North Muskegon High School - Norseman Yearbook (North Muskegon, MI)

 - Class of 1952

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North Muskegon High School - Norseman Yearbook (North Muskegon, MI) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Cover

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Q 11' Y if -f H .LZ fp 'K- E, -A' 5 --,-f - -ye A-1. 1- 4- .', , f- E242 -,M 1 1 .X .. , I. i -G f+fa-W if F23 rg. V A Y ,Q 111.2 ri ", W ,X -1-Qing 1'fyf-FX' - k, ,J -. L.:-'ig-rf' 'F-.Rr +R :I ' ' .::.'E'r-ff' ff" . Q ' 1- f . ex' w'If?j.'9T ' . - A 'fF'g1.,ifS.- gig , "J . 4 ""f'e! -1: ,' 4 f f "fi T5 1 M, M- .st :lik A - "' . .N rs' 2' L iff! - 1:-.E f f .- 4 , " , ' I . Q-f2,"fT' ,. - 'K ' -. 'fjg--y:.L."'f ' , Tqliugz A ,, J' 1. . N, ... , , ,. xt .F Y!-Y " Dfv ' fr , , Iv.-.vf , ' , "T, . 'L lv .. v 1 A A f T ., - .U ' ' ,' 2. . X X .5 I K .4 V 1 X Y, J 1 . A , . . r, ' 'Ar' . . 1 ,,"....l1 r- -' - ' , -7 ' 1' ' '- 'L K MM? X - . P' , 73 k ' '. ' ' "5 ' .4 ., lm Aww e . ' . , f ir - ' u -Q. . .hx-5 - ' -5 .. A sr' 'KY X ',1,- ' Y ' ,N , V' " F ' , 415. fini.: 5. 1, . ,A V-N . 17 gr, , in . Z 1 V F. V . . .. T M VI Y V ,3,.,JMv., L ., .rs . . .3 11 ' '. '-'hifi 'J Eff.: ' ..' 3. ' 'I 'JK' ' " z 72 -A 0 w..r,'EsjQf' 2.1: .--w . 31 pw., ' gg Z Q4 ' ' .' fi!-1' JJ -- .f '4-1?"'+.f5'?"'XH-""- 1 ' , - :A '. - 'WN .5,-1.1-Ky-.f2.iiv:r" mg. 'ff ff -X pf 24.1135 Mn. - .. mf-.1g. ' i V P . . "'pg, 'Q ff-rf" " . Qmxfi -'-.WN ' ' " ' - . V H. ' 1 . . -- f . . .. --.,-u . ff . . - " ' F, xv L: 4. . 4'3" 'f 1 A gnc L ' - Q.: k :'x1gl,5 E-Q -f x ' l , . Ea u ., , P ' f ,, 1'-4" 515, Q. N L" ' " " sr... ,fy-., .. ,Vs- ..l x 4 .I . 4-ww A ..,1r. A .Q .41 . v f 1 ., 1 s L , . . ?f-'lin . iw'-, W'-4 I .2-'Q-4 ' y1.Qi21i,7 wif- - T' 'UT ' - 'MTBE' .. f ' ...b H21 f' '. I L , ,. V ., 1 ',.fiw".51..s, V : .if ,, , .f"'fQ' ,f 11' '.?: . f.:,f'f'f ' 'I-ie..Qj?"2F .W-' im.:-A ' 411 , M-.,7g,. Y 'ZWEGAQ1 A --ffiwir v . 4535- W4 ' 1 g', 'fvslli ' 'JV' , ,4 .21 I ' V. Pwamd af, 74a Swim 65444 mmmaqwwwsmz 7 This yearbook chronicles the major activities of the school year 1951-52. We present this book in the hope that it will relate these activ- ities in an interesting and enioyable manner - a record of this year's achievements and com- panionships to be cherished and remembered. 455644 Page Fall ....................................... ....... 4 Administration and Faculty ..... ....... 6 Seniors .......... ......... 1 2 Underclassmen ..... ......... 2 9 Football .....a.. .a.....,. 4 8 Winter ..........,............. ........ 5 6 Clubs and Features ...... ......... 5 8 Basketball ,............... ........, 8 2 Spring Baseball, Track, and Golf ..... ......... 9 4 Annual Staff ,.,................A. ......... 9 8 Senior Elections ...... ....., l O0 Advertising ..... ,....., 1 05 ek R as x. ,, is , SX if 91 ,gg Y W W 5 W A 1: c. 8 9 , M., an 3 Q 'Q' 1 1 X P5 kg W is 00, ii' 4 :XM in .gpg K Wilt. W av J If ,. 'Q 5 ., Rf . . N3 xy ,U FLA," , E W CA' 'W'f6gg Q k 'v---Rf v - gg, Q Q 6 Aw . .,., - W, I any 5 ,W V , , , 'V ,Q A . . ' , , J 1 ,,, U , if W V" .J fi ' 'Y " 9 ' at 9 ggi x ,Q 'fi fmt' Y Q A , , ,V Q x 1 v . ,, . M " ,S ',,gi f ,fa 3 ar 4, 'Q Q. ' Q' . 3,3 ,, V A by Q za" 2 ffgff vi Q: -'fi-j j . 9 ' 2' fm W "" QWVA V . a K, x gig, ' I V52 Q I., V. " " . 2, ,. , SEI . , ,. ,yr . 'A' H -, lf? '8 ' ' ' fl., ' -:Q 'if 5 . gh if ,,.A A A',, , 'AAM k ig? W QE? Wi ,wi if ? 1 'img . mu . 8 y g ' f 6 J A If.. gf K . wi iv f 5 fi f 6, QQ f-wwap I if 5. w if 15 Vx ,QS xm-.M .lv li wwfwk, , S ,lv s 14:15 ' 'ization Left to right: Dr. Cole S. Brembeck, Supt.g Mr. Charle Trusteeg Mr. Joseph M. Ferrell, Sec.g Mr. Marion L. B Clerk. 20622445 The Board of Education does not wait until Fall to begin their task of laying the founda- tion for each successful and happy school year. Throughout the year their work continues. With the additional buildings erected last year and the enlarged teaching staff the board 6 s S. Prescott, Pres.p Mr. George W. Myers, radbury, Jr., Treas.p Miss Louise Joldersmc, was able to bring many improvements which are appreciated and enioyed by every student. Their unfailing efforts to mold the characters of the young people of North Muskegon have proven invaluable. az. dole S. gfzemleci The class of '52 is indeed fortun- ate to be the first class of North Muskegon High School to graduate under the leadership of Dr. Cole S. Brembeck. We hope that his coming to our school as Superintendent will add to his previous accomplishments as Associate Professor of English at Pennsylvania State College and President's Assistant at Manchester College in Indiana. Dr. Cole S. Brembeck Although the high school students do not have as much personal contact with their superintendent as they wish, it is reassuring to know that they have a man like Dr. Brembeck to turn to for guidance throughout our years at N.M.H.S. Many persons have influenced the thoughts and ideals of high school students. Mr. Dunsmore, among others, has dedicated his life to creating high ideals, as well as high scholarship, in the students of North Muskegon High School. The class of '52 is ML Ken, D,,n,,,,,,,e sincerely thankful for the excel- K lent guidance and friendship giv- en to us by Mr. Dunsmore. We are certain that his efforts will not be in vain and the graduat- ing class will strive to live under the principles he has taught. 770. Kelly Daneman 7 ROBERT BUSHONG B.S. - Valpariso University, Ballstate Teachers College, In- diana University. Physical Edu- cation, Driver Training. WESLEY BUNKS B.S. - Illinois State Normal College. Shop, Civics, Boy's Physical Education. GENE BLOSSOM B.S. - Western Michigan Col- lege. BioI09Y, General Science, History. CHARLES A. BLACKMAN A.A. -- Olivet College, Michi- gan State College, Ohio State University. Seventh Grade, So- cial Studies, Arithmetic. KATHERINE BIRDSALL A.s., M.A. + oiavei-coiiege, University of Colorado, Univer- sity of Grenoble, France, Uni- versity of Michigan. French, Spanish, Latin. VIRGINIA CLARK B.A. - University of Delaware. Art, Elementary, High School. ROBERT COUZYNSE A.B. - Calvin College, gan State Normal Collegi cial teacher at Muskegon ty Sanatorium and Mu County. FAC gc. S HALMOND THOMAS HELF M.A. - Western Michi- B.S. - University of Wiscon- ollege, University of s-in. American Literature, Eng- lan, American University, lish Literature. ngton, D,C. World His- Economics, American Gov- nl. TY WILLIAM GREGORY B.S., M.A. - Central Michigan Michigan State. Civics, Speech MARGORIE LOWERY A.A., B.M.E., M.M. - Steph ens College, University of -Col orado, Northwestern University GirI's Glee Club, Vocal Ensem bles. ISABELLE MAPES A.B. - Muskegon Junior Col- lege, University of Michigan Typing I, Civics, Spanish I, Z ROBERT MORRIS B.S. - Michigan State College. Arithmetic, Physical Education, PAUL MOYES V Y B.S,, 'M.S. 1 Michigan Sfae, College. Mathematics, Algebra. I ::2- A ig f Q51-...t I ..., - M- :fy ,wg , if f 1' fifydgit , 2 ' we vw 55. BERNA STUART A.B. - University of Redlands, California. Seventh Gradeg English, Science. JOYCE TAYLOR B.S., B.A. - Michigan State College. Home Economics. RALPH STROUF B.M. - Michigan State Col- lege. Instrumental Music. JAMES RYAN B.A., M.A. - Central Michigan College, Kent State College. Speech, Civics. WARREN THOMPSON B.S., M.A. - Western gan College, Univers Michigan, Printing, Mec Drawing. KATIE PLACKO B.S. --- Western Michigan Col- lege. Commercial. ETHEL PARKS B.S. - Western Michigan Col- LOUISE JOLDERSMA lege. Physical Education for Clerk of the Board of Educa- Girls. lion. RT VANDERMEER HILMA VAN EERDEN - University of Michigan, A.B. - University of Michigan, gan State College, Amgr. Northern Michigan College of -Iigfgryl World History, Education. English ll, library. BARBARA TARR High School Secretary. HOMER VAN HOESEN B.S., M.S. - Central Michigan College, Michigan State Cal- lege, University of Michigan, Case Institute of Technology. Chemistry, Physics, Geometry, Algebra, Advanced Algebra. LORAINE VON GLAHN B.A. - University of Michigan. English I. JOHN J. WENZEL B.E. - University of Toledo. Eighth Grade, English, History English Il. I ARNOLD WILSON B.S. - Central Michigan Col- lege. Physical Education and Health ll, Safety Education, Civics. ROBERT L. WIRSCHEM B.S., M.Mu. - Western Michi- gan College, Columbia Con- servatory, Michigan State Col- lege, L-P-O Junior College. Choir, Music Appreciation, Mus- ic Theory, Boy's Glee Club. Q- 'lk cam 6646 eww X596 GN Q S A-x X dm Vo I bog ROGER ARNOLD ANDERSEN Band l,2,3,4-President 25 Pep Bond l,2, 3,45 Choir l,2,45 Class President l,2,3,45 Golf Team l,2,3,45 Student Council Presi- dent 3,45 Dramatics Club 35 Junior Play5 National Honor Society 3,45 Radio Club 45 Senior Play5 Annual Staff 4. BEATRICE JEAN ANDREE Homemaking Club 15 Courtesy Club 25 Recreation Club 35 Choir 35 Noon Club l,2,35 On-the-iob Training 4. JACK DUANE BEARDSLEY Photography Club lp Study Club l,25 Choir l,2,35 Glee Club 2,35 Octet 35 Truck 2,45 Cooking Club 35 Radio Club Secretory 45 Varsity Club 45 Football 4. JOHN D. BERGLUND Study Club I5 Chess Club 25 Recreation Club 35 Drumatics Club 45 Boy's Glee Club 4. MARCIA ANN BESTERVELT Choir l,2,3,45 Glee Club 1,25 Sexlet l,2,3,45 Baseball 1,25 Class Treasurer I5 Class Vice President 25 Band 3,45 Dra- matics Club 3,4-Vice President 3-Pres- ident 45 Octet 35 Exchange Assembly 3,45 Senior Play5 Cheerleader 4-Second Team 1,25 National Honor Society 3,4. ELAINE MARIE BETKA GirI's Glee Club I5 Courtesy Club 2 Recreation Club 35 On-the-iob Training 4. CHRISTOPHER JAMES BLISS Band I5 Choir l,2,35 Football 'l,2,45 Golf l,2,45 Varsity Club 2,3,45 Cooking Club 35 Boy's Glee Club 25 