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North Muskegon High School - Norseman Yearbook (North Muskegon, MI) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Cover

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if 4 'W' - wr KEY 'I 3456 lg g if . . UM, GQ' , ,M 1912 ' . xv T ? Q . K 4 V ,'n 41' A "'z'w V '- '- iii rx U' um-' Xa' rf:-' r'f""""'r?'-n ' ly ' ' ,f-r-r"""'m Qf:,"5'.' Q' A ,d Li! ,, 5 Q ' W ivy Q pu-q . 'GRM W R n,,,,,.,..t,....X ' x K . 4 - - Q.-Q. K . Xb.. I I .ju , t N w on .1 , 0 .Q ' " . ' V , .1 , Nj 3- J i 5 . , .,. , - K f f I ' Q 1 mm' -2, .ny 2 0K EMA l94 ' PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS North Muskegon High School North Muskegon, Michigan llll EMA TAFF 194 -4 Co-Editors ........ .... E laine Phillips, Joel Wiener Business Manager .... ............. A rthur Schattie Literary Editor . . . ..... Agnes McPhail Feature Editor ...... ....... D elores Cole Photographer ........ . .......... Philip Buwalda Advertising Manager ................ William Putnam Sports Editors .... .......... R obert Bos, James Scott Artists ............... June Hagstrom, Barbara Joslyn Typists .... .... Y vonne Carter, Beverly Goldsmith, Maxine Schaefer, Eloise Wagner iForeword We, the Norsemen Staff of 1948, pre- sent this book in the hope that the pleasure gained from it will not diminish with the years. Z 'C 1 "aX'l 'y N -' N- "' , s., M 1 I 6 ,Q f ff ' X auf' , 1' .X Q x' 1 Q55 ' f X ' f lst Row--Mr. Prescott, Mrs..Hummel, Miss Joldersma, Mr. McKee, Mr. Ferrell. 2nd Row-Mr. Minshull, Mr. Scott. Board of Education This year the Board has been faced with many urgent and serious problems. Foremost among these is that of providing classrooms for the ever increasing enrollment in both the elementary grades and high school. All available room space was utilized this year since the first grade was divided into two groups and the P.T.A. kitchen made into a classroom. The Board has had plans drawn up for a building to house additional classes and these plans have been submitted to the citizens of the com- munity. The critical problem of finance was somewhat alleviated by a special election in August of 1947 in which the voters approved a three mill increase in the tax levy for the next two years. Improvements made during the year include the addition of one high school teacher as well as a vocal music teacher, the addition of two school buses, and the redecoration of the old building. w f Walter W. Scott, M.A., Superintendent Kelly Dunsmore, M.A., Principal We greeted our new superintendent, with anxiety and optimism as he accepted his new position here this year. He has proved to be a. real friend and a strong' and wise leader. We hope he has successful years in North Muskegon and continues to aid in the growth of our school. Mr. Dunsmore has not only been principal during all of the high school days of the graduating class but has also been their class advisor during their important junior and senior years. His guidance has kept many of us headed in the right direction and he has aided us in the choice of our various careers. ulxakwvvvvvv v-v-' wmv- v fzwg Katherine Birdsall, Charles B A Robert Chard, A.B., ,M.A Ol' t C ll . Hope College, University of Michigan Ol.JtQ,HeM'er:iVersity of Michigan Seillefiuth Dgfage, Arithmetic and Social English, Speech. iv o , 1 ' University of Grenoble, Grenoble, Studies' France, University of Colorado. French, Spanish, Latin. Merna Dean Fisher, John Halmond, A.B. Paul L. Moyes, B.S. B.S. in Ed. Western Michigan College nf Educa- University of Michigan, Michigan State tion, University of Michigan. College. Eastern Illinois State Teachers College' World History, Economics, American Health and Physical Education, Mathe Columbia Teachers College' Government. matics, Coach ot football and base Homemakmg. ball' Sara Moyes Earl Myers, B.S. Mary I. -Plummer, B.S. Michigan State College, Acme Business Western Michigan College of Educa- Western Michigan College of Educa- College. tion, Michigan'State College, Uni- tion, University of Michigan. Typewriting I. versity of Michigan. Commerce. Coach, Basketball and Track, Health and Physical Education, Mathematics. X 1 N , Warren Thompson, B.S. Western Michigan College- of Educa- tion, University of Michigan Berna Stuart, A.B. University of Redlands, Redlands, California. 7th grade English and Science. Driver Training. Robert H. Vander Meer, H. L. Van Eerden, A.B. A B Northern Michigan College of Educv - ' ,' , , . , tion, University of Michigan. UDNIVCTSIKY of MICHISSUI MICIHKUU 5902 Social Studies, Library, Study Hall, COUCEC Girls' Physical Education. Civics, General Science, Biology. Printing, Mechanical Drawing, Shop, We- S ' Jeanne C. Tully, College of Saint Teresa, University of Wisconsin, Columbia University, Uni- versity of Chicago. English, Journalism, American History. Homer Van Hoesen, B.S., M.S. Central Michigan College of Education, Michigan State College, University of Michigan. Advanced Algebra, Trigonometry, Geometry, Chemistry. Physics. f Joyce Van Oss, A.B. Orell L. Winchester, B. Robert L. Wirschem, Hope College. Aquinas College, University of ichi- B.S., MMU. English. gan. C . olumbia Conservatory, La Salle.Pem. Vocal Music. Oglesby Junior College, Westem State Teachers' College, Michigan State College. Music. 'aff 2? GI. X 'X X Af gm , M 5521 .J f 4 Y . Q XX IGH' 652' ffm XX!! S Xxf 'Ns fa 'KM JIM SCOTT ELAINE PHILLIPS Pruident Vice Proliddnt ' DELORES COLE ARTHUR SCHA'I'I'IE Secretary Treasurer L Mr. VAN HOESEN MR. DUNSMORE Advisor Advisor DALE BOS "He leads the pack." lWolf, that is.J af LOIS BROOKS "Let no man deceive you with 'vain words." ROBERT BOS "The highest and most lofty trees have the t Off reason to drZWh " COLON BUITENDORP "Never here, never there, just around." 3 JACK ANDEREGG EARL ANDREE "He PM-9 his hwff 'intv "I have a little shadow his work- What wv'rk??" that goes in and out with KENNETH BAARS ENIAR BAKER "His shofvel often gets A sober face, but win- him in a hole." ning smile." fx? PHILIP BUWALDA YVONNE CARTER "All history is but the lengthened shadow of great men." FRANK CHERNEY "She loves gin and I love rum, tell you what, don't we have fun?" "Light or dark, short or tall, she sets a trap to snare them all." DELORES COLE "Don't judge her work by her size." is A J' IE DAVIS CLIFFORD DOBBEN wshful? We are N05 "His way through school S1416-" is like the Mississippi River. lined with bluffs." KENDRIC DOUGLAS WILLIAM DUELL "One wolf who doesn't "Fun d fancy free." show his fangs." pql 8 . GEORGE FITZGERALD "Thoughts would destroy his paradise." SIORMA FOX 'A thing of beauty is a joy forever." '3 , ANNE FOHLBROOK "Dark eyes, but bright prospects." lxfflum. x l . L 4941! BEVERLY GOLDSMITH "I want to live aright from day to day, I'm sure I shall not pass again this way." WWW MARY DYER DELORES ENGLUND "Quiet, but subject to vio- "And so we walked to- lent outbursts of gig- gether and life was hard gles." and gay." MARVA ERICKSEN MARGARET FIGGE "Somebody watches and "Bait the hook well, this waits for her." one will bite." Q65 If RALPH GUNDY GORDON GUNN i "Keeper of the keys." "Oh, the need of the world for 'men like me." ' VJ' MAXINE HADLEY JUN HAGSTROM "No matter how gloomy "Litte I askg 'my wants the day, she always are few." 4202? DOYLE HAMELINK IRVING I-IANSEN "I hear a voice calling me. "And I remained through Guess who?" weeks and years." FRANK HASSINGER JAMES HUBBELL "He greets you with a smile from his friendly eyes." I "Let us all be happy and live within our means, even if we have to bor- row money to do it with." DELORES HUNTOON BEVERLY HUTCHINS L. EERALDINE KLYM CLARENCE KRAMER 'She passes-whither?" , "Words are women: deeds are men." ZORNELIA KRAMER DOUGLAS She puts her houghts in LEAFSTRAND aight ." "Why study? The more we study, the more there V is to forget." 9.7 A f L ,,4f:7Cv- aa "Put your trust in God "Her method is simple my boys and keep your her weapon a dimples." powder dry." RUTH JOHNSON BARBARA JOSLYN "We've been engaged al- "Always leafve them laugh- most a yeary the happy ing, when you say good time is drawing 'neafrf' bye." .fx JUN. 1 -ff X ,, w f I ,.,7f4fw4. ! ikfxwkfxf XKNL I AGNES McPI-IAIL DONALD MIESCH "She looks quiet. But!!" "A little learning is a dan- LOIS MILLER "A winning way, a pleas- ant smile, dressed so neat, but quite in style. geroras thing." WILLIAM MILLS "He was always quietly arrayed." JACK MITCHELSON DORIS MULLALLY "Sleepy Hollow had noth- "Blushes are beautiful ing on him." but often inconvenient." efehe BEVERLY MUNSON CHARLES OAKES "I gather and carefully "Big or small, he takes on make my friends." them all." JAYNE PETERSEN "I just can't make my eyes behave." MARTIN POSTEMA "H e who knows and knows trust not he knows he is asleep, wake him." RICHARD SCHALK "He used to be bashful, but now . . . Oh my!" BONNIE SCHUITEMA "She faces forever the light-hearted side." if ARTHUR SCHATTIE "The world is his stage, set for comedy." JAMES SCOTT "He was a gentleman from sole to crown." A -Q7 f JOY SHERWOOD "It's easy to see, froorm for this small one there will be." JANET SNUFFER "She lives in quiet, gentle pride." C he SHIRLEY SNOW "School was just like homeg she was never there." RICHARD 'SORENSEN "He would always seek to please her." JOANNE WEBSTER DONALD WESTENFELDER "Her vigor flows like the "His smile is good to see." tides drawn by the moon." SVELYN JOEL WIENER NESTENFELDER "Generally speaking - he lWith malice toward none, is generally speaking." with charity for all." JAMES SPARKS "At last, I feel immeasur- able peace." ROBERT TIMMER "Tis folly to be wise." FRED THOMPSON "He knows not how we watch his mischief ways." ELOISE WAGNER "So we all love a girl keep- ing hold on a dream she wants.'f i ' f ulwxzb X Lois WILLBRA DT RAMON WILLIAMS "I shall laughf yself to "He's a jolly good fellow, death." which nobody will deny." - J N N C7 61 A K in J K C-V fb JAYNE WOLFFIS BEVERLY "I dance on a cloud. Why, WOODHOUSE we ask?" "True worth is being, no seeming." HAROLD ZELDEN RUST "Let my silence speak for me." lllass History In the fall of 1944 we entered our Freshman ar in North Muskegon High School. Our class ficers were: Kendric Douglas, presidentg Jlores Huntoon, vice presidentg Beverly Gold- iith, secretary, and Agnes McPhail, treasurer. ir Student Council representatives were Lois rooks and Joel Wiener. Mr. Dunsmore was our ass advisor. We were initiated by the Sophomores on :tober 11. The initiation included relays and .ces between the two classes at the football eld. We got off to a flying start in high school f defeating the Sophomores. In December we were the guests at a party ven by the Sophomores. We participated in a magazine drive that was, 'ganized by the Student Council to raise funds, lr stage scenery. In addition to selling maga- nes, we contributed twenty dollars to help nance this project. We returned to school the next fall as Sopho- ores. We elected Joel Wiener president, and he as assisted by Norma Fox, vice presidentg everly Goldsmith, secretaryg and Don Miesch, easurer. Anne Fohlbrook and Joel Wiener :presented our class on the Student Council. Our ass advisors were Miss Plummer and Miss orman. In November came the most important day l a Sophomore's life-initiation of the Fresh- en. We forced our "victims" to carry out our amands, which included bowing to us and carry- lg our books. The day was brought to a close ith an assembly honoring f?J the Freshmen. We sponsored a dance in March. It was amed the Cottontail Jump, and was a success. After a summer's rest we returned to school s Juniors. We were led by President Bob Bos, 'ice President Don Miesch, Secretary Beverly oldsmith, and Treasurer Jim Scott. On the Stu- ant Council were Joel Wiener and Dick Salmon- son. Mr. Dunsmore and Miss Plummer were our class advisors. As Juniors we ordered and received our class rings. We selected an unusual ring style that had not been used before in North Muskegon School. In December we sponsored a dance, the Tinsel Tumble. The theme suggested by the name was carried out in the decorations. On April 24th and 25th we presented our Junior Play, "One Mad Night," directed by Mr. Chard. It was a mystery-comedy about a play- wright who one night found his home occupied by a group of lunatics. To conclude our Junior year, on May 29th we sponsored the annual Junior-Senior dinner-dance in the Seniors' honor, at the Occidental Hotel. Our Senior year