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Text from Pages 1 - 60 of the 1943 volume:

l 1 A PUBLISHED BY THE ASSOCIATED STU RTH Ox-ego for the year UET. 19 ON Foreword It is hoped that between the covers of the Dotter you will Fund a vivid image of the many and worth- while hours spent at Dental College. i 1 1 .1 is 'l 'lr l W ll JI i u 1 l l t i i t EDNA W RYAN DM.D. To the memory of Doctor Edna as a friend and teacher, this book is gratefully dedicated. Through her kind, dignified, and understanding associations with those about her Dr. Edna was much beloved. Her personality, friendship, and ready tolerance inspired confidence in all with whom she came in contact. In the details of her work she was a vigorous perfectionist striving always to hold her students to that same high standard. She found a constant source of happiness in .the guidance of others and in observing their development and progress. In her passing, dentistry has lost a master, her associates a true friend. 'mil and . any '- u., ., . J, ' 1 me oaoev. OF me mor SKWPER 3 X J Ii, X! L g' .Y . x 4' fr H ,ff W , Q' F QF -, M , X , y X YN L N, ,Q fm necexvmo vpomp.s1ews aououew L: Ama: Q , - ' M V i ' ,V M ' 'R ... , 5 ' V N ' ,k,,,,,n.5 . M L..i-:l,e-Gi 4 ' THEY SHOULD HAVE THEXR PANTS PRESSED FUTURE J.G.'S H, C M ILLER, D.D.S., M D FA . W CD, H. C. MWLER DR. EDW ARD B. YKERCE DR. LOUXS 1. FXTIPATERXCK MR. RALPH W. WXLBER DR. FRED E. GUUCK DR. JOSEPH A. PETXT fl f,- ,1,..vs . ff-A I, J - I' - ,I Q f E W-L if . dministmtion DR. P. E. BLICKENSTAFF, Assistant Dean l l . .--f.v.,:,,... 4 . . A, It , 1,5 Megs- . . 3 'T' A ' , Q' 4 fiuifP1?' t -'-ftt.- , . 5 . . 9 l tr- 19" f sax f 1 DR. H. C. MILLER, President Doctor Miller's Message lt should not be necessary to call attention to the fact that our flrst duty ls to win the war and bring military operations to a successful close. Those graduates not able to qualify for unlimited service for physical reasons will flnd the civilian population calling for the health service they have been preparing to render. To meet this demand the government has established an Army and Navy Specialized Training program. The purpose of the government in providing Specialized Training is first to select young men possessing the qualities and training essential to a dental student and then remove all worry and financial responsibility from them to obtain the best training available. There will be no shortening of courses or lowering of standards. Students should under- stand that the government is financing their education to prepare them as quickly and thoroughly os possible for service in our armed forces. The lighting men of our armed forces are entitled to the best care obtainable. Our college has entered this program in order that the students may take advantage of help and opportunities offered. The grduating students will be better trained and will have developed a greater efficiency than has been the case in the past years. I iv . "-' ' " . 14,1 .X I 'S 1 ' - 1 . , I ' 1.1 Q .VJ-. 3 'fr I' MRS. CREW Hhs Regislrarl AND OFFICE STAFF MRS. ROSSI, Librarian MR. CREW fthe Executive Secrefaryl AND OFFICE STAFF A1 I TIP AT RICK LOUIS J. FI uns.. neun ol on-nal scum-A rmimm imarnm of ' . muy, una- EVERETT NLHURD EDWARD A. PIERCE MD., DIMM., P.A.C.U.1 Yfu- M.D.g Plohssnf of YI1yxI:uI Wino! Emlvilm 1:9 Pfcmhulic Diuqneiin and Endoilinol- . nm-nmrv, Wnmingwn una- fm. Uvivuniw 01 Im. cn., opmm. n n vufily, SI. hwb. of New Yak. vanity ol PunmvIvunIo. HENRY Cv. STOFFEI BENJAMIN VIDGOFF CHARLES H, WALRATH m.s.,o.n.s,, ul op n.s.,m.o., u.nI,o., rmmwf ol u..II,I damn- Hmmm DsnluI MW, Univemw oi Ornqwp Anummy,Im1mcwrin Onim- I e sq gm. Univnuily ul Oregon Mads- donlia, Num Puullc Cub wa School. Inf.. me . nnpmafy, cm .Q muy, UIIIWIII, nl Inu. -.,-.....,::l-7q ,,., J rf-. -,, wmneu mxev M. Moxmnone ummm D.M.D.: In!