North Phoenix High School - Hoofbeats Yearbook (Phoenix, AZ)

 - Class of 1940

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... ,-- YWa,,,..Lf:Qef3f 5rP..E3.-kv ,Y- , 1wf1p.,,.4---f. J , . 'a2v-52:4 i 1 1- -4 Q ' .--4 1 x. . i . I940 HOOFBIQATS Volume One NORTH PHOENIX HIGH SCHOOL Phoenix, Arizona Published by The Student Bodu of North Dhoenix Lhoh School Phoenix Arizon Editor LOREN TREADAWAY Business Manager JAMES EIKNER Lxthographed by a Engraving and Lithograp Covers and Binding by Arizona Trade Bindery hing Company LOYD C. ELLIOTT The establishment ol the most vital part of our school life, the Honor System .... the fine cooperation between the faculty and students .... the general school spirit which this school possesses .... the interesting and entertaining assemblies .... the immediate high rating of our school. These accomplishments can be almost wholly attributed to one man. Because of this and, above -all, for the line understanding of students which he possesses, the first volume of HOOFBEATS is hereby dedicated to Loyd C, Elliott, Principal of North Phoenix High School. Superintendent E. W. MONTGOMERY Foreword 1939-1949 .... A year of great accomplishment. A dream of another Phoenix high school becomes a reality. But the true accomplishment concerns not structures nor buildings but the moulding of a new school government .... the establishment of new prece- dents .... and, greatest ot all, the installation of the honor system. Bearing this in mind, the class of l94U departs, confident that a strong foundation had been set which will last through the many years to come. Our Campus On the first day of school, students who were enrolling in the new North Phoenix High School were a little' awed by the brightness and immensity of the school plant which had sprung up on a cow pasture on Thomas Road. And they had a little trail-blazing to do through the dust and the mud at first. But soon, with the planting of shrubs and lawns, the school emerged in all its beauty. The first crop of Mustangs found more than beauty, though. They found all the latest in practical design, in arrangements, in equipment. Mustangs are proud of their buildings and their campus, whether they are seen from up in the air or from the geometric designs of the campus sidewalks. LIBERAL ARTS SCIENCE ff-'qi 3 CAEETERIA AUDITORIUM "1""' STADIUM s- 'W GYMNASIUM "N-. ' , 4 - ....,..,..i3 . M Facultu Mlss F. Montgomery Mr Mitchell M155 Manson Mr Carson if I' MF- Cdfier Miss Mitchell Miss Troe Miss Adams ' M X Miss Stevens and Mr. Brown and Mr. Barney Miss Sayre Oliver rs. Reed Mr. Raymond Mrs. Rhodes Miss Eoff Mrs. Robbins Mr. Cary Miss Howait Miss Cox Miss White Miss Wilkinson Mrs. Kinneman Miss Montgomery Mrs. Scully and and Mr, Boyer Mrs. Chason !' Mr. Waters ' Miss Rupp 3 Mr. Vaughn Miss Wiley 1 Mr. Larkin YP' Liu r in M i In ,- Q5 Mrs. Marlar Mr. Lowe Dr. Taylor Miss Beye Mrs. Wertheimer I i + Q I Miss Coniris Mr. Marker Mr. Anderson and Mr. Edens Mr. Windes Bill Beaton, Claudia Barnum, and Max Humphrey School Leaders To the numerous governing- bodies elected and appointed during this first year at North Phoenix High School goes much credit for their fine work and conscientious effort to establish worthy precedents for our new school. The first of these groups was the Student Council, composed of one repre- sentative from each homeroom. From the work of committees formed from this council came suggestions concerning the schools name, colors, yells, and songs, which were presented for selection by student vote. During the second month, the student body elected Lloyd Stateler, Presi- dent, 'Claudia Barnum, Vice-president, and Max Humphrey, Secretary. At the end of the first semester, Lloyd resigned, and was succeeded by Claudia Barnum, whose position, in turn, was filled by Bill Beaton, chosen at a special student body election. The Execuuve Connnntee Left to right: Katherene Pace, Bill Beaton, Claudia Barnum, Margaret Brumbaugh, Max Humphrey, Tom Sawyer, Pris- cilla Peterson, The Executive Committee has ably carried out important duties this year. Formed from members of the Student Council, this body Carried out many executive functions of a beginning student government system. Playing a major part in proving the Honor System a satisfactory method of self-discipline has been the accomplishment of the Honor Court this year. Composed of seven members, a bailiff, and a clerk, chosen by student vote, the Court has done much to call favorable attention to North Phoenix High School because of the unusual manner of maintaining self-reliant conduct among the students. The Honor Coun Lett to right: Mr. Marker, Ted Mote, Auby Kindriclc, Mary Sullivan, Stretton Smith, Beatrice O'Hair, Ed Soza, Betty Jean Overstreet, Clay Kaigler, Clarence Bailey. Zoe Ann Bailey, Ralph Dutton, . M T-J+-f-'----- , -Q Q MUSTANG CONGRESS First Row: Voyles, Lincoln, Skomer, Hendryx, Smith, Tsutsumida. Second ROW: O'Brien, Stark, Ford, Coerver. Third Row: Creighton, Kaigler, Eikner, Miller, Burns, Ollerton, Johns, Martin, Mr. Wooden. flliwllwwm The Bous' Alliance Jim Eikner, President, Allen Creiqhton, Secretary, MR- WOODEN Clay ' Kaigler, Vice-president. eaque Cabinet First Row: Margaret Meek, Betty Weed, Della Asbury, Gloria Wasielewski, Dorothy Stark. Second Row: Miss Hadlock, Jean Murless, Jean Jensen, Jane Walsh, Naomi Meek. First Row: Margaret Meek, Jane Walsh, Barbara Shea, Betty DeWitt, Margie Hill. Second Row: Miss Hadlock, Betty Weed, Jane Turbeville, Elizabeth Rhodes, Mary Kirkpatrick, Polly Brandt, Sally Heath, Genevieve McDowell. Third Row: Betty Clothier, Patsy Miller, Margaret Jeanne Jenson, Eloise Davis, Marjorie Peggs, Claire Campbell, Arretta Webb, Miss Mitchell. ---.Q s-skates-t as MISS MARIAIN HADLO Gids' leaque CouncH i x if 'K' 'fl th... xiui 'MII' M' li'iQiz,!' U Th I- X, p . . ,I 4 , 1 ...- ' !'fff:,f"' I l........... f In , lg III ll.. u1u IIllImlIHIm lJ 'll' I' X17 Seniors DORIS MAY ALLEN-Liberal Arts, Hostess, Masque ol the Yellow Moon, Rhythm Roundup. A ZOE ANN BAILEY-High School Graduation, Student Coun- cil, Executive Committee, Annual Staff, Tennis Team. CLARENCE L. BAILEY JR.