was our busiest and most important year. Our class officers were: Jim Scott, presidentg Elaine Phillips, vice presidentg Delores Cole, secretaryg and Arthur Schattie, treasurer. Joel Wiener and Bill Putnam were our Student Council representatives. Our class ad- visors were Mr. Dunsmore and Mr. Van Hoesen. Our class colors are black and silver, and we selected as our class motto: "The past is forever gone Q the future still our own." Early in the year the Annual Staff was selected, with Joel Wiener and Elaine Phillips chosen as co-editors. On November 20th and 21st we presented our Senior Play, "A Case of Springtime," under the direction of Mr. Chard. It was a comedy about a high school boy who was in love with the princi- pal's daughter. During the year we sponsored two dances- on January 31st and on April 23rd. Our last week at school was a whirl of activi- ties. On May 28th we were honored bythe Juniors at the J unior-Senior Recreation. Then came Bac- calaureate, the Senior Assembly, and, finally, Commencement. Senior Will The members of the Senior Class leave the halls of good old N.M.H.S., but their spirit re- mains behind in the form of this will. In order to make sure they are not forgotten the following Seniors will- Earl Andree-the car to my brother. Jack Anderegg-leave the last but not least of the Andereggs. Ken Baar-my athletic ability to anyone who can stand to be taped up. Einar Baker-leave my noisy carpentry work during psysics to some quiet Jr. soul. Dale Bos-my Daddy-Long-Legs to Paul to pro- tect him against that everlasting ringing tardy bell. Bob Bos--my ability to sail to anyone who can swim. Lois Brooks-leave my blue bubble gum under my desk in economics to anyone capable of not getting caught blowing bubbles. Colon Buitendorp-my "Model A" to a future Senior who can make it run to take him places. Philip Buwalda-my camera to Ted Vander Boll. Yvonne Carter-the devil in me to anyone who thinks they can be a little angel. Frank Cherney-my search for women to Burrell Fenner. Delores Cole-my desire to peroxide my hair and to grow at least three inches to Dorothy Sutch. Elsie Davis-my height to anyone who wants it. Clifford Dobben-my ability to. make love to someone who wants it, Ray Cole. Kendric Douglas-my nickname "Fat Boy" to Ted Vander Boll. Bill Duell-my habit of teasing to Charles Munn. Mary Dyer-my ability to arrive home late to my sister Dorothy. Delores Englund--my ability to do physics prob- lems to Joan Vander Slute. Marva Ericksen and Maxine Hadley-our Jobs in the office to some lucky Juniors who are capable of getting out of study. Margaret Figge-my ability to keep my men straight to Errol Jean Sharum. George Fitzgerald-my crave for dancing to some Freshman who is in the groove. Anne Fohlbrook-my ability to graduate to my brother, John. Norma Fox-all the shoes I have worn out walk- ing the halls to the Board of Education, to finance the new addition. Beverly Goldsmith-leave after four years of struggling, to wait impatiently another year and a half for my sailor. Ralph Gundy-my height to anyone who wants it. Gordon Gunn-my job on the Norse Star to any Junior who doesn't like study halls. June Hagstrom-my love for poetry to Judy St.Amand. Doyle Hamelink-have nothing to will because , I want to keep all I have fLois, that is.J Irving Hansen-leave, but for where? Frank Hassinger-my pin curls to my brother Bill. James Hubbell-leave all that I learned behind. Delores Huntoon-all the hose I've ruined to make lace curtains for next year's Senior Play. Beverly Hutchins-my dimples to anyone who cares to have such things. Ruth Johnson--my success in gaining a beauty operator's profession before graduation to Elaine Johnson. Barbara Joslyn--miss Mr. Dunsmore's jokes Cornelia Kramer-my chemistry formulas to someone wishing to have a big blow-out. Dlarence Kramer-my physics book to anyone who can understand it. I guess I keep it. leraldine Klym-leave to tie the knot. Douglas Leafstrand-leave, amen, lah womenl. Jon Miesch-leave if I graduate or not. .ois Miller-leave and wait for the Air Corps to land. Bill Mills-my jumping skis, black and blue bruises and broken bones to Eugene Odell. ack Mitchelson-leave still wondering what the score is. Doris Mullally-my shyness to Jean Dunn. Leverly Munson-my Latin book to Pat Connally with pleasure. ' harles Oakes-my Chevrolet to any person who wants to take a chance and drive it. .rthur Olson-my club news in journalism to anyone who wants to finish it. ayne Petersen-"Bos' bouncing Buick" to Mardi Lentz. llaine Phillips-give my excellent speech train- ing back to Mr. Chard so he can pass it on to Frank Witt. lartin Postema-the right to continue my sleep in economics class to any Junior who loves night life. arry Potter-to Carl Parker, my poor grades and ability to get along with teachersg to my brother Phil, my success as a studentg to Marshall Cone, my ability to feed the bull and to Bill Breitfield my "butch," ale Pulsipher-my beard to the football play- ers of "48" until they win their first game. ill Putnam and Agnes McPhail-our spare spokes and axle respectively to the "big wheels" of the Junior class. iaxine Schaefer-my position as Mr. Halmond's able assistant to anyone who can qualify. ichard Schalk-my ability and brains to my brother, fpoor boyl. rt Schattie-the balcony of Room 202 and pub- lic address system to any Junior who wants to make a lot of noise. Bonnie Schuitema-my yellow flag to Carol Waters. Jim Scott-my ability to ski to anyone who can get good snow for skiing. Joy Sherwood-my 4' 11" to anyone who thinks they can add a couple of inches to it. Shirley Snow-leave my absenteeism to anyone who wants it. Janet Snuffer-a book of the Greek language to anyone understanding French as well as I do. Dick Sorensen-the spirit of the football team of 47' to the football team of 48'. Jim Sparks-my love of school to some unsuspect- ing Freshman. Fred Thompson-my red flannels to Mr. Hal- mond so he can drive the bus next winter in comfort. Robert Timmer-leave while the going is good. Eloise Wagner-my ice skates to anyone who can ice skate out and get them next summer. Joanne Webster-my 4 years of cheerleading to anybody who has ambition enough to go through with it. Don Westenfelder-my driving habits to Bob Young. Evelyn Westenfelder-my chemistry book to any- one willing to accept it. Joel Wiener-my 315 years of basketball to any foolish Freshman who wants to be cut his last year. Lois Willbrandt-my ability to devour a large lunch at noon to anyone who can handle it. Ramon Williams-my abilities in baseball to John Biddle. Jayne Wolffis-leave with Earl. Beverly Woodhouse--my tallness to my brother, and anyone who wants it. Harold Zeldenrust-my ability to attend school and be quiet to some Junior. X X Xa Z X V X Q, f " i " ""' .Taq Q", ,XX fy.. .Xgff?? .' I , 1, . W' Q, .... .Q IQ 'lf Q ' 'W wk: ' S gX'm! 1 I CLJ 4-,D I QQQJJ NPN, I Qggdlldflll Gnd I I " i .Q W' v-si" A X X ffZ'?g F lv GN" f Xu. W ll. by I- A BA' f DON MILLER President RON KOLKMAN Vice President HELEN MULLALLY Secretary MR. CFIARD MISS PLUMMER, DICK ROBBINS Advl-90'r Adv-igofr Treasurer E. Anderson , " L. Andree was My E J. Angel N - A X-f ii " C. Armstrong L' I ink! L , Q W' , 4 ' h X. .kkix 13' Q za. EM, 1 Q' 'ST J. Bandgren Q 'R B. Beardsley E. Bohach ' X "i'x"'X B. Breitfield 3? N. Buitendorp ', B. Chaffee ,," ' " J. Cihak Q3 .5 f J. Cilla ' E . " C A ,t X 5 . n X W,, "W ,. M. Cone W 'Q.Q ." ' ' 1? 'K Q Qi 1 A " 'M ' ig Q ff D. Davis J 5 I 55 .K Ai 'A" ' V B. Dean L- I :-f Q ' ' B. Derr 5 ' , W ' ,, f M fi' V' w . s J. DeWald an .+R QCP- Q A R. DeYoung h I F. Dulyea Q 5 '5 Q D. Dunn www' X I Q 7,9 G. Engstrom R. Felt B. Fenner A. Ferris id? L 4 L, SVN 'IFZ - '7- fffff .1 is -1 ' L i . Q B. Frutchey f L I u M 1 B. Graham ,J Lg An' ' K A -"fa B. G-llhdy e L H .... ff e . f i n R- Hugenof Yf s f i X "': ,, ,, ,... "i view Q S 1 . fi- 'A"Ah 'Y ' A N. Hughes W V Ph B. Huntoon E . "" V in R. Hutchins ,wr ,M QR, xl diff? S. Jacobson Q fa A s -- .- V L X ky L. Jones ,Q e , . , , .W .... no e L. Kanaar L 1., L 5 ,H u--:o R. Kolkman :"' , ..,. A-41 Q D L' L ':" f J. KrolczYk .. . A 'A e Y . ' 'A'. - 32 I gg . mg 1 W' . M. Lentz W , 3. I ii- 7 , I ' H. Matych -g D H. ' + K. Meiner . . . Q .:. . 1t,,,...f D Miller .U it ., :, S7 xg K. J f l 34, . 2 5. L s. Minshu1'l ,. Q . A ' , W 9 T. Mitchelson . .... Af' ' un.. - 2"?f im e H. Mullally eff? L. , fs, - u. Munn 1 ia L . '- . .. '? A A 7 i will an if L .. fxf. L. Olson C. Parker L. Petersen E. Poole I. Pulsipher Q 1 M V G. Rankin ' - Q 5 R. Rankin ' 27 L.:x 3 i nn-S 3 5 it ,J L N. lu, 'X K n n 5 lm. A .- R. Robbins L. Sherriff E. Simonelli D. Simonsen S Vw-ef Qu'-Q... 5. Sinen R 1 V. Sparkes R V 1, D. Sutch H A W. T ,su R' errY 'wifi is . K V K xL.i U V un, 3 fm f D. Upman W. ? -T. VanderBoll , J. VanderSlute . R VY' 5 VV J. VanDyke is My D is JKWQV C. Waters Qu C ' R. Wierda ' L' F. Witt ,N B. Wittevrongel J. Wood C. Woodhouse E. Wybenga R. Young .v"!' V+ 1 'P M , jg . . -um' W . -gy ' -'ix .:., si- . u 'C ,if f or L v sf 2 so o N A JOHN BIDDLE President PAT M ALLETT Vice President DELORES WESTEN FELDER Secretary BILL DYER Treasurer M R. HALMOND Advisor M R. MOYES Advisor x X 5 X .F 55,5 4. xt .N 2 W x S X Q 'Sw' 3 W. 5 I K Q K f YN' N5 , S ma M Qi' FVQ k ffi 'Y' ,.,.. y +1 'N -Q2 B Buys E M is M 'ina X X-sw" SA L ig ,FL v K xisixghiggff- h gig p, gi AQ X A i -Qf ' 1:51. in Q S inn v .X h A N... ks , x Va, N X Q Q X! s.. xg' Nw' iii 'Wil J' L. W .ENT . K In Y I X X is K K J , U 5-4- X I M 3, . . i. J: in ? -Quw 'U X 'V H... " ska-w 3 gi WEE 'SI' N Nm ff la b ff . f , J... 51 K my 5 '. - 1 - : . v .. ., , iii k ,W xnxx . Q 4' -xx, M . Xu-A X wx 1:15.11 , . A ,N N, , W 1 Q. E, W- g ,Q x,,Q,,, V-uv ,,, La 2, Fi. H' Xi if is , Myers D. Nelson M. Nelson A. Ockuly Oilell B. Olson G. Peterson W. Quinlan llavmond R. Schieber B. Scott J. Semelbauer . Semeyn E. Sharum J. Temple A. Thebo Thompson D. Wagenvoord P. Weaver C. Westenfelder . Westenfelder C. Whiteman R Wxggms W Woller gx an , .swf sw si ,QF :K .sq I Y- Nilnw... wx 'Y -as E .. lv VN M 5 2.34" 1..,.., , ' " ' 1 f , ev . da AA . f J wk ., -'- -i ,a -1 M 'I 'e 3' I R ' X 2 gy-3 xo, N X 'M i I' X M 'N' . lf.- M, g le.. l 'W' get fa... S... A K B. Wierda www- . K, 'B , Q 'Y x- Q X . , his gt: gf' i N , Q 'N 1 Q J is x, is... ,N R de xl. N I A RRY G ARBER President l'l'1ARI. WEBSTER Vice President NI ANY LINDSAY Secretary .I IM M ATYCH Treasurer MISS VAN OSS Advisor M R. 'THOMPSON Advisor P. Adkins F. Amos J. Amos B. Anderson H. Anderson Y' Eg- L. Arnold ' - , J. Arntz .. :..: 1 i .N T S W. Becht qw 1 ' , A D. Berglund I zi we gl, . V, C. Billinghurst gn f K m5 A. Bishop .gf KJ. .xy i -..-- , . kzld 1 'ix . -. 'V i , l J. Bloom i D. Borman P ...-L '- ' l P. Bos B. Bowden A ' xg 'W' , . . ,'.' if ' B. Breitfield J 1 J J. Bushee 5 P. Chase 5 ' 5 ' E. Cilla n os .Q I X e Q ' ., i ' J B. Covell J' A if I E. Dault - h 31 ' i 4 M. Dean Q ' ,. K I 1 Q. I I G- Derby X . K 1 ? J 7 'E J. Dunn 'Q A Q, A W. Duplissis " Q. R. Erickson X V N . 1 E. Fenner I 'Fig E ."'l3fM' V, Q R I A-233' . 'lQ"w1'f?' K. Fenner B. Figge we Fe... , an 5 fi: .. ww A. Foote G. Fox L. Garber R. Garber N. Grant D. Gunn , xx x as . s K f we-""'f ... , . . , , 1' we ' r fjf YM' W., Hassinger B. Hoxie D. Hummel S. Hyland Nmwl s s 4 A. Jordan R. Kravako M. LaFieur R. Landman f " af. J a-asf I . g in N. . 'Y . .Q L ff XJ' X k I x X Na J n C. Larsen M. Linday L. Major J. Matych L x , .. '--'5 ,Q V , E Q. H. McAdow ..' Arr h h E ,.b' . R. McEwen .wi . "Mi V Q Q" R. Meadley M ... B- Medendofv . ..M .,' m 'M Q .,' . Q o :IQ Q 4 ,na - ae. ... as an A M E . -in .X !xmQ,......,.- .- .14 , . H I I . ' A M. Meiner Q ' f P .. h ' A. Mercer - -A N L V ' K. Mitchelson 1 M ' we G. Newkifk Q 3' .JFS o ' .. . Q7 4 M.. 5 . M mVA. , ,k., ,Si is Q Z "'- Sam , Az.. -AMA . 5 I fi .4 M ..ff' A. Q A. Olsen J. Olsen B. Oostmeyer M. Parsons M. Pearson M. Peters J. Poole M. Riley N. Sanders G. Schofield H. Sherwood B. Simonelli R. Simonelli L. Sinen D. Sluyter G. Smith J. Smith J. St. Amand D. Cygiert B. Tarr G. Upman G. Vanderploeg B. Vander Slate D. Vento P. Webster P. Wilson W. Yonker f S Q 5 X is Q 3 F' ' -gin vt'--1. 3 z 2 if I 3 J Z x ' f me e .l ,. -5: V ,Q ...Vi .- . If . ..f ' Q . if . . -ef' K -:- , 3 ' .:. 2 - kiiliwllg 'fum Www. .- , Q .1 1' A F , gi .2 he :T I s , l L Q I Q... K. ev' Q3 s E z5.i 1 s ,. if ir Q W9 4 4 A L 3 . .. s V 5 Y x H A x l ka." X. . 