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.1 3- , f' WG' 5 iifa. .4- u R 1 G f .lm U 5 V X A xc. 4,- 'ITL X. , . ,f-fiwfx ' 1 ,,-In - 'K 'f f , M. mu-M T, ,A - V-N ,, N, JD' L " , u M .mga 1 f Q ,. Qual: ' 5 1 .' l x W W ' J qu ' .- F.s.g?Qj,M W 14 , M., K' A S. 1 k CK j. K-M, ' Mx. ' i W u..,,, a nawhdwmix ! .4 -if, X 5 , KT ' Y ' " , w- W 'V 1' ' 'fikwaiiifff v' ' , ' ' E+ 'R-V, ' hx a ' u-P wx- 1' Q -QQMQN "Jf.n11'-- , I, vm f f-W My Hg, .. L 112- 1: xii .1 :. Qi Tc, ' 1 'Y ' Y' ' mv. X '-X'-Q f',a.,w 1 ry, i -' 'ng ' r,-an A NEWF, xx Q L, , f X- - aw.--,. '- ' V -Q ,, f M . '1 My , .. " ,..,.kuf K W . A, JE.. . N- Wm, -- WEMMLQQMW A , xv qw. www , ,VH , in Q.: f "' A' 1. .., R uw 1 in lt WJ, mx' 'Yrmxx .4 , V, .N 55 . , Wa v M , - N HX N , J' M' 'aw .fs lx' . WQTEM-y, M ,M 5... ' , ' f ' ' A . , I W -fb ., kk Q, ,LN '1 " W -W V 1, N 'QM , A p ' ...JU-,,W,.....L ..W.:..., , A . R pm"- ' -' .. . .. G . 0 .QLD V, JM Q J!"'gw'XSfj'X ayi M My ii? pfff5WwQ4fM55f Q il Qi , 252.5 My W Wf 'fWf 3 jay Q'f R5jQ 3 fyejvygwyyfffpg E axif Ujx9fQNwfx,j,Em B, S by y iw W1?ffW f W 1 QLD?-J LO! J,fUg,g2,Q .4ZJ,c4,41,e,CQ cl NA Oboe, o.!ifaA1iJ XJLKJ " H EGF UNJFSA U'ff?C4 ' , o QW 606970 fjffw'-' N 5 jMT1, Kfggygxyiglw X-,fL,i441Qi0 ,oO CAA, O L o .jk C Oo ML Wlijg xp mf' WU X ,ff Vgyl f. Phoenix, Arizona Q I 962-63 Volume 24 Jig! ,Y Q! . fi ly 'VU S ,J 'f .4 1 ic lo W 7' H of -x I I ' IAM KX, IQH fv' Jf, I' f i oo o o ,. cg, A H o o ,offfiii1? M 'i6ff,uff'p 1154 U Nfl! ,A '..-f .135 M rfb X11 N1 rl Ktalqyiiifew sf Ja Ya, I YWLI W' s . M: . 'N Llnchanged Through Ages Chess is a game that has been entwined in centuries of history. Since sixth-century India, ' S spread around the world. The game has n played in various ways with many different es of chestmen and playing boards . But, re- rd .Q 1--'J stylgrof lay, chess is still bas- l r M Y Sa t G X za rf-rs. H - :Fe is an institution that , 5 'ss st-1 -6' eds' ce .Ma wr times. Most ofthe - AY , , " A . 'Wu d' gyfqggg er an ad some connection Xwi g-i n ? -o vp Nil- f one form or another 154 - ga-KWSN i ver 1 nd and in ever eriod - ,p"' gl 4 . 0' if-Q5 a- ' - tea pupils have changed 56 :.:-1A5:,'5fe th -fp - en g, o eaching have been n vi 'Ill -rf? an - 3: Nevertheless, even ou : J- s for ohedu on have been altered, -: nts arg gtg? t 4 am EAims of Education, Chess 'tl Regina l of 'ig ta f 5391 M face? VNQI X n 'yf' fx 5 'L 6 N ,i 9 t D . A, ft h ' r 5 ' a ' ,wif ' 'sf it 1 WVR J?" xl K Qlgrxw ' X I L, fyojx J gf! xj-R QvpV:Alli.x' xt' ,n x, is 53 N if !,f'! x wi , ga xx-fx v WJ lj :YX?.g4ty-, -,.. 1 W, . f 2 A ,Xt Ir A ,lqxwqjxx f .i ' xi! I Q 5" 3 V I . Wy' I C , NMI! 'F V ty X! ii - I m 3515262 Gig ? 2 2. ' i , 1 E . lj" b K .5 ' N "" V. ,ff 'ft ,fl ' x N North still 5 the pieces playing board had been and the mode of attack was not Among both faculty and faces were seen. The had been changed in many ways, altering the appearance of the school. New courses and new demands upon students had been integrated into a revised curriculum. Nonetheless, the traditions and ideas that had always been associated with North High School re.- maimed ' fg lf if' ,, i,rfi yr ,Zi gp. 1, I J. Q , ff," -' -Qc f - Q7 . J 7 1 J Qgf., 4. f f ' 31, , yu. , ,yaf.,rf, ' f' lug ,X V wit R VH M C L Crit. LQ K., 444. ' f,r K f rch .f f i 'L fffua io at fa, Cf L' " L5t Q x, 1 fgqjiy U 'wk . N' lil MLK Sit l , tying 'i X lv' ij '-Lvl "g-.Ria A ix K Jkt '1 I -'-. pr ,I ,.-. L. y. . 'Motif M-will 5 xv X C A REFRES HM E Q c 'C U 3 5 W 1 .Wg W xml.. X .. ,W g 'fff' K "'. YB' x . fi? 4 I X it If it V North High's 1962-63 school year greeted new administration, new faculty, new students. The curriculum had been altered, and the school itself had been remodeled. Even bell schedules were different. Many trees and schrubs had been replaced, providing the school with a new look. The stadium area was improved with the addition of another fence and more cemented areas. A new principal, Dr. james S. Carter, came to North along with thirty other new administrators and faculty members. Many old courses were deleted, and a great number of new classes were added The halls and buildings had been im- proved by adding lighting. New adminis- trational policies sometimes confused those long-familiar with old rules, but the school learned to appreciate the revised standards. North High moved on, but the essence that made up North High remained very much unchanged. Chess is played by both young and old, by the learned and the unlearned. Not all who play master the gameg not everyone gains the same benefits. Yet the influence of chess has spread to the peoples of all lands and ages. Like chess, North High School moved on. The students moved slowly from the opening to the close of their game, sometimes falling back but always striving to gain an advance. The administration and faculty directed the students in their struggle. Schedules and courses were constantly revised so that the students might best benefit. The base for all of these was North, the playing board upon which the game was waged. All of the integral parts slowly changed, while North moved on. 6 R . ff Z 1 f ggi 5 ' - 3 5 E2 me bd' 322gii5fE Faculty and Academic Without the players, there would be no open- ing move. And, in the same way, without the administration and faculty, North High School could not have begun. As the players guide the chessmen, the administration and faculty guided the students from their opening through advances and setbacks into their closing moves. The opening is represented by traditional chess pieces, the most familiar of styles. Likewise, the most familiar part of North I-ligh was its academic and scholastic aspect. The players opened the game of 1962-1963 aiming for the traditions of academic achievement that had been associated with North l-ligh School. could always rely on the support of the and faculty in their efforts . there would be no chess 1 and without stration and faculty the educational system not go on. 2444401 'Mil Z! L -VZJW, Jaazf 5 fx! 195511 I Lfff'Zc,!,44fe:4,f ,611-f ,c Aa0f J ' Jgfff Wfflffwi 77 abkmw I 1" f Mffffwf. M f fb Qffwfjwmfaff ,41Z'WV 4 ff04yf554'wWU f 1' f A:A.f!L'f' I 7 ' . fl' X fa 24' ,i m!fjg,,J I Adv y!j444wJzQ ' LMI Ally 7-Zlldfcf Mi Lfjf KLLQLLJ! 7 K7 1 f ft' A School Board meetings were open to the public, and parents were invited to attend. Mr. John H. Armer Mrs. F. A. Bons President Clerk System Problems Solved By Board of Education The Board of Education had the de- manding job of seeing that the high standards of North and other valley schools were upheld. As superintendent, it was Dr. Howard Seymour's job to see that the schools under his direction ran smoothly. Dr. Seymour and the Board members were responsible for employing school officials, and determining school poli- cies. Rev. W. D. Bostrom Dr. Trevor G. Browne Mr. Frank Haze Burch Dr. Howard Seymour Member Member Member Superintendent M WN .au-mm Maryann--f Stanley Cardon William Gates Boys' Advisor Asst. Principal B.A., M.A. B.S., M.A. Wayne Pitts Vera McCormick Asst. Principal Girls' Advisor B.A., M.A. B.A., M.Ed. Advisory Board, Principal Determined School Policy The Faculty-Administrative Advisory Board was composed of sixteen faculty members and administrators. Advising the principal on matters of policy was the main purpose of the Board. Matters concerning the school had to be cleared by the Board. Meetings were given to discussing and deciding matters brought up by Dr. Carter. The Board enabled the principal to have a repre- sentative idea of faculty members' opinions on problems brought before the group. Mr. Stanley Cardon, Boys' Advisor, and Miss Vera McCormick, Dean of Girls, were responsible for coping with problems that arose concerning the two components of the student body. Mr. William Gates took charge of registra- tion procedures, and Mr. Wayne Pitts was responsible for student discipline and activities . Faculty-Administrative Advisory Board was FRONT ROW: Dr. Carter, Mr. Cheranich, Mr. Murphy, Miss McCormick, Miss Montgomery, Miss Bock, Miss Adams. BACK ROW: Mr. Belluzzi, Mr. Bridgewater, Mr Nicolay, Mr. Craig, Mr. Pitts, Mr. Palmer, Mr. Gates. 12 Jean Brown Edith Carper John Murphy Counselor Counselor Head Counselor B.S., M.A. B.S., M.A. B.A., M.A. Mr. John Murphy Spent 3 great dgal Howard Shumate Elma Wellborn Harry West of time helping seniors solve their COHIISSIO1' Counselor COIUISCIOI college questions, B.A., B.S., M.A. B.A., M.A. B.S., M.A. Test Results Interpreted Through Guidance Cffice Additions to North's teaching staff included counselors. New at North High were Mr. Shumate, Mrs. Wellborn, and Mr. Murphy, head counselor. The Guidance Department handled college and scholarship applications and helped underclassmen with their prob- lems. From the battery of tests given to freshmen to those needed for college entrance, counselors interpreted and discussed the results and possible effects of the scores with the students. College catalogues and career information were available in the guidance offices . Stu- dents could make appointments With their counselors, and in some cases counselors would send for students if counseling was needed. Henry Gauthier and Mr. West discussed school problems and study habits. 13 ffm Thomas Cooper Fred Corkran Gene Courter English English Speech B.S., M.A. B.A. B.S., M.A. Ann Sughrue Carl Wagner Dorothea White English English English B.S., M.A. B.A., M.A. B.S., M.S. Revised Freshman Course ' Studied Grammar, Writing Freshman English students partici- pated in a revised English program. Freshmen took one semester of English mechanics, which consisted of punctu- ation, capitalization, and word usage. Learning to express their ideas clearly and effectively in writing, freshmen were taught the need for a large vocabu- lary and correctness of spelling. The last half of the school year was devoted to the reading of short stories and novels. Through this course the students learned to use books as tools for relaxation and pleasure, as well as for learning. 14 5 Mrs. White employed charts to simplify the lesson. A wide variety of audio-visual materials were used in Freshman English. 456 555555 20 20 20 20 20 25 Z5 25 30 30 30 35 35 I0 I0 I0 IO I5 I5 I5 I5 25 25 30 35 Marian Cox English B.A., M.A. Virginia Duncan English B.A., M.A. Sophomore Studies Based Cn Literature, Grammar Writing and speech activities were coordinated with literature in sophomore English classes. Studies made in prose and poetry concentrated on concepts and ideas while longer, more difficult selections were studied for literary style and value. Poetry was discussed, and the author's meaning was extracted by students when the poem was analyzed Mechanics were stressed, and stu- dents learned by composing essays the value of writing as a means of communi- cation. A constant source of reference material, the library was used by sopho mores for written and oral Work during the year. Miss Poe, drama instructor, showed Clyde Roh- rig and Ellen Thien the most effective hand gestures to use. Crystal Casey and Rose Ann Glossenger portrayed "flapper girls" in drama class Helen Morgan Sybil Olsen J eannine Poe English English English B.A., M.A. B.A. B.A., M.A. 15 V i i 7 X 'I John Ousley chose a speech topic A from a wide variety of subjects during junior English class. Mrs. Brown, junior English teacher, spent time both in and out of class preparing lessons for the students. Junior English Furnished Vital Literature Background junior English students traced the author from each important phase of development of American literature American history was chosen, and the from its beginning to present day. The changes of writing style and subject English influence on literature was matter were studied. studied, as well as modern prose, An at Gigli to Victoria Brovsm X-.BC l3artel1e Hamilton Muriel Miller Ronald Miller Shirley Thorpe English English English English English B.A. B.S., M.A. B.A., M.A. B.A., M.A. B.A. 16 Gretchen Bock Dudle Ferris Mildred Jacks Y English English English B.A., M.A. B.A., M.A. B.A., M.A. Senior English Included College Preparatory Work The literary masters of England were studied in senior English. One of the most famous of Shakespeare's tragedies, MACBETI-1, was studied, Oral reports, discussion periods, and films helped to l further class interest. A research paper was an important Miss Bock read examples of stu- assignment during one of the terms. dents' Cfeaflve' Wfltms dufmg an Students were graded according to some advanced English Class' college standards in order to prepare them for future work. 5 'wx egg --" LOUSINS Miss Bock explained the conilict of Mary, Queen of Scots, and Elizabeth I to Sandy Schneider, Bob Schlichting, and Todd Griffith. 17 Steve Cheranich Edward Estrada B.A., M.A. B.A., M.A. Spanish Spanish Mary Gomez l fgary B.A., M.A. B.A., Spanish French NR Isabelle Howatt Alice Mariott B.A., M.A. B.S., M.s. Spanish Latin Jesse Nelson Lola Wager B.A., M.A. B.S., M.A. German Spanish Gary Hammond was provided with an opportunity to learn more about his own language in Mrs. Mariott's Latin class Miss Howatt found that individual instruction benefited students because their special problems could be taken into consideration. Language Barriers Few in the Twentieth Century Today many colleges include at least two years of one foreign language among their entrance requirements. Unlike the schools of a few decades ago, modern schools usually offer a minimum of two different language cour ses. North High offered German and French, in addition to the long-time standards, Spanish and Latin. Students were encouraged to take three or four years of the same language in order to become proficient in it. 18 liqtlzt-A 1 ' Economics Child Guidance Htunan R tio Domestic Skills Needed Human relations students were re- quired to observe a specific child for a week. Student-plaxmed activities were enjoyed by play school children in human relations and child guidance classes. in rapidly Changing Life Not only were more science and math courses offered, but home economics courses were more numerous. Classes dealt with human relationships, in addition to cooking and sewing. Courses dealing with teen and family relationships included both male and female students. It was realized that good housewives were needed, as well as the astronauts and nuclear physicists who are important today. These courses helped create a well-balanced school curriculum. There was dirty work in the preparation of meals. Sandra Pock, Wendy Pressler, and Vileen Reed helped clean up after a practice dinner in the home economics room. 19 Bertha Hale G oMa. gi W L L B.A., M.A. B.s., M.s. f 'L iiixtaztr Ruth Adams Richard Bridgewater John Brookhait Douglas Cary Don Covey B.A., M.A. B.A., M.A. B.A., B.S., M. Ed. B.A., M.A. B.A., M.A. Am. Govt., Econ. Am. Govt., Econ. Arn. History Am. Govt., Econ. Am. Govt., Econ. Sidney Kogan Winona Montgomery B.Ed., M.A. Am, History B.A., M.A. Am. History Ann Ridenour B.A. , M.A. Patrick Roper B.S., M.S. Am. History World Geography Carolyn Snider B.A., M.Ed. World History Caroline Weber B.A., M.Ed. World History Study of History Helped Formulate PeopIe's Ideas It has been said that history repeats itself. To know Whether this statement is true, one must study man's achieve- ments, from ancient civilizations through the age of enlightenment to the present. Through a study of history and as- sociated subjects, it is possible to de- cide about the validity of Oswald Spengler's idea that western civiliza- tion is declining and that history has definite cycles. vga... 'R 3 1 5 World geography was studied so that students would know the exact location of places under discussion. 20 ry is f 1 f ' f 3, ,Avi Informal atmosphere of classroom made learn- ing easier in Mr. Covey's class. Metaphysics, Topography, World Problems Studied Included in the social studies program were courses designed to prepare students for adult life. Humanity through the ages was studied and students were given an opportunity to expand their horizon by discussing philos- ophy, art, music, and related subjectS - in North l-ligh's incemarional relations class. The world was constantly under discussion Miss Adams and Del Rogers pointed out the world's trouble spots during class. Henry Anderson Bruce Barton Doyle Hardy Arthur Hawk Ruth Holliman B.A., M.A. B.S., M.S. B.A., M.Ed. B.S., M.A. B.A., M.A. Algebra Algebra General Math . Geometry Algebra Thomas Inman Raymond Nicolay Henry Schmidt William Scotx Robert Wheelwright B.A., M.A. B.S., M.A. B.S., M.S. B.S., M.Ed. B.S., M.Ed. Adv. Sr. Math. Trigonometry Geometry General Math. Algebra Simple and Complex Math Courses Taught at North Interest and ability in mathematics varied according to each individual. Sorne were only interested in the basic concepts, while others wanted to continue in this field. Karl Abrahamson, senior at North, worked More simple math courses stressed pragmatic values, while those with col- lege level work concentrated on theories on a hydrocarbon molecule in organic chemistry. Senior science students worked on individual proj- ects, which were entered in the Westinghouse competition. 22 Increased Interest Gained Through Science Courses Students interested in the diverse phases of scientific study found a variety of subjects covered in North's science courses. Studies were not confined to one part of science, and students' schedules could include courses ranging from biology to physics. Organic chemistry was offered to students with a strong science background. ... Experiments done by Mr. Nichols and Lance Sherwood proved the value of having an agri- culture course in high school. I C. A. Blown Henry Hall Carolyn Huey Doing math Problems on the board B.A., M.A. B.S., M.A. B.S., M.S. made them seem clearer to the stu- Chemistry Biology Biology. dents. Qhev-fuSTf"-f I. F. Nichols Allan Peters Robert Stonoff James Thomas Harold B.S., M.S. B.S., M.S. B.S., M.S. B.S., M.A. B.A., M.S. Agriculture Physics Biology Chemistry Photography 23 Individual instruction often helped students overcome difficulties in MI. Thomas' chemistry class. The Board of Education chose Mr. C. A. Brown as the System Science Consultant. Scientific Principles and Math Concepts Related Closely related, math and science were used extensively during the past year. Along with the progress in sci- entific fields, concepts of math have expanded. Math was and is the language of science, its common denominator. An understanding of both allowednthenj-to, be colgngdinated. A A gi A M794 ' KJ' Mr: -J ww g . ,214 3 36 UF, ..,. it 191: W. I ?'8hgs-gee, 5 One of the most familiar sights in chemistry was the Periodic Chart of the Elements. Mr. James Thomas explained to the class the properties of oxygen. .-R g. -' . R Editors Gary Schroeder and Linda Clements Robert Kasold B. A. , M.A. Publications Photographers played an important part in the pro- duction of both newspaper and yearbook. were the masterniinds behind yearbook oper- ations. Chaos and Pathos Found in the Publications Dept. -A-.agp-in Publications courses were under the supervision of Mr. Robert Kasold. Under the control of student editors, both newspaper and yearbook were published. Last year preliminary plans were made for the production of Diane Carney and Terry Gonzales cut pictures to fit pages of the newspaper before it was sent a school magazine. to the printer. Discussing photo assignments were Mr. Kasold, yearbook staff advisor, Mr. Williams, photography super- visor, and Steve Ingebrigtsen, photographer. Prompt fulfillment of assignments was needed to make year- book deadlines. l +t 3 ..' V V X . W ,Tl i if I 1. ,E .R ii I i '71 ,U 5 ' ':'-- ' i 6 3 , -. A iijm , 4 -- 2 Charles Banks Isabelle Daou Elsie Deaver Chloe Fields James Long B.A., M.A. B.A., M.A. B.A., M.A. B.S., M.A. B.S., M.A. Business Math Typing Shorthand Typing Business Law 5, - -Q' . Isadore Munger Edward Palmer Ruth White B.A., M.A. B.A., M.S. B.A., M.S. 2 Bookkeeping Business Machines Typing Students interested in business careers learned the operation of U different business machines. x , nur ,P ,sr if-X Business Practices Taught to High School Students Typing has become almost a necessity for high school and college students. This course prepared the student for college or secretarial work. The modern businessman needed numerous skills to be successful. Busi- ness law, bookkeeping, and office training gave students a chance to develop aptitudes and interests in the along with other businessmachines became business profession - an increasingly important factor in the busi- ness world. The adding machine Monte Brown operated, 26 Industrial Arts Courses Increased Manual Skills lllP"'E Industrial arts courses helped boys increase their manual dexterity. Future electronics engineers found that in- structions from electric shop gave them an idea of future problems. Drafting classes were attended by those interested in engineering, and wood shop offered an opportunity for creative boys to use their skill. General shop gave boys instruction in a variety of phases of industry. In addition to learning basic concepts of working with wood, students worked on in- dividua1,projects, which could be used in the home. gf., ,W .- .,r, . Mmamr-.I . .4 K f ,h A J, , f, ' M.,- . W I'- ' fr .' " , s , ' F"'j"'e - 'fasnzru ., F'-3w4a-lla-.php ' Blocks of wood glued together in woodshop were hollowed out to make vases and salad bowls. Bert Belluui Lawrence Chard B.A., M.A. B.A., M.A. Industrial Arts Industrial Arts Vernon I-Iathcock J erauld Nelson Fred Shade Proper instruction preceded use of B.A., M.A. B.A. B.A., M.A. the electric drill to avoid mis- Industrial Arts Industrial Arts Industrial Arts takes and accidents. 27 Fine Arts Enhanced the Curriculum of North High Students who wanted to take non- solid courses in school often enrolled in one of several aft or music courses offered at North. Either phase of the fine arts let pupils do work on projects of their own choice. Beginning and advanced art taught students basic principles and ideas which helped them with drawing. Different media were used, and students created various types of work. Don Sluter and Valerie Van Cleve worked on their three-dimensional, non-objective project for art class. Band and orchestra members gained experience in playing several types o music. Among these were marches, concert, and show music. Special selections were arranged for presenta- tion at assemblies. fi iw One exercise in art was drawing objects from real life. Janet deBerge finished the sketch during a specified time period. 28 f Screams of agony and confusion filled the band room during lunch periods as dance band members rehearsed for a sports dance. Mr. Bagwell assisted in the direction of the band. jk-J William Bagwell Charles Craig B.A., M.A. B.M., M.M. Orchestra Band Kathleen Hergt William Kolbe B.S., M.M. B,S., M.S. Chorus Art. Yi 1 - 3 'Biff liilawi-... as .,.. W--l l yi g ,: , Q. ?l. Q ,K 3 iff KJ ---.2 f,fMW,w..fmA-1 Basketball gave girls vigorous exercise to counteract a day of sitting. Wil 2 K 'IU '?'F'll li ll ,I L 'ft' is inns? y g My C-VMNAswm i, YF! A - :longwall ,, ..., .Q as - 1 .11 si fil ' l f i L " .. Q it J , j i' eelg l glel eeele W i:'i?'i5,:fX: if , elllo llll s 1, fi, ' rf! vtklvy K One of the team sports played in girls' P.E. was volleyball. Day's Inactivity Relieved by Sports Participation Doing physical fitness exercises was a part of P.E . , in addition to team and individual activities such as softball and folk dancing. Performing original and interpretive dances was one of the in- dividual projects that aided in the devel- opment of imagination in modern dance class. L ' Bettse Phelps Maxine Standerfer Katherine Wilkinson Modem Dance exercises included BAA' lg,A1"' B',A1"' M'A" Ed' D' re-creating scenes from fairy O em ance If S ' ' Gu S P'E' tales. 30 William Caldwell R. B. Hardt B.S., M.A. B.A., M.A. Boys' P.E. Boys' P.E. Boyde Long Ray Shackleford B.S., M.A. B.S., M.Ed. Boys' P.E. Boys' P.E. Tim Ison practiced for a game during seventh period P.E. class. A variety of sports taught boys teamwork and sportsmanship, as well as coordination Physical Fitness Program Received National Attention In keeping with President Kennedy's physical fitness program, North High offered students opportunities to develop their physical potential. Physical education for boys included training in football, basketball, and baseball, as well as minor sports and physical exercises. 4-an www- M L 411312 .q-wa.,-,-ga-Q .. Q .. 'fihniwq-ann, Baia YW' Boys' basketball often proved to be fast-moving and rough, but the participants enjoyed the activity. 31 Cadet Commander Bob Orr and sponsor Randi Sorensen congratu- lated Steve Clarke and Fred Nietzsche for being inspection winners. Patriotism, Responsibility Encouraged in R.O.T.C. Drill and classroom activities were coordinated in the junior R.O.T.C. pro gram at North. Boys learned leadership principles and traits through examples and experience. Care and firing of Army rifles was part of the training, and strategy used in previous wars was studied for feasibility and merit. Sgt. Combs R. O.T. C. Instructor The color guard raised the American flag preceding football games. Jr. R.O.T.C. platoons were reviewed and inspected each Friday during fourth and fifth periods. 4 ' 4 ii- 9.79" 32 . QE gy Sharon Heflin was one of many students who was given a test to determine the field of vision. Mr. Pace supervised! the testing. William McDermott Donald Pace B.S., M.A. B.A., M.A. Safety Educ. Driver Educ. Students in safety education class took notes as Mr. McDermott explained first aid procedures. A blackboard diagram, explained by Spencer Smartt, illustrated one problem encountered on the highway. Driver-Safety Education Necessary for Students Among required subjects for gradu- ation was driver education. Students learned about the necessity of safe driving and the responsibility of each driver. Safety education included first aid instruction and firearms safety. mg . A -S ' ' P Q. A if 4 i Qi ut if x R R E Cafeteria workers were, FRONT ROW: Mary Walker, Irene Walker, Iva Duncan, Allene Doak, Maggie Newkirk, Betty Hagerman, Edward Bottomly, and Gladys Beahmg BACK ROW: Margaret Kimmel, Mary Martel, Emma Campbell, Jan Vesely, Dorothy Bales, Phyllis Harper, Ethel Lockwood, Letha Campbell, Jeanne Kobor, Mildred Oie, and Eleanor Thum. Nourishing Meals Served by Cafeteria Employees Planning menus and serving food were done by the cafeteria staff. The Workers maintained strict sanitary con- ditions in the cafeteria, which was under the direction of Mrs. Prescott. Students could have either campus lunches or choose items "a la carte The cafeteria staff arranged food as well as prepared it so that it would have a certain amount of eye appeal to the students . During the last half of the year, music was played in the cafeteria. Cafeteria management included both food preparation and paper work. Irene Walker spent part of the day figuring out menu changes. 34 Maintenance of Grounds, Buildings Time-Consuming Maintenance Workers kept the ex- ternal appearance of North looking pre- sentable. This all -day and all -night job was done by a relatively small number of men, considering the size of campus and buildings . Last year the maintenance men re- moved many trees and bushes from the campus. Room numbers were also changed. am -Ti i Part of the Maintenance Department's job was sweeping all cemented areas. Rene Forrest spent aftemoons doing this. Trash blown around campus after lunch was cleaned up by Verlin White. Maintenance men were, FRONT ROW: Richard Brookshire, Rene Forrest, Emil Killian, Art Thomp- kins, and Art Budden- hageng BACK ROW: John Jacobs, James Elliotte, James Cox, John Ward, Verlin White, and Miles Chaput. L . f Q. t. A. B. Clark Fred Draper Emil Kass Charles Kokaska Ina Nail B.A., M.S. B.S., M.A. B.S., M.A. B.A., M.A. B.S., M.S. Study Hall Audio-Visual Reading Imp. Spec. Education Library M M Z ...,r we as ' iglfxr L L -'ra Ji V f 1. Janet Nelson Lydia Potthoff Ruth Rowan Jack Spolinn B.A., M.A. R.N. B.A., M.S. B.A., M.A. Spec. Education Health Center Library Spec. Education , Mrs. Lembke helped with library work by checking students' book cards for accuracy. Service Performed by Faculty Valuable, Useful One of the services offered at North was special education. Placed in these classes because they were intellectual- ly handicapped, students were taught practical applications of school subjects Other services included the book- store, health center, library, audio- visual room and home visitor. Accurate comprehension was neces- sary to students at North. Reading improvement courses helped students reach their trade level in that subject. .l.lLL-5-i"'.1"'E""i E E Mr. Draper and his secretary Mrs. Willis worked on flip-charts for several departments at North High. Using the adage "A picture is worth a thousand words" teachers felt that these charts would help during class instruction. The process of signing passes and return slips was done by Mr. Clark, study hall supervisor. Books, paper and school supplies were provided in the bookstore. Handling students sales was Mrs. Leedham. Al.. I Eleanor Parks and Louise Hart were secre- taries in the Principal's office. Secretaries for Mr, Murphy's office and the Activities office were Claudine Hughes and Marjorie Patterson. 2 . V 5 ,fe rnren so Registration office secre- taries and their student assistants took care of admittances, absences, and excuses for North High stu- dents. Helen Smith and Annabelle Petty were often seen at the windows of the office advising the students. Mr. Gates was in charge of this office and its proce- dures. School Function Depended on Work of Secretaries Efficient operation of the school de- pended not only on the administration, but on the secretaries . They were res- ponsible for doing jobs which would be unnecessary burdens to the adminis- trators . it 'Le HQ.. Mrs. Wilson, secretary in the Registration office, helped Mrs. Hittepole fix students' transcripts. pu-nu. -A Q-.w,ns.m.,m.f f v.s,..y1. rpms, as usserr- s.s.......--..-..f..1x....,........,... ,...s.x.4f lilac sun-nun-qu-q..-nnuuug-q .pp W"""-I'-I-annum-nunungg Q , nn ,, mx uv.. -..- . Q-,W 0-Abu .3 sun., .pun Mr. Inman discussed purposes of his calculus class with visiting parents. Parents, Teachers Aimed at Promoting Closeness The Parent-Teacher Association of North High conducted several panel discussions last year. Among them was "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes." Meet- denvs day does include exercise. ings were devoted to discussing common school problems. During Open House, parents found that a stu- P,T,A, Board members were, FRONT ROW: Mrs. Wingfield, Mrs. Mathisen, Mrs. Cornoyer, and Mrs. Gonzalo, BACK ROW: Mr, and Mrs. Broad, Mrs. Woodson, Mrs. Reilly, Mrs, Templeman, Mrs, Royce, Dr. Carter, Mrs. Moss, and Mr. Pace. 39 In the past, North has had more winners or honorable mentions in the Westinghouse competition than any Liberal Arts School in the country. Participants in the Westinghouse Corporation contest were Linda Clements, Ronald Royce, Lewis Kopera, Judy Meyer, Devens Gust, and Rosemary Eikens. All students were seniors in Mr. C. A. Brown's organic chemistry class. so iq : AA ' .rig WVV4 I Linda Clements was one of six students from th Phoenix area who were given an honorable mention in Westinghouse competition. E Six Scientific Research Projects Submitted in '63 Six students from North High entered the annual Westinghouse Science Talent Search. To participate in the contest, each student was required to get a teacher's recommendation and take the complex Westinghouse test. Each entrant also had to fill out a personal data sheet and prepare a research pro- ject in a scientific field. Ronald Royce received advice from Mr. Brown concerning his project for the Westinghouse contest. 5 ii Ron Royce One of Forty National Science Winners "A Study of Circum -Catholid Motion of the Ball-of-Fire Mode in Gas-Filled Electron Emission Tubes" was the title of Ronald Royce's Westinghouse pro- ject. For his work on the research project, Ron reached the finals of com- petition. He was one of forty winners in the United States . Over 22, O00 high-caliber future scientists entered the competition, but the number was reduced following eval- uation of projects and other material. Linda Clements, with her project, "A Study of the Differences Between Infant and Adult A-Antigen by Use of Immuno -Diffusion on Cellulose-Acetate Membrane Filters" received an honorable mention from the Westinghouse Corporation. UPPER RIGHT. Much time was spent preparing research projects to enter the competition. Ron Royce was one of a select group of winners throughout the nation. Linda Clements and Ronald Royce both won honorable mentions from the Westinghouse Corporation. Their projects were listed in a book of honorable mention winners, which was distributed to colleges and universities. Finalists in the National Merit Scholarship program were Ruth Lindauer, Linda Clements, Devens Gust, and Ronald Royce. David Todd, Parma Hoiles, Bob Schlichting, and David Roberts were National Merit Letter of Commendation winners. National Merit Finalists Strove for Scholarships After receiving results of the National Merit Scholarship qualifying test, taken in the students' junior year, North's semi-finalists were announced. Final- ists, announced later in the senior year, qualified by having high scores on the Scholastic Aptitude Test of the College Entrance Examination Boards . Letter of Commendation winners of the National Merit test had scores which were high, but not high enough to qualify them as semi-finalists. RONALD ROYCE GARY SCHROEDER DEVENS GUST Jr, Optimist Harvard Book Jr. Optimist 2 North High's nominees for the Thom McAn leadership award LINDA CLEMENTS were seniors Lillian Gonzalo and Gary Schroeder. Jr. Optimist NCTE state winner North High Seniors Excelled in Winning Awards The junior Optimist award was given to Ronald Royce, Linda Clements and Devens Gust for their outstanding workin science, mathematics, and other school subjects. Senior Linda Clements also was the State winner of the National Council of Teachers of English award . Intensive testing went into the selection of win- ners . The Harvard Book award for the most outstanding boy was given to Gary Schroeder, a senior this year at North. All awards were given for students' contributions to school or community. - ...