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1 ,,Y! , X, , N ,x 1- X . . , . . .. . ., ,A ,, ,,,,,J. iw R V . I . , W I , X wid LJ 407, 1. .N . . , if fx .' fwky Jn 2-if W A7 A sf vw S15 X fW W Wifi lv k ' NW Q kjb'i!,SdX Lg f,,x VU U V 'J ,J99m' .QP f, 7g YZ' A ,EQ Qfuf s5l,J ' Ss QQ? X al, IK! 'YE 2lsx91fJ f"'75 X1 FV Y X555 X9 Q? xg E figiif vw' . i 2' ' M wx X-FX N ' h AWS LL H5 I lj S gig L9 D flu S X Q N MJ pdwcillf XX N N Q XX A,,J2.0J" 'WMM W X QSQNEQR WQXMW N5 X M WW SGS WWWWM W U W KKWMW wfpwfw' A IN' kg Q Q ff 1 Qji 4 1 6204, If A I if 5 .t 5,1 QQ AMGN jeff fl if 'MW ,ff WZQ KH 0 fgljfw f M ww iw f M 5 eb Wi we ff f 7 XQVW, 'Lf ,Ng 1 ef X' F9 Fi' Q3 Q ff? G Q peffwgy ly? ,M J, f- Q. ,-' 'N My AVXS ALT X Tx X " U , rx' xx N Mu ' I! Tb' fr' V' f-flux vxxixfj 1 1 wk J UQ V CX ,Sf 5 TOC? 3 49 Q W - ' J I A 'Q . h I of jwfi A40?o:"1-my fu77F-c:17"U S' +f A Swijff f feff., Q L51-Qffi.. 'LU-'C W x 1auf:Lmz.W7 CKNCLS S-.QS 'g'L'NqCHne ui? Alf .L M'ClV'afQ V3 E wo 2: fx fxx GEN, 1fWW f PEER SN XQYENE Bxifgii X e3fge3 Eg pf, ,ff ,X ff .-'fr ., X, 7', "g4g lliiilf ,yas QM J' " ' f , .f J UI, ,Z V fllx-,Y fgive 'A Xkwvjux m f uf, WW ? ff gm 1? aff f 1 QL!! I ' fi 3? 5 ww 31' EU A' S 1:5 I r' ' ,gl '4' ,. 3 A k' y ' 'WJ A ' 4' N 21'f'ffi'4-' 4' ' BWS R12 Vis'ras f 1 'J' Editor . . . . .PAT SMALL Ass o ciQ t-Ss . . . . IDOTTlE,ILO U HARRINGTON M JEAN wmwmcs P+h 010g mp hm . . DON H o+ELzEN HOWARD KUNK Cover 81 S+e c Iriun Pages MMD EUN E HAASE DW Brush Dr a wimg s . . BRUCE S CHUME R letifering . . .I . . . CAROL PHILMPS Busin es s Manager . . M IC KE Y Mc GlJI RE Hsnlniflhmn fix Cf ff jj? WMV I A,-NX x , 1 J J Nllflll lllmnmlx lglw Elzlmm IIIJEIIIX, Anznma . I 9 X X ' .Xp ,- .A H Q, .5 ' ' Y A P ' AFA' ,X ff ' ' X- v K I X' fl R My f 4 l X . f 4 'xx N xx , - . X n Q xl .W . - ff Q ,JJ - ,.u sq-,J . ,A "J X N I if I ,Q X Ne , 1 '. H I 1- f x 1 hi -J X ' K+ 4 ' JV' T VU J 'bk' ' ' fi f f, P -ff I A., Af' ,J -if ,X 1 j ff xl ,Q 4 J .Wx??J KF! XXV fix! I QA I P, v U Q V fx Tp!" X ' "ff w . ,I Xxx sf J Q -1 , Al I xxx 1 1' n 1 I , i JJ H , J - N " , .V N! x j J I .Q f I C .X ,z ,rx ' 'Q If in f 57 IJ 1, .5 "L I J 1' ' ...J is -S Lf if wi, ' 1 f f ' .1 J 1' " gf V "" ' j' 5 "7 .. I wa A. v ,f X !A J A, .-' , F-Y - J F ,ff X X W U 5 f . I I I 0 0 , , . a 1 . 1 Campus In a few short years our campus has turned from a lonely desert expanse to an oasis of color and activity. In this building We and the community have often come together for entertainment and learning. The Auditorium The Stadium In our stadium sportsmanship and fair play have always prevailed. The sky-reaching steel spars are a distinctive feature of the skyline in Nartheast Phoenix. t tn, jiri Jw N tl ittlw tf tt it -Q-.. t cel" Nth. wa -i it i it A W i ii it it , li l i l it . Mi Al l l t IM. 'V 4 K WP24-f't. i ' i . I -- ' X f it l'." xi 9'- ' Ei. ' . ' 3 ' . ., , rt, .Q.., -.- 5 ' 1 th - +"'e'e .,1l,: sw' K1 S N ' V -f V l Af ' fr, In Q4 ' N- -1, ,gr 2 V i A1-4 3' ,L i. Science Building I I Within these portals We gleaned the knowledge of a scientific World and learned the arts of hornemakinq and craftsmanship. Al last a dream has been realized in our Cor- ral-the place Where We may ao to spend our leisure I hours. The Cafeteria The Corral 1 Q, f ? x fi! 3 , A , f ' .Q 1, 9 Q IQ XTX 30 ? Q"'T'.P K S! , K - N , Q L' ,Qi n ' X MHA L lf: A 5? K-'D Kg xl' Acflfmirnissliif ifiismn rd- r . .A f w I I' 9" 1 '.-,f W , ,df A if . w a uf' H, , , '4 1' J ' f ' "JL v- '-.fn .. ' l' 0 -in isuf, L- ' r ,-2 .f,.H.,v' QTY".-'i 1 - ,. rg- .f M --2---: -fm,-,,.'s . fu F. ' r . 1 -,1,, .- K -,1..,... 1.4 . ,TV ,. ""' "'-'3f.!:E':f n '.z.,f-.fb--.:'.,.1'. 3. NATIONAL CONVENTION: Supt. E. W. Montgomery, immediate cipals, is pictured as he addressed delegates and honor guests in Atlantic City, N. I. At Dr. Montgomery's right is Miss Edith A Between Great Britain and the United States: at his left is U. S. distinguished group are Mrs. Pearl Wannamaker, NEA president: United Nations representative, educational division: Dr. Willard E. secretary, and Mr. Mervyn Pritchard, educational officer. British hidden from the camera. ffm x W, fy.- A sfjyn . J J L 4 X g 1 BWS past president of the National Association of Secondary-School Prin- at a banquet of the association during the annual meeting oi NASSP Ford, chairman of the British Committee tor Interchange ol Teachers Commissioner of Education Iohn W. Studebalfer. Others in the Dr. Paul E. Elicker, executive secretary of NASSP. Dr. Olav Paus-Grunt. Givens, NEA executive secretary: Dr. William G. Carr, NEA associate Embassy. Mrs. Montgomery was also at the speakers' table but was Superintendent I N E 'X 'Sn lf? .tix is it 'I Q l I-. x Superintendent of the Phoenix High Schools is Dr. E. W. Montgomery, our friend and leader. He has directed our school on a straight course which has led it to a place of high standing in our State and Nation. Even though he has had to spend much oi his time in the direction oi the various high schools ot the city, We have always found him ready and Willing to come to our aid at North Phoenix High. Y Qx S '3' NX X x 1171 r' ul' 'N fm! it ra If X If fy. .J ' ' X Q! -Naw- , X f x X XN-X3 2' ss S' Z qw.:-.. 2 , I A .f Z ex 1 xx ,'V'r X XA it I - X 2. .11'.'1w.m W -':.T-Ti i W Principal Last September there came to North High a young man,who was to be our principal. He undertook an arduous task, but in a few short months he had become one of us-a fellow Mustang. He has faced our problems with us and our combined efforts and decisions have served to bring about a closer feeling among our prin- cipal, our teachers, and our student body. No wonder we respect and admire Mr. lames l. Stewart. PARENTS MEET TEACHERS. At receptions and other PTA meetings parents had the oppor tunity oi meeting the teachers of their children Seen above meeting parents at the iirst reception in the fall. from lett to right. iacing the camera are Mrs E W Montgomery Super intendent Montgomery, Principal and Mrs. lames I Stewart Mr and Mrs Loyd C Elliott Wise Planning Success in education requires the interest of the parent in the school. At North High this interest is high, and the Parent-Teacher Associ- ation does much to foster it. At "open houses", panel discussions, receptions, and regular meetings, parents meet teachers for mutual profit. If it were not for Mr. Charles Burton, many of us would find the task of preparing for col- lege very difficult. He has spent many extra hours in preparing our schedules and in coun- seling With us over the problems which will face us in the future. Mr. Charles M. Burton. Registrar l ' 1. Mr. Frank Anderson. Dean of Boys. and Mrs. Iewell Rasbury. Dean of Girls. chat with Mrs. lean Hansen, student counselor, about some of the amusing dilemmas they are laced with. Advice sand Counsel Characters are molded by such people as these three: Mrs. Iewell Ras- bury, as our Dean of Girls: Mr. Frank Anderson, as our Dean of Boys: and Mrs. lean Hansen, as our Home Counselor, work endlessly and tirelessly for us students. No task is too great for them to undertake in our behalf. X. ...J -ww rw' Mr. Olney, too, aidsour cause by coeordinating the curricula of the schools of-the system, by supervising th e inter-school contests, and by clarifying the goals toward which We all work. .r-""'M' Mr. A. F. Olney. Curriculum Coordinator. is eadquarters North Phoenix High School could not operate successfully without the staff of the Business Office. Mr. Henry Lowe is a familiar sight, always being busy in the book store or in the business office. Mr. Stewart too, is very dependent upon the staff, as Mrs. Mildred Hill, who is always kept busy, is his personal secretary. Mrs. Flora Darland spends her time in varied activities. We students often come to her in search of notebooks and sweaters which we have lost, and she, kindly, tries to assist us in finding our misplaced possessions. -pil-Fi' Name and Number Daily the lines may be seen at the windows at the Registrars Office and it is always Miss Williams and Mrs. Westby who must interview the people in these lines, being sure that each student has his absence permits or tardy excuses. lt is through their patience and effort too that we are able to enter school each year with our schedules already tentatively prepared for us. Mr. Charles M. Burton, Registrar, is always at hand for wise counseling. L. .-..,.M..,., ---,.... 'K , 5 1 3 j f Aj 7 The ealth Center The Health Center is at hand tor the nicks and bruises which attend the normal lite of lively teen-agers. Small-pox vaccinations were administered to those desiring them. A useful course in First Aid and Home Nursing was given to a group of girls who are pictured above. Back row: Holmes, Christy, Godfrey, Pinyan, Miller, Hull, Francis, Dodson, Pursley. Second row: Miss Potthott, McConoughey, Miss Breneman. The center inset shows Miss Lydia Potthott, Public Health Nurse- and director of the Health Center. The lower picture shows a nurses assistant attending a patient. MAINTENANCE STAFF--Front row: Hall, Cloyd, Hudson, Brown, Feihle. Second row: Butler. Speake, Laucher, Cottrell. Third row: Ielirey, Keith, Hartman, Hopkins. Buildings and Grounds Our campus and buildings have been kept beautiful and clean by this staff of men who work endlessly trimming the lawns and polishing our desks. Often they can be seen planting flowers or shearing hedges and they are always ready with a friendly word for each student who may pass. GROUNDS, HALLS AND KITCHEN. Upper left: Two of the qrounds keepers have a playful -se., moment. Upper right: Tons of mashed potatoes come out of that device every year. Lower left: "Pop" Cloyd keeps the Sci- ence Buildinq stairs cleanly swept. Lower right: Turkey sandwiches in preparation. C211 ? JH .A-.AK N ,Q Di' ' W ' Stu if Reading Mrs. Marian Chiono and Mr. lohn C. Raymond Cabovel ap- pear to be amused at what Miss Sylvia Polinq is typingg a test, no doubt. Mrs. Winnifred Pitts and Miss Marian Cox Clower lettl instruct lunior English, While Miss Zula Stevens has Senior English and is also one ot the sponsors of the Senior Class. Mr. Orville Hamm, Cbelowl new Freshman English teacher, looks relieved after Wading through his stack ot test papers. is -----.......,,,m-L- as-9-'W 1 ll . H... , 555-T'v:Ej,,.I.M-'J' - 1-. 1 m1fi,7,,.7 ..,., 1.596--i'Q,' r z:,g,QjL"i-F " , F, . - '5 s V5 F :Awe wr 'ff' , . 'feilf .m M- "X 1 fi K!-.J 1 .1117 . 1 riff' X f - Q: 'ft -:ms-, .' -Zfzf' A . 5'-".5V.1. 531' A '- kjyif ,X "HE-Z7 'Egg . 1.4 .1 mr, ... l K .am and Writilng Mrs. Fleda C. Kinneman labovel still looks buoyant after a long day with her Freshman English Classes. The profound Mr. Frederic Mitchell flower lettl is probably brooding over the stupidity ot his Word study classes: but, atter all, We haven't all read the Webster Un-abridged Dictionary. Subject, verb, predicate-it's a hopeless tangle until Mr. Carl H. W'agner, Miss Miriam Gathings, and Mr. Stanley O. Cardon llower right? explain the meaning ot their blackboard hieroglyphics. ..!""' Miss Frances Kapanke makes some sug- gestions on design to two ot her students fabovel. As usual the art department Won many honors this year. Dramatics coach, Miss Lucille Hicks, is caught Clower lettl in a brief moment of relaxation from the many duties involved in preparing stage programs. Mr. Lynn W. Fitzgerald, head of the music de- partment, types a test flower rightl for his long suffering harmony class, while two of the prospective victims look on. Art, Music, and The Stage is A X 6 'Z' f'Q.1T51- " ' K K 5 K -2 1 1 0 JF. gf7,f:xz,, .. V , ,1 ,.1 my Q fr in '11 fb, , ,.,, ,.,,,..V 555 Q59 'lfvksf ,,5gmv .. W . QT .5 s 9 , ,lf P Q N WY? mxfigxf ' .'WxQ2gl f K 4 y 1 '-gk F lvlr. A. B. Clark, bioloqy teacher, and Mr. William C. Vaughn, in- structor in physioqraphy and general science, Ccenterl survey a scientific experiment they have just made. Mr. Lorenzo Lisonbee, Mr. Dewey Marker, Mrs. Elsie Chason, and Mr. C. A, Brown Criqhtl inspect a repul- sion coil which is used in physics experiments. ,,,4 V.,-f Scientists Mr. D. G. Mullins and Mr. Fred Draper Cleft? discuss the problems of animal husbandry and crop culti- K 'i""'---......, A . . ' vation. Teaching - with a World Outlook Mr. F. V. tBucD Brown pours a cup cf hot, black coffee tor Mrs. Charlotte N. Cockerell, Cabovei in the teachers' cafeteria. Bud Brown teaches Amer- ican history, civics, and economics, while Mrs. Cockereil has American and World history classes. t WWW? Miss Ruth Adams and Mrs. Ioseph McKinney are pictured with Miss Elien Nitzkowski while she examines a current issue of Fortune magazine Cb iowi Miss Adams instructs Civics, economics, and international reiations Mr McKinney has economics, Civics, and American historyg and Miss N1t7koW ki teaches American and Latin American history. Mathemafically Minded Despite their apparent formality Mrs. H. E. Muth and Mr. Frank V. Gilleland fabove left? have been known on occasion to unbend and become quite informal and gay. Math teachers are subject to these varying moods. Mr. Henry Anderson, Mr. Henry Schmidt, and Mr. Herbert Drinkwater Cabove right? discuss problems of the mathematics department. Mr. Thomas Inman and Mr. ing a little difficulty over the algebra homework assignment. Maybe they should study our simplified textbooks, too. E' 'H ., 2 .is .rss-oA...f::l-:F A-:Jai-a'6'i. T. H. Utlaut appear to be hav- W ur' KW' 63' :itil Qf3Sl40i7f 090011 GPBGLQ 't They're All Business Miss Chloe Fields, Miss Ruth White, and Miss Elsie Deaver Cabove lettl chat together about their commercial classes. Mr. CQO. Stephens and Miss Beulah Twist Cabove rightl pause at the foot of the stairs for the photographer. Mr. Stephens teaches in the commercial department, while Miss Twist is doing an excellent job as head of the student ticket office and is also in charge ot the office training. Conversing about mutual problems in the mathematics department are Mr. Walter I. Wooden and Mr. Fred O. Mc- Donald Crightl. They Speak Many Languages Miss Martha White and Miss Mary Montgomery Cabovel examine a Spanish mask. Miss White teaches French and Spanish, while Miss Mont- gomery teaches Spanish. Miss Isabell Howatt, Spanish instructor, was en- joying a cup of coffee in the teachers' cafeteria when the photographer took this shot flower lettl. Latin teachers, Miss Eva Edwards and Miss Anna Schlichter, pose under a picture ot the ancient Colosseum in Rome flower rightl. if sg 4 , , j,?,Egi', .M ,, 1 Q uf' . ,512 T kfk. .is ', h k .- I R as YB I Ei g filltix gs 5 A155 13 F..-at-t ff 'J fa fi Crafts for Useful Hands Mr. Martin Marich, Mr. Lawrence Chard, and Mr. Thomas McCarty Cabovel of the industrial arts department discuss automobile mechanics. Also in the industrial arts department, Mr. Arthur M. Hawk, Mr. Fred Schade, and Mr. Vernon Hathcock Cbelowl examine an item of wood-craft made in the industrial shop. . QM. ri-x YFTQZZ wi ' BA. Good Sports-Outdoors and Indoors Coach Don Pace and Coach Rolly Caldwell tabove, leftl talk over this season's sports events. Coach C. A. Van Hoorebeke Cabove, riqhtl poses on the baseball field. Coach Van l-loorebeke is proud of the success of his Freshman basketball team as this is the first year that such a team has been sponsored. Instructors in the girls' physical education department are Miss Reqna Breneman, Mrs. Bettse Phelps, Mrs. Mary Hamilton, pianist for the dancing classes, and Miss Catherine Wilkinson tbelowl. f.-. p .1 After Work, a Little Relaxation Mr. Harold Williams and Miss Florine Kitts labovel dis- cuss rnatters pertaining to ori- entation classes and student counseling. Seen at the faculty tea were Mrs. H. E. Muth, Mr. Lynn W. Fitzgerald, and Mrs. Marilyn Bell chatting together Crightl. in was .-'gsv- A 'W 1. STUDENT BODY OFFICERS. Emorv Sekaquaptewa, Vice-president: Gyrene Grammar. Secretary-Treasurer: and - t 1 x , w X Ronald Pralor, President. s.. ,,y' txs None Better The year of l946-47 will be one never to be forgotten in the annals of North Phoenix High School and much of its success was due to the sustained eftorts of Ronald Prator, who led his student body with great fervor, and Emory Sekaquaptewa and Gyrene Grammar, who assisted him as Vice-President and Secretary-Treasurer. Through their leadership every campaign, every assembly, and every dance was a stupendous success. They have been loyal Mustangs. