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999999999G 99999999993 999999999999 9999999999999 99615 59999999 999 599999 99999 9999 F 19 ,I :9'A, 3 , 1 9 Q R" X, 9 gi f 99999994 99999 9 9 9999999 9999999 99999999 9999999999 9999 999 9999999999999 D999 D993 -,-- F x 1. S.. Mffiif: AQ PSW xf mf f 'W 0 cd Q. ,fs :Q A swf an 'r 935: W 1 hw. , Q -4 M 4 . t ' OO- n9o.f Avo V5 O' Q . QQ , Kp Q0 69 0 2 of 'fgfhsyw I Y J, ' ' 'K 0 Y 0 . . ' -, W Cf Q QQ, A Q6 gf 1 Q A O gb Q0 O' Q, o J3 'Ev Q W O' af Q0 O5 ,O y Q O QW Q9 on I qgf gf go Q' is Xa 0,6 9 4? J O Gr 9 ' A Q6 GE Q- 63 1U up 'kr Q! ov 5 3 65 W, fo QQ? Hi? if 55. an affix -1 2 ww 1 ,. ggi? Q7 R., N35 QL UNC ,R if Q55 V M . KI' G. 7, - po QP 630 9 w e 'O '52, I Y di -. A 'io x 6' , . 'VO G 0 'dm 1 f -. 'A QQ 0, L?su 6 ia 3 Q9 'M ' 'A C250 0 bp L A '- Q S N, 7 t'I' 5 2 h-'. 5 W ' A .. .-Q2-n:frv-,.-v 5' :-- A Y ,fwfgif , . 'aff Q 0 Q, ' x. I 0 0 -' Q9 0 L 9 N L,,L 0 :-: 1 , -kmfff . ,rm . ,4 X. , H 'wygyffr 1 'f , 4 1 x ,ff Y, 'F .vi -f ,7-5' wi" 71' ,eu A' A K , z 5.5519 H, if -I , Q 'r 0" 2 Summer 1. After a long day's trek, and some campfire roasted marshmallows, a few tunes makes the evening complete. Lonce Bailey doing some fretting. 2. The beach at sunset is a great place to kick back. Godfrey Musones and Enrique Cas- taneda check out the scenery next to Enriquefs sharp short. 3. Multi-talented Phil Salacup shows off his mouth watering trout he caught on his field and stream trip last summer. 4. On a warm summer day in the shade, Jenni- fer Lenker and Steve Searson enjoy a few laughs. ? S ummer: T oo Long. . . ot Long Enough? ast summer wasn't too fun, it wasnit too boring, it wasnit too exciting, it was like a very long Sun- day!', At least that is what Virginia Silva thought. For most North Coun- ty students, summer was a blend of boredom, parties, and jobs. But what is boredom to a North County student anyway? "Were in the boondocks, man. The only pool is the slough, and Prunedalel, the name says it all!" "I like North County because it's fun. All my friends are here and it's great to talk to them on the phone," replied Nicole Carter. She also said, "North County is a great area because it's close to all the places I like to gog the beach, Santa Cruz, North Main H "All I did was party. The weekend was invented so people could partyf, The only question is, what is a party? For some, it is going over to a friends house, hanging out, then going home and passing out. Others would sit around, watch MTV, and get lost in the ozone. But what's a party without munchies? Favorites for most are Doritos, pizza, coke, and brownies, ibut don't let Brad Duenkel bring the Coke and Browniesll "A party without munchies is like a car without a steering wheel," quipped Brad Beadell.Weconcludethedefinitionof a party is lots of friends, good food, and good fun. There's good jobs, bad jobs, and some in between. What's the best job to have during the summer? "No job is the best job . . . summer is for kickin' backf, said Tony Lopez when asked in Mr. Wright's class. For some, even the kickin' back was too much effort. "All I did was sleep in son Joachim as a comment on his summer. Some put out effort to work. "I looked for a job, but never found one," replied Tanda Szabo. Even those who found work did not enjoy it much. "Summer was a bummer, I worked right through it," nagged Dana Ray. ummer jobs are tough on stu- dents, but some landed jobs that made those three short months a prof- itable pleasure. Sabrina Burl got to make money at the same time as she watched the '84 L.A. Olympics. Dan Kan Kaminskis worked as a life- guard. Not only does it pay well, the view is nice and it's easy work Kas long as everyone knows how to swim.J One last comment came from an anony- mous Condor: "I did make a couple of hundred dollars, here and there, but it was okay. I didn't have to work very hard for it." Thatis the kind of sum- mer we'd all like to haveg a little work, some money, and a lot of fun. ,e2f.