North Muskegon High School - Norseman Yearbook (North Muskegon, MI)

 - Class of 1949

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North Muskegon High School - Norseman Yearbook (North Muskegon, MI) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Cover

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ORSEMAN 1949 xii' 3 Publzshed by THE SENIOR CLASS NORTH MUSKEGON HIGH North Muskegon M1Ch1gaH 1... SCHOOL 19 5 HM-I F- M" rl "r'HO'JL 5 1 3 F OREXV GRD e the Clams of 49 present this book '15 a record of the ittivities of our four xe are in high st hool We T6 llllfi OUT dfi IYIIS We hope that this book tells the story of good school citizenship We hope that future Clxsses will enjoy their high school ye :rs is much 'is we have picture in detail our Senior year as we begin to ,z ' -2 . 1 Q' V 1 . I 2, ' ' ' ' ' ' f 2 2 cf ' ' . TABLE OF CONTENTS Du zslon Page Admlmstratxon and Faculty Semors Sports Feature Adverusmg 120 4 I . . . - - - - - 4 ' ---------- 10 Underclassmen -------- 30 - - - - - - - - - - 52 - - - - - - - - - - 72 ,r bf. oi' ,.-v '1'l5fw'fl1.' 3, 1 . .4""'hG1,' '. 2177 .. 'A 41 :- ,f 1 A D M I N I S T R A T I O N A N D F A C U L T Y jul Board of Educauon The past year has been one of urgent problems in the history of the North Muskegon Public Schools The Board of Education as the governing body has actively participated in a pageant of fast moving events The primary problem confronting us this year was congestion in the elementary classes This situation was abruptly brought to a climax when the Old Building was condemned Building This condemnation resulted in the complete re scheduling and moving of all band and sectional practice periods shop and printing classes vocal music seventh grade one section of the sixth grade and all foreign language classes All library study groups were moved to the gym which curtailed all gym activities however the furniture was moved to accommodate basketball games and a limited number of parties The library was divided into two sections for the seventh grade Other class es affected were housed in city buildings To reach some settlement as to building possibilities a building advisory committee was appointed in November and met once prior to the election and also met in February for further consultation The problem of finances though not as acute as two years ago was still a major problem confronting the Board of Education On August 4 1947 a three mill levy was passed for two years Barring unforseen 6X1g9I'lC1SS the current operating expenses can be met Several improvements were made during the summer of 48 in the new building including the complete re decoration of six rooms The library was not only re deco ated but a new set of fluorescent lights was installed which was a vast improvement over the former type of lighting system The Board of Education has attempted to look not at the immediately pressing prob lems alone but to thmk in long range terms to provlde outstanding educational facilities for years to come 6 I ' I I 1 .1 1 X A x xo! ' rv-6 ' ' QV l 'l x e 1 ' N X 1 4 fi ' 4 1 ' V ' ll by the state fire officials in january. February 7th was the deadline for use of the Old Walter W Scott MA Kelly Dunsmore MA Superintendent Principal Superintendent Walter W Scott has been with us only two years but in that short time we feel that he has done much for us Although we have not had much classroom contact with him we all recognize h1s interest and help in school affairs His interests have been not only in the academic field but also in all the extra curricular activities dramatlcs school radio programs and student par ticipation in school government Thank you Mr Scott for your help enthusisam and the mterest you have shown us since you came here May success and happiness be yours in the coming years of your administration Mr Kelly Dunsmore has been with us as principal of the high school for our entire hlgh school careers He too has shown great interest in the affairs of the student body Among his many duties he has found time to be the advisor of both the Student Council and the National Honor Society and a large drawing class Both he and Mr Scott have capably handled the difficult Job of class re scheduling due to the loss of a large area of our class room space This re scheduling has been a disrupting factor in our system but with their guidance the problem has been worked out satisfactorily The Senior class thanks you Mr Dunsmore for all the work you have done in helping our class and our school. We thank you for your counsel and vocational guidance. Success and happiness to you in your future years of administration. 7 Q 535- Jr, 'Q-E i K-94 -I V 7' M 'ip QL. 'RQ 'lg Aux " s in-' xii' KATHERINE BIRDSALL A B M A French Spanish Latm English Olxvet College Umversxty of Much :gan Un vers ty of Colorado Un ver snty of Grenoble France CHARLES A BLACKMAN Seventh Grade Soclal Studies Anthmetxc 1' 'IV Ohvet College Mxchxgan State Col lege Ohxo State Un vers ty ROBERT CHARD A B M A English Speech Hope College Umversnty of Much xgan FACULTY JOHN HALMOND A B Economics American Government World Hrstory Westem Mnchxgan College of Educatxon Umversxty of Mxchlgan Amerxcan Unxver snty Washmgton D C ROBERT MORRIS B S Anthmetrc Health and Physical Educatron Mnchxgan State College PAUL MOYES B S Mathematics Health and Physical Education Umversxty of Mxchxgan Mnchxgan State College SARA L MOYES Typewrrtmg Mxchxgan State College Acme Busmess College MARY PLUMMER B S Commercral Western Mxchxgan College of Educatxon Umversxty of Mxchxgan MARY A SHUMAN B M E Music Eastman School of Musxc Drake Umversxty SCHEERHORN A B Hope College Umversnty of Mxch BERNA STUART Seventh Grade English Sczence Unwmrs ty of Redlands Redlands JOYCE E TAYLOR B S and ARTS Mxchlgan State College FACULTY WARREN THOMPSON B General Shop Mechanical Drawing Prmtmg Western Mxchngan College of Educatxon Unxvusxty of Mxchxgan JEANNE C TULLY B A M A Amencan Hxstory World History journalism College of Samt Teresa Umversxty f Wnsconsnn Columbus Umversnty Umversxty of Chxcago ROBERT H VANDER MEER Umversnty of Mlchxgan Mnchxgan State College H L VANEERDEN A B English Library Girls Gym Unnversxty of Mnchxgan Northem Mlchngan College of Educatxon HOMER VAN HOESEN B S M S Chemistry Physxcs Advanced Algebra Tngonometry Geometry Algebra Central Mxchxgan College Mnchxgan State College Umversnty of Mxchxgan ROBERT L WIRSCHEM B S Instrumental Musrc Chorr Columbus Conservatory LP O Jr College Westem Mxchxgan College Mnchxgan State College , A. B. , , , Y , .S. 1 , 1 . , . ., . . . , . ' . . O , , ' ! Civics, General Science , . . , - . . . . , , ,I I ' , ! . ., . . l I r 1 I . . ' , . , l , , . . , . . .' . Q ' ' ' 1 , 1 1 I Q S 5 I 'I 4 I A Gmmoron 5,-I' 2 Q. . - '13 . f -'-,u . """"-as ., Sa' '1 Q .. -.. Q ,-y. ww.. - V , ' " '53-fV.1ew, -nfbx S E N I O R S IVF! V ,, -sf fry' 'I JSA. f LA' 'Zig- MISS MARY PLUMMER Advzsor DONALD E. MILLER "The foremost man of all the world." FRANK C. WITT "Allured to brighter worlds and led the way." HELEN MARIE MULLALLY Our grand busmess doubtedly IS not to see what hes dlmly at a IS tance but to do what res clearly at hand TED VANDER BOLL The dangers gather as the treasures TISS MDN 4x MR KELLY nUNsMoRE Ad visor 1 2 , - . 1"' W' rt' MR ROBERT Advisor CHARD , at U ' ' un- . . V 4. - V ' 'H I b . X gt ' A If ' A 'H A R , - N -- I Hu, :I VI' .Q -' . 'G , sh. ,I ,4J X . X F , f A fr, f A 4, I '- 'I' "r . -1 1' Y 1' 1 EARL ANDERSON s an exceptlonal student but we can t flgure out whether hes exceptlonally good or ex ceptxonally bad HARRY JoHN BANDGREN JR Knowledge xs power LOUIE ANDREE A gentleman makes no nolse BURL A BEARDSLEY A llfe of actxon rs nobler than a lxfe of thought JACK ANGEL Who does the best hrs cxr cumstances allows Does well acts nobly angels could do no more MARGARET CHRISTINE BEDGOOD It IS better to wear out than to rust out CONNIE Y ARMSTRONG True ease m wrrtmg comes from art not chance as those move easlest who have learned to dance ERMA MAE BOHACH Nothmg endures but personal qualmes 13 ,lg fs 'gr 3524 x ,..,,. WILLIAM VICTOR BREITFIELD Opportumty ns rare and a vuse man wxll never let It go by hlm DON DAVIS Beware the fury of a patlent man NORMA MAE BUITENDORP Never rdle a moment but thrlfty and thoughtful f others BOB DEAN A man he seems of cheerful yesterdays and confldent to morrows JOANNE MARIE CIHAK A horse' A horse' My kmg dom for a horse' JOAN DE WALD A smxle you wxll long member MARSHALL WESTON CONE Always rushmg down the hall a a rule after money often after a glrl JOHN J DROST An able man shows hrs sp1r1t by gentle words and resolute actxons 14 13' Nu XY BERNICE FERN DULYEA "As merry as the day is long." GERALD D, ENGSTROM "Knowledge is proud that he has learned so much. Wisdom is humble that he knows no more." DONALD DALE DUNN I have often regretted my speech never my sxlence ROGER CLARE FELT Lxttle boats should keep near shore DOROTHY JOAN DYER Beauty Ines wlth kmdness BURRELL FENNER I make the most of all that comes and the least of all that goes HARRIETT DYKEHOUSE It s a frlendly heart that has plenty of frxends SALLY JANE FERRELL If she wlll she wrll you may depend on t If she wont she wont and thats an end on It 15 nf I? 3 X AGNES MAE FERRIS She has an eye that could speak though her tongue were sllent BARBARA JEAN HUNTOON The heaven such grace dxd lend her that she might ad mxred be ROBERT HENRY GUNDY Nice smlle nice ways nlce fellow ROGER HUTCHINS Half our knowledge we must snatch not take RONALD R HUGENOT Oh why should lxfe all labour be? SHIRLEY ANNE JACOBSON Shlrley can do and does NATALIE E HUGHES True ment llke a rxver the deeper It IS the less noxse xt makes LORETTA JEAN JONES We enjoy ourselves m our work our domg and our best doxng 15 our best enjoyment 16 X R '33 n fda' LOUIS K KANAAR Half as sober as a Judge HARRY E MATYCH The world knows nothmg xts greatest men RONALD L KOLKMAN Lxfes a very funny proposx tlon after all KAY MEINER Went ln one ear and out t e other JACK KROLCZYK Handsome IS as handsome does SARAH ANN MINSHULL Txmely servlce lxke trmely gxfts IS doubled ln value MARDI M LENTZ Though somewhat tardy I perchance arrlve THOMAS J MITCHELSON My center ns glvmg way my rxght IS pushed back-excel lent' Ill attack 17 fi' V 2' CHARLES JAMES MUNN None but an author knows an .authors cares ,Z JERRY R PULSIPHER Takes thmgs as they come and never worrles CARL B PARKER An ounce of mlrth IS North a pound of sorrow GRAHAM D RANKIN Sometxmes Im happy some txmes Im blue 'N Lois ANN PETERSEN Smxles awake when you arxse A ROBERT J RANKIN U' My dxsposxtnon depends you Vicgju 1 ENID ELIZABETH POOLE All the world practices the art of actmg RUTH FRANCES RILEY Vxrtue xs bold and goodness never fearful 18 RICHARD ROBBINS He that will make a good use of any part of his life must allow a large portion of it to recreation GEORGE SINEN A better part of valor is cretion LAURA ANN SHERRIFF There are no tricks in plain '95 and simple faith VICTOR SPARKES Ill find a way or make EVELYN SIMONELLI Speech is silver silence golden DOROTHY ANN SUTCH Laugh and the world laughs with you DON LEW SIMONSEN Oh' it is excellent to have giants strength DONALD UPMAN As busy as a bee 19 5- JOAN GRACE VANDER SLUTE It rs trfmqurl peop e xx o complnsh much BONITA JEAN VVITTENVRONGEL Do good by stealth and blush to fmd xt fame CHARLYN JEAN VAN DYKE A lnttle mrschmef by the way rs fun to spxce each day J JOANNE WOOD Vxrtue IS her reward CAROL JEAN WATERS She took lxfe as she found but newer left It so CORAL WOODHOUSE She must be seen to be ap precxated RAY WIERDA He was exer precxse 1n prom xse keepxng EVELYN WYBENGA She has a sense of humor whrch IS seldom dxsplayed but oh dear when t 20 2 Class HISIOIQV Full of dreams of Hlgh School glory we entered H1gh School as Freshmen ln Sep tember 1944 Boys dreamed of varsxty football basketball and baseball whlle glrls en vxsroned themselves track queen or most popular but there was work to be done The class became a workmg umt when we elected Presldent B1ll Jackson Vice Presl dent Jim Kramer Secretary Marshall Cone and Treasurer Shxrley Jacobson Barbara Huntoon and Ron Kolkman were Student Councll representatlves Numerous projects hlghhghted the year We sponsored our flrst Hxgh School dance whlch we txtled Freshman Flop We were also lnxtrated by the Sophomores ln the t1me honored tradltlons of North Muskegon All ln all we felt our Freshman year a success but were glad to adjourn for the summer Takmg up our Sophomore year w1th fewer 1llus1ons we began to reallze fully that our Hlgh School actxvxtxes were work and for some of us the flnal preparatlon for the careers we hoped to follow Our Sophomore offxcers were Presxdent Sarah Mmshull V1cePres1dent Roger Felt Secretary Ruth Rlley Treasurer Sh1rley Jacobson Ron Kolkman and Barbara Huntoon were agam our Student Councll representat1ves As Sophomores xt befell us to 1n1t1ate the Freshmen whxch we dxd wxth alacrlty Our mam project for the year was our class dance The Turkey Trot Almost before we knew It along came June and our Sophomore year was over September 9 1947 the