joy. "Touchdown! " Walsh rushed for the point, made it, and the score stood at 7-0. On the opening kick-off we had won our most important game on a play which one hears about but very seldom sees. City champs for another year! Score totals for the end of the season were North 145, opponents 30. mm 'W ,ads me ""nm "fb it Mfr Q-'Q Sri:-5 JHHK QQ' 1 4 'lj-1, I X 4 1! 4, 2 ' w i l r MXLTCUN .. lj V E b Qiimwrqm X vavvfxm UT H ,.,. U rw svuswrwvfx NDFAN mmm, . YQEBPIES 1 cm mNn35TFx1+-4 FRHP1 UW GH Flifvl .N N U UWNDWTH 44 V If -2-5 ll Z IJINCY QQ' 'QW' ' L , .mf-?"' p 'I 3' p 3 QQ :GGG ft E -Y North s basketball team. under the dlrectxon of Mr Mullarkey, closed a better than average season wlth a record of 10 vt ms and 6 losses The team started poor ly by loslng first to QUIHCW and then to Bramtree by narrow margms After droppmg these two heartbreakers, the team v.ent on a xxmnlng spree, defeating Hlngham, Wey mouth, Ablngton, Northbrldge ftxucel. and Malden, IH a second game vuth Wfeymouth, hovsex er, North lost by a single basket Iemporarnly re gamtng the wm trall by defeating Hlngham, the team lost nt agam ln two suc cessne upsets, one by Branntree, one by Brockton Howexer, m the next game they made amends for the openmg setback, defeatmg Quincy rn another close game Abmgton succumbed agam by a huge score, then. after losing to Newton, X XA 4 5 tftt . ' . 1 ff lllii . ll lg X t X ,V 5 K 9 0 ill a H- f V Q +R Q Mj'lNf. v you X u e 'tg v W I y, X ff- ik If K North defeated a highly favored Brockton team to end the season on a note of triumph. Coach Mullarkey had .1 difficult time developing a practiced team at the he- ginning of the year. The only two veterans were Dave Burke. who became the mainstay ofthe team and was elected Captain: and Bill Reid. who was out most of the year nursing an injury. A senior who made the first team in his iirst vein out vs as Bill Cahill. who played center and did an excellent joh under the basket. Another senior was Fred Xvilkenson, a guard. who was on the court for the first time since junior high days. Improving steadily in all games. he made a perfect pair with Cedrone in the hack court. Cid Ledrone. who broke the schoolboy record of 3l points per game with a high of 55 points, is a junor. The fifth place on the team was divided among three players. Richie Sullivan. a sophomore, was first choice at the beginning of the year. He yielded to Harry Collins. a junior. who gave the place in turn to junior. Buddy Barrett. whose excellent play earned him the first string position for the rest of the year. Two other men on the first squad were Eddie Sweeney and Phil Gillis. With these juniors and 21 sophomore returning next year from this years fast playing team, North can look forward to more invitations to the Tech Tournament in the future. i fw' Aff -4 XV! ..,, K, ' 'K Zvi j q fx X 1 I Ri N -fl, ' F ,ff f x ,W X iii A ff' Z4 7, Vx live!! Ya! ifemefeffflf 'Cv f'1 SL k:Lu-I-Aixcf Qfwwv X ly Nam Q95 Dorf N 0 N dig f fe M I You can't miss these pert, peppy girls who have done so much to arouse our much-publicized Fine school spirit. One look at their smiling faces and your spir- its. as well as your voices, begin to soar. They have proven themselves super-sales- women by selling tickets for athletic banquets, and those booster tags so much in evidence testify to their persuasive powers in furthering a worthy cause. Who are they? Well, there's Head Cheerleader Audrey Wright and her as- sociates joan Meade, Peggy Keith, Doris Desmond, Carol Peterson, Pat Casey, Claire Gallagher and Shirley Murnane Lnder Coach Harold F Forests able di rection they have become a well drilled team whose appearance at the football and basketball games has brought forth ohs and ahs of admiration from supporters and opponents alike The cheerleaders iirst public appearance is always at the rally in the assembly hall on the day before the first football game On September 71 this wear the girls opened the season by introducing a revised We vo cheer 1 new short N Q H S cheer and a wariation of the Victory cheer At eyery football ling routines Before Thanksgning Day there vsas another rallv for which the girls had worked out a tumbling and pyramid exhibition Another major rally was the one before the first basketball game of the year For this rally and for the rest of the basketball season the girls wore new uniforms which were dis tmguished by long sleeved turtleneck blouses Decorations for these uniforms were the silwer megaphone pins received by lNorth s chcer'eaders at the football banquet Rain or shine win or lose these girls chase away the blues and help to maintain North s reputation for good sportsmanship and that neser say die spirit Q u 1 - 9 f ' l ' I V ' - 9 i ,v s y . y. ., , D .. , K , game thereafter they were on hand to inspire team and spectators alike with spark- - ' . V. 7 V I , Y . g , Q. i . . . Y . . 7 . a . . , V. , . K 1 lv - s . fb Q51 rtvf-r-17 my il El -Q C if 0 QQQX - gg 0 it 0 fi To 'A l WS, f ff IM? I ff f -Q, A is x'l4 1: ,4 1.1 S ' Swish!-Thud!