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North Myrtle Beach High School - Chief Yearbook (North Myrtle Beach, SC) online yearbook collection, 1977 Edition, Cover

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wwiiif Wf7Wf 3353? 9535 vpgwvwmigj XNr5P,?,Sf'fJ,,DL3r D iff W J f Osywopf-Qwgf df' f QQ? Qmgjwf 5 N355 53? fi? 5 QTL fgtgfwfi 59? Q21 YP 5 if WN N39 Q 5 9 WM 25 xwgf 1 gf Z? KW j ,LWMX W W ,Q 25555 Wil mt ?? f?g5VYQ i E fwffvi' W' - -4- WM-Q ' ' QM--1 'www-ff' , ' s 2 . a . . , . 1 ,. Booicjvj 3 l I+'s Ioeem yx L v3Ox,4.,-7127! S gov-J uQ++Q, ,, ,L 20 E lfcowse 5Q,L,oOjS S 71 LP 1001,-Of' agpuxhse 3 s,,,,C,,!f. gp? new me ,L ' K I y F Bear' Lcfoguwijgiik is Qi iipsiqif Kiifmwfiw ,aw wwf 25 Ziwf fm y begins. rage day th E I'1. QHS5 M M3952 Willf fififiw wig? I A X Q5 f W ii 'EH' xl X Q- N , Ng Q Q O J l X Y f I UE 5, iii? o d y Could be all pl y k t stop our good times i 'U I l QV V si' X N-.4-Zyl ll l - Jqn .5 0 'lqq-1 6 1 -ll X Or it could be filled with parties and dinners, banquets and all sorts of frivilous occasions 3 l1 2 . Q: Vw. u N 'ik' s -1' F '4umW' vu f fx lf ff' , Hull! is 6 . 4 s- L --wf b 'I' H1 Q f--" The winter sets in and our days are full of hot chocolate, cold wind and snuggling by a fire l. wyiggxfloeg 2, Kiggfxg as G gb 53 U C70-Q C? 65093 QQ. W XQ C5655 Q7 C KU 03 Q! C SCC' 'SEV Q ga XO Ci f W N LQ CJ C wx xbs W-,. Y ' Q-N CQ 50 N S-If Cifsza 56 I xp ' W 7 X ' 1 is , 35 X 1 . ll .4 ly' But we always come back to good Y s friends and easy living. This is the life andktimes ofall our X - friends . . . X a Y Joh ' S f s i - fi '97.5 5 X x, jf ,, 0 if i i i R I I I 5 .5 E W wx Nm X X s- X . 4 sv x ' .W A ,Q i,f ?f' i,x, ,Q,a A ...wwf W- Q' ' A,,51.S-W , - fu 0 - " :ix "' 14 gf f .af , U .sb ,Q 'Q in il x , A-x L. , at Q If Q3 A sn' " 1 -rs. .v E.. QR E v,,,,w,M-4 - 4.-:af .,-up-M 9 iff' J1'uF,:n.., "W Q 5 ll A at it 4+ ' , Q s" if? .I 4 -:HK auf 1 ,, Ma, N if , 'Y if Y L.,, . 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This unbe- lievable woman does everything worth doing at our school and does it well. She's a stern teacher, a paranoid sister, an overprotective mother, and a very, very good friend. We happily dedicate the 1977 Chief to a generally happy person, P. Moore. , X g 1 -X S ss : x5 S ' miss chief Gayle Gore was selected "Miss Chief" for 1977. This honor is based on scholarship, leadership and overall appearance. Gayle has always been a leader in academics and always willing to help on any project. She's a member of the Student Council and President of the FHA. She's in the Student-Faculty Advisory Committee and a member of the National Honor Society. The Senior Class nominates girls for the honor and the faculty makes the final decision. The decision was not hard to make. Q ' Q, Ujiffiu iliwwlpwwfn A 5 I he qs! J JJ 35 'Wil WL W Y 4 iw mix El? ICU ky 3, V I' Q f -11 12 Stuneil m. Iliff-Q :RX x 5. 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There were also many games such as bingo,darts,and goingfishing.AIl together the seniors ac- complished what they set out to do and profited from their hard work. Most of the profits were do- nated tothe band to purchase uni- forms. Q' K Q Q. t.,.,, tt.t. N .... M MW, tt..,t N w , gc gpg- 133545-Zft t X I oar. ox: - its ll 3 ron 'ff 1' Q' no 9iv'l7KT!0!3fG E Qs X? 'Q RP' L Q T 1 0 tw igs I H 3 1 Y X5 21 NNN ,W rs my ax . YK f 4 :gy 5 ,X X W XX QAA x x RSA: Y N A N Q 5 x x xx X X X X A 5- E x Nw X Q - fx W X WXWNQXX as iv XX - S W S fm X . E X, :X 'it N. X ' s f .Q X X ,X Xxx XXX ' KX 4 Q 'gisx Ely, .. J MM A I N 5 L 1 X N XX "S 2. if S K . .X XXX A S 1 f, N vygk i Ni K X XXX ,Q XXX If 4 W f, ' Ziff ' 1 , ,si W NS + XX 1 X XX, X .XE , ' fwifwi ww? - 5 X , QQ' S N xr -umm A' 'ff' , . x,,vi 'S YQJKKQR X R , xX X Ang.. Y W X X . aw - K XXX . 