North Penn High School - Accolade Yearbook (Lansdale, PA)

 - Class of 1965

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.V' f V,-' ' f kk 'R-.. V. 1 y,,w,C,,fp ,fd 2. Q " '1 . 'A 'X 'xjwx fx. xT'Y,-,i1'U1f"V !J ' 121- vi LM, Xi? I A -pw: K 2 fr -5 fc ' 'Cf 'ef' 'T U A V ,pgf5'w , .gx . f, .5 , ' 'il Q - AC L "Til L: . U14 , A oi-" I. 5 Jb' L ., 'V C 11 . , ' A b N Ugk Wlrvv x f - M' -'ff wi , :eff Aff 52 QI Nz: , fm ,lm gr' w H : av V ' Yr' 1 5? gg P ff ya , X L , , fx., X 7212 M6 if ff!Z,1L'ffA'f z , f .jx g 'Lf 7061 X f, Z dum Ifffk CJ? -.2 M . f- Q V K 6.5Af 7 J' J 2 .1 dvf ACK I p Mg X4 x fl f' fff-5'-jlrx Cf fddfk 2 N f' ' 4 A 56 Qbgcafikz' .. xx. ' lflx, ' ff, . - ,' 10,1 ff KA' .lf f ,Q , j g J V fa! A rf! V" N" 2, XR, 9 fl-.W ,V VCI L ' V XZ! 'lb I 'qygff,5'i', .Q ,Ci ,Jil ' 1 Vi: C iv A M "J, Q I C? ,,4,1, 1.1 U J' 1Lf"f?,:?l 'ff' .1 ,ff 4 CLM01 ULQKJN fu !w UJIKEQQZ nu 0, by-f ' 745 D f . ' MA Qbw I 1w x Q WM! M Mjfywfqfnlfw x ' M54 MDM M -W N md ff ,QM pffWlH,f," WMM W1 XM nqw nf A n 5 W Wfff fn W f 69' Q x , W' ., xc X'-g:?ps'o1vw'xSQ'f'..LN.X hex-P I 0,20 AM Q- S L ' f Wylie:-Ov.o 120.-we 0-boim. Aiwa Zh 'Cow-f Xu.c.9avK'9-NSXSSQA. If , r M :Qe,ge.g:- gags- is WY lj cu-QS Q. 043 aus Q- Q lf of! A ' yy ' -X ov-"WN'2' wgm JMC VV Rvs-'0'o"k'+5 5 db 5? CD , . xosx Qpsq, ca QQ V - V Q 'fore-2 SVZZUA so-we me' jjj!! f ' Aa,,c,,,-Nc 5?eS VRQQ o.N'S"Jc,,ccf . My q wif?-fzfaorilpwzf A if ci-Ijjvgilgs 045 n 1' sy The class of 1965 VS' -" if i Q3 U LM M WW nonm PENN HIGH scnool. fi O 5 ' X 4 w 4' gig if QE 2 dj JS Wy Jbfansdale, Pennsylvania , sip 3 95 3 S Pi nf W si: 5 Q QW PRESENTS... W 35515 ff 0 W if lj fjf! ' 71'25fQ'Q, I ww- ,' fi' 4 ffgufff' W""fi5Zu,Z'? f Mfiff' M L if " , 1 ' X A 'W f A ' 6:?j'Cuv,Q,, 5fb5 LW! Z , , o " f L 6' CL 5 in ' a?E??22'7Qf'2 5379? W Qisbqqf 9252 A QI 5' if H315 QR QFRQQ Q E XV? gf' fy NTCKQXQN 'ix 9059 QR? Ml' Qj KM x'N as Reap as-'vmymxx Y PNK Q' Ev 'im if xt 'Si Q WS' as Q QT'-X Ykxvi Qmkl 3 QwKQkw,:5Q,RgNgq Px A V "N ,IVR A NQXSW-QQX+Ck'41X L H-N Ufqqx-N - ...... The future -- a challenge to youth . . . Our scope -- broadened by experience . . Better men -- the products of athletics' . . Our present -- filled with memorable events . . A composite -- pride and humility ....... . Our educators -- imparting to us their knowledge . . The advertisers -- sponsors of this volume . . . . l The people Lk-Lili., . wx LrQf'X ' VT" - x Xl VX. ' I N v . ,kk xy-JXMR E ova p A f,-Q X H '-...ra J Xt "-.XXEYRKJ x - fe, T- . . 11 . . 51 . . 87 . . 125 '. 155 . 231 .' 274 -- a forming society ....... . . . 323 .ao new ado, we do OM, Q4.7,Q.JuL liz, gfwdilffuuiarw, X , .f ,f i ly A X ptr Ucf fi 4 ' jtwl !'lil'L,l, Z Q gulf ' V ,f ,tuowf t gb ji . LL vt nf b pid' 1 ' on t 'ZW Wh Mfllil W' , i HW' 4,4 W l as il ,M ,, , yell f Rkpwl f 1 1 ,Q-1 I OXUQM5 66 ,, Q,iQfl'W, no :HW be Wow 1 MJ ll L GV 'i DQQH iypyjlwi, UL ,lull i ,tif f l T l t . xl W will ' f Jill C W ff-ilk 407' fn, ' l H We get QM si l at ZW Ablwjk ,UQQIC "With?iiit ideals, iiiithout Milton, ilu without scholarship, without philosophical continuity, there is no such thing as education." A. Flexner W .. 1 4 i 1 .Z I 4 5 5 2 s 2 81 2 5 6 F s Donald Lewis, National Merit Finalist David Sitler, National Merit Finalist Shirley Bean, Commercial Student Gerald Schussler, Vocational Student And here there is effort effort which results in academic accomplishment, And the outcomes ol that eltort are ideals: goodness ol man, wisdom, pertection, i virtue, truth, honesty. And here there is scholarship, scholarship oi great men, great concepts, great books, great institutions. A SCHOLARSHIP WHICH ARRANOES THESE IDEALS INTO PROPER PERSPECTIVE WHICH CULMINATES IN A PHILOSOPHICAL CONTINUITY, A WAY OE LIFE, A STANDARD OE LIVING, HAPPINESS, A KNOWLEDGE THAT TRUTH HAS BEEN SOUGHT AND SOMETIMES GAINED. f 47174, r fr Ni, CLf fx,c,a,l--- ,1J,fx:f'3-14 c-yu L J, ""Agv2f1+-'2f'L ,rf " N7 X "W- W QaJ1,q,!x,J-1-iy,ff,A,fL, bllii. 2'gi,,r.-X XJ Tiff ag, , 2,-,,,f fr Y 'Af ' , , , , V ,v f, 1. Q 'C 5fNx11f' f" L ' if 'H L91 PM f - L.. -My f- L. 0. bca-. I YU., KCf"L'L""' ,fi 4f"""-" M' i 1f"'!--SQLFQ., f 'ly 4 ff I X , Q X- J f -- ,, ,. , .A X ,fv gm-,f cg Lflf..f 7 0 , Mi, 1,--.'1-J X'L.f-W2,,,,, fgfffzf LL 1 4' . . ,fm i-"'k'L'f'G' 'V '!L'L'ma'lk' 'Z ji' LL'k'J C K 'Lua ff CAL fy! XV Y--f . Q! .xx Q-J kflfla-if Nkl, CN f J ffy,LQ,L,f1,YLLQ-fLfLfv+ XUCFLI 6dr.f'4f6-JL, sf Jaw? A-54404 05401 'JALKZ' ffgfwwybe aim jff4404iALff24zlyLX0ve4Q fzafe yea 7 Hereafter the students in the top ten percent of the class will be recognized on the opening pages of each section. As a result of their accomplishments in three years of high school, We give them their deserved place of honor on the divider pages of this book. WHO S0 NEGIECTS LEARNING IN HIS YDUTH, l0SES THE PAST AND IS DEAD FOR THE FUTURE. EURIPIDES Kay Barner, Harold Morton, Daniel Harvey, ESther Mann Sandra Pico, Dianne Kalb, Thomas Miller, Gerald Hedrick ow' fwwfwwiifi W XQQMQW I1 C1 V President mkwbm Ax A' ob 0' M I-YDN m JeffB JUNIOR CLASS WINTER FANTASY JUNIOR PROM THE MAN FROM E.C.C.H. We I Becky Rott, Class Secretary I Mr. Thompson, Class Advisor The election of the officers pictured on these pages gave the Junior Class a good start in 1965. The Juniors were involved in many events. Janet Smith was elected Junior Miss. The Junior school spirit was to become known as exuberantly revitalized. Ending the year, the long anticipated Junior Prom was the Juriior's last function. I ' N fu Qt N f M fn aww -NND .L Sitting: Robert Reinert, Larry Denver. Seated: David Renninger, John Marchese, Terry Lewis, David Lewis, Robert Davis, Beverly Kulp, Frances Smetaniuk, Renate N estvogel, Dick Schwager, Ronald Murphy, Louise Olynyk. Standing: Harry Haas, Alfred Lizell. Ludwig, John Clark. .ll ff . U' X 4 mf , C Lf 'HP x i QL, V by Q A , V3 1 3 -'l Q V" ' . 5 , l :J V I 3 -,Pk fl f pi N 'X ' LV -L' X' ' i I Y ' ,. I 1 V, AQ K ',,, Z -Q fi NW X, f ag? L ,cf X, wld "Q, ALJ it wi' E f -I ,XV if J L 'r " ' ' ' fi I L, Q QA mjlvb ,fl 'f' 1 P1 I Jj ll -JJ xx, n Rail' J QV X J mf t 1 eff U L ' , V L1 ' X ' L, it SJ Lf if Ll fmLUU7i Yvk L' 'J ti :V M5 1.3 " f jj U Y I J ,. -ef 1 l. I ,fu 1 JR V if ek! X: X Kneeling: Barbara Moyer, Nadane Kemp, Nancy Moore, Pat Anthony, Sue Slotter, Gail Bush. Standing: Sue Morris, Denise Kephart, Jean Wasser, Linda Hill, Nancy Woodland, Phyllis Faul, Regina Brasch, Barbara Javorka, Elva Martin, Judy Gehman. - -f--" 'mme' W First Row: Matt Balch, Ron Norman, Jim Little Second Row: Ken Slater, B111 Pruitt, Wayne Lewis, Robert THERE IS YOUTH. Robert Barnes, Louise Watts, Charlie Hartman, Ruth Hoffman, Fred Walter. Seated: Carol Stephany, Mark Smith, Lenoir Young, Kathy Lukens, Lonna Bonekemper, Kim Miller, Monica Gallagher, Pat Hoover. Kneeling: Dan Zitin, Ted Hirokawa, Jeff Brittin, Dan Lipsi. Standing: Diane Clymer, Bill Gehring, Dottie Drissel, Linda Czelecz, Debbie Wright. Seated: Beverly Wampole, John Schlegel, Pam Steager, Sue Neiburg, Nina Tou, Dave Rissmiller, Chris Voss. Sta.nding::Jay Jensen. :A y ,f . Q18 Kneeling: Mike Brasch, Dennis Walsh, Richard Riccio. Seated: Betsy Conrey, Edna Larsen, Ellen E rthal. Standing: Judy, Van Gaasbeck, K en Michener, Linda Miller, Ken DeBarth, Diane Woelkers, Bill Tindall, Allen Rinker. n P Sitting: Nancy Jones, Bonnie Hunter, Sandy John son. Standing: Alan Stryeski, Bob Thomas, Carl Syben, Kevin Heenan,Janet Schappet, Janet Smith, Curtis Hafer, Nancy Romberger. W ,W .,...i r 4. E N H, Kneeling: Chip Weston, Joe Shum, Charles Ward. Seated: Nancy Blake, Kathy Sloggett, Barb Riggins. Standing: Dawn Schmidt, Anita Mitchell, Chris Moyer, Lana Myers, Bev Watts, Phil Jarinko, Lance Shaffer, 'Bob Straub, Q George Yoder. 5 Seated: Jim Statuti, David Smith, Laurie Hawkins, Anita Stagliano, Nancy Carr, Marc Goodhart. Standing: Stanley Smith. w X I .. 1 XL' Q L Standing: Marlene Wentz, Susan Tice, Pat Fuss, Diana Jones, Sandra Gaerthe. Seated. Paul Rohrer, Tom Light, Bob Yeakel, Don Staley, Jack Reed. I if RSX KX N Y X x 5 i 19 Seated: Joe Comitz, Roberta Machado, Paul McGuigan, Pat Fermamento, Dennis Keyser, Mary Ann Morgan, Tom Beebe. Standing: Dorene Larrimore, Paulette Grimes, Dave Robison, Rosalind Grimes, Shirley Freed. First Royv: Virginia Laurnan, Barb Wright, Carol Frang, Susan Heffentrager, Irene Gottschalk. Second Row: Clara Jean Fickert, Kay Grant, Teri Fagan, Sandy Chipps, 26 Front Row: Bob Tompkins, Bob Klees, Norman Milnes. Back: Dave Ulmer, Bernie Platt, Bob Ausen, Dale Leatherman. Ap T jgwbawgf KWWXS QM A Ag. We Jing ' -ZH, q " , w DL 5 au Mfg WTAH QW if eww Aww N NA .M 4 x W J! ' x. fpfvyw I I A 1 First Row: Larry Morgan, Michael Alex, Ed Norman, Bill Weber. Second Row: Sue Demetrician, Ann Koss, Mary Ellen Hackulich. First Row: John Shainline, George Grote, Roger Lord, Stan Brandis, Jack Benischeck. Second Row: Giselle Auschill, Mary Jane Hippel, Vivian Beyer, Pat McIntosh, Dave Rupp. Standing, Row 1: Angela Moore, Chickie Souders, Bonnie Albright, Eleanor Miller. Standing, Row 25 Ken Moyer, Gvido Lure, John Zampier, Jim Shive, B111 Ziegler. YOUTH IN THE PROCESS OF LEARNING. EEST THE PAST BECOME ANONYMOUS. 21 First Row: Wendy Mitchell, Sandie Straub, Wanda Weber, Caryn Miller. Second Row: Carol Traynor, Diane Niess, Ruth Watkins, Betsy Alderfer, Nancy Clark. Row 1: Robyn Freese, John McLaughlin, Bill Nock, Row 2: Alain Manen, Laura Karcewski, Lynne Ferguson. Row 3: Ray Leatherman, John Lybas, Doug Husted. C Seatedi' Keith Fryling. Standing: Nancy Cloud, ar Kathy Welsh, Linda Hazlett, Sue Burman, Frank he Bonner. Back: Steve Nelson, Don McCourt. Front: Deana McCow2.n, Joan Swift, John Dane, Tom Conlin. Back: Rusty Catania, Walter Choyce, John Glorioso, Andy Beebe, Don Bair. - X W, will at First Row: Carl Dean, Nevin Harper, Jerry Landis, Back Row: Fred Szeblewski, Dave Lindler, Frank Kendra, Ray Scott. Sitting: Annie Lewis, Shirley Landis, Debbie Grant. Standing: Ginny Surmack, Pat Reynolds, Joe Mazzone, Tom Pruitt, John Bowan, Charlie Greaser, Sandy Hill, Carol I-Ioepfl. Seated: Sally Reese, Linda Beyer, Willie Lewis, Linda. Gardocki. Kneeling: Chuck Goette r. Standing: Rick Denver, Bob Heacock, Bill Hannings. 1 LEARNING T0 APPRECIATE THEIR HERITAGE. .9 f s U j,, . M , , f . f ,MV ff.-f' A ,,,,f I , iff", If ,ffwffw M! lf, API d r . fr ,,,., Mm V I ttvu J,44. Z if pg! f all i. 'I Ui if J W f W Standing Row 1: Nancy Daniels, Kathy Dougherty, Peggy Stewart, Gracie Chapman. Standing Row 2: Jerry Guretse, Dave Boughter, Allen Hayser, John Wayne, Dave Moore. 24 Kneeling: Tom Ziegenhorn, Mike MacArthur, Ed Potter. Standing: Bob Spear, Jim Wiley, Rembert Elbers. Sitting: S t an d Diffend Leroy 1 n g: Jo erfer, M Gibson, Dave Leach, Dave Walton. an Moore, Eileen Bowman, Cheryl ary Alice Hackl. 2 E u First Row: Mike Owen, Bill DiPietro, Jim Proud. Back Row: Harry Cramer, Dave Musgrave, Dave Stubbs, Bruce Lachman, Earl Wampole. 2 U J m ffjfwx ,VX -ff Q W ' A Q fi ff ffl' W K f' Front: Mary Lou Fretz, Dawn Schmidt, Anita Mitchell. Back: Craig Alig, Clark Adams, Phil Jarinko, George Maier. Kneeling: Gary Bishop, Larry Greaser, Dave Landes, Bob Harris. Standing: Glenna Holl, Donna Neal, Ken Zepp, Diane Dodson, Jean Haldy. 25 Seated: Richard Keyser Irene Scheibenhofer Susan E11 , , wein, Ellen Mask, Ellen Cavan, Tom Brown. Standing: Mike Vincent, Judy Pinkos, Mary Moyer, Barbara Rehrig, Jim Schadewald. Seated: Gary Mayse, Ben Gitlin.Standing: Row 1: Norma David, Janet Gilbert, Jae Dilwgrfh, Row 2: Steve Molettiere, Darryl Grater. 2 2 -1 First Row: Larry Koffel, Sue Armstrong, Mary Swartley, Cindy Burrill, Darcy Sheaffer. Back Row: Ray Reimer, Dave Tomkinson, Nevin Clemmer, Dave Monauni. Seated: Earl Clemens, Lee Sherry, Jim Mazzanti, Geraldine Moyer, Carol Guldin, Jo Ann Shelly, Milo Rober. Kneeling: John B01sar,Joh.n Ambrnsch. Standing: Tom Oakley, Tom Gallew, Rick Binder. Front Row: Dick Schwager, Norwood Nyce. Back Row: Bob Gerhart, Bob McGuire, Harry Cullingford. Kneeling: Pete Baldwin, Ed Hunsberger, Roger Markley. Standing: Audrey McKinney, Cindy Peterman, Cheryl Aafjes, Susan Nice, Linda Starner. i Standing: Carmen Baldassare, Barbara Stewart, Dianne Drumheller. Seated: Howard Davis, Jack Clemens, Nate Baines, Jim Blackburn, Bob Haines, Dave Leister. w n 3 , Mgr Q 'Y f 'J 3 Qf J fn my ,U 'U' M V M, F M , f L 4 'm Q 1 lf First Row: Sylvia Erhart, Jane Strotbeck, Dianne Bennet, Juanita X Q' V49 'N Machate. Second Row: Joe Cullen, Lance Tittle Mike Gamble Jim 1 ' 3 -f' ' 7 :xi U' ,vw .ef Slotter, George Kenter. . MLN W K X V In ANR! if Front: Becky Cash, Joan Kelly, Connie Landis, Janie Reichley. Back: Jeff Hock, Joe Bishop, Ray Brommer, Bob Griess. 28 in It RK, V-, ,M ,s:,-we ., ----eu f , 'LMw 1wWemwwwQfmr4:wSg1fa.' 54 , j 4 Ja g 1 N H .. ,, ,fa f , , LQ f , 2 1 'K gf , f ' ,P T off? W! ,1 Q - wwf , f ' - -- A It Johari ff ,ga Jiff y , " If A 533 Q gl wig ,W , , 151' fi 'M 'f J . ,M new. of in-6,3 EUIEVV F if A new I mf' am " + img! , 15' 1 gays fi Q 5,452 :Ka fl Z 'W if ,fe ' I for A 'fe sn A J EM Q 33 N if 4 Q5 , M A JL J JJ ii 3 Kneeling: Barbara Schott, Linda Haines, Standing: Gayle Bergey, Pat Heckler, Sharon Benner. LEARNING T0 PARTICIPATE IN THEIR PRESENT. Seated: Connie Baumgartner, Roger Gresh, Barb Fuck, Sandy Vandegriff, Judy Haldy, Diane Hemmerle. Standing: Jim Armstrong, Dennis Harmon. Seated: Don Ellis, Ken Foesig, Dave Gerhart, Lucille Birth. Standing: Cindy Thomas, Kathy Acuff, Sue Matthews, Shirley Gouak. 29 Front: Donna Garrahan, Kathy Samson, Judy Clark. Back: Alex Meldrum, Lance Chaloupka, Jim Burrell, Marty Arnold. Sitting: Gary Anderson. Standing-Row 1: John Messa, Robin Hunsberger, Christine Kratz, Judy Shotwell, Art Anders. Stand- ing-Row 2: Susan Young, Robert Duncan. 30 S 7.- . Front: Fred Renninger, Kathy Warner, Linda Dorn, Sandy Cougle. Back:DonnaB1ack1edge, Margaret Watts, Bonnie Freese. Standing: Jill Snyder, Sue Bernhard, Sharamanda. Seated: Blaine Fluck, Tom Bancroft, Steve McAdams, Bob Feik, Glenn Bechtel. Bob Smith, Da.n Blackshaw, John Kulp, Greg Ott, Dan DeSantis. Front: Judy 'Seyfert, Gail Francis, Jean Forst, Carol Penn. First Row: Jeff Vandegrift, Frank Potser. Second Row: Dick Clyde, Jerry Reimel, Jack Bates, Ray Stock. Back: Bonnie Reynolds, Julia Uhlig, Harriet Perry. First Row: Art Huey, John McVa.n, John Metz, John Oates. Second Row: Ron Jaros, John Gallagher, Paul French, Wayne Shannon, Sheldon Trumbore. Seated: Kar en Thomas, Eleanor M u m rn e r y, Audrey Ritter, Widilia Cardone. Back Row: Georganna Curtis, Kathy Diehl, Linda Kinsey, Mary Reube, Chris Bookheimer, Linda Schlagenhaufer, Alice Accor, A nn e Hunsberger, Lilo Seibert. 32 Kneeling: Kurt Chencinski, Larry Conver, John Fisher. Standing: Becky Rott, Sue Ramsey, Dottie Kimmel, Cathy Ferguson, Jim Hare. LEARNING T0 Seated: Bruce Pelfrey, A1 Samanns, Gary Lutz. Standing: Debbie Garner, Donna McFarland, Ginger Rittenhouse, Jerry Kurian, Steve Buck, Joe Paschall, Paulette Raines, June Kelchner, Dee Bossert. ANTICIPATE THEIR FUTURE. First Row: Bill Laurnan, Dennis Bytheway, George Arbic. Second Row: Joe Cressman, Henry Johnson, Mike Yaroch, Skip Landis, John Hartman, Tom Burgoyne. Seated: Donna Gerstlauer, Mary Lou Fretz, Beverly Allebach, Mary Bridi, Ray Gaj. Standing: Alex Beaton, Dave Ziegler, Steve Lupin, Wendy Fuss, Sandy McArthur, Clark Adams, Craig Alig, George Maier, Ken McKenzie. First Row: Sue Millard, Cathy Tedesco, Joe S mallwood, Marga Ottenheimer. Second Row: Carol West, Bob Robinson, John Weigner, Rick Reese, Bev Kaelin. , 33 SOPHOMORE CLASS FIRST ELECTIONS WONDERLAND OF HEARTS Mr. Menichiello, Class Advisor Y 7 52 ' as Pat Henry, Class Treasurer Marilyn Loburak, Class Secretary First Row: Larry Hess, Ray Kramer, Bill May, John Lauman, 2nd Row: Fran Teasenfitz, Jim Mayall, Ralph Sunbury, Joe Wesner, George Sepenthal. 3rd Row. Ken Norman, John Bickel, Jim Sine, Lanny DeMers, Bob Fitzer, 4th Row. Jerry Werner, Jim Hopkins, Dave Teasenfitz, Mike McNulty, Don Kerstetter, Scott Smiley. , , 4 i W, ,,,,, . V, F, . ., vswmq,-1fff-ff:,vw Kneeling: Tom Bryon, George Troxel. Sitting: Maureer Stockert, Jane Phethean, Nancy Schwager, Glenn Nitta Janet Sn der Standing Marsha Davidson Andy Anderson Y - 2 , Bill Spear, Alan Weder, Dave Waldron, Rod Moyer, Dennis Schleppy Ken Wolff. THE PAST BECOMES MEANINGFUL Standing - Jackie Harvey, Donna Fox, Barb Pierson, Peggy Finacy, Carol Krieble, SandyJones,Betsey Fetter, Penny Kaufman, Betty Daneker. Kneeling - Phil Clemens, Marty Derstein, Sherry Cotterman, Linda Jill Smith, Rosanne Statuti, Brenda Corrado. Seated: Suzanne Cash, Peggy Murphy, Margie Roeder, Tom Varenchick, Linda Corrado, Nancy Fleming, Diane Oberholtzer. Standing: Denny Wenich, Bob Fretz, Debbie Barr. Kneeling: Jack Mcllhenny, Fred Kaupp. Starlding: Jim Hill, Bob Williams, Beth Dennis, Abby Skrzat, Kathy Prokopy. L. to R.: Marilyn Gossling, Richard Moorhouse, Linda Koenig, Kim els, ' Malcomson, Janet Micha John Russell, Diane Wmder. 38 Sitting: Larry MacIntosh, Dave Bair, Harry Kentner. Standing: Judy Jury, Delores Draughn, Kathy Smith, Nancy Leypoldt, Donna Niess. Sitting: Joe Clarke, Dave Sears. First Row: Diane Martin, Sue Hartzell, Sandy Griner. Second Row:Leroy Bregler, Bob Frescatore, Bob Schlater, Jim Brandis. Sitting: Kent Tittle, Jack Adams. Standing: Karen Breslin, D o r o thy Carol Demetrician, Pete Antonowsky. Shaffer, Lynn Farley, Milt Wenhold, Front Row: Bill Dougherty, Ken Hoffman, Barry Gerhart, Bob Lanouette, Brian Bunt, Charlie Douglas, Tom Clayton. Back Row: Jack Sanborn, Debbie Crouthamel, Sindie Ellis, Judy Coleman, Bev Camburn, Lynne Casy, Grace Emmell, Lorretta Fresher. Sitting: Dennis Leatherman. Standing: Barbara Fellman, Bonnie Bates, Kathy Hullihan, Craig Hendrickson, Robert Unglaub, Cindy Hubbard, Janet Harmon, Kurt Berry. l 3 Xe 1, 5 a 5 5 1 L. to R.: Kathy Hatton, Laura Scanlan, Michele Lang, Bill 4 r Walton, Bruce Sowers, Barbara Landes, Steve Fretz, T Martin, Sandra Keiser. LEARN T0 ACCEPT 6RATEFUllY istan 1 THE EDUCATION OFFERED HERE. Kneeling: Curtis Ledley, Robert Wolfgang. Standing: Becky Kluger, Joanne Kapusta, Emily Turrell, Lynda Smith, George Downing. H Front Row: Jim Williams, Jim Long, Ray Scheeler, Steve MacArthur, Gary Russell. Back Row: Janet Hughes, Cheryl Lucas, Sharon Mosser, Linda Moore, Debbie Weber, Marlene Willis, Nancy McClennen. Seated: Pat Detweiler, Sandy Griner, Pete Meyers, Karen Brooker. Standing: Don Bowyer, Bob Moats, Joe Cassel, Bill Eshbach, Dave Hottenstein, Ed Renner, Clint Deiley, Sandy Cardell, Cyle Baker, Lynn Rinker. 41 S e at e d: Paul Simonson, G a l e Middleton, Richard Hubler, Prudy Albright, L ynn e Seated: Herb Netherton, Bob Cassel. Standing: Barb Hartz Bonnie Kelly, Margo Connelly, Judy Polster. 42 McFarland, Sharyn Cook, Glauis Edwards. Row 1: Jeanne Lukens, Kathy Hess, Debby Boyd Row 2: Diane Gerulis, Donna Ruth, Margaret Prediger. Row 3: Chris Artfich. ffA- . f--fL ,,if.Mw,:,Mm,:.M,m.MW, 1- ,. MW ,-1,m,.,i,,,,,,,,,m, Front Row: Ken Whipp,' Ron Ruth, John Gardner. Back IFEOWQ Charles COX, Harry wibie, Jerry DeMas, Steve ur . A Sitting: Bob Ingham, Bob Capps, Eric Lord, Glenn Cressman. Standing: Joan Walko. Kneeling: Bob Hoffer, Dennis Demming, Dave Beaver . Sitting: Ron Briel, Lonnie Miller. Standing: Maryann Bergey, Ruth Cloud, Bonnie Stever, Robin Miller, Bonnie Krider. 43 5 imi.xmm:.lMwwwNm M, 44 U Seated: Jeff Derstein, Carol Costic, Joan Crozier, Sherrie Bower. Standing: Rick Ebersole, Herb Van Dyke, Ron Hartenstine. Seated: Linda Nelson, Malcolm Luz. Standing: Judy Miller, Bonnie Kalb, Nancy Mills, Marianne Stockert, Gloria Leonard. DON'T All0W YOUR FUTURE Seated: Mike Steele. Standing: Rose Hmnphrey, Mary Ann Serratore, Judy Benson, Sue Carson, Mike Bitto John Florentino . , 1 f L to R.: Shirley Feusner, Carol Yearick, Chris Jones, Ruth Ann Jones, Bonnie Troil, Carol Vernitsky. T0 DIE THROUGH NEGLECT. Seated: Jean Smallwood, Jon Brandenberger, John Ferguson. Standing: Gary Warf, Virginia Brower, Dawn Morgan, Eugene Riccio. Kneeling - Bob Leach, Jim Yoder, Steve Stracka, George Koffel. Standing - Craig Waters, John Seibert, Sharon Murphy, Don Delp, Kathy Schatz. A W V ,f,-Wyman,sw-vgm:xYI,wwfmu-,:wfzrwwm11'mwwmawvfmmwmwifvfmm exe?-inswkesiviiliw Yahfwr zfwgvigggeiifii"f?e:25HJJEJ:E Kneeling: Ron Tiblis, Dan Shannon, Tom Stubbs Douglas Leidy, Mike Dutcher, George Atwood Standing: Ray Smith, Lynn Bethard, Nancy Rice, Pat Murphy, Donna Walls, Carol Cimmera, Elaine Hazzard, Linda Ferrary, Marilyn Loberak, B111 Kauler First Row: Barry Frankenfield, Terry Groff, Jane Haldeman, Art Hand, Doug Hennsey, Kathy Houseman. Second Row: Penny Bartlett, Janis Beahm, Scott Cameron, Richard Dallas, Kathy Fluck, Fred Grubb, Margie Rickert, Cynthia Lewis. Third Row: Leonard Jamison, Bruce Stover, Steve Miller, Joe Wentz, Bucky Everist, Bob McMeekin, Skip Schroeder, Dennis Snook, Gail Love, Carol Richards, Bev Stockert, Carol Van Fossen, Kathy Morris, Kathy Kliewer. Seated Ronald Nickel David Sauers Standing Linda Detweiler, Carole Moore, Carole Hunker Bettyann Kutchi, Don Feusner, Karen Wolf, Bob Stowe Kneeling: Barry Bennett, Ed Schmitt, Richard Zepp, Bill Peterson, Michael Krause, Paul Rorer Standing: Florence Longacre, Marlene France Patricia Minetti, Judy Reynolds, Libbie Gardner 7 Sitting: Michel Gehring, Lillian Blackburn, Denise Stoneback. Standing: Bill Bearden, Diane Lafferty, Carol Ronhle, Barbara Riegal, Nancy Schied, Bruce Krieble, Frank Eurban, Ruth Kratz, Carol Ziegler. First Row: Joe Wiseley, Susan Richard, David Fritz, Maureen Reynolds, Carol Owens. Next Row: Linda Kay Smith, Ray Schaffer, Lynn Bolig, Ray Campolei, Lucy Moore. Next Row: Jim Schrnittinger, Zena Olifer, Jerry Edmonds, Jane Miley, Charles Feldi. Fourth Row: Carolyn Sirianni, Stanley Croll, Judy Fickert, Linda Eckert, Mary Lou Heatherington. Back Row: David Klink, Dan Smith, David Ruth, Pat Follon, Brenda Ferrantino, Diane Hogarty, Beverley Lowe, Sharon Ronnan, Beverly Messa, Kneeling: Tom Anders. Standing: Sandy Ruth, Linda Williams, Joyce Buehrle, Pete Kropff, Linda Kryder. Sitting: Stephanie Steiker, Sally Montgomery, Chris Gardner, Kathy White, Keith Butler. Standing: Don Douglas, Gary Warner. Seated: Carol Turek, Audrey Schwartz, Sue Vincent, Carolyn McGettingan, Dav1d Cope. Standlng: Fred We1se1, Bob Krum. THROUGH EDUCATION. OPPORTUNITIES " "" " - First Row Dave Gerhart Dave Meyers, Bob Quinn, Ed Wampole Second Row Ken Michner, Jeff Harp, Kalck Bruce Yerger, Jean Stewart. Seated: Phil Eastburn, Kathy Jeffcoat, Carla Digman. Standing: Pat Hartzel, Nancy Potter, Scott Smith. Kneeling: Richard Bonfiglio, Bob Snyder, Barry Molettiere, Dan Corson, Standing: Lynn Siffel, Doug Burns, Fred Macintosh, v AND THEY Wlll PRESENT THEMSELVES IN VARIOUS FORMS gg. X55 LL :ADC-FEQDNH-D QJVQFS O 2 EDUCATION ISTHE KNOWLEDGE OF HOW TO USE THE WHOLE OE ONE'S SELF ANONYMOUS mre:framvmfmaNPm:m Mwv:f . 4 M V. A . David Northrop, Richard Morris, James Landt, Lmda Kriebel Thomas Weikel, Janice Brody, Sharon Kulp, Darlene Warner Brian Reiff listens to a proposal as Dale Rodenhaver records. STUDENT COUNCIL One of the busiest organization at North Penn is the Student Council with its wide range of activities. Beside the usual jobs of maintaining good student-faculty relations, an active store, and lively school spirit, this year's council, in conjunction with the F.T,A., instituted a new student tutoring program. They also began a student exchange with Lansdale Catholic High School, in order to bring about better relations between the schools. And thus, they extend the role of the Student Council in creating a better school and a better community. And here we use Ted Hirokawa, Vice president Mrs. Maria Schmid, Advisor the whole oi ourselves... Donald Lewis, President The School Store this year featured a greater assortment of supplies for the North Penn student bodyf. Sophomore Student Council m embers First row: J. Harris, L, Smith, S. Bower, C. Berger, M, Loburak. Second row J Phethean, M, Servatore, P, Detwiler, K White, J. Kapusta. Third row: L. Koenig, D. Sears, R. Tyner, M, Connolly, P Mu rphy. Student Council Officers: Seated: D o n L ewi s, President, Pam Knerr, Corres- ponding Secretary. Standing: Ted Hirokawa, Vice presidentg Brian Reiff, Treasurer. Junior Student Council members: First row: L, Ferguson, R, Brommer,B.Fr1ck, D. Leister, J. Fisher. Second row: N Jones, S, MacArthur, K. Thomas, W Shannon, A, Meldrum. Third row: S Neiburg, B. Duncan, C, Baumgartner, S Young, D. Zitin, N. Cloud. 56 Don and Mrs. Schmid review a recent proposal. Senior Student Council members: First row, A. Olifer, B. Leach, K. Kehler, S. Hayes, D. Tomasetti, D. Northrop, K. Eckert, J. Ziegenfuss. Second row: J.Rieker, A.Brown, S. King, D. Delp, C. Glebe, P. Walton, H. Morton, R. Young. Third row: S. Smith, D. Drissel, D, Warner, V. Williams, B. Steager, V, Diehl, G. Fitz-Gerald. Fourth row: E. Butler, S, Danehower, R, Elbers, A. Manen, P. Beaver, S. Bergey, R. Nestvogel. and in the end a belier world INTERNATIONAL FRIENDSHIP Coordinating the International Friend- ship Program at North Penn was the primary function of the School Affiliation Committee Sandy Baumgarmer guided by Mr. Kenneth Weir. The 35 member group worked in cooperation with the American Friend's Service Committee arranging pen pals, looking for exchange students, and keeping in close contact with our sister school in Germany in order to maintain an active af- filiation. The Committee, in its third year, is now looking forward to initiating the student exchange program in other countries so that the student body of North Penn will be a better informed and more understanding body. Judy Hoffman Dr. King welcomes the exchange students on their arrival to North Penn. Jon Oplinger A11en Kratz Advisor, Mr. Gale Reid, briefs the group concerning the coming events on the Forum Calendar Forum provides an opportunity for stu- dents to develop and defend their ideas, while recognizing and analyzing the viewpoint of others on current events. As a member of the Bux-Ches-Mont Forum, North Penn took part in dinner debates at several schools in the area during the year. Through these and other intramural debates, the students learn the fundamentals of debating while they develop their skills in public speaking. 60 FORUM A WORLD WHICH RECOGNIZES A POINT OF VIEW MEBEElMENSlW5WOI BQ3IdI2IEi5iin1lQNQ H42 Q 915' EQSHE WBKLES Ulf ff? filiffiix- Prior to the beginning of another forum meeting, Don Lewis confers with Gerry Martin Ccenterj and Jacquie Loquet Crightj on the topic to be discussed. DIFFERENT FROM OURS Q President, Don Lewis Janet Zwickey participates in a debate on the Medicare Program held at Conshohocken High School. 61 Frank Muccari, Advisdr Bob Focht, Editor-in-chief A world in which there is creativity... ACCOLADE Conducting interviews, writing copy, arrang- ing layouts, while meeting deadlines are most difficult tasks. Yet the task of recording the events of a year while preserving its memories is a most rewarding one. The eight editors and staff of twenty who worked under the guidance of advisors Mr. Frank Muccari and Mr. Thomas Collins to produce the '65 ACCOLADE found this to be completely true. They worked after school all year to produce a yearbook reflective of a very fine school and an excellent senior class, The ACCOLADE is more than a mere photo album with words dispersed throughout. It stands as a tribute to the class of '65 and indeed, a tribute to North Penn High School. 1965 ACCOLADE Staff Linda Boltz, Marcia Smith, C ar ol Derstein, Eleanor Kemp, Mary O'Connor, Jim Mack, Dietta Tyner, Esther Mann, Virginia Williams, Wendy W e s t-Typist, L in d a Troxel-Typist, B o n n i e Rittenhouse-Typist, Cheri Ziegler-Typist, Tom Miller- Photographer. Senior editor Sandy Bergey and staff members Linda Boltz and Eleanor Kemp study the problems of senior layouts. Office editor Darlene Warner 'checks through Accolade files. Working on the layouts for Underclassmen and Facility sections are Dietta Tyner and Editor Pete Beaver Literary advisor Thomas Collins strongly expresses his opinion on Accolade business. Bob Focht gives pointers to Junior members Kim Miller and B111 Gehring. 