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SQ Uxmwllwkim CUPOLA 1971 CATHY CHADA MARLENE SODEFRSTFIOM CO EDITORS NX, ,-1, - T:-Q.. qv , X Hx. X Y. N 11, 'w.-- ' J'---Qg A Sli 2.3, . s,.f '-z o lj- V :fda In- , jf I I 5 A kr if I A J U xx a ' ' . 1. fn h " M fia- fm. 9, 0 v 'Ox Q6 DEDICATION To a man who has a multitude of pockets and gadgets and the "know-how" to keep North Park mechanically functioning. To a man who has given twenty-five years of unselfish service to the North Park Col- lege community, we dedicate the 1971 Cu- pola to Ivar Wistrom. Ivar Wistrom IN IVIEIVIORIUIVI Dr. J. Fredrick Burgh has served the North Park com- munity for many years in both an academic and an ad- ministrative capacity. The warm, friendly smile and the tip of his hat will always be remembered by everyone. J. Fredrick Burgh IN MEMORIUIVI "The human experience is essentially one of chaosg mankind has yet to rise above life within a scarcity of spiritual and physical resources. Part of this chaos is the seemingly endless suffering that goes on in this world. Men create civil institutions under government in order to put a limit to the suffering, but as governments go, they have prob- ably inflicted as much suffering as they ever intended to relieve. In the mist of the madness that characterizes our existances, the voices of a few men in history have been heard above the rest of the shots and groans. These voices have communicated ideals of how men ought to act and how societies, economics and politics ought to be or- dered. Plato was one. Christ was another. Among these ideals are justice, liberty, equality and brotherhood and these ideals, because they seem permanent and exist in the minds of men, have served to examine and challenge the status quo of every society they touch upong ideals have served as both the basis for vio- lent revolution and swift social change . . 7' Louis Kokoris Louie died fighting for the justice and equality he believed in . . . the justice and equality for a man who didn't have a chance. Louie had a big influence on life at North Park. His concern was for people and raising the quality of life for everyone. Louis Kokoris up-3 Spring 1971 Dear graduate: Welcome to the establishment! This is sometimes known as the real world. But your education will tell you clearly this is not entirely so. If you have been well educated, you'l1 know the so-called real world has its fantasies and charades. You'll discover, too, that academic life was not all real either. A new mix of reality and fantasy is now before you. If you have anchored your perceptions accurately in truth and will allow truth and God's enlightenment to guide you, you are off to an experience of pro- ductive joy and sorrow, the peace of God mingled with high stress, and the assurance of His presence with you in every situation. Peace . . .in Jesus name! ' Sincerely, Wdiliiad LLOYD H. AHLEM, President of North Park College - 5125 North Spaulding Avenue - C71fCf1.S'0,lllffl0iS 60625 71 FF! 1r ll s We '77"7' '7"7' 1 E In the middle of all this vastness of steel beams and cement blocks is a little bit of madness North Park College 6 Past, Present and Future W - r. ffffi' ' U' ,. A J5f4lfifiiis"'i ' A ' D' V ' .wise 17 ,E .er-r' ' ,f ii?" 1 -nw 54252 1' 7'5ff?'Q ' -' .rn Q . Mg K, " 4,1 - .' ,., .45 'I' I' I, 1 ,. F' , 21 ' . ...1.,Y5.4.',- .. ,Iggy-Lt, L.: .V 4.1, ,r 0. in ' ex I-Q! 'f",."-"-,f.-'..,g1,1'g.',. "Vw-'Q3x:.,A-L, .JW ,N fl "V I. ""!-9 "W - ,,.,u A ' 3, X. .1 .-W , f.'s',,5N4'1'5 5.4 xi pr- "Tf".MW, TL. - . L? "' ,"' , -, ,' ' Wx!" ' "1l!Z'1,l"'.s -- .,-4 t.Qlpw.,WY' ,,,.,'9,,. ,UC .l,' . 41 'A l.-NPA QU., L . ,- ,pl gg Y v, ,N I . , . . C1-I -'M' uk . "-"1 Stiff' " 'fp' iffy ' H47 ff., 5 44- AA, Y' ., ' agp tv -E.. tk- Av.,,,,...,j.f' ,rg Ti .gawk l I, 1 , J. , All ' "lv.w1,3.:'?. -,1,.4'.fQ3i, I ,, U . l , V x H .Q :I ,. fwwxix bl-.VH YAHQC. ,, . x .AWA 1 'vi N mv-A . ','f',-- 2 ' "w" 3 , L' - rv, X 4' , ..-sf' . , A-' jf ... .Vi I A54 'rl ng-N HI, ftfij-'S K -. v L -0, 1 .L - Y f-'-+1",1'i1- ' f',u7.l ,... ' -' FU' F? 'H Q14 V 'isis ry I9 ' BO' '51, wi .lx Qt 1 I 499: I gli. 'gi , .r it 1 if v. 42,312 ...M - ii ' 1 f'2Z' ?? g "ll'f3i? 91 fi-si., . ' 'vl'n.W ' J- ' Q. 'W SOCIAL SERVICES COMMISSION 1971 I , 1, ,Aw W fi: f-1 'Aziz 1: jf ,, I.. .,,,.,f5.?:4:Sfff A f,I.Q,:T1If gy mg. If 1 f - ff.rl"'H,:.,- . ,,.. 90" 1, fl f : 1 1 -. I u ,qv THE PLANNERS 1 Q ' r -E i f Sara Sandqurst ' Carol A. Anderson Ray Warren S. THE WORKERS --M- "Hazing is forbidden at North Park. Infractions of this rule will result in serious disciplinary action." -rv W li M, A i his if v 1.. 'wwf' -P 3 N , - . - " 1.- 2 A 5 ' auf Q72 x 'Wxl . A.. xv, Z ' R 1 - X - 1'-my ?, sc, ,yu V i- ' ua-Q ,. . - . ' Y 3" ' ,i , 1+-' fv Tm- 49.46 ,I .qi mi 1 ?!...f' .ffuvwhg-if' an i,my ,. avg - ,- W ly. . ,, W - 'l I". ' " - f ! 5 4 A ,J r t 5 v .. rf ,V 1. 'O . ,. - 2' - I ins 35 ,L if iii! Lys , l. 'iid' :' i 'g,"., ,,'d rn. I - - I if: 1, ,7C,, l 1 J I A Ii if Grin ff " ' I x 4l:H3x?'q1' , la 111.442 W'-,fs Y +I' i LWB: is S F? Z .If-sig: Ns,fQ,. W ' X il I ft l A-MENQ rlf7s'aQl5 I , ,., A , . G f',. .N, 5 -A., 4. 4 ,. ,I '2'. , 'ind' v 'i ., '.f . ,,, , ' - l" ' ' -fu' ---1 -v IN , . 9 v .. 1 , 'vm' . Q-s QW.. M., w, - L-4'5" I , 'll K IW aaa 'T"i'Q?" .Q ' .' , '1 'S s?'5's ay. -T 4 v- J H- 44 n... ' L, .' 1 'i 5 ,uh vu f '95, h"'1 -,ixhlirg ,-in Xl .vs 7444. . J" 'Y3': ,I 1, BOOKS, BOOKS, BOOKS! f '42, "1 VI7' ,EAI P ,,,,,, S How much longer? ,--1, . -- -, . , Y A 1 rs '. JI- -A.. - - "' ' -1 - - sf, .bi - - A - '. - F w l .' . 4. 4' 1 . . . -. V-,I , ,--, .X N. - .Q A 1 , 7 ,A., , - b - h ,, I' .,,'J..., ni! - ,1 X ' .- 'Y ' .. '- ' A - A . . . , - f , , 'v Y ,A .ma 1, ,, .. .f . . -.. . I . H I h - ' .- - ,, Q , - - - ' - 5. jg nr r .. . , v ' inf' . ' ' . F "' ' 1 5- . .4 :' I, .1 '- Y I , . , V - ' - .,g r I ' ' -HF! - .1 A.. ' , 7' 1 1 ' 72-1- .Aw - J. 1 ur-I " -Avi, ' JJ sig!! 5' api '.,,,.- ,QM - .. .. sm nw wg. ., 145. ' ' lg. , 5 ., Lff.:-. -,Li .F ,nh 1f.l-gQ jx? . ., a, L! - , Km ,, - Au' .-K "1 ", ' f'4'?'tgT 'f' .42 .- ' 4 -5 5 z - -1 A gf' A-A,1! I Mil. f: w- , W . , ' , "' ' ' . A 1 5 . sv? sy,-f.fP?' , 1 , . v ,. .r 'f -, OS' b v- '4 . V' '1 ul-in - '+.1Q"L 'J ' K I N . X 1 ,sum Q .M E f- , if-1 ,sr-f - f 'T' " 4' f " qi' 1, .: A, ,-Q ' . " ,vvjg ,,, 1 I. , '- -,,---iw -gill . -1-1 ' xv ' -'j' d',,f-ity? 3 , --2 . ' " .U w . Af ' , ' , lg 5 -'r as 4 - -r ,Q ,A I .s ,np- '3 w 2 X 33 I fffcvr N 005 P53 by 0- V w 5 L 36 North Park College, a small, private school, is located on the north side of Chicago on the shore ofthe North Branch ofthe Chicago River 7 I + I P I E n l J , 4 Apathy ran high, as you will see Lecture and Artist Series with speakers who had no au- diences a quiet Homecoming in the midst of a beautiful au- tumn an even quieter winter and a sleepy spring a new government, maybe some changes . . . only promises. WI-IZM-xm 44 "K+, fi' gg-1. 4- A Autumn-the year unfolds-feet kicking leaves and scattering them to the winds-moments cap- tured and carried away-to be found again here. Footprints of where we've been and what we've felt-found on faces of fellow travellers. We Iind faces lit up with a smile or drawn with tension, pa- tronizing patience coupled with footprints of fa- tigue, and the undisguised delight found in an- otl1er's misfortunes-until pent-up experiences and emotions are unleashed in a burst of joy at being alive. Though an atmosphere of excited anticipation was almost nonexistent, "Festival" Homecoming did turn out to be a festive weekend. The "we-know-it's-an- empty-tradition-but-let's-have-some-fun-with-it" air was set at the Top Ten Assembly with Carol Anderson posing as the eager but "completely surprised" candi- date in her hour of triumph. The Friday night Coronation was a triumph for the junior class with the election of Sally Stromberg as queen and Marilyn Gustavson and Liz Nelson as at- tendants. That merry old soul Old King Dallas accom- panied by that serene Stromberg smile could warm the heart of almost any cynic. What about the big football game against Elmhurst? Let's only think about triumphs and move along to the traditional float contest. By the way-who did win the tioat contest? 