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 - Class of 1933

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S if' 7 GH T356 1933 D ZICIIQ ANNUAL PUBLICATION OF The Senior Class NORTH PLAIN FIELD HIGH N grateful appreciation of all that he has done for us, we the class of '33 affectionately dedicate this, the eighth issue of the Canuck, to Mr. Kenneth Able Fink, our loyal friend and adviser. , 6 e VVXVX VXI' VX'VVVVVV fN , X? QLAX. A fl? 151 AG 6 Qfbvtg W6 QOYHL- Forth After After After After we come four years of toil and play, four years of study and sport, four years of friendship and joy, four years of excitement and action. We are trained in battle! Forth we Come Determined to seek after our ideals, Ambitious to reach our goals. We brandish sharp swords! Forth we come Protected by the cheerfulness of youth, Protected by the courage of youth, Protected by the beauty of youth. We wear strong and shining armor! Forth we Come the glaring sunlight, the bustle of business, the sorrows and sickness, the glory and grandeur, the whole wide world. We are ready to fight for the truth! Into Into Into Into Into ALICE GINSBURG '33 E if ,,x LY . 5 L . Q E65 L ,'l' F23 fi N ,Agri 4 - Q , Wffft ff -' s 2 '-is X' '2 YQ!" is -.f-f-1"??xfiw,i!'!'yl': .. if ttf ' r Il if .. !vI!',gL53.2?Eg. flgf-f'5i7qdll"',,v.-l'iag,! 'Ui 4:51 Ass!!! 'L' 'T Z '-'1"IQ.ef4,, ,"1-"M f .-L I i1i-: Sli- ,,.if.i,,, ll " ct if .2-ai ? 'l'Af J, - F57-',:'EV' f. -. r. A Pmimlrillr' Tai l -fgzrilli V ' --Y 4 ' PJ K .A 10 ,lil ,af 15151 i . - ,.1iq1,ggi,, i Q M 'lt-Qf,.5lbla .Aw GX' V- ," - Zi " ' : 1T,3', -, U - . Y?l'4'7'2"f'A'4fEi1ff:l , 1' 5' -12' 'r'1j'- 'f "S Q ,gig 5' i " 'ET-e.f.-gig? 1 - A-t .- ,, X. 'fr' ffa: f ffega aa f 4.1, P i .--' --ffn ,:-- f e' af-1 A 'irl 1-'-2'-- V, -Ai: -fbi j ' - 5 lv Law.: f P gl 'WU -A 7 -'Q' "A' 41 Of I-ggi fbm " j C Y A V g y - ? . -,g,- ft ontents Q ff ' l l x g as, X t 1 f W.- x I-,Q-,jf , H jg '11 Athletics . . . 87 '9Q" 'i ' -5 Class Poem 54 5 Features . . . 97 C History ..... 46 Organizations . . 65 Prophecy . . . 48 Seniors . . 13 Staff .... 9 Statistics .... 55 Underclasses . . . 57 Will , . . 52 wKNf3'L 5 f. wwf" Qi' 'llll iff' Q sillmllk I I ,N V -EIN 7 I l x ll uh V ' 'l",1':-I, A ' Mis X K L l,li..gg1'Ff"7',N f' 7? lj I "' 'g,"'nfv' 4 ,K til Ubi, l W lllllel , lil Q jylfl .K ' ,f JA X, rx, X, ,Sl Gigg- .,9 EQ -,VV A + - AAAA ++-+- Q fg -bg. ff vvx vvvvvvvvvvv iv! Canuck Staff Soon after the Senior Class had organized for 1933, elections were held for the staff of the annual publication TLTHE CANUCKH. The contest was en- thusiastically conducted, but the results were satisfactory to all. Many representatives of various publishing companies presented their bids for the contract. Arrangements were finally concluded both for the actual printing and for the photography. Immediately, the business managers, Bill Bray and Dot Graef, and the photography editor, Erwin Gutzwiller, began to work, Every afternoon, in storm and sunshine, Seniors could be seen traipsing hurriedly down town to keep appointments with the photographer. Some bashful Seniors had to be coaxed before their pictures were taken, but the majority were only too glad for an excuse to bring into the public eye their handsome countenances. The photography editor received the heart-felt gratitude of all N, P. H. S. students the day club and class pictures were taken. Likewise, ad- hunters sent out by the business staff became the curse of all storekeepers. Later in the year, about the middle of March, the literary staff began to function. All Seniors were given an opportunity to set forth their achieve- ments in their individual write-ups. The poetry editor, Carmen Helmer, wracked her brain for individual quotations. She finally called to her assist- ance, Alice Ginsburg, who wrote the class poems. The club write-ups were especially difficult to obtain. The assistant business manager was nearly driven insane while trying to threaten, coax, and beg club officers to submit their accounts. The whole literary staff--Bob Iackson, Herman Estrin, Saul Shipkin, Dom Didoardo, Fred Kliner, Iohn Darish, and Ruth Fagely--encoun- tered unlooked for difficulties when they attempted to write the will, prophecy, and history. To their extreme surprise, they found that affairs of their fel- low-schoolmates were not such an open book as they had thought. However, most of the work could be done under the most pleasant cir- cumstances. Meetings were held at the homes of Dot Graef and Salty Ship- kin, Here staff members cut, pasted, and gradually assembled the dummy copy. More work was done in this informal manner than in any other way. Work on the year book was, however, far from drudgery, Refresh- ments were always served on Unights out". So attractive were the meetings that two young reprobates, in no way connected with the staff, invited them- selves to one of the assemblings ffor food onlyl. To celebrate the com- pletion of the greatest masterpiece ever to be published by N, P. H. S., the staff of the 1933 'ACANLICKU held a hilarious, bountiful picnic Hfar from the madding crowd." AGE 8 fX 'K T N VVN VX vvvvvvvvxrvv ' ff Yi' Y xi I S Q I -P + 1- -f 1- 1 Ar -r 4 Ar -r + + - + + A CN t 1 h 'LSL' f , 1 , . PAG 9 -7' 'S G vvx vv vvvvvxnrvvvv if fx 1Q N?Q, --- +.++ - -44-4--AA SGW AGE 10 W 1' ,7- if 'YT vvxvx vvvvvvvvvvvv ff ff QQ: . ,ffm I, , A fy , 2? 'cv' Faculty BEEKMAN R. TERHLINE . . Supervising Principal HARRY L. STEARNS ...... ........... P rincipal EUNICE M. CLIRTICE ....,. .... A ssistant Principal ETHEL BROLIWER .............. Secretary to Principal I. LEIGH CADWALLADER Economics, Law, Office Practice MARION L. CAMPBELL ........,.. W. F. CLARK ......... LAURA COURAIN .. IRENE DANNER .... KENNETH PINK ...... ELIZABETH GARDNER .. IOHN W. HOFFMAN ...... IOSEPHINE A. HOLLISTER NAOMI C. INGELBRECHT EVELYN L. INMAN ...... EMMA KENWARD ROSALLIE KLING ....... .. . . . . . Bookkeeping . , . Mathematics English .. Biology, Science English .. Oral English . . . Mathematics Mizsic . . . Typewriting . . . Shorthand .... Spanish Latin IOSEPH KOONS ....... Business Arith., Ir. Bus. Practice STANLEY KURTZ .. MARY MCCREA ...... IOHN A. MATTHEWS . .. HELEN K. MILLS ...... AUDREY I. MONTGOMERY VENN OLMSTEAD ...... ALBERTA GWEN . . . IOHN B. PARKER ALBERT A. SLIRINA . .. MARY L. WILLET .. ETHEL R. WOOD DOROTHY HABGOOD .. HOWARD KRAUSCHE . .. HANS SKALWOLD .... ZITA M. SMITH ..... FRIEDA P. THOMAS . . . German . . . English .. . History French .. French, Spanish English History Matlzematics, Science Science Civics Librarian . Physical Education .. Physical Education . . . . . . Industrial Art Home Economics PAO 11 Q N' 'f l X .WI pf: , It ' f f fx 'KH rxxxksk 9' ff 'WWF + :I ,il K' 'Xxfy ,Q N "" wr Nb 5?'A If A . , , 4 ' -' :kv fl . f Y R , I : -..f.- N Qi. 24 1 -. I-ll:-hfzjg I ' 1 -.-.-+ z-- ' I- I-I I I -.I , . , .. p,I::ILI::I, -1 'S' I .nux I 1,"i ' ' Au I I , , -.I-Am' ,.. I:I!IEI.Q"'.I'iI 1' 11,14 ,A M, 'Il'III?fuvI'I!II llilwmhugfi Q--QIIIIIMII' ... If .I.l!Ii." 'nl ,,:.5' V, 13.2, 'I I r .L W' -I gmlplrnl iv-L 0.I,, grkitfi . '-.-IM, .f.,. -I I .,-14 I I- I W f Z' f .., . 1,1 If 5545! .fl '- I J f ., , f I "V I '11-:Sf 4' 5-'fi 1 ' Il.. I I ,WMV ' fa ,ff 44 f I, .W 7-IIII',,,,,,., . IIII.IIn.IlII11-ll-All-AIM .1 Iu.mI.IIu.Im.IIm.n.n.n.r.m.III 1 ff W! , KW Qfij, MM N IIMIWWVwwWW I I "dIlI I fi' X II I 'I 1 ff' 7, ff if if , ,, wi? Eff bgdfffil Off 1-14141, ff f- If - W' W .-IISIPI I1 III 'iff J!"A?II'I""4Igj!'W? 'J iygf-pII'.fEIQ N M- If'Il"MG'fqf "' IIIIIIK ,IS-I MX I M x 'I ,r-I I I IQ' -I II -f I f' XII 'II ' I I':-'IW' VWIF? IWW7 gikgd? X I 45' irnsfl III II :Wei IQ I!',kxf X if-"Z Isl .QW w .-N' y4 X X Wu 1 nklailhx 757- fl nl :fin -Is.w'r,x, 'S qw , . A -- -"SNK FE. by f 'FK If IIII I 'I-IIZQIQII,-uf b,QMI EN SI III Q I I I- lvl fk' WTI ,f xfia ,wa-I JQEATWIE 1 I xg Vox 0 f O "II 5, II! ',j'III I d'A Iwf? MI X I N ' 6 Q J J . X ,VIH I --III-1 I-I-.,. I. W Q NQQIXUII I Im I I ,', LQ ' fps' fzfl Ir I ,I 1,4 f' ' IYI 4 '1II 4, IU: ,In 41, N III lhulh ,I vI'I wb I ,U -'I VMW, :,1,,,I4: , 0 W ' 9 "'IM1U',II!I 4'f! du N rfb ' Q 1' ' ,N I -1-.J , Vsfut' I"',I' I,'.,Q'IIf'. I II .H I,. Iv IIIII5 I 1,1 wail!! . n W g'0,' Y ,VII-I I I ,nl val- Nf,',f!l1 I, QIIGI' A I .0491 lo, .5-I,.!A..,,Ux ny. ,I mf, I , H L 'fly 1,0-4 ,I o,L,, .rp 1 1. ,JIM 'lm Z L ,I.Mr, .UW ,,fi, ,S ' I If ,J ,.-:1'v,v4s 'HQ 'N 'Prim 1' " 5' 4 1 'HM' Ilrf 4 ' I 1 , p ,,n,u In vffu If , ., H' 'D 'dl 'Allin I 'nn 3 fm IIII " . I '1 A1 film, 1 It I, 'U M., x,. I, I., 1' vm ff. 1 In I . 1 4 4 4' X ML' :Ely 514: y lm, I , 1. I ,I , jing- : I .fix I 'I fl Ho I- rl . nlflf-'HI I , ,bt -nah! ,,,,,,v1,q?i.n 1 .9lg,v,,,, .ml ,fm I. I ff ,,7,l, 'Muni ig-,I II 4 'fllii nhff, will 711. .I ff, I I' ,fu lqlfy -.I II.-.',I,,,I'Iy I ,I an wwili Ilplnig, M 0 'I f g.'.j.I, --I 1.5, Auf' '. ,II I.I MII,"-. 1.TIIf I' 'aff ASU, In '31 IU ' ' ' ,Z I 'ly I 45,11 'J h,'h1I,.7 T' ' W .JI !'l.'1A,fi'.3'1,vL,n,r I IT-'II' 'I' X 'I' I Ifflu'-I I Kx'I'lIl'1n .-ifiIlfs,1!'!' II 1' 'lf' . I,,f 'wp IW 4' ' , NJ I 1 J I I ' 1, I 'IIN' 5 I ff ,I , pl uhm 1 171, I .r,I '4 un n :guru I , , . 1 u n I-In-xws ni. Iapnwa , H nm., 1,0134 :I Jr I ! l 1 X nl 1 'Ifn' 'I I1 I J fl 1' f Y I r !1ivgw.4?,,f ',' I, M'u,1,1'. F 6145, ,I 'qQ"I1,fL 41 Q I- M, ,..-f.I .I--N .mf ' t,:,, ,fngff , luv If .II ,l.a,,,., 11 I I a,,, I, rn 1' iff i",'1,1fn.'f'l n A 4 ffgpff' I Alrlglgfplh 1,7111 III '3,I7?' I 4 rin ffrr '11 ju on I7 1 , 4,1 ,,. ,f,, 1 u 7 1 1 7, " Jmq, I., mv nz A. Ifiqfvg'-401 r?. .fy 'A ,Ham 64 ,3nf,f,lj'1 I' W4 4 .f J u,j.,, 5 4vdMp..3,, 52 I II Null,-'JIIIIIIIHI' X ' A ,i IMI 'Q' -I 4 -L! ' I ' " I iz I-. - " - :- 7- -I -2 - . 1- f ., .' 1-4 - '. .II"I'II:,.-', -,..I"I3f- -:f2....--.. .f'-. '..'I-I-.I -,V-.. .35 ...f fa' '. gr ,-1 f 7, j 1,225-'-1 Ili- I .I Q M 4 M --.--1. I. IN -.II , , A 1.7, - ,-I 'Qld w :A wzwjfzv .6 . , If - 1: 1 ' . -II-I-.--I,,I-I,L,.II,N.. E--N I I I ISI' 9" I f My .. ,f'f,s,!Z .,f-7 ' P,4e1.,j pf, I -. I I . -E I' '52 I , ,., -'fm-. 5 "1 - If -f ' wf'.f'11 ' 'um 'II' I ' IMI -EP I, "I I. I .I ' . I I pf ,Q .I2 I . I' .--II I--I III I I I -- '- I . 1 , . ff 1, --4. . V' , ' A I - II , .I Ii .33 II VII- , 'I' . ', X I. 1 ,I " f: f. , f f- , '-II ,AI ,1!f'rIg".,-, I I QIII Ili I -1 Eb- 1. X III-1II'III-If f U- f F f , ' Ir , ff" I.. . ....- H -I x N , -ull.. ...I 2' -Q IIIII f III ,IIIII "- 1 --fy ff- 6551" , f y-1 , Inn- IJ II- I5 I . II II',:I,'-I'-..l ', If , in f I, I 'I I . 29' - ...Lp -I. Iv", fu., . , , aff I , f 1 MII -'av I.I,-mg., If I -III ' I. " . -'.-:P -' ' I .I .-., ' ', 5- fi " -'-1 ' Z 'II'I.- IIN' WI - 'pn 'VI IQIIIII I I I N' I .MI 9.1 'l l II,-1 in ,.- , - ,I ,1- . I I-.-..,,-1 f ,I f Ir I .I -I -II,-.I .. . N I - .I , I- I-.,I-I -- II. -I. - I-I. I I- .. I I I I . -- -I 'II ' pb - -vm I. I- - -.fy .I-.I I '- -'I,YI. A UI- -'C A .--.- ' I .. -, I II.. I-fm..-,",C 9. I I-',. I ILI-I -,If X . I ET I. C ,.I . f NM, I tl.-,Hg-I,v.., I. , LII-xWk,,,7g0.tWi If'-2.-In -A LJ .- XI , 1 f yy ' 'Ifp'f"g.',v1j. .Ty.f--Ik,!,.j- I. Lylzis ,I -MA I ,I vivfm W u . . . ,, .H , ' A ' I A I !.go.Ji.?' gf, flzfu. - XI.. QR-I,, . 4... ,I 4 , f, " .I .III ,, , .II Im WW..-I .3 Q -A - -5 I- if f II ,I ,, H I, If LI-III wi' -,IIII Q ,L ' I Y U' - ' " .11-I" ' ' III , ff' .I .'I.. I-I .'- 3 - ' - X ".--'. ,I I IIII V I ,I Nix ., . .V -. 5 I' .I :,.:1 FYI ll I . ,tI'l I. .L ., ,-. Q... ...,.-.4--, . , .-In. .MWIIQIQTI W- . - I-' . . . I f - -I M ,-.IifI'?,J, I 5. 'z-If 'RQ KICK'--2-.??. iv '- Q52 , -" ,1"".- ,-- . ' I Y , -I II' I' ' 'Il 'I ,.MEI-.54-I..- ' .Q . - , ,. II' I ,.,w-I 1,147 I lI 'I'I1I" 'Y' ' "I ' ' A ' ' I in -5 ' M.. --ff W '- Q I' 57.2, . , - . h ,Q - , ' ', M' I -'L' W' . www!! I' , I.. , -:,,,J - IMI' I -rf ?-NI., 2.- 1 14- f I - , NN I .1 , ' 1 4 I, . - E QI,--.afgf 2:0 f f , --... -. - Ig . , ' - "Tull ,' - - ':. f ff , I I 195-' -Yi ,gi P--I If " f , . .f ?'..Ij. E "' Su, -' A. ' , ,- - f 51'-Q.. I .I E- 'K . - I .1 f . . .--Y . ' j'g ' ' --I, .I . I I." ir I Q V -iv , U , ,f ' 'NF N aww,-IIA O - f ' 6: -' - , .'I:I,I ,.g..II-I' ,3:' tj . . u. 55-.IA ' . -I 'I.' , 1. C, 1 -sz,-!.I.'-. I1 ' I WI I 'Ay , . ' ' I V. f A5365 3 I I- ' l , may III' - Q ' , ' 9 . Q1 . 1 7 -9 II. . I-I, II- III 1'I:': -. ' -T' rv arf- 1 I " .'u Inf "'i I .In-' -.. :',-f , , ...'I"Mi, vlyqvgglmfz' IIS!-' IIIIIWJI 9 I- I -IfI...I--4Y:..,..-Ir? f.f-I W. -I-.IJQI .' ..-li IIIIIII 7 III. . I . - f. 1, ,f,.IgI--. ,-I. J-E:.. ., I.. 1 I. -H .' I I- . III,-MII - Ig ' 'X 7 .:TIQi'ff-Z1-'rf-?:'i,Z.6, Q4-f'5I,If:"',' , .- - . . . , I .--11--.-. .-L.: I- , ., -- ,- , .H ,- Ii W' . . g E , .III-. . II.--III.-II.I. ILSIIZEZ. -- ' . . '1fI3'.2i:,Y-'IZIZ Wi.. zffyffg -:1,.5.Q'h'i.5II - ..fIl2ggIg4h'4'2i'f?IgI I-g,.I:--, ' . ' , - , Yay ,ggffi fl I4--:itz-Q '-'I' I- 113'-'ug-,I,,'g', . I .!' . , 531,-I If.:7f?I'fI AI ,f Nix " g"F?'fI-':I4Jf25i5I?k3xQ, 'AIW7 'iI'I4?:fl'I'I'-5IZIIII43II3g5:I5IQXIy'QIMI .WIKI 1 ' II. -5 I I "Ili .-195'-2115 ITV, A--I'qI'I1i--I. 'II .IIIA-I,,'.I'II.-I"W" .-I-'Im -r If' 'ffm ff' '- "of 'r fm. . 'I ' 'Mm' 11.21--1.4-ff I I - 4 . -I. I, ,M ,.. I , ,,I.-III. III'-Ir' -IW.:-4 g:II,II ff III:-I, - . II 'wif'-Ig.'5':g,Lain ,',sii2I',IIg,UI1IIII.-QIIZII-IIITIII,.ilf'I'IqI 'Rig yi' . 'I-I III LI IV! 4' VI 'I' 'V II'-'I' it 2 ' 1II'5iI-:5tffI"- iff' '-'IM ' If: VFP my 5,2 .ffqjfg I fr -..i,E-,5?5f-33:5-I 1,2-5. ...Q 14. C, .M5..i??3agIQ.,,v'f1:.3I',I-.4555 JI ik! W'y,",'4. 'If f."IzIC'.9a-WI -f,":-"FZ, 1 ' i"--IQLWMAE' .I1"i1:.'IuZ"I.-QP-'.5 'f:'i" '. I'5 " ,, fix 'fy I, I . 'I "I"IIIf's'- ..-IIIIITIZI-Eefffif-3,5 '5.'4IiII .ifzlfvr nw II-1,.'Q'y:, -'.7,..!1ff. -4'.3f5,Q3fv ' ".'-".'f1fZ,LL,'?"gEjf!g?'i521,1,, .g.r,,g,.- 'II.I. 'I'f2'IfI'I'I'f'f-I-I-'.. "QW-'I5'. was fI"1I 'I 7.M?f'Iff'LI.-I5Z'f9,- I-I' If I " ":If'?:I:i .II2I.II- f'I'I'2III' My .'I,-'IV Iyfgffh' .A-I-7..f'gY1v-,'x,YIIflI .yu fu' Ii Frfllm-:,f'fLI.',CIfw:'I7'I,n! 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I ew-.,-.-If-4 -:'f2'zqf. .W ,mf -f-In-'I--.IfIuI,p an-.1--I--L-f--',-I,, ,I "IIf:.1:'.w I-.if ?:.f-- ...- :.- rf.. Gtkillg. :ag .,5fL.p1..!,w- W, 1,7 L- , ,5f6f,ApI112y"'n:i7:Jg.,:'Li1',:j,-1?A-gxgs,-Z,f,'f:'yuan I' Q-ug-1. 1 1..:a.g:f'-nf,-41'.r-., - :c1,'gyI4'-,Ish -' gapm-'.2-41, 13 3.-'-mc, "f'1w-5Pf':'r:."-?.'4,.y'aa'?'f5"1.: -5 'I 1" 1--.459-.fa3"4fff' 13- 7134 2: 41' ,bf 5. wig? lr.:-.55 .. QDI R5 wif A T '30 A vvX K, - A 4- AA-+- +A ,Cl :,.-, ..sA kl 'bw-3 ff PAGE 14 President ..... Vice President Secretary ..... Treasurer ..... Faculty Adviser Class Qfficers BVAJB CHARLES BRYAN HILAIRE CANNON . RUTH FAGELY .. MARY' DRIVER . ROSALIE KUNG fPX ,. 'I'-f I . Q .13 kind? b Av- + 1- 1- 1 + 1- 4 Ar 1 - -r 1- 4- V- ,J 1 Q- VVVVV VVVVVVVNWVVV fl 16-A ARNOLD ARONS -Thr fvvivfr nf tlmuglzf-llze magic of the mind Course-Academic Future-Rutgers Math Club, Varsity Debate Team 4. LOUISE AUSTIN I ulzalfcr, Cllllfffl' as I gn Course-Academic Future-Nursing Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, Library Club 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 4, Dramatic Club 2, 3, Civics Club 1, Hall Patrol 4, Chemistry Club 4, Literature Club 2. RICHARD C. ANTHONY 'fMark" A man is madc grcaf or lifflz' by his n in will Course-General Future-Chemical Engineer Science Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 1, 2, Math Club 1, 2, 4, Debating Club 1, 2, 3, 4. MARY HOLMES APGAR "Polly Sim IJ frclty to walk Tflllll, and zu1't1'j.' tn talk zuftlr, and pleasant, ton, fri tlzflzk of Course-Academic Future-Designing School A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, Civics Club 1, Frosh Party Com. 15 Hall Patrol 3, 43 Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4, Hi Tri Cabinet 4, Debate Club 2, 33 Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Program Com. Dramatic Club 4, Jr.-Sr. Play 3, 4, Jr. Prom Com. 3, Jr.-Sr. Picnic Com. 3, Candy Com. 4, French Club 2, 3, 4. "Lulu" PAO 15 H 3' Vvx Vx fvxfvvvvvv f CN fi ,QC Q34 .4,A, HENRIETTA MARIE BAUMANN "Etta 1.0! mm: say iulmt e'er Hwy Quill, tvmlzwz rule' flzfm all , Course-Commercial Future-Art School Chairman Jr.-Sr. Picnic 35 Hall Patrol 3, 45 Hi Tri 1, 2, 3 45 Basketball 3, 45 Musical Comedy 1, 25 Dramatic Club 1 2, A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Phys. Ed. Exhibition 1, 2, 3, 4. IRVING KALET "Inf And 110 certainly was a good fcllfm' Course-General Future-Undecided, Flushing H. S.5 Math Club 2, 35 Soccer Team 2, 3 Science Club 25 G. O. Solicitor 25 Inter-Class Baseball 2, 3 Baseball 4. l CARL RICHARD BAYNE 'fihllll hast .Ilcfvt zuell-Azuakvl Course-Academic Future-University of Washington A.