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I ff. M14 wall ' ' U' fry V..1t.'." gf g bffpcf , , ff fl 3 'J f WMI 'W Ya X ,T i 33 HW' .S 'K .f Sa wa Q if 4 f-. ws. orth Limited Activities at North High Were limited this year in that campus facilities Were shared With Camelback High School. By the practice of intelligent and cheer- ful cooperation, difficulties Were overcome and the Hoofbeats staff feels that neither school suffered in efficiency and school spirit. With this in mind, the fifteenth annual Hoofbeats, portraying the North High Limited forging ahead, is dedicated to the students, faculty members, and administrators of both schools Whose patience and ingenuity produced a successful year in all phases of school life in the face of sometimes annoying obstructions. I I School Life ................ Page 6 Faculty And Administration . . . Page 30 Classes . . . Page 50 Activities . . . . Page 100 Athletics . . . . . Page 136 Miscellany . . . . . . Page 162 M Wx M Q35 wwf wi' ff W XM? xf, W ,E .iw sf 31-if Nt mf' rival l0'g::'5'D 42+ 313,25 J .R A ff TOP TALENT . . . Upper Left: Angelo Filigenzi ploy- ing o clossicol selection on his violin is being occom- plished by Pot Stottord. Upper right: Foshion show quortette includes Jocque Semon, Corole Thomos, Cheryl Compton, ond Trudy Compbell, Center: Chor- lotte Costleberry in cz vocol number. Bottom: Germon bond ploying "Figgety Feet" consists of Hugh Wolf, Eddie Cook, Mickey Henderson, ond Ronold Gront. aricd Talent One of the best and Varied assembly programs given this year at North High was the Junior-Senior Talent As- sembly. The many acts included were a Vocal number, record pantomime, vi- olin solo, dance routines, and a first class German band. In early March the annual Girls' League Fashion Show Was presented and the spring outfits modeled this year seemed to excel all other years. Examples of these are shown in the up- per right picture. Applause greeted ev- ery outfit. ADDITIONAL ACTS . . . Upper left: Senior pom-pon girls Dabney Shearer, Janet Jones, Charlotte Ben- nett, Dot Fox, and Pai Larry. Upper right: Ann Kay- ler in "Chinatown" Tap number. Lower right: Beth Willis in one of her famous paniomirnes, "Pink Shampoo." In Assemblies Numbers that were presented to the North High students in the Junior-Sen- ior Talent Assembly also were taken to other schools and presented as our ex- change assembly. A dance presented by the senior pom- pon girls Was the unusual Subi. This was one of the outstanding acts of the show. Outfits in the fashion show varied from bathing suits to formals. Sue Size- more of the Sizemore Modeling School narrated the program and the clothes and accessories were from Korricks. Q 'J Moy Day, Play Day . . . North High students insured cn success- tul event when they chose charming Miss Evonne Jones os their 1953 queen for the Moy Doy, Ploy Day celebration ot Enconto Pork. FOOTBALL QUEEN . . . Lovely Miss Dot Fox was chosen by popular occloim ot the football tecam to reign os their queen for the 1953-54 seoson. ortlfs Ro alt SALAD BOWL PRINCESS . . . The New Year was annual Salad Bowl festiivties held the tirst ot every heralded ott to a roaring start when Miss Nancy January, proving that North High is tops not only in Mayrath was chosen to represent our school in the honor and talent, but also in beauty. Salad Bowl Beaut SCENES AND SOLO . . . Above: Eldon Quick in a character impersonation ot Annie Oakley's barefoot brother trorn the back- woods. Below: the glittering finale of "Annie" takes on a new luster with the chorus line and cast gathered together after a grand performance. Drama . . . The North High Players under the direction of Mrs. Virginia Duncan pre- sented December audiences With a mag- nificent performance of "Annie Get Your Gun." Heading the splendid cast Were Sue Roush as Annie Oakley, and Jack Bro- kaw in the role of Frank Butler. The play, a musical comedy, unfold- ed the story of the backwoods hillbilly Who began her career as a showgirl by outshooting the rifle champion of the West, toured Europe With her troupe, and returned realizing that she couldn't get her man With a gun. The modern dance class under the direction of Mrs. Bettse Phelps and the North High orchestra conducted by Mr. Lynn Fitzgerald rendered excellent interpretations of such favorites as "Doin' What Comes Natur'lly,', "Pm An Indian Too," and "Show Business." Costumes from Hollywood lent an au- thentic note to the staging, Which was directed by students Pat Crockett, Stephanie Eldridge, Kay Knight, Mary Lynne Mohn, Sally Sherrill, and Beth Willis. Student musical director Was Barbara Chernos. Other members of the cast included Harry Brandise, Tony Collins, Phil Hunter, Jack Loring, Jerry Palmer, Rae Schafer, and Sue Stewart. 1 r' -L-W -Z G? ' 1l?l '?Et . '2 Wsmitfzii ,WYE rg is JUST SCENES . . . Above Left: Sue Roush, Phil l-lumer, Jock Brolcow. Below Left: Phil Hunter, Sue Roush, Jock Loring. Above Right: l-lorry Bronclise, Elcloh Quick. Below Right: Sue Roush, Jock Brolcovv. I3 5 S" f SN R ' ll Q ' 5 in lb fl si, 'E 5 'x A A , Q15 , 4, S M ,gi S M , NX is S4 E, 4 l time 3 ' X- X 4 K ly G . W X AM E xg Q A Q iw .E 5 3 5 H. Y Xi hifi - ml D. fi E. 5 Q S ix 5 2 Q .:,,, .5 .. Q M, w M E ya S SS 'W T , Compus Capers . . . Above LefT: Sponsored by The sophomore closs, "WinTer Vvonclerlcxncln is publicized by Por FUTrell, Merrill Robbins, Doro- Thy Fischer, ond BrenT Corclvvell. Below Lefff On ci school-sponsored Trip To visiT The cornpus of The UniversiTy of Redlonds ore Johnny Peorson, Vero Reece, Phyllis Svviizer, Corol Glover, ond Mr. Orville E. l-lomm, Y Wm W X su ,Y . . A T5 :gk , - Siarszafsv- ,ssgy we is fl? Mcferncil lnsTincT . . , KenT Cosooly ond Ben Hoy- vvord help Sondro ond Shoron Cooper Tinol Their Woy obouT our beouTiTul cornpus. lT wois The TirsT doy ol school Tor The Treshrnon Twins. or lm Travels, Dance , ,aww .. fi Kiwis . lffniiif 39,5 , ,T M www w ,N REHEARSAL . . . An ouTsTonding spring produdion of Williom Shokespeoreh, The Taming of The Shrew, wos giyen on The sToge oT our oudiTorium by The NorTh High Ployers under The diredion oT Mr. J. D. Filson. Above ore The prin- cipols, Eldon Quick in The role of PeTruchio, BeTh Willis os KoTherine, ond Mr. Filson, direcTor. OTher ployers included in The cosT were Jock Brolqovv, Tony Collins, Phil l-lunTer, Noncy MoyroTh, ond Don Shire. l o Pla In Practice oiD Q RAISING FUNDS . . . Left: Evonne Jones, Bill Craig, and Mary Gilman chat backstage with the tvvo chil- dren, both polio victims, vvho helped convince the student body of the worthiness of The March ot Dimes in combatting this dread disease. my-' 9 .. ,gs . . A la- 'Cdl f C15 ,... 1 -ef ,kL, e I A at ., 1' 150' A12 f K WJ ri r -P it f tt.i4, A r - "it fi-si rf SHADES OF AL CAPP . . . Left: Dick Kerr, Eleanor 5 Strader, and Ronnie Jacobson in a pre-race check-up ' g ot the greased pig. Above: Wolves Harry Brandise ig, 'ag fyigi and Johnny Ingersoll in pursuit of Evonne "The .D XA!reclqer" Jones. iI6i Sadie Hawkin BOYS VERSUS GIRLS . . . In the Corral, James Parker, Jon Marx, Edgar Poon, Jack Krueger, and Ronnie Johnson line up for refresh- ments opposite the girls below. LADIES NEXT . . . Jo Jackson, Von Jackson, Jan Jackson, Kathy Jones, and Charlotte Bennett indulge in a moment of refresh- ment. Social Soda Beam Offering a sneak preview of spring fashions, twenty-four l o V e l y North High High Coeds modeled a Wardrobe designed to fill every occasion at the style show held last February. FASHION HEADLINERS . . . Left: JoAnn Roberts models o stunning block-ond-white outfit wonderful tor evenings out, doting, dining, ond doncing. Below: Jonet Jones, Jackie Atlcerson, Roselle Beck, ond Cothy Hoag in every girl's Easter dreams. ,. 1 Emi. L H . . and Bmfwn North High excels in athletics, as proved by the numerous awards Won by members of the student body. During the year the spotlight shifted to the All-Girls Assembly featuring ex- cellent talent for an all-girl audience by an all-girl cast. ATHLETIC PROWESS . . . Right: Vice-president of The student body, Robin Moore, presents Jock Denton with o Trophy for his outsfonding othletic ochieve- ment, Below: A better view in The All-Girls' Assembly, 'Gwyn G , 1' X .9 i - 3 N E , ,. 9' fuk . , 2 THAT'S SPIRIT . . . Below Left: lndustrious members ot the Social Committee decorate the Christmas tree in the Library. Left: Annetta Knox and more for Santa Claus. Above: Phyllis Bury, Madeline Vazanno, Vicki- Lynne Meeker, Leilani Kellin, and Pete Hoag pose on the auditorium steps with the snowman before it was finished. Yuletide Christmas, a joyous season for the young and old alike, came with spe- cial enthusiasm to North High this year. Students everywhere bustled with good cheer and cries of "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year." Faces reflected the true meaning of Christmas and what it meant to be a Christian in a de- mocracy where one has the actual right to practice the good will felt towards onels fellowman. Two fir trees haloed in multicolors, a snowman, children, and Santa Claus -these are the things we all will re- member as Christmas 1953 at our alma mater. 1 MORE SPIRIT . . . Below Right: Members of the Stu- dent Body hong posters in onticipotion ot "Hello Doyf' Right: Henry Moore ond Dot Fox stond before the gigantic model Mustong thot Henry built, Above Evonne Jones ond Jonet Jones, co-contain ond cop- toin ot the Porn-pons, do o spirited routine. Vitalit During this year there was much evi- dence of invaluable service to our school. The pom-pon girls entertained at football games ,assemblies and pa- rades. Committees and individuals contributed service that added addi- tional enjoyment to school activities and was greatly appreciated by the stu- dent body as a whole. . ,V u,wf+Mvflf, f - xfffriiwf lf-Wiihezz I ' it ,Mk ,V M f 6151 X253-f'g .efsrftiewtsfzviliirt . W, , 3 1 rf, S to W ge t it at if ttf ,v 5, asa 5 F95 Q tt 5, ' it W' .1 sy sw swat 1 f Q we -it ,Q :., " 5 Q ., zzz:-.-,.,'::,:. , iw E5 ., ..... ggi Q '::- -. s an 'vu kfzvt 'lf wir 5 Q-'S N 'ix R1 W. J. ,... 'iff A as Yi K Wil Q. ki 2 Et it si? hi if ff it Quai'-. i t CHEMISTRY . . . Left: students ul :1,,g ' .,,,.,, 4?" H' in Mr. Brown's Chemistry closs f Qi ZQ M H ::" 'i pertorm on experiment with the """: V M T A 11: 'iq' P vvorld's elements. if ' P J fi Y, :IV eifggf '-"', 11' ' 2-f1'E V ,,,: PHYSICS. . . Left: Pete Hoog, Pichord Ashby, Doivcl Lange, ond Phil Citron in Physics E. Above: Mr. Gillelonol helps Millie Howe stroighten out on experiment. Science In Action. ww TYPING . . . Miss RuTh WhiTe's Typing closs picks, pecks, ond prepores for The business world of The TuTure. sei., PRINTING . . . Lower LefT: Mr. Chord insfrucis Two sTudenTs iri The TechnicoliTy of 0 priming mochine. Lower RighT: OTher members of The priming Closs goTher Ground Tor lcrb work during Third period. Letters And Books MUSICAL COMEDY . . . A stage crew formed by stu- dents from various drama classes prepare the props tor a scene in "Annie Get Your Gun." DEMOSTHENES . . , In Mr. H a r v e y ' s first-hour class, Sue Friend practices her hand at charming fel- low students with her ora- torical perfection. Show Business . . . Students planning a career in show- ture through the public speaking and buslness gain a foundation for the fu- drama classes of North High. BALLERINAS . . . Students in Mrs. Phelps modern donce cioss leop for The sheer ioy of dancing. NIMBLE FINGERS . . . Mr, Dovis shows o new Tech- nique To The six members of The originol orgon class, Doris Ann Holfgrevve, Ann Deibner, Koren Johnson, Kothy Johnson, Borbciro Everett, ond Mickey Hen- derson. O . . Combmes Man Talents Through the perfection of practice, these students of music promise to be i the true artists of tomorrow. 3 'Q I.. MAKING OUR HIGHWAYS SAFE . . . Above: Mr. POCG Shows two students the proper methods ot hohdling on internol-com' bustion-propelled, tour-wheeled vehicle, Left: To keep the vehicle in sole condition, Ivlr. Belluzzi demonstrates the solu- tion to o common outomotive problem. Behind Th Wheel rl26l W 'U gangs., I A .. Q ' ' MECHANICAL . . . Above and Below: lndusTry centers around The science of maThemaTics. An important phase of This science is mechanical drawing, here are Trained The archiTecTs and engineers of Tomorrow, who will design The machinery responsible for making The wheels of 'romorrow's world go around. A F uture-Engineering INTERNATIONAL BROTHERHOOD , . . Our foreign ancient cultures. Here students of Miss Isabel Howatts language classes do much to promote understanding Spanish class pantomine the traditions of Latin among nations and the appreciation of modern and America, EfveryoneParticipating Y, 2 1... +--ff' 4.1 CRAFTSMEN . . . The fine arts and language departments provided by North l-ligh's schedule ot courses give willing and industrious stu- dents not only an appreciation ot the culture of their chosen source ot study but also Otter them many tine technical pointers that will enable the p u p i l s to complete a well- rounded and workable education. ln the picture at the lett Louise Lay- ton, Martha Moses, and Nancy Hill construct leather belts in Miss Wil- liams fifth-hour crafts class. CERAMICS . . . One of The mosT inTeresTing of The which These people indulge during Mr. DuTTon's sec- c1rT c1cTiviTies QT NorTh High is Thc1T of ceramics in ond hour class. STENCILING . . , STenciling is The bosis To good C1rT, lecT leTTering is so imporTc1nT, could noT flourish os Tor wiThouT iT The cldverfising business, in which per- ET does Tocloy. T Faculty And Aclministw LUT If ILSICNQLTI-I RPXPOICT bis, - N Perifxi GW, , SUPERINTENDENT . . . Dr. Harold L. Gear, a former principal at North High and pa st assistant superin- tendent ot the Phoenix Union High Schools and Phoenix College Dis- trict. 1 i Where Important . . The Board of Education of the Phoe- nix Union High School System employs our superintendent and distributes au- thority. It determines the policies fol- lowed by the schools in the district. Its members are elected by the Voters of the school district. SCHOOL BOARD . . . Dr. Norman A. Ross, president, Ivlrs. F. A. Bons, Mr, Frank Haze Burch, Ivir. Jay Hyde, D r. Harold Gear, superintendent, needs no introduction to the students at North High. As our superintendent he has assumed the responsibility of his office in a Very becoming manner. and Dr, Trevor G. Browne serve on the very important School Board. PRINCIPAL - Mr. Charles M. Burton, who at the be- ginning ot the I953-54 school year was acting- principal, was appointed in January to hold this office permanently. . . Authorlt Resldcs In the fall of 1953 the 1eg1st1a1, M1 School 11'1 a IHHHH81 so pleasmg that he Cha1 les Burton, assumed the t a s k o f Was elected to the pOS1l11OH pelmanently actmg principal of North Phoemx H1gh by the School Board SCHOOL COUNCIL . . . Front Row Mr Flowers Mrs Stancik Mr Bartels Mr Hamm Mr Koerner M Rasbury, Mr. Burton, Miss Adams Second Row Mr Fitzgerald Mr Schmidt 4l REGISTRAR AND DEANS-Top: Mr. Alfred Flowers ossumes The respon- sibilities of The office of regisfror. Lower Left: Mrs. Jewel Rosbury serves the school in her office of deon of girls. Lower Right: Deon Ccurl VV. Wagner 'rokes o moment our from o busy doy To pose for The Hoofbeofs phofogropher. Friends To All. . Mr. Flowers, the n e W registrar, is The office of the d e an s at North busy at all hours proving efficiency is Phoenix s t i ll h a s its steady flow of the uppermost in his department. visitors. SECRETARIAL STAFF - Top: Mrs. Elmo Wellburn, secretory to the deons, helps oll the seniors goin odmittonce to college. Lower Right: Mrs. Roy Artigue ond Mrs. Lucille Townsend ore Mr. Burton's oides in the principol's office. Lower Left: Mrs. Glodys Wilke, Miss Ardys Co- burn, Mrs. Dorothy Cotcxnzoro ond Mrs. Dorothy Milne ore the efficient ossistcunts in the registror's office. l . . Pleasant Asslstants The secretaries in the respectlve of staff 1n the puclpal s Off1C6 constantly f1C6S attend to the various business de busy vsh11e 1eg1st1 atlon, da11y attend ta1ls such as typing stencils, lettels and ance 1eco1ds a n d tlanscupts occupy 1epo1 ts. The switchboard k e e p S the tune elsewhele REG-lSTRAR'S ASSISTANTS . . . Front Row: Janet Achauer, Adrienne Doven, Sandra Roundey, Georg- ann Lucas, Florence Peterson, Lorraine Spence, Nellie Atchley, Bobbi Bluder. Second Row: Mary Jean Campbell, Sharon Sexton, Mickey Parker, Gail Rite, Zelma Parker, Julie Gaskins, Elaine Walker, Carol Willing DEAN'S ASSISTANTS . . . Front Row: Mary Ann Wil- son, Elizabeth Raspolic, Carol Lindsay. Second Row: Herb Drinkwater, Donna Brunell, Liz Clore, Bob Ray- Sease. Third Row: Sandra Swindler, Carol Lee Gil bert, Eleanor Strader, Sandra Baker, Pat Cable, Mar vine Lohman. Fourth Row: Carol Barney, Faye Tyler Elizabeth Klein, Hyla Evans, Janet MacFarlane, Mar lene Funk, Jacque Fawcett, Jean Stemen. Workers nor, Tony Collins. Third Row: John Martin, Lee Savocol. LIBRARIANS' ASSISTANTS . . . Front Row: Miss Rovv- en, Zoe Ann Olson, Patsy Walker, Diana Goggins, Susan Carl, Sara Bemann, Barbara Bunch, Mr. Bartels. Second Row: Mrs. l-lill, Anne Jackson, Sharon lngram, Clara Worley, Carolyn Raeder, Barbara Ellenson, Sandra Stubbins. Third Row: Joyce Smith, David Liclon, Eldridge Moores, Esther Jean Magee, Georgeina Magee. Helpful Students PRlNCIPAL'5 ASSISTANTS . . . Front Row: Frances braith, Nelda Saxton. Third Row: Donna Sheets, Geller, Karen Jorgenson, Karen McBrayer, Sharon Karen Smith, Jo Ann Staich, Pat Smith, Gail Rite, McBrayer, Shirley Weber. Second Row: Hyla Evans, Norma Bailey, Marilyn Manor, Marilyn Evans. Marilyn Pierce, Mary Helen Vaughn, Fanny Mae Gal- 7 .J .Q"?M. , D M A 13if'.Q', Xxgfl' ,." W t Q Q ' 'HIFI , if LF' :V Q ww I V :ra ...,,,' Qi i 2 q': ': . Il' R ":1 5 .,' M' uglll S A H Q , W ..., 1 if X .F 3 fd - 'I ..,. 4 K K w Q. if t i i at ik r my E RM ,Kwik Q27-srl W as will ' T231 't f SQ M. X Y rm sf st E i ss W' x WWE T V' is f li X ' it W U 3 9' ' if li Z. L if xt K E 382 tt l y 35 Wg: X Q ix A .. .nr 3 ff' s t' Q X ff' W tx ef Q af i rw l Un., 38 3 3 Q' an-.6 if X 8' , X 5 . it 'T' f r --v Wt :N pw Y th' ix 'i f ""' T M . X P is 1 1 ' X X XX in S ,sf as 'Y 5 'Ng 4 i Yi ' A as rr . cgtvpw A sk g 5,4 'K' t . ' szufb' 1, ',d it ' Q , 5 i 2 Y f l 'T' "'t x6 " 5, 4 kv X 'O' K ' fb l Q, Q xl R S .W l "' im E., ?fV5,a4y'k ' CAFETERIA STAFF . . . Front Row: Mrs. Duncan, Mrs. Buetord, Mrs. Cullen, Mrs. Merdiclc, Mrs. Smith Second Row: Mrs. Hoppes, Mrs. Hetland, Mrs. Wahlman, Mrs. Wil- liams, Mrs. Stephens, Mrs. Gilmore Third Row: Mr. Abrahams, Mrsl X Cherry, Mrs. McCoy, Mrs. Lock wood, Mrs. Cunningham, Mrs. Rob- inson, Mrs. Doak, rs. Chase, Mr Hughes, Mr. Malsey, Mr. McCul lough. CUSTODIANS . . . Front Row: Mr. Ernest Smith, Mr. Joe Hudson, Mr. Keith Piggott, Mr. Al Alewine, Mr. Collie Christenson, Mr. P h i I i p Palmer. Second Row: Mr. John iYogil Berra, Mr. Bill Neisius, Mr. Russ Hartmuss, Mr, Verlan White. Lending A Hand Many people are engaged in the oc- and teachers, or repairing an intricate cupations o f s e rvin g th e school. mechanism, We offer these people the Whether their job is keeping the cam- thanks and appreciation they deserve pus clean, feeding the many students fora job Well done. i38l t ,-'. :-r . - iw s...,,, ESSENTIAL . . . Left: Mr. Joe Hudson, chief custodian. Below: Mr. Michael Fiehle, chief engineer, and his assistant, Mr. Clarence A. Brown. 