momentous day we began our Jumor year' Some of us thought that th1s was just another year Others remembered report card days and during study halls golden sllence relgned supreme Thxs was the tellmg year Reallzlng that our best work ln these next two years could alter our over all average many of us settled down to wear out our books wlth honest toll Don M1ller led the class as Presrdent w1th Vxce Pf6S1d6nt Ron Kolkman Secretary Kolkman and Bob Chaffee In November we presented the Hunters Ball Thxs was a novelty dance with all those m attendance dressed as hunters We also plcked out and ordered our class rmgs WhlCh we had been looklng forward to for some tlme Shortly after the begmnlng of the second semester we plcked out a play Home Sweet H0m1C1de and held tryouts ln the English classes Our class advlsers plcked the cast and rehearsals soon were the order of the day In addxtlon to the cast several members of our class were on the various commxttees necessary ln the productlon of a play Practlcally at the fmal curtaxn of the play we took stock of our financial sltuatxon w1th an eye toward the Jumor Senlor Re ceptlon Fxndmg a favorable report we made lmmedlate and extenslve plans to send the Semors off wlth the best possxble fete Wlth memorles of thxs gala event we saxd good by to NMHS for a three month vacatxon thlnkmg of the commg year when we would be most maglc word SENIORS' The magxc day dawned' All of us came back wlth renewed zest and desire to fmlsh our Hxgh School career xn the best posslble way Don Mlller was re elected to the Presldency Frank Wxtt was our Vxce-Presxdent as well as our Student Councll Presxdent Helen Mullally was the Secretary and Ted Van der Boll Treasurer Don Upman and Ron Kolkman were Student Councll representat1ves Almost lmmedlately we plunged 1nto the task of presentxng our Semor Play Pro- fessor How Could You? The rehearsals and productlon were carrled on ln much the same way as the prevlous year Another blg event of our Senlor year occurred when the Powell Studlo Photographers came to take the graduatlon portraits whlch were to appear ln the annual Not long after that we became engrossed ln sponsorlng one of our Senior dances We elected Emd Poole as general chalrman and made a success of thls enterprxse Later m the year we held another dance whlch was carrxed off m our usual style We approached the end of our Semor year wlth mlxed feelmgs Prlde m accomphsh ment was mxxed wlth sadness at the thought of leavmg old frlends and assocxatxons 21 l v - ' v x ' . . . u . 3 . - .- 7 3 1 2 Y ' . . . ' . . 1 . . H ,, . . . . . , . . D 7 U . . . . . l . . , . . . ? 7 I . : . ' . 3 . - . , 5 3 3 y - , . . . . , . . . . . ' ' is 13 , . 7 5 ' l 9 . ' ' ! , . . ' 1 . . , . . - . , 3 y Helen Mullallyg Treasurer, Dlck Robbmsg and Student Council representatlves, Ron H 7 Y? ' ' ' 7 u Y . U . . . ,, . I 3 1 7 ' 1 3 .... , . I . - . - .1 , . . Q I 7 Y u n - - - ' ' r 1 3 ' . - , , . . . y u y - 1 - ' . . . . . U 7 ,, . . . 9 - l Senior Take-Offs Watch Out! Oops-too late! just restmg I' 'YI tk 4:3 A Bob Chaffee john Cxlla Bud Frutchey They re 1I'1 the army now' 23 h Qi I .A 'ae' 'ff ' , F .. ,K T - 1 1 W N , P el p I vo' L. , . 'Ziff- sa , I s a bird 1ts a plane 1ts Say cheese if-N Where IS he? is i' And theres the p1tCh Off to the races 24 4 ve 4. .11 ,M . . T 'lf fl' t' ' -" -" v 1 .9-N A 2 'i .1 Scmor ACIIVIKILS EARL ANDERSON Rod and Gun Club Vrce Pres 1 Radro Club 4 Handlcraft 3 Study 2 LOUIE ANDREE Noon Club 1 2 3 Handxcraft 3 Study Club 1 JACK ANGEL Chorus 3 4 Track 3 4 Baseball 1 Noon Club 4 Study Club 2 Handxcraft Club Jumor Play 3 CONNIE ARMSTRONG Band 1 Chorusl 2 3 4 Glee Club 2 3 4 Choral Group 3 4 Band Bouncel 2 3 4 Operetta 2 Cheerleader 3 Pep Club 1 2 Norse Star Staff 4 Salllng Club 1 Semor Play 4 JOHN BANDGREN Study Clubl 2 3 4 BURL BEARDSLEY Band 1 2 Chorus 4 Band Bounce 2 Track 2 3 4 Camera Club 3 Annual Staff 4 Norse Star Staff 4 Study Club 2 3 Move Operatorl 2 3 4 Handxcraft Club 2 Jumor Play 3 MARGARET CHRISTINE BEDGOOD Band 1 2 3 Chorus 3 Noon Clubl 2 3 4 Norse Star Staff 4 World Problems Club 4 Study Club 3 Homemakxng Club 2 Book Club 1 Gxrls Gym 2 ERMA MAE BOI-IACH Chorus 3 4 Band Bounce 3 Noon Club1 2 3 4 Study Club 2 Book Club 1 Glrls Gym 2 WILLIAM VICTOR BREITFIELD Band 2 Chorus 2 3 4 Cheerleader 2 Basketball Manager 2 Pep Club 2 NORMA RAE BUITENDORP Band 2 Glee Club 4 Noon Club 2 3 4 Study Club 4 Gxrls Gym 3 JOANNE MARIE CIHAK MaJorette 3 4 Band Bounce 3 4 Glrls Basketball 1 2 3 4 Noon Clubl 2 3 4 Annual Staff 4 Homemakmg Club Sec 1 Pres 2 Pep Club 2 Senxor Play 4 Jumor Play 3 G rls Gym 2 3 M'-.RSHALL WESTON CONE Basketballl 2 3 Football 1 2 Annual Staff 4 Study Club 1 2 3 Junlor Play 3 Class Secretary DON DAVIS Noon Club 1 2 3 Handicraft Club 3 Study Club 1 2 BOB DEAN Chorus 4 Football 1 Noon Club 1 2 3 4 Norse Star Staff 4 Rod and Gun Club 3 Handncraft Club 1 2 JOAN DEWALD Chorus 2 3 Glee Club 4 Noon Club 2 3 Norse Star Staff 4 Study Club 4 l loo .1 J -1 V 4 -vv rv vv ,2 ,- 1 1 wx 'v xv, - 1- - , .-1 ,,, .yy 4, . y I 1 ,vw ,. v av -1 y 1 -yy .-a vs 1 vyv 1 ,Y4 'v Scmor ACt1v1t1cs JOHN J DRosT Noon Club 4 Radlo Club 4 Semor Play 4 BERNICE I' ERN DULYEA Cxorusl 2 3 4 Noon Clubl 2 3 4 Annual Staff 4 Honor SOC18ty 4 Homemakmg Club 1 2 DONALD DALE DUNN Football 4 Noon Clubl 2 3 4 Camera Club 3 Annual Staff 4 Study Club 1 Sketch Club Z DOROTHY DYER Chorus 1 2 3 4 Choral Group 3 Operetta 1 HARRIET DYKEHOUSE Chorus 4 Noon Club 4 Norse Star Staff 4 Noon Club 1 2 3 4 Study Club 2 3 Rod and Gun Club 1 Movxe Operator 1 H3Hd1Cf3fI Club 2 ROGER CLARE FELT Chorus 3 4 Football 1 2 3 4 Trackl 2 4 Noon Club 1 2 3 4 Handlcraft Club 1 2 Class Vlce Presxdent 3 BURRELL FENNER Chorus 4 Track 2 3 4 Noon Club 1 2 3 4 Norse Star Staff 4 Study Club 3 Handxcraft Club 1 2 SALLY JANE FERRELL Chorusl 2 3 4 Glee Club 2 3 AGNES MAE FERRIS Gloe Club 3 Glrls Basketball 2 Noon Club 1 Z 3 Icp Club 3 Homem lkmg Club 1 Cllllh Gym 2 ROBERT HENRY GUNDY Football 1 2 3 4 Track 3 4 Noon Clubl 2 3 Prcs 4 Norse Star Staff 4 Study Club 1 2 R 1d1O Club 4 Movxe Operator 1 2 3 Handmcraft Club 3 VN M U S Broadcast 4 RONALD HUGENOT Football 1 2 3 4 Noon Clubl 2 3 4 Pep Club 2 World Problems Clubs Rod and Gun Llub 1 NATALIE HUGHES Band 1 2 Instrumental Group 1 2 Choral Group 1 2 Band Bounce 1 2 3 Operetta 1 Annual Staff 4 Honor Socxety 3 Vlce Pres 4 Glrls Gym 2 ,Iuvemlle Court 3 W M U S Broadcast 3 4 W K B Z Broadcast 3 Sanlmg Club 1 Semor Play 4 jumor Play 3 BARBARA JEAN HUNTOON B nd 1 2 3 4 Instrumental Group 2 Glrls Glee Club 1 Choral Group 3 Band Bouncel 2 3 4 Operetta 1 Annual Staff 4 Sketch Club 1 Student Councxl 1 ,Iumor Play 3 Choral Group 3 4 ROGER HUTCHINS Band Bounce 1 Z 3 4 Operetta 1 Cheerleader 3 Pep Club 1 2 Sallmg Club 1 Noon Club 1 2 3 Camera Club 2 3 Annual Staff 4 Rod and Gun Club 1 Movre Operator 1 2 3 l Q l I 1, 3 l l ' 3,4 1 l 113 GERALD D. ENGSTROM Glee Club 1, 2 l ,,3,4 a YI? 77, y,,4 -I - ,714 26 Semor ACt1v1t1cs SHIRLEY IACOBSON Chorus 1 3 4 Flag Bearer 3 4 Girls Basketball I Pep Club l Annual Staff 4 Honor Socxety 4 Glrls Gym 2 Thespl ms 2 S3lllIlL, Club 1 Semor Play 4 jumor Play 3 Class Treasurer 1 2 Band Bounce I 3 4 LORETTA JEAN JONES Glee Club 3 4 Noon Club1 2 3 4 Pep Club 3 Annual Staff 4 Norse Star Staff 4 Honor Socletv Sec French Club 2 Treas Homemakmg Club W M U S Broadcast 3 4 Semor Play Student Dlr LOUIS K KANAAR Camera Club 3 World Problems Club 4 RONALD L KOLKMAN Basketball 1 2 3 B seball 1 2 3 4 Camerx Club 2 3 Annual Staff 3 Norse Star Staff 4 Student Councll 1 Handxcraft Club 1 Radlo Club 1 Semor Play 4 jumor Play 3 Class Vxce Presxde JACK KROLCZYK Basketball 1 2 3 Football 1 2 3 Baseball 1 2 3 4 Camera Club 3 Movxe Operator 1 MARDI LENTZ Chorus 1 2 3 4 Band Bounce 1 3 Pep Club 1 Gxrls Basketball 3 Camera Club 3 Annual Staff 4 Study Club 2 French Club 2 Sarlmr., Club 1 jumor Play 3 nt3 4 g 0 Q 5 1 P 1 4 H , ,t I ' " . 2 .2,3 7 X 2 Cl '-,3,4 , ,b I . .i If ' 'S ' -1-3.-L4- ' M .- x4 v . f' 1 Basketball 1. 2. 3: Co-captaln ' ,,..4 Q' a . . . ' 21' J H, . ' .2,3,4 ' ,2,3,4 27 HARRY IL MATYCH B nd 1 2 3 Instrument xl Group 1 torus 7 Chor xl Group 4 Band Bounce I 2 Pep Band 1 2 3 Basketballl 2 3 4 Football 1 2 B seball l 2 3 4 Track 3 4 Norse Star Staff 4 Thespxans I 2 Hanrilcraft Club Sec Treas 1 Senxor Play 4 KAY MEINER Gnls Basketball 3 Pep Club 3 VS orld Problems Club 3 Book Club 1 Glrls Gym 2 DON MILLER Football 2 3 Co captaxn 4 Track Z 3 4 Annual Staff 4 Rod and Gun Club 3 Movne Operator I 2 Handncraft Club 1 juwemle Court 4 lunxor Play 3 Class I rcsrdent 3 4 SARAH ANN MINSHULL Band 3 4 Instrumental Group 3 4 Clorusl 2 3 4 Band Bounce 3 4 Operetta 1 Pep Club 1 2 Annual Staff 4 Honor Society 3 4 Gxrls Gym 2 Sailing Club 1 Iunlor Play 3 Class Presldent 2 THOMAS I MITCHELSON Basketball 3 Co captam 4 Footballl 2 3 Co captam Baseball Captatn 3 4 Track 2 3 4 Noon Club I 2 3 Annual Staff 4 Norse Star Staff 4 Handxcmft Club 2 3 lumor Play 3 Rod and Gun Club 1 1 4 4 Semor HELEN MARIE MULLALLY Chorus 4 Noon Club 1 2 3 4 Homemakmg Club 2 Class Secretary 3 4 CHARLES JAMES MUNN Camera Club 3 Norse Star Staff 3 World Problems Club 4 Rod and Gun Club I Sketch Club 2 CARL B PARKER Chorus 2 3 4 Basketball 1 2 Football 1 3 4 Track 3 4 Noon Club 1 2 Pep Club 2 LOIS ANN PETERSEN Band 2 Chorus 2 Cheerleader 3 Pep Club 2 Study Club 3 4 Gxrls Gym Thesplans 2 Jumor Play 3 ENID POOLE Chorus 1 2 3 Band Bounce 3 Operetta 1 Pep Club 2 Glrls Gym Salhng Club 1 Semor Play 4 Jumor Play 3 JERRY R PULSIPHER Band 1 Track 3 4 Noon Clubl 2 3 4 Study Club 1 2 Radlo Club 4 GRAHAM D RANKIN Footballl 2 3 Camera Club 3 Handxcraft Club Pres 2 World Problems Club 4 Study Club 1 ROBERT J RANKIN Football 1 2 4 Track 3 4 Camera Club 3 World Problems Club 4 Juvemle Court 4 ACt1v1t1cs RUTH FRANCES RILEY md I 2 Instrumental Group Glee Club I Band Bounce 1 2 3 Pep Band 2 Glrls Basketball Honor Socxety 3 4 Homemakmg Club 3 Sec Thesplans 2 Class Secretary 2 RICHARD ROBBINS Football 3 4 Handlcraft Club 2 3 Class Treasurer 3 LAURA ANN SHERRIFF Chorusl 3 4 Glee Club 1 3 4 Band Bounce 3 4 Operetta 1 Noon Club 1 2 3 Sketch Club 1 Glrls Gym 2 EVELYN SIMONELLI Chorusl 2 3 4 Band Bounce 2 3 Flag Bearer 4 Operetta I Noon Club 1 2 3 4 Homemaklng Club Treas DON SIMONSEN Chorus 4 Basketball 1 2 3 4 Baseball 1 Track 3 4 Pep Club 2 Camera Club 1 Norse Star Staff 4 Study Club 3 GEORGE SINEN III Baseball 3 Track 3 Noon Club 2 3 4 Camera Club 3 4 Study Club 2 Movze Operator 2 3 VIC SPARKES Band 1 2 Vlce Pres 3 Instrumental Group I 2 3 Chorus 4 Band Bouncel 2 3 4 Pep Band 1 2 3 4 Annual Staff 4 Study Club 2 3 Semor Play 4 Student Band Dlrector 28 2 Pres 4 Q I l O B2 , ,3 A 1,2,3 A Y Q .lg . ' ,.s ,, ,,,4 ' ' 2? ,,, Sailing Club 1 ' ,,.4 ' ,,4 ,: ' .,4 7174 ' ' 3,4 DOROTHY ANN SUTCH Band 3 Chorusl 2 3 4 Choral Group 3 Operetta 1 Pep Club 1 Semor ACIIVIIICS Camera Club Se and Treas 3 French Club Pres GITIS Gym 2 Saxlxng Club 1 Jumor Play 3 DON UPMAN B ndl 2 3 4 Instrumental Group 1 2 Band Bounce 1 2 3 Pep Band 1 2 3 4 Operetta 1 Study Crub 2 3 4 Jumor Play 3 TED VANDER BOLL Football 1 2 3 4 Baseball l 2 Noon Club 1 2 3 Camera Club 3 Annual Staff 4 Rod and Gun Club 1 Movxe Operator 1 2 3 Handxcraft Club 2 umor Play 3 lass Treasurer 4 JOAN GRACE VANDER Glee Club 3 Noon Club l 2 3 Study Club 3 Homemakmg Club 1 Glrls Gym 2 CHARLYN VAN DYKE Majorette 3 4 Chorusl 2 3 4 Glee Club 2 Band Bounce 3 Operetta 1 Pep Club 1 Annual Staff 4 Study Club 2 Grrls Gym 2 CAROL JEAN WATERS Band 1 2 Chorusl 2 3 4 Band Bounce 1 3 4 Flag Twlrler 4 Operetta 1 Flag Bearer 2 3 SLUTE Pep Club 2 Annual Staff 3 4 Grrls Gym 2 Saxlrng Club 1 Jumor Play Student Dxr RAY WIERDA Band 1 2 Band Bounce 1 2 Pep Band 2 Annual Staff 4 Study Club 2 3 Movxe Operator 2 Semor Play 4 Jumor Play 3 FRANK C WITT Bandl 2 3 4 Instrumental Group 2 3 Band Bounce 1 2 3 4 Pep Band 4 Baseball 2 Annual Staff 4 Norse Star Staff 4 Vworld Problems Club Pr Student Councxl 2 Pres Honor Socrety 3 Pres 4 Handrcraft Club 1 W M U S Broadcast 3 W K B Z Broadcast 3 Study Club 1 Class Vrce Presldent 4 BS BONITA JEAN WITTEVRONGEL Study Club 3 Honor Socxety 4 Homemakmg Club 1 Girls Gym 2 JOANNE WOOD Chorus 1 2 Glee Club 3 Operetta 1 Homemak1ngClub1 Sec 2 4 Pres 3 CORAL WOODHOUSE Band 1 2 3 4 Chorus 1 2 3 4 Band Bouncel 2 3 4 Wmter Band Concert 1 Operetta 1 Norse Star Staff 4 Glrls Gym 2 EVELYN WYBENGA Chorusl 2 3 Glee Club 1 2 3 Band Bounce 3 Noon Club 1 2 3 9 one , I!! V. ' '.3 C, . .2,3 , ., 1 , ,3,4 a ' .,3,4 ,,,4 , ,, -4 177 ' .3,4 Y . Y, I ,.3,4 ,. ,4 Y! -.A. . ,2 ., J' , 1 I 5-,S ,2 ., .. , Y! I7 ,, I I! gi' ,fr "' N 1 'E' H f" 07 5 an I I l X X X . 'K' ' . f-fx '-.1 ' ff- g X V v ----R -' . "X.,' 'six'-.0 '55-xx ."k' lip ,. ,.- 1' ' -, I: f lk lx. Sa Fw" .Lg TXQRE l auf? NEB. Qs iff' gi. ' XKQIX QNX N 'ix 'x'i'i'x' qi' .1 Ili.-'H x A 1 IX Xf.XxXw X 'I M John Blddle President jerry Raymond vs. Margaret Deyman Secretary Rf-P Sh-erman Cone Treasurer my 12' L 4 1 Vice-President L W X is 'Y lm k.-1 'Rx Hp.. 'Vx l Nr' R. Q if Y - 1 Q is 33 'K -S Pi 'S 'N- 1 T' Buys Cole Commons Connally Crlpe Cross Davis De Young Dobben Dy er Easterlmg Engstrom Erxckson Esh Fltt Frey Fuller Garber G1 m Gre ell Guerne Hadley Hand Hester Hoxze johnson Justus Kaule Klmefelter Kops Laubach Mallett Mltchell Mooney Moore Mustard Mustard Myers Nelson Nelson J. 