'Sig Q. S ' gg .N X X S XS lam N h X-.XNW g 5 X ' K X v f t 'SX ,. M 4- N.. xnl., N,,,,.pna.-max l 'Q gqlsk X ' X . X XX s ms , , , , , i , , N , N N 1 1 Y 1 , . .af f , i, , f , . f 1 f f' ' fi I f ' , ' 1. ' 1 I I 1 X' U I 11 'yy I -' ' Y . , I 3 . . N x, Y Y . , 1 I x . . , , 3 R , 1 . ' w I - - ..,,-., V -7- -L varsity football The North Myrtle Beach Chiefs got the year off to a good start by defeating Pleasent Hill, 46-05 Choppee, 27-85 and Socastee, 24-22. The Socastee game was the most exciting game this year. The game was a see-saw battle until the half. ln the beginning of the third quarter, the Socastee Braves scored two touchdowns. lt looked grim for the Chiefs as time ran down until the final two min- utes of the game. Then all of a sudden Tim Gore found Nate Livinggtgn Open, hit him with 3 Varsity Coaches CL to Rj Bill Whitmire, jim Floyd, Rick Spivey, Head Coach jim Floyd pass, and then Nate scrambled 65 yards for the touchdown, with l some fine blocking by Arther Gore. With 48 seconds remaining in the game, Tim found Nate open again and hit him with a 30 yard touchdown pass for the game winning touchdown. Another exciting game was with Hemingway, but fate was with the Tigers as they won 18-12. All in all, we had a pretty good season with a 4-6-0 record, but look out next year .... Head Coach jim Floyd TEAM PICTURE Front row: LeRoy Green, Gary Brown, Bill Watson', Richard Bessent, james Vereen, Maurice Travis, Patrick Todd, Ricky Ward, Freddie Travis. Second row: Steve Smith, Carlton Lewis, Tim Lewis, Gilbert Bellamy, Lawrance Lane, Tim Gore, Ricky Bessent, Ellis Chestnut, Arther Gore, Mattew Bellamy. Third row: Coach Whitmire, Coach Floyd, Hal jones, Doug Cowart, Kenny Stevenson, Vincent Goret, Ricky Stackhouse, Randy Dewitt, Tommy Russ, Coach Spivey. Fourth row: james Daress, jeff Hughs, jimmy Vaught, Mike Cooper ttransferredj, Nate Livingstont, jimmy McLamb, Steve Evans. t"'All Conference Playersj 30 QRS S K X KE - -w N x xv S W A X xgxyxs ' Qs E i Wy www mx N ...... 'vi YW xffs KRS K WNY? mix Q .N x.xx X W-.wwww Q N X V5 ,:-r,aZ.' .Z::5":f' X ,QR N Q 4 . ,X sb .NNN 3 N. 5. SQ . S N X my .gi . 4, E M X A X R. . + yx. X . X xi BQ . X X- S . ......NwwNi . ...ANN 5 Q X . .. x.x.xx .. W.. xxxx.. .. -...---Q .Q XQQX Q fx... X Xxx FRNQ x X X. .. 5. x X - xx Q N xf 'W x six Qs , RX S . Q5 XX .N X QS X Annette Albea Carol Barbour ' I-'paw'-,,,,,,...,.,...wM.,. ,.,.- ,W ..-W.--if .v""m Kelli Bishop Thelma Gore Bonita Greer Teresa Barn hill Patricia Gore Cheryl Lewis jv cheerleaders ww 'QS ' 'alrcq 2 13X Qi, xkk,. X ,X E S X N imsf NS X ,X x A N rw' X V Z,, R, .,.. A xX,XXQ l ,Q EN www X NQW4-www? S AM -X t ,X X X wx YP' . NWN X Mrs. jane Bell, Sponsor eww Q NNYX. . N 37 girI's varsity basketball Evelyn Cause, Penny Morton, Zelma Livingston, Grenda Hemmingway, Lau ra Livingston, Ruthenia Chestnut, Betty Cox, Versie Bellamy, Sherie Vereen, Shirly Vereen, Sandra Chestnut, and Ethel Chestnut. Coach Rivers Lynch Cpictured belowj. NORTH MYRTLE BEACH HIGH SCHOOL VARSITY BASKETBALL SCHEDULE 1976-77 12-10-76 Conway N .M.B. 6: 30 12-14-76 Winyah N.M.B. 6:30 12-16-76 Myrtle Bch N.M.B. 6:30 1-4-77 Conway Conway 6:30 1-7-77 lohnsonv'l N.M.B. 6:30 1-8-77 Myrtle Bch Myrtle Bch 7:00 1-11-77 Hemingw'y Hemingw'y 6:30 1-14-77 Loris Loris 6:30 1-18-77 johnsonv'l 1ohnsonv'l 6:30 1-21-77 Hemingw'y N.M.B. 6:30 1-25-77 Lake