-Fo-ore! There goes our golf team. After twenty-two straight wins, including the state cham- pionship, North finally was defeated last year in a match which cost them the championship of the Norfolk Coun- ty League. And returning this year is an all veteran team-the same near champions of last season. There's Denny Morrissey, Bill Robertson, Bob O'Neill, Don Meehan, Ford Pitts, Russ Hendricksen, Al Rogers, and Bill Rich- ards. Here's for the best season we've had! Fill in the scores yourself. 1 , Tfc lk 4,4 J. X When temperatures begin to climb and buds burst forth on the trees, thoughts turn toward the spring sport-baseball. Graduation of last year has taken from us such dependables as Dicky Donovon, Skippy Jones. Frannie Bean. Dick Wheeler. Jack White and Joey Creedon. This leaves us with one veteran in the infield. Dave Burke, and a battery consisting of Bill Walsh, Bob Murphy, and Hank Fisher. Looking forward, we decide that this will be a year of moulding a team for the future. Probable prospects for positions now open are Bruce Lindbom, Dick Kenny. Jed Donovan, Eddie Sweeney, Fred Wilkinson. and Bob Doherty in the infield. and Jack Wade. Joe Campbell, Pete Cahill, Bob Gallagher. and George Johnson in the 'jx-AX outfield. Promising battery candidates are Lou DiBona, Eddie Mc- GX G' Cauley, Bill Ericson, and Bill Mullen. Lil-fe Practice will begin with workouts in the gym. and with weather TZ Ng V..-Q'fJ XX permitting. we will soon begin our trek to the Montclair diamond, -if N XX where the process of elimination will begin to create a team which ' will worthily carry the colors-red and black. 4 XX N ,wx-all K i ' -- . l eg xx v Y s Y Q . o t fi t sf Y X- X lily f l ,ix 0 V Q71 ' SXQ' .Ju i xx '- r xi . X ix-.S fr- 03 Ki Q5 cw be 5 15 K GSK " ' . Ns fy. GWB: 'TD of"- 969 xy 25 Q Lv M N i-1 X X N A 0 Mffxgngf m 2 X X V W 'ilhlllisf 1 l , R Q :F 'X Ek L Ji E 'Vx lu, X W I ? X261 X .X ' 1' A ? Mlm 3 S ds v .ll 5 QL ' km ' ? 2- : f KAW' jf ,X ? ff . 1 'fa-K Q , f .x A ,: 5 JUAN ABBOTT 50 Wallet St C orus 3 Girls Club 5 EVA ADAM W fllze ll-4 Bellevue Rd Glec Club 7 3 Gxrls Club 3 Cho rus 7 3 News from North 'Y Pro 8: Con Z Tr1HlY I JOHN ALEXANDER Alex 106 Brook St Student Ro 2 Manet 4 oys '--Of GEORGF ALLEN Lurky 'Q 70 F Squantum 'lra8'u. Squad 5 HlYy 5 Audn IOFIUIII Committee 3 Boys State 5 AMD JOYQE ANGELL 707 Beach St Glev. Klub I Ratlonmg Board 'V Ground, Patrol l Pro 8: Con Girls Club 3 Treas Tr1HnY l 5 fhorus I 7 5 Secretanal Staff 2 4 Manet Stal? 3 Gxrls Sports GF NIO ARCIPRETE Cene vl Elmwood Awe Hnor Roll 7 5 H Yy 5 Boys Start 5 TFAHIC Squad 3 ,Q.Ncp-My 397129 RICHARD AYER Dick H5 Norfolk St H Y 2 52 ,wwf RAMONA AYERS Mona 109 Sonoma Rd Chorus w Glrls Club R MARGARET BENSON "Peggy" 57 Davis St. iris' Club 3. X923 awp? f??fy.' DOROTHY BERGLUND "Dar" 178 Phipps St, ff fff , lv: af V lfJ'ffif'7 ff ikjkf U f .VVI .XhJ,V,1LD,,f" 4' , JILDA BERjNAR'6l TEV "fill" 87 Appleton St.' Student Council QV. Pres.1 1, 2, 3: Girls' State 2. Pro 8: Con 3: Girls' Club 3: Tri-Hi-Y 5: Manet Stal? 5, Traffic Squad 2, 3: Auditorium Com- mittee 5. EARLENE BLANDING 50 Acton Street Olfice Work 35 Library StaE l, 5: Girls' Club 5: Student Secretarial Staff 4. ,iggfpif 1 FRANKLIN BOWEN frankie I NL fe d Qt MARGUERITII BOYDEN 'H dl. 8 Broomf ld S n h Cl b e Chor orxh 'WL MARION BRIIASOLE q am 3 H 631-f'f7ffW'Jp wif ffjdf-JM' DORICF BROWN Dxcky 3 Hodges A e oul SI des Grls fl h dan: 9 mr rar al Staff 3 DAVID BURKE Leg! s Basketball I 3 Baseball 1 Football I 5 irate A !LZ"'r1.Q, BARfaAKi'f1?rLB6if J 31 W ollaston A e G IIS e S cn. ar L-1 4416.51 IEAN BUI TER 151 Co nr Rd G e Cl b G ls Cl b 5 Honor I Soc a S e net r 3 Tra c d JOHN BUTTS B tt re Glo HE ,JM CARMELA CAC mu, C GHARI.hS CAHILL law El A WILLIAM CAHILL Ba: 1 U A u gum B mb ll 4 X01 xiii? THOMAS CAHOON Coben 9 c c Www Af MW ARTHUR CARTER 0 Wooxib s hl EANOR CASEY Mickey 110 Ph l p S 'S1cSzaH Gs P TH ,LM ot k' RICHARD CASWELL Dfck e b y H lion Sc FRANCIS CHAFE f r 8cCo 101.-.aff-aflja' ,.,,,.J2 Cwwfgf C TI CHQK mockkg kj Ganshclggl 2 Owwop YS Jywfx ROBERT CHASE Bob St de 0 Bc 5 5 State NORMA CHENEY Norm 18 XY ollaston A en Chor 5 I Grls Club S det Get et r al Sta 3 J gf .41 vi jf ROBERT CHOQU T Bob Pe H Y 5 lv' fn J 5 DOROTHY CLARK D ll Il Hart et A en I Club HJ DIN C B Jos ANGELINA COULACOS 33 Mxlron Road or 3 G rls Club 5 u. 'Sk gy X ,Ll MARY DAMINSKI 21 B lhngs Road g Board 2 Ho e N s Po8:Con1SecPGr Cb5 br dam Secret r I Staff K TraHc 3 Jr x 1, , LJ fv 4 A FRANK-I EIDSLKGER naw Avemlv. Football y,-J T Sq lad 3 VALL ELLA VA R dy Ho s St H x JOSEPH DeNICOLA 7 9 E Squa ru Street DORIS DESMON D 0 I Be ch St ee! Cho us I 5 Cheerlead r 5 Ra ton ng Board G 0 nds Patrol 1 Home N rs ng Gnrls Club lSech Tr H Yy 5 Manet Staff 5 GI:-eClbl TraB'cSqadX G rls Sports l ELEANOR DONAHUE "EIl'e" 50 Be Ie St xt S K 6 gi M BE'l TY LOU DONNELLY A l gton Street tion D Mao fHe Gls Cu H Y 1 ELEANOR DOUGHERTY S G rLs Cl b SocalStud1es IEAN DOUGLAS I n e 100 I-ra klnSfre t hh YG ls Cl f J 1 C X ' :J ' If 1 7' L l f W L, o Q I I TQ-I A' A .1 rt- N . ' :Ui Hi-Y', 51 mm Chnrun 51 om' :lub " . l' ,. ' x ,V A I I ' . , 5 L " " u " .222 rin imc - Studen L u cil 2. Ba rqm' i r- , BIKE I, Z, 5 adli ll' 1 bl Spd ' lu d 1. , 3: Tri i- -. 3. ,. 5 ggi' 'f "f""" , - A 2 if "Em" '4 ' n m Q Chorus .1 i " ui i V Auditorium Committee 5. , ' Stag' 1 ' A 15 M . Fw , . 1 LX, o . . A A lf" is "D ,." " ea ui " '41 f 2 ' a r l 'n i h 'f f , 1' 5 - e 1 ,. Spuni Club Ixl. .1 ir ' .ub. i i 1: r u 3 ,N x 7 u i 2: ' ' 'N K, . ' . Z i- i- 2, ,Z if K Af N : u : i u Ag , IQ-I . X ' ' ' . 