North Plainfield High School - Canuck Yearbook (North Plainfield, NJ)

 - Class of 1959

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North Plainfield High School - Canuck Yearbook (North Plainfield, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Cover

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56,1 ' Q mga? X4 A Sf fybirx W dy iii Fxdwf bm P scifi Q W Qi S Y. 2, Q35 Zio Egg ga Q? pa 22? '25 ,Tail U H 1 fu .1 -..1, , gal -A ' ,. 1. J " K 4 r'e- 4 1 .. Q 4 l -P ' 5 .A ,wa 'F V5 L A 4 " K ' r ,iv . 4. M ' EA I: -. gl J '15 I ' CAN CK I 9 5 9 NORTH PLAINFIELD HIGH SCHOOL NORTH PLAINFIELD, NEW JERSEY Foreword WE, the Class of l959, now close the final chapter of four of the most won- derful years of our life. We thank you, North Plainfield High School, and all those associated with you, for the op- portunities and the memories you have given us. May this Canuck always re- mind us of the joys, the sorrows, the sweetness, and the disappointments we shared here. We know that though we must leave now, we shall forever linger in spirit. Fondest memories 'round thee linger MR. EDWARD GIBBS III, B.A.. M.Ed. Principal Howard University DMINISTRATION DR. THURMAN H. BARE, B.S., M.A., Ed.D. Superintendent of Schools University of Missouri Columbia University MR. JOHN B. MESSER, B.S., M.Ed. Assistant Principal University of Pittsburgh 'W Sade.. fi, i - E as is "lf only Shakespeare could see this!" John Hoagland B.A., M.A. English-Head George J, Teets B.A., M.Ed. English Frank Kianese B.A., M.A. Spanish X ', X I QA lisa 1 I May Kleinhans B.A., M.A. English Katharine Wolff B.S., M.Ed. English Emma K. Mayer B.A., M.A. Spanish A l cs., , Ht UP x fy I R' Q s '54 94f0Q, 7?V47lfW ,AAL M, f .Af-5 af'Qljlflx4:C"f'L Facult 14:6 1 ' 2 F J li - 2,1 2 , l l Kathryn Bevens Elizabeth Glaser I 5 K yn Ji B.A., B.S. B.A., M.A. Speech English at M 2 Q 6 2 l I J l ,srr in f irr, ,Q . , ,.,- 1 'W"f-LE -. - c Q. ii'l ,, K, .,,.s f V . ,., 1 I , Yr , A K idx sl J f T l-ff-1 ' . i s ,K lk I A A fig! ' 'W Z ,. W .,L ' iiri fig, Lf T36 s - , V V. V gvv , .. , K A Q V J , W . H ,., o g y? f.k,,..,, I i kjir i .59 'xx .ff E ,fri , , Pauline McQuown Marie O'Brien 'NO homewofk? ' a.A., M.A. B.A., M.A. English English f :Leann ,T . ,. 1' Dean Gould Edmund Justus U , I I , U s,A,, MA, BIAU M.A. Oh, no! lt s erasing Instead of recording! English, lolin German ,, , , V' ' ' O a d Oh. but It DOES make a difference!" zz r French 1 3 1, x fs sm is if Kglss 51 I John Parker B.S., M.Ed. History x Edward Stec Gladys Taylor Frances Wilcox Mary "CW HOU QVGSP this Class?" a.s., M.s. B.A., M.A. B.A., M.A. A History Hislory History-Head 'JM if 1+ sk 'l-dxf! v . A ,f A4 A In nf if .,, v if "Now there's a thinking man." - G Ai ' J 'S im. s?3Fff5?E5l'T: , 5 Q if we SQ ,f S' ' 31 l ef E' 4? it 6 A Wm E ii Mitts, Craig Eben Robert Kleinhans s.s., M.s. a.A., M.A. Science Science-Head Visual Aids Director " E ' ' '1 s ,,,,,,,t:t,e-ta -g,w fy' ,-....f N+1.w,L I" if . - -1 f , Harold Azeltine 'fi Hernando Godderz ' Fred Green B.A., M.S.E. B,5,, M,S, B.S., M.Ed. Mathematics Mathematics Mathematics "Now add alpha-delta diphenyle butane to fgn Kopeske the quinine betanaphthanolmonsulfonate . . NQ,,Qhem,,,ic, Earl Gunter B.A., M.A. Mathematics-Head Judith Robertson B.S. Science "Who brought in these weeds?" an ,, . Jin' if .as ,Af Albert Arthur Taylor B.A., M.S. B.S, Science Science 1 W dig , it 2 W K gg sf , 4 Q Q 9 Y Q egg awww r 4 .-ft' , - , -pq swims, m W I HI M2 it af X V 'N lg ' x EQ eg? S ,gint f get ft ,, af t at Q' 2, .ig I .-5 L Mak- 1 fl Joyce Abrams Richard Chase B.M., M.A. B.S. Music Art U , , , J. Thomas Dixon l knew It wouldn t fit." s.A., M.A. Music "Collateral Reading, Eh!" Page 6 A t Kent Horner William Van Wienen Peter Festante B.A., M.S. B.S., M.A. B.S., M.Ed. librarian Industrial Arts Industrial Arts "Future Rembrandts!" Nelson Ernest M.A., M.Mus. Music-Head Adriana Ocello 8.5. Music Ludmilla Donohue B.S. Physical Education S. :fA gi,,,A I, ss K- si ,Ass Grace Roff B.S., M.A. Physical Education ' I 59' ,f its ic 1 V f , to fi' fi fL.,. 'if ,eggs John Doolittle Seymour Kelin Howard Krausche B.S. B.S. B.S. Physical Education Physical Education Physical Education Lois Caldwell B.A. Physical Education "Get it!" I3 "Are you sure you're doing this right?" Helen Wicks B.S, Business Ethel Abel Secretary Robert Klein B.A., M.litt. Business Carole D'Angelo Business N St t Oman ewar "Are we all ready for this nice icy day?" B.S., M.S. Driver Education wpxgmiisf fi , 'P L ' f2Z,ff,zgx -1 av K M. May Rohland Philopena Schweitzer Patricia Wenck Seffelaf Y Secretary Secretary li iii! ,, YK, yt if 3, Jane Banks Marion Campbell B.S. B.S., M.A. Business Business-Head "J-H-J space! J-H-J space!" i f f' -as s Margaret Connolly B.S. Home Economics l . 3 .M Clara Melnik B.S., R.N., M.A. Nurse "ls this the form you want?" Page 7 rw, -an ' -f.- .'-' s . Q Il' if E ,I W , G X x 4' i ull, 4 ii? Dorothy Habgood B.S., M.A. Eric Kirchberger B.A., M.Ed. Guidance Director of Guidance "Now your score on college boards is given here . . ." -- if .. - ,sl ., swf esteem! 3'gggbfs-f- is . .ml- fn ,. I I i' f'fififf '5EE:":"':E::. ' if I as sf? 3 E 1, X M SJ , , S 5 .II if . . . Louise Bell B.A. Arithmetic .. U J B k The earth IS round! Biff' ee man English Russell Heeren John Huffe Herbert Kanter Selena Kirch B.S., M.A. 8.5. B.S., M.A. English Industrial Arts English, Social Studies, Arithmetic Mathematics N 5 ., K if gf . , li 5 J A I li. 3' l ' X I I is 1 i i X l f . , ., . J, ' .. Q a I is K i 4' if ,Q 1 I . xv . . .. . ., .i.. ,H QI, -3 - ,egg , . .,..:rs7 U ,E as semi-:ai -Hswfsli' -4 ' ,s li e ei I 3 ef W' f 1 Ps. Q I 1 Harrold POTW" Marion Rivrdah Eleanor Richard Schneider B-5-,IM-A. I n s.s. s.s. s.s. PhY5'C'-'I E'-WCUUUY' Hiilbry, English Home Economics History, English George Thompson Helen Van Doren Barbara Venerus Sandra Wilbur s.s., Mid. l.itt.B, s.A. a.s. Science English Art Physical Education JU ICR HIGH India Smith B.5., M.S. Special Services i ls 3252 V, i 'ms 'RQ Elsie Hanson Arithmetic: Adminis- Robert Bishop B.S., M.S. Arithmetic trative Assistant 255 . w Y i H i 3 Y ii: W5 Q R E35 its W df? ei e l I I e Evelyn Leonard Jacqueline Luscian B.A. B.A., Mid. History Music "That's where we live." I"l llllll I eeii i'fl F lllr I I ll ll: E liI y It it Illll ug lI y tr ii I he iii WSJ W 'ii i ,. .JE , fi 5 , 55 N bv' 1' - I Q31 Q 'T Z I , , -, f Ti " Wifi K 1 , umm If 2 Q 'Y '-" f I . may ' . fqgjiggkhigjh ' X X 23 ' ' Qwfz QQ?T?Q2Qiii:ymQ'TfpggggQ5aQa3iQf 4 f mm1sm11l,i,fef-gefff?W ,W W h...,,.,.N'ffZi145fV ' A wffmwmY,uu1i" David R. Alessandrini Nickname: "Dave, Drini" Postime: Taking pictures Future: Professional Photography Activities: Camera Club, Football, Tun- law as Bonnie Harriet Baron Postime: Writing letters, playing bridge and college weekends Future: College Activities: Class Treasurer, Vice-Presi- dent of Fashion Club, President of Future Nurses' Club, Vice-President of G.A.A., Leaders Club, National Honor Boro Day, Girls' State David Carleton Beck Nickname: "Dave" Postime: Sports, working, watching television Future: Navy, Accounting Activities: Swimming Team, Library Council Page l0 A0107 ,vw Robert F. Ames Nickname: "Bob" Pastime: Work, and '5l Lincoln Future: Undecided Activities: Work if if 1 iff' is F ,,,: M 'If' 15" si le J C i' 'V , ii M tri it 3 9 E , i s George W. Andres Clifford P. Baird Jr. Postime: Work, Car Nickname: "TiP"' Future: Undecided Pdilimef Working Activities, Kgy Club Future: U. S. Navy Submarine Service Wir Joseph S. Barton Jr. Nickname: "Joe" Postime: Work, ice skating, stamp col- lecting Future: Drafting School Acti ities: Stage Crew, Library Council ' l M SENIOR OFFICERS George Sayre, President, Bonnie Baron, Treasurer, Marilyn Sharpe, Secretary: and Richard John Bedner Nickname: "Dick" Postime: Cars Future: College Activities: Stage Crew, Dramatic Club, Library Council, National Thespian Society Richard Walter, .Vice-President J P' 3 : i ,,,, C i V li Katherine Marie Beebe Barbara Ann Beehler Nickname: "Kathy" Nickname: "Rock" Postime: Playing piano: talking Postime: Riding, listening to records Future: Nursing School Future: Undecided Activities: Dramatic Club, Future Activities: Business Girls' Club, Y-Teens, Nurses' Club, Tri-Hi-Y, Hall Patrol and Canteen Committee, Student Board of Messengers Education Suzanne H. Bell Nickname: "Sue" Pastime: Bridge, College week-ends Future: College Activities: Leaders' Club, Fashion Club, Y-Teens, Fire Patrol, Hall Patrol and Messengers, Canuckateen Gary C. Bicknell Nickname: "4707" Pastime: Canuckling and touch football Future: College Activities: Student Council President, National Honor Society, Boys' State, Key Club, F.T.A., Canuckling, Dramatic Club, Booster Club, Band Student Di- rector Richard A. Bowlby Nickname: "Dick" Pastime: Water skiing, relaxing Future: Business School Activities: Varsity Tennis, J.V. Basket- ball . William Brown Nickname: "Will" Pastime: '50 Ford, fishing Done Most for Class ""?'?5B"Si'1'Sf Activities: Hi-Y, Distributive Education ERIC GIESA and MARILYN SHARPE Club fs 'fxfcz,g:1,1::iSifs2 wx S . , . Eileen Anne Bradley Pastime: Bridge, college weekends, writing letters Future: College Activities: Conuckling, Treasurer at Y- Teens, Fashion Club, G.A.A., Dramatic Club, Canuckateen, Fire Patrol, Hall Patrol and Messengers Kathryn Theresa Burke Nickname: "Cathy" Pastime: Writing letters, records, '58 Ford Future: Work Activities: Business Girls' Club, Distrib- utive Education Vice-President 4 Marie Katherine Butscher Nickname: "Butch" Pastime: Bridge and ice skating Future: College Activities: Cabinet, Leaders' Club, Tri- Hi-Y Treasurer, Yearbook Stott, Hand- book Statf, Y-Teens, Hall Patrol, Fire Patrol, G.A.A., Art Club, Maiorettes, Student Board of Ed. Vice-President Keith Edward Byers Pastime: Hi-Fi, table-tennis, chess Future: College Activities: Yearbook Stalt, Chess Club Vice-President and President, Track, Conuckling . . , . Carol Ann Carey Pastime: Bridge, knitting argyles Future: College Activities: Hall Patrol and Messengers, Fashion Club, Leaders' Club, Y-Teens, Conuckling Stati, Tunlow, Fire Patrol ,l....J.sun-....L.1.:.......,....- , Patricia L. Carley Nickname: "Pat" Pastime: Sports, knitting argyles, cheering Future: College , Activities: Cheerleader, leaders' Club, Fashion Club Secretary Page l l Q, ilu Peter E. Carmichael Pastime: Sports Future: College Activities: Football, Basketball, Base- ball, Boys' State Delegate, Key Club, Student Council Ki' fe.-f W j CaroIynx,Casazza Pastime: Bridge, college weekends Future: College Activities: Fashion Club President, G.A.A., Secretary of Y'Teens, Dramatic Club, Captain of Hall Patrol and Mes- sengers, Leaders' Club, Class Cabinet Y-'jj Concetta M. Catanzaro Judith Chandler Nickname: "Connie" Pastime: Polishing a black '57 Buick, eating Future: Nurse Activities: Boro Day, Business Girls' Club, Y-Teens, Cheerleader Captain, Fire Patrol, Tri-Hi-Y Nickname: "Chub" Pastime: Horses, sleeping Future: College Activities: G.A.A., Leaders' Club F.T.A., Booster Club, Cheerleader, Tri- Hi-Y, Hall Patrol and Messengers Election Board Stephen M. Clark Nickname: "Steve" Pastime: Cars, sailing, swimming Future: College, teaching Lois Ann Clendening Nickname: "Lo" Pastime: Piano, roller skating Future: Music College Dgne Mgst for Activities: Library Council, French Club Anna Crescienzi . , Nickname: "Buns" Pastime: Dancing, driving, listening to radio Future: Secretory Activities: Business Girls' Club Page i2 if? rl KL! Presi nt, leaders' Club, Te nis Club W,y,,V, 'vc Cusick Nickname: "Kathy" Pastime: Listening to radio, writing letters Future: Secretary Actiivties: Business Girls' Club .2 ..., I William Michael Davis Nickname: "Bill" Pastime: Studebokers Future: Navy Activities: Basketball, Praiectionists' Club CONNIE WEATHERBY and , GARY BICKNELL XJA , an lib ll Dennis Leo James Deady Nickname: "Whirlpool" Pastime: Ford Future: College Activities: Baseball, Basketball, Track, Football Ml Walter Dec Dante E. DeMatteo Nickname: "Hands" Pastime: Hunting, fishing, football, eat- ing Future: Undecided Activities: Football, Boro Day Best Dressed BOB SNY JOAN MARTIN wife: c A if F we R N 7 M yy, 1 le-,1 1 ff it i Neu- K A A ,slag W V f.:M5hEQE5, -e f. kjsggi I E , Q: s 'gg Q, 5 H a se W J ,,t r James C. Feller Future: College Activities: Varsity Football, Track, Swimming, Key Club Secretary, Fire Patrol, Class Cabinet, Student Council, Hi-Y, Boro Day Councilman Lois Anne Fine Nickname: "Lo" Pastime: Writing letters, dancing, driv- ing Future: Secretary Activities: Dramatic Club, Business 'Girls' Club, Hall Patrol and Messen- gers, Fire Patrol Q L11 i V Marion Diem Pastime: Letter-writing, dancing rec- ords Future: Beautician Activities: Flagswinger, Ed Club, Business Girls 1 Michael J. Elia Nickname: "Mickey" Pastime: Riding around, playing rec- ords Future: College or service Activities: Football Joyce Fioravanti Nickname: "Joy" Pastime: Working Future: Secretary Activities: Business Girls' Club, Hall Patrol and Messengers, G.A.A. Linda Barbara Dize 'Dimples" bridge Cabinet, Art Club Dramatic Club, Student Patrol, Hall Patrol Cap- tain, Boro Day Joseph Erikson Nickname: "Joe" Pastime: Cars, ice hockey, Hshing Future: College Activities: Football " - ':f,.:1Ea'-1'::'f e- ' g , g . fi, k ., , ,, , , gy : :ia J. ,ii , -iii. Qi W ':f'.:'f i- - -flf' "ffl " V' 5 - J 5- V - my ., V,.. H, 5. ,. , .ig lx -- F ' ii:-,, . ' fili , .,:'i.,' 1 Ewiwma A 2 , M V 4 . ' i , Is! X My ii A - ,- . . . tswgsfi . . , .f H li T ., ,,,ge,:W ..,., 3 ., ali: ',,'. 