Handicraft Club 15 Basketball l,25 Stage Crew 3,4. LOIS JEAN BLOOMBERG Homemaking Club I5 Photography Club 25 Recreation Club 35 Dramatics Club 45 Norse Star 4. DORIS LORRAINE BOHACH Band 2,3,4g Choir I,2,37 Girl's Glee Club 1,25 Pre-Nursing Club 2,3,4p Recreation Club 35 Spanish Club 47 National Honor Society 4. DOUGLASS WHITNEY BOND, JR. Student Council l,2,3,4g Golf l,2,3,4p Varsity Club 2,3,4-Secretary 4g Choir 25 Football 3,4y Class Vice President 37 Jun- ior Playf Noon Club President 37 Senior Play: National Honor Society 4. CHRISTINE MARIE CLOETINGH GirI's Athletic Club Ig Knitting Club 25 Pre-Nursing Club 2,3,4p Drumatics Club 37 Choir 3g ExchangerAssembly 37 Lang- uage Assembly Jp Spanish Club 4. BEVERLY ANN CRITCHETT Study Club l,2,3,4p Norse Star Staff 4. GERALD EDWARD DEKKER Football l,2,3,45 Basketball l,2,35 Base- ball l,25 Rod and Gun Club lp World Problerns Club 25 Choir 35 Boy's Glee Club 35 Dramatics Club 3,4. JACK RAYMOND DeWALD Radio Club 15 Football l,2,3,4-Co- captain 45 Track l,2,35 Baseball l,2,35 Varsity Club 2,3,45 Noon Club l,2,3,45 Junior PIay5 Movie Operator 3,4. JOHN F. DYKEHOUSE Football l-Manager 2,35 Baseball l,2, 3,45 Basketball l,2,3,4-Captain 45 Track 2,3,45 Varsity Club l,2,3,4-President 45 World Problems Club 25 Dramatics Club 35 Junior Play5 Boy's Glee Club 3,45 Annual Staff 4. JANET MARJORIE EKWALL Cheerleading l,2,3,45 Sextet l,2,3,45 Choir l,2,35 Glee Club l,25 Baseball 'l,25 Bond 3,45 Octet 35 Dramatics Club 35 Dance Band 3,45 Junior Play5 Senior Play5 Student Council 45 National Honor Society 3,4-Treasurer 45 Annual Staff 45 Ex- change Assembly 35 D.A.R. History Award. RUTH ARLENE ENGSTROM Band 2,3,45 Noon Club l,2,3,45 Study Club l,25 Hi-C Club 3,45 Vice President 45 GirI's Glee Club 3,45 Norse Star Staff LOIS MAXINE ERICKSEN Glee Club l,25 Study Club 35 Recreation Club 35 Dramatics Club 45 Norse Star Stoll 4. HARVEY JOHN FOHLBROOK, JR. Noon Club l,2,3,45 Class Secretary ly Study Club lp Band I5 Choir lg Sports Club 25 Dromatics 35 Junior Ploy5 Football 2,45 Baseball 3,45 Track 45 Varsity Club HOWARD HARRY GINN Rod and Gun Club I5 Band I5 World Problems Club 25 Football l,2,45 Junior Play5 Senior PIoy5 Dramatics 3,45 Choir 3. AUDREY GLADY5 HANSEN Homemaklng Club Ig Courtesy Club 25 Recreation Club 35 Hi-C Club 45 Pre- Nursing Club 4. WILLIAM E. HEIN Study Club I5 Handicraft Club 25 Sports Club 35 Radio Club 4. MARY ANN HUGHES Cheerleading I,2,3,4p Choir I,2,3,45 Girl's Glee Club I,2,3,45 Baseball I5 Basketball I,2,35 Drumatics Club 2,3545 Scxtet 3,45 Junior All-school Play 2,45 Recreation Club 35 Mixed Octet 35 National Honor Society 3,45 Annual Staff 4. KATHRYN ANN HOLMES Recreation Club 35 Dramatics Club 3 On-the-job Training 4. Play5 Senior Play5 KATHERINE ANN KROLCZYK Band l,2,3,45 Choir I,2,3,45 Girl's Glee Club I5 Class Secretary 2,35 Brass Sextet 2,45 Girl's Sextet 3,45 Dramatics Club 35 Exchange Assembly 35 Dance Bond 3,45 Pep Band 3,45 Senior Play5 National Honor Society 4-Vice President 45 Ann- ual Staff 4. MARGUERITE ANN LeGRADY Choir I,25 Girl's Glee Club I,25 Drama- tics Club 35 Photography Club 45 Annual Staff 4. VIRGINIA ANN KUENY Bond I,2,3,45 Choir I5 GirI's Glee Club Accompanist 35 Sextet Accompanist 3,45 Dromatics Club 3,45 Woodwind Quintet 45 National Honor Society 4. y .vs-M WAYNE CHARLES LIDDLE Band l,2,3,45 Handicraft Club 25 Recrea- tion Club 35 Radio Club 45 Pep Band 4, MARY VIOLA McCORMICK Courtesy Club lg Archery Club 25 Girl's Glee Club 25 Recreation Club 35 Norse Star Staff 4. HERBERT BRYCE MEINER Radio Club lp Study Club 25 Sports Club 35 Radio Club 4. Basketball 2,3,45 Courtesy Club 25 Dra- matics Club 35 Choir 35 On-the-iob Train- ing 4, MARILYN CECILIA MITCHELSON Class Vice President lg Class Treasurer 2 Gym Club lp Commercial Club 25 Dra matics Club 35 Band 35 Norse Star Staff 4 LOIS JEANNINE MOLYNEUX SHIRLEY STARR MOONEY Girl's Gym Club lp Embroidery Club 2- Vice President5 Pre-Nursing Club 2,3,45 Reporter 35 Dramatic: Club 35 Hi-C Club 45 National Honor Society 4. BONNIE JEAN MOORE Bond l,2,3,45 Gym Club lp Choir 25 Pre- Nursing 2,3,45 Dramatics Club 35 Cheer- leading 3,45 Exchange Assembly 35 Pep Band 3,45 Study Club 45 Annual Staff 45 National Honor Society 4. RAMON CHARLES MULDER Band l,2,3,45 President 3,45 Photography Club l,2,3,45 Choir 2,3,45 Boy's Glee Club 3,45 Dance Band 3,45 Pep Band 3,45 Annual Staff 3,45 Junior Play. GORDON FRANK MUNN Study Club 1,25 Basketball 2,3,45 Base- ball 2,3,45 Football 35 Sports Club 3- Vice President5 Varsity Club 3,4. BETTY JEAN NIENHUIS Courtesy Club 1,27 Recreation Club 35 Choir 37 Solo and Ensemble 3,45 Girl's Glee Club 4. VIOLET MARION OLSON Sludy Club lg Courlesy Club 27 Hi-C Club 3,4p Choir 37 Norse Star Sloff 45 Noon Club l,2 DONNA IRENE PIERSON Gym Club 1, Study Club 25 Knining Club 35 On-the-iob Training 4. ELIZABETH JUNE PAVLICH Sludenl cl the T.B. Sanalorium. MONICA MARIANNE PINTER Girl's Gym Club Ip Knitting Club 2g Dramatics Club 37 Junior Play: Pre-Nurs- ing Club 3,4-President 3,45 Study Club 45 Senior Playg Honor Society 4-Secree tary 4. GEORGE FREDRICK SCHALK Football l,2,3,-47 Basketball 'l,2,3,-15 Var- sity Club 2,3,4p Boy's Cooking Club 3. MARILYN JANE POSTEMA Courtesy Club Ig Girl's Glee Club I,2 Dramatics Club 37 Study Club 25 Photog raphy Club 45 Norse Star Staff 4. DONALD E. SCHUITEMAN Football I,2,3,4p Basketball 2,3,4g Base- ball I,2,3,4g World Problems Club I- Presidentg Sports Club 27 Varsity Club 3,4-Treasurer 47 Junior Playg Senior Playg Annual Staff 4. JOE WILLIAM SIMILA Choir l,2,37 Basketball 37 On-the-job Training 4. PAUL WILLIAM SCHULZE, JR. Student Council 1,22 Photography Club 1,2,37 Band l,2,3,47 Choir 27 Golf 2,3,47 Pep Band 2,3,47 Dance Band 3,47 Instru- mental Groups 2,47 Junior Play7 Senior Play7 Class Secretary 47 Annual Staff 47 National Honor Society 4. FRANK A. SMITH Study Club I7 World Problems Club 2 Sports Club 3,47 Junior Play7 Senior Play Choir 4. ORVILLE MARTIN SMITH Sports Club 37 Radio Club 4. PATRICIA LOUISE SMITH Choir I,25 Band I,2,3,45 Grammar Club 35 Recreation Club 35 D.A.R. History Award 35 D.A.R. Citizenship Award 45 Junior Play5 Pep Band 3,45 National Honor Society 3,4-President 45 Class Treasurer 3,45 Dramatics Club 45 Dance Band 3,45 Annual Staff 4. RICHARD ARTHUR STEVENS Band l,2,3,45 Pep Band l,2,3,45 Photog- raphy Club l,2,3-President 2,35 Base- ball 2,3,45 Football Manager 25 Dance Band 3,45 Annual Staff 3,45 Junior Play5 Bo7's Glee Club 45 Choir 4. CAROL JEAN STRIBLEY Band I,2,3,4-Treasurer 35 Cheerleader I,2,3,45 Courtesy Club I5 Girl's Gym Club I5 Study Club I5 Choir 25 Baseball I,25 Basketball 2,35 Dramatics Club 3,4- Secretary 45 Juniqr Play5 Student Council 35 Exchange Assembly 4. DORIS ANN THOMPSON Girl's Gym Club I5 Band 2,35 Choir 25 5 Girl's Glee Club 2,35 Cheerleader 35 I. Recreation Club 3-Secretary5 On-the-iob Training 4. JANISE MAY THOMPSON Photography Club 'I5 Dramalics Club 25 Recreation Club 35 On-the-job Training 4. JOYCE ARLENE TIERMAN Study Club lg Choir 25 Girl's Glee Club 2,3,45 Drcimatics Club 3,45 Norse Star Staff 45 Annual Staff 4. PAUL VAN ETTEN Radio Club ly Basketball lp Handicraft Club 25 Photography Club 35 Radio Club 45 Boy's Glee Club 4. CLARISE JUNE WAGNER Band l,35 lnstrumental Group lg Pep N Band 35 Study Club l,25Pre-NUfSlr1g Club 2,3,4-Secretary 2,3,45 Hi-C Club 3,4- President 3,45 Junior Play5 National Honor Society 45 Noon Club l,2,3,4. JUDITH GRACE WEBER Choir 1,25 Cheerleader 1,25 Dramatics Club 35 Recreation Club 35 Photography Club 45 Norse Star Staff 45 Annual Staff JACK DuWAYNE WEERSTRA Football 2,3,4-Co-Captain 45 Basketball 15 Track 3,45 Camera Club 15 Choir 25 Band 1,25 Noon Club 1,2,3,45 Varsity Club 3,45 Sports Club 35 Dramatics Club 45 Senior Play. OLGA GRACE WESTENFELDER Band 1,25 Study Club 25 Recreation Club W 35 Commercial Club 45 Noon Club 1,45 Norse Star Staff 4. RITA ANN WILSON Girl's Glee Club 1,25 Baseball 1,25 Cour- tesy Club lp Archery Club 25 Recreation Club 35 Norse Star Staff 4. JUANITA ELLEN WORDEN Study Club lg Courtesy Club 25 Recrea- tion Club 35 Girl's Glee Club 35 Choir 35 On-the-job Training 4. JOYCE ELAINE WRIGHT Hi-C Club 35 Junior Play5 Dramatics Club 4. RUTH SANTINA ZAAGMAN Cheerleader 'l,2,3,45 Girl's Glee Club l, 2,35 Choir l,2,3,45 Baseball lg Basket- ball l,25 Noon Club lp Dramatics Club 35 Dance Band 3,45 Band 3,45 Pep Band 35 Solo and Ensembles 3,45 Senior Play. JEAN ARLENE ZAHRT Study Club l,25 Recreation Club 35 Hi-C Club 45 Choir 35 Norse Star Staff 4, II I X W' .- 1 W7-VZ! 'NAh-s.4.4+- Erickson S cr t ry ff ,g,4,,-nA-4K,A- -gart- Q-g.AA.4i91"" uv-'J E. Humm Treasure H I "' "' , g-5 21 ff 'F fi- , E ':: . " '-1- .: ' -1, A - ' " , 41 I- V. M ' 255' ' ,, 5? ':" ""' I .. , .. f .I . 'W - . , I I ,gs 0 - Q5 I ff 534' f- 11' f m , X I- 'I' ' ' , IQ, .V'V I A - , ,,, ' uul' r""' 1 1 'I I zl. I , In ' M , . b f? ' " - .- -- VV"- wi- . ' Q 1EI3:Q:1'ff . If ' ':'1"' I QT , ,. ' 1 '- I'- If f I' A' , .-:Q ,-'-A ,.., , - -1- f ' ' ' VV 1 ,, ., . , ----. - ----- zz- 4, , bf In Q A' :zzlvl ..: .g,: 3 . M S ,,:, f g g. , . V, Q I V .. I I A3 + JA JA ,WS .A .. AY JEANNE LORRAINE NORMAN DALE MARVA AMOS ANDERSEN ANDERSON ANDERSON ANDRUS BAKER . I " ' 35 I 3 I . , I AD I AAA . I A DD I I . A -:g5,,gg: . U Q A .. Q ,- , N ,, - i n fi, , V , be 1 Q. ., - I .:.. 3 3 .5 , -Av:- I 1 :I I KX 0 SALLY MARY JOHN DICK JOAN MICKEY BEARDSLEY BENJAMIN BRADBURY BRITZEN BRODRICK CONE .fs J :VI ,,..,. . -I A Q - . IVII .5 ::" If ':" : . .- " ,. -v - . , A ' ., I , rj , I mb ,:., LW , , 1 Q my ,..,- L I PIIII ,gtg lbn q W '1 I I .rg -- f A V.Ab.... i gf - 2-' K ,..,.. "'.: uw "if, .j, ,Q .. I I ,rg K ---1 E V - Q Q , . . -li. -.Q i-:Z ig iff. t :"' Q V Iv., ,:.:- V- :IT . I JACK BARBARA VIRGINIA DOSTER RONALD EARL COOPER COREY DEXTER DENNIS DYKMAN EDWARDS I A . ,V,--:: I2' I ...f I . S' I "": 'Av' ,, 1' . . :,. , ' 'AII I I I . ' ",. I . 