46 -'u'i'-fm Nfl-I A 1.2. THE TRIUMPH OF HOMECOMING? "No, No, A Million Times No" was a triumph over embarrassment. In the past, the Saturday night audience has often experienced embarrassment be- cause the productions have come across as plain ol' corny .. . but wait! This one is supposed to be corny!! With a sigh of relief everyone laughed, relaxed, and enjoyed the play. THE ARCHANIANS Different and funny were adjectives used to describe the drama departmenfs production of the Archanians. In the ancient Greek play which was updated by Mr. Stewart, the actors wore traditional costumes. Though of an experimental nature, its fast moving bawdiness was thoroughly enjoyed. I 50 AWAKE TO THE COMING GF AHLEM! S.A. CONVENTION L I I I, 7 I I I I . I I I XP s I I I II II Joyce Nelson, President -?,-+I! 'fu .' - ' :wiv ,r . ,. I .ull ' - I V :?ngy'j+-an , . N A. ",'.. .' , ' r. lg .L .5 ' , . f v-1 X iuw V ,W '+V - - " 'aff' -, H 'M' 17 Pete Heintzelman, Vice-President , .- , -' 1 ' ' , , J '11, , 1' - .1 X .a , lf' Q DGNKEY BASKETBALL LECTURE-ARTIST SERIES BEFIGAN EVANS w l Governor Richard Oglivie Channing Phillips BLACK EXPRESSION WEEK 60 V 6 1 . F977 ff 1 f4 Q J, I' I W Y ' if-. . -..- , , lr 4 1 . -' N. X X , t ,an gr, I ' . uf 'N' - , .gg u R , -- .1 H n . 11" 5" I' 1 H . A We 1 Q v KW J Xi Y 1 ' '-' .1' ' .gm-"' 4 '. f-" .L . D , Q, . 3' 'F .miikf "FEW "f as 1 ' 'J' ff' Y 'M Q-'ff Q- '- x Q, w.A ,,,o Ivh' ' .-' ' 'ti -MIK-'SSV gi if K 4 is . Lf - .. . .7,. '. ek 'J .' .1 You donst need to win to have a good team, it is only that the others were better all-ameri- cans and others who won awards for outstanding perform- ances jocks parties controversial long hair and money problems . . . all make up the 1971 sports seasons. WI-IN-Cn-W FOOTBALL 1970 Row 1: Bob Demes, Ed Kora. Arnie Kay, Steve Cerese, Dan Sutphen. Steve Woods, Bob Fassel. Tom Northfelt, Tommy Hamill. Row 2: Dan Gooris. Bob Gross, Steve Johanson, Bill Mitchell, Bob Hodges. Pete Heintzelman, Jim Fornofl, Greg Nugent. Row 3: John Messina, .lim Schroder. Steve Cusimano, Paul Hedenberg, Tom Bagley, Larry Keith, Angel Malave, Dan Lalowski, Chuck DiPrima. Row 4: Randy Bloomquist, Joe Bell, Dan Odell, Fred Mensik, Cornelius DuBose, Werner Martin, George Bagnowski, John Cooper, Harvey King, Al Muller. Row 5: Les Swanson, Gary Duesenberg, John Ma- loney, Bob Forbes. John Liljegren, Paul Post, Bob Craig, Greg Luce, Paul Jensen. Row 6: Garren Lumpkin, Mel Kempinski, Ron Rio, Bill Gourley, Rich Mahoney, John Eliazik, Bruce Swanson. Co Captains Most Valuable Steve Woods Greg Nugent Greg Nugent Harvey King Most Improved Steve Cerese 1970 Season Record C2-6 Millikin North Central Augustana Elmhurst Ferris State Carroll Wheaton Illinois Wesleyan Carthage N.P. 26 27 8 I0 O I5 38 I2 6 PP 34 2 l 38 23 35 34 22 52 6 '11-L..- THE COACHES Bill Gourley Rich Mahoney Captain Larry Swanson Most Valuable Larry Swanson CCIW MEET AT CARROLL Augustana Carthage North Central Wheaton Carroll NORTH PARK Millikan Illinois Wesleyan 42 58 59 86 147 I66 l80 229 Larry Swanson BASKETBALL Row l: Bill Killian, Dean Mitchell. Jim Christopher. Bob Geist, Bosco Djurickovic. Row 2: Eugene Profit, Keith McDonald, Mike Anderson, Paul Jensen, Glenn Jones. Row 3: Couch Dun McCurroll, Ted Grantz, Ray Podkowa, Jon Christenson, Patrick Walsh. Coach Rich Swanson. Captain Jim Christopher CCIW STANDINGS N.P. Opp. Augustana 12 4 Illinois Wesleyan I2 4 Wheaton ll 5 Carthage ll 5 Millikan 8 8 Elmhurst 7 9 NORTH PARK 4 12 North Central 4 12 Carroll 3 I3 LEADING POINT SCORERS McDonald 463 pts. Geist 292 pts. Christopher 238 pls. Podkowa 186 pts. Walsh 178 pts. IP' . 2' if 1 I ,I f ' b i ,tEi.gLE,i V172 V J., . , Q I H . Iisnfi-Mm i n if A I A -.ffif 1 ' tiff, A. :V I . I A 1 .Q-53:-15 '27 IWC A V ,fi , ' 14, s ' yr i .I1j:.'-l:KQExziu":l JG.: 3 V , I f wi it i i i , -FEI rar: I JK .gang Af 3 . 3 A. 5 , v z 1 in , 5 ing -J L , X X Fl, 'L 'z ,4 fx !L,i,....' M .:. -.HTJ1 ' .,,J. ,-,, V., -A,:,.',vL '- I J., , .,r' 'H A -H-0.-l2si,.A-sw., xv BASKETBALL 1970-l97l BASKETBALL1970 NPC 68 70 84 89 68 59 68 95 64 72 80 72 71 91 85 81 67 60 58 67 67 75 68 79 102 Dubuque Augustana Carthage Milikin USUNO McNeese Ky. Wesleyan Concordia UW-Green Bay IIT Milikin Augustana Wheaton No. Central Wheaton Carroll 111. Wesleyan Elmhurst Eastern Ill. No. Central Elmhurst Carthage 111. Wesleyan Lewis Carroll 1971 OPP. 79 72 79 1 1 1 94 72 1 10 78 103 74 90 99 79 74 93 66 80 67 81 82 81 86 85 85 70 76 Q S? -.ali - . I fl 5 1:-ffvffrf"Ml M 15 ' 71 v " Ml nu tl M, Q .-l Q T ..s . , .,, , nl qu-111 1oqgn-- v,.,..a,----H-4-A WRESTLING Row 1: Steve Cerese, ClifTOcl1letree. Al Mueller, Paul Grimes. Row 2: Steve Ebel. Gary Peters, Bob Davis. Tom Heilig CAPTAIN Bob Davis First Place team in the NORTH PARK Quad NORTH PARK 75 Knox 7l North Central 55 Aurora 26 SWIMMING Row 1: Jim Flatley, Eric Sandberg, Jim Peterson, Bruce Runnefell, John Kumikawa, Rick Voorhics Row 2: Al Bjorkman, Bob Anderson, Jim Hjelm, Tim Paulsen, Al Olson. Coach Gourley. CAPTAIN: Jim Peterson lr A X 1 N 79 N N 1 80 W TRACK IPC Row l: Larry Keith. Bob Davis. Harvey King, Angel Malave, Don Wilke. Row 2: Coach Ted Hedslrand, Don Harper, Cornelius DuBosc. Ray Podkowa, Drew Pappas. Paul Zaccone, Rich Emrich. CCIW Place: Ninth Most Valuable Player: Harvey King SOCCER Bottom Row: Tim Frctheim, Steve Dwight. Eric Newberg, George Johnson, Rich Voorhies. David Dwight. Top Row: Wally Larson. Randy Voorhies. Larry Swanson, .lim Hjelm, Doug, Nelson, Bruce Bently. Randy Thompson. BASEBALL ,,.,- A.-r- -,.,.,...-. ,,,...f-'- Bottom Row: Bill Horwitz, Eugene Lawrence. Bill Fassel, Rich lnfusino. Gary Duesenberg, John Olson. Neil Hoglund, Keith MacDonald. Top Row: Coach Dick Mahoney, Bernie Sigh. Howard Horn, Dave Stelz. Dan Gooris. Glen Behnke, Art Larlz, Bill Graham, Roosevelt Bailey, Bill Killian. Captains: Art Lartz Rich Infusino Most Improved: Art Lartz Most Valuable: Dan Gooris Season Record: 8- I9 CCIW Record: 5-1 l CCIW Place: 7th J Keith MacDonald CCIW All-Stars Keith MacDonald-Secondbaseman Dan Gooris-Catcher Dan Gooris NAIA District No. 20 All-Star NAIA Honorable Mention All-American CCIW Batting Champion-.466 Keith MacDonald "tNAIA, District No. 20 batting champion 'NAIA Area VI batting champion 'NCAA-CD District VI All-American NCAA-CD All-American second team 'Topps District A11-American "'Adirondeck Bat Co. "Big Stick" Award 'denotes second time to receive award They all have officers but not many members the only ac- tive ones sang their way through the year meetings and work but not much accomplished all that survives are names and faces. ICD ZZ 420 0: E53 CUPOLA ,,...-v-.. A...- ""'Il......... ,.""' , ,...--"""""'fj,, ,,, ',,,..---' ,Z--.. ,,,...-,--..- CaLhy Chada, Co-Editor a:'fT'TTS-r rl "" Mark Johnson, Business Manager if Marlene Soderstrom, Co-Editor rn mrtkl- K - - . W E632 l ' r ' . L ,, 'ix 1 ' A iw l 12? 3 1.7 1-S 9? 1 Laurel Hjclmberg, Surah Olsson. Row 2: Carolyn Rask, Valerie Sanchez, Rosie Olson. Kari Swanson, Pauli Ruwe, Peggy McCaleb. STUDENT ASSOCIATICN it 6? Left to right: Jim Christopher, Treasurerg Donna Anduri, Recording Secretaryg Larry Anderson, Presidentg Carol Kovalik Corresponding Secretaryg James Theorell, Vice President. Row l: Carol A. Anderson, Mel Skalla, Sara Jo Sandquist. Row 2: Jim Widboom, Jim Ahlberg, John Peterson, John Hunt. E no -X Lllfl to right: Judy l-lawkinson. Tom Bagley, George Johnson, Dean Erickson, Jim Widboom, Calvin Katter. Lcfl to right: Marvin Curtis, Liz Nelson, Linda Branch, Jim Ahlberg, Mary Johnson, Jon Ahlberg, Rosie Olson BLACK STUDENT ASSOCIATION T Row 1: Nodee Sampson, Maurice Lowery, Carmella Bell, Mary Webster. Row 2: Bob Reed, Eddie Jefferson, Bobby Davis Wanda Bethel, Eddie Caffey, Bev Burton. KAPPA MU EPSILON Left to Right: Martha Schioler, Ray Boghosian. Alice Iverson, Liz Nelson. Carol A. Anderson. G I RLS' VOLLEYBALL TEAM C7 NIP!