2, 3. E. ' X' w . 5 n I '. f's 1 ,J P Q T 0 ' 'A J BQQTJRYSDALE I h W wg Mffmgbf D I ll4E3gexSr ff CORNEI IU D CAN A d to ESTELLE DVUYER otl HELEN EATON 55 PP H I' WM M wmjm M, ILNE EC I b Clb dxlf GEORGE E NE My yy ' A 1, ,. U 1 V , Q "Lover" , 'V 9 M n cair Ave. ' 9 S erman Street ' , Girls' Club 3. .ff ,- L 1 D ' W J! J-2' ue ey" H i WN 'I 1 rm If Ill, ollisAve. e No 22 G' C1111-1 5. Librar' Staff :Giwb 5. ., V X J, W 4 I . . J 1 1 ' 1 1 lx' gf . 1 A T D . - x 2"wie" 0 Str Q' 6 79,11 ion Rd.v!!' Foo all ui rium ommime. Honcagll 1. 5: Qrlsw u 1 ' ui oar P , ,, K J f I s 1 jf' 7 N- Kz J. .If f ' , D H AR 1- - UH '28 'al r r Be. Ire ' ice X' ': ioi Board 2: M W G'l Cl 4 . ' '. di: 5 - 8 LUCILLE EVANS dScet 3 H gBod x LOLISE FALL h R C b GEORC E FALLON 105 Holl 5 A LEE FAVORITE H1 Fl JJ I WILLIAM FERSON W ll, Qt IAROY PITCH vbx 4 V30 1 Yr 'N MARION FLEMING 0 ca Sxd onng Bo d b N sfomNn MR 1,Er1N1 4 .uf 1 Y' i I . ., 216 Harvar r e A T " 'i " S dem Co nc'l ,: Cho l: L'- Q , . ' . b ' Sm 3: Raziorliilri ar' A is ' ulmg Smit Girls' Club: Mane: Staff 5: Traf- h 4: Secretarial S :iff 5. 'H l , 3 F 7 ' . "Lou" "Ro ' 55C uriron oad 45 er V ' lu F .V Cx 1 ' - - i:,:fzE'u,,1,u 0 1 CHU- W QQ J' l iw ,I .1 ,lf , , L .. 1 .1 KK ' sl.-fx li, K -.q , I '4 s A: N X- M .. . ff 1 I . . K 6 "Are" 117 F 'l' A' Z - rank in venue' I venue C21 rus 5 :Joi l u ies: Rami i ur 2: Girls' Clu: Secretarial .N It Stull' 5: few r .Ho h 2. ,W , W , ,L . mwood Avenue 5' sfyal riser! f I .Q - , ' Pro .on Club 51' Girls' Club . W . I. fs., 5. 1 I , 1 , U A. . 1. , x ' l AI ' ' J J ' ' I ' V 4 ' 'J " l o i W . l J 1 ' f , f 1 W4 XL , K ' , 7 A 4 fa ,r. f A . l 1 - ' M X I 1 V , YJ J l l N4 ". ' v J A y P ' A i , J X I 'x D J f JOHN Foo 88 N WM FRANCIS FORSYTHE 56 W21n I sk M' Bun 4-ball 2 fb ll gy? f W ROBERT FOX 511 Be le St o B 6 Q ARTHUR ENCH Q RP 'F ROBERT I GALLAGHER H4 Fr KCO Footb Ill 2 3 d!ofClass2H 3Mamn StaB'3 Boy Stte4 'I'rHcSq d 3 Baseball3 ROBERT L GALI AGHER P I y H Q C DOROTHY GEIGER S I B no ggob 2 GEORGE GEN EREAUX 2 Co by only wif MARGARET GILL D ll I g Bo d PHILIP GILLIS P 1 x BJJTWJPJL -'ruff .nb DONALD GLASSF R S r teOp A WILLIAM GLOVER B Ph ll wily Cl' 5. ROBERT GLYN N BERTHA GOL L,.4 Mlwwg .JV BARBARA GOODE SOPHIE GOULSKI 181 Be hS! l Bo I b BARBARA GRAHAM Bobby I W lson A en e Cho: 53 Pro 8 Con 3 Grls Ll b 3 Qecretar al Stal? 'a RICHARD GUILMARTIN D lu C l met Street H Yy 71 if AUDREY G West CHARLES HADLOCK C I l W bster St eet Basketball I H Y 1 LS A dtonu Com tree 3 I 4461! ff df bf u ff! L PHLYISS HEAMEN Ph I 14 NX Iso A g Bo d o C 1 f f RUSSFLL HENRICKSEN ri?-wi YH v l Jay A' NANCY HOOD 2' I Holbrook Road :ir ' Cu 5. 4 'aff'- Jazgc Jim' Q , U y Jrlfufu EA USTON I+ 0 J,L02,0fru---1 -I-ow-ol ,gp-0 RICHARD HOXVARD D If R I Zfvfvppl., Le,.uu.u44, iv-4-ow.f5v-4.,f ak BARBARA HOYT B I VIRGINIA HUDSON " im: 150 XY'i son venu News from Norrh 2: Girls' Club 3: Chorus 1. Z, 4: Rarionin B d 2 Studs-nl Scfrerarial 1 ,f-1. qu WWN' ,wa ' ww' f 1 ELSA HUENEKE 5 Appl r See Sri? sry Cb KI- NNEIFH HUMPHREY Wlk Yy25M 5CAtEd RLTH HUNTLEY R lb Cho G C h KJ BERTIL jANSSON C or d ARLFFN JOHNSON R ky K' RIC HARD JOHNSON D 1 q our xx Bo s MARTIN JOHNSON SoBfId HQ 0 w V17 ml BETTY MAE KARQHlCIx -al V ll ams St Cho! s G :ls Club 4 Tr md! k.f,f-f-A., aadwngslnd Ho Ron! Gl clb 4 iteo f1gsY59rv?Zice MARY KEUING N-I V J N ALEXANDER kElR S ndy 80 Farr ngxon Sr IEAN 12 T f If f ,X Offlf ' r 53, Pro 4 Club ., fb , 'jff ,W5lff'f J, VLLLW a reA ePrsdenro 4 Rxonng Bo d Q3 is Socnal SrdesG lsG If I-HY r Staff in ec Qdr I Qporrs ree PAUL KENNEDH 31 Newbury Awe koozb ll 1 IS I KEN 5,1 Stare Rd Club 1, Chorus urs C 3 fexec board 1 :Y K x RALPH KENT Rube 65 Beale St Spanush Club 1 7 Mamet Staff 1 whiz I-Ki Wu, Ka Wil LIAM KERWIN B1 7 Bromfntld Street Hx Y ELIZABETH KIILB Belly mmofk Road J lb 1 2 C311 7 Gnrls Hon Rill IABS5 Sounl Studles Audn m Commntgft 4 Trafflc Sqaup 'Q RUTH KILPATRICK Kulble l 5 Flhot Asenut Studen tCounul l Chorus 7 Curls Club 5 Rattomng Board 7 Class Vnce Presldent 7 Drum Malorttte 7 Trl H1 Y l 7 'Q Stcreturml St.xB' . kit' stu 1 I ,l , H. I- dtnt Setretanal Stal? 3 MIRIAM KNIGHT Mum lll East Flm Avenue Cl 1b Trl H1 Y BFTTY LaFOSSE 174 Farrington Street Girls Club 3 RICHARD LAMB Lambze 314 Lafayette Strett MARY ELAINE KIRK Khorus 2 3 Lubrary Staff 1 7 3 Home Nursmg 2 Gxrls Club 'a u Spanish Club l Social Studies Girls Mouon Pncture Operators Club l 7 4 Hugh Honor Roll Pro con A K ,Alb 0 1"":'f-Jrfyu! J QV" ILMJL 57 ho K5 U ill lfu . 5, E - 1 W I 'Z D I .-5-.Sty ll . i- 7 x.. ' ' ' of 5 J' l E ' H 2 .K U- - .V I .. .Hn P , .. 3' 1 . 1 ' 5 . , z . I I N .H 9 . .. X1 7 1 b A , ' v . A J 3 2-. , I . A, U sp . u v EN 'Y -2 . . Cl I, . o . :h A ". 1 'V 'A H' g ., f-7 'xx .U .I .nfl , ,fl '. 