North Putnam High School - Hawkeye Yearbook (Roachdale, IN)

 - Class of 1978

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North Putnam High School - Hawkeye Yearbook (Roachdale, IN) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Cover

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'V X "J Q1 ,U Jiffy, K y ,lf A IX U 0 Q Wx X., L W I J H 7 7' J J JJ Q Jaya! F171 g.fzUff4, Xi NU M ff! lx! JJ 'J f QOQV NYY 'ffjnff QJX N J G' V' ii f f- JJ J f ' ' KY, ska 'xl l N, 53:4 Da I-ri -.,-i f: 1 F , , tk' W ,E x if J Q - ' "' V-fi' 7 L' IKJHAJ J ff- f I jg, 'NCS' X RQ, Q12 '4 '74 . if ! X - " . A , M X .43 ,4 :g 2, fkr tif: M XX ,f Cy 'SS FCM 1 -1' 3 216117 july Q . I 7 J f S32 X XXV Q' Ciiv 4 fi ai, 1 JK A J LJ f C 2 lv fx I XX ' ff 1f 1 ' X Jul, W- I ,uf ' :x M - 5 ' ,- ' -f f' -- " 'AV ,I ft r, ,, by A NV dw 1 X W ,Q go UN 1 , ff mfg 7 X. A Q' Q. ' I XX 154- I 1' ' 1 J ' f ' ' .-1 A -I' N S M QV 'Xu IBQJJ "WU ffl!" A fl' .1 ' +C' w- T, W-1 ff Q Y, fx? y W1 J 'Y , x 9' ,, f-,Q V4 Q ' 'jf' H z' 4- 'N , , ,, ,. , ,,,, . . . ,xv -7 J J, , Q cj. Cc' 1 QQ 7Uf1g',j! f' fv' f 4,1 ' f' ' 1 H 'X .1 XXQU XQJ X' . Q!! 0 va x, ,L-. -,., 1 QV , K XX K ,Y 5 , 1 Cx Wqx I hm' x x Wy N31 I , ' x' ! ' gf U EJ V' 'Obi' L' ' lx l , ,N t, ng. 07' llfvw Q J ,1 ww ,tgwi WF- My lu' mag, . if' "IL JU, iw, ,L ' up . p -A yy' cb H 1,l.CV' W if I p' ! .W Ju , 2 , N" S3 , ...Jfff 'TL.w--'16 . -as Q V . . 'X . 'G up is -5 'S +5 L .1 U 'J . 9 3 x M L MV -,J-YY f ,W -I TA s X-, . ff , 4 - . M3 X- sa K fx, U . W ff f fb ' A5 Qs 3 EW, 'WV My 1 X1 ff N M 3 I M 5 " ' ' J ' V b ' I " il if " 2 Q3 x , - , 7, ku .Ng X 4 'jlx' M , g 'IA , -L Q Bx l rv X w., , , N, NJ is , x ' X K , fx ' ,LL X 5 ' - x' x L N Q Q 5 , 3 7 4 Lf ' x VA VV Fsx , ' 4 44, br., . 54 J J 1 ' X 2.3 A g ' . ' , '- -S , NJ I A A V . V3 t R 1 X . 5 ' U A ,- h ' A f , 1. Q Lao ' "W , A 'K-L mx fl R H A L n QQ x , R X L- -. I ' I ,, h GQ r I Q Qs 'E l v In . U' ,L ' L W 'Ji 3' 78 -.3 J, QXHYRBQ +0 ,ff Ei ,X '-1,31 E" Lmjf-'-'v f-'Lvxo-.J-X, GAL 'vb ami aijfni 3 N3 X JM dh-'Q Off-Q29 uf x P EAM-13M bwfawg MM 3 SJ My Cam blk' J Sz' WJ 'r Q ww Mal Ji W uma isis? sig vfLf,,'?5f' UU, Nb Q TM X iff U3 UWMLFF M fm., WW vb M-fl qi Alix Aww fbi U-cv-,-,,,CO fUvafLf HrM Fic-QQ jlif-rv-.LQ-f fit? iw,.4,N, xg. L XL I 1-f2A,ux0,Q2f x L,4,'-i447-mf Qzly' f A W M C' ua f M' , Win. Avg, CLLQQ afylfmwf JIALQLQ., dx! oL,u-al,-0 .J M5710 blip fgzom U7.1,4.a,Q,m.,o ' K -s .X Q x . -. J' x x x P1 ,A ff W sfUN Q1JgL, ,gg 51,9 JL fi-0w,fowL UJEJQQJH ff? ,Him .f Lc,cL.607 ezgfw H 3 L Qi, mmwruj yqfmg, fwfr Qfbdvwubf 1150 Www, jsi 140 my Jw ,iq 4 ' J., A - 1 if 1 - N K' T !22Lmf4vfco,av10, ffM'J7ffJ MW Pj- 4 2 1, -A lv 'mf I UUQQ, Y" ,613 Malbqqw VWNUJXIQAA XEJUUYX ' HUVU-Url' LU? UQGQYGUQA- . 0 u lx. 9 in QQ wg Nlfw ww 0 WNAJPJUS Qjwvl Kffifiwfbv I vu 'xiii f QW WW ' 04? 9 w.-'Vi 'vfbjhu Y ' A K I' h " ., I -N .- YYX ,xy i,,! N , ,,Q,,5LcLQ,D w Qi Q kuwqv X bw M M M Wm Q 1 . 1 5' l ' -V? ' .W f ' ,Q -A an fx P Q gf , 1 , k , Hgh? I , V W E 1 I A A A , , ,for iiirQ,jQy I r w2z? 7f W,e:f' , . , Y. ' ' , 1 'grg,m"77 j5f2fgE"" f1f,i225 ' A 4- - 5-1 X 'N ffiwf xmfvff 4 K' ' A f- ef ff '. . U ma ' r--N f 525, 'X MW f. 121 KJQJZVMW ww ZW KW, MM 55551 www ' ww--Mama dtgwrd QW YQ bmyuwdg ,jgaffxfecawzp Qdfdffgcfdf Zwfgjaejdbwf ' 4.4166 Cggggu LMA gmt! Z MwWW WjW mQZfQW5jw3jW Wfiiwfffffwggm .. cizbgewwi ,, QGQZW , fgwiifbm ,322 WZZYWWMSQ fwmnw 'Z 4.150 ffff-Q0mw21fWMJj'ZM7MM70 Q" W dMfZ 4'-fl WL K 7?5, ' . I in ' I W f ' A H .xy 4 , 1 ?,,9"3fN N ' L f ,,' nunr runln 1978 Showcase Vol. IX North Putnam Jr. Sr. H igh School Rural Route 2 7 Roachdale, Indiana 461 72 The cycle of the seasons reflects the countless begin- nings and endings which are human existence. The tree, as it passes from dormancy to bud to leaf to crimson autumn glory and becomes once again a leafless silhouette, mirrors the many stages of our lives. ' 1 la Winter Miseries Victimize NP 1978 brought the worst winter in Hoosier history. Schools and businesses were forced to cut their electrical usage by 5071. leaving N.P. cold and dark. In January a blizzard struck, affecting not only towns but also railroads. In Bainbridge volunteers helped rescue stranded pas- sengers from a frozen Am- Track train. Students wore long underwear as thermos- tats were lowered. 1- 1 1 "9 ' 'ft' 7515 'Twig-gym. . ,- ,,,,,, 4. ,2 rv., 5 wwf-ff-v-,F-,,..-, ' ' V5-'I' 'N L 1.4 ' ff! I 'c fl.-iii? ' 1 V 1 V P. " L , L -fum "3" W - 3' Q ' , . A . 1 1,121-f I I, ,M fit 4 "r 1 gg: c ' fx. L , J 5 44-hu I if ' 4' 1 'XL'-.12 ,.. L , .4.,?'.,4 '1 ' . -' - . -2. -ek Lg . . ' - . -rf,-, Y. -.nv V! ' " V f Wm ' 'W' ' 4"fn 1" V ,N L ,' f ,a r .' Y' 1 .,, L! V 4 .L'L W 'y .N F X . . ,. ., . - ,, ,. c 'f- '1 M -5 K' ,, I E 17, 'JA Q h X Q E 1 ...Bw 'wif -a, I ..- W 6' A 'L v,. , ,L N Mm ',-5 "ir X , viiiiiwfn K D W .1 1 1 Vx 1 Ari Pla Reveals 6cThe Butler Did lt'i "The Butler Did It" is a satirical play based on several characters created by modern mystery writers. The action takes place on a remote island owned by the eccentric Miss Maple fLisa Waltonj. Miss Maple invites writers from all over the world to come to her home and solve a mock murder. When all have arrived-Charity Haze fLora Summersj. Loui Fan Gerry Tincherj. Father White Gerry Sandersj. Chandler Marlow Ueff Schubertj, Rick and Laura Carlyle fMark Kays and Tammy Williamsl. and Peter Flimsey tBrad Malayerj-a real murder occurs. Rick Carlyle is killed. The writers try to find the murderer, but succeed only in accusing each other, and Miss Maple's employees. Rita Eyeslbarrow fElaine Oneyj, and Haversham the maid tBeth Hennonj. Complicated by mistaken identities and clever dis- i guises. the climax is reached with the unmasking, of Car- lyle's murderer. Cast members and directors were tRow lj Beth Hennon. Elaine Oney..Lisa Walton. Lora Summers: Row 2: Jeff Schubert. Jerry Sanders. Miss Knox tDirectorJ. Jerry Tincher. Denise Gentry tStudent Directory, Mark Kays and Brad Malayer. Faculty members Mr. Steward and Mr. and Mrs. Gjesvold acted as technical director. set designer and resource consultant. respectively. i f Downpour Drowns ut Homecomin "The weather beat us." said Coach DeBoer after North Putnam's winning streak of three I-lomecomings was broken by the Monrovia Bulldogs 7 to l2. It was also the first time the crowning of the queen was held inside. Heidi Green was crowned homecoming queen during the after-game festivities. I SWELL W AU .2 pu' I EURBEHEDE pf Wflf HE MN IF u 'pf-rest 'F' The l977 Homecoming court includes princesses D. Cash 4FroshJ, T. Murphy 1Soph.J. L. Sutherhn Um. and Seniors L. Tippin. H. Green. and N. Ford. 8 7 X4 1 'fs A- , -. -Tzu- 3 izbwff ,W .I ss . re. ,L - 2 1 . .-.X -X 1 W ' l'..U .v v 1 sm' M 8 ir ' W ,,,.a 9' Ji i?, Y, 1 ' X Y v' H I 1 ' Wi V rug.- wa if'-gif-If :2,3?"A . 1, , . .,?,..,-.4,.v,.?.T?-,.L.... A Y I ,, 1 .- ,- , Lg.. , .. .J.,h,.v . 5 i. fx. 'iv'.. f ' w . 4, Y wr!!! - ,,.+,r- A 1 ff P., , ' L f it-y X , ., 'Qf-.1 -4' " , ' r 'IX..A,.,, 1, A . 1,-.5141 I ,vi -I- .pf mi 1' A w 1. Aa D' J., ' , f. .ing School Days End, Careers Begin -"X Stacy Ann O'Hair Henry Christian Laurie Lynn Porter Lanna .Io Tippin President Wedemeyer Secretary Treasurer Vice-President Jennifer Lee Alcorn Randall Lee Asher Dennis Baire L Awe' Vicki Lynn Baldwin Jesse Barton, Jr.. Barbara Ann Beams Kathryn Joann Boller .loan Elizabeth Buser Carl Dean Teresa Kay Chilcote Paula Sue Cloncs Carrington Qu-3 NESFIQP - Raymond Keith Pamela Sue Debra .Ioan Crodian Cornett Crawford 'E Marlin Lew Curran Kay Kerns Daniels Kenneth Ray Keith Evan Ford Dickerson Nancy Ann Ford Mike Games Mark Alan Fordice Bruce Eugene Fowler If . 'S-if I J rl A " li Mary Frances Denise Lynne Karla Denille Goad Garrett Gentry William Hershel Gordon l v i Heidi Green Teresa Ann Greene Martin Dale Harpold Richard Wayne Cynthia Louellen Timothy Alden Martha Jayne Haulk Headley Heckel Henderson Esther Arlene Charles Stephen Donna Ann Horton Hetrick Holland James William Jarvis Ricky Allen Johnston 7'5- 555 ffik 'W a I fl J -4, ' Ig ll. 1 A A im' lf- .' .A fi' iv Xen- A U " fl In X -1- v f it - it V y fit' ' ' ' David Edwin Joyce Tonnesa Sue Keck ' 1 LL Jay Duane Kelly Karen Elaine Kelly Kevin Wade Nancy Jayne Knapp Kendall aug' Dallas Ray Lane J efferey Lane Grace Ann Leak Lawson R.. ' I - rml 4 Rodney Gene Lientz Russell Jeffery Nancy Sue Little Rodney LCC Mason Lieske 'n'?l Robin Scott Roxanne McBride Mark Alan Gayle Lynette McBride McFarland McGaughey Rodney Lynn Scott Douglas Michael Joe Means McMahon Meanor Steven Edward Thomas Joseph Edward Allen Miller .lo Ellen Miller Miles Miles 1 .Ionthan James Michael Ray Miller James Harold Kerry William Noll Miller Moore Michael Scott Patricia Lynne Page Denise Jones Phipps O,Hair Rickie Darrell Sandra Kay Purvis Debby Lee Ratcliff Paul DOuglaS Reed Pressley Gregory L. Reed Mary Katherine James Robert Lori Ann Roe Riggle Rodgers Jerry E. Sanders Jeffrey M. Schubert Becky Ann Sheets Y Blake Alan Sheets Dawna Ann Sinnet Betty Sprague Jeanie Sprague MK Linda Jean Staggs Pamela Sue Stokes Janice Sue