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1:-as Mt' -" H.--Na. Swami?-:Fix fr . ' 9 - A ' '- -- - ,y-Q, 5 P L r I F P P I 15-B' .ia-1 4 Q . sw f- . ,-filwwaw-.ii EH' 'gr 1 -ff' G' 'N Q .,.k I i 453, 'i1'fA'f57 ' " Q A ff fm 2 W my 'Y I w 1 W: sf' . ' W .Tag , Ur , 2 ,Q .f,,,:f, MW4 -g"f ' 4 1 ,, 45 ,,.A, -E ' ",' f 3 1 Q x s wif. I . 1 i' 1 Q K. 'X' , --. RMU' ,Q iz, z ' ' 3 f Q ff'-1 3' 'ff bet: 4.3 f EZ ,' ,, 2 5 2 Q , 2 :ff , 2 H . ,, ,,AWm-..,,i if y is ,fi'Q'fff.. 4: mwwmv ff 5 ' Q . 5" Q' 1' , I F44 if 2 f 4, at Q gl' f 1 'L , ' 12, 1 ff 0 5, ,n 1.9 E -ws-W. 41:1 'B EF..- 'Q- ,..w' l. fl .- -2 V M.. W M 41' . . MW... - , Q., +I 'P . ,PL - A V.--1 . V' NYY, 2 RETIVITIEE ERREE: EVENTS FEEFLE FREE E FREE EE FREE LE FREE BL. The things we do today are memories we carry for the rest of our lives. There will be remembered times, some happy, some sad, but life goes on, and each day is an experience for everyone. Some go from North Platte and some will stay. From year to year our experiences will change. That's why memories are so special. As students, we learn about life, other people, but mostly ourselves. We're the spirit of today's tomorrow. Out of a crowd emerges one. We each have the chance to 4 be that one. 6 tl,2,3j Seniors will retain memories of classes they took throughout their high school years as different steps they each had to take, such as English, Advanced Comp., and Civics, in deciding future goals. 145,61 As we mature, we are required to make decisions for ourselves. Woods, Technical Drawing and Electricity are some of those choices. The decisions we made in high school help us in making future decisions. FREE IEE FREE l'7E FREE IBL. FREE IRB EREUF5 TLINEE FRELILTHJ lNEEX Y N51 ,1 if E 11 1 X? 1: 1- 4: if ?2 'G Fi '91 .- F! ll 14 6 f FHITIVITIEE .. 5, slat? W H3 Q -U" 5101! .. .-. Y I: ?l5' Yg, ,, if -' 4, Agffcwl flQ1i'ifW , 'iam' which will remain special os gears poiss ,P in Q 5 'mlyfi' fa i l: , :sc .51 t351iV,g,g,gip45-,l wife' fa V 1 til The tradition of flag raising starts every school day. i2l In front of the cafeteria, tin this case, a lunchl is where students can or- der or buy things for school. l3l The Lounge is a place of fun and laughter. Between classes, students in the halls find constant confusion and activity. 141 By contrast, the li- brary is a room for serious concentration and quiet. Q53 Behind the scenes we find a teach- er's desk full of material such as bags and grade books. r N. B -Qi - L13 'S I .Q 'v ,1-,-V -i. 144,42 J' Students step into spotlight of styles lust as the last 20 years have seen many things change including people, places, music and fashions, the fashions seen on these pages will surely change by the year 2000. Fads have gone from bobby socks, long skirts and pulled back hair, through the mini skirt and the maxi skirt. Hair styles have changed too, with the long straggly hair giving way to more moderately styled, blow dryed, and permed styles of today. This year straight legs, straight and pleated skirts, spikes, jeans, the layered look, and corduroy are in the spotlight. Most of all we see the comfortable casual clothes, such as T-shirts and flannel shirts. Instead of see- ing the tough leather jackets of the late 50's and early 60's we see the soft gentle look of fur and the outdoor, crisp look of the ski coat. These fads may not last long, but they are "in" right now. lt's hard telling what the fads will be 20 years from now. We might be wearing space suits and oxygen masks! , " La ,ff Q my ww ' 1 c "A, V - .: M iq 4, Q W7 .X ,W 43' ,gg, f. M , IQ , ff:-.Mm , D A V , L,,.f , . M .. L 2 - . ,WL Q. ,m,j,Wf, le, , ..,3,3j,w?' ' ' if 'V . m M., ,, F M f Q M, 1 W , 'iffy , - Ln, i Yi f-' fffwii ,' :z:Q.1'53W7 . WWKWH .. ,U 5' K W 1 v , W M5 -Elfffgkcff. . fr' ' 1- RN, , 'TE N71 ink- s.. v ,. s 1 th w ... ,M 'f if Y .f fbf. was f 3 F J yi 5 ! , 1. ff 112 fwfr," N 3' x - ' . -gpgirkg' If 1 ' , 5 A N P' 2 - 5- , f ' Q ff ' J 4 xv!! X ,. ,. --.x . M' ' I Y X -' I Ik A V I ' O , f f Q fx VE" successful Foll Homecoming celebrottion lust about everyone en- joyed this year's "Main Event",the theme for Home- coming. The cheerleaders, under the direction of Mrs. Patti Severson, planned the events weeks ahead of time. Monday was gym clothes day with the Powder Puff Football game that night. The seniors overcame both the juniors and sophomores. Tuesday was sports day with a poster painting party that evening in the lounge. Wednesday was 50's day. Painting store windows helped include the communi- ty, and judges selected win- ners with the cheerleaders placing first, Key Club sec- ond, and Annual Staff third. Thursday was mis-match day as well as the street rally. Excitement was added when each class made a hand- pulled float. The bonfire fol- lowed where the juniors add- ed an outhouse to their pile. Friday was highlighted by a North Platte win over Kearney, 35-7, with royalty crowned at halftime. Wrapping up the week was a dance with music pro- vided by "Sound Unlimited." til lanine Castle gives Troy Workman a con- gratulatory kiss after being crowned home- coming king, fly No 33 Steve Vveskamp, No. 37 Brian Mapes position themselves tor a hopeful pass as the tans fly Cheer them on. 1-lj Doug Long, Bob Crofutt, lay lohnson, and kevin Goforth make tinal preparation, 151 NPHS band performs as lol The cheerleaders: Diana Richard, Shana Bruce, Deb Hinman, lody Workman, Elizabeth Griffith, and lodi Suiter get the spirit going. my gr, 2 1 I . INN' ,. fo . -ai' 356 A :ILL KX , Egg 1 I E., 'I vu.,- ' M x M 5 2 W'-E'W"1:9' -f 'wx 'iff Exchange student finds new challenges "Things in the states are much different than they are in Varnaimo, Sweden," says the 1979-1980 Rotary Ex- change student, Martin Green. In preparation to come to this country, Martin looked and found nothing about Ne- braska except that the capital is Lincoln and that North Platte is the county seat. Comparing Sweden and North Platte, Martin said that he especially misses the trees and the "good school food" in Sweden. One thing he definitely likes about the U.S. is "no math and I love it." One major difference in school is that Sweden has more career developing classes in high school and we don't. "High School is much easier here than in Sweden," Martin added. Still another difference be- tween Sweden and North Platte is that high school stu- dents in Sweden don't have jobs like we do here. Martin feels that people are much different here than in Sweden: The drug problem is worse here, there is a drinking age here and not in Sweden, and he said he doesn't understand why peo- ple here have big cars with only one person in them. Martin said he likes it here enough to come back in the future to see the people he met here. HJ "Pick a card!" says Martin Green lon the rightl as he portrayed Father Drobney in the fall play, "Don't Drink the Water." Leroy jones, as the ambassadors son, Axel, is the unwilling participant for the would-be magi- cian. l2J Martin Green, the Swedish Rotary Ex- change student for this year. Timing of ploy gives plot ironic twist Don't Drink the Water, was directed by Mr. Skip Altig, as- sisted by Shari Mires. The play tells about an American family, Walter Hollander fBill Allenj, Marian fSherri Hoelscherj and daugh- ter Susan QDeb Hinmanj, who were vacationing in East Ger- many and sought refuge in, and then were held captive in, the American Embassy. It seems ironic that the play was presented as Ameri- cans began their seige as hos- tages in the American Embas- sy in Iran. In the play, Susan falls in love with the ambassador's son, Axel fleroy lonesj. Fa- ther Drobney QMartin Greenj was narrator, in addition to his role of a priest forced to seek asylum in the Embassy. Other characters in the play included: Krojack QGreg Gullionj the policeman: the Chef fCherri Buzzelljp Ms. Kilroy fChris Wallacejg Am- bassador Magee QRich Saighmanjp Miss Burns Uoni lamesjp the Sultan of Bashir QScott Synovecjp and wife QCaroIine Fletcherjp Kasnar Uerry Layherjp and Countess Bordini fKathy McCallj. til ul warn you . . . If you mess up the order of my spice rack, I don't know what l'll do!" Chef says to Marian. Qi "Admit it! You are a filthy American spy!" Krojak yells at Walter. Q31 Every actor must look the character and this is accomplished by the use of makeup as Deb Hinman, Leroy Jones, and Rich Saighman prepare for a performance. Evil villian's dostotrdhg deed botckfires xx , 1 2 j. t r fxgqwzxi 'itil . 1-IH? 'lt P st it "Egad the Woman in White" is an old fashion mellowdramer about an evil man who tries everything possible to steal his wife's fortune. He steps low enough to pull off a funeral that supposidly is his wife's, but is another woman who is iden- tical. He locks his wife in an in- sane asylum thinking nobody would find out. Her friends discover she is alive in the asylum and they try to help get her fortune away from the evil man. The villian's plot backfires and he is killed leav- ing the hero and heroine to live happily ever after, as they should in a mellodramer. The cast included: Sir Perci- val Glyde QBill Allenjp Dora QTammy Garstjp Lawyer Gilmore QGreg Gullionjp Countess Fosco QDeb Hinmanjg Mrs. Catheric flori Mecomberjp Frederick Fairlee QTom Richardsonjg Marian QChristi Shepardjg Laura and Ann Catheric fSherri Buzzelljp Walter Hartright QDoug Longjp Miss Peach fHeidi Nel- sonj. til An art lesson gives the hero lDoug Longl and heroine lSherri Buzzelll an opportunity to be together, Q21 Woman in White lSherri Buzzellj sits lifelessly at Sir Percivals home. 131 Mrs, Catheric tLori Mecomberj and Countess Fosco fDeb l-linmanj encounter Sir Percival lBill Allenl, One-Hcts contolned vorlety of emotions This year's student directed One-Acts contained a variety of emotion. ln "Wrong Number" direct- ed by Sue Smith, Mrs. Steven- son QCamy Eggersj is an invalid alone in her apart- ment. She is mistakenly cut in on a phone call and overhears two men planning a murder-hers! She tries to get help from the operators fHeidi Nelson, Cherri Buzzell, loni lamesj and the police QGreg Grederj, but they are unable to help. "The Storm" directed by Ann Girard, is set in the cabin of leff and Mary Mulky QGreg Gullion and Chris Wallacej. A hunter Ueff Craigj comes into the cabin to escape the storm as well as to seek re- venge because he thinks his wife QMissy Masonj and daughter QGretchen Mies- backj have been killed many years ago by Mulky. Howev- er, the wife and daughter ar- rive, and the once seperated family reunites, and leaves. "Quiet Please" directed by Tom Richardson, is an exam- ple of a feud between two brothers led QBiII Allenj and leff Harris fleroy lonesj. The local Reverand Uerry Laherj and local church mem- bers QShari Mires, loni james, Heidi Nelsonj try to work things out. It takes a social worker fShelIy Scritsmeirj to accomplish that goal. os student directors encouroge tolent -4 ' 5. 82 4' Jimi .lj 2 ill Leroy lones, Heidi Nelson, jerry Layher, loni lames, Shari Mires, lfront rowl Shelly Scritsmier and Bill Allen present their jug to di- rector, Tom Richardson. 123 Camy Eggers frantically calls for help. Q31 Leroy jones and Bill Allen argue as Shelly Scritsmier tolerates the rudeness. HJ Greg Greder, an efficient policeman. 151 Cast of UThe Storm" bows at their success: leff Craig, Gretchen Miesback, Missy Mason, Greg Gullion, and Chris Wal- lace. Spirit Week feotures numerous outfits Second semester Spirit Week featured numerous outfits with a different theme for each day. The week was entertaining for participants and observers alike. The theme for Monday was Lollipop Day with stu- dents encouraged to dress like little kids. Tuesday was the Year 2000 day. The next day was the Crazy Hat and Sock Day and Thursday was Fifties Day. The traditional Blue and Gold Day was Fri- day coinciding with the boy's basketball game at which North Platte staged a late game rally which wasn't enough as they lost to Kearney 69-65. .a .X 1 .ff , J I r Q, f A ,Q 1-. 'M ' - V ly, ,W iz f f gi vgyi V 0 s !N X H , f x 0 v ' - " " A, .,- ,Nj i.- r, UW' it 1 . ' iv ' t.. .,,. , Q MM. A 'jr f ,lp , X , f"r 'I V , , ' 'Q-at at lift x X X' ,Q , vp " n f,, mwyyfggrz , '-,' ' 1 ' . f r r or r T' f T aryrra r x v 2 -'17, Das an vqnnv-M355 Q ' ' , f Y i" V'Yal'um,,.r ma A. H, , .. , ,. ' . 6 we " timid VH- W 8. .Yun -'M a-.u X .CZR 'xy o C ? W sf '1- 1-if lil Ig L... QU Cheerleaders decorated this display win- dow for Spirit Week. Q21 Deb Lovelace dress- es as a Hlittle kid" on Lollipop Day. 131 lana Conley, Kristy Carpenter, loi Patterson, Susan Tuenge, Pam Best, Tracy Fisher, lane Larson, Brenda Ellett, Merri lo Collins, and Lana Gold- en line up for the grand entry for the game against Kearney. Q43 Bea Bierma, Rae Ellen Kramer, Angie Schultz, and Mr. Dan McGuire are recognized for their creative costumes. 151 Dianna Reigan caught by surprise in her spirit week costume. 160 Camy Eggers once again shows originality on Year 2000 day. 'We may never pass this way again' was "We may never pass this way again" was the 1980 prom theme at the Holiday Inn organized by the class of 1981. Servers included sopho- mores lulia Allen and Heidi Nelson. Seniors voted upon the royalty to be announced dur- ing intermission at prom as they have on the past. The traditional Senior Ban- quet was before prom in the Holidome. It was organized by Miss Helen Shields and Mr. Gerald Morris. 2 . pl ffg , f 1 V mf 1 ' 5,-'1 , 7 52 4 5, S y A M Prom theme for graduating class of 1980 Q X F Ui lodi Helms and lim Olson visit as they relax in the Holidome during intermission. 123 Matt Kealy, and Renee Tatman sit out a dance and pass their time with conversation. Bl Martie Kealy, Ieff James, Rod Dahlinger and Mr. Gerald Morris enjoy dinner before prom. Q41 Sophomores Heidi Nelson and julia Allen serve refreshments at prom. Q51 The 1980 Prom royalty included: first atten- dants lleftl lanine Castle and lim Kilzerg Queen Trudy Haney and King Rich Klattg Second atten- dants were frightl loy Hoffman and Dave Hill. Q61 Dancers take time to visit during intermission at the last school dance of the 1979-80 year. .,, ,.f ygf J' Q ff ,, ,V MMA if ww' s K wif? 315 ,,x, Ai", if Wea as 1. 5' JV If ,ff 2-2' 2 0432 1 2 44 Wi 'W V142 ,2 K f'fjCZQ2Iff 7 ,iw Q -3. 2242 if is ? ff 51, 'L Q :-af, hx Q gl 4 fi 1 'f 3 X , xi fp 5 QW Mm? 1, Q1 --ref QA,-, 4- ,V L. . x 5232523 mv? 6 1, L, ,mga . mi ' If m lar ,, 'YT ,Q , .H 421 eg VM L. 51 1 :W K mf ,L - .7,.w, a We s3"9fu-if fl 5-W QW W Qvsief ffv if Wi pw-W., we x 5 .bm 'S' X A 1 Q1 . its S aa Q ,S WY, .ew may X r Ewt iii 1 'sfx 1 My ' 'U 3 3 my W 1 f- 'U' i X -9 5 w I, . M -Y X Q Y Q ' ix, E? 2 5? ouditorium For the first time since 1969, graduation ceremonies were in the auditorium be- cause of the windy-rainy weather. This limited the number of people attending the ceremonies to those holding the six tickets given to each graduate, at their last practice. The class, consisting of 337 1328 attendingj, were escort- ed by Kristy Carpenter and loi Patterson to the proces- sional "Pomp and Circum- stance" played by the Senior High Band. Brad Morrison, Doug Long, and Carri Hall spoke using the class motto as their sub- ject: "Do not follow where the path leads. Rather go where there is no path and leave a traiI." til Bob Becker, Lenny Beall, Roxanne Bayne, Melia Baustian, lill Barnason, Dale Baldwin, and Paul Bain stand waiting to receive their diplomas. Q21 1980 senior speakers were Brad Morrison, Carri Hall and Doug Long. Bl Alter- nate, Renee Miller, escorts loi Patterson and Kristy Carpenter, and alternate Chris Craig led the seniors through the ceremonies. C4-Sl While chairs lie outside in disarray with an empty speaker stand in background, seniors, families, and friends were packed into a swel- tering auditorium. Q63 The auditorium echoed with laughter, screams and cries as the last grads received their diplomas, x 2 E ,. 5 i E E a Q 0 Q Q, N 4 -. 1.-+-1 ix' 'Nzivg en. gf- '.- +":- 'y-'Q . 11 ,Hg Q, L .. -f .f fm.. gg-g,,,1qf .ff - , -' .-' . -1-- . af-F w " .--'- I -f' .f an 'Ak - swf:-. 2--Wh. im:-1'k'4 -1624 :L-wr , A 3. ' ,iam R-.-. 1-rf, '??-52541 ?f-r"-,P-ffl: Aim. w- vw, -wi. MIM-'f sy''Q-mr...I-gy-wLrr2i5?f-f1.S-b1wf- ',f-Wffa-. ,5.1:fg.w: ,m. -"f12y,::, g:.g3,5l.f,-. -xr"rf"x'fAg 1,-.,g5v'ip- ,ng Ww,..1:Q..y--21.1-ff ,,5k2azg,w.g,N,.z-1xg.,r1.13-33 315, ,.x,',b: -Km.. f ' cgirlyiiiiifixgq-,43:'L17f. 1:3-'59-15-fl-'JS1fi7AfT33Igl3..'1'3Xf'E5'lf"'2A1?if51"".w?3Ch?f , Jw 9 ,f'5u?Q'q:PZU""EQ?n,::Qu1Qf,e?g',-351 :'f?3?ia.-xgjffikzqf .92 E13fs'f,Q.21"EQ:EI.:l:5" +2f'T3fS1Kr4j9.AE 'ffSl??f?j1"5-24f'-A"-3'-'fX4g"4g"S'Q'3'?!'3'72-ff. 'A - 594235253 ' ri,AQQ?fwifS?Q.'i5Q:gI'2,'g5?T2 2' Pita. 2.545 42 -w.fQi',-3,f?Q,i8, Egfr., 'Lg?y"iir,-Yglff'-'if'f:'E:5'..i?,'Qf .. -1:1.iv far.-yfvfgf ' H3f5wy4.s::QJ,,4:-:g.l 23.5. 11.-: '.Q:,.-ipNm:-4,5-,y...--15?-'..5,f3s.-f.5fQ,:1gf.'?55wg5g 5, , ,fur-3 wigfiagxy 2. -' iggyiczf-.,g-r,..'iQ 4f'..q"Ai.4-KZ? z'.,.1n22grfgF??? f!'f5f4u,fX'Xa.'..aGf5 H W1 MQ.-. wb I fr. -mrs'-1-'f'1:f1.3gg,1v-'-451.1 .w+,:eY-:-'f--H.-..1f:s,.4'f,sil-.541 . QQ:"+:ff'v"fQQ"'-vvg .fav JPY- x9?'13iffA:4? AMF- Al .wqpx :- TW Q4-fxr-. 12642.-.NTEJQ-f:3f'1 - f-7, -' .-in 'fix Ly-1. " ,.rx'ffZ:"g-Xb--Y--1.-M 5 - V-' vw gig, -Q.. J'-A ,-and-,..' A 5-.ffl ,-:. W5,,'i,,f,Ix :ff Hx.. ,.,3xf',1-1yf.QE95.',, 'r W -i.v.:+y-N-,.,.Im.' "'g3'5,3- 'f.Lf,..4fc'f-- ,-'af' .fr Nfrf. 'ffw-Ja..-,V .2f.-Mawr... v-Q w.r- ft. naw. yay... ffff 'ff".f1eHf'f"-'fzlx-S -tif-' 'V rw- - fls'-f-f1'faf,'?Q"T5f-N'-3wk:'52?m::'f57?"'?!."'?-'Q'5-3'i'f-:ii-'ffS?f -' Qi' 1.511-sg.. -. ' -iv. ,' 7,154-:QQI-. ' ' ' 41.9 4s,.m5SgQ-,,,q-Q-wig:4-,S.,.ii:x-Q1-.fpgir .:cy',u:2'5J3,-Nfxifgzp,-,' ?:.qY-r,i,,3 'f ' ' Wie ,ff-L.-15-i:.j5:.?."?Z 'Q'4L.ii1'vxe11-.2151,.-.-ff12mQ,l'Jf.fT'iK"26'-Livgafiifflwfs,-S-f'fl'-v'f-'f, fb-EQff1'l.'-E1 .'f , 562'Ry?wG.-zt:aQZ-im-Sis:.5',f:fti"4ff.qf5Fw45i2f?Jff12fA3422fvi9f1i'SH ' '2-.K A 'yiiimii 19251-5fr??i2:'xF,"f'-5 91:5-Q1 WI .-'k?...?:1-H31 :Yea 155 affkfiy 1 N .5 K iii -, -..- I-'Tlf,., C- .A . M. .1 , , , , , .. - '-viii'-T' A-.:f,,"e 1f':fff'ci1:ai11.z:. 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Proud memories of finally be- ing the oldest class in the school. Sad memories of pos- sibly Iosing track of our friends after graduation. Whether our memories be good or bad, funny or sad, they are once-in-a-lifetime memories which shall stay with us long after graduation. high school will linger on Cynthia Ackerman Marcie Albrecht Mickie Albrecht lohn Alexander Barb Anderson Mark Anthony Wayne Arterburn Kevin Ashcraft Erin Aten Lisa Aufllck WN W fl if , 5' Q J.,- u X ,L -Q MK CLASS MOTTO: "Do not follow where the path leads. Rather, go where there is no path and leave a trail." CLASS COLOR: Royal Blue and Gold. CLASS FLOWER: Light Blue and Yel- low Roses. Adrian Casillas lanine Castle loe Burke Bill Burrows loe Clang Larry Clark lr. Sandra Campbell Rachelle Carpenter Fay Cover Linda Criner Linda Caudlllo David Chessmore Gerry Clayton Marchell Cochran Bob Crofutt Barb Cropp 30 lack Cady Kathy Carroll Glen Chingren lana Conley Rod Dahllnger Halverson handsVRick Wescott a harnnwer as they on background scenery for the one-actffiiyi. gm 15, I f ag 21.