'NV '-'J' ls "5-5 Ll ftdzx 'Us IS a- 'V- 34 4' 1- 7 1 ix ,Q n'1l ug YV 'V 'Q-v is I- R' L 7511 tr, 1 ?" vf av' 1' L. 3 pv. Odell Olsen Peterson Qumlan Schxeber Semelbauer Semey n Sharum Shaw Shxmp Smith Temple Thebo Thompson Weaver Westenfelder Westenfelder Wlerda Wiggins Woller gi YO Don Vento Presldent Gretchen Vanderploeg Vzce Preszdent xg. Ardxs Blshop Secretary Pearl Webster Treasurer Amos A mderson Anderson Anderson Angel Arnold Arntz 'V 19. WN. ,Q fl Becht '- rglund Blllxnghurst 36 L JF 'Vx J. QS 9- As Vx P'S4"s gl ivy ix ,ds 'mm' .9 Q... v-K ,f M a,vs 4. ig 37 Bloom Bloomberg Borman Bos Breltfleld Bushee Cllla Covell Cygxert Derby Dupllssxs Fenner Fenner F1gge Foote Fox Garber Cnllett Grant , J. l . 'Q 'N Q 2 K. lx ' 'A - A L D. 'A 1 - ' A' Q . X P. xx ,Q N . a. , . A I I B. ' ' ix ifi? 1- rv 'P 1 I L A X 5 . Qi -J ax "4 I og' E. B. ti , '- -.1 ' A nf D. ' 'N '- g 'W rv lg G. A " ., Y' " L P L' ' J. Dunn P Q Y I fs. K B. ' ' I' 'U I E. 'V VN , . " v- fv V Q . K. 3 x' 2 ' 5 B. ' 1 r A. 3 ' .1 G. a , ' 5 x A rf 1- - N. . K 4' I Gunn Hammond ,-, Hassmger Home Hummell Hyland ,Bs 4- Hysell Landman Z Larsen M Lmdsay W Matthews J Matych McAdow McEwen Medendorp Meerzo 1. M Mexner A Mercer N .4 '5-N .4 4'L'Jq'f- "T v Q- QR ,jf K Mltchelson G Newkxrk A 015911 38 D. . J' ,fr ,V 'A' .5 ,vs VD? I . ' L E Q B ' I' , xx' ' 5, . f X V 4 B' 1 x 1,4 ' f r U' - A 'ft ' V X D. , A S- -2 V I " 5-'-Q. w ' " me V H- n. Q 'e ' H .65 B. x B4 I W I iz T1 1 a C. . f- , ' ,W Q , ' L, V Y 3 7 fr Q I" A fg D. ' " '22 3 K, ' B' xx X ' wr IL , .. ,' X "X X lx fl ' ' s. I ..O ,ds " z Q 'R ' 1, f sp- -- . "' 4.. A U N -K x. K F' 1 T ' X ' A , I ' X xx A 'gi ff r1 an vx 'jv 'v- YL' .F 'Wx ffl L rv 'x St Amand B Tarr rv .1 V, Q' 1' 4' 1 Upman 39 'Mm po- ' J Oostmeyer M Parsons M Pearson J Peters M Peters J Poole Porter M Rxley Ruppel Sanders Schofleld Snmonelh Smen Smxth Smxth Smxth 'T B VanderSlute B Yonker 1' Roger Andersen Presrdent Marrlyn Mltchelson Vice Presrdent Harvey Fohlbrook Secretary ix 'Tv Marcia Bestervelt Treasurer fkfbi mga SX A ' Kd Top: J. Andree, D. Baughman, B. Beach. 2nd: J. Beardsley, B. Berggren, J. Berglund 3rd: E. Betka, C. Bliss, L. Bloomberg. 4th: D. Bohach, D. Bond, N. Boomer. 5th: S. Bronson, R. Carr, C. Cloetingh. 40 in 'b 'D' "' -' 1 Q UN 'V HN Top: G. Cooper C. Copleman B. Critchett D. Cross. Znd: . Dekker J. De Wald S. Dobberstein E. Dove. 3rd: . Dyer J. Dykehouse J. Ekwall R. Engstrom. th: . Erickson R. Fontaine N. Gaikema H. Ginn. : . Grammar J. Grimard A. Hansen W. Hein. - 41 :VN Q Aix iw' Top: 2nd: 3rd: 4th: 5th: fp I 'ff I1 -1 1 ' 1? Q 'Q I" IDN 'ON Nqr' '.'1"' -- M. Hughes, M. Jones, H. Koonsman, K. Krolczyk. V. Kueny, D. Laubach, M. Le Grady, W. Liddle. J. Marquard, M. McCormick, H. Meiner, D. Miller. R. Mitchell, S. Mooney, B. Moore, J. Mulder. G. Munn, B. Neinhuis, P. Oakes, V. Olsen. 42 Top 2nd 3rd 4th I if if ibn liz. ng. P B Pa e D Pxerson M Pmter age S Postema D Proctor K Rlchardson G Schalk l E S hultz Schroeder D Schulteman B Schu ze c Seabrook W Sheffler J Slmxla M Sxmonelll Sluyter F Smxth P Smxth R Stevens Uwgg 43 ,D Wal' SVN 'P J A . -x .- ' A+ 'tx in V ' P5 xy " V: l 'Q' in Y'-s dh Top L Stoerman L Stapel C Strxbley M Thebo 2nd D Thompson J Thomp son J Tlerman A Turner 3rd P Van Etten J Weerstra J Welkoske O Westen lvx X 'VN Y' wxg. J Q s. Y' X .km lull 5. felder 4th A Wxlke R Wllson D Wmdbacher J Wolffxs 5th J Worden S Wyant L Wynne T Zaagman J Zahrt ax, 'O 1 ,- "N Ny 'Y A rg, S UN A '. :"l P1111 Potter President 6' ff?-"' ls, 51 mf Fig HV,-Q. Margle Erlckson Vice Presrdent 'V if '9- Top J Andersen 2nd D Benedlct r J Bradbury D Cone C h R Dykman 'fs Ehzabeth Hummel Secretary E 'Va D Andrus S Beardsley Bruce Maxwell P Benedlct M Benjamm Treasure' D Brltzen J Brodrxck Cooper j Cooper K Foote D Free 45 A '-, C ' ' ' Tv f' C a A Q N V X 5 ' yt x y X '.?w , -U' ,1 0.3 . f . ,L , -hh- lnn-s vvy 5 'F-, ',, 1, V ., so 4. Y ' -ff r x . r . , za A " , '- V' Y" ,tr F A f ,, x, ., . . V E .W in . h . E ' N 1 - K n v ' P 1 'B' 4. , L D ' Q' 1 ,' Us if Q 14 ' . 5- ' . l ,' U N ,A- ,A .L I 'Q ,, 'lv-.5 e . 2-ag Ja- . I . 5, 'JM 32 - - - ir ' rs ' f I x .- MQ I 3 df' .' ,' i ' , ' . ' A . l 4th.' . , . , . . 5t : . , . , . 2. 3 fb .edfffff 1 Off' Top L 2nd E 3rd 4th th C 5 -1 1. 'V' S L- .AL A fi Frees P Frutchey D Gibbs T Halfpap Hanbury R Holt W Hutchms B Jaeger Johnson T Knudsen D Kops C Leaf Mc Mxllan G Mc N1tt J Maxwell R Morse Nagelkxrk D Olsen D Pmder J Raymond 46 'YM 'Q f'N 115 Top 2nd 3rd 5th Q' l 1 5 'U 74 4. pq J Raymond S Rich A Schultz T Scott Sxpman K Spauldlng M Stapel H Schwartz Swon L Temple B Terry C Thompson J Van Eck C Vllhngs S Welkoske E Wenzer G Whistler R Wynne L Zuldema 6-' AL l 'YK james Johnson President N Y -51 xv qs 41 K M- .rk Vice President aux 5-L.. Marcla Kaule Secretary 751. Jerry Ames Treasurer C4-'K LQ ION rf! fx Top 2nd rd I1 I fvx iix B Alhson L Anderson B Arnold T Arntz J Beal R Beattle B Beegle C Benedxct B Bestervelt J Boyden C Brodrnck D Casperson L Cone, C Cross, E Davls 48 Y. w A, gm 4 'W , , Q '-1 v .- - .1 L K 5' , 1 . ?""-- i sv- E Fx' 445 L ' k " .fig I -A . X, N 'N fa, a. ' 5 . A .1 r L X , N . ' ' A I w L t- .- 2 2 , , ' 'wr Y A 1. 'Y' " . fn ,vie , N x '.. n'-A vx 6 A Charles Johnson 7 4, ' ' ' 2 'R - 4' ' A W C ' , L- I I - f L X l .. Q as xx, 1 . 'vs 3' r - vs 3 C. Q A 4 Q.. --1' 1 V ' I , In C, , ' t X x ml 2 " 'R ev - . ' A Y A' 5 I . Y E kv Q 'S - , ' " Y X ' A m y R . f 3 .. y, .. Y ' ', . l ' . 41 .' . , . ' , . . 5 h: . . . ' . -nf ' ws X1 Ai, I mmf an :.., K' vm af L 4. xg 0' -9 " 'Zh ,vm iv tiff fx gli? s.. Y Top 2nd rd Deyman D Emery L Ferrell R Gonser Grenell M Halfpap D Hxlt M Howard Hunt P Johnson B Karafa D Kops Laham C ,I Matych J McAll1ster A McKee McKenzie B Mecher B Mmer E Mxtchell 49 S- Pk 'Viv Q--. U81 1 'al ,4' 'D' ! . 1 1 A . Sl! A--. . 9 , , Q i 0 2. ... M . ' A. 'Z , s , ' 4- ,, xv- 'L " 12 - ,,,,, ,4 X!! A 1 A , A' D K A . v xvzly Q Baz. v - K X L -1. '- . K f tv , X5-, I ! " 7 -A I ' M , . . X 1 -Q X - 'h 0 v 75, 5 L G- 4 It , Q k , I: X X ,K X A Q M KA 1' 75 D - sv . ff V' 'X ' ' ' n Q 'M D 7, I 1 ' taxi 4? : f 3 .- D. , . , . , . . 4fh.- H. , . . , . ' , . . 5111: D. ', . , .',, ' . 4' i. ALI1' me fa 41x IT QQ Q.. Top J Morse M Nachazel A Oldmg A Pender 2nd W Pender D Plckle R Pmder B Rector 3rd D Rxch F Rozek S Schultema J Sheldon 4th M Shxelds, K Somero D Sparkes, R Stone 5th A Wentmg, R Westenfelder, N Wxlke, D Woodhouse 50 L 'N 2 D R x' "H Pr, if - R ll: ' Y- L 4. I ? QQ., A ' X Y1 : , T? ' ff " E 2 ' f - . Qt I . M K 9 . 1 , off ,f ' Q ' JF-L Y I , . V, Kfwkyl .K K' .. 'A .. 'N 5. Q- -A if - N VN. L ,J ' W' WN V 1. , 1' Q M -- -f - I A -4 J X . jzifjr M? ' ir " fi K as 'fp 1. 6 G-QW Hr as A 'Y' I i Q 1 Q -s 4-A - - 7 x. ,sf ID . Juniors not pictured- R. Bayne 'li QW' Q, Robert Morrxs Jeanne Tully junior Class Advzsers Sophomores not pxctured J Bayne D Campbell s.. J Tmk John Halnond Paul Moyes Sophomore Class Advisers Freshmen not pictured F Gxllett M Gonser C K1ogema J Weber V- Kronlem Poe Wagner If 71 Joyce Scheerhorn Robert VanderMoer Freshman Class Advzsers Erghth graders not pxctured J Loseth D Smen D Shaw J Wxlson Joyce Taylor Warren Thompson Exghth Grade Advzsers Seventh graders not pxctured V fa' D Brodrxck S Kxogema D Coon B Kronlem B Hem R Ramsey Charles Blackman Bema Stuart Seventh Grade Advisers .,: ' , -.f- ,N ft' K.. 'P -0 - 5237, . . fig. 1 A ,. A if ' -'7 Q , f'i,f,? xv' , ,. si, 131. Q ' '- 72 , X MQAV 4 3 , ,. , fi... , ' 'ffl " . E' ' ' ' fr N, gy , f qi, W . . V tp Q 1: 'N f?hg,g,, - 5 3 5 lb , . D 1 , 1 h 5 in f . V . 4 3' 1 - - .X irq 1 s , . ,w g ' ,A KK .97 ,f -44 -' Q f X 4 - ' -.ffl ' r X V M. 5 'M , 'F Q Vg?" 4 A zu- 4' ft U' ,. 'X-1 R I 5 w 15: 'xo i, if ,.,, 9 Q52 W1 'id' -, .-J' ' v ,XA in-, ,. 0 in 1 .. ,ff '14 2 3' fi9. Q5Q 5-'. ,. -p. iq ?X 1 fg Mpfm. .,,3?"1 7 QM 1 1 . 'P ,L 4 w - " f fvaf- " T' ' W' A.-Y v, I' -.fs ,'. ,I x an 3:34- J, x 8 -lx. . ,sg M if? 3 ivy, ,E gs, 55: gl N J QL ' K 9 ,lf Ax .,,1a is ,ri il FOOTBALL S4 E an UI o J: U U1 U LS zz.. D5 .if Lx. ci li. Matych, B. Duplissis, J. Biddle, B. Hoxie, J ank rm BR atthews WM Mustard H Sherwood E C a J D Dunn OSI' BW OW R econd S E nd, D. Vento. 2 eon M.H C TM J Seme bauer Bo de T Van arber CG yer HD yk CZ YO tche son J K E-4 O 7a I-L B Frutchey Chaffee ob B atych BM ed CU! 0 P N The Norsemen opened the season at Grand Rapxds Lee A heavily favored Lee team had too much class for our Norse underdogs so we went down to defeat by the score 37 to 0 Our team gunnlng for thelr flrst wm met a flghtlng but outclassed Vlkmg squad from Whltehall and the boys won by a small but lmpresslve score of 14 to 0 The W1ldC3tS keyed to a fever pltch entered the game wlth hlgher thoughts of vlctory than the Norsemen Coach Moyes boys were shaken up early ln the game by the furlous Montague team and never fully recovered as they were beaten 13 to 7 Beg1nnmg a new crosstown r1valry wlth St Marys of Muskegon the Norsemens flghtlng l1ne led by Vander Boll Felt and Arntz held the Irxsh backs down throughout the game A large and enthuslastlc crowd was on hand as the Norsemen set the Irxsh down 8 to 6 fContmued on Next Pagej M' Home agam after four long years' 55 7 1 1 3 , . . , . . . . . , , 1 1 - ' . , Y 7 ""' 'f f :fig xxx 1 , . 1 X sk' .gk 1 fx I wk 9 0 I , ,, A 1 ' A ' I , 4, Aft! Q", 1' V' 1 ,', r X ' ' , I . 1 e 1 s v 4 ' 1 X , 4 milf' 1 41 Q W .. 2 I X I 1 .wwfxi .E They do the planning and the directing For our next foe the Coach and the boys iourneyed to Scottville to play the Spartans The Norse scored early in the first period with furious running and plunging by Chaffee and Dyer They were ten seconds from victory when the Spartans threw their game tying touchdown to end the clash in a 6 to 6 deadlock Playing superior ball over a weaker Tiger squad Mitchelson broke loose for a touch Norse team The game ended with the Norsemen on the long end of a 35 to 14 score Badly outplaymg Hart in the first half and scoring on them for the first time this year the Norsemen won a moral vlctory from the Pirates Starting at midfield Chaffee sparked a touchdown ripping through center on power plays to the Hart 19 Miller scampered to the 8 on an end around and Krolczyk on two punches at center went on over Hart scored late in the third quarter Interference was ruled on an attempted pass as the all important extra point was allowed The game ended in a 7 to 7 tie In the first 90 seconds of play the Norsemen scored a touchdown against the Fremont Packers the first tally against our traditional rival in five years and went on to score in the third and fourth quarters for a 21 to 0 victory before a Homecoming and Dads Night crowd Highlights of the contest were a 98 yard drive in the fourth period over the Fremont goal an all round sharp performance by the Norsemen standout defensive work by Bill Dyer John Arntz tackle plus offensive work of graduatlng backs Chaffee Mltchelson Krolczyk Gundy and Robbins In the fourth quarter the Packers hammered unsuccess fully at a graduating line led by Vander Boll Miller Frutchey Hugenot Matych Felt and Dunn This ended another season for Coach Paul Moyegrand his vallant Norse team 56 I 1 I I ' T L , oi down on the first play of the game. This was the start of a scoring rampage by a spirited 7 7 7 . I 7 I Y l I 7 I 7 V Y 7 7 SECOND TEAM FOOTBALL Y 'I' , r ,fl F I l- U 9R13 DSC cEwe DM OS B che son P KM 3 EC ento J Dykehouse DV gl' M d n Z GRIDIRON GRADUATES Roger Felt t , KA fa 45 5 '- ,f ' 9 -if, i' 15 X , ,576 gi , ,.?493:!'5':rv fied? K' I r ye' LIN if iivsygiz ,. Q55 We QF Dick Robbins I , Carl Parker Tom Mitchelson on .. V5 T ,X .,- f ' "rss t V f - ., 7 55 ' x Don Dunn 2 ' 1 I J11:f'2 'R '-ff' 1 rf 15- J ack Krolczyk if CDF 1949 R90 Bud Matych Oi gxxflfn Bob Grundy X. Bob Rankin XXX l ed 4 ' S x I 1.7: .VV .. 4 - , If f. Q f sl' ' -. Q 09661 41, c . ' , Ea ' 1 2 Ae ' , , GOV I 1.A- A 4 Don Miller R DeYoung J B dd e Manage E-Woe BDup DF R Kop Coach Mor OP B Dye T : ris, . s, . itt, . ll r, . lissis, . i l , r, . . Bottomf M. Hand, D. Miller, D. Simonsen, R. Kolkman, T, Mitchelsen. t i t : . s , . atych, . r. BM 9 OU ykeh D J c ured o P N BASKETBALL M Hand Guard B Matych Guard R Kolkman Forward D Mlller Forward T Mxtchelson Forward B Woller Guard B B Dupllssls Guard B Dyer Guard D Sxmonsen Center Not pzctured J Dykehouse Center J Raymond Guard I nl 1? F I 3 1 1 gg W F . A , 1 X 1 f fl 5 V 'X I . E s - X if-4. V, '- , V ,J X- e G 5 1 F g . x . r ' I 2 -. s K . '- X 3 . mxxx . ' ' X ,B ix I I 4 SC-Cond Team Biskctbflll 'PP 62 W unior High Basketball Top D Bond C Copleman J Weerstra J Simxla J Dekker A Turner P Van Etten R Carr Coach Moyes Bottom C Bliss W Scheffler M Slmonelll D Schuitema G Schalk Norse Basketball Season The Norseman Varsity team and their new coach got off to a bad start Although the boys showed fighting spirit all through the games they just Montague took the short end of a 29 25 score Don Miller center and Tom Mitchelson forward were elected co captains for the departing basketball year Don and Tom were chosen by a large majority from the Seniors on the team by the underclass members of this year s five The scrappmess of both boys and their willingness to work wlth others helped them to acquire this honor Don s height and Tom s speed were 1nsp1ring features of often dismal games The second team made up for the most part of Sophomores had a good season and promlses to be a winning group next year Com1ng up to assist them IS an alert Junior High squad 63 couldn't keep pace with their opponents. Mid-season was brightened when 7 7 Baseball Team 21?