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE-Front row: Grammar, Dunlap, Hill, Monelte, Hawkins, Ianssen, Carollo, Sekaquaptewa. Second row: Miss Nitzkowski, Bohn, Katsenes, Pedrick, Prator, Brown, Moran, Norton. Dezember, Thompson. adership This year has seen many changes in our school policy and it has been the Executive Committee who has Worked with our Principal and teachers for these changes. Often this committee could be seen undertaking a crusade for the betterment of our campus. Even painting the trash containers and picking up papers came within their jurisdiction. Mistakes pertaining to the rules of our school are often made in our daily life and each year the students elect a group of fellow students who will attempt in the ensuing year to justify these mistakes. The Honor Court has become ct guiding and helpful institution at North High. HONOR COURT. Arolmd table. left to right: Long. Culhbertson. Hills, Ianssen, Miss Adams, Snow. Udall. Stegner, Martin. STUDENT COUNCIL-Front row: Robertson, Menhennet, Alexander, Pettengill, Chrisman, Carollo. Moore, Campbell, B. Iohnson, Gallman. Second row: Hook, Schonthaler, DeMund, Falk, Hawkins, Sebree, C. Iohnson. Sellers. Third row: Goodsell, Redmon, Monette, Robertson, Voeqele, Mc- Conaughey, Westerwick, Porter. Iennings. Fourth row: Mr. Inman, Sekaquaptewa, Dezember, Tetter, Katsenes, Pedrick, Greer, Grammer, Soza, Thomas, Hill, Grammar, Bein, Miss Nitzkowski. Our Voices As an advisory body, the Student Council is very active in the life of our school. Through it each student may have a voice in the running of the school. They discuss Red Cross drives, money-raising campaigns, and school policy. The Student Council well tultills the medium of self expression for the betterment ot North Phoenix High School. CLEAN UP! Members ot the Executive Committee put the Mustang brand on new waste paper cans they placed on the campus in the clean up cam- paign sponsored by the com- mittee. Lett to right: Marilyn Dunlap, Ronald Prator, Bill Cox, Gyrene Grammar, Dorothy Ians- sen, and Susan Carollo. RED CROSS CHAIRMEN. Front row: Dodds, Bradley, Wynn, Spaid, Fields. Murphy. Toy, Holmes, F. Iones. Second row: Pursley, Abney. Robinson. Gray, Fraser. R. Ionesf McSweeny. Phillips. Winqo. Third row: Reedy, Lilleviq, Love. Simmons. Simpson, Shanks. Black, Henrie. Mutter. For Others The children of Europe will long remember just such people as our Red Cross Chairmen, who this year Went out with zeal to collect food, clothing, and money for the starving peoples of the world. Their greatest undertaking Was that of raising money in order that our school might send several heifers to Europe for the relief of the children who are without milk or food there. The Social Committee has one of the most difficult jobs in arranging for entertainment for a student body as large as ours. Our dances would not have been a success Without their help. SOCIAL COMMITTEE. Front row Hess. Second row: Shea. Rhodes Henshcxw, Beaman. Best. Spcid. Bennett. Third row: Miller, Greer. The Boys' Alliance, with the able leadership of Louie Bohn as President: Wally Perry, as Vice-President and Bill Miller, as Secretary, has again had a very successful year. Of special interest to the students was the reinstatement of the Rhythm Roundup. A Man's World MUSTANG CONGRESS EXECUTIVE BOARD Front row Duerson Peterson. Si. Clair. Miller, Bohn. iff' Qzflafa MUSTANG CONGRESS. Front row: St. Clair, Perry, Iohnson. Simmons. Fisher. Zehr. Second row: Morgan, Koqer, Martin, Flickinqer. Long, Miller, Mann. Phillips. Third row: Wiedower. Carter, Stiller, Osborn, Icrrvis, Snyder. Hcruq, Bennett. Lewis. Ianson. Fourth row: Bohn. Duerson. Stevenson, Peterson, Fannin, Huggardt, Allen, Goodson, Bacon, W. Perry, Bunce. For Their Goal a Worthy Cause Since the beginning of our school, the Auditorium has been without the lettering which ee e e would inform the public that this was N.P.H.S. Through the efforts of the Boys' Alliance an adequate amount of money was raised through the showing of Tad Nichols' Paricutin film for this lettering. PARICUTIN. Shown, left to right, are Mr. Frank Anderson, Gene Peterson, Mr. Tad Nichols, cmd Louie Bohn. Mr. Nichols' film on the Volcano ol Pari- cutin was sponsored by the Boys' Alliance as u iund-raising project. wibg . , . rg , A 1 ik . -1 -2 wi- S D .,j"lfT5!l'l The hard working leaders of the Girls' League, shown in a very - casual moment, were Wende Chrisman, Secretary: Paula Pursley, Treasurer: Patsy Shea, Vice-president: and Cathy Hill, President. No Job Too Great! The Girls' League, under the capable leadership of Mrs. Iewell Rasloury, this year again revived the annual Fashion Show and also aided the Boys' Alliance in the Rhythm Roundup production. Girls Working together can accomplish a great deal, especially when they are energetic North High co-eds. With a group of forceful leaders and a cabinet which devoted its time and energy to worth While endeavor, much was accomp- lished this year. GIRLS' LEAGUE CABINET. Front row: Shea, Brown, Spaid, Broberq, Hayes, Chrisman, Chuka, Iones. Second row: Sill, Miss Kitts, Mrs. Rasbury, Pursley, Lewis, Hawkins, Hill. t GIRLS' LEAGUE COUNCIL. Front row: Allen, S. Brown, Condos, Bliss, Kimball, Bates, I. Brown, Geimer. Second row: Pound, Frost Retnes. Reich, Baker, Harrison, Colyer, Costanten. Third row: Leggett, Child, Marcum, Scott, Martin, Russell, Cole, Bone, Kelley, Cook. Fourth row: Falk, M. Brown, Womack, Ginn, Dehr, Dumont. Chuka. Koemer, Stevenson, Van Aken, Francis, Tsutsumida, Mrs. Rasbury. Working for the Fun of It The officers of the Girls' League would scarcely be able to carry on their duties it it were not for the rep- resentatives to the Girls' League Council, who give so ably ot their time and ideas. Mrs. Rasbury's oifice is a busy place. Student secretaries help her with the many activities of the Girls' League. r Unxrszssfezs' 'EF 52.511-W :ag V GjIuz'F,H'.4I. bfi . v - ' I I - , - V q , - H '. J, fx Seniors F our long years of combined hard work and good times are at last at an end for the Senior Class. The time has at last come for them to take leave of North High and start out on a new path of lite. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS. Left: Layne Black. Shirley Fields, and Dick Norton. Below: Marty Humphrey. Under the leadership ot their President, Dick Norton, Vice-President, Layne Blackg and Secretary-Treasurer, Shirley Fields, this class has reached the peak of advancement towards school spirit, which only tended tolmake them better leaders of the Student Body. They are the first class in North l-ligh's history to have school rings and they also established the precedence otlelecting the Senior Class King and Queen and other outstanding positions. The resignation during mid-year of popular and energetic President Dick Norton came as a shock and was much regretted by everyone. l-le was succeeded in the presidency by Vice- President Layne Black, who has very ably filled the position. Marty Humphrey, a popular and Widely-known senior, was then elected to fill the post of Vice-President. -T--. Q4 3 15 The First Senior Hop The Senior Hop, initiated this year by the Senior Class, is sure to always be one of the most anticipated events of the years to come. Amidst great gaiety and merry making Louis Bohn, Boys' Alliance Presi- dent, performed the ceremonies of crowning the Senior Class King, Ronald Prator, and the Queen, popular Norma Lee Bedilion. Afterwards, the two awarded certificates of merit to those who had been elected the outstanding members of the class and then reigned supreme for the remainder of the dance. 1553 ,- s!f.gfg,,,M ' Honored by For the tirst time in the history of North High, our Senior Class voted to elect a King and Queen, an outstand- ing boy and girl, the most handsome boy and the most beautiful girl, best athletes, and the boy and girl most likely to succeed. Don Summers and Betty Burrall Won the titles of handsome seniors, and Ronald Prator and Norma Lee Bedilion Were Voted King and Queen. C463 :D 'WM SENIORS' CHOICE. Honored by vote of their classmates 'are the Seniors pictured on these two pages. Clockwise, from lower lelt: Bob Charles, boy most likely to succeed: Elizabeth Van Akin and Don Meloche, outstanding athletes: Ronald Prator and Norma Lee Bedilion, King and Queen: Don Summers and Betty Burrall, best looking boy and girl: Dick Norton and Shirley Fields, most outstanding boy and girl: and Betty Udell, girl most likely to succeed. Their Class Elizabeth Van Akin and Don Meloche Were named the year's most oustanding athletes. Senior class officers Dick Norton and Shirley Fields were elected the two most outstanding seniors for their great accomplishments for their class, and Betty Udell and Bob Charles carried the laurels of the girl and boy most likely to succeed. 4471 'S i ' Q ' V V 4 h i- J E: 77- if, I r Q VIVIAN IANET ABNEY-High School Graduation7 Howdy Pardners l7 Fidelis Club 2, Secretary 37 Y-Teens 47 Pan-American Club 27 Iunior Red Cross Chairman 4. WILLIAM ACKERMAN-tPreJEngineering7 I-Iomeroom Vice-president 27 Pan American Club Vice-president 2. DON ADAMS-Pre-Engineering7 Homeroom Chairman lj Espanlata Club 27 ROTC Club 3, 4. LOIS AI-ILENE-Liberal Arts Ill I-Iomeroom Secretary 47 Espanlata Club 37 Glee Club 3. ARLENE ALLEN-Liberal AIISJ I-Iomeroom Treasurer 17 Howdy Pardners I7 GAA l, 2, 3, 47 Student Council 37 Y-Teens 47 Girls' League Representative 2. IOE F. ALLEN-Pre-Enginee-ring7 Football 2, 3, 47 Espan- lata Club I7 I-Iomeroom President 27 Pan-American Club Vice-president 27 Mustang Congress 4. KENNETH B. ANDERSON-High School Graduationg Es- panlata Club 37 I-Iomeroom Social Chairman 37 Pep Club 4. BILL ANDERSON-Pre-Engineering7 I-lomeroom Presi- dent 2. BARBARA ARMER-SecretariaI7 GAA 2, 3, 4: Pep Club 47 Fidelis Club 27 Girls' League Representative 3. IAMES ARNOLD-High School Graduation7 Stadium Club l, Z. DAVE ASKINS-Liberal Arts7 Varsity Football 3, 47 Golf Team 3, 47 Legio I-Ionoris 27 Homeroom President 47 Lettermen's Club 4. RICHARD E. BACON-Liberal Arts7 ROTC Club 3, Chaplain 47 ROTC Captain 47 Spanish Club l, 2, 37 Mustang Congress 47 Boxing Club 27 I-Ii-Y Club 3, 4. WAYNE MARION BAKER-Liberal Artsp All-School Play 37 Woodwind Quintet 37 Iunior-Senior Play 37 Band 3, 47 Thespians 3, 47 Music Committee 3. PAT BALL-Liberal Arts7 I-lomeroom President 27 Espan- lata Club 17 Howdy Pardners Secretary l7 Glee Club l, 2, 3, 47 Girls' League Vaudeville 27 Iunior-Senior Play 3, 4. WILLIAM HOWARD BARKER-Merchandising. EARL BARTEE--High School Graduation5 Hi-Y Club 2, 3, 45 Varsity Basketball 3, 4. LOUISE BARR-Pre-Nursing5 GAA 4. KIBBY H. BARWICK-High School Graduation: Girls' League Vaudeville 1, 25 Junior-Senior Play 45 Thespians 45 Mustang Congress 35 Glee Club l, 2, 3, 45 Roundup 4. I. WENDELL BASHAM-High School Graduationg Golden Eagles Secretary-treasurer 4. ALBERT BASILA-Pre-Medical: Homeroom President l. NANCY BEAMAN-Liberal Arts5 Honor Court Iudge 35 Student Council 35 Social Committee l, Secretary 45 Parnassus l, 2, 3, 45 Music Committee 45 Homeroom Offices l, 2, 3, 4. HELEN YVONNE BEASLEY-High School Graduationg Glee Club 3. DAVID WILLIAM BEEBE-High School Graduation. ALEX BECHTEL--High School Graduation. CLARYCE BECK-Liberal Arts: Parnassus l, 2, 3, 45 GAA 2, 3, Senior Representative 45 Y-Teens Social Chairman 45 Girls' League Council 25 Espanlata Club lg Auditorium Club 2. NORMA LEE BEDILION--Liberal Arts II5 Homeroom Secretary-treasurer l5 Howdy Pardners 2, 3, 45 Girls' League Vaudeville 25 Rhythm Roundup 25 Homeroom Service Chairman 45 Iunior-Senior Play Committee 4. ELAINE BEINfLiberal Artsy Parnassus l, 3, 45 Home- room Secretary 25 Iunior-Senior Play 35 Girls' League Council 15 Pan-American Club Secretary Z5 Homeroom Service Chairman 3. BOB BENNET-High School Graduation. WOODY BISCOE-High School Graduation. ARLINE BISHOP-vLiberal Artsg Transfer from Grosse Iles, Michigan. BARBARA BISSETT- Liberal Arts II, GAA. LAYNE BLACK-Pre-Engineering, Senior Class Vice- president 4, ROTC Captain 4, ROTC Club 3, 4, Senior Class Advisory Committee 4, Auditorium Club 3, VIRGINIA BLAINE--Liberal Arts II, Homeroorn Presi- dent lg Service Chairman l, 2, lunior-Senior Play 3, Howdy Pardners 2, Girls' League Vaudeville Z, Girls' League Council Vice-president 4. IOYCELYN ELAINE BLISS--General Curriculum, Howdy Pardners 1, 2, 3, 4, Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4, Espanlata Club 2, GAA 2, 3, Horizon Club 1, 2, Pan-American Club 2. NICHOLAS A. BOETTO---High School Graduation, Home- room President 4, Golden Eagles 4. LOUIS L. BOHNfLiberal Arts, Boys' Alliance Presi- dent 4, Mustang Congress 3, Board 4, Thespians 2, 3, President 4, Hooibeats Staff 2, 3, 4, Roundup Staff 2, 3, lunior-Senior Play 3, 4. Q' EARL F. BOLTZ-Pre-Engineering, Transfer from South High, Denver, Colorado, Baseball 4. DONNA BOWLES---High School Graduation, Fidelis Club. MARTHA LEE BOWMAN ---- -High School Graduation, Honor Court Representative 1. IAN BRAGG---Liberal Arts, Legio Honoris Treasurer Z, GAA l, Student Council 2, Girls' League Representa- tive 1. IILL ANNE BRANNING---Social Service, Legio I-Ionoris 3, Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4, Service Chairman 3. IULIEN BROCK-Liberal Arts. CATHERINE BROOKS-Liberal Arts II, Homeroom Serv- ice Chairman 1, Glee Club 3, Orchestra 3. LINDA BROOKS-Liberal Arts, lunior Class Secretary- treasurer 3, Mustang Roundup Editorial Board 2, 3, 4, Hoofbeats Staff 3, Band I, 2, 3, 4, Social Committee 2, Secretary 3, Parnassus 1, 2, 3, 4. LUCILLE BROWN-Social Service, GAA 3, 4. MILDRED BROWN-High School Graduation. VELDA BROWN-Law and Government: Espanlata Club lg Speech Club 35 Legio Honoris 37 ROTC Major 4. ANN BROWNING-Liberal Arts II: Entered from George Washington High School, Alexandria, Virginia. IDA ELAINE BUEFORD-High School Graduationy Audi- torium Club 3y Howdy Pardners l, 25 Roundup 4g Lieutenant Colonel Girls' ROTC 4. LA WANDA BURKS-High School Graduationp Howdy Pardners 3. BETTY BURRALLeLiberal Arts, Student Council l, 27 Executive Committee 27 Parnassus 2, Homeroom Sec- retary 4. MARILYN BURSON-Liberal Artsg Thespians 3, 47 Tennis Team 3, 4, I-lomeroom Secretary-treasurer 37 Junior-Senior Play 3. MARY CAMPBELL-High School Graduation. AVERILL D. CARLISLE IR. --Pre-Engineering: Class Club 3, Secretary-treasurer 45 Mustang Congress l, 21 Espanlata Club lg Legio Honoris 21 Parnassus Z. ROBERT CARLISLEe-High School Graduation. SUSAN CAROLLOeLiberal Artsy Executive Commit- tee 47 Student Council 45 Girls' League Council 35 Iunior-Senior Play 35 Parnassus Z, 3, Uniform Com- mittee 1, Z. PATSY CARTER-High School Graduation. MEREDITH CARYwPre-Medical, Second Team Foot- ball Zg Band 2, 3, 4. CAROLYN CASEY-Liberal Arts Hg Band 3, 4. EUGENE CASH-Vocational Agriculture. 1. 2. HM CASH-High School Graduation7 ROTC 47 Thespians 3, 47 Iunior-Senior Play 37 All-School Play 3, 4. ELINOR CAUGHLIN--Liberal Arts7 Howdy Pardners 1, 2, 37 Homeroom President 1, Secretary 47 Iunior- Senior Play 4. BOB CHARLES-Pre-Engir1eering7 Varsity Tennis 1, 2, 3, 47 Second Team Basketball 1, Z7 Homeroom Officer 4. RONALD CHENEY-Liberal Arts7 PFA 17 Spanish Club 47 Stamp Salesman 2. LILA CHESHIREfl-ligh School Graduation7 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 47 Thespians 3, 47 Y-Teens 47 Junior-Senior Play 3, 47 All-School Play 37 Homeroom Secretary l. ELVA CHESTER-Liberal Arts7 Homeroom Chairman 17 Girls' League Council 17 Student Council 17 Howdy Pardners 3. MARIE CHILDERS--Liberal Arts7 Art Club 37 Y-Teens 47 Howdy Pardners 4. DORIS IEAN CHRISTY-High School Graduation7 Pep Club 4: Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4. Tl-IERESA CHUKA--V-Liberal Arts7 Homeroom Officer 1, 2, 37 Espanlata Club 1, 27 Howdy Pardners 1, 27 Girls' League Council 1, 2, 47 Assemblies 3, 47 Girls' League Treasurer 4. ELLEN CLEVELAND---Commercia17 Transfer from Utica High School, Utica, Michigan. BETTY IEAN CLOUD-Secretarial7 GAA 1, 2, 3, Treasurer 47 Homeroom Vice-president 1, 27 Student Council 1, 47 Homeroom Secretary-treasurer 1, 27 Parnassus 1, 2, 3. DAN COOK-High School Graduation7 Glee Club 3, 4. MARIORIE COON-High School Graduation. IOCELYN COOPERfLiberal Arts 117 Russian Club 37 Pan-American Club 2, 37 Parnassus 3, 47 Auditorium Club 4. IOHN CONDOSeHigh School Graduation7 Varsity Foot- Ball 47 Homeroom Secretary-treasurer 4. MARGARET COPLAN--High School Graduation. HOMER C, CRAIN-Pre-Engineering. IOHN CRANE-f-Social Service7 Glee Club l, 2, 3, 47 Mixed Glee Club 3, 47 Flying Club 47 Parnassus 4. DONALD CREAMER-Pre-Medical7 Homeroom Vice- president 2, 37 Homeroom President 47 Student Council l, 37 Band l, 2, 3, Second Lieutenant 4. BILL CROCKETT-Engineering7 Hi-Y Club 2, 3, Officer 47 Homeroom President 3, 47 Mustang Congress 27 FFA 27 Stadium Club l, 2, 3. ROBERT FRED CUTHBERTSON-Pre-Medical7 Parnassus 2, 3, 47 ROTC Club 3, 47 ROTC Band 1, Z, 3, 47 Science Club 37 Biology Science Award 27 ROTC First Lieu- tenant 4. ELLEN DABBSAHigh School Graduation. BILL DALY--Social Service7 Baseall Team: Mustang Congress Representative. MARY DANNER-High School Graduation, FLORENCE DATTILO-High School Graduation7 Y- Teens 4. LEANNA DAVIES-Liberal Arts. IACOUELYN DAVIS-Liberal Arts ll: Glee Club l, 2, 3, 47 Concerts l, 2, 3, 47 Trio 3, 47 Mustang Roundup 27 lunior-Senior Play 37 Legio Honoris 2. WAYNE DELVlN'vScientific7 Science Club 3, 47 Chess Club 3, 47 Espanlata Club 17 Parnassus 2, 3, 47 Legio I-lonoris 2. ELAINE DICKEY-Liberal Arts: l-lomeroom President 27 l-lomeroorn Vice-president 27 Iunior-Senior Play 37 All- School Play 37 The-spian President 4. DOROTHY DODSON-High School Graduation. BILL DONALDSON-Pre-Engineering, Hi-Y 3, 4, Service Chairman 3. LOIS DRIGGS----Liberal Arts, Thespians I, 2, 3, 4, Home- room Secretary 3, Iunior-Senior Play 3, 4, Vaudeville 2, Assembly Play 3. HUGH CAMPBELL DUERSON-Pre-Aviation, Rifle Team 3, 4, Camera Club Treasurer 3, Mustang Congress 3, 4, ROTC Second Lieutenant 45 Rifle Club Vice-president 4. PAT DUNNEeLiberal Arts II, Transfer from Arlington Heights High School, Fort Worth, Texas, French Club 4, Howdy Pardners 4. BILL EATON-Liberal Arts, Iunior-Senior Play 4, ROTC First Lieutenant 4, Mustang Roundup Staff Artist 3, Chess Club 3, Mustang Congress 3, VIRGINIA EDMUND-Pre-Nursing, Girls' League Rep- resentative I, Honor Court Representative, Social Chair- man I. SUE ESCHMEYER--Liberal Arts, Thespians 3, 4, Par- nassus 4, Espanlata Club I, 2, Iunior-Senior Play 3, Pan-American Club 2, Rhythm Roundup I. RUTH ESSEXeLiberal Arts, Glee Club I, 2, 4, Par- nassus 1, 2, 3, 4, Spanish American Club 2, Girls' League Council I. BOB EVANS-Liberal Arts, ROTC Band I, 2, 3. NOREAN EVANS- -Pre-Nursing. DARRELL. EVENSON-Pre-Medical, Legio Honoris 2, Service Chairman 4. PAUL ESKEW-High School Graduation. GLENN M. FARRELL-Liberal Arts, Student Council 3, Band 3, 4, Hi-Y Club 3, 4. BILL FARROW-Pre-Engineering, ROTC Club 3, Student Council 2, Mustang Congress 2. DOLORES FAST-General Business. SHIRLEY ANN FIELDS-Liberal Arts5 Senior Class Sec- retaryvtreasurer 45 Homeroom Secretary-treasurer 