Storm Richard Lee Stultz 11. Paul Edward Surber Randy Lee Sweet Robert Gene Tincher Anna Mae Walters Tina Marie Walters Lisa Anne Walton Mary Ellen Webb Tamara A. Williams Charles Gilmore Thomas Stewart Williamson Wilson Harry James Wood Mark Wood Rebecca Anne Zimmerman X57 W' ALCORN, J ENNIE Span. 1,21 FHA 3,43 Pep I,2,3,43 Pep Cnc1.3 Sec., 4 Treas.3 Band l,2,3,4. ASHER, RANDY Sr. Hist. 1,2: NRA 2,3. BAIRE, DENNIS Span. 3,43 Art 1,2,3 Treas., 4 Pres. BALDWIN, VICKI NHS 3,43 Math 2,3,43 Span. l,2,33 Sr. Hist. 1,23 OEA 2,33 Pep 1,2,3,43 GAA l,2,33 FCA 1,2,3,43 Band 3,41 Sunshine 1,23 Pom Pon 3,42 S l,2,33 T 23 Gym Ass't. 1,2. BARTON, JUNIOR Sr. Hist. 1,23 Ind. Arts 4: FCA 33 Band l,2,3,43 St. Band 43 P. Band 43 FB 2,33 BB 13 IM l,2,33 Gym Ass't. 4. BEAMS, BARBARA News. 43 Yrbk. 43 Sr. Hist. 3,4Pep 1,2,3,43 FCA 3,43 Tennis 3,43 Office 43 T. Mgr. 3,4. BOLLER, JOHN BOLLER, KATHY Sr. Hist. l,2,33 Tennis 2,3,43 Gym Ass't. 3. BUSER, JOANIE NHS 3,4 Sec.3 Math 43 St. Cncl. 2,3,43 Span. l,2,3,43 Sr. Hist. I.2,3,4Q Pep l,2,3,43 Pep Cncl. 33 GAA 1,2,3 Treas., 43 Band l,2,3,4 Sec.3 P. Band 2,3,43 Band Cncl. 43 BB l,2,3,43 Plays 1,4. CHILCOTE, TERESA NHS 3,43 Span. I,2,3,4Q Sr. Hist. I,2,3,43 OEA 3,43 Pep 1,2,3,43 Pep Cncl. 33 Girls' State 3 falternatej. CLONCS, PAULA Sr. Hist. 1,2,3,43 OEA 3,42 NRA 23 Pep 1,2,3,43 GAA I,2,3,4Q FCA 2,3,43 Ten- nis 3,41 Band 1,2,3,43 Swing 43 Band Cncl. 43 Band Lib. 43 VB 1,23 BB 1,21 T 1,2 Mgr. 33 BB 3. CORN ETT, KEITH Sr. Hist. 13 Chess 13 Tennis 13 T I. CRAWFORD, PAMELA Media 1,2. CRODIAN, DEBBIE Span. 1,23 FHA l,2,3,4 fHist.J3 OEA 3,43 GAA l,2,3,4Q FCA 43 VB I,2,3,43 Office 4. CURRAN,MARL1N IM 3. DICKERSON, KENNY NHS 3,43 JCL 13 Pep 43 Band 1,2,3,43 St. Band 2,3,43 P. Band 2,3,43 IM 33 Orch. 33 Bkst. 4. DRAWBAUGH, PAT FORD, KEITH Math 2,3,43 JCL 1,2,3,43 NRA 1,23 Chess 1,2,3,43 FCA 1,2,3,43 Band I,2,3,4Q St. Band 43 P. Band 2,3,43 CC l,2,33 BB 1,33 S 2g T I3 G 2,3,43 IM 23 Bkst. 4. FORD, NANCY NHS 4 Pres.3 St. Cncl. l,2,3,4 Pres.3 Speech 13 Thesp. 2,33 JCL 2,3 Sec., 4 Pres.3 Sr. Hist. l,2,33 Pep I,2,3,4Q Pep Cncl. 43 GAA 1,2,3, V. Pres.3 FCA 2,3,43 Cheer. 43 Band 1,2,3, Treas., 4 Pres.3 St. Band 2,3,43 P. Band 2,33 Band Cncl. 3 Treas., 4 Pres.3 VB 1,33 T 33 Girls' State 33 Plays 1. FORDICE, MARK NHS 3,43 Math 43 JCL 1,2,3,43 FCA Senior l,2,3,43 Band I,2,3,4Q St. Band 3,41 P. Band 3,43 W 1,2,3,43 Gym Ass't. 4: Officer2 Pres. FOWLER, BRUCE Span. 13 Sr. Hist. I,2,3,4Q FFA 1,23 NRA l,2,3,4Q Chess 23 FCA l,2,33 FB 43 CC l,2,33 BB 1,2,3,43 Bb 1,3,4: Office 33 Gym Ass't. 3,43 Lib. 4. GAMES, MIKE NRA 3. GARRETT, MARY NHS 3,43 OEA 3,43 Art 2,42 GAA 43 VB 1,33 Plays 1.43 Bkst. 4. GENTRY, DENISE Thesp. 3,43 JCL 13 News. 33 Yrbk. 33 Sr. Hist. l,2,33 OEA 3 Jr. V-Pres., 4 Pres.3 NRA 33 Media 1,23 Pep l,2,33 GAA I,2,3,43 FAC 2,33 Tennis 33 VB 33 T 43 Gym Ass't. I3 Plays 3,4. GOAD, KARLA FHA 13 OEA 23 Media 4. GORDON, BILL NHS 3,43 Math 3,43 Span. 1.23 NRA l,2,33 FB 1.2,3,43 W 1,23 Bb 1,2,3,43 IM 1,23 Boys' State 33 Gym Ass't. 33 Bkst. 4. GREEN, HEIDI Span. 1,23 News 23 Sr. Hist. l,2,33 Art 1,2,3 Sec., 43 Pep l,2,3,43 Pep Cncl. 2,3,43 GAA l,2,33 Cheer. I,2,3,4Q Pom Pon 2,3,43 Officer I Sec., 2 Sec., 3 Treas.3 Plays 33 Home Ct. 33 Home Queen 4. GREENE, TERESA NHS 1,23 News. I3 Yrbk. I: Sr. Hist. 1,2,3,43 OEA 3,43 Pep l,2,33 GAA l,2,3,43 BB l,2,33 T 1,23 Office 1. HARPOLD, MARTY Math 43 Span. 2,3,43 Sr. Hist. 33 NRA l,2,33 FCA I,2,3Q FB l,2,3,43 BB 1,2,3,43 Bb l,2,3,4. HAULK, RICHARD Sr. Hist. 1.2.33 Ind. Arts 23 Band I,2,3,4L P. Band 2,3,43 Bkst. 4. HEADLEY, CINDY Sr. Hist. 2,3,43 OEA 2,3,43 Art 33 Pep 1,2,3,43 Art 33 Pep l,2,33 Chorus 23 T 1. HECKEL, TIM Math 2,3,43 JCL l,2,3,43 Sr. Hist. l,2,33 NRA l,2,33 Chess 13 FB l,2,3,4 Co- Capt.3 BB I3 Bb 43 G l,2,33 IM 33 Gym Ass't. 43 Plays 2,3,43 Librarian A.V. Aide. HENDERSON. MARTHA NHS 3,43 Speech 23 Thesp. 2,3,43 Span. l,2,33 Sr. Hist. l,2,33 OEA 3,43 Pep l,2,33 GAA l,2,33 FCA 33 Pom Pon 3,43 Plays 1,3,4. HETRICK, ESTHER NHS 3,43 Speech 1,2333 Thesp. 2,3,4 Sec.3 JCL l,2,33 FHA 13 GAA l,2,3,4: FCA 2,3 Pres., 4 V. Pres.3 Tennis 43 Sunshine I,2Q Swing 3,43 Chorus 2 Treas., 3 Pres., 43 BB l,2,33 Girls' State 33 Officer2 V. Pres.3 Plays l,2,3,4. HOLLAND, CHUCK Sr. Hist. 13 Ind. Arts 2,3,43 IM I,2,3. HORTON, DONNA OEA 3,41 Media 33 GAA 1,2,3,43 FCA 3g VB 2,33 BB 1,2,3,43 Track I,2,3,41 Office 3,4. IVERS, TRAVIS W 43 Bb 43 Gym Ass't. 4. JARVIS, JAMES W. Span. I3 Chess l,2,33 FCA l,2,3,43 Band I,2,3,4Q P. Band 43 CC 23 BB l,2,33 Office 4: Gym Ass't. 4. JOHNSTON, RICKY JOYCE, DAVID NHS 3,43 Ind. Arts 13 FB 1: CC 2,3,4: S l,2,3,4: T2,3. KECK,TONNESA Art 3.4. KELLY. JAY NHS 3,43 Math 3,4 V. Pres.3 JCL 1,2,3,43 NRA l,2,33 FCA 1,2,3 Co- Capt.. 43 Band I,2,3,4Q FB I,2,3,43 BB l,2,33 Boys' State 4. KELLY. KAREN FHA 1,2.3,43 OEA 3,43 Pep 1,23 GAA 1,2,3.43 Tennis 43 BB l,2,33 T l,2,33 Mgr. 1 VB, 2 VB, 3 VB BB, 4 VB. KENDALL, KEVIN FFA I Chaplain, 2,3,43 FCA 1,2 Sec.- Treas.. 3 Pres.3 Band 1,2,3,43 St. Band 2,3,43 P. Band 2,3,43 FB 2,33 BB 13 W 3: IM 2. KNAPP. NANCY NHS 3,42 Speech 23 Thesp. 2,3,43 Span. 1,2,3,43 Sr. Hist. l,2,33 OEA 3,43 Pep l,2,3,4L GAA l,2,33 Pom Pon 2,3,43 T 23T Mgr. LANE, DALLAS FFA 1,2,3. V. Pres.3 Ind. Arts 2,3 Reporter. 4 V. Pres. LAWSON, JEFF FFA l,2,33 NRA 3. LEAK, GRACE JCL l,2,33 Yrbk. 13 Art 1,2,3. LIENTZ. ROD Ind. Arts 3,43 IM I,3. LIESKE, JEFF Tennis 33 CC 1,2,3,43 T l,2,33 IM 1,2. LITTLE, SUE NHS 3,43 Sr. Hist. 13 OEA 3,43 GAA 1: S 13 Plays l,2,3. MASON, ROD Sr. Hist. 1,23 NRA 33 FB 4: CC 23 T 2,33 IM l.2,3. MCBRIDE, ROBIN NRA 33 Chess 13 Media 2,3,4 V. Pres.3 S l,2,3,4: Gym Ass't. 33 Plays 4. MCBRIDE, ROXANNE Span. l,2,3,43 Sr. Hist. l,2,33 FHA 4: OEA 43 Pep 1,2,3,43 Pep Cncl. l,2,3,4: GAA l,2,33 FCA l,2,33 Cheer. 1,2,3,43 Band I,2,3,4Q T 1,23 Officer I Pres., 2 V. Pres.3 Bkst. 3. MCFARLAND, MARK Sr. Hist. 33 FFA l,2,33 NRA 1,23 Ind. Arts 43 Gym Ass't. 3,43 Mgr. l,2,3,4 BB, 2,3,4 FB. MCGAUGHEY, LYNETTE Span. 3,43 News. 43 Yrbk. 43 Sr. Hist. 33 OEA 3,43 Pep 13 GAA l,2,33 FCA 3,43 Tennis 3,43 VB 2,31 BB 23 Gym Ass't. 33 T. Mgr. 13 FHA 2. MCMAHON, RODNEY JCL 1,23 Span. 2,3,43 NRA 1,23 FCA I,2,3,43 Band 1,2,3,43 St. Band 2,3,43 P. Band 2,3,43 FB 1,2,3,43T. 1,2,3,43 IM 3. MEANOR, SCOTT Sr. Hist. 3,43 Ind. Arts l,2,3.4L Art 33 FB 1,41 T 133,43 IM 1,2,3. MEANS, MIKE Ind. Arts 1,2,3,4 Sgt. of Arms3 FB I,2,3,4Q BB l,2,33 Gym Ass't. 1. MILES, STEVE NHS 3,43 Speech 23 JCL 1,2 Treas., 33 Span. 33 News. 4 Photo3 Yrbk. 3,4 Photo: Sr. Hist. 1,2 V. Pres., 3: NRA 1,2,3 Treas.3 FCA 2,3,4 Capt.3 CC 2,3,43 S I,2Q T 43 Bb 2 Mgr., 3 Mgr.: Plays 2,33 Bkst. 4. MILES, THOMAS Span.3 NRA 13 Ind. Arts 1,2,3 V. Pres., 43 Tennis 43 Band 1,2,3,43 P. Band 1,2,3,43 Swing 43 Chorus 4. MILLER, EDWARD A. Ind. Arts 43 FCA I,2,31 Band 1,2: P. Band 1,23 FB 1,2,3,43 BB 13 T I,2Q Gym Ass't. 3. MILLER, JO ELLEN NHS 3,43 Span. 1,23 Sr. Hist. I,2Q FHA 13 OEA 3,4: Pep l,2,33 Pep Cncl. 3: GAA 1,2,3,43 Cheer. 33 Band 1,2,3,43 Pom Pon 2,3,43 S 1,2,3,43 T 3,43 Girls' State Alt. 33 Office 2,3,4. MILLER, JON Math 1,2,3,43 Span. 1,2,3,43 Sr. Hist. 1,2,3,43 NRA 1,2,3,43 Pe 43 FCA I,2,3,41 FB I,2,3,4Q T 1,33 BE 23 IM 33 Plays 33 W Mgr. 3. MILLER, MICHAEL Sr. Hist. l,2,33 FFA l,2,3 Reporter: NRA l,2,33 Chess 1,33 IM 23 FB Mgr. 1,23 BB Mgr.1,2. MOORE, JIM NHS 3,41 Math 43 St. Cncl l,2,33 Span. 1,23 Band 1,2,3,43 St. Band 2,3,43 Pep Band 2,3,43 Swing 43 W 1,2,3,43 Gym Ass't. 4g Orch. 3,4. NOLL, KERRY FFA 1,23 FB 13 BB 13 IM 23 Gym Ass't. 1,2. O'HAIR, MIKE Sr. Hist. l,2,33 FCA 2,33 FB 43 BB I,2,3.41 Bb 2,3,4. O'HAIR, STACY NHS 3,43 Math 33 Thesp. 3,43 JCL 1,2,3,43 News. 3,43 Yrbk. 43 Sr. Hist. l,2,33 Pep 1,23 Pep Cncl. 1,2 Treas.: GAA 1,2 Treas., 3 Pres., 4 Pres.3 FCA 2,3 V. Pres., 4 Pres.3 VB 1,2,3,43 BB I,2,3,42 T I,2,3,4Q Girls' State 33 Office 4g Officer I Treas., 2 Treas., 3 Pres., 4 Pres.3 Plays 3. PAGE, PATTIE Thesp. 33 Span. 1,2,3,43 News. 3,4 Edi- IOTQ Yrbk. 43 Sr. Hist. l,2,33 FHA I,2,3,4Q Regorterg OEA 3,4 State Offi- cer, 8L V. res.: Media 3,4 Pres.3 Pep 1,23 GAA 1,2,3,43 FCA 33 Tennis 3,43 Pom Pon 2g VB 33 T 2,43 Plays 2,3,4. PORTER, LAURIE Math 3,4 Pres.3 JCL 1,2,3,43 Pep 1,23 GAA 1,2,3,43 FCA 43 S I,2Q Office 3,43 Officer 3 Sec., 4 Sec. PRESSLEY, RICK NHS 3,43 Math 43 Span 1,23 Sr. Hist. 33 FFA l,2,3 Sec.3 NRA l,2,33 Bkst. 2. PURVIS, SANDY Sr. Hist. I,2,3,4Q FHA l,2,33 OEA 3,43 ParIiamentarian3 Pep l,2,33 GAA l,2,33 FCA 2,33 T 1,23 T3 Mgr. Activities RATCLIFF, DEBBY Span. l,2,33 Sr. Hist. 1,23 FHA 1,2,3,43 OEA 2,33 Art l,2,33 Band 1,2,3,43 T 1,23 Plays 1,2. REED, GREG NHS 3,43 Math I,2,3,4Q Yrbk. 3,43 Chess 13 Art 3 V. Pres., 4 V. Pres.3 Bb I3 G22 IM 23 Plays l,2,3. REED, PAUL Chess 2,33 FCA 23 Tennis 3,43 FB 2,33 IM l,2,33 Gym Ass't. l,2,3,4. RIGGLE, MARY Span. 13 News. 43 Yrbk. 43 Sr. Hist. l,2,33 Pep 1,2,3,43 Tennis 43 S Mgr. 2. ROBBINS, MIKE CC 23 W2,3,4. ROBBINS, TERESA RODGERS, JIM NRA l,2,33 Ind. Arts 2,3,43 FB 1,23 W 1,23 T 1,2. ROE, LORI OEA 43 Bkst. 4. SANDERS, JERRY NHS 3,4: Math 2,3,43 Speech 2,3,43 Thesp. 3,43 Span. 1,23 Media 1,2,3,43 Tennis 33 Band I,2,3,4Q St. Band 43 P. Band 3,43 Swing 3,43 Chorus 23 Bb 43 Plays 2,3,4. SCHUBERT, JEFF NHS 2,3 V. Pres. 43 Math 43 St. Cncl. 2 Sec., 3 Treas., 4 V. Pres.3 Speech 2,33 Thesp. 