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The Class of 1945 nf ,x'o1z'r11 Ol lxcjx' Illf II scjuool- P "se X . . . A N E T Dr. G05Sd1'd,S M essage It is a pleasure to have this oppor- tunity to greet you through your class Year Book. As the 1945 Manet takes its place among your valued possessions, may it bring back happy memories of your high school days. Although my association with you has not been long, the memory of your friendliness from the start is something that I shall always treas- ure. In this war year the book has add- ed meaning: it will be one means of helping to unite in thought those of you who will soon be in your coun- try's service with those whose task is waiting and working here at home. It is my sincerest hope for you that life may be very good to you. I dare not expect that it will always be easy, but I do trust that you may meet worthily whatever the years may bring to you. May your minds, your understanding of human prob- lems, and your services to mankind continue to enlarge so that each suc- ceeding year is better and richer than the one before! Sincerely your friend, , 41, s, ,, Dedication This year the Senior Class dedicates "The Manet" to the new Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Paul Gossard, whose genial personality radiates confidence and charm, and whose progres- sive leadership inspires both pu- pils and teachers to higher stand- ards and greater attainments. Tribute ln that eventful year ln which the japanese attacked Pearl Harbor we were only freshmen entering upon all the thrllls and mysterxes of hngh school lnfe A declaratxon of war didnt really mean much to us then we were too young realize the great toll war has taken Teachers and classmates alxke have left us ln the defense of our country To these courageous heroes from North Qumcy Hxgh School we the semor class of 1949 pay deepest tribute 7 Y 7 , 3 , g Now, however, as seniors, we look around us and , . . , , . .9 . IB UTE FRANK E. MACDONALD, Assistant Principal Faculty DEPARTMENT HEADS Mathematics English Frank E. MacDonald Frank Smoyer Commercial Counseling Melvin Jack Social Studies Hermon Noyes Agnes Berry Selina Bradley Ruth Carmichael Helen Carroll Myra Colby Louise Connick John Connors Ethel Crockett Marjorie Currier Ralph D'Entremont John Donahue Ellen Fagerlund Ruth Ferguson Louise Fifield Beatrice Fitts Margaret Flavin Anna Ford Harold Forest Eleanor Gallaher Alma Glidden Helen Gooch Lillian Gormley Marion Gurney Katherine Horrigan Graton Howland Edith Howlett Helen Hunt Olive Hunt Lylian Koski Ruth Leavitt Katherine McCoy Ruth Meisner Caroline Welch Helen Melanson Minerva Nickerson Dora Palmer Grace Parker Marie Poland Mable Pratt Eleanor Reddy Grace Reilly Marion Reinhardt Laroy Rogers Elizabeth Savage Wilma Schields Elizabeth Sherman Roy Sinclair Mabel Smith Julius Sylvia Sara Tolchinsky Eileen Tufts Margaret Turner Louise Vock Charles Walkden John Walsh Lottie Warren Walter Warriner Roberta Webstersm ith Anne Wehter Warren Westhaver Marjorie White Leta Whitney lria Wiitancn John Young Marie Youngcrman Mr. Collins' Message Though many books in your library will pass into oblivion, your MANET will increase in interest and value as it recedes into the past. The title itself is meaningless without the asso- ciations it connotes. These as- sociations will become memories as the years pass, memories of six years rich with experience. Your athletic triumphs, your classroom trials, your social joys, all can be conjured into reality again as you turn the pages of THE MANET in the years to come. To the editors and contribu- tors responsihle for this MANET. artistic in format, distinguished in word and picture, you are greatly indebted for a permanent record of your years at North. ff? Prim iful F01 eword It was a sage phllosopher who once observed that ones hngh school days are the best days of hns lnfe Between the eoxers of thus book are presented mem ones and remmxscenees of those happs days May the thrxll of is you peruse this book nn liter xears QLAIRF luo 1P ox 1- these memories be reawakened 1 ' ' ' ' I ' I 2 -- ' . 2- . 5 Tztle Page Dedzcatzofz Faculq T1 zbute Actzc ztzex Atlaletzcs Senior s CCDNTENTS o 4 4 4 I a 4 n a o y . . 4 , , I ACTIV IT I E S Y i Q I 1 1 Student Council The Student Council, perhaps the most active service organization at North, symbolizes one of the basic American ideals-self-government. The Council, consisting of twenty-one senior high stu- dents, acts upon ideas and suggestions submitted by the student body. Among the activities spon- sored this year were several entertaining and in- structive assemblies, the issuing of handbooks to new students, supervision of the yearly elections, and a highly successful record hop. Also a com- mittee of six council members worked with Mr. MacDonald to improve cafeteria conditions. Ac- tivities to further the war effort included promot- ing the sale of war stamps, conducting scrap paper drives, and stimulating contributions for the Red Cross. The 1944-45 officers are Robert Seller, presi- dent: Jilda Bernardi. vice-president: Allan Tate, treasurers: and Patricia Tesson, secretary. Mr. Her- mon Noyes is the faculty adviser to this group. Everyone knows the duties of the Library Staff. Theirs is the never-ending job of putting in the right place the books that are misplaced by seventh graders Cwho don't know any better! and by other students fwho do know betterl. They also make out the library permits. That North could not do without a library is evident from the many students who crowd it during their study periods, and from the large circulation of books. Many teachers give assignments from books that can be found in the library. English students at a loss for a book report choice are reasonably sure of the teacher's approval of almost any book in the library. Of course, it is not all work for the staff mem- bers. Every year there is a Christmas party and a Mothers' Tea. For the past two years there have been lawn parties at the end of the year. The Mothers' Tea is almost a traditional event and is looked forward to all year by the members. The members of this staH get a lot of pleasure out of these get-togethers. The Library Staff Traffic Squad To be a member of the Traffic Squad, a person must be steadfast and courageous. To illustrate this point, we will take a look at a typical scene in the everyday life of a member. Our hero or heroine Cas the case may bel leaves class two minutes early to reach his appointed po- sition. This strategic position the officer is bound to defend. He stands there waiting for the bell to ring. It does. There is a moment of silence-the calm before the storm. Then, from every conceiv- able point, the mad rush of pupils to the next class begins. Runners to the right of him, runners to the left of him. runners all around him but our hero stands Firm and guides the horde into the proper channels. Finally the rush ceases. All is quiet. If he has been successful, the officer will find himself still in his appointed position. If not, he is likely to find himself six rooms away, in a horizontal position. At the end of the rush, our gallant friend looks around and picks up the mangled corpses of those unfortunates who did not quite make the c1ass-to- class dash. Then he realizes he has but five seconds to make his own class. He dashes madly, for our hero is also adept as a marathoner. When class has been reached, he falls panting and exhausted into his seat-safe until the next time. You may have gathered that this is a rather exaggerated account. The traffic officer is proud to have been chosen to serve his school. This year we had one of our best squads. We hope that next year's squad will be equally as fine. The fact that North's teachers are able to find time to participate in extra curricula activities and advise students about their work, is no coincidence. The reason that the teachers have this extra time is that a group of girls in the Commercial Course, chosen from grades eleven and twelve by Miss Gormley, help the teachers by acting as their secre- taries. This group is known as the Secretarial Staff. The purpose of this very important staff is to relieve the teachers of any commercial work which such a student can do. For example, the girls do typing, mimeographing, and filing. This relieves the teach- ers of much mechanical work and leaves them free for more important tasks. The girls, too, profit by the experience. They gain actual practice for the jobs for which they have been trained. The staff, all agree, is one of the most essential school organ- izations. Student Secretarial Staff Xl' ' 1 l l A Y V , Band The band is such a familiar part of the school that it is taken too much for granted. If there were no band to play at the football games, assemblies. and concerts, how well we would come to appreci- ate it. North has always had an outstanding band. and this year's has been no exception. Under the direction of Mrs. Whitney the band was organized and scheduled its performances at the beginning of the year. Inspired by the music of our school song the football team achieved a remarkable victory over our arch enemy, Quincy High. This is only one of the unrepayable debts the student body owes to the band. This year Roy Bruce was president: Jack Gers- tel, vice-president: Ruth Kilpatritk, secretary: Rob- ert Newton. treasurer: and Chandler Cushman. manager. i This year, the Glee Club has "changed man- agement," so to speak, It is now under the direction of Mrs. Whitney since Miss Chirstman left last year. This year has certainly been a successful one. The Christmas play put on was like nothing ever attempted by the school Glee Club. The colorful, rich costumes and lovely tableaux with a musical background of soft voices made a lasting impression on the whole school. If good Glee Clubs are made by good performances, then surely North's Glee Club is one of the best. Besides their perform- ances, moreover, the Glee Club members have en- ioyed just meeting every week and singing. The Glee Club Tri Hi Y The Tri Hi Y club is one of the most active or- ganizations at North. The group consists of senior and junior girls who are elected to the organization by the other members in the club. With such out- standing events as initiation, joint meetings with the Hi Y clubs from Quincy High and North, par- ents' night and a sleigh ride, the club has enjoyed a most successful year. At first, the weekly meetings were held alter- nately at school and at the Quincy Y. M. C. A., but later they were transferred to the newly-opened Youth Canteen. Business meetings were held at school, while the meetings at the "Y" and Canteen usually included recreation such as ping pong and movies. The members of the club helped to pro- vide furniture. two ping pong tables and a juke box for the Canteen. The officers: Millicent Entwistle, president: Barbara Smith, vice-president: Anne Carmichael. secretary: Susan Black, treasurer, were ably assist- ed by Mr. James Hardy and Miss Catherine McCoy. the club advisers. If you wear trousers, you can't belong to Tri Hi Y, but you can be a member of Hi Y and enjoy the same grand times with Mr. Hardy. Many ac- tivities are enjoyed during each year including in- formal get-togethers at the Canteen and joint meet- ings with other Hi Y and Tri Hi Y clubs. The objective of this group is to provide an evening of fun every other week and because after-class relations are so helpful in making new friends, the purpose is truly worth while. Although the club was late in being organized this year, many varied activities including a sports talk by Danny Alvino and informal meetings with Armed Forces personnel were planned for the remainder of the school calendar. Ping pong tournaments, friendly chats, a sleigh ride, a splash party and movies are