35 Girls' League Council Representative 35 Latin Club l, 25 Red Cross Chairman. CLARENCE A. FINCH-Liberal Arts H5 Homeroom Vice- president l5 Mustang Congress 35 Varsity Basketball 35 Second Team Basketball 25 Espanlata Club l. GESFORD FRANCISfLiberal Arts5 ROTC Major 45 ROTC Club 3, Secretary 45 Homeroom President l. RUTH FRANCIS-Pre-Medical5 Girls' League Repre- sentative l, 3, 45 GAA 4. BRUCE FRAZIER-Liberal Arts5 Rifle Club 1, 25 Science Club 35 Radio Club 45 Pan-American Club l, 25 Los Leones 2. ELLEN FRENCH-Liberal Arts H5 Transfer from San Diego High School, San Diego, California. HELEN FRICKE-Homemaking5 Howdy Pardners 3, 4. CLARICE FRIDENMAKER-High School Graduation. HERSCHEL FORTNER-High School Graduation5 Home- room Secretary-treasurer 4. LAWRENCE A. FULLER-Pre-Engineering5 Varsity Bas- ketball 3, 45 Second Team Basketball 25 Lettermen's Club 3, 4. GRETA FUNKeLiberal Arts5 Espanlata Club l5 Los Leones 25 Library Club 25 Russian Club 35 Hostess Checker 4. BETHANY FYKE-Liberal Arts5 Y-Teens 3, 45 Parnassus 3, 45 Legio Honoris 35 Public Speaking Vice-president 35 Bellatores 45 Auditorium Club Co-captain 4. MARLENE GALLMAN-Liberal Arts5 GAA l, 2, lunior Representative 3, President 45 Legio Honoris 25 Student Council Representative 4. IOAN GANZ-Liberal Arts5 Homeroom Chairman 25 Homeroom Treasurer 45 lunior-Senior Play 45 Par- nassus l, 3. PAT GARLAND-Pre-Medical5 Homeroom Secretary- treasurer l., 35 Legio Honoris 25 Iunior-Senior Play 35 Social Chairman 4. BILL GARTSIDE-High School Graduation. IEANNE GARY-Liberal Arts Il, GAA 2, 3, 4, Legio I-lonoris 25 Girls' League Representative 3. IOAN GATESeLiberal Arts: Transfer from Gunnison High School. IIMMY C. GEORGEeCollege Preparatoryg Transfer from Kansas City, ROTC Club 4. WANDA GODFREY-High School Graduationg Pep Club 47 Stadium Club 4. SHIRLEY GOLDSTEIN-liberal Arts. IERRY I. GOODSON-Pre-Engineeringp Mustang Con- gress 47 Band 2, 3, Officer 47 I-Ii-Y Club 3, 4, ROTC Club 3, 4g Service Chairman lg Rifle Club 4. FRED GORE-College Preparatory: Varsity Football 45 Lettermen's Club. GYRENE GRAMMAR-Liberal Arts: Student Body Sec- retary-treasurer 47 Student Council 1, 3, 4, Executive Committee 1, 3, 4: Girls' League Cabinet Treasurer 3, Council President 27 GAA 2, Treasurer 3, Publicity Chairman 4, Tennis Team 4. DONALD GREEN-High School Graduation: Golden Eagles 4, Veterans Committee 4. ROBERT GREENeLiberal Arts, National Honor Society, Parnassus l, 2, 3, 47 Thespians Z, 31 Latin Club 2, 3, 41 Chess Club 3, 4, Honor Court Iudge 4. PAGE GREER-Scientificg I-li-Y Club Vice-president 47 ROTC Band 2, 3, Second Lieutenant 47 ROTC Club 45 Student Council 47 Social Committee Treasurer 4. IOI-IN P. GREGG IIIiPre-Engineering: Varsity Basket- ball 35 Varsity Track 3, 47 Lettermen's Club 4. DAN GRISWOLD-PresEngineerinqg Parnassus l, 2, 3, 47 I-Ii-Y 2, Treasurer 3, President 47 ROTC Club 3, Treasurer 4: I-lomeroom Vice-president 2. BONNIE GUNTER-Liberal Arts II: GAA 1, 25 Student Council 27 Pan-American Club 25 Girls' League Rep- resentative 1. HARRY GEYER-Pre-Engineering, ROTC Club 45 ROTC Second Lieutenant 4. THOMAS GENE HAGGARD-Pre-Aviation, Mustang Congress 45 Service Chairman 3, Livewires Vice-presi- dent 4. ANN HAMEL--Liberal Arts ll: Auditorium Club 37 Los Leones 3, Howdy Pardners 4. ANNA LOU HAMMON---Liberal Arts, Howdy Pardners 2, Homeroom Secretary lg Social Chairman 3: Girls' League Council 1, 2: Student Council 3. CHARLES HAMMER-High School Graduation. CURTIS DALE HARDYCK-High School Graduation. DOTTIE LOU HARRINGTON-Liberal Arts, Parnassus 37 Espanlata lp Ouill and Scroll 2, 3, 47 Orchestra l, 25 Roundup Staff 2, 35 Hoofbeats Staff 3, 4. MARY LEA HARTMAN-Liberal Arts, Transfer from Phoenix Union High School. PHILLIP DONALD HARVEY-Pre-Engineering: Student Council 3, Hi-Y Club 3, 4, ROTC Major 45 ROTC Club 3, 4. ELAINE ANN HASL-Secretarial: Service Chairman 3, Pep Club 4. IANET LENORE I-IEDRICK-Liberal Arts: GAA 2, 3: Camera Club 2, 3, 4, Auditorium Club 45 Roundup Staff 3, 4, Legio Honoris 35 Bellatores 4. MARY ANN HELLMUND-Liberal Arts: GAA 2, Legio Honoris 25 Library Club 4, Fidelis 2. DONALD HELM-Liberal Arts Il: Espanlata Club lg Livewire Club 4. PAT HESS-Liberal Artsg Girls' League Cabinet 35 FFA l, 2, 3, 4, Social Committee Chairman 45 Homeroom Officer 1, 2, 3, 45 Parnassus 2, 31 Band l, 2, 3, 4. MARY LOUISE HICKS-eLiberal Arts, Howdy Pardners 3, Vice-president 41 Espanlata Club l, 2, Social Com- mittee 3, 4, Essay Awards 2, 3, 4, DOLLIE HIGGINBOTHAM-Liberal Arts: Legio Honoris 25 Stamp Salesman l, 27 Rhythm Roundup 2. LUCILLE HIGH-Liberal Arts: Y-Teens 4. CATHERINE ANN HILL-Liberal Arts: Girls' League Representative lg Student Council Representative 2, Homeroom Service Chairman 3, Girls' League Vice- president 3, President 45 Homeroom Secretary-treasurer 4. HERBERT STEVEN HILLER-Pre'Medical. ELAINE HINKLE-High School Graduation. DAVID HUDACK-Liberal Artsp Stadium Club 3, 47 Parnassus Club 3, 4. ADOLPH HOEHN-High School Graduation: Homeroom President 45 Service Chairman 3, 4. MARTHA HOLMES-Liberal Arts: Red Cross Chair- man 4. DON HOLROYD-High School Graduation: Band l, 2, 37 Homeroom President 2, 47 Legio Honoris 2. CHARLES HOPKINS-High School Graduation. JEAN ELLEN HOWARD-High School Graduation: Girl Reserves 2, Red Cross Chairman 4. DONNA HULL-Liberal Arts: Girls' League Representa- tive Zg Service Chairman 45 GAA 4. STANLEY K. HULL-Liberal Arts? Boys' Alliance Sec- retary-treasurer 31 ROTC Club 3, 4: ROTC First Lieu- tenant 4, Basketball 2, 3, 45 Homeroom President l, 25 Student Council 4. MARSHALL HUMPHREY-Agricultural College Prepara tory: Homeroom President 1, 2, 3, 45 FFA l, 2, 3, Vice- president 41 Student Council l, 2, Mustang Congress 35 Senior Class Advisory Committee 45 ROTC Captain 4. BETTY IO I-IUSKISONvLiberal Arts. BETTY LOU HYDE-Liberal Arts5 Legio Honoris 25 French Club 35 l-lomeroorn Service Chairman 4. TOM ISABELLSI-ligh School Graduation5 Mustang Congress 1, 35 FFA 2, 4, Treasurer 35 ROTC l, 2, 35 Glee Club 4. PETE IZUMI--High School Graduation: Varsity Foot- ball 35 Varsity Baseball 3. BETTY lACKSON+Liberal Arts5 Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Girls' League Representative 45 Pan-American Club 25 Fedilis 1. SHIRLEY IAMES---High School Graduation. DALE E. IANES-High School Graduation. DOROTHY IEAN IANSSEN-Liberal Arts5 Honor Court Chief Iustice 45 Y-Teens 2, Secretary 3, President 45 Library Club l, 2, 3, 45 Parnassus l, 2, 3, 45 Pan-Amer? can Club 25 Executive Committee 4. DONALD IANSON-Music, Band l, 2, 3, 45 Iunior- Senior Play 3, 45 All-School Play 3, 45 Mustang Roundup 2, 3, Editor 45 Thespians 3, 45 -Ouill and Scroll 3, 4. BOB IOHNSON-Liberal Arts5 Mustang Congress l, 2, 35 Stadium Club 1, 3, Vice-president 2. DONNA JOHNSON-Pre-Medical: Band l, 2, 35 Par- nassus 1, Z, 35 Girls' League Cabinet 25 Homeroom President 1, Vice-president 35 Legio Honoris 2. HILARY IOI-lNSONvCollege Preparatory5 Transfer from Pittsburgh, Perm. Varsity Football 45 Varsity Basket- Ball 45 Lettermen's Club 4. MELVIN IOHNSON-High School Graduation. KATHERINE KATSENES-High School Graduation. IOHN T. KATSENES-Liberal Arts5 Hi-Y Club 2, 3, 45 Executive Committee 45 Pan-American Club 25 Student Council 4: Baseball 35 Colts Football 3. IOHN CLIFTON KAU-Agricultural5 FFA Club: Second Team Footballp Varsity Football. BETTY IO KAYETAN- -Liberal Arts7 Girls' League Vaudeville 27 Mustang Roundup 27 Iunior-Senior Play 37 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 47 Howdy Pardners 37 Assemblies 3, 4. SALLY KEELING-High School Graduation7 Transfer from Trinity I-Iiqh Schoo17 Pep Club 4. LOUISE KEITH-I-Iigh School Graduatior17 Cheer Leader 37 Music Secretary 3, 47 Class Secretary 17 Program Chairman 2, 37 Ticket Chairman 3. PATRICIA KELLEY--Liberal Arts7 Leqio Honoris Club 27 ABC Latin Club 3, Howdy Pardners 2, Vice-president 4. PI-IYLLIS KERRfLiberaI Arts7 Leqio I-Ionoris 27 Assem- blies 37 Thespians 47 Parnassus 4. CAMILLE IOAN KING-Liberal Arts7 Student Council 17 Homeroom Secretary 1, Z7 Band 2, 37 Iunior Class Vice- president 37 Social Committee 37 Parnassus 1, 2, 3, 4. IMOGENE KIRBY-Secretarial. IEAN KLAUSS- Liberal Arts7 Transfer from Ft. Myers I-Iiqh School, Ft. Myers, Fla., 4. CI-IARLIEN KLEINERTeI'iiqh School Graduation. Home- room Chairman 17 Pcrrnassus I, 27 Fidelis I, 27 Vice- president 3, President 47 Red Cross Chairman 3. MIKE KOBASI-II-High School Graduation. MARY KOERNERePre-Medical7 Parnassus 1, 2, 3, 47 Leqio I-Ionoris President 27 French Club 3, 47 Homeroom President 27 Girls' League Representative 4. IAMES MORRISON LAMBERT-Chemistry: lunior-Senior Play 3, 47 Photography Club 37 Spanish Club Presi- dent 27 I-li-Y Club 37 Parnassus 1, 2, 3, 47 Thespians 3, 4. WILLIAM ROBERT LANE-Scientific7 Science Club 1. FRANKIE IO LANTER-Liberal Arts: I-Iomeroom Secre- tary 17 Pan-American Club 27 Student Council 37 Home- room President 47 Espanlata Club 1. DON LAWRENCE----College Preparatory7 Transfer from California 37 Rifle Team 3, 4. SALLY LEAHY--Liberal Arts, Legio Honoris 4, Par' nassus 3, 47 Iunior-Senior Play: Vaucleville 2, Service Chairman ly Spanissh Club Secretary l, 2. HENRY LEATHERS-High School Graduation, Hi-Y Club 3, 47 Mustang Congress 31 Espanlata Club 2, Service Chairman 3. GANO LOVE-High School Graduation: Homeroorn President l, 4. PAT LEDBETTER-Arty GAA 2, 3, 4, l-lorneroom Vice- president 3. REBA LEIB-High School Graduation. DIANA LEGGETT-High School Graduation. COLLEEN RUTH LEVVALLEN-Secretarial. IERRY LEWKOWITZ-Law and Government: Homeroom Officer 1, 2, 47 lunior-Senior Play 3, 47 Latin Clubs l, 2, 31 ROTC Band l, Z, 3, Executive Officer 4, ROTC club 3, 4, All-School Play 3, 4. ZOE LINDBERG-Scientific, Rhythm Roundup lg Legio Honoris 27 French Club 45 Parnassus 2, 3, 4. CHARLES LINDERSI-ligh School Graduation. GEORGE M. LINDLEY-Liberal Arts: I-lomeroorn Presi- dent lg Mustang Congress l, 45 Student Council lg ROTC First Lieutenant 4, Boxing Club 2, 3. PAULINE LITTLE--High School Graduation. LESLIE I. LLOYD-High School Graduation, Mustang Congress l, 27 Homeroom President 3, Vice-president 4, ROTC Captain 4, ROTC' Club 3, 4. DICK LOGAN--High School Gracluationg Varsity Foot- ball 3p Varsity Baseball 3, 4. IEAN ELAINE LUDWIG-Social Service: Mustang Roundup 3, 47 Hoofbeats Staff 4. 1. 2. IOYCE LUSK--High School Graduation. PAUL MANGINO- Liberal Arlsf Cheer Leader 47 Home- room Secretary 4, Vice-president 37 Mustang Congress 27 Track 2. PATRICIA ANN MARCUM-High School Graduationg Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4. MARY MARSOMGI-ligh School Graduation. IACK S. MATSUMOTO-Liberal Arts7 Mustang Con- gress 3. NORMA RUTH MATZ-Liberal Arts7 Student Council 3. BARBARA MAYNARD-High School Graduation7 Glee Club l, 2, 3, 47 Homeroom Ticket Salesman l. MARGARET DELL McCANLlES+l-ligh School Gradua- tion: Homeroom Secretary-treasurer 47 Girls' League Representative 37 Girl Reserves 3. DONALD LEE MCCLAIN-V--Pre-Aviation7 Homeroom Sec- retary-treasurer 27 Cheer Leader 37 Homeroom Vice- president 4. MARY McCOMBSfLiberal Arts7 l-lomeroom Service Chairman 37 All-School Play 37 lunior-Senior Play 37 Thespians 3, 47 Blue and Silver Ball Committee Chair- man 4. MARCIA MCCONOUGHEY--Pre-Medical7 Student Coun- cil Representative 47 French Club 3, 47 Girl Reserves l, 27 Auditorium Club 47 Legio Honoris 2. ELIZABETH MCDONALD--Liberal Arts7 Legio Honoris 2. OREN L. McDOWELL-Liberal Arts7 Varsity Basket- ball 3, 47 Second Team Football 37 Second Team Basketball 27 Homeroom President 4. VAN H. MCHENRY-Liberal Arts7 Golden Eagles. GEORGE M. MCFALL-High School Graduation. Masque of the Yellow Moon l7 Golden Eagles 4. BOB MCKINNEY-Liberal Arts, Baseball l, 2, 3, 47 Homeroom Vice-president 2, 4, President l, 3, ROTC Club 3, 47 ROTC First Lieutenant 3, Captain 4. BYRL MEEKS-Liberal Arts, ROTC Club 4. MARY IEAN MEHL-High School Graduation, Home- room Officer 4. DON MELOCI-IE-High School Graduation, Varsity Football Z, 3, Captain 4, Lettermen's Club 2, 3, 4. GORDON MERRILL--Accounting. WILDA MEYERS-Liberal Arts, Homeroom President 3,45 Student Council 25 Russian Club 3. CAROL MILLER-Liberal Arts, GAA 4. CORINNE MILLER-High School Graduation. DUANE DAVID MILLER-Agricultural College Prepara- tory, FFA l, 2, Vice-president 3, President 4, Varsity Football 3, 4, Varsity Basketball 3, Varsity Tennis 3, 45 Boxing Club 2. PHYLLIS IOAN MILLER-Liberal Arts, Girl Reserves 2, 3, 47 Legio Honoris 2: Homeroom Salesman 33 Band 2, 3, 4, Shuttexbuq Club 4. VERA ANN MILLER-Liberal Arts. RICHARD MlLLlNfPre-Engineering. FRANK I... MITCHELL-High School Graduationg Band l, 2, 3, 4. HELEN MITTLER-Liberal Arts lg Girls' League Repre- sentative lp Student Council l, 27 Chess Club. ALBERT LEE MOORE IR,--Liberal Arts: Service Chair- man Zg Homeroom President 4, ROTC First Lieutenant 4. f f .ef ,J DONALD C. MOORE-High School Graduationg Home- room President 45 Glee Club 3. JOAN MOORE-Liberal Arts, Homeroom President 3, GAA lg Thespians 35 Iunior-Senior Play 45 Girls' League Representative 2, 47 Assemblies l, 2, 3, 4. RAY MORGAN--General: Mustang Congress 4. BETTY IANE MORRlSiLiberal Arts. DONALD H. MORRlSfLiberal Arts: Pamassus 2, 3, Varsity Football 47 Legio Honoris 2: Horneroom Secre- tary 3, Second Team Football 3. LUCILLE MORRIS-Secretarial, Band l, 2, 3, 47 Howdy Pardners 2, Homeroom Vice-president 2, Stamp Seller 3. LOTS MORTENSEN-Secretarial, I-Ioofbeats Business Manager 35 Roundup 2. HOWARD MOSES+l-ligh School Graduation. HELENA MARIA MATYIA-High School Graduation, Horneroom Vice-president 1. ROBERT MOWATT-Liberal Arts, ROTC Lieutenant 45 Golf Club 35 Golf Team 4. ELAINE MULLINS-Secretarial: Band lg Glee Club 3. IOAN CAROLYN MURPHYeLiberal Arts ll: Girls' League 35 Bellatores 4, Library Club 4, Legio I-lonoris 3. DALTON NORMAN-Liberal Arts: Espanlata Club 2, ROTC Major 4. DEE NESMITI-tel-ligh School Graduation, All-School Play 35 lunior-Senior Play 3, 4, PTA Program 45 Glee Club Concert 3, Thespians 3, 4, Legio Honoris 3. SUE NICHOLSON-High School Graduation. DICK NORTON-Pre-Engineering7 Honor Court lustice 37 Boxing Club President 2, 37 Cheer Leader 37 Hi-Y Secretary 37 Senior Class President 47 Rotary Club Representative 4. WILMER I. OSTERMEIER-High School Graduation7 Transfer from Strasburg Community High School, Ill. MELVIN OWENS-Pre-Engineering7 Parnassus 17 Hi-Y Club 3, 47 Homeroom Vice-president 1, 3. CAROLYN PARSONS-Liberal Arts7 Freshman Class Secretary-treasurer 17 Legio 1-Ionoris Vice-president 37 Girls' League Representative 27 Homeroom Secretary- treasurer 2. FRANK PATRICK-Pre'Engineering7 Mustang Congress 17 Parnassus l, 27 Los Leones 27 Hi-Y 4. IERRY PATTERSON-Pre-Engineering7 Horneroom Presi- dent 1, 27 Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Treasurer 47 ROTC Second Lieutenant 3, ROTC Lieutenant Colonel 47 Sophomore Class Vice-president 2. ETHEL PEARCE-Homemaking7 Pan-American Club 1,27 Girls' League Representative 27 Iunior-Senior Play 37 Howdy Pardners 27 Social Chairman 3. MARY PENCE- Secretarial7 GAA 2, 3, 47 Art Club 37 Pep Club 4. W'ALLACE PERRY-Liberal Arts7 ROTC Club 3, 47 Mustang Congress 1, 2, 3, Viceepresident 47 Homoroom President 1, 27 Los Leones Z. IOHN PETERSON-Pre-Medical7 Legio Honoris 27 Home- room President 37 Hi-Y Club 3, Secretary 4. GENE PETERSON--Pre-Engineerfng7 1-li-Y 3, 47 Second Team Tennis 27 Student Council 27 Mustang Congress l, Executive Board 4. IEAN MARIE PHILLIPS --Liberal Arts Il: Glee Club 1, 27 Espanlata Club 17 Legio Honoris 27 Homeroom Secre- tary-treasurer 2, 47 Girls' League Representative. ROBERT A. PHILLIPS-Agricultureg FFA 1, DIANA PIERCE-Liberal Arts. DIANE PINK1-IAM--Liberal Arts7 Homeroom President Z7 Executive Committee 27 All-School Play 3, Thespians 3, 47 Student Council 4. J Cl-IARLINE PINYAN- High School Graduation. ANITA I. PORTER- -Liberal Arts 2, Girls' League Rep- resentative ly Homeroom Secretary 25 French Club Treasurer 4f Student Council 47 Junior-Senior Play, Thespians l, 2, 3, 4. EUGENE POSTEHER-High School Graduation. DORIS LEE POWELLfSecretarial, Pep Club 4. RONALD PRATOR- Pre-Medicalg Student Body Presie dent 4, Executive Committee 3, 47 Homeroom President l, 35 ROTC l, 2, 3, Lieutenant Colonel 4, Boxing Club Vice-president 3, Student Council 3. BETTY PROPATlfHigh School Graduation. PAULA PURSLEY---Liberal Arts: Girls' League Treas- urer 45 Parnassus l, 2, 3, 4, GAA 2, 37 Girls' League Council 37 Pan-American Club 2, Espanlata Club l. KIRK PURVIS--High School Graduation. RICK RATH 4Pre-Engineering: Golden Eagles 45 Foot- ball 2, 47 Baseball l, 2, 3, Masque of Yellow Moon lg Spanish Club 2. NEWTON REAY -'High School Graduation. FRANK ROBERTSON-High School Graduation. LARRY ROBERTSON-Law. FERNA A. ROBINS-High School Graduation. EDWARD RODEMEYEReHigh School Graduation, Weight Lifting Club President 3, 4. BARBARA ANNE ROSENBERGfALibera1 Arts: Student Council 37 Homeroom Officer l, 3, 47 Senior Advisory Committee 4, Uniform Committee 37 French Club 3 Officer 45 Spanish Club 2. ELBERT RUSSELL-Pre-Engineering. TOM RUSSELL-Pre-Engineering: ROTC Major 4. ROBERT MEAD OUACKENBUSH-Liberal Arts ll: Mus- tang Congress 2. ROY E. OUACKENBUSH-Pre-Engineering7 Band l, 2, Sp Golden Eagles 4. DICK RANSOM--Scientific, Varsity Football 4. DOROTHY REEDY--High School Graduationg Red Cross Chairman 4. LEWIS ROACH-Liberal Arts, Legio Honoris 25 Boxing Club 3, 4: ROTC Club 3, 4. IOE ROBBINS-Liberal Arts, Varsity Football 4, ROTC Lieutenant Colonel 47 ROTC Club 3, President 4, Hi-Y Club 3, 45 Mustang Congress l, 2: Homeroom President l. TOLIETHA ROBERTSON--High School Graduation: GAA 3, 4. CHARLES WARD RUBIE--Liberal Arts, Thespians 3, 4, luniorfSenior Play 3, 47 French Club 3, 4, Espanlata Club lg l-lomeroom Treasurer 35 Mustang Congress l. DORIS RUDDELL-Liberal Arts, Legio Honoris Z, Home- room Social Chairman 2, 3. ARLENE SAUDER-High School Graduation: Homeroom President l, Secretary 2. ZELDA LORRAINE SAUL-Liberal Arts, Mustang Roundup Staff 2. BARBARA ANN SCI-IADER-Liberal Arts: Parnassus 3, 4. BETTY SCHAUER--Commercial. SHIRLEY SCHEIDLER---Liberal Arts5 Girls' League Rep- resentative 2. BARBARA SCHILT---Liberal Arts5 Parnassus l, 2, 3, 45 Social Committee 35 Girls' League Council Z5 ROTC Second Lieutenant 45 Band 1, 2, 3, 45 l-lomeroom Officer 1, 3, 4. HILDA SCHMID -High School Graduation5 Hcmeroom Secretary 1. MARGARET SCOTT--Pre-Nursing. MARY IANICE SCULLY-Liberal Arts: Girls' League Representative 45 Golf Club 45 Glee Club 3, 4. MARIETTA SELLERSiArt5 Girl Reserves l, 2, 35 Girls' League Council Representative 35 Pamassus 3, 4. EMORY SEKAOUAPTEVVA lr.