-'bf' 'VW Ji? exl32,2i,Tr'12.Jff J- 1' it' V V' ,. .irmwl .w gr. 1- .Milk W - ,K .A..k,N fa I I A fn' . 'Q , gt, ge iff-Lie, M. 1" ,Y f ' ' ' .if wi' "' . R it ,S W . . -. e ir' 4 ' e I iii, 1 e. 1 ---' eff' 4 f. -'g r -. 'Y I-1 ' z .gf . I -, -Q. if g . V ,ef fi ' 52:55 ug 1. '1 ...Wai - '1'f4fr'.4:.-pf. 1 ,:f1fw:'..1g. I, ,..'1fy'w , e ' wig' g,a1?1-fain-fekf? Lf 4 :,r,1::T 'ff Lf ' 1 W '-5" 1 straw'6-f'Ewqs'v-7 4:.fw..:1l,m.a.'. Q 1.'fg,.f , 2, -.fn ,- ff ' ff,-4.-yg.r vi , 'rf . f- . -W Z1 -. - H .. -. , - N ,. ,. ., .,, . , . I W... .. - , f,-.. -, .y -. f . 0- - v- .gp-gf 2--15+ gm ' L 'x fa , 155, f. ,asia " 'r 14' iw .5734 ,, .11 , ,J 1' 1 -fwjC.'.f. ',f"',E, -YE .a,-ft -, M' in . ,wa -" 4 -rf " , f " x3"'f.'r' . 4 'lgW1'."'i HJ 'I ' f 'ni ' ' y" -wi 1'f.f- , ' x out-!,,, A v.L,L5 ,. 'gtg' , A .wb I -' .ar .-'t"1s.Uf Mifune , f ,f 2? '1 4, . .ld 'ff ,ig 'Q , ,KS-Fgggvfs vii., 5' 1'4'G.r'-fir . ' f ' I P r ' .' .twL-74? gg-if greg fs -211: if f I I , . . .M .. ,.,f,,1rp1?,,,:Irg,.m,,.9. , 1g ..t.f ,W I ,,,,s:wg,,qi, My jV , .?p.f W an-4 ,,u3vy,ig'52g:,',qAgg.. g ,4,,Q,:,p,af1g. . ,u,,,,fz,, M., ulnrner 3 -' f " , ' 5-ie? 'fiat-2'11?.5.5P.w "5 ' ifiF3' -WM 'mziZ"""4QYfFiLQ-sg. 1' f,?r'2fff-Ye!! p-- 'f2f.33f'f'y' ' ' 4 . , , y. , 4 R TMI k g, 5. ,fx .. JW 5 V , .R ffvaq, ws , M M 4 Marriott's Q l 1. Some senior class clowning around by: Car- rie Wenig, Ken Smith, Lonce Bailey, MikeBorre,LisaHuckaby,Brad Beadell, and Lee Quisenberry. 2. Pausing at Marriots, Hilton Metzner finds a Very bored soul and attempts to loosen his knots. 3. Smiling for the camera are sophomores, Kris Simas, Dana Ferreira, Linda Chadek, and Linda Hoey, who make the most of a sun- ny day. i A ' " 4. All around athlete, Angie Kryziak, shows off her ,unique talents at the game booths, 5, At long last, Michelle Martinez finds a perfect mani , - 1 , ' ' rr W 'lf' I'-T-That's Not All Folks. ack to school a drag? September a bummer? Do your new clothes ake you look like a preppie? ASB gas the problem solved! A Memorial ay, sun-fun-run around till you drop lay at Great America. NC students lrrived at Marriotls to see Yosemite Sam and Tasmanian Devil, notorious tartoon bad guys, lingering about the 'ront gates. They quickly disappeared nto the crowd of hungry Condors who escended on the park like fun- , ungry vultures. After repeated que- ties from Yearbook reporters about Lhe opening at Great America, Kelly Burns could only utter" . . . swellll' Past the gates and into the park, the aroma of sizzling hamburgers, french fries, corndogs, pizza, and tacos, made Condors salivatel Yummy smells tempted many students with empty stomachs to try the morsels. After one more sample than she should have had, Nancy McGuire commented, :'Great America has the best home- made ice cream around? Fast food at an amusement park may please a pa- latte but doesn't sit well on a stomach. "This pizza is really gross! My stom- ach won't settle for a week," groaned one student with no appetite for the stomach-churning rides in which she came for. Most NC students set out, putting a test to their physical and mental be- ings by challenging the ferrocious rides, such