-Liberal Arts, Entered from Grossmont Union High School, Grossmont, Calilornia, Constitution Com- mittee, Honor Court, Class Play, Tennis Team, Letterman, Legio Honoris, President. MARY ELIZABETH BANNISTER-Liberal Arts, French Club Bellatores. CLAUDIA JEAN BARNUM-.Liberal Arts, Student Body President, Executive Committee, Chairman, Student Council, Chairman, French Club, Hostess. VIRGINIA L. BARRY-Liberal Arts, Assistant Social Ser- vice Chairman. DICK BARTON-High School Graduation. WILLIAM JAMES BEATON JR.-Liberal Arts, Student Body Vice-president, Chairman of Student Council, Chair- man of Constitution Committee, lst Lt. R.O.T.C., Home Room Chairman. BETTY CLAIRE BEHCTEGUY-Liberal Arts, Student Council, Assis- tant Secretary, Girls' Glee Club, Chairman of Emblem Com- Committee. EMILY BENSON-Liberal Arts, Assistant Secretary, Band, Girl Reserves, Legio Honoris, Mathematics Club. FRANK BLACK-Liberal Arts, Roundup Staff, Class Play, French Club, Golf Club. DOUGLAS R. BOGARD-Science, Constitution Committee. 'LJNDSEY BOOTH-Liberal Arts, Assistant Secretary. EARL LEON BROOKSHIRE-High School Graduation, Assis- tant Secretary, kFuture Farmers, Dairy Judging, fifth place. JACK BURTON-High School Graduation, Roundup Staff. GRANVILLE BUSH-Liberal Arts. IRENE CASHEN-Liberal Artsg Girls' League Council, Constitu- tion Committeep Hoofbeats Staff, El Kawajog Home Room Chair- man, Golf Club Uniform Committee. YVONNE COPELAND - Liberal Arts, Entered from St. Mary's High School, Hostess, Roundup Staff, Hoof- beats Staftg Rhythm Roundup, Junior-Senior Play. PHYLLIS CROWE--Liberal Arts, Golf Club. DENNES CUTLER-Pre-nursing, Masque of the Yellow Moon. PHYLLIS DEWEY-Scientificg Entered from Tucson High School, Hoolloeats Staff, El Kawajog Mathematics Club, president. GERMAINE DUBLIN-High School Graduation, Entered from' Austin High School, Chicago, Illinois. CHESTER DUPREE-Liberal Arts, Los Toros, Golf Club. RALPH DUTTON, JR.-Liberal Arts, Executive Committee Student Council, Golf Club. if J WILLIAM EICI-IBAUM-Liberal Arts, R,O.T.C. First Lt., R.O.T.C Club, secretary and treasurer. . JAMES EIKNER-Law and Governmentg President of the Boys' Alliance, Hootbeats Business Manager, Class Play, First Football Team, Bellatores, president, Letter- man's Club, Golf Club. LONNIE ELLIOTT--Liberal Arts. SUSAN EMBACI-I-Liberal Artsg Girls' Glee Club, Masque of the Yellow Moon. ALBERT MARVIN FABRICANT--Entered from New Utrecht High School, Brooklyn, New York, basketball tearng track team, Los Portricos. MARY RUSSELL FENTON-Liberal Arts, Assistant Secre- tary, El Kawajog Hostess, Home Room Secretary, Begin- ners Tennis- Club. EFFIE FERGUSON-High School Graduation. JIM GIBSON-High School Graduation, Assistant Secre- tary. RUTH GILL-High School Graduation, Auditorium Club, I-Iostess. MARGUERITE GRANT-Social Service, Entered from St. Josephs Academy, Prescott, Arizonag Officer in Girls' Military, Hostess, Masque of the Yellow Moon, MONTEE HEALD-Liberal Arts. TOM HELM-Agriculture. ROSIE HIGUERA-Secretarial. MARTHA HORRALL-Liberal Artsg Girls' Glee Clubg Golf Clubg Masque ot the Yellow Moon. VERGIL F. HOWELL-Entered from Pawnee High School, Pawnee, Oklahoma. RICHARD ROMER HULSE-Pre-Engineeringg Assistant Sec- 'retaryg Gott Club. MAX HUMPHREYTLiberal Artsg Secretary of Student Bodyg Student Councilg Executive Committeeg Stage Crew in Class Play. LORRAINE JOHNSON-Liberal Artsg Entered from Central High School, Superior, Wisconsin. PHYLLIS JOHNSON-High School Graduation: Hostess. EVELYN JONES-Pre-Medicalg Masque ot the Yellow Moon. CLAY KAIGLER-High School Graduationg Vice-president ot the Boys' Allianceg Bailift in Honor Court. ELINOR KENYON-High School Graduationg Golf Club. MARY JANE KNORPP-Liberal Arts. JIMMY KUHARA-High School Graduation. FRANCES KUHN-High School Graduation: Entered from Ellet High Schoolg Akron, Ohio. TOM LAMBIE-Liberal Artsg Senior Class Secretary and Treasurerg Letterman: Basket Ballg Foot Ballg Letterman's Club: Golf Clubg Rotarian Representative. TOM LANE-Liberal Arts: Golf Club. BILLIE LEE-Liberal Artsg Golf Club: French Clubp 'Letter- man's Clubg Homeroom Chairman. AMANDA CHRISTINE LEWIS--Commercialg Entered from Phoenix Indian Vocational School. SIDNEY LEWIS-High School Graduationg Boys' Glee Clubg Mixed chorus: Annual Eestivalp Christmas Pageant. JOSEPH C. LINCOLN-High School Graduationg Entered from Jud- son School. JIM MADDOX-Pre-Medical. BETA IRENE MAHLER-Liberal Arts: Hostess. EUGENE FRANKLIN MARSHALL-High School Graduation. MARJORIE MATHIS-Liberal Artsg Vice-president of the Senior Classy Assistant Secretaryg Class Playg El Kawajo, president: Goli Clubp Masque of the Yellow Moong Home Room Secre- tary. JEAN CASSON MCCULLOCH-High School Graduationg Library Clubp Masque of the Yellow Moon. MARY LOU MCLELLAN-Liberal Arts, Roundup ad solicitor, JEAN MCRAE-Pre-Medical, Hoofbeats staff, Roundup staff, Library Club, president, BURTON J. MILLER-High School Graduation, Golf Club. JESSICA MILLER-Liberal Arts, Student Council, Rhythm Roundup, Masque of the Yellow Moon, Class Play, Girls' Glee Club, Mathematics Club, Golf Club. SARAH JANE MINER-Liberal Arts, Entered from St. Josephs Academy, Prescott, Arizona, La Casa Loca, Los Toros, Hostess, Rhythm Roundup. NEOLA MOORE-High School Graduation, Girls' Glee Club, La Casa Loca. ELLA MOSS-High School Graduation. MILTON NORTHEN-Liberal Arts, Roundup ad solicitor, Golf Club, Letterman's Club. LOIS OLLERTON-Liberal Arts. BETTY JEAN OVERSTREET-Liberal Arts, Honor Court, Glee Club, Class Play, Rhythm Roundup. HELEN PRENTICE-Hostess. MARVYN PAYNE-High School Graduationp Ground DIHY- MERVYN PAYNE-High School Graduationg Ground Duty. PHYLLIS MARY PETERSON-Liberal Artsg Annual Staflg Los Potricosg Hostess, BARBARA PHILLIPS-Liberal Artsg Masque of the Yellow Moon. JUNE PHILLIPS-Liberal Arts: Hostess. HENRY PICKRELL--Liberal Artsp Student Athletic Mgrg Basketball Lettermang First Football Teamg Letterman's Clubg Golf Club. HOWARD PURCELL-Pt'e1MediCal5 Student Dramatic, Mana- gerg Student Councilg Lettermang First Tennis Teamg Legio Honoris, presidentg Golf Club. MARGARET REDMON-High School Graduationg Hoofbeats staff, Los Potricosg Library Club. CLIFFORD REID--High School Graduation. VIRGINIA RILEY-Liberal Artsg El Kawajog Masque of the Yellow Moong Beginners' Tennis Club. BETTE LOUISE ROUTH-Secretarial. MARGARET RUDDEROW-Liberal Artsg Golf Club. JAMES RYAN JR.