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1, 45 Hall Patrol 45 Junior Prom Com. 35 Sophomore Hop Com. 45 Student Council Dance Com. 45 Candy Com. 45 Chemistry Club 45 Baseball 4. LORA GLORIA BIGMAN "Lora" A lxvurt of gold and Inrles nf jvf Course-Commercial Future-Business Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Library Club 2, 45 Spanish Club 3, 45 Dramatic Club 45 Hall Patrol 45 Musical Comedy 35 P.T.A. "College Flappern 45 Science Clubl. AGE 16 ki-nfl f f 1+ VVX VX XfXf'lVX'VNfVNfVV ,6-'K lil., I v Q by ? 'IP Y 1' ? Q Af F 'T Q' 'f o l,- ' Course-General Future-Nursing Comedy 2, 3. l Course-Academic Future-Springfield IAMES A. BLUMETTI "jim" Run, good Loral, lmtu lze' Could run Course-Academic Future-Stevens Institute A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4g Math Club 1, 2, Glee Club lg Civics Club 1, Wrestling and Boxing Tournament 1, Basketball 13 Base- ball 1, 33 Track Varsity 2, 3, 4, Football 3, 4, Golf Club 49 Chemistry Club 43 Phys. Ed. Exhibition 1. BERNARD BORESSOFF "Bern" Tut! 1111! I can L'0lI7Il!'7'fFI'f the deep tragedian Course-Academic Future-Montclair Science Club 1, 2, Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Debating Club 1, 33 Glee Club 35 French Club 43 School for Scandal 3g Neighbors 3, Oratorical Contest 3, Vice Pres. Dramatic Club 4, Vice Pres. French Club 4, Vice Pres. Library Council 49 Director Fresmen Play 4. Let the world slide, let the world go.- A jig for a care and a fig for a woe! Phys. Ed. Exhibition 2, 3, 43 Hall Patrol 33 Track 3, A.A 1, 2, 3, 43 Jr.-Sr. Picnic Com. 3. ZELDA BIRD "Zip A merry heart maketh a L'lll'l'l'f'lll mzzzztwzame Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Baseball 1, 2, 3. 43 Science Club 2, 3 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Musical ROBERT WILLIAM BLIMM "Bill PAC, 17 N -7' 4-X xv' ,L f v 2' QL ',, - QQ A A + 4 A 1 4 4 4 A + 4- -44 - Av- + A- P Q- 'VVVVV ' ' ' vvvvvvvvvvv f . p ,X C f- is.-ji YOLANDA BOZEK "Yolo" lfVhat I dn ix all that cmzcerns mc, not what otlwrs thinle Course-General Future-Nursing, St. Peter's Hospital A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Civics 'Club 1, Debate Club 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, Hi Tri 3, Spanish Club 2, Spanish Play 2, Volley Bal 3. W1LL1AM A. BRAY "Bill" Blvsxrd are ihe joymalears Course-Academic Future-Washington - A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Asst. Bus. Mgr. of A.A. 3, Bus. Mgr. Year Book 4, Vice Prin. Students Day 3, Glee Club 1, 2, Civics Club 1, Dramatic Club 1, 2, Debate Club 2, 3, 4, Sr.-Jr. 4, Phys. Tr. Exhibition 1, Club 1, Hall Patrol 3. CHARLES E, BRYAN "Sunny" Nmwz' was a man marc' capable um more dL'5E'FT'I'Hg Course-Academic Future-University of Springfield Soph. Picnic Com. 2, Chemistry Club 4, Basketball 1, Foot ball 2, 3, Phys. Ed. Exhibition 1, 2, 3, 4, Jr. Hi-Y 1, 2, Sec. 2, Sr. Hi-Y 3, 4, State Rep. 3, 4, Pres. 4, Student Council 1, 3, 4, Vice Pres. 3, Pres. 4, Hall Patrol 3, 4, Chairman 4, Chairman of Assembly Com. 3, Debate Club 4, Class Pres. 3, 4. CATHERINE CAMPBELL Nm' too sober, not tan gay, buf a trim girl in every way Course-Academic Future-Art School Hartridge 1, French Club 3, Hall Patrol 3, Dramatic Club 4, Glee Club 4. AGE 18 Play 3, Musical Comedy 3, Chairman Home Room Party 2, 3, Five Year Club 5, Science fx 'Nw I- QQ' Q L, - is xi-ff? r A A + 1 1- 1 4 + 4- A + 1- + - 4 1- A 3 'vvvvi vvvvvvvvxrvy V .f--3. ' 2 TG' t . f x, FILOMENA RITA CEMINO Art is the fv1'vsmzcr of q1ra11't1r.v, xml llm absmzre of faults Course-Commercial Future-JCommerc1al Art Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Musical Comedy 2, Library Club 1, 2, 3 4, Dramatic Club 1, 2, French Club 1, 2, 3, Hi Tri 1, 2, 4, Civics Club 1. ALBERT COLLIS Strwzglh of lmarl and might of limb Course-General Future-University of Athens-Pireaus Prep School Civics Club 1, Pres. Soph Class Team 3, Jr.-Sr. Picnic Com., Football Varsity 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 2, 3, Student Council 2. HILAIRE B. CANNON "Pinkie" Applause, in spite of tri'1'aI fazrllx, is dur Course-General Future-Business A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Pres. 1, Frosh Party Com. 1, Student Council 1, Bulletin Board Com. 1, Information Desk 1, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Track Varsity 2, Asst. Football Mgr. 1, 2, 3, Jr.-Sr. Picnic Com. 3, Jr.--Sr. Play 3, 4, Glee Club 3, 4, Dramatic Club 2, 4, Literature Club 2, Jr. Prom Com. 3, Hall Patrol 3, Golf Club 3, 4, Debate Club 4, Debate Squad 4, Football Mgr. 4, Soph Hop Com. 4, Vice Pres. Class 4. IAMES CARRAR Iylll .fum rams an funny of Iifz' "Fannie" af l If HAI 2, Hall Patrol 3, 4, Track PAGE 19 F' E Qi,- 1--,l, A,,, -MEM FTW - f 7' vvx vi vvvvvvvvvvvv HELEN C. COLLIS A good heart is better than all the heads in the world Course-General Future-Riders Library Club 3, 4, Library Council 45 Radio Club 4, I-li Tri 2. EDWARD CONKLIN "Ed" A steady man with a steady mind. A better man is hard Io find Course-Academic Future-Undecided Civics Club 15 Math Club 2, 3, 4, Vice Preis. Math Club 3, Sec. Math Club 4, Phys. Ed. Exhibition 1, 3, 4, League of Nation Exhibition 45 Hall Patrol 43 A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4. ELIZABETH W. CONOVER "Betty" Sha bows at the slxrinc' of athletics Course-Commercial Future-Undecided Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Frosh Party Com. 1, Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 43 Hall Patrol 4, Girls' Athletic Council 2g Pres. G.A. Council 4, Class Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Capt. 1, 2, Capt. Maroon Team 3, Hockey 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Phys. Ed. Ex- hibition 1, 2, 3, 4, A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4. IOHN F. CONSTABLE "Connie" I 1zr'7'r'r asked anyone to nrzzlerstatld me Course-General Future-University of California A.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Hi-Y Club 1, 2, Football 2, 3, 45 Track 2, 3, 4, Leader Corps. Y.M.C.A. 3, 4. PAGE 20 f'X " N Tl VVX V! XfXF1VX'VVVVVXf J? ,L- lw' Q - f-W YY? 1 I A A + 1 1- 4- 4- 4 A 4 1- + - 4 4- A ' With hair like smzsliine and heart of gold Course-Academic Future-Undecided Club 1, 2. He was a mild mamzered man Course-Commercial Future-Business i Editor-in-chief of Canuck 4, Hall Patrol 4. DOMENIC EDWARD DIDOARDO "Dom" I have a hfart with rrmzn for every joy Course-General Future-University of Milan, Italy Drchestra 1, Frosh Basketball 1, Track 2, 3, Basketball 2, 3, Civics Club 1, 2, Lost and Found Corn. 2, Varsity Golf Team 3, 4, Baseball Mgr. 4, Alumni Editor, Kanuk 4, Sports Editor Canuck 4, Vice Pres. Golf Club 4, Senior Play 4, Glee Club 4, Vice Pres. Home Room 4, A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y 4, Phys. Ed. Exhibition 1, 2, 3. WILLIAM A. DRESSEL "Bill" Thing is but an idlr' waste of thought Course-Academic Future-Universitv of Southern California Algebra Club 1, 2, Glee Club 2, 3, Dramatic Club 4, Base- ball 3, 4, Basketball 3, 4, Phys. Ed. Exhibition 1, 2, 3, 4, Civics Club 1, A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Science Club 1, Nature Club 1, Hall Patrol 3. LUCILLE E. COOK "Cookie' Civics Club 1, Phys. Ed. Exhibition 2, 3, 4, Musical Comedy 1, Jr.--Sr. Picnic Com. 3, Library Club 4, Library Council 4, Spanish Club 3, Hall Patrol 4, Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee IOHN NICHOLAS DARISH "johnny Spanish Club 1, 2, 3, Spanish Conversation 4, Library Club 1, 2, Library Council 4, Glee Club 4, Shorthand Club 3 Phys. Ed. Exhibition 1, 2, 3, Jr. Editor of Kanuck 3 PAG l 21 fx f"X 7' VVN VX vvvvvvvvvvvv f I fi' Qi,- - -- 1,- ,1.--,11-,- Course-Commercial Future-Undecided Club 3. Course-Academic Club 2. LOUISE GRAY DUNDON "Dunnie" Or light, or dark, or slmrt, or fall Sha sets a spring in snare them ali Course-General Future-Fairmount J r. College Pres. Nature Club 13 Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Chairman Jr. Prom. 33 Jr.-Sr. Picnic Com. 3g Literature Club 23 Hockey 3, 43 Baseball 1, 23 Basketball 1, 2, 43 Volleyball 1, 2, 33 Library Club 33 Musical Comedy 3, 43 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Hi Tri Cabinetg Debating 43 Jr.-Sr. Play Com. 3, 4g Hall Patrol 43 Noon Hour Patrol 43 Soph Hop Com. 4g Student Council Dance Com. 4. MARGARET S. EDWARDS "Peg" E1'crytlmzy smdivd, wc' :lid willz so much can Course-General Future-Undecided G.A.A. 4g Science Club 23 Capt. Jr. Basketball and Hockev Class Teamsg Class Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Class Baseball 2, 3. AGE 22 DORIS DRESSEL1 "Dodo 'Tm good nature only zvizzs flu' Izcarf Mary, Mary, quita contrary Glee Club 1, 3, 43 Spanish Club 23 Hi Tri 33 Shorthand MARY DRIVER " akre Future-Dickinson College Chorus 1, 23 Musical Comedy 13 Fresh. Party Com. 1 De bate Club 1, 2, 3, 4g Debating Team 3, 43 Hi Tri 1, 2 3 4 Pres. Hi Tri 43 Treas. Class 2, 43 Dramatic Club 1, 2 3 4 Dramatic Council 43 Soph Picnic Com. 23 Jr.-Sr. Picnic Com. 3g Ch. Candy Com. 4g A.A. 1, 2, 33 Ticket Mgr. Jr Sr Play 3, 4g Ticket Mgr. Phys. Tr. Exhibition 43 Literature ffx ,pn A-5 ,-'L QQ' GQ 'L 3 KAN A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A .ffvfvvvvv ' f ' - ' vvvvvvvvxrvv - f hx ,HN , ., .I Q' ., .hx f- IEAN M. ERICSON .Yntliing is inzfiossiblc to cz 1 muarz fvlm can und will Course-Academic Future-Montclair Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 45 Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, Science Club 2, 33 Literature Club 33 Debate Club 45 A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4. HERMAN A. ESTRIN "Hymie" IfV11y study History-I make it! Course-Academic FutureACollege Frosh Party Com. 13 A.A. 1, 2, 3, 43 Glee Club lg Civics Club 13 Dramatic Club 1, 2, 35 Jr.-Sr. Play 33 Jr.-Sr. Play Com. 45 Debate Club 2, 3, 45 Debate Sec.-Treas. 4, Spanish Club 3, Sec.-Treas. 35 Student Council 43 Sec. 45 Informa- tion Desk 3, 4g Reception Com. 3, 4, Kanuck Staff 3, 45 Bus. Mgr. 43 Yearbook Staff 45 Soph Hop Com. 45 Nat'l Honor Society 3, 43 Ch. Usher Com. 3, 43 Student Day 2, 3- 43 Ch. Assembly Com. 43 Literature Club 2, Hall Patrol 3, 4, Candy Com. 4. RUTH FAGELY "Ruthie" A czfrtafn 5IAH1fllI'L'IlffV flzal urnlers f'r'r'rv0ue hm' friend Course-Academic Future-Wilson Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 45 Vice Pres. Hi Tri 45 Student Council 2, 3, 4, Class Sec. 3, 45 Sec. Civics Club lg Glee Club, Literature Club 2, Nat'l Honor Society 3, 4, Debate Club 2, 3, 45 Pres. Debate Club 4, Varsity Neg. Team 2, 3, 4, Dramatic Club 3, Kanuk Staff 3, Year Book Staff 4, Pin Com. 2, Le Cer- cle Francais 3, 4, Christmas Card Com. 43 Jr. Prom Com. 3, Jr. Class Hockey Team 33 Hall Patrol 3. ERNEST I. FAWBUSH "Injun" Gran' old along zvifli mr, 1110 bcsl is vc! in bi' Course-General Future-Army Civics Club 15 Spanish Club 1, 25 Math Club 43 Glee Club l, 2, 4, Orchestra 1, 25 Chemistry Club 43 Baseball 1, 2, Track 35 Camera Club 3 PAGE 23 ly' VVN VY vvvvvvvvvv r ' p it-1 2 fi:"'wf ADA SHARON FEINBERG "A" G0 ahead! kid nw, you can? make me mad Course-General Future-Journalism Dramatic Club 3, 45 G.A.A. 3, 45 S. Patrol 3. 45 "Home Sweet Home" 45 Hockey 35 Basketball 35 Canuck Staff 4. BEN C. FETHERSTON "Feather" We all are childrmz.. Course-General-Academic Future-Commercial Art and Illustrating Glee Club 1, 2, 35 Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Debate Cluo 55 Varsity Debate Team 55 Soph Hop Com. 25 Cheer Leader 1, 2. 4, 55 Mgr. Frosh Basketball 15 Hi-Y 3, 4. 55 Vice Pres. Hi-Y 55 Jr-Sr. Play 4, 55 Sec. Five Year Club 55 P.T.A. Ministrel 55 Literature Club 35 Musical Comedy 45 Chem- istry Club 5. EDWIN T. FORGERSON "Pete" A man he .f1'1'1:1.v of clzeerfnl yesterdays and vmzyidmzt tomorrozvs Course-General Future-Business Spanish Club 1, 25 Science Club 15 Hi Y 1, 2, 3. FLORENCE FOWLER "Flo" A little rzmzsense nom' and then, is 1'rlis11cd by the best of men Course-Commercial Future-Katherine Gibbs Musical Comedy 15 Glee Club 1, 35 Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 45 Sec. Spanish Club 25 Spanish Play 25 Student Council Dance Com. 45 Kanuk Staff 35 Canuck Staff 45 Treas. Hi Tri 45 Library Club 35 Hall Patrol 45 Debate Club 45 Information Desk 45 Phys. Ed. Exhibition 1, 2, 3, 45 Musical Comedy 4. PAGE 24 ,f STEPHEN I. GAYDOS Good nature and good .vmzsr must ever join Course-General Future-Professional Golfer Track, Footballg Golf Clubg Baseball 4. WILLIAM F. GEARITY 1 trust 1m!l11'1zg can nzalez' life a burden to mr' Course-General Future-Rider College Baseball 1, 25 Class Basketball 1, 25 Hall Patrol 43 Glee Club 43 Senior Hi-Y 4. 1 'Y' 1 VVV'VNfNfX'VVN'VVVXlVVXf'XF1 VX'VKfVNfV I J ,6- f tl lx f: - A71 ,evo kjigff Q 1- + 1- -t -r 1 Ar Ar 1 1 1 Ar + -r -r 1- + -- ,J X- 'vvvvi' X vf' 5 9 bg-fl C, C f , THERESA GASSLER Let ns liw' 'awhile the lmart is Ifglztfxrt Course-Commercial Future-Business " Tess Spanish Club 25 Hi Tri 2, 33 Shorthand Club 33 A.A. 1, 2 3, 43 Glee Club 1, 2. ANDREW IOSEPH GAYDOS "Andy' Life udtlmut mirth is like a zuagon tuillzozzt .vprzngs Course-Commercial Future-Undecided Glee Club 1, 25 Golf Club 3, 45 Senior Play 4. "Steve" ..Bill,, PAG 25 fX :L ' Qi ',, 1 ' A A A '+"' 4"+' +' ax-f' I IRQ! A ,tj VVX VY f' vxfvvvvvv Vx 1 it-Y! LEW1s GEIGER "Lew" Hr' is not so vmmg that he max' lcaru Course-eGeneral Future-Undecided Frosh Party Com. 1, Civics Club 1, Treas. Spanish Club 3, Glee Club 4, Math Club 4, Chemistry Club 4, Track Squad 3, Baseball Squad 1, 2, 3, 4. ALICE MURIEL GINSBURG "Aleece" S0 young, so me Course-Academic Future-Barnard A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4, Math Club 1, Glee Club 1, Literature Club 2, Sec.-Treats. Banking Club 2, Debate Club 2, Varsity Negative Team 2, Capt. Varsity Affirma- tive 3, Kanuck Staff 3, 4, Editor-in-chief 4, Le Cercle Francais 3, 4, Class Vice Pres. 3, Dramatic Club 3, 4, Dramatic Council 4, Soph Hop Com. 4, National Honor Society 3, 4. RUBY GOEPPEL H7110 mixnl rmsnn 1.1111 yvlcasurp and zuisdnm with mirth Course-Commercial Future-Business Glee 'Club 1, Spanish Club 3, Hi Tri 1, 2, 3. 4, Phys Ecl. Exhibition 1, 3, 4, Kanuk Staff 3, Copy Edftor Kanuk Staii' 4, Shorthand Club 3. RUTH GOEPPEL A quiet efmz t0mf2m'ame1zr, And in hm' 'worle shed' quite cmzlcnt Course-Commercial Future-Business Glee Club 1, Science Club 2, Kanuk Staff 3, 4, Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4, Phys. Ed. Exhibition 1, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club 4, Shorthand Club 3. A G E , 26 fx, , 4? was O nf O DOROTHY DUNBAR GRAEF "Dot" She is not simply good, but good for something VVN VK vvv'AfvvvVv'Vv f ,L RELIBEN GORDON "Bud" Oh, this learning, what a tmfrililr lhing it is 'Course-Academic Future-Rutgers University A.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Science Club 2, 3, Chemistry Club 4, Track 4, Library Council 45 National Oratorical Contest 3. ALYCE GOULD "Allie" My 'ZUGQVS UV? l'!l7'l'fVF'!' UNY Course-Academic Future-SethLoW Junior College Perth Amboy 1, 25 Periscope Staff 1, 2, Varsity Basketball 1, 2, Glee Club 1, 25 Varsity Club 2, Rcom Representative 1, 2,Glee Club, Jr. Swimming Team, Hi Tri, Hall Patrol 4, Chemistry 4, Hi Tri 4, Tennis Club. Course-Academic Future N. J. C. Class Treas. 35 Home-room Vice Pres. 1, Home-room Sec. 2, A.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Chorus, Math Club, Kanuk Staff 2, 4, Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 45 Ch. Publicity 4, Literature Club 2, De- bating 2, 3, 4g Mgr. Debating 3, 4, Dramatic Club 3, 43 Ch. Soph Pin Com., Jr.-Sr. Picnic Com., Ch. Senior Ring Com. Asst. Business Mgr. Canuck 4, French Club 3, 4, National Honor Society 3. DAVID GRAY "Dave" In my youth I 1107 rr avfvfl thnx Course-General Future-Rutgers P.H.S. 1, 2, 35 Baseball Squad 4, Glee Club 4, 53 Musical Comedy 4, 5, Graduation Program 4, Cheer Leader 53 Li- brary Council 55 Kanuk Columnist 5, Asst. Business Mgr. Kanuk 55 Hi-Y 55 Soph Hop Com. 5, Vice Pres. Five Year Club 59 Business Staff Senior Play 5. PAGE 27 4' r-X Y' VVN VX vvvvvvvvvvv ' ff Q' CV. rc- 4 H,-iv 'f .f OSGOOD HAFF Among mortals, second thoughts are wisest Course-Academic Future-Business Trainer A.A. 1 year. GRACE AUGUSTA HAMILTOA "Gussie" Laugh. I thought I'd die Course-Commercial Future-Business Holy Trinity 1, 25 Dramatic Club 3, 4, Shorthand Club 3, 4, Candy Com. 45 Phys. Ed. Exhibition 4, Hall Patrol 33 - Yearbook Business Staff 4, Hi Tri 3, 4. PAGE 28 MARION GRAY "Scotty" Friendship is the highest degree of perfection in societ3 Course-Academic Future-Nursing A.A. Council 1, 2, 3, 45 Sec.-Treas. G.A.A. Council 4g Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, French Club 2, 35 Hi Tri 1, 2, 3. 