4 , . If I - lf. A A Aw I If 3 4 ' 51- "'b 'ff' 35,5 lq., 3 , f W' ' , f ,,V' X V. W gg' I Q , ,,, ' ' QI? I W- , I I I I WW. . 1 wk '.,., A llll V- v.,-- S .. A . I A B 4 1.,V, ,in af X , A V , 5, SHIRLEY MARGIE NORMAN KATHRYN SHIRLEY DELORES ENGLAND ERICKSON FERRIS FOOTE FOX FREES We , in ,,,, A , I:' . ' -ff. 2 A -52 I1. . ., A X . QII I 75 If 'I ,, I DOROTHY TOM EDWARD CAROL DOUG JANIE GIBBS HALFPAP HANBURY HARRIS HAZEKAMP HERNANDEZ ALICE ELISABETH LOWELL PATRICIA CAROLE HODGES HOLMES HOOKER HOOS HUMMEL HUSTON - Q.. ,. is av- S ..A, WESLEY HUTCHINS I PE E LE FEVRE BERNARD McMlLLAN DICK 4-1- DONNA JOHNSON JONES KOPS ANN LOUISE LEGARD LUNSFORD MAGNUSON GERTRUDE MtNITT slr? MONA MILLER RUTH MORSE WZ' 519 N DOROTHY CONNIE CHARLES PHILIP OLSEN OSTROWSKI PAYNE POTTER G I ..,..i.: I . A V Q -nr bn I 1 ,,l- xi -IQQQ ,Ei t V Q Q 1 A V g . mg 3 I .UR I , I I A Q V' - "" 'A Ti 1 4' L JEANNE SHIRLEY DOROTHY TOM RAYMOND RICH SCHWEISSENGER SCOTT ' - :"- I V ,,.,. i' ":" ' gw if 6' Q X Q15 .,,, 5 My X, W Q ,,,,. . . K DARLENE PATRICIA KENNETH MARY SINEN SIPMAN SPAULDING STAPLE ,W -11 EDITH THELMA KRAMER LAUBACH K Q '::- A vs- Y - ,gg v':'- I ...W Q I I , CHARLES BRUCE MATTSON MAXWELL :j,,. w Ib-fb 1 'TN N ' W' :Axe eta-, W ' as-. .. i f zlx I .5 x I -ss CAROL DAN NAGELKIRK OLSEN N I .. sk x , - . F E DAVID JANET PINDER RAYMOND EDWARD SEAWALD LORNA SYERS NORMA SIMONELLI is Q .fl E., -,iz CHARMANE VILLINGS 31 ROBERT BETTY SHIRLEY MICHAEL GERALDI BARBARA WEERSTRA WEICHNER WELKOSKE WENDLING WHISLER WHITEMAN ,j. .,.Q:-Efii ,-1 , ,-2: - ,l,, HM Tom LAURABELLE sus LOUISE wnson wmv wooonms wvANr zuunem cmdz'5eS 764 JM ,ml I . 1 1 v , x 2 1 , . SX - I , -in :Eg , - f-, : 5 .. ,.-. . . 1. .QQ ,A -555 2. -EEE.. ,A W ff I ww ff JERRY AMES ANDERSON BEAK BEATTIE WALTER DOUGLAS BUSKER DENNIS JOHN DeVRlES DEYMAN CHARLES LYNETTE FELT FERRELL ALLISON T, L ', A BAR BARA BESTERVELT LENORE CIHAK ,. DENNIS EMERY FLETCH FOWLER ARNTZ CAROL BRODRICK CONE V VAA 'M A 3 LEE 'Q 5. xx L BETTY ENGLAND A 'A I 1. CHARLES GRENELL ARSENEAU DALE ' BRODRICK M gf 4 Wg? z 5 'W 5 in i CHARLES CROSKEY ALLAN ENGSTROM -R Eww, P ' 5552 12 ' CHARLENE BARKER BURRIS fin' : LORRAINE CYGIERT EARNEST ESH LEONARD GREEN MARY HALFPAP DICK oslones MELVIN mcx CHARLES HEIN HILT HOGAN HOWARD HUNT JOHNSON BARBARA 34 JIM JOHNSON PAUL ROBERT MARCIA LORFORD JOHNSON KARAFA KAULE KEASY DONALD KOPS GERALD VIRGINIA CLARA JO FRANCIS LAUBACH LAUBACH MAHN MALOTKI MATYCH MCADOW I f '-- ,Q 5: 'Q iw Xa .5 ,ik . . I A. ,Q , 11 fa ' S -:::- EVE:-11 III: - Af Q , vga. JOHN ALAN DALE BARBARA EDWARD MCADOW MCALLISTER McKEE MIESEN MINER MITCHELL 5 ,M 3 I3- Qg . ' vw in K 13: I. 5: vm 1 SCOTT JOAN ALISON LARRY JOHN CHARLOTTE MOORE MORSE OLDING OLSEN PAGE PAYNE E b T ., mg 3 2 S :,A .. f"fff 9' fi vp 1 --fa l Q wwf? by W. WENDY DONALD TERRY ROGER EMIL LEONA PENDER PICKLE PIETKIEWICZ FINDER PINTER PIPOLEY LEONARD PLANK an iw K .,,:- .,,:.,: - Q "". . ALDQN., - :--- -. Q , RAYMOND BARBARA PATRICIA ARLENE BETTY RAMSEY RAULIN RICH RICHARDS RICTOR 35 - ELAINE MARLENE SALLY SCHOOLEY SCHROEDER SCHUITEMA :., ll-,- : :I I . - 1 I : ' A": , 4 ,.. --'-- v , AQA . . 15 5' -'1., 1. ,I ,,,- ' ' 5 I ' 1 "' I-A I A ,fi ,si 5 JOHN MARTIN DAN SHEPARSKI SHIELDS SNUFFER ARLAND SCHULTZ 1 gf 11 1,55 sg i n , ROBERT SNUFFER GEORGE KENNETH SETHER SETHER DIANA EDWARD SPARKS STELLE in 5 A 49 CHARLES RICHARD ADRIAN JERRY RUTH NANCY VANDENBERG VANDERLINE WENTING WESTENFELDER WESTENFELDER WILKE .AA,. A . ' I ' ' ' ,,, 15 .." I' -, ' ,,..1,-, A , If 'L zz- I., " W , ig-f' . ARLENE DICK CHARLES WINDBACHER WOODHOUSE WORTHAM 36 'bedgm 606 O , Skss osmex Me Qi ggode Q-. ae, 'bo Kbz Wm. ..:.,,,ag521:f bis'-gg 255254 , Je?" . ' awk NANCY AVERY WILLIE PHILIP ROBERT BARBARA AHLBERG ALLEN ALLISON ANDREAS BAATZ ARNOLD :um x ..,. M,,,....,.,Mm M I .:,. IIII , I Q ' if , A ,..' A ,Q Z. gli S Q 9 ,,:-A E ,.,.. gu i. E ':-: . JACK JERRY RALPH JIM CAROLYNN SANDY BATES BAYNE BEACH BEALE BEARD BEDGOOD 1 .. :MV RQ V .,:5. V 5 ,.,, . t E,-2 ,V Q, E , V ,. :Q I '15, , S, I . . ? ---:- V E, ,L I "-' I i .I: I ,.:E'::m':s . I CHARLET RICHARD DAVID MARSHA GEORGE CAROL BENEDICT BLANCHETT BLISS BRADSHAW BRIGGS BRITZEN M' Q J if 5 "" A f 8 ,, ,., JIM DICK JASPER ELSIE DONALD LOREN BRONSON BUITENDORP BULLOCK BUSHEE CIHAK CILLA xx.. 5? 5' I .. I LT? f f .Q v1-..l L 'VIA , .,AA J1 Wi' A Q I :.,.. Q Q 1- ' . I ' VZ ,X - .' -. ':.,. .1 'firfis III- ' ' ,. V' ' V' '::" ",--f--. ' 1- ",, '2':"' . ' fi "... 'Sf .Q . I .2 ,.,,..,,.---, 1 I f'-5 I I - fy' fy ,J I'-,, I ,. Q. A. ' - I av DOROTHY LEON BRYAN PEGGY DONNA BILL COOK COVERLY DAVIS DeWALD DEWEY DEWEY 1 b .',. . - . 5 ,bb S V , A I , M ,. ' Q , -. gg Q, ,. ., V ,. , : i t - - .-.- Z.. -, 5 i V - ,,,v:I . ..::s ,.,-.:A -v--',,,, f :.,., ' V 'I, I , .,,,, I if V TERRY WILADENE THURE VIOLET DAVID EOLLIE DOBERSTEIN ENGLAND ERICKSON ESH FENNER FENNER 38 ? E 4 , S Y .fff'f! Q I ,W I if L . .N I, V CHARLES PHYLISS SHIRLEY THERESA JOHN EUNNEL GRAFEY OINN GONSER GROBINSKI GREY :I .Sf IV: . YJ ., - sl' I' -Q ,wk L 5 -. ' ,..' . A f '-A.,, - ,21 Y I ""- 5 9 ' I -"' ' I 'xxx , , 3155 A I , ' 'h lb S STANLEY YVONNE MIKE GLORIA DICK DON GUY HEIDEMANN HILTON HODGES HOwE HULBERT Sf Las: t h , "-,.: E km S , , . -"' I LAURA SARAH MONTE GWEN PAUL SANDRA HULINGS HUTCHENS HYRNS JENISON JOHNSON KLECKA ,L ,. I I I Lx . . .. .,. S A S , ig, 5 - AAL f ,. .'.1iZ,i. sg-- WN " "es Y ,- ' 1, K' ' X ' S , " A Q Q ' i . SFX ' Q :-: , X - K v A I I LL I T A A L., , bblq F 1 ,llnq ,. . xf K I A i n v,,. . , ,::. ., ,,:. 1 N JUDY BETTY ROBERT MARLENE MARY DONALD KNOLL KOPS KRAMER KUH KUH KVARNBERG J I ,v.,A if 'E"QQ J. mu A '52 -k.- QQ. X GEORG A' ROBERT JANET BILL PATRICIA JACK Le FEVRE LIDKE LUDWICK MARQUARD MATTHEWS MAVIS :'1 QT' Q, "'- 'A' Kg WOM QA N x QA 2' lv? N' WY' X K b S mx Z ,... V S Q :A it 5 RSV . xx ,- . M C . ' PATRICIA HELEN JAMES BETTY IRENE MICKEY MCARTHUR MCCOY MEKINLEY MERRINDORF MILLS MOONEY 39 TOM DAVID MARIL NELSON NICOLS if 5 C? 2 ff GORDON GORDON FRANCIS OBENAUF O'DELL OLSEN KENNETH PAUL GEORGE JERRY OOSTING PALMER PARRISH PATEMPA 1. AIAA I . .-, zg.. CAROL PRESCOTT PRINS PUTNAM REETHS DORINE PENDER .A QAAI FRANCIS RICH , mm-W 'M 4 DICK JOAN RUTH SCHUITEMAN SHERWOOD SHIELDS LOIS BILL JOY SMITH SOHASKY STEVEN SUEJEAN SITTZER MARTHA PINDER I H? 'if Q my E. ff' , . FRANK ROZEK FLOYD SLUYTER LARRY SMITH NANCY ROLAND TOM STAMM STOUT STRIBLEY JAMES JANET MATTIE TED JANE DORIS THOMPSON THUESEN TURNER VANDERLEEST VANDERPLOEG VANDERSLUTE 40 FRANK ALLEN NORMA MARYJANE VERJEAN SHIRLEY VANDERSLUTE VELLEMA WAGNER WORTH WEERSTRA WHISLER JACK DIANE MARLENE GLENN WHITEMAN WILKE WOJTON WOLFFIS g'WW5e,,, B. Pnckle Presidgnl Vice-Pre M. Smlkh Secreiory Taylor Treasurer QL L., , I . Y , . W , ,.. f , A W . ,jx Q L. 41,2 ,. 1: .'.,: . W AUDREY BRUCE KENNETH KATHRYN TED BETSY BEEGLE BESTERVELT BOLEMA BRODERICK CHILCOTE CLINK ' ' , . - Wig . ,,.' .... : N .. X, I .,:: W ,,.. I in I. Q A , 24" 2 2 M ' I X I i jx ". S U -:--,, S J: we " " ROBERT MARGARET AMELIA BETTY BILL DORIS COLE COLGATE DAMM DAVIS DECAIR DeVRIES 3 ,, MARILYN BILL TOM FRED MARIA HERBERT ERICKSON GAIKEMA GIROCCO GRIMM HARAKAS HUNT t I Inlnuu Y 'gf ss. ,sf 2 X 'X x , ,ii Ivb X- 2 ' Q If v- 'QA A hw? 'un 4 -.., I -L SDH '!,,. LY - - . .X --, Z z.: I: kicl ' A . , VQQL - Q -h A Q-nv' K I . --5 "'., ':" A N I Vxfh ' ' .4 ' ' I PAUL TOM JACK PHILIP PHYLISS JIM JOHNSON KAPINGA KARSON LIDKE LONG LOWERY , .,,., 6 kulbu U: E. A Z 'I kg ,r,. fi " fi KATE MARYLYN MARYJO DICK JOHN MARGARET LUNSFORD MARQUARD MATYCH MAPELS MERCER I McCALllSTER ,. QQ ? LJL' If . , . I -. ' M N w ':.. 1 V ',.. X: . Q, 2 - - W ,. Inn ff Q.. KAY TONY JAMES BOB JOHN MORAN NORD OLDING PICKLE ROSS ROUTT MICHAEL BILL JAMES MITZI CAROL MARY RUDDERHAM SEASTROM SIMPSON SMITH SNOW SUPIRAN ':-"A I" ' , 51 23 : -. ,-A : , 1, - A Q ,i,,:. td ,.,' ' I :gg H I CARL RONALD SANDRA ARLENE NELLIE JOHN SWANSON SWEET TAYLOR VANDERLINE VAN ECK WELKOSKE BOB WALTER JANET MARY GLORIA WIERDA WILKIE WOODHOUSE WOODRING ZUIDERMAN candida eaealk , L. Witt Presiden? L mug' J. Bushong Vice- President J. Mu Secret ,- Ider cry R. Kersmun Treasurer L EHEQ was 2 I E I i I GEORGE ANDERSON I RICHARD BRIGGS KENT DYKHMAN LOIS FUNNELL A if .. ALAN KUENY MUNZ 46 WANDA KAREN ASSINK AUSTIN CAROL BAYNE BEAUCAMP BOYDEN CYNTHIA JEANNIE BROWER BUSHONG JOE TONI ELLIOT ENGLE JACK NANCY HOOKER HUBBERT V, A Q: fl I ELSIE EDWARD LAMBERT MALLONEN RONALD BONNIE OOSTING PICKLE SAM NANCY JAMES CLINE CLINK DAMM -- F' "A' I AAAA 5, ..,.. Q gf - I IIII I f I ' V -r e : .::5 ':V ams' A' E TOM MARY MARY LEE FENDER FOOTE FOOTE ,.1.. . IYI . , Q, 5 iv 'Q x A ,:Y, Y,,,i .J .J T V:1.:Q. I.5:" I'2 "W ., .I ..,, , ,- ' .::' I RONALD KENNETH BuzzY HUNT HUTHCENS KERSMAN J' . I M I-M I an I , Er DAVID JAMES JUDY MCLAUGHLIN McNITT MIJLDER ,,,. :EI V qukn A ' iff A Ir .I , J A xi ' 2 iv- V I , I A . W, A ALBERT BILL ROBERT PORTE POSTEMA PRINS 1 3 N 'S . Q A? . is ,X RAYMOND BETTY PETER JOHN ROSS SANFORD SHELDON SMITH STAFFORD R K ..., ':5S5:QZg'S::.. , --'1 'E T R-2 if SUSAN LINNEA JOHN ROBERT BILL STONE SWARTZ vAlL WEBSTER WESTER WISHMAN WITT MARY WORDEN WYNNE YOUNG "- it B. t2:- .E . . Q., fg R Qu. JOE STEDMAN QQ . . 