64 Girls' Sports Editor, J eanette Cze1ecz,works intently on her fall sports pages. And an opporlunity to develop a chronicle... Football, baseball, and basketball are part of the responsibility of Randy Cole, Boys' Sports Editor. Mr. Jacobs assigns pages to be typed to two Accolade Busmess Staff Members Shirley Wasser and Shirley Bean. Our Literary Editor, Evelyn Illingworth, is always a source of ideas. r Practicing layouts seems to be an en joyable task for Ardene Freed. Warren Helman brings up a problem at an Accolade con- ference. ff-wfe vfMkgy,:y wfpnggwQtfuesms,,, f W ,, a journal Wendy West, Thomas Vizzard and Diane Clymer mail out letters to the adver- tisers of the KNIGHT CRIER. KNIGHT CRIER The Knight Crier swung into action this year directed by advisors Mr. Thomas Vizzard and Mr. David Clarke. A staff of forty-two worked under co-editors Sue Smith and Diane Clymer, gathering news and arranging it into an appealing format. Six issues were published, each containing articles about im- portant school events, interesting personalities and up to date sports, various short stories, and only the latest jokes. They kept the student body abreast of the happenings in and around North Penn High School. Senior, Sue Smith, and junior, Diane Clymer, co-editors of this year's KNIGHT CRIER are responsible for its success as the main avenue of N.P,H.S. news. i 5 Donna Gerstlauer, sports editor, proof- reads an article on the cross-country season. Mr Thomas Vizzard, advisor to the KNIGHT CRIER reads the finished product with a smile of satisfaction. 67 CHOIR This year the Concert Choir again turned in a comlmendable per- formance. Always one of the finest in the area, our choir placed fifteen of its members on the District Choir. The vocal group, under the skillful direction of Mr. Alvin Schmidt, achieved great heights in melodious choristry evidenced by their'fine per- formance at the Christmas and Spring Concerts. In addition, the choir also made a tape recording which was played on WNPV. The smaller and more select of the two choral groups, the vocal ensemble, made appear- ances at several local functions and other area schools. Director, Mr. Alvin Schmidt, de- votes many hours to the N.P.H.S. Concert Choir and Vocal Ensemble. An opponunity to 1964 Christmas Assembly Judy Scheid, Secretary-Treasurer, Larry Moyer, President, Renate Nestvogel, Vice president. appreciate the masters and to perlorm in... Glenn Kilburn, Dennis Gerhart, Rosy Ross, Kathy Zeigler, and George Woodbury add flavor to the Christmas Concert with folk music. I Long hours of conscientious practice led to the success of the 1964 Christmas Assembly. Senior Altos: First row: R. Ross, M. Kane-Senior Accompnist. Second row: D. Drissel, J. Bricker, J. Cullingford, K. Ringham, J. Kaelin, S. King, M. Culley, L. Hunsberger. Senior Tenor: Seated: B, Steager, G. Woodbury. Standing: B, Reiff, G. Schwartz, D. Krum, L. Moyer. A151 ir Wil A an .gi W S e n i o r Sopranos: Bartlett, B. Nolan C. Cullingford, A Rieker, V. Guenst, Sen1or Bass D, Gerhart, G. Kilburn, A Manen, R Resinger, R, Seyfert, N Long, W Laepple, D Hamme, K, Halpen. An instrumental ensemble... The Band The eighty-piece North Penn High School Band, directed by Mr. Karl A. Thompson, has long been the pride of our school as well as our community. They added color and spirit to pep rallies and football games with their lively numbers and exceptional cheering. They participated in the annual Christmas and Spring Concerts as well as local parades. Asmaller dance bandperiorms at home basketball games and other local functions. North Penn's fine showing in the Bux-Mont District and State Bands is evidence of their exceptional talent and ability. 2 Q 3 The band adds color and spirit to pep rallies Bo11y strikes a familiar pose. This way team. W :J Ken Halpen adds "The Big Beat" to the Christmas Concert. 74 In your tuba you know he's right. A Senior Band members: First row: J . Kaler, D Sulzabach, L. Hunsberger, D. Drisse1,S,Roe1ofs Second row: B. Nolan, S. Wasser, J. Pole, G Guenst, L. Gehringer, B, Hensel. Third row: R Weand, C. Hansen, E, Wilgus, J, Landt, N The Dance Band entertains basketball crowds at half t1me Vice-President Diane Tomasetti Ccenterj reviews plans for the new tutoring program with Les Grinnell CRightD and Suzy O'Connor. AN OPPORTUNITY T0 INFLUENCE E.T.A. This year Was an extremely busy one for the members of the F.T.A. Under the direction of Mr. Edward Klavon, the group studied the many facets of-the teaching profession through lec- tures and visits to local elemen- tary, specialized and secondary schools. In conjunction with the Student Council, they then put this knowledge to work by Way of the North Penn tutoring pro- gram. The program was estab- lished to aid students who need additional help in their studies. Thus far, 30 students have bene- fited by this service. THE MINDS OF FUTURE GENERATIONS Doris Sulzbach, President of F,T,A, Ccentery confers with Treasurer Debbie Delp Cleftj and Vice-President Diane Tomasetti. '76 At their annual banquet Doris Sulzbach, F,T,A, President displays the F,T.A, Emblem to: Mr. Edward Klavon-Advisor of F,T,A,, Mr. 3 Thomas Leonard - Pres. N,P.E.A., Mr. Lewis Krungg - Asst. Supt. Mont. County Schools, Mr. Walton E. Landes - Principal N.P.H,S., Mr. Gerald Kriebel - Principal Pennfield J.H., Mr. Norman Miller - Principal Pennbrook J.H. Peggy Stewart seeks help from F.T,A, member Debbie Delp in conjunction with the newly created student tutoring program. Mr. Klavon checks the minutes of the last meeting with Secretary Suzie O' Connor. 77 A world in which there is... USHEREITES Mrs. Jean Buck, Advisor 6 Senior Usherettes: A. Montgomery, R, Ross, S. O'Conner, J, Medlin, C, Usic, S, Rgelofg, D. Rodenhaver, G. Williams, R, Nestvogel, E. Dando, P. Swartz. Patsy Swartz, 1 Head Usherette t Vistors attending community or school func- tions at North Penn High are invariably greeted cordially by one of the North Penn Usherettes. This year the young ladies, led by Head Usherette Patsy Swartz offered a new service to the com- munity. After receiving instruction from Mrs. Jean Buck, they assisted in several public and private dinners. It is with grace and charm that the Usherettes performed these and other duties for the school and community as they personified the hospitality of North Penn High. K mawlktssi-BMW' " W w""""""5Qi2iH'6s?iW3M'?2EY?E.'I45'liii5wZii?E' beauty... grace... and service Sophomore Usherettes: First row: Z. Olifer, L. Marsden, P. Detwiler, S. Cassel, J. Michaels, C. Ellis. Second row: B. Stockert, B. Corrado, D, Kemp, P. Henry, C. Smith. A smile and a warm welcome to North Penn Junior Usherettes: First row: L, Ferguson, J. Kelly, C. Landis, C, Diffenderfer, S. Neiburg. Second row: B. Cash, W, Fuss, J. Smith, D, Dodson, T. Fagan. Kneeling! COIIIHG I-Brides, Cindi Usic-Head Majorette, Brenda Corrado St-indingz Wendy Fuss, Ellen Dando, Becky Cash Dale Young, Janet Smith, Pam Knerr. we . '- , 'I v sa 1 1 , Q , X ,. 'A w N L," E "1 S.. Q, P- x -g 'fe --,X L, MAJOREITES 'lf ,A, 3 d Adding a great deal of color and life to parades, pep rallies, f o o t b all and home basketball games this year were the North Penn Majorettes, led by Head Majorette, Cindi Usic. The girls began their prac- tices early in September as they worked all fall and winter in the mornings before school, going over routines many times-, while developing near perfection. This e x t e n S iv e practice was quite evident in their lively perform- ances, as they were very well received by the spectators throughout the year. X Cindi Usic, Head Majorette fx fl ' ' , if If jf! fgyv f'?'1JfQL A " ' ,f cf wif? XV X f cf! lf 1 ,N ,. V , 2,3-.41 , DL, 'X q I .Y ,I ww, Q M " vi , 5' f Uvwfffy Lffiidwfli ww " 'X ffk-Q Ellen Dando iii-.1 COLOR GUARD Bearing the flags of our nation and school was the prime responsibility of North Penn's six Color Guards. Led by Captain Karen Kehler, the young ladies added loyalty and color to this year's pep rallies, football, and home basketball games. North Penn is proud of its Color Guards, for they typify our spirit and loyalty. Gail McC1uskey With meticulous care the girls review their routine for the halftime at the Thanks giving Day Game. f Defeat is a sorry thing in the eyes of Captain Karen Kehler. Practice session before the game. Kneeling: Joan Kely, Karen Kehler-Captain, Marylee Killian, Gail McC1usky. Diane Dodson, Linda Bossert. 83 A Symbol of North Penn's Spirit A world in which we cheer The 1965 Cheerleading squad: Seated: Dennis Gerhart, Les Grinnell. Standing: Warren Helman, Linda Meister, Lynne Ferguson, Jo Ann Shelly, Patsy Swartz, Judy Scheid, Suzy King-Captain, Susan Neiburg, Cindy Peterman, Maryann Bergey, Brenda Dettery, Brian Bunt. V, . , ,..., ,,.. h ,V f--ff-f--, ,a,W:m:H-..,., ,. me-fr-51,-.1w,:wff1 ,fpwwf-:Q-wwf-5" rms'-aisaifwwfie-'esswasri'i,:p:f,,sy ff-21-Nfhfv H2171551523'571sgfiIwig-:gif5555555655233129-5-ifgfmiiffhiyiiyiiffHfm23isWi5i,i0,52ifQ-'H-"L Siihiinfifiwifihmi'WSFM?'ffsf'ivf2?-film:-1P,ia,:Q f--ff ,www-:i,w,g,1a:ffszisfdi-fmfm,.e,,m-92,3-i,5,yfm,:?laie Y3,.az-wily.-5,vs,,u, r-,u,,.e.!5i:me,.e,,.s,.,.,q..,f. . f S Q X he H 2 X 2 CHEERLEADERS Leading the North Penn student body in rousing support of our interscholastic athletic efforts was our dependable cheerleading squad. Under the capable leadership of Captain Suzy King, the squad of eleven girls and four boys worked to generate school spirit and team effort. They providedcolorful signs and tags, spirited pep rallies and sock- hops during the fall to give impetus to and meaning for a deep desire for both individual and team effort. This active support was a vital factor in the fine record accomplished by all our teams this year. for our victories... Boy cheerleaders, Warren Helman, Dennis Gerhart Les Grinell and Brian Bunt, listen intently to the speaker ata pep rally Homework for a cheerleader Our captain, Suzy King AND ARE T0lERANT OE OUR DEEEATS AND IN THE END A BETTER WORLD CQr+"1'C"UCfD-'I WE SALUTE THEM FOR THEIR VICTORIES, EVEN FOR THEIR DEEEATS. WE SALUTE THEM BECAUSE WE BELIEVE BETTER MEN ARE MADE BECAUSE OE ATHLETICS. U.S. NAVAL ACADEMY YEARBOOK, 1960 Alice Brown, Constance Young, Francis Saldutti, Sharyn McCoy Ronald Young, David Sitler, Linda Mayse, George Montanye Pete Gilboy employs his all Bux-Mont head. A11 Bux-Mont wing Jim Rittenhouse Coach K 1 a v o n prepares bruised player for second period action. ' For the second consecutive year North Penn's soccer team fcapturedtheo Bux-Mont League Championship with a 'nine game win ning streak. Fariss Barnes, the second highest scorer in the League, was responsible for nine scores. Five players Were selected as representatives on the All Bux-Mont Team Coach Klavon was highly pleased with his team's accomplishments, but mildly disap pointed by his charges' loss in the Districts to Lower Mei-ion,i 1-0. Michael Alex fone of our exchange studentsy replaced the in jured Denny Gerhart at goalie and turned in a 'championship performance for a champion ship cause. ' Coach Klavon and Manager Bill Ciminera. . . Soccer Champs Goalie Michael Alex and squad Z ,- -, , A-.'azff..,-:,'as: .,: . M Boosters Play It Rough Coach Klavon instructs the squad during halftime hud- dle. ' Pete Gilboy intercepts Hatter pass. Scorers JimRittenhouse, Fariss Barnes, Pete Gilboy, and T om Harwick loosen up goalie Dennis Gerhart. Varsity Scoring Opponent, N. Penn 3 Abington .2 Central Bucks 2 3 New Hope 3 2 Pennridge '0 3 Hatboro-Horsham 0 3 Upper Moreland 1 4 Upper Dublin 1 5 Central Bucks 0 1 New Hope 0 2 Pennridge 0 3 Hatboro-Horsham 0 2 Upper Moreland 0 1 Upper Dublin 1 4 Nevin Harper watches deciding victory over New Hope. First row: B. Ciminera, E. Waibel, E. Cassel, T. Harwick, J. McLaughlin, L. Bregler, H. Netherton. Third row: Coach N. Harper, J. Rittenhouse, R. Camburn, F. Barnes, D. , Klavon, R. Lanouette, T. Hirokawa, J. LeFeber, R Gerhart, J. Brittin, A. Rinker, R. Mathe, E. Williamson, P. Hartenstine, A. Anders, D. Beaver, W.James,D.Hamme, L Gilboy, D. Turrel. Second row: J. Gardner, M. MacArthur, ' Gibson, G. Middleton, B. Everist, M. Alex, P. Baldwin, M R. Greiss, K. Foesig, R. Bonfiglio, R. Hallman, J. C Herzog, T. Zigenhorn, W. Ziegler, D. Ziegler, B. Gerhart, Austerberry, L. Moyer, J. McClay,P.Jarinko, W.Ha.nnings, R. Forst, G. Apakian, A. Hand, R. Freseatore, T. Oakley, A. Harper, R. Cassel, C. Richart, J .Clemens, S. Molettiere, 1' Coach DiGregorio. U M 53 ,fa , , - . ,... ..,. .- wif, w -. A I, fw,,,f -. 1 why fr J .J -1 -1 Q-fr., 1 5-eg' , ,' ll - f .,,. A , N....'1 ', 1' , ,, A . ' f L ' f. Q 'l H ,1- -, X, ., r P A 1 1- 1 , K xg X X ' K 1 -If Cx ,- - 1 9 ' fy fp ,f '- 1 . . ' 3: l'!r?4Qk.,f' "IW VXk15"i'1S-J' 'if ' an lift.-VL. ,. Q J -. V V - aa, ylzwu, My W, T N ,f M., ...T 3' K.-.f W ll ,' ,ak 1.5 J 1 , Jive I, 1 mf.. Wwe 1 lv! "Moose" McGui nbreaks 521 through right tackle. Greg Lacher sweeps left end Dave Krum fakes draw play. FOOTBALL TOUCHDOWN! The Knights sacrificed their passing attack for a powerful ground game which was matched by a hard-hitting defense. The Big Blue could be counted on to explode with a scoring spurt during any game. An opening victory over Abington and three consecutive league victories indicated a potential champion. Our boys scored by employing the long gainer and the sustain- ed drive throughout the year. However, an upset by Upper Moreland and disappoint- ing four straight losses changed the com- plexion of an apparently successful season. The Knights opened the season with their first victory over Abington in the three year history of the series. The Ghosts scored twice early in the first quarter before junior half- backs, Don McCourt and John Metz, retaliated. McCourt twice broke through right tackle, reversed his field, and sped for the touchdownsg while Metz scored on the same play late in the quarter. An Abington fumble set up the final tally and ended the Ghosts' reign. North Penn 27 - Abington 25. North Penn broke the "Spartan Jinx" and rolled over a fired-up Springfield team in the opening game of the Bux-Mont season. The Big Blue drew first blood on a fifty yard jaunt by Don McCourt. After the Spartans tied the score, the Knights broke the game open with four touchdowns. The Spartans scored twice in the final quarter but, the Knight's lead was insurmountable. North Penn 33 - Springfield 20. Although outplayed in statistics, the Knights defeated Hatboro for their third straight victory. North Penn took advantage of two bad Hatter punts, converting both into scores. Dave Krum connected for the deciding extra points. Hatboro threatened twice during the final minutes, but, a staunch Knight defense and an interception by Greg Lacher ended the Hatter threat. North Penn 14 - Hatboro 13. A short circuit in Wissahickon's lighting facilities could not stop the Knight attack. The Trojan defense faltered on the first play from scrimmage when John Metz went the distance for his first of three touchdowns. The game turned into a romp during the second half when the Knights returned a kickoff for a score and Tom Beggs completed his first touchdown pass of the season. North Penn 36 - Wissahiokon 19. Due to numerous injuries and four fumbles at crucial moments, the Knights ended their winning streak against the Golden Bears of Upper Moreland. Heavily favored North Penn managed only one touchdown en route to their first defeat. Upper Moreland took an early lead, but the Knights retaliated with a touchdown drive, highlighted by a 40 yd. pass to end, Wayne Bean. A safety during the final minutes of the game sealed the Knights' downfall. North Penn 7 - Upper Moreland 9. I The Knights' big forward line and an improved pass defense held the Quakers' passing attack to virtually nothing. The Quakers controlled the ball most of the game, but the Knight defense came through to stop two desperate Quaker touchdown drives in the final quarter. Heads- up defense set up both touchdowns for the Blueclads. North Penn 13 - Quakertown 6. I Halfback Don McCourt returns kickoff. The senior members of 1964 football squad: :H t ' 3" t'fi'i E'Qi.r:'i .'iirT.f.'JLSii?!5 ElfkliiFiif3i53iili"iii-Siiieiiltl t+i?'??l51llei'itT?Md 'iffsff2sFQilEiSk2 .LiiififEliiilfiiiifiiiiiliiiiiffiifiiiiaTM ..i First Row:' Ken Slotter, Bill Yoder, Lou Reimers, ErvJaros, Barry Weller, Paul McGu1gan, Tom Wolf, Ken Maute. Second Row: Norm Grant, Dave Krum gan Harvey, Kevin Eckert, Bob Manero, Wayne Bean, Kaspar Fitins, Tom eggs. ' Injuries mounted during a seesaw battle with Souderton. Most of the starting eleven were either out or not performing at full capacity because of injuries received in former games. The Knights moved with authority in the first half but fumbles and interceptions during the second half cost the Knights three touchdowns. The Knights retaliated with a touchdown but it was not enough to overcome the Indians. North Penn 19 - Souderton 33. Despite the two touchdowns scored by linement Erv Jaros and Paul McGuigan, North Penn lost the Homecoming game to Upper Perkiomen. The Knights were able to control the ball on the ground but the Indians' timely passing was responsible for their victory. North Penn I3 - Upper Perkiomen 20. The Big Blue greeted undefeated Pennridge with an unbalanced line which troubled the Ram defense. The two powerful teams moved Well, but neither could get a decisive lead. The Knights scored first and last, butthree Ram touchdowns could not be overcome. North Penn 13 - Pennridge 20. A Central Bucks' extra point con- version provided the margin of victory over host North Penn in their fortieth Thanks- giving Day Game. In spite of the Knights' best ground game of the season, they lost their fourth straight. North Penn 6 - Central Bucks 7. The North Perm Coaching Staff, left to right: Mr. Edward Lugg, Line Coachg Mr. A1Brodhag, Head Coachg Mr. John Vinski, Bacldield Coachg and Assistant Coach Mr. Carl Giuranna. F1fSfR0W -T Mazzanfiy J- Oates, R. Reinert,J w Bean B Yoder J Bisho J wie T ?etz6er2tin1geCfS':::rt:dKR Ff'Y1iI1H, R. M001'h0USe, D. Walton, B, Manero, L. Rr:-g1m'ers,1 Hiayvcelif Shutter B Weueon K ow. Coach Broadhag, K Coach Vinski. Fourth Row: S. Miller, P. Macolly, Fltms ' D K T: - Mautef P- MCGUIEHH, K B. Capps, D. Grater, J. Hook, R, Jaros, D. Lipsi, rum' Beggsf N' Grant' E- -Taros. D. Leach, D. Bytheway R. Markley. K Eckert, coacncnuranna.'run-dRow:coaenLugg, ' Concern for his players is vividly shown asAssisiant Coach John Vinski watches the doctor patching up Don McCourt. ' 98 Greg Lacher knocks another Indian from the path, thus clear- ing the way for half- back Kasper Fitins. "When the Knights come marching in..." A11 Bux-Mont defensive end, Erv J aros, blocks an opponent, hoping to pave the way for ball-carrier Don McCourt. 99 Home course record-holder, Dave Rissmiller finishes first... V Ray Brommer... Most Meets Ended This Way The Harriers finished another per- fect league season and continued their perrenial domination of the Bux-Mont League. Training and determination net- ted a first place in the Bux-Mont's on a two mile course at indian Valley. In every meetgbrothers Ron and Dave Rissmiller, and Ray Brommer could be seen in the front of the pack, bat- tling for the number one position. A first place in the William Tennent In- vitation, a second in the Districts, and a third in the States concluded a pen- nant season for the Harriers. Coach Gulick Followed closely by Ron Rissmiller and ext comes the balance of the North Penn squad as usual ollowed by the opposing team. Cross Country Dave Whipp recuperates after the meet Harold Hillman and Dave Rissmiller congratulate each other after winning the Bux-Mont Champion- ship . 1 First row L Kratz C Landis, N Blake, M Golezeski, D Hemmerle, H. Kobasa, D. Webster, M. Connelly, S Cassel L Snyder, B Frick, W Fuss, S Roelofs- co Czelecz, W. Lewis, L. Beyer, M. Fretz, Coach Carol Bentley, Capt J Bressel, S Schwenk, M Hackulich L Bonekemper L Krieble, B, Kulp. Third row: C.. Baumgartner, B, Cash S Kulp co capt , D Delp Second row D Crouthamel J Lukens, C. Wampler, L. Starner, L. Corrado, P, Henry P Steager, Coach Lynn Moyer, M Stockert P Ma.cLaughl1n MAIDENS IN ACTION Strong determination and high hopes marked the beginning of the 1964 Bux- Mont Hockey Season for the Maidens. Undaunted by their two opening losses, the Maidens, guided by Coaches Lynn Moyer and Carol Bentley, came back to win their next three games. This three game winning streak was broken when Souderton, scoring in the last minutes of the game, dealt the Maidens a heart- breaking 1-0 loss. Although the losing of their next two games -gave them a sixth place finish, the Maidens, with their spirit and enthusiasm,wereateam any school could be proud of. , VARSITY SCORING Opponent North Penn Central Bucks 2 1 Hatboro-Horsham 5 2 Upper Perkiomen 1 2 1 Pennridge 1 2 coach Carol Bentley looks anxiously Quakertown 0 3 on, awaiting the outcome of a skirmish S0116-eTt0n 1 0 at the Cage. Upper Moreland 1 0 Wissahiokon 6 1 s Ha1ftime..."Take advaninge of those free hits--hit them Q somebody." 103 mu wmmwm-.M f,m,.....,..,r,,...............w.-...- ,.,.., ,. , 1 Coach Klavon After another victory, Bob Hallman pulls for rest of team. In refereels position: Fred Henson---145 lbs., Bud Haywood-138 lbs., Dan Murphy--133 lbs., and John Oates-127 lbs. This year bigger crowds than ever swarmed to see North Penn's grueling individual competitive sport-- Wrestling. Despite pre-season losses to Woodrow Wilson and Neshaminy, the Grapplers swept all league matches. In most matches North Penn's light-weight classes built up an overwhelming lead which could not be matched by the opposing team's heavier classes. Co-captain Fred Henson and Dennis Gerhart usually provided the necessary points for a team victory. Undefeated, South-Eastern Regional, District I, Section Ill, and potential State Champ, Bob ,Hallman led the team with 15 pins. Junior John Oates made Section III, but was eliminated in the Districts. l Ron Murphy-120 lbs., Pat Collins 112 lbs., Dick Landt-103 and Bob Hallman-95 lbs. me 1 Dick Landt attempts to reverse hold. WRESTLERS TAKE CHAMPIONSHIP Don E1l1s struggles to prevent p1n Lee Jeffcoat HWT, Steve Doane 180 lbs , Don E111S 165 lbs and Dennis Gerhart 154 lbs 1 Coaches Greger and Klavon confer during match. First row: R. Hartenstine, R. Hallman, R. Landt, P. Collins, R. Murphy, J. Oates, D. Murphy, J. Dernstein. Second row: M. Stever, J. McClay, G. Bridi, E. Clemens, E. Haywood, F. Henson, D. Gerhart, D. Ellis, S. Doane, Lee Jeffcoat, D. Rupp, R. Yeakel. Third row: T. Pruitt, T. Light, R. Riccio, D. Peterson, J. Wentz, W. Kauler, R. Bonfig1io,D. Boughter, Every victory counts as each member ofthe team knows. J. Armstrong, W. Starret, T. Hirokawa. Fourth row: J. Schlegel, J. Zampier, S. McAdams, W. Duckworth, W. Eshbach, D. Dimmig, J. Hartman, R. Elbers, J. Austerberry, B. Weller, J. Riefenstahl, J. Yoder, W. Yoder, L. Chaloupka, G. Ott, D. Zitin, J. Tweeder. 106 VARSITY SCORING Woodrow Wilson Neshaminy Delhass Upper Dublin Central Bucks Wissahiekon 'Upper Moreland Springfield Hatboro-Horsham Plymouth-Whitemarsh Quakertown Souderton Opponent North Penn 34 11 24 23 19 28 13 47 16 28 9 34 20 23 24 26 17 28 20 25 17 31 10 36 Fred Henson screams advice to fellow wrestler. Ron Murphy keeps op- ponent at bay during 1 practice match. F 107 NORTH PENN FINISHES AS TOP SCDRER The high scoring Knights could not be stopped offensively, but an inadequate defense hindered their game. A preseason Win over Upper Dublin plus five victories with only one defeat set the Knights in a tie for first place. Then came a momentary halt to their winning Ways. The Knights slipped from a share of first to sixth place. Upsets by Quakertown and Central Bucks ended their hope for a championship. However, victories over Upper Moreland and Springfield sal- vaged a tie for fifth place. The Knights possessed the biggest three-man scoring punch in the league with Greg Smith, who finished second in total scoring, Bob McGuire, and Jeff Hock. Coach Marvin Angstat instructs players during time out. 108 Don Staley pulls down rebound Jeff Hook waits for pass from Dale Leatherman. , so :1 emmnms wf I A11 Bux-Mont Greg Smith drives for another two points. An opponent doesnt wait' for "Moose" McGuigan to pull down rebound. 109 S The desire to win, whether on or off the bench, is one of the main factors of any ame. A minor skirmish for a loose ball Greg Smith's ability to jump aided him in re- bounding as well as the center jump. VARSITY SCORING Upper Dublin Quakertown Wissahiokon Pennridge Souderton Upper Perkiomen Central Bucks Upper Moreland Hatboro-Horsham Springfield Quakertown Wissahickon Pennridge Souderton Upper Perkiomen Central Bucks Upper Moreland Hatboro-Horsham Springfield Opponent North Penn 57 '72 55 78 63 72 69 67 57 68 51 63 56 59 76 58 51 101 68 63 77 66 65 60 78 76 47 93 77 72 77 64 65 72 51 78 67 89 Greg Smith tallies again. First row: B. Davis, J. Miller, D.Leatherman, G. Edwards, P, Robinson, A. Martin, D. Douglas, D. Staley P McGu1gan G Jarmko, S. Miller, R. Krum, S. Cameron, P. Macolly, T. Smith, J. Hock, R. McGuire, J. M2-Tcheser D Leatherman S Derstine, W. Stauffer, B. Quinn. Second row: L. Riemers, D. Stracha. 11 1 Flrsf POW D Delp, J LUKGHS, M Kusma, L Bossert C L. McFarland, P. Albright, S. Schwenk, P. McLaughlin, J. Wampler S Kulp Second row J Haldy J Haldy, W Bressel, D. Webster, M. Connelly, M. Stockert, P. Henry, Lewis K Grant, D Gerstlauer, C Kratz, B Cash, M K. White, L. Corrado, P. Albright, J. Kapusta. GIRLS' BASKETBALL The Maidens, haveing posted a 3-5 record for the 1965 Bux-Mont Basketball Season, finished in a tie for sixth place with Upper Perkiomen. Following their' non-league opening loss to perennially powerful Abington, the Maidens also dropped their next two games. Under the direction of Coaches Dorthea Ball and Carol Bentley, they came back and won the following two - one by a lop-sided score of 42-8, In the remaining four games, the Maidens scored a victory over visiting Quakerton and suffered a heartbreaking loss to champion Souderton by a narrow margin of four points. Judy Lukens takes careful aim at the foul line. VARSITY SCORING Abington Hatboro-Horsham 42 35 Pennridge 31 28 Upper Moreland 26 32 Central ' Bucks 8 42 Wissahickon 67 36 Quakertown 46 49 Souderton 48 44 Upper Perkiomen 45 32 The Maidens gather around Mrs. Ball as she prepares to read off the starting line-up. . . . stole that ball and away she ran! Donna Gerstlauer jumps high-but not quite high enough. 114 Erv J aros shows potential state Championship form in shot put. TRACK Ed Reinbold and Tom A1oa.n break out of starting block in 100 yd. dash. Hurdulers Ron Rissmiller and Don McCourt leave- opposing,team members far behind. K.. M, WVKL ,A,l.,,..M.W,.,.,WTM in1wmme ,, """'-lf! Coach Crawford T TRACK TEAM TRIES TOR ANOTHER Again North Penn is favored to win the Bux-Mont crown. Although the Knights are not as strong in the dashes as in former years, a power- ful field squad and determined dis- tance runners will insure North Penn of every victory. Trackmen like: Erv Jaros fShot put, discus, and triple jumph, Ron Rissmiller fJavelin, miler, and 120 yd. low hurdlesj, and Bob Jernigan fhurdles and broad jumpj are capable of Winning all their events and of building a commanding lead in every meet. However, a track team is not made of three men. It could not exist without Coaches Crawford, Vinski, and Gulick plus the other members of the team. These are the Champions. 115 75122 gg K, 2394 --1 5 mg THE MEMBERS OE THE 1965 TRACK TEAM M. Alex, T. Aloan, E. Barbacow, W. Bean, T. Beebe, F. McCourt, B. McNeill, T. Merriman, D. Miller, G.:iMontanye Bonner, J. Brandenberger, R. Brommer, S. Cameron, R. D. Ramu, Reinhold, R. Rissmiller, Rwfwobinson, J ' ' fl N T3 ' WJ. S151 der M Capps, R. Cassel, H. Dav1s, C. Delley, D. Douglas, J. Russelgkdg Schlegel, L. Schaffer, M. Smighg y , J J Jenson R Stee1gWR"TSEraul-VR Swanker, R Thornfli, R. Wayland, D Hedrick, H. Hillman, E. Jaros, R. aros, . , . X ,W ,i,:.. ,. . . h Jernigan, AG. Lacher, D. Lipsi, L. Maier, K. Maute, D.1 55, Whipp, lgiylwilley, D. Young, D.,gQ9g1CIf. I ,, , ,Twig . A .. T . ' ' 2 KT? Ni J 'Rfb ' ' M , , QWQJ N an f A .lt V,-v 1 .id ,MJ 3, . ihjikxbj gf! TT ,RX LJ fyfv' q lj MU ,, ,,. Q , , ,. A frm K ' ,Q 1, IL, K, . .T J 1 N , yy 'J I, .V 1' J .J N' . ,if - .. ,ff . Q R .Q ' ,gy H .A , ,X ,. ,L fir' .AX 1 ,X Ti. T ,,' wg it ., ,f '- 1 . .. of T. T, 1 ., T W i T T My W .. ri uv . ua f r A. ,c,. , T fi . , . T. . .f , T, .V . -X H V, Qi 1' f-W 15 x f if ' if ff fi, 1 X:z...,U'7T. '-X3 C " ' W Q ' 3 T 'iyxly " ' -, if '-L ... , ' . M A , wi 'f " - . - ' 1.