as "The Demon," "The Ti- dal Wave," and for a real thrill, "There's nothing like going over The Edge." "Speaking of going over the Edge," Vicki Rochester exclaimed, "I literally was, when I saw all the fine guys that were all taken." That seemed to be the case with many sin- gle high schoolers. However, some students such as Angie Pochop en- thused, "It's a killer place to meet fine dudes." Stephanie Cambria, Dedi- cated girlfriend to Dennis Ott, said, "It was fun looking at the guys fsorry Dennislll' As for the people of the male persuasion, they had a lot to say. From Brad Deunkel we heard, "The girls wore too many clothes for the heat that was, and the heat there could have been." From the freshmen mouth of Jaime Goularte: "Mar- riot's was very interesting because I won a lot of stuffed animals and gave them to some girls." Isnit that sweet? There sure is a difference in thinking between Seniors and Freshmen. verall, it seemed that everyone who went on this exhuasting school trip were really glad they had the chance. Marriots Great America had a lot to offer, but one of the most astounding sights was not at the park itself. It was seeing fifteen bright yel- low buses barreling down the highway from San Jose, heading toward the empty campus after a long day at play. -2 all Wage 'fn YF, fi- avlhuvmnwkvmeewaswm TUNE! HIL! 2119 ZGHP! know-mmmww Kula Marriott's 5 I v 0 QU " 7 , X V Veg Y V V I 6 First Day 1. As students enter the office with many ques- tions, Rita Reynolds is prepared to answer them. 2. With a smile on her face, and a balloon in hand, Kris Turner heads for the gym and the rally. 3. Amidst balloons and cheering, Luz Mar- quez, Bertha Rubio, and Marina Vargas watch the first day rally. 4. Greeting a friend that you've missed th whole summer long is one of the best thing about the first day. Michelle Carmona give a hug. 5. These Freshmen don't look like they'ri cringing: Juan Torres, Alberto Mercado Ronald Cabreros, Raymond McKelvey Abelardo Arellano, and Lee Martin. CC ringing Freshmen, energetic Sophomores, jacked Juniors, and fearsome Seniors livened up the opening of North County once again. The hallways, empty and quiet all summer long, were invaded by one thousand, four hundred, and ninety- eight hyperactive students, an open- ing day record number of bodies. Once inside the claustrophobic gym for the Welcome Back Spirit Rally with the intimidated Freshmen and the fearsome upper-classmen, the sec- tions which marked off each class be- gan to fill as anxious '84-'85 students packed the stands. The cheerleaders generated waves of excitement with ear-splitting, foot-stomping screa- min' and yellin'. After warming up to some spirited hootin, and hollerin, Cand, who couldnlt be warm in that stifling gym'?J, the combined student body launched into the first class competi- tion of the year. For openers, the Sen- New Beginning" iors won the beach ball pass. Though they didn't really win as much as gained a forfeit. The Junior ball al- most made it, the Sophomore ball made it to Peter Moore's clutch five times in a row, and the Freshmen ball was never recovered. Next on the agenda was an inspirational speech from Dan Kaminskis. Trying to prepare hopeful Freshmen for a total- ly new experience called "High Schoolf' he layed it on like a southern politician. The classy competition continued with the chanting and stomping of "Go, go Condorsf' The Sophomores stormed their way to victory with the decibel denting help of the JV football players. nward to homeroom and the first day of a new year was un- derway. "First