North Platte High School - Roundup Yearbook (North Platte, NE)

 - Class of 1933

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North Platte High School - Roundup Yearbook (North Platte, NE) online yearbook collection, 1933 Edition, Page 34 of 96
Page 34 of 96

North Platte High School - Roundup Yearbook (North Platte, NE) online yearbook collection, 1933 Edition, Page 33
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North Platte High School - Roundup Yearbook (North Platte, NE) online yearbook collection, 1933 Edition, Page 35
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Page 34 text:

l X 4 K li 1 ' s 'b .. tb ORLA E Wee little l Irene Carlisle would like tra ng f!'0H1 C03-ST' to coast. "Jerri " belonged U0 Girl Reserves 3. 4. She believes in going to the theater. .Dont wc all? 'Tll Say 50"-Well and we'11 go with you. But look at the books she has time to read. Tsh - tsh ! LMA MAE CURTIS U ay, are we goin:-I to have a st today?" Velma Mac Ci1i's, must be in the room. ' part still To " 'l" has taken an active i Girl Reserves 4, but 3 S having a, good time..- - vel seems to be her ambition ai i goal. We're with yOu 111- WILFRED R. CL RKE "Pansy" r 'ou ou rath- er be caller " '.."' 'Shuc s' you mustyl e o Sl S glee club Z. 4. Felt " ' A ed R. C rke YOU out liking . With Mar- we can see heights in the world. wo n t snoof to ' would ian for an ambi ion you soar to great ti W ' U 'XV flfl 'Xe QNATE KLFIINOW " ie" do you 1'eally want 0 become a successful teacher? Velma Renate Kleinow. with your "Blow me down" and hobby of riding horseback, together with Wood Bee 4, ,you ought to find it an especially easy task! Are you always as happy and jolly as you look? We hope so. BUT ARIE CR ' ALL ig ' " 1 Cr' l ' a s thrilling oiy in the th aiu 1 w re: ' ' ' ' 1 "Co i s" one 'rnoon and she uid th and there to be pri e fetary, If you will look 1 Miss Owen's typing class you see Ruth indus- triously carrying out her deci- sion. Here's loads of luck to you, Ruth. JOHN WILLIAM DERR John William Derr, I'm sur- prised at you-beating up Har- ry Cushing-and as a hobby! With band 72, 3. 4, Hi-Y 2, 3. Round-Up 2, and orchestra 2, 3. I can see that you are well on the way to realize your am- bition. 'KChobby," old boy, what a governor of New York you would make! Marching down Broadway-OH! was -f THE ROUND-UP l I Pearl Lci!lle C e rila diligent ber of od-Bee, and a ber of Reserves two EGG! , is sbegj ing some- thing irnpossiblzii aily. She tells us her ambfitifi is somethin! impossible. .lyould you be so kind fain maid. as to elucidate what this -something is? Always be definite if you wish to suc- coed. PEARL LU LLE csrxtiiisigns FRANCIS L. GONNEALLY "That's right" Len does like te ising.. meople! Francis Con great ftvoii anong the t e an enginee- n ally 'ith hisllzirg furk gloves IS ' " 2 'A ' i ill o ' ' . i . Lv ' tion for him. e las only go , , ar d to N. P. H. S. one ye judging from the haDDY face he likes it. A J ' FERN JOHANSEN 'tOh merciful heavens," Fern ansen. don't tell us that you li . dancing! "Sporty," by the looks of Wood Bee 4, G. A. A. 3, I should say that you would be more suited for teaching than finger waving--I suppose finger waving it will have t0 be. . . lf' 1' A ,fwf- fBcn" you might say "prove Wa EY WILLIAM KUNKEL SENIGR CLASS it! but you seem to be doing t ings up fine with track 3. suior class play. Tsh-tsh D rsey William Kunkel, by the looks of the above I don't be- lieve your hobby is really track. Your ambition astounds me- to pull wise-cracks with Jack Yirak-just fancy that! RUTH WINNIFRED JOYNER U0.K.-Baby"-I think that you will become an excellent teacher, with reading' as yo r pet hobby and Wood Bee . You surely don't have th slightest doubt about it do you? No with your ability to apply yourself theres nothing to fear. Who is this quiet. unassuming girl? Why that's Ruth Winnifred Joyner. ERNEST WILLIAM DRINGMAN "Has anybody seen Minnie?" Erney seems to be coming down the hall. If basketball 3. 4, is as much help as we think, some day we will see Ernest William Dringman dancing with a brun- ette at Elitches Gardens in Denver. But how can you find sleeping a pleasure with all your pep? t If T 9' f " The siurlrnfic frost was frcnzicd 'with flaming." g -25-.