1, ,, fs: li f ,f f, 'lt i ff ' . , Robert T. Fligiel Nickname: "Bob" Pastime: Working Future: Draftsman Activities: Spanish Club Treasurer Page l3 Donald Watson France Nickname: "Don" Pastime: Driving Future: College Elizabeth Ann Gilbert Nickname: "Betty" Pastime: Talking on the phone Future: College Activities: Leaders' Club, Fashion Club, Hall Patrol and Messengers, Fire Patrol, Senior Cabinet, Yearbook Stott, Maiorette, Dramatic Club Carole Lee Grundke Pastime: Eating, sleeping Future: Nursing School Activities: Student Council Secretary, Future Nurses' Club Treasurer, lead- ers' Club, Y-Teens, Dramatic Club, Boro Day Page I4 Michael J. Frusco Nickname: "68l7" Pastime: Canuckateen Future: College Activities: Fire Patrol, Dramatic Club, National Thespian, Canuckling, Ca- nuckateen Host Priscilla Sue Gabay Nickname: "Pris" Pastime: Working Future: College Activities: National Honor Society, F.T.A., Leaders' Club, G.A.A., Girls' State Alternate, Class Cabinet, Fash ion Club, Boro Day, Dramatic Club Yearbook Staff Charles Eric Giesa Nickname: "Eric" Future: College Activities: Key Club President, Foot- ball, National Honor Society President, Track, Class Cabinet, "Mayor" on Boro Day, Student Council, Freshman and Junior Class Vice-President, Boys' State Gary Gilbert Nickname: "Gilly" Pastime: Sports, homework Future: College Activities: Key Club, Student Council, Booster Club, Varsity Basketball, Boro Day Barry Hamley Nickname: "Barr" Pastime: Cars Future: College Activities: Varsity Swimming, Key Club Treasurer James Nickname: "Jim" Pastime: Cars Future: College Activities: Key Club, Science Club, Tennis Team, Dramatic Club, Ca ucka- teen Stat? Best Looking Daze and GEORGE 5 Kurt W. Hesebeck Pastime: Hi-Fi records Future: Business W Joseph Hogarth Nickname: "Hoagie" Pastime: Boats, four-door Mercs. Future: Photo Engraver Activities: Fire Patrol, Student Council, Canuckling V ' ' 5.1, : g::g . .,, sf: :A A: . 1, 5 A-,,g'g:.::,1-4-tfmgg 2:1 f- ts.. ff ' eff: :H Q: e' V JW' V .. pm, 3, . Z '-" ,mi rt. 5 1 1 A F2 5- lm, - -- ' ffl" 'v'XiQs52j"'ff't William Holcombe Nickname: "Bill" Pastime: Sleeping, cars Future: College Activities: Hi-Y, Chess Club Best Dancers CAROLE GRUNDKE and JIM FELLER Alex Jaszek Nickname: "Jasz" Pastime: Electronics, chemistry Future: College Activities: Key Club, Chess Club, Science Club President, Yearbook Staff, Handbook Stott, Science Fair, Student Board of Education Henry Boyd Kachelriess Nickname: "Hank" Pastime: Fishing Future: College Actiivties: Varsity Basketball, Base- ball, Key Club, Boro Day Barbara-Ann House Nickname: "Barb" Pastime: Talking Future: College Activities: library Council, F.T.A., Hall Patrol and Messengers, Fire Patrol, Dramatic Club, Jr. Board of Education, G.A.A. . 4 Carl V. Hunt Nicknames: "Tiny," "Rock" Pastime: Cars ' Future: College Activities: Football, Track, Key Club, Band President, Fire Patrol, Boro Day Councilman l . Y Q 9 fl ,:,, V, ? P :ggiglif ,i'7?,l . ':1.a'. V, Alan John Kau Nickname: "Al" Pastime: Working, cars Future: College Activities: Working After School James Howell Nickname: "Jim" Pastime: Listening to records, iob , Future: College ' Activities: Baseball-Fresh I n 1 i' iff? 'ZX fl U f J' ff fl! if Margaret Rose Jackson Nickname: "Peggy" ' Pastime: Sports Future: Secretary Activities: Tri-Hi-Y, G.A.A., Leaders' Club, Election Board Chairman, Boro Day Isabel Ann Keppel Nickname: "Izzy" Pastime: Sewing and Cooking Future: College Activities: G.A.A., leaders' Club, Tri- Hi-Y Secretory, Fire Patrol, Canucka- teen Committee Page I5 'Ut 1? I X' it Peter J. Kerns Nickname: "30ll' Pastime: Running up telephone bills Future: Theatrical production Activities: Dramatic Club President, National Thespian Society, Fire Patrol, Key Club, French Club, Canuckling, Boro Day, Boys' State Y' " i I ,Q ii is 'Ps :": f A , ' , e iii leirr - - - Sli ' Z A J' -57?-V1 Judith E. Kosteck Nickname: "Judy" Pastime: Working, sleeping, eating Future: Junior College-Secretary Activities: Business Girls' Club, Art Club, Leaders' Club, F.T.A., Class Cabinet, Hall Patrol and Messengers, Fire Patrol, G.A.A., Student Council Edward George Krusman Nickname: "Eddie" Pastime: Athletics Future: College :- Activities: Baseball, Basketball, Track -County Meet, Freshman '55, Foot- ball, Key Club, Boro Day Page 16 Douglas Kerr Nickname: "Dousker" Pastime: Cars, iunk yards, walking Future: College Activities: Wrestling, Canuck Scien- tists, Student Council, Fire Patrol Katharine Rae Krohn Nickname: "Kathie" Pastime: Writing letters Future: College Activities: Canuckling Stott, Dramatic Club, French Club, Fire Patrol, Junior Red Cross Vice-President, Tri-Hi-Y, Y-Teens Robert W. Kucharski Nicknames: "Bob," "Link" Pastime: Cars, hot rod club Future: Undecided William King Gary Kopf Nickname: "Bill" Nickname: "Balzack Pastime: Coin collecting, stamps, rec- PvStime1CGfS 0,-ds Future: Air Force Future: College Activities: Chess Club Secretary, Track Best Athletes PETE CARMICHAEL and NANCY STURCKE Joseph E. Kucmski Priscilla Ruth Latty Nickname: "Buddy" Nickname: "Pris" Pastime: Car club Pastime: Playing the piano, dancing Future: Electronics drawing Activities: Distributive Ed. Club Future: Missionary Activities: Distributive Ed. Club Linda Louise Lepper Nickname: "Lin" Pastime: Bowling Future: Secretarial School Activities: Y-Teens, Future Nurses' Club, G.A.A., Tri-Hi-Y WY' F Y' f S L 3t:'il'l'lag- alia ,A :Mt :gifs 'fm ,gh ,L , S S, -it t wig' :ii 4. 'iii Q, : : :Emi : , lil ff ww bf: gv : 4, :rf 4, ., K 1 : fn, W., , xr : ' ,Q 'gy' ' ' 5' gills, if . , - f L: sm ,E Y at v v, K, , X,1iQf, At., .,,, 1 Frederick Letter Nickname: "Duck" Pastime: Basketball, fishing, hunting Future: Navy Activities: Basketball Class Actors M DICK WALTER and HAZEL David Mandato Nickname: "Chipmonk" Pastime: Cars,working, driving around Future: College Activities: Wrestling, Booster Club, Fire Patrol Treasurer John Mandulak Pastime: Hunting, hshing, trapping, taxidermist Future: College l M Douglas Russell Long Nickname: "Dougie Bug" Pastime: Horners' Corner Future: College , Activities: Student Council, Class Cab- inet, Fire Patrol, Library Council, Ca- nuckling Staff, Football, Track, Boro Day, Dramatic Club, Proiectionist Club David MacDonald Nickname: "Moe" Postime: Swimming, boating Future: College Activities: Fire Patrol Chief, Class Cab- inet, Dramatic Club, Stage Crew, Na- tional Thespian Society, Spanish Club, Canuckling Staff Carmelma A. S. Maresca Nickname: "Carm" Pastime: Cooking Future: English Teacher Activities: Freshman Cheerleader, Stu- dent Council, F.T.A. Vice-President, Leaders' Club, Dramatic Club, Spanish Club President, Canuckling James A. A. Lorenz Nickname: "Jim" Pastime: Boating, swimming, tlying planes Future: U.S.A.F. or U.S.N. career Activities: Proiectionists' Club Kathryn Mahon Nickname: "Kathy" Pastime: Talking, eating apples Future: Secretary Activities: Fire Patrol Secretary, Busi- ness Girls' Club, G.A.A., leaders' Clllbt Fashion Club, Booster Club, Hall Patrol and Messengers Joan Dorothy Martin Nickname: "Jeanie" Pastime: Talking Future: Secretarial School Activities: Tri-Hi-Y, Y-Teens, Business Girls' Club Vice-President, Leaders' Club, Cheerleader, Boro Day, Hall Pa- trol and Messengers Page l7 John Mattson Pastime: Sports, popular music, art Future: College Activities: Varsity Swimming, Chess Club, Fire Patrol, Canuckling Staff Mary Ann McDonough Pastime: Talking on the phone Future: Secretary Activities: Leaders' Club, G.A.A., Busi- ness Girls' Club, Hall Patrol, Y-Teens ""ii, ,',i : f : Z' : 4 :wa MQ? i Q' 1 .1 ' , Q 5 :'i: 5327 :?':ifff'?5" '51 A . , ' A -' - ws: - iv t V' :sf 4 x. ' '2- ' :tg 'Ap 1, if ,V -'21 fi -." . '1:f'a'egi5:f vis- L Eifff T Q... , 'Fifi' ' Carol McMahon , Nickname: "Dee-Dee" , Pastime: Driving, listening to, music Future: Secretary . Activities: Business Girls' Club Page i8 John Mazza Nicknames: "Max," "Silver Heels" Pastime: Listening to records, hunt- ing, and fishing Future: Service Activities: Football, Wrestling, and Track Nancy Mclvers Nickname: "Nance" Pastime: Talking Future: Secretarial school Activities: Leaders' Club President, Boro Day, G.A.A., Student Council, Y-Teens President, Fire Patrol, Busi- ness Girls' Club Treasurer fg .. I til r tte n'P . :':' V I ' 4 ,ss , I V: tc, Jacqueline Ann McCarter Nickname: "Jackie" Pastime: Working Future: School Librarian Actitivies: Library Council President, Junior Red Cross Vice-President, F.T.A., Canuckateen Council, State Li- brary Paper Editor Moira McCIuney Nickname: "Irish" Pastime: Playing the piano, reading Future: College Activities: French Club President, Hall Patrol Co-Captain, Art Club Vice- President, Canuckling, Fire Patrol, F.T.A. Class Artists MAUREEN PARKER and JOE ERICKSON fjlffzif-Y H '- :ii Stephen Moore Ellen Mott Nickname: "Steve" Pastime: Piano, horesback riding, and Pastime: Cars, sleeping swimming Future: College Future: Nursing school Activities: Varsity Swimming, Science Activities:Spanish Club Club Donald Napier Nickname: "Don" Pastime: Cars, sleeping Future: College , Activities: Freshman Baseball, Hi-Y, Student Council, French Club, Fire Pa- trol Kenneth David Newman Nickname: "Dave" Pastime: Sailing Future: Business school Activities: Hi-Y, J. V. Basketball, Class Cabinet, Distributive Education Club E if :. g?" 1 " ' s' : , ' E5 .:.i5:2:i iii :VL 'V f ' K 's-:',:.5 ix' ,iii .fs 1' i -' f ' Robert P. Nilsen Nickname: "Bob" Pastime: Hi-Fi, reading and driving Future: College Activities: Yearbook Business Man- ager, Booster Club, Fire Patrol, Chess Club, Swimming Manager, Student Board of Education President, F.T.A. f ,tw fecal' : gx,,, GW 17 UH D John O'Neill Pastime: Sports Future: College Activities: Baseball . , 2 4 Vi' luis -JL li' ,M liste. g, g , ggJ,vf'-9' Michael J. Osnato, Jr. Nickname: "Mike" Pastime: Building models Future: Air Force Activities: Chess Club My ,JL i df f' gi. F , i I 4, ' A F" f W' , V 8 t K . H ,,,, g . ' ., ' M ' ' ,.::' lf A . . -,..., , : f f l W' 1 Ev- P V ju ' . Vzyl. .,,,. :ff - , " ' il V V P rt : G icsri : V if -V :-- f-gy: if Man's Lady and Lady's Man CAROLYN CASAZZA and JIM FELLER Stephen Pike Nickname: "Steve" Pastime: Building cars Future: College Nicholas Pisani Nickname: "Nick" Pastime: Riding Activities: Distributive Education Club . M i . VET Maureen Veronica Parker Nickname: "Moe" Pastime: Piano, bridge, riding Future: College Activities: Maiorette Captain, Booster Club President, Fashion Club Secre- tary, Class Cabinet, Fire Patrol, Hall Patrol, Dramatic Club, Y-Teens John H. Plimpton Nickname: "Jack" Pastime: Working on a '48 Chevy: working Future:Navy Activities: Baseball, J. V. Football, Distributive Education Club Kathleen M. Persons Nickname: "Kathy" Pastime: Weekends in Stanton Future: College Activities: Y-Teens, Yearbook Stott Elizabeth Jane Poulson Nickname: "Betsy" Pastime: Peading, water skiing Future: College Activities: National Thespians, Dra- matic Club, Spanish Club, Leaders' Club, Library Council, F.T.A., Fire Pa- tro', Student Board of Education Page I9 fp' W7 Rachel Ann Richardson Nickname: "Rae" Pastime: Writing letters, listening to records, sewing Future: College Activities: Fashion Club Parliamen- tarian, Dramatic Club, Y-Teens, F.T.A. Thomas Rushetski Pastime: Radio, sportsfrecords J Future: College X' , Activities: Science Club, library Coun- cil, Student Board of Education , 4. Anthony Santangelo Nickname: "Tony" Pastime: Driving Future: Drafting Page 20 y , Q . W, ,., - 5 ' :gefhu ' A , ,:. , , A gig ' "figs l l. ' liflil' W My ff , 'limi' W 'kt wt' ,, Q35 ' , , 1 r,, A: w,:iw,f5: --'Q-45" : ':c' 'T' Fay Frances Riker Nickname: "Toots" Pastime: Roller skating, bowling Future: Marriage Activities: G.A.A., Future Nurses' Club, leaders' Club, Spanish Club 1 Phyllis Marie Riker Nickname: "Phil" Pastime: Cars, bowling, roller skating Future: Photography-U. S. Air Force Activities: G.A.A., Leaders' Club, Fu- ture Nurses' Club, Spanish Club, Tri- Marporie Rocchletti Nickname: "Margie" Pastime: Writing letters, talking Future: Undecided Activities: Tri-Hi-Y, Y-Teens, Business Girls' Club Tri-Hi-Y Hi-Y l Audrey Helen Sanko Nickname: "Audg" Pastime: Sports, writing letters ' l Future: Nursing Activities: Library Council Presi only' y,f""" P I G.A.A., Leadersl Club, Fut e es' 494 , Most QPU al' CI b, D, t' CI b, S ' h Cl b, 7 '.,"-C of':i:5.f5'f'4i"d2lf U ,ff " "fi MV GARY BICKNELL and BONNIE BARON :V - 'L i I 4 U ' George W. Sayre Pastime: Cars, swimming Future: College Activities: Senior Class President, Fire Patrol, National Honor Society Vice- President, Dramatic Club, Student Council, Swimming Team Co-Captain, Canuckling Stafl, Boys' State Alternate Hazel Dorothy Schmedes Nickname. "Cookie" Pastime: Talking on the telephone Future: College Activities: Dramatic Club Treasurer, National Thespians, F.T.A., Leaders' Club, Canuckling, Tri-Hi-Y President, Boro Day, Hall Patrol and Messengers Barbara .loan Schramm Nickname: "Bobbie" Pastime: Canuckateen Future: Nursing Activities: Fire Patrol, Dramatic Club, Future Nurses' Club Secretary, Ca- nuckateen Secretary, Leaders' Club, Student Council, Boro Day 94 gin 4 I Daniel E. Schroppe Nickname: "Dan" Pastime: Boating, cars Future: College Activities: Swimming :W Roger S. Seal Nickname: "Rage" Pastime: Loafing Future: College Activities: Hi-Y, Class Cabinet, Fire Patrol, Dramatic Club, Library Coun- cil, Conuckling Staff, Boro Day Class Wits :A ,,ii ' ' fi 1 ii fb i BOB AMES d NANCY MCIVER Q ' an . JSP iw, A Y 3 , .ef 4: , , I qttn L ru ' . ' " 1 f ,lk .v' if ,,, Marilyn Joan Sharpe Nickname: "Shape" Pastime: Working on the canteen Future: College, Teaching Activities: Class Secretary for 4 years, Band, F.T.A., National Honor Society, Girls' State Delegate, Conuckling Stati, Canuckateen Council Edward Siegel Nickname: "Grub" Pastime: Working, playing piano Future: Undecided Activities: Tunlaw, Chess Club f . , W, 'le',,,'Q':v .g,17OQ:f,f-my '11 4 FX ,VV "V -ff C" "tn 'M 'Xzf YQ..,'v 'VIUP5' Brenda Sheeler Nickname: "Bren" Pastime: Records, talking on the tele- phone Future: Secretary Activities: G.A.A., Leaders' Club, Busi- ness Girls' Club Secretary, Y-Teens, Hall Patrol and