-Pre-engineering: Captain oi R.O.T.C.g Rotarian Representative. EDWARD SAMUELL-Scientiticg Captain in R.O.T.C.g R.O.T.C. Club, president. EDGAR SHAHAN-Agricultureg Lettermang First Football Teamg Future Farmersg Letterman's Clubg Ground Duty. BARBARA JANE Sl-IEA-Liberal Artsg Senior Representative of Girls' Leagueg Girls' League Councilg Hooibeats staffg Roundup reporterg Los Torosg Hostessg Golt Club. ROBERT: SIMS-Pre-engineeringg First Basketball Tearng Lettermarfs Club. JUNE SMITH-High School Graduationg G.A,A., Lette-rman's Club: Masque of the Yellow Moon. STRETTON SMITH-Pre-Medical Honor Courtg Class Playg French Club Presidentg Golf Clubg Assistant Secretary. WINIFRED JEAN SMITH-Liberal Artsg Girls' Glee Clubg French Clubg Masque of the Yellow Moon. JOHN L. SMITHSON-Liberal Artsg Entered from Wicken- burg High School. EDWARD JOHN SOZA-Liberal Artsg entered from Phineas Banning High School, Los Angeles, Californiag Constitution Committee: Honor Court: Los Potricos, president. DOROTHY STARK-Liberal Artsg Uniform Committee Chair- mang Girls' League Cabinetg Assistant Secretaryg Presi- dent oi Girl Reservesg Mathematics Clubg Masque of the Yellow Moon. LLOYD J. STATELER-Liberal Artsg Student Body Presidentg Stud- ent Councilg Chairman of Executive Committeeg Constitution Committee. PAULINE STATES-Social Serviceg Hostess. EVELYN STOCK-High School Graduationg Hostess. PAUL STOUGH-Liberal Artsg Major in R.O.T.C.7 Bellaiores. JOHNNY SUTTER-Liberal Artsg Golf Club. VERA SUTTER-Home Makingg Home Making Club. MAURICE R. TANNER-High School Graduation. MARY TOMARAS-Liberal Arts. LOREN TREADAWAY-Pre-Medicalg Editor of the Annualg Round- up stafig Masque of the Yellow Moon. HELEN TOVREA-Liberal Artsg Roundup ad solicitor. JANE TURBEVILLE-Liberal Arisg Girls' League Councilg Tennis Clubg Homeroom Chairman. TOBY VAUGHT-Liberal Artsg Annual siaff. ARNOLD VAN WEY-Agricultureg Fuiure Farmers. IRENE WACKER-High School Graduaiiong Entered from Peoria High School, Peoria, Arizona. JANE WALSH-Liberal Artsg Girls' League Presidentg President of the Girls' League Councilg El Kawajog Hostessg Home Room Chairmang Golf Clulog The Danforth Foundation Leadership award. CLIFFORD WINHAM--Pre-engineeringg entered from Fair Pair High Schoolg Shreveport, Louisianag First Lt. R. O. T. C. RUBY LEA WOLFF-Pre-Medicalg Class Play Prompterg Masque of the Yellow Moong Vaudeville Show. fin Memnriam c QQ ilfranrni Spvrnpulnz JhF P IM ii 'Q .- I"'v' Ill 'I 7 l. llllll ilvull K ' , I , W L 1 W , . x .U '- I 'u ..,.""q-- in I. gl' I Junlons I W .vvv Nu 'li . I I, nf,1 Ihllllllwl , 4 . V .f1:a.11fnnn1mW' -Q N w Juniors Steven Adams Loretta BGSS Carl Anderson Bill Billdf Beulah Boetto Polly Brandt Shirley Booth Betty Brolilceft Vera Brotherton Rose Marie Bushnell Margaret Brumbaugh Claire Campbell Martha Church Allen Creighton Sara Conway Frank Davis Jimmie de Berutt Amber Doyle Allen Dineen LeRoy Droge Paquita Dudley Dixie! Lee Faires Marshall Eichenauer Hilma Lee Fernstrom George Ferris Bill Fielder John Petter McCoy Finch Frances Fleming Moya Gentry Lyle Galbraith Charles Gray Kathryn Grimminger Dorothy Heath Tad Harrison Kathryn Hill Minnie Hillman Harold Hughs Dorothy Hood Betty Jacobs Paul Jakobi Mary Jane Johns Dick Johns Dick Johnson Margaret Jones Katherine Kimball Zona Mae Jones Martha Knappenberger Janice La Prade Doreen Lemoyne Parl Larson Erskine Mason Ione Mauzey Doris McLellan Letoy McCaughey Ruth Elaine Melick Jack Mockler Mary Alice Moore Marilyn Moore Jean Murlless Christine Nelson Patricia Pafforcl Betty Null Barbara Patterson Marvine Paul Plinette Pinney Hoyt Pilcher De Ette Powers Jack Reid Sally Robinson Ralph Randall Albert Schnorr Mary Schupp Jack Smith Joseph Setter Shirley Springer Lois Stanford Mary Strom Margaret Stradling Mary Sullivan Bette Jean Taylor Mary Ellen Troutman Margaret Taylor Martha Tway Jean Von Rhein Betty Weed Anna Lee Walters Etta Welman Lois Wilson Bill Wood 'ww rw1u'Pur'w!Jl1Ihm1vnJll'W'!l!lv1:J'mwrmfvvwmwvmmwflummmiwrwuuel .. I H jllllllllllan.. ' f '--1 , , l,lI::::::j,v 'IM J 0 'I i:::.n "I"::l"'Il"' V ..-" 'jllu ' f I 4' 1' 'Iwi -1' ., 1'llIJIIllll1llUWW ,, + .w show: H o Mi. Edens First row: J. Smith, Heitmeyer, Pan- koke, Patterson, Martin, Wilson, Gregory, McManus, Edmundson. Second row: H. Smith, Sleeth, Hut- chinson, Hood, Wo, Martinez, El- iot, Malone, Simons, Evans. Third row: Olsen, Jaggers, Weaver, Jackson, Mr. Edens, Adams, Over- ton, Shipley, Fagan, Mclndoo, Weis. Miss Kananke Front row: Nott, Wright, Kirlin, Free- thy, Childers, Lemley, Gray, Patty Smith, Larson, G, Smith, Lane. Second row: Nay, Pearl Smith, Nei- thercut, Conley, Waldon, S. Smith, Burrall, Mullen, Wilson, Griffith, Kirkpatrick, Third row: Miss Kapanke, Campbell, Hankiris, Williams, Bridgewater, Wolff, Lee, Nelson, Brown, Car- penter, Young, Berridge. Rl H HF Q-. -gm Ji Miss Beue First row: Looney, Thurman, Barnum, Pitrat, Johnson, Hall, B a l d w i n, Darst, Heard, Heath, Worrell, Dav- ies, Second row: Nelson, Power, Cox, McFate, Davis, Strawn, Swader, Barber, Barrett, Hilvert, Hill, Hether- ington. Third row: Miss Beye, Bean, Kesler, D. Johnson, Sutter, Otto, Puritenny, Lush, McBride, Ziegler, Powell, Taylor. Miss Bouinuton First row. Sigvaldson, Strand, Blaauw Townsend, Diggs, Tripp, Trade- well, Thomas, Fassin, Rhodes Mills. Second row: Meek, Stewart, Meisel Homrighausen, Haney, McKinney Ely, Ray, Florian, Underwood Quinn. Third row: Huskinson, Holdridge Hubbs, Schmid, Farrow, Melcher Bickle, Zorn, Hollenbeck, Bishop Green. Mrs. Kinneman First row: Aker, Adams, Haines, Clar- dy, Clarke, P. Hall, Stewart, Strebe McGlocklin. Second row: Peacock, Speakman O'l'lair, Udall, Butler, Copeland, Annon, M. Hall, Stanley, Stauffer. Third row: Linde' Mclntyre, Smith Pace, Smithson, Christenson, Akin Lokey, Asbury, Mrs. Kinneman. Mr. Marker First row: Kresan, Fujii, Rovers, Mos- ley, Mote, Korrick, L. Gilliam, Threlkeld, Barnett, Tsutsumida. Second row: Coleman, Price, Mori- mote, Leedham, Coffey, Conner, Vandevier. Third row: Muffley, Rogers, Swaine Reed, Davenport, Glotfelter, Brown-, Powell, Swift, B. Gilliam, Cogdill Mr. Marker. 