4 EDWARD WHISTLER 47 ar'-N' 14 me-ag ta Swzmm cmdafckvefaotlallaecwaa I Front row: G. Scholk, N. Ferris, D. Schuitemon, H. Folhbrook, J. DeWold, J. Weerstro, H. Ginn, C. Bliss, A. Turner D Bond Second row: E. Stelle, S. Moore, R. Schuitemon, W. Busker, C. Felt, D. Hosekump, D. Bliss, C. Johnson, T. Arntz. Third row: Coach Bunks, A. Engstrom, E. Edwords, T. Scott, J. Westenfelder, Coach Bushong, N. Anderson. North North North North North North North North Muskegon Muskegon Muskegon Muskegon 'Muskegon Muskegon Muskegon Muskegon O ..... .... L ee High 0 4 32 Ludington 19 Hart 21 Whitehoil O Shelby 6 .. Fremont O Montague 7 Scottville 6 Norsemen 0 - Lee High 32 The North Muskegon Norsemen opened the "Sl " season with the lightest and most inexper- ienced team in many years. From the opening kickoff to the final gun the inexperience of the young team was evident. Throughout the first half Lee had complete control of the game and led 20-O. Late in the third quarter fine running by Art Turner and Earl Edwards plus a Turner to Tom Arntz pass carried the Norse to the Lee twenty yard line. Here the drive was halted by a fumble and the Norse lost their only chance to score. The defensive play by Don Schuiteman and the fight and drive of Turner gave Coach Bob Bushong something to look forward to the rest of the season. Sure takes practice! 50 DeWald A Turner Some of the fellows who kept the team fighting and winr Norsemen 0 - Ludington 19 The Norsemen entered the second game of the new season with a much improved and highly spirited team. Although going down in defeat the Norse did Coach Bushong iustice. Earl Edwards was the main cog in the backfield while Don Schuiteman and Jack Weerstra stood out on the line. Once again Norse inexperience was clearly shown in defeat as two punts were blocked deep in Norse territory, and a pass interception was turned into a victor's touch- down. Norsemen 14 - Hart 21 Breaking into the scoring column for the first time the Norsemen were defeated by their arch rival, Hart. On the third play from scrimmage Scott Moore, Norse sophomore fullback, broke loose and rambled fifty-five yards down the sidelines for the first score. Hart bounced back with two touchdowns and led at half time 14-7. Late in the third period Moore took a lateral from Arntz and sped seventy-two yards to tie the score 14-14. Hart lumped into the lead again in the final quarter and held off a last minute Norse march to win 21-14. The Norse forward wall played its finest game of the season with Schuiteman, Norman Ferris and Co-Captain Jack Weerstra leading the assault. 39 Football banquet, coach and gift. Norsemen 20 -- Whitehall 0 Scoring early in the first period the Norsemen went on- to defeat a scrappy Whitehall eleven 20-O. Late in the second quarter Co-Captain Jack DeWald crashed over left tackle increas- ing the lead 13-O. Midway in the third period Moore easily scored his second touchdown to make the score 20-0. The Norse line again showed superiority, throwing Whitehall runners for repeated losses. A desperate drive by the Vikings was held off by the stubborn Norse defense. North Muskegon had won their first victory 20-Ol Las lg Where's the ball, Ref,? 51 The Big Three Norsemen 53 - Shelby 6 Showing supreme power the Norse rolled on to crush the Shelby Tigers. Scott Moore swept around end for the first marker and Dick Schuit- eman, freshman quarterback, sneaked over for the second. Then the game broke wide open. Edwards scampered through the Shelby second- ary for three touchdowns, Arntz intercepted two passes carrying them over for two more and Harvey Fohlbrook ended the T.D. parade by running fifty-three yards with an intercep- tion. A great deal of the credit for the high score must go to the line as large holes were repeatedly opened for flashy Norse backs. Leapfrog! Norsemen 27 - Fremont 0 Slipping and sliding through two inches of water the Norse easily defeated Fremont. On the first play from scrimmage Edwards tore off tackle and raced down the sidelines for the first score. Seven plays later Dick Schuiteman drove into paydirt. After an exchange of punts Edwards again romped fifty-four yards for the third counter. Jack DeWald added the final marker at the half. The field's poor condition held both teams from a second half score giving the Norse their third victory. Bliss D Schuiteman 52 The Starting line-up for '5l. Norsemen 20 - Montague 7 The Norsemen defeated Montague 20-7 to remain in the thick of the conference race. Edwards fled down the sidelines to rack up the first score. Montague bounced back and led at half time 7-6, Late in the third period Arntz flashed into the end zone on a perfectly exe- cuted end around play. The final marker was added by Edwards in the fourth quarter on a fifteen yard smack through the center of the Montague line. Again the defensive line play was outstanding with Arntz and Ferris leading the way. l A snowy Father's night! .l Weerstro An ideal way to end the season Norsemen 20 - Scottville 6 Striking through the snow the Norse hung up their -fifth straight victory to end the season with flying colors. DeWald drove through cen- ter to end the first drive started at midfield. Scottville came back to score on a seventy yard kickoff return through the entire Norse defense, After half time Moore crashed over from the eight to make it l3-6. Edwards ended the season's scoring for the Norse in the fourth period to wrap up another successful season for the Norse. 53 mmm! Last row: K. Sethers, D. Snuffer, B. Davis, T. Prins, T. Doberstein, A. Allen, J. Whiteman, T. Stribley, J. Potempa, Coach Morris Second row: D. Kops, D. Lauboch, J. Johnson, R. Ramsey, G. LeFevre, J. Mavis. First row: B. Dewey, L. Plank,L. Green, D. Emery, S. Guy, J. Deyman. The little Norsemen, under the direction of Bob Morris, started fast. The future stars of North Muskegon won their first three games before dropping the latter two. The record compiled by the team is still remarkable. Most of the boys were freshmen or sophomores with little or no previous experience. The experience which they gain on the second team is vital to the development of a winning team in future years. A few of the boys played exceptionally well and will be right up there fighting for a starting berth next season. North Muskegon 13 ....... .... H art North Muskegon 28 ....... ..... F remonl North Muskegon 7 ...... Shelby North Muskegon 0 ....... .... W hitehdll North Muskegon O ....... Montague 54 .W gang! if C dd ed fine per-fo rrno flees To G SUCCeS5fuI f Ootb GH Secso I1 May Sew' n Bea Corow Pm Vfxcfn 01eKY2SZNX6Y'f3O08 it oX o cv- Scxwhemon, Gorolo WIN'-YM rd, Bovboru Eaesxer-am, 0,0 fn Mo. lorx P hi, P one 55 w :wit calc 47460444165 Q 3 S-fs?a5 Qi M ii S F 359 wx . , F x wma-afwf QR xxx Own Zcwleazf Zoe Student Councnl Officers Elect ' ms vS"'9 Pfendenr xo sU-'de V'Ce-P, . dure . S eslden , foCe . Utne' ecfelq ' ., .ns vtmng iz' qhe his! Tfeqsurry l exPw' hkne ef ' " R n , at Q ' Og W., BXocV-:Zu ,QnnQ "' --uh In-F--eLh1fnde,Sen he Cm Elfzabem Zlroner Tom mme, Armz During the school year 'l95l-52 l. sponsored assemblies 2. sponsored a safety campaign 3. promoted the reconstruction of the quonset hut for a teen-age recreation center 4. held after-game dances for the student body The outstanding event of the year for the Council was the 5th Semi-Annual Con- vention of the Region 4 Student Councils, which was held for the first time in the Greater Muskegon area. During this con- ference N. M. H. S. played host to dele- gates from 48 schools. CONVENTION CHAIRMEN-Seated: Elizabeth Hummel, Tom Scott Janet Ekwoll. Standing: Roger Andersen, Mr. Blackman, Marcia Alli son, Phil Potter. , I I I I rronl row: Yhll Potter, Tom Scott, Elizabeth Hummel, Mickey Cone, Doug Bond, Janet Ekwall. Middle row: Dennis Emery, Tom Arntz, Tom Kampenga, Peter Sheldon, Marcia Allison. Back row: Kay Moran, Pat Putman, Nancy Clink, Charles Blackman, advisor. Standing: Roger Andersen. 59 Dfmmcblica 65445 President .,,7.,,7, Vice-President Secretary ,,..,. Treasurer ,,,,,. Advisors .,.,.,, OFFICERS Marcia Bestervelf Margie Erickson Carol Stribley A,7,, Elizabeth Hummel William Gregory, James Ryan, Thomas Helf gamma OFFICERS President ........ ...., D oug Casperson Vice-President .....,, ....., R ichard Woodhouse Secretory-Treasurer ,.... ,V,....,,...... J udy Weber Advisor A,Y...,,,... .,,., A.... . H omer Von Hoesen mace gmac! MEMBERS Saxes ,,,7,,,, ,,Y,, J im Johnson, Bob Lidke, Jack Mulder, Bill Schulze, Ken Spaulding Trombones ,,,,. ,Y,.AY,Y.,,..,,A Dick Hill, Richard Stevens Trumpets .,.. Lynn Krolczyk, George l.eFevre, Larry Olsen Drums ,,,,, ,,,,.........,..,,,,,,,,.,,,..,. M ilzie Smilh, Pal Smith Piano ,,,,,, ,.,,,,.,,, K atherine Krolczyk B055 ,,,,,,,, ,,,,.... J anet Ekwall Vocalist ,,,,, ..,,,, T ina Zaagman Advisor -- Ralph Slrouf Li-fl Oo right lconorc Clhok, Mornio Allison, Virginia Mohn, Jim Bcul, Dori Cihcili, Lmry Sm-lla, Center: Thor Erickson: Direcling, Don Arseneoug Advisor, Robert Wirschem. swam, 9 mem Z , 1 Z Moriorie K. Lowery, director of girls' ensembles, directs o rehearsal of the Girls' Glee Club. Accompanisl, Margie Erickson, f W W Vf, ,VY,V, K,K, , f W wi ,V,,,V,,, W 63 Left to right, Front row: Shirley Mooney, Patricia MacArthur, Joan Morse, Clarise Wagner, Lorraine von Glohn, Ruth Engstrom Ruth Morse, Jean Zahrt. Back row: Gertrude McNitt, Marva Baker, Verjeon Weerstra, Betty England, Violet Olsen, Arland Schultz, Dorothy Cook, Aud rey Hanson, Barbara Mincr, Laura Hculings, Violet Esh. :Wm President .... Clorise Wagner Vice-president ,.,. Ruth Engstrom Secretary-Treasurer ,... Joan Morse Advisor Lorraine von Glohn lsuring a social hour the Hi-C Club plays a game of charades. 