-a ,........- ,.....-. ......-. T Linda Clements, North High senior, was third in the Elks Youth Leadership contest. Tony Bustos, student body president, was named the first Semester winner of the Jr. Rotarian award. X North I-Iigh's Outstanding Graphic Arts student was Mike Webb. Sandy Schneider was the schoo1's winner in the Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow contest. Various 1Awards Earned by North High Students The outstanding quality of seniors at North was evident in the number of awards won. Over -all excellence was needed to be considered for an award, and students continued to bring honors to the school. "-mwyp , LANCE SHERWOOD RANDALL SORANSON ANTHONY BUSTOS Boys' Club D.A.R. Award Elks Award Boy of thc Year an-if mid Second semester winner of the Jr. Rotarian award was Milo Beck. if r Mr. Gene Courter talked with Noi-th's first place FRANCES WEEKS winners in the ASU speech contest. Over 500 stu- Dist. 2 Voice of dents from the Southwest participated in the Democracy winner forensic tournament. ASU speech winners from North were, FRONT ROW: Lillian Gonzalo, First, Women's Extemporaneous, Pam Colby, Second, Women's Extemporaneous, and Clyde Rohrig, Third, Men's Impromptu, BACK ROW Bob Beauchamp, Third, Lower Division Extemporaneous, Bob Schlichting, First, Men's Humorous, Mr. Courter, Al Konow, Second, Men's Original Oratory, Jay Strawn, Third, Men's Upper Division Extemporaneous. Not pictured is Fran Weeks, First, Women's Original Oratory. -.ui v uma 1 SSH! 1 was r num a ml! g :sum IIN! nw! mn: mm mm swerve WNFR I SLWYS 1 fum 'Sis vw X is my W? After the opening, the chess game proceeds into the center game. At this time the game can be won or lost by shrewd or foolish moves. During the mid-game, advances and retreats are made, and the advantage is determined for one player or another. In the same way the everyday school life on North's campus presented the chance for the students to excel or fail in various endeavors. During the daily school routine the eventual result of each student's game was indicated. This normal center game time, as depicted by oriental chess pieces, was a time for the student, as the chess piece, to develop a distinctive style and an original approach to the problems and rewards of school. Like the center game, campus life was the most important time of the entire school experience. f'3 3 bkfltl if? M H096 I MALE P6 Mum MONEQ WHEN UM awp.. I , Wwgywwmg will WM fi? 52?X 3 5 Y nfs QEEN KX 0 H e IN PLFIZNH EQIZTJMOL0 L?-Rl J UST Milo Beck and Marilyn Williams consulted Mr. Thomas on Executive Committee business. Committee members Lindy McClintic, Bev Ong, Fredi Breverman, and Claudia Hoover worked on school activities. Executive Committee members worked in cooperation with Student Council members at meetings which were held in the auditorium. Executive Committee members were, TOP TO BOTTOM, LEFT TO RIGHT: Dave Todd, Tony Bustos, Larry Stucky, Bev Ong, Fredi Breverman, Jim Nichols, Claudia Hoover, Fernando Quezada, Marilyn Williams, Jackie Stewart, Billene Weaver, Mike Cordon, Claudia Everett, Ira Friedman, and Marta Benedette. Tony Bustos Pre sident Fernando Quezada Student body officers were, FRONT ROW: Randi Sorenson, Honor Court Chief Justice, Marilyn Williams, Girls' League president, and Bev Ong, corresponding secretary, SECOND ROW: Vice-President Fernando Quezada, vice-president, and Jackie Stewart, corresponding secretary. BACK ROW: Tony Bustos, president, and Dave Todd, Service Organization president. Outstanding Mustangs Led North During School Year Working in association with the faculty, the Executive Committee dis- cussed activities of the student-body and proposed remedies to many of the schoo1's problems. Executive Com- mittee included student body officers, I-lonor Court Chief Justice, class presi- dents, Girls' League president, and two representatives in each class from student council. Tony Bustos, student body president, was active at North in student council and student body offices. Fernando Quezada was the first Mexican citizen to be a student body officer. Secretary of her class, Bev Ong was active in stu- dent council and executive committee As student body corresponding secre tary, member of student council and executive committee, jackie Stewart was an asset to North. A productive year was experienced by North under the leadership of its capable student body officers. Representatives Pam Colby and Gary Schroeder compared their notes on a student council meeting. my Second semester Student Council members were, FRONT ROW: J. Milton, B. Meador, E. Hoyle, M. Griswold, R. Blain, W. Gilbert, R. Cogswell, L. Moliham, S. Wallace, I. Friedman, S. Narmi, L. Ivester, N. Revels, D. Carney, and B. Heyler, SECOND ROW: R. Talliot, L. Richard, C. Birmingham, B. Newby, L. Sladish, T. Neely, N. McLeod, J. LaBenz, J. Hudson, 'S. Johnston, M. Williams, L. Wallace, Y. Loza, S. Simpson, and K. Krause: THIRD ROW: S. Mentzer, L. Barc, M. Lowry, K. Holden, R. Breninger, B. Beauchamp, V. Tome, R. Berry, A. Kettlewell, and M. Rohrig, FOURTH ROW: T. Birmingham, M. Wingfield, D. Hamilton, and S. Munchweiler, BACK ROW: J. Donaldson, T. Cochran, V. Lopez, M. Cordon, T. Phelps, R. Torel, P. West, S. Coughlin, M. James, T. Witters, J. Ninnis, and G. Schroeder. 50 First semester Student Council members were, FRONT ROW: D. Redick, M. Payne, A. I-loots, R. Soranson, J. Stewart, C. Everett, I. Friedman, B. Meador, K. Newton, B. Weaver, C. Conrow, G. Dixon, D. McDuliffe, V. Traylor, S. Munchweiler, D. Hammer, and S. Moomey, SECOND ROW: S. Janes, L. Wallace, B. Mabrey, R. Duenas, C. Krahl, B. Davis, T. Smith, N. Weber, G. Valenzuela, and C. Hoover, THIRD ROW: B. Carsen, R. Galusha, P. Blain, C. Melby, R. Cogswell, E. Hoyle, D. Romley, J. Laffoon, T. Udall, E. I-Ioezneu, M. Yee, and B. Speace, FOURTH ROW: J. Parlato, P. Pavlet, G. Crittenden, B. Cole, F. Breverman, M. Wing- field, J. LaBenz, S. Mentzer, A. Kettlewell, M. Williams, J. Switzer, S. Wallace, R. Soloman, L. Westerwell and L. Markd, FIFTH ROW: B. Colby, T. Gonzales, M. Stewart, M. Benedetti, B. Ong, L. Sherwood, R. Berry, J. Vinson, B. Beauchamp, M. Heide, D. Hamilton, and Y. Loza, BACK ROW: T. Phelps, J. LeBoyer, R. Woodward, T. Bustos, R. Monteros, T. McClure, J. Nichols, J. Sasser, L. Stuckey, H. Williams, T. Gordon, D. Mattingly, J. Stellhorn, R. Schiszik, L. Beck, J. Kerr, and C. Fitch. Y Council Members Worked On Student Jazz Festival North High's Student Council had the duty of deciding policies and composing rules related to student activities. Students gathered to voice complaints, to air criticisms of school policies, and to offer practical solutions for prob- lems presented. A representative from ,,,,,,, the homerooms, the four class officers and the Executive Committee members composed the Student Council. In 1962-63, Council members had recorded music played during lunch. Another activity of the Council was helping with planning and presenting the annual jazz Festival which was held during December. 51 Humanities Club members were, FRONT ROW: Marilyn Miller, Sandy Schneider, Joyanne Christopher- sen, Dorothy Doriot, Linda Clements, and Parma Hoiles, SECOND ROW: Judy Meyer, Janet Clarke, David Breninger, Ruth Lindauer, Ronald Royce, and Carol McCoy, BACK ROW: Greg Ferrin, Gary Hall, Bob Coler, John Rogers, John Stevenson, and Mr. Ferris. Humanities Club Expanded Students' Cultural Ideas Promotion of student interest in the cultural arts was the basic goal of the newly-formed Humanities Club. Under the sponsorship of Mr. Ferris, Hu- manities and English teacher, members' knowledge of the humanities was broadened by going on field trips, attend- ing lectures, and participating in meet- ings. Humanities Club officers were Judy Meyer, secretary, John Rogers, president, Mr, Ferris, sponsor, Ronald Royce, parliamen- tarian, and Ruth Lindauer, treasurer. Absent for the picture was Don Powers, vice- president. , At a planning meeting John Rogers, president, discussed a proposed field trip with Sandy Sch- neider, Judy Meyer, and Carol McCoy. 52 NHS Parking Organized by Traffic Safety Club Members of the North High Traffic Safety Club participated in all conven- tions having to do with traffic safety and worked with other Valley traffic safety groups to help promote safe driving habits. As usual, the club con- ducted an accident prevention cam- paign during Christmas season. The group also helped organize an efficient system of parking on the North High campus. Working together with Mr . Pace, sponsor, the officers were Maureen Bronson, presidentg Janie LaBenz, vice presidentg Candy Fitch, Traffic Safety Club officers were: Gayle Crit- tendon, secretary, Maureen Bronson, president, treasurer, and Gayle Crittendon, Sec- Candy Fitch, treasurer, Janie LaBenz, vice- retary ' These Officers led the Club President' members in their efforts to promote traffic safety at North High and the city. Traffic Club members were, FRONT ROW: Mr. Pace, sponsor, Gayle Crittendon, Jeanette Zabel, Jackie Grossman, Ellen Krahl, Ruth Lindauer and Shirley McLeod, SECOND ROW: JoAnne Kerr, Billie Mabrey, Mary Payne, Bobbie Fitch, Sandy Strong, Maureen Bronson, Ellen Thien, and Barbara Gephartg BACK ROW: Sharon Mentzer, Hal Williams, Candy Fitch, Roger Luth, Janie LaBenz, Anne Kettlewell, and John Brown. 53 NJ 8 . 'fksfx Quill and Scroll members were, FRONT ROW: Jean Payestewa, Parma Hoiles, Maureen Bronson, Terry Gonzales, Lindy McClintic, and Linda Clements, SECOND ROW: Sharon Davies, Ben Futrell, Jackie Ethington, Sandy Schneider, Janet Clark, Gary Schroeder, and Pam Gaddas. Not present for the picture were John Rogers and Jan Schaberg. New members were chosen from the Hoofbeats and Roundup staffs on the basis of their achievements. Quill and Scroll officers were, STANDING: Linda Clements vice-president and Gary , Schroeder, president. KNEELING: Janet Q u I II a n d S l H O Clarke , secretary-treasurer. .lournalistic Achievements Students on either the yearbook or newspaper were eligible for member- ship in the international organization, Quill and Scroll. It was necessary for applicants to meet certain standard re- quirements. All members needed to be juniors or seniors and editors. Yearbook staff members had to be on the staff for at least one year. Those on the news- paper staff who wished to join were re- quired to write one hundred lines of copy. In order to finance the club project, the purchase of classics for the school library, the group sponsored a sale of plastic yearbook covers. Mr. Kasold, the sponsor, worked in association with officers in the preparation of the sale. Scholastic Achievement Goal of Honor Society Recognition of students who gained X l high scholastic achievement, maintained excellent character, displayed leader- ship, and were of service to the school was the purpose of National Honor Society. Among its many activities were raising funds for scholarships, encouraging high scholastic standings, serving as guides at the Pioneer Reunion, and Working at the Crippled Children's J X homel' The twenty members Sponsored National Honor Society officers were, FRONT by MISS Adams and Mr- C3-fy, Wefe fI'01'1'1 ROW: Dave Roberts, president, Carol Lerner, the S61'1lOI' class. Secretary, and Sally Neely, treasurer. BACK ROW: Gene Cox, vice-president. National Honor Society members were, FRONT ROW: Linda Clements, Sally Neely, Ruth Lindauer, Carol Lerner, Thelma Pattee, Jackie Stewert, and Lillian Gonzalo. SECOND ROW: Ronald Royce, Janet Clarke, Dorothy Doriot, Judy Meyer, Fran Tarves, and Dana Diehl. BACK ROW: Dave Roberts, Gene Cox, Devens Gust, Ernie Palomino, Lee Case, Rick Baeuchler, and Dave Todd. 55 ffffraf North High Player officers were, FRONT ROW: Ann Lynch, recording secretary, SECOND ROW: Clyde Rohrig, president, and Ed McAllister, vice-president. BACK ROW: Mary Kracht, treasurer, and Carolyn Summitt, secretary. -'rrrf 1 , 5 'ac .4 sv .. - ft, ., V -R1 l ,, , , To -3 aw, K 5 v l-fl' ' - A A W "tx ff 'T Nil ' ' ,F W' t- W- PM xafliv, .: ,'fl M 1 K 4 K L f if ,A , rr I i R. , ' ' -, I T r 2' 1 ' air' h A 'I V ..4avw,. I JF., Drama Club Participated in the Spring Production North High Players was composed of the two North High drama classes. Members of this group participated in the presentation of the play, DIRTY WORK AT THE CROSSROADS, a melo- drama written by Bill johnson. Besides performing they Worked behind the scenes on make-up, scenery, and the operation of technical equipment. Al- though these activities were time con- suming, they Were invaluable expe- riences in the art of the theater . Working with Miss Poe, the sponsor, officers Clyde Rohrig, presidentg Ed McAllister, Vice-presidentg Ann Lynch, recording secretaryg Carolyn Summitt, corresponding secretaryg and Mary Kracht, treasurer, attempted to bring a touch of drama to North High. North High Player members were, FRONT ROW: Carol Clevenger, Larry Wells, Anne Goodshaw, Rose Glossenger, Gerry Miller, Sally Morgan, Karen Newton, and Mary Kracht, SECOND ROW: Claudia Everett, Ed McAllister, Camille Carlock, Barbara Camp, Rita Haley, Ellen Thien, Carolyn Summitt, Vicky Puse, and Crystal Casey, THIRD ROW: Hank Landreville, Jerry Lucas, Janey Leftwich, Jean Milton, Clyde Rohrig, Vince Tory, and Jackie Ethington, BACK ROW: Ken Kanski, Gary Hall, Miss Poe, Curtis Stifer, Susanne Grodzinski, and Jay Strawn. 56 I gw 49? Q 'fvu l T.A.P. members were, FRONT ROW: Janice Lowry, Jan Neely, Rose Glossenger, and Mary Payne, SECOND ROW: Wanda Glibert, Joanne Kerr, Cathy Payne, Marybeth Dalton, and Susan Wallaceg THIRD ROW: Barbara Gephart, Barbara Campbell, Kerry Hitchcock, Roberta Cogswell and Kathy Alli- son, FOURTH ROW: Pat Pavlet, Judy Ohl, Sandy Kosacz, Sharon Mentzer, and Linda Knight, BACK ROW: Bobbe Fitch, Candy Fitch, Beth Walters, Nancy Davis, Janie LaBenz, and Laurie Johnston. Officers of T.A.P. were: Sharon Mentzer, pres- identg Janie LaBenz, vice presidentg and Laurie Johnston, secretary-treasurer. National Foundation Aided by Campus Membership T.A.P. members Worked this year toward aiding the National Foundation. The National Foundation was dedicated to developing a program of medical- scientific research, patient aid, and education for the health professions . Its targets were polio, virus diseases, arthritis, birth defects, and central nervous system disorders . Members of T.A.P. Worked in as- sisting the polio vaccination campaigns publicizing the Health Scholarships program, giving service to polio pa- 7 tients who Were home -bound, and help- ing promote the education of the public in regard to the polio program. T.A.P. members also participated in the March of Dimes campaign. ,. GAA Stressed Physical Fitness Among Members Girls' Athletic Association was brought back to North High this year. Abandoned several years ago, GAA was reorganized by Miss Standefer to pro- mote physical fitness among high school girls. Cairo Martinez and Kathy Henning practiced their golf drives on the field. fall 'Is tl GAA officers werc, FRONT ROW: Jan LaRue, treasurerg Leslie Conaway, secretaryg Pat Conaway, secretaryg and Lona Lee, president5 BACK ROW: Angie Facchin, Yana Fait, Kathy Henning, vice-prcsidentg and Elaine Hoiles. Examinations Were Taken Hesitantly by All Students Weekly tests, term tests, and crucial semester exams formed a regular pattern throughout the year for all students. For the innocent Fresh- man, the Freshman tests provided an ominous beginning for the high school years. Noma Spelling Tests, the Betty K X jg Epi' Crocker Homemaker of the Year Award tests, the National Council of Teachers of English tests, the Preliminary Aptitude Tests, and the National Merit Examinations were taken by ambitious -- A itiit ,eeiee T students wishing honors and scholarships. f' ff y llnfrt, ysgr. .s 3 f .A X ... The administration of tests was a common class room occurrence. mn , . .5 . Z vi ' 0 1-,fl 1 ,, A r. J 7. f' X! .W ff' ' ..,. Carolyn Royce took the tests given all Grading papers was a tedious and lengthy freshmen upon entering North. process for teachers. 59 Tidgffl., ini Honor Court officials were: FRONT ROW: Kathy Krause, secretary, and Gail Crittendon, secretary. BACK ROW: Bill Saxman, bailiff and Cathy Krahl, secretary. Honor Court Cases Tried by North High's Judges Presiding over the Honor Court, the Chief justice was elected from the Senior classg two senior and two junior judges, and one each from the sopho- more and freshman classes also served A bailiff and three secretaries com- pleted the "legal" staff. Daily sessions in the Honor Court began with the presentation of a case to the judges. The defendant then came in and was informed of the charge. If he did not admit guilt an investigation took place. If he admitted that he had violated the school code, he was ques- tioned on what the circumstances were. If it was his first offense, he got an honor court citation. His second of- fense on the same rule received a double honor court citation. Expulsion from school usually followed a third offense. Honor Court judges were, FRONT ROW: Sharon Mentzer, junior judge, Randi Sorenson, Chief Justice, and Shirley Smith, senior judge, BACK ROW: Jean Switzer, sophomore judge, Bob Meador, junior judge, and Claudia Everett, senior judge. i Social Committee members were FRONT ROW: Barbara Walters, Claudia Everett, and Terry Gonzales, SECOND ROW: Hal Williams, Margie Griswold, and Mary Wingfield. BACK ROW: Sharon Mentzer, Janie LaBenz, Carol McCoy, and Dana Diehl. Social Events Approved by the Social Committee Social committee sponsored various activities throughout the year. The goal posts of North and the opponent were decorated before all home football games. In fulfillment of a yearly custom, Committee members decorated a traditional Christmas tree in the li- brary. Also, Committee approval was required for school dances and other school -affiliated activities. The fifteen-member group, sponsored by Miss Carpenter and Mr. Kass, finished the year with a party to Welcome in- coming members whose applications had been accepted. 61 Hal Williams, Claudia Everett, and Dana Diehl conferred on plans for Christmas decorations. Social Committee officers were, FRONT ROW: Terry Gonzales and Janie LaBenz. BACK ROW: Hal Williams, and Dana Diehl. Sandra Johnston, Carol Elias, Brent Cogs- Service Organization officers were Dave Todd well, and Roger Woodward distributed the Bob Beauchamp, and Kathy Krause. food their homeroom collected to a needy family. Second semester Service Organization members were, FRONT ROW: D. Stevenson, M. Myh- berg, J. Turhey, S. I-Iefin, E. Thien, J. Keller, B. Beauchamp, K. Duncan, and B. Beliak, SECOND ROW: J. Jackson, P. Upchurch, P. Swain, J. deBerge, S. Shearer, S. Sinclair, P. Clifton, G. Updike, M. Kane, and L. Abney, BACK ROW: C. Lerner, C. Rees, M. Basko, K. Schulthers, D. Diehl, B. Dalton, G. Cox, D. Smail, D. Moravec, and T. Catlin. 62 ' :rata Many homerooms collected food for their semester service projects and gave them to needy families. Local Charities Aided by the Service Organization Service Organization members were dents. Also, a large part of the money elected by homerooms with the quota collected went to the Roundup. of one representative per homeroom Homerooms, in order to raise money each semester. Most of the money col- each semester, held bake sales, car lected during 1962-63 went to the North washes, and paperback book sales. American Field Service for the financing Because of their ingenuity, a consider- of North's future foreign exchange stu- able sum was raised by the students. r Service Organization members were, FRONT ROW: J. Winters, D. Stevenson, C. Ellis, J. Lowry, S. Narmi, E. Krahl, B. Hilderbrand, B. Grumwald, V. Dari, J. Surley, and V. Tome, SECOND ROW: J. Hudson, K. Krause, P. Clegg, B. Beauchamp, R. Maake, W. Gilbert, C. Green, S. Salpietro, C. Weiss, S. McClellan, and L. Silvester, THIRD ROW: M. Skinner, C. Lyzott, J. Switzer, M. Lowry, L. Johnston, S. Shearer, B. Peterson, and J. Woods, BACK ROW: R. Stirewart, R. Colby, S. Stramandinoli, D. Todd, T. Soldat, G. Stevens, R. Richardson, B. Cogswell, and J. Patrick. 63 .-......1..-..q, -.---g Social Committee members decorated the large, green Christmas tree in the library. Yearly Snowman Project Added Cheer to Holidays Yuletide atmosphere was created on campus by the annual Christmas tree and--snowman. Social committee mem- bers decorated a green tree in the library and a flocked tree in the audi- torium. Seniors went to the Snowbowl, returned with the snow, and built the snowman on the evening of December nineteenth. The next day the snowman added to the seasonal air of the annual Christmas assembly. Social committee members spent time after school Many hours of fun and snow-gathering decorating the trees. went into the making of the Snow- man '63, :NN l , Us V ,, " K Girls' League cabinet members were, FRONT ROW: Linda Sladish, Sandra Johnston, and Laurie Wal lace. SECOND ROW: April Hoots, Marilyn Williams, Anne Kettlewell, and Judy Patrick. BACK ROW Kathy Krause, Judy McC1intic, Pat Flores, Pat Pavlet, Sammy Lu Simpson, and Janie LaBenz. Girls' League Sponsored Campus Scholarship Fund Girls' League is an organization composed of all girls on campus. Girls' League sponsored many activities including the attendance of five league members at Girls' State. Members contributed to an A .F .S. scholarship and several service projects. The girls also sponsored dances and the annual Girls' League fashion show. Girls' League's Harvest Moon Ball, the League's large semi-formal dance, was cooperatively worked on by four councils, each taking a specific duty for the production of the dance. These councils were divided into Freshman, Sophomore, junior, and Senior councils, each with a faculty sponsor. Girls' League officers were, Judy Patrick, treasurerg Marilyn Williams, president and Anne Kettlewell, secretary. 65 Ks 'g f J ,Qi N , s Tri Alta members were, FRONT ROW: Charlotte Bell, Barbara Campbell, Ginnie Ann Reilly, Carol Piercefield, Kay Havens, Pat Pacheco, Donna Sloan, Ruth Wilson, and Rose Glossengerg SECOND ROW: Frances Carpenter, Judy Cantrell, Janet Ballard, Nancy Strait, Shannon Neil, Shirley McLeod, Melba Chatwin, and Joy Anne Christophersong BACK ROW: Beverly Billings, Pat Pederson, Linda Germroth, Linda Egleberry, Kathy McCarthy, Susan Hopkins, Jolene Gray, Marilyn Goings, and Miss Huey. , ' t ,,.,,, OV' , , M .,g..,,. S ifsii W, . sf, QV' fx 5 pg, Tri Alta Signa officers were: Susan Hopkins, treasurer, Ginnie Ann Reilly, chaplain, Elain Doehlman, secretary, and Donna Sloan, vice- president. High Goals of Christian Conduct Stressed by Club In carrying out the club's purpose, to create, maintain, and extend through out the home, school and community, high standards of Christian character, Tri Alta members adopted a family for Thanksgiving and Christmas . The club also held bake sales and car Washes, the proceeds of which went to World Service . Members also attended Snow Camp and the Officers' Training Con- ference at Prescott . Club officers who worked with Miss Huey, the sponsor, in carrying the club's purpose were Pam Colby, pres- identg Donna Sloan, vice presidentg Elaine Doehlman, secretaryg Susan Hopkins, treasurerg Ruth- Wilson, his- torian3 and Ginnie Ann Reilly, chaplain 'Ms "Y" Group Sent Delegates to Prescott Legislature In carrying out the club's purpose, to promote fellowship and other desir- able characteristics in men, Celtic members participated in several pro- jects. Members helped improve school spirit by putting pep posters in the cafeteria . Celtics also adopted a family for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Experience needed to run an effi- cient and useful club was gained by sending delegates to the Model Legis- lature at Prescott. The delegates brought back helpful information on projects, meetings, discussions, and recreation . Celtic officers were Mike Boyce, president, Larry Ong, vice-presidentg Donald Schaffer, secretary, and Larry Stuckey, treasurer. Mr. Nelson Worked as sponsor for the group. Celtic members were FRONT ROW Larry Ong Mike Boyce, Don Schaffer, and Larry Stuckey. BACK ROW Carl Bennett John Dake Wayne Adelman Mike Briske, and Mr. Nelson, sponsor. if ni an lui H v FF? 'T nz ,v i iii, lf: ff if Future Teachers of America members were, FRONT ROW: Carolyn Royce, Pat Ireland, Mary Leiah, Louise Kingston, Linda Knight and Janet DeBerge. SECOND ROW: Mary Skinner, Ruth Gillett, Celia Jackson, Janey Leftwich, Diane Carney, Mary Beth Bradford and Carol Lerner, BACK ROW: Mrs. Brown, Chuck Rogers, Mike West, Gary Goodwin, Nancy Heath and Caroline Heimann. Occupational Information Given to FTA Members Students interested in teaching 'Ii ff' gained a broader knowledge of educa- tion by participation in FTA, Future Teachers of America. By studying teaching methods, observing teachers' techniques, seeing films, and having actual practice in teaching, FTA mem- bers, had a glimpse of the rewarding educational profession. Throughout the year, members of FTA had opportuni- ties of attending the AEA Workshop and FTA Workshops. Various fund-raising activities, service projects, and social gatherings, such as a popcorn sale, assistance to the needy, and the initia- Diane Carney, president and Carol Lerner, tion Pot -luck dinner Occupied the treasurer. II'1S1'I1b61'S . F.T.A. officers were, FRONT ROW: Mardean Simmons, secretary: Celia Jackson, historian, and Pat Ireland, vice president, BACK ROW: 68 Future Homemakers of America officers were, FRONT ROW: Ginnie Ann Reilly, vice- president, and Jan Peters, parliamentariang BACK ROW: Mardean Simmons, treasurer. FHA Members Attended District State Conventions An interest in home economics was the main requirement for membership in Future I-Iomemakers of America. The club began the year by sending delegates to the district and state FHA conventions . Activities of the club in- cluded bake sales and donation of time in order to work for needy families. With the completion of these ac- tivities, the three purposes of FHA were accomplished: further interest in home economics, promote international good will, and work for a good home and family life. gd- Future I-Iomemakers of America members were, FRONT ROW: Ginnie Ann Reilly, Linda Ligocki, Sharon Heflin, Tonja Marks, Kathi Pillman, and Judy Bird. SECOND ROW: Sandra Miller, Jan Peters, Sandy Prchal, Carol Parcks, Mary Reid, Mardean Simmons. White Caps members were, FRONT ROW: Marla Goodman, Janet Harper, Pam Hackett, Pat Worgel, Sue Paddock, Penny Ruland, and Mona Strickland: BACK ROW: Kathi Holden, Joyce Ely, Lynda Sutton, J aney Leftwich, Mary Leigh, Donna Fine, and Miss Potthoff. White Caps officers were, FRONT ROW: Pain Hackett, president, and Pat Wargel, treasurer, BACK ROW: Joyce Ely, secretary, and Sue Paddock, vice-president. Club Aided Community, School Through Service White Caps was a vocational club dedicated to interest girls in the field of nursing. Members participated in several activities acquainting them with their prospective career. The girls spent one class period each day working in the Health Center. They also spent a specified amount of time working at one of the city hospitals. Together with Miss Potthoff, the sponsor, the officers, Pam Hackett, president, Sue Paddock, vice presidentg Joyce Ely, secretary, and Pat Wargel, treasurer, worked to aid the community and school through many hours of service. Business-Minded Students Studied for Future Jobs North High's Future Business Leaders of America Club was composed of stu- dents interested in the field of business. Objectives of the group included the development of business leadership, and members' confidence in their work. Stu- dents increased their knowledge of busi- ness affairs by taking field trips to several businesses in town and engaging qualified speakers to give advice on busi- ness topics. Students who were interested in furthering their business education and who maintained a 2. 5 grade average were eligible for scholarships provided by the club from fund raising sales. Future Business Leaders of America officers were, FRONT ROW: Kohler, vice president, Louise St. John, treasurer, and Janet Birming- ham, president, BACK ROW: Jean Milton, sec- retary, Donna Blasius, historian, and Marilyn Craven, sergeant at arms. Future Business Leaders of America were, FRONT ROW: Jane Kohler, Virginia Garner, Louise St. John, Jane Blount, Marilyn Craven, and Donna Blasiusg BACK ROW: Janet Birmingham, Kathy Kendall, Linda Thomas, Jean Milton, Bonnie Schuble, Bonnie Tarlton, and Mr. Long. 1 5 1 . 1 Y , , 5 Esther Hoegner and Chuck Morrison performed in "The Music Man" assembly. Girls' Chorus members were, Piano: Doris Stevenson, FIRST ROW: D. Gooshaw, T. Marks, E. Shamhart, J. Record, L. Gilman, T. Udall, N. Freemon, C. Slentz, R. Glossenger, and ,Q'GLiQg1, SECOND ROW: L. Paul, S. Stickler, S. Hosea, E. Hoegner, E. Davenport, J. Fulton, W. Douthit, K. Kilgore, N. Stillion, C. Hershey, A. Hansen, and J. Bird, THIRD ROW: D. Dickson, G. Broad, S. Acuff, K. Dobrinski, S. Hughes, S. Taylor, R. Cogswell, S. Wallace, D. Ashly, J. Metzler, and L. Ivester. 72 A Cappella members were, Piano: Doris Stevenson, FRONT ROW: N. Addington, J. Avery, J. Scarborough, D. Sloan, B. Gephart, R. Reed, R. Sullivan, D. Kelley, A. Porter, R. Luth, C. Morrison, P. West, R. Wells, A. Kobold, P. Prather, R. Wilson, G. Carpenter, J. King, J. Winter, S. Borree, and B. Walters. SECOND ROW: Miss Hergt, D. Moorman, J. Schaberg, G. Miller, M. Bradford, K. Newten, J. Strawn, J. McHugh, E. Irrgang, S. Stramandinoli, T. Lewis, B. Mastin, D. Wilson, T. Owen, K. Kanski, C. Rohrig, T. McClure, A. Lynch, P. Ireland, M. Ice, L. Kingston, and F. Carpenter. THIRD ROW: M. Moore, J. Jackson, M. Craven, M. Davis, J. Mowry, L. Whitlatch, V. Ray, J. Milton, T. Marti, B. Moore, T. Rowles, K. Kadish, R. Baeuchler, R. Pilloud, A. Konow, J. Rons, H. Meyer, J. Strong, G. Hammond, S. Kurz, L. Lockwood, D. Doriot, L. Howes, M. Newby, and N. Gwinn. Musical Groups Presented l Programs Around Valley Singing at the music assembly, the variety show, and many other musical activities, the A Cappella completed a busy year. In order to finance a trip to New Mexico, A Cappella sold candy and held a car wash. Beginning Girls' Chorus was made up of freshman and sophomore girls who studied voice. In order to join Advanced Girls' Chorus and A Cappella, the girls had to acquire basic skills during their first year . Advanced Girls' Chorus was directed by Kathleen I-lergt and accompanied by Doris Steven- son. They participated in the Christmas Vespers program along with A Cappella and the Madrigals. Members of the Northern-aires were, BOTTOM to TOP: Esther Hoegner, Barbara Gephart, Chuck Morrison, Anne Lynch, Terry McClure, Bob Mastin, Janice Winters, Gary Hammond, 73 Diana Moorman, Ray Polloud. iq, American Field Service members were, FRONT ROW: Laurie Wallace, Paula Farney, Randi Sorenson, Kathi Stewart, Cathy Payne, Rose Glossinger, and Christine Ellis. SECOND ROW: Keny Hitchcock, Mary Payne, Nancy McLeod, Sarajo Doyle, and Carolyn Royce. BACK ROW: Dave Todd, Harley Meyer, Judy Meyer, Diane Carney, Lillian Gonzalo, Hal Williams, and Susan Wallace. Officers of A.F.S. were, Judy Meyer, Lillian Gonzalo, and Dave Todd. American Field Service Promoted World Harmony American Field Service launched a widespread exchange program this year. By collecting money through bake sales and by selling stock, members were able to sponsor a student both to and from North High. They also supported a scholarship fund for A. F. S. members. Lillian Gonzalo went to Italy for two months as North's foreign exchange stu- dent. She spent one month in Corbetta and one month in Trieste, living with two l separate families. Lillian Gonzalo found that Italian and American customs were much the same. 74 Active Students Attended Several Summer Confabs In june, 150 Arizona high school stu- dents attended Anytown in the Sky-Y camp near Prescott. Daily discussions, introduced by guest speakers, were followed by group debates. Horseback riding, swimming, and a talent assembly provided entertainment for the Any- towners. Governor Paul Fannin, Arizona Supreme Court justice Renz Jennings, and Secretary of State Wesley Bolin spoke on legislative process, and aspects of city, county, and state governments to the Boys' State delegates. Arizona State College at Flagstaff housed the 280 boys. Girl Staters, 224 in all, held their annual convention at the University of Arizona. A talent night, composed of various acts presented by the girls was held at the end of the session. li Anytown delegates were, Carol Lerner, Dave Todd, and Diane Carney. Anytowners studied human relations, philosophy and religion. l ,L Boys' State delegates were, FRONT ROW: Girls' State delegates were, FRONT ROW: Gary Schroeder. BACK ROW: Jules Le- Jackie Stewart, Randi Sorenson, and April Boyer, Lance Sherwood, and Fernando Hoots. BACK ROW: Paula Farney, and Bever- Quezada. ley Ong. 75 Kathy Krahl Jackie Stewart Captain Captain Randi Sorenson Carol Sladish Co-c aptain Co-captain Lively Coeds Encouraged Mustang Pep and Spirit Poms danced at the Phoenix Rodeo, the State Fair, and at games, and pep assemblies. During the summer, they practiced one to three times every weekg and during school, Poms attended classes which were held third and fourth periods. During summer vacation the Cheers practiced their routines and worked on a new jump which they used during the year. The girls led the cheers at all of the pep assemblies and at the games. They also participated in pep rallies. In addition to their normal activities, the Cheers raised money to donate to the needy students at North. Pom Pon Squad members were, FRONT ROW: Carol Sladish, Carolyn Summit, Mary Jane Stewart, and Jackie Stewart, SECOND ROW: Judy Patrick, Anne Kettlewell, Kathy Allison, Charlotte Rees, Laurie Wallace, and Barbara Peterson, BACK ROW: Sandra Johnston, Debbie Redick, Beth Walters, Roberta Schauer, Shirley Larkin, and Laurie Johnson. , Vw I "-ville'-" ,.. 