View Lake View 6:30 1-28-77 Gr SealFlds N.M.B. 6:30 2-4-77 Aynor N.M.B. 6:30 2-5-77 Winyah Winyah 6:15 2-8-77 Latta N.M.B. 6:30 2-11-77 Lake View N.M.B. 6:30 2-15-77 Gr Sea!FIds Floyds 6:30 2-18-77 Loris N.M.B. 6:30 2-22-77 Aynor Aynor 6:30 2-25-77 Latta Latta 6: 30 Athletic Director - Dave Dickson Boys Coach - jesse Medlock Girls Coach - Rivers Lynch l Cheerleader Sponsor - Linda Smith l 38 A w w Q uw QNX M Q S X X S boy's varsity basketball XN si Q t S S S Q S Q YQ X NN X X xx X Ns X X Q A sS X S Craig Vereen, Wade Bellamy, joe Chestnut, Brad Tholen, RobertWilliams, Calvin Vaught, R. Malpass, jimmy Vaught, Nathan Livingston, Steve Evans, Ellis Chestnut, and Tim Gore. 40 Q. Xt QQ X X is " QM. xwfa KN1 4 News X Nm- mf N as A WNTZQ w Xz wQ 1 : W X 5 X5V5.q.X,. . w Q- Amwwwfvfl. WA- A- NN boy's basketball Coach lim Floyd Roy Graham, james Singletary, Keith Gore, Wayne Bender, Connie Stanley, joshua Vaught, Craig Stevens, Cedric Livingston, Barry Cause Harry Wilson, Greg Wilson, Dennis Chestnut, Buzzy Smith, Dennis Bellamy, and Earl Lane. 42 j.v. girl's basketball Coach Dave Dickson Bertha Green, Doris Parmley, lanette Gore, Wanda Bellamy, Cynthia Gore, Loretta Hemingway, Jeanette Gore, Delane Malpass, Mindy Barbour, julie Chestnut, Denise Tholen, Altrail Bellamy, Goldie Bellamy, Verline Bellamy, Pam Bullock, Debbie Pender, and Gina Hardwick. 43 l ln 1976 the boys track team won the 7-AA Conference Champi- onship, which made the third year in a row for the Chiefs. They dou- bled their nearest opponent's score 108-54. We had four qual- ifiers for the state track meet. Coach Medlock was proud of them. They scored 32 points and came in third in the state. Wade Bellamy, Nathan Divingston, Ber- nice Stackhouse, and jimmy Vaught. Nathan Livingston qual- ified in four events, placing in all four. track .. S ,.... L if . J S --N lesse Medlock -- boy's track coach 44 Left to Right - B. Stackhouse, C. Gore, I. Vaught, 1. Singletary, N. Livingston, R. Dewitt, K Stevenson. Second Row -C. Vereen, A. C-ore, V. Gore, G. Bellamy, E. Chestnut, R. Berkley W. Bellamy, M. McCoy. Third Row -S. Bruder, H. Stackhouse, 1. Grisset, L. Green, T. Gore L. Lane, C. Livingston. Rlvers Lynch - glrl's track coach fi baseball team Coach Rivers Lynch fgirI's cross countryb Coach jesse Medlock lboy's cross countryj Coach Steve West lbaseballh ifwxwgm N .SX N' N EX X X F as XS AX wx Q , X F K qt Sk :Sis SEN , R N XX Y ' fx. N X X N X N xx X A x wi? KN x Sw. fs? Q . A SX ff Jw 387 Q? Xe A R Q es-:QM 'R WSW ,Q sy, 5. A X 3 wif x x w 31 Q Nw X N2 fm in N 45 X VN iw , . fi X Q lx Q f as 3 i h W'wi S 3 g Q ' s A 'P M X Si .1- X 0 W- + - ': " 'Q ,.,, x L . Q A i erja Engl 'V Q Q i f 3 Q W i mf 5 3, 4, X X is Qs xg! ,, X M -xv S V,.. , I ' X X 5 X, S: Q f T X qx xx if-. 'Q X1 A , X KH X A x .5 Q' A E xg? as as x x 44 K .x ' Q fx 5 Q S an sz Q XX X ,Q 1 g ge 5 Q x Q I ,SS K X V T . x ix Q .. g . xx WK 4? S Q X X , S 2 N s X x S N X if 5 Q xy at S Q t Q S, X ff S X im 4 A 's x . M vw -W Q X , . .. NWS 1. K ,ff R 1 . ESX , i 1 -M 'Q QYN is A Q Q Nw -ilk X x FN X VAX xii X . Q Q wwqy., 5' sm X xwwhslf my ,. ,..,. , N Wgkiiimqgygmh, W W?-hv3'Mws N Www SAN Av 5 gg: xs, qw. wx, Wi u in Nmmwwm w X. M i...x:,..v-.M .,,,.m Q S 1 1- ........ M R ., ..., .. , ,. 4 . k e E i Q Q kuk. - '--4t,:f :77'k-1 Q x.,. Q X . X Q W E , M . ,. .,.x ,, ,, E : ,,,,A,., , .X , W X ,.,. mi , , , Qi, M- M-My S ,, xx A ..S.Nw.xM-Q? 1 , W .sw 1, 3 i had guvvdm W xt.x, X..,.. 