North Muskegon High School - Norseman Yearbook (North Muskegon, MI)

 - Class of 1958

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North Muskegon High School - Norseman Yearbook (North Muskegon, MI) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 140 of the 1958 volume:

NGRSEMAN 1958 Published by the Norseman Annual Staff of North Muskegon High School of North Muskegon, Michigan 1 Stephen D. Koch, Editor-in-Chief. PREFACE We take many footsteps in our iourney from the time we enter high school until the time we are graduated. These are taken not only in walk- ing between classes, but also in terms of achievement and social position in school. This annual tries to show the various facets of this iourney through the high school years. The first footstep, one which we all take with great pride, is our entry into high school, our passing into the seventh grade. We all remember the day on which we stepped proudly into our seventh grade classroom, feeling that we had the world at our feet. This little balloon is soon broken how- ever, and we are forced to realize that we aren't fully a part of high school. Our changing of classes is limited to moving from one room to the other, and we have no choice of subiects whatsoever. The next 'big step is our entry into the freshman year. We are now allowed to choose our subiects more or less freely and have full freedom be- tween classes. Also, we feel that we really belong in the social set-up of school. The commencement of the sophomore and iunior years are rather small strides toward the ultimate goal, the senior year. This is the year in which we are the elite of high school society. We proudly look down our long aristocratic noses at the "immature" and "childish" underclassmen, forgetting that we were once in their same position. In this year we also begin to think seriously of the future, our careers, our goals in life. . Suddenly we realize it is time for us to take the biggest step of all, we are to be graduated. Our spirit saddens as we realize that we will probably seldom see these people whom we have known so well for the past six years. Graduation is a time of mixed emotion, happiness because we have been anticipating the change from the routine of high school, and sadness because we are to be forced from the familiar into the unknown. These footsteps are very necessary to our maturation, and passing through each of them in turn is what makes our high school years the hap- piest in our lives. It is the sincere hope of the entire Norseman Annual Staff that this book, in portraying these steps, will bring pleasure to all who read it. Stephen D. Koch Editor-in-Chief -lane' KBC-ffl, assistant editor in chief: Mrs. Maxine Andrews, advisor. 2 DEDICATION FACULTY SENIORS CLASSES .,.. ORGANIZATION MUSIC .. . SPORTS .,I.. FEATURES ..... SENIOR DIRECTORY ADVERTIZING ., Table of Contents 3 FIGHT SONG Cheer for the Gold and the Blue Come on fellows-yes, We mean you. Give our team a mighty shout Sure we will win-there is no doubt. It makes no difference what we go through Still North Muskegon, we cheer for you. While our team is marching, marching Onward to victory. ALMA MATER ln between the calm lake waters Scenes we call our own Stands the North Muskegon campus Fairest ever known. Swell the chorus, Let it echo, Over hill and vale. Hail to Blue and Gold, our colors. Norsemen, hail, all hail NORTH MUSKEGON HIGH SCHOOL SCHOOL SONG Come on, you mighty North Muskegon Come on, you Blue and Gold Show the Norsemen fight Go with all your might You can win today for N-O-R-S-E-MEN Come on, you mighty North Muskegon Let's go all the way Raise your blue and gold on high This is Norsemen's day. SCHOOL COLORS Blue and Gold 4 Dedication We, the graduating class of nineteen-hundred and fifty-eight and the annual staff of North Muskegon High School, sincerely dedicate this edition of the Norseman to Mrs. Maxine Andrews, English instructor and annual staff advisor. Mrs. Andrews will be long remembered for the aid and the beneficial instruction she has given us as our annual staff advisor. During the three years she has held this position, she has possessed the admirable quality of unending patience. She has always been willing to give her time and attention to help each one of us with our problems, small or large. This same patience and helpfulness have been displayed in her English classes. As instructor of English in our school since 1954, she has encouraged us to fulfill scholastic requirements by her high standards in her classrooms. We all thank you, Mrs. Andrews, for everything you have given us through your patience and instruction. As we seniors depart from North Muskegon High School, we leave to you this dedication as a token of our appreciation. It is with mingled feelings of gratitude, admiration, and respect that we dedicate the 1958 Norseman to Mr. Ralph Strouf. Mr. Strouf was the band director at North Muskegon High School for seven years. He left us in 1957 to take over his duties as Director of Bands at the University of Denver, Denver, Colorado. Mr. Strouf's work with the North Muskegon High School band is worthy of the highest form of praise. Through his initiative and guidance, he built our band into one which received many first-class ratings. He patiently worked with every individual, and in doing so, gave each one self-confidence and the willingness to work needed for a successful band. His wonderful sense of humor and winning personality made him everyone's friend. We were all sorry to see him depart from North Muskegon High School, but wish him success in his new work. We hope that he will continue to inspire students as he has done at North Muskegon High School. We thank you, Mr. Strouf. 5 FACULTY w 6 Jldf' Dave DeBruyn, Nancy English, Editor, and Kay Gruette. 7 Andersen, Harold University of Michigan Social Studies Anderson, Edward A.B., Hope College English Andrews, Maxine A.B., Albion College English Birdsall, Katherine A.B., Olivet College A.M., University of Michigan Foreign Languages Boutin, Aino A.B., University of Michigan Librarian Bunks, Wesley A.B., lllinois State College Industrial Arts Clark, Virginia B.A., University of Delaware Art Core, Glen B.S. and M.A., University of Michigan Math Frantz, George A.B., Northern Michigan M.A., University of Michigan Biology Halmond, John A.B,, Western Michigan A.M., University of Michigan Economics and Government 8 Hansen, Sara Jane A.B., Albion College B.M., M.M., Chicago Muscial College Vocal Music Jansen, Ronald Jacobs, John A.B. and A.M., University of Michigan Science B.S., Northern Michigan College of Education Industrial Arts Jozsa, John Johnson, Marcia B.S., University of Louisville Home Economics B.A. and M.A., Michigan State University Guidance and Attendance Director Lectka, Duncan A.B., Michigan State University Football Coach Morris, Robert Kiolhede, Imogene B.S., Western Michigan University Business Education Maurer, Gertrude B.A., Michigan State University English A.B., Michigan State University Basketball Coach Noel, Josephine B.S., Western Michigan College Speech 9 Steinmetz, Charles A.B., University of Wisconsin Math Stewart, Curtis A.B., Western Michigan College Art Stuart, Berna A.B., University of Redlands Seventh Grade VanderMeer, Robert A.B., University of Michigan American History VanHoesen, Homer B.S,, Central Michigan College A.M., University of Michigan Science Vos, Harry B,A., Hope College History Wathen, Isabelle A.B., University of Michigan Oltice Practice Wunsch, Arthur B.S., Wayne University A.M., University of Michigan Zelenka, Clara B.S., Central Michigan College Physical Education Band and Choir Mr. Vincent McGugan, Superintendent, and Miss Louise Joldersma, Clerk. Mr. Fred Brieve, Principal, and Miss Mary Helen Hammerle, Secretary. BOARD OF EDUCATION Seated: R. Neff, N. Fleishman, M. C. Bradbury, Jr., L. Joldersma, Clerk of Board of Education, R. Wheaton. Standing: V. M. McGugan, Superintendent, W. Holmes. 11 SENICRS 0 12 ,gf ,E ' ' I IIAII II In Q all -QA? X 4 1 I ff f U L-3 -+ N X c N . I I I I I I I 'Y 1 gif 1, '24 up 4141? Il I I I X - f I I Rx I I II I IIILIIIII, IQILM -- sz, 7f' LEFT TO RIGHT: Mary Loder, Jone Jones, Editor, Sandy Cooper. 13 VIVIAN ANN AAMODT - Steak and coffee are Viv's favorites . . . playing her hi fi is a hobby . . . future plans are uncertain. KEITH CHARLES ANDERSON -- Happy senior from Slough, Eng- land . . . spends his time con- structing model aircraft . . . played bass drum in band . . . plans to train to be a draftsman. MALCOLM THOMAS ANDERSON - "Andy" . . . working on his car rates high . . . lists history as fav- orite . . . co-op . . . Junior College next. JANE LINDSEY AUSTIN - Enioys steak, "Autumn Leaves", football . . . dislikes dumb people . . . Jane will be seen next on M.S.U. cam- pus . . . some field of home econ- omics. JEANENE GRACE BALDWIN - "When I Fall In Love" is a favorite of this cute soprano . . . Waterski- ing also rates high . . . Jeanie plans to go to Hope College . then an elementary vocal teacher. MAGALICE JANE AGNEW -- "Mag" loves to roller skate . . . favorite food is chicken . . . plans to pursue a nursing career at Ford Nursing School. RONALD HENRY ANDERSON - Women peeve Ron . . . likes sea- food ancl""lt's Not For Me To Say" . . . art, football, fishing are favor- ites . . . next: the telephone com- pany. MARLYS ARMSTRONG - enjoys eating ham . . . ice skating and baseball are favorite sports . . . hopes to become a beauty opera- TOY. BETTY JEAN BAATZ - Bett's hob- by: going to the show . . . macar- oni and cheese and typing - fav- orites . . . office work after grad- uation. MARILYN ANN BANK - An active senior . . . "Mare" likes cookies and keeping a scrapbook . . . peppy . . . social work after Western Re- serve University. 14 nts? :aj A gt? 4 3259 5? 3' WWE?- - Nt-1 V 'H I- .