Messengers Rita Silkotch Pastime: Working Future: Business, I.B.M. Operator Activities: Y-Teens, F.T.A., Business Girls' Club Brian Smith Pastime: Fishing, cars Future: Undecided i,' bi Raymond Marshall Smith Nickname: "Smitty" Pastime: Sports Future: College Activities: Football Co-Captain, Basket- ball, Track, Key Club, Canuckateen Boys' State Alternate, Freshman, Soph- omore, Junior Class President David Alan Snoddy Nickname: "Lefty" Pastime: Sports Future: College Activities: Varsity Baseball, Boro Day, Key Club WU ,M M W: Robert B. Snyder Nickname: "Bob" Pastime: Water skiing, boating, swim- ming Future: College Activities: Basketball Page 2l Miriam Sodwith Nickname: "Mickey" Pastime: Talking about my little brother Future: College Activities: Y-Teens, Tri-Hi-Y, Class Cab- inet, Junior Red Cross President, Dra- matic Club Robert Swenton Nickname: "Bob" Pastime: Fishing, hunting, cars Future: Undecided Caml Ann Tallamy Pastime: Driving Future: Undecided Activities: Future Nurses' Club Page 22 Anastasios C. Soutzos Nickname: "Ted" Pastime: Hunting, fishing Future: College Activities: Football, Track, Key Club. Class Cabinet, Student Council, Booster Club Paul E. Swleringa Nickname: "Speedy" Pastime: Track Future: College Activities: Track Eleanor Jane Terry Nickname: "EI" Pastime: Talking Future: Business College Activities: Y-Teens, Tri-Hi.Y, Business Girls' Club President, Hall Patrol and Messengers, Distributive Education Club President, Class Cabinet Bruce D. Stine Pastime: Cars, listening to the radio Future: Undecided Nancy Sturcke Nickname: "Nance" Pastime: Sports, writing letters Future: College Activities: G.A.A. President, F.T.A. His torian, Leaders' Club, Dramatic Club Fire Patrol, Tunlaw DEADY and CONNIE CA Carol Thomas Nickname: "Red" Pastime: Records, dancing Future: Business College Activities: Business Girls' Club, Y-Teens, Leaders' Club af Cora Theresa Troiano Nickname: "Corie" Pastime: Dancing, learning haw to drive Future: Secretary Activities: Flagswinger, Y-Teens, Tri Hi-Y, Business Girls' Club Virginia Mary Trolano Nickname: "Ginger" Pastime: Driving Future: Secretary Activities: Flagswinger, Y-Teens, Tri- Hi-Y, Business Girls' Club Ralph Truppi Pastime: Cars Future: Undecided Most and MARESCA James Vitelli Gretchen Irene Vollmer Nickname: "Jim" Nickname: "little Gretch" Pastime: Loafing and riding around Pastime: Church activities, writing let- Future: College ters, collecting stutted animals Activities: Football Future: Teacher Activities: F.T.A. 3 ,, , F ii? at ,, T 'N K W , aunt' ' 'th Y ,394 'UQ- Beverly Tucker Nickname: "Tuck" Pastime: Dancing Future: Beautician Activities: Basketball, Valley Boll, Busi- ness Girls' Club Raymond Vico Nickname: "Ray" Pastime: Sports Future: College Activities: Football manager, Hand- book Sports Editor Richard H. Walter Nickname: "Dick" Pastime: Water skiing, hunting Future: College Activities: Science Club, Fire Patrol, Canuckling, Class Vice-President, Key Club, Dramatic Club Vice-President, Swimming Co-captain, Boro-Day ia' Mary Jo Va Nickname: "Jo" Pastime: Writing letters Future: College Activities: Tri-Hi-Y President, Future Nurses' Club, Fire Patrol, French Club, Hall Patrol and Messengers, leaders' Club, Tunlaw, Dramatic Club Judith Carole Vmcenz Nicknames: "Judy," "Roni" Pastime: Writing letters Future: Nurse Activities: Tri-Hi-Y, Dramatic Club, Fu- ture Nurses' Club, Fire Patrol, and Mes- sengers Constance J. Weathea by Nickname: "Connie" Pastime: Talking on telephone, piano Future: College Activities: F.T.A. President, Student Council Corresponding Secretary- Treosurer, Honor Society, Canucka- teen, Canuckling, Girls' State, Class in t Cab e Page 23 Patricia Jane Weil Nickname: "Pat" Pastime: Bridge, college week-ends Future: College Activities: Y-Teens Parliamentarion, Fashion Club, Hall Patrol, Flag Swing- er, Fire Patrol, F.T.A., Leaders' Club, G.A.A., Dramatic Club Donald Whelan Alan Welsbecker Nickname: "Al" Pastime: Working, riding around Future: College Activities: Class Cabinet, Boro-Day Tax Collector, Fire Patrol, Spanish Club, Science Club, Basketball, Track, Year- book Staff f Wfilfgx Mg 3: l , f it wrirfszsg V ' Carol Ann White 'Vu' .. Burton Albert Weiss Nickname: "Burt" Pastime: Resque Squad Future: College Activities: Pine Cone, Tunlaw and Yearbook Editor: Student Council Par- liamentariany Swimming: Chess Club President: Boro Day: Honor Society David M. Whelan Nickname: "Dove" Pastime: Motorcycling Future: U. S. Air Force or Mechanical Technologist Activities: Freshman Baseball Nickname: "Rem-jg" Pastime: College weekends and bridge Pastime: Fishing, hunting, keeping car FW'-"Ui COHUQG running Activities: Dramatic Club, Fashion Club, Future: Aeronautical Mechanic and De- Y'T9"" ' ,,g,,,, Romeo and Juliet Activties: Freshman Baseball Ed Krusman Joan Martin ' J il ft: : : g ,g , CAMERA SHY ' 5 iw' 55' ' ""' ' Thomas Neal , V: lz,A 5, V 1 ' ' fi ,Y Nickname: "Tom" lk , 5 - ' , , -jf:gz,,,, Pastime: Work +2 ., . J J. J A Future: Undecided fi ii F V Q V :,, Activities: Football, Basketball, Base- ' T53 iii J J ' l, :Qi ball, Student Board of Education ' Y A Q' i i 5- :fre J g e I i George White John Peter White Frances Anne Wood Pastime: Reading, Football Future: Retailing Activities: Stage Crew, Chess Club Page 24 Nickname: "Johnny" Pastime: Fishing, sports Future: Undecided Activities: Baseball Nickname: "Fran" Pastime: Talking, thinking Future: Undecided Activities: Tri-Hi-Y Secretary, Y-Teens, Cheerleader, Fire Patrol, Business Girls' Club, Distributive Education Club Secretary, Boro-Day lin tllllrmnriam Mas. FRIEDA Bockius The guiding light in our first two and a half years. . A 5 ' Nl' -v 4, A! ,K I ,raw 2 , xl I, S T M fate I 14" ',..2.i.5'e-.S - ve .V at i i A i t S ' ' lf:-r'+' w 5"f"' 1 f S it ' """ '.i.r " ei " tl" 1 ' ' awful ' Class Musicians MAUREEN PARKER CARL HUNT Most Dependable MARILYN SHARPE PETE KERNS CLASS MEMOIRS Thinking back over our four years of high school, we, the Class of '59, have many pleasant memories. Orientation Day opened our high school days. At first we ran through the halls with our schedule cards to be at the right class on time, But before we knew it, in June of our sophomore year, the time to order our class rings had arrived. We were really a part of N.P.H.S.! During our iunior year we suffered two severe losses. In the fall our Watchung and Warren Township friends left us to start their own high school. And in the winter we lost our wonderful advisor, Mrs. Frieda Bockius, who had helped us through two and a half years. Other more pleasant highlights of our junior year were our state championship in football, and our memorable Junior Prom. With the aid of Mr. John Parker, who succeeded Mrs. Bockius as our advisor, we successfully completed the year. Senior year was a challenge to us intellectually. lMany no- ticed a difference in their gradesll But soon even this last year came to an end. After days of rehearsal, Baccalaureate and Graduation arrived. As we received our diplomas, we realized how much N.P.H.S. had given us. Now we were going out into the world to use the knowledge we had gained here. We celebrated our graduation by holding a party at Sayre's Club, The Watchung View Inn, CLASS OFFICERS FRESHMEN JUNIORS President .....,...,.................... Ray Smith President .............................. Ray Smith Vice-President .................... Eric Giesa Vice-President .................... Eric Giesa Secretary .................... Marilyn Sharpe Secretary .................... Marilyn Sharpe Treasurer .................. Henry Kachelriess Treasurer . .,................... Bonnie Baron SOPHOMORES SENIORS President ,,,.,,,..,,,,,,,............ Ray Smith President ........................ George Sayre Vice-President ................ Gary Bicknell Vice-President .................. Dick Walter Secretary ................... Marilyn Sharpe Secretary .................... Marilyn Sharpe Treasurer .................. Henry Kachelriess Treasurer ......... ........... B annie Baron CLASS ACTIVITIES Freshman Spring Fling Senior Spin Boro Day: Eric Giexa, Mayor Student Board of Education: Bob Nilsen, President Sophomore Sock Hop Snow Carnival Junior "Harvest Hop" Junior Fashion Shaw Senior play Junior Prom: "Moonlight Magic" Bow Day Senior Banquet Most Likely to Succeed ERIC GIESA BONNIE BARON page 25 ii- ff .qui MG' Page 26 "-' 9 "'li'MRS. J J u l 0 R S T First Row Brown Brown, Bruce Blitiord, Jane Angerbauer, U Mdfllyft Kalil Boghdan, Peter Broccoletli, Lo is I I Arrietu, Carol Arlene ummm. Third Row: Charli 'l12v1Y5x bach, Dick e, Herbert Brandt, David Res N96 , Tom Bayuk, Richard Beals, 5 ,J f Edward Apgar. ay' 9 N X ,DJ HOMEROOM IO MR. ARTHUR TAYLOR First Row: Sarah Dominick, Maybelle Conklin, Natalie Domenichini, Faith Del Nero, Joy Catanzaro, Lynda Davis, Sandra DeNise, .lean Cavalier. Second Row: Edward Dec, Joseph Darold, Corinne Dowd, Virginia Diem, Lillian Caron, Druscilla Diso, Carol De Maris. Third Row: Richard Emery, Roger Crawford, Joseph Farry, Valery Duhig, Alice Cainelli, Frank Farry, Richard Colucci, Patricia Epstein. Fourth Row: George Dandeo, Chuck Dorsey, Joseph Candelli, Peter Busnack, Thomas Diehl, Gene Caperna, James Calautti. ,lv 4' my HOMEROOM I7 J-'J ,fl-1 MR. JOHN KOPESKE ' L , First Row: Sandra Guerriero, Ellen French, Dorothy Fischer, Alison Gaddis, Helen Hanzel, 1 Jacqueline Foster, Eileen Kane, Margaret Holmes. Second Row: John Fiedler, Matthew J Hines, Raymond Fino, Joanne Jachtman, Joyce Geschwinl Patricia lngerto, Helen Johnston, Third Row: Judy Gordon, Hultb , Wend la , Arthur Gulick, Dan Glick, Mike Izzo, George Hope erbvfpgge. R : Mariorie Har rnann, f Harriet Houston, MSUQWGMBYMVV1, Jerry' F edrgfygenry Gordon, , , an Fre ma Joyc onnig . 1 n f , .ff lux ..17'J"' ij' .lf J fxfzflxl., .. I HOMEROOM 206 MR. SEYMOUR KELIN First Row: Charlotte Kulpan, Mina Karlin, Joan Karwowski, Bonnie Laia, Adeline Kiss, Carol-Ann Lielo, Gail Klement, Frances Latly. Second Row: Anne Lalty, Shirley Kohler, David Kiss, Gary Lewis, Ronald Klein, Virginia Kliner, Peggy Kosek. Third Row: Alfred Kluck, Richard lee, Allan Kenyon, John Kritzar, Charles Kiefer, Ellen Lund, Jo-Ann Keegan, Barbara Lloyd. Fourth Raw: Bob Lostrom, Joel Klompus, Gerald Kilbride, George Kunze, Paul Lahaski, Lance Lewis, Reid Kirchberger. Fifth Row: Henry Kielblock, Edwin Lofgren, Donald lord. ,lf I ff k , M1 ' . 'lvl' ,, 5 , 1. W. W N i V 14, L ' 4 ,, V 14 . N. W. ,- . 1 " '1 4 vm my '1' 1? . 3 ' M ,, Q. 1 'M W Ji 1 I ,Q ,V,. , vii' - WLM jf fi 9' W A ln M- V -rig, ,. 4- .W , X, I I ,r , ,Q . qw Y: X 1 ,, , wwl' 'rw My M . W1 3 W I V W Hx' 6' ' ,v lily -. , 5' I W M N 5.-BNN WF' N. ,iwn W :ima 445 5, . 3 - ' - , " W 625 ,wxfg ,, Q ., 4 X ? k f 1, V .Wg . fig , ,? f Xp 'Y 'wig f ,. 1 -45':i E K i I X I x 1 s A , L 3 gl QU , M Q4 QA ,,.V if lap is bf' ' 'M ' ' mf. W, Q F ., .W 1 f " ff? sf f , X . W' 1 ,.f f 1,55 L ffl ' N ' g ' If Y? rsfiwff Xwggg, M ,, ' ' KM' 'V' .,.., .1 f1ws,.A, . ., Q. , ,- 4 9' 5' -.K My V x 3? ' A jfgfyf 'WY gl 4 ' ,gi X' V aww' .- nw? 7 L2 1' an-1 Q TH f Q ? if I 13 . ' ,, .Q . ,mf ,Q 15319 ,. ' 3 W .W -, y .MQW ,. I my nf' ffmmm, M.. Q a , Je Q , Q X m W 1 - - M... WJ .W ...,. ,, ft, . gi 1? sf' 3? .. 5. HE , 35, ww pf "iq Ylxx ll., ,jun 4 M.: 5. T2 - z ...ummn , , I K s s -M:-va ,L .. . 'Y 5433 .V AQ' . F ,1 71,1 . , ., . .5 'gtg 1 x :gn w 4 , 1, sig, x wa. n1.n.' -f V J., 'E , Q- ', 3 2 ' 1, .V , dr H - -a. .I 'A J, X I 1 Q 2 f WE vs X5?? 5 V' Sv.-m.sM,.. - an 251 ?a,M,, I -gf3. 1431 3 in s !x ?3 V ff" sw ie Xia vga, 3556 mf V ...M .f.f ,. , I I Y.. 12, t 7 'W . x 'Q E , iw mwfim Wye? ET Vic, wx S? ui . my K ...ii 19' Y 5 -, 77 ,:'Lk x, K L iwigwfiv .,,, 5 ,V.. E, , L NN? QM , .. La I' AW 2731? M: N if 1Wff1:maf5'f iwuumw 11? gig F M5 1 wiv E i M " i 3 E an 9 Mis ul A ? Q -Sf ww f ' 1' , f f L h -P - 'Q TR S 'ifltff A V fee -1:54 1 x . V , A -- 'L ' ' , 1.7 ,Q 1 Q -fx W V f , K A K A N' ' ' -,h.. , 1.15 4 ' 1 A Rr ,W-me .vgfq Vow V1 W, 'if ' -. 3 1 H S lux S W. , - x 1 mm. ,em fm rw , - ' If-F' 1.2 fl., J.: Q I , I 5 Q A YQ? , A .::7'v:..... ff,m..4 'Q . ff? g' gig.- "I I 1 1e 5 L . . 15 1. Q m , f r 2 , I r Q 4'i 5 ,E 4 , E V Q, , Q Q 1 'H 0 'x ? Q x 1? I IE ? Q X SE AZA, - V ,gym 3 5 5 , ,. 