7" I , J: I r ,9- , ' I-jj T 4,7 f' I . A " . ,, 1 . L , h- E . fqd. I ' I I 4 ' -f ELIZABETH LAURIAT "Belly" 1 I6 Philips Street Rationing Board 2: Library Stuff 53 Home Nursing 2: Girls' Club 31 Student Secretarial Stafl 5. ELI' ANOR LEMON 6 Il Granger Strut R tnonxng Board 7 Home Nursmg Soclal Studies 5 Girls Club 5 Nlantt Stat? Student Secret r al St H PHILIP LITTLE Pbxl 701 Highland Atente SANDRA LOCIxE Sanda I: Tax lor Street orus l Gnrls Club Sona Studies 5 Trl H1 Y 4 Student Set retanal Staff w Cbvvf cf- if MURIEL LONERGAN 156 XY'ilson Avenue Girls' Club 3: Student Secretarial Stal? S. H ARRIET LUTHER EIUIIXIC' 166 Mason Street Ratnonmg Board 7 Home 'Nursmg 7 Gxrls Club 3 Student Secretartal Sta a 21 H Gr :wood Axenue CI10fllS er IEAN MacDONALD NY xllxams Street Spanish Clnbl 7 Chorusf' 3 So cial Smdles 1 Gnrls Clu fexecutne boardY Audxtornum Co mntee 3 Tmlflc Squad 'Q O 0 lltllq CJRUL1. VRCYIQLQ LP B -4 9 DONALD MacLEOD Bud 238 Highland Avenue Spamsh Club l 4 Honor R ll 2 5 HIY 5 Manu Stal? 's ovs State 7 Traffic. 3 ROB E RT S ubx orrh Bay 1 thas WW ROBERT A MAGL IRL fi S.nhv.m Strut .J D dw! 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Sz I Sccrezarlal SIQH Home Nu mg 7 ROBERT NICHOLSON Nick 114 Montclair Axe PATRICIA O BRIEN Pal ICG Highland Au urs Club 3 S ual Su In Honor Roll 4 HAZEL OLSON Harrie 176 New un Aw- l Z 5 bum' tang Spanx n l Z 4 Sudenr Co.1nc1l 1 OHICE Ukorl. K Gxrls 3 tpresxdentl O eszra Mayorerle I PHILIP O NFIL Phil Ho Axe Foresxrw Club Y ROBERT O NEIL Bob lf' Nevxburx Aw: Golf Team I w Chorus " 3 o ACon4 HOPE OSLCPN Hople 55 Gra ger S pwmsh Club l urs ICXCCIIIIWC 031' I WWW BETTY ANN PAUL Belly lwl Belles ue Road Spamsh Club Glee Club Socnal Studnes 'I Gnrls Club JANET P RRY an a Sun Spams C horus urls Clu C ROL P ERSON Pele 74 Flmvlood Axenm. 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A ff"' 'V 135' sq' 'fl' Lf .f ,J ., J J, MARY STEVENSON 185 Taylor Street Girls Club 3 JEAN STEWART 61 a rStrect Spanish Sy,SOC1al Stud lr S 'sw JUDITH STOYLE Judy 7' Taylor Street Spanish Club 1, 2 3' Student Coun- cil 2' Library Stal? l: News from North 2' Honor Roll 3: Wollaston Women's Club: Social Studies Qpresi- dentj' Manet Stall' 3' Traffic 3. MAVIS STUDLEY "Tabie" 111 Atlantic Street Spanish Club l 2: Glce Club 1 2' Social Studies 5: Girls' Club lexecu- iiIYeYbo5xrdJg Drum Maiorette 3: Tri- AJLL. 64.J S sg ,vot- xf L ,riff P7.,O7f -1 g 'L'-' 'J .fy-yyx 1143, ,fi iq mf A4,sr.q , EDWARD SWEENEY Curly 131 Fayette Street Basketball 5 H Y 5 Baseball 5 F otball 1 2 5 ALLAN TATE Doc 45 Warm rect Student Counc 1 President Lass 5 H Manet Staff 5 Boys State 5 alfic 5 NICHOLAS TENAGLIA 192 Atlantic Stre lfontball 7 3 4W'dn,f4f7S My! S 'U s A fW'ff45'if?5S90'i J ,. an -. 3 . Studentleflo mi , 5 it ' - Tra ' , 3 Staff 1' Girls' L s from . Q onor 'll l. 3: Con 33 ' tudies 3: Ma e Stal! 5. Mm ayetre St Btoo ub 2 3 :Y 3 Manet Staff 3 Traiixc 3 EDITH TURNER Eadne 36 Border St Rattonmg Board 2 Girls Club 3 Student Secretartal Stall' 2 5 Traf nc Squad 5 JOHN WADE ack 85 Quincy Shore Drive ootbxll 7 H1Y Baseball 2 3 Llfhwg lssxfffmft 40 Jul WILLIAM WALSH Moore 19" Atlanttc St scball l K It W DOROTHY WEBBER Dotly '7 Walker St Chorus 3 Home Nursing 2 Gtr Club 3 IRENE WEBSTER Reme 8 Hamllton St Gtrls Club X Drum Malorette l 2 :Ht Y l 2 .WJ L!,,4'l,Ay AUDREY WEEDEN Aud 88 Htghlnnd Ave Gtrls Club 3 TrtHtY 3 Student Secremrlal Staff 5 K ,v-:aff V, ego! ,,,,.,,4V4.., Q. 'UW ELCH Don Z O f 1 0 Pxne St Treasurer 3 H1Y 3 Boys State 3 Traffic 2. 5. ANN WHITE U7 Ham lr K en r Cl b ELIZABETH WHITE Bet e 'nn Ho y ber-gr or s G s H MARY WHITTING u f Joh Su-ee: Pro6cLon3 SpanshClb1 Soc.1lScd G1sClbl BET W B X . .1 u vnu ' f fmxliatxbn g ond Cnrh C A GI I I Hi C hu"vx I I A J rf wx Nix Wm 4 GORDON WILBER Wd! e '4 Sache Su-e r Fo csry C! b fpres death FRED WILKINSON W I1 I B ll ngs Sire c B sk cf VIRGINIA WOOD Pe o :Str-er I AUDREY WRIGHT Sagamore Axenue Chorus 7 5 Pro Bc Con H Lheer leader l ' 5 fheadl Ratnomng Board 7, rLs Llub 5 Tn H1 Y l 7 54px-Ls: Ln: 33, J x 'JN KJ s J 1 4.95 . I . .fp ,ay 1 L ELEANOR MCCABE 50 Hodg ELMER BURNS IAMES CASELEY EDWARD CHAFE Edd d St DANIEL DALY d et Adto ee2 THOMAS DOWLING F HENRY FISHER 5Co tRod e THOMAS FITZGERALD B ll gs St RICHARD HORTON gt St eet JAMES DONAVAN ALLAN KENNEDY IGI erA Webt ELIZABETH YOLNG B rx f ld Ro t G ls T f X2 Lx,-If-0. ftulfufl L04 LVN! 5 Ldfvfc fwfiff I 1,0-yy,Lp-v-fk""4""" ffl Z CHARLES LANDRY Cl THOMAS LEAHY LEON LEWIS ll ARTHUR OWEN o db WILLIAM ROBERTSON Rbb N Bsb Fotbll G 3 h M wk j9? Basketball fwf A fydljombkw t , es Avenue " e 5" Girls' Club 3. f V 1 Z6 North Bay ie ad R - ' , 'f ' Glue Club 2: Social S udies 2: ir ' If ..,' ' Club 5: Manet Staff 3: raflic 5: Chorus 2. A , . ' " V' ' X u f , 'I' . ' - ' , 1 ' V V, J- ' - ' -3 ' f f -. -, . , J L ' - j f f , .r I 1 Q t 7 ' f S . , IV , f .A ' do I 122 Arlington Street 118 ranklin Street '9 S uantum Street Hi-Y 5. 'I Calumet Street "Hank" "Harpo" 2 nan a 6' No. Central Avenue Football l. 2. 3: Baseball l. 2. 3: Prom Ush r 2. " iv" I "Tom" "Lee" IZZ Harvar reet 257 i in rg-er llBi ings Street "DWI" k 27 Farrin on r 20 V' o ine Street 2 Gor on Stre u i rium Commit! . 3. L Uffdu Z5 I ser Str " o ie" , ov venue 1 219 I 'ewbury Avenue ae all 1. 5. o a 2. 3: olf 2. ,: C orus 3: 7 ' -. J N , KJ . or A A 'rw A , , V u X Q 9 AT Sl-+ WA 1-I WA T GDKIQ D gwyfm anew Ctt MAA! M sf Qpjfnm T Ziwwwflujfwwwm I X huMf fmwa J-by 1 WMMAJ, VI iLUt m ww len T eww 0741 Gffdmeefgfifz INN, td bdbl WW agmafflgglzkfl. 1 Tesf fm-by Ulm? Mom 99,JML7e O5 OTTICLD C es alcure QW W7 B ST Acfor wwe? Zfwfwfw? Besi AH Round Most Popular Bivcioiwac SCUOL ? H s gs S I fa 5 V Besl. 'n v Besf cmcer v - g J Best Athlete fm-J Vrwa-440 gluwgf ues ,0' ' Be-all Musician ' ' 9' 0 ' 'usic i 0 ' ' ' 1 os risic c Insepambles awvf Bei Comedian . 