2,3,4 V. Pres.3 Sgan. l,2,3,4 Pres.3 News. 43 Yrbk. 43 r. Hist. 2,33 NRA 1,23 Chess 2,3,43 FCA 1,2,3,43 Band 1,2,3,43 St. Band 43 P. Band 3,43 Swing 3,43 CC 1,2,3,43 W 43 S l,2,33 T 1,23 G 3,4Q IM 2,33 Officer 1 V. Pres.3 Plays l,2,3,4. SHEETS, BECKY Span. 1,2,3,43 Sr. Hist. 1,2,3,43 FHA 2,3,43 OEA 3,43 NRA 1,23 Pep 1.2.33 GAA 2,3,43 FCA 3,43 Pom Pon 3,43 Office 3. SHEETS, BLAKE Math 2,3,43 St. Cncl. 43 Sr. Hist. 1,23 NRA I,2,3Q Ind. Arts 2 V. Pres., 3 Pres., 4 Pres.3 Chess 1,2, Pep 43 FCA 2,3,43 FB I,2,3,4Q W 1,2,3,43 T 2,33 IM 33 Gym Ass't. 3,4. SINNET, DAWNA NHS 3,43 Math 4 Treas.3 Span. 1,2,3,43 Sr. Hist. l,2,33 OEA 3,43 Pep l,2,33 GAA I,2,3,4Q FCA 2,3,43 Band 1,2,3,43 P. Band 43 Pom Pon 3,43 Girls' State 3. SPENCER, JIM BOB Bb 4. SPRAGUE, BETTY SPRAGUE, JEANIE STAGGS, LINDA Math 1,2,3,43 Thesp. 33 Span. 1,23 Sr. Hist. l,2,33 FHA 1,2 Proj. Chair., 3 Treas., 4 Sec.3 OEA 3,4 Treas.3 Media 43 Pep l,2,33 GAA I,2,3,4Q FCA 3,43 Tennis 33 VB 3g BB 23 T23 Plays 1,2. STOKES, PAM Span. 13 Yrbk. 43 OEA 3,41 Media 3,4 Sec.3 GAA 23 Swing 4: Chorus 2,3 Treas.3 S 2,3. STORM, JANICE NHS 3,43 Math 43 Span. 1,2,3,43 Sr. Hist. I,2,3,4Q FHA 1,2 Pub. Rel. Chair., 3 Sec., 4 Pres. 8: Dist. Sec.3 OEA 3,4 Sec.3 Pep 1,2,3,43 GAA 1,2,3,43 FCA 2,3,43 S l,2,33 Gym Ass't. 3. STULTZ, RICK FFA 1,2,3,43 NRA 23 BB 13 IM 2,3. SURBER, PAUL Sr. Hist. 1,23 NRA l,3. SWEET, RANDY Sr. Hist. 13 NRA 33 Media 3. TINCHER, BOBBY FB 1,2,43 T2. TIPPIN, LANNA Span. 1,2,3,43 Sr. Hist. l,2,33 OEA 2,33 Pep 1,2,3,43 Pep Cncl. I,2,3,41 GAA 1,2,3,43 Cheer. 1,2,3,43 Band I,2,3,4Q Band Cncl. 4 Treas.3 Office 33 Class Officer 4 Treas. WALTERS, ANNA Sr. Hist. 2,33 FHA 2,3,43 OEA 3,43 Pep 1,2,3,43 GAA 1,2,3,43 FCA 2,3,43 VB 23 T23 Office 23 Bkst. 3. WALTERS, TINA Sr. Hist. 1,23 Art l,2,33 FCA 2,33 VB 33 T 13 Gym Ass't. 3. WALTON, LISA NHS 3,43 Speech 2,3,43 Thesp. 2,3,4 Pres.3 Span. I,2,3,4Q News 13 Sr. Hist. 1,33 OEA 3,4 Hist. Rep.: Pep 2,3,43 GAA 2,3,43 FCA 3,43 Band 1,2,3,43 P. Band 43 Band Cncl. 4g Band Lib. 43 T 3 Mgr.3 Plays 2,3,4. WEBB, DAVID Sr. Hist. 13 IM 2,3 WEBB, MARY NHS 3,43 Span. 13 OEA 2,33 NRA I,2Q Art 23 Pep 13 GAA 1,2,3,43 Cheer 13 Pom Pon 13 VB 2,43 BB 3,43 T 23 Girls' State 33 Home Ct. 1,2. WEDEMEYER, KIT NHS 3,4 Treas.3 Math 1,2,3,43 JCL 1.23 Sr. Hist. 1,23 NRA 13 FCA 1,23 Band 1,2,43 FB 1,2,3,43 BB l,2,33 G I3 Boys' State 33 Officer 3 V. Pres.3 4 V. Pres.3 Plays 3. WILLIAMS, TAMMY Thesp. 43 Span. 2,3,4 Treas.3 Sr. Hist. l,2,33 FHA 2,3,43 OEA 43 Pep 2,3,43 GAA 2,3,43 FCA 2,33 Sunshine 1,23 Swing 43 IM Capt. VB3 Plays 3,4. WILLIAMSON, CHARLES Ind. Arts 4g FB 43 T 13 G I,4Q Gym Ass't. 4. WILSON, TOM NHS 3,43 Math 43 JCL 1,2,3,43 NRA 13 Chess I3 FCA l,2,33 Band I,2,3,4Q St. Band 2,3,43 P. Band 2,3,4: Band Cncl. 1,2,3,43 Band Lib. 43 CC 1,23 BB 13 S 2,33 G 2,3,43 IM 2,33 Orch. l,2,3Q A11- State Band 3,43 NBA Honors Band 4. WONDERS, DENNIS FFA 1,2,3,43 Ind. Arts 3g IM I. WOOD, HARRY Ind. Arts 2,3,43 IM 2,31 Gym Ass't 3. WOOD, MARK Ind. Arts l,2,3. ZIMMERMAN, BECKY News 3,43 Yrbk. 3,4 Editor3 Sr. Hist. l,2,33 FHA 1,43 OEA 3,43 Pep I,2,3,41 Pep Cnc1,2,43 Pres.3 GAA I,2,3,4Q FCA 2,3,43 Cheer 23 VB 43 Capt.3 BB l,3,43 Gym Ass't. 2. W HIGHLIGHTS A Awards Convo ops Spring vents P"f" Salugalorian Laurie Porter and Valedictorian Esther Helrlck. Mr. Myers presented Marty Harpold with the Most Improved Senior Math Student Award. Outstanding J unior-Elaine Oney DAR Good Cit izen-Esther Hetrick Award Ford T Beck Cal' Sinnet ' l Award-Anne l HOME Special Award-Denise Gentry MEDIA CENTER' stare competition 2nd ATHLETICS i lqGQEvl4S5SlOF ships , X H Dawna Sinnet Vickie Baldwin Underclass Summer Institutes- David Weaver . Debbie Chandler 1 Diana Lawler Senior-Esther Lenay Mcciaughey Hefflck Elaine Oney Prom Provides Romantic Evening Reigning over this yearis Prom as King and Queen were Marty Har- pold and Nancy Ford. The theme was "Moonlight and Rosesf, which set the mood for an enchanting eve- ning. The Prom was held at the Masonic Temple in Crawfordsville. The Post-Prom was at the C'ville Lanes, and was enjoyed by all. ei - + ,ff 1 'india ' il f' '-1 x fi., ' lf, -L, ag :ir 'A Fi xx i..,1" ai ,- 31115 Y' ,Q Q, gli ll. 4153: ,M ga vga, F, JA rg Q, QU vig '--fm, of 43 .- wa! ,ly .ji ig! ,if i kv qlkkgg, ,iv w iris? Q ,145 g'-.aryl My 'I1'A"2l 'fqb'9'l4'f, Eaaiwi V iftxlg-'fi in fd, I! A5034 a i g? il 1' ,di- The King and Queen's court con- sisted of Lanna Tippin, Roxanne McBride, Heidi Green, Nancy Ford, Marty Harpold, Bruce Fowler, Kit Wedemeyer, and Kevin Kendall. The band "Catch" per- formed on prom night playing various songs by today's top artists. fMiddle leftj John Goss, Tim Woodard and Scot Bushong take time out from dancing for a leisurely chat. The servers for the prom ffrom bottom to topj were Karen Roberts Connie Green.. Rita McGaughey. Angie Ivers, Laura Creviston and Angie Guernsey. Faces Come And Go At NP Mr. Hawley, who is retir- ing this year, has been teaching for 39 years, nine of these at NP. He teaches Physics, Chemistry, Math and Science. Mr. Hawley earned his A.B. degree from Central Normal College in 1938, and his M.S. from IU in 1939. He observed, "Students have not changed too much in the years I have been teaching, but society has become more permissive and this has been reflected in the students." Victor Grossling, a native Chilean, attends NP under the auspices of the Youth for Understanding pro- gram. Hina Iqbal came to the U.S. from Pakistan with her family in July of '77. Hina enjoys one of her new experiences, the library. At the end of the day, Victor relaxes with the newspap FACES Juniors Anticipate Senioritis! Junior class officers are K. Logan lSec.l. T. Woodard 1V. Pres.J. B. StokerfPres.J. and K. Green fTreas.J. Alenduff. D Alexander. B Amers. R App. M Baker. R Barger. R Bee. A Boller. D Boller. V Buchanan. B Burchett. T Burk. J Bushon . S. Calf R Clark. B. Clodfelter. M ' 3- 'V i V l 5 .i A H.-. lf if i - Ji I I if M l ' l ff NE wr lil 'i .. , W l I Ci . f Y f iv-4 l L gs... . UT , wr if 1. i if v . ' uf .- 1. Y ,Ii 3 , 4' 'V K ii . . vf- 6: . ' : B L 1' Q .J i I J. L 2 iv ,L "" V if. JU q I f Y X A Clodfeller. M Clodfelter. R Cook. M. Copner. C. Crawford. R. Crosby. J. Davies. T. Davis. J. Davis. M. Deaton. D. Draper. S. Draper. S. Earley. R. Engle. R. Everls. D. Farrow. B. Lockaby. McBride. T McCloud. McGaughey. McGuire. Faurote. L mmons. G Fordice. J Games. M Games. T Gatlin. T Gentry. R. Gibson. B Gibson. R. Gilstrap. J. Gordon. L. Goss. J. Greene. K. Greene. R. Guernsey. R. Hanlon. K. Lanham B Lawler D Lawless T Lawson. J Lickliter. M L Livesay. Logan. Luke. P Lynn. D Malayer. B P Mann. C K D L J. Harbison. J. Harbison. T Harpold. V. Harris. D. Haulk. P. Headley. L. Hennon. B. Higgins. D. Hipsher. S. Holland. R. Hopkins. T. Huffines. K. Kays. M. Keck. R. Kelly. P. Inman. P. 'I' Miles. B. Miller. J. Millikan. D. Nelson. D. Nichols. M. Noland. G. O'Hair. D. Oney. E. Perkins. C. Plunkett. D. Priest. Y. Reasor. P. Rich. S. Riddell. D. Sappenfield. Scott. J. R. Sheets, C Short, D Steele, S Stoker, B ts Storm, J ummers, L Sutherlin, L D Swearinger, Terhune, B Thomas, F Tincher, J Walton, M. Weaver, D. Wells, B. Welty, K. Wisener, K. Woodard, T. Young, K. Zaring, M. Soph. Slump Hits Class f '80 Sophomore class officers are R. Jeffries fPres.J, K. McBride CV. Pres.j, K. Roberts fSec.J and P. Early QTreas.j. Adams. M Ardelean. D. Baire. G Baire. J Baker. J Baker. S Barker. S Barnhart. P Bell. B Bock. M Boller. L Boller. T Boller. T Brown. B. Brown. M. Bryan. T. Q 1 'Q 4:-,ji I I h ' L Q I I , r ' w m ' ve P s l 1' ' l l li" Q 6 'f'lw,.l,l-,. . 'Q ww B 'A --ll 4- 'MH' :RSX if, A. W bl if Q' 'L A ". H ' is AM , j r. ' lR.."N ,vu 9. 5' l l I' 575 lf I-1 lk?-J I' 1. --7 l 'L .J -. -Q. J I, g W In . :xv .,.-f- , , yr.. A 1 ' H' ll l Y 1 r y I: R QA 'fu 1 gl S B '- l 'H' y L K f I x st l 3 1 Q f' It 1 Q A X Y 4 f X' wh' LV Vx . df X ii. . N Jziefzlrxhiii-'15 gg 1 'C 'L V ffllliif l 'Ziff Q - , ' '73 L f ' ig',,i3'9, ,r. ff X f-'L 'T' 4' , 1 Burdine. J. Burris. D. Burton. J. Kamplain. J Chandler. D Chilcote. S. C loncs. D. Coffey. K. Colvin. C. Cook. T. Cox. C. Creviston. L C ulley. B. Deaton. L. Dodd. S. Durham. J. I' .1 Early. P Elmore. B Evens. D Everts. D Farrow. G Fenton. D Fogle. B Folck. L Fordice. M Fowler. A Franklin. S. Funk. D Games. M Geyer. J Gibson. R Gillogly. B 1. 1 " Jr 'H- A ,-Jss Hutcheson. . D Jeffries. R Jones. A Jones. B Kamplain. R Kelly. C Kerns. D S Keyh- J . 1 .mmxmm Knowling. S Kortz. L Kruse. B Lane. D Lawson. T Leak. C Lewis. L Little. K - wall 1 Fl A wi Goad. K. Gorrell. K Gossell. D Green. C. Green. K. Griffin. D. Grimes. B. Guernsey. A Hall.G. Hanlon. K Harbison. T Harris. D. Hartman. K Hess. L. Higgins. J. Hildman. T Little. T. Livesay. J. Lokey. S. Long. D. Lovell. F. Lucas. D. Lukenbill. Majors. R. Mason. S. McBride. D McBride. K McBride.T McGaughey A McGaughey D McGaughey D McGaughey R McPherson. L. McRoberts. M. Means. R. Melling. R. Miller. C. Miller. M. Montgomery. C. Mundy. J. Murphy. T. Myers. K. Noll. M. 0'Hair. G. Overshiner. B. Paris. M. Pearson. C. Porter. T. 1 'w if ' ' 4 , 4 lf, r t 1 . ,E l ls- -gi 4 Lu l .': . ' ' . I t J .E .gy Staggs. D. Starcher. B. Steagall. K. Steward. B. Steward. B. Stewart. M. Stevenson. J. Thompson. D. Thompson. R. Thornburg. O. Tillotson. S. Tincher. K. Todd C Trent S Tyler K Ulrey A H' -V .Q .1-E Y. Y . .r el.. , 1-rf . i J ' ' I s Wfdcbh tr, . '.. ' ' r.. ' 1 ' 'f , -.r .1 .