--.... . ., .,.....,,..., . ,E .,., ., -nf we .gg vi s 555:39 H nl' Q ,aff f ss 255 x x wi an tm 3 -Q Q .1 . is lf XLS 4+ J EQ if " W 'kiigf 1 -we--m.:s:f::gff,, .. , ' 1 fp.. at ' . ' .5-j:i,-:g5f2?:Z':5::: ... "" ' - 2 if 55 gt A MARILYN SUE BARNARD - Likes eating . . . and English . . . favorite song - "Honeycomb" . . . Muske- gon Junior College next with medi- cine after. EVELYN LUCILLE BEDGOOD - A vivacious strawberry blond . . . "Bugs" . . . "Loving You" and shrimp rate high . . . Secretarial work ahead. RICHARD MICHAEL BISSEN - AI- ways friendly . . . all kinds of food and hunting are Dick's de- light . . . ambition: to go into ac- counting after Michigan State University. DEWAYNE PETER CARLSON - "Duke" relishes hamburgs . . . likes football, electronics, and physics . . . dislikes homework . . . next: Worshom College of Mort- uary Science. AL JEAN CHARLES - Roller skat- ing and math interest Jean . . . favorite song: "You Send Me" . . . next is to study for a nursing ca- reer. ALFRED G. BEAUCHAMP - Al . . enjoys art and baseball as well as French fried onions . . . makes classes fun . . . Texas Tech. and work in the petroleum industry next EDWARD MILTON BEEGLE - Likes include hunting and art . . . Eddie enjoys being on the gridiron more than in the classroom . . . favorite song - "That'II Be The Day". DAVID Dave's one great interest is his FRANCIS BOUTELL "48" Mercury . . . likes to h ea r "Diana" . . . dressing up in a suit peeves him. GEORGE RALPH CARROLL - Ham- burgs, coke, "Tammy", swimming rate high . . . favorite subject - mechanical drawing . . . for the future - Chicago Tech. College, then drafting. BEVERLY JUNE CHARLES - Bev loves to eat Southern fried chicken . . . football and That Will Be The Day" are her favorites beauty college is next in sight. JUDY DEAN CHILCOTE - Muske- gon School of Business and office work will be next to see "Jude" . . . especially likes typing, and scalloped potatoes . . . brothers peeve her. JUDY ANN CLARK - Collecting tropical fish doesn't keep "Jude" too busy to be on loads of commit- tees . . . enioys shrimp, boating and art . . . future uncertain. NANCY JEAN CROUCH-"Knute" loves to eat pizza and read mys- tery stories . . . stubborn boys peeve her . . . art and band are special delights . . . art teaching after Western Michigan University. VERLA JEAN DELONG - likes to watch and play baseball . . . dis- likess people who crack gum but loves ice cream . . . plans to be a typist. ROBERT WAYNE DUSENBERRY - Bob doesn't like to see girls in long socks . . . hunting deer and eating deer steak are favorites . . . of this football player . . . future un- decided. GEORGE WINFRED CLARK, lll "Skip" loves to fish, play tennis and eat steak and hamburgs . . small fish peeve him . . . for the future it's Hope College, then med: cal research. LAURENCE DENNING CROSKEY - Physics, football, and "Rockin Shoes" rate high with Larry . . . spare time spent collecting coins . . . Junior College . . . mechanical engineering in future. HORACE A. DEANE, JR. - Hal . .. interested in railroading . . . likes economics and pizza . . . wants to go into law or economics after college. ROLF HANS KARL DREYER Goodlooking Rolf hails from Osna- brueck, Germany . . . boxing and Thuringer Klosse with roast goose rate high . . . hopes to be a char- tered accountant after the Univer- :ity in Hamburg. NANCY G. ENGLlSH - Gertie . . . wants to attend Ohio Wesleyan . . . loves pizza . . . would like to be a personnel worker . . . en- joys watching football. 16 RUTH ANN ERICKSON - Enioys growing flowers . . . doesn't like being in a hurry . . . typing and steak are Ruthie's special likes... future is undecided. JAN JOSEPH EVANS - Likes algebra along with pheasant . . . Jan's favorite song "Star Dust". .. this redhead raises dogs, also en- ioys watching football. ' Mar 's favorite song is "Swim ing 2151 5 W iz:-.R g g ,, A gf 5 Sweethearts" . . . likes cherr ie R and baseball . . . collects cartoons 5' . . . wants to attend Central Mich- FT' -t-r - 'gun College. RONALD KING FARMER - chem- -'- , . . .i n 51m.., nstry and shooting arrows r a t e , .g f high . . . 6'5" Ron likes to hear 2 '55 Loving You" . . .plays basketball if . . . plans to attend J. C. and fl Lgg. Ugg, f Michigan State University. MARJORIE LEIGH FECHNER - eat- ing pizza and playing tennis keep this laughing girl busy . . . "Just Between You and Me" . . . Margie hopes to be an elementary teacher after college. MYRON ALFRED FENNER - Hap- py-go-lucky Mike is content putter- ing with cars . . . enjoys drawing and steak also . . . Michigan State in the future. LINDA LEE FOSTER -- Would like to be a nurse . . . loves to eat pizza and hear "Honeycomb" . . . good bowler . . . future includes college at the University of Denver. ELLEN ELIZABETH GARBER - "El's" favorites include pizza, bas- ketball, and "Silver Sands" . . spends her summers, when not at a special science school out East, sailing . . . next is a study of biology. LARRY E. GRABINSKI - Larry's ambition is to be a designer or go into the restaurant business . . . cars are his hobby while typing a favorite subiect. LAWRENCE ROY GUNN -- Stud- ents who don't cheer at football games are "Moose's" pet peeve . . . since art is his favorite sub- ject . . . commercial art will fol- low. 17 'Nu' -9 MARILU HEPWORTH - lt's J. C., Northwestern University then a Teaching career for this gal . . . loves to write letters . . . has loads of pen-pals . . . good in the SeniorJOYCE MAUTHE HH-T M- This busy PlaY Hour Townn' secretary of Student Council loves steak, bowling, and "Summertime" . . . cracking knuckles drive her crazy . . . Miami University, then elementary education. KAREN ANN HOLMES - Football, bowling, and "Bye Bye Love" are favorites with Karen . . . one of the lucky ones who went to Europe . . . teaching small fry after Wes- fern Michigan University- ELIZABETH ANN HowER - Run- ner-up for Homecoming Queen, pretty Betty's favorite subject is English . . . work at the Drug . . . dislikes people who argue . . . future - nurses training. SAMMIE HUGHES -- Holds high jump record in track . . . Lee likes to hunt and type . . . enjoys eat- ing chicken . . . possibly a trade school in the near future. JERALDINE JOANNE HUNTING- TON - likes to draw . . . class- rooms made more attractive with her pictures . . . ambition is to be a teacher . . . after attending J. C. and Western Michigan. BERTA JANE JANDA -- Cla S S dancer . . . also likes to sing . . . Bert is an Elvis Presley hater . . . enjoys broasted chicken . . . wants to be a nurse in the future. JOYCE KAREN JENSEN - Plays clarinet . . . enthusiatic about watching basketball games a n d eating chicken . . . also enjoys list- ening to "That'll Be The Day". JUDITH ANN JOHNSON - Jude . . . active senior . . . likes include "Deep Purple" and football . . . talking is definitely her hobby . . , Michigan State University with merchandising is an ambition for THOMAS ERIC JO H N so N- the fulure' Along with being President of Student Council, Tom is a radio ham . . . other interests include physics and math . . . track . . . future holds engineering. 18 JANE ELISABETH JONES - Chili and history high raters . . . secre- tary of the class . . . likes to work with ceramics . . . always busy . . . art teaching after the Univer- sity of Wisconsin. NANCY MARIE KARAFA - Nan . . . collects matchbook covers . . . typing and football high on list of favorites . . . next -- secretarial work. DAVID RAY KATZ - Dave's hobby -cars . . . quiet and thoughtful . . . likes chemistry . . . hopes to become a builder in the future. CAROL JUNE KIEFT - Bound for Muskegon School of Business . . . office work for this tiny senior . . . enjoys eating pizza and watching KAREN ANN KLECKA - Baton football games. twirler . . . likes "Honeycomb" . . . also watching football . . . reliable . . . special interest - shorthand , . . headed for office work. STEPHEN DOUGLAS KOCH - Steve spends time in identifying plants . . . being editor of annual keeps him busy . . . sometimes sleeps in class . . . next: Biological research at Harvard. FRANCIS C. LAUNSTEIN -- Fran's favorites are strawberries . . . foot- ball also rates high . . . hunting takes up a lot of his spare time . . . possibly M.S.U. in the future. JACQULYN KAY KNOLL-Jack- ie . . . enioys eating steak . . . d:wesn't like "loud mouths" . . . collects jewelry . . . has a terrible time driving a car . . . secretarial work in the future. ROSS FREDERICK KREIGH - "Tig- er" likes macaroni and baseball . . . building model things interests him...math...UofMorMich- igan State for engineering. JUDITH ANN LANGELAND - Pizza and "Fascination" enthusiast . . . hobby is playing in the band . . . English favorite subiect in school . . plans for the future in- clude Western Michigan University and teaching. 19 iFTf.Qt "i ' i EEW -52425 V W6.Wi,Z,,,,.,M 1, -W,-,fe V sei, SST? g 2' 4' my A Mfg Ar, 451, exmwwasswggffgt 'ff Zigi it C -gf rx kQz:f5Sf"?'f'V"":'gf5'52E?i2 if V ' Qiglfwi ,. - ':5z5:-ima. . 3: bbw ? 63 JANET RUTH LEGARD - This gal's favorite subject is English . . . loves to roller skate . . . sisters are her pet peeve . . . missionary work FREDERIC' SPENCER LIVINGSTON - Fred likes and is good at all after Hackley School of Nursing. sports . . . spends spare time hunt- ing . . . "Just Between You and Me" . . . spaghetti . . . Albion is next for this handsome boy., WILLIAM EDWARD MAPLES - "Don't Gamble With Love" is Willy's favorite song . . . also enjoys steak and girls . . . happy and loads of fun . . . hopes to be an anaesthetist. RENATE MATTHIES-A smiling girl from Stuttgart, Germany . . . ex- change student . . . riding in the car and taking pictures rate high . . . also eating turkey and typing. . . . laughing senior. HARLEY SELDEN MARSH - This clever magician enjoys eating fried . clams . . . his motor scooter peeves him . . . joker . . . football and Speech rote high - - - Michigan wiLLiAM HUGH MCINTYRE, Jr. --- Stcff UULVSVSLTY nexi- Bill loves homemade ice cream . . . good in football . . . co-captain of the team . . . enjoys hunting . . . especially rats . . . president of the class . . . Houghton Tech. and en- gineering next in sight. NORA ANN MCALLISTER -- Teach- ing is Nora's ambition . . . this little gal loves to eat steak . . .her favor- ites are basketball and "Fascina- tion" . . . always sweet and kind. LINDA BROOKE MCNIFF-This gal likes to have a good time . . . "Mick" . . . also enjoys football, Spanish, Pizza, and 'fDeep Purple" . . . college next in sight for this full of fun senior. HARRY ALLEN MCKINLEY - "Mo" . . . T-bone steak, "Honeycomb", and bowling . . . dislikes girls to smoke . . . mechanical drawing . . . next- Chicago Technical College. JOSEPH GEORGE MFERENDORF- Joe especially likes football . . . favorite subject - algebra . . . "Honeycomb" rates high on the top song list . . . nice guy . . . Muskegon Junior College next. 20 JACK EUGENE MUSSELMAN, JR. -All around athlete . . . "Jake" especially enioys football and trap shooting . . . also likes history . . . . h. b.. law after college is is am :tion MARGARET ANN MOGREN-Loves to travel . . . went to Europe . . . Peggy . . . likes to eat steak . . . football is a favorite . . . this happy gal to be seen next on the Western Michigan University campus. ROBERTA NICHOLS-Collects lit- tle dolls . . . likes homemaking . . . quiet . can be found swimming in her leisure hours . . . plans to go into office work. GORDON F. OBERG - Waterskis during the summer . . . Goldie's "Got A Lot of Lovin' To Do". . . favors steak and chemistry . . . hard working . . . future uncertain. THERESE OETTE--Terri . . . "Rap- sody in Blue" echoes . . . travels . . . ice skating in the winter . . . good piano player . . . Muskegon School of Business and secretarial work ahead. RONALD WAYNE ORTQUlST- likes bookkeeping best of all . . . Ron enioys eating strawberry short- cake . . . golf . . . accounting next stop . . . likes to hear "Friendly Persuasion." CHARLES JAMES OWENS - Main interests include hunting and speech . . . enioys eating steak and potatoes . . . likes to listen to "Flo" . . . track . . . Central Michigan College and public relations com- ing up. GARY RONALD PAYNE - Gary likes to eat ham among other things . . . prefers shop to his other subiects in school . . . main interest-guns . . . future uncertain. MARY JO POPE - Enthusiastic about sewing, Italian spagetti and basketball . . . "Rainbow" . . . en- joys English classes . . . ambition: to be a nurse. ELlNOR ELISABETH POPP-Photog- rapher and traveler . . . exchange student from HassfurtfMain, Ger- many . . . dislikes getting up early . . . enioys swimming and toast. 