-Wi 4 ff! V Q41 Mike Griffin Shellie Guilliaume perry Han Tammie Halligan Roberta Hanson Brian Hamann Randy Harrach leff Hedgcofk lodi Helms Dawn Henry Qfxmr Penny Culden Pam Halverson Kellona Harnagel Mike Hedrick Mark Henry Michelle Gullion Carri Hall Trudy Haney Eddie Hansen ,,....7!X , ,ff f , , af' 'i' 'I 11 1-. F I fill! 3 A -. .Q lil Mr. Dick Warneke wants to buy some candy from Susie Quirk and Kif Ward as they try to get a glimpse of the game, Q21 lulie Bargell, Deanna Yonker, and Teri Diehl look over some of their work during Mr. Wayne Pressnall's Physical Science class. Shari johnson Teresa Johnson Cathy jones Roger lung Tracy KalkOWSkl Maffle Kealy 1-A ..aI'lY293' , 34 1 w - :mag-M Pat jones Mall Kealy Linda Kellogg lim Kilzer QU Mark Nelson doe ical Science class. Shari lones Don Kellie lulie Kennedy Charles King s an experiment with static electricity for his Phys- Carolyn Kirk Doug Kirts Rhonda Kittle Richard Klatt Iogephine Kngbel Chriss Koch Kevin Kraning Nancy Krizek Ron KU52,-ik Trina Lange Cindy Larsen Gordon Larsen Angie Kleewein Gina Kucera Norman La Rue Sheri Le Droit Doug Lehman qv E Valerie Lemmer Robert Lorentzen Brenda Mapes lennifer Matthews Russ McCarter fi 1 S Garry Lieberth Doug Long Sherry Long Sherri Ludwig Mike Lynch Tim Madagame Renee Markwardt Tammy Marshall Tracy Martinez lacquie Mattke Pam McAdams lohn McCall Roger McCIellen Mike McGuinn Doris Mclntosh y, ff, Grace Lopez Lee Ann Malizola Missy Mason Teresa McCall Ui Doug Bomberger and Kevin Goforth seem to enjoy their work during their electricity class. Suzan Olson Raelene Pace Scott Peters David Porter Eric Post 2,130 Lonny Oltmanng Tracy O'Neill Kevin O'Rourke Greg Paulsen Terri Payton Cheryl Pell Todd Peterson Sara Perez Kevin Pickett Todd O'Rourke Barry Pelton Cathy Pierson Ui Mark Anthony concentrates on glueing the board together and not his fingers. mi N nil 39 'Q- 'QYA fb fx ' f .. X X, .Q .,,. ,Q Charles Smith Holli Smith Robyn Snodgrass jeff Stevens Kevin Stewart 41 Z4 Cheryl Smith Cindy Smith Dan Smith Diane Smith Kelly Smith Nejl gmith Sue Smith Valerie Smith Don Snyder Sandy Sommers Lisa Stagnaro Thad Stark VINJV Roger Stroud Deb Summers Don Swain Janice Swalberg Stacy Tabke Renee Tatman Tim Thomas Susie Thompson Donna Titchen Gregg Todd Audrey Tooman Scott Troxel 1 loe Swanson Steven Thomsen Susan Tuenge Todd Van Nortwick 111 lana Conley, Pam Best, Deb Wright and Cammy Eggers enjoy their pizza at the CIA pizza party. Mark Voris Tami Voris Lau,-ie Wagner i 3- , X ,,,m,v,f,W.Wf, X ' V if fy f ,ix.siQ.,W , 2 : iiiffig ' -ar ye W ,, W, , F , 1 if 1 I Q f K ly S il Y W K fl if l 1 iw , 5 ' ' 212 1, water - wwf, P .,v , af 3? ,A , X 4.,,,,, , ,W W- , H wi W L, 4 my., ,f wifm M., , igif 1 .1 l gill, L' K x gf S1 H4 'A Michelle Walker 1 tiv ww., l img -.Q 4011 if , M 2 'ad' 3 Y.. Kif Ward David Webster Ken Wederski Dennis Weir Bill Wescott .-All X., My Steve Weskamp Kathy White lim Williams Kristie Willson 3 iw W fa n, ,, . yixug, W 144 ,X 53? tb ..- V N F ,-., ar. fx .K ii. if sir il xx Rick Wescott Troy Workman Deb Wright Wayne Yanney Deanna Yonker if s rrrn s ww .ri was ,ata -we' ,fs . X girly t l. Q11 leff James and lack Cady appear to be surprised to have their picture taken in Ac- counting class as Shari johnson, Lisa Stagnaro, and Bob Becker work in the background. 125 Lori Elliott, Linda Criner, Donna Giles, Rachelle Carpenter, and Dixie Miller enjoy themselves during the passing period. 131 Concentration is demonstrated as Cathy jones, Mary Mohr, jackie Garcia and lanice Swalberg practice their shorthand skills. Q41 Todd O'Rourke, Ann Girard, and Kristie Willson assume the role of a teacher as they lead a mini-course for ele- mentary school children in Spanish. CM - s QQ? .ax . . , . W.: , -a .Q 1 , V ., fig J .-9 S'3-555 ,sa EVENTS ff LLWL L M ,Q 3 L E l . A LLL 4 X :' 1 L L Lf "" , 'L LL L L L L LLLL L L ' L LLL, ,,L L ' L ",' L 1',,I, LL L L ',i, fyiyy L LL L L LLLL L L L St tlstlcs V ,,,g, ,V L, L, L VV V L V, H ,rry V, L t J L L L ,"' L V L ff L LL Lf ZBLLLLL L ,LLL4 L L1 9 LL ,,f" LL L LLLLL L L L ,'f,, L LQFOOTBA LLL VOLLEYBALL BOY SL'fENNlSfL ,:,, ,m," f ,"" LL L L LL L LL 0-21 Cond won Hastings LL GV' LL ,',f fff' L L I QLJL 12-14 Ogallala lost North L L 28 K LL L L LIL eamey won Keamel' LL L L ,,', ' ' " 'A L H L L L, LLLL L L L L L 'L L L 'KLL L L LL ,, ,,L L L LL L LLLL L f,, LA LLLQLLL f L LLLLLLLL ok L ,,,, L ,L LL ,,V, L Y L L, L ,L f . 4? L 'LL L LL ,L '15 L 4 L L L, WOR HQSJIHSS L ,,,, ,L L IAVL L ,,?, L g,4 ,, ,,, L ,L ,,, ,.,, L L L, L LL ,L,,, L, , :g,5 ., , L ,4z: , I .,,, L L L LL L LL L5'7L GW' 5 and L LL Nqgflheast ffl LL , ,. L L LL L L L L L LLLL Llc? L ' 'LfLL L L L," L Z LLLLL IOS! L LLLL L - LLLL LL L L LLLL Ill: 3-21, L LAll'a'1ffQL L L 1 LLLL L L Mccoou lost ,LL L LL L LLLLLLLLL L LLLLL wdn LLLL LL LL LLL LL L L LL LLL L LLL L LL L L LLLL L L LLLL L L 'L LLL, fy L,,, L ' L I G,L LL,' L L L L L ,,, L, Lilfwq ,L L LLL, V ,,. L Q F 'OS' LLLL L ,LLL L L , L L lt LLL L LLLL LLLLLL L L 95 LOD W00 LLL RO L'L LL V' L, L . LL, L LL L L 'V L L L -L ,L ,L,, ,L , VLV,A, I L ff LLLLL LLLLL L L L LL L L LL LLLL L, L LLLL LL L State won L L LLLL lost ll LLLL L c0zaaL1nv. L, L ' ' L' ' L LLLL L, L L LLLLL L L tk ' LLVL ,,G , L, f LL LL ' ' L L 'L A 7 fL,k,Lfff"2Lr7-vw L8 Ll Lf 3 ' ' L." VL 'ff LL 1 L LWLLV L' L'f4LL'z We ff I L fl-W L LL L lost LLLL LLLL LL L L L McCook 'IW L L L I ,V , , VV LLVVK V , L. L, V L L VLLL LL L k V ,L ,L I ,V L LLLL 22,1 LLLLL,L1LLLgL,L , L LV LM, V I VLXVI L I L L, LLLLL L , L A K L , fb , Lu ,ff wonf, Gm' S CROSSLLQOUNTRY Traits-Nebraska LL . Y' f LLL? ' L L ' L L "'L'L L LL raska NOI'ih Platte won LLL LLLLL L LL LIL-L L L, L L, L L Sndne lnv won L LLLL LL LL W L LKLL L ,V L V7 Vryy L oganara dual Won LLLL ,L L Scottsbluff 3rd L L LLLLLLL LLLL L LL LL - LL ,LLLL L 'nv' L LLLL W , W V V I V L L .LLL L ff LLLL LLLL L 4 M LLLL L L L L L L L LLLL gl LL L 'L L LLLL L LLLLL OV 5 gl LL L LLLL V ' ' 'L'L' L ' L LL L L LL LL S . L L Lf L 5L fl L" L' K 5 LLL' 5 LLQTLLLL' LLL, LL' .L LLL LLLLL llnwln East ,LLL L LLL Volleyball Sandy Sommers ,L BBQQQQCS and 5USie Qllifk Southeast DVLLLLL L Sth BOY S Te""'S led Snell L""'29"' H'3h ' cms Island :nv L LLLL LL lc L ' L Cl?1dY 3f0fhefS TfQZfQ5'Neb'35ka L 3fd L ' LL' ' L' l""V' 'L BigfLgp,LLLLL L L8thLL B0r!L!Qie Niebauer Grand 'S'HU9L,LLL LLLLLLLL L7 . if LLLLLL LLL L LLLL LLLL av LLLLL LL L Di 5 4 Glrl's Golf odi Helms DlSfl'lCfS L L LLLL L L L Boy's GYmnastiCS? Mike Miller SWL? WL V I L LLL V 9' L'LL L LLLYL L LLLL ,LL L Lev LLLL LLLL, M: yr LL L LL L LLL! L44 LLLLLL LLLLL LLLL LLLL L LLLL L LLLLLL L, VVVV V LLVL " LL ,LL L' 'TLLLLLL L L 'LLL', 1 422 L ff fm L LL lnstilling pride gool of footbotll cootch Although the Bulldogs got a slow start in the season, they closed out with a 3-6 record with wins against Kearney, 35-75 Alliance, 23-155 and Scottsbluff, 24-7. After finishing their regular season, the Bulldogs ad- vanced to the Big Ten Championship playoffs against Hastings. Readjusting was also part 'l of the season as Mr. Robert Zohner took over the posi- tion as head coach, and changed to a 5-2 formation. "The player has to feel confident. Pride is also an im- portant factor. Although we experienced a disappointing loss to Hastings, the coaching staff was overall satisfied with the effort put forth by the team as a whole," Coach Zohner said. The assistant coaches were Mr. Curt lones, Mr. Frederick lames, Mr. Robert McFarland, Mr. loe Shandera, and Mr. Larry Timmermans. Ui Seniors: Row 1-David Hill, Matt Kealy, Roger McClellan, Ieff Hedgecock, leff james, Bob Crofutt, Steve Weskamp, Tom Budler, Troy Workman. Row 2-Doug Bomberger, Bill Burrows, Dan Smith, Mike Lynch, Dan McNulty, Randy Hongsermeier, David Web- ster, Scott Troxel, Tom Brown. Row 3 -Doug Long, Don Snyder, lay lohnson, Neil Smith, Mitch Fiedler, loe Clang, Tom Oerter, Bob Becker, and Kevin Goforth. QZJ luniors: Row 1-Russ Branting, Robby Sparks, Clete Budler, Matt Edwards, Bill Claussen, lim Ady, Phil White, Randy Smidt. Row 2-Don Spaulding, Mark Wilkinson, Darrel White, Greg Greder, Dan Okamoto, Ted Weesner, Dave Miller, Dennis Pittman. Row 3-Bob Lakey, lay Conley, Doug Lowe, Troy Pickett, Kent Danielson, Brian Mapes, Scott Rasmussen, Ardell White. Row 4-Chuck Schmitt, and Tom Richardson. l3J Sophomores: Row 1- Mike Huether, Greg Gullion, Mike Rasmussen, Rod Qualls, Bob Bryant, laimie Houchin, Mitch Beyer, Dan Behn. Row 2-Ron Clang, Cliff Gordon, Bob Westman, Barrett Klemm, Scott Nielsen, Randy Titus, Monte Walker, Tom Goff. Row 3-lulian Ochoa, Elwyn McNinch, Scott Mapes, Doug O'DeIl, lim McDade, lohn Carreras, I. R. McEntee, Bill Westman. Row 4-Kurt Schmitt, Evan Brown, Bill Ady, lay Bergstrom, Dave Griffith, Dave Mapes, Tim Chelgren. Row 5-Mike Witkowski, and Greg Fritz. 5 .X , N ' A ww W f f ' wznrw eww 'gy Y we 9- M 2 vw Ak 5 f? M -4 5 W' 4 'lid N . ,mg yt V 8 ,. ., '1 2? is 1 Va 4 1 Volleyball team wins state championship A state title was theirs as the volleyball team captured the Class A championship. The Bulldogs showed their power defeating Omaha Marian in the first round of the tournament 15-2, 15-12. After eliminating Millard 15-4, 14-16, and 15-10 in the semi- finals, they went on to the finals against Lincoln North- east where they outplayed the Rockets in straight sets 16-14, and 15-5. They also won the Big Ten Conference, the Southeast Conference, and the District tournament title. "As a coach, it is extremely rewarding to be part of so much happiness," said Coach Linda Carlson. "Every mem- ber of the volleyball team worked hard and displayed a great deal of dedication and loyalty. The girls certainly de- served all the 'glory' they re- ceived." F f' W' ' nf 1' 3 111 Susie Thompson keeps her eye on the ball as she serves to the opposing team. 121 Susie Quirk gives it all she has while attempting a spike. Linda Criner and lulie Bunger watch anxiously for the outcome, OJ Linda Criner gets a few words of support from teammate Suzette Obermeier. 54 0 Yi is 'w Tennis competition described os tough "We had what I would call a rebuilding year," said boys' tennis Coach Robert Mer- edith. The top players con- sisted of four juniors and two seniors. The toughness of this year's competition put a lot of pressure on the number one and two players led Snell and lan Frogman. These players also teamed up as the top doubles team having the only win at state. QU Boys Tennis Team Row 1-Mike Honerman, Brad Belka, student managerg Bri- an Morrison, Row 2-Rory Edwards, Ken Wederski, led Snell, lan Frohman, Bill Wescott, jerry Daily, Mr, Merideth, coachg not present are Matt Hand and Kurt Ducett. Q21 Determination- is shown as junior Ken Wederski strains to reach the ball. Q35 Senior Bill Wescott works on perfecting his serves during practice. Swim teom records good seoison this yeor Breaking seven school records, the girls swim team finishedtheir season with a 4- 4 record and two of those losses were by only one point. Coach Butch Lehmkuhler described the season saying, "Winning two meets would have been good, but winning four was great." The girls took fourth place at the Big Ten meet and fourth at Trans-Nebraska, compared to last year's sev- enth place. Q11 Concentration is shown as Julia Hill pre- pares for a difficult inward flip. Q21 The 1979- 80 Girls Swim Team: ROW 1-Mindy Nason, Kathy Gardner, Michelle Ziegler, Rae Kramer, Kathy Suhr, Cheryl Bodeen, Kathy Brothers. ROW 2-julia Hill, Libby Swanson, lo Ellen Rubin, lill Clinton, Sandra Campbell, Sharie Barkley, Bridget O'Brien. ROW 3-Beth Shelton, Kelly Mohr, Cindy Brothers, lana Nel- son, Renee Miller, Linda Kellogg, and lana Conley. 131 Waiting the sound of the starting gun are: Michelle Ziegler flane sixl, and Cindy Brothers flane fourl, as well as timer, John Kealey. Both conference titles won by horriers n M1553 :ll rim: . 7 ' vn Riga l l ff 3 Although hampered by sickness and injuries at the beginning of the season, the North Platte harriers won both the West Big Ten and Trans-Nebraska conference ti- tles as well as several smaller scheduled duals and invitationals. Winning Districts, all North Platte runners finished in the top 13 in Class A qualifying the team for state. At state, Omaha Burke ran away with the meet and North Platte with 99 points finished fourth. Seniors Tim Madagame, lim Olson, Tracy Sloggett, and Charles Smith led the team with help from the junior varsity cross coun- try runners Nate Schwartz, Chan Timmons, and Dan Casillas. Coach Doug Martins was pleased with the team saying, "lt's the first we've won both conferences in one season. We had a good bunch of kids out for the team." lil Boy's Cross Country Team: Row 1-Dan Herrick, Mike Krizek, Dan Casillas, Nate Schwartz, Bill Hill, Tracy Sloggett, Paul Bleas. Row 2-Coach Doug Martin, Charley Smith, lim Olson, Buck Hood, Doug Lehman, Chan Timmons, Tim Madagame and Adrian Casillas. Not pictured are Todd Acheson, Calvin Casillas, Robert Miller, and Steve Lehman. 12, 33 Calvin Casillas and Todd Acheson show the determination it takes, as they follow the meet course set around the senior high build- ing and stadium. 141 Running the road through Indian Hills to strengthen their endurance are Tim Madagame, Tracy Sloggett, Charley Smith, Dan Casillas, lim Olson, Chan Timmons, and Nate Schwartz. C-irl's CC seoson described os 'success' "This first season for Girl's Cross Country was a great success," is how Coach Rick May described the year. The team won 4 of their 5 sched- uled meets. Sophomore Bonnie Niebauer consistently led the team to victories and was named outstanding runner by the coach. "Next year's runners will have the first district and State GirI's Cross Country meets to look forward to," said Coach May. 111 Practicing as a team are Valerie Smith, Bonnie Niebauer, Shelly Scritsmier, Elaine Gentry, and Kathy Carroll. Qi Girl's Cross Country Team: Row 1-Tracy O'Neill, Becky Carroll, Bonnie Niebauer, Trina Lange, Elaine Gentry. Row 2-Coach Rick May, Kathy Car- roll, Student Manager Sharon Babcock, Valer- ie Smith, and Shelly Scritsmier, Not pictured is Linda Fugate. Q33 Tracy O'Neill and Student Manager Sharon Babcock discuss statistics with Coach May. MJ Leading the way in a meet is Senior Elaine Gentry with teammate Trina Lange close behind. Over Shelly Scritsmier's shoulder can be seen Becky Car- roll running along side Tracy O'NeiIl. Out of town runners complete the group. 3 2 wax, Q- Us , Miki ,agp l a .Wu an Young golfers look to promising future "We had a young but en- thusiastic group of girls come out for golf in 1979," said Coach Sally Roberts. lodi Helms, a three-year winner, was named outstand- ing golfer of the year. She won the Alliance Invitational and took third place at Trans- Nebraska. "Since five of the nine golfers were freshmen, the team has a very promising fu- ture, said Coach Roberts. 3 lil Lorinda Martin, Rhonda Cap and Cindy Feather, members of the 1979-80 girls golf team, work on the driving range. Q23 Girls Golf Team: Row 1-Cindy Feather, Rhonda Cox, Sheryl Richert, and Kathy Drost. Row 2-Coach Sally Roberts, lodi Helms, Tracy Trego, Natalie lohnson, and Lorinda Martin. 133 Sheryl Reichert, works on putting during practice. Eleven gymnasts letter slx go to stote Despite injuries, which af- fected total team scoring, the Boys' Gymnastics team had a good season as they won 4 of their 6 scheduled duals. They also came in third in the Trans-Nebraska and had six gymnasts qualify for state. They were Gregg Todd, Mike Miller, Perry Hall, Kif Ward, Scott Rumery, and Dale Bal- dwin. The gymnasts in state competition missed qualifying for final competition by one place in the preliminaries. Senior Mike Miller, who was named outstanding ath- lete on the rings and parallel bars, was runner-up in dis- tricts and came in seventh at state on the parallel bars. Top scorer for the season was Markos Nila with a total of 196.14 on the horizontal bars. Eleven gymnasts also lettered this year. Coach Gary Cooper said, "We had a good season, and a lot of new talent." The coach added that the team was also losing several good seniors this year but, "The sophomores learned well and scored good in the meets, and will show how well they can do with practice." 4 1 P w 3 f 'E 5 em wx If una? 'lffiff -mg QV, 5, , J W, L. VV ,,,,, V, V, M, M2 ,M wif f fe , VV '," Q Bows , ,,w ' Glnvs BASKETBALL - ,,,,,,, f, , V , 'f,f ' W5 ,fwf 2, i , l , A f , ,,,, IVV, g.',' ff H f f -J ,,,, V , , Fremont A 52-59 Kearney 51h QWIQ, 54-49 , ,,,,ZW , 0 ,V , 67-55 Cozad qu 30-36 Hastings, , W, 47-55 Grand Island cu 26-27 G0lh6!1bHl'g cw 44-ss 0-1 as-so McCook awp 46-12 mom S51-ffv-eaifsf 43729 65433 HaS""8S Ui? 3-56 l'nC0iff ERS! Sidney 30-31 .W ' f'A , ' , f , V ? V M V VVIVV I , . , , V V, V V V , ,, L 4 , W f, ,33-27 , ' , , Q f f AL ,,,, f' , k,, x,:1 1, V yyy, ,,,, -',- if ,.,,:, f Y w4f,:f ,"-h 3' -- V' . gif, -,', V,,,VVV,j :Vz VQVVIVVVV VV V , ' - leX"fKiQ?! ,,08Rfl4lH 1 .V V, ,,,V,. V , V ,, ' ,, , ,L1 ,5 ,,,,,,,, 71h Allnagnce ,", ,V V, ,K'f ,f, , "" Q , , .,,f, , , mf :-' Vcyf V ,V'k 'lglf' "J5ff,1 ,,,,1,,V - VVV VV V IVV, , V VQX V ,fgj xy, ,VV f , A f L , ,QQ, , -nf f'f "-",f,, ff, K ' f"' ""' ' " ffffefl , ff ' 7 C ' ,ff 1" ",y V , ' , GfRL'S ,,,",' N,,! ,,,, V ,,,,,A , ',,, , ,V M ,' 'Wig 'ff . H V V f ATHLETE WBea"'Ce'G'and ,,,, , , , ,,,, , , if1:"f::ZYS0utheaSt ,,,, ,G,, f ' ,, ,, V Rafldv Smsdr fag, f ' ' , Vkfrestlmg Make Muller com High VVV' : C "V, Glrl S ,V VV V V A Kearney Z ,won f V, Tatman ' ' 5 B0y'5 ISl3I1d ,,,, VVV ,,V , ,,,, ,,,, , , Vfcordon Larsen VV VVGrand Island V VV Iosf . Trans-Nebraska a Y am' snare 3rd ,,,,, 1 f Tragklf 6 M5s l6a ,, ,f VVVVVVV V f , , k , , S012 , ,,:' -f,ff, 7 X Vi! , ,f,, V V ,, , ,, , ,-,, ,A,, L Q V A 3- - '2," i fL. 1 ,, 2 f , ' 0511 r First winning seoson ochieved by girls Starting their season off with a victory against the Fre- mont Tigers, the Lady Bull- dogs had the best season since GirI's Basketball began at NPHS. With several wins on their record including Lincoln Southeast, Cozad, Lincoln Northeast, McCook, Ogallala, Alliance, and Lexington, the team ended its regular season play with an 8-7 record. Going into Districts, the Lady Bulldogs started off with a victory against Scottsbluff after losing to them during regular season play. This was the first District win for the girls ever. The girls then went against number one rated Kearney in the semi-finals, but were unable to pick up a win. "I'm really proud of our basketball team. They had the best season in the school's history. They all played exceptionally well," said Coach Chuck Francis. As Districts ended, so did the GirI's Basketball season, but it left the team with a winning record of 9-8. 