North Plainfield High School - Canuck Yearbook (North Plainfield, NJ)

 - Class of 1943

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Mary Mazepa 146 Pine St Plainfield NJ 07080 it I V, V ff A f A 3 ' N' m'C124::f.w hw,fx:-'t4w.uain2s-,.Z!NfxLy1, rw .T YA' vt A : .f,,J4,u :1xArs.,.Awn,5Q:.z.1xTfBLl!M. u!Bf:4,sm04tA5rdH 7 emafmiwmiiuiqmmsv4.i:42ei.fu5sf:mL.29we71.1'in-+1425-wr - mmm 3.-:tu-zsamefizfl-Q ' . ' l3xl:'H'L!l!'uk'5ssh3.lHh'5cEx:!x:,!lz'. k. ' naw , 'ill THE CANUCK published by THE CLASS QF1943 Q X CSUO awunnunununmmv SW' ca c 61 , , 9, 9 - ,K Nxxlq. ' .::: ,I 2 .4 6' 5 '42 f J W6 -Q-: jg X 'dr NQRTH PLAINFIELD HIGH SCHQQL NQRTH PLAINFIELD, NEW JERSEY Page If DEDICATIGN WE RESPECTFULLY DEDICATE the Canuck of 1943 to all the teachers and boys who have entered the armed services during the school year of 1942-1943. We are very proud of this branch of North Plainfield High School, which is valiantly doing its share to Win che War. Page Five I age Six FCDREWCDRD A YEARBOOK, this year, has a deeper mean- ing than it has ever had before. Let us hope that as our paths separate, going in unknown directions, following uncharted courses, this book will serve as a bond be- tween the happy memories of the past and the brighter days that are yet to come. CANUCK STAFF Ed1'fo1'-171-C'1z1'0f .,,V,, Assisfuzzf lflllbflil' Ijffrary Editor 13ll.YfIIt'SS Jfllllllfjfl' A.s's1'.ffz111f 1gll5ilZl'SX Lifcrarbx' Editors Girlfs Sfvorz' Editor Plzofografvlzy Edffor Copy Ediior ..,.,.,,,,, Aff Ezlifor ,... ..,,,,.'XI.IiXANDEiR IYAZEMETZ ,,....hIAM1-:s f3TTOBRE ,........,IiXvI':l-X'N SCHKIIDT lfalzczgffz' -XNTOLNETTI5 RINEHART V...,......I'Hy1-L1s EIEFLER I CYNTHIA BRUWNE IA FRANK TOVYNLEY ......,,,,INEZ LACAMERA ..........HARo1.D LAZAAR ,,HE,xTRICE IDE FILLIPO HONK Page Seven 1 ' x X Page Eight CLASS OFFICERS-1943 Presidmzt ...... ...... I RVING FENNER Vim-Prrsidmzt ....... ........ F OREST REIGLE Svrrviary .,.... ...,... I EANNE FLOCKER Treasurer ..... .....,. A NTOINETTE RINEHART Adzdscr ..... .,...... E ARLIE GONTER FACULTY BEEKMAN R. TERHUNE ....., HOWARD G. SPALDING ..... EUNICE M. CURTICE ........ ETHEL BROWER ......... MARION QUILAN .......... GERTRUDE AITCHISON ..... SHIRLEY APGAR ............ FRED ATKINS ...,.. EDWARD BARON ...... FREIDA BOCKIUS ....... ETHEL BURNS ...,........ MARION CAMPBELL .,,,.... ...... ....... DOROTHY DROMESHAUSER KENNETH EELLS ............. KENNETH FINK ....A JAMES D. FOOTE ........... GEORGIANNA GILBERT ,.... ELIZABETH G. GLASER ....... EARL A. GUNTER ........... DOROTHY G. HABGOOD ........ GLADYS F. HENRY ........ HOWARD E. HENRY ..... NAOMI INGELBRECHT ...... EVELYN INMAN ........... ROSALIE KLING ........ MARIORIE KOPS ........... HOWARD KRAUSCHE ........ WILLIAM LONG ............ FRANCES LORD ....... EMMA MAYER .......... MARY A. MCCREA ....... HOWARD PEARCE ...... ELEANOR ROBBINS ....... JOSEPH SCHAEDEL ....... ADRIANNA SUNDMAN ..... HANS SKALOWD ........... ROBERT SMITH ...... ALBERT SURINA ........ DOROTHY STARNER ....... ELSIE WHEELER ........... MILTON B. WOOTEN ....... MARY WILLET ........... ETHEL R. WOOD ....... HOWARD ZOLLER ........ .........Snpervising Principal .......Assistant Principal .................Secretary ...........Clerk ..........English ..............History .....................Matheinatics ...Victory Corps Adviser Bookkeeping and Typing .......History ..........English ..........................C0rnrnercial .Attendance and English ...............................Speech ..................Matheniatics .......Physical Education ....................History .......English ..............Typing ......Cornniercial .......Physical Edncation .......................History .......Biol0gy .......Spanish .........Honfie Econoniics .......English ....,...Shop ............... French ..............,...............Science ......General Mathematics ........Modern History ..........Sales1nanship .............Civics .......Librarian .......Biology Page Nine 'H yr' Y . v . ,- jk u 3 ,.f,, xr .., 'V . , N-' w A , V 1 .I . e' B q A A 4,- C' T , gi, 'C Vi.. , ., 7 ' , ' V LA A-jk-4 ..,m,.r ' X -2 5 4 ' 5 ,f x f ' - 1 ?- . . .I.A.,., 9 -, A V , ga. , , K i A ,. .l l , v ,. , . ' r ' 1 Jw V. 41 I. . 4., ...TQ , , . , ' 'W -K' ' -1 ' f '. M. 4.-A 2, f"'3 3.4 P- .-M, 0 , ., , 3 ' . F---Wim +f"l:4-.wing-.-1 L' ':L.i'4E2'l5s'i1m'1X?'w.f STELLA ALEXANDER "Stel" Future-Business Course--Gen. Umm, "Endless praise lo flzee arises." As quiet as they come, this friendly girl still makes her pres- ence felt with a smile so heart- warming that all come under its spell. She needs no further equipment. JOSEPH ALVAREZ "Joe" Future Course4General "Honor is in honest toil." He is one of the foremost mu- sicians of our school, a member of our band and a fine musician, He is also a dependable and sincere friend. DEDDA M. ANDERSON "BeII'y" Future-Secretary Course-Sec. Com. "She has no parallel." N0 one needs to be reminded of her willingness, her kindness, nor her tirelessness in the serv- ice of others, because there is no one who has not benefited from them. REGINA A. BARBOUR "Sue" Future-Undecided Course-Academic "A daughter ofthe gods, divinely tall and nzasl dizfinely fair." This stately miss will long be remember as the able chairman of our rhapsodic junior prom. We will also remember her for herself-fa combination of charm and' personality plus. Page Twelve JOSEPHINE E. BARONE "Jay" Future-Business Fonrse-Gen. Com. "Glory and splendor went hand in hand." Jay is the young lady who brings glamour to the class of '-13. All know how easily she makes friends and how freely she responds with humor to every situation, MARY BATOC "Mania" Future-Secretary Course-Sec. Com. "To bitter ends you, lrust trne friends." A cheerful and industrious person is an asset to any com- pany. Both in working hard and reviving drooping spirits, Mary serves her friends untir- ingly. WILLIAM BAUM "Bill" Future!Aviation Course-General "Success is constantly to purpose." Bill is a very amiable and good-natured member of the class. Always ready to do a good turn for someone, he has proved himself a person worth knowing. FRANK BAUSMITH "Frankie" Future!-Undecirleel f'ourse!Academic "Deeds are lietler things than wordsf' Here is Frank, an admirable fellow, star of the 1942 football season, the boy who was largely responsible for our winning the county and city championships. FLORENCE L. BENNETT "Flo" Future--Undecided Course--Sec. Com. "1 look no further for truth exalted." Her direct manner and natur- alness are manifest. The fact. that in a world of imitators, Florence is her unaffected self, makes her unique. You can trust her to the end. HELEN BIELKO "Missy" Future-Compt. School Course-Gen. "But kuotving uot, she sits upon a throne." Helen has won friends in every situation, because she seems to be enjoying life so much more than most people. This quality is too contagious to disregard. ANNA R. BONK Future--Nursing Course-General "And finds Izer welcome from the erowdf' She is equally proficient in the art of illustrating and the art of winning friends. Either one is enough to insure her suc- cess in the world. AJNNE C. BORROW "Carrie" Future-Secretary Course-Sec. Com. "Lead us as you led before." Give her one smile, and you have a life-long friend. She asks nothing in return, yet spreads so much sunshine and good will that each day is richer. MAUDE L. BOWERS "Maudie" Future-Off. VVork Course-Sec. Pom. "No tvielcedness was found in her." Maud is quiet, it is true, but that quietness also hides a warm heart and a sunny disposition. All who know her have been more cheerful and happy for the experience. WM. BOYLAN "Bill," "Booty" Future-Sports. Navy Course-Gen. "Brevity is the soul of wit." Bill has been one of the best athletes in N. P. H. S., as a stellar member of the county championship basketball team. He has helped our baseball team Win laurels. CYNTHIA BROWNE "Cynth" Future-College Course--Academic "From her shall read the perfect ways of honor." Cynthia has the rare ability to express in words the beauties of the world and the emotions of mankind. The sincerity of purpose expressed in her writ- ing is not surprising, because she is sincerity itself. ANNA S.BUKOCHAN "Susie" Future-Secretary Course-Sec. Com. "Nations court her friendly aid." Always pleasant and eager to please, Anna has won many friends wherever she has gone. lf she always remembers this engaging habit, she will never lack new friends. Page Thirteen CHARLES J. BUTRICO "Butch" Future-Undecided Course- General "lfVe live in deeds, not yearsg in thoughts, not li1'Uullz.v." Butch's grand plays in foot- ball and his good nature have endeared him to N. P. H. S. As a member of the champion team that defeated Plainfield, no one will forget him. MARY ELIZABETH CAFFREY FuturefNursing fourse- -Aemleniic "A fuller life from nzure 27ld6U'Zl0l'.U She possesses the essence of a sympathetic nature. Her tel- low-feeling is inexhaustibleg yet she seems to be enjoying herself immensely, no matter what serv- ices she is rendering friends. DOUGLAS CAMPBELL "Doug" Future-Undecided l'ourse-Aczideniir: "None but Iziniself ran be his jvaifallclf' Always laughing and full of fun, Doug's humor helps make the world go round. There are never any "blue Mondays" when he is around. He cannot abide dreariness. JOSEPH CAMPBELL uBilll'lS,n HCIIOSEP, Future-Lawyer Course-Academic "The glory of a firm, fapariaus mind." Ever laughing, Joe goes mer- rily through life, winning more and more friends as he goes. His ever present smile will long be remembered by his classmates. Page Iiozzrteeii CARMELA CAPOBIANCO "Carmie" lfutiireffltt. lVk. Course-Sec. Com. "l"a1'r quiet, I lzaw found then' lime." VVhen the deserving get their just due, we are certain Car- mela will come out with flying colors. This is because her warm, rich personality wins friends everywhere. JOSEPHINE CAROVILLANO ntJo9f Future-OE. VVk. Course-Sec. Com. "Her eyes are deeper than the deptli.r." There is something about Jo that suggests a nonchalance and contagious merriment all the time. You cannot see her smile without smiling yourself. And she is never without a smile. TERESA L. CAVALIERE "Terry" Future-Civil Serv. CoursegSee. Com. "Gentle thoughts and ralm desires." Although short of stature, Terry is not short of those friendly qualities which make school a pleasant place. It is her quiet cheerfulness that brightens all our days. JOHN W. CERMACK LKBud,!! ClMackH Future-Undecided Course-General 'tThi.r 0110716 all, to thine own self he true." No one can surpass this fel- low in a battle of words. He has an answer for every ocea- sion, and knows where and when to say it, but offends no one. TOM CHRISTIAN "Tom" FuturefU.S.M.C. "Life is a pleasant pastime." To Tom, life is meant to be enjoyed to its fullest possible measure. Consequently, he has made a host of admiring friends. WILMA CLARKE "Duchess" Future-Undecided Course-General "GraeiouJness, a priceless gem." Wilma is a very quiet, friendly person who greets everyone with a warm smile that is her way of saying hello. AN NABELLE COLUCCI "Ann" Future-Off. Work Course-Sec. Com. "In sweetness of her looks and mind." Everyone likes Ann because it is so easy to become a friend of hers-and so worthwhile. She makes each day that much more enjoyable by her presence. DOMENICAA.COLUCCl "Dee" Future-OE. Work Course-Sec. Com. "But she fauna' no enemy." Wherever she is most needed, there Dee is sure to be found. whether it is to perform a favor or cheer up her friends. She certainly deserves a place among the best. WX ANNE CONOVER "Connie" FlXlLlTCfU!lllCCltlC'tl fl0l1fSCfACHtlCY11lC " We must rise and follow her." No mind is more alert nor wit more keen than Connie's. She is always ready with an answer, be it a diFficult problem or a quizzical joke. LOUIS B. COONS, Jr. "Bud" Future-Aeronautics Course-Sci. "Thou hast a plenteaus supply of wil." Bud is everyones friend. He can make himself sincerely liked by anyone. His fund of humor is inexhausti-ble, and he is ever willing to lend a helping hand. STUART CROCKETT "Stu" FuturefNavy Seahees "The mildest manners with lhe bravest heart." "Stu" is well-liked because of his wholesome pleasant attitude toward life, both school and so- cial life. His future success is an inevitable certainty. FLORENCE D. CWIRKO "Flo" Future-College Course-Academic "Speech is great, but silence greater." Flo is warmly cordial to both friends and strangers alike. In fact, one ceases to hold the title of stranger once her sympathy and sociability envelop