3131 , is f fcrw I f fix W" NURSING AND NUTRITION . . . Upper Left: Miss Potthoff, school nurse. Upper Right: Mrs. Ruth T. Smith, school clieticicm, pours o cup of liquid refreshment. Serving Everyone The cafeteria, the health center, and students, the health center gives that the bookstore provide three indispen- headache a new lease on life, and the sible services here at North High. While bookstore supply includes such necessi- the cafeteria daily feeds two-thousand ties as books, paper, and pencils. SERVICE . . . Below: Heolth secre- tory, Mrs. Juonito Londmon. Right Mrs. Foro Dorlond, Bookstore os- sistcmt, helps school occountonf, Mr. Horold M. Moore. ,'iitEYi,4zf'j1i'J5hi PRESIDENT . . . Competent Mrs. P a u l Burroway wielded the presidential gavel ot the Parent-Teachers' Association, and, under her leadership, bet- ter understanding between the school and the home was achieved. Parents And Teachers One of the most enjoyable activities sponsored by the Parent-Teachers' As- sociation is the open house. Beginning PTA BOARD . . . president, Mrs. Paul Burrovvay, first vice president, Mrs. R. L. Whittington, second vice president, Mr. W. A. Phillips, recording secretary, Mrs. J. H. Quick, corresponding secretary, Mrs. H. S. Wascher, treasurer, Mrs. VV. C. Sorgatz, auditor, Mr. With a delicious dinner served in our cafeteria, the doors of the school are thrown open to parents. . Osmond Burton, dean ot boys, Mr. Hamm, dean of girls, Mrs. Rasbury, principal, Mr. Burton, student rep- resentatives, Harriet Randolph and Joe Jordan, home representative, Mrs. Joe Watson, senior chairman, Mrs. O. C. Johnson, junior chairman, Mrs. Justin Foss, torian, Mrs. Pat Robinson, and school council repre- OPEN HOUSE.. .Miss Martha White, Spanish i and French instructor, dis- cusses Beverly Guttey's language grade with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Gut- fey, during open house. . . Taking An Interest The Parent-Teachers' Association is composed of people interested in prob- lems-yours and mine. Through them is freshman chairman, Mrs. R. M. Weigle and Mrs. A. R. Chase, student service, Mr. James Harvey, health, Mrs. F. Wackerbarth ancl Mrs. Fred Mattison, hospi- endeavored a mutual policy between parents and teachers to create a cordial atmosphere. Littletielcl, legislation, Mrs. L. E. Pitterger, member- ship, Mrs. F. L. Spicer, publicity, Mrs. Benton Lee, his- tality, Mrs. J. A. Lee, juvenile protection, Mrs. V. D. sentatives, Mr. Glover ancl Mr. Showers. mba MATHEMATICIANS . . . From Row: Mr. Herbert Drinkwaier, Mr, Harold Williams, Mr. Norman Heap. Second Row: Mr. Thomas Inman, Mr. Henry Schmidt, Mr. Arthur Hawk, Mr. Harry Hood, Mr. Fred McDonald. Science - Math The figures do not lie. In the math and science departments, We have fac- ,L . - . . i , ff Z Y f I , ff! 2 X f , SCIENCE INSTRUCTORS-Mr. l. F. "Nichols,""'agricul- ture, Mr. Frank Gilleland, physics, Mr. J. H.'Th'5mas, biology, Mr. C. A. Brown, chemistry, Mrs. Gwendo- ulty members endowed with patience and understanding. lyn Beaver, biology, Mr. Arthur B. Clark, biology, and Miss Gladys Neil, biology, discuss Their respective science courses. hr'9UKii.aiw.s 35:4 EQ 'FET iss? EF? WG' ass? 1 E Ss u . . 'ix we fs. 4 ,J . wg, ' 2 Mr i W, 1 , sa,-,W A U 3 7 LINGUISTS . . . Top: Mr. Steve Chero- nich, Miss Isabelle Howaff, Miss Mary Gomez, and Miss Marfha While all Teach our second native Tongue-Spam ish. Miss White also Teaches French. LANGUAGE EXPERTS . . . Mrs. Helen Bergen discusses The World of Caesar vvifh Miss Anna Schlichfer. Language - Histor SOCIAL SCIENTISTS . . . Miss Winona Montgomery B Bridgewater Mr Harry Hood Mr Orville E and Miss Rufh Adams discuss a problem in Teaching Hamm Mr Joseph L McKinney and Mr M B social sfudies while Mr. John Koerner, Mr Richard Hagerfy look on . TOP TALENT...Above: Mr. J. D. Filson, Mrs. Virginia Duncan, and Mr. James Harvey, dramatists. Up- per Right: Mr. Allen A. Dutton, Miss Mary E. Williams, and Miss Frances Kapanke, artists. Below Right: Mr. Lynn W. Fitzgerald, Mr. Ben Den- ton, Mr. Albert Davis, and Mr. James R. Williams, musicians . Drama, Art And Home Ee Under the instruction of competent train the artists and techn1c1ans of to teachers, North High's departments of morrow. music, drama, art, and home economics SCISSORS AND SPICE . . . Miss Norma Sayre, Mrs. Jean B. Brown, Mrs. Ailene Allen and Mrs Florence f44'm Fickeisen study current literature tor new ideas BUSINESS EDU- ' CATORS . . . Mr. ' iv' C. O. Stephens, .Q Mr, Frank Turley, Mrs. Elsie Deaver, M r . E d vv a r cl Palmer. OFFICE MINDED . . . Miss Chloe Fields, Mr. Harley King, Miss Beulah Twist, Miss Isabel Daou, a n d Miss Ruth White. Business And Shop Experts Business Education and the Indus- trial Arts Departments clear the Way for students desiring to go directly into INDUSTRIAL ARTISTS . . . Mr. Lawrence A. Chard, Mr. Fred Schacle, Mr. William A. Ball, Mr. Bert H. World business. Textbook instruction 1S supplemented by actual experience. Belluzzi, and Mr. Allen A. Dutton pause after a 'M ua II I 1. I 1llrU0v'-e---- 5 If ,..wW..W...,.,, s l 5 , if V .5 .sg Physical traihing lends a healthy at- mosphere to the campus life. This year SPORTS SPECIALISTS . . . Miss Poi Mcliirmon, Miss Regno Breriemorm, Mrs. Mcxriho Babcock, Miss Cciiher- l46l PRCTECT OUR WELFARE . . . Above: Cooches Jomes Stcmgelond, W. R. Cold- well, Pciul McCloy, Cecil C ole m 0 rw, cmd Richorcl Horclf, boys' P. E. Teachers. Left: Mr. Alfred C. Bornes, Pofrolmcm Pehrod, ond Mr. Donolcl Poce help pro- Teci drivers. Athletes And Drivers awarded great acclaim. ine Wilkinson, Mrs. Mory I-lomilfon, ond Mrs. Beiise Phelps iroin future sfors in girls' sporis. yi ssiyf We 1 .2 J THE KING'S ENGLISH . . . North High English teoch- Gothings, Miss Morion Cox, Miss Helen Morgon, Mrs. ers Mrs. Fledo Kinnemon, Mr. J. D. Filson, Miss Mil- Elizobeth Bluhm, ond Mrs. Muriel Miller gather to- dred Jocks, Mr. Jock Shirner, Mr. George Motter, Mr. Williom Hottrnon, Miss Gretchen Bock, Miss Miriom gether to plon department policy. Readers And Books North High's English Department is staffed With teachers Well qualified to IN THE LIBRARY . . . Left: Mrs. Mildred Hill, Iilorory secretory, with student ossistonts. Right: Librorions Miss Ruth Rowon ond Mr. Williom Bortels provide in- vciluoble Iiterory service to both students ond toculty. IDVZ',.52.Hb.,-QZYVR 1 ' 7 . : bak?-' 8312: v teach th e fundamentals o f o u r lan- guage. ff' X. vs 'rf H479 1' c--wma' EEL E AQ .V ' W, . IX. as ff' Service Preparing for the future, combining an outside job with schoolwork, an d bringing up those grades are only a few of the many student problems North High counselors must face and h e l p solve during the school year. Without their guidance, We Would n 0 t k n o W Where to turn in time of trouble and to them go our thanks for their advice so concerned With our Welfare. M24 Cv COUNSELORS . . . Above: Miss N Flo r i n e Kitts, Mr. William Roche, Mrs. Charlotte Cocker- N ell, Mrs. Caroline Weber, Mr. ' Robert l.. Poorman, Mr. Dallas Long, and Mr. A. VV. Flowers. Left: Mr. Edward Stcmcik con- ters with counseling secretary, Mrs. Bernice Huering. Middle: Mrs. Jean Hansen, home coun- selor. Below: Mr. Fred Draper, visual education director. ,wfi i,3?3WM - ,qw 9' 9 i I we 353413 LIVELY FACULTY FACES . . . Upper Left: Mrs. A. Middle: Mr. Williams, a True musician. Below: Faculty Flowers gweeping balloons. Upper Right: Mr Een viewing The evenis aT The Faculfy Fling. Denfon, Mr. Lynn Fitzgerald, and Mr, Jim Williams. Acti it Adds Sparkl 14 Classes af K Www 4 ,Ag-43,651 MW SN? Wm :sf 34-2 K as A .af V08 UH' ww QUT, -WM. 9-bk ,iii mfr 'Nfugwqsf' as mf we Q .mn 4 ,W Www 'R+ -A ?1',TIg S ,M Y my 4 RvR 1,6 X K, W f ww J G' wi ,NY K ,fi qw kk wAf,,3,i,1 3 , 4 ,vm Q. -w iigflwfi W. 'A I ies f 'if C Wai wwwi-'T iw J Q if Q Q. 7 we KN 'WF , , Y' ,, V, ff Qi , K ff: ,W I M w ze f x as 1 we ,L A u ffys g vft ax A , lv , . Wx' we f Q V X, fl ,pk xv W ,iw .aim if My S W Q 0 .. , A 5 mwglu "x 41 R - .wr fi 'X Fd F M1 YN A ,1 L 1 K , WW hw . ff fr it 'SY K, ' .9 , l K . W Y A y , xff Q A N x fw- 'tai X .e X A K w 1 at f , Q Q: A ,A . .Q 4.-:fl . ua. - V 5 y , 5 V. Lan 8 A ,X ,L M fix ' ',."'Q ' 3, , 31 , " - gf., R A , LJ- , - b g'H,Ml3'k N,,,.gvg - N, wa-Q. W - U Y K A, X n Y V H I ,., ' fx A lx 5 4 ,Ak an , ,M ., . u , . K x N - H ., Av an 4 Q . -. M f an if f G ' 'ig wgiw R'-WYE' Avi . Wg A f K fwffffgzf ,.qwzQM..fQ ' 4' Wk R. 'Q UN., fi gaivv Nyf fi 'QA' 4 'K .U R - . 'Hr ' ' ' is g ,gif Q we v J +9 'Q 3, Y M ' Q g A ' f 3' ' Q hi 'wr VA- A . ag if W J, ,Q Q , yy- . W ,Q - nf, ,J .. ,Q f Ag ff Q , fe? , x - W .1 vh 35,4615 X k .av af " e V K iv- Y aw amz? X 2 - xv 'Ja 1 I Yi? fx X it yi ar , 4 ' W -1 4 ifw ff " uf- ,E P z ' f 4.333 2 ' gags-X A 4851 'M JW f gf QW xl SENIOR OFFICERS . . . Front Row: Genevieve Sobine, Rculph Showers, Bob Applevvhite, Kent Cosody, Pot Stafford. Second Row: Bob Gerber, Jerry Fried. Senior Class Leaders Now on the top rung of the ladder, the members of the class of '54 look ahead to new horizons, and make plans for their future. T h e i r strength and courage a r e manifested in their deci- sion to break away from tradition to wear caps and gowns for graduation in spite of the hot weathers so prevalent in Phoenix in June. Symbolic of the graduating class are the panoramic picture, announcements, calling cards, senior class rings and the farewell assembly. Festivity reigned at the Senior Hop, which was held at Paradise Inn early in May with e V e ry one in semi-formal dress. It proved to be a gay affair. ROW I MARY JO ABER-Girls' League Sec. 3, Masque I, Corral Board 2, Homeroom Officer 2, Blue and Silver Invitational chairman 2, 3. WILLIAM ABOUD VVILLIAM JAY ADLER-Entered from Washington High, Clarksburg, VV. Va. 4, Boys' State 4, North Hi Players 4, Homeroom Officer 4, Roundup 4. ROW 2 BARBARA ALCOTT CAROL ALEXANDER NORMA AMIDON-Masque 4, Junior Council 3, Homeroom Officer 3, 4, Pep Club 3, 4. ROW 3 SUE AMOS ROBERT APPLEVVHITE-Honor Court Judge 4, ROTC 2, 3, Hcmeroom Officer 4, Physics Club 3, Boys' State Att. General 3, Lettermen's Club 3, 4, Par, nassus 4, Varsity Golf Team 2, 3, 4. RAY ARMISTEAD ROW 4 FRANK ARMSTRONG-Lancer Hi-Y 2, Sec. 3, Vice- Pres. 4, Model Legislature 3 ,4, Pep Club 3, Track Mgr. 3, Football Varsity 4, Exec. Comm. 4. PAT ARNOLD-Homeroom Officer I, 2, 3, 4, Par- nassus 3, 4, Masque I, Pep Club 3, 4, A Cappella 3, 4. ANN ARZBERGER-School Play 3, 4, Masque 3. ROW 5 RICHARD ASHBY-Homeroom Officer 2, 3, 4, Social Comm. 2, Viceelfres. 3, Band I, Q, 3, Vice-Pres. 4, Student Council 2, 3, Junior Council 3, Parnassus I, 2, 3, 4, Physics Club Vice-Pres. 4, All School Play 4. RICHARD AUBUCHON-Lettermen's Club 3, 4, Base- ball Frosh I, Varsity 2, 3, 4. KENNY AYCOCK DOROTHY AYERS BRYAN BAILEY-Track J. V. 3, Football Frosh I, J. V. 2, Varsity 3. LEE BAILEY ROW 6 BARRY BAKER-J. V. Baseball 2, Homeroom Officer 4. ANITA BANDELIER DOLORES BARR JEAN BASHKINGY-Parnassus I, 2, 3, Homeroom Officer I, 2, School Play I, Spanish Club I, 2 BEVERLY BECKERLEG DON BELL Seniors MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED . . . Susan Lee and Ralph Showers were voted this title of being most likely to succeed by their fellow students in the class of l954. 'WN' "' "I-+sN2W'i tf ' - ROW 'I CHARLOTTE ANN BENNETT-Pom Pon 4, Masque 2, 3, Homeroom Officer I, 2, 3, Pep Club 4, School Play 3. ROBERTA BENNETT I-IARRIET BENSON ROW 2 DONALD BERTRAM RAYMOND BILLHIMER JOHNNY BINDER ROW 3 SHERRY BINGHAM-Masque I, Aggie 4, Archery Club 3, 4. MARY ELIZABETH BLACKVVATER-Home-room Officer 2, 3, Aclv. Glee Club 2, 3, 4, JO ANNE BOARMAN-All school Play 3, 4, Home- room Officer 3, 4, Masque 3, Pep Club 4. ROW 4 JANICE BOERNER-Homeroom I, 3, Legio Honoris Sec. 2, Parnassus I, 2, 3, 4, A.B.C. Club 3, 4. PEGGY ANNE BOTHE-GAA I, 2, 3, 4, Tennis I, 2, 3, 4, Homeroom I, 3, Pep Club 2, Rifle Team 4, Mustang Squares 2. BLIL BOUTELL-Golf Varsity 2, 3, 4, Parnassus I, 2, 3, Letterman's Club 3, 4, Legio Horioris Pres. 2. ROW 5 SANDRA BRAHM-Homeroom Officer 4, Pep Club 4, Assem. 2, 3, 4, Adv. Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, 4. BILL BRASHEARS PATRICIA BRILL-Parrtassus I, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 2, 3, 4, School Play 4, Masque 2, Student Health Comm. Sec. I, Pres 2, Homeroom Officer I, 2, Assem. I, 2, 3, 4, ROW 6 JIM BROCK-Baseball Frosh I, JV 2, Varsity 3, 4, Letterman's Club 4. JACK W. BROKAW-Parnassus 4, Homeroom Officer I, 2, 3, 4, Service Band 3, 4, Masque I, 3, 4, North Hi Players 3, 4, ROTC 2, 3, 4, ROTC Lt. Col. 4. BARRY BROWN-Jr.-Sr. Assem. 3, A Cappella 3, 4, Mixed Chorus I, 2. i542 ROW I PEG BROVVN RAE EVELYN BROVVNE-Stoclium Club I, Homeroom Officer I, 4, Bond 3, 4, White Cops 2, Sec. 3, Pres. 4, Mosque 4. DONNA BRUNELL-Pornossus I, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 3, 4, Y-Teens Vice-Pres. I, Assem. 2, 3. ROW 2 NANCY HENRICH BURGENER-Entered from Merrill- ville High, Indiono 2, Mosque 2. PETER BURGOON ANNETTE BURNS ROW 3 JAN BURROVVAY-Mustong Roundup I, 2, 3, Editor 4, Mosque I, 3, Homeroom Officer I, 2, 3, 4, Pornossus I, 2, 3, 4, Quill 8, Scroll 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 4. DICK BURY-Homeroom Officer 2, 4, Assem. 4, Physics Club 3, A Copello 4, Art Club 2, 3, 4. PHYLLIS BURY-Entered from Westchester I-Iigh, L. A., Colif. 2, Mosque 2, Homeroom Officer 2, 4, Pep Club 4, Cheerleocler Co-Ccupt. 3, Tennis Club 4. ROW 4 GLEN CALDERVVOOD IDA CANEPA-Homeroom Officer I, 3, 4, Pep Club 2, 4, Roundup 2, 3, 4, Assem. 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y City Council 4, FTA 4, BTB 3, Girls' Glee Club 4. GARY CARPENTER ROW 5 OVETA CARTER KENT CASADY-Pep Club Sec. 4, Bookstore Bd, Ch. 4, Hi-Y 3, 4, Student Council 4, Pornossus I, 2, 3, Sgt. ot Arms 4, Senior Closs Vice-Pres. CHARLOTTE CASTLEBERRY BOB CHARLES-Homeroom Officer 2, Pep Club 3, 4, Hi-Y 3, 4, Lettermon's Club 4, Bosketboll JV 2, Trock Frosh I, JV 2, Vorsity 3, 4. ROBERT CHASE MARCIA CHASTAIN ROW 6 PETE CHENOWETH-Entered from Groveroet High, Morquette, Mich. 3, Rifle Teom 3, Copt. 4, Letter- mon's Club 4, Mosque 3, ROTC 3, 4, Pep Club 4. BARBARA CHERNOS-A Coppello 3, 4, Art Club, Productions 3, 4, School Ploy I, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 4, Mosque 3, 4, Assem. 2, 3, 4, FTA 4. RONALD CHEUVRONT-Boseboll Frosh I, JV 2, Vorsity 3, 4, JV Basketball 2, Lettermcin's Club 4. SHIRLEY CHRISTOPHEL PHILIP CITRON-'Honoroble Mention' Westinghouse Science Tolent Search 4, Hoofbeots Ad. Mgr. 3, Business Mgr., Pcmrnossus I, 2, 3, 4, BUSCH VV. CLARK-Pep Club 2, Treos. 3, Pres. 4, Vor- sity Trock I, 2, 3, 4, Sociol Comm. 4, BA Treos. 4, Pornossus I, 2, Seniors I5 iii 11. S- WQiKEQ2S! i2:l' ROW I WILLIAM CLEMENTS-I-Iomeroom Officer I, 2, 3, 4, Friendship Comm. 2, 3, 4, Sociol Comm 2, 3, 4, Proiecfion Club 2, 3, 4, Porncxssus I, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 2, 3, 4, Physics Club 4, Exec. Comm. 2. DORENA CLINE LLOYD CLORE--Tennis Teom I, Bowling Club Secy. 3, Pres, 4, Adv. Girls Glee Club 2, 3, I-Iomeroom Officer 2, Isf Plcxce Coincer Essoy Confesf 2. FRANK CLUTZ-Bond I, 2, 3, 4, Drgmg 4. CAROLYN COLEMAN COLLEEN COLEMAN ROW 2 TONY COLLlNS4Cc1lif. Communify High, Colif., Po. 3, School Ploy 3, 4, Mosque 4, Porncissus 3, 4, Physics Club 3, Sociol Comm. 4. KATHLEEN CONNOLLY-School Play I, 2, 3, 4, Mosque 2, 3, 4, Olee Club I, 2, Orchesfro I, 2, 3, 4. MARY CONNOR MARY ANN CORN SANDY COSTELLO RITA COX ROW 3 JOY LYNNE CRANFORD-Alcxmo Heighfs High, Son Antonio, Tex, 3, A Coppello Choir 3, 4, Modrigol Singers 4, Tri-I-li-Y 4, Colif. Wesfern Music Con- ference 3, School Ploy 3, 4, French Club 3, 4, Mosque 4. DORIS RUTH CROCKETTfBoncl I, 2, 3, 4, Tri-Lyfz 4, Biology Club 2, Pres. 3, Vice-Pres. 4, Cofeferio Bd. 2, 3, Secy. 4, Roundup Sfoff 3, 4, Quill SQ Scroll 3, 4, Pornossus 3, 4, Mosque Bond 4. PAT CROCKETT ROW 4 DICK CROUCI-I BILL CUFF BECKY JOAN CULP-Berkley High, Berkley, Mich. Q, Mojoreffe 2, 3, Copf. 4, Lofin Club 2, 3, Mosque 2, 3, Bond Council Secy. 4, I-Iomeroom Officer Q, 3, 4. A ROW 5 GALE DAKF DICK DALE-Homeroom Officer I, 2, 3, R. O, T. C. 2, 3, JV Tennis I, 2, Tennis Club I, Q, Assem. 3, School Ploy 3. BOB DALOLEISI-I ROW 6 DON DALLAS FRED DANIELS-A Coppello 3, Service Choir 4, Opereffo 3, Fhysics Club 4, Clofhesmorfs Club 4. ROBERT DAY ROW I BYRON DEVVINTON JACK DENTON-Football Frosh I, JV 2, Varsity 3, 4, Basketball Frosh I, JV 2. BARBARA DOGGETTAY-Teens 3, Adv. Girls' Glee Club 3, Pep Club 4, Bowling Club 2. ROW 2 PEGGY ANN DOIVISHER RICHARD COLIN DOVVNS-Kuiserslurtern High, Ger- many 3. PAUL DUIVIIVIEL-Band I, 2, 3, 4, Service Band 4, Masque I, 2, 3, Homercom Officer 4. ROW 3 HANK DUPREE-Football Frosh I, JV 3, Basketball Frosh I. IVIORTON EDBERG-Tennis Varsity I, 2, 3, 4, Let- termen's Club 3, 4, Tennis Club I, Q, 3, Vice- Pres. 4. RICHARD ELLIOTT-Basketball Frosh I, JV Q, Home- room Officer I, 2, 3, 4, Latin Club 2, Lancer Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Track Erosh I, JV 2, Varsity 3, 4. ROW 4 JOHN EIVIERSON CAROLE ERBE4CIass Vice-Pres. 2, Parnassus I, 4, Exec. Comm. I, Adv. Girl's Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4, Athletic Asst. Secy. 2, 3, Modern Dance 4, Corral Board 2. JANET ERNST ROW 5 PRISCILLA ESHENBAUGH BLANCHE ESTEY-Fremont County Vocational High, Lander, Wyoming 2, Hcmeroom Otticer 2, 3. CAROLYN EVANS ROW 6 MARILYN FRANCES EVANSfParnassus I, 2, 3, 4, Bowling Club 3, 4, Pep Club 3, 4, Legio Honoris 2, ' All Latin Club I, Homeroorn Officer I, 4, Assem. 3, Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm. 3. JOHN EENSIERIVIAKER JEAN FERGUSON BEST LOOKING . . .Nancy Iviayrath and Vern Godbee here were voted 'Best Looking' girl and boy in the class ot '54, '57 POPULARITY . . . Voted 'Mosf Populor' by Their fel- low clossmofes were Jonef Jones ond Robin Moore. i583 ROW 'I JOANNE E. FERRY-Millcreek High, Erie, Po. 2, School Plciy 4, Adv. Girls Glee Club 4, Adv. Girls Glee Club Service Choir 4. ANGELO FlLlGENZl-Woshingfon Jr. High, New Cosfle, Po. l, Orchesfro l, 2, Pres. 3, 4, Bond 3, 4, Service Bond 3, 4, Mosque 3, 4, All Sfclfe Orches- fro 2, 3, Colifornio-Wesfern Music Conf. l, 3, Assem. l, 3, 4. FRED FIORE ROW 2 DARRELL FORD-Bond 3, 4, Troclq Frosh l, JV 2, Vorsify 3, 4, Homeroom Officer 4. JANET RAE FOSTERHSchool Ploy 4, Mosque 3, 4, Modern Donce 3, 4, Assem. l, 3, 4, Homeroom Officer l. DOROTHY FOX ROW 3 JERRY FRIED-Homeroom Officer 4, Wesfinghouse Honoroble Menfion 4, Toble Tennis Club Vice-Pres. 3, Pornossus l, 2, 3, 4, Book Club 3, 4, Honor Courf Judge 4, Physics Club 4, Boys' Sfofe 3. SANDY FRIEND-Homeroom Officer l, 2, 3, Girls' Rifle Teom 4. SUE FRIEND-Pornossus 4, French Club 3, 4, Mosque 3, 4, Adv. Girls' Glee Club 2, Pep Club 4, Home- room Officer l, 2, ROW 4 MARY MARGARET FRY BURLEY FULBRIGHT JAMES FULTON lll-School Ploy 3, 4, Frosh Trock l, Frosh Foofboll l, Homeroom Officer 4. ROW 5 GRANICE FUOUA-Biology Club 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 3, 4, Clofhemen's Club 4, Lofin Club l, 2, FTA 4, Homeroom Officer 4, Vvhife Cops l-lisforion 2, 3, 4. VlVlAN FURR NED GAMRON ROW 6 FRANCES GELLER-Roosevelf High, Chicago, Ill. 3, Pornossus 3, Homeroom Officer 4, Sfodium Club 4, Chem. Club 4, Hoofbeofs Sfoff 4, Girls' Leogue Cobinef Rep. 4. BOB GERBER-Wesf High, Phoenix, Arizono 3, Pep Club 4, Friendship Comm. 4, Boys' Sfofe 3, Home- room Officer 3, 4, Pornossus 3, 4, Sr. Boys' Alli- once Rep. 4. NANCY GILL-Cenfrol High, Olqlohomo Cify, Oklo. 4, Pep Club 4. ROW 'l GAY GILMAN-Spanish Club l, Pep Club 2, 4, Friendship Club 2, French Club 3, 4. CAROLE GLOVER-Class Officer-Vice President l, Secretary 2, Vice- Pres. 3, Student Body Secy. 4. VERN GODBEHERE-Hcmerocm Officer l, 2, 3, Masque 3, 4, Lancer Hi-Y i, 2, School Play 3, 4, Basketball Frosh l, Foctball Frosh l, JV 2. ROW 2 JOAN GOLDSMITH-Entered from Temple City Jr. High, Temple City, Calif. 2, School Play 4, Assem. 3, 4, Aggie Club 3, Girls' Adv. Glee Club 3, 4. MARILYN GORDON NANCY GORDON-Entered from Loring School for Girls, Chicago, Ill. 3, Latin Club 3, 4, Pep Club 3, 4, Adv. Girls' Glee Club 3, A Capella Choir 4. ROW 3 ARDYS M. GRAMMAR-Athletic Comm. 3, President 4, Tennis Frosh l, JV 2, Varsity 3, 4, Pep Club 3, 4, Tennis Club l, 2, 3, Secy. 4. NANCY K. GRAMMER-Homeroom Officer l, 2, School Play 4, Masque 4, Adv. Girls' Glee Club 3. MAJORIE GRAY-Masque i, 2, 3, 4. ROW 4 JORN GRAY LOIS GREEN SUE GREEN-l-lomeroom Officer 2, 4, A Cappella 4, Masque 3, Friendship Comm. i, Pep Club 4. ROW 5 DAVID GROSS-Masque l, 2, 3, 4, Parnassus 3, 4, Band l, 2, 3, 4, Service Band 3, 4. EDWARD HADDOCK-Track Frosh l, JV 2, Cross- country 2, 3, Homeroom Officer 3. CAROL G. HA!-IN-Stadium Club l, Pep Club 4, Bowling Club 3, 4, FTA 4, School Play 3. CAROL HALL-Masque 3, 4, School Play 3, All School Assem. 