-.xg w'., .. - Lfwxs f ll Li I H . .nf ' - t - , IJ.. , L-wg.. Q! " tl .- - r' j '. q v M 41-SAX? -J ,- Jill S.. 1, .V V tl , 1 'I V5 .,,r,. . . - we 'fu . 1 1 Poynter. D. Purdue. T. Rich. P. Riddell. P. Robbins. T. Roberts. K. Robertson. J. Rossok. L. Sechman. D. Sheets. P. Simpson. P. Smith. J. Smith. J. Smith. M. Southern. T. Speas. L. in. l 44,4 Wallace. L. Walls. R. Wheeler. C. White. T. Winings. G. Wisener. M. Wood. B. Zimmerman. H Zimmerman. R. Freshmen Join H.S. Ranks WE 5 'Wi , frm Freshman class officers are D. Henderson CTreas.J. C. Schubert fPres.J. and D. Miller 1Sec.l. Adams. K, B imidi' I arn ar. . , ' Beck. A. if l 'H 1 J ' 'H A Below. L. X l Bills. S. ' 5 Blubaugh. S. f if i Bock. P. f ni. A . X .. Brewer. B. I Q,-if"A' V , ,V - "-.5 5 if Q3 lf Bridges. B. Q b A f Q 2 . ' ,rm H J' , .I 4 1' ,, . 'vi-. ' ' Q' 1 , Brown. T. 3 E' .4 -'ffl ,Q .. -' ' Y W ' ' 1? ' . ,- Burdine. R. K8 . .i , 1.41: 1' ,' ' ' AJ - l ' ' V, A f Burk.J. ll" T ' 1 jf V, ' ' ' ' 1 ' Burnett. S. " .- - , - fm W ' r - 1.. Cash. D. I -, ' . . 'E ,Q A Lt . n . - A ,. R- A 'l . r w -1 2s.E:f--.--Q , "4 fkgig V K V-,Q r , Clark. B. M , ,A , ' 1 ' 'V Clodfelter. Ml- - , .D ' " ' ' C l . M. w r -Z W , gh , Q 7 'C' R. 4 1 .5-1 . iw . 'N' X I 1 1 cook. K. f " ,N Qf,l..f:iLr i Q V Copner. J. 3-4 Comett. C w .kgs If 1 I .4 . Crosby. B. "VH A'-'ll ' ' - 'Af 7' Q Cross.J. .i , , v . lr? Curley. K. I ' V - M-. lm F.. .- l' 'fix 7 -4- ,i K V , - I, , ,I . . Curran. L. Y .,, .. K., . . B ' 1 ' ' l 'B f Davis.J. Ji ij " 'P ' '-"" ' I Dickerson. 4 I " . M 1 A .5 Q Engle. R. M. .A A '. 4 ' ,., V X xp, , ff ' ' Faller.C. ',",'iY ', 'B K . l- " .Ill '1 , in , - - -1 G L .S. NL L. , ' 5 'V 1 4. -1.1 , N.. A en ry 6 .wr "? ff' Gilstrap. J Greene. K Greeson. S Griswold. R Gubser. M Harrigan. J Harris. S Haulk. G Hawkins. K Heckel. T. Henderson. D Henderson. D Higgins. T Holterbach. R Huffman. J Hughes. R Liphardt. J Little. T. Lively. N Logan. G Lynn. R Malayer. T McAfee. K McFarland. K McFarland. L McGaughey. J. McKamey. D. McMahon. S. Meanor. C. Melling. R. Melton. J Miller. D 1 ,S I' . lvl, J W J :WL g l i.l'ru1"1i4H iris Fill "' . . J .f- .nf eh 'L 'Q m-f J I ,L 1, lv .-' - 4, x M. .. i I "YZ 'lik Q, "I, ' til l Y- FF ' ' 'i .i ,N ' .J ll .. ? J . in ,fel - 3 iz Irish. N. Johnston. B. Jones. K. Joyce. M. Keck. B. Keck. S. Kelly. D. Keyt. M. Kimberling, A Lawhom, L. Lawson. T. Lawson. T. Leak. M. Libka, J. Lickliter. K. Lieske. M. Y , 4, V -. ,gi .- Miller D Miller. . Nelson. S. Nichols. B. Nix. K. O Hair. M. Oliver. J. Passwaiter. P. Perry. T. Peters. S. Price. S. ' Robbins. T. Roe. J. Sappenfield. L. Schubert. C. Scobee. C. T'F Shaner, D. Sheets, B. Shoemaker, E. Simon, D. Sinnet, J. Smith, J. Smith, M. Smith, T. Southern, C. Staggs, R. Steele, B. Stewart, P. Stockton, D. Stokes, R. Storm, J. Storm, S. L5 Y-.if Watson, L. Weaver, P. Weaver, S. Webb, R. Wedemeyer, B. Westray, T. Wheeler, T. Wiggins, S. Williams, D. Wilson, L. Wilson, L. Witt, K. Wood, A. Young, M. Zimmerman, C. it :CML : it I ,,, E 4 1 l n 3- ll I I te l x 1, th x? img . - J ..- 1 NL F 51 I-. gi E :P-15' , tu. j g . - - 'E J 51 , .J g lib " i' , 'TQ fu" -V7 -Q .N lr-'ie . cf: . . f, 1.1 ' ' ft . - " 1 5 V A 5 ' '-2. l l txit i he . 2 "1 slvtxlllttt ' if -if ...Q T' Q.. 'f-, FH 1 -., -' v .--fin .'li :!?v.' . - .... -,ci '- . .. - N I A. s 1' 1 ...L gi .. . . . . . , , -'-r ' af I ? fi l mb lg J fv' I vw if 'l , J it - ,1, 41xQ J, n ' ' Q. tg- . -1 ,731 fl ir: 5 ,F Eff' ' -A 5 5 ffl' ' -v , f A Q' . i 1 J 1 'I FL'-if . ' "J 5 1 . r if .f 1 1 '21 'K . ,. 1 ll L' J J 1 ... 'll . V ,, A . X, i ' -Yibuvv 1? if " E I. . . A L A "J '15:.. if ga Ng - .2 -I -tit' ' J ul l J I - - 1 4' " 1 L. Strader, T. Strausburger, D Taylor, R. Taylor, R. Thompson, B. Thompson, K. Thompson, L. Thompson, M. Thornburg, B. Tippin, J. Towne, T. Turpin, J. Ulrey, S. VanVactor, T. Vincent, C. Walters, N. ACTIVITIES I-IS Installs 43 New Members 'v-AY Q- The Honor Society was responsible for recording times during the fund-raising Huff-and-Puff-athon sponsored by the Classroom Teachers. N. Ford CPres.J, J. Buser fSec.J, K. Wedemeyer fTreas.1, Mr. Risk fSpon.j. J. Schubert IV. Pres.j. QQ B. a . in . Dances, gq Student Council Officers: Row l: N. Ford fPres.J, J. Schubert CV. Pres.J, L. Summers CTreas.j, C. Green fSec.J. Row 2: Mrs. Steward fSpon.J, and Mr. Myers fSpon.j. .'J...A..' Juke Box Sponsored The Student Council was very active this year. They donated money for the records required by our new jukebox, and they gave the Thespians money for a spot-light. Members of the Student Council have con- tributed their time to sell candy at football games and collect money at the sock- hops they sponsored. At one sock-hop a dance con- test was held. "Sebelle Sound" played at the Homecoming dance. A convocation was held featuring two gymnasts, which was paid for by these fund-raising projects. In Mach they sponsored a semi-formal dance, "Poems, Prayers, and Promises? The dance was set up disco- style. V , W-1 f I ' gg . Y f ,jf .. W X ' Xl V Pnsiznvsv gy: . LAX -sk 'xx It ,g Q wow 1 N, it .. 2 1 .5 II t T' DHf"""3H Paw" Qflii fx i S 3 X . gl' KJ, XX" xx . I , I 'sh-,Y',Ek .ui A - 'PL 'ri?.3s'XX 'if X 4 is 4' f atb-NPN-HM t Ji- Xf 'M . V i r - l ' 1 N K 3' -Lt up ' Fbrmol. i i 1 s t 1 ' ' 'Pxctrdksis rx Q, . 'q1,,,,,,.' , . In , t.Ti'FiFi2q?lv r Annual Staff Finds rder In Chaos E N"'f"f2afa Q 'H YY,-41 I xii.. ' . ni-ls' '1' . -1 4 I . rf. Q, f. w-.g'f,x- The Showcase staff includes: Mrs. Chase, D. Everts, B. Zimmerman, S. O'Hair, P. Page, D. Short, P. Inman, J. Schubert, M. APP. S. Draper, P. Stokes, L. McGaughey, B. Beams, M. Riggle, C. Sheets, L. McGaughey Cseatedj: not pictured are P. Luke, S. Hipshire, T. Lawson and H. Zrmmerman. ali' 'H-M. What do we do now? 11 Issues of Express Released M! Think we have this centered yet? f- +- Z' 1 Now what do we do with the paper? J CL, Thespians, Spanish Club Latin Club Officers: Mrs. Elmore CSpon.J, N. Ford fPres.J, L. Sutherlin fSec.J, C. I 'S Miller QTreas.J B. Hennon QV. Pres.J not pictured. On April 25, 1978 North Put- nam gave its annual Thespian Banquet, in honor of the new officers and members. A ceremony initiated these people into the organization. Students from Tri- West performed skits from Dr. Seuss stories. The officers were also assigned their new duties at this time. Thanks were given to those who helped with the play. 3 4 Thespian Officers: Row l: T. White. Row 2: L. Walton QPres.j, J. Schubert QV. Presj, E. Hetrick QTreas.Q, L. Summers fSec.J, Miss Knox CSpon.J, L Busy With Yearl Events A , Z' , rl,-.1 W .L , I '- i . "'Yi1 ,'-' .,f .nl 5 rv PIE' - K, .- A, -- 2+-rr ,fir--.-'-gm. , 1 TJ , ' ' gag!! U 'ill ,A , I-mLgQ.l,.1s',ELhQ-, -,-R i a V- . if we . . M " -,iff .- ' amz 1 ,-mf-lg' fu A A. J, , L'l!'Lul w 1' . "1-gui, -wi E Above: Esther Hetrick sings her way into the hearts of the JCL members with "The Lord's Prayeru in Latin. Above right: Nancy Ford, and Mark Fordice were crowned King and Queen of the Roman Banquet. Bottom right: Spanish members watch with excitement as K. Little tries her hand at breaking a plnata. Spanish Club Officers are: J. Schubert fPres.J, Mrs. Gottschalk tSpon.J, E. Oney CV. Pres.J, M. Bock fSec.J, not pictured T. Williams fTreas.J. Projects Halted By Snow The Art Club had plan- ned to paint a large mural on the bottom of the swimming pool, but was unable to because of snow days. The project will be continued in the near future. The Math Club took a field trip to an electrical supply company in Tan- gier, Indiana to see how the electricity is manufac- tured and to try to under- stand some of the prob- lems during the energy crisis. Math Club: Row lg J. Kelly QV. Pres.J T. Heckel fTreas.Jg Row 2g L. Porter fPres.J, D. Sinnet CSec.J, Mr. Myers fSpon.Q. ll J' X -QW G Q-9 T. F " 'duag I -oz Did- Art Club: Row l: D. Baire fPres.J G. Reed QV. Pres.J. Row 2: D Short tSec.J. P. Reasor CTreas.j Mrs. Gjesvold CSpon.j. Sanders, Schubert Win Media e gional Media Club: P. Page QPres.J, R. McBride KV. Pres.J, P. Stokes fSec.j, T. White fRep.J, D. Everts Cl'reas.J, Mrs. Hammerlmg tSpon.J. The Media Club visited Channel 6 to observe and meet the people who broadcast the evening news. All members belonged to the Indiana Student Media Association. A few of the members also participated in the Media Fair by p entering video and sound films that they had made. FHA Career-Orientedg OEA Busy FHA was active this year with Installation of Officers in the fall and a fashion show in the spring. The 1977-78 officers are: J. Storm QPres.l. L. Staggs fSec.J, T. Williams fTreas.J, P. Page CP. Rel.J. D. Crodian fHist.J, and K. Kelly fProj. Chm.j. The OEA officers for 1977-78 are: K. Logan Ur. V. Pres.J, D. Gentry