5 ?' W. , . Q ww. 13, W wqfyfg .gud A mai L w S W' Q X 5-- Xwf K ei? if QI Qi? 34 a 5539 ix S! H-ww N -3, ww '14, Nm -,ei 1- . EIGHTH GRADE HOMEROOM HA MR. J. THOMAS DIXON First Row: Fred Buehler, Roger Bryan, Robert Blank, Richard Brady, Diane Becker, John Bollenbach, Garry Apgar, James Coddington, Roland Beck, Robert Amo. Second Row: Janice Barton, Susan Alpine, Thomas Chisari, Peter Clark, Jo Ann Barry, Susan Black, Frank Bimble, Pamela Calvert, Sandra Clark. Third Row: Kenneth Biddle, Marcia Blaikie, Carol Angel, Debbie Blume, Rosemary Bender, Joan Benton, Sandra Allen, Anne Marie Brohm, Fourth Row: James Cainelli, Timothy Carroll, lee Chudson, Joseph Brodzik, Robin Batcho, Nancy Bellon. HOMEROOM H4 MR. JOHN HUFFE First Row: Roseann Osnato, Victoria McQuown, Holly Neier, lynn Pierson, Jack Levine, Earl Neal, Richard Lish, Elyse Luca. Second Row: John Migdal, Martin McNulty, Douglas McLaughlin, David Orenstein, John Maurer, John Pear, Peter Mclvers, Robert lynd. Third Row: Dennis O'Connor, Kathleen Meden, Cecelia Miller, Dorothy Lepper, Dorothy Morris, Carol Luerson, Patricia Lord, Myran Pereyra, Ruth O'Donnell. Fourth Row: Frank Miller, John Lipp, Gary Neal, Robert Mattson, Andrew Pisatelli, Ver- non Morris, Genald Ornato, Barbara Miller. HOMEROGM HI MR. GEORGE THOMPSON First Row: Judith De Matteo, Patricia Covington, Harriet Crescienzi, Arlene Hall, Sue Deady, Michelina D'Amico, Arthur Enz, Flora Colamarino, Susan Dame, Janet Conklin. Second Row: Frank Fabits, Fheda Densky, Sheila Graybar, Judith Diacik, Nancy Harris, Christine Davis, Alma Gordon, Dawn Davis, Betty Di lonardo, Joan Hann. Third Row: Bob Gardner, Mark Gerns- back, Daniel Cramer, William Curtis, Robert Evans, Jeffrey Crabtree, Harold Frising, Ira Fine, Gail Conover. Fourth Row: Charles Fritz. HOMEROOM H3 MR. RUSSELL HEEREN First Row: Philip Krohn, Diana Hunger- ford, lna-Sue Kumerman, Vurran Harris Marguerita Lambertsen, lovie Hope, Carol laia, John Kane, William Lann. Second Row: Joan Holcombe, David Hillmann, Mary Jane Kinney, Virginia Huffman, Christina Hedlund, Janet Hous- ton, Wesley Howe, lewis Letkowitz. Third Row: Ruth Kielblock, Beverly Kliner, Dorothy Kosek, William Ken- nedy, Lynn Kreyling, Elizabeth Johnson, Carol Klebacher, Judy Kilpatrick, Patri- cia lakusta. Fourth Row: Beniamin Kep- pel, Donald Johnson, James Kafka, Ed- ward Kraemer, Douglas Hooper, John Kirchberger, Bryan Hondru, James Hige ginbotham. HGMEROOM H6 Miss MARION RIORDAN First Row: James Watson, David Trotter, Sandra Walton, Susan Vallmer, Jean Veracco, Tucker Tandy, Barry Tarasoft, Sheri Squier, William Watson, Eleanor Winn. Second Row: Lynne Thompson, Thomas Vincena, Judith Yock, .lacque- line Supers, Peggy Ann Wolf, Mary Stackhouse, Mary K, Spatz, John Wahler. Third Row: Betty Jane Van Ness, Nancy Terry, Frank Miller, Nancy Way, Marilyn Walker, Katherine Wilcox, David Zieg- ler, Patricia Wroble. Fourth Row: Bar- bara Wickholm, Gail Webster, Laurel Zicha, Lon Youngquist, Hope Walter, Carol Townsend, Joyce Viliger, Darlene HOMEROOM H5 Miss JOAN BEEKMAN First Row: Paula Pope, Phyllis Rappaport, Deborah Regen, Anna Santanastasio, Janice Sharkey, Elizabeth Snoddy, San- dra Simkin, Elaine Skubits. Second Row: William Smith, Barbara Rosania, Carol Polon, Katherine Schaedel, Lianne Slack, Jack Sanders, Robert Pratscher, Jill Schanz, Third Row: John Richard, Ed- ward Schempp, Peter Schaefer, Diane Schoenbaum, Melody Quipp, Nancy Schroeder, Carol Ridzy, Linda Prelle. Fourth Row: David Rapps, John Schae- fer, James Reid, Peter Ramoer, Harold Scarlett, Thomas Shroba, Richard Polon, William Sayre. Somlack. JUNIOR HIGH BAND First Row: Lawrence Barrett, Carl Dec, Edward Hovan, Michael Piscitelli, Robert Chiari, Robert Reis, Alan Robbins, Anthony Stanislao, Fred Summers, Ronald Brokew, Thomas Bright, Steven Goldfield, Harold Hughes, William Kinney, Wayne Brown, Lewis Jump, Second Raw: Ann Pierson, Patricia Muhley, Ally Clark, Joanne Baranowski, John Kane, Douglas Stackhouse, Gary Singer, Janet Conklin, Janice DeBala, Brian Beattie, Richard Bozen- bury, Holly Neier, Vicky McQuown, Jean Veracca, Jacalyn Holinka, George Locke, James Hughes. Third Row: Lynn Pierson, Roseann Osnato, Janice Ryshary, Alan McCleary, William Johnston, John Bullenback, Michael Yuknus, Brian Gollsmith, Steven Bottcher, Jack Levine, David Weinreish, Robert Lynd, Stephen DeBala, John Kensinger, Janet Houston. Fourth Row: Norman Hansen, Frank Miller, Robert Mattson, Rupert Gardner, Gerald Ornato, Barbara Miller, Theda Densky, Helen Spalding, Cecile Miller, Johnathan Chudson, Vernen Morris, Andrew Piscatelli, James Cainelli. Fifth Row: Joe Bridaik, Glen Stiles, Robert Blank, Mary Ellen Stackhouse, Joan Hokombe, Wesley Howe, Ray Pfeiffer, Lianne Slack, Katherine Scherdel, Michael Fur- restel, Tom Hoffmeier, William Robertson, Edward Ruppert, Stanten Rush, Robert Kriney. Sixth Row: Melody Fasig, Mary Jane Kinney, John Pear, Sandra Walton, Fred Stark, John Birch, Ronald Glick, Elliot Shaefier, Jack Sanders, David Hillman. Seventh Row: William Lanni, Richard Brady, Nancy Way, Lynne Kreyling, Kathleen Moore, Patricia Johnson, Dorothy Lepper, Mark Gernsback, Peter Clark, Timothy Carroll, John Migdal, John Richard, Peter Shaelier, Donald Johnson, Ruth Kielbink, Roger Dean. SEVENTH GRADE HOMEROOM 4 MRS. ELEANOR ROBBINS First Row: Allen Beehler, Nancy Bond, William Bogenrief, Jean Amino, Judy Borch, Mariory Bergert, Natalie Alter, Susan Abramson, Law- rence Barrett. Second Row: Ronald Balak, Steven Baron, Steven Bottcher, John Birch, Mary Ellen Art, Barbara Aiello, Kristine Beniamin, Richard Bozenbury, Barbara Beck, Joanne Baranowski. Third Row: Gary Adams, Linda Best, Anna Bot- tone, Susan Alpert, Juliette Biaslre, Ellen Apgar, Brian Beattie, Alan Beckenstein, Aaron Beyer. HOMEROOM 20 MRS. EvELvN LEONARD First Row: Jcnne Hochadel, Nancy Hennessey, Claire Hopcroft, Linda Ingerto, Marcia Hansen, James Hughes, Lewis Jump, Harold Hughes, Barbara Hatifman, Edward Hovan, Madeline Huttman. Second Row: Richard Hultgren, Ray- mond lngram, Joseph Hartman, Leo Hillmann, William Johnston, linda Hodia, Jacalyn Ho- linka, Lucia Herrmann, Nancy Heubach, Con- stance Hubner, Edward Hultberg. Third Row: John Hicks, Pennie Jenkins, Ossielee Hope, Patricia Johnson, Kathleen Higgins, Patricia Hogstrom, Angela lanniello, Jo Anne Hunt, Barbara Holleran, Thomas Hoflmier, David Jala, Norman Hansen. HOMERCOM 6 MRS. LOUISE BELL First Row: Wayne Brown, Herbert Cavitt, Kath- leen Burke, Robert Brown, Thomas Bright, Robert Chisari, Ronald Brokaw, Kathleen Cole, Barry Cook, Sally Crockett, Carl Dec. Second Row: Janet Carroll, Vicki De Angelis, Randolph Brown, Ruth Cody, Joseph De lisi, Phyllis Cafoncelli, Janice De Bala, Zachary Chaky, Sally Clark, Paula Brown, Anthony Crescienzi. Third Row: Jonathan Chudson, Roger Dean, Joan Callaway, Susan Bradley, Linda Christen- son, Lawrence Creneling, Jack Cioce, Stephen De Bala, Elaine Derby, Lynne De Nise, Anthony Cresciency, Lynn Bunnell. HGMEROOM 8 Miss HELEN VAN DOREN First Row: Carl Gessner, Rosemarie Garsillo, Karoline Greenstein, Florence Fisch, Edward Gary, Steven Goldfield, William Flis, Arnold Dompieri, Frances Di Nuzzo, James Hammond, Brian Goldsmith. Second Row: Lance Dumont, Donald Graiber, Douglas Firstbrook, Susan Gordon, Michael Forristel, Douglas Dabson, Richard Eganey, Michael Di Orio, John Filep, Paul Domenichini, Nancy Gross, Fred Green. Third Row: Bruce Egan, Sandra Dudek, Gary Egan, John Di Canto, Gail Habig, Elaine Dia- cik, Bruce Guthrie, Susan Feigenbaum, Melody Fasig, Janet Hammond, Ronald Glick, Carl Alan Gillberg. HOMEROOM 26 MR. HERBERT KANTER First Row: Robert Moment, Manford Peins, Rob- ert McClintock, Joe Pelizzoni, Gail Overocker, Frank Nero, Michael Piscitelli, Marjorie Naze- netz, Ann Pierson. Second Row: Richard Niel- sen, Vivienne Miller, Adison Mall, Jill O'Hara, William Pear, Carr Quakenbush, Miriam Perey- ra, Patricia Mottley, Michael Olmelio, James Monahan, Third Row: Alice Nelson, Raymond Pfeiffer, Frank Ostrander, Craig Myers, Pa- tricia Pratt, Carmel Parenti, Steve Przemielew- ski, Roger Mansell, Alan McCleary. Fourth Row: Donald Musson, Suzanne Pope, Patricia Patente, Barbara Matysek, Catherine Olson, Kathleen Moore, Susan McLaughlin, Myra Mce Gahan, Joanne Osterland, Joyce Perry, Bar- bara Neumann. HOMEROOM 28 MRs. SELENA KIRCH First Row: Alan Robbins, Robert Reis, William Smith, Susan Studley, Faye Stevens, Frank Sala- maha, Rita Spatz, Martin Smith, John Quints, Patricia Reid. Second Row: Douglas Stack- house, Janice Ryshavy, Joseph Russell, Diane Sutera, Lois Stine, Richard Shupack, Karen Stromoski, Bari Rosen, Elliott Schafler. Third Row: Stanton Rush, Edward Ruppert, Patricia Scarlett, Susan Smith, Carol Shloss, Virginia Skell, Diane Smith, Vincent Santonastasio, Wil- liam Snyder, William Robertson. HOMEROOM 22 MR. ROBERT BISHOP First Row: Patricia Knipe, Margaret Kiss, Freder- ick Maldeis, Mary Margaronis, Robert Kawalek, William Kinney, Charles Main, Leroy Lee, Rob- ert Karlin, Joanna Margaronis. Second Row: Letitia Lautenschlager, Jacqueline Lees, Joanne Mangione, Robin Kinsler, Dean Kiefer, James Mann, George Locke, John Lee, Karen Kostiuk, Elizabeth Karpodinis. Third Row: Robert Kriney, Barbara Malwitz, Jonatha Malecki, Donald Lockard, John Kerwin, John Kensinger, Jack Levin, William Lexow, Barbara Lahaski, Bar- bara Lakusta. HOMEROOM 30 MR. RICHARD SCHNEIDER First Row: Arlene Worthington, Betty Ann Tay- lor, Elsa Wickholm, Karin Torgrimson, Peggy Vincent, Aaron Tucker, Jack Winfrey, Thomas Vroom, John Vontish. Second Row: Edward Topolsky, Peter Youngquist, Jerome Zulus, Dan- iel Tharp, Richard Vallin, Michael Verini, Nicholas Verini, Phyllis Thorne, Donna Toth. Third Row: David Weinreich, Lana Weiss, Pa- tricia Terrill, Susan Sykes, Linda Wyman, Bar- bara Vochl, Ralph Thompson, Nancy Woodland, Patricia Wynn. UNIOR HIGH FOOTBALL rst Row: Beniamin Keppel, James Reid, Douglas Hooper, Norman Hansen, Michael lorio, John Pear, Frederick Buehler, Elliot Schaefer, John Migdal, John Hicks, Law- ince Barrett, Manager. Second Row: Edward Schempp, Robert Mattson, Joseph Brodzik, onk Miller, Brayan Hondru, Thomas Schroba, Gary Neal, John Kirchberger, Robert Gardner, James Cainelli, Vincent Santonastasio, William Sayre, JUNIOR HIGH LEADERS' CLUB First Row: Kathleen Cole, Ina Sue Kamerman, Frances DiNuzzo, Joanna Mar- garonis, Gail Overocker, Kathleen Burke, Linda lngerto, Patricia Mottley, Elsa Wickholm, Sue Studley, Bari Rosen, Sandra Simkin, Elyse Luca, Barbara Beck, Linda Hodia. Second Row: Rita Spatz, Barbara Lakusta, Barbara Lahaski, Mary Margaronis, Joanne Mangione, Patricia Pratt, Claire Hopcraft, Barbara Aiello, Jackie Holinka, Arlene Worthington, Vicki McQuown, Lynn Pierson, Holly Neier. Third Row: Jean Dixon, Rose Osnato, Jean Verracca, Janet Hammond, Rose- marie Garzillo, Barbara Holleran, Joanne Baranoski, Betty A. Taylor, Kristine Beniamin, Elizabeth Karpodinis, Donna Toth, Myra McGahan, Fourth Row: Bar- bara Neumann, Patricia Covington, Sandra Walton, Sue Alpine, Joanne Hunt, Laura Wolli, Joan Holcombe, Patricia Hogstrom, Sue McLaughlin, Mickey D'Amico, Mary K. Spatz, Kathy Higgins. Fifth Row: Christina Hedlund, Lianne Slack, Katherine Wilcox, Alma L. Gordon, Jonatha Malecki, Lynne Kreyling, Cheryl Meyer, Betty DiLonardo, Susan Bradley, Beth Johnson, Carol Klebacher, Patricia Lord. Sixth Row: Shirley Ann Hansen, Joan Benton, Hope Walter, Patricia Johnson, Catherine Olson, Judith Diacik, Carol Luerson, Lorrie Chano- witz, Patricia Lakusto, Barbara Wickholm, Kathleen Meden, Sue Pope. JUNIOR HIGH G.A.A. First Row: M. Vincent, N. Alter, J. Margaronis, C, Burke, G. Overocker, R. Spatz, F. DiNuzzo, A. Pierson, S. Walton. Second Row: K. Meden, B, Wickholm, S. Alpine, B. Beck, E. Wickholm, S. Clark, J. O'Hara, M, Lambertsen, S. Studley, S. Simkin, P. Mott- Iey, E. Luca, R. Kinsler, V. McQuown, M. Spatz, Miss Sandra Wilbur, Advisor. Third Row: E. Apgar, L. Pierson, J. Ryshavy, J. Conklin, E. Snoddy, L. lngerto, N. Hennessy, V. Miller, J. DeBaIa, S. Squier, S. Pope. Fourth Row: J, Hammond, J. Holinka, H. Neier, J. Verracca, C. Parenti, P. Pratt, B. Lakusta, L. Lautenschlager, M. McGaran, P. Wynn Fifth Row: J. Schanz, M. D'Amico, D. Toth, J, Perry, J. Hunt, B. Lahaski, B. Taylor, A Worthington, M. Margaronis, J. Mangione. Sixth Row: K. Covington, C. Hedlund, A. Gordon, K. Schaedel, L. Slack, J. Houston, J. Holcombe, S. McLaughlin, D. Sutera, B. Neumann. Seventh Row: S. Bradley, J. Malecki, P, Hogstrom, N. Woodland, S. Alpert, K. Wilcox, N. Way, M. Walker, D. Kosek, B, Kliner. Eighth Row: C. Olson, B. Voehl J. Calloway, C. Shloss, E. Johnson, C, Klebacher, P. Lord, J. Villiger, B. Rosania, B Malwitz. Ninth Row: D, Lepper, P. Patente, D. Schoenbaum, P, Johnson, H. Walter P. Lakusta, N. Schroeder, J. Benton, L. Kreyling, L. Wyman. JUNIOR HIGH CHEERLEADERS Carol Klebacher, Capt., Marilyn Walker, Elizabeth Snoddy, Ann Pierson, Gail Overocker Mariorie Nazenetz, Linda lngerto, Harriet Crescienzi. Page 39 JUNIOR HIGH TUNLAW First Row: Gary Apgar, Jacqueline Supers, Robert Lynn, Susan Dame, Flora Colomarino, Elyse Luca. Second Row: Rose Osnato, Christine Davis, Patricia Lord, Lewis Lefkowitz, Lynne Kreyling, Deborah Regen. Third Row: Hope Walter, Judy Kilpatrick, Barbara Milles, Lee Chudson, Jerry Ornato, Barbara Wickholm, Patricia Lakusta. JUNIOR STUDENT COUNCIL First Row: Jean Veracca, Barbara Aiello, William Pear, Ruth Cody, Raymond Fino, Elsa Wickholm, Arlene Worthington, Joanna Margaronis, Ronald Brokaw. Second Row: John Pear, Nancy Terry, Lianne Slack, Jack Sanders, Susan Pope, Steven Bottcher, James Mann, Leo Hillmann. Third Row: Robin Batcho, Patricia C. Lakusta, Marcia Blaikie, Patricia Lord, Deborah Smith, Alma L. Gordon. ,. 5' I I if Q53 tl I if 1 -f I JUNIOR HIGH JR. RED CROSS First Row: Frances Di Nuzzo, Gail Overocker, Kathleen Burke, Marcia Hansen, Nan: Hennesy, Lucia Herrmann, Janice DeBala, Phyllis Cafoncelli, Joseph Russell, Barbar Hoffmann. Second Row: Martain Smith, Frank Salamaha, Nancy Heubach, Barbar Lakusta, Arlene Worthington, Elaine Dicik, Betty Ann Taylor, Elizabeth Karpodini Laura Wolff, Janet Hammond, Jacqueline Lees, Donna Toth, David Weinreich, Lind Hodia. Third Row: Douglas Dobson, Karoline Greenstein, Judy Borch, Michael Di Orit Jo Anne Hunt, Susan Alpert, Kathleen Higgins, Carol Schloss, Jonatha Malechi, Pt Johnson, Kathleen Moore, Phyllis Thorne, Patricia Hogstrom, Steven DeBala, Kristine Beniamin. CHORUS First Row: D. Hungerford, B. Lakusta, J. Conklin, N. Heuback, C. Huber, B. Beck, I McQuown, H. Neier, B. Rosen, J. DeBala, V. Harris, J. Margaronis, K. Burke, F. Fiescl G, Overocker, K. Cole, R. Spatz. Second Row: J. Monohan, J, Winfrey, R. Beck, Salamaha, E. Snoddy, J. Shantz, J. Hammond, J. Lees, M. Margaronis, N. Bond, I Hoffman, .l, Veracca, M. Lambertson, J. Borch. Third Row: J. Hochadel, M. Yuknus, I Ingram, M. Verini, T. Hoftmier, F. Stark, Z. Chaky, W. Lezon, A. Gillberg, D. Weinricl J. Harfmana, R. Karlin, R. Kawalcep, J. Hughes. Fourth Row: N. Gross, R. Cody, I Beniamin, R. Garzillo, B. Holleran, J, Holinka, B. Aiello, C. Hopcraft, N. Hennessy, Ryshawy, K, Stromoski, J. Phillps, S. Tucker, J. Hammond. Fifth Row: S. Feigenbaun S. Dame, J. Supers, J. Barton, D. Regen, J. Hunt, L. Stine, A. Worthing, S, Vollme F, Colamarino, S. Clark, V. De Angelis, D. Toth. Sixth Row: C. Meyer, L. Slack, S. Alpinn P. Hockstrom, B. Kliner, P. Calvert, J. Yock, J. Holcombe, R. Bryan, B. Snyder, A, Bottom E, Derby, S. DeBala. Seventh Row: D. Kosek, J. Houston, P. Scarlett, J. Biastre, S. Bradle' J. Malechi, P. Thorne, D. Smith, J, Barry, B. Di Leonardo, D. Davis, C. Angel, A Kinney, Eighth Row: D. Scmlock, S. Allen, A. Brohm, N. Harris, C. Townsend, L. Paellt J. Villiger, R. Swieringa, F. Bimble, R. Wood, D. Orenstein, A. Walls, B. Walters, Nint Row: J, Cainelli, V. Morris, A. Piscatelli, E. Hultberg, S. Pope, N. Bellon, R. Bender, Denison, D. Lepper, C. Miller, C. Luerson, J. Kilpatrick, N. Schroeder. I JUNIOR HIGH ART CLUB First Row: Sally Crockett, Sheri Squier, Garry Apgar, Zachary Chaky, Douglas Firs brook, Kathleen Cole. Second Row: Kristine Benjamin, Patricia Hogstrom, Jonath Malecki, Donald Graeber, Jill Shanz, Barbara Lakusta, Third Row: Robert Lynd, Care Ann Luersen, Jonathan Chudson, Frank Bimble, Kathy Schaedel, Susan Bradley. My S 1 2 . gy 3 4 Q ii '91 Sgswf 5 2 43. , .. A .Vg V f , K ' gg , X V m. fe 2 ' A 5 ,W .M . - 1 mf W -:ig V si, new 2 . , V - ,V M E 5, ,,1A Q V , ,i.,A Vg VV ,. . - , XQVVXV Q? ,, YL wg ,V VV VVVVZVV . , , 65 ' V 'fig 'Eev 45.36 V .63 ' if -3 ' LV , V we V Vw ,M nf VT A fp X ,, Q 4 K '," 13:5 W 'K V' ii ef, ' :ffzif Q ' 'f ' ' , A ' V2-V :, V A, rf' Y if 'uf' K- M f ww f ' - - 5 gl N, fag X +, ' me My f .gif f wf if ' 1 QM? 7' 3 ' "W" ' PM . , fyf H , if V V V V V wie JMQAZVVVVVVQVV ,, ff, A' S511 ' 'S gr? ,y-' M A ' if , , Q gf Nm ji, , V VV gvwyk., VV V ' 5 'L V ,Q nw, V - f ,.' 