5 E s I N 2 M ,K , "f -w 6 Lg' Q I F . X 1 1 xx . A if I ll 'gkjh gig? ' ku? Y ws :HK 5 i. L ,': ' 1' if 2 we K ' L. A fi I , V g. f .'W ,?,, L Ff jmgnk sp . V if sm - swwmM.l.Q. .VPL f- gwr N A., 1.4 a ,- , .. fs 1 sww? 25. 4 iw . 1 sL.5g..f 1 'Q - s v . ' N M" 52 xx fb-f' 1 fs, , f Q ,h f ,ff K' . Q ' " ziggy f K .5 1 K Xt i J? ys 'G H-Q . B. llnnroe, Pres. R. Anderson, Vice Pres. G. Schalk, Sec. Carol Stribley, Treas. Mr. Myers, Advisor Mr. Vander Meer, Advisor M. Baker D. Baughman J. Beardsley K. Benedict B. Berggren 1. Berglund E. Belka C. Bliss D. Bond N. Boomer S. Bronson R. Carr D. Cross P. Dyer L. Erickson R. Fontaine N. Gaikema H. Ginn I. Germsnd W. Hein M. Hughes C. Johnson V. Kueny D. Laubach M. LeGrady W. Little J. Marquard H. McClure M. McCormick ll. Miller R. Mitchell M. Mitchelsm S. Mooney J. Mulder -'-xl . .L.. 1 A -. w if f. . 'wh C. Munn T. Nachasel B. Neinhuis D. Pierson M. l'usKem Q. ?.i'I.'?ke. gf? ,sk ll. Proctor L 9 Rvxlihiue .g 5' Lg . . Schelfl I X . D. Schuilgzma VL X X- .. is ' E. Schultz K' . . iw .- In I I.. .JE if K 4g . S., l W. Schultz A Mi Simonelli A '. Smith .L T. Smpel E - - R. Stevens iw A 5 R.. Y'Xl'X K, as ft M. Thcbo G. Thnnmsml J., Tlisqlnpson - sk . nerman . --W K l'. Van Ellen al "' A 3 I f. I. Wngenvoord L L " C. VVagner J. W'eber J. Welkpski O. Westenfelden .1-M.. A. wana gn? 'N R. W'ilson J. NVordeu X x S. Wyan! . 9' x' L. XVynne S R. Zaagman Y if x 1-W., 'W 'Til M ,h A wx, ,ig . W 5 lux? A K - K I 33.1 J' l W 4 f . I 5 1-... 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K u a ...Ni a a .. my Wk qwfgcy I ii'i4'x' ...Ni 3 . - Q 5.12.5 K , K , iE?k',A li K I , Q, ir! Ns-.., N3 5 an .Z N N' ff kia. , M , ,. at y nk . K . I , , ,. ,- W K 4 , i '-.5 K .I u ' , D. Gibbs vm ,,. ,gk , . ,' , ' " wif E. Hanbury a is gg. A a+ A , e . ,, in . qi kZ. I , . r. - W. -M . at tal Q . , , 1144, . Q ," Ei 5 vc g.dJij' f -tr' ' .fi l X fi -.- . 1 . ' . E. Hummel W. Hutchins '- I W. Jager ' T Knutson i , 'T r 5 Q , Vg 'lf " ' X Q X k . 9 -. . ' T' K ' ' D. Kops 1 v . . 0 nunHbQL - I . Laubach C. Leaf J. Maxwell B. McMillan G. McNin . Mecher R. Morse C. Nagelkirk D. Olsen A, Pender Phelps 1. Pinder V. Pulsipher I. Raymond J. Raymond Rich K. Schultz T. Scott M. Sinmt P. Sipman Sodine C. Spaulding M. Stopel L. Syers B. Terry Van lllargan L. Van lllargan J. Vayette C. Villing S. Welkoske VN'enzer J. VVhisler J. VVilson L. W'oodring L. Zuidema wa Q Q li. fm F ' A xx .., W . Q . X . 'DQ L ,Q . QL. 'N-eff L , 1 P L. - ' a .. QV ' 1.. . K' '." K . 'S ya, ...,. lt LL A .. fr' ' N K A - .6 fl .... by In ,. . "i . 25 J - fi. P 1, 1 T x I . ' 1 W ' 'A l Q . i . uf: A- .J .grw rggh fl if P M2 f-M, ff .3 'X xigrb A 'L' " E I A it K I? . 1 , A ,, , a Q 1 Q.- . . . W S' kk K I . Sgfxj 77" X K f... .QU NVQV '. WJ. xx 'A Lg Z -'L .... a . f K 4 . ' ' . f " -XX I .13 ,J- o'h fy A N f 1 f 4 fl , f Q. .au 5, K4 N 5. R M' . , .fm I . A Wg- vi l A l I I X? ff QQ ul. W3 I I I txsxlf .Xiu Q x t, 0 X m 7' Sk. AND' fr, ,Q 'N Q A 33- '5 N 1 ,, 9 fa Q10 0 .fs I g .t I 3 I i l?" W mf? 9--545,49 f-'S-'45-Q? gg the-lr' ' 3 - 1 .1 Q lst Row-P. Buwalda, R. Gundy, NV. Putnam, J. Mitchelson, D. l'ulsipher, K. Baars, C. Oaks, D. Bos, lb. Soren son, D. Mcisch. 2nd Row--J. Scott, R. Gundy, R. Chaffee, T. Mitchclson, D. Miller, T. Vanderlloll, B. Graham, L. Olsen, J. Hubbell, D. Leafstrand. 3rd Row-D. Hamelink, I. Krolczyk, J. Semelbauer, M. Hand, B. Matych, H. Dyer, J. Raymond, R. Felt, R. Cole, Manager, 194 Vlll l'l'Y F00'l'lllLL The Norse opener, a non-conference tilt witlf Grand Rapids Lee, was lost by a 13-6 score. The boys in blue and gold gained steam for the Whitehall game, the conference opener, and rolled over their neighbors by a top-heavy 50-0 score, with Coach Moyes using every man on the squad. The Ludington Orioles, a strong class "B" team, the next Norse victims, fell under the knife with a 13-0 win. The Moyesmen took the lead in the Western Michigan Conference with an 18-6 victory over Scottville. v-- R. Hugenol, J. lliddlc, C. XYhitemai1, ll. NVoller, G. gerald, 1. Mustard, C. Garber, C. Parker, ll. Frutchey, -luyes, Coach. xured-j. XYiener. ie N orsemen added another triumph to their when they traveled to Montague where von 13-2. Montague's backfield failed to e the punches against the strong Norse for- vvall. ie victorious Norsemen clinched the West- ichigan title by overwhelming the Shelby 7-6. ext our mighty Moyesmen sailed to Hart they sank the Pirates 40-0. le last game was lost to Fremont, a high :lass "B" team, with the score 14-0. allowing a very successful season, Coach is looking forward to an even more suc- one next year due to the experienced un- Lsmen who have proven themselves so valu- the team. FOOTBALL BAN QUET The thirteenth annual "Norsemen" football banquet sponsored by the North Muskegon Board of Trade was held on December 9, 1947, at 7:00 P.M. Guests for the evening included men representing the sports department of WKBZ, WMUS and the Muskegon Chronicle, the North Muskegon band, director Robert Wirschern and Mrs. Wir- schem, cheerleaders and their sponsors, Junior High Coach Myers and Mrs. Myers, the North Muskegon High School Athletic Associa- tion, the Varsity Football squad, coach and Mrs. Paul Moyes. The football team consisted of J. Hubbell, H. Dyer, K. Baars, D. Miesch, B. Chaffee, T. Mitchelson, J. Scott, J. Krolczyk, M. Hand, J. Raymond, R. Felt, J. Wiener, K. Cooper, B. Gundy, D. Robbins, D. Miller, D. Sorensen, B. Putnam, D. Bos, B. Matych, P. Buwalda, D. Pulsipher, J. Mitchelson, T. VanderBoll, B. Graham, R. Gundy, C. Oakes, D. Leafstrand, L. Olson. J. Semelbauer,J. Biddle, G. Fitz- gerald, C. Whiteman, D. Fitt, R. Hugenot, D. Hamelink, C. Garber, B. Woller, J. Mustard, B. Frutchey, and C. Parker. The managers were C. Easterling and R. Cole. After a very delicious meal prepared by the home economics girls, and listening to the dinner music of Bob Schmidt and his Rhythm Rockers, the program was opened with an invocation by Reverend E. W. Tink. The toastmaster for the evening, Bill Meiner, introduced the guests. Following the music of the N.M.H.S. mixed octette, directed by Miss Winchester, Coach Paul Moyes introduced the varsity team captains and also the captains elect for 1948. Varsity letters were awarded to the power men of the squad. The remainder of the honored occasion included a very interesting address from George Wilson. playing captain of the Chicago Bears, who later showed a film on previous games played by the Bears. MANAGERS Ray Cole, Claude Easterling The Thinkers! Here we come! P4 r 0 UE AGM As a memorial to a very successful season, the Nor.semen were awarded the Western Michi- gan Conference trophy. This trophy is to be placed on exhibition along with many other awards earned by winning athletes in their par- ticular fields such as track, baseball, basketball, football, tennis and golf. The three men above, representing this year's football squad, are the two co-captains of 1947, Ken Baars and Dale Pulsipher, and Coach Paul Moyes, who has man- euvered his team to their many decisive wins. The co-captains elect for 1948 are Don Miller and Tom Mitchelson. TIIE TRUPIIY He1'e's wishing the 1948-49 grid team the best of luck from the class of '48, and hoping that many more athletic awards may be placed in the memorial cases bedded in the halls of the North Muskegon High School. End Around. Hit those bloody guys! lst Row-J. llaars, J. Beardsley, D. Proctor, B. Leffard, N. Ferns. 1 I I 1 I Znd Row--IJ. Sodini, L. Garber, E. Cilla, H. Sherwood, Don Vento, Co-Captain, B. Hoxie, Co-Laplaml ll. .imone 1, . l .xc asc, . os. S Il l V h l 1 li 3rd Rowfll. Schultz, Manager: J. Upman, J. V'Arntz, J. Vllagenvoord, G.Schofield, IJ. Mcliwen, K. Mitchel- sun, ll. lluphssis, 0. 'Schalk, Earl Mig ers, Loach lllllllmll00TBALL The thud of a tennis shoe against a football and, a rip of the football pants was heard once again in the fall, as Earl Myers, varsity basketball and track coach, took over the job of teaching the tiny Norse the fundamentals of football and start- ting them on the way up the ladder to the varsity. The season opened with two foes. strictlv out of the "Little Norse- men's" class, Angell and Bunker of Muskegon, tip- ping the scales 20 to 6 and 20 to 75 next a school of 4 - our own size and from the varsity conference, Monta- gue, felt the sting of the "Little Norsemen" as they fell 18 to 0 for the first vic- tory.A.gainst another school of our class, the team made its power felt as it lashed out with a 26 to 12 victory over Grand Haven. Still trying to play giant killer the little men took on Cen- tral of Muskegon and turn- WHAT'S THE SCORE? ed in a very creditable job, by holding the Mus- kegon Jr. High Champs to a 13 to 7 victory, and it was a moral victory for us. The last game of the season and back in our own class, against Mon- tague, resulted in a score in favor of the tiny Norse, 19 to 0. On the squad this year were 17 ninth graders, 7 eighth graders and 4 sev- enth graders. Jr. High let- ters winners were Co-Cap- tains, B. Hoxie and D. Ven- to, K. Mitchelson, B. Dup- lissis, H. Sherwood, D. Mc- Ewen, G. Schofield, E. Cilla, L. Garber, P. Bos, J. Arntz, G. Mahoney, B. Simonelli, J. Upman, B. Hassinger, E. Dault, B. Garber, J. Wag- envoord, B. Munroe, G. Schalk, T. Natazel, B. Le Gard, N. Ferris, D. Sodini and B. Schultz for Jr. High manager. Other boys that finished the season were: J. Baars, J. Beardsley and D. Proctor. Mr. Myers, Coach: I. Scott, K. Douglas, C. llobben, IJ. llos, ll. Leafslrxmd, M. Hzmd, K. llzmr-, j. llxener, R. llos, D. Fill. A schedule of fourteen games and entry in the district basketball tourney was slated for the Norse basket tossersas they opened the sea- son and initiated the new score board purchased by the Student Council. The usual Norse bas- ketball victory habit wan- dered off the beaten path this season as Coach Earl Myers, starting his fourth season at the helm, put a team on the floor that showed flashes of offensive power and some classy de- fensive ability. Starting with one veteran, few re- serves, and green material, the team that appeared on the floor was a scrappy and fighting one, eager to learn and always gave a good account of themselves. BIG MAN, BIG LOAD VARSITY Ill KETBALL True they lost more than they won, but they played to their best ability, advanced fast, gained valuable experience and should be bouncing back up the victory path in another year. The over all bright spot of the season's play was the team work and fighting spirit that ran high and was shown as the boys gave their all through- out the season. Very often the team turned in great first half battles in which their opponents were held even, but lack of experience often told the tale as the team cracked in the latter stages of the game. High- lights of play during the year that the Norse can point to are the games with Montague, St. Mary's, Shel- by and Newaygo. Whitehall VS. NOFth Muskegon Ngrth Musekgon Vg, Hart Think he will make it? What form! 5625551200 wmilvn 2 O 5 EV' E 0 U2 11:5 'SZ gc ga .-5" a G W R' Q UQ O 5 2 O a If a ,AS 7? E22 O 5:1 ii U2 O 9. F9 5. E? North Muskegon vs. Shelby Got it! N North Muskegon vs. Whitehall Hart vs. North Muskegon Will it ever come down? Legal Shelby vs. North Muskegon Who's the man in the striped shirt? N0fth MV9ke8'0H VB- MOHUKUC Scottville vs. North Muskegon 00f! Dark, isn't it? M5396 HQZHIHHJZOO D B as Center J I X I . ,YXHNANK Q . Uobben Cer-Mer K. Douflas f-tsrwafd 3 LRG X PW f -V , 5 5, liiqgftgz L 'N ,vgfif D. L Ea fa franc! for wa,-J R. .fchafk Guard 3 XXX N gg.: A D Htl' Guard ff Myer: faach ,G 1 -jf,-gif? 7 , 5 xw. W M5 Hand Guard B. Bos. ffvrwvzfd wi X X U . Q l K Baa r.s f'-'Br war-J 'kv U-'33 wffcoff Guard JT Wiener G uafl Qi E? .5 J .xii 5, E? - A fx 'E f Q 5 5 sf ai ai ff A A S ... 1 . Y. 4 iw . 'y 1 z u . if 72 ? 173 . . . f 1 1 1 mQ h . Z '- - L -.. Q. P ' h ' K 1 A -A . . f QQ. sl 3-if tg , Q A + , . .. . . . L f f ef . 5 . E - Q - V . . - - i ' . - 1 Q ' . 'Q a n X-. S ' NM ' gf 1 f 1 D Q N Q 7 - .- . , 1' ' ' yr' If - - ,Z ,.i 7 4 lst ROWWT. Mitchelson, K. Douglas, R. NYilliams, K. Baars, J. Andcregg, B. Malych, ll. Clxalfee, M. lland. .End Row--l'. Moyes, Coach: J. Krolczyk, J. Armz, J. Raymond, R. Kolkman, XV. lluplimsxs, R. Kupsg j. llimlmlle. 