- -QL ? I xx 'H if? 64 ,YQ J Krolcyzk Certer fzelder iid' BASEBALL A T M1tChClSOH Shortstop 1? R Kolkman I' ztcher T Mltchelson Shortstop X KB ttmgj B Matych Thzrd Base B Dupllss s Catcher CCatchmgj Q f 'K 1 7' x 1' !"' Q,. b L - f ,ff - . 1 .5 XX x V :IV J X X x Q.. X 'FV . A gi ,L 4 ,- , . 'h jk: I 1 si L X 5 71 W' I N K I fi I 1 , f 3:1 -,444-is-DQ4 "' 5 PX f L , QP ' ' .1 . . AX TRACK YQ I Y T s, Q Q-.-...Q Y ,.---qpf -Q., .-'gy 66 B Rankn Manage R DeYoung R Kop J Dykehou e D S mon en R Fe J DeWad G Schak Coach Mo OP GOLF 'Pi'm.1.' if 6 T QR 67 m"4 A'4Q Q-l-1,4 N "7 Veterans of 47 dream men of 48 What a pose! 68 Get th1s you outlaws' ,Z Stretchmg hxgh 69 M I , . f . a I I , 1 2 .,,,, ,, . wa-.4 . wr 1 Flymg hlgh Up and at them 70 NORTH MUSKEGON Athletic Boflrd GUS DIETRICH HOMER VAN HOESEN Preszdent Cha1rman KELLY DUNSMORE ROBERT MORRIS Treasurer Secretary THOMAS MINSHULL ROBERT WIRSCHEM WALTER SCOTT PAUL MOYES The North Muskegon Athletlc Board 1S composed of e1ght members who are the polxcy makmg group for the athletlc program of our school Gus D1etr1ch represents the com munlty at large Thomas Mmshull represents the school w1th Walter Scott Supermtend ent of Schools Kelly Dunsmore Pr1nc1pal of the I-hgh School Homer Van Hoesen faculty representatlve Robert Wlrschem Music Director Paul Moyes and Robert Mor r1s as coaches Some of thelr dutles conslst of verlfyxng all athletic letter wlnners who are recom mended by the coaches They also ver1fy the expendltures for athletlcs made up by the coaches for the school 5 ear They pay for all athletxc :tems that are purchased wlth money earned through the athletlc contests The greatest h1ghl1ght of the board for th1s year was the purchase of new football unlforms for the boys The group purchased equlpment for all departments of athletlcs Thelr future program IS to buxld new football stands wlth restrooms mcluded to fxx a dramage system thus elxmmatlng mud and waste and to plant shrubs around the 1ns1de of the fence to beautxfy the fleld They have addltlonal plans for the constructlon of a track wh1ch IS gomg to be the best m Western Mxclugan These plans are ffomg to be carrled out by the 1ssu1ng of bonds to raxse the needed amount 71 C r s ' a v a 7 9 s s ' I I . . . 1 s b . 3 +.. . fl-fs f f Qi ,ff Q-l x' if Pi "' 3145 Ffa fy' "if Q 4- 'C 4 1 5 on IEIL mum . 'W awww .irmiggf x qv , M . A fy I 15 ., 'U ,igzjy A 4 - -Q A ., f- L, E+. 4 1 ? 665, ,jg , 'rfgraw-2ga'f ,ffzggp wa. P , ' . . , -. . , 1 ,. -,5 .35 rg ff, f .f'f'f 2 ff. ., tx-EH" .Y ,':'v'."I1".! gf, , 4 ai.. Cf jg.. "-- K 'Y ' ' -Tiff ' -gi. ' mf .- . . -Hg Mxgxu. P5?,jF'T'lf WS -:azz-1 ev: V ' 3 34- ,JVM ' lf, .S J ff,-M 1 , g if? --,i ibau TE , -f41.2,1-Sa'zf Q 25- "2-' 5 . Qfl' "iw, " 'L ,-1, Aff- 1 V: '."' K - bf. X "H : ' A A f: V' B K , vp. tgcqwli xp 5 ' "Q, - ,Q . 41:-ff' Q ruv ,W , b, FA - 5 . ' 4' 31 -w wmv? -41, f 'P 'wif ' ,iz if -,' A ' 5 re f 1,..'23 Tx: r-1.11, .- ,-' 'f M .inn ,' 'D-if iigaf, - Mi.:-ig: 4' f .!.-bgmil' S' . 'aut L ,V . A -Nw mf. A 1 ff, f,- , f WINI. QQ-e'g 1' My '.a.x.:, '- . 'gn X - F111-.'::2, - ,.,g- ,,,, f g .:, 14. 4 , 1-ff-A - - 1.N 1 - -rl , 62?-'i if 9 ?' 2' ey:.a'3f - . ?" 1. .wr'5g'-i ill- W- ' 1- np' 463. a, 4 , .,. , -Q, .f.'.T-fx. - lf . .H "A gf? ' ' A-',+' . . f ' ' ' iff . 41 A lf f " k- iz L11 '. . J ' fu ' Q gxv' 2-lfftziqk s ,Q . 9 1 -' 'Q Y--'Yr . , i '. Al - "xx 3: 'img' . , ' la. 1 X-I' 031, . Q 1 'Rfb' 5 QL . -I., ' , U Y ' ' V v ... " 1'9- ,v-. wifi, f Q,- .r, WV", 4 ,4- .3,,i,:q , 1 w Q' ' ,'.:' ,N . 3 1 twtfkb -25.2, up ,. , 9: n, Q, ' . il f' 1 "I F. 1, V np-9 :A ' 1 4 5. 1 T1 ff' C 'J 4, . if 6 STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS AND REPRESENTATIVES President - Frank Witt Vice-President - - - Bill Myers Secretary - Gretchen Vanderploeg Treasurer ---- - - - Everett Cilla Twelfth Grade Representatives - - - Don Upman, Ron Kolkman Eleventh Grade Representatives - Delores Westenfelder, Monte Hand Tenth Grade Representatives - - - Mary Lindsay, Jim Matych Ninth Grade Representatives - Jack Marquard, Bill Schulze, Douglas Bond Eighth Grade Representatives - - - Joan Maxwell, Tom Knudson Seventh Grade Representatives - Tom Arntz, Allan McKee 74 STUDENT CCUNCIL Agam our Student Counc1l was the focal polnt of school aCtlVltl6S For the flrst tlme councrl offrcers were elected 1n the autumn after a pepper shot campalgn The offrce seekers presented thexr cases for two solrd weeks Rallles were held m front of school at noon and posters covered the school walls It was one of the most colorful electrons rn the hxstory of the school Then came the annual magazxne drrve whlch garnered S500 and enabled the Student Counc1l to swell 1ts coffers The seventh grade led total sales ln thrs drlve by a substan tral margin The three top salesmen were awarded prizes for thelr efforts Also to ra1se money three football dances of the record varlety were held Bill Myers headed a commlttee whrch chartered busses to out of town games These trlps helped create addrtronal mterest ln out of town games whxch formerly had found the Norse stands thlnly populated wrth our supporters and adherents It IS hoped that th1s chartering program w1ll be carrled out successfully 1n the future years On the nmth day of October the outstandlng dance of the year rolled off Wlth lots of trrmmrngs and decoratlons It was a very successful and enjoyable dance w1th a large crowd packmg the gym Durmg the wlnter months four vlctrola post basketball flrngs were handled for addr tronal funds Wrth the money earned from the varrous projects S75 was glven to the Home Economrcs Department S35 for the language department and expenses were pard for representatlves to Yankee Sprmgs near Battle Creek The camp was a new experrment bemg trred for the frrst trme rn Mrchrgan Sherman Cone Blll Qumlan Norman Shlmp and jack W1gglnS represented our school Durmg the course of therr stay they learned how to burld dams the fundamentals of woodmanshlp and nature lore Also conservatlon and the study and makmg of frsherres were two other blg toplcs Perlodlc locker mspectrons were carrxed on at varxous tlmes and were generally success ful rn keeplng our school clean About mxd year a radlo statron was placed under the Student Counclls SUPCTVISIOU by Charles Larsen Techmcal d1ff1cult1es hmd red operatlons and commencement of the statron The Chlcago Assembly Service presented as they do every year fxve well chosen programs These are chosen by vote of Counc1l members each year for the year follow 1ng They are presented m the hope that we may learn more of fme muslc the arts etc Durmg the year the councll kept the school provlded wxth coke mamtalned rts mem bershrp ln the Natlonal Assocratxon of Student Counclls decorated the Chrlstmas tree rn the square of the mam hall sponsored a cloakroom checkmg system at our larger dances and mamtalned members of the Inter School Counc1l Last summer through thrs Inter School Counc1l we sent Jack Marquard to represent us at a natlonal conference of Student Counclls Inter School Counclls managed to meet about once a month durlng the school year Varlous problems of the schools represented were dlscussed and lt was felt that all profxted through the experlences and alflflg of d1ff1cult1es of the others In the latter part of the year the Councrl earmarked S140 from our funds for chorr robes Takmg all these aCt1Vlt16S 1nto consrderatlon xt may seem that the North Muskegon Student Counc1l was mstrumental 1n showmg the way toward maklng a better hxgh school Due to rllness Jack Marquard was unable to flmsh the term but was made an hon orary member of the Counc1l wxth another representatrve of the nznth grade takmg hm part m the meetmgs 75 7 7 , . " 1 ' 7 7 7 , . - 7 7 - 7 . . ' . , . A - . . . ., .. . .. . . 0 . . N., 7 7 . , ' . , , . , - 7 Y , ' . . . . . . . .H , a - 1-7 Q- Q ' v-pri. .fi- Top H Mullally S Minshull L Jon s B Wittevrongel F Dulvea Bottom R Riley F Witt S Jacobson N Hughes President Frank Witt Vice President Natalie Hughes Secretary and Treasurer Loretta Jones THE JEAN BAPTISTE RECOLLECT CHAPTER OF THE National Honor Society The jean Baptiste Recollect Chapter of the National Honor Society is in its fourth year of existence at North Muskegon This Chapter of the Society is named after Jean Baptiste Recollect the first white man to settle on the shores of Bear Lake The spot is now known as Bear Lake Channel Each year two impressive and formal induction ceremonies are held The first which takes place in the fall receives faculty elected members of the Senior Class who are in the upper ten per cent of their class. The second ceremony held in March is the time that the upper five per cent of the junior Class is elected. This year the Honor Society tried a new method of induction. The ceremony was held the evening of March 9 1949 in the auditorium. The parents of present and newly inducted members were invited. The class advisors of the Sen- iors and Junior members were also present. The M. Berry Wood Chapter and the St. Jeans Chapter were guests of our chapter. The ceremony consisted of the pledge speeches taken from the four Honor Society points special music and congratulatory remarks by members of the administration. Following is the four-point basis set by the National Chapter of the Honor Society. Scholarship: the student must be in the upper ten per cent of his class. Leadership: he must have good leadership qualities. Character: he must be of good character. and be a good citizen. Service: he must give service to the school. The Honor Society members wear the Honor pin, which bears the initials of the personal qualities listed above. Several projects are undertaken every year, and this year the Society was active as usual. Milk sales were held in the gym for the benefit of those students who eat there during the cold weather months. Paddle-pop sales were also sponsored by the Society. An after-game dance was taken over by the members on january 29. Candy bars, sandwiches, etc., were sold at home basketball games. March 4th the Society held a movie assembly consisting of three comedies, for which it charged ten cents. The permanent project for the year was the raising of funds to help pay the remaining debt on the choir robes, which are used by the Society, the Seniors, and the choir. Faculty advisers are Superintendent Walter W. Scott, and Principal Kelly A. Dunsmore. 76 THE NORSE STAR STAFF The Norse Star staff was COITlpX'lS8Cl of all the members of the Journallsm Class under the dlrectlon of M1ss Jeanne C Tully Th1s year there were erghteen members on the Norse Star staff The Norse Star was d1V1d6d 1nto three mam d1v1s1ons the news sectxon feature sectlons and the sport sectlon Each sectxon had an edxtor and one or two asslstants The leadmg member of the staff was of course the edltor who planned the paper In add1t1on to the above there were other Jobs on the staff such as the all rmportant typ1StS copy readers proof reader art edltor mlmeograph operator clrculatxon manager and promotxon manager Every two weeks the Norse Star was lssued and was dlstrxbuted durlng the slxth hour of the school day One extra was put out to mark the Fremont game The h1gh polnt of the year was the Chrlstmas xssue whlch boasted a prmted cover The plcture for th1s cover was chosen after a number were turned 1nto the Norse Star box IH the llbrary A story wrltlng contest was also sponsored the prlze bemg a blue r1bbon and the chance to see the story prlnted IH the Norse Star The prlze wlnner was Tom Halfpap To g1V6 everyone a chance at all dlfferent yobs the staff was completely re organlzed after each thlrd lssue In th1s way all phases of the publlshlng of the Norse Star were learned by each member of the staff Durlng the year members also learned three dlfferent methods of prxntmg the paper Subscrlptlon drrves were held at the begxnnmng of each semester and those who bought a subscrlptlon card reahzed a savlng on the purchase of the paper Those who had no cards bought papers for fmve cents a copy C' or ll'- T Cv- i 'M' Q6 'F i ,Q v fd X-1 Top S Shaw J DeWald H Dykehouse M Bedgood L Jones C Armstrong Middle C Woodhouse B Matych I Cllla T Mltchelson Advxser J Tully Bottom F Wxtt R Kolkman D S1monsen R DeYoung 77 PROFESSOR HOW COULD YOU? Professor' How Could You? the Senxor Class Play was presented on November 18th and 19th 1948 The play under the d1rect1on of Mr Robert Chard and Mlss Mary Plummer concerned young able Professor Keats Perry who had been offered a deanshxp at h1s college