-IHKIM ol CIIVGKUI U.NI.D., F,A,C.D., Imlhbcial Oplrclivl Dtnliiilyg Noflh ol Pliluduhliu, NUT!! Pulmt man. c5II.,,.. coma.. WILLIAM GULICK .Ioan A. num-ues HERBERT Icnumaem D.uI.u., Immun In nm. M.D.,1n-may ni vvwamx n.m.o, unix:-map: an vm- mnc 1,c,,,,3,,I Nom, pam: Annum-y. mm Tenhnksy Num Pucihe can-Q.. can-u. f I' I A V aI I P 6' HENRY C. FIXOTT DMD., F.A,C.D.p Prolanof :ul ladloavuphy, and ol D.. umm, Awiwwafm, o...mII-II,w1,NwI1 Pam: Coilegl. NEII. M. BAIN 'zum Fmhnoj o.Mx:.I Am, at o,.mI.v. o...-I.I.,, um. vmauy nv MsmIumn,N.1m vena. c,II.,.. I I I I I PAUL E. BLICKENSTAFF HS.. U,M.D,I Imlrvclur in Cllnical Froaihnxix, MacPher- mn Culhgnz Nollh Foam: Cnllegu. DQR THOMAS I.. MEIN Mn, num man. ana cIma4nI mama., unammy on ougm ra-aim Sa-Iwi: Dinar, any aI Hnahh Pdnhfld. ..,, rx - L"' 7 S' F, 1 x n.n..m1..m- ol vmmmq-, -ma I4I.I.,I.qy,uI-IWIII, .1 owed- wI.aImI su-wi, um. ..f,II., o1Nuw vw- mexwa smm, mu Gmduum In Vhqimd. Maxam c. coovek D.M.O., F.k,CIDI5 AOIOSIUII mmm oo mn. muy, ummm, ol Mknnv 1015. I I I I I I f- 'I I- I- I JL. 'II AIIUH'-I-"QII2.'-If I. K !A.JIi-.. I -.Isl I . 1 A-Io g., '- - 'H f - Ie I. Iv ,' 'III 4,Ir.:.,'1 g., :"7 "II If' I" .2 Q3 1 .fl L! I 1.MIIYl"I 'X . Intl 2.-I. 1 , LF 'ffl ' . I X ia I'f'1vI I , -I I .- -'I':1I. If.I.:lj'I".?:A I I xeunem Y-ANTWELL LS., I7.M,D.g Imiluzlgf al cunxwl opsmm. n..Imuy, Umm Sm: Calkagu, Noun mann coII.,... RICHARD C. NAFF In CIIHIHAI D.M,D,g Imlluzlof Pvmhwlxz Nofih Pacific Cclhgl. I, . I-I I mo., Mn.. Pfam., al vr-1IIaI.q,, vm. u..Iv...Iw., ua ca.-nw-gn, ALFRED P. W MSDN u.c.o., A.....I.,I. lk. Dun- DMD., Prnhmof BV Fmuiu II.I,,, Nom- vmn. c.II.,., RALPH C. COOPER I Onhm u.nI.o.. I.-IIMIM 0 ' a on-Im A.-umm, aww an Nun- Imam Collnqe, mms. ummm mummy, 1050 E. RUDD LB., 8.5-. D.MD.1 Imtfuzlof el 0rnIHI1Idlyg Nunn Purim Colleen- X ANTONE A. MICKELSON ms., imc.. D.M.D., vm- clnrlohsqy me FRED E. GULICK DMD.. f.A.CD.i Plnhno' DI Plmllilllt Dlnlhiiyg lgugf gl hq mln. urine cmxq-, Phyulohwlcai cmmm-1, fwa una nnmim, Num Paziiic Culluga. WALTER U. BARDWELI. u1A.n,.xmwww-nr unaw- nu, Num ruins Cal-qc. ROY F. WEST n.m.a.. f.i.c,o.. A..w..i. nah-.sf .si om sw..-V A ---in cum. .L ' L If f i .,s i 'VN ' -fr 'mfs 3,71 sn 4 il.. 3 FRANK C. PEARN mc., D,M.D.g Prnt..-nf of Donlal Marana mana and imwpemin, ur-iywiiy uf www, new Pwnc comin.. DR. ICURATLI ann., F.l,C.D.g model. rreomsw ol rw.n..n. nm. ii.--,, new mm cum.. RALPH M. ERWIN, IR. ann.. imym umm: if.. nm-my. i-an-nw nl um. Im cr-nam-5 Nan- lixh' v I r cause.. can NEAL I.. 'LIMMERMAN As., imp., r.A.c.o., ir.- on own snwy. modal Navih Pacifw Colligo. .-. .KI I 5 W. EUGENE DOUGHERTY LOTS I. DOUGLAS ann., u-.mmf vi ciu-Iwi LA. n1.,u-mmm ou..-.i owuuv- mmwy, Num Histology, vurnsiwy .ma Pasha Cdlogo. neun-aiu, 1.,w-am una coins.. O. 1. Van RENTERGHEM CHARLES WOODCOCK Null GI Ytnnlkol UMKC., Inlivudol cl Ylan- mna. mms., nam. rum: Colinas. 0.54 lm or Nlulomyrllniv al wmmng- iw, umm-nn u..iw.ny Mndicul SCN! -ri 2: 'iff i I I ERNEST E. STARR as., ann., ucv.. vw- i om vm.-.i,q1, D ntlsllyg Josern rc P51111 Joan 1. rum ms., nn. uns., vw n.M.n.,ri,c,n., of low! nf General and Olnl Cpumlivn Denlixhyg Noflh hung 5 surgery .ma uqamnl Mm- Pacific College. r,,.,,,,m,, ,,rgu,.1,.,i , gmyg Waxhlngldl Univonlly, Noflh Putilic College, Shlauh. IN THE SERVICE HORACE B. MILLER, A.B., D.M.D., Professor of Oral Surgery and General Anesthesia NILKANTH M. PHATAK, B.S., M.S., Ph.D., Associale Professor of Pharmacology, Physiology, and Research PORTER LAINHART, D.M.D., Instructor of Exocloniia BRUCE B. SMITH, D.M.D., Instructor of Clinical Operative Denlislry CHARLES H. MANLOVE, B.S., M.D., Professor of Pathology c Histology NOT PICTURED Professor of Pharmacology Lee oicicnixs FRANK EVERETT as.. nn., man., u-.swam al ru-,sux naw-mu, nw- .iaoey ana mfmasawyr unwmay Avg..-w, Noflh Penne colin.. HOW ARD CONRAD D.D.S.y lnslludo' ol Cllnlcul opmin. on-nmy. umm Unlviuiiy. ON, MD., -f NOP-MAN A. DAVID um., i, of warms.