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605100 Q UBRMN I-'I I- 9' f' I 7' , Q dllbllx x x --af' Puolzshed by the Senzor Class H ll School North Penn lg Lansdale, Pennsy lucmza , .f .zz ' 4?-21. '4 Z f -4 C 9 - f f 'J 'af 6. ZX H, X my. Xa'-' "' ,f -"-' fav 1 'yy wx xfffz' ' X2 X 'A ---,,:o A 1' I' 7' 5 W cf, f X . .SX xx X . . 'U A 7 . fw Jr" ,. . 1Q,,,,I,,, N,,7A,w,, , , ,,. , I -1 s. ' M, few .ir M- i X 1 I A ffl! J M51 ""' - Mr, L"' . . qw www f, K, I ' ' r""p ,. V ..s , -JJ f - tgp AJ .4f'1',4f- 7 y,1" A f' ' W ,J .. 4. 4- -ah f 1..4"'v , ' V. A " tfzf fl 'A 'V' N 'KA H , W ,av .Qs 16:27 K ,ff W... M 4 -f A m WW " 7' .fp '."' -535. sf ' 4 -, N ' 5 ' N'-ww... A ' WL.. .- f-A "' -' ' W " " NS- C A vu. 1 'W' M V ,Q ' W, 4.7 m,, ,, ,mLw 3 4 ww N ,-" ,MQ ,, :J ww Mak 6, ,W-I 4 ?gai"f, , A: 9 54 1 4' 1' loyalty, respect, feilowshw, ambition, hope . . forged by . . guidance, friendship, activity, participation, curiosity. I SJ 5 ' z ' t 3 NGVHT J Gulf! UIQ F FL! !XHdQd1oc a afe peep wr C' if M' "W8v f- C' x, X 1 ferxervl, f he Ncve Drof U fl O rA'r' :UC W Q, PW GVWTCVY WF 08 V' SQ I Q D rorr 'wie Q me Fe HC v of em ww f ff OUrAlmaMa1ef I 1 FO' VC QQ VOV NWC As k fvx. 2 :mimi " 'Ni T if9'N ' Ne: V, ,z ,fi ye fr? f 55'-N2 Tukwitif-'M'-W-"1 f, xg -, ,.- ,, V16 c'1':rs1:'c'5 5' K: f' 53-QNX - gm Jwh beams 'ess .63 'Q trac ',,Q' VYYCIYVEU ' rffnx 'ff In' 'k'2 ' k 'dfkg 51,7 :XI ' if 'lf if ' I: ' fi Q, ' "1 f ,+'4"c1:" "fe 15"-wivf Acc Um lf kcefgzl V311 ii. 'fx TP' :N "V iff: "HG iw JG. Thw ii3 any fem ff' 'VW' 3v'w" ' New ' . cEe.'are A ri 'kv P- 5 ' 1 x. ,A V1 C1 , W. -, A I Y xA "A -"fF47r M'-"wer ff Mime iff' GW iw VWM ifewfis Fww'5'15f1 'Q , fd vs , a w 7- 7 A 5'e'G PGM' T' fr m 'vi' 'V 'N-' 'if H rm H v. V - 'Qif , ' p jwfi vu 'H p ra SQCf e?r, IN elf'l'fx'ff,I, I H11 X rx Qi lf llflf llr I X3 !'H!x'lf N For her friendship and guidance . . . tor her trust in us . . . for her encouragement through our problems and her sharing in our sucf cesses . . . for her spontaneous sense of humor . . . and most ot all for her devotion as our class advisor, we dedicate this i960 ACCOLADE to . . . Miss Mildred Senator Dr. Kurtz King appears to commenting on the materials iust distributed to some of the members of the School Board. Row I: Robert Whittaker, Charles K. Welsh, Authur W. Ram- sey, William B. Shellenberger, President. Row II: Russel Garis, H. LeRoy Beaver, Jr., Clare V. Fryer, Carl E. Lewis. Row III: Wilmer Gehman, John R. Deitcher, Jonas Weisel, J. Willard Weikel. Row IV: Rufus E. Groff, Mrs, Madeline Chandler, William Friday, Dr. C. Alexander Hatfield. chool Board Long hours . . . big decisions . . . hard work . . . millions of dollars Worth of responsibility . . . from thisfa fine school in a fine community. Qiglxd' S lf? L Q 1 I - I Viz I N , 1' Q yn' ' . I ., r I l- 0' J' I 4 1 ,I fl ff I I Y I, 1 il! ' fi' -I I I 4' fl, . H I L " v I 'B Inyllllll' Row I: Roy S. Myers, John I. Weierman, Treasurerf Henry McKinstry, Wallace H. Derstein. Row II: Luther E. Moyer, Secretary, Mrs. Elizabeth Alaman, William S. Melchior, William M. Pye, Jr. Row III: James Williams III, Vernon D. Lauchman, Charles L. Nace, Chester T. Daly. Row IV: Mrs. Erma S. Bean, Dr. Paul T. Bergey, Douglas N. Brooks, Abram Roth. William B. Shellenberger, while presiding at a Jointure Committee meeting, ponders over a de- cision as James Williams lll, Secretary, studies some reports. 'fa fi I' xy Xi ! 1 , GUIDANCE A. KURTZ KING, D.Ed. Supervising Principal Although Dr. King is seldom seen by us, the decisions he makes and his efforts influence every phase of our school lite. Since North Penn Joint High School's inception in 1955, he has served as its chief administrator. lil ll GLENN L. TURNER Business Assistant Since Mr. Turner is new to our school this year, he may not be known by all of us. He has worked in his present position as Business As- sistant in schools in the Saetsburg, Coudersport, and Pottstown areas. Mr. Turner was born in lrvona, Pennsylvania. He received the degrees ot Bachelor ot Arts and Master of Letters from the University of Pennsyl- vania. Born in Lebanon County, Pennsyl- vania, his academic degrees include a B.S. from Juniata College, and M.Ed. from Rutgers, and his Doctorate in Ed- ucation, received in i950 from the Uni- versity ot Pennsylvania. sw- -" . 3+ 6 ff s 3, V. i A good teacher is. Ernest Dyson, B.S., M.Ed. Curriculum Coordinator 3 Guldance Dept James E Mullen B S M A Deparfrnenf Chrn Gerald G Bower B S M A Donald K Huber B S M S Isabella S lones B A M A ii c H fl lr-LJ Jane? Seip, A.B. Horne and School Vusutor Nurses Kathryn N. Abbott, R.N. Ruth W.Wl1iTe,R.N.,B.S.,Ed.M ilg rl Salle. y :L .. 1 A ff, 3 ,fm fm ,wr in , , I English Dept. Librarians Margaret King, B.A., B.S. Dorothy C. Ortt, A.B., B.S. an Bertha M. Hirzel, B. S., M.S. Department Chrn. Gerald J. Birkelbach, B.S. Marian E. Bretts, B.S. John A. Carroll, B.A. Mary Louise V. Chubb, B.S. Thomas J. Collins, B.A. Jane C. Fahy, B.A. L. Richard Head, B.S., M.A.t V. Mercedes Magee, A.B. M. Patrick Rafter, B.S, Jane Sanderson, A.B., M.S. Willa Sue Taylor, AB., MA Kenneth L. Weir, B.S. Ruth M. Williams, B.S. Thomas C Chilcote B.S., M.Ed. Chester S. Knipe A.B., M.S. Department Chm. Leonard Barmat B.S., M.S. Paul T. Henning, B.S. Thomas F. Leonard, M.A. Helen Mensch, AB., M.A. Bessie Ott, B.S., M.A. ww-HM . Wil fr: .,--"' , Charles J. Park, B.S., M.Ed Gale G. Reid, B.S. R. Kent Replogle, B.S. Joseph F. Sidoti, B.S. Karl A. Thompson, B.S. Thomas F. Vizzard, B.A. Jean K. Buck, B.S. Department Chrn. Helen R. Kriebel, B.S. Nancy Miller, B.S. X 5, ,M . .L , Albert R. Stewart, B.S., M.S Department Chm. Carl J. Giuranna, B.S., A.M. Edward J. Klavon, B.S. Kenneth Mosser, B.S. William H. Schilling, B.S. Holley Smith, B.S. Sandra J. Trexler, B.S. R. Donald Wack, A.B. Charles E. Weaver, B.S. Alvin E. Schmidt, B.S., M.A. Mathematics Dept. Henry A, Kulik, B.S., M.S. Department Chm. E, J. Bitting, Ph.B. Aaron Coblentz, B.S. A. J. Del Pinto, A.B. Stanley E. Golazeski, B.S., M.S Kenneth R. Schmidt, B.S., ME John A. Vinski, B. S., M.Ed. Linda G. Walrath, B.S. Music Dept. Harold B. Zener, B.S. Department Chm. E. John Zettlemoyer, B.S. Business Dept. Charlotte V. Svvoyer, B.S. Department Cbm. Norman J. Balchunas, B.S. Robert Biemesderter, B.S. Robert S. Chubb, B.S. William J. Jacobs, BS. Lester Long, B.S. to teach . Language Dept. Eleanore G. Richard, BA., MA. Department Chm. Edward A. Leszczynski, BA. Maria A.Scl'1mid, B.S., M.S. Mildred R. Senator B.S., M.S. Health and Physical Education Maribelle Waldo, A.B., lVl.Ed. Dept. Chm. Marvin H. Angstadt, B.A., Nl.Ed. Alfred L. Broclhag, BS., lVl.Ed. Ruth O. Lahcles, B.S. Shirley K. Ott, B.S. Harold R. Wolff, B.S. Art Dept. Charles L. Kirwter, B.S., NLS. Dept. Chm. Beatrice Lebaris, B.A. Karl O. Neuroth, BS. James B. Crawford, B.S., MS. Athletic Director N Others Vocational Dept. Ng Francis G. Huss, B.S., M.S. I1 Dept. Chrn. t. my Wullnarn Bartholomew J J. Henry Hitz, B.s.,M.s. ' -fag 11 p'3!.'l1 Herbert H. Kuropkat e G Andrew Majeskie 'MIL' :LAM-.. Q , I to lwe . . 4- - ' Industrial Arts Dept. Bernard P. Sykes, B.S. Dept. Chrn. Robert S. McCloy, B.S. Ronald H. Schlaybach, B.S. .1 K A 5 , M . "Q, is jgyfQ5.g,,-7 951 -- . xr, I 2 , 5 . 5 f ? 2 f 5. SA R. e ff A :A ' I .1 1" ' 'if k V 45 mga N P Q ' f 5 ,,, 'lf' V M '-..... Y A 'fmgv-5, ,, fx' .1 'I 'rw ,M Li, 'Vif A Q 'df ' T , ,, j , ,, , ,v if , X M4- 242 H5 f ' .W--.., Q ' J . , , nf .ff 'tie bi kj After the last bell had rung, these tive members ofthe ianitorial statt met to discuss their evening activities. The members of the busy cafeteria staff interrupt their work to pose for our camera. ,F fr 41 , I9 - ' ' '22 -, I ' 931' 1.- Frau Schmid fixes one of Doug KriebIe's twisted straps. It appears that Rick McAdams and Caroline Goering have made two maps of interest to other French students. Uutr program its varied i 1 Q t 3 I Hx. 1 f it 4 l V fl! 4 rf s i 5 J in 1 I-LAI "ln chemistry lab first you h . BT ave to weigh the crucible an Id as Dick Snyder shows Beverly Evans. ft? Dorothy Davis and Colin Gilboy draw two geometrical figures on the board. Peering through a microscope at slides proves fascinating to these three biology students: Dick Clemens, Bob Oakley, and Sandy Ford. 'Wes fa., L "' H. AIX 0 members of a senior typing class strive to improve their skills. N. Experience with the Interests are man, 3 2 gamma 1 calculating machine is part of Gerry Scl'tIegel's business training Sandy Cook runs off some work on the duplicator Mr, Balchunas pauses to comment on Sally Doclson's and Andy Jones' shorthandilg exercises. f it i A Tix QL 1 W, ., ...- mygt is 15 I N ' 4 s W 'bis in pYsf"S. .m ,i I 41. 'K Hg' , 2' 0 W' ,a f xg fi 1 3 , ' - Q wav ,f " .-2 .. , , ""- X :"FJ?ir" 5. 'il U' H0 ! K ol m I FRIENDSHIPS 5 I1 we. 'L 'W ii? . -.fp H2 if :-Z '34 s K s, , ,-Q , ,- -X12 Eg V 19 4- 45 1 JH 1 Q Kr, 'ff' f fi 44 - A ' . 1 sy 4- s 'QP RQ 15, - I 4 . 'gays' , g .Q , .. Q r A V A Q 'fi' uf ' Nw ,V 'Q' 5 i ,, ' t Q .,'. W fgft 1 Q if Q ,K B 5 Biff' I r rd 5 I , , ii? ,.., . I9 K .ff . as W2 44,264 gm ' 3 Q 'Q S 5 is f an 623' ' T: , 9 ' -' N gf I 4 Q' ' x 1' 1, K A 1,1 A-' . A Lf? Ly A 'ef Gil' an V K yi . I .Sq 04 nv 3 1 , X an 4 A lr '32 5 wie? F5 f '- 2 up Q 4 ' 'f, x. if fl G , f'i"f!w-1 ' 5 I jig fl 5 '."if . ' ' ..n, 5 fr' f,- ,W fi , v,,a,kW xp, 2, ff L, gf 'gl f? 3 A9 ,1 s M , ,QE Q 'W. ' 49 kv 5, ,gg 1 ,,,, -.- iii' , 5 Q t ,ga -vi M114 M,., I l Q -s I I r an v ff -' 'G 15 P .Q A s V 535' S: X my Lu. mx 'V Q . . 1 W Q t g, 2 5 A N A 15. Q? 9" K Ks ,- M. I 1 . 1 7 4 SQ? 9' , 4,.g5"?,, . ' ff' in w - Q94 I , V 'HUB "Gee whiz, Charlie Brown . . . H omeroom 36 H omeroom 39 mm, now that you mention It . . ." Identified by their enthusiasm . . "Now for the S64 ,OOO question . . ." H omeroom 37 Mitt WV 'MSL W GC I N Grade 8 f 'S M-J ezi X "We like lemon lollipops . . ." H omeroom 41 "Little angels, aren't we?" H omeroom 40 H omeroom 42 "H could be YOU!" Q 0 2.1 .3 Q' 5 ,G E 1' ff '51, H x 4 2 M' ' X 'QA ,i'?' ' ' E 5? UZ cr Q "" 1 X .4255 I i - ' 4 A 751' .. i n x f S . ,uk , -QWQE 3 av 1, ' J xi -4 41 1 W , Q ' n -3 5 va fs 3 2 Y ,hx , - .0 1 fuk Q -'G ' J -f I 9 i v ' ,W 1 , If 5 if ff 'if Q'- 1: 5 , 'es 'iv Q gr 5 s 3 f V is --Q ., -S. . I K J M. ,Q .M V. 'v .ea gf A 2 5 'Y ,xii 2 H. av Q-1 3. -11 1 , 75' Y 33, A 5 sf, ,E g ' nw vf ., .25 E ,"', 'S' in Tu , Q ' 3 A N R , Vai' A , , A V 3 I 5 A ., 5 A 'QE ,iw 'nm y .TZ I 4 V, I' A 'b wr X fgffsrg ' ' U .Q 5 , .,,. ...L . 5.4 I 1 ge -H ff Ln., savf V, ' 3? if ag nf: f-V - Ke gf As- A A is , V xf x A ' V : V 5 G ' f. N - X s wa : f J A ' X , S ifgaff . 45 Ne 4 pk 'iw it , 5 . x 5 L4 six v 5 -ls JE gs . X 6 4 - K ..,,.1. I 1 . ,hx xi . v I 33 The "Big Four plus One" in the Annex lobby. Meeting tor the first time as a class, the Soplrtomores elected George Rodenhausen as President. Other officers are Roy Maclntyre, Vice-Presidentg Jackie Clrteboolc, Secretaryg and Pat Wood, Treasurer. Mr. Karl "Bolly" Thomp- son is the class advisor. During February the class held one ot the best remembered dances ot the year, "Cupid's Caper in Fantasylandf' Barb Harper reigned over lrier classmates as Queen ot the festivities, while the couples danced to the music ot Bud Reilly. Class of 1962 . . . "Queen Barb" and a very big smile! gl Roses for the Queen. Sandy Ortman awaits the an nouncement of the new Sopbo more Queen. A X i . LV Q if "-. 6 V W 'Q 54 5 f 1 E544 ga fn! f A RWM' W WV 3 , N1 2 ' Q? 5, 074 W' Qi fa my 11, . L . " 4 Q ' 7 Q N5 "" on 'Q Prfwi! EA X lv 6 +56 H S 1. I K, 9 , ,ge F vr an ' 5? fr 14 f fi? L iff' 9 R R4 .W K t .0 1 x 3 N if 31 ? ,wb 1 RG 9 6 5 V "4" ' au , N uv H Wifp 1:0 'bf x D . 0 'SSM ' Q4 1 '1 A ag, 1 1 -if 63 . ,n A W2 , X QU' B 'bv xv k Y ,I ,fy QQ, 1 ' ' 9 ssdhff aw' . s 1 1 555- '0 in-. w MKG' Qs gig- gf .ae 5' EQQQQ Shing Q3 if 5s ' ?? A' , I A A 'iv 5:3 " - xx 4 s Q ,.,, x .V 'Q S kgs' . 6 5. 'Q 5 X . f sr xii? 1, r W 1 0' . i -gf L. .5 2 1, Q V, M f Ha ' was M " 3 Q l xzvx Y 5 4 af Gif 56 ' 7 ' A X A- ' 3 9: 5 9 1 , , 9 A 3 B575 ff 1 -s 99 Q 6' Mu' Q Q 15 if -A '- r' QV 9 , . Y if n fl' gl 'K' J V Wax X' L 1 LM .. ' f ara '05 , 3 ,Y X: 2 . 't 4 Y 2, N. ?AH -4 V Y , A Q f - Q vf 4 v 9 f fl Q ' "1 vm 3-'lf 1 Y V' in N-Wi si ,jar 4 X V I nf' K uf' 1 x Q 0 . x J 3:-3. ,,AA , w . - ..' 'EJ-I-I'f'I: f 4? K Ti' +1 , GI Q ,f ' 4 21 ' f ' ,QA - 'il 1. .:' V . . , Rf 4 . 53 2 5 ah if Q ft ge X :W Q 5 3 v 5 15 Q.. e I '15, My HSM! x . ' 9'4" W I X 1 y' Q9 5146, 1 35 5 r '52 x 3 A 5 y 1 2 mah as Q 37 Class of 1961 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS AND ADVISOR: Carol Smith, secretary, Mr. Edward J. Klavon, advisory Jane Kneedle, treasurer: John Knoll, vice- president, Jack Wolford, president. v "Now I crown you Jr. Miss for l96O." Barbara Marinucci, surrounded by her court, was crowned "Junior Miss" by Edna Parrish, last year's queen. Our "Miss" ascends her throne 38 The Class of '61 is an outstanding one. As Sophomores, they chose Mr. Edward Klavon to guide them through their remaining years at North Penn. The Class elected John Knoll as president, Barbara Marinucci, vice-president, Carol Smith, secretary, and Jane Kneedler, treasurer. Early this year they met again to choose class officers, this time for their junior year. Jack Wolford was elected president, and John Knoll, vice-presi- dent. Carol Smith and Janie Kneedler, "hoIdovers" from last year, held their respective offices. The social year began Halloween night, with a record hop, "Cornstalk Capers." Hilarity occurred when it was invaded by a bunch of "beatniks" whose appearance enlivened the evening. Two other gala events were the "Junior Miss" dance and the Junior Prom. Closing this successful year was the comic class assembly in which students participated. Who won the Ambler game, boy "Think for yourself . . ." H omeroom 103 H omeroom 203 S711 "I don'1 undersiand. Say that again H omeroom 206 Don'1 look at me, I didrft do i1"' X ow.