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Hus slughtest word was law 1943 And then we entered Senuor Hugh Swelled up wuth prude and uoy For we were man and woman now Not just gurl and boy 19+ 4 5 As stull more grown up Junuors We planned actuvutues galore We entered unto socual lufe As we never had before Histor 1945-16 A scnior's life. we quickly found. ls ansxhmg but luxurious For Gnal nsrs .md stuff ucmu XXL srudnd fxsr and furmus 1943 46 'lhen at las: arrned zhf. longcd for umL When vurh mixed despair and elanon WL yquandnnd coumlnss periods Rehearsxng for gmduauon 194: 41 Bur bcfore our study clouded mmds Reached zz state of mnld hysterm We d ns! by dzmung on che stagc After lunch nn the cafeteria ye jmze Clem mice Salle 1946 NORTH QLINCX DEPARTMENT STORE Lcrnnr cf Hanconk and E st Qquanmm Ntr LI NORTH QI INKW NI-Wg Storm Hours QI ANTI IW ON STO! lx IIIEXIN C I IARRS PR-UTI! AI I mnnug.,h I I Il -M arm Inhlu N x Nuiui Circ 1 rmsmp, C Actors Inrfut Nt IL CLnwrs Ruordlnp., I I N arkullnxn Iunch Llogk Tdgphunn of rollgr ski x xx Pnrpla Lriu Iaxtbmrk on driulng., Inbllxh K ms of formdldlhxdr. Hugg bag. 5 mhmnlzlnf. mnhxm. Puxhups Rncornilnp, Lhxnu Imln IOLLINS JA NIMDONAID I-RANR SMOH IAR IARANR F HOIAFIARTX ,IOHIN N CROLRITT FTHFL K RX ALNH JOHN XX XX IABST ERSNIITH ROBFRTA RPINHARDT NIARION B HORRIGAN RATHIARINE PRATT NI-XBPL F DON-XHLF ,I-XCR XX FNTHAN FR XX ARREN RX ALRDFN CHARLES E NC HIIALLN XXILMA BERRX AGNES E IALR NIFLVIN C. ROGERS LAROX C MORRISON ISTHI-R ION! II GIORLII lr thg hnnuit of Ihr, jnnlor K s Pr mu 11 nu has so LS r x IL r Sqn r us Shu Llugrus It For thu. unsuphxsuaxud Sophmrnns Also for tha bandit of unxor Class Hommroom HLIIO 51155 Nmhlnlds lor hu m Im Luuramons SL bs: ILIIL I mln 5 or I5 book Sn MII lon ns .1 mp., onu Bgslnhs Hung Nahnul T L :chu For xhg prnsgruulon of Ihr, Nimu Nuff or Lonagrx mon of third Iunnhu hal hc hglls un 1. nd of Arunnon Plum. ramp lr Imp lmmp Tuul N X XI-XRS OI IANIOH NIINT IOR ALL N .L T v 7 v .O A 1 hz I 91: 10 1. g ig . Q'1 . 'sri I . p "1 A Q . MES S. Fx A A A ' .In.a I ,1, .' A Q'IA ..I . . ' ."If, 1'A'! I C. f ' fur .O 'I . O . ' ' .. To .2 ' A ' , IA A A . T I '. ' Ifu ncxr ,'Aa Os io LII. Plug I 'A - .Anim , . . . ,. Q A 'A ' I A ' ' U .11 . Ia ,V 4' A "f .' ' Q. . . , A A A J ' fa.. I ' - ' I f . . . I . A I S' 'I mffia lighrs NOYES. HERMON M. Give thu sq Llaxn I ai hrcnk I Pair A A 'Q lu . . , I . 'A A 1 I ' , I fu' I .l' fx i Af I "' A, ' . ' A " .O ' . . " . I C, Thi. 5 :I 4 A. un I 'I f ur T' ' . .. If h' '. 'I' XYZ., of Rfk' A SI A' A A' ' ai 2 .2 ' 2 , A . I I If. N M. A A A " A A I 2 A , 1 I .. . , .1 '. . ' ., .. If A 1 ' A. I .A A 2' ' A , . . .' '. S0 t 1 A A , "II rin' an -1150 inA src: 1:50 I, IU . , -. ' . l'ghf I A ' . . '. I. ' I A ' . A' Itllfltlrr Mc L ul ,a mrs ,. I. AQ xi T' Y "L I " A I ' 4 : . I.' ' Q. , ' .Q '. -' A . ALL HAI BOUSTERS 19.14 CJG1 -X 1111 XA Ne B tx VN nd VN 1161101 19.16 Wllham Hurlu 1-'1anlX VN Oxtutt 1 .1 Xllllll R ll on Wlll1dI11 Rusbtll 1xe1tl1 Dolothx -X Roonex Be1nard E W111Jht 19.18 Xlf1r.d F Baxbaxa lx Johnson C111 A WlClxlUI1d Iohn -X xVlll1dIT1 1919 Ecllth Axdllll Hobe1t E DJX Luella Eaton H11tboxxe1 Lt rJGl RL1 ell Hntle USNP John H Roonu Fwd Cobbn L:-XXF 1940 -Xnnette -X Eaton Robext 170111101111 Geowe Hu1ltx Bdlbflld Heade D1 B Xxlllfxl 11 1941 I N 11 but X 1 111 l ll ll H11 Pdxx nd 5KXlllCllL John Cobb ll LSX XV 194' Blvlnt L Ca ex P1 illlx I Cab x 11X C1 StLphL11 Dax Ie1n R Flnlax Cpl Geouge F Cunn I 1-1.11111 L Hand Phlllp Hntle Phxlll Lexu lxtnntth Roonu nnex Sp1ll1nt Q11 11i,slCltll1 Sttllx Sxxxndlu S Sgt V1Lt01 H Tose Kenneth R '1'u1ne1 -XNIM3 c Florence Wh111115 1 Luullt Xllbxeth' 1V1l1l1I11 Campbell USlN Gux Capllll Dmothx DIYOI1 B11b'111 L Dutlx John Dxue1 Tl1UI11l Fennon LSNIC lllt 1-1 lmentc Hublu Xllcn Le 1ohn NIL -.XC1EiI11 Ens Druid J XlC1XlllllLll -Xllct XICVN eel XC Insgph J 'X1LL111gl1llI1 LSN 1tt1 N t mnux L Sgt w1lll3U1 11411111 Ann Ne tm El6lI101 L Nexo h CllI'lI1lL RlCl1lD1lf1 Elpinm H110 10 lxuth H1 111011 S11 Gutxurlg TLlXLll 111lx11 1944 1 l L L S uttnx me f1ul1Q11x T 1 L L v 1 T 1 , L 'V 1 Lt. . 1'tl ' '. 1' lson Q1 . 5 5' et 4' 'Q' 'L ' 1 ' .. 'el' Ma zsey 11 ,CL - ' - 1-1 . 'X 1 1 . .11 j 'S "s 907 ' 1 1 1'- .Iz 1' ' ' 1. "as: 1 1 A 1.1011 5 .,11: H 1 A. ' V J 1 . '15 v I . . l A A b " 943 1 '- .Jugo " 1 1 ' ' 1 . , -. 'l 5- ' ' k ', V ' 2 ' 1 'z . I' 'Q 4 " ' - , 4 Nutz '2 "Sher , ' Q . . . 1 1 gge , v T 1 ' , ss ' . 1 -1 ' ' ' 'H 21. 'S1 1 ' n l ' ll U . Wal -' J, 1lr111g 'SNi Class Presiclen . A A' 5 ' , . , . '1 ' 1 1' D . 1-Xll z . " 'lll ll V 'I '59 M1 " 1" 11111111 1 ' ' x l'.' 1, 311 " Q Welflt S. Sg 1 James V. C1'u"lisl1z111lq Ro, 1' 1' . Dusnn nd Gi' '20 lslllllllilll Cpl, William Cz11'1t'3. LSA XV1l 1:1111 G:11'fl1:1v1' ljslho' Nl. CLiI'lL'l' .X S S21 rw! Bill C11l1l11111, 'SN -I 'l' ' " ' XI' .lI'Cll'R. Cr1llins.Cl11ss .QL 1 - ax . 