7! H M., Cheerleaders were, FRONT ROW: Paula Farney, Jo Anne Hudson, Cathy Krahl, Randi Sorenson, and April Hoots. BACK ROW: Barbara Walters, Mary Payne, Jolene Reding, Shirley Smith, Kerry Hitch- cock, Cheryl Puse, and Marcia Ashley. if 1 ,, 1 North's football team was spurred on Pom Pons were one of the basic ingredients in to victory by the enthusiastic chants of the make-up of a colorful half time presenta- the cheerleaders and crowds. tion at football games. 77 Homecoming attendants accompanied the queen during her royal functions. Attendants were Barbara Walters, junior, Rose Mary Gillespie, sophomore, and Penny Benjamin, freshman. Homecoming Ceremonies Climaxed Football Season Homecoming activities began at half- time of the North-West game. First on the agenda was the float contest. The Senior float, which won first place, represented a Mustang stewing a Thunderbird, the symbol of West High. The Freshmen showed what a class with little experience could do when their float came in second. The junior float took third place. Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior attend- ants were presented, and the coronation of the queen took place. At the Home- coming dance which was held in the Corral, the king was crowned. Pat Reed, Steve Ingebritsen, and Todd Griffith added their contribution of labor to the first- place-winning senior float. Barbara Peterson, queen, and Bob McCann, king, reigned over the dance following the homecoming game. Some of North's lovely "football players" , danced and sang during the Homecoming pep Barbara Peterson, queen of the Homecoming assembly, a take Off of the movie West Side activities, toured the football field at half- Story time in a car driven by Mr. Courter, speech teacher. t L i 3 w During the Homecoming dance the Counts provided the music. Highlighting the dance was the crowning of the king. 79 Beta Chi Participated in Cerebral Palsy Marathon Members of Beta Chi had an objective es T which they carried out with enthusiasm. This objective was "to create, main- tain and extend throughout the home, i A' school and community, the high standards of Christian character." Among other activities Beta Chi mem- bers participated inthe annual I-li-Y A and Tri-Hi-Y Legislative Training session at the University of Arizona during December. They also attended the Model Legislature at the Arizona State Capitol in Phoenix in December . The Cerebral Palsy Marathon was another important event in which Beta Chi actively participated. f- Beta Chi officers were, FRONT ROW: I Anne Kettlewell, president, and Lani Hef- tel, vice-president. SECOND ROW: Dana Diehl, treasurer, Barbara Davis, chaplain, Lf. X' and Ginni Gabrielli, historian. 1 f L . 46 ' s Beta Chi members were, FRONT ROW: Penny Gring, Diane Chadwick, Ellen Krahl, Cherie Kleiner, Marjorie Paddock, Sandra Johnston, Pat Skousen, Carol Elias, Pam Lathrop, and Roberta Shauer, SECOND ROW: Judy Patrick, Shirley Kurz, Marilyn Williams, Neva Wick, Sammy Simpson, Valerie VanCleve, and Susan Shearer, THIRD ROW: Sandy Strong, Bobbe Fitch, Gayle Crittendon, JoAnne Kerr, Anne Kettlewell, Barbara Davis, Jackie Stewart, Kathy Krahl, Ginnie Gabrielli, and Bobbie Shaw, FOURTH ROW: Jackie Grossman, Ronna Croaff, Lani Heftel, Candy Fitch, Dana Diehl, Lillian Gonzalo, Mary Jane Stewert, Becky Swiger. 80 U lx X -n ,ri . . Kappa members were, FRONT ROW: Beth Walters, Janice Lowry, Mary Payne, Gayle Carpenter, JoAnne Hudson, Randi Sorenson, April Hoots, Marcia Ashley, and Terry Gonzales, SECOND ROW: Beverly Ong, Marta Benedette, Carol Mayne, Barbara Walters, Shirley Smith, Jan Neely, Barbara Peter- son, Linda Knight, Patsy Flores, and Brenda Mofford, THIRD ROW: Tina Edlund, Jackie Benjamin, Laurie Johnston, Debbie Redick, Kathy Allison, Jolene Reding, Pat Pavlet, Kerry Hitchcock, and Jan Schaberg, BACK ROW: Janet deBerge, Charlotte Rees, Sandy Kosacz, Janie LaBenz, Sharon Mentzer, Laurie Wallace, Shirley Larkins, and Carolyn Summit. .ram Kappa Sponsored Annual "Kotton 'n Kords" Dance Kappa, a girls' service group, is affiliated with the Phoenix Day Nursery. Kappa members donated their time in giving assistance to children of under- privileged families. Children at the Nursery were given parties at Hallo- ween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. Other projects of Kappa in- cluded a bake sale and a car Wash. The annual Kappa "Kotton'n Kords" dance was held in the spring. Girls made matching shirts for themselves and Kappa officers were, FRONT ROW: Randi their dates for this dance, and a prize Sorenson, President, and April Hoofs, fooofding was given for the best Outfits . secretary, BACK ROW: Jolene Reding, cor- responding secretaryg Shirley Smith, treasurer, and Barbara Peterson, vice-president. 81 Enjoying the piano, one of the many facilities in the Corral, were members of the Corral Board. Officers of Corral Board were, Vern Traylor, Kathy Krause, and Gary Hammond. Corral Board members were, FRONT ROW: Vern Traylor. SECOND ROW: David McC1oy and Kathy Krauseg THIRD ROW: Ron I-Iustedde, Brenda Mofford, and Karen Bryantg BACK ROW: Mr. Hawk, Gary Hammond, and Mike Buckles. Board Members Helped Supervise Activity Center After school, students gathered to enjoy a variety of supervised activities offered by the Corral. Members of the Corral Board directed and planned such activities as dance contests, ping-pong tournaments, and record sessions. Members also sold re- freshments to thirsty Mustangs . K' Corral Board members were selected by the Executive Committee . Throughout the year, new members were added as needed. 82 Board Regulated Activities in North High Cafeteria Members of North's Cafeteria Con- trol Board were in charge of making and enforcing rules for the cafeteria. The Control Board was established in 1955. Since that time, the Board and the school administration have worked together to bring good food to North at a reasonable cost. Student members of the Board patroled the cafeteria during both lunch periods enforcing the Honor Code . A warning by a Cafeteria Control member was Among Phe more mundane dutiies of I Cafeteria Control were replacing chairs and cleaning tables. usually enough to keep order in the lunchroom. .. rr- - F5 - Cafeteria Control Board members were, FRONT ROW: Jean Payastewa, Janice Lowry, Cherie Kleiner, Ellen Thien, Marilyn Coil, Pat Pavlet, and JoAnne Kerry BACK ROW: Jules LeBoyer, Bob Stirewalt, Bob Colby, Otte Carrol, Alfred McClain, Ira Friedman, Bill Dietrich, Stan Finlon, Roger Woodward, and Jerry Woods. 83 Club Members Learned by Field Trips, Lectures One of the most active memberships on campus was that of Nautilus Scientific Organization. Limited to eighteen members, the club sought to increase the scientific knowledge of students who had previously demonstrated their scientific ability and interest. On the agenda for the club were field trips to areas nearfPhoenix and longer trips to the Grand Canyon and Tucson. The club also attended two concerts during the year. The Craig Carter Memorial telescope, presented to the school by the club in 1962 was improved. Each member also gave at least one moderatorship on a scientific subject at one of the weekly club meetings . ' ., , , . u . ' ' af fewggg -' Nautilus officers were, FRONT ROW: Linda Clements, parliamentarian, and Ruth Lindauer, treasurer, BACK ROW: Lewis Kopera, secretaryg Ronald Royce, Director, and Douglas Bell, historian. 4 az, S ' ' W 'fifffil lf 4-. 2-1' W xx LA. if J, Nautilus members were, FRONT ROW: Linda Clements, Ruth Lindauer, Dorothy Doriot, and Mr. Hall, sponsor, SECOND ROW: Ronald Royce, Lee Case, Steve Sinclair, Doug Bell, and James Hayward, THIRD ROW: DeWayne Karcher, Rick Baeuchler, Mike Webb, Karl Abrahamson, and Gary Hall, BACK ROW: Larry Ong, Robert Jones, Lewis Kopera, Curtis Rogalski, and Clyde Rohrig. X Junior Statesmen members were, FRONT ROW: Mr. Ferris, Ellen Thien, Barbara Gephart, Rosemarie Eikens, Janet Clarke, Ruth Lindauer, Dorothy Doriot, Carol McCoy, Linda Clements, and Judy Meyer, SECOND ROW: Lee Case, Steve Stramandinoli, Ronald Royce, Gary Schroeder, David Breninger, Art Sanders, and Gary Hall, BACK ROW: Allen Potter, Terry Rowles, Tom Theobald, Morgan Gust, Bernie Beleak, John Stevenson, Ben Futrell, Roger Gibson, and Clyde Rohrig. Political Club Promoted Interest in Statesmanship junior Statesmen of America was a national organization composed of over one hundred thirty high schools in the Western states. The purpose of the club was to educate students in the qualities of American statesmanship and to bring about an active interest in current affairs of the state, the nation, and foreign countries. The club was a non-partisan organization operated similar to the American legislature. Membership was limited to twenty-five members who had at least a 3 .0 grade average . A few of the activities included tabu- lating votes in the city elections, show- ing a motion picture, and inviting vari- ous prominent citizens and local statesmen to speak on current economic and political problems . Among the speakers were Sam Mardian, mayor of Phoenix, and Charles Thomas, Phoenix chief of police, Ronald Royce, parliamentarian of Junior Statesmen of America, read the twelve page constitution prior to its approval by the membership. ..--f L...-0' fl! 'lf is nn? Members of Math Club were, FRONT ROW: Linda Brown, Linda Clements, Christine Ellis, Ruth Lind- auer, and Dorothy Doriotg SECOND ROW: Richard Parker, Louis Kopers, Davis Breninger, and Ronald Royce. LAST ROW: Mr. Barton, sponsor, Art Sanders, Rick Baeuchler, and Mike Webb. Mathematics Club Sought Increase of Skill at Math Math Club's purpose was to broaden and deepen the members' interest in mathematics and to increase their knowledge through the study of ad- vanced methods and new fields. Mem- bers of the club investigated areas of mathematics that were of interest to all members . By taking various field trips to local industries, asking outside speakers to share their mathematical knowledge, and discussing topics among themselves, members of the club in- creased their understanding of mathematics . Math Club officers were Rick Baeuchler, presidentg David Breninger vice presidentg Christine Ellis, secre- tary, and Ronald Royce treasurer. Math Club officers were, FRONT ROW: Chris- ' tine Ellis, secretary 3 BACK ROW: Ronald Royce, treasurer, Rick Baeuchler, president, and David Breninger, vice president. Club Sought to Promote Mathematics Scholarship Mu Alpha Theta, a new club was sponsored by the Mathematical Associa tion of America. Its entrance require- ments were higher than those of the Math Club since the club was formed to recognize outstanding mathematical achievement. The primary purpose was the promotion of scholarship in enjoying and understanding mathe- matics among high school and college students . Much energy was given to the es- tablishment of a Mu Alpha Theta Chapter at North High. The activities of the club were in conjunction with the Math Club. Giving their help to Mr. Bruce Barton, sponsor, Mu Alpha Theta officers were, FRONT ROW: Linda Clements, vice president and Christine Ellis, secretaryg BACK ROW: Ronald Royce, parliamentarian, and Rick Baeuchler, president xx 1 1 . 6 'a H '. 0 g B 'i ', '. 0 Q 8 'a'1 i.:0 G B 'i'1D 1,0 Qi' 5 'a ' 9,9 u' Members of the North High Chapter of Mu Alpha Theta were, FRONT ROW: Linda Brown, Ruth Lind- auer, Christine Ellis and Linda Lou Clements. SECOND ROW: Louis Kopera, Dorothy Doriot, and Ronald Royce. BACK ROW: Mr. Bruce Barton, sponsorg Rick Baeuchler and Mike Webb. X Club Members Acted As Guides for Open House - ' - al North High School chapter of Parnas- sus was organized to give recognition to those students who maintained a high scholastic average. Students with an average of 1.50 or with at least eighteen grade points were eligible for member- ship. Parnassus members sold derbies and fight ribbons to help Create school spirit. Parnassus, along with National Honor Society, provided a scholarship for a deserving North High student. Parnassus members also acted as guides at open house. .sais Senior Parnassus members were, FRONT ROW: Diane Carney, Ruth Lindauer, Linda Clements, Karen Bryant, Carol Elias, Anne Kettlewell, and Sally Neely. SECOND ROW: Mike Webb, Gary Schroeder, Carol Lerner, Sandy Schneider, Janet Clarke, Fran Tarves, Thelma Pattee, Dorothy Doriot, and Doris Stevenson. LAST ROW: Todd Griffith, Steve Ingebritsen, Devens Gust, Louis Kopera, Ronald Royce, Dave Todd, Lee Case, Judy Meyer, Rick Baeuchler, and Doug Bell. 88 FN limb' . Il Sophomore and Junior Parnassus members were, FRONT ROW: DeWayne Karcher, Frances Carpenter, Nancy Scheetz, Fredi Breverrnan, Linda Oddonetto, Karen Shirk, Tina Edlund, Shannon Neil, Linda Siekbinen, Kay Whetton, Linda Germroth, Joyanne Christoffersen, Nancy McLeod, Denise Jackson, and Jackie Ethington, SECOND ROW: Janie LaBenz, Roger Maake, Karen Killgore, Mary Wingfield, Margaret Patterson, Kathie Peters, Nancy Morse, Mary Reeves, Linda Robinson, Judy Gish, Virginia Schmidt, Cheryl Merrill, Vicki Hyman, Karen Harris, Lynda Richard, Mary Payne, Kerry Hitchcock, and Roberta Cogswellg THIRD ROW: Beth Walters, David Edwards, Bud Speace, Randy Paul, Joe Davis, Chuck Bedardy, Harold Schnebly, Lynda Brown, Candy Doyer, Stephanie Mills, Christine Ellis, Roberta Jett, Joyce Avery, Steve Sinclair, Robert Jones, and Rose Glossenger, FOURTH ROW: Bob Beauchamp, Richard Parker, Miki West, Scott Duncan, James Frantti, Ken Kadish, Morgan Gust, Harley Meyer, Bill Platts, George Niedner, Tom Jacobsen, Andrew I-Ielman, James Barbara Campbell, Susan Wallace, and Cathy Payne. NHS Honor Club Name Taken from Greek Gods 2 an gases, y ... Parnassus was the name of a moun- ,fft n tain dividing Central Greece and Erobia, fi, Q pg 'I an island off the east coast of Greece. 0- 15 A 'J lill fi In ancient Phocis, a Grecian country, is X' Parnassus was believed to be a favorite ',. Y resort of Apollo, the Greek god of manly youth, beauty, poetry, and musicg and of the nine Muses, goddesses of song, poetry, arts, and sciences. It Parnassus officers were, FRONT ROW: Judy was also Sacred to Dionysus the Greek Meyer, president, and Linda Clements, senior , representative. SECOND ROW: Christine Ellis, secretary, and Fredi Breverman, junior representative, BACK ROW: Steve Sinclair, vice-president, and Bud Speace, treasurer. gg god of vegetation, and wine. Key Club Gave Assistance to Kiwanis International Key Club is a service club which assists Kiwanis International in its projects, as well as working on enter- prises of its own. They have given aid financially as well as physically: their work at the annual Kids' Day at Luke Air Force Base is an example. Spon- soring the Rodeo Dance at North is another of the club's activities. The main purpose of the club is to promote Christian fellowship and the club motto is "We Build." Sponsored by Mr. Belluzzi, the officers were Dave Todd, J walflalhr. ' 'KY :if Y presidents Lynn IJaG1'One, Vice Key Club officers Were, FRONT ROW: Hal res-de t. Hal W-11-a S ecretal. and Williams secretary, and Bob Meador sergeant- Ilghil QNa?dl,on trgaguirgr' S yi at-arms, ,BACK ROW: Lance Sherwobd, treas- ' ' urer, Dave Todd, president, and Lynn LaCrone, vice-president. 1 ,W ,W 'QQ ,4 s.j if if ra-PX' Iii II . 5 Key Club members were, FRONT ROW: Bud Speace, Bob Beauchamp, Ernie Palomino, Lance Sherwood, John Rogers, Rick Berry, Lynn LaGrane and Bob Meadorg SECOND ROW: Dave Todd, Steve Stramandi- noli, Terry Nesbitt, Bbb Koler, Roger Williamson, Larry Beck, and Gene Cox, BACK ROW: Hal Will iams, Chuck Bedard, Steve Johnson, John Updike, Bob Nelson, Tony Bustos, and Mr. Belluzi. Iwi? Iii it illi Ill 7 F' Viking members were, FRONT ROW: Bob Meador, Dennis Murphy, Jack Robinson, Stan Holton, Bob McCann, Bill Saxman, Jules LeBoyer, and John Hale, SECOND ROW: Mickey Davis, Tim Ison, Loren Dickenson, Tommy Phelps, Jim Stewert, Ray Motz, BACK ROW: Paul Higgins, Stan Holten, Mike Newton, Steve Parry, Milo Beck, and Arnold Goodwin. Viking Members Helped the World Service Group Purpose of the Viking Hi -Y was to create, maintain, and extend through- out the school, community, and home, high standards of Christian character. Members held car washes, pin sales, and other money raising projects in order to contribute to the World Service Organization, sponsored through -.M Y.M.C .A. This money was used in foreign countries to oppose Communist youth centers. Viking officers were: Milo Beck, presidentg Paul Dudine, vice-president, Viking officers included, FRONT ROW: Jack Jules LeBoyer, secretary-treasurerg Robinson, chaplain, and Jules LeBoyer, secretary-treasurer, BACK ROW: Milo Beck, .lack Robinson, Chaplain, and Bob president, and Bob McCann, sergeant-at-arms. McCann, Sergeant 'at '3.I'1'I1S . 91 Parents' Nights Sponsored by NHS Lettermen's Club Striving to give recognition to all boys who had earned their varsity letter in any sport was the main purpose of the Lettermen's Club. Furthering the activities of these boys was also of great importance. A few of their en- deavors were "Parents' Nights" at football and basketball games and at a wrestling match. One fund-raising project was a "shoe-shining day, " when all of the members of the Lettermen's Club shined shoes. Coach Shackleford, with the aid of club officers, brought to North High praise for "a job well done." Lettermen officers were president, jules LeBoyerg vice-president, Arnold Goodwing sergeant-at -arms, john I-Iillg secretary-treasurer, Phil Havensg and sponsor, Coach Shackleford. Lettermen officers included, FRONT ROW: John Hill, sergeant-at-arms, and Phil Havens, secretary-treasurer. BACK ROW: Jules LaBoyer, president, and Arnold Goodwin, vice-president. 1 Lettermen's members were, FRONT ROW: Mike Zannis, Tim Ison, Dennis Murphy, Richard Yee, Buddy Morrison, Steve Parry, Ray Mautz, and Ernie Palomino, SECOND ROW: Duane Hyatt, Jim Edens, Gene Garland, Charles Hamm, John Elliott, Bob Templin, Jules LeBoyer, Johnny Coassolo, and Bill Platte. BACK ROW: Dean Leahman, Dave Roberts, Bill Saxman, Tom Thompson, Richard Brink, Pat Lafevre, Ed Loza, and Coach Shackleford. Lancer members were, FRONT ROW: Ed Loza, John Hill, Bob,Templin, Pat Lafevere, Dean Leahman, Phil Havens, and Tony Bustos, BACK ROW: John Owsley, Ira Friedman, Tom Cochran, Scott LeCrone, Bob Colby, Tim Ramsey, Bob Tellof, Frank McGee, Chris Lawlor. Lancer Hi-Y Contributed to Polio-March of Dimes Primary purpose of the Lancer I-Ii -Y was to bring about and maintain school and community spirit throughout the year. Another was to cooperate in school affairs in order to remain high scholastically, as well as in all sports achievements . Undertaking various projects which concern World Service was the goal of this group. This past year's project for World Service went toward the Polio -March of Dimes. A noteworthy program carried out by the Lancers was the "keep the campus clean' drive. Lancer officers were: Tony Bustos presidentg john Hill, viceepresidentg Phil Havens, secretaryg Dean Leahman, treasurerg and Pat Lafevre, sergeant- at -arms. 9 Lancer officers were, FRONT ROW: John Hill, vice-president, and Phil Havens, secretaryg BACK ROW: Tony Bustos, president, Dean Leahman, treasurer, and Pat Lafevere, sergeant at-arms. Press Club members were, FRONT ROW: Richard Christie, SECOND ROW: Mary Wingfield, Bud Speace, and Tisa Udall, THIRD ROW: Cathy Payne, Nancy Revels, Lynn Irvine, and Fredi Brevermang BACK ROW: Carlos Figueroa, Steve Ingebritsen, John Rogers, Todd Griffith, and Janet Clarke. Elements of Journalism Stressed in Press Club North I-ligh's Press Club was com- posed of students interested in any phase of journalism or photography. Under the guidance of Mr. Kasold, the sponsor, members studied types of publications through knowledge and practical application of principles. The group conducted several informa- tion surveys and polls, including a student market analysis. To further their knowledge of journalism, mem- bers invited guest speakers to meetings, attended seminars, and held discussion panels with other schools . Various money-making projects were sponsored by the organization to send students to conventions and workshops . a-4" Press Club members Jackie Ethington and Linda Clements discuss one of the surveys taken by the club. A 'il' Press Club and Photo Club members Bob Schlicting, Steve Ingebritsen, and Todd Griffith were responsi- ble for special projects. Annual photographers were, FRONT ROW: Bob Schlicting, Todd Griffith, and Bob Ivan, SECOND ROW: Mr. Williams, Steve Ingebritsen, Pam Gaddas, Chris Peebles, and Steve Sanderson. Photo Club members were FRONT ROW: Steve Ingebritson, Todd Griffith, and Pat Reed, BACK ROW: Mr. Kasold, Fredi Breverman, Mary Wingfield, Bob Schlicting. Photographers Performed Services for Publications Important to the production of any yearbook are the photographers, who worked throughout the school day, often until late hours, to meet the demands of annual section editors . Mr. Williams, head of the photography de- partment, supervised the taking and processing of pictures. After proofs were cropped and proportionately sized, photographers made final copies ready for the printer . An interest in photography and a desire to learn were the only qualifica- tions necessary to become a Photo Club member. Projects of the club included taking pictures at various dances and at graduation. Another project of the club was making an advertising movie in order to raise money to sponsor other endeavors in the same field. The club also bought various equipment which was beneficial to the newspaper, and yearbook. Legio Honoris officers were, FRONT ROW: Charlotte Appel, secretary-treasurerg BACK ROW: Gary Hammond, vice-president, and Shirley Kurz, president. Campus Clubs Worked to Increase Latin Knowledge Two Latin clubs based on different levels of learning were formed this year. "Discipuli Sapientipotentes Fidelissimique Virgili, " which means, "Most Wise And Faithful Disciples of Virgil," was a club for third and fourth year Latin students . Members of the club prepared discussions to present and did historical research to give to beginning Latin students. The main objective of the club was to further the study of Latin literature with emphasis on the works of Virgil. Legio Honoris was a club for first and second year Latin students. In carrying out their name, "Organization of Honor, " the students worked to pro- mote interest in the phases of Latin which were too varied to be discussed in class . Working with Mrs . Mariott, the sponsor, the two groups sought to gain a more thorough knowledge of the Latin language. The officers worked together to aid both of the clubs . NJ ! Legio Honoris officers were, FRONT ROW: Judy Gish, vice-president, BACK ROW: Dorothy Hopkins, secretary, Randy Paul, president, and Connie Slenty, treasurer. Latin Club members were: Steve Sinclair, treasurer, James Hayward, vice-president, Ronald Royce, president, and Roger Gibso secretary. ""r"" jf?::,1,gyf1fl1"M 'W I 3 V E., - 'L ,. 1 K ::"x 8 is, .A-. ' R as - R. ' K - ry, UP" 4. 5 53 Q 5 Fellowship members were, FRONT ROW: Yvonne Loza, Ira Friedman, Sammy Lu Simpson, Mary Payne, Beth Walters, Janie LaBenz, Laurie Wallace, and Anne Kettlewell, SECOND ROW: Kathi Krause, Maureen Bronson, Susan Wallace, Roberta Cogswell, Carol Elias, Judy Patrick, and Mary Wingfield, THIRD ROW: Lani Heftel, Josephine Anselmo, Linda MacTavish, Dorthy Griffin, Carol Lerner, and Nancy Revels, BACK ROW: Bill Saxman, Tony Bustos, Jackie Stewart, Jerry Weaver, Bob Beauchamp, Rick Berry, and Diane Carney. Fellowship Club officers were, FRONT ROW: ,Dorothy Griffin, treasurer, Bill Saxman, sergeant-at-arms, and Lanie Heftel, secretary, BACK ROW: Samuel Simpson, vice-president. B if N Brotherhood Stressed to Fellowship Club Members Sponsored by the National Conference of Christians and jews, Fellowship club attemped to promote better relations between all races. The club also pre- sented a Brotherhood Assembly. Of- ficers of the club attended the NCCI convention to better understand the elements necessary for an outstanding Fellowship Club. Working with Miss Ridenour, sponsor, were the officers: JoAnne Kerr, presi- dentg Sammy Lu Simpson, vice-presidentg Lani Heftel, secretaryg Dorliydfiriiin, 3 and Bill Saxman, sergeant- at -arms. ar 1 Y K' asv., ,oxomrv-" J' 1 mf! ..,. gf, ..A.. ,ya ,aJ.m 3, .,,,, S , X ,r P73 fs ' Z X ' H' 1+ ,kg ,,, X . 1 5 ... ls Conservation Club members were, FRONT ROW: Janet Bell, Carolyn Royce, Dorothy Doriot, Martha Baker, and Linda Clements, SECOND ROW: Morgan Gust, Tim Boyle, Ross Campbell, Tom Theobald, and David Breninger, THIRD ROW: John Stellhorn, Harley Meyer, Steve Brawn, John Theobald, Devens Gust, and Ricky Rhodes, BACK ROW: Steve Clarke, Doug Bell, Rick Baeuchler, Cliff Green, Chuck Harris, and Rod Tolbert. Conservation of Resources Vital to Club Members For those who enjoy hunting, fishing, and the out-of-doors the Conservation Club was formed. As a contribution to the school the club arranged for the lecture"Treasure of the Superstition Wilderness." The lecture by Mr. D. E. Wildoner was illustrated by color slides of the legendary Superstition area. Conservation officers were, FRONT ROW: Doug Bell, director, BACK ROW: Mr. Stonoff, sponsor of the organization, John Theobald, vice-presi- dent, and David Brenninger, secretary-treasurer. The lecture, "Treasure of the Wilderness, " sponsored by the Conservation Club, was presented by Mr. D. E. Wildoner. Along with his lecture he showed color slides of the Superstitions. ' .,......-.-o-- 3, ... Der Deutsche Klub members were, FRONT ROW: Mike Dewey, Gloria Ritter, Venene Schnebly, Harold Schnebly, Steve Bagwell, James Frantti, Ralph Wells, Scott Duncan, Mark Romlinson, and Richard Gemuendeng BACK ROW: Mr. Nelson, Tabby Colvin, Ron Webber, Joe Bethancourt, Barbara Kunnari, Ruth Lindauer, Pat Reed, Carol McCoy, and Valerie Gardner. HQ iq F it 'QW' I i.. is ' 5. L45 Der Deutsche Klub officers were Ron Webber, vice- fh jf president, Ruth Lindauer, secretary-treasurer, and Mike Dewey, president. Germany and Its People Studied by Language Club Under the direction of Mr. Nelson, North High and Camelback High German teacher, Der Deutsche Klub attempted "to promote knowledge and understand- ing of Germany as a country and of the German-speaking people of the world." The club was limited to twenty mem- bers, but other interested students were placed on the waiting list and be- came members when vacancies occurred. Der Deutsche Klub met in November with the Camelback High German Club, also sponsored by Mr. Nelson . At this meeting the Camelback Club members were hosts, and the North High club sponsored a joint Christmas party held in December by the two clubs . To carry out the club goal of learning more about the German people both in Germany and throughout the world, members heard lecturers and corre- sponded with other German students . Tennis Club members were, FRONT ROW: Tom Johnson, Corey Fox, Mark Dillon, Edward I-Iodenpyl, Ron Charton, Jeffrey Malovasic, and Dennis Flynn, SECOND ROW: Priscilla Swan, Kris Carson, Beth Newley, Vickie Flynn, Lona Lee, Tabby Colvin, Jana Fait, Judy McClintic, Rosanne Catalano, and Darla Moore, THIRD ROW: Mr. Corkran, Bill Riekstins, Marilyn Syneck, Joanne Jannis, Jackie Doyer, Vickie Leuba, Carol Carney, Beth Flynn, Carol McGinnis, Patsy Conaway, Barbara Lee, Terry Nesbitt, and Miss Wilkinson. BACK ROW: Coach Hardy, Mark Weatherup, Craig Jamison, Billy Freemon, Jerry Brown, Mike Bruce, Daniel Vass, Daryl Brown, Sherry Stevenson, Gloria Ritter, Bill Carroll, and Mike Zanis. Development of Athletics Sought by Tennis Club North High's Tennis Club was a member of the United States Lawn Tennis Association, a nation-wide organization composed of clubs devoted to the development of tennis. As a member in good standing, the club was entitled to vote at meetings through its membership in the Southwestern Tennis Association. Club members not only participated in tennis play but learned the rules well enough to qualify for an Umpire's rating. This was achieved by taking comprehensive written and practical tests . M00 Tennis Club officers were, FRONT ROW: Lona Lee, vice-president, and Vickie Flynn, secre- tary, BACK ROW: Craig Weatherup, president, and Duane Hyatt, treamxrer. 101 RANDI SORAN SON Battalion Sponsor Mary Payne, Company A sponsorg BACK ROW: Lillian Gonzalo, Com pany B sponsorg and Randi Soranson Battalion sponsor. ROTC sponsors were, FRONT ROW: ! ll 'N - T O, no H to ey if' is Wk , ff 3 1 W , , l 0 B 5 it if? Jklk' Y 1 W - 'Eg Q ' ws' ROTC sponsors were: Jackie Stewart ! platoon 1 sponsorg Terry Gonzales, platoon two sponsorg and Linda Clements, platoon three sponsor. 'nets-Q 5l,,,3,fNN -jv- ROTC commander stood at attention as his battalion was presented at the annual ROTC day. I : 'It sg ' f J' ROTC Club officers were, Jim Edens, secretary-treasurer, Ron Webber, president, and George Dixon, vice-president. 1, -9 . . 3 vez, K Queen Randi Soranson displayed the trophy won by ROTC members at the Military Day. ROTC members competing were, FRONT ROW: Ron Brennan, and Dave Moody, BACK ROW: Bob Orr, Jim Edens, and Gene Garland. Q- 'W ROTC members were, FRONT ROW: Dave Raines, Robert Cooper, Brent Brentley, Ray Currie and Ron Brennan, SECOND ROW: Cliff Green, Larry Webb, Steve Parmentaire, Joe Bethancourt and David Germaine, BACK ROW: John Clifton, Daniel Priddy, Dave Moody, Terry Hayes and Mickey West. 59 all lily Pep Club Pep Club officers were, Jerry Weaver, vice-presidentg Barbara Davis, secretary, and Jules LeBoyer, president. Y' Stadium Club Members Llshered at Home Games A iff- Main purpose of the Stadium Club was to usher at home games. The members handed out programs and acted as hosts and hostesses at these games. Members were required to attend all club meetings and usher for at least half of all home football games Membership this past year reached a g new high of 110. Under the direction of the sponsor, Miss Catherine Wilkinson, members worked to help improve at' secretaryg Linda Sims, vice-presidentg Janice tendance at home games. Stork, treasurer, and Janet Mowry, president. A ,.r,,,,,,,,mfe:, Stadium Club officers were, Marjorie Griswold 104 School Spirit Created by NHS Pep Organization Taking part in cheers at football games and creating school spirit were the main purposes of the Pep Club. Members sat near the fifty yard line and contributed much to the cheering section at football games . Pep Club officers presented trophies to outstand- ing athletes at the end of the year. Thomas Inman sponsored the Pep Club. Qa- PQ ,+.. .55 xg EERE rl fl'Qf:"' 1 pf iL li if V A ik KW' 5 A gVf. ' x fe- g .sli ,y y M g y ' ' 'H North's Campus Hummed 3, v ' f. with Events and Activites Activities throughout the year pro- vided a busy life for North High stu- dents. There were games, assemblies, field trips, club meetings, and dances. 5 The two formal dances, the Harvest Moon Ball and the junior-Senior Prom highlighted the year for many. Studying in and outside of classes, in the library, and at home, students at- tained listings on the honor roll, mem- Q bership in Parnassus and in National Honor Society. Science projects, art shows, and achievement tests displayed efforts of the talented. Hours of practice went into perfecting intricate marching routines performed by the band. ek? 19 wx 'fx N Af At the Arizona State Fair, North's Porn Pon girls danced and led the band down the Avenue of Flags. 106 -M Q 'sf----.......,.. ,.--.....,- J... za -...-.1 ,. X. ,pt .A ,sggnf-A v, f , N . was Q. gi wa, -Ss, , A f'-. V Vifsf A, 13:9 .Q .KMQ--A. my 'Szfgr , . , .,.,5: ..- -'. A axe. Mr. Stonoff studied the antlers of a prize winning deer which he shot. ,x 3 AN ,ff wx-- ,Jf 4 Q a QW1- vi my . k f H ,h. .,-..-', ' 3 1. X 1 -Z ff' Q,,v,k, x M M Q . A ...Ui A x' - c V --I a icy. ,, ,, . :MX 1 as-ex .X ' - fr A + - v , . - ' qi... W 3.2-Ns.:-.. , , 4. , :fiat ,. A " if Q SA :figs-.r L X f nf. iaitfifmgws 4 NI . '- A -' 321- 1 fi' 1 is., A " Many mustangs took advantage of extra min- utes in order to complete homework assign- ments. Mr. Ferris' English students staged mock- trials of Macbeth Shakespeare's famous Barbara Peterson, Homecoming Queen, ' was escorted to the coronation platform by Bob Orr. 107 murderer. Q 2 W . gui jk ggi 'Z , .J i is Ns. fir, 4 y ifx s e : ,,A , 1 ,, Girls' League Sponsored the Harvest Moon Ball Garth Tallman's band provided the dance music for the Harvest Moon Ball, the Girls' League formal dance held November seventeenth in the cafeteria. Girls' League members planned and decorated for the dance. Miss Mc- Cormick, Miss Hamilton, Miss Sayer, Mr. Courter, and Mr. Cardon acted as chaperons . Short formals were the most pre- dominant type, with chiffon the most popular fabric. Dyed to match shoes and pastel colors also were worn by the girls . Suits or white coats were worn by the boys . A. ff i W by X Assembling the decorations for the Harvest Moon Ball were Fredi Beverman, Sammy Lu Simpson, and Kathi Krause. mmf---'-' After the Blue and Silver many couples went to Dance souvenirs preserved memories various dining and dancing spots to complete an of the evening for Kathy Krause and exciting evening. her date. Dance souvenirs, hung on the walls, were taken home by the couples. Q Enjoying a waltz were Sammy Lu Simpson and Steve Sanderson. Conversation with friends provided a pleasant break between dances. Waltzes, fast dances, twists, and cha-chas were played by Garth Ta11man's band at the Harvest Moon Ball, presented by Girls' League in November. 