- olugy and vi.y,af.xWy, una. ol Cnlllsnia Medical L L. FOOTE a.s., o.M.o., ummm.: ol Ancexliwbiuz Nom. hang mm., soma. Callqn. ERWIN T. BENDER ons.. lmrwdov ol Clinical Pm'.m.n, and owen.. ' - um. or uma, nsmnny, I 'C . Ps Q' Front row: Student Body Officers-PETERSON, Treasurer, CONNELLY, Vice-President, SHOEMAKER, President, UTTER, Secretary Middle row: Student Council-WINITZKY, POLLINA, WOLFORD, BLAKEMORE, CURTIS, CAMERA SHY NEVRU, HOOPER, and REILLY Back row: CROOKSTON, GRANT, DAVIS, SCHURTZ 15 The function of this years student body was somewhat altered by the appearance on the scene of that "old man with the whiskers wearing the striped overalls." For the most part the entire body entered into this government plan of training and we can indeed be proud that we offer so many future capable officers to the dental corp of the Army and Navy. As for activities: with the aid of a live-wire council and well chosen student body officers, a carefully planned budget was drawn up giving sutticient funds for a successful athletic and social program and a not soon to be forgotten Senior day, for which, to the student body, the senior class is indeed grateful. To the faculty, its officers and administrative personel we extend our sincere appreciation in cognizance of their ex- perienced guidance and instruction. To the student body may l extend my appreciation for having been so warmly supported in my endeavors. VINCENT SHOEMAKER Student Body and Senior Class President VINCENT SHOEMAKER Student Body President QB arf ,. 'I 4 Sersonnel Dental and Medical Clinic MRS. LAINHART AT THE TELEPHONE DESK 5 J.. OUR REGISTERED NURSES ARE ALSO TECHNICIANS MISS SKULLY TAKES CARE OF THE BOYS THEY KEEP US SUPPLIED WITH MATERIALS 0 Q , BATES, EUGENE Glasgow, Montana Xi Psi Phi CROOKSTON, NATHAN L. DOHN Cashmere Washington Newton, Utah Delta Sigma Delia Xi Psi Phi f BODNER, GEORGE H. Portland, Oregon Q, ELLISON, CLARENCE Mcnfesona, Washingion Xi Psi Phi lx A -'fix ' 'W' ' . ,Q .1 i BRECKENRIDGE, JACK COHEN, LEONARD Ceniralia, Washington Seattle, Washington Xi Psi Phi FRIEDRICH, ROBERT, B.S. i Astoria, Oregon Delia Sigma Delia 'mf EMPENGER, DAN Yakima, Washington Psi Omega 'l GRIGAL, RAYMOND FRODEL, JOHN GREIF, JACK Hoquiam, Washington Lewiston, Idaho Tacoma, Washington Psi Omega Delta Sigma Delta LEE, VIRGIL Portland, Oregon .3235 JOHNSON, RULON KAELINI GORDON Provo, Utah Vancouver, Washington Xi Psi Phi Xi Psi Phi ff iw. rg ,i 541, HOFFMAN, GEORGE E. HOVELAND, CLIFFORD N. Chehalis, Washington HILEMAN, ALVIN C. Portland, Oregon Psi Omega Whitefish, Montana Psi Omega H no 1-ar' LOOMIS, OLIN M. Seattle, Washington Delta Sigma Delta Q Delta Sigma Delta -,gpm nf' MATHISON, MARTIN M., B.S. Sidrey, British Columbia Psi Omega O'BANlON, JAMES, B.S. Vancouver, Washington Delta Sigma Delta il PETERSEN, ROBERT Portland, Oregon Xi Psi Phi 19' I 'Wil SHOEMAKER, VINCENT ROSENTHAL, LAWRENCE Portland, Oregon Seattle, Washington Delta Sigma Delta '-P' STEINER, ARTHUR SORRELS, WARD, BA. Seattle, Washington Spokane, Washington Xi Psi Phi STENDER, CAROL Porttund, Oregon J :sr L 9' SONDHEIM, HAROLD L. SHORE, DAVID J. SMITH, CUFTQN Vancouver, Washington Secmel Wushinggon Seame' Woshingwn Xi Psi Phi Xi Psi Phi L6 P" -J - -:' ' TAYLOR, LLOYD 'nl ...Q TALL, RONALD Rexburg, Idaho Rigby, Idaho Psi Omega THOMPSON, ROBERT, B.S. Everson, Washington Psi Omega WHEELER, J. HERBERT Lewiston, Uiah Xi Psi Phi Q OLGA SHULKEVITCH Paoli, Pennsylvania Dental Hygienist f"'3' L X L e nior Sid elights T ' 1 4 NEAT CHISELING I THEY'VE GOT WHAT IT T HE ser AN EXAMPLE Axes OUR SECRET STOP OVER WEAPON A DAY OF UNCERTAINTIES 44...- ...HXIIF A WOMAN MUST SOMETIMES BE IGNORED T -'ll"i Q HIS STYLE IS ALL HIS OWN fl? 