3, Operetta 3. ROBERT HAMILTON-Adv. Band 3, President 4, A Capella Choir 2, 3, Bus. Man. 4, lvlasque 3, 4. MIKE HALLE ROW 6 CHARLOTTE HAMILTON-Masque 2, 3, Homeroom Officer 2, Modern Dance 3, 4, Pep Club 3. SANDRA LEE HARRIS-Scholastic Art Awards i, 2, 3, 4, School Play Set Designs 2, 3, 4. GWEN HATCHER BEN HAYVVARD-Pep Club 2, 3, 4, Athletic Assn. 4, Baseball Frosh i, JV 2, Varsity 3, 4, Basketball Frosh l, Varsity 2, 3, 4. EDYTHE HEADRICK-Parnassus l, 2, 4, Pep Club 3, 4. DON HEFLING-Orchestra l, 3, 4, Band 2, 3, 4, Masque 2, 3, F Seniors 11:1 ROW 'l DELPHIA HEINRICH-Mosque 1, 2, 3, GAA T, 2, Homeroom Officer I, 2, 4, Juke Box Comm. 2. HELEN HEIZER-GAA l, 2, 3, Vice-Pres. 4, Rifle Teoim Vice-Pres. 4, All Sfor Club 2, 3, 4. O MAXINE HELDERMON RUTH J. HERNBRODE-Mosque 3. ETUUTS SYLVIA HILDRETH-Colif. Wesfern Conference Chorus 3, Musfcmng Roundup 3, 4, A Copello Choir 3, 4. ROW 2 BETTY ANN HILL-Homeroom Officer 2, Adv. Girls' Glee Club 2, 3. CHESTER RAY HINSON-Enfered from El Cenfro Union High School, El Cenfrcl, Colif. 3, Homeroom Choirmcn 3, 4, Pep Club 4. JOHN HJORT PETER HOAG4Homeroom Officer T, 2, 3, 4, Wesf- inghouse Honcroble Menfion 4, Mofh. Asst. of Amer. Confesf Winner 3, Science Clubs of Amer. 4, Book Club 4, Physics Club Pres. 4. JACK HOAGLAND-ROTC Club 3, 4, Friendship Comm. 2, 3, 4, Homeroom Officer T, 2, 3, 4, FTA 4. JERRY NOEL HOBLIT-Enfered from Springfield High, Springfield, Mo. 3, Roundup 4, Nofionol Honor So- ciefy 3, 4, Boys' Allidnce Rep. 4. ROW 3 MARGARET HOGAN-Homeroom Officer T, Sponish Club l, Pep Club 3, 4, Biology Club 3, FTA 4. BILL HOLCOMB-ROTC T, 2, 3, Lf. 4, ROTC Club 4, Milifory Nighf i, 2, 3, 4, Archery Club l, 2, Mosque 3, Physics Club 3, Pep Club 4, Homeroom Officer 3, 4. CAROL HOLLANDER ROW 4 LEONA HOET-Homeroom Officer 2. MARLYS HOLTE DORIS ANN HOLTGREVVE-Porndssus T, 2, 3, 4, Bond i, 2, 4, Vice-Presidenf 3, Service Bond 2, 3, 4, Homeroom Officer l, 2, 3, 4, Mosque T, 2, 3, 4. ROW 5 BOB HOLTZMAN-Rifle Teom T, 2, 3, 4, Physics Club 4, Lensmen i, Mosque 3, 4. CORENE HOMES MARGARET HOPKlNS4School Ploy 4, Assem. l, 2, 3, 4, Service Choir 4, A Copello 2, 3, 4. ROW 6 SHEILAH HOPPER MARY ANN HOUK-Enfered from Phoenix Union High, Phoenix 3, Homeroom Officer 4. TROY L. HOUCK H603 ROW T MILDRED HOWE-Enfered from Deming High, Dem- ing, N. Mex. 2, Homeroom Officer 2, 3, 4, Por- nossus 2, 3, Secy, 4, Bond 2, 3, 4, Physics Club Secy.-Treos. 4, A Coppello 3, Treos. 4, Roundup Circ. Mgr. 4. ROSEMARIE IFFLAND-Homerocm Officer l, 2, 3, 4, Friendship Comm, 4, Pep Club 4, FHA 4, Secy. 2, 3, Arf Club 4. TERRY JACKSON-Homeroom Officer l, 2, 3, 4, Foofboll Frosh l, School Ploy 4, Spcinish Club 4. ROW 2 WILLIAM ARTHUR JAMES JO ANN JAYNES JIMMY JETT ROW 3 PAUL JlMENEZABoy's Allionce Secr. 4, Homeroom Officer 3, Biology Club Secr.-Treos. 3, Pres. 4, Archery Club 3, 4, Friendship Comm. 3, 4. BARBARA JOHNSONfEnfered from Moberly High, Moberly, Mo. 4, Roundup 4, Homeroom Officer 4, Pornossus 4, Sfudenf Council 4, Pep Club 4. BONNA JEAN JOHNSON-Pep Club 4, Tri Lyfz Tri-Hi-Y Choploin 4, Adv. Girls Glee Club 2, Vice-Pres. 3, A Coppello 4, Assem, 4, Homeroom Officer l, 2, 3, FTA Vice-Pres. 4. ROW 4 JACK JOHNSONwSfoge Crew 3, Homeroom Offi- cer 2, 3, 4, Musfcing Hondloook Publicofions 3, 4. ELIZABETH KAREN JOHNSON-Bond l, 2, 3, 4, Service Bond 2, 3, 4, Mosque I, 2, 3, Assem. l, 2, 3, 4. MARY KATHRYN JOHNSON-Bond l, 2, 3, 4, Serv- ice Bond l, 2, 3, 4, Mosque l, 2, 3, 4, Homeroom Officer I, 4, Assem, I, 2, 3, 4. ROW 5 KEN JOHNSON SHIRLIE JOHNSON BETTY JONES ROW 6 JANET I.. JONES--Homeroom Officer I, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 2, 3, 4, GAA l, Mosque 2, 3, 4, Assern. 2, 3, 4, Pom Pon 3, Copf, 4. JOHN JORDON REED JUETT E ,ka OUTSTANDING CHARACTERISTIC . . . Corole Glover ond Burfon Miller were vcfed 'Mosf Ouisfonding' on the bcisis of Their post ocfivifies. ol v,.. . . BLIND . . . Richard Ashby, Pete Hoag, Millie Howe, Tom Morse and Bob Holtzman are pictured above taking part in the annual 'Blind Experiment' conducted by the Physics classes under the direction of Mr. Frank Gilleland. ROW I YVONNE KARAM-Homeroom Officer I, 2, 3, 4, Masque I, 2, 3, 4, GAA I, Pep Club 3, 4. JUNE ANN KAYLER-Homeroom Officer I, 2, 3, 4, Health Council I, 2, Parnassus 2, 3, Masque I, 3, Pep Club 3, 4, Latin Club I, 2, School Play 3, Jr.-Sr. Talent Assembly 4. JOHN L. KEDASIC-Cheerleader 2, 3, Cheerelader 2, 3, Capt. 4, Pep Club Pres. 2, Homeroom Officer I, 3, 4, Assem. I, 2, 3, 4. ROW 2 RITA KEIM NANCY KEITH-Entered from Phoenix Union High 2, Homeroom Officer 2, 3, FHA 2, 3, Pep Club 2, Girls' League 2. LARRY K. KELLY-Basketball Frosh I, JV 2, Varsity 3, 4, Lettermen's Club 4, Band 2, 3, 4, Service Band 3, 4, Masque 2, 3, 4, Mustang Handbook Publications 3, 4. ROW 3 MARY EVELYN KELTNER-Entered from Brovvnrnoor High, Phoenix 2, Band 3, 4, Tennis Club 3, School Play 3. DICK KERR-Entered from Niles High School, Niles, Mich. 2, Lancer Hi-Y 2, 4, Pres. 3, Lettermen's Club 3, 4, Latin Club 2, Football JV 2, Varsity 3, 4, Basketball JV 2, Varsity 3, 4, Track JV 2, Varsity 4, Homeroom Officer 2, 3, 4. SHIRLEY KINKEAD-Masque 3, Assem. 3. ROW 4 EDWIN KINDRED-Homeroom Officer 2, 3, 4, School Play 4, Parnassus 4, A Cappella 2, 3, 4, All State Chorus 3, Calif. Western Chorus 3. BOB KIRCHE CONNIE R. KISNER-Tennis Club I, 2, 3, Secy. 3, Tennis JV I, Varsity 2, 3, 4, GAA I, 2, 3, Pep Club 4, Masque I, Homeroom Officer I, 2, 4, Parnas- sus 3. ROW 5 ELIZABETH KLEIN-Entered from Bakersfield, Calif. 3, Pep Club 4. KAY KLEIN SHARRON KLEIN-Masque 2, White Caps I, Glee Club I, Homeroom Officer 3. ROW 6 ALMA KAY KNIGHT-Adv. Girls' Glee Club I, 2, Student Dir. for Play 4, Homeroom Officer I. ANNETTA KNOX-Parnassus I, 2, 3, 4, A Cappella 2, Section Leader 4, Vice-Pres. 4, Homeroom Offi- cer 2, 3, 4, FTA 4, Latin Club I, 2, Pep Club 3, 4, Calif. Western Music Conference 3, Mosque 4. MARGIE KOKEY ROW I GEORGE LACKEY-Homeroom Officer I, 2, 3, Class Officer I, School Play 4, Masque 2, Boys' Alliance Jr. Rep. 3, ROTC I, 2, Assem. 3, BILL LADD ELEANOR LAIBE ROW 2 JOYCE LANDMAN-Hcmerocm Officer I, 2, Modern Dance 3, 4, Parnassus I, 4, Masque 3, 4. MARILYN LANE-Roundup 2, 3, Editor 4, Parnassus I, 2, 3, Planning Comm. 4, Homercom Officer I, 2, 3, 4, Ouill 84 Scroll 3, 4, Assem. 3, 4. DAVID LANGE-Westinghouse Honorable Menticn 4, Calif. Western Conference Orchestra I, 3, Orches- tra I, 2, Vice-Pres. 3, Pub. 4, Masque 2. ROW 3 PAT LARRYwPom Pon 3, 4, Band 2, A Cappella Choir 4, Parnassus I, 3, 4, Girls League Rep. 2. MILLER LEE-Homeroom Officer I, Lettermen's Club 3, 4, Physics Club 4, Pep Club 3, 4, Golf 2, 3, 4. SUSAN LEE-Parnassus I, 2, 3, 4, iBology Club 3, 4, Westinghouse National Finalist 4, Hoofbeats Staff 2, 3, Editor-in-Chief 4. ROW 4 ROBERT E. LEE DAVID LIDIN ROBERT LEWIS ROW 5 BILL LITTLEFIELDAParnassus 4, Physics Club 4, Home- room Officer I, 3, atin Club 2, 3, 4, Corral Board 3, Bookstore Board 4. BILL LLOYD JOE LIVERMORE4Parnassus I, 2, 3, 4, School Play 3, 4, ROTC I, 2, 3, Lt. 4, Class Officer I, Boys' Alliance Secr. 3, Homeroom Officer 2, 3, Student Council I, 3, Freshman Council I. JOHN LOEFFLER CYNTHIA LONG JOHN LONGBOTTEM ROW 6 KENT LORD CAROLYN LOWENSTEIN-Horneroom Officer 2, 3, Assem. 3, Adv. Glee Club 4, Pep Club 4, Senior Day Princess 4. MARY LUNENSCHLOSS-Entered from West High School, Madison, Wisconsin 3, Band 3, 4, Biology Club 3, 4, Masque 3, White Caps 3, 4. GARY MADDEN BOBBIE JEAN MADDOX-Masque I, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 3, Bowling Club Q, Assem. 3. FRANK IVIADDOCK Seniors T , ROW I ESTHER JEAN MAGEE-Pornossus 3, Homeroom 4. FRANK MANCUSO JOHN MARTIN WILLIAM MATTISON JACK MATTHEWS-Entered from Colorodo Springs High, Colorodo Springs, Colo. 3, Pep Club 4, Physics Club 4, French lub 3, 4. LIN MATHISON-Entered from South Ocite High, South Gcite, Colit., 3, Homeroom Officer 4. ROW 2 NORMAN MAUL JANE MAY-Mosque I, Q, 3, 4, Bond 2, 3, 4, A Cop- pello Choir 2, 3, 4, White Cops I, Homeroom Offi- cer I, 2, Service Bond 3, 4, GAA I, School Ploy 3. NANCY MAYRATH-Entered from Jr. High School, Dodge City, Kons. 2, Porncissus 2, 3. 4, Pep Club 4, School Ploy 3, Mosque 3, Orchesiro 2, 3. JOYCE McALISTER-Homercom Officer I, 2, 3. JAMES L. MCCARTHY-Physics Club 4, Boys Alli- cince Rep. 2. LARRY MCCLINTOCK-Homerocm Officer 2, 3, Assem. 3, Bond I, 2, 3, Service Bond 2, 3, Mosque 2, 3, Archery Club I. ROW 3 RALPH McELI-IANNON-Porncnssus I, 2, 3, Vcirsity Tennis 2, Tennis Club I, 2, 3, Aggie Club 2, 3, 4. ARDITH ANNE MCFARLANE-Mosque 3, Pep Club 4, Hoofbeots Section Editor 3, Cheerleoder 4, Exec. Comm. 4, School Ploy 4, Homeroom Officer 4. JOE MCFARLANE-Homeroom Officer I, 2, 3, 4, VVestinghouse Honoroble Mention 4, Outstonding Chem. Student Aword 3, Boys' Allionce Vice-Pres. 4, Pornossus I, Q, 3, 4, Legio Honoris, Pres. 2. ROW 4 JOHN McINTIRE DORIS MEDLEY JOHN MEHAGIAN ROW 5 BOB MESZAROS BILL MILLER-Lcincer Hi-Y I, 2, 3, 4, Model Legislature 3, 4, Bosketbcill Frosh I, JV 2, Vorsity 3, Executive Committee 3, Socicll Committee 4, Pep Club 3. BURTON MILLERfStudent Body Pres. 4, Jr. Class Pres. 3, Soph. Closs Pres. 2, Loncers Hi-Y I, 2, 3, 4, School Council 2, 3, 4, Student Council I, 2, 3, 4, Footboll Erosh I, JV 2, Vorsity 3. ROW 6 DON MILLER FRED MILLER KATHERINE MILLER ROW 'I DON W. MITCHELL-ROTC Lt. 3, Maior 4, ROTC Club 3, 4, Parnassus 2, 3, 4, Homeroom Officer I, 2, 3, Masque I, Pep Club 4, Honors Assem. I, 2, 3, Military Night I, 2, 3, 4. BILL MIZER MARY LYNNE MOHN-School Play 3, 4, Homeroom Officer I, 2, 3, Pep Club 3, Masque 3, Legio Hon- oris 2, Executive Committee 2. ROW 2 JERRY MOLUMBY ANN MONDO-Homeroom Officer I, 2, Pep Club 3, 4, Art Club 4. HENRY MOORE ROW 3 ROBIN MOORE CAROLYN MOORES-Parnassus I, 2, 3, 4, Masque I, 2, Homeroom Officer 2, Espanlanta Club Offi- cer 2, Latin Clubs 3, 4, Annual Staff 3, 4, Quill and Scroll 4, Band 4. BARBARA JO MORAN-BTB Secy. 3, FTA 4, Tri-Hi-Y 4, School Play 3, 4, Parnassus I, 3, 4, Pep Club 2, 3, 4, Homeroom Officer I, 2, 3, 4, Social Com. 2, 3, Pres. 4. ROW 4 TOM MORSE-Honor Court Judge 3, Exec. Com. 4, Rifle Team Varsity 3, 4, All City Rifle Team 3, 4, Physics Club 4, Student Council 2, 4. MARTHA MAE MOSES DON MOTT ROW 5 MICHAEL M. MULTER-Lensmen I, Publications Pho- tographer 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 4, Latin Clubs I, 2, 4, BariumtriBromaButuneI 3. MEREDITH MUNROE RAY MURDOCK ROW 6 MARLENE MUSSELMAN - Entered from Jefferson High, Dresden, Ohio 2, Skating Club 3, Vlfhite Caps Secy. 81 Hist. 2, 3, 4, Adv. Glee Club 3, 4, Service Choir 4. VIRGIL MYERS-Physics Club 3, 4, Parnassus 4, Home- room Officer I, Latin Club 2, Pres. 3. RENE NADEAV f u .1 7 fr: -cps-:J '1?f17:U- V we 1 f If .., :-. Fi' tt . ,.n,.,.. E 1 ix - X xi ,cw 'is' .'.. , - Tj I ikxfl'-XX A .., 5 , am, . 1.5312 , .Z-. -5, s ARTISTIC ABILITY . . . Taking an active part in the Arizona Scholastic Art Awards at Phoenix College this year were Janet Burrovvay, Sandra Harris ard Karen Smith. i65l SPOTLIGHT ON ATHLETES . . . Ardys Grammar and Kenny Aycock were voted 'Best Athletes' of the class of l954. ROW I TOM NEHER-Homeroom Officer 2, 4, Masque I, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 4, FTA 4. WILLIS NEISIUS BARBARA ANN NELSON-Friendship Com. 2, Pep Club 2, Stadium Club I. ROW 2 PEG NELSON-Homeroom Officer I, 2, 4, Masque 2, 3, 4, Modern Dance 4, School Play 4. JOHN NELSON-Band I, 2, 3, 4, Homeroom Officer I, 4, Service Band 2, 3, 4. JOAN M. NEWHOUSE-Entered from Gardner, Kan- sas, 4. ROW 3 MARILYN NORBERG-Parnassus I, 2 ,3, Art Club 3, 4, Homeroom Officer 3, Ass. 2, Pep Club 4, Bowling Club 3, 4. CONNIE NORGAARD-Homeroom Officer 2, School Play 3, 4, Masque 3, 4, Modern Dance 3, 4, Stadium Club I, Ass. 2, Pep Club 4. VIRGINIA NORTHROP-Stadium Club I, School Play 2, 3, Tennis Club 3, Masque 3, 4. ROW 4 JOHN O'DANIEL ELSA O'DEMAR MAXINE OERLINE ROW 5 IMOGENE ORICK DON PARKS BOB PAULSON ROW 6 SYLVIA PEACOCK-Adv. Glee Club 2, 3. BILL PEARSON JOHNNY PEARSON-Entered from Springfield High, Springfield, Mo. 3, Boys' Alliance Pres. 4, Pep Club 3, Treas. 4, Exec. Com. 4, Lancer Hi-Y 3, 4, Boys' State 3, Hi-Y Model Legis. 3, 4, Physics Club 3. ROW 'I JIMMY PECK-Entered from Hay Springs High, Hay Springs, Nebr. 3. CHARLES RONALD PENQUITE-Band 2, 3, 4, Home- roorn Officer 4, Physics Club 4, Parnassus I, 2, 3, 4, Latin Club I, 2, Mosque 2, 3. LAVERNE PETERS ROW 2 JERRY PETERSON-Advanced Band I, 2, 3, 4, Biology Club 2, 4, Vice-Pres. 3, Aggie Club 4, Hoofbeats Staff 3, Photographer 2. MICHAEL PEW GLORIA PI-IACAS ROW 3 KAREN ANN PHELPS-GAA Rep. I, 2, 3, Pres. 4, Masque I, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 3, All Star Club 2, 3, 4, Athletic Ass. Secy.-Treas. 4, Scholastic Art Awards I, 2, Art Ass. for Plays I, 2, 3, 4. MARILYN IRENE PIERCE-North High Players 4, Pep Club 3, 4, Masque 3, 4, Home Room Officer 3, 4, Assembly 4. JACK PIOR ROW 4 PATSY PITTSER-Entered from Sarasota High, Sara- sota, Fla. 2. CHARLES PLAKE BARBARA SUE POZIL-FTA 4, Adv. Glee Club 3, 4. ROW 5 SALLY JOAN PRENTICE-GAA I, Masque I, 2, Home- room Officer I, 2, 4. BOB PRICE SHIRLEY PRINCE LAVERN PROCK PAT RADCLIFFE DONNA RAMSAY-Girls' Rifle Team Pres. 4, School Play 3, Ass. 3, Operetta 3, Masque I, 3, 4. ROW 6 ANTHONY RASPOLIC-Homeroom Officer I, Q, Par- nassus 2, Legio Honoris 2. HARRIET RANDOLPH-Homeroom Officer 2, 3, 4, Ex. Com. 4, Masque 2, 3, Tennis Club 4, Orchestra I, 2, 3, Sec. Head 4, Physics Club 4, Biology Club 2, Tri-Hi-Y Pres. 4. BOB RAYNOR DICK RAYNOR VERA JEAN REECE-Tri-Lytz 4, Parnassus 4, Masque I, Pep Club 4, Friendship Corn. 3, 4, Exec. Com. 4, Girls' State 3, Girls' League Treos. 3, Pres. 4. DOROTHY REICHERT-Parnassus I, 2, 3, 4, Home- roorn Officer 3, Girls' League Cabinet 3, Friend- ship Com. 4. 1. Mus. ,J - Seniors ROW I DENNIS REID PAUL REINBOLD NORINE REYNOLDS GLEN RICHBURG ANN RICHEY-Homeroom Officer I, 2, 3, 4, School Ploy 4, GAA SQ GAA All Sfcir I, Mosque I, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 4, Assem. 3, 4. GEORGE RICHARDSON ROW 2 PATRICIA RIDGLEY-Adv. Girls' Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4. JIM RIVES CAROL JEAN ROCK-Adv. Girls Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Home Room Officer I, Assem. 2, 3, 4. JOI-IN ROCKVVELL JEANNE ROUSH-Eniered from Broool Ripple High, lrmclionopolis, Ind. 2, A Coppellci 3, 4, Adv. Glee Club 2, Homeroom Officer 4, Mosque 4, SUSAN ROUSH-School Ploy 4, lvlcisque I, 3, Home- room Officer I, 2, 3, 4, Pornossus I, 2, 3, 4. ROW 3 EDGAR RUGENSTEIN-Lofirm Club I, ROTC I, Mosque 2, 3, 4, Homeroom Officer I, 2, Service Bond 2, 3, 4, Aolvcmcecl Bond 2, 3, 4. TERRIE DELL RUSSO LARRY RUTH ROW 4 GLENDA KAY RYDEN-Norfh Hi Ploiyers 2, 3, Assem. I, 2, 3, 4, lvlcisque I, 3, Porriossus I, 2, 3, 4, Home- room Officer I, 2, French Club. I, 2, 3, Jr. Rep. To Girls' Leogue 3. GENEVIEVE SABINE-lvlosque 2, 3, 4, Bond 2, 3, 4, Legio Honoris 2, Porriossus I, 2, 3, 4, Homeroom Officer I, 2, 3, 4, Sr. Girls' Lecigue Rep. 4. KAY SALMON-Porhossus I, 2, 3, 4, GAA I, Home- room Officer I, 2, 3, lvlosque 3, 4. ROW 5 BOB SANNER NELDA SAXTON-Pornossus 2, 3, 4, Mosque 2, 3, Homeroom Officer I, 2, 3, Blue 8g Silver Comm. I, Archery Club 3, 4, FTA 4. DENIS SEARLES ROW 6 SOPHIA SEBESTYEN DON SEELY-Homeroom Officer I, 2, 3, School Plciy 2, 3, Frosh Foofboll I, Mosque 3, Pep Club 2, 3, 4, Pornossus I, Physics Club 3. JANET SEIBERLING ROW 1 RAE SCHAFER-Homeroom Officer i, 2, 3, 4, Masque 3, 4, School Play 4, Parnassus l, 4, Hoofbeats 2, A Cappella Choir 4, Roundup 2, French Club Secy. 3. DOLORES H. SCHMELLING-Cheerleader 2, 3, Co- Capt. 4, Assem. 2, 3, 4, Homeroom Officer 3, 4, Masque l, 3, 4, Pep Club 2, 3, 4, GAA l, GAA All Star i. JEAN lRWlN SCHMIDT-Masque 3, 4, Homeroom Officer 4, White Caps Vice-Pres. 4, School Plays 3, 4. ROW 2 NANCY RAE SCHMITT BlLL SCHVVARTING--Rifle Team Frosh l, Varsity 2, 3, Capt. 4, Physics Club 3, Archery Club l, ROTC i, 2, 3, 4, Military Night i, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 4. GENE SCHROEDER ROW 3 BETFY SCHWARTZ-Parnassus l, 2, 4, Homeroom Officer l, Bookstore 4. BOB SCHWAB DABNEY SHEARER-Pompon 4, Pep Club 4, Home- room Officer l, 2, 3, 4, Masque i, 3, 4, Ass. 3, 4. ROW 4 DONNA SHEETS-Legio Honoris 2, Pep Club 3, 4. GLORIA SHERIDAN SALLY ANN SHERRILL-Homeroom Officer l, 2, 3, 4, Masque i, 3, 4, North Hi Players l, 2, 3, 4, A Cappella Choir 3, 4, Ass. Comm. 4, Orchestra i, 2, Tri-Lytz Tri-Hi-Y 4, Calif. West. Music Confer. 3. ROW 5 DON SHEFFER RALPH KIMBALL SHOWERS-President Senior Class 4, Activities Comm. Vice-Pres. 4, A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 4, North High Players l, 2, 3, 4, Boys' Al- liance Rep. 2, Ex. Comm. 4, Masque 2, 3, 4, Junior Rotarian 4. JOE SHUMAKER ROW 6 CHERI SLINKER-Masque 2, Homeroom Officer l, 3, Parnassus i. GLENDA SLOVER BARBARA SMITH-Homeroom Officer l, 2, 4, School Plays l, 3, Advonced Band 2, Girls' League Sr. Rep. to Cabinet 4, Exchange Ass. 2. FEED TIME . . . Pictured above at an auction in Mr. T. Inman's Solid Geometry class are Meredeth Monroe, Millie Howe, Richard Ashby and Bill Holcomb. l69i WQ1ff'..fii.j me COLLEGE BOUND . . . Zora Turkovic discusses with Doris Crockett and Carolyn Caldwell the difficult problem of choosing the right college to attend. l70I ROW I JACOUE JO SMITH-North Hi Players 35 Homeroom Officer I, 2, 35 GAA I5 Adv. Glee Club 35 Mod- ern Dance 45 Masque 3, 4. JOYCE SMITHwPep Club 45 Latin Club 2. KAREN SMITH-Jr.-Sr. Prom. Com. 35 Pep Club 3, 45 Sadie Hawkins Com. 35 Adv. Glee Club 25 Par- nassus 45 Homeroom Officer 35 School Plays' De- signer 3, 45 Scholastic Art Avvards I, 2, 3, 4. ROW 2 PAT SMITH ROSALIND R. SMITH-Homeroom Officer I5 School Play 3, 45 Masque I, 2, 3, 45 GAA I5 Ass. 35 Pep Club 2, 3, 45 Modern Dance 4. RODGER SNOW ROW 3 BRUCE SPENCE JEANNE SPICER-Roundup I, 2, 35 Masque 3, 45 A Cappella 3, 45 Quill 84 Scroll 35 School Play 4. PATRICIA A. STAFFORD-Senior Class Secy.-Treas. 45 A Cappella Choir 3, 45 Adv. Girls Glee Club 2, Pres. 35 All State Chorus 2, 3, 45 Cailf. West. Conf. Chorus 35 School Play 45 Homeroom Officer I, 35 Masque 2. ROW 4 MURIEL STEIN JANE STEINLE JEAN STEMEN ROW 5 FRANCES STEPHENS BILL STEPHENS JIM STEVENS-Corral Adv. Board 45 Homeroom Of- ficer I, 2, 3, 45 French Club 45 A Cappella 3, 45 Exec. Com. 35 Social Com. 3, 45 Lettermen's Club 45 Baseball Frosh I, JV 35 Varsity 3, 4. ROW 6 SUE STEWART SHIRLEY SUCHY-Y-Teen Treas. 35 Pep Club 2, 35 Masque 2, 3, 4. WILLIAM A. SUMMERSHHomeroom Officer I, 3, 4, Frosh Football Ig Football JV 25 Lancer H-Y 2, 3, Frosh Track I5 JV Track 2. ROW 1 DICK SUMNER RICHARD SUTTON PHYLLIS JEAN SWEITZER-Homeroom Officer 2, 3, Masque I, Jr. Honor Court Judge 3, BTB 3, Student Body Treas. 4, Dance Com. 3, 4, Tri-Lytz 4. ROW 2 CAROL ANN SWAIN-Entered frorn Davey Jr. High, East Orange, N. J. 2, Homeroom Officer 2, 3. BOB SWAN FRANCIS SAKLE ROW 3 SYLVIA CLAIRE TANNER-Masque 2, 3, Archery Club 3, Homeroom Officer 2, 3. LOIS THAYER-Masque I, 2, 3, GAA I, 2, 3, Sr. Rep. 4, Girls' League Rep. 4. KEN TEGARDEN ROW 4 DIANNE TEUFEL EARL THOMAS-ROTC Lt. 3, Capt. 4, ROTC Club 3, 4, Military Night 2, 3, 4, Bowling Club 3. LINDA THOMPSON-Chief Honor Court Justice 4, Freshman Judge I, Sophomore Judge 2, Parnassus I, 2, Vice-Pres. 3, Pres. 4, Tri-Lytz 4, Girls' State 3. ROW 5 BARBARA ANNE TIMS-Homeroorn Officer 3, 4, Mustang Squares 2, Roundup 3, Aggie Club 4. AL TOME-Varsity Football 2, 3, 4, Varsity Track 2, Varsity Baseball 3, 4, Class Pres. I, Homeroorn Officer I, 2, 3, Lancer Hi-Y Chaplin I, Basketball Frosh I, JV 2. ELLEN TOVVER-Entered from Brownmoor School, Phoenix, Arizona 2, Homeroom Officer 3, 4, Masque 3, La Espanlata 3, Legio Honoris 4, JERRY TROUT KEITH TUMELSON LORETTA TURANO-Roundup Feature Editor 3, 4, Hoofbeats Section Section Editor 2, Parnassus I, 2, 3, 4, Stadium Club 2, Pres. I. ROW 6 ZORA TURKOVIC-Tri,Lytz 4, Parnassus 3, 4, Quill 8g Scroll 3, 4, Hoofbeats Staff 3, Section Editor 4. ELEANOR FAYE TYLER-Masque I. RANDY ULIVIER ART UMBAUGH RICK VANDERHOFF CAROL VAN DEVENTER Seniors I Seniors C7 23 ROW 1 DANNY VAN'T KERKHOFF - Basketball Frosh l, Homeroom Officer 2, A Cappella Choir 2, 3, Pres. 4, Service Choir 4, Madrigal Singers 4. BOB VEBBER NORMAN VICTORSON JOYCE WACKERBARTH MERILYN WAGNER-Skating Club 2, Adv. Girls Glee Club 2, Parnassus 3, 4, Homeroom Officer 3, 4. STEVE WAGNER-Physics Club 3, 4, Homeroom Of- ficer l, 2, 3. ROW 2 A SHARI WAGSTAFF CAROLYN WALKER DICK WALL MARTHA JANE WALTERS-Parnassus l, 2, 3, 4, FHA l, Chairman of Degrees 2, 3, Stadium Club 2, Adv. Girls Glee Club 3, Stage Crew 3, Mosque l . 