'S1 .f 1 Ju ls D Vj. KIT A 'SN ALUMNI BOOSTERS Sgt W1ll1am Fortnam Robert Imray RM3fc USNR Roger Josselyn USNR Thomas Meade Catherme Mulhern Frederlck Qulrk USCG Class Pres1dent PFC James W Rapson USMC PFC Frederlck C, Rockett Bob Ryan Donald W Scott Horton R Shaw Slfc Marjorle Tose Roberta Whlte Donald S Hudson 1945 Catherme Belllveau Robert Brown USN Franc1s Burns Sybll Burns Paul F Clem Mary Courtney Robert DesRoches Slfc Betty Ann Eckyl Helen Eckyl Lorrame Emlgh Cadet Nurse M11llC6Dt Entwhxstle Joan Evans George Fallovts Slfc Wllllam Fltzgerald USNR Paulme Fox Robert Foster USA Mlldred Galdys Patty Bo Harwle Madalme Hatfield John Hlgglns USA Vlarhorle Horton Herbert Jackson USA Ken Johnson 'Vlur1el Lamprey Mary Lanergan Jean Leary Charles Lex eronl Martha Lmnett Pxt Robert Mahn USAAF Anne Marella Alex Martm Class PI'9S1d6llt W1ll1am McLaughl1n S2,c Gllbert Melanson Nancy M1ller Marjorle Moore Herbert Morrlson S2,c USNR Frances Noonan Danny Phlpps Betty Jane P1ckles Robert Plumb Forrest Powers USNR Barbara Rlch Class Secretary N Wxlllam Rosenthal Ann Slmons Betty Stover Carolyn Te1xe1ra W1ll1am Thomas USA Clalre Thompson Pvt Russell Tlbbetts ASTRP June Treco Jenme Watt Jack Whlte Scotty Whxtelaw Class Treasurer HELLO To Every Groduote from LEONARD'S PERFUMERS 55 Butumes ROAD Tel GRA 5317 NORTH QUINCY Complete Lune of Cosmetics Perfumes Potent Meducmes Cuffs Tonlet Artncles Cut Prices , . y . . ' 1 . . . Y y I 1 A . . . Y , . Y 1 Norma Beaton Richard Murphy k , . , Y , . Y I . . , 7 , . ' Y , . CLASS of 1946 MAYOR CHARLES A ROSS Best Wishes To the Compliments of FRANK A FOWLER The Closs Ring Mon OFFICIAL JEWELER for 1946 ond 1947 ll ' ll Tel, LIB. 3162 828 Pork Square Bldg.,BosTon16,Moss. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1946 FROM T' if "1 CONGRATULATIONS N Y T CLASS or T946 Sberzdani QUINCYS FASHION CENTER I I I .H.,z'.-'Q . f E -ff , 52: 'fit , '11, ' j-X L ,1,'.' H T " S-f. 4 TO THE v' . F -r., 'Sl 1 X: Q ,! 1' W. -I I. '14a..9. I ' 4-'T' hw 1' l '-i NAANAGEN EN AND EMPLOYEES BRETT S Cahgratulate The Graduates af Narth Oanhcy Hugh Schaai Class af T946 SINCERE CONGRATULATIONS ta The Class af -46 from the ehtlre persahhel at REMICICS T I . T , , OE I leaf-f' 's' Qiaaffahe Sfreef 3O'TH CLJINC 1 T0 GIRL FRADUATES OF 46 WHO D LIKE VITAL h U For g1rls who are lookmg beyond graduatlon to a good paymg job that s full of human mterest, here s an opportumry worth xnvesugatmg The Telephone Company has several open mgs for gxrls limshmg hlgh school Recent hxgh school graduates who ve become tele phone gxrls find the work 1nterest1ng asso- cxates frxendly surroundmgs pleasant Semors should look xnto th1s opportumty Tramxng courses may be arranged so as not to xnterfere wlth studles or graduatxon and can usually be gnven rxght 1D the home town Sxgn up rxght away and recelve pay whlle learmng Your feacber or vocational advisor can tellyou more about work m tba: mteresimg mdustry NEW ENGLAND TELEPHONE 8 TELEGRAPH COMPANY ZHYZJZIZ ZIQIEVBSI WORK HCJWARD JGHNSON S FAMOUS ICE CREAM C Pneumofuc Scales Corporotnon Ltd C l 'ru 'JS- l NX C mol ments of M DE MATTEO CONSTRUCTION CO MASSACHUSETTS 200 HANCOCK STREET PRE 8840 ENGINEERING CO INC Gemerol Contractors NORTH QUINCY MASS GRUMAN'S FASHION FUR I25O HANCOCK STREET QUINCY GRA 7103 NORTH OUINCY GARAGE CO DUGGAN BROS Chevrolet Soles ond Servuces I3I HANCOCK STREET ATLANTIC Opp Atlont c Sfofron PRES dent IIOO Q V I Re-poirs - Sforoge - RemodeIIing , I ' I CompI'menfs f PETTENGILLS INC. Established I876 QUMMINGS CQ, Reliable Jewelry and Off Shop . Dresses O Coats I s I Sportswear IOPPOS fe 5I'e"d0" SI HANCOCK STREET QUINCY 7-ll COTTAGE AVE. QUINCY WELCH S DONAHER S INC CAMERA 3. CARD CENTER MEN 5 STORE I559 HANCOCK STREET Telephone GRA 4lO2 680 HANCOCK ST WOLLASTON QUINCY MASS In New and Larger Quarters Complnmenfs of Complnments of THOMPSON S RESTAURANT A FRIEND QUINCY SQUARE ADAMS TIRE 81 SUPPLY CO, INC 2l2 HANCOCK STREET QUINCN 7I MASS TIRES 81 TUBES Dayton Fnrestone Goodyear Goodrlch Road Service MAY I85O I 2 1 I I O I I I I 1 I I I . I . , , I . u I I . I l - - QUINCY OPTICAL CO Prescruptuons Optncuans Manroc Bulldzng Room 8 I245 HANCOCK ST QUINCY Tel GRA 2322 Compliments AITKENS I77 Bnllungs Rd Norfolk Downs W S WELLS CO General Dry Goods U9 NEWPORT AVE WOLLASTON GRA 2557 Campluments of A FRIEND PAY 81 TAKE FOOD SHOP Stnctly Home Made Foods 4 BROOK ST WOLLASTON STEWART S SHOES 67 BEALE ST WOLLASTON Headquarters for Gym Sneakers Best Wishes to the CLASS of 46 WHITE BROS That Creamy Milk" PRE 5174 Tel. -PREsident 0371 I Q ll ' Complnmehf f ZALLEN S DELICATESSEN Tel GRA 185.1 5 Bnllrmg d Norfolk Dowr' BEALE ST PHARMACY INC ERNEST A CARLSON Reg Phor lcomer Beale1 Tel PREslder1f 7117 The Rexall Store COOLIDGE PHARMACY Prescrxphoh Drugglst S BEELS PhC, Reg Pharm 253 BEALE ST WOLLASTON Ccor N Central Avenue1 Compllmehts of WITHERELL S GLASS HOUSE GOODIES 2 Beal tre WOLLASTON RICHARDJ GORMAN 2314 BEALE ST WOLLASTON Costume Jewelry Pms Earr hgs Watches Duamonds Je elry Tel MAYflower 2312 HOWIE 81 CRAMOND Prescruptuon Optncuans 1157 HANCOCK STREET QUINCY 69 MASS Opposlte Masomc Temple THE MANAGEMENT AND EMPLOYEES OF BOBBlE'S BEAUTY SHOPPE Cong ratulates The Graduates of North Qumcy High School Class of 1946 . S O . ' A F 1 1 e S ef 3 ' i s R . rs 1 1 661 HANCOCK STA WOLLASTON ' -- ' - i I - A - w LEMON S MARKET 349 NEWPORT AVE WOLLASTON Meats Groceries Vegetables Delivery Phone 3643 WOOD S HARDWARE and SUPPLY CO Bay State Pannt and Varnushes 673 HANCOCK ST WOLLASTON MAY l77O JACK S CARD SHOP 50 BILLINGS RD NO QUINCY Lubrary Sheet Muslc ESTES The Jeweler I2 