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Roland Gore Thelton Gore Waran Grahm Annette Green james Green Sylvia Green Bradley Hall Becky Hardwick Etta Chestnut Theora Chestnut Valeria Chestnut Chris Clagg Ruthena Conyers Rickie Conley Cathy Cox Cynthia Cox Scott Duncan Randy Edwards David Elliott Ed Elliott Gina Franks Leonard Franks Robert Frank Carl Flowers 93 I 8 'W if-H N If 'Z 7 Robin Heonis Tommy Heyward Nancy Hickman Mickey Hughes Alesia lsom Michael lsom www Decarris johnson Wayne johnson ,ur Tema Lewis Angela Livingston Cynthia Livingston lssa Livingston Lisa Livingston Mary Livingston Gregory Lyons Ronda Martin jeff McVan Leon Montgomery Lex Morgan Freddie Morris john Morris Criag Moore Kathy Moore Tommy Morse SSA Nw' t i 'ENJX , . S C ,7 :, -a WAN L N, . -wa-sw? Gerald Harris Kenneth Hatley Anthony Hemingway Charles Hemingway Don Hemingway Fred Hemingway Loretta Hemingway Sharon Hemingway Emma Keel Don Kelly Eric Lewis Donny Riggins Kelvin Riggins Martin Ross Cathy Sinclair Annette Smith Ken Stackhouse jerry Lee .X x WS' 8 S ssc N Ns Q, , ,. .. K K x T ,, ,.r. S x 1 . . X K xxx F we june Lewis Lisa Lewis Mike Lewis Omega Lewis Brian Meyer Chris Mincy Cindy Mintz Walter Mintz Calvin Miles Kelvin Miles Kim McLaughlin Deni McPaul Anita Noble jonna Parker Stanley Parker Ricky Prince Otis Randall Tammy Rawis Myra Reaves Carl Richardson "1"'P'Qf Karen Stanley Lywood Stanley 94 I - af- xt 'wif s I s Mike Stanley Terry Stanley jeffery Stevenson Wade Tholen Bryan Thompson joyce Todd Richard Todd Tracy Todd Xi Tyrone Vereen Tyrone Vereen Wanda Vereen Wilbert Vereen Mary Vogel Teresa Watkins Lisa Watts Robin Ward Betty Vaught Dale Vereen X Tommy Ward Beverly Williams loe Willard Kimberly Willard Criag Wilson Lynn Wilson Alan Yoho Harold Vereen Isaac Vereen james Vereen Pamela Vereen Terry Vereen if il sr' ffff' 95 , e X K K .. MA L ,i Gary Bell Chris Bellamy Dennis Bellamy Greg Bellamy james Bellamy jeanette Bellamy Lynn Bellamy Sherrie Bellamy ,f james Bryant leffery Bryant Nishavenie Brumen Pam Bullock Lisa Carter julie Chestnut David Claridy Mark Cox Theron Edge joe Elliott Gregory Evans Elbert Franks Glen Gagum Annette Gause Sara Gause Graig Glenn Marion Gore Rosa Gore Barbara Grissett johnny Hall Gina Hardwick Craig Hemingway Erick Hodge joey Hoover 96 Fiw ,. M, X X L, Xf my "2 ,::.- , W . X . ":: - .- is B 'A N 9203 B XO N X X X x ix x ss Q K X 95533 dx lg I E , V,r.: M. C its va R Uv Q 1 as Patricia Adams Colin Adderton Tim Albea Rosetta Allen William Baily Wayne Barbee Melinda Barbour David Bell Tony Bellamy Tony Bellamy Ray Bennett Laura Bessent Melissa Bessent Kim Brown joanne Burris Connie Bullard Roddie Cox Ronnie Cox Tony Davis Clarence Douglas Danny Edge Myrra Edge Suzie Edge Retha Edge Barry Gilliland Annette Gore Anita Gore Calvin Gore Cynthia Gore Gene Gore Gloria Gore jannette Gore gy X na-,.. X , ' ' Cindy johnson judith jordan Lendra Keel Todd Kessler Angie Kenley Clifton Livingston Carol Lewis Elis Livingston Dallas Martian Penny McAllister Baron Medlock Martha Moore Barbara Morgan Michael Nixon Anthony Noel Amy Painter Tammy Session David Sinclair Sandre Sinclair Ear Small Buzzy Smith Aaron Stackhouse Kelvin Stanley Lenora Stackhouse Cindy Vereen Donna Vereen Michael Vereen Raford Vereen Randy Vereen Sandra Vereen Stephanie Vereen Tony Voivedich Simon Wilson john Wilson Tina Woodley Danny Young Paul Braham Terry Stephens Elmirena Livingston Hampton Livingston Mitchell Livingston Stephanie Livingston Yvenne Livingston Craig Lowery Presto Ludlam Brenda Martin Doris Parmley julie Pardue Donna Parker Alice Parrish Bryan Parker Dottie Randall Denis Pitsinger David Roberts Rhett Stevens Libby Thierry Denise Tholen Debra Todd Penny Todd Freddie Travis Earnie Vaught Bridgette Vereen . Sink' D ggi, , is Deatria Vaught Bobby Ward Paula Watkins Brenda Willet Arden Weygandt Sandra Williams Freddie Wilson Gregory Wilson 97 X class officers Stephanie Edge, Treasurer Goldie Bellamy, President Jim Lewis, Vice-president Majennie Vereen, Secretary class beauty Elizabeth Jenrette 98 . WW..