a few of the activities already enjoyed. The club, consisting of more than thirty boys, elected the following officers: Charles Leveroni, president, Russ Tibbetts, vice-president, Danny Phipps, secretary, and William C. McLaughlin, treasurer. HiY Social Studies Laboratory Staff A group of carefully selected students com- poses the Social Studies Laboratory Staff. These members are dependable, conscientious, and helpful to those who come to Room 301 in search of Social Science information. Miss Pratt and Mr. Noyes are in charge, but the entire responsibility during school hours is taken by the students on the staff. The duties in- clude checking books in and out, recording circu- lation, and caring for the books in general. Offi- cers are Betty Eckl, presidentg Eleanor Hatherly, vice-president: and Patty-Bo Harvie, secretary- treasurer. The members of the Social Studies Laboratory Staff turned social and entertained their mothers at a Christmas Party in December. Coffee and cake were served on candlelit tables, and colored travel movies were shown. In the Spring a picnic was held, an annual occasion, which is always en- joyed by the members. Our very successful prom this year was due to the work of a small but untiring group of seniors. They comprised the Prom Committee and were re- sponsible for taking care of decorations, securing an orchestra and carrying out the hundreds of de- tails that must be attended to in order to make a prom successful. These members were chosen from a list of all the seniors, obtained from the various homerooms. Each of the class officers was asked to check the names of the pupils he thought would be best fit- ted for the committee. The people getting the most checks were selected. The senor class extends its hearty thanks to the following seniors who, through their untiring ef- forts, provided a wonderful evening for all. Chairman of Decorations- MILLICENT ENTWISTLE PRISCILLA ADAMS ALEX MARTIN JEANNE MESKILL PAUL MORRISSEY SUSAN BLACK SYBIL BURNS ANNE CARMICHAEL FRANCES NOONAN DANIEL PHIPPS PATRICK CLUETT GEORGE DOHERTY BARBARA PICKLES GEORGE FALLOWS ROBERT PLUMB BARBARA RICH BARBARA SMITH JUNE TRECO JENNIE WATT ROBERT WHITELAW JUDITH HANSON PAUL JENNINGS JEAN LEARY ROBERT MAHN JANICE MARR Prom Committee Ncwswriters' Club Although the Newswriters' Club was in opera- tion last year, recognition was not given in the Manet. This year, again under the friendly and helpful guidance of Miss Palmer, we have en- deavored to rebuild in the eyes of the public, a firm, enviable reputation for North and to acquaint fel- low students with the numerous extra-curricula ac- tivities in the school. Each of our more than thirty reporters has written articles under titles ranging from "Sideline Passes" to 'The Late Christopher Bean." Interesting articles written by the student body also were welcomed for publication. To further familiarize students with our activi- ties, we conducted our intensive publicity cam- paign with our members posting, in all senior high homerooms, each News from North column as it appeared through the courtesy of the Quincy Pa- triot Ledger. In addition to our own columns, other articles of interest to North students were posted on our new bulletin board on the third fioor. For our officers, we elected Bob Mahn, editor: Mildred Poch, assistant editorg and Jean Leary, publicity manager. ' c a ixv lirggoof . . . , 1 2 If i fi , 1 . 4. , , i . 5 1 5. l V f , Q , , . g 1' f , Q . . Q X , 5 . . , Q G Z A i' f' -4 f.. -. , 4 2. The Bowling Club has been a long and out- standing favorite of many students at North since 1934. Each year everyone anxiously awaits the opening day of the season, and this year proved to be no exception. Early in October students assem- bled in Room 106 to sign up, and at that time the club's able sponsor, Mr. Sylvia, informed the group that meetings would be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the Norfolk Bowling Alleys. Mem- bership includes students from grades seven through twelve who are interested. Approximately seventy members enjoyed sociable afternoons par- ticipating in this active, healthful sport during the past year. The usual custom of annual summer out- ings to Nantasket had to be abandoned for the du- ration of the war. Bowling Club 'ivxslkw ,ff ,- . . Y, El Club Caballero f.'22, ggi., . . , ...,.- ,, ,,... i, . 4.3 ws.. we-,nn -- f-'4 1 - ' AZ. EVA! .. V4 .f f Y 42 3 V: ' 5 5 A ' 1 Q Under the sponsorship of Senor Juan Guillermo Walsh the Club Caballero, the first Latin American club in North's history, was born this year. Its two-fold purpose is to inspire greater inter- est in Latin American culture and languages and thus to develop better understanding of the Pan American nations. Membership is limited exclusively to students of the Spanish language who are passing the sub- ject with a grade of HC" or better, and who are genuinely interested in things Latin American. The activities of the club have included the in- itiation of a new type of dance called the Fiesta. The Fiesta features, in addition to dancing, the ut- most amount of Spanish atmosphere possible in- cluding Latin American music, bull fights, exotic color, and exciting costumes. Other activities have consisted of frequent meetings, dinner parties, lectures, movies. and dis- cussions. Many of the members are actively in- terested in Spanish commercial correspondence, Latin American periodicals, South American art, popular music, and politics. The officers for this year have been the follow- ing: President-F. FORREST POWERS Secretary-SHIRLEY MARSH Treasurer-WILLIAM C. McLAUGHLIN Members of La Junta flixecutive Boardh CLAIRE THOMPSON WILLIAM THOMAS JANET PERRY ROBERT CHASE 3 l Many of the girls find enjoyment after school in participating in Girls' Sports. Since little pub- licity is given these activities, all who participate do so chiefly for the recreation. Many have a great deal of talent. Doubtless North would be extreme- ly proud of their girls if there were competition with other schools. The increasingly popular game of ping-pong draws a crowd on two afternoons a week all through the year. Under the instruction of Miss McCoy many experts are trained. In spite of the cold weather, the girls are able to splash and swim at the Quincy Y. M. C. A. A number of the girls Gnd pleasure in playing badminton in the Gym during the winter, and out- doors when Spring weather arrives. For those who are extremely active there is basketball. Some of the girls have much ability and would be a considerable threat to the boys' team. Another game for the more enthusiastic girls is softball. It is scheduled bi-weekly during the Spring with Miss McCoy as umpire. The Bowling Club is a popular organization which enjoys the honor of the largest membership in the school. Bowling is scheduled for Tuesdays and Thursdays under the supervision of Mr. Sylvia. North is indeed lucky to have so excellent and extensive an extra-curricula athletic program for its girls. . Z.- -g Girls' Sports '1 04...-.frm -Q--' Manet Staff The success of this year's Manet is due to the untiring efforts of a group of students who, under the directions and with the aid of Miss Schields, worked unceasingly to make it better than any other yearbook ever presented at North. A number of college preparatory pupils, with Russell Tibbetts as editor, comprised the editorial staff, which was responsible for the quotations and activity write- ups. Cooperating with this group were other staffs. The commercial staff under the direction of Mar- jcrie Horton, the art staff under the direction of Christine Young. and the advertising staff under the direction of Charles Leveroni were all indis- pensable. By beginning early in the year to collect ideas and material, the combined staffs have prepared a richer and better yearbook to present to this year's senior class. I-JU' I I W, The Junior Class, with Robert Gallagher as president, Ruth Kilpatrick as vice-president, Ron- ald Lynds as treasurer, and Marilyn Shute as sec- retary, has had a very prosperous year. This was achieved only with the help and co-operation of our class adviser, Miss Fagerlund, and with the support of our class. In March the 'tJunior Serenade" was put on with music by the "Stardusters." Dancing was en- joyed, and refreshments were sold by Audrey Wright and Joan Meade. Boxes of chocolates were awarded to Barbara Rich and Peter Creedon, who won the Elimination Dance. Shirley Marsh and Leonard Soule were the winners of the Spot Dance. Next year we hope to attain the same high level that this year's Senior Class has reached. 3 The unior Class r 5,- rv-if aw...- 5 G1rls Club zz xwwsmu As ID the past the Glrls Club thls xear has had 1ts share of serlous buslness and good tlmes Under the guldance of Mxss Crockett vxho sponsors the Club and the capable leadershlp of Prxscllla Adams presldent Doro hx Barak xlce presldent Corrmne McG1ll1cuddy treasurer and MarJor1e Moore secretarx the club has en tox ed a xery successful xear Attcr the usual breezx bacon bat at Squantum and an ex enlng meetlng of the Ex ecutlxe Board the club got doxxn to xvork by lfltlllflg Mrs Savxlle to come dovxn to North to tell the needs of the Red Cross The Chrlstmas collectnon was devoted en Welfare Besldes th1S the g1rls sent Thanksglvlng glfts to the Hospltal of the Good Samarltan Manx hours haxe been spent ln brmgtng up to date the Serxlcemen s file Chrlst mas cards xx ere sent the boxs and txxo nexx sx letters haxe been mauled to them Sex eral speakers came to North to speak to the gxrls about clothes and personall tx and as usual thelr adx 1ce xx as heeded The Club xx as also responslble for the suc cessful Red Cross show put on IU Max Desplte the drastlc cut ln man povxer ex erx bodx had a good tlme at the Glrls Club seml formal dance A pleasant afternoon was spent xx 1th the GIYIS Club at QUIDCX Hugh as the guests of the Club at North Although the glrls xx ere d1x lded mto certaln commxttees each xx1th a defimte purpose all xxorked together to make the Glrls Club the best North has ex er had 1 , W.. l ' 7 tirelx' to the Red Cross. while the Tharksgivingonc xvent to the needs of the Family -ww Cubic Contents fIimxberF 'film 4 4 69 'jodmjg fgpif, 35- u 'Preparing for the draft ff n 5 Jin. LF' . ff- ,514 V v'1- T :gd IK. ? ' HUC' 'Vmmd f ouum 1 H 'H it the !lx1H,!lOf qour thzunb fi . f nw ,Q 25.4 if Q-5' fs 4,AV ,aj if rr, 4 gi -9' A F Duq equi. I ATHL .Q E T I C S V 4 Football Facmg what Coach jack Donahue termed the toughest schedule ever tackled by a Ralder team our North eleven daunt lessly finlshed the season wlth a nearly per fect slate Llmmng the opponents score to 52 the Randers meanwh1le waltzed over the goal lme stripe for a record breakmg total of 141 potnts The seasons clnmax a testx momal banquet january eleventh ltkewlse was very successful At the alfanr whnch was sponsored by sports mmded cmzens, deservxng squad members were presented members who had prevnously been chosen for berths on the All South Shore dream team were recnpnents also of football charms gnven by the Qumcy Patrlot Ledger The trlo consisted of watch charm guard Bob DesRoches flashy tackle Dean Eastman and Scotty Whntelaw dazzlmg quarterback junior Tom Fttzgerald center on last seasons mythncal dream team enllsted ln the Navy gxvmg Coach Donahue hrs flrst setback Causmg stxll greater concern was the injury jmx which m the htst game alone put two ends on the sldelmes for the rest of the season Nonetheless Coach Dona hue and hr charges came through wnth a prlze wmmng comblnatlon sparked by re turmng first string veterans Dunlop Whxtelaw and Martm At the center slot m spxte of numerous mjurnes Hank Fxsher contmually played a hard game Bob DesRoches and Pat Cluett teamed up at the guard posltlons Bob Gal lagher who too had more than his share guard Bob Seller whose strength on the defenslve was a stght to behold might easnly be consndered a thxrd first team lmeman Alex Martm and husky Dean Eastman held down the tackle posts wxth ends jxm O Con nell and pass snatchmg Paul Clem complet mg the forward wall Moulding hns backfleld around the re turmng veterans Capt Danny Dunlop 'Scotty Whxtelaw jumor Dave Burke and Gene Renlly Coach Donahue had at hns command a speedy backfield possessxng i . . . , . - . z , 1 Y ' . u , . 