109 Steve Stramandanoli played the lead in the "Music Man" during the music assembly. Talent, Speeches, Films Presented in Assemblies Assemblies promoting pep, safety, music, talent, and brotherhood, high- lighted the School year. The music as- sembly in November contained talent collected from the music department. A skit from Meredith Wilson's "Music Man" was performed by members of A Cappella with the aid of the orchestra and brass section of the band. Several numbers, "La Bomba, " "Besseme Mucho, " and "The Peanut Vendor, " were played by instrumental groups. Terry Gonzales added a Latin flavor to the assembly with her interpretation of the Tango. Assembly committee members were, FRONT ROW: Tony Bustos, Rick Elias, and Carol Sladishg BACK ROW: Fernando Quezada, Miss Phelps, Mr. Courter, and Miss Huey. Not pictured were Miss Hergt and Miss McCormick. nyeuow Bil-dv' was Performed by Rudy Mgnterog, An old-fashioned barber shop quartet Mr. Bagwell, Terry McClure, Tony Bustos, and Sang during a music assembly. Fernando Quezada. 111 1 .fa ,f Band members were: FRONT ROW: B. Nelson, S. Rosenfeld, D. Gullyes, J. Coursen, L. Barger, D. Chaudin, and J. Ravert, SECOND ROW: D. Brittain, P. Blackford, M. Sinclair, J. Freshley, W. Reed, S. Duncan, P. Howard and B. Miller, THIRD ROW: R. Williamson, R. Ellexson, B. Speace, J. Dollard, C. Stinson, B. Beliak, and P. Hicks, FOURTH ROW: R. Golden, J. Finklea, D. Smith, K. Hunt, E. Hodenpijl, G. Schreur, M. Middleton, and S. Garrison, FIFTH ROW: R. Coler, S. Moorman, J. Rogers, G. Danielson, M. Johnson, G. Green and K. Duncan, SIXTH ROW: R. Jones, J. Hayward, J. Schwimrner, T. Schreur, S. Schwedler, E. McAllister, L. Locken, and S. Stinson, SEVENTH ROW: D. Tolbert, S. Kliensarze, L. Buffington, D. Brown, J. Giolsh, and C. St. Clair, EIGHTH ROW: G. Mills, J. Zabel, C. McCoy, C. Kiel, G. Walsh, V. Gardner, and S. Stout, BACK ROW: F. Fauson, R. Richardson, G. Updike, B. Blackford, R. Becker, D. Bell, and K. Abrahamsen. 112 Orchestra members were: FRONT ROW: Linda Brown, Mary Foerster, Sharon Snapp, Martha May, Re becca Shaw, Melbalyn Chatwin, Venene Schnelby, and Wanda Custer. SECOND ROW: Stephanie Mills, Gloria Bagby, Becky Mammen, Alice Gray, Glen Stockton, Phillip Hicks, Harry Bastian, David Smith, and Wayne Bryan. BACK ROW: Ronlyn Talliot, Janet Bell, Sarajo Doyle, Dan Fronheiser, Terry McClure, Sandy Lemons, Rhonda Burke, Sharon Thomas, and Harold Schneby. Mustangs Musical Ability O Shone Throughout Year C X Activities of the band were numerous and varied. Highlights of the year in- cluded participation in the Rodeo pa- rade, State Fair, spring and winter concerts, and tours of grade schools. Musical assemblies, performances for football games, and exhibitions of precision marching formations were W also on the agenda . North's Service Band played at pep assemblies and ral- lies, basketball games, and other school functions . To finance a trip through Northern Arizona, the band sponsored a candy sale, a rummage Sale' and a Car Wash' Majorettes were: FRONT ROW: J. Metz- ler, L. Soucup, and V. Love. SECOND ROW: L. Cherry, N. Timmerman, and R. Clark. BACK ROW: L. I-Iearne, N. Weber, and T. Todd. 113 Devens Gust and Linda Clements were the seniors chosen to be those Most Likely to Succeed. 4' . IQ? The two Most Outstanding students on campus Distinguished Seniors Won Honors from Classmates Senior Mosts were chosen from six categories. Randi Soranson and Tony Bustos were elected Most Outstanding. Randi was Chief justice, Student of the Month and Military Queen. Tony was president of the student body, junior class, and Lancers, and an Anytown delegate . Selected as seniors Most Likely To Succeed were Linda Clem ents and Devens Gust. Linda was also honored as NCTE winner and National Merit Semi -finalist. Devens was the Physics Club president. Barbara Peterson and Bob McCann were chosen Best Looking. Barbara was Homecoming Queen, and junior Daisy Mae. Bob, Homecoming King, participated in football, basketball, and track. Robert McCann and Barbara Peterson were student body president Tony Bustos and . Chief Justice of Honor Court, Randi Soralnson. were chosen as Best Looking' Debbie Reddick and Jerry Weaver were elected by their classmates as the two people with the Best Personalities. Senior Mosts Recognized in Annual Class Elections Three categories for Senior Mosts were Best Personality, Most Popular, and Most Athletic. Debbie Reddick and Jerry Weaver were chosen for Best Personality. Debbie was a member of Pom Pon and the Girls' League Secretary. Jerry was Pep Club vice-president. As Pom Pon captain and Student Body Recording Secretary, jackie Stewart, Most Popular, made many friends. Arnold Goodwin, Most Popular boy, participated in varsity basketball, football and track. John Hill, Most Athletic boy, played varsity baseball, football and wrestling Lona Lee, Most Athletic girl, was a member of varsity tennis, vice- president of Tennis Club and G .A .A . president. ,I Amold "Goodie" Goodwin and Jacqueline Stewart were elected as Most Popular students in the senior class. John Hill and Lona Lee were chosen Most Athletic in the class of "63." A romantic atmosphere was provided the dates as they danced together. Bob Orr helped his date, Sandy Kosacz, from the car after they reached the Ramada Inn. Juniors Hosted Seniors at North's Annual Prom April thirteenth was the date on which the junior -Senior Prom was held. The scene of the prom was the Ramada Inn. A southern plantation, magnolia blossom and moon beam theme was carried out in the decora- tions and in the plantation styled rooms of the Ramada. The Inn also catered the dance, providing tradi- tional food and beverages. A profes- sional orchestra was hired to play for the event . Camations, gardenias, and orchids were popular corsage and boutonniere choices. 1+ f N ,f"'l'wl aff- At a pause in the music couples chatted around the softly lighted tables. is After the dance was over, many couples Among other refreshments, punch and cake went to restaurants for more food. were served the dancers by the Jrmior class 117 Shirly Kun performed to rhythmical drums and native chants in traditional Tahitian dance. Others are Sandy Johnston and Rhonda Croaff. All-Class Talent Assembly Broke Age-Old Tradition For the first time, in the 1962-63 school year the annual talent assem- blies were combined into one. All four classes contributed talent in the forms of singing, dancing, and playing musical instruments. Dave Todd acted as master of ceremonies in co- operation with the Executive Commit- tee and Assembly Committee. Several students sang or played instruments, and dances ranging from a Flamenco to a Tahitian hula were presented. Larry Wells played the rinky-tink piano. One of several singing acts, Barbara Gephart and Barbara Walters sang "Never on Sunday" accompanied by the "Sheep. " fxbxnva V K. - :nr .L J HV! K ns A 'iv ie! Q These dolls, called gouchos, are popular toys in Argentina. North High School Hosted South American Student Concordia Entre Rios, Argentina was the home of Marta Benedetti, N0rth's foreign exchange student. Marta attended high school at Instituto San jose de Calanz, a small, private, girls' school of about two hundred stu- dents. Marta found many American cus- toms different from those of Argentina. She especially loved the new experi- ence of eating Mexican food. Marta had three sisters in her family in Argentina: Sylvia, nineteen, Nelita, twelve, and Alejandra, nine. She lived in Phoenix with Randi Soranson, and her family. M' S 'Q' -A, ij. R 119 Marta and Mary Payne talked over the problem of backstage operations. fur . f -.AJ Hr Some of North's football players, Ed Loza, Tom Phelps, Milo Beck, and Rick Elias, clowned for Marta's benefit. XJ- f, me Newspaper staff members were, FRONT ROW: Lindy McClintic, Pam Colby, Maureen Bronson, Fredi Breverman, and Lynn Irvine. SECOND ROW: Kathy Payne, Mary Wingfield, Diane Carney, and Nancy Revels. BACK ROW: Bob Kimball, Dennis Bergstrom, Wally Cruse, Carlos Figueroa, Ron Hustedde, and Roger Gibson. Roundup Attains Goal by Informing Mustangs This year's MUSTANG ROUNDUP staff tried to give the students more variety in their school paper. Under the direction of Lindy McClintic, the staff supplied a newspaper every other week. This year's paper consisted of news from every side of life: campus scenes, city -wide events such as tour- ing the Civil Defense Center and even such highlights as the opening of the f new zoo. As an added feature, con- tests were held. """""2w-n-Q., ROUNDUP members, Maureen Bronson, Diane Carney, Terry Gonzales, and Pam Colby prepare headlines for paste-ups. 120 u 09 ,',-fx 0 "tr , Parma I-Ioiles, Janet Clarke, Jackie Ethington, Linda Clements, and Vicki Mathisen managed to work calmly while deadlines went by unmet. Hoofbeats Staff Worked Long Hours on Yearbook Good old S-7, home of the Hoofbeats for many years, was changed to S-15 to the dismay of staff members. In spite of this handicap, work Went on in the usual chaotic manner. With the help of the editorial board and the sponsor, Mr. Kasold, the yearbook At deadline time things often got a bit was produced as efficiently as possible. aggravating. Mr. Kasold solved this problem by openly posting his feelings, "Go Away! " 'T Hoofbeats staff members were, FRONT ROW: Sherri Fleenor, Judy Lambert, Sheron Hosea, Judy Gish, Linda Clements, Vickie Mathisen, Sharon Davies, and Nancy Kingston. SECOND ROW: Jan Schaberg, Bud Speace, Parma Hoiles, Cynthia Hershey, Shelly Barnett, Jean Payestewa, Karen Harris, Veronica Feightner, Doris Cloninger, and Mr. Kasold. BACK ROW: Gary Schroeder, John Rogers, Janet Clarke, Pam Gaddas, Chris Peebles, Lisa Molthan, Jackie Ethington, Sandy Schneider, and Christine Egved. 121 X . W ' u , OW fl . ' . UVM' fdfyf Q VU .1 QV MP tv AP ' 1,0 'UW OJ wif' ' - U yapff fy, A' ZW' V235 We Jjwfyk Q SQBFM if 79 V0 Vjf 5?VM ML M f f W W H, My uw W HQ! W f W KW QQ W Q fuWWUp ? W dwg is Rabbi 51 -fi? as Sb - , . Q5 'F Q55 s KY , J, My dhffxvfiif' ef X' SP0 xci eme rts KY, lr ' vlnachessgame the truee t t jx X9p"ip'a J' ,rxffthh th k'g'p1:' 11 k Ith r r X A wen e1n IS umcec. n siu A R ' , ' ' e threatening p ce, the rook in thls game, 4 N . capture the king one more move. At North K .Jr dy Rf? p sports provided t rtainment apart from the daily Q ' X ff J schoo wor . e c ' wn y Spanis c ess 1 k Th h k h b h h eces ndxcatmg th p t f p rt . Th t - fl p Its fl ibut d t th I2 th t W' 1 I X K, ' p1 , 1 N93 9,51 s,,Wj6g,f 2ZEe'ZfpsNZmf13?gL 9 f lj' 199 blx of, , QM an 3,5 f FK Mfg' M' f"X S ia SQ figiiiaifi 40 if E Jah ESP an gig? S Mustang Gil Blanco awaited the delivery from Noah High outfielder John Hill slid into the South High Pitcher during their same at home plate under the Rebel's catcher to C0f0Il3d0 Park- score for the Mustangs. 1962 varsity baseball team members were, FRONT ROW: Dennis Murphy, Andy Hansom, Richie I Klimas, Paul Dudine, Bill Saxman, Tim Ison, John Geames, and John Elliott, manager. BACK ROW: Dave Roberts, John Tincombe, Tom Thompson, Dean Mousser, Bob Conner, Ross Shannon, Dick Noonan, and Coach Tom Cooper. Team Had Winning Years North Rebuilt for '63 North's varsity baseball team under the instruction and leadership of Tom Cooper compiled an admirable record of 14-5 for the season. Coach Cooper, has been at North for three years and coached two state championship teams. He taught the boys the fine points of baseball as well as reviewing the basics . The boys were molded into a physically fit and capable team. john Geames, Bob Conner, Dean Mousser, Dennis Murphy, and john Hill were among the returning letter- men who proved to be of much value as the season progressed. John Hill, a three year letterman, led the team in hitting. j'.V . baseballers were of assistance to Coach Cooper in the coming season along with the return- ing lettermen. Y www-grime ,r if 2 21 eg xiii it , ' . ,gnQ z , A . 'flffism e,Q-xiii? - V i f K Leveling off at a South pitcher was Mustang outfielder Tim Ison. John Hill, North outfielder, watched as his single sailed over the heads of the Paul Dudine's facial expression conveyed his Rebel infielders, feelings in the North versus West game. 5 . .,.. 'www-unggn --an-..- mtn s First baseman Gilbert Blanco awaited the throw for an attempted pickoff on a West High base runner. I , .V . K K A ,A llibxwicg r we .Mm Nm: 'WZS3 aww! K. 5-7. ..,. ,A , .L W. A - " U , .V mt' u V J wfu, f Aff NW . aww, f v 'W A tip., A , . J My ,,,. - I K Q- k,,,,.,.,- . wit QFWMK swf fm ,, W5 fr L, M.. v N' .Q .ma 5 , r ' W- K . ., ,V -Q--M I , - A L . I ,U Q rwwgfg .mms W, . . rm A W K 1 'Z . W A , -' K ' A on .. - 51 , i li m pri 4- T :L i I I Mi ' 'F ab 'Q me mf ' fx'-it fi A Lflkfii- if W' V. K 7.9 nf, 'Mer ,ii ,ai r w if it 3 YK, W W "L A it f - ff-LQIVT W ,A kknlwlg I A VL ,M .W ,, I 'FV' ' f fx .mpgs ' fi ,K gk Ar sm Q 'S KL . K X -aw Myg its 'F' , ' 'i 'fl I 7 3 -. .2 if ' . fr 5 A Mustang readied himself at the plate for the pitch. No1th's batter unleashed a line shot against an opponent in the '62 season. Y H , Five Teams Participated, Saxman's Sadsacks Won n Intramural baseball was composed of 5 teamsg R.O.T.C., Saxman's Sad- sacks, Dudine's Demons, Murphy's Mice, and Robert's Rodents. Many boys, ranging from freshman to senior, played on these five teams . The R.O.T.C . had a team entirely com- prised of Reserve Officers Training Corps. Saxman's Sadsacks were the winners of the season with a 5-O record. Due to the low number of boys alloted on the varsity baseball team, many boys get an opportunity to participate in baseball even though they couldn't play during the regular season. Sophomore Terry Boat, who hurled for Sa.xman's Sadsacks, delivered a sideann curve ball to the unwary batter. C4 My P Y Saxrnan's Sadsacks, winners of the intramural crown, were: BACK ROW: Eddie Frank, Leo Elias, Scott LeCrone, Bill Saxman, John Hale , Skipp Richards, and Coach Cooper. FRONT ROW: Henry Peters, Randy Paul, Tim Lewis, Eddie Simms, Terry Boat, and Ronnie Schlabach. 127 Sid Bradley demonstrated quite a bit of effort as he took a cut at a pitch during one of the in tramural games. Tim Lewis waited patiently for the coming pitch as the catcher stood poised. John Edwards stood at the plate anticipating the arrival of the pitch. North Met Dual Defeats Mustangs Shutout Central Tucson's Badgers downed the Mus- tangs l9-6. The Mustang's only score came when end Bob McCann caught an eight -yard pass from quarterback Phil Havens. Mustang center Don Schaud- necker was lost for the season when he broke his leg stopping a drive over cen- ter. North's Mustangs were downed 13-6 by the P.U . Coyotes. North scored on a twenty -yard pass, when Bob McCann made a one-handed catch of Phil Hav- ens' pass deep in the end zone. The Coyotes also got their scores on pass plays in the first and second quarters. Mustangs first win of the season came in a 13-0 whitewashing of Central The Mustangs jumped ahead with a twelve yard touchdown scamper around end by halfback john Hill. Hill then kicked the conversion. North's quarter back Phil Havens completed the scoring with a fourth period roll out play. ..........,Lt North's senior haliback John Hill Q30j cut back on a long run against Camelback Spartans as Bill Deit- rich 1701 waited to throw the key block. Varsity football team members were, FRONT ROW: Mike Mohaghan, Bill Stephans, Lee Udahl, Scott LeCrone, Bernie Krystek, Tom Cocran, John Hill, co-captain, Pat LeFevere, co-captaing Sal Huitron, Mickey Rink, Al Taylor, Mike Cordon, Chris Lawlor, and Dennis Lindberg. SECOND ROW: Coach Shackleford, Kirk Cardon, manager, Ottie Carrol, Richie Yee, Bob Tellef, Tim Ramsey, Pat Maloney, John Hale, Rick Elias, Tom Bastian, John Elliott, John Owsley, Craig Green, Sid Bradley, Rod Stires, and Dave Munger, manager. BACK ROW: Coach Don Covey, Phil Waldron, Larry Christopherson, Cliff Bradley, Milo Beck, Dick Williams, Dwain Sharmen, Bob Ternplin, Phillip Havens, Bill Deitrich, Mike James, Raymond Mautz, Tom Phelps, Ed Loza, Arnold Goodwin, Bob McCann, and Coach Boyd Long. Defensive guard Ed Loza put the stop on a Mesa High Jackrabbit. Halting a Phoenix Union halfback was North High de- fensive back John Hill f16j. 131 North Achieved Victoriesg Spartans Dealt Out Loss The Mustangs edged the T-Birds 14-13. john Hill scored from three yards after West had scored. For the second T.D. Hill shot off tackle, ran thirty yards, and kicked the point after. The last fifteen seconds the T-Birds scored, but the kick failed and victory was preserved. Cambelback downed the Mustangs with a rugged 18-9 victory. North scored first with halfback Richie Yee running for a T.D. from the Spartan fifteen. Camelback, tallied to tie the game. john Hill made a field goal, but the lead disappeared before half- time. North captured a 21 -7 lead at half- time to down Carl Hayden 28-20. Phil Havens scored on a quarterback sneak. Halfbacks john Hill and Richie Yee scored on runs of six and two yards respectively. Bob Tellef scooped a wayward Falcon lateral and ran four- teen yards to tally. -'TV' Q 1 Phil Havens f17j, Mike Cordon f3j, and Dana Hamm led the Mustangs onto the field for the start of the game. Mickey Rink Q31j intercepted a pass in- tended for a South Rebel as he was brought down from behind. ga I " ,X 2 'fum South Rebels Beat North, Gridders Grabbed Double Against South Mountain, North's Mustangs were defeated 21 -7. The Rebel's tallied for seven points. The Mustangs came back with a three -yard plunge by Phil Havens, after which john Hill kicked the extra point. North's Mustangs battered Amphi 43-8 . Phil Havens scored twice on runs of fifty -five and twenty-nine yards . Back Sal Huitron ran for two tallies of five and seven yards. North added to their score on a twenty -yard effort by john Hill.. Bob McCann scored two touchdowns on passes. North ended their season on a vic- torious note when the jackrabbits of Mesa fell 14-13. Halfback john Hill tore through the Mesa line and sprinted fourteen yards for a touchdown. After Mesa evened the score, North tallied on a six yard Havens to Yee pass. Ed Loza QSOQ helped unidentified North gridder bring down Central Bobcat in a game which North won. John Hill Q16j, North halfback, scampered around end past two West High defenders to score a Mustang touchdown in a game which North won 14-13. Tom Cockran f64j, Bob McCann f81y, and John Hill 116, teamed up to halt the ad- vance of a Mesa Jackrabbit in North's final game. .lV's Acquired Experience for Coming Grid Season junior varsity football players, under the direction of Coach Cooper and Coach Caldwell completed a l-l -7 season. Facing rough competition the entire year, the JV gridders gained valuable experience which will aid them in earning their varsity letters in the '63 season. Coaches Cooper and Caldwell did much in the way of promoting sportsmanship as Well as the basic fundamentals. Basic fundamentals are stressed among the football players. Getting in condition to play football required hard training and quite a bit of time. Experience was gained on the playing field as well as in varsity -junior varsity scrimmages. Junior varsity football team members were. FRONT ROW: Lynn Perryman, mgr., Bob King, Frank Colts, Joe Kappas, Ken Galbraith, Jack Barger, Ronnie Schlabach, Charles Stinson, Larry Price, and Pat Harris. SECOND ROW: David Gardner, Terry Boat, John Naughton, Tom Grover, Phil Clifton, Jack Beveridge, Richie Comendin, Don Mosteler, Mike Middleman, Jim Garrison, and Fred Ethington. THIRD ROW: Coach Caldwell, Howie Anderson, Dave Webster, Gary Williams, Jim Crandell, Walt Terry, Leon Hazelwood, Lawrence Adair, Nick Griggs, Herry Downson, Billy VanNordwick, David Paine, Craig Carson, and Coach Cooper. BACK ROW: John Heide, Douglas McCarty, Al Konow, Mike Harris, Glen Alford, Rick Price, Pete Condray, Mike Gaff, Steve Mormon, Tom Golden, Rod Hart, Bobby Stenivick, and Spencer Smartt. The Pee Wee football team members were, FRONT ROW: Doug Jarmen, John Bailey, Paul Chuka, Don Green, Tom Shanahan, John Grisby, and Curt Curtis. SECOND ROW: John Clancy, Jim Gooch, Bill Kern, James Hargrove, Jay Arnold, John Gulch, Eddie lgleski, and Don Mose. BACK ROW: Bill Christianson, Jackie Nations, Mike Barletett, Barry Magriff, Eddie Smith, Bill Romley, Steve Clarke, and Dave Finley. Gridders Learned Basic Fundamentals of Football Pee Wee football players compiled a season mark of l -6. The Pee Wee, or light -weight football team, was organized to give the lighter boys a chance to participate in this sport. Quite a number of boys responded this year and a team with considerable depth represented North High. Boys participating in the Pee Wee league had to meet certain qualifica- tions in order to play. They had to be a freshman and weigh less than one hundred and twenty -five pounds. John Hill Q3Oj succeded in scoring a Mustang touchdown against the defense of a Central High Bobcat. 135 Training for Grid Games Proved Quite a Project Frosh gridders settled their season's activities with a 1-4-3 record under the supervision of Coach Brookhart and Coach McDermott. Techniques and fundamentals were given to the athletes. Coach McDer- mott developed many drills for the boys to go through while at practice. These were drills for coordination, alertness, and fitness. During the middle of the season the Mustang grid- ders became proficient at these various tasks and duties, as well as assign- ments. Richard Yee 1221 skirted around right end and out ran two Central Bobcats in a game which North won 13-O. Freshman football team members were, FRONT ROW: Gary Mills, mgr.g Vic Tome, Skip Hughes, Joe Klimas, Bob Bayne, Rupert Loza, Danny Kenny, Mike Neal, Bill Zuraff, Mike Cameron, and Dave Davies. SECOND ROW: Coach Brookhart, Gregg Giacona, Jim Kolts, Bill Owsley, Bob Barfoot, Dave Smith, Bruce Blackford, James McClain, Steve Summers, Don Carey, Charlie LaBenz, Larry Wilson, and Coach McDermott. BACK ROW: Craig Lathrop, Ed Stinson, Alton Hales, Charles Brennenger, Dave Colts, Jim Rainey, Tim Farney, Keith Orr, Mike Finn, and Larry Sheridan. 136 4 40' :fo'- 4' 'figs 5 0 1 xr U "lr I Y 2 1 9 Bdskdfbcll ,r gf Q irq 4 no 'NW Q . x K . ff i , I - gi - T fmffi- -I- i'22"w"-" M N 13, fl ,127 gg , " A Aff' u fi? '39 . fir" ir, ., If 'E 53'-T 'Q 23 T 4, z-,, - f ... If 1 2 ,f 2 ,. f.. -we 55 f W, K1 Siu? sig!! f -4 M v if E if un-up sg '15 i Q . 4 K v x GW A gli ,X - N-N. fifffiif TWV Y A AiAi: i wx Y 9' R lg-'Q .. A Varsity basketball team members were, FRONT ROW Richard Yee Buddy Morrison Mickey Davis Steve Perry, and Bob Tellef. BACK ROW: Paul Huggins manager Stan Holton John Updike Gilbert Blanco, Amold Goodwin, Bob McCann, and Co McCann Leading Scorer On the Mustang Varsity North opened their season by losing two games: Phoenix Union 59-45, and Central 61 -49. After defeating West 69-61, the race for the high point crown was between Arnold Goodwin and Bob McCann with 35 and 39 points respec- tively. The Mustangs then lost one game to Rincon 51 -44 but came back to upset Alhambra 77-50. Carl Hayden defeated North 55-40, and the Tucson game was lost 47-37. A close game with West was won 56-53, and North went on to beat Alhambra 68-32. Carl Hayden ended the winning streak with a 56-52 defeat, and Camelback followed by winning 49'-47. North vol- leyed to defeat South 52-47, but the final season game ended with a 52-61 defeat by Central. Ahead by 50 points at the Camelback game, McCann widened his lead to 76 points, insuring him the high point crown. ach Hardt Center Dave Pearson, junior varsity eager, jumped high above the outstretched hand of a West opponent on a basket attempt. J.V. Basketball Members Trained for the Varsity Phoenix Union 17 . . . . North 25 Central 36 . . . . North 31 West 23 . . . . North 40 Rincon 37 . . . . North 43 Alhambra 29 . . . . North 30 Phoenix Union 30 . . . . North 25 Camelback 43 . . . . North 24 Carl Hayden 16 . . . . North 47 Tucson 32 . . . . North 33 Camelback 34 . . . . North 39 South 34 . . . . North 28 Phoenix Union 50 . . . . North 37 Central 49. . . . North 39 West 25 . . . . North 42 Alhambra 29 . . . . North 24 Carl Hayden 39 . . . . North 42 Camelback 27 . . . . North 38 South 34 . . . . North 31 Central 35 . . . . North 41 Junior Varsity team members were, FRONT ROW: Lynn Perryman, manager, Blaine Davis, Jim Gar- rison, Tom Grover, Tom Gordon, and Larry Christopherson. BACK ROW: Kelly Purdy, Craig Carson, Bill Moore, Doug McCarthy, Dave Pearson, Wirt Twitchell, Randy Coppie, Chuck Blair, and Coach McDerrmott. Gil Blanco 134, and Bob McCann 121, watched as Arnold Goodwin 151, grabbed for the ball. Tom Thompson 110, waited for a rebound John Updike 153, blocked a shot by Central as as Arnold Goodwin 151, tipped the ball Gil Blanco 134, and Mickey Davis 132, rushed into the basket. in for the rebound of the ball. Members of the Freshman Basketball team were, FRONT ROW: Jack Nations, Craig Stevenson, Steve Sadler, Leon Mose, John Rulloda, John Kern, Eddie Igleski, and Jerry Brown. SECOND ROW: Leroy Lee, Steve Casciola, Larry Lee, Steve Summers, Bob Llywellyn, Dennis Stoyer, Billy Freemen, Craig Schlientz, Eugene Neissen, and Coach Pat Roper. Freshmen Completed 8-8 Season's Basketball Mark Phoenix Union 43 . . . . North 47 Central 60 . . . . North 38 West 18 . . . North 46 Maryvale 40. . . North 34 Carl Hayden 40 . . . North 47 Camelback 31 . . . North 40 South Mountain 26 . . . North 36 Maryvale 48 . . . North 47 Phoenix Union 48 . . . North 39 Central 54 . . . North 30 West 39 . . . North 35 Alhambra 41 . . . North 49 Arcadia 51 . . . North 43 Carl Hayden 50 . . . North 45 Camelback 38 . . . North 42 South Mountain 38 . . . North 50 Blaine Davis f44j, North center, tried to out maneuver West High Thunderbird in West- North game. QQ fob QOJ M5 wif wig? , ,,6X L' w5w Q. QKOL67 QJQX ,CL W ,, r 1 S. Y K M V5 ,WWW M wi To prepare for the city-wide track meet, members of the team spent several hours daily in practice. Determined athletes were revived by "second wind" and put forth a final burst of energy as they neared the finish line. Mike Boyce wound up for a discus throw dur- ing practice after school. 144 B. Long Completed First Season As Track Mentor Varsity and junior varsity track teams, led by Boyde Long, had another fine season this year. New training rules and coaching methods used by Mr. Long were mainly responsible for' this season's record. Working under the handicap of the first year with a group of new boys Coach Long faired well in the instruction of such events as discus, shot put, high jump, broad jump, hurdles, relays, and running events. Athlete John Mayhan began to tire near the fin- ish of the 880 run during a practice for the Luke- Greenway track meet. TN 9 Phil Havens showed his prowess at the high hurdles during a practice session after school at the North Stadium. Leading shot-putter, Bill Dietrich, put the shot 56'3" during an aftemoon practice. McCann, Lehman Were Top Mustang Trackmen Seniors Bob McCann and Dean Leh- man chalked up many points in dual meet competition for the Mustangs. Bob McCann, shotputter, put well over forty-five feet in competition. Dean Lehman, being handicapped by an in- jured knee his junior year, vaulted over thirteen and one half feet. Other outstanding thinclads were: hurdlers Phil Havens, and Mike Gaff, sprinter Byron McCormick, and miler Harry Kirby. North's cindermen were in top physi- cal condition. Each practice started with a rigorous fifteen minutes of exercise. The boys then ran the track, or perfected their form in their respective events. During physical education John Brown practiced putting the shot. Delbert Lister, Mike Gaff, and Phil Havens cleared the high hurdles during the aftemoon track workout. 146 John Brown edged over the high jump bar during a track practice. unuulllil Shot put is an important part of track. Doug McCarthy worked hard on his form this season. Decathlon winners were Dean Lehman, firstg Phil Havens, secondg Delbert Lister, thirdg and Mike Gaff, fourth . 14-7 il Cross country team members were, FRONT ROW: Steve Sinclair, Bob Colby, and Mike Boyce. BACK ROW: Terry Ballard, Richard King, Ernie Palomino, and Steve Cassiola. Thinclads Won 3 Lost 7 Built Stamina for the Run Cross country team members compiled a season's record of 3-7. Coach Kolbe saw that the boys were in good condition to run the two and one half mile country- side jog. North . . . . Central North . . ..... Alhambra North . . ........ South North. . . . . Alhambra-Hayden North . . . .Camelback-Maryvale North . . . . Alhambra-Maryvale North . . ......... Union North . . . Maryvale North . . .... West Runners waited for the starting gun to begin their countryside jog against Carl Hayden at Papago Park. ' ? Us Y S f 2- K , .ig ,, 'S 5 i 2' Tlf , ,I , V . A ' L ff 'MX ? i 2. Q: 1 --L-1 ,I 1 ' , L,- , 2 fs A : J ., , -' -fifsvfwzf-am A X f 55.525 'fW5?:q?l'QLsf 52!f':Qzfiiif1?x?fiii3225961555514 Li'iwiT?9Zf2iv"J k ,,,.35Ag5g,Wqg,h., .eww ,.., LG. .,,.,Wmx.,.gf,..,.,,.,,.,,,, -f 1 - 7- :M-W. - wzk-M, :fm f25wvg4 1 Aw-qi :Ji H ,, . , .:,.., , ,, ,, , S lf' S.":?-':fi1E'5'f2,a5jj":EgEff!::,., :1'Qg:' .'I',::-j'fEQ?:E':!:.,-335:,QL:H Q X 5 K if X sn X H s we? .X .S 'Z , 1 :. A 3-X: K 5 if WT , ia, F il Z' " n f L Rye? iii AQ MEJ Y in -s I Qzfgiygszggggiiw , my mf-A ie. Grapplers Had 5-4 Season, Three Qualified for State North's wrestling team compiled a season mark of 5-4. North had a fine tournament team. In Carl Hayden competition, Bob Mea- dor captured the crown in the 95 lb. di- vision and Tom Phelps won third place in the 180 lb. class. In the district tournament, john Coassolo and Tom Phelps won first place ribbons and john Hill placed second. This entitled the boys to go to the state THGGI . North faired well in the season dual ITIGSISI North North North North North Union North South North Maryvale North Union North Central West Alhambra Hayden Camelback Tom Phelps reversed South Mountain op- ponent for two points in the 180 lb. class. Ninety-five pounder Johnny Coassolo pinned Union foe with a cradle hold. Varsity wrestlers were, FRONT ROW: John Hill, Pat Malloney, Curt Simon, John Naughton, Miki West, Bob Meador, and Johnny Coassolo. BACK ROW: Bob Templin, Tom Phelps, Pat Lefever, Mike Cordon, John Owsley, and Coach Covey. ...naw Against his South Mountain opponent, Pat Le- ferve stood up trying for an escape to earn two points. Chris Lawlor cross faced Phoenix Union op- ponent and got the takedown for two points. 2 Johnny Coassolo followed through on his fireman's carry on matman Jack Beveridge Junior Varsity wrestlers were, FRONT ROW: Dennis Lindberg, Ernest Aldama, Tom Tieman, Joe Pacheco Mike Jackson, and Kenny Rudisal. BACK ROW: Coach Caldwell, George Thorn, Glenn Alford, Craig Green, Spencer Smartt, and Richard Holmes. John Owsley put the cross face on his Phoenix U ' f t ' b tt 'd . mon oe O gam a e er H e 180 lb. wrestler Tom Phelps grabbed a leg and arm to break down South Moun- tain Rebel. 153 Gymnastics Team Formed On Campus This Season Gymnastics started at North for the first time this year. Under the direc- tion of Coach Brookhart, the gymna sts parallel bars, trampoline, horizontal bar, and tumbling mats. A new sport at North this year, gym- nastics had a turn out of over eighty ' boys. Not being able to handle that many boys because of lack of facilities, Coach Brookhart cut the team to a smaller squad. Due to the fact that this sport is new, the boys spent quite a bit of time ac- quiring the physical conditioning and stamina needed for gymnastics. Corey Fox flipped off the horizontal bar during practice as Coach Brookhart held the safety belt. Gymnastics team members were, FRONT ROW: Joe Kappas, Mike Johnston, Dennis Casteel, Burly Ta- retzki, and Mark Dake. SECOND ROW: John Terry, Bob Davies, Bob Barfoot, Corey Fox, Bob Nelson, and Tom Whitters. BACK ROW: David Edwards, Bill Zuraff, Nick Griggs, Bill Shatel, Roger Williamson, Terry Burns, and Coach Brookhart. 154- learned to do their routines on the horse, X 'hx A gymnast completed a giant swing on the ' horizontal bar during practice. David Edwards locked his elbows and re- Corey Fox ended his tumbling routine with a mained poised in a handstand on the backward flip. parallel bars during a gymnastics workout. 155 .. . T M . . EV :foun- A ggyv..--.---I 'L ,cs nm 'T. Girls' golf team members were Cario Martinez, Kathy Henning, and Sandra Manning. The team played various high school groups across the state. ,. X Y, h,gh Kf If ki R xi if I h i w it .1 Miss Standafer, girls' golf team coach, de- monstrated good golfing form to Kathy Henn- ing and Cairo Martinez during practice. New, Advanced Golfers Participated in Competition Representing North High in golf matches was the girls' golf team. The team consisted of girls interested in both beginning and advanced phases of the sport. Miss Standafer, new team sponsor, guided the members in their activities. Beginning golfers used the campus to practice after school and the more experienced girls played at local courses. On the team's schedule were matches with teams from many state and valley high schools. wig' A ity! J .7455 i if L. if V 5 . ,av ? K 3 H X l Golf Team Members were, FRONT ROW: Mr. Williams, Chuck Bedard, Joe Paletti, Jerry Cornoyer, and Gary Love. BACK ROW: Curt Lance, Bob Haley, Jerry Danielson, Richard Ferria, and Peter Woods. Members of Golf Team Challenged Other Schools Mr. Harold Williams, in his third year as coach, led the boys' golf team through another excellent season. jerry Cornoyer, returning letterman, was this year's number one man. Matches were held every Week against other high schools. Practice and meets were held at the Encanto Golf Course. Golf Team Members Gary Love, Joe Paletti, and Chuck Bedard watched Jerry Comoyer de- monstrate proper form and stance for putting. Varsity Badminton Squad members were, FRONT ROW: Pat Conway, Linda Seikenson, Kathy Henning, Carol Kosto, Sue Heizer, and Pam Lynch. BACK ROW: Vicki Love, and Barbara McGee. Badminton Included As a Girls Participation Sport Supplementing one of the girls' sports, the Badminton team included girls inter- ested in badminton. Games were mostly inter-team and played before school and during lunch periods. Miss Standafer, team sponsor, directed the girls through successful matches with Valley schools and the Arizona State Badminton Tourna- ment. 158 Leslie Merrill, Linda Bell, Jan Ansel, Linda Stein, Carol Kosto, top badminton team member, tried to reach a serve in an intra-school badminton game. 'T ' . . 