- Freshmen wi . is X , , Gilbert Bellamy James Bellamy Kelvin Bellamy Lynn Bellamy Matthew Bellamy Rosa Bellamy Terral Bellamy P Tony Bessant Vesta Bessant Angela Berkley Joyce Berry Henry Berry Chris Bice Keith Blackburn Debbie Bell Alicia Bellamy Angela Bellamy Artrail Bellamy Bobby Bellamy Charles Bellamy Eddie Bellamy 5 X x . V it .et E , .... X' F X Q Z at 1 . -.te is Q if he VW iss sf X Q X , X Doug Calloway Brenda Case Bonnie Causey Ethel Chestnut Dennis Chestnut Lora Chestnut Lorie Chestnut N X Verlene Bellamy Versie Bellamy Wanda Bellamy Carolyn Bennett Lousie Bennette Dennie Bessant Scott Bessant -it it ,wav Tien.. Gabrele Bowman Lisa Brazier Bobby Brown Elizabeth Brown Teresa Bryant Debbie Buffkin Ricky Buffkin Flay Chestnut Ashley Coleman Mu rlene Collier Phil Cooper Robbie Costner Joann Cox Otis Cox Melvinia Dockery Zelton Dewitt Jerry Dewitt Ben Dewitt Ben Dewitt Donna Dayvault Steve Cox Q st X QR 1 5 DDQ 1 .9 ,sts Jerome Franks Sarah Franks Jimmy Gause Mary Lou Gause Betty Gore Cathy Gore Chris Gore Matthew Greene Jeff Hall Abby Hamilton Regina Hardee Deborah Harris Brenda Hemingway 4 fi' v X' -mis, Tracy Huggins Laurie Jackson Elizabeth Jen nerette Randy Jones Melanie Jordon Chris Kasper Alicia Kester I Q' 2? ee. NYG' t Nix J Q X nm X ta ii its if it Brenda Downer James Edge Joan Edge Rick Elliot Essie Evans Mitzi Ezrin Coronda Franks Xxx ! K Jack Gore Tiandrea Gore Tony Gore Debbie Gorman Anne Green Billy Lee Green Curtis Green Kennith Hemingway Loretta Hemingway Willa Hemingway Norman Herandez Ann Hester Terri Heyward Greg Hughes David Livingston Gertha Livingston jody Livingston Laure Livingston Rose Livingston Taft Livingston Theron Livingston 1 if N C, 5 LN if Theresa Mintz Doris Mizell Billy Morgan Flossie Moore james Moore Lavern Moore Deborah Moore Debbie Nobles Walkee Owens Wanda Padgett Donna Parker Debbie Pender jeff Pike David Pitsinger v 2 -, Mc i N L X, x L A X N as T 5 X A R it E L S qwswf X! X A X f F R '5 Y X is A Ev il' ir xo, by xv .SEQ X X A L 'QQ' Qs if 'S it Q. L is v' X s Q X james Lane Chandria Lewis Oshea Lewis Roddy Lewis Wayne Lewis Cedric Livingston Connie Livingston Wayne Livingston Stephen Mahaffey Delane Malpass Susan McNeil Laura Meyer Danny Mintz Robert Mintz Bobby Norse Hope Morse Donna Morton Vernon Mose Charles Moss Lillie Mae Moss Malton Moss ssgii Q . it Qu N ass? V X Wx ss 5 L QS 5 L xk L Wendy Rachley Khan Reid Rosette Richards Wallace Richards Shelton Riggons jeff Roberts Willis Robinson Cathy Snealy Fritz Speckt Kendall Spells jerry Stackhouse jonathan Stanley Craig Stephens Stewart Stevenson x ix J -:ss - --es, X , - X X :EK . xx S X x 'X X vt 'XY if-rs , :ASTM x Sheila Travis Teresa Trundy Terrie Tyndall Butch Tysinger Robin Upchurch joshua Vaught Alton Vereen Reginald Vereen Sheila Vereen Sherry Vereen Sylvia Vereen Tony Vereen loeretia Ward Dave Wood Ruth Rucker Ray Sessions Mary Ann Shay Kim Smallwood Abigail Smith Susan Smith Terry Smith :is T 'nfs S' if . Mary Ann Stoffel Melanie Sweatt laymie Swift Greg Thompson Vonda Thompson jo Todd loy Todd Xt It ,ww WWW 'tuu nv S Curvey Vereen Harvey Vereen loe Vereen Morris Vereen Nehemiah Vereen Perry Vereen Regina Vereen sal 102 X Randy Woods james Williams Lisa Williams