fPres.J, L. Staggs fTreas.j, J. Storm CSec.j, R. Liebold CAdv.J, K. Tyler fSoph. V. Pres.j, S. Purvis fParl.j, P. Page CV. Pres.j, and L. Walton fHist.j. D. Crodian, M. Garrett, D. Gentry, and P. Page were accompanied by Miss Liebold to the National Convention in Detroit, Michigan. These girls received their National Ambassador award, as did P.C1oncs. P. Cloncs was selected as N. Putnam's Member of the Year. K. Logan received her Stateswoman award. Miss Liebold was selected as Dis- trict 7 Coordinator, and devoted untold hours to her duties. ? l At District, State, atil. Levels At state competition the OEA bulletin board placed fourth. M. Henderson placed first in Legal Clerk and fourth in General Clerical II. OEA was represented on the State level by State Officers D. Gentry COEA Treasj, and P. Page CDistrict 7 V. Presj. Both received awards for their dedicated service. FFA, Ind. Arts Explore Vocations Officers for this year's FFA are Row l: J. McGuire. T. Southern. G. Fitzsimmons. M. Keyt. Row 2: T. Lawless CPres.J. B. Clark QV. Pres.J, R. Early QSec.j. D. Griffin fTreas.J, M. Nichols. Mr. Kulenkamp fSpon.J. Y ii. Officers for this year's Industrial Arts Club are: B. Sheets QPres.j, K. Huffines fSec,j, D. O'Hair Cfreasj, Mr. Steward LSpon.jg not present, D. Lane CV. Pres.J. GRP, Tennis Provide Recreation p Front: S. O'Hair CPres.J, K. McBride CSec.J. K. Greene fTreas.j. Back: Mrs. Patrick CSpon.J, V. Harpold IV. Pres.J. far The GRP is a new organization this year and takes the place of GAA. It is designed to stimulate the involvement of girls not specifi- cally participating in a school- sponsored competitive sport. Its major purpose is to provide activi- ties outside of the school realm. It is open to all girls in grades 9-12. The activities of GRP include bowling, roller skating, miniature golfing, and an annual canoe trip. This year, however, the weather has restricted the activities to a minimum. fll' - MW- -- it Wimiers of last lyeafs Tennis Club toumament were: T. McBride, M. Davis. Seated: T. Adams, P. Page, M Tyler, McGaughey Spirit Overcomes Pep Club x 3 ,X . - X .J-11 Pep Club Council: Row l: L. Tippin, N. Ford, R. McBride, D. Short, H. Green, K. The beloved Charlie Cougar adds fun and Tyler, A. Fowler, P. Earley, K. McBride: Row 2: L. Sappenfield, P. Bock, R. Pickel. A. exictemem to all Varsity games. Green, V. Smith, J. Alcorn KV. Pres.J. B. Zimmerman 1Pres.J. J. Fordice fTreas.J. T. Murphy, M. Wiserier. 40 2 . ,Whiz ' I .,,. XX W v! X fill: g 1' I A i FCA, Pra er Breakfast Meet Girls' FCA Officers: K. Roberts CSec.J. E. Herrick QV. Pres.J, S. O'Hair fPres.J, L. Sutherlin CTreas.J. ?5 X1 Wit"-X Santa Claus brings Christmas cheer to FCA boys and their young guests alike. Prayer Breakfast nourishes both the body and the spirit. Officers are: E. I-letrick, C. Green. D. Miller fAbsen0, Rita Clodfelter. Boys' FCA Officers: M. Clodfelter fCo-Captainj, S. Miles, fCo- Captainj, T. Bryan QSec.-Treas,J, Mr. Price fSponsorJ. Concert Band Tours Opryland The Concert Band departed for Opryland U.S.A. May 5. Pausing in Evansville, Indiana, they gave a concert for the stu- dents of Castle High. The Pom Pon Corps and small instrumental groups were featured. Following the perform- ance the band students pro- ceeded to Nashville, Ten- nessee where they spent the night. The next morning the band students were allowed to roam the park for the entire day. They arrived back at the school late that night. Council L-R: N. Ford, L. Walton, P. Clones. T. Wilson, L. Tippin. G. N Summers. J. Buser. M. 5. ' -Q-' 1-Iv .V r, nl J- --- -- - W 1 51 Vg MV. - v Q- 5 V 5 N 4 . -as ' i , its V' ' ASF' '- I 'er' A 'S Qs :Hx 154' X X X f' v N ' - W kv 1, W , t '-ffm - ' , X !.- fr ..-, f" A 'f' 'N' 1 X x +. ' F f AL N" -I W V N . A15 it , fr. Q - f 1 ' . xg," ' , : T' r 'Nils 'Ag Q , 4 my if I' V ' ,rf ' x ,, A50 W L4 . ' -'U 1 x . 75- 3' ' 'wif 'F' Iv ' N , yr, X .45 yr ,A 5 I D pw-fu, X .-Ah xxx.- fr 11 ww ' A ,Q A .1 " -4' .. 1 A' "rf A ' , ', 'I . 1 f" I J' 1 ' ' 'F . a , :Lu fir YQ. ,F ' rx yi, , 'A " V1 'f 'qi 'K X ' 1"x4A'F"j XX" inf I Dix N' ', ' ' xxjs-1 ,MM ,A N, Q A Q .A-3X Q, xj .V 1 A - Aff :N . , ' V? -" "" V- '-'-Q K an 1-1 :- Q- X119 - , J 1 f J? TAIL! ff' jflf- " 1 '!?','fLE X V J' ' f 5' - , A 1' 'ez' 'V,.31:, xX lyk- . CT' -D.- 'HA , - I: I 5? f, ' 1- Xi ." 'if"iHA Q' I x- -"-1' 'Z-. Y ' " 1 93 ' ' X" 4 7-ra ' M: f .. . ' Q Y "R f ' 5 7 Q ib , -- if - 15 ln, -M I I 1 I I L N . g A Row I: T. Miles. D. Ralcliff. R. McBride. J. Jarvis. J. Kelly: Row 2: R. Holterbach. D. Evans. G. Winings, B. Miles. T. Lawless. R Green: Row 3: T. H1gg1ns. J. Oliver. J. McGaughey. L. Speas. D. Miller. B. Steward. Row l: T. Lawson, L. Tippin, T. Harbison. D. Sinnet. N. Ford: Row 2: V. Harpold. J. Buser. T. Perry. L. Watson. J. Smith. B. Bridgesg Row 3: M. Kays, K. Dickerson. J. Barton. R. Baker. Row I: L. Watson. R. Call. Y. Priest. K Ford: Row 2: D Lucas. S, Bushong T. Sinnet. G. Logan M. Walton. M Fordice: Row 3: D McGaughey. R Haulk. K. Wede myer. Row l: K. Tyler. R. Gentry. J. Sanders. L. Walton. C. Copner. G. Noland: Row 2: J. Miller. R. Engle, K. Roberts, R. McGaughey, M. App. J. Crosby. J. Copner. D. Miller. A. App: Row 3: P. Clones, K. McAfee, D. Kelly, K. Witt, D. Gossell. N. Lively, P. McGaughey, L. Deaton. M. Smith. L. Gordon. T. Lawson. Row l: R. Gentry, J. Sanders, J. Crosby, L. Walton, C. Cop- ner, G. Noland Row 2: J. Buser, vi Harpold, M. Kays T. Lawson. D, sinl net, T. Harbison, Row 3: B. Jones, G Farrow, R McMahon, D Lawler, K. Kendall J. Moore, Row 4: B Steward, M. Walton M. Fordice, M Bock. J. Schubert, T. Wilson, Row 5: K Ford, Y. Priest, J Barton, R. Haulkg Row 6: T. Lawler, B Steward, T. Miles. J Jarvis. Pep Band Ignites Spirit Stage Band Featured In Revue Featuring the Stage Band, the Cougar Revue ta talent showcase! replaced the traditional spring musical this year. Row I: V. Harpold. N, Ford. T. Harbison. T. Lawson. J. Barton: Row 2: M. Walton. M. Fordice. T. Wilson, J. Schubert, K. Ford. M. Kays. R. Holland, G. Noland: Row 3: B. Steward. D. Lawler. R. McMahon. G. Farrow, J. Moore, K. Kendall. B. Steward, R. Green. .-.3 5 it 'fqfif gi The Pom-Pon Corp has performed special routines, choreographed by Gail Noland, for football and basketball half-time shows. New props lended an extra sparkle to their presen- tations. Members of this talented Corps include: fRow lj G. Noland fCapt.J, B. Hennon, T. Harbi- son, H. Green, D. Sinnet, V. Baldwin, B. Jones, Row 2: T. Gatlin CAlt.J, L. Sutherlin, K. Tyler, J. Miller, N. Knapp, L. Wallace. B. Sheets, M. Hen- derson, D. Short, T. Sappenfield fAlt.J. Twirlers Kendra Logan and Rita Clodfelter. Drum Majorette Lora Summers. Choral Groups Enohant Audiences ' 1-'rw '- i'I'i , . . ,i .gf K' ,P 3, :I ,, i".E 3 Members of the Swing Choir are Row I: J. Schubert. J. Sanders, T. Lawless. J. Moore. T. Miles, J. Tincherg Row 2: P. Stokes, M. Bock, R. Clodfelter. T. While. P. Clones. L. Creviston. L. Summers. P. Haulk, A. Ulrey, B. Miles. E. Herrick. M. Kays. .Dail llbewm --f""!'- The members of the Sunshine Singers are Row l: S. Keyt. D. Miller, J. Smith. M. Clodfelter. B. Jones, C. Toddg Row 2: T. Hetrick, B. Terhune. L. McFarland, D. Chandler, D. Gossel, D. Hutchinson, J. Burton. The members of the Concert Choir are Row l: S. Keyt. L. McFarland, J. Melton, T. Ivers, G. Haulk, J. Smith, D. McCloud, M Clodfelter, C. Todd, A. Ulrey, P. Haulk, J. Burton. D. Sechmang Row 2: D. Chandler, B. Terhune, T. Brown, P. Riddell, B. Bell, K Leak, M. Leak, B. Crosby, C. Southern. T. Smith. K. Tincher, D. Hutchison, E. Hetrick, Mrs. Emmertg Row 3: M. O'Hair, R. Engle T. Miles, J. Tincher, B. Brown, J. Nipper. Q ATHLETICS Gridders' Season Turns Gut Tough Seventeen seniors lead the way to Cougar victories. Row l: E. Miller, K. Wedemeyer, K. Wisener, B. Sheets, J. Kelly, J. Miller, B. Tincher, R. McMahon, M. Means, F. Thomas: Row 2: G. Baire, R. Amers, D. Riddell, R. Call, J. Harbison, D. Weaver, M. O'Hair, R. Mason, C. Williamsong Row 3: S. Meanor, T. Purdue, K. Myers, R. Baker, M. Fordice, D. Evens, D. Griffin, S. Tillotson, T. Bryan, D. Harris, Row 4: Coach DeBoer, Coach Russell, T. Harbison, D. McGaughey, C. Colvin, D. McBride, G. Logan, B. Steward fMgr.Jg Row 5: Coach Price, Coach Steward, L. Livesay, T. Hopkins, M. Harpold. B. Fowler, T. Heckel, B. Stoker, B. Gordon, M. McFarland fMgr.J. 1 sb N Q ' 9599 Q ' i P I , hlliji ','l , H , Y x g f 'NE 'L L "Come on you guys. get in the ballgame!" Marty Hargold joyously eyes the trophy he was awarded for being the most valuable says a disgusted Coach DeBoer. player on t e Cougar football squad. Harpold was also elected to the Class A All-State Team. The Varsity Football record was 4-6. They were - plagued with many injuries l throughout the season a fact which accounted for some of the team's close defeats. Two members of the squad were elected to the WCC team. They were Marty Harpold for special offense and Junior Todd Hopkins for center. Also, five team members were selected to Honorable Mention WCC team. They were B. Stoker. D. Weaver, R. McMahon, J. Miller, B. Gordon. The B-Team football squad gained much experience for next year. Row l: B. Steward fMgr.j B. Brown, S. Baker, K. Myers, R. Zimmerman, T. Purdue, D. Harris, B. Steward fMgr.J: Row 2: D. Alenduff, G. Winings, D. Griffin, D. Evens, K. Hanlon, D. Burris, M. Paris, Row 3: Coach Price, G. Baire, G. Logan. D. McGaughey, C. Colvin, M. Fordice, T. Harbison, D. Harris, Coach Russell. Frosh Have Fair Season Row I: Coach Moser, B. Clark, M. Joyce, T. Strader, T. Heckel, L. Lawhorn, Coach Blaydesg Row 2: J. Davis, S. Harris, R. Dickerson, S. Greeson, D. Slmon, P. Weaver, Row 3: S. McMahon, T. Higgins, J. Sutton, M. Cloncs, T. VanVactor. Nw -T Wuxi' ,M A 1 J ' 31, fy ,Z n N 2 V-. 