-,f o Q' , "Look, Mom, no cavities . . ," Homeroom 5 Hom eroom 8 H omeroom 209 "Jump, We dare you!" H omeroom 105 Oh boy, he's going to rell us a sto y "Why do I have to smile?" H omeroom 204 Who has been walking on the ceiling? H omeroom 109 Particzjyation 42 .t Sli lllllm 5455! iff' , Vwacwus maidens Games and Scores Quakertown Souclerfon Upper Moreland , Ambler , Central Bucks Hatboro-Horsham Upper Perkiomen Pennridge Y H fa? r ngu- W , W1A 4? 2. 3 fi Q f Q 9 55 V3 5 -5 Q9 Q, gp. i:f4! , A4 All Q NWN' , 4, s -A 1 , fx. . , h 1 vw A .. Q f.' V ...Y ,, I p 4.0 H QF, "TW , , . , ff 1 if ,Q 1- p Y 1 " fy: 'N 8 Q A Q, SQ 6 if The Knight booters fought their way to second place in the Lower Bucks County League. Because of two early defeats, they finished one-half point behind the leader, Pennsbury. Under Coach Gerald Bower's and Assistant Coach Ken Nlosser's fine guidance, North Penn won sixteen of eighteen games. ln their opener, the booters conquered Pennridge, 4-O, and went on to defeat Southern Lehigh, 4-l, in a non- league tilt. Continuing, the Knights edged New Hope, l-O, then crushed Delhaas 8-O. The Knights suffered de- feat in their first league loss in three years, bowing to Pennsbury, 3-l. They retaliated by smashing Neshaminy, 4-O, and William Tennant, 5-O, but bowed to Palisades, 2-O. North Penn completed the first half of the season by downing Woodrow Wilson, 42, before nipping the Alumni, 6-4 in a "wild and wooly affair." The North Penn booters then swept through the sec- bf i '- TQ' ff? R .11 'W f A-1 5' -If ,f-mr. , X , -...W ED Giovgp C0-Captains BUDDY GORDON ond half undefeated. They whitewashed Pennridge, 3-O, Delhaas, 4-O, New Hope, 4-O, and Pennsbury, 5-O on Ed Glover's four goals. Whipping Neshaminy, 4-l, and William Tennant, A-0, they avenged their previous defeat to Palisades by humbling them 7-l, as Glover repeated his four goal performance. The Blue completed their season by vanquishing Woodrow Wilson, -fl-l. Buddy Gordon and Ed Glover were elected co-captains. It is interesting to note that the Knights scored 72 goals to their opponents' paltry l5, and had TO shutouts. Highlights of the season were the three consecutive Thursday victories over bitter rivals, New Hope, Penns- bury, and Palisades. The team gave Pennsbury its sole league defeat. Although the Knights failed to bring home the bacon this year, they will seek to recapture the crown next year. MR. BOWER ' '54 f Wig, f 4, 'Ji' um . W v '. ' , My I ,f V' M , , aw M Q W 5 , gg ,aawff fgw fi M . .. , , Q, V, ff mne- Q4 'ei' F 5 Q 3 4 ! . ' Q O sl R " ' E' 435-il'lC V . . ma-' A gg 4 Gridiron Knights . . Games Opponent NP Pennsbury 19 18 Ambler 20 O Upper Moreland O 19 Quakertown 12 26 Souderton 13 O Upper Perkiomen 6 27 Pennridge 7 15 Springfield 25 6 Hatboro-Horsham 19 7 Central Bucks 9 7 fnon-league ii' fc-af M fb ,fan i 1 0 1 1 A K 'Q N X '1 E' 1 ,, S V 4 Tl! 2 75Lm:u I J I m ' 1 , N, ANDERSON G, LOUX DA HEEBNER K. GEHRINGER J. KNOLL Ak ap: v.. I 'X Q 1 of wa, + ,lv f, ts x 1 I J. HOMA l D. HEEBNER T ft' 1 VV V fi T G. ROCCHINO T ":J- . - . i s as T - f li ' A T E. RAMBO R. KOEHLER C. BLACKMAN B, DEILEY T, RQDENHAVER The Knights ended Their season Tying for fifth place This year in The Bux- MonT League. IT began againsT our non-league foe, Rennsbury. The boys played hard, buT came out on The shorT end, 19-18. This game was followed by wins over Upper Moreland, Upper Perkiomen, and Quakertown, and an upset over Pennridge. Our opponenTs ouTscored us in games with Ambler, SouderTon, Springfield and l-latboro. On Thanksgiving Day, we climaxed The season by playing againsT our TradiTional rival, Central Bucks. The Buckaneers upseT The Knights, 9-7, in a real Thriller. In The Fall SporTs Awards Assembly, senior, Charlie Blackman, was presenTed with The Trophy for The "most valuable player" award, while junior, John Knoll, was "The most improved player," and George Rocchino was The "besT example of an all-around player." Ed Rambo was named To The SportswriTers' All-Bux- MonT first string. Honorary co-captains elecTed forthe year were Dave Heebner and John Homa. MR. LEONARD Some indoor instructions produce many outdoor victories. Our North Penn Cross Country team swept through a spectacular season this year to boost the fame of North Penn runners to fourth place in the State Finals. The Knights have won 31 of their last 33 meets, suffering their only losses in the State Finals of 1959 and 1960. This year the team won its 1 1dual meets, the Bux-Mont Champion- ship, District l Championship, the William Tennant, Abington and George School lnvitational Meets. Jim "Rat" Murphy paced the Knights by winning almost every meet. Co-Captanis Ted lmswiler and Bill Smith were usually right behind. Seniors on the squad were Pete Lukens, Ted lmswiler, Tom Bone- kemper, George Roschen, Bob Hammel, Robbie Hare, John Dresher, Dave Jarinko, Andy Lewis, and George Soltys. Congratulations to the coaches and the runners for another red letter year. That's right, You'll be the lead-off man in the next relay race. ,,.-f MR. PARK Countless Conquests . . . Record Meets NP Opponent Central Bucks 26 30 Ambler 15 50 Upper Moreland 25 32 Springfield 16 39 Quakertown 20 40 Pennridge 22 31 Tennant lnvitational First Place Bux-Mont Champs FirST Place District Champs First Place State Finals Fourth Place Abington lnvitational First Place George School lnvitational First Place Strength in action Members of the North Penn Wrestling team. Even though hindered by a few injuries, Coach Ed Klavon's wrestlers did not tall short of our expectations. The usual starters were: 95 lbs.-Bob Rambo, 103 lbs.-Donny Schwartz, 112 lbs.-Pat Frederick, 120 lbs.-Ted Imswiler, 127 lbs. -Phillip Lindquist, 133 and 137 lbs.-Dave Jariko, Joe Urbach, or Doug Kriebel, 145 lbs.-Wayne Brunt, 154 lbs- Terry Rodenhaver. 160 lbs.-Dave Keeley, 180 lbs.- Dave Posavec, and Unlimited class-Ron Koehler. Pat Frederick is the captain, and a co-captain is elected for each match. The team is assisted by two managers, Johnny Knoll and Linhart F. McMullin. COACH EDWARD KLAVON With the help of Ted Imswiler and our captain Pat Frederick, Coach Edward Klavon teaches his younger boys a new hold . . . good show. 51 Heart hoopsters . . . Standing, left io right: Kathy Rosenberger, manager, Mrs. Shirley OH, coach, Carol Chandler, Varsity Squad Ann Auf der Heyde, Karen Rodenhausen, Barbara Buck, and Carol Henning, manager. Kneel- ing are Dianne MacMasfer Barbara Drissel Laraine Albrecht Carol n Criswell Jud McCann , f 1 Y f Y and Sherry Fuss. MRS. SHIRLEY OTT Coach Ambler Quakertown Souderton Upper Perkiornen Hafboro-Horsham Pennridge Upper Moreland Central Bucks K x Opponenls 18 24 34 25 41 35 29 25 CNN Junior Varsity Squad and Managers. Sharon Palmarozza Jan Fearn Toody Van Gaasbeck Jane Braxton Pam Brown JoAnn Wampler Antoinette Burrell Barb Harz Merle Ann Schultz Sandy DeBatin Barb Stock Rosemary Posen Linda Haag Jane Kneedler Sharon Hegarty Mary Lou Peck Sandy Angstadt Barb Harper Suzie Albright Dotty Davis Carol Hemmerle Susan Miley Debbie Rorer Kathy Reichleg Karen Haldy Joan Clunk il, Ns Under the watchful eyes of Coach Shirley Ott and Assistant Coach Linda Walrath, the "queens" of the court once again captured the coveted title of Bux-Mont Champs. With only two returning lettermen the coaches had to come up with a team that could pull together. They achieved their goal with an undefeated team in Bux-Mont competition, Among the miss- ing on next year's squad will be seniors: Laraine Albrecht, and Andrea Auf der Hyde, co-captains, Sherry Fuss, Karen Rodenhausen, Judy McCann Carol Chandler, Barbara Buck, Dianne Macflllaster, Barbara Drissel, and Carolyn Criswell. n Q.-hwuy""N-... Pennridge Springfield Hatboro-Horsham Bristol Souderton Upper Perkiomen Upper Moreland Quakertown Central Bucks Ambler Hatboro-Horsham Pennridge Springfield Souderton Upper Perkiomen Upper Moreland Quakertown Central Bucks Ambler YQ ,,..1- K, Opponent 43 59 48 57 32 40 45 58 58 52 49 63 64 51 60 65 55 58 49 COACH MARVIN ANGSTADT gy- 4 Xi ll A, fi Roger."I iv ug? I if K. 'feet ai A 4 l I x Varsity Squad Tom Bonekemper Buddy Gordon Brett Sauers Ben Hammel David Koder George Bonekemper Frank Robison Otto Bohrnueller George Loux Charlie Hottenstein Roger Stulnlmuller David Heebner Managers David Clemmer Warren Erdman David Hoffman The Reporter photog 'apher seldom misses a game. Vim and vigor. "High lump, high lump, to the sky iump!" MR. WOLFF I i Junior Varsir Y Squad Ron Lacher Barry Troster Chris Pheil Al Collins Dave Fredericks Larry Hill Dave Rittenhouse Bill Smith Lowell Moyer Howard Templeton Russ Stuart Jerry Arrington Bob McCann The mighty Knights of North Penn finished in the Bux-Mont League in a wild and woolly race. Spearheaded by Roger Stuhlmuller and Otto Bohmueller, North Penn dominated play through- out the season. They romped over Bridgeport, 85-22, in their opener and stunned Pennridge, 56-43, in their initial league battle. Bowing to champion Spring- field and then downing l-latboro-Horsham, the Big Blue entered the Hatfield-North Wales Lions Invitational Tournament. In the tourney they claimed three easy wins and first place. Back in the Bux-Mont, the Knights got down to the business at hand and massacred Souder- ton, 76-32, and downed Upper Perk, 57-40, and Upper Moreland, 53-45. The next three battles highlighted the season. For thrills, chills and good basketball, they were tops. N.P. edged Quaker- town 63-58 after Bob Hammel had sent the game into overtime with a spectacular, 20-foot, last sec- ond iump shot. They then lost a heartbreaker to Central Bucks, 58-63, and came roaring back to nip Ambler, 53-52. The Knights breezed by Hat- boro-Horsham, 60-49, and Pennridge, 72-63, be- fore succumbing again to Springfield, 64-61, be- fore a packed house. They soundly trounced Souderton, 76-51, and battered Upper Perk, 80- 60. Catch it Chan. Hits and runs . . A new coach and a new sea- son , . . Mrs. Shirley Ott led the Girls' Softball Team toward an- other Bux-Mont Championship. After rnany hours of pre-season practice, the opener was played with Pennridge on April 20. i960 Girls' Softball Team 'Q' if' -, Q N K, H1 "The sfarting line-up???l" Practice starts in five minutes." T 0 W we Trying To ou?-do lasT year's second place posiTion in Bux-MonT CompeTi- Tion, The boys seT To vvork early in The spring To Take Top honors This year. Mr. Carl Giuranna, WiTh Mr. Al- fred Brodhag assisTing, coached The X, V Q boys into some remarkable perform- , X, ances. The five reTurning leTTermen: tp-..,, Charles Blackman, Buddy Gordon, Ed- - . die Glover, Dave RiTTenhouse and Bren Sauers. , 5 T Q 'i iw he iq , gf 3 K ilr T Coach W f l ,E .f Carl Gluranna 5 W' , ' Z N I ii' - ff i 3 1 I ,. ' Wa J "LeT's call if a day." The Baseball Team , , RETURNING LETTERMEN Ann Aufder Heycle Jane Braxton Carolyn Criswell Barbara Drissel Sherry Fuss Dianne MacMaster Judy McCann Karen Rodenhausen Karen Weingartner With nine returning let- termen and a new coach, the Girls' Tennis Team aimed for the top of The Bux-Mont heap. Miss Linda Walrath, a newcomer to the faculty, worked with Judy McCann, the captain, and many other members of last year's championship squad. Coached by JAMES CRAWFORD N V N I JOH I SK HAROLD WOLFF Blue on top 1 xxfdumqr QM xf ya x ,J 'N .... . ,,,. .J 'fi .-'X 4 Ad' Co-Captains Dave Heebner Ed Lewis Pete Lukens Willy Takin a break. The snow was still on the ground when the North Penn trackmen started practice for the '60 season. Coach Crawford, along with his assistants John Vinski and Harold Wolff, began with a group of over 60 boys. Those who made the team were anxious to disprove the age-old superstition that "l3" is an unlucky number. The "Craw- fordmen" had for their goal, the thirteenth consecutive Bux-Mont championship. When superior coaching and hard work are combined, the other members of the league find North Penn "tough to beat." bl fx G2 arab' ll ..L. A C TI VI TIES Mr. Kenneth L. Weir, Administrative Advisor h! Miss Mercedes Magee, Literary Advisor 8 Mr. William J. Jacobs, Business Advisor 1 'L ev Saw , , Z' ......L,...---""' SANDRA WHITELEY, Editor-in-Chief THE EDITORIAL BOARD .. RENEE SAXMAN, Literary Editor JERRY TOEWE, Layout Editor BILL EVANS, Photography Editor JACK LIGHT, Sports Editor DONNA JARY, Business Manager Art by Bruce Birmelin Bob Dinlocker Photos by Ken Thompson Steve Moyer ,Q -I ' --. SHERRY FUSS TED JONES SUE PHILLIPS KAREN RODENHAUSEN 5 my Accola de XX KNIGHT C RIER YA? --.x N vf.. ,vm 4,29 ' grass 'CSI ' ,xx-f' V Y, CHAN I 3.5.12 ' 315. vs N AJ., Wuxi n X A at .U-W , x X X , A x,.x1V J 'Y ix Ov fr. 