Michael Williams Christopher Wilson Darvin Wilson Denver Wilson JB -.L S . .. kk M' 535 ,f QB . '. N or-.Xxx rl ,wqrrfrfz Edward Wilson Harry Wilson Jennie Wilson 'Y' Axim-x xp X Class officers President Vice-president Secretary Treasu rer Class beauty Vercie Bellamy 104 sophomores Cindy Bellamy Dennis Bellamy Goldie Bellamy Minerva Bellamy Michael Bellamy Mike Bellamy Portia Bellamy Theo Adams Lynn Adderton Annette Albea Derex Albea Lurie Allen jackie Bame Debbie Bell john Brumell Brenda Butler Todd Caldwell Donny Carter Denise Chestnut Ray Chestnut jimmy Cooper wx it X 3 Stephenie Edge Carine Evans Haze Evans Barry Gause Kent Gause Bertha Greene David Greene N x 1 S Terrie Bellamy Vertis Bellamy Wayne Bender Carrol Bessent Kelli Bishop Sarah Bradshaw Steve Bruder XXX .ls all -' SES X x X s xg NX x x X33 . N Ben Cox Betty Cox joann Cox Maxine Cox jim Deress Francis Duncan Ronnie Edge wut in Willie Greene Bonita Greer james Grissett Willie joe Grissett Alton Gore Brenda Gore Delton Gore Xi sr J' Q- 4-as m i ,sf sive' Q f Tim Gore Herbie Gorman Denise Hardee Greg Hardee jeff Hughes Marie Holmes Noris Hemingway sf 'X Q sf f as Dona D. Gore lack Gore Keith Gore Leona Gore Loria Gore Margie Gore Selma Gore Francine Lewis Glen Lewis Tim Lewis Dalla Livingston Norris Livingston Phyllis Livingston Zelm Livingston if Portia johnson Brenda Inman Lester Randal lennie Lane Van Lane Gayr Lee Glenda Lewis X X t X F S N W f Cheryl Moss Lucy Moss Susan Pardue Carmin Parker loyce Parker Odel Parmley Weldon Randall 106 .3,L,,-f' 4-'13-f" .s-12. Q , , Mike Lowman Brad Mallpass Michael McCoy limmy McLamb Missy Moores Wayne Morgan Chris Morton is X sua sag - "" :,.' ':"' iiii ,, gi ?ssSfiiR X A S 5 XX is E x ' f XY 5 as 1sawi ,X .av Ax S E s lag s s t -? ef' .2 . i E. fx Phyllis Reaves Denny Roberts Barbara Russ leff Simons Tina Small Gladys Stackhouse Connie Stanley Terry Vaught Celicia Vereen Chuggy Vereen Dorall Vereen Hazel Vereen leff Vereen Majennie Vereen Annie Willard Darlene Willard Cliff Willett Janet Williams Charlene Wilson Grendel Wilson Wallace Wilson 'Q , e. :x ., - -awii X 'X X ..,. R15 'Q' 5 x X we Q Mit as N x I C Z5 lk 323 Q XX -:, , -i X Q Q4 'Ms aff Ni X f' Y Dennis Stanley Sadie Stevenson Brad Tholen Brenda Todd Richard Trudy Randy Truss Sherrie Vaught Michael Vereen Nathan Vereen Penny Vereen Rodell Vereen Margaret Vogel Dale Wells Daniel Whelan ,,L if .iv Q , N. :Ny 1 , , 1 W Q , , 5 Catrma Young lunior officers President - Elis Chestnut Vice-president - Edith An Secretary - Carol Stanley Treasurer - Geisler Gore Class beauty Patricia Gore 108 n Lewis X- , s :Nei Amy Becker Annette Bennet Bobby Bellamy Clavis Bellamy Marinda Bellamy Rochelle Bellamy Mary Bessent Tommy Campbell Kenny Carter Cledel Chestnut Ellis Chestnut leannette Chestnut Sandra Chesnut Donna Clanton Robin Adderton Priscilla Allbritton Pam Allen Carol Barbour leannie Barbour Teresa Barnhill Brook Beatty w-mmf WN Debbie Franks Greg Gause Evelyn Gause Selma George Barbara Ginn Geissler Gore Patricia Gore M31 , " ,. Q sea Mary L. 