21 LARRY JAY POWELL-Engineering after Air Force Academy . . . col- lects Elvis Presley pictures . . . en ioys eating ice cream and listening to "Blue Tango" . . . always fun. JUDITH ANN PROCTOR-Judy . . . bowling enthusiast . . . likes to draw and eat steak . . . coming up: University of Michigan and then a teaching career. JAMES FREDERICK PYLE - "Boney Maroney" is a favorite of Jim' S . . . football and basketball play- er . . . good-looking . . . alway S ioking . . . Michigan State Univer- sity: theh business. classes . . . office work for the JANET LOUISE REA - Jan's fav- orites are ice cream and "Just Be- tween You And Me" . . . cheerlead er for 3 years . . . enioys steak . , . treasurer of Student Council . . . J. C. and Central Michigan Col lege next. BARBARA RETERSTOFF - Prefers basketball and chili . . . likes to lis- ten to "Tammy" and write letters . . . Barb plans to go to Muskegon Business College. JANE S A N F O R D RICHARDS - Moved here from Bay City this year . . . painter and sailor . . . "Lost In Lovliness" . . . good voice enjoys English . . . Social Serv- ice after Albion College. DORIS ANN ROOSMALEN-Fish and "Love Letters In The Sand" rate high . . . favorite sports in- clude baseball and roller skating . . . also likes econ best of her stylist. future. THOMAS KENT SANDWICK--Scal- loped potatoes and art fall under Tom's favorites . . . enioys listening to "Whole Lot of Shaking Goin' On" . . . also likes to roller skate. MARIE ANTOINETTE RUSSO -- Toni's hobby is dancing, dislikes getting up in the morning. . . nice . . . favors football and history- - - future includes becoming a hair BONNIE ANN SCHAUB-Under special likes-chicken and "Fasci- nation" . . . also basketball . . . enioys typing . . . quiet . . . busi- ness is what the future holds. 22 - WALTON CURTISS SETHER-head- ed for Muskegon J.C .... spends a lot of time "keeping gay" . . . loves "Rebel" and steak . . . al- ways something witty to say . , SANDRA LOU SHAW - Makes enloys speech class best. those knitting needles fly . . . dis- likes punctuation . . . ice skating in the winter rates high with this rath- er shy girl . . . ambition: to be a missionary. JOSEPH EDWARD SIENKIEWICZ- Drawing and hunting are among hobbies . . . big . . . good looking . . . football kept him busy . . . an art school in the East will see him next year then . . . commercial art. ERNEST E. SIMONS-A pizza en- thusiast . . . likes baseball and shop . . . enioys having a good time . . . Ernie . . . "Gone" . . . plans for the future undecided. JAMES STUART SMITH - Smitty's hobbys include trout fishing and hunting . . . also greatly enioys water-sking and art. . . plans to be a barber after Green's Barber Col- lege- TOM RicHARD soonsu - Pam, football, and physical education are among this cute boy's favorites . . . enjoys hearing "There's a Gold Mine in the Sky" . . . modern weld- ing coming up. EVELYN SYLVIA MARY SOHASKY -Evie . . . this gal loves to go to parties . . . list of likes include hot dogs, "That'll Be The Day", and football . . . after graduation- beauty college and hair stylist. THOBURN MH-AN STAMM JR- annoyed by photographers . . . Toby enioys golf and shrimp . . . along with Beethoven's Third . . . next: the University of Michigan . . followed by engineering. SHARON SUE STEEBY-"Stubert" . . . loves to watch football and lis- ten to "Honeycomb" . . . boys who don't dance bother her . . . a laughing gal . . . Michigan State will claim her next year . . . after KATHRYN ANN TAYLQR - Cufe that-merchandising. Ann likes to watch football and basketball games . . . boys who don't shave are a pet peeve , , , popular . . . English and speech rate high . . . college next: speech teacher after. 23 """' 0' -I asf' 'L ' " f sf A J . df 2 51,11 3-ggi , .. g M 4 J 45"-41?-ZiY'i?323' A . Eff'-iiffizsifzi '- i W 533252222 ,ts . ZSZIZQQVQS - K tgiitgggqgg -, "i.5'::jE:22:E:.,' . , ,,A. 1 ::r . ' 3. Effiili-i?,::.5: l 1215 . rig? ,... U 3, ..F:j-, fgzv ' if T' . , ,Ms HARRY EARL TEMPLE, JR.--Collects records . . . "Don't Be Cruel" a favorite . . . enjoys hunting and ice cream . . . future plans are un- Ceffclln' SUZANNE KAY THOMAS -- Suzi . . . spends time "havin' f-in' . . . enjoys history, pizza, aid swim- ming . . . spent one summer in Germany . . . exotic . . . Stevens College and modeling next. JANlCE CLARE VANDERLINDE - Tops in this gals opinion are Chop Suey and "That Reminds Me" . . . as well as ice skating . . . Jan . . . enjoys English . . . after J. C. will be elementary school teaching. NORMAN LEE VAN MAASTRICHT --Collecting anything and every- thing is Norm's hobby . . . a great entertainer . . . talented . . . enjoys watching football and eating chic- JAMES RICHARD VAN ETTEN - Dick . . . "Whole Lot Of Shakin' Goin' On" and steak rate high . . . archery is greatly,enjoyed by this modern Robinwood . . . the future holds no definite plans. ken . . . Marine Corp after gradu' MARY LOU WACHTER 'T' HLOU' ation. Lou's" special interests center around basketball and bowling . . . flirty but fun . . . enjoys hearing "That'll Be The Day" . . . pizza and homemaking class rate high . . . next: office work. FRANKLIN D. WALTERS -- Corn- munity College and landscape architecture will follow graduation . . . good actor in the Senior Play . . . caused much laughing back stage . . . soft ball and world his- tory are favorite. DAVID LEE VVEERSTRA-The art of eating hamburgs particularly ap- peals to Dave . . . good sense of humor for a fellow whose favorite subject is physics . . . coming up: Junior College . . . engineering. GERALD WEAVER-Jerry especial- ly enjoys speech . . . hobbies in- clude cars and hunting . . . likes "Diana" and football . . . redhead . . . future plans include the Pasa- dena School of Art. JANET ELAINE WEERSTRA - Next on the agenda for this laughing gal is Michigan State University, then Dentistry . . . likes football, basketball, and bowling . . . also shrimp and speech class. 24 BEVERLY ANN WEICHNER - Bev likes to listen to "Angry" and eat chicken . . . quiet . . . bowling is a favorite . . . after graduation- office work. LINDA LOUISE WElSSERT--Favo- rite sports include bowling and football . . . enioys history . . . ELIZABETH STEPHANIE WELKOSKE loves chicken . . . collects names on her cast . . . from car accident . . . Grand View next year . . . major- ing in history. --"Star Dust" and basketball are high on Bonnie's list of favorites . . . third year as class treasurer . . . loves to eat Italian spagetti . . . Michigan State next . . . teach- ing following. LYDIA OLGA WENDLING - Lyd . . . raises guppies . . . interests center around band, shrimp and "Tara's Theme" . . . as well as bas- ketball . . . future for this cute gal: University of Denver. RONALD RICHARD WESELO--Pre- fers steak and "Wake Up Little Susie" . . . particularly liked Senior Science . . . Ron . . . dislikes being called by his last name. DOUGLAS C. WH-KE-Doug enioys eating oysters and listen- ing to "Star Dust" . . . people who borrow pencils and paper annoy him . . . Muskegon School of Business and accounting next in sight. CAROLYN YORK-Carol likes to have fun and eat fattening foods . . . favorite song is "Empty Arms" . . . future is undecided at the mOl'l1eI1T. JAMES FAY ZAHRT-Zart's list of pleasures include football . . . lis- tening to "Honeycomb" . . . eat- ing steak . . . next stop for this swell guy: Ferris Institute and me- chanics. NOT PICTURED PATRICK BARNHARDT RONALD ROUTT JAMES SIBSON JOHN MARK BILL SCHNELL 25 5 W Q E ii 11 4 In drifted the girls wearing beautiful swishing gowns of sunny, spring colors and lovely corsages of roses and other breath-taking blooms, all of which made a charming rainbow around the debonair young men in sharp black and white tuxedos. Thus started the 1957 Prom, Moments To Remember. It was a smashing success thanks to the prom committee pictured above. Standing-Nancy Crouch, Jackie Knoll, Nancy English, Judy Johnson, Joyce Hilt, Jerry Huntington, Linda Foster, Judy Clark, and Lydia Wendling. Seated-co-chairmen, Linda Beck and Hal Deane. The dinner, held at the Doo Drop Inn, and dancing, to the music of Frank Lock- age's Orchestra at the Fruitport Pavilion, were enioyed by all. The Very Reverend J. Donald Skinner of St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Mr. Wayne Eikenberry, Superintendent of Schools, Mr. Vincent McGugan, Principal of N.M.H.S., Ray Olson, President of the Senior Class, Tom Johnson, President of the Junior Class, and Fred Livingston, Master of Ceremonies were the speakers at the dinner. While at the dance the honored seniors were entertained by Norman VanMaastricht and an enchanting quartet, consisting of Joyce Hilt, Jeanie Baldwin, Ann Taylor, and Linda Beck. Credit should be given to pre- and post-prom parties as they helped to make "prom night" unforgetable. Some pre-prom parties were held by Judy Clark and Lydia Wendling, and Buzz Kersman and Albert Port where all enioyed excellent punch and delicious hors d' ouvres plus a lively exchange of compliments and plans for the rest of the evening. There was a shower of post-prom parties started by Ellen Garber's and the combined party of Lee Witt and Tom Engle's right after the prom. Then the breakfasts began. Mary Lee Foote's at 4:00 a.m., Ann Taylor's at 5:00 and, last but not least, Jim Pyle's at 6:00 a.m. These truly were "Moments To Remember." REMEMBER f'Q'!fU!?!?' ,J The Senior Play, "Our Town", was given on December 3, 4, 1957 under the direction of Mrs. Josephine Noel, speech teacher, and Jane Austin, student directors. The new high school gymnasium was filled to capacity both nights with 300 avid fans present to cheer the amateur actors and actresses on to glory. The play, although very humorous in parts, was a drama and a very difficult one for high school students to put on. All did an excellent iob, so said the speech directors of both Muskegon Senior and Muskegon Heights High Schools. In the leading roles were Steve Koch as the Stage Man- ager, Joyce Hilt as Emily, Tom Johnson portraying George, Judy Johnson playing Joyce's mother, Mrs. Webb, and Marilu Hepworth as Mrs. Gibbs, Tom's mother. The supporting cast consisting of Hal Deane, George Clark, Nancy English, Fred Livingston, Frank Walters, Larry Croskey, Mike Fenner, Jack Musselman, Larry Powell, and Sharon Steeby added to the over-all effect in their speaking parts, and Jane Richards, Ann Taylor, Keith Anderson, Janet Rea, Janet Weersra, Jeanie Baldwin, Suzi Thomas, Marilyn Bank, Nancy Crouch, and Bonnie Welkoske as people of the town helped to make the play the success it was. Credit should also be given to the people behind the scenes for the help they were. Peggy Mogren and Toby Stamm as Assistant Stage Managers, Linda Foster, Marguer- ite Eyestone, Jane Jones, Lydia Wendling, Jerry Huntington, Terri Oette, Marlys Armstrong, Betty Hower, Judy Langeland, Sandra Shaw, Carol York, Toni Russo, Marilyn Barnard, Eve- lyn Sohasky, and Judy Clark. 29 CUTEST BEST DRESSED J, " , 1 Q S x A ' - QA . BEST MUSICIANS BEST LOOKING 30 BEST ATHLETES M . ap, 'E MW W CLASS FLIRTS CLASS CUT UPS Y ' -4:,, 1 P - AFA? 2 ' f' 9 ?1., if re-I A ' V A 31 B Xiy K 0 A 7 ,M A S24 I mf , 12 - Y FACULTY RUSHERS r X is raw A fy QGQ T L nik its Q A l ? A ' A A il! RKA If QQ fb A 6? '90 Og ' ,T L L 32 MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED fl S if A. L zuu 3 1 K I, I , , X 'V T' TT'L 1 ff -A BEST ALL AROUND BEST ACTOR AND ACTRESS Q . 8 5 32' :g g ,sw WE HY' 7 D BEST DANCERS CUTEST coume -f-' gl T - ' -' mf SHYEST gffi dh I I k ' 1 V T 4 ' T L I 1 w L I L T 1 I 1 V I E E 3 E 2 9 S 'S Exim, XS A :f"1'Zl3f'?5f C' L k 9 W 3- . A ,, XX.' f' X ,X .,,, EQ M ig X tif' ,yi X' 3 ,, V1 ,,f qi ,ii ,4 7 A QQ' 6,53 'hx AM-QE S X S mms Ed Sum A-wb. CLASSES 36 C f 'XS fi 4 x -- ' iZL,I.n ,I N -Q- Q X , . '25 ' -. l E"1 ' xx A A53 at ll , Y ,ll 1:1 I ,- ' , ' Lvl! ' -are 1 1 I D-iffy: 1' I' 1' -,H Q., wl -XM nab- , ,ffilf xl' l- y . 'x -5 .L I I. 1 . .1 I 5 :.'- . -4- ' x -M ,,,w x xl 1 vi. , 1 V ' ax gk x ' ' 7? 