the com- pany. Page lfzffeeu I I PETER DALTO "Pete" Future-Army, Business Coursef Gen. Com. "They that govern the most, speak the least." VVhether you remember his prowess on the football field, or his skillful management as pres- ident of the Student Council, you must admit that Pete is one of our most outstanding seniors. CARL DAUGHERTY "Doc" Future-Pyhs. Ed. Ilir. Course-Gen. "lily sleill's in arflzsg I'nz eager for the fray." Doc is at home with either a football or a paint brush in his hand, a rare combination. His genial, unassuming manner, however, has won him more friends than either talent. JOSEPH DE ANDREA "Joe" Future-Undecided f'oin'sefCeneral "Power is zuz11zeas1zralvlef' Throughout N. P. H. S. "Joes" name has echoed long and loudly as a menace to ped- agogy, a boon to enjoyment. This reputation is deserved as all can avow. ROSE IRENE DEBISCO FutureAXVar NVork LTourse4G. Corn. "Fairest rose that ezfer sem' the N orth." Her joyous voice is heard wherever good friends get to- gether. This sound alone is enough to raise the spirits of all. No other sunshine is needed. Page S ixteen BEATRICE DEFELLIPO "Bea," "Beanie" Future---Office Work Course-Com. "Merrily, merrily shall I live now." A captivating smile and a good will that includes the en- tire world are Bea's trademarks. She makes us laugh until We are apt to forget how hard she works to help others.. sf' ' 0 -. I 1 ' f I s FRANK DELUCCIA Ufigheef' Futuref- Marines f'oursefCeneral "His spirit is tmdazmtedf' If our overpowering 1942 football team had any individual starsl one of them would cer- tainly be Frank. His sterling performances have many times been the deciding factor in games. JOHN DE SANTIS "Johnny" Future-Air Corps Course-General "Little strokes fell great oaks." Johnny has been a boon to our excellent high school music or- ganization. His is a sunny dis- position, making him many friends, and keeping them at his side. JOEL DONAHUE "Joe" Future--Undecided "He wears the rose of youth upon him." Joe never forgets that there is a need for humor in every situation. He never forgets that he himself can fill that need. There is a place for him in every group. LENORE EDELCHICK "Lee" Future-Undecided Course-Academic "Whose armor is hm' honest thought." We shall not soon forget Lee's cordial and earnest nature, nor the love of laughter which makes any conversation with her so pleasant and fascinatirg. FELICIA. FASO "Fay" Future-Business Course-Gen. Com. "Sc'1'e11e and rcsalutf and still." There is nothing you can ask of her that she will not gladly perform for you. Her endless services to her friends would till a book, and a smile goes too. IRVING FENNER "Irv," "Van'U Future-Aeronautics f Co .4 ." If, " slhnods to Wh? righ or , but walk hca " F wit, ch , and vers l- it A' s. His fine p - f mances in any of the dra- matic presentatiogls, as ll as his executive agihixfidelgtif sen- ior class president are evidences of his talents. FRANK FERRARO, Jr."Frankie" Future-Undecided Course-G. Com. "Wise to resolve and patient to perform." Frank is an industrious and diligent worker. Although quiet in manner, he does much for the school and his friends in his own way. , ei ANNA FERROVECCHl0"Anne" Future-VVAVES Course-Sec. Com. "Laughter shall drown the w0rld's shouts." Anne has a pleasing manner and a friendly face that make her welcome wherever she goes. A diligent worker, she is suc- cessful in whatever she does. JEANNE L. FLOCKER "Jeannie" FutureASeeretary Course-Sec. Com. "Sa steadfast and so sage." Jeanne is a girl of varied tal- ents. Although she is most not- ed for her exceptionally able twirling, we shall also remember her participation in many other activities. LOIS BEVERLY FORCE' "Lo" FuturefSecretary Course-Sec. Com. "Silence is more eloquent than words." A lady she is, in bearing and manner, and her warm feelings and sympathy make everyone contented. She will have friends wherever she goes, because she first is one herself. LILLIAN FOX "Lil" Future-Bus. Coll. CoursefSec. Com. "For a smile of God thou, art." No one needs to be reminded of Lillian's sunniness and sincer- ity. That's because her popu- larity is due to the renown of these inspiring qualities. Page Seventeen JOYCE GAAL "Joy" FuturefUndecitlc1l Course 'Academic "liar beauty litres with lCllIfllIt'XJ.H Ability is her middle name. Perhaps more than for the long list of activities which she has pursued, we shall remember this all-around girl for the quiet et- ficiency with which she com- pletes her tasks. ALBERT GAUF1 "Cauby" Future-Coach Course Academic nlvtlfltlillg is impossilwle to a willing lIf'Ul'f.n Gauby is one of the finest basketball players at N. P. H. S. Although he is incomparable in this sport no one will forget, either, his untiring efforts as football manager. He is a true champion. JOHN GERLACH "Johnny" Futurefldilot Course-General "No legacy is so ricli as l10nf'sty." A swell fellow. good natured and easy to get along with, john is well liked by all. He richly deserves this popularity, because he has earned it. JOSEPH GROSSWEILER "Joe" Future-Army Course-General "Thy 1111fs1'c tlzrills us all." One of the class of '-l3's best contributions to the world of music is Ioe's fine accordian playing. He is also renowned for his friendliness which seems to include everyone. Page Eighteen LILLIAN GUTMAN "Lil" Future follege Course Academic "Glorious tasks in silence 1vt'rfc'cting." liveryone who has known her has been affected by her sincer- ity and friendliness. She is al- ways ready to help in time of need. Lillian is a fine student and a dependable friend. RITA HAEFNER "Re" Future WSecretai'y Vonrse Sec. Com. "Slit, the light and life of us all." Rita surely has that certain spark which spells success in everything. No project is com- plete without her enthusiastic leadershipg no group without her sympathy. JACK HAGGART "Jackson" Future - -College Course-Academic "ff figure jim' doth grace the streets." Reserved and refined, Jack possesses the qualities of a gen- tleman. His keen intellectual mind and warm personality have won him many friends. He will never fail to impress the world MADELYN HAMILTON "Jean' Future-School Course-Genera' "Witty' herself' the cause 0 wi . , in other uint." TEAM best describes the spirit of the captain of the 1942-43 cheer leading squad This enthusiasm has made het a brilliant success as presiden of senior Hi-Tri. ROBERTA HAMILTON "Bert" Future---College fluurse-Academic 'iBl'0ll1S and lrmzzfy are U rare t'0IlIl?lIItIll0Il.H Many activities have henefit- ed by RolJerta's participation. This sparkling leading lady has enriched many dramatic club productions by her excellent in- terpretations. RENEE M. HAMRAH "Rin" FuturefXVAVES C'oursefCom. "1 am Ihr 1IIU5lf'l' of my fair." Here is all the pep and vital- ity one class needs rolled into a single personality. XYe cannot imagine any good fun that doesn't have Renee in the midst of it. SHIRLEY L. HARRIS "Lee" Future Journalism Course--S. V. "There will lic' rilim for fllfl' fo lmilflf' W'hat would the Timlartf have done these past two years with- out its capable editor? The pa- per's loss will be felt by all ardent Tzmlaw fans, for Shir- ley's shoes will be hard to fill. RULAND HARRISON "Ro" FuturefNavy 1'ourse-- General "'T1's only noble lo bc good." Roland's fondness for practi- cal jokes and worrying his teachers to distraction has made him many pals among his class- mates. Good sports like Roland are always appreciated. EDGAR A. HARTELIUS "Porky" Future-Navy Uourse General "False zt'orrl.r lzv nmfvr lmc'w." Edgar is the most carefree and good-natured fellow in the sehool. Never serious for a mo- ment, he is always joking or in- serting humor in whatever he does. VIRGINIA HEDBERG "Ginnie" Future Iindecidetl Vourse General "On flzy lips Ilzf .smile of truth." Virginia is a friendly, good- natured person, who is liked by all who know her. It is atti- tude like Uinnie's that makes our school spirit so line. MARION P. HEFLER "Phil" Future- -College fourse --Acadeniic "For cliarm is 'Zk'0IllHllI.Y frozen- iny Mfca.vu1fc." Phil's participation in a proj- ect of any kind means that it will be a success. Her popularity and good humor inspire her co- workers to give as much effort as she does. HAROLD A. HEGEMAN "Hege" Future-Army S. C. Course -Com. ULUIIUII mul lic lI1K'l'l'y ,' 'ZC'0I'I'y is an idle fClSllll1L'.,l Harold is an amiable boy who willingly does many peo- ple good deeds. Because of this, he is well-known as a reliable, trustworthy fellow. Page Nizmtccn GRACE J. HOBBS "Gracie" Future Undecided Vourse General "The IIFKIVIL of 11011013 flu' 111011111 of f7'llfl1.U Grace. in her quiet, helpful Way. has donc much to luenelit N. P. H. 5. Always willing. she has many times done more than her share. MARIE HOOS "Sunny" FIIIIIYC' Undecided Vourse Sec. Com. "lV1'fl1 gvnflv Ifzzt fw1'cr'aiIi11g fr11'cU." Sunny, although she is quiet mannered and wisc possesses a sense of humor which is as pop- ular as it is valuahle. Few have not had occasion to enjoy it. GEORGE HOUSE "G," "Go" Future Aviation Vourse- General nffl1lldS07l1l7 ix that IIIIIIFIXOIIIC docs." VVith his own quiet, unassuming manner, George has contrihutcd materially to the good name of our school. His friendliness is felt by all who come in contact with him. HELEN HOUSTON FuturefOft', XYork Course Sec. Fom. "This rlzarnz is toasted mzi the carfll and xkyf' Surely no one can have missed this radiant smile which prom- ises a warmth and richness cn- tirely fulfilled hy her person- ality. Look no further than Helen for the best of friends. Page Twenty ELEANOR M. HUGHES "Ellie" Future 'I'eacl1ing,VVAAC w Course --Academic " T110 only way tn llC17'!' a friend is in lm our." You cannot help liking the readiness with which she smiles, and the willingness with which she devotes herself to the serv- ices of others. Her unselfish- ness knows no limits. 7,LZf,w, Jvfwmezo WHITNEY HUNNEWELL "Whit," " Hunny" Future---Business Course- -General "l'Vi.vd0nz is Iwcffcr than 1'nlric's." VVhitney has cheerfully taken part in many practical jokes. His good naturedncss and skill on the drum has been a boon to many assemblies. ARLENE JOHNSON 1"uttn'efSc-cretary Course!See. Com. "All good and no I1ad11c.fs." Vlherever she goes, she smiles or laughs and that twinkle leaps into her eye. No wonder peo- ple cannot resist hecoming her friends. She wins them with her charms. JIMMY JONES "Jim" Future -Draftsman Course Sci. "Thou hast done Vcmnan sffrfuifcf' Jimmy has made himself liked by his well known smile. His good sportsmanship and friend- liness have made him one of the most popular boys in the sen- ior class. BARBARA A. KANE "Bobby" Future-Bus. School Course Acad. "1 .Seek no more than may S1tgfL'C.!' Bobby's kindly smile and l1eart to match have a magnetic charn1 which attracts others to her. A reprimand from her o11 hall pa- trol does not sound so harsh. LEONARD KAPLAN "Len" Fllfl1fE7UllllCCitiStl Course iiCllCl'111 "Bc swift fn Izcar, xlutt' In speak, and slow fo ivraflif' A good sport, a good pal, a11d a11 all-around good fellow is Len. He has been very active in athletics throughout his high school career. Everyone likes him. EDNA KEEHN "Edd" FUtUYCfNllTSlllH fourse -Academic "VVifI1 words tt'f'Il-dvviscri of 0 1101110 mi11ri." Always laughing and cheer- ful, Edd brightens any place she's in, or I:l1'lyOllC she's with. Active i11 Hi-Tri, sl1e served as treasurer in l1er junior year. DOROTHY A.. KIRSCH "Daffy" Future Secretary COlU'SCfSCC.C0l'll. "I saw her s1'1zg1'11g at her 2t'111'lc." A winning smile and a willing nature have endeared Dotty to all. She is sunshine and de- pendability themselves, as her friends and Tmzlaw readers all know. - J j-3 ,J FLORENCE KOCHEK "Ko" Future'---Bus. School Fourse-Acad. "Your joyful 1001: excels." Always on the go, Florence's pep is contagious. XVhether she's out in front cheering the team 011 to victory, or using her en- ergy to aid some school activity, she is a huge success. ROSALIE KOED "Relic" Future- College fourse 'Academic "xl zcfisdom rarcq a jewel dIi'UiIlC.U To know her is to encounter a unique experience. Here is that rarest of combinations-the wisdom of the ages and a nat- ural sense of humor exquisitely blended. ROBERT KOHLER "Bob" Future Farniing COLlI'SCfixCZHiC!I1iC 'flint a snwullz and rfcrzdfasf mind." Though quiet, Bob is well liked by all who know l1in1. Be- hind that unassuming exterior is a fine heart and a true friend. JEAN L. KONOPKA "Blondie" Future Business Vourse Sec. CL1111. "1i1'm11 