43 Hi Tri Cabinet 3, 43 Cheer Leader 4, Science Club 25 Library Club Pres. 4, Library Council 45 Hall Patrol 45 Musical Comedy 35 Basketball 1, 3, 4, Hockey 3, 45 Baseball 23 Track 2, 3. ERWIN GUTZWILLER "Smiles" In short, he is a perfect ea1'al1'er Course-Academic Future-N. Y. U. Blair Jr. H. S. lg Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Concert Master of Orchestra 3, 4, Football 3, 43 Track 3, 43 Camera Club 3, 4g Airplane 'Club 43 Photo-Editor Yearbook 4. "Half-Pint" f'PX -7' ri ,gy 23' GL E, 1 AF ? G G T 1 1 Af 1 AY 'UT F -lk 4 Af L -L -' ,' J SQ- 'VVYVV vvvvvvvvvxrvv C - 'Mil' f , BETTY HAMMETT "Betts' I lwf' on the sznzny Jzdv nf ilu' .vfrwvl Course-Commercial Future-Business Scotch Plains 1, 2, 3, Radio Club 4. KENNETH HARING "Red" lffxsmzy, perhaps, but fmt mzlzmmrvrl Course-General Future-Undecided Science Club 1, 2, 3, Chemistry Club 4, Spanish Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Radio Club 4, Civics Club 1, Electro-Physics De- monstration 33 Camera Club 3, Pres Radio Club 4, Phys. Ed. Exhibition 1, 2, 3, 4, Civics Debating Club 1, Founder Radio Club 4, Constitutional Corn. of Science, Radio Club, Aeroplane Clubl, Glider Club 2, A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Patrol 1. IOHN R. I-IARKNEss "Scotty" A IOTTI' and lusty bachelor Course-Academic Future-Undecided Science Club 1, 2, Civics Club 1, Spanish Club 1, 2, 3, Spanish Conversation Club 4, Math Club 4, Boys' Glee Club 4, Hall Patrol 3, 4, Chemistry Club 4, Kanuk Staff 4, Tennis Squad 4, Phys. Ed. Exhibition 3, 4, Camera Club 3, A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, League of Nations 4, Chapel Exercises 3, 4. HELEN HASSEN Sv qnirf, .fn 111104 ruming is sin' Course-Commercial Future-Business Glee Club 1, Shorthand Club 3, Kanuk Staff 3, 4, Spanish Club 2, Phys. Ed. Exhibition 2, Hi Tri 3, 4. PAG 29 A. fi- Q. I f . 'ii I , - ,,44, K- ff"'-.k f- IQ. VVX VY VXA VVXIVVNFVX 1 Y! I- CARMEN ALICE HELMER "Charmfn" A good scout Course-Academic Future-Montclair A.A. 1, 2, 3, 43 Math Club 15 Literature Club 23 Science Club 2, Soph Pin Com. 25 Glee Club 1, 2, 3g Graduation Chorus 1, 35 ClassBasketball 1, 2, 33 Class Baseball 2, De- bate Club 2, 3, 45 Sec.-Treas. Camera Club 33 Le Cercle Francais 3, 4, French Christmas Play 33 Dramatic Club 3, 4, Pres. 4g Pres. Dramatic Council 4, Canuck Staff 43 Hall Patrol 3. ELIZABETH B. HOH "Betty" She makes wicked ligl1tn1'ug with hm' mfs Course-Commercial ' Future-Private Secretary Woodbridge H. S. lg Library Club 33 Library Council 4, Musical Comedy 35 Glee Club 3. 43 Radio Club 43 Short- hand Club 3g Hall Patrol 43 Candy Com., A.A. Council 2, 3, 4g Hi Tri 3, 4. ROBERT WILLIAM IACKSON "Bob" Coninmnz smzse is ge1Ii1Is dressfd in its zvorleing !'I0f11t'J Course-Academic Future-Princeton Jr. Hi-Y 1, 2, Vice Pres. Jr. Hi-Y 23 Basketball 2, 3, Foot- ball 3g Tennis Team 2, 3g Math Club 2. 3, 43 Pres. Math Club 3, 43 Science Demonstration 3, Jr.-Sr. Picnic Com., Yearbook Staff. LOUISE IANNELL1 " Weez" Life is made up of 50215, Slll'fylE'S, and snzilrs, with smiles predznzaizzathzg Course-Commercial Future-Undecided Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Kanuk Staff 3, Civics Club lg Short- hand Club 33 Hi Tri 1, 2, 33 Hall Patrol 4, Spanish Club 2, Musical Comedy 1, 3. PAGE 30 ,y ki-aff ff-rf -r if . fi' lk A Af f Ar -r 1 1 1 1- + -1- 1- + - , j xv "VVVVK' VXF-lVX V H? Nxbv .fl if ANDREW IAREMA A man after his arm heart- Course-Academic Future-Rutgers VIRGINIA H. IENKINS Life may be mm sweet .Yong tn some But zft's writtmz in ragtime to mam Course-Academic Future-Trenton State Normal French Club 3, 4s Hall Patrol 4. MARY KILGANNON "Killie" Bc your my cares, I give you tn the udnds Course-Commercial Future-St. Peter's Hospital Metuchen High 1 yearg Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Dramatic Club 3, 43 Radio Club 43 Musical Comedy 13 Phys Ed. Exhibi- tion 2, 3, 4. ELIZABETH KLINH "Lizzie" To lim' tnitlmnt loving is not 'really living Course-Academic Future-Trenton State Normal School Glee Club 1, 23 Operetta 13 Hi Tri 33 French Club 2, 3. 43 Science Club 2, 33 Phys. Ed. Exhibition 1, 2, 3, 43 Baseball 23 Hall Patrol 33 Debate Club 43 Hi Tri Supper Com. 3. "Andy He 'would rather .wmv zvmnaix were affm' ir Science Club 1, 2, 3s French Club 33 Jr. Prom Com. 3 Soph Hop Com. 43 Student Council 43 Tennis Mgr. 4 Student Council Dance Com. 43 Noon Hour Dance Com. 4 "Ginny Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 43 Hi Tri Supper Ch. 33 Drama Tournament Play 33 Dramatic Club 3, 4g Glee Club 13 Math Club 4 PAG 31 Y' VVX VY VNFlVXfVVVVVV rf Q '9",'-.A 2 'kijm' f , FRED KLINER "Fritz" Mm: arc born zuith tivo mms and but 11110 ffllllllll' in nrdm' Ihat they slmuld .wc tzvicr as mnfli ax film' .mv Course-Commercial Future-Undecided Civics Club 1, Camera Club 3, Vice Pres. Radio Club 4, Spanish Club 3, 4, Patrol 4, Phys. Ed. Exhibition 1, 2, 3, 4, Chemistry Club 4, Radio Club 4, A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 4, Canuck Staff 4, Civics Debating Club 1, Spanish C. C. 4, Founder Radio Club 4, Aeroplane Club 1, Shorthand Club 3, Glider Club 2. ELMER H. KLINSMAN "EI" The glory of young 111311 is tlzrir sfrmigtlz Course-Academic Future-College Football Varsity 2, 3, 4, Football Capt. 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Tennis Squad 3, 4, Tennis Capt. 4, Vice Pres. A.A. 3, Pres. A.A. 4, Baseball 2, Literature Club 2, Debate Club 2, 3, 4, Debate Team 4, Patrol 3, 4, Jr. Prom Com. 3, Soph Hop Com. 4, Soph Pin Com. 2, Soph Picnic Com. 2, Dra- matic Club 3, Information Desk 4, Hi-Y 3, 4, Glee Club 2, Student Day 2, 3, 4, Frosh Party Com. 1, Candy Com. 4. MARGARET KOHLER "Midge" Thar of Jmyling was full siniplf' and 0030 Course-Academic Future-Undecided Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club 3, 4, French Club 2, Hall Patrol 4, Phys. Ed. Exhibition 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1. JOHN A. KROMENACKER "Adie" Blvxsings on him who I'H7'l"1lfl'd slrcp Course-Academic Future-Undecided A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Hall Patrol 4, Noon Hour Patrol 4, Civics Club, French Club 4, Track Squad 3, Chemistry Club 4. PAGE 32 ali, 3 ' ,326 Y' VVX VX VVVV'W.fXfN XfXFlVX'VVVVVV IOSEPH LA COSTA "Ioe' Knotuledgr' wmzcx, bu! ruisdozu 1l'l1gl'I'A' Course-Commercial Future-Pace Sz Pace P. H. S. lg A.A. 2, 3, 4, Shorthand Club 39 Phys. Ed. EX- hibition 3, 4. BETTY LEE "Lefty" You can and you can't You will and you Tdlllijf l'ozz'll bf' darned if you do l'011'll be darned if you don? Course-eGeneral Future--Designing A.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 1, 2, Civics Club 13 Hall Patrol 3, 4, French Club 3, 4, Chemistry 4, Volleyball 35 Usher Graduation 35 Library 2. HOWARD LETTER "Howy" llanzlmod, fmt .fulz0Ial's111','i, 1,3 flu' first aim of 1'd11z'aI1'rm Course-General Future-Undecided Frosh Basketball lg Basketball 2, 3, 45 Track 2, 3, 45 Golf 3, 4, Tennis 43 Capt. Basketball 4. VINCENT LONGINOTTO "Longy" Course-General Future-U ndecided Baseball Squad 2, 3, 4. PAG 33 . ,. ie J VVX VY VXFfVX'VVVVV Qi, K-f?,i A- A- -1 A4.++ +1+U Rocco MASTROPIETRO 'l'lzc'rc ain'i no smzsr 111 gvtfnzg filed Course-Commercial Future-University of Pennsylvania Radio Club 4, Science Club 25 Civics Club lg A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4. FLORENCE MILLWATER "Flo" Hz' silent and saff, for sileucr zzmfcr betravx Course-Academic Future-Undecided Spanish Club 33 Civics Club 1g Hi Tri 3. PAGE 34 ANDREW BLAIR MACINDOE A little fellow with a big llfflfli Course-Commercial Future-Business "N ,6- "Andy Spanish Club 2, 43 Shorthand Club 33 Civics Club 1g Phys Ed. Exhibition 1, 2, 35 Conversation Club 43 Tennis Squad 4, A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4. DOUGLAS MANNING -I ham' .YIH"Z'Ii7'Cd Course-General Future-Undecided "Doug Spanish Club 2, 3s Civics Club 13 A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4. "Klondike" f'PX , 31' Q - 7' 'f-X5 A + 1- 1 -r 1 1' Ar 1 -r + 1- -r -4- 4 1- -4- vc- ' 'VVVVX' ' ' ' 'vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvxfvv I Q -1---., L 1.-If f . Course-General Future-Undecided STEPHEN MILLWATER. IR. Me thought I heard a Lowe cry, "steely" xg: ..Ag, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Musical Comedies 2, 45 Baseball Squad 2, 4, 55 Football Squad 25 Hall Patrol 55 Science Club 45 Camera Club 45 Radio Club 55 Debating Squad 1, 55 Five-Year Club 55 Civics Club 15 Chemistry Club 55 Phys. Ed. Exhibition 2, 3, 45 Operetta 15 A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. WILLIAM C. MITCHELL, IR. "Bill" The darkest hour in any Wttllljd' life is when he sits down to Plan hon' to make money 7x'tf1101tf eawzizzg it Course-Academic Future-Illinois University Civics Club 15 Math Club 45 Hall Patrol 45 Science Club 4. DOROTHY V. MORAN "Dotty" W'hile men have eyes, or ears, or taste, she'Il always had a lower Course-Academic Future--College of New Rochelle Sec. Class 1, 25 Kanuk Staff 1, 2, 3, 45 Advertising Mgr. 1, 25 Business Mgr. 35 Asst. Business Mgr. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Jr.-Sr. Play Com. 35 Editor-in-chief Spanish Paper 45 Dramatic Council 35 Civics Club5 Literature Club 25 Dra- matic Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Debate Club 1, 2, 35 Debate Squad 2, 35 Drama Tournament Play 25 Jr. Prom Com. 35 Jr.-Sr. Play 35 Musical Comedy 35 Student Council 35 Ch. Infor- mation Desk 35 Sec. A.A. 3, 45 Student Council Dance Com. 35 Ch. Soph Hop 45 Senior Ring Com. 45 Candy Com. 45 Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 45 Sec. Hi Tri 45 Honor Society 45 Program Com. Dramatic Club 4. SOPHIE MUZYKA "Soph" Blessed are they that have the gift of making friends Course-Academic Future--Banford Academy Glee Club 1, 2 Kanuk Staif 3, 45 French Club 2, 45 Tri Delta 45 Hi Tri 3, 45 Hall Patrol 3, 45 A.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Civics Club 15 Science Club 15 Jr.-Sr. Picnic Com. 3. P AG 35 :-Lf. , ,A , + ,, ..A fr A,-, VVX VX -v FlVX'VVNfVVV iv! GEORGE MUZYCZKA "Muney IfVar'ds are zvoincn, drrds arc mf z Course-Commercial Future-University of Pennsylvania A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 4, Chemistry Club'4, Track 3, 4, Radio Club 4. DIDERICK A. NIELSON A'Dick" 7111? 7v111'ld'.s' grvai men have not Cfmzuzmzly Ilvflz grcaf .fL'l10lm'5 nor its great sclznlars lH't'tl1 mm: Course-General Future-Dartmouth A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, Debate Club 4, Science Club 1, 2, 33 Camera Club 1, 2, Five-Year Club, Vice Pres. Home Room 2, Jr. Prom Com. 3, Soph Hop Com. 4, Frosh Basketball Team 1, Civics Club, Glee Club 1, 2, Bulletin Board Com. 1, Vice Pres. Home Room 4, Pres. Home Room 3, Vice Pres. Aero Club 2, Picnic Co. 2, Home Room Party Com. 4, Hi-Y 4, Nature Club 1. ROBERTA M. NIELSON "Bert" Cliarm strikrzr thc' UTP and merit lim sou! Course-Commercial Future-Business Glee Club 1, Civics Club 1, Phys. Ed. Exhibition 1, 2, 3,, 43 Jr. Prom Com. 3, Dramatic Club 3, 4, Hockey 3, 4, Soph Hop Com. 4, Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 4, Prompter of Jr.-Sr. Play 4, Hall Patrol 3, 4. MAE lVlARlON Ness "Nae" I haw' rm nflzm' than a 0111111 5 nasfr Course-Commercial Future-Nursing Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Library Club 2, 3, 4, Shorthand Club, Pres. 3, Radio Club, Sec. 4, Spanish Club 2, Chemistry Club 4. AGE 36 -7' 55' ag L 4. Y 1 A A 1- 1 1- Ar 4- 4 -r -r 1- 4- - -+ + + ffl '.x.j'17 KT- VVX VK VVXf'lVXfVVVNfVV BERNICE NEWELL Course-Academic VINCENT E NUNNINK Course-General Future--Undecided KATHERINE PANTAZI "Kay" l'ou'r'P blase' Course-Commercial Future-Rider College A.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 1, 23 Literature Club 25 Operetta 2g Library Club 2, 3, 4, Vice Pres. Library Club 45 Asst. Property Mgr. Musical Comedy 33 Asst. Business Mgr. Cafeteria 35 Business Mgr. Cafeteria 4, Hall Patrol 3, Phys. Ed. Exhibition 3, 4, Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, Dramatic Club 45 Musical Comedy 4. MARVIN PERLMAN "Perly" Whai l'1'0 116011 taught, I'1'e forgotten And what I knomv, I'1'c guessed Course-Academic Future-Undecided Canuck Staff 45 Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 23 Jr.-Sr. Play 35 Senior Play 45 Civic Club 1g Dramatic Council 4g Math Club lg A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Hall Patrol 3, Musical Comedy 33 Neighbors 3. PVo1z.ld zuvrc 1 stcadfast ax than art Future-Newark Normal or Library Work A.A. 1, 2, 3. fFinished high school in 3 yearsj Art is a trzrf- mmlium of P.'ff1l'l'.Y5IA!Hl Chemistry Club 45 Art Editor Year Book 4. if PAG 37 Ymvvx VK 'VVN'VVVVVVVNFlVX'VVVVVV J' if if cgi, gxiu-ix' P Q fbi. IOSEPHINE FRANCES PLOSHAY "jo" RUSSELL E. PERRY "Russ" Course-Academic Future-Prep School Varsity Football, Tennisg Trackg Glee Club 1. 2, 3, 45 Soph Hop Corn. 45 Jr. Prom Corng Junior-Senior Play Com. 3, 4, ALFRED F. P1sAN1 "Al" Striwe, and hold climb thc strain Course-Commercial Future-Business Golf Club 3, 45 Spanish Club 25 Shorthand 35 A.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Phys. Ed. Exhibition 2, 3, 4. Good Izzmmr teaches charms to last Course-Commercial Future-Business College Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Library Club 3, 45 Radio Club 45 Li- brary Council 45 Soph Picnic Com. 25 Spanish Club 45 Dramatic Club 25 Musical Comedy 15 Civics Club, Short- hand Club 35 Secretary Operetta 2. IACOB M. POMERANTZ "jake" I am 7'f'S0l'I'C'd to grow fat and look young till forty Course-Academic Future-Undecided A.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 1, 35 Hall Patrol 3, 45 Noon Hour Patrol 3, 45 Civic Club 15 Golf Club 45 Debate Club 35 Business Staff Canuck 45 Library Council 45 Math Club 35 Football Squad 1, 2. AGE 38 " x xx? A A + 1 1- 1 1- 4- 4 -r -r ef + - -r Ar- A Xu ' I ' kr f 'VV .lVXfVVVVVV .F--,ik ig-.',1' F' VVX VX DORIS K. PROTT "Dorie' I To dance forever and thru .mum 111014 Course-Commercial Future-Business Dramatic Club 3, 45 Class Play 43 Glee Club 1, 23 Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 45 Hall Patrol 45 Phys. Ed. Exhibition 1, 2, 3, 45 Junior Prom Corn. 35 Musical Comedy 3, 4. I FRANK I. PURl "Frankie I zuill study and thru yfri ready Course-Commercial Future-Business Civics Club lg Orchestra 2, Junior Picnic Com, Radio Club 49 Shorthand Club 3, Glee Club lg Phys..Ed. Exhibition 1. IOHN I. RAFFERTY "Hip" The best is yvt to bv Course-Commercial Future-Business College A.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Civics Club 1, Science Club 1, 23 Nature Club 13 Giee Club 1, 23 Spanish Club 2, 3, Shorthand Club 33 Radio Club 33 Hi-Y 3. FLORENCE REED "Reedi6" Pleasant shi' was r' ll Course-Commercial Future-Business Glee Club 1, 25 Hi Tri 1, 23 Civics Club 15 Science Club 25 Radio Club 4. PAG 39 Y' xvfi CX ,ty CW . f 4 ft ',, - C145 'eww ' V -r - V 4- 4- 4- 4 4- 4- 4 A + 1- + -4- 1' + 4 A , J gg- 'VVVVX 'vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv ff Q -2'D-.L HQ, f , IVIARGUERITE V. REYNOLDS She takes the world just as it comex Course-Academic Future-Interior Decorator Scotch Plains High School 1, 2, 3, French Club 4, Dra- matic Club 4, Advertising staff of Canuck 4. LINDA RoBsoN There is a gift beyond the reach of art, of being eloquently silent Course-Commercial Future-Business: Secretarial Glee Club, Shorthand Club. PAGE 40 ,. DAVID REGENBERG "joe It is better to have bluffml and Passed Course-Academic Future-Aviator Science Club 3, Camera Club 3, Chemistry Club 4, A.A. 2, 3, 4, Jr.-Sr. Play 4. 1, HERMAN W. REICHENSTEIN "Shorty" It becomes a man to be tall if his entin' dm'vI0fvh'1e1zf is not length Course-Academic Future-Study in Germany Track 2, 3, 4, Math Club 4, Science Club 2, 3, Sec. Science Club 2, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Phys. Ed. Exhibition 1, 2, 3, 4, Operetta 4, Capt. Hall Patrol 4, Hall Patrol 4, A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4. - Mpeg.. ..ROb,, r'x -f Q N xy'-f' 'Y' M if so cgi. K .6 ' A - + 1- 1- -1- 4- + 4 4 Ar Ar + - -+ + A - , 9- 'fvvvvv ' ' vvvvvvvvxrvv C ft 'wil' I love to dance, I low- tn play ' Course-Academic Future-William and Mary 3, 45 Debate Club 4. ROBERT ROSENTHAL Course-Academic Future-Temple University MICHAEL R, SANTORO "Mike" I zvislz the good old times verc here again Course-Commercial Future-Business Civics Club 15 Glee Club 3, 45 Frosh Baseball 15 Musical Comedy 35 Radio Club 45 Shorthand Club 35 Canuck Ad- vertising Staff 45 Phys. Ed. Exhibition 35 League of Na- tion Exhibition 45 Hall Patrol 45 A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4. l MARGARET SAUMS "Marge" And in her umrlmfy, she Inlzrxlwzl Course-Academic Future-Business School Civics Club 15 Hi Tri 3, 45 French Club 45 Library Club 45 Library Council 4. ' MARGARET L, ROCAP "Peggy" Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Literature Club 25 Chairman Soph Picnic Com. 45 Hi Tri 1, 2, 3, 45 Hall Patrol 35 A.A. 1, 2, ..BCb,, When joy and d'uty'clash, let duty go to .rmaxh Basketball Mgr. 45 Basketball Squad 15 Asst. Basketball Mgr. 35 Baseball Squad 15 Track Squad 35 Student Council 25 Jr.