CHESTNUT STREET Diamonds Watches Jewelry Sportswear Gowns MAE DEANE DRESS SHOP I6 Beale Street WOLLASTON 70 MASS Compliments of FIRST NATIONAL STORES Complnments ot Formal Clothes For Rental Academuc Robes Wraps Weddmg Gowns Venls Summer Eormals Tuxedos Brld8SfT1OlCIS Dresses ACCe550rle5 MEN WOMEN STYLE SERVICE SANITATION IOO SUMMER STREET BOSTON Greeting Cards for Every Occasion THOMAS SMITH, Manager BURNS, INC. LEVANDER S SHOE STORE 52 BILLINGS ROAD Agents for the celebrated Pollyonno Heolth Shoe IWe would opprecuote your potronogel Telephone PREsldent 2645 Compliments of SOUTH SHORE CLEANSERS DeBOSE ESSO STATION AN DREW PHARMACY NEWBURY AVENUE PREsudent 2600 Applnonc Eue Onl Cool Coke JOHNJ GALLAGHER INC Bunldnng Moteruols Builders Hordwore 241 HANCOCK ST NO QUINCY IOO FEDERAL AVE QUINCY TOPSYS CHICKEN COOP Eornous throughout New Englond for nts Southern Fried Chncken 'Az Chicken ond Chups 60C Il43 HANCOCK ST QUINCY Orders Put Up to Toke Out Tel GRA 9585 Cornplnments of BLACKER Gnd SHEPARD CO LUMBER NEWPORT AVENUE NORTH QUINCY THOMAS S BURGIN, INC Insuronce of Every Descrmptuon QUINCY SQUARE GRAn'te 3000 . I V 4 1 , 63 Billings Rd. Norfolk Downs I I Compl ments f CHARLES G BEACH REAL ESTATE Cape Propertues GRA 0407 THE VROSS ROADS Card Plants Gifts 674 Hancock Street WCI LASTON 70 MASS TOTS and TEENS SHOPPE 46 BILLINGS ROAD PRE 7413 NORTH QUINCY BARBER SHOP BILLINGS ROAD SUE S BEAUTY SALON PRE 6190 JEAN and PEG S TOY and GIET SHOP 59 Bullmgs Road NORFOLK DOWNS Complsments ot THE REGENT THEATRE Compiumermts of SAN DY'S SODA SPA T46 EAST SQUANTUM STREET NORTH QUINCY I o ROBERT P. COYNE 394 HANCOCK STREET Compliments f Compliments of DAVID C USHER JR BAKER DRUG Reol Estote 59A BEALE ST WOLLASTON Tel GRAnlte 9085 LANE S DELlcATEssEN ond l.uNcH HAMILTON 5 MELODY SHOP Records Music Roduo ond Accessories 87 Beole Street WOLLASTON 68A BILLINGS RD NO QUINCY Compliments of NORFOLK WOODWORKING CO Buuldung Motenols HANCOCK ST NO QLJINCY SERVICE STATION GRA 8070 BEST WISHES CLASS OF 46 DR JOSEPH E MCDERMOTT Optometrust GIFTS I-Iollmork Greetung Cords Roseville Hoeger 81 Fenton Pottery Fromed Pictures and Prnnts Jewelry Gomes Noveltnes Toys ond Boby Gnfts STAN'S CARD 81 GIFT SHOP 60A BILLINGS ROAD NORFOLK DOWNS PREs1dent 7254 I O C y U H ' GLINDYS 285 . . Cornpluments of MONTCLAIR PHARMACY Inc SIDNEY C KALISH Reg Pharm 221 West Squantum Street QUINCY MASS GRA 974I 9745 RENAS GIFT 81 MUSIC SHOP 83 Newbury Avenue NORTH QUINCY PRE 2429 690 Hancock Street WOLLASTON TAILOR and FURRIER T KACHEL Taulornng and Rernodelung WOLLASTON MASS Compllments of ATLANTIC MARKET Atlantlc Street CAEARELLA S MARKET Newbury Avenue NORTH QUINCY Tel GRA 9390 QUINCY FURNITURE CO Complete Home Furnishers MAX LONDON Prop I604 I606 Hancock St Qunncy Diamonds Watches Rings VANCE E. BUKER Jewelry I356 HANCOCK STREET ADAMS BUILDING QUINCY Tel PREsndent 5533 RUSSELL FUNERAL HOME HAROLD A THURSTON owecfor Two Funeral Homes 644 HANCOCK STREET WOLLASTON MASS 2I FRANKLIN STREET SOUTH QUINCY MASS GRAn:te 7423 Service that Serves and Saves , . I I In the Latest Styles ' ' J E Wnltney W O McGrath GRA 3965 CIGSS Of 46 WHITNEY 84 McGRATH HARDWARE CO AOI HANCOCK ST NO QUINCY N N A CLUB Business Phone GRA 2969 General Contracting Free Estnmates Best Wuslwes to the Complnments ot IDEAL TA L R LEANER I O 8 C DOWN S PHARMACY INC AI6 Hancock St Norfolk Downs INGXI IO Grom Sl lNext to Grant'sI GRA 0759 Tel GRAnnte 4410 COWIDIIMSHTS Of CHARLES P MILLER Watcnmaker and Jeweler S H EDWARDS 6 plumbing at Heotmg lNext to corner of Maple Streetl Bradford Bunldnng Tel GRA 7373 CHESTNUT ST QUINCY Duly Appounted to Represent All the Alr Lvnes CARLSON TRAVEL SERVICE 8 DEPOT STREET QUINCY SQUARE GRA OO5I Best Wlshes to the Class of I946 REPRESENTATIVE ALFRED B KEITH ' , HANCOCK ST. 81 BILLINCS RD. TAMPA FRUI I CO Frurts and Produce 75 85 HANCOCK STREET NORTH QUINCY Tel GRAn1te 9569 Compluments of MEL'S SPA Delncotessen Grocernes Ice Creom Candy Tel GRA 9207 X r W f gf X Sporting Coods Athletlc Equnpment for Every Sport WESTLAND S SPORTS CENTER 1555 HANCOCK STREET QUINCY Compliments ot OUINCY MARKET I8 Chestnut Street QUINCY, MASS GRA 9000 1, ff 7' K ,Y Q 94,41 'V' , jf' X ' ff X-7, X fn, M71 I ' I "f a W fjgrzxt - f ff "HIE ff 'ff f A . I DELICATESS 259 JACK'S EN MART 61 63 BEALE STREET WOLLASTON DEWARE BROS The Cf AN Q76 HANCOCK STREET nys Largest Funero AME YOU CAN TR I Home and Chapel Non Secforlon UST CR II37 WOLLASTON x 3 PLE -5'0UlVDam1.5'llfN7 MOVIES USE OUR RENT A REEL S ERVICE Commercial Shows Children s Parties Any Tlme Anywhere VISUAL TEACHING A IDS Complete Pro ectlon Service Icnsrle Wim" sl AXE. 5 1 nzvene no MAY flwr 0253 .5'lI4MfYlWlllfl 0P.5' rtsamansnmh UNDERGRAD ?HElIL'e at KENNEDY S he gong The place nheri Isvnqrtesi QGIIIQIS IiIheI2IcxssroOYY1m cIomeS1n We know what campus m m domes you wo eve heard you CGESS W d W have I 1 Cks suns Icciigtsogids ilmlshmgss Ygull 'md Us 3 maxed Ld m our Ufldergr Wsrp cmY dc1Y OI me Week o KENNEDY S FAMOUS UNDERGRAD SHOP 44 J SQ I KENNEDY S A. " ' ' I J X ld . , IIEIIII A Q 'J ll n ' A ' " Ig' n - I J, 'fi n I 'I ' I TTS? meg SPQYI HOME MOVIE SUPPLIES ' , V' ' . gf Io M , . I ' Q17 ffl. 