tlzy hUc11'f is the .vzzn.vlzine." So much laughter and vivacity is packed into this one small per- son, that the two qualities are constantly bubbling over to the delight a11d benefit of all who are 11ear. Page Twenty-one HELEN MARIE KOSS Future-'Secretary fonrse f Sec. fum. "Tl1ere is a lady, sweet and kind." She is sweet and kind among strangers, but mischief lurks in that demure expression. Born with a regard for proper be- havior, she still likes a good time when with friends. KARL KRETZSCHMAR "Kurt" Future-f-Naval A. C. Course -Sci. "Self-re1,'e1'enre, self-knowledge, self-eonf1'al." Karl did a great deal to make our basketball team the great county champions they were two years in succession. VVhen we are down-hearted, we all like to feel the magic of his smile. MARY KU HNS Future--llndeeideil Vourse--Com. "Friend of fvleaszzreg rvisclnm'.r aid." Quiet and reserved, Mary is a conscientious and diligent person. Her warm smile penetrates all who meet her. She has found her place in the sun. INEZ LACAMERA "Tiny" Future- fllelelmnty Course fSce. Coin. "Vital .vparle of lieaveuly flame." All sports belong to her and she to them. Both the Tzmlaw and our yearbook have profited by that intense interest of hers, and her ability to describe it with vivid imagination. Page Twenty-treo MARGARET LAMB "Chops" Future--Nursing, College Course-Academic "Keep cool and you eommand everyone." Margarefs popularity is due to her sincerity and her loyalty on all occasians. Both at Hi- Tri and on Hall Patrol she has made people like and trust her. MORITZ F. LAURIA "Mousie" FuturefUmlecided Course-Academic "Whose little body l0elg'd a mighty mind." Mousie is liked by all very much. His whole life is tinged with humor and a zest for life. This friendly quality makes him the friend of all. HAROLD LAZAAR "Lil," "Hal" Future-Chem. Eng. Course-Acad. "A man than art, lu mind and soul." Harold has been one of our most successful boys both scho- lastically and socially. His cap- tivating personality has made him a leader in many activities. DOLORES LEUCHTENBERGER Hbeeif FLltllYC"Ul1ll6CiLlECl Course fAcademic "She comforts all the world as doth the sim." Everyone who knows Dee is captivated by her gracious man- ner. VVhenever we think of school spirit, we think of her ceaseless efforts to revive it at N. P. H. S. CHARLES LEWIS "Charlie" FuturcfEngingeering Cotlrse-'-Sci. "Let all things be done-in order and zvcllf' Charlie' is a multiple-threat man, engaging in many diflicult activities to the joy of all con- cerned. He has an indefinable charm of manner that makes and keeps friends. DAVID LINDER "Dave" Future-Accountant Li0lll'SCf,AC1ItI. "For courage nzozuztcfli with occasion." His smile is broad and his air 1S easy-going. Our competent and succes ul football player has a devil-m '-car malnner that e be' itagious. THERESA LOCCISANO "Tess FuturefVVAYES Course SE'C.L4Ul'II. 'fThe smiles that zcinl' the joys that glow." Tess's popularity can be traced directly to an amazing capacity for having a good time, and shar- ing it with all her friends. Her energy and spirit know no bounds. CAROLE MacDONA.LD "Scottie," "Irish" Future-Nurse Course'-General "I love life with an ecstasy unparalleled." This vivacious lass has done much to liven N. P. H. S. NVith rhythm in her soul, Mac attends all the social functions and she is one of the finest dancers in the school. ...ig 1 4 'L ' F. ,,t, J , .1 ' I 1' 4 .I KEITH MacDONALD "Mac" Future-Concert Pianist Foursc -Gen. "Tail is thc father of fanzcf' Keith has well earned the re- putation of master of the keys. Born with music in his soul, he has the rare ability to give his enjoyment of music to others. PATRICIA MARCOTTE "Pal" I"uturciMed. Sec. Course 'General "Oh, happiness, contagious so." Pat is gay when the occasion demands, but she also has her serious moments. Always ready for fun, she laughs her troubles away, as well as those of her friends. JEANETTE R. MARSH "Net" FntureeUndeeided C cmix rscfScc. l'om. "iWyIzca1't is like a singing bird." Full of fun, Net makes a good time out of whatever she does. Her fine sense of humor is wel- comed by everyone at any time. PHILIP MARTIN "MyrI"' Future-College Course-Academic "This well of true wit is truth itself." He is quiet, never forcing himself upon you, but what a wealth of wit he possesses. Many times this talent has been in evidence to the enjoyment of all. Page Twenty-tlz1'ce DORIS V. MATTISON "Mattie" Future- Secretary Course --Sec. Com. "Free from pride and fren from self." You can hear her contagious laughter everywhere, no matter how gloomy the atmosphere may he. No amount of darkness can hide the cheerlulncss which shines to inspire us all. ELSIE MAYNARD "El" Future Secretary Vourse See, Com. "Her l1f'a1't was young and gay." You have not known true sweetness until you have known Elsie. Such goodness of heart that does not seem offensive is rare indeed. Our good wishes go with her. M. LUCILLE McCARTHY "Lu" Future Secretary Course---See.Font. "'Ti.v good to be 1111'1'1'y and ru1'sc." She is so willing to do a hundred favors, so pleasant and smiling when people impose up- on her, that you cannot help being drawn to her unsclhsh personality. MARGIE MILLOVICH "Midge" Future- Cxirleeimlefl fourse- fit-e,l'ou1. "They are 11c'z'c'1' alone that are acconzpafzivd by ualmlc fI1o11gl1ts." There is an engaging little smile on her face and a merry twinkle in her eye. XVherever her vivacious spirits carry her, she inspires the world to sing- ing and dancing. Page Twmzty-f0111f DOROTHY M. MILLS "Dottie" Future f'l'el. Oper, Course---General "fl good hear! is Imffm' than all H10 IIf'!1d.Y of the 1t'o1'ld." A gay young miss, Dottie is very popular in the social activ- ities of the school. The first thing everyone says is, "She's sweet." Then one realizes that she's fun. F- f fi' 4 , A., , V... V 1 JOHVN E. MlLLWA.TER "Jack" 7 Future, l'ourse-- General 'Hwy .vfrelzgflz is as H10 strcnytlz of ten." jack has heen an outstanding N. P. H. S. athlete during his four years here. His athletic prowess has earned him social success and many friends. BARBA A . "Bobby" F ur Q etary ii se-'See.Com, " zrfn i , and ltj00dl1L'SS Il"Z'l'1' fec11'f11I." 6l'l1ey k' her ' er ver good fello s 1 'al Whenever m g to her, may iere al 3 be Bo 1 to hven he intfrcourse. GEORGE MOLINARI "Fat" Future- Engineer Course--Sei, Izs 11111110115 III a 1111111 to be sad." George is a very friendly fel- low, a cheerful high school stu- dent who has a good time every- where. and sees to it that every- body else around him does too. ANTHONY MONDORO "Tony" Future-Undecided Course-Sci. "Thy ways are the tvayr of an honest mail." Liked by all who know him, Tony is well known throughout the school. He is a versatile in- dividual, both an industrious stu- dent and a jovial companion. JAMES F. MONTROSS "Little Freddie" Futuree -Navy Course4General "A soft auszcer tnrueth away wrath." In spite of his nickname, Fred makes a big showing on the football Field. One of the hard- est-working players, he puts his all into a game. Our football record thisyear shows the re- sult. JOE MULLEY "Une Play" Future- Army Course--General "Tell the truth and shame the devil." VVhen you count Joe among your friends. you are in- cluding a trustworthy, likeable chap, but watch out for those jokes. You cannot help' liking him. yohody can. THELMA A.. MUNDY "Mun" Futuref Undecided Coursef General "Be resolute and mlm." Although quiet, Thelma is a very amiable and kind-hearted person. Never complairing, but Working with a will, she is a good sport at all times. nfl, me Jr ALE NDER N METZ -.AIex,n -.Alu Future- n cided Course-Acad. "Be not ignorant of anything." Here he is . . . the editor of our 1943 yearbook. Alex has worked long and hard on the Canuck to make it the best ever. His marks and personality also rate him tops. ROBERT E. NOBLE "Bob" Future-ArmerlServ. Course- Gen. "A deed of prowess done." Good-natured and friendly, Bob is one of the less obtrusive members of the senior class. He has made many lasting friend- ships, and we all feel lucky to be included. GLADYS OLSEN Future Secretary Course -- Sec. Com. "A thing of beauty is a joy forever." On the quiet side, Gladys is one of the sweetest and most friendly persons in the school. In her own unnoticed way Gladys has done much for N. P. H. S. DONALD C. OSNWALD "Ollie" Future-Architect Course-Sci. "Did one thing at a time and did it well." Donald has enjoyed a highly successful high school career. His humor plus his scholastic ability have earned much pop- ularity with his colleagues. Page Twenty-fiw 3 AJ JEAN DORIS OTT Future- -Bus. Sch, Course- Sec. Vous. "A merry heart doth good like rz lonicf' Everybody likes Jean because she possesses those cordial qual- ities that make strangers feel at home with her instantly. Her manner is easy and intimate, her services many. JAMES N. OTTOBRE "Jim" Future-College Course--Acadeinie "Tix wisdom, and that high." Always ready to do what is asked of him and to do it well is Jimmy. He exemplifies schol- arship, leadership, service, and character, the standards of the National Honor Society, which he leads. MARGARET OVERTON llMargeYY Future-Y College Course Academic "IIN voice was vwi' soft." There is an air of tranquility about Margaret which acts with peaceful effect upon all around her. An even greater influence is her endless thoughtfulness and kindness. 5. HENRY A.. Future--L "A clever Elllf Page Twenty-.riff vi X5 X M' EMILIE R. PINZKA "Rosie" Future - Secretary Course --See. Com. "I'i1't11e is its men 1'fwai'd." Rose is quietly faithful to all her friends, She accomplishes what she sets out to do in every case. In her own unobserved way she does much for little re- ward. HERBERT A. POLSKIN "Herb" Future--Undecided Course- - General "lSvfm'e his p1'nrvcs.r f1'L'1IIf7IC earth ima' sky." As a member of our glorious gridiron eleven, Herb did much to advance our sehool's renown in the football world. Always dependable, Herb is ever on the job. EDWARD C. POWELL "Eddie" Future---Engineering CoursefSci. "Fair his tvurk and firzef' Quiet friendliness well typifies Eddie. He is always on hand to help a friend. Have you ever wondered whv we all like him so? We cannot resist his un- selfishness. HELEN RADKOVICH "Racky" Future--Secretary Course 'SCC.flUT1l. "Size is the wry pink of c0zz1'fvsy." No one feels a lack of sun- shine after Helens smile and dis- position have wrought their charms. Her warm nature is the sun itself. VVe need no more FORREST REIGLE "Woody" Futureftfollege. Law Course -Acad. "This fame which you have caught." Woody is characterized by his wise orations in the auditorium and elsewhere. Gifted with the power of speech that sways audi- ences, he has been a leading fig- ure in many productions. LEONARD RICCARDI "Lin" Future-Test Pilot CoursefGeneral "To serve as model for the 'mighty world." Litz has been a stellar mem- ber of the N. P. H. S. band for four years. He has helped to make the concerts the great suc- cesses they are. He has fine character and musical ability. ANTOINETTE L. RINEHART llToni!! Future-C.A.A. Course-f-Sec. Com. "I live to make ollzcrs lzaflfvyf' Bubbling over with energy, Toni has expended much of her vivacity in school activities and in promoting school spirit. It could not have been as good a class without her. JOSEPH C. RITZ, Jr. "Joe" Future-Army A. C. Course-General "Whilst rev whole yrtwcs of laurel bring." One of the mainstays of our fine baseball team has been joe. He is a fine, dependable fellow who loves the game and plays it well. lt is a pleasure to watch him on the Field. PATRICIA ROGERS "Pat" Future-Secretary Course-General "As marry as the day is long." Pat is one of the happy-go- lucky type, and fun to know. She is always carefree and gay, a tonic for the worried or blue. CLARA MAY ROSE "LoIIy" FuturefNursing C'oursefGeneral "A merry heart 'makes a fhccr- fulc01mtm1auce." l.olly is one of those who have what it takes to get along with others. As full of personality as anyone can be. she is a friend worth boasting about. JOSiE'PH J. SANDIFORD "Joe" FuturefLaw CoursefAcademic "Ta flzinlz witlmut confusion clearly." A sense of humor that by far out-distances his size has made Joe an indispensable part of our class. His smile and good- naturedness cheer us all. ELEANOR SCHEURMAN "Ellie" Future-Reporter, Author Course fGen. Com. "Oli, why should life all labor be?" Where fun and laughter pre- vail, you are sure to End Ellie leading the rest. Her sense of humor is famous: her gossip column has as many readers as the Tzzzzluw has purchasers. Page Tzcwzty-seven EVELYN SCHMIDT "Evy" Futureftfollege flourse f-Academic "And lzvr zmznafrhca' 'mind is lzmzziczzlv 'I'rvasm'c." Our class is made complete through the brilliance. the hu- mor, and the energy which livy brings to it. She is thc essence of those three things that make every undertaking in the world a terrific success. ANNE E. SCHNEIDER "Annie" FuturefUndecided fourseff Sec. Com. "Elly tongue is flu' 17011 of a ready w1'ife1'." Her sense of humor and con- stant good will draw everybody who meets her, and her warm heart is open to them all. No- body feels left out of this sun- shine. JEAN D. SCRIBNER "Scrib" FuturefN ursing Vourse f-General HELl1'f1'l,.Y noblest thing, a ieomau 1bm'fcrted.l' She is always smiling, always laughing out at the world about her. Her very presence in a room seems to Hll it with sun- shine and merriment. CAROL SEAGER "Sugar" Future-College C'ourse' Academic "5'lz0w me new lands to rein." VVherever she goes, Carol radiates sunshine, and her jovial nature is felt by everyore. If you are depressed, Carol is the doctor you should see. Page Twenty-eigl1t BETTY SEIDEL "Bets" Future- -l',G. Fourse- Sec. Com, "Her I0'zfcli1ze,r.r 1 zmwr knelt' until she smiled at mc." Always smiling and friendly, Betty has made many lasting friendships. Her amiable nature and cordiality have made her welcome in the hearts of many. MILES SEIDEL Future Navy Coursef-General HIJll'llX1lI'C begotten of strength is his." Miles has long been noted for his witty comments on the world about him. These observations have added zest to all gather- ings where Miles is present. JACOB SEIDER "Jake" Future Musician Coursefileneral "IIC is all that makes ll man." Another talented musician is Jake. His musical ability has won him a place in the all-state orchestra. The class of '43 can well be proud of jake. JAMES J. SETTE "Jim" Future Undecided Course -Acad. "Ta low the gauze beyond the prize." A mighty hand with the racquet, Jim has given sub- stantial support to our tennis squad. His skill and accuracy on the court are going to be difficult to replace. eff EVA. L. SEWALL Future-f-Nursing Course General "Her ways arp ways of lrlcamfitncssf' 'We will long remember Eva for her sweet friendliness and sincerity. Few possess the elus- ive talent of being a friend to all. BETTY J. SHULTS Future--Nltgrsing rv tlburse G IE Q".S'Mjht7t Frith kfzuwlcdgf 'd L'sPt1rr'fl1 lzcfieithll-L ' X1-X Betkfis ohfiafyfhg more quiet girls in the school. VVell man- nered and modest, she is one who contributes to the good name of N. P. H. S. ALMA SNODEN "Tiny" Future Designing Vourse Acad. "A gracious iuonzan obtainellz honor." The band and Alma are in- separable because she is the lit- tle lady who leads it to never- ending fame. Tiny has been a majorette since her freshman year, and each year has brought her more success. JUNE SOPER "Sunnykid" Future--Author, Artist, Dancer Course Sec.l'on1, "They are only truly great who art' truly go0cl'." Possessed of an artistic na- ture, June handles the pen and brush with equal skill. The columns by Sunny in the Tun- latc' have been a source of en- joyment to all. X , Q W xi' ' i . 1 EVERETT SOUTHARD "Ev" Fmufefzvttyy A LlI!Lll'SB"fiCllE1'Z1l "Say 1101 the sfrllggle naught az'a1'icth." His comic actions in dramatic productions and his musical abil- ity have made Everett every- body's pal. Born to make others laugh and be merry, he has brightened everyones school years. IGNATIUS SPINCOLA "Iggie" Future-flindecided llourseffl. C'on1. "LVisdmn lirs within." A likeable chap, Ignatius has made many friends throughout his high school career. Al- though quiet and reserved, his friendly manner is well known throughout the senior class. MARGARET STAATS "Marge" Future--Nursing Lfriiirse-- "G ld iarker, youd rpm' , good fr? .' od s lways, e excels in ings athlet . Sh- has 1 tive sports ro l car- r, and sel a name in G. A. ' ' . Y 1v1tV LEONARD A. STILO "Len" Future-Air Corps Fourse -Academic "Yet known has he the joy of runqzmsif' Leonard has played football and baseball since his freshman year. Although a quiet lad, he has been active in sports and has been recognized as a good sport aid a line fello . MOWWTNL .WWW arf' wtfifll We Page Twenty-nine VIRGINIA R. STRAIN "Honey" Futureffollege C'ourse-Aeademie "Nothing is TUOVIIII 'Zt'0l'l'ylllfj about." Ginny is one of the best natur- ed girls in the school. No favor is too great for her to do for someone else. She goes about her work with a constant smile. ADELE STREET "Pinky" Future-'Undecided CUIlI'SC"fi9IICI'IlI "I'VI1r'11 thc 51111 xI1i11r'fl1, znakc' hay." Pinky makes everyone smile and laugh at all times, because her love of mischief is combined with a superb sense of humor. No situation can get the better of her. JA.MES W. THOMPSON "Jim" Future-Chemistry Course-fsei. "The 'lllllll of life Hf7l'If1llI.,i Faithful is the name for jim. As manager of the football team, he worked as hard as any player. Wle must not forget his skill with the camera, which is well known. ROBERT G. THOMSON "Scotty" FuturefNzivalFlying Course-ffieu, IAVWIIII looks on fv1r1fu'.vf.r and is nczicr shakcnf' VVhether it is his own Scot- land, or his passion, Hying, we all think of Bob as a well of knowledge. If you have heard his line voice describing his pet subjects, you have marked him for success. Page Thirty MARY TOOZ Future- OFF. XVork Course- Sec. Com. "Sim xirrgx, and Ihr' world singx frm." You may not know she is there, but you will feel her un- derlying charm and value all the while. lt is her quietness it- self, that eudears her to others. HAROLD R. TOWERS "Hal" Future Navy A. F. Course-Acad. ".-lf 1.111050 Flllllllllllld llzr' feaws 0I7I'j'.,' Laughter and merriment are the keynotes of Harold's dis- position. Always willing to do what is asked of him, Hal has made a name for himself as one of the most popular seniors. VIRGINIA C. TOWNE "Ginny" Future- Undecided Course-General "flow Irryuiliug ix a lrvzfrly s111ilc." Always smiling, Ginny makes our halls a little brighter and our cheering squad a little pep- pier. She captivates the hearts of all who know her and is one of the most popular of our class. FRANK TOWN LEY Future-College Course--Academic "But who .vlmuld less expert from you." Scholasticallv he is at the top and socially his humor and cor- diality are indispensable. What better combination can you find? He both amuses and instructs us. VINCENT TRIANO "Jimmy" Futureffl'nclecided t'ourseffGeneral "Enter ncitlzer cart' um' fear." Vincent's pleasant appearance and disarming smile are always harhingers of a, good time and a laugh or two. He is a very friendly and dependable chap. VIRGINIA VAN WINKLE ocinnyn Future Typist Vourse -Gen.C'om. "xl thing well dom' ix u fvcrfwt- ual recom11imidaliou." Ginny's willingness and abil- ity has been evidenced by her participation in activities. Shes worked untiringly on the Turi- lazv staff doing more than her share of work. ANCELINA VENDITTI "Angie" Future --Secretary Vourse- Sec. Com. "A friend to all and F'l'!'l'j'0l1C lim' f1'im1d." Enough spirit and cordiality are discharged by this girl with the warm smile to inspire any- one. She has a frank and hearty manner which is appreciated by all. ANJN VITELLI Future' Nursing Fonrse -General H1Jt'l1IIH'I-fj' and .rzt'z't'lm's.x', lvricv- less 'Z'l-VIIIICS of tt'0i11a111m0d." Don't let the quietness fool you. Ann has all the spirit and cordiality needed to make a worthwhile friend. but her mod- est nature won't permit her to show it plainly. ""B""i"J' DE LAY WALSH "Dee" Future Undecided Course SCC.fl0l'l1. xjvrilc, .vlzc dalzrvii Hit' miliolc' day long." DeLay is a young lady with a mischievous twiuklii ill her eye. Her personality matches that twinkleffull of fun and always on the go. She chases the blues away. BURTON WEISBE.CKER Future -Naval A. F. Course-Sei. "I mn frm' from ties." Since coming to N. P. H. S. from Plainheld last fall, Bert has made many friends. His personality and his high rating in school work make him a prominent senior. CHARLOTTE A. WILCHUCK Future -VI':ir VVork Course ffom. "ff 1llf'l'l'kl' lzmrf for: all the day." Charlotte, although loving a good time, is known for her friendly disposition. Friendli- ness is a quality that cannot be hidden, and so we have all come to like Charlotte. JOHN WILSON "Jack" Future- Draftsman Course-Sci. "Trim valor doth ltcz' own 1'0- nofwz ron11m111d." Jack is a quiet, dependable fel- low, held in high esteem by those who know him. His humorous, genial nature is well known throughout our class. Page Tliirty-nlze WILMA L. WITTEMAN Future f-Undecimled Course Sec. l'o111. "She was Pwr fair and timer proud." You feel her frank, generous nature. You love her sunny dis- position and her attractive smile. But you will remember her un- tirirg efforts to help others. EVERETT C. WITTMA.N llEv,1! KOWHYD Future-Agriculture Course Sci. "Proud his truth by his r'11dca1'o1'." Everett's quiet, friendly, dis- arming manner makes him a de- finite asset to HIIYOIICIS list of acquaintances. His sincere smile is a welcome sight. DOROTHY WOOTON "DotI'y" Future-Undecided Course--G.l'o1u. "Sing, dance, and lm joyous." Little, but oh my! are the best words to describe Dotty. An enthusiastic cheer leader, she is out there at every game making them yell. ROGER CAMPBELL "Rog" Future--Medicine Fourse- -'Academic "Thoughts arc mighticr than strength of arm." This senior is noted for two virtues that he possesses in abundance -knowledge and hu- mor. He is an outstanding stu- dent of the senior class. WILLIAM FISH "Bill" Future-Undecided Course-Sci. "Actions are gnighticr than boasting." Everyone knows Bill for his mastery of physical education and his keen interest in science. An amiable chap, his skill in making friends is one of his fin- est attributes. Page Th irty-two KENNETH HARNED "Gltmlly wozrlul hc lrnru, and gladly trttrltf' Kenneth has won his friends with his sense of humor which is never idle. It has made many an occasion more cheerful than it would have been otherwise. s'r:P1-1sN LETOSTAK " e er uture- , 'het l 'io 1. ' i ' midi, ugh 1 practical ec I a irate teac er IS st 1 1 s 1 the class ia' ocked witi laughter many nnes He brightened our dull F II l I . l " n nl S , III y i v ' ' fl-Y it 1 'ff . ' Q , i may 1- x r e been ap- I' - t l , Q I1 , ll tl 5 ' l ye ldaysi. CHARLES R. WRIGHT Future-iMetallurgy Yourse--Aciid. "Eartlz and sky ronfess his sway." Smiling, with a joke ever on the tip of his tongue, Charles' humor has been a highlight of the school years. Few can count more friends than he. AP J Xu u JOSEPH A. Y,9 NG "Joy" Future mlIfiIIIg I Coitrsei-General dwggursrlf lmst at l times." J I All the, orld is' a glorious 1 la ghing ttersto Joy. There no sit ation too dismal nor atter o trivial that she can- ot make us see the humor of it. MIRIAM ZAGORIA "Mim" Future -Nursing Course-Academic "Ou hor tongue the law of kiizdtzcssf' Good natured and friendly, Mimi has won many friends throughout her high school car- eer. Faithful to her hall patrol duties, when she says "Quiet, please," it is quiet. HARRY MARTIN "Har" Future Ry. Post. Clk. Course-G. C. "Thy sfrzfirc' makes time 1mn1o1'tal." VVith his manner of tranquil- ity, ma11y people have found Harry to be a lasting and true comrade. In Harry's person- ality is great character, which all unconsciously notice. WILLIAM SEADER "Bill" FuturefArmy Course-General "Thy service shall not be forgotten." Bill is one of the pleasantest fellows we have in our class. Consequently, he is a very pop- ular ehap. His hue personality makes him a good pal for everyone. N CLASS HISTORY It was in the fall of '39 that the class of '43 Entered North Plainfield High School As ambitious as any group could be. Mr. Kirchberger was our advisor, and he did his best To set us on the road that would lead to success. We had our freshman picnic in Greenbrook Park, Where we all got to know one another, and the year Was off to a very good start. Our class officers were elected, with jack Millwater As president, a promising executive, and Harold Towers To help him, to see that nothing was neglected. Dolores Leuchtenberger was secretary, And she kept her notes line, While James Ottobre was treasurer, And collected our dimes. After summer vacation we returned in the fall, We were now sophomores, And, as all sophomores, thought we knew it all. Mr. Gunter was our advisor, and as our advisor remained, And in the following years added much to our