-f vx 1 .X gfwejsl H., 5' " Hg.. . l f 11 XL T? W kkJ:MM' ' In ,EAS if .lik w vga y gig! Q 9' ,- 3 f 'E V iw T 3' A 'T T' if . , I , ., , . , T, . f T T.. N 1 V U V , ff n W ,f ,. 1 5 ,, TV, , .Q I ,, .QR 72, z Hurdler Dave Rissrniller KNIGHTS AND MAIDENS TAKE T0 THE COURTS Coach Moyer demonstrates a basic tennis skill to the team VARSITY SCHEDULE Quakertown Pennridge Central Bucks Upper Moreland Souderton Hatboro-Horsham Wissahickon Home Home Away Home Away Home Away in'139533152it5'YSEYMQE'25Q5TiW1iWMTR933lf:'i TAf3QYAMEHiiQQ?7itiiiQVMQSSMfAAQ1LPMr9faiRSfSfwii':G3t Mary Lou Fretz judges the accuracy of her serve. With spring comes the annual mi- gration to the tennis courts. Both girls' and boys' tennis teams have been ham- pered by the loss of valuable lettermen, but Coaches Lynne Moyer and Robert Nuneville r, with their spirited and determined charges, are looking forward to a successful season. Determination and a keen eye guide the arm of Dottie Snyder Dave Northrop tries to impress Coach Nuneviller with a hard, accurately-placed serve. Returning letterman, Don Turrell . . . With the new season comes anew coach . andanother 'opportunity for a charnpionshm VARSITY SCHEDULE Springfield Pennridge Central Bucks Upper Moreland Souderton Wissahickon Springfield Pennridge Central Bucks Upper Moreland Souderton Wissahickon Home Home Away Home Away Away Away Away Home Away Home Home 119 VARSITY SCHEDULE Souderton Away Quakertown Home Pennridge Away Upper Moerland Home Upper Perkiomen Home Wissahiokon Away Debbie Delp snags another one. Right-fielder Sue Roelofs intently watches aclosex play at home plate. 120 Linda Wheelin at the bucket. Coach Carol Bentley . . . "Ready outfield?" SOFTBALL With four returning lettermen and a promisinggroup of juniors, the girls' softball team, under the direction of Coach Carol Bentley, hopes to be a successful contender for the 1965 cham- pionship, Many long hours of practice have gone into their preparation for league competition, which opens with a home game with Quakertown. Pitcher Sharon Kulp winds up to throw another strike across the plate. Linda Sue Krieble stands in a crouched position ready to 'pocket' any ball that comes her way. Outfielder Ken Slotter practices his follow-through during indoor workout. Infielder Fariss Barnes waits for grounder Ji m Raudenbush follows flight of ball. Coach Carl Giuranna gives instructions before team begins day s practice BASEBALL TEAM BIDS FOR FIFTH CHAMPIONSHIP Although this year there is no outstanding single player, the base- ball team is again picked to win the championship for the fifth consecutive year. Returning lettermen Jim Raudenbush, Jim Rittenhouse, Ken Slotter, and Bob Hager provide the needed experienoeg while juniors Jeff Brittin, Dave Walton, Jim Bishop, and Pete Baldwin round outthe first team. A combination of team play plus an outstanding performance by the pitching staff will insure North Penn a championship. Pitcher Jim Rittenhouse warms up for starting assignment. 124 Varsity Schedule William Tennent Springfield Upper Moreland Hatboro-Horsham Wissahickon Quakertown Upper Perkiomen Central Bucks Souderton Upper Moreland Wissahiokon Hatboro-Horsham Pennridge Springfield Away Away Home Home Away Home Away Home Away Away Home Away Home Home Fariss Barnes receives first-hand instructions from the coach. Coach Giuranna seems a bit perplexed while deciding on practice schedule. ex-:GG-Qf'l'M -1 fbias-vrE"5 HERE THE HEAR USEFUL LESSO Cynthia Wampler, Kathy Ringham, Dorothy Gerhart, Barbara Grebb Judy Erhardt, Judy Godshall, Sandra Bergy, Cheryl Cullingford, Judy Cullingford IAY GIVE A to THE HEAD. AND LEARNING WISER GROW WITHOUT HIS BOOKS. W. COWPER 28 H HOMECOMING . . . WHERE THE HEART WELCOMES THOSE WHO USED T0 BE Suzy King and escort, B111 Homecoming Court: Ginny Williams, Mary Chambers, Karen Kehler, Suzy King, and Ellen Dando. A Hopeful Anticipation of a Victory The Queen, Karen Kehler, flanked by her escort, Mitch Hanna, and Student Council President Don Lewis. . . A PART OF US. A capacity crowd attended the fourth annual Homecoming game on November 7. Upper Perk walked away with the victory,but abright day and crisp temperature kept everyone alert. During the half-time activities the Homecoming Queen, Karen Kehler, was crowned by Don Lewis, President of Student Council. Included in Karen's court were Mary Chambers, Ellen Dando, Suzy King, and Ginny Williams. That evening the festivities included dancing to "Autumn Leaves" and the presentation of the Queen and her court. The music Was provided by the West Chester Statesmen. The Crowning of a Queen Many kinds of noise makers are employed in a typical North Penn cheering section. SPIRIT OE '65 .... WHERE THE HEART IS FILLED WITH ENTHUSIASM. 130 Many kinds of feet also make up a pep rally. Suzy King and Mr. Weir' examine the "thumb I 1 The football team walks onto the field to "Oh when the Knights go marching in." The C,B. Buc is dead "Let's have one big fight." Enthusiasm, pep, and pride of the student body stimulated our athletic teams to exert themselves with an extra effort for victory. Theoutdoor setting of the first pep rallies stimulated interest that con- tinued throughout North Penn High Sohoo1's sports schedule. HALLOWEEN . . . WHERE THE HEART MUST BE AS M Regina Seiple FRISKY AND AS LIGHT AS THE CRISPY NIGHT AIR. Sue O' Connor The grand prize Halloween painting, entitled "Skepticism," was the creation of Mary Derstein, a member ofthe class of '65, Sponsored by the Junior Chamber of Commerce, 105 of North Penn High School's' art students painted a variety of Halloween pictured on Lansdale and North Wales store windows. Dennis Gerhart 1 33 Jackie and Rosey SENIOR DANCE WHERE A KNOWING HEART REAIIZES IT Wlll NOT BE HERE AGAIN A North Penn senior class ver sion of a "Hootenany" was the theme of the Harvest Hayride Dance on November 27. Jackie Bricker and Rosey Ross lent their vocal talents to complement the music of the Avalons. The Avalons CHRISTMAS CONCERT The spirit of Christmas was again vividly expressed by the fine musical talents of North Penn High Schoo1's choir and C oncert band. This year Pennbroolds mixed chorus and Pennfield's girls' chorus were participants in the annual P.T.A. Christmas Concert. E I 2 K E K Folk singe rs WHERE A IOYOUS HEART RESPONDS TO THE SPIRIT OE GOOD Wlll TOWARD MEN I North Penn High's Concert Choir 135 JUNIOR MISS .. Janet Smith receives congratulations from Karen Kehler. WHERE THE HEART BECOMES EAGERIY ANXIOUS EOR A CERTAIN BOY TO ASK On December 30, 1964, the class of '65 presented the annual Junior Miss Dance. Last year's Junior Miss, Karen Kehler, crowned the new Junior Miss, Janet Smith. In Janet's court were Wendy Fuss, Nancy Jones, Connie Landis, and Sandy MacArthur. The theme of this year's occasion was "Winter Fantasy" cqmplernented by Gene Kendall and his orchestra. SOPHOMORE DANCE . . . VHERE THE HEART PRESENTS ITSELE IN NAIVE ANXIETY. Chris Gardner and her escort. Chris Gardner, Queen of Hearts, reigned over the "Wonderland of Hearts" sponsored by the sophomore class on F ebruary 13. Entertainment by the Capri's was enjoyed by her court, Carol Hoffman, Doris Kemp, Marilyn Loebrek, and Pat Sheaffer. T T N T STUDENT COUNCIL ASSEMBLY This year the Student Council Went kvariety, a departure from previous years, by presenting an assortment of WHERE THE HEART BEATS WITH THE musical abilities and skits on December 4th, Highlighting the performance by thirty people was Bill Ciminera singing "S t' " 'th Jackie Bricker ac- ummer ime W1 companying. Many acts from this assem- bly were chosen to represent North Penn in subsequent exchange assem- blies. 138 HELP OE ALL OUR STUDENTS. SENIOR ASSEMBLY . . . WHERE HEARTS WERE NOT Dead bodies and old maids equaled "Arsenic and Old Lace" which was presented by North Penn High School's senior class. Under the direction of Vince Diehl and Joe Chvok members of the class of '65 gave a superior per- formance, PUMPING. PUMPING, PUMPING. Elaine Martha . . Teddy . . . Dr. Einstein Jonathan . . Mortimer . O'Hara . . Rev. Harper ein . . . Witherspoon Gibbs, . . . Corpse Roon.... C AST Abby.::::::: Brothy .. .U . .... Kl' .. .. Kathy Bingham , . , Sue Smith Judy Erhardt . . BrianReiff Dave Northrup Jim Raudenbush . . Bill James Brian Steager Ed Mac Laughlin . . Phil Walton . Les Grinnell , , John Klock Dave Sitler , Carter Schroy , , Joe Chvok . Alain Manen 139 JUNIOR ASSEMBLY WHERE THE HEART lAUGHED AND lAU6HED AT VW Dan Zitin . . . Head ofthe Dills On February 11, 1965, the junior class presented an original play Written by Jeff Brittin, Dan Zitin, Dan Lipsi, and Don McCourt entitled "The Man from E,C.C.H.", a parody on the television show, "The Man from U,N.C,L.E.". The play, preoeeded by a show of junior talent, starred Jeff Brittin. r Band Members SIllY YOUNG UNDERCLASSMEN. Carol Guldin . . . Trinket Dave Rupp . . . Trombone solo Fascination Machine Scheme Backstage l 4 l The faculty bench WHERE HEARTS OE YOUNG AND OLD A concerned coach 2 FACULTY GAME . . CHUCKLED Miss Zahn waits for her chance to play in the women's faculty game. Sky jump, high jump The students of North Penn High School saw their teachers as lively and spirited ath- letes at the Faculty Basketball Game on February 23. Even with the majority of the Students cheering for the faculty, the boys' and girls' basketball teams were the victors. The gym being evacuated, after a bomb scare ended the varsity game at the conclusion of the third quarter. TOGETHER. SCHOOL PLAY . . . WHERE THE HEART THE WORLD IS Se. ANSWERS THE CALL BUT A STAGE." D211 Harvey and John Klock check their lines. Under the capable di- rection of Mr. -Wack and M r, Menichiello N o r th Penn High Schoolpresented its annual play, "The Doctor in Spite of Himself." The many hours of practice and the dedication of the east helped to make the play a success. Doris Westcott concentrates on memorizing her lines. 145 Linda Mayse and Dave Peterson TAG AND REVENGE DAYS . . WHERE AN OVERWORKED HEART Jeanne Rieker and Jeff Ruth IS PUMPED AND PUMPED AND PUMPED. 146 H 51' Dianne Drissel and Wayne Duckworth This year Student Council created a novel approach for making money by having an Tag Day and Revenge Day. If a girl tagged a boy on January 29, he was required to carry her books from class to class for the entire day. On March 5, the boys got their revenge.- With the cooperation of the teachers and the student body Tag Day and Revenge Day were very successful. Rembert Elbers North Penn High School received four students from abroad: three from Germany and one from France. These students made friends quickly and soon became a part of our school. Michael Alex The Heartbeat of a Day . . , where the collective heart of a great institution throbs in unison A typical day begins . 4 i ssss W Off to first period 148 C omparing Listening Specializing 149 And then Perusing at the book store . . . Supervision A break from the day's routine . . iso lunch . A stop at the school store Back to class 151 Future homemakers Machine skills require practice Waiting for class to begin . . 1 A major homeroom activity . . collecting for LF, Changing clas ses Another day ends 153 The emptiness of a building . r The abscenoe of its precious commodity . . . people And so the heart with all its pulsation gives a lesson And may the result 154 of this be knowledge, and perhaps makes us Wiser, Judy S I Willia KNOWLEDGE IS PROUD THAT HE HAS IEARNED SO MUCH: WISDOM IS HUMBIE THAT HE KNOWS NO MORE. W. COWPER Susan Danehower 'am e'1 Na.ncy Bobb AND HERE THERE IS PRIDE... A PRIDE IN WHAT WE WERE WHEN WE ENTERED HERE AND IN WHAT WE ARE AS WE LEAVE NOW. IT IS BECAUSE WE HAVE DONE SO MANY THINGS OE WHICH WE ARE PROUD WE WOULD LIKE TO REVIEW THEM NOW IN RETROSPECT From Ihe beginning we recognized in him the qualities for which we searched. And he was here and we elected him to guide us. And he did. He guided not only Tom Beggs. , - FUTISS 337095, - our class President, but also the it V. . 2 ,': 1 e"- ,l Ice Pfesldenl gi n" Il!:'I"?:.:..-K-dl l ' Z other oll cers ot the Sophomore Class sel ' 21, l W -1fQ:f-2- ','.'-' s I and the steering committee. They the Sophomore dance planned our lirst major activity Eerr:1"'-Ei1'1.- ' ' 'I I er f 5 . il lr 2 cz X it c ..,v A , 1 -5 t .,:-2..l2ftra-ii:fare4ig:f'isffs1 . , fr 3 "SZ fi f E l gf: Z , .g1Eif:1QgQf,r:rfjQ , 1 t i t l l as an organized class-- I s s A - .,.- ., 5 . 9 I , l linda Cooper, Secretary Karen Anderson, Treasurer The hours ol decorating with red, pink, l Kathy Ziegler and Tom Beggs and white hearts was climaxed with the crowning ol the King and Oueen ol Heart's Delight... 159 Within a lew weeks Ginny Williams and Ron Young were selected to become the next year's exchange students. And we said good-by to them in early August. We returned to school in the tall ol '63 and immediately elected new class ollicers 160 Don lewis became President, Suzy King, Vice-President, Rosey Ross, Secretary, and Kathy Z'egler, Treasurer. And they served us well in presenting the Junior Miss featuring Karen Kehler. The talents in our class were assembled and ourlirst stage success was produced -"East Side Story" And again we anxiously awaited the selection ol exchange students. At last we learned that SUNY Billmqiflllet Judy Hotlman would represent us in Germany. and We also heard that Allen Kratz was going to France in a two-way exchange. Later, the Student Council elections brought. the swirl ol- campaigns and the election ol Don lewis as President. Soon enough the climax ot that year, the Junior Prom, was upon us. little did we realize that we were only months away from those tinal days. 161 'W' "WM "WW" And then we were Seniors... With us were the new faces oi Mike, Renate, Rembert, and Alain who were to be an integral part ol our school lamily. Don lewis assumed his position as Simultaneously, the new class olticers Suzy King, Vice President, Warren Helman, Treasurer, Kevin Eckert, President Karen Kehler, Secretary, and had their lirst meeting with the steeringacommittee to iormulate plans lor the Thanksgiving dance - "Harvest Hayride." 62 Student Council President. Kathy Ringham and Bill Homecoming was a successful activity as can be attested to by the smile on Karen Kehler's lace as she reigned as Homecoming Oueen. lames talk seriously in the Senior Assembly "Arsenic and Old Lace." And then the anticipation began. We passed the anxiety betore and the treedom alter the final 6X6mil1Hti0n- The Senior Prom was an experience ot fascination while Class Night became a moment we cherished as a group tor the last time. And as we looked lorward to graduation, we telt an ecstacy lor donning the cap and gown and hearing our name called to receive the long sought-atter diploma. And So We Go Our Separate Ways Amidst A Few Tears - A Few Cheers, Never Relinquishing The Common Base Which We Have Shared. 163 AND THE MASTER OE THIS HUMILITY IS, OUR CLASS ADVISOR, MR. EDWARD KIAVON. HE EMINATES THE OUAIITIB OE SINCERITY, FAIRNBS. DEDICATION. AND IOYALTY. BECAUSE HE HAS HEIPED THE CLASS OE '65 SO MANY TIMES AND IN SO MANY WAYS, WE WISH TO HONOR HIM HERE. I THERE IS NO ONE MORE DESERVINO WHO'S WHO JUDY SCHEID and DON LEWIS have proved themselves to be IDEAL ACADEMIC STU- DENTS through their scholastic achievements. Charming manners and sincere consideration h b ave d' pl y d by HELEN BYWATERS and BILL ' BARTHOLOMEW to make them the MOST COURTEOUS. 166 AND HERE THERE IS HUMIIITY... AS A ClASS WE HAVE CHOSEN YOU BECAUSE YOU EXCEL IN SOME AREA OF STUDENT ACTIVITY OR ATTITUDE. sSY,?eTeiF "Go Knights" is the theme of SUZY KING and DENNY GERHART, the two with the MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT at North Penn events. Hard Work and steady production is evident in DAVE RISSMILLER , the IDEAL SHOP STUDENT. Excelling in physical fitness and sportsman- ship are SUE ROELOFS and ERV JAROS, the MOST ATHLETIC. 167 The future has been predicted to be bright for the MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED couple GINNY WILLIAMS and DON LEWIS. v I I I 168 Whenever there is something to be done, the MOST DE PENDAB LE SANDY BERGEY and FARISS BARNES can be counted on. KATHY ZIEGLER and ED REINBOLD were voted as NON-CONFORMIST, ROSEY ROSS and WARREN HELMAN, always neatly attired, are the BEST DRESSED. A cheery "Hi" for all can be expected from- this year's FRIENDLIEST pair, KAREN KEHLER and DAN HARVEY. 169 Sketching, photography, and sculpturing are only afew of the talents that make DEBBIE McCABE and DICK REINER the MOST ARTISTIC .' I The WITTIEST, ETHEL BUTLER and RICK WEAVER have a sense of humor delightful to all who know them, a d pleasant pers lty om- b' t make IDEAL BUSINESS I I I I I G od work, neatne dexterity, STUDENTS of KAREN KEHLER d RON RISSMILLER. DIANNE DRISSEL and DICK MORRIS, the MOST MUSICAL, b end harmony and rhythm with B sy in school activities from spirit to 1 d ship are the MOST VERSATILE, SUZY KING and KEVIN ECKERT. REPRESENT US WELL IN .L I THE CATEGORY IN WHICH YOU HAVE BEEN OUTS'ANDING: BUT MORE IMPORTANT, REPRESENT US IN THE CATEGORY IN IWHICH OUR CLASS HAS BEEN OUTSTANDING... HUMILITY. Gail Christme Ackerman William John Albright Barry Ross Alderfer Larry Ross Alderfer James N. Albright LARRY ROSS ALDERFER "Arry" Business. Track and Field 1,25 Card Club 1. JAMES N. ALBRIGHT "Jim" General. Bowling Club 1. MICHAEL FRIEDRICH-HERMANN ALEX "Mike" Academic. Exchange student from Salzgitter, Germanyg Student Council 35 Soccer 33 Track and Field 35 School Affiliation Committee 3. KNOWLEDGE. PHYLLIS ANN ALDERFER "Phyl" Business. Accolade Business Staff 33 Library Aide 2,33 Girls' Metal Shop Club 1. THOMAS WILSON ALOAN "Tom" Academic. Cross Country 1,33 Track and'Fie1d 1,2,35 I-LR. Pres. 25 Bowling Club 1. Michael Friedrich Lynne May Ambrose Charlotte Ann Alexander Phyllis Ann Alderfer Thomas Wilson Aloan SOFIA MARIE AMBRUSCH "Little One" Business. Babysitting Club 1. CATHIE EILEEN ANDERS "Cath" Homemaking. Accolade Business Staff 33 Library Aide 13 Girl's Metal Shop Club 1. KAREN LOUISE ANDERSON "Andy" Academic. Accolade Business Staff 35 Class Treasurer 15 Forum 1,2,3g H.R, Sec. 35 Basketball Mgr.l,2,33 Hockey 25 Flash Card 25 Current Events Club 1. LESLIE JERRILYN ARRINGTON "Les" Academic. Recreation Club 1. JOHN ALEXANDER AUSTERBERRY "Jack" Academic. Soccer l,2,3g Track and Field 1,2,3g Bowling Club 1. BARBARA JEAN BAIR "Barb" Business. BETTY CHERYL BACH "Dee" Businfss. Accolade Business Staff 23 Girl's Metal Shop Cub . CONNIE ALICIA BACHMAN Aizadimic. Accolade Business Staff 35 F.T.A. 3g Typing C ub . Sofia Marie Ambrusch Cathie Eileen Anders Karen Louise Anderson Leslie J errilyn Arrington John Alexander Austerberry Barbara Jean Bair Betty Cheryl Bach Connie Alicia Bachman Robert Bair Joseph Robert Baker HBobH ROBERT BAIR General. Machine Shop Club 1. !lJoell JOSEPH ROBERT BAKER Academic. SHARON LYN BANKERT 2,33 Vocal En- Academic. Concert Chorus semble 2,35 Forum 33 F.T.A. as H.R. V. Pres. 13 French Club 1. Sharon Lyn Bankert Edward Raymond Barbacow 174 Kay Bertha Barner Fawn Dale Barby EDWARD RAYMOND BARBACOW " Ed" Vocational. Band 2,33 Concert Chorus 1,2,3 Vocal Ensemble 23 Track ,and Field l,2,3 Amateur-Radio Club 1. KAY BERTHA BARNER Academic. Forum 2,33 F.T.A. 23 Knight Crier 23 Literary Club 1. FAWN DALE BARBY Business. Accolade Business Staff 33 Rec- reation Club 1. LOUISE LILLIAN BARNER Business. Forum 33 Library Aide 33 Safety Council Club 1. I DOUGLAS MURRAY BARNES Academic. Transferred from Paris, Texas. FARISS FRANKLIN BARNES Louise Lillian BRTHSI' DOIIEIBS Murray Barnes 1 i .. I Academic. Baseball 132,33 Basketball 13 Soccer 1, Co-Capt. 2,3Q Class V, Pres. 13 H. R. Pres. 1,3j Baseball Club 1. WILLIAM EDWARD BARTHOLOMEW l1Bi11lv Academic. Band 1,23 V. Pres. 33 Dance Band 1,2,33 Bux-Mont Band 132,33 Cross Country 1,2,33 Amateur Radio Club.1. Fariss FI'8.Ilk11Il Barnes William, Edward Bartholomew Deborah Ellen Bartlett Virginia Elizabeth Barrett D. Annette Bateman Susan C. Baumstark DEBORAH ELLEN BARTLETT "Debbie" Academic. Forum 2,35 Band 2,35 Dance Band 35 Concert Chorus 1,2,3g Vocal En- semble 2,3g S. E. District Chorus 25 State Chorus 23 Chorus Club 1. VIRGINIA ELIZABETH BARRETT "Ginny" Business. Accolade Business Staff 33 Girl's Metal Shop Club 1. D. ANNETTE BATEMAN Homemaking. Fashion Design Club 1. SUSAN C. BAUMSTARK "Sue" Business. Library Aide 33 Baby-sitting Club 1. SHIRLEY ANN BEAN Business. Accolade Business Staff 35 H, R. Sec.-Treas. 35 Flash Card 1 g Fashion De- sign Club 1. PAUL 'WAYNE BEAN "Wayne" Vocational. Football l,2,33 Trackand Field l,2,3g Projectionist Club 1. PETER ALLAN BEAVER "Pete" Academic. Student Cotmcil 35 Accolade Editor 35 Steering Committee lg H.R. V. Pres. 33 Soccer Mgr. 1,25 Radio Club 1. THOMAS WAYNE BEGGS "Tom" Academic. Student Council 15 Class Pres. lg Football l,2,33 Basketball l,2,3g Baseball l,2,3. Shirley Ann Bean ' Paul Wayne Bean Peter Allan Beaver Thomas Wayne Beggs A KNOWLEDGE THAT HAS PROGRESSED FROM CHILDHOOD THRU ADOLESCENCE TO YOUNG ADULTHOOD... DARYL KEITH BOORSE PATRICIA ANN BOSSERT "Pat" Industrial Arts. H, R. Treas. 35 Bowling Club 1. Business. Library Club 1. SANDRA F. BORNEMAN "Sandy" SUSAN EILEEN BOWERS "Suzy" Business. Knitting Club 1. Academic. Basketball 1,2,35 Hockey 15 Softball 15 Flash Card 15 H.R. Sec. 15 Dramatics Club 1. LINDA M. BOSSERT PAUL S. BRASCH Business. Accolade Business Staff 35 Color Guard 35 Basketball 1,2,35 Softball 15 Recreational Club 1. Vocational. Machine Shop Club 1. HARRY LESTER BOOKHEIMER JR. RONALD E. BRESEL "Ron" General. Projection Club 1. Business. Football Mgr. 1,2,35 F.T.A. 1. SANDRA G. BERGEY' "Sandy" Academic. Student Council 1,35 Accolade Editor 35 Forum 1,2,35 H. R. Treas. 15 H.R. V. Pres. 35 Steering Committee 25 Knight Crier 25 Troubadour 25 Hockey Mgr. 1,23 Tennis Mgr. 1,2. WALTER HARRY BIELKO "Walt" Inaustraii Ares. Metal shop 1. Sandra G. Bergey Walter Harry Bielko Ronald Lawrance ,, Bishop RONALD LAWRANCE BISHOP Ron" Business. Nancy Jane Bobb Sheri Lynn Bolton Linda Boltz M Qvwx W 5 I I NANCY JANE BOBB Academic. Forum 35 F.T.A. 1,25 Troubadour 2. SHERI LYNN BOLTON Homemaking. Music Appreciation Club 1. LINDA BOLTZ Academic. Accolade Staff 35 Flash Card 25 Babysitting Club 1. E , L' da Bossert Harry Lester Daryl Keith Boorse Sandra F. Borneman m M. Bookheimer, Jr. Patricia Ann Bossert Susan Eileen Bowers Paul S. Brasch Ronald E. Bresel . E JACALYNNE LOUISE BRICKER "Jackie" Academic. Concert Chorus 33 Vocal Ensemble 33 Flash Card 25 French Club 1. ALICE EVELYN BROWN Academic. Student Council 33 School Affiliation Com- mittee 35 Knight Crier 33 Forum 2,3g Troubador 1,25 Library Aide 2,33 Flash Card 2. Jacalynne Louise Alice Evelyn Brown Bricker Alice Mary Brody Janice Elaine Brody ALICE MARY BRODY General. Party Club 1. JANICE ELAINE BRODY Academic. Forum 1,2,33 Flash Card 23 Knight Crier 2,35 Troubadour lg Library Aide 25 Knitting Club 1. LE Robert Edward Brown Mary Ellen Bruzas John Joseph Bryner Rodney Allan Bunt Thomas Phillip Burke Ethel Ann Butler Lynn Alison Buzby Larry D. Butler ROBERT. EDWARD BROWN "Bob" Academic. Baseball 1,2,3g Basketball 1,23 Bowling Club l. MARY ELLEN BRUZAS Academic. JOHN JOSEPH BRYNER "Jack" Academic. F.T.A. 33 Track and Field 23 Current Events Club 1. RODNEY ALLAN BUNT "Rod" Academic. Forum 33 F.T.A. 33 Track and Field 2. THOMAS PHILLIP BURKE "Tom" Business. ETHEL ANN BUTLER Business. Student Council l,2,33 Softball 1,2,33 F.T.A. 33 Knight Crier 23 H.R. V, Pres. 1. LYNN ALISON BUZBY Academic. F,T,A. 33 German Club 1. LARRY D. BUTLER "Doy1e" General. Typing Club 1. HELEN F. BYWATERS Business. Girl's Metal Shop Club 1. JOAN V. CAMPBELL Business. Babysitting Club 1. RUSSELL LEON CAMBURN "Russ" Business. Soccer 1,2,3g Basketball lg Bowling Club 1. HENRIETTA CAMBURN "Hen" Academic. H. R. Sec. 13 Recreational Club 1. THEODORE C. CAMBURN "Ted" Vocational. Stage Crew 1,2 5 Bowling Club 1. GWYNN S. CARNALL Academic. Forum 33 F.T.A. 35 H.R. Sec. 1, V. Pres. 23 Softball 1 5 Recreational Club 1. EDWARD WILSON CASSEL "Ed" Academic. Soccer 1,2,33 Track 1,2,3g School Affiliation Committee 2,33 Student Council 1,2. LINDA LEE CASSEL "Lynn" General. Bowling 1. BRUCE HOWARD CHALOUPKA Industrial Arts. H.R. Pres. 3. JOHN HENRY CASSEL JR. "John" Industrail Arts. Photography Club 1. Helen F. Bywaters Joan V. Campbell Russel Leon Camburn Henrietta Camburn Theodore C. Camburn Gwynn S. Carnall Edward Wilson Cassel Linda Lee Cassel Bruce Howard John Henry Cassel Jr. Chaloupka Earnest B. Christman Mary Madeline Chambers J0SGPh E. Chvok Joseph Thomas Ciarrocca A i 5 Eileen Vyvian Crockett James Bryon Clark Nancy K. Corrado William Joseph Ciminera EARNEST B. CHRISTMAN "EI'n" Vocational. Projectionist 25 Blue Print Reading Club 1. MARY MADELINE CHAMBERS Academic. Student Council 2,35 H. R. Vice Pres. 2, Pres. 33 Girl's Metal Shop Club. JOSEPH E, CHVOK "Skip" Academic. Concert Chorus 1,2,3g Vocal Ensemble 1,2,35 S, E, District Chorus 2,35 Knight Crier 25 Forwn 2,33 F.T.A. 33 School Affiliation Committee 2,33 Play 2,3. JOSEPH THOMAS CIARRACCA "Joe" Business. EILEEN VYVIAN CROCKETT "Bonnie" Academic. Forum 2,35 Play 2,33 Library Aide 2,35 Music Appreciation Club 1. JAMES BRYON CLARK "Jim" Academic. Bowling Club 1. NANCY K. CORRADO Business. Softball 13 Card Club 1. WILLIAM JOSEPH CIMINERA "Cim" Academic. H.R. V. Pres. 1, Pres. 33 F.T.A. 1,2,3g Soccer Mgr. 2,35 Steering Committee 1. Albert R. Colon Randall A. Cole William H. C01lieI' Linda Lee Cooper Patrick Thomas Collins ALBERT R. COLON "Al" WILLIAM H. COLLIER "Bill" Industrial Arts. Bowling Club 1. Academic. Mechanical Drawing Club 1. LINDA LEE COOPER "Coops" RANDALL A. COLE "Randy" Academic. Class Sec. 15 Forum 3s F.T,A. 35 Pres. 25 Academic. Accolade Editor 33 Chess Club 1. HQR. Sec. 23 Pres. 33 Metal Shop Club 1. A KNOWLEDGE OE WHICH WE ARE AWARE AND OE WHICH WE HOPE TO MAKE OTHERS AWARE... PATRICK THOMAS COLLINS Academic. Steering Committee GERALD L. CLEMENS Business. Bowling Club 1. JOHN C. CRESSON Business. Student Council lg Upatll 1,2,3g wrestung 1,z,3. vvJeI.ryv1 YYJMIII Baseball lg Soccer 1. JAMES A. CLARKE Vocational. Bowling Club 1. ALLEN RICHARD COUGLE Academic. PEGGY A, CRESSMAN Business. Bridge Club 1. Gerald L. Clemens John C. Cresson James A. Clarke Allen Richard Cougle llJimll "Butch" Pegg? A. Cressman E. 6 James Thomas Deery Barbara Jo Ann Cullen Sandra Jean Crouse Marilyn Culley ' Wi s MARK NICKLOS DARDE Vocational. Bowling Club 1. CHERYL ESTHER CULLINGFORD Academic. Vocal Ensemble 2,35 Concert Chorus 2,35 Flash Card 15 French Club 1. JAMES THOMAS DEERY "JD" Vocational. Machine Shop Club 1. BARBARA JO ANN CULLEN "Cl111ie" Business. Accolade Business Staff 35 Typing Club 1. JUDITH FLORENCE CULLINGFORD l1JudylV Academic. Concert Chorus 2,35 Vocal En- semble 2,35 Flash Card 15 French Club 1. SANDRA JEAN CROUSE "Sandy" Business. Accolade Business Staff 35 Soft- ball l,2,35 Library Aide 15 Music Appre- ciation Club 1. MARILYN CULLEY Academic. Concert Chorus 1,Z,35 Vocal En- semble 2,35 S. E. District Chorus 2,35 F.T.A, 3. SUSAN MARY DANEHOWER "Sue" Academic. Student Council 35 Forum l,2, Sec. 35 Knight Crier 2,35 Tennis Mgr. 2. Mark Nicklos Darde Cheryl Esther Cullingford Judith Florence Cullingford Susan Mary Danehower Jeanette A. Czelecz Ellen Jane Dando Norman Warren Delong Deborah Joan Delp JEANETTE A. CZELECZ Academic. Accolade Editor 35 School Af- filiation.Committee Sec. 35 Forum 2,35 H.R. Treas. 15 F.T.A. 35 Knight Crier 1. TIMOTHY MOORE DELP "Tim" Business. Track and Field l,2,35 Bowling Club 1. VINCENT EVAN DIEHL "Vince" Academic. Student Council 2,35 School Af- filiation Committee 2,3 5School Play 25 Forum 2,35 H.R. V. Pres. 35 Track and Field 25 Math Club 1. ELLEN JANE DANDO Academic. Majorettes 2,35 Usherettes 1,2, 35 Basketball 1,2,35 Hockey 1,2,35 Softball Mgr. 2,3. CAROL LOUISE DERSTEIN "Ders" Academic. Accolade Staff 35 Forum 2,35 F.T.A. 35 Steering Committee 35 German Club 1. MARY GROSS DERSTEIN "Mare" Academic. F.T.A. 35 German Club 1. NORMAN WARREN DELONG "Norm" Academic. Band 1,2,35 Projectionist Club 1. JAMES JOSEPH DEL VECCHIO "De1Vec" Academic. Baseball 1,2,35 Bowling Club 1. STANLEY ROBERT DIFFENDERFER IIStanH Industrial Arts. Band 15 Machine Shop Clubl. DEBORAH JOAN DELP "Debbie" Academic. Student Council 35 Basketball 1,2,35 Hockey 1,2,35 Softball 1,2,35 School Affiliation Committee 35 Forum 35 F.T.A. 2, Treas. 355 I-LR. Treas. 