3 til Suzette Obermeier makes a clean jump shot. C21 As Celine lochum attempts a outside shot, Tracy Pratt watches from the top of the key. 131 With plenty of opposition around, Susie Quirk tips the ball upward toward the basket. X N-Q I F? ,N ig. if as , E 1 A 'Z RQ FW x wax 1 HJ Coach Chuck Francis goes over some game strategy with Suzette Obermeier as Su- sie Quirk, lody Beed, Sherry Sommers, Renee Tatman, and Celine lochum listen, l2l Tracy Pratt, Renee Tatman, Suzette Obermeier, and Marilyn Huether take a rest at halftime before entering the third quarter, f3l Amy Tatman appears to pay no attention to the opposition as she attempts a shot. 141 Girl's Varsity Bas- ketball Team: Row 'I-Amy Tatman and Eydie Welsh flank the Student Managers, Marcy Dickenson, Shelly Scritsmier, and lean- nie Swigart, Row 2-Assistant Coach Bob Meredith, Renee Tatman, loanne Callaghan, Tracy Pratt, Sherry Sommers, Susie Quirk, lody Beed, Cynthe lohnson, Marilyn Huether, Suzette Obermeier, Celine lochum, Sherri Rogers, and Coach Chuck Francis. l5l Tracy Pratt takes a jump shot with 28 points on the board. USD Junior Varsity: Row 1- Kris Griffith, Sherry Cayman, Deb Krugman, Vernita Roethemeyer, Coach Bob Meredith. Row 2- Kris Attebery, Geni Hunt, Lorinda Martin, ludy Hiatt, Shannon Dahlinger. Row 3-Student Managers, Janet Greder, and Camalynn Harrach flank lennifer Brown, Deanna Bokoskie, and Suzi Cooper. l7l Looking for an open team member, Renee Tatman dribbles down court. Lock of experience comes its price The 1979-80 Boy's Basket- ball team concluded their season with a 3-14 record. The Bulldogs accomplished their first win against the Has- tings Tigers and their second against Alliance. A 76-67 score against the Scottsbluff Bearcats brought the Bulldogs their first home victory of the season. High scorers in that game were Randy Smidt, contributing 21 points and Don Spaulding 16. Asked about this year's season, Coach Tom Millsap replied, "Lack of size and ex- perience proved to be cost- ly ll l . i I .,,.Zf' ,QI ' ' y is-A--,Aish -Nasa I uE'!.QL'h un--1.1, , .f QU junior Don Spaulding watches as Tom Budler jumps for the ball. Q21 Tom Oerter tries to defend the Bulldog basket during the North Platte-McCook game. GQ Varsity and lunior Varsity team picture: Row 1-Orland Treat and Kevin Goforth, student managersp Iohn Alexander, Bob Rouchg Dan Smith, Troy Pickett, Don Spaulding, Scott Nielsenp Rob Sparks, Doug Long, student manager. Row 2 -Coach Tom Millsap, Kent Danielson, Mike Bennett, Todd Acheson, Tom Budler, Dave Wicks, David Miller, Mark Wilkinson, Tom Oerter, Randy Smidt, Bob Bryant, Assistant Coach Mark Obermeier. MJ Sophomore team picture: Row 1-Mike Huether, Mike Honerman, Allen Bowman, Dan Behn, Bruce Bostwick, Row 2-Coach Mike Buckles, Mitch Beyer, Rob Miller, Gerry Moore, Tad Schroeder, and student managers, Mike Witkowski and Steve Williams. fNot in pic- turej Dave Griffith, Carter Hord, Steve Saw- yer, Q53 Tom Budler lin foregroundj watches teammates Tom Oerter and Dan Smith go up for the rebound. Q63 Bob Bryant and Kent Danielson show team cooperation against an opponent. Lone wrestler Jeff Jomes goes to stote. Placing fifth in the first invitational against Kearney, the Bulldog wrestlers had a rocky start in their duals. They won two of their duals and missed picking up more wins by one match in each meet. "Overall, we had a good year, but a lack of lucky breaks held us back. We are proud of leff lames for mak- ing state, and probably could have seen more qualify, but a lack of individual wins held several of the wrestlers back," said Coach David Izzo. "At State, leff did well. He won both his first and third matches and lost his second and fourth. Had he won his fourth he would have been assured a place, but he missed by only a few sec- onds." Coach Izzo also stated that he had several good sopho- mores come out who showed good potential as wrestlers. 111 Doug Lowe has the advantage over Scottsbluff's Myron Votruba. Q25 Coach David Izzo expresses his satisfaction with Mike Mill- er's effort in his match. Right there behind Mike offering their congratulations are leff lames, Roger Stevenson, Dana Bargell, and Mitch Feidler. gifs Q . ,rw 5 if - ., 'F A ' A 1 A Y' y c ,V 85351, 5 , ,. 4331 1. ,, yi--wgswg , , v K Q KM M xgewwm- wi V P ff, 'Q N. Q., N. R 3 sw, -. 4 'F' ' yi-.Q W5 , 9 5 f f ' X 5 -4 5-ML - M Ram f 1 .f L K ' Q -Q 'E 3 4 uf' ... rl 3 ill leff lames, the only wrestler to make it to state, is preparing for a face down with a Scottsbluff wrestler. Q21 Tom Geiser appears to have the upper hand as he attempts to roll his opponent over. Q33 Wrestling Team: Row 1-Student Managers Dan lacobson and Roger Stevenson flank Scott Mapes, Barrett Klemm, and Gary Bodeen. Row 2-Student Managers Ieff lensen and Tom Richardson also flank Markos Nila, limmy Gies, Brian Mapes, Mike Ziegler, Larry McClellen, Ron Clang, and Phil White. Row 3-Assistant Coach Duane Skiles, Tom Geiser, Kent Nel- son, Ieff james, Doug Lowe, Tim Frye, Mike Carreras, Mitch Fiedler, Dana Bargell, Mike Miller, julian Ochoa, Russ Branting, and Coach David Izzo. Q45 Waiting for a chance to make his move, Doug Lowe studys his oppo- nent carefully. Q4-at 4-5, 5 115 Kathy Suhr, Diann Weiss, lulie Sawyer, and Rae Ellen Kramer follow the assistant coach, Mrs. Dirlene Wheeler, to the balance beam to perform their routines. 121 Kristy Carpenter has a successful mount on the bal- ance beam. 13J Diann Weiss, Rae Ellen Kramer, and Kathy Suhr watch intently as Lin- da Subbert does a headstand on the balance beam. 141 During warm up, Shana Bruce prac- tices on the uneven bars. 151 Coach Rich Reinert gives Rae Ellen Kramer a pep talk be- fore her routine, 163 Cirl's Gymnastics Team: Row 1-Diann Weiss, Christel Campbell, Paige Greder, Rae Ellen Kramer, Shana Bruce. Row 2-Coach Rich Reinert, lulie Sawyer, Kathy Suhr, Kristy Carpenter, Michelle Miller, Vangie Lindstedt, jill Ward, Kathy Carroll, Lin- da Subbert, and Assistant Coach Dirlene Wheeler. Teom breotks eight records Finishing with a 9-4 record, the boy's swim team broke eight school records. "As a beginning team, only in it's second year of compe- tition," said Coach Alan lehmkuhler, "we think we were very successful." The swimmers showed en- thusiasm and self sacrifice by shaving their heads before a major meet. Coach Lehmkuhler said, "We have some young people with the guts who are willing to work and make our future look just as bright as this past season." i l i QU Rick Wescott is shown in the pike position for his inward flip. Q23 Practicing for a big meet is sophomore Dan Johnson. GJ Boys Swim Team Row 1-Brad Phares, lohn Kealy, Rick Wescott, Tim Waiter, lay Conley, Dan lohnson, Matt Kealy, and leff Waiter, Row 2-Gordon Larsen, Nick Hudson, Greg Fritz, lohn Swanson, Lonny Oltmanns, Mike States, Tom Keefer, Scott Rumery, and Scott Ludwig. 141 With a few more strokes left, lay Conley gives it all he's got Q51 john Swanson draws on reserve strength to reach his goal. E Z Q 5 E s E 2 3 9 f x Q F i 3 v i B E 2 K 4 5 i E 2 Az 5 f ff 2 2 5? Q 5 First meet postponed by spring blizzord A late spring blizzard which broke some records set by the Blizzard of '49, caused the postponement of the first track meet. However, the delay did not cool off the Bulldogs spirit as they went on to win the rescheduled meet. At State, Larry Sanford placed fourth in the polevault, and Randy Smidt placed sixth in the long-jump. "We had a good season despite the rough beginning. I saw some good progress made by a lot of people," said Coach Doug Martin. There were also three school records broken. They include Tom Budler in the 300-Meter Low Hurdles, 38.85 Troy Workman in the 100- Meter Dash, 11.45 and the 1600-Meter Relay Team which finished with a time of 3:25. The team consisted of Dan Behn, Tom Budler, Greg Greder, and Troy Workman. .hdtyv -gn' f':'r.f. A ,cgsosw ' t ta. ...f i . K . ,,,, aww. ' 1- , 4. --f 'Ui Q ' , Q I QQ, 1" 1 'I '-5" . '2""."J-A. -. .' ' ".,'-ft". 1'Lf'+-"G", iff. in .M af. ':',l'Q0"y"'-E"?ft'g'w','.'1' sim. .. -' '- .H K l'lTA4QQPs7M'ur!:4?l,'YQ-4 Q11 Tim Chelgren tries to overtake the Max- well runner. C27 Boy's Track Team Runners: Row 1-Charles Smith, Roger McClellen, Troy Workman, Tom Budler, Tom Oerter, lim Olson, Tim Madagame, Tracy Sloggett. Row 2-Kent Danielson, Nate Schwartz, Buck Hood, Dan Casillas, Greg Greder, Chan Timmons, Randy Smidt, Dennis Pittman, Bill Hill. Row 3-Coach Doug Martin, Paul 4 Holscher, Dan Behn, Allen Bowman, Doug O'Dell, Mitch Beyer, Mike Huether, Tim Chelgren, Todd Acheson, and Assistant Coach Robert McFarland. Q35 Boy's Track Team Field Participants: Row 1-Robby Sparks, Clete Budler, Tom Oerter, Doug Leh- man, Larry Sanford, Randy Smidt, Matt Ed- wards. Row 2-Coach Robert Zohner, Matt Hand, Bill Claussen, Russ Branting, l.R. 3 i l l 5 McEntee, Bill Westman, Assistant Coach Gary Cooper. Row 3-Allen Bowman, Mark Mur- phy, Mark Anderson, Steve Lehman, Doug O'Dell, Greg Gullion, and Tim Chelgren. 141 Greg Gullion follows through in the long- jump as Matt Hand, Doug Lehman and ludy Hiatt watch. 151 Discus thrower, Clete Budler, takes his practice lap. wyfwf v U1 After stretching exercizes, the team pre- pares to run their warm-up lap. C21 As Kent Danielson practices getting over the bar, Robby Sparks watches to make sure he doesn't fall back. Q33 During time trials, Tim Madagame passes Tracy Sloggett on the track. ,, A 'X f- I J' ...........-.....Q...., .X .Ma -- -ui' I I .. ,W my Q6 .. V -'X .t N. 1 'I GirI's tennis 'locks experience, depth' gmac: -1 ,nuwav .......M..sat ,t The 1980 girls tennis team finished their season by placing eleventh at state with Nancy Krizek facing the num- ber one seeded girl in the quarter-finals. When asked about the team, Coach Linda Carlson said, "A lack of experience hurt us as far as depth goes. The girls worked hard, put up with the weather and seemed to have a good time all season." With two juniors, six soph- omores, four freshmen, and a little more experience, this young team has a promising future ahead. Ui lodi Helms works on her serve during practice. Qi Nancy Krizek returns the serve to her opponent. 130 Kris Flanders serves the ball with enthusiasm. 145 Girls Tennis Team: Row 1-Kris Verch, Suzanne Mares, lane Larson, Merri lo Collins, Diann Weiss, Patti Waltman, Heidi Harnapp, and Amy Greco. Row 2-Kris Flanders, Linda Kellogg, Nancy Krizek, lodi Helms, Susie Grachek, Candy Troxel, loanne Callaghan, and Coach Linda Carlson, Q55 Susie Grachek strives with little difficulty to reach the ball. Eighteen girls letter during 80 seoson The girl's track team fin- ished third behind Scottsbluff and Beatrice at the district A- 4 track meet qualifying eight girls for state. The last year for North Platte to host the girls state track meet was a wet and soggy one. Although the girls faced bad weather, they managed to finish with a sixth place tie. "We had a very rewarding season, with good leadership from the seniors, and talent- ed sophomore and junior cIasses," said Coach Rick May. "The girls had an out- standing season, and a tie for 6th place at the state meet ended the season on a very fine note." 4 Wwe- ,. Vi" f- ft si f , 7 . 'iii' f 1 ' - :M Q K-t 's,,, .- 24,4 N .,i"xj "'.t 5 2-se 3 . 1 ,I f 4. iii Girls Track Team ROW 1-Geni Hunt, Barb Thomsen, Michelle Miller, Kris Griffith, ludy Hiatt, Amy Tatman, Linda Fugate, ROW 2-Asst. Coach Ron Mohs, Becky Carroll, Sherry Sommers, Suzette Obermeier, Kelly Anderson, jennifer Brown, Deb Krugman, Bonnie Niebauer, Vernita Roethemeyer, ROW 3-Coach Rick Mays, Trina Lange, Valerie Smith, Elaine Gentry, Tracy Pratt, Shelly Scritsmeier, Susie Thompson, Kathy Carroll, Asst. Coach lane Doud. Q25 Shot putter, Kelly Anderson anxiously awaits the outcome of her put. 132 Susie Thompson at the block waits for the start of her relay. Q43 Geni Hunt winds up for her discus throw. 155 Sherry Sommers strives for speed during practice. Q69 Keeping a good pace is distance runner Bonnie Niebauer, i7l The girls gather for stretches before the daily practice. Q81 Senior Tracy Pratt concentrates on perfection while preparing to throw the discus, 191 Barb Thomsen keeps her eyes on the bar as she performs a difficult jump. aku mas. wwnuwg' H' -Q-1--.......,,,,. QJW., 'sisiliv .Q- fiwfii , . 5 . W- ' . . r in t m, , L 1--+2-2-f . . L 1. ' H ., Sli... Xs .F MQ is ' -- ' x , i -. Q Q . ,... I, ,- ,.. .- " i ' N . t , WT . :J- + 1 .fgz-1 -' p.:. V r .-s-N Ng.. ,ak 5 3 J.. 1: .a ,- i Q., ' Q , 1--5 awdnvgbiv ss- f was wir'- ' X 4' Mkt'sg7 N ' 'Q 5" ,gr ' 111 Suzette Obermeir prepares to pass the baton during practice. Qt Senior Susie Thompson, Kathy Carroll and Trina Lange practice increasing speed. 131 Long jumper lennifer Brown strives for height and dis- tance. 141 Kathy Carrol! waits for teammate Linda Fugate as she aproaches for a hand off. Dave Weaver lone golf state qualifier The 1980 boys golf team consisted of two seniors, three juniors, two sopho- mores, and five freshmen, which probably means good future prospects. "We got off to a slow start," said Coach Sally Rob- erts. "The high point of the season was the Big 10 confer- ence meet where we tied for second. Dave Weaver won the meet and was the only qualifier for state." til Team members Carter Hord, Dave Weaver, Bill lung and Chuck Roberts prepare for practice. C23 Carter Hord watches the ball after a T-off. Q31 Seniors Dan Smith and john Alexander listen as Coach Sally Roberts gives helpful information. 141 Boys Golf Team: Row 1-Mark Pierson, Tad Schroeder, Dave Weaver, Carter Hord, Bill lung, lohn Alexander, Row 2-Mrs. Sally Roberts, Brian Morrison, loe Elliot, Chuck Roberts, Mike Alford, and Doug States, Not pictured: Dan Smith. .V ii 5 R ., 3' - 1:31 ii? .,. 573 F151 592 TE ii .-.f. ' 1 E :-'J N. -.2"?."f-, . 5294925 3 'Q-7615 'bin' ' T-Sy? 1 555:253- , S "1 V I ' ifilS?f55.IiQ3rf 1 5 .. -fn,-c ' 'AT Y:'14"T'75.4 ' 4-3,32-7 .:' 'Qgxf ',, '-. "f1'fff" ' - ffl ,, .- g:,'vvs,? f ' ' ,Xz -' L - 19,255 2' -' . , V .i F " 1 5-aa :Hz-' ...' FQ'-ti BQ? 'Q-E E51 Sq'-'ff fbi EV' ve-X ,vm A-"lf 525' ,yt aiu., IJPLE 'ln-between' yeor filled with memories Being a junior is a memory in itself, not to mention all the other memories that are made during that "in-be- s s tween" year. Some of these unforgetta- ble times are: taking several days of English class to labor over Achievement Testsp unit- ing against the Nazis during the simulation of WWII in 20th Century Historyp strug- gling to decide on a topic, find information, and then or- ganize it into a research pa- per for Englishp and finally, at- tempting to solve the dilemma of not having enough money, yet having to decorate for Prom. juniors keep busy creating memories, but are always an- ticipating the events of their final year. f ZW! EW A 4' J Z! likfyg 41 'Ui 'sw than .--'-v if 5 'U ff 4,-49 mow' , ,yrr,,s yrrrrr, if V., ,ws iq ff? "", f "', Tiff, ",,i' rt, 1 ll, ' M I 'ox In My tr I' , 76 'fr iff N ,Zh , ,V,f, W ' In M M " f ' I 'ran I ' if I " rm- ll" ' , ' f' , 'D V 7 if i f 11 r-a , t ff? . H A -e M 4 1 l 'Q X V . ' 5 , ls, Todd Acheson Ann Ackerman Crystal Adams Tracey Aden lim Ady Bill Allen Merri Allen Sheri Allen leff Altig Ienny Anderson Kelly Anderson Peggy Anderson as l fr' X L , 1 , ti T N4 . 1' t '-...xl wit Q W t st , . .c'z'fzwX. O, A9 Q'1"' 'Nl' 1 , - ..., . I X gk if B B B '55 K SN 57 X ,ri T xii '- Z T iglff . N'-w , V fy .Ss . fe' ,J T it ft . Ouq whim.. Michelle Andre Tucker Arneson Brenda Bailey Ieff Baker lud Baldridge Todd Barkley lody Beed Brad Belka David Birth Ted Blakeman T QV-'TfQ3':'.5?5.SESqQff T' --'5lTf?l7'S'.' GQ' ri' - M - - N! '..k. T ' figs 9, k'k. .w A T' 1 T U ., Q, Q r iii. 1. if:-ite. ,wt A.. ws f T ' . v I XM. 3-5 TN T ?f-if?-fzsai SX? , 'Xt f 1 if K T T Ns TT ' gg V T R 3 -4 Kri fi s Attebery Larry Baker Daryl Bauer Todd Benjamin Gordy Boesen Wk 'kay - -ft R - t -rQ- L N , . K Q' sg age , . J Y E X S Qin T X gi? t 23 X X E ? x if ea Q .fr 'Vw in,-w 'CZ-W 5 W. e.., , ,JM ii'.Lrh 1' me i.i , K X t 5 Q 1 , it 5 we Ioan Baier Roger Baker Lisa Becker Mike Bennett Monte Boesen F , i cw, etwwt X y at a'X.eRQ,Si - P' N' T . I . L .. B , 5 YF:-ll? . . ' t lei I 5 1..e:t.r . .'?NiQ:J. X. Q "" M .A ,ti 2 ccicc T 'X fs ' if T tt ' 'iiif xg ' N' - e ll igw ky T 'Q Q ' X 1 - Sonya Benton lf-Eff Binegar Mick Boettger Kelly Boyer Kim lennings brought Raggedy Ann and Andy, as well as her lollipop to school for Lol- lipop Day during Spirit Week. at iff! y ,Q Q ity 'R , 5, x '15 'r 5 9541, , it . J 11 2 3 'Q,4g"5f5: i K Mai i 5 fs' -egg.,-..,,. 'Ci .ln aug,- Susan Chesgmore Kree Christensen Dan Clang Bill Claussen Robin Cline iill Clinton Hush Cochrun Michelle Coffin Dan Coker Buck Cole lacquie Comer Pat Condon Kelly Cogper Kim Cox Chris Craig Doug Creel lay Conley jeff Cgoper lil Susie Grachek carefully paints the hall window before Christmas. l2i Ann Ackerman Kim gums jerry Dailey Kathy Hebblethwaite, Marilyn Huether, and loni Davis practice CPR during gym class. Kent Danielson loni Davis Rodney Davis Lori Davisson Dan DeCent Mike Delbert Gary DeWolf Marcy Dickenson Penny Dike Fonda Dixon Martin Dixson Curtis Doucet ludy Douglas Karen Douglas Michelle Douglas Dee Dowhower e - St . it M 1852 fx A - 1' Xml 9"-x my ff-Z-P 'Q' 'if gc- ww' '9' N' 'D ta'-'v fix 'W '--use ff iffy 93255 Z' ff , f fiz is Nancy Dye Matt Edwards Rory Edwards Brenda Ellett Karen Erickson john Eshleman Barb Evans Don Fair Stacy Faler Terry Falkena Tracy Fisher Mike Flagle Kristi Flanders Candy Fox Ken Freimuth lan Frohman Marty Fugate David Galvan Kathy Gardner Tammy Garst ill Verna Kellum, Kelly Anderson and Deb McEntee enjoy Mismatch Day during Home coming Week. Q23 Frank Walkman Doug Creel, Terry Lilly, and Mike Houser study in Physical Science class, QA Z1.! ?""? Wal an-0 . av' "'3..:rr g-- vi '13 'iv' vu! '1"'ff' i'x"i0V' I3 W Elizabeth Griffith Mike Gross KYl9 CUStaSOn lulie Gerdes Brenda Gillming Teri Golden john Grabenstein Mike Guthrie Tammy Gibbons Bill Golden Tina Goodwin Susie Grachek Kirk Guynan 'Ox filth' iffy Mary Giles Bernie Golden Cindy Gove Greg Greder Bobbie Hadley '3 T??'W-sit 'NW 'X',z"7 RR ON! fd'-gr WT Q. x be We N if 'T , -hm ivl Leaga Hayes phylljs Hayes Kathy Hebblethwaile Rob Henry Dale Haith Trudy Halverson Shelly Herrod Bill Hill George Hill Ken Hillyard Roxy Hansen Gretchen Hawkins Susan Henry Todd Hergenrader Deanna Hixon Roberta Hoffman L13 Michelle Poppert, Lynne Scott, and Terri Ponce take ad- vantage of study time in class, 121 Iill Clinton and Elizabeth Griffith attempt to 'ldisposen of Traci Trego by putting her in the trash can, Q33 Bill Hasemeyer and Dave Weaver bear off in a close game of backgammon, Karen Holm Paul Holscher Buck Hood Mike Houser john Hudgens Nick Hudson Dan Huebner Marilyn Huether Christie jaenicke Lori jahnke joni james Kevin james Renae janulewicz Sandy jeffres Kim jennings Celine jochum jeff jones Leroy jones Steve jones jim jording Bill jung Kathy Kackmeister Karen Karre Verna Kellum jeff Kelso 'rx wi ".'::r:r Theresa Kemp Mike Kemper Elizabeth Kramer -Q .,. dv' f' """X 1 gr vue' wwf .GA ws.,- Donna Lilly Terry Lilly Kristy Lindstedt Kendra Kraning Deb Kunze Teresa Kuszak ,lodee Ludemann Kim Lusk Carol LUN? Bob Lakey Lynn Langford Donna Lawrence Sandra Leibhart Roxanne Levene M63 Lewis L Verna Lopez Deb Lovelace Doug Lowe ' Robin Wilson and Val Pueppka perform a skit in Mrs. Don Clive Lyn!