fame. Jimmy Ottobre was elected president by unanimous acclaim, With Stew Baker, Dorothy Irvin, and Phyllis Hefler, making Many fine contributions to the class name. In the spring for our class picnic we went to Rahway Pool, Where we swam, played tennis, and forgot about school. To our junior year as upper-classmen we eagerly returned, For there was much to be done in two short terms. Jimmy Ottobre was back as president by popular demand, With Frank Townley, Carolyn Barrow, and Flo Kochek at his command. We ordered our rings in the latter part of November, And we all remember what happened on the seventh of December. Regina Barbour was elected the junior prom chairman. "The Rhapsody in Blue" was the most successful prom N. P. H. S. ever knew We came back in the fall of '42. We were seniors at last, our dreams had come true. Many more things were yet in store to make this year Memorable for now and ever more. Our football team made N. P. H. S. history, When we defeated Plainfield in a most glorious victory. The following Monday we had no school, . For this was an occasion demanding an exception to the rule. And as the year went by, many of the senior boys left To help Uncle Sam end the terrible world mess. What the future holds in store is very uncertain. We of the senior class make this declaration- Loyal and staunch Americans we will ever be. And help to preserve this country a land of the free. Page Thirty-three CLASS PRGPHECY STELLA ALEXANDER-is a very efficient sec- retary. JOSEPH ALVAREZ - is an indispensable part of the New York Philharmonic Orchestra. DEDDA ANDERSON and ARLENE JOHNSON - tied for the title, "Best Secretary of l950." REGINA HARBOUR - is Society's most gracious and charming hostess. JOSEPHINE BARONE - has succeeded Dorothy Lamour on the screen. MARY BATOG and VIRGINIA TOWNE - are con- tented housewives by this time. WILLIAM BAUM -- is president of Pan-Ameri- can Airlines. A FRANK BAUSMITH -is still making those touchdowns for the All-American team. FLORENCE BENNETT and GRACE HOBBS -- are doing clerical work for R. H. Macy. HELEN BIELKO - is teaching girls how to use those baffling Comptometers. ANNA BONK - is illustrating posters for the new World's Fair. CAROLYN BORROW and LOIS FORCE - are sec- retaries to the new mayor of New York. MAUDE BOWERS and ANGELINA VENDITTI- are two of those famous Washington workers. WILLIAM BOYLAN - is the toughest sailor in the Navy. CYNTHIA BROWNE -is papering her walls with acceptance slips from publishers. ANNA BUKOCHAN - knows more about the business than her boss does. CHARLES BUTRICO - has set himself up in business in North Plainfield. MARY CAFFREY - is nursing the Marines back to health. DOUGLAS CAMPBELL - has brought vaudeville back to life. JOSEPH CAMPBELL - has injected humor into the law courts. aae 7 'hirty-four ROGER CAMPBELL - has astounded Medical Science with his discoveries. CARMELA CAPOBIANCO - is excelling in office work in Chicago. TERESA CAVALIERE - is directing a school for foreign correspondents. JOHN CERMACK - is an important figure in lo- cal politics, out-talking the rest. ANNABELLE COLUCCI and JOSEPHINE CAROVIL- LANO - work in the Office of one of our local stores. ANNE CONOVER - is representing New Jersey in Congress. LOUIS COON - is raising mules for the Army. STUART CROCKETT - has beaten all naval con- struction records. FLORENCE CWIRKO - has been picked by a talent scout as the typical College Girl. PETER DALTO - has turned the business world on its ear with his jokes. CARL DAUGHERTY -- has charge of Physical Education at Harvard. ROSE DE BISCO - has added glamor to the assembly line. BEATRICE DE FELLIPO - has won the title of radio's fastest talker. JOHN DE SANTIS and HAROLD TOWERS-are bursting with pride in Air Corps uniforms. LENORE EDELCHICK - runs a column of house- hold hints in a leading magazine. FELICIA FASO and MARY KUHNS - keep rec- ords for the Treasury Department. IRVING FENNER - is the most sought-after an- nouncer on the air. FRANK FERRARO - is still wondering what in the world to do. ANNA FERROVECCHIO and THERESA LOCCISANO - have joined the W.A.V.E.S. WILLIAM FISH - has discovered another kind of Sparrow. JEANNE FLOCKER - is the world's most famous woman executive. LILLIAN FOX and BARBARA KANE-have charmed the business world with their smiles. JOYCE GAAL - has dedicated her life to head- ing committees. AIIBERT GAUB - is basketball coach at N. P. H. S. JOHN GERLACH - has done himself proud as a pilot. JOSEPH GROSSWEILER - plays his accordian at every political convention. LILLIAN GUTMAN-has risen high in diplo- matic service RITA HAEFNER- is modelling gowns for V ogue. JACK HAGGART - is lecturing to women's clubs on anything at all. JEAN HAMILTON - has brought War Bond sales up to the billion dollar mark. ROBERTA HAMILTON - is giving intellectual dinners for British War Relief. RENE HAMRAH - has created a New World Order KENNETH HARNED and BURTON WEISBECKER -are howling over their income taxes. SHIRLEY HARRIS - has taken the editor's place on the Courier N efws staiif. ROLAND HARRISON and MILES SEIDEL -- aren't quite admirals, but almost. EDGAR HARTELIUS-is trying to outlaw work of all kinds. VIRGINIA HEDBERG-h3S joined the W.A.A.C.S. PHYLLIS HEFLER-is National Organizer of Charity Functions. HAROLD HEGEMAN-is president of the New York Central Railroad. MARIS Hoos-still sets the styles for New York's grand society to follow. GEORGE HOUSE-has revolutionized aviation. HELEN HOUSTON -is modelling for The Smile of Beauty. ELEANOR HUGHES-is still charming her kindergarten class. WHITNEY HUNNEWELL-beats the drums for the Victory Parade. JIMMY JONES - is drafting plans for the Navy. DOROTHY KIRSCH - has grown so learned that she's dictating to her boss. FLORENCE KOCHEK - is drumming up War Bond Sales with her pep and vitality. ROSALIE KOED-has just edited a brand new dictionary. ROBERT KOHLER-has been appointed Secre- tary of Agriculture. JEAN KONOPKA - is getting ahead by not tak- ing anything seriously. HELEN Koss and MARY Tooz - are worth their weight in gold as secretaries. KARL KTETZSCHMAR and LEONARD KAPLAN - are advertising Arrow Shirts. INEZ LACAMERA-succeeds J. Edgar Hoover as head of the F. B. I. MARGARET LAMB and EDNA KEEHN-have now become private nurses. MORITZ LAURIA-owns three baseball teams, besides succeeding Mayor LaGuardia. HAROLD LAZAAR-is resting comfortably af- ter one of his discoveries blew up. DOLORES LEUCHTENBERGER- is captivating soldiers as a U. S. O. hostess. CHARLES LEWIS and EDWARD POWELL-are building bridges all Over the place. DAVID LINDER-has made accounting an art. CAROL MACDONALD-likes dancing for a liv- ing because she never has to sit still. IQEITH MACDONALD- plays the piano at Car- negie Hall. PATRICIA MARCOTTE-thinks every day is a holiday. JEANETTE MARSH -has driven five bosses crazy, but she's still going strong. HARRY MARTIN-thfOWS our mail OH the trains for our pleasure. PHILIP MARTIN -is teaching at Harvard. DORIS MATTISON-is leader of a Girl Scout troop ELSIE MAYNARD-is well on her career. LUCILLE MCCARTHY - is taking dictation from a prominent executive. MARGIE MILLOVICH-can't sit still long enough to take dictation. DOROTHY MILLS-gives you all your wrong numbers on the phone. JACK MILLWATER-h3S invented a plane that flies without anything. BARBARA MII.NE and VIRGINIA STRAIN -are talking so fast they can't be fired. GEORGE MOLINARI-hHS constructed another gymnasium for N. P. H. S. ANTHONY MONDORO - has become a high- pressure salesman for something. Page Thirty- Eve FRED MONTROSE -- is covering sports for the Times. JOE MULIIEY-lS so valuable to the Army it can't fight the war without him. THELMA MUNDY-is the champion Fuller Brush woman. ALEXANDER NAZEMETZ-conducts the Town Meeting of the Air. ROBERT NOBLE - has won the war almost sin- gle-handed. GLADYS OLSEN-is a private secretary to a wealthy old man in the city. DONALD OSWALD and JOEL DONAHUE-have won Academy Awards for comedy. JEAN OTT -is one of the few important busi- ness women in North Plainfield. JAMES QTTOBRE -is campaigning for president of the United States. MARGARET OVERTON - edits a women's fashion magazine. HENRY PHILLIPS and STEPHEN LETOSTAK- have charge of the new World's Fair. ROSE PINZKA and DOMENICA COLUCCI -have come back to N. P. H. S. for office work. HERBERT POLSKIN-iS a soda-jerker just off Broadway. HELEN RADKOVICH -is portraying the typical secretary on the screen. FORREST REIGLE-wins his cases by slipping sleeping pills to the judge. LEONARD RICCARDI -is a test pilot, which ex- plains those bruises. ANTOINETTE RINEHART -is still at N. P. H. S. assisting Mr. Wooten. JOSEPH RITZ -is America's new matinee idol. PATRICIA ROGERS-has dedicated her life to avoiding work. CLARA MAY ROSE -has been sent by the Red Cross to cheer up war torn nations. JOSEPH SANDIFORD -is sitting on the Supreme Court Bench. ELEANOR SCHEURMAN-is in the thick of it all as a foreign correspondent. EVELYN SCHMIDT-is winning all the money on the quiz programs. ANNE SCHNEIDER - writes a gossip column in the Times. JEAN SCRIBNER-is a nurse in COON Rapids, Iowa. WILLIAM SEADER-keeps law and order in ' New York. Page Thirty-.six CAROL SEAGER-iS teaching grade School. BETTY SEIDEL-is a private secretary righ here in Plainfield. JACOB SEIDER-arranges and-plays the musif for a leading radio program. JAMES SETTE- is the 1950 Tennis Champioi of the world. BETTY SHULTS - has just graduated from he nurse'S training. ALMA SNoDEN's-designing has made Plain field the fashion capital. JUNE SOPER-illustrates her Own famou manuscripts. EVERETT SOUTHARD-has taken Bob Hope' place on the air. MARGARET STAATS-has donned an Arm NurSe,s uniform. LEONARD STILO,S-TOWNE is the best in th world-so he thinks. ADELE STREET -is working in the productio line of a local industry. JAMES THOMPSON -is working in the Du POI laboratories. ROBERT THOMSON - teaches everything yc want to know about aviation. FRANK TOWNLEY - startles his learned frienc by producing musical comedies. VINCENT TRIANO-didllit know what to d but his Draft Board had an answer. VIRGINIA VAN WINKLE-is typing the pres dent's speeches. ANN VITELLI -is feeling pulses for the Nav DELAY WALSH -moves from job to job lil lightning. CHARLOTTE WILCHUCK - builds a plane a da in a defense plant. JACK WILSON-hunts lions for a living. WILMA WITTEMAN-is a canteen worker Fort Dlx. EVERETT WITTMAN-is a distinguished ge tleman farmer. DOROTHY WOOTON - is the smallest secreta in Hollywood. CHARLES WRIGHT - has become a metallurg before he can even spell it. JOSEPHINE YOUNG- is teaching first-z courses in the kindergarten. MIRIAM ZAGORIA and EVA SEWALL-rep sent N. P. H .S. at Muhlenberg Hospit LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT We, the members of the Class of One Thousand Nine Hundred and Forty- three, in fond ntemory of our many friends we are leaving behind, do bequeath the following revered items to said persons. MR. TERHUNE - Three cents-remember? DR. SPALDING - Another senior class as brilliant as ours. MR. GUNTER - An ever "blossoming hill." MR. FINK - A well-adjusted class. MR. BARON - A successful continuation of the Victory Corps. MR. SCHAEDEL - An amplifier for the Auditorium. MR. HENRY - A yellow tie to match his blond locks. MR. FOOTE - A commission in the U. S. Army Signal Corps. MR. SURINA - An assembly period that ends on time. MISS CAMPBELL - If we left her her annually promised few inches, she'd be six feet by now 5 instead, we bequeath her a pair of platform shoes. Mlss AITCHISON - Some wool. MR. SMITH - A class of students, not pupils. MRS. GLASER - The eternal spark. DONALD CARMICHAEL - A little gas to run your car, Michael. VIRGINIA HOOPER - Another lead in a glamourous "Glaser" production. GUSSIE WILMERDING - A Navy man with a "Burg" heart. CHARLES NOBLE - Some "Waac-y" jokes. BILL HABERLE - The captaincy of another championship football squad. BILL PERLMUTTER - The presentation of more of those "solid" Student Council Dances. HELEN METTAM - Some more beautiful "A's." MARIE VITELLI - Memories of a grand junior Prom. DOREEN AsKEw - An answer to all her "Ask-Q's." "WHEEzER" WYCKOFF - The reception of fifty or sixty touchdown passes. MARTHA WEBSTER - Next year, figure out why fire engines are red, Martha. B013 VAN ALLEN - A zoot suit. SHIRLEY CARBERRY - A Fernfaldj to decorate her life. ELAINE VOORHEES - A Phillips product, and we don't mean tooth paste. JACK REIGLE - Hair clippers, to keep up that sharp hair-do. TONY DE FILLIPO - A compact, for those good looks. THE FOOTBALL TEAM - A second smashing defeat of Plainfield. SONNY SPILATRO - More female admirers. SHIRLEY ESTABROOK - Some skirts to match her shirts. To ALL oUR TEACHERS IN SERVICE - Our heartfelt wishes for success in their patriotic endeavors. Page Thirty-seven Done Most for N.P. H. S. .,..... . Done Most for Clas s of '43 Most Popular ..............,,........ ....... Best All-Round .,.,... ,... Best Athlete .......,. Most Talkatizie ...... Teacli's Pet ..........., Class Musicians ..... Quietest .............,.... Best Sports ,...... Best Dancers ........ Class Artists ..... Inseparables ...,.. Class Wits .....,,,.... Best Looking ........... Biggest Blusliers ............ Most Sophisticated ........ C utest ....................... Ill ost Ambitious ..... Most Businesslike ......,... Most Helpful ............s.. Most Dependable .....,..... llflost Happy-go-lucky ....... Biggest Bluffers ............. Most Attractive .......... Best Personality .......... Class Infants ............ Most Pliotogenic ......... Most Adorable ......... Lady's M an .,..... M an's Lady ....... N eatest .................. Best Dressers ....... Class Actors ....,.... Peppzest ......,....................... Most Likely to Succeed .................. I age Thirty eight STATISTICS .james Uttobre Peter Dalto Irving Fenner Peter Dalto Frank Bausmith Douglas Campbell james Thompson Keith MacDonald Harry Martin Charles Butrico Jack Millwater VVilliam Boylan Keith MacDonald Everett Southard Everett Southard -------Everett Wittman Charles Butrico Jack Haggart Charles Butrico Frank Townley Harold Lazaar Alex Nazemetz Alex Nazemetz Douglas Campbell Whitney Hunnewell ..........Jack Haggart Peter Dalto Maritz Lauria Jacob Seider Charles Butrico James Jones .......Alma Snoden Iames -Tones Jack Haggart Forrest Reigle Harold Towers James Ottobre Evelyn Schmidt Evelyn Schmidt Jean Hamilton Jean Hamilton june Soper Rene Hamrah Cynthia Browne Eleanor Hughes Cynthia Browne Jean Hamilton Elsie Maynard Anna Ruth Bonk Rene Hamrah Teresa Locciasano Rene Hamrah Dolores Leuchtenberger Edna Keehn Roberta Hamilton Rosalie Koed Evelyn Schmidt Evelyn Schmidt Antoinette Rinehart Evelyn Schmidt Rene Hamrah Carole MacDonald Phyllis Helier Jean Hamilton DeLay Walsh Dolores Leuchtenberger Alma Snoden Ann Conover Helen Bielko Roberta Hamilton jean Hamilton Evelyn Schmidt I Qi 9 'Eve N035 d I W I ffqngk GQ-QQ A o-w J 'Tv' .if .150 - 3523! U 1' , ..f,- ----fu gf, SR? film S' '41 X' "53?:'z r, , Page F arty Abbruzzese, Mary Agnelli, Frances Alberti, Lillian Appleby, Bernacline Askew, Doreen Austen, jackie Baron, Catherine Benekosky, Marion Bennet, Betty Benning, Gloria Bentivegna, Dorothy Betzolcl, Betty Buehnell, lilsie Bohl, Elizabeth Bohn, Margaret Brumm, Carol Buesehel, Rose Burks, Gladys Bunison, Mary Busicia, Katherine Caleen, Muriel Campbell, Mary Carberry, Shirley Church, Gloria Cirigliano, Barbara Coley, Nancy Clark, W'ilma Connally, Rosemary Conway, janet DeCanip, Iris Deliillipo, Doris .fs CLASS OF l94ll l7eGuilo, Josephine Ileinl, Margaret Dempsey, Bernadette llonatelli, Marie Doris, Jean Dunham, Norma Dunne, Helen llonaruina, Carniella lieonoin, Venice liisenstein, Beverly lijk, Betty listabrook, Shirley Ifortl, Margaret lfritz, Ruth Ghidella, Dolores Giclcles, Betty tiilclersleeve, jean tiinslmrg, Rita tiooclwin, Barbara Gunn, Ro,-e Hauser, llelen I lauseniann, jean llawkrirlge, lrene lleclclen, Doris Herbert, jean lliggins, Agnes Hoffman, lileanor lloffman, Miriam Hooper, Virginia Jaffe, Doris .lnclgt-, Iivelyn Karoleski, Rosemary Kenyon, Lila King, gusan Kmosko, Barbara Kopp, Carol Kuehnel, Doris l.aMaire, listella l.auria, Violet Lear, Ruth Leopold, lcla I.etostalt, Veronica l.eYine, llilcla l.eYine, Rita Lines, Betty l.oCallo, Rose Lomeneh, Suzanna Long, Carol Maiclrine, Gloria Mayer, Dorothy Melntyre, Mable Meklenns, Shirley Mellio, Eleanor Melick, Jean Mettaim, llelen Meyers, Helen Monzioiii, Ann Mooney, Patricia Moron, Kathleen Murphy, Nina Nazario. julia Nietlbalslxi, ,Iannie Nordstrom, Vivian Ogden, Eleanor Olsen, Louise Pagel, Betty Palmer, Nadina Palacce, Nancy Pesionello, Amelia Porreca, Norma Porto, Lena Pastel, Anna Pyatt, Shirley Renovitz, Anna Ruddy, Arline Sargeni, Venice Saunders, Gertrude Schafer, Margaret Schenck, Catherine Schmidt, Phyllis Scarmello, Jean Shoeffer, Helen Schoenfeld, Janet Sharyk, Nettie Shendleman, Rita Skopik, Irma Staats, Irene Stahl, Ruth Steeber, Aleta Steinbaum, Phyllis Stevens, Ruth Strandlberg, Betty Susko, Julia Sylvestri, Vivian Thommy, Georgette Thornton, Mary Toms, Doris Toro, Elsie Tremper, Marcella Touchon, Eleanor Vis, Dorothy Vitelli, Evelyn Vitelli, Marie Voorhees, Elaine Wahl, Audrey Webster, Martha Weiss, Anita Weideick, Lois Weimani, Natalie White, Florence Wills, Norma Willmerding, Augusta Wolfe, Mary Wood, Betty Woodruff, Lois Wrohel, Eleanor Zelikorsky, Frances CLAS SOI: Adam, Richard Adams, Addison Alexander, George Allison, William Appolloni, Leo Baker, Stewart Brown, Ellsworth Brown, Stewart Burns, James Burr, Gilbert Cardone, James Carmichael, Donald Carroccia, Charles Caruso, Albert Cavaliere, Alex. Cawthorne, John Coluccia, Lewis Columbus, Michael Conover, William Cornwall, Leroy Cremo, Milton DeFil1ipo, Anthony DeLonardo, Henry Echman, Samuel Elkine, Martin Engstrom, William Fanelli, Arthur Fasano, Al Farrel, Thomas Ferrovecchio, Pat Forbes, Charles Greenwalt, Boyd Grubb, Charles Haberle, William Hendrickson, Henry Hollander, Richard Holstein, 'Charles Horsfall, Edward Hultberg, Eric Hunnewell, Richard Ingersoll, Willis Iozzi, Rennie Jennings, Andrew Jennings, Jerry Kirner, William Lawrence, Fred Letso, Pete Lobby, Harry Loizeaux, Jerry Lubasco, Ralph Madsen, Martin Mantz, Donald Mantz, Robert Maritz, Herbert Marshall, David 1944 Marshall, Thomas Mathis, Arthur McCluney, Jack Moffett, Cyrus Moran,Jack Mullen, James Mundy, Robert Neal, Richard Nevins, John Noble, Charles Noll, Robert Nunn, Leroy Pabst, Edwin Pauley, Philip Pauley, Reginald Peppe, Isadore Perlmutter, William Reigle, John Reinecker, VValter Rinaldi, Earnest Rooney, Joseph Scarlett, Jack Sehaper, Harold Schnitzspahn, C. Schwep, William Shallenberger, Hal Skove, Robert Smith, Roger Smith, Herbert Solimani, Joseph Sozanski, John Spalding, Philip Spilatro, Angelo Spisso, Daniel Spottsward, Meredit Stahl, Norman Sumner, Harry Swanson, Gordon Thompson, Ralph Traynor, Raymond Thorp, Owen Trinnka, Frank Uhlman, Richard Vakerich, George VanAllen, Robert Vance, Gordon VanLuipen, Calvin Verchick, George Webster, William Werner, Donald Westergard, David Whitelaw, Jack Wyckoff, Harold h Page Forty one Allegar. Patricia Anisden, Andry Arnold, Marion Bayons. Barbara Beals, Margaret Bennett, Louise Bennett, Mary Blazier, Eleanor Bonini, Ada Bornman, Elizabeth Brennan, Alicia Buckle. Barbara Bulcoehan, Mildred Barber, Leta Burdeck, Edith Burnside, Ruth Bedson, Florence Carr, Doris Carrar, Gloria Carraeeia, Dolores Challaneia, Virginia Cherubino. Elizabeth Chirello, Carolyn Clark, Elaine Cohen, Roslyn Cooper, Doris Conrad, Ruth D'Amico, Ida l,DvA!11lCtJ, Miehelina D'Ainieo, Rachel Davids, Edna Davis, Patricia Page I oity two tx I r' ff 1 3, yi' x ASS CDF l Delfillipo, l.L-na l'iL'l1L'l'l, Barbara Farrell, Helen Fernstrom, Elizabeth liildersleeve, Doris Gieves, Ann Griffen, jane llaggarty, joan Haggart, Carolyn llellrigel, Dorothy lliggins, Dorothy Higgins, Ellen Hoagland, Dorothy lloefler, joan Hoos, joy Howe, Virginia Huff, Alice llnltberg, May lllgI'?lll3l1l, jane james, Marilyn Jamison, Marilyn Kane, Rita Clare Kavaka, Marie Keiderling, Andry Keiclerling, Grace Keiler, Katherine Keines, Dorothy Kmosco, Florence Koenzberg, Paula Kohler, Muriel Kriney, Marilyn Kuntz, Dorothy sau, Laing. Mary Lent, Elizabeth Lanier, Doris l.erer, Shirley Lacke, Marjorie Lund, Arline l.aRaeeo, Mary Madsen, Elsie Malaspina, Anna Martin, Dorothy Mastranglo. Loretta Mawly, Jane McCarthy, joan Mefiatlin, Margaret Merican, Hartinne Meyers, Anna Metzler, Irene Milloviteh, Bertha Morrill, Elizabeth M ullen, Shirley M nrdoek, Elizabeth Murray, Ann Nazario, Antonio O'Brian, Joyce Dlivieri, Rena Olsen, Eleanor Osbaek, Jean Urnes, Patricia Paseas, Athena Perret, Helen Persival, Emily Pahira, Pauline Pfeiffer, Rose Rathosis, Bessie Renda, Carmela Renovitz, Elsie Rice, Abbie Rutledge, Margaret Sanders, Eleanor Scarbace, Jeanette Scarpa, Dorothy Seidel, Dorothy Shanklin, Doris Sincovits, Eleanor Skove, Audrey Smelson, Maxine Smith, Emily Schanschiett, Barbara Soper, Edith Stanislao. Carmela Stilo, Thresa Suckal, Mary Thorn, Shirlev Toms, Joyce Todgerson, Ella Tovell, Claire Tyler. Etta Ungaretta. Frances VanDoren, Claire VanZandt. S. Wrana, Jean VVerkheiser, Jane Westermann, Dorothy White, Edna Wickett, Dora Williams, Dorothy Winiski, Peggy Zagoria, Sylvia - Adams, James Adami, Frank Adams, Robert Agans, Robert Anderson, Hilton Barone, Cosmo Barth, Herbert Bayons, Walter Beatly, George Bottini, Frank Bowman, Ernest Brandt, Joseph Brown, Harold Brown, Paul Canpanelli, Anello Carmichael, John Carrol, John Carroll, Harold Caruso, Robert Christiansen, Donald Ciklamini, William Cole, John Colucci, Rudolph Cooper, Richard CLASS CDF 1945 Daly, Thomas DeCarlo, Michael DeFillipo, Arthur DeFillipo, Frank DeNolile, Kenneth Doherty, Francis Dorflinger, Ernest Douglas, Thomas Drake, William Edscorn, John Egel, George Eisele, Russel Emmons, Franklin Engisch, Edward Epstein, Stanley Evans, Harry F arrel, John Ferri, Raymond Fisher, Walter French, Robert Gaydos, Joseph Giddes, William Gillette, Glynn Golas, Frank Griesser , Ernest Gross, Jay Guerieri, George Haag, Theodore Habe, Edward Haines, Richard Hamilton, Russel Hamrah, Salim Harper, James Hess, Jerome Higgins, Robert Holzhauer, Ned Hughes, John Huey, Victor Garman, Arthur Iafalla, Louis Jack, Orville Jackson, William Jankowski, Louis Jones, Robert Kahler, Thomas Keiler, John Kerna, Francis Kerr, George Kissam, Nelson Krausse, Harry Krovtin, William Kuehne, Carl Lamson, Harold Lighitstone, Alan Loubet, Ronald Lowrie, Kenneth Lund, Robert Meany, Carol Mudran, Margaret MacDonald, Donald Many, William Marshall, Elson Mastrobattista, Joseph McKenna, Joseph McLean, William McMichael, William Maynard, Harry Meny, Garrette Mobus, William Molinari, Frank Montross, Clifford Nazemetz, Walter Oschanski, Michael Pellerano, John Peterson, Elmer Peterson, Gilford Randolph, William Rodgers, Harry Romani, Rennie Salvatore, Rocco Savocool, Waldo Scarpa, Howard Sheppard, Alan Shelland, David Smith, Edward Smith, Richard Snyder, William Spingola, Anthony Stewart, Arthur Surovvitz, Phillip Tarbous, Herbert Temper, Edward Truesdale, Robert Van Ollefen, David Van Winkle, Albert Wiklund, Lennart Wadtke, Walter Wozen, Rudolph W'yckoFf, Edward Page Forty-three Aceta, Lfelewte Aekernian, Ann Aldrich, Eileen Alexander, Nancy Bari, Margaret Barry, Florence Baum, Nancy Beck, Mildred lieliles, Adele Belles, Marilyn Berry, Flizaluetli Berseli, Virginia lllackadar, joy Blaszeak, lrenc lilotz, Martlia Brown, lilizalmetli Campbell, Betty Caron, Lorraine Carouillano, Mary Cederlmurg. Vivian Velentano. julia Cernllo, Antoinnia Christiansen, Doris liillis, Mildred Clark, Rose Coleman, Anne foley, lilaine Corriell, Dorothy I rrgt I'01f3-four for try' QF' CLASS 0Fl9116 tiotingnola, Helen Lfourter, Vera Lfwirko, Geraldine Ile Canto, Antoinette lie lfillipo, Mary Del Negro, Salvina Deme, Gertrude De Nardo, Angelina De Nise, Gloria De Sabato, Josephine Donnelly, Vera Drive, Olive Dunne, Patricia Falwiano, Frances lieldman, liileen lfislier, Marion Force, Olivia Fody. Nancy Franklin, Rosalie liueini, livelyn liuer, Joan liner, Patricia fiano, Doris Gardiner, jean lienessen, Sonia fjerlaeli, Marie Gordon, Barbara florman. Rutli Gray, Betty llriffen, Dorothy Cuerrie, Betty liniliano, Rose Gunderson. Audry I laggart, Mary llamilton, Patricia llandwerk, XYilnia llauser, Joyce lleller, Martha Hogan, Margaret links, Marjorie lluniniel, lilizalmetli Hurst, Betty lndiviglia. Rosalie jorgensen, litliel Karen, jean Kemp, Elaine Kern. janet Kienzle, Florence Kullza, Jennie Kivalielc, Tliyra L. l,o Collo, jelsie Loud, Marjorie Malnere, lflsie Mantz, lilinor Marky, June Martin, Virginia Mazro, Louise Meyer, Barbara Meyer, Bernico Monday, Jean Muller, Audrey Muller. Doris Murray, Dorothy Mursell, Gertrude vlorrill. Nina Heir, Betty Newcomb, Elizabeth Nobler, Ruth Nordin, Beatrice Oliver, Dorothy Parkhurst, Evelyn Philan, Margaret Poole, Barbara Pridmore, Coleen Pridmore, Gwendolyn Reed, Jane Riccardi, Madeline Roberts, Jean Robbins, Lillian Robinson, Lydia Rizatto, Lucille