-Sr. Picnic Com. 35 Science Club 25 Hall Patrol 45 Kanuk Staff 2, 35 Glee Club 25 Musical Comedy 2. PAGE 41 fPN " Wil 7' VV N VX 'vvx lVXfVVVVVV v! ,L sf' fait, o f- we TORMIE A. SCHIRRIPA "Scher-Schef' To worry little, study less, is my idea of liaf1fv1'11c.vs Course-Academic Future-Art School A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 3, 4, Basketball 1, 4, Baseball 1, Track 2, Civics Club 1, Phys. Ed. Exhibition 1, Orchestra 1, 2, Golf Club, Glee Club 1. HELEN HENRIETTA SHEPHERD "Shep" Youth holds no society zuilh grief Course-Commercial Future-Buslness Glee Club 1, 2, G.A.A. Council 1, Spanish Club 1, Dra- matic Club 1, 2, Hall Patrol 3, 4, Phys. Ed. Exhibition 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Hockey 3, 4, Hi Tri 1, 2, 36, 4, Class Play Prompter 4, Jr. Pro-in Com. 3, Soph Hop om. 4. SAUL SHIPKIN "Red" The dm'z'l hath Inv forum' to axsmnp a pleasing shape Course-Academic Future-University of Illinois A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Courier-News Reporter 2, 3, 4, Sport Dept. 2, 3, 4, Somerset Advocate Sports 3, 4, Asst. Editor-in- chief Canuck 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Managing Editor Kanuk 2, Track Varsity 2, 3, Civics Club 1, Math Club 1, Science Club 13 Literature Club 2, Publisher "Trail Blazer" 1, High School Editor Kanuk 3. GERTRUDE SOLOMON "Genie" 1 am a preczozrs child, 1 .Yfllillilld Latin at ssrren, Grrcle at eighr, and at fifteen I read Sophocles Course-Academic Future-Barnard College Roosevelt Jr. High School 1, Neptune High School 23 East Side High School 2, Dramatic Club 3, Library Club Play 4, Kanuk Club Editor 4, French Club 3, 4, Sec. French Club 4, Oratorical Contest 3, Hall Patrol 4, Hi Tri 4, De- bate Club 3, 4, Varsity Debate Squad 3, 4. A AGE 42 4 ,+ vv N VY fvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv Y! H I-IERMAN H. STEINBERG "Harm If matters go badly now, they will not always be so Course-Academic Future-Rutgers University A.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Hall Patrol 3, 45 Football 25 Track 45 Science Club 1, 25 Chemistry Club 45 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Camera Club 35 Civics Club 15 Library Council 4. CHARLOTTE M. STOUT "Toots" 1'd rather die than be out nf style Course-Academic Future-Rider College A.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 1, 25 Civics Club 15 Hall Patrol 3, 45 French Club 2, 45 Science Club 15 Tri Delta 45 Jr.-Sr. Picnic Com. 35 Hi Tri 3, 4. GIZELLA SUCKOE ' Gil JT1's folly to be 'Luzlvc Course-Academic Future-Undecided ' Library Club 35 Glee Club 1, 25 Science Club 25 Cafeteria 2, 3, 4. LUCY TARANTA "LOU" Good nature IS a great asset Course-Commercial Future-Undecided Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 French Club 1, 2, 35 Civics Club 13 Musical Comedy-Secretary, Glee Clubg H1 Tri 1, 2, 3, 45 Social Corn. of French Club. PAGE 43 fs - VV N VX f'lVXfXfKfVVVV 5' Qi, A,., ' Q' IG- CHARLES Course-General Future-Allentown Prep. Baseball Team 4. IAY HENRY WILLIAMS "Willy" Course-4General Future-Undecided Baseball 1, 2, 3-34, Treas. Class 1, A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Phys. Ed. Exhibition 2, 3, 4, Secretary Science Club, Baseball Captain 4. PAGE 44 ALFRED R. TRANCHAND "Cook" All the world lowes Ll lower Course-General Future- Banking 2 Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Musical Comedy 2, Nature Club 1, 2: Basketball Mgr. 4, Hi-Y 3, 4, Treas. 3, Sec. 4, Noon Patrol 3, Dramatic Club 1, 2, Spanish Club 3, Science Club 3, Literature Club 3, Debate Club 3, Science Club 33 Civics Club 1, Pres. Five Year Club 5, Senior Play 45 P.T.A. Ministrel 2, 4. LEONARD EDMUND TUFARO "Count" All things are lem dreadful than tliry .seem Course-Commercial Future-Undecided A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 3, 4, Jr.-Sr. Play 4, Social Club 4, Spanish Club 2, Phys. Ed. Exhibition 1, 2, 3, 4. S. WARRINGTON "Stoke" A ma1z'5 a man for all 0' that Let us talk of love 'P 7' VV N VY vNlVVvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv vxfvvvvvv ' xg-,gr ' ik! xy'-'ff + f f f 1 1 +f++1 f + f' 'wr IOHN R. WINCKLER "jack" He doth indeed show some sparks of wit Course--Academic Future-Undecided Civics Club 1, Science Club 1, Math Club 2, 3, 4, Vice President Math Club 4, Pres. Camera Club 3, Treas. Radio Club 4, Chemistry Club 4, Science Dem. 3, Phys. Ed. Exhibition 1, 3, 4, A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4. ROBERT H. WYATT "Bob" Somefimexr very 'wise and seriozls thoughfls comr' to me Course-Academic Future-Temple Unversity A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Phys. Exhibition 1, 2, 3, 4, Civics Club 111, tCafnZra Club 3, Radio Club 4, Chemistry Club 4, Hall a ro . RICHARD H. WYCKOFF "Dick" And 'whmz a ladylv in the case You lcnmu all other things give place Course-Academic Future-Staunton Military Academy A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Civics Club 1, Spanish Club 3, Literature Club 2, Science Club 1, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Hall Patrol 3, 4, Dramatic Club 1, 3, 4, Dramatic Council 4, Hi-Y 1, 2, 4, Jr.-Sr. Play 3, Musical Comedy 3, Ring 8: Pin Com. 4, Baseball Squad 1, Football 2, Basketball 1, 4, Tennis 4. BEATRICE ZUCKERMAN "Beary" A quiet mm: temperament, And in hm' zuorle ,S'l1!'yX quite' content Course-Academic Future-Hunter College Civics Club 1, ScTence Club 2, Glee Club 1, 3, Library Club 2, 3, 4, Library Council 4, French Club 4, Debate Club 4, Camera Club 3, A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, P.T.A. Musical Comedy 4. PAGE 45 I- f-X P fir .1 U Q- ' 'VVVVV ' ' ' ' VNfYlVXfVVVVVNl 73 -"'-1. 14 'Nl' ' .i If , An Ancient Chronicle According to records recently uncovered, there must have been at one time in the venerable history of North Plainfield High School, a most remark- able and distinguished group of students. They seem to have been known as the Class of 1933. lt is a pity that the parchment gives such a fragmen- tary account of these years that we cannot have a more detailed history. What is available, however, will inspire admiration for the great class whose equal has not yet appeared. --"Early in the season of falling leaves in 1929, a goodly company of boys and girls were come to the court of North Plainfield High School to be trained as noble knights. According to long established tradition, they chose a sage Councilor to guide them through their first year. Mr. Fink was elected "class adviser" by the full consent of all. Likewise, leaders were chosen from among the group and were given proper titles. Hilaire Cannon was President, lim Hurley, Vice-President, Dorothy Moran, Secretary, and Charles Warrington, Treasurer. --"E'er being desirous of promoting social graces among them, these humble pages gave a party in March. Many people renowned through- out the land were in attendance. Those who were present at the gala fete still remember the dancing of Mr. Fink and his ardent disciple, Louise Austin. . . . Too soon closed the period of apprenticeship for the Class of 1933. They were graduated with pomp and display and white flan- nels and diplomas into their next stage of court education . . . the Sopho- more Year. --"More acclimated to court etiquette were the members of the Class of 1933 at the beginning of 1930. As those long accustomed to N, P. H. S. tradition, they chose Albert Collis, President, Iames Hurley, Vice- President, Dot Moran, Secretary, and Mary Driver, Treasurer. Mr. Fink was again adviser for this peerless group. To represent the class at Student Council were elected Nlarvin Weiss and Ruth Fagely , . . Be- ing now inclined to assert their own rights, the Sophomores decided to obtain a sign of their prominence--Sophomore pins. After much learned debate and argumentation, the committee, headed by Dorothy Graef, de- cided upon a gleaming pin. There was much excitement until the pins arrived and much admiration afterwards. . . . Likewise was social prog- ress much in evidence. The gracious Seniors gave for these youths a Sophomore Hop. Here the Sophomores encountered a real society af- fair. Later, in the spring of the year, did all class members betake them- selves to the mountain height on which is located Washington Rock. --"ln the year 1931 the Class of 1933 had risen to the height of lun- iors. But now rival factors began to disturb their erstwhile placid realm. The Iuniors began to play politics, so worldly wise and sophisticated had they become, After an arduous political campaign, Charles Bryan was elected President, Alice Ginsburg, Vice-President, Ruth Fagely, Secre- tary, and Dorothy Graef, Treasurer. Dorothy Moran and Ruth Fage- ly were Student Council representatives, and Mr. Fink was again class adviser. . . . And now the days and nights were filled to the brim with activity. The Sophomore Hop came and passed. Together with the PAGE 46 4- ,-.N VVX VX VNFlVX'VKfVVVV fx' cgi, DDT" -.LV fix' ffl' An Ancient Chronicle high and mighty Seniors, the distinguished Iuniors produced UThe School for Scandal" for the beguilement of the court. The world marveled at the dramatic art here brought forth. . . . Early in May, full many a socially minded Iunior hied him to the Cafeteria where Louise Dundon and Doris Prott, capably assisted, gave instruction in tripping the light fantastic. As a result of these dancing lessons, the Iunior Prom, one of the most renowned celebrations in the history of the kingdom, was signally popular. Showing their respect and veneration for their elders, the Iuniors entertained the Seniors at a bountiful picnic at Surprise Lake. Cake, ice cream, soda water, and sandwiches were consumed in alarming quantities. . . . And behold, almost before they were aware of the fact, the Iuniors had seen the Seniors ride forth, and were themselves about to assume control of their last year at court. Class of 1933, now educated the year in 1932. To guide Hilaire Cannon, Vice-Presi- Treasurer, and Miss Kling, Faculty Adviser. Andrew Iarema, Herman Estrin, and Ruth Fagely were sent to Student Council. Many and varied were the duties and privileges now encountered. A staff, headed by Iohn Darish, was elected to compile the annual publication of the Senior Class of North Plainfield High School. Many undertakings for the raising of money were or- ganized and begun. Dorothy Graef was once more appointed chairman of the Ring and Pin Committee. The forth-coming pins and rings cre- ated more of an upheaval than e'en the Sophomore pins had power to do. Very capable and eilicient work was done by the sweetest committee in the court--the Candy Committee. Mary Driver and her assistants proved themselves truly trained in the arts of business. Andrew Iarema had for his task the organization and operation of the committee which sold Christmas Cards. . . . unwilling to break tradition, and having a frater- nal affection for the lowly Sophomores, the Class of 1933 conducted for them a Sophomore Hop, Here was the beginning of many a tender romance. . . . Likewise, the Seniors showed much compassion for the churls,- the Iuniors. They helped them present "Captain Applejack"-- a play heralded throughout the realm. Enthusiastically they attended the Iunior Prom. . . . They were a great part of the factor makinq for the success of the Dramatic Club play "The Passing of the Third Floor Back". In the tvme of Easter holy days, seventeen of those Seniors most smiled upon by Heaven, made a pilgrimage to the shining city of Washington. Many a thing they learned about their nation's history and government. . . . At last. tested and refined by the training re- ceived at the court, the now full-fledged knights rode forth from North Plainfield High School, their departure celebrated in unheard of glory in the mild month of Iune, l933." --4'Full majestically and confidently the and trained to the position of knights, began them they elected Charles Bryan, President, dent, Ruth Fagely, Secretary, Mary Driver, Here this all too brief account of the illustrious history of the Class of 1933 comes to an end. lt is to be hoped that its members became as power- ful in the outside world as their achievements while at court seemed to war- rant. PAG 47 -7' r-'X ,L 56' ft -iw "R, A A A A 4- A 4 A A 4 A A 4- + A 4 + 4 vvxfvx,' ' ' - A vvxfvvvvvvvv o fi T--1 Class Prophecy -Then Merlin drew a pinch of magic powder from his pouch and threw it into the fire, A pale green smoke arises and in its phosphorescent haze appears the future of the knights of the Round Table. O'-'O'-'O'-'O Dick Anthony is an authority on airplane construction at the New Market Airport. Polly Apgar has settled down with Herbie and is making her own clothes to economize. Arnold Arons is a world renowned scientist and an authority on spec- trum analysis. Lulu Austin advocates "Marmola" in her reducing school in South Plain- field. Iohn Baron is a famous magazine cover artist. Etta Baumann supplies the cafeteria with bread, cake, and pastries from her bakery shop. Carl Bayne is commander of the Sea Scouts of New Iersey. Lora Bigman is fullback on Gracie's football team. Bill Blimm is an Olympic gymnastic champion and instructor at Bryan's HY.. lim Blumetti won the Boston Marathon for the last 10 years and recently swam across Hudson Bay. Bernie Boressoff appears at the Belasco as a protege of Iohn Barrymore. Yolanda Bozek decided that she didn't want to be a nurse after all so she joined the circus as a high flying acrobat. Bill Bray delivers lectures twice a week on "How to Get By." Sunny Bryan is the director of the Plainfield Catherine Campbell is instructor of printing at Parson's Art School. Fannie Cemino met Georges at the dock when he came over to buy his doctor's instruments and now North Plainfield's loss is France's gain. Al Collis is a dealer in a fruits and footballs on Harrison Avenue. Helen Collis is manager of Park Avenue Galane's. Ed Conklin is manager of a nation wide chain of grocery stores. Betty Conover is the successor to Babe Didrickson. Hank Constable. The movies have made a valuable find in discovering the "Man of Many Moods." Cookie Cook raises ducky-wuckies for Regenberg E1 Company. Iohnny Darish is a big, bold Boy Scout Master in the wilds of the Spring Lake Terrace. Dom Didoardo has transferred his managerical position to the "Flying Sparrowsf' Bill Dressel, after twenty years of consistent experimentation, has con- clusively proved that perpetual motion is impracticable. Doris Dresselt is a waitress for Pinkie's Pantry. lake Driver is head buyer in Neale's Department Store, Lou Dundon is in jail for polyandry because Mr. Dundon wouldn't go her bail. AGE 48 fN VVN VX vv' vvvvvvvv f fag! lt ll Qi,- . AAAA 'fx -.LV fi 'kfl' Class Prophecy Peg Edwards is Physical Training lnstructor at N. P. H. S. lean Ericson finally made her choice and eloped with the sole survivor of the G. A. R. Hym Estrin has given up teaching as a profession and is employed as chief interpreter by the U. S. Customs Office. Ruthie Fagely, after spending many years as a missionary in darkest Africa, dyed her hair red and settled in St. Louis. Eng Fawbush and Lewie Geiger, as the outcome of their boy scout re- search work, have recently discovered a way to eat eggs without breaking the shells. However, the process has not yet been released to the public, and everyone is wondering if it shell. Ben Fetherston is illustrating for 'ABallyhoo". Ed Forgerson and Dick Nielson have organized an expedition to go in search of the "Lost World". If they locate this unknown realm, Forgerson will look for the Lost Ford, while Neilson's objective will be the A'Lost Chord". Flo Fowler is a private secretary in the firm Chase, Chase, Wyckoff G Co. Theresa Gassler, who always had a soft spot in her heart for songsters, has opened a canary hospital. Andy and Steve Gaydos, together, have recently discovered a new con- coction, which will soon be put on the market as a patent medicine under the trade name!