Page 33 text:

C .il f . f ---4.-, if X. ALLEN CORNELIUS BRADLEY Who is the lad lumbering down the hall? You say "Al"? Al Capone? Oh Allen Cornelius Bradley. You say he has been in Band 3. football 4, basket ball 4. Student Service 3, 4, I-Ii-Y 4, Declamatory contest play 3, junior class play lead. and senior class play? He wants to be another Al Capone. He likes G-i-r-1-s. Well. well and well. MARJORIE M. CODER t'Blow me down and pick me up, Mari." With Girl Reserves 71, 3, 4. letter 3, G. A. A. 2. 3. 4. letter 4. numeral 3, leaders club 4. and Annual staff 4, you must have been kept busy. Marjorie M. Coder is your am- bition really to go to Africa? We wish you luck! Ice skating is a lot of work, isn't it? n CELIA BERNICE,COTTEN X "O , Ceal" s your ambi- tion ' ti a eautician fell. w , ' welll ' erniec f C ,n, do eally like dance ng ell as to have it for a. 116 ? 'lah-tshgf It's pleasing to ee tb you ave been one , 'pf r aplly Wood Bee mem- I+bers. HORACE E. CROSBY Horace E. Crosby doesn't say 'nothing' about these activities: Band 2. 3. 4. Orchestra 33. 3, 4, HirY 72, 3, 4, president 4, Na- tional Honor Society 4, Latin Club 3, Consul 4, Sehool Prob- lcms instructor 4, Grippers 22, Music contest, band and solo 2, 3. 4. If activities have any- thing to do with it your ambi- tion will be realized. "Bing" show us some of your 'Ln1agic" hobby. DAVID GEORGE GANDEA "Hi. Diz!" How's your golf today? David George Candea, do 'you really want to be a professional golfer? With golf as Aa hobby and also as an am- bition-there seems no doubt that you will go far in the golf world. How are the walking exercises getting along now? LILLIAN VIRGINIA CUSHING I Lillian Virginia Cushing-the idea of yelling in the halls as a hobby! "Lil." where's the rest of the gang? Your activities were G. A, A. 73. 3, 4. Pep club 2. 3, 4, secretary and treasurer 4, Girl Reserves 72, 3. 4. cab- inet 3. Round-Up staff 2, 3, 4, glee club 3. 4. contest 3, mixed chorus 4, Spanish club 3. and -publication board 3. Have fun seeing the world throughaport- lhole with Dinse. QE THE ROUND-UP 'r i SENIOR. CLASS s I 0 5 I MYRTLE NEOME BIEHL 'iOh Mid, I've something to tell you"-what again, "Billie"? Myrtle Neome Biehl with Wood Bee club to your credit your ambition to teach should be HJC' complished. The hobby of mak- ing the most of life is a good one for all of us to follow. Thanks for the suggestion. ROBERT ELSWORTH COLE Who is that tall, handsome lail coming down the street? Not Robert Elsworth Cole? "Hi- ways, Shorty" you have some ambition feature making a per- fect mechanical drawing plate. Do you have much trouble with your ice-skating hobby? You seem to have been busy with Hi-Y and Grippers club these fair days. 'Vg , V ff' FJ . V4 1 ,Z MARJORIRZOX Now i'M.' "' - you mean "she do ' ' not "she don't." Il' ilra ' is your hobby, Mar- n io be a designer will b fullyid realized. With glee club. and Girl Reserves you seem to have the good old N. P. H. S. spirit. How about de- signing our new spring clothes? Thank you. , f No' o I think that your LOREN M. BESS "Hi boy" - if training h anything to do with it y ambition to be a radio sing.. uint-hed, Loren M. Bess. 3. 4, band TZ, 3, Hi-Y, a, 3, basketball 2, 3, shoul ave been a great pleasure to you "Ci1rly." What station are you going to broadcast from? We all want to listen. ,sv .H r S h singing as a hobby, glee I 2. f ll f 4 THAYNE CROSIER Say, who is that handsome fellow with the big dark eyes" See him-in the mlrlst of all those girls. Now di 't tell me that's Thayne "'J5rry" Crosiefl Hello. Jerry! Wour hobby in getting a kick out ofjfe seems to be in full swing again, You liked dr. iatics and the senior class play LEOK JAMES BEGHAN Leo Jambs Beehan, what an ambition - dancin g with a gentle at Elitches Gardens in enver! The hobby "Going places" seems to be very ap- propriate. 'KLee"-Uwhatcha got on,.for tonight-fine." We have all yelled ourselves hoarse for you in football 73, 3. 4. basket- ball tl, 3, 4. and track 13, 3, 4. How about taking us to Deliver with you? A "And here 1lou'll find fortunes in old gypsy lam." I l i in Wpl U s I Wi 'X 'N .. . 5 fi as ni