2 W 3 i ? if 55? f' "V i L' ' Sain , J V A? KL K VV? 4. "5 , ,f TV-V N a A Ng ,H , , W if Q F, ,. . 5, Q v',,,k Q, ,,, -, H "'. ' VE Q, V V 3 ,VR 1 e ? 1 g 5 'P , 3 ,xl rx H ., - 2 ik ' "k' A Z i 2 . I , Gia ,, gig? ., Q 'L , T325 W V V. .X ,V 14 V --, V , ' VV . A X' ,qw - Q A V - , ' 'f ' fi-1 4 A ' K X 2 M,,. f N, ' "" Q, V ,V 4g I af U cg' 4 .fiifignb Q Y x HK ., 1-S V . W, MRS, EMMA MAYER BUIITON WEISS ROBERT NILSEN MISS CAROLE DIANGELO Yearbook Advisor Ed'Io"""ChI'I B'-'SIWNS MU"U99f Business ACIYISOI' CANUCK STAFF MARIE BUTSCHER Now this is what we ll do today KEITH BYERS PRISCILLA GABAY ALEX JASZEK Student photographer DAVID ALESSANDRINI Yearbook salesmen: Katherine Beebe, Barbara Beehler, Suzanne Bell, Carolyn Casazza, Connie Cotanzaro, Judith Chandler, Linda Dize, Joyce Fioravanti, Carole Grundke, Barbara House, Isabel Keppel, William King, David MacDonald, Katherine Mahon, Carmelina Maresca, Jacqueline McCarter, Moria Mc- Cluney, Nancy Mclvers, Maureen Parker, Rachel Richardson, "Really?" ALAN WEISBECKER ELIZABETH GILBERT KATHLEEN PERSONS Fay Riker, Mariorie Rocchietti, Thomas Rushetski, Audrey Sankc George Sayre, Hazel Schmedes, Barbara Schramm, Brend Sheeler. Typists: Mariorie Hartmann, Patricia Knudsen, Carole Leibunc gut, Victoria Pelios, Cora Troiano, Alice Venittelli, Susan Wa dron, Diane Whitmore, Jeffrey Williams, Beverly Yanchowskg Kathleen Zaninelli. Jw' Aff i.. ff ff ' Iwif! if 'fi 3 3,51 ,,, 'E' STUDE T f H if ' f- l Q f i ' x l , I s MISS DOROTHY HABGOOD MR. FRANK KIANESE First Row: Tom Kalfenbach, David Weiss, Burton Weiss, Parliamentariang Carole Grundke, Recording Secretary, Gary Bicknell, President, Connie Weatherby, Corresponding Secretary-Treasurer, Ray Fino, Vice-President, Ellen Winfield, Tom Ross. Second Row: Larry England, Peter Broccoletti, Raymond Folond, Carole Leibundgut, Katherine Palocce, Ellen French, Ann Scott, Pamela Byers, Victoria Pelios. Third Row: Elston Seal, Douglas Kerr, Robert Andronici, David Sperling, George Sayre, Nancy Mclvers, Peter Carmichael, Alice Cainelli. BOOSTER CLUB MRS. LUDMILLA DONOHUE First Row: Carol Buchowski, Secretary, Maureen Parker, President, Alfred Kluck, Vice-President, Carole leibundgut, Treasurer, Second Row: Kathy Perone, Janet Greco, Kathy Gallick, Mary Diehl, Diane Whitmore, Fran Tucciarone. Third Row: Eleanor Keenan, Mary Alice Dorsey, Eleanor Schir- rippa, Nancy Watson, Vicki Pelios, Efthalia Saloukas, Kay Smith, Becky Bishop, Diane Wroble, Janis Urciouli, Lynn Ohgren, JoAnne Jachtman. Fourth Row: Ronald Klein, Daniel Glick, Barbara McClow, Mary Ellen Smith, Jim Rittenhouse, Robert Nilsen, Gary Bicknell, Tom Diehl, John Schneider, Michael Goldfield, Gary Gibert, David Mandato, Betty Gilbert. 1 ,Af 1.8, M fly po " f J ' I I. R K 'l, U .313 J 'Z. 1' ?j . C. ,' 4 , . ,Q,s K EY c LU B , J M y-mf ,pf ,J My ,Q ill izfm 0 ff, il iw' 103. MR, JOHN KOPESKE First Row: David Weiss, Peter Broccoletti, Peter Carmichael, James Feller, Secretary, Matthew Hines, Vice President, Eric Giesa, President- Barry Hamley, Treasurer, Stewart Siegal, Theodore Amo, Raymond Fino and William Nelson. Second Row: Paul Lipani, Wayne Hunt, Herbert Orenstein, Gary Bicknell, David Snoddy, Alex Jaszek, Edward Krusmon, David Sperling, Elliot Siegal, Joel Klompus, Richard Lee, Raymond Smith, Joseph Dorsey, James Heron, Stephen Mann, Gary Gilbert, Richard Walter, Peter Kerns, Alfred Kluck, Henry Kochelriess and William Pope. FIRE PATRCL J-A ,i,,l sf . MR. JOHN PARKER First Row: Ray Smith, Assistant Chief, Kathy Mahon, Secretary, Dave MacDonald, Chief, Dave Mandala, Treasurer, Roger Seal, Assistant Chief. Second Row: Jacqueline McCarter, Sue Bell, Judy Vincenz, Connie Weatherby, Moira McCluney, Carol Carey, Lois Fine, Fran Wood, Connie Catanzaro. Third Row: Betsy Paulson, Barbara Schramm, Pat Weil, Eileen Bradley, Judy Kosteck, Marilyn Sharpe, Mary Jo Van Winkle, Kathy Krohn, Maureen Parker, Burt Weiss. Fourth Row: Nancy Sturcke, Barbara House, Don Napier, Marie Butscher, Lindo Dize, Nancy Mclvers, Priscilla Gabay, George Sayre, Bob Nilsen, Doug Long. Fifth Row: Pete Kerns, Mike Frusco, Carl Hunt, Joe Hogarth, John Mattson, Doug Kerr, Alan Weisbecker, Jim Feller, Gary Bicknell, Dick Walter. K. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA ,,,S,,A,,,,NEM,QUOWN wr a 9 1 - I' -A emi' I First Row: Nancy Jones, Karen Wickholm, Jeanette Koumiian, Barbara House, Sonya Koumiian, Donna Hunt, Alice Coinelli, Virginia Meden, Judy Ruppert, Roe Richardson, Carol Cosgrove, Cheryl Kachelriess, Nancy Nadler. Second Row: Peter Moore, Drew Smith, Richard Larson, Greyden Eckdall, Nancy Sturcke, Historian, Carmalina Maresca, Vice President, Connie Weatherby, President, Priscilla Gabay, Secretary, Gary Bicknell, Treasurer, Herbert Howe, Robert Nilsen. Third Row: Patricia Poulson, Robin Ratilaniella, Marilyn Main, Peggy Monahan, Jackie McCarter, Peggy Kosek, Kathy Velten, Sandra Chaky, Nancy Benikowski, Barbara Minghenelli, Janet Ledder, Eleanor Farley, Judy Rice, Mary Lou Sanders, Faye Brown, Nancy Quackenbush, Nancy Schroba. Fourth Row: Ellen French, Moira McCluney, Constance Kish, Sharon Vollmer, Carol Lieto, Peggy McBride, Priscilla Villa, lanice Urciuolo, Lynn Harris, Nancy Watson, Eleanor Schrippa, Daryl Rosen, Sue Waldron, Andrea Guilbert, Joan Smith, Diane Wilson. Fifth Row: Gretchen Vollmer, Pamela Schombs, Diane Comp, Grady Lee Gordon, June Barton, Susan Gage, Kathie Gallick, Linda Gilbride, Suzanne Medinets, Marie Marwick, Sandro Gary, Betty Lou Parker, Carol lsenberg. UTURE URSES' LUB MISS CLARA MELNIK First Row: Pamela Rice, Corresponding Secretary, Judy Ruppert, Vice President, Barbara Schramm, Recording Secretary, Bonnie Boron, President, Carole Grundke, Treasurer, Kathryn Beebe, Historian. Second Row: Judy Goodwin, Linda Ewing, Maureen Haughney, Sandro Bollas, June Biondi, Joyce Biondi, Carol Bottscher, Eileen Kane, Carol Tallamy, Fay Riker, Sandra Bruch, Third Row: Ruth Lehman, Jane Angerbauer, Sandy Guerriero, Judy Vincenz, Doris Beres, Cecelia Greco, Carol Cichon, Peggy McBride, Nancy Williams, Carolyn Wish. Fourth Row: Elaine Homley, Jean Marsianik, Pamela Byers, Bonnie LeBar, Phyllis Riker, Helen Johnston, Joan Barber, Gladys Letter, Margaret Monahan, Jane Crutlenden, Audrey Sanlfo. Fifth Row: Maybelle Conklin, Carol DeBala, Patricia O'KeeFfe, Ann Latty, Arlene Bruscki, Wendy Glasgow, Mary Jo Van Winkle, Virginia Kliner, Mary Ellen Smith. SENICR Y-TEE S First Row: Pat Weil, Parliamentariang Carolyn Casaua, Secretary, Nancy Mclvers, President, Priscilla Gabay, Vice-President, Eileen Bradley, Treasurer. Second Row: Brenda Sheeler, Marge Rochetti, Carol White, Maureen Parker, linda Dize, Joan Martin. Third Row: Fran Wood, Carol Carey, Mary Ann McDonough, Sue Bell, Barbara Beehler, Carol Grundke, Connie Catanzaro. JU IOR Y-TEENS First Row: Mary Anne Mingari, President, Helen Johnston, Vice-President, Valerie Duhig, Secretary, Kathie Palocce, Treasurer. Second Row: Arlene Bruschi, Jcy Catanzaro, Alice Venitelli, Barbara Beck, Alison Gaddis, Nancy Williams, Peggy Ann McBride, Pat O'Keefle. Third Row: Luanne Von Doren, Joanne Jachtman, Corinne Dowd, Wendy Glasgow, Barbara Buehler, Ginger Wagner, Jean Freeman, Carol Pittington, Anne Schrlrrippa, Jo-Anne Keegan, Mary Ann York. fi fl 13,215 SOPHOMGRE Y-TEENS swf ,,,,, in ,,4,g,,,, ,.,,,, F First Row: Pam Schombs, Kathy Gallick, Linda Gilbride, Annabell Abruzzese, Connie Kish, Joyce Levenson, Carol Bottcher, Diane Whitmore, Joan Smith, Mary Lou Birch, Diane Naiim. Second Row: Elaine Timm, Gail Wean, Ruth Lehman, Carol Cichon, Sue Waldron, Vicki Pelios, Thalia Saloukas, Gail Walker, Cecelia Greco, Melanie Morris, Judy Flury. Third Row: Mary Lou Keppel, Bonnie laBar, Virginia Pike, Betty Lou Protcher, Janet Ledder, Lynn Ohgren, Connie Kastas, Sandra Chaky, Leanore Farley, Virginia Beck, Rose Marie Garino, Fourth Row: Marian Dorflinger, Joan Salamaka, Carol Black, Sue Schoenbaum, Donna Hunt, Mary Ellen Smith, Carolyn Wish, Judy Goodwin. Fifth Row: Audree Peters, Patricia Harris, Carol Bergert. RESHMAN Y-TEENS QR' First Row: Joan Meiser, Sherry Reeve, Gail Lippincott, Cheryl Kachelriess, Put Smith. Second Row: April Keliker, Kathy Velten, Virgiria Meden, Nancy Jones, Nancy Seymour, Janet Koumiian, Barbara Brown, Third Row: Jane Colwell, Ruth Seal, Cathy Gardner, Ann Guttridge, Marilyn Main, Mariorie Tilley, Ellen Winfield, Jane Feller. lah DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION CLUB MR. ROBERT KLEIN First Row: George White, Joe Kucinski, Fran Wood, Secretary, Cathy Burke, Vice Presi- dent, Eleanor Terry, Presidentp Beverly Tucker, Treasurer, Marion Diem, Priscilla Latty, David Whelan, Gary Kopf. Second Row: Mr. Klein, Nicholas Pisani, Jack Plimpton, David Newman, Robert loalbo, Robert Swenton, William Brown. BUSINESS GIRLS' CLUB mvfofewon A-IK I MRS. HELEN WICKS First Row: Nancy Mclvers, Treasurer, Brenda Sheeler, Secretary, Joan Martin, Vice President, Eleanor i'erry, President. Second Row: Virginia Troiano, Carol McMahon, Connie Catan1a'o, Marian Diem, Fran Wood, Mary Ann McDonough, Joyce Fioravanti, Kathy Mahon, Cathy Burke, Barbara Beehler, Rita Silkotch, Beverly Tucker, Kathy Cusick, Carol Thomas, Anna Crescienzi, Mariorie Rocchietti, Cora Troiano. UNIOR RED CROSS MRS. ELIZABETH GLASER Seated: Miriam Sodwith, President, Jacqueline McCarler, Vice President, Patricia Knudsen, Secretary-Treasurer. Standing: Katherine Krohn, Patricia Poulson, Linda Ewing, Eleanore Schirippa, Diane Wroble, Barbara House, Helen Spalding, Nancy Quackenbush, Rose Marie Polimeni, Gail Klement. ANUCK SCIENTISTS MR. ROBERT KLEINHANS First Row: Tony DiNuzzo, Alexander Jaszek, President, John Oakes, Vice President, Maybelle Conklin, Secretary-Treasurer. Second Row: Bryan! Coving- ton, Kalll Boghdan, Michael Goldtield, Alan Weisbecker, Thomas Rushetski, Frederick Shauger, Frederick Fineberg. Page 49 wx. r ' Q.. HALL PATROL AND MESSENGERS V, E if I ,yin MR. EARL GUNTER First Row: Mary Ann McDonough, Kathy Mahon, Carolyn Casazza, Assistant Chief, Linda Dize, Chief, Moira McCluney, Assistant Chief, Lois Fine. Second Row: Joan Martin, Judy Chandler, Sue Bell, Kathy Beebe, Judy Vincenz, Brenda Sheeler, Joyce Fioravanti. Third Row: Eleanor Terry, Maureen Parker, Hazel Schmedes, Mary Jo Van Winkle, Barbara House, Betty Ann Gilbert, Eileen Bradley. SENIOR TRI-HI-Y MRS. MAX VINCENZ First Row: Judith Vincenz, Treasurer, Katherine Beebe, Vice President, Isabel Keppel, Secretary, Mary Jo Van Winkle, President, Judith Chandler Historian, Priscilla Gabay, Chaplain. Second Raw: Miriam Sodwith, Hazel Schmedes, Marie Butscher, Katherine Krohn, Margaret Jackson. Page 50 1 .3 f Q New wma Www ,ig A SPA ISH CLUB MRS. EMMA MAYER First Row: Joel Klompus, Vice President, Carmelina Maresca, President, Carol-Ann Lieto, Secretary, Robert Fligiel, Treasurer. Second Row: Barbara Schramm, Linda Ewing, Betty Lou Parker, .lune Barton, Pamela Byers. Third Row: Priscilla Morris, Paul Remington, Alan Weisbecker, Pahicia Knudsen, Anne Latty. Fourth Row: David MacDonald, Peggy Monahan, Marilyn Grand, Ellen Mott, Elizabeth Poulson. 1Atenci6n! Habla la seiorita Maresca, presidente del Club. F R E N C C L U B 'uf v4b"'gfQ,. avr 19' WLM fl ll , 91 MRS. VIRGINIA ozzARD ' First Row: Barbara Minghanelli, Carole leibundgut, Secretary, Moira McCluney, President, Lois Clendening, Treasurer, Katherine Krohn. Second Row: Priscilla Villa, Carole Bottcher, Kathleen Vroom, Carol Roberts, Daryl Rosen, Katherine Wyman. Third Row: Nancy Seymour, Judy Ruppert, William Nelson, Carol Black, Valerie Duhig. Fourth Row: Alice Burger, Diane Ahorn, Barbara Brown, Adele Carole, Joseph Darold. Page 5l 5? 'S 51 - I ' ,,.. QR-fxfi, sf' A if s 1 Q Nw 5. F 5 E f si ! 