'TFC' i .5 - N 1 I ,Q Q ix ' xg' Aux . . Y Emu X M xg xx F 9 ll ------- gy.. ,--.:?- THE KNIGHT CBIER I -,,, .. ,. -'AV ., MP... p 'vgl 5 .f .. c:1r:isc-ms ,R 4: .Luv-4 EDITOR r FEATURES -F -1 . , . 4 :'k,rr,, ' 4 K :r ' s v 1 5 54.-,J A VL" f'1,4,4 fl - fww lj'l',.L NEWS: E112 1' F4 F ffmgr 'xl 1 mn- U1 H15 , fn' " hw- ifzmiy WV zf.--,I ik J Eivvxfn- www- 9' vu-Q 1' uf'-, ADVISORS SPORTS ' ' 6 H,-. W W4 xr x BUSINESS: L' REWRITE: 3' 'lwfvv' .M iuyrn PHOTOGRAPHERS- 'f' H -3-rm,-,.,+ TYPISTS N f 5 D0 ,N YO CI! fhe Wr' wack ARE Ne leaflets 171,451 Q33 35,7 ,A 4 he Mur swag .Kyle OK 00 'lov 41009 X5 XX S bot T r 9311 Ha be Khjghter bOYsl sonekemper 1 N rv: Hog' r 'H' F-mv Ann r run if Un-nnis Vmffivig, 'vu Ed Afleen f Voss, V nirwajef, M-vmnefh ues S hoopsfel-S tu Gnd At North Penn the Student Council is quite active, as evidenced by all of their proiects: the sponsorship of the school store, the ice cream machine, the booster bus, the school's war orphan and the magazine cam- paign. Each year, in addition to promoting the Christmas spirit with their gaily decorated trees, they give the girls "their turn" by holding Sadie Hawkins Day Dance. Here, turnabout is fair play, as the girls drag their dates and both live it up, garbed in some of the weirdest costumes ever created. A two-fold program guides our Student Council, they encourage citizenship and courtesy, and promote school activities and student co-operation. E., George Roschen heads the Student Council this year. His fellow officers ' are John Knoll, vice- presidentg Harriet Weber, secretary, "Pinhead" Rodenhausen, treasurer. Mr. Albert Stewart is their advisor. 59SSl0n' "House Representatives" Forum members. . .at home in the library. Much fliscussion . . . Forum, North Penn's debating team, is sponsored by Mr. Birkelbach, and consists of approximately 20 en- thusiastic members. ln their debates against an opposing school, they place two members on a four member panel, and take either the pro or con side of the question. Two such issues recently debated were "Resolved: Red China be Admitted to the U.N.," and "Resolved: the Cultural Tastes of Today's Teens are Superior to those of the Teenage of the '2O's and '3O's." MR. GERALD BIRKELBACH Forum Advisor Olbng but hopeful orchestra . . . Violins, clarinets, bass fiddles . . . The director, Mr. E, John Zettlemoyer, combined the music of the "Old Masters" and the talent of 'I8 musicians, Weekly prac- tices in preparation for the Spring Concert resulted in a program enioyed by both the performers and the audience. -el MR. E. JOHN ZETTLEMOYER Director ' 5- 4 4 3 L Q, 2 3 l .MH X l : o l is ff 4 5 is vi? no l 5-Q Q K C il 3 Ig 5' ' 4 A SL ge, i .wr i 5' 'sc z' 55" J' JJ- 'di 'ff 'f -'ls 'Q"Qql'1,i.vgxi r 9 , - inns-war"-..-.W '..'+avu-- -x 5' 9 lg is Sui iff? is 2 iff f"':," ff IA Mgiiii-H 7 11 ms 4 M H fn Ai ' 5 F 2. iii. V 5' a W-5' 9 3 5. KWH Q gw 3 1 3 Pr? Sk? ll aw W' D UI' Q hx Music makers . Serving as officers of one of North Penn's out- standing assets, the North Penn High School Band, under Mr. Karl "Bolly" Thompson's adept direction, were Don Walker, president, Janie Braxton, vice- president, and Cora Cunningham, secretary. Very busy Knights and Maidens, they performed at all the football games . . . this year in new and intri- cate formations . . . in the Mardi Gras, Veterans Day and Memorial Day parades, and in the Spring Concert. All these accomplishments can be at- tributed to many hours of practice at 8 a.m. every morning. A small part of the band, consisting of fourteen people, was formed to play at pep rallies, Senior High assemblies and at home basketball games. The Dance Band also played occasionally at the sock hops which followed the basketball games. This year North Penn placed 78 of its members in the All-Bux-Mont Band, which consists of the best musicians in Bucks County and Montgomery County schools. ,Q New slant for the music world. K All together now, 1 . . . 2 , . .3. . . "BOLLY" 4: -4"vf,- Talented twirlers . Leaving the ranks this year are seniors Sandy Beltz, the very capable head maior- ette, Diane Harrison, Mary Lou Winkler and Jackie Wentz. The other girls include Sharon Palmarozza, Dqnna Huston, Donna Benner, Virginia Hunter, and Laraine Brit- ton. ff' 5 ii a K.- ln front of the band, no matter what the weather, were our eight high stepping, fancy twirling, maiorettes. Practicing every morning with "Bolly" and the band, they went through Sandy's intricate "long stick" workouts. Their twirling earned them not only many compliments but also a first place trophy. 'S The pep . .. 4 MERRY was--. ,4 JUDIE :fi Merry Graham, Judie Kemp, Barb Gerhart, Jane1 Jones, Carol Zehr, Janet Forgay, Nancy Rodenf hausen, Sandy Ford, Lorraine Bergey, Barb Marinucci, Claudia Schwager. "The Pep" is perhaps the best way in which to describe our senior high cheerleaders. Trying, as always, to improve our school spirit and arouse more support for all activities, the cheerleaders worked tirelessly for the betterment of our school. They could be seen not only leading cheers on the football field or basketball floor but also making colorful wall signs and toys in Storage Room if 4. Also a part of their weekly schedule was plan- ning pep-rallies, at which anything could happen and usually did. Many will remember such skits as the scene from Macbeth, the visit by opposing cheerleaders, and the trip "Around the World in 45 Minutes." Selling shakers and sponsoring var- ious sock-hops continued to keep these girls busy. Their enthusiasm roused the spirit of the players and the spectators at many sports events. 'Le f , S hear ,' I' 69607 . . NOrfh pe 'Inf MISS TREXLER Advisor 5:94 ' wx Wllal 8 .Qbe ll 'QC' 4.4-fr' 1, .ff Courtesy and crmolines Our Fair Ladies: Jackie Chebook Sandy Cresson Carol Dietrich Lynn Fletcher Barbara Harper Carol Hemmerle Jane Kneedler Barb Marinucci Sandy Ortman Mary Lou Peck Tina Shelly Carol Taylor Pat Wood All dressed up' Lorraine Bergey Carolyn Criswell Susan Foster Merry Graham Janet Jones Judie Kemp Juanita Sano Merle Schlutz Linda Shelly Carol Smith Connie Swint Carol Vasso Karen Weingartner Jeannie Weisel "May I show you to a seat?" was the cordial greeting of the Usherettes. Organized this year as a club under Mrs. .Jean Buck, faculty advisor, these young ladies ushered at such functions as Progress Night, Lansdale Community Concerts, the Christmas Program, the school play, Spring Concert, Senior Vespers, and Graduation. They were chosen at the end ot their sophomore year for their Emily Post know-how and poise. Jeannie Weisel, this year's head usherette, was elected to this position by last year's graduating usherettes. Many eve- nings were made more enjoyable by the graciousness ot the Usherettes. 3 ww' 1 Lzf M1 I 'x LV -, ,ip fb 14 ' A if J Y -if' ,z , X, Fi. i G--Y mg!!! ua. maj ' 8I K ERSQN B. GORDON "Men who do things that count, never stop to count them. M 5- BOY'-E5 v. Roslsom rv x 1 2. .I 'Y . Illlh M , JI , 1 A X , all Posing for ACCOLADE pictures . . . One bright September morning, out of their homes stepped many a happy child. lt was our first day of school and there would be many exciting adventures ahead of us. This was l947, and in many localities the "Class of 1960" was iust beginning to study the ABC's. The years passed quickly, these students were graduated from grade school and entered the seventh grade. Many new changes and adjustments had to be made. Our studies would be more advanced and our school life would be quite different. In the eighth year of our study, we entered a new school for the first time. New adiustments again had to be made, for all were changing from small country high schools to one large consolidated high school. Old friends mingled with new ones. Teams that were once rivals were now one. Bigger and better oppor- tunities were opened for all. When we entered our freshman year we had an important decision to make. A course of study had to be considered and weighed carefully. There was the Class history . Academic course for those planning to attend college, the Secretarial course for those hoping to enter the many fields open to them today, and the Vocational course for the boys interested in machinery and its many uses. As we entered Senior High in the tenth grade, we met as the Class of '60 for the first time. We chose as our advisor, Miss Mildred Senator, to help us with our problems and share our headaches. The officers elected to lead us were Neil Anderson, president, Tom Bone- kemper, vice-president, Carol Vasso, secretary, and Sally Groff, treasurer. Our first dance was "Cupid's Caper" which was to be held on February l5. Unfor- tunately, because of snow, we had to postpone it until March l. This, however, didn't put a damper on things, for the dance had quite a turnout and was a success. Neil Anderson and Merry Graham ruled as King and Queen of Hearts. That Spring we gave a Sophomore class assembly in the form of a play, originated by a few of our talented writers. Our Junior year promised to be a very busy one At dances . . . At the Pixie At slumber parties . 'Ewan I A' - i - T' ui r 'N ' 31, Li X Q. --4 'N 's ,f L . . ' x for us. Our officers were Roger Stuhlmuller, president, Vicki Robison, vice-president, Janet Jones, secretary, and Barbara Gerhart, treasurer. We opened the year with a record hop, "Platter Party," which had a large attendance. Our next adventure was our Junior Miss Dance. ln the oriental setting, Edna Parish was crowned as our Junior Miss with a rickshaw for her throne. That spring, soon after our class assembly, we gave our Junior Prom which was held in the beautiful ball- room at Casi Conti, in Glenside. In our final year, those chosen to lead us were Neil Anderson, president, Richard Gordon, vice-president, Vicki Robison, secretary, and Sandy Boyles, treasurer. This proved to be the most remembered year of all. Our first dance, given at Thanksgiving, was "Dutch Treat." The atmosphere was "wunderbar." We again sponsored an original assembly in the spring. As the year came to a close, we struggled through our final exams. We were then caught in the whirl of pre graduation activity . . . the Senior Ball at Sunnybrook an action-packed day in New York City including a visit to the U.N., lunch at the Piccadilly Hotel, e "Music Man" at the Majestic Theatre and dinner at Touffinetti's, and finally, class night on June lO. June l2 arrived with Vespers, and the night of our gradua tion, on June ld, became a reality. main - unforgotten. These have been unforgettable years and will re 85 The Seniors pictured on these pages comprise the June, l-F59, to determine this list. In February of this "top ten." They have maintained, since the tenth grade, year, at mid-term, averages were again calculated and a scholastic standing which places them, academically, another list issued. This final listing will appear on the in the first ten per cent of their class. Their grades were Commencement Program. averaged by Mr, Landes at the end of the Junior year, Conscientious Seniors using the reference section are: Carol Hallstien, Terry Ackerman, Janet Jones, Neil Anderson, Linda Daly, Harriet Weber, Renee Saxman. 41"- Comparing notes in the Library are: Mary Evans, Sandra Boyles, Cynthia Harper, Cathy Scheurer, Patricia Kasinger, Jeanne Weisel George Bonelcemper, Elizabeth Rittenhouse. y , 8 6 Some midnight oil must have been burning in the homes of Shirley Welch, John Prokopy, Carol Henning, George Roschen, Gail Miller, Sylvia Rittenhouse, Donna Smith, Jayne Bremser, Sharon Fuss. 5 va A .,.....1g Top ten percent. . . Pausing in their diligent studies are: Elizabeth Gross, Karen Rodenh McCluskey, David Protas, Cora Cunningham, Sandra Hibbs, Evelyn Walt, ausen, Ann Mayall, Sandra Whiteley, Albert Stewart, Eloise C..- . Q, JIQQQ iff 4 wg , M Mos? Likely to Succeed JANET JONES GEORGE ROSCHEN r-..,-- Dalke -B LI D --+...,,,H --.-. Wa. .1 ff P Most Athletic SHERRY FUSS BUDDY GORDON -A, ...x..., -.L. Vw. 1,:,,fW a v - 1 ' .'Y 4 J wi .:9,,f5i. I - hw'-. Qarhf' Best Dressed KATHY ZINSMEISTER JOHN JEREMICZ , '4 I, ,AQ gg. ,,5'3':'ii-11:1 fs'-'62 3 aff Qi! sg? gl s L The Tallest and Shortest ' BETTY GALLAGHER SUE PHILLIPS EARL SHELLY f ROGER STUHLMULLER nw. Y ' RL ., L. A . irq A . iii .fi A., 44 A JF, 9I . .---.wax f af, va +A- -X 3 liar,-LQ-'-5 1' f. 2 -alexis . L. x- -- X . t"X -.. N-4, X lfly 11111100 '11 W 8903 E' APP V0 ? Ax, .. 0 "MVN fix. wx Agn? H K 7 TERRY ElLEEN ACKERMAN "Terry" Academic Accolade 3, Library Council Sr Traffic Squad l, Girls' Danc- ing Club l, College Club 2. CAMERON VVESLEY ALBRIGHT "Cam" Academic Wrestling 3, Card Club lg Model Club 2, Current Events Club 3. NEIL METZ ANDERSON "Gize" Academic Student Council l, Class Presif dent l, 3, Home Room Presi- dent l, 2, Football l, 2, 3, Baseball l, 2, 3, Card Club lg Varsity Club 2, 3. K l ff ANDREA H. AUF DER HEYDE "Andy" Academic Student Council l, 3, Concert Band 2, 3: Marching Band l, 2, 3, Hockey l, 2, 3, Baskete ball l, 2, 3, Tennis l, 2, 3, Dance Club l, College Club 2. LARAINE CLAlRE ALBRECHT "Rainy" Academic Hockey l, 2, 3, Basketball l, 2, 3, Nature Club lp College Club 2, FTA 3. SHIRLEY FAYE ALDERFER "Shirley" General Pre-Nursing Club 2, 3. EDWARD P. ARNOLD "Pat" Vocational H.R. V. Pres. 3, Dancing Club l, Related Drawing Club 2, Volleyball Club 3. SARAH JOLYN AUSTERBERRY "Sally" Academic Accolade 35 Library Council 3, Trattic Squad li HOCRGY 22 Dancing Club lp FTA 2. 