1 Mr. Vauuhn First row: Porter, Frye, Stohl, Mender' son, Stevens, S. Canago, Call, An- tonel, Claton. Second row: Staggs, Pendergralt Butler, Potts, Meadows, Recker Harris, Chipperfield. Third row: Jones, Stoops, Montgom- ery, Cox, B. Canago, Johnson Voyles, Finklea, Kinnell, Dorwalt Campbell, Mr.Vaughn. Miss White First row: Lund, Moore, Collins, Hut sell, Keller, Boetto, France, Smith Sissons, Burrows. Second row: Setter, Merrill, N. Mil ler, R. Miller, D. Smith, Brewer Sieb, Ketcherside, Robertson. Third row: Singleton, Brewer, Moses Johnson, Gose, Whisenant, King Wasielewski, Flynn' Webb, Sharp 1 TIME FOR LUNCH Z it Mr. Windes First row: Basharn, Johnson, Ash ton, Brown, Temple, Hellmund Beaty, Smith, Dean, Stueve Gray, Dowdy. Second row: Brewer, Rodgers Downing, Hollenbeck, R u cl d Baumert, Dyer. Third row: Bell, Penneman, An- derson, Benson, Bazzill, Beeman Barnes, Burns, Braswell, Elliott Mr. Windes, Mr. Wooden First row: Nomera, Hart, Suda Waugh, Schnitzer, Waghorn, McCalel:n, Salisbury, Martin, Second row: Hawkins, O'Haver Heitmeyer, Limbacher, Hazen Vidrine, Sawyer, Wallace, Hall McComb. Third row: Little, Lewis, Dineen Hoffman, Odom, Wilson, Cliver Newmark, Walker, Mr. Wooden. S .W aint 1 1 I INNIV K ll- .-1, . ug fn j n"' 'I qu "lIilIlI'l-' 1 'rm "': PM llllllllllllll 1 ,r'EM:::IlIlIIHmm X :Ht " ' lMaUrmHMM1iI!1HHlnu 'I Mr. Carson Front row: Zehr, Roelse, Cameron, Flynn, Tanner, C. Taylor, Moss Tanita, Moses, Cadwell, L. R. Tay- lor, Kenyon. Second row: Zeitlin, Moreno, Rug- gles, Kellogg, Fong, Morimoto, Frogatte, Firth, Temple, Riley, Ken- nison. Third row: Nabors, Baillie, R. Jones Fricke, Lincoln, Caldwell, L. Jones Ball, Mr. Carson. Mr. Caru First row: Rodgers, Heald, Medearis W. Bissell, Copeland, H. Bissell, Stalleup, Blair, Deutch, Waugh. Second FOWL McPherson, Blackwell Bisch, Stiles, Reader, Hendryx, Wal- ters, Heath, Reed, Blakley, Pack. Third row: Synder, DeWitt, Luneen Hayes, Husky, Mr. Cary, Ward Mclntyre, Ramsey, Soto, Hedgpeth, McFate, Moore. Mr. Anderson Front row: C. Brown, Duncan, Wells J. Brown, Kinnison, Edsan, Stark Hoover, Bevels, Brotsher, Dodson. Second row: Doyle, Hogan, Brook' shire, Rhodes, C. Miller, A. Miller Weed, F. Miller, Rice, Stevens Greenwood Third row: Hubbard, Honaker, Stape- ley, Donev, Wilhelm, Lancester, Pryor, Hildehond, Wesver, Hetz Elder. Mr. Brown First row: l... Tang, Fickas, D. Tang Storm, H. Faulkner, Wilson, T. Mil- ler, Jamison, Ellen, R. Faulkner Tadano, J. Tang, Colgan. Second row: D. Miller, Bingley, Rios, Brown, Johnson, Mandel, Jennings, Moore, Burgess, Reedy. Third row: Elerick, Corpstein, Clark, Garrity, Moody, Zeitlin, Kelly, C. Burgess, Burrows, Smith, Ridge- way, Mock, Whitney. Fourth row: Mr. Brown. HVHMKKUU Ill' W HE? W W!! T!! rr: gs or fy if in is ol I Miss Contris First row: Low, Eaton, D, Holmes, Mitchell, Baker, Hutchinson, Papis, Humphry, Fountain, Dowdy, Ar- thur. Second row1Titgen, Catiley, Dunam A. Holmes, Peggs, Owens, Threl- keld, Morrison, Hull. Third row: Edgar, Dougan, Atkerson Tolleson, Lubman, Park, Palmer Hamilton, Bowman. Mrs. Chason First row: Barbee, Barlow, Hutsell Ellsworth,' McKee, Binlcley, Young Second row: Lane, M. McDowell, Gill A. Peterson, P. Peterson, Ellison Mclndoo, Irons, Birch. Third row: lsaac, G. McDowell, Town- send, Bird, Elliott, Isaac, Curry, Pinaire, Wildesen, Mrs. Chason. 1 f Miss Loft First row: Millerg Forester, Wagner Wilson, Steaclrnan, Holland, Kent Morris. Second row: Brown, Jones, E. Ben- nett, Marie Nappier, Mary Nappier Kindrick, Bell. Third row: Green, Cavanaugh, Helm H. Bennett, Saunders, Tadlock Cantrall, Dunham, Miss Eoff. Miss Houmlt First row: Lavin, Birmingham, Lame, Caviness, B. Johns. Second row: Crandall, Smith, Sise- more, Pillott, Tiller, East, Woodson. Third row: Adrain, Parkinson, Wheel- er, McCagg, Miss Howatt, Cole Hughes, Hocken. 1 tins ttoruan First row: Taffe, Sueder, Haire, Akers Moody, Hazelton, Taylor, Allen Lester, Waltord, Lowry. Second row: B. Harris, Sirmans Drake, G. Harris, Lightfoot, Green- rock, Creighton. Third row: Harmon Bales, Fink, New- by, Curlee, Miss Morgan, Leak, Malter, LeBaron, Parker, Davis, All- dredge, Norman. MLOWU First row: Raubenheimer, Shumway Sims, Bozzill, .Arnold, Bludworth Covington, Frances, P a t f o r d, R Grant, Sewell. Second row: Bales, Looney, Green Beachamp, L, Pearson, B. Grant Pennington, Skomer, B a r n e t t e, Hazen, Corpstein, Trabul. Third row: Usry, Tolleson, Grippin Lose, Mr. Oliver, Brice, Comon, Bar- rett, Axel, Grassman, Skelton. i Mtmmn First row Granville, Phillips, Peter- son, J. Smith, Davenport, Beck, Ly Barger, Woddell, Lochwood, Mc- Cray. Second row: Billar, Silva, Smith, Bir- cheel, Briggs, Davis, Marshall, Beg- ley, Perkins, Poulson, L. Smith. Third TOWI Mr. Larkin, Haldiman, Lil- ley, Woolstencraft, D. Smith, Pain- ter, Slaughter, Hammontree, Voyles Harris. McCrew, Rowsthorne. MLMMMH First row. Wilson, Thompson, Os- born, Goodman, Sheets, Gordon, LePur. Second row: Combs, Gose, Golight- ly, Null, Tang, Ollerton, Kirkpat- rick, Ogan, Shigikawa. Third row: Mr. Mitchell, O'Brien Lockehead, Showers, Bader, Glot- telter, French, Leadbetter, Sharkey Kunz, Baker. I 1 Mr. Raumond First row: Kimmell, Naylor, Gill, J. Thomas, Alexander, Sharkey, King- sley, Schweickhardt, Lowry, Run- kle. Second row: Longwell, Kolberg, Sage, Kindrick, Nelson, N. Carter, Gifford, Casey, Adams, Garver. Third row: Noble, Coerver, Garside, Barrett, Allen, Thompson, Abalos Doyle, Naiziger, E. Thomas, W. Carter, Mr. Raymond. Mrs. Rhodes First row: M. E. Johnson, Mahler, Manos, Hensley, Peters, V. Roberts, B. Johnson, Vollmer. Second row: Manning, Reader, Mat- suda, Sanderson, B. M. Roberts Marshall, Reed, B. R. Brown, Brenn Third row: S. Brown, Robart, Wood, Burgess, Welpton, Martin, J. John- son, R. Johnson, Wilkey, Brad- shaw, Mrs. Rhodes. 