'T' 1 ff it 'V CLASS III SPECIALIST ALL SET? HE IS A HANDY MAN TO HAVE AROUND A SWELL TEAM DER FEUHER i' . Af Il X l mme seems '11 95 00 599. , ' ' Un MFI Q Q - '-A an V' , 1 P 1 Q I' 7? ' fag. no - , ,, . .QL I "UDL, , . I' I f X - IIA T A f M f rx ' of Rl I V SECTION A-Reading from Iefl Io righf: Front row: V. CONNELLY, W. G. WAIND, B. J. MILLER, R. VAN DRIEL, A. SALTER, D. G. CHRONES Second row: H. J. SHURTZ, R. ALDER, F. R. JURDY, V. K. DAVIS, J. ANDERSON, P. L. WONG Third row: R. LINDSTROM, Presidenf, J. C. MANNING, M. M. KORACH, D. E. UTTER, J. H. HUGHES, J. W. I DURHAM, N. C. FERGUSON Fourth row: W. C. HARSTAD, J. W. ULMAN, L. F. KELLY, L. WOLFORD, E. S. De MARSH, W. R. OCHS, W. OTTMAN Back row: T. R. BALDWIN, T. S. FLAIZ, H. C. KIMBALL, L. F. OVER, A. F. BRUCHET, L. W. BEAMISH SECTION B-Reading from 'eff fo righf Fronf row: G. I. CAPPER, D. WALKER, R. S. JAMES, F. GRANT, C. FINNELL, H. G. KERR Second row: B. MYERS, R. F. SCHULZ, R. C. CONVIS, EDWIN JONES, R. OLDROYD, L. J. HACKINEN, L. VANCE Third row: R. B. MUELLER, L. HEATON, G. J. BOWERLY, J. R. MCKEAN, J. T. SCOTT, Presidenf, G. T. BALLANTYNE, J. P. GILL, J. A. PAROSA Fourlh row: W. FRIEHAUF, M. JONES, D. L. GALLOWAY, M. LIESER, E. CRANER, E. DRYDEN, C. FOLLINA Fiflh row: C. B. CAREY, D. B. STANLEY, W. E. PEARL, J. E. DEVINY, W. L. JOHNSON, T. B. STARBUCK, W. C. DIETZ, C. MEHLENBECK ,N 806 '-:HJ gpm. ppp. 3' '..'. 'I :?w 14- V v, L9 7' my Y da' m "3 an V 19' . - - - av, '. .. , fhib. T ' ' Q ' 9,9 05' ' 4 ' 'I . ,- 7 W fx . - D 1 .V - if ' l - If 'Y rf 5 .1 R I A 2 ". - 1 Ir V, I -.110-' 1.9 of I I TOUGH EXAM FUNNY TH E-' . x A A 'H X ,Z SCAB fa sx INGS HAPPEN I4 IIl'A CASH AND CARRY HEY, CLARK O MXNUS RESULT S? lip NL-.v ,,-,st OE SUSYENSE THE QUXET ,ophomore Class 1 nd J A A f I A V 1 'ag ' " , "-!:,. - I .91 , . ni v fx it B xv i ea R V J' . Y . Reading from leff Io righI- Back row: JOINER, LUNDQUIST, BOYER, HILLES, MULLER, BATFANY, WOOD, SCHULLMAN, PARFAIT, LATHAM Fourth row: TAWSE, MORAN, WHIDDETT, NOGARR, OTIS, GAVES, JULIAN, IRELAND, SHAVER Third row: LINDUSKA, MEANY, SHLIHOLM, THORELL, SINEX, RICHERT, PALMER, HUSTED, LIND Second row: STICKLE, STALSBERG, BODMER, SHEPHERD, KOHL, HILL, HOOPER, LAWS, MONROE, NEURU, GUILD, EASTMAN, SHORT, MEYER Front row: LAVIN, HILL, HEBARD, LEWIS, EXPOSITO, WEISS, BONNIKSEN, McMAI'ION, WALTZ, NELSON, MERRILL Reading form lefi fo right: Buck row: NEUFELD, WESTERMEYER, HILL, MATTSON, SELCI, GOODMAN, WHITTIER, WRIGHT Fourih row: GOERTZ, FEY, KNOX, ROSE, DOLFH, MEYERS, REITER, LEE, PENHALLURICK Third row: ANDERSON, SPRINGER, LOCKWOOD, MCFARLANE, DAVIS, MENASHE, GULLCIK, PEPIN, WOODS, COREY, PANG NYBERG, FOSTER, HICE, GARSON, Second row: ANDERSON, LANE, GREENE, WHISLER, WILLOUGI-IBY, HEYREND, O'BRIEN, IHRINGER, BOWLER Fronf row: MACY, COY, SIEGAL, NICCARTHY, HASSON, NEWSCHWANDER, TIERNY, WEBER, OSWALD, ALEXANDER, GAULKE -ua-I riff W A , 3. I, .vs-,fp Q . f - J r. , gg, 21 . , ,ooI- ' 'L' ' Q ' I 'Y E . "' .5a ,.. , A , , 1 ' I O g w"" - ' - " Q - 'I f- A1 'K 'I COOPER TRAINING WHATS ON YOUR MIND? I-,gifs ri: if CHARGE OF QUARTERS P Omore Life ". 'r ONE LESS HARE wan You cm-v1 see cfm Hum You! 1 nesn .J , ,.i,. 90dents K . 1 w' 4 AS ONE BO NEHEAD TO AN OTHER ,-Q XTB ON HKS OWN HOT STU Mus-CLE immmrlc E ESSENTXAL FF NOTES AR WS IN GRAY'S 5-. 'SJ ' 'vii X ,X , A V N' 17 j. " 4 ,..,..- ,-- I l 'IO F -'YU IU Q 4 O an 5' fi nc 0 Z 2 2 D as Z 4 LU I U, P' ul .I Z O 2 of LU z: t- O 2 4 U E K O Z i O sn Z I 9. . 5 -I 4 D. 2 4 A. z I O -1 S E -I 'c S ll. m E ,4 yn- Un: nu 'J 4 3 'Q 3 IU -I Z 4 E cz I-LI I cn i O an D. Z O I :- 4 54 Z nc au mu X i 4 .a .a Lu 1l u 2 2 nc O Z :Z U Z nr I U th 4 nc ,--vw ,W , Z IU nc nz 4 3 LU Q Z O ll. Q E K -I 4 ll? D d O z 4 E I E as O nu U Z ILI nz 3 5 i 4 2 Z U nu m E O I U ua LU -I vi S 4 Q 34 is "D sa ,. QD 4 4 cn Q- m ua ua O 1 gl :' nn ua D I 4 Z O Q 2 Z E i O ID Z 4 3 an X f - 5 Leff Yo righh JERE ANN MEIHENY, KATHERINE MCCREENY, and BONNIE JEAN WALKER ,ff Iental Hygienists , 'ff Q 4' .49 ...- ...Q- Il'- 'M pf- C7 CLEANED WHILE YOU WAIT I HARD TO GET BUT EASY TO CARE FOR f' pu- ,Q tudg Club 1- 7: F. v yu 1s'Ii.' j 4. - , 'fl ' ' maint A II f I ' ,I 3,1 V- 1 I D 1 .4 -1' V. A-1 e 1, . Q f H, ff, I .. L 4 A ,I '. "' ' 'V . AD,c, Ai ' I ,' ,i 1, I A - x I I 'I Ify- Q , y. I ' U' I af I QP ac' ' A I ERLY LINDSTROM, EMPEN GER Buck row: SCHLIRT1, OVER, MEYERS, GALLOWAY, BOW , Middle row: TALL, KORACH, SHOEMAKER, DAVIS, MANNING, MILLER, WOODCOCK YLOR, SMITH Uresidenfl, UTIER, JOHNSON Front row: WILLIAMS, TA I I ental I I 'I arg un? D Mas. A. C. MICKELSEN SPE AKING T0 DENTAL AUXILIARY MEMB ERS Xi Psi Phi 9 7 ,L X22 t '-Q 3 5 5 I ,fy if li. . 