3. JOE WALSH NORMAN WATSON ROW 3 OERALDINE WATTS ROBERTA WEBB-Parnassus l, Pep Club 3, 4, Home- room Officer 4. SHIRLEY ANN WEBER-Parnassus l, 2, 3, 4, Legio Honoris Secy. 3, Scholastic Art -Awards l, 2, 3, 4, Homeroom Officer 2, 3, Pep Club 3, 4. ROW 4 CLARA VVHALLEY MICHAEL L. WEST-Adv. Band 3, 4, Masque l, 2, 3, Social Com. l, 2, Corral Board l, Pep Club 3, 4. KENNETH H, WEEKS-Homeroom Officer l, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 3, 4. ROW 5 TED WHITE NANCY ANN WHITFIELD-Tennis l, Secy. 2, School Play 3, 4, Homeroom Officer l, 3, Band 2, Masque 2, A Cappella 3, Board 4. JEAN WHITING-Quill 81 Scroll 4, Friendship Com. 4, Pep Club 4, FTA 4, Parnassus 4, Roundup 3, News Editor 4. ROW 6 KAY WlGLEY BETH WlLLlS-Parnassus 2, 3, 4, North High Players 2, 3, 4, School Plays 2, 3, 4, Adv. Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Masque 3, 4, Talent Assem. 2, 3, 4. DON WILSON-ROTC 2, 3, 4, Archery Club l, A Cappella 2, Mustang Congress T, Fresh Soph. Talent Show 2. ROW 1 THOMAS E. WILSON-Masque I, 2, 3, 4, Corral Board I, Boys' Alliance Rep. 3, Publications 4, Prciection 2, 3, Advanced Band I, 2, 3, 4. MARTHA WINTERS ANN WRIGHT ROW 2 WAYNE H. WOODSIDE-Entered from West High, Phoenix 2, ROTC 2, 3, 4, Rifle Team 3, 4, ROTC Club 3, Homeroom Officer 2, 3, Masque 2, 4, School Play 4. BARBARA JEAN WYATT-Glee Club I, Tennis Club 3, Adv. Orchestra 3, 4. PATRICIA YATES-Stadium Club I, 2, 3, Pep Club I, 2, 3, 4, Clothesmen Club 4, Parnassus I, 2, 3, 4, FTA Pres. 4, Quill 81 Scroll 3, Pres. 4, Hoofbeats 2, 3, 4, Mustang Roundup Bus. Mgr. 2, 3, 4. ROW 3 GARY YAW LILLIAN DOLORES YECKEL-Entered from Upper Ar- lington High, Arlington, Ohio 3, Masque 4, School Play 4, North Hi Players 4. LILLIAN JEANNETTE YOUNG -Mustang Squares Pres. 2, Homeroom Officer 2, 4. ROW 4 FRANK YUE DIANA JO ZIEGER-Entered from Plainfield High, Plainfield, N. J. 4, A Cappella Choir 4, Parnassus 4. RONNIE ZIMMER-Band 2, 3, Ass. 2, 3, 4, Service Band 2, 3, Homeroom Officer 4, Masque I, 2, Freshman Council Rep. I. ROW 5 .IAN ZIMMERMAN-Homeroom Officer 2, 3, 4, Par- nassus 4, School Play 3, 4, Legio Honoris 2, A Cap- pella 4, Adv. Glee Club 2, Section Leader 3, All State Choir 3, Pep Club 2, 3, 4, Masque 3. SENIOR COUNCIL . . . Mr. I. F. Nichols, Kent Casady, Ashby, Harriet Randolph, Tom Morse, Ann Richey, Ida Canepa, Imogene Orick Jan Zimmerman, Pat Bob Applewhite, Ardys Grammar, and Mr. H. Drink- Stafford, Linda Thompson, Ralph Showers, Richard water. l73I , ,W- Ftihwamtu 1 XXX WF EFFORTS FOR EDUCATION , . . Westinghouse Aspironts M Upper Left: Dove Lcinge. Middle Left: Phil Citron. Lower Left: Pete Hoag. Up- per Right: Susan Lee, Lower Right: Jerry Fried. wi! Qi w iv M, S " ss U- MN M ,s ta , 4 s ' A L 23? 1 wi 'G if "" i " -f A X W .A z A ,,.,, 512, ,- t Q I Q is F f et M ' I if is f W Ig si' GE. ll "" 5 Q WU' A X an F 3 x 95 f Am-J if s ,QM 32 53 A K 4- 'WS SENIORS WITH DEFINITE AIMS . . . Upper Left: Winners of Elks Scholarships are Pete Hoag, Burton Miller, Jan Burroway, Carole Glover, and Marilyn Lane. Upper Right: Ben Hayward, an aspirant forthe N.R.O.T.C. Lower Left: Joe McFarlane, a Westinghouse entrant with his microscope. Middle: Richard Ashby participating in the West- inghouse Science Talent Search. Lower Right: Receiving admission to V J Vxlest Point, Jerry Hoblit was notified that he would also receive the ' N.R.O.T.C. Step Toward Scholarships i I i JUNIOR OFFICERS . . . Front Row: Cbarmain Smith, Dorothy Maddox, Barbara Payne. Second Row: Ronnie Jacobson, Bill Craig, Mike Hillhouse, Mike Ward. Efficient Juniors This year's junior class certainly knew how to re a ch maximum effi- ciency. During second semester, door prizes were offered at the junior coun- cil meetings. The effect was tremen- dous! In their projects th e y showed the sa m e ingenuity. For Sadie Hawkin's Day they provided a greased pig race. "The VVrecker" was also a new contri- bution. Talent on the stage possessed by many juniors added to the sparkle of the Junior-Senior talent assembly this last winter. Now that this year has ended, the junior class is in the midst of "taking overn. Bill Craig, junior class president, will become student body president. If he leads his school as well as he has his class, he'll deserve much praise. BILL BARRY GERRY BARTLETT BARBARA BASHAM AUSTIN BATE JON BATISTIC DONNA BEATTY LEE BEATTY ROSELLE BECK JIM BEGLEY LONNY BELL PAT BELL CAROLE BELCHER LUCIE BEMANN LYNN BENTLEY ROBERT BENTLEY MARLYS BERRY CHARLES BESSENGER BEVERLY BELEY TOM BIRMINGHAM TERRY BLAKELY SUE BLOSSOM ROBERT BOEHME JACK BOHANNON JUNE BONESTEEL Juniors MARY BETH AARNI FRED ABRAHAM JANET ACHAUER BOB ADAMS CAROL ALBRECHT JEANETTE ALDRIDGE GRANT ALLEN MARTIN ALPERT EDWARD ANDERSON JO ANDERSON KATHRYN ANDERSON LYNNE ANDERSON WAYNE ANDERSON KAE ANDREEN CAROL ARMSTRONG MARY LOU ARNOLD NELLIE ATCHLEY JACKIE ATKERSON DORA ATWOOD NORMA BAILEY DAN BARNETT JAMES BARNES CAROLE BARNES BARBARA BARR I77I J Mr S-S. u 1? 4-fw Y Juniors CHARLOTTE BOYLE BARBARA BOUVEA LOWELL BOWEN WENDY BOWERSOCK DAVID BOWMAN BETTY BRACKER GERALDINE BRADLEY BETTY LOU BRETSFORD BOB BRETT GORDON BRETZING ELAINE BRIGHT PHILLIP BRIGNALL JO BUNKMAN DONNA BRILLHART BARBARA BROKAW NORMA BROWN JAYNE BRYANT SUE BULLOCK JOHN BURK JANICE BURMAN TERRY BURNETT CAROL BURNS MAXINE COGDILL SANDRA BURSON I789 SUSAN BUSCH LEE ANNE BUTTERFIELD CAROL BUTLER JERRY BUZAN NANCY CALHOUN MARY JEAN CAMPBELL BILL CARROLL SUSAN CARTER BRUCE CASEY STANLEY CASTOR DON CAUGHLIN PEGGY CHAPMAN LINDA CHASE GENE CHRISTOPHEL CORKY CHUMBLEY DEANE CLINE MAXINE COGDILL JOE COLLIER JOYCELYN COLLINS JOHNNY COLYER EDDIE COOKE DON COOLEY MICHAEL CONNER PATTI CORDON JUDY DOROSKY VIRGI DOYLE LOIS DRAGE DICK DRINEN HERB DRINKWATER BARBARA DRISKELL DONN DRUMM DON DUGAN GEORGE DUKES MARY DUNCAN JOHN DUNLOP EDWARD DURDEN MARILYN DUVALL DON DVOJACK ALAN EADS DICK EATON ELAINE ECKLE PAUL EDGERTON DIANA ELLSWORTI-I BETTY ERICKSON JO ANN ERICKSON FRANCES ESTES I-IYLA EVANS BARBARA ANN EVERETT Juniors JO CORRELL JEAN COVINGTON JAN COX BILL CRAIG BOB CRAWFORD PATSY CROSS CAROL CROSSON NADINE CROW BOB CRUM BARBARA CUIVIMINS ROBERT DAEHLER EMMETTE DAVIDSON GARY DAVIS HORACE DE FRANCESCO GAIL DE HERDER ANN DEIBNER ANDY DERSCH ROGER DEZEMBER DIANA DISMUKE LOUIS DODDS PENNY DODSON SUSAN DOLEZAL CAROLE DONOFRIO BRIAN DONOHUE I QSSRW ,vw W5 M I80D RONALD GRANT KAY GREGORY PAT GRIFFIN DONALD GRIFFITH EDMUND GROSZ GORDON GROVER SARA GUCKER BEVERLY GUFFEY BILL GUNDLACH DONNA HACKNEY HAPPY HAGEN JAN HAKES SARAH HILL RONNIE HALL JOHN HAMMONDS ALYNNE HANSEN DICK HANSEN SHARON HANSON BILL HARRIS GVVENN HARPER JOE HARPER RICHARD HARPER TOM HARPER JACK HARRIS Juniors CAROL FENSTERMAKER JIM FETTERS HAROLD FIELDS FRANK FIELDS BOB FISHER KATHRYN FLETCHER GEORGE FLINT LARRY FOLEY BEVERLY FOSTER SANDRA FRANKLIN MARLENE FUNK BOB GALLES DAVID GANEI BILL GARTIN GAIL GASKIN CAROL GILBERT BILL GIBBONS CAROL LEE GILBERT ROBERTA GILBERT LARRY GILGEN MARY GILMAN CHARLOTTE GOODE DONALD GOSSETT EVA GRAMMAR --...T ,wo NW ? 1 ,Ama-K1-N J. Juniors BETTY HARSHMAN DOUG HASTINGS SARA HAYES DEANNA HEIZER ELAINE HELDERMON MICKEY HENDERSON ROBERTA HENDERSON BARBARA HENIGAR DON HERRICK CAROL HICKS JIM HIGGS ANITA HILL CALVIN HILL NANCY HILL REBA HILLIARD MICHAEL HILLHOUSE JOHN HINSHAW LINDA HENRICH PAMELA HOAGLAND TERRY HOESCHLER CATHERINE HOGG CHARLOTTE HOLLEY DERALD HOLMES CHRISTA HOLT CBIJ MARILYN HOOD ROGER HORNE BEVERLY HORTON SHEILA HOWARD MILDRED HUCKO SHARRON HUGHES SHIRLEY HUGHES VIRGINIA HUNT SHEILA HURLEY RICK IMBODEN JOHNNY INGERSOLL SUE IRVINE JAN JACKSON JOANNE JACKSON MADELINE JACOB RONNIE JACOBSON BARBARA JANSEN GERALD JARVIS ALAN JENNINGS CAROL JERGLER CAROLYN JOHNSON DOLORES JOHNSON DONNA JOHNSON MARY JOHNSON Juniors PHYLLIS JOHNSON RONALD JOHNSON EVONNE JONES JUDY JONES JOE JORDAN KAREN JORGENSEN LARRY JOURNELL JOANNE KAMRAR FRANCES KEITH RONNIE KENNEDY FRED KESTNER KAY KINCAID SHARRON KING BEVERLY KOLB MERV KOLB ARDEE KOLOUCH HERB KONG MARCIA KRAATZ JIM KRAFFT DIANNE KROLL CLARENCE KROULIK KAREN KRUGLICK DUANE KUMMER RICHARD LAIRD I82 l I ROBERT LAIRD KARL LANCE ROBERT LANGE JAY LANNING BOB LAREN LOUISE LAYTON CAROL LEE PAT LEONARD PEGGY LEWIS NANCY LIM JOHN LINDAUER CURTIS LITTLE ROGER WRIGHT NANCY LORD SUSAN LORDMAN BARBARA LUTZ JOAN LUDKE JANET MQCFARLAND DOROTHY MADDOX RONNIE MANGINO MARILN MANOR MARY MARKS PHILLIP MORRIS MYRNA MARTIN NANCY MOORBECK ELDRIDGE MOORES BILL MONTAGUE GENE MORGAN HARLOW MORRILL JOAN MORO CURTIS SWANSON JIM MURPHY AUSTIN MYERS JERRY MYERS MARY MYERS SHARON NEFF CLYDE NEILSON GLENNIS NELSON BRYAN NEVVMAN MARY NETHERLIN WALLIE NIXON JORDAN O'DELL MARGARET O'LEARY RUTHELLA OLIVER MARY OLMSTED NANCY OLKSAR MINA ORICK LAURA ORMAN ' file .W f-2:,,:.:21 " zflZ? ' EMM M ww ml if I I ii 1, , 'I E2 Q03 ggi , mil gg , A Juniors SANDRA MASON DOROTHY MASTERS JANIS MATHERLY LARRY MAUL LEETA MAVVBY KARAN MCBRAYER SHARAN MCBRAYER SUE MCCREARY CAROLE MCDANIEL LARRY MCMILLEN BENNY MCNEVINS BETTY MEEK KIM MEEKER CHARLES MEHARD SHIRLEE MENEFEE CAROL MEYER JOHN MEYER SHARON MICKLE EDDIE MITCHELL STEVE MILLER KAY MILNE STANLEY MINCKS JIM MOFFORD DICK MOOK I I84I PEGGY PRENTICE NANCY PUTMAN SALLY QUAIN ELDON QUICK TOM QUIMLEY CAROLYN RAEDER CAROL ROSS ROGER RAEDER NORMAN RASH M.ARVIN REDBURN LYNN REED BOB REICE EDWIN REINBOLD JEAN RECINA BOB REYNOLDS VIRGINIA REYNOLDS SARAH RICE DONNA RICKS EDDIE RICHARDS GALE RIFE NANCY RIVERS JERRY ROBERTSON BOB ROBINSON NANCY ROSS Juniors MARLENE OWEN MARGARET OWENS RUSS PANTANO MICKEY PARKER KENNY PATTERSON BERNADINE PAVVLOWSKI BARBARA PAYNE ARLENE PAYNTER GEORGE PEDERSON NANCY PETERS FRANK PETERSON CLAUDE PETTY EILEEN PETZNICK ROY PHILIPS GAIL PHILLIPS JANICE PEARSON MEG PINKERTON CRIS PINSON ELLEN PIOWATY FRANK PITTENGER CLARA POLEESON JANICE PORTER DON PRICE LAWAUNA PRINCE JOYCE SINGLETON SHELIA SLINKER NANCY SLOAN JUDY SLONAKER DOLORES SMILEY BARBARA SMITH CHARMIAN SMITH GRAHAM SMITH NADINE SMITH PHILIP SMITH PRESTON SMITH TOM SMITH BOB SNYDER CAROLYN SOLOMON LEE SOVACOOL RONALD SPEEDLING PENNY STAFFORD CAROL STANLEY DIANE STANFORD STEVE STEFANOS BARBARA STIPSKY BEVERLY STOUT ELEANOR STADER RICHARD STRAHL If ,,:: .::'--- - - M I . ,f 0, W 52,535 , : 1121 M -. 14 :il ' I ,A 1 -' , Lili, I ' ' A- N1 3 Jflgg 'E ' ' Qi ' .:Zr:':Ef'j?? 4 ,mf , L- , 1,355 lx.. I 6 i Wx: if im Juniors LUANNE ROBINSON WILLIAM ROSS JOHN ROBSON ROLLAND R. ROUSEAU CHARLES ROUSH FRED ROVVLAND EUGENE ROWLANDS PHYLLIS RAWNSLEY PAT SAUTER SANDRA SWINDLER CAROL SCHELLENBERG JOYCE SCHMIDT SANDY SCHUFF SHARON SCHWEDLER MARY SCOTT RICHARD SCRIVANO EDNA SEITZ SHARON SEXTON JIM SHARBAUGH BARBARA SHAW NANCY SHERER SYLVIA SHIMKUS CAROL SHOGREN HELEN SIEBENTHAL I85I my P sim y I X K al' M S1 Q ws . - .. S, -IQ .J I5 ii 3 I I Sk . 34 , 'M sl v 5 Y ffl in G' - 3 , iii 31" Juniors SANDRA STUBBINS SANDRA STUFFLEBEAM JANICE SUKOW CHARLOTTE SULLIVAN ELSA SUMMERS JOAN SUNDSTROM TERRY SUTHERLAND EVELYN ALLEN KARILYN SWARTZEL MARILYN SWARTZEL MARGIE SWIFT SALLY SWITZER GARY TALBOT DARRELL TANNATT LAVONNE TAYLOR CHERYL THIEBEN JOANNE THIESSEN NANCY THOMAS BOB THOMPSON CLAUDELL THOMPSON CONNIE THOMPSON CAROL THEOBALD ALICE THURESON ERCELLE TISOR ROSEMARY TOLLIVER GERRY TOPE BETSY TOWER GEORGIE TRIPP BARBARA RYON JACKLYN TUCKER JANICE TURNER NANCY VAN PROYEN MARY HELEN VAUGHN VIRGINIA VAUPELL MARILYN VEACH JAMES VOIGHT KAY VOIGHT MARIE WADDELL RONNIE WAHL SUE WAHLIN FRED WALDRON SHIRLEY WALKINGTON DAVE WANTZ BILL WARE LOU WAKEFIELD MICHAEL WARD MARSHA WEAVER BILL WEIDE Juniors JOHN WENDT GALE WEST TOM WHIPPLE MARY LOU WHITCOMB GARY WILLIAMS JOHNNY WILLIAMS DARLENE WILSON JO WILSON BETTY WINCHELL MARTHA WING RUSSELL WINKELMAN BARBARA WINSLOW SANDY WISE BONNIE WITT AUTOVEE WOLF EVELYN WOLF GRETCHEN WOLF GERRY WRIGHT JEAN WRIGHT ROGER WRIGHT JOY YANTES SCOTT YOUNKER GEORGE YUE JOE ZAKRZEWSKI JUNIOR COUNCIL . . . A1 desk: Bill Croig. Second Rom: Ronnie Mongino, Ronnie Jclcobson, Dicinci Dis- muke, Mory Ellen Myers, Coirol Butler, Kee Andreen, Borboro Poyne, Borbciro Bouveci, Corol McDc1nieI, Gretchen Wolf, Bcirboro Jansen. l?. SOPHOMORE OFFICERS . . . Front Row: Dorothy Fischef, Fred Kober. Second Row: Jock Loring, Brent Cdrdvvell. Top Sophomore Citi ens Upper classmen! The class of '56 has reached its goal at last. They are "big men" on campus now, and have vvell earned this title. Winter Wonderland, their semi-for- mal dance proved very fruitful for the class budget. It Was held in the cafeteria amid snovv and icy atmosphere. Its members have ta k e n an active part in school affairs entering speech contests, participating in athletics and taking part in plays. The sophomores have kept the Biology Department busy With their questions concerning animal and plant life. . .,.. - ., i . , 1 " ze- --ziwzf .-. . :r : 1. :. iv N 1: ' f 5 : .V., i -1 gg ,gif 4 MSE. ,gg Y g' ss. .. f.,'.:pW ,W ,f. A X www V sf .441 , 1 ,fill s fs .EQ is Q f 5 I i SOPHOMORE SOCIETY . . . Top: Pot Futrell, Merrill Robbins, Dorothy Fischer, ond Brent Cordvvell promote "Winter Vifonde-rloncl." Lower Left: Brent Cordwell ond Solly Loren- son, winners of the Rotory Speech Contest. Lower Right: Corole Thomas, typicol sopho- more girl, in Cl tireside scene. eff Mich MISS COX-3 . . . Front Row: Dortha Franklin, Sondra Frederickson, Carole Lee Cupp, Sharon Macdonald, Janice Copeland, Elaine Schaurman, Marion Weisburber, Loretta Caldwell, Jeanne Jorgensen, Kay Beman, Anne Jackson, Becky Burton, Second Row: Gary Painter, Larry Durgan, Robert Stanley, Lynn Duster, Wanda Britton, Marge Taylor, Barbara I-louston, Carol Olson, Jim McCIeery, Morton Plotkin, Third Row: Ronnie Rich, Eugene Wahlman, Wilbur Ledman, Ralph I-larvard, Alan Sandell, Jerry Dewitt, Richard Swanson. MISS MORGAN-3 . . . Front Row: Dorothy Dodd, Patricia Tharp, Leslie Young, Ann Butler, Florence Peterson, Lynn Magee, Lorraine Vaughn, Rosemary Ryan, Ann Pourchot, Barbara Rasson, Carole Willard, Roberta Mortensen, Second Row: Kent Mayfield, Joe Petrucci, Ronnie Moore, Pat Bolden, Clara Worley, Patty Joe Allan, Marilyn Satman, Mary Ann Wilson, Bill Butler, Gary Austin, Gary Rodman, Third Row: Robert Colbert, Jim Edmunson, Jim Johnson, Ronnie Dugan, Bill Bolin, Richard Singer, James Ray, Glenn King Jr., Jim Rogers, Stewart Sheidler. MISS MORGAN-4 . . . Front Row: Loma Tardy, Judy Moore, Joyce Casey, Carolyn Stein, Mary Ander- son, Alma Brown, Janice Ark, Meredith Schottman, Peggy Williams, Anna Jones, Sylvia Grillo, Beverly Macoubrie, Second Row: Danny Miller, Philip Nelson, Pat Walker, Sue Voegele, Kristine Williams, Judy Williams, Shirley Drum, Barbara Bates, Sally Seimatewa, Martin Crawford, Gary Goings, Third Row: Bill Bowman, Irwin I-lershman, Andy Barrnet, Joe Mahoney, Denny Nolan, Richard Terry, Dean Minard, Clayton Inman, Arnold Kennedy. MISS MORGAN-I . . . Front Row: Evelyn Parrish, Mary I-Iuard, Jo Ann Parr, Florence Guenther, Susan Carl, Jo Ann Morgan, Nancy Darnell, Nancy Carmell, Sherril Johnson, Rita Sorgatz, Second Row: Gary Stewart, Bob Greenway, Carol Sorum, Ann Magoun, Judy Mackler, Leslie Lockhart, Ann Baylor, Gloria Brady, Shir- ley Brannan, Logi Lindsay, Third Row: Lee Irvine, Austin Wildman, Bill Soderman, John Mackler, Charles Parker, Bob Wascher, Larry Wing, Roger Crobarger, Marvin Crow, Eddy Petyak, Mike MacAfee. MISS GATHINGS . . . Front Row: Evonne Lenord, Judy Burgoon, Eva Fenwick, Linda Chaney, Virginia McFarlane, Carole Thomas, Sharon Abram, Marilyn Stemen, Nancy Kirkpatrick, Barbara Bunch, Beverly Hamay, Barbara Dunbar, Second Row: Boyd Thompson, Tom Berresford, Jim Ratlitf, Pat Tracy, Janice Phillips, Juanita Harris, Carol Sellers, Miles Wiltrout, Karl Steinman, Joe Katich, Third Row: Tommy Torri, Everett Davidson, Gary Munnell, Joe Aguirre, Gary Burlee, Paul Matrin, J. B. Runyon. MISS COX-'I . . . Front Row: Jane Boarman, Fannie Hudson, Henrietta Weber, Karen Mentzer, Sally Mitchell, Dolores Bonus, Carole Mahan, Rosemarie Mitchell, Jo Ann Lubonovich, Marian Cantaretta, Fay Moeur, Bonnie Nelson, Second Row: Paul Parel, Ned Toledano, Budge Gray, Jim Parker, Karen Brown, Gus Norman, Barbara Boehme, Joanne Brenneisen, Dick Aksamit, Tom Borkwin, Mike Morris, Third Row: Jimmy Miller, Johnny Davidson, David Smith, Jimmy Marsh, Sam La Barbera, Chris Jiannalone, Don Owens. MISS COX-2 . . . Front Row: Pat Johns, Marilyn Christensen, Shirley La Count, Carolyn Williams, Cheryl Dean, Susan Loettler, Ann Shultz, Myrna Clegg, Carole Mitchell, Beatrice Bashkingy, Sandra Allrun, Doris Pippin, Pat Kelly, Second Row: John Flint, Vony Von Grabill Larry Knott, Leonard Estrada, Raymond Gilden, Gordon Mohr, Ronnie Altman, Bob Sidney, Paul Fitzsinmons, Marvin Davis, Third Row: Charles Peterson, Bob Fancher, Bob Funsil, David Iser, Jack Loring, Joe Bangora, Tom Irvine, Gary Homer. MISS MORGAN-2 . . . Front Row: Anne Lottfield, Marvene Lohman, Diana Goggin, Judy Jekel, Sherry Burton, Pat Cable, Truly Stevens, Marilyn Citron, Kay Davis, Nancy Lindstrom, Second Row: Liz Raspolic, Marlyn Slaven, Janet Fairweather, Joyce Page, Joaw Day, Shelia Kinkead, Kay Pribble, Leora Miller, Gloria Brittain, Zelma Parker, Third Row: Tom Burdett, Chuck Cambell, Jim Lytton-Smith, Dave Dunbar, David Furnish, Edmond Jane, Dave Hoagland, Bob Runalli, Chuck King, Fourth Row: Ford Knowles, Frank Jordan, Steve Babcock, Paul Gaillard, Clark Bright. MISS GATHINGS-5 . . . Front Row: Charlene Porter, Carol Tarnow, Mollie Ford, Linda Frei, Sylvia Tur- kovic, Pat Futrell, Shirlee Fox, Frances Jones, Sharon Garrison, Madeline Vazzano, Pat Crotorth, Phyllis Walters, Jacque Semon, Second Row: John Miller, Jimmie Prince, Vane Keller, Virgil Sawer, Louis Martin, Peggy Smith, Dorothy Suchy, David Parey, Norman Pands, Larry Tyler, Hercules Mulapner, Monte Myers, Third Row: Brent Cardwell, Curtis Gibson, Wendell Clutz, Edward Clard, Tom Hilatter. MR. ROCHE-6 . . . Front Row: Maxine Doll, Linda Croy, Cheryl Compton, Bonnie Windhorn, Carol Spellman, Pat Alinker, Beverly Skelding, Carole Curtis, Judy Smith, Doris Kuiper, Marjorie Liem, Helen Harrison, Sally Torensen, Pat Smith, Loleen Plake, Barbara Sharp, Evelyn Leavitt, Third Row: Ronald Ohn- leiter, Ronald Farrel, Ted Riedel, Jerry Johnson, Ralph Halsey, Jimmy Cordey, Fourth Row: Wayne Francis, Ed Grose, Ronnie Hiett, Dick Hall, Dan Anderson, Ted Baehm, Bob Gray, Mr, W. D. Roche. MISS GATHINGS-2 . . . Front Row: Janice Lindequist, Joyce Patherer, Donna Riggs, Bonnie McFarlane, Dorothy Fischer, Sue McDaniel, Harriet Frires, Lynne Barstow, Rosalie Hamm, Anne Lewis, Virginia Olm- sted, Second Row: Ray Whittington, Jim Lanty, Bill Robinson, Gene Kause, Patsy Walker, Jean Calvert, Jacque Fawcett, Billie Cowen, Richard Kahlie, Gary Elliott, Jerry Rankin, Jesse Detrick, Third Row: Cameron Mosher, David Cowen, Vic Jackson, Jim Shalin, Dean Anthony, David Barker, Merrill Robbins, Bob Morris, Vince Campolongo, Jim Dailey, Miss Miriam Gathings. MISS GATHINGS-3 . . . Front Row: Sherry Huntley, Phyllis Phillips, Charon Ingram, Cheryl Gillingham, Sharon lrving, Donna Jeanne Null, Dawn Huntoon, Georgann Lucas, Charlene Noble, Helene Hurley Beverly Entrekin, Adrienne Daven, Second Row: Ida Hocken, Bobbie Bullock, Diane Evans, Anne Stew- art, Loretta Hodgson, Virginia Heminger, Catherine Webb, Roxanne Villee, Third Row: Douglas Howell, Dan Procunier, Ronald Millage, Norman Stewart, Jim Waldron, Jack Barry, Jim Benson, Bob Coil. ,gilt xxl J hu , 53535 tif et A nf get tor AW! ,AJ it Q.Nfl X3 "3 ' il lxif li , gg MISS MORGAN-5 . . . Front Row: Gloria De Shetfer, Marilyn Bells, Jacque Grison, Barbara Rieder, Lielani Kellin, Elizabeth Raspolic, Karen Webb, Judy Dreger, Sandra Rournadeg, Vicki Meeker, Elana Russel, Carol Sease, Stenna Turly, Nancy Meadows, Second Row: Paul Potts, Ronnie Ellenson, Zoanne Sheelock, Alice Baumann, Diana Goggin, Evelyn Merkly, John Marx, Jerry Dunn, Dick Ramson, Third Row: Charlie Unger, Bob Sherwood, Bill Toops, Richard Parkin, Richard Grey, l-larlinn Reynolds, Bill Green, Vincient Jiannalone, John Johnson, Bill Sarris, Bob Downs. MISS GATHINGS-4 . . . Front Row: Margaret Weimer, Donna Warren, Sandy Prodo, Anita l-leatharn, Drusilla l-ladden, Loretta Rodgers, Adenta Shraden, Shirley Bransen, Carolyn Codey, Edith Taylor, Carole l-lardies, Lorain Speree, Second Row: Kay Vigekany, Jackie Rasmussum, Jo Ann Robert, Karen Preston, Maurun Mulkey, Sally Chelpka, Dick Whitney, Ronald Robinson, Third Row: Larry Barston, Jay McCracken, Tim Barton, Ed Shipp, Jimmy Blair, Bob Rice, Don McFaulen. MISS COX-5 . . . Front Row: Sharon Van't Kerkhott, Gracie Fahlin, Susan Tuthill, Sunny Dake, Justine Skousin, Dorothy Smith, Barbara Ekstrom, Marion Walton, Janice Snyder, Lorna Powell, Nancy Edge, Judy Ward, Bettie Evans, Second Row: Eldon Ratter, Frank Mell, Duane Maynor, Jimmy Finis, Wanda McCormick, Yvonne Knight, Jim l-laire, Michael Mathers, Ken Onstatt, Wally Joslin, Rick l-lostetler, Third Row: David Gundlach, l-larren Rustad, Bill Srnerdon, Bill Swanson, Warren Searles, Bill Evans, Bill Sargent. MISS COX-4 . . . Front Row: Ellen Maclay, Carolyn King, Claire Felthouse, Ruth Pendergratt, Van Jack- son, Judy Gnatt, Georgia Wieding, Toni Johnson, Bebe Leonard, Judy Dyke, Evelyn Price, Annabelle Patterson, Second Row: Eugene Mangaso, Don Tolliver, Raymond Palmer, Judy Price, Joy Bazzill, Sandra McCormick, Jo Ann Jones, Judy Burkett, Wayne Oliver, Bob Koons, Ralph Carlson, Third Row: Nick Petra, Jim Bombay, Micky Fetters, Bob l-lolzner, John W. McEvoy, Carol Tower, Van Fritz, Art Rennels, Silvester Modesti, Emil Abraham. 