-IS KHVGF1 MHCDOr1ald Paffida Main l Swigart's English class. l l K 95 , I , s' 5 0, ,,N1 2 'H if Brian Mapes Artie McEntire jeff Mecomber f '10 Y"-r it Tim Matthews Kathy McCall Kim McCants Jill MCCleller1 Deb MCEHIQB Carlene McGee Doug McGinn Annette McGuire Ben MCL-Hughlin Marvin McRae Lori Mecomber Lori Metcalf Shelly Mikesell Dave Miller Renee Miller 'hi -vs-'v -av , , NH? wks V7 J .s 5 .,::: it 3 .tt as Q as .si a t I- 'Z - -v il if Xl , .K 4 tm.--as. .1 -aw' . 4 xn Wasa- New ' 2 'C ity' min S 1.5" 4 . 5' Q? ' 1:-r s K 'EX ,, , S 'f.k if . L - ' ' i mmmm h Imf m, k Q t i ' S r f lisa iRobbi Miner Scott Milroy lDan Naranjo Mary Neal Brad Nielsen Sharon Nichols Krista Oberst Betty O'Dea Murray Olson Sheila Ostendorf i l l l i l l Bob Moran Glenn Nelson Ann Noltensmeier Brian Okamoto Pam Pacheco Leslie Morris Dale Newtson Suzette Obermeier Danny Okamoto loi Patterson 321.5 K Kristi Mullennix Laurie Murray HJ Chris Roy, Brenda Gillming, loni Broeder, and leff Soper busily work in Mr. Brad Cool's Sculpture class. 12D Kathy Gardner leaves one class with six minutes to get to her next. X ' iff? 1, .. ' - wi Hi? . , 7 ' P h ff K ' 1 if 'Z . ff ' , 492 K f ,f V .MA ' ' rw f Qi 3 I 1 - t , u , ., .W -,J , '91 1 -. a . f yy . 1 A, ' , ,113 .1 . 2 . I . W qi ,y dv L A ,Z!,, ,1,,, y ZV, WZ J '. jef f' , .J ,S ' , -'1 V ,- L, '- wi? ff X129 an , ' i I Skwizwg , .v -z HQ! Tn., swf az, wg.-I 1,2 ' Q '-. ASD' ' - K' ,---0 , Y,ff ,N - ,.. M VV, ,. Q V, Hg, .' 55 3 6, -t ,Ay 4 -eg , ,. 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NM t l Q ,A , 'Q sa 'fx , X l. sg W ' he ' T BWZW X55 , ,X , . , " 'ff , ,,,, 5 7 T' :iw f if ,M , . 5 - ,C ""81xvsm A ' we ff as A + i V -1 4- V , ,Q ,, x,14f:fagw - , ,, I 'fr .- ' a' 4 '- ,. fs fa., Z., V u gh, M ,flgjjye ,cwf e A fy QI "2 .L W' f ,Q . , R, I 252 "1 A 2 'X . E. . , . 3 Iii W e . jig, , W ' .34 S253 ? W . 2 3,1 U ' 'gf f . ' I ,, ,MQH Sjfyf , 0 , I "' , -f fm ,fa X -- -.lx,t,,,.. r i it A J 4, - li? I f 63 ti Rice nita Roethemeyer a Ryan a ,, , ,V f-.W .f Tom Richardson Bill Richman Ken Ridinger Sherri Rogers Ron Rosse Bob Rouch lerry Saenz Richard Saighman Lydia Sanchez loe Rimpley Shelly Roberts Chris Roy Richard Ruiz lll Cherri Buzzell searched through closets to come up with this outfit for Spirit Week. Q23 Gretchen Hawkins, David Wicks, and Celine lochum study quietly in the library. . I 1 13 XX A N ttf . ,L fl l 4 X 5 wt? Q S E XS X at L S ,f Q . . X t i t' Ka' 5' '. E Rx E Q uc ,, . I Q . 4. r g 1 , I1 . .: ':e.:f-ik-9' z: J -' H .S , c... 52 Y .. ---'- ,' .. S S if if , LA' -S, I -. X A SX f . .f , ' . f R ' . ' R ., S 4 8 ., . EQ 5 , 1 . e ii 5 X X . NSN. b K -J. ' f-2:1 , F W -fc, it 'sie ,, V - u, NX , , A 'k :Xt - it 5 . Q-L j . ' . S LLL. Q My N, .., "ft . 1 --N a r A x N we Q - - s - My M. ' 4 '!:.1'Y1 . , S ' " 5 ., "" Z 5 if- - hui A if E f Q r S153 S L ii . S fb - - I S 5 x ' F 'S I . LQ We X a 398' f 1 'L-'--' I 1--we a s Rick Schroeder Tim Schroeder Nate Schwartz Lynne Scott Deanna Shirley lohn Shultz lennifer Siemers Ellen Simmons Randy Smidt Bette Smith Troy Smith led Snell Nora Sandoval Steve Schmadeke Brenda Seery Phil Simon Rhonda Snodgrass Kent Schaeffer Chuck Schmitt lody Shields Craig Slowinski Sherry Sommers wu- ts? X. KX TN We-'S ze, 'Wt WY ,SP 'HRX N xc as leff Soper Rob Sparks Don Spaulding Ron Speck Lisa Stadler 'W we N saEK r .Z V -1 , T.. Q, 'Q ki, WX at ly' Exit Y, Q tt V 5' 3 if I S ' ,xt sw wiv RZ -Ph 'NW "lf-"?'?qp lane Stark Mike States Sandra Stevens lim Stromberg Dan Studley Linda Subbert Kathy Suhr Levi Suhr '-0 lodi Suiter 'QNX' Melissa Supanchick 1 Y leannie Swigart Mike Tatman Berah Taylor Brenda Thompson 'N-W., Roger Thompson fwv QU Roxy Hansen, Nora Sandoval, and Patricia Main gather at the stairs after lunch. t2l lody Beed appreciates the efforts of Tracy Fisher who dressed in her 50's outfit as part of Homecoming activities. lOl .v-'mm fd 4r":1"' A-a -vang ..,. pi ...quam V an Y""'T' 5'6- Sf fn- ,v 1 Q . is X Tim Thompson Shawn Toothman LaDonna Trout Steve Veith David Wagner 'QP"'1V . . i " K ii ' if T li? I 'Sift A S? M A 'ge kk K: ffxgg, all L Ted Thornburg Orlan Treat Milena Valeucia Lori Vencill Mike Walker 1 , fix W X ai M -- i T , , K . --an 1 Silk . 'Q ? Fa YA , T T xxws gigpf :1 h xt 4 ..L Q X X 53 X19 , Tiff tl . 'MTV Q. We S f My Q X.: 1 5 ii t l' X K 5 l id I x t N? - JV, 3' -:X ..--, S: l"'7"" Nu! m aj-iiiixj W . Q .'... ,,.,....4 - 1, -N' V . i - S. Chan Timmons Cabring Vieyra Greg Vieyra Carol Votaw Trad TVGSO Melissa Wallace Yvette Wallace Frank Waltman Terri Van Meter Dan Verch Chris Wallace M LT? fp? fag rf ,, X5 fa asf Jw' 'Hurd' W New vvv i r , f L, K K , ', vf,,- ai - . . If W. if 'W -1-r"'Y llene Warren Rhonda Waugh Russell Waugh Dave Weaver Kristy Weber Ted Weesner Lisa Weir Eydie Welsh lerry Wescott Ardell White Darrel White Phillip White Shawna White David Wicks Iudi Wilcox Rhonda Wilkerson Mark Wilkinson Robin Wilgon Bill Wolff lody Workman Bryan Yenni lerry Yoshida Robin Young Rhonda Young HJ Pat Condon looks for a book in the li- brary. 12J lody Workman, lan Frohman, and Rick Schroeder discuss their strategy for World War I. 103 Closses creote memories for sophomores Some sophomores faced their first year with fear, and others with anticipation, but they knew many memories would be made. Their memories include the potent smell of formaldehyde in Biology: the never ending struggle with verbal and participial phrases in English, flag football and basketball in gym, the sense of power of getting behind the wheel in Drivers Education, and finally, the weeks of selling maga- zines to earn money for their high school years. As the school year pro- gressed, unfamiliar faces and places became familiar and the memories linger on. ,Q "',,, fff ,fr,' ' 3, f',f V M1 36,22 7' 1, , J, "'-N, Bill Ady Kathy Allard lulie Allen Denise Alley Mark Anderson Nancy Arensdort leff Arent Renee Aubrey Sharon Babcock Chris Baker Leanna Baker Dana Bargell 104 " Throughout school yeor f" t ime -fel' ' fi I -"si S t fe i xx N N we Wy. ex ew Q 'Q A Q Q N N. K QQ Q X X NK X53 A Qt' My 5 xt . . to XXX: X Q -f X t as . i X Xb , . S kg 3 .o... ef , Rssmgs -- -- -ft ' . 'thi ' ? ft' 'ff R' ' E ' o... ' - .. My .o.. , . - W . B - -. .N S Q Q ,QQ sage t X it tg? Q 1 1 is t N 3 .:,'Q'?' 41- - t I 1 X Y at tk X53 S is X .+R X o.oo. -' -1' . sv .' -::-' - f Gary Beal lenny Benzel Carla Biere lanis Boos Kathy Braasch Tl'l5f5Ef'f' 1 :W ms- - ftmfi 2 B r+!tf551M.w g. Xf , .- .595 'W li M X ' 'f iw - f . ,lfwetl xi J 4 . " at .gggg , in V . Connie Beem Mike Benzing Bonnie Blackmore Delbert Borron Wanda Brinda Dan Behn lay Bergstrom Gary Bodeen Bruce Bostwick Beth Brown Debbie Bell Mitch Beyer Deanna Bokoskie Allen Bowman Christy Brown Gretchen Miesbach and Connie Gubser lDe bate partnersl defend their point of view dur ing Mr. Skip Altig's Debate class. Darwin Brown Evan Brown Jennifer Brown Shana Bruce Crystal Brunswig Romona Burger Tom Caffrey Bill Calhoun loanne Callaghan Christel Campbell lohn Carreras Reuben Casillas Gary Chase Tim Chelgren Donna Clair Al Clark Debi Clark Sheryl Clark Dannie Cohn Mike Cole - -.aaMa.,.-i f . if sa-1 V? VTP .- 106 Bob Bryant Deb Campbell Ron Clang Merri lo Collins sf aw me J: . ,i v, ., R Shiv., . .. 2 q Ul The girls' flag football team prepares its strategy as they get ready to face the senior team in the annual GIA Powder Puff Football Game. 121 Leslie Smith studies in Room 222 during his study hall. ,mn on 1 is A ,gd Wm' 4 If yygggf V5 'Q . f ,,y, .Ci .: A 'Q in rf, , - WG, , v my dj? u, Shannon Dahlinger Mary Dinovo lohn Danczak Leslie Davidson Todd Doleshall Kathy Drost l ' L iw M 5461 : L f " ' ' f , f ,K-,, 2 , ty K ,Gif 4, , I , pw , -F17 'Yes 2. diem .U it iit'l L sq ,w ,V ' f V, G ,Q wif in gg M fr in it f i t " ' t ff , ' -. W Vxfwa f. j W - ji mv A ,W Mi Y, CW? H ' Mfg 1 4. , My 1 . he-Huff 'fo n . L- 1, ,.-1,, .. "3 -V , ' , sh ,ff wi '5 '1 ' W1 :sig , " ga ' fo-1 A , ,-,, , . 2, Y I A L gif iw' Ji. ni .A-,, ,gf 1 .pa ' "4 f V' jf ,, V ' , wdf,Zi:Jf1i,, f. ' ,swf HQ-if ', it f L ." .. -' Ai. - J Lwzl ff? ' , " J JJ A vi , 3 ,, ' "X A , ,A . ft I 59"'ft 5,1 ' M, "i 1, -f I: . if it fi, f A 4 , si if www M f A f f',,, -. Laurie Cooper Dean Cope Sandy Criner Sheri Davisson Tim Dugan ,V,ZGV, ,i, I , V, Michelle Cooper Calvin Copeland Chris Crook Kandi Dewey Dolly Ellis i Suzie Cooper leff Craig junior Cross Dean Dike leff Faling Laurie Caudreault Sherry Cayman Karen Fanning Robin Fisher Caroline Fletcher Robert Foglesong jim Goff Tom Goff Kathy Foote Rex Forrester lan Fortner Fred Foster Greg Fritz Tim Frye Linda Fugate Glen Fuss Teri Cayman Tom Geiser Brent Gibson limmy Gies Lana Golden Cliff Gordon lanet Creder Paige Greder David Griffith Kris Griffith Dave Gross Connie Gubser Greg Gullion Dan Gustafson Sherri Hall Matt Hand Doug Haney Kirk Hansel Dan Hardy Lisa Harold Kent Harper Camalynn Harrach Sheila Hazen Pat Hedgecock Paula Hedrick Chris Henry Dan Herrick ludy Hiatt Phyllis Hill 111 Diann Weiss, Paige Greder, Doug O'Dell, Shana Bruce, and Heidi Nelson relax after a long day at school 122 fln the foregroundl Kevin Brixius, let laszczak, Gary Beal, Qin the backgroundl lane Larson, Monte Walker, Shana Bruce, Roger Neth, Kenny Martin, Bob Paro, Cindy Suhr, Lindy Torske, and Lin- da Raines are reading Shakespeare's MacBeth in Mrs. Susan Altig's English class. Deb Hinman Lou Ann Hoehne Brian Holloway Mike Honerman Tom Hongsermeier Carter Hord laimie Houchin Denise Hudson Mike Huether Geni Hunt Kim Hunt Susie Iacobs Dan Jacobson Tom lacobson David jaskierney let laszczak Clint lensen Nate lensen Dan johnson Suzie johnson 110 I I ll Elwyn McNinch, Dave Mapes, and Bob Bryant sand their chopping blocks Mr. Butch Lehmkuhler's Basic Woods class. Zl jeff Scritsmier, Greg Gullion Evan Brown, Deb Schuett, and Denise Hudson are busy doing their grammar assignments in Mrs. Linda Anderson's English class. .QW loe Kleewein Deb Krugman 5 B l , ,B A ,,, I g f 75 . ' L3 TI I gr , ,,, ,I 1,33 iq., V ' are ' J 4 X zz V Q, f' 11, I 1 -I ',i' f W W" ' if wwff , 1 3,4 ' w , I ia Q, g - W 3 , l ' V" 4 WW! 13 4 i t if 'f K , "1-, h , l My T , W ' 1 'sw I z I , 'L z 5 , i Tammy lohnson Curt lones Diana Kemp Kerry jones Colleen Kallhoff Dina Kifkp8UiCk Q lohn Kealy Tom Keefer Mike Kfllek lTerry Kendall Paul Kieper Rae Kramer lKari Koch l f ff: if , i" f 27352 1, W -- 'S-Qi, X! 'MEX 1 , V Z' i f 2, Q z A? I its I 2 ,i , 'Mmm I 'ff ' i Y Barrett Klemm Dan Knox Kent Kugler BOD Landberg lerry Layher Val Leatherman Lisa Lee Lisa Leet Marty Lehl Steve Lehman Teresa Leibhart Morgan Leibrandt Kendra Leondhart Marian Lingerfelt Brian Lipinski Denise Little Stacey Lloyd Barry Lovelace Karen Lubash Scott Ludwig Laura Lusk Tony Lynch Robin MacDonald Sheila Main Bill Landwehr Mary Larsen lane Larson Karen Lauer F11 loni Manning Dave Mapes Scott Mapes lody Markquette Gina Markwardt Denise Marquette Lorinda Martin Rose Martinez Barbara Matthews Polly Matthews Peggy McAdams Dale McCall Deb McCann Pat MCCaslin Nick McCleary Larry McClellen U1 Michelle Cooper and Angie Schultz study in the library as does another student in the foreground. C23 Deb Hinman, Michelle Miller, and Merri lo Collins compare their crazy Fif- ties clothes during Homecoming Week wondering how their mothers could have possibly worn these clothes ev- eryday. 'l'l3 ' mamuuav-Q'-Q""" 1. R. McEntee Lori McEntire Dorothy McKenney Elwin MCNir1Ch DOUS MGYGV Gfeffhen Miesbach Donna Miller Michelle Miller Mike Miller Ray Miller Rob Miller Shari Mires Danny Mohr Kelley Mohr Gerry Moore Dave Moss Daryl Mundis Mark MUVPVW , 4 1 i V , Q- ' 2 ' B ,, , E fy , ILLV gy' Z 53? Q 'JJ Kim Myers Leonard Neal Ellen Neeman Heidi N9lS0f1 Brenda Nicholas Anne Nichols Kelly NiCl'10lS Nick NiCl10lS Scott Nielsen Terri Nielsen M-3rk0S Nila DOH Norland Bridget O'Brien lulian Ochoa Darryn Odbert Sfott O'Dea Murray Odean Doug O'Dell Roger Kr Oliver lohn Owings Q11 Michelle Miller and lulie Niedan perform 'Surfin' U.5.A." during halftime at the North Platte-Lincoln East boys' basketball game. 123 Barb Matthews watches the Bulldogs' last few minutes of preparation during the pre-game warm up in the football stadium. Roger Neth Kara Newtson Bonnie Niebauer lulie Niedan jim Norlem Robin Norton 2 , ff, Q 41,2 ,X X I N .gxgxjx gg x Scott Parr Al Paul Tim Pell Leroy Perkins Deb Petrzelka Brad Phares Sharon Paulsen 116- Vincent Perlinger Diane Phelen Romano Polanco Ellie Quinn Dora Phillips Brenda Place Rob Plaster Mary Pong Valee Powell Rod Qualls Kelli Raggdale Mike Rasmussen Kerry Reece ff' Q me 1 Dan Reiff Mike Reinhard Laurie Reisbick Ion Roessler Dorothy Rosso Greg Rothman jerry Sack Sherry Sale lohn Sandhaus Lyle Schoolfield Tad Schroeder Deb Schuett Lorraine Serrano Carol Shelton Christi Shepherd 111 Deb McCann takes her turn at dissecting a crayfish in Biology. 123 Bridget O'Brien, Lou Ann Hoehne, and Lana Colden display their taste of color and style coordination at lunch during Home- coming Week's Fifties Day. 131 Bill Calhoun, Bill Westman, and lim Norlem defend their goal while playing soccer in gym class. if YM' , , ,Q ' Danielle Robinson Carla Ruhaak lim Saner Angie Schultz if f i, I ff 41 J ' is l 7f" W ' 3 i,,,,F:e u i' . A sa S Doug Rockafellow leff Rumery Scott Sawyer ludy Scott ,sf , ,X mf i n it ,, f +- , i , , - v' g ' 63:1 1 ' 5, " 1: L' ' f E52 4 4:21 :V 5 W , ,. Q' Q, f. fe, ft b Aff , . w w., ,, f f , 5 f 1 ,, L ,sw , 6 f W f 12 lf? til? ' fm , I ,,. ,age , ' W . e 4 ' Z il ec Christy Roebuck Shelley Sable Kurt Schmitt leff Scritsmier ...J 112' ,a ., 1 , 6 F, Q ,1 1 mam , , 'iff' ,QM yy 5 ,gk i A if T , 3 'Tk . M, . 4, M fifw , J' 3 ' 2 s 9 4 'rg f if MW fi ft ,'," at , N, ,. , 1 A fy ,. ,XE f' lf-" Kenda Shirk Scott Sloggett Rick Sparks Deanna Tallmage Melinda Tinajera Bruce Short loyce Smith Lori Stone Amy Tatman Randy Titus jackie Siemers Leslie Smith Cindy Suhr Tony Taylor Rollin Tobey Karolyn Sitorius ludy Soto lohn Swanson Wanda Templien Marilyn Torres Libby Swanson Scott Synovec Dennis Thompson Bafb Thomsen Lindy Torske Candl' Troxel ai, YJ YE I , fi fi 3 1 2 I YH? gs I 1 5 my 5' f 35, ' ., i. av f A ysys. is - 1.9 ' ' s if ,. . , W.:, me if, af. . i :mmf - . . S D' Q ' - .H i W V ,... X tsvawssss -we was - X , s st X Q :LUN -,px -Q.: -: Sli -,Q gi it get 0 K S isa f 43 3 if if ' jf .JN .1 xx i X s as wx X L six X it xx X s X S X it 'Qs - fl .gk S . x XX R 'Q X . x S as eeee Brad Troyer Randy Twidwell Steve Van Neste Gary Viersen Mike Wagner leff Waiter Diann Weiss Bill Westman Bob Westman Denise Williams Steve Williams Mike Witkowski BW., X Ext i ii wiv f ff Stephanie Vargas Kris Verch Paul Vermeer Monte Walker lan Ward lanell Waugh Don Whitson Kim Wilke Tina Wilkenson Carol Wood Dawn Young Mike Ziegler 2 UD Tammy lohnson, Al Paul, and Brian Lipinski listen to Mr. Derryl Barr as he gives them his 'lHandy Dandy Barr Guides" during the gram- mar section in English. 123 Deb Silos, lohn Kealy, Kerri Halligan, let laszczak, Shelley Bax- ter, Marty Lehl, Gary Bodeen, Ellen Neeman, and Kim Wilke are putting last minute touch- es on their assignments or waiting for the bell to ring in Mr. Robert McFarIand's Biology class. H9 -znswggzgyf ..g-fv-.-W-11555-rpg -v yy.,-A. 543 F. tg if 9'-"y L31 1- ,f--'.T.?gu513.Q-N123 f,?:LT:.r.13j.1'w-fn,-x-f-L Q-ffvggyfl-+1:EK:x5,1 75 E ' - - - 'f-, Q - ' -Q ' 94?-w 1 -rbi.,--4251 vor. A12 A .-ff,-wr. 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Q31 lerry Wescott, Rich Saighman, and Chuck Schmitt complete pages for the deadline. 143 Sherri Rogers, Eydie Welsh, and Krista Oberst crop pictures for the annual. 122 Annual Staff involves hard work, dedication and teamwork to meet each deadline during the year. With a new company, everyone had to change old ways in order to learn new techniques for this year's annual. "Everyone on this staff is very creative and imaginative. The fun part is see- ing how each one expresses themself in the construction of their pages," said Gina Kucera, co-editor. Annual Staff is a re- warding experience, when the staff sees the final pages of the finished book. 3 , 4 Newspoper stoff includes new odditions This year's BULLDOGGER staff consisted of 16 members, with only 5 seniors to offer guidance. New additions to the paper included: baby pictures of differ- ent students, the Bulldog Bomber Award which was given to several students and teachers with unusual looking cars, and a new Mystery Teacher every issue. For the first time ever, Beginning journalism students wrote all the stories for a four-page issue in April. i 'sn . of 92" . ,ff ,. 1 7 -...-. W. M lil Sharon Nichols proofreads a story for the next issue. QZJ Editorial Staff: ROW 1-David Wicks, Bill Allen, lanis Higginbotham, editor, Celine lochum, and Marilyn Huether, ROW 2-Iacquie Comer, Carol Fisher, Joi Patterson, Sue Smith, Wayne Yanney, Jeannie Swigart, and Sharon Nichols. Q33 Ad Staff: ROW 1-Ann Girard, circulation manager. ROW 2-Shelly Mikesell and Diane Schwartz. ROW 3-Donna Lilly. My loi Patterson, Bill Allen, and Marilyn Huether figuring headlines for their stories. 123 Stompers' performonces produce spirit "I think they are very wierd, but when the going gets wierd, the wierd turn pro," comments Mr. Brad Cool, sponsor. Who else could he be talking about than the Black and Blue Stompers! Twenty-one male students were involved with the Stompers this year, creating spirit and excitement wherev- er they went. The Stompers performed at halftime of the annual Powder Puff. football game. To demonstrate their school spirit, they performed a skit at a pep rally before a bas- ketball game. At the "Almost Anything Goes" contest, the Stompers performed with some of the Blue and Gold Pacers. lack Cady expressed his views on the year saying, "It's been an experience into the unknown." l24 aa 29'f11m'36u. WNW lxfgtf X iff , fic fx: flj Mike Zieger, jeff Stevens, Dan johnson, Mitch Beyer, and jed Snell 'lmarch" out to perform. l2j Row 1-Bill lung, Carter Hord, Mike Ziegler, Mark Murphy, Greg Greder, David Weaver, Row 2 -Mr. Brad Cool, spon- sor, Dave Hohnbaum, Mitch Beyer, jack Cady, Kif Ward, Dana Bargell, Dan johnson, Steve Weskamp. Not pictured are Mike Mill- er, jeff Stevens, jed Snell, Bill Hill, Robby Sparks, Markos Nila, Perry Hall, julian jarvis, l3j Steve Weskamp, Mitch Beyer, jed Snell, and Robby Sparks, practice before they per- form. t4j jack Cady, joi Patterson, Bill jung, Mitch Beyer, Linda Kellogg, Mark Murphy, and jed Snell get ready for their performance at the 'lAlmost Anything Goes" contest. f5j Kif Ward and jack Cady start the perfor- mance by bringing out the briefcase. l6j Mike Miller, Dana Bargell, Mark Murphy, Bill lung, and Greg Greder start the performance at the 'lAlmost Anything Goes" contest. 