64 Wu M OFFICERS President .,..... ,,,. E d Seowall Vice-President ...,,, ,,,,...... T om Wiri Secretory .,.., ,,,, . Mike Wendling Treasurer .,,, ,,., . Leonard Green Advisor ..,. ..,.... C ouch Wesley Bunks 65 Standing: Nancy Ahlberg, Peggy Reeths, Gwendolyn as Jamison, Doris Bohach. Seated: Miss Mapes, Marilyn Nichols. is -sw 4 l l 4 E K. 55 55 95 1' cuzgaage 64 am ayaecdczltq, Spewaad dm! orncisns President ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, D oris Bohuch Vice-President s,,,,s,, ,,.. . Christine Cloelingh Secretary-Treasurer .,,, , Gwendolyn Jamison Advisor H ,,,,,, .,,,, Isabelle Mapes .latin OFFICERS President .. .s,, Clara Jo Matych Vice-President .,,., .,.. J ane McAllister Secretary ,,,,,,, Diana Sparkes Treasurer ,, ,, ,,.... Mary Halfpap Advisor ,,,,. Katherine Birdsall 66 W H Q.: Mrs. Birdsall, Clara Jo Matych, Mary Halfpap, Jane McAllister, Diani Sparks. Manning: Sue Sittzer, Irene Mills, Ed Hanbury, Margaret Colgate. Seated: Mary Matych, Katherine Broderick, Mrs. Clark, Mary Marquard. Awww i oFFicERs President .,,, Sueiean Sittser Secretary-Treasurer .. Margaret Colgate owell Housten, Kathryn Broderick and Mrs. Clark appraise a modern 'eation by John Stevenson. A7 l OFFICERS President ......., Clara Jo Motych Vice-President ..,.. Audrey Hansen Secretory Bonnie Moore A guest speaker from the T.B. Sanotorium addresses Ihe future nurses of Treasurer ----, Doris Bohoch America. Advisor Gene Blossom fx SCN 5 fs E s 5 V x 2 N s Q valsxsfxm QQ-.wggf f S,YY mf., A- wx iwwxx' We AXE: w - - 4 Q ,, X, + -V. X -lrl : . X . ,, , N X X 'QS . F I M 5 X W , .fm A., wx, .fb ,M Q K A if Wa " 5 1 iv ,T Q ,I :-- fp..-:E , ff uf' X- S w N lun Q S 235535 Q A ..,.:., Q W X ' " "" ...,.,. .,... w 'W mx lg A 1 ..,, I ., ER 5 xg ' .Nw ' 1"""x si 5 5 X Q N srl 5,5 , Oy , ' X N lv ' 'U M X R xy 9' Q1 X fix Xe x T P X. . A ' Q X f S. it -h SY-rt W 9 ' Viv' SXQQ EXW K -1 KW, W , I M " ' Sk 'Y 'Swv ,SN-F?" QQ ' Sffwxval Bryan Davrs and Jack Mavis slug if ou!! X24 President ...w...... Vice-President Secretory ..,... Treasurer .,,,. Advlsor ...........Y.... OFFICERS Tom Kompengu Bob Pickle Jim Olding Tom Girocco . Gene Blossom A-1AW""'M Ng President Dykehouse culled a special meehng to plan the Varsity Club Dance, March 29. madly glad President .A,,,, Vice-President Secretary ....,, Treasurer .,,7.. Advisor ...,. OFFICERS John Dykehouse .. Jack Weerstra Doug Bond Don Schuitemcn Robert Morris Practice makes perfect. And do DUNS HOOIWEF, 5h'l'leY RICh. we practice! Joon Broderick ammefzodczl 6 al Seated: Carol Holmes, Joan Broderick, Katie Placko, Doris Hooker, Shirley Rich, Betty Neinhuis. Standing: Mickey Cone, Dorothy Schweissinger, Katherine Foote, Louise Zuidemo, Pot Sipmon, Dolores Frees E i X ,..'.',..,., 'iQ E an 2!Mmi,.k4Ef 43. . ,Sig ww' 2. l Amwvw .As 1853 . M Wx .tw 3 X N N X: N M f X xx Q Xi X N yr x Xssff ' if A SS 3' bw x 212: sEW"'? Q Q: Q ' ' X X W5 HR Q, is .... , X .,i'5:N,."':: , . ..,.::. :,A ,kk ,mggswwi 'ii' Yi? if - N., X my X b 3 . .fl a ki R x X 35,3 xx X N -x X Wa N F x ,3 M Q 94456 '95 fav . ,. x E Q Q a' P' 'We Ralph Strouf directs the lst Division Concert Band of N.M.H.S. "f4vwl tie game! ,dcayed aa. " Nancy Ahlberg Donald Arseneau Jerry Bayne Carolyn Beard Barbara Bestervelt Marcia Bestervelt Carol Brodrick Joan Brodrick Richard Britzen Roger Anderson Doris Bohach l.enore Cihak Jack Cooper Margaret Colgate Margaret Ginn Leon Coverly Ruth Engstrom Janet Ekwall Kathryn Foote Lynnette Ferrell Theresa Grabinski Edward Hanbury Doris Hooker Elizabeth Hummel Richard Hilt SENIOR BAND MEMBERS James Johnson l.ynn Krolczyk Donald Kvarnberg Robert Karafa Virginia Kueny Katherine Krolczyk Carol Kleeves George LeFevre Robert Lidke Kate Lunsford Donald Kops Jane McAllister Mary Jane Malotke Clara Jo Matych Alan McKee Jack Mulder Bonnie Moore Merrick Mooney Tom Monroe Virginia Mahn Bill Marquard Lawrence Olsen Alison Olding Kenneth Oosting Philip Potter Patsy Rich Frances Rich Ruth Shields Joy Stevens Tom Stribley Jim Simpson Mitzie Smith Kenneth Spaulding Sally Schuitema William Schultz Pat Smith Richard Stevens Carol Stribley Dorothy Schweissinger Diana Sparks Jane Vanderploeg Ted Vanderleest Tina Zaagman Charmaine Villings Michael Wendling Elsie Bushee Wayne Liddle Fred Dykehouse Janie Hernandez ziiigg gg-f ,E 'W' xx 5 .. 5' X in E - X f ' ' f5Wf 1' Q5 Lf AP' x -'in - "' V' X X f"'x 'Umfz dwg The Boy's Glee Club, directed by Robert L. Wirschem, is caught during an afternoon rehearsal. Accom- ponist, Ann Lunsford. am Left to right, From row: S. Beardsley, M. Pinder, P, Putnam, M. Woiton, B. Miner, R. Snuffer, J. Page, T. Scott, P. Potter, M Hughes, A. Lunsford, D. Sparkes, J. Raymond, M. Allison, M. Boker, B. Arnold. Back row: D. Kops, N. Simonelli, S. England, M. Bestervelt, T. Zctagman, D. Hogan, C. Felt, J. Mulder, R. Stevens, R. Andersen F. Smith, J. Bradbury, R. Dykman, R. Morse, L. Pipoly, T. Pietkiewicz, G. McNitt. 78 -Wu- Q X XB - .... nw- SN 1? Q 'N gm. x xwx ' x 'V' 'NV SQ 4 N Qx Q ww WW 'SNWM Xe Q OFFICERS President ..............YV...... Put Smith Vice-President .. Katherine Krolczyk Secretary ,,,,,,., .A... M onico Pinter Treasurer ,,,,, .,.,,,.,.. J onet Ekwall Advisor ,.... .... C harles Blackman 80 Newly elected Honor Society members take the pledge. 77azfc5aa46 WMM ' MEMBERS Seniors: Roger Andersen, Marcia Bestervelt, Doris Bohach Doug Bond, Janet Ekwall, Mary Hughes, Katherine Krolczyk Virginia Kueny, Shirley Mooney, Bonnie Moore, Monica Pinter Bill Schulze, Pat Smith, Clarise Wagner. Juniors: Jeanne Andersen, Margie Erickson, Elizabeth Hummel Ann Lunsford, Pat Sipman. -Aw. is K wig X me X QSM A . Q, S X . , , '- , se6e-wool is R 2,3 QRS xg N gh' . . no Coach Robert Morris Lett forward-J. Dykehouse Right forward-T. Arntz Left guard - A. Turner Right guard - D. Schuiteman Center - D. Olsen Our basketball season was one of the best in recent years for the Norsemen. We started the season with one of our tallest quintets in years. The Norsemen came up with a second place in the Western Michigan Con- ference, topped only by Hart, their standing rival. The team began the season with a non-conference victory over Newaygo, 32-27. The first conference game gave the Norsemen another win, this time over the Montague Wildcats, 42-29. Captain John Dykehouse, high point man of the season, dumped in l7 points followed by Tom Arntz with l3, both showing fine form. The next game found the Norse slowed down a bit as they dropped the contest to the Shelby Tigers, 29-34. 83 Showing spirit in an overtime tilt with Fre- mont, the Norsemen felt their second heartbreak ofthe season by losing 38-39. Then the Norse really came back with a punch when they wal- loped the Whitehall Vikings 61-3l. When the team traveled to Hart they suf- fered an upset by their arch rival 44-51. The Norsemen then took time out from the confer- ence to play the highly favored rival from across the pond-St. Mary's Irish. At the final horn the scoreboard showed an upset of 53-50 in favor of the Norse. ln a hard fought battle between Montague and the Norsemen, the Norse quintet finally pushed past the Wildcats to win 35-33. With every player showing spirit and a willingness to avenge the earlier defeat by Shelby, the team set a new school record with a score of 74-44. 7 'gulf 114:54 one made fit. First row: D. Schuiteman, D. Olsen, J. Dykehouse, T. Arntz, A. Turner. Second row: R. Morris, J. Bradbury, G. Munn, J. Cooper, W. Busker, P. Potter, T. Scott, D. Bliss, L. Keasey. 84 up ,bagglecd 6602 Second team alan 44:56:34 apacmddawm.. Em: ez ap: ide This year's second team recorded one of its most successful seasons in recent years, winning lO ond losing 4. The do or die spirit was well in evidence as on numerous occasions the squad rallied from what seemed to be certain defeat to a hard earned victory. Leading scorers were Gordon O'Dell, who showed exceptional promise, and Jerry Ames, a small but energetic guard. First row: A. Allen, G. Odell, E. Stelle, R. Schuiteman, J. Ames. Second row: W. Bunks, D. Nelson, D. Pickle, J. Boyne, T. Kampengc. QC The following week the team kept their sights on the conference title by defeating the Scottville Spartans 46-3l. Pleasing all their followers the Norse five again romped over the Whitehall Vikings, 5l-34. The big game of the year was as usual, with Hart, who held first place in the Western Michi- The referees gave a willing hand. gan Conference. A terrific struggle all the way, the game remained very close, but in the final seconds Hart scored the win- ning basket. The score, 56-54. In the next game with Coopersville, the North- side quintet took the lead from the first quarter, rolling over the Broncos with a 54-40 win. Art Turner was high' for the night with I3 points. The last game of the year was with the Scottville Spartans. The game had been scheduled earlier in the season but was postponed due to bad weather conditions. The long trip to Scott- ville left the Norse' undaunted and they came out with a win, ending a very suc- cessful year in the Western Michigan Con- ference. The tournaments were then getting un- der way and the North Muskegon Norse- men drew a strong quintet for the first play off, Holland Christian High School. The Norse had lost none of their fighting spirit even at the end of the season, but at the final whistle the score was 43-35 in favor of Holland Christian. 