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'X ,, lun-: urn GOLF ACRES PIGGLY WIGGLY Hwy. 17 Windy Hill Section North Myrtle Beach South Carolina JERRY COX Conway, S. C. PEOPLES SAVINGS 8. LOAN North Myrtle Beach, S. C. E? ,S AUTO PARTS RDR DISCOUNT CITY LYNN N.M.B., S. C. Congratulations, Seniors "Courteous Service" HILLSIDE RACQUET CLUB . O' eifiiiiziifr 0' owen NATIONAL BANK Q91 Up 63, ' HORRY coumv V I 142 SUMMER SET INN 207 South Ocean Blvd. Ocean Drive Section North Myrtle Beach, S. C. Telephone I803I 249-2034 David and Mildred Bell HOMELITE BRIGGS 8: STRATTON SNAPPER LAWN AND GARDEN CENTER Hydraulic Hose and Couplings RENT-A-TOOL, INIC. 414 Main Street North Myrtle Beach, S. C. Bill Bennett, Mgr. I THOMAS AIRPORT ExxON U.S. I7 8: AIRPORT RD. NORTH MYRTLE BCH.. S.C. 29582 CHARLES THOMAS PHONE: 272-5366 Stem uto Home Owned by CHESTER E. GORMAN Surfwood Shopping Center Business Phone 249-2023 Home 249-2558 North Myrtle Beach JERRY COX ' OF CONWAY CONWAY'S HOME TOWN DEPARTMENT STORE - "HOME OF RED SHIELD STAMPS" 9 FABRICS 9 SHOES 6? MEN'S WEAR 9 GIFTS 9 HOUSEWARES 9 LADIES READY-TO-WEAR 9 HARDWARE 0 HO'ME FURNISHINGS 0 APPLIANCES R ART SUPPLIES 9 INFANTS 84 CHILDRENS WEAR 9 FUELS CONWAY SPORTING GOODS Ma-in Street-Conway, S. C. Telephone 248-2227 Myrtle Beach 448-6051 "Our Service Makes Us Different" A WINDY HILL TEXACO Free Pickup 81 Delivery 3805 s. - Highway 17 DRIFTWOOD RESTAURANT North Myrtle Beach, S. C. . - Cherry Grove Pier Comgffj Ca' C2Ou't2',f,L,f,fgC2L'a"ty N. Myrtle Beach, s. c. MECHANIC ON DUTY Bert Gause, Owner Phone 272-5911 C O N 5 GRACE REALTY co. S Q 311 Sea Mountain Hwy. Q S P. O. Box 3294, Cherry Grove Sta. E 2 North Myrtle Beach, S. C. 29582 A 1 SALES 84 RENTALS A 3 Grace Spa-inhour, Broker N 7 Phone 18031249-1063 S . BELL OIL COMPANY Compliments of EXXON PRODUCTS we ffff P. o. Box 161 North Myrtle Beach, S. C. Q 1 N 1 Telephone 249-2616 - 399-6161 Corner of Main St. and Ocean Blvd. Ocean Drive Section COASTAL ENGRAVERS I , Beach, N. Myrtle Beach, S. C. Congratulations, Seniors SHIP'S GALLEY FAMILY SEAFOOD HOUSE Lake Arrowhead Road "All you can eat eat" Open from 4 'til 10 Da-ily Compliments of Cliist s SUPERB DINING Get The News Of The Grand Strand Subscribe Today To The B8. o , SUPERMARKET Nuff!! Cwgnle Eeanh tmeg North Myrtle Beach H . 17 Wi-nd Hi II S c i n +"oNr:n:v:NlKro"'4 wy , y 8 t O ,P ? f Owners: Frank Hafner, Phil Eaves "f"'S""'E" ,, F0 U N o AT I0 "TH E STO R E WITH EVERYTHING" Winner Of 3 National Blue Ribbons For Community Service I 12 South Carolina Press Association Awards Newspaper Woman Of The Year Best In-Depth News Story Best Local News Story Best Advertising Promotion In South Carolina Hwy. 17 North At 2nd Ave. North Call 249-3525 Advertising 249-1122 149 Congratulations, Seniors THE SHIP'S LOG OPEN YEAR ROUND Owner 8. Operators Bob 81 Glenda Gore Telephone-249-3197 OPEN 4 TILL 10 P.NI. DAILY SUNDAY 1 P.NI. TILL 10 P.Nl. Hwy. 17 North Between Little River 81 Calabash LITTLE RIVER, SOUTH CAROLINA 29566 THE CONWAY NATIONAL BANK Conway - 309 Main St. - 1400 3rd Ave. Coastal Mall -- Surfside Beach, Hwy. 17 South l'l1XHl IIIZXDI 3510 N. Kings Hwy., Windy Hill Section North Myrtle Beach, Sou th Carolina 29582 Phone 272-5355 Congratulations to the Senior Class of 1977 Enjoy Deliiciously Different , elK 'A p o Compliments of BELK Your Happy Shopping Store Coastal Mall MYRTLE SQUARE MALL Hwy. 501 8. 16th Ave., Conway, s. c. Chick-Fil-A sandwich, 3 kinds of salads, . french fries, laiemonad, ice cream, and pies. Open MONUHY thru Saturday l10 ill 93 "Super Quick" courteous service -Box lunches for eating in or carry out- THE CYPRESS SHOPPE Gifts Woodcraft 81 81 Glass Plants Hwy. 17, Little River, S. C. John H. Nye Broker in Charge CHERRY GROVE REALTY CO. Ri. 1, aux asv Chem' Grove Section N. Myrtle Beach, S. C. 29582 North Myrtle Beach, S. C. 29582 Phone C8037 249-1000 Bus. Phone C8031 249-1418 Pat Bellamy 81 Sons Res. Phone C8031 249-2701 249-2131 Me-n's Hair Styling Open Monday Close 12 noon Sat. THE FLOWER SHOP sum: BEAUTY SHOP B 312 23rd Avenue North y 502 Mam Sheet N. Myrtle Beach, S. C. Conway, S- C- 