2 lg. 34 if Y Pairs A Members of the archery team were, FRONT ROW: Carol Saliba, Pat Conway, and Martha Walthal. BACK ROW: Joy McCraw, Pam Lynch, Linda Stine, and Kathy Manning. Pam Lynch, Linda Stine, Martha Walthal, and Joy McCraw practiced after school and during the fourth period. Archery Team Competed In the ASU Tournament Archery was again included in the girls' sports program. By practicing after school and during lunch periods , girls on the archery team improved both coordination and marksmanship. Girls on the archery team were eligible for competition in the annual Arizona State University athletic tournament. Coaching the girls archery team was Miss Standafer. Hyatt Number One Netter With Boys' Tennis Squad North High's boys' tennis team worked hard this year not only to improve the school's tennis record but also to im- prove their style. Under the sponsorship of Coach Hardt, the boys worked dili- gently throughout each session. After the preliminary practice sessions and tryouts the varsity team was chosen for the year. Duane Hyatt was the number one player on the varsity squad. ...l... .,t.Qt - ... N. .al t ... ..--.. M W: :kk 'WK' 'NWWESS Safaris as is we 59.6 3 ,K -3' is-xt v R5 xt.-2.0-at -wg ' ' Q r t , new 1 V..k y -t I 1 ,V p f " ti e ' 4 ' I' . tr Q . X. . 5 lk! 1 ' F 5 , ,ft it f X xqskgwf I Q ex t . , K K 'QR A at X' 5 g v 1 v H tt. " ' f .t 4. E, i ' i ti f xgg In V t t Axxtxbtwt ,, ' fwzsiw . ' f':ef'fef'-:f-f:1 if-Q, .1 .- - st -1 - . U .5 ' 1 A M.,,,c,.v.5 Y 5 . , M q , t, . N. gif ,lg fra? ,4,tw -"" ,.t4q.1.,4,x1'f!41vxt,k .K ,.,. .,ttxttkn1w.1xa.a.,x-f'i ..... -- " ,,t.f-x'41t ilm.xX.xl:x- . 3.'w-xmas.-Aw ..r.,x t fax: .....i tn tmi uigaxxxmglf xx A i:1"t"3iQ" A ,newim W X ' 'KN'-if . Q 'ax lftiwwirh kg K tt XM? Maw Q tt ts is at Stijp 5 , 2 3. up ,. Q ,i Craig Weathenip stretched for a difficult shot. 4 i Mark Weatherup accepted the defeat John Ecks returned the ball which Mike Kem served. gracefully from his opponent. Varsity girls tennis members were, FRONT ROW: Sherry Stevenson, Vicki Flynn, Lona Lee, Cathy Colvin Barbara Lee, and Sharon McClellan. BACK ROW: Beth Flynn, Charlotte Kilsby, Jana Fait, Kris Carson, Kris Swarr, Joanne Zannis, and Miss Wilkinson. Tennis Players Competed With Other High Schools Girls' Varsity and j.V. tennis squads completed another successful year. Throughout the year they participated in intra-school matches and matches against other schools. Miss Wilkinson, again team sponsor, guided the girls in developing skill, fitness, and st le along with fellowship and fun. t , -'WU x 'S , is QWLWWZKT Zblvmff 415,03 l Lona Lee backh:-mded the ball to return the shot to her opponent during a practice match 55555555513 ei Z? 5 Sify W5 5 if 5 f ,59 ii QW X is 2? xg 355 fi wg Q23 533222 A Q56 ,xfM 'TK'fQvM43 , Exif 9 f Rf H x fx , A Ag D - Q O -0 x.D , QQ f Siva, r 0 Fl - if P 2 W N, C X A Q gb 2 O Q SE? gi fi ' Laila CN Wwe ULUSMJWMW nop WN For a win, a chess game must end in a check- ate, a point where one king cannot move to any position where he will not be captured. Classic chess pieces represent in this checkmate the blend- ing of modern and traditional in today's students. Graduation closed the game for the seniors at North in 19635 but, like chess, a new year promised new pieces and a new game. The checkmate just ends a single chess game, and educadon is not over with the close of a single school year. W lasses ,rw f rf, WW jffflw 4,1 W M MW WW W f Mmmihmr Senior class officers were, SEATED Terry Gonzales, vice-presidentg JoAnn Hudson, treasurer, and Sandy Johnston, Girls' League presi- dent. STANDING: Lance Sherwood, presidentg Claudia Everett, Honor Court judgeg Lindy McClintic, secretaryg and Shirley Smith, Honor Court judge. Four Successful Years Brought to a Conclusion Leading the Senior Class this year were Lance Sherwood, president, Terry Gonzales, vice -president, Lindy Mc- Clintic, secretaryg JoAnn Hudson, treasurerg Shirley Smith, Honor Court judgeg Claudia Everett, first semester Honor Court judgeg Kathy Krause, second semester Honor Court judgeg and Sandra Johnston, president of Senior Girl's League Council. Helping the Sen- ior Class officers as sponsors were Mr. Miller and Miss Nelson. Many activities and fund raising projects were initiated by the seniors. One such activity was the construction 164 of the float "Stew 'Em Again" which won the Homecoming game competition. A pancake breakfast was sold to the student body during january to replenish the treasury and a sports dance was spon- sored after the Phoenix Union and North football game. During December the seniors went to the Snowbowl near Flag- staff, brought back snow, and built the traditional snowman on the auditorium steps. When May came, Seniors had to squeeze studying in between their activi- ties. Among these were the graduation rehearsals, the All Night party and the Senior Farewell Assembly. ABRAHAMSEN, KARL ALDRETE, WAYNE ALEXANDER THOMAS I ASHLEY, MARCIA BACI-IMAN, LINDA BAEUCHLER, RICHARD BALLARD, JOHN BECK, LAWRENCE BECK, MILO ,Wa 'X ,qu We Spent the Year ,fir nw' 3 A 4.4-v arf' I ,A , ' alps! A bg x 1 .gy 165 BECKER, RAY BEHL, BERNADINE BELL, DOUGLAS BENEDETTI, MARTA BERENSCHOT, ALBERT BERGSTROM, DENNIS Seniors Remembered BRADEN, RICHARD BRADY, SIDNEY BRANNAN, MIKE BRENNAN, LOIS BREWER, GAYLORD BRILLHART, JIM BRINK, JAMES BRITTAIN, DANIEL BROBERG, JOHN BERKEY, CHERIE BIRMINGHAM, JANET BLANCO, GILBERT BLASIUS, DONNA BOWLES, CAROL BOWN, JEFFREY Attending Graduation Practice BRONSON, MAUREEN BROWN, MONTE BROWNELL, VERN BRYANT, KAREN BURKINS, ANN BURNETT, TRYoN E BUSTOS, ANTHONY CARLOCK, CAMILLE CARNEY, DIANE CARPENTER, GAYLE CARR, ROBIN CARTER, LANNI CASALENA, MICHAEL CASE, LEE CASTEEL, LARRY 167 Selecting a class gift CLEMENTS, LINDA CLICK, JUANITA COGSWELL, BRENT COLBY, PAMELA COLER, ROBERT COLLINS, CAROL COOPER, MARGARET CORNOYER, JERRY COX, GENE CATLIN, THOMAS CHARNOKI, JOSEPH CHERRY, LEAH CHESTER, DAVID CLA RK, RANDALL CLARKE, JANET Seniors enjoyed the combination of during ZL Friday lunch period. CRAMES, MARY ANN CRIST, LARRY CRUSE, WALLACE CULLEN, DAVID CURRIE, DLANNA CURTIS, JAMES CYMBALSKI, DENNIS DALTON, BERNARD DAVIES, SHARON Sponsoring a pancake breakfast a meal and the company of friends found in the Mustang cafeteria 'vi' 'X Q' 169 Studying Senior Math CS' DEWEY, MICHAEL DiSTEFANO, TED DICKINSON, LOREN DIEHL, DANA DOEHLMAN, ELAINE DOERSCHLAG, LARR DORIOT, DOROTHY DOROSKY, RANDY DOTSON, PENNY DAVIS, BARBARA DAVIS, LORNA DAVIS, MICHAEL DAVIS, scoTT DEAN, LINDA DeMARL1E, TRUDY X f x DOUGLAS, CARL DRAKE, JUDITH DRAPER, ALLEN DUDINE, PAUL DUNN, LILA EDEN, JAMES EIKENS, ROSMARLE EL1As, CAROL EL1As, RICHARD Doing Stock Market Analyses Q' 459 171 ELLER, KAY ELLEXSCN, RANDY ELLINGTON, DOLORES ERSPAMER, JAMES ETHINGTON, JACQUELINE EVANS, JOHN Studying Chaucer EVERETT, CLAUD IA FACCHIN, ANG ELINA Deciding what to buy for lunch pre sented a problem to Rick Coughlin FARNEY, PAULA FEHR, JOETTA FEIGHTNER, VERONICA FENLON, ROBERT FERRIN, GREGGORY FISHER, LOLINDA FITCH, CANDACE FITCH, CHARLES FLEMING, CLAUDIA 1 3 Z .s fx Z E 2 s 2 E R FRANKEL, PHILIPP ERAZIER, JAMES FREDERICK, ANDREA FRENCH, LAMONT FRIEDMAN, IRA FULTON, NITA GADDAS, PAMELA GAILEY, CATHERINE SUE GALBREATI-I, ALAN Leaving a class gift FORBES, ROBERT FOWLER, BEVERLY Q' Discussing American government GONZALES, TERRY GONZALO, LILLIAN GOODWIN, ARNOLD GORSAGE, LARRY GRAHAM, MARY GREENE, LINDA 174 GANTT, JERRY GARNDER, VALERIE GARLAND, GENE GASPARAC, ROGHELLE GASSLER, ROLAND GELRUD, RUssA GIBSON, JACQUELIN GIBSON, JEANETTE GIFFIN, RICHARD GRIFFITH, TODD Omccs, MARSHA ORIMM, LOURETTA GUST, DEVENS HALE, JOHN HALEY, RITA HALL, GARY HANSON, SHARON HAVENS, PHIL Visiting college representatives aw-A Q55 Judy Patrick was questioned by defense attorney Jim Pickett at the mock MACBETI-I murder trial Over which judge Lance Sherwood presided. The re-enactment of the trial was an act1v1ty of Senior En 1sh classes. 175 Discussing Toynbee Students spent the few minutes before first period enjoying each other's company and anticipating the day's beginning. HAWKINS, CAROL I-IEADLEY, GEORGE HEFTEL, LANI , . HEIDE, MARY HEIMANN, CAROLINE HERMANN, GEORGIA HLRRING, LINDA HIGGINS, CAROL HILLMAN, PAMELA Ev 176 I-IOILES, PARMA HOKANSON, LINDA HOLLINGSWORTH, C ONSTANC E HOOTS, APRIL HOOVER, STANLEY HOPKINS, SUSAN HOUSER, CAROL HOWES, LESLEY HUDSON, .IO ANNE HYATT, DUANE IMHOFF, RALPH INGEBRITSEN, STEV EN Reading MACBETH HLLL, JOAN HILL, JOHN HLRST, MARY 'N Sending Out Graduation Announcements 'E JOHNSON, STEPHEN JOHNSTON, SANDRA JUMP, KATHLEEN KANE, CHRISTIE KASTL, CARROLEE KELLER, JOANNE INGRAM, JAMES INMAN, JERRY INTEMANN, NANCY ISON, TIMOTHY IVAN, ROBERT JACOBS, BARBARA JOHNSON, CHARLES JOHNSON, ROBIN JOHNSON, SHERRIE Orr... J., . AL ff-' 'Banff Selecting "Senior Mosts' KETTLEWELL, ANNE KING, JUDITI-1 KING, RICHARD KINGSTON, NANCY KIRK, KAY KISER, MARY KNIGHT, LINDA KOBOLD, ANDREW KOI-ILER, JANE KOLSRUD, NANCY KOPERA, LEWIS KRAHL, CATHY KENDALL, C1-IARIES KENDALL, MICHAEL KENT, MARY -QI 179 Writing research papers 3 2 Students gathered in small groups on campus during lunch periods to discuss the morning's activities KRAUSE, KATHERINE KURZ, SHIRLEY LaG RONE, LYNN LANGFITT, KAYLA LAREAU, JANET LATHROP, PAMELA LeBOYER, JULES LQFEVRE, PATRICK LEE, LONA 180 Ck. LIGHTNER, FRANCIS LINDAUER, RUTH LISTER, DELBERT LOCATIS, RON LOCKWOOD, PAMELA LOZA, EDWARD LUDWIG, JAMES LYONS, KATHY MacDONALD, LARRY Practicing for graduation LEHMAN, ALLEN LEHMAN, DEAN LEIGH, SANDRA LEMONS , SAN DRA LENON, C HA RLOT TE LERNER, C AROL QQ i! Going to the Last Blue and Silver MACHULIES, JACK MAGNUSON, JAMES MAI-IONEY, PAT MAIZE, ALISON MANGUSO, LANA MANKINS, DONALD MATTINGLY, DAVID MAURER, GERALD MAUTZ, RAY MCBRAYER, HUGH MCCANN, ROBERT MCCARTER, TAMAR MCCASLAND DAVID MCCLINTIC, LINDY MQCLURE, TERRY 182 Working on Westinghouse Projects MEYER, JUDY MII-IELICH, CHARLES MILLER, MARILYN MILLER, PAULET TE MILLER, RICHARD MIRANDA, DIANA MOAT, EUGENE MOFFORD, BRENDA MooRE, CAROL Attending Awards Assembly HWY MOORE, JEAN MOORMAN DIANE MOORIS, PHYLLIS MORRI SON Q WAYNE MOWRY, J AN ET MULLEN, KATHLEEN MUNGER, DAVID MURPHY, DENNIS MUSE, TOM NEELY, SYLVIA NEELY, v1Rc1E NELSON, ROBERT NEWEY, MARY 184 Qavfif A popular attraction for band members during their visit to the State Fair was the Dean Van Lines Special, an Indianapolis-type car driven by Troy Ruttman. NOONAN, RICHARD O'DONNELL, CAROL ONG, BEVERLY ORR, ROBERT OTTOSEN, DIANA PADDOCK, MARJORIE PAKAY, RAYMOND PALOMINO, ERNEST PARKER, DALE Taking College Boards NEWPORT, M IC I-IAEL 5 NEWTON, MICHAEL as 'Nw Agsnm ,pr-, 3 , Studying the Bard H 21 P .Tea . PATTEE, THELMA PATTERSON, EDWARD PAUL, STEVEN PAYSNOE, CAROL PEEELES, CHRIS PETERS, JANET PETERSON, BARBARA PHELPS, THOMAS PLOTNER, FRED PCLLACK, CHRIS PONTE, MARK PORTER, KAREN PARKER, JUDITH PARRY, STEPHEN PATRICK, JUDY PORTER, KATHY POWERS, DONALD PRATHER, PAMELA PUSH, CHERYL QUECK, SUSAN QUEZADA, FERNANDO Speaking to College Representatives RANDLES, CHERYL RAY, VICTORIA REDICK, DEBORAH REDING, JOLENE REED, PAT REILLY, GINNIE ANN RICHARDSON, CHRISTOPHER RINK, MICHAEL ROBERTS, DAVE A 187 Building the first place float ROBINSON, JACK ROBINSON, PATRICIA ROGERS, JAMES ROGERS, JOHN ROMNEY, STEPHEN , ROOF, HAYDEN ROUSE, BARBARA ROYC E, RONALD RYMER, TRUDY Both professional and amateur talent participated in the Jazz Festival. Ron Flores, Ken Ealy, and Tom Waldrip composed one group that played. 188 SADLER, DAVID SANDERS, ARTHUR SANDERSON, STEPHEN SANDOVAL, JANLES SARVELLA, JOHN SASSER, 'JAMES Planning for the future SATHER, SANDRA SAXMAN, WILLIAM SCHARBOROUGH, J UDITH SCHABERG, JANICE SC I-IAUDENEC KER, DAVI D SC HAURER, ROBERTA SCHISZIK, RONALD SCI-ILICI-ITING, ROBERT SCHNEIDER, SANDRA Cherishing each assembly SC HREU R, THEODORUS SC HROEDER, GARY SCHWEDLER, STANLEY SEAY, SAMUEL SHADLE, DAVID SHALLEY, LINDA SHARMAN, DUANE SHAVER, THOMAS SHAW, BOBBIE JEAN SHEARER, DOUG LAS SHEARER, KATHRYN SI-IELTON, NANCY SHELTON, RUDY SHERWOOD, LANCE SHORT, JANE Members of the football team were introduced by Coach Shackleford during a pep assembly. SLADISH, CAROL SLAPE, SHARON SLINKARD, GEORGIA SLINKER, DAVID SLOAN, DONNA SLOPER, CHERRI SMITH, JANICE SMITH, SHIRLEY SNOW, PATRICIA SIMON CURTIS SIMS, KENNETH Cheering at football games 7 SIMPSON, SAMMY LU SKOUSEN, PATRICIA 191 Watching The Snowman Melt STEVENSON, DORIS STEWART, JACQUELINE STEWART, JAMES STEWART, MARY JANE ST 1EFER,L CURTIS STIREWALT, ROBERT ST OWELL, JU LENE ST RAWN, JAY SULLIVAN, RICHARD SNYDER, RAWSON SORANSON, RANDI SOWDERS, CAROL SPARKS, ROBERTA SPEARS, GARY STELLHORN, JOHN SWINEFORD, KATHERINE TARVES, FRANCES TEMPLIN, ROBERT THEOBALD, JOHN THOMPSON, MERRIS TIEMAN, SANDRA Beating Mesa at Football TINGLE, DENNIS TODD, DAVID TODD, TAWNEY TODD, VICKI TOPALI, TINA TOREI., RONALD TOWNE, .IUDI TRUJILLO, VALERIE TURLEY, KENT Attending the Senior Farewell URNESS, WAYNE VALENTINE, PAT van NESS, BILLIE JEAN V an SIC KLE, JOHN VOORHEES, MARY WALDRON, PHILIP WALTERS, RONALD WEATHERUP, CRAIG WEAVER, JERRY WEBB, MICHAEL WEBBER, RONALD WEEKS, FRANCES wELsc1-1, GREGORY WESLEY, DONALD WEST, PAUL Looking Forward Ito Being Freshmamn WICKA, VINNEVA WILLIAMS, JUDY WILLIAMS, MARILYN WILLIAMS, RICHARD WILLIAMSON, ROGER WILLS, VICKIE WILSON, CYNTHIA WILSON, VICKI WINTERS, JANICE WITTER, JAMES WOODS, KAREN WOODWARD, ROGER YEE, RICHARD ZODY, CAROL ZUNDEL, PENNY 195 Junior class officers wereg SITTING: Bob Meador, Honor Court judgeg and Mike Cordon, pres- ident, STANDING, Mary Payne, vice-presidentg Sharon Mentzer, Honor Court judgeg Janie LaBenz, secret:-1ry5 Laurie Wallace, Girls' League Representativeg and Pat Pavlet, treasurer. Dances, Sales, Rodeo Day Junior Class members kept busy dur- ing the past year starting with a success- ful Mustang pin and sno -cone sale to students buying books in August. Other projects were the sale of North High sweatshirts, mistletoe at Christmas, and a second Mustang pin sale in September. The junior-sponsored "Basket -Brawl" which took place on March 8, was a bas- ketball contest matching faculty members and football players and cheerleaders and 196 Features of Junior Class poms. Gymnastic demonstrations were presented at half-time. For the first time in North High's history the juniors sponsored a Rodeo Day. During the day an assembly, a barbeque, and dance contests took place. Most students Wore casual western clothes that day. An annual project closing the year's activities was the junior Senior Prom which was held at the Phoenix Country Club. N EE: 2 'S S, Q Us S 4' 9, 'i ,- J, x" igliigj H 5 gs, -14 W' A. Q K 1 2524, .1 r 1 - - 'I .f9:Qfff:5mi'f'E- . 3 X, x 4, 5 I an 3, X X it sms i X as A , is r 91 , sz Anspack, Terry Armstrong, Dick V Am01d,Denms ,:r, Avery, Joyce Awe, Benny ,,,-f Ayers, Del N. .,,, E Ayers, Karen Ballard, Janet Ballard, Terry Barger, Jack Barker, Tom Barnes, Gail Bastian, Tommy Bayles, Elizabeth Beaty, Melba Beckman, Albert Behun, Ronny Beinlich, Bruce .An Q1 QQ ,, sms ii U 114WQ' R L lx m WX rfiflff sf' HSV' X.. nfl sxa 22 t 5 in N ,- ,.-. . W 2 x A! 'Stir + Aaron, Patsy Adams, Eddie Adams, James Addington, Nancy Adelman, John Aldama, Emest Alden, Pam Allison, Kathy Allred, Clyde Altstatt, Thomas Anderson, Jim Anderson, Karen 5 'S - Fr 'vii "I Mr ' ' :.. ' 'ii' 'I' s r I, fr ra ff "img, 'ear '- .- K : .,,. xi ww , erin ' 1 uf " ' It -- ,,r. r , Q - - '-s-we f , .s -f " " risen ,lim 197 aa.""f"-:1,::.': " Isa , . -T : ,ii A - V .. 4 W .. 'f: Beltz, Harry Bell, Charlotte Bell, Linda Bennett, Carl Benjamin, Jackie Berry, Toni Berthiaume, Cindy Bethancourt, Joe Betts, Bill Billings, Beverly Bisesto, Joan Bisesto, Phyllis Looking forward to being seniors "-,r..-i1 iz 4 is ,WM w 99' 4 , 'Q .if ,san r i cw sill Sri, if Breverman, Fredi Brink, Richard Briske, Mike Britton, Cheryl Briuee, Robert Bronson, Bruce Brown, James Brown, John Brown, Linda Browning, Janice Broyles, James Bryan, Charels Buffington, Lana Bulicek, Carol Burgan, Lance Burkhardt, Ricky Burns, Michael Bush, Jean Byers, Rodney Camp, Barbara C ampbell, Barbara Cantrell, Judie Cardon, Kirk Carpenter, France S if 'ws '- ' .. gage-fgiiiiii if - 'fi . ,E ""' ' , 'T' fig X E 198 Bivens, Wayne Blackford, Steve Blaney, Karen Boat, Barbara Boelke, Bob Boman, Scott Bonner, Dian Bourland, Don Bowers, Don Bowers, Joan Boyce, Mike Bozich, Helene Braaten, Tom Bradford, Mary B Bradley, Cliff Breninger, David Brennan, Chuck Brennan, Ronnie 4- in .. eth r. if Carraro, Cherryl Carroll, Ottie Carson, Bonnie Casteel, Dennis Chadwick, Diane Chambers, Clydene Champney, Betsy Chard, Tom Chester, Mike Childers, Bob Christoffersen, Joyanne Clalk, David Clark, Rhonda Clegg, Priscilla Clifford, Tim Clifton, Richard Clower, Mike Coassolo, Johnny Cochran, Tom Coffin, Diann Coil, Marilyn Colby, Bob Cole, Beverly Collins, Rex Conaway, Pat Conklin, Billye Conn, Ed Conner, Kent Conrow, Carol Conrow, Cheryl '-ff N, , 'wt fl if 1 R Our year was filled with activities ,,, , .Q i ,gm ,,,,,., .,,, ,,. , ,, H , . W - ji? ' , nf' , ,. 5 i r img, N 1 me 2, In X n Q 1 ww A +53 n 199 N Cornell, Charles Cordon, Mike Cotter, Shirley Coughlin, Rick Couliette, Donnie Craven, Marilyn Crittenden, Gayle Croaff, Ronna Crook, Barbara Crowe, Jim 4 doa ' i TT? X H e ve been busy Dake, Jon Danner, Darryl Darr, Velva Davis, Nancy Davis, Mary 4 Fimbres, Lupita Firth, David Fisher, Allen Fitch, Bobbe ": ,if " mei rf fs agr ,gil 'L 5 xxx S X K r Q wr Q I figs if 3 . airs.. -1Z55f"QfE g J' if I Uzzlgvsii ii , l ,gi af M-is I Q 2 at Gy M hw S K, ., 4 1 WX X .fi L at it ,. 3 if .gi .5 N s Vik. 'ls-5' :Sass ,ES Davis, Welda de Berge, Janet De Ment, Mary De Verge, Eddy Dickerson, Lucille Dietrich, Bill Dittler, Diane Doherty, Lynne Dollard, John Doskocil, Bob Dougherty, John Downs, Barry Eads, Robert Easterly, Jim Edens, Gay Edlund, Tina Edwards, David Egleberry, Linda Ehlers, Pam Elliott, John Ellis, Christine Ellison, Cathy Emhoff, Tom Endean, Kenny Everett, Sharon Ezell, Doug Facchin, John Favour, Bill Ferrell, Linda Ferrin, Melissa 0"1 More ssimsn .siqmviigm Building a float ME Students watched half-time activities ef E if - A -I . ,fgifgifig ' 3 , i. ,E 5 A ibm X A er- -w-ww ' ximfr ,1 4994 2 0 1 while standing in line at the ii- . . ' L., fi I . tf?f11iii7??'.- concession stands. Fleenor, Sheri Flores, Pat Flynn, Vickie Force, Anita Frazier, Jeannene Freeman, Nancy Freshley, John Fry, Shirley Fullwood, Millie Futrell, Ben Cac, Lillian Gaff, Mike Galusha, Robert Gauthier, Henry George, Donald Gephart, Barb Germroth, Linda Giacona, Anne Gibson, Roger Gilbert, Wanda Gilman, Elaine Glossinger, Rose Glover, Gene Glydwell, Sandra Q-X Reading THE SCARLET LETTER --'A A ' ww it ' so I-Ianneman, Leroy G, Hansen, Kathi - Hansom, Miriam Harns, Bonnie Hart, Nancy Hart, Janice , ANY, 'H Hart, Rod Havens, Kay Hawkins, Donna J' Hawthorne, Lance Hayward, James ' Heisser, Ken Helm an, Andrew Helms, Jan Hendricks, Janet Henning, Chris Henning, Kathy N A LSA D 5 3 T Wg a Y " :fav - Henderson, Eileen i 20 -lk.-P Q 4' , ,S f, 1 X1 - H as . R W 3 S, ,, '55, 5 , 2 Goings, Marilyn Gonsalves, Jeanette Gooshaw, Della Gorczyca, Gale Gould, Linda Green, Clifford Green, George Gregg, Barbara Griggs, Nick Gring, Penny Grodzinski, Sandy Grone, Jim Grossman, Jackie Gudinas, Larry Gunter, Linda Gurm an, Richard Guse, Stephanie Gwinn, Nancy Hackmeier, Lou Hagerman, Mike Hall, Linda Ham, Dana Hamilton, Albert Hammond, Gary Houston, Robert Hubbard, Rick Huffman, Steve Huggins, Paul Hughes, Ronald Huitron, Sal Hustedde, Ronald Hutcheson, Pat Ice, Marilyn Ingram, Nancy Ireland, Pat Irrgang, Joe Jackson, Brian Jackson, JoAnn Jacobs, Jim Jacobsen, Tom James, Donna James, Mike Jennings, Cheri Jett, Roberta Johnson, Andy Johnson, Linda Johnson, Wayne Johnston, Danny Johnston, Laurie Johnston, Mike Jones, Mike Jones, Robert Jones, Robert Jordan, Susan Taking National Merit tests K . .... iw, ' 'QP Henry, Ernest Heuser, Sueanne Heyler, Bob Hisey, Susan Hitchcock, Kerry Hodgson, Frank A Holderby, Ray H ' Holton, Stan 'S' Hoopes, Jack gggu Hoover, David Q F 555 w 203 Il ,ta raw. is 1 fr J I 4 4 F 5 ll it f 31 1, t e nt" H2 .2 'gif 'U J , lf? Q Sponsoring a sports dance f I f fr s 'ig : .J3 if fi-W , x k.r, L 1 ,ng ,r 'sg ,Io-llw xtzjdw 4 A J .V rf Q wr, ,H 'Q 'riff . i X Sk es- , , P r r 1 f ff V -1 ., , as Q -f e r, ef no ,,s Ls-l. f' ':-, t -- xvqq . K is .gif -mv' E Q9 .4 , r iw ff 4 X A I' v v , "" M , Q, VU Q, s I r Q: any , AMX r . . S 'rlgkili ' 'L an WEE' 'E ,fn f ' Zfir. Eh- fur, C?', ...: X I A Krahl, Ellen Kraus, Larry Krystek, Butch Kullander, Wayne LaBenz, Janie LaDow, Dixie me Kallin, Jack Karcher, DeWayne Katsenes, Chris Kauffman, Ron Kellar, Carl Kerr, David Kerr, Joanne Kerr, Mark Kiel, Cheryl King, Bob Kingery, Merrilyn Kingston, Louise Kirby Harry Kircher, Nancy Kleiner, Cherie Knight, Russ Knochel, Alan Koehler, Connee Kolm, Richard Kolts, Frank Konow, A1 Kosacz, Sandi Kosto, Carol Kracht, Mary The junior class float required the combined efforts of many people including Mike Cordon, Jan Martin, and Jan Lowry. 14 X E rl N4 Q 4 ,K if 2 in i- : fx Hosting seniors at the prom sf if .4 1 ,, 3 N32 3 X M 8 RWE' Ke F1 x S' Sli? WA X we 'P lla- fy. : 'QF' t M' ' fWf?i'i'fY1f:gf. , ef, 0 .,-Y QLTW ' ' :9+:f, f1 S?-f""L:,ff 'ff , f.:, H ,, 'si 499' ,L ,Q 5 is 'Wi 1 vim X 'aw-I I wg, will ,L in 2- f J iw., , Q if E 4' I 1 ,S -,fk Q 1571 '- k :M . Q. 3,1 , Mx .,,, inf will McAllister, Edmond McClain, Alfred McC1oy, David McCormick, Joe McCoy, John Laird, Ray Lambert, Judie Lanreville, Hank Lane, Linda Larkins, Shirley Law, Kenny Lawlor, Chris LeCrone, Scott Lee, Barbara Lee, Betty Lee, Owen Lemons, Jan Lerch, Sue Lewis, Millie Lewis, Tim Lien, Sharry Lillywhite, William Lindberg, Dennis Lindquist, Pat Locken, Leann Lockwood, Lydia Lombard, Kathy Lombardo, Sue Lookingbill, Lenard Lopez, Vince Love, John Lowden, Michelle Lowry, Janice Lucy, Doyle Luth, Roger Lykken, Jan Lykken, Ronny Lynch, Anne Lynch, Nancy Lynn, Horace Mabrey, Billie .,... L gg I 5 .1 .P m .. rt L 'A --'-: 1 J s in J J .. 1, - 1, 205 9 Taking P.S.A.T. .iv .5 ' "l v:e:L'52i':,mi?' . ww if -W' , S Q: ll- aw . W' Medlin, Tim Mentzer, Sharon Merchant, Jim Metcalfe, Pat Miller, Eddie Miller, Gerry Miller, Lee Miller, Mike Miller, Ray Milton, Jean McCrary, Charles McElwain, Charles McFarlin, Skip McGee, Frank McGinnis, Bill McGinnis, Carol Mclntosh, Lynn McLeod, Nancy McMurrey, James McVay, Daisy Maffed, Pat Malaim are, Sandie Malish, Terri Mallonee, Pat Mandell, Mark Manning, Sandy Mans, Rick Marchese, Dee Mars, Bill Marti, Tim Martinez, Kay Martin, Jan Mathieson, Del Mathisen, Vicki Maurer, Phil Maxwell, George Mayhan, John Mayne, Carol Mead, Duane Meador, Robert Minsky, Shirlee Michler, Sondra Mitchell, Cox Mitscher, Jan Moat, Richard Molthan, Lisa Q ii f Discussing American history 1 r Q L Junior class officers Mary Payne, Mike Cordon, and Janie LaBenz discussed proj- ects at a junior class meeting. 1 in ' fx 'S 207 Monaghan, Michael Moore, Melba Moorman, Steve Morgan, Larry Morgan, Toby Mortimore, Dennis Mudersback, Paul Mullaney, Carol Murphy, Carolyn Murray, Steve Muse, Dorothy Nazaroff, Greg Neal, Jack Neely, Jan Neil, Shannon Neisen, Eugene Nelson, Jean Newton, Gary Newton, Karen Neidner, George Norton, Kathi O'Daniel, Larry O'Donnell, Carol Oksanen, Carol Purchasing class rings Oller, Les Olson, Vicki Ondrey, Frank O'Neal, Mick Owen, Tom Ong Larry Owsley, John Pacheco, Joe P" , 'E Pacheco, Pat Paddock, Sue 1 'W ' M l J ':k.4 co. ldlfi, K 5.qgXf"l, WL!" f K 'M Q U7 ' Y 'ff in f . , QF' 'S' f r, 5 , ,M X En I J Q., Hav- K :Ars . fa i 1. vx, 1 W, 'rw 'Wi 208 W1 fl, zigz .. Palm er, Gary Palmer, Judy Pare, Linda Paris, Torn Parker, Larry Parlato, Dennis Parlato, Janice Passey, Joan Patemo, Pati Paulson, Kenneth Pavlet, Pat Payestewa, Jean Payne, Mary Paysnoe, Dianne Pearson, Robert Pederson, Pat Perrine, Paula Phacas, Stella Piercefield, Carol Pilloud, Ray Pitchford, Dorothy Platte, Bill Polson, Valorie Potter, Allen Prae, Linda Preach, Collette Pritchard, Pam Prychodnik, Ronald Rains, Dave Raley, Richard A iw .f ,ff ,, ' ,. fl' if" . 5 Mgg... . Q K 'sa A f- in ' 3 Q l , .,, 1 ' .1 Reidliead, Jam es Reidhead, Lim RhodeS, Richard f 'LL'L f r - Rhodes, John if wz" ' Rice, Kathy 'ziz gf, ::..-,: "-. , Richardson, Russell 51,3 5 1 ,f 'r : Riggle, Bonnie ' Riker Bob -L A Ruling, Bev Rogalski, Curtis J Rog ers, Mary ' .... Rohrig, Clyde ,- F r H r W, A .,-Ma Q- ,Q . , - wg, Rons, Jan , -. . ,. .. :ff , ,. .. r. Rood, Jeannine ,vlzzl , , Rose, Margaret i V2-- . .f- ' J Rosenfeld, Stan " if X r 'Kg' K Q A Rothery, Barbara Roundey, Gordon H U fs 1 L , ' E,.. .,a Becoming upperclassmen , Q' Ramos, Terry Ramsey, Tim Ray, Sherry Raymond, Carl Record, Dorothy Redd, John Reed, Cindy Reed, Ronald Reed, Tony Rees, Charlotte Reese, Bebe Reese, Phyllis fa 'K x -1 'E fa X 1 im g , I Rowles, Terry Roy, Sharon Ruiz, Pete Rupe, Jim Ryan, Karen Ryan, Paula 4 'lg e ,I 'H 13 2 ri will Q I 'a,ff.f 3 Plgp f a g QQ? 'T J - V ,i r ,V .. Y ' 1 gf K , , U fa .A ii 2 1,7 .':. ' " QP' 'Q ' - ,rj R ' New V r- 1,., , , ,,,,,, .. ---" . 209 Rybenske, Tamara Salpietro, Sara Schaffer, Don Scheetz, Nancy Schilling, Lana Schnebly, Vennie Studying American authors S is Y l Q3 lf ,, , 5. S , f . ,M , L ii- f :1 A " 5 w M. l ,,. wt, ggi Schuble, Bonita Schubnell, Sharen Schultheis, Bill Schweikert, Tom Seabert, Marilyn Sebring, Don Seymore, Stan Shamhart, Eileen Shaver, Mary Shaw, Becky Sherman, Julie Shipp, Kathy Shirey, Thom Shores, Phil Shupe, Vici Siegal, Kandy Siekkinen, Linda Sieving, Sherry Silverthom, Louis Simpson, Chuck Simmons, Kitty Simmons, Larry Simmons, Mark Sims, Linda Sinclair, Stephen Six, Henry Skousen, David Sloneker, Rita Sluter, Don Smith, Bob Gloria Valenzuela and her part- ner Ramon performed a Spanish Smith, David Smith, Georgia Smith, Karen Sneade, Brian Soldat, Tom Sonnenberg, Gary Selling mistletoe dance during talent assembly. I Sorkin, Nathan Spauling, Daniel Spencer, Paulie Sperling, Chris Spittle, George Spurlin, Cheryl Standlee, Sharon Stanley, Tom St. Clair, Christine Steele, Barbara Stein, Pearl Ann Stenevik, John Stephens, Bill Stevens, Richard Stevenson, Lynn Stewart, Bruce Stinson, Sandy Stires, Rod St. John, Louise Stramandinoli, Steve Strawn, Ray Strickland, Mona Stringer, Steve Stroh, Barbara .. .. ,,l:: -nw Wg X asf if v .r Tiff, Q 'fi n we G XM its 5. V. ,eh Selling sweatshirts ,' , :In Q. - as r. - . ig'-as ,Q Q ., xt ms W fl -we X 1'0" 4 s Toth, Larry Towson, Terry Trick, Vicki Trzeci-ak, Jolene Turley, Jackie Udall, Lee Updike, John Van Gorp, Lois Vannier, Jim Vesely, Elizabeth is 34 X M. 4 K ' " ,X ,, si' 5 ff , X I- . 1 .if 'V' I Z :-' k.le s T 1-:ez off- ,, vu- ' 1 S Xvlii' 'ia iw Tw in v, as A 212 Strong, Sandy Stroup, Tom Stuckey, Larry Sullivan, Edith Summers, Steve Summit, Carolyn Sutterfield, Donna Swiger, Becky Swoyer, Richard Szabo, Suzanne Tarantino, Jim Tarlton, Bonnie Tellef, Bob Therio, Pat Thien, Ellen Thomas, Lew Thomas, Mike Thomas, Tommy Thompson, Jane Thompson, Skip Thompson, Tom Thorne, George Thorn, Karen Thornton, Kathi Thorpe, Sue Thrasher, Rick Tilden, Danielle Timm erman, Nancy Tolbert, Rodney Tomlinson, Mark J ' Participating in talent assembly I 45" HI Q Elma" Wicka, Denis Williams, Hal Wilson, Dave Wilson, Dave Wilson, Ruth Winfield, Jessica Wise, Fred Wissinger, Charles Witters, Tom Wolf, Earliss Wood, James Woods, Gerald Wright, Harvey Wright, Peggy Wyatt, Gary Yakupcak, Ann Zabel, Jeanette Zamborsky, Bonny Zamborsky, Lynn Zannis, Mike Zenor, Cherie Ziemer, Duane Zohner, Rodney Zundel, David K" , g gfiwf QQIJQ ef ' x ' ' Sf., 'sa - A sa, Qs ' 4 in Q as I K . it 55.1, N! 7. - Kim as 'il' .K 3 I an iff. Y -r" 3 -s i Villiborghi, Tom Walker, Don Wallace, Laurie Walston, Sheila Walters, Barbara Walters, Beth Walthall, Martha Wamer, Steve Waugh, Gary Webb, Marilyn Wedder, Chris Weir, Danny Wells, Larry Whetton, Kay Whitcher, Jane White, Bob Whiting, Linda Whitlatch, Laura me K iijli k ' . 213 'ff K T ga' RXM k K Sophomore class officers were, BACK ROW: Bud Speace, treasurer, Roberta Cogswell, vice-president, Paula Blair, Girls' League representative, and Carlos Figueroa, president, FRONT ROW: Susan Wallace, secretary and Jean Switzer, Honor Court judge. Successful Year Completed by the Sophomore Class Participation in North High campus activities of the largest class at North. life took many forms for the Sophomore Heading the class were Carlos class. Building a float, sponsoring the Figueroa, presidentg Roberta Cogswell sports dance after the North vs. West vice -presidentg Susan Wallace, sec- basketball game, and holding a money retaryg Lyle Speace, treasurerg Jean making project to provide funds for Switzer, Honor Court judge g and Paula additional class projects were Blair, Girls' League Representative. 214 Our second year was exciting Abel, Steve , T Ad-uff, D kkk . gk , 4' .,, iw , ai? Adair: Doug X. rr re e , Albert, Gerald X ' it Q Alexander, Bin :" e ,-we Alexander, Larry t. gig E ifzr is Alford, Glenn 'Y , Allen, Carolyn '.e- ' X A ' ,N Allen, Linda Q ,E ,ez ., - ,gg ,Ib Q K" J 'lr re ew, , .f ,.,. , , Allen: Tony 2, 2 A L' 2 A -A" is wifi K '- ' 5 .K Anderson, Brent i f K r " Q 13" y -4 . "-: M Anderson, Clifford ' ,, C, . 1 Q :gg ' 1 ,Q " -ffl x re e. 1 r af..-A r te e Anderson, Howard Anderson, Jan 'B blnk Andreson Roy ,X 3: ,, ,,. D , -f Anselmo: Josephine iii zi, V li 5 K Y Anton, Tim Apple Charotte wg, ,..' "". if 1 'L k' M3 21 if . fi we la Q 'ii I it r i .qi in W W3 , ar"-lk gg eg! QYf-l fs E i 2 'ff I if ,. in if ng-rf V ,-J, K. -.r , E iv' Y., Q ,Q N 1 SK-eg? weft T - , , QS '14 X 'S 215 Apple, Linda Arrington, Phil Artman, Carol Ashley, Diane Bailey, Del Baird, Martha Baker, Martha Baker, Paul Baker, Tom Ballamy, Chris Banta, Betty Barger, Robert Barnes, Thomas Barnett, Tim Beauchamp, Bob Beckett, Donna Bedard, Chuck Beebe, Patty Bennett, Bonnie Bennett, Eddie Bentley, Richard Bergstrom, Ken Berry, Rick Berthiaume, George We're on the way up U Q P 4 L ,qgzya ', 'Vx 3 ff' QT r M 25 sw mfg -1 .W lf' . .Lv -wr ' if T H gqgunm ii'-, A, jill .ul- Blasius, Glen Blinn, Darlene Blount, Jana Boat, Terry Bobo, Raymond Bochat, Paul Bomar, Marilyn Booker, Judy Boyer, Dick Boyle, Tim Bradley, Tim Brannon, Linda Brennan, Elaine Broad, Gail Brockman, Judy Beveridge, Jack Bimson, Pam Bird, Judy Birmingham, Carol Blackford, Paul Blair, Charles Blair, Donna Blair, Patti Blair, Paula Blair, Susan .QE in Bair Broumley, Lester Brown, Cory Brown, Janice Brown, Karen Brown, Linda Brown, Lynda Brown, Randy Brownell, Lyle Brugaletta, Joanne Buchanan, Charles Buckles, Mike Burch, Elizabeth Burke, Rhonda Burton, Sharon Carpender, Kenneth Carpenter, Jack Carr, Thomas Carson, Craig Carter, Sharon Carter, Terry Cartmill, Jim Caruso, Sal Casey, Crystal Cays, Susan Chapman, Glenn Charlton, Ron Chatwin, Melbalyn Childers, Lawrence Christie, Richard Christopherson, Larry Clark, Earl Clayton, Minnie Clevenger, Carol Clifton, Phil Cloninger, Doris Clower, James Cogswell, Roberta Coleman, Dudley Collins, Ginger Collins, Jeanie We've done many things this year x 5 .1 W' , ,,.: 2,2 xx F 5 H - 'X fel, . ,- .f, ri, K, 'L vi ""'. A ur -4 - ,ZX 5 1 K x Msg-QM lbw' r , gs s sf. 3' U sy Q K Simi? .L r l V s 5 Q QI hr ,sag A f- Lxkfqpaa at - , 'ia , 9 Q, L ' fir 'Y- .gg . ,mr EH ,., . as as 'V ' lie 1 Far, 5. 5 ., 'fs ' l F 94 gg Q ,LU .Mag 1 4 ,M 15 sf Z sf' W 1 , Q '33, MQ i-'I , if ...-1 X y w ,f ,, E 5 ff. 'nc W , X Q a C 8 Q 'ii 392, s x 217 ig' if z.. X, 3, We WSW' 3 i his 3--:.::., Colman, Cathy Colquette, Sandra Colvin, Tabitha Combest, Mike Cook, Bill Cook, Richard Cooper, Bob Coppi, Randy Corbin, Sam Cornell, Steve -I.I:?,'1n-wtf' .F ' up twig is Buying supplies in the bookstore 7? 'X 4 "' -. as 2. e amiffai Q , , 5 : .. iff' If . Vf,g,jg4i' f gifs -' , f-fglffiw ,p,,r5'i' - 5' ...J k,- cf u a. ,ff 'ir I, ' -5 x':' .z 7' :Efl"' m..I sez, - - ra ,GN x Pg 5 r W ek, X X Q, , , f LET' N, , 4 1 r 1 M- 1 E , W: , if. ,a JW ' 1" . 'S 2 ... we is a 2 ,Q me K R W , sr 3? 4' S -Q vita M: ., -r . new .1555 1 A W N' V' L . is 'af NW? is Q X, . F 5 Q axe x . , ey .. ... : f . . ' J A 1 :Har-,. Mi . 1 . .ta " r ., , M- at its . A X 1 e ay . f- "EI :-,M :I . . ab, 4' 5 . six i M2 nf Q, 1 h r fi -f 2 - A+ .M MESS , ,.,,f-, L, jk R, , R 9, i as :L if iw Pk Q E Donaldson, Jerome Douthit, Wanda Downin, Harry Doyer, Candy Doyle, Donna Doyle, James Coursen, Jerry Cramer, Cindy Cremean, William Crews, Suzanne Crist, Ken Crowe, Christina Cullen, Susie Cupec, Elaine Currie, Jim Currie, Ray Custer, Wanda Dalton, Mary Davenport, Elaine Davis, Blaine Davis, Jeff Davis, Joe DeBluis, Gail DeFoyd, Jim DeRonde, Ellie Dimick, Loretta Dixon, Diana Dixon, George Dixon, Willard Dobrinski, Karen During lunch and after School students used the pay phones to make emergency calls. i f f Edwards, Mike Egyed, Christina Ek, Sally Ely, Joyce Estes, Phil Ethington, Barry Evans, Dianne Faith, Kathy Fancher, Mike Farenga, Cathy Ferrarro, Nancy Ferrin, Barbara Fesler, Jaci Fidler, Mike Fields, Sharon Among the activities were Doyle, Sarajo Dresser, Dave Driskill, Bill Dudine, Sue Duncan, Mary Duncan, Scott Du Pass, Sharon Dupuy, Curtis Earl, Ray Easterly, Jerry Figueroa, Carlos Figueroa, Pete Filipowicz, Rick Fine, Donna Finklea, Jack Finnemore, Harry Fisher, Carol Fisher, John Flint, Gayland Flipper, Carla Sponsoring a sports dance 'mmf V if . 'q'- 3 fy? .- .L . " up 6 - QL st . , ifurj' A W It f Q x we 'ue ljlvyilardner, David ' Garner, Margaret arner, Virginia f I Garrison, Jim Gemuenden, Richard M Gentry, Rita W G ermain, D avid G ertz, Leonard G i allomb ardo, C onni e Gillespie, J ames Gillespie, Rosemary Girard, Carl Gish, Judy Godwin, Gary Golden, Robert Goodman, Buddy Goodman, Marla Gooshaw, Anne Gorczyca, Alex Gordon, Tom -ji:a.,,,4' M ,E 1 'I' s 5 t 'ima ' 'Fw t 1' V . f Z 1 if 'Wt' ,M-it :Ee 'Vi 4 X , M .f-'ry' Flower, Mary Beth Foley, Kenneth Forester, Mary Jo Fox, Corry Franklin, Kent Frantti, James Freeman, Judy Freeman, Stella Fromchuck, Steven Fronheiser, Dan Fryar, Judy Ann Gabrielli, David Galbreatti, Kenneth Gallacci, Pamela G arci a , G ary Q Q my X 'fwf .Wm as I h at Grass, Allen Gray, Alice Green, Claudette Green, Craig Greenwood, Darrell QQQLQQQL Griswold, Margie Grizzle, Frankie Grover, Tom Gudinas, Gerry Guggisberg, Gil Guillory, Bob Gullyes, Dave Gust, Morgan Guzman, Rick Hackert, Pam Hahn, Nancy Halladay, Claudia Hamby, Larry Hamilton, Chris Hamilton, Dorothy Hamilton, Lynn Hanan, Mary Alice Hannan, Rick Hannon, Bob Building a homecomingfloat . S Q X 2 . -, ., ik5gg!zfi,g2?i, zi i?iwf V- .Ei it -- W Q9 X55 P 5 is , iii, , 5 ami , E352 in -3, 1 2 asm- Q V. ., ,Q 5 ag, , fi. sage, A N 59, 153.1 ,. r .H EU' fx R , 5 r ms. F , Y F 4 5 we ' 5 g 1 .,.. V5 r'. wwf f , A as QEWKW QQF? i,,gg3 i f f:j.: S K' '1,,.,,VVi ,A , 1 , E ' ., if an Eg' if ,wa Q za ,YH omni' 2 5 4 xxx W 1 . wh-z.. , .1 '4 M ' ' ' ' .