'bv NANCY LOUISE BALL "Nancy" Business Accolade 3, Homemalcing Club lj FBLA 2. WALTER CLARENCE BATES "Waldo" Vocational Hobby Club lg Card Club 2, Bowling Club 3, SANDRA LEE BELTZ "Sandy" Academic H.R. Treas. 2, Accolade 3, Bux-Mont Band 3, Maiorettes 2, Head 3, Hockey I, 2, Na- ture Club I, FTA 2. JOHN BINGANIAN "Jack" Academic Football lg Tennis I, 2, 3, Volleyball Club Ig Varsity Club 2, 3. WILLIAM BATCHELOR "Bill" Academic Volleyball Club 2, Bowling Club 3. RICHARD S. BAXTER "Dick" Vocational Student Council 3, HR. V, Pres. 2, Soccer I, 25 Dancing Club Ig Card Club 2, VIRGINIA C. BEYER "Ginny" Business Accolade 3, Girls' Sr. Sports Club Ig Pep Club 2. BRUCE BIRMELIN "Bruce" General Accolade 3, Knight Crier I, 2, 3, Troubadour 2, 3, Sign Painters Club 3. jx Qs SANDRA DAISY MARTHA E. BlTTlNG BLACK "Blacky" Business "Marty" Academic Shop Club T, Fashion Design Bridge Club l, Bible Club 2, Club 2. FTA 3. PATSY ANN PEGGY ANN BLACKLEDGE BLACKLEDGE "Pat" Business "Peg" Business Accolade 3, Knight Crier, Bus. Mgr. 2, Homemaking Club l, FBLA 2. CHARLES P. BLACKMAN "Chas" Academic Student Council 2, Football 2, 3, Wrestling 3, Basketball T, 2, Gun Club l, Boys' Varsity Club 3, Baseball l, 2, 3. EDWARD H. BONEKEMPER "Ed" Academic HR. V. Pres, l, Accolade 3, Knight Crier 3, Soccer l, 2, 3, Chess Club l, 2. Accolade 3, Knight Crier, Bus. Mgr. 2, Library Staff l, FBLA 2. OTTO H. BOHMUELLER "Offs" Academic H.R. V, Pres. 3, Soccer l, 2, 3, Basketball l, 2, 3, Baseball l, 3, Card Club l, Baseball Club 2, Typing Club 3. H. GEORGE BONEKEMPER "George" Academic H.R. Treas. l, Sec. 2, Pres, 3, Soccer l, 2, Basketball l, 2, 3, Baseball l, 2, 3, Card Club l, Baseball Club 2, Typing Club 3. THOMAS WAYNE BONEKEMPER "Tommy" Academic Student Council 3, Class Vice-President l, H.R. Sec. I, V. Pres. 2, Cross Country 1, 2, 3, Baseball 1, 2, 3, Basketball l, 2, 3, Baseball Club l, Card Club 2. HENRY VlNCENT BOYLE "Henry" Vocational Card Club 1, Golf Club 2, Bowling Club 3. ROBERT J. BONFIGLIO "Flig" Academic Wrestling 2, Travel Club l, Card Club 2, Current Events Club 3. SANDRA LEE BOYLES "Sandy" Academic Student Council 2, Class Treas. 3, H,R. Pres. l, Accolade 3, Concert Choir 3, Concert Band 2, 3, March- ing Band 2, 3, Dancing Club l, Typing Club 2. MAURICE THOMAS BOORSE "Tom" Academic Concert Choir 2, 3, Vocal Ensemble 2, 3, Marching Bancl 3, Nature Club l. JAYNE ELLEN BREMSER "Janie" Business H.R. Sec. 3, Accolade 3, Hockey, Mgr. l, 2, 3, Library Club l, 3, Office Machines Club 2. EDWARD W. BOUGHER "Girard" Academic Student Council l, Basketball l, Dancing Club l, 2, Current Events Club 3. WAYNE GEORGE BREMSER "Wayne" Academic Baseball Club l, Typing Club 2, Book Club 3. A R Cl'- lr '74 .1 f ,V .,:,,6,,,v , .f,h ,. J , ' L mf DANIEL JAMES SYDNEY CLARK EUGENE ANTHONY BARBARA JEAN BRENNAN BRlTTlN BUBNIS BUCK "Danny" Academic "Syd" Academic "Bubbles" Vocational "Buckie" Academic Wrestling 2. Accolade 35 Hobby Club lp Science Proiectionist l, 2, 35 Stage Crew l, H.R. Sec, l, Treas. 35 March- ETHEL BURKE "Ethel" Business H.R. Tfeas. I5 Acqolade 35 Softball lj Girls' Wood Shop Club ly Girls' Sr. Sports Club 25 Modern Dance Club 3. Club 2, DOROTHY ANNE BUTLER "Dottie" Academic H,R, Sec. l, 25 Accolade 35 Fashion Design Club lj Pre-Nursing Club 25 Library Council 35 Hockey l, 2, 3. 2, 35 Photo Club lg Golf Club 2, 3. SHIRLEY ANN CAMBURN "Shirley" Business Accolade 3: Typing Club I5 Pep Club 2. ing Band l, 2, 35 Hockey 1, 2, 35 Basketball 1, 2, 35 Soft- ball 2, 35 Tennis I5 Dancing Club 15 College Club 2, 3. EFRAIN ROSA CARDONA "Efrain" General Play lg Dramatic Club I, 25 History Club 3. 70 DAVID LEE JUDlTH ANN CASSEL CASSEL "Dave" Vocational "Judy" Business Baseball l, Baseball Club l, Volleyball Club 2, Safety Council Club 3. CHARLES JOHN CLOSE "Corky" Academic H.R. V, Pres. l, Wrestling l, Gymnastics Club l, Volley- ball Club 2, Bowling Club 3. Dance Club l, 3, Recreation Club 2. RONALD BRUCE CLUNK "Clinker" Vocational Soccer 2, 3, Track 81 Field 3, Base- ball Club l, Volleyball Club 2, Safety Council Club 3. CAROL JANE JOSEPH CHARLES CHANDLER CLARK "Carol" Academic "Joe" Vocational H.R. V. Pres. 3, Basketball 2, 3, Student Council 3, H.R. Treas. Softball l, 2, 3, Sports Club 1, Rec- l, Soccer 2, 3, Baseball l, 2, reation Club 2, College Club 3. 3, Baseball Club l, 3, Public Speaking Club 2. PHlLlP J. SANDRA RAE CONLIN COOK "Phil" Vocational "Cookie" Business Card Club 2. Student Council l, Accolade 3, Homemaking Club l, Office Machines Club 2. LAWRENCE EARL COOPER "Larry" Vocational Concert Band 2, 3, Marching Band 2, 3, Orchestra 2, 3, Baseball Club l, Model Club 2, Safety Council Club 3. CARL CROUTHAMEL "Carl" Vocational Baseball Club l, 2, Golf Club3. 1 if l DOUGLASS W. COUGHLIN "Turtle" Vocational Proiectionist l, 2, 3, Stage Crew I, 2, 3, Proiectionist Club l, Model Club 2, 3. CORA ELAINE CUNNINGHAM "COr6" Academic Certificate of Merit-M.S.Q.T., Ac- colade 3, Concert Choir 2, 3, Con- cert Band 'l, 2, 3, Marching Band l, 2, Sec. 3, Dance Club l. HARRY GODSHALK CRESSMAN "Harry" Vocational Concert Choir I, 2, Bowling Club 3. LINDA LOUISE DALY "Daly" Academic Certificate of Merit-M.S.Q.T., Fo- rum l, 2, Sec. 3, Hockey l, 2, Girls' Sr. Sports Club l, Library Council 2, 3, Q 64. .sg ' 53 8 '15 CAROLYN ANN CRISWELL "Carolyn" Academic Student Council 3, H.R. Pres. l, 2, Uslierettes 2, 3, Hockey l, 2, 3, Basketball l, 2, 3, Tennis l, 2, 3, Girls' Sr, Sports Club I, Recreation Club 2. BRUCE WlLSON DANDO "Bruce" Academic Concert Choir 3, Vocal En- semble 3, Basketball l, Base- ball l, Baseball Club 1, Vol- leyball Club 2. ETS' DAVID PAUL DANZEISEN "Dave" Academic Chess Club I5 College Club 25 Baseball Club 3. WILLIAM STANLEY DELP "Stan" Academic Accolade 35 Concert Choir 35 Vocal Ensemble 35 Concert Band I5 Marching Band I, 2, 35 Play 25 Dramatics Club I5 College Club 2. BARBARA ANN DERESCAVAGE "Barb" Business Accolade 35 Girls' Sr. Sports Club I5 Pep Club 2. THEODORE RUSSELL DAUB "Teddy" Academic Bible Club I5 Biology Science Proiect Club 25 Speech Club 3. WILLIAM DELP "Bill" Vocational Civil Engineering Club I, 2, 3. LINDA LEE DETWILER "Linda" Business Accolade 35 Metal Shop Club I5 FBLA 2. ROBERT DINLOCKER "Bob" Academic Brush Lettering Club 2, 3. PATRICIA ANN DOUGHERTY "Pat" Academic Accolade 35 Dance Club I, College Club 2. JOHN C. DRESHER "Johnny" Academic Student Council 2, H.R. V. Pres. l, Pres. 3, Concert Choir 3, Cross Country l, 2, 3, Track 8. Field l, 2, 3, Track Club l, Volleyball Club 2. ELWOOD PAUL DUCKWORTH "Elwood" Academic Student Council 3, Concert Choir 3, Vocal Ensemble 3, Gymnastics Club 1, Biology Club 2. MARY EILEEN EVANS "Mary" Academic Student Council l, Accolade 3, Knight Crier 3, Concert Band l, Marching Band l, 2, 3, Dance Club l, Pre-Nursing Club 2, JAMES HENRY FARRELL "Jay" Academic Football l, Basketball l, Track 8- Field l, 2, 3, Track Club l, Card Club 2, Varsity Club 3. BARBARA LEE DRISSEL "Barb" Academic HR. V. Pres. l, Pres, 2, Con- cert Choir 2, 3, Bux-Mont Band 2, 3, Concert Band l, 2, 3, Marching Band l, 2, 3, Hock- ey 2, Basketball l, 2, 3, Ten- nis l, 2, 3. WAYNE EDWARD ELLlOTT "Wayne" Academic Student Council l, 2, H.R. Pres. 3, Concert Choir 3, Play 2, Cross Country 2, Gym- nastics Club T, Volleyball Club2. WILLIAM THOMAS EVANS "Bill" Vocational Accolade, Editorial Board 3, Knight Crier 3, Show Card 3. PATRICIA ANN PAUL "Par" Business H.R. Treas, 2, 3, Accolade 3, Dance Club l, Pep Club 2. SUSAN SARAH FELVER "Sue" General Modern Dance Club 1, Girls' Sports Club 2, 3. JOHN RICHARD FLANAGAN "Jack" Vocational Forum 3, Proiectionist Club l, Bowling Club, Treas. 2, Model Club 3. JUDITH ANN FOSTER "Judy" Business Homemaking Club 2: Glfls' Bowling Club 3. TERRY LEE FOX "Terry" Vocational Card Club 'I, 2, 3. NATALIE SUZANNE FINLEY "Suzy" Academic Student Council 2, Accolade 3, Concert Choir 1, 2, Sec.- Treas. 3, Vocal Ensemble l, 2, 3, S.E, District Chorus 3, Play l, 2, Hockey l. F. JEAN FLETCHER "Jeanie" Academic Knight Crier 3, Bible Club 1, Pre-Nursing Club 2. SUSAN LESLIE FOSTER "Sue" Academic H.R. Sec. 3, Usherettes 3, Dance Club l, College Club, Sec. 2. JAMES GORDON FRANKLIN "Jim" Academic Cross Country 2, Track 8- Field I, 2, 3, Natural Science Club 1, Civil Engineering Club 2, 3. W LLOYD LOUIS FREDERICK "Pat" Academic Student Council I5 H.R. V. Pres. 3: Wrestling I, 2, Capt. 35 Volleyball Club Ig Journal- ism Club 25 Book Club 3. SHARON LOUISE FUSS "Sherry" Academic H.R. Sec. I, 35 Outstanding Junior Athletic Award 25 Ac- colade, Editorial Board 35 Knight Crier 25 Hockey I, 2, Capt. 35 Basketball I, 2, 35 Tennis I, 2, 35 Typing Club I5 Sports Club 2. MARY E. GARDNER "Mary" Academic Accolade 35 Drama Club I5 Pre-Nursing Club 2. BARBARA ANN GERHART "General" Academic Class Treas. 25 H.R. Treas. 35 Accolade 35 Concert Choir 2, 35 Vocal Ensemble 2, 35 Or- chestra I5 Cheerleader I, 2, Treas. 35 Forum I5 Typing Club I. JUDITH MARIE FREEMAN "Judy" Business Accolade 35 Dance Club 'I5 Pep Club, Pres. 3. ELIZABETH QUINN GALLAGHER "Betty" Academic Accolade 35 Drama Club I5 Pre-Nursing Club 2. RONALD BUCK GARGES "Ronnie" Academic Accolade 35 Civil Engineering Club I5 Golf Club 2. GLORIA FAY GERHART "Glory" Business Accolade 35 Modern Dancing Club I5 Pep Club 2. !"' JACK ALLEN GLATZ "Jack" Academic Soccer 1, 2, 35 Wrestling l, 25 Track 8. Field l, 25 Gym- nastics Club 15 Volleyball Club 2. LARRY PAUL GOODWIN "Larry" Vocational German Club lp Model Club 25 Bowling Club 3. EDWlN CLARENCE GLOVER "Ed" Academic Soccer l, 2, Co-Capt. 35 Baseball l, 2, 35 Gymnastics Club lg Hunt- ing 8. Fishing Club 25 Book Club 3. RICHARD PHILLIP GORDON "Buddy" Academic Student Council 35 Class V. Pres. 35 H.R. Pres. 35 Soccer I, 2, Co- Capt. 35 Basketball l, 2, 35 Base- ball l, 2, 35 Baseball Club lg Var- sity Club 2, Swim -rum KENNETH RAY GODSHALL "Ken" Academic Card Club l5 Baseball Club 2, 3. RONALD JOHN GOTTSHALL "Ronny" Academic Photography Club T5 Typing Club 25 Show Club 3. ,wp Q- C 3 , 15, CAROL ANNE GOODFRIEND "Carol" Business Accolade 35 Fashion Design Club 15 Office Machines Club 2. TED BYRON GOTTSHALL "Ted" Academic Concert Choir 2, 35 Marching Band 35 Cross Country 2, 35 Football T5 Track 8- Field l, 2, 3. Qfrwp MERRY L. GRAHAM "Merry" Academic Student Council 2, H.R. Treas. lg Accolade 3, Knight Crier l, 2, 3, Cheerleader l, 2, Co- Capt. 3, Usherettes 1, 2, 3, Sports Club If Bowling Club 2. SARAH LOUISE GROFF "Sally" Academic Citizenship Award lg Class Treas. ly H.R. Sec. lg Acco- lade 3, Hockey l, 2, 35 Soft- ball 'l, 2, 3, Girls' Gym Club lp College Club 2. CHARLES LEROY RAYEANN B. GREASER GREEN "Greasey" Vocational "Ann" Academic Sportsman Club lg Civil Engineer- Girls' Sports Club lg Pep Club 2, ing Club 2, Bowling Club 3, DONALD GROSCH "Don" General Card Club 2, Biology Science Club 3. Music Appreciation Club 3. BETTY LOU GROSS "Betty" Academic H.R. V. Pres. 2, Concert Choir 2, 31 Vocal Ensemble 3, FTA 'l. EARL AUBREY GREGORY "Earl" Academic Soccer lg Wrestling l, 2j Photo Club lp Volleyball Club 2, Music Appreciation Club 3. GORDON GREGORY GRUBB "Gordie" Academic Bowling Club lf Pep Club 2, Volleyball Club 3. CARL WILLIAM GUENST "Carl" Academic Student Council 2, Accolade 3, Concert Choir 'l, 2, 3, Vocal Ensemble 2, 3, Con- cert Band I, Marching Band I, Track St Field I. CYNTHIA LEE HARPER "Cynthia" Academic Concert Choir 2, 3, Concert Band l, 2, 3, Marching Band I, 2, 3, Softball I, 2, 3, Biology Club l. u CAROL JULIA HALLSTIEN "Carol" Academic Merit Scholarship Semi-Finalist, Ac- colade 3, Modern Dance l, 2. PATRICIA ANN HARPER Pat" Business Accolade 3, Dance Club I, 2. ROBERT B. HAMMEL "Benj" Vocational H.R. Pres. l, 3, Cross Country 2, 3, Football I, Basketball I, 2, 3, Baseball I, 2, 3, Baseball Club I, Boys' Varsity Club 2, 3. DIANE GAIL HARRISON "Di" Academic Student Council I, Knight Crier 2, Maiorettes 2, 3, Tennis 2, College Club I, Dramatic Club 2. ROBERT HARE "Rob" Academic Student Council l, 3, H.R. Pres. 2, Concert Choir I, 2, 3, Vocal Ensemble 3, Cross Country I, 3, Football 2, Track 8. Field I, 2, 3. GERTRUDE E. HARTLE "Trudy" Business H.R. Sec. 1, Accolade 3, Girls' Metal Shop Club l, Pep Club, V. Pres. 2. .nr W' CONSTANCE HEDRICK "Connie" Academic Student Council 35 H.R. V. Pres. l, Sec. 25 FTA l5 Typing Club 2. SANDRA ANN HIBBS "Sandy" Academic H.R. Treas. l5 Accolade 35 Hockey l, 2, 35 Basketball l5 Sports Club l5 Typing Club 2. DAVID LEE HEEBNER "Spike" Academic Student Council lg H.R. V. Pres, 2, Pres. 35 Football l, 2, Co-Capt. 35 Basketball l, 2, 35 Track 8- Field l, 2, Capt. 35 Boys' Varsity Club 25 Reading Club 3. BARBARA ANN HIGH "Barb" Academic Accolade 35 Red Cross Club l5 Homemaking Club 2. CAROL ANN HENNING "Carol" Academic Accolade 35 Knight Crier 2, 35 Basketball l, Mgr. 2, 35 Pre-Nursing Club lg Typing Club 2. DOUGLAS ALLEN HILL "Doug" Vocational Hunting and Fishing Club lg Related Drawing Club 25 Bowling Club 3. NANCY ELEANOR HOCKMAN "Nan" Business Accolade 35 Dramafics Club I5 Gift Club 2. WILLIAM CORRELL HOLLENSH EAD "BiII" Academic V En mbl 3- Concert ocal se e , Choir 2, 35 Baseball I5 Base- ball Club I. JOHN ROBERT HOMA "Bo" General H.R. V. Pres. 35 Football I, 2, Co-Capt. 35 Baseball I, 2, 35 Boys' Varsity Club 2, 3. FRED CHARLES HORN "Fred" Academic Chess Club I, 3: Science ClUb2. SANDRA LUCILLE HOFFMAN "Sandy" Academic Accolade 35 Knight Crier 3: Hockey I, 25 Dance Club I5 Typing Club 2. HELENE DOLORES HOLZEDL "Honey" Business Homemaking Club 25 FBLA 3. CAROL ANN HOPKINS "CaroI" Academic Accolade 35 Pre-Nursing Club 'I5 Gift Club 2. DONALD RICHARD HOUSE "Dick" Academic Cross Country 'I5 Soccer 2, 35 Card Club 15 Senior Math Club 2, 3. 