125 Street follies stolrted by cheerleaders Faced with the problem of dwindling school spirit, the 1979-80 cheerleaders had a job cut out for them. Mrs. Patti Severson, faculty spon- sor, and a number of stu- dents, helped these girls to increase Bulldog pride. The girls began to raise money early in the summer and continued through the sports seasons. They painted house numbers on curbs, held a cheerleading clinic for grade school girls, sold T- shirts, hats and mittens, but- tons and window stickers. Street rallies and painted windows were a new touch for spirit. The tradition of an- nual bonfires and weekly pep rallies continued. After much debate the cheerleaders de- cided on, drafted, and got administration approval for the next year. New cheerleaders were chosen and seniors retired their positions during a dinner at the end of the year. 4 ai .x K ,,-fl. fm... . 4. -s-. rrp ,q,cg.-5 ,, in , .N . 1 , 1, X sf.: ,bu wigs Q KLA all s' taxis-s .. s,-s -131: -to , , :. tv. , -E . za NRC Wi t - iEQ t 'Q ist K +- 1 IS is. ER Q HJ Varsity football: Diann Weiss, Camy Eggers, Merri Jo Collins, Jody Workman, Jodi Suiter, Janine Castle. KZJ Cymnastics-Wres- tling: Lori Reisbeck, Laurie Guadrealt, Deanna Bokowskie. l3J JV Football: Lana Golden, Deb Hinman, Shana Bruce, Elizabeth Griffith. 14J Mr. Bulldog: Diana Richard, Varsity Basketball: Camy Eggers, Jodi Suiter, Trina Lange, Janine Castle, Jody Workman, Mitzi Miller. QSJ JV Basketball: Merri Jo Collins, Deb Hinman, Eliz- abeth Griffith, Lana Golden. 127 ,.-. I n 1 y . 3 4 --Ll-r til Girls Sports: Karen MacDonald and Lori Elliott. C21 Mr. Bulldog: Diana Richard C31 Deb Hinman, Camy Eggers, Diana Richard, lodi Suiter, Lori Reisbeck, Laurie Gaudrealt, and Elizabeth Criffeth set their sights on the approaching enemy team during a pep rally. 141 Karolyn Sitorius, Shana Bruce, Lana Golden, Lori Reisbick, Deanna Bokowski and Mr. Bulldog lead the first street rally during Homecoming, l28 Chess members improve throughout yeor "ln order to be a good chess player, you must show self-displine, good sports- manship and concentration," points out Mr. Wayne Pressnell, Chess Club spon- sor. r Chess Club is open for any- . one who is interested in, or would like to become famil- iar with, the world of rooks, kings, queens, pawns, and l bishops. Mr. Pressnall, sponsor of Chess Club, said, "I feel that t the quality of players in the club has vastly improved within the past few years." Three of the four people i who placed second in state, i returned to boost the team this year. Members participated in several tournaments through- out the year. V1 4.597 L- :"""'Qf if Ui Mr. Wayne Pressnall, David Gross, Will Pressnall, Steve Schmadeke and Glenn Nelson display trophies from two years of state competition. Qi Glenn Nelson contemplates his next move against Martin Green. 131 Steve Schmadeke weighs his alternative in a practice session. 129 Debate members prepare, travel, learn Debate, an elective class at the high school level, in- volves hard work, research and reasoning in order to prepare for each tournament. Besides all the time and ef- fort spent preparing for de- bates, members are able to travel, meet a lot of friends, and learn more about world problems. This year's resolution was Resolved: That the United States should significantly change its foreign trade poli- cies. "Y Y' . 4 .2 ti l 130 at 1 - S Y if x l 1 ' 6492 ' ' . A V gf " .V r ' - f vw ,gt V , ,. , f'.f .4 My ' 4 . , , Tx 3 'll 1 ff G fr ,..,. , 2 lm 2 l , N XNMRMA r f ' I f'fslf's"f 6 fi' 2933 E WX lx U1 Varsity debate partners Nate Schwartz and Rory Edwards looks over debate topic in- formation. Q21 Returning varsity debators in- clude Row 1-Leroy lones, Chris Wallace, Dan Naranjo, Row 2-Rory Edwards and Nate Schwartz. 133 Varsity debators Carrie Hall and Brad Morrison look over result sheets. 145 lunior varsity debators include Craig Slowinski, Bobbi Matthews and Kelly Nichols. Q51 Novice debators, Shelly Mikesell and Brenda Seery prepare cards for their next debate. 165 Mr. Skip Altig completes a tally sheet during a debate. 'l3'l Sense of leadership instilled in Deco The local DECA started the year with a pizza party, hayride and a skating party in the fall. During the Christmas season members rang bells for the Salvation Army, as well as selling coloring books and school mugs. DECA also opened a school store named the Locker Stocker. The name was selected from several entries received from stu- dents. State DECA Convention was in March at the Omaha Hilton. North Platte took 18 of its DECA students who won various awards. Qualifying for nationals in Miami Beach were Bill Allen, Camy Eggers, and Ken Wederski. Bill Allen was also elected State DECA President. "The 1979-1980 school year proved to be an outstanding and exciting year. The main goal of DECA is to instill a sense of leadership into young people to make their year a success with the strong group of leaders we had. Everyone accomplished a lot of goals that each one had set for themselves and I hope next year the students will continue to grow and get involved even more with DECA. DECA truly is a learning and funfilled organization," said Mr. Doug Strope, DECA Sponsor. DECA QDistributive Education Clubs of Americaj is a group set out to develop an understanding for education in marketing and distribution in the competitive enterprise system. 3 132 l 5' ii QU Mr. Doug Strope and Pam Best organized the school store. Q21 Row 1-lunior DECA students lody Shields, Deanna Hexon, Chris Craig, George Hill, Phil White, leff Soper. Row 2-Mark Pierson, lodi Suiter, Kristy We- ber, Robin Wilson, Val Pueppka, Elizabeth Griffith, Tammy Burchell. Row 3-Bill Allen, Michelle Poppert, Greg Vieyra, leanna Peck, Lynne Scott, Nancy Dye, Kathy Hebblethwaite, loni Davis, Rhonda Waugh. Q31 Senior DECA students Row 1-Chris Dolan, Pam Davis, Kathy Brothers, Beth Shelton, Susan Tuenge, lulie Bunger, Cyndi Ackerman, Kevin Goforth, Kevin Pickett. Rovv 2 -Mark Henry, Dixie Miller, Roberta Hanson, Connie Wood, Bob Becker, David Porter, Ken Wederski, Terri Payton, Don Swain. Row 3-Sponsor Doug Strope, Linda Kingston, lohn Alexander, Barry Pelton, Mitzi Miller, Camy Eggers, lack Cady, DaNelle james, lodi Helms, Sandra Serrano, Kelly Smith. Q45 Robin Wilson catches up to Phil White at the skating party, Q55 Robin Wilson, Mr. Strope, and Kathy Hebblethvvaite wait for their first cus- tomer in the Locker Stocker. -1 X -q -Q He. is-H FBLH ossists DECFI with coupon booklets. Future Business Leaders of America is a club relating to busi- ness subjects offered in high school. Through the year, FBLA typed coupons for a DECA booklet, had a bake sale donating the money to the Good Fellow Shoe Fund, a skating party, a progressive dinner in December, and again wrapped apples on Valentine's Day for the teachers. In appreciation for their employers, FBLA held a breakfast Employ- er-Employee Banquet. The state FBLA convention was attended by eight members in Omaha winning four honorable mentions in Accounting and Business Communications. 'I 2 - A - 1 . i 4 v . X ,E-'A A Uj Mrs. Dorothy Elm and Ms, Cathy Proctor, sponsors, roller boogie at the skating party, j2j Sheila Ostendorf, Lisa Weir, Wayne Yanney, Charles King, and Mrs. Elm prepare DECA booklets. f3j Row 1- Sponsor Doro- thy Elmg Missy Mason, treasurerg Wendy Raetz, secretaryg Shari johnson: jeff james, Alea Lewis. Row 2-jennifer Graham, secre- taryg Krista Oberstg Charles King, presidentg joy Hoffman, vice-presidentg Lisa Stagnarg Ms. Proctorg Wayne Yanney, reporterg f4j 'Am I doing this right?" jennifer Graham asks Ms. Protor and jeff james. f5j Wayne Yanney and joy Hoffman wrap Valentine apples for the teachers. f6j jennifer and joy typing out cou- pons for the DECA booklet. j7j jeff and Mrs. Elm check over the newly typed coupons. f8j Wendy, Charles, and Wayne fill the teacher's boxes with apples. 'Don't Drink The Woter' highlights yeor Drama Club members pro- vided actors, backstage prep- arations, make up and light- ing for one full length play and the one-acts during the year. In the fall, the play DON'T DRINK THE WATER was directed by Mr. Skip Altig, speech and debate teacher. Drama member's produc- tions also included a three- act play and the one-acts. Sponsor Mr. Derryl Barr said, DON'T DRINK THE WA- TER was probably the high- light of the season". ill Mr. Skip Altig gives Martin Green a final touchup with help from Shelly Mikesell, Susie Grachek and Chris Wallace. 123 Deb Hinman pleads with Leroy lones to talk to her father about escaping. Q31 Susie Grachek puts Chris WalIace's make-up on for opening night, l4J Row 1-Chris Wallace, Ann Girard, Mr. Derryl Barr. Row 2- leff Rumery, Shari Mires, Shelly Mikesell, Anne Getty, Lori Me-comber, Tammy Garst, Heidi Nelson, Lori Edwards. Row 3-Doug Long, Rich Saighman, Tom Richardson, Nanette Hetzke, Mark Voris, Bobbie lo Morrell, Deb Hinman, Bill Allen, leff Stevens. 138 "'.".5 -9-f V iffx Requirements met by twenty journolists l 1 This year, Quill and Scroll consisted of 20 high school journalists. To be a member of this National Honorary So- ciety, students must meet certain requirements set by the Quill and Scroll Society, and be on either newspaper staff or annual staff. Annual staff members must meet all deadlines and news- paper staff members must have 160 published inches. All members must be in the upper third of their class. Photogrotphers help produce publicotions 2 Ui Qulll and Scroll: ROW 1-Krista Oberst, Sue Smith, Marilyn Huether, loi Patterson, leannie Swigart, Sherri Rogers. ROW 2-Diane Schwartz, Tina Ryan, Wayne Yanney, Bill Allen, Shelly Mikesell, lanis Higginbotham, Carol Fisher. ROW 3-Ann Girard, Donna Lilly, Eydie Welsh, Celine lochum, Lee Ann Malizola, loni Broeder. Not pictured is Gina Kucera. Q25 Photographers: Bobbie lo Morrell, Kevin Kraning, Tina Ryan, Dan Clang, Krista Oberst, lerry Westcot. Not pictured is Kelly Cosper and Mike Honerman. Dedicated is the best word to describe the staff photog- raphers. Newspaper staff, and especially annual staff, de- pend on them to help produce their publications. Photographers take pic- tures of various school activi- ties at all hours of the day, develop the film, contact the negatives, and print the pic- tures needed. This takes a lot of time be- fore school, during free periods, and after school. 139 FFH receives superior rotting ot Stote Mr. Harold Roker was the new sponsor for FFA this year. "The chapter members worked very diligently in achieving the goals. This was evident by the superior rating received at the State Conven- tion," he said. Activities throughout the year included the District 7 Livestock ludging contest in Ogallala, the District FFA and Agriculture contests in Curtis, and the Western Area Live- stock ludging Contest in North Platte. The Sweetheart Dance started off National FFA Week Feb. 16-23. Other projects included: the Chil- dren's Barnyard at the county fair, selling Farm journal sub- scriptions, delivering phone books, and fruit, cheese, sau- sage, and candy sales. 4 5 si 140 ,Q 5 x'- : 1 3 Uj Susan Chessmore, Robert Robinson, joe Kleewein, and john McCall participate in the installation of new members. l2j NEW MEM- BERS: Row 1-Leonard Neal, Rollin Tobey. Row 2-joe Kleewein, Brian Lipinski, Nick McCleary, jeff Binegar. Not pictured is Calvin Copeland. 13j john McCall, president of the North Platte Chapter, speaks during the instal- lation of new officers at the banquet. Q4j Mr. Harold Roker, sponsor, speaks at the banquet while john McCall, Rob Snyder, guest speak- er: Elizabeth Kramer, and Theresa Kemp lis- ten. l5j john McCall and Robert Robinson qualified for state in welding. 42 6 'Zh f x 'Ui .7 K 113 FFA members: Row 1-loe Kleewein, Su- san Chessmore, Theresa Kemp, Elizabeth Kramer, loDee Ludemann. Row 2-David Chessmore, lohn McCall, Leonard Neal, Cal- vin Copeland, Foster McDaniels, Brian Lupinski, Nick McCleary. Not pictured is Rob- ert Robinson, Dawn Henry, leff Binegar, Rollin Tobey, and Cary Twidwell, Q21 Theresa g XS 2 6 Kemp and lohn McCall pick a rose to give to their parents while Rob Snyder, the guest speaker, waits, Q31 Theresa Kemp and Leon- ard Neal work at the bike rodeo. HJ Royalty: Dawn Henry, first runner up, Elizabeth Kramer, FFA Sweetheart, and Susan Chessmore, second runner up. Not pictured is Theresa Kemp, third runner up. Q51 Eliza- Y 'sol' beth Kramer, newly elected president for the 1980-81 year, speaks at the last meeting. 163 Robert Robinson and Mr. Harold Roker, sponsor, set up for the banquet. C71 Leonard Neal directs kids through the course at the bike rodeo. 44 Better porticipotion brings good yeor Girls Intramural Athletics started off the year with a get-acquainted pizza party in September. The annual Powder Puff Football game was in Octo- ber, with the seniors defeat- ing the sophomores in first- half action and the juniors in the second half. Initiation of the sopho- mores took place at the slumber party in November. GIA also sponsored volleyball intramurals and then basketball intramurals. The last event of the year was the Mother-Daughter Tea in May. Mrs. Linda Carlson, spon- sor, comments: "l felt that GIA had another successful year. We had more kids in- volved in the intramural pro- gram." GIA also sold T-shirts and shorts this year. 4 'V-E. 5 Ui Suzette Obermeier's team placed first in GIA volleyball intramurals. Team members: Randy Smidt, led Snell, Suzette Obermeier, Marilyn Huether, Peggy Anderson. Not pic- tured is Chan Timmons. Qi The 'lGrunions" placed first in the GIA basketball intramurals. Team members: Row 'T-Tammie Halligan, Bea Bierma, Iulie Bunger, Sandy Sommers, Camy Eggers. Row 2-Linda Criner, Pam Best, Iana Conley, Susie Thompson, Susan Tuenge. Q31 lanine Castle and Nancy Krizek 'Q' 6 3 2 'KP v .. ,Mu serve cookies while Susie Thompson pours drinks. A GIA mother, Gina Kucera, Diana Richard, and Carol Fisher go through the line at the GIA Mother-Daughter Tea in the school cafeteria. Q41 SENIORS: Row 'l-Ann Girard, Shelly Scritsmier, Kathy Carroll, Trina Lange, Susie Thompson, Nancy Krizek, Janine Castle, Deb Wright, Lee Ann Malizola, Diana Richard. Row 2-Renee Tatman, Cynthe lohnson, Gina Kucera, Susie Quirk, Linda Kellogg, Elaine Gentry, Susan Tuenge, Pam Best, Camy Eggers, Tracy O'Neill. Row 3- Mrs. Linda Carlson, sponsor, Tracy Pratt, lana Conley, lodi Helms, Sandy Sommers, Linda Criner, Lisa Stagnaro, Bea Bierma, Shari lohn- son, Tammie Halligan, Susan Greeley. 151 Mrs. Linda Carlson, sponsor, speaks at the Mother- Daughter tea. Q63 Mrs. Wally Kucera and Mrs. Ted Richard get their refreshments while oth' ers wait in line at the Mother-Daughter Tea. 'I4 i"1"" til Susie Quirk and Shelly Scritsmier enjoy their pizza and pop at the annual pizza party. t2j lanine Castle shows school spirit by wear- ing her Powder Puff jersey the day of the football game. l3j Sophomore members: Row 1-Christel Campbell, lane Larson, Barbara Matthews, Sandy Criner, ludy Hiatt, Paige Greder, Denise Little, Angie Shultz. Row 2- Connie Cubser, Sharon Babcock, Karolyn Sitorius, Lana Golden, Kris Verch, Christi Shepherd, Shana Bruce, Diann Weiss, Amy Tatman, Candy Troxel, lan Ward, Row 3- Lori Reisbick, Laurie Gaudreault, Heidi Nelson, Mary Potts, Dorothy Rosso, Linda Fugate, len- nifer Brown, Shannon Dahlinger, Tammy lohnson, Sherry Cayman, Deanna Bokoskie, Kerry Reece, Christy Roebuck, Bridget O'Brien. Row 4-Anne Nichols, Kandi Dew- ey, lulie Niedan, Carla Biere, Merri lo Collins, Michelle Miller, Deb McCann, Lorinda Martin, Suzi Cooper, Kris Griffith, Ceni Hunt, Camalynn Harrach, loanne Callaghan, len, t4j Junior members: Row 1- Roethemeyer, Susie Grachek, Eydie Robin Wilson, Val Pueppka, Traci Kristy Carpenter, loi Patterson, Susan leannie Swigart, Row 2-Terri Van lulia Al- Vernita Welsh, Trego, Phillips, Meter, Becky Carroll, lody Beed, lodi Suiter, Lisa Becker, lill Clinton, Suzette Obermeier, Kris Atteberry, Renae lanulewicz, Sherri Rogers, Chris Wallace, Row 3-Tracy Fisher, Brenda Ellett, Elizabeth Griffith, lody Workman, Peg- gy Anderson, Marcy Dickenson, Sherry Sommers, Marilyn Huether, Lynn Langford, Renee Miller, loni Broeder, loni Davis, Ann Ackerman, Celine lochum. 151 The junior players keep their spirit alive while waiting to play the second half of Powder Puff Football as Tracy Sloggett and Neil Smith watch the sophomores and seniors. I4 Sponsor impressed with JCL s progress The lunior Classical League, commonly known as ICL, is for any student who has tak- en Latin or is currently taking Latin. With growing membership, the club started early to raise money for their conference in Omaha and Estes Park. Mon- ey-making projects included selling candy at the IV foot- ball and volleyball games, as well as selling "Loveables, small stuffed animals. All of the hard work and effort paid off at the end of the year. The members earned enough money to at- tend the conferences. Mrs. Beth McNeel, sponsor, said, "l was very impressed with the progress that the club members made this year." 48 ""' A-Y f ...V .Mg A Q . 3' - ,,,:w"'5' 'ij 'A I fi WWW'-'4l1:fn EWS Q QEWH' , ,1 N li 2 l -. Q Lf' Xi .3- i.........-N-..f, ,. ,.......,.. ..,s,.. - - - -ms.--v. fav 21- """"' M .,'-"' 'Y ipu ..--A ' 4-ff ss 5-tt I A ,.,,.na19' ,Q-.A -1 we ,. F' x fl .ir-Ai,"-, ,,,A- Q aw.+.g,r S ,S il, . Q W va rs ' s g '-'W f'25-:-.:.aa..g.-..1....-.',-....,.,.e...-w's " 'Q G A -- 1 "' 1 .2 tlj Row 1-Mary Dinovo, Libby Swanson, Shari Mires, Gretchen Miesbach, Kelly Gor- don, Denise Little, Camalynn Herrarih, Audrey Tooman, Bridgette O'Brien. Row 2-Deb Petersen, Anne Getty, Mrs. Beth McNeel, sponsor, lodi Helms, Ken Wederski, Nate Schwartz, lulie Gerdes. 