86 FIRST TEAM CHEERLEADERS The girls who, this year, so strongly supported both our football and bas- ketball teams, are Janet Ekwall, Mary Hughes, Marcia Bestervelt, Elizabeth Hummel, Carol Stribley, Tina Zaagman, and Bonnie Moore. Not one game passed without their enthusiastic spirits leading the students in rousing cheers for the team. To these six girls and their three advisors, Miss Placko, Miss von Glohn, and Miss Parks, we say "Hats Off." W-lumix -'WWF SECOND TEAM CHEERLEADERS We also had a set of cheer- leaders for our second team football and basketball players. These girls, Margaret Ginn, Bar- bara Bestervelt, Diane Wilke lbock rowl, Nancy Wilke and Kathryn Foote, showed the spirit which helped to produce a win- ning team. We hope they are back next year with cheers for the first team. 87 M ' 0 K 0 aaecmz' l l If mmm, fam Hind . .. Awww mmm, www mm Janet Ekwall .,,..,A Mary Hughes ...... Diane Baughman Don Schuiteman , Doug Bond ,e.....,. Harvey Fohlbrook Frank Smith .,,.. Roger Andersen ..... ..,.. Monica Pinter ,.., 88 Om play ed-44' Penelope Sycamore Essi: Rheba Paul Sycamore Mr. DePinna Donald .. Martin Vanderhof Alice Dick Stevens ..Y,., Howard Ginn . Bill Schulze ..,... Joyce Wright ..Vc. Jack Mulder .....Y Carol Stribley ...... John Dykehouse ..... Marvin Schroeder Jack DeWald ....... Pat Smith .....,. Henderson Tony Kirby Boris Kolenkhov Gay Wellington Mr. Kirby Mrs. Kirby Three Men Olga Wow caakl we java? Grandpa - "Look out for those snakes!" Penny- "Oh, my goodness! J-men!" Alice-"I love them, Tony . . . They're gay and they're fun and . . . I don't know . . . There's a kind of nobility about them." Mr. DePinna - "Who would have thought that day l came to deliver ice, that I was going to stay here for 8 years?" Ed - "They're my-a-circulars." 89 W awning of 556 Janet Ekwoll ,,,,,, Mary. Hughes 7,Y,, Monlco Pinter ,,,A Morciu Bestervelt Roger Andersen , Bill Schulze ,,eA Doug Bond ...,,,, . Don Schuitemcun Jock Weerstrc Frank Smith ..,,,, em ll Kate Bianco ,, Widow Toiloress Hortensio Petruchio Lucentio . Boptisto Grumio Vincentio gk. S 'M QI w KX . .Q ,fa b b' 'EQ 'i x ,ng - iis +gg,, g N m K ww' --.,.,,,. Q .. ,,,..,,:, fa..3vE:: ge y , a 5 .A 3 X 4 x ee:s:s5y. .- X fri-"5 ' . L 1- , Mfwkkww-2'vQS-X 5 A X A XX ' - Q A Cx 1 , eva: 1gf?'x"i'fW':.. ' My 'gg' as X . X f f zkif e ws x - - " f 9. 5" X ,, Cjwvg. ,r 5'Qi,.:5E5:-: -. x 5 .QQ 5 - A .L A X , . 0 ' Q ' Q N . XS , - Q " X kx'- a v Kiwi H . X X, .Qt Q g : x 'Er fi x F' , , ix X xv A M S f , 2 Rx S s fi S X -xgxxw. . Mm cmd am cmciea mm la . 0 '-fn, W MNMWQWMWJBHT' , V 2 fkx hiebps-WZ , fi-bm Record breaking 880 relay team Coach Morris The Norse track squad opened the 1951 season with a 85-39 vic- tory over Shelby in a dual meet. In the second clash of the season, a triangular meet with Hart and Whitehall, the Norsemen again came out on top with a 71-45-16 performance. Then came the most important meet of the season, the fight for the Conference Trophy. The Norse entered the contest hop- ing to capture their fourth champ- ionship of the year. To the surprise of everyone, except Coach Morris, the Norsemen walked off with a well-earned victory. John Dyke- house streaked home first in the high hurdles and Kyran Mitchelson skimmed over the lows to capture another. Earl Edwards won the high iump by setting a new school record of 5 min. 6 sec. Also the 880 and medley relay teams chalked up first places. These firsts 94 coupled with numerous seconds and thirds brought home the fourth straight conference victory. The Norse cindermen successful- ly ended the season with a third place in the regional meet at Mt. Pleasant. Coach Bob Morris is to be commended for the fine iob the six boys did. Earl Edwards, Art Turner, Ernest Esh, Doug Solom, John Dykehouse and Scott Moore came up with a second, two thirds and a fourth place. The times for two of these places set new school records. John Dykehouse set a new low hurdles record -by skimming over the route in 21.6 seconds. The 880 yard relay team of Art Turner, Earl Edwards, John Dykehouse and Scott Moore, knocked a half second off the old record by streaking around the track in 1 min. 38.5 sec. i Front row: D. Hilterich, R. Dykman, T. Scott, A. Turner, J. Dykehouse, E. Edwards, S. Moore, D. Dennis, C. Felt, J. Weerstro. Back row: G. Sethers, C. Mattson, B. Weerstro, D. Hazekamp, C. Grenell, L. Frees, J. Beordsley, D. Blanchett, J. Potempa. The '52 Track team looked very good this spring. Several lettermen are returning and there is an abundance of new talent striving to make their mark in track. The Norse have Date April IO April 14 April 24 April 28 May I May 6 May 17 Type of Meet .....Triangular .....Dual Dual ........ .....TrianguIar .....TrianguIar .....Conference .....Regional seven meets this year as compared with four last season. The extra meets should prove to be a tremendous boost for the Norsemen con- ference chances. Opponent Whitehall-Shelby Hart Muskegon Shelby-Hart Scottville-Shelby Conference Regionals 95 Front row: A. Turner, G. Munn, D. Schuiteman, J. Dykehouse, H. Fohlbrook, T. Arntz. Back row: G. Odell, D. Bliss, R. Schuiteman, D. Broderick, C. Jones, A. Engstrom, Coach Wilson. Coach Arnold Wilson will strive hard to equal the records attained by Norse baseball teams in past years. Last season the Norsemen had one of their most successful years, winning ll while dropping only 3. The high point of the year was the Norse 8-6 victory over Muskegon Heights. This year's squad showed fine promise in early practices. The biggest headache for Coach Wilson is to replace last year's pitching staff. He is quite confident he has solved this problem however, with two freshmen and one sophomore fighting for a starting berth. With a share ofthe breaks North Muskegon will have another championship team. Changes in the schedule are: only one game each with Mus- kegon and the Heights, and the doubleheader with Scottville is split up. 1952 SCHEDULE Date Team Field April ,,,.,,, ....... S helby ....,... ...... h ere April ...... ....... W hitehall ...... ..... l here April .,,,,.. ....... M ontague ..... ...... h ere April ,,.,,,. ....... S cottville .... ..... t here April ,,,.,,, ...,... H art ...,..... ...... h ere May ..,,.,, ,,..,.. S helby .... there May ,,,,,,. ....... M uskegon ..... ..... t here May ,,,..,, ,...... W hitehall ....., ...... h ere Mqy ,,,,., ....... M ontague ..... ..... t here Mqy ,.,,,, ....... S cottville ............... ...... h ere May ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, H arf ,,..,,,,,,,,.....,....... ....... t here Mqy ,,,,,. ,,...... M uskegon Heights ...... ...... h ere 96 M. Wendling, L. Olson, B. Maxwell, J. Johnson, D. Hill, T. Vanderlest, D. Pickle, R. Romsey, R. Andersen, J. Bradbury, C. Bliss, B. Schulze, Center---Mr. Halmond, D. Bond. The North Muskegon golfing prospects looked very bright for the '52 season as five regulars returned. The returning veterans were Douglas Bond, winner of the Chamber of Commerce Junior Golf title, Bill Schulze, Chris Bliss, John Bradbury and Roger Andersen. The i952 team compiled an enviable record of six wins and two losses making them eligible 'N.M. ..... ........ 3 74 N.M. ...... ........ 3 65 N.M. .,.... ....,., 3 51 N.M. ...... ..,.,,. 3 54 N.M. ..1... ...,,,. 3 55 'N.M. ...... ,...,.. 3 41 N.M. ...... ....... 3 46 N.M. ...... .,,,.., 3 55 for the State Meet. Medalist for the year was Kyran Mitchelson with an 84 average. He was closely followed by Doug Bond, who carded an 85 average. The team, under the direction of Mr. John Halmond, is becoming highly respected by the golf-minded enthusiasts of Greater Muskegon. Muskegon ..,.... 351 Grand Haven ....... ..... 3 78 Holland Christian 4ll Montague ...,......... ..... 4 34 Holland .... 372 Muskegon ..... 335 Montague ..... 398 Holland ,,.. 372 97 ? . 3 R Q 52 ,z E vi 's S. is if T5 Eg. ri gf gg: 5 'E if ""x Most likely lo succeed: Put Smith, Roger Andersen Best looking: Chris Bliss, Lois Bloomberg '- Besl dressed: Judy Weber, Harvey Foh .1,. 1f1l'! eadcvz Best Athletes: Lois Molyneux, John Dykehouse I schunze, Janet Ekwqn ' Best dancers: Gordy Munn, Mary Hughes 'IOI Class Cut-ups: Carol Paul VanEHen endafz Faculty rushers: Don Schuiteman, Monica Pinter 1 Mos! ialentedz Virginia Kueny, Jack Mulder Zfchnd Class Hirfsz Doug Bond, Murcia Bestervelt wands , Wxwzvmyw wmwm MXll W Besi excuse-makers: Jerrv Dekker, Tino Zaogmun Best all-around: Jock DeWcld, Marilyn Mifchelson f 103 1, iq if , c ww Q .idx Y Success To Yoi Throughout the trials of your High School career you have shown the makings of fine Future Citizens. At the present time many critical problems face the High School Graduatep ones which your predecessors were not called upon to surmount. We have watched your progress through the year and we sincerely believe that you will successfully cope with the problems of the Future. NORTH MUSKEGON CLEANERS "Custom Cleaning" ETTERMAN'S SUPER MARKET "Home of Food Economy" ERICKSON'S GARAGE Ken Erickson, Prop. HOLMES REXALL DRUGS "North Muskegon's Stop and Shop Center" KROGER GROCERY Charles Munn, Manager n Every Vent-ure BEST WISHES FROM THE NORTH MUSKEGON MERCHANTS ASSOCIATION KEN WINTERS Sc TO 51.00 STORE Ken Winters, Prop. WINGER'S NORTH MUSKEGON BAKERY Walter Winger, Prop. NORTH SHORE GARAGE Joke Bishop, Prop. RICH 8. HOWELL PLUMBING SHOP Walt Rich and Jack Howell, Props. NORTHSIDE RADIO 8. TELEVISION Joe Sienkiewicz, Prop. DELONG COAL CO. Bulldozing and Crane Service lost year's prom fresh in our memories, September came . . . . Congratulations to the Seniors of 1952 Smith's Drug Store "You Nome lt, We Hove lt" We Deliver Phone 2-3330 407 Marquette Ave MUSKEGON, MICHIGAN and we measured ourselves for the headaches to co YONKER SUPPLY CO. WHOLESALE PLUMBING and HEATING SUPPLIES 1338 Wood Street Job-Rated Trucks HATHAWAY MOTOR CO. Dodge and Plymouth Cars Established I9I0 BAXTER Careful Launderers and Dry Cleaners FUR STORAGE Phone 2-2672 aniegi GIFTS OF DISTINCTION I09 Best of Luck to the CLASS OF '52 Beardsley Trucking Co. THE MART DOCK Compliments Of Price Dry Cleaners 1871 Peck St. Muskegon, Michigan Achlerhofl The Name You Can Trust Mortuary - Ambulance SERVICE Peck at Lcrrch Phones: 2-5717 - 2-8655 We Invite Your Confidence COI1g7'IlfllIIlftO715 CLASS OF '52 and Best I'Vislzes for CONTINUED SUCCESS In Years to Come Dobben Motor Sales Inc Chrysler - Plymouth Sales and Service 270-280 Apple Ave. Phone 2-8202 Even the faculty sensed an eventful year Flowers Gifts ARBOR FLORAL COMPANY 1222 Peck Street MUSKEGON, MICHIGAN Twenty-Six Years of Dependable Service Compliments of FISHER STEEL AND SUPPLY COMPANY Compliments of Q- :, A--L:-:I '- pf.. :L-be '-'- 5 1.5-.:4,:.5',.j .g,-.