9-5 Q9 nr,-fx MICHAEL A. HRYCKO "Mike" Vocational Baseball Club lg Golf Club 2,3. ROBERT W. HUNSBERGER "Bob" General Wrestling l, 2, Hunting 8- Fishing Club lg Volleyball Club 2, Baseball Club 3. MILIA RHODILA HURST "Buncie" Academic Accolade 3, Pre-Nursing Club lg Gift Club 2. DAVID A. JARINKO "Dave" Academic Marching Band lg Cross Coun- try l, 2, 3, Wrestling l, 2, 3, Discussion Club 2, 3. WILLIAM E. HRYCKO "Bill" Vocational Baseball Club lp Golf Club 2, 3. MARLENE MICHELLE HUPP "Marlene" Business Accolade 3, Concert Choir l, 2, Vocal Ensemble l, 2. THEODORE W. IMSWILER "Ted" Academic H.R. V. Pres. 2, Cross Coun- try l, CcrCapt, 2, 3, Wres- tling l, 2, 3, Track 81 Field l, 2, 3, Brush Lettering Club 2, 3. DAVlD S. JENNINGS "Dave" Academic Student Council 2, Certificate of Merit - M.S,Q.T., Soccer l, 2, 3, Volleyball Club lg Sr. Math Club 2, Typing Club 3. JOHN M. JEREMICZ "John" Business Study Club I5 Dance Club 25 FBLA 3. JANET ELAINE JONES "Jan" Academic Student Council 25 Class Sec- retary 25 H.R. Sec. I, 25 Citi- zenship Award 25 DAR Good Citizenship Award 35 Acco- lade 35 Knight Crier 1, 2, 35 Troubadour I5 Cheerleader 2, 35 Usherettes 2, 35 Play 'l, 25 Softball, Mgr. 15 Dramatic Club I5 Pep Club 2. SHARON LOW JONES "Jonesie" Business H.R. Treas. I5 Accolade 35 Girls' Sr. Sports Club I5 Homemaking Club 2. PATRICIA ANN KASINGER "Pat" Academic Accolade 35 Knight Crier i, 2, Rewrite Co-Editor 35 Trouba- dour I, 2, 35 Play 25 Science Proiect Club I5 Typing Club 2. JEAN J. JOCHEN "Jean" Academic Knight Crier 35 Bible Club, Sec. I5 College Club 25 FTA 3. JOHN THEODORE JONES "Ted" Academic Student Council 'I5 H.R. Pres. I, 25 Citizenship Award I5 Accolade, Editorial Board 35 Concert Choir 2, 35 S.E. Dis- trict Chorus 35 Vocal Ensemble 35 Play 25 Bowling Club l. DONNA RAE JURY "Donna" Business Accolade, Bus. Mgr. 35 Knight Crier 35 Study Club 15 Jour- nalism Club 2. DAVID ROBERT KEELEY "Dave" Academic Wrestling I, 2, 35 Track Club 15 Baseball Club 25 Civil En- gineering Club 3. uw flu. .- mari.. Il. . - T "5- 9' MARIAN KELLET "Marian" Business Accolade 35 Concert Band 25 Marching Band 2, 35 Forum I5 Basketball I5 Dance Band Club l,2. JOANNE BETTY KENDRA "Joanne" Business Accolade 35 Typing Club I5 Pep Club 2. JANICE LOUISE KING "Kink" Business Accolade 35 Concert Choir 2, 35 Typing Club I. CHARLES HENRY KINTZLY "Smiley" Vocational Soccer 2, 35 Wrestling Club I5 Hunting 8- Fishing Club 25 Cartoon Club 3. ROSE JUDELL KEMP "Judie" Academic Student Council I, 35 H.R. Sec. 25 Knight Crier 2, 35 Cheer- leader I, 2, Co-Capt, 35 Ush- erettes 2, 35 Girls' Sports Club I5 Homemaking Club 2. BARBARA JOAN KILBURN "Bobbie" Academic Accolade 35 Knight Crier 2, 35 Troubadour 2, 35 Traffic Squad 25 Nature Study Club I5 Fash- ion Design Club 2. ROBERT EARL KINTER "Bob" Academic Concert Band I, 2, 35 March- ing Band I, 2, 35 Public Speaking Club I5 History Club 25 Current Events Club 3. ROBERT KIRKPATRICK "Booges" Vocational Volleyball Club I5 Related Drawing Club 25 Bowling Club 3. fr PAUL R. KNIERIM "Birdy" Academic Student Council I, Accolade 3, Soccer 2, 3, Typing Club I, Bowling Club 2. BARBARA KONDRATICK "Barb" Business Accolade 3, Girls' Sports Club I, Homemaking Club 2. WILLIAM DAVID RICHARD JACK WILLIAM KODER KOEHLER KOFFEL "Dave" Academic "Boler" Vocational "Jack" Academic Basketball I, 2, 3, Baseball I, 2, Baseball Club I, Card Club 2, 3. M. GALE KON IGSBAUER "Gale" Academic Student Council 3, Knight Crier 2, 3, Concert Choir 3, Traffic Squad 2,4 Girls' Sports Club I, FTA 2. Concert Band I, 2, 3, March- ing Band I, 2, 3, Orchestra I, 2, Photography Club I, Dance Band Club 2, 3. Volleyball Club I, 2, Golf Club 3. THOMAS PAUL JOHN EDWIN KOSTIC KRIEBEL "Tom" Academic "John" Vocational Winter Track I, 2, 3, Track 81 Field H.R. Treas. 3, Volleyball Club I, 2, 3, Dance Band Club I, 2, 3. li Safety Council Club 2, 3. IA an WT!" JACQUES RAY KRIEBLE "Jack" General Concert Choir 3, Marching Band I, 2, Orchestra 2, Track 8. Field I, Photography Club Ig Dance Band Club 2. LINDA CAROL KULP "Kulpie" Business Accolade 3 Knight Crier 2 3 Sewing Club I Hornernaking Club 2 fs RICHARD CLYDE KRIEBLE "Rick" Academic Cross Country I, Soccer 2, 3, Bas- ketball I, Civil Engineering Club I, 2, 3. C. WAYNE LADLEY "Dilly" Academic Wrestling I 2 Civil Engineering u I JOHN HENRY KRON ER "Jack" Vocational HR. Sec. 3, Volleyball Club Ig Re- lated Drawing Club 2, Bowling Club 3. CLIFFORD W. LANDES "Cliff" Vocational Student Council 35 H,R. Treas. I, 2, Gymnastics I, Civil Engineering Club Ig Golf Club 2. DAVID MAYEE KULP "Dave" Academic Concert Choir 2, 3, Vocal En- semble 3, Concert Band I, 2, 3, Marching Band I, 2, 3, Wrestling I, Proiectionist Club Ig Dance Band Club 3. GRACE ALAYNE LANDES "Alayne" Academic Knight Crier 3, Troubadour 3, Bible Club I, 2. ANDREW EDWARD LEWIS "Andy" Business Accolade 35 Cross Country 2, 35 Baseball Club I, 2. EDNA HELEN LINDLEY "Edna" Business Accolade 35 Knight Crier 35 Metal Shop Club I5 Office Practice Club 2. EDWARD LEWIS Ill "Ed" Academic Student Council 35 H.R. V. Pres. I, Pres. 25 Concert Choir 35 Cross Country 35 Football I, 25 Track 8- Field I, 2, Capt. 35 Engineering Club I5 Senior Math Club 2. PHILIP ERIC LINDQUIST "Phil" Academic Certificate of Merit-M.S.Q.T.5 Stu- dent Council 35 H,R. Pres, I5 H.R. V. Pres. 25 Soccer I, 2, 35 Chess Club I, 25 Wrestling Club 3. HELEN MARIE LEWIS "Helen" Academic Accolade 35 Hockey I5 Typing Club I5 Sports Club 2. ROBERT ARNOLD LONGACRE "Bob" Academic Nature Club I5 Baseball Club 2, 3. 1 I L 21' JOHN MICHAEL LIGHT "Jack" Academic H,R, Pres. 35 Accolade, Edito- rial Board 35 Baseball lg Soccer 25 Travel Club I5 Pep Club 2. PETER SCOTT LU KENS "Luke" Academic Student Council 25 Cross Country I, 2, 35 Track 8- Field I, 2, Co-Capt. 35 Nature Club I5 Chemistry Club 25 Biology Club 3. MARJORY H. MacLAUGHLlN "Marge" Academic Accolade 3, Knight Crier 2, 3, Troubadour I, 2, 3, Traffic Squad 2, Bible Club I, Fash- ion Design Club 2. ANN LORRAINE MAYALL "Ann" Academic Accolade 3, Knight Crier 2, 3, Bible Club I, Pre-Nursing Club, Treas. 2. Q'- K DIANNE KENT MacMASTER "Di" Academic H.R. Treas. I, Accolade 3, Basket- ball I, 2, 3, Pre-Nursing Club, Sec. I, Recreation Club 2, Tennis I, 2, 3. DENNIS MARTIN MAYSE "Denny" Academic Bowling Club I, 2, Biology Science Proiect Club 3. WILLIAM RUTH ANNA MALPASS NIARGUSH "Bill" Vocational "Ruth" Business Travel Club I, Model Club 2, Typ- Accolade 3, Study Club I, ing Club 3. Pre-Nursing Club 2. RODN EY PRICE MAYSICK "Sac" Academic Model Airplane Club I, Civil Ena gineering Club 2, Volleyball Club 3. JUDITH KARIN McCANN "Judy" Academic H.R, Sec. I, 2, Accolade 3, Color Guard 3, Basketball I, 2 3- Tennis I Capt 2 3- , I f - - I I Nature Club, Sec. I, College Club 2. E. CATHARINE McCLAY "Cathy" Academic H.R. Sec.-Treas. 35 Accolade 3, Pre-Nursing Club l5 Recrea- tion Club 2. CHARLES W. MCCRONE "Charlie" Vocational Proiectionist Club 15 Safety Club 2, 3. HARRY HERBERT MCGUIGAN "Har" Academic Football l, 2, 35 Track 81 Field T, 2, 35 Track Club 15 History Club 25 Varsity Club 3. LINHART FIELDS MCMULLIN ll "Lin" Academic Accolade 35 Wrestling, Mgr. 2, 35 Tennis, Mgr. 1, 2, 35 Bridge Club T5 Sr. Math Club 2. ELOISE JEAN McCLUSKEY "Eloise" Business Accolade 35 Typing Club I5 Office Machines Club 2. ARTH U R DAVID McGRANN "Art" Business Student Council 25 Accolade 35 Public Speaking Club T. JANICE RUTH McMAIN "Jannie" Academic Student Council T5 H.R. V. Pres. 35 Accolade 35 Trouba- dour T5 Tennis 25 Pre-Nursing Club 1, FTA 2. CHARLES ANTHONY MICILLO "Charlie" General Travel Club 'l5 Model Club 25 Book Club 3. BARBARAJANE MIDDLETON "B. J." Academic Accolade 35 Knight Crier 2, 35 Tennis, Mgr. 2, 35 Photography Club Treas. I5 Biology Science Proiect Club, Sec. 2. KATHLEEN LOUISE MILLER "Kathy" Academic Girls' Metal Shop Club 15 Bowling Club 2, 3. ROBERT S. MlNlNGER "Bob" Vocational H.R. V. Pres. lj Wrestling l, 25 Track 8. Field I5 Volleyball Club i, 35 Bowling Club 2. ANTHONY M. MOLETTI ERE "Tony" General Travel Club l5 Card Club 25 Typing Club 3. GAIL WOODFORD MILLER "Gail" Academic Concert Choir 1, 2, 35 Knight Crier I, 2, Re-write Co-Ed 35 Troubadour l, 2, 3. MARY ANNE MILLER "Mary Anne" Academic Traffic Squad 2, 35 Dramatic Club 15 FTA 25 Library Coun- cil 3. MICHAEL ANTHONY MINNUCCI "Mooch" Academic H.R. Pres. 1, 35 H,R, V. Pres. 25 Football 1, 2, 35 Wrestling 1, 2, 35 Track B- Field 35 Vol- leyball Club 15 Varsity Club 2, 3. SUSAN MONTGOMERY "Sue" Academic Student Council 25 H.R, Treas, 15 Accolade 35 Knight Crier 35 Sports Club lg Typing Club 2. LOWELL GILBERT MOORE "Lowell" Vocational Student Council 25 Golf Club 3. ROBERT JOHNATHAN MORTON "Bob" Academic Cross Country, Mgr. 15 Na- ture Study Club lp Science Club 25 Biology Proiect Club 3. ESTH ER D. MOYER "Esther" Academic Knight Crier 35 Gym Club lj Hornemaking Club 25 Pre- Nursing Club 3. HAROLD P. MOYER "Harold" Academic Civil Engineering 'Club 'lp Sr. Math Club 2, 3. RONALD IRVIN MOORE "Butch" Academic Student Council 1, V. Pres. 2, 35 H.R. Pres. I5 Football 'l5 Track 8. Field 1. BENJAMIN K. MOYER "Ben" Vocational H.R. Sec. 35 Card Club l, 35 Baseball 2. ETHEL MAE MOYER "Ethel" Business Accolade 35 Dance Club 1, 2. LINDA LOUISE MOYER "Linda" Business H.R. Treas 35 Accolade 35 Homemaking Club 1, 2. RICHARD HERBERT MOYER "Dick" Academic Tennis l, 2, 35 Concert Band l, 2, 35 Marching Band l, 2, 35 Orchestra l, 25 Bridge Club l5 Card Club 25 Dance Band 3. JANE E. MYERS "Jane" Academic Travel Club l5 Senior Math Club 2. MARY LOU NASH "Lou" Academic H.R. V. Pres. I5 Softball l, 25 Accolade 35 Knight Crier 35 Girls' Sports Club lp Typing Club 2. PATRICIA E. NEFF "Pat" Business Accolade 35 Typing Club l5 Office Machines Club 2. BARBARA ANN MYERS "Barb" Business Accolade 35 Dance Club 25 Sign Painters Club 3. ROBERT CARLTON NACE "Bob" Vocational H.R. Treas. 35 Baseball 35 Base- ball Club l, 35 Card Club 2. SANDRA LEE NEAL "Sandy" Business Accolade 35 Homemaking l, 2. RICHARD A. NETHERTON "Ned" Vocational Basketball l, 35 Track Club l5 Bowling Club 25 Volleyball Club 3. RICHARD NEWSONIE "Dick" Academic Cerfificafe of Merit-M,S.O.T.g Accolade 3g Chess Club lg Senior Math Club 2, 3, EDNA LOUISE PARRISH "Rebel" Business Accolade 31 Office Machines Club 2, DONALD ALAN NYCE "Don" Academic Concert Choir 2, 3g S.E. Distric? Chorus 35 Vocal Ensemble 2, 35 Wrestling I, 2, 35 Hobby Club l. ARLEEN LEE PHIFER "Ar" Academic Accolade 3g Knight Crier 2, 3g Pre- Nursing Club lg Typing Club 2. MARGARET REGINA OTTEY ROBERT PALTZMANN "Peggy" Business "Bob" Academic Accolade 3g Girls' Metal Shop lg Homemaking Club 2, GEORGE OWEN PHILLIPS "George" Academic Student Council 2: HR- PY-ESA 3: Baseball Club lg Volleyball Club 25 Sr. Math Club 3. Chess Club 3, RUTHANN PHILLIPS "Ruthann" Business HR. Sec. 2g Accolade 37 Modern Dance Club lj Home- rnalcing Club 2, nfs L IUC SUSAN ELSBETH PHILLIPS "Suzie" Academic Student Council 35 H.R. Treas. 25 Accolade, Editorial Board 35 Play 25 Dramatic Club l, 2. ANDREA BARBARA PRATT "Andy" Academic Student Council l5 H.R. V. Pres. 35 Knight Crier l5 Con- cert Choir l, 2, Pres. 35 Vocal Ensemble 2, 3. ROBERT JOHN POLUKIS "Bob" Vocational Football 15 Bowling Club l5 Base- ball Club 2, 3. JOHN CHARLES PROKOPY "John" Academic Franklin 8. Marshall Alumni Award 25 Certificate of MeritfM.S.Q.T. 35 Accolade 35 Orchestra l, 2, 35 Civil Engineering Club 25 Sr. Math Club 2. T 1. ,fe DIANE KAY POUST "Diane" Academic Student Council lp H.R, Sec. l5 Knight Crier T5 Hockey l, 2, 35 Softball l, 2, 35 Girls' Gym Club T5 College Club 25 Reading De- velopment Club 3. DAVID SYDNEY PROTAS "Dave" Academic Merit Scholarship Semifinalist5 Ten- nis l, 2, 35 Bridge Club l5 Sr. Math Club 25 Typing Club 3. it fer: was R. FREDERICK POWERS "Fred" Academic Concert Band l, 25 Marching Band l, 25 Tennis 15 Library Club l5 Sr. Math Club 25 Canine Club 3. DORIS MAE QUINN "Doris" Business Accolade 35 Dance Club 25 Homemaking Club l. LARRY DONALD JACK QUINN RAICKLE "Corky" Vocational "Jack" Business Soccer 25 Bowling Club l, 25 Baseball Club l, 25 Bowling Club 3. Golf Club 3. GUY JAMES B. REED REED "Guy" Academic "Jim" General Sporfsrnans Club ly Science Club 25 Canine Club 3. Football l, 35 Wrestling lp Baseball l, 2, 35 Baseball Club l5 Card Club 25 Volleyball Club 3, BOBBY LYNNE RAINEY "Bobby" Academic H.R. Sec. 15 Accolade 35 Knight Crier l, Co-Ed. Features 2, Editor 35 Pre-Nursing Club l5 Typing Club 2, EDNA IRENE REINERT "Edna" Business Accolade 35 Dramatics Club 'l5 Gift Club 2. CAROLE SUZANNE RAMSAY "Rams" Academic Softball l, 25 Accolade 35 Troubadour 35 Pre-Nursing Clubl,2. PATRICIA A. RENNINGER "Misty" General Pre-Nursing Club 25 Library Club 35 Sludy Club l. LINDA EMll.lE REPPA "Rep" Academic Knight Crier 2, 3, Concert Choir 2, 3, Vocal Ensemble 3, Concert Band l, 2, 3, March- ing Band l, 2, 3, Bux-Mont Band 2, 3, Hockey l, Soft- ball 2. ELIZABETH A. RITTENHOUSE "Betty" Business Student Council 2, Accolade 3, Pep Club 2, Dancing Clubl. ROBERT VOYD RHOADES JAMES EDWARD RICCIO "Dusty" General "Jim" Academic Concert Band l, 2, 3, Marching Band l, 2, 3, Bux-Mont Band 2, Dance Band l, 2, 3, SYLVIA R. RITTENHOUSE "Sylvia" Academic Metal Shop Club l, Typing Club 2, Music Appreciation Club 3. Tennis l, 2, Chess Club l, 2, 3. VICKI CHRISTINE ROBISON "Vicki" Business Student Council 2, Class V. Pres. 2, Sec, 3, H.R. Sec. l, Play 2, Hockey l, 2, 3, Basketball l, Soft- ball l, 2, 3, Dramatics Club, Sec. I, Pep Club 2, Music Appreciation Club 3. 