lf he found a wxfe Keats played by Bud Matych asked hls best frrend John Appleby played by Ray Wlerda to help hlm John Grandma and Grandpa fNan Hughes and john Drostj consprred wrth Vlcky Ran dolph CEn1d Poolej who was a troublemaker 1n one of the professors classes to get the pro fessor a w1fe Each had a candxdate John favored hrs secretary Prxscxlla Morely Joanne C1h8kD and Vlcky s favorlte was Valerie Whltman a southern charmer fConn1e Armstrong Grandma hoped Keats would choose Tootsle Bean Shrrley Jacobsonj Tootsles brother Butcher Boy Bean the wrestler V1c Sparkesj w1shed to see Tootsle marr1ed to Keats too After many mlxups the scene turned 1nto one of complete bedlam when all three of the grrls were xnformed by a note wrltten to each of them saymg that Keats loved them John had glven the glrls a pxece of poetry that Grandpa had wrxtten and they all were slmply thrrlled to pleces To further compllcate matters Grandpa called the glrls on the phone and told them he would elope w1th them The femmes thought lt was Keats so they all came to the house the same evenlng to elope Wlth the one and only professor When he came ln all the girls lmmedlately got 1nto an argument w1th the results be1ng that Keats was nearly beaten by Butcher Boy Bean After the explanatrons had all been made the g1rls left w1th Keats marrymg Vxcky Through all thls Bogglns the butler QRon Kolkmanj moved calm and unruffled Sue Schulze Jimmy Moyes and Lee Wltt from the elementary grades added zest as johns make belleve chxldren Loretta Jones was the student dlrector and Don M1ller was general cha1rman Ted Van der Boll Carol Waters and Don Upman were rn charge of tlckets The stage commlttee con slsted of Marshall Cone Jack Angel Burl Beardsley Graham Rankrn Barbara Huntoon Laura Sherrxff and Bob Gundy Coral Woodhouse jerry Pulslpher Charlyn Van Dyke and Dlck Robblns took care of the advertxslng Req, Q K1ss your dear Daddy chlldren' 78 Q Q , 7 ' 1 x Q Q as as ' ' - 1 1 , . 7 ' Y 7 - a 1 , . Q v 1 ' . . , - - Y C . , . . . . y , D- . . . , 6 - v x 1 C 1 - v , ' . , . n - 1 v , . Y 9 ' . , . , . 1 v ' v ' ' r a ' ' s a 7 y v 1 7 ,L,1?'7xx A O 1 ' 1 . . 5 .w 1 I 'N ' xx i -,.r . 4 , 1' A A Y Q 1 f l A' if , 1 1 3 1 1 ff - 3 4:4-" x g 521' ' 'T in . 'we I 1 V A Q.: a- - , ..- r . W I FRI' -, x, , I .. v VV V ' if , , E- 1 , 'f 'L' tl ' ' 93 , . , lr ,,,-Q - Q ' fp. ff U- fv 1 4 R , e L, 3, 'X f 1 .l - f . Mr. Chard Loretta Jones Ray Wierda Enid Poole Director Student Director Thespian Award Thespian Award Miss Tootsie Bean X Tv' Top.' "Say your prayers, Bozo!" Bottom: A quiet moment between acts. 79 1X orseman Co Edltors Carol Waters Frank Wltt Assmtant Edltor Natahe Hughes Busmess Mini er Don Mlllcl Adverusmq Managers Burrell Beards ley Barbara Huntoon Feature EC1ltOf Shxrlev Jacobson Asslstants Roger Hutchlns Ted VanderBoll Faculty Advlser Mxss Jeanne Tully Qtaff 1949 Asslstants Loretta Jones Sarah Mxnshull Sports Echtors M ushall Cone Tom Mltthelson Art Eclltor Don Dunn Photography Edltor March Lent: Typlsts Fern Dulyea Joanne Clhak Challyn Van Dyke Ray Wlerda X W Q' KN X u x l ,1 I ' 4- .Qin 2-C m 'P .P-7 ,yay Q' iv L. 'i LJ ss. 1 it fx., Top B Berggren A Olsen D Baughman D Windbacher M Nelson Mzddle Advisor J Scheerhorn J' Mitchell D Sluyter R Wilson B Neinhuis B Kronleln Bottom D Laubach R De Young N Boomer P Seabrook Courtesy Club President Jeanne Mitchell Vice President Diane Baugham Secretary Alice Olsen Treasurer Delores W1ndbacher For the first time in the North Muskegon High School a Courtesy Club was organized This club met every activity period on Wednesday. The advisor was Mrs. Scheerhorn Each week the meetings were conducted according to parliamentary procedure and mem- bers discussed such subjects as tipping, the right and wrong way to act on dates, and other acts of courtesy. On January 21, 1949, it sponsored an assembly during activity period. The program called forth the good spirits of the student body as a boys' quartet including Dick Hester as leader, and Bud Matych, Roger Felt, Bill Duplissis, and Carl Parker alternating as harmonizers, led group singing. After a fall sporting event the club sponsored a fem-invite dance again emphasizing the fact that good cheer and courtesy go together. The Courtesy Club kept practical hints on co-operation and good manners constantly before the student body by clever and practical bulletin board posters. 82 W al l Radio Club President ---- - Bob Gundy Vice-President Ron Thompson Secretary - - ---- Paul VanEtten Treasurer ------- Jerry Pulsipher For the first time there was a Radio Club established at North Muskegon. The Club purchased an oscillator to use as a small broadcast unit for room to room service. This unit and old radios given to the club serve as mediums for experimentation in radio servicing. These used radios and assemblies are explored as to each unit's purpose in radio reception. The Radio Club is a group working more or less as a laboratory class and was organized to give elementary training in radio servicing and to give some clarification of radio mysteries in operation. The small group is a necessity to give each student an opportunity to work in- dependently on an individual problem. Charles Larsen, a Sophomore, has established a radio station of his own. It is a complete radio station such as WKBZ. It has 250 watts or about a fifteen mile radius. It has two studios and three microphones and a control table such as you would see in any radio station. At the present time WCCF is located on the second floor in the Larsen's home. North Muskegon School will be the center of attraction when the new radio station opens. Every week a certain class or organization will give a program. The Student Council will be the first to take a crack at it. The Student Council has set up a committee to plan programs, headed by President Frank Witt. In many of the larger cities, high schools have their own stations, but to the best of our knowledge this is the first in the immediate vicinity. AAN 1 Y -o. N Wits' 13 ao", as-F LIL. 'tw H r Plxl 4 '+A Top: T. Halfpap, H. Brodrick, R. Holt, J. Wolfis, D. Miller, J. Weerstra. Middle: Advisor, H. Van Hoesen, M. Grenell, L. Esh, J. Cooper, K. Spaulding. Bottom: G. Sinen. J. Mulder, E. Odell, J. Raymond. Photography Club President ---- - Eugene Odell Secretary and Treasurer ---- Bill Quinlan The club this year was quite a large club made up of boys and girls from the eighth through the twelfth grades. This year the members learned how to enlarge pictures and how to use the camera. They preserved all of the club's negatives in an index box so it was possible to find whatever neg- atives were wanted at a moment's notice. Some of the boys who had shop fixed up the flood lights, and built new equipment such as a small sized enlarger. The club gave service to the school in various ways as: taking pictures of the building programg and taking pictures of plays, clubs, etc. Students were also encouraged to enter in a photography contest which was sponsored this year. 84 Rod and Gun Club President ------- Ray Cole Vice-President - - - jim Poole Secretary and Treasurer ---- Dale Fuller This year the Rod and Gun Club had fifteen members. The club is open to boys in grades nine through twelve. The Rod and Gun Club held its meetings on the stage in the auditor- ium on Wednesdays during the regular club period. The first meeting of the year was the scene of the election of officers. In the fall and spring of the year, the boys went down by Bear Lake to shoot clay pigeons. During the winter months the club members built fish shanties and put them on Muskegon Lake and also on Bear Lake. On February 4, the club sponsored an assembly featuring a skit depicting the discourtesies and wrong practices of deer hunters, and a movie to show how to properly handle and take care of guns. It is felt that this movie was very helpful in instructing students on the use of firearms. The Rod and Gun Club has a new sponsor, Coach Robert Morris, who has taken much interest in the boys and the club. I in 9115 Q Top: H. Laham, B. Miner, D. Woodhouse, B. Allison, B. Arnold, R. Hilt, C. johnson. Middle: M. Nachazel, C. Grenell, D. Pickle, M. Shields, L. Cone, R. Gonser, C. Blackman, Advisor. Bottom: J. Boyden, R. Ramsey, A. Wenting, D. Kops, J. Sheldon. Not in Picture: D. Coon, F. Rozek, E. Mitchell. Stamp Club In October a group of seventh graders formed the Stamp Club, which now has a member- ship of twenty-three. It is for both those who have stamp collections, and for those who want to start a collection. Since its organization the club has been directed by a committee composed of Charles Johnson, Lee Cone, Don Pickle, John Sheldon, Frank Rozek, and their adviser, Mr. Blackman. The meeting time is used for trading stamps, and for discussing new issues of stamps or interesting stamps of various countries. At one meeting Martin Shields showed the club all of the commemorative stamps issued during the past year and told how these might be pur- chased from the Philatelic Agency of the post office in Washington, D.C. At another meeting the club discussed the proper care of stampsg how they should be removed from envelopes, how they should be put in stamp books, and how unused stamps should be handled. Ray Ramsey, John Sheldon, Marcia Nachazel and Adrian Wenting have the largest col- lections in the club but many other members have a very good start toward a good collection. The club planned to exhibit stamps of interest to the whole school. 86 Girls' Gym Club There were thirty-five girls enrolled in the gym club. This year's club was composed of girls in grades eight, nine, and ten. Very few, if any, of the girls had gym experience previous to this year, so most of the work was concerned with the fundamental phases of each of the activities. The club was very active and participated in many sports, among them being volleyball, basketball, softball, games, such as relays, dodgeball, etc. Calisthenics and marching were also on the agenda for the year. The highlight of the year occurred when they voted to buy for themselves the athletic club pin. The pin is a gold one with a chain and guard and the year 1949 engraved on it. Mrs. Van Eerden coached the girls' gym club, which met in the gym every Wednesday during the activity hour, until schedule change and building changes made the meeting of the club impossible. 4'Lf'p 0 0 J, x, is Y' mv. A Top.' N. Gaikema, J. Maxwell, M. Pinter, J. Thompson, E. Hummel, M. Mitchelson, J. Raymond, S Beardsley, J. Raymond, P. Sipman. 2nd: C. Villings, J. Grammar, M. Erickson, C. Stribley, E. Betka, E. Wenzer, B. Moore, S. Rich, R Morse. 3rd: M. Stapel, S. Mooney, J. Peters, V. Kueny, P. Oakes. D. Cone, K. Foote, Adviser Mrs. Van Eerden Bottom: C. Cloetingh, C. Cooper, J. Frey, J. Ruppel, J. Worden, J. Andersen, D. Pierson, D. Thompson 87 .13 P .W C' fe'-A V1 ' 7 :T--:,q!' ' ' ' Nl Top: J. Marquardg S. Hyland: D, Bond. Bottom: B. Becht: Advisor. K, Birdsall: M, Meiner Latin Club The Latin Club held its meetings in room 3a O.B., activity hour on Wednesday until the second semester when it was transferred to the North Muskegon City Hall. The club adopted a Latin name, "Senatus Populusque Romanusf' which means, "The Senate and the Roman people." The club members nicknamed their club, "The S.P.Q.R." Keeping to the Latin theme. the officers who were elected had Latin titles: Pontifex Maxi- mus, or President: Quaestor, or Secretary: Consul, or Vice President: and Censor, or roll taker. Jack Marquard Cuntil ill health forced him to drop this termj was Pontifex Maximus and it was his duty to keep order, appoint committees and conduct the business meeting. Myrna Meiner, the Consul, was at the head of the committees for programs and entertainment, and conducted meetings in the absence of the Pontifex Maximus. Shirley Hyland was the Quaestor and carried the duties of both secretary and treasurer. Douglas Bond was the Censor and had charge of taking roll. Some of the various activities the Latin Club participated in were the making of riddles and crossword puzzles in Latin. They listened to Latin records, and also learned songs in Latin. Perhaps the most important activity was the drawing up of a Roman Constitution for the club. , Interesting reports were given on such subjects as -- Roman religion. gladiatorial contests, chariot races in the Circus Maximus. government. classes of people, clothing, travel, food, villas and homes. The clubs activities were further publicized in a radio broadcast in April. Mrs. Katherine Birdsall, language teacher. is the faculty adviser for "The S.P.Q.R." 88 v I f ,L Y Noon Club The Noon Club was the largest and most active club in our school. Unlike other clubs that met only once a week, the Noon Club met every school day during the noon hour, in the gym. Any rural student who eats in the gym may become a member of the Noon Club. There are about 200 members. Meeting so often, the club must have many activities to participate in during the period immediately following dinner. In the fall there is softball for the boys and girls, and football for the boys. When the weather becomes cooler, volleyball and basketball are played in the gym. On Mondays and Tuesdays the boys' teams play, and on Wednesdays the girls' team takes over the gym. Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays saw the square in the lower hall occupied with girls dancing to records. On Thursdays and Fridays, there were movies. A complete movie was ordered for each week, and it was divided into two parts being shown on Thursday and Friday. The club believes this system is much better than the serials that were shown in previous years. The club movie operators are: Bob Gundy, George Sinen and Russell DeYoung. The National Honor Society has made it possible to purchase milk during the colder months. The Noon Club officers are: President, Bob Gundyg Secretary-Treasurer, Jean Dunn. The movie committee members are: Fern Dulyea, Loretta Jones, Bob Gundy, and Dick Smith. The faculty advisor for this club is Mr. VanderMeer. .fu , ... N -. o . i. .. , X , l A M X , Q X N i f V? ...NX - If r 1 i wry A- X' l ii ai 4 4 v Y 'Q xw-1 x by 4 gf" Q ,hx if r-.-is ' v ' inte--.1 Hard Working Noon-Clubbers-B. Gundy, R. De Young, J. Drost. 89 M 'LQ Qsf Top: J. Wiggins, B. Matych, B. Gundy, N. Shimp, F. Witt. Middle: D. Westenfelder, P. Mallett, L. jones, N. Hughes, M. Deyman. Bottom: B. Myers, D. Vento, B. Duplissis, J. Drost. Radio Broadcasters Last fall, the officials of the WMUS Radio Station again granted our High School a spot on the air, Frank Witt, Loretta jones and Natalie Hughes were appointed general chairmen of the radio broadcasts. At a meeting held with the WMUS officials and Mrs. Kari Natalie Franck, representative of the Muskegon Senior High School, a plan was worked out whereby both schools would have a radio program. Previous to this year, the programs had been on a Monday, and held each week. Due to our not having a class in radio work, this made the presenting of a weekly program rather difficult. NM decided to hold the programs on Wed- nesday, and have one every other week. This meant that they alternated with Muskegon. At a meeting of several members of both the Senior and Junior Classes, a definite program was arranged. Since there were two weeks between each program, the people who were to have charge of them were notified a full two weeks in advance, so that they might have plenty of time for planning and rehearsals. For the first year it was decided to use all live talent, since it was felt we had our share of musicians who were capable of representing our school very creditably. Among our musical people were: joy Tink, Gretchen Vanderploeg, Jeanne Bloom, and Dick Hester who played the piano. Another group which was featured was the boys' quartet which consisted of Roger Felt, Dick Hester, Bud Matych, and Bill Duplissis. Delores Westenfelder, Pat Mallett, Nor- man Shimp, Dick Hester, Margaret Deyman and Jack Wiggins were among the Juniors to have charge of programs. Frank Witt, Natalie Hughes, John Drost, and Loretta Jones were the Seniors having charge of the program. Mr. Robert Chard was the faculty advisor in charge of the radio broadcasts, and also had charge of field trips that the radio broadcasters took. This organization has been one of the most interesting and profitable activities of the school. Not only is it educational, but it gives actual radio experience to those who may Wish to follow a Career in radio. 90 "Home Sweet Homicide" In April, 1948, the Junior Play, "Home Sweet Homicide," a mystery comedy, was given with Ray Wierda, Enid Poole and Sarah Minshull playing the teen-age leads. Marian Carstairs, played by Shirley Jacobson, was an author of mysteries who was having trouble selling her books. The three children found a murder next door. The police investi- gator, a personable young man, was played by Don Miller with Bill Graham as his assistant. After another murder and a maximum number of mix-ups, the "cold-blooded murderer" was found, the blackmailer was exposed and the three children had a new stepfather. Other cast members were: Polly Walker, Barbara Huntoon, Wallie Sanford, Bob Chaf- fee, Mrs. Cherington, Nan Hughes, Mr. Cherington, Ron Kolkmang Rupert Van Dusen, Ted Vander Bollg Pete, Don Upmang Joella, Mardi Lentzg Flashlight, Jack Angel, Slukey, Mar- shall Coneg Wendy, Lois Petersen, Mag, Joanne Cihakg Joe, Tom Mitchelson and Betsy, Dor- othy Sutch. Mr. Chard assisted by Miss Plummer and Carol Waters directed the production. Frank Witt was general chairman with Dick Robbins, Roger Felt, Bud Frutchey, Bob Gundy, Bob Rankin, Graham Rankin and john Cilla as stage crew, Carl Parker, Don Simonsen, Connie Armstrong and Sally Ferrell as advertisers and Dick Robbins in charge of ticket sales. ld'- 1 Top G Rankin M Hand B Rankin L Kanaar S Cone Mr Halmond Bottom R Hugenot B Quinlan B Myers F Witt N Shimp J Wiggins World Problems Club Mr Halmond social science teacher had long coaled up plans for a world problems club Last anno his plotting became reality and soon his pet was a going concern During the year increasing multitudes flocked to the clubs standards By midyear there were twenty five Sophomore Junior and Senior problems Every Wednesday at 9 65 a conclave thoughtfully met to pierce the tough outer skin of the problem in discussion and suck out the inner facts This has been done through fiery reports and accurate panel groups Each inmate gets a chance to swosh out his opinion and give his own two cents during the period. Among the subjects discussed were. Universal Military Training Palestine candidates rec- ords at election time, distribution of wealth, and many other topics of national and international importance. While all this is popping off, a beaming Mr. Halmond, proud parent that he is, sits in the rear occasionally interjecting some pertinent fact into the general furor. To quote the founder he says, "This is the one thing I actually look forward to all week." This points beyond doubt to the fact that "Honest John's" idea has succeeded and that his plans for a world problems club have not come to naught. 92 Q Future Home Makers of America President ------- Ruth Riley Vice-President Leona Swon ' Secretary ------- Joan Bayne Treasurer ------- Audrey Hansen There are twenty-one girls in the North Muskegon chapter of the Future Home Makers of America. This is the fourth year that North Muskegon has had an organized chapter of the F. H. A., which is a National Association, with chapters all over the United States. The first item on the agenda was the initiation party. Since it was near the I-Iallowe'en season, the girls came in costume. The new members were initiated in the traditional cere- mony of the F. H. A. Realizing the need for clothing in Europe, the girls organized a drive to secure clothing to send to the people of the war torn countries. In order to swell the bank balance, a sandwich sale was the order of the day. Sandwiches were donated and a good sized profit was made. One of the main activities was a special program held in March at which a skit on the life of three college girls was featured. Adopting as their next project, the making and stuffing of toy animals, the girls had a "taste', of "cotton batting." These toys were sent to children who were in hospitals, or who were shut-ins. The final project for the year was a beauty and personal appearance course. They con- centrated on all phases of beauty culture and charm. Miss Joyce Taylor, Home Economics teacher, was the faculty advisor for the Future Home Makers of America. -?' fed Y, Top: J. Wood, E. Schultz, J. Van Eck, D. Gunn, L. Bloomberg, M. Parsons, J. Andree, M. Thebo, A. Hansen S. Dobbersteen. . Middle: Adviser J. Taylor, H. Pintor, S. Welkoske, A. Schultz, D. Gibbs, G. McNitt, G. Whisler, J. Temple B. Vanderslute. Bottoms B. L. Porter, A. Thebo, L. Swon, B. Terry, R. Riley, N. Grant, L. Zuidema. 93 'Nh Cv 1 1 Mr Vander Meers Study Club H 1 l- C Mr. Moyes' Study Club 94 V' '7' T' :Q Mlss Plummers Study Club MISS PLUMMERS STUDY CLUB Top S Bronson C Wagner C Westenfelder B Wierda M Lindsay L Smen Middle M Plummer Advisor B Burns J Dunn P Webster S Wyant Bottom B Brextfxeld O Westenfelder A Wxlke B Medendorp E Johnson MR. VANDER MEER S STUDY CLUB Top: D. Frees, D. Bohach, B. Anderson H. Koonsman, M. Gonzer, M. Postema, B. Critchett, B. Beach, P. Frutchey, J. Broderick. Middle: H. Swartz, H. Hysell K. Fenner, N. Sanders, J. Zahrt, J. Tierman, B. Covell, L. Frees, B. McMillan, P. Potter, T. Scott, R. Vander Meer, Advisor. Bottom: J. Berglund, T. Knudson W. Hutchins D. Olsen B. Pinder, L. Temple, D. Britzen E. Handberry, B. Swon, B. Rhine. MR. MOYES' STUDY CLUB Top: D. Andrus, C. Johnson, R. Carr, D. Cross, W. Liddle, F. Smith, D. Schuiteman, T Stoerman, C. Kiogema, A. Turner, R. Dykeman, G. Munn, B. Jager. Second: G. Petersen, S. Shaw, P. Benedict, D. Benedict, L. Arnold, S. Bronson, L. Erick- son, L. Swon, R. Engstrom, B. Page, M. Lindsay, L. Petersen, B. Hines. Third: P. Moyes, Advisor, N. Ames, D. Seiger, B. Wierda, P. Connally, J. Dunn, C. Leaf J. Berglund, J. Welkoske, C. Copelman, B. Yonkers, R. Stevens, H. Ginn. Fourth: C. Wagner, C. Westenfelder, P. Weaver, M. Cripe, B. Baars, M. Deyman, B. Med- endorp, A. Wilke, D. Upman, D. Hummel, W. Buwalda. Bottom: B. Buwalda, E. Fenner, J. Oostmeyer, M. Bedgood, V. Olsen, S. Wyant, C. Nagel- kirk, M. Peters, B. Burns, J. De Wald. 95 CHF ERLEADERS 'ta ,455 ' 1 P Webster J Ekwall M Deyman B Baars M Hughes B Tarr 96 BAND President ---- Bill Myers Secretary - - Dolores Westenfelder Vice President - - Victor Sparkes Treasurer Marvin Andersen The North Muskegon Band had a very busy year First of all in the fall they played at four home football games plus one away at Hart Thls gave them a chance to show off their new cap lights which were purchased for them by the National Honor Society These lights added a great deal of beauty to the formations made by the band Field lights were turned off in order to see the cap lights clearly Cellophane shades made color effects possxbl also After the football season the band began to rehearse for their an nual Winter Concert presented on February 1 1949 Under the dlrec tion of Robert L W1rschem thls concert was one of the best they have ever given On February 5 1949 four band members participated in a D1s tr1ct Band Cl1n1c in Grand Rapids at wh1ch an allD1str1ct Band was formed These members were Marvm Andersen Cornet Victor Sparkes Bassoon Frank Witt Clarinet Gretchen Vanderploeg Flute February 18 1949 the members of the band took a field tr1p to Muskegon Central Campus Auditorium to hear the University of Mich Mr W1rschem lgan Band under the dlrectxon of William D Revelli Band Director March 12 1949 District Solo Ensemble Festlval at Ioma First division wlnners ln th1s Ensemble Festival went to the State Festival at Ann Arbor on April 9 1949 On March 26 the band went to the Dlstrxct Band Festival at Grand Rapids Bands win ning a first d1v1s1on rating at this event were eligible to go to the State Festival at Ann Arbor April 23 April 29 1949 was the date of the traditional Band Bounce which was as usual a rousing success And last but not least came the annual Tulip Festival in Holland where the Band marched ln the parade and in the Revlew of Bands Several appearances were made in greater Muskegon at parades and concerts w1th both solo ensembles and the whole band participating The Band also presented an assembly to the student body ance of the1r president Mr Jan B Vanderploeg they raised approximately S9 000 by various projects to cover three years of instrument purchases Some of the new lnstruments already pur chased are bass clarmet three French horns two Sousaphones a bassoon oboe tenor saxophone barltone saxophone barltone cymbals parade drums and tyrnpam By the end of the year the band was holdmg forth in new quarters the old pumping sta tion on Bear Lake The brlsk run over the ledge to band practlce and the scenic beauty of their new home inspired the musicians to their best efforts DISTRICT FESTIVAL WINNERS AT GRAND HAVEN March 20 1948 Sr High Cornet Solo I Sr High Woodwmd Quintet Marvm Andersen Jr High Piano Solo Gretchen Vanderploeg Sr Hlgh Trombone Solo Don Upman Eugene Odell Pat Mallett Frank Witt Vic Sparkes Ruth Riley Sr High Saxophone Quartet Sr High Cornet Quartet Marvm Andersen B111 Myers Jim Hubbell Bob Glflfl STATE FESTIVAL WINNERS AT Sr High Saxophone Quartet Vlc Sparkes Alto Don Upman ARG Dolores Huntoon TEUOI' Bud Matych Ten0l' ax Sax Sax Sax 97 Victor Sparkes Don Upman Dolores Huntoon Bud Matych EAST LANSING Apr1l 10 1948 Sr High Woodwind Quintet Don Upman Eugene Odell Pat Mallett Frank Witt Vic Sparkes Alto Alto Tenor Tenor Clarinet Clannet Clarinet Clarinet Bassoon Sax Sax Sax Sax Clarinet Clarinet Clarinet Clarinet Bassoon ' 3 . . . . ey D . , y ' . - ' 3 , y . . . - . . . , . - . . I . : qv -tiff - - ' F-1 Af" , y Q - . - . , . - I .' ' I 7 , . . , , . . ' D I . , . , . . . The Band Boosters have also worked very hard for the band this year. With the assist- ' l !. . 5 1 . ! Y 7 T s . . 