-"The Gay Dose". Bill Gearity is a postman and is always going around with a Letter. Alice Ginsburg has taken Elizabeth Hawes' place as America's leading dress designer, Her most famous model is the Reuter Runabout. Ruth and Ruby Goeppel have opened a beauty parlor for men where they exercise their talents. Reuben Gordon and David Regenberg, as twin motorcyclists, have broken several world speed records. Alyce Gould has won a roller skating marathon, a gum chewing contest, and has the largest private collection of high school letters in the country. Dot Graef is Miss Curtice's assistant. Marion Gray conducts a Pen Pal column in Saul Shipkin's newspaper. Erwin Gutzwiller is inspiring world wide audiences with the melodious strains of his magical violin--only to leave them dismayed at his cackling laugh tnow patentedl which follows. Osgood Half is the proprietor of an ultra modern smoke shop and owns an extensive collection of pipes. Gracie Hamilton had the honor of having her girls' football team, 'AGra- cie's Galloping Ghosts", represent the United States in the recent Olympics. Betty Hammett now teaches swimming at Scotch Plains High School. Iohn Harkness is still studying the "League of Nations" situation. Helen Hassen has just been chosen the ideal American secretary in a nationwide poll. Carmen Helmer, after graduating from M. S. T. C., decided that one teacher was enough for any family so she went domestic. Betty Hoh, the Princess, has married the Great Commoner. Bob Iackson is assistant to Einstein at Princeton. Tennis and chess are his favorite recreations. PAG 49 QQ' QQ 'f - A A 1- -f Av- 1 + -r 4 -r 1 Ar 4- -4- 1' 1- + P Q- ' 'VV'X'VY' ' VVV'lVX'VVVVVNf Q .L---4,5 ' bfi f xt-1 Class Prophecy P Louise Ianelli won a contest for the most beautiful eyes and got a movie contract. Andy Iarema is a popular dancing instructor at Wola-Wola Institute. Virginia Ienkins is running around, saying: 'Al-lave you heard? Why at last l've decided to keep my long bob." Mary Kilgannon delivers the mail in South Plainfield with her station wagon. Elizabeth Kline operates a fleet of motorcycles with side cars for the benefit of the N. P. H. S. students, Fred Kliner is a prosperous farmer--the "hoe" being his favorite tool. Elmer Klinsman is Mr. Krausche's successor as coach at N. P. H. S. Marge Kohler illustrates "The New Yorker". Iohn Kromenacker has disappeared completely: it is believed, however, that he is gathering material for a book to be entitled, "Advantages of Mental Oblivion." ' Ioe La Costa is the efficient and valuable private secretary at the Duer Street Bachelors' Club. Betty Lee is a specialist in childrens clothes. Howie Letter is now a golf professional. If this work ever fails him, he will be able to exist comfortably by pawning his gold basketballs. Vincent Longinetto has become the famous author of the popular book, "Wise Tuddyf' He states that the sequel to this work will be entitled, 'AWhy Study?" Andie Macindoe is a publisher of the "Thrifty Angus" posters. Doug Manning has just completed a massive volume entitled, "Clark's Cracks". He takes a P. G. course every year now in order to be able to publish frequent revised editions, and to sharpen his teeth on tough ones. tProblems and Punsj Rocco Mastropietro was recently held up by the notorious bandit Pietro, Rocco was reported to have said, "l'm master, Pietro"--whereupon he was immediately released. Steve Millwater, Dave Gray, Francis Tranchand, and Ben Fetherston, have formed a quivering, quavering, quibbling, quaking quartet qualified for advertising quintessent quinine. Flo Millwater married a miller and draws water for the flowers. Bill Mitchell is a railroad magnate. As a side line, he helps high school kids think up unique U1 ideas for Oral English. Dot Moran is sojourning in Spain where she hears a "cannon" shoot and a donkey Hbrayn as she leaves "church". George Muzyczka and Michael Santore have decided to stage a non- voluble contest for world championship recognition. Sophie Muzyka has at last struck out on her own and established a mat- rimonial bureau for forgotten men, Bert Nielson is a minister's wife at Poling Springs. Mae Ness is superintendent of a large evergreen nursery. Vincent Nunnink has completed his studies of art in Paris, and has re- mained abroad to instruct in his chosen field. Kay Pantazi has bought out Childs', but she continues as cashier in her Park Avenue restaurant just to keep in touch with her public. AGE 50 fx A . S ' Q Q, . v X-7?'vVVVY' ' vvvvvvvvvvv Class PYOPLZCY Marvin Perlman is instigator of Nonsense Hour now heard daily over Station B-L-A-H. Russ Perry has gone into the clothing business. Mittens are his spec- ialty. Al Pisani is a typewriting lecturer and advertiser. Io Ploshay is the matron at Koty's orphanage. Doris Prott runs a Household Hints program over WRNY. "Danny Boy" is her theme song. Frank Puri has inherited, and now successfully runs, his meat market. Iohn Rafferty is still enjoying a contented life in North Plainfield. Florence Reed is secretary for the Oak Tree Real Estate Agency. Herman Reichenstein, being so satisfied with his conception of the "pro- pel", he has decided to become a lexicographer. Marguerite Reynolds sells doors at Loizeaux's. Linda Robson owns a bakery shop in the Big City. Peggy Rocap is putting her chemical knowledge to work in discovering a non-traceable poison, now that she has caught her millionaire. Bob Rosenthal still remembers Seventh Period Math class, when bored with the College Boards and the work of the Board of Education, he would cover the board with Htactfuln footnotes. Marge Saums is painting the town red with her blushes, Tormie Schirripa still toots his horn: he hopes to be selected some day as GABRlEL'S chief trumpeter. Helen Shepherd has moved to Chester, Pa., and we hear that she is living happily ever after. Saul Shipkin is editor of the "Noisy Ioisey loinalf' Gertie Solomon now has a little Ioan Marilyn of her own to talk about. Herman Steinburg has transferred to Germany, where as newly elected leader of the "Burg" Party, he dominates the political alfairs of the Father! land. He has advantageously retained, however, his silent habits of approval and disagreement. Charlotte Stout is selling hot franks on the highway. Gizella Suckoe can be heard over WIZ on the National Farm and Home Hours. She attributes her success to Mr. Fink's instructions in English. Lucy Taranta is a domestic science expert. She makes recipes for Betty Crocker. V Leonard Tufaro has recently decided to combine boxing and wrestling into a new sport to be known as the art of Mmavlingf' Cholly Warrington now manages and coaches his own baseball club. lay Williams, with the help of Hilaire Cannon, his manager, has finally surpassed Lefty Gomez' record with the Yankees. lack Winckler devotes his valuable time equally to the practical arts of radio and photography. Bob Wyatt is a well-known doctor. He prefers to spend his vacation in Virginia. Richard Wyckoff is a famous radio singer. As a side line, he has es! tablished a bureau of "quick proofs" for the benefit of delinquents in mathe- matics. PAG 51 fx . , -iQ' Q 'f- . V Q- 'VVVVY' ' ' vvvvvvvvxrvv 'N --- --I Q- " X' k-Q' , Last and Testament Being come to the tyme when we as full-fledged knights must sally forth to overcome the horrible monster Depression and to conquer the World, and being doubtful as to whether verray parfit gentil knights did e'er make last wills and testaments, we, the members of the Class of nineteen hundred thirty- three do, na'theless desire to make provision for the bestowal of our priceless treasures. Lest there be great harme wreaked by their careless dispersal we do bequeath the following: To the noble court, the school -- Eight periods a day. To the Athletic Association -- A general activities ticket. To the Kanuk -- Their own newspaper. To yon churls of the 3rd year class -- Some power of persuasion. To the squires, falsely called Sophomores -- A junior play of their own. To our humble pages -- Some extinguishers to quench their presumptuous audacity. To our liege lord, Mr. Stearns -- Une perfect fire drill. To the following councilors: Miss Kling -- Only Latin to teach, Mr, Fink -- Some new pets, Mr. Hoffman -- Dedication of the 1934 Year Book. Miss Gardner -- Complete stage equipment. Mr. Clark -- A Rufus lll. Mrs. Owen -- Continued success with the Student Council. Coach Krausche -- Championship teams. Mr. Surina -- Smaller classes, Miss Mills -- More occasions to SMILE. Mr, Koons -- A raccoon coat to match his name. Since neither the squires nor pages are greatly in need of succor we do graciously descend to the levels of the churls and grant to: William Acker -- A football. ' Florence Ackerman -- A box of paints to start her art career, William Armstrong -- A Latin pony, George Banks -- An orchestra of his own, Lewis Bird -- A publisher for his poems. Marie Barrek -- Hath already received a gift last year. Salvatore Blumetti -- A position on the baseball team. Arthur Dobson -- A whistle. Byrm Renninger -- More women to chase, Edward Gaub -- A mountain lily, that rare flower that blooms only in Room 18, sixth period. lack Onore -- A place on the varsity debate team. Betty Buckelew and Eleanor Lynch, Ruth Shipkin and Virginia Ter- ry, Caroline Cypress and Corinne Frey, Kitty Cowart and Eileen Cook - -- a good bridge game. Anthony Caianello -- A bigger car. Lyman Callaway -- His own baseball team, Nunzio Cataldo -- A girl in his own territory. Helen Conover -- A social secretary to make her dates for her. Claire Cubberly -- Her own orchestra. lack Demarest -- An alarm clock. AGE 52 fN , 5 ' Q -5, , 1 A, A A 4- A 4 4- 4 A 4 -r -4- -r + 4- X' if-F'--. 2' . f . 6 VVX VX VX VX'VVVVVf if Last and Testament Fred Erickson -- Redder hair. Douglas Firstbrook -- A new technique for cutting classes. Theodore Frankel -- A moustache so he can be the villain in a play. Dorothea and Marion Gaal -- A string of double dates. William Hahn -- A queue to complete his make-up. Charles Hamway -- Somebody to talk back to. Vander Vier Hand -- Some pep. Adolph Herbst -- Some detective stories to read in study hall. Walter Hoh -- A leak-proof roof for his cabin. Iames Kane -- An office in Student Council. Edward Kechn fa New Turtleheads for his organization. Art Lederer -- Some women to appreciate his charm. Teddy Dreier -- Two poles on which to hang his line. Trieste Venitelli -- A sweatshirt to replace the one he gave away. Charles Gantz -- Some dice to use professionally. Milton Lewis -- Encouragement for his moustache. George Loupassakis -- A shoe-shine parlor. Donald Mains -- A phonograph. Charles lVlcVicker -- A skirt. Gerard lVleany -- "La Petite Laroussen. Beverly Mithen -- A "rider" to take Perry's place. Charles Neal -- A new "driver", Clifford Oates -- A horse to enjoy the oats. Dorothy Pearson -- Feminine lead in "Romance Back Stage." Bob Pilcher -- A big O. Scotty Pender -- A pair of boxing gloves. Ellen Posner -- The Library. Lester Rosenthal -- A "B" in French. lack Reid -- A megaphone. Catherine Rinaldi H- Another P. G. course for Ev. Marie Solomon -- Some weight. lane Roser -- A pen and ink to write the "Great American Novel." Bud Roser -- An activity that will interest him. Virginia Smalley -- Someone her size. Ioe Spock -- A tin medal for resisting Rocap's wiles. Ramona Suarez -- More clubs to join. Gladys Thoms -- The answer to the question, "Where has he Bayne?" VVilbur Viebrock -- An accordion. Virginia Warrington -- A French pony for "Les Femmes Savantesn. Eva Wittman -- Some pep, wim and wigor. Bernice Zimmerman -- Some Hcinnamonn buns. Having thus generously honored and provided for those who can ne'er be our peers, we do solemnly set our signs to this historic document,- Rufus I Rufus Il Lady Calf Lady Giraft 1 Sir Wright PAGE 53 N ,7- 40 N fy rg Q ' Xa 4- + 1- 1- 1- 4 + 4 A 4 1- - -f 1- + ' X'VY " ' ' ' ' XfXnl'XfXfNfNfNfNfVV 'ff X951-1a Cege Qxccofaoa.. As once the king in solemn majesty Arose, upon the dais forward came, And slowly called the kneeling squire by name, Bade him repeat the vow of purity, Of service to all high ideals that be: Then on his shoulder placed the blow of fame And sent him forth, a knight, to guard the flame, To ride out in the sunlight joyously- So now the school bestows on us a scroll, A symbol of the labor of four years. A challenge to set up a higher goal, To face the world with courage and no fears. Oh, may we but prove worthy of the quest That we may Search and find in life the best. ALICE G1NsBuRG '33 AGE 54 vvxvx VV1 vvvvvxfvv ,P if sw Q A c 2 'Ito A A - + 4+ A 4 4- -- A + A -4 A 4 L 4 - ' .3---,hh fi 1-1 Done Most for N. P. H. S. .... . Done Most for Class Most Popular ...,. Teachers Pet .... Teachers Pest ..... Our Poet Laureates . Best All Around . .. Most Talkative . . . Most Businesslike . . Quietest ......... Class Musicians . .. Best Sports .... Best Dancers . . . Class Artists . .. Class Twins . . . Class Wits .... Best Looking ..... Biggest Blushers .. Peppiest ....... Cutest ............ Biggest Blulfers .... Most Temperamental Most Sophisticated . Most Dignified ..... Most Lovable ..... Most Ambitious . .. Most Helpful ...... Most Happy-Go-Luc Most Attractive . .. Infants ........... Ladies' Man . . . Men's Lady . .. Sleepiest .... Neatest ....... Best Dressers . . . Biggest Teasers . . . Most Athletic . . . of '3 il 3 Class Statistics y Charles Bryan. . . Charles Bryan. . . Elmer Klinsman.. Herman Estrin. . . Herman Estrin. . . Lewis Bird ....... Elmer Klinsman.. Herman Estrin. . . Edward Conklin ..... Vincent Nunnick. Erwin Gutzwiller. Elmer Klinsman .... . Elmer Klinsman. . Vincent Nunnick. Lewis Geiger ...... . Ernest Fawbush. . William Bray .... Richard Wyckoff. Howard Letter. . . Elmer Klinsman. . Andrew Macindoe... .... Saul Shipkin ..... Herman Estrin. . . Russel Perry ..... Russel Perry ..... Hilaire Cannon. . . Arnold Aarons. . . Herman Estrin. . . Robert Rosenthal. Richard Wyckoff. Andrew Macindoe ..... Elmer Klinsman Hilaire Cannon .... Russel Perry. . . Russel Perry. . . Saul Shipkin ..... Elmer Klinsman .... . . . .Ruth Fagely . . . .Ruth Fagely . . .Louise Dundon . . . .Alice Ginsburg L . .Grace Hamilton . . .Carmen Helmer . . .Dorothy Moran . . .Grace Hamilton . . . .Dorothy Graef . . . . . Linda Robson . . .Dorothy Moran . . .Florence Fowler . . .. . . .Doris Prott Henrietta Baumann . . .Roberta Nielson . . .Helen Shepherd . . .Helen Shepherd . . . .Louise Dundon . . .Roberta Nielson . . . .Louise Dundon ..Margaret Kohler . . . .Louise Dundon . . .Dorothy Moran . . . . .Doris Prott . . . . . .Ruth Fagely . .Margaret Kohler . . . .Ruth Fagely .. . . . .Ruth Fagely . . .Grace Hamilton ..Florence Fowler ..Margaret Kohler . . . .Louise Dundon . . . . .Linda Robson . . . .Mary Apgar . . . . . .Mary Apgar . . .Grace Hamilton . . . . .Betty Conover PAC. 55 ,V ' ', fx ' I , 1 I1 , I A 2 , 1 , X M - ,WF .I ' b 2' ' x XC fff I 1 I if K. I' .Ns x X ,,-r,w,xNxxN,H.bX - XZ ' K! -if x f Arc . " .X '- , - A Q " K ' Q 'Nav if f X I 'I 4 x.r.- 1 QV x. HDD QQEEELQSGS Q, f -N kj' VVX Vx vvvVvVvVv'V f X ,gy AG 58 E w 4- ' W VVN VX VVVVVVVVvvvNlVvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvxrvv U X ,L 3' is . 'TH ff I Abbruzzese, Loretta Adronica, Frances Banks, George Barrek, Marie Benewitz, Eleanor Bidouri, Galatea Bigman, Lora Bilorousky, Natalie Bridge, George Brokaw, Ada Bimble, Madeline Binsky, Ruth Bird, Lewis Bird, Rebecca Blazier, Edna Blumette, Salvadore Bobronisky, Marion Brown, Gilbert Buckelew, Betty Bucossi, Helen Caianello, Anthony Caleen, Clifford Calloway, Lyman Carmichael, Margaret Cataldo, Nunzio Certrullo, Lawrence Charles, Joseph Coddington, Winifred Cohen, Ethel Cook, Eileen Cowart, Kathryn Cubberley, Claire Cypress, Carolyn Crudelle, Ciserine Davis, Ethel De Andrea, Alfred De Andrea, Vincent Decker, Robert De Fillipo, Louis Del Vecchio, Tolmio Demarest, Jack Denton, Rowland Dobson, Arthur Dresselt, Winifred Dreier, Theodore Duguid, Donald Eberle, Althea Fetherson, Ben J unior Class Frankel, Theodore Frase, Margaret Fude, Martin Fulcher, Helen Gaal, Marion Gants, Charles Garland, Robert Gassler, Marie Gaub, Edward Hahn, William Hamway, Charles Haussman, Carolyn Hinkle, Phyllis Hoh, Walter Januzzi, Leo Kane, James Kartman, Victoria Kates, Leonard Kozarski, Rene Kratz, Susan Krausse, Fred Krog, James Lacamera, Anna Ledder, Fred Lederer, Arthur Lewis, Milton Lobby, Andrew Long, Mary Loper, Walter Loupassakis, George Lund, Thomas Luthman, Edith Lynch, Eleanor Maines, Donald Mantz, Irene Mason, Alyce Mazza, Michael McKenna, Eugene McVicker, Charles Meiser, John Miller, Beatrice Miller, Edith Millwater, Sarah Mithen, Muglia, Muglia, Muller, Muller, Beverly Charles Jasper Florence Pauline Neal, Charles Newell, Bernice Nicholson, Mae Oates, Cliiford Odjakjian, Agnes Olsen, Irene Ott, Gerald Pearson, Dorothy Penznick, 'Charles Perrin, Virginia Perry, William Pilcher, Robert Pomponio, Mildred Posner, Ellen Reid, John Renninger, Byrm Rinaldi, Katherine Roscoe, Albert Rosenthal, Lester Roser, Charles Roser, Jane Ryder, George Salamon, Marie Santoro, Christina Saurez, Ramona Shipkin, Ruth Simons, Marjorie Simpson, Raymond Smalley, Virginia Smith, Tessie Spisso, John Spock, Joseph Templin, Viola Terry, Virginia Toms, Gladys Triano, Angelina Venittelli, Trieste Viebrock, Wilbur Vincent, Carl Weiss, Alvah Wersing, Mae Whitely, Margaret Wilson, Norman Wittman, Eva Zimmerman, Bernice PAG 59 fi W' vvxvx FlVX'VVVVVV f J fx fN x 'lv 'fl' x ff nfl AGE 60 .2 fx VVX VK Acker, William Adams, Raymond Ansel, Herbert Ansel, Jerome Applegate, Robert Armstrong, William Batog, Chester Benicassa, Vincent Benikosky, Howard Biastre, Rene Bilorosky, Alex Biondic, Domenic Blackford, Winfield Blomgren, Alene Boettger, Bill Bolen, Dorothy Brewer, Raymond Brighan, Harry