day was the best day of the year," Dana Ray commented. Not all of the comments were as posi- tive as Dana,s, though. You couldn't believe how many times the yearbook surveys said, "The first day of school sucked." Those people who don't think it's so great should check out the following pages, where we talk about NMC in '78, when we opened. You can't blame a lot of people for being sorry the summer was over, but the extra-curricular activities seem to help lighten up a long day. "The first day of school was great, but Fm still not sure where all my classes are," spoke ninth grader Ja- son Joachimg echoing the com- plaints of many students who were lost on the remodeled campus. The minor confusion was a welcome relief compared to the crowded classrooms and congestion caused by last year's construction. veryone remembers the first day of their freshmen year. The first day of this year will be rememberd by all of us as the beginnings of our best year ever. J ,,,,,.-,.ff,.,.m A ,A TV ThB.,B9giI111i11gf0f Uur Best? Year Ever First Day 7 N X as .' N - t . i ' ' . s' - l Q V E. ' in i e - N ' ' A , 8 1.s4. This sequence shows acornmon occurence to c' g ' X M X those of us without' lockers Onairily everyonel. . .A ' ' ,Q ' 'J' Y r Gayle Levy finds out the hard way whata small V Q 8 ff , 0 ' y' A V 14 .-gcipherholeandalarge burstof windcan doto your -3 " 1 -i , . I K " L massive stack of bpoks, ' ' ra, ,gg r Hs., 1 ' . . V Q' p L 5, 5 ' VV v l, A A X K 5- . A gi xl as .1 , N ' .fu N Qc, get X 6 ii: 'P ' ' fl ' " X . - ' ' 4 - , '- x I . X til ,I . . ' . - - V - .C. . ' ' 'Q - .j,,.z,5ixf ' X H ,, ,' ,V ' - N ' ' ' ' :fi-is-'.f. H--vm"-TE 'fir L.. V - '- X 4 N U w1wff1,sfi-5w.g,,vtr,QEc ryfgrrs , wfgnsfrl?x:w ' '- 'N . I , ' g rn.-vp-N wm.,g,, ap. A wg , , ., ,,5.fb'fw,-in ' . - - . ' A - . ,, ' f '- -- ..g-V ,h warg 145- 1' r 'mfr J '- . - -'f . 5 .qs ,L -' . ' rw - 'mf'.,Gr- , s,rw"l25ws.. N - V - -ww ' . A TgW1r'1?i?f.f'r A-gLM,,: :,:,:p ' sri. ,, r warg My Mpeg 9 auf. 'A + . F,-1 ' A 5 V l rr 1 A ' . , P . , "' ' L : . f "L:1'- -5 I-LE? " i'T:5?1, . '. ' .' ffl- . ' ' "1 fi ' .. if . lf - 1 5 :If ,. I' f.- s- '- .fe - D , rf fig Q A f ' ., . -. - . l ' ' ' Ji jllf 153523 ' 'FW "i 1 Q ' . if We'Ve Come A Long Way, Baby! A Self-Test: Does it seem unfair that even the Seniors have closed campus? 2. Does it irk you to think that the money that was supposed to be used to buy lockers was spent on a new computer system for taking atten- dance- which, by the way, takes up so much time that the extra minutes added to each class is wasted? 3. Do you feel cheated at lunchtime when no music is played in the forum because of one of last year's mistakes? Are you bothered when you wait in an overcrowded lunchline for fifteen minutes for a box of overpriced french take the test over. When our school first opened on October 23, 1978, it was mass confu- sion for the 836 students who attend- ed. lnstead of complaining about walking into a boring and unlively Fo- rum, be grateful that you weren't one of the first ones to wander in and find it under two feet of water! This was because in the beginning, the Forum had no doors, so when it rained, you guessed it: instant swimming pool. Back then, it was all about lugging around scuba diving gear, as well as your books. And, don't forget the flys- watters or you would be attacked by the swarms of flies that infested what is now considered our most popular down the cafeteria. i Because of construction delays, the first Condors didn't even start start l school until late October. During the