'WP-L. llf If H239 The history of Xi Psi Phi has passed, and o grand and glorious history it has been with Alpha Epsilon Chapter playing its ever important role. But it is to the future thot'we look, and with a fraternity like the Zips we can look only for bigger and better things. The years activity has been confined mainly to clinics of dental interest, rounded out by several pleasing banquets. Remember, fellows, no matter whether the future finds you in civilian or military life you will always find a friendly brother Zip near you. C. ELLISON, President 1, l ...L -' K i tie ,,, is Delta Sigma Delta if ,INR-f Uh' - f' W 1 'A . 9 iff' ' 4 .1 - I il Living in the house across the street, we Delts, under the leader- ship of Gerald Dohner, enioyed another year of the grind. Dances, parties, picnics and the big annual formal as well as weight lifting, water bagging and Army-Navy beefs helped relieve the tension brought about by the speeded up program. On the serious side, Clinics and work sessions given by faculty members were greatly appreciated. We enioyed this year. JUST WATCH US NEXT YEAR! G. DOHNER, President W 1 Psi Omega 'R If Chi Chapter of Ps' O i mega fratemity has been one of the leading organizations here at North Pacific College for the past forty - three years. It stands for scholarship, social ac- tivities ancl the building of real men. During this grave emergency of our country, and at a time when men need the friendship and comradship of their fellowmen, the fellows of Psi Omega have iolned ln and no man goes forth without a number of real friends behind him. Friendship and loyalty to all ig in the minds of all in the Psi "O" House. ' So Psi Omega is behind all in the progress and advancement in the art of dentistry. s and science R. WOODCOCK, President ,JMS "1:y':,,7. 'fi '1'.n: 1-2.4 it 'fatter Staff -1 :sm NATHAN CROOKSTON, Editor of Datter CS. The purpose of the Datter is to bring recollections and reminiscenc ' ' s to lt lue depends on how well it does this, how much it mean s ve ou ten years from now. The supreme test of its worth will not come Y until many years have passed and it is hoped by this years staff this test with some degree of success. that this Datter will survive ' osslble to have hoped tor that degree lt would have been imp of success without the constant enthusiasm and cooperation of those d attempt to express assisting me. Consequently l shall conclu e my appreciation by saying-"Thanks to all of you." NATE CRO CKSTON, Editor THE CREW AT WORK WITH ART FROM BUSHONG 8. CO, DeMARSl'l Back Row: GRANT, VAN RENTERGHEM, Front Row: 5ONDl'lElM, CROOKSTON, WONG souonewl and cnooxsrou Hnmecnnc, Ikirml.-'-V ' .V v All 5 ,fr gn- in E97 Al' ,n,. 4,- ,,4f AFTER THXS, WHEREVE R THEY WENT THEY WERE HAPPY ' ",:.af11. . fry.-4 , 1 at.: BUSHWACKER Q v -- -1 . if , AT MNS CELLAR CHAMPS l .RH yan-o l- Jn Z?-f f'..g"t, K 'H .1- MR. L . B. HOSKINS DR N ' - M. LE - M. p WIS HATAK DR- R R JO DR. W' BAILEY ' ' NES DR. B' 5- SMITH F-12 To Be Remembered 2 Ray Gaulke teaching his squad the difference between column right and column left. James Lowe and his inseparable cigarette holder. Evans Nelson taking off his shoes while studying in the library. Advice to lovelorn: Quote, Alan Gilbert, M.D., "Men, before you get married, look for a good mother, and then marry her'daughter." Frank Reid persisting in his oh so subtle "tubing." But he has not met his equals, the inventors of the new Flexible acrylic "tubes" IRXI, Messers Beamish, Sherfy, Convis, Tall, Tippets, Korack, and Sorrels. WHAT THE FLY ON THE WALL SAW Allan Robertson throwing away his fllms and hope- fully developing the lead foil and black fllm wrappers. Bill Waind planeing the pulpal wall with an