4? FROSH OFFICERS . . . Front Row: Jeonne Abromovitz, Eddie Hicks, Gciry Springer, Joy Armer, Marilyn Greene, Borboro Ellenson. Chosen Cherubs Starting off the year With a Fresh- man Mixer, the class of 1957 has shown a true freshman spirit, full of pep, vim and vigor. With awe-inspired interest in school life, they have progressed through the year to the status of sopho- mores. No campus would be complete Without the freshmen to chide, to help, and to enjoy. They Were the "Guinea Pigs" for the newly proposed counsel- ing system at North Phoenix High School. MRS. BROWN-AB . . . Front Row: Janice Emery, Barbara Miller, Ellen Boyle, Bernice Berenschot, Cleo Robertson, Sharon Lewis, Steve Montgomery. Second Row: Helen Benton, Marlene McLean, Joan Martin, Sandra Bales, Tamya Hartley, Maudlyn Nichols, Charlann Scheid, Brad Brown. Third Row: Roger Weaver, Thomas Fullin, Harold Lynch, Ronnie Simon, Gary Johnson, Allen Scott, David Pavey, Edward Yue, Fourth Row: George Ramsay, Wiley Atchley, Trigg Carry, Mike Briggs, Malcolm Kinter, Patrick Blake, Jerome Shumway, Pete Gillham. MRS. COCKERELL-2 . . . Front Row: Kay Hall, Bonnie Gray, Sandy Barnhill, Mave Moloney, Carol Van Houten, Kay Keltner, Lynne Huston. Second Row: Brenda Benner, Betty Champ, Brenda von Grabill, Carol Langford, Jane Glesher, Garda Schoger. Third Row: Rick Carrillo, Jimmy Carnahan, John Waddell, Howie Kramer, Richard Beck, Tom Troxel, Dennis Treadway. Fourth Row: Clitton Phillips, Johnny Perea, Jay Jacobson, Eugene Tima, Wayne Fletcher, Bob Diamond, Sutter Gardanier, Tom Lievsay, John Matti- son. MRS. COCKERELL-3 . . . Front Row: Sandra Wallace, Nancy Phillips, Betty Shelly, Carol Sue Kellum, Maureen Stanwood, Rosa Rosell, David Lyman. Second Row: John Sumners, Herb Kinsey, Marjorie Jaco- bus, Margaret Drew, Barbara Laine, Barbara Ellenson, Peggy Lapek. Third Row: Bruce Eaton, Gary Stryker, Gordon Gilbert, Bill Zaleski, Don Ball, Ron Francis, Bill Chase, Danny Williams. Fourth Row: Paul Balsteu, Bob Zaleski, Dick Robinson, Ed Hicks, Bob Mayberry, Charles Kling, Rodney Keinp. MR. CARDON-l . . . Front Row: Evelyn Williams, Linda Solberg, Theresa De Rosa, Barbara Rodgers, Diane Showell, Rebecca Weisberg, Bernice Sheridan, Jeanne Abromovitz, Mike Losey, Ronald Clegg. Second Row: Karen Clark, Tanice Currie, Barbara Veach, Lorna Teuscher, Margaret McHugh, Janelle Turnbow, Sheila Black, Nordessa Whyte, Mr. Cardon, Bernice White. Third Row: Browning Bailey, Bob Shatter, Bernard Connolly, Bill Berray, Burce McLoughlin, Mike Anderson. Fourth Row: Russell Kesterson, Pete Brown, Everett Kalich, Jerry Low, Larry Holmes, Johnny Vandergratt, Larry Hill, Johnny Drumm. MR. CARDON-3 . . . Front Row: Mary Ann Emmons, Glorianne Engel, Ellen Dian, Betty Schmidt, Sharon Nichols, Jan White, Pearl Hamburger, Lelia Dale, Nancy Weigle. Second Row: Phyllis Hartley, Judy Jen- nings, Donna Wade, Roberta Jenkins, Mary Collingwood, Pat Pedersen, Barbara McCoul. Third Row: Lanny Ledbetter, Robin Norris, Don Maurer, Robert Pruitt, Tom Willert, Keith McLeod, Peter Hiort, Clyde Kindred. Fourth Row: Mr. Cardon, Don Dean, Bob Sheppard, Pat Winton, Ross Fullmer, Gilbert From, Todd Slade, Fred Lyddon, James Kepner. MISS KITTS-1 . . . Front Row: Bob Boyd, Barbara Ware, Doris Drage, Bobs Conley, Pat Johnston, Carolyn Walter, Pat Burch. Second Row: Sharon Haas, Ann Horwitz, Genevieve Casciola, Jimmie Arm- strong, Lolla Roberts, Mary Fortner, Wendy Carmen. Third Row: Rocky Clark, Harvey Draper, Billy Shook, Willie James, Lloyd Aycock, Lynn Boice, Ray Newcomb,Jimmy Jeffers. Fourth Row: Fred Fahlen, Milton Wilcox, Terry Tryon, Fred Hinkle, La Mont Penton, Arden Kessel, Charles Morell. MISS KITTS-3 . . . Front Row: Janet Farmer, Marilyn Harris, Harold Wright, Roy Aldridge, Sharon Love, Glenda Miller. Second Row: Pat Fosston, Bverly Gibbs, Phyllis Young, Jo Ann White, Glenda Pyle, Donna Duxbury. Third Row: Mary Anderson, Susan Ek, Sandra Harris, Sharon Jones, Bill Spurlock, Don King, Luisa Carillo, Barbara Ellis. Fourth Row: Allen Brown, Jay Boyd, Jack Burdick, Gerald Landeen, Bob Merritt, Doug Kingdon, Dale Turnage, Mike Douglas, Harvey Harmon, Dan Mcllroy, Buddy Monteith. MR. LONG-1 . . . Front Row: Marvin James, Kathleen Dougherty, Barbara Mason, Eleanor Weber, Nancy Miller, Tommy Edwards, Ted Lindauer. Second Row: Joan Devemark, Sandra Cooper, Carol Erickson, Louisa Enholm, Ann Hall, Barbara Paris, Eileen Kleving. Third Row: Gary Bradshaw, Bob Peek, Jerry Stevenson, Richard Draper, Matrin Shanks, Bill Thomack. MR. LONG-5 . . . Front Row: Sharmayne Phillips, Blaine Baker, Helen Remsbottom, Mona Lowery,'Jane King, Jan Lareau, Mary Walkington. Second Row: Hollis Schiffman, Lois Dodds, Carol Barnes, Karon Stein, Judy Zumbaugh, Shirley Reynolds, Cynthia Brown. Third Row: Buddy Bierman, Bobby Lee, Wayne Peters, Michael Sherwood, William Krause, Jimmie Simmons, Mr. Long. Fourth Row: Pat Kirby, Frank Gilliland, Tommy Brown, Tim Spencer, Doug Shadle, Jerry Nyberg, Bill Pursley, Jimmy Brewer, Bobby Broan. MR. LONG-6 . . . Front Row: Emily Cunningham, Brenda West, Margaret Jefferies, Mary Lynn Arnold, Carmella Carlise, Cathy Fischer, Betty Kipp. Second Row: Karen Womack, Mary Stewart Robbins, Jeri Koster, Bette Payne, Lynne Lunt, Louanne Arnote, Sondra Young, Mr. Long. Third Row: Warren Wilke, Warren Payne, Stephen Cox, Larry Stowe, Don Appley, Boley Ramson, Lynne Frederickson, Johnny Neal, Bob Bulla, Wallas Long. MR. POORMAN-4B . . . Front Row: Sharon Poss, Jean Pingitore, Laurie Hubbard, Mary Reed, Connie Bruce, Joan Schad, Carol Smith. Second Row: Lucky Hagen, Bill Beal, Carol Mclndoo, Nancy Folsom, Beth Wilson, Carol Ann McKela, Nancy Jo Reed, Vickie Renner. Third Row: Larry Lewis, Allan Simmons, Arnold Truiillo, Jenny Symcox, Bob Nasser, Larry Severson, Louis Guderian, Joe Boyce. Fourth Row: Mr. Poorman, Dick Meszaras, David Yinger, Weldon James, Glen Scofield, Arleigh Biehler, Tommy Cook, T. Carollo. MR. POORMAN-5 . . . Front Row: Nancy Plotner, Georgi Shearer, Carolyn Cleveland, Barbara Green, Bonnie Miller, Carman Quintana, Ozela Rodgers, Mabel Hudson. Second Row: Sylvia Gregory, Lucy Rob- inson, Marcia Miller, Peggy Duff, Judy Ranalli, Nancy Blair, Jackie Dilley, Judy Allison, Janet Cantwell, Eunice Cloe Elliott. Third Row: Bill Hoderby, Mark Mekax, Wes Micky, Tommy Harris, John Ruggles, Jay Armer, Gary Tooker, Mike Stacy, Charles Nutt. Fourth Row: Mr. Poorman, Larry Pozil, David Shores, Bob Kerr, Arnold Ake, Jim Burch, Buddy Rhodes. 72 J wwe . , .L Q. 4 2 if . . Q N - . . - . who mm..h F ' R , - . ff if me ' ,. Q :xx ilk: . ., 1, . -'WHL ' K QF: i. . 'K'k JSI , L f - . . -, ...... ,,,..,., ..,4 . r W- m.............. is-et ' . ' m'. -. fr F -r ff"1if51" :1-1s2..:-.- f- :,. .. ,. :ff 7 -' ' ix L'g '. . - ' ii - - , is r il. Q E - sa. I . . 'S Q s u , I . Mi: 2. if - - r 5 ,V 'friz SFS, -- 40 S ' A -, Q ---C ' rx V - ', H i:"' 1 . iv ,. 7 J 2:f.,- 7 V 'WW . .- N M 4 ' 'PN 1 fm H M , -. L. '-'-' . , .' ' 7 Q gg-I ,Q , - . -r - ,.... 1 , jc.. -.-- , . ,E-. - M , f ,. . . 1mN EN j" 3 , ' .j-5552... -KQI U 5 .,,, zz... -4:-5 , - 5 " ' V 1' , WF A K: ky 2. . -lf , - , he , F .. 1 - W ' L a . l --A' ,.,. 5 , W L- . 1 L -is "" B . g. ,. 1 . V - ' 4, Mg w, "" ' ' V ' .,,,,, "", .5 M L , V , J ,. EQ in 5 I. N 1 ik MR. POORMAN-6 . . . Front Row: Fred Colris, Sharon Young, Charlene Sullens, Norma Smith, Wanda Pierce, Celia Campbell, Mr. Poorman. Second Row: Sally Rae Wilson, Margaret Blakemore, Sonia Manger, Nancy Holzner, Katherine Henschied, Nancy Bell, Patsy Beck. Third Row: Larry Landes, Bob Onby, Richard Chrisman, David White, Louis Watkins, Gary Taylor, Bob Taylor, Jack Tiollett. MR. ROCHE-4B . . . Front Row: Virginia Green, Sandra Siervogel, Margaret Ann Yow, Joan Pingtore, Connie Szink, Sallie lmboden, Donna Dasher. Second Row: Linda Copenhaver, Sharon Proctor, Mar- garet Seitz, Arden Lawrence, Audry Wolf, Estelle Taylor, Renate Armstrong, Julie Smelter. Third Row: Ronnie Stephens, Gary Anthony, Jim Norris, Jim Musil, Fred Smith, Mike McClusky, Mr. Roche. Fourth Row: Cloyce Clark, Taylor Jenson, Tommy Demaline, Charlie Smith, David Thornton, Butch Salmon, Jerome Clark, John Hassel. MR. ROCHE-5 . . . Front Row: Sandra Love, Mary Adele Bradford, Beverly Brown, Deanna Chavez, Jeanne McAuliffe, Patty Smeltz, Louise Lyman, Ronny Iverson. Second Row: Betty Brown, Dianna Miller, Carol Arnold, Cathy Berkenkamp, Evelyn Baroody, Phyllis Pickens, Judy Gawler, Bob Woodward. Third Row: Charles Hilton, Jarrol Jamison, Gary Springer, Dave Walters, Billy O'Neill, Glenn Dickson, Louis Friedman. Fourth Row: Bill Ledbetter, Jim Tharp, Hank Keim, Bob DiVall, Joel Straw, Ben Radcliffe, Jim Kinney, Bruce Bell, Jim Harrison, Mr. Roche. MR. STANCIK-2 . . . Front Row: Lynda West, Gai Gentry, Hollie Chresty, Mary Shorb, Charlotte Burrow, Jeanette Blagrave, Jean Gibbon, Gayle Quick. Second Row: Joyce lrwin, Mary Hoyes, Pat Ashby, Anita Orick, Elaine Clifford, Melba DeLancy, Pat Paulson, Clyde Spracher. Third Row: Lee Roy Davis, Monte Rodman, Jim Dalgleish, Kenneth Burk, John Peipelmen, Larry Stanley, Marshall Raedursky, Barry Edberg, Ronald Paquin. Fourth Row: Gary Ray, Ed Phillips, Guy McConkey, Pete Stancato, Jimmy Boyce, Tom Hunt, Bill Rinaldi. MRS. WEBER-4B . . . Front Row: Susan Rodda, Jo Sparks, Helen Horne, Pamela Gannarelli, Carol Wilhelmy, Joyce Glass, Barbara Hochdertter, Carol Crutchfield, Laverne Matius, Doris Petko. Second Row: John McCarty, Carl Martin, Gerald Hansen, Bill Hotchkiss, Dick Espinoza, Colonel Swan, Jerry Peters, George Anderson, Mrs. Caroline Weber. Third Row: Walter James, Stanley Edwards, Wesley Bently, Jack Beyer, Charles Newman, Lester Gorges, Duane Porter, Steve Graham. MRS. WEBER-5 . . . Front Row: Mabel Jacobs, Helen Davidson, Linda Imler, Patty Woodly, Julie Broberg, Karen Walker, Lucille Santo Pietro. Second Row: Judy Hernan, Dorothy Moore, De Ann George, Joan Walker, Pat Combest, Marilyn Green, Sonia Zimmerman, Barbara Baskin, Mrs. Caroline Weber. Third Row: Carol Craig, Marilyn Sharkey, Bobby Hoag, Kent Thayer, Del Curtis, Lee Burton, May Cooley, Mike Winninger. Fourth Row: James Collins, David Jones, John Quehl, Lanny Collier, Lee Roy Mayes, Bill Pitt- ner, Harry Hodil, Bob McFate, Tommy Hill, Bobby Story. MRS. WEBER-6 . . . Front Row: Sandra Ellis, Toni Coco, Janice Childs, Yolanda Valenzuela, Nelda Flowers, Irene Trentini, Charlotte Vaught, Mrs. Caroline Weber. Second Row: Judy Dow, Johanna Pool, Jo Ann Beyer, Pat Pensinger, Elaine Walker, Nikki Speliopoulos, Sharon Cooper, Sharon Harrell. Third Row: Gordon Mankins, Joel Adler, Jerry Crittenden, Gene Carruth, John Hart. Denny Rice, Larry Waymire, Charles Palmer, Charles Woods, Tom DeShong, Gary Godbold, Joel Stone, Billy Gaffally. FRESHMEN FROLIC . . . Making friends is the main thought in mind when the Freshmen Mixer is held in the corral at the beginning ot the year. This is the first event held in the honor ot the Freshmen. It begins the tour-year social whirl. D I al'-H Activities 101 SECTION EDITORS . . . IOQJ EDITOR . . . I-IoofbeoT's Edi'ror-in- Chief, Suson Lee, Takes time out from her mony octivifies To pose. ortI1's Hoofbeats '54 From the day that school began un- til the day that the final dummy of the 1954 yearbook Was sent to the printer, the staff members have been rushing against th e f i n al deadline to finish gathering, cutting, Writing and organiz- ing the material in this book. Every annual is supposed to bring back memories of each student in the school, and the annual staff hopes that it has brought the fondest memories of each North High Mustang in this 1954 issue of the Hoofbeats. The photog- raphers have tried to snap a picture of all the events that have popped up on the campus of North High. Under the leadership of Susan Lee, editor-in-chief of the 1954 Hoofbeats, the deadlines Were met and before you novv is the "prize package." HOOFBEATS John Ingersoll, Zoro Turkovic, C o r o I y n Moores. Q M., . W -3:- . , ,. : ' - 4 'VTX Q. ANNUAL STAFF . . . upper Right: Millie Howe, Morilyn Citron, Doris Holtgrewe. Up- per Left: Phil Citron ot work with the busi- ness port of The Annuol. Working F or The Annual Students Working this year to put out the 1954 Hoofbeats W e r e Susan Lee, editor-in-chief, P h il Citron, business manager, Zora Turkovic, activities sec- tion editor, and Carolyn Moores, class section editor. Students assisting the editor and sec- tion editors Were Doris Ann Holtgrewe, Marilyn Citron, Frances Geller, Hyla Evans, Mary Margaret Fry, Bob Craw- ford, Pat Morris and Sharon Proctor. These staff members have Worked hard during the year to make this an- nual the best ever. HOOFBEATS STAFF . . . Louie Friedman, Fron Gel- ler, John Groy, Hylo Ev- ons . ilO3l I O47 est ROUNDUP CO-EDITORS-First semester editor wos Jon Burrovvoy ,lett, ond second semester editor wos Marilyn Lone. Mustang Roundup Every other week, North High Mus- tangs learned the latest news about the happenings around North Phoenix by getting their c o p y o f th e Mustang Roundup. They weren't surprised when the Mustang Roundup took honors by winning the Arizona Newspaper Asso- ciation plaque for 1954. The Roundup was headed by Jan Burroway first semester and Marilyn Lane second semester. The feature edi- tor was Graham Smith, n e W s editor, Jean Whiting, and sports editor, Bob Crawford. T h e Mustang Roundup, however, couldn't have been in the hands of the Mustangs if it hadn't been for the re- liable reporters and their assigned sto- ries. They are considered the backbone of the paper. NEWS . . . Business Mclnogers-Right: Cor- ole Jonsen, Judy Jek- el, Pot Yotes. Round- up Section Editors - Lett: Bob Crowtord, sportsg .leon Whiting, news, Grohom Smith, teoture. WORK . . . Roundup Statte Above: Pat Morris, Sue Voe- gele, Mary Beth Aarni, I-iyla Evans, Janice Turner, Barbara Jansen, Barbara Johnson, Bev- erly Hamay, Ann Brown, Dick Hall, Marilyn Citron, Jeanette Aldridge, Karl Steinman, Je-an Schmidt. Photographers-Lower Right: Joe Jordan, Mike Multer. Second Row: Dave Wantz, Tom Wilson. J -M. TYPE towiitin' . l AD cow AD DEPT Slmttcrbugs And Cubs An annual without a photographer couldn't exist and a newspaper without a picture here and there would soon prove uninteresting for most people. This makes th e photographer around here very valuable. During the year, they have been snap- ping all of the school events and social activitiesg but their work didn't stop there. It continued in the d ar k room where they spent long hours developing pictures that are being viewed in the paper and annual. This year the photographers we r e Joe Jordan, Mike Multer, Tom Wilson and Dave Wantz. The Roundup reporters were b u sy this year scooping the latest happenings in and around the North Phoenix cam- pus. The Mustangs of North High al- ways were in on the latest news every other week when the Roundup c a in e out. UO 1--. ..... ......A.,o-e l"""""'...... BAND . . .Joel Adler, Richard Ashby, Marilyn Ander- son, Danny Barnett, Tom Berrestord, Jack Bohannon, Clark Bright, Rae Browne, Judy Burgoon, Jerry Buzan, Connie Campbell, Vince Campolongo, Gene Christo- phel, Frank Clutz, Wendell Clutz, Eddie Cooke, Roger Crobarger, Doris Crockett, Becky Culp, Robert Daehler, Horace DeFrancesco, Ann Diebner, Dick Drinen, Paul Dummel, Ronnie Ellenson, Jim Fetters, Mickey Fetters, Angelo Filigenzi, Bill Flagg, Kathryn Fletcher, Wayne Fletcher, Wayne Francis, Bill Gib- bons, Ronald Grant, David Gross, Florence Guenther, Bill Gundlach, Donna Hackney, Walter Hagan, Rob- ert Hamilton, Jim Hartley, Richard Hanson, Don Het- ling, Mickey Henderson, Arlin Hensheid, Irwin Hersh- rnan, Nancy Hill, Mildred Howe, Doris Holtgrewe, David lser, Karen Johnson, Kathryn Johnson, Wayne Johnson, Larry Kelly, Mary Keltner, Bob Lange, Jay Lanning, Curtis Little, Anne Lotttield, Mary Lunen- Thc Band This yearis band has gone all out to become one of the jiviest ones ever. Its participation at assemblies, games and the Rodeo Parade, only to mention a fevv, has given every student of North High something of Which to be ex- tremely proud. Under the direction of Mr. Fitzger- ald and Mr. Davis, it has presented, schloss, lohnny Mackler, Jane May, Bennie McNevins, Shirlee Menetee, Herbert Meshel, Fred Miller, Leora Miller, Gordon Mohr, Bill Montague, Carolyn Moores, Cameron Mosher, Tom Neher, John Nelson, Bryan Newman, Richard Grey, Charles Penauite, F ra n k Peterson, Jerry Peterson, Nancy Plotner, Glenda Pyle, Bob Ronalli, Lynn Reed, George Rees, Norine Reyn- olds, Bob Reynolds, Sarah Rice, Jean Rima, Eddie Rugenstein, Elena Russell, Genevieve, Sabine, Pat Sauter, Norman Saville, Ann Schultz, Denton Schultz, Bob Schwab, Denis Searles, Nancy Sherer, Carol Shogren, David Shoore, Phil Smith, Preston Smith, Richard Snow, Carol Stanley, Elsa Sumners, Curtis Swanson, Sally Switzer, Bill Toops, Fred Waldron, Marion Walton, Mike Ward, Donna Warren, Mike West, Tom Whipple, Tom Wilson, Miles Wiltrout, Lar- ry Wing, Hugh Wolfe, Sandra Young, Dortha Burrow, Diana Ellsworth, Ann Lewis, John Drumm. Plays O . . throughout the year, such music as jazz, popular and marches. This year's suc- cess Was primarily due to hard practice and preparation on the part of the play- ers, who deserve much credit for their splendid Work. Every performance Was Well done and enthusiastically re- ceived by every audience. Our band truly played a great part in keeping up the morale of North High. BAND OFFICERS . . . Doris Holt grewe, Cameron Moser, Joel Ad ler, Bob Hamilton, Richard Ashby A CAPPELLA . . . Front Row: Marilyn Duvall, Barbara Shaw, Deanna Hiezer, Barbara Chernos, Virginia Olmsted, Margaret Hopkins, Justine Skousen, Ed Durden, Kent Mayfield, Edwin Ake, Larry Hutson, Dick Drinen, Douglas Howell, Paul Fitzsimmons, Charles Parker, Virginia Vaupell, Jeanne Roush, Rae Schafer, Pat Arnold, Annetta Knox, Pat Leonard. Second Row: Karen Webb, Donna Riggs, Doris Pip- pin, Judy Smith, Shirlee Fox, Jan Hakes, Jerry Palmer, Cloyd McFarland, Robert Hamilton, Bryan Newman, Phil Morris, Larry Wing, Gary Purlee, Richard Scri- vano, Jimmy Price, Nancy Grammer, Nancy Gordon, Zoanne Sherlock, Glenn Richberg, Vicki Lynn Meeker, Joy Lynne Cranford, Virginia Hunt, Barbara Dog- gett, Laura Orman, Marilyn Hood, Charlotte Castle- berry, Mary Lou Whitcomb. Third Row: Carol Lee Cupp, Jan Zimmerman, Barbara Barr, Corene Homes, Diana Zieger, Phylis Rawnsley, Marjorie Liem, Shirley Christophel, Sally Sherrill, Eddie Daniels, Ralph Showers, Jim Krofft, Larry Tyler, Larry Journell, Richard Lievsay, Gary Springer, David Furnish, Barry Brown, Bonna Johnson, Marilyn Lane, Millie Howe, Carole Theobald, Rosie Beck, Donna Hackney, Eileen Petznick, Jane May, Melinda Thomas, Pat Stafford, Mr. Denton. Fourth Row: Diana Ellsworth, Gerry Tope, Diana Dismuke, Mary Jane Bryant, Lynn Barstow, Elizabeth Raspolic, Pat Larry, Dan Van't Kerkhoff, Gene Christophel, Dick Wilson, Jirn Stevens, Allan Frostrom, Charles Plake, Jerry Weikert, Edwin Kin- dred, Paul Martin, Carolyn Solomon, Imogene Orick, Nancy Putnam, Barbara Payne, Vivian Furr, Elaine Bright, Charmian Smith, Sue Green. . . . With Songs Galore Red weskits, grey skirts and red ties that adorned the A Cappella members added to the gaiety of the musical as- semblies put on by the choir. Under the direction of Mr. B. Denton, the A Cap- pella Choir has made numerous appear- ances around town singing to the Vari- ous groups and clubs of Phoenix. Every year the student body is enter- A CAPELLA OFFICERS . . . Front Row: Pat Stafford, Accompanist, Millie Howe, Treasurer, Annetta Knox, Vice-President, Nancy Whit- field, Soprano Section Leader, Mary Lou Whitcomb, Librarian. Second Row: Dan Van't Kerkott, President, Bob Hamilton, Business