3rd Row-NY, lluwalcla, C. Eastcrling,li, lYuller, C. XYl1iteman, T. Vandcrlloll, ll. Fin, R. Yule, J. Hubbell, ll. Klrallam, G. Sineu. BASEBALL My friends! Baseball style show. Night game. Wgfming UD- Standing: Mr. XX'irschem, Mr. Moyes, Mr. Myers. Seated: Mr. Dunsmore, Mr. Dietrich, Mr. Minshull, Mr. Scott. Not pictured: Mr. Van Hoesen. NORTH MUSKEGON SCHOOLS ATHLETIC BOARD North Muskegon Athletic Board is composed of seven members who are the policy making group for the athletic program of our school. Gus Dietrich represents the community at large. Thomas Minshull is repre- sentative of the school, Walter Scott, Superintendent of schools, Kelly Dunsmore, Principal of the High School, Homer Van Hoesen faculty repre- sentative, Robert Wirschem, the band director, and Coaches Paul Moyes and Earl Myers. This group approves all schedules, finances, and dis- bursements, awarding of letters and any other business concerning ath- letics that may come before it. The brightest spot of the year was the final payment on the notes for the lighting and fencing of the football field, these were to have been paid off 'in ten years but payments were finished in three years. At the present time the board is busy making' plans for future improvements of our ath- letic facilities. J' 'kV' k.aug,fgfNf9"4'XfX..l .atfk-I ' na? nf ff, P Business Department Art Department Planning Department Sports Department lst Row-l. Scott, R. Hester, l'. lios, R. Lhaffee, J. Marquard, IJ. llond. A 2nd Row-Mr. Dunsmore, Advisorg XY. Putnam, ll. Cone, A. Mercer, R. Kolkman. bl. Scott, 'lrezusurerz F. Vt'itt, President: R. Ilos, Vice President: D. Mullally, Secretary: J. Wiener, M, Hand. STUDENT COUNCIL In the school year just past, the Student Council again found itself in the center of the many activities which are carried on in our school. To start off the year, the Council sponsored three very successful dances after football games. On October the 11th, the 'Pumpkin Plop," the main dance of the year, was held with Charlie Bird's Orchestra furnishing the music. Then when basketball season rolled around, the Council put on several very successful dances after each home game. In the early part of the first semester, a magazine drive was sponsored with gross sales coming to well in excess of seven hundred dollars. With the profits made from the drive, the Coun- cil was able to purchase for the school, a new camera, enlarger, and developing equipment. Also during the first semester a radio pro- gram was put on over WMUS, which stated the aims and accomplishments of the Student Council. Beginning the second semester, a loud speak- er system, mike, and automatic record player unit were purchased. Periodic locker inspections were held under Council supervision, and early in the second sem- ester a student improvement poll was held getting the student's opinion on what should be done to improve the school. The provisions stating that dramatic produc- tions would be requested to pay a certain percent- age of net profits was reinstated, in order to pur- chase new stage equipment. For the first time, our school became a mem- ber of the Inter-School Junior High Council of Greater Muskegon Schools. North Muskegon was represented by Tom Scott, Jack Marquard, Delores Cone, and Margaret Mercer. As another project, a cloak-room checking system was set up for use at school dances. In the spring of the year, the Council proposed an amendment changing the time of electing Student Council officers from the spring to the fall. The Student Council also furnished the school with a Christmas tree, kept school flags and piano in good condition, purchased new victrola records for school use, kept the school well sup- plied with soft drinks, and sponsored five fine assembly programs for the student body. The Student Council was very ably advised throughout the year by Mr. Dunsmore, school principal. st Row-G. Smith, B. Anderson, Secretary, B. Figge, B. Neinhuis, B. Berg- gren, N.-Ames, Treasurer, C. Westenfelder, L. Sinen. nd Row--M. Peters, M. Riley, C. Wagner, Historian, B. VanderSlute, A. Jordan, M. Thebo, A. Ockuly. rd Row-J. Wood, President, M. Parsons, J. Oostmeyer, M. Pearson, N. Grant, M. Dean, E. Schultz, M. Fisher, Advisor. Fo Ho Ao Pll0TOGllAPllY CL ll at Row-D. Dunn, B. Baker, G. Smen, F. Thompson, D. Westenfelder, C. Munn. nd Row-Mr. VanHoesen, Advisor, R. Rankin, L. Kanaar, E. Odell,, G. Gunn R. Kolkman, D. Sutch, W. Buwalda, T. VanderBoll, President, B. Beards: ley, A. Olson, J. Krolzyk. C. Whiteman, J. Raymond, M. Lentz, G. Rankin. As part of the National Organ- ization of Future Homemakers of America, the motto of F.H.A. is "Toward New Horizons." The girls sponsored sandwich sales and a popcorn sale. In No- vember mothers and daughters were entertained at a. potluck sup- per. Mrs. Elizabeth Anderson was chosen Chapter Mother. An ice-skating party on Bear Lake was planned as a winter ac- tivity. In January the group gave a play, "No Back Seat for Grand- ma," and a monologue, "She Thinks She Studies," for an assembly pro- gram. At the end of the year they had a beach party on the shore of Lake Michigan. The Photography Club has been one of the more active organiza- tions in the club program. This year pictures were taken in and around school stressing improve- ments that were needed. Slides showing the throwing of snowballs, gum in drinking fountains, run- ning for classes, overcrowded busses and lockers, and others were shown in an assembly in March. The Club brought speakers in to speak to them about various subjects related to their interests and they also took group class pic- tures in the grade school and sold copies to the pupils. The Junior Club, newly form- d this year, was made up of lighth Graders with several Jun- xr and Senior girls acting as ad- isors along with Mr. Chard. The roup functioned mainly along so- lal lines-with activities including iusical chairs, charades, plays, kits, coke parties and gossip. The group presented a mock adio program for an assembly. inging commercials, a quiz show, lr. Anthony, and Spike Jones made up the program. Senior and Junior girls acting as dvisors were Bonnie Schuitema, lelores Huntoon, Lois Miller, Ruth ,iley, and Jayne Peterson. The Noon Club was organized to rovide recreation f o r almost mree hundred students who must arry their lunches to school. The gym was set aside as the lace to eat with members of the lational Honor Society in charge E the sale of milk. Members of me group took. turns in checking me neatness of their eating place. After lunch varied activities of ie club included softball, basket- all, football and horse-shoes in rieir respective seasons. Movies 'ere shown twice weekly and ances were held in the foyer. lst Row-E. Betka, M. LeGrady, C. Stribley, V. Kueny, P. Dyer. 2nd Row-H. Hughes, N. Gaikema, N. Boomer, S. Wyant, J. Marquard, Vice President, M. Postema, Presidentg D. Bond, Secretary, R. Stevens, Treasurer 3 J. Thompson, J. Ekwall, L. Stopel. 3rd Row-R. Chard, Advisor, B. Schuitema. Co-advisor, R. Riley, Co-advisor, J. Weloski, W. Little, D. Proctor, J. Mulder, B. Fontaine, T. Nachazel, L. Wynne, B. Monroe, D. Miller, B. Mitchell, W. Sheffler, L. Miller, Co- sponsorg J. Petersen, Co-sponsor, D. Huntoon, Co-sponsor. 4th Row-B. Schultz, H. Ginn, P. VanEtten. R. Carr, D. Cross, R. Rhine, B. Hein. JUNIIIII CL B NO0N UL B lst Row-B. Medendorp, S. Hyland, B. Nienhuis, R. Johnson, E. Wibenga, L. Arnold. 2nd Row-E. Baker, R. VanderMeer, Adviser, B. Duell, R. Gundy, C. Kramer, R. Gundy, R. Davis. F. Witt, E. Phillips W K ll ATIO AL H0 IDR 0ClE'l'Y lst Row-E. Phillips, Presidentg A. McPhail, A. Fohlbrook, Secretary, M. Ericksen, C. Kramer, J. Petersen. 2nd Row--K. Dunsmore. Advisor, D. Mullally, M. Schaefer, B. Joslyn, B. Goldsmith, C. Kramer, J. Wiener, Vice President. This year N.M.H.S. again took part in weekly radio programs over WKBZ. News was sent in to the station and was recorded on Wednes- day afternoons. These programs were then broadcast on Thursday evenings. Once every eight weeks North Muskegon was the Honor School, and two students read school news, while prominent members of the student body and faculty were interviewed. It is the hope of the advisors and stud- ents that the program will be con- tinued in the future. This program was under the di- rection and guidance of Mr. R. Chard. The members of the Jean Bap- tiste Recollect Chapter of the Na- tional Honor Society are chosen for scholarship, leadership, character and service. Milk sales at noon, money for the annual staff camera, Norseman stickers, a dance after the February 6th basketball game, and a cake and ice cream sa-le were the projects unv- dertaken for the year. The new members added in Feb- ruary were: Delores Cole, Arthur Schattie, June Hagstrom, Joanne Webster, Sarah Minshull, Frank Witt, Natalie Hughes, and Ruth Riley. This made the 1947-48 chap- ter the largest in the history of the school. North Muskegon students have present- rl a half hour broadcast over WMUS each londay afternoon. This activity has given large number of North Muskegon students xoellent radio experience, for students rang- ig from the fifth grade-directed by Mrs. hcile Scott-through the advanced French lass-directed by Mrs. Katherine Birdsall -have presented programs. Each week news was read by students nd some club or activity was saluted. On a aw occasions plays and other variety shows 'ere presented. The students wrote their wn scripts which varied from educational :pics to comedies. The participants did an excellent job lroughout the year. Programs were ar- mged as conveniently as possible on stud- its' free time. The programs were under ie direction of Mr. Robert Chard. The first proJect :or the year was to urchase clay pigeons and a hand trap. With iese the club practiced wing shooting down ri Bear Lake shoreline. After winter set in ie club members spent their time in the mop making fish pools, remodeling gun :ocks and other similar projects. When spring came once again the club Larted rifle practice at their range with sch of the twenty members kept busy either wading or shooting. The club continued to moot until the end of the year. N. Hughes, F. Witt, A. McPhail, A. Schattie, E. Phillips. W M U R00 and GUN CL B D.Bos, D. Miller, J. Arntz, K. Baars, F. Cnerney, R. Cole R Tim mer, Treasurer, D. Leafstrand, President, J. Sparks, J Matych J. Upman, P. Bos, J. Poole, C. Billinghurst, Mr. Myers, Advisor Not pictured: R. Schalk, Vice President. V1 ,--.-M.-I L5.4,.M , , 'Q--1-1 , W ' -i lst Row--D. Davis, L. Andree, G. Derby, B. Monroe, J. VVagenvoord, B. Frulchey, B. Gundy 2nd Row-B. Duell, R. Anderson, C. Bliss, R. Thompson, D. Fuller, J. Pulsipher, B., C mins, B. Becht, D. Karchinski, E. Anderson, T. Mitchelson, R. Gundy, C. Oakes, D Robbins, Mr. Thompson, Advisor. llA DICRAFT CL li 'l'WlltLlllt R. Hester, C. Wbodhouse, J. Dunn, C. Vanllykc, J. Cihak, A. llisliup, ll. Tarr, ll. Scliuitem Twenty-two eager boys gath- ered in the shop last fall to form a Handicraft Club under the direction of Mr. Warren Thompson. The purpose of the club was to allow the members to pursue their own interests in the shop. Throughout the year the boys carried out many inter- esting projects. Some of the fellows surprised their mothers with unique lamps made from bowling pins, while others car- ried home book 'ends, ash trays, nut bowls, small sailboat models, and many other knick-knacks. A few of the boys inspired by an artistic touch, ventured into the jewelry field and came out with some novel aluminum rings which were soon in the posses- sion of some very lucky girls. At the end of the first semes- ter the club was reorganized with eleven members. The majorettes for this year were Charlyn VanDyke, Joanne Cihak, Ardis Bishop, Barbara Tarr, and Jean Dunn. This was the first year of twirling for all of them, and they were chosen last fall by Mr. Wirschem through competition. The flag twirlers were Bonnie Schuitema and Coral Woodhouse. This was O0ral's third year and Bonnie's second as twirlers. Dick Hester, acting as drum major, led the band. This was Dick's second year. During football season they marched with the Band before the games and at half-time. The Santa Claus Parade was one of the big events of the year in which they participated. They also participated in the Band Bounce held at school and the Tulip Festival at Holland, Michi- gan. The girls were kept busy during the winter filing and sorting music. Lung-power was never lack- ing at the eight football games, fourteen basketball games and twelve pep assemblies, which were held during the year. Twelve peppy members of the cheering section were on hand at all these events, leading the student body in rousing cheers. The group was organized at the beginning of the football season under the sponsorship of Miss Plummer and Miss Van Oss. All students who wished to go out for cheerleading met in the high school gym two weeks after school resumed in September. Miss Plummer, commercial teacher, and Miss Van Oss, Jun- ior High English teacher, were advisors. Joanne Webster, Lois Brooks, Lois Willbrandt and Anne Fohlbrook helped train the new cheerleaders for the football season. Try-outs for basketball season cheerleaders were held in N o- vember before the student body, and Joanne Webster, Senior, Beverly Baars, Sophomore, and Pearl Webster and Barbara Tarr, Freshmen, were elected. Many new yells were origin- ated and introduced to the stud- ent body during pep assemblies. The student body liked the new yells and responded enthusiasti- cally. The last game of the year found the cheering section back- ing the team in its hard-fought battle with unbeaten Grant. lst Row-L. Broo ks, A. Fohlbrook, I Hillbrimlt J NN cb-lei 2nd Row-R. Hester, C. Armstrong, L. Petersen, H. butch, A. liislmp, J S I lxl lelter, B. Breitfield EEEEEIII SEETEI CHEERLEADERS lst Row-NY. Ruell, E. Baker, ll. Fitt, H. Dyer, I. Krolczyk, T. Vanderlioll, M. Anderson, M C ' M' " . one, . yeis. Znd Row-C. Kramer, Mr. VanHoesen, Advisor, ll. Gundy, R. Cole, M. Hand, ll. Ilcardsley, R. Gundy, ll. Miller, G. Sinen, R, Ginn, R. Kopps, ll. VVagenvoord, R. Davis, J. Biddle, R. ll'ic-rila, J. Scott. MIWIE 0PEllAT0li Wllltlill PHUBLEM CLUB lst Row-L. Brooks, VV. Graham, F. VVi!t, Chairman, ll. Munson, A. Fohlbrook. 