amalgam plugger. Virgil Lee "surgically removing the wrong tooth "because it was loose anyway." Winitzki's face when he found out that the girl was engaged to be married after he had paid SI4 for taxi fares. SHORT STORIES Dr. R. R. Jones had iust finished explaining about the arms ofa circlet clasp being designed to be either on, above or below the height of convexity when Korack piped up with, "Well, Dr. Jones, don't you have to premeditate the location of the clasps?" Premeditate, Mikel Hisssssssss. Gene Craner will always be remembered for the time when he got up at the Student Body meeting and said: "Mr. President, l'm iust a poor freshman here ..., but what is this 'datter'? That may sound silly but maybe you won't think so if l tell you I don't even know why the bells ring in this school." Then there was the lad who soldered round buccal tubes for his rectangular labial arch wire and square buccal tubes for the round labial arch wire. laboring time, 3 hours. lf Earl Neuru had only heard the tale of a square peg in a round hole. "You see that fellow over there that looks like a mad scientist? lStod DeMarshl He's working on my brother today." Maior Patterson is "proud" he has so many rugged individuolists in his army unit, after seeing them drill. PROFESSIONAL P. L. MEACHAM, D.M.D. Practice Limited to Exodontla, Perlodontla, Radlodontla 325 Medical Arts Building BEacon 7947 Office: BE 9478 Hours 9 to 5 Residence: TA 5547 DR. T. W. ANDERSON Practice Limited to Exodontla and Dental Radiography 815 Morgan Building Washington St. bet. Broadway and Park Portland DR. NEAL L. ZIMMERMAN Practice Limited la Exodontla and Oral Surgery 620 Medical-Dental Building BEacon 1677 Office: BEacon 2813 Call ATwater 4175 SAMUEL A. BRANDON, D.D.S. Oral Surgery and Extractlons Nltrous Oxide Oxygen Anesthesia 620 Medical-Dental Building Portland, Oregon Telephone BEacon 0754 DR. W. CLAUDE ADAMS Dental Surgeon Diagnosis, Diseases of the Gums Oral Surgery 701-702 Selling Building Portland, Oregon Phone: LAncaster 1191 Residence: TAbor 0114 DR. W. H. GRIESINGER Orthodontic Exclusively 1216 Weatherly Building ' Corner E. Morrison and Grand Portland, Oregon C. H. WALRATH, D.M.D. Ortltodontia Exclusively BEacon 1394 502 Selling Building Portland, Oregon ELWOOD B. FAXON, D.M.D. Orthodontist BEocon 1047 653 Morgan Building Portland, Oregon DIRECTORY DR. M. MONTE BETTMAN Periodontist BEacon 4677 528 Medical Arts Building Portland, Oregon Phone: EAst 8552 Residence: GArfleld 7028 DR. CLAUDE W. CLIFFORD Extraction and Dental X-ray Exclusively 1207 Weatherly Building, corner E. Morrison and Grand Portland, Oregon FRED E. GULICK, D.M.D. Denture Specialist Medical-Dental Building Portland, Oregon JAMES T. WALLS, D.M.D. Orthodontia Exclusively 502 Pioneer Trust Bldg. .... 520 Medical-Dental Bldg. SALEM, OREGON PORTLAND, OREGON Phone 3521-Thurs. only BEocon 7715 Telephone 7095 HENRY CLINE FIXOTT, D.M.D. Dental Roentgenologist Medical-Dental Building Portland, Oregon DR. ARTHUR F. WEEKS Dental Radiagraphy and Diagnosis Exclusively BEacon 2789 1015 Selling Building Portland, Oregon DR. W. R. DINHAM Practice Limited to ORTHODONTIA , BEacon 4730 Selling Building Portland, Oregon DR. P. T. MEANEY Orthodontic Exclusively 912 Selling Building BEacon 0951 Portland, Oregon IN UNCLE SAM'S SERVI In the big and proud responsibility await- ing you as Uncle Sam's dentist you'l1 find, ready to help, the best equipment your country can provide -including the General Electric Model CDX dental x-ray unit. Those of you already acquainted with the CDX will be greeting an old friend. And on that happy day when you return to private practice the faithful CDX will be waiting to help you maintain the nation's health in peacetime. GENERAL Q ELECTRIC x-BAY CORPORATION IUII IICKION IIND. CHICAGO, Ill., U. S. A. Why? Far Zfug dfJ'l1f44i.?om!.f Compliments 0 THE C. V. M0 BY CIIMPA Y MEDICAL PUBLISHERS ST. LOUIS Mo llll!iHUl7 Conserve your vital chair time by sending your "lab" work to a Vitallium Laboratory. Vitallium partial dentures will give your patients the comfort and satisfaction they desire. For beauty and naturalness in teeth, speciiy Austenal Micro- mold Teeth, manufactured or supplied by the Vitallium Laboratory near you. AUSTENAL LABORATORIES, INC. NEW YORK CHICAGO 'Grade Mark 'Keg. U. S. 