125 Carol Gordon, Anne Getty, Kelly Gordon, Ioe Swanson, and Glen Chingren unload after arriving in Oma- ha. l3J Anne Getty relaxes in her toga after a hard day, C41 Kelly Gordon, Carol Gordon, loe Swanson, Ken Wederski, Glen Chingren, lulie Gerdes, and Anne Getty enjoy the sce- nery. Q55 joe Swanson in his required toga waits for his food. l6J lill McClelIen helps load her belongings as Mary Dinovo watches. l7l Ken We-derski and Mary Dinovo root for lill McClellen fforegroundj as she digs the volleyball, 181 Carol Gordon, Ken Wederski, julie Gerdes, Glen Chingren, Deb Petersen, Kelly Gordon, and Anne Getty anxiously await for their room assignments. I4 Key Club has children's Christmas party Key Club members, sponsored by the North Platte Kiwanis Club, work to better the school and community. During football season, Key Club sold concessions and collected trash after each home game. Other activities included a Christmas party for underprivileged children with Tri-Hi-Y and a skating party with FBLA. Members also sold popcorn door to door for Kiwanis competing against each other within the club. Some members planned to go to the state convention in Omaha in March but because of a spring blizzard they were unable to do so. f 2 'K 2 , fi 150 5 1 Wi -Hui-nm.-U , M, 4 , W .gl ' gif Q i ,. v.- M1 5? ...:.:-: 1, 1 .J Wm. 1 K A 3 A Q 1 Q ' S u ki 4, - Gu' :fl 3 Letter Club members continue octlvltles Letter club is an organiza- tion for any student who has lettered in an interscholastic sport. The students were sponsored by Mrs. Linda Carlson, Mr. Robert Mer- edith, and Mr. Ben Barends before he resigned. The students participated in activities throughout the year such as selling conces- sions during basketball games and the girl's state track meet. The club served a pic- nic for the faculty in the fall and a GIA-Letter Club picnic at the end of the school year. Members also went on a trip to Lincoln to see the Nebras- ka-Penn State football game on a Saturday last fall. As a token of appreciation, the Letter Club presented Mr. Barends an adding machine for his new business. The club gave scholarships to three seniors. 5 l52 2 Ml Officers: Row 1-Tom Budler, president, Susie Thompson, vice-president, Linda Kellogg, secretary, Renee Tatman, sergeant at arms. Row 2-Mr. Robert Meredith, Mrs. Lin- da Carlson, Mr. Ben Barends. Q25 Row 1- Orlan Treat, Brad Belka, Kris Flanders, Greg Greder, Randy Smidt, Chan Timmons, lan Frohman, led Snell, Roger Stevenson. Row 2-Dan lohnson, Tom Richardson, Buck Hood, Becky Carroll, Marcy Dickenson, Sher- ry Sommers, Russ Branting, Lorinda Martin, Bridgett O'Brien, Don Spaulding. Row 3- Nate Schwartz, Jeannie Swigart, Renee Miller, Rob Sparks, Mark Wilkinson, Bill Claussen, Matt Edwards, Troy Pickett, Kent Danielson, Clete Budler, Doug O'Dell. Q31 Roger Steven- son, leff lames and Mr. Robert Rouch watch a basketball game. t4l Bill Claussen and Nate Schwartz once again work as a team. t5l Row 1-Kevin Goforth, Cathy Carroll, Doug Bomberger, Shelly Scritsmier, Lee Ann Malizola, Don Snyder, Tom Oerter. Row 2- Steve Weskamp, Scott Troxel, Dan Smith, Nancy Krizek, Susie Quirk, lana Conley, lanine Castle, Larry Sanford, Kent Nelson. Row 3-lodi Helms, Bob Becker, Wendy Raetz, Trina Lange, Tracy Pratt, Elaine Gentry, leff lames, Troy Workman, Mike Miller. t6l leff lames, lodi Helms, Kent Nelson, Tracy Pratt, Mrs. Linda Carlson and son Scott dis- cuss the selling of concessions. l53 rg 1 aww AC! 6005 0,1-iuvqy ,sap 4 111 lodi Helms and Renee Miller work the counter for the SPVA track meet. 121 Troy Pickett adds catsup to his hotdog. 131 Marilyn Huether sells concessions at the SPVA meet. Q41 Larry Sanford sweeps the basketball Court at half-time. Q51 Jody Beed and Susie Quirk are in charge of driving the cart to the stand. Q61 leannie Swigart watches the track meet. 171 Mrs, Linda Carlson prepares hotdogs at the Letter Club concession stand. Obligations clorified by constitution With the addition of a fourth alternate, the Blue and Gold Pacers elected 36 mem- bers this year, instead of the previous 35. Also, some new rules were made in the Pac- er's constitution that clarified performance obligations. New boots and new T-shirts were ordered. To start off the year, Pacers performed at the North- South All-Star Basketball Game in August at Mid- Plains. Pacers also performed at one home football game and at four home basketball games, the last one being the "Senior Salute". For their final appearance, Pacers performed at the Mid- Plains College Knight's last game. Other drill team activities included a performance for a ladies' club at the Elks, a sur- prise pajama breakfast given by the seniors, and a pizza party to end the year. 5 156 M 3 V f 1:41, ,X 6 42 9-f 2 QU Julie Niedan, Michelle Miller, Gina Kucera, Bonnie Niebauer, loi Patterson, Lisa Stagnaro, Suzette Obermeier, and Tracy Fisher pivot and march before a pleased audience. 125 Row 1-Miss lane Doud, sponsorp Pam Best, Susan Tuenge, lana Conley, senior captain, loi Patterson, junior co-captain, Ioy Hoffman, Gina Kucera, Sherry Long. Row 2-Linda Kellogg, Sandy Sommers, Linda Criner, Tracy O'Neill, Bea Bierma, Lisa Stagnaro, Nancy Krizek. Row 3-Traci Trego, Suzette Obermeier, Kristy Carpenter, Karen Piper, Brenda Ellett, Sherri Rogers, Tracy Fisher, Chris Wallace. Row 4-Renee Miller, lane Larson, Bonnie Niebauer, Karen Holm, Kathy Suhr, Rae Kramer, lulie Niedan, Michelle Mill- er, Lorinda Martin. Not pictured are lulia Al- len, sophomore representative, loan Baier, Kim Cox, and Susie Thompson. Q31 Mr. Virgil French, Pep Band conductor, watches as ju- niors march off after the "Senior Salute" per- formance. FOREGROUND: Bonnie Niebauer, Lorinda Martin, Sherri Rogers, Chris Wallace, Brenda Ellett, Tracy Fisher. BACKGROUND: Renee Miller, Kim Cox, Kristy Carpenter, Kathy Suhr, Traci Trego, Rae Kramer. 141 Bonnie Niebauer, Tracy O'Neill, Michelle Mill- er, and Kathy Suhr march during a halftime performance. Q53 Kent Priest, the drummer for the Pacers, waits to start the halftime en- tertainment. 161 KNEELING: lulia Allen, CLOCKWISE: Gina Kucera, Nancy Krizek, Lin- da Kellogg, Lisa Stagnaro, Pam Best, Susan Tuenge, Bea Bierma, Sandy Sommers, Linda Criner, Tracy O'Neill, Susie Thompson, Sherry Long. 171 Pacers perform their 'Senior Salute" routine to the song llPop Muzik". l57 Club members present successful rodeo The goal of the Rodeo Club to put on a successful rodeo was achieved May 9- 11 as they hosted nearly 200 contestants from schools across the state. This year's club consisted of approximately 30 mem- bers. There were quite a few younger members this year but Mr. Rich Reinert, one of the club's sponsors, feels they all put forth a good ef- fort and the age factor will be beneficial to the club in the coming years. Although Rodeo Club is a school organization, mem- bers participate in various ro- deos until about the first of luly. Recipients of this year's scholarships in memory of Tuffy Rowley were Tammie Halligan and Mickie Albrecht. a f-Jem 2 HJ Row 1: Robert Robertson, Calvin Cope- land, jeff Binegar, Row 2: Kent Kugler, Kevin Motsinger, Chris lohnson. Q21 Two rodeo contestants ride around the arena. 131 Tammie Halligan competes in the pole bend- ing event, l4j Row 'lz lo Dee Ludeman, Mickie Albrecht, Kent johnson, Nick Hudson Row 2: Mr. Butch Lehmkuler, Mr. Rich Rinert. C51 Group of rodeo Contestants take a break between events. 159 ,W MT V7 ,f fn wx ww, it f A Q '-va' A , ,ff - .X ,,, , ,4 wg, .p , M A wffueff ' ,, f H 'iq , M ,W -R M ..,4,, ,. ,, M, - ff.f . , f v - ,, urn 'WML ,g:mm,,f, vm , sp gsm rg' ,..,M'--ff MMM. vm M V,--av-.f -H QW ,xx I Y.,-5 .r Sis ,, -ww , M ig. -n W . in 'si' . 3 ,,,. W H www, .ww ff . ,1- 'M Q 253' 'fi StuCo fills eoch month with octivities The new year started with the elections of sophomore representatives in September. In October StuCo donated 5500 to a Homecoming Fund to be used now and in the fu- ture. The '79 year for StuCo ended with a Christmas dance. A suggestion box was planned, designed, and set up in lanuary to help students voice their opinions. StuCo added their touch to Valen- tine's Day by delivering car- nations to students whose friends had ordered them earlier. In March the marquee was designed, voted upon, and blue-printed. April was a busy month for StuCo with TWIRP Week and Almost Anything Goes. TWIRP Week consisted of Coke night, roller skating night, show night, and topped off by the TWIRP dance. Almost Anything Goes started with a dinner for the contestants and officials and ended with the faculty win- ning. ln May the scholarships were decided upon. As the year started with elections, the year ended with elections for new offi- cers and representatives for the following year. SIDE Mimjy 4 l JMWMZZ 1 X .. Q? ,. l l gg. 9 S3 f l S l . i' i 7' ' ...LQ I V i "' X CU Student Council Officers: Shelly Scritsmier, president, Nancy Krizek, treasurer, Susie Thompson, secretaryp and Kif Ward, ser- geant-at-arms. 121 Nick Hudson, Dana Bargell, tback to cameral, Rob Sparks, Chris Camp- bell, and led Snell clean up after the Almost Anything Goes contest. 131 Mr. Ivan Kershner is the student Council sponsor, 141 Senior Re- presentatives: Cynthia Ackerman, Trina Lange, Doug Long, Dawn Henry, and lulie Bunger. fNot pictured are Pam Best and Jana Conleyl. 153 lunior Representatives: Row 1- Suzette Obermeier, Chan Timmons, Rob Sparks, and Nick Hudson. Row 2-Eydie Welsh, led Snell, and loi Patterson. 161 Trina Lange, Shelly Scritsmier, and loi Patterson pre- pare the drinks for the Almost Anything Goes dinner. 171 Sophomore Representatives: Row 1-Paige Creder, Barrett Klemm, and Christel Campbell. Row 2-Sharon Babcock, Dana Bargell, lan Ward, and Iulia Allen. l63 Q Ui Mr, Gary Cooper, Miss Deb Paulman, Mr. Robert McFarland, Mrs. Dirlene Wheeler, Miss Karen Olson, Mrs. Dorothy Elm, Mr. Randy Witt, Ms. Cathy Proctor, Mr. Rich Reinhert, Mr. Mike Buckles, and Mr. Virgil French celebrate their AAG victory. 121 lpyra- mid Bottoml Romano Polanco, fmiddlel Laurie Gaudreault, and ftopl Rae Kramer build their pyramid while Coach Rick Sparks watches. GJ Row 'l-Student Council scholarship winners: Susie Thompson, Doug Long, and Nancy Krizek. Row 2-Alternates: Trina Lange and Linda Kellogg. Q45 Kevin O'Rourke stands next to the suggestion box he built for Student Council. f5l Row 1-Marilyn Huether, Celine lochum, Sherry Sommers, Peggy Anderson, Gretchen Hawkins, Marcy Dickenson, and Bob Rouch. Row 2-Becky Carroll, Bill Claussen, Mike Bennett, Troy Pickett, Don Spaulding, and Dave Wicks show their spirit before events start. Q61 Doug Long and Trina Lange carry the AAC' torch to the north end of the track. Q73 Nick Hudson fback to cam- eral, led Snell, Suzette Obermeier, Chan Timmons, Rob Sparks, loi Patterson, Nate Schwartz, Shelly Scritsmier, Mr. Ivan Kershner, and Kif Ward discuss student hand- books for next year during a Student Council meeting. f8l Dana Bargell, Paige Greder, lan Ward, and julia Allen listen as other members discuss the vending machines for next year. f9j Mike Miller strains to lift the wheelbarrow carying Larry Sanford, Linda Criner, Sandy Sommers and leff lames lfalling outl while Coach Barry Pelton cheers them on. l65 membership declines, quality improves Commenting on the group's membership decline, Mrs. Linda Anderson, sponsor, said, "Tri-Hi-Y strives for quality in membership, not quantity, and l think that has been well achieved." Tri-Hi-Y had a get-acquainted party with the theme "You in the Year 2000" to start the year. Some of the activities of the group included taking Thanksgiving baskets to two needy families and arranging a Christmas party for children. Royalty was announced at the Father-Daughter Banquet in February. A Tea for the Mothers was given in March, with senior girls modeling Prom Dresses as part of the entertainment. The Senior Breakfast in May concluded the year. Seniors were honored and new officers were installed. 1 2 4 5 -x,-Q 'N-Q... in 166 .xx UQ Royalty: lan Ward, sophomore princess, Kristie Willson, senior queeng Susie Crachek, junior princess. QD Linda Fugate checks her list of food for the Thanksgiving baskets. 131 IU- NIORS: Row 1-Robin Wilson, Kristy Carpen- ter, Kristi Flanders, Krista Oberst, Chris Craig, Kathy Gardner. Row 2 -Vernita Roethemeyer, Tracy Fisher, Jodi Suiter, lody Beed, Stacy Faler, Ann Ackerman, Susie Grachek. Row 3-Shelly Mikesell, leannie Swigart, Sharon Nichols, Renee Miller, loi Patterson, Lynn Langford, Lisa Becker, Kim Jennings. Q43 Susie Grachek, loi Patterson, Mrs. Linda Anderson, sponsor, Tina Good- win, and Linda Fugate get everything orga- nized and ready to put in the Thanksgiving baskets, Q55 Sponsor, Mrs. Linda Anderson, 3 We 6 2 M ev 1 4 , rf eg, .s A 5,50 J V 1 'Y Y. speaks at the Christmas party, 161 SOPHO- MORES: Row 1-Karen Lauer, Gretchen Miesbach, Shari Mires, Linda Fugate, Brenda Nicholas. Row 2-Heidi Nelson, lanell Waugh, Sharon Babcock, lulia Allen, Kendra Leonhardt, Mary Potts, Row 3-Libby Swanson, Diane Phelen, Lana Golden, Anne Nichols, Bridget O'Brien, lan Ward, LJ C13 SENIORS: Row 1-Trina Lange, Ann Girard, Linda Kellogg, Elaine Gentry, lana Conley, Lori El- liott. Row 2-Mrs. Linda Anderson, sponsor, loy Hoffman, Jennifer Graham, Michelle Walker, Sherry Long, Kristie Willson, Q23 OFFICERS: Row 1-Kristie Willson, president, Susie Grachek, vice- presidentg Sherry Long, secretary, Trina Lange, treasurer. CABINET MEMBERS: Row 2-Anne Nichols, lan Ward, lodi Suiter, Lynn Langford, Kim lennings, Ann Girard, Linda Kellogg, jennifer Graham, Honor society initiotes fewer members This year 27 members were inducted into the National Honor Society. This was the smallest number of members to enter the group in many years. To be considered for the Society, the student must have a 2.0 average and be recommended by ten teach- ers. Qualities of a member are leadership, service, schol- arship and character. Members were initiated by Mr. Chris Rosenberg. Alumni members presented the group with the four above qualities. . ii, we t . my . N. 111 .ggi s . B-X A it - ,, --ts .22 .ff -M r , Lai t 51 ' A , . ,Q 1 1 rgr si .K rg 5 . 31: er- ii ., -'Y .... :Q- i .e ' ' - T . ' . . .: X, ,- .tg 'S . - V, . fs g .2 . ,, Q? Xt Q f x? K 5 -53 1 .N K V- 3 1- i.22fss g - - s -sviskf r fm NW ef sing- f , '11 , - 'P -- . . ' . 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H -'-1 .fntfw 2-'f 1 .-Wg. my Q4 J ,fp f X-Q1 :' ,fl-,,-.',71,q,.?A 214, 3.55, -ygrg:4,Q-'.'Y-:pf ig.Qgb.51f'.,44,rg:':' 515, 5-9.6.ii1'5f:.1,4,..yI .gy-'Fiji ,,-slli' ggwfl... ,S .3.,:,.g',.U5,13 2 I- ?- I 'N , yr ' 5 Av- pw -5.91.2-1 . , f'-.Lf 4 --. g.7r 2 1-' .-..'. .fp:,., ',..-.. Q, ,..f. ,,,..:,- -. . ,, . 4i::i:S3::. z1H.cSQ5?rL?:aS5!m?'f'-2::!v1v'?3'i-C'3-'?11f--4'.-z::Gila-:ibm:5a5'M13x-Zta-353:n'?x,-cqriacf::f-' ldvzff-'-152f.2'4-wfiiiff-.f1wmwAwm:4 . LIN musicol versitility proves entertoining Musicians can be described as "versitiIe," when they per- form equally well to the strains of "Flores De Espana," as well as the school fight song. ln addition to playing at home football games, street rallies, and the Big Ten volleyball playoffs, the band also performed at concerts during the year. An annual event for the band has been selling candy to raise money. The money bought pictures for members and a record was made of one of their concerts. Practices started two weeks before school but those cold mornings proved to be a worthwhile exper- ience for both members and 172 Q12 lulie Kennedy, Vernita Roethemeyer, and Kris Flanders were this year's majorettes. Qi Band officers: Row 1-Merri Allen, Linda Kellogg, Kristie Willson, Sherry Long, Shelly Scritsmier, Wendy Raetz, Trina Lange, Row 2-Lonny Oltmanns, leff Stevens, Todd O'Rourke, lohn Grabenstein. 131 Boxes of candy are ready to go for the band candy sales. Q45 Heidi Nelson tunes up for a band concert. t5l Row 1-Trina Lange, julie Gerdes, Audrey Tooman, Teresa McCall, Sharon Babcock, Tracy Fisher, Shelly Scritsmier, Kathy Gardner, Lonny Oltmanns, Linda Kellogg, Kristi Rice, Row 2-Kristie Willson, Eileen Nosky, Lisa Stadler, Wendy Raetz, Cynthe lohnson, Ann Girard, Mike Britton, Annette McGuire, Rhonda Young, Mi- chael Douty, Tami Thiel, Barb Evans, Lisa Becker, Lynn Langford, Sherri Rogers, Lori Ed- wards, Tammy Burchell Row 3 -Cindy Broth- ers, Chris Craig, Heidi Nelson, Kathy McCall, loan Baier, Denise Little, Lou Ann Hoehne, Sandy Criner, Mark Pierson, lerry Wescott, lohn Shultz, Randy McFarland, lohn Sandhaus, Deb Krugman, Renee Miller, Mike Hedrick, lill Clinton, Kelly Anderson, lulie Ken- nedy, Shelly Roberts, Gary Viersen, Merri Al- len. Row 4-tstarting to right of bass druml- Bob Rouch, Matt Edwards, joe Bachman, lohn Grabenstein, lim Olsen, Dave Weaver, Todd O'Rourke, Sherry Long, Brad Nielsen, leff Cooper, laimie Houchins, leannie Swigart, Daryl Mundis, Gordy Boesen, Will Pressnall, Bill Hasemeyer, lacquie Mattke. Row 5-Scott Synovec, Gary Mires, Kent Priest, Brad Belka, Scott Troxel, lay Penner, Dennis Hipp, jerry Layher, Wayne Yanney, Deb Lovelace, Anne Getty, Glen Chingren, joe Swanson, Steve Schmadeke, Mick Boetteger, Bob Lakey, Loren Richards, Brad Morrison, lim Murphy, Tom Richardson, Glenn Nelson, Terry Falkena, David Miller, Steve Norman, Bonnie Niebauer, Todd Acheson, Don Spaulding, Steve Bade, leff Stevens. Row 6-Mr. French. Not pictured are: Melia Baustain, Russ Branting, Kelly Gordon, Mike Gross, Alan Hunt, Dan Norland, Vernita Roethemeyer, Sue Smith, led Snell, Berah Taylor. 173 Bonds combined effort proves outstonding Webster's definition of pep is "brisk energy of initiative and high spirits." A musical definition of this could simply be Pep Band as they pro- vided music at the boy's and girI's basketball games, a wrestling match, and the Big- Ten volleyball playoffs. Along with their musical abilities, they also became actors in a pep rally skit. A definition of Stage Band could be a formal band that is mainly brass. They per- formed at various concerts throughout the year. Their music ranged from Billy loel's, "lust The Way You Are" to "Overture in F". This stage band and small ensem- bles competed in a District contest in April. Mr. Virgil French, Band di- rector, said, "The band stu- dents dedication is outstand- ing and I'm pleased with the performances they gave in the events they were asked to play for." 3 , , I so .T- 1 'I74 F 1 , lumix Y J 111 Heidi Nelson, Tracy Fisher, Lisa Stadler, lu- lie Kennedy, and john Sandhaus keep the spirit going at one of the girl's basketball games. 121 Members of the Stage Band per- form at elementary school. 131 Pep Band: Row 1-Steve Schmadeke, Micky Boetteger, Glen Chingren, loe Swanson. Row 2-lim Murphy, Brad Morrison, Loren Richards, Glenn Nelson, Terry Falkena, Bonnie Niebauer, Steve Bade, leff Stevens. Row 3- leff Cooper, Bob Rouch, Alan Hunt, led Snell, loe Bachman, Bill Hasemeyer, Kelly Anderson. Row 4-Mike Hedrick, lohn Grabenstein, Dave Weaver, Brad Nielsen, Todd O'Rourke, lim Olson, Daryl Mundis, Iulie Kennedy, Barb Evans. Row 5-Sharon Babcock, Kristie Willson, Mike Britton, Kathy McCall, Cindy Brothers, Heidi Nelson, Annette McGuire, Ann Girard. Row 6-Merri Allen, Lisa Stadler, Kristi Rice, Sue Smith, Julie Gerdes, Teresa McCall, Wendy Raetz, Eileen Nosky, Rhonda Young, Mike Douty, Row 7-Kathy Gardner, Kent Priest, Brad Belka, Lonny Oltmanns, Scott Troxel, Wayne Yanney, Anne Getty, Gary Mires, Lori Edwards. 