5 E i N Fm ART CLUB 'r-ginger i 'N lf' MR. RICHARD CHASE First Row: Diane Alpert, Secretary, Valerie Duhig, President, C I Ro k LIBRARY COUNCIL aroe c efeller, Vice President. Second Row: William Evans, Judith McDonough Richard Fink, Charles Evans. MR. KENT C. HORNER First Row: Betsy Paulson, Roger Abramson, Parliamentarianp Jacqueline McCarter President' Joseph Darold Secretar Ma t' R' T , , , yy rm leger, rec-surer. Second Row: Nancy Benikosky, Dorothy Shane, Mina Karlin, Thomas Ross, David MacDonald, Patricia Paulson. Third Row: Corinne Dowd, Douglas long, Peter Kerns, Roger Seal, Sandra Moore. Officers: H. Schmedes, Treasurer, R. Walter, Vice President, P. Kerns, President, N. Domenichini, Secretary. First Row: J. Smith, F. Tucciarone, B. Schramm, R. Polimeni, S. Medinets, L. Gilbride, F. Thomas, S. Gage, S. DeNise, K. Vroom. Second Row: P. Rice, J. Vincenx, K. Beebe, M. Korlin, N. Williams, C. Grundke, D. Whitmore, E. Kane, C. Casazza, M. Birch. Third Row: G. Letter, A. Kastax, C. Maresca, A. Gaddis, S. Guerrio, K. Smith J. Mele, C. Cichon, P. Weil, N. Wachter. Fourth Row: P. Moll, B. Minghenelli, A. Bruschi, R. Chanowitz, M. Grand, V. Pike, J. Jachtmonn, B. Protscher: C. Dowd. Fifth Row: B, McClow, P. Epstein, R. Richardson, M. Parker, C. White, E. Bradley, E. Paulson, M. Van Winkle, B. House, K. Krohn. Sixth Row D. MacDonald, R. Abramson, J. Freeman, A. Cainelli, H. Spalding, J. Goodwin, A. Peters, C. Bergert, A. Sanko, P. Gabay. Seventh Row: J, Freedman M. Frusco, R. Seal, J. Heron, M. Kamerman, G. Bicknell, R. Bedner, S. Bond, G. Sayre, A. Gulich. D R A M AT l C C L U MRS. KATHRYN BEVENS The finishing wuches "Your cue-no, your cue!" l don t want anyone Iaughmq at his own jokes! Do you thunk we Il find a seat in time?" "Ready on the lights." The show begins Page 54 "l stopped by for a bottle of char- treuse . . . for Ernest, you know." "She's coming around." "What . . . convicts!" An accident is about to be arranged She s found happiness and doesnt know it. With thanks to our star Stage Crew Technical Staff t tr 3 Seated: Thalia Saloukas, Mina Karlin. Standing: Barbara Schramm, Erik Holme, Pamela Rice, David MacDonald, Richard Bedner. On Steps: Priscilla Moll, Nancy Williams, Gladys Ledder, Constance Kaxlas, James Heron, Barbara Minghenelli, Lois Bimble, Rebecca Neese, Alice Coinelli. xy, W, L I WH mx ,K-55, hxfv,-. if f v 4 1 fxiffilwgyj W.. , 5 Jlwf V . ..- A QAM. 'ZTT31 ,,'YQ ix L ,, i. Jl . Q nfs -in X. . 'vj k Lk 55. , 1 f M Q ff , ' - "' V qw' V gif K , '.W1,W.. V. If v 1 jfgyiggigflig ,M , , A ,L , . 1 - W ,,, A 11 5 MF w ..- Q: k SS- ' xg-A, 'uf I .uf-5 ,pw V I 55",-i.,h ,fmyggi 'zfffi L -"F, . T-.-' A 1 ,S fi . 5 M ff , ,. ,I 'li ygggqwgi-K.. . www 1 V1-f ,. gg, A 3' Y W 4,3 -X , 455 '. f ff, . , .imma-5 -N 1 jqg.'.nf,w ,J 2 gwg :M f1? ,A mf ' " w4f61.' A wh W U '?'."i?vA. if .,. ,ig wg? fy-gvx i Qgbapsxxff If MRS. GLADYS TAYLOR First Row: Connie Weatherby, Burt Weiss, George Sayre, Vice-President, Eric Giesa, President, Gary Bicknell, Marilyn Sharpe, Bonnie Baron, Missing Priscilla Gabay, Secretary-Treasurer, Second Row: Carol Carey, Judy Kosteck, Mary Jo Van Winkle, Judy Chandler, Nancy Sturcke, Dave MacDonald Carmelina Maresca, Moira McCluney, Third row: Katherine Krohn, Pete Carmichael, Alex Jaszek, Pete Kerns, Ray Smith, Tom Rushetski, Marie Butscher F A S H I O N C I. u B MISS MARGARET CONNELLY new V' Q, 'FZS7 UQ fl, A ,,,, ' First Row: Carol White, Wendy Glasgow, Treasurer, Rachael Richardson, Patricia Corley, Secretary, Joanne Jachtman, Second Row: Carole Leibundgut, Bonnie Baron, Carol Carey, Kathy Mahon, Suzanne Bell, Patricia Weil, Patricia O'Keefe, Shirley Kohler. Third Row: Betty Gilbert, Alice Cainelli, Ellen Lund, Priscilla Gcbay, Linda Dize, Carol Bahowski, Maureen Parker. Missing: Carolyn Casazza, President, Nancy Shroba, Vice President. TUNLAW MR. DEAN GOULD First Row: Michael Goldtield, Co-Copy Editor, David Weiss, Features Editor, Daryl Rosen, Editor-in-chief, June Barton, News Editor, Paul Seybold, Sports Editor, Edward Siegel, Co-Copy Editor. Second Row: Jetlrey Williams, Stuart Siegel, Richard Larson, Graydon Ekdahl, Maryanne Mott, Marilyn Grand, Carol Rockefeller, linda Ewing, Mina Karlin, Patricia Knudsen, Sonia Koumiian, Dianne Alpert. CANUCKUNG '10-.W .- ,V H V I, 3, ,M ,V . Z - A .V ,,., ,Q '- MISS MARIE O'BRlEN First Row: Keith Byers, Hazel Schmedes, Peter Carmichael, Gary Bicknell, Katherine Krohn, David MacDonald. Second Row: Linda Dize, Moira McCIuney, Bonnie Baron, Carol Carey, Katherine Mahon, Joyce Fioravanti, George Sayre. Third Row: Douglas long, Alan Weisbecker, Roger Seal, Peter Kerns, Page 58 Michael Frusco, John Mattson, Nancy Mclvers, Richard Walter. ANUCKATEEN MRS. VINCENT HUNT, P.T.A. Chairman First Row: Gary Bicknell, Mike Frusco, Hosts, Ray Smith, Treasurer, John Sherlock, Co-chairman clean-up, David Ahouse, Co-chairman set-up, Jerry Retto, Co-chairman set-up, Wayne Hunt, Co-chairman music, Ray Fino Co-chairman coat room, David MacDonald, Music equipment. Second Row: Jim Heron, Co-chairman clean-up, Marilyn Sharpe, Co-chairman admissions, Mary Lou Sanders, Co-chairman admissions, Connie Weotherby, President, Alice Cainelli, Co-chairman music, Carole Leibundgut, Co-chairman publicity, Betty Ann Gilbert, Co-chairman publicity, Barbara Schramm, Secretary. "Go, man, go." "Your move" Page 59 ADVANCED CHORUS MR. J. THOMAS DIXON First Row: Kathleen Vroom, June Barton, Margaret Jackson, Second Row. Horton Hickerson, Lois Clendening, Ellen Mott, Barbara Lloyd. Third Row: Mathew Hines, Donald Bryan, Nancy Nadler, Donald Villiger, Frederick Stine. GIRLS' CHGRUS MR. J. THOMAS DIXON First Row: J. Thomas Dixon, Jan ledder, Sonya Koumiian, Nancy Turbawitz, Carol Cosgren, Roberta Chanowitz, Sue Baron, Judy Rice, Second Raw P098 00 Maryann onnain, Connie Kash, Thulin snlonkns, Judy onnlnp, shenn Wilson, Nancy Watson, Irene Hutnick, Judy snsn, Pan, Schombs. BA D MR. NELSON ERNEST First Row: William Nelson, Carl Gaebel, Richard Fink, Barbara Smith, Paul Karwowski, Thomas Ross, Russell Page, Beverly Foster, Marilyn Mann, Margaret Holmes, Mary Carol Case, Barbara Elia, Allan Ruckman, Raymond Fino, Steven Schaeclel. Second Row: Bruce BliHord, John Richardson, Douglas Valentine, Peggy Ann McBride, Barbara Schramm, Douglas Hansen, Peter Moore, Florio Abbate, William Laypin, William Robbins. Third Row: Harriet Houston, John Fiedler, Mary Lou Sanders, Bart Overocker, Lorraine Davis, Marilyn Sharpe, Connie Weatherby, Dexter Cook, Kenneth Taylor, Richard Krieg, Katherine Wymin, Ann Guttridge, Arthur Wittenauer, Richard Emery. Fourth Row: Herbert Howe, Stewart Siegel, Warren Otto, Earl Dougher, Robert Beattie, John Reid, Cheryl Kachelriess, Terhune Beebe, Richard Pittington, Pat Poulson, Virginia Kliner, Jack Freeman, Fifth Row: John Sherlock, Thomas Ovens, John O'Brien, Gary Bicknell, Robert Van Nortwick, Edward Staib, Carl Hunt, William Brunnengraber, Eugene Rosen, Wayne Hunt. ORCHESTRA -p,,,,,-.-l. .. .eww l 2 f lilliiiiliillliliii sf ITL J , W i MR. NELSON ERNEST First Row: Donald Johnson, John Migdal, Nancy Way, John A. Kane, Sandra Walton, Robert Lynd, John Bollenbach, Christina Hedlund. Second Row: Tom D Ch ' t' D ' L ' ' ' ' ' ec, ns me avns, ynn Kreylmg, Carol lueto, Elizabeth Johnson, Carol Angel, Alma Gordon, Lon Youngquust, Third Row: Elston Seol Martin Page 61 Rleger, Frank lslele, Alan Castroll, Elinor Byrd, Virginia Meden, Kathleen Meden, I . Best Wishes to the Class of 59 LLIBECK AGENCY Real Estate Appraisals - Mortgages 349 WATCHUNG AVE. NORTH PLAINFIELD NEW JERSEY ii 'Q lu '77 .' af. Ig .r ""'5i7ll Wg-5,-4'.. GRADUATES OF 59 We pom with all your friends and famlly In extending to you our heartlest congratulations Hzmenlr ' PLAINFIELD .A E',v,x'Ql'l Q ,, Pr Ph NX - . all fl 'N x L X ' A X 'L 'f 1 Q ADVERTISEMENTS Apgar's Craff and Hobby Cenfer l72 Somersef Sfreef Complefe Line of Handicraffs Avis Renl'-A-Car Sysfem l45 Somersef Sfreef, Norfh Plainfield PI 6-0957 Baron's Pharmacy Use Drive-ln Window for emergencies IIII E.2ndSfreef Pl6-IOIO David Bruce Lfd. I37 Park Avenue Plainfield, N. J. CasI'roIl's Shop RiI'e 353 Somersef Sfreef Norfh Plainfield Church's and Roma Markefs 223-227 Somersef Sfreef Norfh Plainfield William Jay Clark Volvo Franchised Dealer Saab 505 Somersef Sf.. Norfh Plainfield Edward's Beaufy Salon 77 Wafchung Ave., Norfh Plainfield, N. J. The Lafesf in Hair Sfyles - PI 6-2233 Park Hosiery Sfores I7 Wafchung Ave., Plainfield PI 6-4908 Richard C. Fischer Real Esfafe 8: Insurance 9I Wafchung Ave.. Norfh Plainfield Complimenfs of if Flair Bridal Shop Plainfield. N. J. John Franks Men's Apparel Plainfield Wesffield Complimenfs of '5 Thomas Furn. Co. ' 226 Park Ave.. Plainfield, N. J. Buy your Soda Greenbrook Boffling Co. Vifelli Bros. PI 6-0945 Hedberg Radio and Television 227 Easf 2nd Sfreef Opposife Courier News Pafrick L. Hedden, Realfor 302 Somersef Sfreef, Norfh Plainfield Pl 6-7326 Hickory Delicafessen I2 I 6 Wesf Fronf Sfreef, Plainfield Plaffers for Parfies Conrad Jacobson Corporafion Roofing and Sheef-mefal Confracfors 75 Somersef Sfreef Pl 6- I O64 ' Jay Jewelers 58 Somersef Sf. Class Rings and Class Jewelry Keppel Hardware 8: Supply 375 Sornersef Sf. 'Norfh Plainfield, N. J. Arfhur Lavenhar, Realfor 523 Somersef Sfreef, Norfh Plainfield PI 5-8lO0 Complimenfs - Lucy's Girf and Garden Shop Complimenfs of Lynns 46 Wafchung Ave., Plainfield, N. J. Arfhur MacDonald 8: Sons Inferior and Exferior Decorafors 54 Brook Avenue PLainfield 6-4733 5 Manville Cusfom Hal' Shop Inc. Plainfield's Leading Haffer and I-laberdasher I2O Wafchung Avenue PI 5-l9l9 Mefro Sherbrooke Realfy Co. Real Esfafe and Insurance A. A. Minghenelli Carlo J. lvlondello Mill End Shop Somersef af Fronf Sf. Plfd. 6-9549 Fabrics MoelIer's Jersey Pork Sfore ' 232 Somersef Sfreef Norfh Plainfield, N. J. To a fabulous class Congrafulafions lpseud.l O'Connor's Super Markefs Plainfield. Fanwood, and Berkeley I-leighfs For Snacks - Lunch- Supper Park Ave. Tea Room Dave 84 Florence Acken - 625 Park Ave. For Graduafion-Ask for Books-They Lasf The Plainfield Book Shop, Inc. 32l Park Avenue -Tel. 6-441 5 Rapps Pharmacy 6I I Park Ave. Open Day 8: Nighl' Sav-On-Drugs, Inc. 2 I 5-I9 Easf Fronf Sfreef Plainfield ScoH's' Jewelers 8: Silversmifhs 609 Park Avenue Plainfield Seffles Cusfom Furrier Clean man made furs 4I 6 Wafchung Ave. Pl 4-0067 Congrafulafions fo fhe class of l959 Singer Sewing Cenfer I 25 Wesf Fronf Sfreef Snyder Bros. Flowers 3I4 Park Avenue Plainfield, N. J. Your Prescripfion Druggisf Somersel' Drug Sfore 233 Somersef Sfreef Page 64 pIumIming IncIustriaI Piping Heating Process Piping HELEN MARTIN BINSKY 6 SNYDER, INC. ,17NOrth Avenue PI 6-5474 O37-945 Highway 22 Plaggeldi N' J' 146mm Nmtnmmuanni EOM Compliments of SOMERSET RECREATION 395 Somerset Street Nortti PIainFieIrI Compliments of COLLEGIATE CAP AND GOWN COMPANY 366 5tI1 Avenue New York City, New York VAN ARSDALE'S SHOES 137 West Front St. PIain1ieIcI, N. II. PAUL'S DRY CLEANING VILLAGE 142 Somerset Street N6. Plainfield P16-8491 SO. PLAINFIELD HARDWARE 323 Grant Ave. VON GRAFF GREENHOUSES 270 CIinton Ave. WMMN1 umm mnnmmd Congratulations From SUBURBAN TRUST COMPANY 201 East Front Street Route 22 PIaintieIcI, New .Iersey North PIain1IeIcI SecretariaI Accounting T DRAKE COLLEGE JEWELRY STORE 40 Somerset Street plamgeld, N. J. 115 Park Ave. PI 6-0820 Free Placement Service Plainfield' N' J' THORP'S MARKET 356 Somerset Street NortI1 P12-xintietd, N. .I. WINTER'S BAKERY 180 East Front Street P15-5464 Compliments of FELLER'S FUEL COMPANY 123 Norttl Ave. DuneIIen, N. J. VILLAGE SERVICE STATION ART DONNELLY, Prop. .lOHNNIE'S BARBER SHOP Specializing in CREW CUT FLAT TOPS BOGIES Four BGTLGFS 35 GREENBROOK RD. NORTH PLAINFIELD, N. J Page 66 CLASS OF '59 PRESENTS "THE MAN WHO CAME T0 DINNER" ,, ,V,, 'mwsml ' I I 5 57 EJ, " ll "Good morning, Mr. Whiteside. . ." "Mit diese earphones, Sherry, you can listen "Thor log! fellow, Jefferson, is Henderson, to der mating calls . . the hofenef fiend , , ," "l saw this holly framed green --penguins O , ' did you say penguins?" "Why Mr. Jefferson, sir!" against the pine trees!" M uR'f'flPPl"'9 debate in the House today - - ' "On this eve of eues, when my own heart "Props!" R-r-ripping. Haw!" is overflowing . . n F "Will you sign for this package?" "Thank you, Mrs. Beuens." "Dust thou art and dust to dust . . , Q. -M S F . , Q, s K ' fag MAX M ll F al Senior Class Cabinet Boys' State and Girls' State Student Mayor and Council Student Board of Education ' -' E tl: A A,,..,A-f""' . ' I The king and Queen Of '59 Our Fifth Annual Science Fair Science Fair Winners lst place Senior Boys. lst place Senior Girls Paul Hefeji Maybelle Conklin A AMB IEE it I x .qvgv my MISS GRACE ROFF Patricia Sharpe, Recorder, Carol Robertson, Recorder, Carol Black, Recording Secretary, Leanna Hammond, Treasurerp Nancy Sturcke, President, Miss Grace Rafi, Adviser, Mary Lou Sanders, Vice President, Constance Kish, Welfare Chairman, Eleanor Keenan, Corresponding Secretary, Sue Baron, Recorder, Janet Ledder, Recorder. 'jj' GIRLS' ATHLETIC I I ASSOCIATION Practice makes perfect. "Mighty 00525 fI'0m Iittle acorns grow." Nancy Sturcke-Our President .