15 Recreation Club 1. Timothy Moore Delp Vincent Evan Diehl Carol Louise Derstein Mary Gross Derstein z 4 1 James Joseph Stanley Robert Del Vecchio Diffenderfer 183 RICHARD DIMMIG "Dick" Business. Football 1,2. NANCY CAROL DIXON Business. Accolade Business Staff 33 Flash Card 25 Knitting Club 1. Richard Dimmie Nancy Carol Dixon Arlene Elizabeth Ronald Paul D'Ornel1as Dougherty ARLENE ELIZABETH D'ORNELLAS Commercial. Transferred from Clarktown Senior High School, New York City, N. Y. RONALD PAUL DOUGHERTY "Doc" Industrial Arts. Paul Edwards Dowling Dianne Gail Drissel Folke-Rembert Elbers Wayne Hallman Duckworth James Kenneth Edler Alan R. Edwards John Kevin Eckert Pamela Lyn Drummond JUDITH ANN ERHARDT "Judy" Business. Library Aide 33 Play 23 Dramatics 1. HARVEY E. ERICKSON Academic. Cross Country 23 Basketball 13 Card Club 1. JOSEPH WILLIAM ERTHAL "Joe" Buiness. Book Club 1. Judith Ann Erhardt Harvey E, Erickson Joseph William Erthal Glenn M. Farina Linda Diane Faul Alan Craig Evans GLENN M. FARINA General. LINDA DIANE FAUL Business. Accolade Business 33 Typing Club 1. ALAN CRAIG EVANS "Al" General. Card Club 1. PAUL EDWARDS DOWLING "D0nkey" VOC8.f10I13.1. DIANNE GAIL DRISSEL Academic. Student Council 33 H.R. Pres. 23 School Af- filiation Committee 33 Play 23 Band 1,2,33 Concert Chorus 1,2,33 Vocal Ensemble 2,33 District Chorus 2,33 District Band 2,33 Bux-Mont Band 1,2,3. FOLKE-REMBERT ELBERS Academic. Exchange Student from Salzgitter, Germany3 Student Council 33 School Affiliation Committee 33 Accolade Photographer 3. WAYNE HALLMAN DUCKWORTH Academic. Student Colmcil 13 Steering Committee 2,3j Wrestling 1,2,3. JAMES KENNETH EDLER "Jim" Business. Debate Club 1. ALAN R. EDWARDS "Shorty" Academic. Track and Field 1,2,33 Cross Country 23 Play 1,23 Lab. Experiment's Club 1. JOHN KEVIN ECKERT "Kevin" Academic. Student Council 33 Class Pres. 33 Football 1,2,33 Track and Field 1,2,33 German Club 1. PAMELA LYN DRUMMOND "Pam" Academic. German Club 1. 185 A KNOWLEDGE WHICH BEGINS WITH SIMPLE FACTS AND HAS PROGRBSED I0 COMPLEX SIIUATIONS... LAWRENCE H. FELIX "Larry" TANYA FINLEY Business. F.T.A. 1. Business. Accolade Business 33 Bridge Club 1. KASPAR FITINS "Kap" LINDA MARY FELLMAN Academic. Football 2,35 H. R. Pres. 2. Business. Play Z3 Recreation Club 1. DIANE FE RRAN TINO ROBERT PENNINGTON FESSLER "Bob" Business. Accolade Business Staff 33 Library Aide 33 Industrial Arts. Fashion Desiyi 1. FREDERIC ROGER FETTER "Ric" VIRGINIA ANN FITZ-GERALD "Ginny" Academic. Forum 1,2,33 Knight Crier 33 Wrestling 1, Academic. Student Council 1,2,33 Play 23 German Club 1. 2,3 3 Football 13 Current Events 1. ARDENE A. FREED JOHN FREDERICK FRANCIS Academic. Accolade Editor 33 F, T. A. 1,35 Concert Chorus Academic. Card Club 1. 2,33 Vocal Ensemble 2,3. Lawrence H. Felix Linda Mary Fellman Robert Pennington Frederic Roger Fetter John Frederick Francis Fessler Virginia Ann Tanya Finley Kaspar Fitins Diane Ferrantino Fitz..Ge1-ald Ardene A, Freed 3 I RICHARD C. FREDRICK Academic. Student Council 2,35 Play 23 Track ls German 1. BARBARA JEAN FIELD Business. Student Council 13 I-L 2. ROBERT M. FOCHT JR. Academic. Accolade 2, Editor 3, School Affiliation Com mittee 3s Forum 33 Junior Assembly 2, Baseball Club 1 STERLING JAMES FITSER Jim Vocational. Blue-print Club 1. RUDOLPH KENNETH FORST III "Rudy Academic. Forum 33 F.T.A. 33 HR Sec 1, Track and Field 13 German Club 1. JUDY JEAN FLEMING Business. Libfsry Aide 13 Cheerleading Club 1 CAROL ANN FOX Business. Accolade Business 33 Fasluon Design 1 HARVETTA E. FORD Harvey" Academic. Art Club 23 Social Studies 1 Marc Warren Theodore John Mary Margaret Gally Elizabeth Joy Gardner George S. Gardner Friedman Gallagher A KNOWLEDGE WHICH AMPIIEIES OUR APPRECIATION MARC WARREN FRIEDMAN Academic. Transferred from Eastrneadow High School, New York. THEODORE JOHN GALLAGHER "Ted" Academic. Track Mgr. 1,2,33 Projectionist Club 1. MARY MARGARET GALLY Business. Library Club 1. ELIZABETH JOY GARDNER Business. Library Club. GEORGE S. GARDNER Vocational. Bowling 1. Kristine Anne Gary "Beth" OE THE HERITAGE OE THE PAST. . . H "Kris" KRISTINE ANNE GARY BTISIIISSS. LINDA LEE GEHRINGER Academic. Accolade Staff 35 Band l,2,33 Troubadour 25 Current Events Club 1. DALE RICHARD GEHRIS Industrial Arts. DENNIS LEE GERHART "NOSe" Academic. Student Council ' 25 Soccer 1,2,33 Track and Field 13 Wrestling 1,2,33 Cheerleader 2,33 Concert Chorus 2,33 Vocal Ensemble 2,33 School Affiliation Committee 2,3 3 H. R. Pres. 25 Troubador 25 Baseball Club 1. DOROTHY ANN GERHART "Dottie" Academic. -Steering Committee 15 Troubador 23 Music Appreciation Club 1. Linda LBS Gehrineer Dale Richard Gehris Dennis Lee Gerhart Dorothy Ann Gerhart LINDA LEE GINDLESPERGER "Lyn" Business. H. R. V. Pres. 25 Recreation Club 1. RICHARD ALLEN GERSTEMEIER "Rich" Academic. Forum 35 Camera Club 1. Linda Lee Richard Allen Gindlesperger Gerstemeier Diane Jean Gibson Ellen Jane Gerhart DIANE JEAN GIBSON Academic. Steering Committee 25 F.T.A. 35 Dramatics Club 1. ELLEN JANE GERHART Business. Accolade Business 35 Library Aide 2,35Library 1. PETER DAVID GILBOY "Pete" Academic. Soccer l,2,35 Bowling Club 1. SHARYN CAROL GEYER "Shawn" Business. Accolade Business 35 Recreational Club 1.. Peter David Gilboy Sharyn Carol Geyer Christine Jane Glebe Joan W. Godshall CHRISTINE JANE GLEBE "Chris" Academic. Student Cotmcil 1,2,35 F.T.A. 2,35 Forum 35 A Troubadour 25 Stage Crew 25 Flash Card 15 Oil Paint- ing Club 2. JOAN W. GODSHALL Academic. Steering Committee 35 German Club 1. :I l:i' 'E'3: EEE: Judith Lynn Godshall Joan Marie Goodyear Mwwfum lv A Norman Grant Edward Haines Gossling III Barbara Anne Grebb Donald Richard Greene LESLIE CHARLES GRINNEL "Jose" Academic. Cheerleader 2,3- Forum 3' F T.A. 3, Tennis 3, Track 2, Play 1,25 Bi0?l0g'y Club 1. JUDITH LYNN GODSHALL "Judee" Academic. Concert Chorus 2,35 Vocal En- semble 2,35 Knitting 1. JOAN MARIE GOODYEAR Business. Accolade Business Staff 35 Dra- matic Club 1. JANET GROTH Academic. Flash Card 2. NORMAN GRANT "Norm" Industrial Arts. Football 1,2,33 Bowling Club 1. EDWARD HAINES GOSSLING III "Goose" Academic. Wrestling 2,35 F.T.A. 33 School Afiiliation Committee 2,33 Civil Engineer 1. BARBARA ANN HAERTTER Academic. BARBARA ANNE GREBB "Barb" Academic. Typing Club 1. DONALD RICHARD GREENE "Don" ,Academic Ten.nis 23 French 1. VIRGINIA ANN GUENST "Ginny" Business. Accolade Business Staff 33 Ba.nd 1,2,33 Concert Chorus 2,35 Vocal Ensemble 35 Drama Club 1. Leslie Charles Grinnell Janet Groth Barbara Ann Haertter Virginia Ann Guenst Kathleen Jane Hagey Karen Ann Hackett Esther Louise Guenst Robert Bruce Hallman KATHLEEN JANE HAGEY "Kathy" Business. Fashion Design Club 1. JOHN ROBERT HALL Academic. Flash Card 13 Band 2,3j Track 13 Bowling Club 1. MARY ELLEN GUZZETTI "Chick" Academic. Forum 33 Fashion Design Club 1. KAREN ANN HACKETT Business. Softball 1,25 H. R. Pres. 1, Sec. 2. KENNETH FRANK HALPEN "Q" Academic. Band 1,2,33 Concert Chorus 1, 2,35 Vocal Ensemble 1,2,33 Cross Country 2,33 Basketball 1. ROBERT LEE HAGER "Bob" Academic. Baseball 1,2,33 Basketballlg Card Club 1. ESTHER LOUISE GUENST "ES" Business. Accolade Business 33 Gym 1. ROBERT BRUCE HALLMAN "Joint" Academic. Soccer 1,2,33 Wrestling 1,2,3j Co-Capt. 33 Chess Club 1. John Robert Hall Mary Ellen Guzzetti Kenneth Frank Halpen Robert Lee Hager 191 David Eugene Hamme Nancy Marie Harp Charles Alfred Hansen Janis Elaine Harkness Colin MacKenzie! Hannings Joyce Fay Harper DAVID EUGENE HAMME "Ham" Academic. Band l,2,35 Dance Band 2,35 Bux- Mont Band l,2,35 Concert Chorus 35 Vocal Ensemble 35 Forum 35 Card Club 1. NANCY MARIE HARP Business. Dramatics Club 1. lichicll CHARLES AL FRED HANSEN I Academic. Band 1,2,35 Dance Band 35 Bux- Mont Band 35 German Club 1. llJanlI JANIS ELAINE I-IARKNESS Academic. Library Aide 1,2,35 Knitting Club 1. COLIN MacKENZIE HANNINGS Academic. Student Council 15 School Af- filiation Committee 2,35 Forum 2,3. JOYCE FAY HARPER Academic. German Club l. WALTER HAUSE "Walt" SUSAN REE HECKLER "Sue Academic- Play 1: Chemistry Club 1. Academic. Knight Crier 2,35 Literature Club 1. GERALD LEE HEDRICK "Jerry" EARL WESLEY HAYWOOD "Bud' Academic. Track and Field 1,2,35 Chess Cub 1. Academic. Wrestling 1,2,35 Bowling Club 1. A KNOWLEDGE ENDOWED WITH OPPORTUNITIES 0F PARTICIPATION 192 ll ... at ..,A , .AL MF ig, ELIZABETH HARRIS "Lisa" Academic. Forum 33 F.T.A. 35 Steering Committee 25 Student Council 1. FRANCES DEE HARTZELL "Dee" Academic. Accolade Staff 35 F.T.A. 33 Hockey 13 French Club 1. Elizabeth Harris Frances Dee Hartzell Tom Allen Harwick Suzanne Linda Hayes 3 TOM ALLEN HARWICK Academic. Soccer 1,2,33 Bowling Club 1. SUZANNE LINDA HAYES "Sue" Academic. Student Council 2,35 Accolade Business Staff 35 Forum 33 French Club 1. EE ' n SANDRA ANN HAWTHORNE "Sandy" Academic. German Club 1. DANIEL JAMES HARVEY "Dan" Academic. Steering Committee lg Football 2,33 Soccer lg QI, Sports Club 1. , 4, ', , 4 ,1 jwf' Aff-' . x A ,ff ff ,lfvff if , , 6 , 7 X .fffaxfi fav ff 1 y ' jg, .Jilin 71,,f,M'nfilDar1ie1 James Harvey Sandra Ann Hawthorne "Wi, af' "1" ' I I U ,f .,14J'f"' ' ,f cf ,NW nw' X Walter Hause Gerald Lee Hedrick Susan Ree Heckler Earl Wesley H2YW00d June Ann Heitzman DonnaRae Heiler Warren Nelson Helman Carol Ann Hendricks 1 N Gordon Marrell Barbara Sue Hensel Hemberger Fred Grant Henson Sheridan Miridith Hensler JUNE ANN HEITZMAN Business. Softball Mgr. 15 Metal Shop Club 1. DONNARAE HEILER Business. Accolade Business Staff 35 Knitting Club 1. WARREN NELSON HELMAN Academic. Accolade Editor 35 Cheerleader 35Class Treas. 35 School Affiliation Committee 2,35 Soccer 25 Wrestling 25 Forum 35 Current Events Club 2. CAROL ANN HENDRICKS "Charlie" Business. Accolade Business Staff 35 Library Aide 25 Typing 1. GORDON MARRELL HEMBERGER "Gordie" General. Stage Crew 1,25 Projectionist 1,25 Wrestling 15 Typing Club 1. BARBARA SUE HENSEL "Barb" Academic. Band 1,2,35 Library Aide 25 Softball 15 Spanish Club 1. FRED GRANT HENSON Academic. Cross Country 25 Wrestling 1,2, Co-Capt. 35 Bowling Club 1. SHERIDAN MIRIDITH HENSLER "Buddy" Academic. Football 25 Tennis 2,35 Typing Club 1. Floyd Joseph Herman Mel James Hertzog James E. Henson Linda Carole High William Randall Hilliard Harold C. Hillman Lynn Suzanne Connie Lou Hirst Karen Holl Evelyn Anne Hunsberger Illingworth OF WATCHING SPORTS FLOYD JOSEPH HERMAN "Krout" Vocational. Card Club 1. MEL JAMES HERTZOG "Wilt' Business. Soccer 3. JAMES E. HENSON "Gazelle" General. Cross Country 1,25 Track and Field 1,2,3. LINDA CAROLE HIGH Business. Accolade Business Staff 35 Typing Club 1 WILLIAM RANDALL HILLIARD "Bill" Business. Football Mgr. 35 Radio Club 1. HAROLD C. HILLMAN "Peanuts" Academic. Cross Country 1, Co-Capt. 2,33 Track and Field 1,2,3g Baseball Club 1. LYNN SUZANNE HUNSBERGER Academic. Student Council 13 Band 1,2,3g Dance Band 2,3g Bux-Mont Band 2,35 Concert Chorus 2,33 Vocal Ensemble 2,33 F. T.A. 3. CONNIE LOU HIRST Business. Steering Committee 3. KAREN HOLL Academic. German Club 1. EVELYN ANNE ILLINGWORTH "EVie" Academic. Accolade Editor 3 3 Troubadour l,2g Forum 1,25 Treas. 33 Flash Card 23 Spanish Club 1. 195 1 W William N. James Ervin Carl Jaros Wilber Lee Jeffcoat Lewis Jay Jernigan Robert Allen Jernigan Lorraine Mary J obson Joseph Morris Johnson Gerald A. Johnson WILLIAM N. JAMES "Bill" Academic. Student Council 1,2,3g Soccer 2,33 Track and Field 2,3. ERVIN CARL JAROS "Erv" Vocational. Football l,2,3g Track and Field 1,2,33 Card Club 1. WILBER LEE JEFFCOAT "Jeff" Academic. Wrestling 2,35 Football 1,25 Track and Field 13 Chemical Engineering Club 1. LEWIS JAY JERNIGAN "Turtle" Academic. Chess Club l. ROBERT ALLEN JERNIGAN "Bob" Academic. Track and Field l,2,3g Sportsmen Club 1. LORRAINE MARY J OBSON "Jo1ly Green Giant" Business. Accolade Business Staff 33 Music Appreciation Club 1. JOSPEH MORRIS JOHNSON "Joe" Industrial Arts. Band 1,2,3g Card Club 1. GERALD A. JOHNSON "Jerry" Business. Student Council 15 Football 1,2. Barbara Lyrm Jones Dianne Marie Kalb Donna Rae Joseph Elmer Roy Jury V. Jean Kaelin BARBARA LYNN JONES "Barb" Academic. F.T.A. 2,3Q Forum 2,311 Library Aide 2,33 Flash Card 13 Recreation Club 1. DIANNE MARIE KALB Business. Accolade Business Staff 33 Library Aide 33 Recreation Club 1. DONNA RAE JOSEPH Business. Accolade Business Staff 33 Girl's Metal Shop ELMER ROY JURY Industrial Arts. Card Club 1. V. JEAN KAELIN "Jeannie" Academic. Hockey l,2,33 Forum 2,33 Knight Crier 2,33 Concert Chorus 1,2,33 Vocal Ensemble 2,3. JOANNE ELAINE KALER "Jo" Business. Accolade Business Staff 33 Band l,2,33 Concert Band 1,2,33 Recreation Club 1. ALICE LOUISE KAUFFMAN Academic. Forum 2,33 Troubadour 2,35 French Club 1. GEORGE ALLEN KAUFMAN Academic. Bux-Mont Band 1,2,33 Dance Band 1,2,33 Band 1,2,33 Wrestling 33 Chess Club 1. MARGARET N. KANE "Marg" Academic. Formn 33 Knight Crier 33 Band 13 Concert Chorus Accompanist 1,2,3Q Vocal Ensemble Accompanist 2,3. JOHN CHARLES KATES Vocational. Card Club 1. OE ASSOCIATIONS THAT UNITE US WITH OUR SCHOOL TO CREATE AN END THAT EXHIBITS IOYAITY AND INTEGRITY .... Joanne Elaine Kaler Alice Louise Kauffman George Allen Kaufman Margaret N. Kane John Charles Kates Karen Beth Kehler Eleanor Ruth Kemp Wayne Lance Kieffer Charles A. Keller X. KAREN BETH KEI-ILER Business. S t u d e nt Council 2, 35 Accolade Business Staff 35 Class Sec. 35 Color Guard 2, Capt. 35 Card Club 1. ELEANOR RUTH KEMP "BinX" Academic. Accolade Staff 35 Forum 2,35 Recreation Club 1. GLENN RICHARD KILBURN "Og"' Academic. Student Council 25 Football 1,2,35 Track and Field l,2,35 Wrestling 25 Concert Chorus 1,2,35 Vocal Ensemble l,2,3. WAYNE LANCE KIEF FER Academic. CHARLES A. KELLER "Charlie" General. Stage Crew 1,2. MARYLEE THERESA KILLIAN Academic. Color Guard 2,35 Flash Card 15 'F.T.A. 2,35 Fashion Design Club 1. SUSAN JUNE KING "Suzy" Academic. Student Council 35 Cheerleading 1,2, Capt. 35 Class V. Pres. 2,35 Concert Chorus 2,35 Vocal Ensemble 2,35 Steering Committee 1,2,35 H. R. Pres. 15 Forum 2,35 Knight Crier 1. JOHN HENRY KLOCK Academic. Tennis l,2,35 Play 2,35 H. R. Sec. 15 Chess Club 1. Glenn Richard Kilburn Marylee Theresa Killian Susan June King John Henry Klock Pamela Colette Knerr PAMELA COLETTE KNERR "Pam" Academic. Student Council 1, V. Pres. 2, Corres. Sec. 33 Majorettes 2,35 Forum 1,2, V. Pres. 35 School Affiliation Committee 2,3. Jane Gail Knipe Helen Anne Kobasa Naomi Alise Kondratick David Kramer Patricia Lynne Koehler JANE GAIL KNIPE Academic. Steering Committee 23 Knight Crier 2,35 Recreation Club 1. HELEN ANNE KOBASA Academic. Accolade Business Staff 3 3 Forum 35 Hockey l,2,3g Card Club 1. NAOMI ALISE KONDRATICK "Tony" Business. Babysitting Club 1. DAVID KRAMER Vocational. Baseball 15 Machine Shop Club 1. H. MERRILL KRATZ Academic. Current Events Club 1. CYNTHIA MARGARET KRAUSE "Cindy" Academic. H. R. Treas. 2. PATRICIA LYNNE KOEHLER "Bimbo" Business. Bridge Club 1. LORRAINE HELEN KRETSCHMAR "Kretsch" Academic. Babysitting Club 1. JAMES R. KRIEBEL "Reds" Academic. Prejectionist Club 1. H. Merrill Kratz Cynthia Margaret Krause Lorraine Helen James R. Kriebel Kretschmar Diane Gaye Kulp David Alan Krum Karyn Jane Kulp Sharon Louise Kulp Linda Sue Kriebel Wayne G. Laepple Malle Kusma Gregory Bruce Carl H. Kurtz Joyann Kathleen cher Lamber son I BEVERLY ANN LANDIS "Mouse' Business. Girl's Metal Shop Club 1. SHIRLEY LORRAINE LATTA Beverly Ann Landis Shirley Lorraine Latta James Herbert Landt Diane Kathleen Lavery Business. Flash Card 25 Library Club Sec. 1. JAMES HERBERT LANDT "Buff" Academic. Student Council 15 Band 1,2,3. DIANE KATHLEEN LAVERY "Diane" Business. Babysitting Club 1. A KNOWLEDGE WHICH WE HOPE IS INFIUENCED BY WISDOM DIANE GAYE KULP Academic. Flash Card 13 Forum 2,33 F.T.A. 33 Spanish Club 1. DAVID ALAN KRUM "Dave" Academic. Football 1,2,33 Basketball 1,25 Track and Field 13 Concert Chorus 1,2,33 Vocal Ensemble 1,2,3. KARYN JANE KULP Business. Accolade Business Staff 33 Library Aide 23 Knitting Club 1. SHARON LOUISE KULP "Ku1pie" Academic. Hockey 1,2, Co-Capt. 33 Basketball 1,2,33 Softball 1,2,3j F.T.A. 2,33 School Affiliation Committee 33 Recreation Club 1. LINDA SUE KRIEBEL Academic. Basketball 1,23 Hockey 1,2,3Q Softball 1,2,33 Forum 33 F.T.A. 1,3, V. Pres. 2. WILLIAM G. LEISTER, JR. "Bud" Academic. Steering Committee 2,33 Forum 2,33 Card Club 1. GEORGE CHARLES LAWRENCE Vocational. Card Club 1. BARBARA LOUISE LEACH "Barb" 3 Academic. Student Council 1,2,3? Troubadour 2. G. WAYNE LAEPPLE Academic. Knight Crier 1,25 Troubadour 1,23 Concert Chorus 2,35 Vocal Ensemble 2,35 Current Event's Club 1. MALLE KUSMA Business. Steering Committee 23 Basketball 1,2,3. GRERORY BRUCE LACHER "Greg" Academic. Football 1,2,33 Track and Field 1,2,33 Current Events Club 1. CARL H. KURTZ General. Machine Shop Club 1. J OYANN KATHLEEN LAMBERSON "Bubbles" Business. Girl's Metal Shop Club 1. 'E william G, George Charles Barbara Louise Leister, Jr. Lawrence Leach DONALD BIGNELL LEWIS "Louie" Donald Bignell Lewis Eugene A. Leon Linda Ja-Ile Lewis Academic. Student Council 2, Pres. 33 Class Pres. 33 Steering Committee 13 Forum 2, Pres. 33 H. R. Pres. 13 Library Aide 2,35 Soccer Mgr. 13 Wrestling Mgr. 13 Troubadour 23 German Club 1, School Affiliation Com- mittee 2,3. EUGENE A. LEWIS "Gene" Academic. Projectionist Club 1. LINDA JANE LEWIS "Lin" Business. Library Aide 33 Babysitting Club 1. , - Thomas Elwood Lewis Carole Lynne Lindahl Jacqueline Alyce Nancy Lee Long Nicholas George Long Louquet Linda Dawn Long Calvin H, Lucas Jeffery H. Lukens Judith Ann Lukens Linda Elaine Lunger f i w AND HERE THERE IS WISDOM. THOMAS ELWOOD LEWIS "Tom" LINDA DAWN LONG Vocational. Stage Crew 33 Amateur Radio Club 1. Business. Accolade Business Staff 3. CALVIN H. LUCAS "Skip" CAROLE LYNNE LINDAHL "Carol" Business. Projectionist 1. Academic. Forum 2,33 Fashion Design Club 1. JEFFERY H. LUKENS "Japper" JACQUELINE ALYCE LOUQUET "Jacquie" General. Projectionist 1,23 Stage Crew- 1,23 Bowling Academic. Forum 2,33 French Club 1. Club 1. NANCY LEE LONG "Short" JUDITH ANN LUKENS Business. Library Aide 2,33 Library Club 1. Academic. Hockey 1,2,33 Basketball 1,2,3. NICHOLAS GEORGE LONG "Nick" LINDA ELAINE LUNGER "Liny" Academic. Cross Country 2,33 Track and Field 2,33Ba.nd Business. Accolade Business Staff 33 Knight Crier 1, 1,2,33 Concert Chorus 1,2,33 Vocal Ensemble 1,2,3. 2,33 Music Appreciation Club 13Y.E.P. 2., 202 ALAIN JACQUES MANEN "Frenchi" Academic. I.C.Y.E. Exchange Student from Freycenet, France, Student Coimcil 35 School Affiliation Committee 35 Band 35 Concert Chorus 35 Vocal Ensemble 3. EDMUND JOHN Ma.cLAUGHLIN "Ed" Academic. Band 1,2,35 Track and Field 2,35 Current Science Club 1. Alain Jacques Manen Edmund John MacLaughlin William Magee James Michael Mack WILLIAM MAGEE General. JAMES MICHAEL MACK "Jim" Academic. Accolade Staff 35 Forum 2,35 Basketball 1,25 Chess Club 1. DONALD HENRY MANN "Don" Business. ROBERT MICHAEL MANERO "Minitch" Academic. Football 2,35 Baseball 15 Basketball 15 Wres- tling 15 Bowling Club 1. Donald Henry Mann Robert Michael Manero Brenda Lee Marsden Esther Mae Mann BRENDA LEE MARSDEN Business. Flash Card 15 Current Events Club 1. ESTHER MAE MANN Academic. Student Council 15 Accolade Staff 35 Forum 35 School Affiliation Committee 35 Softball Mgr. 1,2,35 Hockey 1,25 Basketball 1. I A Geraldine B. Martin Robert Mathe Kenneth Richard Maute Suzanne Barbara May Joseph R. Martin GERALDINE B. MARTIN "Gerri" SUZANNE BARBARA MAY Business. Forum l,2,35 Flash Card 1,25 Bridge Club 1. Academic. Accolade Business Staff 35 Library Aide 2,35 Forum 35 Library Club 1. ROBERT MATHE "Bob" JOSEPH R. MARTIN "Joe" Business. Soccer l,2,3. Academic. Track and Field 35 H. R. Pres. 25 Cross Country 15 Chess Club 1. KENNETH RICHARD MAUTE "Ken" LINDA LEE MAYSE Academic. Student Council 1,25 Football 1,2,35 Track and Field 1,2,35 Sports Club 1. Academic. Basketball 1,25 Softball 15 Recreational Club 1. A WISDOM THAT KNOWS HOW TO USE THE KNOWLEDGE . . . LYNN RUTH MCARTHUR "Lynnie" Business. Babysitting Club 1. DEBORAH ANN MCCABE "Deb" Academic. Accolade Staff 35 French Club 1. SHERIAN ANN MCCAMPBELL "Sheri" Academic. Knight Crier Editor 35 Band 1,25 Y.E.P. 2,3. DONNA LEE MCCARTY Business. Accolade Business Staff 35 Fashion Design Club 1 . Linda Lee Mayse Lynn Ruth McArthur Deborah Ann McCabe Sher 1211 Am Donna Lee Mccart ,McCa.mpbell Y JOHN ANDREW MCCLAY Academic. Soccer 1,2,35 Wrestling 2,33 Card Club 1. GAIL DEE MCCL USKEY Business. Color Guard 2,33 Steering Committee 13 H. R. Pres. 15 Babysitting Club 1. SHARYN DIANE MCCOY Academic. Student Council 1,25 Forum 1,2,33 F.T.A. 3g H.R. Sec. 25 Knight Crier 3. SANDRA LEE McINTYRE "Sandy' Academic. H. R. V. Pres. 25 Library Aide 2. KATHLEEN PATRICIA McLAUGHLIN "Kathy" Business. Transferred from Lansdale Catholic High School. JANET LEE MEDLIN Academic. Usherettes 1,2,3. HERBERT WALTER MCMICHAEL "Crow" General. Cross Country 15 Photo Club 1. SANDRA AVIS MESSLER "San" Business. Accolade Business Staff 35 Softball lg Library Aide 13 Music Appreciation Club 1. i xr John Andrew McClay Gail Dee McC1uskey Sharyn Diane McCoy Sandra Lee Mclntyre Kathleen Patricia Janet Lee Medlin McLaughlin Herbert Walter Sandra Avis Messler McMichael a w get Lynda J. Meister Nancy Carole Metz Georgianna Elizabeth Bonnie Ann Miley Michel l 206 Barbara Ann Michener William Barry Mill LYNDA J . MEISTER Academic. Cheerleaders 35 Recreation Club 1. NANCY CAROLE METZ Business. Knitting Club 1. DANA HENRY MILLER Academic. Student Council 13 Track and Field l,2,3. GEORGIANNA ELIZABETH MICHEL. Academic. Forum 33 Typing Club 1. BONNIE ANN MILEY "Bon" Academic. Forum 33 F. T.A. 33 Typ1ngClub 1. NIEL MILL E R Academic. BARBARA ANN MICHENER Business. Forum 33 Traffic Squad 1. WILLIAM BARRY MILL "Barry" Academic. Track and Field l,2. PETER FRANCIS MILLER "Pete" Academic. Baseball 1,2,3g Basketball 1,2,33 German Club 1. THOMAS A. MILLER "Garney" Academic. Accolade Photographer 35 Band 13 Forum 35 F.T.A. 33 Knight Crier 2,33 Library 1,2,3. Dana Henry Miller N181 Miller Peter Francis Miller Thomas A. Miller Robert Milligan John Robert Milnes Harold Rissel Morton George Alan Montanye ROBERT MILLIGAN "Bob Industrial Arts. Band 1,2. ROBERT I. MOORE General. Music Appreciation Club 1.5 JOHN ROBERT MILNES "Bob" Academic. Tennis 25 Bowling Club 1. HAROLD RISSEL MORTON "Harry" Academic. Student Council 33 Steering Com- mittee 23 Track and Field 15 Cross Country 23 Lab Experiment Club 1. ARTHUR JOHN MORGAN Vocational. ABIGAIL MONTGOMERY "Abby" Academic. Usherettes 1,2,33 Play 23 Troubador 25 Knight Crier 1. GEORGA ALAN MONTANYE Academic. H. R Treas. 23 Track and Field 1,2,3g Chess Club 1. RICHARD LEE MORRIS "Dick" Academic. Band l,2, Pres. 3g Dance Band 1,2,3g Bux-Mont Band 1,2,3g German Club 1. JOSEPH CRAIG MININGER "J. Craig" Business. Band 1,2,35 Dance Band 1,2,3g Bowling Club 1. Robert I. Moore Arthur John Morgan Abigail Montgomery Richard Lee Morris Joseph Craig Mininger A WISDOM THAT KNOWS THE VALUE OE THAT KNOWLEDGE... RENATE NESTVOGEL Academic. Exchange Student from Salzgitter, Germany 33 Student Council 33 Concert Chorus, V-Pres. 3g Vocal Ensemble 33 School Affiliation Committee 3g Usherettes 3. THOMAS WAYNE NEISS "Torn" Academic. Wrestling 1,23 Projectionist 1. DIANE SUE NASE "Di" Academic. Forum 2,3j F. T. A. 33 German Club 1. RAYMOND KIRK NAYLOR "Ray" Academic. Soccer 1,23 Chess Club 1. ELIZABETH F. NOLAN "Betsy" Academic. Student Council 33 Steering Committee 23 Con- cert Chorus 1,2,33 Vocal Ensemble 2,35 Band 1 ,2,33 Bux- Mont Band l,2,33 F.T.A. 3. MARY ANNE OCHOTNY "Animal" Business. Accolade Business Staff 33 Girls' Metal Shop Club 1. DAVID DANIEL N ORTHROP Academic. Student Council 33 Tennis 2,33 H. R. Treas. 13 Bowling Club 1. JAMES NOBLE NONAMAKER "Jim" Academic. Basketball Mgr. 23 Football 13 Chess Club 1. LINDA LOUISE MOYER "Lynn" Business. Accolade Business Staff 33Library Aide Ss Girls' Metal Shop Club 1. LAWRENCE ALLAN MORTON Academic. Band l,2,33 Bowling Club 1. DAN MURPHY Academic. Football 1 ,23 Wrestling l,2,33 Card ' Club 1. Linda Louise Moyer Lawrence Allan Morton Dan Murphy ' Michael Murmylo Laurence Albert Moyer Sharon Louise Murphy MICHAEL MURMYLO General. Bowling Club 1. LAURENCE ALBERT MOYER "Larry" Academic. Steering Committee 1,23 S. E. District Chorus 1, Vocal Ensemble 1,25 Pres. 33 Concert Chorus 1,2,3Q Soccer l,2,33 Track and Field 1. SHARON LOUISE MURPHY "Myrtle" Business. Accolade Business Staff 33Library Aide 33 Gir1's Metal Shop Club 1. Renate Nestvogel Thomas Wayne Neiss Diane Sue Nase Raymond Kirk Naylor Elizabeth F. Nolan Mary Anne Ochotny David Daniel .James Noble Nonamaker Northrop MARY LOUISE O' CONNOR "Suzy" Academic. Accolade Staff 33 Usherettes 1,2,33 F.T.A. 2, Sec. 35 School Play 23 Oil Painting Club 25 Flash Card 13 Troubadour 1. ALEXANDRIA ESTHER LETA OLIFER Academic. Student Council 1,2,3. BARBARA LEE ORLER Homemaking. Girl's Metal Shop Club 1. LINDA CAROL O'SHIELDS . Academic. Girl's Recreation Club 1. VlA1exH "Barb" Mary Louise Alexandria Esther O'Connor Leta Olifer Barbara Lee Oriel' Linda Carol O'Sh1e1dS Paul Rodney Pade Valerie Ann Owen Roger E. Pancoast Pat Teresa Paprocki David Lee Peterson Nancy Louise Pfister Sandra JLme Pico Robert Dennis Plants E 2 PAUL RODNEY PADE Academic. Card Club 1. VALERIE ANN OWEN Academic. H. R. Secretary 2. ROGER E. PANCOAST Vocational. Bowling Club 1. PAT TERESA PAPROCKI General. DAVID LEE PETERSON Academic. Wrestling 1,2,3g Chess Club 1. NANCY LOUISE PFISTER Business. Typing Club 1. SANDRA JUNE PICO Business. Literary Club 1. ROBERT DENNIS PLANTS Vocational. Cross Country 23 Track and Field 1. !YRodlI llva-111 llROgJl Hpatil " Ollie" llsandyll HB0bll A WISDOM THAT GUIDES THE KNOWLEDGE AND GIVES INFLUENCE AND PURPOSE TO THE GOALS OF LIFE KENNETH EARL POHLE CAROL ANN RACZ Academic- TYPi1'1g Club 1. Band 1,23 Dramatic Club 1. DOUGLAS ROBERT RAU "Doug" JANE A.NN POLE i Vocational. Cross Country 1,2,3g Track and Field 1,2,3g Academic. Band l,2,3g Hockey lg F. T. A. 1. Stage Crew Capt. 33 Amateur Radio Club Treas. 1. JAMES FRANKLIN RAUDENBUSH "RoWdy" EDWARD JOSEPH PRATT Academic. Baseball 1,2,33 Bowling Club 1. Business. LINDA JEANNE REBER "Tiger" LINDA JOYCE POUST "Lin" Business. Forum 33 Knight Crier 15 Library Aide 1. Academic. Flash Card 23 Bridge Club 1. DAVID GARY RANK DORIS ELAINE RACE "Elaine" Academic. Baseball 1,Z,33 Football 1,2,33 I-LR. Pres. 33 Chess Business. Library Aide 33 Library Club l. Club 1. EW II I b I Kenneth Earl Pohle Jane Ann Pole Edward Joseph Pratt Linda Joyce Poust Doris Elaine Race James Franklin Carol Ann Racz Douglas Robert Rau Raudenbush Linda Jeanne Reber David Gary Rank E Bonnie Lee Reinert Larry Nelson Refsnider Brian Elmer Reiff Thomas Reichley Richard Clayton Edward Dale Reiner Reinbold S. Robert Resinger Louis Henry Reimers s E W BONNIE LEE REINERT Academic. Accolade Business Staff 33 Library Aide 33GlI'1'S Metal Shop Club 1. LARRY NELSON RE FSNIDER "Sugarf0ot" General. Music Appreciation Club 1. BRIAN ELMER REIFF Academic. Student Council 2, Treas. 33 Steering Committee 33 Concert Chorus 1,2,35 Vocal Ensemble 1,2,33 District Chorus 2. THOMAS REICHLEY "Tom" Business. Mechanical Drawing Club 1. RICHARD CLAYTON REINER "Rocky" Academic. Basketball l,2,35 Science Club 1. EDWARD DALE REINBOLD Academic. Track and Field 1,2,3g Etiquette and Cultures Club 1. S. ROBERT RESINGER "Bob" Academic. Concert Chorus 2,35 Vocal Ensemble 2,35 Forum 35 Wrestling 1,2,35 Cross Country 15 Surveying Club 1. LOUIS HENRY REIMERS "Lou" Vocational. Football 1,2,35 Basketball Mgr. 2,35 Card Club 1. Barbara Ann Reed Marian Kathleen David Harold James Edward Jeanne Rieker Ringham Rissmiller Riefenstahl A WISDOM WHICH IS ACIUATED BY RFSPONSIBIIITY. BARBARA ANN REED "BR" Business. Accolade Business Staff 3 3 Music Appreciation Club 1 . MARIAN KATHLEEN RINGHAM "Kathy" Academic. Concert Chorus 1,2,33 Vocal Ensemble 2,33 Forum 2,33 Organist 2. DAVID HAROLD RISSMILLER "Dave" Vocational. Cross Country 1, Co-Capt. 2,33 Track and Field 2,33 Girl's Machine Shop Club 1. JAMES EDWARD RIEFENSTAHL "Jim" Academic. F.T.A. 23 Card Club 1. J EANNE RIEKER Academic. Student Council 33 Concert Chorus 2,33 Vocal En- semble 2,33 Gym Club 1. IUDGEMEIIT. MATURITY RONALD WARREN RISSMILLER Business. Track and Field 1,2, Co-Capt. 33 Cross Country 1,2,33 Chess Club 1. BONNIE LEE RITTENHOUSE "Rit" Business. Accolade Staff 33 Library Aide 23 Dramatic Club 1. JAMES H. RITTENHOUSE "Jim" Business. Baseball 1,2,33 Soccer 1,2, Co-Capt. 33 Steering Committee 13 H. R. Pres. 13 Chess Club 1. CHERYL LYNE ROBERTS "Neryl" Business. Accolade Business Staff 33 Flash Card 23 Girl's Metal Shop Club 1. DALE ANN RODENHAVER Academic. Student Council Sec. 33 Steering Committee 23 Hockey 1,23 Basketball Mgr. 1,2,33 Usherettes 132,33 F.T.A. 33 Forum 2,33 Library Aide 33 School Affiliation Committee 2,3. Ronald Warren Bonnie Lee James H. Cheryl Lyne Roberts Dale Aim Rodenhaver Rissmiller Rittenhouse Rittenhouse W' Susanne Marie Roelofs Lynda Rosenberger James Robert Ruth Rose Ann Ross CAROLE JEAN RUSSELL Business. Girl's Sports Club 1. JEFFERY LIN RUTH "Jeff" Academic. German Club 1. SUSANNE MARIE ROELOFS "Sue" Academic. Steering Committee 1,35 Usherettes 1,2,3g Band 1,2, Sec. 35 Bux- Mont Band 1,2,35 Hockey 1,2, Co-Capt. 35 Basketball 15 Softball l,2. LYNDA ROSENBERGER "Lynn" Academic. Student Council 1,23 Foriun 1. FRANCIS JOSEPH SALDUTTI "Fran" Academic. Student Council 23 International Friendship 23 H. R. Treas. lg Card Club 1. JAMES ROBERT RUTH "Jim" Academic. Wrestling 35 Cross Country 13 Chess Club 1. ROSE ANN ROSS "Rosey" Academic. Class Sec. 25 Usherettes 1,2,3g School Affiliation Committee 2, Treas. 