- M QPF Q 'th Q! l L ' I Z Row I: Linda Skoksberg, Marion Waller, Marilyn Gustavson, Tina Brostrom, Nadeen Carr, Sue Seeruan. Row 2: Lynn Kawumolo. Nodce Sampson, Linda Lynch, Ann Burns. .Al ,r RESIDENT MEN Paul Jensen, Jim Peterson, Paul Lindeman, Phil Hakanson. RESIDENT WOMEN Meredith Duerre, Carol Kovalik, Claris Udd, Bon- nie Johanson, Marilyn Gustafson. Row 2: Marge Eklund, Pat Johnson, Tylwa Carlson, Kathy Sundslrom, Pam Post. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Karen Sundberg, Pam Johnson, Sandy Smith. 'NG Left to Right: Marna Christopher, Mary Johnson, Mary Thomasma, Elaine Veith, Karen Hanell, Pam Sandberg, Carol Train, Linda Skogsberg, Debbie Miller, Maria Punt, Linda Mooney, Louise Train, Barb Ciampa, Debbie Peterson, Linda Carlson. WOMEN'S GLEE CLUB , Q Row l: Alice Conners, Kris Johnson, Christine Aramam, Sue Hymes Carolyn Nelson Judy Larson, Joanne Olson. Row 2: Nancy Larson, Robin French Laura McConnaughay, Ann Anderson, Jackie Foster, Sue Elde, Nancy Carlson Becky Patter son, Kathy Fondell. Row 3: Sue Goranson, Barbara Giertz, Denise Johnson Judy Pear son, LuAnn Kubrtz, Joy Garvard, Elrene Anderson. Chris Swanson, Carol Mudloli' MEN'S GLEE CLUB Row 1: Dr. Pankratz, Robert Martin, Douglas Nelson, Jim Swanson, Mark Chaffrn, Phillip Barth, Arthur Schmitt, John Mitchell, Anita Pankratz, Row 2: Roger Johnson, David Jacobs, Keith Wetzstein, Who Knows, Bob Craig, Steve Moeck, Gordon Strom, Charles Sentell, Row 3: M. David Kruger, David Pearson, Jim Christopher, Daniel Pan- kratz, Jon n Christensen, Roger Nelson, William Mitchell, Ray Warren, Doug Johnson. L. o- I CONCERT BAND Row l: Lola Gaier, Martha Pettus, May Vasey, Frances Jacobs, Ruthann Meehrlich. Row 2: Judy Lar- son, Ruth Billings, Mama Christopher, Ellen Solie, Marcus Berger, Beth Olson, Nancy Larson. Row 3: Steve Moeck, Linda Lamb. Sue Levin, Pat Decker, Harry Christensen, Keith Gustafson, Candace Langenberg, Jim Widboom, Roy Hansen, Linda Johnson, Becky Nelson. Row 4: Joyce Kronberg, Stuart Uggcn, Darryl Johnson, Craig Lindley, Paul Ericson, Gene VanderBosch, Charley Peterson, Frank Sargent, Ruth Helen Johnston, John Behrens, Robert Eckwall, Dan Odell, Clyde Thompson. NORTH PARK COLLEGE CHOIR Row I: Dennis Moon, George Johnson, Gail Seebeck, Tina Thorin, Don Lofgren, ,1!l,? ll 3 ali 4171, 0 U 11.1 I: rl Ill -I UU Judy Clune, Mary Newcombe, Carol Ozick, Louise Hill, Marcia Anderson, Leslie I I-lerwig, Wendell Landin, Mark Carlson, Glenn Gustafson. Row 2: Larry Foss, E Steve Swanson, Ted Erickson, Joni Wessman, Nancy Janson, Joyce Nystrom ' N Becky Nelson, Michele Heerema, Pat Gronwall, Chris Webb, Sharon Ostergren, I Q Sue Linper, Jim Widboom, Kenton Johnson, Tom Trantman. Row 3: Harvey Ol- I an son, Doug Johnson, Loren Olson, Frank Sargent, Liz Smith, Marilyrm Fogel, Rosie Olsen, Becky Determan, Joyce Kronberg, Joyce Nelson. Kirsten Erickson, E 3 Judy Carlson, John Peterson, Dale Carlson, Don Story, Dave Swanson. Row 4: 53 John Hoogakker, Dean Erickson, Brent Stake, Paul Erickson, Kent Wennerstrom, E 3 Tom Marquart, Nancy Larson, Kaye Anderson, Pat Johnson, Ardyth Carlson, Jan Q, 1 'll Christensen, Marvin Curtis, Hal Sibley, Bruce Lawson, Craig Lindley, Bob Strom- N berg, Ralph Anderson. 3 'V I ll I 1 S T Q I 'u L l Vs .l!0If3 alialjuu ,ynrrstff ifgrg-,gi'irf 98 T --Q-,R -. . A .Y -T-'Lv.6fX.L11-3 T. ,qjl ag.,-'44 gi.. --if CHAMBER SINGERS W-. - to ,ly . ,N J L .H A I.. f ' i 'S Row l: Mr. and Mrs. James Briggerman, Kirsten Erickson, Gary Cyrex. Row 2: Judy Carlson, Michele Heeroma, Tina Thorin, Sue Limpcr. Row 3: Marie Cockrell. Jeanette Phillipuk, Sue Thompson, Ma.ri- lynn Fogel. Row 4: Greg Athnos. Dan Detlofh Jerry Swanson, Frank Sargent, Jim Erickson. "llb9e ne --ff f 99 ..---WM" f-P is --3" ' ",Q.u nv 0"f""' ,.w1'4"' Co-Editors: AI Mueller. John Hunt. NEWSPAPER STAFF ,f-I Row l: Charlotte Storm, Steve Carr. Walter Macuda, Bob Craig. Glenn Baldwin, Carol Rigmark, Mike Avramovich. Row 2: Darryl Johnson, Larry Swanson, Jim Flatly. .10 STUDENT NURSES ASSGCIATION T? Seated: Virginia Henrickson, Melody Skalla, Coleen Polmaro. Standing: Lynette Slous, Debbie While. Pat Bullermiin, Lois Whitaker, PEMM CLUB Sealed: Harvy King, Marion Waller, Steve Cusimono, Lynn Kawamolo, Britt Weslerlund. Row 2: Angel Malawe, Tom Helig, Tina Brost rom. Linda Mulhelsus. Ann Burns, Sue Seemun. Row 3: Bob Hodges, Randy Bloomquist. Don Harper, Bill Winters. Drew Pappas. AL'S CLUB Left to Right: Diane Pienkos. Glenn Gustafson. John Koob. A. J. Escher. Gary Petrie, Ralph Anderson Dean Mitchell, Hal Sibley. Craig Wright, Dun Little, Jim Johnson, Art Schug, Art Lurtz, Christine Ander- son. Claris Udd. PEGASUS Ted Ericson, Ardyth Carlson, Susan Sponberg. Jerry Soneson, Jean Bengtson NORTH PARK GOSPEL TEAMS "THE GOD SOUADSH eft to R1ght: George Johnson, Marcna Anderson, Jan Anderson, Bob Sundberg, Barbara Glbbs. Durry ohnson. Scaled: Bob Marlinn Kneeling: Robert Slromberg. Don Story. Standing: Margaret Warner. Ann Lawson. Kay Anderson, .Ian Larson. Kneeling: Paul Hedberg, Tom Vikander. Back Row: Jan Hedlund, Beth Goranson, Louise Train OUTSTANDING SENIGR SENIOR PAF! EXCELLENCE 1 V Jlm Chrlslopher. Anita Anderson. Unity? . . . they tried harder than any other year but no one sup- ported them dances pic- nics freshman week a sense of identity familiar faces your neighbors, your friends, 1971. 112 i CLASSES FFZESHMEN Left to Right: Harry Christenson, Jon Snow, Bob Martin, Dennis Moberg. Left to Right: Jackie Wilber, Paul Post, Barb Gibbs. J 1 1, . Left to Right: Robin French, Martin Riccardo, Dan Douglas Left: Linda Johnson, Carol Jacobsen Right: Slcvc Dwight, Bill Mitchell Top to Bottom: Bob Palmer, Basil Louvaris, Nika Semkolf, Nancy Carlson, Liane Procopie. Jan C7 '27 .Jackie Janet MarShelle Elaine Noren Foster Christensen Peterson Jacobson r 1 Peter Pudans, Ann Lawson. Mary Webster Sealed: Keith Gustafson, Cal Anderson Standing: Lynn Kaschel, Lynn Anderson, Karen Johnson Left to Right: Kim Malory, Mark Sustad, Ken Lund, Mark Chafhn. Valerie Sanchez. Left to Right: Mark Tungseth, Glen Goering, Darryl Johnson, Alan Anderson, Mary Thomasma. Row l: Cindy Hclwig, Pal LaFon, Lois Thomas, Sue Goranson. Row 2: Roger Johnson, .Ion Christen sen, Jon Kempe. Left lo Right: Vickie Johnson, Dave Pearson, Paul Willy, Ted Bengston, Jan Anderson. Left to Right: Lloyd Wood, Gene Lawrence, John Liljengren, Cindy Arling. Row l: Gale Hanson, Bobbie Gotches, Corky Erickson, Chris Sherman. Row 2: Bob Stromberg, Chris Swanson, Dave Sletz. Seated: Bill Fassel. Row I: Jon Ahlberg, Chuck Olson, Herb Liese. Row 2: Elrene Anderson, Lynn Hesten, Pam Peterson, Ann Anderson. John Anduri, Julie Landquisl, Bernie Sigh. Row l: Jo Ann Olson, Marilyn Schultz. Row 2: Bob Sundberg Don Wilke, Scott Baltic. Row l: Chris Lltmes, Mziry Cassuduy, Margie Warner, Margaret Faber. Row 2: John Maloney, Gary Duscnbcrg. Bob Fttbrizic. X. '.7 '..:,f!'.'