'Ir rug , 1h is 9 'VL Wi: AWK ' ' fp ,I ,X Q ' . 4 '3 3!'Eb A ESA 'v wwlx Iii iii XX lv X Z 5' H to rl ght: Eloise Oldmg, Charlene Buck, Jacque Knoll-editor: and Karen Cronlck. Left to right: Bob Marquard, treasurer, Judy Sanford, secretary, Judy Mifchelson, vice- presidentg Bill Ginman, president. Standing: executive board members, Evelyn Gish, Barbara Loko, Virginia Young, Sally Baker, and Sandy Cooper. 38 Q ,Q ,V ,Q ,, , , , sig I' CLASS OF 1959 Dave Anderson Jill Anderson John Armistead Tom Baars Sally Baker Tom Baker Bill Beckman Betty Blink Bob Bliss Nancy Brown Charlene Buck Dave Burmeister Kathleen Culiff Lucy Chambers Dave Claflin Sandra Cooper Carol Corradin Bobby Cowles Barbara Cribbs Karen Cronick David DeBruyn Lee Erickson Suzanne Farris Jackie Fellows JUNIDRS 39 K A O., JUNIORS "'A- fm , 'Fl 2? -- ii fig 'K Joni, 'W A F J is J I mnb 161 A., I , .gf 5 QS K- 4 J J 4 i -,.'. if J i Q J W Q... .. :-: ii rg ., ,,:.:,.,. A ,.,,. : 6 i A ' in , sooco l K is rin r. A ' , of .,,,. SEE: i - K W , Q " is RK l i fiiff J esiffsiilizissf JR 2 ' gg i , 1 M I ,EIQQ A 40 Dave Fleckenstein Bill Garber Rosemary Gerhardt Bill Ginman Evelyn Gish John Grimm Bonnie Hansen Janice Hanson Lorraine Hariu Dave Harpolcl Robert Hatch Marvin Hekkemq Harry Holmes Dick Hoover Paul Hoover Alice Hovey Donna Hughes Roy Hutchins Charlene Johnson Jerry Johnson Roberta Johnson Russ Johnson William Johnson Judy Kennedy Joyce Kennel! Dave Kidd Kerrill King Dan Klairter June Klinger Pat Koehler Nancy Kriesel Grace Kvarnberg Patricia l.aGrancle Linda Lake Peter Lars Chad Larnard Paul Larson on Sharon LeGa rd Barbara Loko Dolores Malzburg Bob Ma rquard Jim Mason Tony McCleary Nancy Mclntyre Carolyn Middlecamp Kcrthl een Miller Judy Mitchelson Frank Moran Wendy Morris Jim Dick Neff Judy Moyes Charles Mullaly Karen Near Nickett Larry Oleiarczyk Darrell Otto JUNIORS G 'L -to 41 JUNIORS 42 Winona Parrish Bob Postema Sharon Ray Janet Read Norman Rebedew Kay Richards Roberta Rhoocles George Richardson Judy Sanford Judy Sexton Sue Schulze Roger Sipman n Judy St. Aubin Dale Swanson Lynne St. John Bruce Sweet 'Darlene Theile Arthur Tuttle Bill VanderSlute Patsy Vanderstelt Mike VanderWier Scott Wagoner Virginia Young Darlene Humphries Not Pictured Charles Coverly ioAnn Porter Dove Taylor JUNIORS . ,lll 2 Gs. 43 CLASS OF 1960 Left to right: Dick Overcamp, treasurer: Penny Beach, secretory: Sheryl Bcmninga, vice-presidentp Tom Cousineau, president. Standing: student council representatives, Dick Wilson, Ira Bank, Bonnie Parsons, and Bill Boker. 44 SOPHCMO RES Keith Allen Carmen Anderson MaryEllen Anderson Mary Austin Bob Baker William Baker Ira Bank Sheryl Banninga Nancy Barlow Dennis Bates Penny Beach Kent Belote Sue Bennett Herb Benson Rita Berg Fred Brown Janice Budnik Roy Bullock Joyce Bunting Faith Burcaw Dennis Burmeister Mike Butrick Wanda Carlson Yvonne Carlsen Vikke Casperson Robert Cihak Bill Clark Jackie Cline .J 2 f 9 yf 9 5? if Xxx 4 SOPHGMORES Sharilyn Cook Janet Cooper Nikki Cooper Darlene Corradin Tom Cousineau Gloria Culp Fred Damm Linda DeMarr Sally Derrickson Joyce Dusenberry Bob Eyestone Jane Farris Mari Fenner Linda Gilroy Nancy Girdler Torn Gritzmaker Brenda Groner Garry Groner Marleo Guberg Kay Gruehe Patricia Harrington George Huch Joan Hudson 46 Bonnie Humphries Nichole Dennis Hunter Mary .lan lrvin Johnson Darlene Jones Ken Karafa Bill Karry Sally Knudsen Gail Linau Mary Loder Bonnie Love Don Marquard Jane Marquard Tom Clara Mierendorf Dollene Miesch SDPHOMCRES Hunt Tom Huntoon Barbara Juell Dennis Kozarek Randy Markham McKinley SCOTT Mclauglin, 1 3 47 SOPHOMORES me if gk X X' Aff K fl M AMEX E 3' "' ' ,, -li " Q Ks? R X if f Q5- J, 4 W L Terry Mills Sam Mitchel Judy Mirkle, Sam Miszewski Lois Nash Doug Nelson Berr1iCe Nicholson Eloise Olding Som Oliver David Olsen Mary Lou Orshal David Ove rcamp, Bonnie Parsons Melvin Porter Janice Proctor Sandra Ramey James Reqd Nancy Richardson Cynthia Ross JoEllen Sanclwick Raymond Scougale HenrY Schallaci Janet Schuitemon Carol Schuliz Larry Seaslrom Elena Seufferl Karen Skofic Sharon Sluyter Connie Smith Toni Smith Nita Snyder Rifv Snyder Cvrol Stafford Philip Stevens Vernita Strait -lCICk Taylor Barbara Thomas Fred Thomas J'-'ClY Toy Jeri Russ VanderWeir Joan Vandonkelaar Gerald VCI-1N0r1wick Gerald Walzworih John Walker PGUlC1 Walter ChUl'leS Walters Fred Ward HGVYY Weisserf Fred Wilks Dick Williams N Q if Tom Williams J, y A f Dick Wilson ElCl0f1 Woliing Nuvcdu Wood Linda Woodhouse fi as ii gf. wi 44 Q ',,' 'FL I 'L .g if K T 5 12 .J 'm 61 1 -aw. ', ws. if f 4 'W '49 'W fi .1 wire I n ...,.,.,:... Z ' gif 5 , has ii.,1 , V T "-' i:.,,,, , gi Q Yakima :fi KR, . ,. 5 V n Not Pictured SO PH 0MORES Earnestine Coleman Alfred Johnson Roger Landon Leonard Word 50 CLASS OF 1961 eft to right: president: Chuck Cronick, vice-president, jeg Armisfegdl treasurerp Brenda Dake, tcreta udent council representatives. 51 FY: Barbara Worth, Standing: Dave Sevey, Barbara Berg, Carol Gishfmd Te""Y Hanes, 4 FRESHMEN .,.:x , l--- MJ ' - .,.f if : : if A:,:,,, E'.: , ,4 X I so , 1' , fi.. swf 'W Q -: zs- s N1 S 1 315. Yin, s km B - " . ,Af 3:2 , , --.:. , i . Q - A : A --lrl is .:, . . V .,,,.v I' A iiiiiii A A f as . ,::.,,,. if 1 ' ' I' V, A: Li ' ,," J in rl ..Q- 55 Q - -'-A" W ' "... 74? lell 4 : W: A . x .U ' A 'V fy K W 1 f ' 'Q in m..1,f -1 , W, '." 2 g --I- I -I .Q , K, ,U ' - l ' -' Ffa! " - ' 2' ."...., - ,If'.. i .,.,,.,. 1 ..,:,. : lf t E A ig. I .AVA V ' ' 3 A"- QEIA, X 1 1 52 Ann Anderson Jeff Armisfead Barbara Arntz Mary Lou Ashley Norman Assink Larry Austin Bob Bagby Leola Bates Terry Baily Bruce Baker Judy Barnard Paul Baskwell Tom Beecham Ronald Bee-Qle Roy Beghtol Barbara Berg Ed Bergren Geoff Bernd Howard Bletsch Georgia Boyd James Brink Sandra Britzen Ted Brown Sharon Budnik Annette Bullock Mike Burrous William Busker James Carr Judy Carr Maurice Carroll Rodney Chilcote Susan Cone Barbara COOPCI' David Crouch Paul Curtis Brenda Dake Judith De-Long Roger Dulin Bruce Dybqs Leanno Eikenberry Judy Erickson Nancy Foote Jim Funnell Jean Gifford Carol Gish Mike Griffeth Terry Grimard Susan Grimord Toni Gurn Terrance Hanes Rick Harris Paul Hesselink Pl1Yllis Hinkle Judith Hopper Joe Horvath Larry Hovey F RESHMEN f 5 Av-M' SQ? 5? ii 2 M WWF my bn..,.v:' f-f. li Q.: . is 11, -- QQ. 53 my J ,r, if FRESHMEN y 55? M it we ' K 4' M w W as is K Q M L s W ' 1-j:s::,. , fi 2 ' r ,-- 4 W bfi- ' ---. '4- a-5 f mv? , fi Q W 1 W 'W- sf s.:I ' - vt ,K lx: gl if ':' Ef-:fifisz -' -,V . ' ' ' -a -sn. , W -f f' 523: , Q 'ik l wifi l c ..,. :.. , V 5 V I , V... 1 K :Ei n f . J e 'E' 4 - 54 Betty Hughes Linda Jager Stan Jonusiewicz Corene Johnston Julie Johnston Nate Johnson Steve Johnson John Joldersman Bob Kenney Joyce Kersting Kathleen Kieft Joni Klecka Ronald Knerr Judy Knudsen Barb Koch James Koehler Diane Kreuger Dick Krukowski Judy Kubon Reginald Kurtz James Launstein Carole l.eGard Carol Lindlancl Karen Magnuson Andrew Manning Oscar Manning Cynthia Marquard Bill McNiff Lureen McNitt Jerry Miel Gary Moore Larry Morehouse Barbara Munz Katherine Neff Diane Nelson Ron Norton James O'Brien Donna Oleiarczyk SUSCIH Oliver Dora Page Elwood Path Robert Porter Nancy Postema Alice Quartermaine Jolyn Read Nancy Reterstoff Judith Ridout Charles Rogers FRESHMEN A 55 FRESHMEN 56 NGUCY Rogers Geri Salisbury Paul Saxton Jim Schanals Judy Scougale Jim Semelbauer Janet Sether David Sevey Bill Shackelford Bill Sheldon John Shupp Janet Sienkiewicz Valerie Silvis Robert Sluyter Joyce Smith Shirley Smith :Richard South Walter Summers Tevin Stein Robert VanNortwick Richard Vellema David Watkins Joan Windbacher Karen Wilcox B05 Walkley Berkey Walker Janice Weaver Robert Weissert Alice Weingcurtner Barbara Worth Bonnie Wiegers Pete Wierengo Som Zocgmcun Wayne Zeitz FRESHMEN 57 CLASS OF 1962 --., .- .., .... - .Y.. ....-...,.., ..-v . - . , . , , Standing: student council representatives Tom Clink and Linda Roberts . Not Pictured Pat Beach, president 58 Ron Adams Virginia Char Patrick Beach Austin les Bauman Jeff Beach Harvey Berg David Bernd David Boutin Bob Bishop Linda Brooks Sue Danny Cooper Carr Tom Clink Luanne Cooper Mary Cousineau Steve Crosby Sandy DeLong Judy Erickson Cindy Fosier Bob Hansen Bob Halmond Vicki Harris Sonia Hoim Susie Hughes Paula Ja Hele Joyce Hudson cobi n Janusiewicz Harold Johnson EIGHTH 59 EIGHTH 5 wx 'gf Es it x Y is-J-W" , ee-Q WE t., as in 6 if Jerry Joldersma Kalhleen Karry George Keele Sqm Langland Mary Lecfko Vicki Mason 1' " ' . "': .. Bud Moran .,A,,A,,..A Q ,,,,A ,, .,-. 1 if X im 1 A ,lu aagiij W' Tom Moyes .Z K : ..,... E r K fi gf 1 H if me M " M ' Buff Ohvef b " Pam Palmer S .... 4- :" 1,1 ,74 2 ',,f:E.I:3 . ix tl L, jr ,M N 3-ix f Eh... - si" Carol Parisi em - Q Barb Paulger " ' A' ' -- Susan Pope . N .. ' A " 'L Y 1'r-1 is Beffv Powell R 2 Q K as xi , P 'K E ' .E.:.,,, -"' 5 .1 --- -up ' "f' "'-- ' George Powell ' Patti Prins Sl r Lynda R0be"S V Q. 4-.5 31 Shu K ex Q 'f ::,. ..:.:.:. . . 60 5C1I1ClI'G Rosenberg -lflmes Sanford Roger Shaffer Cliff Slenberg Dale Strait Judy Summers Shirley Supiran Doug Sweet Cheryl Schuster Bruce Taylor Gay Toy Pat VanderWier Marianne VanEtten Peter Va n Hoesen Linda Vetger Ralph way Keith Walker Dennis Wegner Jim Wheaton Carol Wiley Stanly Woodard Not Pictured Claude Hiza Betty Loder Nancy Schalk EICH-ITH 61 Left to right: Steve Harpold, treasurerg Barbara Busker, secretaryg Pam Pasch, vice- president: Bill Young, president. Standing: student council representatives, Sandy Rey- nolds and Rick Lang. 62 CLASS CF 1963 Carol Asmussen James Austin June Baker David Bedau Jim Beecham Clay Bitzer Janet Bradshaw William Brenner Larry Brown Mary Buck Barbara Busker Sally Chambers James Claflin Jeanne Claflirl SEVENTH Qsivk f "' hm 5 K N, ar , 'Hi' 3 X 'JRE .44 V ,. fi . 5: A :-f M15 e J 9 ' 1, ' " 1, 'Iz..: A 32 5 L .V Fredrick Cooper VJCTOF Cgopef Robert Couch Paul Engstrom Catherine Fechnerv i if Nancy Fisher A Q B X1 , Gregory Fleckenstein Janet Green nlllnln nl V Judith Griffeih i" Sfephe n Ha rpold I Bob Hasper :-r: X . ! ea --.,::.', xl gs - Lindd Hekkema Dianne Herman William Hill i fwgxfggl rz.. J .,:, V tk AE: fl-3 "' Jw 63 a k I EX SEVENTH 4 f I .A ,,,EAg 64 Donald Hoogenstyn Jonathan Hoover Ronald Keefe Kenneth Koch Renee LceFrana David Lake Richard Lange Charles Langland Laurie Loeb Terrance Long Catherine McLaughlin Robert Mirkle Sharon Mooney Cheryl Morris Phyllis Mosier Richard Nagilkirk Kathleen Nash Harry Overheul Malcolm Paisley James Parsons Pamela Pasch John Port Sandra Reynolds Olaf Rifz David Rude Mary Sarka Raymond Schuiieman Karen Scott Carolyn Swanson Susan Sweet James Vellema Deborah Walter Lynn Walters Pqul Walker Donqid Wiener Charles Yonkers William Young SEVENTH W .-..-, ....r, I , 1 ,sf Not Pictured Craig Cunningham Sharon Knudsen 65 CRGANIZA Q C 66 I off ' zmriiesf Ill " .I"l HN 8250- fy z 11,6 r fa 5 , 6 K! xy'-A N nb 5 , iw s ,gl 0" V 1, :am 'Wg " HI ul ' TICNS Q-4 ,5:,. X fsff Q ll I inf", I IL.