-.-...-,-.,.w.,.x.W-.w --.- W-pw --55 W zz, . i A vg5:,'::5,g541,:5i.::.:Ki,.-A. ,Q MUSKIOONS HNIST STO!! FOI MIN AND UOVS : 5' 'l"A' ll , 2?-211F-Za::.ef3.s:-E,::2':--- . ,frsfz -'11 -f1 " .-32i31Ei2S'?'+:12 "5'1:2s?1s-2122552 ' " V . ..., Ill And carefully planned their strategy. Do Your Sunday Shopping af Compliments of "Hoos" Your Grocer Gales Road Gnd U.S. 31 r ll ll ll ll ll ' Groceries - Meats - Gas Open Every Day and Night of the Week Phone 4-1464 H2 PINE STREET FURNITURE COMPANY Serving Muskegon's Best Homes Since 1900 Congratulations to the Class of '52 RADIUM PHOTO SERVICE 367 W. Western Phone 24-5252 Everything Photographic Nice Line of Greeting Cards Compliments of VANDER VERE ELECTRIC CO. Your Electrical Servant 845 TERRACE ST. Across from Phone Co. PHONE 2-7498 Congratulations to the 1952 Graduating Class George Il. long "Your Typewriter Man" Corner Pine and Myrtle Compliments of HII.T'S, Inc. Wallpaper - Paints Hardware Twiss Garage Ottawa and Jackson WILLYS-OVERLAND SALES AND SERVICE Complete Automotive Service I Warm So Easy So Dance Me Loose" Compliments of KRAMER'S DAIRY BAR Ph. 4-1374 SERVING MEADOW GOLD ICE CREAM Jones Electric Co CONTRACTORS MOTOR REWINDING HARDWARE MERCHANDISE SPORTING GOODS Phone 2-7661 658-660 Ottawa St. Muskegon, Michigan 114 51355, .- c I' out for tea WEBER LUMBER C 0 115 :ce of you to call, Harry. Compliments of BLISS BROTHERS The Big Lot On Clay Ave. Across from Clarke Sanding Muskegon's Oldest Used Car Dealer Phone 2-2783 Campbell Wyant and Cannon Foundry Company 6 Never cz dull . . . . showcase' 0?-VECRES 0 2' GREATER MUSKEGON'S FUN CENTER H7 Compliments of Wolverine Express Daily Overnight Service MUSKEGON CLEVELAND TOLEDO CHICAGO 0? N. be Boaz Shoes Courtesy of BISHOPS Greater Muskegon's Finest Furniture Store 427-435 W. Western Ave. Next to Michigan Theatre Compliments of lMBAUl.T'S BARBER and BEAUTY SPOT 'l9'l0 Ruddimon Drive North Muskegon, Michigan Compliments of POK-A-BOUT China cmd Gift Shop B U D D ' S JEWELERS - OPTICIANS 227 W. Western The Store that Confidence Built OLSON'S MUSIC - APPLIANCES 446-8 Western Ave. General Electric Norge Bendix 9 y 4, 1952 .... Dear Mr. Smith .... C mpliments of I YY t T P ti Y LAKEY Foundry 81 Machine company MUSKEGON SAVINGS BANK Lakeshore Machinery Xa Supply Ce. Distributors of INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES MACHINE TOOLS CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT 400 W. Laketon Avenue MUSKEGON, MICHIGAN Congratulations to the CLASS OF i952 Damm Hardware Company Compliments SPALDING I EWELERS 240 W. Western MUSKEGON, MICH. Compliments of Ted's Pants Shop Specializing in Pants, Sweaters and Jackets 212 Western Avenue Muskegon, Michigan PACKARD KAISER ACHTERHOFF MOTORS, INC Across from Michigan Theater HENRY "I" FRAZER Compliments of Alfred J. Hunter 8. Co. Iobbers of PLUMBING. HEATING and MILL SUPPLIES "Where Atmosphere ei Quality Cou Compliments of Cottage Grove Sandwich Shop U.S.-31 AT M-20 North Muskegon nt The school day never ends "Without cz Song BUWAlDA'S FOOD MARKET GROCERIES - MEATS We Deliver Phone 41427 Compliments of Muskegon Nash SAlES and SERVICE, Inc. 341 APPLE AVE. MUSKEGON Znii ' . . . or o band sectional Compliments of Francis jiroch Wholesale Hooper ChCV1'O1Ct CO. CIGARS-CANDY-TOBACCO FOUNTAIN SUPPLIES Western at Fifth 248 Market St. Since 1866 4 When you think of SPORTS EQUIPMENT A R N T Z SPORTING GOODS Western at Terrace Compliments of STEEL FABRICATING CO. OF MUSKEGON Compliments of VICTOR LEONHARD REALTOR CANARY INN Best of Luck to the GRADUATING CLASS OF 1952 The Witham Family Canary Inn Compliments Of Clock Funeral Home Q1 IIUTUH Q 4 wt!! 'X s o '5tbvNUF Z? 0 . X - Zllblllllli w 2 1 0 fa 4 o 5 ff IP oxavy UUIPMDU fr 'P H., ff .9 0 'S IIGRIGIIGS Matson Uldsmohile Compang Third and Monroe OLDSMOBILE - CADILLAC Compliments Class of '52 CERTIFIED CONCRETE CO. GARNI-LAT FLOWER SHOP Distinctive Flowers ond Gifts 1378 Peck St. Phone 2-3391 MUSKEGON. MICHIGAN REID-GRAFF CORPORATION Plumbing and Heating Compliments of D R E L L E S Across from the Occidental Hotel Just a dab of red should do the trick . . HERE'S TO YOU, GRADUATE! Greater Muskegon is proud of you! Sealed Power is proud of you! As a graduate of our Greater Muskegon High Schools, you are eminently well qualified to step out, to college or to a iob, and give us all cause for further pride. Since 1911, Sealed Power has been one of Greater Muskegon's largest employers. It has been our policy always to give preference to young people who have been educated in Greater Muskegon. lt has been our pleasure to see many of them advance to top positions here. Never, in all time, has there been greater opportunity for high school graduates than now. Because of our faith in you, and in the Greater Muskegon schools you attended, we know you will make the most of that opportunity. Sealed PISTON RINGS ' PISTONS CYLINDER SLEEVES 7 ere were you during play practice lost night?" SHOES FOR ALL THE FAMILY MICHIGAN F10'sheim's ASSOCIATED Rhythm-Step TELEPHONE Vitality COMPANY Crosby Square Red Goose Operating Company of the General Telephone System Phone Daniel Green Basic B 0 O T S H 0 D 2-3232 333 W. Western Next to WoIgreen's P do but you're wanted in the High School O Compliments of michigan Foundry Supply and Paul Ill. llliener Foundry YOU'LL GET "cr longer ricle for your money" with Good ZEPHYR Gasoline Naph-Sol Refining Co Where never is heard, cm audible word .... " Every Banking and Trust Service is available to you at GREATER MUSKEGON'S LARGEST BANK The Hackley Union National Bank MUSKEGON MUSKEGON HEIGHTS I Member of The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporationj DEPOSITS INSURED UP T0 S'l0,000 130 PHILL-UP WITH 5'I7I1iIIips AT YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD SERVICE STATION Congratulations and Best Wishes to THE CLASS OF 1952 SANDING MACHINE COMPANY 30 E. Clay Ave. Extra CARE Makes Sanitarg Dairy Milk Extra GOOD FACTORY SUPPLY COMPAN Y Who t's this? Typing in speech class? Compliments 0, LAKOS CAFE Show Place of Michigan WINDATT PONTIAC Phone 2-2250 428 W. western MUSKEGON Compliment Compliments of of MUSKEGON TOOL 8. DIE CO. VETS MEN'S WEAR 117 mlb Ah, yes! Life is o beoutiful thing .... except for h story The Clue for You in '52 STUDEBAKER Bowen-Fischer Motor Co. Western Ave. MUSKEGON, MICHIGAN Compliments of HIGHLAND PARK DAIRY Laketon and Division Muskegon Phone 2-6059 Compliments of EARLE PRESS, INC. Letterpress 8- Offset Printing Phone 2-3044 915 Pine St. - corner Walton THE CLARK BOOT, SHOP 411 W. Western Ave. MUSKEGON, MICHIGAN MUSKEGON SCHOOL of BUSINESS We train you-We place you in a good iob LET US TRAIN YOU Compliments of "THE CLIPPER LIN E" WISCONSIN 81 MICHIGAN STEAMSHIP COMPANY THE MART il our hearfs set on... AUTUHATIC CIJUKIIG Your new Gas ange built to"CP"standarcIs cooks complete oven meals by clock control! SPLIT-SECUNIJ SPEED Instant high-heat' In stant low-s' mer' Only Gas gives exaci heats without waiting! SIZZLING CHAR-TYPE STEAKS Live hame brol g Gas caters to e ery choice from rare to "done through"I MICHIGAN C0Nszo1,1LmTED GAS COMPANY Serving 735,000 Customers in Michigan 4 "l've Got You Under My Skin Coniplinifrzls of Easton 81 Quick h MICHIGAN IUC- R1-:GENT STATE Insurance Service 201 - 202 Michigan Theater Phone 2-6014 Muskegon, Michigan Q. STRAND Muskegon Heights Best Wishes 135 AL. Congratulations to the Class of 1952 VANDERVELDFS FURNITURE C0 "The Home of Good Furniture" Broadway at Fifth Across from Norge BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '52 Continental motors Corporation 136 0 F. N. Witt 7 Congratulations to the Class of 1952 Browne-Morse Company Manufacturers of STEEL OFFICE EQUIPMENT and FILING SUPPLIES 93 yew of Friendly, Competent Banking Services THE NATIONAL LUMBERMAN'S BANK "Muskegon's Oldest Bank" wats Wont For Christmas Is My Two F o t T Where Thereis Coke There's Hospitality ix I LJ fe I Hu, W I : '19 f 'Er N fsx . MEX WFT U 3 ii 1 Sr LN iii if -4,,,f,V6jlf1 Quin Da-licinux and Rr'frl.ShinR N N IU hiv COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. Phone 2-6662 Muskegon, Michigan SHAW-WALKER came-gzngineerecl n PRODUCTS SOLD NATIONWIDE ' 16 Branches ' 400 Dealers "Built Like: Best known Trademark in skyscraper" Est Office Equipment listen my children and you shall hear .... " Compliments of FITZJOHN COACH COMPANY BUILDERS OF FINE MOTOR COACHES Muskegon, Michigan 4 . . . . of the night when the choir presented its annual festive co 1 Compliments of ' Ray Wierda, Sr. 6. Ir. N Q 'f.?ZL'5LL?.llff QUALITY CLEANERS 1504-08 Sanford St. MUSKEGON Yes, you will always find Reddy Kilowatt your electric servant at the- HEAD OF THE LINE to wish all the . . . Graduates, every success in the world. CONSUMERS POWER CO. Awwbwffifefhw mm R . Q A -XX b ,Q 459 ff gd, . A-, 4-4551 f'-"'.....,.f-' Www W min ' ""' FOR BETTER STYLE, TONE AND PERFORMANCE IAN B. MARGARET Dim EMERSON RADIO ond T.V. PERRI and PANOZZO Radio cmd T.V. 415 Marquette Ave. Phone 2-7517 Vanclerploeg Donofed by A FRIEND GRETCHEN JANE Compliments of E. H. Sheldon Equipment Co. LABORATORY FURNITURE Muskegon, Michigan I4 Ah ah, ah .... don't touch that dial! Leading Photographers In the Midwest EHADUUEK, WINTER 81 ALBERT5 ' "This dependable Agency sells 0 . u only dependable Insurance" "Photography at Its Best" 306 Hackley Bank Bldg. MICHIGAN and OHIO Phone 2-2661 MUSKEGON "Aw, come on you guys .... Yell! Compliments of SEALTEST ICE CREAM IIE UN? UA! hslioneaf R001' BEER Now AT Youn DEALER! QUALITY BEVERAGE CO. BUWALDA HARDWARE HARDWARE - HOUSEWARES - PAINTS FERTILIZERS - SEEDS SPORTING GOODS Stop in and look around Phone 4-1405 Compliments of BILL STERN 145 It was cu hard game to lose, but we went down fighting!" CONGRATULATIONS To the Class of '52 NIBBLE-A- SCRIB- NIB Compliments to the CLASS OF '52 W. Brinen Lumber Company WHOLESALE AND RETAIL LUMBER DOORS SHEETROCK SASH ASPHALT SHINGLES FRAMES INSULATING WOOL INTERIOR FINISH MUSKEGON, MICHIGAN 4 Our Eighty-Seventh Yeor BALBIRNIE-APOSTLE Monrumr AMBULAN CE SERVICE 24 Hours Compliments of Harbor View Service Station Groceries, Meats, Gas - OPEN SUNDAYS - Ruddiman at Bear Lake Rd. fl I t's Always Spring Time at our House" American Coil Spring Company Campeau, lilullally 81 Illeier The Insurance Center COMPLETE INSURANCE SERVICE 924 Second St. IBetween Western 6: Clcxyl Phone 2-3776 7 'Julius Caesar slept here." Compliments of NORTH MUSKEGON CONKLIN INSURANCE FLOWER SHOP - I Lyman Bu11d1ng 1081 Holton Rd. Phone 4-8115 EJZIIIMZUZM.. 