- Q l wanted to be a ballet dancer. Watch the birdie, Gotta travel on. L 4 Ml lfiifll ,l il it the ll ' ur- Wl1at's the secret of your beautiful swing? Xrislglf lin A l 'All' W6 Tie goes to the runner, by 0' lp , I e l. 9 if 1 LEADERS'CLUB MISS GRACE ROFF Nancy Mclvers, President, Wendy Glasgow, Vice President, Ellen French, Treasurer: lynn Harris, Secrelary. P096 7l "Knowledge, in truth, is the great sun in the firmament. Life and powers are scattered with all its beams." DANIEL WEBSTER lvl CHEERLEADERS f r I' I MRS. LUDMILLA DONOHUE ' 1 Kneeling: Vicki Pelios, Connie Catanzaro, Captaing Thalia Salonkas. Standing: Cecelia Greco, Judy Chandler, Ann Schirripa, Sandra Boltas, Jmye Hultberg, Patricia Carley. Top: Priltilla Moll, So-Capstaing Pamela Schcmbs, -Mascot, Alice Cainelli. i ,I J f 1 1 I , L ' ' 5 ' F The cheerleaders try to promote spirit at the football and basketball games and to boost the team's morale. They are chosen at the end of their freshman year, After one year of service, they receive their letters. ll' A 5,1 .Z I l If ' J 4 I I 10 , . V, f Q, The Big Wheels The Pyramid "Heads Up Page 73 May I lillflf First Row Coach John Doolittle Coach Seymore Kelln Jim Vitelli, Dennis Deady Doug Long Pele Carmichael Ray Smith Jim Feller Mike Ella John Mazza Coach Franklin Kennedy Jack Bicknell Second Row: Eric Giesa David Ahouse Richard Lee Lou Merrill Ralph Santonastaso Peter Broccolettl Richard Coluccl Mike Robinson Tom Neal Coach Dick Schneider, Ray Vlco Third Row Pele Walker Bill Marko Tom Diehl Joe Farry John Nlschwltz Joe Dorsey Bill Pope Tom VanWlnkle, Joe Erickson, Kalll Boghdon Dave Brann Al Kluck Coach George Thompson VARSITY FOOTBALL MR. RICHARD SCHNEIDER 1958 SCHEDULE Watchung Scotch Plains South River . Somerville . Bound Brook Bernards Manville .... Westfield South Plainfield GS! that MGH' Canucks on the move' TOM NEAL All State Group II All County DOUG LONG All County JOHN MAZZA "Try and stop me!" PETE CARMICHAEL RAY SMITH Central Jersey Second Team Central Jersey Ihonorable mentiont AII County Ihonorable mentiont Team Co-Captain All County fhonoroble mentiont V Team Co-Captain JIMMY FELLER "It's easy-see?" lst JIMMY VITELLI "Grrrrr!" DENNIS DEADY All County Ihonorable mentionl ERIC GIESA "It's harder to play this way." K ' gal ., nTwlll9l1tTi 'Sv "Smitty on the loose!" it WffwJunior Varsity Football -X MJ MR. FRANKLIN KENNEDY First Row: Ted Amo, Ed Dec, Jack Tuminaro, John Richardson, Tom DeMatteo, Dave Foland, Don Cuiskelly, John Sherlock, Charles Firstbrook, Fred Andres. Second Row: Coach Kennedy, Stuart Siegel lManagerl, Bruce Bayuk, Steve Mann, Tom Ovens, Jack O'Brien, Wayne Hunt, Paul Heteii, Jerry Kilbride, Bernard Livingston, Harry Leszchyn, Bruce Bohrer. Freshman Football MR. ROBERT BISHOP .. First Row: Tom Kolfenbach, JeFl Abeles, Gene Renna, Kenny Kane, Mark Bencivengo, Tom Ross, Dave Mundy, Wesley Howe. Second Row: David Nadel, Doug Valentine, Frank Mele, Rich Townley, Bill Robbins, John Lautenschlager, Fred Daniels. Third Row: Tom Trevethan, Ray Foland, Tom Bozack, Bart Overocker, Larry England, Rich Krempa, James McMahon, Jim Deady. Fourth Row: Tom Tori, Doug lees, Don McKenna, Chuck Mangee, Carl Gaebel, Larry Watson, John Freman. Fifth Row: Bob Apgar, Eugene Rosen, Rich Sperling, Earl Dougher, Walter Bennewitz, Henry Lewis, Bob Andronici, Mr, Bishop. f jj 1 E L M NPN . J 1' NPN ,,.. ,Mix Wn,5 li ' n l Ng il? L Cm QQ I it I ijkvj x N433 , . x Y 1 , 'L if WN Z'i ad 3 'L iii' fs at fi L A X' L im. fi '- sirr we-A ,ssrr S11 L , 1 I Q Wi il gs, First Row: Gary Kluck. Second Row: Al Kluck, Ed Krusman, Richard Lee, Elliot Seigal, Richard Colucci, Third Row: Stan Mofsowitz, Gary Gilbert, Dave Sperling, Tom Neal, Co-Captain, Pete Walker, Coach Stec. Fourth Row: Stewart Seigal, Hank Kcchelriess, Co-Captain, Fred Letter, Bob Snyder, Paul Seybaul, VARSITY BASKETBALL MR. ED STEC "Tommy sinks another one!" "Jump it up, N,P." "Well, boys, this is it!" Page 7 Junior Varsity Basketball MR. HAROLD PORTER First Row: John Hughes, Marvin Orenstein, Ted Amo, Coach Porter. Second Row: Steve Mann, Charles Firstbrook, Roger Forgerson, Art Rossky, Glenn Nicholas. Third Row: Dan Randolph iManagerl, Tom Mur- phy, Ronnie Dennick, Ronnie Valen- tine, Harry Leszchyn. NP 62 South Plainfield 59 Westfield ..,..... 53 Manville ........., 62 Watchung Hills 39 Somerville ..,... 64 Bernards .......... 63 Bound Brook .,.. 69 Dunellen ..,Ao 50 Bernards i958-59 SCHEDULE OPP . ........ 92 ........42 ........58 . ........ 52 . ........ 66 ........57 ........45 Springfield Regional Somerville ..............,.... ......... 5 3 Bound Brook ........ Dunellen ........... Hillside ..........,.. Manville .............. Watchung Hills ....... South Plainfield ..... Metuchen ....,,... Page 78 ........5O ........59 Freshman Basketball MR. ROBERT BISHOP First Row: Dave Grosch, Doug Valen- tine, Bart Overocker, Ray Foland, Jim Deady, Roger Bauks. Second Row: Waren Otto, Ray Bersch, Wal- ter Benneirtz, Rich Sperling, Coach Bishop. Third Row: Ken Taylor, John Hagstrom, Tom Torre, John Freemen, Gary Ahrens, Robert Andronici. ,gn 'lr SWIMMING TEAM MR. HERBERT KANTER ' 6 First Row: Bert Orenstein, Burt Weiss, John Mattson, George Sayre and Dick Walter, Barry Hamley, Steve Moore, Jim Feller. Second Row. Ray Schweitzer, Ed Feller, Bruce Bohrer, Joe , John Sherlock, Doug Hansen, Fred Shauger, Matt Hines, Coach Kanter, Third Row: Al Castroll, Peter Moore, Dave Beck, Tom Van Winkle, John Moore, Mike Goldfield, Joel Klompus, Fred Fineberg. Fourth Row: Jim Ritter1l10USe, Mark Brokaw, Lee Perry, Ed Stevens, John Schneider, Frank Isele, Wayne Hunt, Alex Stewart. M Ie, is--. WRESTLING TEAM MR. MIKE SORRENTINO First Row: Tom Bozack, Bob Brown, Herbie Howe, Joe Hobib, Paul Case, Florio Abbate, Paul Lipani, Second Row: Coach Sorrentino, Kenny Ricky, John Mazza, Co-Captain, Frank Marrone, Bruce Bayuk, Don Cuiskelly, Lester McKnight, Wesley Howe. Third Row: Pete Busnack, Ralph Santonostasso, Lou Merrill, John Nischwitz, Dave Foland, Doug Kerr, Co-Captain. MM!! NP 22 Westfield .. 29 Morristown .. 34 I6 54 54 50 SCHEDULE Rahway ,..,.,,,,,,,,. Irvington ,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,, 29 Rahway ...... Morristown Irvington .... Plainfield ...,.,,,,,,, K I SCHEDULE Bound Brook .... Roselle Park .... Sayreville Plainfield ..... Cranford .............,.. Hunterdon Central ., Somerville ............,, Manville .....,...,,,,,,, Westfield ......,,,,,,., Thomas Jefferson .... OPP ,....55 .....48 .....43 .....6I .....23 .....23 .....48 .....33 .....27 .....49 ? ws? ,W . ,Ns OPP .......47 .......37 . ..... O .......4O . ....... 39 . ....... 49 Watchung Hills .....,.....,,,,, I7 District Championships-3 I' d .Veer ,,i7'J'iF' 71,5 K .x-.-v4fwt"s'f'f ' ' ' ' .ay ,fi - ' 4 K 4 1 . 4 Q. . x fo: 5 5 ' X I ll I .YCHOOI HIS IS Y U PROUDEST HOUR . . . . . . Lulminating a period in your life you will alu ays want to remember. As your oflicial photographer, we feel elated to have been able to document this cherished era with photographs pulsating the very life you lived - the very thoughts you spread - the very feeling you so warmly and sincerely shared. This reality though captured in a split second will be an everlasting record for posterity. The future holds many events for you that you will want to remember - Please feel free to call upon us for all of your photographic needs. I L0ll TA -'l'll0MAS Slllullllli FOREMOST SCHOOL PHOTOGRAPHERS IN Tllli EAST Ili n 57' A-1 ff . x' 'NWI' ' - rs -, .ffl - 'f5ea'95rf1f2M9PSsf awtazfaaef I ' Nui' ta Fkx 3.3 ,. 1 .igiszt I Pff',:,-ffiifffffiv' C++ if in :V r 5 l p ir .M sf fl 'I , i I K , J xl cltt I Q' I v f x'3.,... Rx , Xb-' wr gl ,V U -Y . 0 yr K llll , 5 A t iii, M U' ii sm- if ., l , t its 9? TRACK - I f If f ,f ,fs Z no ocorcn rloins , L M XN! ,eff Z ,744 2 2 Ma nvi Ile Y 5-vb-"' 24 W chung Hills VH, ' ""7,4f,s76 H, I si, Vark Regional ,,v"' jg' XZ , X 29 Bernards 4 f, , F' f ' W, f' May ,,,,,f" XV, 2 Newark Board of Education f, Q-7 fx ff Meet 4 jf 1' ' f ,W : ' T ,' ,D 4 L- 6 Bound Brook ' , A ' B ,f ' y, Y 9 Long Branch Relays First Row: Jack O'Brien, Chuck Dorsey, Fred Andres, Doug Long, Eric Giesa, John Mazza, A5rt'Wittenauer, Jpn' Z 4 Feller, Co-captain: Richard Lee, Dave Brann, John Nischwitz, Keith Byers, John Richardson. Secorrgffllofw: Coach Schneider, Jim Calautti, Bill Schultz, Dick Codington, Jack Tuminaro, Bart Overocker, Tomjldss, Dave Ahouse, Wesley Howe, Ed Dec, Abe Frambugle, Roy Foland, Sam Hicks, Lou Merrill, Ted Am'cf Third Row: Harry Leszchyn, Jerry Freedman, Mike Goldfield, Bill King, Dave Sperling, Gene Rosen, Jerry Retto, Daniel Gough, Dick Sperling, Bernie Livingston, Dick Boerner, Skip Heteii, Art Rossky, Joe Furry, Jim Murphy, Ronnie Dennick, Roy Smith, Co-captain, Coach Doolittle. I3 Somerville 16 Englewood Meet 20 Somerset County Meet 25 Somerset County Relays 30 Central Jersey Meet June 3 Somerset County Novice 6 State Meet TENNIS First Row: Coach Thompson, Bill Robbins, Gary Ahrens, Jett Abeles, Paul Case, Doug Hansen, Paul Remington. Second Row: John Richardson, Horton Hickerson, Elliot Siegal, Charles Tracy, Ronnie Klein, Dave Weiss. no I5 20 Ploinileld 22 Somerville 27 Rohway 28 Highland Park rlamneld Somervilie Page 8l tl LQ, - 6 dn, My fi ., I-V1 ,576 4 , 55,312 5, 'R , . BASEBALL SCHEDI April I4 South Plainfield 16 Dunellen 2'l Watchung Hills 24 Somerville 29 Watchung Hills Moy l Bernards 5 Bound Brook 8 Manville I2 Somerville I5 South Plainfield 22 Westfield 26 Bound Brook 28 Bernords June I Manville First Row: Ed Antonelli, Bill Marko, Bill Pope, Al Kluck, John O'Neill, John White, Mr, Krausche, Paul Se Y. bold. Second Row: Dove Snoddy, Pete Carmichael, Bob Motysek, Scotty Hughes, Ray Vico, Kalil Boghdon, Ed Krusman. Coach Krausche Page 82 V First Row: John Ponella, Don McKenna, Lou Arrieta, Dick Utzinger, Richard Townley, William Darcy, Don ' ' Bryan, Frank Mele, John Loutenschlager, Dom Scarpati, John Hogstrom, Chuck Mongee. Second Row: Larry England, larry Watson, Jerry Freeman, Chuck Firstbrook, Wayne Hunt, Bob Andronici, Mark Greothouse, Walt Coaches Stec and Kelin Bennewitz, Tom Torre, Al Makowski, Jim Deady, Jim McMahon. fi xl s 4 ll , A N- A ' fx 4.. ' . 1 . f . ' W, ' rj 1' .. Q . , M.: K. fat . A it at TA, . i ,W M Wal: Z 4' 2. .fm K fl vw ar 1 4, l 'W f 2 -,Q - rf Q3 5 W , .. af jg x fr gf 4 , .. 3 . -Si, f K ',If,,' I - ,..-,- - -:. :l,5:' K .ff I fs fi 'fl . A 7 ' ,. ,,,, V in WW' f 1 fe -,yy ' e f lr . -Jiri: 'Vi',V.,, re 1' .. l A-Q-"' " -f -f -Y 2. News 'ii li' " "11Mf:+"f'-"f '?"'f W' 'J f MT: ' . ' 'Q H . ' 3 lrfidli Hifi,-if 'fn' V WFS' X , was-H - t - ,A .. j' ,gif , , e g-1 . r l - ,Y ,,., -5 1-. .v1f ,, , ,,l 'l5 "if1f " asgsgzsj' .mg 2 vgiffzlr . ,gf . . . ' -ff ir- K, -' ' Eli' " ' ' -' f l ' "' I -V-rr""7" ' ' .,..,5: K wim f' 52 "wi l" V -. V , 16, V. .M-..',, . ' :L . My 4 .,v H. ..., f ., ."2gw. . . ' vw ,X - " " v:.,4n1. ,' "G M1 - . t . ww 'if-': ' K -f 4 - f f-'- ,H ,V J' -if 'Z- 2 --Q M , - V ,ul ..,f 41 l . H ,A 1,5 mi. K , ,V wg . . x sugar ,,,.. rf ' V- , 1, fgfiti S -. - 4, 04 .',.. X " N g .H ufkgfgfyilgfgigwb .f 1--' my fh- .. .. 1, 1 .l V W-,q.f we , V N - 4,-Q M A, - .. -- , ' '. M. . . . -wlFM!Qxi C' ' - ' I si,it'Tvff:gf-Af, 5 flew, A K, V V K 'f 1.1i1"?.5a'pfz,i.x'1y,,iw' YS- 'I .,,. ' ' 1' A Q, ' ' -I 1 if T 'H r in ' .QV WM, W7 M ' " 1 J' - 4 li-I M'---' - .. George Sayre-2nd in State meet butterfly. N'P' Remy team off with a big splash! 5?ggFg+sf':l . I QM ? NQMEH. ' 5 , "Time out, my shoelace is untledf' "Nice match, Pete" "There goes Neal again" "Well, boys, that's the breaks." Page 83 er e , , . "But the baIi's behind you!" "AH right, you guys. Who's got the bali?" "I hope this is the way down!" Ray Smith Central Jersey Record Holder in Quarter Mile. Page 84 "Stretch!" "Watch it, here I come!" The colorful group from Boiw Day" "Our Cugtodiqnsn 'Taking over the tennis courts" RINGS PINS excellent MEDALS , design CHARMS cups skilled craftsmanship PLAQUES superb TROPHIES , quality YOUR CLASS JEWELER DIEGES 8. CLUST 17 JOHN STREET, NEW YORK 8, BOSTON ' PROVIDENCE MANUFACTURING .IEWELERS "Making ready for a longer walk between classes." ARTHUR H. WALTER Plumbing f- Heating -1 Appliances Mail Address: 979 Somerset Street P. O. Box 486 Watclwung, N. J. Plainfield, N. J. Pl.. 6-8099 XXXXXXXNNXNSKX NXXXNXNXX XX XKXXXXXX XX XXX NX I I I I I I Town and Country iii'-5 i I EIS J KAZALA Properties ALL LINES OF INSURAINCE E H U N E ovn BEST POLICY H IS HONESTY BERT O LEARY ASSOCIATE RESIDENCE CALL. PL 6 7234 682 SOMERSET ST WATCHUNG OPP HUSTON I-UMBER C0 S I f, . . , f WW ' 1 ' f I 1 I im V f Y. ' ' A S 5 S I 2 I 1 fx, s ' 1 -B li , F' I . 5 :Zn . fi-5317 'I , , , 5 Lalnflalml I 5 jj ,g m I 5 f R ef fv f 1 ' ' v .,, I . 2 A ' I I I 'I' f I ,, . . , N XNXXNXXXXXNNXXXX NXXXXXXXXXNXXNXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX X .. ..-,. ETHEL ABEL Secrefary io Principal JOYCE ABRAMS, B.M., M.A. Juilliard School of Music, Univ. of Norfh Carolina, Teachers' College. Columbia Univ.: Inslrumenfal Music HAROLD AZELTINE, B.A., M.S.E. Iowa Siale Teachers' College, Drake Univ.: Plane Geomelry: Freshman Class Advisor JANE BANKS, B.S. Indiana Sfaie Teachers' College: Typing, Business English, Sienography, Secrefarial Praciice JOAN BEEKMAN. B.A. Douglass College: English: Junior High Siudenl' Council Advisor LOUISE BELL, B.A. Upsala College. Columbia Univ.: Ariih- meiic KATHRYN BEVENS, B.A., B.S. Carnegie Insiirule of Technology, Ohio Siaie Univ., New York Univ.: Speech and English: Dramaiic Club Advisor, Assembly Programs Chairman, Morning Devofions Direclor, Speech Coniesis Coach ROBERT BISHOP, B.S., M.S. Wisconsin Siaie Teachers' College, Indiana Univ., Univ. of Louisville: Ariihmelic, Fresh- man Fooiball Coach LOIS CALDWELL, B.A. Wheafon College: Healih and Physical Educafion MARION CAMPBELL, B.S., M.A. Univ. of New Hampshire, Teachers' Col- lege, Columbia Univ.: Business Ariihmelic, Head of Business Educalion Deparimeni. Bookkeeping RICHARD CHASE. B.S. Massachuseiis School of Ari: Ari: High School Ar-I Club Advisor "., MARGARET CONNOLLY, B.S. Misericordia College: Home Economics: I A Fashion Club Advisor CARQLE D'ANGELO, B.A. Moniklair S+afe College: Slenography, Eco. Geography, Personal Typing, Typing: Yearbook Business Advisor J. THOMAS DIXON, B.A., M.A. Oilawa Univ., Univ. of Redlands: Advanced Chorus, Girls' Chorus, Jr. High Chorus, 7'rh and Bih Grade Music: Hi-Y Advisor LUDMILLAUDONOHUE, B.S. Easl' Sfroud burg Siaie Teachers' College, New York ljniv., Columbia Univ., Physical Educafion and il-Iealihz Cheerleaders Ad- visor, G.A.A. Assisfanf, Boosier Club Ad- visor JOHN DOOLITILE, B.S. Panzer CoIlege:' Physical Educaiion and Health: Assf. Football Coach, Track Coach CRAIG EBEN, B.S., M.S. Wisconsin Slafie College, Univ. of Wiscon- son: General Science, Biology: Direcior of Audio-Visual Educaiion 7 NELSON ERNEST, M.A., M.Mus. Maryville College, Univ. of Michigan: ln- sfrumenfal Musicu Band, Orches+ra, Cader Band PETER FESTANTE, B.S., M.Ed. Trenlen Siafe College, Rufgers Univ.: Mechanical DrXawing:'Shop, Siege Crew Assislanf Advis wr 'I '1 if Page 86 'ii' ....i.iL. TEACHERS' DIRECTORY ELIZABETH GLASER, B.A.. M.A. New York Siale College for Teachers? Teachers' College, Columbia Univ.: Eng- lish: Junior Red Cross Advisor HERNANDO GODDERZ. B.S., M.S. Norihern Sfafe Teachers' College, Univ. of Minneso+a: Trigonomeiry, Solid Geomefry, Algebra: Maih Club Advisor DEAN GOULD, B.A., M.A. Lawrence