Manager, Jim Kratft, Bass Section Leader, Dick Drinen, Tenor Section Leader, Bryan Newman, Librarian. tained during the winter season by the A Cappella in the Christmas assembly. The children of the faculty plus Santa Claus add to the festivity o f th e as- sembly. In the spring, clad in formal attire, the choir embarks on another enjoy- able program, the Spring Concert, with an orchestra for accompaniment. lO8D ADVANCED GIRLS' GLEE CLUB . . . Front Row: Susan Dolezal, Joan Goldsmith, Shirley Hughes, Margie Swift ,Beverly Entrekin, Ruthella Oliver, Carol Rock, Virginia McFarlane, Bobbie Everett, Carol Mitchell, Jackie Tucker, Myrna Martin, Virgi Doyle, Karilyn Swartzal, Joann Ferry, Marion Stanecker, Anna Wray Jones, June Lynch. Second Row: Janet Seiberling, Toni Johnson, Dorothy Dodd, Carolyn Cooley, Dianne Ledbetter, Pat Ridgley, Sandra McCornack, Harriet Frires, Judy Williams, Joan Sunstrom, Meg Pinkerton, Betty Lou Brelstord, Ann Butler, Dorothy Masters, Ann Schulta, Evelyn Wolf, Lynn, Marlene Musselman. Third Row: Pat Mahoney, Charlotte Holley, Beverly Voices In The Girls' Glee Club has come to be very Well-known in Phoenix this year. They made several appearances on lo- cal television shows under the direc- tion of Mr. J. Williams. In their colorful green jumpers, the girls have presented enjoyable assem- blies throughout the year. Guffey, Donna Beatty, Shirley Walkington, Ann Dieb- ner, Nancy Sloan, Marion Weisberger, Peggy Lewis, Gail Gaskin, Kim Meeker, Ida Canepa, Mary Lou Arnold, Barbara Bouvea, Mary Blackwater, Karen Kruglick, Barbara Pozil, Barbara Slover. Fourth Row: Lou Wing, Carol Lindsey, Mary Connor, Janet Fair- wether, Barbara Driskell, Joann Brenniesen, Penny Stafford, Phyllis Price, Phullis Hodil, Pamela Hoag- land, Gail Phillips, Carol Albrecht, Pat Roberts, Char- otte Sullnay, Anita Bandelier, Helen Hurley, Julie Edwards, Mr. Williams. Fifth Row: Sandra Brahm, Lynn Duster, Mary Jo Duncan, Judy Jones, Glenda Chaney, Carole Erbe. Harmon . . The girls joined the A Cappella Choir in putting on gala productions this year. This Was accomplished by long hours of practice and training of the voices given by the directors of the Girls' Glee Club and the A Cappella Choir. GIRLS' GLEE CLUB OFFICERS . . . Front Row: Mary Connor, Ida Canepa, Ruthella Oliver. Back Row: Judy Jones, Beverly Guffey. ORCHESTRA . . . Front Row: Angelo Filigenzi, Harriet Randolph, Carole Curtis, Carole Erickson, Kathleen Connolly, David Lange, Eldridge Moores, Bob Lange. Second Row: Ann Horwitz, Larry Bartlett, Don Het- ling, Shirley Christophel, Barbara Wyatt, Doris Pip- pin, Rosalie Hamm, Ann Lewis, Bill Montague, Her- bert Meshel, Don Norton, Bennie McNevens, Mary Lou Whitcomb, Sandra Harris. Third Row: Pat Brill, -fcvff ami at Marcia Kraatz, Diane Stanford, Carol Hardies, Earl Petznick, Roger Crobarger, Susan Lceftler, Marilyn Christensen, Judy Burgoon, Shirlee Menefee, Ronnie Grant, Florence Guenther, Miles Wiltroat, Jack Bro- kaw. Fourth Row: Don Dean, Jimmy Boyce, Edmond Jane, Virginia Olmsted, Stephen Graham, Cameron Mosher, Bill Flagg, Bill Currie, Eileen Petzniclc, Mr. Fitzgerald, Charlotte Sullivan. . With Lilting Strings Sweet, m e l o d i 0 u s music is the achievement of the many talented stu- dents that form the orchestra at North High. Under the direction of Mr. Lynn Fitzgerald, they have performed at many functions, such as plays and as- semblies, to name only a couple. The many hours of practice and cooperation between the director and the students has produced a number of outstanding performances before enthusiastic audi- ences. This musical training is a great help to all of the participating students but it is especially useful to those who are gifted and Who are considering a musi- cal career. All students at North High have an excellent reason to be proud of the school's orchestra. A ORCHESTRA OFFICERS.. . Angelo Filigenzi, David Lange, and Bob Lange. U09 Wheels STUDENT BODY OFFICERS . . . Upper Left: Phyllis Svveirzer, Treasurer, Lower Left: Robin Moore, Vice- Presiolenf, Lower Right: Corol Glover, Secretory, Center: Burton Miller, Pres- iolenf. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE-First Row: Linda Thompson, Phyllis Sweitzer, Burton Miller, Robin Moore, Carole Glover, Vera Jean Reece. Second Row: Mr. Orville It . its :': . ig Q, A if 2 ,1 12. - tiitffrt M Hamm, Ralph Showers, Ed I-licks, Harriet Randolph, Brent Cardwell, John Pearson, Miss Ruth Adams. Democracy Begins Every day during second period, stu- dent government goes into action as the Executive Committee assembles to dis- cuss the matters of the student body. Burton Miller, president of the stu- dent bodyg Robin Moore, vice-presi- dent 5 Carole Glover, secretary, Phyllis Sweitzer, treasurer, Chief Justice of the Honor Court, presidents of the girls' League and Boys' Alliance, presidents of the four classes and the Service Cr- ganization are the ex-officio members that make up the Executive Commit- tee. In addition to these members, a boy and girl from each of the four classes are elected in the student council each semester as representatives. REPRESENTATIVES - To : T' E r E ., . A Front Row: Harriet Rall- ,A I iwuz A C G I fi dolph, Barbara Payne, N ,I gig' .it I , K, Jacque Semon, Sharon I wcwx i ily i I :gl QW Q , II Cooper. Second Row: Tom . . I - K' ..,.. fi iQ-fi' ', K EA 21' Morse, John Ingersoll, Ed- fig, .' it lvl I die Petyak, Gary Lane. 71' -V' a QQ Eta Bottom: Front Row: Ardith I i f I MacFarlane, Wallie Nixon, fs M sf 'ff Mary Ann Wilson, Betty If ' , M Payne. Second Row: Frank I, I 'Nl Armstrong, Dick Whitney, Bob Diamond, Joe Jordan. K . ' 'uf 3 yt 3. s ' We W vt Q W E , 3 ww.. . Q I if " i 4 A A 1 e K r L - rf -3-5, ..... iff " N N- 'szfx I . ' Q G 1 X 15,4 5 it f L Ma QI if IZXLW K 4 'l lflil I II .li we I H Swv ' Q' ,W fair 2 Q .,,. ... . I ,A dm me' -f g Mx, ,eff fi x eff STUDENT COUNCIL Uuniors and Seniorsl . . . First Row: Jeannette Young, Dolores Schmelling, Carole Glover, Rae Schafer, Sue McCreary, Evonne Jones, Harriet Randolph, Barbara Johnson, John lngersoll, Tom Morse. Second Row: Zora Turkovic, Barbara Payne, Bonna Johnson, Gretchen Wolf, Joan Ludke, Linda Thompson, Vera Reece, Sylvia Shimkus, Mike Hillhouse, Joe McFarlane, Jerry Fried. Third Row: Robert Daehler, Eddie Cooke, Richard Ashby, Paul Jimenez, Frank Armstrong, Jim Stevens, John Pear' son, Bob Robinson, Jim Murphy. Fourth Row: Miller Lee, Dick Snow, Ralph Showers, Bob Gerber, Don Caughlin, Bill Craig, Jack Matthews. Fifth Row: Mike Poe Halle, Dave Gross, Jack Brokaw, Robin Moore, Mr. Orville Hamm, Bob Applevvhite. Where Policies Rise Members of the student council are elected by the students in homerooms at North High. These representatives STUDENT COUNCIL fFreshmen and Sophomoresl . . . First Row: Sandra Cooper, Sharon Cooper, Liz Thomas, Julie Broberg, Wendy Carman, Jo Pool, Bernice Sheridan, Sheila Black, Lucille Pietro. Second Row: Gary Godbold, Phyllis Walters, Dorothy Fisher, Jacque Semon, David Carey, Tom l-lunt, Gary are responsible for the many policies that are passed. Springer, Ed l-licks. Third Row: Don Poor, Dan Mc- llroy, Paul Gaillard, J. B. Runyon, John Falch, Eddie Petyak. Fourth Row: Lynn Frederickson, Dave Walters, Bob DuVall, Bob Diamond, Jim Waldron, Eugene Wahlman, Merrill Robbins, Jack Loring, Brent Card- well. ilu Sei S Qi. Neely T"'ff5i? ' ,af HONOR COURT . . . Front Row: Dorothy Moddox, Bob Applewhite, Lindo Thompson, Jerry Fried. Second Row: Mr. Schmidt, Potsy Wolker, Jock Loring, Kcie re., M'-T i M Andre-en, Mike l-lillhouse, Morilyn Green, Mr. Chero- nich. Justice And Social Mixers 1. The Honor Student is always hon- orable in his conduct toward others. 2. The Honor Student is always pres- ent at classes unless very serious rea- sons prevent his being there. This is the Honor Code that governs the ac- tion of North High Mustangs. The Honor Court deals with the peo- ple who have stepped on the rules of SOCIAL COMMITTEE . . . Front Row: Gordon Gilbert, Joe Jordon, Borboro Jo Moron, Jocque Semon, Bor- boro Poyne, Busch Clork. Second Row: Eddy Pefyok, the school. This year the Honor Court had Linda Thompson as Chief Justice. Planning the social calendar is the job of the Social Committee. Led by Barbara Jo Moran, a faculty party and "Coketaill' gathering for new students were undertaken this year. The May Day Play Day, the biggest event, as- sured fun for all and was held at a local park. Mr. O. Homm, Merrill Robbins, John Ingersoll, Jim Stevens, Bill Clements, Bette Poyne, Bill Miller, Kim Meeker. SERVICE' ORGANIZATION REPRESENTATIVES . . . Front Row: Jone Drew, Alice Green, Moe Holl, Dolores Groy, Sue Green, Shoron I-Iorrell, Jcinei Achouer, Dciilys Roe, Bcirboro Doggett. Second Row: Poi White, Solly Pcine, Noncy Sherrill, Yvonne Knight, Ann Brown, Sue Siewoirt, Ann Koylor, Rosemory Tolliver, Unselfi Guiding the school's charity projects is the purpose of the Service Organiza- tion. Made up of homeroom representa- tives, projects are carried on in the homerooms and guided by the Service Organization. Much Was accomplished this year through the efforts of the Service Or- .. Donno Johnson, Bob White, Jerry Fried. Third Row: Bob Robinson, Mike I-Ioll, Mr. Koerner, Lcirry White, Fred Abrohom, Jock I-Iooglond, Dick Groy, Allen Poe, Lorry Porter, Mike I-Iill, Borry Allen, Poul Doy, Bob Brown, Miss Morgon. I1 Service ganization. Incubators for local hos- pitals have been suppliedg While proj- ects for needy families made up of food baskets Were undertaken during the Christmas and Thanksgiving holidays. These are just a few of the many proj- ects accomplished by the Service Or- ganization. SERVICE ORGANIZATION OFFICERS . . . Front Row: Shoron I-icirrell, Bob Robinson, Jonei Acheuer, Jone Drew. t it--i CAFETERIA BOARD . . . Mdxine Cogolill, Pot Stot- forcl, Mrs. Smith, Ronnie Jocobson, Mr. Burton, Doris Crockett, Mrs. Virgil Dolce, Mrs. Arthur Arnold, Miss Fielcls. Books And Food If any Mustang Was asked What his favorite building is, he Would probably say the cafeteria Where he gets deli- cious lunches and reasonable prices. The Mustangs thank the Cafeteria Board for all of the Wonderful things that they had done this year. They reg- ulate prices on food and keep the cafe- terials profits at a minimum. BOOKSTORE BOARD . . . Front Row: Don Smith, Kent Cosooly, Shoron Von't Kerkhott, Joe McFc1rlone, The main object of the Bookstore Board is to sell important items to the students at as low cost as possible. The Board is made up of students and teachers. It regulates the commodities and prices of items sold in the Book- store. Dorothy Fischer, Mr. C. Burton, Mr. W. Bortels, Mr. H. Moore. HEALTH COMMITTEE . . . Front Row: Ed Hicks, Mrs. Row: Brent Cardwell, Burton Miller, Kent Casaoly, Mr. Weber, Mrs. Smith, Miss Potthott, Mrs. Bluhm. Second long, Miss Beaver, Mr. Caldwell, Mr, Turley. Hlp' Th Wi1lRll I i The goal of the Health Committee is to bring our attention to good health. This year the X-Ray Mobile Unit Was at North High under the sponsorship of the Health Committee. A campaign for the frequent use of milk Was also under- taken bythe Health Committee by pass- ing out cards that entitled each North Mustang to a free pint of milk. ATHLETIC BOARD . . . Front Row: Ben Hayward, Bob Fisher, Ardys Grammar, Ralph Showers, Second Row: Students and faculty comprise the Health Committee. Deciding What new athletic equip- ment to buy and how much m on e y should be alloted is the job of the Ath- letic Board. The Board, Which is made up of students and faculty, also decides other matters that concerns athletics. Mr. Burton, Mike Halle, Mr. Caldwell, Mrs. Phelps, Karen Phelps. K . t m , a kmwm-M . . . all ., a1s1sasm4,r1s.b:::A:fes::t fxma4fwm 1 131 GIRLS' LEAGUE CABINET . . . Front Row: Dionci Dismuke, Vero Reece, Sylvio Shirnlcus, Chorrnion Smith, Liz Rospolic. Second Row Toni Johnson, Chorlene Noble, Borboro El- lenson, Connie Szink, Zoro Turkovic, Mrs. J Rosbury. GIRLS' LEAGUE OFFICERS . . . Front Row: Diono Dismuke, Vero Reece, Sylvio Shimkus. Girls' League Planners I IGIRLS' LEAGUE COUNCIL . . . Front Row: Corol Peterson, Glendo lviiller, Yolonclo Volenzuelcu, Ann Jockson, Bobbi Bluder, Poi Ivlorris, Toni John- son, Jone Boorrnon, Georgio Wied- ing, Judy Gnofi, Zoro Turlcovic. Second Row: Fron Geller, Befsy Tovver, Corol Butler, Sondro Love, Sondro Goinhill, Borborci Ellenson, Brendo Hyde, Jeonne Gibbon, Genevieve Sobine, Vero Reece, Doris I-lolfgrevve, Vickie Renner. Third Row: Lois Thoyer, Noncy Ploiner, Goil De Herder, Sylvio lShiml4us, Chorlene Noble, Corolyn Solomon, Elizobefh Rospolic, Bor- boro Smiih, Bourboro Rieder, Evelyn lBoroody, Judy Dovv, lvlorvene Loh- mon, lvlorcio Krcicitz, Shirley lNolf lonyfin, Ellen Dorn. 1 In Mfr' 1 A K VK .nf M 5 ,, , 'A .sn 'T M my I 532 ?"I gn-if i N ISI FRIENDSHIP COMMITTEE . . . Front Row:JeanneAbromovitz,JerryVVatts, Ann Gray, Mary Beth Aarni, Susie Smith, Beverly Jones, Pat Morris, Ann Brown. Second Row: Jean Whiting, Ann Moralee, Linda Rae, Mary Howe, Beverly Land, Toni Johnson, Rosemarie ltfland. Third Row: Hyla Evans, Claudell Thomp- son, Dorothy Reichart, Ann White, Sandy Young, Gail cle Heroler, Bev- erly Guttey, Arlene Paynter, Vera Reece, Barbara Doggett, Carole Mahan, Sylvia Shimkus, Sancly White, Sylvia Turkovic, Zora Turko- vic. G.L. And B.A. In Action Numerous activities were undertaken by the members of the Girls' League and Boys' Alliance this year. At the beginning of the year, the girls served as Big Sisters for the new freshmen, showing them around the campus. The girls also helped the Boys' Alliance sponsor the Hello-Day, which proved to be very successful. The annual Girls' League ball, The Blue and Silver, had "Stardust" as its theme. The latest spring fashions were shown at the Girls' League Spring Fashion Show in the All Girls Asembly. The Mother-Daughter Christmas Tea was held in the cafeteria this year, and the annual Every Girls Dinner FRIENDSHIP COMMITTEE . . . Front Row: Jim Ratlitt, Jay Armer, Jerome Clark, Joe McFarlane, Mike Ward, John Pearson, Busch Clark. Second Row: Jack Hoagland, Bill Clements, Mike Halle, Bob Gerber, Larry Bar- stow, Jerry Symcox. Third Row: Don Owens, Gary Springer, Ben Rad- Clitfe, Ed Hicks, Paul Jimenez. had "Rainbow Extravaganza" as its theme. The Girls' League and Boys' Alliance Friendship Committee showed many new students around North High dur- ing the year. The Boys' Alliance started the year off with Hello-Day as their first event. During the day, Mustangs wore tags with their names shown on it. The day was concluded with a dance in a Ha- waiian theme. The Pals' Buffalo Broil was another highlight for the Boys' ac- tivities. Their annual Moonlight and Memories Ball had Red Roses as the theme. B OYS' ALLIANCE BOARD . . . Front Row: John Pearson, Camer- on Moser, Joe Mc- Farlane, Paul Jimenez, Jay A r m e r. Second Row: Mike Ward, Bob Gerber, Busch Clark, Mr. Poormon. BOYS' ALLIANCE OFFICERS Front Row: Joe McFarlane, John Pearson Paul Jimenez. Boys Alliance Workers MUSTANG CONGRESS... Front Row: Mike Ward, John Pearson, Hank Keim, Joe McFarlane, Busch Clark, Ben Hayward, Dick Caley, Winston Taylor. Second Row: Jay Armer, Austin Meyers, Stan Mincks, Ben McNevins, Gordon Mankins, Andy Thompson, Bob Gerber, Jim Lines, Bob Andree, Don Owen. Third Row: Jim Lyt- ton-Smith, Pete Hoag, Ron- nie Simon, Tom Neher, Ronnie Zimmer, Paul Jime- nez, Boley Ramson, Jerome Clark, Monte Rodman, John Pendergraft, Eddie Mills, Paul Dummel. Fourth Row: Mr. Poorman, I-Iorace DeFrancesco, Jack Hoag- land, Cameron Mosher. MADRIGAL CHOIR . . . Front Row: Judy Allen, Doris Pippin, Margaret Hopkins, Diana Dismuke, Nancy Grammer, Pat Stat- tord. Second Row: Charles Parker, Dick Drinen, Larry Wing, Dan Van't Kerkhott, Robert Hamilton, Edward Durden. Not Pictured: Joy Lynn Cranford, Mary Lou Whitcomb. Music In Service The mellovvest voices in the Girls' Glee Club Were chosen to be the mem- bers of the Service Choir. This group has made numerous appearances f or different affairs around town and has left the best comment behind them. Mr. J. Williams directed the Service Choir of the Girls' Glee Club Which has appeared at the Girls, League Mother- Daughter Christmas T e a and other school and civic affairs. ADV. G. G. C. SERVICE CHOIR . . . Front Row: Joanne Ferry, Virgi Doyle, Myrna Martin, Anita Ban- delier, Jacky Tucker, Vir- ginia MacFarlane, Ruthella Oliver. Second Row: Mar- lene Musselman, Char- lotte Sullivan, Nancy Sloan, Judy Williams, Jan Sieberling, Beverly Gutfey. Third Row: Janice Ark, Barbara Bouvea, Pam Hoagland, Gail Gaskin, Peggy Lewis, Mary Con- nor. Fourth Row: Carole Erbe, Judy Jones, Phyllis Price, Penny Stafford, Gail Phillips, Barbara Driskell, Joanne Brenneisen. H205 The Madrigal singers of the A Cap- pella Choir is a group made up of the choicest voices of the choir. Under the direction of Mr. B. Denton, the Madri- gal singers have appeared at various events along With the A Cappella Choir. This singing ensemble has also received raves in their reviews. CHALLENGERS . . . Front Row: Joe Harp- er, Ga ry Solomon, Micky O'Dell, Jerry Southerland, F r a n k Peterson, Fred Abra- ham, Ted Wagner, Gary D a v i s, Bob Finch. Second Row: John Me y e r s, Bill Ware, John Robson, Gordon Bretzing, Happy Hagen, R i c k lmboden, Gary Tal- bott. hird Row: Ward Himen, Lyn n Reed, Larry McMillen, Rich- ard Strahl, Gary Wil- liams, Frank Pittenger, John Henshaw. Christian Scholorship Hi-Y and Tri-Hi-Y clubs have moved in on North Phoenix High th i s year. Ambitious students have organized into groups that have grown numerously al- most overnight. Sponsored by the YMCA, the faculty sponsors have been Mr. Coleman, Mr. Stangeland, Mr. Pace, Mr. Ball, Mr. Belluzzi and Mr. Barnes. Many activities were undertaken by gTRI-DETTS . . . Front Row: Donna Sheets, Rose Marie Waddell, Charlotte Sulli- van, Ann Deibner, Karilyn Swartzel, Virgie Doyle, Betty Bracker, Penny Dod- son, Yvonne Karam, Lillian Yeckel, Marilyn Svvartzel. Second Row: Ann Mondo, Linda Chase, Mi I d r e d Hucko, Lucie Beman, Gay lGilman, Margaret O'Leary, Liz Clare, June Thomas, Marilyn Gordon. Third Row: Mr. C. Burton, Mr. D. Ruttin, Joy Yantes, Mari- lyn Evans, Norma Amidon, Lois Green, Janet Mactar- lone, Dolores Schmelling, C a r ol e Fenstermaker. Fourth Row: Peg Nelson, Barbara Smith. the Hi-Y clubs. They have helped out charities through cake sales, and par- ties for underprivileged children. Participating in the Hi-Y Legislature is a big event f o r t h e members When they elect senators and representatives along with their proposed bills to be passed. This is held annually at th e Phoenix capitol. l2ll QUILL AND SCROLL . . . Front Row: Susan Lee, Eleanor Laibe, Pat Yates, Jan Burroway, Marilyn Lane. Second Row: Jean Whiting, Mary Beth Aarni, Merv Kolb, Zora Turkovic, Bob Crawford, Caro- lyn Moores, Phil Cit- ron, Sylvia Hildreth Mr. Shimer. r Collectors, Perusers, Writer BOOK CLUB . . . Front Row: Jan Burroway, Marilyn Lane, Nancy Rowe, Mary Dow, Mil- lie Howe, Sally Sherril, Barbara Jo Moran. Second Row: Mr. Bridgewater, Herb Meshel, Pete Hoag, Bob Lange, David Lange, Jerry Fried. COIN CLUB . . . Front Row: Larry White, Frank Mell, Bill Payne, Mr. Dutton, Carl Brown, Eugene Gray, Larry Ham, Bob Sands. PHYSICS CLUB . . . Front Row: Jim Peck, Jim McCarthy, Joe MacFarlane, Pete Hoag. Sec- ond Row: Ted White, Doris Holtgrewe, Ann Spencer, Third Row: Mr. Gilleland, John Jor- dan, Jerry Fried, Harriet Ran- dolph, Millie Howe, Richard Ashby. Fourth Row: Bill Little- tield, Peter Burgoon, Tom Morse, Phil Citron, Charles Penquite, Don Mott, Jerry Sand, Bob Holmes, Bob Wale, Steven Wagner, Virgil Myers. Science Enthusiasts These science-minded s tu d e nts ing things during the. year with their joined together and did many interest- faculty sponsors assistlng them. BIOLOGY CLUB . . . Front Row: Doris Crockett, Doris Holtgrevve, Jean Schmidt, Mary Lunenschloss. Second Row: Mr. Thomas, Jerry Fried, Paul Jimenez, Susan Lee, Phyllis Johnson, Sarah Rice, Harriet Randolph, Granice Fuqua. CHEMISTRY CLUB . . . Front Row: Tom Gray, Bob Brown, Gary Smith, Lee Smith, Lee Bailey, Kim Meeker, Frances Geller. Second Row: Mr. A. B. Clark. H233 H245 A. B. C .... Front Row: Fannie Mae Galbraith, Sally Switzer, Bill Littlefield, Carolyn Moores, Nancy Sherer, Ardith Kolouch, Horace De Francesco. Second