--Pre-Engineering5 Student Council l5 ROTC Colonel 45 ROTC Club 3, 45 Student Body Vice-president 4. LEROY BYRON SHAW-High School Graduation5 Home- room President 3, Secretary-treasurer lj Mustang Con- gress 25 Lettermen's Club 2, 3, 45 Basketball 2, 3, 45 Varsity Football 3, 4. PATSY Sl-IEA-Liberal Arts5 Student Council l, 2, 35 I-lomeroom Vice-president 25 Glee Club 1, 25 Social Committee 45 Victory Committee 35 Girls' League Vice- president 4. ANNETTE SHELDON--Liberal Arts H5 Parnassus Z, 3, 45 ABC Club Secretary 35 Thespians 3, 45 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Rhythm Roundup 1, 2, 35 Homeroom Secre- tary 3. BOB SHOWERSW Liberal Arts H5 l-lomeroom President 3, 4, Secretary 2, 35 ROTC Lieutenant 45 Varsity Foot- ball 4. SHIRLEY LEE SHULTS--High School Graduatfon5 Glee Club l, 2, 3, 45 Thespians 3, 45 Homeroom Officer 2, 3. IOAN SILL-Liberal Arts5 GAA 2, 3, Vice-president 45 Girls' League Cabinet 4, Costume Chairman 45 Thespians 3, Secretary 45 Parnassus 1, 2, 3, Treasurer 45 lunior- Senior Play 3, 45 Y-Teens 3, Treasurer 4. ALICIA IANE SIMMONS-Liberal Arts5 Glee Club 3, 45 Library Club Secretary 4. GORDON L. SllVlSiPre-Engineering5 Freshman Class President 15 Exeftutive Committee l5 Track Team l, Z, 3, 45 Letterrnen's Club 2, 3, 45 Los Leones Secretary 25 Second Team Basketball 1, 2. PATRICIA ANN SMALL+Liberal Artsg Hootbeats Edi- tor 45 Mustang Roundup Feature Editor 35 General Science Award lg Parnassus l, 2, 3, 45 Music Commit- tee 45 Iunior-Senior Play 3. DOROTHY SMITH--Liberal Arts5 Glee Club 4. HAZEL SMlTHil-ligh School Graduation. IOELLA SMITH---High School Graduation. ROY G. SMITH-Pre-Medical: Espanlata Club Presi- dent l5 Leqio Honoris 25 Mustang Congress 1. IEANINE SNOW-Liberal Arts5 Honor Court Chief lustice 45 Sophomore Class Secretary-treasurer 2' Glee Club Accompanist l, 2, 3, 45 Girls' League Vaudeville 25 Junior Senior Play '35 Parnassus l, Z, 3, 4. HARRY SOGAN-High School Graduation. SHIRLEY RUTH SPENCE-Liberal Arts5 Girls' League Representative 35 Social Chairman 35 ABC Latin Club 3. SHIRLEY SPERRYiLiberal Arts5 Glee Club l, 2, 3, 45 Y-Teens 45 GAA l, 2, 3. ELAINE SPITALNY-Liberal Arts5 Glee Club l, 2, 3, Concert l, 2, 35 Special Assemblies 1, 2, 3. DON SPRADLlNiLiberal Arts5 Homeroom President 35 Student Council 4. CHARLES SPURLOCK---Pre-Medical: Varsity Football 3, 45 Lettermen's Club 3, 4. DON STACYSI-liqh School Graduaiioru Boxing Club 25 Printing Club 4. RAE STANDIFORD-Liberal Arts5 Homercom Presi- dent l, Vice-president 25 Pan-American Club l, 25 Fidelis Club President lp Hoofbeats 25 Homeroom Com- mittee Chairman 4. LILLIAN STEFANO-High School Graduation5 Girls' Glee Club 3, 4. DORIS STEGNER-Secretarial, Parnassus Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Honor Court Assistant Secretary 3, Secretary 4, Student Council Representative 3, Homeroom President 4, Vice- president 3. PATTIE LOIS STEPl'lENS+Liberal Arts, Thespians 2, 3, Vice-president 4, Homeroom Secretary 4, Social Chair- man 2, 3, Spanish Club Secretary l. CATHERINE BABB STEPHENSON-Liberal Arts, Audi- torium Club 3, 4, lunior-Senior Play 3, Girls' League Council l, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Homeroorn Service Chairman 3, 4, Parnassus l. HM STEVENSON-High School Graduation. BOB STONE--Liberal Arts, Mustang Congress l, 2, 3, FAYE STONE-Liberal Arts, Homeroom Officer 3, 4, Iunior-Senior Play 3, Band l, 2, Parnassus l, 2, 3, 4, Rhythm Roundup 2. SALLY STRAUS-Liberal Arts, All-School Play 3, luniorwSenior Play 3, Home-room Social Chairman 4, Rhythm Roundup 2. OTIS D. SULLIVAN-Pre-Medical, Bellatores Vice-presi- dent 4, Espanlata Club President 1, Rifle Team 2, 3, 4, Legio Honoris 3, All-School Play 3, ROTC Club 4. DON SUMMERS-Hiqh School Graduation, Varsity Football 4, Mustanq Congress 4, Lettermen's Club 4. LUCILLE' SUTTERf-'High School Graduation, ROTC Captain 4. GEORGE SVOB-Pre-Engineering, Student Council 3, 4, Stadium Club Secretary 4. RALPH SWIFT-Liberal Arts, Thespians l, 2, 3, 4, All- School Play 3, Band 3, 4. IERRY TALBOTT-Agriculture Colleqe Preparatory, FPA 3, 4, Varsity Football 3, 4. FRANK S. TANG-High School Graduation. lOl-INNY TAYLOR-High School Graduation, Stadium Club Z, 3, President 4, Camera Club President 3, Vice- president 4, Radio Club 2, 3. ROBERT B. TEETSEL-High School Graduation: Thespians 4g Play Production 47 l-lomeroom President 3. BRUCE THOENYePre-Enqineerinqg Football 4. IEAN E. THOMPSONe'Liberal Arts 27 Espanlata lg Legio Honoris 2, ABC 37 Girls' League Representative 2, Bellatores 4. IOAN THOMPSON--High School Graduation. ROY THOMPSON-Liberal Artsp Varsity Basketball 3, 47 Second Team Football 3. EDWARD THURMAN-Pre-Engineering. IOHN EDWARD THURSTONfHiqh School Graduation. KATIE TSUTSUMIDA-Homernaking College Prepara- tory. SHERRY TURNER- -General, Parnassus. ELDEN TURK-Business. BETTY UDELL-Literary: Parnassus l, 2, 3, Secretary 45 Roundup Business Manager 3, 4, Quill and Scroll 2, 3, Vice-president 45 French Club 3, President 47 Leqio Honoris President 25 Pep Club Secretary 4. CLARA BELLE UPSHAW-Secretarial. ELIZABETH VAN AKIN-Liberal Arts 2, Pidelis Club l, 2, 3, GAA l, 2, 3, 41 Homeroom President 4: Girls' League Representative 4g Auditorium Club 2. SUSAN VAN ZANDTiLiberal Arts, Leqio Honoris Officer 27 Girls' League Council lg Homeroom Presi- dent 1, Secretary 2. RALPH L. VICK-Pre-Engineering, Parnassus l, 2, 3, 47 Hi-Y 3, 4, Track 2, 4, Homeroom Vice-president 2. .nb ' Q ' x R., Q VIRGINIA MAXINE VOLNER-High School Graduation: Glee Club 3. ED VRIEZE-Liberal Arts, Hi-Y 3, 47 Tennis 2, 35 Mustang Congress 37 Legio Honoris 21 Senior Dance Committee 45 Homeroom Vice-president l. IIM WAGSTAFF-High School Graduation. IOE WALDEN-Pre-Engineering, IACQUELINE WALKERiLiberal Arts, Legio I-Ionoris 2. ROBERT VVALKER--High School Graduation: Varsity Football 4. VIRGINIA MARIE WASIELEWSKI-Liberal Arts: Social Committee l, 2, 35 Student Council lg Girls' League Council 2. DOROTHY WATSONfLiberal Arts: Howdy Pardners 25 Espanlata Club 2: Student Council 4: Homeroom Vice- president 4, Los Leones 3. ROBERT WATSON-Pre-Aviation: Rifle Team 3, 4: ROTC Lieutenant 4, ROTC Club 3, 4, Varsity Base- ball 3, 45 Radio Club lp Stamp Club Secretary-treasurer 3. IOE WEAVER-High School Graduation, Transfer from Torrance, California. IEAN WEISS-Secretarialg Girls' League Representa- tive 3g Howdy Pardners 47 Pep Club 4. ROBERTA 'WELCH--Homernaking College Preparatoryg Pan-American Club I, 2. REBEKAH WELLS-Liberal Arts 22 Auditorium Club 3, 45 Howdy Pardners 45 Girls' League Representative 4, Microscope Club 3. IANET WESTERWICKiLibera1 Artsg Parnassus I, 2, 3, 4: Girls' League Cabinet Senior Representative 45 Audi- torium Club Secretary-treasurer 47 Student Council 49 Service Chairman 3. MERLE WESCI-IE-High School Graduation. 1 C721 ,af OTI-IO WELLS-High School Graduation. STANLEY WHELAN--High School Graduation. IUANITA WHITFIELD-Pre-Nursing, Fidelis Club lg Espanlata Club 1. RUDY WIERSON-High School Graduation: Stadium Club 2, 3, 4. NANCY WILEY--Liberal Arts, Homeroom Secretary l, Vice-president 2, Ticket Seller 35 Spanish Club 2. RAYMOND E. WILLIAMS-Pre-Medical, Iunior Class President: Sophomore Honor Court Iusticeg Rhythm Roundup 25 ROTC Band l, 2, 3, Captain 47 Iunior- Senior Play 47 Thespians 1, 2, 3, 4. DICK WILSON-High School Graduation. ELSIE WILSON-Liberal Arts. DAISY WINGO-Liberal Arts: GAA 25 Student Coun' cil 37 Espanlata Club lg Leqio Honoris Z, Fidelis lg Red Cross Chairman 4. IOHN E. WINKLER--Scientific, Hi-Y Club 3, 45 Science Club 3, 47 Leqio Honoris 2. ETHLYN WRIGHT-Liberal Arts, Glee Club 2, 3, 4. MAXINE F. WRIGHT-High School Graduation, ABC Club 3g Bellatores 4. MAXINE WRIGHT--High School Graduation. JEAN YOUNG-High School Graduation. FRANCES YOUNG+Liberal Arts 27 Espanlata Club lg Kafstan Club 27 Speech Club 4. fill XV. IOAN ZARDUS-High School Graduation. RONALD ZARDUS-High School Grcxduotiong Home- room Vice-president l, 47 Stadium Club President 4. ,V., V57 f H, Ji ' if 'A V 59225. , . A. 35 2+ . Sie- we i s K iw " '- -.1 w YM ,Jil xziq-,bk 5 Q lf xl W l f , 1" ,ftiEk ,M-igkif? ' ref . .f ix .,11gf:g,23 ' w..1'Z.' - Q3?.igff.-kjjg 'Y'f1T'f:f57'T73"7'f' ".5f52"'5',2Kc V " ' iEiiqQ'E::S'1' , 1 l - A ,giggtffy-'41:.',"f?'11-A' A S- . K Y ' . 5,5 me . . 'P wife:-.sifl .. . L ' ,V V' V, , Q fl . - .- 55 fd :ag ff -2.4, .K K fl ig' K gws . , . . .. N L K X N. ,s,f,,:.' aj A M ,v QC' if in 'T +1 M Y T K? , Gs' 3 . ll 'gy' 5 'max fff is Q? ,Q 5. -. ix-5 f,. ' F'-Q... MARIE ZAVOREK--High School Grcxduciion. LEE ZUENDEL -," -PrefEnqine-erinqg Hi-Y 3, 4. Z 12 -41-ner: IUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS. Ray Moran. Machnncx Best, and Murcia Brown. Juniors The Iuniors are to be congratulated for a school-year Well-spent. This year they have been more outstanding than ever before. They have succeeded in everything in which they have participated. They are to be commended on their great help in collecting funds for the Red Cross. Their remarkable record does not end here. Future classes will continue to thank them for their contribu- tions to North High. We owe to Bay Moran gratitude for his excellent leadership as President of the Iunior Class, assisted by Machrina Best as Vice-President, and Marcia Brown as Secretary-Treasurer. Next year, the Iuniors Will be the leaders of the school. We feel they are more than worthy of the position, judging from the aforementioned record. The job confronting them is cr difficult one. We Wish to extend to them the best of luck in the forth-coming year. 4' ..., A , f u.,,- ,M r ..t ,. .- f . '2: f - sn ASK Hollis Abbott Betty Lou Allen Tenney Arrott Pearl Baldridqe Neil Bechtel Frances Abell Billie Allen lulia Aslanian George Baldwin Beverly Beck Bob Adams Maxine Allen Norma Attebery Velma I. Barnett N ena Bein Margaret Adams Carol Akren Harry Amster Dorothy Anthony Iacquelyn Aurell Robert Bachman Helen Bartol Francine Batton Irvin Best Machrina Best l ' ,4- Barbara Bishop Boyce Blair Elmer Bradley Frances Brown Baydean Butler Dick Bitney Erna Blaisdell Pat Brewer Marcia Brown Portia Call H. Q. Bittick Beverly Bliss Val Brooks Shirley Brown Ieanne Cannady lackie Bivin Don Boaz Curtis Brown Susan Bullock George Carlin Pat Bixby Betty Bock Cynthia Brown Bill Bunce Mary Ann Carlisle 5, 741 ,f ., lean Carlson Ken Carter Lael Chapman Carol Chastain Nadine Clevenqer Elrnon Coe Doug Cook Louise Cook Devora Costanten Billy Cox Ray Case Wende Chrisrnan Milt Coqqins Geraldine Cooke Beverly Cram Mell Cassidy Bay Claver Zelda Cohen Pauline Corley Dwaine Crandall Charles Cates Boyd Clements Beverly Coleman Pete Corpstein Robert Cravens Io Creswell loan Crippen Barbara Currey Ioan Dattilo Gloria Davis Gwen Davis Io Anne Dehr Natalie Denton Sybil Dewitt loann Donaldson lerry Doolittle Dick Downing Margie Gay Driggs Billie Duckworth Loni Duddy s ! ,f,.,W,,,. P 32 'S' ' , 3 '- f-rn X Bob Currey Marian Davis Kent Dingwall Dorothy Doyle F rank Duerson 4 A 3 P Tom Curry Dorothy Deal Warner Dodd Kent Driggs Larry Dugan rf ff-J Max Dunlap Iohnston Ervin Bob Fetter Chuck Forsyth Paul Frankeberger Hester Ebersole George Estes Becky Ferguson Lois May Foster Loraine Freda Ierri Ely Elaine Engstrom Louis Evans Kenneth Evenson Carol Ferrell Robert Fisher Iack F radin Kenneth F radin Torn Frye Bill Futerer Barbara Erb Nancy F al k Virginia F ogal Bob Francy Esther Gartner Bob Gehres Norma Gilmore Gale Grammer Iohnny Greer Rose Hahn Betty Geimer Mary Giles Marvin Gillespie Gail Gilmore Iacqueline Ginn Dick Giorza Pat Goodsell Pat Graham Bill Grasham Rita Gray Carl Green Bob Greenwold Marilyn Griffin Madeline Haase Huqh Hackett La Dean Hadaway George Ham Bill Harris Keith Harris Sherman Harris N 5r.4'31a Bob Hczrvey David Herold Lois Hill Lotricicr Hobbs Beth Horsley Douq Hefty Betty Hill Arlen Hirn lohnnie Holqote Billie Hunsicker lecmie Hein Forrest Hill Harriet Hoag lock Hooper M. Huttermcm Ar 3 Iwi .X mfwnr . ,. ,-.wr Lenora Iachowski Bob Iohns Rosalie Iohnson Lucile Karstadt Marjorie Kendall Iunita Iackson Bessie Iohnson Trudie Iohnson Eloise Kastner Vernon Kenned Y Richard Ienkins George Iohnson Flossie Iones Evaleen Keffer Richard Kerr Iulienne Ienninqs Lee Iohnson Helen Iones Faye Kelley Patricia Kersh Dorothy Iewell Merlene Johnson Roberta Iulian Larry Kelly Mary A. Kesterson Alva Kimball lim Knowles Bill Laird Paul Lewinthal Roy Littlefield Ioan Kincaid Bessie Krauth Norma Love Ianice Lewis George Loftis Naomi Kleinert Kirk Kroloff Ioye Larson Dona Lewton Harold Luce Howard Klink lean Kunze Tom Lawton Ioanne Lillevig Wilbur Lynn Don Knaack Ioan Kunze , Larryce Lee Edna Lipow Harvey Lyons 184 X 1 6857 Iulia Manus lim McCarty Barbara Mclieehan Lila lean Mercer Bill Miller Kitty Marx Pat McCulloch Bolo McKnight Paul Mercer De Lynne Miller Mits Matsuda Ann Matt Ioan Mauck Peggy McElroy Betty McGowan Mickey McGuir Clinton McMahon Mary Lou McTyre Iacque Mercer Ed Merrill Lois Michaels Barbara Miller Gwen Miller Wanda Miller Virginia Mills Madelon Montierth Darrell Moore Lael Muehlebach Germania Muenzer Ann Neal Ioyce Nelson Betty Nusbaurn Kenneth Olson Iohnny Osborn Pat O'Shea Handy Moore Marguerite Murin Rosemary Nelson Ann O'Malley Alan Palmer Bay Moran Diana Morris Betty Rae Murrell Ianice Nabors Mary Lou Newell Don Nicholas lay Ortega Bill Osborn Marie Patrick Betty Parker Merle Paulson Lucille Pearson Kay Pettycrew Patricia Pew Pat Pollard Anita Rahmatulla Geraldine Rawlins Alvena Reagan Pat Reilly Rita Reinke Lee Pedrick Carol Phillips Elta Dee Ramsey Virginia Reagan Chuck Register Penny Penrod Lovey Phillips Caroline Randolph Luke Reay Norbert Reynolds Ray Peterson Suzanne Phillips Susan Randolph Wilma Reese Patsy Roach Neal Roberts George Rubel Zell Schwanz Sallie Sebree Mary Shepard Ioan Robinson Betty Rudy Iudith Schwartz lohn Seifert loan Sheridan Carolyn Root Harold Sadler Brice Schuller Ora Sellers Mary Shoemaker Caiherine Rosch Ann Sanders N. Schweickhardt Frances Shank Paul Sherrill Zelda Rosen Charles Saunders Zalia Seabury Freda Sharp Mary Sue Shipley Murray P. Shevick Hannah Siedorf Iackie Simpson Barbara Siniif Theresa Smith Dick Snell Everett Lee Spriqqs Keith Sprinkle Betty Stepp Virginia Stepp Kay Silvers Billy Small Harry Sobol Patty Stapley Norma Stevenson Annalie Simmons Carl Simmons Al Smith Earlene Smith Ernest Soza Iohn Spreitzer Charley St. Clair Frankie L. Stephens Vada Stewart Iohn Stille Iohn Stiteler lack Stoeckel Bob Tally Charles Tanner Betty Terry Carol Ann Thiel Nancy Toy Barbara Tucker loanne Vucovich Bill Wachtler Charles Straus Norma Tanner Terry Thomas Sammy Udall Merle Wackerb N3-'. Robert Swanson Sally Sweet Esther Tell Bob Terrell Iackie Thompson Wayne Thompson Betty Umbaugh Io Ann Voegele arth Ieanette Wade leanette Waqa Bob Walker Norene Wallas Stephen Wallis Frances Washburn Douglas Watkins Henry Wayrnan Mary F. Welch Charlene Weller Phyllis Wesch Norma White lim Williams Peggy Io Williams Tom Wilrnoth Patsy Wilson Ruby Wilson Gloria Walsh Rose Wayrnan Wayne West lean Marie Wells Donna Wing Grant Warner Billy Weast M. 'Westermann lack Willsey Iohn Winkler H- , , ..,. . nz X - Q X l I 5, l. llorh Womack Bill Woodward Ridgely Wurl Verncr Ycztes Bill Young 2. Idne Younq Evelyn Zczvorek Ray Zehr Betty Ziegler Donorld Zieser 931 SOPHOMORE CLASS OI-'FICERSL Robert Brown. President: Rosie Bennett. Sec- retary-Treasurer: and Billie Wynn. Vice- president. Sophomores Last year's crop of Freshmen have this year become Sophisticated Soph- ornores. Now they know the tricks and traits of the Mustangs, and they're going to make the most of that knowledge. They get ted up, as everyone else does, With homework, but now, at the end of the year, they're pretty proud to have been in the Sophomore class of l94E3-47. lust ask one. As class President, the Sophomores had Robert Brownp with Billie Wynn as Vice-President: and Rosie Bennett as Secretary-Treasurer. They've all done commendable jobs. lf the Sophornores ot 1947-48 are as swell as this year's, we can look forward to an industrious, hard-working eleventh grade at North High. K' 'iw QQFK-3 MISS MORGAN 4-Front row: Welch. Koqer. Packnett, Cardinal. Andone. Mann. Kennedy, Davis. Second row: Heard. A. Walker. M. Walker. Pearson. Wagner, K. Brown, Frost. I. Barnes. Flachman. Third row: McCarty. Reddell. Schauer, Haviland, Shuler. Williams. I. Barnes. G. Brown. Hoel. Fourth row: Keller. Gray. Soto. Peltengill. Abrams. Richards. Iennings, Fannin. MR. WAGNER 3-Front row: Wallace. Moses. Wamer, Schwarz. Edwards. Akren. Second row: Boone, Thomas, Matsumoto, Smiih, Powers, Schonthaler. Murtaugh. Bowles. Skaggs. Third row: Graepler. Oliver. Wallis, Watrous. Eads. Wood. Shoemaker. Peterson, Henry. A. Bullard. Fourth row: Vance, Brice. Stiies. Page. Wilbur. Tang, Liem. D. Bullard. Mr. NVagner. MR. WAGNER 2-Front row: Leoni. J. Hauq. B. Haug, N. O'Connor, Clark. Daly. C. O'Connor. Second row: Spur- lock. Kennedy. Thoeny, Halle. Harris. Lee. Third row: Mcfaie, Nielson, Lewis, Barnhard, Loit, Gilliam, Darrah. Hick- man. Craig. Fourih row: Davis, Baker. Cady, Busch. Hodil. Francis, Delvin. Peck. Deatherage. MR. CARDON I-Front row: Perry. Wooiers, Worley. Lindley. Hanna, Bark- ley, Gore. Second row: Crossley. Cazier. Holi, B. Miller. Doss. Malody. Third row: Monetie, Sands. D. Miller. Harper. Donn, Lane, Padgett. Grilley. Kimball. Kerr. I-'ourih row: Allen. Murphy. Lang. Robertson. Winn, Lindsay, Drummond. Ellison, Mr. Cardon. 