College, Univ. of Wisconsin, Columbia Univ.: English, French, Lalin, Tunlaw Advisor FRED GREEN, B.S., M.Ed. Dickinson College, Middlebury College. Ruigers Univ.: Algebra, Ariihmelic EARL GUNTER, B.A., M.A. Dickinson College, Columbia Teachers' Col- lege, Naiional Service Foundalions Maihe- mafics Ins+i+u+e: Maihemaiics. Head of Malhemalics Deparlmenl: Hall Parrol and Messengers Advisor DOROTHY HABGOOD, B.S., M.A. Ruigers Univ., Columbia Teachers' Col- lege: Girls' Counselor: Siudeni Council Advisor ELSIE HANSON Tren+on Normal: Arifhmefic, Adminisira- 'five Assis+an+ RUSSELL HEEREN, B.S., M.A. Newark Sfaie Teachers' College, Ruigers Univ.: lndusirial Arls JOHN HOAGLAND, B.A., M.A. Moniclair Sfaie College, Teachers' College, Columbia Univ.: Head of English Depari- meni: Journalism, Handbook Advisor, News Bureau Advisor KENT HORNER, B.A., M.S. Washinglon and Lee Univ., Columbia Univ.: Librarian: Library Council Advisor JOHN HUFFE. B.S. Glassboro Siale College, Columbia Univ., Ruigers Univ.: English, Social Sfudies, Maihemaiics: Freshman Baseball Coach, Junior High Baske+ball Coach KENNETH JONES, A.B. Earlham College, Moniclair Siale College: Biology EDMUND JUSTUS, B.A., M.A. Boslon Universily: German: Sophomore Advisor HERBERT KANTER, B.S., M.A. Springfield College, Columbia Univ., Teachers' College: Ariihmeiic: Swimming Coach SEYMOUR KLIEN, B.S. Panzer College, New York Univ., Rufgers Univ.: Physical Educaiion and Healfhz Fooiball Line Coach FRANK KIANESE, B.A., M.A. Duquesne Univ., Columbia Univ.: Spanish, French, Aifendance: Siudenr Council Co- Advisor SELENA KIRCH Bloomsburg Teachers' College: English, Eighrh Grade Dramaiic Club ERIC KIRCHBERGER, B.A., M.Ed. Monfclair S+a+e College, Ruigers Univ.: Direcror of Guidance: Direcior, Adull School ROBERT KLEIN, B.A., M.LiH'. Univ, of Pilisburg: Disiribuiive Educalion, Business Law, English, Salesmanship: Place- meni Direclor MAY KLEINHANS. B.A., M.A. Wesiern Reserve Univ.: English: Freshman Cheerleaders Advisor ROBERT KLEINHANS, B.A., M.A. Wes+ern Reserve Univ., Univ. of Florida: Biology: Head of Science Deparimeni JOHN KOPESKE, B.S. Newark College of Engineering: Advanced General Science, Praclical Malh, General Malh.: Key Club Advisor HOWARD KRAUSCHE, B.S. Panzer College, Rulfgers Univ.: Physical and Healih Educaiion, Firs+ Aid: Direcior of Aihleiics EVELYN LEONARD, B.A. Univ. of Norih Carolina: Social Sludies JACQUELINE LUSCIAN, B.A., M.Ed. Douglass College, Rulgers Univ.: Vocal Music EMMA K. MAYER, B.A., M.A. Univ. of Tulsa, Columbia Univ., Ceniro de Esiudios Hisioricos IMadridl: Spanish: Yearbook Advisor, Spanish Club Advisor PAULINE McQUOWN, B.A., M.A. Beihany College, Ohio Siafe Univ.: Eng- Iish, Crea+ive Wriring: Future Teachers of America Advisor CLARA MELNIK, B.S., R.N., M.A. Jersey Cily Sraie College: Jersey Cify Hospiial Medical Cenier: School Nurse: Fulure Nurses' Club Advisor MARIE O'BRIEN, B.A., M.A. Monfclair Siare Teachers' College, Colum- bia Univ.: English: "The CanuckIing" Ad- visor ADRIANA OCELLO, B.S. ' Juilliard School of Music: Insirumenlal Music VIRGINIA OZZARD. B.A., M.A. Univ. of Maryland, McGill Univ. lCanadal. Sorbonne iParisl, Univ. of Mexico lMex- icol: French, Freshman Class Advisor. French Club Advisor JOHN PARKER, B.S., M.Ed. Laliayelfe Univ.. Ruigers Univ.: U.S. His- fory, World Hisrory: Hislory Club Advisor, Fire Pairol Advisor HARROLD PORTER, B.S., M.A. Easrern Illinois Slaie College, New York Univ.: Healih and Physical Educaiion: Jun- ior High School Inlramural Sporis Coach, Junior High School Dances, Junior Varsiiy Baskeiball Coach MARION RIORDAN, B.S. Trenion Siale College, Newark Slale Col- lege: Social Sludies, English: Tunlaw Junior Advisor ELEANOR ROBBINS, B.S.' Cornell Univ.: Home Economics: Special Hospi+aIi+y CommiHee , JUDITH ROBERTSON, B.S. Denison Univ.: Biology GRACE ROFF, B.S., M.A. Trenion Sraie College, New York Univ.: HeaI+h and Physical Eclucaiion: Girls' Sporis Advisor, Girls' Aihleiic Associafion Advisor, Leaders' Club Advisor M. MAY ROHLAND Cen+enary College for Women: Secreiary RICHARD SCHNEIDER, B.S. Millersville Siale Teachers' College: Social Sfudies, English: Head Fooiball Coach. Assisianl' Track Coach PHILOPENA SCHWEITZER Secrefa ry INDIA SMITH, B.S., M.S. Adelphi College, Ru+gers Univ.: Direcior of Special Services EDWARD STEC, B.S., M.S. Bucknell Univ.: American Hislory, Baskei- ball Coach, Assisianl' Baseball Coach NORMAN STEWART, B.S., M.S. Wes+ Chesfer Sfaie Teachers' College, In- diana Univ.: Driver Educaiion, Driver Train- ing ALBERT SURINA, B.A., M.S. Mansfield Siale Normal School, Univ. of Pennsylvania, Cornell Univ.: Chemisiry, Physics ARTHUR TAYLOR, B.S. Wilkes College, Ruigers Univ.: Science, Maihernaiics: Senior Tri-Hi-Y Advisor, Sen- ior Hi-Y Advisor, Science Fair Program Chairman, Rod and Gun Club Advisor, Siamp Club Advisor GLADYS TAYLOR, B.A., M.A. Baker Univ., Teachers' College, Columbia Univ.: Univ. of Wisconsin, U.S. Hisiory: Naiional Honor Sociely Advisor GEORGE J. TEETS, B.A., M.Ed. Rufgers Univ.: English GEORGE THOMPSON, B.S., M.Ed. Springfield College, Ruigers Univ.: Gen- eral Science: Foofball Equipmenl- Manager, Tennis Coach HELEN VAN DOREN, Li'H.B. Douglass College: English: Junior High Red Cross Advisor, 7ih Grade Dramaiic Club Advisor WILLIAM VAN WIENEN, B.S., M.A. Millersville Siale Teachers' Collage, New York Univ.: Indusirial Aris: Siege Crew Advisor BARBARA VENERUS, B.A. Douglass College: Ari: Junior High Ari Club Advisor SENIOR DIRECTORY DAVID ALESSANDRINI 240 Oneida Place Pl 4-5I 39 ROBERT AMES R.D. I Whiienuck Rd. Basking Ridge, Be 8-l755 GEORGE ANDRES 202 S+ahl's Way Pl 6-7950 CLIFFORD BAIRD l53 Farraguf Road Pl 6-7I92 BONNIE BARON 26 Prospecl' Place Pl 6-7388 JOSEPH BARTON 652 Townsend Place Pl 5-I I50 DAVID BECK 704 Greenbrook Road Pl 6-5583 RICHARD BEDNER I I4 Waichung Avenue Pl 6-8522 KATHERINE BEEBE I I Rockview Avenue Pl 6-5943 BARBARA BEEHLER I5 Summil Avenue Pl 7-9l36 SUZANNE BELL 234 Brook Avenue Pl 4-926I GARY BICKNELL 79 Summii Avenue PI 5-2264 RICHARD BOWLBY 95 Willow Avenue PI 6-2I68 EILEEN BRADLEY I I I Grandview Avenue Pl 6-8685 WILLIAM BROWN Parkview Avenue Pl 7-I005 CATHERINE BURKE 36 Whiiewood Avenue PI 5-0446 MARIE BUTSCHER 244 Brook Avenue Pl 5-4846 KEITH BYERS 548 Mouniainview Drive PI 4-8469 CAROL ANN CAREY 370 Crosson Place Pl 6-5450 PATRICIA CARLEY 203 Farragul' Road PI 6-0398 PETER CARMICHAEL I47 Weslerveli Avenue Pl 6-7580 CAROLYN CASAZZA I78 Slahl's Way PI 6-5034 CONNIE CATANZARO I40 Greenbrook Road PI 5-50l3 JUDITH CHANDLER 505 Ayres Avenue Pl 6-4798 STEPHEN CLARK I64 Wesierveli Avenue Pl 5-02I7 LOIS CLENDENING 2l0 Clinfon Avenue Pl 5-9I59 ANNA CRESCIENZI I7 Craig Place PI 6-l0I5 KATHLEEN CUSICK 40 Manning Avenue Pl 7-I772 WILLIAM DAVIS I I6 Wesfervell' Avenue Pl 5-3980 DENNIS DEADY I4 Slone Sireel PI 5-74I9 WALTER DEC I42 Grove Sl'ree+ Pl 4-7653 DANTE DQMATTEO 431 Walchung Avenue PI 7-25I7 MARION DIEM 22l Grove Sireei Pl 7-3529 LINDA DIZE 65 Fairview Avenue Pl 7-2577 MICHAEL ELIA 59 Harrison Avenue Pl 6-4320 JOSEPH ERIKSON 356 Harvey Avenue Pl 4-9I55 JAMES FELLER 362 Malcolm Avenue Pl 5-2253 LOIS FINE 23 New Walnui Slreel Pl 6-4806 JOYCE FIORAVANTI I7O Wesierveli Avenue Fl 5-l323 ROBERT FLIGIEL 232 No. Jackson Avenue Pl 4-OI44 DONALD FRANCE 25 Grandview Avenue Pl 4-3904 MICHAEL FRUSCO 52I Somersel' Sireei Pl 6-3880 PRISCILLA GABAY I84 Maple Avenue PI 6-25I4 ERIC GIESA l53 Manning Avenue Pl 5-2386 BETTY ANN GILBERT I26 Meadowbrook Drive PI 6-57I3 GARY GILBERT I78 Sandford Avenue Pl 6-9057 CAROLE LEE GRUNDKE 2I5 Chesinui Avenue Pl 4-77l I BARRY HAMLEY 488 Greenbrook Road Pl 5-OI33 .4 PATRICIA WENCK Business Secrefa ry' HELEN WICKS, B.S. Trenfon Sfaie College, Ruigers Univ.: Of- fice Machines. Business Orienfafion, Typing. Clerical Praciice: Business Girls' Club Ad- visor SANDRA WILBUR, B.S. Trenfon Slaie College: Junior High Heallh and Physical Educaiion: Advisor of Junior High G.A.A., Junior High Leaders' Club. 7+h and 8+h Grade Cheerleaders FRANCES WILCOX, B.A., M.A. Douglass College, Cornell Univ., New York Univ., Sociology, Economics, Social Sfudies: Head of Social Sfudies Deparimenf MARY WILLET, B.A. Hood College, Teachers' College. Colum- bia Univ.: U.S. Hisfory I, Junior Class Ad- visor KATHARINE WOLFF, B.S., M.Ed. Rulgers Univ.: English, Hisfory, General Maihemaiics JAMES HERON 530 Greenbrook Road Pl 5-7033 KU RT HESEBECK 9 New Walnul Slreel' Pl 7-I264 JOSEPH HOGARTH 436 Greenbrook Road Pl 6-67I8 WILLIAM HOLCOMBE l04 Farragul Road Pl 5-498i BARBARA HOUSE 368 Moun+ain Avenue PI 4-03I4 JAMES HOWELL 202 Grove Sfreei' Pl 5-1724 , CARL HUNT I98 Willow Avenue E Qa- PEG A N , . P'8Hi8'8cKso 7 ' 265 Brook Avenggrfi PI 7-sous " . ALEXANDER JASEK. I74 Sfahl's Way . Pl 7-2064 19 HENRY KACHELHESS 230 Willow Avenue Ext PI 6-7648 5, ALAN KAU I4 Whilewood Avenue Pl 5-0737 'I ISABEL KEPPE I I I I Rockvievflvenue PI 7-9062 PETER KERNS 94 Mercer Avenue Pl 13308 DOU QKERR 235 Willow Avenue Exf. Pl 4-5526' ' WILLIAM KING ' 593 Ayers Avenue Pl 5-4935 . GARY KOPF A 562 Robkview Avenue Pl 5-7749 , ,a I Page 87 Y "HQ "W "' ' ' 'W JUDITH KOSTECK I6 Shady Courf Pl 5-4432 KATHARINE KROHN 268 Brook Avenue PI 4-7469 EDWARD KRUSMAN 645 Townsend Place PI 5-3494 ROBERT KUCHARSKI I7 Wilson Avenue PI 5-559I JOSEPH KUCINSKI 5l6 Mounfain Avenue PI 7-3988 PRISCILLA LATTY 75 Belmonf Avenue PI 5-0072 LINDA LEPPER 548 Parkview Avenue PI 5-0443 FRED LETTER 302 Grove Sfreef PI 5-I769 ROBERT LOALBO 39 Grove Sfreef PI 5-6I32 DOUGLAS LONG 209 Lawrence Avenue PI 4-7740 JAMES LORENZ 87 Duer Sfreef PI 6-3389 DAVID MacDONALD 56 Brook Avenue PI 6-4733 KATHRYN MAHON 99 Hudson Avenue PI 5-3767 DAVID MANDATO I76 Jefferson Avenue PI 7-3325 JOHN MANDULAK 80 Harrison Avenue PI 5-I523 CARMELINA MARESCA 645 Ayres Avenue PI 7-0322 JOAN MARTIN 45I Grove Sfreef PI 5-4723 Y MATTSON Manning Avenue BOI JOH I A 356 ' fcllunq Avenue PI6 6 JACQU E McCARTER .R NANCY McIVERS I82 Grove Sfreef Pl 7-I870 CAROL MCMAHON 287 Greenbrook Road PI 5-9444 STEPHEN MOORE l53 Sandford Avenue Pl 5-224l ELLEN MOTT 509 Granf Ave., Plfd. PI 5-28I6 DONALD NAPIER 6I Abbofsford Road PI 6-7I23 THOMAS NEAL 374 Somersef Sfreef DAVID NEWMAN I05 Johnsfon Drive Exf. PI 4-5222 ROBERT NILSEN 236 Oneida Place PI 4-4466 JOHN O'NEILL 232 Brook Avenue PI 6-2982 MICHAEL OSNATO 252 No. Jackson Avenue PI 5-274I MAUREEN PARKER 67 Mounfain Avenue PI 5-6543 KATHLEEN PERSONS 46 Grove Sfreel Pl 6-94-BI STEVE PIKE 422 Wafchung Avenue PI 4-3963 NICHOLAS PISANI I6 Grandview Avenue PI 4-4I63 JACK PLIMPTON I0 Sfonybrook Place PI 5-6I45 ELIZABETH POULSON 206 Delacy Drive PI 4-34I6 RACHEL RICHARDSON l3l Farraguf Road PI 7-ZI99 FAY RIKER 4I2 Wafclmunq Avenue PI 6-6799 PHYLLIS RIKER 4I2 Wafchunq Avenue PI 6-6799 MARGIE ROCCHIETTI ANTHONY SANTANGELO 2l Harrison Avenue PI 5-8925 GEORGE SAYRE 4I7 Tappan Avenue PI 6-4399 HAZEL SCHMEDES l3I Barbara Drive PI 6-0395 BARBARA SCHRAMM 78 Willow Avenue PI 6-8558 DANIEL SCHROPPE 239 No. Jackson Avenue PI 5-495I ROGER SEAL 687 Greenbrook Road PI 4-5396 MARILYN SHARPE 304 Brook Avenue Pl 5-852I BRENDA SHEELER II Clwaflmam Place PI 5-0225 EDWARD SIEGEL I03 Sycamore Avenue PI 5-2666 RITA SILKOTCH 24 Geraucl Avenue PI 5-6730 BRIAN SMITH 452 Mounfainview Drive PI 7-2376 RAYMOND SMITH 80 Summif Avenue PI 6-0463 DAVID SNODDY 494 Greenbrook Road PI 4-3365 ROBERT SNYDER 508 Ayres Avenue PI 4-8I37 MIRIAM SODWITH 6I4 Greenbrook Road PI 4-8369 ANASTASIOS SOUTZOS 20 Hudson Avenue PI 5-I857 BRUCE STINE 587 Ayres Avenue PI 6-49I8 NANCY STU RCKE 220 Sandford Avenue PI 5-3420 ROBERT SWENTON 35 Greenbrook Road PI 7-3 I40 PAUL SWIERINGA CAROL THOMAS I20 Grove Sfreef PI 7-0847 CORA TROIANO 70 Hudson Avenue PI 6-2778 VIRGINIA TROIANO 70 Hudson Avenue PI 6-2778 RALPH TRUPPI 257 Sandford Avenue PI 5-I2I I BEVERLY TUCKER 580 Mounfain Avenue Pl 6-6I24 MARY JO VAN WINKLE 233 Lawrence Avenue Pl 5-2884 RAYMOND VICO 93 Fairview Avenue PI 4-8638 JUDITH VINCENZ 550 Oakridge Avenue PI 6-2980 JAMES VITELLI I68 Norwood Avenue PI 5-074I GRETCHEN VOLLMER 562 Rockview Avenue Pl 5-7749 RICHARD WALTER 465 Cafalpa Avenue PI 5-3606 CONSTANCE WEATHERBY 2I7 Meadowbrook Drive PI 5-995l PATRICIA WEIL 215 Harding Avenue PI 6-8906 ALAN WEISBECKER I6O Meadowbrook Drive PI 4-3786 BURTON WEISS 45 Myrile Avenue PI 5-I45I DAVID WHELAN I63 Brook Avenue PI 5-3 l2l DONALD WHELAN I63 Brook Avenue Pl 5-3I2I CAROL WHITE 274 Norfh Drive Pl 5-5355 GEORGE WHITE 224 Bron nue 306 Lawrence Avenue 489 Richard WGY 8 Kenl Place PI 6-6910 PI 7-2634 PI 5.5364 PI 6.0133 MOIRA LUNEY THOMAS RUSHETSKI CAROL TALLAMY JOHN WH-ITE I06 Sari! ford Avenue 555 Ayers Avenue l72 Maple Avenue 574 Oakridge Avenue PI S.83IQ. -PI 5-403I PI 7-9272 PI 6-09l7 MARY ANWONOUGH AUDREY SANKO ELEANOR TERRY FRANCES WOOD I4 Chefhgml, ce 2I0 Muriel Avenue I72 Columbia Avenue l85 DUSI' SIFGSI PI 6-6023 I ' PI 5-4887 PI 7-3540 PI 6-2208 Lf h u bby's P 8 ICKES ANNUA LS U99 3 curron, NEW :sassy '11, fb ia, KZ. ., A.. .ies 'vvf 'L' m ff 5 4 Yi L ,ff - 17 w mr f 'Y X il, . f 9 f . n 9' -. J Ju . 4 f J 1 1. 5 1 M. . AM Q1 ld K 22155, . mv 1 F I F T A 354, - A, I ff 3 'L V' 5 4, Yi. V f 'I x e I . . in . gb ,- 'S Q. I n if Q s I I I N v 1 'Z ,ape 4193 if - i 1Y:"..e- - Wg' 'ie-- I . ,, f L L. 1, - 1 . ,. v V'-JM " i I .!,,fm, ,f Ai .. .- A' r f Y s I . . , ' V E A fi 1 , Th-- 1' rv.. , ,S A .. wr , , - K ' J. .J 1, , if I " "J L ' M . 11 7'- A . . .41 V I , af ri I .ni ,nf 'E . - mf ' ,sg wi, Y . 1 2 5, '5- .. ! ' ,IJ "'l ': .Ang-' ML. ' -., xl A . r 35 A u?-.f . ' , if .. ' I Ve ' -...- ' A- ,Sp a-1. ' ' -. - 5.1 ' E513 A A 4,10 X- . . . rj Mme. ' v f 11- .gf "2 ,, v,1.,f,, X 'P ' ' . . -1, V , I 1' ' .g Jiinkb " .-.1 'V 1 ' J ' -5- ' ., '1 A--1' .K 5 A .1 . A . . ' H , Fjsiv ' . N'i J I I -il -1.-.1 n P.

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North Plainfield High School - Canuck Yearbook (North Plainfield, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 1


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