2 , . . ,n 1 , . , . I , s 1 11 1 ' 1 gold footballs and sweaters. Three team of the mlm-y lmx, was a thu-d first-str-mg .1 1 , 1 1 ' ' 9 ' ' Y! 71 . ' ' 1 y ' 9 ' l ' QQ D! ' ' ' , . . , 1 . , Q s 1 . . - 1 u , 1 1 1 Q. , , 1 1 , 1 1. 11 , 9 9 FOOTBALL-continued brains and co-ordination as well as passing and kicking ability. Big Bill Walsh played in so many encounters that he warrants the title of a first-string back. Now to the schedule. The lid opener saw a hard-fighting North eleven victorious over an entertaining Framingham aggrega- tion, 12-0. Continuing in a similar manner the Raiders downed a stubborn visiting Milton team 15-0, but in the next engage- ment with a strong Dedham eleven, the Raiders were on the losing end of a 20-0 count. The following encounter played at Weymouth again saw North nosed out by the very close margin of 6-0. Bouncing back into the win column the Raiders trampled over Hingham 27-0. Then came the memo- rable clash with Norwood. Here the Raiders put on their best performance of the season, and when the curtain dropped at the Stadium, the scoreboards read North 47, Norwood 0. Last year's class C champs, currently on a 20-game win streak, were next on the slate. In a close hard fought contest, Abington was nosed out 13-12, thus ending its enviable record. Enthusiasm ran high, for now the Raiders were tops on the South Shore. The next Saturday a visiting Plymouth eleven met defeat 21-14. The last game of the season on Turkey Day with our arch rival Quincy was now at hand. This was the rubber game, each school having previously won four times with three ties. The game was close and hard fought throughout. North, starting from its own thirty-five yard line, without giving up the ball, went the distance, Whitelaw going over for a touchdown from the five-yard line. The try for the point missed, but it was not needed, for the game ended a short time later, and once again North became city champs for another year. Much credit for the successful season should also be given Asst. Coach "Cap" Bryan and his J. V. squad, senior manager Leo Kelly, the waterboys, and, last but not least, the really best cheerleaders North has ever had. The Basketball Team Under the able dnrectnon of Coach james Le Cam North Qumcys basketball team recelved an mvrtatton to the Tech Tournament for the second straight year Veterans of the 44 squad were Paul Clem and Bob DesRoches whnle G11 Melanson Danny Dunlop Paul Morrlssey and Chan dler Cushman comprnsed the rest of the 45 team Playmg a fourteen game schedule the Red Ralders finxshed wnth ten wms and four losse to thenr crednt North won one and lost one to both Brockton and Bram tree whlle Qumcy escaped wlth two close wms Double vnctorxes were scored over Weymouth Quxncy Trade and Hmgham both Plymouth and Thayer were defeated by Norths flashy hoopmen At the Tech Tourney the team fought IIS way xnto the sem: finals by beating un beatable Newton Then m a really thrlllmg game North lost to Somervllle 36 to 34 The basketball squad of 45 left an outstandnng record whnch future teams will find hard to equal l joey Creedon, jack White, Scotty Whitelaw X. :.,,, 1 ., W0 ,, .A , , V WW. 1, "Q -f 'Z-7'2'ff'f , ffm ' ' ., 243, W f . X, Z, 'ff 14 fr , ,, wwgm 4 'ff 44, f,f.,1 . 1 A, rf n gV4 "4-, If fi 'gm , - ,fa A ix 4 ' f sf I W ' ,X , ,, W , 27" , V 7 4, ' x E 4 2 2 nw 5 5 Zi, f ' ' ,aff ,HJ 3,3 ., ly, Mi ,... X k 8' A 4 1 , OA V J 2 , 5, ,g I f , X 1 5, g af" if i K si .v s QTEK! iff' ff N ,W , w Q ,Z ray rous ,1 '0E' i I Nf- fn J . 2 .L 3, nu 1 3: ., , Lx ,Q A ht A ., 'Af 1 ,ff r ' 555 ,ff Iffrfwf wif s In er srl if , A f' .,,,,',i ,.. ., ,... L 'I S ' lieu! fifliflvrs gwzff f 3: 5?WSffs g?aiQf ffsslzirfvl I:FfHl4 5 flqffgsf Ei! Q f1'f55 11lU!7lH!H ,, V1 Q' f .. "L ff 1-Q. .1-fm 1-"gg ' ' ' -x'+-if '... 2' -'O H :-chef' , H, .qirziff 1 'f M! L-565221 SMH I ll ..-'ef' ,AV .Q -1, RHI uv ww- 1.15" l'111EI "' 1 'inlifl 14 X ui H mf 0 zu rxulr- ' F ran v-ful 1!H'1 in uw mon nhl H18 I-r mm mn N'-vw lhmtllc- Ailark , ..,. ,zmno tif. perfllzn mn of Ia' 5' Hawlcffs, wha will ex. ic be .1-fdiffxx. Truv. P2111 Ifivm nav igx sc-Az:-lr with J U :layed a mfr' Boot game V ,' fp ,,,,, ,, .11 . mf -s',rm..:-,fl v-Q". --. .NA Hula WAS K 'wb N--c was r-'.x.13' me rhagzxlfhwnt vrnrk and N-:np .ff eve-ry Suri lun paid --U in blue ' MRM- '13-Arm J 1-'B Lu--dun and ' 'rm Aho all pilvhrfd an Mi - may mxhihxxiozxs Xmu .uv aunaiieu an usdzrdug ,.v x-un-iu'L onlxew- A ze u - U. fm' me :wcund :ml 4 3. M UL xv., um.-d up Twvxugfa 1 I1 M-an-xt, Eddie Rum .ul I"-.Ji , 1 v'xrP fx' 15,- CRTC Braintree, Lea ll 1- ht' K.. 1,1- :mn by 2 Hrgl' ll KN' H Rl --lbxvx Ruth' li! 1'-egff Nui' XI JL- -x.. 1:.l.....1 ::.,,1. .--vw: w1.m..u., xxlhmfnp High liliv-Flux frcavulll, Rrfnnxrre High IG-Dkk Sfmt, Rnvkland High 0 A' 2 X ... , .,A,, ng Mui. rw 's 'VG X 1 x. QI: , . 'li-g3i"Pf?"-, k-.eras iw, 1' '. nw-A 5Qh' vw' m V24 tv- , , - '-4 q i Hx- D- 2' vt' -:ai .-v.v--,w.u1:, 11 Env' ma' .frm-IZ, - , A ' . K K 1 lr ,A l . ,Ur nr, ,I-,.g,, Ak: rm n !':t '? 11, - 'ur I--e,,3. "" i f1.v .' 1-A.. ' "az-qwyun , 5 1, x ' wx: ' 'g . 'eq' '- .,,,H,1-. Q.. HJ L' .1 ,Uv ,. wx pw I A I 41- 3:-'u X A .. ,I ,, - f nf X WM AA .:v"'-2 I 1.55 1 -- f f I if Q . ' if y--1 ..--.-1 lx, l. - . 4 f-,136 ,Jn-ASV 1 ,Z , S' ix Us Nara GJ"'cf',y, 1 :cv 2.1. ,A HU' ' 4 wwe. w AYHIDO u up ul s poi a Q iii 4? f 2 5 gmac' 5 as -Sisaraqiif 5 MV? QillIHi'i!f 'H' in 'Q HX 0 'f 'H UNI! 1 5 7:1 L-Y 1 Vi. I I , . 41, V, ' 'K K Q , WY "AY " 1 'm'M"W"""""""A"""""""" ",'?'1f gyiw- fggg 341 ifwfgg " ff I ' Q ' , ,f , 12271311 , If ' ' f E04 iw' . I if' it -V, -.if if fr j uns' , , gfiif' 'I 'f mrs VH X ' Y . J..-fg M ef x lm: ,.- ""fU' 'HHH4H'x E6-Wg-A, wif. H. igviiifsz 1 x n f- x .n 7, in gs -gf. 21+ -gs i I' fgs 1 uincy Win at G K 'QA ' f f,:,yr Wh.. nu- Wah . Lyhmn n , Thin. r nm hanpvn lure, ww, fn win iv. wouid nah 'in rn Ibn nm' ' rf, vxpm, 1,12 hard way and N-:fr:h'A 'har-X an 'Y-' . 'rug .M 'A-mg VM N -x matrer ral' lusmry. 'YW ' rv 2-T.-r: f v . N headw- Wvh v-very Raider llvnirm '?1-- '-' Sv.-zu-lrv He- mi any .wrv rm:-"if -,. -:uctighl vb-' z, 42? m N 34.,1kf1, 1,-hh' svmqrnnr uppnnvms Same-r . n- ' zz. - ft wmv was fr-rf.-41 M- -my. 1'xi:1',-lv. -,,., U., x,,1-yy, xhrmzuh flew- fm.: rmnza :svd mb- M, .. , w- nr- -md -1 -1 affwk Paw' ww, rm- I'ro'1ini!a-1 had ,'- v -' 'i"z::- I- ,ww he-, so yin- lhenxu-was 14 ynrzch -Jr raw '- , fo are if urn lmlr- !.1n.1 or K.-:fm Y A 'ff 'H' 1' 'ff f1--r- if rm-gr 'fic-ke! Scramble .Il , KM- ,rm .f...n 4, frm. :dvr an Venn'-r Q ' A luxury Rvsernhles 3 WMM.: if mm Gold Rush ol '89 A --f: f an mf- 1 Bu Af H 'i' ar" Tm, dug- 1-vi-frv Quincy and Nlflh chppvd 'rn lhu Rnsmyg hurxlrll demr. n-p lun Hui!! IFJ!! fifhwts hm! 2-A-rn -r-M In Vhn ' 'hp ,mf +14 w., 1-' l'. WM ms. v 1 1 nm "?"'l1 Y, mv ' Q f V Inna. -nf ' .,, nh '-4 1 V' w!'N7A' 4 -. , 1: fx 1' ' ' VW' ' v " 0 i t.,4 xg- Vg rs . mm- W. ',. 'Q Q F N1 Xywhxk r -3 MQ lr YN N rw '3':l'fg'M I ' ur Cheerleaders Give a cheer! Give a cheer! For the ten who led this year The cheering at North Quincy High! They are hep! They have pep! And we gladly fall in step As they tell us that vict'ry is nigh. For it's rah! rah! rah! rah! for Barbara, Sybil, Dolly- Eddie. June and Joan, and Buddy, too. Three more cheers for Peggy, Pat, and Audrey Cheerleaders in North's own "Who's Who" CO-HEADS: BARBARA RICH and SYBIL BURNS "DOLLY" WATT "BUDDY" MOREAU "EDDIE" ELDRIDGE "PEGGY" KEITH JUNE TRECO "PAT" CASEY JOAN MEADE AUDREY WRIGHT Baseball 1945 When sprung rolled around this year Coach Hal Forest greeted several veterans and a large number of new candndates Among these lettermen are Dave Burke capable shortstop Dnck Donovan hard hnt tmg thnrd sacker and joey Creedon speedy center gardener Last year s entxre pltchmg staff xncludmg Bill Walsh Bob Murphy Bob Plumb and Larry Barry IS also return mg lntact and wlth the addltxon of Paul Clem should not be found lackmg m expe rnence Other boys who saw considerable actnon last year and who are expected to full vacated berths are Hank Flsher relnable backstop Sklp jones versatile mfnelder outfielder Dan Dunlop popular all around athlete and Dick Wheeler smooth workmg second baseman Thxs maternal coupled with the returmng veterans should gxve Coach Foresft a sound nucleus around which to mold a good team Many newcomers are trying out for the team and will keep the vets on thenr toes to hold down thenr posmons Among these are Pete Cahnll and Bob Gallagher who wxll contend for the catching dutxes whxle Jed Donovan and Dnck Kenny wxll battle for are jack Whlte Don Pratt Bob Doherty and Bruce Llndbom Pratt former Legnon player whose addmon to the team strengthens the Rarders outergarden IS also expected to come through wlth more than his share of base hxts A successful season ns hoped for ID order to round out a very good athletrc year at North l -- . . , . if ,I , A 4 9 9 ' ' , , , 3 v . ' . ' ' - ' cz nv 9 9 1 , , 9 ' . - - - - - first base honors. Others who show promise , Q ' ' - 9 9 7 . . , 9 U 9 . . . , ll ,U ' ' , y ' ' , 9 9 9 ' 5 ' 9 9 ' . . , , . Class History Prom Class Play C 6115113 Class Will Baby Pictures Camlids Seniors President- ALEX MARTIN Vice-President- IUDITH HANSEN Secretary- BARBARA RICH Treasurer- ROBERT WHITELAW MARILLA ADAMS 10 Newhall Street Tu ms and care: dear Come nn pairs dear Swnmmmg 23 Glrls Club 5 Basketball 2 3 Secretar1alStaH 3 Bowlmg l Llbrary Staff l PRISCILLA ADAMS I0 Newhall Street crealure nol loo bright or good For human natures duly food Library Staff l Swlmmmg 23 Basketball 2 5 Prom Commlttee 3 Pres Glrls Club 3 Student Secre tanal Staff 5 BARBARA ALEXANDER 32 Appleton Street The heavens such grace drd lend her That :he might admired be Glrls Club 3 Secretanal Stal! 3 EBEN ALLEN 97 Salford Street "Nothing ix rarer lban real go odnexx. " Football, l,2.3g Tralfic Squad, 3. and PATRICIA ALLEN 55 Russell Street Her :ery lrou nx are lnxrer lar Than :miles from other maidens GTE lrls Club 3 Glee Club 2 HELEN ATKINSON 80 Farr: ngton Street She may look qmel but look agaxn Gxrls Club 3 Secretarnal St "f PATRICIA AYERS 62 Botolph Street Common .tense u not a common thang Girls Club 5 TYIHIY 5 Honor Ro I DOROTHY BANCK -60 South Bayfield Road "Laughter and common xente, a rare combination." LAWRENCE BARRY 45 Cushing Street Worth makes Ibe lellou uant of zl the man Baseball 2 3 FRANK BARTLETT 85 Sharon Road If thou lobes! learmng thou ull! be learned Band 123 Traffic Squad 3 L ISE BAR ETT ast lm Av 'vast .v bst al smile ee les vnce 1 FRANCIS BEAN 62 Gould Street My mmd unto me a kingdom xx Honor Roll 3 NORMA BEATON I2 Chenton Road She ua: ever fair and nerer proud Horseback Riding 1 Girls Basket ball 2 5 News Writers Stalf 2 Glee Club 3 Glrls Club 3 CATHERINE BELLIVEAU 65 French Street If all your smiles uere gold Youd haze a store of wealth untold Tn Hn Y 2 3 Gu-ls Club 3 Ratlon Board Volunteer 5 Swxmmmg Club 2 Basketball 12 Manet Staff 3 NANCY BENJAMIN 38 Ferndale Road The more understanding the leu er u ordx Roll In Spamsh Club 3 HARVEY BERGER 84 Freeman Street Before man made ur nlxzem Great Nature made us men Boys State Honor Roll 2 Rlle Club 1 2 3 TIZEIC Squad 5 Grounds Patrol 3 Glee Club I2 Orchestra l Forestry Club 3 Newspaper Stalf 1 2 5 Jr Red Cross Nutrmon Ex Lnbrns Club l V6 ly i ' 1 t ' H ' 1 b. 2, ' S ' s d' H, , , 2,35 ,-15' , , C ferja er. W Bowling. l.5:.Gu-ls Club, 3: Honor ',..R'n a,l. ' U ..1 - . u , :gif ' . - of " f a All f , f 1 I 1,7 I 2' 2-fl ' " ' : . 