5. ,fl KAREN LOUISE RIEBE "Karen" Academic Accolade 3, Concert Choir l, 2, 3, Basketball l, Library Council Club l, 3, Traffic Squad 'l. GEORGE V. ROCCHINO "Keets" Vocational Student Council 3, H.R. Pres. l, Football 3, Baseball Club 2, Golf Club 3. JOHN E. RODENHAUSEN "Pinhead" Academic Student Council Treas. 3, Soc- cer l, Wrestling I, 2, 3, Base- ball l, Library Club I, Aero- nautics Club 2, Library Staff 3. CAROL LEE ROGERS "Carol" General Girls' Wood Shop Club I, Li- brary Club 2, 3. GEORGE HENRY ROSCHEN "Gosh" Academic Student Council 2, Pres. 3, H.R. V. Pres. I, Pres. 3, Citi- zenship Award 2, Certificate of Merit-M.S.Q.T., Football l, 2, Cross Country 3, Basketball I, 2, 3, Track 8- Field l, 2, 3, Concert Choir 3, Vocal En- semble 3, Track Club, V. Pres. 'l, Varsity Club 2. KATHRYN R. ROSENBERGER "Kathy" Academic H.R. Treas. l, Sec. 2, Hockey I, 2, 3, Basketball, Mgr. 2, 3, Softball l, 2, Dramatic Club Treas. I, Pep Club 2, Girls' Recreation Club 3. KAREN M. RODENHAUSEN "Karen" Academic Student Council l, 3, H.R. V. Pres. 3, Accolade, Ed. Board 3, Color Guard 2, Capt. 3, Basketball I, 2, 3, Tennis T, 2, 3, Journalism Club l, Metal Shop Club 2. ANN MARIE ROGGIO "Ann" Business H.R. Pres. 2, Accolade 3, Hornemaking Club I, Dra- matics Club 2. SALLIE ANN ROSE "Penny" Academic Forum 3, Girls' Recreation Club l, 2, TOPS 3. PATRICIA A. RUTH "Anne" Business Accolade 3, Concert Choir 3, Concert Band I, Marching Band I, 2, 3, Hockey 'I, Or- chestra I, Senior High Sports Club l, Girls' Metal Shop Club 2. JACK R. RUTH ROBERT FRANCIS RYAN "Jack" Business "Bull" Academic Card Club I, 2, Baseball Club 3. BRETT GREGORY SAU ERS "Brett" Academic Basketball I, 2, 35 Baseball I, 2, 35 Baseball Club I5 Card Club 25 Varsity Club 3. SANDRA LEE SCHEELER "Sandy" Business Accolade 35 Dance Club I5 Pep Club 2. GERALDINE LOUISE SCHLEGEL "Gerry" Business Accolade 35 Girls' Sports Club I5 Business Machines Club 2. Track 8- Field 35 Card Club 25 Civil Engineering Club l. IRENE SAXMAN "Renee" Academic Accolade, Editorial Board 35 Knight Crier 2, Co-Editor of Features 35 Troubadour 2, 35 Play 25 Nature Club I5 Dis- cussion Club 2. CATHRYN ANN SCHEURER "Cathy" Academic Knight Crier 2, 35 Concert Choir 35 Traffic Squad I, 2: Typing Club I5 College Club 2. ALBERT WILLIAM SCHMIDT "Abby" Vocational H.R. V. Pres. 35 Card Club I5 Safety Council Club 2, 3. 'Z- 'Za ROBERT SCHMIDT Tiger Academic H R Pres I Baseball Club r I Engineering Club 2 Bowling Club 3. NANCY KAY SHADE "Kay" Academic H.R. Treas. 2, Accolade 31 Play lg Recreation Club I, 2. EARL FRANKLIN SHELLY "Earl" General Hunting 8- Fishing Club I, Golf Club 2, 3. BARBARA JEAN ETTE SLOAN "Jeanette" Academic Concert Choir I, 2, 3, Vocal Ensemble 3, Bux-Mont Band I, 2, 3, Concert Band 1, 2, 3. DONALD JAY SCHWARTZ Don Academic H R Treas I Wrestling 2 3 wlmg Club 'I 2 o Club 3. JOYCE LOUISE SHAFFER "Joyce" General Accolade 3, Forum 3, Dra- matics Club I, 2. LINDA DlANE SHELLY "Linda" Academic HR. Sec. 85 Accolade 3, Ush- erettes 2, 3, Homemaking Club I5 College Club 2. CAROL LEE SMITH "Carol Lee" Business Accolade 3, Study Club lg Pre-Nursing Club 2. vii ' 1578 CLAUDIA MARION SMITH DONNA GEORGENE SMITH "Claude" Business "Donna" Business Accolade 3, Homemakmg Club HR. Sec. 3, Accolade 37 Girls lp Office Machines Club 2, Fix-It Club If Pep Club 2, NANCY JANE JAMES RALPH SMITH SNYDER "Nana" Business "Jim" Vocational ACCOIGCIG 3: PIWYSICBI Ef-lUCa' Car Club lg Bowling Club 3. tion Club 27 Homemaking Club 3. BERTHA MARY SOLTYS "Bertie" Business Accolade 35 Sr. High Girls' Sports Club ly Office Ma- chines Club 2g FBLA 3. EILEEN MARIE SPANNINGER "Eileen" Business Accolade 35 Study Club lp Of- fice Machines Club 2. BEVERLEY ANNE SOUDER "Bev" Business Accolade 31 Study Club lg Office Machines Club 2. RONALD MAURICE SPENCER "Ron" Vocational Bible Club If Bowling Club 2: Typing Club 3. f T CAROLYN A. SPROGELL "Lyn" Academic Hockey l, 2, 3, Concert Band l, 2, 3, Marching Band l, 2, 3, Library Club T, 2, 3. ALBERT ROSS STEWART, JR. "Al" Academic Cross Country l, 2, 3, Wres- tling l, Track 81 Field l, 2, 3, Track Club l, College Club 2, Typing Club 3. is-8' SANDRA LYNN JOHN P. LESLIE JAMES STAUFFER STEVENS STEVER "Sandy" Business "Jack" Vocational "Les" ACademiC Accolade 35 Study Club 1: Home, Baseball l, Proiecrionists Club l, H.R. V. Pres- 3, Fooqball 1, 3i making Club 2, Traffic Squad l. Dfafllng Club 2l Golf Club 3' Wleslllng 2: Track 81 Field 3, CAROLE DIANE STOCK "Carole" Business H.R. Treas. 3, Accolade 3, Study Club 1, Homemaking Club, Sec, 2. EDNA MAE STRASSER "Abby" Business H.R. Treas. 2, Accolade 3, Trou- badour l, 2, 3, FBLA 3, Traffic Squad l, 2. Track Club l, College Club 2, Bowling Club 3. CAROL ANN STROTBECK "Carol" Business H.R. Treas, l, Accolade 3, Dramafics Club l, Dance Club 2. ROGER C. ROBERT FRANCIS BRUCE D. STUHLMULLER SWARTZ THOMAS "Rog" Academic "Bob" Vocational "Bruce" Academic Student Council I, 25 Class Student Council 25 Hunting 8- Fish- Football 2, 35 Proiectionist Club I5 Pres. 25 H.R. Pres. 1, 35 Cross ing Club I5 Golf Club 3. Bowling Club 25 Volleyball Club 3. Country l, 25 Basketball I, 2, 35 Track 8- Field I, 2, 35 Vol- leyball Club 3. MARY LOU GERALD ALLEN JUNE ANN TODD TOEWE TRADEWELL "Lou" Academic "Jerry" Academic "June" Business H.R. Treas, I5 Accolade 35 Accolade, Editorial Board 35 Dra- Accolade 35 Study Club I5 Home- Fashion Design Club 2. matics Club 'l, 2. making Club 2. DIXIE LEE THOMAS "Dixie" Business Accolade 35 Homemaking Club I5 Office Machines Club 2. ARTHUR V. TURNER "Budd" Academic Chess Club I5 Golf Club 25 Library Club 3. JEAN ELIZABETH TURNER "Jean" Academic Marching Band l, Travel Club l, Library Council 2, 3. CAROL ANN VASSO "Carol" Academic Class Sec. I, Student Coun- cil 'l, 2, 3, H.R. Sec. l, Pres. 2, V. Pres. 3, Hockey l, Basketball l, Sports Club l, Pep Club 2. NADINE EILEEN LEE ALAN NANCY Ul"lRlCl'l URVILER VANEMAN "Na" Academic "Lee" Academic "Nan" General Accolade 3, Knight Crier 2, 3: Track 8- Field 2, Travel Club l, Pte-Nl-H'SiI'19 Club lf 2, 3- Troubadour l, 2, Traffic Squad l, Typing Club 2, Reading Club 3. 2, 3, Travel Club l, FTA 2. KENNETH C. VEIT "Rabbit" Vocational H.R. Treas. 3, Soccer 2, Football l, Card Club l, 2, Volleyball Club 3. DAVID VETTER "Dave" Academic H.R. Treas. 1, 2, Concert Choir 2, 3, Vocal Ensemble 2, 3, Tennis 'l, Baseball Club l. ELLEN ELIZABETH VIALLE "Ellen" General Accolade 3, Bible Club 'l, Fashion Drawing Club 2. DONALD BERTRAM EVELYN IRENE NANCY RICKERT PATTI JO WALKER WALT WALTER WALTON "Don" Academic "Evie" Business "Nan" Business "PBT" AC6ClemIC H.R. V, Pres. l, Pres. 2, Con- Accolade 3, Travel Club 'l, Pep Typing Club l, Office Machines Accolade 3: TYPFHQ Club li cert Choir I, 2, 3, S.E. Dis- Club 2. Club 2, FBLA Club 3. 're-Nursing Club 2: Li- trict Chorus 3, Vocal Ensem- ble l, 2, 3, Cross Country I, Marching Band l, 2, Pres. 3, Track 81 Field l, 3. HARRIET WEBER "Harriet" Academic Student Council Sec. 3, Con- cert Band l, 2, 3, Bux-Mont Band l, 2, 3, Marching Band I, 2, 3: Typing Club l, Psy- chology Club 2. JEANNE ANN WEISEL "Jeannie" Academic HR. Sec. l, 2, 3, Accolade 3, Ush- erettes 2, Head 3, Bux-Mont Band l, 2, 3, Concert Band l, 2, 3, Marching Band l, 2, 3, Dancing Club l, College Club 2. LAWRENCE DALE WEISS "Larry" Vocational Marching Band l, Baseball Club lp Bowling Club 2, Golf Club 3. brary Council Club 3. SHIRLEY LOUlSE WELCH "Shirley" Business Forum 3, Library Council Club l, V. Pres. 2, Pres. 3. JACQUALINE A. WENTZ "Jackie" General Maiorettes I, 2, 35 Pre-Nursing Club I5 Girls' Fix-IT Club 25 Fashion Design Club 3. SANDRA MARIE WHITELEY "Sandy" Academic Meri! Scholarship Semifinalis15 Acolade, Editor 35 Knight Crier 2, 35 Troubadour 2, 35 Dramatics Club I5 College Club 2. RAYMOND G. WILLIAMS "Rays" Vocational Studenf Council 35 Card Club I, 35 Civil Engineering Club 2. MARY LOU WINKLER "Mary" Business H,R. V. Pres. I5 Accolade 35 Maiorettes l, 2, 35 Girls' CAROL LEE WHITE "Carol" Academic Accolade 35 Knight Crier 2, 35 Troubadour 2, 35 Typing Club I5 College Club 2. MARILYN SUE WlLCOX "Marilyn" Academic Accolade 35 Knight Crier 25 Co-Ed Feature Sfaff 35 Trou- badour 25 Play 25 Dramatics Club I5 Discussion Club 2. SHIRLEY EILEEN WILSON "Eileen" General Hornemaking Club I5 Pre- Nursing Club 25 Fashion De- sign Club 3. MARY K. WITHERBEE "Mare" Academic Accolade 35 Concert Band 2, 35 Marching Band 'l, 2, 35 Wood Shop Club I5 Pep Hockey I5 College Club 25 Club 2. Typing Club I. fs 2 JOANNE B. WOLF "Jo" Business Accolade 35 Typing Club I5 Office Machines Club 2. FRANK CHARLES YOST "Frank" Vocational Science Club 25 Model Club 3, FAY EILEEN YOUELLS "Fay" Academic Hockey I, 25 Softball, Mgr. , , 5 5 25 College Club 3. PATRICIA ANN ZADLO "Patti" Business Accolade 35 Homemalcing Club, Vice-Pres. 1, Pres, 2. ANDREA LOUISE YOST "Andy" Academic Accolade 35 Knight Crier 2, 35 Concert Band 25 Marching Band 25 Typing Club 1, Pre. Nursing Club 2, DANIEL DAVID YOUELLS "Dan" Vocational Marching Band 'I5 Boys' Var- sity Club I5 Bowling Club 25 Golf Club 3. JOSEPH ANTHONY ZADLO "Joe" Academic Student Council 35 HR. Treas. 25 Study Club I5 Card Club 2 NIARIAN CAROL ZEHR "Carol" Academic HR. V. Pres. 25 Accolade 35 Cheerleader 2, Sec. 35 Trou- badour 25 Forum I, 2, 35 Con- cert Cboir 35 Vocal Ensemble 35 Dancing Club I5 Historical Club 25 Student Council I. 'P A lm JON RUSSELL ZIEGLER Pierre" Vocational Bowling Club 1, 2, 3. H fi'-7 :Ji 66 sl- 0 KATHRYN MARIE ZINSMEISTER "Kathy" Academic Sludent Council Qj HR. Treas. 1, 3g Accolade 35 Color Guard 2, 35 Play 2, Recrearional Club 1, His- tory Club 2. ROBERT ARTHUR BLOEMEKE "Bob" General Golf Club 2, 3. Miss Mildred Senator, Senior Class Advisor N-Q, A new Concep? in teaching Spanish. "Que lasfima!" M .i- SFA. 4, ADS ' ADS, , , A 1 4---5 'nl' 1 " 1 -'-'ti it V COMPLIMENTS RCSENBERGER S DAIRIES INC HATHELD PA CD Frozen Food Locker Service e PHONE ULY 5 425 OF I , O I Fine Dairy Products O sses -3 CLEMENS Super Markets NORTH PENN'S FRIENDLIEST STORES I000 N. Broad S+ree+ Landsdale, Pennsylvania Phone: UL5-5394 Second and Ceniral Avenue Souderion, Pennsylvania Phone: PA3-4032 Gmfield 5-21 no E MANUFACTURING CO. Manufacfurers of Meial Special+ies SALVATORE ROGGIO. JR., PRESIDENT I822-24 CADWALLADER STREET PHILADELPHIA 22, PENNSYLVANIA HATFIELD SAVINGS and LOAN ASSOCIATION BROAD AND CHERRY STREETS HATFIELD PENNSYLVANIA ULysses 5 2256 BRENNINGER MOTORS INC Second and Cannon Avenue LANDSDALE PENNSYLVANIA Drive I'I1e New DART UL 546I0 CLYDE S WALTON INC 4l8 S Broad S+ree+ Lansdale P GULF FUEL OIL Budgei' Terms Burner Servnce CALL UL5 6893 TI1 WII B A LANSDALE TUBE COMPANY EIec:+ron Tubes and Transls+ors LANSDALE PENNSYLVANIA l I J, I 0 DUDSE nssswsen :ms I 1 1 . ll l HOUSE foo' PL-:Ad YRUCKS . , . . , , a. . ere' i' e n Answer . HOME PHONE PHONE: VA LANSDALE RAMBLER UL Rambler and Kelvinafor Appliances CLARENCE H. SLOTTER szo w, Main 5+ owne, LANSDALE MITY NICE BAKERS BREAD, ROLLS, CAKE, PIE DANISH PASTRY iii- 451' 4153- WEDDING CAKES KOEHLOR 81 FRETZ INC LANSDALE A UL 5-4626 Traclcless Trams PENN RIDGE PRODUCTS Me+aI Fabrlcahon 8: Design Welding GAS ARC HEL ARC Furnllure 0 5 I + D g 743 Wes+ Mann S+ree+ UI-Y Se 5 3377 . . I D., . - - I .. by gf? c EDWIN B. CHOYCE Lansdale' Pa' Phone: nerior esi ner ' S S - WITCHWOOD FARMS COUNTRY KITCHEN In'Iersec+uon R+ 202 and 309 UL 5 4350 GOOD FOOD REASONABLE PRICES CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATES Pharmacy Offers a WlcIe Varle'ry of In+eres'hng and Rewardlng Occupahons RETAILING Q TEACHING Q HOSPITAL RESEARCH INDUSTRY MANUFACTURING BITNER APOTHECARIES INC LANSDALE PA 5 4I I0 F d d M Th C + THE KELLER WHILLDIN POTTERY COMPANY Manufac'I'urers of FLOWER POTS NorI'I1 Wales Pennsylvania Telephone NOFII1 Wales 48I5 Lei' Us Serve You LANSDALE THRIFT CORP LOANS UP TO S600 LANSDALE CONSUMER DISCOUNT CO LOANS S6I0 UP TO S2 000 II Nor'I'I1 Broad S+ree+ Lansdale Pennsylvania Dual. ULysses 5 33I8 O O I A Apofhecaries Io Lansdale for Over TI1ir+y Years ULysses - oun e ore an a en ury COMPLIMENTS o HUNTER SPRING COMPANY o f e M I1 d M+Is Inco poraed PERKINS GLUE COMPANY GLASCO LIMITED INC L d P LANSDALE PENNSYLVANIA TURNER AIRFIELD 43A --T PROSPECTVILLE PA INSTRUCTION MII I1 II 6 2255 PIPER AIRCRAFT F A Divisi n o Am rican ac: ines an e a r 1' Complim nfs of CompIimen+s of I o ine an enn SI'ree+ C E - AMERICAN ENCAUSTIC TILING COMPANY LANSDALE PA Manufacfurers of QUALITY CERAMIC TILE or HOMES SCHOOLS HOSPITALS INDUSTRY Now Employing Many NORTH PENN HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATES RALPH5 R W1 'I mi '55 80I 09 W Mann S+ree+ Lansdale Penna EVERY DAY IS SAVINGS DAY 9 JOHN FORREST KRATZ AGENCY Mann S+ NorI'I1 Wales Pa OX 9-4452 REALTOR INSURANCE Broad S+ Lansdale Pa UL 5 ZI84 ge S C ompIlmen'I's FOOD PREPARED TO TAKE OUT N -'T'-:fa L I Ig, VA ,M 2,577 TREMONT BARBER SHOP , . F 1l?f f , L Z 7 .K Y f if 'II In ' .. r 'lg + I T-I- If .f522?5fzEff" I I I a I . - pa ,JL ,111 ll X liIIIII!lf-I- 1 ,--'4'.