year, the only holidays or vacations allowed were Thanksgiving and i Christmas, and school continued through June and July. f you loathe our parking lot now, you should've been here six years ago. How would have you liked to park the car you worked for all summer in a pile of mush? I mean, y what do you expect, your own parking space, or what? Get it in gear and re- member-school is only as depressing y as you make it. Congratulations l North County-you've come a long fries, and the grubby little freshman hangout. And if you think the food is a way! who took cuts in front of you buys the major problem, you should've been , last box? here back in '78 when you could have wrung out the french fries like you , If you answered yes to any of the would your laundry. The health de- l above questions, read on, and then partment even threatened to close l . N W ,rr.. ' ' a L ,J 8 SC119o1 B39-ed l it if 1 U iii , it Q' f 1 b e f . l K - ' 0 i i 4 ,, . Y . I O 1 Q. The pavement in the parking lot is a welcome addition to the campuskbut overcrowding is still a problegn. this picture, the parking lot is full at sunrise. I '- 6. A candiz bar's eye view of Thelma Castillo at the student store: even the cramped spade in the student store doesnft stop the students at brunch and lunch. I nh ' 1 7. ,Some studentshlke Denise Hill, here in t is picture, have he on a school bus at 6:2O'.in t morning. ' K , . r n . ,sbt 'jf -. F. rl i, t. ,- , ,V i" 7 l,,wI'K 1 ' ' ff, In g i 'r . . D I "o' .x i I Q s I N 1 I E 4 X l 1 2 a 4 5 H up-n-1'-wmv.-Q-pn-nn: 1--- 1--11--1-LL... My -f-w-.u-,VM wmwm-.ab-:-www.:-nw!-A-mlm-lm uf-rr:-K-W1-.rm-f1u,,vf.-Q-wi-1-0 m-'----- W- N-ww--f -7 -'M-A---M----H -V--M-W mf---f-f-f-- --'---- fw----- ---W --fv - -W - v- -f 1. A warm round of applause greeted candidate Romeo Mendoza and his escort, Gena Kurzsfeld at the Homecoming Assembly. 2. Food booths highlighted Homecoming week. 3. Jill Soper stood proudly by Mr. Gunder- son's arm as one of the homecoming candidates. 4. Torches in the air is just one of Dan Melen- dez,s bag of tricks. 5. Stuffed with splits and ready to burst: Dan Swain takes a break during Homecoming week competition. 5 5 Coming Home In Style pring has sprung, fall has fell, Homecoming's come, and it's fun as . . . well. Booths of food, enrag- ing decibels of top 40 tunes and un- countable amounts of students over the campus during Homecoming. To start off Homecoming with a bang, students came from their classes to see tempting goodies being sold by different groups of NC clubs. The French Club had their everpopu- lar croissants stuffed with ham and cheese. To wash everything down, the FBLA sold orange and banana da- quiri's. To top off this sophisticated meal, there was cotton candy avilable, also sold by FBLA. As tradition would have it, lumpia was sold to the stu- dents and alumni. To entertain everyone, "Off The Wall" played popular hits, and stu- dents took advantage of the music and danced to their hearts content. The Wrestling Coach, Mr. Lines showed his fellow teachers how he could strut his dance moves with no embarrassment whatsoever. As the week progressed, everyone's spirits rose. Most of the spirit lifting was during the assembly. It let every- one cheer for their favorite candidate and skit. After the freshman candidates were revealed, they went on with the first of four skits. They showed us how NC students Hstrut their stuff" and get hot and thirsty in the process. Then, from out of nowhere came KoolAid to quench their thirst. The sophomores took their turn after their candidates