248-4027 Ruith Anne Bellamy Ellen Doyle Congratulations Seniors of 1977 1506 North Main Street FURNITURE HUCKS 8: WASHINGTON 1300 Fourth Avenue Co' ' Cgnway, South Caroliha OF ALL KINDS WEST INGHOUSE - SIMMONS - MAGNAVOX CONWAY, S. C. CROWE'S DELICATESSEN PARTY SHOP Coldcuts cut to order Rt' 9 Little River, South Carolina North Myrtle Beach, S. C. 249-2177 272 5111 272 5112 BRl'JWN'S AUTCI PARTS Au'rclMu'rlvE PAINT AND SUPPLIES HWY. 17 S. C B S BOB Sn KELU BRDWN N. MYRTLE B 5 C OWNERS 29582 CHOCOLATE-NUT-HQUSE lHow Sweet lt Isl Dietetic Candy Ford sales and service . Chocolate Loms, S. C. Hard Candy 357-3771 Nufts Myrtle Square M-all Myrtle Beach, S. C. Congratulations, Seniors HARDWlCK'S CAFETERIA BURROUGHS and COLLINS CO. Established in 1866 Incorporated in 1895 Conway, S. C. 29526 Harry Cclcphauc Zaopcrafivc fha P. O. Drawer 856 Conway, South Carolina 29526 II Area Code 803 - 365-2151 Res. 18031 249-2850 Off. 18037 249-2621 J. permrone Realty COMMERCIAL - RESIDENTIAL H P O. BOX 3386. SEA MOUNTAIN HWY. N. MYRTLE BEACH. S C 29582 GOLDFINCH FUNERAL HOME "SERVICE SINCE 1905" HILLCREST CEMETERY HPERPETUAL CARE" Conway, S. C. 4- ST-"-" - 'S ' ' w ELL ,T L THE WORD y ' -io 'Myrtle Square Mall A - av S ll Myrtle Beach, S. C. 448-9011 B North MyBQcjBe ch, S. C. X 5 A Our-Compliments Discount Drug Center Health and Beauty Aids 5afety,5eN5Ce,3avings Real Estate and Rentals 4125 Main St. Windy Hill SSOUOI1 Loris S C North Myrtle Beach, S C --r:.:::"-W' ' ' ' NANCE INSURANCE AGENCY 8 CAPE CRAFT PINE A division of Paul M. Nance, lnc. 2406 s. Hwy. 17 Hwy' 17 "All Kinds of insurance" Myrue Beach' S' C Auto - Home - Business, etc. Early American Decorative Items Life and Accident Factory Seconds 272-6194 156 W N M B FM STEREO 105.5 KQMMQ, ,W fu W2 WW 7652, yaxvwnwuv. 5 BON CHANCE Class of 1977 From 1500 Highway 17 North Myrtle Beach, S.C. Telephone: 18031 272-5191 157 North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina DEW COMPANY INC. I X, GENERAL ELECTRIC HARDWARE - HOUSEWARES - PAINTS Sales and Services Mackey Adams Bob Adams James Dew Compl-iments of COASTAL MART ONE STOP SHOPPING CENTER Cherry Grove Section North Myrtle Beach, S. C. Compliments of LEWIS CO. INC. 423 Main St. Ocean Drive Section REAL ESTATE HEADQUARTERS RESORT, COMMERCIAL AND RESIDENTIAL SALES. Jerry Rayford 249-1257 249-1693 VEREEN CONSTRUCTION COMPANY Excavating - Hauling - Grading Seawalls - Foundation Piling P- 0' B0X.352 , Office Telephone Ocean Drive Section North Myntle Beach, S. C. 18031 249-1312 PALMETTO SUPPLY COMPANY U. S. Highway 17 Little River, S. 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Suggestions in the North Myrtle Beach High School - Chief Yearbook (North Myrtle Beach, SC) collection:

North Myrtle Beach High School - Chief Yearbook (North Myrtle Beach, SC) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Page 1


North Myrtle Beach High School - Chief Yearbook (North Myrtle Beach, SC) online yearbook collection, 1976 Edition, Page 1


North Myrtle Beach High School - Chief Yearbook (North Myrtle Beach, SC) online yearbook collection, 1977 Edition, Page 137

1977, pg 137

North Myrtle Beach High School - Chief Yearbook (North Myrtle Beach, SC) online yearbook collection, 1977 Edition, Page 6

1977, pg 6

North Myrtle Beach High School - Chief Yearbook (North Myrtle Beach, SC) online yearbook collection, 1977 Edition, Page 157

1977, pg 157

North Myrtle Beach High School - Chief Yearbook (North Myrtle Beach, SC) online yearbook collection, 1977 Edition, Page 125

1977, pg 125

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