Row: James Voigt, Ellen Piowaty, Sarah Rice, Nancy Gordon, Phyllis Johnson, Michael Multer, Carolyn Solomon, Janice Boerner, Russell Pantono, Tony Col- lins, Diana Dismulce. Latin Friends Join Latin students at North High have two Latin clubs to which they may be- long. They are the Legio Honoris and the A. B. C. Clubs. Second year stu- dents make up the Legio Honoris Latin Club. It is sponsored by Miss Anna Schlichter. LEGIO HONORS . . . Front Row: Susan Loettler, Anne Jackson, Eddy Petyak, Richard Whipple, Tom Berresford, Jacque Sernon, Virginia McFarlane, Jecine Jorgenson, Elizabeth Raspolic. Second Row: Helen Barbara Bunch, Betty Bracker, Sally Mitchell, Harrison, Lynn Barstow, Alma Brown, Patricia Tracy, The A. B. C. Club is also sponsored by Miss Schlichter. Members are able to become better acquainted With the customs and language of Italy and other Latin speaking countries. s Margaret Evans. Third Row: Zoanne Sherlock, Marion Walton, Diana Goggin, Beverly Stout, Judy Bur- goon, Joan Day, Barbara Jo Moran, Susan Carter. Fourth Row: Kent Mayfield, Jon Flach, Bob Crawford, David Shores, Jack Loring, Bill Evans, Jigs Grosz, Dick Whitney, Bill Sargent. ull Ns fl xv l,JCL,f -as of , LEGID Hunnius R.O.T.C. OFFICERS . . . Front Row: Jack Brokaw, Don Mitchell, Don Schetter, Jack Hoagland. FORMATION - North's battalion stands at atten- tion tor their in- spection with true military spirit. Attentiong Half. During the past year th e R.O.T.C. students of North High have drilled and received military instruction that Will aid them in becoming the defenders of our country in time of War. Our school may Well be proud of these boys for the fine results they have achieved in the precision of their maneuvers. Should they be called to active military duty, these students Will be among the first to be considered as future officers. RIFLE TEAM . . . Front Row: Bill Connor, Bob I-loltzman, John O'Daniel, Bill Schvvarting. Second Row: Bob White, Pete Black, John Burke, Wayne Woodside, Lynne Gray, Tom Morse, Paul Reinbold. wmsasszaa g i fit' 6 "' 1 i '52 TENNIS CLUB . . . Front Row: Sharon Nichols, Barry Edberg, Fred Homes, Pat Blake, Pete Gillham, Jane Gray, Joan Pingtore, Bonnie Miller. Second Row: Susan Tuthill, Lynn Barstow, Peggy Bothe, Alice Thureson, Evelyn Baroody, Barbara Miller, Helen Harrison, Gayle Radcliffe, Judy Price, Lynda West, Yvonne Knight. Third Row: Sue McCreary, Sheila Q 1 . S Howard, Robert Daehler, Horace Pomeroy, Connie Kisner, Harriet Randolph, lda Hocken, Delores Bonus, Margaret Weiner, Donna Null, Eileen Kleving, Diane Carlson, Miss Wilkinson. Fourth Row: Mr. Mot- ter, Mr. Cary, Morton Edberg, Buzz Woolley, Jigs Grosz, Arden Lawrence. With Bow And Racquet H2671 Members of the Tennis Club take to the courts for their hobby While the ARCHERY CLUB . . . Front Row: Bill Zaleski, Warren Wilke, Larry Stanley, Danny Williams, Kenneth Burk, John Piepelman, Nick Ladomato. Second Row: Tom Brown, Nancy Rivers, Janice Currie, Shirley Lines, Lucille Pietro, Gracie Fuhlen, Nelda Saxton, Dorothy Archery Club enthusiasts practice their aim. Rivers, Miss Breneman. Third Row: Delores Johnson, Sharron Hughes, Kent Thayer, Marlene Owen, Wil- liam Krause, Tayna Hartley, Nancy Hill. Fourth Row: Bill Currie, David Barker, Richard Beck, Mike Briggs, Bernadine Pawlowski. ie is :xg 'Wa WHITE CAPS . . . Front Row: Hollis Schiffman, Peggy Chapman, Char- lotte Goode, Jean Schmidt, Cleo Robertson, Jeanne Abromovitz. Second Row: Granice Fuqua, Mary Lun- enschloss, Carol Shogren, Fourth Row: Peggy Duff, Rae Browne, Mary Ann Netherlin, Audrey Wolf, Marlene McLean, Miss Lydia Potthott, R. N. F. H. A .... Front Row: Joy Yantes, Jo Ann Byers, Maxine Cogdill, Barbara Rossow, Cora Williams, Norma Jo Brown. Clubwsm-le Workg Fun AGGIE CLUB . . . Front Row: Jerry Peterson, Larry Delgado, Virgi Doyle, Do- lores Johnson, Edna Seitz, Susan Dolezal, Barbara Tims, Carolyn Johnson, Frances Keith, Second Row: John Lewis, Bill Carroll, Gale Dalte, Charles Klim, Edward Phillips, Ivan Medi- govich, Joe Katich, David Rash, Joe McCulloch, Bob Slaney, Joe Ross, Clarence Kroulik, Charles Morris F.T.A .... Front Row: Carole Glover, Harriet Randolph, Joyce Glass, Pat Yates, Zora Turkovic, Bonna Johnson, Annetta Knox, Pearl Hamburger. Second Row: Ida Canepa, Judy Lane, Yvonne Knight, Barbara Chernos, Nelda Saxton, Barbara Moran, Doris Holtgrewe, Doris Crockett, Mr. Bridgewater. Third Row: Phyllis Sweitzer, Carol Burns, May White, Ann Gold, Sharon Van't Kirkhotf, Mary Black, Jean Whiting, Barbara Rons, Liz Beck, Sandy Young, Chris Pinson, Fourth Row: Wyatt Gray, John Ingersoll, Ralph Showers, Charles Parker, Larry Pinson, Don Hetling, Bob Brown, Eugene Wohlman, George Lands, Tom Neher, Jack Hoagland. 7 Ft trim i 5 . 1f"'4 128D TRl-LYTZ . . . Front Row: Barbara Jo Moran, Gay Gilman, Carole Glover, Sue McCreary, Phyllis Sweitzer, Doris Crockett, Barbara Payne, Doris Holtgrewe. Second Row: Marilyn Hood, Gail Del-lerder, Linda Henrich, Kay Andreen, Zora Turkovic, Bonna Johnson, Harriet Randolph, Carol Butler, Carol Burns, Sally Switzer, Sarah Rice, Donna Brillhart. QUIBONA . . . Front Row: Judy Gnatt, Sally Mitchell, Helen Harri- son. Second Row: Lynn Magee, Mary Ann Wilson, Karen Brown, George Ann Lucas, Virginia Mac- Farlane, Sue McDaniel, Marjorie Liem. Third Row: Jacque Semon, Karen Webb, Carol Lindsay, Miss Breneman, Kay Davis, Ida l-locken, Dolly Bonus, Dorothy Fischer. Tri-Hi-Y's Arise New Tri-Hi-Y clubs have formed this year at North High. They are the fem- inine half of the Hi-Y's. The junior- senior group is known as Tri-Lytz. Sponsors of the Tri-Lytz were Mrs. J. Rasbury and Mrs. G. Artigue. Har- riet Randolph Was president this year. Y-TEENS . . . Front Row: Ruth- ella Oliver, Mona Lowery, Joan Martin, Marlene McLean, Ger- aldine Bradley. Second Row: Gail Phillips, Hyla Evans, Su- san Busch, Norma Brown, Leslie Young. The Quibona Tri-Hi-Y has been sponsored by Miss R. Breneman and Mrs. D. Milne. Sally Mitchell was the president. The Y-Teens, Who Were led by Ruth- ella O l i V e r, are affiliated With the 'Y.W.C.A. ,Min is J LETTERMAN'S CLUB . . . Front Row: Larry Kelly, Mort Edberg, John Col- yer, Ben Hayward, Jim Stevens, Richard Aubuchon, Art Umbaugh. Second Row: Huck Watson, Miller Lee, Bobby Charles, Pete Cheno- weth, Ronald Cheuvront, Jim Brock. Third Row: Vern Price, Bill Bra- shears, Bob Applewhite, Mr. Mc- Cloy, Lavern Prock, Dick Kerr, BOWLING CLUB . . . Front Row: Marilyn Evans, Marilyn Norberg, Lloyd Clore, Carol Hahn, Gloria Sheridan. Second Row: Morton Plot- kin, Richard Singer, Larry Knott, Earl Green, William Mahison. Third Row: Allen Scott, David lser, Rick Tidrick, Tom Ryan, Lester James, Leroy Anes. Everyone' In A Club RIFLE AND STADIUM ENTHUSASTS . . . Lower Left- Lower Right-Front Row: Jeanne Abromovitz, Carol Front Row Peggy Bothe, Helen Heizer, Susan Tuthill, Sue Kellum, Nancy Miller, Eleanor Webber, Joyce Rosalie Hamn Second Row: Christine Williams, San- lrwin. Second Row: Winston Taylor, Paul Fitzsimmons, dra Friend Edna Seitz, Pat Bolding, Donna Ramsey. Miss Neil, Billie Beal. H29 ga:.f- PEP CLUB . . . This year's Pep Club had Busch Clark as its president and Bill Miller as vice-president P p l F ' FRENCH CLUB . . . Front Row: Sara Hayes, Alice White, Carol Schellen- laerg, De Anna Heizen, Diana Dis- muke. Second Row: Ardys Gray, Lou Sims, Gail De Herder, Ann White, Gay Gilman, Larry Green. Third Row: Butch Green, Jim Ste- vens, Bill Miller, Dave Wantz. ll3Oi GOLF CLUB . . . Front Row: Wesley Mickle, Bob Bulla, Fred Row- land, Dick Whitney. Second Row: "Duff" Lawrence, Miller Lee, Bob Applewhite, Phil- lip Brignall Graham Smith Bill Boutell. f ', c", .fi 1 Eg'-Q x S E,:isi:::. ' i..: ' 5' - Jomers 1 any 5 - . fm . .Q c . Y, M , X M 5? 1 "SQ tx 5522 M 3 :sw . V ,FY B, 30 1 ig ,G f W Q , A E 5 1 4 9' 1 MY. ,.., -- f if i ' ' 2 ef g A 3,55 if L. ,kt L rg E ? s i 551 4 3 ft Q 13 wk yy FW SF, A i iv ,X g , .,.,, .r,, ,A N . .5,,,. .,,,. . :sk ai 1' ' ff? W ii ,sr hx A ,iq . XL n , W V, 7 is . - V . if L , as QM Qfftfem ' al S L R ' S P: gig f S . S I- 'Pg-:5:2Q',, 5 .lk 2 1, F 1 Q Inll Z E515 V I . L 5 . DISPENSORS . . . Front Row: Ann White, Sandy Brown, Granice Fuqua, Mary Smith, Beverly Stout. Second Row: Hyla Evans, Phyllis Blanlce, Carol Ann Swain, Susan Lee, Doris Holtgrewe, Charlotte Hol- ley, Claudell Thompson, Third Row: Robert Gaye, Joe MacFarlane, Don Seely, Pete Hoag, Miller Lee, David l-lain. Fourth Row: Bob Downs, Rich- ard Ashby, Phil Citron, Dave Lange, Larry Sands, Bob Gerber, Jack Hoagland. H31 Steinman, Ann Mondo, Mary Lou Brown, Jackie Ayers, Carol Ann Swain, Jim Ratlitl, Pete Brown, Pat Lyon, Second Row: Don Owen, Mr. Dutton, Charles Morrell, Marylou Shimkus, Ann Gray, Louise Vkfhite, Sylvia Shimkus, Louisa Carrillo. ll32l SENIOR PARNASSUS . . . Front Row: Sue Friend, Millie Howe, Pat Yates, Pat Larry, Rae Schafer, Edythe Headrick, Dorothy Reichert, Martha Walters, Doris Ann Holtgrewe, Barbara Johnson, Carolyn Moores, Annetta Knox, Nelda Saxton, Zora Turkovic. Second Row: Gay Gilman, Margaret Hogan, Carol Ann Swain, Doris Crockett, Joyce Landman, Loretta Turano, Genevieve Sabine, Jane Steinle, Carole Glover, Glenda Ryden, Donna Brunell, Susan Lee. Third Row: Pete Hoag, David Lange, Marilyn Evans, Carole Erbe, Pat Brill, Ann Kayler, Kay Salmon, Nancy Mayrath, Vera Reece, Beth Willis, Sue Roush, Marilyn Lane, Jan Zimmerman, Merilyn Wagner. Fourth Row: Jerry Fried, Richard Ashby, Dave Gross, Bill Clements, Mike Halle, Bob Applewhite, Kent Casady, Joe Livermore, Don VV. Mitchell, Philip Citron, Bob Gerber, Tony Collins, Norman Maul, Jack W. Brokaw, Joe McFarlane, Bill Littlefield, Bill Holcomb, Jack Longbottom. Mustang Brains . . . JUNIOR PARNASSUS . . . Front Row: Joyce Ann Schmidt, Marcia Kraatz, Deanna Heizer, Cheryl Thieben, Mary Beth Aarni, Sara Hayes, Janet Ach- auer, Wallie Nixon, Sally Switzer, Pamela Hoagland, Phyllis Johnson, Melinda Thomas, Betsy Tower, Mar- lene Owen. Second Row: Nancy Sherer, Ardith Ko- louch, Jan Hakes, Diana Dismuke, Charmian Smith, Carol McDaniel, Catherine Hogg, Carol Schellen- berg, Barbara Bouvea, Carol Butler, Gail De Herder, George Yue. Third Row: Bob Lange, Nancy Rivers, Carolyn Solomon, Margaret O'Leary, Shirlee Mene- tee, Eileen Petznick, Gail Gaskin, Ellen Fiowaty, Sarah Rice, Peggy Lewis, Richard Scrivano, Dick Drinen, Jerry Myers. Fourth Row: Preston Smith, Bob Crawtord, Robert Laud, Eldridge Moores, James Voigt, Joe Jurca, Mike Ward, Grant Allen, Fred Abraham, Jigs Grosz, Frank Peterson, Paul Edgerton. SOPHOMORE PARNASSUS . . . Front Row: Doris Pippin, Phyllis Walters, Sharon Van't Kerkhott, Susan Carl, Susan Tuthill, Lynn Barstow, Virginia McFar- lane, Jacque Semon, Sue McDaniel, Nancy Darnell, Susan Loeftler, Shirley Anne Drum, Virginia Olmsted, Roberta Martensen. Second Row: Richard Whipple, Diana Goggin, Linda Munro, Elizabeth Raspolic, Helen Harrison, Sue Vcegele, Pat Morris, Charlene Noble, Helene Hurley, Ann Schultz, VVanda McCor- mick, Pat Tracy. Third Row: Steve Babcock, Jim Lyt- ton-Smith, Marion Walton, Sally Lorensen, Ellen Maclay, Leslie Young, Joanne Brenneisen, Leora Mil- ler, Judy Jekel, Frank Jordan, Kent Mayfield, Tom Berresford. Fourth Row: Jim Flach, Jerry Dunn, Jack Loring, Jay Maccracken, Bob Gray, Fred Kober, Jim Waldron, Johnny Davidson, Cameron Mosher, David lser, Karl Steinman, Eddy Petyak. . . . Are Honored All students who have made 14 or more grade points in a semester are eligible to apply for membership in the honor club of North High, Parnassus. This year the members elected Linda Thompson, president, Bob Lange, vice- FRESHMAN PARNASSUS . . . Front Row: Ann Hor- witz, Beverly Ann Brown, Barbara Paris, Dorothy Moore, Glorianne Engel, Jeanne Abromovitz, Mary Walkington, Pearl Hamburger, Sandra Love, Mari- lyn Harris. Second Row: Sharon Proctor, Peggy Win- chell, Pamela Gannarelli, Carol Willhelmy, Mary Stewart Robbins, Evelyn Baroody, Brenda von Gra- president, Millie Hovve, secretary, Ed- die Petyak, treasurer and Kent Casady, Sergeant-at-Arms. The Planning Committee of Parnas- sus investigates all of the activities un- dertaken by the members of Parnassus. bill, Patsy Beck, Liz Thomas. Third Row: Nancy Plot- ner, Marshall Racowsky, Jim Norris, Don Maurer, Gordon Gilbert, John Summers, Donna Duxbury, Judy Jennings, Fourth Row: Steve Graham, John Hart, Louis Guderian, Patrick Blake, Ed Hicks, Bob Bulla, Taylor R, Jenson, Sutter Gardanier. is TROJANS . . . Front Row: Jim Parker, Jim Conley, Dave Dunbar, Dean Anthony, Fred Kober. Sec- ond Row: Wally Joslin, Chuck Cambell, Jerry Dunn, Johnny Davi- son, Jon Marx, Jack Barry, Ronny Harts, Third Row: Mr. Pace, Jim Lytton-Smith, Vik Jackson, Dave Furnish, Steve Babcock. CRUSADERS . . . Front Row: David Carey, John Flock, Gordon Moore, Dick Whitney, Richard Whipple. Second Row: Richard Parkins, Rich- ard Singer, Clark Bright, Wendell Clutz, Ronny Altman, Third Row: Mr. Cecil Coleman, Frank Jordan, Charles Peterson, Van Fritz, Ford Knowles, Roger Crowbarger. Hi-Y Clubs Expand . . . I 345 LANCERS . . . Front Row: Burton Miller, Bob Fisher, Bob Charles, Art Umbaugh, Frank Armstrong, Gordon Grover, Coach Jim Stangland. Second Row: Billy Mizer, Kent Casady, Micky Pew, John Pearson, Billy Mizer, Kent Casaday, Phil Hunter, Dick Cayley. Third Row: Ron Mangino, Ronnie Johnson, Bill Bra- shears, Bob Robinson, Alan Sandell, Dick Kerr, Jack Harris. BOOSTERS . . . Front Row: Tommy Birminghoim, Buddy Fields, Brion Donohue, George Dukes, Kevin Donohue. Second Row: Lorry Gil- gon, Frcink Fields, Vern Worley, Clyde Neilson, Jerry Robinson, Ron- nie Holl, Stonley Costor. Third Row: John Colyer, Duone Cummer, Ernie Stone, Dee Scott, Ben Anderson, Mr. Belluzzi. VIKINGS . . . Front Row: Bob Dio- mond, Lee Burton, Jerry Lundeen, Gory Springer, Dove Wolters, Mr. Al Bornes. Second Row: Scindy Hor- mon, Horold Lynch, Jerome Clcirk, Jim Swon, Dick Robinson, Bob Oden. Third Row: Denny Rice, Butch Solomon, Bob Kerr, Fred Lidden, John Pendergrott, Lloyd Aycock. . . . Aims Are Man SPARTANS . . . Front Row: Lorry Stonley, Kent Thoy- er, Wiley Atchley, Gordon Gilbert. Second Row: Rick Corrillo, Gordon lvlonkins, Mike Sherwood, Jim Corn- nohon. Third Row: Bob Moyberry, Jerry Symcox, Russ Kesterson, Mr. Boll. 55 35 Sports 41 Fx 51 X. fm, xg 'f ? 1? , NL W, ,,,,N3NNM JT ic' I J"'?'?S 351 Hg W as MMT-. , du be f ,J TOO LATE . . . An unidentified Mustang is brought down by an equally unidentified Mesa player, but the tackle was too late to prevent a six-pointer for North. Hot Year Predicted From the opening of fall practice, it was conceded the Mustangs would prove to be one of the powers of Class A football. Nobody dreamed, however, just how powerful the team would be. LOOK OUT . . . Left: Lavern Prock, North's hard- rushing fullback, tries to get out ot the way ot Glen- dale's Jim Kobashi. Coming up in the background is Bill Brashears, Right: With one Phoenix Union player It was dreamed by nobody, that is, until after the opening games of the season. After slapping West 27-O, the Mustangs put the skids on a tough Mesa squad 20-0. at his side, and three more behind him, Kenny Aycock Sprints down the tield for a long gain in the annual Turkey Day clash with the Coyotes. 7 .. ' ' , .... 1 iw g7'1fs'w'vWs:'-J it tg i' ' fi , 11?fQ:y,:f.':'f , vii 3? J 3 W , if-ry ,al ima-,' wg 0' 3 Iystj L 3 ffwgfgf ts" 'ar W M' 3: ,sy?f'--lgigigglw f s,,,1x?'2maaL1gsfiE M I t figs fr: Wnfef -X ig if- 5 3 AV 5 ' NUM bk., 3 , rc its Qliziegsss . , i 'R 2 g S' ' VEQQIQ -mfr' Mft' X :gif W,' in M , . aim ri Y 5'i - A M ' "i t 73 W 'Mff . fig. 'Alfie 1551? a.. ' , .grfliw f ag' .V . 't ,jg s Q' if xffill, -1 f ' Li' 1 Q' 3, Y' ji' .gviyjiissirii in ' if 4 .. . klf.1gf:--, , ,A " 'rwfst N ' 'I ri 1 "Wh - 3 ' Tl, mf! K 1, li LQ Qu I 'vs Fit.,L .,, ' 'ti 151, exit' yi sftfifgtag-tvs. Q, 1. 5' -isfi' H "!'QQ??1sSfvsvt2fr.L-ff.1v.Jsi.:rrs..1w. Unbeaten The real test was the third game when North met champion Tucson. The running didn't materialize in the same manner as before, so Quarterback Clyde Nielson started passing over and through startled defenders. One con- nected for six points. North tallied again and Tucson Went home behind, 14-0. The squad shut out two more foes before the streak cracked at Yuma three games later. Those who went with the team saw Kenny Aycock average 46.6 yards per carry, and saw the team score twice in 90 seconds, but also saw a reserve back score the season's points against North winners, 49-6. After the bubble burst, the Mustangs blanked two foes copping that cham- pionship. Then a repeater with Mesa saw the Jackrabbits stop a perfect sea- son by tieing the Hosses, 6-6. The Thanksgiving game with Phoe- nix Union proved a fitting climax for North's greatest season as the Mustangs blanked Union in the traditional closer, 14-0. RETURN . . , Left: Lavetn Prock returns a punt down the field as a hard-rushing end tries to catch him. Prock was named to the second string of the Alle TAKE OFF . . . With a Phoenix Tech defender on his heels, Kenny Aycock heads down the field. Aycock mode several long gains in this game as the one beaten l-losses Caine out on the top of a 50-O score. State Tearn. Right: Kenny Aycock swings to the right as Robin Moore i5Oi tries to find someone to block out of the ploy. ,es rw V - five?-3 we .mera Sufi? T40 GOING DOWN . , . This play ends lor Layern Proclc as Two Glendale defenders cooperate on The Tackle and a second pair come up To warch The acfion. Top In State Pla VARSITY FOOTBALL . . . Front Row: Ronald Speed- ling, George Elini, Will James, Don Dugan, Perry Tsanrillas, John Harper, Robin Moore, Frank Arm' srrong, George Dukes, Les Tanno, Jim Merrill. Second Row: Bob Morris iMgr.i, Gordon Grover, Eddie Mirchell, Ken Ranerscn, Jack Wagner, Ernie Sione, Fred Fiore, Clyde Neilson, Bolo Swan, Ronnie Jacabf son, Elvvin Blackwater, Bill Brashears, Dave Ganci lMgr.i. Third Row: Coach Srangeland, Randy An- derson, Jerry Robinson, Lavern Prock, Dick Kerr, Duane Kurnmer, Al Tome, Benny Anderson, Jack Denron, Kenny Aycoclc, Jerry Molumloy, Emmett Davidson, Roger Wrighr, Coach Coleman. 2 'ff Em 114 1 M: ,L.....a Mi? JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL . . . Front Row: Fred Kober, Ronald Akers, Charles Campbell, Jim Conley, Dave Morrison, Dave Dunbar, Jim Blair, Jerry Dunn. Second Row: Ronnie Harts, Vic Jackson, Fred Peter- son, Wendell Clutz, Greg Johns, Dean Anthony, David Carey, Marvin Davis, Ford Knowles, Ralph F Looking FROSH FOOTBALL . . . Front Row: Jay Boyd, Jim Tharp, Jerome Clark, Fred Lyddon, Harold Lynch, Pete Anselmo, Tom Hunt, Bill Shook, Ed Hicks, Jerry Symcox, Jim Franklin, Gary Springer, Bob Kerr, Bob Oden. Second Row: Jim Harrison, Jim Barrett, Howie Kramer, Don Poor, Dick Robinson, David Thornton, Gordon, Mankin, Wayne Fletcher, Fred git If III -:-,. . i Z ::: II ..4: ..,. if .rf Howard. Third Row: Coach Alfred Barnes, Jim Ed- mundson, Jon Marx, Alan Sandell, Roger Crobarger, Jack Erb, Bill Robinson, Van Fritz, Merril Robbins, Dave Gunderlach, Bil Bolin, Jack Barry, manager, Coach Donald Pace. Ahead Fahlen, Tom Harris, Bruce Bell, Wesley Bentley, Third Row: Mr. Belluzzi, Coach, Lloyd Aycock, Pete Hiort, John Londeen, Leroy Mayes, Charles Hilton, Taylor Jensen, Larry Hill, Bob Nassar, John Pender- graft, Bolie Ramson, Jim Brewer, Bobby Brown, John Perea, Bob Swan, David Waters, Barry Salmon, Jack Byer, Sandy Harmon, Mr. Ball, Coach. it iw' V K' :lg gil as l 4:2 T 'gs .III ai ,W I, II I , L . , - - . li ' f . -- ,1- J' M 3 .LQ . 'IIIII I . I II W II I ':::..,gf: .,., ,M - ' Til-T356 , v 7 f ., . ,, ,Q I f I i . hy I I I ,I ,I ' an ' 4 , Q A - M31 'i"-37 . is f S", . " ' A Q?""' - ' i f Q' View 1 A .if , T' i..,- css, A W is .,.., . . ' "1 .eq ,L2.5EI7 . .- ' A '. .fe , f . " .,., ' , " , ..,,, ,,,, u if FZ? L-A " " rf-'S' X gp., 5 ":1i'i ,.II N g-91' 1 J J 23' M222 ""' 'SEX , 'V 'I I , WQ I JZ -.-. I,.,,,, -. -I .- . if I, II V- LI ..,e.,g, I --g,5,g.sI:I,IL V I I I, Q1 -I .it - II, , Q, I , I, I . . II I.: ,. . ,v3Q.g:ng'-:: .- 1, : '-wr 5- 1- ., 'Y:1h'- a " f-:J - :vm ' ' xii" " 'v - J " ' it w ww yas. N : 1:5 'zf L. '-'-' 1.5: L: '13 1-1' 2: nts-:'. Q .. 5 ' H' Vg 54 I . :I v-III. I, si ., I I 5 , , .,:I,.,J' :v I I Y . , 3 I , r I jr . Q I I I IIE! V If ' , T T 5' ' fe: . T A ' H ii. ' ' 1 - 3 -f , S is J a , r , L , M ff 1 A F L , ' I,II, gig' lv .,,- T' Q. , F , fy " - ' 2 1 ' .V I i W W . I ,. f I I , , IIII , . II, I EI II I , IISII, I 'i II I Ii ,fi I IIIII, IWIIIIIIIIIIIIIII L , .... , IIIII III IIIIII II II .