2 i BARBARA BERTHELSEN 3 Sherman Street Sbe looks ax clear as mormng roses neu ly u asbed u :tb deu Lnbrary Stall' 12 5 Bowling l Glee Club 125 Socnal Studies 3 Manet Stal? 3 Honor Roll 23 Girls Club 3 SUSAN BLACK 251 Holbrook Road A merrv bear! maketh a cheerful countenanre m mmxttee Tn H1 Y Club 3 Swxmmmg Club 7 Secre tarxal Staff 5 Badmmton KENNETH BROWN II6 Harrlet Avenue He look: quiet but look again Rifle Club 1 Boxing Intramural 1 Tennis 2 ROBERT BROWN 253 Holbrook Road Life to bun rx just a yoke It x alu ay: time to laugh Motxon Pxrtures Operators Club I ROY BRUCE 20 Arnold Road A man as what be nr not ubal people ray be rs Band 2 Vlce Preslden! 2 Pres: dent 3 MARY BUCKLEY l 57 Bromneld She xx kind as :be xx lair For beauty lwes in kmdnex: fraffnc Squad 5 Glee Club 13 Gnrls Club 5 Spanxsh Club 23 Bowling l 3 MARY BULBAR 51 Han ard Street She x but to please herself the uorld to please MARY j BURNHAM 14 Newbury Street Wfbat a life of pleaxure srmlmg fare: brmg' Gnrls Club 3 Secretarxal Staff 3 RBKIOHIDB Board 3 X - r I r. ',, -lu ' . Q , 9 ' ' v G ' v , v 3 , 3 ' ' . Y . : . .Q , . 2 1 if ' , . H . . . ,, Pwco',5: '-3.1.25 .I -, Treasurer. 3: Bagketball, 2.3: Gxrls . - - v v . , .1 - . -1 - - ' ' , 1 .1.2. 'mx 'l of Q . f N 1 5. ' X E I ' J , . 1 nr I ' H ,, l v - , ff ' ' h , : ' - . 9 , , N N -- - , 1 I 'Z ' H , w 6 47 RE FRANCIS BURNS 18 Russell Street Be not mefely good Be good for xomethmg owlmg Club l Business Manager of Band 25 H1Y 3 Class Play 3 SYBIL BURNS 67 Vassall Street She four ndes dances admirably done' elzghts an each day and yet depends on none Cheerleader 2 co head 5 Prom mmnttee 5 Tn Hx Y 1 Basketball 1 7 5 Swimming Club Gnrls Club 5 Spanish Club 2 5 Student Councxl 2 Badmmton 12 Hou .v eet and gracious eren sn com un speech Is that larr sense uhxch men :all courtesy JAMES BUTTS 33 Glover Ax enue Wfho knous nothing base fears nothmg knou n Football 1 SUSAN BYRNES 399 Hancock Street She has a smile for all uho meet her Basketball 17 Horseback 1 Svum ming Club 12 Glrls Club 3 JEANETTE CALKIN 54 Holmes Street Heres to jeannetie a fatorzle u :th all Her cheery nature u ell often recall Girls Club 3 JOSEPH CAMERON 318 West Squantum Street Common tense an an uncommon degree I5 uhat the uorld call: uzsdom Txiaffxc Squad 23 Honor Roll HELEN CAMPBELL 59 Hodges Avenue Self reterence self knou ledge self Control Girls Club '1 Basketball 1 Pmg Pong l Glee Club 7 EDWARD CANDAGE 20 Webster Street There x honexty manhood and good fellou ship in thee CATHERINE CAREW 21 Bnllmgs Street Her gexture matron and her smslex Her uzt her tozce my heart hegmle: Chorus 13 Glee Club 5 Gxrls Club 3 Student Secretarxal Staff 3 ANNE CARMICHAEL 145 Sherman Street She laughs not at another: los: And grudge: not another: gam Ltbrary Staff 1 Socnal Studnes Stal? 23 Glrls Club 3 Swlmmm Club 2 3 TrlHlY1 2 3 Student uncnl 3 Cafetena Squad 5 Student Secreztanal Stif 3 Prom Commnt tee WILLIAM CARROLL Z il Han ard Street Oh be mp lrzend and leach me to be thnle Band l 7 HELEN CASACELI 137 West Elm Avenue Su eet and young She laughed and danced and talked and .sung Glee Club 13 Chorus 2 3 Lxbrary Staff 2 Bowling 5 Gnrls Club 5 Red Cross Home Nursmg 3 Cafe term Worker 3 BETSY CATALDO l8 Bloomfield Street Kmd kmd and gentle u she lr s Club 5 Trl 1 Y Basketball 13 Bowling 1 Swim ming Club l Tennis l EDWARD CHAFE 122 Harvard Street A ummng uay a pleasant smxle FRANCES CHAMBERS 7 l Freeman Street Of her bright lace one glare uxll trace a picture on the mmd ee Club Glrs Cu Lhorus li Home Nursing 5 ROBERT CHARLTON 123 Pme Street Hts strong pomt French ulxoms Band 1 2 3 MADELINE CHINZI 124 Fayette Street The brightness of her eyes would shame the stars as daylight doth a lamp Gnrls Club 1 Bowlmg 1 Ratnon Board Volunteer 1 WALTER CLARE 9 Bowdom Street An honest man s the noblest uork of God PAUL CLEM 47 Hunt Street weren t no sam! but at judgment I d run my chance wrtb htm Football 3 Basketball 25 Base ball l Intramural Sports 1 ,aol 5 DAVID CLOUGH 129 Beach Street Smooth runs the water uhere the brook ss deep MARY NELL CLUBB 810 East Squantum Street Earth s noblest thxng a woman perfected Glrls Club 3 PATRICK CLUETT 92 Walnut Street Genlle of speech benelicxent ol mmd Football I2 3 Prom Committee 3 Intramural Basketball l MARILYN COLE ll Mascoma Street 'The best malenal rs olien put up in small packages Girls Club 3 Bowling Club 1 PAULINE COLE 35 Bloomfield Street Her mutt: u ben ,roll voxcex die ubralex an lbe memory Glee Club 3 Accompanmst 123 Orchestra 12 Symphony Club 12 3 Chorus 123 Ration Board Volunteer 3 MARjORIE CONNOR 218B Qumcy Shore Drive And Joy proreed from every pam I :ball not pas: that uay again Girls Club 3 ARTHUR COOK 18 Albion Road None but lnmsell can be bn parallel MILDRED CORRIGAN 18 Channing Street Breuij 15 Ibe mul of uit Gnrls Club 3 Audutonum Com mxttee 3 Rndmg Club l ROBERT COSGROVE 25 Chnckatavs bot Road Fame lose and fortune In bn loolxlepx ua!! Intramural Basketball 2 HIY ANITA COTE l27 Atlannc Street Hou she can :ce xkale' VACIL COULACAS 33 Mnlton Road Whoxe armor :J bu honest fbougbt And sample lrulb bs: utmoxt xkzll' Football l 2 3 Basketball 2 3 Intramural Boxing l Intramural Basketball 12 HIY 2 MARY COURTNEY 5 l Border Street lnxtrnrimn end: uftb the classroom Bu! edufalmn end! uflb life Girls Club 5 Basketball 3 Svummmg l Chorus 5 NATALIE COX 98 Saford Street Sbe ubo speaks sous She ubo keeps nlents reaps Glrls Club 3 TraH1c Squad 3 Student Secretanal Stal? 3 Swlm mlng 1 Tennis 1 PATRICIA COX 58 Channmg Street Sbort in stature but complete an understandxng BETTY CREED A08 Bromfteld Street W'bo wxtb a natural xnstxnct to dnscern lVlJat knowledge can perform xs diligent to learn TrxH1Y 9 Glrls Club 3 PETER CREEDON 52 Kendall Street 'Taciturnity is better tban loquacity. " Football, 2.3: Basketball, 2,33 Base- ball. 2.3: Intramural Boxing, lg Intramural Basketball, 1,25 Hi-Y, 2. LOIS CROSBY 21 Wtllow Street A creature ubo as kngbt and good For human natures daily food Cafeteria Squad 1 Tenms 23 Basketball 2 3 Swtmmmg Badmmton 3 Girls Club 3 MARY CURRAN 65 Young Street Tby modesty s candle to tby ment Lnbrary Stat? 1 2 3 Soclal Studxes 2 3 TraEu: Squad 2 3 Student Secretanal Staff 3 Gtrls Club 3 Home Nursing 2 Honor Roll 1 RALPH CURRAN 16 Bromfield Street Il all the uorld were wise Hou lonesome I uould be' Bowlmg l 2 CHANDLER CUSHMAN 270 Beach Street "The best of life is conversation." Traffic Squad. 3: Tennis, 1,2,3g Student Council. 3: Band, l,2,3g Basketball, 35 Intramural Basketball, Zg Honor Roll, 2.3: Social Studies Stad, 2. LEO DAMINSKY 21 Bnllmgs Road He xeemed no fiery partuan RUTH DAMRELL 10 West Elm Axenue Her azr had a meamng Iver mot emerllx a grate You Iurned from the fazrest to gaze on ber fare Glrls Club 'a Traffic Squad 5 Home Nursmg 5 OHICE Work MIRIAM DAHLBOM w Cummmgs Awenue Such good lzltle sports are bard to find Gnrls Club 3 Student Secretarial Stal? 3 Svummmg 71 Archery Club l ALBERT DEIS 9 Edwin Strut: As to the Jax nolbzng lurks LEO DERRINGER 42 Ruthsen Street Say it uzlb llou en Bowlmg 5 ROBERT DES ROCHES ' Nevshall Street One of the greatest honor the All Scholastic Team Football 125 Basketball 25 In tamural Basketball 1 Boxing 2 H Y 7 GEORGE DICKSON l 8 Fa on Road ll' ne frrm the top of bu bead up sfandnzg on bzs bead ROBERT DILL 'S Bznszatt Road Soma Jan Tbrou Pbuxfs Io the doex but nal Bob BARBARA DODD 159 Highland Avenue Gu e me Liberty or gn e me Dealb' Swlmmmg 23 Girls Club 5 Trl H Y 3 Horseback Riding I2 Girls Sports 2 BETTY DOES 77 Edwin Street Soon that lox! shall end Svummmg 2 5 Girls C ub 3 Social Studies 3 Red Cross 3 Girls Sports 12 GEORGE DOHERTY 20-i Billing Street I am lbe matter of my fele I am captam of my mul Student Council Boxing Junior Class President Prom Com r' tt e 3 PAUL DOHERTY 164 Davis Street "I 'm ture care ix an enemy to l1le.' RICHARD DONOVAN 136 Billings Road If God can loze em all I ran lote a dozen Baseball 173 Intramural Basket ba 3 DANIEL DUN LOP 208 Billings Street He beu ed bzs enemy dau n Football Basketball 2 Baseball 2 3 FRANK DUNN 9 Pierre Street re: elatzon to the rest of the students Bowling 2 DEAN EASTMAN 197 Billings Street "Another A-1 pigxkin later the All-Scbolartic. Football 1.2 3' Intramural Basket- ball l2' Intramural Boxing l' Hi-Y. 2. ELIZABETH ECKL 20 Holmes Street And xnll ue gazed and xlzll our wonder greu That one xmall bead could carry all :be kneu Cafeterna 1 Traffnc 13 Lnbrary 2 Grrls Sports 2 3 Socnal Studles Stall' Pres 2 3 Honor Roll I2 3 Manet Staff 3 Spanlsh Club 23 Wollaston Womens Club Honorary Membershlp Award 2 Gnrls Club HELEN ECKL 20 Holmes Street Accomplishments u ere natn e to ber rmnd Gnrls S rts 12 3 Lrbrary Stall' 2 Home ursxng 2 Gmrls Club 3 Socnal Studies Staff 3 D AR Good Cltlzenshlp Award Graduation Ush er Ex Llbrrs EDWARD ELDRIDGE 48 Royal Street And u erelurn the many cheers that be has guen us Cheerleader 3 R1 lie Club 1 Cafetena Squad I 7 3 Socxal Studnes Sta 1 LORRAINE EMIGH 44 Russell Street Her I one ua: er er Jolt and lou an excellent lhmg nr u omau Horseback Rxdlng Club I Gnrs Sports 7 Spanish Club 1 4 Gnrls Club 3 All MILLICENT ENTVVISTLE 46 Albron Road A fug ol urne a loaf ol bread And thou beside me xmgmg rn the urldernesx Swlmmmg Club 2 3 Grrls Club 3 Tn Hn Y 1 2 3 Prom Commnttee 3 Student Councnl 3 Cafeteria Squad 3 Spanish Club 3 Home Nursing JOAN EVANS 267 Beach Street One of the leaxantexl girls ue nou ee Club 3 Girls Cub Student Secretanal Stall' 3 VIRGINIA FALLON 29 Belmont Street May :be neter roam far from Gu- s C ub 3 Cafeteria 2 3 Student Secretarnal Staff 3 GEORGE PALLOWS 36 Wlmslovu Road Hu Prrllxanry u maxi notrreable cl mghl n 4 Spanish C uh 7 3 C s Plas C ommltlu. 3 Bowling K lub l 3 Rnflu. Club l Prom Committee. RANDALL FEARING 30 Buckingham Road I dare do all that may become 4 lfldn Who dare: do more ts none iootball 125 I-IY 3 Honr WILLIAM FITZGERALD 38 Lu nt Street Intellagent tbougb modest Irub and remtble Football 3 Basketball 2 Basket ball Mgr 3 Boxmg 1 Intramural Basketball 12 JOHN FOSTER 2 l Apthorp Street Great men stand ltke .roluary tau ers Rule Club 1 Intramural Basketball ROBERT FOSTER 83 Exeter Street ' A jester, 4 folly Jester, too Band, l,2,3, Glee Club, 1 Spamsh Lluh 3. Hn Y. 3. News from North, 3 Cafeterlan Squad 3 PAULINE FOX 145 Arlmgton Street Sbe ua: a uonder and notbmg en Lnbrary Stal? 1 Glee Club I Basketball 2 Tf3HlC Squad 2 3 Girls Club 3 Bowling I Social Studnes l MILDRED GAIDYS 108 Vassall Street No matter bow :be feel: :be aluays looks cheerful Swxmmxng Club 2 Girls Club 3 TrlHlY 23 Spanish Club 23 Cafeterxa Squad I Home Nurs mg 3 HAROLD GARDNER 116 Norfolk Street A .ulent :by peace lovmg man Band 12 JOSEPH GAUDET 75 Freeman Street 'Alwayx recites-ufhenet er be knoux has lessons " Football, 3 .. .. , - ' 1 I H - ,. . 3- , : .,,gl-,L 0 .u .. U oll. . A ,S . . , . I , ,,,, , WL ,, . ,- , . ' . ,, ' , u ! ' ' y 2 . 3 ' . l , ,A , , .,g ,g - Q, ,, . ,, , ,. . 