-V ' 15" I 'WWW Mfr .H 5 ,JU AJ, , M JV! K ,Img f 2 W f rip, 1 1 -F -3 if jgifr LJ? Bonnie Parsons, Kay Richards, Co-editors Sharon Steeby and Linda Foster, 67 STUDENT CDUNCIL FIRST ROW: Jeanie Baldwin, Lynda Roberts, Tommy Clink, Joyce Hilt-Secretary, Bill Garber- W Vice President, Janet Rea-Treasurer, Tom Johnson-President SECOND ROW: Carol Gish, Ira Bank, Dick Wilson, Hal Deane, Bill Baker, Ricky Lange, Barbera Berg THlRD ROW: Sandy Reynolds, Sue Farris, Bonnie Parsons, Wendy Morris, Ann Taylor, Marilyn Bank, Sue Schultze, Kay Richards ADVISORS Mrs. Noel Mr. Voss One of the proieds SPOHSOYSOI bY the Student Council was designed to instill pride in our school as evidenced Mr. Jansen by the above p0S1eI'- 68 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY FIRST ROW: Janet Rea-Secretary, Jeanie Baldwin-President, Karen Klecka, Jane Jones, Marguerite Eyestone-Treasurer, Marilyn Bank SECOND ROW: Mr. Halmond, Tom Johnson, Jacque Knoll, George Clark, Toby Stamm-Vice President, Steve Koch, Hal Deane THIRD ROW: Judy Johnson, Bonnie Welkoske, Joyce Hilt, Sharon Steeby, Ellen Garber, Jerry Huntington, Bill Mclntyre FALL INDUCTION CEREMONY 69 Y-TEENS FIRST ROW: Mary Lou Ashley, Brenda Dake, Evelyn Gish, Jane Jones, Marilyn Bank, Jane Austin-Reporter, Bonnie Parsons-Historian, Janet Rea-Treasurer, Judy Mitchelson-Secretary, Sue Farris-Vice President, Mary Austin-President, Cynthia Ross, Penny Beach SECOND ROW: Nancy Foote, Carol Gish, Georgia Boyd, Carol Legard, Jolyn Reed, Janice Hansen, Bonnie Weigers, Ann Anderson, Mari Fenner, Connie Smith, Darlene Jones, Jeri Vail, Jane Farris, Pat Harrington THIRD ROW: Judy Erickson, Janet Sether, Dora Page, Laureen McNitt, Lydia Wendling, Sally Baker, Nancy Mclntyre, Virginia Young, Barbara Loco, Elena Seuffert, Mary Jan, Joan Windbacher, Jill Anderson, Janet Read, Sue Grimard FOURTH ROW: Sandy Cooper, Alice Quartermaine, Karen Klecka, Judy Proctor, Karen Cronick, Sally Derrickson, Wendy Morris, Ann Taylor, Jeanie Baldwin, Leanna Eikenberry, June Klinger, Joyce Dusenberry, Sharon Steeby, Linda Foster, Linda Lindrup, Suzy Thomas FIFTH ROW: Barbara Worth, Barbara Arntz, Katherine Neff, Kay Richards, Sue Schultze, Charlene Johnson, Darlene Humphries, Judy Clark, Janice Proctor, Linda Gilroy, Bonnie Love, Sue Cone, Maggie Agnew, Judy Johnson, Joyce Hilt, Barbara Munz SIXTH ROW: Renate Matthies, Nancy Karafa, Barbara Berg, Carol Lindland, Diane Nelson, Katy Kaliff, Jackie Cline, Terry Mills, Judy Mirkle, Nikki Cooper, Dolene Miesch, Jody Sandwick, Faith Burcaw, Phyllis Hinkle, Sue Bennett SEVENTH ROW: Vikke Casperson, Clara Mierendorf, Barbara Juell, Barbara Thomas, Leola Bates, Jane Richards, Ellen Garber, Judy Langeland, Janet Sienkiewicz, Janice Vanderlinde, Jane Marquard, Mary Loder, Cynthia Marquard, Judy Toy, Sheryl Banninga EIGHTH ROW: Darlene Thiele, Judy Sexton, Lucy Chambers, Bonnie Hansen, Pat LaGrande, Donna Hughes, Eloise Olding, Nancy Girdler, Elinor Popp, Peggy Mogren, Terri Oette, Sharon Ray, Judy Nickett NINTH ROW: Nancy Crouch, Margie Fechner, Linda McNitt, Mary Jo Pope, Jacque Knoll, Karen Holmes 70 PEP CLUB FIRST ROW: Jeri Vail, Cynthia Ross, Janice Hanson, Judy Mitchelson-Executive Board, Sue Schulze-Executive Board, Evelyn Gish-Secretary, Wendy Morris-Vice President, Sandy Cooper-Treasurer, Lucy Chambers-President, Jane Marquard-Executive Board, Penny Beach, Punky Malzburg SECOND ROW: Jane Farris, Kerrill King, Nancy Mclntyre, Mari Fenner, Marianne VanEtten, Ann Anderson, Nancy Foote, Carol Gish, Linda Brooks, Vickie Harris, Linda Roberts, Sue Carr, Cheryl Schuster, Barbara Cooper, Karen Magnuson THIRD ROW: Pat Prins, Helen Jan, Nancy Brown, Jeanie Baldwin, Janet Rea, Ann Taylor, Janet Read, Karen Cronick, Leanna Eikenberry, Mary Jan, Elena Seuffert, Sharon Steeby, Kay Richards, Barbara Loko, Alyce Hovey FOURTH ROW: Darlene Humphries, Charlene Buck, Kathy Karry, Sandra Rosenburg, Janice Proctor, Bonnie Parsons, June Klinger, Judy Hopper, Janice VanderLinde, Mary Lou Wachter, Judy Proctor, Darlene Jones, Connie Smith, Mary Cousineau, Betty Loder, Louanne Cooper FIFTH ROW: Diane Nelson, Carol Lindland, Jill Anderson, Pat Koehler, Faith Burcaw, Linda Vegter, Barbara Thomas, Barbara Juell, Mary Loder, Judy Mirkle, Barbara Munz, Barbara' Koch, Jane Richards, Judy Sanford, Mary Jo Pope SIXTH ROW: Judy Johnson, Linda Beck, Margie Fechner, Ellen Garber, Sue Bennett, Nickie Cooper, Judy Toy, Eloise Olding, Nancy Girdler, Donna Hughes, Pat LaGrande, Bonnie Hansen, Peggy Mogren, Linda McNil'T, Darlene Theile, Judy Sexton, Judy Nickett 71 GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION First row: Katy Califf-Sargeant at Arms, Punky Malsburg-Executive Board, Marguerite Eye- stone-President, Judy Sexton-Vice President, Terri Oette-Secretary, Jane Marquard-Treas urer, Eloise Olding, Janice Proctor. Second row: Jane Farris, Sue Bennett, Marilu Hepworth, Verla Deiong, Judy CIark, Linda Foster, Judy Proctor, Joyce Kenney, Judy Kennedy. Third row: Judy Toy, Darlene Jones, Jeri Vail, Jackie Ciine, Penny Beach, Connie Smith, Vikki Casperson, Barbara Koch, Cynthia Marquard, Nancy Foote. Fourth row: Sue Farris, Sue Schultz, Judy Mitchelson, Virginia Young, Lucy Chambers, Carol Lind- Iand. I fe A i -GX! N x is 2 ps If - Q'-a 5 7-ci X' fs! kwa T " t' I' Lx Q is I , sf , ,fx ,Q 'RNC' . 7?- xfx 5 I t ! L: s"""' ' If:- , N "' QQLIKI '.. 72 VARSITY CLUB FIRST ROW: Dale Swanson, Roger Sipman, Bill Garber, Frank Moron, Bill Ginman, Al Beauchamp SECOND ROW: Mr. Morris, Fran Launstein, Dick Neff, Larry Powell, Tom Cousineau, Joe Mier- endorf THIRD ROW: Jim Sibson, Tom Johnson, Dick Wilson, Joe Sienkiewicz, Dave Taylor, Fred Liv- ingston, Jack Musselman This year the Varsily Club had many proiecis, one of which was the selling of license plaques as pictured above. Discussing this proiect are The club's officers: Larry Powell-Treasurer, Fran Launsfein-President, Jim Pyle-Secretary, and Bill Ginman-Vice President. 73 NORSE STAR STAFF FIRST ROW: Sally Derrickson, Lydia Wendling, Mary Jan, Jane Farris, Mari Fenner, Nora Mc- Allister SECOND ROW: Rosemary Gerhardt, Sharon Steeby, Linda McNiff, Jane Jones, Berta Jando, Mrs. Andrews, Marilyn Bank, Jane Austin, Judy Clark, Janet Rea, Ann Taylor. THIRD ROW: Karen Klecka, Jody Sandwick, Nancy Crouch, Jerry Weaver, Mary .lo Pope, Peggy Mogren, Jacque Knoll, Paul Hesselink, Judy Kennedy, Barbara Juell, Nancy Karafa, Jan Evans FOURTH ROW: Mary Austin, Jane Richards, Jackie Cline, Carol Lindland, Kathy Neff, Jerry Huntington, Maggie Agnew, Ellen Garber, Nancy Girdler, Mary Loder, Vikke Casperson, Dar- lene Thiele, Bruce Dybas. ADVISOR Mrs. Andrews ART Jane Austin-Editor Vikke Casperson Jackie Cline CLASSES Jane Jones-Editor Jerry Huntington Mary Loder Mary Austin Carl Lindland Ann Taylor SPORTS Janet Rea-Editor Paul Hesselink Bruce Dybas Peggy Mogren BUSINESS Linda McNiff-Editor Ellen Garber Nancy Girdler Jody Sandwick Mary Jan Judy Johnson Nancy Crouch SPECIAL EVENTS Nancy English-Editor Sally Derrickson Sharon Steeby Rosemary Gerhardt ASSEMBLERS 8g RUN OFF Nancy Karafa Betty Hower 74 EDITOR IN CHIEF Marilyn Bank TYPISTS Karen Klecka Jacque Knoll Lydia Wendling FEATURES Berta Janda--Editor Nora McAllister Darlene Thiele Jane Richards Mary Jo Pope Judy Kennedy CLUBS Judy Clark--Editor Mari Fenner Maggie Agnew Jane Ferris Kathy Neff LIBRARY CLUB rms: Kuvv: John Lzrlmm, Kathy Kerry-Club Reporter, Mike VanderWier-Vice President, Char Iene Buck-President, Paula Walter-Secretary-Treasurer, Mary Jo Pope, Kathy McLaughlin SECOND ROW: Barbara Koch, Virginia Young, Barbara Cribbs, Brenda Groner, Lois Nash Betty Loder, Shirley Smith, Diane Nelson, Mrs. Boutin FIRST ROW: Barbara Juell, Clara Mierendort, Janet Schuiteman, Linda Weissert-President, Joyce Jensen, Nancy Barlow SECOND ROW: Mrs. Kiolhede, Mary Ellen Anderson, Gloria Culp, Rita Berg, Brenda Groner, Wanda Carlson PECUNEY CLUB I ,Y FIRST ROW: John Grimm, Arthur Tuttle-President, Dave Fleckenstein-Vice President, Karen Cro- nick-Secretary, Jill Anderson-Treasurer, Sally Derrickson. SECOND ROW: Fred Wilks, Dave DeBruyn, Dave Harpold, Jim Mason, Keith Anderson, Jim Moyes, THIRD ROW: Kerrill King, Nancy Mclntyre, Sally Baker, Wendy Morris, Janet Read, Vikke Cas- person, Sandy Cooper. 75 r FUTURE TEACHERS' CLUB FIRST ROW: Brenda Dcnke, Pat Harrington, Judy Johnson-Treasurer, Joyce Hilt-President, Karen Cronick-Vice-President, Jane Jones-Secretary, Cynthia Ross, Mari Fenner SECOND ROW: Margie Fechner, Kathy Neff, Barbara Worth, Sue Bennett,.Faith Burcaw, Sheryl Banninga, Judy Langeland, Karen Holmes THIRD ROW: Lydia Wendling, Janet Rea, Judy Proctor, Linda Linthrop, Marilu Hepworth, Sharon Steeby, Ann Taylor, Sandy Cooper, Mary Austin, Pat Koehler FUTURE NURSES' CLUB FIRST ROW: Judy Kennedy-Treasurer, Berta Janda-Secretary, Donna Hughes-Vice President, Sharon Legard-President SECOND ROW: Barbara Cribbs, Judy Proctor, Sharon Ray, Maggie Agnew, AlJean Charles 76 FUTUREENCHNEERS' CLUB FIRST ROW: Jim Read, Jack Taylor, Jerry Miel, Tom McKinley, Dan Marquard-Secretary, Darrel Otto, Randy Markham-Vice President SECOND ROW: Mr. Frantz, Fred Thomas, Fred Wilks, Dave DeBruyn-President, Phil Stevens- Treasurer, Jeff Bernd FUTURE ACCOUTANTS' CLUB FIRST ROW: Barbara Juell, Clara Mierendorf, Janet Schuiteman, Linda Weissert-President, Joyce Jensen, Nancy Barlow SECOND ROW: Mrs. Kiolhede, Mary Ellen Anderson, Gloria Culp, Rita Berg, Brenda Groner, 77 BCWLING CLUB FIRST ROW: Judy Erickson, Lynda Roberts, Judy Proctor-Treasurer, Linda Foster-Secretary, Judy Clark-President, Penny Beach, Pat Prins, Lydia Wendling SECOND ROW: Elena Seuffert, Sally Knudson, Joyce Kersting, Leola Bates, David Crouch, Nancy Girdler, Tom Beecham, Judy Toy, Linda McNift, Harry Weissert THIRD ROW: Jeanie Baldwin, Janice Proctor, Marguerite Eyestone, Marilu Wachter, Verla De- Long, Janet Weerstra, Linda Weissert, Terri Mills, Carol York SUPER SNODPERS FIRST ROW: Carol Ann Asmason, Lynn Walters, Judy Erickson, John Fort, Paula Jacobi, Juoy Griffith, Bill Hill, David Bedau, Larry Brown SECOND ROW: Bill Brenner, Craig Cunningham, Don Weiner, Sandy Rosenberg-Secretary, Joyce Hudson, Betty Powell, Helen Jan-President, Vicki Mason, Betty Loder, Dennis Wegner, Mr. Core. THIRD ROW: Sharon Mooney, Charles Yonker-Treasurer, Sandy Reynolds, David Rude, Olaf Ritz, Bill Young-Vice President, Ken Koch, Paul Walker, Clayton Bitzer 78 HCMEMAKING CLUB FIRST ROW: Charlene Buck-Secretary, Dolene Miesch, Jody Sandwick, Donna Hughes-President, Nancy Brown-Vice President, Lorraine Hariu-Treasurer, Mary Ellen Anderson, Barbara Juell SECOND ROW: Judy Kennedy, Judy Proctor, Joyce Dusenberry, Karen Skofic, Joan Windbocker, Roberta Nodes, Linda DeMarr, Linda Woodhouse, Barbara Thomas, Winona Parrish, Mrs. Johnson THIRD ROW: Joyce Kenney, Kathy Kieft, Barbara Cribbs, Diane Kruger, Janet Sether, Ann An- derson, Venita Strait, Janice Budnik, Gloria Culp. YOUTH FOR CHRIST ll rms: Kuw: Ruth trlckson, Jean Gifford, Carol Legard, Bob Marquard-Vice President, Sandy Shaw-Secretary, Carol Kieft-Treasurer, Janet Legard-President, Jim Austin, Shirley Slate, Judy Chilcote SECOND ROW: Beverly Charles, AlJean Charles, Maggie Agnew, Paul Hesselink, Charlie Owens, Doris Roosmalen, Bonnie Hansen, Mary Jo Pope, Faith Burcaw, Bob Baker, Don Marquard, Mrs. .Johnson THIRD ROW: Sharon Mooney, Nancy Brown, Sally Baker, Nevada Wcod, Janet Cooper, Gail Linau, Jerry Micl, Roberta Nichols, Beverly Weichner, Pat LaGrande 79 PHCTOGRAPHY CLUB FIRST ROW: Sandy Thomas, Dave Fleckenstein-Vice President, Jim Mason-President SECOND ROW: Paul Larson, Fred Wilks, Jack Taylor, Mr. VanHoesen ANNUAL PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF Jim Mason, editor, Dave Fleckensfein. 80 ANNUAL ART STAFF Grace Kvarnbergg Joyce Hilf, editor. ANNUAL COPY STAFF June Mcrquordg Judy Langelond, editor. 1 Music ' V: 1,5 v if ' x J 'cfigkfi r lx. wx - gf:-ii 1 1 in qi I if 2 1 i g rn- iii Qi L l- o nir o 4 5 o 1' i i I' K 41., A, fvlwgg. -7 ' i 5 -tg 'MN ,,.. 