'Pan Off. gli ' ' 2:54 ., ,- -Q" 155' Ae-2: ffl Wi L, 5 4- 1 f' . f ft 1 aff' ' ,f f .oi-ff , ff j ,- e Q ,Q fi? 5 s or f" ,fi 1' 'S , f' 5 ,ff fig! qs X ,gs yt, 4 ,f' . 7' i if fs! -- eu' f K' 3' 45 9 'ti' ' ' f 49 ,If it if ,Q V ' xf I f J- f 2' xg I 1 Q y' ff 4' 1 7 fry 1 v FV S of 2? j ,f 2 5 J ft, E f I ' 3, is to Y , y , 0' K, Sl 7 '12 Q 17 f 54' 5 A A Q gn! J' fx 1 f , I V gf 4' sr f YN I J I if -1 In 5 .s w L 53-iv .igf .-sv : -:QED ' ,655 V 5? ' j:I.-1 ff52"" 5237- '7:l:? . R " qyf' 53? Alf" 5 c 'fl X 9 I 4? ff' X A 1 g Y if it X J if I 9' 3 1 A .4 1 I to xg F Z .mr rw -X inm llllh, i 'We welcome this opportunigf to congratulate you upon the completion of your college work, unu' extenu' sincere wishes for your success. Serving you hus heenu pleasure, cz pleasure which hope will continue throughout your cureer. To those of you who plan to enter military service, may we remind you that S. S. White Equipment and other products will continue to be a part of your daily life. Brushing-up on their operation and techniques now will prove of value later. Always remember S. S. White field representatives, branches and dealers stand ready to assist you. You who will serve at home in private practice will be confronted with the greatest demand ever placed upon dentistry for the conservation of public health. Here again we can assist, for nothing will do more toward promoting efficiency, extending service, and conserving your health, than a prop- erly designed, well-equipped oH-ice. oawwlymweuhutww lee I ' fuueu THE S. S. WHITE DENTAL MFG. CO. PHILADELPHIA 5, PA. WHEN BETTER I AVAILABLE -'W THE TICO DEFINITENESS OF E HAS ALWAYS AP N UNI TECHNIQU PEALED T0 THE SCIENTIFIC NI DENTIST IN MANY OF THE I. GES TICONIUNI AND HE TICO NI TECHNIQUE ARE ENIPLO AS A BASIS FOR INSTRUCTION I CASTING PROCESSES YOU GET MORE WITH TICONIUM only WU H I poueues ese extra advantage nausea cnsmaes eu n n m u 1 I Y IP P III STEELDIE ACCURACY Th 9 hi g d C tgp I ral CAST OR 'NROUGHT CLASPS T 'tg 5 I: I III II QM VI Io ddii un E YwH X A YTO SOLDER R p d III1 hqhg d Id d 6' xyb I me - I I - I - moan I . . COL- A E , T - NIU YED I II ' u ch 4 I -- oclca y 0 sd, Iconlum muintuinsih originu ph nice ro erliu. , ix I0 - X 2 - a real accuracy oITIconIu f 'N x ns e Ions caves Iimo in ' lin and u Iuuing. I '?L J-fic. ' I . . '1, X . 17 ' - ucomum may be 'f X , 'fQ-.,aw5,,1 fo I cond wi sit ar can or wiou Ile chnps fb- In , i ww oi Ihc mme basic aI y. I 1 AI.L'3II f" -II E S - 0 aiu un o Ions con be cds 'N . XX ' JY' z ,U 4 va a I ago soI ar ondTIconIurnIIu1t. Y 1 , .Fu , I IIII ' . V I CQNSU LT YO AREST T ICONIUM LABORAT ORY 6,6 , ...-a 1 fdwzffw Zinc ,ZZWLQL dw -lie-Wm Wa O Dental dealers in the com- munity in which you intend to practice are anxious to help you plan now for successful prac- tice after the war. At their serv- ice are the facilities of the Ritter Office-Planning Department, which can help you to a running start by designing now the office quarters you want. Victory orders placed now with Dental dealers will give you priority on delivery in the post-war rush for Ritter Equipment. Get acquainted with your Dental dealer. Ritter Company, Inc., Rocbestevg N K ' -Aww Ritter This page with the compliments of . . . . PAT ER 0 DE T L SUPPLY CG. I 4 COLLEGE BRANCH located at EAST 6th and PACIFIC ST. Manager, W. B. LUTZ - DR. A. D. SMALLEY - MR. K. BERLAND MAIN BRANCH, SELLING BLDG., PORTLAND, ORE. Manager, A. I. KLEES '7n Wm 7c2neaeaae!Za4az77e4ae... THE AMERICAN WAY IS to want something better. THAT something in dentistry is- THE NEW AUSTENAL MICROMOLD TOOTI-I BETTER BECAUSE: It is stronger than ordinary artificial teeth. BETTER BECAUSE: It is the most natural looking tooth on the market. BETTER BECAUSE: It gives the patient a feeling of security that does not accompany the ordinary artificial dentures. 