511 lflffb In-. an T., 'ffl 159. ' lily' X, fffgxfip I' dgfa x-'s R 10 6 . - XXVVV, l.fTY"r ' A W. ' 14 , f , ' l xf , 473' V' f xi' fd' ' J' ' igjmhv V A-f' -r , V, JV.. u 1 ,- V .X 68 Ll, AX R "CX R T' P. Harriers Pursue Victory Bw I: K. Green. K. Hartman. J. Schubert. S. Trent. C. Schubert. V. Grossling, S. Miles: Row 2: ach Boling. M. Clodfelter. D. Joyce. M. Nichols. J. Lieske, R. Greene. K. Welty. J. McGaughey, Franklin fMgr.J, TRACK 1' - v x VP O'Hai l Members of the Varsity volleyball team are: Row l: D. Miller QMgr.j, M. Webb, K. Green. C. Greene, D. Crodian, P. Kelly, T. Sappenfield, T. Murphy QMgr.j: Row 2: Coach Steele, M. Smith, S. O'l-lair. B. Zimmerman, R. Clodfelter. V. Harpold, R. Jeffries. D. Nelson. M. Wisener CMgr.J. .1 'M5"""P'W1 'PW'--Q-.... .Q i Q. , ,MR iii, 1 , if -t - al 5. S 4 i ..-A Z Senior Stacy 0'I-lair serves - , skillfully to the opponent. 5 -. , , cores n Competition KR-M-gi-N .F ar.-rv Ahoy-ei T. Robbins punches a powerful serve across the net. At 1 9 the right. P. Riddell concentrates on a game winning serve. JL . B-Team. Row l: D. Miller lMgr.l. R. McGziughey. K. Roberts. D. Gossell. B. Jones. T. Robbins. B. Bridges. T. Murphy fMgr.y: Row 2: Coach Steele. M. Smith 4Mgr.J. J. Tippin. R. Holterbach. T. Robbins. T. Lawson. P. Riddell. M. Wisener 4Mgr.l. gi. l ll Girls Swim To lst in Ever USD l9 x X A q 1 . 'phuimi ...l on . .-.. 'Nlstl . nw" L W-K ' - 7 K. Little strokes to the finish. a!g.,,l """"'nll ,vu 'l K. Logan shows her diving ability. I , QV' Row I: S. Weaver, O. Thornburg, J. Miller, C. Kelly fMgr.J, Y. Priest, B. Wedemeyer. K. Steagall, L. McPhearson: Row 2: D. Kelly, D. Hutcheson, M. Leak, B. Wood, K. Logan, K. Little, C. Meanor, Coach Gottschalk. 8 Compete ln Consolation inals .- C Y' gb QL ' 115.3 " Sw-it Row I: M. Nichols. K. Myers. M. Clodfelter: Row 2: D. Ardelean. P. Weaver, T. VanVactor. R. McBride. G. O'Hair: Row 3: D. Griffin. V. Grossling. R. Crawford. C. Kellyg Row 4: Charlie Cougar. Coach Knox, D. Joyce. T. Lawless. tb , ' gf n' - GQ5 .ff .GX QC 6 V Y , -in 4 1 . V C 3' Y ' 'if Q , , R. McBride leaps to a quick start. Varsity Headed By New Coach Throughout the season, the Cougars showed much skill in their ball handling. Coach Thompson and team proved to have the right chemistry for a well-bal- anced ball club. There were only three seniors on the 1977-78 basketball team, Marty Harpold, named the county tourney's best player, Mike O,Hair, named WCC-All Sectional team and Bruce Fowler. The overall record for the sea- son was 10-ll. Though the Cougars did not have a win- ning year, Coach Thomp- son felt the boys improved as the season continued. The team was respected by cheerleaders, fans and other schools throughout the county. Varsity Basketball players are: Coach Thompso D McBr1d D Wea e R Greene T Hopk ns D McGaughey G Logan D Poynter, M. Hai-pold,M.O'Hair, B. Stoker B Fowler R Rook andM McFar1andfMg J i ' YF C if C f U Marty Harpold Bruce Fowler Mike O'Hair 6 .1-5 K., X. JH, ,.-1-lv , - 'bfi " Y V1 4. A , 75 J Takes County Title Again Row l: D. Kerns QMgr.J, R. Call, K. Hartman. M. Fordice, K. Green. R. Amers. T. McBride, S. Trent. B. Steward QMgr.J. Coach Myers' Row 2: B. Steward tMgr.J. R. Zimmerman. S. Baker. S. Tillotson. C. Colvin, D. Lucas. M. Adams. T. Harbison. ' The North Putnam Junior Varsity basketball team finished its season with a very fine record of 16 wins and 4 losses. The average loss for the four games was 5 points, with the largest defeat handed down by Terre Haute South, 37 to 44. Losing by only that point spread was an accomplishment in itself. One major accomplishment of this team was winning the County Tourney for the second year in a row by defeating Greencastle and Cloverdale. This group of players has earned recognition as being one of the best Jun- ior Varsity teams the school has ever had. With hard work and dedication these players will help make the lfuttgrellof Cou- gar bas et a very bright. 4 1 The freshman bas- ketball team finished the season with a 0-9 record for the B-squad and a 2-9 record for the A-squad. The leading scorer for the B-Team was Mike Lieske scoring 32 points and averaging 3.6 per game. For the A-team the leading Freshmen Gain Experience w ltd X Q i' u ,v 1 V scorer was Jerry McGaughey with 73 points and averaging the highest was Chet Clodfelter with 7.9 points per contest. Kirk Cook led in free throw percentage with a 70676 average Coach Bolinv feels the boys improved Above. the A members are: R. Engle. J. McQueen. J. Gilstrap, T. Heckel. B. Steele. S. Harris. J. McGaughey. K. Cook. R. Dickerson. T. Strader, B. Thornburg. Coach Boling. Below. the B members are R. Engle. J. McQueen. S. Storm, J. Sinnet. M. Lieske, R. Hughes. M. Cloncs. K. Miller, C. Schubert. Coach Boling. O,Hair Makes All-Conference Winning more games this year than in the last four year. the Varsity members of the 1977-78 basketball team are: Row l: R. Walls fMgr.l. J. Storm, K. Greene, V. Harpold, T. Westray fMgr.J: Row 2: D. Nelson fMgr.J. S. 0'Hair, B. Zimmerman. M. Webb, J, Buser, D. Horton. K. Kelly, Coach Bolton. Not pictured, R. Clodfelter. X . D. l The B-Team showed much improvement this year with a season record of 8-9. The members are. Row 1: R. Walls QMgr.J, J. Storm, R. Means, R. Jefferies. L. Wallace, K. Little. T. Westray fMgr.jg Row 2: D. Nelson fMgr.J. R. Holland. B. Jones, C. Green, K. Roberts, R. McGaughey, Coach Steele. P Grapplers Win Sectional Blake Sheets. Jeff Smith. Mike Robbins. and Travis Ivers represented NP at the wrestling Sectionals. Smith advanced to Semi-State competition. The team had . a great season under first i year Coach Wood. Row l: M. Brown. K. Welty. J. Moore. J. Schubert. R. Guernsey. J. Smith: Row 2: T. Purdue. T. Ivers. M. Robbins. M. Fordice. B. Sheets. J. Harbison: Row 3: Asst. Coach Blaydes. M. Joyce. T. Bryan. G. Winings. L. Livesay. B. Clark. Coach Wood. Team Wins Sectional inus Seniors Q. Members of the Baseball Team are CROW lj D. Evans. B. Fowler. D. McBride. B. Gordon. D. Harris, S. Harris. J. Gilstrap. B. Clark. D. Ardelean, M. O'Hair1 Row 2: T. Heckel. J. Harbison. M. Harpold. J. Lawson. S. Tillotson. M. Adams. R. Zimmerman. D. Griffin. G. Carr. M. O'Hair. T. Ivers. Weather Shortens Track Season Varsity Boys' Track: fRow lj K. Hartman. S. Mason. S. Trent, K. Lawless. T. McBride. J. Smith, M. Clodfelter: Row 2: D. Kerns CMgr.j, C. Clodfelter. B. Steward fMgr.J, B. Elmore. B. Stoker. R. Green, D. Weaver, K. Welty: Row 3: R. Staggs, B. Steward fMgr.J. Coach Myers: Row 4: Coach Boling. T. VanVactor. M. Cloncs. R. Crawford. I 1'fo-.-..,- PJ 1-- Varsity Girls' Track: fRow lj D. McCloud CMgr.j, T. Barnhart. B. Wood. T. Robbins, R. Holterbach CMgr.Jg Row 2: D. Miller, R. Rich, M. Smith, K. Little. A. Fowler, K. McBride. J. Livesay, T. Westray, S. O'Hair. T. Lawson: Row 3: Coach Knox, B. Beams QMELJ, M. Smith fMgr.J, T. Robbins. O. T ornburg. R. McGaughey, B. Wedemeyer, R. Jefferies. Y. Priest, K. Logan. l s v it 1 me ' . . is .-pf 4 f T' T . .CI Y : .g ,- -7"- -- , 4 Q C " lv - r-lg.: I , iii ' "fi'n.'f"i1' The Cougar girls take to the hurdles. nlu, l ' ,.. x 6 X '- 51 ' ' .ni .,r. uf' , ...M T, " 41. X . l ' " L 1 X' I N P mu. mu- : cg : -:' :N . 40, .F ,i . .,',v -. y .r. Q Y - f ri- 1, n H-is ls? 31- 1 If: - ' - ' . lf f H-4 1,5 I. ,. .ax . ,V . . . , .- H-2 1""' """ ' ten -T -' F2 V ... - ---r f A W -ifagxnzgf ' . .-5-Q! 1 ef- 13-"7 'T , ,:5L, i. . C' . ,--c ...F-an -fa X4-e:.rrL .. , t Rgmfgv ,HW Y - -1 "3Iu , uf . -- ,T , i ..:"" ,nw ...fu--v-1 Q-- ' - 4 J ' :irq ' "' , V-H - if 'ISM G ' , "i " . - - .ff-" j, -1' -- 'A H-- Q -va ,.. . 1 f ,KL I V -1 '.. ' 'r u -W-:bi"3 5' Z---:i:LMe-L-if . . - .V ' - ': n.. - , - - .,,v-1. f-'IL wks:?f'.,..---AN,14:.g,r ,V N. .35 ,, ,.1..5 I we re -1- , - ' ' , . Q , l.2J"'. ,xv-QQ-5:2 . ,.,. .... , 5 , T, ee- . ,-+iL'?T " . .. .--.Q-durr--'.:.:-',:f7fme: ':ffr:I':-.ei ' Par-17f3if3s2' :E .ammiu.-: - , . --"ff e:.-'aw - - :":::.'-1111 7.1.11---1 U q...a:-43.5,-2 1' 'aY"lE,.:1i". 'fa This highjumper tries for more height. Golfers Polish Technique . . V Q rr-.QB T : 1 -,X-f fx ' T he -. if f T ' ' -'f ri? 'rv' V -'12 .-, L! , f ,I - v 1 I - V . f " 1' I J . 'il'-V 4 - .. I "Q 1 l - e :F . P T' . rf' . ,A A .1 X, N V, .,' ."' "' 'isis Miz. " T " A FT' L - eil' I-,-I -'rr ' I JN 'l "f1':- ., ' ' 'l I Ti ' J. Chad Colvin and Jeff Schubert get in some last minute practice ' before a golf meet. L.