- ,M " ,ffv-1:ff,,Q'. -:xg iw , A fn . x N'.41s,1 . -f -QT u, C l N t 1' K . D Row l: Bob Craig, Brian Mattson. Row 2: Pat Granvill, Carolyn Nelson, Clockwise from Bottom: Paul Swanson, Bob Anderson. Bob Laura McConnuughy. Row 3: Karen Foss, Nancy Fiscrtt, Laurie Paul. Sundberg, Jim Oberg, Mark Bengston, To-Eng Kim. 119 s Rgw lj Kris Sherman, Jim Bengston, Linda Wood. Row 2: Left to Right: Rich Murray, Chris Stradel, Nora Hardy, Paula Randall Kathy Harris, Twlya Carlson, Anita Bugsch. l Left to Right: Sue PfielTer, Betty Roberts, Debbie Teague. l Elaine Veith Clockwise from Bottom: Don Story. Jean Hendrix, Judy Pierson, Kathy Fondell, Pat Tucker, Joanne Blumenshinc, Bob Dcmes, Dave Jacobs. Left to right: Dave Danielson, Carolyn Rask, .loan Blomgren, Debbie Gust, Paul Aronson. Left lo Right: Steve Carr, Gordon Strom, Chris Webb, Caryn Hanell, Monika Schmidt, Jan Magnuson. ,4- Left to right: Becky Determan, Jan Drimulla, Krissie Johnson, Maurice Lowry, Keith Lorenson, Doug Nelson. Denise Johnson. fd Clockwise from Top: Larry Palmer, Ana Rodriguez. Beth Youderian. Ruthann Sobottke, Irene Klymke, Mama Christopher, Verdalia Spenser. Row l: Beth Englund. Rhonda Selvin, Alice Conners, Joey Ekhcrg. Row 2: Nancy Metzger, Linda Lamb. Linda Skogsberg, Sue Anderson. We in Left to Right: Kay Anderson, Kathy Nordstrom. Barb Sypcrda, Kris Ness. Clockwise from Bottom: Judy Kearn, Peter Kondos, Tim Nelson, Bill Mitchell, George Kondos. I 4 Row l: Chris Black. Lynette Gilliford. Terry Miller, Ellen Solie. Row 2: Dennis Christolferson. William Kyrylin. John Kamikawa, Fred Mensik. Jim Tinzman, Steve Swanson, Hal Nelson. 123 24 SOPHGIVIORES 41. " ' Row '11 Nancy Lundgren, Ruth Ann Mehrlich, Linda Mooney, Marilyn Linclahl, Beth Lundell, Sharon Mason. Row 2: Bruce Newman, Greg Lindholm, Greg Luce, Charles Ocheltree, Steven Moeck, Kurt Olson, Angel Malave, Lowell Nelson, Jim Norris, Walter Macuda, Gary Marcuson, flew-' f-wg-Frvw-'-1 "uf" M .-, . 4-MI' N W Y?-gh.. 1 .- sf,.,i V """. - Row l: Margaret Bresing, Barbara Ciampa, Marcia Anderson. Row 2: Bob Davis, Karen L. Anderson Julie Batdorf, Pat Bullerman, Roslyn Dahlstrom, Sue Bengston. Row 3: Mark Carlson, Mike Avramov- ich, Dale Carlson, David Anderson. Left to right: Donna Forsgren, Mark Liljedahl, Maria Gonzalez, Harvey King, Sally Bjorklund K r K in-r wk - A F ., if W?" ily t...q .-1? Row I: Margie Sneddon, Ruth Johnson. Row 2: Janet Ulrich. Marion Waller, Wanda Bethel. Candace Wickslrom. Row 3: Burton Johnson, Larry Foss. Clockwise from bottom: Sue Elde, Kirsten Erickson, Janice Graham, Marilyn Henricks, Beth Goran- son, David Dwight, Ray Dunavan, Alan Edgren, Roy Dunavan, Joy Gavard, Karen Glinert, Kathy Drummond. X a l + E x N i I JUNIORS lil . -F .IP I.. H ' g ' UI v L lu if ,g Left to Right: Lola Guicr, Carol Thompson. Jan Bryant. Dave Franck. Nancy Anderson. 133 Candida Balch. Mark Tourncll Meredith Duerre 35 Linda Egebrecht Lois Curtiss Louise Vurzhubcdian Liz Nelson, Raphael Boglwsiun Laurel Hjelmberg, Leslie Herweg. John Holmlund Joyce Nystrom, Randy Bloomquist, John Olson, Sharon Ostergren Sarah Peltus Herb Honold, Carl Tunneslam, Bill Winters Mike Anderson v Woody Metcalf, Carol Kovalik Kathy Swanson Pat Johnson, Mark Hunt, Joyce Kronberg wx Paul Jenson, Christine Hwalisz, Jan Hopkins, Nancy Janson, John Hunt Ken Tamer, Brain Westerlund, Joe Anderson , gf 51 .I ,A I ,f ek is-L-u , r . . gg if Q Hz: . U u-nu ' W lv 354 UU 1- ,. .wg Q U' ' - fm A. "Jig uf, 4 Q 1- .1 aw - ' ' J, I. ,,Y - , wg' 1 ,. ,r -15,5 ' , : , " ,Jug .JP " 1.-:. '.-'-2-'As-my ff- f, ..vg1C:7tf,3:x1 I , 1' -- .' 4- TY W 43 I X gg ,QL :FIN Q X xg . fs 5 f N n K Steve Parenti. Jene Peck, Pamela Post, Harvey Olson : , , .2 'n ., ,N I , 'ff ' x 'lf I 2 n K Debbie Curie, Karen Edmondson DOUg Nelson Bev Carlson, Pat Calhcrs, Paul Carlson, Barb Carlstrom, Carol Sesterhenn 'nw' Phil Barth. Margaret Bell, Tim Bensrm i n l r 5 i P F ' W ,EC- lin- Lzxurcl Hjelmberg. Leslie Herwcg. John Holmlund Bonnie .lohunson ns, Ray Warren, James Ahlberg. Paul Lindmun, Wendell Lundin 7: , -. " ' . A ,, pf 5 V'--yr 3 Greg Cherry, Beverly McAdams, Martha Bristol, Jim Swanson Ted Ericson Y"'f"l 0-X K1 Q? f 'ra ' 5 ,aw -shi.. ' Nancy Tinzmann, A1 Bjorkman, I. Elaine Bloom Mary Moe. Karen Hauge, Lee Wallin Cathy Oberg Chris Myers, A1 Mueller, Emily Nader Linda Hulstedt, Steve Woods, Linda Krupa 148 9 I I Kenneth A. Ackerl Drupad Adenwala Mary Elizabeth Ahlberg Economics English Social SIlldil?S Chicago. Illinois Chicago, Illinois Chicago. Illinois L. Alden Almquist Polilical Science Republic of Congo SENICJFZS Jane Ann Amblgr HZlI'Old JOSCpl'l Amiraull Biology Bivlvgv Streator, Illinois Chicago. Illinois .ill Ca,-O1 jane Amstulz Anita Anderson Carol A. Anderson Soc-inf Studies Nursing Mathemalics park Ridge, Illinois Lansing, Michigan Springfield. Massacliuseub Carol Lynn Anderson Physical Education Omaha, Nebraska Karen Elise Anderson Psychology Chicago, Illinois Ralph Todd Anderson Economics Stambaugh, Michigan E I . C 5- . :-,-, Y Ai Diann Lee Anderson Chrislic Ellen Anderson Economics Urban Studies Skokie. Illinois Chicago, Illinois Lawrence Paul Anderson Linda Eileen Anderson Economics' Pqvchologv Cliicugo, Illinois Cromwell. Connecticut f 1, l Sandra Lindell Anderson James Cl1al'lCS Andrews Nursing Economics Chicago, Illinois Chicago, Illinois Gordon Paul Anderson Biology Chicago. Illinois A Paul Robert Anderson Urban Studies No. Easton, Massachusetts Donna Ruth Anduri French Denver, Colorado Helen Woodward Aulie Kristine Marie Appel Nursing Biology Evanston, Illinois Rockford, Illinois Susan Carol Bair Randi Batdorf Arl Nursing Mattoon, Illinois Mankato, Minnesota I , 4" li. . llll J llilili 7- " VV J if . 1 J :ll , , Y. l ll- f , Jean Ellen Benglson Rosalie D. Bengtson English Urban Studies Bemidji, Minnesota Willmar, Minnesota Philip John Arndt James L. Atols English and Psychology Elk Grove, Illinois Chicago, Illinois .-L V Q E, x F' 'E lxl. f Glenn Robert Behnke Sherry Elizabeth Battalini Physical Education Economics Chicago, Illinois Chicago, Illinois Linda Kay Bergman Paul L. Bergman Psychology Psvchvlvgy Turlock, California Vlllll Park, California Belly Ann Berquisl Spanish and Physical Education Chicago, Illinois Robert Peter Bleekcr Mathematics and liijvchology Chicago, Illinois Cheryl Lee Hansen Buller Piano Chicago. Illinois James Carl Biddle .lean Ann Biechner Economics Biology Chicago, Illinois Chicago, Illinois Robert Boncy Chicago, Illinois Sandra Lee Boerema Nursing Chicago, Illinois Ann C. Burns Chicago, Illinois Kathryn Sue Burns Social Science Divisional New Bethlehem, Pennsylvania Juliana Elizabeth Bjorklund English Chicago, Illinois Linda Ann Branch Psychology Hopkins Park, Illinois Beverly Burton Nursing Chicago, Illinois 152 Richard E. Campbell Evanston, Illinois Nadeen Marie Carr Physical Education Chicago, Illinois James F. Christopher Mathematics Falun, Kansas Ardyth Kristin Carlson Carolyn Carlson Tommy Gunnar Carlson A rt Nursing History Hudson, Ohio Snyder, New York Chicago, Illinois Rebecca Jane Cederleat' Margaret Ann Cederborg Calhy Childll An Social Studies Urban Studies Rochester, Minnesota Oakland, California Villil Park. lllil1OiS Lynn Karen Cilln Jeanette Coclanis Mary Coclanis A rt E rz glish English Chicago, Illinois Chicago, Illinois Chicago, Illinois Kenneth Alan Colwell History Galesburg, Illinois Lois Marie Danielson Nursing Omaha, Nebraska Susan Marie Conrad Judith Evelyn Cowan Karen Joyce Dallman Pslvclzology French Psychology Chicago. Illinois Natick, Massachusetts Chicag0, l1liI10iS Scott Jeffery Davidson Patricia Ann Decker Catherine Ann DeSota Plz ilosophy Music A fl Chicago, Illinois Chicago, Illinois Chicago, Illinois T 'i Dan John Detloh' Glenn Ernest DiLorenzo David W. Drevits Kathlynn Louise Drimalla Music Educalion MGIl18lHHflC.Y ana' Psychology Psychology Nursing Chicago, Illinois Chicago, Illinois Chicago, Illinois Glenview, Illinois M Laurie Jean Drummond Zulette G. Edwards Jerome Bernard Eisen Margaret May Eklund Nursing Biology History Social Studies Wilmette, Illinois Chicago, Illinois Evanston, Illinois Staples, Minnesota Jon Engebretson Dean Curtis Erickson James Elred Erickson Paul Douglas Erickson Chicago, Illinois PoIi1icaISience Biology Marhemurics Chicago, Illinois Chicago, Illinois Birmingham, Michigan I. I 1 V l Kenneth G. Ericsson Bruce Robert Erling Steven William Eschenbach AfI10ld F- Fear!! 154 Economics Economics Psychology Economics Chicago, Illinois Chicago, Illinois Chicago, Illinois Niles, Illinois Nancy L. Fisch