1947 MISS MORGAN 6-Front row: Whisenant, Paisley, Cloud, Robinson, Shaver, Amado, Sherwood, Pace. Sec- ond row: Dean, Hunter, DeMar, Cook, Hackett, Salter, Garnaat, Greer, Zehr. Third row: Barto, Sanders, Grilly, Lathom, Chuka, Zabriskie, Andrews, Carson, Markl. Fourth row: Blough, Iones, Iserson, Shumaker, Duke, Perry, Hill, Fujii. MR. CARDON 4--Front row: Gotlieb, Pound, Miller, Laughlin, Dear, Brown, Deubler, Ienninqs. Second row: Nomura, Whitmore, Culling, Vick, Wedgworth, Poulson, Cook. Brown, Dezember. Third row: Iepko, Bennett, Holt, Firestone, Crull, Hulse, Stephenson, Troutman, Rogers, Hoque. Fourth wow: Butler, Cannis, Pohlman, Grasmoen, Harper, Smith, Blow, May, Sivadon, Beqley, "r. Cordon. MR. WAGNER 4-Front row: Scott, Shafer, Peterson, Weston, Smith. Witt- man, Plumb, King. Second row: Dudley, Iohnson, Phlegar, Davis, Kerby, Hayden, Hamilton, Gray. Third row: Weber, Keeble, Berry, Chadbourne, Little, Wag- staff, Wynn, Beecher, Sills, Pressler. Fourth row: Evans, Ruppers, Wiltrout, Condas, Holi, McClanahan, Young, Hirshberg, Mr. Wagner. MR. CARDON 2-Front row: Rubenstein, Silva, Wheat, Mann, MitchelL Eikner, Korsatos. Linxwiler. Second row: Rye, Giordan, Grant, Siken, Chambers, Rosen- berq, Glindmeir, Cohen. Third row: Redman, Fennemore, Relsnes, Nitchie, Moore, La Zarr, Preston, Bradley, Baker, Monroe, Stipek. Fourth row: Mr. Cardon, Thompson, Randolph, Mudersbach, Mur- dick, Reed, Stone, Donaldson, Tucker, Plate. 1953 MRS. CHIONO 5-Front row: Wing. Cheyne. Rienecker, Watson. Border. Futerer. Lewis. Second row: Skinner. Laveen, Leong. Izard, Lane. Wolf, Brown. Third row: Alexander. Bell. Canavan. Child. Cook. Kyle. Gilbert. Fraser. Fletcher. Colyer. Fourth row: Redmon. Tate, Thomas, Newby. lohnson. Mollring. Mauritsen, Pannbroke. Price. MRS. HANNELLY 2-Front row: Stem. McCarty. Posteher, Iones. Suter. Witchey. Second row: Shaw, Broadman, Kobashi. Michaels, Shapiro. Abel. Maid- ment. Bull. Third row: Odum. Patrick. Evans. Furr, Carmichael, Brown, Rom- ley. Vick. Hadley. Barnes. Fourth row: Bates. Bonham. Stuart, Hempelman. Krebs. Gentry. Gooriqhian, Wierson. Wade. MISS POLING 3-Front row: Mackey. Youngman. Pedersen, Aitken, Hull, Dumont, Simpson. Second row: Mast, McCreary, Adelson, Davis, O'Brien, Alexander, Iones. Squire, Hunt. Third row: Sabie, Calano, Reich. Iustice. Udall. Kwiatkoski. Thurman, Shook. Schwabe, Iackson. Ellsworth. Funk. Fourth row: Shaw, Hess. Pearson. Hatcher, Marsom. Mittler. Francy. Min- ton. Hinshaw. Miss Poling. MISS MORGAN 5-Front row: Hott. Baltz. Dunnam, Alexander. Hill, Flickinger. Martin, Gilley, Gustsen. Second row: Basham, Iordon, Broberq. Phillips. Ake, Lipow, Henrie. Cooper. Stallcup. Hall. Third row: Galbraith, McGrath. Louderback, Long, Robertson, Lee, Seely. Miles. Porter. Fourth row: Taylor. Wiedower, White, Ziegler, Zeiser. Mossy, Wagner, Willhoit. Webster. C969 MR. CARDON 7-Front row: Nelson Schofield, George. Ziegler, Wright. Sec ond row': Vaughn, Ienkins. Becker Wallace. Stechauner. Third row: Mc Morrow. Pearce, Myers. O'Connor Underwood. Fourth row: Iones, Bridg man. Dobbs. Gellatly. MR. WAGNER 1-Front row: I. Hurley, Williams, Reger. Second row: Olsen. Llewellyn. Young. Ellelritz, McKelvey. Scrivano. T. Hurley. Solosth, Scarbro Krauth, Lee. Third row: Cox. Roach Black. Dittmer. Cook. King. Overton Mitchum, Kiehler. Arnold. Fourth row! Unger, Harrison. Spaid. Huskison. Merrill. Brewer. Hamman. Dunlap. MRS. HANNELLY 1-Front row: Bartee. Brown, Slaughter. Christy. Reader. Lar son, Huffman. Second row: Edelman. Hunt, Watkins. Warner. Strandquist. Dohner, M. Smith. Carter. Third row Allen. Black. Dunham. Shaw. Crippen. Williams. McKisson. Wright. Foulk Norris. Fourth row: Wolf. Pinney. Luck. Manly. L. Smith. Hallen. Warbasse. Blomquist. MISS MORGAN 3-Front row: Kirk. Sewell, Elirian. Moore. Spitalny, Soza. Second row: Griffith. Silber, Wray. Lusson, Barker. Shanks. Third row Brandt, Iohnson. Reynolds. Koza. Flickinger, Gritien. Smithson, Latbleau. Lickenger. Hanks. Fourth row: Lively. Backs. Pragott, Nicholas, Comon. Groh. Lewis. C975 1 I I tary-Treasurer. Freshmen Well, they can breathe freely now. They have survived their first year of high school, and it Wasn't so bad after all. ln fact, it was fun. There was plenty of work to do, but they did it. And there were, as usual, those never-ending insults and teasing remarks about "You Freshmen!" But they endured those, too. ' They have cooperated readily in drives and other such doings here at North High. Of course, there is roorn for improvement, as always. And, as in the past, they will improve. But at the present, We think they've done a swell job. And now that they are used to our customs and rules, they are really prepared to take on the job of continuing and finishing high school with flying colors. So to you who were the 1946-47 neophytes of North High, We say, "See you next yearl'f I-'RESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Ken Thompson, President: Wesley Iohnson Vice-president: cmd Kay Korte Secre MR. WILLIAMS 3B-Front row: Van Zandt, Coon. Fleiqle, Riley, Rayburn, Woodman. Second row: Barber. Schwanz, Eaton, Robson, Shaw. Third row: Iim Miller, Esche, Piano, Kenny. Curnutt, Brown, Shipley, Hawkins. Fourth row: Mr. Williams, Magee. Coates, Wister, Ashley, Schindler, Stava, John Miller. MRS. RASBURY 3B--Front row: Holman. Sapp, Mortensen, Neilson, Brown, Luke. McCombs. Second row: McBrayer, Love, Hamlett, McCoy, Stout, Halladay, Murin. Third row: Peterson, McAllister, Hoover, McDowell, Brown, Antwerp, Burris, Dodds. Fourth row: Powell, Lynn, Lantry, Neal, I-Ieiskell, Mrs. Rasbury. MR. WILLIAMS 4B-Front row: Clinqen- peel, Kleinert, Eisenhart, Fellman. Sec- ond row: De Pinto, Dezember, Hudack. McMullan, Bickers. Third row: Locke. Bencic, Cannon, Campbell, Lynch, Lund- berg. Fourth row: Knowles, Thompson, Prentice. Gaulding, Vance, Mr. Williams. MR. ANDERSON 3B-Front row: Berry. Russman, Watson, Campbell, Morris Jackson. Second row: Stacey, Edmund, De Witt, Williams, Wya:nt, Naylor. Third row: Lee, Rippstein. Coggins, Iarvis, Fisher, Segal, Peck. Fourth row: Hampton, I-ieedy, Colson, Starr, Pavlista, Porter, Soto. i993 X gl -ff-A fb A X MRS. RASBURY 3A-Front row: Holiee, Crook, Scott. Witt, Elliott, Posey. Second row: Iames, Tryon, McMath, Hill, Lewis, Kress. Third row: Boshes. Arnold, Adams, Morris, Cole, Iohnson, Gilliland, Carlisle, Wilburg. Fourth row: Chebott, Doremus, Iones, Ross, Olin, Snow, Ben- nett, Green, Mrs. Rasbury. MISS KITTS 4B-Front row: Ledbetter. Green, Barr, Green, Bean. Second row: Waldrop, Short, Handel, Barton, Penny. Third row: Kraft, Howard. Ransdell, Zom, Coombs, Mulhern, Briggs. Fourth row: Polesson, Rahmatulla, Cain, Mar- tin, Scott, Bruce, Sibley, Miss Kitts. MR. WILLIAMS 2B-Front row: Fraley, Reiman, Lucas, Funk, Silvers. Second row: Bishop, Grube, Fulbright, Rodgers, Ritcheson. Chester, Calano. Third row: Ishikawa, Addington, Darrah, Smith, Morgan, Spence, Rutkai, Blaine. Fourth row: Mr. Williams, Birmingham, Parsons. Hall, Iulien. Gannon, Decker. MRS. HANSEN 2B-Front row: Gaddis, Iamieson, Mitchell, Fries, Patterson, Patrick. Second row: Fields, Pratt, Mc- Allister, Gunn, Watnick, Myers. Third row: Burke, Cloud, Terry, Baker, Huron, Brawner. Allen, Maddy. Fourth row: Mrs. Hansen. Grundy, Cady, Brill. Balla, Calhoun, Adams, Craigmyle. C1007 MR. WILLIAMS 4A-Front row: Wallace, Maxtry, Berry, Karam. Meloche. Second row: Peiler, Luck, Scannell, Misteli, Romley, Stanhagen, Prina. Third row: Stoltenberg, Ensign, Bone, Washburn, Daneker, Wiltsie, Warfel, Tompkins, Miramontes. Fourth row: Eskew, Dillon, McNutt. Craddock, Clow, Iohnson, Peebles, Beardsley, Mr. Williams. MR. WILLIAMS 2A--Front row: Bentley, Rogers, Hart, Wynn, Feldstein. Second row: Berra, Woolford, Staggs, Keith. Brown, Steele. Third row: Gress, Mene- fee, Holzman, Scherf, R. George, Hol- lenbeck, Bennett, S. George. Fourth row: Porter, Wolf, Peter, Hansen, MitchelL Adams, Rahmatulla, Mr. Williams. MRS. HANSEN 2A-Front row: Sims, Bell, Morries, Sanford. Robertson, Seimatewa. Second row: Hull, Ames, Tope, Taylor, Lonius, Petersen, Freed- man, Lohr, Mrs. Hansen. Third row: Boone, Mackey, Patterson, Freeman, Femstrom, Dukes, Whitney, Watrous. MISS KITTS SA-First row: Thrall. Cleary, Fitziarrold, Schlickting, Scotten. Sizemore. Second row: Furrer, Gum, Cardon, Clements, Caviness, Alcott, Amxstrong. Third row: Knight, Cos- tanten, Watson, Cooper, Robbins, Dewitt, lones, Koza, Dunlap, Snell. Fourth row: Evans, Phillips, Rogers, Woodhurst, Harrelson, Cook, McCormick, Mc- Sweeney, Miss Kitts. H013 MISS KITTS 1A-Front row: Freda. Johnson. Dysart, Burghout. Wimberly. Adams, Multer, Bowman. Second row: Stevens. Hollander, Vinham, Marty. Jackson, Hawkins. Louqhran, Piers. Third row: Skinner. Ross, Clifton, Dole. Welman, Marcum, Martin, Calloway. Baker. Fourth row: Fraley, Rhodes. Fieldners, Shapiro. Deal, Schwab, Schler. Korte, Crandall, Miss Kitts, Shaw. MISS KITTS SA--Front row: Carollo. Elson. Kasold. Siekman, Woodward, Williams, Second row: Hayes, Wheat, McKinney, Patt. East. Stallcup. Third row: Rolph, McDonald, Hall, Miller. Harrison, Foster. Sumrell, Ryan. Fourth row: Miss Kitts, Futerer, Davis, Russell, Williams, Abel. Iohnson. MISS KITTS 5B-Front row: Horsley. Wages, Spear, Bourland, Packnett. Breon, Walling. Second row: Davis, Holder, Elias, Clark, Richey. Crispelle, Wildon. Dooley. Third row: Moore, Hinkle, Lusk, Russell, Cole, Adkins. Brown, Falk. Hillyer, Brookin. Fourth row: Messer, DeMund, Fiori, Harward, Haber, Johnson, Crum, Miss Kitts. MR. WILLIAMS 311-Front row: Wad- doups. Pulliam. Ritchey, McDowell. Kimberlin, Frank. Acton. Burroway. Second row: Asbury, Taylor, Gulick. Brown, Lacy, Iohnson, Ruppert, Court. Third row: Morton, Tweedy, Robinson.: Bacon, Heninqer, Wardin, Manginp. Pickett, Hermbrode. Thurman. Fourth row: Mr. Williams. Sutton, Teeter. Kim :. . . Toy, Blomquist, Duer- 11021 MISS KITTS 4A-Front row: Keeton, Huskinson, Cook, Dere, Womack, Elli- son. Polk. Second row: Eisele, Cum- mings, Steele, Davis. White, Entrekin. Third row: Galbraith, Nye, Wilkerson, Brock, Wynn. Fourth row: Miss Kitts. Woolbright, Woldman, Wilkins, Kirk- man, King, Willis. MISS KITTS BB-Front row: Kiricrt, Luptak, Kennedy, Free, Walker, Goeitl. Blakesley. Second row: Cowden, Nelson, Snyder, Luce, Heard, Bellinger. Hillman, Davis. Third row: Ivy, Daniels, Craw- ford, Grimes, Geimer, Bodine, Bell, Iulian, Breon, Iewell. Fourth row. Wright, Morelock, Kendall, Diggs, Shafer, Gregson, Tome, Cunningham. Hammon, Miss Kitts. MISS KITTS IB-Front row: Poole, Pyper, Brookshire, Farmer, Pancoast. Paqqino. Second row: McCracken, Sim- mons, Morris, Grant, Wallace, Thomson, Diamos, Holloway, Zerbe. Third row: Sirmwinq, Wilson, Greaior, Wolinsky, Wagner, Leggett, Rogers, Hallbeck, Brown. Fourth row: Miss Kitts, Page. Wrinkle. Ormsby, Hardy, Craits, Biringer, Stiles, Menefee. MR. ANDERSON SA-Front row: Hein, Kirk, Orsburn, Fuller, Lind. Second row: Hawkins, Iohnson, Pettenqill, Haueter, Newnam, Gray. Third row: Ehlen, Nunnally, Knott, Pettycrew, Hook, lor- dan, Conner, Hensley, Traver. Fourth row: Parsons, Shoemaker, Williamson, DeMund, Waters. Mendelsohn, Stowell, Zion. C1033 T . f -1 -Q I I LA Urufhsa G sw XTX 'll'-urs. -.Vw Yds.-2' ,-1. nm.,- ':lff,M,Mn.!., .4 , .J----'f Among the activities of Howdy Pardners is the giving of several teas during the year. In the pic- ture at left are shown members at the tea given in honor of new girls at the school, with Girls' ,.,, League Cabinet members as spe- cial guests. Frienclliness the Keyword Christmas teas, Valentine parties, and Easter Egg hunts, entertain the new girls at school who attend the annual Howdy Pardners "get acquainted" parties. Each homeroom elects a representative who is responsible for the new girls in her class. The club, under the supervision of Miss Miriam Gathings, chose Io Chuka as president. HOWDY PABDNERS! Front row: Root, Myers, Luptak, Bell, Clart, B. Iones. Second row: F. I.. Brown, Coleman, Alexander, Wynn, Overton, Childers, Hoel, Montierth, Leggett. Third row: Hummel, Weiss, Chuka, Kelley, Cooke, Ferrel, Mitchum, Wilson, Dittmer, Miss Gathings., SCIENCE CLUB. I-'ront row: Delvin, Hawkins, Thiel, Randolph, Costanten, Cassidy, Dingwall. Sec- ond row: Coe, Miller, Knowles, Ienkins, Sherrill, Stille, Bachmcrn, Mr. C. A. Brown. Pursuing Scientific Knowledge When it comes to explaining the mysteries of the atom, the members of the Science Club are the ones who can do it. Yes, they delve into things a bit more deeply than do the rest of us. Maybe it's because they're thirstier for knowledge. Leading the 1946-47 club Was Iimmy Knowles. Adviser was Mr. C. A. Brown. Along similar scientific lines, one of Mr. BroWn's chemistry classes formed itself into a pursuit-oi-knowledge organization and called itself the Chemistry Club. CHEMISTRY CLUB. Front row: Moran, Phillips, Mercer, St. Clair, Stoeckel, Sadler. Second row: Herold, Stiles, Matsuda, Iarvis, Smith, Harris, Dingwoll, Arrott. Third row: Iones, Ienninqs, Murrell. Whitfield, Morris, Ginn, McGowan, Ebersole, Bein, Bradley, Ruddell, McDonald. Fourth row: Patrick, Sprinkle, Humphrey, Young, Crcrvens, Harvey, Sozu, Patterson, Snell, Mr. C. A. Brown, Hasse, Carlson, Currey. Interest in the Classics Bellatores is the organization of third and fourth year Latin students. Sponsored by Miss Anna Schlicter, the club's aim is to better the understanding of the students in the present day uses of Latin. Presidents chosen to lead the club for the first and second semesters were Bob Terrell and Bob Green, respectively. Legio Honoris is again one of the most enterprising and interesting of the language clubs this year. Under the very able sponsorship of Miss Anna Schlichter, the club is led by Barry Long, lmperator. Other officers this year were Bonnie Lou La Zarr, Legatusy Helen lordan, Scribe: Susan Thompson. Quaestor. Making arrangements for the meetings Was the Program Committee: Findley Randolph, Betty Lou Gilbert, Sally Leahy, and Ioseph Giordan. BELLATORES. Front row: Fyke, Hedrick, Ferrill, Sullivan, Foster, Butler. Second row: Anthony, Hoag, Ebersole, McTyre, Cook. Murphy, Morris, Thompson, Brooks. Third row: Dodd, Green, Wesl- ermcm, Graham, Sebree, Harris, Coe. LEGIO HONORIS. Front row: Miller, Gilliam, Brown, Lipow, Cohen, Kerr, Drummond, Roach, Nitchie. Second row: Miss Schlichler, Leahy, Evans, Plate, Stallcup, La Zarr, Cooper, Bradley, Henry, Thompson. Third row: I. Fradin, K. Fradin, Hanna, Lee, Louderbach, Long, Colyer. C1093 ESPANLATA CLUB. Front row: Colson, Martin, B. Shoemaker, M. L. Shoemaker, Miramontes. Wilkins. Second row: Patterson, Hayes, McKinney, Wheat. Kivicxi, Iones, Tope, Hollander. Third row: Gunn, Freeman, Korte, Diamos, Waldman, Fieldness, Winkle, Pail. FRENCH CLUB. Front row: Iuslice, Steele, Kiehler, Schwartz. Bcxlla, Ferrell, Driggs. Second row: Porter. Iones, Koerner, Rosenberg, Udell. Surveying the Nations Espanlata is a club for students of Spanish and Latin classes. The members are interested in more than simply learning what the daily lessons teach them in the school. They have intentions of furthering their knowledge of languages: it is assuredly a Worth-while aim. The officers of the Espanlata Club Were Nan Taylor, Presidentg Mary Lou Shoemaker, Vice-President: Ann Stallcup, Secretary: and Alice McKinney, Scribe. This year's French Club, under the direction of first semester President, Mary Koerner, and second semester President, Betty Udell, held meetings once a month. Several parties, including a picnic at the Mustang Corrall and joint meeting With the Phoenix Union and lunior College French Clubs, were held by the members. Fw:- THESPIANS. Front row: Bedilion. Gotlieb, Sheldon, Farell, Aurell, Porter, Hill, Van Zandt. Second row: Blaine, Call, Sullivan, Pinkham, Dickey, lunson. Third row: Cuuqhlin. Lambert, Williams, Griiiin, Cook. Moran, Sill. Klink, Bohn. Fourth row: Driqgs, Hyde, Bursen, Eschmeyer, Hawkins, Baker. Miss Hicks, Ruby. Lewkowitz, Brown. 'ww T W-- . 1 ff ' ,. -1 4 wf ,J a,,yf'lf' ' it-11941 v A ll" ,Silt -f'j,i2,:y ,L V X 4 , , JL 'vu but K. MVK' lv.. ,W up ?av0,,?! 4, VG 33, , ,l.i:,,e4j" .riff it QM. H.. N .,..-, .ff , ' L...lti - z '!L"'-r11...u... v.T 141-.msg .J-' .Mi....u.. fri, ,ggi.5,Q:g , ,x,-vv T:--in-mn, Thespians and Linguists The Thespians, a national high school dramatics organization, is lucky to have Troupe No. 403 at North High. Miss Lucille Hicks is its Worthy adviser. Elaine Dickey and Louie Bohn shared the Presidency for 1946-47. Ray Williams was Vice-president: Ioan Sill took care of minutes and guarded the rnoneyg and Lois Driggs and Ierry Lewkowitz were the mean and hard pledge masters. Los Diablitos is a newly organized Spanish clulo made up of Miss HoWatt's third year students. The club met during class time, but they had several "extra- curricular" parties during the year. LOS DIABLITOS. Front row: Elias, Hershman, Swilt, Thiel, Meyers, Cooper, Bivin. Womack. Second row: Ball, Kendall, Toy, Stapley, Ektes. Tanner, Gilmore, Roach, Nashburn, Stephens. Third row: Michaels, Grammar, Sill. Frankeberger, Brewer, Voegele, Miss Howatt, Stephenson, Bixby, Best, Reil, Hamilton. , ,,.,..,,..,,,f.,.,,,,1,.,,,., -W-.1 ee-.Qu-...i.....,w,,.m,,. -..........-mn. W. .-..,.......... .. -.. .