Page 35 text:

I ask.: PM 1 'J BERYL FORWARD Beryl Forward says her am- bition is to get in and out of an Austin gracefully. During her three years in high school, she has been in Girl Reserves 2, 3. 4, Round-Up staff 4, glee club 2, 3. 4. Girls' sextette 4, operetta 2, 3, senior class play, and mixed chorus. Beryl has a. knack of getting on with ev- eryone and anyone who knows her has a true friend. MAYNARD VAUGHN FISHER Maynard Vaughn Fisher likes to putter around with model airplanes. You are on the right track "Frenchy." to get up into the world. but why not go at it on a larger scale? By the way one of "Fi-enchy's" failings is talking. Didn't that interfere with your track workouts in 4? LOIS AILENE GRUNDEN When Lois Ailene Grunden realizes her ambition to be a Spanish teacher, will she still ieep on saying 'tWe are going to hav a .st today"? Lois is the gi N all seen in Girl R zz. 3, :R glee club 2, M , Pep club 3, 4. operetta 2, . Spanish club 3, and music contest 2, 3, -1. Tut! Tut! Lois. HARRY A. McEVOY JR. Harry A. McEvoy Jr.. or "Bud" as we know him, is one of those quiet. industrious boys who is bound to get somewhere in life. Bud wants to be an author. His "Never do today what can be done tomorrow" iwas heard in track 73, Senior f Math club -L, and Hi-Y 2. 3. ," ' ELIZABETH MCCABE four years in high school she has been a dependable member ,jlllf During Elizabeth McCabe's I 3 ' f Girl Reserves, the Girls' else XJ : b 2. 3, 4, and the Wood Bee " 'lub. She entered Declani dur- ,f jing her junior year. She is 1 very seldom seen without her pal Lola. Her ambition is ,to be a Home Economics teacher. MURIEL B. McNEEL She's quiet 'but extremely likeable. Yes. wLth'ought you would say ua? about Muriel B. McNeel.L hen you Y- Eve elyn are sure to fees uriel als . 'ghat ac-caunts for the frell ent phra "Anybody seen Susie?" Sliqm taken part in G. A. A. 2. 3, and Girl Re- serves 2. 3. Muriel likes to ride horseback. "FZaunting her raven treason, the gypsy maiden whirled." l L . 5 x ' Xxx THE ROUND-UP ' +l I 5 FORREST CLEON FOWLER We all expect to see the name of Forrest Cleon Fowler in the Who's Who someday. We don't know exactly what for but that will take care of itself. In the realm of extra- curricular activities, Forrest has been rewarded for his work with positions on the Round- Up staff and Annual staff and membership in the Quill and Scroll. , MABLE E. GRANNELL ,f ,Be prepared to sec Mable LEM' beth Gran.n'ell's name on 8I' of your .favorite book n he future, for although that is Mable's hobby now, we feel sure that it will have a great deal to do with her career, Mabl has a great deal ok musical ,agilit-yf too, and we also expect a great deal'from her along this line. JUNIOR McCABE , How could we h p but re- -' member Junior .M-dglbe as one! J of those daring pirates in Cap- J tain Applejaclis crew ini the 5 junior class play. Nsdkle chief ' hobby is working rn Eprdsg He's always happy' wherel he can be around auf Ford. His ambition is to Y ild a bridge across the Atl c. Well, Nick. when you re ' e your ambition we will let 'Xyou be the first one to drive a Ford across it. l LENORE E. FLETCHER Yes, than is 'isnmfe Eiizaben, Fletcher pouring over a book. ,Book-keeping seems to be her main Yafnbitfoni' lffe. ore participated in . ,'Af 2, 3. Whxen asked wh X-fher hobby was she neplic English Liter- ature. With Le ore it's not the lluantity bil 'the quality that 'ounts. CLIFFORD McNEEL Cliff" McNeel is one of t 'e persons that we admire . much for his very unique s se-se of humor. He has served ' Hsthfully as a member of the ,IS y's Glee Club. During his nor year he participated in X t e operetta. He is a member f the reserve football squad. His zimbitio is to do nothing and his hobby is skating. JEANETTE LeMASTER. Just ask anyone where they have had the most fun, They will say "In Jeanette-'s car." I think they have all succeeded l in realizing 'KLee's" ambition l which is "To raisc heck and X put a block under it." Lee was vice-president of the junior class in her junior year and is K always Drevared to entertain you with one of her famous humorous readings. SENIOR CLASS A 7 -27... was

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