Rolle, Marilou Salimani, Edith Sansone, Gloria Sansone, Madeline Saray, Emma Schenck, Margaret Schwertzer, Teresa Shaper, Carolyn Schanschutif, Hannah Shene, Lesley Shults, Bernice Simsen, Wilma Skillman, Eunice Smith, Jeanne Smith, Florence Southard, Carolyn Stockhoff, Dorothy Stopinski, Frances Titus, Phyllis Thompson, Virginia Toms, Elsie Traynor, Margaret Trembly, Carolyn Vollmer, Georgiana Walkowicz, Josephine Wardell, Joyce Wehle, Mary Wiezand, Dorothy Williamson, Betty Windsor, Claire Wintermute, Mildred Wood, Dorothy Yednak, Helen Zimmerer, Florence CLASS OF 1946 Abel, George Applegate, Ralph Appollomi, Robert Ardowski, Victor Arenobine, Allred Armstrong, Richard Attlee, Leonard Barrette, Charles Batog, Joseph Bernstein, Donald Bauman, Roger Binges, William Blackadore, John Bohn, Fred Bohren, Robert Borden, Richard Bowers, James Bridgins, Robert Burke, Carl Burrison, Ralph Butrica, Frank Campbell, Daniel Campbell, Joseph Campelonga, Joseph Carlucci, Nickolas Celetano, William Christian, George Coddington, Robert Collora, Eugene Conrad, Arthur Cooper, William Cornwall, Robert Crescenzi, Robert Curtis, David Daubenspeck, Clene Dealtry, Walter De Bisco, Wilton De Luccia, Anthony Desvernine, Kenneth Delts, Edward De Versterre, Ian Diem, Fred Dorflinger, Herbert Dorosh, David Douglas, Willis Dave, Max Edelchick, Burton Eisenberg, Herbert Engisch, Richard Evans, William Faulks, Robert Faulks, William Federico, Jonrussell Fink, Robert Firth, Robert Fleischaper, Walter Fleischmann, Robert Fleming, Warren Forbes, Robert Ford, Albert Fort, Lewis Franson, Ralph Freiday, Donald Gaffney, Charles Gates, Charles Gaves, William Gessner, Lawrente Gibson, Edward Grey, Alden Gulbranson, Peter Gunderson, Irving Gunn, Alfred Guy, Brusca Haggarty, Phillip Haggarty, William Hallsworth, Warren Harned, William Harper, Walter Harris, Gerald Hayes, Stuart Heath, Gordon Hobbs, Robert Hodge, George Horster, William Housten, William Hughes, William Hunt. Emery Hunt, Oren Importico, Louis Ingram, George Jacjson, Lawrence Jackson, Lawrence Jennings, George Jenkins, Norman Kashtowiuks, John Klotz, Carl Kroog, Fred Labor, William La Maini, Robert Lamperiti, Robert Lauria, John Lauro, Gene Laws, Donald Lawton, Edward Leitch, Robert Lent, John Lillo, Frank Lillo, Michael Lund, Robert MacDonald, Herbert Malecki, Stanley Mace, Kenneth Marcotte, George Marcus, Philip Marsh, Jack Marshall, Douglas Meyers, Robert Meyers, Warren Miller, Thomas Molinaro, David Moran, Robert Murray, Owen Neal, William Najim, John Neimczyk, Walter Nelson, Robert Noll, James Ogden, James Polka, Joseph Paocelli, Arthur Pear, George Pellegri, o, John Perone, Dominic Pesionello, Eugene Pinzka, Louis Pirozzoli, Louis Popik, Harry Presuti, Rocco Rothberg, Clarence Rothosis, Anthony Reina, Albert Rice, William Ripley, George Robe, Elsworth Roll, John Sanders, Charles Schenck, Richard Schmidt, Alvin Scott, Thomas Speir, Charles Smith, Elmer Snoden, Norman Spingola, Frank Stranberg, William Suffness, Joseph Tanc, Charles Toro, Joseph Truesdale, George Uhlman, Walter Vinitelli, Roy Vitelli, John Vriedlick, William Vuryk, Neil Waddell, John Walters, Gilbert Walter Raymond VVagner, Richard Walker, William White, James W'offmaugh, John Wood, Jack Wright, John Zavetta, John Zeneker, Ernest Zukowski, George Page I arty five Pagv lforiy-sir NATIONAL I-ICDNQR SOCIETY PI'F5l'dL'llf .7........ .....,.. . lAMEs OT'fOBRE I71'rc-Prrsidvnlt ..... .,.... F RANK 'l'ovvNLEY Sm'rrfary ,...,.... ........,.. I EVELYN SCH M IDT Tl'l'fI.Yl1l't'J' .,.,.. ,7,A ..... .7 A.L A I , EXANDER NAZEMETZ THE NA'rIoNA1, lloNoR Socncrv is an honorary organization. Membership to this society is determined by the student's scholarship, leadership, character, and service. lt is necessary that the student be in the upper quarter of the junior class or the upper third of the senior class. The society this year organized the service letter. which is sent to all gradu- ates and students of North l'lainfield High School who are now in service. This letter contains news about the boys, teachers and girls who are in service or industry. This Work entailed the establishment of a complete record tile of all those who are in the armed services. In addition, the National Honor Society assisted with the scheduling and registering of students at the beginning of the year. The members also ushered at the Baccalaureat Services and Graduation last year. The Club's advisor is Mrs. E. M. Mayer. The other members elected in their junior year were: REGINA BARBOUR JOYCE GAAL JEAN FLOCKER CARoL SEAGER PETER DALTO IRVING FENNER Page Forty-eight STUDENT CCDUNCIL Pl'l'.VflilllIf Y,..,,,,,,, Y,,,,,,v,,...... l ,IETER DALTO l'1'cc-P1'ml'f1'v11f ,,, ,,, X YILLIAM lENGs'rRoM Sl'f'l'l'fI7l'VV .,,,,,.,, ... ,.. I QIQGINA HARBOUR TI't'lI.YZ1l't'I' ,,,., ,,,,, l 'lARoLD LAZAAR "Iivif:RYoNE or Lis Mvsr R12 Rlcixm' to do anything to insure an allied victory." These are the words of the President. Our Student Council, too, has gone "all out for victory." The Student Council's main projects this year were: the organiza- tion of the Yictory Corps: participation in the collection of scrap metal, for which we won the hrst prize: selling defense stamps and bonds: helping with Red Cross work, and assisting in the pre-induction courses. The service Hag is another im- portant Student Council undertaking. Two annual Student Council dances were given. The Student Council hopes to start a new tradition by giving an exclusive dance for members of the Student Council and class officers only. Vie the Student Council, feel that we have done a Fine jolm this year under the guidance of Mr. Edward Baron and Mr. Kenneth liells. Our only regret is that we could not be "the voice of the student body," in peace time. Pagp Forty-nina TUNLAW Senior Editor-in Chief ,,,,,4 ....A... S HIRLEY HARRIS Co-Editor-iii-Chief ,....,v Business Manager ...... E.rcczi1tiz'c Serrctory Nows Editors ..,,,,,,,, Frotztrc Editors .Ys,.., Girls' Sports Editor .,,... Boys, Sports Editors Art Editor ,,..... .. , ..,....... IRIS DE CAMP SCHMIDT VIRGINIA VANVVINKLE ...,....DOROTHY KIRSCH IEVELYN VITELLI ELEANOR SCHEURMAN -IANICE HAUSMANN .......lNEZ LACAMERA lDANNY SPISSO CJRVILLE JACK .......ANNA RUTH BONK Plzotograplzor ,...,.. .IV,s..,............,... L OUIS COON Literary Adziiser .s.. .....,..... M R, HOWARD HENRY Business Advisor ...,,....,........,......,.,,......... .,......... lk lIss DOROTHY STARNER TIIIs YEAR the "Tunlaw' has gone to war. Most of the articles, editorials, and caitoons promoted the war effort. ln addition, the feature publication of the year was the service issue that contained the names of N. P. H. S. students, teachers. and graduates now serving in the armed forces. A copy of this issue was sent to everyone mentioned. The business staff welcomes a new adviser, Miss Dorothy Starner, who has done a hue job. Page Fifty LIBRARY CCDUNCII. Prpgidguzf A,,,,,,,..,, ..... I DoLoREs LEUCHTENBERGER Vice-Prcsidmzf .,... .4...,.,..........., iN lARY CAFFREY Secretary ,,,,...,.. ........ J OY YOUNG Trcaszwm' .... ....L A BBIE RICE SLNCE THE I,1BRARY's ExPANsIoN, many more students may use the library during the day. This also means that many more Library Council members are needed to take care of the extra work. Any student is eligible for membership in the Library Council provided his marks are "CH or above. Freshmen are not allowed to join until the second semester of the year. Although there are many seniors leaving the Council in June, we know the remaining Council members will carry on our work and make an even liner library in the future under the guidance of Miss Ethel R. XVood. Page Fifty-one DRAMATIC CLUB Pl'F.YZ.dt'1lf A,,,,7,..,. .,.,.....,,...... I OYCE GAAL Vice-Prmidvnf 4,,,, .,..... I :RANK 'VOWNLEY Svr1'ctfzry ,,,A,...,., ,Y,,.,,, ' l'14:R1-:s.x CAVAIJIQRIQ Trvrrmrrr ,,,. ,., ,.A. l Qolnzkiux l IAM1I.'roN THE VNORTII lyLAINFIlCI.IJ llmn Scuoor, llkmmrn' Clans started with its laugh- producing comedy "Nothing But the Trutlii' on November 20 and Zl under the direction of Mrs, lilizabeth Glaser, the club's advisor. llehind the scenes were the two dependable stand-bys, most people never hear about. Mr. lirnest Glaser. super- vising and assisting with the carpentry. and Norman Nelick applying make-up to our beloved thespians. Early in the year Mrs. Glaser took some would-be actors and actresses under her wing and formed a Junior Dramatic Club for apprentices. Under her guidance the students learned the technique of acting and producing plays. Several trips to New York City were enjoyed by both clubs. The Junior Club attended the stage play, "Life VVith Father," while the Senior Club completed its plans to see "Angel Street." The Dramatic Club ended its successful season at the annual dinner held at the Park llotel in Plainheld. Page Fifty-two FCDRUM CLUB President .......... ........ ' IOSEPH SANDIFORD l'?iCL'-PI'C5idl?1Zl' ...... .. 4...... HELEN HAUSER Spfremry ,,, ,,4,A, ...,.,A.. N ADINA PALMER Treasurer .,......, .,.,.. M ARY BURRISON AN IMPORTANT ORGANIZATION in our school is the Forum Club. This is an organization open to all students and devoted to study of public problems. The most eEective program this year was the "junior Town Meeting" given February 10. In this forum the subject dealt with was "VVhat Are We Fight- ing For ?" The club is under the very competent direction of Mrs. Gladys Henry. Page Fifty-three HI- Prpsidpnf ,.,., , , ...... B ILL ENGSTROM Vim-Prrsidmf .,.... iXNGELO SPIl.ATRo Secretary ,, A,,,, ..A,., I DICK lloI.LANDER Tzfmmrm' ..... HILL PERLMITTER THE NoRTu I?I.A1N1fn2I.D HI-Y is an organization composed of high school boys who strive to uphold higher standards of Christian character throughout the coni- munity and school. Hi-Y carries on such activities as dances, joint meetings with other Y. M. C. A. and Y. XY. C. A. groups. This year a community project was completed by the club. The eluh carries out its varied prograni under the guidance of Mr. Daniel Hogan. Page Fifty-fam' President ........... Vice-President ...., Secretary ,.,...., Treasurer .............. Social Chairman .,.. Supper Chairman ....., ...........JEAN HAMILTON c......RoBERTA PIAMILTON ...........GLORIA CHURCH ,EMLEANORE EDELCHICK .........MARGARET LAMB ..,......CLARA ROSE Program C liairmau ............. ................ J OYCE GAAL Public Affairs Chairman .......... ..HELEN HAUSER Service Chairman ,,,...,..... ........ X VILMA WITTEMAN W orslzip Chairman ....... Publicity Chairman ....... .............MARTHA XVEBSTER ANTOINETTE RINEHART BOTH THE SENIOR AND THE JUNIOR GROUPS have cooperated to make the year 1942-43 an extremely enjoyable and successful one. The following meetings were particularly outstanding: Dr. Waldo's talk, Date Night by Firelight, Hi-Y and Hi-Tri joint swap night, and Swim night. The social affairs consisted of two formals and one informal dance. One can't speak of the Hi-Tri without mentioning the song festival at which a good time was had by all who attended. This year would not have been successful without the aid of the Girl Reserve Planning Chairman, Miss Cole, and the advisors, Miss Adams, Mrs. Martin, Miss Gunderson, Miss Pilon, Miss Donovan, and Miss Grant. A year draws to a close but the senior members will never forget Hi-Tri and the things it has brought them. To the juniors, Sophomores, and Freshmen the departing senior Hi-Tri leaves the laughter and good times that Hi-Tri brings to many girls. 4 Page Fifty-five HALL PATROL Cflfvf Citlflfllilh' .,Y.. JAM1zs JONES IQDNA KIZIEIIN IJATRICIA ROc:icRs CAROL MAcDONALD l'ATR1c1A lX'lARL'0'l'TlC RORIQRTA HAMILTON LENORIC JEDEIQCIIICK FLSIIC BLAYNARD DOLORES LEUCHTLNBEROER XYILMA YV1'l"1'EMAN IIJLLY ROSE JOY YOUNG DORCJTIIY KrRscH TANN XLTTELLI JEAN IIAMILTON FRANK TOWNLEY HAROLD LAZAAR CIIARLIQS Licwis Bl ARGA RET ICRTU N 'I'1aR1-:sA CAVALIICRIC YXLMA SNOUIQN 'REGINA l3ARDO1'R LILLIAN FOX JUNE SOPICR JEAN SCRIBNER PHYLLIS llic1fL1zR JACK llAGGART IJEDDA YANDERSON XTIRIAM ZAGURIA BARBARA ICANE RITA IJAIEFNER DOROTHY XYOOTEN Am-is OTTORR14: JEANNE FLOCKIQR MULXLARGARIYI' LAMB CAROLYN llARROVV XJIRGINIA TOXVNE -JEAN fJTT llliLlEN Koss Dia LAY XYALSII CAROL SI-IAGIQR X'IRGlNIA XJANXYINKLIQ iXlARGARl-IT STAATS lJIl.L FISH lNlCZ LACAMERA JIM SETTE LEONARD STILO LXTARY CAFFICRY XVHITNEY H UN NEWELL ICD JLDOVVELL ANTOINETTE RTNEHART THE LLALI. PATROL is One Of the must active and eHi:icnt Organizations in North Plainfield High School. The iuain duty Ol this group is tO maintain Order in the hall when the students are passing lmetween classes. The Hall lJatrOl welcomes willing wOrkers and cOnscientiOus students who will stick tO their jobs. Hall Patrol wOrk is a real service to the schOOl, thanks tO the able direction Of Miss Mary McCrac. Page Iiiffy-six ,',.,' , a ig f .. , Q 19- 1 !MwLjaaif'E , 'gl rl . -1 ' v 3 um 2 Xf 1.