-......,1, 5. Marshall Humphrey shown on M the Iunior College iield which the local chapter put in shape tor recreational purposes. F. F. A. Tomorrow's Agriculturists The Future Farmers of America under the leadership of Duane Miller and Marshall Humphrey have completed numerous garden projects. Ably super- vised by Mr. Fred Draper, they are still maintaining their standard as an out- standing club. The other officers of this year's group were Gerald Butler, Secretary: Malcom Wells, Treasurer: and Clifton Kau, Sentinel. FUTURE FARMERS. Front row: Cardinal, Iennings, Gray, White. Second row: Evans. Court, Reedy, Teeter, Mast. Third row: Miller, Butler, Kau. Maxcy, Taylor. At left: Members ol the Chapter are shown at work on their Arizona State Fair exhibit, which attracted much comment. p i 'dt csiiiwg SENIOR Y-TEENS. Front row: Murin, Allen. Hunsicker, Childers, Phillips, Steqner. Bowman. Second row: Fast, Montierth, High, Fyke, Allen, Beck. Third row: J. Bliss, Hinshaw, Abney, Cheshire, Ianssen, Mrs. Muth, Thiel, B. Bliss. IUNIOR Y-TEENS. Front row: Moore, Hollander, Brown, East. McDonald, Baker. Second row: Lope, Alexander, B hcrm, Bell. Cook. Johnson, Hoel. Leggitt. Third row: Martin. Zabriskie. Wagner, Scott, Overton, Peifer, Dodds. For Fun and Service Sponsored by Mrs. Ruth Muth, Mrs. Baker, Mrs. Gum, and Miss Vera Boyington, the two Y-Teen clubs of North High have had a busy year. Heading the Iunior-Senior club are Dot Ianssen, President: Carol Ann Thiel, Vice-president, Rogene Hinshaw, Secretary, and Bethany Fyke, Interclub Representative. Donna Iean Baker, Miriam Basham, Marjorie Zabriskie, and Muriel Overton were the top officers of the Freshman-Sophomore club. . Both clubs took part in activities with other clubs in the city, such as the Christmas Hang- ing of the Greens Tea, a rummage sale, and the Mother-Daughter Banquet. The first social event of the year was a tafty pull at Rosemary Lodge, Y-Teen Week-end hangout. Other club activities included a bike hike, a radio program, a week end at Go1dWater's farm, a record auction, and sewing for the Red Cross. U12 1137 for the Future '- One of the busiest ot the school's clubs. the I-'idelis Chapter has a full social calendar. At right, above. mem- bers ctre shown at the annual spring banquet which preceded the formal initiation ceremony. Club oilicers are shown. below. pinning corsages on the new members. Homemakers The Future Homemakers ot America have had a full program this year. Under their officers Celeste Lipow, President: Dorothy Dodson, Vice-Presidentg Carol Hott, Secretary, Anita Rahmatulla, Treasurer, lane Hunter, Historiang and Ferry Beth Keihler, Reporter, and theil advisers, Mrs. Anna Lou Yancy, Mrs. Gwendolyn Beaver, and Mrs. Marilyn Bell, they have participated in service projects and entertaining activities. I Their activities included a Christmas party, a field trip to Dorris-Heyman, a treasure hunt, an easter egg hunt, a mother-daughter tea, and a formal dinner which the girls cooked themselves. At Christmas they sent toys to under privileged children and at Easter donated to the PHA. national camp fund. FIDELIS CLUB. Front row: Dodson. Keeble, McCracken. Murrell, Bencic. Second row: Rahmatulla. Gray, Kiehler. Holt, Lipow, Hunter, Mrs. Yancy. Third row: Mrs. Bell. Mudersbach. Hodil, Kleinert. Schwcbe. Zabriskie, Mrs. Beaver. STADIUM CLUB. Front row: Ruppert, Flickenger, Greer. Second row: McSweeney. Carlisle, Ham- ilton, Donn, Trautman. Third row: Blaisdell, Wiltsie, Taylor, Svob, Straus. Fourth row: Mr. C. A. Brown. They Offer Their Services "Right this way, please," is the familiar phrase of the Stadium Club, under the direction of Mr. Brown, Who graciously usher sports fans to their seats at our games. The Library Club, under the sponsorship of Miss Genevieve Carlton and Mrs. Marian Robbins, is rnade up of girls who are taking library training. Officers this year were Portia Call, Presidentg Ioye Larson, Vice-President: and Norene Walls, Secretary-Treasurer. LIBRARY CLUB. Front row: Chuka. Larson, Hatch, Call. Bliss. Icmssen. Second row: Davis, MCCUUOCIL Murphy. Brewer. Toy, Hall. Anthony. Third row: Brown, Smithson. Leib, Simmons. Kendall, Simmons, Hellmund, Kersh, Walls. C1143 41153 Politeness and Pep Members of the Auditorium Club usher at evening performances given in the North Phoenix High School auditorium. They have been on hand this past year for all the musical programs and dramatic presentations. Club sponsors are Miss Marian Cox and Miss Elsie Deaver. Stimulation of school enthusiasm for our games is the aim ot the Pep Club. Started this year under the direction ot Mr. Stanley P. Cardon, the organization developed plenty of spirit at our athletic contests. AUDITORIUM CLUB. Front row: Innes, McConaughey, Kiehler, A. Stephenson. Second row: Cooper, Fyke, Attebury, Westerwick. Driqqs, Hoff, Miss Deaver. Third row: Hedrick, Westerman, Udell. Robertson, Strandquist, Brown. C. Stephenson, Miss Cox. PEP CLUB. Front row: Alexander, Hill, Edelman, Bennett, Dunham. Second row: Brown, Koza, Erb, Pole, Redman, Robinson, Rohedo, Shepard, Udell. Third row: Groh, Dittmer, Shanks, Simpson, Callaway, Crandall, Miller. Radio and the Printed Word Three small but highly specialized groups of students form three of the most interesting of the many clubs at North High. The Graphic Arts Club, composed of Print Shop students, was a new club in North High this year. Mem- bers ot the organization study the principles of printing, and much ot their handiwork was seen around the school in the form of tickets, cards, and posters. The Livewires are really hams. They spend most of their time send- ing and receiving on their homemade radios. They are sponsored by Mr. Vernon Hathcock. The Quill and Scroll Society, al- though meeting infrequently, justi- fies its existence through the honor and recognition it brings to its mem- bers. High school journalists through- out the United States are proud to be members of this national society. Sponsor is Mr. Iohn C. Raymond. GRAPHIC ARTS CLUB. Front row: Phillips, Russell. Stacy, Handel, Swaine, Hoehn, Arrott. Mr. Lawrence Chard. LIVEW IRES. Front row: McKnight, Mann, Sprinkle. Robinson. Segal, War- ner, Haggard. Second row: Nelson, Loltis, Duke, Frazier, Helm. QUILL AND SCROLL. Front row: Sellers, Brooks. Tanner, Stapley. Second row: Sebree, Costanten, Udell. Iennings. i1i6l ll7J ATTENDANCE COLLECTORS. Front row: Caughlin, Chester, Driggs, Blaine, Parsons. Second row: Kunze, Van Zandt, Jones, Holmes, Lipow, Silver, Bein, Cohen. Third row: Goodsell, Powell, Lindberg, Williams, Theil, Holloway, Cooper, Wesche, Pinyan. Fourth row: Mehl, Best, Voegle, Hasse. Weiss, Pink- ham, Propati, Mrs. Westby. DANCE CLUB. Front row: Wade, Love, Trautman, Shook, Shoemaker, Soza, Eads, Guy, Gates, Patrick, Smithson. Third row: Miss Wilkinson, Gunn. Iamie- Brown, Groh, Lewis. Second row: Yates, Sumrell, Schmid, Furrey, Eshmeyer, son, Dukes, Kress, Mulhdor, Iones, Wade, Hoover, Monette. Taking Steps Remember that cute little number who comes into class every day and gets the attendance reports? Well, she's known as an attendance collector and, most probably, she's in the picture above. Attendance collecting is a non-solid, and is one of the many important services of the school. ln charge ot the attend- ance collectors is Mrs. Mary Westby. The Dance Club is sponsored by Miss Catherine Wilkinson, one of the girls' Phys. Ed. Teachers. The participants spend their time striking artistic poses and ilitting about on their toes. But seriously, it's not only fun: it teaches poise and self-confidence. PARNASSUS SENIORS. Front row: King, Brooks, Schilt, Pinkham, Lewkowitz, Parsons, Udell, Carollo, Stegner, Miller, French. Second row: Kerr, Eschmeyer, Stephenson, Lindberg. Fyke, Stone, Saul, Bein, Snow, Kleinert, Sellers. Third row: Lambert, Cuthbertson, Delvin, Green, Griswold, Iohnson, Ianssen, Sill, Westerwick, Pursley, Iohnson. When If Comes 'ro Brains- With the fourteen or better grade point students gathered together, North High has one oi its finest honor clubsWParnassus. The Senior members, along with the National Honor Society, are given a merit banquet each year by the Phoenix Hiram Club. The officers of Parnassus for the first semester were Bob Cuthbertson, President, Robert Green, Vice-President: Betty Udell, Secretary, and Susan Randolph, Treasurer. Leading the club second semester were Ierry Lewkowitz, Presidenty Wayne Delvin, Vice-President: Io Ann Voegele, Secretary, and Ioan Sill, Treasurer. Miss Ruth Adams is again the proud sponsor of this brilliant aggregation of more than one hundred prize scholars. , -ii, wi My ,gf E PARNASSUS IUNIORS. Front row: Brown. Costanten, Hawkins, Randolph, Mercer, Seabury, Tanner, Beck, Stapley, Call, Ginn, Thompson, Ienninqs. Second row: Coe, Seely, Akren, Siniit, H. Iones, Bock, Ferrell, Graham, Muenzer, Marx, Pollard, Fogal. Third row: Cook, Knowles, Blair, Bunce, Luce, Thomas, Snell, Chrisman, F. Jones, Roach, Womack, Cohen, Butler, Grammar. - ,un i118 C1197 PARNASSUS FRESHMEN-SOPHOMORES. Front row: Iohnson, Lipow, Kerr, Refsnes, Miller, Gotlieb, Mitchum, Mouritsen, Roach, Canavan, Wimberly, Martin. Second row: Jennings, Moore, Monroe. Brown, Grundy, Phillips, Dysart, McKinney, Hayes, Hempelman, Crandall, Falk. Third row: White, Lee, Smith, Fisher, Korte, Freeman, Taylor. East, Adams, Patterson. E 'NJLLEII 'YN a.. A, 51811 :fi re ffm fljgffe 21-1G'r1wve - 7252-f:iih1f?f:fff.H+ -. , - 1. -,. du GIFTS FOR OTHERS. Upper left: Elaine Dickey presents a check for 5200, the sum raised by North High students, to the chairman of the Iniantile Paralysis Fund. Upper right: The Y-Teens get some male help in their record auction. held to raise iunds for a drive. Lower leit: North High boys fill a car with food, including a live turkey gobbler, tor Thanksgiving dinners in needy homes. Lower right: Members oi an inspection committee in the Heifers for Relief fund-raising. Always Ready and Willing North High students have been noted for their dependability in the support of national charity drives each year, and this year was no exception. Each and every student was ready with time, work, and money. The play cast of "Dear Ruth" gave the proceeds of two extra performances to the lnfantile Paralysis Fund. The Service Chairmen Worked diligently collect- ing money to buy heifers which would be sent to Europe from North Phoenix High School. The students bought food and clothing for the needy people oi our own city. Each and every student did his part in these helpful campaigns. U22 1233 No Amount Too Large Many delicious cakes, can- dies, and pies became morsels for hungry mouths in the auctions which were held by many homerooms. When the spirit of giving began to fade out, there was always some stu- dent who could supply the needed dainties. Our service chairmen, under the sponsorship ot Miss Isabell Howatt, Worked many hours planning these programs and collecting food and delivering it to needy families. We collected money for milk tor small children and dimes for those who might be stricken with infantile paralysis. Our auctions especially netted us many dollars on behalf of these charities and for our own Corral. Discussing World Affairs The students of North High are progressive. They participated in many Iunior Town Meet- ings of the Air and public discussion contests. They aided the policies of our school by adding their voice, along with that of their parents and teachers on the P.T.A. panels. Through such mediums as these We became better acquainted not only with international affairs, but with civic affairs, and intra and inter-school affairs. The members of the Mustang Band were often present at such gatherings to display a note of the finer arts, and the combination of discussion and music led to a higher understanding of the world today. In a Iunior Town Meeting broadcast Cupper left? were Mr. Iack Williams of KOY, Wallie Perry, Sherry Turner, Iulienne Iennings, and Don Creamer. Broadcasting for North High on the Phoenix High Schools Program Clower right? were Flossie Iones, lim Stevenson, Dick Snell, and Christine Lewis. C124 A 5,5 9 Q Ai ll' x K vs? .K fig 4 it "1 X 1 is 'H if at 5 Y iw? 6 gh .MF ' x 'Hs ,M fi J ' 5 1 .JR 'S A I If-. I 'U!'E2i2f5u lf 5.552 fy ily' MUSTANG ROUNDUP STAFF. Front row: Costcmten. Iones. Chrisrncn. Hess, Hogue. Second row: Hedrick. McGuire. Blair. Muehlebach. Brooks, Hawkins. Udell. Groh. Third row: Hausa. Jennings. Iohnson, Sellers, Lipow. Stapley, Klink, Ludwig. Rounding Up the News The two rnainstays ot any school paper are the editor and business rnanaqer. So it was with Donald Ianson and Betty Udell and the Mus- tang Roundup. And it is the staff who works dog- gedly each week to check the work of the roving reporters, rewrite stories, and go to the printers in order to check the final proof, but their reward is satisfying when the final draft appears. Donald Icmson and Betty Udell. I C126 1273 f. if ROUNDUP REPORTERS. Front row: Shea. Shults. Spiidlny. Sauder. Dunham. Duddy. Second row: Pound, Abell, Bueford, Wingo. Shoemaker, Wesch. Third row: Paulson. Berwick, Ward. Teetsel, Kcxtsenes. Horowitz. The Roving Reporters What would Thursdays be without the Mustang Roundup? News, gossip, sporty all recorded tor posterity in the pages of our school paper so ably assembled and turned out by the Roundup Staff. Familiar is the sight and sound of sopho- more reporters crying for news, of the editor crying for the reporters, and the long lines of students Waiting for their papers at the ticket Windows. But without North I-ligl'1's bi-monthly edition, campus life might become quite dull. PUBLICATION DAY. Smit members are shown "stuffing" the special Christmas issue of the Roundup: and students line up to get their copies. HOOFBEATS STAFF Leit to right Pat Small, Carol Phillips. Dottie Lou Harrington. Iean Ludwig Louie Bohn Mickey McGuire Howard Klink, and Royce Blair. Working Toward the Day Now that we have presented our prize package, the 1947 Hoofbeats, the long suffering annual staff under the direction of Pat Small, editor, can forget e stacks of copy that had to be wr tten and the pictures to be taken. Other staff slaves were Dottie Lou Harring- ton and lean Ludwig, associate editors, assistants, Royce Blair, Louie Bohn, Dale Hague, and Wende Chrismang typist, Faye Stoney busi- ness manager, Mickey McGuire: photograph- ers, Don Hoelzen and Howard Klinkg and ar- tists, Madeline Haase, Brice Schuller, and Carol Phillips. Early in the fall the annual theme and cover material and design 'were chosen. 'lhen came the classification of the lunior and Senior panel pictures, followed by pages of copy and picture identifications to write. As the end of the year neared we were working feverishly and beg- ging the printers to hurry, but now with a sigh of relief and pleasure we proudly present you the l947 l-loofbeats. PHOTOGRAPHIC PAIR. Howard Klink and Don Hoelzen in the Hoofbeats' photographic dark room. 1128 BAND. Front row: Reinecker, Schuabe, Pedrick. Pedersen. Condos. Beckett. Delvin, Montierth. Elson. Davis, Smith. Robinson. Suter. Greer. Mitchell, Carter. Newell. Baker. Poleeson. Terrell. Fetler. Coplcm, Williams. Second row: Wright. Sherwood. Best. Barkley. Brown. Nolt. Elson. Drigqs. Futerer. Bellinger. Conn. Pulliam, Seeley, Tice. Futerer. DeMor, Newby, Arrott, Iames, Mucey, McMorrow, Miller. Third row: Ianson. West, Cassidy, Ferrell. Casey, Hirshmon. Moreland, Cowden. Curollo, Luce. Galbraith, I. Cook, Shoemaker. Schilt. Grime, Femstrom, Luptcxk. Phillips, Falk. Strandqulst. Kiehler. Fourth row: Halle. Cuthbertson. Sadler. Moran, McMahon. Rye, Lewkowitz, Cary, Zion. Creamer. lserson. qrant. D. Cook. Hunsick, Cunningham. Thoeny. Wedqeworth. Brooks. Bechtel.. lennings. Hulse, Wiltrout, Swift. I Making Cur Music The Music Department is an institution in itself. With Mr. Lynn Fitzgerald as its director, the department has won Wide acclaim throughout the city. For several years the Military Band has been the official rodeo band and has played for the Pioneers Reunion. For the first time North High has an organized mixed chorus made up of students interested in the finer points of music. MIXED CHORUS. Front row: Keith. Graepler. Muenzer, Pyper. Stephenson. Hayden. Wylie. Ruppel. Crane. Cloud Eisenhart. Berkey. Driggs, l.aZarr. Bradley, Groh. Cook, Wilson, Johnson. Second row: Maynard, Rudy, De Witt, Kirby Oliver. Keeble. Pound. K. Frcdin. Holroyd. I. Frodin. Abbott. McNatt. Simmons, Chodburn. Louis. Shepherd. Sewell Ccmavcn. Goorighicm. Third row: Small. Becxmcm, Smith, O'Brien, Phlegar. Huskinson. Carson. O'Shea. Berwick Anderson. Stiles. Evans, Korrick. Bennet, Bottemiller, Chastain. Holt. Brown. Broberqf Shoemaker- Fourth TCW: Isabell Walser. Greenwold. Hiqht. Lyons. Wray. Chapman, Hunter. Boch, Dudley, Child. Pollard. Burris. Fifth row: Lusk Davis, Kayetan. Snow. Kwiatkoski. Henrie, Murcum. Cambell. Anselmo, Swift. Bull. Iohnston. Falk, Smith, Sheldon Preston, Brcmninq. DeHaven. Perry. 293 VS 1 I I 1 ORCHESTRA-Upper picture: Front row: Martin, Wing, Dickson, Iczmes, Luthlean. Iennings. Second row: Bcxllcx, Brill, Wylie, Craiqmyle. Iserson. Lower picture: Front row: Grundy, Kasole. Hunsicker, King. Randolph, Cook. Second row: Robinson, Phillips, Bilow, Dodson, Shepard, Mitchum, Cady. Third row: Frank. Gray. The Little Symphony The orchestra made its formal appearance at the Spring Concert, and it also provided the music at the Iunior-Senior play, "Double Doors," and at the oratorical contest. The orchestra, consisting of 28 members, affords an excellent opportunity for musical students to gain experience in playing orchestral scores. Soloists from this group were featured in the Spring Concert, various P.T.A. programs, and school assemblies. 