'i ' I 1 l TI . l . . - I - - -- -l - - , - -II I ' ' ' ' ' . ' -I - ' , ' -' -' Q 1 . , . ' - 1 . ' ' ' - II I ' .... - s . ---- - l 'Qu -ml MXN gum 1 I :lpn-0 li "-'-o-,mv ,pu-at -erwsvn M 'icuii -aug l' 'l'v 3 -J -drawn: -Oh' gZ.g........-"' ' 'EUC ,4-1 Q4 4 -i 98 Club, BAND MEMBERSHIP - 1948- 1949 FLUTES Gretchen Vanderploeg Jeanne Andersen Carol Stribley OBOE AND CLARINET Dick Hester BASSOON AND SAXOPHONE Victor Sparkes CLARINET Donald Upman Eugene Odell Frank Witt Pearl Webster Verna Kaule Virginia Kueny La Verne Wynne Sherman Cone Bill Schulze Gayle Newkirk Clarise Wagner Doris Thompson Myrna Meiner .NS ,Q rf' 'S .M f ... i . ' . ,.....A- N x 4 - - - un Shirley Hyland Wayne Liddle SAXOPHONE Sarah M'nshull Ken Spaulding Jack Cooper Jim Johnson Jack Mulder TENOR SAXOPHONE Norman Shimp BASS SAXOPHONE Jack Wiggins CORNET Marvin Andersen Bill Myers Bob Ginn Marybelle Riley Peggy Dyer Olga Westenfelder Delores Westenfelder Joyce Oostmeyer Burrell Beardsley Ruth Engstrom FRENCH HORNS Shirley Justus Don Hummel Katherine Krolczyk TROMBONE Dick Stevens Howard Ginn Mildred Parsons Bonnie Moore BARITONE Roger Andersen Chris Bliss Dorls Bohach BASS Gerald Derby Bill Becht Harvey Fohlbrook Jack Weerstra DRUMS Barbara Huntoon Judy St. Amand Elizabeth Hummel Yvonne Angel Loretta Arnold Bob Fontaine BELLS Margie Erickson FLAG TWIRLERS Coral Woodhouse Carol Waters BATON TWIRLERS Charlyn Van Dyke Jean Dunn Barbara Tarr Ardis Bishop Joanne Cihak COLORS Shirley Jacobson Evelyn Simonelli Tom Halfpap Jack Marquard DRUM MAJOR AND MAJORETTES .3 ' 1 1 t -4 af -4? R t' xy . fs .-" AL' I i A ' af ff ,S '1 l f 1.4! 1 V gn If 'f R ,..r- 1 J ' .4 ff A' x 71 Q .53 . up xkiff 1 ,Zi : 4. '-Y Jfwii? E he . E2 if fin. F' ' ., by Via., 1' .H vu. ., -'.. . 1 . 1. .Alamy-s., ,K - -A' - 4- .' ,,:.3,A , t f . 1 -3. N ". -J ,5,3- - jlrafltm-I 'I at 1.2-Ai . 3, , ' .f-qw ,, ' ' 4. ' ft. L '11 . . w .. 1 ' s D. Hester, C. Woodhouse, C. Waters, J. Dunn, C. 99 VanDyke, A. Bishop, J. 2 Cihak, B. Tarr. MIXED QUINTET Top S Justus V Sparkes Bottom D Hester D Upman G Vanderploeg CORNET TRIO FIRST CLARINET QUARTET 'vol 1' Top B Gmn Top P Webster S Cone Bottom M Andersen B Myers 100 Bottom D Upman D Hester SAX QUINTET Top J W1ggms N Shlmp Bottom V Sparkes S Mmshull D Upman SECOND CLARINET QUARTET THIRD CLARINET QUARTET .55- Top F Witt E Odell Top B Schulze G Newkxrk Bottom V Kaule P Mallett 101 Bottom V Kueny C Wagner el " o 0 e Q00 nfl A 5, A., 4, ,l hoof! 1. fN4rii'A"'Ll'.x: -'fl AL ft mf-if 409 w",v"YW" Top: E. Bohach, D. Dyer, D. Bohach, J. Weber, B. Hadley, V. Sparkes, D. Simonsen, J. Arntz, B. Wol- ler, D. Fitt, H. Mullally, S. Justus, V. Kaule, B. Olsen. Second Row: E. J. Sharum, F. Dulyea, D. Sutch, B. Huntoon, J. Simila, J. Biddle, B. Ginn, R. Felt, E. Cilla, J. Angel, D. Vento, B. Tarr, M. Hughes, B. Hoxie. Third Row: M. Riley, J. Bloom, H. Dykehouse, C. Woodhouse, B. Breitfield, D. Hester, B. Duplissis, M. Andersen, C. Bliss, J. Beardsley, R. Andersen, K. Krolczyk, P. Smith. Fourth Row: Conductor, R. Wirschem, Y. Angel, G. Newkirk, A. Semeyn, M. Pearson, B. Kleinefelter, A. Foote, B. Simonelli, S. Anderson, A. Bishop, J. Smith, R. Laubach, S. Minshull, E. Poole, C. Armstrong. Bottom: P. Smith, M. LeGrady, J. Eckwall, D. Mooney, M. Lentz, S. Jacobson, C. Waters, N. Hughes P. Mallett, C. VanDyke, L. Sherriff, G. Venderploeg, D. Westenfelder. President - Dick Hester Secretary Beverly Olsen Vice President Sally Ferrell Treasurer Roger Felt Choir The mixed choir elected its officers at the PEP BAND beginning of the year. The choir of eighty- four singers met in the band room every ac- tivity period except Fridays, unless there was an assembly. After the condemnation of the Old Building, the choir was moved to the old Pumping Station on the shores of Bear Lake. They sang four and eight part arrangements of music varying from sacred to semi-popular. ' This group sang carols at several hospitals in Greater Muskegon, just before the Christmas Vacation. They also sang carols at our school assembly in December. The main event of the year was the choir concert which was given in April. For the third time, the alumni who sang in the choir during their high school car- eers were invited to come to the stage and join in the singing of the final numbers, "O God Our Help In Ages Past." The choir also gave a sacred concert for the Greater Muske- gon Rotary Club in April, and participated in the district choir festival in Grand Rapids. Mr, Robert Wirschem was the choir direc- tor. Sally Ferrell, Gretchen Vanderploeg, Katherine Krolczyk and Joy Tink were the choir accompanists. :- 102 K Fourth Hour Glee Club 33' ig Nui Top P Oakes D Bohach L Jones R Laubach B Vanderslute Hughes M Shuman Bottom J Grlmard L Sherrlff J Ekvvall M Postema B Baars S Shaw The Fourth Hour Glee Club glrls were taken from those ln grades 9 12 who had fourth hour Lrbrary They met Monday Wednesday and half of the fourth hour Frlday On days that the Club dldnt meet the glrls had study Any gxrl m the above mentloned grades was ehglble to jom the Glee Club provldmg she passed a vocal test after whrch she was placed 1n soprano alto or the second so prano sectlon accordrng to her volce range GIRLS SEXTET The Club partxclpated 1n three major events durmg the school year At the grade school Chrrstmas program they sang several numbers In February the Club pre sented a vocal assembly At the annual choir concert whxch was presented to the pubhc the Glee Club was featured srngmg a few well chosen numbers At the end of February the Glee Club moved to the spot of scemc beauty occupled by the pumphouse and sang w1th renewed rnsprratxon Mlss Mary Shuman was the capable leader of the Fourth Hour Glee Club 103 Dv 7' I Z. 'f fr ,J N ' L Q ' A " , 'f' K Q r Y 'A ' i 1- ? V143 law - T tx i Q ' ,F ,- . 1 dt, I f I s . v 11 C . I A . .b l : . , . , . , . , . ,M. . Middle: El J. Sharum, V. Grammar, N. Buitendorp, J. De Wald, L. Erickson, E. Schultz, Advisor . , . . , . s s 9 ' 5 nf' KGIQ1- I - Y 1 A ' , ' , . . - , - .? ' , 2 - , . F v ' .Q x - WK 7 CLASS ELECTIONS At a tense ommous class meetmg one murky january day slxty e1ght sen 1ors went w1th furrowed brow and pursed l1ps to vote on class electlons The graduates reached mto the mner recesses of the1r brams or what have you and chose ash blonde vnvacxous Shlrley Jacobson and twlce honored Class President Don Mlller as the select two to be the best all around Student Councll man Frank Wltt and Sextette smgmg Nan Hughes rece1ved the label most llkely to succeed The class free wheeled along merrlly paus1ng to roll Carol Waters and Jack Krolczyk onto the band wagon as bxggest wheels Bop advocate Vlc Sparkes w1th h1s s1ng1ng saxophone was branded along w1th Sally Ferrell queen of the 88 as the most talented In the department of brawn and bxceps football co captam Tom Mltchelson and energetlc peppy Joanne Clhak copped honors as best athletes Board treader Ray Wrerda and spotllght catchmg Enxd Poole garnered laurels as the best actor and actress Those two slxdmg glldmg swxrlers of the hops petlte Connle Armstrong and fun lovmg Bud Matych managed to Wm the cup as best dancers Fmely chxseled Barbara Huntoon and square jawed Burrell Fenner were named by an admxrmg and enthusxastlc class to the throne as best look1ng In the fleld of beau monde Joke crackmg clarmet spxelmg Don Upman and ch1c Fern Dulyr rece1ved thelr award the best dressed duo Go1ng on to more serxous thmgs agam the happy s1xty exght tramed the1r slghts on studlous Honor Soc1ety member Helen Mullally and shy hard work mg Gerald Engstrom as most qulet Practlcally everyone seemed to feel that the most obhgmg palr on the campus were quartet smgmg Roger Felt and tall dark halred Coral Woodhouse On the humorous s1de Jovlal B111 Breltfleld and affable Charlyn Van Dyke rece1ved for clalm to fame that f1ne mscrlptxon class fllrts As far as weavmg the best plots and spxelmg the best tales drawlmg Mardl Lentz and chlef k1d der Marshall Cone just couldnt be topped for havlng the best l1ne Tlny flreball Dorothy Sutch and handsome commlttee plannmg Don Mxller were crowned faculty rushers In the realm of falsehood fabrlcatxon work avoldmg and fast thlnkxng blond Lols Petersen and carefree Ron Hugenot rece1ved that sure tltle to success best excuse makers And so completely worn out physically and no doubt mentally useless for the remalnder of the day the slavlng Slxty elght ambled out of Room 215 feellng sure that they had chosen from the class those best fxtted for thelr t1tles 104 , - - 7 1 ' s 1 ' 5 ' n 1 ' s 1 ' 9 y s 7 - ' y - , - - v 1 Y - ' ' V 9 ' v ' , . 1 v 1 ' " ' 1 J 9 v - , . . , . . Y 9 . - , -, 1 ' 9 , . 7 . 7 - . If In -9' A I'Oll1"1 Z?-Fl-gn -099,440 A 'L 'i N 'X 7 UCCSS 2471 1 Jack Kro czy ggest Whee s -- Caro Waters u b.-f---- iii-in M' H 4 ,Ol Q- dl 2 -1, IX '1 xx' .ffm 109 Q5 Best Ath etes -- Joanne C hak Tom M tche son :AW 111 Best Dancers Bud Matych Conn1e Armstrong 112 ,"". 11,1 3 1 4 'Vx Q Sv l Q wi Most Obhgmg Roger F 113 elt Coral Woodhouse ff A...-4' f '? 7 f 4 4- X N 114 Most Qu et-He en Mu a y Gera d Engstrom eilflef ITS Best Lookmg-Bu ll F , Barbara Huntoon ,ff ,iff 4 Xxx all ar yn -'Q --4 C Best L ne - Mard Lentz Marsha in Jig enot oger XCUS6 ,fume-ax 'ul' 'iff x mt V99 5 5 Haig "1 ,J Si X .1433 xx 5 , 5 . 1-if . Holmes Rexall Drugs North Muskegons Stop and Shop Center Kroger Grocery Charles Munn Manager SUCCESS IN As you graduate th1s May fond memor1es of your studenthood that now those Carefree days are sterner mean1ng And Youll Be yourself to the days ahead as as the days gone by you need world rewards those who serve Th1s message W1sh1ng you your way from The North Muskegon Jack Ladd Manager Ettermans Super Market Home of Food Economy Erlcksons Garage Ken Erxckson Prop 122 ' , 7 7 7 C4 Cole's Dry Cleaning 7 7 7 If YI ' 1 H 7 V7 7 EVERY ENTERPRISE you W111 leave behmcl you You W111 No Doubt feel to be replaced by days of Rzght but 1f you W111 apply eff1c1ently and thoroughly not fear for the bus1ness It well and ably success and good health comes Merchants Assoc1at1on North Shore Sc to S100 Store Ray Sh1mp Prop North Muskegon Bakery Walter Wlnger Prop North Shore Garage Wlllard Huntoon Prop Walt RlCh and Jack Howell Props Searls Watch Repalr Al Searl Prop Dr H O Walters D O Physlczan and Surgeon 123 Rich 85 Howell Plumbing Shop SE. Readmg xn the l1brary was a pleasant path to learmng untxl Flowers Glfts Arbor Floral Company 1222 Peck Street Muskegon Heights Much Over Twenty Four Years of Floral Servzce Pyle Pattern 8: Mfg Co WOOD and METAL PATTERNS Muskegon Henghts Muchlgan " a ' fl... l U 1 f T KI . . N 124 PNK our old bulldlng was condemned and Best I4 zslzes to 8000 ITEMS A S S JI' rom KLOTZ S Food Market GROCERIES and MEATS l Mule from Causeway on M 20 FOR THE OFFICE Are manufactured by Shaw Walker the largest exclusxve makers of Off1Ce furnlture and f1l1ng equlp ment 1n the world Each IS deslgned to do a defmlte Job of makmg offlce work move faster to effect econo m1es m offxce operatlons Blk SHAW WALKER I A F? in E ' 1 F NX . 'I ' . -'Te-., F -., .,. Vi A N 7' . it X l . , tu NX ' 3 F' '. '. . , Q '4,- ' fi h'f'f'a ' - 3-'v 1 4, . r A ver. wk, ,F . f " 1, . K , C L . C ' ' 4 9 , . . . . . , - " uirLi ca it Skyscraper" JJIIU .,-,gl 1 125 If our gym had to pmch hlt as a study hall Complzments of the Drelles Sandwlch Shop Congrafulatlons from Mersman s Grocery Grocemes and Meats Gas and O11 Phone 42331 U S 31 N at Rwer Road Congratulatlons to THE CLASS OF 1949 Vandervelde's Furniture Co. Over a Quarter Century of Fa1thfuI Servzce DODGE PLYMOUTH Only Dodge Bu11ds job Rated Trucks Hathaway Motor Co. OVER 38 YEARS OF DEPENDABLE SERVICE Broadway at Fnfth Across from Norge Thlrd at Mernl Muskegon, Mlchigan 126 Q-li 'lb At electlon txme we practxced on the voting machme xg Complzments from Your Studebaker Dealer Open Day and Night 364 Days a Year Hendon s Farm Market Bowen F1scher Motor Co 2735 W""'2""" RW' Grocerxes Meats Western Avenue At Lowest Pr1ces Muskegon Mlchugan Open Day and Nzght 364 Days a Year Robmson Auto Qales Lincoln Mercury Sales and Service 1200 Peck St Heights Phone 32 903, 34 560 Comiblzments Of Edwards Lumber Co. at 3 , 5 Q- we ,,,, lg, L I .5 ki SLM, w , 'V ' X Xxx , -- x P 7 . RJ 127 In the lab we worked on photography Com Qlzments 0 Easton 81 Qulck HC Insurance Servlce 201 - 202 Michigan Theater Phone 2-6014 Muskegon, Michigan Bldg. C 07I1111l77lFHl5 Harbor Vlew Serv1ce Stauon GROCERIES, MEATS, GAS -OPEN SUNDAYS- Ruddiman at Bear Lake Rd. N41 auf' p.. Q We learned to care for the furnlture of our future homes Congmtulatzons to the S SEIN IURS OF 1949 The Natlonal JEWELERS oP'r1c1ANs Lumberman s Bank Muskegon's Oldest Bank Make This Bank Your Bank 227 W. Western Ave. The Store that Confidence Built' THE SQUARE ELKS TEMPLE Congratulatzons to the SENIORS OF 1949 We mute YOU to Open a SAX INCJS -XCCOLNT at thxs Bank today Its a Wonderful feelmg to have Cash m the Bank The Hackley Umon Nauonal Bank wsupuk Muskegon Q Mlchlgan YN 415 59 130 T ' v' 7 7 v w v v , . . . . 