'Zn Zara Wed 6446 ?u4nW ,4a4z'enal Widmomald 7eez'6" ww TATREAU DENTAL LAB ,L My I 329 MEDICAL DENTAL BLDG. BE '1114 ... V PORTLAND, OREGON ma- MA... The original and only true cobalt chromium alloy developed l'J:il'Al.'.fflf:fiNc. and used for castj full and partial dentures. Rx 39 Blended Acrylic Denture Base For Better Dentures Rx39Renne For Accuracy in Equalizing Pressure on Hard and Soft llssues lteco Dental Manufacturing Co. Portland, Oregon H WilIiam's Golds Aderer Golds at Lee S. Smiths Cement, Certified Enamel, 3' Certified Alloy t L y J Veri-chrome Teeth MyersOn's Teeth -' F Q Hartz II Instruments . Y , e .2 Q S "Largest Independent Dealer in the " ' ' ' ' ' Northwest" L. O. SANDIN DENTAL SUPPLY CO. C E R A M E C S ATwater 3507 ATwater 3507 Selling Building Portland, Oregon C D E Q ACRYLIC N PORTLAND DENTAL T BHDGES 5 LABORATORY N Gnd R Moaiool Arts Building s s ii W McGregor Dental Laboratory 723 S. W. Park Avenue, Portland, Oregon Q . " 'nvu-Tlsigi-ALLRI Certifled Processors of Nobilium Metal for Partial Dentures Plate and Bridge Work Phone BEacon 6137 P. O, Box 3975 Dlglq CRQQK L50 CASHMAN Baker's Dental Supplies MONTANA ASSAY OFFICE JOHN WELCH CUSTOM-MADE DENTAL CASTING cows DENTAL DEP01' STARLITE DIAMOND POINTS PROCOSOL ANAESTHETICS Sir Phone ATwater 2726 610 S. W. Second Portland, Oregon Supplies and Equipment S T U D E N T S DURALLIUM PORCELAlN CAREY a CREMER DENHSTS successors to SUTTON DENTAL LABORATORY 839 Morgan Building Portland, Oregon BEacon 6261 72' V Huh nd Funlhilnls los MQ Stetson and Dalt n Hat Ma hatan THE MANS IHOP STUDENTS AL WAYS WELCOME . I Xi' , ' ' o s .g - V " n X an , , ,I .I Shirts - ' A ' - ' ' lnfefwovef- 528 Morgan Building Phone neocon 7388-9 ' 969 S. W. Btoadllh PWYIIML ofliil Sox WE NEVER CLOSE BEcu:on 7211 F r cl n k N a u Prescriplion Pharmacy ' . . - . . . - 519 S. W. 6th Avenue A Portland, Oregon Help fo P01 Complimenfs of T 5 E T H w. E. SMITH . . . Locksmith in Our 832 N. E. UNION AVENUE B I 1- E EAst 4006 at the Axis i . . . OUR COLLEGE LAUNDRY ve KYR Cleaners and Dyers B O N D S 72? . ' . . i AMERICAN LAUNDRY CO. 600 N. E. 3rd AVENUE Columbia Dentoform Corp. vi? "The House of a Thousand Models" Phone EAS' 8108 131 E. 23rd STREET NEW YORK, N.Y Lot Our Phone Line B Your Clothes Line" Ilreative Printers and lnilhugraphers III an Seven Greater HOREGANASH 1942 Linfield "OAK LEAVES" 1943 Willamette "WALLULAH', 1943 Linfield "OAK LEAVES" 1 V 1943 Fall Issue "THE DATTERH Cfome to us for iBeauty and Qriginality a 323 S. W. PARK AVENUE 0 PORTLAND 5, OREGON HOLLADAY DRUG STORE 'ik FOUNTAIN - BEER I. U N C H E S PRESCRIPTIONS Given Personal Attention ii' Owned by two N. P. C. Graduates CORNER OF SEVENTH AND BROADWAY MEET THE GANG AT . . . W. .I. McFADDEN BARBERS Keep That Well-Groomed Professional Appearance 1426 N. E. BROADWAY PORTLAND, OREGON BENNYS GOOD FOOD Near 14th and East Broadway PORTLAND, OREGON Telephone BEacon 8642 THOMAS J. ARMSTRONG District Manager LEIGHTON INDUSTRIES, INC. Portland, Oregon THE RAINBOW LEIGHTON CAFETERIA 525 S. W. Broadway 427 S. W. Washington With the Compliments of The Anacin Company l.ockwood's IRVINGTON THEATRE Telephone: TRinity 9303 Broadway at E. Fourteenth Portland, Oregon CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS! The "SAVE-A-CENT GROCERIESU wish you well in your profession The BROADWAY COLUMBIA MARKET Irvington's Shopping Center - 'l3th and Broadway WW fm BROADWAY AND WASHINGTON Northwest's Largest and Most Modern Restaurant Quality Food Reasonable Prices ik' ALWAYS OPEN :Awww h lllliywgmulwq I V -4 A al '--Q E Af?-E ii i v E

Suggestions in the North Pacific College - Dater Yearbook (Portland, OR) collection:

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1943, pg 50

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