4 l ' X ' .5 MUSIC STAFF From left to right: Editor Ann Taylor, Judy Sanford, Bonnie Hanson, Asst. Editor. 83 in CONCERT BAND v FIRST CLARINETS 'Lydia Wendling 'Ellen Garber 'Judy Clark 'Jane Austin SECOND CLARINETS Bonnie Hansen 'Joyce Jensen Grace Kvarnberg Kerrill King Pat LaGrande Janet Sienkiewicz 'Nora McAllister Janice Proctor THIRD CLARINETS Eloise Olding Judy Toy Judy Hopper Cindy Marquard Sue Cone Kay Gruete Sally Baker Nancy Barlow Carol Lindland ALTO CLARINET Tom Huntoon 'Nancy Crouch i BASE CLARINETS 'Marilu Hepworth Janet Read FLUTES Susie Thomas 'Judy Langeland 'Ann Taylor 'Karen Klecka Vickie Casperson Mary Ellen Anderson OBOES 'Linda Foster Nancy Foote ALTO SAXOPHONE Dick Bison TENOR SAXOPHONE Diane Krueger BARITONE SAXOPHONE Bill Karry FRENCH HORNS 'Joyce Hilt Sally Knudsen Judy Nickett Jane Marquard Pat Harrington Jeralyn Vail -k -r FIRST TROMBONES Bonnie Welkoske Tom Johnson SECOND TROMBONES 'George Clark THIRD TROMBONE Jackie Cline BARITONES Don Marquard Jim Read Cynthia Ross BASSES Dick Neff Fred Wilks Tom Cousineau PERCUSSION Mary Austin 'Jan Evans Sue Bennett Dollene Miech Carol Gish TYMPANI Dave Fleckenstein if FIRST CORNETS Nancy Girdler Sharon Steeby Dave Debruyn SECOND CORNETS Jim Smith 'Dewayne Griffith Mike Griffith Jim Shanhalls THIRD CORNETS Bob Walkley Alice Quartermaine Bob Baker BASSOON Barbara Munz BAND MANAGER Harry McKinley BAND SECRETARY Dave Fleckenstein NOT PICTURED Fred Thomas Sue Schulze Bob Marquard Larry Gunn Carlie Owens Keith Anderson F CHOIR C H O l R First Row--Lorraine Hariu, Nicky Hunt, Toni Smith, Joyce Kenney, Paul Larson, Barbra Criblss, Roberta Rhodes, Judy Ridout. Second Row-Karen Near, Marlea Guberg, Darlene Racy, Jane Richards, Jeanie Baldwin, Ann Taylor, Norm Van Maastrict, Betty Blink, Winona Parrish, Judy Kmudson. Third Row-Ernistine Coleman, Valerie Silvis, Karen Cronik, Pete Larson, Fred Ward, Roy Bullock, Darlene Corriden, Clara Mierendorf, Sherry Cook, Joyce Bunting. FOURTH ROW-Jackie Fellows, Carolyn Middlecamp, Faith Burcaw, Pat Kohler, Serta Jando, Jerry Van Ortwick, Mike Vanderwier, Pat Vanderstelt, Carolyn York, Mary Jo Pope, Judy Kennedy. 85 MAJQRETTES L10 R, Penny Beach, Carmen Anderson, Karen Klecko, Darlene Joneg Sandy Cooper, Borboro Thomas, Dove Fleckenstein Dave Fleckenstein, Drummcior M Wk X h Direcm' rl n C , . 86 I J ICR D FIRST CLARINETS Lureen McNitt Mary Lou Ashley Joni Klecka Helen Jan SECOND CLARINETS Janet Sether Sue Carr Sandra Johnson Patti Prinns Dave Boutin Pat Overkamp Janet Bradshaw THIRD CLARINETS Sue McKinley Ann Oliver Mary Leckta Judy Summers Sheryl Morris Bill Brenner Art Parrish FLUTES Pam Palmer Vicky Mason Alice Weingartner Cindy Fossler Laurie Loeb Ma ry Sa rka Kathy Fechner OBOE Barb Paulger ALTO SAXOPHONES Linda Linau Judy Griltith Ted Mauer TENOR SAXOPHONES Judy Erickson BARITONE SAXOPHONE Bill Bissen BASS CLARINETS Paul Hesselink Sandy DeLong FIRST CORNETS Peg Kurtz Bob Hansen SECOND CORNETS Bob Bagley Bob Vanortwick Duane Flannery THIRD CORNETS Paul Engstrom Larry Overheul Carolyn Swanson Robbie Couch FRENCH HORNS Ginger Austin Jolyn Read Sharon Knudsen 88 FIRST TROMBONES Paula Jacobi James Brink SECOND TROMBONES Sam Langeland Pete VanHoesen THIRD TROMBONES Dave Hickman Bruce Baker BARITONE Janice Weaver BASS Pete Wierengo Charles La ngeland PERCUSSION Mary Cousineau Sandra Rosenberg Nate Johnson Barb Halmond Sally Chambers Linda Cowles Ken Koch Jane Baker David Crouch BAND INFQRMALS 89 SPCRTS .Q-Q-1. Y' 1 . Q1 .:"c:.cwf-e '2 Nm " 52- 1' 1 H 12 , bv." 'HQRC L Q Q ..... ,' 1 - A 4,151 , - I 5 m f 1 d Af' Y ' if , if , . xx X , M097 ' Ali?-if X I ' . C 1 ,af , , f I Vxqi I N MM it , Top row: Bill Garber, co-ediforp Dave Hurpold Second row: Karen Kleckcx, co-editor: Marv Austin 91 ,--, '11 -1 ' as ........... 1 1 Varsity Football Top row, from left to right: Bill Mclntyre, Terry Grimard, Al Beauchamp. Second row, from left to right: Dick Bissen, Chuck Coverly, Jack Musselman, Ken Karafa, John Armistead, Tom Cousineau. Third row, from left to right: Fran Launstein, Joe Mierendorf, Jim Pyle, Norm Rebedew, Jim Sibson, Eddie Beegle. Fourth row, from left to right: Coach Bunks, Bill Garber, Jerry Johnson, Joe Sienkiewicz, Fred Livingston, Dick NeFF, Dave Taylor, Coach Lectka. Fifth row, from left to right: Bob Marquard, Frank Moran, Bill Ginman, Roger Sipman, Bob Dusenberry, Dale Swanson. CO-CAPTAINS COACHES 92 Reserve Football Top row, from left to right: Coach Jansen, Dennis Burmeister, Steve Clink, Fred Damm, Bill Bissen, Terry Hanes, Leonard Ward, Gary Moore, Bill Schackelford, Chuck Cronick, Ted Brown, Second row, from left to right: Rick Harris, Ross Kreigh, Bob Cihak, Fred Brown, Dick Overkamp, Kent Belote, Bob Porter, Melvin Porter. Not shown: Jeff Armistead, Bill Busker, Paul Curtis, Steve Johnson, James Koehler, Stan Janusiewicz, Jeff Olds, Sam Zaagman. The annual football banquet, sponsored by the North Shore Community Club was held on De- cember 'l0, 'l957, in the gym, honoring this year's varsity and reserve football teams. 93 Hitting the dummy Getting in shape. This season's varsity football squad won three conference games and lost two. Dave Taylor, guard, and Jerry Johnson, quarterback, were named on the West Michigan All-Conference Team. There were thirteen seniors, eleven iuniors two sophomores, and two freshmen on this season's squad. Those graduating care: co- captains Fred Livingston and Bill Mclntyre, Fran Launstein, Al Beauchamp, Dick Bisson, Joe Mierendorf Jim Pyle, Jim Sibson, Eddie Beegle, Joe Sienkiewicz, and Bob Dusenberry. The team will miss the services of these boys who contributed greatly to the strength and morale of the team. Dale Swanson one of our speedy hC1lfbCICkS, Qfllned ten YUVUS on TNS PNY' 94: Cheerleaders left to right: June? R601 Sue Schulze, JUdY Sexton, Lucy Chambers, Linda Beck, Kerrill King This year's cheerleaders had a very active season. ln order to purchase new uniforms and megaphones, they sponsored two after-game dances. The lively pep assemblies, which improved our school spirit tremendously, were a direct result of their efforts. The girls on this year's squad were: for the first team, Janet Rea, captain, Sue Schulze, Kerrill King, Lucy Chambers, Judy Sexton, and Linda Beck, for the second feUmfJudy Mitchelson, captain, Wendy Morris, Jane Farris, and Nancy Foote, Linda Beck participated only part of the season because she moved to East Detroit. Miss Clara Zelenka sponsors the cheerleaders. Our cheerleaders in action 95 Left to right: Nancy Foote, Judy Mitchelson, Wendy Morris, Jane Farris. Varsity Basketball Back row left to right: Larry Powell, Tom Cousineau, Sam Hughes, Toby Stamm, Bill Johnson, Jerry Johnson, Coach Morris. Front row left to right: Ron Farmer, Jim Pyle, Jack Musselman, Fred Livingston, captain, Jim Moyes. Fred Livingston and Coach Morris LGSES SFP? North North North North North North North North North North North North North North North Muskegon Muskegon Muskegon Muskegon Muskegon Muskegon Muskegon Muskegon Muskegon Muskegon Muskegon Muskegon Muskegon Muskegon Muskegon Reed City Ludington Hart Catholic Central Whitehall Fremont Shelby Montague Scottville Hart Coopersville Whitehall Shelby Fremont Montague Reserve Basketball Back Row left to right: Doug Sweet, Dave Sevey, Bill Shackleford, Maurice Carroll, John Grimm, Melvin Porter, Paul Curtis, Coach Bunks. Second row left to right: Lyle Moran, Ron Beegle, Charles Cronick, Bill Bissen, Terry Grimard, Jeff Olds, Stan Janusieuicz. Front row left to right: lra Bank, Mike Saunders, Dick Wilson, Doug Nelson, Dennis Hunter. UTTER CONFUSION Q7 TWO pOlNT5 Tennis Top row, from left to right: Frank Schuler, George Clark, Jack Musselmcm, Jim Mason, Bob Marquard. Second row, from left to right: Ira Bank, Jim Read, Dave Claflin. Golf Top row, from left to right: Mr. Halmond, coach, Toby Stamm, Fred Livingston, Fred Damm Steve Koch, Hal Deane. Second row, from left to right: Bill Ginman, Roger Sipmann, Jim Moyes, Larry Croskey. 99 Baseb all BASEBALL Hart Fremont Montague Scottsville Hart 1. Top row, from left to right: Coach Lectka, Norm Rebedew, Joe Sienkiewicz, Ron Farmer, Jlm Pyle, Al Beauchamp, Bill Garber, Dale Swanson. Second row, from left to right: Jack Taylor, Paul Baskwell and Roger Schaffer, managers. SCORES 5 Norse 2 'IO Norse 5 4 Norse 6 'I Norse 8 10 Norse 8 BASEBALL Whitehall 3 Fremont 5 Montague 2 Scottville 8 Grand Haven 9 Heights 'I4 SCORES Norse Norse Norse Norse Norse Norse 100 Track Top row, from left to right: John Walker, Tom Johnson, Sam Hughes, Tom Cousineau, Dave Harpold, Dick Overkamp, Dick Wilson, Coach Bunks. Second row, from left to right: Charlie Owens, Fred Ward, Lee Berry, Bill Mclntyre, Frank Moran Randy Markham, Keith Allen. TRACK SCORES Ludington 59M Norse Shelby 5826 Norse Muskegon 61 Norse St. Joseph 32W Norse 'l 'lVz 50V:4 14 3X5 TRACK Catholic Central Muskegon Heights Hurt Whitehall Montague 92 86 76V1 73 48 7f10 SCORES Norse Norse Norse Norse Norse 'I7 23 32M 36 20115 101 FEATURES X7 102 Left to Righi: Deda Young, Jeanie Baldwin, Editor, Sally Derrickson 103 Homecoming ,.,..-f ,.-4-P" "' .ff-4-"""" ' 4 T' SENIOR FLOAT-SECOND PLACE SOPHOMORE FLOAT VW , ufxw, A 4' N,-Mn .- ,L 'N . -- Mn A , A .L X gi XR! FRESHMAN FLOAT JUNIOR FLOAT-FIRST PLACE T EIGHTH GRADE FLOAT 104 SEVENTH GRADE FLOAT THE QUEEN 'ww AND HER COURT we 'Wuxi A Betty Hower, twelfth grade ,f ,MY ,' 2 X Jane Farris, tenth grade Cami Gish' ni 105 Queen Sharon Legcxrd, elevEnth grade nth grade GUR NEW GYM Everyone is proud of our beautiful new gym, and we have all enioyed our dances and assemblies . . . "Fascination," sponsored by the seniors, had the honor of being the first class dance held in our new gym. 106 ASSEMBLIES All of us enioyed the pep assemblies this year and displayed our feelings by showing good sportsmanship and school spirit. FA DS I From left to right . . . Janet Rea is modeling a head-hugger, while Hal Dean is sporting an Ivy League cap. Lydia Wendling and George Clork show off the bulky knit sweater look. Judy Johnson and Linda McNiff look stylish in bright knee socks, while Sharon Steeby and Al Beau- champ display the tennis shoe and the Snap Jack. 107 l I 3 L if Ri 5 Jw? 3 SENIOR DIRECTORY VIVIAN AAMODT-Silk Screening-I, Norse Star Stott-I, G.A.A.-2. MAGALICE AGNEW-Future Nurses-I, 2, 3, 4, Homemaking Club-I, Skit Club-2, Y-Teens-3, 4, Y.F.C.-3, 4, Norse Star Staff -4. MARLYS ARMSTRONG-Dramatics Club-I, Homemaking Club- I, Bowling-2, Norse Star Stat?-3, Y-Teens-4, JANE AUSTIN-Bond-i, 2, 3, 4, Band Follies-I, 2, 3, 4, Y-teens -I, 2, 3, 4-Reporter-4, Future Teachers-2, Norse Star Staff-I, 2, 3, 4-Art Editor-4, Pep band-3, 4, Exchange Assembly-2, 4, Senior Play-4-Student Director. BETTY BAATZ-Dramatic Club-I, Homemaking Club-'I. JEANIE BALDWIN-Class treasurer-I, Student Council-3, 4, Honor Society-3, 4-President-4, Pep Club-3, 4-Secretary-3, High C-I, Norse Star Staff-2, 4, Choir-I, 3, 4, Skit Club-2, Bowling- 3, 4, Annual Stall-3, 4-Feature Editor-4, Y-Teens-2, 3, 4-His- torian-3, Inner-school Student Council-3, 4, Senior Play-4, G.A.A.-4, Band Follies-4. MARILYN BANK-National Honor Society-3, 4,- Chronicle School Page Editor-3, 4, Norse StarStaFf'I, 2, 3, 4-managing editor-2, assistant editor-3, editor-4, Annual Staff-3, Student Council-3, 4, Y-teens-'l, 2, 3, 4-treasurer 2, Executive Board-3, Pep Club-I, 3-treasurer-I, Executive Board-3, Bowling-'I, 2, 3, G.A.A.-2, Future Teachers-2, Juvenile Jury-3, 4, Spanish Award-2, Senior Play-4, Band Follies-4. MARILYN BARNARD-G.A.A.