Brill, Paul Brunson, Betty Bryant, Margaret Caianiello, Ann Campbell, William Carlomagno, Domi- nick Carlomagno, Raffee Celentano, Humbert Clancey, Margaret Colangelo, Tony Conover, Helen Constable, Arnold Constable, Margaret Crosby, Lillian Currey, Emma Curtis, Kenneth Cybowskio, Paul Darby, Robert Dealman, Laird De Fillipo, Louis Dellivalle, Helen Deering, John Denny, William De Roner, Helen Derry, Ellis De sepio, William De Vault, Mabel Diem, William Di Leo, Josephine Di Lonaido, Nickie Disinger, Rusell Ditzel, William Dobson, Elaine Danald, Jane Dorosh, Roman Douglas, Margaret Douglas, Vincent Dressel, Lillian Dundon, Jean Ejk, Joseph England, William 'Xf'lVX'VNfVNfVV 7 ,L ,, li' Q-LF, ,,A. ,, , , SOPLOIIIOYC Class Erikson, Fred Evans, Robert Faust, Carl Fawcett, Thomas Filler, Robert Firstbrook, Douglas Foland, Robert Fowler, Howard Foxton, Matthew Freeman, Robert Freiday, Milton Frey, Corinne Fusco, Louis Gaal, Dorothea Garman, Watson Garshelis, Ben Gaul, Lillian Gaydos, Annie Gearity, Virginia Gennerick, Dorothy Giel, Johana Gray, Roberta Greenfield, Robert Greubel, John Gullburg, Doris Guttridge, DeWitt Gray, Stuart Hamilton, Virginia Hand, Vander Veer Hanson, Henry Hardy, Frances Harkness, Joseph Hartley, Richard Hawkridge, Fred Herbst, Adolph Herbst, Mary Hess, Harriet Hess, Herbert Hiebler, John Higgins, Mary Hinkle, James Hyka, Phyllis Icangelo, Frances Irving, Jarvis Jairdullo, Joseph Jannuzzi, Jennie Jarema, Alexandria Jones, James Jordan, Norine Kaine, Betty Karlson, Karl Katula, Edward Katula, Henry Kimsey, Tom Kirchner, John Kish, Catherine Kneller, Helen Koestner, Henry Kohler, Richard Kolytaycki, Mike Kostick, Ben Kozarski, Henrietta Kravestsky, Fred Kreutzfeldt, William Kriney, Lewis Krystopik, John Kufohl, Helen Lacamara, John Lambert, Elinor Lambert, Millwood Lang, Vida Lapp, Bernice Law, George Leacock, Louise Lippitt, Irving Litts, Harry Loccisanno, Amiel Lodge, William Londitch, Mary Lubeck, Joseph Mac Alvanah, Robert Mac Donald, Evelyn Mac Neil, Stearns Magid, Frances Maleski, Tessie Mangiante, Rosalia Maniuglia, Victoria Manverse, Robert Marsh, Bernice Mazza, Martio McLandless, Robert Meany, Douglas Meher, Frank Melick, Lois Meng, Girard Menth, Margaret Mickelson, Morton Mickelsen, Lawrence Miles, Lois Daniel Miller, Moore, Coral Moore, Lynford Moran, Louise Morecraft, Ethel Muglia, Alfred Mutnick, George Odjakjain, Alice Oldak, Mary Olson, Wallace Onore, Jack Orrico, Anthony Pantazi, Louis Pedeflous, Mary Pedersen, Mae Pietroske, Joseph Piness, Ethel Plock, Catherine Porto, Joseph Puri, Peter Rafferty, Mary Rainford, Amy Ransom, Elsie Ransom, Grace Reichard, Hugo Rendall, Jean Rennie, James Repac, Margaret Richie, Authur Rosenthal, Rita Rowbotham, Beatrice Saums, Elizabeth Schiffel, John Schulkina, Gilbert Schumacker, Kathryn Schweitzer, Franklin Schwerdfeger. Bill Semaninko, Samuel Sexton, Winifred Simon, Lester Skalwold, Robert Skene, William Smaldone, Rose Smith, Charles Smith, Mildred Smith, Roland Smolensky, Rita Snyder, Edwin Snyder, Rowland Spencer, Louise Squier, Harriet Steinau, Helen Stevenson. Catherine Stites, Wilbur Straatsma, Wilhel- mina Sullivan, Edward Sulton, Arlene Swody, Mary Sylvester, Helen Taranta, Norma Telychan, Michael Tesuaro, Joseph Thain, Gladys Thornton, Carter Titsworth, Dorothy Tobiasson, Gesina Twitchell, Celcia Ungaretti. Elmer Van Winkle, Charles Van Winkle, Nicholas Viebrock, Mildred Warrington, Virginia Wersing, Evelyn White, Wesley Wiley, Mary Wujceak, Frank Zwolinsky, Joseph PAGE 61 fi . f ,Q Q 'X' x ,. ,M WM, 'x3'??VVx'vx" A A A A A A 4 A +vx-rm 4 A A Y lVX'NfVNfVVNl V Ig! ,M-.. ix. I AG 62 E betty glen pauline abbruzzese tony abbruzzese sadie ables William ackerman charles adams ella adams beatrice allen dorothy amrose anna barone lillian barone lymon ibarr lloyd barret chester batog louise bestle henry beenders leo beenders john beishke howard benikosky frank benna norman bicknell ernest bird Wilma bittone samuel blocker george blount vivian boice stanley bori eloise borman john bottger frank brandt rosemary brennan harry brigham aaron brodsky william brown lrank browne edward bulava Carolyn bryne nicholas campagna xiola carroll helen casazza humbert celentano julius celentano grace cemino angelo rhiarello john christ theodore christiansen joseph coccia dot cohen tony colangelo francis conde edith cook irene cooper velia corradi joseph cotignola norman craemer livia dalto helen dellavalle ida dellavalle ellen denton roberta dick anne diem roman dorash helen driver dorothy duncan Wilbur dunlap louise de andrea alfonso de fillipo fannie de guilo Walter de vault fI'2SI'lI11dII class joseph ejk harold erickson grace fagely mary farrell evelyn feinberg frank ferrara milton foster mildred frase norman freeman joseph gallucia Watson garman erna gassler elizabeth geiger frances gelb arthur giddes george giddes marion giddes joseph glennon anna good george gowdy kenneth gray roberta gray casmir gubernat doris gullberg raymond gutzwiller donald hand bert hansen ingrid hansen elmer hendel john herbst norma hess john hiebler harold hinkle vermon hinkle olga hladish anthony hopcroft emma houston olga ilk earle ising bernard israelsky murray jaife carl jensen marguerite johnson carlton jonas William kahler paul kartman anna karlson William keehn edward kinosky warren kline richard kohler helen koesis agnes konops michael kotylyncki june kretzel doris kreusinger william kreutzfeldt robert lam-bert doris landspuger edna lane vida lang erna lawler frank leach john lee madeline lewin julie lippitt helene linger anna lobby rose lobby amiel loccisano rose loccisano ann lucchesi dorothy lynch ruth maines edward makowski joseph mangione divina marchio melba marino arthur marsh stanley marsh jack martinkovic cornelius mc earthy harold mc gonegal donald meany douglas meany ruth melick george meyer frances milecorsky vera meyer donald miller august mirzsoff helen mobus joseph mond-ora roland monelli dorothy mowry beatrice mundy john murphy hannah musser mary muzyka leon niemczyk shirley nuse edward okszynski edward ochab florence olson john ostapovich jack oury edward overland frieda paldino anna panyrek grace parks harold pasch anna pascuit donald pascuit lois pash helen pearson pauline penznick helen perrine amelia petrocella catherine plock joseph pietroski agnes piggott sydney piness alex pizio Winifred poole michael prehodka clare raftery mary rafferty elsie rainford dulcie ralli vermon ramsey charles readdy mary riccardi arthur richie harry richie harry riggers clara rinaldi ruth robson marjorie rogers mary roscoe charlotte runterman james saverd paul scalera robert schatzberg john schiffel martha schoenbaum axel schoyen barbara schuck herbert schulkin jane scweitzer sonia semenuk raymond sheelan olga sharyk douglas sheats vincent sinisgalli john skabry charles slakton dorothy smith mildred smith roland smith helen snyder rowland snyder anna soroka dorothy southard edna siouthard mildren southard michael spisso sophie spock alfred springer doris starguck robert staysa helen steinau virginia steward catherine stevenson craig stillWell Wilbur stokey kenneth stuart edward sullivan norma taranta William teeple helen thul dorothy titsworth herman toll florence torell robert ulmer jennie vance charles van winkle nickolas van winkle joseph venitelli eveline warbrick carolyn Warren shirley wheelan beverly White ruth Wickman jean Williams george Williams .claire Wilson frances Wilson gloria wilson paul Winkler frank Wrueblevski michael Wrueblevski lucy Woisznis edward wojciechouski frank Wuyceak stanley yarema William young helen zawatsky PAGE 63 ff ' f L X' jf.: Isa' , 5291 f xNE+' .Q ' I ffwfx , 4 g. .X 1 D X .px LQ! xxixwfgg Q wr- X ,1 :, Y , 3? . '51 5' . 'iff If L X , I -, 4 A s..r. , Q, X 4. 0 QDIZQGIQD if fi W' VVNVK vvx VXfVVNfVVl ff xgyf fN . 5 l Q " Q 4- - f' X .M A A A o Q i, , V + 4 4- 4- A + -v- + Q, - L X ft -we fi - f ff f '11,-...A --W-an - . Girls, Glu The Girls' Glee Club is composed of fifty members who meet every Mon- day morning for practice, The girls are accompanied at the piano by Wil- bur Viebrock. One unexcused absence eliminates a girl from the Club. Credit of one-half point is given each member at the end of the year. The Girls' Glee Club, combined with the Boys' Glee Club, sings in a body every Tuesday morning in assembly. The purpose of this is to have a group of leaders who will assist the other students in the learning of new songs and the improvement of the old ones, The Girls' Glee Club has taken part in an entire music assembly program. At that time, "Allah's Holiday" and "Morning" were sung by the girls. ln the Christmas assembly, the Glee Club led in the singing of Christmas carols. Students from all four classes are eligible for membership but most of the members are Sophomores, Iuniors, and Seniors, for experience gives precedence. Several members of the Glee Club took part in the chorus of "l'lenry's Wedding" which was presented in the high school May 4th and 5th, AGE 66 fx i Q Q ',, A -7' 'r-X fi3gfEVvX,VX' A Q- A 4- 4 A 4 + + 4 + 4- 3- , lVX'VVVNfVV I V. - I Qt-14 Q- .L f 1,-V, Boys, Glaze A group of boys, accompanied at the piano by Wilbur Viebrock, has helped in making this year's glee club a great success, The boys meet every Wednesday morning for practice. The Glee Club took part in a musical program given one morning in assembly. The boys sang "Bells of the Sea", In the Christmas assembly, the Boys' Glee Club led the singing of Christmas carols, On May 4th and Sth, a minstrel, "Henry's Wedding", was presented in the High School Auditorium. The boys chorus was composed of mem- bers of the Boys' Glee Club. At the end of the year, each member is given credit of one-half point for his glee club work. One unexcused absence excludes a boy from membership. The Boys' Glee Club, together with the Girls' Glee Club, leads the assembly every Tuesday morning. This is to assist the other students in the learning of new songs and in the improvement of old ones. Although members of all classes are eligible, the glee club is composed mostly of Sophomores, Iuniors, and Seniors, for experience gives precedence. PAGE 67 fx, :I fc " - 4-. - " XX -M --A--- ,,--, --- QFD g3'?'llvVX'VV A A + AF vvvvx v C 'f'-1. li 'MJ f , if DEBATE CLUB Arnold Arons, Captain Ruth Fagely, Captain William Hahn Byrm Renninger Charles Bryan Elmer Klinsman Carmen Helmer Mary Driver A G E 68 E fi, K .- Q it 3 'gi was - 'VVVVV ' vvvvvvvvxfvv -' : X . 1 :K- C ff bil' ,L Debate President ...... ..... R urn FAGELY Vice President ..... .... B YRM RENMNGER Secretary-Treasurer . . . . HERMAN ESTRIN Faculty Adviser ...... ....... K ENNETH PINK Although the debating teams lost the county championship this year, they made a rather good showing by winning six debates out of seven. Af- ter some discussion the county schools decided to debate the question: "RESOLVED--That Interscholastic contests should be abolished in all high schools." The debate 'season opened shortly after Christmas and extended to the Easter vacation, when the season closed with a non-decision debate with Passaic. The affirmative team consisted of Charles Bryan, William Hahn, Arnold Arons, captain and rebuttal speaker, and Carmen Helmer, alternate. The members of the negative team were: Byrm Renninger, Mary Driver, Ruth Fagely, captain and rebuttal speaker, and Elmer Klinsman, alternate. The affirmative met Bound Brook's team which they easily defeated in the county tilt 7-2. The negative was defeated 7-2 by Bernardsville High. Valuable assistance was given to the varsity teams by the debate squad composed of Gertrude Solomon, lean Erickson, Elizabeth Kline, Hilaire Can- non, Ben Fetherstone, Mary Long, lack Onore, Walter Loper, Raymond Simpson, Mary Louise Pedeflous, Iennie Ianuzzi, and George Mutnick. Any success that the teams achieved this year must be attributed solely to the untiring efforts of their most capable coach, Kenneth Fink. DEBATE RECORD North Plainfield .... 3 Hillside ...... 0 North Plainfield .... 3 Seton Hall .... 0 North Plainfield .... 3 Rutgers Frosh . 0 North Plainfield .... 3 Hillside ....... O North Plainfield .... 3 New Brunswick 0 North Plainfield .... 2 Bernardsville .. 7 North Plainfield .... 7 Bound Brook .. 2 North Plainfield . . Passaic ..... . North Plainfield . Hillside P A G 69 -7" p-X lf' VVX vx fwfxfvvvvvv iv! fN t lil - AA A -M44-+-Au Chemistry The Chemistry Club was organized for the purpose of providing an extra period of work for the pupils interested. No time was taken with the election of officers or further organization of the group, because the time set aside was not designed as a social gathering, but rather as an extra period of chemistry study. During the meetings any puzzling problems, formulas, or laws which the students may have are brought out and explained. ln this way the members have no excuse for remaining uninformed on any matters not clearly under! stood. Also advanced work, news items, or any interesting material whatsoever may be suggested and discussed. In fact, scientific work of any kind, whether it pertains 'directly to the study of chemistry or not, is often the subject of controversy or explanation. Such fields of study as sound and colors are examples of this kind of scientific examination. However, whatever may be the problem, Mr. Surina is an able adviser and friend of the members in the club. AGE 70 -7' X 6' 'E XL: 5 N' Qi, . 'vvw'vK' A T A A 1 A T f T fvvvv-:A A v 'C '9""-., K4 "QV Post Graduate President ...... .. NELSON IOHNSTON Vice President ,... ....... I OHN SQUIER Secretary ..... .... M ARION STAHL Treasurer .... WALTER DENNIS Adviser ...........,...... MRS. A. BRouwER The graduates of the Class of 1932 who returned to further their edu- cation, organized in order to instill a friendlier feeling among themselves. In order to further this feeling the group had a series of parties and out- ings, The main project was a card party, which was held in the lounge of the Paramount Theater. The affair was given for the benefit of the Salvation Army. The profits were divided between this organization and the Post Graduate Club. On Saturday afternoon, May 20th, the club held an outing and picnic at Ruth Stine's cabin in Martinsville. This was a very enjoyable affair, be- cause, of course, there were lots of refreshments. Besides the officers of the club, the members include Ieanette Icangelo, Ruth Stine, Helen Krystopik, Harry McWade, Everett Demarest, Walter Kafka, Walter Dennis, Raymond Noveck, Sydney Rockemueller, Clarence Brokaw, Herbert Dixon, and Edward Lawler. Various members of the club served as assistants in the ofhce and as assistants to the teachers in the school. PAG 71 fix . -Y' r-X 'VV VVY nlVXfNfVVNfVV Q Q"-LK: fl ' L,--:V Le Cercle Francais Presidente ...... CARMEN HELMER Vice Presidente .. .. BERNARD BORESSOFF Tresorier .. ..... RENE BIASTRE Secretaire .. .. GERTRUDE SOLOMON Le Cercle Francais a pour but de donner a ses membres une meilleure appreciation de la langue et cle la civilisation francaise. Dano cet interet nous avons joue et chante en francais. Nous echanzeons des lettres entre eleves francais et eleves americains, et onus avons discute quelques unes de ces lettres de France. Puisque nous attachons beaucoup d'importance a la jouissance cle nos reunions, les rafraichissements ont joue un role important. Nous souvenons tous avec l'eau a la bouche cle la reunion chez Mlle, Solomon qui a continue la tradition de nos reunions sociales l'annee passee. AGE 72 VVX VX VV1lVX V ig KN :-V T +,.A,+ fix?"