Malhcmalies Chicago, Illinois Katherine Josephine French Nursing Chicago, Illinois 4 JI, Janice Carol Geyer Nursing Arlington Heights, Illinois Marilyn Christine Fogel Art Wilmette, Illinois Timothy David Fretheim English Bloomington. Minnesota Richard Gfrorer Economics Chicago, Illinois l' ,Ing ff ' , , I till . J ll i 1 I I 41 ply, QL, f Carol Joyce Fox Pqvchologv Chicago. Illinois Karen Louise Gammelgard Nursing Carmichael, California Thomas James Gillespie Economics Des Plaines, Illinois I 5 Linda Arnette Freeman Nursing Red Oak, Iowa Linda Lois George Nursing Chicago, Illinois Julie Louise Glick Nursing Chicago, Illinois Gregory Robert Gordon Economics Hoffman Estates, Illinois Glenn David Gustafson Economics Chicago, Illinois Elaine Joyce Hange English Chicago, Illinois William Graham Physical Education Engligh Engliyh Libertyville, Illinois Debra Susanne Groh Carol Jean Gustafson Chicago, Illinois Chicago, Illinois Deborah Haak Timothy Daniel Gustafson Philosophy Urban Studies Chicago, Illinois Rebecca Hugberg Chicago. Illinois l Kenneth Hansen Douglas Frank Harrison, Jr. Linda Elaine Hall Harrison English Medical Technology Chicago, Illinois Chicago. Illinois David Huwkinson Greek and Ilislury Chicago, Illinois Art Hcnrsel Economics and German Lake Forest, Illinois Neil William Hogluncl Biology Lombard, Illinois Judith Elizabeth Hawkinson Urban Sludies Galesburg. Illinois l P-'fi lr-ff" L -' al 111 'WMM lffli .1"'v-'."f . v 21' . Louise Hill Music Education Leominisler, Massachusetts Gary George I-Iorval Speech-Drama Niles, Illinois Thomas Robert I-Ieilig Physical Educaiion Chicago, Illinois Steven Jerome Hippler U Psychology Chicago, Illinois Michelle Hoskins Chicago. Illinois Nancy Norbury Heintzelm Physical Education Chicago, Illinois all Christine D. Hoffman English Chicago, Illinois Robert Bruce Hubbard Psychology Chicago, Illinois Delores Jean Humphrey Psychology English Chicago, Illinois D. Scott Hutchins Arlington Heights. Illinois Barry Isaacson Jane Cochran Jacobson Psychology Nursing Skokie, Illinois Chicago, Illinois Eddie Ann JelTerson Patricia Ann Jensen English Hisiorjy Chicago, Illinois Chicago, Illinois E Paul Eugene Hymes Psychology Hinsdale, Illinois Richard A. Infusino Physical Education Norridge, Illinois Robert James Chicago, Illinois Roy Joseph Jacobson Psychology Chicago Heights, Illinois James Gary Johnson John David Johnson Economics Psychology Emerson, Iowa Seminole, Florida Kenton William Johnson Mark Alan Johnson Russell William Johnson Helmut judl Biology Economics Physical Educalion Chemistry ChiC1ig0, Illinois ChiCf1g0. Illinois Chicago, Illinois Chicago, Illinois l ' l 'i l Bruce Edward Kaulas John Michael Keenan Jerome John Kehoe Janice Keith Economics Economics Economics French and Spanish Chicago, Illinois Chicago, Illinois Chicago. Illinois Chicago, Illinois Karl Norman Klockers John Peter Koob III Joseph Lamm Candace Elise Larsen Philosophy Economics and Speech Urban Sludies English Glen Ellyn, Illinois Chicago, Illinois Homewood, Illinois Park Ridge, Illinois Arthur M. Lartz Economics Chicago, Illinois ,V V. , . A --V4 I l- 'ip 2 " 4 -',1 lif l lg. QQ , 1 Sally Ann Liljegren English Phoenix, Arizona Donald R. Lofgren 1 Music 60 Chicago, Illinois 0 Dorothy Blanche Lawson Speech-Drama Chicago, Illinois Judith Ann Lindlay English Chicago. Illinois Barbara Tell Lumpkin Biology Chicago, Illinois Priscilla Adrienne Lester Nursing Wheaton. Illinois Craig Parker Lindley Music Education Chicago, Illinois Susan Mandell Chicago, Illinois Allen V. Lewandowski Economics Skokie, Illinois Julia Ruth Lindstrom Nunring Merrill, Wisconsin Thomas Edward Marquardt Urban Studies Chicago, Illinois Edith Marsal Chicago, Illinois Judith McConnaughay Nursing Batavia, Illinois Thomas E. Marshall II Psychology and Speech Chicago, Illinois Lee Rollin Marsh Economics Des Plaines, Illinois Michael McNutt Bernard Lee McShan Psychology Urban Sludies Chicago, Illinois Chicago, Illinois Drama Joseph Albert Miller Paul Clifford Miller Thomas Dean Mitchell English History Economics Chicago, Illinois Mt. Prospect. Illinois Cl'liCag0. Illinois Linda Matthesius Chicago, Illinois Kristine Alice Metcalf Philosophy Chicago, Illinois Sylviann Storm Moisoli' Nursing Chicago, Illinois J. I I Deborah-Louise Morton Linda Mary Nelson Rebecca Louise Nelson Allan Morgan Nielson, Jr Chemistry English Music Education English Park Ridge, Illinois Chicago, Illinois Chicago, Illinois Chicago, Illinois William George Nimsgren Linda M. Nix Jeanette Marie Nygren Stephen Edward Nyquist History English Psychology Malhemalics Waukegan, IlliI10iS Skokie, Illinois Kansas City, Missouri Northbrook, Illinois N , ,ix Cynthia Louise Olson Paul Edward Olson William Russell Ondratschek Carol J. Ozick Music Philosophy English Music Education Jamestown, New York Rep. of Congo, Africa Norridge, Illinois Franklin Park, Illinois Gordon, Enoch Peterson John Edward Peterson Judith Ann Peterson Social Sttuliar History Mathematics Chicago, Illinois Omaha, Nebraska Rockford, Illinois Russell Stephen Peterson Gary William Petrie .lo Ann Petty Economics Psychology and Economics Social Studies Glenview, Illinois Park Ridge, Illinois DCS Plail1CS. Illinois Diane Stephany Pienkos Nancy Linn Pierson Susan Helen Reinisch Economics' Nursing Economics Harwood Heights, Illinois Warren, Pennsylvania Chicago. Illinois Randi Darlene Peterson History Omaha, Nebraska Jeanette Phillipuk Voice Hawthorne, New Jersey Barbara Fasting Rickman Biology Evanston, Illinois Elaine Jean Rohrbagher John Erick Roos Kathryn Louise Ross Nancy Marie Ross Biolggy Political Science Nursing Naiural Science Chicago, Illinois Bowie, Maryland Salina. Kansas Chicago, Illinois Linda Ruben Skokie, Illinois it Il Paulette Charlene Ruwe Mathematics Rolling Meadows, Illinois Bruce Warren Runniledt V Violet Ann Runnhedl Jack Russo Social Studies Social Sludies Chicago, Illinois Chicago, Illinois Chicago. Illinois Keith John Sabino David Duane Sandberg Sam Jo Sfindflulsl Economics Philosophy Ufbfm Smdies Park Ridge, Illingig Chicago, Illinois Springfield, Massachusetts Kathleen Alice Satterberg Ar! Chicago, Illinois Arthur Herman Schug, Jr. Economics Chicago, Illinois Thomas William Sievers History Morton Grove, Illinois Martha Kristine Schioler Mathematics and Art Chicago, Illinois Linda Sue Selje English Niles, Illinois lv Sandra LaVerne Smith Ar! Little Rock, Arkansas l Kathleen Jean Schlauch English Skokie. Illinois Linda Charlene Shelton Nursing Chicago, Illinois Marlene Jane Soderstrom Ari Oak Lawn, Illinois Laurel Dunlop Schuessler History Chicago, Illinois Harold Orval Sibley Economics Chicago, Illinois Susan Emily Sponberg A rr Glenview, Illinois Brent Dennis Stake Richard Douglas Steele Mdlh6mHIlC.Y Economics Chicago. Illinois Chicago, Illinois Kathryn Elizabeth Sundstrom Daniel Riley Sutphen Psychology and English Natural Science Duluth, Minnesota Chicago, Illinois Kari E. Swanson Bruce Joseph Swantek Urban Studies Natural Science Jamestown, New York Skokie, Illinois Paulette Elizabeth Stoesser Psychology Social Studies Chicago, Illinois Ingrid R. Strand Shrewsbury, Massachusetts David l. Svendsen Dale Ernest Swanson Economics History Evanston, Illinois South Bend, Indiana John Charles Swenson Stanley Tarala Arr Norridge, Illinois Chicago, Illinois Valerie Taralu Linda Marie Tennyson A fl Nursing Norridge, Illinois Rockford, Illinois Donna M. Tortorici Christina Esther Thorin Music Eduvalion liismrt' Birmingham. Michigan Purchase. New York Claris J. Udd Philip E. Valentino Economics' and P.vycl10Iogy Economics Omaha, Nebraska Rolling Meadows, Illinois James Theorell Randell Kent Thomas Music :Q German Physical Educalion Chicago, Illinois Phoenix, Arizona li Thomas Norman Tuck Joan C. Tungseth Hisiory Nursing Chicago, Illinois Chicago, Illinois Eugene Paul Vander Bosch John Vitols Music Education ' Polilical Science Park Ridge, Illinois Norridge, Illinois John George Vosnos English Dea Plaines, Illinois Doris Esther Whipple Nalural Science Chicago, Illinois Renelle Signe Winstedt English Grand Rapids, Michigan Gayle Ruth Wahlin Kent Bradley Wennerstrom Joan MajBritt Wessman Social Science Divisional Histoly Music Educalion Chicago. Illinois Minneapolis, Minnesota Chicago, Illinois Katherine Marie Wick Janet Eleanor Wilke Kenneth Wayne Winiarski Biology Physical Education English Chicago, Illinois Chicago, Illinois Park Ridge. Illinois Louann Eith Wirgau Nursing Chicago, Illinois Craig Bennett Wright Michael Robert Zaeske Economics Nalurul Science Hinsdale, Illinois Deerfield, Illinois yfcers: resident ice President reasurer ecording Secretary orresponding Secretary enators: residing Officer lass of 1971 Class of 1972 Class of 1973 Class of 1974 Faculty Advisor: Commission Chairmen: Academic Affairs Athletic Events: Campus Center: Pine Arts: International Relations: Publications and Communications PERTINENT INFORMATION STUDENT ASSOCIATION Larry Anderson Jim Theorell Jim Christopher Donna Anduri Carol Kovalik Jim Widboom Linda Branch Dean Erickson Judy Hawkinson Mike McNutt Jim Ahlberg Marvin Curtis Liz Nelson Jim Widboom Donn Engebretson Paul Hedberg George Johnson Mary Johnson Jon Ahlberg Rosie Olsen Tom Bagley Calvin Katter Paul Lindman Jim Widboom Melody Skalla Ted Erickson Gary Horvat John Peterson Jim Ahlberg John Hunt Religious Life: Social Events: Social Services: Class Presidents: Class of 1971 Class of 1972 Class of 1973 Class of 1974 Tim Fretheim Marvin Curtis Carol Anderson Sara Sandquist Kathy Satterberg Doug Nelson Pete Heintzelman David Danielson STUDENT PUBLICATIONS The College News Editors: Business Manager: Cupola Editors: Business Manager: Pegasus Editor: John Hunt Al Mueller Mark Johnson Cathy Chada Marlene Poderstrom Mark Johnson Ardyth Carlson 169 A new President and other new faces the old familiar faces do not fold, spindle, or mutilate the following pictures they represent an important part of 1971. yi-II-D041 ADMINISTRATION Michael A. Halleen College Chaplain Lloyd H. Ahlem, President I in Q, If Arlene E. Peters Dean of Women Carroll J. Peterson Dean of Students paul J. Larson C. Hobart Edgren Assisianl Dean of the College Dean vf 'he College 5... an - ii 3 , if-1 V Mil.. r , A ' .-7 in , It vi I lf? Q wif . E.. Lundcen of Admissions Dwight L. Johnson Assistant to the Comptroller Oscar Olson Associate Dean of Students Jerome Johnson Director of Financial Operations Bertil W. Swanson Associate Dir. of Development Melvin Soderstrom Dir. of Placement :Q Director of Financial Aid 173 174 Betty Jane Highfield Kenneth L. Safstrom College Librarian Coordinator of Dep. ii Sp. Serv. t,. t t ' 'il E14 avi' I " , SL . , ,- -,ij flt JW' i - jtrtftjl V NC! , . L , Theodore E. Johnson Comptroller Reynold Vzmn Dir. ofRecor1ls, Data Procesfing R.. Philip Liljengren Coordinator of Sandra Wm Press Relations Coordinator of Publications L Louis Person Field Representative LeRoy M. Johnson Direclor qf Development Theodore Johnson Direcmr, Counseling di Testing Serv Arthur J. Connor Director of Physical Plan! FACULTY Lois B. Brown Lee F. Sundholm Associale Prqfessor, Ar! Assislant Prqfessor, Economics Theodore S- Frarw J. William Fredrickson Associule Professor, Arr Chairman Social Science Divirion Prqkssor. Eczmomicx N eal Murray Albert J. Escher Assisrant Prokssor, Ar! Associale Prqfessor, Economics X ,,7 i , x i i Y I X ,At ' i 1 ' I xl. - . ' ii . ' V 5 . A , ,, Y . ,, H Alice Iverson Patrick McCray John K. Baumgart Prqfessor Mathematics Inslrucmr, Mathematics Professor Malhematics .,..w u-ww LL Sm Craig Stewart Margaret V, Peterson Assislant Prokssor, Speech-Drama Associate Professor, Speech-Drama William Gourley Ronald Rio John Lliasik Richard Mahoneb' Assislanl Professor Instructor Instructor 1nSU'l4Cf0f Phvsical Educafion Physical Education Physical Educaiion Physlffll EduCUU0" Susan See,-nan Inez Olander Instructor Assislanl Professor Physical Educaiion Pl'.Y-Vim! Edufalloff 1 i rl :vw n Barbara Jones Assistant Professor Nursing Nursing Hannah Plaul Assistant Profkssor .4-A . ku- Delorcs Johnson .Ioan Zetterlund A ssociale Prqkssor I nstructor Nursing Nursing Darline Wilke Assistant Professor Nursing Edith Ho gel Assistant Professor Nursing I-T1 i 4 M .P Jean M. Driscoll Robert O. Byrd Projcssor Professor Political Science Political Science ll I l 1 A I l ,i lv i l . I ' l . I V 'l 1 I l Zenos Hawkinson Charles Wiberg Vernon Wetterslen pmfesso, Aggocime Profeysor Assistanl Professor History HiS10fy Hfsfvcv l 1, :'l"'l" C I, P 4' Joanne Elliott Assislant Professor Psychology iff ,ij . Ml: " Ri-'i 1" Elmer H. Os! .q N Ruth M. Tinzmann A ssistani Professor Psychology J. Melburn Soncson Professor Philosophy dl Religion Prokssor Clhflhlldll Educ anon Paul Sebcstyen AS.S'f.S'fHl1I Professor Elder M. Lindahl Professor Philosophy d Religion Philosophy LQ Religion Calvin Kaltef Associate Professor Religion 4.5 I . 'A' In 17.123 .::,,. 4. 5 , w, nr, I " . T' 'I 4' . tg .g..:: f"71.rf' A 7 - " 11 iff. ' :ini Leona Mirza Instructor Education Harold A. Anderson Visiting Professor Education Quentin D. Nelson Director of Teaching Education Education I Rgbefl Bugh GOFCIOH Noble Inyfrucmr Assistant Professor Ph ys ig 5 Physics N . N K, Q H. Liland Horton Jr Assistant Professor Chemistry Frank E. DeBoer Associate Projbssor Chemistry l M Robert C. Stone Clmirman, Div, rgfLunguage fi Lil. Pr'Qf2'.rso1', Ifnglixh ' l. Clarence Poslmus Marion Olson Assistant Pl'Qf0.S'.YOI' Associate Prqfessor Cl1en1i.v!U' English wr , All .loycc S. Beck Gladys N. Larson Michael 0- HOUIHHHD lnslruclor Lecturer A-VSiSfHf1! Pf0feS50I' English English English Ralph Lowell Professor Biology ul Alfred T. Johnson Assistant Professor Biology Robert M. Tofte E. James Kennedy Associate Professor Prqfbgygr Biology Bfgfggy Alex S, Barlha Deane A. Carlborg Associate Professor A-YSUYUH1 PVQF?-YSOV Bfgfggy Biology Vukosava Mandic Assistant Professor French X J g I'- 4 Clara Chen Assistant Projessor Chinese v i Kerstin Sundelof' 'N' Visiting Assistartt Prokssor Swedish i IAA vt Dwam E. Dedrick Professor Spanish if H ans-Joachim Mollenhauer A ssistant Professor German Rochelle E, Keltz L. Roger Boncy Gertruda Zemlis Visiting Assistant Prqfeyggr Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Spanish French. Latin German David L. Thorburn Associate Professor Music Monroe Olson Lee Burswold Associate Professor Associate Professor Music M ltsic' Herbert Pankratz Harriet Szengl Chairman. Teacher Div. of Fine Arts Music Professor, Music Eva Harper Teacher Music Gregory S. Athnos Assistant Professor Music Harold Reever Professor-Emeri tus Music l Fern Swanson Vivadellc Odell Ivar Wislrom Secreragv to the Presidenl Secrerarjy, Dean Qf Sludenls Engineer I Alice Sherwood Albro Gregory Marilyn Swanson Calaloging L1'l11'arial1 Direcior qf Instructional Medias Cataloger di Periodicals Librarian f' Vivian Nelson Nurse Heallh Service Jennie Nurse Health C B PTEO 4' l TZBUE ornate Erickson Helen Johnson Belly Nelson Nurse A .ysisranl Direclor Service Health Service A llmissions Qmce lfffw- ,,- Virginia Groth Direclor F ood Services BOARD OF DIRECTORS People, Places and Things . . . for the "mistake, fault, blunder, oversight, misprint, slip, blot, flaw, trip, stumble, bungleg clerical errorg bull, etc. Cabsur- dityY' Rogetlv Thesaurus. The Confession: There is only one ad in this book due to circumstances beyond our control. I F WITH TED AND THE BARBERS OSCar 015011 Louis Person Kenneth Safstrom Congratulations and Best Wishes for a happy retirement. w x And herr-r-r-r-re it is ..... our only Ad AT SWEDISH COVENANT HOSPITAL STUDENT NURSES FROM NORTH PARK COLLEGE RECEIVE PART OF THEIR CLINICAL TRAINING Photo by Morton Blatt A Ackert, Kenneth 148 Adenwala, Drupad 148 Ahlberg, James 90, 91, 118, Ahlberg, Jonathan 91 Ahlberg, Mary 148 Almquist, Karen 143 Almquist, L. Alden 148 Ambler, Jane 148 Amirault, Harold 148 Amstutz, Carol 148 Anderson, Anderson, Anderson, Anderson, Anderson, Anderson, Anderson, Anderson Anderson, Anderson, Anderson Anderson, 1 1 Alan 117 Anita 111, 148 Ann Elaine 96, 118 Calvin 116 Carol Alice 26, 90, Carol Lynn 149 Chris E. 104,149 David 125 Diann N. 149 Elrene 96, 108. 