33 Forum 1,2,35 School Play 2. JANIS BARBARA SALVATORE "Jan" Academic. Accolade Business Staff 3 3 Library Aide 35 Organist 33 Library Aide Club 1. Carole J ea.n Russell Jeffrey Lin Ruth Francis Joseph Saldutti Janis Barbara Salvatore Karen Lynne Sauerland Kenneth Wayne Schatz Randy L. Schatz Donna Jean Scheetz KAREN LYNNE SAUERLAND Business. Recreation Club 1. JUDITH ANN SCHEID "Judy" Academic. Cheerleader 2 Co-Ca t. 3' Con p an cert Chorus 1,2,35 Vocal Ensemble 2,551-I. R. Pres. 2. VIVIAN LEE SCHIEFER "Viv" Business. Knight Crier 25 Gir1's Metal Shop Club 1. KENNETH WAYNE SCHATZ "Ken" Academic. German Club 1. GEORGE JOSEPH SCHLAGNHAUFER Academic. Student Council 35 Steering Com- mittee 25 German Club 1. DONALD RAYMOND SCHMITT "Don" Vocational. RANDY L. SCHATZ Academic. Bowling Club 1. CARTER BRETT SCHROY "Card" Academic. Baseball 2,35 Chess Club 1. DENNIS WARD SCHULTZ "Dutch" Business. Basketball 1,35 Track and Field 1. DONNA JEAN SCHEETZ Academic. Forum 35 Typing Club 1. Judith Ann Scheid Vivian Lee Schiefer George Joseph Donald Raymond Schlagnhaufer Schmitt Carter Brett Schroy Dennis Ward Schultz 215 Gerald Alan Schwartz Sharon Beth Schwager b Betty Ruth Slon akel' Mary Eliza eth Sc hwartz GERALD ALAN SCHWARTZ "Jerry" Academic. Concert Chorus 1,2,3g Vocal Ensemble 1,2,3. SHARON BETH SCHWAGER Business. Accolade Business Staff 35 H. R. Sec. 13 Rec- reational Club 1. BETTY RUTH SLONAKER Home Economics. Accolade Business Staff 35 Babysitting Club 1. MARY ELIZABETH SCHWARTZ Business. H. R. V. Pres. 1. FZ Regina Marguerite Wayne Lewis Sebulsky Richard John Sayfert Audrey Carol Shaen Seiple Ellen Louise Shotwell Gary Lamar John Dennis Sinkowski David Glenn Sitler Silknittex' 2 K KENNETH DALE SLOTTER "Kenny" Academic. Student Council 13 Baseball 1,2,33 Football 1,2,33 Wrestling 3. RONALD LEE SLOTTER "Ron" Business. Band 1,2,33 Tennis 2,33 Baseball Club 1. GERALD WAYNE SCHUSSLER "Skish" Vocational. Machine Shop Club 1. Kenneth Dale Slotter Ronald Lee Slotter Gerald Wayne Schussler Kate Smagalski Marion Dorothy Robert C. Sma11W00d KATE SMAGALSKI Academic. Forum 33 Concert Chorus 2,33 Vocal Ensemble 2,35 French Club 1. MARION DOROTHY SMALLWOOD Business. Accolade Business Staff 3 3Library Aide 33 Metal Shop Club 1. ROBERT C. SMALLWOOD "Bob" Industrial Arts. Cross Country 1,33 Track 1,3. REGINA MARQUERITE SEIPLE "Genie" Academic. Troubadour 23 Fashion Design Club 13' Oil Painting Club 2. WAYNE LEWIS SEBULSKY "Keg" Academic. Baseball 1,23 Basketball 23 German Club 1. RICHARD JOHN SEYFERT "Dick" Academic. Concert Chorus 1,2,33 Vocal Ensemble 1,2,33 Track and Field 1. AUDREY CAROL SHAEN Academic. Steering Committee 33 Forlun 33 F.T.A. 33H. R. Treas. 23 Typing 1. Smallwood I A WISDOM WHICH HElPS T0 MAKE DREAMS BECOME REAlITIES: A HAPPY MARRIAGE A REWARDING VOCATION. A SUCCESSFUL CAREER. . . ELLEN LOUISE SHOTWELL Business. Babysitting Club 1. GARY LAMAR SILKNITTER Business. Baseball Club 1. JOHN DENNIS SINKOWSKI Business. Etiquette and Cultures Club 1. DAVID GLENN SITLER " FI'iSkie" nnennyn Academic. Cross Country 2,35 Track and Field 1,2,33 Forum 33 Chess Club 1. 217 A HAPPY MARRIAGE. GREGORY FRANK SMITH "Greg" Business. Basketball l,2,35 Mechanical Drawing Club 1. MARCIA PATRICIA SMITH Academic. Accolade Staff 33 Forum 33 F.T.A. Treas. lg Play 1,2,33 Recreation 1. NANCY R. SMITH Academic. Student Council 23 Forum 35 F.T.A. V. Pres. 25 Recreation Club 1 MARJORIE AMELIA SMITH Business. Library Club 1. SHERYL SMITH Academic. Student Council 33 Forum 33 Knight Editor 35 H. R. Sec. 25 Recrea tion Club 1. vvMarCy11 3, H. R. "Nance" 33 H. R. v1Marge11 nsueu Crier Z, DOROTHY ANN SNYDER "Dottie" Business. Student Council 23 Steering Committee 23 Tennis 1,2,3. GERALDINE SNYDER "Ger" Business. Recreation Club 1. KATHLEEN SNYDER "Kathy" Business. Recreation Club 1. VIVIAN ANGELA SOBETSKY "Viv" Business. GERALD R. SPENCER "Jerry" Business. Band 1,2,35 Baseball Club 1. Gregory Frank Smith Marcia Patricia Smith Nancy R. Smith Marjorie Amelia Smith Sheryl Smith Dorothy Ann Snyder Geraldine Snyder Kathleen Snyder Vivian Angela Sobetsky Gerald R. Spencer fm m A REWARDING VOCATION. A SUCCESSFUL CAREER WILLIAM JAMES STARRETT HI "Bill" Business. Wrestling 1,2,33 Mechanical Drawing Club 1. SANDRA L. STAUB "Sandy" Business. Accolade Business Staff 33 Recreation Club 1. William James Sandra L. Staub Starrett IH Brian Edward Steager Lorraine Marie Stephany BRIAN EDWARD STEAGER Academic. Student Council 2,33 Concert Chorus l,2,33 Vocal Ensemble l,2,3g S. E. District Chorus 2,35 Tennis 2,3, Mgr. 1. LORRAINE MARIE STEPHANY Academic. Forum 33 Flash Card 23 School Play 23 Spanish Club 1. LINDA D. H. STEVENS General. Accolade Business Staff 33 Library Aide 3g Girl's Metal Shop Club 1. MICHAEL RAY STEVER " Mike" Academic. Wrestling 2,35 Baseball Club 1. Linda D. H. Stevens Michael Ray Stever Mark Glenn Stillwell . Bert Thomas Stover MARK GLENN STILLWELL Academic. Band Mgr. 2,35 Organist 2,35 Bowling Club 1. BERT THOMAS STOVER "Smoky" Academic. Cross Country 33 Track and Field 1,2,3g Stamp Club 1. WI Celinda L. Strange Howard Samuel Doris Sybella Sulzbach Elaine N. Swartz Janice H. Swanker Strickler CELINDA L. STRANGE "Cindy" ALEXANDER JAMES TAYLOR "Al" Academic. Formn 2,33 Flash Card 1,25 International Friendship 23 Recreation Club 1. HOWARD SAMUEL STRICKLER Vocational. Card Club 1. DORIS SYBELLA SULZBACH "Botch" Academic. Student Cotmcil 33 F.T.A. 2, Pres. 3g Forum 2,35 Band 1,2,3g Dance Band 2,33 Basketball 15 Flash Card 15 Recreation Club 1. JANICE H. SWANKER Business. Recreation Club 1. ELAINE N. SWARTZ Business. Recreation Club 1. Vocational. Wrestling 1,2,35 Football 13 Track and Field 13 Machine Shop Club 1. PATRICIA ANN SWARTZ "Patsy" Academic. Usherettes 1,2, Head 35 Cheerleader 2,35 Forum 33 F.T.A. 2,35 Hockey 1. I. TERRY THOMPSON "Doc" Business. Psychology Club 1. JEFFRY DALE THOMPSON "Jeff" Industrial Arts. Student Council 35 Music Appreciation Club 1. PATRICIA TIBLIS "Pat" Business. Flash Card 1. I I I A WISDOM WHICH DEVEIOPES CURIOSITY, INTERFSI, AMBITION Taylor SHARON ELAINE TROXEL "Shar" Business. Recreation Club 1. BONNIE JEAN TRAUGER "Bonn" Business. Accolade Business Staff 33 Library Aide 2,33 Recreation Club 1. Sharon Elaine Troxel Bonnie Jean Trauger Barry Glenn Troxel Hope Jana Troxel BARRY GLENN TROXEL Business. Current Events 1. HOPE JANE TROXEL Business. Accolade Business Staff 33 Library Aide 2,35 H. R. Treas. 15 Knitting Club 1. LINDA LE E TROXEL Business. Accolade Business Staff 35 Recreation Club 1. DIANE TOMASETTI Academic. Student Council 2,35 Steering Committee 13 Forum 2,35 F.T.A. V. Pres. 33 Recreation Club 1. Linda. Lee Troxel Diane Tomasetti Donald Lynn Turrell Sharon Ann Truitt DONALD LYNN TURRELL "D. T." M E Academic. Soccer 1,2,35 Tennis 1,2,33 Bowling Club 1. SHARON ANN TRUITT "Shar" Business. Knight Crier 35 Library Aide 33 Babysitting Club 1. RICKEY GERALD VETRI "Rick" Academic. Baseball Mgr. 13 Football Mgr. 15 Projection 1. Rickey Gerald Vetri James John Wabish DIETTA JEANNE TYNER "Dee" Academic. Accolade Staff 33 Library 1. MARIAN FREDA UNRATH Business. Current Events Club 1. JAMES JOHN WABISH "Jim" Vocational. Basketball 1 ,2,3g Baseball 1 3 Card Club 1. STEVE MICHAEL URBANCHUK "U1-by" Industrial Arts. CYNTHIA SUE Usrc "Cindi" 5 Academic. Majorettes 1,2, head 33 Usherettes 1,2,3, F.'I'.A. 33 Library Aide 1. MARGARET E. VIALLE "Peggy" Business. Music Appreciation Club 1. Margaret E. Vialle James Gregory Waldspurger VIRGINIA LORETTA VANSCIVER "Ginny" Academic. German Club 1. ELMER THEODORE WAIBEL Vocational. Soccer 1,2,3. JAMES GREGORY WALDSPURGER "Goat" Academic. Shirley Wasser Phillip Arthur Walton Cynthia Wampler Richard George Weaver SHIRLEY WASSER "Shir1" Business. Student Council 35 Accolade Busi- ness Staff 35 Band 1,2,3g Dance Band 1,2,3g Bux-Mont Band l,2,35 Knight Crier 35 Music Appreciation Club 1. DARLENE LYNN WARNER Academic. Student Council 1,2,35 Accolade Editor 3. MARION A. WAMPOLE Homemaking' Library Club 1' Darlene Lynn Warner Marion A. Wampole PHILLIP ARTHUR WALTON "Phil" Academic. Student Council 2,35 School Af- filiation Committee 33 Wrestling 15 Civil Engineering Club 1. RICHARD CHARLES WEAND "Rich" Academic. Band l,2,33 Track and Field 1,23 Photography Club 1. ROBERT STANLEY WALTERS "Bob" General. Track and Field 1. CYNTHIA WAMPLER "Cindy" Business. Steering Committee 2,35 Basket- ball 1,2,33 Hockey l,2,35 Recreation Club 1. RICHARD GEORGE WEAVER "Rick" Academic. Steering Committee 13 H. R. V. Pres. 15 Photo Club 1. Richard Charles Weand Robert Stanley Walters QW xr' i V-v f X .9 mf- N XJ' X me ,JB 5 X'-'V U3 .JD xi F ff XJ' 5 -jf wt I GLENN HOWARD WEDER "Weed" Academic. Card Club 1. - THOMAS DALE WEIKEL "Tom" Academic. Steering Committee 23 Wrestling 23 Tennis 2,3j Civil Engineering Club 1. CAROL LEE WEBER Academic. Forum 33 F.T.A. 33 Softball 2,33 Dramatics Club l. Glenn Howard Weder Thomas Dale Weikel Carol Lee Weber William Lee Weil Cindy Joyce Weir Cheryl KAR EN ANNE WHIPP Academic. Knight Crier 33 H. R. Sec. 33 Steering Com- mittee 23 Spanish Club 1. EDWARD H. WILGUS "Ed" Academic. Bux-Mont Band 1,2,33 Dance Band 1,2,33 Band l,2,33 Photography 1. LINDA D. WHEELIN Academic. DAVID CLAYTON WHIPP "Dave" Academic. Cross Cotmtry 2,33 Track 1,2, Co-captain 33 Play 23 Bowling Club 1. Weiss WILLIAM LEE WEIL "Bill" Academic. Concert Chorus 33 Vocal Ensemble 33 Card Club 1. CINDY JOYCE WEIR Business. Library Aide 33 Music Appreciation Club 1. CHERYL EILEEN WEISS "Scooper" General. Card Club 1. SARAH ANNE WI-IITTOCK Business. Library Aide 33 Babysitting Club 1. WILLIAM CHARLES WILEY "Mom" Academic. Steering Committee 13 Football 1,2,33 Track and Field 1,2,33 Bowling Club 1. BARRY GLEN WELLER "Bear" Academic. Football 1,2,33 Wrestling 33 Baseba1l13Bowling Club 1. KATHERINE WHEELER "Kate" Academic. F.T.A. 33 H. R. Pres. 33 Basketball 13 Hockey 1,23 Spanish Club 1. AND HERE THERE IS KNOWLEDGE IEMPERED BY WISDOM, WHICH ENABIES US IO PROCEED TOWARD OUR UITIMATE OOAI ..... HAPPINESS 224 FRANCIS L. WILD Academic. Science Club 1. RAY W. WELSH Vocational. Basketball 2,33 Cross Country 13 Track 25 Projectionist 2g Photography Club 1. YY Mic!! " Mr. Mopar" Wendy Lynn West Ronald F. Werner Francis L. Wild Ray W. Welsh WENDY LYNN WEST Business. Accolade business staff 35 Knight Crier 35 Library Aide 1,2,3g Recreation Club 1. RONALD F. WERNER "Ron" General. Bowling Club 1. llwenll Karen Anne Whipp Edward H. Wilgus Linda D. Wheelin David Clayton Whipp Sarah Anne Whittock William Charles Wiley Barry Glen Weller Katherine Wheeler Peggy Witmer Virginia Lee Williams Thomas Alan Wolf Warren Richard Wimmer Ginger Denise Wright Eugene Clinton Williamson Linda Mae Woods George Dawson Woodburg PEGGY WITMER Business. Library Aide 15 Music Appreciation Club 1. VIRGINIA LEE WILLIAMS "Ginny" Academic. Exchange Student to Salzgitter, Germany 23 Student Council 35 Accolade Staff 35 Usherettes l,2,33 Forum 33 H. R Sec. 13 Hockey 15 School Affiliation Committee 3. THOMAS ALAN WOLF "Tom" Academic. Football l,2,3g Bowling Club 1. WARREN RICHARD WIMMER "Rick" Academic. Forum 33 Card Club 1. GINGER DENISE WRIGHT "D1nnle" Business. Accolade Business Staff 33 H. R. Sec. 15 Rec- reation Club 1. EUGENE CLINTON WILLIAMSON "Gene" General. Soccer 1,2,3g Track and Field 15 Bowling Club l. LINDA MAE WOODS "Linnie" Business. Music Appreciation Club 1. GEORGE DAWSON WOODBURY "Woody" Academic. Vocal Ensemble 1,2,33 Concert Chorus 1,2,33 Cheerleader Alt. 3. x Esther Yassi Constance Axme Malcolm Craig Yost David Gordon Young Linda Lee Youells Young Ronald Crawford Richard B. Zaino James Truman Dale Arlene Young William Ellsworth Young Ziegenfuss Yoder ESTHER YASSI Academic. Accolade Business Staff 35 Current Events 1. CONSTANCE ANNE YOUNG "Connie" Academic. Student Council 15 Forum 35 F.T.A. 3. MALCOLM CRAIG YOST Industrial Arts. Band l,2,35 Track and Field 1,2,35 Cross Country 2,35 Bowling Club 1. DAVID GORDON YOUNG Academic. Track and Field 1,2,35 H. R. V. Pres. 15 Science Club 1. LINDA LEE YOUELLS Business. Accolade Business Staff 3 5 Girl's Sports Club 1. r RONALD CRAWFORD YOUNG Academic. Exchange Student to Salzgitter, Germany 25 Student Council 35 School Affiliation Committee Pres. 35 Forum 1,2,35 Soccer 25 Track and Field 1,2. RICHARD B. ZAINO "Rich" Business. Project Club 1. JAMES TRUMAN ZIEGENFUSS ' Academic. Student Council 1,2.,35 Wrestling 15 Baseball 15 Track and Field 2. DALE ARLENE YOUNG Academic. Majorettes 35 Forum 35 F.T.A. 35 Music Ap- preciation Club 1. WILLIAM ELLSWORTH YODER "Bill" Academic. F.T.A. 35 Football 1,2,35 Wrestling 2,35 Me- chanical Drawing Club 1. 227 4 W' 'W KATHLEEN MAE ZIEGLER "Kathy" Academic. Student Council 23 Class Treas. 25 Steering Committee 35 H. R. V. Pres. 1,25 Concert Chorus 1,2,33 Vocal Ensemble l,2,3g F. T. A. 2,3. CHERYL ANN ZIEGLER "Cheri" Academic. Accolade Staff 35Schoo1 Affiliation Committee 35 H. R. Sec. 33 Forum 33 F.T.A. 33 Library Aide 35 German Club 1. Kathleen Mae Ziegler Cheryl Ann Ziegler Janet E. Zwickey Olivia Lucille Ziegler JANET E. ZWICKEY Academic. Forum 2,33 F.T.A. 33 Library Club 1. OLIVIA LUCILLE ZIEGLER "Llbbie" Academic. H. R. Treas. 13 Library Aide 15 Music Ap- preciation Club 1. AND HERE THERE ARE MANY MEN AND WOMEN WHO HAVE INELUENCED OUR ADVANCEMENT TOWARD THAT FINAL GOAL if a U 1 f U A TEACHER AEFECTS ETERNITY HE CAN NEVER TEll WHERE HIS INFLUENCE STOPS. H. ADAMS Ed MacLaugh11n, Evelyn Illingworth, J eanette Czelecz, Earl Haywood Jeanne Rieker, Eleanor Kemp, Peter Beaver, Donald Lewis 231 SCHOOL BOARD One man from each of North Penn's eight school districts plus the Recording Secretary and Super- vising Principal compose the School Board. The Board has the responsibility of seeing that the school is properly run by improving school programs and increasing efficiency in the program. Standing: Dr. A. Kurtz King, Supervising Principalg Dr. Staley III, Towamencin Twp.g Byron Reading, Lansdale Wm. Aufder Hyde, Montgomery Twp,g Abram Ruth, Line Boroughg James Willliams, Secretaryg Abraham Roth, Lexingtong John Jensen, North Walesg Roy Myers, Hatfield Upper Gwynedd. Twp, Sitting: John Weierman, Hatfield Boroughg Wilford 232 ADMINISTRATION As Principal, Walton Landes has many diversified duties. He supervises class- room procedures and acts as official public representative of N.P.H.S, Dr, A, Kurtz King, Supervising Principal of the North Penn Jointure, is the administra- tive chief of the North Penn area's educational system at the junior and senior high levels. He works with the school board to formulate and implement school policies. Business Assistant to Dr. King and the Jointure Board, Lewis Rowles has an extensive background in the world of industry. He supervises the non-profesional staff, the various funds and financial accounts of N.P.H.S. 234 As Curriculum Coordinator, William Kerr has the responsibility of correlating programs of studyxwith various departments. is serving his first full year as assistant to the principal. eff fl ls L puma-s W.WWN..,,,.t msraemwwsmmmmtnce V- Wviwmwiv-W.Men,mM,imsmM,,, Thomas, Chilcote, Administrative Assistant, plans programs for student assemblies, helps to establish and carry out school policies, along With teaching United States History. He also is in charge of the faculty master teaching schedule. 5 L 1 Not only does James Mullen, Chairman of the Guidance Department, strive to guide the students of N, P,I-LS., but he also tries to improve the commmmity by directing the adult evening school. GOAL... T0 HELP PEOPLE T0 HELP THEMSELVES. Gerald Bower's past contacts with the Boy's Club have given him experience in N,P,H.S,'s gnudance department which proved valuable to aiding students 236 Donald Huber, one of N.P.H.S,'s guidance counselors, consults with students on their future plans. verse f - iemivmwwueig ..., fu -ff- wwwawiuy .i Diane Hackman is secretary to the Guidance Office. An experienced guidance counselor, Isabella Jones directs students of N.P.H.S, in their selection of courses, colleges, and sometimes helps with their personal problems. 237 V A graduate of Univ., of Penna., Jane Sanderson teaches sophomore and junior.Eng1ish at N.P.H.S. 238 Pearl Schrack stresses her teaching Dh110SODhY of "Being Well rounded in liter- ature" in her English classes. ENGLISH T0 APPRECIATE GOOD LITERATURE... 1545252111112 sPlff ' E '?,QlX?Q2,'g' A graduate of Elizabethtown College, Patrick Rafter teaches English and iDriver Training at N,P.H.S, He also attended Temple University. -1 E Olive Gilhart teaches English IV and Senior Honors English at N.P.H,S. A graduate of Bucknell, she is now completing her fourth year of teaching atN.P.H.S. T0 READ CRITICALLYQ.. John Menichiello is a new English teacher at N.P.l-LS. 239 He 1S also the assistant director of the school play and advisor to the class of 1967. 2 T0 WRITE EFFECT lVElY... 1 i Chairman of the English Department, Bertha Hirzel, has the responsibility of one of the largest departments at N.P.H.S. This year, "The following people have F's" came from a different room, but still James Coughlin, continues to return those senior English papers. Thomas Collins teaches English and Junior Honors English. His after school activities include Accolade assistant advisor. - 'v fvfv- 5 "fi ' Ellen Jurnavoy, a new member of the faculty, isa graduate of Temple University and a teacher of English and Spanish. Ellen Messing entered the English Department of N.P,H,S, after recently graduating from Temple University. T0 SPEAK, LOGICALLY... Long hours after school and a driving pace combine with Frank Muccari's goal for perfection as advisor to the Accolade Staff. A graudate of Temple University, he received his Master's degree at the University of Pennsylvania. Mr. Muccari teaches English to commercial and vocational juniors. 241 T0 LISTEN INTELLIGENTLY. as advisor to the cheerleaders, Kay Zahn cam to us from Elizabethtown College, where sh received her B.S. degree in English. An experienced teacher, Rebecca Stanislaw has taught at Haverford Twp. Schools before entering N.P.H.S. this year to teach English. A favorite among sophomores and well-known 1 s 4 A BUSINFSS EDUCATION James Hepner, new to N,P.H,S.'s faculty this year, teaches shorthand and general business. He attended Shippensburg State College and Lehigh. A familiar face at practically all sports events is Norman Balchunas, our Faculty Manager. He received his Bachelor's degree at Bloomsburg State College, and he is presently teaching bookkeeping. ASDF...JKl: Charlotte Swoyer, Business Department Chairman, teaches office practice, stenography II, and clerical practice. She co-ordinates the work-experience program. Margaret Watchorn, a graduate of Villa Marie College, teaches consumer education, and typing. DEAR MR. BROWN: DEBIT. CREDIT IN REGARD TO YOUR RECENT ORDER... J o hn Ribble, a graduate of B loom sburg State College, ' teaches business'1aw, consumer education, and typing. 244 In his general business classes, Lester Long prepares his students for future employment in business and industry. He received his B.S, from Shippensburg State College. Accolade Business Advisor, William Jacobs teaches typing at N.P.H.S. He received his B S at Bloomsburg State College and Ed. M. at Temple University. WF, r,w,,,kk,,L:w,,,,,,,:,,,i.,w,,.. i,-', I.,,uf'ws,Lf,,f,f,-.wwffif.-mfn.t-f,gm-.wail-extra:fqfmw, '- Paul Henmng, presently a P.O.D, teacher, has taught A graudate of Temple University, Leonard Barmat teaches American History at N P H S As a senior social studies teacher, Thomas Vizzard does much to aid his students in their understanding of world problems and occurences. In addition to his teaching duties, he takes time to advise the Knight Crier Staff. SOCIAL STUDIES Chairman of the Social Studies Department, Gale Karl Thompson, well known to both faculty and students teaches P.O.D. at N.P'.H.S. He is conductor of the N.P,H.S. Band and is advisor to the Class of 1966. Reid teaches World Cultures and U,S. History. He also finds time to advise the Forum. Mr. Reid has been teaching at N.P,H.S. for the past eight years. Dennis Gerhart, a graduate of Kutztown State, has been teaching World Cultures and Geography for four years at N,P,H,S, 247 LIGHT UP THE PAST IN THE HOPES OE A BRIGHTER FUTURE. Kenneth Weir, a World Cultures teacher, is the o rganiz e r of N.P,H.S,'s Student E x chan ge Program and sponsor of the International Friendship Organization. 248 Joseph Greco, who graduated from Millersville State College, teaches U.S. History, World Cultures, and Consumer Education. He was in the Navy for twenty years prior to joining the faculty of N,P.H.S. A capable teacher, Thomas Leonard, attempts to 2 A new member of the faculty, David Clarke, teaches World Cultures and U.S. History. He is also literary advisor to the Knight Crier. make his students realize the many sides of every issue in his P,O.D, classes. Teaching social studies and coaching the cross country and track teams go hand in hand with James K Gulick. He received both his B.S. andM.S. degrees at Temple University. MATHEMATICS UNDERSIANDING, ANALYSIS Jo Ann Mauger, a graduate of 'Millersville State College, came to North Penn in January of 1963. She teaches algebra, geometry, and business math. E A,-.. -gay Jw if , 2 fist ct f f fb M' M. QCJ- Chi, 3 jf "' WX vf i' ' SQ F-.x "'r' V John Vinski, teacher of intermediate math assistant coach to the football and track has been at N.P.H.S, for fourteen years has earned his B,S, at Shippensburg and .M at Temple University. Robert Muir earned his B.S. from Lehigh University and has attended Temple University and West Chester State College for extra courses. He teaches intermediate math and basic math at N.P.H.S. u Chairman of the Mathematics D e p a r t m en t, Stanley Golazeski teaches Intermediate Math II, elementary functions, and calculus. He earned his Bache1or's and Master's degree at Bucknell University. Aaron Coblentz, teacher of geometry and intermediate math, earned his B.S. at Millersville State College and has been teaching for 15 years. 251 As Chairman of the Language Department, Mildred Senator Patricia Void, a graduate of Ursinus College and the University, of San Carlos, Guatemala, has completed three years of teaching German a t N.P,H,S. EIFFEL TOWER...THE TANGD... WIENERSCHNITZEL BROADHIED UNDERSTANDING IN A SHRINKING WORLD. w b Ruth Wardlow, who previously substituted atN,P,H.S., is now a full time teacher of French I and II. In addition to teaching a full schedule of German Classes, Maria Schmid has charge of the Student Council and is a member of the School Affiliation Committee. 253 A -graduate of Lasalle College and Villanova University, Vincent Mosakowski teaches physics 9-nd Chemistry bo N.P.H.S. juniors and seniors. 254 Barbara Rogers, who graduated from Millersville State College, teaches physical science, chemistry and physics. SCIENCE Experienced in building and industry, Replogle is a valuable addition to our as a physics teacher. Jo A SY STEMATIC STUDY OF THE NATURAL TRUTHS. Department Chairman of Science, Albert Stewart teaches the principles behind the facts in P.S.S.C, physics class, along with chemistry. After a day of teaching chemistry and physics, Richard Greger can be found in the gym during the winter months as assistant wrestling coach. 1 Teacher of sophomore biology, Edward Klavon is also wrestling and soccer coach, F,T,A. sponsor, and advisor to the class of 1965. A teacher quite familiar to the sophomores is William Schilling. Mr. Schilling received his degree to teach biology from Bloomsburg State College. R. Donald Wack, who has been teaching biology for six years, has become a great friend to the students and is well-known among sophomores. As director, he devotes much of his time to the school play. ART STRESSIHG THE CREATIVE, THE INDIVIDUAL.. Kinter's knowledge of art, g'u1des and mspzres an exh1b1t or takmg a. p1cture uture creat1ve gemuses He 1S often seen WE DISCOVER NEW DEPTHS. WITHIN OURSEIVES. Karl Neuroth, art teacher, has his B.S. degree from Kutztown State and his M S from Temple University VOCATIONAI EDUCATION ANY AND All KNOWLEDGE, AND TRAINING... Chairman of the Vocational Department, Francis Huss adds the teachingof related math and science to his many responsibilities. In addition to teaching drafting and related math, J . Henry Hitz is the Audio-Visual Coordinator. 258 William Bartholomew, graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, teaches vocational machine shop. , A Herbert Kuropkat, a teacher of vocational boys, has charge of the electric shop of N.P,H.S. Theodore Jarret devotes fu1l,timeteacn1ng mechanical drawing and woodworking in theln Arts Department at N,P,H,S, dustrial Andrew Majeski, a skilled teacher, supervises and instructs the boys in the vocational machine shop. WHICH CONTRIBUTES T0 A SATISEYING AND USEFUL, LIFE OE EMPLOYMENT. 259 Lynne Moyer, a graduate of N,P,H,S., has taught physical education and health for three years. A -graduate of West Chester State College, where she received her B.S. degree, she is hockey coach in her spare time. A health and physical education teacher new to the faculty this year, Joseph DeGregorio, also coaches the Junior varsity soccer team. HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION HEALTH, STRENGTH... 260 Edward Lugg, a health and physical education teacher for three years at N.P.H.S,, attended East Stroudsburg State College. Mr. Lugg is seen in the fall coaching linemen of the football team. W- . - fy. ..f, f - , f -, ,.,,,ff,-...fe ,,.- -v,.3,f,.e,,.t-:-Q-f...11,a.: 5,2 VIGOR... LEADERSHIP... FUN. -- --. , -. Y-, W-..-, -- ...- -...- ..-..- ..-- --v..,.... am as head coach, and in the spring with the baseball am, as assistant coach. Maribelle Waldo, Department Chairman of Health and Physical Education, directs senior high girls in understanding of modern health problems. Miss Waldo obtained a M, Ed. from Temple University and has been teaching at N.P.H.S. for nineteen years. Carol Lee Bentley, Assistant hockey coach, stresses physical fitness in her gym classes. She is a graduate of Ursinus College. Alvin Schmidt, Music Department Chairman, earned his B.S. at West Chester State College and Ed. M. at Temple University. He is director of the N.P,H,S. Concert Choir and Vocal Ensemble. SHARING 0UR AWARENESS WITH All MEN - EVERYWHERE. 262 MUSIC SENSITIVITY T0 THE AESTI'IEIIC- THE BEAUTIFUL - SIDE OE LIFE... SHE 6fQ'RuZf1E2i52'Zn a'H2Ii13 S' BE A Jeiii absentees from falling behind in work. HDMEMAKING UNDERSTANDING. AND APPRECIATIN6. BEITER LIVING. Jean Buck, advisor to the Usherettes, is N.P,H,S,'s home making teacher. Mrs. Buck also serves as department chairman. Jeanette Bold attended Millersville State College and Temple University. She is always willing to assist any student in the use of the library. I I 263 DRIVER EDUCATION DEVELOPMENT OF... PROPER AITITUDES, SKlllS, AND KNOWLEDGE. Teaching driver training and safety education is Carl. Giuranna's major role. He is the Chairman of the Driver Training Department and coaches the baseball team in the spring. Thirty years a teacher at N.P.H.S., James Crawford, a driver education instructor, is Track Coach and Athletic Director. Harold Wolff, driver education instructor, a tt e n d e d Temple University an d West Chester Mr Wolff has been assistant basketball coach for f1ve years Visitors to the health suite know Margaretta Farley, the school nurse who dispenses the medicine and keeps health records for the entire student body. I w Terry Shisler assists Mrs. Farley with the physical examinations and health records for every N.P.H.S. student. Mrs. Gwenith Bennett is secretary to the attendance office. Dr. King's secretary, Mrs. Ruben, attends to the clerical duties of the North Penn District. 