- ,gI,II ,I IIIQII II' I III , gi Is If Y I -, 1 II I 'i ":" 'I "" i " 'W C' " N . "' . M. 1 " if V ' -f - nf ,W --1-4 w ,J ' ' V. - ,'-A sf. .- of A SI I, I II.II ,I , . .I Q II ,, , II,,I IIII I II? I , I 1, .I .. ,I I. IM I I lm I 5 may , .R I ., II III -v ..,., , . ' , -r I -4 I I -v I- I Q II II. I. III. Y 4 3 I 'ii' 1 V' . .L " T I, 9 5' if T . is ' '. ' ' W If ' 4 l - Q, ' sill' A A "' Ai ., .fr ' J 4, - Q fb I - " if A V f , . 5 46, , -W 'fr A All-American Kenny Aycock Wrapped up a produc- tive year of football in which he led the North High Mustangs to an undefeated season and the state Class A champion- ship by being elected to the preparatory school All-America sponsored by Scho- lastic Magazine. Aycock Was chosen along With 76 others, picked as the best high school football players in America. He was named to the tailback position. Under the Scholastic Magazine system, seven players are named to each position. Soon after the football season closed, Kenny Was picked honorary captain of the Class A All-State team. He joined three other North High players on the dream squad. CRASH! . . . Kenny Aycock ogoin finds himself wifh The boil but this Time There is one difference. A Wesf High fockler is in fronf of him. Al Tome i333 Jerry ALL ALONE . . . l-lolfloock Kenny Aycock finds him- self in o posifion fhof repeofed ifself ninefeen limes during fhe seoson os he heods for The gool line with only The referee in o posifion fo sfop him. Robinson QQQJ, ond Robin Moore i5Ol move in fo fry lo help. 2 Sz 4 E E 2 :Q ACTION-REST . . . Right: Lovern Prock dives Tor The onlcles of o Mesa runner os he Tries To step o pcs- sible long goin, The Mustangs been lvleso 20-O ond Then Tied Thern loter in The seoson 6-6. Below: Kenny Aycock Tokes o breoTher os The powerful Norfh defense goes To Work To sTop on opponenT's oTTocl4. Top Mentor At th e season's close Coach Cecil Coleman was named Arizona Coach of the Year in a vote ofthe state's Coaches a n fl sportswriters. The title was pre- sented to him at the Phoenix Press Club Associationls annual Sports Awards Dinner. In Action HOLD IT! , . . Holding on To The ball is Ben HayWard's Task in The opening game wiTh The Yuma Criminals. NorTh won The opener, bUT Then wenT on To lose Ten While winning only nine. T44 ARMS EXTENDED . . . Left: Junior Bob Robin- son, vviTh Layern Prock looking on, goes up Tor a Tield goal in The MusTangs' yiCTory over ST. Mary's KnighTs. Be- low: Ben Hayward iloregroundi looks on as Lavern Prock baT- Tles wiTh a ST. lVlary's player Tor possession ol The ball. Hayward scored 22 poinTs in This game. ,w"'W ,........... Anti-Climax By finishing in sixth place, the Mus- tangs earned the right to enter the state tournament held in Tucson. Favorites Were the hosting Tucson Badgers, who had gone through the season with only one defeatg that at the hands of the Amphitheatre Panthers in the finale of the season. However, the upset bug was still with the Badgers and Phoenix Tech de- feated them in the first game of the tournament. North also lost, putting the two squads in the consolation bracket. Jim Conley, a sophomore up from the jayvees, helped the Hosses into a position to challenge for the consola- tion championship When he scored 16 points in the Hossesl second game. But the next night, North fell to the mighty Badgers and the tourney was over. OPENING NIGHT ACTION . . . Right. Ben Hoyword goes high for o rebound os Jerry Robinson 'IS' looks for Cl possible ploy. Below left: High-point mon Don Andres hooks up o Two-pointer. Below right: Ben I-Ioyvvord IIQI ond Lovern Prock llli fry To out- moneuver Three Yumo ployers for o rebound. ll46y DOWN THE COURT! West l"ligh's Sonny Nelson tol- lows North's Dick Kerr down the court in perfect step. VARSITY BASKETBALL . . . Front Row: Don Andres, Lorry Kelly, .lohn Colyer, Eddie Mitchell, Jerry Rob- inson, Tim Doniels, monoger. Second Row: Love-rn Prock, Richcard Strcuhl, Benny Anderson, Pete Homer, Ben Hoyword, Coach Richord Hcrrdt. ortlfs Cagers Even with a brand-new coach and an almost completely new team, the basketball season could only be an anti- climax to football in the minds of North students. Coach Richard "Jiggs" Hardt, Who had led the Scottsdale Beavers to the Class B tournament championship the year before, came to North as coach to try to establish a basketball Winner to rank alongside other Winning Mus- tang sports. After defeating Yuma in the opening game, the Hosses could only manage to show flashes of brilliance during the remainder of the season. Lavern Prock was the steadiest player on the squad and the only player to make an all- state team. He Was named center on the second string of all-staters. -H-4 , T' ' 2313. . T Ge r' 'mi JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL. . . Fron1Row: Coach dell Clufz, John Mockler, Bob Groy, Jock Erb, Jim Colemon, Jim Porker, Corl Tower, Jim Conley, Jon Marsh, Von Fritz. Marx, Fred Kober. Second Row: Henry Scrofe, Wen- LV And F Tosh Players FROSH BASKETBALL . . . Front Row: Dick Robinson, Second Row: Jerry Lundeen, Jock Beyer, Ardie Bieh- Bob Kerr, Lloyd Aycock, Bob Brown, Mork Meko. ler, Fred Lydclon, Doug Kingdom, George Anderson. 1147 ,ded Team ork For the first time in three years, the basketballers did not have a player who dominated and upon whom the team Was based. Two years ago, it was Frank Craig who Was called on to score, and last year, Jed Warner was the star of the team. Ben Hayward and Pete Homer Were the only players to make over twenty points in one game. Lavern Prock, Who led in scoring, did no better than 19. MAKE THAT BASKET . . . Leftg North ployers vie for needed points with The Yumo Criminonls. Right: The Meso Jockrobbifs offer competition under The basket. Wpeewwl mn V ' c --Qc, , i wifi ss-,, Q .n T V I H it M , 9 if s 'T 'Cf W Wx is s l V Q t Q f S 3 . -1 re fi 93:92 ,X pq Jer if W wtffibm -A 1- s ., we . ,W M I X? h di' 2 ag, fr ff,-4. WW SWIMMING TEAM . . . Bill Evans, Robin Moore, and .lay McCracken s h ow the physique necessary fo r aquatic success. Linksters And Swimmers Swimming has developed as a lead- Clubs Went Wild and the balls sailed ing sport at North High since ace swim- across the green when the golf team mer Robin Moore began breaking rec- Went in to action. Trips to California ords. Robin, Bill Evans, an d Jay Mc- and Tucson occurred quite often. The Cracken compose th e official swim- outcome of these trips always was fa- ming team. This spring they traveled vorable. to California to make more records. ,f f Q 1.5 . , V N " W , W ,X ,, v,,grv 3' 7?-5'f - ' A -W, , are ,A f T if l.., i f sg risi, ' we , -sf 4- asia is mrs: il '19 'ffrrw as-as , 5 "" ' x wi' 'g pi- GOLF TEAM . . . From ii Row: Phil Brignall, Bob K Paulson, Miller Lee, Wes Mickel. Second Row: Bob Applewhite, D u ff Lawr- ,N--mm eve, John Bulla, Bill Bou- te . A aroma mmm B 4... serv RUNNING HOME . . . Kenny Aycock hits third bose teom. Ploying in the outfield, Kenny sought flies ond ond then heods for home ond glory. He proved To be snagged those wicked grounders. one ot The leoding men on North's l954 boseboll Un The Base Paths With the support of their able coach- freshmen team Q Coach Sehadej brought 'he vanity CCoach MeCloyJ, the jun- many thrills to the North diamond. 't ' ffloach Barnesj, and the SHARP DEFENSE . . . Burch Jansen, Mustang third baseman, Tags out an unidentified Tucson player. Tuc- son vvenf on To down North 13-7 for The I-losses' first loss. Mustangs With eleven Wins and five losses our varsity baseball team tied Mesa for sec- ond place, lacking one required point in VARSITY BASEBALL . . . Front Row: Henry Scrofe, Mgr., Jerry Robinson, Bob Ray, John Colyer, Richard Aubuchon, Jim Brock, Ron Hall, Tom Jansen, Bob Reid, Carl Tower, Jerry Manguso. Second Row: Pla Ball order to place first. Here's h o p i n g North High has a team just as good next year. Coach McCloy, Duane Kummer, Darrell Tannafi, Ron Cheuvront, Ken Aycock, Perry Tsantilas, Jim Stev- ens, Ben Hayward, Gordon Brefzing, Huck VVaTson. FROSH BASEBALL-Front Row: David While, Harold Drumm, Dick Chrisman, Tim Spencer, Bob Kerr, Pere ,H J.V. BASEBALL-Front Row: Jim Johnson, Ed King, Marvin Davis, Jim Conley, Rich Boich, Mickey O'Dell, Gordie Grover, Dick Aksmir. Second Row: Coach Barnes, George Lalulippe, Jim Blair, Jon Marx, Fred Kober, Jim Parker, Bob Gray, Pere Homer, George Dukes, Ford Knowles. Baseball Colts The twenty-one man frosh squad played behind the ehueking of four pitchers including Charles Smith, Fred Lyddon, Bob Duvall, and John Drumrn. Next year the junior varsity Will be filling the vacancies on the varsity. Here'S Wishing them luck. ss M 1 E L V? Yoghr, Tommy Edwards, Colonel Swan, Dan Mcllroy, Charles Smiih, Coach Schade. Wright, Bob DuVall, Par Poleson, Howard Cramer, Fred Smith, Dick Robinson. Second Row: Johnny ll52l il 1 i - V A V K ,'iv ' lvil- 1rMir4lzW 4 i-.Mi Q i' r k 5 - B VT Zf'R4M 124E ',., ,V ..,. C M ':': 1E:i?Ef??'E 'i f2Z , 3 il Q, B -'-Q:--1 Q :.1i., '.:1- 1 - My ,,,. 1 i"' c Q2 l',,, .... J 'r" f ""' X ff' W ait .:,. -f .A.., Z:-,., w Q Q, r -,:5y-gl' 1 E.-,g.,:.. , -'--. fy, ,,:,: '--f my ,U gg iff? . --Is-:I-'fsE:' V - f 2 'l" J ' ""'l if r' f J W W if ':'i ""' J "'i A L ' ws K X 2 W Q 'E Rig- I . A-gi Qi if gi ,yifiiiiiifk 3555? li 'ii 42, .3 egg rfb , Selig , grille Q- 4, i , grief I , J W .,. . vi , e Jlffi 4 A 5 hge -"' 2 .::.:: ii. rg., ig i W2 Q- 55" 1,-1 ? ' Y . A 1 ---, - 2 4 " W ,. 5 ---: ,"-- ' 1 ' vs ' 2 i 4: 1 1, 1 fe 5, ii, f it Wil f 2 fx 2 V Q c 1 ri i fr, .,., ,f J Will' ..-,r-- fwwf' .2 'f' 1e,i Jg2i2 ""' i e'e- W' if if 'zii 1 ?f22'22l.f-r -. 'll A Els '. ."".-. 1 1-- ,':. f.:- E231 .,'i 1 ,W ff In X , 1 -rm ":"- V ' N, ' .-iz. it Yu " -"" ' ,I .V "" f.,3,-frif ,fifiaiif "r'-i:f "fm : ml If if 1 -'--:- -..: -z, '..:: R . ., :rr fl --.--' F as '--1 -:- -e 7 av " E rr gm ii f . v --'. ff I f .,..' "sie W' 2:21 x gag my -l-- ,-:-' , , E ,, .,.... E W1 5 , if gg U ? -,,l 7 ,, A Q l ":?iil1f ani..- -:f,: T il? -'QLEZ W, W -'fIif?fi' -Q "."' is 57315 -H-l l" 1 it li ll gl 7555- in " -ff A 5 ll A ' 3 --" C 1 - N ' m f' .. - . "-. .2 'fl ' f 'L , , 7 :.,.,., ,, M9 Z 75,5 'c Ml -,-, ,"' 'laill .r ,?ilfi"jl ",,. W J J ' -r-'V. 1 l-'2- A we i I if K -9, 1 -. P, - ,,,- . .,- g 4 1 - wr :ZZ .,.-v , 5. , M . M ,V ig LQ? .:-'-' :Z -:fQ .g-2,1j'55Q5:j5,gE 1 ,:'- k Z, z., . 1735 my . q Q vymif Z.. I ug fl News ,V ' ref.: A . Ag.'V 1 .g-,Q 3 Q ' l 1-- .-,.,. "-. ' "'l ' l'i' r ' 'K rf if 3 "'. g f I "W '- 1: 5 "ii'i' I 5 ,,:- fzg ':..'I ll 2 C 'm i " 4 , fi . J ' " 'rf r1'2 :ri wi , X ,.,.,,, ,,,,., , . J 2 ,:,, 1 ':'-' ' '2"' 5 2Ei- l- ' 155 '2"' l 'Ulf V , paw - "". , V exe :,. .IZ-, ' fflK2wTli7l1wf'3Z.s5'lil ' ,'.r' : - 1 - 4 ii', Q :,. Bouncers A new sport came crashing through the campus gates at North High this year. The North High Boxing Tourna- ment featured such stars as Les Tanno, Jim Merrit Bob Watson, and Dick Sum- ner. Champions, unanimous decisions, clean cut blows, and 'fa left and a right" became the usual jargon. Trampolin held the spectators' inter- est especially when Dick Mathieson and David Carey were on and off the mat. C153 ACTION . . . Above: Les Torino ond Jim Merritt clinch during boxing bout. Below: Dovid Corey bites his tongue ond hopes for the best. S' 'X we mm Www, S? M we-ef ., .. . . "" I isa : ' - . MmW,,...,i-W--w-""' . p ,eww-W .- if 1 5 " ' 'ml' .s.r,,,,, W, MM D -l 4 it X it a s a t u is l 'Q ZW 5 OVER THE POLE AND THROUGH THE TAPE . . . Lett: bottoms up and over we go,. Righty North's relay mon brings home the baton. Track Triumph 6 . Nortlfs trackmen walked away with the Mesa Foul'-Way Invitational Track and Field Meet at Mesa. Maintaining VARSITY TRACK . . . Front Row: Jim Waldron, Ernie Bullard, Jim Brewer, Bob Charles, Charlie Ward, Ted VVOQVTSV, George Flint, Jim Murphy. Second Row: Art Umbaugh, Vaughn Sour, Charlie Bessenger, 'l54i this form in pole Vaulting, broacljunip- ing, dashes and hurdles kept the team busy. Richard Elliot, Larry Oilgen, Jerry Robertson, Stan Castor, Coach Jim Stangeland. Third Row: Tom Birmingham, John Horper, Robin Moore, Bill Bra- shears, Art Gaudette, Rich Strahl, Darrell Ford. at tam' JUNIOR VARSITY TRACK . . . Front Row: Gary Mun- Second Row: Jerry Dunn, Francis Gray, Dean An- nel, Brian Donohue, Ken Patterson, Richard Harper, Wayne Johnson, Daniel Anderson, Ronald Hiatt. thony, Don Baldwin, Jack Barry, Ernie Stone, Curtis Swanson, George Flint. . . Season Sensational FRESHMAN TRACK-Front Row: Ronnie Stephens, Lloyd Aycoclc, Billy Shook, Ed Hicks, Andy Thomp- son, Peter Ensemble, Gordon Gilbert. Second Row: Willie James, Tom Hunt, Lynn Frederickson, Sandy Harmon, Jim Brewer, David Walters, Jim Harrison. Third Row: David Shore, Jerry Symcox, Jerome Clark, Lanny Collier, Larry Lewis, Wayne Peters, Duane Porter. Fourth Row: Robin Norris, Taylor Jenson, Dave Bonham, Larry Hill, Jack Beyer, Bob Diamond, Mgr. il55 91 GIRLS VARSITY TENNIS . . . Front Row: Sue McCreoiry, Helen I-Iorrison, Connie Kisner. Second Row: Miss C. Wilkinson, Ardys Grommor, Judy Price, Suson Tuihill, Bonnie Miller. Lad Racqueteers Led by third year Varsity Ace Con- nie Kisner, North High Squad has had a Very successful season in defeating Buckeye, Glendale, Mesa, Phoenix Un- ion, Tucson, and Yuma squads. Squad members Were quarterfinalists in sin- gles and doubles play in the Valley Tournament. Connie Kisner and Helen Harrison were finalists in the Junior Girls' Doubles of the Arizona Closed State Tournament, and made a fine showing in the Arizona Open State Tournament. GIRLS' J.V. TENNIS . . . First Row: Shoron Mickle, Pomelo Gonnorelli, Evelyn Boroody, Gale Rodcliife. Second Row: Bcirboro Mil- ler, Jo Wilson, Evo Grom- mor, Jon Cox, Yvonne Knight, Mrs. C, Wilkinson. 1 . , Vg flgg iff. I 1 -' , JJ I 12115152 f i 4 ? ff'xUVff'25"f H BOYS' VARSITY TENNIS . . . Front Row: Bob Doehlmf Bert foiberg. Second Row: Buzz WooIey, Jiggs Grosz Morton Edberg, Mr. Doug- Ios Cory. Carey s Court Stars Vx vs I M ni sigh'-""4v fit, if 55: Zin Q, f as fx. Yfitzrqip -34' Adi- lg., V , ff ,L paJ2f,i?'f ., Qf. B -.R 5 'ir 2i.+.:'I V3 fi is 4 I f 6 gig 30 45 29,2 rg! .IQ ' X 'f 1..'-dz, 5 . if 6 , , I, I .gf 'eeaif I 352 3,40 4 ' I If I -f5W'5'A ' WY. I fi? efiwifigisffgi ow, f 3 :E-53553 49293922.54 55693 In iris W ,'2q'9iMw95v43e,+1 V ,yy ',Ef'f'f'1"Q'g'y1l7,,-gint 1 L n L . 7 vig! 2i:f,ijeZ1kxf',','?i Qkgiigagwqg 3 I 225'w+ , af, ,I I ,A 1 rv,g,Q,f5?ifgp ifigggg f, am M. ' Ef?"R Q .IQ - 'tlnigg A 9 ,gf .'I"9"9h- ,I,s1'fQ' T 84 I , 3 X' Q "I A9446 ii, 'Y fe ., , qi? Egg I, rag IQ! f-I -9 If I M ra I "V0'?' Y" A 'F 'PY 79 Q 153.636 FWHM-2 Q04-099100 :Szsiiiizizizizlzizizizrii 4 4-'ft GWNQOQC igZ,5v,o,o,f,e,4,:q . 4 B, Q0 0 a2:22I"'!?f!q'f2 ' Q g:gfS:2S:2:3:+ Q'CIi6f'z0'6't I bn.-m.o.o2Q2.i QM, A AQA V, 9094 X' Q v 4111 Qin ' - . I BOUNCING B O Y . . . Dickie Iviofhieson performs his vveII known Ieofs on The Trompolin W Ii i I e crowd wofches. r l - 1 Q., q M W7 . E, 59 In ,I W ,,AA.,. or .. . ff' ' nw r is CHEERLEADERS . . . Front Row: Kay Davis, A r d i T h McFarlane, Be-Try Harshman, Carol Belcher. Second Row: Chris Pinson, Linda Croy, Nancy E eg e, Delores Schmelling, Jackie Alkerson, Lois Drage, John Keclasic. Dancing And Cheering School spirit this year was supplied by the cheerleaders and pompon girls, who were chosen last year. The cheer- leaders came up with new cheers, new POMPON GIRLS . . . Front Row: Eyonne Jones, Pai Bell, Janet Jones, Cafherine Hogg, Dabney Shearer, Jacque Semon, Charloffe BenneTT, Sandra Mason. l58i uniforms, and new girls. The pompon- ers could be depended upon for an 1n- teresting act. Second Row: Rosie Beck, Mary Gilman, Dot Fox, Mary Lou Arnold, Pat Larry. Ln- '52 . . 5 G.A.A. CABINET . . . Front Row: Karen Womack, Helen Heizer, Karen Phelps. Second Row: JoAnn Lubonovich, Jan Cox. Jo Wilsnnr Lois Thayer. :1,!53's':i" l , U5 .f 7 .... , ., , , . YYSKCL .5 ..,-. I V " 'X 5 t . .,., . 1 -ia: if K AV 3 gt ..,,. " 'I - : , A i X as .:'q'1 :f,' W 4 fr . if 5 - H 25' A .. "M" ' Q J L W is ...M . ek:ZT3gg,1gZ.. ,L gpg, ,, , --:L 'J ' . Kit. 'k"' ' 5 '- ' 'i - YS? W- sf ff ..,, 4 it - ,, 5 gg 5 .e,, .. W . '- V ff -, - 4 P E. F5 .ul . ,..,. 5 J f f J f f 'ffig it fr i iii-i J - J ' A.. i s 1 . E " ' . ..-, Q "" 1 ' X ' .. . 555- ' fi' M, Q Q f J if - . rg? Q 2 . . , . K . we . X - '5-' par? .5 ' gi . . - X "--"'- 'H '- F1 if W ""' 'PI .gas ---'f . 1:-1 Sports-Minded The All-Stars of the Girls' Athletic Association are girls Who have been recognized for excellence in participa- tion in volleyball, speedball, softball, and basketball. Tryouts for each sport are held at the end of the regular season for that sport. ALL-STARS . . . First Row: Shirley Lines, Jan Cox, Beverly Mead, Joyce Wackerbarth, Helen Heizer, JoAnn Lubonovich, Nancy Hill, Edith Taylor. Sec- This recognition is an incentive which inspires the girls to put forth their best efforts in the sports, increas- ing the value in healthful living and enjoyable recreation which the sports provide. ond Row: Judy Price, Joy Yantes, Jo Wilson, Pat Radcliffe, Dee Hadden, Jeannette Albridge, Barbara l3oehme, June Bonesteel. .159 ,X ,. f" Vxf rlrl . "1 lfXn 'nu p4 . sb V eg? f 5' ' ' ' nk LX J A .. ' rail 4- yglfgflt Ng. -iii' at .xr i. .V .,..i it digg: LZ- i .. ' 1: ..., .. Qi - " gig ggsggiq-rg -,---- .. yt k , A -K .E-:rw V, T an 5-:Q A- M.. ,MW ' ., 335431: .L ,E VW K , , . A . X , ,. V I ly f '- 3 X ' A Q . . , -f t ,,, J 2 . , 5 . W, ' , if Rf f M k T5 E - s - Y --t,::.'::g:j:g ' , A ' ULN - ,i:, , , all .. ...,., V kg YA Q fi 5 G.A.A. SENIORS . . . is :iz W if i iqgz. ""' I - 75 ' ' I Q-1 jggil ,gig 5 me -' W '- -' e - Front Row: Morthcx MNTQVTZ -3'EZ ':-., f 12. ,, , .,,, f K we ' ' if-EW igiiwsii y i ,Sf Q ,Q V, 3, W ,.,,. -:..., i ww., MOG Nl O S 6 S, KOVGD f , ff l 1 . " I '-" - . " i i 2 1, it ' W' f' Q 3' Meer Phelps, Helen l-level, ""- . X W Peggy Bollqe' Second 5. sw. ,X -532, , 4, ., ,.:.:.-. :,5,,:-ml! . . V 7 , 4. U M 2 .. , ' , """ W ----' ' ' ' ff A Row: Lois Thdyer, De- t 'wiszh is :cm 4. , is i -:jfzi L. A if, , 55 iff ' . ggi i ws ft' lO"9S Sfhfnelllna PUT fi Q Y Vllhitson, Joyce VVocl4- f :,-- , t tw 2 f W ,.,, H ' ,,., ,, . ,..A , f W1 1 I .. A y ,ww V , I 1 M L V ,.,. 2 my . ,H ,,AA 1 2 . A.., " F un And Friendship Girls' Athletic Association members are girls who are interested in m 0 re sports than they can receive in one peri- od of physical education each day. The girls meet other girls with similiar inter- ests an d make friendships th at last G.A.A. JUNIORS AND SOPH- OMORES . . . Front Row: .lon Cox, Beverly Meod, Edith Toy- lor, Lou Woketield, Noncy Hill, JoAnn Lubonovich. Second Row: Borboro Boehme, Judy 2 Price, Jo Wilsoiw, Joy Yonters, June Bonesteel, Jeonetie Ald- A , ridge, Jone Jones, Elizobeth 7 Klein. gig, X 'rs-"' 'Q-325' w. if f , l. through their entire high school life. Besides the regular sports of softball, volleyball, speedball, and basketball there are picnics and a spring camp at Prescott. FRESHMEN G. A. A .... Front Row: Glenda Miller, Roberta Jenkins, Carol Sue Kellum, Yolanda Valen- zuela, Sharon Love. Sec- ond Row: Nancy I-lolzner, Roberta J e n lc i n s, Lou Wakefield, Brenda Ben- ner, Jo Ann Beyer, Sonja Manger, Janice Emery. Co-Eds Pla Ball T h e typical girl belonging to th e Girls' Athletic Association is one of sound morals Who is inspired b y th e outdoors. She is a youth Who maintains excellent health in both mind and body by participating in sports of all types. Her code is founded on g o o d sports- manship and to follow this she endeav- ors. It is a girl such as this that will lead the women of tomorrow in their strug- gle for existence. BATTER UP . . . Miss Brene man's second period Phys ical Education Class prac tice for intermural compe Tition. R , ,fliscellany l Compliments of The Polar Bar MARSTON Supply Compony Complete Line of School Supplies oncl Equipment Athletic Goods Stoge Equipment C559 Office Supplies - Equipment Home of the 324 N. Cenfrdl AL 4-5651 Zombie Phoenix xp! Y 'll E ' Using Hvgrlell st p fx , X kj NATIONAL BANKajARIZONA HEAD OFFICE: PHOENIX laments in Mosr eusmfss cmrsns Mmm rweui. osvosn irisuuwcs coavoiwiow

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