-aff? 2 . fi ' ' . sa is X F493 r 4 b 381 J J K 1 Q Q, aa Er ax HW I 2 .1 M .iyfh 221 Q it W 2 . A S 18 gg, 4 Lis! A A ,.,. . -1 -1.1. Y Y'-HQ " . may ,muah . we 1 " ' Q' 'I' r 'iQ'?'i Eifif U E' K faq 55 2 ,,. K as? ,fr E it ui' Wwe-P 29 as. . -3 Jr 4 ' fin 5 5 Q iff' 'QQ T' N1 , Q . :Sr ,www ,www . 5 - ,.,A ., X S.. 'zgfz 1 . 5? .I : W. ,S , ig' Rx 'ia Hansel, Ann Harlinger, Dottie Harper, Cloydene Harper, Janet Harrington, Dee Harris, Karen Wm-iA S, 'I -no n i? 35 ffww QQQQRZ l Harris, Kay f Harris, Mike Harris, Pat ,,,1 ' Harvey, Jim ' Harwood, Margie Hatch, Marilyn Teasing freshmen Hatton, Arlene Hayward, Denny Hazelwood, Richard if- s , . Heenan, Bill 1"i Heflin, sharon 2':2e 1 ' :' f ,:,,, Hearn, Linda H - X 3 Q in gas X v Qs. if i Hwkfiim , + K Km? Q Heide, John Heinrich, Pam . Helzer, Joanne if Henry, Barbara Hermanstorfer, G eor g e "" :-- L He1'SheY1 Cimthia y r'...: ::,: E,::r: gk Hesse, Greg Heuser, Peter V Hi mle r, P aul l Hinchc liff, C athy 1 " : 5 Hodgson, J ohn Hoegnefr Esther N r.,, 2 Hoffman, Molly Hokanson, Jim Holden, Kathi Holley, James Hollopeter, Carol Holmes, Richard Q Hoover, Claudia Hopkins, Dorothy Hosea, Shermn Houser, Ron Howes, Mike Hoyle, Elaine Hubbard, Rod Hudson, Diana Huffmaster, Carol Hughes, Diane Hughes, Mike Hughes, Sharon Hulen, Brian Hunt, Kenny Husemann, J erry Hyden, Pat Hyman, Vicki Iannaccone, Christine Iannaccone, Ciro Iannella, Dennis Iden, Nikki Imhoff, Rodney Irvine, Lyn Isbell, Nan Iveste, Libby Jackson, Mike James, Roberta Jasper, Ronald J elso, Jack Johnson, Carol Johnson, Linda Johnson, Vickie Johnston, Carol Johnston, Stanley Jones, Mary Jones, Pennie Jordan, Larry Jordon, Donald Justus, June Kadish, Ken Kaiser, Judy Kaiser, Terry 5.121 i ' its i t , K 2 S it 'L X , 'N 4 K Na 5? 1 me in X in ft T32 f uf il fm Q Voting for homecoming attendant 5 I! S fa 2 3 , H :if Ks N 'Q " J safe , ,.,, , ., .- st, ' 4 ' "-' MM v sr g if Q f .fm 1 Q Mgr., 7 . t QL 1 H' N rg L ,. , km if if 'M . Q Wx , R S5 kinks 4 4 JN . iii.. ' .fl 'F ,. , --ajiisgg -!:'?:, , f,, 'lissilink f-,aE':.'fi 'Vi'-ifi?fI 4 L . ,F :I EE 'i ii WSF ' I- .ld . ' Q dp ak ' it I 2 N' 'f fm ,, L ..,, .. L. A 'ff Sophomores entered one of five floats built for Homecoming. Susan Wallace, Lisa Udall, Rick Stewart, Cathy Payne, Carlos F iguroa, and Bud Speace worked to complete the float before the night of Homecoming. 223 Participating in assemblies Kreyl, Linda Kuhn, Robert LaPrade, Lore Lasky, Shonnette Lattimore, Cheryl Lattuca, Joanna La Voie, Chip Lee, Gloria Le Mans, Bob Le Pore, Tammy Leureault, Judie Lewis, Richard Lewis, Tom Libardi, Mike Ligocki, Linda Kammgyet, Linda Kanski, Ken Kapp, Kathy Kappes, Joe Keeling, Dave Kelley, Danny Kelley, Pat Kendall, Judi Kendall, Kathy Keown, George Kesler, Berneda Kies, Jeffery Killgore, Karen Kimball, Robert Kinsman, Mike Kiser, Marsha Klensorge, Susan Koetse, Duane Kolsrud, Kathy Kreuser, Richard Love, Gary Lowery, Sue Lowry, Martha Loza, Yvonne Lucas, Jerry Lundin, Merrill Lynch, Pam Lyzott, Charlotte Maas, Jo Maas, Robert MacDonald, Ellen MacGilvray, Christine MacLeod, Dennis MacTavish, Linda Maddox, Sonja Malavasic, Jeff Manguso, Pam Manning, Kathy Marks, Tonja Marlatt, Bill g,,V..W: ,. -lk, -' i i- fm' , H if 4. nl , Ja fr i 'S,. fe W ir: EA A M 5 'S 474 1 M 5 Y'-A Taking driver's ed Marlow, Ann Marrison, Bill Marshall, Rick Mastin, Bob Mathews, Linda. Matz, Bonnie Mauck, Geoff Maxwell, Ann May, Martha McAuliffe, Dennis McBroom, Dianne McCabe, Larry McCarthy, Douglas M. McCarthy, Kathy McCarthy, Lorin Yelling at pep assemblies McClellan, Sharon McConvil1e, Jan McCoy, Carol McCraw, Joy McDaniel, Wayne MCC augh, Judie Mel-Iugh, John McKinney, Clifford McVittie, Gerry McWhorter, Glen 226 E? 5? Mears, Gary Melby, Connie Melczer, Katie Melter, John Melton, Alana Melvin, Lynda Merrell, Cheryl Merrill, Leslie Messner, John Methuin, Lynn Metz, Cindy Metzler, Judi Meyer, Harley Middleton, Mike Miller, Bill Miller, Carolyn Miller, Gene Miller, Jenifer Miller, Sandra Mills, Stephanie Montgomery, Rand Moody, Dave Moomey, Steve Moore, Bill Moore, Toni North High baton twirlers presented "spectacles of fire" during half-time entertainment at football games. Morse, Nancy Mortimore, Kenny Mosteller, Don Motley, Larry MOWYY, Peggy Mubi, William Mullet, Candy Mumme, Connie Murphy, Pat Muse, Melodie Myers, Marilyn Myhrberg, Monica Naughton, John Neal, Mike Neal, Randy Nelson, Sandy Nesbitt, Terry Newby, Bill Newman, Charles Newton, Kathie Newton, Linda Nichols, Jim Nicholson, Jerry Norr, John Reading JULIUS CAESAR Moravec, Jim Morgan, Sally Morissette, Jeff Morris, Karen Morrison, Charles Morrow, Stan 3-we Solving geometric proofs Norris, J ack North, Barbara O'Connor, Dave Oddonetto, Linda Ohl, Judy Oskerson, Karen O'Nea1, Pat Overstreet, Paul Pace, Harold Paletti, Joe Parcks, Carol Parker, Jerry Parker, Joy Parker, Richard Parry, John -'K U!!! Q-,sf 'Y Patterson, Gary Patterson, Margaret Paul, Linda Paul, Randy Paul, Tim Payne, Cathy Payne, Dave Pearce, Paula Pearson, David Perkins, Alice Perryman, Lynn Peters, Kathie Phillips, Linda Pillman, Kathi Pitchford, Marsha Pock, Sandra Pohlman, Dale Porfilio, Doug Porter, Elizabeth Prchal, Sandy fa an E Precheny, Tom Pressler, Cherry Price, Jen-i1 Price, Melvyn Price, Ricky Price, Steve Priddy, Darril Pritchett, Ruth Privette, Ron Provence, Tom Purdy, Kelly Puse, Vicki Rangel, Vicky Rankin, David Ravert, Jerry Ravert, John Reary, Linda Record, Mary Reeves, Mary Reid, Mary Reiman, Kent Revels, Nancy Reynolds, Mike Rice, Darleen Richard, John Richard, Lynda Richardson, Mi Riggle, Sandra Riley, Wayne , ag . 5, r , , F 5-fs f- ug :I 69' f W? x fi ifflfiqs 5 es is ew 9 ' 2' ke ig" 1 W 5 ,- X ,X Alf in f 4,26 Q M . ,F 1: Ritter, Gloria Y If 1. fffwff 14. dale., wiff Sie, wmsiit L., aa- 'i ii . 1 will :M 'C W, A 'lux 'if K, if fx ,, Q A' P' F, ., ,W , . A. ,r W, 229 Taking semester exams Q3 af., mi .. Roberts, Dale Roberts, Mike Robinson, Frank Robinson, Linda Rockey, Deddid Rodgers, Paul Rodgers, Chuck Rohrig, Pamela Rowe, Pauline Rutger, Cheryl Doing homework before classes 3' rf . yea K W ig? C if Saliba, Carol .- Sather, Stephen Sauer, Mike Schaefer, Cindy Schen, Jill Schell, Cindy 2,855 X Schlabach, Ron Schmidt, Steve Schmidt, Virginia Schnebly, Harold Schreur, Casey Schuster, Nancy me X if N Y 1 A5 Schwimmer, John Service, Jim Shandley, Janis Sheppard, Tina Shettler, Pam Shirk, Karen Simmons, Ann Simmons, Mardean Simpson, Mike Sinclair, Mike Slentz, Connie Smartt, Spencer Students crowded in the hall as the librarians opened the doors of the library. 230 Smith, Mary Smith, Robin Snapp, Sharon Snedden, Wayne Sniezer, Tim Sniezek, Tom Snyder, Gary Soukup, Linda Speace, Lyle Stacey, Bill Electing class o Q - az, ': '5.' '. 'Ei 1, Stanley, Tom Stearns, Phil Stein, Linda Stein, Mary Ann Stenevik, Bob Stevenson, Sherry Stewart, Bill Stewart, Charlie Stewart, Richard Lee Stewart, Rick Stickler, Sherry Stillion, Nancy Stinson, Charles Stirewalt, Tobye Stockton, Ricky Stork, Janice Stout, Sheila Strait, Nancy Strong, James Strong, Thelma Stuckey, Grace Sutton, Lynda Swineford, Jean Switzer, Jean Takas, Ronnie fficers ,gpm 3 6 , f Hg gl W C' 'Bi if JJ in Two more years to go Tansey, Jackie Taylor, Al Taylor, Sandy Taylor, Terry Temple, Bruce Tharp, David Thatcher, Marian Theobald, Tom Thiessen, Bobbi Thomas, Ellyn --1 Turrell, May Belle Twitchell, Wirt Udall, Tisa Valenzuela, Gloria Valerio, David Vance, Linda Van Efferen, Henriette Van Nortwick, Bill Varney, Jeff Veki, Hehry go, if I sskfwffiff 5 is S 'ka K ff ? -. X, '-f 2 S Q4 ss 5 1, I Thomas, Linda Thompson, Ron Thorborsen, Karen Tieman, Thomas Tipton, Lorraine Tizard, Susan Todd, Linda Trabue, Douglas Traylor, Pamme Trueat, Melanie Tryon, Earl Tugwell, Jean Tuohy, Jack Turetsky, Burleigh Turley, Millard 232 Vickers, Edwina Victor, Diana Vinson, John Vorbeck, Ray Wallace, Susan Walt, Norm Walters, Elon Wargel, Pat Wasley, Geoff Watkins, Janet Watson, Georgia Watson, J eff + , H- isis i 5 x of l- f Willaims, Gary Williams, Jimmy Wilson, Charlene Wilson, Jim Wilson, Sandra Wingfield, Mary Wood, Jacque Woodruff, Lonni Yancy, Vennie Yeager, James Yee, Mary Jean Young, Larry Soon we'II be upperclassmen Webb, Larry 5 Webb, Lyle Webster, Steve Weiss, Claudia Welch, Pat Wells, Jim Wells, Ralph Welson, Bob West, Miki Westfall, A. J. Whalley, Jacque White, Bruce Whitehurst, Ray Whitley, Jay Whitmarsh, Dale Wildman, Mike Wilkinson, Jim Williams, Bob Freshman Class officers were FRONT ROW: Anita Smith, treasurer, and Linda Sladish, Girls League Representative, BACK ROW: Marsha Rohrig, secretaryg Charlie LaBenz, president, and Steve Mills, Honor Court judge. Freshmen Made News with Frosh Homecoming Float Each fall sees the entrance of a new class. Every freshman class must en- dure the teasing of upperclassmen, and every freshman class endeavors to make a name for itself in the school. The class of '66 began its high school career by electing a slate of officers to lead the class. The officers elected were Charlie LaBenz, president, Marcia Rohrig, secretary, Anita Smith, treasurer, Steve Mills, Honor Court judge, and Linda Sladish, Girls' League Repre- sentative. Serving as sponsors were Mrs. Virginia Brown and Mr. Carl Wag ner . Freshmen were not idle. Their proj- ects included a sports dance, a Home- coming float, promotion of the PTA dinner, and the initiation of a fund raising project at the end of the year. Ayers, Olene Ayers, Vicky Azoyan, Edward Bafaloukos, Mary Bagby, Gloria Bagwell, Steve Bahr, Terry Bailey, Mike Baker, David Baker, Joanne Baker, Lois Baker, Ronnie Ballard, Keith Barc, Linda Barfoot, Bob Barker, Sharon Barnes, Bill Barnett, Shelly Bartlett, Terrel Basko, Margie Bastian, Harvey Baver, Larry Bayne, Robert Belcher, Linda Adams, Edd Adams, Bruce Aldrete, Natalie Alsman, Karen Amick, Linda Anderson, Bill Anderson, David Anderson, Lloyd Anderson, Pam Anderson, Robert Aneas, Fred Annette, Dennis Appel, Marcia Armstrong, Helon Arnold, Jay Ashcraft, James Avery, Jeanette Ayers, Arlene af 235 in - . A it ag ,, 1 . V V 5 9' -,,W.a tr S., f V Our first year has been exciting ' Z 'wr A - Bouvea, Debbie Bowden, Alden Bowers, Sandy Boyle, Donna Bradley, Kenny Brady, Tanya Brand, Sharon Brannan, Patrick Brassington, Judy Breninger, Roy Bretzing, Randy Breverman, Charles Brillhart, Bill Bristow, Steve Brooks, Shirley Beliak, Burnie Bell, Janet Beltz, Ronnie Benjamin, Penny Berry, Doug Bethancourt, Nancy Bingham, Tom Bird, Sharol Birmingham, Tom Blackburn, Shirley Blackford, Bruce Blake, Judy Blaker, Eddie Blanton, Bill Blanton, Larry Bobince, Mike Bobince, John Boicourt, Michael Bonds, Marsha Boone, Susan 1""i?e f ' ,gi -"' I ' ' r 1 'Y if 1, - N7 'I J . - H mm k i 236 -f New experiences have filled our days . e e l if "'x Q 3 :Q:.. N ff ::,: 4, 1 :'- 4 , 4 ,I ,Qc Q F, . ,B H Q I B .Q .mil H milf , ,M Bryce, Carol Bryson, Russell Buchanan, Mike Bulmer, Sally Burgy, Bill Burnett, Mike Byers, Philip Cain, Caren Cain, Liz Ann Camacho, Joseph Cameron, Mike Camp, Joan Campbell, Paula Campbell, Ross Cardon, Francine Carney, Carol Ann Carrillo, Michele Carroll, Bill Carson, Kristine Carter, Andrea Cary, Don Casciola, Steve Cass, Kayanne Castillo, Dave Catalano, Rosanne Causey, Debbie Caywood, Chris Cerajewski, Robert Chambers, Janice Chase, Stuart is he . J if i,.r'Ii'f xi-L N Hg K M t H Brown, Bill Brown, Daryl Brown, Jerry Brown, Michael Brown, Pennie Brown, Steve Brown, Vonnie Bruce, Mike Brunek, Ted Bryan, W. Way-n 9 SWL sf, 9' ea- Y YT"im.s ' -rs 'SNS' W vi , -Q' rl as 113 'W E ' . ., -rg s 'MX ' K if , A ,, ,K 5 We My A .,, 4619? 'xl 'Q' , my Vi- if W gs WP' 'if WH X af' "' .aa mf Ysv f S G :E Ea, 'ri ziiff -Q. kg V, .... . Electing class officers 15, -if ' ai -' 1. ., Vg, -at Chaudin, Dickey Cheuvront, Steven Childress, Steve Chiono, Mary Christian, Merilyn Christiansen, John Kay Pitts, daughter of the assistant principal, rode the school mascot, Blaze, during half-time activities of home games. Christy, Chris Ciprich, Jim Claiborne, Alan Clark, Diane Clark, Larry f' Clark, Steve Clifford, Hal Clifford, Jeff Cole, Frank Cole, Hubert Collins, Marilyn Condron, Brenda Cone, Diana Conrow, Sandra Cooper, Coleen Cooper, Robert Coughlin, Sandi Courter, Marc Cox, Bill Cox, Mary Crabtree, John Croaff, Marva Crook, Deanna Crum, Renie ni-L -ff an fs- ,. .,,,,.. V 2 1 ,,... iw, 4 z A ::EA.., , 11,5 'EL Q 2.16 ' LL ifsflli . 71. : sta - .wr : , .- . 1. .Q sa: :V -., ,f , ,.: :as f ,v.- - Qkn. ,, . . E, , ..,,A, rl, : slvs .,.- ,,::,.., f,, .-:'.'n:5g. -,-...,..., fi: -f-- , ,- .5 .pf , -5 'Z 2j:'i:. . :.,5s-55: ,aw ' ,. :e : Sifi , V Q X S , , 1 F 6 4 ,,:.,, , .:.- Q. ,. ,,,. is. , , rs Sponsoring a sports dance Dean, Lorna deBerge, Cheri DeBerry, Virginia Derick, Sharon Devening, Randy Diehl, Robyn Dilbeck, Bob Dillion, Mark Dotzauer, Craig Douse, Diana Doyle, Sandra Duenas, Roseann Duke, Linda Duncan, Kent Dunn, Nancy Dunn, Mike Dunning, Arlene Eacret, Pat Edelman, Audree Elias, Leo Ellenwood, Danny Emhoff, Wanda Esinhart, Norm Evitts, Frank Fahlen, Edward Culbertson, Bill Cummings, Mary Curtis, James Dall, Valerie Danielson, Gerald Dano, Frank Davidson, James Davies, Dave Davis, Curtis Davis, Mike Davis, Susan Dawe, Jim it K if ' Ri - 'ic uf .sssif 22 755 My .K Missa: - a'-wir' . ,thu ""Eh:. ,, 4- .f 5 -Q if . 'ff TI, L4 ,un ' 2 - ' glilff i' ,NJ E 4 i ri' 5 3 255. s 2 N QQLS 'R-QE" ? if ,Qt ., xg Q , . ,H wifi, as S Sm: :I Fait, Jana Faith, Joseph Farley, Helen Farney, Tim F atout, Vicki Fencl, Leo Fendley, Dave Ferman, Nathan Ferria, Richard Fesler, Joanne Fink, Marilyn Finley, Carol Joining clubs Geaslin, Karen Geist, David Gentry, Shirley Gerardi, Thomas Giacona, Greg Gilbert, Allen Gillett, Ruth Gilson, Don Giordano, Amelia Giordano, Walter Gladden, Carol Glancy, John I 5 Finn, Mike Fisher, Larry Floyd, Ralph Flynn, Dennis Flynn, Elizabeth Forier, Lee Ray Fouts, Kathy Fowler, Jimmy Frankel, Gregg Frazier, Larry Freasier, Lee Freemon, Billy Fried, Lourie Fugua, Lance Gailey, Kenneth Galas, Dolores Garf, Barbara Gary, David is '1-mf. if . Q- Q , d rab an 5 ,.,.. . gin, in-ri 4 si K if Q5 sr Attending pep assemblies Hall, John Hamlon, Debby Hammer, Donna Hampton, Glenn Hanes, Steve Hanson, Judy Hargrove, Roger Harrell, Shawn Harrington, John Harris, Charles Harwood, Rickey Hatcher, Jimmy Hatley, Donna May Hatton, Mike Haven, Gary Hay, Terry Haynes, Fran Hayward, Anne Heinrich, Kent Helsom, Delton Godbold, Kenneth Golsh, Joe Goodman, Linda Gooch, Linda Gorman, David Grass, Linda Gray, Gary Green, Cookie Green, Geary Grunwald, Bob Gullick, Kristine Hagen, Keith Haldiman, Joe Hales, Alton Haley, Roy s , fl-f .4-is as QP ,sal J' jj M gs m '-,Kr 241 ian gb as gi., , -,hm -Q 'Q L. . 9 . Subscribing to the Hensley, David Herring, Shirley Higgins, Erlene Higrnan, Pat Hilliard, James Hillman, Linda Hoaglin, Bill I-lodenpijl, Edward Hodenpijl, Jolmny Hodges, Melissa RCLINDUP A 'Sli Q 5 ' fm. ,J Ol' I iw 1 S 9' ,, 1 s 5 'Y ss rw? S Q K r fy- -N H32 5: -' ' 4 M x 2 1. r F t, J '-as Hi,- 49 QI' f-5, f A , - ,,,.. - ---: ::- -., .f' A " s I A :gin 3 Hogue, Glen Holder, Mary Holland , ,Shirley Hollopeter, Robert Holman, Curt Hopkins, Gregg Horn, Donna Houts, Mary Howard, Mike Howard, Paul Howell, Judy Hudson, Linda Hughes, Daniel Hughs, Skips Hummel, Norly Hurlburt, Claire Iden, John Igleski, Edwin Inman, Dale Jackson, Nancy Jamison, Craig Jarman, Doug Jenks, James Johnson, Camelia Johnson, Donna Johnson, Fay Johnson, Joe Johnson, Melody Johnson, Sharon Making book reports Freshman Class entered a float for Homecoming activities for the first time, winning the second place prize. Johnson, Thomas Johnston, Jeffery Johnston, lone Jones, Janie Jones, Susy Kallin, David Kane, Marc Karl, Kay Keener, Kandy Kelley, Sandra Kelley, Jim Kennedy, Karen Kenny, Dan Kern, John Kessler, Janice Kettlewell, Lee Kilsby, Charlotte King, Margaret Kinsman, Steve Kisiolek, Sandra Klirnas, Joe Knight, Gary Knight, Peggy Kolts, Jim QL al , ii gg ssi 2 I 3 .av f "W i w ,fig 'fist f z :SN ,s y :F , 31 n -f 525 5 , ir if . "' 5 ,fp - : wk I 'iff 5, - ' ' .Q U? Q Ms' ll K 23 ,r .. R xl: 243 s ,Rr Y I -f ei , 4 ,,. A I, , W EE? fy wi' , 39 . ' J . .5 K Q. ab "' 5- 13 6 Y ,,-- W .r f f ff' Buying yearbooks fi' R , Ear "H, 'ima ,A Love, Vicki Loza, Rupert Luster, Sandi Lynn, James Mammen, Becky Manning, Pauline Marich, Donald Marks, Lynda Marks, Tony Martin, Barbara Martin, Mary Martin, Nancy ei' r a H : 'f.,- :.. 244 I 'S ha hx .. S sag ls' I JI' Q 5522 Komarinsi, Rosalie Komarinsi, Marcia Kowalewski, Kristine Kraft, Donna Krebbs, Mike Kunnari, Barbara LaBenz,' Charlie Lacy, Marilyn Laffoon, Jeanne LaFond, Don Lancaster, Steve Lance, Curtiss Large, Ralph Lathrop, Craig Lauetter, Debby Lauetter, Sherry Lautzenheiser, Jon Leale, Tom Lee, Daniel Lee, Larry Lee, Leona Leftwich, Jane Legg, Marie Leon, Robert Leuba, Viki Lewis, Norma Liehart, Joan Liuely, Niha Llewellyn, Robert Lombardo, Jim Martinez, James R. Martinez, John Mason, Maureen Massingale, Claryn Matey, Howard Maton, Nancy May, Frank McCarty, Sharon McClain, James McClintiC, Judy Mc Cluskey, Thomas McDaniel, Linda McDonald, Ann McEvoy, Philippa McGee, Barbara McGriff, Barry McHugh, Ann Mclndoo, Larry McLeod, Karen McMennamy, Denise Meeting new teachers McMullen, Lynn Mears, Jerry Mecone, Bob Meka, Mary Ann Metcalfe, Penny Metz, Judy Miller, George Miller, John Miller, Marty Miller, Robert Mills, Dawn Mills, George Mills, Steve Milton, Joan Mitchell, John Mitchell, Pamela Mofford, Ronald Montomery, Donna Attending the Blue and Silver L . .ai 6 , , , i ,My 3 ,. .v?x- Ei ,,,f . .igbb .,,. , , Q, . Q, P P 'X tr P P ' e 2 z A Olson, Sharon Orndorff, Lee Orr, Keith Owsley, Bill Padgett, Jim Parks, Larry Palmer, Phyllis Palmer, Ray Palmer, Val Ray Palomino, Rosemarie Parker, Ed Parker, Linda if i 1 qs, -. 8, r fi' Wil, , 51 N. 2 Q r E K 2? '6 2 ,,,.. ,, , -P33 1. " 'H- .... , ,,. A 'Els L '-.wsilznni A 3, I ,,,., .,,,,,, , , il? 1 , 42.-r :fr m 246 Mommey, Mike Moore, Carol Moore , Darla Moore, J. L. Moore, Louise Morgan, Michele Mose, Donald Mossberger, Greg Mosteller, Judy Mubi, Carol Munchweiler, Sandy Munson, Randi Murphy, Bruce Murphy, Dan Murray, Laura Nancollas, Ray Napier, Francie Nations, Jack Neal, Frances Neal, Michael Neely, Charlotte Nelms, Regina Nelson, Dan Nelson, Douglas Nelson, Janene Newby, Beth Newton, Carolyn Nicholson, Joy O'Daniel, Leroy Olson, Mary my I ml? 33 sim nm ,.. 1 s ,,,,, in asv ff ff Watching classroom movies Parscal, Carol Passey, Carol Patchel, Herbert Peacock, Mike Penkunas, Eddy Peterson, Barbara Charlie LaBenz, like all candidates for Freshman class offices, gave his campaign speech during the special Freshman assembly. Peterson, Charlene Pierson, Sharon Potter, Dolores -Potts, Cyndi Prchal, Mallie Pressler, Wendy Preston, Merle Price, Kathy Pritchard, Larry Privette, Bernie Provence, Larry r Putney, Claudia . Rainey, James - - Rainey, Suzetta Ralston, Sue Rankin, John Ratcliff, Rosalie Raines, Paul .. V if 'E w g ,, Reed, Charlie Reed, Vileen Reed, William Reeves, Phil Reeves, Ruthie Reeves, Terry i K , of" A ,V . , " ... is 247 Learning locker combinations Reidhead, Sandi Richards, Larry Riddle, Robert Rielctins, Bill Rink, James Rivera, Silvia Roback, Diane Roberts, Cheryl Roberts, John Roberts, Joyce Scannell, Art Schindler, Alan Schiszik, Wayne Schlientz, Craig Schneider, Liz Scholl, Janice Schreur, Gerharel Schultheis, Kay Schultz, Roy Scott, Diana Scott, Sandra Seilback, Jeff Robinson, Diane Rodemeyer, Fred Rogers, Candy Rohrig, Marcia Romley, Bill Romo, Eddie Root, David Rowles, Cheryll Royce, Carolyn Rudisill, Kenneth Ruland, Penny Rulloda, John Rynish, Gene Sadler, Steve Sanders, Sandy Sandvick, Bob Sanford, Marylizabeth Sasser, Don I X rugs ywlffg 'QF' ga , 2 as Kr? s Solomon, Danny Solomon, Roberta Speace, Nancy Speranza, Sue Stamps, Beth Steele, Mark Stephan, Lynda Stephens, Sandi Stevens, Albert Stevenson, J. Crai Stevenson, John Stewart, Judy Stewart, Kathi Stinson, Ed Stoehr, Loralee Stoyer, Dennis Strawn, Betty Sukey, Paulette 8 in -rs' r X 3 S3 si It .ab-..,, g . .. , SS 5 QW, Y 3 3 x A 3 I I g fyfii, , . .21-Ll','i1?cf" Taking algebra ,gk .I-fa A , - J . f' li? - iezff. 'V .aw ff ary . A ' J 'f' ,-. .15 Q, ,Q X. 233 , f ig X f , A A 1 We 5 Q I it na ae' Selleys, Susanne Shandley, Nancy Shankle, Barry Shannahan, Pat Sheridan, Larry Shill, Nancy Shoemaker, Karla Mae Short, Anita Simmons, Julie Simon, Penny Sims, Linda Sisson, Daniel Skinner, Mary Sladish, Linda Slagle, Bonnie Sluter, David Smart, Leslie Smartt, Janice Smith, Anita Smith, David Smith, Don Smith, Eddie Smith, Tracey Snyder, Duke xt? W 2 f 2 55 Signing yearbooks Sullivan, Patricia Sutton, Troy Swan, Prisilla Syneck, Marilyn Szczepanski, George Takas, Jim Talbot, Ronlyn Tamaroff, Marc Tauson, Jules Taylor, Mary Tenhoff, Tod Thomas, Mike Thomas, Sharon Thompson, Claire Thompson, Gary Thornton, Sandy Tilden, Claudia Tincombe, Don Tingle, Pat Tokos, Marion Tolbert, Donna Tome, Vic Tomlinson, Susan Torres, Vicki WF . f M 4 ST ,. , . . 'Se i . , f' mf' ' Toth, Johnny Tramutolo, Geraldine Trayaini Cassie Traylor, Vern Turley Jo Ann Tyrnee , Robin Upchurch, Pat Upson, Dee Uselman, Diana Valdina, Sharon VanOsdo1, Judy Van Sickel, Kay Veach, Sandi Vejrostek, William Venche, Freddy Vinson, Judy Voss, Daniel Wagner, Val Wahlin, Peter Walker, James Walsh, Gail Wasley, Greg Watson, Reggie Weatherup, Mark Weaver, Billene Webb, Kevin Webber, Siona Weber, Nancy Wells, Lee Wells, Ray Welsch, Jeffrey Westervelt, Linda Whitcher, Daniel White, Christine Wicka, Laura Wiles, Wes Wilkie, Edward Willis, Sharyl Wilson, Bobby Wojciechow, John Wood, Donna 41 an lf lm: 'if of 54 Wong, Alan i 'Q ' Wood, Kenneth Woodford, Cathren Woods, Linda Woods, Pete Wright, Bertha Wright, Charles Next year we'II be upper lower classmen ,M 53 2 Iv if if Wright, Cheryl Wrightman, Terry Yorke, Wayne Young, Carolyn Young, Charles Younger, Vickie Zannis, Joanne Zimmerman, Irene Zuehlke, Lyle Zuraff, Bill , , I-is-:Ira r- ' r""" r- .. '53 fr ' ' . ,.. W .M ,sn . 25 1 X , 3 X ,Q X5 x ' 52- ' 21 - 'Y' ' QQ V . . --:iii bx, xx 'i E XX LX Y- XX 'X X Q xi E X 'xxx-:D 15 Qi QNX X Y-axis Qin D A5 X 4- 5 'Nl Xxib Q-k flu .. W 2 11 V , - N - X Eb ii 5"w,3?X R N S Q Q15 N KX X- NB, X - , -Qxiigb -hxglsgg B-Q25 -X X kk N5 -,X SX ,Y Fix QR 'XA 315-w N 'R XX N EN . W swiiggi 5f W Ei? QETEQEE lggggwajlw E 2i2 Yi Qygyffw 3EE3E E QMS? RSE Rig? Advertisin After the checkmate the chess game is over5 the chess pieces are put awayg the players leave. Only the empty chessboard is left as a memory of the completed game. After the 1963 graduation North was left as the deserted playing board until another year. The pieces, the seniors, had completed their game and would not return. The faculty and ad- ministration who had guided the seniors through the game went home until the new school year. How- ever, education does not end with the passing of one year. Although one class had gone from North, a new set of students would come to use the playing board againg and North High persevered. N , ll tv A li is ,RQ l all ffl .X 1 T My I I E555 x I ., N eil 3 1 - xg s li l ARIZONA GjPubI1c Service COMPANY Graduation isn't the end of edu- cation. The things you've learned during the last few years are only tools to help you learn more. We've been around since 1886 and We're still learning. It's the best help We have in plan- ning today for Arizona's future ENERGY needs 'IZ' Q 0 y N i, is . 2 xl . "9 pplying ENERGY for Ariza ' P g Queen Barbara Peterson and her attendants, Penny Benj amin, freshmang Rosemarie Gillespie, sophomore and Barbara Walters, juniorg reigned over North High's Homecoming activities. YM A .4 . fr. ,?5.wW1?f1S7n2'v'w-w . I .miuv , p m I ,Wi O kLL,:,,Vi Q1 A,., I , D. I. . I . 4, -A. ,fS.,,ff-V?-'LiQ.xw:.. L-,UI I "1-Q-,.,:..y I : ,QWyyz'm:-',5Zf:wi23:m4fi-A "TY Li- f ' .Av 'MQ -Xi - ' I Q-N.. .-4 . l' K ' , - ' .hf 'amp A ARNOLD Grown ond Packed in ARIZONA .iff . .,.,g,.!'t.Tf ima.. , Iifififzf if wa i .. W. w,i,?gQ, 5, New ,QQ L . ,gg ' ' I n If 9 , I, , , .iZ LAlW 7 .QA S .iff-:pg IQ- a I I ,, :Ti 1' .. - . K M . K, ,,,,,.?5E , Q ,fame Q. NWI -. s +I? I I I I I I PHONE AL 3-4341 Infants Thru Pre-Teens and Juniors The Only "Teen Shop" in Phoenix 1739-41 E. McDOWELL RD. PHOENIX PHONE 264-5533 JAY C. STUCKEY JAY C. STUCKEY AGENCY I INSURANCE Many campus activities centered anound the flagpole, where the sidewalks of the school 4141 N. Seventh sneer Converged- Phoenix 11, Arizona o :"J5"v CQ: 0 IAQ . I 1 Q v s . 3 I 4 'ff u, W! vu -6,55- New football cheers were introduced to the student body by the cheerleaders and the Service Band in a. special after-school pep assembly. SMLFWKEMHMHMMS NILES LISI-INESS, PRESIDENT BUS. PHONE WH 5-9657 SPECIALIZING IN FERNS, RES. PHONE 275-B785 TISHMANS, AND CLIDES CAMERAS - RENTAL - SUPPLIES WE D0 OUR OWN PHOTO FINISHING Palms Photo Lab. AL 4-1628 HENRY A. SALcloo DON TAYLOR 1243 E. MCDOWELL AT 13TH ST. PHOENIX. ARIIONA 'vmqfgi n- N n-cR-S SPUHTINE BUUD5 OUTFITTERS FOR SCHOOL AND TEAM 2918 N. 16th Sr. CR 4-9711 Chris-Town 274-2645 PB S Divisions Serving All of Arizona OFFICE EQUIPMENT CENTER OFFICE FURNITURE 8. BUSINESS MACHINES 'A' PHOENIX i' SUPPLY 8. EQUIPMENT COMPANY SCHOOL EQUIPMENT and SUPPLIES PHOENIX'kTUCSON'kFLAGSTAFF HOWARD 8: STOFFT STATION ERS OFFICE SUPPLIES 84 EQUIPMENT PHOENIX i' TUCSON i BISBEE MESA 'k PRESCOTT 'A' SAFFORD FLAGSTAFF CFrier1d'sJ YUMA IYuma Stationersl "Stew 'em Again" was the prize-winning float at the Homecoming football game with West High. The team followed through with a close 14-13 win. North High Mustangs seemed to enjoy their lunch hours when they gathered on the campus to eat and to talk over their activities. l' 9'-7 ll Euefudwlww in AKL56-91,01 Member Federal Deposit Insurance Carpomiivr 611, ami, UAB Look to your nearby Valley Bank office for friendly guidance as you enter the business world. We are vitally interested in you, for tomorrow's Arizona leaders will come from your ranks. We want you as a customer, and will appreciate your account, however small. Your banker can serve you all your life, so join the bank that offers more, the bank that gives you the finest personal service in Arizona .V .- Fine Portraits Direct Color Weddings Commercial b Photographic Paintings J' Bob Wilcox Studio Phone AM 4-2531 515 E t Th mas Road Prepare for Your Job at WW Business College A Training Program'for Every Business Situation A Training Plan for Every Sfudenf ggi? 3 Mm JSM? TO THE CLASS OF '63 Congratulations Phoenix Linen and Towel Sulblbhe ...L E r. X SCHOOL SUPPLY Complete Line Of School Supplies and Equipment I OFFICE SUPPLIES AND EQUIPMENT O EQUIPMENT AND MAINTENANCE O DUPLICATING SUPPLIES 0 ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT O STAGE EQUIPMENT Q SPORTING GOODS 3209 N. Central Ave Phone CR 99301 Phoenix, Arizona During lunch periods North's Marching Band practiced for football halftime shows. "A Good Name to Remember in Any Real Estate Transaction" Jim Talley Realty Inc. 2930 N. 24th St. Phone CR7-7641 Pat Flores' tango added a Latin American touch to the music assembly. Gzzggyk Come Sbopy TOT L KI G Vs 'W an 15, Famous Pastry F our C onv enient L oc ation S O SCOTTSDALE O CHPIS-TOWN FgSH:l?fiSQUARE gkhhAvei-fr R J N K I' E 0 sllllafl. fu. , PIE, ' 0F AR ' IONA O PARK CENTRAL 38th St. Ev Eu! ME""ER "-""-C- JIOO N. Clntrll Thomas Road Cafeteria Control Board member Jules LeBoyer changed the luncheon rosters. Placed at the ends of the lunch lines, the boards were used by students for meal choices. wg? E W .2 , I 'l!f3'5iJ,f' ff- . A ffif ff Enfigflf ' .Q ' K -W ggifiv 1 -gwwswf Miafqiw-if-1'wQmfMQ,1mQM, I ' , . -:,fy,,MQf, ----MQW.-.-SW,'X-wL:1w::QQ1gN,-g-fw V 5 Myiy -, Miiggigrtf.,--gm,afia1s,, K .ff - "fkfL'f4FfQ1?r1 1 '--W-wi:-' V -X M112-iSfi3ffaDv -M HwH+,f?Q?ii 53W'if-iw?-:ffrfkrgif-. , ' A .K , , ,Q . W maxim , : 'K - nf-fig .1W,veff,1mfg?fgX12k,kfew-qwf-wi-'.r-WK-,isffw-Qfek W AMW :-S-.::-Hiiqilitiuzgg-33: ,.nfs.::s,g--ffe,fggisa:2352.52 452meffximingg-wisfpgggimga-p.wgfswfsexfwg A kiwi " U 7- mm fww-W . .w-,m5w - :1mX,pyxgw1i,wAQf mf 4 ms .ag ,,,, K W 1 :,?f:i'x- H A M ,gpm fp .. qw- --ar m fi' E 1:1 V .A vu V , - -:Aix fSf'?rsgifJQgw?f1fyMi2 f Saw -- 3fvgf2.w6g1f,f.myX:1z4fwF .. 'fZ5"f'K ' LW 1 K . 59 , -,,, xv ,ifhffilf : 545+ Alfgfwf'-.:'2-:fMk,exif x f - K iwif. ,,Y g ?gmgff? . , .V . . , ' if ' 'MEAE' M " :wwf ? .,. aw, .,, 3 WWVO E MQW Q70 TE M I ' fQgI9 NS 550 WP' WW? Nuheq Barn., inc. SAM DEWITT REPRESENTATIVE CONGRATULATIONS T0 THE CLASS OF '63 From THE NORTH HIGH P.T.A. IMPORTED AND DOMESTIC FABRICS C0mP'imen+SOf HOME SILK SHOP Remer,5 Silks - Woolens - Cottons - Blends Special Attention to Schools 2002 E. McDowell AL 8-OI I I Mr. Bagwell, ir f c bly ure, o Quezada played Y 11 B d Tony Bustos, Terry McC1 and Fernand ci-W Q DRUG STORES OUR VERY BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '63 I College ' Hi Styles from the College Hi Department PARK CENTRAL ASSURED EDUCATION COMPLIMENTS OF Fred C. Mc1cAlpine Come in and See Us MccAIpine Drug Co. 2303 N. 7th St For the Best BY INSURED BANKING IN MOBILE HOME LIVING THE . Be Sure It's Built by 1'1ZO.I1a. BANK MEMBER f,D...c. WESTERN COACH CORP. 16th Sf. and Osborn Branch Phoemkj Arizona 41 .3 .4 , , MH 1 Typical of most students, foreign exchange student Marta Benedette occupied long hours doing home- work and preparing for exams. Senior Activities ABRAHAMSON, KARL Football 13 Concert Band 2,2,43 Archery Club3 Math Club 2,33 German Club 33 Service Band 2,3 ,43 Dance Band 43 Orchestra 3,43 Nautilus 2,3,4. ALDRETTE, WAYNE Pep Club 3,4. ASHLEY, MARCIA Ice Skating Club3 secretary 13 Kappa3 chaplain 3,43 I-lomeroom chairman ls Girls' League 23 Pep Club 2,33 Parnassus 1,23 Cheerleader 43 Honor Roll 1,2,4. BAEUCHLER, RICK FTA 1,2,3, historian3 Parnassus 1,2,3,43 National Honor Society 3,43 Pep Club l,2,3,4, Nautilus 43 Math Club 2,3 ,43 president 43 Conservation Club 4g Junior States- men 43 National Science Foundation 33 Math Contest Award 1,2,33 "Check Your Worries" 33 Sol Fink 43 Electronics Club 4. BACHMAN, LINDA Stadium Club 13 Roundup Staff 33 North High Players 2 ,3 . BAHL, BERNADINE BECK, MILO Freshman Class President 13 Frosh Football3 Frosh Bas- ketball 13 JV Football 23 Boys' State delegate 33 Stu- dent Body Treasurer 43 Viking Hi-Y 43 president3 Var- sity Football 3,43 Junior Rotarian 43 AASC Convention. BECKER, RAY Marching Band 1,2,3,43 Concert Band 1,2,3. BELL, DOUGLAS Marching, Concert, Service Band 1,2,3,43 Conserva- tion Club3 director 43 Nautilus l 2,3 ,43 historian 43 Parnassus 1,2 ,3 ,4. BERENSCHET, ALBERT ROTC Club 1,2,3. BERGSTROM, DENNIS I Roundup Staff 4. BIRMINGHAM, JANET Service Organization 13 Phy-Tyo ls FBLA3 sergeant at arms 33 president 4. BLANCO, GILBERT Baseball 1,2,3,4S Basketball 3,45 Intramural Baseball 1,23 Lettermen's Club 3,4. BLASIUS, DONNA Service Organization 1,33 Student Council 3,43 Corral Board 2,33 vice-president 33 Stadium Club 2,33 vice- president 33 FBLA3 historian 3,43 Girls League 2,33 Traffic Safety Club 2,33 Parnassus 2,33 GAA 1,43 Golf Team 3. BOWLES, CAROL Pep Club 43 A Cappella 33 Girls' League 1. BRANNAN, MIKE Football 4. BRENNAN, LOIS GAA li Pep Club 43 Girls' League 4. BREWER, GAYLORD BREWER, GARY BRINK, JIM Viking I-li-Y 43 Basketball manager 3,43 statistician 43 l-Iomeroom chairman. BRITTAIN, DAN Marching Band 2,3 ,43 Concert Band 1,2,3,43 Service Band 2,3,43 Dance Band 3,45 Orchestra 3,43 Homeroom co-chairman 33 "Check Your Worries" 3. BRONSON, MAUREEN Transferred 33 Homeroom secretary 33 Pep Club 3,43 Traffic Safety Club 3,43 president 43 Parnassus 3,43 Quill and Scroll 43 Girls' League 3,43 Roundup News Editor 43 Fellowship Club 3 ,4. BULLARD, JOHN Lettermen's Club 2,3,43 Varsity Track 2,43 Varsity Cross Country 2,43 Executive Committee 2 3 Student Council 1 ,2. BURKINS, ANN Advanced Band 2,3. BURNETT, TRYONE FBLA 2,3. BUSTOS, TONY Student Body President 43 Parnassus l,2,33 Lancer Hi- Y3 president 33 Key Club 2,3 ,43 Junior Class President 33 Fellowship Club 3,43 Junior Rotarian 43 Golf 43 Frosh Football 43 Lettermen's Club 2,3,43 Service Or- ganization 23 AASC Convention delegate 43 NASC Convention3 Anytown3 Most Outstanding. CARNEY, DIANE Tennis Team lg Pep Club 1,2,43 Parnassus 1,2,3,43 Girls' League 2,3,43 secretary-treasurer 4g FTA 33 secretary3 president 43 Anytown 33 TAP 33 Tennis Club3 Student Council 3,45 Roundup Staff 43 NCCJ 33 AFS Committee 43 Fellowship Club 3,43 Band 1,23 Legio Honoris 23 president3 Teenage Traffic Court 33 Arizona Math Contest Honorable mention 1. CARPENTER, GAYLE Homecoming Attendant 13 Service Organization 13 Parnassus 1,23 Advanced Girls' Glee Club 23 A Cappella 3,43 Kappa 3,4. CARTER, LANNI Art Club 33 president3 Pep Club 3. CASE, LEE Parnassus 1,2,3,43 National Honor Society 3,43 Ice Skating Club 1,23 Nautilus 43 Junior Statesmen 3,43 Legio Honoris 1,2. ' ,, CASTEEL, LARRY CHAPMAN, PATTY CHARNOKI, JOE Baseball 1,2, ROTC 3. CHERRY, LEAH GAA 1, Band 3, Majorette 3,4, Tri Alta Signa 35 Pep Club 4. CLARK, DOUG CLARKE, JANET Transubstantiated from Mount Olympus, Science Club 1, secretary, Science Fair, 3rd place 1, Parnassus 1,2, 3,4, Math Club 3, Press Club 3,45 National Honor So- ciety 3,4, Quill and Scroll 3,4, secretary 4, Pep Club 1,3, Hoofbeats Staff 3,4, Faculty and Academic Editor 4, Humanities Club 4, Junior Statesmen 4, Sol Fink 4, Executive Secretary 4, Teenage Traffic Court 4. CLEMENTS, LINDA Westinghouse Honorable Mention 4, NCTE State winner 4, National Mertit Finalist 4, Valley National Bank Scholarship, Junior Optimist, Junior Engineers and Scientists at New Mexico State 4, Hoofbeats Staff l,2,3,4, Editor-in-chief 4, Club Editor 35 Ac- tivities Editor 2, National Honor Society 3,4, Nautilus 4, parliamentarian 3, Sol Fink 4, vice- president 4, ROTC Platoon Sponsor 4, Quill and Scroll 3,4, vice-president 4, Math Club 2,3,4, Parnassus l,2,3,4, State Math Contest Award 