141 Stage Band: Row 1-Gary Viersen, lim Murphy, Scott Troxel, Lonny Oltmanns. Row 2-Mike Hedrick, Todd O'Rourke, Brad Nielsen, Tracy Martinez. Row 3-Glen Chingren, john Grabenstein, lim Olson, Iohn Sandhaus, Jerry Layher, Bonnie Niebauer, Renee Miller. Row 4-Steve Bade, Eileen Nosky, Sherry Long, Merri Allen, David Weaver, and leff Stevens. Talent displayed in many performances The Choir sang as a group in three performances this year, including Vespers Dec. 16, Spectrum in Sound IX May 20, and at Baccalaureate May 25. For this Year's musical, the Choir put on The Sound of Music, and for the first time in many year's sophomore girls participated in the Choir's ac- tivities. Performing at the district contest were Swing Choir, Madrigal, Octet, the All-Girl's Triple Quartet as well as solo performances by Glen Chingren, Chris Craig, Charles King, and Kristie Willson. Swing Choir also per- formed at the Senior Banquet May 10, and awards were given at the choir banquet May 12. 'I76 tzx 5 1 7:,,,,,i,.5, W, U1 ,,s. 'I L K ' Q W 'W Z E 1.3" ff 1 r it 3' if 1 1 '4 W 31 af Sim I -1 In .r ff 'E' 1 1 fy , 11, J, ,. XK2.,g 523 Z' 1 fy W .gf ! ww, g..,., A an-:fit-',z 'L f ar wr' "' s , - '.,,. Mu. . ..v .4 . f A - f -ff pg-..f Q y A Z iq 4. ,Q , ,Wy-'v?', ', -x ,Y 1 ' ,f f, .fy ?w' Y v S1 . I 1 l L. 1 Q W' 'f'fgik,'if? A fe Lf Q' Y, i 'Mf??g451'f2"i f fi ji" Sm' f 1 Q ff if 7 4-.-nl lil Kelly Denny, Lori Schnacker, and Kim len- nings have time to visit. Q25 Brad Nielsen prac- tices his accompaniment. l3J Cindy Suhr, Gretchen Miesbach, Kristie Sheperd, Lori Mecomber, lulia Allen, Kim Curtis, Debbie Bell, Angie Schultz. Row 2 -Grace Lopez, Lisa Harold, Crystal Adams, Michelle Coffin, Ellen Neeman, Linda Raines, Bette Smith, Robin Fisher, Bonnie Blackmore. Rovv 3-Verna Lopez, Laurie Murray, Cris Cardenas, Lindy Torske, Denise Marquette, Kathy Pierson, Denise Hudson, Heidi Nelson, Deanna Bokoskie. Q45 Deb McCann listens to the Swing Choir practice. Q51 Erin Aten and Lori Edwards sell tickets for the Musical. 161 Row 1-Lori Schnacker, Theresa Kuszak, lody Markquette, Candy Troxel, Olivia Sanchez, Roberta Hoffman, Diann Weiss, Paige Greder. Row 2-Brenda Place, Patty Clark, Shari Mires, Deanna Shirley, Karen Loir, Shelly Sable, Kris Attebery. Row 3-Ioni Manning Kendra Liebrandt, Robin MacDonald, Michelle Cooper, lodi Suiter, Deb McEntee, Mary Dinovo, Valerie Smith. Not pictured are: Kathy Foote, Diane Phelen, Sherri Ludwig, Donna Lawrence, 173 Row 1-Heidi Nelson, Denise Hudson, Angie Schultz, Candy Troxel. Row 2-Crystal Adams, lulia Allen, lodi Suiter, Valerie Smith. Not pictured is Donna Lawrence. Theotre 'olive' with The Sound of music The Sound of Music filled the little theater at the annual musi- cal performance. Michelle Gullian portrayed Maria, a young, spirited woman trying to become a nun. Mother Abbess, lChris Craigj wasn't certain that Maria was ready to totally commit herself to the church so she assigned Maria to be a nursemaid to the children of Captain von Trapp, lCharles Kingj. The Cap- tain had a rather large family which consisted of seven children: Brigitta, QRhonda Kittlejp Gretl, lGretchen Miesbachjp Kurt, fScott Synovecjp Marta, QSusie Thompsonjp Friedrick, lGreg Fritzjp Liesl, QKristie Willsonjg and Louisa, QKelIy Dennyj. Maria brings new found joy and happiness to the von Trapp home. But, Maria begins to feel that she and the Captain are falling in love with each other, so she leaves without telling any- one and returns to the church. Mother Abbess explains to Maria that she shouldn't fight her feelings and that she shouldn't feel that she has failed for not wanting to become a nun. Maria returns to the von Trapp home and she and the Captain are married. At the end of the play the von Trapps are not sure about their future because they have just escaped from the Nazis with the help of the Captain's good friend, Max Deweiler, lGordy Boesenj. They don't know where they are going to go, but they know that as long as it is together they will be happy and "The Sound of Music" will fill their hearts as well as the hills. 180 if l QV In-A My L 6 4 4 5? h X P 5' ma' :ww ,VCA i A r-4 :M-fi W, W1 fo N ., 6 ,V .yn - 1... L ff' 1 Aw- +:" W, A fk ff -:Nw A, hp. MQ W' 532. ' fi xv., ffiv Z' M fkk g 1 Q' x 1-M. 3 af r"4 "r ,, . ...GW ' v 'Q sz 15,22 4 W1 x ' . '4 . wwmvyt Sw' v -. ,ffl www rxvwkwwmggw if '- sw' ,B 'NE ,c.-.wwxm M1 5 .MF ,,. ,Wg .. , 5 - "5w?ifrw.:,ff.5- W, 1 , o- .. -.- 'QA .fm QM Orchestro chonges directors ot semester This year orchestra started second semester with a new director, Mrs. Rebecca Harri- son, who replaced Mr. Tim Adsit. The full orchestra had three performances which in- cluded The ChiIdren's Con- cert for the elementary schools in October, the All- City String Concert Apr. 1, and the Tenth Annual Village Festival Concert May 8. Small groups of the orches- tra attended the Beatrice String Clinic in lanuary and a District Contest in April. 182 4 ill Row 'I-fseatedl Orchestra officers: Mi- chelle Gullion, leff Stevens, Shelly Mikesell, Row 2-Mark Voris, Steve Bade, Mike Britton, 121 Candy Fox, Barb Mathews, Scott Synovec, Randy McFarland, Bridget O'Brien, and Deb Petrzelka practice for the perfor- mance. 131 Pam McAdams, Sherri Hall, Sheryl Clark, Ron Clang, and Trina Lange work on their musical skills. C45 Chris Crook, and Todd O'Rourke wait for the bell to ring. 151 Mrs. Rebecca Harrison and Chris Crook lead the orchestra. 161 Row 'l-Trina Lange, Sherri Hall, Shelly Mikesell, Deb Schuett, Chris Crook, Barb Mathews, Candy Fox. Row 2- Ron Clang, Sheryl Clark, Mary Larsen, Carol Votaw, Kent Schaeffer, Mike Hedrick, Lorinda Martin, Brenda Seery, Mike Britton, Rhonda Young, Randy McFarland, Carol Lute, Deb Petrzelka, Greg Cullion, Row 3-Mrs. Rebec- ca Harrison, director, lerry Layher, Berah Taylor, David Birth, Bonnie Niebauer, Steve Bade, leff Stevens, Glen Chingren, leff Mecomber, Tracy Martinez, Bridget O'Brien. Not pictured are Michelle Gullion, Karen Erickson, Pam McAdams, lulian Ochoa, Mark Voris, Scott Synovec, Mike Gross. e Ii V a E S 5 E 5 s s 5 5 5 5 k 5 5 5 5 7 F r P V L r n 1 184 FFIELILT'-r' School Boord offirms open compus policy The School Board makes many decisions. One of this year's most dis- cussed decisions in October came as they dealt with nine students who participated in a walk out. The Board sus- pended the students for five days. Another decision con- cerned a proposed Honor Pass system, which they de- nied. Some of the Board's most popular decisions came each month as they honored a girl and a boy. 2 'Irvin l86 1-Q Kid! V+, at UD Dr. lack Elliott, superintendent, f2l Mr. Roy Pressler, assistant superintendent. Q31 Mr. Richard Sedlacek, principal Q41 Two new vice- principals Mr, Gerald Gilder and Mr. Ivan Kerschner faced their toughest test toward the end of the first semester when Mr. Sedlacek underwent open heart surgery. Q51 School Board Mr. Dallas Darland, vice-presi- dentg Mr. Delmar Bailerg Mrs. Richard Satterfieldg Dr. lim Statesg Mr. lack McDermand, presidentg Mr. Don McFarland, secretary. t6l Mrs. Barbara Peeks, Mr. Gerald Morris and Mrs. Chris Graham. Q -R i 5 ,Va 3 111 Miss Linda Broge-American Government, American Political Systems, Psychology, Mr. Richard Warneke-American Frontiers, 20 Century History, World Ideology, Mr. Dan McGuire-American Frontiers, 20 Century History, Mr. Bob Meredith-Sociology. 12l Mr. Ron Boerner-Chimistry, Mr. Wayne Pressnall-Physical Science, Physics, Mr, Robert McFarland-Biology, Mrs. Dirlene Wheel- er-Biology, 131 Mr, Alfred Miller-Technical Drawing, Architechural Drawing, Mr. William Kahblinger-Auto Mechanics, Mr. Herschel Beveridge-Metals, Welding, Mr, Tony Glenn-Auto Mechanics. 141 Miss Karen Olson-Child Development, Housing, Miss lane Doud-Clothing, Foods, Mrs. Michelle james- Adult Living, Personal Relations. 155 jeff Lambert-American Frontiers, World History, Mr. Mike Buckles-American Frontiers, Miss Shirley Casper-Far East, Western Heritage, World History, Frederick James-American Government. 161 Mr. Gary Cooper-Physical Education, Mrs. Linda Carlson - Physical Education, Mr. joe Shandera-Physical Education, 17l Mrs. Rebecca Harrison-Orchestra, Mr. Roberr Rouch-Choir, Chorus, Glee, Music Survey, Mr. Virgil French- Band, Music Theory. 183 Mrs, Carol Sandau -S ecial Education, Miss Barbara Hendrickson-S ecial Education, Mr. David Brunelle-Special Education. 193 Mr. Randy Witt- Biol- ogy, Science Independent Study, Mrs. Patti Severson - Biology, Physiol08Y2 Mr. Ben Barends-Biol- OSY I89 f-A 7 8 .JU 6 111 Mrs. Phyllis Swigart-Englishg Mrs. Beth McNeel-English, Latinp Mr. Derryl Barr-English, Play Productionp Mr. Frank Albertson-Creative Writing, English, Mr. Tom Hammond-English. 121 Mr. David Izzo-Cabinet Making, Carpentry, Woodsg Mr, Gordon Peeks-Electricity, Electronicsg Mr. Alan Lehmkuhler-Woodsg Mr. Harold Roker-Agriculture. 131 Miss Mary Salcetti-Spanishp Mrs. Mary Dahl-French. 141 Miss Barbara Mahnken-Typingg Mrs. Dorothy Elm-Business Ofifce, Ac- countingp Mr. Doug Martin-Recordkeeping, Typing. 151 Mr. Robert Zohner-Driver's Educationp Mr. Don Spaulding-Driver's Educationg 161 Mr. Ted Richard-Algebra 3-4, Mr. Rich Reinert-Oc- cupational Math: Mr. Larry Oltmanns-Algebra, Math Analysis, Math Foundations, Trigonometry. 171 Mr. Michael Poore-Reading, Resourceg Mrs. Marilyn Reitz-Nurse, Mrs. Nellie leffers-Librar- ian. 181 Mr. Skip Altig-Acting, Debate, Speechg Mrs. lo Ann Blackledge-Journalism, Mass Media, Newspaper, Yearbook. 191 ffirfiifg w 4 I J l N If INLET!!- UA-gg N lr-WQL. A3'tx.'. 5 ip 'Q if U if Y my fi fauna ff T 2 I-na-ww.. 5 'MSU' 6'i i 'N' . ,K V 1 , . ...ta 1 wa... .. 3 unfit t 2- , , ,. ,. N 1 it ,X is ., . my ,X ' 1 S 5 V t , ' WN ln- . ras- t 5 K . ,Y cgi ' s 3,5 .. i A.l' s - S lm gf f f gsm fiqgg-QV 1 Zi'- . W K rl , ll z1sf.ff-"ss-s 'fi i J Q W' QU Mr. Philip Ham-Geometry, Mr. Tom Millsap-Geometry, Mr. Mike Huebner-Algebra, Q21 Mrs, Lisa Heider-English, Mrs. Linda Anderson-English, Mrs. Omalee Brodbeck-Advanced Composition, General English Usage, Mrs, Susan Altig-English, C31 Row 1-joe Staetz, Clarence lohnson, Cliff Maline, Doug lergens, and Mark Benson. Row 2-Phyllis Perez, Betty Smolik, Pat Reilly, Rita Norton, and Walter Missing. Q43 Peggy Cox, Pat Terrill, Patty Curtis, and Carol jackson. Q51 Mr. Gary Bargell-Ceramics, Design, Drawing, Print Making, Mr. Brad Cool-Art. Crafts, Sculp- ture, 161 Row 1-Mary Baumgartner, Ruth Daugherty, Betty lergens, Phyllis Graham, Row 2-Vera johnson, Stella Carruth, Tillie Kucera, Viola Magill, Marge Bruner, Norma Green, Iona Crow, Not pictured are: Bunny Bokoskie, Eilene Boltz, Shelly Hanson, and Marline Tatman, f7j Mrs. Connie Williams, Mrs. lean Wolff, Mrs. ludy Wescampg Not pictured is Mrs. JoAnn Burrows. 181 Mr. Doug Strope-Distributive Education, Miss Helen Shields-Business Law, Business Introduction Typing, Miss Rebecca Davis-General Typing, Shorthand, Ms. Catherine Proctor-Economics. 'I Many times we take this school for granted. Although some of us would rather have been spending our time elsewhere, this building holds many memories of games, passing periods, and being with friends. There are things and places here that we sometimes don't see. We look at them, but we take them for grant- ed. We have grown in this building as people and, when our last days arrive, we will be young adults in a world of many opportunities. 5? gf ,, Q 2 We said we'd always keep in touch, but now that's past and gone. The friends with whom we've shared so much, make dreams go on and on. The future lies within our reach, but yet it's far away. Believing in tomorrow, is the spirit of today. 196 EDITORS Lee Ann Malizola Gina Kucera HCTIVITIES SOPHOTTTORES loni Broeder GRHDS EVENTS Chuck Schmitt jerry Wescott JUNIORS Sherri Rogers Mrs. Keith Blackledge COVER PHOTO PHOTOGRHPHERS Eydie Welsh Krista Oberst Sherri Rogers Diana Richard TUNES STFIFF Dan Clang Bobbie lo Morrell Kelly Cosper Krista Oberst Mike Honerman Tina Ryan Kevin Kraning lerry Wescott PHOTO CREDITS North Platte Telegraph Page 53 pic. 25 Page 52 pic. 15 Page 54 pics. 2, 3 Page 58 plc 4 Page 57 pic 4 A Acheson, Todd 57,67,76,86,173, 177 Ackerman, Ann 86,89,146,150,'I67 Ackerman, Cynthia 28,132,162 ACTIVITIES 8 Adams, Crystal 86,176,179 Adams, Michael 61 Aden, Tracey 86 Ady, Bill 49,104 Adv, lim 49,86 Albrecht, Marcie 28 Albrecht, Mickie 28 Alexander, lohn 28,67,68,83,132 Allard, Kathy 104 Allen, Bill 16,17,18,19,86,123,133, 134,135,138,139 Allen, lulia 22,104,147,156,163, 165,167,179 Allen, Sherri 86 Allen, Merri 86,173,174,175 Alley, Denise 104 Altig, leff 86 Anderson, Barb 28 Anderson, lenny 86 Anderson, Kelly 80,86,90,173,174 Anderson, Mark 77,104 Anderson, Peggy 86,144,146,164 Andre, Michelle 87 ANNUAL 122 Anthony, Mark 28,39 Arensdorf, Nancy 104 Arent, leff 104 Arneson, Tucker 87 Arterburn, Wayne 28 Ashcraft, Kevin 28 Aten, Erin 28,176,178 Attebery, Kris 65,87,146,179 Aubrey, Renee 104 Auflick, Lisa 28 B Babcock, Sharon 58,104,147,163, 167,172,174 Bachman, Ioe 172,174 Bade, Steve 29,173,174,175,182, 183 Baier, Ioan 87,172 Bailar, Wally 29 Bailey, Brenda 87 Bain, Pat 29 Bain, Paul 24,29 Baker, Chris 104 Baker, leff 87 Baker, Larry 87 Baker, Leanna 104 Baker, Roger 87 Baldridge, lud 87 Baldwin, Dale 24,29,60,61 BAND 172 Bargell, Dana 61,69,71,104,124, 125,163,165 Bargell, lulie 29,33 Barkley, Sharie 56 Barkley, Todd 87 Barnason, lill 24,29 Basile, Bobby 29 Bauer, Daryl 87 Baustian, Melia 24,29 Baxter, Shelley 119 Bayne, Roxanne 24 Beal, Gary 105,109 Beall, Lenny 24 Becker, Bob 29,44,49,50,132,152 Becker, Lisa 11,87,135,146,150, 167,173 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Deibert, Mike 90 Denny, Kelly 31,177,178,181 Dewey, Kandi 107,147 DeWolf, Gary 90 Dickenson, Marcy 52,53,65,90,146, 153,164 Diehl, Teri 33 Dike, Dean 107 Dike, Penny 90,177 Dinovo, Mary 107,148,149,179 Ditson, Mitch 31,177 Dixon, Fonda 90 Dixson, Martin 61,90 Dodge, Susan 31 Dodson, Amy 31 Dolan, Chris 132 Doleshall, Todd 107 Dorram, Betty Io 31 Doucet, Curtis 90 Douglas, ludy 90 Douglas, Karen 90 Douglas, Michelle 11,90 Douty, Michael 31,173,174 Dowhower, Dee 90 DRAMA 138 Drost, Kathy 59,107 Dugan, Tim 107 Dye, Nancy 91,133,135 E Easton, Lori 31 Edwards, Lori 31,138,173,174,176, 178 Edwards, Matt 49,50,77,91,153,172 Edwards, Rory 55,91,130,131 Eggers, Camy 18,21,31,43,126,132, 'l35,144,'l46,169 Ellett, Brenda 20,21,86,91,146,156, 157 Elliott, Lori 11,31,44,167 Ellis, Carrie 31 Ellis, Dolly 107 Erickson, Karen 91 Eshleman, Iohn 91 Evans, Barb 91,174,173 Evans, Kristy 31 F Fair, Don 91 Faler, Stacy 91,135,'I67 Faling, leff 107 Faling, Marty 31,177 Falkena, Terry 91,173,174 FALL RECORDS 48 Fanning, Karen 108 FBLA 136 Feather, Cindy 59 FFA 140 Fiedler, Mitch 32,49,69,71 Fisher Fisher Fisher ,Carol 32,123,139,149 , losena 32 Robin 108,179 Fisher, ,Tracy l1,20,21,91,101,146, 156,157,167,173,174,177,181 Fisher Flagle, , Verna 32 Mike 91 Flanders, Kris 79,91,153,'167,172 Fletcher, Caroline 16,108 Florom, lodi 32 Foglesong, Robert 108 FOOTBALL 49 Foote, Kathy 108,179 FOREIGN EXCHANGE STUDENT 1E Ford, Tracy 32 Forrester, Rex 108 Fortner, lan 108 Foster, Fred 108 Fox, Candy 91,183 Freimuth, Kenny 91 Freimuth, Paul 32,61 Fritz, Greg 49,74, 108,172,181 Gayman, Sherry 108,147,165,177 Gayman, Teri 108 Geiser, Thomas 70,71,108 Gentry, Elaine 32,58,80,144,146, 152,167,169 Gerdes, lulie 92,148,172,174 Getty, Anne 138,148,149,172,174, 177 GIA 144 Gibbons, Tammy 92 Gibson, Brent 108 Gies, limmy 108 Gifford, Brian 32 Giles, Donna 32,44 Giles, Mary 92 Girard, Ann 32,45,123,138,139, 144,146,167,169,172,174 GlRL'S BASKETBALL 63 GlRL'S CROSS COUNTRY 58 GlRL'S GLEE 181 GIRL'S GOLF 59 GIRL'S GYMNASTICS 72 GIRL'S SWIMMING 56 GIRL'S TENNIS 79 GlRL'S TRACK 80 Godfrey, Craig 32 Goff, lim 61,108 Goff, Tom 49,108 Goforth, Kevin 13,32,36,49,67,132 152 Golden, Bill 92 Golden, Bernie 92 Golden, Lana 21,108,116,127,128, 147,167 Golden, Teri 92 Goodwin, Tina 92,166,177 Gordon, Carol 148,149 Frohman, lan 55,91,103,153 Frye, Tim 71,108 Fugate, Linda 58,80,108,147,166, 167 Fugate, Marty 91 Fuller, Barb 32 Fuss, Glen 108 G Galvan, David 91,176 Garcia, lackie 45 Gardner, Kathy 56,91,97,167,173, 174 Garst, Tammy l7,91,138 Gaudreault, Laurie 108,127, 147, 164 Gordon, Cliff 49,108 Gordon, Kelly 32,148,149 Gove, Cindy 92 Gove, Terry 32 Grabenstein, Iohn 92,172,173,174, 175,176,177 Grachek, Susie 79,88,92,138,146, 166,167,'168,177,'181 Grady, Lori 32 GRADUATION 24 Graham, lennifer 32,136,137,150, 167,176 Greder, Greg 18,49,51,76,86,92, 124,125,153,177 Greder, lanet 65,108 199 l Greder, Paige 73,53,108,147,163, 165,179 Greeley, Susan 32,144,146 Green, Martin 16,32,129,138 Grieb, Susun 32 Griffin, Mike 33 Griffith, David 49,109 Griffith, Elizabeth 13,86,92,93,127, 128,133,146 Griffith, Kris 53,65,80,109,147 Gross, David 109,129 Gross, Mike 92 Gubser, Connie 105,109,147 Guilliaume, Shellie 33 Gulden, Penny 33 Gullion, Greg 16,17,18,49,50,77, 109,110,183 Gullion, Michelle 33,177,181,182 Gustafson, Dan 109 Gustason, Kyle 92 Guthrie, Mike 92 Guynan, Kirk 92 H Hadley, Bobbie 92 Haith, Dale 93 Hall, Carri 24,33,13O Hall, Perry 33,60,61 Hall, Sherri 109,177,181,182,183 Halligan, Kerri 119,181 Halligan, Tammie 33,144,146,177 Halverson, Pam 31,33 Halverson, Trudy 93 Hand, Matt 77,109 Haney, Doug 109 Haney, Trudy 23,33 Hansel, Kirk 109 Hansen, Eddie 33, Hansen, Roxy 93,100 Hanson, Roberta 33,134 Hardy, Dan 109 Harnagel, Kellona 33 Harnapp, Brian 33 Harold, Lisa 109,179 Harper, 109 Harrach, Camalynn 53,65,109,147, 148 Harrach, Randy 33 Hasemeyer, Bill 93,173,174 Hawkins, Gretchen 93,99,164 Hayes, Leasa 93 Hayes, Phyllis 93 Hazen, Sheila 109 Hebblethwaite, Kathy 89,93,133 200 Hedgecock, Pat 109 Hedgecock, jeff 33,49 Hedrick, Mike 33,173,174,175,182 Hedrick, Paula 109 Helms, jodi 22,33,59,79,132,144, 146,148,152,153,169 Henry, Christine 109 Huether, Marilyn 52,53,64,65,89, 94,123,139,144,146,164 Huether, Mike 49,67,76,110 Hunt, Alan 34,174 Hunt, Geni 65,80,110,147 Hunt, Kim 110 Hunt, Nancy 34 Henry, Dawn 33,142,162,169 Henry, Mark 33,132 Henry, Rob 93 Henry, Susan Hergenrader Herrick, Dan 93 Todd 93 Hergenrader, , Tony 34 57,109 Herrod, Shelly 93 jacobs, Susan 110 Iacobson, Dan 71,110 Iacobson, Tom 110 jaenicke, Christie 94 jaenicke, Steve 34 jahnke, Lori 94 james, Brett 34 Hetzke, Nanette 34,138 Hiatt, judy 53,65,77,80,109,147 Higginbotham, janis 34,123,139, 169 Higgins, luli 33 Hill, Bill 57,76,93 Hill, David 23,3349 Hill, julia 33,56 Hill, George 93,133 Hill, Phyllis 109 Hillyard, Ken 93 Hinman, Deb 13,16,11O,113,127, 128,138 Hipp, Dennis 172 Hixon, Deanna 93,133 Hoblyn, Gary 34 Hoelscher, Sherri 16,34 Hoehne, LouAnn 104,110,116,172 Hoffman, joy 23,34,136,137,150, 157,167,176,181 Hoffman, Birdie 93,179 Hohnbaum, David 34,125 Holloway, Brian 110 Holm, Karen 94,157,176-3,181 Holscher, Paul 76,94 HOMECOMING 12 Honerman, Mike 55,110 Hongsermeier, Randy 