118 Gordon 149 Janice 1 17 Anderson, Joseph 138 Anderson, Anderson Anderson, Anderson Anderson, Anderson, Anderson, Anderson, 198 s a Karen Elise 149 Karen E. 125 Kathleen 122 Lawrence 90,149 Linda 149 Lynne 116 Marcia 98, 125 Michael 72, 136 145 93, 148 Anderson, Nancy 133 Anderson, Patricia 143 Anderson, Paul 149 Anderson Ralph 98, 104, 149 Anderson Anderson Anderson Robert 78 Sandra 149 , Susan 122 Andrews, James 149 Anduri, Donna 90, 149 Anduri, John 118 Appel, Kristine 150 Araman, Christine 96 Arling, Cindy 118 Arndt, Philip 150 Aronson, Paul 121 Atols, James 150 Aulie, Helen 150 Avramovich, Michael 101, 125 B Bagley, Tom 66, 91 Bagnowski, George 66 Bair, Susan 150 Balch, Candida 134 Baldwin, Glenn 101, 143 Baltic, Scott 119 Barth, Philip 96, 141 Batdorf, Randi 125, 150 Battlaini, Sherry 150 Behnke, Glenn 150 Behrens, Alfred 97 Bell, Carmella 92 Bell, Joe 66 Bell, Margaret 141 Bengtson, James 120 Bengtson, Jean 105, 150 Bengtson, Mark 119 Bengtson, Rosalie 150 Bengtson, Susan 125 Bengtson, Ted 117 Benson, Tim 141 Berger, Marcus 97 Bergman, Linda 150 Bergman, Paul 150 Bergquist, Betty 151 Bergquist, Linda Bethel, Wanda 92, 129 Biddle, James 151 Biechner, Jean 151 Billings. Ruth 97 Bjorklund, Juliana 151 Bjorklund, Sally 127 Bjorkman, Alan 78, 146 Black, Christine 122 Bleeker, Robert 151 Blomgren, Joan 121 Bloom, 1. Elaine 146 Bloomquist, Randy 66, 135 Blumcnshine, Joann 121 Boerema, Sandra 151 Boghosian, Raphael 135 Boncy, Robert 151 Branch, Linda 91, 151 Bresing, Margaret 125 Bristol, Martha 146 Brostrom, Leslie 93 Bryant, Janice 133 Bugsch, Anita 120 Buller, Cheryl 151 Bullerman, Patricia 125 Burns, Ann 93, 151 Burns, Kathryn 151 Burton, Beverly 92, 151 Campbell, John 152 Carlson, Ardyth 98, 104, 152 Chafiin, Mark 96, 116 Cherry, Gregory 146 Choma, Carole 131 Christensen, Harry 97, 114 Christensen, Janet 98, 115 Christenson, Jon 72, 96, 117 Chirstofferson, Dennis 122 Christopher, James 72, 90, 96, Christopher, Mama 95, 97, 122 Ciampa. Barbara 95, 125 Cillo, Lynne 152 Clune, Judith 98 Coclanis, Jeanette 152 Carlson, Beverly 141 Carlson, Carolyn 152 Carlson Dale 98, 125 Carlson, Judy 98, 99 Carlson Linda 95 Carlson Mark 98, 125 Carlson Nancy 96. 115 Carlson, Paul 141 Carlson, Tommy 152 Carlson, Twyla 94, 120 Carlstrom, Barbara 141 Carr, Nadeen 93, 152 Carr, Steven 101, 121 Casseday, Mary 119 Cathers, Pat 141 Cederleaf, Rebecca 152 Cederborg, Margaret 152 Cerese, Steven 66, 77 Chada, Cathy Sue 88, 151 Coclanis, Mary 152 Colwell, Kenneth 153 Conners, Alice 96, 122 Conrad, Susan 153 Cooper, Jon 66 Corbett, Susan 153 Cowan, Judith 153 Craig, Robert 66, 96, 101, 119 Currie, Deborah 140 Curtis, Marvin 91, 98 Curtiss, Lois 134 Cusimano, Stephen 66 Czarnicki, Timothy 126 D Dahlstrom, Roslyn 125 Dallman, Karen 153 Danielson, David 121 Danielson, Lois 153 1 Davidsen, Scott 153 Davis, Bob 77, 81, 92, 125 Decker, Patricia 97, 153 Demes, Robert 66, 121 DeSota, Catherine 153 Determan, Becky 98, 122 Detloff, Dan 97, 153 DiLorenzo, Glenn 153 DiPrima, Charles 66 Djurickovic, Bosko 72 Douglass, Daniel 114 Drevits, David 153 Drimalla, Jan 122 Drimalla, Kathy 153 Drummond, Kathleen 130 Drummond, Laurie 154 DuBose, Cornelius 66, 81 Duerre, Meredith 94, 134 Duesenberg, Gary 66, 119 Dunavan, Ray 130 Dunavan, Roy 130 Dwight, David 130 Dwight, Stephen 115 E Ebel, Stephen 77 Edgren, Alan 130 Edmondson, Karen 140 Edwards, Zulette 154 Egebrecht, Linda 134 Eisen, Jermone 154 Ekberg, Joanne 122 Eklund. Margaret 94, 154 Gustavson, Timothy 156 Elde, Susan 96, 130 Emrich, Richard 81 Engebretson, Jon 154 Englund, Erickson Erickson Erickson, Erickson, Erickson Erickson Elizabeth 122 Bonnie 144 Corliss 118 Dean 91, 98, 154 James 98, 99, 154 Kirsten 98. 99, 130 Paul 97, 98, 154 Ericson, Theodore 98, 104, 146 Ericsson, Kenneth 154 Erling, Bruce 154 Eschenbach, Steven 154 F Faber, Margaret 119 Fabrizie, Robert 119 Fassel, William 66, 118 Fearn, Arnold 154 Fisch, Nancy 155 Fizera, Nancy 119 Flatley, James 78, 101 Fogel, Marilynn 97, 98, 155 Fondell, Kathryn 96, 121 Fornoff, James 66 Forsgren, Donna 121 Forsman, W. Eric 132 Foss, Karin 119 Foss, Lawrence 98, 129 Foster, Jacqueline 96, 115 Fox, Carol 155 200 Franck, David 133 Fraser, Ralph 139 Freeman, Linda 155 French, Kathy 155 French, Robin 96, 114 Fretheim, Timothy 155 G Gaier, Lola 97, 133 Gammelgard, Karen 155 Gast, Debbie 121 Gavard, Geraldine 96, 130 Geist, Robert 72 George, Linda 155 Geyer, Janice 155 Gfrorer, Richard 155 Gibbs, Barbara 114 Giertz, Barbara 86 Gillespie, Thomas 155 Gilliford, Lynette 122 Glick, Julie 155 Glinert, Karen 130 Goering, Glenn 117 Gonzalez, Maria 127 Gooris, David 66 Goranson, Beth 130 Goranson, Susan 96, 117 Gordon, Gregory 156 Gotches, Roberta 118 Graham Janice 130 , Graham, William 156 Grantz, Theodore 72 Green, Linda 139 Grier, Jean 132 Grimes, Paul 77 Groh. Debra 156 Gronwall, Patricia 98 Gross, Robert 66 Gustafson, Carol 156 Gustafson, Glenn 98, 104, 156 Gustafson, Keith 97, 116 Gustavson. Marilyn 93, 94 H Hakk, Deborah 156 Hagberg, Rebecca 156 Hagluncl, Dianne 126 Hakanson, Philip 94, 142 Hakey, Patricia 144 Hamill, Thomas 66 Hanell, Caryn 95, 121 Hange. Elaine 156 Hansen, Roy 97 Hanson, Gayle 118 Hardy, Nora 120 Harper, Donald 81 Harris. Kathleen 120 Harrison, Douglas 156 Harrison, Linda 156 Hauge, Elaine 156 Hauge, Karen 146 Hawkinson, David 157 Hawkinson, Judith 91, 157 Hedlund, Janet 126 Hested, Lynn 118 Heerema, Michele 98, 99, 126 Hegg, James 126 Heilig, Thomas 77, 157 Hein, Anne 126 Heintzelman, Nancy 157 Heintzelman, Peter 66. 126 Helwig, Cynthia 117 Hendricks, Marilyn 130 Hendrickson, Virginia 143 Hendrix, Jean 121 Hensel, Art 157 Herwig, Leslie 98. 135 Hill, Louise 98, 157 Hippler, Steven 157 Hjelm, James 78, 126 Hjelmberg, Luarel 89. 135 Hodges, Robert 66 Hof1'man, Christine 157 Hoglund, Neil 157 Holmlund. John 135 Hoogakker, John 98 Hopkins, Janice 138 Horvat, Gary 157 1-Ioskins, Michelle 157 Hubbard, Robert 157 Hulstedt, Lynn 147 Humphrey. Delores 158 Hunt, John 90, 100, 138 Hunt, Mark 137 Hutchins, D. Scott 158 Hwalisz, Christine 138 Hymes, Paul 158 Hymes, Suzanne 95, 126 I lnfusino, Richard 158 lssacson, Barry 158 J Jacobs, David 96, 121 Jacobs, Frances 97 Jacobson, Carol 114 Jacobson, Elaine 115 Jacobson, Jane 158 Jacobson, Roy 158 James, Robert 158 Janson, Nancy 98, 138 Jefferson, Eddie 92, 159 Jensen, Patricia 158 Jensen, Paul 66, 72, 94, 138 Jingst, Allen 144 Johanson, Bonnie 94, 145 Johanson, Stephen 66 Johnson Mark S.. 126 Johnson, Mary 91, 95, 126 Johnson, Neil 126 Johnson Pamela 95, 126 Johnson, Patricia 94, 98, 137 Johnson, Roger 96, 117 Johnson, Russell 159 Johnson, Ruth 129 Johnson, Vickie 117 Johnson, Burton Paul 15 Johnson, Darryl 97, 101, 117 Johnson, Denise 96, 122 Johnson, Douglas 96, 98 Johnson George 91, 98 Johnson James 104, 158 Johnson Jennie 143 Johnson, John 158 Johnson Karen 116 Johnson, Johnson Johnson Johnson Kenton 98, 159 Kristine 96, 122 Linda 97, 114 Mark A. 88, 159 Johnston, Ruth 97, 126 Jones, Glenn 72 Judt, Helmut 159 K Kamikawa, John 78, 122 Kaschel, Lynn 116 Kaulas, Bruce 159 Kawamoto, Lynne 93 Kay, George 66 Kearn, Judy 122 Keenan, John 159 Kehoe, Jermone 159 Keith, Janice 159 Keith, Larry 66, 81 Kempe, Jon 117 Kempinski, Michael 66 Kennedy, Sharon 126 Killian, William 72 Kin, To-Eng 119 King, Harvey 66, 81, 127 Klockers, Karl 159 Klymke, Irene 122 Kondos, George 122 Kondos, Peter 122 Koob, John 104, 159 Kora, Edward 66 Kovalik, Carol 90, 94, 137 Kronberg, Joyce 97, 98. 