'f-1-H .. .. A -- C I " A L U , I f i!41'Uy"L'4"Q--11-n.5'i""'2'-""' If . I . , L2 Adi p ' - A L ' Q Sn GEORGE S MARKET Quality Meats v Gracerles IB4 Wet Squantum Street NORTH QUINCY Tel PREsuder1t 0745 Best Wrshes and Congratulatuans from FRAZER S MARKET HUCKINS AVE SQUANTUM Best Meats Gracernes ACE VACUUM CORP 1608 HANCOCK STREET app Sears Roebucks New Cleaners IMMEDIATE DELIVERY Repanr Servtce of All Makes NORTH 2 Best Wnshes from CHEERLEADERS 44 45 FIG H T N Q N Q Camphmemts at AARION TEXACO SERVICE H J AARION Manager 45 HANCOCK ST ATLANTIC Tel GRA 0933 SQUANTUM MARKET EAST SQUANTUM STREET Campluments ta the Class ot 46 FOY S MARKET II77 Hancock Street 60 Erankhrw Street OUINCY RRESICIGM I 234 69 . I , - I TRI-HI-Y - - . - 1- -3-4 MacFARLAND S HARDWARE 8. PAINT STORE Agents for Packard Paunt J MacFARLAND and SON 9 BROOK STREET WOLLASTON Telephone GRAnute 0041 Establlshed 1882 WALTERJ HANNON TIRE CO Vulcannznng Recappung New and Used Tires 488 HANCOCK STREET Complnments ot THE RIDDER FARM STORE WOLLASTON Cash for Your Car JAMESJ REGAN MOTOR SALES Dependable Used Cars 34 ANCOCK ST NO QUINCY Tel GRA 9372 ELDRIDGE CLEANERS and DYERS 20 22 BROOK STREET 255 BEALE STREET GRA 2430 HARRY S SHOES Shoes for the Entire Famuly Quincy Gentleman D P Chases W L Douglas Sportster by Sandler 40 BILLINGS ROAD The Beauty of Our Business Is Flowers QUINT s FLOWERS 1258 HANCOCK ST QUINCY SQ Specnal Attention to Corsages and Bouquets PREsldent 7620 IG s GRAn:te 0392 PREsldent 2054 PATTERSON S FLOWER SHGP ELSIE M PATTERSON Prop 1283 Hancock Street QUINCY Tel. GRAnite 2027 PRESider1f 2380 T l .1 ' - ' 0 H . . ESTRELLA S MARKET 91 NEWBURY AVENUE PARROT1' S Greetmg Cords Lendmg Lubrary Drugs Notions Toys Complete Lune of Stockmgs 154 E SQUANTUM ST MAY 2173 .IIMS VARIETY Open Evenungs by Apponntrnent THE BEAUTY KIT 152 East Squantum Street NORTH QUINCY MASS CYNTHIA LEE Cleansers and Launderers EAST SQUANTUM STREET ATLANTIC MASS RAY 8. EUNICE CRUTHERS Mgr MCLEAN MILLINERY Exclusive 1233 HANCOCK ST QUINCY GRA 3571 QUALHW'FUELS blue coal New England Coke Cltues Servlce Heating OI TRADE MARKED FOR YOUR PROTECTION QUINCY COAL and FUEL OIL Ca 1520 HANCOCK STREET Tel MAY 2345 HANCOCK PAINT 8. VARNISH INC S NORTH QUINCY BILLINGS PHARMACY INC 282 BILLINCS RD WOLLASTON MASS CRA 6160 - '7 F- 150 - - ' Family . . . . i Congratulatlons to the Class ot 46 THE WOLLASTON GREETING CARD SHOP I7 BEALE ST VVOLLASTON Iopposlte Wollaston Theatrel Complnments ot FREDERICK MYERS WOLLASTON Artistry In Flowers DERRINGER The Florlst .589 HANCOCK STREET NORTH QUINCY 7I MASS Phone PREsldent 0959 Flowers by Telegraph CARRIKER MOTOR CO DeSoto Plymouth Dlstrnbutor 66 70 WASHINGTON ST QUINCY Hnghest Prnces Paid for Good Used Cars Ports and Accessories Repairs and All Body Work plus Fender Work and Painting GRA 4730 Tuxedos to Rent READ and WHITE UMMER ST BOSTON JOHN NICKERSON Fresh Bakery Daily HUCKINS AVE SQUANTUM F A SIDELINGER 81 CO Insurance ot All Kinds PREsudent O768 CONGRATULATIONS to the CLASS ot 46 from the WOLLASTON YACHT CLUB R' A' III S , Druggisf IO CHESTNUT ST. QUINCY I.1ke In help an Exporter? A Cosmopolitan Job Foreign Trade Secretary The o ld ll be your e hb youll be ln constant to ch nth distant lands and foreign peoples You ull deal :th customs lmmlgratlon exports and imports A very lntere ting job but one hah requ es llz d tralnm women who pefe d p the p ofesslons b slness 2 year Fore gn Trade Medical Legal Rad Secr tarlal courses Also 2y ar Executive Secretarial 1 year Stenographlc and F n sh ng Secreta rlal Succe ful pla ement Dormltore Ill trated catalog tells h w seven typical Fsher grad ates found h ppy worth while careers Write today Q .......!l. II8 Beacon St eel BOSf0II T6 Mass Hslm SEHUUL 374 B d y Wlnier HIII 45 Mass A L TURNER THE FRUIT BASKET E S DENQEEQNNEEN We Arm to Please Hardware Telephone GRA II67 Fresh FILM Hardware Burlt for Hard Wear and Vegetables 60 BILLINGS ROAD Norfolk Downs QUINCY MASS SH ELDON W LEWIS School Supplles Paper Supplles Dennnson s Goods Glfts Noveltnes Statnonery 49 BEALE STREET MAY O6I9 Harry J Malnate, Reg Ph, Mgr PREsndent O426 NABORHOOD PHARMACY, INC 406 Hancock St Norfolk Downs Compllmenfs of FARRELL S VARIETY STORE MONTCLAIR Complrments of THE CARLTON DRUG SUNDRIES COMPANY Cornplnments of THE BARGAIN CENTER , rrrr 1 Q A135-A-T"'ff.L, H 4-W .-:fi fl Q " X e . I X XM l I . A A w r wi n lg or . . . ' . : ' u w' ' ' ' . w' w' , A ' ' s ' . . . w i If specia' e ' ' gl Fisher offers thorough training to young L I want r rre ositions in . 17 r ' or u ' . - ' i 3 ' 'T . ' . , .iv -Q j . - e , - ' i I i - , l . ss c . ' is. us 0 ' -. i u a , - ' -A r , , . rea wa , ' ' , , ll ' ll . 471 HANCOCK ST. NO. QUINCY I , . 4 I SIROIS STUDIO OF SPEECH FRANK CONWAY'S SHELL STATION Sociol - Business - Professional Speech Improvement 315 Honcock Street North Quincy EVENING SESSION . Write or Phone for Descriptive Booklet Compliments of 61 SCHOOL ST QUINCY PRES dent 9161 A FRIEND Compl ments of CompIIments ot THE SLATE COMPANY THE 1946 SENIOR STUDENT COUNCIL QUMY MASS SWIFT ond BACHMAN, INC RUSSELL SWIFT JR ELLIS BACI-IMAN CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH Soles Serv ce 310 WASHINGTON STREET QUINCY GRAnIte 5400 C-osoIIne Lubrccmon Batter es T es ond Tubes 322 HANCOCK ST cor E SQUANTUM ST GRAnIte 9591 Socony-Vocuum Super Service Stotion

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