1 v ' , . I Y l ., - . ,, , 'H 12 . . , l ,W i L ROSE GAUDET 23 Freeman Street A Rate an the N Q bouquet Girls Club 3 Glee Clu MARJORIE GILBERT 15 Park Avenue She J charming to knou Library Staff 23 Glrls Club 3 Cafeteria Squad l Traffxc Squad WALTER GILMARTIN l 86 Atlantnc Street A fnend that lar exreeds The thtngx that every lellou need: Football 1 HxY 2 Cafeteria Squad 3 ARTHUR GORHAM 58 East Elm Avenue A cheerful lellou u ortb knau mg VIRGINIA GOSSARD 284 Bnllmgs Street Meet her and you naturally like her Mathematics Club 5 Biology Club 5 Tn HyY Gxrls Club JEAN GRANAHAN 56 Kendall Street Her heart is in the right place Soc1alStudles Staff 3 Girls Club 5 Lafetena Squad 5 Secretanal Staff 3 WALTER GRANT 527 XVest Squantum Street Keep Smflmg LOIS HAMMOND 56 Pope Street lVe ner er :au ber out ol sort: u :th the u orld Gus Club 5 Tenms Club 2 Basketball 7 Secretanal Staff 5 Cafe: na Squad l 2 5 Honor Roll I Social Studxes Stal? 3 JUDITH HANSON 5 Cushing Street Our zery popular VscePres1dent Vlce President 3 Mane: Stal! 3 Prom Committee 3 Traixc Squad 3 Cafeteria Squad l Tr1HlY 23 Glrls Club 3 Bowlxn Horseback ndmg l Student cnl 2 Archery l Strxng Ensemble l2 Newspaper Wrnters Stal? 3 Gnrls Sports I3 Orchestra 12 Soclal Studnes Staff 12 3 Gradua non Marshall PATTY BO HARVIE 44 Freeman Street Our petzle twacious attractwe debaler from Deep m the Heart Spamsh Club 23 Glrls Club 3 Ex Llbrls Club 3 Class Play 3 Manet Staff 3 Social Studnes Stall' 123 Symphony Club 2 Horse back Rldnng Club l Ratlon Board Volunteer 1 mf? W , Jmrwfln BARBARA HATCH K1 140 Lansdowne Street We ba: e a good lrxend and lellou uorker rn ber Rrlle Club l Bowllng Club 3 Soual Studnes Stal? 2 3 Girls Clu MADALINE HATFIELD l99 Elmwood Avenue Sober steadfast and demure Bowllng l2 Girls Club 3 Secre tanal Staff 5 Mane! Staff 3 Socxal Studnes Staff 23 Ramon Board Volunteer l Chorus l7 JZ' I ELEANOR HATHERLY 45 Walnut Street Sbe cover: ber accomplxsbments Wntb a cloak of mdsjerence Socnal Stdunes Stall 123 Horse back fldlllg 1 Bowlxng l Girls Club 3 Blology Club 3 Ex Lxbrns 5 Honor Roll 2 5 MARGARET HAYES 58 Holmes Street Nezer let busmess mlerfere u :th pleasure Gxrls Club 3 Swlmmmg 2 Basket ball Z Chorus 23 ELEANOR HAYFORD 16 New Ee'd Street Flon er al meekness on a stem of grace SVlIlTllTll'lg Club 2 MARJORIE HENDERSON 20 Edgeworth Road She bas a fadxance all ber ou n Bovslmg l Red Cross Sewing Social Studles Staff 2 MARIE HENEBRY 65 Brook Street "Seen-but not beard." Girls' Club, 35 Glee Club, 3. WILLIAM HEY 18 Kemper Street A utld sort of deul But dead on the leael Varslry Football 2 3 Spanish Club BARBARA HINES 108 Oxenbrndge Road She: gay and bappy And alu an look: snappy Gtrls Club 3 Swxmmmg Club 2 Social Studtes Stal? 3 Basketball JEANNE HOGG I2 Standish Road A glrl ubom ue Iote for u ba! :be u Rifle Club l Social Studxes Stall 7 3 Spanish Club 3 Glrls Club 3 PRISCILLA HOLDSTOCK 33 Dunbarton Road "Her hnppy way of taking life Makefr one forget all sorrow and Jtrifef' Social Studies Stalf. 35 Girls' Club. 33 Cafeteria, 3. EUNICE HOLMES 16 Wtnslow Road A lrgbl bear! Ines long Gxrls Club 5 Soclal Studles Staff MARTHA HOOD 71 Bnllmgs Road lm: ugor and vxtaltty Pep posse and fersonahly Glee Club 1 2 3 Office Worker 2 Home Nursmg Course 5 Gnrls Club 3 CHARLES HOPKINS 77 Pratt Road He barb a heart as .round ax a bell lootb ll I GLENN HOPPER 5 Holmes Street He tastes the Joy lhat comes from labor Bow lung Club 1 2 3 RlHe Club I 2 MARJORIE HORTON 65 Hamilton Avenue She .nts high m the people s hearts Rnlle Club l Archery Club 1 Pmg Pong Club 1 Honor Roll 12 3 Tn HIY 25 Bowling Club 2 Student Councnl 2 3 Socxal Studnes Staff 25 Manet Stall' 3 Trafflc Squad 2 5 OEICE Worker 2 Gnrls Club 3 Student Secretanal Stall 3 Rauonmg 2 Wollaston Womens Club Honorary Membershxp Award JOHN HUGHES 37 Kendall Street He ua: et er pretzse m prormse keepmg Football 12 MARJORIE HUGHES 165 Wilson Avenue "The grass sloops not. she Ireads an il so light." ROY JACK 19 Flynt Street He u ould fight a rattlesnake and gne at the first tu o bites Football 12 3 Tralhc Squad 3 HIY 5 Glee Club 12 HERBERT JACKSON 105 Bellevue Street Oh uhal may man uzlhm htm hide Though angel on the outward side' PAUL JENNINGS 49 South Bayfield Road An honest man s the noblest uork of God Football 123 HIY 2 Intra mural Basketball 2 Spamsh Club 2' Prom Committee 3. BARBARA JEPSON 250 Farrington Street "VarieIy's the very spice of life." CHRISTINE JOHNSON 24 Lunt Street She rx pretty to ualk uxlb and uxtty to talk uxtb and pleasant to tbmk on too R16e Club l Social Studles Staff 75 Forestry Club 5 Girls Club 5 KENNETH JOHNSON 16 Hodges Avenue Sometbzng betu een a bmdrance and a help Football 12 5 H Y 2 WALTER JONES 101 Elm Avenue A hz! a zery palpable bat Baseball 1 7 3 EILEEN KELLEY 6' Vershi re Street "W'e read ber face. at one who ready a true and holy book." LEO KELLEY 8 Carlnsle Street Bebmd a great team a great manager Football l 7 3 WILLIAM KENNEY 'O Hobart Street Wfe bnou tba! someday he uzll urzle the great American note! Traffrc Squad 3 Mane: StaH Hon or Roll 1 2 Spamsh Club JEANNE KENNEDY Il Freeman Street Her time rx forefer E1 ergu bere ber place Tf3fflC Squad 75 Social Studies Staff 7 3 Student Secretarml Staff 5 Girls Club 3 Audrtorlum Com mrttee ROBERT KEOUGH 2' Cummings Avenue "Hail Fellou'-11'ell met." Football. 5: Basketball. 3. ARDELLE KILLORY 1 Sachem Street The su eetest garland to the su eetest maid Bowling 7 Basketball 1 TriH1Y 75 Girls Club 5 Manet Staff 5 Cass Plas 3 Spanish Club Youth Canteen Committee Honor Roll JEANNETTE KING 80 Freeman Street A loot more lzgbl a step more true Ne er from the heath flou er dash d the deu Cafeteria 7 Ping Pong 7 Girls Club 5 CLAIRE KNOWLES 140 Hollis Avenue Her speech 1s a burmng fire Girls Club 5 Student Secretarial Staff 5 MURIEL LAMPREY 156 Hamilton Avenue "Young in appearante. in judgment old." Secretary. Library Stall. 5: Social Studies Staff. 5: Girls' Club. 3: Cafe- teria. 5: Spanish Club, 2.5. MARY LANLRGAN 17 Thatcher Street The noblest mind tbe best contentment bas Girls Club 5 Bowling 1 Tr1Hi 175 Girls Sports 17 Prom Lusher Horseback Riding Social Studies Staff 5 Ratxon Board Volunteer 5 Newspaper Writers Staff 5 Student Secretarial Staff 5 JEANNE LEARY 151 Faton Road She bath a daily beauty rn her life Prom Lshcr 7 Girls Sports 1 5 Bwling 5 Tr1H1Y 25 Girs Club 5 Newspaper Writers Staff 5 Prom Committee 5 MARY LOU LEARY 14 Ruthw en Street Sbe that uas ezer fair and neier proud Had tongue and url! and yet u as net er loud Glee Club 5 Cafeteria Squad 5 Newspaper Writers Staff 5 Ten I Girls Club CHARLES LEVERONI 168 Hamilton Avenue 'AAsk and grou' wise." Student Council. 1.2: Golf. 2: Prom Usher. Z: Basketball. 2: Hi-Y. .51 Spanish Club. Z: Trallic Squad. 2.3: Football. 2.5: Boys State, 2: Mane: Stall. 5: Graduation l'sher. 2. MARTHA LINNETT I6 Norfolk Street She xx trulg true Girls Club 3 TriHiY 3 Traffic Squad 3 Red Cross Show Chorus 1 3 Home Nursing 5 Glu Club 7 LAURA LUND l6O Sherman Street Age rannot uzther ber nor rmtom xlale her mfintle :auch Tri HIY 5 PAUL LYNCH H Albany Street Profound and fourth m bu manner Symphom Club l 7 Nevssvs riters Club ANNA MACALLSO 99 X! tst Squantum Struct Hcr band and bear! both open and free. G'r 5' Club. 3. JOHN MACKENZIE 18 W ilson Axenue U bore u ordx all ear: took raptne Ri e Club 1 Bowling Club Spanish Club 7 3 MILDRED MACLEOD 15 Pierce Street Ax merry as tbe day IS long Gee Club 5 Student Secre urml Staff 4 ROBERT MAHN 143 Favutt Street for hes a 10111 good fellou Bow ling Club 1 7 3 Nevssvuriter s ub l i r H1 Prom Committee 3 Spanish Club 75 Honor Roll 13 Football Senior Class Plas 3 MARY MALMBERG 4 S Atl intic Strut Sobtr sleadlaxl and demure Librnry Staff. 3: Social Studies Staff. -..'1 Girls' Cluh. 51 Spanish u . ... ANNA MARELLA evsport Avenue A true lrzend fore: er a fnend Gntls Club 3 JANICE MARR 35 Exeter Street She shall hate a noble memory Gtrls Sports 7 Honor Roll 2 Spamsh Club 23 Grrls Club 3 Tr1HtY 3 Manet Staff 3 Prom Committee 3 ALEX MARTIN 79 Pratt Road And still our :ron leaders lame Eternal honor to his name Semor Class President Gtaduatnon Usher 2 Football 17 3 Rnfle I H1 Y 3 Prom Commmee 3 Class Play 3 Manet Staff 3 Spantsh Club 2 3 Boy 5 State 7 ANN MARTIN 180 Salford Street She glndes unlelt mto then' .ferret hearts PAULINE MCBURNIE 103 Faxon Road Of that sex uhtch u therefore felled faxr Gtrs Club 3 Tr1H1Y 3 Chant man Audrtorxum Commxttee 5 MILDRED MACLEOD 15 Fuerte Street AI merry ax the day I5 long Glee Club 2 5 Student Secre tartal Staff 3 JEAN MCCARTHY 12 Brook Street Nothing 15 xmpouxble to 4 u fllmg heart BARBARA MCCAULEY 86 Belmont Street She add.: a precious .teemg to the eye Glee Club 1 Grrls Club 3 231 N ' ' , 3 N, - -V ESTHER MCGAHAN 50 Copley Street Man may bare his uxll but this uoman bax ber nap Horseback Riding Club 1 Girls Club 3 CORINNE MCGILLICUDDY 41 Tyler Strett What liar first sand red meant danger Girls Club Treasurer 3 TriHiY 25 Bowling Club 1 ROBERT MCGRATH 7 Wayland Street Men of jeu u ords are tbe best men WILLIAM MCLAUGHLIN l92 Elliot Avenue "A man of mark to .mar above the rlaudxf' Rifle Club, 2.3: Traffic Squad. 5: Social Studies Staff. 2: Senior Class ay. .: Spanish ub. 3: Hi h Sonor Roll, 2.5: Honor Roll. : I' . A . lin DONALD MCLEAN 227 North Central Avenue A: upright as tbe cedar BERN ICE MCNEIL 305 New port Avenue Her xlature tall I hate a dumpa u oman Archery Club l Swimming Club 2 Girls Club 3 JEAN MCNEICE 12 Ruthven Street Su eet prompting: unto kindly deedx u ere in ber :ery look JEANNE MESKILL 259 Harvard Street "Prosperity lo Ibe man tbat ventures mail Io pleaxe her. Prom Committee. 5: Tri-Hi-L 3: Girls' Club. 3: Class Play 5' Social Studies. 5: Spanish Club, 2.5. ANNA MILLER 789 East Squantum Street Some credzt m bemg folly Lrbrary Staff l Grrls Club 3 Chorus 1 7 'a NANCY MILLER H Acton Street Thou hast url and lun and fire Traffic Squad 3 Graduation Usher Grrls Club 3 Socnal Studres Staff 3 Home Nursing 3 Mane! Staff 3 Ratlomng 1 MARY MORAN HI East Squantum Street The tolerance and eqmly of light Soclal Studies Staff l 3 Grrls Club 3 Manet Staff 3 News from Worth Staff 3 Student Secretarral Staff 3 Ratronmg 1 Honor Roll RALPH MOREAU 55 Cummmgs Avenue The grrls all erred Hex quite the kick Cafeteria Squad I 7 3 Rifle Club I7 Cheerleadmg 3 Bowlmg Club 1 7 ROBERT MORGAN 67 Pope Street To laugh rs proper lo the man Cafeteria Squad l 3 MARJORIE MOORE 75 Fast Squantum Street Who bneu her could not but admire Basketball 12 Swrmmmg Club 2 Glrls Club 3 Soc1alStud1es Staff 2 3 Library StaH' 1 2 3 Traffrc Squad 23 Trl HIY 23 Honor Roll l Manet Stal? 3 Student Secretarial Staff 3 Grrls Sports 2 MARY MOORE IH Russell Street Braze but modest grandly shy Library Salf 3 Girls Club 3 Cafeteria Squad 1 JACQUELINE MORRIS 253 East Squantum Street Rich hgh! rmgmg laughter Basketball 1 Glrls Club 3 Su dent Secretarial Stal? 3 PHYLLIS MORRIS 98 Mayflower Road "A: lively as a toacb'r pep laJk.' Basketball, l,2,5g Softball. 1,23 Tennis, 1,23 Bowling, 2,5. HERBERT MORRISON 180 Arlington Street A drau lung speech a snapping rmnd Baseball I Basketball 5 Cafe terra Squad 12 5 PAUL MORRISSEY 66 Colby Road Aluays uzlb a uord of uxt Football 1 3 Basketball 3 Prom Committee 3 H Y 2 Cafeteria Squad 123 BARBARA MOSMAN The .terrecp ol rlreamx that make their uagi under the mountain Io the rxlred rock I ran Stall' C orus Girls Club 4 JOAN MULDOON 109 Edwin Street "Youth and mirth and glee. Tbafx the tourre for me." Basketball, 1.2: Swimming, 23 Bowl- ing, 2, Girls' Club. 3. LEO MULLANEY 51 Wayland Street Sober uubes ne: er learned lo stray Rifle Club 3 RICHARD MURPHY 124 Safford Street On the u hole a pleasant chap Bowling Club 1 Cafeteraia Squad THERESE MURPHY 67 Hollis Avenue Tbe In elmexx of a lox terrier PNPPJ Svummmg 7 Chorus 123 Gils Club 4 TrxH1Y 3 Social Studies Sta Manu Book 5 Girs Sports 4 I -. '. .: i- ' Z. . l 5. V , ' 24 Webster Street A ' L'p . 21 h . l.2.5: -' M: 'iz '. 5 - e- ff. 5: . ' . ,: il' THOMAS MURPHY 38 Elltot Avenue Feu earthly tbxngs found fa: our in bn .ngbt Bowling 1 News from North Chorus 1 Cafeteria Staff 2 3 BEVERLY MURRAY 76 Farrrngton Street 4.1 rexllexs as lbe .vu allou x ol the xbj RICHARD NEILY 105 Russell Street One of us yet by many unknoun Tralhc Squad 3 HrY 3 Cafe terla Squad 3 Rrlle Club 3 ROBERT NEWTON I0 East Elm Avenue 4 lzgbt bear! maketh lnendr Band 12 3 Cafetena S uad 73 Gee Club 1 Trafflc quad 3 H Y 3 LJ FRANCES NOONAN -64 Elhot Avenue Tbe jrzendly u elcome of the u ajsxde u ell Honor Roll 7 3 Horseback Rrdmg Club l Traffic Squad 3 Trl H1 Y 3 Socral Studles Staff 3 Grrls Club 3 Class Play 3 Prom Com mrttee 3 JOHN O BRIEN 55 Fdvn m Street A laughter mixed uxtb the .venous :lug Traffic S uad 2 Manet Staff Hr Y 3 afeterla Squad 2 3 LORRAINE OESCHGER 85 East Squantum Street A countenance an ubxcb did meet Su ee! rerords promises as xueet ee Club 5 Girls Cub Chorus 3 PATRICIA PARSONS 35 Elm Avenue A uelromxng xmrle for all Pmg Pong 1 Horseback Riding Club 1 2 News from North l 2 3 Concert I7 Ratxon Board Volun leer l Svummmg 23 Grrls Club , - f -f . - l - H , ' , "' l .2,3: 'vi .. . 