11309 A Hundred and One Voices iThe lOl Voice Girls' Glee Club, under the direction of Mr. Lynn Fitzgerald, has presented many iine programs this year: the inspirational Christmas assembly, the Spring Concert, the P.T.A. assembly, and other performances. The piano accompanist was leanine Snow. Also part oi the Glee Club are the glamorous Four Notes-Nancy Beaman, Jackie Davis, Annette Sheldon, and Pat Small-who appeared in the swing band assembly, at Phoenix Union, on the radio with the Teen Age Tactics, and before the Lions Club. ALTOS. Front row: Allen, Murin. Stephenson, Iohnson, Nichols, Wagner. Beasley. Second row: Davis, Wing, Hoel, Iackson, Tanner, Reedy. Third row: Stefano, Frost, Mouritsen, Krauth. Givens, Roach, Womack. Fourth row: Wright, Brooks, Gilmore. Fifth row: Marx. Sikorski. Anderson, Cram, Moore. SECOND SOPRANOS. Front row: Got- lieb. Reich, Kelley, Fennemore, Tucker, Little, Welch. Second row: Hanks, Lanninq, Baker. Watrous, LaZarr. Ake. Third row: Geimer, Ely, Deal, Ramsay. Darrah, Chadbourne, Cady. Phlegar. Fourth row: Burcham. Reilly, Garnaat, Stephens. Allen, Boedeker. FIRST SOPRANOS. Front row: Simpson, Ball, Wierson, Miller, Griffin, Brooks, Iacques, Christy, Mauck. Second row: Yates, Gentry, Reed, Denton, Squire, Essey, Whitfield. Third row: Foster, Hutterman, Bradley, Doyle, Lewis Iaakson. Crull, Parry. Fourth row: Danner, Dear, Sperry, Cheshire, Bowles, Nesmith, Schultz. 1 i131l Q . ,. N V Y 1133? "DOUBLE DOOR." In the above candid shots from the production "Double Door," can be seen tupper leltl Iill Branning, Wayne Baker, Ioan Ganz, who played the leading role, and Bob Petter. Assisting Mary Hodges and Dee Nesmith lupper rightl with their makeup are Lois Driggs and Lois Hill. The makeup crew also included Ginger Blaine and Sue Van Zandt llower leftl, who are shown applying makeup to Ierry Lewkowitz and Howard Klink. Leads were also played in the drama by Lois Hill, Ioan Moore, lim Lambert, and Kibby Barwick flower rightl. Mystery, Intrigue-"Double Door" The Dramatics Department of North High outdid itself in every presenta- tion. The first dramatic effort of the year was "Double Door," which was pre- sented by the members of the Iunior-Senior Classes. The cast carried a great load in learning lines and stage procedure, but the make-up crew, stage crew, prompters, and directors carried much of the load also. Under the direction of Miss Lucille Hicks, dramatic abilities of the students of North High have been ably developed. "DEAR RUTH." Leii to right: Don McClain. as Harold Klobbermyer: Norma Lou Harrington US Dora: Tom Isabel, as Albert Kummer: Porlid Call Lee Bedilion, as Martha Seawriqht: Lois Driggs. as Miriam Wilkins: Elinor Ruth Wilkins: and Otis Sullivan. as Lt. Bill Seawright. Cauqhlin, as Mrs. Edith Wilkins: Ralph Swift. as Iudge Harry Wilkins: Dotiie ' 1 Ji -I 1353 "DEAR RUTH." In the dramatic comedy "'Dear Ruth," Ralph Switt and Elinor Cauqhlin as Mr. and Mrs. Wilkins and Lois Driqgs as Miriam were the hilarious trio of Friday night's cast. North High students and their parents were always kept well-iniormed by the publicity conscious thespians. At right: How those bulletin boards were decorated. A Triumph-'lDear Ruth" When the combined dramatic talent of the whole of North High is brought together, what can result but hilarious comedy productions such as "Dear Ruthu? F or weeks posters and radio announcements told us of this p1ay's coming. When it was presented to the public, it was so Well received that two additional performances were given. All proceeds were donated by the cast to the lnfantile Paralysis Fund for Arizona. INSPECTION. Cadet Colonel Emory Sekaqucxptewa inspects his officers. In a Military Manner Many changes occurred this year in our Military Department. Lt. Colonel Shoemaker came to direct the activities of the Phoenix Union High Schools' R.O.T.C., and Captain William Toy later came to assist him in this direction of military studies. And as the year progressed, companies began to improve, green rookies finally learned to march, and our Military Department came to take great pride in the advancement it had made under the able guidance of its staff and student officers. MILITARY STAFF. Left to right: Capt. Toy. lst Sgt. Embree. lst Sgt. Bergeron, Sf Sgt. Townsend. lst Sgt. Cox. Capt. Iefiress. Sf Sgt. Sheridan, M! Sgt. Bunkley. C136 B.O.T.C. CL Front row: Lewkowitz, Dugan, Fancy, George, Forsyth, Baldwin, Stoekel Brown, Estes, Wurl Pettycrew, Hill, Udall, Clements, Laird, Cook, Bunce, Goodson, Askins Cuthbertson. Second row: Robbins, Patterson, Griswold, Lloyd, Bacon, Watson, Cash, Williams Perry, Prator, Creamer, Duerson, Adams, Greer, Gray, Lindley, Terrell, Geyer, Francis, Meeks, Black, Hull, Roach, Haase, Sekaquaptewa. Sabers and Rifles Every member of the B.O.T.C. is desirous of being chosen as a member of the R.O.T.C. Club, made up of those boys who have obtained the rank ot sergeant or higher. This year's rifle team has been active and successful, although it has received little publicity. Coming up against the stiff competition ot teams from local and out-ot-state schools, the North High team consistently ranked near the top. RIFLE TEAM. Front row: Lawrence, D. Duerson, Stowell, Millin, Cox, Warner, Palmer Woodman. Second row: Sgt. Sheridan, Grey, Bacon, H. Duerson, Watson, Pettycrew, Black Bunce, Sullivan, Soza, Wurl, Goodson, Laird, Haase. 2 1 1 Soldiers and Their Ladies Though smaller this year, the Girls' Military Department was as active as always, preparing impressive drills in straight-lined ranks. To add to soldier smartness, new khaki uniforms were given the girls. The battalion was led this year by Colonel Elaine Bueford. One of the dances, long to be remembered, was the Military Ball. The cadets in their striking uniforms and their dates, very lovely in the sheerest of formals, danced in the dim-lit hall to the melodious strains of Ray Moran's orchestra. 'lik im, B E 5, 3 if .S Dances-Sweet Music and Jive North High basketball games would not be complete without the dances which follow. For a small sum and an identification card students could have three hours of soft music, jumping and jiving, or just contentedly sitting and watching the couples or listening to the orchestras which often stopped the show with their specialty numbers. Every school in the valley participated in these dances-Mesa, Phoenix Union, Glendale, St. Mary's, and North High. Dances such as these always put a perfect finish to an enjoyable evening. C140 1411 - And Special Occasions New Year's, always a time of late hours, blowing horns, and throwing confetti, brought something entirely new this year: Confetti Capers, which was sponsored by the Y-Teens. There was confetti and horns cmd late hours, and from the looks on people's faces in the pictures Kabove leftl much fun was had. But of course the girls are at it again, and the Co-ed Dance is in full swing. Girls dressed as babies, rabbits, dolls, and little kids-all looking very comical, but all having a glorious time dancing and playing kid games. With Scientific Eye We often think ot class Work only in terms ot difficulty and boredom, but it has its lighter moments, too. Experiments in chemistry are always rather exciting: Perhaps one could blow up his partner or perhaps in Biology some daring young man could frighten some unsuspecting girl with a Gila monster or a Writhing snake. Insect and bird study break the monotony of book learning when one has specimens as shown above for study and observation. 1142 1433 Worthy of Exhibit The Agriculture, Commercial, and Art Departments play an important part in our modern Vocational training. This year North High artists won twenty first prize gold keys in the state-wide Annual Scholastic Art Awards contest. Agriculture students in addition to raising turnips and radishes, as a practical part of their course, made a model farm for exhibit at the State Fair. All depart- ments prepared exhibits Clower rightl. K ,1 Figaimsm- A H ,, if 32 N A 5 A ,ff ' :ff . xy : ,. ,--wwf ,W . A .figgif Wx fi 'Sa wig E 'K , 5. :ig :,., 1 3.1 If :ii i , W W 'j ,ff -amy , f QQFW xrfdfff .-5 swam- L F fiwz, 'W A iw , .E fQ? z 'f5fL' , f swag Far' 'f 'ff sdwwy " 1 'mf fy- ' L -QYTW ifwf .fWMi', r ,,w-f m,w1fw iw 5 f gg! - vvffymi ,,swuw ig E Qi fl ,' if mi? f ff ,I ff' 5 ? 1 ,f z V, f , F ' f QQ 93 WM :ww meg, f145l With Homes in Mind In order that the girls of today may become more efficient wives and mothers in the future, classes in homemaking, sewing, child guidance, and cooking are offered to all of those who are interested in taking them. A renewal of the annual Girls' League fashion show presented to the public the projects of the sewing classes: and the children of the immediate neighborhood were offered the opportunity of coming to the nursery school. Here both the boys and girls learned to care for them, thus adding to their knowledge of child care, which will make for better community life in the future. Party Time Christmas was not forgotten this year. Gene Peterson, disguised as Santa Claus, came parading through the halls, ringing bells, and distributing gifts to teachers and students. Homerooms had parties, and Christmas trees were decorated. The true Christmas spirit was felt in the giving of toys, foofl, and boxes to those who might not otherwise be able to have a Christmas. All of us benefitted from the joy of the season. Other parties, such as the Roundups Valentine party Cpicture, lower rightl, brightened the year. 1146 rm! 1,5 K if u?"mJ'fl ma: av ww,i t, ,V 2 fp, X 1 9 xl Wifi mfs Va-Pfifi 13 fs 5 2,3 4 Y , .4 'EY gif? , W W lr ol' ' 1 WJ . ,ffwxfvj . I I Z4 Wifi W A ,L I, ' 9' W W rfffjfogff W W W I ffigprurffm + H ' ' ' f ' fm' 'H FF-F ',:wi?'-'ri ' '2i,4:fau,.:gg5.f.'Q , 11 s Thousands Cheer Football, basketball, or baseball are all equally important at North High. The players enter into the games with high spirits and a sense oi fair play and they are not alone in this. - The spectators, cheering and tense, never for a moment forget the thrill oi seeing their team in action. C150 151 Y X , - 1 z VARSITY FOOTBALL--Front row: Corpstein lmanagerl, Ransom, Summers, Iohnson, Elias. Showers, Morris, Allen, Wilmoth, R. Zehr, Condos, Wells, Wachtler, F. Zehr lmanaqerl. Second row: Coach Caldwell, Thoeny, Walker, Miller. Dugan, Shaw, Reay, Frcmcy, Seifert, Taylor, Fancher, Fisher, Askins, Coach Van Hoorebeke. Third row: Gore, Meloche lcaptainl. Kau, Spurlock, Coates, Pedrick, Robbins, Clements, Petersen, Olson, Talbott. All Set to Go SEI-iSON'S RECORD Opponents Mustangs 12 7,,...,7,,......,. C asa Grande ................ 7 ......,,,......... St. Mary's ..... 34 ..l,...l....,,... Mesa ............ 7 .,.....,. ....,, G lendale .,,. Z7 .....,.,. ...... T ucson ..... 18 ......... ....,. B owie ..,. 27 ......,,. ...... E 1 Paso ...........,.. 6 .......7........, Phoenix Tech. .,... ..... . 7 ,.,..,,.,.....,.., Albuquerque ....... ...... On September 1, Coaches Rolly Cald- Well, Claire Van Hoorebeke, and Don Pace were met by an eager bunch of boys all ready to start training for the 1946 football campaign. This year's squad was a bit green and inexperienced and it took plenty of hard Work to get them in shape for their first contest with the Casa Grande Cougars. The Mustangs were upset, 12 to 7, on unlucky Friday the 13th, by the deter- 14-UH UFVVA 'mu-Phoenix Union 0 mined Casa Grande eleven. Del Taylor Fred Gore Duane Miller 1152? NIGHT FOOTBALL. Under the lights oi the local stadiums. there was excitement and thrill last tall. Scenes at right are from night games. The upper picture shows Dave Askins smashing for a gain in the Bowie game. They Never or r Let Up After a halt-time draw, the Mustangs dropped a hotly contested City League game to a light but fast St. Mary's eleven, 7-O. The Mesa contest saw a much improved North High eleven draw first blood in this game, but the White-led crew Went ahead to Win, 34-12. g The Glendale game Was about the best game of the season for the Mus- tangs. The game Went scoreless for three quarters, but the Cards pulled the contest out of the fire in the last minute of play. A pass from Aja to Hildrith supplied the winning tally. Don Meloche Don Summers . Hilary Iohnson C1533 TIME OUT. Weary Mustangs stop for a moment's brecrther in the Thanksgiving Day game with Phoenix Union in the Union High Stadium. Competition Was Stiff The Wild Horses entered the Tucson game with hopes of staging an upset but came home srnarting from a 27-6 defeat. They were glad even to score against the potent Badgers. "Battering" Dell Taylor turned the trick by returning a Tucson punt for a 40-yard run to the pay strip. Tucson's All-State fullback, Lee Carey, was the big gun for the Old Pueblo crew by scoring three touchdowns on three long runs. The Mustangs lost the next two contests to Texas elevens, being beaten by Bowie High of El Paso on local sod, 18-6, and then being downed by the El Paso Tigers, 27-6, in the fracas termed the "hard luck" game of the year. Success crowned the Scarlet and Blue in the next game when down went the Phoenix Tech Hornets, 44 to 6, under the hoofs of the revived Mustangs. The Varsity followed this by losing to Albuquerque in a close garne, 7'6. Ken Olson Dave Askins Newton Reay C154 KICK. Behind cwn goal line, the Coyotes kick to safety. Bob Walker Jerry Talbott Leroy Shaw 1553 Q "" , Sf' ' f 5. it ' ,Q -K, 3 . tfmrww-Ai , their First Time In History For the first time in North Phoenix High's football history, the Mustangs lost a Thanksgiving game to "Don Coyote" of Phoenix Union. The contest was a bang-up affair from the start. The Coyotes started fast and when smoke cleared from the first half the Downtown crew was sporting a 7-O lead. By the end of the clash, Phoenix Union added another score and Went ahead to win, 14-O. it BANQUET. Members of the Mustang and Coyote foot- ball teams at the annual banquet. Sitting Down Together With the aroma of steak and potatoes filling the room, the annual Phoenix Union-North Phoenix joint football banquet qot underway at the Steak House, December ll. Supt. E. W. Montgomery cited the two schools for the spirit in which they played football durinq the season. Coach Holly Caldwell and Coach Larry Rouble introduced their assistant coaches and members of the football squads. Duane Miller played a piano solo to Wind up the eveninq's festivities. Don I-'ancher Pete Fisher C156 TROPHY. At the football rally held the night before the big game, the Ki! Carson trophy rifle is displayed. Turkey Day and the Trophy This year for the first time in many seasons, the Mustangs of North Phoenix High held a football rally the evening before the Turkey Day clash with Phoenix Union High School. The picture above shows Mr. Henry Lowe holding the Kit Carson rifle, the trophy which goes to the winner of the game. A kickoff is always exciting. But the most exciting of all is the one that opens the annual Big Game. Below is the scene in Phoenix Union Stadium. The Colts Opponent 19 Mesa ........... 6 Glendale ...... 0 Glendale ...... a 6 St. Mary's ,.,....... 0 Desert Mission ...... 6 Glendale ............ 6 Indian School ,,,..... 12 Mesa .,................ 0 0 e a S O n 27 Phoenix Union ....,, 13 St. Mary's .......... 25 Phoenix Union ....., O Indian School ........ Colts .......l9 .,..,..27 .......l9 .....,.14 ,......l4 ..,....l2 Football is a lot ot fun, but it takes a lot of hard Work to make a good team. This year's Mustang lunior Varsity, the Colts, had the best season ot all second teams in North Hiql'1's football history. Coached by Don Pace, the Colts defeated Glendale three times, the Phoenix Indians once: St. Marys once, and a Veteran team from Desert Mission once. They ended the season with six wins and six losses. SECOND TEAM FOOTBALL-Front row: Merrill, Woodward, R. Peterson, Warner, Silber, McCarty, Dezember, Schwanz. Second row: Coach McCarty, Duerson, N. Peterson, Mackey, Mclielvy. Weston, Bradley, Butler, Thomas, Donald, Spurlock. Third row: Iohnson, Hocken, Hershberg. Dunlap, Reed, Stone, Pearce, Begley, Adams, Coach Pace. QL ' V A A 45 B O58 1597 Gwen Davis. Wanda Miller, Faye Kelly, Norma Love, personality plus cheerleaders, pose belore leading their schoolmates in ringing yells in support oi the football squad. We Couldn't Do Without Them Wanda Miller, Norma Love, Gwen Davis, Faye Kelly, and Paul Mangino. You saw them at the football, basketball, and baseball games, always cheering, never failing to give their full support to the Mustangs. When school spirit Went into a slump after football season, this grand group of students was still out front cheering our teams on to victory. They deserve recognition for their fine Work during the school year of 1946-47. if i 75 X. O yf .QQ ?Qv'Q 5 I 'QU Lifjiigx S 1613 - Q at VARSITY BASKETBALL. Front row: Dunlap. Thompson, Finch. Currie. Lone. Shaw. Fuller. Bartee Second row: Coach Caldwell. McDowell. Clements. Wczgstctt. Bradley. Peterson. Hull. Crosby. The Schedule Was Relentless The next night, lanuary ll, the substitutes again were in the spotlight when they belted Wickenburg, 46-38. A determined band of Mustangs came from behind in the second halt to down the unbeaten Tucson Badger tive, 38-36, Ianuary 17 at the Phoenix Union Gym. A little unsettled by their victory over Tucson, the Caldwell squad dropped the next three games to Tempe, 26-19p P.U.H.S., 31-167 and the Peoria Panthers, 31-31. Apparently again in stride, the Mustangs came out of their midseason slump to win from Glendale, 41-35, and slip past Wickenburg 42-41. North High's hoopsters felt the need of the services ot Larry Fuller and Roy Thompson, out because of illness, when they twice went down to defeat, first by Mesa, 39-28, and then by Peoria 43-36. The North High squad dropped their only game in the District Tournament to Ajo, 36-30. They drew a first round bye-automatically putting them in the second round. ln a double barreled contest the Horses downed Yuma two nights in a row, February 21 and 22, 42-32 and 38-21. North High was not chosen as the sixteenth team so did not participate in the State Tournament, which was won by Florence. The Wild Horses ended their season by rambling over St. Mary's 48-40, in a rough tilt, February 28. The high point men for the season were Larry Fuller, 121 points: Bob Lane, 1127 and Leroy Shaw, 95. Oren "Buzzy" McDowell played more contest minutes than any other player this year. g . , u V in i ,X 2 35 QQ , . We S gg W '1 A 135' r if si , rf gig g, i-,rn COMMANDO BASKETBALL. Something new was tried out for halt-time entertainment this year. Commando basketball is iun-to watch! C1631 F I iv i Q 5: The Colts Were Winners Coach Don Pace's North Phoenix Colts played an outstanding season, winning 14 games and losing 5. Iohn Winkler took top honors in scoring with 106 points. Following his lead was Leland Barlow with 1285 Don Hargrayes, 655 and Gordon Reader, 60. The Iunior Varsity lost games to Phoenix Union twice, Mesa once, Tucson once, and the Phoenix Indian School varsity once. Most of the players on this year's second team will make the Varsity of 1947-48. COLTS BASKETBALL. Front row: Strazza. Reader. Barlow, Hargraves, Wilmoth. Second row: Nicholas. Marsom, Laveen, Izard, Merdick, Border. Third row: Coach Pace, Vance, Reed. Winkler. Lane, Crouch. V 'Z n Q E. L4 i -f fi. , , ,eyssgggi S V... +. K N,-Wmwg.ggfQiH3ggag?:53f15'tZ:Wf' -.M VARSITY BASEBALL. OUTFIELD lupper lettl-Kneeling: Daley, McCreary: Standing: R. Harris, Grasham, Hammon. INFIELD Kupper right!