-ff Y: ---M' ' - 1 , XI ' L4-4:11 1 ' N I ff f - ff? A I 1 v K A b X . C f ff ,- Y f Q . - . is Th al ' . ' of On ou e 309 - Two MiIes OFII1 ine exin on n e - E SEE A WOLFS HEAD DEALER Y MOTO! OIL WQLFS I-gggp or5+rabu+ed an me Nor+h Penn valley b AUD LU.'S A B C IOOZ, Pure Pennsylvania Lansdale Soude,-1-on COMPLIMENTS A ,Z -nz of KENNETH GRossE, INC. f Qi',1. .fy X I Qi gy 1 an . 6 3 Sue PHWP5 Barb Gerlwarr Barb Drnssel if 2 A A B. J. Middlefan ,,-.-i Caro1Vasso Lrnda Re-ppa Apparenriy Bruce Dando rlkes Huis page, Barb Buck Marilyn Wilcox Caro! Sfrofbeclc Nor 'rc be over- Marfha Bad: Jan Jones Rams Saxman rocked-MASTER ui ia. Peggy Offey Jeanefre S'oan Charles Blackman Com pIimen+s of J. DAVID SPROUSE, Florist MARTIN oPTIcIANs Sou+h Broad S+ree+ 23 Susquehanna Avenue LANSDALE. Penna. LANSDALE, PENNSYLVANIA Telephone: ULysses 5-377l UL 5-8850 UL 5-7I62 Open Evenings IVY LEAGUE CONTINENTAL WERNER MOTORS STYLES STYLES DE-SOTO - PLYMOUTH - TRIUMPH LANSDALE DISCOUNT HOUSE M+ Vernon S+ and Susquehanna Avenue MENS AND BOYS CLOTHING NATIONALLY FAMOUS BRANDS 8I6 W Second S+ Lansdale Pa TRI KRIS COMPANY DOROTHY LANDIS DesIgners PP BUILDERS OF SPECIAL EQUIPMENT LANDIS SHOE STORE MACHINISTS WaInu+ and Ha++ eld S+ ee+s LANSDALE PA Lansdale Pennsylvama THE CHILDREN S BOOTERY 3 W Mann S+ f LANSDALE PA E DELP Bus SERVICE Mg lg M'9x Phone UL 5-4733 Ha++IeId P wa+h I EEEE dq uL5Io5I Nr+hP Vlly , . . . , . - d I r I 08 . ' . I - LM., ' ' -"if " Guided Tours Edwards A . V. I "1I'f Ee4,L,L,fj tlblb L Ilbl C9 I s o Regular and Prescr p io Hea uar+ers in the ' o enn Q e GEORGE YOCUM, INC. SALES .SERVICE UL5-II53 Lansdale Pennsylvania FELDMAN'S 4I5 Wesi' Main Sireei' Lansdale, Pa. MANHATTAN Shirfs and Sporfswear BLUE BELL Spor+swear INTERWOVEN Socks Bur Mil CAMEO Hosiery BARBIZON Lingerie BLUE SWAN Knii' Undies MUNSINGWEAR Underwear Complimenis HATFIELD PACKING RAYTOR CORPORATION Manu'fac+urers of Me'I'al Speclalhes DESIGN DEVELOPMENT ENGINEERING MANUFACTURE F S+ LANSDALE PENNA NORTH PENN REPORTER The Nor'I'h Penns Own DaIly Newspaper LANSDALE PA UL5 682I GARIS REGISTERED PIumbIng and Heatlng Nor'I'h MaIn Sfreei' HATFIELD PENNSYLVANIA UL5 8728 PA3 7I09 ComplImenI's LANSDALE FOREST PRODUCTS 1 5,7511 WEBER :IICGEIGER -W o v s+ V pgxmoun, IMPERIAL AND VALIANT H ll? EI UL5 6844 IIIIIIQE of IHI1 . and Cannon Ave. l o 0 f L , -- l . "lilly 36-4 ine reef of U Lansdale, Pa. I 'Pavel - MEIIIII .4 14885 Complumenfs of F W WOOLWORTH CO 325 7 WEST MAIN STREET Lansdale P CompIlmen'Is of PEOPLES FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION II5 Soufh Mann S+ree+ NORTH WALES PA The Frnendly Place Io Save PRESENTING In 'Ihe Suburbs A New Sfore WIII1 Fme Gnfis for Weddmgs Anmversarles and Occasions Requrng an Especially Beau'r ful Preseni' Exqulsrfe Anhque SlIver China Jewelry and Furmfure I0 4 DalIy II2 S Man S+ree+ Safurday and Sunday Norfh Wales P by Appo nfmeni' OX9 36I6 Mrs Walfer B McK nney Mrs Wm C Lowry III KRIEBEL S BAKERY Eas+ WaInu+ S+ree+ Nor'rh Wales A Complefe Lne of Fresh Baked Goods Da y Orders Taken for Cakes for AII Occas ons STORE HOURS Monday +o Sa+urday 8 a m +o 9 p m S n ay II a m Io 9 GEORGE R HUFF 81 SONS """"'FUNERAL HOME""""' DERSTINE AND CANNON AVENUES Lansdale Pennsylvania LANSDALE SCHOOL OF BUSINESS Day Classes 8 a m I pm AH'end School an Morning Work In Af+ernoon SIXTH AND BROAD STREETS Lansdale Pa Phone UL5 42I2 PHONE VA2 0733 ELLWOOD R LUKENS CO Cesspools and Sephc Tanks Cleaned and Ins+aIIed Also French Drams Ins1'aIIed HlII'I'own Plke Lune LGXIDQIOD Pa NORTH WALES COLLEGEVILLE OX9 4739 HU9 3986 BIG PIXEY Dnve In Res+auranI's NI4 3380 UL5 I905 PAOLI MONTGOMERYVILLE , a. . I 1 .. .0 I 0 Q ' i i ' . i . I . . . . I . ' H . ' I ' I 0 Breyers Ice Cream , a. 1 , u d , . . I .p.m. I I . . l - . . . , JOHN C LAUMAN Racllalors Cleaned and Repalrecl BROAD AND HANCOCK STREETS R D 9662 Lansdale Pennsylvania MILTON S WEAVER INC Wholesale Elecfrucal Supplles Mofor Rewlndmg FIXTURES lnclusl' al and Res denl' al MOTORS New and Us d PHONE UL5 5 I94 TOWN 81 COUNTRY LANES Alr Condlhonecl Shopping Cenfer S Broad S+reeI' Lansdale Pa WM J BROOKS RealI'or OX9-4856 209 S Mann S+ Norfh Wales Pa KRUPP MEYERS 81 HOFFMAN Lumber ue Hardware WALNUT ST Lansdale Pennsylvania Phone UL5 688I JOHN DODSON 81 SON Rambler Sales and Service Walnul' and Cenfer Sfreels NORTH WALES PA OX9 3485 OX9-4I I4 FORNARI S MARKET 2I8 Wes+ Fnf+h S+ LANSDALE PA Domeshc and Impor+ed Producis WE DELIVER if CATHARINE STAHL K-J Florlsl' 86I Wesi' Mann Sfreef -f7"4'4f'm" LANSDALE PA Unusual Floral Creahons for Every Occasion WE DELIVER TELEPHONE 3289 Q 0 I 0 ri i i e Fealuring A.M.F. Magic Circle Ball Refurn I . F l ' cr 1, ,gill I P+, l it I'I's MI KES for Your Luggage SUSQUEHANNA AVENUE LANSDALE 24 Hr. Service Radio Dispafched Cabs LANSDALE YELLOW CAB CO. PHONE UL5 6897 JAMES REESE JR Pop OFFICE AB STAND N Broad S+ R ad g R R S+a'I on UL5 :sas BERGEYS TIRE SERVICE BaH'ery 7539 Recapplng Service GE1IgElI::AL Vulcanlzlng NORTH BROAD STREET Lansdaie Pennsylvania NYCE CRETE COMPANY Slx'Ih and Iron Sfreeis LANSDALE PENNA Ready Mixed Concre+e Blocks and Supplies PHONE UL5 4628 NORTH WALES SERVICE CENTER General Repairing Specializing ln Brake and Ignlhon Service BaI'I'e es SUNOCO P Ish ng Acces or e d S Official Inspechon S+a+lon 6 E Wal u+ S+ Norih Wales OX9 3l20 N H HACKMAN INSURANCE REAL ESTATE Phone UL5 6225 CompIimen+s of FRANK H LEISTER, JR Coal and Fuel Oil NORTH WALES PENNSYLVANIA SWARTZS TEXACO SERVICE 444 souTH MAIN sr Washing Accessories CompIe+e Lubrlcahon Service PHONE UL5 9826 HATFIELD. PA. , ., r . g C : 6I0 , , e in . . i Tires BLUE Washing Colmar, Pa. fl oi i S is Roa ervice - . n ., - I . C0mPlImef"fS LANSDALE KIDDIE SHOP of MOLETTIERE'S Infanfs' Wear Boys' and Girls' Wear-Up 'Io I4 Years 328 W. Main S+. Lansdale, Pa. BESS AND FRANK SLEMMER UL5 3I24 il'CSf0llC MINIGERS FIRESTONE SERVICE 52I Wesf Mann SI'ree+ Lansdale UL5 8034 ROBERT E. SIMMONS Jeweler LANSDALE PA ComplImenI's KEATINGS TOWN HOUSE PhIIco S UL5 2I35 LDI Maylag FurnI+ure TelevIsIon and ApplIances Sales and ServIce Maln and Green SI'reeIs Lansdale P Bencllx UL5 3640 LANSDALE OFFICE SUPPLY CO Every'IhIng for fhe OITICB Drafhng School and Ari SupplIes Typewrrlers Deslrs Russell LIzeII 400 W Mam SI' Lansdale Pa HAGER S Mens and Boys FurnIshIngs Boy Scou+ DIs'rrIbu'I'ors Maln and Wood Slreels Lansdale P UL5 4933 KOEHLER S Jewelers SIlversmI'I'hs 206 W Maln SI' Lansdale Pa Phone UL5 3627 HATFIELD PHARMACY G EDGAR HIRZEL PD Hafheld Pa Prescnphons Carefully Compounded LANSDALE NUT SHOP HENRY S George W Henry III Prop UL5 4485 600 W MaIn S+ Lansdale P PHONE UL5 7 I 55 KENNETH S BEAUTY BAZAAR 302 W MaIn Sf Lansdale Pa UL5 8695 or UL5 2005 M H M A Approved VILLAGE SCENE MOBILE HOME PARK Malte Your Home In a Parlc Koffel Road RD Tlfl Lansdale Pa Raymond G and Kahe M Allebach Props Aufhorlzed Dealer for MobIle Homes 30x50 FI Lo'ls Fully Modern IIO 220 Voll' Wlflng JESSIE S WOLF Sfahonery and Ofhce Supplnes Green and Courlland S+ Lansdale Pa CAPITOL SIGN CO Neon Sngns Desugmng RemodelIng RepaIrIng Plashc Slgns Erechng Broad S+ and Jenluns Ave UL5 5784 Lansdale Penna OS5 6500 Represenled by Lou Palmar of . 1 n -a I ' , a. c 0 . 0 . I a. M. I. EARLY ATLANTIC SERVICE STATION . ' . . at CompIimen'rs of PICOLET DYE WORKS Complimenfs of T. HARRY HUNTER DRESHER YARN SHOP uLs-33ao ARCADE BUILDING M. SOMMERS Creamery Colmar, Pa. CHARLES J McARTHUR GunsmrIh and Sporhng Goods Rouie 309 Colmar Pa VA2 054I VINRO MANUFACTURING O HATFIELD PA Phone VA2 9287 COLMAR AUTO SERVICE PAUL B MOSER Colmar Pa PENN VALLEY TIMES HATFIELD PA UL5 614: MARGERYS Ladles Wear NORTH WALES PA OX9 3746 SNYDER S GARAGE Arlanhc Pe'IroIeum Producfs Lee Tlres S Mann S+ Ha+fleId P UL52I24 The Fmesi' In Beauiy Care for 'rhe Dascrlmmahng Woman ALBERT S Personahiy Beaufy Shop Lansdale Pennsylvania UL5 3635 MYLES R WALKER ReaI+or Insurer W Mann S+ Hafheld Pa VIRGIL H KAUFMAN Real Es+a+e Insurance 304 S Mann S+ Hafheld UL5 2859 Wearlng Apparel Blanlceis Curfams Drapes HARMONY CLEANERS Morrls June Proprue'Ior Dershne Road Lansdale Pa RFD I Phone PA3 2587 Work Done un Our Own Modern Plani' Puck Up and Delivery Service LLOYD S COCHBIIS Luncheons and Dinners All Food Cooked 'Io Order Rouies 309 II3 Souderion Pa Phone PA3 2046 FELLMAN S LIGHT LUNCH Open for Breakfasf Hoagues Srealcs Ice Cream Sundaes 5I8 N Broad SI' Lansdale Pa Phone UL5 998l . . fN Q 0 I I ' ' ' 225 . ' . ' , a. 20 N. Wood S+., Behind Gran+'s 8 ' . ' . ' ' I . ' UL5-206I , ' , ' , Pa. I : - I .I I I I I I OX9-4289 EDITH REHNBORG COSMETICS Dusfrlbufor Eva SIuIIman I2I Beaver Sfreei' Norih Wales Men's -Women's -CI1iIdren's Wear THE STORE INC Some+I1mg 'For Everyone In +I"l9 Famlly AIIen+own Rd and Forfy Foo'I' Rd Toys Housewares Palnfs REUBEN H HARTZELL Funeral Dlrecfor I42 N Mann SIree'I' NorI'I1 WaIes Pa IAETNAI 0x9 4555 CHARLES E BEAN Real Esfafe and Insurance Nofary Public I22 S Mann S+reeI' Norfh WaIes See Us 'For Planned Profechon WIII1 PersonaI Servnce GRAVES Esso Servlce Cenier Mann and Shearer Sis Norfh Wales P OX9 9903 ox9 aaos 0x9 4849 LAWRENCE A BUCK Bullder II5 S Mann Sfreef Nor+I'1 WaIes P O Weldnng Equlpmeni' and Supply WEST POINT SUPPLY Dls+rubu'I'or Nahonal CyImder Gas Co A Weber OX9 4263 WesI' Pom+ P BEAN AND CLAYTON JeweIers I9 Wesf Mann S'I'ree+ Lansdale P STRAUSS CLOTHING I7 Wes'I' Mann Sfreei' Lansdale P UL5 3354 Service Insfallahon KENNETH NEAL EISCIFICGI Confrachng Resldenhal and Indus+rnaI Phone UL5 8020 Kulpgvllle P UL5 7566 WINDYS ATLANTIC STATION Vlnceni SIoHer Prop KuIpsvlIIe Pennsylvania ATLANTIC Compllmenfs R B DETWILER HARDWARE YEAKEL WASHER SERVICE Sales and Service I08 E Broad S'I'reeI' Haifueld P UL5 2353 E H 81 E S SCHOLL PRINTERS CompIe're Weddmg Lme Sample Book Available 32 E Blame S+ Lansdale Pa UL5 58I3 UL5 9890 Open 7 Days LANSDALE CHEVRON SERVICE Tnres Ba+'Ierles Mo'I'or Tune ups Mann and Cannon Ave Lansdale Pa Prunmg Seeding Gradung Trlmmlng Spraynng Feedlng ARDENT NURSERIES Landscape Engineers Vnsui' Our Mari' on N Broad SI' Lansdale Pa George E McCIusIrey phone UL5 3467 . . , . - Pa. - - ' . ' , . . ' u , Pa. , a. I I ' . ' , a. I I ' ' , a. . . - ' . a- Boys' -'YouI'I1s'-Men's CIo'II'1ing , - ' ' a. . 5 , ' ' ' . a. . of . ' , a. 0 I GEBBIE'S ATLANTIC SERVICE Easl' Main S'Iree'I', Lansdale, Pa. Phone UL5-6I8I We Gi e S 8: H Green S+amps NORTH PENN HIDE CO. Dealer in Hides, Bones, and Fa+ Souder+on R.D Pennsyl ania WHEELER S PHARMACY MAIN STREET NORTH WALES Phone 4838 THE CORNER HARDWARE Hardware Paln'Is Glass Home Supplies Mann and Walnu'I' S'rree'I's Norfh Wales Pa HOWARD WHITE ROOTIHQ "' Spouhng "' Heahng OX9-4894 426 Shearer Sireei' Nor+h Wales Pa ROSE S MARKET Broad and Sumneyfo n Pnlce OX9 954l Announclng The Newly Decorafed and Under New Managemeni' COTTAGE DINER RESTAURANT Rou'I'e 309 Monfgomeryvulle P SHELLYS FUNERAL HOME Lansdale Pennsylvania YOUNG S REAL ESTATE SERVICE 800 Wes'I' Mann SI'ree+ Lansdale P 30 Years of Ser Ice Is Our Recommendahon PRESTON F MOYER Paperhanger Lune S+ree+ Lansdale UL5 3098 PATRICIAS BEAUTY SHOPPE 7 EasI' Mann Sfreef Lansdale Pa Phone UL5 5598 A K SH EARER 9 34I 5 Nor+h Wales Pa OX9 949I Ph Ico Mayfag OX9 3900 CARL S Televaslon Appliances Sales and Service 203 S Mann S+ Norfh Wales P Compllmenfs of JEANNE S Fme Clofhlng Apparel 309 W Mann SI' 'For Women and Gurls Lansdale P M H ZEIGLER 81 SONS Mfg of Swee+ Cider N Broad S+ Lansdale Pa UL55I6I J S STOVER Dls+rlbu+or of Beverages V , V I I . . . W . I ' , a. ' , a. v' . N, ' ' - I 0 n . Lumber-Millwork-Building Maferials ' ' OX - I I I I ' I . a. . ' . , a. DORSEY HOSIERY 81 FLOWER SHOP Umonvnlle Road Ha'I'fueId Pa Flo ers and Glffs for All Occas ons PHONE VA 2 9I04 MRS JOHN GLUECK STUART S MUSIC Insfruci' ons Supplies Au'I'I1o zecl Dealer of Lo rey Organs UL5 4878 85I Wes'r Man S'I'ree+ Lansdale Pa LANSDALE BEVERAGE COMPANY WEYER S BARBER SHOP Haffleld P HERB FLOSDORF Building Con+rac+or School Sfreel' UL5 834I Haffleld P WILLIAM A GUM INC Insurance Brolcers L NE LEXINGTON PENNSYLVANIA BOB BLACKLEDGE Aflanfc Serv ce Siaflon UL5 9974 2nd a d B oad Sis Lansdale LANSDALE HOBBY SHOP Man and Broad S+ree+s Lansdale Pennsyl an THE AMERICANA SHOPPE Du slon of Hershey Lamp Co Lune Lex ngfon Pennsyl an a KENNETH KRATZ CO Real Esfafe Insurance UL5 5 I 7l I6 E Mann S'Ireef Lansdale P UL5 2047 Free Del ery BOWER S FLOWER AND GIFT SHOP Flowers for All Occas ons FTD Servlce III E Broad Sfreef Haffleld Pa MASON BEAUTY SHOP zoa WEST MAIN STREET LANSDALE PA UL5 4253 Compl menfs of ROLLE MANUFACTURING CO INC Compllmenis POOL S SAM FRUIT S SHOE STORE Slnce I9OI Mann S'Iree'I Lansdale Pa VA2 9966 LAWS ATLANTIC SERVICE Moior Tune Up Bralce Service Flresfone Tlreg BaH'erles Lune Lexlngfon I 4 . i T ' ' ' rI w w ' I : - . I , I ' , a. u u ' I ' , a. I I I I I n r . ,Pa. V I Complimenfs of Bed Wishes 'VI I . ' I v I . ' - Iv I I - . . . ' - . , . i . of I ll . I . I HUMPHREYS SPORTING GOODS SHOP II7 N Mann SIreeI NORTH WALES PA CompIImenI's NORTH WALES NEWS AGENCY CompIlmen+s of TURBO MACHINE COMPANY LANSDALE PA 0x9 9488 BETTY S Dalry Bar Luncheoneffe Sfeaks Mrlkshakes Hoagles Phone Flrsf Ready In 20 Mrnufes Sumney'Iown Pike and S Broad Sfs Gwynedd Square 9968 Res Phone 3238 THOMAS CIRIGLIANO 3 Barbers a+ Your Service Arr Condrhomng Res 30I W Mann SI' I04 W Mann S+ree+ Lansdale P Fresh Baked Goods Dauly OX9 ETHEL S LUNCHEONETTE Sfeaks Hoagles a Specially Open 630 am 'I'o IO pm un ay II am 'Io 8 h Wales r and Walnui' SIS Nor+ OX9 4562 DR EMIL STRAUB Reg Op+omeI'rlsI' Oculusfs Prescruphons Carefully Frlled 305 S 4+h Exammahons by Appom+men+ Norih Wales STAR RESTAURANT Speclallzlng rn Oen 630am 'I'o8pm CompIrmen+s ENDICOTT JOHNSON CARLS OUALITY MEATS Mon+gomeryvlIIe Marf Sfore 50I NORTH PENN HEALTH FOOD CENTER 220 SouI'h Broad Sfreel' Lansdale Pa Today s Duel' Is Tomorrow s I-Iealfh 4 Ru+h Sprague Jarman Owner Phone UL5 I04 Congrafulahons +o Class of I960 ATLAS ASBESTOS COMPANY NORTH WALES PA LONGAKER S HaI'fleId Lansdale S'Ieaks Hoagnes Pizza Take Ou+ Servnce UL5 3995 UL5 9864 TERESAS GIFT SHOP Jewelry GITIS Cards 425 W Mann S+ree+ Lansdale UL5 8966 Hawauan and Spanish Gul'I'ar Banlo Plano CI nel' Accordion Mandolin Saxophone ar: Trombone Trumpe'I Drums Marlmba BETTY REICHENBACH MUSIC STUDIO I28 Soufh Broad S+ree+ Lansdale Pa Phone 442I Insfrumenis Ren'I'ed Orches'I'ra Trammg Comphmenfs of NEIBURG S Smari' Fashions for Teenagers . of , , 5.1411 ,gs I a. 3 d . , Pa. . ' Z ' ' ' ' Breakfasis and Lunches . l ' l . p -: .. . . of ' T- T- . ' , Pa. .