1 we 1- sim ,M ,rf 35' ings - 'W YET? A- , J, Mu ' 1 Q-in - -i as M I V. Bm y., , Miss Saure First row: Shedd, Cherry, Harris L. Miller, Cheeseinan, Kleinbauer Kiger, Jack, Kenneweg, Pope, Mit- chell, Winkler. Second row: S. Greene, A. F. Mil- ler, Slagle, Chesnutt, Clark, Pratt Wheeler, Davis, P. Miller. Third row: Griiley, D. Green, Gris Wold, Kimball, Carpenter, Gregg Kleclc, Wright, Shirmer, Miss Sayre Mrs. Scullu First row: Kane, Crust, Woodward Runyon, Wright, Mead, Gold, Mock Jones. Second row: Wing, Melby, De Witte Ryan, Kavanaugh, Meek, Doutrick Burns, Schornick, VanWay. Third rowi Gibson, Campbell, Burk hart, Smithson, Geon, Callahan Gartside, Sanders, Hansen, Jones Mrs, Scully. 1 Miss Wileu First row: Wells, Bradford, Frankel Gardner, Pringle, Ulmer, P. Jacob Cutbirth, McKesson, Line. Second row: P. Bowman, F. Bow- man, F r e e s, Welker, Wariner Droge, Bowers, Thompson, Bledsoe, Rawlins Third row: McQueen, Jensen, Mc- Rae, Carr, Lynch, McLean, Blaauw, Pollack, Fields, Nemec, J a c o b s, Faires, Miss Wiley. Miss Wilkinson First row: Larson, D, Moore, Laney Menderson, Munn, Close, Fain Costanten, Wright. Second row: Cole, Murdock, Pinker- ton, Lassey, Steadrnan, Knorpp Landis, Cox, Cornell. Third row: Harlow, Hamilton, Step- hens, Morton, Gunn, Michener. M. Moore, Strebe, Snyder, Miss Wilkinson. I I I 1 1 Miss Troe First row: Lindsay, Overton, Oakes Burch, Tallmari, Hill, Annon, Am- mons, Oldfather, Day. Second row: Hines, Browne,Apper son, Longley, Oliver, Coleman O'Con'ner, Tee-ter, Logan, Little- field. Third row: Tannehill, Anderson Yancy, Parker, Herring,Hites, De Roulhac, Donnell, Shimmell, Doran Miss Troe. Mr. Van Hoorebeke First rowi Coe, Wood, Irvine, Gib- Kamp, Steffen, Carroll Brown, Ash- bons, Nelson, Seaver, N a y l o r by. Second row: Douk, Dial, Collins, Mc- Elrath, Nye, Claude Brown, Wil- liams, Greenhau, Presnell, McCul- loch. Third row: Young, Helm, Sheehan, B. Lindsay, Hawkins, Love, Moore, Harris, D. Lindsey, Powers, Morten- son, Brethauer, Mr. Van Hoorebeke. 1 1III'ffI""' ' 1 x 1 A I 9 fI" 'I' l"'ii' ' V I III .....................,..,.,.Y.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , yu Il III .nll"'liIl"""" " "" ' JIM' K k"".',.1L!,f'n Nihhn M 4,,.x.ll.l,.,l'll. 'lliiirfar ..,.' Fila., f"--- . I .psf 'i"ffQff""""H!!Qlllwsmvlff'rrfff?yffqggggggggggf +'+i+1H1' , 1 i . 1 M M ' ' ' ' 1 :Z ' F I WI ,vllllI'l 'I 'Ill' 'U' AC T s 1f"IiiiiiiIiiiiiii5f"' A"""llllHlIIIIIII" I I20.l.C. Companies E. F, and l, of the second battalion of North Phoenix High stand at attention for the cameraman. Our Unit made a fine showing in federal inspection this year by earning the red star which symbolizes superiority for high school military units. Major John P. Scott, professor of Military Science, talks with Cadet Major Paul Stough, fleftl. Sergeant Hugh C. Reddic Crightl, for- merly of the New Mexico Military Institute, is in charge of the North High Military Depart- ment. Above fleft to rightl: The first, second, and third platoons 'of Company Below: fleftl: Company "E" officers, frightl: Company "F" Officers. Above Cleft to right? The first, second, and third platoons of Com- pany Left: Miss Catherine Wilkinson, director of the girls military de- partment, poses for our camera- man. Right: The Cadet Officers of Company Below: Company "ln under the command of C a p t a i n Roberta Green. Left to right: Shea, Treadaway, Sullivan, Gregory, Wasielewski, McRae, Tway, Davies, Sissons, Mauzey, Patterson. ,U te' 1 ' G. .---. E 0,4'N - "".,, ., rv, ', HIUSTRHG ,E 5- - ' 4 ,.., --" 1 . ,,,,, "The Roundups out!" Every other Friday the campus is filled with students reading the snappy features and news in the Roundup, which in its first year achieved great popularity with the students. Its staff, headed by Martha Tway, editor, and Locke Turner, business manager, included Bar- bara Patterson, associate editor, lone Mauzey, feature editor, Phil Gregory, sports editor, Loren Treadaway, news editor, Margaret Taylor and Frank Black, special writers, Mary Sullivan, ex- change editor, Dixie Lee Faires, stenographer, Suzanne Davies and Gloria Wasielewski, copy read- ers. Ad solicitors were Helen Tovrea, Doris McLellan, Mary Lou McLellan, Bob Burns, Stanley Kisseberth, Lawrence Jensen, Bob Ollerton, Bill Wood, Dick Johnson, and Albert Schnorr. REPORTERS First row: Zed Judd, Elizabeth Ely, Yvonne Copeland, Betty Brokken Barbara Shea, Frances Flynn Richard Hopwood. 1 Second row: John Little, Jean Mc- Rae, Betty-Jo McKinney, Ger- main Ball, Kathryn Grimminger Suzanne Davies, Gloria Waste- lewski, Demming Campbell. 1 eft to right: Dewey, McRae, Eik- ner, Treadaway, Bail- ey, Cashen, Mills, Paslay. Hoofbeats l'Annuals will be distributed today l " This is the announcement for which subscribers to l-lootbeats have been waiting all year long. This is the call which brings to an end a year ol happy work on this record of the year's activities. This is the day when the editors of l-loolbeats may be justly proud of their work on this, our first annual. Editor: Loren Treadaway. Business Manager: Jim Eikner. Associate Editors: lrene Cashen, Julia Paslay, Margaret Taylor, Suzanne Davies, Martha Tway. Assistants: Zoe Ann Bailey, Kathryn Grimminger, lone Mauzey, Jean McRae, Barbara Patter- son, Phyllis Peterson, Margaret Redmon, Toby Vaught, Barbara Shea, Paquita Dudley, Phil Greg- ory, Margaret Hetherington. Photographer: Phyllis Dewey, Assistants: Martha Mills, Mary Sullivan, Yvonne Copeland, Bill Becker. Art Work: Tom Silverthorne. Advertising: Bill Wood, Bob Ollerton, Albert Schnorr, Dick Johnson, Doris McLellan, Mary Lou McLellan, Stanley Kisseberth, Helen Tovrea, Pat Sissons, Lawrence Jensen and Clyde Calvin. Left to right: m o n, Gregory, M r Raymond, Tway