1,2, Ice Skating Club 1, Fellowship Club, Junior Statesmen 3,4, treasurer 4, Conservation Club 4, Humanities Club 4, Press Club 3,4, La Jeunesse 253, Physics Club 3, Legio Honoris 2, Most Likely to Succeed 4, NCCJ 3. CLICK, J UANITA COLBY, PAMELA Student Council l,2,3, YMCA Model Legislature 4, Tri Alta Signa, chaplain 3, president 4, Parnassus 1,2, Roundup Staff 4, Homeroom chairman 1,3,4. COGSWELL, BRENT Varsity Track Manager 1,2 , Service Organization 2,4, Talent Assembly 2,4. COLER, ROBERT Service Band 3,4, Marching Band 2,3,4, Parnassus 3, Concert Band 2,3,4, Humanities Club 4, Key Club 3,4 COOPER, MARGARET CORNELL, DE WAYNE CORNOYER, JERRY Basketball 1, Golf 2,3 ,4, Lettermen's Club 3,4. CRIST, LARRY CROOK, RONNIE Homeroom co-chairman 2. CRUSE, WALLACE Annual Photographer 3, Roundup Sport Editor 4, Photo Club 3,4, vice-president 4, Quill and Scroll 4, Ice Skating Club 15 Pep Club 1,2,4, Legio Honoris 2, Parnassus 3. CULLEN, DAVE CURTIS, JAMES Cross-country 1,2. CYMBALSKI, DENNIS Student Council 1, Football 3. DAVIS, LORNA SUE Tri-Lytz 35 Safety Club 2. DAVIS, MICKEY Viking Hi-Y l,2,3,4, Homeroom Chairman l,2,3,4, AASC Convention 3, Cafeteria Control Board 3,4, Basketball 3,4, Track 3,4, TAP 2, Talent Assembly 3,4, Sadie Hawkin's Activities 3, Hi-Y Council 3,4, Pep Club 4, Hi-Y Basketball Tournament 2,3. DAVIS, SCOTT Service Organization 3. DAVIES, SHARON Hoofbeat Staff 4, Quill and Scroll 4, Sol Fink 45 Art Club, Biology Club. DEAN, LINDA Girls' League 1,2,4, Parnassus l,2,3,45 Glee Club 1, Student Council 2, Advanced Girls' Choir 2. DEWEY, MICHAEL German Club, president 4. DIEI-IL, DANA Parnassus l,2,3,4, Beta Chi Tri-Hi-Y 3,45 treasurer, National Honor Society 3,4, Girls' League 2,3,4, Service Organization 2, Homeroom chairman 3, Pep Club 2,3, NCCJ 2. DOEHLEMAN, ELAINE FI-IA 1,2, vice-president, Tri Alta Signa 3,4, secretary, White Caps 1,2, secretary, Service Organization. DOERSCHLAG, LARRY Legio Honoris 3, Football 2, Wrestling 2. DORIOT, DOROTHY Parnassus l,2,3,4, Nautilus 3,4, National Honor So- ciety 3,4, Math Club 2,3,4, German Club 4, White Caps 1, Junior Statesmen 4, Humanities Club 4, Bowling Club 4, A Cappella 3,4, Advanced Girls' Choir 2. DOROSKY, RANDY DOTSON, PENNY FBLA 2,3,4, Pep Club 3, Marching Band 1. DOUGHTY, DENNY DOUGLAS, CARL DRAKE, JUDY Pep Club 2,35 Stadium Club 2, Service Organization 3. DUDINE, PAUL Baseball 2,3,4, Basketball l,2,3, Viking Hi-Y 3,4, vice-president 4, Service Organization 3,4, Letter- men's Club 3. EDENS, JIM Homeroom chairman 1, Lettermen's Club 4, Rifle Team l,2,3,45 ROTC Club l,2,3,4, secretary 4, parliamentarian 3. ELKENS, ROSEMARIE Junior Statesmen 45 Badminton Team 2, Fl-IA 1. ELIAS, CAROL ANN Beta Chi 3,4, sergeant at arms, Parnassus l,2,3,4, Pep Club l,2,3,45 TAP 3,4, Bowling Club 3, FTA 3, NCCJ 3,4, Sadie Hawkin's Activities 3, Math Club 3, Fellowship Club 3,4, Girls' League 1, Brotherhood Workshop 2, Traffic Safety Club 3, TAC 2. ELLER, KAY Roundup 4, Press Club 4, A Cappella 3, Girls' Choir. ELLEXSON, RANDY Band 1,2,3,4. ERSPAMER, JIM ETI-IINGTON, JACKIE Parnassus l,2,3,4, FTA 4, Quill and Scroll 3,4, North High Players 4, Press Club 4, Hoofbeat Staff 2,3,4, Editorial Board 4, Activities Editor 3, Traffic Safety Council. EWING, DWIGHT LEE ROTC l,2,3,4, ROTC Club 1,2,3,4. EWING, JUDY FBLA 3,45 Pep Club 3, Glee Club 3, FHA 3, historian. FACCHIN, ANGIE GAA 1,45 Golf Club 25 treasurer5 vice-president 3. FARNEY, PAULA Kappa 3,45 Cheerleader 45 AFS Committee 3,45 Cafeteria Control Board 45 Girls' State 35 NCCJ 25 FTA 15 Science Fair 25 Parnassus 152,35 Christmas Assembly 25 Pep Club 3,45 Homeroom officer 2,45 TAP 35 Fellowship Club 3,45 treasurer 35 Girls' League 15 2,3 ,45 Convention 35 Brotherhood Workshop 25 Sadie Hawkin's Activities 35 White Caps 15 TAC 2. FENLON, STAN JV Track 35 JV Baseball 25 Basketball lg Cross Country l . FERRIN, GREG Humanities Club 4 . FISHER, LOLINDA FTA 25 Pep Club 2,3,45 Art Club 1. FITCH, CANDY Girls' League 1,2,3 ,45 Traffic Club 3,45 treasurer 45 Pep,Club 1,2545 Legio Honoris 25 Fellowship Club 45 TAP 3,45 Service Organization 15 Student Council 25 TAC 35 Cafeteria Control Board 35 Beta Chi 3,4. FLEMING, CLAUDIA Pep Club 4. FOWLER, BEVERLY Stadium Club 25 Latin Club 1,2. FRANKEL, MICKEY FRAZIER, JAMES FREDERICK, ANDREA Student Council 1,2,35 Pep Club 1,25 Bowling Club 25 Stadium Club l,2,3,45 Cafeteria Control Board 35 Glee Club 1. Girls' League 1,2,3. FRIEDMAN, IRA Honor Court Judge 35 Pep Club 1,2,3 ,45 Lancer Hi-Y5 Student Council l,2,3,45 Executive Committee 45 AASC 3,45 Teenage Traffic Court 3,45 Cafeteria Control Board5 chairman 45 Talent Assembly 2,3,4. Fellowship Club 45 Jazz Festival 4. FORBES, BOB Band 1 ,2. FULTON, NITA Stadium Club l ,2,3,45 Drama Club 4. GABRIELLI, GINNY Beta Chi 3,45 historian5 Pep Club l,2,3,45 Service Or- ganization 2,35 Girls' League 2,35 Homeroom secre- tary5 Phi-Tyo 1,25 Art Club 1,25 Talent Assembly 35 Sadie Hawkin's Activities 3. GADDAS, PAM Parnassus 25 Hoofbeat Staff 45 Photo Editor5 Quill and Scroll 45 Pep Club 1,2,45 FTA 15 Sol Fink 45 Honor Roll 1,2,35 Photo Club 35 Press Club 4. GAILEY, SUE Band l,2,3,45 Service Band 3,4. GARLAND, GENE ROTC Club 3,45 vice-president 45 JV Wrestling 25 Service Organization 15 Lettermen's Club 45 Rifle Team 1,2,3,4. GALBREATH, ALAN Track 15 JV Football 25 Sadie Hawkin's Assembly 3. GANTT, JERRY GARDNER, VALERIE German Club 45 Orchestra 45 Service Band l,2,3,45 Concert Band 1,253 ,4. GASPARAC, ROCHELLE GASSLER, ROLAND GIBSON, JEANETTE GIFF IN, RICK 268 Student Council 1. GONZALES, TERRY Homeroom chairman, secretary 15 Phi-Tyo 15 Class Vice-president 2,3 ,45 Homecoming Attendant 25 Quill and Scroll 45 Social Committee 1,2,35 chairman 45 secretary 1,2,35 Kappa 3,45 ROTC Sponsor 3,45 Service Organization 35 Roundup Staff5 Parnassus 35 NCCJ 35 Jazz Festival 45 Talent Assembly 2,35 Pep Club 2 ,3 ,4. GONZALO, LILLIAN Pep Club l,2,3,45 Parnassus l,2,3,45 TAC 2,3,45 president 35 National Honor Society 3,45 AFS l,2,3,45 president 45 Exchange Student 35 NCCJ 25 ASU For- ensic Tournament 1,2,3,45 Rotary Speech Contest 2,35 Beta Chi 3,45 Service Organization 45 Homeroom secretary 35 co-chairman 1. GOODWIN, ARNOLD Cafeteria Control Board 45 Student Council 1,25 Viking Hi-Y 2,3 ,45 Homeroom co-chairman 35 Bas- ketball l,2,3,45 Football 253,45 Baseball 35 Track 45 Lettermen's Club 3,45 vice-president 45 Sadie Hawkin's Assembly 35 Most Popular. GREEN, LINDA Pep Club 45 Girls' League 4. GRIFFITH, TODD GUST, DEVENS Tennis 15 Varsity 35 Tennis Club 1,35 Physics Club president5 vice-president 35 Conservation Club 45 Parnassus l,2,3,45 Student Council 15 National Honor Society 3,45 Most,Likely To Succeed. HALE, JOHN Football l,2,3,45 Baseball 1,25 Viking Hi-Y 45 Bas- ketball 1,25 Homeroom secretary 45 Lettermen's Club 45 Track 3. HALL, GARY Nautilus 1,2,45 Junior Statesmen 3,45 president 45 North High Players 45 Legio Honoris 1,25 Humanities club 45 Band 3,45 Physics Club 35 Teenage Traffic Court 2.3.4. HALEY, RITA Transferred from Ohio5 North High Players 45 Ad- vanced Girls' Choir 45 FHA 4. HAVENS, PHIL Lancer Hi-Y 2,3 ,45 secretary 45 Football l,2,3,45 Basketball 1,25 Track 2,3 ,45 Student Council 2,3,45 Talent Assembly 3,4 5 Homeroom chairman Z,3,45 Sadie Hawkin's Assembly 35 AASC Convention 35 Pep Club 3,4. HAWKINS , CAROL HEF TEL, LANI Beta Chi 35 vice-president 45 Service Organization 45 Homeroom secretary 35 NCCJ 45 Fellowship Club 45 Pep Club 3,4. I-IEIDE, MARY Transferred from Illinois5 Pep Club 3,45 Homeroom Representative 45 GAA 4. HEIMANN, CAROLINE Parnassus 35 FTA 4. I-IERMAN, GEORGIE HERRING, LINDA FHA 4 . HIGGINS, CAROL Girls' League 25 Pep Club 35 Tri Lytz 35 Legio Honoris. HIELMAN, PAMELA Teenage Traffic Court 3,45 TAP 3. Hours, PARMA Transferred from Arcadia 25 Hooibeats Staff 3,45 Ac- tivities Editor 45 Quill and Scroll 45 National Merit Letter of Commendation 4. HOKANSON, LINDA FBLA 3 ,4. HOLLINGSWORTH, CONNIE HOPKINS, SUSAN ANN Tri Alta Signa 3,45 treasurer 45 FBLA 2,3,4. HOWES, LESLEY Latin Club 2,35 Pep Club 3,45 Stadium Club 45 FHA 45 A Cappella 3,4. HURLBURT, LAUREL North High Players 35 Roundup Staff 1,25 Service Or- ganization 3. HYATT, DUANE JV Tennis lg Varsity Tennis 2,3,45 Tennis Club5 treasurer 45 vice-president 35 Homeroom chairman 15 Lettermen's Club 2,3,4. IMHOFF, RALPH INGEBRIGTSEN, STEVE Homeroom chairman 15 Legio Honoris 25 Photo Club 3,45 president 45 Press Club 45 AIPA convention 45 Hoofbeat Photographer 3 ,45 Pep Club 45 Parnassus 3,4 Ice Skating Club 1. INGRAM, JIM INMAN, JERRY Pep Club 1,2,3,4 5 Photo Club 45 Parnassus 2. INTEMANN, NANCY ISON, TIM JV Baseball 1 ,2 5 Varsity Baseball 3,45 Viking Hi-Y 45 Lettermen's Club 45 Homeroom treasurer 4. JACKSON, CELIA PTA 1,2,3,4. JACOBS, BARBARA Legio Honoris 1,25 Tri Alta Signa 35 Hoofbeat Staff Tony Bustos, student body president, talked briefly with cheerleaders before a pep assembly. 1,25 FHA l,2,3,45 president 3,4. JOHNSON, CHARLES Wrestling l,2,3,45 Baseball 1,25 Homeroom chairman 25 Pep Club 3,4. JOHNSON, ROBIN Fl-IA 25 La Jeunesse 2,35 Service Organization 3. JOHNSON, STEVE Key Club 45 Junior Statesmen 45 Wrestling 4. JUMP, KATHLENE KAERCHER, CAROL KANE, CHRIS Tri-Lytz 3. KASTL, CAROLEE KELLEY, GARY KENDALL, MICHAEL Homeroom vice-president 2. KETTLEWELL, ANNE Girls' League l,2,3,45 secretary 45 Pom Pon 3,45 Parnassus l,2,3,45 Legio Honoris 25 Beta Chi 3,45 Pep Club l,2,3,45 Sadie Hawkin's Activities 35 Service Organization 35 Homeroom chairman 25 secretary 45 YMCA Model Legislature 4. KING, RICHARD Track l,2,3,45 Lettermen's Club 2,3,45 Football 15 Wrestling 15 Cross-country 1,2,3,4. KINGSTON, NANCY Girls' League l,2,35 Parnassus l,2,3,45 Quill and Scroll 45 Press Club 45 Physics Club 35 Pep Club 1,25 3,45 Student Council 1,25 Service Organization 1,25 National Merit Letter of Commendation 4. KIRK, KAY TAC 1525 TAP 1,25 GAA 1,25 Girls' League 2,3,45 Pep Club 2,3. KISER, MARY FHA 1. KNIGHT, LINDA Band 15 Girls' League l,2,3,45 Fellowship Club 3,45 Pep Club 2,3,45 TAP 35 FTA 45 Kappa 4. KOHLER, JANE Student Council 15 Pamassus 15 FBLA 25 sergeant at arms 35 vice-president 4. KOLSRUD, NANCY Pep Club 1,25 Stadium Club 1,25 Latin Club 25 Stu- dent Council 3. KOPERA, LEWIS Nautilus l,2,3,45 secretary 3,45 Mathematics Club 2,3 ,45 Legio Honoris 25 Physics Club 35 Pamassus 2,3,4. KRAHL, CATHY Beta Chi 3,45 secretary 35 Student Council 1,2,35 Girls' League 1,2,3 5 vice-president 25 Cheerleader 3,45 captain 45 Corral Board 15 vice-president 15 Pep Club l,2,3,45 Homeroom chairman 15 Honor Court secretary 45 NCCJ 4. KRAUSE, KATHY Honor Court secretary 2,3 ,4 5 Service Organization 2,45 Student Council 2,45 Pep Club 45 Humanities Club 45 Girls' League 45 Corral Board 45 Fellowship Club 45 Sadie Hawkin's Activities 35 Honor Court Judge 4. KURZ, SHIRLEY Beta Chi 35 secretary 45 Talent Assembly 35 A Cappella 45 FHA 1,25 Advanced Girls' Chorus 35 Legio Honoris5 president 45 Homeroom treasurer 45 co-chairman 25 Chairman 1. Transferred from Nevada5 Homeroom co-chairman 45 LAGRONE, LYNN Key Club 3,4, vice-president, Pamassus 1,2,3,4. LANGFITT, KAYLA Student Council 1, Girls' League 1, FHA 1,2, Band 1,3 ,4, Girls' Chorus 1. LAREAU, JAN Tennis Club 1,2, GAA 1, treasurer 4, Stadium Club 1, Service Organization 1,2. LATHROP, PAM Pep Club 1,2,3, TAP 3, TAC 3, Service Organization 1, Homeroom treasurer 1, Girls' League 1, Talent Assembly 2,3, Sadie Hawkin's Assembly 3. LEBOYER, J ULES Student Council 1,2,3,4, Executive Committee 1,2,4, Class President 2, Viking Hi -Y 2,3,4, secretary- treasurer 3,4, Lettermen's Club 2,3,4, president 4, Cafeteria Conuol Board 3,4, Service Organization 3, Boys' State 3, Cross-country 2,3 ,4, Track 2,3,4, Pep Club, president 4, AASC 2,3,4, AFS 1,2,3,4. LEE, LONA Tennis Club 1,2,3,4, vice-president 4, Stadium Club 3,4, GAA 1,4, president 4, Tennis 1,2,3,4. LEFEVRE, PAT Lancer Hi-Y 2,3 ,4, sergeant at arms, Lettermen's Club 3 ,4, Varsity Football 3,4. LEHMAN, DEAN Lancer Hi-Y 2,3,4, treasurer 3,4, Varsity Football 2, Lettermen's Club 2,3 ,4, Varsity Track 1,2,4, Student Council 3. LEIGH, SANDI LEMONS, SANDY Orchestra 1,2,3,4, Pep Club 3. LENNON, CHARLOTTE LERNER, CAROL Service Organization 3, FTA 3,4, treasurer 4, Parnassus l,2,3,4, National Honor Society 3, secretary, Pep Club 3,4, Homeroom co-chairman 3,4, Anytown 4, Girls' League 2,3,4, Fellowship Club 3,4, GAA 1, NCCJ 3, Legio Honoris 2, TAP 3. LIGHTNER, FRANCIS LISTER, DELBERT Track 1,2,3,4, Cross-country 3,4, Football 3, Pep Club 3 ,4, Lettermen's Club 3,4. LOCKWOOD, PAMELA Girls' League 1,2,3, Student Council 1,2,3, Service Organization 1, Pep Club 1,2,3,4. LINDAUER, RUTH National Merit Semi-finalist 4, National Honor So- ciety 3,4, Marching Band 2,3,4, secretary 3, Parnassus 1,2,3 ,4, Homeroom treasurer 3, Concert Band 2,3, Archery Club 2, TAP 2,3, TAC 3, secretary 3, Con- servation Club 4, Nautilus 1,2,3,4, secretary 2, his- torian 3, treasurer 4, Junior Statesmen 3,4, secretary 4, Humanities Club 4, treasurer, Bowling Club 2,3,4, secretary 2, president 3, German Club 4, secretary- treasurer, Math Club 3,4, Girls' League 2, Talent Assembly 2, GAA 2. LYONS, KATHY Girls' League 2, Homeroom co-chairman 4. MAGNUSON, JAMES MAI-IONEY, PAT Homeroom co-chairman 4. MAIZE, ALISON MANGER, DAVE Transferred from Michigan, Football 2,3, Band 1,2,3, Track 1, Pep Band 3. MANGUSO, LANA MANKINS, DON Lettermen's Club 4, Football 4, Track 4. McCLINTIC, LINDY Roundup Staff 1,2,3,4, Advertising manager 1,2, Assignment editor 3, Editor-in-chief 4, Girls' League l,2,3, Executive Committee 4, Student Council 3,4, Class secretary 4, Service Organization 1,2, NCCJ 3, Pep Club 1,2,3,4, Teenage Traffic Court 2, ASU For- ensic Tournament, 2nd place 2, Pamassus 2,3,4, Quill and Scroll 3,4, AFS 3, Teentattle Correspondent 4, TAP 2,3,4, Social Committee 2, TAC 2, Press Club 3,4, Sadie Hawkin's Activities 3. MCCANN, BOB Lettermen's Club 2,3,4, Viking Hi-Y 1,2,3,4, Stu- dent Council 2, Executive Committee 2, Varsity Foot- ball 2,3,4, Varsity Basketball 2,3,4, Varsity Track 1,2,3,4. MQLEOD, SHIRLEY FHA 2,3, Tri Alta Signa 3,4, treasurer 3, Pep Club 3,4, NCCJ 4. McCLURE, TERRY Cross-country 1, Track 2, A Cappella 3,4, Legio Honoris 1,2, Northernaires 4, Homeroom chairman 4, Student Council 4, Talent Assembly 2,3,4. MCWHORTER, DAVID Pep Club 2,3 ,4. MEKA, FRANCEE MELCZER, SALLY MENO, MARY JO Pep Club 1,2,3,4, Homeroom secretary 2,3, chairman 1,3, Service organization 4, Pamassus 1,2. MEYER, JUDY ANN National Honor Society 3,4, Humanities Club 4, sec- retary, Parnassus l,2,3,4, vice-president 3, president 4, AFS 3,4, secretary-treasurer 4, NCTE candidate 3, La Jeunesse, Roundup Staff 4, Junior Statesmen 4, Press Club 4. MIHELICH, CHUCK ROTC 1, Rifle Team 1. MILLER, MARILYN Humanities Club 4. MILLER, RICK Varsity Wrestling l,2,3, Football 1, JV Football 2, FFA 1,2,3,4. MIRANDA, DIANA Bowling Club 3, FHA 2, Cafeteria Control Board 4. MOAT, GENE Wrestling 2. MONTEROS, RUDY Student Council 2,3,4, ASSC Convention 3, Art Club 2,3, Talent Assembly 2,3,4, Jazz Festival 3,4. MOORMAN, DIANA A Cappella 3,4, Advanced Girls' Choir 2,3, FHA 1, "Check Your Worries" 3, Pep Club 1,2,3,4, Home- room officer 4, Northernaires 4. MORRISON, BUDDY Lettermen's Club 3,4, Cross-country 1, Baseball 2 ,3, Basketball 2,3,4, MOWRY, JANET Pep Club 3,4, Stadium Club 3,4, president 4, GAA 4, A Cappella 3,4, Badminton 4, Music Assembly 3,4. MURPHY, DENNIS Baseball 1,2,3,4, Lettermen's Club 3,4, Viking Hi-Y Students fumbled for tickets and I.D. cards before gaining admittance to the corral for a dance following the football game. 45 Pamassus 45 Homeroom officer 2,45 Football 1. MUSE, TOM NEELY, SALLY NELSON, ROBERT Drum Major5 Marching and Concert Band 1,2,3,45 Service Band 2,3,45 Dance Band 253,45 Key Club 45 Football 15 Track 15 Service Organization 1. NEWBY, MARY FI-lA 3,45 A Cappella 3,45 Advanced Girls' Choir 25 Pep Club 2,3 ,4. NOONAN, DICK Varsity Baseball 3,4. NOYES, LORNE Nautilus 3 ,4. ONG, BEVERLY Class secretary 1,2,35 Girls' League 1,2,35 TAP 25 Teenage Traffic Court 25 Pep Club 1,2,35 Legio Honoris 35 Social Committee 45 Student Body Cor- responding secretary 45 A Cappella 35 Student Coun- cil 1,2,3,45 NCCJ 35 Girls' State 35 ASSC Convention 3,45 Kappa 4. OTTOSEN, DIANN PALMER, MARILYN GAA 2,3,4. PALOMINO, ERNIE Track l,2,3,45 National Honor Society 3,45 Parnassus 1,2 ,3,45 sergeant at arms 45 Latin Club5 president 25 Lettermen's Club 2,3,45 Key Club 45 Service Organi- zation 15 Cross-country 1,2,3,4. PARKER, DALE PARKER, JUDY PARRY, STEVE L9tterm6n'S Club 3,45 Viking Hi-Y 3,45 Service Or- ganization 35 Track 15 Basketball l,3,45 Football 1. PATRICK, JUDY Girls' League 153,45 secretary 15 treasurer 45 Beta Chi 3,45 Parnassus 25 Student Council 3,45 Pom Pon 354. PATTERSON, ED Football Team 1. PEEBLES, CHRIS Annual Staff 4. PETERS, JANET Teenage Traffic Court 25 Art Club 15 FHA 45 parlia- mentarian5 Legio I-lonoris 4. PETERSON, BARBARA Student Council 35 Service Organization 1,2545 Girls' League 253,45 Talent Assembly 2,35 Pep Club 2,3,45 U of A Day Princess 45 Homecoming Queen 45 Pom Pon 45 Daisy Mae 35 Kappa 3,45 treasurer5 president 45 Best Looking 4. PORTER, KATHY Pep Club 35 Roucdup Staff 35 Honor Roll 1,4. PRATHER, PAM Tri Alta Signa 35 president5 Talent Assembly 1,2,35 North High Players 35 A Cappella Choir 3,45 Girls' League 15 Homeroom secretary 45 Advanced Girls' Choir 2. PRICE, RUTH Terry McClure, Fernando Quezado, Tony Bustos, Mr. Bagwell, and Rudy Monteros performed in several assemblies. Month. SPEARS, GARY STELLHORN, JOHN Annual Staff 15 Conservation Club 45 Student Council 1,45 Drama Production 15 Chorus 1. STEVENS, GLEN ROTC Club 2,35 Service Organization 45 Pep Club 1. STEVENSON, DORIS Band 2,3 ,45 Service Band 2,3,45 Orchestra 3,45 Ad- vanced Girls' Chorus 2,45 A Cappella 3,45 Pamassus 1,2,3,45 Pep Club 45 Student Council 1,35 Legio Honoris 25 Service Organization 45 Northernaires 3,45 Junior Statesmen 4. STEWART, DAVID STEWART, JACKIE Pom Pon5 captain 3,45 Beta Chi 3,45 vice-president 35 Student Body Recording Secretary 45 Honor Court Judge 35 TAP 2,35 Social Committee 35 NCCJ 2,3,45 Service Organization 15 Executive Committee 2,45 Girls' State 35 ASSC Convention 35 Pep Club 1,2,35 Student Council 2,3,45 Fellowship Club 45 Pamassus 2,3 ,45 National Honor Scoiety 3,4, Most Popular. STEWART, JIM JV Football 1,25 JV Basketball 1,25 JV Track 1,25 Varsity 3,45 Viking Hi-Y 2,3545 Lettermen's Club 3,4 STIREWALT, ROBERT Service Organization 45 Lancer Hi-Y. SULLIVAN, RICK A Cappella 2,3 ,45 Photo Club 35 Pep Club 1,2,3,45 "Check Your Worries" 3. TARVES, FRANCES Parnassus 1,2,3,45 National Honor Society 3,4. THEOBALD, JOHN Archery Club 25 Conservation Club 4. THOMPSON, LILA LEE Pep Club 15 Tri -Lytz 3,45 Homeroom co-chairman 2. TODD, DAVE Student Council 1,2,3,45 Service Organization 1,2, 3,45 president 45 Pamassus 1,2,3,45 National Honor Society 3,45 Key Club 3,45 president 45 NCCJ 2,35 Anytown 35 Pep Club 1,2,3,45 Math Club 2,35 AFS 1,2,3,45 vice-president 4. TODD, TAWNEY Marching Band 2,3,45 Service Band 3,4. I TODD, VICKI TOREL, RON Football 1,2. TOWNE, JUDI TRUJILLO, VALERIE Pep Club 15 Stadium Club 1. TURLEY, KENT Football 15 Baseball 15 Varsity Golf l,2,3. URNESS, WAYNE Basketball 25 Baseball 1. VALENTINE, PAT Pep Club 3. VAN CLEVE, VAL Beta Chi 3,45 historian5 Hom eroom secretary 25 Art Club 25 Sadie Hawkin's Assembly 3. VAN NESS 5 BILLIE Parnassus 1,25 Concert Band 1,2,3,45 Orchestra 45 Latin Club 25 Service Band 1,2,3,4 VINYARD, JOYCE Transferred from Camelback WALDRON PHIL 2. Football l,45 Key Club 3,45 treasurer 4. WALTERS, RON TD Basketball 15 Football 25 HO Skating Club 2. WEATHERUP, CRAIG eroom co-chairman 2 ,35 Pamassus 1,25 Tennis Club 1,2,35 president l,2. Tennis Team l,2,3,45 Latin Club 1,2. WEAVER, JERRY T Pep Club 45 vice-president5 Sadie Hawkin's Activities 35 Personality. WEBB, MICHAEL Nautilus 3 ,45 Pamassus 3,4. WEBBER, RONALD rack 1,25 Basketball 25 Assemblies 3,45 Best Drama Production 2,35 ROTC Club 1,2,3,45 vice- president 35 president 45 German Club 45 vice- president5 Latin Club 15 Baseball manager 15 Rifle Team 1,2,3,4. WEST, PAUL A Cappella 3,45 Track 15 Cross-country 15 Homeroom co-chairman 45 Service Organization 3. w1cKA, NEVA Homeroom chairman 2,35 Service Organization 35 Pep ciub 3, Beta chi 3,4. WILLIAMS, DICK Football 1,2,3,45 Track 2,35 Band 1,2,35 Lettermen's Club 4. WILLIAMS, JUDY Girls' League 1,2,3,4- President 45 Convention 45 WILLIAMS, MARILYN , SLU' Service Organization 35 trea Traffic Safety Club 35 Talen er 35 Pep Club 2,35 t Assembly 45 Beta Chi 3,45 Executive Committee 4. wn.Ls, VICKI w1LL1AMsON, ROGER Band 1,2,3,45 Key ciub 4. WILSON, VIKKI Homeroom chairman 25 secretary 45 Service Organiza- tion 3. WINTERS, JAN A Cappella 3,45 Advanced G irls' Choir 25 Northern- aires 4, "Check Your Worries" 35 Music Assembly 3,45 Organization 3. Drama Assembly 3, Homeroorn chairman 1, co- ZIENER, BRETT chairman 1, Student Council 1,2. ZODY, CAROL WOODWARD, ROGER Orchestra 1,29 Girls' League 4, Pep Club 4. Baseball 1,2,3,4, Basketball 1,23 Football lg Cafe- ZUNDEL, PENNY . teria Control Board 4 5 Student Council 2,4 3 Service X, 9 A an A' J , f 'I f www 5 1 My QW W Q f 4 .1 J' ,. J, M , ,ww r or ,a a f fe J Mr jf! iff Ulf- a 22.150 ff A Aj of WJ ' QW? QJJJ V L M!! . 2,4 Jf"""M O Q J , My 4 J nf' t 1. J, L J K V ' Z 'f I ' fl LJ 1 ff L ' "I jx!! XJ X 'JVM if J I gc, of Lyyflf I , x., L 6 Cb V ,ZW 4 IW f ' f 1 if V! J Ml! J J., ,, F W ljxbv 'ZLVJ ' G 4 , 6 T xl School life centered around the campus--scene of student conventions, athletic games, musical and dramatic productions, club meetings, assemblies, bake sales and car washes. 275 Aaron, Patsy 197 Abel, Stephen 215 Abney, Louis Abrahamsen, Karl 84,165 Acuff, Sherry 72,215 Adair, Doug 215 Adams, Bruce 197,235 Adams, Edward 197,235 Addington, Nancy 73,197 Adelman, John 67,197 Albert, Gerald 215 Aldama, Ernest 197 Alden, Pam 197 Aldrete, Natalie 235 Aldrete, Wayne 165 Alexander, Larry 215 Alexander, Thomas 165 Alexander, William 215 Alford, Glenn 215 Allen, Anthony 215 Allen, Carolyn 215 Allen, Linda 215 Allison, Kathy 57,76 Allred, Clyde 197 Alsman, Karen 235 Altstatt, Thomas 197 Amick, Linda 235 Anderson, Brent 215 Anderson, Clifford 215 Anderson, Howard Jr. 215 Anderson, James 197 Anderson Jan 215 Anderson, Karen 197 Anderson, Lloyd 235 Anderson, Pam 235 Anderson, William 235 Anderson, Roy 215 Annette, Dennis 235 Anselmo, Josephine 215 Anspach, Terry 197 Anton, Tim 215 Appel, Charlotte 96,215 Appel, Marcia 235 Apple, Linda 215 Armstrong, Madean 235 Armstrong, Lawrence 197 Arnold, Dennis 197 Arnold, Edward 235 Arrington, Joseph 215 Artman, Carol 215 Ashcraft, James 235 Ashley, Diane 72,215 Ashley, Marcia 77,81,165 Avery, Jeanette 73,235 Avery, Mary 89,197 Awe, Benjamin 197 Ayers, Arlene 235 Ayers, Delbert 197 Index Ayers, Karen 197 Ayers, Olene 235 Ayers, Vicky 235 Azoyan, Edward 235 Bachman, Linda Ann 165 Baeuchler, Richard 73 ,84 , 86,87,88,165 Bafaloukds, Mary 235 Bagby, Gloria 113,235 Bagwell, Steven 100,235 Bahr, Terry 235 Bailey, Bruce 215 Bailey, Bichael 235 Baird, Martha 215 Baker, David 235 Baker, Jo Anne 235 Baker, Lois 235 Baker, Martha 215 Baker, Paul 215 Baker, Ronnie 235 Baker, Thomas 215 Ballard, Janet 66,198 Ballard, John 165 Ballard, Terry 197 Banta, Betty 215 Barc, Linda 235 Barfoot, Richard 235 Barger, Jack 197 Barcer, Robert 215 Barker, Sharon 235 Barker, George 197 Barnes, Bill 235 Barnes, Gail 197 Barnes, Thomsa 215 Barnett, Shelly 121,235 Barnett, Tim 215 Bartlett, Terrel 235 Basko, Margie 235 Bastin, George 131,197, 235 Bastin, Harry 113 Bauer, Larry 235 Beaty, Melba 197 Beauchamp, Robert 51,63, 89,9O,215 Beck, Lawrence 51,90 Beck, Milo 45,91,119,131, 165 Becker, Ray 165 Beckett, Donna 215 Beckman, Albert 197 Bedard, Charles 89,90,21 Beebe, Patty 215 Behl, Bemadine 165 Behun, Ronald 197 Belcher, Linda 235 Beinlich, Bruce 236 Beliak, Bernhard 85,236 5 Bell, Charlotte 66,197 Bell, Janet 113,236 Bell, Linda 197 Bell, Douglas 84,88,165 Bellamy, Chris 215 Beltz, Harry 197 Beltz, Ronnie 236 Benedetti, Marta 45,51,81, 119,165 Benjamin, Jackie 81,197 Benjamin, Penny 78,236 , 254 Bennett, Bonnie 215 Bennett, Carl 67,197 Bennett, Eddie 215 Bentley, Richard 215 Bergstrom, Dennis 120,165 Bergstrom, Kenneth 215 Berkey, Cherie 166 Berry, Douglas 236 Berry, Fred 51,90,215 Berry, Toni 197 Berthiaume, Cynthia 197 Bethancourt, Nancy 236 Bethancourt, Wiltz 100,197 Betts, William 197 Billings, Beverly 66,197 Bimson, Pamela 216 Bird, Judy 69,72,236 Bird, Sharon 236 Birmingham, Carol 216 Birmingham, Janet 71,216 Birmingham, Thomas 236 Bisesto, Phyllis 197 Bivens, Wayne 198 Blackburn, Shirley 236 Blackford, Bruce 236 Blackford, Paul 216 Blackford, Steve 198 Blair, Charles 216 Blair, Donna 216 Blair, Patricia 216 Blair, Paula 51,216 Blair, Susan 216 Blake, Judy 236 Blaker, Eddie 236 Blanco, Gilbert 124,126, 166 Blaney, Karen 198 Blanton, Larry 236 Blanton, William 236 Blasius, Donna 51,71,166 Blasius, Glen 216 Blinn, Darylene 216 Blount, Jana 71,216 Boat, Barbara, 198 Boat, Terry 216 Bobince, John 236 Bobince, Michael 236 Bobo, Raymond 216 Bochat, Paul 216 Boelke, Robert 198 Boicourt, Michael 236 Bomar, Scott 198 Bomar, Marilyn 216 Bonds, Marsha 236 Bonner, Audrey 198 Booker, Judy 216 Boone, Susan 236 Borree, Sandra 73 Bourland, Don 198 Bouvea, Debbie 236 Bowden, Allen 236 Bowers, Donald 198 Bowers, Joan 198 Bowers, Sandra 236 Bowles, Carol 166 Bown, Jeffrey 166 Boyce, Michael 67,198 Boyer, Everett 216 Boyle, Donna 236 Boyle, Timothy 216 Bozich, Helene 198 Braten, Thomas 198 Braden, Richard 166 Bradford, Mary 73,198 Bradley, Clifford 131,198 Bradley, James 216 Bradley, Kenny 236 Bradley, Sidney 131,166 Brady, Tanya 236 Brand, Sharon 236 Brannan, Mike 166 Brannan, Patrick 236 Buchanan, Charles 216 Buchanan, Michael 237 Buckles, Michael 56,217 Buffington, Lana 198 Bulicek, Carol 198 Bulmer, Sally 237 Burch, Elizabeth 217 Burgan, Lance 198 Burgy, William 237 Burke, Rhonda 113,217 Burkhardt, Rickey 198 Burkins, Ann 167 Burnett, Tryone 167 Burnett, Robert 237 Burns, Michael 198 Burton, Sharon 217 Buch, Jean 198 Bustos, Anthony 45,49 ,51 , 90,93,111,114,167,264, 269 Byers, Rodney 198 Brooks, Shirley 236 Broumley, Lester 216 Brown, Daryl 237 Brown, Stevan 237 Brown, James 198 Brown, Janice 216 Brown, Cora 216 Brown, John 93,198 Brown, John 237 Brown, Karen 216 Brown, Linda E. 113,198 Brown, Linda J. 89,216 Brown, Lynda 89,216 Brown, Michael 237 Brown, Monte 167 Brown, Pennie 237 Brown, Randal 216 Brown, William 237 Brownell, Lyle 216 Brownell, Vern 167 Browning, Janice 198 Broyles, James 198 Bruce, Mike 237 Brugaletta, Joanne 216 Bryan, Charles 198 Bryan, Wayne 113,237 Bryant, Karen 56,88,167 Bryson, Russell 237 Brannon, Linda 216 Brassington, Judy 236 Breninger, David 85,86,198 Brennan, Charles, 198 Brennan, Elaine 216 Brennan, Lois 166 Brennan, Ronald 198 Bretzing, Randy 236 Breverman, Charles 236 Breverman, Fredi 45,50,51, 89,94,95,120,198 Brewer, Gaylord 166 Brillhart, Jim 166 Brillhart, William 236 Brink, James 166 Brink, Richard 92,198 Briske, Michael 67,198 Bristow, Steven 236 Brittain, Philip 166 Britton, Cheryl 198 Brizzee, Robert 198 Broad, Gail 72,216 Broberg, John 166 Brockman, Judy 216 Bronson, Bruce 198 Bronson, Maureen 53,59, 120,167 Cain, Cathrine 237 Cain, Elizabeth 237 Camacho, Joseph 237 Cameron, Michael 237 Camp, Barbara 82,198 Camp, Joan 237 Campbell, Barbara 57,66 89,189 Campbell, Paula 237 Campbell, Ross 237 Cantrell, Judie 66,198 Cardon, Fran 237 Cardon, Kirk 131,198 Carlock, Camille 82,167 Carney, Carol 237 Carney, Diana 74,75,120 88,167 Carpenter, Fran 66 ,73 ,89 198 Carpenter, Ken 217 Carpenter, Jolm 217 Carpenter, Mary 73,8l,167 Carr, Robin 167 Carr, Tommy 217 Carraro, Cherryl 199 Carroll, Walter 83,131,199 Carroll, Bill 237 Carson, Bonnie 51,199 Carson, Kristine 237 Carson, Steve 217 Carter, Andera 237 Carter, Lanni 167 Carter, Sharon 217 Mr. Bagwell conducted North's symphony orchestra in a performance of Milhaud's "La Creation du Monde." 277 Carter, Stephen 217 Cartmill, Jim 217 Caruso, Salvator 217 Cary, Don 237 Casalena, Michael 167 Casciola, Steve 237 Case, Lee 84,85,88,167 Casey, Crystal 15,82,217 Cass, KayAnne 237 Casteel, Dennis 199 Casteel, Larry 167 Castillo, Dave 237 Catalano, Rosanne 237 Catlin, Tom 168 Causey, Carolyn 237 Cays, Sue 217 Caywood, Christine 237 Cerajewski, Robert 237 Chadwick, Sara 80,199 Chambers, Clydene 199 Chambers, Janice 237 Champney, Elizabeth 199 Chapman, Glenn 217 Charlton, Ronald 217 Charnoki, Joseph 168 Chase, Stuart 237 Chatwin, Melbalyn 66,113 217 Chaudoin, Dick 238 Cherry, Leah 113,168 Chester, Mike 199 Cheuvront, Steve 238 Childers, Larry 217 Childers, Robert 199 Childress, Steve 238 Chiono, Mary 238 Christian, Merilyn 238 Christianson, John 238 Christie, Richard 217 Christoffersen, Joy 66,89, 199 Christopherson, Larry 131, 217 Christy, Marshall 238 Ciprich, James 238 Clark, David 199 Clark, Diane 238 Clark, Earl 217 Clark, Larry 238 Clark, Randall 238 Clark, Rhonda 113,199 Clarke , Janet 54,8 5,88 ,94 , 121 Clarke, Steve 32,238 Clayton, Minnie 217 Clegg, Priscilla 63,199 Clements, Linda 43,54,84, 85,86,87,88,114,121, Halftimes at foorball games provided a chance for the baton twirlers, pom pons, and cheers to do their routines. 168 Clevenger, Carol 82,217 Click, Juanita 168 Clifford, Hal 238 Clifford, Jeff 238 Clifford, Tim 199 Clifton, John 217 Clifton, Richard 199 Cloninger, Doris 121,217 Clower, James 217 Clower, Mike 199 Coassolo, Johnny 92,199 Cochran, Tom 93,131,199 Coffin, Diann 199 Cogswell, Brent 63,168, 272 Cogswell, Roberta 51 ,57 , 72,89,217 Coil, Marilyn 83,199 Colby, Pam 129,168 Colby, Bob 63,51,83,93, 199 Cole, Beverly 51,199 Cole, Fran 237 Cole, Hubert 238 Coleman, Dudly 238 Coler, Robert 90,168 Collins, Coral 168 Collins, Jean 217 Collins, Marilyn 238 Collins, Rex 199 Collins, Virginia 217 Colman, Cathrine 217 Colquette, Sandy 217 Colvin, JoAnn 217 Colvin, Tabitha 217 Combest, Mike 217 Conway, Patsy 199 Condron, Brenda 238 Cone, Diana 238 Conklin, Billye 199 Conn, Edward 199 Conner, Kent 199 Conrow, Carol 199 Conrow, Cheryle 199 Conrow, Srandra 238 Cook, Richie 217 Cook, Bill 217 Cooper, Coleen 238 Cooper, Margaret 168 Cooper, Robert 238 Cooper, Robert 217 Coppi, Randall 217 Corbin, Sam 217 Cordon, Mike 45,131,199 Cornell, Charles 199 Cornell, Steve 217 Cornoyer, Jerry 168 Cotter, Shirly 199 Coughlin, Rick 199 Coughlin, Sandi 238 Couliette, Donnie 199 Coursen, Jerry 218 Courter, Marc 238 Cox, Gene 55,9O,168 Cox, Mary 238 Cox, Bin 238 Crabtree, John 238 Cramer, Cindy 218 Crames, Mary 169 Craven, Marilyn 71,73 ,199 Crist, Kenneth 218 Crittenden, Gayle 5l,53, 60,230,199 Croaff, Marva 238 Croaff, Ronna 80,199 Crook, Barbara 199 Crook, Deanna 238 Cruse, Wallace 169 Culbertson, Bill 239 Cullen, Dave 169 Cullen, Gwendolyn 218 Cummings, MaryAnn 239 Cupec, Ann 218 Currie, Jim 218,239 Currie, Ray 218 Curtis, Jim 169,239 278 Custer, Wanda 113,218 Cymbalski, Dennis 169 Dake, Jon 67,200 Dall, Valerie, 239 Dalton, Bernard 169 Dalton, Mary 57,218 Danielson, Gerald 239 Danner, Darryl 200 Dano, Frank 239 Darr, Velva 63,200 Davenport, Elaine 12,218 Davies, Harold 239 Davies, Sharon 54,121,169 Davidson, James 239 Davis, Barbara 51,80,lO4, 170 Davis, Bla ine 218 Davis, Curtis 218,239 Davis, Don 96 Davis, Jeff 218 Davis, John 89,218 Davis, Lorna 170 Davis, Mary 73,200 Davis, Michael 91,170, 239 Davis, Nancy 57,200 Davis, Scott 170 Davis, Susan 239 Davis, Welda 200 Dawe, Jim 239 De Berge, Cheri 239 De Berge, Janet 68,81,20O De Berry, Virginia 239 De Blois, Gail 218 De Foyd, James 218 De Marlie, Trudy 170 De Ment, Mary 200 De Ronde, Elizabeth 218 De Vere, Eddy 200 Dean, Linda 170 Derick, Sharon 239 Devening, Randy 239 Dewey, Michael 100,170 De Stefano, Ted 170 Dickinson, Loren 170 Diehl, Dana 61,80,170 Diehl, Robyn 239 Dietrich, William 83,13l, 200 Dilbeck, Bob 239 Dillon, Mark 239 Dimick, Loretta 218 Dittler, Diane 200 Dixon, Diana 218 Dixon, George 51,218 Dixon, Willard 218 Dobrinski, Karen 72,218 Doehleman, Elaine 66,170 Doherty, Lynne 200 Dollard, John 200 Donaldson, Humel 218 Doriot, Dorothy 73 ,84,85, 86,87,88,l70 Dorosky, Randy 170 Doskocil, Robert 200 Dotson, Penelope 170 Dotzauer, Craig 239 Dougherty, John 200 Douglas, Carl 171 Douse, Diana 239 Douthit, Wanda 72,218 Downin, Harry 218 Downs, Berry 200 Doyer, Candace 89,218 Doyle, Donna 218 Doyle, James 218 Doyle, Sandra 239 Doyle, Sarajo 74,113,219 Drake, Judith 171 Draper, Allen 171 Dresser, Dave 219 Driskill, William 219 Du Pass, Sharon 219 Dudine, Lorraine 219 Dudine, Paul 91,124,171 Duncan, Kent 239 Duncan, Mary 219 Duncan, Scott 89,100,219 Dunn, Charles 239 Dunn, Lila 171 Dunn, Nancy 239 Dunning, Arlene 239 Duke, Linda 239 Dupuy, Curtis 219 Eacret, Patricia 239 Earl, Ray 219 Easterly, Gerald 219 Edelman, Audree 239 Edens, Gay 200 Edens, Jimmy 92,171 Edlund, Tina 81,89,200 Edwards, David 89,200 Edwards, Michael 219 Egleberry, Linda 66,200 Egyed, Christina 12 1,219 Ehlers, Pamela 200 Eikens, Rosemary 85,171 Ek, Sally 219 Elias, Carol 80,88,171 Elias, Leo 239 Elias, Richard 111,119,131 171 Ellenwood, Hugh 239 Eller, Katherine 171 Ellexson, Randy 171 Ellington, Delores 171 Elliott, Johnny 92,124,131, 200 Ellis, Harolyn 63,74,86,87, 89,200 Ellison, Rachel 200 Ely, Linda 70,219 Emhoff, Tom 200 Emhoff, Wanda 239 Endean, Kenneth 200 Erspamer, James 171 Esinhart, Norman 239 Estes, Phillip 219 Ethington, Barry 219 Ethington, Jacqueline 54, 82,89,94,121,171 Evans, Dianne 219 Evans, John 219 Everett, Claudia 50,51,60, 61,82,169,172 Everett, Sharon 200 Evitts, Frank 239 Ezell, Douglas 200 Facchin, Angelina 172 Facchin, John 200 Fahlen, Edward 239 Fait, Jana 240 Faith, Joseph 240 Faith, Kathleen Rose 219 Fancher, Michall 219 Farenga, Cathy 219 Farley, Helen 240 Farney, Paula 74,75,77,81, 279 172 Farney, Tim 240 Fatout, Vicki 240 Favour, Billy 200 Fehr, Joetta 172 Feightner, Veronica 172 Fencl, Leo 240 Fendley, Dave 240 Fenlon, Robert 172 Ferman, Nathan 240 Ferrara, Nancy 219 Ferrell, Linda 200 Ferria, Richard 240 Ferrin, Barbara 219 Ferrin, Gregory 172 Ferrin, Melissa 200 Fesler, Jaci 219 Fesler, Jo Anne 240 Fidler, Michael 219 Fields, Sharon 219 Figueroa, Carlos 5l,94, 120,219 Figueroa, Pete 219 Filipowicz, Richard 219 Fimeres, Lupita 200 Fine, Donna 70,219 Fink, Marilyn 240 Finklea, Alvin 219 Finn, Michael 240 Finley, Carolyn 240 Finnemore, Harry 219 Firth, David 200 Fischer,'John 219 Fisher, Allen 200 Fisher, Carol 219 Fisher, Larry 240 Fisher, Lolinda 172 Fitch, Bobbe 53,57,80,200 Fitch, Candace 51,53,57, 80,172 Fitch, Charles 172 Fleenor Sherri 72 121 201 Fleming, Claudia ,172 , Flint, Gayland 219 Flipper, Carla 219 Flores, Patricia 65,81, 201,261 Flower, Marybeth 220 Floyd, Ralph 240 Flynn, Dennis 240 Flynn, Elizabeth 240 Flynn, Vickie 201 Foerster, Mary 201,113 Foley, Kenneth, 220 Forbes, Robert 173 Force, Anita 201 Forcier, Lee 240 Fouts, Kathy 240 Fowler, Beverly 173 Fowler, James 240 Fox, Corry 220 Frankel, Gregory 240 Frankel, Philipp 173 Franklin, Kent 220 Frantti, James 89,100,220 Frazier, James, 173 Frazier, Jeannene 201 Frazier, Larry 240 Freasier, Linda 240 Frederick, Andrea 173 Freeman, Judith 220 Freeman, Nancy 72,201 Freeman, Stella 220 Freeman, William 240 French, Armond 173 Freshley, John 201 Fried, Laurel 240 Friedman, Ira 45,51,83, 173 Fromchuck, Steven 220 Fronheiser, Dan 113,220 Fry, Shirley 201 Fryar, Judith 220 Fullwood, Mildred 201 Fulton, Juanita 72,173 Fuqua, Pierre 240 Futrell, Ben 85,54,12l ,201 Gabrielli, David 51,200 Gabrielli, Virginia 80 Gac, Lillian 201 Gaddas, Pamela 121,173G Gaff, Michael 201 Gailey, Catherine 173 Gailey, Kenneth 240 Galas, Dolores 240 Galbreath, Alan 173 Galbreath, Kenneth 220 Gallacci, Pamela 220 Galusha, Robert 51,201 Gantt, Jerry 174 Garcia, Gary 220 Gardner, Valerie 71,100, 174 Garland, Gene 92,174 Garner, Margaret 220 Garner, Virginia 220 Garrison, Jim 220 Gasparac, Rochelle 174 Gassler, Roland 174 Gauthier, Henry 13,201 Geaslin, Karen 240 Geist, David 220 Gelrud, Russa 174 Gemuenden, Richard 100, 220 Gentry, Rita 220 Gentry, Shirley 240 Gephart, Barbara 57,73,85 I 201 Gerardi, Thomas 240 Germain, David 220 Germroth, Linda 66 ,89,201 Gertz, Leonard 220 Giacona, Anne 201 ' Giacona, James 240 Giallombardo, Constance 220 Gibson, Jacquelin 174 Gibson, Jeanette 174 Gibson, Roger 85,97,12O, 201 Giffin, Richard 174 Gilbert, Allen 240 Gilbert, Wanda 63,57,201 Gillespie, James 220 Gillespie, Rosemary 78, 220,254 Gillett, Ruth 240 Gilman, Elaine 201 Gilson, Don 240 Giordano, Amelia 240 Giordano, Walter 240 Girard, Carl 220 Gish, Judith 89,97,121, 220 Gladden, Carol 240 Clancy, John 240 Glossenger, Rose 15,66, 72,74,82,89,2Ol Glover, Gordon 201 Glydwell, Sandra 201 Godbold, Kenneth 241 Godwin, Gary 220 Goings, Marilyn 66,202 Golden, Robert 220 Golsh, Joseph 241 Gonsalves, Jeanette 202 Gonzales, Terry 5 1 ,54 ,6 1 , 81,110,120,l69 Gonzalo, Lillian 43 ,74 ,80 , 174 Goodman, Jesse 220 Goodman, Linda 241 Goodman, Maria 70,220 Goodwin, Arnold 91,92, 115,131,174 Gooshaw, Anne 82,220 Gooshaw, Della 72,202 Gorczyca, Alexandria 220 Gorczyca, Gale 202 Gordon, Thomas 220 Gorman, David 241 Gould, Linda 202 Graham, Mary 174 Grass, Allen 221 Grass, Linda 241 Gray, Alice 113,221 Gray, Gary 241 Green, Claudette 63,221 Green, Clifford 202 Green, George 202 Green, Raymond 131,221 Greene, Linda 174 Greenwood, Darrell 221 Gre Barbara 202 3:1 o Griffith, Todd 78,88,94, 95,175 Griggs, Nicholas 202 Griggs, Marsha 175 Grimm, Louretta 175 Gring, Penny 80,202 Griswold, Marjorie 61, 104,221 Grizzle, Frankie 221 Grodzinski, Sandra 202 Grodzinski, Susanne 82 Grone, James 202 Grossman, Jacklyn 53, 80,202 Grover, Thomas 221 Grunwald, Bob 63,241 Gudinas, Gerald 221 Gudinas, Lawrence 202 Guggisberg, Gilbert 221 Lindy McClintic, Senior class secretary, led the discussion on names for a dance to be sponsored by the class. 