-rafmm NX fl M fam.: .fm ,efff.1,4afJ4Al524f.f A G. A. A. COUNCIL VOLLEY BALL TEAM Page Fifty-ciglzt DANCE CLUB GIRLS' BASKETBALL Page Fiffy FCDCDTBALI. THE NORTH PLAINFIELD HlGli SCHOOL FOOTBALL TIQAM of 1942-43 had one of the best seasons in its history, losing only One game and tying two. The squad won the County Championship and then defeated Painlield in a brilliant battle, thereby winning the City Championship also. Expert tutelage by Coach Green was in a great measure responsible for this unprecedented success. llis able assistants were Mr. Howard Henry, Mr. liarl Gunter, and Mr. Cvunther Heyse. The defeat of Plainfield will long be remembered by all who witnessed it. It is a spectacular entry in the annals of Canuck history. SCURES N PH S Vis. Harrison i.......... .... 1 2 0 Roselle Park ...... .... O 19 Scotch Plains ...... .... 6 0 Plainfield ,,.,.,.,. .... l 2 6 Cranford ..,..... .... 9 O Somerville ....... .... O O llernardsville ...... ,,,, 1 9 0 Bound Brook ,..Y.. 6 O l"lainfield ...,,v,,,t1.1.....,,....,. 20 20 THE 1942-43 NORTH PLAINFIELD l1IGII SCHOOL basketball squad enjoyed a highly successful season. The Canucks again were County Champions. A total of live victories were scored, with eight defeats. Coach Krausche and his players can well be proud of their record. Page Sixty '1..,.-..- vp 1 if Q BASKETBALL The 1942-43 North Plainfield High School basketball squad successful season. The Canucks again were County Champions. victories was scored, with eight defeats. Coach Krausche and his be proud of their record. Home Home Away- Home Away- Away- Away- Linden .,,,..,..,.. ........ 24 Away- en joyed' a highly A total of five players can well Bernardsville ........ ....... 3 Z N. P. H. S. ...... ....,, I . 25 Bound Brook ........ .,.,... 2 7 N. P. H. S. ...... ....... 2 9 Plainfield ....... ....... 2 5 N. P. H. S. ...... ....... 2 3 Linden ............. ....... 4 4 N. P. H. S. ...... ....... 2 5 Westfield ....... ....... 2 3 N. P. H. S. ...... ....... 4 3 Plainfield ....... ....... 4 3 N. P. H. S. ...... ....... 4 1 N. P. H. S. ..... ........ 2 3 Carteret ....... ........ 3 2 Home- N. P. H. S. ..... ........ 2 9 Westfield ...... ..... 1 7 N. P. H. S. ..... ........ 2 6 Away- Dunellen ...... ........ 3 8 N. P. H. S. ..... ........ 3 7 n Away- Carteret ....... ........ 4 7 N. P. H. S. ..,,. ...,,.,, 3 5 Home- Bouncl Brook ....... ...,,,,, 3 1 N. P. H. S. ..... ........ 3 9 Dunellen ...... .,,...., 2 9 H0136- N. P. H. S. ..... ..,,.... 2 3 Page Sixty-one Page Sixty-two 1943 CANUCK Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs . Earl A. Gunter . S. L. Barbour . Roman Dorosh Mr. and Mrs. . J. Ottobre Viggo Koed Mrs. A. Baum Sergeant and Mrs. John Beishke Mr. and Mrs. James A. Jones Mr. and Mrs. M. Edelchick Mr. and Mrs. Wooten Jeanne Flocker Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Josef Schneider Louis Schmidt Harry Mundy . M. Kochek . Frank Ferraro . R. E. Thompson Joy and Terry Mr. and Mrs. Harold F. Browne Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Cwirko Edward C. Powell Gladys F. Henry Mrs. Lucille V. Rinehart Mrs. Mary Nazemetz BOOSTER LIST Mrs. Rose Lazaar Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Heller Mr. and Mrs. John Batog Mrs. Marion D. Milne Freedy's Plaza Shop Charlie Messler Mr. and Mrs. John Allan Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Tooz Miss Ethel R. Wood Mr. and Mrs. C. W. T. Overton Mr. Fred E. Atkins Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy S. Force Mr. and Mrs. J. William Hedberg Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Vitolo Mr. and Mrs. M. W. Daugherty Mr. and Mrs. Radkovich Mr. and Mrs. William Sheurman Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ott Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Powell Dave Knitting Shop Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Marsh Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Mattison Reg and Heg Dr. Morris Loomar 3-xv 1 f' QSE3 ffjfi fi X Ta NA 1 U if ki 1 . 1 XY ' 'ix .f 14, S 2-5: f'f :1Eae.,s4iQ:4f 5 : 3' lbgqj-gnnfbg ifzjl.-IMT '1 QF' 6'.gcfv -fm 1509 1 v: ,,":". ""' '. -f 5071110 A711011 fa of HAYDU BROS. Manufacturers of PRECISION PRODUCTS for the Vacuum Tube Industry MT. BETHEL ROAD MT. BETHEL, N. I. TEPPER BROS. PLAINFIELD, N. I. "A Safe Place to Shop" Hope is the dream of one awake- may you do honor to your opportunities and reflect credit to your years TAYLOR'S Ieweler and Optician 115 PARK AVENUE PLAINFIELD 6-0820 Page Sixty-15 LAZAAITS Circulating Library AS-'ES ACKEN'S SUNNY Office Sllipplies Greeting Cards Tobacco Blending Bar Imported and Domestic NORTH PLAINFIELD, N. I Tobacco and Cigars Cameras Photo Supplies Candies 351 SOMERSET STREET Novelties Magazines, Papers Pl..CIl1'1fi9ld 6-4614 Phone PLainfield 6-5868 126 WATCHUNG AVENUE Plainfield Branch Westfield Branch New Brunswick Branch 207 PARK AVENUE 228 EAST BROAD STREET 68 ALBANY STREET Tel. New Brunswick 2445 BROWN 61 KELLER'S Cleaners and Dyers PLAINFIELD, NEW IERSEY Main Office and Plant 12-1? WASHINGTON AVENUE PLAINFIELD e-8400 cow PUR STORAGE Compliments of Best Dressed Young Men Buy GREGoRY's MUSIC Clotting 'I' sHoP 1oHN K. NEv1Us 332 WEST FRONT STREET 202 WEST FRONT STREET PLainfield 6-2549 PLAINFIELD, N. I. Page Sixty-six Serving Our Nation's Armed Forces in War As in Peace Employed in All Radio, Communications And Electrical Equipment The World's Larqest Manufacturer ol Capacitors U- - D +' 0, Q' fx u ,nj 0 'O 4 Q. e f' CURNELL-DUBILIER Electric Corp. SOUTH PLAINFIELD, N. I. P S DRAKE COLLEGE 40 SOMERSET STREET PLAINFIELD, NEW JERSEY Courses SECRETARIAL - ACCOUNTANCY - STENOGRAPI-IIC DAY - Open All Year - EVENING William C, Cope, D.C.S., President Franklin G. Hoagland, B.S., Manager Phone PLainfield 6-0344 - Ask for Our New Catalog Compliments of CLASS OF 1944 LAZAAITS SUNOCO STATION DAVID LAZAAR, Prop. Cor. HAMILTON BLVD. and SOUTH PLAINFIELD AVENUE SOMERSET FISH MARKET PLainfie1d 6-1 197 Page Sixty-eight NOW THAT YOU'RE OUT OF SCHOOL AND HAVE YOUR OWN SHOPPING TO DO FOLLOW THE "TI-IRIFTYH TO ROSENBAUM'S "P1crinfie1d's Metropolitan Store" BEQ NM Phone PLc1infie1d 6-4000- "Your Neighbor Does" Tel. PLcrinfie1d 6-9513 COMMUNITY PHARMACY SOMERSET 10 SOUTH PLAINFIELD AVENUE SOUTH PLAINFIELD, N. I. I 1 I H. LURIE, Ph.G., Req. Pharm. Phone PLcx1nf1e1d 6-5632 We Dehver C. F. ABBONDANTE, Ph.G. Prescriptions G specialw Prescripiions Called For and Delivered 233 SOMERSET STREET NORTH PLAINFIELD, N. I. Page Sixty-nine Compliments of LOMBARDI SHOE REPAIR BOISE'S Stationers to the Plaintields Since 1913 144 EAST FRONT STREET Compliments of CLASS OF 1945 Plainfield 6-3494 S. D. CASTROLL Fancy Groceries, Fruits. Vegetables 356 SOMERSET STREET A PLoir1field 6-2443 THORP'S MARKET OWEN THORP, Prop. Prime Meats and Poultry 356 SOMERSET STREET Compliments of DR. HARRY R. LOOMAR Page Seventy Real Estate Fire and Automobile Insurance Mortgage Loans WI.LLIAM HAIVIILTON. Inc. HAMILTON BUILDING SOUTH PLAINFIELD Phone PLair1tie1d 6-2958 "HIGHWAY" GOES TO TOWN at 415 PARK AVENUE Bedroom - Dining Room - Living Room Occasional Pieces Mahogany - Cherry - Maple Town Shop Hours, Daily Until Six Thursday and Friday Evenings Until Ten MEtuchen 6-0496 TINY'S RESTAURANT FRANK DE FELLIPO Never a Dull Moment Dining. Dancing Every Evening Route 25, Super Highway at Main Street METUCHEN, N. I. VOGUE SHOE SHOP A Complete Line of Dr, Posner's for Children Treadeasy for Women Footrest for Women 181 EAST FRONT STREET PLainfie1d 6-2277 SCHIVIALZ New Iersey Premium Milk SCHMALZ DAIRY FARM DEBELE'S ICE CREAM AND CANDY co. 5c and 10c Department Candies - Fountain Service - Greeting Cards Stationery - Toys - Cosmetics - School Supplies and many other varied articles in our 285 SOMERSET STREET PI..aintield 6-1150 Page S eventy-one AW QV' 4 V' 4,4 Q 65 'V 97 7 lv 'if 4 . '11 R A0 SUPERIOR ICE AND COAL COMPANY 307 ARLINGTON AVENUE, PLAINFIELD Phone PLcinfie1d 6-8630 221 HAMILTON BLVD., SO. PLAINFIELD Phone PLfd. 6-4010 Compliments of JOSEPH A. CHURCH AND A. W. APPOLLONI ROMA MARKET Landscaping 755 SOMERSET STREET NORTH PLAINPIELD, N. 1. PLfd. 6-4741 PLfd. 6-4742 T 11 PLc1infie1d 6-8120 DeANDREA'S FOOD CENTER Fancy Groceries - Delicatessen Fresh Fruits and Veqelabl 30 SOUTH PLAINFIELD AVENUE SOUTH PLAINFIELD, N. I. PL f1d62612 DALTO'S MARKET SOUTH PLAINPIELD, N. 1. Page Seventy-two Compliments of CLASS OF 1946 Meet Your Friends at BLOSSOIVI HILL FARMS The Best of Ice Cream and Dairy Products "Direct from Cur Fcrrm" ICE CREAM LOUNGE 305 West Fifth Street MILK BAR Wilson Avenue and Route 29 Pa ge S eventy-t Compliments of RO, IO. GEORGE Compliments of GRANT STORES. Inc. Cleaners - Dyers Tailors - Furriers 262 SOMERSET STREET NORTH PLAINFIELD 131 WATCHUNG AVENUE PLAINFIELD Good Luck to the CLASS OF 1943 May next year's class graduate during a Victorious Peace A FRIEND Phone PLainiie1d 6-1012 Groceries and Vegeiables CAVALIERES' MARKET Live and Dressed Poultry Prime Meats Call and We Deliver Prompily 394 SOMERSET STREET NORTH PLAINFIELD, N. 1. Best Wishes to CLASS OF 1943 A FRIEND BOB LEE'S Auto Repair Garage SOMERSET STREET NORTH PLAINFIELD Millington 215-R STAR FARM DAIRY 1oHN E. BETZOLD, Prop. MT. BETHEL, N. I. Page Seventy-four 1 1 Phone Plnirlfield 6-1711 Picture Framing Regilding - Restoring V FOOD MARKET 1 Free De1ivery ALEX CAVALIERE, Prop. ART STORE Here you will find a full line of 1 Italian Specialties n 1 307 RICHMOND STREET 317 WEST FRONT STREET Plainfield 6-0947 1 NISCHWITZ 6 CO. 1 , Compllments Lehigh Valley Coal 1 Poultry. Dairy. Horse and Hog Feeds Of Building Materials TWO FRIENDS Front St. at Lehigh Valley R. R. Crossing South P1air1fied, N. I. 1 NATIONAL DEFENSE PURPOSES D Cl Cl STEPPED UP T0 DOUBLE DUTY' Sir 7040Z06f666lldl26W'Lf 7fr7ameetccwlcmz Quality prmtlng to satisfy the most dlscrlml natlng requirements of production and service PRINTING NEWARK, New JERSEY MRS. ALVA FERNSTROM MR. HARRY L. POUND MR. EDWARD E. MOORE MR. IRVING 1. PALMER BOARD OF EDUCATION TOWNSHIP OF GREEN BROOK SOMERSET COUNTY. N. I. MR. FRANCIS MEOHL, President MR. ERHARDT E. HAUSER, Vice-President MR. WALTER T. PRITCHARD, District Clerk MRS. MARION L. SHIELDS MRS. MARY OSBACK Iust a Little Thought for the Class of "1943" Pay as little attention to discouraqernents as possible. Plouqh ahead as a steamer does, rough or smooth, rain or shine. To carry your carqo and make your port is the point. MALTBIE D. BABCOCK 60l'Yll06l'I'lel'lt5 0 TWO FRIENDS Page Seventy-six l :tif 'rz M THE PARK HOTEL Do you know that most citizens can walk to the PARK HOTEL or use cxlmost any bus in town and get off right in front of the HOTEL- hcxve dinner, or refreshment in the PALM TERRACE? WHY NOT TRY TONIGHT and see how con- veniently you ccxn reach THE PARK HOTEL? Out of Town: Public Service BUS No. 22 from Metuchen, No. 20 Public Service BUS as well as the Somerset BUS from Dunellen cmd Som- erville stop in front of the HOTEL. From Westfield the Public Service BUS will bring you within walking distance. PARK HOTEL SEVENTH at ARLINGTON ALBERT W. STENDER, Manager May I urge you to make early reservations Telephone: PL. 6-3 400 CLAIRE SHOPPE Individual- Sport and Dress Wear 15 WATCHUNG AVENUE PLAINFIELD, N. I. 'T- X Is.: KINGSTON-CONLEY ELECTRIC CO. 68 BROOK AVENUE NORTH PLAINFIELD, NEW IERSEY Page Seventy-seven 3

Suggestions in the North Plainfield High School - Canuck Yearbook (North Plainfield, NJ) collection:

North Plainfield High School - Canuck Yearbook (North Plainfield, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 1


North Plainfield High School - Canuck Yearbook (North Plainfield, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 1


North Plainfield High School - Canuck Yearbook (North Plainfield, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 1


North Plainfield High School - Canuck Yearbook (North Plainfield, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


North Plainfield High School - Canuck Yearbook (North Plainfield, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


North Plainfield High School - Canuck Yearbook (North Plainfield, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


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