Davies, Dudley. Shea, Patterson, Sis- sons, Mauzey, Red- 'f. "TIGER HOUSE" CAST lAt lettl First row: Powers, Mathis, Miller Mote. Second row: Moore Eikner, Mauzey, 45 f "RHYTHM ROUNDUP" CAST H" tBeloWD 4 ' First row: Jones, Overstreet, Meeks Rawlins, McLellan, Miller, Sulli- i van. Second row: Allen, Frankel ler, Johnson, Wood, Mockler Purcell, Eikner, Mote, Olsen. MISS MATHIS 'WiqerHousen The first big dramatic event of the year at North Phoenix High School was "Tiger House", a mystery play produced by the Junior and Senior classes and directed by Miss Ruth Mathis. Students participating were Jessica Miller as Erma Lowry, Mary Alice Moore as Aunt Sophia, lone Mauzey as the mystery woman, Marjorie Mathis as Peggy Van Ess, Ted Mote as Yami, Jim Eikner as Arthur Hale, Clarence Bailey as Macintosh, Douglas Carr as Thompson, De Ette Powers as Mrs. Murdock, and Frank Black as Oswald Kerins. uthuthm Roundunv The second outstanding event of the year was "Rhythm Roundup", a student body production under the direction of Miss Ruth Mathis with a supporting staff of Miss Eott, Miss Wilkinson, Miss Howatt, Mr. Oliver and Mr. Boyer. The cast included Howard Purcell as Uncle Charlie, Jessica Miller as Aunt Mae, Jack Mockler as Slim, Clay Kaigler as Curley, Ted Mote as Hank, Melvin Olsen as Looie, Dick Johnson as Pete, Bill Wood as Gramps, Doris Allen as Mrs. Obridge, Doris McClellan as Widow Smythe, Margaret Jones as Abigail Cullen, Betty Jean Overstreet as Mary Lou, Jean Murless as Hattie, Mary Sullivan as Susie, lone 'Mauzey as Mrs. Jones, Bob Caldwell as Bobby, Mary Frankel as Betty, Marjorie Mathis as Mickey, Collen Rawlins as Priscilla, and Betty Clouthier as Granny. Clouthier, Mathis, Mauzey, Kaig- ll b First row: Marilyn Burgess, Betty Jean Alldredge, Martha Tway, Mrs, Rhodes Second Row: David Woolstencraft, Leslie Hendryx, Hal Glotlelter. The Debating Club was organized by Mr. Walter Maxwell primarily to give those interested in debating a chance to exercise their talents, but it has also granted North High the opportunity to enter interscholastic debates and tournaments. Although most ot the joiners were freshmen, they made an immediate debut in various discussions broadcast over the public address system. Already well started at the end ot the tirst semester, the club was taken over by Mrs. Rhodes on the departure ot Mr. Maxwell. They next met Phoenix Union High in a series of debates on the national high school debate question, "Resolved: That the government should own and operate the railroads." This series was climaxed by the State Debate Tournament. North High survived the tourament with a tie for second with Phoenix Union and Tucson, while Bisbee came in tirst. MISS KAPANKE The able head of the art department is Miss Frances Kapanlfe, who has directed the work of the art students this year in producing sets lor the "Rhythm Roundup" and the "Masque STAGE CREW Of The Yellow Moon" in addition to posters First row: Howard Purcell, Jack Mockler, Dick Johnson. advertising current civic and campus activities. Second FOWI CIQY Kdigleff Bill Beaton, MGX HUmPl'1feYf Bob Ollerton, Bill Wood. Musical assemblies, prominent parts in school functions, such as the Rhythm Roundup, and the Music Festival have featured the activities of the Music Department of North Phoenix High under the direction of Mr. John J. Boyer. The Glee Club and Orchestra have presented several radio programs and have entertained for various local organizations. THE GIRLS' GLEE CLUE THE BOYS' GLEE CLUB The Mustang Twirlers-in flashing red and blue, led by Drum Major Eugene Pixley-have paraded before the North High band in the Fiesta and Rodeo parades and have added color to the basketball and football garnefs. Providing plenty ot spirit, the school band help- ed us learn the new songs which were written es- pecially for us by Miss Stevens and Mr. Boyer. THE BAND TWIRLERS Leqio Honoris First row: Grey Toy, L. T, Schutzer, Clarence Bailey, Second row: Miss Mitchell, Jean Nott, Katherine Pace, Beatrice O'Hair, Bet- ty Speakman, Rebecca Cla r d y, Christine Nelson, Mary Jane Hut- sell, Philip Gregory. Third row: Helen Heard, Myrtle Chris- tenson, Margaret Hetherington, Suz- anne Davies, Cleo Hilvert, Marjorie Lokey, Ethel Mae Gray, Mary Ellen Collins. Fourth row: Gloria Wasielewski, Eu- nice Akin, Florence Puntenney,Mary Alice McBride, Sylvia Smith, Jean Gibson, Frances Flynn. Bellatores CFourth year Latin Clubl First row: Miss Mitchell, Minoru Tanita, Frances Flemming, Martha Tway, Polly Brandt, Mary Bannister, Merle Naylor, Second row: Paul Stough, Burke Nash Jack Flinn, Jim Eikner, Ruby Hor- wath, Josephine Gasperin. Llowdu Dardner Front row: Joyce Barrett, Diane Smith, Mary Drake, June Brown, Ann Thompson, Miss Pladlock. Back row: Winitred Worrell, June Wlllfs, Mary Faith Lane, Marjorie Parker, Betty DeWitt, Winitred Lund, Alice Nelson 4 llomemakinu Club Front row: Faith Day, Helen Pat Melby, Dayne Pinaire, Marjorie Fain, Dolo- res Elaine Cox. Back row: Ruth Pitrat, Lois Vincent, Wilona Srnilhey, Lois Sanders, Miss Sayre, Amy Lou Hanson, Gloria Wasielewski. Mit g in KS Auditorium Club First row. Bosernond Hall, La Rue But- ler, Kathleen Greenhall, Pauline Boetto, Colleen Smith, Flora France, Sally Robinson, Dolores Titgen Second row. Janet Edall, Mary Ellen Troutinan, Jo Ellen Kamp. Tliird row. Christine Strawn, Edith Rob- ertzs, Beulah Boetto, Frances Farrow, Katherine Pace, Margaret Rurilcle, Myrtle Cliristenson, Buby Burrows, Anita Mae l-lanes, Dorene Kester, Ruth Gull, Celia l-laniiner, Gloria Wa::1f.tlf-vugzlci, Mrs Flhodes in si- susan Girl Reserves First row: Dora Lightfoot, Virginia Prin- gle, Audrey Barber, Betty Lowry, Dorothy Stark, Emily Benson, Helen Pat Melby, Joyce Slagle, Betty Ells- worth, Marguerite Blaauw. y Second row: Eloise Davis, Genita Clark, Josephine Kleinbauer, Joy Coleman, Marjorie Fain, llaverne Oliver, Betty Alldredge, Zolamae Anderson, Helena .Fernstrom, Mary Jane Johns. Third row: Geraldine Canley, Jan Threl- keld, Jean Jensen, Joy Edgar, Fey- ona Blaauw, Bernice