-. -. - ' I 839 W MaIn SI' Lansdale Pa CLEM S COFFEE SHOP For Thai' Good Cup of Coffee BusIness Mens Lunch VISIT Our Soda FOUHIBID and Snack ar UL5 9887 Wllson Clemens Owner NICKS SERVICE STATION UL5 98I2 MaIn and Poplar HaTfIeld Pa JOHN RORER REAL ESTATE INSURANCE RUDY S MOBIL Valley Forge and Allenfown Rds BONDED I HR CUSTOM CLEANERS Experf TaIIorIng and AII'era'hons We Opera'I'e Our Own Planf DrIve In Free Parlung IIO N Broad ST Lansdale Pa UL5 5I50 Souder'I'on ShoppIng Cen'I'er Dally ShIr'r SGFVICG WEST POINT INN WEST POINT PENNSYLVANIA NORTH PENN TRANSFER INC RI' 202 and 63 OX9 443I KRATZ ATLANTIC SERVICE PIcIc Up and DeIIvery LulorIca'hon Washlng SI'eam CIeanIng CROUTHAMELS GULF SERVICE Sumney'I'own PIke and Church Road Norfh Wales Penna UNITED PAINT 81 WALLPAPER Soufh Broad ShoppIng Cen'Ier Lansdale Pa EIIIoH's PaInI's and VarnIshes SPEED WASH Food FaIr ShoppIng Cenfer NEVER CLOSED' OX9 9698 ROSE HOLLAND Beaufy Salon I00 SouIh MaIn S+ Nor+h Wales TREWIG INN FIne Food and DrInIcs VA2 9976 BETHLEHEM P KE Phone Lansdale UL5 7395 ERNEST C TAYLOR Funeral DIrecI'or Wesf MaIn S+ree+ Lansdale Penna PHONE uLs 4656 RENNINGER S TeIevIsIon and Appllances We SSTVICG All Sales 8II Wesi' MaIn S'Iree+ Lansdale PennsyIvanIa Phone UL5 5577 GENTLE CLEANERS One Hr Dry CIeanIng Three Hr ShIrI' SSTVICE PIanI' on PremIses Free Mo+h Proofmg 8I5 W MaIn S+ Lansdale Pa . . D. B ' ' I i X UL5-48 I 0 UL5-5778 WEE CQ, ' ' . , Pa. - I ' 90I ' , . DETWEILER'S ECONOMY STORE Grocerles Produce Mea+s Toys Sundrles Broad and Markef S+ Ha'H:IeId P C0mPIIm6hIS of KRIEBEL FUNERAL HOME 464 S Mann S+reeI' Haff eId Pa UL5 2024 LANSDALE TRANSPORTATION COMPANY INC Nor'rh Broad S+ree'I Lansdale P NYCE 81 KULP UL5 ans KU LPSVILLE Home Dressed Mea+ Ser ed a'I' Your Door Arms'I'rong LInoIeum Moha Ir Carpe+ BADMAN S FURNITURE Furn I'ure Rugs Bedd ng Shades BI nds Phone UL5 4922 2I5 W Ma n S+ LansdaIe VA2 oboe SPANNINGER S Used Furn +ure An+ ques Bo gh+ Sold Exchanged Come Ou'I' and Bro se Around 2809 Bergey Road HaI'fIeId MARTIN S CLOTHING AND TAILORING DRY CLEANING III Walnuf S+ree'I' Lansdale Pa UL5 4700 CompIImenI's of DR AND MRS GORDON LUPIN HATFIELD PA STUART AND WEINGARTNER Sporhng Goods UL5 6557 PHONE UL5 6876 DRISSEL S HARDWARE Ho se Furnlshmgs CompIImen'I's FRAN K S MARKET STELLA ROMIG FABRIC SHOP E Lncoln Ha+feId Pa HOELSCHER S Dlamonds Wafches Je eIry GIIIS and Dmner are Nor'I'h Lne S+ ee+ Lansdale Pa JEWELERS WATCHMAKER g o Id A yI Es+a+e f GEO S SNYDER INC Feed Coal Lumber MII orIc Hardware Pa nfs Aflanhc Ouls and Gasolmes Phone UL52I3I Ha'I'feId Pa SALLIE ANN S SWEET SHOP 5 W Mann Sfreef Lansdale Penna Home Cooked Meals Compleie Foun+aIn Service CHARLES CHIPS Home Del very Po+aIo Chlps Pre'I1eIs Nor+h Wales OX9 9647 . . I a- i I ' ' - , PA. , . , a. V . W - I I i - - i - - i i i - u T - . - w - ' I " ' ,Pa. 0 I 3I0 W. Main Sfreef LansdaIe, Pa. Hardware-Pain+jGIass - U of I . 20 . i I . - I "EveryIhIn I Bui n hing" I o W ' ' W I I I U i r I I I I I I iw I I I : - I , I I DOTTS EARLS SERVICE CENTER Slnclalr Producfs Offncual Inspechon Sfahon SKIPPACK PA N Broad Sfreel' Phone VA2 9988 Colmar HOTPOINT MOTOROLA HQQVER 5 HAJOCA CORPORATION Radlo and TV Sales and Servnce alo Wesl' Mem Slfeel I3l3 N Broad SI' Lansdale Lansdale Penn5YIV5n'a SCH MIDT TIRE CO NATHANIEL R BROWN Jushce of Ihe Peace 408 W Mann S+ Insurance Real Esfafe Lansdale Dual 333I Phone UL5 2I87 60 Wesf Broad S+ree+ Ha+flelcl NORTH WALES PLANING MILLS INC I37 S Mann SI OX9 34l2 Nor'I'h Wales Frames Sash Doors SP6CIdlWO0dWOI'k Free Eshmales Job Service SWARTLEY BROS ENGINEERS INC Conhnuous Eleclrucal Service Smce I928 Phone U L5 6829 Compllmenls of SUPER CLEANER AND CLOTHIER Nor+h Wales Pa Renlal of Formal Wear DAUB HARDWARE CO Everyfhmg In Hardware Lansdale Nor+h Wales UL5 43 I9 OX9 3475 J W WEIKEL Uphols+erung and Awmngs LINE LEXINGTON VA2 9242 Argus Kodalc Ansco CAMERA SHOP UL5 5884 Joseph and Edlfh Dusza I09 Walnuf S+ Lansdale P Revere Bell 8: Howell Wallensacl: NORTH PENN AUTO BODY 81 GLASS CO Frederlcl: E Kramer Jr Prop Fmesl' Craffsmanshnp Duco Aufhornzed Aufo Refmushlng UL5 2880 Umon and Cherry Sls Haffseld Pa LEVINS DEPARTMENT STORE 2II Wesl' Mann SIree'I' Lansdale Pennsylvama Phone UL5 3678 J RALPH RICE General Merchandise LINE LEXINGTON PENNSYLVANIA MET PRO INC Fuf+h and Mlfchell Avenues Lansdale, Pennsylvama UL5-467I UL5 9576 I I : - I , Pa. I - ' , Pa, Mouldig-Pozh Won--Cuslom Millworlr 3I5 Wesl Main SI" Lansdale' Pa' ' ., , a. . I Marvin Angsfadi' Dr and Mrs Wm Auf der Heyde Norman Balchunas Mrs Vlncen+ J. Ball Sr. Mr and Mrs Wllllam Beagle Mrs. Gerfrude Beafly Belle G Berger Dlclc Beyer Mr and Mrs Henry Beyer Mr and Mrs Roberl' Blemesderfer Dr Carl J Bnlllg Gerald J Blrlrelbach Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs Ernesi' Blfhng Mr and Mrs Bomber Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs Charles Blshop E J Blhng Leslle Blaclcledge Harold Bonelremper Paul Bonfnglno Henry Kulllc Boog Mr and Mrs Geo A Bremser Jance Brennlger en Brenmger Mrs M BreHs and Mrs WaH'er S Buclr Jr an rs Louls Burke an rs Benlamln F Cairns an rs H Cauffman an Mrs Rober+ Chandler Thomas ChIlCO+6 Claussen s Luncheone'He Mr and Mrs George Cole Mr Thomas Collins Waller E Conrad Lawrence Cooper Wllllam R Cooper Wllllam E Cox Chap Dalmlam W Rlchard Danelcer Jr Mrs Danlcullch Mr and Mrs Russell Daub Mr and Mrs W Sfanley Delp Delia Phu The'I'a Sororlfy Mr and Mrs Donald R Derwller Carol Dlefrlch and Duck Baxier George Dlxon Jr Arfhur Dodson Elwood Duclrworfh Mr and Mrs Ernesi' Dyson Thomas R Dwnghi' Eihel Sharon and Donna Mr and Mrs James H Fahy Jr Mr and Mrs Herman Faul Jnmmy Fmnemeyer PATRON S Mrs John Fisher Friends Mrs Sfanley Galinslu Mr. and Mrs. W. C Gallagher Kenneih S. Geberi' Mr and Mrs Sfanley E Golazeslu Gwynedd Square Dellcafessen Gwynedd Square Poulfry Farm Mrs BeH'y Hackman Harrys Marlref Dr E W Harfzell Mr and Mrs Edward Han Wllberr Hayes Richard Head Mr and Mrs Edward Heake Heulers Dalry Bar A Frnend Mr and Mrs Paul Hennung Richard Hess Beriha Hlrzel Bull Hollenshead Mr and Mrs Raymond Hopluns Mr Wllson K Huber Roberi' Hunsberger Richard B Hunfer Jaclr 81 Jnll Ice Cream Wulllam J Jacobs Januce and Bull Joann and Jerry Joes Gulf Servlce Mrs Glorla S Jones Ted Jones Jordans LuncheoneH'e Mr and Mrs W H Kasmger Mr and Mrs John Keller Joseph Kelly Mr and Mrs H Olm Kemp Joseph Kerner Ill Mr and Mrs Arfhur Kung Mlss Margaref Kung Mr and Mrs Edward Klavon Mr and Mrs Danlel Kobaso Mr and Mrs John Konlgsbauer Louls Konya Jake Krauss Mrs Roberf Krlder Mr and Mrs Gerald H Krlebel Lansdale News Agency Lansdale Oil Company Miss Beafrlce Lebaris Harold Lebo Mr. and Mrs. Lennon and Son Thomas Leonard Mr. and Mrs. Edw A Leszczynslu Llnda Cary Marlene Tom Lesfer Long Lou s Marlcei Mr and Mrs E H MacLaughlln Rev and Mrs Joseph J Margush Marlon and Jaclr Mr and Mrs George McCluskey Mr and Mrs George McGmn Helen Mensch Mr and Mrs Graham Meh Jane Mullcewncz John A Muller Kafhy Muller Mrs Nancy Muller Arfhur F Moss Kennefh Mosser Mr and Mrs Jacob Moyer Mr and Mrs Marcus Moyer Mr and Mrs Presfon F Moyer Mrs Rose Flclieri' Mulllcan Mrs Wmlfred W Nash Tom Naulry Norfh Penn Amoco Mr and Mrs J David Nyce Wallace H Nyce Grocer Mr and Mrs Vmceni Oberholizer Mr and Mrs Alexander F Ollfer Mary O Nelll Mass Doro'l'hy OrH' Bessie OH' Mr and Mrs Roy OH' Pai' and Bull Mr and Mrs Geo O Phllllps Ru1'h L Phllllps Mr and Mrs Howard R Pra'H' Mr and Mrs Wlllard umn Marhn Pairlclc Raffer and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Wllllam A Raines Roberi' Rainey Arfhur Ramsay Harry O Relser Mllfon A Reppa and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Mr and Mrs Linwood A Kulp Herberi Kuroplraf Clufford F Landes Harold C Landes John E Landes and Mrs Roberi' E Resmger F Eugene Rhodes Mr and Mrs Paul K Richard Rosenbergers Real Esfafe Agency Mr and Mrs Henry B Ru'I'h Thomas John Ryan I f . . -+' ' . . Mr.. . . . , . ' . - - Mr. d M . ' ' - - - Mr. a M . ' ' . ' " . - l ' l ' Mr. d M . . ' ' - l ' - Mr. d . Mr. and Mrs. Rober'l' S. Chubb Johnny and Ruih - - - ' I f . . . - . . ' Q ' ' ' ' Dr. . ' ' I , , ' Mr. . . . . ' Mr. . . ' ' Mr. . ' . , , Mr. . ' . Mr. . . ' , ' Mr. . - I I Mr. . ' -- - - - ' Jane Sanderson Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. George C. Sands Edwin F. Saxman Albert Scheeler Frank Scheeler Raymond Scheeler William Schilling Mr. and Mrs. Alfred S. Schmid Alvin Schmidt Schrauger's Barber Shop Mildred R. Senator Mr. and Mrs. William Seneko Shelly Brothers Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Sloan E, Slotter-Kulpsville Hotel Mr. and Mrs. George Smith Mr. and Mrs. Howard Smith, Jr. Miss Phyllis Smith Mr. and Mrs. Ralph S. Smith PATRONS Mr. and Mrs. Charles Stetson Albert Stewart Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Strasser Mr. William B. Strasser Mrs, William B. Strasser Mr. and Mrs. Wm. L. Swartz Charlotte V. Swoyir Thelma's Beauty Salon Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Thomas Karl A. Thompson Mrs. Marion Traynor and Family Miss Sandra Trexler Mr. and Mrs. Elwood C. Trisbach Miss Kathryn Troxel George Turner R. J. Vinci Mr. and Mrs. John A. Vinski R. Donald Wack Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Walt Dr. and Mrs. R. H. Warner Mrs. Harry Weber John Weikel Kenneth Weir Larry Weiss Ruth W. whne, RN. A Friend Mr. and Mrs. Williard White Mr. and Mrs. Wm. V, Whitley Mr. and Mrs. Max B. Wilcox George Williams Mrs. Ruth Williams John Paul Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Al W. Wolf Dr. Harry L. Wolf Mr. Harold Wolff Earl Wood Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Yost Mr. and Mrs. Howard Zehr John Zettlemoyer Photography by Merin-Philadelphia Printed by Taylor Publishing Company-Dallas 'sz g. uf MN ,, - . W, 2 Md? , Kg I G nf 'Nm-g , v-tif' ,H Q , 4 g , , . .7gwQ5??.f M "WY" , ' . M ,. -?'Lfl'fW, W ' M' M: if wc- , x.k,y.t1,f- "" -' LM g.,wL,g ff 2f7i2 i 2 ' sigiiitffyfv ' a f- 41 A' ' f ' ' "1 4 'r'f'f:"15:n1" f ',2fgg3,5, ,, --Yana - ' 1. 1 U ' -W Pg' p .s E M' W A , ff ' mf. Q' A ,242 K , at ' 'EY A ' 'M ' V- ' F Y ' :Q , We ' E ' I ' , M , 0 I ' X .215 T ' . x- ' ' '., ' v 'I - 3, , ' , mf- " if K f . LA 4 f ,L AV? " R 9 54 v X Q K v ui' iff' ' X P5-' 5 , f,fW' .Rf 'Q 35 S Xi ,M . 'C 4' X -'Z' ,, . " 'x Q 'ln IF: V , Q : kk A H aff , . ,Xkgx ' . 1 'Q I 4, LANNQ r V . m.', Q Y' A 7, X I V bn 1, 1 -1 Q - Q .. Lf. V' ' ' r, ' 5 1 W , , . W ' 5 V ' V 4' 3 - ' ' M I Mk! i I 'ap , 4m,VAb... U XV ' .. ...E AT rrabfifi N -1 Q I ,,,,"'k 5 'A ww' ,pf 1 M ' f- ,, 'fm , 'Q f TQ . . W ' 1' , 'x 'Q -. 'Y ' ' A A ""'f: M, -L A X ,,',,H .K V img ., . ff, .fi N,f'q?fW:,,mMzwQ ' 'Wqg L.-,' ,Q WM Q 7' " k , , My-W -- - - 'H fdfjl, f Nf' Y 42 , W.. -Jgjjfraf I , AK xl .3 W . 'W N, V M .. ,fav-mwwn 15.3 . , if ' ' - -up 'W wr .4 ' M ,, "'f-fiiwf' -.., YN, f ,X - we 1 ,- "ff wmk W ,W , , I Mg, k -X, , ,V M hwhi, 1 ka . , X b'-:..wv-EWNQE-fjriw fb -' H. W V faff-M -Yr' 0-,N 3, 1. Y' A K' ' B- -.1-. pus -H-R? m ,, fl' 4' W wg ' z--vw-"iv f , i 4? ,ww hw -mf, ' -I W , Q ' 15 2 ' ':wu,'fM,i,sv Q A , ' Amir," I, . , wwf-1-In ,i, , ., - , ,-, ., .,..- v .- , -,l.--ll!-1 , Mn . . . . K V V Y -AV J-Y

Suggestions in the North Penn High School - Accolade Yearbook (Lansdale, PA) collection:

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North Penn High School - Accolade Yearbook (Lansdale, PA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


North Penn High School - Accolade Yearbook (Lansdale, PA) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 1


North Penn High School - Accolade Yearbook (Lansdale, PA) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


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