'IAR "Tryifonify ff btl tg T pftft" ou won o, u won' uoran eea er Oil-Ways Inc. Wagoner Transportation Co. 149 The Seniors pose on the State Copit I t p BEST WISHES CONGRATULATIONS to the Class of '52 TO THE CLASS OF '52 mlmfw vmllfm mt Wm. T. Thompson Norge Dlvlslon R,W, Hain BORG-WARNER CORP. G. O. Ekwoll MUSKEGON MUSKEGON HEIGHTS MICHIGAN 150 52: V' , A an ' x 94 rlf1..,twQ " 'ws td t - if A vm fgfti. it gy use L S1 And she's out! The Seniors finish ci memorable year Congratulations to CLASS OF 1952 ACME CLEANERS 8. ovens "For People Who Care" F R E D R I C K S LUMBER COMPANY Laketon at Beidler M k The Yard in the Heights Us egon for 37 Years Compliments of . . Ilorth flluskegon Bus Line SERVING A CITY OF HOMES 151 7ndez 7a Achterhoff Mortuary .....,.. Achterhoff Motors ...A..........A Acme Cleaners and Dyers ...... American Coil Spring ...,...., Arbor Floral Co. ............Y . Page IO .......l22 5I ....,..l47 II Arntz Sporting Goods ....A.... ...... ....... I 2 5 Balbirnie-Apostle Mortuary ....,.......... ......, l 47 Baxter's Launderers and Cleaners ....,..I09 Bishop's Furniture .....................,,.... ....... I I9 Bliss Bros. Used Cars .... Boaz Shoes ....................... Bowen-Fischer Motor Co. Beardsley Trucking ......., Brinen lumber Co. ............,., . Browne-Morse Co. ,,.................. . I6 I9 .......I33 I0 .......I46 ......,I38 Brunswick-Balke-Collender Co. .... ....... I 48 Bulck ......................................... Budd's Jewelry Co. ............... . Buel's Shoe Store ...,,.. Buwalda's Hardware .........,.... BuwaIda's Grocery ...........,....... ...,,..l37 I9 28 .......I45 23 Campbell, Wyant and Cannon .... ....... I I6 Campeau, Mullally and Meier .... ..,,... I 47 Canary lnn ...................,...,....... Certified Concrete, Inc. . ,.., ,..... . . 25 26 chuddock, Winter and Alberts .... ...,... 1 44 Clark Boot Shop ...,...........,...,,.. Clarke Sanding Machine Co. ..., . The Clipper Line ..,,................ Clock Funeral Home ......... Coca-Cola Bottling Ca. .... . Conklin insurance .......... Consumers Power Co. ......,.... . Continental Motors Corp. ......1, . .l33 31 .......I34 .......I25 .......I39 .,....,I48 .......I4I .......l36 Cottage Grove Sandwich Shop ..,. ,..,,,, I 22 Curvecrest ...........,.............,....,.. Damm Hardware ..,... Dana Printing Co. Daniels Company .... Delong Coal Co. ......., . Dobben Motor Sales Drelles ,,................,. Earle Press, Inc. ...,. . Easton and Quick .......... Erickson's Garage ............. Etterman's Super Market ..... Excell Electric Co. .............. . Factory Supply Co. ........,...... . Fisher Steel and Supply Co. ,.., . Fitzlohn Coach Co. ............... . Fredricks Lumber Co. .......,..... . Garnaat Flower Shop ...,,.......... Hackley-Union National Bank ,,,. Harbor View Service Station ..... Hathway Motor Co. ............. . Highland Park Dairy ,,.,.. Hilt's, Inc. .,..,................ . Holmes' Rexall Drugs ....., Home loan Company, Inc. Hooper Chevrolet ........,...,, "Hoos" Your Grocer .... .. Hosler's , .............. . ...........,.,.,,,.. , Alfred J. Hunter and Co. ......... . lmbault Barber and Beauty Shop I6 ...,...I22 .......l42 .......I09 .......lO7 I0 .......l26 .......I33 ....,..I35 .......l06 .......I06 .......l3I II .......I4O .......I5l 26 .. .,..... I30 .......I47 .......I09 .......I33 ......,lI3 .......I06 .......I50 24 .,.,...lI2 .......lI2 .......I22 I9 Francis .llroch ......,..,..,...,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, 1 24 I52 14 ' we Jones Electric Co. ..,.. Page I4 Kramer Dairy Bar ......................... ...... I I4 Kroger Grocery ....,.......................... ...... I 06 Lakeshore Machinery and Supply ...... ...... I 2l Lakey Foundry and Machine Co. .,... ...... I 20 Lakos Cate ......................,............ ...... George A. Long ...........,.,,...... Matson Oldsmobile .......,............ 132 I3 ......I26 Michigan Associated Telephone .,.., ...... I 28 Michigan Consolidated Gas Co. .... ..I34 Michigan Foundry Supply Co. .......... ...... I 29 Muskegon Nash Sales and Service ,.,.,,I23 Muskegon Savings Bank ................. ...... I 20 Muskegon School of Business .... Muskegon Tool and Die Co. Naph-Sol Refining Co. ..Y,...... . National Lumberman's Bank ...... Nibble-a-Scrib-Nib .......,......... Norge Corporation ......,......... North Muskegon Bakery .,.... North Muskegon Bus Line ...,... North Muskegon Flower Shop .... North Muskegon Cleaners ....... ......I34 ......l32 29 ......I38 ......I46 ..,...I50 ......I07 ......I5I ......l48 ......IO6 North Shore Garage ...........,......... .A...- I 07 Northside Radio and Television .....,. ...... I 07 Office Machines Sales and Service Oil Ways, lnc. ............................. ----- - OIson's Music House ....A...,,..... Phillips 66 ............,.......... Pine Street Furniture Co. Pok-A-Bout ......,.............. Powell Studios ............,...,.. Price Dry Cleaners ...,..Y........... Pyle Pattern and Mtg. Co. ..., . Quality Beverage Co. ......... . Quality Cleaners ........,.... Radium Photo Service ................ I49 I9 ......l3I I3 I9 ......I44 I0 ......I26 ..,...I45 ..,...I4I ......II3 Reid-Graff Corporation ......,.......... . ..... I26 Rich and Howell Plumbing Shop ..... ...... I 07 Richards Service Station ............,.. ---s Sanitary Dairy Co. .....,.... . Schlossmon Theaters ..,. Sealed Power Corp. Sealtest lce Cream ........... Shaw-Walker Co. ............... . E. H. Sheldon Equipment Co, Smith's Drug Store .......,...... Spalding Jewelry, Inc. ..... . Square Clothing Co. Steel Fabricating Co. .,....... . Bill Stern's Steak House Ted's Pant Shop .,.........,. Twiss Garage ,..................... Jan B. Vanderploeg ..,............ Vandervelde's Furniture Co. VanderVere Electric ....,......... Vets Men's Wear ...,,... Victor Leonhard Realtor Wagoner Transit ......, Weber Lumber Co. Windatt-Pontiac ...,.,.................... ......l3I ..,...l35 .......I27 ......I45 .,..,.I39 ......l43 ......I08 ......I22 II ......l25 ...,..l45 ......l22 ......lI3 ......I43 .....,I36 I3 ..,...I32 .....,I25 ......I49 I5 ......l32 Ken Winters 5c to 51.00 Store .,,.. ...... l 07 Wolverine Express ,.........,....... . N. J. Yonker and Son ..... ....,.II8 , .,.,. I09 V! ,174 1 Ll f V- 1 1.34 V 1-' . fa ..-..1 'X . 4 I+ ,:,,' - lj ' V: 9' n A ' 1 K dx x L ' A L -Q ' , . A . -. t ,r 1 Y - , X . . X - . 1 "v. m . - A f' -- . ,1. . si ,VX- x ..,..1F- Syn, , . , , ,L ,E . "Tl .nh : A 1' ' N G! ?,-" 'wwfh our , V. ,' ' fb. , . 2.1 A V 521, , V. . ...QEYV I . 3 1 .Ti'f.,-:fx-A: - ,,.,1,31 .1 L- ' X 1 Y L , JL- f jggf L--Vw -JV " '.V' "ig 1 , 9 J . V.'.::j .33 :V 15:11 :il ,, ky. , F, 1 . ' ., 3"-f1i'I'g.VZ'2 'f' ., , -. V .,. :CH Vilif' 1133 5.,.4f',""7 iq.-N ' ,vl.,-FEI-"LA W- ni ' ' 'wriii-::V x w f V .v AV, an ' 5' . Vila?-X .'1Qis':sH.-J '- .. -. 52 Q' fn. , A ,...4 W., - ,UV V VV wg-34, .-in 379.9- ' Qffisg WL?-"Q-,"H NV 'Y A7 "f'rH.:gVn'?,5 , ' -. 4- YQ, if ij.: ' 321' . J, ig. A- -'fs2,35.,f" 5. , 4,"'V' .mn 5-f-1 - V -r.+,.l!1v 'Mi , JV lil' 'LY gu:,f. V. J. , A A 1. ,ffgilqx -G'-:.5'9i"1'.,' v ' . ' , ' -':'fv1"w-iff'-11 1 ' .af - +1 A 1 'F ' -2,23 . L lVsf,aaT' Li' .. ., . ' - .4 V . -- ,-V-- Je.. 1:1 -, , 1. ,- V . - ,-1-, . ,-Vfxiy,-5-1 . '. -. 1,-.mV '. .-r-. .. L, .ggi 5' .', ' wgfii gk,-.,Vf1'.fJ...41 M.. . 1'-r-,QL L.. ,- ,,:,.: 4-...jg .gh '-: 3, ,V A ,V 5-.V R -, A. .414 vw L'."',V-'L WV '1 n-Q " xy- M , Aj.. . , via. 1-gf ev-.1 '-'-v,xi-V.x.- 1V wem,-,HTXV , . , V .1 1 , -.fn-.. 1, .V .. ...MV . f. V1 V--A '. 'rf PH. 'yy F, 2" ',T'1L- ., LQ. iv ,.- -J1"',i+ , -un -. Lv. ,134 -.1f,'1 . 'fV,i.7w..,-,A S -:V-,V . "aff QL''L1"fF'11f.1-'f4',:?:'3Q'f'f'i:-1124:i?i',.'f,x- 1"i ' " F fl -.v . J,. V-M ,, ,..a3G..,-.-. .f.-41 - , -A V Y 2 1. . . ,,' . .,.,.g,. 5- . 1 Y .Y . UNH, ngxwi ,r V, -4.5 ,, ' I 7?fwi?f.-2:fJfz'.i'Ffii2!'yFue' 9 -. ' v-qu' . ,V .LW fi- Vx' :ww 1 ' ef .Era-, k.,WJz-N, 1 . ,rg jg,-V. ' . 1 fx. : L .:.- 1: .--' ya , y -1.., .'v-':- .4- ,. izufxfgff mfg., . fl:-'snag , ,k V- g , fiaitem.-s':mML.A ff 1.1 L. , -lf-' 7- 54.1-' 4 up Q Wg' :J , 5+ .' L. Tilt: Y ' Y. ?.., 51191 .U i. Ffa'- PT-p 5 H ll 5 ,V ', j'ixIr,+'- zy I CL. rs wif- w 15,11 ki ' , uf? ' ' fi L X he . . i. "-pl? wir' :-Ju? .-, V 1 M593 . A 1.-gift. A 4: ,. , A -. .1 ' HYDE .. gsm . 1 ,- Y? . 1 ax TJ! ' 3,4 s J. "Ili HEC' 'Fw -:Pt

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