Barber, Pearl Smith, Betty Moody. libraru Club First Row: Marvyn Payne, Alice Otto, Joye McRae, Marjorie Manning, Doris Fink, Georgia Meeks, Ruth Gill, Jean McRae, Delbert Jones, Mervyn Payne. Second row: Walter Walker, Virginia Kirklin, Lorraine Furrer, Margaret Redmon, Anne Osborne, Frances Fleming, Alberta Melcher, Frances Brewer. Third row: Lillian Otto, Jeane McQueen, Jo Ellen Kamp, Dixie Lee Faires, Winifred Lund, Theodocia Robert- son, Jean McCulloch, Shirley Ge- hom, Mrs. Robbins. F. F. A. First Row: Lee Dyer, Eddie Banchamp, Calvin Nelson, Archer Seaver, Lamar Wacker, Leonard Costanten, Harvey Golightly. Second Row: Nathan Painter, Dick Stoops, Wallace Adams, Joe Mat- hews, Tommy Gitfons, Dean Leed- harn, Jack Reid, James Devine, Ro- bert Frye. -1 ET A554 '-Egg fame TQ.. :gill mliipj 325 mf-. E50 265 -xgfn U75-3 wg 2'1- :Om .52 -Q Off' 5:2 'f'T' . f at , M1 I 1 A . F A --fs. 1fi2f2a5 'bi if Q. i . . 5, t.., 2 J i ui-vcmn First row: Greer, Williamson, Stiles, Gray, Judd, Galbraith, Ashby, Second rowi McComb, Larson, Holt, Finch, Turner, Mockler, Sawyer, Coffey. Dhusioqraphu Club First Bow: Martha Jones, Eleanor Set- ter, Janie l-lelm, Bheata Johnson, Rosemary Annon. Second row: Jeane Barnum, Fred Soza. Third row: Pete Grassman, Bill Green- wood, Patricia Pollock, Jan McDon- ald, Beth Jacobs, Ann Peterson. First Bow: George Price, lrene Casheri Dorothy Stark, Winilred Worrell, Mr. Anderson. Second Bow: Phyllis Dewey, Tom Saw- yer, William Wallace, Gloria Wasie lewslci, Myrtle Mae Christensen. 0. S. T. Club First row: Bay Reed, Joe Frank, Jim- mie Stiles, Second row: Steve Adams, Bob French, Beverly Hart, Oscar Deustch. Third row: Boots Glotlelier, Rupert Noble, Hal Glotfelter, John Barrett, Mr. Carson. 'W-sp. i W, M3 T losbotncos First Row: Virginia Kirline, Ruth Pitrat, Dorothy Hood, Mabel Stewart, Doro- thy Heath, Dorene Hester. Second Row: William Wallace, Patricia Hill, Georgia Meeks, Janet Udall, Nadine Miller, Richard Newmark. Third row: Herbert Smith, Boots Glot- ielter, Billy Rudd, Merrill Dean, Rus- sell Potts, Tom Sawyer. losloros First row: Barbara Burrall, Sally Heath, Eleanor Setter, Marge Moore, Bill Becker. Second Row: Della Asbury, Charles Conner, Barbara Shea, Elizabeth Ely, Miss Wiley, Lillian Childers. Third Row: Masao Tsutsumida, Robert Frye, Merrill Dean, Lional Vidrene, Kenneth Voyles, Jack McManus. LesChevaHers First Row: Stretton Smith, Frank Black Lyle Galbraith. Second row: Dorothy Freethy, Marvel Swader, Pat Sissons, Barbara Baker, Miss Rupp, Margherite Blaauw. Third row: Barbara Ziegler, Betty Brok- lcen, Mary Bannister, Winnifred Srnith. ,mi J bl. 1 ,gif ' 1 , ' www' rIH'Mf . 4 'ffwluwlfmIn-fwffmw-w ff' ,ps P 0-RTS "IWW'ffffflllliflh'rfl1l1HIrHlr1'rIlIf'v1,dui1U'1wlHw!Hu1I1l41rUwmllnmunumvl H 'vm' Mist aw 3 . . .M . . First row Weis Condos, G. Powell, Helm, Miller, Stoops. Second row Coach Caldwell Caldwell, Shahan, Williams, J. Powell, Beeman, Golightly, Slaughter Nafziger Johns Bogard. Third row Young Ridgeway Shipley, Barrett, Simpson, Overton, Eikner, Lambie, Northen, North Phoenix' first year of football competition may not go down on the record as particularly impressive, but the 1939 Mustang grid-ironers will long be remembered for their fighting spirit against heavy odds. With only a handful of experienced players, and a large, enthusiastic but very green squad, Coach Rollie Caldwell faced a schedule of tough teams, all away from home. The season opener against Buckeye showed up the main defect of the Mustang pigskin machine-inexperience. After leading at the half, the local lads defense crumbled and the Hawks Won, 24 to 6. Glendale took the next game 35 to U. Before a large home crowd, at P. U. l-l. S. Stadium field, the Mustangs grabbed their sole win of the season from Casa Grande, l9 to l3. Travelling next to Bisbee, they were defeated 39 to 12. Peoria next upset the local team, 18 to 13. The season closed with a rough game from which Tempe emerged victorious, 34 to U. FIRST TEAM-First row: Mote, Merrill, Pickrell, Droge, Johns, Lambie, Larson. Second row: Coach Caldwell, Thurman, Gray, Sims, Fabricant, Greer, Bogard, Galbraith, and Lindsey, Manager. Date Opponent December 15 Tolleson December l6 Benson December 22 P. U. H. S. January 6 Wickerxburg January ll Yuma January l3 Tucson January 17 January l9 Indian School Peoria Place There Home There There Home Home There Home e 27 29 28 22 36 32 33 33 They 25 35 32 25 20 31 30 38 Date January 20 January 26 January 27 February 3 February 4 February 9 Opponent Buckeye Litchfield Ajo Mesa Tempe Glendale February l0 P. U. H. S. Place Horne Home Home Home There Home Home We They 26 38 28 26: l9 36 32 29 27 29 32 30 35 47 ln the West Central District Tournament, Feb. 1447, the Mustangs were defeated by Glendale, 45-25, in the iirst round, and lost to Tolleson, 40-37, in the consolation. The Colts The North Phoenix High second team came through with a good seasons record, winning twelve games in a touglf schedule. They defeated Madison Grammar and the Stapley Bombers and the following second teams: Globe, Wickenburg, Miami, Indian School, Peoria, Buck- eye, Litchfield, Tempe, Glendale and Phoenix Union. 932 SECOND TEAM: First Row: Bloodworth, Natziger, Mote, Moreno, Moore, Downing, Null, Bingley Second row: Lindsey, Mclndoo, Shipley, Fagan, Hammontree, Ridgeway, Coach Van Hoorebeke Baseball Date Opponent March 8 Scottsdale ........., March 13 Indian School ..... March 15 P. U, H. S ...,....... March 19 Mesa ...,,.......... March 21 Glendale ..,,.. April 1 Tempe ......, April 3 Litchfield ...... .B i,.. mx? ,L , f M H ,ik ' 'ph .5 A H I M li 5 . . 