-Kneeling: C. Iohnson, Scott. Nicholas: Standing: Fisher, Rosenburq. Hogue. BATTERIES flower leitl-Front row tcatchersl: Thompson, Dezember. B. Harris: Back row lpitchex-sl: Slaughter, H. Iohnson, Hatcher, Gehres, E. Boltz, Bob Watson: flower right!-Maddy. K. Boltz. Spring Brings Baseball Americas favorite sport-baseball. North Phoenix horsehide fans were treated to some very qood displays of our national pastime this sesaon. The Wild Horses fielded their strongest nine since Q 1942. Coach Van Hoorebeke's crew had won 14 aarnes and lost 4 when this year's annual Went to press. I164 1651 5 SEASON'S BASEBALL RECORD Opponent Mustangs Mar. l ............ l Superior ...... ................ l 4 " 1 ............ 1 Superior .......... ....... 1 9 " 4 ............ 0 Scottsdale ...... ....... 1 2 " 5 ............ 6 Tolleson ...... ....... 5 " 7 ............ 5 Yuma ...... ....... 1 O " 8 ,........... 1 Yuma .......... ....... 2 " - 11 .......... 4 Glendale ........ ....... 1 9 " 14 ...,...... 7 Tempe ........ ....... 3 " 15 .......... 3 St. Mary's ...... ....... 2 " 19 .......... 4 Tolleson ...... ....... 7 " 21 .......... 6 Yuma ........ .... . .l l " 22 .......... 5 Yuma .............. ....... 5 " 29 .......... 2 St. Mary's ...... ....... 3 Opponent Apr. 4 ............ 10 Bisbee .. " 5 ............ 3 Tucson ...... " 8 ............ 2 Peoria ..... . " 1 1 .......... 4 Mesa .......... . " 12 .......... 3 Phoenix " 15 .......... 13 Buckeye " 18 .......... 6 Glendale ,. 7 " .......... 3 Litchfield .. 5 Tucson . 20 25 .......... Phoenix 26 5 " 29 3 . .... ..... P eoria ...... May--State Tourney 1 ............ 3 Mesa ....... 19 .......... Tempe ...... Mustangs 3 1 3 2 2 The Mustangs"WQre Hard Hitters Hard hitting was the nucleus from 'which this year's squad was built. The batting averages for the ten top players dre as follows: Don Nicholas, .5305 Bill Grasham, .3875 Kelsey Boltz, .3695 lack Mafdy, .3425 Dale Hogue, .3335 Iohn Scott, .3335 Pete Fisher, .3265 Earl Boltz, .3145 Boy Harris, .3065 C. L. Iohnson, .306. The Mustangs opened the season by plowing under Superior 14-l and 19-2, and then slapping down Scottsdale, 12-0. The Horse Nine went ahead to become the team to beat in class A, State, and City Championship play. This year's crew was the first 1-loss Nine to defeat the Tucson Badgers. They did it handily, 5-3, at Tucson, April 4. COLTS BASEBALL. Front row: Watson. Reed. Fleigle. Schwarz, Knott. Second row: Boone. Laveen. Karsatos, Pinney. Chambers. Reiman. Third row: Coach Marich. Shaw. Harrelson, Rayburn. Bilow. Silva. Sutton. Manager Wiedower. VARSITY TRACK. Front row: Vick, Showers, Wackerbclrth, Mitsuda, Boaz, Knaack, Myers lMqr.l. Second row: Summers, Webster, Sims, Snell, Dunlap, Watkins. Third row: Coach Pace. Clements, Prator, Griswold, Gregg, Duke, McDowell, Currie. Track and Field . , . , 'tif 'Aa ' l Y Track is different from other sports because each person works by himself -e-not as a member of a team, but for the team. But a spirit of co-operation is imperative, and this North High had this year. Starting the l947 season with a loss to a strong Phoenix Union team, the Mustang track men steadily improved. North High was strongest this year in the field events. Parker Gregg led his fellows with his specialty, the discuss throw, in which event he was undefeated. Buzz McDowell made a good show- ing in high jumping, pole vaulting, and broad jumping. Gordon Sims was the outstanding distance runner, running both the 880 and the mile. The fast man on the team was Doug Watkins, who ran the 100, 220, and relay dashes. Hurdlers were Don Summers, Max Dunlap, and Donald Knaack. Running the 440 dash was Merle Wacker- barth. Other members of the team were Boyd Clements, shot put: Mitsukie Mitsuda, high jumpg Gay Currie, milep Ray Zehr, dashesp Hairy Sogan, 880 rung Dan Griswold, discussg and Ronald Prator, broad jump. Coaching and responsibility for the team's improvement came from Mr. Don Pace. COLTS TRACK. Front row: Wallace, Wolf. Vick, Scholield, Woodward, Myers tMqrJ. Second row: Ames, Schmitz. Whitmore, Pickett. Third row: Coach Pace, Edwards, Dunlap, Iohnson, Pren- tice, Fuller. Taylor. C1663 1673 TENNIS TEAM. Left to right: Russell. Schontholer. Carollo, Weaver, Shevick, Lewinlhal. Miller, Charles, Mr. Stephens. couch. Volley and Serve The Boys' Tennis Team of North High completed a very successful season, winning thirteen out of the seventeen matches scheduled. The only teams that defeated the Mustang team were Tucson, which won two games, and Mesa and Yuma, with a win each. Members of the team were Bobby Charles, number one man for three yearsg Duane Miller, number two man: loe Weaver, three: Murray Shevick, foury Delton Schonthaler, five, and Iohn Carollo, six. Along with the seventeen matches played, team members entered four tournaments. In two of the tournaments, the Southwestern and the State Closed, Bobby Charles, stellar tennis player of North High, won championships. Charles has sparked the fighting Mustangs tennis team for three years, and he has gathered many laurels for his superb playing. Charles is a hard working player, taking great pains in perfecting his game, besides being an all-around athlete. I-le is one of the very few tennis players who may get to the top in his field. Through hard work and real interest he can and probably will become one of the promi- nent tennis players in this section of the country, says his coach, Mr. C. O. Stephens. CHAMPION. Bobby Charles and the cup he won for taking the Southwestern Junior Men's Singles Championship. Arrows and Rackets GIRLS' TENNIS TEAM. I-'roni row: Brown, Thurman, Burson lCaptainl, Ginn, Grammar, Carlisle. Second row: Phillips tManagerl, Costanien, Randolph, Poleeson, Dohner, Miss Catherine Wilkinson ARCHERY CLUB. Front row: Cook, N. Thompson, White, Soza, Groh. Second row: S. Thompson, I. Cook, Diitmer, Ross, Miller, Gary. Third row: Miss Breneman, Martin, Newby, Benton, Price, Brown Under the direction of Miss Catherine A. Wilkinson, the Girls' Tennis Team played a comparatively successful season with high schools from all parts of Arizona this year. Members of the squad were Marcia Brown, Lois Thurman, Marilyn Burson CCaptainl, Gyrene Grammar, Iacqueline Ginn, Mary Ann Carlisle, Alice Phillips CManagerl, Carolyn Randolph, Kathryn Dohner, Nancy Deatherage, Devora Costanten, and Rosie Poleeson. A heavy schedule was followed during the season, with matches played on both our courts and at other schools and participation in various state tournaments. Making a new start this year, archery has grown to be an important school activity, with real enthusiasm on the part of both the students and their capable instructor, Miss Regna E. Breneman. The Archery Club was formed to meet for practice twice a week on the archery range. This year its members participated in the Second Annual Invitational Archery Tournament at Tempe College, with Susan Thompson winning major honors. C168 s169l Steering G-.A.A. through a strenuous Winter, the Cabinet, with Mrs. Bettse M. Phelps sponsoring, made this season one worth remembering. Consistent planning went into such activities as the Volley- ball picnic, the initiation, the Valley Softball Sportsday, and the spring trip to Prescott. The Cabinet, headed by G.A.A.'s President, Marlene Gall- man, also included Ioan Sill, Vice-presiclenty Velma Ieanne Barnett, Secretaryp Betty lean Cloud, Treasurerg Claryce Beck, Senior Bepresentativeg Ioyce Nelson, Iunior Representative, Marcella Murphy, Sophomore Representative: Mary Io Wim- berly, Freshman Representative: and Gyrene Grammar, Pub- licity Chairman. All-Stars pictured below are the I I top players chosen from each sport Girls' Athletic ssociation 1 and should receive special recog- nition. G. A. A. CABINET. Front row: Cloud, Wimberly, Gallman. Murphy. Second row Sill, Beck, Nelson, Barnett. G. A. A. ALL STARS. Front row: Van Akin Miller, Robertson, Beck, Sill. B. Cloud, Gallmcm Murphy, Allen. Second row: Alexander, Akren, Gary, Grammar, Thurman, I. Nelson, Barnett, Kleinert. S. Cloud. IUNIOR-SENIOR G. A. A. Front row: I. Nelson. Phillips. Cook, C. Miller. Van Akin. Beck. Sill. Attebury. Akren. Kleinert. Second row: Barnett, Ginn, Udell. Ledbetter. Cloud. Bissett. McTyre. Erb. W. Miller. lClCh0WSki. Gary- Grammar. Third row: Rawlins. Brown. Robertson. Allen. Chrisman. Sinilf. R. Nelson. Nusbcum. Love. Schiedler. Pence. Burr. SOPHOMORE-FRESHMAN G. A. A. Front row: Alexander. Doremus. Dodds. Peiier. Terry. Cloud. Bell. Morries Bruce. M. Phillips. R. Poleeson. Berry. Murphy. Thurman. Price. Second row: Lohr. Alcott. Kluit. Lusk. Bullock Heard. Deatheraqe. E. Poleeson. Wade. Monette. Sabie. Brewer, Newby. Third row: Mackey. Phillips. Cook. Flickinger. Dittmer. Fernstrom. Ross. Patterson. N. Brown. Hall. Bcxshurn. Miller, Overton. Martin. Fourth row: Brookins. Iusten. Vick. McKinney. P. Phillips. Dunlop. Wynn. Hulse. Wimberly. Craigmyle. White. Nicholas. Sportswomen The Girls' Athletic Association, in close co-ordination with the Girls' Physical Education Department, this year has successfully carried out the most active program of its history. Tennis, archery, badminton, volleyball, basketball, speedball, softball, and dancing have been amonq its members' activities. North Hiqh seems to rank second in competition with other Valley schools as shown by the results of the three Valley Sportsdays which were held this year. 1 1 1170 . 'U' ,A X-, , .:.:.:.-.-:4:-: x X, .1 , , . 5.3.9 x -:Je -:ca-,-. ':g:1:,::, j 1-5 . 371: E M 1251- Efy SX f ff- X, K . X- M 'Q' s 32 2? Az: ff , . :L , x z X, . y N v f 5 , , .. ,S fi 4 C " Y gr, QQ. rg, if 'Q if 0 152015 X N3,z5W SA 511 5 v, go.. .X K K '82 :rg 'f JK so ,N 'K :::":'?.' yy x fa 9 1' '37 E . ' '- :ciF':'f'f', ' 'ra .-:-:4-. .g:::,:-:-:-.' " 1 Q "4:::::5:: SS. 'g:12.5.- "' -:5:-,- .5:25' f.v1,'52:,- - 4'3:f:f:A 'g' V 2:31 3:- 7... tg ,Q 'P ig X: '4?:2.,-:Q "f:-.f- :fw n QLHAC f: .-:rf 'rl -:'Ff'P-sl, g., -r -. +-- - - ., -11. cr: - 'sw 14-J. :: 1 4:1-4:6 -'sir' A :fr 3:15-14, r pg: -: 125' lv' f:1: " -.ez.,,,. ':-:1:. '- ,A -Til: 5:33 55.451 ., .. . 1 5:15, :::- 5:.,,.f4q: , :5, .g-:- '- L 55:53. f gt 4:51:31 " I 351515, ' WE- -?fEr3S:':lQ 1 -ri. ' r5rf5f5f. ' I'-3-, 2E2E1E1E2E'- A rr: :-- - :-.5 a ,:4:2:2:4 .ss-. 'S 1:- ':5-r:f::x ,. ' .. -Jw :1:r:f::f .' 1.21 "-f-rw ' 111- E1S1515:1. M -92 , .-aj 25:3:555:, -M42 '15 5:1-ff'i..,K 1 4. 1ge-5+-.-2-3 Q. ckf:5:I:- l-:mg , . : .- -55+ -.gin -- Qishrzwi-4,,:z A: 9.jRf335i A , af-, : .34-2531, g3g3f1'356E: , In .Q F ., , -.-.- 4, , ,Ma n ,. -4, . . 1-: .5:-:-:,:--3:::,g:g:::g:-gg -q:,. :-- ,A x:-5' , ff". Jsflgfgfs :g:g::s:s:sfs:2: " .A , :ia 1. '- . Wi ' fs-ki E' I 4 ,, . 'fE:5:5:5:fEg f:515E55:515:5:5q155331, i:-49-:Ax-2, A K-' ' -5 553 Fiffrif' -r. s. ' ' "--' A 4- ,, f if -5 I .:,:.:::::g.:.:.f.4:-:-4.-.-.1:-:-1- ,: "q:::g:f:g,-5-,.::- .51 :::::::3g: -, g., ' 35-22555Ssfgsgsfsfsisfgfgs - 5 :E:1:er:1:2r5:1:1:f:r1r1: :gs gfgiffgj' 155:10-:Ea1. 5:5-rfsfff' . 52525:I:5:IE:5r5r5f5:5:15rSf5f5:5:5: 52:5 5Q:S:5:21Qi:55.X '1r525:5:af '52.:5:5- , i:s:5:g:5sgsg5f5:5:g1g55g5:5:5:5:5 +- :p::5:r5:1-T393 "A' ' fg ' 52:515:51:5:sf5:5:3f5f55:':5:5fg1g' is v- -"' ""- ' - E ",' uvl V H QW,,. .-.- f-:2aw:5:s:rfr5:f:: HART SCHAFFNER AND MARX CLOTHES MCGREGOR SPORTSWEAR INTERWOVEN HOSE BOSTONIAN SHOES ARROW SHIRTS ANNY'S if 40 NORTH CENTRAL AVENUE t 1711 vrsn' CENTRAL MARKET Teen-Aqers AND I limiofs FROZEN FOOD LOCKERS Women IN me WOUHYOU CENTRAL MARKET ike To Be IQIMOM SHOPPING CENTER Feartzwiug Eastern Pen-Fed Beef We need more attractive gms for Convenient Parking - Courteous Service this type of Work' Complete One-Stop Shopping 1602 E. Thomas Rd. Phone 5-4759 Fashion - Photographic - Slide - Film Expert Instruction. 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W'hen deciding your future, keep a college in mind, and when you are thinking of a college, investigate the wonderful advantages of attending THE PHOENIX IUNIOR COLLEGE . . . Living at home you will save money. You will be among your old friends because hundreds of North High graduates will enroll here next fall. You will have the opportunity to enjoy a new campus with modern equipment and a rnost outstanding faculty. Secure All Information at Registrar's Office PHOENIX JU 1oR COLLEGE Con ..-5 gratulations and all Qoozl to the Class of 1947 Wishes :5 iii "55552s 5:il2i2:?ii52fgg . 1 ff Q1 55:1 25535 .535-51:5i' 2155 S555 23 -5555 '55:+ -22: 'f:5:1. 2 5-25 5: yr. 55 5 .- -5:5 515:31gy::3.j1g53:1:5:?3:5:38g5:5:5:355151gQ-1 5:51.53 5: . V -, 5 -, -5 , 'lipriia-1rErE'.Fi . :'g15.' 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W j V 1 fyQ.?f'X Phoenix Ari E g g 8m Lth g ph g C 335 NORTH FIRST AV L PAY LESS DRUG STORE CONGRATULATIONS "Tire limi for Less" AND 22 E. Washington Phone 4 7712 BEST WISHES A "THE BEST IN FLOWERS ALWAYS" X , , f L 0 w IE la s We Ph 45697 702 North Central Ave H -2 .'l, In Hplowers Telegmphed Anywhere, -.-.- 2 .'.-.'.-.'.'.-.-.-.'.-.4.-. f .-.-.1 va A.'f.'4.-f.-. 51 N FIRST AVENUE AT ADAMS -PHOENIX- PAUL BENNETT TIBE CG. zoz w. vfm Buren Apparel for Goodyear Women -- Juniors - Toddlers - Babies Tires Batteries Gifts for the Whole Family "" 1 1 itzz 2223? flu? . 'T' E-73-:bn BEST WISH-ES 'H F HEARTY CONGRATULATIONS E1 ENHIIZHED UR v FAMJEIEEEP CLASS OF 47 E QG,,,,,.W. in Arrzona Star Flour ARIZONA FLOUR MILLS Main Qffice Phoenix, Arizona 1877 Pocket Tricks - Staqe Tricks Gaqs - Iokes - Puzzles PHOENIX MAGIC CO. 32 South Central Phoenix, Arizona Room 208 - Phone 4-8625 DIANE and GENE BAKER, Owners CONGRATULATIONS, GRADUATES! Compliments of ARIZONA TRADE BINDERY Binders of1947 Hoofbeats PHOENIX FLORAL AND SEED CO. Flowers for Every Occasion We thank the Students of North High for Their Fine Support o o , 0 .IE DIKE ST DIO 24 East Washington 1402 N. CENTRAL AVE. PHONE 3-6341 'W' ..,., - I I 44 -T - - ' ' A s-.5gi5-, - . , ,f-.3 - - - - - - f , - 53533: ' I -, , -.- n . f .piii:f"Z O P. 555 ' I E: ees,,..,, I NT E RN .. .. , ATI AL LI F s E f ' E 6 Ran ---413335-Nlgyxlggyoi - .Leafs-a. RAN Rafe 4 If sl, , CE COMPANY W' 'I .,,gt:ffFf?f"' ,, -- . lll lll ' I l ll lll III 5-:few an ll .. ,:g:i!,'f3l A '3 2 I - I f ff ll II llll I-I itf q f ll ll 'll .. I II l ll Il ll llll 1: gg Egg III 2 ' 22: V .,, . 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W CORPO'ATl0' PH 0 EN IX - E A S Y T E R M S - S 2146 East Washinqton Phone 4-8458 First cmd Jefferson Street Graduate .... . . . to a Lifetime of happier, healthier Better Living through greater use of cheap gas and electric service 'A' Slime 1945-A EHUME-MANAGED, INDEPENDENT UTILITY 1891 iiidX1,YC.2fTE1i3 Of 1947 We 7655 fu fe EL5LlLitL5' 'AA W fusiness and Social U Bmw An' Fermi' Stationery y0,,,wf'6fi2 'Hy 0 S S Heinle, Bowen, and ASK FOR Harrington Bo'-den ' S 228 W. washington sweet Phone 4-4179 STRAIGHT SHOOTERS North Hiqh Girls' Rifle Team AMERICAN LEGION LUKE-GREENWAY lD0ST N0. I GEORGE W. PYLE, Commander 364 North Seventh Avenue 'A' 'k 'lr ' 11907 Index CLASSES ....... OPENING PAGES ...... ..... ADMINISTRATION .... ..... I 2 Offices ............... ,,,,, 1 4 Teachers ....... .. ............. ,,....... 2 2 Student Government ..... ..... 3 4 LESCHER AND MAHO EY CONTRACTORS- ENGINEERS IIUO Title and Trust Building Seniors luniors ...... Sophornores .. Freshmen .... CLUBS ....... STUDENT LIFE .,.....,.,,.... Service Projects ...... Public Appearances Publications ....... Music ........... Drama ...... Military ,....... Dances ....,,,,.,,., Class Activity ....... Parties ................. SPORTS ..,,..,..,.. Football ..,........ Cheerleaders ..... Basketball ...,... Baseball ..,... Track ..... Tennis ,,..,,,,,,,,, Girls' Athletics ADVERTISEMENTS ....... IEEIIIIII formerly SCHOETTNER STUDIOS 5 wiasr WASHINGTON pHQNE 4 2411 1917 ' ' 'ff 'Y -' 4- ' -. if .' 'W' "--fy.--1-Q' V .. w' "JH " ,VX rf 'Jil' uk. Nou 4' . 4 . ., ,, , : -- ' , 4 f H, Y 1 v. 1-N' . Q W -fg. . y -F ' v iii : h i s , g i-H. Q L " 4, f3. Q ifLi:, ',5-i 1, , -Wa gga 33' +:f!rgi.e , . 2 AVL!! , i,,,g45.'. 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