1 , ,- . ' 2 . ' ' ' .': .. Q , 1 - . . , , , , -7 ' . " ' ln. Y ' ry . ' 8 . ,: . 3: f ' '." V V . V ',1 - '. Y ' ' Gl , 5 ' ' l , 3: , , , . . , , , - l .. . . ., ,-.,: U-5 I l , 1 . Q . .. I . . 1' - -r' . . . ' . 1 ' , ..: . 5. l 2" -,ifi ' '- ' . " MARY PAUL 21 Billings Road "An unrugled calm did :il upon ber brow." Library Staff, 1.2: Girls' Club, 5: Student Secretarial Staff, 3. ROY PAULSEN 87 Hamden Circle Stalk: urtb ,rtalely .step and :Inner unlb .rteadp eye Soclal Studies Staff 2 Spanlsh Club 2 BARBARA PERKINS 25 Pxermont Street Though tbe loudexl spoke alto you beard her alone Gee Club Gxrs Cub 3 Basketball 1 3 News from North 3 CLARE PETERSON 61 Freeman Street not trmld just smarl BOWIIFIS li Glen Club 1 Glrls Club 3 HELEN PETERSON 14 Holyoke Street "Laugh, and the world laugbx with you." Girls' Club, 3. PHILIP PFEIFFER 97 Glover Avenue A :ery merry young soul ua: he Baseball Manager 2 Intramural Basketball 2 Arr Rand Messenger 2 Scrap Drne Volunteer 2 Red Cross Cookmg 2 DANIEL PHIPPS I6 Carle Road The goulb in lxfes green sprung Band l 2 'a Glee Club 2 Traflxc Squad 5 HIY 3 Student Council 3 Spanlsh Club 2 3 BARBARA PICKLES S0 Wnllow Street She bas a force of gladnen and 4 smile of beauty Drum Malorette 1 7 Head 5 Prom Commxtter. 4 Tn Hn Y 3 G1 l Club Z BETTY J PICKLES 50 Willow Street For pep and class She: bard to surpass Drum Maporette 2 3 Gnrls Club 3 Bowlrng 3 Rrlle 1 Tralhc Squad ROBERT PLUMB 52 Eustzs Street The gladneu ol ihe wand that :baker the com Baseball 12 3 Intramural Basket ball 1 Basketball 2 3 Prom Com mnttee 3 MILDRED POCH 225 Newport Avenue The beavens laugh with you tn your jubilee News from North 3 Glrls Club 3 Spanish Club 23 Glee Club 2 Gnrls Sports l Honor Roll 1 FORREST POWERS 49 Wedgewood Street He drank the talorous youl of a neu u orld Swimming Club 1 Rifle Club l Manet Staff 3 Class Play Commit tee 3 HIY 5 Trafhc Squad 3 Honor Roll l PATRICIA POWERS 81 Belmont Street Her azr bad 4 meatnng ber movementx a grace Tn H1 Y l 2 Girls Club Chorus 1 2 3 DONALD PRATT 50 Apthrop Street Modesly become.: a young man Intramural Basketball 2 Baseball DOROTHY RAMPP 12 Lunt Street The rectxtude and panenee of lhe elif Girls Club 5 Soc1alStudres Stall' GEORGE READ 128 East Elm Avenue Lnmg quietly maketh a good man 3 HELEN REED 53 Buckmgham Road 'Tbe good url! of the ram that lover all leave: Gurls Club 5 Student Secretarlal Stal! 5 Honor Roll 2 MARIE REYNOLDS Sl Holmes Street Along the cool sequestered vale: of hfe Library Staff 2 Biology Club 3 Socnal Srudnes Staff 2 5 Forestry Club 3 Honor Roll 2 Gltls Club BARBARA RICH 92 Sagamore Avenue Her eye: ax star: of twshgbl azr Luke twnlxght: too ber duxky batr Bowlmg 1 Cheerleader 2 3 Stu dent Councnl l Ratlon Board Vol un eet 1 Trl H1 Y 1 2 3 Glrls Club 3 Junior Class Sec Semor Class Sec Manet Stall' 3 Prom Commxttee 3 Semor Class Play 5 Spanxsh Club 2 3 Soctal Studxes ?aB' x3 Girls Sports 1 Honor o DANIEL RILEY 85 Vassall Street Books are 4 L HIY 2 Football 5 5 LOUIS RIZZO ll Burgess Street A :ery merry young mul ua.: be Orchestra 12 Glee Club IZ FREDERICK ROACH 165 Davus Street Youth nr the tame lor play Mouon Picture Operators Club l Intramural Boxmg 2 Intramural Basketball I Student Councnl l Football 13 Junior Class Treas urer Prom Usher 2 WILLIAM ROSENTHAL l0 Hummock Road 4 man to match the mountain: and the .rea HIY 3 Spanlsh Club 5 Semor Class Play Commlttee 3 Bowlm Club 2 Rllle Club 1 DAVID ROWELL 40 Eesns Street Hou often the highest talent lurk: In obscunt5 CYNTHA ROYCE 29 South Bayfield Road "Quipx and cranks and u'anton wilex. Nod: and berkx and ureatbed smiles." Girls Club a CAROLYN SAGAR 80 East Squantum Street Earth x noblest tbmg a u oman perfected Social Studies Staff Z 3 Bowling 2 gataon Board Volunteer 2 Girls lu 3 JOAN SCANLON l 38 Fayette Street She ts like a gemal holly ureatb G ee Club l 2 3 Gi ls Club 3 Social Studies Staff 3 Student Secretarial Staff 3 PATRICIA SEARS 46 Glover Avenue Her modest anxu er and graf. efnl Ulf Shau h r ax une cr :be s I Bvslmg l Girls Club 3 Soul Studies Staff 3 Student Secretarial Staff 3 ROBERT SELLER 63 Arlington Street "A xportxrnan complete A bard one to beat." Football, 1.232 Glee Club. l,2,3g Student Council 2.5' Graduation Lsher ANN SIMONS 74 Edgeworth Road So little yet so une' Girls Sports 2 3 Social Studies Staff 3 Girls Club 3 News from North Staff 3 Biology Club 3 AUDREY SIMPSON 151 Hancock Street Lzle ts fmt a boul of rberrxex Chorus 1 Girls Club 3 Student Secretarial Staff 3 MARY SKINNER 348 Hancock Street food sense and good nature ner er are separated Chorus 3 Girls Club 3 BARBARA SMITH 49 Wollaston Avenue If eyes uere made for seemg Then Beauty ts its oun excuse lor bexng r1H1Y 123 Gxrls Cub Honor Roll 3 Prom Committee 3 TYBHIC Squad 3 Social Studies Staff 7 Graduation Lsher 7 DOROTHY SOUTHER 5 Tyler Street A lzttle nonsense nau and then Is relished by the uxsesl men ROY STEEVES 78 Elmwood Avenue The brilliant rhzef zrfegularly great Frank haughty rash the Rupert of debate Honor Roll 3 HIY 3 BETTY STOVER S0 Beckett Street Be merry tl sou are u :se Gnrls Club 4 Soual Studies Stuff 4 News From North Stat? R Spannsh Club 7 Clrls Sports li FRANCIS SULLIVAN 125 Atlantnc Street Let the uorld slide let the uorld A hg for care and a fig lor uoe JEANNE SULLIVAN 49 Holmes Street Fore: er srmlzng alu ays on the go Glrls Club 5 THHIY 5 Ration mg 5 JACQUELINE SYLVIA 44 Warm :ck Street Loathing pretense she did uzth cheerful -usll What others talked of uhxle thexr hands uere stzll Bowlmg 13 Glrls Club 3 Su dent Secretarxal Staff 5 Chorus l Library Staff I2 Home Nursmg 7 Glee Club I Manet Staff 3 CAROLYN TEIXEIRA 180 Fasette Street Alu an readm and u xllmg BIOIOKW Club 3 Bovthng Club Horseback Rndmg Club l I Soc al tu ues Staff S Gee ub Chorus I Spanxsh Club 7 'l Girls Club K l I I FT . li . ' Q I . . ' ' VV., so ' H T '- '- , . . 1 ' ' 1 , 5: V ' V A- - , , I J ' I V A I ' V Girls' Club. 3. 1 Board Volunteer, 5Q Hlsrlebhck Rid- 1- - 5 V. s 'v N 1 V . ,, I I A T , C A, -Q-Z Qi Q" ' .-z 1' '. . Q. 5 'J' - 11 I C' 53 WILLIAM THOMAS 275 Farrmgton Street The rule of my hfe xs to make business a pleasure and pleasure my business Spanlsh Club 2 3 CLAIRE THOMPSON 41 Apthorp Street Personality and zntellect combine to make a wise and regular grrl Gnrls Club 3 Manet StaH 5 Span 1 Honor Roll I ALICE THORNLEY Harriet Street Def, out yet cheerful pious not auslere To others lenient To herxell smcere RUSSELL TIBBETTS 64 Ocean Street A diamond yes but by no means lil the rough Asdntorlum Conumttee 23 Foot ball 1 Graduatlon Usher 2 HAY 25 Honor Roll 2 3 Hugh Honor R ll l Manet Staff 2 Spantsh Club 7 3 Student Councxl 5 Traf fic Squad 7 5 Y, BETTY TIRRELL 196 Holbrook Road To a young heart everytbzng ss un Bowlmg Club 2 Cafeterna 2 Girls Club 3 CARL TODARO 56 Harrxet Avenue The reason frm the temperate uxll endurance foresight strength and skill SHIRLEY TOLAN 65 Holyoke Street A laughmg eye a lender smxle 'lend to make a gzrl uarthu hxle Tn Ht Y 2 3 Student Councnl 1 2 Glrls Club 3 JUNE Tlusco '75 Atlanuc Street Life xs the gift of God and ts dxune Tn HIY 12 3 Girls Club 5 Hon or Roll I2 5 Cheer Leader 3 Prom Commxttee 3 Traffu: Squad 3 Student Councnl 2 Prom Usher 2 Olfnce Worker 7 n -we f - U . f ., , , f - , V ' . Q ' , s ' ' 1 . 3 . ,. . . . A6 ,, I - - H , I. - ' A ' ' - U ' , , : . 3 - ' 15h Club, 2.3: Glee Club, lg Chorus, Glee Club, l,2. : , . 179 ' ., , . U , , ,. Y , , , . I r . 'H - , . : ', . : . . 1 : I i ., - . . , y ,. . . ' I" .'. .1 ' P .. : - . . .. : . z . : . . 1 . ' , 5 ' , o . . . . I. I 9 U , 3 , - -q. r Q , ' 3 . -, . -, . , l 1 l WILLIAM VANN 277 Harvard Street Rare compound of oddtly frolnc and fun Wbo relzsbed a yoke and rejoiced a pun Arr Rand Messenger 12 3 Spamsh Club 2 3 MARY VERBITSKI 134 Harnet Avenue ubal may uoman uxtbxn ber bule Tbougb quiet on the oulu ard snde Girls Club 3 THERESA WALLACE l6 Glover Avenue Mtstress ol berself lbougb Chuan fall THERESA WALSH 67 Sagamore Street Ltle ts too su eel to u or-ry Gnrls Club 3 Gxrls Sports l ALICE WARNER ll Berlm Street I profess not talkmg only tbts Le! eacb one do bu best Girls Club 3 Glee Club 3 JENNIE WATT ll4 Elhotr Avenue A lot ely bexng scarcely formed or moulded A rose with all :ts su eelest leases yet folded mittee 3 Traffnc Squad 3 Student Councll 3 Cheer Leader 3 Span :sh Club 2 3 Girls Club 3 Honor Roll 3 Otflce Worker 2 3 LORRAINE WEDEN l86 Elliott Avenue Meel ber and you naturally hke ber Library Staff 1 2 3 Glrls Club Tram: Squad 3 Student Secretanal Staff 3 Social Studies Stall' 3 I-llorsebflck Rldmg Club I Honor THOMAS WELCH 170 Pine Street hot 4 man ol :ron but of In e oak Anr Rand Warden l2l X , 2 A V .,. L ...--,,- Q 4' 5 . H .l . , 5- .. - - ' - ' u ' . ' . In ' in V' ' ' , Q , . , .- A Qi' ., ,fl - , n .slr . Hob ,I Y V. - .. , . ' , ' n ' 'l ' , , ' , u ' ' Social Studies Staff, 3: Prom Com- , 1 . Q . . 9 . , . 3 - . .Is . 2 . : . .- ' I ' - ,, - . ,V ' I . ,.s ' ' ,.3: ,.: . . .1 N , : . 5 oll, . 1 . .A ,, M e N RICHARD WHEELER 146 Franklin Avenue Notbmg succeeds like success Baseball 2 3 JACK WHITE 20 Ellington Road Who did not gum but uas .vurress Basketball 2 3 ROBERT WHITEHEAD 193 Belmont Street Trust me gentlemen I Il pro: e true Band, 1.2. ROBERT WHITELAW 64 Glover Avenue "His valor and his generous' mind. Prove him superior ol Ins kind." Football, 2,31 Basketball. 2,32 Baseball. 1.2: Treasurer of Class, 31 Hi-Y. 2: Boxing. 2: Manet Staff. 5: Prom Committee. 5: Graduation Usher. 2. LOUIS WILKINS 196 Pine Street He knous ubals ubat and thats as bxgb As metapbysn: uxt can fly Band 12 News from North HELEN WINDERS 16 Billings Street She xs ez erylbmg our fancy pamled ber Bowling Club 1 Girls Club 3 Cafeteria Squad 2 3 Mane! Staff 3 Red Cross Home Nursing 2 S u dent Secretarial Staff 3 horus 2 ELEANOR WOODMAN 129 Edwin Street Laugh and the world laughs u :Ib you Bowling Club 5 .Girls Club 5. ROBERT WRIGHT 20 Windsor Road "As silent as the pictures on the walls." Football. 1.2: Cafeteria Squad. 1: Intramural Basketball, 1.2. CHRISTINE YOUNG 28 Albany Street In lrammg an artxst art bath thu decreed To make some good but others to exceed Glrs Club 3 Glee Club 3 Bovnlmg Club l Offlce Worker 2 Spamsh Club 25 Socxal Studxes Staff 2 3 Manet Staff 3 Honor Ro 2 3 FLORENCE YOUNG 70 Gordon Street Let fools the studnous despise There s nothmg lost by being une blee Club 12 Chorus 23 Honor Roll l 2 3 Rauon Board Volunteer 2 Student Secretarsal StaE 3 Gnrls Club 3 Maner Staff 5 In Our Thoug s ARLENE COOPER Her strength and courage ue greatly admzre, For above her ajlzctzon she looks much hzgher CLAIRE DUGGAN For such as she there zs no death Her lzfe the eternal life rommands " Q 1 1' hw, I V ' ll Y - . . .:. , .s , , . ..: A , , IA , : I , 2.9 : . 1 Q , : ' ..: ..: . . . .2 . .: , 9 ll, ,. 272 Q,,f,,,gf1f 4. , ff ht . . - . ., 1 v I . . 5 ff t lf. I yt ' 1, f 'Q ' Y-I IW . 5 ' IP ' I ETHELYNE ABORN 760A Qumu Shore Drna Good sums und good nulnre an nu nr rcparalad rsfb JEAN CHALJSSE 97 Atl 1nt1c Strut Sb: cxrclr eazb mortal lbmg upon ilu dull ulrtb duzllmg IFS Ll KI NNFTH C HURC HILL Sl Chmmny., Strut Inovv like rtraus opml flu un imc llou llc nlao uoold searmh for fuarls mnxl dzu helou IVIARIO DF GRASSIE 5 1 Ilmwood Aunue II hen tlnre 5 a :ull ibn: 1 11 um ROBI RT GOFPPNFR Ilnll1s Aunua Ina ol 1p1.41b qunl buf ruth 11 urll lo rmcud Lf IH lf S 11 lntr1m11r1l Blslxuhill NIARGARET HIBBARD 19' B1ll1ng,,s Srr u II 11,9 u laugh on bu lip, a muh nl la 1 4 K L Lfll Il H1 I 11 NI 1m Wil' IOHN HIGGINS I I I S xflord Strut lor bf. va yolla good fcllou IANILE HOBSON H9 Park Aunue II c rc roolmg for bar and kuou 1lJ4 ll go fur 1 r S 5 1n1 Ll opml Sz11d1'.s Il Honor GPR TRLDE RFNNFY 64 Bronxmld Strut II omni were 11111111 to ure our uw dcllnhl lII'S NIARY LOU KENN EY 61 Bromhnlml Street -1 noble 11172 of good Ilzron 1l0lIIll?I1JfI0d 1 r 5 f.l11I" EUGI' NE LF BLANC f rl15lL Niro. l In :lu xonllv PKISC II IA LLC E ISU lf' n1Irun Aunup Z4 lozs bn! model! 