34,49,50 Hongsermeier, Tom 110 Hood, Buck 57,76,94,153 Hord, Carter 68,83,110,124,125 Horn, Amil 34 Houchin, laimie 49,50,110,173 Houser, Mike 91,94 Hudgens, john 94 Hudson, Denise 110,179 Hudson, Nick 74,94,163,165 Huebner, Dan 94 james, DaNelle 34,132 james, jeff 22,34,44,49,69,70,71, 136,137,150,152,153 james, joni 16,18,94 james, Kevin 94,176,177 janas, Brenda 34 janulewicz, Renae 94,146 laskierny, David 110 jaszczak, jet 109,110,119 julian, jarvis 34 lCL 148 jeffres, Sandy 94 jennings, Kim 87,94,167,168,176 178,181 jensen, Clint 110 jensen, jeff 34,71 jensen, Nate 110 jeske, Rhonda 34 jochum, Celine 52,53,63,64,65,94, 99,123,139,146,164 johansen, Kirk 34 johnson, Cynthe 34,65,144,146, 173 johnson, Dan 61,74,110,124,125, 153 johnson, jay 34,49 johnson, Shari 28,35,44,136,144, 146 johnson, Suzanne 110 johnson, Tammy 111,118,147 johnson, Teresa 35 jones, Cathy 35,45 jones, Curt 111 jones, jeff 94 jones, Kerry 111 jones, Leroy 15,16,18,94,131,138 jones, Parrick 35 jones, Shari 35 jones, Steve 94 jording, jim 94 jung, Bill 83,94,124,125 jung, Roger 35 K Kackmeister, Kathy 94 Kalkowski, Tracy 35 Kallhoff, Colleen 111 Karre, Karen 11,94 Kealy, john 56,74,111,119 Kealy, Marie 22,35 Kealy, Matt 14,22,49,74 Keefer, Tom 61,74,111 Kellie, Don 35 Kellogg, Linda 79,125,144,146,152 156,157,165,167,169,173,176, 177,181 Kellum, Verna 90,94,176 Kelso, jeff 94 Kemp, Diana 111 Kemp, Theresa 94,142,143 Kemper, Mike 94,176 Kendall, Terri 111 Kennedy, julie 35,172,173,174 KEY CLUB 150 Kieper, Paul 111 Kilzer, jim 23,35,176,177 King, Charles 35,136,137,176,177, 181 Kingston, Linda 132 Kirk, Carolyn 36 Kirkpatrick, Dina 111 Kirts, Doug 36 Kittle, Rhonda 36,176,181 Klatt, Rich 23,36 Kleewein, Angie 36 Kleewein, joe 111,140,141,142 Klemm, Barrett 49,71,104,111,163 Knobel, josephine 36 Knox, Dan 111 Koch, Chriss 36 Koch, Kari 111 Kramer, Elizabeth 94,135,142,143 Kramer, Rae 21,56,72,73,111,157, 164 Kraning, Kendra 95 Kraning, Kevin 36,139 Krizek, Mike 57,111 Krizek, Nancy 14,36,52,53,79,144, 145,146,152,156,157,162,165, 169 Krugman, Deb 65,173,111 Kucera, Gina 36,122,144,145,146, 156,157 Kugler, Kent 111 Kunze, Deb 95 Kuszak, Ron 36 Kuszak, Teresa 95 L Lakey, Robert 49,95,173 Landberg, Bob 111 Landwehr, Bill 112 Lange, Trina 36,58,B0,126,144,146, 152,162,164,165,167,169,172, 173,177,181,182,183 Langford, Lynn 95,146,167,16B,173 Larsen, Cindy 36 Larsen, Gordon 36,74 Larsen, Mary 112,182 Larson, lane 21,79,109,112,147, 157 LaRue, Norman 36 Lauer, Karen 112,167 Lawrence, Donna 95,176,179,181 Layher, jerry 16,18,112,172,175, 177,182 Leatherman, Val 112 LeDroit, Sheri 36 Lee, Lisa 112 Leet, Lisa 112 Lehl, Marty 112,119 LETTER CLUB 152 Lehman, Doug 36,57,77 Lehman, Steve 57,77,112 Leibhart, Sandra 95 Leibrandt, Morgan 112,176 Lemmer, Valerie 37 Leonhardt, Kendra 112,167 Levene, Roxanne 95 Lewis, Alea 95,136 Lieberth, Garry 37 Lilly, Donna 95,123,139 Lilly, Terry 91,95,151 Lindstedt, Kristy 95 Lingerfelt, Marian 112 Lipinski, Brian 112,118,141 Little, Denise 112,147,148,172 Lloyd, Stacey 112 Long, Doug 13,17,24,37,49,67,138, 162,164,165 Long, Sherry 37,156,157,167,169, 173,175 Lopez, Grace 37,179 Lopez, Verna 95 Lorentzen, Robert 37 Lovelace, Barry 112 Lovelace, Deb 20,95,172 Lowe, Doug 49,69,71,95 Lubash, Karen 112 Ludemann, loDee 95,142 Ludwig, Scott 74,112 Ludwig, Sherri D. 37,179 Lusk, Kim 95 Lusk, Laura 112 Lute, Carol 95,183 Lynch, Mike 37,49 Lynch, Tony 112 Lynes, CJ. 95 M MacDonald, Karen 95 MacDonald, Robin 112,150,179 Madagame, Tim 37,57,76,78 Main, Patricia 95,100 Main, Sheila 112 Malizola, Lee Ann 37,122,139,144, 146,152 Manning, loni 113,179 Mapes, Brenda 37 Mapes, Brian 13,49,71,96 Mapes, Dave 49,110,113 Mapes, Scott 49,71,113 Markwardt, Gina 113 Markwardt, Renee 37 Markquette, Iody 113 Marquette, Denise 113 Marshall, Tammy 37 Martin, Kenny 109 Martin, Lorinda 59,65,113,147,153, 156,157,176,181,182 Martinez, Rose 113 Martinez, Tracy 37,175,183 Mason, Missy 18,37,136,169 Matthews, Barbara 113,115,13O, 147 Matthews, Polly 113 Matthew lennifer 37 Matthews, Tim 96 Manke, iacquie 36,173 McAdams, Pam 37,183 McAdams, Peggy 113 McCall, Dale 113 McCall, Kathy 16,96,172,174 McCall, lohn 37,140,141,142,143 McCall, Teresa 37,172,174 McCann, Deb 113,116,147,150, 178 McCants, Kim 96 McCarter, Russ 37 McCaslin, Pat 113 McCleary, Nick 113,141,142 McClellen, lill 96,148,149 McClellen, Lary 61,71,113 McClellen, Roger 37,49,76 McDade, lim 49 McEntee, Deb 90,96,179 McEntee, LR. 49,77,114 McEntire, Artie 96 McEntire, Lori 114 McFarland, Randy 176,173,183 McGee, Carlene 96 McGinn, Doug 96 McGinn, Mike 37 McGuire, Annette 96,172,174,176, 181 Mclntosh, Doris 37 McKenney, Dorathy 114 McLaughlin, Ben 96 McNinch, Elwyn 49,110,114 McNulty, Dan 38,49 McRae, Marvin 96 Mecomber, leff 96,118 Mecomber, Lori 17,96,138,179 Metcalf, Lori 96 Meyer, Doug 114 Miesbach, Gretchen 18,105,114, 148,167,176,177,179,181 Mikesell, Shelly 96,123,131,138, Moran, Bob 97 Morrell, Bobbie lo 38,138,139 Morrell, Dan 38 Morris, Leslie 97 Morrison, Brad 24,38,55,130,173, 174 Morrison, Todd 38 Morse, Scott 38 Moss, Dave 114 Motsinger, Kevin 159 Mullennix, Kristi 97 Mundis, Daryl 114,173,174 Murphy, lim 38,173,174,i75 Murphy, lane 38 Murphy, Mark 61,77,114,124,125 Murray Myers, , Laurie 97,179 Kim 115 N Naranjo, Dan 61,97,131 Nason, Mindy 56 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY 156 Neal, Leonard 115,141,142 Neal, Mary 97 Neeman, Ellen 115,119,179 Nelson, Nelson, Glenn 97,129,173,174 Heidi 17,18,22,108,115, 138,147,167,172,174,179 Nelson, Nelson, Nelson, Kent 38,71,152,153,169 Lori 38 lana 56 139,167,182 Miller, David 50,67,68,96,149,173 Miller, Dixie 38,414,134 Miller, Donna 114 Miller, Michelle 53,73,8O,113,114, 147,156,157 Nelson, Mark 35,38 Neth, Roger 109,115 Newtson, Dale 97 Newtson, Kara 115 Nichelson, Mark 38 Nicholas, Brenda 115,167 Miller, Mike 114 Miller, Mike 60,61,69,71,124,125, 152 Miller, Mitzi 38,126,132 Miller, Ray 114 Miller, Renee 24,96,147,153,156, 157,167,173,175 Miller, Rob 57,114 Miller, Robbi 97 Milroy, Scott 97 Nichols, Anne 115,147,167,168 Nichols, Kelly 115,130 Nichols, Nick 115 Nichols, Sharon 97,123,167 Niebauer, Bonnie 58,80,115,156, 157,173,174,175,182 Niedan, lulie 114,115,147,156,157 Nielsen, Brad 97,173,174,175,176, 177,178 Nielsen, Scott 49,5O,67,68,115 Mires, Mires, 181 Gary 12,38,138,172,174 Shari 114,138,148,167,177, Mohr, Danny 114 Mohr, Kelly 56,114 Mohr, Mary 38,45 Moore, Gerry 114 Nielsen, Terri 115 Nila, Markos 60,61,71,115 Noltensmeier, Ann 97 Norland, Don 115,176 Norlem, lim 115,117,176 Norman, Steve 38,173 Norton, Robin 115 Norton, Rhonda 38 Nosky, Eileen 38,172,174,175 O Obermeier, Suzette 52,53,54,63, 64,65,80,97,144,146,156,157, 163,165 Oberst, Krista 97,122,136,139,150, 167 O'Brien, Bridget 56,115,116,147, 148,153,167,176,181,183 O'Brien, Dennis 12,38 Ochoa, julian 49,71,115 Odbert, Darryn 115 O'Dea, Betty 97 O'Dea, Scott 115 Odean, Murray 61,115 O'Dell, Doug 49,50,76,77,108,115, 153 Oerter, Tom 38,49,66,67,76,77, 150,152,169 Ogborn, lerry 38 Okamoto, Brian 97 Okamoto, Danny 49,97 Oliver, Rodger 115 Olson, lim 22,38,57,76,172,174, 175 Olson, Murray 97 Olson, Suzan 39 Oltmanns, Lonny 39,74,169,173, 174,175 ONE ACTS 18 O'Neill, Tracy 39,58,144,146,156, 157 ORCHESTRA 182 O'Rourke, Kevin 39,165 O'Rourke, Todd 39,45,173,174, 175,183 Ostendorf, Sheila 97,136 Owings, Iohn 115 P PACERS 158 Pacheco, Pam 97 Paro, Bob 109 Parr, Scott 61,116 Patterson, lol 20,21,24,97,123,125, 139,146,156,157,162,163,165, 166,167,177,181 Paul, Alan 116,118 Paulsen, Greg 39 Paulsen, Sharon 116 Payton, Terri 39,132 Peck, leanna 98,133 Peer, Ramona 98 Pell, Cheryl 39 Pell, Tim 116 Pelton, Barry 28,39,132,135 Penner, lay 98,172 Perez, Sara 39 Perez, Simon 98 Perez, Stephanie 98 Perez, Sylvia 98 Perkins, Leroy 116 Perlinger, Vincent 116 Peters, Scott 39 Petersen, Debbie 98,148,149 Petersen, Marc 61,98 Peterson, Todd 39 Petrzelka, Debra 116,183 Phares, Brad 74,116 Phelen, Diane 116,167,179 Phillips, Dora 116,176,181 Phillips, Susan 98,146 PHOTOGRAPHERS 139 Pickett, Kevin 39,132 Pickett, Troy 49,67,68,98,153,164 Pierson, Cathy 39 Pierson, Mark 83,98,133,172 Piper, Karen 98,157 Piper, Pat 98 Pittman, Dennis 49,76,98 Place, Brenda 116,179 Plaster, Rob 116 PLAYS 16 Plienis, Sherri 98 Polanco, Romano 116,164,176 Ponce, Terri 92,98 Poppert, Michelle 92,133 Porter, David 39,132 Post, Cindy 11 Post, Eric 39 Potts, Mary 116,147,167 Powell, Tracy 40 Powell, Valee 116 Pratt, Tracy 40,63,64,65,80,144, 146,152,153 Pressnall, Will 129,173 Priest, Kent 40,156,172,174 Prochaska, Mike 40 PROM 22 Pueppka, Val 95,98,133,135,146 Q Oualls, Rod 49, I16 OUILL AND SCROLL 139 Quinn, Ellie 116 Quirk, Susie 32,40,52,53,54,63,64, 65,144,146,152 R Raetz, Wendy 11,4O,136,137,'l50, 152,172,173,174,176,177 Ragsdale, Kelli 116 Raines, Linda 109,179 Rasmussen, Mike 49,116 Rasmussen, Scott 49 Razes, Brenda 40 Reece, Kerry 116,147 Reiff, Dan 117 Reinhard, Mike 117 Reigan, Diana 21,40 Reisbick, Laurie 117,127 Reynolds, Elaine 40 Reynolds, Kent 98 Rice, Kristi 99,173,174 Richard, Diana 13,40,122,126,128, 144,145,146,15O,152 Richards, Loren 40,173,174 Richardson, Tom 17,18,49,99,138, 153,173 Richman, Bill 99 Ridinger, Ken 99 Rimpley, loe 99 Roberts, Shelly 59,99,173 Robinson, Dani 117 Robinson, Robert 40,140,141,143 Robers, Bob 40 Rockafellow, Doug 117 RODEO 160 Roebuck, Christy 117,147 Roessler, lon 117 Roethemeyer, Vernita 65,80,99, 146,167,172 Rogers, Sherri 65,99,122,139,146, 157,173 Rosencrants, leff 40 Rosencutter, Mark 40 Rosso, Dorothy 117,147 Rothmun, Greg 117 Rouch, Bob 67,99,164,171, 172,174 Roy, Chris 96,99 Rubin, lo Ellen 56 Rudel, Randy 40 Ruhaak, Karla 117 Ruiz, Richard 99 Rumery, leff 117,138 Rumery, Scott 40,60,6 1,74 Ryan, Deb 40,177 Ryan, Tina 99,139 S Sable, Shelley 117 Sack, lerry 99 Saenz, lerry 99 Saighman, Rich 16,99,122,138,177 Sale, Sherry 117 Sanchez, Lydia 99 Sanchez, Olivia 179 Sanchez, Sylvia 40 Sandhaus, lohn 117,173,174,175 Sandoval, Nora 11,100 Saner, lim 117 Sanford, Larry 41,77,152 Sawyer, Scott 117 Schad, Stacey 41 Schaeffer, Kent 100,182 Schmadeke, Steve 100,129,173, 174 Schmidt, Craig 41 Schmitt, Chuck 49,100,122 Schmitt, Kurt 49,117 Schnacker, Lori 41,176,177,178 X Schoolfield, Lyle 117 ' i Schroeder, Tad 83,117 Schroeder, Tim 100 i Schroeder, Rick 100,103 l Schuett, Deb 110,117,182 Schumacher, Ron 41 sehuitz, Angie 21,112,117,'l29,147i Schwartz, Diane 41,123,139 i Schwartz, Nate 57,76,100,130,131, 148,153,165 Scott, ludy 117 Scott, Lynne 92,100,133 Scritsmier, leff 111,117,150 Scritsmier, Shelly 18,41,58,65,80, 144,146,152,162,166,173 Seery, Brenda 100,131,182 Serrano,Lorraine 117 Serrano, Sandra 41,132 Shelton, Beth 56,132 Shelton, Carol 117 Shepherd, Christi 'l7,117,147,179 Shields, lody 100,133 Shirk, Kendra '118 Shirley, Deanna 100 Short, Bruce 118,150 Shultz, john 11,100,172 Siemers, jackie 118 , Siemers, jennifer 100 Silos, Deb 119 l Simmons, Ellen 100 i Simon, Phil 100 Sitorius, Karolyn 118,147 Skinner, lon 41 Sloggett, Scott 118 Sloggett, Tracy 41,57,76,78,147 Slowinski, Craig 100,130 Smidt, Randy 49,66,67,76,77,100, 144,153 Smith Smith Smith Smith 169 Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith Smith Smith Smith, , Bette 100,179 Charlie 42,57,76 Cheryl 42 Dan 42,51,67,83,152,168, Diane 42 Holli 42 loyce 118 Kelly 42,132 Leslie 107,118 Neil 42,49,147 Smith, , Sue 42,123,139, 174 Troy 100 Smith, Valerie 42,58,80, 177,179 Snell, led 11,55,100,124,125,144, 153,163,165,174 Snodgrass, Rhonda 100 Snodgrass, Robyn 42 Snyder, Don 42,49,152 Sommers, Sandy 28,42,52,53, 144, 146,156,157,177 Sommers, Sherry 52,53,64,65,80, 100,146,153,164 Soper, leff 96,101,133 Soto, ludy 118 Sparks, Rick 61,118,164 Sparks, Rob 11,49,67,68,77,78,101, 124,125,153,163,16S Spaulding, Don 49,66,67,101,153 164,173 Speck, Ron 101 SPIRIT WEEK 20 SPRING SPORTS RECORDS 75 Stadler, Lisa 101,172,174 STAFF CREDITS 201 Stagnaro, Lisa 42,44,136,137,144, 156,157,169 Stark, lane 101 Stark, Thad 42 States, Mike 74,101 Stevens, leff 42,138,173,174,175, 182,183 Stevens, Sandra 101 Stevenson, Roger 69,71,'152,153 Stewart, Kevin 42,60,61,177 Stone, Lori 118 Strickland, Gail 133 Stromberg, lim 101 Stroud, Roger 43 STUDENT COUNCIL 164 Studley, Dan 101 Subbert, Linda 73,101 Suhr, Cindy 109,118,179 Suhr, Kathy 56,72,73,101,157 Suhr, Levi 101,151 Suiter, lodi 13,101,126,133,146, 167,168,179 Summers, Deb 43 Supanchick, Melissa 101 Swain, Don 43,132 Swalberg, lanice 43,45 Swanson, Libby 56,118,148,167 Swanson, lohn 74,118 Swanson, loe 43,148,149,172,174 Swigart, Ieannie 53,65,101,123, 139,146,153,167,173 Synovec, Scott 16,118,172,176, 177,181,183 ' T Tabke, Stacy 43 Tallmage, Deanna 118 Tatman, Amy 53,64,65,80,118,147, 177 Tatman, Mike 101 Tatman, Renee 22,40,43,64,65,144, 146,152,169 Taylor, Berah 101,182 Taylor, Tony 118 Templien, Wanda 118 Thiel, Tami 173 Thomas, Tim 43 Thompson, Brenda 101 Thompson, Dennis 118 Thompson, Roger 101 Thompson, Susie 11,43,52,53,54, 80,144,145,146,152,156,162, 165,177,181 Thompson, Tim 102 Thomsen, Barb 80,118 Thomsen, Steve 43 Thornburg, Ted 102 Timmons, Chan 57,76,101,153, 163, 165,177 Tinaiera, Melinda 118 Titchen, Donna 43 Titus, Randy 49,118 Tobey, Rollin 118,141 Todd, Gregg 43,60,61 Tooman, Audrey 43,148,172 Toothman, Shawn 101 Torres, Marilyn 118 Torske, Lindy 109,118,179 Treat, Orlan 67,102,153,176 Trego, Traci 59,93,102,146,157, 177 TRI-Hl-Y 168 Trout, LaDonna 102 Troxel, Scott 43,49,152,169,172, 174,175,177 Troxel, Candy 53,79,118,147,179 Troyer, Brad 61,119 Tuenge, Susan 20,21,43,132,144, 146,156,157 Twidwell, Randy 119 V Valeucia, Milena 102 VanMeter, Terri 102,146 VanNeste, Steve 119 VanNortwick, Todd 43 Vargas, Stephanie 119 Veith, Steve 102 Vencill, Lori 11,102 Verch, Dan 102 Verch, Kris 79,119,147 Vermeer, Paul 119 Viersen, Gary 119,173,175 Vieyra, Cabrina 102 Vieyra, Greg 102,133,134 VOLLEYBALL 52 Voris, Mark 44,138,182 Voris, Tami 44 Votaw, Carol 102,182 W Wagner, Dave 102 Wagner, Laurie 44 Wagner, Mike 119 Waiter, jeff 74,119 Walker, Michelle 44,167 Walker, Mike 102 Walker, Monte 49,109,119 Wallace, Chris 16,18,19,102,131, 138,146,157 Wallace, Melissa 102 Wallace, Yvette 102 Waltman, Frank 91,102 Ward, lan 119,147,163,165,166, 167,168 Ward, Kif 28,32,40,44,60,61,124, 125,162,164,165 Warren, Ilene 103 Waugh, lan 119,167 Waugh, Rhonda 103,133 Waugh, Russell 103,176 Weaver, David 83,93, 103,124,125 173,174,175 Weber, Kristy 103,133 Webster, David 44,49 Wederski, Ken 44,55,132,135,148, 149 Weesner, Ted 49,103 Weir, Dennis 44 Weir, Lisa 103,135,136 Weiss, Diann 72,73,79,104,108, 119,126,147,179 Welsh, Eydie 53,65,103,122,139, 146,163 Wescott, Bill 44,55 Wescott, lerry 103,122,139,172 Wescott, Rick 31,45,74 Weskamp, Steve 45,49,124,125, 150,152 Westman, Bill 49,117,119 Westman, Bob 49,119 White, Darrel 49,103 White, Kathy 45 White, Phil 49,71,103,132,133 White, Shawna 103,135 Whitson, Don 119 Wicks, Dave 67,68,99,103,123,164 Wilcox, ludi 103 Wilke, Kim 119 Wilkerson, Rhonda 103 Wilkerson, Tina 119 Wilkinson, Mark 49,103,67,153 Williams, Denise 119 Williams, lim 45,150 Williams, Steve 119 Willson, Kristie 45,166,168,169, 'l72,173,174,177,181 Wilson, Robin 95,103,132,133,135, 146,167 WINTER RECORDS 62 Witkowski, Mike 49,119 Wolff, Bill 103 Wood, Carol 119 Wood, Connie 132 Workman, lody 13,103,146 Workman, Troy 11,13,14,45,49,51, 76,152 WRESTLING 69 Wright, Deb 43,45,144,146 Y Yanney, Wayne 45,123,136,137, 139,172,174 Yenni, Bryan 103 Yonker, Deanna 45,33 Yoshida, lerry 103 Young, Dawn 119 203 4 Young, Robin 103 Young, Rhonda Sue 172,174,183 Z Ziegler, Michelle 56 Ziegler, Mike 119,124,125 STAFF Altig, Susan 192 Altig, Skip 131,138,190 Albertson, Frank 190 Anderson, Linda 166,168,192 Bailer, Delmar 186 Barends, Ben 188 Bargell, Gary 192 Barr, Derryl 118,138,190 Baumgartner, Mary 193 Benson, Mark 193 Beveridge, Herschel 105,189 Blackledge, lo Ann 190 Boerner, Ron 188 Brodbeck, Omalee 192 Broge, Linda 188 Brunelle, David 188 Bruner, Marge 193 Buckles, Mike 68,164,188 Carlson, Linda 52,53,79,144,145, 153,189 Casper, Shirley 188 Cool, Brad 96,125,192 Cooper, Gary 164,189 Cox, Peggy 192 Crow, lona 193 Carruth, Stella 193 Curtis, Patty 192 Dahl, Mary 191 Darland, Dallas 186 Daugherty, Ruth 193 Davis, Rebecca 192 Doud, lane 80,157,188 Elliott, lack 186 Elm, Dorothy 136,137,164,190 Francis, Chuck 64,65 French, Virgil 164,173,189 Gilder, Gerald 187 Glenn, Tony 189 Graham, Chris 187 Graham, Phyllis 193 Green, Norma 193 Ham, Phil 192 Hammond, Tom 151,190 Harrison, Rebecca 182,189 Helder, Lisa 192 Hendrickson, Barbara 188 Huebner, Michael 192 Izzo, David 69,71,191 jackson, Carol 192 lames, Frederic 188 lames, Michelle 188 leffers, Nellie 190 lergens, Betty 193 lergens, Doug 193 lohnson, Clarence 193 lohnson, Vera 193 Kalblinger, William 189 Kerschner, Ivan 163,165,187 Kucera, Tillie 193 Lambert, Geoffrey 188 Lehmkuhler, Alan 191 Magill, Viola 193 Mahnken, Barbara 190 Maline, Cliff 193 Martin, Doug 57,76,190 May, Rick 80 McDermand, lack 186 McFarland, Don 186 McFarland, Robert 76,164,188 McGuire, Dan 21,188 McNeel, Beth 148,190 Meredith, Robert 55,615,188 Miller, Al 189 Millsap, Tom 67,192 Missing, Walter 193 Mohs, Ron 80 Morris, Gerald 22,187 Norton, Rita 193 Olson, Karen 52,53,164,188 Oltmanns, Larry 191 Paulman, Deb 164 Peeks, Barbara 187 Peeks, Gorden 191 Perez, Phyllis 193 Poore, Mike 190 Pressler, Roy 186 Pressnall, Wayne 129,188 X Proctor, Catherine 136,137,164 192 Reilly, Pat 193 Reinert, Rich 73,164,191 Reitz, Marilyn 190 Richard, Ted 191 Roker, Harold 140,191 Rouch, Robert 176,189 Salcetti, Mary 191 Sandau, Carol 188 Satterfield, Myra 186 Sedlacek, Richard 187 Severson, Patti 188 Shandera, loe 51,189 Shields, Helen 192 Smolik, Betty 193 Spaulding, Don 190 Staetz, loe 193 States, lim 186 Strope, Douglas 132,133,192 Swigart, Phyllis 190 Terrill, Pat 192 Warneke, Richard 32,188 Wescamp, ludy 192 Wheeler, Dirlene 72,73,164,188 Williams, Connie 192 Witt, Randall 164,189 Wolff, lean 192 Zohner, Bob 51,190 ,n.g1-.,,,"2wEqa+2''f-.ggf"g?1'.p"?'-Q 4.2,-pfaxsligaf1a-1-fva.2,-f",.:Lf-.1-4- 1 'ff' -.nw 4' ' - ,:'1r-ew: -. .M.,.-,.,,,A -..A L,,-.N-.,. V, ,.. J- Y . Ur., - .J.-,.2..'-.J:,por'-M,N J. V,- V, ut, ,

Suggestions in the North Platte High School - Roundup Yearbook (North Platte, NE) collection:

North Platte High School - Roundup Yearbook (North Platte, NE) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


North Platte High School - Roundup Yearbook (North Platte, NE) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


North Platte High School - Roundup Yearbook (North Platte, NE) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


North Platte High School - Roundup Yearbook (North Platte, NE) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


North Platte High School - Roundup Yearbook (North Platte, NE) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


North Platte High School - Roundup Yearbook (North Platte, NE) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Page 1


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