137 Krupa, Linda 147 Krutsinger, Donald 132 Kubitz, LuAnn 96 Kyrylin, William 122 L LaFon, Patricia 117 Lalowski, Daniel 66 Lamb, Linda 97, 122 Lamm, Joseph 159 Landin, Wendell 98, 145 Lanquist, Julie 118 Langenberg, Candice 97, Larsen, Larsen, Larson, Larson, Larson, Larson, Larson, Larson, Candice 159 Marcia 128 Janice 128 Judy Ann 96, 97 Kenneth 128 Nancy 98, 128 Nancy K. 96, 97 Wallace 128 Lartz, Arthur 104, 160 Lawson, Ann 116 Lawson, Bruce 98 Lawson, Dorothy 160 Lester, Priscilla 160 Devin, Susan 128, 97 Lewandowski, A1 160 202 , 128 Liese, Herbert 118 Liljegren, John 66, 118 Liledahl, Mark 127 Liljegren, Sally 160 Limper, Susan 98, 99 Lindahl, Kristine 132 Lindahl, Marilyn 124 Lindsay, Judy 160 Lindberg, Susan 144 Lindholm, Gregory 124 Lindley, Craig 97, 98, 160 Lindman, Paul 94, 145 Lindstrom, Julie 160 Linke, Laurie 143 Little, Daniel 104 Llanes, Christobalina 119 Lofgren, Donald 98, 160 Lofgren, Marilynn 142 Lorenson, Keith 122 Louvaris, Basil 115 Lowery, Maurice 92, 122 Lucas, Jane 144 Luce, Gregory 66, 124 Lumpkin, Barbara 160 Lumpkin, H. Garren 66 Lund, Kenneth 116 Lundell, Elizabeth 124 Lundgren, Nancy 124 Lynch, Linda 93, 144 M Macuda, Walter 101, 124 Magnuson, Janice 121 Majercik, Stephen Malave, Angel 66, 81, 124 Maloney, John 66. 119 Maloy, Kim 116 Mandell, Sue Marcuson, Gary 124 Marquardt, Thomas 98, 160 Marsal, Edith 161 Marsh, Lee 161 Marshall, Thomas 161 Martin, Robert 96, 114 Martin, Werner 66 Marton, Cheryl 144 Mason, Sharon 124 Matson, Bryan 119 Matthesius, Linda 161 McAdams, Beverly 146 McCaleb, Peggy 89 McConnaughay, Judith 161 McConnaughay, Laura 96, 119 McDonald, Keith 72 McNutt, Michael 161 McShan, Bernard 161 Merlich, Ruth Ann 97, 124 Menisk, Fred 66, 122 Messina, John 66 Metcalf, De Forest 137 Metcalf, Kristine 161 Metzger, Nancy 122 Meyers, Chris 147 Miller, Debra 95 Miller, Joseph 161 Miller, Paul 161 Miller, Terri 122 Mitchell, Dean 161, 104, 72 Mitchell, William 66, 115. 122 Moberg, Dennis 114 Moe, Mary Jane 146 Moeck, Steven 96, 97, 124 Moisoll, Stlviann 161 Moon, Dennis 98 Mooney, Linda 95, 124 Morton, Deborah 162 Mueller, Alan 66, 77, 147, 108 Murray, Richard 120 N Nader, Emily 147 Nelson, Carolyn 96, 119 Nelson, Douglas 96, 122 Nelson, Douglas C. 140 Nelson, Elizabeth 91, 93, 135 Nelson, Harold 122 Nelson, Joyce M. 98 Nelson, Linda J. 162 Nelson, Lowell 124 Nelson, Rebecca 97, 98, 162 Nelson, Timothy 122 Ness, Kristine 122 Newcombe, Mary 98 Newman. Bruce 124 Nielson, Allan 162 Nimsgren, William 162 Nordin, Julie 132 Nordstrom, Kathleen 122 Noren, Janice 115 Norris, James 124 Northfell, Thomas 66 Nugent, Gregory 66 Nygren, Jeanette 162 Nyquist, Stephen 162 Nystrom, Joyce 98, 135 O Oberg, Cathryne 147 Oberg, James 119 Ocheltree, Charles 124 Ocheltree, Clifford 77 Odell, Daniel 97 Olson, Beth 97 Olson, Charles 118 Olson, Cynthia 162 Olson, Harvey 98, 140 Olson, Jo Ann 96, 119 Olson, John 135 Olson, Kurt 124 Olson, Lauren 98, 139 Olson, Paul 162 Olson, Rosie 89, 91, 98 Olsson, Sarah 89, 139 Oudratsckek, William 162 Ost, Shirley 132 Ostergren, Sharon 98, 135 Ozick, Carol 98, 162 P Palmer, Cheryl 142 Palmer, Larry 122 Palmer, Robert 115 Pappas, Drew 81, 139 Parenti, Stephen 140 Patterson, Rebecca 96 Paul, Mayta 119 Paulson, Timothy 78, 132 Pearson, David 96, 117 Pearson, Judith 96 Peck, Jene 140 Peters, Gary 77 Peterson, Carol 132 Peterson, Charles 97, 132 Peterson, Deborah 95, 132 Peterson, Gordon 163 Peterson, James 78, 94, 139 Peterson, John 90, 98, 163 Peterson, Judy 163 Peterson, MarShe11e 115 Peterson, Martha 132 Peterson, Pamela 118 Peterson, Randi 163 Peterson, Ray 163 Petrie, Gary 104, 163 Petters, Martha 97 Pettus, Sarah 136 Petty, Jo Ann 163 Pfeilfer, Susan 120 Phillips, Barbara 132 Phillipuk, Jeanette 99, 163 Pienkos, Diane 104, 163 Pierson, Judy 121 Pierson, Nancy 163 Podkowa, Raymond 72, 81 Pomaro, Colleen 142 Post, Pamela 94, 140 Post, Paul 66, 114 Procopie, Liane 115 Profit, Eugene 72 Pudans, Peter 116 Pugh, Thomas 132 Punt, Marla 95, 132 R, Randall, Paula 120 Rasanen, John 132 Rask. Carolyn 88, 121 Rask, Kaye 142 Rasmussen, Marcia 144 Reed, Robert 92 Reenish, Susan 163 Riccardo, Martin 114 Rickert. Gary 132 Rickman, Barbara 163 Riggins, Patricia 132 Rigmark, Carol 101, 132 Roberts, Betty 120 Rodriguez, Ana 122 Rohrbacher, Elaine 164 Roos, John 164 Ross. Kathryn 164 Ross, Nancy 164 Ruben, Linda 164 Rudsen, Marlys 144 Runnfeldt, Bruce 78, 164 Runnfeldt, Violet 164 Russo, Jack 164 Ruwe, Pauli 89, 164 204 S Sabino, Keith 164 Sampson, Nodee 92, 93, 132 Sanchez, Valerie 89, 116 Sandberg, David 164 Sandberg, Eric 78, 126 Sandberg, Pamela 95, 143 Sandquist. Sara 26, 90, 165 Sargent, Frank 97, 98, 99 Satterberg. Kathleen 165 Schinderle, Linda 139 Schioler, Martha 93, 165 Schlauch, Kathleen 165 Schmidt. Arthur 96 Schmindt, Monika 121 Schroeder. James 66 Schuessler, 165 Schug, Arthur 104, 165 Schultz, Marilyn 119 Seebeck, Gail 98 Selje, Linda 165 Selvin, Rhonda 122 Senkoff, Nika 115 Sentill, Charles 96 Sessler, Carol 139 Sesterhenn, Carol 141 Shelton, Wanda 165 Sherman, Christine 118, 120 Sibley, Harold 98, 104, 165 Sievers, Thomas 165 Sighn, Bemard 118 Skalla, Melody 90, 144 Skogsberg, Linda 95, 93, 122 Smith, Elizabeth 98, 142 Smith, Sandra 95, 165 Smolka, John 132 Sneadson, Margery 129 Snow, John 114 Soares, Judith 132 Sobottke,Ruthann 122 Soderstrom, Marlene Jane Solie, Ellen 97, 122 Soneson, Jerry 105 Soonger, Evelyn 132 Spencer, Verdalia 122 Sponberg, Susan 105, 166 Stake, Brent 98, 166 Stasulas. Charlene 144 Steele, Richard 166 Stetz, David 118 Stoesser. Paulette 166 Storm, Charlotte 101 Story, Donald 98, 120 Stores, Lynette 132 Stradel, Christine 120 Strand, Ingrid 166 Strom, Gordon 96, 121 Stromberg, Robert 98, 118 Stromberg, Sally 142 Sundberg. Karen 95 Sundberg, Robert 119 8 Sundstrom, Kathryn 94, 116 Sustad, Mark 116 Sutphen, Daniel 66, 116 Swendson, David 166 Swanson, Arlene 131 wanson, Swanson, Swanson, Swanson Swanson Swanson Swanson Swanson Swanson, Swanson Swanson Swanson Swantik. Swenson Syperda, T Chris 96. 1 18 Dale 166 David 98, 139 James 96, 146 Kari 89, 166 Kathryn 137 Larry 71. 101. Lester 142 Paul 1 19 Richard 72 Steven 122 Susan 131 Bruce 166 John 166 Barbara 122 Tamer, Kenneth 138 Tarala, Stanley 167 Tarala, Valerie 167 Teague, Deborah 120 Templeman, Deborah 131 Tennyson, Libda 167 Tepke, Jan 131 Theorell, James 90, 167 Thomas. Thomas. Rand 167 Lois l 17 Thomasma, Mary 95, 117 Thompson, Allen 132 Thomson, Barbara 131 Thompson, Carol 97, 133 Tinzmann. James 122 Tinzmann, Nancy 146 Thorin, Christina 98. 99, 167 Tortorici, Donna 167 Tournell, Mark 134 Train, Carol 95, 131 Train, Louise 95, 131 Trautman, Tom 98. 131 Tuck, Tom 167 Tucker, Patricia 121 Tunestam, Carol 136 Tungseth, Joan 167 Tungseth. Mark 117 U Udd, Claris 94. 104, 110, 167 Ulrich, Janet 129 V Valentino, Philip 167 VanderBosch. Eugene 97, 167 Varzhabedian, Louise 134 Vasey, Mae 97, 131 Vcith, Elaine 95, 120 Vitols, John 168 Voorhies. Richard 78 Vosnos, John 168 W Wahlin, Gayle 168 Waller, Marion 93, 129 Wallin, Marilee 146 Walsh, Patricia 72 Warner, Margaret 119 Warren, Raymond 26, 96, 145 Webb, Christopher 98, 121 Webster, Mary 92, 116 Wells, David 131 Wennerstrom, Kent 98, 168 Wessman, Joni 98, 168 Westergren, Britt-Lee 131 Westerlund, Brian 138 Whipple, Doris 168 Whitaker, Lois 131 White, Deborah 131 Wick, Katherine 168 Wickstrom, Candace 129 Widboom, Jim 90, 91, 97, 9 Wilber, Jacqueline 114 Wilke, Donald 81, 119 Wilke, Janet 168 Willy, Paul 117 Winiarski, Kenneth 168 Winstedt, Renelle 168 Winters, William 136 Wirgau, Louann 168 Wolfgang, Janice 131 Wood, Linda 120 Wood, Lloyd 118 Woods, Steven 66, 147 Wright, Craig 104, 168 Yourderian, Beth 122 Z Zaccone, Paul 81 Zaeske, Michael 169 8 THANKS AL AND RALPH VAFRDE for putting up with all our female paranoia, disorganization and "last minulenessf' -.-'V gf 'if I 1'-WIA., V m.,6, nd X , , ,," f--1 ,V ,,g.Ja

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1971, pg 85

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