1 r S 15 Cl' I5 THELMA LD NDGRE A NN Fast Iflm -U n II bon ll or lv ull Lum took ldplll 1 MARY MALONEY all B xv hun Road Sin kneu the flrcnse pnfbolognul INONILIII u lun lo .fax IIIIIIJHIE GILBERT MELANSON 9 North Basthld Road in not gnu! men Ilia models ol nation: Inrr 1mur1I B1skub1ll I B1sketb1Il notbill Nlgr DOROTHY ML NDI E 'I 7 Holbrook R0 ld I 11 :Hs nlrnl for czerx nord ulms. Lnnls Cnrls C Ll ELIZABETH REED 4 L 11 Sz 1tL R0 ul xnfnrllom GI NI REILLY 'al H0Il1s Aunuv. 7 IL 7711171 Y VII u md flull HELEN NWALSH 71 Norzh Cmrrxl Annum Slrme I5 vu :der than rpeub S tlll Srucllcs SMH w G1 I ' Qlu . 3. ,, , cw 1' ciluh. 51 .pl 'sh Cl 11. 2.51 ' ' ' ' f Roll. 5. f-' C'il'Clh.5. 1 1 zz" 1. 1.51 If . 1 ' .. 2. ,, - . , V Q l 1' I. Klub. 4. Bo " 2: T- 2: " ' I h, f. X 1 v L I : U D fi I' ' ,. 5, 'J' 2 'aj fa A 1 "To say you ure If.'6'll7IN1C' uere' mr ln A - f 'cr "llc ron' rd in I 1 'gud of 11' Q W - Rifl- I11 . IK: KQ1 cturin fqnzd. I: . . . - - . " " ' , , ,. . , w A A 4 ! "I fwfr no' ua. 1. Illll , 1 ' " f.: .' 5 If,o:1,11 . 1.5. C1 l' Cla.. 5: .on . 5, I will ' I xox." lf 4' Q. L A v. . X Q - k I'.' .' f 1 'L 11u blr' f.llll'7. 5: f,1lfAK' 2 511111. I: . I ' b ,, V .1 Ti- '- I. 2.5: Girl! lil It ,li . 1 -1 " U 1 J. 1 ' .I 1... i. ' ' fo-'L K' '. :L 4 ft 1939 1940 1941 Class H1story Through these stately portals When we were young and gay We sklpped mto our homerooms One brxght September day We were only greenhorns There wasn t much we knew The teachers all agreed That our brains were mnghty few And now they re all umted Thexr concluslons come as one We mxght have had few brams then But now they fear we've none The bell would rmg And up wed sprxng 1nto the seethmg mass We had to crawl and push and maul To get to our next class Buzz buzz went a buzzer In an omxnous tone Twas then we first learned Of the audlophone Pupuls jumpmg and soup bowls bumpmg Caught IH the general hysterna Of students who soon would grow to love Our dear old cafeterna Our vrctory was well earned For vnctorxes were not meant for us ln the next few years we learned And on we advanced We were so glad this year to see We were greenhorns no more We had earned our place among the elnte Upon the second floor We wer mtroduced to scxences And vnewed them wlth despaxr And we stnll ponder oer them While tearlng at our hair Tnme marches on This year our select llttle group was splxt And each one was sent where he was most fit College commercial and more dld we try For vue would soon part from junior hngh O 7 7 . Y 1 , - 1 , . 9 S 9 7 7 ' 7 9 , 7 We won o'er Quincy that gay year, 5 , . Y . , 1 - , V ' , 1 I 9 . . V! ' I 1 o 1947 1943 1944 CLASS HISTORY lC01lll7lll6d, Tzme WHIIS for no one The students of language Wfnth thexr Comments and Comos Soon drove commercxal people To partakxng of Bromos The students of shorthand On translatmg thelr notes Found ln the results Another Ma1rzyDoatS And so sophomores are destmed Our basketball team Whrch was one of the best Showed our school Splflt In the Tech Tourney test Then Came the day Of the great revelatlon T was the gay eyent of the t become jumors Grrls Club mmatron fWhat a sensatxonl Frestas sxestas and meetmgs so gay VUh1ch the Club Caballero then brought our way At last the pmnacle' The summxt We re Senxors now We ve slaved 'ind tonled for years Through laughter sweat and tears Our team nn football was the tops And the ,mx has fallen too We beat the rrval Qumcy Though lt took four years to do And looltmg at the years gone by We all speak out as one Although we ve had enough of work We ye had our share of fun We your loyal sons O North Wrll journey far and yy 1de But no matter where we travel We ll thlnk of you yylth prrde Keep your reputatron r1s1ng Keep your standards alvy ays hrgh XY'e salute you Red and Black Neyer let your Splflf d1e' Cl AIRE Tun 1Pox XXllllA1fxEXNEX 1 3 7 1 . , . N . K H f, . ' L I v At last we've reached the goal of goals c , 1 , 1 L . 4 Q 4 , 3 C ' 1 . a' , y, 3 7 v v , . , , , 3 1 ,, . V V. . v . .. y , , 3 ' 4 U .. N V ' The Prom It had finally arrlved' The blg mght m the senlor year the Prom' For weeks before thls gala event small groups of glrls had been gathermg 1n the corrldors before school between classes at lunch and always the toplc of conversatxon was the same Whom are you gonng w1th7 What IS your dres l1ke7 The boys too felt the xmpendmg ex cnement and gathered ln groups askmg each other Whom are you golng w1th7 May we go nn your car? However now xt had hnally happened From skxrts sweaters sloppy shoes and bobby socks the gxrls emerged for that one dlfferent people from their everyday selves There was a pleasant surprlse for the gxrls too the same boys they had been seemg around school every day were suddenly transformed by thenr strnkmg tuxedoes mto Beau Brummels After passnng through the receptxon lme all began to feel more at ease and dancnng got under way as the heavenly musnc started Then of course there was the grand march 1n whlch everyone marched and marched untll he thought even the mfantry would be easner than thls prom Fmally lt was over and the happy couples drlfted from the hall which was decorated ln an rceland motnf the grrls clutchmg thenr ngloo shaped programs and as favors All rn all the prom was a great success and all who attended enyoyed themselves lmmensely Semor Class Play The play s the thmg'--especlally when nt s The Late Cbnstopher Bean presented by our own Ethel and Lxonel Barrymores Who ever dreamed wed fmd such a character actress ln Frances Noonan? And here we ve been rubbmg elbovss every day wxth B111 MacLaughlm never realxzmg he had a Hanr for the dramatxc Jeanne Meskxll and Ar delle Krllory supported the leads to good advantage Our romantlc leads Barbara Rxch and Alex Martm along wlth Robert Mahn Roy Jack and Francis Burns put themselves ln l1ne for a stage contract by thexr excellent performances Thxs grand comblnatnon of characters mtroduced humor as well as talent as they dashed around the stage nn search of a col lectnon of valuable onl palntxngs around which the mam action of the play was centered Mr john K Young the ever capable coach and Patty Bo Harvne prompter and plnch hxtter deserve credlt for the part they played m makmg the producuon a suc cess , . 5 , 9 ' U ,, . ' , 9 J ' ' ' ,Y . . , , i . . , , , . . . , . flight in frothy, Swifliflg g0WHS, entirely silver ankle bracelets which were presented . , ' , , . 3 s . , , . . . u D I , ' . , , , i , , ' ,U , . , . - , 7 ' HELEN WALSH KAY BELLLVEAU MARJORIE HORTON JUDY HANSON MARIORIE MOORE BARBARA RICH PAULLNE COLE MADALINE HATFIELD SUSAN BLACK MILLILENT ENTWISTLE SYBIL BURNS MILLICENT ENTWISTLE DOLLY WATT CHRIS JOHNSON JUDY HANSON KAY BELLIVEAU FRANCES NOONAN MARJORIE HORTON PHX LLIS MORRIS IRANC ES NOONAN c HRIS x OL NG Class C ensns uzetest llfzttzest Fr1endlJ Dependable Class Optzmzst Best All Around Class Muszczan Class Inseparables Cutest Best Lookzng Peppzest Best Dressed Most Dzgnzfied Mos! Courteous Best Natured Best Dancer Class Actress Ideal 'North Student Best Athlete Host Romantzc C lass Artist BILL COULACAS FRANCIS BEAN CHARLES LEVERONI ALEX MARTIN CHARLES LFVERONI Sf OTTY WHITELAW RUSSELL TIBBETTS FRED ROACH DAN DUNLOP FORREST POWERS EDDIE ELDRIDGE DEAN EASTMAN PAUL IYNCH C HANDLER CUSHMAN JOEY CREEDON HERBERT JACKSON WILLIAM MACLAUGHLIN XVII LIAM MALLALGHLIN SC OT'I X VC HITI' LAXX GENF RFII I X DAVID C LOLGH BARBARA RICHH ,,,,,, , , L ,, Most Popular , ,,s,,,,,ss, ALEX MARTIN is N2 m+u2PL,f K f X ? X .ef rl wx I G5 'lm C Of an F6556 QQ 1 ft Q X I3 T 11 ma ,gf Q I X ' cum f Time 'D x-3' .gm 1 Pzafi -16" E T X11 W ,ig N 5' CIM lrwsc ara. es ance -5 C9 1. 0.55 u5rcva.n 4 WM 1 M Hx I NK cy H.. 0-5 Ia. Ya , 6-1 " ' I - ' 1 fe: Xxx . f 9 A 1 ix V , f 'Ah K ,J Q - , 1? A Q . 5 Qx Q Q , X xx 'Q'?',': 5 H . 5:-LQ .N " X 'A ' , 1445 l if -L' , , ZEN , ffffj , .Q 4 n . - H' 1. ,ff A fl ' lx. jj. Wy ' 1 . . ., A ff, -, . A 4.1 X 1 5 3- ' x 4 f W A qi' ""9fhi5Lv R , ' ai ,EQ ' - . f lik ' f N E Y ' ,JN Y In tx in V B -T - X f ANN , ? Q X A + A y I u Ipit D C! W -eg. Y 2 1 -5:45 JJ ! WI. ,K 1 W . div f ! , ' A ..A. ...el ' , 'hx 'f' Q -1 f if N 5- 'IX mf V K 1 Z 1 X, ' X N l V U 'A L Yin ff' ' 527 NP M213 X 8 f X 'A X J. , 1, 4 4 Z R : S IQ A 5' "9 mos-I' lo Jar ' .A Q. QW ' V gf , ll ,J ,4 9 via, - I Q51 . Y Y , fn' 3 ' v f f l' x 'Z I , Nw ff, -izii' Q 7?V" B65-I, rf X , - fnff lf' - gl D f , 'J j ii' it A ID xx I N, xx .MX J N Ll M Hr : X Q 1 Us V If M 7 AfA 1 if X ,N A x 5 ,mf ,P M! ry! Q f V1 wr' Q W N, XX. 14 ' 4'w'f E in rw : M W ' 1, ' pf f w + Y , , ff I , X . , H' K J f ' Q3 +1 N fl! 1' Qi' . . ff 'il' ' f w 1 fl h L- ' I l Ill X N- x, N .X Y K X . qi: X AN F . 0 SQ 4'x I if rm , 'SJ' "L midi!-Q, 9 u I 1 . v fi ., ,A ,,. . 'lil 3 s ' swf' V, A F K. RW ' i -EM' E an J.. - 'H -an., ' s ff' I , gi " T ,pf . .mflw N A , W' Q' Y MQMQ, W ' ' W5 H K U x I 14 I 1 S 4 1 5 g fi 5 V Q x X .Q ,L .fr Om WM , .112 r ,flgivfy u .xii A vi ' 'ff 1 '51 r, 'nn -lx if W: QA .1 2 1 A- MQ- "U N K EMF ' ' -43' 3- V .-My ' F , ,W -af 'V'-r M ui f 70 Y f Mme. W v vf ry f 4 J ir 4 vs il' M." Y , M4 ,A A at W I ,V A54 I V A1 73"'m'-W I 'ids 449 1 ,W5 yn , - , f 'W ,am , l 4 I ufgx X , I 1 af :Qi f' ,. , vi 'r fp' v 4 x ,. " ,Flin W .Q 4. 1 , . iff -PM 'td fi -'az bl af Last Will and Testament of the Class of '45 We of the Senxor Class From our most exalted posxtlon Draw up today a mlghty wnll To complete our scholastxc mnssnon Our teachers say they ve taught ln vam Ours 15 a sad condltlon It s been a long hard road and we Are lacking ln ambltlon But ln our weary struggle For we will show them yet' We ve gamed some thmgs whxch we pass on That they may not forget To Mr Collms flrst we turn In deep appreclatton For he has helped and gulded us And mernts commendatnon And when our mlghty school bell Declmes to rmg at txmes To Mr MacDonald the Liberty Bell We leave complete wxth chnmes And m return we ask of hum The smallest thmg perceptible One Admxttance Sllp to heaven That St Peter deems acceptable We lease a shotgun to Mrss Berry For self defense not whtm When the boys discover she suggested Home Management for them And to Mademolselle Webstersmlth Who teaches French 53 XY'e forvt ard the hope that her Spanlsh wull nexer Appear where her French ought to be Here Wlfhlfl our mldst we boast The mad suentnst of tradmon We lene to Dr C L Wllkden This of our own solltlon To be employ cd ID demonstrations One patented lxst of excuses In case though through no fault of hls Some experiment vsell refuses , . . . Y 1 n 7 , . . . 9 v 7 3 , . Y . ' 9 Q K . , , V , U Q V .. - - -. - - , , 2 ' . ,. '. 2 ' , . if y 7 L Q 1 jr . v LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT To Mlss Tolchlnsky something rare We leave and here s the catch A typlng rxbbon for her haxr Wnth the machme attached To Mr Walsh who s cramped for s ac HIS room IS always full We leave a llttle Cubby hole In whxch to slmg the bull And after vnewmg her exams We wxll to dear Miss Horrngan A Persnan rug to break our fall As we drop to the florrxgan We the Northern Lights In the Spmt of 45 Bequeath to Mr Smoyer One album of solxcl IIVC Whlle he dlstrlbutes 4 s and 7 s And dances w1th despaxr He well might turn to musnc hot And cease tuggmg at his haxr Our team IS known from coast to coast Its praise spreads far and wnde And so to Mr Donahue We leave a ton of prlde And now at last we hnd ourselves Face to face wlth those Who clalm m the coming year A portnon of our woes So ha1l we our successors' Supposedly dependable Soon wxll dusnllusnoned teachers End That They too Were Expendable And to you all-our personal friends We lease a VISIOH of the world to be A world that IS ours when the conflict ends That we must build for posterlty And we shall make xt strong and hreat Wrth peace and plenty for eversone contznued Wfe ll wander no more through darkness 'md hatc But model our world 1n the Lnght of the Sun Pun Bo Hamm XXIIIIAN1 lxrxxn . Q . Y . 