280 Guillory, Robert 221 Gullick, Kristine 241 Gullyes, David 221 Gunter, Linda 202 Guse, Stephanie 202 Gust, Devens 42,43,88,1l4, 175 Gust, Morgan 85,89,221 Guzman, Richard 221 Gwinn, Nancy 73,202 Hacker-t, Pamela 73,221 Hackmeier, Lou 202 Hagen, Keith 241 Hahn, Nancy 221 Haldiman, Joe 241 Hale, John 91,131,175 Hales, Alton 241 Haley, Rita 82,175 Haley, Roy 241 Hall, Gary 82,84,85,l75 Hall, John 241 Halladay, Claudia 221 Ham, Charles 92,202 Hamby, Larry 221 Hamilton, Albert 202 Hamilton, Chris 221 Hamilton, Dorthy 51,221 Hamilton, Lynn 221 Hammer, Donna 51,241 Hammond, Gary 56,73 ,96, 202 Hampton, Glenn 241 Hanan, Mary 221 Hanes, Steve 241 Hanlon, Deborah 241 Hannah, Rickford 221 Hannernan, Leroy 202 Hannon, Robert 221 Hansel, Ann 72,221 Hansen, Kathie 202 Hanson, Judith 241 Hanson, Miriam 202 Hargrove, Roger 241 Harlinger, Dorthea 221 Harper, Cloydene 221 Harper, Janet 70 Harrell, Marcella 241 Harrington, Diana 241 Harrington, John 241 Harris, Bonnie 202 Harris, Charles 241 Harris, Karen 89,121,221 Harris, Kathryn 221 Harris, Michael 221 Harris, Patrick 221 Hart , Hart , Hart, Janice 202 Nancy 202 Rod 202 Harvy, James 221 Harwood, Marjorie 221 Harwood, Richard 241 Hatch, Merrelyn 221 Hatcher, Jimmy 241 Hatley, Donna 241 Hatton, Arlene 222 Hatton, Mike 241 Haven, Gary 241 Havens, Kay 202,66 Havens, Phil 175,131,93, 92 Hawkins, Carol 176 Hawthorne, Lance 262 Hawkins, Donna 202 Hay, Terrence 241 Haynes, Fran 241 Hayward, Betty 241 Hayward, Dennis 222 Hayward, James 84 ,89,97, 202 Hazelwood, Richard 222 Headley, George 176 Hearn, Lindall 3,222 Heenan, Bill 222 Heflin, Sharon 22,69 Heftel Lani 176,80 Heide, John 222 Heide, Mary 176,51 Heimann, Caroline 176 Heinrich, Kent 241 Heinrich, Pamela 222 Heisser, Kenneth 202 Heizer, Joanne 222 Helman, Everett 202,89 Helms, Janet 202 Helsom, Delton, 241 Henning, Christine 202 Henning, Kathleen 156,202 Henry, Barbara 222 Hensley, David 8,31,48 Herman, Georgia 176 Hermanstorfer, George 222 Herring, Linda 176 Herring, Shirley 242,l0,12, 48 Hershey, Cynthia 121,222, 72 Hesse, Gregory 222 Heuser, Peter 222 Heuser, Sue 203 Heyler, Robert 203 Hicks, Phillip 11,1,47,113 Higgins, Carol 176 Higgins, Erlene 242,5,6,48 Higman, Patrick 9,23,48 Hilderbrand, Elizabeth 63 Hileman, Pamela 176 Hill, John 93,92,124,115, 177,131,133 Hill, Susan 177,34 Hilliard, James 12,17,46 242 Hillman, Linda 9,10,48, 242 Himler, Paul 222 Hinchcliff, Alice 222 Hirst, Mary 177 Hisey, Susan 203 Hitchcock, 57,74,77,81, 89,203 Hoaglin, Bill 4,15,48,242 Hodenpijl, Edward 242 Hodenpiil, Humphrey 242 Hodges, Melissa 4,22,48, 242 Hodgson, Frank 203 Hodgson, John 222 I-loegner, Ester 5l,72,73, 222 Hoffman, Molly 222 Hague, Glen 1o,11,4s,242 Hoiles, Parma 42,121,177 Hokanson, James 222 Hokanson, Linda Pearl 177 Holden, Kathleen 70,222 Holder, Mary 2,28,48,242 Holderby, Lawrence 203 Holley, James 222 Hollingsworth, C onstance 177 Hollopeter, Carol 222 Hollopeter, 1,19 ,48 ,242 Holman, Roy 4,26,48,242 Holmes, Richard 222 Holton, Stanley 91,203 Hontz, Patricia 9,11,48 Hoopes, Jack 203 Hoots, April 5O,51,65,75, 77 ,81,177 Hoover, Claudia 45,222 Hoover, David 203 Hoover, Stanley 177 Hopkins, Dorothy 97,222 Hopkins, Gregg 1,17,48,24 Hopkins, Susan 177,66 Horn, Donna 6,26,48,242 Houser, Carol 177 Houser, Ronald 222 Houston, Robert 203 Houts, Mary 3,17,48,242 Howard, Mike 242 Howard, Paul 2,15,48,242 Howell, Judith 2,9,242 Howes, Lesley 173,177 Howes, Michael 222 Hoyle, Elaine 51,222 Hubbard, Rick 203,222 2 281 Ladmo, Phoenix television personality, also served as a cameraman in the telecast of the North-Central football game. Hudson, Diana 222 Hudson, Jo Anne 5O,63,77 81,169,177 Hudson, Linda 3,29,48,242 Huffman, Steve 203 Huffmaster, Carol 222 Huggins, Paul 203 Hughes, Daniel l0,ll,48 242 Hughes, Diane 222 Hughes, Michael 222 Hughes, Ronald 203 Hughes, Sharon 72,222 Hughs, Harold 242 Huitron, Salvador 131,203 Hulen, Brian 222 7 Hummel, Norly 12,148 ,242 Hunt, Kenny 222 Hurlburt, Claire 8,3l,48, 242 Husemann, Jerry 222 Hustedde, Ronald 56,l20, 203 Hutcheson, Patricia 203 Hyatt, Duane 92,177 Hyden, Patricia 222 Hyman, Vicki 222 Iannaccone, Christine 222 Iannaccone, Ciro 223 Iannella, Dennis 223 Ice, Marilyn, Elizabeth 73 J 203 Igleski, Edwin 242 Imhoff, Ralph 177 Imhoff, Rodney 223 '81 Ingerbritsen, Steven 78,88 94,95,177 Ingram, James 178 Ingram, Nancy 203 Inman, Dale 242 Inman, Jerry 178 Intermann, Nancy 178 Ireland, Patricia 68,73,2 Irrgang, Joe 73,203 Irvine, Lynne 94,223 Ison, Timothy 31,91,92, 124,178,211 Ivan, Robert 95,178 lvester, Libby 72,63 Brian 203 Jackson, Jackson, Denise 89 Jackson, Jo ann 73,203 Jackson, Michael 223 Jackson, Nancy 242 Jacobs, Barbara 178 Jacobs, Jim 203 0 Jacobsen, Thomas 89 ,203 James, Donna 203 James, Roberta 203,223 James, Mike 131,203 Jamison, James 242 Jarman, William 242 Jasper, Ronald 223,242 Jennings, Cheri 203 Jett, Roberta 89,203 Johnson, Andrew 203 Johnson, Camelia 242 Johnson, Carol 223 Johnson, Charles 178 Johnson, Donna 242 Johnson, Fay 242 Johnson, Janet 178 Johnson, Louise 76 Johnson, Melody 242 Johnson, Sharon 242 Johnson, Sherrie 178 Johnson, Stephen 90,178 Johnson, Thomas 243 Johnson, Vicki 223 Johnston, Carol 223 Johnston, Danny 203 Johnston, Estelle 243 Johnston, Jeffery 243 Johnston, Loma 57 ,63,8l, 203 Johnston, Mike 203 Johnston, Sandra 65,76,80, 169 ,178 Johnston, Stanley 223 Jones, Janie 243 Jones, Mary 223 Jones, Michael 203 Jones, Pennie 223 Jones, Robert 84,203 Jones, Robert 203 Jones, Suzanne 243 Jordan, Susan 203 Jordon, Donald 223 Justus, June 223 Kadish, Ken 73,89,223 Kaiser, Terry 223 Kallin, David 243 Kallin, Jack 204 Kammeyer, Linda 224 Kane, Christie 178 Kane, Marc 243 Kanski, Kenneth 73,82,224 Kapp, Katherine 224 Kappes, Joe 224 Karcher, DeWayne 84,89, 204 Karl, Kay 243 Kastl, Carolee 178 Katsenes, Chris 204 Kauffman, Ronald 204 Keeling, Dave 224 Keener, Lynn 243 Kellar, Carl 204 Keller, Joanne 178 Kelley, Danny 73,224 Kelley, Jim 243 Keyley, Pat 224 Kelley, Sandra 243 Kendall, Charles 179 Kendall, Jukith 204 Kendall, Mary 71,224 Kendall, Michael 179 Kennedy, Karen 243 Kenney, Daniel 243 Kent, Mary 178 Keown, George 224 Kern, John 243 Kerr, David 204 Kerr, Jo Ann 51,53 ,57,80, 83,204 Kerr, Mark 204 Kesler, Berneda 224 Kessler, Janice 243 Kettlewell, Anne 51,53, 65,76,80,88,179 Kettlewell, Lee 243 Kiel, Cheryl 204 Kies, Jeffrey 224 Killgore, Karen 72,89,224 Kilsby, Charlotte 243 Kimball, Robert 120,224 King, Judith 73 King, Margaret 243 King, Robert 204 Kingery, Merrilyn 204 Kingston, Louise 121,204 Kinsman, Michael 224 Kinsman, Steve 243 Kirby, Harry 204 Kircher, Nancy 204 Kirk, Kay 179 Kiser, Marsha 224 Kiser, Mary 179 Kisiolek, Sandra 243 Kleiner, Cheryl 80,83,204 Kleinsorge, Susan 224 Klimas, Joseph 243 Klimas, Richard 124 Knight, Gary 243 Knight, Linda 57,6s,s1, 179 Knight, Margret 243 Knight, Russell 204 Knochel, Alan 204 Kobold, Andrew 73,179 Koehler, Connie 204 Kohler, Jane 71,179 Kolm, Carl 204 Kolsrud, Nancy 179 Kolts, Frank 204 Komarinski, Marcia 244 Komarinski, Rosalie 244 Konow, Albert 204 Kopera, Lewis 84,86,87, 88,179 Kosacz, Sandra 57,204 Kosto, Carol 81,116,204 Kowalewcki, Kristine 244 Kracht, Mary 82,204 Kraft, Donna 244 Krahl, Eleanor 53,80,204 Krabi, cathy 60,76,77,80, 179 Kraus, Larry 63,204 Krause, Katherine 56,60, 63,65,108,169,180 Krebbs, Mike 244 Krystek, Bernard 131,204 Kullander, Wayne 204 Kunnari, Barbara 244 Kurz, Shirley 80,180 La Benz, Charles 244 La Dow, Dixie 204 La Fond, Donald 244 La Crone, Lynn 90,l80, 244 La Prade, Lore 224 Le Boyer, Jules 50,51,75, 83,91,92,104,180,262 Le Crone, Scott 93,131 Le Fevre, Patrick 92,93, 131,180 Le Mans, Robert 224 Le Pore, Tammy 224 Leale, Thomas 244 Lee, Barbara 205 Lee, Daniel 244 Lee, Gloria 224 Lee, Larry 244 Lee, Leona 244 Lee, Lona 115,180 Lee, Owen 205 Leftwich, Jane 70,82,244 Legg, Marie 244 Lehman, Allan 181 Lehman, Howard 92,93,l8 Leigh, Sandra 181 Lemons, Janice 205 Lemons, Sandra 113 Leon, Robert 244 Lerch, Sue 205 Lerner, Carol 55,75,88 Leube, Victoria 244 Levreault, Judith 224 Lewis, Millie 205 Lewis, Richard 224 Lewis, Thomas 224 Lewis, Tim 73,205 Liburdi, Michael 224 Liebhart, Joan 244 Lien, Sharry 205 Lightner, Francis 181 Ligdcki, Linda 69,224 Lillywhite, William 205 l Lindauer, Ruth 42,53,85, 86,87,88,84,100,181 Lindberg, Dennis 131,205 Lindquist, Patricia 205 Lister, Delbert 181 Lively, Nina 244 Llewellyn, Robert 244 Locatis, Ronnie 181 Locken, Leann 205 Lockwood, Lydia 73,205 Lockwood, Pamela 181 Lombard, Kathy 205 Lombard, Andrew 244 Lombardo, Mary 205 Lookingbill, Lenard 205 Lopez, Vincente 205 Love, Gary 225 Love, Johnny 205 Love, Vicki 113,244 Lowden, Michelle 205 Lowery, Carolyn 225 Lowry, Janice 57 ,63,81,83, 205 Lowry, Martha 57,225 Loza, Edward 92,93,ll9, 131,133,181 Loza, Rupert 244 Loza, Yvonne 51,225 Lucas, Jerry 82,225 Lucy, Doyle 205 Ludwig, James 181 Lundin, Merrill 225 Luster, Sandi 244 Luth, Roger 53,73,205 Lykken, Janice 205 Lykken, Ronald 205 Lynce, Anne 73 ,82,205 Lynch, Nancy 205 Lynch, Pamalynn 225 Lynn, Horace 205 Lynn, James 244 Lyons, Kathy 181 Lyzott, Charlotte 63,225 Mabrey, Billie 53,205 Maake, Rodger 63,89 Mac Donald, Larry 181 Mac Leod, Dennis 225 Mac Tavish 225 Machulies, Jack 182 Maddox, Sonja 225 Maffed, Patricia 206 Magnuson, James 182 Mahony, Pat 182 Maize, Alison 182 Malaimare, Sandra 206 Malish, Teresa 206 Mallonee, Patrick 131,206 Mammen, Rebecca 4,8,113 Mandell, Mark 206 Manguso, Lana 182 Martin, Mary 244 Doris Stevenson played a piano solo by Mozart in the second semester music assembly. Manguso, Pamela 225 Manning, Kathy 225 Manning, Pauline 244 Manning, Sandra 156,206 Mans, Raymond 206 Marchese, Dee 50,206 Marich, Donald 244 Marks, Lynda 51,244 Marks, Tonia 69,713,225 Marks, Tony 244 Marlatt, William 225 Marlow, Ann 225 Mars, William 206 Marti, Timothy 73,206 Martin, Barbara 244 Martin, Janet 206 Martin, Nancy 244 Martinez, Cairo 156,206 Martinez, James 245 Martinez, John 245 Mason, Maureen 245 Massingale, Claryn 245 Mastin, Robert 13,225 Mater, Howard 245 Mathieson, Delbert 206 Mathisen, Victoria 121, 206 Maton, Nancy 245 Matthews, Linda 225 Mattingly, David 51 Matz, Bonnie 225 Mauck, Geoffrey 225 Maurer, Gerald 182 Maurer, John 206 Mautz, Ray 131,182 Maxwell, Anna 225 Maxwell, Geroge 206 May, Frank 245 May, Martha 225,113 Mayhan, John 206 Mayne, Carol 81,206 Mc Allister, Edmond 82, 205 Mc Auliffe, Dennis 225 Mc Brayer, Hugh 182 Mc Broom, Diane 225 Mc Cabe, Lawemce 225 Mc Cann, Robert 78,91, 114,131,182 Mc Carther, Tamar 182 Mc Carthy, Douglas 225 Mc Carthy, Kathy 66,225 Mc Carthy, Lorin 225 Mc Carty, Sharon 245 Mc Casland, David 182 Mc Clain, Alfred 83,205 Mc Clain, James 245 Mc Clellan, Sharon 63,226 Mc Clintic, Judith 65,245 Mc Clintic, Lindy 45,54, 69,120,182 Mc Cloy, David 56,205 Mc Clure, Terry 51,73,11l, 113,1sz,264,274 Mc Cluskey, Gloid 245 Mc Conville, Jan 226 Mc Cormick, Joseph 205 Mc Coy, Carol 61,85, 100,226 Mc Coy, John 205 Mc Craw, Nancy 226 Mc Daniel, Linda 245 Mc Daniel, Wayne 226 Mc Donald, Ann 245 Mc Leod, Shirley 53,66,183 Mc Mennamy, Denise 245 Mc Mullen, Lynn 245 Mc Murray, James 206 Mc Vay, Daisy 206 Mc Vittie, Judith 226 Mc Whorter, David 183 Mc Whorter, Glen 226 Mead, Duane 206 Meador, Robert 51,60,9O, 91,206 Mears, Jerry 245 Mecone, Robert 245 Medlin, Jim 206 Meka, Francee 182 Meka, Mary 245 Melby, Connie 51,226 Melczer, Kathleen 226 Melczer, Sally 183 Melter, John 226 Melton, Alana 226 Melvin, Lynda 226 Meno, Mary 183 Mentzer, Sharon 51,53 ,57, 60,61,81,206 Merchant, James 206 Merrell, Cheryl, 89,226 Merrill, Leslie 226 Messner, John 226 Metcalfe, Patti 206 Metcalfe, Penny 245 Methuin, Eldean 226 Metz, Cynthia 226 Metz, Judy 245 Metzler, Judi 72,113,226 Meyer, Harley 73,74,89, 226 Meyer, Judy 74,85,74,183 Mihelich, Charles 183 Miller, Carol 226 Miller, Edward 206 Miller, Eugene 226 Mc Mc Mc Mc Mc Mc Mc Mc Mc Mc Mc Mc Mc Mc Mc Mc Mc Elwain, Charlie 206 Evoy, Philippa 245 Farlin, Daryl 206 Gaugh, Judith 226 Garghey, Ronald 183 Gee, Barbara 245 Gee, Frank 206 Ginnis, Carol 206 Ginnis, William 206 Griff, Barry 245 Hugh, Ann 245 Hugh, John 73,226 Indoo, Larry 245 lntosh, Lynn 206 Kinney, Clifford 226 Leod, Karen 245 Leod 74,89,206 Miller, Miller, 206 Miller , Miller , Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller , Miller, Miller , Miller, Miller , Miller , George 245 Geraldine 73,82, Jennifer 226 John 245 Lee 206 Marilyn 183 Martin 245 Michael 206 Paulette 183 Ray 206 Richard 183 Robert 245 Sandra 69,226 William 226 Mills, Dawn 245 Mills, George 245 Mills, Max 245 Mills, Stephanie 89,113, 226 Milton, Jean 71,73,82,206 Milton, Joan 245 Minsky, Shirlee 207 Miranda, Diana 183 Mishler, Sondra 207 Mitchell, Coy 207 Mitchell, Pamela 245 Mitchell, John 245 Mitscher, Jan 207 Moat, Eugene 183 Moat, Richard 207 Mofford, Brenda 56 ,81 ,183 Mofford, Ronald 245 Molthan, Lisa 121,207 Monaghan, Michael 207 Monteros, Rodolfo 50,111, 274 Montgomery, Donna 245 Montgomery, Rand 226 Moody, David 226 Moomey, Michael 246 Moomey, Steve 51,226 Moore, Carol 183 Moore, Carol 246 Moore, Darla 226 Moore, Jean 184 Moore, Jerry 246 Moore, Louise 246 Moore, Melba 73,207 Moorman, Diana 73,184 Moorman, Steven 207 Morgan, Michell 246 Morgan, Sally 82,227 Morgan, Toby 207 Morissette, Jeffrey 227 Morris, Karen 227 Morris, Phyllis 184 Morrison, Charles 72,73, 227 Morrison, Wayne 92,184 Morrow, Stanley 227 Morse, Nancy 89,227 Mortirnore, Dennis 207 Mortimore, Kenny 227 Mossberger, Gregory 246 Mose, Donald 246 Mosteller, Donald 227 Motley, Larry 227 Mowry, Janet 73,104,184 Mowry, Peggy 227 Mubi, Carol 246 Mubi, William 227 Mudersbach, Paul 207 Mullaney, Carol 207 Mullen, Kathleen 184 1 ,KW X Mullet, c M N0rrh, 2s Mumm nn' 7 rto Kathy 7 Munch ' er S dra 1, o n r, David 246 'Da 'e , am 246 Munger,D 1 1 ,184 O' aniel, 207 Murphy, Bruc 6 O onn' arol 185 207 Murphy, C r n 7 'N , G orge 22 Murphy, Dani ' al Michael 8 Murphy, Denn ,92, d n to, ' 89,228 184 h1,Ju 5 228 Murphy, Patricia 2 Oksane r 207 Murray, Laura 246 Oller, Lest r 208 Murray, Steve 207 O'Conner, David 228 Muse, Dorothy 207 Muse, Melodie 227 Muse, Tom 184 Myers, Marilyn 227 Myhrberg, Helen 227 Nancollas, Ray 246 Napier, Goldie 264 Narmi, Cherelyn 63 Nations, Thomas 246 Naughton, John 227 Nazaroff, Gregory 207 Neal, Cecil 227 Neal, Frances 227 Neal, Jack 207 Neal, Nlichael 246 Neal, Mike 227 Neely, Charlotte 246 Neely, Janet 56,81,207 Neely, Sylvia 88,184 Neely, Virgie 184 Neil, Shannon 66,89,207 Neisen, Eugene 207 Nelms, Regina 246 Nelson, Daniel 246 Nelson, Jean 207 Nelson, Robert 90,184 Nelson, Sandra 227 Nesbitt, Terry 227 Newby, Elizabeth 246 Newby, Mary 73,184 Newby, William 227 Newman, Charles 227 Newton, Carolyn 246 Newport, Michael 184 Newton, Gary 207 Newton, Karen 73,82,207 Newton, Linda 227 Newton, Michael 91,184 Newton, Kathleen 51,227 Nichols, James 45,5l,227 Nicholson, Joy 227,246 Niedner, George 89,207 Noonan, Richard 185 Norr, John 227 Norris, Jack 228 O'Daniel, James 246 O'Daniel, Larry 207 O'Donnell, Carol 185,207 O'Neal, George 228 O'Neal, Michael 208 Oddonetto, Linda 89,228 Ohl, Judith 57,228 Oksanen, Carl 207 Olson, Mary 246 Olson, Sharon 246 Olson, Vicki 208 Ondrey, Frank 208 Ong, Beverly 45,49,51,75, 81,185 Ong, Lawrence 67 ,84,208 Orr, Keith 246 Orr, Robert 32,116,185 Oskerson, Karen 228 Ottosen, Diann 185 Overstreet, Paul 228 Owen, Thomas 73,208 Owsley, Bill 246 Owsley, John 16,93,131, 208 Pacheco, Patricia 66,208 Paddock, Marjorie 80,185 Paddock, Susan 208 Pakay, Raymond 185 Palmer, Gary 208 Palmer, Judith 208 Palmer, Phyllis 246 Palmer, Raymond 246 Palmer, Val 246 Palomino, Andrea 246 Palomino, Ernest 9O,92,185 Parcks, Carol 69,228 - Pare, Linda 208 Parker, Dale 185 Parker, Edward 246 Parker, Gerald 228 Joy 228 Parker Parker, Judith 186 Parker, Lawrence 208 Parker, Linda 246 Parker, Richard 86 ,89,228 3 284- Parks, Larry 246 Parlato, Dennis 208 Parlato, Janice 51,208 Parry, John 228 Parry, Stephen 91,92,186 Parscal, Carol 247 Passey, Carol 247 Passey, Joan 208 Patchell, Herbert 247 Patemo, Patricia 50,208 Pattee, Thelma 88,186 Patterson, Edward 186 Patterson, Gary 228 Patterson, Margaret 89,228 Paul, Linda 72,228 Paul, Randy 89,97,228 Paul, Steven 186 Paul, Timothy 228 Paulson, Kenneth 208 Pavlet, Patricia 51,57,65, 81 Payestewa, Jeanne 83,l21, 208 Payne, Catherine 57,74,89 94,12o,233,22s Payne, Mary 5O,51,53,57, 74,77,119 Payne, David 228 Paysndo, Carol 186 Paysndo, Dianne 208 Peacock, Michall 247 Pearce, Paula 228 Pearson, David 208 Pederson, Patricia 66,208 Peebles, Chris 121,186 Perkins, Alice 228 Perryman, Patrick 228 Peters, Janet 169,186 Peters, Kathie 89,228 Peterson, Barbara 63,76,78, 79,81,107,114,186,247 Peterson, Barbara 254 Peterson, Charlene 247 Phelps, Thomas 51,91,131, 119,186 Phillips, Linda 228 Piercefield, Carol 66,208 Pierson, Sharon 247 Phillman, Kathleen 69,228 Pilloud, Ray 73 ,208 Pitchford, Dorothy 208 Pitchford, Marsha 228 Platte, William 89,92,208 Pock, Sandra 228 Pohlman, Dale 228 Pollack, Chris 186 Polson, Valorie 208 Ponte, Mark 186 I 24' like .f -f P afraid ff X222 Porfilio, Douglas 228 Porter, Elizabeth 228 Porter, Karen 186 Porter, Kathy 186 Potter, Allen 73,85,208 Potter, Dolores 247 Potts, Cynthia 247 Powers, Donald 187 Prather, Pamela 73,187 Prachal, Mallie 247 Prchal, Sandra 69,228 Preach, Collette 208 Pritchard, Pamela 208 Puse, Cheryl 77,187 Puse, Vicki 82 Queck, Susan 187 Quezada, Fernando 45,49, 111 ,187,264,274 Raines, David 208 Rainey, Suezetta 247 Raley, Richard 208 Ralston, Sue 247 Ramos, Theresa 209 Ramsey, Tim 93,131,209 Randles, Cheryl 187 Rangel, Victoria 229 Rankin, David 229 Rankin, John 247 Ratcliff, Rosalie 247 Ravert, Jerry 229 Ravert, John 229 Ray, Margaret 73,187 Ray, Sherry 209 Raymond, Carl 209 Reary, Linda 229 Record, Dorthy 72,209 Record, Mary 229 Redd, John 209 Redick, Deborah 51,76,81, 115,187 Reding, Jolene 77,81,187 Reed, Anthony 209 Reed, Charlie 247 Reed, Cynthia 209 Reed, Ronald 73,209 Reed, Vileen 247 Reed, William 247 Rees, Charlotte 57 ,81,76 209 Reese, Phyllis 209 Reese, Beatrice 209 Reeves, Mary 89,229 Reeves, Phil 247 Reeves, Ruth 247 Reeves, Terry 247 Reid, Mary 69,229 Reidhead, Ira 209 Reidhead, James 209 Reidhead, Sandra 248 Reilly, Ginnie 66,69,l87 Reiman, Kent 229 Revels, Nancy 94,120,220 Reynolds, Mike 229 Rhodes, John 209 Rhodes, Richard 209 Rice, Darleen 229 Rice, Kathleen 209 Richard, John 229 Richard, Lynda 89,229 Richards, Larry 248 Richardson, Christopher 187 Richardson, Michael 229 Richardson, Russell 163, 209 Riddle, Robert 248 Riekstins, William 248 Riggle, Bonita 209 Riggle, Sandra 229 Rike, Robert 209 Riley, Wayne 229 Rilling, Beverly 209 Rink, James 249 Rink, John 131,187 Ritter, Gloria 100,229 Rivera, Sylvia 248 Roback, Diane 249 Roberts, Cheryl 249 Roberts, Dale 229 Roberts, Dave 42,55,92, 124,187 Roberts, John 249 Roberts, Merlin 249 Robinson, Diane 248 Robinson, Frani 229 Robinson, Jackie 91,188 Robinson, Linda 89,229 Robinson, Patricia 188 Rockey, Devorah 229 Rodemeyer, Fred 248 Rodgers, Paul 229 Rogalski, Curtis 84,209 Rogers, Candy 248 Rogers, James 21,188 Rogers, John 90,94,121, 188 Rogers, Mary 209 Rohrig, Marcia 248 Rohrig, Pamela 229 Rohrig, William 73 ,82 ,84, 85,209 Romley, William 248 Romney, Stephen 51,188 Romo, Eddie 248 Rons, Jan 73,209 Rood, Jeannine 209 Roof, Hayden 188 Root, David 248 Rose, Margaret 209 Rosenfeld, Stanley 209 Rothery, Barbara 209 Roundey, Gordon 209 Rouse, Barbara 188 Rowe, Pauline 229 Rowles, Cheryll 248 Rowles, Terry 55,73,209 248 Roy, Sharon 209 Royce, Carolyn 68,74,248 Royce, Ronald 42,43,84, 85,86,87,88,97,188 Rudisill, Kenneth 248 Ruiz, Peter 209 Ruland, Penny 70,248 Rulloda, John 248 Rupe, James 209 Rutger, Cheryl 229 Ryan, Karen 209,229 Ryan, Paula 269 Rybenske, Tamara 209 Rynish, Gene 248 Sadler, David 189 Sadler, Stephen 248 Saliba, Carol 230 Salfietro, Sara 63,209 Sanders, Arthur 85,189 Sanders, Sandy 248 Sanderson, Stephen 109, 189 Sandoval, James 189 Sandvich, Bob 248 Sanford, Maryelizabeth 248 Sarvella, John 189 Sasser, Donald 248 Sasser, James, 189 Sather, Sandra 189 Sauer, Michael 230 Saxman, William 60,91, 92,124,189 Scannell, Arthur 248 Scarborough, Judith 73,189 Schaberg, Janice 73,81,121 189 Schaefer, Lucinda 230 Schaffer, Donald 67,209 Schaudenecker, Donald 189 Schauer, Roberta 76,198 Scheetz, Nancy 89,209 Schell, Cynthia 230 Schilling, Robert 209 Schiszik, Ronald 151,189 Schiszik, Wayne 248 Seilbach, Jeff 248 Service, James 230 Selleys, Susanne 249 Seymore, Stanley 210 285 Shadle, David 190 l"C?51'., shauey, Linda 190! P' Shamhart, Frances 2,210 , Shandley, Janis 23O6WM7L, Shandley, Nancy 23 A f shankle, Jim 249 ,af Shannahan, Patrick 249 4 Shannon, Howard W Sharman, Duane 131 190 ' " Shaver, Mary 210 Shaver, Tom 190 210 1' , ' shaw, Bobbie so,i9o ' Shaw, Rebecca 113 210 , b Shearer, Douglas 190 ' Shearer, Kathryn 63,80, n 190 if Shelton, Nancy 190 Sheppard, Tina RGWZZTX Sheridan, Larry 249 Sherwood, Lance 23,50, 51,75,90,169,190,272 Shettler, Pamela 230 Lifflf El shin, Nancy 249 f' Shipp, Kathleen 21 Shirey, Thom 210 1 Shirk, Karen 89,230 7" fl! Shoemaker, Karla 24 Schlabach, Ronald 230 I Schlichting, Robert 17,42 1 47,94,95,1s9 Schlientz, Craig 24 Schmidt, Stephen 230 6 Schmidt, Virginia 89,230 Schneely, Gertrude 100,113,f 209 ' X Schneely, 1-lar 89 113, , zso Z Lyn Schneider, Sandra 17,121 f" Schneider, Sandra 54,18 248 Scholl, Janice 24af'f5457W'i' -' Schreur, Casey 280 LAX, Schreur, Gerhart , f'74ff"'f'4'Z Schroeder, Gary 25450, 51,54,75,85,88-,12 ,19o, 286 , Schreur, Teo l90yfZ5p46-39 Schuble, Bonita 71,210 Schubnell, Sharen 210 Schultheis, Kay 240 Schultheis, William 210 Schultz, Roy 230 Schwedler, Stanley 190 Schuster, Nancy 230 Schwimmer, John 230 Schweikert, Thomas 210 Scott, Diana 248 Scott, Sandra 210 Seabert, Marilyn 210 Gary Schroeder and Ben Futrell discussed plans for an esoteric literary magazine. Seay, Samuel 190 Sebring, Donald 210 Short, Anita 249 Short, Jane 190 Shupe, Vicki 210 Siegel, Kandy 210 Siekkinen, Linda 89,210 Sieving, Sheryl 210 Silverthorn, Louis 210 Simmons, Ann 230 Simmons, Eileen 210 Simmons, Julie 249 Simmons, Larry 210 Simmons, Mark 210 Simmons, Mardean 69,230 Simon, Curtis 191 Simon, Penny 249 Simpson, Charles 210 Simpson, Donald 230 Simpson, Michael 230 Simpson, Sammy Lu 65, 30,108,109,191 Sims, Kermeth 191 Sims, Linda 104,249 Sims, Linda 104,249 Sinclair, Mike 230 Sinclair, Steve 84,89,97, 210 Six, Henry 210 Skeen, Janice Sisson, Dan 249 Skinner, Mary 249 Skousen, David 210 Skousen, Pat 80,191 Sladish, Carol 76,111,191 Sladish, Linda 65,249 Slagle, Bonnie 249 Slape, Sharon 191 Slentz, Connie 72,97,230 Slinkard, Georgia 191 Slinker, David 191 Sloan, Donna 66,73,191 Sloper, Cheryil 191 Sluter, Donald 210,249 Smart, Leslie 249 Smartt, Janice 249 8nhh,AnMa249 Smith, David 112,249 Smith, David 249 Smith, Donald 249 Smith, Edgar 249 Smith, Georgia 211 Smith, Janice 191 Smith, Karen 211 Smith, Mary 231 Smith, Robert 210,231 Smith, Robin 231 Smith, Shirley 60,77,81, 169,191 Smith, Tracey 51,249 Snapp, Sharon 113,231 Sneade, Brian 211 Snedden, Wayne 231 Sniezek, Tim 231 Snow, Pat 191 Snyder, Gary 231 Snyder, Rawson 192 Snyder, Richard 249 Solomon, Dan 249 Solomon, Roberta 51,249 Sonnenberg, Gary 211 Soranson, Randy 32,49 ,51 , 60,74,76,77,81,1l4,192 Sorkin, Nathan, 211 Soukup, Linda 113,231 Sowders, Carol 192 Sparks, Roberta 192 Spaulding, Dan 211 Speace, Lyle 51,94,90, 121,231 Speace, Nancy 249 Spencer, Paul 211 Spears, Gary 192 Sperling, Chris 211 Spittle, George 211 Spurlin, Cheryl 211 St. Clair, Christine 211 St. John, Cenora 71,211 Stacey, Bill 231 Stamps, Elizabeth 249 Standlee, Sharon 211 Stanley, Tom 231 Stanley, Tom 211 Stearns, Phil 231 Steele, Barbara 211 Steele, Mark 249 Stein, Linda 231 Stein, Pearl 211 Stellhom, John 51,192 Stevevik, John 211 Stenevik, Robert 231 Stephan, Linda 249 Stephens, William 131,211 Stevens, Glen 63 Stevens, Richard 211 Stevenson, Doris 63 ,73 ,88 , 192 Stevenson, John 249 Stevenson, John 249 Stevenson, Lynn 211 Stevenson, Sherry 231 Stewart, Charles 231 Stewart, Jackie 45,49,75, 76,80,192 Stewart, James 91,192 Stewart, Judy 249 Stewart, Kathy 74,249 Stewart, Larry 211 Stewart, Mary 51,76,80, 192 Stewart, Richard 231 Stewart, William 231 Stickler, Sherry 72,231 Stewart, William 231 Stiefer, Curtis 83,192 Stillion, Nancy 72,231 Stinson, Charles 23 1 Stinson, Ed 249 Stinson, Sandra 211 Stires, Rodger 131,211 Stirewalt, Bob 83,192 Stockton, Glen 113 Stockton, Ricky 231 Stoehr, Loralei 249 Stork, Janice 104,231 Stout, Sheila 231 Stowell, Julene 192 Stoyer, Dennis 249 Strait, Nancy 66,231 Stramandinoli , Steve 63 ,85 Strawn, Betty 249 Strawn, Jay 73,82,192 Strawn, Ray 211 Strickland, Mora 70,211 Stringer, Willaim 211 Stroh, Barbara 211 Strong, James 73,231 Stron, Sandy 80,212 Strong, Thelma 231 Stroup, Tom 212 Stuckey, Grace 231 Stuckey, Larry 45,51,67, 212 Sukey, Pauletti 249 Sullivan, Edith 212 Sullivan, Pat 250 Sullivan, Richard 73,192 Summers, Steve 212 Summit, Caorlyn 76,8l, 82,212 211,09 W 'Q ' W gp Sutte wld, DODH Ti erma a cy 113, V sdol, Judi h 250 Weeks, Frances 194 Sutton, Lynda 70 1 2 n Sickle, John 194 Weir, Daniel 213 Sutton, Troy 250 in o , aniel 250 ' Van Sickle, Melanie 250 Weiss, Claudia 63,233 Swan, Priscilla 250 Tingle, Dennis 19 Vance, Linda 232 Welch, Patricia 233 Swiger, Rebecc 8 ,212 Tingle, Patr' O Vannier, Robert 212 Wells, Jim 233 Swineford, n 231 ' Tipt o ai e 232 Varn y, ffry 232 Wells, Laffy 82,213 Swinefo , ath ' 93 Ti us n Veac bdra 250 lwells, Ralph 73,100,233 Switzer, Jean 60, ,231 d av' , 49,74, V stek, Willia I 0 Clwelsch, Jeffrey 251 SWOYU: Richard 27 75,8 19 1 9 HChe, Fred " K- Welson, Robert 233 Syneck, Maril n 0 Todd, a 2 ickers, dw a 33 Wesley, Donald 194 Szabo, Suzan T awney 113, 3 ' tor, I ,Hg 233 West, Michael 89,233 Szuzepanski, e e d, Vicki 193 li o 5 , Thomas 213 West, Paul 73,194 Takas, Jim 250 TOk0S, Marion 250 S n, J 233,51 Westervelt, Linda 51,251 Takas, Ronald 231 Tolbert, Donna 250 rg, Son, J Y 250 Westfall, Alan 233 Talbclti Ronllm 113, Tolbefti Rodney 21 oorhees, ary 194 Whalley, Jacquelyn 89,233 Tamaroff, Marc 250 Tome, Victor 63,25 Vorbeck, Rey 233 W1-letton, Mary 213 Tansey, Jacqueline 232 Tarantino, Jim 212 Tarlton, Bonnie 71,212 Tarves, Fran 88,193 Taylor, Allen 131,232 Taylor, Mary 250 Taylor, Saundra 232 Taylor, Teresa 232 Tellef, Robert 131,212 Temple, Bruce 232 Templeton, Shorty 96 Templin, Robert 92,93, 131,193 Tenhoff, Tod 250 Tharp, David 232 Thatcher, Marian 233 Theobald, Tom 85,232 Theobald, John 193 Therio, Patrick 212 Thien, Ellen 82,83,85,21 Thiessen, Roberta 232 Thomas, Ellyn 232 Thomas, Lewis 212 Thomas, Linda 71,232 Thomas, Micheal 250 Thomas, Michael 212 Thomas, Sharon 113,250 Thompson, Claire 250 Thompson, Dwight Thompson, Gary 250 Thompson, Jane 212 Thompson, Ronald 232 Thorborsen, Karen 232 Thorne, George 212 Thornton, Kathrine 212 Thornton, Sandra 250 Thorpe, Susan 212 Thrasher, Richard 212 Tieman, Sandra 193 Tieman, Thomas 232 Tilden, Claudia 250 Tilden, Danielle 212 Tomlinson, Mark 212 Tomlinson, Susan 250 Topali, Antina 193 Torel, Ronald 193 Torres, Vicki 250 Toth, Jim 212 Toth, Johnny 250 Towne, Judy 193 Towson, Terry 212 Trabue, Douglas 232 Travaina, Irene 250 Voss, Daniel 250 Wagner, Valada 250 Wahlin, Peter 251 Waldron, Philip 90,131 Walker, Donald Walker, James 251 Wallace, Laurie 51,74 ,8l 213 , Wallace, Susan 51,57 2, 74,89,223, 33 Walsh, Gail 2 l 7 Whitcher, Daniel 251 Whitcher, Jane 213 White, Bruce 233 White, Christine 251 White, Robert 213 Whitehurst, Raymond 233 ' ing, Linda 213 itlatch, Laura 73,213 itley, Jaye233 it a h, Dale 233 i enis 213 T1'aY10T, Pamela 32 Walsto Shei Laura 251 TfaY10Y1 Vernon 5 56,250 Walt, an 233 c a, Vinneva 195 Trick, Victoria 21, X Walter arbara 61,73,7 W an, Mike 233 Trujillp, Valerie I Tryon, George 232 ers E111 be ,7 , Wilkinson, James 233 Tfzeciak, Julia 21 81,8 ,21 Williams, Bob 233 Tugwell, Jean 23 Tuohy, Jack 232 Turley, Jacquelyn 212 Turley, Jo Ann 250 Turley, Kent 193 Turley, Millard 232 r a ters, Williams, Gary 233 I . ,8 ,213,254 Wi s, Wesley 251 1 o 3 ' ' l TuretskY, Burleigh 232 an a Turrell, Maybelle 232 Twitchwell, Wirt 232 Udall, Lee 131 Udall, Teresa 212,232 Upchurch, Pat 250 Updike, John 212 Upson, Diana 250 Urness, Wayne 194 Uselman, Diana 250 Valdivia, Sharon 250 Valentine, Pat 194 Valenzuela, Gloria 232 Valerio, David 232 Van Cleve, Valerie 80 Van Gorp, Lois 212 Van Ness, Billie 194 Van Nortwick, William 232 Watson, Reginal 1 11 , Sharyl 251 Waugh, Gary 21 il s Vickie 195 Walte s nald 194 Williams, Harold 5O,51, 61 74 9O,213,53 W gel Mary 7 , 33 Will' , James 233 a r ph n 213 il a s, Judy 195 We , eg 251,2 li s, Marilyn 45,49, Wa s, anet 23 , ,80,194 Wa son, Georgia 2 1 ' , Richard 195 Watson, Jeffrey 2 3 i mson, Roger 90,195 Y Weatherup, Craig 19 Weatherup, Mark 251 Weaver, Billene 45,51 ,251 Weaver, Jerry 104,115,194 Webb, Kevin 251 Webb, Lawrence 233 Webb, Marilyn 213 Webb, Michael 84,86,87, 88,194 Webber, Jon 213 Webber, Ronald 100,194 Webber, Siona 251 Weber, Nancy 51,113,251 Webster, George 233 287 Wilson, Bob 251 Wilson, Cynthia 195 Wilson, David 73,213 Wilson, David 213 Wilson, James 233 Wilson, Ruth 66 ,73,213 Wilson, Sandra 233 Wilson, Vicki 195 Winfield, Jessica 213 Wingfield, Mary 51,61,89, 94,95,120,233 Winters, Janice 63,73,195 Wise, Frederick 213 Wissinger, Charles 213 Witter, James 195 Woods, Linda 251 Yeager, James 233 Zannis, Mike 92,213 Witters, Thomas 213 Woods, Peter 251 Yee, May 233 Zenor, Cherie 213 Wojciechowski, John 251 Woodward, Roger 83,195 Yee, Richard 92,131,195 Zimmerman, Irene 251 Wolf, Ea,-H55 213 Wright, Bertha 251 Yorke, Edward 251 Zody, Carol 195 Wong, A1311 251 Wright, Charles 251 Young, Carolyn 251 Zohner, Rodney 213 Wood, Jacque 233 Wright, Cheryl 251 Young, Charles 251 Zuehlkey Lyle 251 Wood' James 213 Wright, Harvey 213 Young, Larry 233 Zundel, David 213 Wood, Kenneth 251 Wright, Peggy 213 Younger, Donelle 251 Zundel, Penny 195 Wood, Madonna 251 Wrightman, Terry 251 Zabell, Jean 53,213 Zuroff, Bill 251 Woodruff, Lonnie 233 Wyatt, Gary 213 Zamborsky, Bonny 213 Zzardvark, Leo 51 Woods, Gerald 63,83,2l3 Yakupcak, Mildred 213 Zamborsky, Lynn 213 Woods, Karen 195 Yancy, Vennie 233 Zannis, Joanne 251 , f - ' Xxx fs X71 , Q X ' A N ' J J P .5 Y V9 ph W X , A ., rex-I +235 A f V by W at 979 ' My '99 VN -XX 3 9 O . dd JV XC!!! mv my .FJ ' VD P , Q ,A x r ,TF V ffj XM QU Q1 I v ,fix up gf KD A A GJ 43 n j 'X V! 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Suggestions in the North Phoenix High School - Hoofbeats Yearbook (Phoenix, AZ) collection:

North Phoenix High School - Hoofbeats Yearbook (Phoenix, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


North Phoenix High School - Hoofbeats Yearbook (Phoenix, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


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North Phoenix High School - Hoofbeats Yearbook (Phoenix, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


North Phoenix High School - Hoofbeats Yearbook (Phoenix, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


North Phoenix High School - Hoofbeats Yearbook (Phoenix, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 1


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