2nd Row-VV. Myers, K. Douglas, I. Cilla, R. llavis, NY. Quinlan, R. Ginn, Mr. Halmond, Advisorg M. Andersen S, Cone, R. Chaffee, IJ. Miesch, K. Meiner, C. Garber. ff Q f A system to increase the num- ber of projector operators was started this year. Many boys were interested in learning the operation of the machines. Each time an experienced operator showed a movie he was accom- panied by a novice who helped him and learned as he went along. In this way the number of capable operators increased. Clarence Kramer and Einar Baker made carts for the proj- ectors and sound boxes, which enabled the machines to be moved with greater efficiency. Both elementary grades and high school were served. With the purpose of creating more interest throughout our school in current topics, the World Problems Club was organ- ized. Many topics were discuss- ed this year, the most important ones being our discussion of for- eign aid, universal military training, freedom of the press, and Palestine partition. As club sponsor, Mr. Halmond acted as advisor on the various discus- sions that were held, while Frank Witt was general chair- man in charge of organizing dis- cussions. Having a total enroll- ment of about twenty members, the club met once a week during activity period to discuss and study the various current prob- lems mentioned above. Bi-weekly production of the NORSE STAR was a major project of the twenty-four mem- bers of the Journalism Class. The editorship rotated every three issues, being held during the course of the year by De- lores Cole, Gordon Gunn, Marva Ericksen, Lois Willbrandt, Bill Duell and Mary Dyer. Issues averaged nine mimeo- graphed pages, included write- ups of varied student activities, school announcements, humor, faculty news and illustrations. Operating f rom its own NORSE STAR office the staff typed and mimeographed its own copy, made every deadline and even provided subscribers with two extra editions. A few of the many girls who would like to take part in athletics at school were able to fit it into their schedules during Activity Period on either Wed- nesday or Thursday. The enroll- ment totaled twenty-eight and the girls were coached by Mrs. Van Eerden. The most interest and the most progress were shown in basketball. Folk dancing and volleyball were on the program during the winter. In the early fall and spring the girls enjoyed soft ball. lst Row-N. Fox, J. Mitchelson, I. Hansen, L. VN'illbrandt, M. Hadley, J. Andereg liricksen, M. Dyer. 2nd Row-IJ. Cole, F. Cherncy, D. Leafstrand, J. Sherwood, ll. Duell, G. Gunn, R. lu l C. Munn, A. Olson, S. Snow, E. Davis, G. Fitzgerald, J. Vlfolffis, D. Pulsiphcr, I". Tl 1 son, J. Tully, Advisor. THE 0llSll STAR ami nw win in emo l t Row-QD. Cygiert, S. Mooney, S. Bronson, J. NYebcr, l'. Smith, lb. Mummy, l'. Con ll, T. Zagman, C. Fenner, M. Miner, J. Tierman, J. Cihak. 2nd Row--H. Vanlirrlen Xrlvisorg ll. Sinionelli Y. Angel A. NVilke 'zinc er: ,i , , ,Nbls,Xllut dorp, B. Buwalda, J. Dunn, E. Fenner. S IE N In I. A 7 Qi. "A Case of Springtime" Bill Putnam, as Bob Parker, played the leading role in "A Case of Springtime" by Lee Sherman, presented on November 20 and 21, 1947, as the Senior play. Bob, a typical teen-age high school stud- ent, is forever in a turmoil of trouble. Delores Huntoon, as Bob's girl, Joan Abernaker, has a difficult time keeping him out of trouble with her father-who is the high school prin- cipal. When Bob presents a magic show at school and has difficulty sawing Joan in two, things really begin to "pop," Even Bob's rabbits turned into chinchillas. But "All's well, that ends well" and every- thing does end well for Bob. The supporting roles were played by Bob Bos, Elaine Phillips, Ken Baars, June Hagstrom, Yvonne Carter, Joel Wiener, Cornelia Kramer, Dick Sorensen, Jim Scott, Beverly Goldsmith, Agnes McPhail, Bonnie Schuitema, and Bar- bara Joslyn. The production was directed by Mr. Robert Chard, faculty director and Delores Cole, stud- ent director. A Q I Al l V ff- its um Q., ,, 'fffw W MZ.. mi., M 4- .aw "ffm if am 43 n fi' ls 150 JL 'L Q, 'H ffr- n E 5 7 5 lf' 1 7 gx .T LT ' rf 01 i f 1: 3 -'S Q 'tfs XFX 415' sq ,, Q. A . f 55 ' -Y xr ' - f , . ,x 'xi - ,KW iv? 'ax , 'E' 5' 9 'fx Q 31" A' ' Hi is-3 ff, 1 x x - 4, 1.5. x 3rd Row-S. Cone, S. Anderson, A. Olsen, G. Newkirk, B. Schulze, C. Wfagner, D. Westen felder, 0. VVeslr.-nfelder, M. Bedgood, P. Dyer, M. Riley, B. Ginn, B. Myers, M. Hummel, J. Hubbell, l'. Buwalda, D. Wagenvoord, H. Ginn, IJ. Bond, R. Stevens, R. Riley, R Anderson, f. Bliss, Il. Mills. 41h Rowh-Mr. Wirscheni, llireclorp B. Breitlield, C. Vl'aters, B. Baker, ll. Hester, Il. Schuitenia C. Wlxodhouse, B. Tarr, A. llislmp, J. Cihak, C. Vanllyke, J. Dunn, Il. Fountain, IJ Sutcll, J. St. Amand, li. Huntoon. WOODWIND QUINTET The Concert Band was a Class B entry in the Dis- trict and State Festivals. It also presented a successful Winter Band Show and Band Bounce. Three soloists and five ensembles entered addi- tional competition festivals and furnished special music throughout Greater Mus- kegon for special occasions, assemblies, and broadcasts. CORN ET QUARTET D. Upman, P. Mallett, E. Odell, F. Witt, V. Sparkes. R. Ginn, W. Myers, M. Andersen, J. Hubbell The choir this year consist- ed of eighty members, direct- ed by Mr. Robert Wirschem. Their first activity of the year was the annual choir concert, "Keep On Singing," which was presented on Feb- ruary 24. The program was divided into two sections. The first was a group of secular numbers, including "Norse- men Hail," "Stout Hearted Men," "Gia.ninna Mia," and "Music When Soft Voices Die." The second group was composed of sacred numbers, including "I Heard a Forest Praying," "G o n n a Join," "Thanks Be to God," "Dark Waters," and the traditional "Oh God, Our Help In Ages Past." Sally Ferrell was the accompanist. Y MIXED ocTET'rE lst Row-A. Seineyn, S. Ferrell, B. Baker, M. Lf.-ntz, C. Kramer, ll. Scott, E. Bohach, I Sherwood, D. Sutch, F. Dnlyea, M. Landman, D. Xl estenlelder, S. Minshull, Il. Huntoon R. Laubach, C. Armstrong, IJ. Englund, N. Hughes, E. Poole, B. Tarr, V. Kaule. . Znd Row-E. Simonelli, I'. Carter, G. Newkirk, Ii. Wybenga, ll. lluplisses, J. Hubbell, H Zeldenrust, Il. Breitfield, J. Anderegg, E. Cilla, j. Seinelbauer, j. Angel, ll, Mills, li Vento, G. Vanderploeg, S. Snow, S. Justus, l'. Mallet, ll. Hadley. E llaker, I'. Mallett, C. Kramer, E. Phillips, Miss Winchester, Director, N. Hughes, R. Hester, ll. Huntoon, VV. Mills. . i ' . 5 f ,f , fl. . . is - . f, .. The mixed octette was organized F 3 T under the direction of Miss Orell Winchester and was composed of four boys and four girls. The group made its first appearance at the Annual Football Banquet, singing "Winter Wonderland." The Octette also sang in the music as- sembly and the music department's radio broadcast. In March, the group was asked to sing for the Board of Trade and the annual Band Bounce. Throughout the year Miss Winchester directed the group in a variety of numbers in- cluding folk songs, rounds, semi- classics, and classics. 3rd R.uwAU. Cole, M. Dyer, D. Dyer, tj. hlyni, K.. ritzgerald, L. Andrea, L. Kramer, E. Baker, H. Porter, C. Parker, ll. Hester, B. Hoxie, B. Matych, ID. Sorensen, B. Hansen, ll. Goldsmith, M. lleyman, ll. Hoxie, A. llohach. -ith Row-ll. Huntoon, 1. Petersen, A. Bishop, A. Foote, J. lllnmn, C. Vtbodhnuse, M. Hadley, M. Ericksen, J. lleVt'ald, S. Jacobson, C. Waters, M. Ilcdgood, E. Davis, R. johnson, li. VVestenlelder, l., Sheriff, C. VanDyk:, J. Vtfollfis. In addition to the concert "Keep on Singing," the choir this year participated in many other activities. In April, they assisted the band in the an- nual Band Bounce. The Schu- bert Festival in Grand Rapids was the biggest choir event of the year. The choir also took part in the State Vocal Festival at Ann Arbor, and at the end of the year, exchange assemblies were presented at Muskegon, Muskegon Heights, and Grand Haven. BOYS' EN SEMBLE I-i ll ll Y D. Vento, J. Anderegg, J. Hubbell, H. Potter, ll. Hoxic, E. Calla, J. Poole. One day Miss Winchester was confronted by seven enthusiastic boys who wanted to sing. The re- sult was the organization of the Boys' Vocal Ensemble. Through- out the year the boys sang novel tunes, the favorite being "Dry Bones." The group sang for as- semblies, radio programs, and var4 ious other events. The Girls' Glee Club was re- organized this year under the direction of Miss Orell Win- chester. The club 1 was di- vided into two sections, the third hour group, composed of girls who had a third hour study hall, and the fifth hour group. The combined groups gave their first performa.nce at the choir concert, "Keep on Singing." The girls sang a group of semi-classical num- bers including "The Desert Song," "Tea for Two," "In My Garden," "If I Could Tell You," "Tiritomba," and "Ave Maria." In February the Glee I Y ls! Row-Miss Winchester, Directorg C. Armstrong. S. Justus, B. Bowden, B, Hutchins, A. Ferris, D. Mooney, Y. Carter, B. Covell, N. Ames. 2nd Row-L. Jones,-M. Figge, B. Bsars, D, Englund, J. Petersen, S. Ferrell, 1. VanderSlute, GIRL' GIRLS' EN SEMBLE Y. Carter, D. Dyer, M. Dyer, J. Petersen, S. Ferrell, Miss Winchester, Director: R. Laubach, A. McPhiil, B. Huntoon, C. Armstrong, D. Sulch, D. Cole. Consisting of eleven girls under the leadership of Miss Orell Win- chester, the girls' vocal ensemble was organized for the first time this year. The ensemble sang three part semi-classical pieces for such ac- tivities as radio programs, school assemblies, exchange school assem- blies, and programs for school or- ganizations. R. Johnson, J. Wbod, E. Phillips. 3rd Row-ll. iustus, L. Sheriff, A. Semeyn, M. Engstrom, B. Munson, B. Klinefelter, A. McPhail, Wibcnga, E. Wcstenielder. GLEE CLUB This year we were fortunate in having two faculty members in the music department. Mr. Robert Wirschem directed the band, choir, and all instrumental groups. Miss Orell Winchester, who came here this year from Allegan, taught elementary vocal music. She also directed the Girls' Glee, Club and vocal ensembles. Mr. Wirschem and Miss Winchester are making plans for an enlarged music de- partment next year. Club recorded several num- bers which were used on one of the weekly broadcasts. In the spring the girls sang for the annual Band Bounce and several other occasions. The group also spent a great deal of time in music apprecia- tion. The girls made a study of Bizet's "Carmen" and sev- eral other well-known operas. The Glee Club which lost nine Seniors this year, spent the last few weeks making plans for a varied program for next year. Miss Winchester Mr. Wirschem 3 ll ll ll Y x Y 9 Km! Q 7 X f f X. 4 'I 5 x KX1' da. X x W I I 7 C' 1 xlf I ri..