9 Q v . , p e, v -- vf . . . X, .., v Q 'z u rn vv yr 9 v ' 7 .. s f f . ' Q ' ' ' s I- s 7 c c , K . QWMQQQSS 2 g .1 W 95755525 ""' a'L,.,X lt Our Guests va g' rx ,, .--,Q Smzle 'Pretty fx ., .AX Dmlmj Dozens - Unhhh! 1 :hw rl S 5, 4' . K 4 X -'vzirmuf lnxvnucw K A X I . A , g ' '- ' 4 QQ X Q 1 I4 I . K I' t J' Q fp' . , v ' , -H1 9' ' 1 ' +1-if f u Q.,- F - ' LQ--w- - - A b 2 A Wil' , ' L, , J' Y' 1 l . ,- 5 -- -' .7 A.:-C Qgff:-'1'5 ig if ' , 13331, if--f qw- - . fgwf 4 '1 iv, V fy x -- f -51 f I 1550 PM " 'iq if 44-:iz TQ gb,-.1 - . I 31- If ,Q qywf jg ' ,w?,.i 7 -.M , 'fr f F1 Y ms. 22-5 A W'?ff1f'- - 132-3 :ip ' F. Q , I, 1, Conqralulalsons 1 "1 affq- 'Bookworms 7 X S '15 '?eople have more fun 55' 5 , ,A Y? Uuiure Secretaries ff' ' X , V Mt 4,1 If - .Q J ' ll ' . ,Q ' ' - ' A 7 M N ' Silence reigns and noihincj gels mei? Alumni Boosters Edward F Cragm S lfc Helen Miller Hodges Lt George F Moore USA Lillian Smith Power Sgt VmcentG Cragin Capt Edward V Gartland jr USA Henry L Moore S lfc Minard Smith Robertj Cragm S lf Capt james O Dunn Virginia Bishop Turcott Robert Gauthier U S N Lt Freeman Pearlmutter U S A Cpl Robert C Bishop U S A A F Betsy Black Lillian Damrell RobertE Day QM 2 c Pfc William Dunn Albert W Mitchell Y 1 c Mildred Parsons Moore Ellen F Roach Paul Andrews U S N R Louise Griffith Daud Hemingway S M ohn Leary SF 1 c Mary Murphy Leth Ens Douglas Miller Cpl Frank Oeschger U S A Eleanor Quimby Wood Marjorie jackson Marionj Leary Vice President Isabelle Rule Pierce Ens Robert A Sagar Lt Arthur W Smith U S A A F Lois M Smith WAVES joseph Andrews U S N Dorothy M Burns S l C Phyllis j Burns Cpl john H Cahill U S M C Lt Vincent S Cahill USA Doris Campbell Genevieve Murray Courtney Cpl Stephen Day ean Finlay Ens Edwardj Gallagher r Anna Hatfield Barbara Adams Larsen Walter Leavitt U S M M William Martinez A M M 2 C IJ S N Cpl Robert McBurn1e U S A A F joseph A Meehan U S N R Agnes M Murphy Lt Paul E OBrien USAAF Marjorie A O Hearn josephme Puopulo Mary Rogers Pfc Robert Seaverns lranlt Tibbetts U S M S William Cataldo U S N R Romeo j Chabot U S N jean A Chase Pvt john A Dennison L S A '34 - ' .. . . ' , ' . . 141 '35 . g , . - . '36 ' . ' , ' . v - 1' '42 '37 ' . . . , l VC . . . i. , . . . . 38 1 J - Syd Herrick William E. Gerry, Q.M. 2 'C l ' I ', s s n n '40 7 p 1 n n f ' f, . .zfc . Q Q ff f i Alumnl Boosters janet Fratus T C Rlchard Gallagher USA Carol jackson Pvt Nell MacDonald U S A Allce MCWeeney Wllllam A Molander Walter Montgomery U S N R Presldent Sgt Wllllam Moore A T Kclth Rose USAAF Kay Spencer Kay Sweeney C harles W Swlnton Jeannette Walker Marllyn Welch Jeanne Ayers Paullne Bergeron Harry Bloom S 2 C Dorothy Bohannon Frances M Campbell Frances C arney Wllllam R Carney MHIIOH E Chambers Pvt Roy XX Crawford Mary DelGallo Kay Donna Paul O Fallon Margaret A Granahan jf LSAAF Dorls Gray Frederlck Harmon U S N jean Hemlngvs ay Edwln S Humphrey CB S 2 C Glorla Ann Hurley Hazel jack Pvt Ivan B Kennedy U S A A F Pfc Wllllamj MacDonald US A Donald F McDonald S 7 c Mary MCElWlH Eleanor McGarry Pvt Thomas F Meade U S A A F Rlchard M Meehan Betty Ann Mltchell Marlon Morrls Harrlet L Moynlhan Pfc ohn F Mulllgan U S MC Norman Murray AO M 3 C Helen G Orcutt Vlce Presldent Frederlck Qulrk Presldent George Reld S 7 c Wllllam H Roach Treasurer Horton R Shaw S 2 C USNR Walter A Smlth U S N Paullne Therlault Ruth Treco Arlene C Zola Thomasj Fltzgerald S 7 C L SNR I - . . I , .. . I , .. . . I , .. . ' . , . ., . 1 , A, , l, I . . , .. . . . . I ' . . , .. . . Q . , Q nnnn ' 1 "" Q ' ' '. . , .. . .. Pvt. Lawrence Watt, U.S.A. ,44 .J . ' , 4 , ' . . , . 1 ' ., .- .. l , 1 S ' . , . , .. . . I 1 . . 7 ue a ,, . . '45 Best Wishes to the CLASS of 1945 MAYOR CHARLES A ROSS 'Ri SINCERE CONGRATULATIONS to The Class ot 45 from the ermture personnel at REMICK S A cheerful letter from home helps to boost the morale ot tl'1e boys :rm Service today? WHITE BROS That Creamy Milk I l-low about writing to that Cham ot yours North Quincy High School Groduotes "Let us odvise you on your pre-militory training problems in rodio." MASSACHUSETTS RADIO SCHOOL I8 BOYLSTON STREET BOSTON Where over 3 OOO Novy men went to school M? III IIWIIIII1 IMIEII IIII IIIS COME T0 KENNEDYS FOR THEIR CLOTHES II C I-IOP KENNEDY'S I BUENA SUERTE close d I945 e CLUB CABALLERO , . 9 o 1 If . o Io 7 I' ' I Ir I I . 1 3 1 I - I . ' 4 I 9 I Arg' Ic.3l1.onf'...:e o..i1:-C.:.Q 1.111 ieiI you thfit orb pI3ce you 7: :ure to imd of the CI I r.'.'.,'c:af Styli-r 1,1 Ix -:xc :' U. d ,ro -ru' 11.2, Ind xiii .. 1111: I cx, . 5 cf ,:,c:'.c11c- I1l'.4fI.'I'3'LIiv thj. F1- Iii ., 14:5 give: Lg: CI r1fC111:..'.j:E1ti:tc .Eg xjgrlcl rieeds cf the Uxdcrefirccl. That LJ ':.'Q.j-,gzcsoi ::f"'r zsezsczi 'young Under- irgdx ccrie Lirclz Io Pfe:ic"',' .- E SRI US UIII EH-GH!-.L S Compliments ot Pneumatic Scales Corporatnon, Ltd Congraulatnons to the Class of 45 from the SQUANTUM MARKET T46 East Squantum Street Squantum WESTLAND S Equipment for Every Sport Athletic Outfitters to the Qunncy Schools 1555 HANCOCK STREET Quite a Number of NORTH STUDENTS Treat Themselves at the STUDENT SPA Why Not You? CARRIKER MOTOR COMPANY DeSoto Plymouth Dustrnbutars 66 70 Washnngton Street Qunncy Mass Used Cars Bought and Sold Repalrnng of All Cars Parts and Accessories 163 NEWBURY AVE GRA 9719 Cm 4730 Finest Quality Meats and Groceries QUINCY, MASS. NORFOLK WOODWORKI NG CO. Buuldnng Materuals 285 Hancock Street North Qulncy Granlte 8070 FRANK CONWAY S SHELL STATION 315 HANCOCK STREET NORTH QUINCY QUINCY SQUARE FLORIST Nurseries and Green House Landscape Servuce 1246 Hancock Street Qumcy Mass Tel President 7043 QUlNT'S GREENHOUSES "the beauty of our business is flowers 1258 HANCOCK STREET at Qumcy Square QUINCY MASSACHUSETTS Tel Presldent 7620 Complaments of DOWNS PHARMACY INC HANCOCK ST and BILLINGS RD INext to Grant sl Tel Granute 4410 Compl ments of GLENDYE S SERVICE STATION Cong ratulatuons Lffp I to the 9 Z-'WW3 'far-r' 23355 11' Iwlfalswi QUINCYS FASIIIQI CENTER i ' " ,,.. I ..,r.A,. i '1-r , Class ot 1945 sett Q wiifi w tssr fr , Iuh, ,P ,P I I ,W I I I 5: I -4 24' Complnments of STEWART S lNC SHOES-LRUBBERS 67 Beale Street Wollaston Compliments of the BARGAIN CENTER W S WELLS CO 3l9 Newport Avenue Wollaston DRY GOODS McKENZlE S School and Office Supplues Greetung Cards and Statlonery 3 TEMPLE STREET QUINCY SQUARE Complnments of A C SMITH COMPANY Beale Street Wollaston CHURCH CASH CARRY LAUNDRY 624 Hancock Street QUINCY MASS PRE 7684 Compliments of BLACKER AND SHEPARD CO LUMBER NEWPORT AVENUE NORTH QU I NCY C F CARLSON TOURIST AGENCY Great Lakes and Saguenay Rlver Cruises Hotel, Dude Ranch or Resort Reservations 8 DEPOT STREET, QUINCY SQUARE GRA 0051 I , . I Granite 2557 . . The Sweet and Solnd To the Class of l945 STARDUSTERS THE GIRLS CLUB Music For Every Occasuon Wishes Tel PREsndent 1879 Success m Lfe Best Wushes to the Class of l945 N O R T H 2 Best Wushes from Compliments CHEERLEADERS 44 45 of the SH' CLUB FIGHT NQNQ COmp"me'llS of Ten ammfe 9604 Esso sefwce BILLS VARIETY THOMAS G DuBOSE 127 Hancock Street QUINCY MASSACHUSETTS THE LAW OF THE CAMP FIRE GIRLS Worshvp God Seek Beauty Guve Service Pursue Knowledge Be Trustworthy Hold on to Health Glornfy Work Be Happy LEWA HORIZON CLUB I . A ' i . ---- I- -3-4 ms' ' I I , . I NORTH OUINCY GARAGE CO DUGGAN BROS 131 HANCOCK OPP ATLANTIC STATION STREET ATLANTIC PRESIDENT 1100 SH ELDON W LEWIS School Supplnes Paper Supplles Dennnson Goods Gifts Noveltnes Statsonery MAY 0619 Prescruptuon Work a Specialty H D COLE Optometrlst and Optlclan 7 Depot Street Tel Pres 0974 Qumcy Mass Greetnng Cards Photographuc Supplles evelopmg and Prmtlng WELCH S Wollaston Open untnl 7 30 P M Compliments of FARRELL S VARIETY STORE MONTCLAIR Sportswear Llngerle MAE DEANE DRESS SHOP 16 Beale Street Wollaston Summer Cottons Complnments of BAKER DRUG . . 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I - L4 Complnments of THE SLATE COMPANY QUINCY MASSACHUSETTS STANDARD AUTO GEAR CO INC Genuine Servuce Parts and Equnpment 74 WASHINGTON ST QUINCY Tel PREsldent 6600 TOPSY S CHICKEN COOP Famous Throughout New England II43 HANCOCK ST QUINCY Opp Masonuc Temple Complnments of WITH ERELL S GLASS HOUSE GOODIES 2l BEALE STREET WOLLASTON COOLIDGE PHARMACY Prescrnptuon Druggusts J S BECK Ph G Reg Pharm 253 Beale St Wollaston lCor N Central Avel Best Washes and Congratulatuons from FRAZER S MARKET 69 Huckms Ave Squantum Best Meats Grocerles JENSEN MACH I NE COMPANY INC Productlon Machunung Screw Machme Products Experimental Work Model Bulldlng 72 Woodbnne ST Wollaston Best Washes CLIPPINGS AND RESEARCH 50 Apthorp St Pre 2485 Camplnments of CHARLIE S BARBER SHOP Charles Rizzo Louis Ruzzo Tel Mayflower 23l2 HOWIE 81 CRAMOND Prescrlptnon Optncuans II57 Hancock St Qunncy 69 Mass Opposnte Masonnc Temple M1 Chicken and Chips-6Oc WI Ll-IAM R' pRATT TAMPA JACK S FRUIT CO Del ncatessen Ma rt FRUITS AND PRODUCE 75 85 Hancock Street 259 6I 63 Beale Street NORTH QUINCY WOLLASTON Tel Gramte 9569 GIFTS HALLMARK Greetmg Cards ROSEVILLE HAEGER 8. FENTON POTTERY Framed Pictures and Prints Jewelry C-ames Noveltnes Toys and Baby Gifts STAN'S CARD 81 GIFT SHOP 6OA BILLINGS ROAD NORFOLK DOWNS PRESIDENT7254 DIAMONDS WATCHES AND RINGS VANCE E BUKER JEWELRY I356 HANCOCK STREET ADAMS BUILDING QUINCY TEL PRESIDENT 5533 I 0 I I I I . r 1 WOLLASTON THEATRE DEWARE BROS The Cnty s Largest Funeral Home and Chapel Non Sectaruan A Name You Can Trust GRA I I37 376 HANCOCK STREET WOLLASTON THE REGENT THEATRE TAXI SERVICE OH ce Phone Resndence Phones Granite 5352 Granute 4937 Mayflo er 2260 Lumous nes for All Occasions OFFICE 3 BILLINGS ROAD NORTH QUINCY F. B. RICH Q SONS PQJ71 ,Z JLQIILLIVAI REAL ESTATE INSURANCE I I BEALE STREET WOLLASTON PREsudent 0794 RUSSELL FUNERAL HOME TWO FUNERAL HOMES 664 Honcock Street 2I Fronklun Street Wollaston Moss GRA 7423 South Qulncy Moss ANY DISTANCE NON SECTARIAN SERVICE THAT SAVES AND SAVES CLINTON CLOTHING CO GEORGE SMARKET 29 HANCOCK ST QUINCY Neor Neponset Brndge CLOTHES FACTORY TO YOU Telephones Gronnte 0392 Presldent 2054 PATTERSON S FLOWER SHOP ELSIE M PATTERSON Prop I283 HANCOCK STREET OUINCY I84 W Squontum St No Quincy Tel PRE 0725 Compliments of RALPH COAL COMPANY WOLLASTON PREsudent 0837 7- I Quality Meots-Groceries . X' . I FOY S H77 HANCOCK STREET 60 FRANKLIN STREET FRANK N ORCUTI' ww HOWARD JCI-INSON'S C Q I ' 1 Gnd Best Wishes MAR KETS from Y C 'nn C plA f Served at our Cafeterla PLYMOUTH ROCK ICE CREAM if. Manufactured under the Sealtesf System of Laboratory Producfnon and Awarded the Seal of Approval of Cood Hausekeepmg lnsfntute A utograflzs "IT'S GOOD FOR THE CHILDREN" A utographs

Suggestions in the North Quincy High School - Manet Yearbook (North Quincy, MA) collection:

North Quincy High School - Manet Yearbook (North Quincy, MA) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 1


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North Quincy High School - Manet Yearbook (North Quincy, MA) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


North Quincy High School - Manet Yearbook (North Quincy, MA) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


North Quincy High School - Manet Yearbook (North Quincy, MA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


North Quincy High School - Manet Yearbook (North Quincy, MA) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


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