266 SECREIARIES Mrs. Souder may be seen at her desk as the jointure bookkeeper. W , . .-fsemsmssawxnmu Keepimg records, serving the general needs of students, teachers, and ad- ministrators, and keeping the various offices running efficiently, are the responsibilities of the secretaries. The completion of these services is necessary to the operation of a school as large as N.P,H.S, The libraria.n's secretary is Mrs. Moyer. r Landes' secretary, Mrs. Sophie Heiser, is ew to North Penn- this year. ' t In her first year as secretary in the main office, Cindy Lewis tends to her typing duties. in fx, , i-f1,.,...v,f,:. f ,W .pl Henrietta Gibson is the secretary to the health suite and assists in the attendance office. As the schoo1's receptionist, Miss Dorothy Hooley cheerfully greets visitors and students at North Penn's main office counter. -V W-W ww- f- Wm...WMQQWMMm i5W?W5Q5539fGE?L53iwiM?5ii?Q9ummmw meseML'Q3wWK5Q?Kf3LR8Vi'i52?SK15iLW?i Joe Devito worked as hard as he could but we still had a snow holiday. CUSTODIANS It is the responsibility of the Custodial Staff to maintain the building and grounds, keep- ing them clean and in repair. William Fretz, Head Custodian, Wilma Goodolf, Matron, Clara Fickert, Viola Bossert, Mary Seitz, Claton Nyce, William W. Strouse, Joseph L, Devito, Warrin Ziegler, Robert Hughes, Lawrence Frederick, Joseph A, Belger, Dennis Hufnagel, Stanley Keller, Harry Vogel, Robert Henning, Fred C. Schultz. 269 Preparing Arranging CAFETERIA 270 Serving Perfecting CAFETERIA STAFF Ann Kolb, Dietioian Elsie Esslinger Betty Jean Gehringer Elizabeth Hackman Violet Fisher Dorothy Hooley Jeanette Huskey Virginia Keyser Alma Leatherman Aloa McNeill Hannah Moyer Marga Ottenheimer Florence Ruth Minnie Seitz JoAnn Shanks Harriet Wambold Jennie Weber Theresa Wolff Dorothy Wurtz F riendliness That's not a type "A" dessert Everything under control? 27 1 Inslruction ends in the schoolroom, but education ends only wiih lile. do F. W. Robertson ,gm Qzzz--f,z:,f .sffm-7,-1,fsig,-mQ:wm.,9ww:,f rkt, mJfwMf,gp,wmgm:M:--ffm, fwwaMw,p:::,,-,z1:fy,g-'mix'' n wiasrzf f,,,s',m:f:QQQ'f,w-- -z.--ff ,..p,:- ., 1 ,--f , W inn., f, . A W.,.X,- WL - f. ,.,,,. ,A . , , NN. , . , . . rffi J f 'n. by I 1 'NN ' K 29114 N Y 2 I f L Wt A613120 2 i- 'V 3 - A "2""'L ivrnviiinj ' 7' Q K . ' Qi-xiivit I 1 -- Q W gk f f Q ' f ff f 1 5 .5 r ,tg QIFF? Q2 'fog G if MARTIN CENTURY FARM Country-Fresh MILK and ICE CREAM Lansdale, Pennsylvania Courteous Home Delivery Call 855-4677 275 LESTER K. GEYER REALTOR and AUCTIONEER M. R. 2, Sumneytown Pike 988 Lansdale, Pa. 855-4191 Compliments of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence May BENNETT'S FOOD MARKET CARL A. LINDAHL Roofer 512 Green Street Lansdale, Pa. 855-5-285 Budget Priced LANDIS SHOES for Fit and Fashion Lansdale, Pa. LANSDALE OFFICE SUPPLY CO. 213 West Main Street Lansdale, Pa. 855-3640 Typewriters Office and School Supplies DOROTHY LANDIS Smart F ashions for Women Lansdale, Pa. COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND TIMELY FINANCE SERVICE, INC. William T. Adkin 412 West Main Street Lansdale, Pennsylvania Phone: 855-5169 KRATZ ATLANTIC Pick Up and Delivery Open 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. West Point Sz Sumneytown Pikes North Wales, Pa. 699-9915 SWARTLEY BROS. ENGINEERS, INC. Distinctive Furniture General Electric Appliances 315 West Main Street Lansdale, Pa. M Sz S VENDING, INC. Industrial Feeding 836 West Eighth Street Lansdale, Pa. MILES J. LEWIS Grading-Excavating-Topsoil-Snow Plowing De Kalb Pike R. D. 1 Ambler, Pa. TIBBY DIE AND TOOL COMPANY Precision Machines and Instruments Montgomeryville, Pa. Phone: 855-7177 699-3130 CHARLES F. KREUZBURG M, Em G, optician dir fin.. Q I 'co. 276 303 West Main street "1"H""""""f''T"" Lansdale, Pa. CEDAR HILL CON TRUCTION CO., INC. CUSTOM BUILDERS P. O. Box 143 Souderton, Pa. Phone: 723-9866 "The Haz1ewood" Custom Homes From 313,990 and up We have our own Architectural Staff Every Home Individually Designed for Comfort Homes have following features: 1. Ceramic Tiled Baths 6. 2. Plaster Walls 7. 3. Panelled Family Rooms 8. 4. Hot Water Baseboard Heat 5. Fireplaces 9. 10. Garages Brick Front Frigidaire Appliances Flair Range-Dishwasher Copper Tubing Throughout Colored Fixtures Best Wishes to Class of.1965 CEDAR HILL CONSTRUCTION CO., INC. Charles Dietterich President Frank Salvatore Sec.-Treas . 277 YOUNG'S REAL ESTATE SERVICE Sales - Rentals - Appraisals 800 W. Main St, Branch Office: Lansdale, Penna. Kulpsville, Penna. 855-4218 855-0391 Compliments of WEST POINT INN West Point Pike West Point, Pennsylvania CAPITOL SIGN CO. Plastic Signs -- Designers Repairing -- Erecting -- Neon Signs Route 309 and Broad Street 822-0166 Colmar, Penna. UNITED PAINT Sz WALL PAPER CO. South Broad Street Shopping Center P. O. Box 168 - Lansdale, Pa. S. G. Sandler Phone: 855-4810 Compliments of PIONEER BLACKBOARD CO. North Wales, Penna. GRANT'S LUNCHEONETTE Barbecued Chicken-Hoagies --Ham on Roll-- Steaks - Hamburgers Hot Dogs - Milk Shakes 122 S. Main St., Hatfield, Perma, 855-2611 QUALITY PAINT STORES, INC. The House of Color Quality Brand Paints Rt. 309 and North Wales Rd. Montgomeryville WINTER'S COFFEE SHOP Main Street Lansdale, Pennsylvania PETE WEYER Barber Hatfield, Pa. LAN SDALE DISCOUNT HOUSE 816 West Second Street Lansdale, Pennsylvania Since 1884 ESTATE-OF-GEO. S. SNYDER, INC. Feed-Hardware-Building Material Distributors: Atlantic Heating and Motor Oils-Gasoline 855-2131 723-3630 Hatfield, Pa. MET PRO INCORPORATED Engineers and Manufacturers Fifth St. and Mitchell Avenue Lansdale, Pennsylvania 215-368-1671 MYLES R. WALKER Realtor - Insurer 8 North Main Street Hatfield, Penna. Phone: 855-2061 DON BAGIN'S FEEDBAG He-Man Sandwiches Good Pizza Separate Entrance "Deli" Main 81 Lakeview Lansdale KEYSER 81 MILLER SALES 259 North Second Street Soudlgerton, P ennsglgania hone: 723- 8 4 278 Sales Service FOR ALL YOUR INSURANCE NEEDS CALL OR SEE: JOHN T. LANDES Box 609 Valley Forge Road Lansdale, Pa. Phone: 855-3810 Representative Nationwide Insurance Co BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '65 HUNTER SPRING IMETEK A DIVISION OF AMETEK, INC. , r 1 279 KITTY'S BRIDAL AND FORMAL SHOPPE BEAN AND CLAYTON 126 S. Line Street Lansdale, Pennsylvania Hours Phone Jewelers Dany: 10-9 855-8087 Satg 9-6 855-7098 19lNestBAan1Street Lansdale,Pa, HOELSCHERS TONSi2EgIgggESNE1?1?gtE5e?HOP Diamonds Watches ewelry Lansdale, Pennsylvania Full Line of Class Rings Phone: 855-1742 . . . 1114 North Line Street Tony Ricci B111 Mantz J oe Tornambe Lansdale, Pennsylvania Your New Neighbor "Discounts With Service" BARGAIN CENTER 115 Waluut Street JOHN E. KIEFEER 81 SONS Lansdale, Pennsylvania Tires and Apphances 699-3522 Gift Items - Dresses Sumneytown Pike, Gwynedd Square, Pa. Underwear - Uniforms - Hose LANSDALE AUTO BODY Box 215, North Broad Street l1ansdale,IJennsylVania Phone: 85541754 Cameras and Photographic Equipment P aiming Snnignnening 212 west Main street 855-4818 t Phone: 822-9294 MOLETTIERE S MARKET CLIVEWS GARAGE Inspection Station . Used Car and Auto Repair faggdliglilnpsg' Accessories and Supplies West Walnut Street Colmar, Pa. Comphmemsof KULPSVHJJEBARBERSHOP Men's, Women's and Children's Haircutting Next to Old Village Motel S1223 555153 on Route 63 in Kulpsville Lansdale, P ennsylvania JOSE?E2neSfa1?gCg15'381i mp' Phone: 855-8266 ' NICK'S GARAGE General Repairs - Inspection Station CAMERA SHOP Lggegliggwgogogi Joseph and Edith Dusza Phone, 852-50465 Phone: 855-5884 109 Walnut Street Lansdale, Pa. D.E.WALKER Esso Fuel Oil - Burner Service POUR INN 280 West Point, Pa. Rt 309 699-4012 OLD VILLAGE MOTEL Restaurant and Cocktail Lounge Kulpsville, Pa. Weddings -- Parties -- Buffets Banquets Managers Leonard and Adolph Niootetti Phone 855-4636 i 281 COLMAR AUTO SERVICE Paul B. Moser, Prop. Complete Car and Truck Repairs Guaranteed Used Cars Cotxnirgyfolk Women's Sportswear Colmar, Pennsylvania 822-9287 Main Street Harleysville, Pa. Linoleums Gulistan CUTHBERT'S PHARMACY, INC. Vinyls Carpets Main and Broad Streets Lansdale, Pennsylvania Phone 855-9514 STANDARD LINOLEUM AND BLIND CO. Green and Courtland Sts. Lansdale, Pa. 855-2171 ARCADE BOOK AND CANDY SHOP ll Dresher Arcade Lansdale Preferred School Reading Adult Books and Children's Books O'Nei1's Homemade Candy W. G. Kline . Reiff Road Kulpsville, Pa. Fuel Oil 81 Kerosene Phone: 855-7131 Oil and Gas Heating Established 1921 JOHN H. LANDIS SONS Plumbing and Heating 423 Columbia Ave. Lansdale, Pennsylvania 855-3797 855-3119 855-3928 IRVIN S. KULP I Choice Beef -- Veal -- Lamb --Pork West End Farmers Market Kulpsville Open Wednesday in Kulpsville Open In Norristown Thursday gl Friday Phone BR2-9002 Phone 855-6519 MOATS gl TAYLOR Electrician Wholesalers 213 North Broad St. Lansdale, Pa. 368-1641 309 MOTEL Room Telephones--Free TV--Sound Proofed Mr. gl Mrs. Howard Rice Owner and Manager U.S. Routes 309 81 202 112 Mile East of Lansdale Montgomeryville, Pennsylvania 855-2495. SIBEL'S GOLF TITUS B. SCHRAUGER Barber Appointments for your Convenience 1250 yards Daily to 7p.m, Sat, to 5p.m. Closed Thurs, PHI' 3 9 holes 14 West Broad, Hatfield, Pa, Bethel Road Lansdale R.D. 2 Phone 355-2483 VILSMEIER EQUIPMENT, INC. Montgomeryville, Pennsylvania MILDRED KAUPP Ceramic Studio Cowpath Road, Montgomeryville, Pa. 18936 Phone: 855-2643 Store Hours: Tues. and l'Eurs. 6:30 to 9gJ.m. Fri. to 10 p.m. Sat. 10 a.m. to p.m. Compliments of I-IARLEYSVILLE INSURANCE 282 AN INDUSTRIAL FRIEND MERCK SHARP Xi DOHME Division oi Merck 8. Co., Inc, PHARMACEUTICALS BIOLOGICALS WEST POINT, PENNSYLVANIA KELLY'S SINCLAIR SERVICE STATION Lubrication 619 9-9959 Tires Washing Batteries WaXi1'1g 9,909 General Auto Repairs Main and Elm Avenue, North Wales SUPER CLEANERS AND CLOTHIERS Better Tailoring and Ready Made Clothes Complete Men's Furnishings 202-204 E. Walnut Street North Wales, Pa. 699-4646 RITZI SHOE SHOP 314 West Main Street Lansdale, Pennsylvania 855-5387 Shoes for the Entire Family HELEN 'S HAIRDRESSING Phone: 855-2033 Hatfield, Pa. H. C. WILSON and SON Electrical Contractors 855-4178 444 Covvpath Road 855-2927 Hatfield, Pennsylvania COLONIAL INN Phone: 699-4111 North Wales, Pa. LOU ADELMAN RUGS - CARPETS WALL TO WALL Or ROOM SIZE 26 Years Carpet Reliability in This Area Phone: 855-5643 Route 309 Montgomeryville, Pa. GRA-BRAMS, INC. Specialists in BEEF, PORK, VEAL, LAMB Phone: 256-8883 Harleysville, Pa. NORTH WALES CLEANERS and TAILORS Repairing and Alterations MacNAIR gl SCHIRMER AGENCY We Insure EVERYTHING But Tomorrow Chalfont, Pa. Montgomeryville, Pa. 822-0301 855-3535 Second 81 Walnut Sts. 699-5277 GEORGE KERNEN'S SUNOCO SERVICE M. M. D. PUGLIESE, INC., REALTORS General- Auto Repairing Real Estate Appraisals Insurance Notary Public .11 ,. Routes 309 and 202 3 309 South Main Street Montgomeryville, Pennsylvania North Wales, Pa. 855-9930 699-3406 AL'S SHOE CENTER CLAUDE D. KRATZ It pleases us to please you W. Main Across from Woolworth's Davco Fertilizer Insecticides Lansdale Grains and Seeds Pesticides SALES AND SERVICE R. D. 1, coiiegevine, Pa. Phone: 489-4620 ATLAS ASBESTOS Congratulations, Graduates 284 Atlas Asbestos Company North Wales, Pa. ARTHUR W. LAPP Poultry and Eggs Harleysville, Pa. Phone: 256-8589 ROSENBERGER'S DAIRIES, INC QUALITY DAIRY PRODUCTS DIAL 855-3425 HATFIE LD PENNSYLVANIA 285 THE STORE Allentown and Forty Foot Roads R. D. HI, Lansdale, Pa, Compliments of SN APP ERS Kulpsville, Pennsylvania R. B. DETWILER Hardware Kulpsville, Pa. WINDY'S ATLANTIC STATION Phone: 855- 7566 Vincent Slotter, Prop. a Kulpsville, Pennsylvania V WARREN'S FOOD MARKET Kulpsville, Pennsylvania NICK DONIS Registered Plumbing and Heating Bethlehem Pike Opposite Orvilla Road PATIO SNACK BAR South Broad and Hancock Streets Lansdale, Pennsylvania Phone: 855-7019 CARL'S Television Appliances Sales and Service 203 South Main St. North Wales, Pa Philco Frigidaire TREMONT BARBER SI-IOP Three Barbers to Serve You Frank Taverno Proprietor WHEELER'S PHARMACY Main Street North Wales, Pennsylvania WESTERN AUTO THE FAMILY STORE MUSIC HALL Second and Broad Streets Lansdale, Penna. 855-5863 BETTY REICHENBACH MUSIC STUDIO AND STORE Lansdale, Penna. Telephone: 855-4421 128 S. Broad St. ROBERT E. SIMMONS Jeweler 319 West Main Street Lansdale, Pennsylvania LANSDALE THEATRE Monday through Thursday One Show 8:15 p,m. Friday and Saturday Two shows 7:00 and 9:00 p,m. Saturday Matinee 1:30 p,m. NEW YORK LIFE INSURANCE CO E. B, Ramsey 584-4607 i 1 Clemens Super Markets, Inc. 172 North Second Street 616 East Main Street 1000 North Broad Streets Souderton, Pa. Lansdale, Pa. Lansdale, Pa. American Electronic Laboratories, Inc. Richardson Road Colmar, Pennsylvania Phone: 822-2929 Dr. Leon Riobrnan Conrad J. Fowler C.R. Schaeffer President Executive V. P. Vice President, Finance 287 CLOYD W. MILLS Trenching North Wales R.D. 1, Pa. Phone: 855-7900 HARTNETT'S SANDWICH SHOP Orville and Cowpath Roads Booth and Fountain Service Our Milk Shakes are Famous CMade with 1! 2 pt. Ice Creamj Steaks - Cheeseburgers - Beefburgers - Hoagies Hatfield, Pa. Phone: 855-9865 CHARLES E. BEAN at co. ' STUART'S Music Real Estate and Insurance 851 West Main Street 122 South Main Street Telephone: Langdale, Pa, - F 855-4878 North Wales' Pennsylvania 699 4555 Authorized Dealer of the Lowrey Organs Instructions, Instruments, Supplies Compliments of KRIEBEL FUNERAL HOME 464 South Main Street Hatfield 855-2024 ECKERT'S SUNOCO SERVICE Sumneytown Pike and Valley Forge Road Lansdale M. R. 132, Pa. 855,-9876 S gl H Green Stamps Nw F SWARTZ 'S TEXACO SERVICE ZEIGLER'S PRODUCE and SWEET CIDER 444 S l'1 M ' S ""'E"'E"f' Washing Ca amAd58S1sories ?1i20v7Lf90M'Q N913-Eh Bgoad greet HHS 3. C, 3. i4iv6 . Complete Lubrication 'lVf'.T'HT Zelglel' SPSSTTS -- 855-5161 855-9826 Hatfield, Pa. KOUNTRY KITCHEN 600 West Main Street , Lansdale, Pa. Milk and Dairy Products Phone Area 215, 699-9721 THE COMBO KINGS A Recording Combo With Organ C355,181iufr22gf"SfffdD8ffSj Andrew E. Lewis 111 122 south Fourth st Open 9:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. Mon.thru Sat. Manager North Wales, Pa. STRAUSS CLOTHING Boys' -- Youths' -- Men's Clothing 17 West Main Street Lansdale, Pa. 855-3354 ORVILLE'S MARKET Fifth and Chestnut Streets Lansdale, Pennsylvania Compliments of PENN ELASTIC COMPANY Moyer Boulevard West Point, Pa. SCHLOSSER STEEL, INC. Steel Fabricators Hatfield, Pa. HOLLAND'S BEAUTY SALON The Friendly Shop 100 South Main Street zas North Wales, Pa. 699-9698 I. L. ALDERFER SONS, INC. Imperial Chrysler -- Plymouth Telford, Pa. CHARLES CHIPS CO. S Free Home Delivery Potatoe Chips, Pretzels, Candies, and Other Fine Snack Items S V sr MARIFS aus North Wales RD 4+1, Pennsylvania Catering for Parties, Reunions, Proms, Weddings, Banquets, Etc. h : - P one 855 8777 Sixth Sz Maple Lansdale Open to Public 855-9940 Compliments of MATTERO BROS. CO. Scrap Dealers 316 West Seventh Street Lansdale, Pennsylvania SAFEOUARD ACCOUNTING SYSTEMS P.o. Box 151 400 WEST Pico BLVD. LANSDALE, PENNSYLVANIA LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA EORMS EoE BUSINESS 289 APPEL'S LUNCHEONETTE Broad and Cowpath Road Lansdale, Pennsylvania 855-2979 Steaks Burgers Hoagies R PArkWay 3-5281 HENRY A. CROFF Automobile Body and Fender Repairing and Painting , D. 1, Souderton, Pennsylvania Compliments of F. W. WOOLWORTH CO. C. S. GERHART Hatfield, Pennsylvania JOHN FLUCK'S ATLANTIC SERVICE 721 East Main Street Lansdale, Pa. 855-0770 Quality Lubrications Washing and Polishing OAK GROVE PARK Mobile Homes --Sales-- Service New and Used 723-2007 Hatfield, Pa. BOB JONES Custom Floor Waxing Commercial 81 Domestic 616 East Hancock Street Lansdale, Pa. 855-2835 --We take a shine to your floors.-- Meet your friends at CLAUSSEN'S LUNCHEONETTE Hatfield, Pennsylvania DANIEL KOBASA CHICK'S BEAUTY SHOP Appointment Only Mininger Road West of Cowpath Souderton P ennsylvania 21 South Broad Street Lansdale 855-9956 Phone: 723-7378 LANSDALE BEVERAGE COMPANY St. Elmo and Pelet Street Lansdale, Pa. HATFIELD PHARMACY The Store of Personal Service Robert E. Porter, B. Sc. Hatfield, Pennsylvania NORTH WALES NEWS AGENCY North Wales, Pa. P MURREY M. ALDERFER Masonry Waterproofing Clnside or Outy 390 West Broad Street Telford, Pa. hone: 723-5373 Free Estimates HATFIELD COIN OP ERATED LAUNDRY 20 Washers 9 Dryers 220 West,Broad Street 290 Hatfield, Pennsylvania HAROLD WATTS' COFFEE SHOP North Wales, Pa. MET-FIN. INC. 81 SPRA-FIN, INC. Master Craftsmen of Metal Finishing North Wales, Pa Sales and Service Lansdale LANSDAIE TRANSPORTATION CO.. INC. I.ANSDAlE RAMBIER I I R Sl s ,v RAMBLER North Broad Street Lansdale, Pennsylvania 291 EELDI'S FURNITURE Lansdale 855-2135 ALBERT'S Personality Beauty Shop 20 North Wood Street, behind Grant's Lansdale, P ennsylvania Phone:,855-3635 Specialists in Hair Shaping, Styling, and Permanent Waving Compliments of POOL AND SONS SLATER AND SONS Lansdale, Pennsylvania SMITH - CORONA DETWEILER'S MARKET Hatfield, Pennsylvania THE SIMCO COMPANY, INC. Static Elimination Equipment 920 Walnut Street Lansdale, Pa. Compliments of HATEIELD CLOTHING COMPANY, INC. Hatfield Pennsylvania PAUL A. SWOPE Builder 2613 East Vine Street Hatfield, Pennsylvania Phone: 855-5888 Compliments of HATEIELD NURSERY CHARM BEAUTY SALON Haircutting by Joseph 22 West Third Street Lansdale, Pa. 855--ll96I LANSDALE ICE gl STORAGE CO., INC. Ice Manufacturers Block -- Crushed -- Cubes Wholesale and Retail Plant and Office: Rear 201 South Broad Street Lansdale, Pa. GWYN EDD INN Carl 81 Betty Schuler EVELYN GUSSMAN SCHOOL OE DANCING I00 Railroad Avenue Lansdale, Pennsylvania LANSDALE CHEVRON Chevron Dealer 855-9890 855-5334 855-5095 Main and Cannon Lansdale, Pennsylvania LANSDALE NEWS AGENCY 301 West Main Street Lansdale, Pennsylvania 292 Phone: 855-6108 LANSDALE HOBBY SHOP Main and Broad Streets Lansdale, Pennsylvania Best Wishes to the Class of '65 THE IU . UPF 4 AGENCY ,,mE'QQ0D Am comnrrnomma Real Estate Lansdale 699-4452 855-2184 All Types of Automobile Insurance Rates on Request PRnz's DAIRY MART Stop In For the Finest in Sandwiches and Soft Ice Cream Rts. 309 and 463 Montgorneryville 13110119 855-0791 KRUPP MEYERS 8. HOFFMAN 4 LUMBER Fuel-Oil 855-68814 Hardware Lansdale 293 my-9 GENERAL TIRE BEROEY'S TIRE SERVICE North Broad Street Lansdale, Pennsylvania Phone: 855- 1388 J. O. SMALLWOOD AND SONS West Point Road 699-3212 Lansdale R.D. 152, Pa. THE KELLER POTTERY COMPANY Flower Pot Manufacturers for a Century and a I-Ialf Two Plants KOEHlER'S Kensington, Connecticut North Wales, Pa. Diamond Merchants 206 W. Main St. VA8'4I68 699-4441 Lansdale, Pennsylvania Area Code 203 Area Code 215 J. L. FREED 8. SONS, INC. MILLER'S VARIETY STORE South Broad Street Shopping Center Lansdale, Pennsylvania Q33 855-7039 Lansdale Our New Store I-Iillcrest Shopping Center East Main Street Pontiac Tempest 8556246 LANSDALE LAUNDRY 81 DRY CLEANING 122 S. Broad St. Lansdale, Pa, Laundry Tailoring Damp 81 Dry Dry Cleaning Shirt Finishing Service - Pillow Sanitizing Service Phone: 855- 605 1 294 oooson RAMBLER "The Best of Both" Best Deal Best Service Walnut and Center Streets North Wales, Pennsylvania Joseph J. Creegan Telephone Proprietor 699- 3485 699-4114 FRANCONIA PROPANE WARREN N. HELMAN, INC. GAS COMPANY S ' 1 h' pecia Mao me Work Franconia, Pa. It's the Service that Counts Lansdale, Pa. Night Phone: 855-7490 Day Phone: 723-5262 MONTGOMERY 1 own s1THs,,0 Pottstown Q. Lansdale ,. Hatfield In BANK and Trust Company 2.11232 Wales ' Spring City MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION BRENNINGER MOTORS, INC. , 295 28 North Cannon Avenue Lansdale, Pe1111SY1Va1'11a FRAN MILLER, Agent sms FARM INSURANCE IANSDME Auto Homeowners Life Casualty 24-I-Iour Service Kuipsvnie 855-1084 855-6897 . Cab. Stand Ask About Good Student Discount 610 Norgqffgiigd Street Reggxgjl? R BERNIE'S Foreign Car Service Major and Minor Repairs on All Foreign and Sports Cars Lube and Oil Change Route 309 Montgomeryville, Pa. Phone: 855-6495 WILLIAM A. GUM, INC.. Insurance Brokers 414 West Main Street Lansdale, Pennsylvania 855-4141 N. H. HACKMAN INSURANCE Notary Public--Real Estate Colmar, Pa. "1 Appreciate Serving You" In Lansdale lt's . . . BEINHACKER'S for Wearing Apparel Main and Green Street Lansdale, Pa. We have been outfitting High School Students :or the past 64 years. 296 K.. ,.. Edwards I "TOTS 81 TEENS SHOE WORLD" 308 West Main Street Lansdale, Pa. 855-1934 Regular and Corrective Shoes NORTH PENN REPORTER The North Penn's Own Daily Newspaper Lansdale, Pennsylvania 855- 682 1 I THE HARLEYSVILLE NATIONAL BANK AND TRUST COMPANY Harleysville, Pa. Phone -- 256-8854 A Skippack-Worcester Office, Skippack, Pa. Phone -- 584-4162 Congratulations to the Graduates Limerick Office, Limerick, Pa. . i T Phone -- HU-7212 BITNER APOTHECARIES, INC. 6T '4lQ I Lansdale, Pa. ' 5 855-4110 Q, - ,sl . 'Qual' CLYDE S. WAlTON. INC. R. l. KULP The "Full Service" Dealer Fuel Oil Burner Repair Paving Trenching Grading Installations Zoned Heating North Wales 699-3290 418 South Broad Street Lansdale 855-6893 297 I THE TITLE INSURANCE CORPORATION A. K. SHEARER oI PENNSYLVANIA Lumber and Millwork Headquarters Bryn Mawr, Pa. Phone: 699-3415 699-9491 12 South Broad Shopping Center, Lansdale, Pa. North Wales, Pennsylvania Phone: 855-2103 Established 1863 855-2105 1- DAVID SPROUSE sum HOMES, mc. ITIOTISI Route 309 Lagggiegzga' Souderton, Pa. DEAL'S ATLANTIC SERVICE Bob Deal Mllfv nmcnvf AGENCY. mc. Lugggggggggfgegggggng Road Service Congratulations to the New Graduates Security and Investigation Consultants Valley Forge and Allentown Road West Point Pike Lansdale' Pa' West Point, Pennsylvania Phone. 855-9,744 Think First of FOOD FAIR I BUILDER Lansdale, Pennsylvania 699-4849 298 136 South Main Street North Wales WERNER MOTORS INC. Mt. Vernon and Green Streets Lansdale, Pennsylvania Irnperial--Chrysler--Plymouth--Valiant--Triurnnh ' I 5 I TELEFLEX Incorporated Church Road North Wales Best Wishes to the Class of '65 ANDRICHYN 8. SCHNABEI. INC. Gener al Building C ontr actors Fifth 8a Iron Streets Lansdale, Pennsylvania Phone: 855-6248 or 855-9737 GREENE. TWEED 8. C0. North Wale s , Pennsylvania Manufacturers of Palmetto Packings 299 THE PEOPIES NATIONAL BANK Souderton, Pennsylvania NORTH WALES SERVICE CENTER General Repairing Specializing in Brake and Ignition Service Official Inspection Station 6 East Walnut Street North Wales 699-3120 lANSDAlE COCA-COlA BOTTIINO CO. Dickerson Road 8a Wissahickon Ave North Wales SAM FRUIT'S SHOE STORE Fits, Service, Quality Since 1901 Nationally Advertised Brands Main Street Lansdale, Pennsylvania 855-4460 ALDERFER BOLOONA CO., INC. Bologna Sz Smoked Meats Harleysville, Pennsylvania FRANK ATWOOD State Farm Insurance State Farm Insurance Companies Bloomington, Illinois Dial 855-3421 Here in Lansdale 618 Mt. Vernon Street Lansdale, Pennsylvania GEO. YOCUM, INC. SALES SER VICE Lansdale, Pennsylvania 300 855-3289 855-3440 Distinctive Floral Arrangements for All Occasions We Telegraph Flowers World Wide Your Welcome Wagon Florist CATHARINE STAHl FLORIST 861 RW. Main Street Lansdale T. D. KEYSER. INC. Modern Body and Paint Shop 855-5116 Lansdale USED ' CARS fNlTURl !g0?C'8 IAN! All. IA .1 EDWIN B. CHOYCE INTERIOR DESIGNING Specializing in Early American and Traditional Furniture and Accessories 743 W. Main Street Lansdale TRANSFER, INC. ,W Lansdale, Pa. M M WT 599-4431 T RAlPH'S SUPER MARKET 5 801-09 W. Main Street Every Day Is Savings Day Lansdale 301 ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICE SERVICES OFFICE-AIDES, INC. 109 Jenkins Avenue Lansdale, Pennsylvania Custom Printing Phone: 855-9047 SOCIETY PAGE SALON A 81 P Shopping Center South Broad Street Lansdale, Pennsylvania Phone: 855-7129 The Ultimate in Beauty Care Illfk CALVIN GRAFTON ELECTRONIC SALES AND SERVICE Penn 81 Union, Hatfield, Pa. 368-1414 Sales gl Service For: Zenith 81 RCA Victor-TV-Color TV- Radios Stereo' I-Il-FI-Gulbransen gl Lowrey Organs Fedders Air Conditioners Q SNYDER 8. BRADFORD SIGNS 20 Towamencin Ave., Hatfield, Pa. Phonezl 855-9448 Wood 81 Metal Signs--Posters Truck 81 Window Lettering--Silk Screening BUEHRLE'S GLADIOLUS FARM Field Crown Cut Flowers in Season Route 309 and 463 855-1464 Wheel Balancing State Inspection General Repairs Brake Service Auto Air Conditioning CHARLES P. TEAS SUNOCO SERVICE STATION Sumneytown Pike and Dickerson Road North Wales, Pennsylvania Phone: 699-9902 EBERT MOTOR CO. NIJ v Wy Trucks - Busses Service - Sales - Parts Lansdale, Pa. 855-4641 302 LANSDALE SCHOOL OF BUSINESS Day Classes 8 A.M, - l P.M, Attend School in Morning Work in Afternoon Sixth and Broad Streets Lansdale, Penna. 855-4212 Arn ! if gl!! 1--L g, II EVEN People come from all over to sav FIRSI FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION OF IANSDAIE "A Good Place to Save" TRI-KRIS CO.. INC. I .',:-'W I' i3"Z1i: -Q ' 45'-+i:f. m, Q , 4245.3 iv1n1l""H ,-. Y I N H L. S b 5 ,. . - e :, " f fr-1'L'v -- ' 'lwlhils .X.,. ,Lg-,m-v. U , ,.z. -.1 . I '. '.,.-.- .-,rw 5: .- 1 ' ' 't , A 4- , , " -- - -' -1. ff uf' g ' ' I "I If "O", ' f5?:5Jii3Q' . AI I 5:71-I jg Emlaggal.. 