-yn . Row 1: J. Schubert, T. Strader, T. Heckel, C. Schubert, T. Lawson, G. Farrow, L. Speasg Row 2: T. Wilson, K. Ford, D. McGaughey, G Logan, T. Purdue, T. Harbison, T. Porter. R. O'Hair. Not pictured. Coach Bays. Y F0O'TBALlEf Q 'AQWRESTLJNG NP 6 Greencastle 3 LOSSES ITIE I2 Tri-West u 6 'il 4t I NEQTIONAL A ' Cascade K ' 22 SWIMMING -I W if ldf -, I U L, -I ' Monrovia' 1 I ':QT.Q" Edgewood Q0 gQQ.SLESgf+77' 'I Owen-Valley Cloverdgile , 4 LOSSES FOOTBALL JUN 8th ,WINS OLOSSES 7th: ZWINS lll CROSS ?UFY 3 WINS OSSES 14 TIWNIAL, N' i TISACK BBSYSY .QWINS 6 GIRLS? '2-YVINS 3 LOSSES ,f th S .MTEWNS 4 I5 Q i I Y, ,, V -.L -- ,..-qw . QV," F 1 ' - f'-:Lge J C"1 I .f .1 - -' , I P, ' , If ... ' V .rr ,- V H BA SKE TBA LL WINS OLOSSES WIN 8 LOSSES 'I - , D - 1 '5" "'?RES.f-' AN BA SKETBA 3 WINS-1lI',4VTLOSrSES 8 WINS 9 LOSSES! .a Sect1o11a1s 'F ,A I f F I ' ' f II I9 I A60 Q ' . ii' Q, . 1, ' ' . -A 4: I ' Q ,fi 'Z vi -'at . " J-il1f1:7i.:fQ.t"'g,i gg if . , Clovefddale ' 52 + I A 1 Mo-0-ve 'Em Over Frosh! L, Curran CTopJ N. Walters, B. Brewer, and S. Weaver demonstrate much enthusiasm during their first year of high school cheering. .far Cod Ways ,QPSH , viv- XEYWQ f FACULTY Administration Keeps Keel Even Dr. Larry Williams Superintendent This year's School Board members are instrumental in making many important and necessary decisions. Problems concerning build- ing maintenance, staff assignments, transportation and financial matters must be resolved. They are: Guy Cloncs, Carrol Fordice, Wayne Buser, Franklin Ford, Harold Alcorn, Medford McBride and Morris Evens. Principal Richard Schelsky Assistant Principal Melvin Wood r rr m Norman, Evens. Guidance Kathleen Brldges, Nurse I v 0 3 Rosemary Priest, Treasurer Gregory Arnold Industrial Arts 4 ff William Bays Social Studies Lloyd Blubaum English "Z....-7' l ,i Bruce Boling Math Elaine Chase English Roger Cook English Glenda Bolton Physical Education Jeff Blaydes Donald DeBoer Math Athletic Director l 90 David Dillon English David Gjesvold Music Linda Gjesvold Art Millicent Hammerling Media Specialist William Hawley Anne Elmore Language Patricia Gottschalk Language Science Majorie Emmert Alan Hughes Music Social Studies Betty Job Business, Social Studies Ann Knox English Lanny Knox Social Studies Veronica Liebold Business Charlene Logan Business Jacquelyn McGaughey Home Economics Anne McKeehan Math John Moser Science James Myers Math Terry Kulenkamp Lethia Myers Industrial Arts English f., , V'- w , , 5 I, . i' James Risk Science Phillip Myers Donald Steward Social Studies Industrial Arts John Russell Industrial Arts Linda Patrick Shirley Steward Science P R Math Karen Steele Physical Education Ronald Price Timothy Thompson Social Studies Business John T. Wll Music Broaden Education vq Jim Moore eases an engine into his Brown Beast as the other students in Power Mechanics class lend a hand. Creative Writing, one of the new courses offered, was taught by first year teacher Miss Ann Knox. The class was conducted in an informal manner, which gave the students a relaxed atmosphere in which to do their writing. They learned many ways in which to express themselves. Also, various kinds of writing were explored, from a four- teen page short story to a one page dialogue paper. The class should prove to be a big asset to the students who plan to further their education. Speech Class was another course added to the North Putnam curriculum this year. It was also taught by Ann Knox. Today, when knowing how to express oneself ver- bally is an invaluable skill, it is reassuring to realize that class work is being directly related to daily liv- ing. Speech class is an exam- ple of North Putnam's attempt to upgrade the quality of education that it offers to its students. Power Mechanics was the third of the new classes this year. Many students found this class not only informa- tive and interesting but profitable as well. Jim Moore, for instance, used his class time to revi- talize his car by overhauling the engine, thus restoring life to his sickly beast. Power Mechanics was taught by Gregory Arnold, who oversaw many major undertakings in this new course. C 95 Janitorial Staff Mops Up It takes more than teachers, students, and administrators to keep a school functioning. Maintenance personnel and the cafeteria staff also perform a variety of services in order to keep the school clean and run- ning and the students and fac- ulty fed. This year's maintenance staff includes Herb Hitch, Eileen Hultz, Maurice Gibbs. Nina Marcum, Tom Sutherlin, Glen Page and Ralph Lo t. The cafeteria crew, as ictured below, includes G. Lawhorn, M. Hart, Clifford, J. Stockton. H. Brown, L. Hartman. Dietitian L. Nelson. L. Cope, M. Collins, B. Sappenfield, J. Hayes, and Head Cook M. Elliott. Not pictured are J. Geyer and S. Tyler. JUNIOR HIGH Sth Grade 0.1 In Junior High 8th Grade Class Council includes B. O'Hair. M. Bryan. and D. Williams. Adams. T. ,lggfiik iff 5 ,. ' Albright. B. ,rig -. 'li ' fe '91 ix Alexander. D. X" 4, . 'lim W' " vi gi .J l Amers. M. ' 1 .Sw uf , B' Awbrey.J. lf , Q' r I 'A Beck. E. , ' '- ' Boller. C. ,,, , La If . J, 7 35,- B11 .D. i --l- "N -. . i ' i H1 0 ef is J , iii . f.. f.. Boswell. D. 5-' ,' lit". ' ,.',g.', ' A ,Q Q-I Q., W A Boyers.J. . ' 4 ' 'EEQQ 5 , uf. 1 ' 'I1 E-Egg' Iii' I ,Q Bfgckrley. ' .', ' Q ll" ., , , ryant. . st, , . X 55 N- - 'N 1 -F' Buis. D. . i, i -. -' - 05' Burdine. P. 1 W ' ' ' C we x ' Buser..l. 1 J, ' , , ' ' , K If . . n - - 5 af: ,f - f - n Chandlenv. ,. . A' .Ny AQ "F L-A-. Ji 1 ' 1 1 .I s-lx! L ' - ' .. . , iw ., 1, j V. ,Q , ' 1' e. 451 , chncormx. '01 H ' ' ' " f 1- . N ' , , Colegale. B. gb. .-I l ., . Q ,, ,, 1 l u 'A T, - - V' .. Cook. D. - 1. , 'gifs 'WHQSM ' A y' W V W., ,N , ' 4- Cox. P. i' -H ' , .f 5 1 is 4 'Y ' gi " 'l' . W .3 ' Craver. W. I, Q Q ' fa A W -- ,dv 1- Q , 1' grosllgy.-I:-. .Fiqh lf' ' - " , v' Curran.J. 'ri MA fill . . 1 W .f 'A ' 1 , Q. 'z ' ,A X55-'Q Davies. B. v.f.,:,, - . -Elf... .Q A gf' Davis. R. H I , 1 1 ' J, in ' ' Deaton. S. " X -L ll A. , .,, X 1 l l T X DeBoer. D. N ,lim 3 4' ' 3 I i Drawbaugh. M. N 'lg' m xiqfg- Q - I ,, Durham. J. I! f K i , . ' 5 Q -gg Edwards.M. .CL-as . . LL. 1' f - Evans. R. Evens. P. Everts. D. Farrow. S. Faurote. B. Faurote. S. Fenton. L. Franklin. T. Funk. C. Games. B. Gilsxrap. J . Grassick. T. Green. A. Hanlon. K. Harbison. L. Harbison. L. Y , 1... K' I 1 1-A. 'H A fx 4, 1.77 'lfll s' -A I Valli' nf J Lawhorn. D. Lickliter. K. Little. J. Livesay. S. Lovell. L. Lyons. B. Q ' J 1 rf, 1 El sn., it 1 I 1 .. I I 2 ,Z- ,, , 'f-s 'fl ,. lvl'-W J f . . 4. V If ,- X, Heacock. D. Heckel. T. Helrick. T. Hipsher. V. Hood. R. Hoover. R. Huffman. S. Hughes. B. Hughes. L. lqbal. H. Jeffries. A. Jones. A. Jones. E. Kays. M. Knowling. T. Lawless. J. ff, ,,-' FW'-5' Malicoat. W. Mason. P. McBride. S. McCammack. J. McCarty. D. McClain. B. McCloud. B. McDougal. J. McFarland. B. McGaughey. C. x -nu - I wr. .- ' Z X -iz? f 1h 1' lx B . f' 15 . if ev 4, V. L ,fs .lx . .3 .1 xl'- McGuire. J. McHargue. D. McPherson. D. Miller. F. Miller. M. Miles. K. Miles. T. Murphy. M. Noland. S. O'Hair. C. O'Hair. G. O'Hair. L. Page. B. Parker. L. Pickel. R. Pieper. D. Pieper, D. Poynter, G. Price. K. Price, K. Pridemore, K. Purdue, R. Robinson. R. Robinson, S. Sanders, T. Scobee, D. Shaner. B. Shaughency, T. Sheets, C. Smith. J. Smith. R. Smith, T. Wartz, M Whitaker, J White, R Williams. D Williams, K Williams, M Williamson, J Wilson, B Wilson, S Wonders, K Woodall, A. 1 Young, G ' lx In lead J il . m 4 W f 2 X L 1 ' A fix J ,V -el' Spear, J. Sprague. B. Starcher. M. Steele. D. Stierwalt, S. Stevens, A. Stokes, K. Stranger, D. Sutherlin. J. Sutton, L. Thompson. G Tilley, K. Tincher, B. Torongeau, E Tutts. T. Wehrman, C .-.N-1 I 4 4. 7th Grade Learn The Ropes The 7th Grade class officers are J. Simpson Cmemberj. B. Hartman CPres.J, J. Copner CV. Pres.J. E. Lee QSec.5 and S. Switzer fTreas.5. i ' ":f.N1i'L"':' ,,-' 1. I.i'i'-r 1 '35'. Albright. K. x ' T N T' 1' M - Allgood. T. Eff?-"'3' E" iff-if ' "v, X ' , Baire, G. Jig, , ' 2 I ,, f 'f 4... , f- Baire, M. X .. ,,f f lf '- -" r -bi, V 'tif Barcrofl, L. Nt' i ' 4 . jg ' , all " H1 i ' BI lgargelr, , N if "rf 'e ' f "- -' vig., u aug , . V K , f . .lf ,X ' .X -figs.-'S B011ef-W- N ff L. .5?:f.,f Booker, G. 'lfifyxi 'f ."' T- ' V'fL'a'. 771.1 ' ' ' - ' fr -uf., lgoruffw 1 i U, 'mx i t , .1 JJ-N V - in 3 "V rown, . ,., ' .,' - W : .N If 1 ,HI-E Q. 'Q VT' an - HU- ,Q ,' ' ..f N' ,, ff 5 r Buchanan, B. ,I X .1 :ai ' X 'H xi, ' 111 Q' V QA ,, .za 7'QH K, . Buis,B. 21 Z WH' ,Nr " ,. NI , V. fff , " ' 9-ff Bugerdick. A urnett, .' ., A W ,V Burris, C. -, ,V .. 5 1fa?"1 .