-I, GirI's Ensemble-2, Senior Play- 4. AL BEAUCHAMP-Baseball-2, 3, 4, Varsity Club-2, 3, 4, Foot- ball-4, Senior Play-4. EVELYN BEDGOOD-Pep Club-I, Archery Club-I, Future Ac- countants-I. EDDIE BEEGLE-Football-'I, 2, 3, 4, Rod and Reel Club-I, Var- sity Club-4. DICK BISSEN-Science Club-1, Football-I, 4, Juvenile Jury Clerk-3, 4, Band-l, 2, 3, 4, Dance Band-4, Pep Band-2, 3, 4. DEWAYNE CARLSON-Movie Crew-2, 3, Band-I, 2, 3, 4. GEORGE CARROLL-Student Council-I, Track-I, 2, Choir-I, 2. BEVERLY CHARLES-Future Accountants-2. JUDY CHILCOTE-Hi-C Club-I, Y.F.C.-4. GEORGE CLARK--Band-I, 2, 3, 4, Dance Band-2, 3, Pen Band- I, 4, Biology Club-I, Basketball-2, Tennis-4, Honor Society-4, Senior Play-4. LARRY CROSKEY- Basketball-I, Science Club-I, Chess Club-2, Choir-2, 3, Golf-2, 3, Juvenile Jury-4, Senior Play-4. NANCY CROUCH-Y-teens-I, 2, 3, 4, Bowling-'I, 2, 3, 4, Band- I, 2, 3, 4, Art Club-I, Band Follies-2, 4, Chess Club-2, Norse Star Stott-3, 4, Senior Play -4. HAL DEANE-Basketball-'I, Science Club-'l, Chess Club-2, Golf 'I, 2, 3, 4, Annual Staff-Asst. Business Vlanager-3, Business Manager-4, Student Council-4, Vice-President of the class-4. VERLA DELONG-G.A.A.-I, 4, Y.F.C.-4. BOB DUSENBERRY-Movie Crew-2, Basketball-I, 2, Football- 2, 3, 4, Juvenile Jury-3, 4. NANCY ENGLISH-Norse Star Staff-'I, 2, 3, 4-Features Editor- 3, Special Events Editor-4, Pep Club-I, Juvenile Jury-3, 4, Chron- icle Writer-3, Y-teens-I, 2, 3, 4, Future Teachers-2, Annual Statf-3, 4-Editor of Faculty 8. Dedication-4, Senior Play-4. RUTH ERICKSON-Hi-C Club-'I, Y.F.C.-4, Future Accountants-3. JAN EVANS-Band-I, 2, 3, 4, Norse Star-3, 4, Football-I, Track-I, 2, Gun Club-I, 2, Class Executive Board-4. MARGUERITE EYESTONE-Pep Club-l, Skit Club-2, GirI's Ath- letic Award-I, G.A.A.-2-Sports manager, Bowling-3, 4, Honor Society-4-treasurer, Senior Play-4. RON FARMER-Baseball-2, 3, 4, Basketball-2, 3, 4, Varsity Club-4, Archery Club-I. MARGIE FECHNER-Y-teens-I, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club-I, 3, 4, Norse Star Staff-3, 4, Future Teachers Club-3, 4, G.A.A.-I, 2, 4, Bowl- ing-3, 4, Skit Club-I, Juvenile Jury-3, 4, Senior Play-4, Band Follies-4, Exchange Assembly-4. MIKE FENNER-Football-I, Basketball-1, Senior Play-4. LINDA FOSTER-Pep Club-I, 2, Bowling-I, 2, 3, 4-Secretary-2, 3, Band-I, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A.-I, 4, Dance Band-2, Annual Statl- 3, 4, Y-teens-4. ELLEN GARBER--Band-I, 2, 3, 4, Pep Bond-2, 3, 45 SClenCe Club-I, Chess Club-2, Y-teens-I, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A.-2, 4-Board member-2, Pep Club-3, 4-Executive Board-3, Honor Society-4. LARRY GRABINSKI-Movie Crew-I, 2. LARRY GUNN-Bend-1, 2, 3, 4, Dance Band-2, 3, 4, Aff Club-I. MARILU HEPWORTH--Silk screening-I, Band-'I, 2, 3, G.A.A.- 2, Dramatics Club-President-2, Juvenile Jury-4, Band Follies-4, Senior Play-4, Future Teachers-4. JOYCE HILT-Band-I, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A.-I, 2, 4-Vice President-2, Y-teens-'I, 2, 3, 4-Secretary-3: Bowling-I, 2, 3, 4-President-2, 3: Pep Club-I, 3-Vice President-3, Future Teachers-2, 3, 4-President -3, 4, Honor Society-3, 4, Annual Staft-3, 4-Art Editor-4, Pep BQ,-,d.'l, 2, 3, 4, Norse Star Stott-I, 2, 3, 4-Business Editor-3, Exchange Assembly-2, 4, Juvenile Jury-3, 4, Senior Play-4, Band Follies-2, 4, Chronicle Staff-3, Class Executive Board-4, State Future Teachers Secretary-2, 3, 4, Student Council Secretary-4. HOLMES, KAREN-Pep Club-I, Future Teachers Club-2, 4, Y-teens-2, 4, Bowling 2. HOWER, BETTY-Pep Club-'I, Y-teens-l, 4, Norse Star Staff-3, 4. HUGHES, SAMMIE-Track-2, 3, 4, Basketball-4. HUNTINGTON, JERRY-Library Club-3, Student Librar- ian-3, Norse Star Staff-3, 4, Juvenile Jury-4, Honor So- ciety-4, Senior Play-4. JANDA, BERTA-Future Nurses Club-'l, 4-Secretary-4, Choir-l, 2, Homemaking Club-l, Exchange Assembly-3, Band Follies-3, 4, Norse Star Staff-3, 4-Features Editor-4, Juvenile Jury-4, Y-teens-4, G. A. A.-4, Senior Play-4. JENSEN, JOYCE-Band-I, 2, 3, 4: Recreation Club-I: G- A. A.-I, 2, Future Accountants Club-2, 3, 4, Commercial Club-4. JOHNSON, JUDY-Band-'I, 2, 3, Pep Band-'I, 2, Y-teens- I, 2, 3, 4, G. A. A.-I, 2, 3-Treasurer-2, Future Teachers Club-2, 3, 4-Treasurer-3, 4, Band Follies-2, 4, Pep Club-'I, 3, 4, Annual Staff-3, 4-Sales Statf Editor-4, Norse Star-3, 4, Exchange Assembly-2, Juvenile Jury-3, 4, Honor So- ciety-4, Senior Play-4. JOHNSON, TOM-Track-l, 2, 3, 4, Student Council-I, 2, 3, 4-Vice-President-3, President-4, Class President-2, 3, Band-'l, 2, 3, 4, Interschool Student Council-3, 4, Honor Society-3, 4, Annual Staff-3, 4, Senior Play-4. JONES, JANE-Art Club-I, Y-teens-I, 2, 3, 4-Secretary- 2, G. A. A.-2-Secretary, Future Teachers Club-2, 3, 4- Secretary-3, 4, Annual Statf-2, 3, 4-Classes Editor-3, Sen- ior Editor-4, Norse Star Staff-3, 4-News Editor-3, Classes Editor-4, Class Secretary-3, 4, Honor Society-4, Senior Play-4. KARAFA, NANCY-Norse Star Staff-3, Y-teens-4. KIEFT, CAROL-Hi-C Club-I, Future Accountants-2- His- torian, Y. F. C. Club-3, 4-Treasurer-4. KLECKA, KAREN-Variety Club-I, Annual Staff-3, 4- Sports Editor-4, Band-I, 2, 3, 4, Pep Band-4, Maiorette- 2, 3, 4, Future Accountants-2-President, Norse Star Stott- 4, Y-teens-4, G. A. A.-I, 4, Pep Club-2, Band Follies-3, Exchange Assembly-3, Commercial Club-4, Honor Society- 4. - KNOLL, JACKIE-Future Accountants Club-2, Y-teens-3, 4, Bowling-3, Norse Star Staff-2, 4, Annual Stott-3, 4- Editor of Classes, Executive Board ot Class-4, Honor So- ciety-4. KOCH, STEVE-Golf-'I, 2, 3, 4, Science Club-I, Chess Club-2, Student Council-3, Honor Society-3, 4, Basketball- I, Annual-3, 4-Assistant Editor-3, Editor in-Chief-4, Senior Play-4. LANGELAND, JUDY-Pep Club-l, Future Teachers-3, 4, Band-l, 2, 3, 4, Y-teens-3, 4, Annual Staff-3, 4-Copy Edi- tor-4, Future Accountants-2, Senior Play-4. LAUNSTEIN, FRAN-Football-l, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Club-2, 3, 4, Basketball-2, Senior Play-4. LEGARD, JANET-Choir-T, Future Nurses Club-l, Hi-C-l, Y. F. C.-4. LIVINGSTON, FRED-Basketball-l, 2, 3, 4- Captain-4, Football-l, 2, 3, 4-Co-Captain-4, Golf-2, 3, 4, Varsity Club-2, 3, 4, Annual Staff-3, 4, Archery Club-l, 2, Senior Play-4. MAPLES, BILL-Art Club-'l, Rod and Reel Club-2, Class Executive Board-3, 4. MARSH, HARLEY-Chess Club-2, Band Follies-2, 3, Ex- change Assembly-2. MCALLISTER, NORA-Y-teens-l, 2, 3, 4, G. A. A.-l, 2, Pep Club-'l, Band-l, 2, 3, 4, Class Executive Board-3, Honor Society-4. MCINTYRE, BILL-Class President-l, 4, Class Vice-Presi- dent-2, 3, Football-l, 2, 3, 4-Co-Captain-4, Track-l, 2, 3, 4 ,Varsity Club-2, 3, 4, Annual Staff-3, 4, Student Coun- cil-i, 2, Exchange Club-3, Honor Society-4, Senior Play-4. MCKINLEY, HARRY-Football-l, Art Club-2, Norse Star Staff-3, Band-3, 4, Bowling-2, 3. MCNIFF, LINDA-Y-teens-1, 2, 3, 4, Pep club-1, 3, 4, Norse Star Staff-2, 3, 4-Business Editor-4, Annual Staff- 4, G. A. A.-2, 4, Skit Club-2, Bowling-3, 4. MIERENDORF, JOE-Football-'I, 2, 4, Track-l, Baseball- 2, 4, Varsity Club-4. MOGREN, PEGGY-Art Club-l, G. A. A.-2, 4, Norse Star Staff-2, 3, 4, Y-teens-4, Future Nurses-l, 2, Pep Club- 3, 4, Bowling-l, 2, 3, Senior Play-4. MUSSELMAN, JACK-Football-l, 2, 3, 4, Basketball-l, 2, 3, 4, Tennis-2, 3, 4, Track-'l, Varsity Club 3, 4, Science Club-'l, Chess Club-2, Senior Play-4. NICHOLS, ROBERTA-Future Accountants Club-2. OETTE, TERRl-Art Club-'l, Bowling-l, Class Secretary-2, Chess Club-2, G. A. A.-2, Y-teens-3, Senior Play-4. ORTQUIST, RON-Basketball-i, Hi-C-'l, Choir-l, 2, 3, Track-2, Y. F. C.-3. OWENS, CHARLIE--Band-'l, 2, 3, 4, Dance Bond-2, Chess Club-2, Track T, 2, 3, 4. PAYNE, GARY-Rod and Gun Club-l. POPE, MARJ JO-Y-teens-4, Pep Club-4, Future Nurses Club-4, Choir-3, 4, Student Librarian-4, Norse Star-4, .lu- venile Jury-4. POWELL, LARRY-Basketball-2, 3, 4, Baseball-2, Football- l, 2, Science Club-'l, Chess Club-2, Annual Staff-3, Senior lay-4. YLE, JlM-Football-'l, 4, Basketball-'l, 2, 3, 4, Baseball- , 4, Student Council-2, Vice-President of Class-'l, Varsity lub-3, 4. EA, JANET-G. A. A.-l, 2, Norse Star Staff-3, 4-Sports ditor-4, Band-1, 2, 3, Band Follies-1, 2, 3, 4, Cheerlead- ng-'l, 2, 3, 4-Captain-4, Pep Club-'l, 3, 4, Exchange As- embly-l, 2, Skit Club-2, Y-teens-'l, 2, 3, 4-Treasurer-4, tudent Council Treasurer-3, 4, Future Teachers Club-3, , Honor Society-4-Secretary, Srnior Play-4. ETERSTOFF, BARB-Future Homemakers Club-l, Future ccountants Club-2, Hi-C-3, 4. ICHARDS, JANE-Pep Club-4, Y-teens-4, Choir-4, Norse tar Staff-4, Senior Play-4. OOSMALEN, DORIS-Hi-C-1, Band-l, 2, Y. F. C.-4. USSO, TONI-Cleo Club-2, Senior Play-4. ANDWICK, TOM-Football-'l, Movie Crew-l, 2. CHAUB, BONNIE-Future Accountants Club-2. ETHER, WALT-Art Club-l, Senior Play-4. HAW, SANDRA-Future Accountants Club-'l, Y. F. C.- -Secretary, Senior Play-4. IBSON, JlM-Football-l, 2, 3, 4, Basketball-l, 2, , 4-Co-Captain-3, Baseball-l, 2, Varsity Club-2, 3, 4, Hess ClUb-li Student Council-2, Science Club-2. SIENKIEWICZ, JOE--Track-l, Basketball-l, Football-l, 2, 3, 4, Baseball-2, 3, 4, Art Club-l, 2, 3, Varsity Club-2, 3, 4, Class Executive Board-3, 4, Senior Play-4. SIMONS, ERNIE-Track-l, 2, 4, Commercial Club-'l, 2. SMlTH, JIM-Band-'l, 2, 3, 4, Science Club l, Band Fol- lies-2, 3, 4, Dance Band-2, 3, 4, Juvenile Jury-3, 4, Pep Band-l, 2, 3, 4, SOHASKY, EVELYN-Pep Club-'l, Homernaking Club-3, Y-teens-4, Senior Play-4. STAMM, TOBY-Basketball-l, 2, 3, 4, Golf-i, 2, 3, 4, Honor Society-4-Vice-President, Senior Play-4. STEEBY, SHARON-Band-l, 2, 3, 4, Y-teens-l, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club-l, 3, 4, Annual Staff-3, 4-Organizations Editor- 4, Norse Star Staff-2, 3, 4, Juvenile Jury-3, 4, Pep Band- 3, 4, Exchange Assembly-l, 2, 4, Future Teachers Club- 3, 4, Chess Club-2, Band Follies-'l, 2, 4, G. A. A.-4, Senior Play-4, Honor Society-4. TAYLOR, ANN-Band-'l, 2, 3, 4, Y-teens-'l, 2, 3, 4- President-3, G. A. A.-l, 2, 4, Pep Club-'I, 3, Future Teach- ers Club-2, 3, 4, Norse Star Staff-2, 3, 4-Art Editor-3, Annual Staff-3, 4-Music Editor-4, Bowling-2, Student Council-3, 4, Band Follies-3, 4, Senior Play-4, Skit Club-2. THOMAS, SUZI-Band-l, 2, 3, 4, Band Follies-3, 4, Va- riety Club-l, Pep Club-2, Chess Club-2, Art Club-3-Treas- urer, G. A. A.-l, 2, 4, Y-teens-l, 2, 3, 4, Norse Star Staff- 4, Senior Play-4. VANDERLINDE, JANICE-Y-teens-l, 2, 4, Variety Club-l, Future Nurses Club-l, Future Accountants Club-3, 4- President-3, Secretary Treasurer-4. VAN ETTEN, DICK-Art Club-l, 2, 3, Rod and Gun Club- l, Tennis-3, 4. WACHTER, MARY LOU-Bowling-3, 4, Pep Club-4, Dra- matics Club-l. WALTERS, FRANK-Track-l, Baseball-2, 3, Senior Play-4. WEAVER, GERALD-Football-'l, 2, Future Accountants Club-l, Band Follies-3, 4. WEERSTRA, DAVE-Band-l, 2, Band Follies-l, 2, Pep Band-'l, 2, Dance Band-2. WEERSTRA, JANET-Future Teachers Club-T, Photog- raphy Club-'l, Dramatics Club-2,-Y-teens-2, Bowling-i, 2, 3, 4, Juvenile Jury-4, Band Follies-4, G. A. A.-4, Senior Play-4. WEICHNER, BEV-Future Accountants Club-2, Y. F. C.-4. WEISSERT, LINDA-G. A. A.-l, 2, Future Accountants Club 2, 3, 4-Secretary-Treasurer-4, Y-teens-l, Bowling 4, Juvenile Jury-4. WELKOSKE, BONNIE-Band-l, 2, 3, 4, Dance Band- l, 2, Pep Band-'I, 2, 3, 4, Bowling-l, 2, Exchange Assembly- T, 2, Band Follies-l, 2, Class Treasurer-2, 3, 4, Class Ex- ecutive Board-4, Honor Society-3, 4, Senior Play-4. WENDLING, LYDIA-Art Club-l, Band-l, 2, 3, 4, Chess Club-2, Norse Star Staff-2, 4, Pep Band-2, 3, 4, G. A. A.