4 . - -1- , -jg X ' 1 " I IN' I 9 at Walnut and Hatfield Streets Lansdale, Pennsylvania AMOS .l. MOORE, IR. Trash and Garbage Collection 753 Horsham Road MININ6ER'S 'Frestone DISTRIBUTOR AUTO SUPPLY AND SPORT CENTER 1341 North Broad Street North Wales, R.F.D. lil, Pa. Lansdale, Pennsylvania Phone: Mitchell 6-6880 Phone: 855-8004 855- 8034 303 Special Cakes and Pastries For All Occasions Baked by SHELLY BROS., INC. Office: 116 Courtland Street Phone: 855-4630 219 West Main Street Phone: 855-5896 Lansdale, Pennsylvania g LANSDALE PORCELAIN ENAMEL CORP. 855-6889 NORTH PENN MARINE Boats -- Motors -- Accessories North Broad Street Lansdale, Pennsylvania ROLLING HILLS CONSTRUCTION, INC SAMUEL YASS1 Contractor and Builder Phone: 855-8725 MAC'S FABRIC HOUSE Fabrics for the Home It S Anthony W. Appel Route 309 Bethlehem Pike Montgomeryville, Pa for your Phone: 855-8952 Luggage I-Iours: Susquehanna Avenue Mon., Wed., Fri. -- 10-5 6:30-9 Tues., Thurs., san. -- 10 no 5 Lansdale T ritzels Sweetzels Chipzels Everything in Hardware Lansdale 855-4319 North Wales 699-3475 Free Parking at Rear of Each Store 304 PERFECT FOODS. INC. South Chestnut Street Lansdale, Pennsylvania Phone: 855-6849 C. Henry Longenecker Funeral Home Main Street and Elm Avenue North Wales, Pennsylvania 699-3442 Compliments of Turbo Machine Co 305 418 West Main Street 160 Main Street RCA ZENTTH EMERSON Realtors -- Insurance DONALD HARKNESS TV 8. Radio -- Sales 8. Service Lansdale Souderton 855-1191 723-5224 Service on Color Television Oak Park Road Lansdale, Pa. Phone: 855-2834 Medical and Industrial Gases and Equipment WEST POINT SUPPLY HATFIELD LIVESTOCK MARKET, INC. NORMAN L. MOYER, Manager O' A' WEBER' Owner Every Monday at 3 P. M. Where Buyers and Sellers Meet! West Point, Pa. Phone: 855-2001 Home Phone: 723-5408 Builders and Designers of Custom Fire Apparatus Acoustical Ceilings and Paneling Remodeling and Repairs West Point, Pa. Fire Equipment Sales and Service Moyer's Road Hatfield, Pa. R. C. HARWICK PHONE: 699-4841 Phone: 855-9467 24-I-lour Service GREISEMER BROS. p Janitor Service 617 East Main Street Lansdale,'Pa. ' I 306 Phone: 855-4406 855-3664 "We do things the clean Way" Clarence "Reds" Greisemer Albert "Whitey" Greisemer Hatfield Packing Company 13N WILLIAM R. SIIYDER Industrial Photography 699 -4130 orth Main Street North Wales E. J. BRO0KS CO. Complete Real Estate Service 331 North Broad Street Lansdale, Pa. 855-5196 Compliments of LEE'S HAIR FASHIGIIS 128 South Line Street Lansdale, Pa. Call 368-1559 for Appointment Your AC COLADE Photographer MERIN STUDIOS, INC. 1010 Chestnut Street Philadelphia, Pa. 19107 307 CHARLES J. McARTHUR Gunsmith Route 309 Colmar, Pa Phone: 822-0541 PLASTICA Manufacturers of Plastic Tableware North Wales, Pennsylvania 699-3950 GEORGE R. HUFE 8 SONS FUNERAL HOME Derstine and Cannon Avenues Lansdale, Pennsylvania 855-331 l DOUGLAS L. LAW BUILDING CONTRACTOR New Construction--Remodeling--Additions Lansdale R.D.i?2 699-3874 RAYTOR CORPORATION SHEET METAL WORK Fifth and Cannon Avenues Lansdale, Pennsylvania 855-ll2l BONDED CUSTOM CLEANERS One I-Tour Drycleaning Three Hour Shirt Laudering lll0 North Broad Street Lansdale, Pa. Souderton Shopping Center Routes 202 and'309, Montgomeryville, Pa. Real Estate RICHARD c. wfsfk Ilobwm 2 MERRILL H. WEBER I NTI? i l0 N. Broad St., Lansdale, Pa. 855-5165 855-9258 Send Flowers Worldwide Insurance Mortgages Notary 21 West Main Street Members of North Penn Board of Realtors 308 Lansdale, Pa. The accent is on YOU at . . . Union National Bank 81 Trust Company Souderton Telford Line Lexington Green Lane Schwenksville Kulpsville Frank M. Weaver 81 Co., Inc. Lansdale, Penna. Phone: 855-6855 Structural Steel Work - Designers - Fabricators - Erectors Monorail Systems 309 ROSE'S MARKET Broad and Sumneytown Pike Congratulations Class of 1965 W. M. ANDERS Home Improvement Service 699-9541 Phone: 855-3881 Aluminum Building Products for the Home GARIS HARlEYSVIllE DAIRY 0UEEN Registered ' ROUTE 63 Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning North Main Street HARLEYSVILLE Hatfield, Pennsylvania , Hours: Phone 85543728 PA'7109 12 Noon - 11 p.m. 256-9359 I Best Wishes to the suvnfns GARAGE C15555of ATLANTIC PETROLEUM PRODUCTS Firestone Tires 225 South Main Street Hatfield, Pennsylvania 855-2124 TREADWAY INN Radnor-Chester Road and Route +1930 St. Davids, Pa. MU8-5800 310 Hlnolo I. HARP Registered Plumbing and Heating Phone 855-3607 704 Towarnenoin Avenue Lansdale, Pennsylvania IEHIGH VAIIEY SUPPLY COMPANY Plumbing -- Heating -- Industrial Supplies Fifth and Maple Streets Lansdale, Pa. C. Raymond Lukens Builder, Inc. 4 N -NX D 40 QR- W ,few C. RAYMOND LUKENS, President I 1 1 way 2 O Z ZQIO C0 C. RAYMOND LUKENS, JR., Vice President Q A W f t GUI ? Main and Walnut Streets North Wales, Pennsylvania 699-4404 Scholl Printing Company Commercial Printers Letterheads Envelopes Ruled Forms Advertising Catalogs Announcements 32 East Blaine Street Lansdale, Pennsylvania 855-5813 311 Compliments of W. H. EENSTERMACHER, INC. Roofing and Air Conditioning Fifth and Line Streets Lansdale, Pa. EElDMAN'S 415 West Main Street Lansdale, Pa. MANHATTAN Shirts and Sportswear INTERWOVEN Socks MUNSINGWEAR Underwear BARBIZON Lingerie THOMAS W. RORER 8. SON Contractor and Builder Custom Built Homes 32 East School Street Hatfield, Pa. BEAN, MASON, 81 EYER, INC. All Forms of Insurance Including Life Monument Square 713 West Main Street Doylestown Pa. Lansdale, Pa. Phone: 855-2712 ' 855-8923 348-8141 855-6841 BADMAN'S FURNITURE Furniture --Rugs --Bedding Shades -- Blinds 855-4922 215 West Main Street Lansdale, P BANNER AIUMINUM BODY CORPORATION ROUTE 309 P. O. BOX 338 MONTGOMERYVILLE, PA. 18936 215 CH7-6900 ARDENT NURSERIES Landscape Engineers Plant. Mart North Broad Street 312 Lansdale, Pa. "Your F avorite Mover" IANSDAIE STORAGE CO. Local and Long Distance Moving Phone: 723-7710 US VAN LINES Broad and Cherry Streets Hatfield Savings and Loan ASSOCi31Ii0I1 Hatfield, Pennsylvania 855 2 "From An Industrial Friend' HEILER'S DAIRY BAR Ioe Cream ----------- Sandwiches 855-2759 Kulpsville ALLIED PAINT MANUFACTURING CO., INC. PHILADELPHIA SPRING 8. EDUIPMENT CD., INC. Leading Truck Equipment Distributors 1605-23 North Front Street Philadelphia 22, Pennsylvania W.F. Hayes, General Manager GAI'fie1d 3-4740 314 V. 8. J. DERSTINE Contract Carriers Box 438, Derstine Road M. R. 1, Hatfield, Pa. phone 12151 723-9808 Gwyn-Dale Diner "Most Recommended Eating Place in the North Penn Area" Fresh Delicious Foods Moderate Prices Courteous -- Fast Service Pleasant Atmosphere Crystal Soap 81 Chemical Co., Inc. Huntington Laboratories, Inc. Eighth Street Sz Moyers Road Lansdale, Pennsylvania Industrial Specialties Soaps --Floor Waxes -- Detergents -- Germicides 315 Compliments of ARTHUR MOORE Garbage and Trash Collector Call Mltohell 6-6279 for Service DEEP BUS SERVICE Horsham Road North Wales R. D. H11 TODD MOTOR SALES BARN Pennsylvania's Largest Automobile Wholesaler Largest Service Facilities In The Area NEW and USED Automobiles HORSE TRAILER HEADQUARTERS Always 50 or More on Hand -- New and Us Route 309 723-9811 01' MIG-1250 Hatfie Open daily from 8:30 a.m. until 9 p.m. Saturdays until 5 p.m. 316 I. W. REX COMPANY ed ld Lansdale, Pennsylvania Village Scene Mobile Home Park "Make Your Home in a Park" Koffel Road, R.D. +lf1, Lansdale, Pa. Raymond G. and Katie M. Allebach, Props. Authorized Dealer for Mobile Homes, M.H.M.A. Approved 30 x 50, 50 x 75 Ft. Lots -- Fully Modern -- 110-220 Volt Wiring 855-8695 or 855-2005 9 1:0 6 P.M. NBUI'l13l1S Custom Upholstering Manufacturing of New Furniture and Reupholstering 618 West Main Street Lansdale, Pa. 855-6651 Best Wishes To The Class of '65 317 Green Aluminum Fence BY CHAIN ' LINK FENCE COMPANY OE PENNSYLVANIA TOWN 81 COUNTRY LANB I Stump Road Air Conditioned South Broad Street Shopping Center Montgomeryville, Pennsylvania Lansdale, Pa. Featuring AMF Magic Circle Ball Return 855-5194 SAVINGS AND LCAN ASSOCIATION msmzig 'Z I o 5,53 noarconsnfrvxnxs snorrma cnrmzn 'f4,,,,,v3" N ul IOUTH aw! st. nom! wut! Congratulations North Penn Graduates PI-I ILCQ A suasuoumv OF LANSDALE DIVISION ' LANSDALE, PA. 318 Since 1923 American Olean has been manufacturing the highest .CIIAMIO TILI lTIeI"iCa.l"l quality ceramic tile for installation in the finest homes, schools, lean , , I I hospitals, and commercial buildings throughout America. TTBITIOIIT Hotel Lansdale , Pennsylvania 319 Albert's Beauty Shop Brian, Joan, and Todd Alderfer Mr. and Mrs. John L. Alderfer Mr. and Mrs. Lineaus Anders Mrs. Caroline Anderson Miss Mildred Anderson Mr. Robert Anderson Mr. and Mrs. William C. Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Baker Mrs. Marie Barby Mr. Raymond Barby Mr. and Mrs. Louis U. Barner Mr. and Mrs. Frank H. Barnes Mr. and Mrs. Max Barnes Mr. and Mrs. Carmen Battavio Helen G. Bean Kathryn Bean Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. MT. and Mrs Paul Bean Roland Bean F. Elmer Beehner Norman Beidler Christian Benner Edward Benner Judi and Sandy Benson Carol L. Bentley Mr. and Mrs. Walter Berger Betty Lou and Mary Jane Bill and Alan Bill and Janis Bill and Mary Anne Bishop's Baby Shop Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Bitto Bob and Cindy Mr. and Mrs. Charles V. Bold Bonnie and Bob Suzanne L. Boyd Judith Faye Brown Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bucci Mr. and Mrs. Walter Buck Butchie and Linda Mr. and Mrs. James Campbell Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Chilcote Edwin B. Choyce Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Chubb Mrs. Elmer Cliver Thomas J. Collins Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Connor Mr. and Mrs. John Corrado, Sr. Mr. James Coughlin Mr. and Mrs. William Craft and Son Mr. and Mrs. James B. Crawford Mr. Joseph Cressman Mr. and Mrs. William Crozier Danny and Debbie South Mrs. Carrie Daub Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Daub Mr. and Mrs. Russell Daub Mary G. Derstein Miss Mayme B. Dettra Mr. James Devericks 320 PATRONS OF THE 1965 ACCOLADE Mr. Thomas A. Dingle Barry Dolde Donna and Lin Mr. and Mrs. Robert Donofrio Mr. and Mrs. LaVerne H. Dotts Mr. and Mrs. Elwood Duckworth Mr. and Mrs. Louis Duemig Eddie, Marie, and Chuck The Elroy Store Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Engle, Jr. gl Family Mr. and Mrs. Estep Mr. and Mrs. Richard Fahy Mr. and Mrs. Donald G. Farley Mrs. Herman Faul Mr. and Mrs. Norman Faullmer Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Faulkner Mr. and Mrs. Walter Forst Mamie E. French Many Anonymous Friends Pee Wee Gally Mr. and Mrs. Daniel S. Gehman Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Gehringer Mr. and Mrs. Irvin R. Gerhart Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Gilhart and Mrs Francis Gillespie Mr. . Gloria and Andy Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Gross Maude Gross Mr. and Mrs. Lynda Grubb Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. James Godshall H. Paul Gordon Edw. H. Gossling, Jr. 8a Family Kenneth Graham Lester Grater Gordon Grubb William F . Guenst, Jr. James K. Gulick James L. Haberle and Sons Mrs. Emma Hammett Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs Mr. . Blanche Henning Mr. Henning Vernon Harp Walter A. Harper Donald Harple Arthur Hartzel William Hayes and Family Herbert Heckler Abel S. Heffentrager Kenneth Heiser Herbert C. Heitzman James Hendricks Robert Hendricks Henrietta and Carl Mrs. Virginia High Don Hill Rev. and Mrs. Alton Hoffman Judy Hoffman Mr. and Mrs. Franz Hofmann Mr. and Mrs. Honeywell and Family Miss Dorothy Hooley Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Jacobs Mr. and Mrs. Donald K. Huber David Hunsberger Charles B. Illingworth, Jr. John H, Jensen and Family Kevin and Wayne Jernigan Jimmy and Linda Mr. and Mrs. Marcus W. Jobson Joe and Sherry Jordon' s Luncheonette Judie and Ron Judy and Cheryl Mr. and Mrs. Morris June Mrs. Jurnovoy Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kaelin Mr. and Mrs. William Kalb, Sr. Mrs. Robert L. Kaler, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Katz Mr. and Mrs. Robert I. Kauler Mr. Craig Kehler Mrs. Lorraine Kehler Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Tom Kohler Mr. and Mrs Charles J. Kemp, Jr. Robert Kinsey, Sr. Charles Kintzly, Jr. Charles Kintzly, Sr. Edward Klavon Alexander Kobasa Daniel Kobasa and Family Walter Kobasa and Family William Kobasa and Family Elwood F . Kolb Lettie Ann Kolb Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. G. Kenneth Kratz George S. Kratz Melvin Kratz Thomas Kratz Bonnie E. Krauss Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Herbert Krider Jack Krier and Family William L. Kushel . Ronald Kusmaul Paul Lake Barbara Jo Landes Mr. and Mrs. John W. Lennon Les and John Miss Cynthia Lewis Mr. and Mrs. Harold Lightcap Linda and Jim Emma Loeffler William Loeffler Mr. and Mrs. William T. Long Mr. and Mrs. Fred Lunger Mr. and Mrs. Francis MacLaughlin Cmdr. and Mrs. Peter Madison Mae and Otto Mr. and Mrs. Harvey G. Mangal Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Markoff Mayall Family Mr. and Mrs. James Mayall .PATRONS OF THE 1965 ACCOLADE Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. MT. and Mrs Lester Mayall Robert McCarty McClay Patrick G. McGuire Ellen Messing Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs and Mrs. Harold E. Messler Stanley Metz Lloyd Meyers Raymond Miley, Jr. John C. Miller John H. Miller Mr. Ken and Hannah Miller Mr. and Mrs. William Miller Mr. and Mrs. Valdo Miraldi Mitch Et Karen Mr. and Mrs. William Moss Mrs. Lawrence T. Moyer Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Moyer Mr. and Mrs. Samuel G. Moyer Robert H. Muir James Mullen Mr. and Mrs. William Naylor SIA William Naylor, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John F. Neary, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Nelson Mr. and Mrs. James Nicholson Mr. and Mrs. Jolm Nitta North Wales Press Mr. and Mrs. William Novicki The John Ochotny Family Mr. and Mrs. Paul Ochotny MT. Bild Mrs. Peter R. P2.1m3.I'O Miss Sharon Palmarozza Maryann Parente Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Parvin Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Paul Peg and Armand Peg and Joe Pete and Sherry Mr. A. Platt Mrs. Retia Priest Mr. and Mrs. Bill Proctor PYETHY Mr. and Mrs. William Rambo Randy and Lorraine Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Rappold Mrs. Reed and Mrs. Kirby Mr. and Mrs. Francis Reichert Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Reinbold Howard and Fay Renner Mr. and Mrs. James Renner Mr. and Mrs. John W. Ribble Rick and Jean Mr. and Mrs. John A. Rinker Mr. and Mrs. Merle Roberts Stella N. Romig Ron and Es Ronnie and Joy T. W. Rorer Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Rupert ZZ2. 321 MT. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Joe Sabol Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Sauer Mr. and Mrs. Melvin B. Sylor Donna Lee Schilling Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Schmid Alvin E. Schmidt Pearl P. Schrack Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Schwager Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. . and Mrs Mr . Mrs. Ella Shelly Harold Schweriner, Harold Schweriner, C.R. Shaffer Alfred Shanks Richard Shelly Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Shively Mr. and Mrs. Richard Simmers Mrs. William Smith Mr. and Mrs. Clyde W. Snyder Mr. and Mrs. J. Linford Snyder Mr. and Mrs. Carl Springer Mrs. Doris Stevens Mr. and Mrs. John P. Stevens, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John P. Stevens, Sr Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Stevens Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Stubbs Dorothy Stucker Susie Q. Jr. Sr. and Son Charlotte V. Swoyer Mr. and Mrs. Roland Tebeau Mr. and Mrs. Robert Tebeau and Daughter Patrons Of The 1965 Accolade Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Louis G. Thomas Karl A. Thompson William Thompson Charles Thomson Alfred Thornton Russell Tompkins, Jr Frank Travis George H. Troxel Russell Urban Robert VanSciver Walter Vilsmeier Mrs. Myles Walker Mrs. Nevin D. Wampole Mr. and Mrs. Milton M. Wasser Margaret A. Watchorn Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. a.nd Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Gerald Watson I J. Conrad Watson Herbert Weber John R. Weikel Kenneth L. Weir William C. Wenhold Charles Wilson Donald Wilson Paul M. Winniger Mr. and Mrs. Edward Wood Mr. John R. Wright Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Wright Barbara Yerger Mr. and Mrs. Lester Youells OUR PROFESSIONAL PAIRONS DR. KL MRS. WILBUR D. ANDERS THE LANSDALE CLINIC DR. Sz MRS. JOHN T. BRACKIN, JR. DR. KL MRS. MARVIN H. MARX DR. A.E. FALK DR. KL MRS. PAUL T. MOYER A.A. FEBBRARO, M.D. DR. 8a MRS. E.W. OLSON DR. J.W. FINK HELEN H. RAWSON, M.D. DR. Sz MRS. C. FRED GOERINGER DR. 8a MRS. MARVIN D. RHODE DR. Sz MRS. H.D. GRAHAM DR. 8z MRS. JOSEPH G. RITTER DR. 85 MRS. E. WILLARD HARTZELL H.M. SCHREINER, M.D. DR. 82 MRS. E.W. KLINE DR. Sz MRS. H.R. WARNER Best Wishes To The Graduating Class From 322 THE BOY'S OF '65 A Aafjes, Cheryl, 27 ACCOLADE, 62-65 Accor, Alice, 32 Ackerman, Gail, 172 Acuff, Kathy, 29 Adams, Clark, 25,33 Adams, John W., 39 INDEX Barbacow, Edward, 75,174 Barby, Fawn, 174 Barmat, Leonard, 246 Barner, Kay, 13,174 Barner, Barnes, Barnes, Louise, 174 Douglas, 174 Fariss, 90,92,93,155, l56,159,168,174 B arnes, Robert, 17 Barr, Deborah, 38 Allebach, Bateman, Annette, 175 ADMINISTRATION, 233-235 ADVERTISEMENTS, 274-322 Albright, Albright, Albright, Albright, Albright, Alderfer, Jim, 172 Pat, 112 Prudence, 42,112 Roberta, 21 William, 172 Barry, 172 Alex, Michael, 21, 59, 91, 93,147,162,172 Alexander Charlotte, 172 Alig Craig, 25,33 Bev, as. Aloan, Thomas, 172 Ambers, Thomas, 48 Ambrose, Lynne, 172 Ambrusch, John, 27 Ambrusch, Sofia, 172 Anders, Art, 30, 93 Anderson, Andrew, 37 Anderson, Gary, 30 Anderson, Karen, 159, 173 Angstat, Marvin, 108 Anthony, Pat, 16 Antonowsky, Peter, 39 Apakian, George, 33 Arbic, George, 33 Armstrong, Jim, 29,106 Armstrong, Susan, 26 Arnold, Marty, 30 Arrington, Leslie,A173 ART DEPARTMENT, 257 Artfich, Christine, 42 Atwood, George, 46 Auf der Hyde, William, 232 Auschill, Giselle, 21 Ausen, Robert, 20 Austerberry, John, 93,106,173 Bach, Betty Cheryl, 173 Bachman, Connie, 173 Baines, Nathaniel, 28 lBair, Barbara, 173, Dave, 39 Bair, Don, 22 Bair, Robert, 174 Baker, Joe, 174 Baker, Kyle, 41 Balch, Matthew, 16 Balchunas, Norman, 243 Baldassare, Carmen, 28 Baldwin, Peter, 27,93 Ball, Dorothy, 112,113 Bancroft, Tommas, 31 BAND, 72-75 Bankert, Sharon, 71,174 Barrett, Virgina, 175 Bartholomew, Bill, 75,174 Bartholomew, William, 258 Bartlett, Deborah, 71,175 Bartlett, Penelope, 46 BASEBALL, 122-124 BASKETBALL, BOYS, loa- 111 BASKETBALL, F A C U L T Y, 142-143 BASKETBALL, GIRLS, 112- 113 Bates, Bonnie, 40 Bates, John, 31 Baumgartner, Connie, 29,56, 102 Baumgartner, Sandy, 58,161 Baumatark, Susan, 175 Beahn, Janis, 46 Bean, Shirley, 6,65,175 Bean, Wayne, 175 Bearden, William, 47 Beaton, Alex, 33 Beaver, Dane, 43 Beaver, Peter, 63,57,175,231 Bechtel, Glenn, 31 Beebe, Andrew, 22 Beebe, Thomas, 20 Beggs, Thomas, 96,97,159,175 Belger, Joseph A., 269 Benischeck, John, 21 Benner, Sharon, 29 Bennett, Barry D., 47 Bennett, Diane, 28 Benson, Fudyth, 44 Bentley, Carol Lee, 102,103, 112,261 Berger, Joseph A. 269 Bergey, Gayle, 29 Bergey, Maryanne, 43,84 Bergey, Sandy, 59,63,l26,l66, 176 Bernhard, Sue, 31 Berry, Kurtis, 40 Bethard, Sarah Lynn, 46 Beyer, Linda, 23,102 Beyer, Vivian, 21 Bickel, John R., 36 Bielko, Walter, 176 Bigoney, Rhonda, 36 Binder, Rick, 27 Bishop, Gary, 25 Bishop, Joseph, 28,97 Bishop, Ronald, 176 Bitto, Michael, 44 Blackburn, James, 28 Blackburn, Lillian, 47 Blackledge, Donna, 30 Blackshaw, Daniel J., 31 Blake, Nancy, 19,102 BOARD OF EDUCATION, 232 Bobb, Nancy, 156,176 Bold, Jeanette, 263 Bolig, Lynn, 47 Bolsar, John, 27 Bolton, Sheri, 176 Boltz, Linda, 63,176 Bonekemper, Lonna, 17,102 Bonfiglio, Richard, 49, 106, 193 Bonner, Francis, 22 Bookheimer, Christine, 32 Bookheimer, Harry, 177 Boorse, Darryl, 177 Borneman, Sandra, 177 Bossert, Dee, 32 Bossert, Linda, 83,112,177 Bossert, Patricia, 177 Bossert, Viola, 269 Boughter, David, 24,106 Bowen, John, 23 Bower, Gerald, 234 Bower, Sherrie, 44,56 Bowers, Susan, 177 Bowman, Eilene, 24 Bowyer, Donald A., 41 Boyd, Deborah, 42 Boyd, Suzanne, 252 Brandenberger, E. Jon, 45 Brandis, James, 39 Brandis, Stanley, 21 Brasch, Michael, 18 Brasch, Paul, 177 Brasch, Regina, 16 Bregler, Leroy, 39,93 Bresel, Judith, 102,112 Bresel, Ronald, 177 Breslin, Karen, 39 Bricker, Jackie, 7O,134,138, 177 Bridi, G. 106 Bridi, Mary, 33 Briel, Ronald, 43 Birth, Lucille, 29 Brittin, Jeff, l4,l7,93,140 Brodhag, Alfred, 97,229,261 Brody, Alice, 177 Brody, Janice, 53,156,177 Brommer, Ray, 14,28,56,100 Brooker, Karen A., 211 Brower, Virginia, 45 Brown, Alice, 57,89,177 Brown, Robert, 178 Brown, Scott, 251 Brown, Thomas, 26 Bruzas, Mary, 178 Bryner, John, 178 Buck, Jean, 78,263 Buck, Stephen, 32 Buehrie, Joyce, 218 Burgoyne, Tom, 33 Bunt, Brian, 40,84,85 Bunt, Rodney, 178 Burke, Tom, 178 Burman, Suzanne, 22 Burnes, Douglas, 49 Burrell, James, 30 Burill, Cindy, 26 Bush, Gail, 16 B U SINE SS DEPARTMENT, 243-245 Butler, Ethel, 178 Butler, Keith, 48 Butler, Larry, 178 Buzby, Lynn, 178 Byron, Thomas, 37 Bytheway, Dennis, 33,97 Bywaters, Helen, 166,179 C CAFETERIA, 270-271 Camburn, Beverly, 40 Camburn, Henrietta, 179 Camburn, Russell, 93,179 Camburn, Theodore, 179 Cameron, Scott, 46 Campbell, Joan, 179 Campolei, Ray, 47 Capps, Robert, 43,97 Cardell, Sandy, 41 Cardona, Widilia, 32 Carnall, Gwynn, 179 Carr, Nancy, 19 Carson, Suzanne, 44 Cash, Becky, 28,79,80,102,112 Cash, Suzanne, 38 Cassel, Ed, 93,179 Cassel, John, 179 Cassel, Joseph, 41 Cassel, Linda, 179 Cassel, Robert, 42,93 Cassel, Sandy, 79,102 Casy, Lynne, 40 Catania, Russell, 22 Cavan, Ellen, 26 Chaloupka, Lance, 30,106 Chambers, Mary, 128,129,180 Chapman, Grace, 24 CHEERLEADERS, 84,85 Chencinski, Kurt, 32 Ghilcote, Thomas, .235 Chipps, Sandra, 21 CHOIR Chowns,. Charles, 36 Choyce, Walter, 22 Christman, Ernest, 180 Chubb, Robert, 235 Chvok, Joseph, 139,180 Ciarrocca, Joseph, 180 Ciminera, Carol, 46 Ciminera, William, 91,93,l38, 180 Clark, James, 180 Clark, John, 16 Clark, Judy, 30 Clark, Nancy, 22 Clarke, David, 249 Clarke, James, 181 Clarke, Joseph, 39 CLASS WILL Clayton, Thomas, 40 Clemens, Earl, 27,106 Clemens,.Gerald, 181 323 1 Clemens, James, 28,93 Clemens, Philip, 37 Clemer, Nevin, 26 Cloud, Nancy, 22,56 Cloud, Ruth, 43 Clyde, Richard, 31 Clymer, Diane, 17,66 Coblentz, Aaron, 251 Cole, Randy, 64,181 Coleman, Judy, 40 Collier, William, 181 Collins, Pat, 104,106,181 Collins, Thomas, 63,230,240 Colon, Albert, 181 COLORGUARD, 82-83 Comits, Joseph, 20 CONCERTS, 135 Conlin, Tom, 22 Connelly, Margo, 42,56,112 Conrey, Betsey, 18 Conver, Larry, 32 Cook, Sharon, 42 Cooper, Linda, 159,181 Cope, Dave, 48 Corrado, Brenda, 37,79,80 Corrado, Linda, 38,102,112 Corrado, Nancy, 180 Corsdn, Dan, 49 Costic, Carol, 44 Cotterman, Sherry, 37 Coughlin, James, 240 Cougle, Allen, 181 Cougle, Sandra, 30 Cox, Charles, 43 Cramer, Harry, 25 Crawford, James, 264 Cressman, Glen, 43 Cressman, Joseph, 33 Cressman, Peggy, 181 Cresson, John, 181 Crockett, Eileen, 180 Crolle, Stanley, 47 CROSS COUNTRY, 100,101 Crouse, Sandy, 182 Crouthamel, Debbie, 40,102 Collen, Barbara, 182 Collen, Joseph, 28 Culley, Marilyn, 70,182 Culllngford, Cheryl, 71,126, 182 Cullingford, Harry, 27 Cullingford, Judy, 70,126,182 Curtis, Georganna, 32 CUSTODIAL STAFF, 269 Czelecz, Jeanette, 64,182,231 Czelecz, Linda, 17,102 D Dallas, Richard, 46 Dando, Ellen, 78,80,81,128, 129,183 Dane, John, 22 Danehower, Sue, 156,182 Daneker, Betty, 37 Daniels, Nancy, 24 Darde, Mark, 182 David, Norma, 26 Davidson, Marsha, 37 Davis, Howard, 28 Davis, Robert, 16 324 Dean, Carl, 23 DeBarth, Ken, 18 Deery, James, 182 Deiley, Barton, 41 DeLong, Norman, 182 DLP, Debbie, 57,76,77,102, 112,183 Delp, Don, 45 Delp, Tim, 183 DelVecchio, Jim, 183 De Mas, Jerry, 43 De Mers, Richard, 36 Demetrician, Deane, 39 Demetrician, Sue, 21 Dennis, Beth, 38 Denver, Larry, 16 Denver, Richard, 23 Derstein, Carol, 183 Derstein, Jeff, 37,44,106 Derstein, Mary, 132,133,183 Derstine, Tom, 97 De Sa.ntis, Daniel, 31 Dettery, Brenda, 84 Detweiler, Pat, 34,41,56,79 Devito, Joseph, 269 Diehl, Kathleen, 32 Diehl, Vincent, 57,139,183 Diffenderfer, Cheryl, 24,79 Diffenderfer, Stan, 183 Digman, Carla, 47 Di Gregorio, Joseph, 93,260 Dilworth, Jae, 26 Dimmig, Dennis, 43,106 Dimmig, Richard, 184 Di Pietro, William, 25 Dixon, Nancy, 184 Doane, Steve, 105,106 DOCTOR 1N SPITE OF HIM- SELF, THE, 144,145 Dodson, Diane, 25,79,83 Dorn, Linda, 30 D'Orne1las, A., 184 Dougherty, Kathleen, 24 Dougherty, Ronald, 184 Dougherty, William, 40 Douglas, Charles, 40 Douglas, Don, 34,48 Dowling, Paul, 184 Downing, George, 41 Doyle, Ella Mae, 271 Draughn, Delores, 39 Drissel, Diane, 57,70,75,146, 170,171,184 Drissel, Dorothy, 17 DRIVER EDUCATION, 264 Drumbeller, Dianne, 28 Drummond, Pamela, 184 Duckworth, Wayne, l06,l46, 184 Duncan, Robert, 30,56 Dutcher, Michael, 46 E Eastburn, Philip, 49 Ebersole, Richard, 44 Eckert, Kevin, 57,96,97,162, 171,184 Edler, James, 184 Edmonds, Jerry, 47 Edwards, Alan, 184 IEhrhart, Sylvia, 28 Elberts, Rembert, 24,57,59, 106,147,162,184 Ellia, Don, 29,105,106 Ellis, Roseslnda, 40,79 Ellwein, Susan, 26 Emmell, Grace, 40 E N GL I SH DEPARTMENT, 238,242 Erhardt,,Judy, 126,185 Erickson, Harvey, 185 Erthal, Ellen, 18 Eshbach, William, 41,106 Esslinger, Elsie, 271 Eurgan, Frank, 47 Evans, Alan, 185 Everist, Bucky, 46 EXCHANGE STUDENTS, 147 FACULTY SECTION, 229,271 Fagan, Teri, 20,79 Farine, Glen, 185 Farley, Lynne, 39 Farley, Margaretta, 265 Faul, Linda, 185 Faul, Phyllis, 16 Feik, Robert, 31 Feldi, Charles, 47 Felix, Larry, 186 Fellma.n, Barbara, 40 Fellman, Linda, 186 Ferguson, Cathy, 32 Ferguson, John, 45 Ferguson, Lynne, 22,56,79,84 Fermamento, Pat, 20 Ferrantino, Brenda, 47 Ferrantlno, Diane, 186 Ferrary, Linda, 46 Fessler, Bob, 186 Fetter, Connie, 37 Fetter, Fred, 186 Feusner, Donn, 46 Feusner, Shirley, 45 Fickert, Clara, 20 Fickert, Clara, 269 Fickert, Judy, 47 Field, Barbara, 187 Finacy, Margaret, 37 Finley, Tanya, 186 Fisher, John, 32,56 Fisher, Violet, 271 Fitins, Kaspar, 96,97,99,186 Fitiser, Bob, 36 Fitser, Jim, 187 Fitz-Gerald, Ginny, 57,186 Fleming, Judy, 187 Fleming, Nancy, 38 Florentino, John, 44 Fluck, Blaine, 31 Fluck, Kathy, 46 Focht, Bob, 62,64,156,187 Foesig, Ken, 29,93 Follen, Pat, 47 FOOTBALL, 94-99 Ford, Harvetta, 187 Forst, Jean, 31 Forst, Fandy, 36,93 Forst, Rudy, 187 FORUM, 60,61 Fox, Carol, 187 Fox, Donna, 37 France, Carol, 20 France, Marlene, 47 France, Gail, 31 Francis, John, 186 - Frankenfield, Barry, 46 Frederick, Dick, 187 Frederick, Lawrence, 269 Freed, Ardene, 65,71,156,186 Freed, Shirley, 20 Freesem, Bonnie, 30 Freese, Robyn, 22 French, Paul, 31 Frescatore, Bob, 39,93 Fresher, Loretta, 40 Fretz, Ed, 38 Fretz, Mary Lou, 25,32,l02, 112 Fretz, Steve, 40 Fretz, William, 269 Frick, Barbara, 29,56,102 Friedman, Marc, 188 Fritz, David, 47 Fryling,1Keith, 22,97 F.T.A., 76,77 Fuss, Pat, 19 Fuss, Wendy, 33,79,80,102, 136 G Gaerthe, Sandy, 19 Gaj, Ray, 33 Gallagher, Monica, 17,67 Gallagher, Ted, 188 Gallew, Tom, 27 Gally, Mary, 188 Gamble, Michael, 28 Gardner, Beth, 188 Gardner, Christine, 48,137 Gardner, George, 188 Gardner, John, 43,93 Gardner, Lillian, 47 Gardocki, Linda, 23 Garner, Debbie, 32 Garra.ha.n, Donna, 30 Gary, Kristine, 188 Gehman, Judy, 16 Gehrlng, Bill, 17,64 Gehring, Michel, 47 Gehringer, Betty, 271 Gehringer, Linda, 75,188 Gehris, Dale, 188 Gerhart, Barry, 40,93 Gerhart, David, 49 Gerhart, David Allen, 29 Gerhart, Dennis, 105,106,133, 247 Gerhart, Denny, 69,7l,84,85, 92,93,167,188 Gerhart, Dottie, 126,188 Gerhart, Ellen, 189 Gerhart, Robert, 27 Gerstemeier, Rick, 189 Gerstlauer, Donna, 33,69,112, 113 Gerulis,'Diane, 42 Geyer, Sharyn Gibson, Diane, 42 Gibson, Henrietta, 268 Gibson, Leroy, 24,93 Gilbert,, 26,140 Gilboy, Pete, 90,92,93,189 Gilhart, Olive, 2,39 Gindlesperger, Linda, 189 Gitlin, Ben, 26 Glebe, Chris, 27,189 Glorioso, John, 22 Godsall, Joan, W., 189 Godsall, Judy, 126,190 Goetter, Charles, 23 Golazeski, Mary, 102,112 Golazeski, Stanley, 251 Goodhart, Marc, 19 Goodolf, Wilma, 8 Goodyear, Joan, 190 Gossling, Ed. 132,190 Gossling, Marilyn, 38 Gottschalk, Irene, 20 Gouak, Shirley, 29 Grant, Debbie, 23 Grant, Kay, 20,112 Grant, Norman, 96,97,190 Grater, Darryl, 26,97 Greaser, Charles, 23 Greaser, Larry, 25 Grebb, Barbara, 126, 190. Greco, Joseph, 248 Greene, Dan, 190 Greger, Richard 106,255 Greiss, Robert, 93,28 Gresh, Roger, 29 Grimes, Paulette, 20 Grimes, Rosaline, 20 Griner, Sandra 39,41 Grinnell, Les, 76,84,85,190 Groff, Theresa, 46 Grote, George, 21 Groth, Janet, 190 Grubb, Frederick, 46 Guenst, Esther, 190 Guenst, Virginia, 71,75,l90 GUIDANCE DEPARTMENT, 236-237 Guiranna, Carl, 97,264 Guldin, Carol, 11,27,141 Gulick, James, 100,249 Guzzetti, Mary, 191 H Haas, Harry, 16 Hackett, Karen, 191 Hackl, Mary Alice, 24 Hackman, Diane, 237 Hackman, Elizabeth, 271 Hackulich, Mary Ellen, 21, 102 Haertter, Barbara, 190 Haier, Curtis, 18 Hager, Bob, 191 Hagey, Kathleen, 191 Haines, Linda, 29 Haines, Robert, 28 Haldeman, Jane, 46 Haldy, Jean, 25,112 Haldy, Judy, 29,112 Hall, John, 75,191 Hallman, Bob, 93,104, 106,191 HALLOWEEN' WINDOW PAINTING, 132-133 Halpen, Ken, 71,74,75,191 Hamme, David, 7l,75,93,192 Hand, Arthur, 46,93 Hannings, Bill, 23,93 Hannings, Colin, 192 Hansen, Charles, 51,75,192 Hare, James, 32 Harkness, Janice, 192 Harman, Dennis, 29 Harmon, Janet, 21 Harp, Jeff, 49 Harp, Nancy, 192 Harper,,Allen, 93 Harper, Joyce, 192 Harper, Nevin, 23,93 Harris, JoAnn, 56 Harris, Lisa, 193 Harris, Robert, 25 Hartenstine, Ron, 44,93,106 Hartman, Charles, 17 Hartman, Earl, 36 Hartman, James, 33,106 Hartzel, Barbara, 42 Hartzel, Pat, 49 Hartzell, Dee, 193 Hartzell, Susan, 39 "HARVEST HAYRlDE", 134 Harvey, Dan, 13,69,96,144, 145,169,193 Harvey, Jacqueline, 37 Harwick, Tom, 92,93,193 Hause, Walter, 193 Hawkins, Laurie, 19 Hawthorne, Sandy, 193 Hayes, Sue, 57, 193 Hayser, Allen, 24 Haywood, Buddy, l04,l06,193, 231 Hazlett, Linda, 22 Hazzard, Elaine, 46 Heacock, David, 36 Heacock, Robert, 23 HEALTH DEPARTMENT, 265 Heatherington, Marilou, 47 Heckler, Pat, 28 Heckler, Sue, 193 Hedrick, Gerald, 13,193 Heenan, Kevin, 18 Heffentrager, Sue, 20 Heller, Donnarae, 194 Heiser, Sophie, 267 Heitzman, June, 194 Helman, Warren, 6-5,84,85, 162,169,194 Hemberger, Gordon, 194 Hemmerle, Diane, 29,102 Hendricks, Carol, 194 Hendrickson, Craig, 194 Hennesey, Doug, 46 Henning, Paul, 246 Henry, Pat, 35,79,l02,l12 Hensel, Barbara, 75,194 Hensler, Sheridan, 194 Hinion, Fred, 104,106,107, 9 Henson, James, 195 Hepnor, James, 243 Herman, Floyd, J., 195 Hertzog, Melvin, 93,195 Hess, Kathleen, 42 Hess, La.rry, 36 High, Linda, 195 Hill, James L., 38 Hill, Linda, 16 Hill, Sandra, 23 Hilliard, William, 195 Hillman, Harold, 101,195 Hippel, Mary Jane, 21 Hirokawa, Ted, 17,54,56,93, 106 Hirst, Connie, 195 Hirzle, Bertha, 240 Hitz, J. Henry, 258 Hock, Jeff, 28,97,108,109 HOCKEY, 102-103 Hoeplf, Carol, 23 Hoffer, Robert, 43 Hoffman, Carol, 137 Hoffman, Judy, 58,161 Hoffman, Kenneth, 40 Hoffman, Ruth, 17 Hogarty, Diane, 47 Holl, Glenna, 25 Holl, Karen, 195 HOMECOMING 128-129 HOME ECONOMICS DE- PARTMENT, 263 Hooley, Dorothy, 271 Hooley, Dottie, 268 Hoover, Pat, 17 Hopkins, James, 36 Hottenstein, David, 41 Houseman, Kathleen, 46 Hubbard, Cynthia, 40 Huber, Donald, 237 Huey, Art, 31 Hufnagel, Dennia, 269 