1 E unsunuua , vonunu olrosnol X Q . . c xx 4, a MB If You Don't Know the Answer DON'T WORRY Call Home Service-Gas Company. Our experts can give you correct information as to best methods of cooking. A phone call will bring that recipe you have forgotten or heard about. We have hundreds of recipes on file. This is another public service of Your Gas Companv Our Phone ls 26001 .""'?-, ' :Q I 12 -L I : Tofu 00 E4 :V NEW FREEDOM GAS KITCHENS On Display at the GAS OFFICE O11 Ways Inc Wfagoner i Transportation Co 131 We cheered for the football team 66 Campeau, Mullally And Me1er F ranc1s 1roch Wholesale FOR CQMPLETE CIGARS CANDY ToBAcco INSURANCE SERVICE FOUNTAIN SUPPLIES 924 Second St Phone 23 776 248 Market St Smce 1881 .fx I 9 , f. Q . 1 o J ' ' E' v- A Q. . , .-fp-pp, 5 ' Y' 4 1 -4,,,' - f',:,' 'I ' V f-d,. 'ff -:"f,z:2,.j3 f" S 0 o I e 132 Its Always Sprmg Tzme at our House Amencan C011 Sprmg Company Best Washes to the CLASS OF 49 rom Harwood Nelson Occ de tal Hotel Bldg . . . . and didn't let the basketball boys down either. If J ' ' D 7 1' i n . 133 Grease pamt was nothmg ' 4 . Q fs 'Ip 4 5 44 1 fu, 9' 9 ll,, 'ff' O lO,,:,f. ' 11 new to us C om lIiNl6llfS 0 Kozy Korner Giles Road and U. S. 31 GROCERIES - MEATS and GAS Buwalda Brothers GROCERIES - MEATS DRY GOODS - HARDWARE FEEDS A Complete One Stop Service Let Us Serve Your Needs Phones 4405 - 4427 134 3 as our semor thespxans surpassed even Pme Street ones Elcctrlc C0 Furmturc Company CONTRACTORS MOTOR REWINDING COMPLETE HOME MERCHANDISE FURNISHERS Phones 22 I49 22 384 902 908 Pune Street Near Court House 658 660 Ottawa St MUSKEGON, MICHIGAN MUSKEGON MICH. 135 W sg llll the hllarlous trlumph of our Junxor play You Are Always Welcome at Congmtulatzons CLASS OF 49 and Best Wzshes for CONTINUED SUCCESS In Years to Come Dobben Motor Sales Inc Rogers Jewelry Con chfygef Plymouth Corner Western and Terrace Sales and Service Hunter Boats 270-280 Apple Ave. Phone 28-202 136 4 1 'WZ Maybe our actmg talent comes from the faculty Complzments Canary Inn PIICC Best of Luck Dry Cleaners to the GRADUATING CLASS OF 1949 1871 Peck St The Wltham Fam1ly Muskegon Mlchlgan Canary Inn 137 ony had Congratulatzons to the CLASS OF 1949 Damm Hardware Company Complzments Hooper Chevrolet Co Western at Fifth 138 and played games to break the lce Corrzjzlzrrzerzts Cozntesy of BISHOPS North Muskegon Bus L1 ne The F nendly F utnzture Store Now In Our New Locatlon SERVING A CITY 427 435 W Western Ave OF HOMES Next to Muchlgan Theater 139 Complzments of H O S L E R S MENS AND WOMEN S FINE CLOTHES C'0mj1Iznzf'nts to the W Brmen Lumber Company WHOLESALE AND RETAIL LUMBER DOORS SHEETROCK SASH ASPHALT SHINGLES FRAMES INSULATING WOOL INTERIOR FINISH MUSKEGON MICHIGAN BALBIRNIE Funeral D1rector Establzshed m the year 1865 140 9 OLASSIOF '49 zplz ents The Chpper L e WISCONSIN 85 MICHIGAN STEAMSHIP COMPANY THE MART Compliments C L A S S O F 4 9 Cert1f1ed Concrete nc: Congratulatzons C L A S S O F 4 9 WEBER LUMBER CO 141 Con 'nz of cc ' ' 99 111 i l C I C 7 REID GRAFF Corporauon PLUMBING and HEATING CORPORATION Courtesy of N1bble A SCr1b N1b or DELICIOUS HAMBURGS After The Game TWO LOCATIONS 1946 Peck St Muskegon U S 31 and M 20 North Muskegon SHOES FOR ALL THE FAMILY Rhythm Step V1ta11ty Crosby Square Red Goose Damel Green B U E L S Boot Shop Phone 23 232 333 W Western Schlossman Theatres MICHIGAN REGENT STATE STRAND Muskegon Helghts Best Wzshe ' f Florsheirrfs 9 142 by T B g Ph 25 714 R 00 Best W1shes to Class of 1949 LIMBERI OST GROCERY SCENIC DRIVE Pho e 42 7 2 When you thmk of SPORTS EQUIPMENT 1tS ARNTZ Complzments NAPH SOL Sportmg Goods REF INING CO Western at Te race M20 Portraitures ourcotte n ' 5 TOURCOTTE STUDIO man ld . one - oom 2 t of Y r 143 -v-lg . ' p - 2 Q -vu N 1 42 .awuwe All of our records were not kept ln bookkeepmg Complxments of Sandw1ck s Grocer Harley Dav1dson Motorcycles LIGHT WEIGHT MODEL 125 Welght only 170 pounds 3 Speed 90 to 100 Mxles Transmlsslo Per Gallon of Gas 'afa- Y we Qmlfbll ,Miss 4 I v' rf' X 'ir5 ll 54'Nx.4l 'X I X02 Summa ' lW'g I U S 31 Dalton A Raymond Motor 8: Cycle 590 Ottawa Sf 144 J' w . .... ,,"'T'fQ - Q nl fi H - f , 5 gr fr Q , ' i' g , - .. 4 . v 54 A - "MV ,T -.---Q ' E : V s NH- ' -n"""" A-A V H Y 'IH - V I. -- ' F Q h . X A -A .Sky -3 Q I-gk, , X H1ffr,m"'47"r'f5' pl M3 .il l-.Q Y- , --:vv:, ' Q :VIZ-lg ' ' ' .0 M---G 1135-1515?fEi 2ifffai fifsieiiiifiiiifgf Co. Vi Di U NLE' xf nv- Q- L JN Band members broke a few at Holland The F awlcy Abbott Complzments COn1Pany H 8: H GROCERY Known for HIGH QUALITY HOME FURNISHINGS Thlrd and Houston "-' " ' lv "W . f'-"--i- W ' . , V "-L .I Q1 I Q -f 1 ' ' 1 1 ' ' ' Q . f V a s - 4 ,I 'P - .. A Q , 4, - J A 1' - 1.. I 1 5, . 9 . X A ,A K v If' l " I ' 1 I 'I ' . I I I A I " " - Q . ' f f .. Q 5, U ,Q 4, W qi, , .AI lf, , ,' -, - , ' -' - ' 5 -fag , . ',, gfq,-4 h ' - 4 1 - xi- ., A YN. xA"hg': i v I . . " ' P' . 'A Ii . E 1, E. J .V , V 1' ' V 1' 4 ' 1 M , , 5 . A. L, 1.1. , 4 Q I U. V Q T "iw 'JA fry! I- , I I. H - . f , of ' ' ' ' . ' .jj ' A, I . Q !3.r"h??: I ' '.- ' .1 -. '.,,Qk- Q. ly, L k"1,A,Ar:,-K. l A U Q I . 1 ' ' - 1 -1+-1+ ff . I w A : ,J ' -., . .uylfd ,O -- K A ' ,r rn," ."' ivu f ' " ..- e1f?vF':,' A""1':. , I -V A , , . ' 4 . ,Av 'K 4 ,vie .1 Q , , . , D 'D JH ., .1 X - .ne-if 'V' " A 'ri 'ff 4, , Q1 .n'vQ"' . QL. V, - of S if Why wouldnt they with these leadmg the llne' Best of Luck to the CLASS OF 49 Beardsley Truckmg Co THE MART DOCK Congmtulatzons to the C L A S S O F 4 9 For the Clothes that Speak GOOD TASTE or Young Men and Young Women Visit GROSSMANS Practlce makes par fect C om Jlzments Comlblzments BIISS Brothers BERGEVIN S Used Cars Bought and Sold Food Store Lot No 1 Corner Cedar and Clay Ph 279 39 A Complete Food Store Lot No 2 Sprung and Clay Ph 279 439 We have many musxclans for the future 147 We have many mus1c1ans for the future Complzments of Alfred J Hunter 8: Co jobbers of PLUMBING HEATING and MILL SUPPLIES COMPLIMEVTS Matson O1dsmob11e Complzments Earle Press Incorporated The Slgn of JUST GOOD PRINTING Phone 23 044 915 Pune St Cor Walton M 20 Grocerxes Meats Feed Best of Luck TU THE 49 ERS I 0 t Eklund's Grocery Of 148 J ,521-B JR The cheer leaders always bounced back Complzments of asss Wh1te K1tchen Where All Good People Meet U S 3l and Glles Corner Western MlCh1gHH Frozen Foods ll9 E Muskegon Cedergreen Frozen Foods Phone 249 473 Hostess Caf eter1a 266 W Clay Ave Telephone 241 307 24 Hour Serv1ce Dally LUNCHES, DINNERS, SANDWICHES You Have Tned the Rest Now Try the Best Complzments of Ted's Pants Shop 2l2 Western Avenue Muskegon, Mlchlgon WAX The custodlans kept the school clean Do Your Sunday Shoppmg "Hoos" Your Grocer Gales Road and U S 31 Grocerres Meats Gas Open Every Day and Nzght of the Week Phone 4464 TWISS Garage Ottawa and Jackson Complete Automotive Serv1ce Gas, O11 and Accessorles Mack Truck Sales and Service 'A ---T git N' 2.15-. f 4 X1 A Qksssk 4 X ' Xi v. Y x. U at ' 150 GARNAAT Mlchlgan Flower Shop Assocuated Telephone COIHPZIIIY P k Sf eg M 151 ....andwarm.... Lillian L. Smith 1378 ec reef Musk on, ichigan .,?,,,, . 'mg 1 z 1 s for us when we came 1n the mornmg What to do to Wm WORK EARN SAVE Savmg comes hard to some people they dont get ahead but could 1f they would save 1070 of 1ncome Muskegon Savmgs Bank DRINK WHENEVER YOU WORK DRIVE PLAY ENTERTAIN Q REMEMBER The Pause That Refreshes f Coca Cola Bottlmg Co "- OF MUSKEGON 820 Pune St Phone 2 6662 152 f- 1 0 1 ' I .sul . . I ' - , . W , X ' - X V' -f x , "a :er . Qvf.'Q'Q'Q 'fffglgfs 9 - M ki nf ,J ' O H Whether ln seventh grade Complzments of MUSKEGON SCHOOL Dyer Ice Cream Co of BUSINESS ""- 43 74 LUNCHEONS We train you We place you in a good job and LET US TRAIN YOU D AIRYB AR 153 yr: ' , . fjii-VZ, A K , 'f ' 25.-fs Q. " ,QS .x I , v ,.,.,.-- J 7 .A , i .., . ... i 3 .Qfry - . - . . t i Complzrnents Clock Funeral Home 154 I if , 1 T N I 1 . 2 iv if X I ....orthe welfth.... Of 4 r we sure thmk our school IS grand Complzments Ray Wlerda Sr and Ray Wlerda Jr QUALITY CLEANERS 1504 08 Sanford St. Muskegon, Mich. - 155 Ph 45' 41' -JN 55,5311 SY4, -J' i 'Vw N fl .wewf Z xx .J fs MW Havent we come a long way from the second grade" De Long Coal C0 R1chards SCIVICC That Better Fuel TIRES BATTERIES North Muskegon, M1ch. 4309 2604 Lake St GAS OIL U S 31 and M. 20 Ph 42 348 156 ' x - Q. - v S f , ' ly 1 ,' ,A Q Y H", H ' I N. nv ,Tx .1 'ia Q - V 4 I IV 0... 5' F b 4 K Y X 1 R " . -. .g-- . ' W' 9 ', "' 5 N -" V -.LJ I "- ,Qi '-- '.-, " pf I Q ,- .,,, v - b if . :X j gif- ' r 5' ' " V ' IP It 5 K E bt ' Jah ' ' "' I , ...J 6 x Z hz- .11 Q J Lf- s, A 25 ' s ' ? If - ' J , - L ' K 1- fl U T' "L 1, X I ' 3 P "fs .4 ' -' X ' N s I v X -- K C . -J 54 1 ,X ' ' I ,, 1' 1- JI 1 sw if c w 1 1' l hx' . I 7' 1 v l , , x - ,X K ,D N X 3 4' 'T ' A N, if -- 1 ., 1 i ' ' f J , U C . u v - 157 I F. N. Witt Com zlzmnztv 0 FITZJOHN COACH COMPANY BUILDERS OF FINE MOTOR COACHES Muskegon Mlchlgan Conzplzments of E H Sheldon 8: Co LABORATORY FURNITURE Muskegon Mlchlgan 158 Amer1can C011 85 Spr1ng Co Arbor Floral Co Arntz Sport1ng Goods Balb1rn1e Funeral Dlrector Beardsley TfUCkIHg Co Bergev1n s Grocery B1shops Furn1ture Bllss Brothers Bowen Flscher Motor W J Br1nen Lumber Company Budds Jewelry Co Buels Shoe Store Buwalda s Grocery Campeau Mullally Mexer Canary Inn Casss Wh1te Kxtchen Cert1f1ed Concrete Inc Clock Funeral Home Coca Cola Bottlmg Co Coles Dry Cleamng Damm Hardware DeLong Coal Co Dobben Motor Sales Drelles Sandwlch Shop Dyer Ice Cream Earle Press Inc Easton 81 Qu1ck Edwards Lumber Co Eklunds Grocery Er1ckson s Garage Fawley Abbot Co fThej F1tzJohn Coach Co Garnaat Flower Shop Grossman s Hackley Unlon Nat1onal Bank Harbor VIEW Stat1on Harwood Nelson Hathaway Motor Co Hendons Farm Market H 85 H Grocery Holmes Rexall Drugs Hooper Chevrolet Hoos Your Grocer Hosler s Hostess Cafeterxa Index to Page 3 0 Advertisers Alfred J Hunter Co Franc1s J1I'OCh jones Electrlc Co Klotzs Food Market Kozy Korner Kroger Grocery Llmberlost Grocery Matson Oldsmoblle Mersmans Grocery M1Chlg8n Consohdated Gas Co M1Chlgan Assoclated Telephone C Muskegon Sav1ngs Bank Muskegon School of Bus1ness Naph Sol Reflnmg Co Natlonal Lumbermans Bank Nlbble A Scr1b N1b North Muskegon Bakery North Muskegon Bus Lme North Shore Sc 8: S1 00 Store North Shore Garage Plne Street Furn1ture PIICC Dry Cleaners Pyle Pattern Em Mfg Co Quahty Cleaners Raymond Motor 85 Cycle Reld Graff Corporatxon R1ch 85 Howell Plumbmg Shop Rlchards Servlce Robmson Auto Sales Rogers Jewelry Co Schlossman Theaters Searls Watch Repalr Shaw Walker Company Sheldon E H and Co Square Clothmg Teds Pants Shop Tourcotte Twxss Garage Vandervelde s F urnlture C Wagoner Transportat1on Walters Dr H O Weber Lumber Co Western Mlchlgan Frozen Foods W1scons1n and Mxchxgan S S Co Frank W1tt fBu1ckj Page ' ' ' 1 1 133 1 . 11 1 ,e,,,,,, 148 1 124 ' ' 1 1 132 ' 1 143 ' 1 111 1 135 ' ' ' 1 140 ' 1 1 1 1 111 11 125 ' 1 111 1 11 146 1 111 11 111111 1 134 " 147 11 1111 11 122 ' ' 1 1 139 ' 1 11 11 111111 11 143 ' 11 11 1 11 147 ' 1 1111 148 - ' Co. 1 1 1 127 ' 1 1 111.11 .1 126 1 1 ' 1 1 140 ' ' ' ' 1 1 1 1 131 ' 1 1 1 129 ' ' ' 6.11 1 151 ' 1 1 1 142 ' 1 11111111 11 152 1 1 11 1 1 134 ' 1 11111111111 1111 153 , , ' 1 1 1111 1 1 11 132 - ' ' . 1111111111 143 1 1 137 ' ' 11 1111.1111111 1 129 ' ' ' 149 ' - - ' - ' 1 1 11 1 142 ' ' . 11 11 aaaaaaaaag 141 111 1111 11 123 11111111 1111 154 ' 11111111111 139 l . 11 1 1 11 152 . , 5 V 123 ' ' 1111 1 1 122 1 1111 1 11 1111 1111111 123 1111 11111111 11 1 8 ' ' 11111111111111111 135 .111 1 1111 11111 1111 156 ' 111111111 11 11111111111 137 1 1 11111111 11 1111111 136 . . 11111111 11111111111 124 ' 111 1 1 1 126 ' 1 111111111 111 1 111111 111111 155 1 1 1.1111 11111 1 1111 153 Co.11111111111 144 . 1 11111 148 ' - ' 1111 1 1111111 1111111111 1111 142 ' 128 ' ' 111111111 1 11111111 123 . 1 1 127 ' ' 11 11111 1111 111111111111111111 1111 156 ' 11 1 148 ' 1111 11111111 11111111 111111.11.1 1 1 2 7 ' ' 1 1 1 111111 1 ..1. 1 122 . 11111 11111.11111111111111111,1.1 1 136 E'f'C6ff1'18I'1'S Super Market 11111.1 11 1111 122 Sandwick's Grocery 111,11,1,11,111111,,,1,,,,,,,,-1, 11- 144 - 1 1111 1 1 1111111 1111 145 111111111111 11111111111111111 11 142 ' ' . 1 1 1 1 11 158 ' ' 111111111 1 1111 123 1 111111 11111111 151 - 111111111111111111111111 111 125 ' 1111 1111 1111 1 1111 146 , 1 1 1 111111111111 158 ' ' 1111111 11111 13 ' 111111111111111111 1 11111111111111111111111 130 ' ' 4 1-111.....11111 ...1.111111 1 28 ' 11 111111111.11.1.1111..11.111111111 149 - 1111 111 111.111 1111 1111111 1111 133 11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 1111 143 - 11-- -1 -11...-..11........11.1.1. 126 ' .111111111111.111.111..111111..1.1.11111.11.11 150 ' 1 1-111.11..1.1..... 1111.... 1 27 ' ' o. .1111111111.1...1.... 1 126 1 111-..1111 . 11.111 ..11 122 , ...1 1111111111111111111111111111 1 123 1 1 111111..11111....1...1..111111...... 150 ' ' 1111111111111 1 149 ' aaawa V-44- --1---,-1 .111111. ....11..11111.11...1.1111 140 ' ' ' ' . . 1 11111111 111 141 ' -----1 - ---1------11.....111.....11.1..1. 149 ' ' .,1111,..1.111111 157 159 YIQYEH Autographs ssh, A5555 X 0 f Q K I 'fa J n IHI Q Q 13. Q I XV W.. ...W .., 160 I 4, 'c..,C.Go,-

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