-L., n if 'uf' 'Girls, Council I President .......... BETTY CONOVER Secretary-Treasurer . . . .... MARION GRAY Recorder ........... .... I ENNIE IANNuzz1 Adviser .................. DOROTHY HABoooD The Girls' A, A, Council is comprised of twelve girls elected from the Sophomore, Iunior, and Senior classes. Ably led by Miss Habgood, the council has worked hard to make athletics more interesting for girls. Basket- ball, baseball, track, swimming, tennis, hockey, hiking, volley ball, and archery are included in the activity list of the council. The council sponsors a point system, providing a way for girls to earn their North PlainHeld varsity letters and G. A. A. insignias. Points are given in all of the above mentioned sports. Extra points may be earned in leader- ship and service. For hiking, roller skating, and bicycling, one point is given for each mile covered, A minimum amount of points must be made in both sports and leadership before letters or insignias are given. The annual gym exhibition was held in April. The program consisted of a tap, tumbling, apparatus work, and a parade of the wooden soldiers. This year Miss Audrey Montgomery has taken over the girls' tennis. A tournament has been started with an enrollment of over thirty girls. The council has also sponsored play-days in basketball. These games with other schools proved very successful, PAG 73 17' vvxvx vvvvvvvv J' 7 if ff fr ,S QL 'ff S 'N Q? ' 1 .' ' V ' nl n B, ' -' fl fi 1-1, Golf Club The North Plainfield Golf Team was first organized last year and had a schedule of only four matches. lt also participated in the State High School and Preparatory Tournament, in which it tied for third place and won first honors in Class B schools. This year the team, again under the direction of Mr, Hoffman, is par- ticipating in a great many matches, which include city, county, and state championships. The team plans to send four representatives to the Annual State Tournament again this year. The following represented the team this year: Howard Letter, Captain, Number 1: Martio Mazza, Number 2: Michael Spisso, Number 3: loe Ejk, Number 43 Trieste Venitelli, Number 5g Ernie Spisso, Number 63 Andy Gay- dos, Alternate: Scotty Pender, Alternate: Steve Gaydos, Alternate. The schedule is as follows: May 1 North Plainfield 13 thomej Plainfield May 41 North Plainfield 18 lawayj Holy Trinity May 11 North Plainfield 12 lhomej Millburn May 17 North Plainfield 16M Qhomel Holy Trinity IM May 18 North Plainfield 17 lhomel Linden May 24 North Plainfield fawayl Millburn May 2 North Plainfield lawayj Metuchen May 2 North Plainfield lhome Metuchen Iune 1 North Plainfield fawayj Linden Iune 5 North Plainfield fawayl Plainfield A G E 74 fEN 'VVX VY FIVXFVVVVVV -rf 29- J ,lf ' fl 'L s . A A A'A'+ + -4 AA 4Cx1f'-'-.K Ji' VJ" ucigan, Qiganln Presidenta ..... .. RAMONA SUAREZ Vice Presidenta .. ........ IOSE PORTO Secretario ..... .. STEARNS MACNEILL Tesorera .. .. . VICTORIA MAVIGLIA Consejera ............ LA SENoR1TA KENWARD Sabra todo el mundo como en el cuarto de la Senorita Kenward se reune los jueves los miembros del A'Circulo lberamericanou. Aqui hacemos mas cosas que se pueden nombrar. Uuas veces cantamos con toda las voz y cora- zon, otras veces nos entretienen los extudiantes de las clases, tambien traba- jamos rompecabezasg pero parece que siempre rompemos nosotros los rom- pecabezas y no ellos nuestras cabezas. Unos estudiantes de las clases del primer ano nos contaron historias en espanol y tan bien las contaron que fue muy dificil escoger para el premio. Unas semanas despues los estudiantes del Segundo ano hablaron de Cervantes. La Senorita Montgomery hablo sobre su viaje en Espana My que viajeln Al oirla hablar nuestro amor y interes por Espana y lo Espanol subio rapida- mente. Tambien tenemos una biblioteca y aunque sea pequena todavia es una, dando trabajo bastante para emplear una persona tres veces a la semana. PAG 75 Y- VVN VY VXfYfVX'VKfVNf'VV iv! rg, f 'fs f Math President ...... ROBERT IACKSON Vice President . .. . . IACK WINCKLER Secretary ..,.. .. . EDWARD CONKLIN Treasurer ....... .. LESTER ROSENTHAL Faculty Adviser .... WILLIAM F. CLARK This year the Math Club, under the able guidance of its faculty adviser Mr. Clark, planned to accomplish a great deal of mathematical work, both elementary and advanced. The club was divided into two groups. The junior section focused its chief attention on the elementary principles of the slide-rule and the investigation of machines of calculation, The senior section, composed of upper-classmen, had for its work the mastering of the advanced principles of the slide-rule, together with the investigation of problems of mathematics beyond the scope of high school text-books. Mr. Clark offered prizes open to both groups. One was for the best program to be given in assembly, the other for the best reports on the in- vestigation of machines of calculation. Although the club has not completed all it had hoped to accomplish, the work covered has proved to be very satisfactory. Most of the members have profited greatly by attending the weekly meetings of the club. We were fortunate in having Robert Jackson as our president. Much that we have accomplished or learned is due to him. He ranks as one of the best mathematicians N. P. H. S. has ever developed. AGE i 76 fix . -V' q vv N VY vvv vvvvvvvv xg,-rf Q? QOQFFQ S Q , Af A + 1- + -1- 4 -r 4- f + - af 1- + A RQ V. ' ,cj- k I , Library LIBRARY CLUB President ......... l .........,.. MARION GRAY Vice President .... .. KATHERINE PANTAZI Librarian ........... .... E THEL R. WOOD Secretary-Treasurer ........... MARION GAAL LIBRARY COUNCIL RAMONA SUAREZ BERNARD BORESSOF ELIZABETH SAUMS The Library Club is made up of those boys and girls who are interested in books and reading. Its purpose is almost entirely recreational, its semi- weekly meetings being occupied by programs concerning pleasures derived from reading novels, plays, poems, biographies, and books of travel. Two social meetings--one at Christmas and one in Iune--are held each year. The Library Club's very great contribution to school life is the work it does dur- ing tenth period, in efficiently supervising the returning and borrowing .of books. f -l The Library Council is an honorary club whose membership depends upon scholarship and efficiency in carrying on the work of the school library. Each member automatically becomes a Iunior Assistant upon joining, and is assigned at least one period a week when he must report to the library and take charge of attendance and other routine Work that has accumulated. He must be neat in appearance, tactful in his relations to other people, and con- scientious in his work. PAO 77 fxx ,7- 'I it-t ,6-'Q Ni w , ,Q X0 MEA ' A A A A 4- A + 4- A 4 A A -P + - -+ A A- U QB ' 'VVVVV ' ' ' vvvvv'NArvxfvv I y. Q Q"-L., fl ' .fu- Student Council President ...... .. CHARLES BRYAN Vice President .. BEVERLY MITHEN Secretary ...... .. HERMAN ESTRIN Treasurer ...... .. ANDREW IAREMA Faculty Adviser ...... ....... A LBERTA OWEN This year the Student Council has kept its place as an essential and im- portant part of all school activities. lt contributed to the social life of the school by conducting one of the most successful dances of the year. Like- wise, it has made every effort to give the students an opportunity to regulate the government of school problems. The work of the Student Council is carried on chiefly by means of com- mittees. There are a number of standing committees that are busy through- out the year. These committees are: Hall Patrol, Noon Hour Patrol, Noon Hour Dancing, Social, Reception, Assembly, Information Desk, Paster, Bulle- tin Board, and Lost and Found. As occasion arose, additional committees were appointed, This year these were: Student Day Committee, Hudson Trip Committee, and Fire Drill Committee. There are yet fields of activity untouched by any of our Student Coun- cils. This year's organization expresses its hope that its successors will not only maintain former standards but reach new levels of achievement AGE 78 QQ' tg , 4A,4 0" if 1. VVX VK VXnlVX'VVVNfVV j , .Jul l Kafluk Editor-in-chief .. .. A1.1cE GINSBURG Feature Editor .. .... ETHEL P1NEss News Editor .. ..... IOHN HARKNESS Club Editor ..... . . GERTRUDE SOLOMON Copy Editor ..... ..... R uBY GOEPPEL Business Manager .. .. HERMAN ESTRIN Faculty Advisers . . . . . . . . Nlliyifsscghggiilflt For financial reasons it was thought inadvisable to publish an independent school paper this year, Instead, three columns were printed each week through an arrangement with the "Somerset Advocate." Accordingly, emphasis was placed on the writing of news stories, feature articles, and headlines. Several experiments to see what the school wanted to read had lasting results. Two of the features that gained popular success were the 'Alnquiring Reporter," which gave the opinions of various students on problems of great or little importance, and HDolly Dixon Advisesf' which settled the minds of troubled boys and girls. The staff also kept in touch with the publications of other schools, N, P. H. S. was host to the spring meeting of the Central Iersey Scholastic Press Association. During the year a smaller, more informal group of Somerset County students was organized. Nex year there will be a real "Kanuk" and a better one than ever before. PAO 79 VVX VX FIVXFVVNZVVV Z fx' r:-L, .,AW ' fr' 1.-gi? Del:orrest Radio President ..... .. . KENNETH HARING Vice President . . ..... FRED KLINER Secretary .... ...... M AE NEss Treasurer . . . . IACK W1NcKLER During the past year the Radio Club has made average advances in its organization. The club was first formed this year. A practical constitution was drawn up: a faculty adviser was elected and members of the student body were elected to represent the executive positions, The activity and success of the club has been largely due to Mr. Parker, the faculty adviser. The year was filled with interest to those who partici- pated in the activities of the club. Usual meetings included instruction, ex- perimentation, and demonstration. Several times the club was host to local speakers who represented amateur radio station operators, builders, and en- gineers. Interest was strengthened by a trip to radio station W. M. C. A. of New York City, where the members invaded the control room and studios to see a program proceed over the air. An invitation was extended to the players to visit the school and give a demonstration before the student body. How- ever, the year sped by rapidly and the first Radio Club of N. P. H. S. ended its program for the year after a conclusive party given in honor of its success. AGE 80 -7' Q 6 iff Q 'lf ' 'Tu 'xo A A 4- 4- Av- 1- 4 A 4 A + + + - 4 +- A- xv? 'VV X'VY ' ' ' - ' VV'-lVX'NfKfVV'V'xf ' f' f: 'er Five year President ...... .. FRANCIS TRANCHAND Vice President . .. ......... DAVID GRAY Secretary ...... .... B EN FETHERSTON Treasurer ....... . . . STEPHEN MILLWATER Faculty Adviser ,..... MR. IOSEPH KOONS This year a promising new club has been organized in North Plainfield High School. Those who did not graduate with their class in 1932 conceived the idea of forming an organization which would work solely for the benefit of the school. The purpose of the club is: "To promote the general welfare of the school, and to teach the under classmen the respect that is due all upper classmenf' During the year the Five Year Club gave a stage production, which fea- tured both its own and outside talent. Proceeds were given to the Athletic Association. The club has proved exceedingly versatile. In addition to planning a stage production, the club members formed a hockey team, which completed a very successful season. lt defeated the Senior Girls' Team by a score of 6-1. This game opened and closed the season. The organizers of the club hope that they have contributed to the wel- fare of N. P. H. S. They trust that their organization will live on in our school. PAG 81 we VVX VX Vxfxrvvvvv if fx- i r :Q Q ',, X ,,. - gfuxve A A A A A 1 A A 4 A A A A A A A A Q -i'-:xx fb infix' D Tri Delta Leader .... .. RAMONA SUAREZ Recorder .......... GLADYS Toivis Adviser .............. Miss EVELYN L. INMAN Une of the many extracurricular activities at North Plainfield High School is the Tri Delta Shorthand Club. Under the capable leadership of Romona Suarez, this club has succeeded unusually well. The chief objectives of the organization are to stimulate interest in, and increase the students knowledge of shorthand. A constitution telling the purpose, motto, charter members, rules and reg- ulations of the club has been prepared for future use. Felt emblems have been made by placing three small white deltas, linked together, on a field of red. The Tri Delta Club has had many successful meetings, programs, parties, and picnics. We thank the many pupils and teachers who have participated in our programs and have helped us to make them such a delightful success. The members of '33 extend their best wishes to those of '34 and hope that they will make the organization even more pleasant and worth while. AGE 82 fx A :W G 'l- . 7' 'f'xX 'Q f- Hcfixx VVX VX VXFI vxfvvvvvv ff Dramatic President ...... .... C ARMEN HELMER Vice President . .. .... BERNARD BORESSOFF Secretary ...... ...... E THEL PINESS Treasurer ........ ...... A NDREW IAREMA Faculty Adviser ...... .. ELIZABETH GARDNER During the past year the Dramatic Club has made great advances in its organization. The Constitution was changed slightly so that it might be more practicable. The point system, the method by which service to the club is recognized, was checked and a record kept on file, Pins, representing eight points, were awarded to nineteen members. The increased activity and suc- cess of the club this year was largely due to Miss Gardner's guidance and the cooperation of the Dramatic Council. The Iunior-Senior Play, 'ACaptain Applejackf' was an "Arabian Nights Adventure" of a modern British gentleman who longed for excitement. When adventure did come, he decided that a peaceful home was preferable. The outstanding production of the Club for this season was "The Pass- ing of the Third Floor Back." The play showed the beneficial effect of a stranger on the various rather disreputable London boarding house members. It was given for the benefit of the P. T. A. Student Loan Fund. A portion of the proceeds from this play was used to purchase stage equipment which bee came the permanent possessions of the club. Activities were extended to include not only two major plays but also seven one act plays. PAG 83 -7' ,-X 6 fX lk 1 Q 'L, kVVV K' A A A +AA++ + nAArxA T f Hi-Tri President ...... . . . MARY DRIVER Vice President ......... RUTH FAGELY Secretary ...... ....... D OROTHY MORAN Adviser .... Miss DOROTHY ELLIOTT During the year of 1932-1933, under the capable guidance of Miss El- liott, the Girl Reserve Secretary, together with Miss Rosalie Kling, the faculty adviser, the North Plainfield Hi-Tri has reached a new altitude. The various activities of the association which were undertaken proved to be most success- ful, not only because of the interest of all the members, but also because of their Cooperation. The undaunted spirit of the girls has upheld that purpose for which the club was organized, -"to find and give the best." The committee chairmen were: Supper, Virginia Terry: Social, Louise Dundong Publicity, Dorothy Graef: World Fellowship, Marion Gray, Service, Beverly Mithen: Program, Mary Apgar. The major accomplishments in the 1932-1933 program are as follows: Teachers' Tea, Father and Daughter Banquet, Mother and Daughter Banquet, two dances, Date Night, Wafiile Supper, Senior Farewell, Vespers, Straw Ride, Christmas and Thanksgiving service work, and Arts and Crafts. AGE 84 -7' , R R: if its .vw 'FEW jg 4- + 1- 1 1- 1 + 4 4 -r -r 1- -1- we -1 1- -4- - , J Q- 'fvvyvv ' ' ' vvvvvvvvvvvv f f ig ,Lamb fl 1.3, 1: H' President .... .. CHARLES BRYAN Vice President . . . . . . BEN FETHERSTON Treasurer .... ROBERT JACKSON Chaplain ........ ..... .... R o BERT FOLAND The Hi-Y Club of North Plainfield is affiliated with the Secondary School- boy's Movement of the National Y. M, C. A. The purpose of the club is, high standards of Christian Character. Its members are selected according to the way they conform to the four- fold platform of HClean Living," "Clean Speech," "Clean Sportsmanship," and "Clean Scholarship." This year the Iunior and Senior Clubs combined to form a large and active organization. A new feature of the Hi-Y this year has been the Gym Periods just before the meetings. Some important events have been: the first Hi-Y Dance, Teachers Banquet, guest speaker Daniel K, Poling and Mother and Son Banquet. PAG 85 1 . 'gf ,Mist X55 k f HQ. xygiggy . 312, 14A K' 'xxx:.Vk N "X , - ig, h 'Q ' "Ns if . , Q ' rv X . l x...f., 5 Q, xv VW 1 X 5 C N , r A fl 'ff Tx qfxoe A A A 'L 4- A 1 A A A 4 A -1- + - 4 + A SX-f?'vVVvv ' ' vvvvvvvvvvv 1 C ff'-1. 