Hughes, Janet, 41 Hughes, Robert, 269 Hulihan, Kathleen A., 40 Humphrey, Rose, 44 Hunker, Carol, 46 Hunsberger, Edward, 27 Hunsberger, Lynn, 70,75,195 Hunsberger, Robin, 30 Hunter, Bonnie, 18 Huskey, Jeanette, 211 Huss, Framcis, 258 Husted, Doug, 22 lllingworth, Evelyn, 65,195, 231 Ingham, Robert, 43 INTERNATIONAL FRIEND- SHIP, 58-59 J Jacobs, William, 64,245 James, Bill, 93,163,196 Jamison, Leonard, 46 Jarinko, Phil, 19,25,93 Jaros, Erv, 96,97,99,196 Joros, Ron, 31,97 Jarrett, Theodore, 259 Javorka, Barb, 16 Jeffcoat, Kathy, 49 Jeffcoat, Lee, 105,106,196 Jensen, Jay, 18 Jensen, John, 232 Jernigan, Louis, 196 Jernigan, Robert, 196 Jobson, Lorraine, 196 Johnson, Gerald, 196 Johnson, Henry, 33 Johnson, Joseph, 196 Johnson, Sandy, 18 Jones, Barbara, 197 Jones, Christine, 45 Jones, Diana, 19 Jones, Isabella, 237 Jones, Nancy, 18,50,56,l36 Jones, Ruth Ann, 45 Jones, Sandra, 37 Joseph, Donna, 197 JUNIOR ASSEMBLY, 140-141 JUNIOR CLASS, 16-33 JUNIOR CLASSN OFFICERS, 14-15 JUNIOR MISS, 136 Jurnavoy, Ellen, 241 Jury, Elmer, 197 Jury, Judy, 39 Jurnavoy, Ellen, 241 Jury, Elmer, 197 Jury, Judy, 39 K Kaelin, Beverly, 33 Kaelin, Jean, 70,197 Kalb, Ann, 271 Kalb, Bonnie, 44 Kalb, Diane, 13,197 Kalck, Charles, 49 " Kaler, Joanne, 79,197 Kane, Mark, 70,197 Kapusta, Joanne, 41,56,l12 Karcewski, Laura, 22 Kates, John, 197 Kauffman, Alice, 197 Kaufman, George, 75,197 Kaufman, Penelope, 37 Kauler, William, 46,106 Kaupp, Fred, 38 Kehler, Karen, 57,83,128,129., 136,160,162,163,169,171,198 Keiser, Sa.ndra, 40 Kelchner, June, 32 Keller, Charles, 198 Keller, Stanley, 269 Kelley, Bonnie, 42 Kelly, Joan, 28,79,83 Kemp, Doria, 79,137 Kemp, Eleanor, 63,198,231 Kemp, Nadane, 16 Kendra, Frank, 23 Kenter, George, 28 Kenter, Harry, 39 Kephart, Denise, 16 Kerr, William, 234 Kerstetter, Don, 36 Keyser, Dennis, 20 Keyser, Richard, 26 Keyser, Virginia, 271 Kieffer, Wayne, 198 Kilburn, Glenn, 69,71,144,198 Killian, Marylee, 83,198 325 Kimmel, Dorothy, 32 Kinsey, Linda, 32 King, Kurtz A., 59,232,233 King, Suzy, 57,70,84,85,128, 129,130,l56,160,l62,167,171, 198 Kinter, Charles, 257 Klavon, Edward, 77,90,91,92, 93,104,106,164,165,230,255 Klees, Robert, 20 Kliewar, Kathleen, 46 Kiink, Dave, 47 Klock, John, 145,198 Kluger, BethAnn, 41 Knerr, Pamela, 56,80,199 KNIGHT CRIER, 66,67 Knipe, Jane, 67,199 Kobasa, Helen, 102,199 Koehler, Lynne, 199 Koenig, Linda, 38,56 Koffel, George J., 45 Koffel, Larry, 26 Kondratick, Naomi, 199 Koss, Anna'Marie, 21 Kramer, David, 199 Kramer, Raymond L., 36 Kratz, Alan, 59,161 Kratz, Doris, 30,112 Kratz, Linda Jane, 102 Kratz, Merrill, 199 Kratz, Ruth, 47 Krause, Cynthia, 199 Krause, Mike, 47 Kretschmar, Lorraine, 199 Krider, Bonnie, 43 Kriebel, Bruce, 47 Kriebel, Carol, 37 Kriebel, Gerald, 77 Kriebel, James, 199 Kriebel, Linda Sue, 53,102, 200 Kropff, Peter, 48 Krum, David, 70,94,96,97 Krum, Robert, 48 Krungg, Lewis, 77 Kryder, Linda Y., 48 Kuropkat, Hubert, 259 Kurtz, Carl, 200 Kurtz, Steve, 43 Kulp, Beverly D., 16,102 Kulp, Diane, 200 Kulp, John, 31 Kulp, Karyn Jane, 200 Kulp, Sharon, 53, 102, 112, 200 Kurian, Gerald, 32 Kusma, Malle, 112,211 Kutchi, Betty Ann, 46 l Lacher, Greg, 94,99,200 Lackman, Bruce, 25 Ladley, Curt, 41 Laepple, G. Wayne, 21,200 Lafferty, Diane, 47 Lamberson, Joyarm, 200 Landes, Barbara, 40 Landes, David, 25 Landes, Walton, 77,233 Landis, Beverly, 200 326 Landis, Connie, 28,79,80,102, 136 Landis, Gerald, 23 Landis, Melvin, 33 Landis, Shirley, 23 Landt, Dick, 105,106 Landt, James, 53,75,20O Lang, Michele, 40 LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT, 252,253 Lanouette, Robert S., 40 Larrimore, Doreen, 20 Larsen, Edna, 18 Latta, Shirley, 200 Lauman, John, 36 , Lauman, Virginia, 20 Lauman, William, 33 Lavery, Diane, 200 Lawerence, George, 201 Leach, Barbara, 57,201 Leach, Dave, 24,97 Leach, Robert, 45 Leatherman, Alma, 271 Leatherman, Dale, 20,109 Leatherman, Dennis, 40 Leatherman, Williard Ray, 22 Leber, Mary Ann, 36 LeFeber, John, 93 Leidy, Doug, 46 Leister, David, 28,56 Leister, William, 201 Leon, Gene, 201 Leonard, Gloria, 41 Leonard, Thomas, 77,249 Lewis, Annie, 23 Lewis, Cindy, 267 Lewis, David, 16 Lewis, Donald, 6,55,56,61, 129,160,161,162,166,168,201, 231 Lewis, Linda, 201 Lewis, Terry, 16 Lewis, Thomas, 202 Lewis, Wayne, 16 Lewis, Willie, 23,102,112 Leypolat, Nancy,'39 LIBRARY, 263 Light, Tom, 19,106 Lindahl, Carole, 202 Lindner, David, 23 Lipsi, Dan, 17,97,140 Little, James, 16 Lizell, Alfred, 16 Loburak, Marilyn, 35,46,56, 137 Long, James, 41 Long, Lester, 245 Long, Linda, 202 Long, Nancy, 202 Long, Nick, 71,202 Longacre, Florence, 47 Lord, Eric, 43 Lord, Roger, 21 Louquet, Jacquie, 61,202 Love, Gail, 46 Lowe, Beverly, 47 Lucas, Calvin, 202 Lucas, Cheryl, 41 Ludwig, Bob, 16 Lugg, Edward, 97,260 Lukens, Jean, 42 Lukens, Jeff, 202 Lukens, Judy, 102,112,202 Lukens, Kathy, 17 Lunger, Linda, 202 Lupin, Steve, 33 Lure, Gvido, 21 Lutz, Gary, 32 Luz, Malcolm, 44 Lybas, John, 22 M MacArthur, Mike, 29,93 MacArthur, Sandy, 33,56,136 MacArthur, Steve, 41 Machado, Roberto, 20 Machate, Juanita, 28 Maclntosh, Fred, 49 MacIntosh, Larry, 39 Maclntosh, Pat, 21 Mack, Jim, 203 Mackenzie, Ken, 33 MacLaughlin, Ed, 75,203,231 MacLaughlin, Pat, 102 Macolly, Paul, 97 Magee, Bill, 203 Maier, George, 25,33 Maier, Larry, 37 Majeskie, Andrew, 259 MAJORETTES 80-81 Malcomson, Kimberley, 38 Manen, Alain, 22,57,59,71, 139,147,162,203 Manero, Bob, 96,97,203 Mann, Don, 203 Mann, Esther, 13,203 Marchese, John, 16 Markley, G. Roger, 27,97 Marsden, Brenda, 203 Marsden, Linda, 79 Martin, Diane, 39 Martin, Elva, 16 Martin, Geraldine, 61,204 Martin, Joseph, 204 Martin, Tristan, 40 Mask, Ellen, 26 MATH DEPARTMENT 250- 251 Mathe, Bob, 93,204 Matthews, Susan, 29 Mauger, JoAnn, 250 Maute, Ken, 96,97,204 May, Suzanne, 204 May, William, 36 Mayall, Jim, 36 Mayse, Gary, 26 Mayse, Linda, 89,146,204 Mazzanti, 27,97 Mazzone, Joseph, 23 McAdams, Steve, 31,106 McArthur, Lynn, 204 McCabe, Debbie, 120,204 McCampbe1l, Sherian, 204 McCarty, Donna, 204 McClay, John, 93,106,205 McClennen, Nancy, 41 McC1usky, Gail, 82,83,205 McCourt, Don, 14,22,96,97,98 McCowan, Deanna, 22 McCoy, Sharyn, 89,205 McFarland, Donna, 32 McFarland, Mary, 42 McGettigan, Carolyn, 48 McGuigan, Paul, 20,94,96,,97, 109 McGuire, Bob, 27,108 Mcllhenny, Jack, 38 Mclntyre, Sandy, 205 McKinney, Audrey, 27 McLaughlin, John, 23,93 McLaughlin, Kathy, 205 McLaughlin, Pat, 112 McMeekin, Bob, 46 McMichael, Herb, 205 McNeil, Alva, 271 McNulty, Michael, 36 Mcvan, John, 31 Medlin, Janet, 78,205 Meister, Linda, 84,206 Meldrum, Alex, 30,56 Menichiello, John, 35,l44, Messa, Beverly, 47 Messa, John, 30 Messing, Ellen, 241 Messler, Sandy, 205 Metz, John, 31,97 Metz, Nancy, 206 Mayers, Dave, 49 Meyers, Pete, 41 Michaels, Janet, 38,79 Michel, Georgianna, 206 Michener, Barbara, 206 Michener, Ken, 18 Michener, Kenny, 49 Middleton, Gale, 42,93 Miley, Bonnia, 206 Miley, Jane, 47 Millard, Sue, 33 Mill, Bill, 206 Miller, Caryn, 22 Miller, Dana, 206 Miller, Eleanor, 21 Miller, Judy, 44 Miller, Kim, 17,64 Miller, Linda, 18 Miller, Lonie, 43 Miner, Neil, 206 Miller, Norman, 77 Miller, Pete, 206 Miller, Robin, 43 Miller, Steve, 46,97 Miller, Torn, 13,206 Mills, Nancy, 38,112 Mills, Nancy H., 44 Milnes, Bob, 207 Milnes, Norman, 20 Minetti, Pat, 47 Mininger, Craig, 75,207 Mitchell, Anita, 19,25 Mitchell, Wendy, 22 Moats, Bob, 41 Molettiere, Barry, 49 Molettiere, Steve, 26,93 Monauni, Dave, 26 Montayne, George, 89,207 Montgomery, Abby, 78,207 Montgomery, Sally, 48 Moore, Angela, 21 Moore, Carole, 46 Moore, Dave, 24 Moore, Joan, 24 Moore, Linda, 41 Moore, Lucy, 47 239 Moore, Nancy, 16 Moore, Robert, 207 Mooreh se, Dick, 38,97 ou Morgan, Arthur, 27 Morgan, Morgan, Morgan, Morris, Morris, Morris, Morton, Dawn, 45 Larry, 21 Mary Ann, 20 Dick, 53,75,171,207 Kathy,'46 Sue, 16 Harry, 13,27,57 Morton, Larry, 208 Mosakowski, Vincent, 254 Mosser Moyer, Moyer, Moyer, Moyer, Moyer, Moyer, Moyer, Moyer, Moyer, Moyer, Moyer, Moyer, , Sharon, 41 Barbara, 16 Chris, 19 Gerry, 27 Hannah, 271 John, 37 Ken, 21 Larry, 69,70,93,208 Linda, 208 Lynne, 102,260 Mary, 26 Mrs. Lynn, 267 Rod, 37 Muccari, Frank, 62,241 Muir, Robert, 250 Mullen, James, 236 Mummery, Eleanor, 32 Munsinger, Kay, 37 Murmylo, Michael, 208 Murphy, Murphy, Murphy, Murphy, Murphy, Murphy, Murphy, Dan, 104,106,208 Ken, 208 Pat, 46 Peggy, 28,56 Ron, 16,104,106 Sharon, 208 Sharon A., 45 Musgrave, Dave, 25 MUSIC DEPARTMENT 262 Myers, Lana, 19 Myers, Roy, 232 Nace, Diane, 209 Nayor, Ray, 209 Neal, Donna, 25 Neiburg, Sue, l8,56,79,84 Neiss, Tom, 209 Nelson, Linda, 44 Nelson, Steve, 22 Nestvogel, Renate, 16,57,59, 69,78,147,162,209 Netherton, Herb, 42,93 Neuroth, Karl, 257 Nice, Sue, 27 Nickel, Ron, 46 Niess, Diane, 22 Niess, Donna, 39 Nitta, Glenn, 37 Nock, Bill, 22 Nolan, Betsy, 71,75,209 Nonamaker, Jim, 209 Norman, Ken, 36 Norman, Ron, 16 Northrop, Dave, 53,57,209 Nuneviller, Robert, 245 NURSES 265 Nyce, Claton, 269 Nyce, Norwood, 27 0 Oakley, Tom, 27,93 Oates, John, 31,97,104,106 Oberholtzer, Diane, 38 Ochotny, Mary Anne, 209 O'Connor, Sue, 76,77,78,133, 209 Olifer, Alex, 57,209 Olifer, Zena, 47,79 Olynyk, Louise, 16 Oplinger, Jon, 59 Orler, Barbara, 209 O' Shields, Linda, 209 Ott, Greg, 31,106 Ottenheimer, Marga, 33 Ottenheimer, Mrs. Marga, 271 Owen, Valerie, 210 Owens, Carole, 47 Owens, Michael, 25 P Pade, Rodney, 210 Pancoast, Roger, 210 Paprocki, Pat, 210 Paschall, Joe, 32 PATRONS 321 Pelfrey, Bruce, 32 Penn, Carol, 31 PEP RALLIES 130-131 Perry, Harriet, 31 Peterman, Cindy, 27,84 Peterson, Bill, 47 Peterson, Dave, 106,146,210 Pfister, Nancy, 210 Phethean, Jane, 37,56 PHYSICAL EDUCATION DE- PARTMENT Pico, Sandy, 210 Pierson, Barbara, 37 Pintos, Judy, 26 Plants, Bob, 210 Platt, Bernard, 20 Pohle, Ken, 211 Pole, Jane, 75, 211 Polester, Judy, 42 Potser, Frank, 31 Potter, Ed, 24 Potter, Nancy, 211 Poust, Linda, 211 Pratt, Ed, 211 Prediger, Margaret, 42 Prokopy, Kathy, 38 Proud, Jim, 25 Pruitt, Tom, 23,106 Pruitt, Bill, 16 Quinn, Bob, 49 Race, Doris, 211 Racz, Carol, 211 Rafter, Patrick, 239 Raines, Paula, 32 Ramsey, Sue, 32 Rank, Dave, 211 Rau, Doug, 211 Raudenbush, Jim, 211 Reading, Byron, 232 Reber, Linda, 211 Reed, Barbara, 213 Reed, Jack, 19 Reese, Richard, 33 Reese, Sally, 23 Refsnider, Larry, 212 Rehrig, Barbara, 26 Reichley, Jane, 28 Reichley, Tom, 212 Reid, Gale, 60,247 Reiff, Brian, 54,56,70,212 Reimer, Ray, 26 Reimers, Louis, 96,97,212 Reinbold, Ed, 168,212 Reinbold, Linda, 37 Reiner, Dick, 170,212 Reinert, Bob, 16,97 Reinert, Bonnie, 212 Renner, Ed, 41 Renninger, Dave, 16 Renninger, Fred, 30 Replogle, John, 254 Resinger, Bob, 71,212 RETROSPECT, 158-163 Reube, Mary, 13 Reynolds, Bonnie, 31 Reynolds, Judy, 17 Reynolds, Maureen, 47 Reynolds, Pat, 23 Ribble, John, 244 Riccio, Dick, 18,106 Riccio, Eugene, 45 Riccio, Sarah, 36 Rice, Nancy, 46 Richard, Carol, 46 Richard, Sue, 47 Richards, Tom 36 Richart, Craig, 93 Rickert, Margie, 46 Riefenstahl, Jim, 106,213 Riegel, Barbara, 47 Ricker, Jean, 57,71,146,213, 231 Riggins, Barbara, 19 Ringham, Kathy, 70,126,163, 213 Rinker, Allen, 18,93 Rinker, Lynn, 41 Rissmiller, Dave, 18 Rissmiller, David, 100,101, 167,213 Rissmiller, Ron, 100,171,213 Rittenhouse, Bonnie, 213 Ritten house, Jim, 90,92,93, 213 Rittenhouse, Virginia, 32 Ritter, Audrey, 32 Rober, Mile, 27 Roberts, Cheryl, 213 Robinson, Robert, 33 Robinson, Dave, 20 Rodenhaver, Dale, 78,112,213 Roeder, Marjorie, 38 Roelofs, Sue, 75,78,102,167, 214 Rogers, Barbara, 254 Rohrer, Paul, 19 -Romberger, Nancy, 18 Ronhle, Carol, 47 Ronnan, Sharon, 47 Rorer, Paul, 47 Rosenberger, Lynn, 214 Rosenberger, Mynalee, 36 Ros s , Rowey, 69,70,134,160 169,214 Roth, Abraham, 232 Rott, Becky, 15,32 Rowles, Lewis, 234 Ruben, Mrs., 266 Rupp, Dave, 21,106,141 Russe1l,'Carole, 214 Russell, Gary, 41 Russell, John, 38 Ruth, Ruth, Ruth, Ruth, Ruth, Ruth, Ruth, Ruth, Abram, 232 Dave, 47 Donna, 42 Florence, 271 Jeff, 146,214 Jim, 214 Ron, 43 Sandy, 48 S Saldutti, Fran, 89,214 Salvatore, Janis, 214 Samanns, Albert, 32 Samson, Kathy, so Sanborn, John, 40 Sanderson, Jane, 238 Sauers, Dave, 46 Sauerland, Karen, 215 Scanlan, Laura, 40 Schadewald, Ray, 26 Schaffer, Janet, 18 Schatz, Kathy, 45 Schatz, Ken, 215 Schatz, Randy, 215 Schaeler, Ray, 41 Scheetz, Donna, 215 Scheibenhofer, Irene, 26 Schied, Judy, 69,84,86,156,21! Schied, Nancy, 47 Schiefer, Vivian, 215 Schilling, William, 256 Schlagnhaufer, George, 215 Schlagnhaufer, Linda, 32 Schlater, Robert, 39 Schlegel, John, 18,106 Schleppy, Dennis, 37 Schmid, Maria, 55,253 Schmidt, Alvin, 68,262 Schmidt, Dawn, 19,25 Schmidt, Linda, 37 Schmitt, Don, 215 , Schmitt, Ed, 47 Schrnittinger, Jim, 47 Schott, Barbara, 29 Schrack, Pearl, 238 Schroeder, Bob, 46 Schroy, Carter, 215 Schultz, Dennis, 215 Schum, Joe, 19 Schussler, Gerry, 6,217 Schwager, Na.ncy, 37 Schwager, Richard, 16,27 327 Earl, 25 Wampole, Schwager, Sharon, 216 Schwartz, Audrey, 48 Schwartz, Gerry, 70,216 Schwartz, Mary, 216 Schwenk, Susan, 102,112 S C IE NC E DEPARTMENT 254-256 Scott, Ray, 23 Sears, Dave, 39,56 Sebulsky, Wayne, 216 SECRETARIES, 268 Seibert, John, 45 Seibert, Lilo, 32 Seip, Janet, 262 Seiple, Regina 133,216 Seitz, Mary, 269 Seitz, Minnie, 271 Senator, Mildred, 252 SENIOR ASSEMBLY, 139 SENIOR OFFICERS, 162 SENIOR SECTION 155-228 Sepenthal, George, 36 Serratore, Maryann, 44,56 Seyfert, Dick, 71,216 Seyfert, Judy, 31 Shaen, Audrey, 216 Shaffer, Dorothy, 39 Shaffer, Lance, 19 Shainline, John, 21 Shanks, Jo Ann, 271 Shannon, Dan, 46 Shannon, Wayne, 31,56 Sharamanda, Jane, 31 Sheaffer, Darcy, 26 Sheaffer, Pat, 36,137 Shelly, Jo Ann, 27,84 Sherry, Lee, 27 , Shictler, Terry, 265 Shive, Jim, 21 Shotwell, Ellen, 216 Shotwell, Judy, 30 Siffel, Marjorie, 49 Silknitter, Gary, 216 Simcox, Jim, 21 Simonsen, Paul, 42 Sine, Jim, 36 Sinkowski, Dennis, 216 Sirianni, Carolyn, 47 Sitler, Dave, 6,89,216 Skrzat, Abigail, 38 Slater, Ken, 16 Sloggett, Cathy, 19 Slonaker, Betty, 216 Slotter, Jim, 28 Slotter, -Ken, 96,97,217 Slotter, Ron, 75,217 Slotter, Susan, 16 Smagalski, Kate, 71,217 Smallwood, Jean, 45 Smallwood, Joe, 33 Smallwood, Marion, 217 Smallwood, Robert, 217 Smetaniuk, Frances, 16 Smiley, Bill, 36 Smith, Cheryl, 37,79 Smith, Dan, 47 Smith, Dave, 19 Smith, Greg, 108,109,1lO,218 Smith, Janet, 18,79,80,136 Smith, Kathy, 39 Smith, Linda, 41 Smith, Linda Jill, 37 328 Smith, Linda Kay, 47 Smith, Marjorie, 218 Smith, Mark, 17 Smith, Nancy, ,218 smith, Ray, 46 Smith, Robert, 31 Smith, Scott, 49 Smith, Stanley, 19 Smith, Sue, 57,66,218 Snook, Dennis, 46 Snyder, Dottie, 218 Snyder, Gerry, 218 Snyder, Janet, 37 Snyder, Jill, 31 Snyder, Kathy, 218 Snyder, Linda 102 Snyder, Robert 49 Sobetsky, Vivian 218 SOCCER 90-93 SOCIAL STUDIES DEPART- MENT 246-249 SOFTBALL 120-121 SOPHOMORE CLASS 36-49 SOPHOMORE CLASS OF FICERS 34-35 Souders, Charlene, 21 Sowers, John, 40 Spear, Bill, 37 Spear, Bob, 24 Spencer, Gerry, 218 SPORTS SECTION Staley, Don, 19 Staley, Wilford, 232 Stanistaw, Rebecca, 242 Starner, Linda, 27,102 Starrett, Bill, 106,219 Statudi, Jim, 19 Statudi, Rosanne, 37 Staub, Sanday, 219 Stauffer, Bill, 36 Steager, Brian, 57,7O,2l9 Steager, Pam, 18,102 Steele, Micheal, 44 Stagliano, Anita, 19 Steiker, Bonnie, 43 stenz, Irvin, 37 Stephany, Carol 17 Stephany, Lorraine, 219 Stevens, Linda, 219 Stever, Bonnie, 48 Stever, Michael, 106,219 Stewart, Albert, 255 Stewart, Jean, 48 Stewart, Peggy, 24,77 sti11we11, Mark, 75, 219 Stock, Ray, 31 Stockert, Beverly 46,79 Stockert, Marianne, 44 Stockert, Maureen, 37 Stoneback, Denise, 47 Stover, Bert, 219 Stover, Bruce, 46 Stowe, Bob, 46 Stracka, Stephen, 45 Stra.nge, Cindy, 220 Straub, Bill, 19 Straub, Sandy, 22 Strickle, Howard, 220 Strotbeck, Jane, 28 Strouse, William, 269 Stryeski, Ala.n, 18 Stubbs, Dave, 25 Stubbs, Tom, 46 'STUDENT COUNCIL 54-57 STUDENT LIFE SECTION 125,154 Sulzbach, Doris, 75,76,77,220 Sunbury, Ralph, 56 Surmack, Virginia, 23 Swanker, Janice, 220 Swartley, Mary, 26 Swartz, Elaine, 220 Swartz, Pat, 78,85,220 Swift, Joan, 22 Swoyer, Charlotte, 243 Szablewski, Fred, 23 T TABLE OF CONTENTS Taylor, Al, 220 Teasenfitz, Dave, 36 Teasenfitz, Francis, 36 Tedesco, Cathy, 33 TENNIS, 118-119 Thomas, Cindy, 29 Thomas, Karen, 32,56 Thomas, Robert, 18 Thompson, Jeff, 220 Thompson, Karl, 15,73,247 Thompson, Terry, 220 Tiblis, Pat, 220 Tiblis, Ron, 46 Tice, Sue, 19 Tindall, Bill, 18 Tittle, Kent, 39 Tittle, Lance, 28 Tomasetti, Diane, 57,76,221 Tompkins, Bob, 20 Tomkinson, David, 26 TOP TEN PERCENT, 13,53, 89,126,156,231 Tou, Nina, 18 TRACK AND FIELD, 114-117 Trauger, Bonnie, 221 Traynor, Carol, 22 Troll, Bonita, 45 V Vandegrift, Jeff, 31 Vandegrift, Sandy, 29 Van Dyke, Herbert, 44 Van Tossen, Carol, 46 Van Gaasbeek, Judy, 18 Van Sciver, Ginny, 222 Varenchlck, Tom, 38 Vernltsky, Carol, 45 Vetri, Rick, 222 Vincent, Diane, 36 Vincent, Mike, 26 Vincent, Sue, 48 Vinski, John, 97,98,250 Vlzzard, Thomas: 66,67,246 VOCATIONAL TRAINING DE- PARTMENT, 258,259 Vogel, Harry, 29 Void, Patricia, 252 Voss, Chris, 18 W Wabish, Jim, 222 Wack, Donald, 25 Waibel, Elmer, 93,222 Waldo, Maribelle, 261 Waldron, Dave, 37 Waldspurger, Jim, 222 Walko, Joan, 43 Walko, John, 36 Walls, Donna, 46 Walsh, Dennis, 18 Walter, Fred, 17 Walters, Bob, 223 Walton, Bill, 40 Walton, Dave, 24,97 Walton, Kathy, 40 Walton, Phil, 57,223 Wambold, Harriet, 271 Troxel, Troxel, Troxel, Troxel, Barry, 221 George, 37 Hope, 221 Sharon, 221 Truitt, Sharon, 221 Wampler, 22 3 Wampole, Wampole, Cindy, 1o2,112,12e, Ed, 49 Marion, 223 Trumbore, Sheldon, 31 Turek, Carole A., 48 Turrell, Don, 93,221 Turrell, Emily A., 41 Tyner, Dee, 63,222 Tyner, Roy, 37,56 U Uhlig, Julia, 31 Ulmer, David, 20 UNDERCLASSMEN SECTION 11-50 Unglaub, Bob, 40 Unrath, Marion, 222 Urbanchuk, Steve, 222 USHERETTES, 78-79 Usic, Cindi, 78,8O,81,222 Ward, Charles, 19 Wardlow, Ruth, 253 Warf, Gary, 45 Warner, Darlene, 53,57,63, 223 Warner, Gary, 48 Warner, Kathy, 30 Wasser, Jean, 16 Wasser, Shirley, 65,75,223 Watchorn, Margaret, 244 Waters, Craig, 45 Watkins, Ruth, 22 Watts, Alice, 17 Watts, Bev, 19 Watts, Margaret, 30 Wayne, John, 24 Weand, Rick, 75,223 Weaver, Rick, 70,223 Weber, Bill, 21 Weber, Carol, 224 Weber, Debbie, 211 Weber, Jennie, 271 Weber, Wa.nda, 22 N 1 J I N Webster, Diane, 112 Weder, Alan, 37 Weder, Glenn, 106,227 Weierman, John, 232 Weigner, John 33 Weikel, Tom, 53,224 Weil, Bill, 156,224 Weir, Cindy, 224 Weir, Kenneth, 130,248 Weisel, Fred, 48 Weiss, Cheryl, 224 Weller, Barry, 96,97,106,225 Welsh, Kathy, 22 Welsh, Kay, 225 Wenhold, Milton, 39 Wenrich, Denny, 38 Wentz, Joe, 14,106 Wentz, Marlene, 19 Werner, Gerry, 36 Werner, Ron, 225 Wesner, Joe, 36 West, Carol, 33 West, Wendy, 166,225 Westcott, Doris, 36,145 Weston, Chip, 19 Wheeler, Kate, 225 Wheelin, Linda, 225 Whipp, Dave, 101,225 Whipp, Karen, 225 Whipp, Ken, 43 White, Kathy, 48,56,l12 Whittock, Sarah, 228 WHO'S WHO, 166-171 Wible, Harry, 43 Wickel, Karen, 37 Wild, Fran, 225 Wiley, Bill, 128,225 Wiley, Jim, 29,97 Wilgus, Ed. 75,225 Williams, Ginny, 59,78,126, 128,129,l60,168,226 Williams, James, 232 Williams, Jim, 41 Williams, Linda, 48 Williams, Robert, 38 Williamson, Eugene, 93,226 Willis, Marlene, 41 Wimmer, Rick, 226 Winder, Diane, 38 Wiseley, Joe, 47 Witmer, Peggy, 226 Woelkers, Diane, 18 Woglom, Margot, 37 Wohl, Stephanie, 36 Wolf, Karen, 46 Wolf, Tom, 96,97,226 Woiff, Harold, 264 Woiff, Ken 37 Woiff, Theresa, 271 Wolfgang, Bob, 40 HWONDERLAND OF HEARTS", 137 Woodbury, George, 70,69,226 Woodland, Nancy, 16 Woods, Linda, 226 WRESTLING, 104-107 Wright, Barbara, 20 Wright, Deborah, 17 Wright, Ginny, 226 Wurtz, Dorothy, 271 Y Yaroco, Michael, 33 Yassi, Esther, 227 Yeakel, Robert, 14,106 Yearick, Carol, 45 Yerger, Brace, 49 Yoder, Bill, 96,97,106,227 Yoder, George, 19,106 Yoder, Jim, 45 Yost, Craig, 75,227 Youell, Linda, 227 Young, Connie, 89,227 Young, Dale, 80,227 Young, Dave, 227 Young, Lenoir, 17 Young, Susan, 30,56 Young, Ron, 57,59,89,160,227 Z Zahn, Kay, 143,242 Zampier, John, 21,106 Zepp, Dick, 47 Zepp, Ken, 25 Ziegenfuss, Jim, 57,227 Ziegenhorn, Tom, 24,93 Ziegler, Cheri, 228 Ziegler, Dave, 33,93 Ziegler, Jacob, 37 Ziegler, Kathy, 69,71,159,160, 168,228 Ziegler, Libbie, 228 Ziegler, Warren, 269 Ziegler, William, 21,56,-93 Zitin, Dan, 17,106,140 Zwickey, Janet, 61,228 329 We, the graduating class of 1965, being of sound mind, do record this our last will and testament. To the Junior Class, Kevin Eckert leaves seniority and Karen Kehler wills a final year on the top of the pile and the greatest school spirit ever. Jim B. Clark wills the Class of '66 a book entitled How to Cheer at Pep Rallies and Eddie Reinbold leaves them his golden vocal chords. Suzy King wills her Packard hearse to the Driver Ed. Department for advanced training. To Mr. Couglin, Glenn Kilburn leaves one karate- proof desk and Carter Schroy leaves him 4 million balsa wood desk tops so he can "scare the heck out of his c1asses." Cindy Krause leaves Mr. Coughlinanew Rambler jacket and an old Ford. Cheryl Cullingford leaves "one red F" and Harvey Erickson wills him the slogan "our team's good." Kate Smagalski leaves him one set of worn out nerves and a worry wort. A new English accent is left to him by Lorraine Stephany and Alice Kauffman. Cindi Usic leaves her beat-up majorette uniform to the. next head majorette. Bill Yoder wills to all future bench-warmers the crack in the bench on the 50 yard line and aseason's supply of instant heat. Brian Steager presents Mr. Muir with The ABC's of Nursery Rhymes a.nd Larry Refsnider leaves him apair of spurs to keep his Mustang running. Ray Naylor leaves Mr. Henning a comb and Jim Edler wills him some good jokes. Sheri Bowers has been left Lorraine Jobson's height and Bev Landis' nickname, Mouse. Esther Guenst presents Bonnie Johnson with all her left over absentee excuses and class entrance permits along with a place in the line. For Mr. Collins, who says he has no answers, only questions, Linda Wheelin and Carol Racz will him all the answers, also 1000 orange shamrocks. 'Jim Kriebel wishes to leave him the term paper he never did. Sandy Bergey leaves Miss Swoyer any extra"svenska" lessons so that she can talk to her classes. Ginger Wright wills all her shorthand tablets, books and pensfhagk to her. Gary Silknitter leaves his fingerprints on the typewriter keys. Helen Anne Kobasa and Barbara Jones will their left over chewing gum to future students of Mrs. Gilhart. Linda Sue Kriebel leaves Barbara Frick her insurance policy. Betsy Nolan awards Linda Gardocki her out-of-tune piccolo-and a few new rubber bands to hold it together. Richard Weand gives Gary Anderson permission to use his "bird calls." Marion Smallwood leaves Joe Smallwood with the 330 CLASS Carol Fox leaves a dirty gym sock to Diane Weiss and Sharon Fox. slightly used nickname of "Shrimp" Ethel Butler leaves JoAnn Harris her wittiness. Dee Hartzell leaves Mr. Greger all the lab. equip- ment she broke and all her good grades. John Goodhart leaves him his chemistry book and old wrestling sweat shirt, and John McClay Wills his wrestling shoes to preserve his quaint image. Bob Brown leaves Coach Giuaranna a year's supply of bubble gum. Bob Focht leaves 50 pounds of wrestling muscles to Dan Zitin. Wayne Duckworth wills Dan the ability to succeed. Randy Schatz leaves a box of dietary cookies for both Tom and Andy Beebe so they can lose weight. Dave Northrop, Donnarae Heiler, John Hall and Bill Bartholomew all will some bow ties to Mr. Vizzard to enhance his wardrobe. Rick Wimmer presents him with a subscription to Gentleman's Quarterly. Dale Rodenhaver obligingly hands over to Kathy Acuff TOTAL responsibility of senior manager for the girls' basketball team for which she has worked so hard. A parking lot sticker is left to Lance Shaffer by Jim Del Vecchio. Peggy Stewart has been willed Judy Erhardt's purple feet and her recipe for arsenic tea. Harold Morton leaves his height to Joe Smallwood. Lynn Buzby and Virginia VanSciver leave to Miss Bentley their washed out, weather worn faded, pre- shrunk gym suits and, dirty sneakers. Linda Cooper leaves her worn out back brace for Miss Bentley's "invalid" pupils. Jane Pole wills her a bagpipe to go with her kilt and Debbie Delp bequeaths her freshly washed and ironed pink, blue, yellow and white hair ribbons for Victory. One used seat belt is June Heitzman's gift to Mr. Crawford. To Mrs. Gilhart, John Bryner leaves the record "Put on a Happy Face." Mr. Hepner is to the recipient of John Spencer's skillfully jammed office practice machines. Regina Seiple gives Kevin Heenan some of her quietness! Sharon Kulp bequeathes to Mr. Nuneviller a life time supply of Beechnut Peppermint gum to be chewed while he watches Lloyd Thaxton. Mrs. Moyer is left one pair of unbreakable skis by Mary Chambers. Wlll Linda Faul wills Mr. Leonard a private secretary with an organized desk and file cabinet. Pam Drummond leaves him a graveyard of Boneheads and Linda Fellman, a new 1966 crop of Cabbage Heads. A statue of Rodin's "The Kiss" is Rosey Ross's gift to Warren Helman. Peggy Vialle leaves the Health Suite a supply of blue pills, patriotic to NPHS, instead of green ones. Diane Tomasetti bestows upon Miss Rogers the two graduated cylinders and crucible lids that she broke in chemistry lab. Carol Derstine wills Miss Watchorn a homeroom that responds to "Stand" and "May Ihave your attention, please?" every morning. George Schlagenhaufer gives Mr. Thompson a slide rule to figure G.P.L. Hennrietta Camburn leaves the car and car key to Beverly Camburn so that she can get to school faster. Karen Holl leaves' a pack of gum to each Junior girl to be chewed only in Miss Bent1ey's gym classes. Judy Lukens and Ellen Dando leave the job of giving Miss Bentley a "rough" time to any two junior girls. Lind a Moyer leaves her gym locker to any girl who can stand it. Eddie Reinbold bestows his magnificent Spanish brain on Miss. Senator. Judy Cullingford leaves her one ,gn- goyergg Spanish book. Darlene Warner leaves Willie Lewis some No-Doz to keep awake during Junior assemblies. Eleanor Kemp leaves her nickname, Binx, to Doris Kemp. Mr. Rep1ogle's third period physics class wills an adding machine to his next year's physics classes to count his "What's?" Buddy Hensler wishes to leave him the answers to all those "whats" and a "what" silencer. Barbara Grebb wills all the admit slips from late gym students. David Sitler leaves three 800's in the College Board Mathematics Achievement Tests to Mr. Golazeski. Joanne Kaler and Karen Kehler leave Ginger Rittenhouse a stuffed-up, sloppy senior gym locker. Abby Montgomery wills a new sports jacket to Mr. Chilcote. , Larry Moyer leaves Bob Davis with the overwhelming duties of President of the Vocal Ensemble. Lou Reimers wills Mr. Majeski one year's supply of bouncing gum balls. Mr. Jacobs has been willed Bill Starrett's typewriter that makes too many mistakes. Cheryl Roberts wills her seventh grade gym suit that has never been washed to Judie Miller. , To Mr. Balchunas, Lynne Kohler wills her great speed and her name "Lynnie" which he so "gracious1y" gave her. Sharon Troxel, on behalf of her first period class, leaves Mr. Balchunas all first year shorthand books and all their A's. Jim Ruth leaves Carol Yearick some flower seeds and transmission teeth. Nick Long wills one silver wire wheel complete with chrome knock-off hub cap from a 1956 MGA to Linda Schmidt. Libbie Ziegler wills Mr. Mosakowski her bleached hair with dark roots. Chris Glebe leaves the famous Neuroth slogan "WORK BIG!" to its originator. Pete Beaver bequeaths 1000 yds. of string to Mr. Stewart to tie around his finger. So let there be a will! It reflects only those things which are ours to leave. May you accept these things and forever behold us as The Class of 1965 t11?f WALSWORTH 331 K v if , Q11 Lmegmphsd s some b w w n Mmelin-. Mu., v. 5 A. I ECE HAVE BEEN romeo. . . 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Suggestions in the North Penn High School - Accolade Yearbook (Lansdale, PA) collection:

North Penn High School - Accolade Yearbook (Lansdale, PA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


North Penn High School - Accolade Yearbook (Lansdale, PA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


North Penn High School - Accolade Yearbook (Lansdale, PA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


North Penn High School - Accolade Yearbook (Lansdale, PA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


North Penn High School - Accolade Yearbook (Lansdale, PA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


North Penn High School - Accolade Yearbook (Lansdale, PA) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 1


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