'T if 4 liyf l.l, - up wt jx ' ' ' il Q' . . P icli A M fiflfgffii' f-A if . A A lli' 7 H gf E3 'ST v ii ABALOS and MOORE e They 4 - 1 7 - 8 2 - 9 5 - 9 5 - 7 U - 3 6 - 2 Date Opponent April April April April April April Yuma ...,..,.,.. .. Peoria ...... Buckeye ..... .. P. U. H. S. .... .. Tolleson .,,... .. St. Mary's .,.... We 7 20 9 5 3 14 They - 16 - 7 - 5 - 10 - 3 - 0 COACH VAN HOOREBEKE GRAY First row: Bludworth, Ruggles, Adams, Powell, Martins, Sirris, Mote, Ringley, Coach Caldwell. Second row: Miller, Brookshire, Merrill, McComb, Swift, Fabricant, Bogard, Comon, Hammontree, Johns. Track A squad of hopefuls took to the cincler path and the green- sward to make a showing for North High in track. Not high- ly successful in their first year, the Mustangs were building for the future. Frank Miller, Cupper leftl set a new Green- way record in the 880. His time-was 2:Ol.3. ,,,,,,w - ...www .Maw-A ' W-fl-1 ,M-we M f ,wow WW4 itrfek' .a-mm . ...,-or . . Naam .M-wx , X : 'W' ,W . ' if at it fl ' if Q-i k o ,E 3 ,gt,, , , I .,,, I gifagf-,T ,j "L" i A LLf- 'Wei A if if . . 4 X! be vw -is GIRLS' TEAM Front row: Patty Smith, Mary Sullivan, Back Row: Miss Wilkinson, Kathryn Grimminger, Zoe Ann Bailey, Lois Curry. Mustanu Tennis North Highs racketeers of tennis won their share of matches played with the stronger tennis-playing schools of Arizona. Among the teams played in home-and- home arrange- ments Were P.U.H.S., Miami, Mesa, Tempe, Yuma, and Tucson. BOYS' TEAM Front row: Howard Purcell, Andy Tolleson. Back row: Mr. Cary, Germain Ball, Jerry Foster, Dick Carpenter, Allen Creighton First row: Greenhaw, Baurs, Smith, Pringle, Sanderson, France, Overton, Harmon, Smith, Johns, Waldon, Speropulos Second row: Carpenter, D. Brown, B. Johns, Close, Griswold, Lester, Cox, Kiger, Kindrick, Donald. Third row: Waldon, Donnell, Allen, Edgar, Burgess, Rawlins, Franklin, Annon. Fourth row: Bailey, Curry, Grimminger, Null, Campbell, Doran, Kamp, Hammer, Horwath. G. A. Af The North High Girls' Physical Education department is directed by Miss Catherine Wilkin- son and Miss Mary Eoff. The duties of the department is to see that every girl has an oppor- tunity to participate in the activities offered. The teachers try to impress on the minds of the girls fairplay and good sportsmanship. Here, also, the girls learn agility and all the rules of healthful living. Participation in after-school sports is offered to girls by the Girls' Athletic Association, which is sponsored by Miss Eoff. The girls are eligible to join the G. A. A, when they par- ticipate in after-school sports. In the tennis division the inexperienced girls tennis team has showed a fair season for l their first matches. Some of the teams played were Yuma and Tucson high schools, and the Varsity of the Tempe Teachers College. Among the smaller schools played were Tempe, Mesa, and Miami. l Miss Catherine Wilkinson coached the girls. , T r . Miss WILKINSON it A if Q2 5 , X . If 3' esrfsfiixf s 1-- " ' Miss EOFF R, is W' :ll X , gk gli! l M3 eu. i , , Q Lt, sd H was it rat? ti- X i Li, it is af Q up N' Rf Stix 'T' rf r 4 5 si ,, A if sr is Kat w i, 3 girlie-i ,Ev F ig 5 A i is 9 e i ,gvsis 52, i A Q, 1 t Q. f 'G ri"flillf?iiH?rii,.T, . . , 1 - w i 1 .,:.g,frfq:.f:'fistf . .,-hr-if-2- 2 .4, - L Fe t Y J w i -V fig, "".fiLg:Q1sSjtSGttfSgstr? 7 i V ,ss -' 2 '- - 1 . zwrit. ire . , . walk -ff ROYAL COURT IN THE FIFTEENTH ANNUAL MASQUE OP THE YELLOW MOON Surrounding Bob Jones, Phoenix Junior College King ot the Masque, are princesses and attendants representative of North Phoenix and Phoenix Union high schools. Seated are Betty Lush, Marilyn Moore, Mildred Stremble and Janice Woodbridge. Standing-Jane Walsh, Paula Reeve, Gwenavere Gibson, Jones, Jane Turbeville, Betsy Butler and Marjorie Fain. STUDENT COUNCIL First rowi Betty Behoteguy, Ben Ashby, Howard Purcell, Ted Mote Second row: Bonnie Jean Bunyon, Elizabeth Ely, Ethyl Mae Gray, Pat Haire, Mary Jane Owens, Janey Helm. -aiafef s-aw: h :J l m --s... N je-'fy mf LS- - 9 ......... , K. y fk , 5 Pjpfiryl '.w- X,-hxfeas- 1" fi? v -NR Q EZVIQE Mffr. . s - x - xgi :4 5? .fxyx-' -4 ' fx '- '- ay ' ivfvvk N-S M'- ipj xl ! f fm 1 'A , E117 it f ,Tal .4 fl,-G W X Wa Efx "' g ian,-LH P Q QN ul , fx 5 . mfg Tl ' EQ Q :fi mm W 2 f si " gg 'zzg gm , ,mg M I m Em B 1 H S fi w ig f E E f 'a R E 5 :F EEE iss? is Q as 5 si 3 "' 'E ms an E was 3- : , n '41 SMARTNESS GIIARA ,Ps IITEED an wvsifqjown MOVlETOWN EIISEMBLE X4 cmmsou con ,L UQ nun nm sucxs 4 . Mt R' .Mg A yzmiisiwff- Sk-V my 091' -.-A Q N T 'Nw :"i."'1 .. ' Ezkfilik-ZX3-."'? MN -Q -Q, -. .VNS 'ft .2E2i535E55E gg,-2121-, f's""4 " A. .. -: ..... '.'.':3:3:1. 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I ,Qiqfsixg gil , 59: Sport Jackets f : 5 -1 1 M8253 ' Tf S12 so: S25 SX.-x.,,,"'X 'xf ., - - - 0 , 1K-9155 Xitff ,- xgvogq.:-' 'N Pleat Slacks lConsolida!ed with Goldberg'sl ' m fg' xgqgqsg W .-.. . . S5.95 to S10 40 No. CENTRAL AVE. ., ., 3 'X' M 1 nh. , in fiivwsaf GREETINGS CLHSS of194O first to graduate from North Phoenix High School and to the STUDENT BODY Rwgmi OUR ADVERTISERS um MAKE mls Book vosslmn X I UU I BATE STUDIO M . I 337 N. lst AVENUE TRADITIONALLY YOURS FOR FINE JEWELRY N. FRIEDMAN JEWELERS Since I9O0 CONVENIENT CREDIT TERMS Hamilton - Elgin - Gruen Watches CONVENIENT CREDIT TERMS BOWL YOURSELF TO HEALTH at the PHOENIX BOWLING CENTER 541 WEST ADAMS I5c a line from IU a, m. to S p. m. Except Sundays and Holiday FREE INSTRUCTIONS DAILY PHOTO LABORATORY CAMERAS, PHOTOGRAPHIC SUPPLIES PHOTO FINISHING THE PERFECT ICE CREAM TREAT MANUFACTURED BY MISSION DAIRY . I N C. Phone 3-1443 1515 N. Central Ave. COMPLIMENTS MESSENGER PRINTING CO. 339 N, FIRST AVE. PHONE 3-6176 WE APPRECIATE YOUR 'PAST PATRONAGE JEN DIKE STUDIO We Guaranlee All Our Work OFFICE SUPPLIES Heinze. Bowen 6: Harrington. Inc. 228 WEST WASHINGTON STREET PHONE 4-4179 A. L. MOORE and SONS NEW STATE ELECTRIC CO. 214 WEST WASHINGTON SINCE 1894 GENERAL INSURANCE SURETY BONDS ' GUARDIAN INSURANCE AGENCY JOE C. HALDIMAN. President GROUND noon LUI-ms BUILDING NN in 52 if COPPER ROOFS INC 301 West Madison Phoenix Arizona BUILDING SPECIALTIES Best Wishes TO THE FACULTY and STUDENTS OF North Phoenix High School From OVREA'S Tovrea's operates the largest concentrated pen-feeding system in the world. Here beef is made tender by grain-finishing and formula feeding-Ask for Tovrea's U. S. Graded Beef.

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