- 2, 4, Y-teens-4, Future Teachers Club-4, Band Follies-4, Senior Play-4. YORK, CAROL-Choir-2, 3, 4, Senior Play-4. ZAHRT, JlM-Football-l, 2, Class Secretary-l, Class Vice- President-2, Business Section I I Hal Deane-Business Manager DOUHG HU9heS--Assisfani Business Manager 112 ANNUAL SALES Linda Mc Niff Cindy Fosler Judy Johnson Not Pictured Fred Livingston Ron Farmer 113 AD MAKE-UP D0nnq'HUgl'1e5 Lynne Sl. John ADVERTISING SALES Bill Mc lnfire Wendy Morris Tom Johnson Kerril King Mary Buck Sheryl Bcnningo Yours For A Successful Future! FWS You, the Class of 1958, have reached a milestone in your career. The pattern that your lite will take may well depend on decisions you must soon make. We have been glad in taking part in your growing up to man- hood and womanhood. We know you will be an asset to any community wherever you go. Good Health and Happiness to All. Your Neighborhood Druggist HARRY H. HOLMES emu HOLMES REXALL DRUG "North Muskegon's Stop and Shop Center" 114 Congratulations to the Seniors ot l958 E. H. SHEL-DUN EQUIPMENT col LABORATORY FURNITURE LAKOS Congratulations to the Class of '58 . RADIUM CHARCOAL HOUSE 367 West Western Phone 24-5252 . Charcoal Stealcs Muskegon's Largest, Oldest and Charcoal Chicken Mos! Modern Charcoal Ribs O EVERYTHING PHOTOGRAPHIC 428 Weslem Avenue 115 CONGRATULATIONS and BEST WISHES 'RPA-95707 5 .Qi Q91-ll 'YICNS 9' i f fi , " 'lun ux "gf: 5 i 1 Q aims fan fm en Tal Ma fars' farparqfian vS1 AUTUM0 QS NUI: ff!! S P QP "0UiPMEH ' fn 'Built Like 1 0 d Skyscrz Q' a' vwb 40- NCV 'xl' EZ C felyillllif ew: Q2 fab' O N 0 S "lim is Acnicukl MT 116 Everything for the office, ex- cept machines--chairs, desks, re-F1les, f111ng cabmets, m- dexing systems, loose-leaf and payroll e q u i p m e n t-4,000 roducts, each "t1me-eng1n- eered" to help get more one, easler, and m less tlme.!1!E3 Largest Exclusive Makers of Office Furniture and Filing Equipment in the World Compliments of Compliments of Harbor View Grocerles, Meats, Gas ,,,Ah , " 1 V .. . " - OPEN SUNDAYS - Ruddiman at Bear Lake Rd. Congratulations and good luck, Seniors . . JOHN WOOD COMPANY BENNETT PUMP DIVISION . . . known for good and steady employment in Greater Muskegon for almost 35 years 117 Congratulations to The Class ot I958 WEBER IUMBER CO. Congratulations to The Class ot I958 North Shore Hardware Best Wishes to The Class ot T958 from HARWOOD-NELSON 373 W. Western Ave. Between 2nd 8: 3rd Streets Peggy White's Hairstylists 370 U. S. 3I North 420 US-31, North-North Muskegon Phone 4-'I644 "Your Loveliness is our Business" WEST MICHIGAN SOUND CO. I932 Peel: Street Muskegon, Michigan Phone 2-59I0 Tape Recorders Phonographs CONGRATULATIONS Ken Wansten Pharmacy I824 Holton Rd. "Your Complete Prescription Store' Muskegon, Michigan Gitts Cosmetics Toys Camera Supplies Compliments ot Henry's Food Fair Groceries - Meats - Sundries I I05 Ruddiman Phone 4I-504 118 Couriesy of Kersman Equipmenil Co Muskegon, Michigan Nor'Ih Shore Tracfor Sales A complele line of Philco Appliances Philco-Bendix Duomaiic Washer - Dryer Television, Radio, ancl Record Players COMPLIMENTS OF ,5J.u:Zo Shoes 333 W. Wesiern Avenue SHOES FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY Compliments of CURTIS-FERRELL CO. OFFICE MACHINES AND EQUIPMENT Art and Craft Supplies H I L T ' S , IN C . WALLPAPER - PAINTS Phone 2-2806 HARDWARE 408 W. Western Ave. - Muskegon B U D D ' S JEWELERS - OPTICIANS 227 W. Western The Store that Confidence Built Cbtlflfiffnf Occidental Hotel Bldg. MUSKEGON, MICHIGAN Hoa en kno . : wwf" '- E' - . yi 9,9 - . 1 414 ' , ' F99 '61-.., C. 3 ff ,nr --P G"4x , 4 ef 1 ge' , 's SZ ki Q 'URI TAKES WINGS with a wonderful new Gas range! Top bumers, oven, broiler - all lightwithout matches. -,-1-A-, Se E.- oe . ESV f D jk , Nl L "GUARDIAN ANGEL" Clock control cooks com- plete oven meal by it- self...tumsGasonand off . . . automatically. DIVIDIELV ACCURATE auto- matic thermostats on new Gas ovens set and keep any exact heat .. . from 250' to 550". C , 1 - '51 fa he SLDRIOUS BROILING from rare-and-juicy to "done through." Gas broilers are smokeless . . . re- quire no pre-heating. if 91" 9 ' Mgiyls- Qglwgjl 1 P lmii, , 1 1 1 . 1 1, - 3.3: 1 ' 5 is ' 'qi 1? xg shura! 'T CELESTIAL BAKINE-Only the air-circulated Gas oven gives you such uniform baking . . . such even browning, ,--.,,' J , 1 , fl. Q ' lg J I 1 Wg . i nl Q 5- v deja B- wfsff J 7 ILISSFUL CUOLIIESS- No lingering heat after Gas is off. Extra-in- sulation makes cook- ing cooler-thriftier. MICHIGAN CONSOLIDATED GAS COMPANY COMPLIMENTS TO THE CLASS OF 1958 Muskegon Hardware Congratulations Class of 1958 JAN - RICH BAKERY Phone 4 1739 1113 Rudoliman Ave North Muskegon After-school Snacks - Desserts Parly Orders ALFRED J. HUNTER 8: C0 1895 - 1958 HENRY STREET Phone 2-7602 We carry The largesl and most complete sloclc in Weslern Michigan ..Of.. Pipe. Valves, Fillings, Pumps, Boilers, Healing and Plumbers' Supplies 120 TOM ANDREWS AGENCY Insurers - Reallors Occidenlal l'Io+eI Building G'f Flowers I ts Congratulations Class of 1958 ARBOR FLORAL COMPANY 1222 Peck Street MUSKEGON, MICHIGAN A. KRAUTHEIM JEWELERS-SILVERSMITHS Thirty-Six Years of Dependable Service Established 1887 RCA ZENITH GOOD LUCK, SENIORS I NORTHSIDE RADIO 8. TELEVISION "Your Neighborhood Servicemen" Sales and Service - Phone 4-1171 Television - Radios -- Laundry Equipment Hi-Fi Phonographs - "CoIor TeIevision" SPARTON-MAGNAVOX EASY LAUNDRY 121 Congrafufafiond ana! Emi ?fM5Ae5 fo the 1958 GRADUATING CLASS EJZIIIMZWM. DAMM C pl' z f Hardware Company Om mm I 0 NORTH MUSKEGON 635 OTTAWA STREET DRY CLEANERS 1906 Ruclcliman Avenue MUSKEGON Phone 4-1407 For the Best in School Styles See Us! Congralulalions and Besl Wishes lo The CLASS or 1958 Boaz efcnde Sanding Machine Company Muskegon, Michigan Ginman Tire Service U. S. Royal Tires - Recapplng Weslern Ave. al 4+h S+. Phone 2-5449 122 VETS MEN'S WEAR CONSUMERS POWER CO. Fast Metropolitan Tuxedo t 1 Rental Service S iz 0 Q CONGR ATIONSQ , 56 51' Sf 2Ol W. Western Ave. Muskegon I, I lainie!! You have reached one of life's impor- tant goals . . . graduation. Now, as you press toward even bigger accom- plishments, we extend our best wishes for continued success. Gifts of Distinction Reddy' Kilowdff Your Electric Servant JONES ELECTRIC CO. Complimentf of Hardware and Sporting Goods PRICE DRY CLEANERS 1871 Peck Street Phone 2-7661 MUSKEGON 658 Ottawa Street Muskegon, Michigan Best Wishes to the Class ol 58 W. Brinen Lumber Company WHOLESALE AND RETAIL LUMBER DOORS SHEETROCK SASH ASPHALT SHINGLES FRAMES INSULATING WOOL INTERIOR FINISH MUSKEGON, MICHIGAN 123 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1958 SWR THE NATIONAL LUMBERMAN'S BANK FWS Serving Muskegon County Since T859 Compliments of PERRl'S SHELL SERVICE KEN WINTERS U.S. 31 8. Ruddimon Drive North Muskegon, Michigan HARBOR STEEL 8: SUPPLY CORPORATION 543 WeST Souirhern Avenue Muskegon, Michigan Phone 62 I 56 - 23437 SERVING WESTERN MICHIGAN 124 North Muskegon Flower Shop FASHIONS FLOwERS 1081 Holfon Rd. IM-201 - Phone 4-1561 Across from TB Sanaforium NORTH SHORE TR Musueeou ACTOR SALES 1 ALUMINUM Fouunnv co Complete Line of Philco Appliances 664 W. Clay Avenue 8. Television BRASS--- Toro Power Lawn Mowers BRONZE ALUMlNUMi- Whitehall at Giles Road CONGRATUI.ATlONS TO THE CLASS OF '57 Naph-Sol Refining Company HOME OF GASOLINE Oil -Ways, Inc. Wagoner Transportation Co. MERCURY TRANSIT COMPANY Complete Auto Service ERICKSON GARAGE 301 Center Street TELEPHONE 4-1452 Motor Doctor Since 1929 THE MUSKEGON BANK AND TRUST COMPANY "l try not to spend every cent I earn." Cgmplimenfg T0 The Pl'0I'6CfIOI'I - S6CUI'Ify -- Pl'0'fII' Class of I958 like WINDATT- PONTIAC HEI! 2001 Peck Street LIBERTY LIFE and ACCIDENT INSURANCE COMPANY , H OH' Phone 2 LIBERTYOILIEE BGIEDING M k g M hg CLOCK FUNERAL HOME Ia9s-1958 1 "PREFERRED" FUNERAL SERVICE 127 HACKLEY UNION F on .. C National Bank K2 Trust Co. o G cpl hcl fsa fH'vSI9'z's 811-819 TERRACE STREET MUSKEGON, MICHIGAN Sign f ood Tas+e Coca Cola BoHIing Company of Muskegon compliments ot muskegon professional photographers association Enoeh Beckquist Conrad Brown Lyle Christianson Clarence Felt Robert G. Hanson Lee Harding Al Jensen Bervin Johnson lWhitehalll Calvin Johnson Henry Jordan Leonard Kooiman George Smith Courneye Tourcotte member studios Congraiulaiions io ilwe Seniors of 1958 Smith's Drug Store Prescriptions Sporting Goods "You Nome H, We Hove lt" We Deliver Phone 2-3330 407 Marquette Ave. MUSKEGON. MICHIGAN Do Your Sunday Shopping at "Hoos" Your Grocer QUALITY SERVICE STORE SHURFINE FOODS Giles Road and U.S. 31 GROCERIES - MEATS Open Every Day and Night of the Week Phone 4-1464 130 Congratulations ond Best Wishes To The Closs of 1958 O PARSONS DEPARTMENT STORE I5-23 East Broadway MusKEGoN HEIGHTS ' BEST WISHES AND SUCCESS TO THE CLASS OF 1958 Compliments of Ray Wierdcr, Sr. 6: Ir. Cbnradgs Columbia Studio "Class Portraits of Distinction" Call 2-5015 for Appointment 1504-08 Sanford St. Your Family Siudio Across from Penney's MUSKEGON 184 W. Western Ave. MUSKEGON, MICHIGAN 0452? ag, Q! im l l '-mm, we Q Lowest Pncedhne Qualiqf 5pringsMom'y G111Buy PROMPT cAn:rm. sewvncr-: JMMU' AMERIEAN EQIL SPRING EUMPANY Z 9514 ,46w4.y4 Spawmu af ,M 21,446 0 W Muskegon, Michigan Spring Products for: - Science - - industry - - Home - Hioim Ficieiiiv Svsiems Recorcis 131 BUWAlDA'S FOOD MARKET GROCERIES - MEATS A Complete One-Stop Quality Service Store Sanitarg Dairy Milk PM M I Compliments of PERRl'S SHELL SERVICE U.S. 31 8. Rucldimcm Drive LINCOLN -' MERCURY North Muskegon, Michigan Muskegon Michigan 4 CONGRATULATIONS! "Greet minds hove purposes, others have wishes." -Washington Irving. Campbell, Wyani' and Cannon Foundry Co. Division of Textron, Inc. 132 Complimen+s To The Class of "58" STEEL A FABRICATING COMPANY congrafulafions To The Class of 1958 NORTH SHORE HARDWARE GIROCCO'S MARKET "Fine Meats and Personal Service Phone 4-1204 A1123 Ruddiman Ave. Be-5+ Wishes To The CLASS OF '57 hillips RICHARD'S CAUSEWAY KEN WINTERS BUWALDA HARDWARE 317-319 Cenfer Sf. HARDWARE - HOUSEWARES -- PAINTS FERTILIZERS - SEEDS SPORTING GOODS "BS" SERVICE i1hZI'llfTf.0Sm'd U.S. 31 and M-20 NORTH MUSKEGON Complimenfs Class of 1958 Congrafuloiions IIA F I' "EN" BALBlRNlE-APosTLE- MORTUARY M U S I C Esi. 1865 is our business - our only business! BEERMAN'S MUSIC HOUSE EST. 1882 Websfer o'I' Second Muskegon. Michigan George Apos'I'Ie - Direcior James Apos'I'Ie - Direcior I----- I CONGRATULATIONS I CLASS OF 1958 BROWNE MORSE OFFICE FURNITURE Great Western Savings Bt Loan Association installation, Los Angeles CDQQIQVIQCI Ion the UUIOQI JUIodeIwI Qggices McoM:A'N: MANUFACTURERS or STEEL OFFICE FURNITURE, ALUMINUM CHAIRS, FILING S"EG""' ""C"'G"' SUPPLIES, LABORATORY EQUIPMENT, HOSPITAL cAsE WORK, FUME Hooos CQMPLIMENTS OF WHITTAKER ELECTRIC COMPANY 23I DIANA AVENUE MUSKEGON. MICHIGAN PN 6-2I2I 135 l A I .,, ilk if .Ex yi PATRONS COMPLIMENTS TO THE Dr. Arthur Joistad ',g L Mr. Raymond Engle CLASS OF 158 L Mr. Ted Leonard 2 Mr. and Mrs. Beniamin Marcus Mr. Arthur Rude I Mr. William Chrystal E T T E R M A N S Mr. William McNiff L, Mr. Charles Larnard Jr. F O O D L I N E R Dr. Norman Fleishman Dr. Frank Garber Dr. L. L, Loder A Friend A Friend Dr. Thornton Mr. and Mrs. S. I. Rosenberg as CARLSON PLUMBING. NORTH MUSKEGON LQ v 1 'A" 5 gas Acme Cleaners and Dyers Laketon at Beidler ll AND Third at Houston l Compliments of We C'1'Pe'i"Q FouNnRY coRPoRAnoN Seehock Floor Covering Co. ' BEN CIHAK 375 US-31 CNorth of Causewayl N. Muskegon Formica Linoleum l .fi EDWARDS BROTIIFRS ll' T . An Al: .Wl'

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