--"' X f f, ,1 Y r . X '., A 1 X X" .l'1-Jit fs x inn . 5 xi ' 5' f shy f wx-ji' 3:92 X X I 5 I' ft? I Sf 1 X ww'M- . 1 -if f V -rffif jp, 1? N' af - .I P, 4 www -vw .gs S -- fx. vs W time WH? N P zf Mm-f dit ff ' ws-as + Q 0 M1525 ik wxxxggqew .ii Q N5 i i Www Q . icq' ,Q . ' ,, A" 'ff -WF? ' L J V L gfxf' .L diff ,- NZM 145214. ey My H f,.'5v"7 ' N ' qv W if ' . -Z, gf, 'ilw A' ' -4 5 "ww W I 6 E 5 fr wp ' ."fE' "'f.'f" 7.1 f " " we f ,ff , Af ,. ,Q ,4 ,ww , I 1.9551 6 Sw,-.:. . N: .mg C 1 if F! ft! Qi Q! , 1 :Nr YQ' K . :.f , QM. V x Ss X Q gf?75?s7f1:s S , , 2 : 5 . V4 9 'wk 6--FMFWIFK' W 4 'M ig X iff' S. , A 1 1 A35- 7 5 503. V SMX. 6 .x i. k -uv. 5. QQ ' . L ' H -X T . X , , 4 ,. , , - 'Q-UM 1 , ' Li f s Q f f kg Q x m. X ig ,E A if .3 X.. lg ' l M-- 'UN . Y VL Q Af :J ' -,. ',:f.'.'f- , Q 'kifffhi' ". 3p,,, f A L ,V a . , Sf , .g5.QQ,'f, . .L i - umm ma A 'Hui 41. W ff. fwn f,-, LQ fu Ei -f Li, "ff- K A ,.. -5 s fu + QL if 5' ,. '-Wi.. A .J . K V I ff, wud.: Xwmwwv.w...,,,,sM ...L -Q, A""'hu-,Nw u""""+w-M M N x 0'S SENIOR ELECTIONS - BEST ACTOR AND ACTRESS JAYNE PETERSEN - BOB BOS f. Mi swam- 1 - A MH A wi ' . 4 A-.. 5, W ,H " .. A W , 1 gjxdi V. :NN 'i S4 'ff-, A . . :rt Q M fl gg. K if R E- I 5' Q N 55 k f nb' iz. 145 . 0, S Q" I: I? i-6: ,A AA,, L, J' W S! 4 gylvv 4 ' 5 A QTL, . X 3553 . :WN-, dx NN W Q' Ar Q Q was 2 S asf 3 xii? lf. Q--, me ig, x X W. 3 S Q, KEY it J was Q ik x n 'N 5 . il! -4 .,, Q 1.4 ia If ff A 1 . 5, ff, ,fi-fi?" iiszif zfff gif ':. A v 4? vi J if ' Q A" CLASS PIHIPHE Y This atomic world is wonderful. Let's get in our new space ship and see if we can locate some of our old cronies who went their separate ways the day we got our diplomas. The members of our class were certainly anxious to see the world. Our first stop is that buzzing Metropolis, New York City, where we find Jim Hub- bell conducting the premiere of Agnes McPhail's new symphony for the tuba in Carnegie Hall. We see in the New York Times, that the Opera season is opening tonight with Delores Huntoon in one of the leading roles. Of course, you know that Delores Cole is the Society Editor for the Times. A visit to Madison Square Gardens and we see Margaret Figge flying around in a fury on the opening night of her new rodeo show. Margaret tells us she has just received a letter from Lois Miller who is in Washington trying to get a patent on her new soft drink. It takes but a few minutes to get to Boston to renew our acquaintance with Fred Thompson, a member of the chorus line at Cocoanut Grove. At a corner table we dis- covered Jack Anderegg, prize .fight promoter and Bill Mills, Olympic skier, discussing which sport is the safest. George Fitzgerald, who has just won a jitterbug marathon, is seated at another table with Gordon Gunn who is covering the floor show for the Police Gazette of which he is editor. Leaving the east and heading back West, we drop in on Joel Wiener, head psychia- trist at the Milton Clinic. Evelyn Westenfelder, Cornelia Kramer, and Shirley Snow are nursing some of the patients while Bill Putnam is busy in the lab trying to perfect his experiment of crossing an owl with a goat to get a hootin-nanny. Einar Baker, head of the mental hospital, is there observng the results. Arriving in Canada We have to follow the tracks in the snow to find Doug Leaf- strand, still attempting to make his millions as a fur trapper. Oh, there he is in his raccoon coat hardly recognizable, talking to Bev Munson who is in Canada for the Olympics. Back in the Muskegon area we find that some of the gang are still around, Rich Schalk now owns his own celery farm. Cliff Dobben and Frank Cherney have a used car lot, Slofppy Motor Sales. Bill Duell is the new manager of the Michigan Theater. North Muskegon has certainly grown, but the old Alma Mater hasn't changed too much except for the new school and city hall building. Visiting the grain factory we find Doyle Hame- link teaching Physics and Anne Fohlbrook is writing Mr. Dunsmore's absence excuses. Passing the old Norse Star Clinic we see Dale Pulsipher hard at work on the Mimeo- graph machine. It seems he is having some trouble getting his beard untangled. Dropping in at Holmes' Drug store, the center of the thriving business section of North Muskegon, we meet Bonnie Schuitema, checking on the effect of her rhymes for Burma Shave. Over here is Lois Brooks demonstrating the new Ato Blooper bubble gum to Maxine Schaefer who is purchasing some gum to quiet her twin sons, Ken and Ben. Seated at the soda bar as usual, sipping sodas, are Dick Sorensen, on leave from the Coast Guard, and Colon Buitendorp, who has dropped in on his way to be auctioneer at an auction in Ravenna. Behind the counter is Mary Dyer, going on with her usual line of chatter with Jayne and Earl Andree, who have dropped in to say that they have just had a visit from Doris Mullally and Clarence Kramer, who had just completed giv- ing a lecture in Ferrysburg on how to be a success in window cleaning. Across the street we see Phil Buwalda, a hardware and grocery magnate, and Dale Bos has stopped by to show Phil that he now has his own little red truck. It seems like just everyone is getting up in the world today. Bud Hansen is busy selling Phil on the idea of purchasing his new dehydrated grain and mash. Phil never did care much for new ideas. Muskegon has a girls' football team now with Elsie Davis as the tall center, Marva Ericksen and Maxine Hadley in the backfield, and Joanne Webster playing end. Jim . 1.11 LL, fe fa-P f CLASS Pll0PllllllY Scott came back to coach the team after being defeated as coach for Notre Dame by Michigan in the Rose Bowl game. By the way, Ken Baars is quite a hero now. His boys in maize and blue really played ball for him in the Rose Bowl game. Everywhere we stop we see the same Brink armored car and-well, how about that. Arthur Schattie is driving it. He certainly gets around in that'thing. Swish-h-h-h!! That must have been an M.D. on a rush call. Oh, it was Chuck Oakes on his way to save another life. What a tiring life a tree surgeon leads. While we see some of the other people, Arthur Olson can overhaul our ship at one of his many packaged fuel stations. The government will soon have him before a Con- gressional investigating committee for having a monopoly if he expands much more. We see Ramon Williams is back in Muskegon for a few days before joining his ball club in Florida for spring training. Frank Hassinger has retired to his home in Muske- gon after making his first million selling his formula for curly hair. He spends a great deal of his time corresponding with Ruth Johnson who has her own beauty shop in Hollywood. A quick breath and we are landing in Chicago to gather some more bits of news from Yvonne Carter, whom you know is president of the Platform Shoe Company. Perky tells us she has just been talking to Jayne Petersen, who is on tour with Arthur Murray. Jayne has just returned from Europe, where she met several of the old gang. Elaine Philips was in France teaching at the Sorbonne University. You'd never guess who was in Greece searching among the traces of ancient civilization for art works! June Hagstrom and Barb Joslyn. June was having a great deal of success, but Barb was having a hard time concentrating on her work while Harry Potter was giving one of his many concerts, a baritone singer you know, in London. She was anxious to return to England for more reasons than one. Janet Snuffer and Martin Postema were opening up an English lodge for fox hunting. Of course, some of the gang have to be there for the opening of the season. Jack Mitchelson, our class playboy, has been taking life easy lately. At one time he was a model for "Restful Mattress," but is now retired. Kendric Douglas was also there. He was in Europe to attend a convention of veterinarians. Delores Englund and Janet Snuffer, missionaries on their way to Africa, also had been at the lodge for a few days. We will leave Jayne's chatter now, and hurry on to visit the Miesch Hip Boot and Shovel Manufacturing plant. Touring through the fac- tory, we notice some old familiar typists still hard at work pounding the keys. There's Bev Goldsmith, Lois Willbrandt and Beverly Woodhouse. Doc has just received again his driver's license and is anxious to do a little driving so let's take a short spin and see the sights of Chicago. Oh, there's the Gundy Trucking Co. and the Bos Dental Clinic. Doc tells us that Bob Timmer has just been chosen as head of the mailing department of Sears and Roebuck. Look out Doc, you almost hit that armored car. Oh no, yes, it's Art Schattie again. Who is that with him? Geraldine Klym, of all people, and Beverly Hutchins. They're on their way to visit the new Sparks Dry Cleaning Plant. Jim is really going up in the business world. From pressing clothes to pressing lettuce. A quick stop at the Westenfelder garage, and we are on our way to the Miesch residence before returning to our routine life. Arriving at Doc's spacious home, we find Eloise Wagner, Joy Sherwood, and Norma Fox, who have stopped in for tea, discussing life's little problems. Norma is asking for advice on how to keep the wolves away from her door. Eloise is busy studying Harold Zeldenrusts' latest book on farm implements. She is planning on enlarging her new ranch home. Joy is just passing through town on her way back from a vacation at Palm Springs, to her bookkeeping work at the J .C. Penney Store. It is about time for us to be heading back home again, so once more we take a deep breath and leap off into the future, leaving the members of the class of '48 happy and successful in their various fields. I xx r,r" """"lYsnnd ll l0R ACTIVITIE JACK ANDEREGG Baseball '47-'48 Norse Star Staff '48 Band '45-'46 ' Choir '45-'46-'47-'48 Vocal Ensemble '48 Handicraft Club '46 Track '48 , Operetta '46 EARL ANDREE Football '45-'47-'48 Choir '47-'48 Noon Club '46-'47-'48 Movie Operator '45 KEN BAARS Rod and Gun Club '48 Football '45-'46-'47-'48 Basketball '45-'46-'47-'48 Baseball '45-'46-'47-'48 Senior Play '48 Track '46-'47 Co-Captain, Football '48 EINAR BAKER Choir 5417-'48 Junior Play '47 Mixed Octette '48 Noon Club '45-'46-'47-'48 President Noon Club '48 BOB BOS Annual Staff '48 Boys Glee Club '47 Junior Play '47 Senior Play '48 Basketball '48 Vice President, Student Council '48 President, Class '47 Secretary, Handicraft Club '47 DALE BOS Football '46-'47-'48 Basketball '46-'47-'48 Band '46 Treasurer, Student Council '47 French Club '47 Rod and Gun Club '48 LOIS BROOKS Cheerleader '45-'46-'47-'48 Pep Club '46-'47 Thespians '46-'47 World Problems '48 Girls' Gym '46 Choir '47 Student Council '45 President, Pep Club '45 COLON BUITENDORP Choir '46-'47 Band '47 Noon Club '46-'47-'48 PHILIP BUWALDA Photography Club '45 Rod and Gun Club '46-'47 Annual Staff '48 Band '45-'46-'47-'48 Football '47-'48 YVONNE CARTER Senior Play '48 Annual Staff '48 Thespians '46-'47 Choir '46-'47-'48 Band '46-'47 Vocal Ensemble '48 Operetta '46 Girls' Glee Club '48 FRANK CHERNEY Rod and Gun Club '48 Photography Club '47 Track '46 Norse Star Staff '48 Band '46 DELORES COLE President, Book Club '46 Junior Play '47 Senior Play '48 Vocal Ensemble '48 Thespian Club '47 Mixed Choir '47-'48 Annual Staff '48 Secretary, Class '48 Secretary, Student Council '47 Norse Star Staff '48 National Honor Society '48 Operetta '46 ELSIE DAVIS' Choir '45-'46-'47-'48 Homemaking Club '46 Band '45-'47 Norse Star Staff '48 CLIFFORD DOBBEN Basketball '45-'46-'47-'48 Handicraft Club '46-'47 Mixed Choir '45-'46-'47 Band '45-'46 Operetts '46 KENDRIC DOUGLAS Football '46-'47 Basketball '45-'46-'47-'48 Baseball '46-'47-'48 President, Student Council '47 BILL DUELL Rod and Gun Club '45 Handicraft Club '45-'46-'47-'48 Basketball '47 Noon Club '45-'46-'47-'48 Movie Operator '45-'46-'47-'48 Norse Star Staff '48 MARY DYER Choir '47-'48 Vocal Ensemble '48 Norse Star Staff '48 DELORES ENGLUND Choir '46-'47-'48 Girls' Glee Club '48 French Club '47-'48 MARVA ERICK SEN National Honor Society '47- Pep Club '45-'46 Operetta '46 Choir '46-'47-'48 Noon Club '45-'46-'47-'48 Norse Star Staff '48 Junior Play '47 MARGARET FIGGE Pep Club '46 Choir '46 Thespians '47 Girls' Glee Club '48 Girls' Gym '47 Noon Club '45-'46-'47-'48 GEORGE FITZGERALD Football '48 Choir '47-'48 Noon Club '47-'48 ANNE FOHLBROOK Glee Club '45-'46 Girls' Basketball '45-'46 Student Council '46 Cheerleader '46-'47-'48 National Honor Society '48 Thespians '47 Pep Club '46 Noon Club '45-'46-'47-'48 NORMA FOX Pep Club '45-'46 Glee Club '46 Choir '47 Vice President, Class '46 Norse Star Staff '48 BEVERLY GOLDSMITH Secretary, Class '45-'46-'47 Basketball '45-'47 Pep Club '46-'47 '48 National Honor Society '47-'48 Annual Staff '48 Senior Play '48 Choir '48 E lllll AUTlVI'l'lll RALPH GUN DY Rod and Gun Club '45 Handicraft Club '46-'47-'48 Noon Club '45-'46-'47-'48 Football '48 Norse Star Staff '48 Movief Operator '45-'46-'47-'48 GORDON GUNN Handicraft Club '46-'47 Noon Club '45-'46-'47-'48 Rod and Gun Club '45 Photography Club '48 Movie Operator '45-'46 Norse Star Staff '48 Football '45 MAXINE HADLEY Choir '46-'47-'48 Pep Club '45-'46 Noon Club '45-'46-'47-'48 Norse Star Staff '48 JUNE HAGSTROM Annual Staff '48 Senior Play '48 Sketch Club '47 Choir '45 Pep Club '46 National Honor Society '48 DOYLE HAMELINK Band '45-'46 Choir '45-'46 Football '46-'48 Track '47-'48 IRVING HANSEN Norse Star Staff '48 Football '45-'46-'47 Choir '47-'48 Baseball '47-'48 Photography '47 FRANK HASSINGER Track '46 Handicraft '46-'47-'48 Football '47 JIM HUBBELL Football '45-'47-'48 Band '45-'46-'47-'48 Choir '46-'47-'48 Vocal Ensemble '48 Handicraft Club '45-'46 Glee Club '47 Pep Band '45-'46-'47-'48 DELORES HUNTOON Thespians '46-'47 Choir '45-'46-'47-'48 Vocal Ensemble '48 Operetta '46 Senior Play '48 Band '45-'46-'47-'48 BEVERLY HUTCHINS Pep Club '46-'47 Choir '45 Band '46 Girls' Glee Club '48 Noon Club '45-'46-'47-'48 RUTH JOHNSON Girls' Glee Club '46-'48 Choir '45-'46-'47-'48 Pep Club '46-'47 Operetta. '46 BARBARA JOSLYN Annual Staff '48 National Honor Society '48 Senior Play '48 Sketch Club '47 Book Club '46 Mixed Glee Club '45 GERALDINE KLYM Glee Club '46-'48 Thespians '47 Choir '46 Pep Club '46 Girls' Gym '47 E lllli ACTIVITIE CLARENCE KRAMER Handicraft Club '46 Choir '47-'48 Vocal Ensemble '48 National Honor Society '48 CORNELIA KRAMER Choir '45-'46-'48 Book Club '46 Girls' Gym '47 National Honor Society '48 Senior Play '48 DOUGLAS LEAFSTRAND Rod and Gun Club '47-'48 Handicraft Club '45-'46 Operetta '46 Choir '46 Band '45-'46 Basketball '47-'48 Football '48 Norse Star Staff '48 AGNES MCPHAIL Annual Staff '48 National Honor Society '47-'48 Thespians '46-'47 Junior Play '47 Senior Play '48 Band '45 Choir '45-'46 Vocal Ensemble '48 Glee Club '45-'46-'47 Basketball '45-'46 Treasurer, Class '45 Operetta '46 DONALD MIESCH Football '46-'47-'48 Thespians '46-'47 Track '46-'47 Vice President, Class '47 Treasurer, Class '46 Choir '45-'46 Junior Play '47 Movie Operator '47-'48 LOIS MILLER Thespians '46-'47 Junior Play '47 BILL MILLS Choir '45-'46-'47-'48 Vocal Ensemble '48 Photography Club '45 Band '46-'47-'48 Brass Ensemble '47-'48 Secretary, Band '48 Track '46 Operetta '46 JACK MITCHELSON Football '46-'47-'48 Movie Operator '46-'47 Norse Star Staff '48 Handicraft Club '45 Noon Club '45-'46-'47-'48 DORIS MULLALLY Sketch Club '46 Pep Club '47 National Honor Society '48 Secretary, Student Counci BEVERLY MUNSON World Problems Club '48 Girls' Glee Club '48 CHARLES OAKES Handicraft Club '47-'48 Football '47-'48 Track '46-'47-'48 Movie Operator '47 Noon Club '46-'47-'48 ARTHUR OLSON Photography Club '47-'48 Norse Star Staff '48 Rod and Gun Club '46 Noon Club '45-'46-'47-'48 JAYNE PETERSEN Junior Play '47 Thespians '46-'47 Choir '46-'47 Vocal Ensemble '48 Operetta '46 Girls' Glee Club '48 l National Honor Society '48 ELAINE PHILLIPS National Honor Society '47-'48 Band '45-'46 Choir '45-'46-'47 Girls' Glee Club '45-'48 Vice President, Class '48 Norse Star Staff '46 Junior Play '47 Senior Play '48 Operetta '46 Vocal Ensemble '48 Annual Staff '48 Cheerleader '45 MARTIN POSTEMA Rod and Gun Club '46 Handicraft Club '47-'48 HARRY POTTER Choir '48 Basketball '48 Football '48 Track '48 Vocal Ensemble '48 DALE PULSIPHER Football '46-'47-'48 Baseball '45-'46-'47 Norse Star Staff '48 Noon Club '45-'46-'47-'48 Photography Club '46 Co-Captain, Football '48 BILL PUTNAM Annual Staff '48 Operetta '46 Thespians '46-'47 Junior Play '47 Senior Play '48 Football '45-'47-'48 Choir '45-'46-'47 Student Council '48 Basketball '45 Jr. Exchange Club '47 Juvenile Court '48 ll Illll AUTWITIE MAXINE SCHAEFER Pep Club '47 Annual Staff '48 National Honor Society '48 RICHARD SCI-IALK Rod and Gun Club '47-'48 Basketball '47-'48 Track '47 Norse Star Staff '48 Movie Operator '46-'47 Handicraft Club '46 ART SCIIATTIE Treasurer, Class '48 Junior Play '47 Annual Staff '48 Thespians '47 Noon Club '47-'48 National Honor Society '48 BONNIE SCIIUITEMA Thespians '46-'47 Junior Play '47 Senior Play '48 Band '45-'46-'47-'48 Pep Band '45-'46-'47-'48 Flag Twirler '47-'48 JIM SCOTT Annual Staff '48 President, Class '48 Treasurer, Student Council '48 Football '45-'46-'47-'48 Basketball '45-'46-'47-'48 Senior Play '48 Rod and Gun Club '47 Jr. Exchange Club '47 JOY SHERWOOD Pep Club '46 Girls' Choir '46 Mixed Choir '46-'47-'48 Noon Club '45-'46-'47-'48 Norse Star Staff '48 Operetta '46 SHIRLEY SNOW President, Sketch Club '46-'47 Pep Club '46-'47 Choir '47-'48 Norse Star Staff '483 JANET SNUFFER Choir '45-'46-'47-'48 Girls' Glee Club '45-'48 French Club '47 Book Club '46 Noon Club '45-'46-'47-'48 DICK SORENSEN Football '47-'48 Track '47-'48 Choir '47-'48 Rod and Gun Club '47 Noon Club '47-'48 Senior Play '48 JIM SPARKS Rod and Gun Club '46-'47-'48 FRED THOMPSON Rod and Gun Club '45 Photography Club '48 Norse Star Staff '48 Noon Club '45-'46-'47-'48 ROBERT TIMMER Rod and Gun Club '46-'47-'48 Football '45-'46 Photography Club '45 Track '46 ELOISE WAGNER Annual Staff '48 Basketball '45-'46-'47-'48 Glee Club '45-'46 Thespians '46-'47 President, Pep Club '46 Noon Club '45-'46-'47-'48 JOANNE WEBSTER Norse Star Staff '47 Pep Club '46-'47 Cheerleader '46-'47-'48 Choir '45 Thespians '47 Girls' Gym '46-'47 National Honor Society '48 Junior Play '47 DON WESTENFELDER Photography Club '48 Handicraft Club '47-'48 Choir '47-'48 EVELYN WESTENFELDER Choir '47-'48 Girls' Glee Club '48 Noon Club '47-'48 JOEL WIENER Football '46-'46-'47-'48 Annual Staff '48 National Honor Society '48 Basketball '45-'46-'47-'48 Student Council '45-'46-'47-'48 Presiient, Class '46 Junior Play '47 Senior Play '48 Rod and Gun Club '47 Boys State '48 Jr. Rotarian '48 LOIS WILLBRANDT Norse Star Staff '48 Cheerleader '45-'46-'47 Pep Club '46 Vice President, Pep Club '46 Choir '45 RAMON WILLIAMS Baseball '45-'46-'47-'48 JAYNE WOLFFIS Choir '47-'48 Sketch Club '46 Noon Club '46-47-'48 Norse Star Staff '48 BEVERLY WOODI-IOUSE Operetta '46 Choir '46 Glee Club '46-'47 HAROLD ZELDENRUST Rod and Gun Club '46 Noon Club '45-'46-'47-'48 Choir '48 194 -4 GALE IMI! 4-Registration day-Sign here please. 5-Regular school begins-Gee, wish I was fishin'. 25-John Dallavaux Assembly, "How to Study"-You must concentrate. 30-Garnet Hazard Assembly, "Chalk Talk" --Very nicely illustrated. OCTOBER 11-Student Council Dance "Pumpkin Plop." 17-National Honor Society Induction Assem- bly-Those who sow shall reap. 22-Emanuel Mansfield Assembly-Sing, and let your heart be gay. 22-Report Cards issued-One Bromo, quick. 23-24-M.E.A. Regional Conference - For teachers, vacation for us. NOVEMBER 14-Junior Dance-"I-I1mters' Ball." 20-21-Senior Play--"A Case of Springtime." 27-30-Thanksgiving Recess - And we will give thanks, for the recess. DECEMBER 9-Report Cards issued-Yes Dad, I'll try harder next time. 17-Community Christmas Program-Beau- tiful music, and a holiday spirit. 20-Christmas vacation begins-Two glor- ious weeks, and mistletoe. JANUARY 5-School resumes. Wadja git? 7-Roger Felt gave speech-Scared speech class with dud hand grenade. 23-First Semester ends-Dija pass? 26-Second Semester begins-A fresh start. 27-Report Cards issued-You have an alibi? 31-Senior Dance-"Reel Medley." FEBRUARY 3-Winter Band Show-The audience joined in too. 5--Loring Campbell assembly-Mystifying magic, ventriloquism. 13-National Honor Society Induction Assem- bly-Scholars win honors. 14-PTA Valentine Dance--Cupid runs ram- pant. 25-Mock telephone rings-That speech class again. 4-6--District Basketball Tournament-Our luck almost changed. 12-Firemen's Ball--Smoking in the outer lobby only. 16-George Groman Assembly-How's your accent? 19---Sophomore Dance-"Leap Year Leap." 26-Good Friday Vacation. 29-Spring Recess-We enjoyed every day of it. 30--School Resumes -- All good things must end. APRIL 2-Band Bounce-The rafters rang. 15-16-Junior Play-"Home Sweet Homi- cide." 23--Senior Dance-Our hearts were young and gay. 30-Mardi Gras-Dance, Ballerina, Dance. MAY 4-Report Cards-Sure, I can write your Pop's name. Why? 18-The Howells Assembly-Glass blowing is an art. 28-Junior-Senior Reception--We go formal. 30-Baccalaureate-Advice before we leave. 31-Senior Assembly-We count our honors. JUNE 2-Last Day of Classes-Farewell to halls of learning. 3-Commencement - The future still our own. 4-School Closes-Report cards issued- Liberty, with a catch. THE FOLLOWING STUDENTS WERE NOT PICTURED WITH THEIR CLASSES Seventh Grade Tom Halfpap Bert Sluyter Eighth Grade James Eden Janet Ekwall Marie Gonser Charles Kiogema Dora Shaw Lenz Temple Jane VanEck Delores Windbacher Freshmen Dorothy Cygiert Gerald Mahoney Sophomores John Biddle Anna Marie Bohach Marylee Cripe John Fohlbrook Juanita Frey Ruth Laubach Shirley Shaw Norman Shimp Juniors Margaret Bedgood Dorothy Dyer Sally Ferrell Betty Justus ofasimy ? ffof0 X Ref sellmq an Annan' X! If i Q Mi A v Q ' Q i COMPLIMENTS OF HOLMES' Rexall Drugs YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD DRUGGIST AND STAFF Cvllgratulations - Class of '48 Ani Best Wishes for the Coming Years NORTH MUSKEGON'S STOP AND SHOP CENTER We Have- GREATER MUSKEGON'S MOST BEAUTIFUL FOUNTAIN LUNCHEONETFE ROOM ..r.- ., 1013 W. Laketon Ave. 599 Ottawa St. I Wee? 70102 illys - verlana' Dealer mms. Moron sl TRAILER SALES Ph. 27-312 Muskegon, Michigan We are proud to be representatives in our We invite you to use our modern facilities :ommunity of Willys-Overland Motors, and pledge you prompt and courteous service, Makers of America's Most Useful Vehicles. and top-quality work at a fair price. COME IN NOW AND SEE THE MOST OUTSTANDING VEHICLES OF THEIR KIND- eeli Ewbbff dfdll The practical car for family and business! Steel body and top for more safety and longer lasting finish. Doubly useful-a comfort- able passenger car and a utility vehicle with big cargo space. Amazing gas- oline mileage. IE SQ l umvtnsu America's most versatile vehicle for farm and industry. 2- and 4-wheel drive. Use it as a tow truck, pick-up truck, tractor, mobile power unit. D.A.R. Good Citizenship Award -l-1-1 I ni . S CUBVECBEST THE HOME OF CLEAN RECREATION CERE BEST WISHES T0 H C SS Bear Lake Channel orlh Muskegon Yacht Club The Most Beautiful Spot to Dine on Muskegon Lake. We cater to special parties. For the best in Chicken, Fish, and Steak Dinners, PHONE 44-84. Stop at Anton's Boat Livery. One of the most modern on Bear Lake Channel. POINT MARINE SALES 8: SERVICE We sell Motors, Cruisers and Other Marine Equipment 2 I Y Future homemakers 'Z THE WONDER FLAME THAT COOLS AS WELL AS HEATS A mazing New Appliance Disposes of all Waste -while Banishing Basement Dampness The Standard Gus-Find "Trades Trash for Comfort" INSTALL an economrcally operahng, gas-hred INCINOR rn your basement. and do away wxth unsxghtly garbage cans with therr odor, Insects, and germs At the same trme, you bamsh the hazard of fire from accumulatrons of rubbxsh whrle keepmg the basement dry and comfortable. Even the ashes from the INCINOR have value - for they cont-mn hme and porash definately benelicnal to garden soul Call or wnte today for the complete and mterestmg story of the new Gas-Fnred INCINOR TR A , 1? I 45E:E"E5f5"45l5E5 ' 2 Qffigflffilflfl, -:-5 34 2:3:5:5:2:g:g:3:5:3:5: 'E 25EQEQErEfI5E5E55f' :EF 5555352-s 2-bushel, ccwchy. s g -... CONGRATULATIONS - CLASS OF 1948 MICHIGAN CONSOLIDATED GAS COMPANY Future shoppers? SERVICE This bank cordially welcomes and invites you to transact your banking business with us. We believe you will like the service we are able to render on your behalf. We are taking this method of issuing you a personal invitation to use the facilities which we provide. PIE HACKLEY UNION NATIONAL BANK Muskegon, Michigan Q1 lYlSUR4hk Q 'gi E K ff. cf s' '19 Interesting, eh? The girls, that is. Comphments of MICHIGAN COTTAGE GROVE AQSOCIATED SANDWICH SHOP TELEPHQNE T COMPANY The Bread Line ! MTI! AMERICAN BROADCASTING COMPANY IN Best wishes GREATER MUSKEGON HILT'S WALLPAPER -- PAINTS W K B SHADES and BLINDS S50 On Your Dial A little advice WEBER LUMBER CO FRED L. WEBER, OWNER AND MANAGER Phone 26-619 Ottawa St. C400 Block! MUSKEGON, MICHIGAN , 2 S E 'Q 5' is s Q K. X39 X ig tx 0 What, no chart? BUICK F'. . ill "Students" We Can Supply All Your Needs SCHOOL and OFFICE SUPPLIES and EQUIPMENT GEORGE A. LONG "Your Typewriter Man" 962 Pine St. and Myrtle Muskegon, Michigan Congratulations from Etterman's I. G. A. Super Market Ready, let's go! COMPLIMENTS . N , f, of s 1 , N33 ,, ,WV - 2' xx N I I I x xx X ,musneoows MATSON OLDSMOBILE You Are Always Welcome at R 0 G E R S Lakeshore Machinery JEWELRY CO. Sl Supply Co. 400 W. Laketon Ave. Corner Western and Tenace Plwlle 254555 fp TOURCOQTE Balcony Scene Mix, W J ER JOE ROSE WHERE THE BEAR LAKE CHANNEL FLOWS 99 Will you???? For Real Flavor- IHLOSSMAN THEATRES EAT MICHIGAN REGENT STATE STRAND Muskegon Heights Best Wishes SANITARY DAIRY CO. IIOMOGENIZED VITAMIN "D" MILK Phone 23-744 Where's the apple? CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1948 VANDERVELDE'S FURNITURE CO. FORMERLY Muskegon Heights Furniture Co. BROADWAY AT FIFTH Over a. Quarter of a, Century of Faithful Service Genius at work of ' JAN B. D A L T 0 N VANDERPLOEG G R I L L BEST HAMBURG N D S C A P and ARCHITECT CHI I OWN Il Town Planner Compliments P . Industry Best Wishes to Class of 1948 LIMBERLOST SNELLER AND JAN SPORTING GOODS 386 W. Westem Muskegon, Mic Phone 23-616 SC C P '7 The Sphinx THE SQUARE ELKS TEMPLE CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIORS OF 1947 em , SL Light meter specialists 8,000 ITEMS FOR THE OFFICE re manufactured by Shaw-Walker-the rgest exclusive makers of office furniture nd filing equipment in the world. Each is signed to do a definite job of making of- :e work move faster, to effect economies office operations. SHAW-WALKER MUSKEGON, MICHIGAN Western Michigan Frozen Foods 119 E. Muskegon CEDERGREEN FROZEN FOODS Phone 249-473 COMPLIMENTS of North Shore 5e-51.00 Store Looks like another story THEY'VE ONLY BEGUN at WILLOW RUN ACHTERHOFF ..M.fI,'iJ.'m MOTORS, INC. T H E P A T I 0 YOUR "KAISER-FRAZER" DEALER 1952 Peck St. 3554 S. Airline Rd. SALES - SERVICE -- PARTS Do teachers use notes ? ? ? ? C li ts Compliments ompognen of BERGEVINS NORTH MUSKEGON GROCERY BUS LINE VING A CITY OF HOM The day the students swore. HARBOR VIEW TWISS GARAGE SERVICE STATION New nomic- GROCERIES, MEATS, GAS - OPEN SUNDAYS - Ruddiman at Bear Lake Rd. Ottawa and Jackson COMPLETE AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE GAS, OIL and ACCESSORIES Mess ? 0 IMENTS OF MICHIGAN FOUN DRY SUPPLY PAUL M. WIENER FOUNDRY Power mad ? Day and Night News Service Including 12:30 P.M., 6 P.M. TED'S PANTS SHOP W M U S Specializing in PANTS, SWEATERS, AND W M U .. F M SPORTS COATS 212 W. Western Avenue Muskegon, Michigan Frequency Modulation Pioneers in West Michigan FIRST F-M STATION on the air 6:55 A.M. to 11 P.M. 100.5 on your FM dial Hi! C h WHEN YOU THIN 0 SPORTS EQUIPMEN I S ALFRED J. HUNTER A R N T Z 81 C0- SPORTING Goons Jobbers of Western at Terrace P U G, HEATING AND SU LIES Don't let her get away. Compggnents Courtesy of BLISS BROTHERS 3 1 5 H 0 p 5 USED CARS BOUGHT and SOLD THE FRIENDLY FURNITURE STORE Lot No. 1 Comer Cedar and Clay 452 23' gmeegmlan- Ph.-229-139 Next to Michigan maui Lot No. 2 Spring and Clay Ph.-279-439 Dancing in the dark. BOYD AUTO SALES WATCH FORD IN 48 Sixes and Eights BOYD AUTO SALES C0 ck 8: Sherman, Muskegon Heights, Mich. BOYD'S UPTOWN SERVICE 2nd at Clay, Muskegon, Mich. NORTH SHORE GARAGE rth Muskegon, Mich. CAssociate Dealer, BUDD S JEWELERS OPTICIANS 227 W. Westem Ave. The Store that Confidence Built' ZCLLQAX Hazel chalks up more profits?! H 1 i i SHOES FOR ALL THE FAMILY Florsheinfs Rhythm-Step Vitality Crosby Square Red Goose Daniel Green GROCERIES - MEATS DRY GOODS - HARDWARE B U E L S A CompleteFE1li?Stop Service Let UsServeYourNeeds ' Phones 4405-4427 Phone 23-232 333 W. Western IQ rf!!! Balancing the Books See CAMPEAU, MULLALLY AND MEIER FOR COMPLETE INSURANCE SERVICE 924 Second St. Phone 23-776 "IT'S ALWAYS SPRING TIME AT OUR HOUSE" AMERICAN COIL SPRING COMPANY What's the scoop? COMPLIMENTS CANARY INN of BESR? 111' UCK H 0 0 P E R GRADUATING CLASS 1318 CHEVROLET C0 The Witham Family Canary Inn I All this and term papers too. Compliments of North Muskegon Bakery 315 Center St. Walter Winger, Prop. THE LUGGAGE SHOP Featuring Hartmann Luggage Phone 23479 MUSKEGON'S ONLY EXCLUSIVE LUGGAGE sHoP CL 806 Terrace Street Phone 248-336 411 W. Western Ave. Creative art RALPH JAMES BALBIRNIE Who took Volume 8? CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF '48 And Best Wishes for Continued Success In Years to Come DOBBE MOTOR SALES INC CHRYSLER - PLYMOUTH SALES and SERVICE HUNTER BOATS 270-280 Apple Ave. Phone 28-202 Little America THE SEALED POWER COEBQ-B!-l'!ON Juli! J - 7! 1946 You, the class of 1948, have reached a milestone in your career. The pattern that your life will take may well depend on decisions you must soon make. The continuing growth of Sealed Power Corporation "means more opportunities for alert young men and women. To you who must decide which path to follow, we say, Why not dis- cuss your future with us?" T --un--H--N--H---H-M-M . QS? Only five minutes more CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES CLASS OF '48 CLARKE SANDING MACHINE C0 FLOOR SANDING, EDGING, AND MAINTENANCE MACHINES 30 E. Clay Ave. Muskegon, Michigan -'fa M3-X Is any one studying? Compliments of CLCDCK FUNERAL I-ICDME Seven down-five to go P ! R COMPLIMENTS OF - E A I ' 4"""?S.: fa! 4 Y . L R f0NHN1 6'fl-2 E COLE CLEANERS S 1 I S 1z::,:::d:1i::.z:g::e' E X12 H Th ee Hour Service THE COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. OF MUSKEGON Who's been walking on my desk? CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1948 DAMM HARDWARE COMPANY COMPLIMENTS OF THE DRELLES SANDWICH SHOP Boss ? Compliments of Compliments of DYER ICE CREAM CO. EARLE PRESS Ph. 43-74 WHOLESALE and RETAIL THE SIGN OF JUST GOOD PRINTING North Muskegon's Only Home Owned Phone 23444 Manufacturing Company 915 Pine St., Cor. Walton .. . V M ' Waiting to clean up. Compliments of C EASTON 31 QUICK ERICKSON S GARAGE Bom sH0P INSU Musk 9 INC AND RANCE SERVICE 1-202 Michigan Theater Bldg. Phone 26-014 C NO- Muskes egon, Mich. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1948 FAWLEY"ABBO'IT COMPANY Third and Houston E On the carpet! FRANCIS .IIROCH Wholesale CIGARS - CANDY - TOBACCO FOUNTAIN SUPPLIES 248 Market St. Since 1881 All quiet-can this be true? W 1 C tul t' t th onglgasf-52180 e GARNAAT FLOWER For the Clothes that Speak For Y0m1f1?1?,?aLf5R?'5.?,lIgw0men SHUI' Visit LILLIAN L. SIVTITH CR 0 5SMAN,5 Miiligiifkmiiiiii.. What, no grenades? PDGE PLYMOUTH Only Dodge Builds 'Uob Rated Trucks" BEST WISHES T0 THE CLASS OF '48 HATHAWAY MOTOR COMPANY from w w HARWOOD-NELSON DEPENQABLE SEOVICE Occidental Hotel Bldg. Thlrd at Mernl Ph. 23-124 Muskegon, Michigan i Step right up, please. HOSTESS CAFETERIA 266 W. Clay Ave. Telephone 241-307 24 Hour Service Daily LUNCHES, DINN ERS SANDWICHES You Have Tried the Rest Now Try the Best DO YOUR SUNDAY SHOPPING at "HO0S" YOUR GROCER Giles Road and U.S. 31 GROCERIES - MEATS - GAS Open Every Day and Night of the Week Phone 4464 Studio F-0-0 HUDSON COMPLIMENTS OF CLEANERS H 81 H CROCERY mm ...Q Always QUALl'l'Y - SERVICE - PRICE Member NATIGN AL ASSOCIATION of DYERS and CLEANERS 1025 Peck St. Muskegon, Mich. The presses roll. JONES ELECTRIC C0. BEST WISHES T0 CLASS OF '48 from K L 0 T Z ' S CONTRACTORS - MOTOR REWINDING M MERCHANDISE Phones 22-149 - 22-384 658-660 Ottawa St. Muskegon' Mich' GROCERIES and MEATS 1 Mile from Causdway on M-20 Secretaries in the making. CONGRATULATIONS - CLASS OF '48 ORTH HOKE G RAGE I THE SPOT OF FRIENDLY SERVICE vm Looks like a big blowout. STOP SPENDING No matter what you earn saveapartofit... Spending money is easy, but saving money requires self-denial. It is worth the effort. Saving money brings happiness and independence- Start now. MUSKEGON SAVINGS BANK CONGRATULATIONS T0 THE CLASS OF 1948 M U S K E G O N SCHOOL OF BUSINESS NORTHSIDE AIRPORT DEALER SKYRANGER AIRCRAFT G. I. FLIGHT TRAINING Phone 45-037 JAMES B. HENRY Another Madame Curie? COMPLIMENTS OF P R I C E DRY CLEANERS 1871 Pe1ck St. Muskegon, Michigan Three men doing a one-man job. PYLE PATTERN 81 MFG. C0. WOOD and METAL PATTERNS Muskegon Heights, Michigan Congratulations To the Seniors of 1948 THE NATIONAL LUMBERMAN'S BANK MUSKEGON'S OLDEST BANK Oh my gosh ! GIFTS PHOTO-FRAMES CARDS COMPLIMENTS PANYARIYS of, A Frlend First at Clay Look at the birdie! . Compliments of Compliments of HOSLER'S KOZY KORNER Giles Road and U.S. 31 MEN and WOMEN S FINE CLOTHES GROCERIES - MEATS and GAS A C - RAY WIERDA CORPORATION QUALITY CLEANERS PLUMBING and HEATING Mtigfgsmon 'f12i'Qfh?gLn 0 I We beat time! - Congratulations, Norsemen -- COMPLIMENTS OF POIZQXQEEJUT KROGER STORE POK-A-BOUT GIFT SHOP FIGURINES CHAS- MUNN, Mgr. COSTUME JEWELRY IMPORTS RADIOS RECORDS North Muskegon 'Se M To Going the wrong way, boys? INE STREET FURNITURE CCDMPANY COMPLETE HOME FURNISHERS 902-908 Pine Street, Near Court House Muskegon, Michigan C0 LIMNTSO Filzjohn Coach Company BUILDERS OF FINE MOTOR COACHES U G0 G MP E F M SKE N, MICHI AN Lterhoff Motors Inc... . red J. Hunter ........ erican Coil Spring . . itz Sporting Goods ..... birnie ............ 3 . . 'gevin's Grocery .... hopsj . ............ . is Brothers ..... fd Auto Sales .. . id's Jewelry .... zll's Boot Shop ......... avalda Brothers .......... npeau, Mullally 6 Meier .... nary Inn ................ rk Boot Shop .......... . . . rke Sanding Machine Co. . . . ck Funeral Home ...... r. . :a-Cola ..... eCleaners ....... ztage Grove Sandwich Shop . . . rvecrest ................ . . . lton Grill ............... mm Hardware Co. . . . bben Motor Sales .... alles Sandwich Shop .... er Ice Cream Co. .... . rle Press . .g ...... . . ston dz Quick Inc. .... . lckson Garage .......... :erman's Food Market . . . wley-Abbott Co. ..... . pzjohn ............ ancis Jiroch ....... rnaat Flower Shop . . . ossman's SzHGroeery ..... . ........ .. ckley Union National Bank . .. ,rbor View Service ........ .rwood-Nelson ........... ,thaway Motor Co. .. lt's Inc. .......... . flmes Pharmacy ...... oper Chevrolet Co. . . . ioos" Your Grocer .... ,sler's ............. vstess Cafeteria .... ldson Dry Cleaners nes Electric Co. .... . otz's Food Market ..... ..... vzy Korner ................... 'oger Store ................... ,keshore Machinery 8: Supply Co mberlost Grocery .............. ADVERTISING INDEX 122 127 131 127 134 123 128 128 129 129 130 130 131 132 133 ....137 138 139 139 110 106 118 140 135 140 ....141 141 142 142 113 143 158 143 144 144 147 109 124 145 145 111 104 132 146 154 146 147 148 148 154 .. .... 156 114 119 Long, George A ...... .... Luggage Shop ................... .... Matson Oldsmobile ................. .... Michigan Associated Telephone Michigan Consolidated Gas Co. Michigan Foundry Supply dz Wiener Foundry ....... Moran Brothers .......... Muskegon Savings Bank ....... Muskegon School of Business . . . . . . . National Lumberman's Bank North Muskegon Bakery ..... North Muskegon Bus Line ...... .... North Muskegon Yacht Club North shore 5c-51.00 store .f H North Shore Garage .......... Northside Airport .......... Panyard's .......... g. . . Patio ..................... Pine Street Furniture Co. . .. Pok-A-Bout .............. Price Dry Cleaners ..... Pyle Pattern 8: Mfg. Co.. . . . Quality Cleaners ........ Reid-Graff Corp. .... . Roger's Jewelry Rose, Joe ......... Sanitary Dairy .... Schlossman ........ Sealed Power Corp. .. Shaw-Walker Co. .... . Sneller 81 Jan ....... Snowhite Bakery .p .... Square Clothing Co. . . . Ted's Pants Shop .... Toureotte ......... Twiss Garage ............ Vanderploeg, Jan B. ....... . Vandervelde's Furniture Co. .... . Weber Lumber Co. ............... . . . Western .Michigan Frozen Foods Witt Buick ................... . . . W.K.B.Z. .................. . W.M.U.S.-W.M.U.S.-F.M. .. 113 133 114 110 108 125 105 150 150 152 133 123 107 121 149 151 153 122 157 156 151 152 155 155 114 115 117 116 136 121 119 116 120 126 115 124 118 117 112 121 113 111 126 if I as az mga sua Q AUTOGRAPHS 3 2 251' 221 fl 27-11 QERW .1-'S 'A , a---' ,WI Mgklv 'K 'L ,, q.-,Q 4fW"f:4f?Lf 1 . J. ' , rzilwgwami gh 15, Y W ,ap 5? 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