-1 M r. 14- r'f- fx T . W Busch, R. Cash,B. Clark, S. Clifford, D. Coffenberry,T Cook, K. Cope, T. ,w Copner, D. Cox, J. Cox, T. Crawford. S. Crodian, S. Crosby, R. Dickerson, J. M Doub, D. ' Eaton,J. -1 Jennings. A i Elmore. J Evans. A Everrnan. R Faller. C Faurote. C Fink. B Flint. D Flint. D Fordice. T Fulwider. C Gentry. T Gibson. R Glaze. C Gordon. L Goff. B Greene. D Inman. M Joyce Kie . Kimberling. L K Knapp. Kruse. L Lashley. W Lawler. D Lee. E Lewis. M Libka. A Liphardt. B Lively. K Lockaby. C Lucas. D Greene. T. Grider. J. Harbison. Harrigan. J Hartman. B Haulk. J. Haulk. M. Heacock. D Higgins. S. Hipsher. V Hoover. S. Hughes. B. Hughes. C. Hutcheson Hutcheson Inman, D. Mason. T. Masters. D McFarland T McGaughey D McHargue L Melton. K Miles. B. Miles. M. Miller. D. Miller. J. Millikan D Myers T Nelson D. O Hair L. Il ,, W' 'z Fa , liz., ' - . ' '31-A ' 1 'l-2 ' -- ' D in JV ,VV, A I A' Olivenzl. V Q I if- .. I Peters. B. Pieper. R. Pierce. S. Price, C. Pridemore. R. Recio, L. Riggle, D. Roe, T. Ross, A. Sheets, B. Shoemaker, M. Sim son .I P Q - Simpson, K. Siner,.l. Sinnet, T. Smith, D. Smith, O. If ' I Q ' Y. IU 1 ' , 3 S lil 5 I K. ' vo , ,Az .4 X f4,..,,, , , 'fl "Q 'MQW N ' Speas, C. ,, -f f ' 1, g ,Y 1.23 -X A t I 'sau ' - .41 Spencer, R. . Eli -f .Ab J :K , , , 1 46 ' , , Sprague, C. - 'W' "-' N ' 'A gi, " " " f Steagall, K. ' f ' f ,. ' , ' Stockton, S. . ' ,S K ' A " . A "' . Stokes, C. 5 ' , . It Iwi w .j W Strader, T. . . m 1. , W jf ' V -I , Strausburger,T 'i W" J .. ., - . ' ?f-' ' 4. srfeenc. . 5' 1 . 5 ' M' , "' MQ Swearinger, D. , o X . q N1 m, I, I X- ' .3 f swnzens. i .3 1 ' s I Nagy fn' - , ' Thomas, K. . x4 'X . .? V ' ' 5 A ', . IW.-f x , " Thompson. R. . - i 1 . . N H r Tinche"K' Todd, C. '- ..- V WT V' W Q . Todd. D. X vw Torongeau, R. ' - Turner, S. 6 ' 1' Walls, T. 9 i 9 1 31, ' L Whitaker, T. , ' . ' Wichman, S. wx H ' . N Wilson, L. 'Ig-,.h,N,,' . 11 ' p.. M! I - Winings, D. M... A ., I A Win,M. ' Q Wonders, D. I Wooda l. R. , kl 1, Young, K. V, , Young, S. F x . fr 7 N Zeffel,M. ,J ' "W . ' 'E .f ,-Q19 , M- 0, s .1 - K 'zu . L ,N R, . , W lj Q Q ,Q ED D' Junior High Shows Instrumental Members of 8th Grade Band are fRow lj D. Scobee. S. Farrow, A. Greene, P. Evens. T. Hetrick: Row 2: P. Crosby. D. Marley. D. Stranger. J. Smith, R. Pickel: Row 3: R. Daniel. M. Murphy, M. Page, D. Steele. J. McGuire. D. Williams: Row 4: B. Hughes, J. Curran. M. Wertz. B. McFarland. T. Crosby. J. Buser, S. Noland. M. Kays. rren 1 rf J . 7th Grade Band members include fRow lj R. Everman. L. O'Hair, M. Witt, D. Greene, V. Smith, L. Brown, T. Strasburger: Row 2: R Busch, B. Buchanan. L. Gordon. A. Libka. A. Ross: Row 3: B. Woodall. B. Cash. D. Lawler. T. Sinnet, D. Smith. W. Lashley: Row 4: B Liphart. B. Miles, J. Oliver. D. Nelson. D. Lucas. B. Goff. K. Boruff. A. Evans. J. Stranger. D. Miller. D. Winings. D. Hutcheson, S Stockton. And Vocal Talent 'fQ..LdQ,3gi3.f' ,,j ' . , .i.,5,.-4,-,iwsirx 'i H A i Q3-'it.g-..'i'p-151,12 11. W.,- - -neiiglziiga. ' 1-45,3 . n.. 1 l WT, -iw..- H V . L1.."g:H . .-,ne--. . , , .l Junior High Chorus members fRow lj C. Glaze. K. Melton. M. Baire. T. Cox. D. Poynter, C. Speas, T. McFarland, K. Cook, S. Switzer. T. Cope. J. Harrigan. T. Whitaker. T. Allgood. S. Hoover, K. Simpson, C. Hughes: Row 2: K. Lively. B. Hutcheson. R. Torongeau, B. Hughes. R. Spencer. E. Lee, J. Simpson, B. Fink. O. Smith. T. Myers. D. Todd: Row 3: L. Hughes. C. Faurote, J. Durham, K. Williams. C. Boller. S. Deaton, D. Boller. S. Robinson. R. Burdine. J. Awbrey, D. Heacock, M. Atkins, B. VanBibber, M. Starcher. L. Lovell. K. Lickliter, L. Woodall. T. Tutts. Lyons Wins With Invincible Spelling Bee winners are fRow lj Kevin Kerns. Conn P T a Wh t k Ro 2 Br an Lyo Bryan Vincent, Bobby Smith. Bryan Hartman. Sheryl Bu nett On March 22nd the annual Junior High spelling bee was held in the gymnasium. Each section was represented by one candidate. First, each speller went through a practice round to help calm jittery nerves. Then, one by one, the spellers began to drop out as the words- got progressively harder. Finally only eighth-grader Brian Lyons and seventh-grader Tina Whitaker were left, and Brian eventually prevailed. Brian then went on to represent North Putnam Junior High at the county meet in Greencastle. J . I 4 .KQ5 ' U J r. High Kicks ff Another Season ii l 5-Q, .. , P -.: gf :qv-22.3 Row l: T. Roe. D. Doub. B. Harbison. B. Woodall, D. Winings. D. Nelson. J. Stranger. K. Steagall. Coach Bays: Row 2: Coach Davis. K. Tincher. E. Lee. M. Goff. T. Strader. D. Heacock. D. Clifford. D. Day. and R. Gibsonicomprise the seventh grade football team. ' '. 3 1 "wig .5 .1 rf ., . . A .- ..... ,i Row I: E. Jones. L. Callis. D. Williams. C. O'l-lair. B. Smith. T. Franklin. J. Williamson. M. Murphy. A. Jeffries. B. Vincent. B. Hughes: Row 2: D. Buis. B. McClain. S. Huffman. B. Miller. M. Taylor. P. Mason. B. O'Hair. S. Livesay. M. Edwards: Row 3: Coach Davis. J. Sutherlin. P. Purdue. H. Lawson. M. Page. B. Smith. M. Bryant. T. Knowling. J. Lawless. A. Stevenson. Coach Bays. 7th Grade Gains Experience A slow start, lack of size, and "The Blizzard of 78M describe the 7th grade bas- ketball season. The five starters for the "Av Team were T. Strader, S. Bullerdick, J. Copner, D. Nelson, and B. Hartman. Their "An Team record was 178, winning over Monro- via. One of the big highlights of the season was the con- test with Pittsboro, where the team as a whole played its best game of the season. Exceptional performers were T. Strader and S. Bul- lerdick. The "BU Team record was l-3, with its win over a tough Brazil team. B. Goff contributed 8 points toward the Cougar victory. Row 1: B. Goff, A. Evens, D. McGaughey B Hartman D Nelson S Bullerdick B Cash D Heacock Row 2 Coach Russell S Stockton, W. Lashley, D. Clifford,.I. Siner T Strader J Copner .I Eaton M Zeffel R Everman1Mgrj 8th Grade Is County Champ Row l: J. Sutherlin, S. McBride, E. Jones, B. McFarland, P. Purdue, C. O'l-lair, E. Torongeau, G. Young, M. Tyler, J. Buser, L. Callis. B O'Hair. J. Williamson CMgr.j: Row 2: Coach Bays, H. Lawson, M. Bryan, D. Williams, T. Franklin, M. Kays, M. Edwards, B. Smith, J Lawless, M. Amers. , 4, -4, Hg... EE - 5-45 I l ...K . 4 ii ff- - ' Y X V' wax C... f ff 'Ks 15533 f, nf K - J l ' ' .ffl . 5. s ,J , -I Junior High Girls Sprint Ahead -5 The Girls' Jr. High Track members were: fRow IJ D. Scobee, M. Williams, L. Harbison, T. Heckel. L. Brown. D. Greene, J. Boyers,'L. O'Hairg Row 2: D. DeBoer, J. McGuire, J. McCammack, S. Switzer, B. Van Bibber, C. Speas. A. Green. L. Wilson: Row 3: Coach Steele. M. Harbison, L. Gordon: T. McFarland, S. Farrow. C. Street, D. Stranger. .fl 6 K, 'Q D . Coach Steele gives Jr. High girls good advice. oys Compete In Track And Golf The Boys' Jr. High Track members were: fRow lj M. Yohannon, D. Winings, R. Crosby, D. Miller, J. Stranger. S. Stockton, D. Nelson, T. Sinnett, B. Hartmen, D. Riggle, D. Smith. A. Jeffries: Row 2: M. Zeffel, T. Mason, B. Smith, B. Peters, E. Lee, A. Evans, A. Stevens, E. Torongeau, B. McFarland. R. Robinson, E. Beck, J. Copner: Row 3: G. Baire, J. Eaton, T. Franklin, P. Mason, H. Lawson. T. Strader, D. Williams. B. Smith, I. Crosby, D. Lawhorn, Coach Russell. Q, ,V . s R ' A 'N-JP-:-f Y Jr. High Golf members were: CROW lj T. Strader, M. Murphy, P. Purdue, D. McGaughey, B. Goff, W. Lashley: Row 2: M. Tyler. C. O'Hair, D. Williams, M. Page, J. Sutherlin, E. Jones. , 111 555. Cheerleaders Share The Thrills 7th grade cheerleaders are L. Smith, B. Buis QBottomj: S. Switzer, R. Inman CTopJ. ...wi Z 8th grade cheerleaders are B. VanBibber, L. O'Hair. S. McCammack fBottomJ3 L. Harbison fTopJ. . "A"' 1 '. 1, " f A A I f l : ',0U , Q W L -Q44 . .. Q fu: 6 if -': ,, . A . , A -. A-1 M - -, 51-r 7 " -A 1 fvi , i "iw ff 1+ l 4 Vf m , In A' , .,V-Vi V", PQ H ,," g r,! Q vu V ' .V , 1 fw d 1 w ' A A . W- , ., r .- W i. Qgx , ' if X 1 .H JQi ' ' 1' .' ,P 7 ,tif 1'-.H , -. M410 f +w , U cg u 2 of 'swf 44' M 'L , 1 ' H kt: QULAU L UU' jp 0300i 'fl gV"1 f Q , I Ldlbc f f swf J UH W CU 0317 A ,Niki . gJVZ,f.-- 1 ,r r un - L' WW! M 1 1 'wr' gwtii A1 , flPff'y'1gjfVQl.f"3'Z,U?fL -7- ' x N 1. f , NIU CCf1lUf1' qi k . ,'bQQg2fwILfLQJ7'1 R. F 5 V land: N . If f! Us Lyglfvf 49 71 A ww CZLQJLQ UJUJ 1 4,0 L cgkqfifpf-'ij MQ www IWW LW' 'CU LM . V un N QM LH? abd gyynfif M6 CU I Lfmq . 7, ,iJ J fZ,f"U1'U -'truly 1 A if C! 6641 ' 5341! cfrcgcbczo I V 'jd H . if 4 Mi ,J , V if l V .- C..-F04 L7q,d.wf1fC bfqW5ii,64Ar.7fV cv' I. 'lj' g Y, ' ' ,,f-IMI! V , i2 fffMUWU9MJ, 176LU ' C TLUZLQLQD r af MF WW W , ffm J, S W bm W f4W?7 fff L4fLtff?720 f mf 1 WTLCLCVUQOJQ g+CH9f JLCWMJ ff - ,, . , j ff? , ,f , A M .jZN'JJf55Df5f Q UML ' -:Wd-,v .- -'w .7 7 ,W H MW f U mf -wif v Q Q,Ow , XJ' G' ' QQMJ, lgtgbqdhkf mmf V , N, Z A: ll lf U9"W '59 . ,Q Luau fu2fmJ:M,wfp, M L ,I LIMQV Lvvqbtfyxi .' 3,65 WN 'WMXJWDL , . "Q,-i.4,fxfNu' . KV M-:Jv1f' b gkM,w,'- LUMJ 1 ,gg e,vvLff 062 , -5 ,J sp-,clk VTEUOJ' I WJ-'O O, ' 23 -' , W ', ,.: - fl J ' " ' ' if - fl 1 ' N - K. Nfk4'+f2 K! ,qVv'T,lMQC! L'W1 ju ... LJ.,1,, Q A If- Ai fu i- , , , f, If H saw E555 ,lf Q N? 1 q wfM 6TW wt , L,.gQwasg1c'ifW NYYJJTYA I ' f H L -"J" , 4 ,vf 1'i, I' lui-, X , 1 ow f ,f P ,L M41Lm,C,N-ff1rffffk-L 33561 A W0 7' MC 'U Q 7Q,51f2lL 5

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North Putnam High School - Hawkeye Yearbook (Roachdale, IN) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


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