'Q ' .W f . ,LK l Coaching Staff MR. MATTHEWS MR. PARKER MR. PINK MR. HOFFMAN MR. KRAUSCHE, DIRECTOR Last fall Mr. Krausche was appointed Director of Athletics in N. P. H. S., having general supervision of all sports. In addition to this he had direct charge of both basketball and baseball. In spite of the fact that he had a practically new team, Coach Krausche managed to win the City Championship in basketball. Likewise he was forced to work with new material for the base- ball team. Mr. Matthews was head football coach. He was assisted by another new member of the faculty, Mr. Parker, and also by Mr. Hoffman, who helped to coach football for several years. Although the football team did not establish a credible record, it is certain that they received valuable training. Again Mr. Fink was coach of the tennis team. Under his able tutelage the team has not, up to the present time, lost a single match. Mr. Hoffman was coach of both the golf team and the track team. The golf team has turned in one of the best records of the year-no team having been able to make a very large score against them. The golf team has already entered the state tournament and it is sure that they will rank near the top. Although the start of the athletic season was not encouraging the season ended in a blaze of glory. AGE 88 fN f- r-X R KY- VVX VX VXF VX'NfNfVVV f S' GLR Ki, A A,,A , +,,A ,Hqu Letterman FOOTBALL Elmer Klinsman, Captain Hilaire Cannon, Manager DeWitt Guttridge Charles Penznick Iohn Constable Benjamin Kosteck Anthony Oricco Ioseph Iairdullo Charles Neal Alexander Bilorusky Ioseph Mandora Russel Perry William Acker Humbert Celantano Erwin Gutzwiller Robert Pender Stephen Gaydos Iames Blummetti Vincent Iairdullo BASEBALL Charles Warrington, Captain Domonic Didoardo, Mgr. Iohn Mazza William Acker Vincent Benicassa Lyman Callaway Iohn Sideck Charles Neal Arthur Lederer Anthony Oricco Louis Geiger Rowland Smith GOLF Howard Letter Martio Mazza Ioseph Ejk Michael Spisso Ernest Spisso Triste Venitelli Domonic Didorado Stephen Gaydos Andrew Gaydos TRACK Stephen Gaydos Roland Snyder Herman Reichenstien Iames Blumetti Lewis Bird TENNIS Andrew Iarema, Manager Iohn Harkness Richard Wyckoff Howard Letter Elmer Klinsman BASKETBALL Howard Letter, Captain Robert Rosenthal, Mgr. Lester Rosenthal Triste Venitelli Saul Shipkin Richard Wyckoff Robert Pender Elmer Klinsman Iames Rennie Arthur Lederer PAG 89 WW A v f P Z my K? VVX VX VXF!VX'VVVVVV YZ fx' Q W x ,xx Q ,, X cd? ' A A A Y + A A A A A -A A A A A A A A A U Q, I - -r 1 V . . f , 2 up - . Q f--i 3 A151 f AGE 90 1 f QQ, gx15??'VVX'VY' ' VXf'lVX'VVVNfVV Q .7-.gk Football Captain . .. .. . ELMER KLINSMAN Manager .. ..... HILAIRE CANNON Coach I. ALLEN MATTHEWS This year's football team was handicapped by the fact that the whole of last year's varsity, including the substitutes, had graduated from school. Then too, the new coach was held back for a few weeks because it was necessary for him to become acquainted with the players. Nevertheless the schedule under- taken was as hard as any other our school has played. As usual the outstanding game of the season was the one with Plainfield. Since Plainfield's team was one of the best ever to be turned out by that school, it was naturally an overwhelming favorite. However the battle was not so easy as Plainfield had expected and the score was only 27-O. Next year's team should be good, for only a few of the varsity are grad- uating. These are: Captain Klinsman, Russel Perry, Iohn Constable, Steve Gaydos, lim Blumetti, and Manager Hilaire Cannon. With a year's ex- perience the 1933 football team should be able to turn in a much better record. THE RECORD Linden . . . 31 North Plainfield . . . . . . 0 Bellville ...... . . . 20 North Plainfield . . . . . . 0 Roselle Park 31 North Plainfield . . . . . . O Somerville .... . . . 20 North Plainfield . . . . . . O Bound Brook 27 North Plainfield . . . . . . O Plainfield .... . . . 27 North Plainfield . . . . . . 0 Bernardsville 19 North Plainfield . . . . . . 0 6150 My - . 1 1 PAG 91 .Q- kr VVN VX VX'VVVVVV ,gf fx ' F l Q ',, X Kmxgf A A - - 4- 4 A 4 A A A- A 4 A + - 4- A 4 Ax, lv- gr 1 - , . . . V1 hh I T1 Vw".-.Q L - Igfl' , f - Basketball Captain . . . . . . HOWARD LETTER Manager . . . . . ROBERT ROSENTHAL Coach . .. .... HOWARD KRAUSCHE Marred by five straight losses at the outset of its season, the North Plain- field High School basketball team managed by virtue of hard struggle during the last half of the schedule to bring its record to a fairly presentable appear- ance by capturing the city title and coming up from the rear in the Somerset County League to the position of runner-up, With a record of nine losses and Hive Wins, not counting the faculty game, the Canucks may be fairly well satisfied, considering their experience and small stature. Among the many games engaged in by the Canucks, the Plainfield game at the borough gym is the one which shines out above others. ln this tilt, despite a severe drubbing administered them in the first game, the Canucks came back with a spirit that was in itself unbeatable and, combined with the season's best playing, the Krauschemen clinched their hold on the game with one of the most spectacular last period rallies witnessed in the borough. AGE 92 -Y' f-N VV X Vx VV' Xfvvvvvvv X fN N 1" QQ, Baseball Captain . . . . . CHARLES WARRINGTON Manager . DOMENIC D1DoARDo Coach .... . .. HOWARD KRAUCHE Coach Howard Krausche has had the same problem to overcome in base- ball as he had in all other sports, that is, lack of veteran material. With Captain Warrington and Vincent Bennicassa as the only lettermen left in school, Coach has had to develop new material. Thus far in the season, the team has been unable to achieve a victory, but it is sure to win some games be- fore the year is over. The line-up is as follows: Spock, catcher, Caloway, Hrst base: Warring- ton, second baseg Sideck, short stop: Neal, third base: Lederer, center Heldg Caianello, left field: Bennicassa, right field: Mazza and Acker, pitchers. The substitutes are: Mobus, Geiger, and a few other capable players. THE SCHEDULE Somerville ..... . . . 4 North Plainfield . . . . . . 2 Bound Brook . . . . . . 7 North Plainfield . . . . . . 6 Cranford . . . . . . 7 North Plainfield . . . . . . 0 Plainfield .... . . . 8 North Plainfield . . . . . . 3 Somerville . . . . . North Plainfield . . . Plainfield ..... North Plainfield . . . Bound Brook .... North Plainfield . . . P A G 93 4' f-N VVN VY Vx VX'NfVVNfV f ity! 5 'fy Q.. 1 Tennis The North Plainfield Tennis Team, which last year completed a very successful season, entered its third year in intersholastic tennis circles. Last year, captained by Walter Dennis, the Kanucks captured the county title and tied for the city title in addition to winning the majority of the matches sched- uled. This year the team led by Elmer Klinsman as captain, Andrew Iarema as manager, and Mr. Fink as coach, engaged in a number of matches, which included the city and county championships. The varsity squad this year consisted of Elmer Klinsman, Howard Letter, Richard Wycoff, and Ioe LaCosta. The team this year was handicapped by the loss of Robert Jackson who was not able to play as a result of illness. Arrangements were made for intra-mural tennis matches. These took place between the different classes. This type of contest is very valuable, since it gives a greater number of boys an opportunity either to learn to play tennis or to perfect their present game. SCHEDULE April 28. .Roselle ...... Home May 16. .Roselle ....... Away May 3. .Cranford . Home May 19. .Bound Brook . . Home May 5. .Somerville .... Away May 23. .Plainfield ..... Home May 9. .Bound Brook. .Away May 26. .Somerville . . . Home May 12. .Cranford .... Away May 30. .Plainfield .... Away PAGE 94 'R Fl ff 5 X' Q -j, A E X9 ' 'VVVVY' ' ' ' VV1l'VX'VVVVVV ' -' C V fi 'will' CIIZZYIQHJQYS DAVE GRAY STEARNS MACNEILL BEV MITHEN BEN FETHERSTON DoT MORAN ANN ICANGELO IOHN HEIBLER MARION GRAY VIRGINIA TERRY Starting the year with a squad of only three varsity leaders, cheerleader recruits were gathered from the four classes. Throughout the school year the cheerleaders were active in all sports. During the football season the cheerleaders did much to keep up the morale of the team and the spirit of the school. This year just as much stress was put on basketball and baseball games. As a result, larger crowds attended all the games. In former years captains were chosen, but this year each Senior cheer- leader was given a game to run by himself. Letters this year will be given to Ben Fetherston, Dorothy Moran, Bev- erly Mithen, Marion Gray, and Dave Gray. Next years squad will consist of Beverly Mithen, Stearns lVlacNeill, Iohn Heibler, Ann lcangelo, and Virginia Terry. We hope that they have the same success as we have had this year. They will probably be captained by Beverly Mithen. PAG 95 W - W! 1' ,NX Q ff, ,WKRS5 f Q - , 1' in' xx' I I . , - Qs, his' jf , ,Q f X 1 A f 4-fn Q -Q, Mt .- f ffffmx ,f if 'fi f X ff! fff Q 'Q f f ff ff BHEIR fxX Af' fi .1 'VVX VY VXFlVXfVVNfNfVNf f 6 5' ' ff -2, K , .., GX Y fil 'D '-,qw AGE 98 f A- Q ',- - 'K "'5b X xgzd 1- 1- 4 4 4 4 4 -r + -4 4 4- 4 ' VVX VX ' ' Xf'Xf'lVX'VVVNfVV 'N Q - swf f K" Robert Rosenthal Iosephine Phoshay Margaret Edwards Gertrude Solomon Carmen l-lelmer David Gray Beatrice Zuckerman l-leneritta Baumann Herman Steinburg Florence Reed Kenneth Haring Saul Shipkin Katherine Pantazi Bernard Boressoff Louis Geiger David Regenburg Marion Gray Iohn Kromenacher Doris Dresselt Andrew Graydos Robert Iackson Elizabeth Kline Bernice Newell lean Ericson ,5- P AG 99 fN A + '-f+ A4AA++A .x 'VV X vs vNf'Afv'VVNfNfVv' I6-7 AGE 100 fx' . 5 K .U H - - A,A. -- - - .,--.gil fl VVX VX VXf'V'X'NfVNfNfVV f l. Fred Kliner 2. Louise Ianelli 3. Catherine Campbell 4, Helen Collis 5, Ruth and Ruby Goeppel 6. Louise Austin 7. Iohn Darish 8. Carl Bayne 9. Virginia Ienkins 10. Peggy Rocap ll. Linda Robson 12. Mae Ness 13. Qsgoocl Haff 141. Betty Hoh 15. Ernest Fawbush 16. Dorothy Graef 17. Margaret Kohler 18. Prank Puri 19. Charlotte Stout 20. Erwin Gutzwiller 21. Alyce Gould 22. Mary Apgar 23. Hilaire Cannon if PAG 101 v- ,-xxx VX VY 'vvxfvvvvxrvv X ,bf fi' Qi- ., b 'W Lf. If- -gl PAGE 102 f Q ,L x , S VVX Vx A A A 4 A 4 + + - I V X- 'JF' Gizella Suckoe Sonny Bryan Michael Santora Florence Millwater Dorothy Moran Doris Prott and Russell Perry Russell Perry Margaret Saurns Andrew Macindoe Dick Wyckoff Bill Bray Mary Driver Howard Letter Louise Dundon Roberta Nielson Rueben Gordon Elmer Klinsman Dick Nielson Alice Ginsburg Florence Fowler Herman Reichenstein Zelda Bird I-lelen Shepherd Ruth Fagely I P A G 103 if fx X '.1' 5, . k ,fffff fx f ' ' 7 ' ' s I ' X' In .t.a'Qx:QC,3X , ij? Q. ffm? 4 QA 1 . -NN ,f ,QQ 'Q wry: . g,Q'm-Xf' X X 1. it Z l FN. 4 J.-,X 'ip Y 1 '- f 1 ' ' L- bbw' , - Avail' AKG f X f ' v 1 Q u 'J' ' 1 . Hg ST P! Dont? speed JCHFQUCQH 25 X if ,W our Q, 2 7-' J D WV Q x, W 9 QWX X B ""'r'-uuu -W Zig 1' Q 7 5 i .. "Ulu -s- Y ' W Everybody Shops At epper Bros. PLAINFIELD, N. J. AA "A Safe Place To Shop" All Graduates of this school are eligible for Admission to Pace Institute -a nationally known and distinctive pro- fessional school of technical training in Business Administration Accountancy Secretarial Practise Classes for beginners at Pace Institute pre- pare high graduates for immediate earn- ings. Pace graduates are now treasurers and controllers of large corporations, others are in successful accountancy practice. Field trips to the offices and plants of the largest organizations in New York City are conducted especially for day students in the Accountancy School and for day students in the Secretarial School. Students and Parents are invited to confer with the Registrar DAY SCHOOL EVENING SCHOOL PACE INSTITUTE mummmmunuumunu umuununnmnumn ui DRAKE Day and Evening School A11 Year Courses Secretarial, Stenographic, Accounting. and Special Training Post Graduate Course This is a special course for graduates of commercial course from High Schools or from Business Colleges Teachers' Training Special courses for Teachers in Shorthand, Typewriting and Accountancy Night School Evening sessions are on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 7:30 to 9:30. By our system of individual instruction, there is no embarrassment for the back- ward student. EFFICIENT EMPLOYMENT BUREAU UNION BUILDING Tel. 6-0344 PLAINFIELD, N. J. Res. Tel. 6-8986-R Garage Tel. 6-3951 ELMER DEAKYNE'S GARAGE GENERAL AUTO REPAIRS MARINE ENGINE REPAIRS 145 Somerset St. Plainfield, N. J. Phone Plainfield 6-8022 Res. Phone Plainfield 6-8317-J TWIN CITY PRESS QUALITY PRINTING 83 Somerset Street Plainfield, N. J. Telephones 6-1033, 6-1034 JOSEPH A. CHURCH M 0 d e l G r 0 c e r TABLE DELICACIES 91 Somerset Street Plainfield, N. J. Compliments of DE LUXE BAKERY Chas. Baumann, Prop. 109 SOMERSET STREET Plainfield, N. J. Class Pictures and Diplomas Framed at Complete YOUY VaCafi0l1 Plans with- Very Moderate Prices. PICTURE FRAMING REGILDING - RESTORING SWAIN'S ART STORE 317 W. Front Street BROOKS CARSON F L o R I s T Cor. Norwood and Manning Aves. N. Plainfield, N. J. VICTOR T. ATTLEE AUTO ELECTRIC EQUIPMENT SERVICE STARTING-LIGHTING-IGNITION 161 E. Second St. Opp. Romond Garage Tel. 6-5620 The MUHLENBERG HOSPITAL SCHOOL OF NURSING ACCREDITED WITH NEW JERSEY AND NEW YORK Offers a three years course of Training to High School Graduates having the General Scientific Course, and ranking in the upper third of their class with a general average above 757. Highly efficient corps of In- structors, delightful surroundings, pleas- ant social life. For illustrated bookletg Addressg Directress of Nurses', Muhlenberg Hospital, Plain- field, New Jersey. Telephone Plainfield 6-2929 GEORGE M. SMITH REAL ESTATE INSURANCE 268 Somerset Street North Plainfield, N. J. "BEST DRESSED YOUNG MEN BUY CLOTHES AT" JOHN K. NEVIUS Phone 6-8654 STACK'S CLEANERS AND DYERS A REPAIRING-REMODELING DONE ON PREMISES "A neat appearance is a good investment" WE CALL FOR AND DELIVER 38 Somerset Street Plainfield, N. J. DREIER'S PLAINFIELD'S LEADING SPORTING GOODS STORE 227 W. Front Street R'North Plainfield uses "Dreier" Equipment PURFS MARKET CHOICE MEATS AND POULTRY VEGETABLES and FANCY FRUITS Member of the United Service Grocers Phone 6-3054 69 Somerset Street Telephone 4950 Plainfield CHERUBINO BROS. REPAIRING IN ALL ITS BRANCHES FIRST CLASS UPHOLSTERERS AND CABINET MAKERS Mattresses and Slip Covers Made 146 Somerset Street North Plainfield, N. J. Phone Plainfield 1012 CAVALIERE'S MARKET GROCERIES and VEGETABLES PRIME MEATS, LIVE 81 DRESSED POULTRY Call and we deliver promptly 394 Somerset St. cor. Grandview Avenue North Plainfield, N. J. CLEANING and DYEING PRESSING and REPAIRING UNITED CLEANING SHOP 108 Somerset Street WE CALL AND DELIVER We Operate Our Own Plant Best Wishes from the NORTH PLAINFIELD HIGH SCHOOL PARENT- TEACHER ASS OCIA TION COMPLIMENTS from the CLASS CF 1934 nnnnunnunlnunInnnnnnnmunnuununununnnn JOHN L. FIORAVANYI Shoes for the Entire Famliy EXPERT REPAIR SERVICE Tel. 6-8739 79-A Somerset Street North Plainfield, N. J. LINCOLN MARKET Frank Neidig, Prop. ...Dealerin... CHUICE MEATS, POULTRY AND VEGETABLES 94 Somerset Street Telephone 6-0781 nnnnnnm n-nnnnunnnuunnumnmumnun: IF IT IS FOR PETS - VVE HAVE IT TROTTA'S PET SHOP 8: KENNEL 172 Somerset Street Phone 6-4469 North Plainfield, N. -I. uummnunannuun1nImnnnumuumnnnm COMPLIMENTS from the CLASS OF 1935 S. D. CASTROLL FANCY GRUCERIES, FRUITS AND VEGETABLES Phone 6-3537 OWEN THORP PRIME MEATS AND POULTRY Telephone Plainfield 6-4733 162 Somerset Street North Plainfield, N. J. Phone 6-4461 PLAINFIELD LIVE POULTRY MARKET LIVE AND DRESSED POULTRY WHOLESALE and RETAIL 40 Somerset Street Plainfield, N. J. unnnunummnnnmmumnmmn Telephone 2160 STORY'S DRUG STORE ACKEN,S "Meet You at the Fountain" CONFECTIONERY - DRUGS STATIONERY, TOBACCO, MAGAZINES lJRESCRIP'l'IONS BREYER'S ICE CREAM 351 Somerset Street Phone 6-9675 COMPLIMENTS from the LASS QF 1936 "No party complete without a treat" HOME MADE CANDY ICE CREAM FANCY FORMS NOVELTIES DECORATED CAKES DEBELE ICE CREAM sf CANDY Co. 113 Somerset Street Phone 1150 ARTHUR H. RICHARD "The Popular Priced Jeweler" EXCLUSIVE AGENCY FOR THE FAMOUS GRUEN AND BULOVA WATCHES Cor. E. Front and Somerset Sts. Phone 6-9455 "The Finest of Dairy Products" Tobirfs Drug Store, Inc. PLAINFIELD MILK AND Perfect Prescription C09 Service Walker-Gordon-Certified and Acidolphilus Milk East Front btreet cor. Watchung Ave. phone 6,3300 Plainfield, N. J. 112 WATCHUNG AVENUE ininnuninnnuunuinuunmmnunnn unuummnnininininininmuuuunuuuunmmmmuunnmnminiinnmn--numniiniininininininininininuimmuuummunn The PLAINFIELD COURIER-NEWS '-is a Home Newspaper It Presents A11 the News Fairly and Honestly Its Editorials Are Helpful Forceful and C1ear-cut- Its Information Is Accurate and Dependable There Is Something In The Courier-News For Each Member of the Family 1nmmnmumumiumnmnininiimmimmnmummmi .ummm Our Compliments to the Class of 1933 MAINTAIN A HIGH STANDARD Samoset Laundry FOLLOW THE TREND TO K' Rosenbaum's "Plainfield's Metropolitan Store" mnnmnun ummm mnunmmmnmnmm uumunmunnum mmnn First National Bank SOUTH PLAINFIELD, N. J. 100W Safety and Service Under U. S. Government Supervision MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM Congratulations from and Best Wishes of The Boro of Watchung Board of Education President ,..,......... ...., F RANCIS E. BODIN Vice-President .,s..,.. MRS. EDWIN G. COREY District Clerk M- ass.. GEORGE H. SCI-IMIDT Mrs. Douglas Demler Mr. Guy Rendall Mrs. Harry Wilday Mr. Charles Snoden Mr Lloyd Blackadar Mr. Victor Attlee i V 1 r J , jk Y' X157 R Q ' J X ,ffisyl QQ4 I Hufogvafgi ,U X mx wk ,MVw,,A,,.. Xi 1 f , ,f f j I f, MJ!7f,f,,.,.7L.A , I I I - Zvxfn., Qsj W Qfgjyi f 5 X -YN? Q L, Hufogvafg .0

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