were an- nounced. They showed their predic- tion of Saturday's game and how the Condors would send the Cardinals, "Up, Up, and awayf' Once we found out who the junior candidates would be, they tried to amuse us with their version of "lf I was a Condor." It was working until a chain reaction of laughter broke them all up, and brought the skit to a gig- gling halt. Finally, the candidates for king and queen were told, and the seniors went on to show how Cardinals prepare to play the Condors. They went to the man upstairs for help. Not even he could help them in this desperate time of need. So reluctantly, they went to see the man downstairs. In the end, not even the little devil himself could help Santa Cruz beat North County. he festivities continued with jug- gler Dan Meldendez. He made juggling machetes and rods of fire look easy. If that wasn't enough, he juggled balls while riding a unicy- cle. Now, that's incredible. After his spectacular feat, everyone moved outside for the announcement of this years homecoming court. icon- tinuedb . Homecoming 11 I' Q xzviv 8 fr ez' 0 6' 6 C9 Y 2, 9 , ' ,Ar , , f 5 QT' f j J 1. The Pride of Condor County: John Seltzer, Frankie Borerro and Phil Coborruvias, mainstays of this year's Co-championship team. 2. Last minute work on the prize winning Senior float. 12 Homecoming or the freshman they had Mary Lou Hernan dez and Kevin Gander to represent them Ro chelle Doman and Troy Morgan were the sopho more prince and princess The choice of a new genera tion were Juniors Julio Qulntero and Jodi Richards As Homecoming week came to an end everyone was jacked for Saturday s game After numerous fumbles dropped passes and mis cues the highly favored North County squad went to the locker room nursing a feeble SIX point lead over previously winless Santa Cruz The halftime festivities brought floats convertibles and smiling faces The floats came onto the field fol The first candidate was J u11e Klos followed by Bar bara Bacon Next was Malinda Bollinger and behind her was Kapio Donovan Last but not least was Susan Benny The band under the direction of Mr Jlm Byker began the stirring 1812 Overture and Ft Ord was great in offering us the booming crescendo Six howit zers blasted blanks at Oak Hills as the photographers Jumped out of their pants with each report For candidates for king there was a domination of football players In fact they were all football players They were B1l1McCreary Paul Sanburn Romeo Mendoza and Hilton Metzner f , , 7 ' 9 , , . . . . , . , . . ' . , - lowed by the homecoming court and queen candidates. . . . , - . . . , ' 7 9 , . , . , . , . . ' 9 9 9 . ' K ' - ,. .1::.rvuuu- - -- ring O The Big Guns swgfiiw fi 1, 33" 1"-gf ' gif" ' ' -'sv' ' ,en 'i"" " rH'ff-,Q A'g? 7gf?'iW"f"' f ' ff X 1101-5-gQ5'fL ,vi . gf' A '- N l m' ofa ' 2 m g' 2 w x " x"5iQ1'7"Q ai ' Ls? Q V TY 1, - W . . 4 ffm -fv mm, 'ff' 2 f- we 'mirfsw ' ' Hsin 'K V, V .Y ' f ' if sf! FSL. xx f s 1 ' 1- W--N, ' 'V fffs ff - K 1 1 T w " , V Wo -nv 'g-f"'r'W"'3" ' W7 15 'W' " 4 - ' - " -v su 3 ,, , 1 X , uw' fe l M 4 'fs' o " so Y . 1' K ' V- M' Q' vi ' ii ' J 1 f . ax 'S s - ' M - A Q, mf xi 1 A P Q ' 1 P i .1 5 ifhii 3. guest appearance by Six howitzers from Fort Ord helped the Condors blow Santa Cxuz ' High right offthe football field. ' . Junior Queemlodi Richards tours the sta- ium, the guest of Rick Tomlinsozfs Classic 1 .Ori 'o J ss fl 5. The orowd loved every minute of it. Home- :oming 5842, ,W j - s Homecoming 13 1 CINDWNING ACIIIIZVEMENI' mg? 5, U iw! ,L X556 vwgixm 441 W4 ft?Lf.f 35 7' A a TM 'WQ RQ we 6 f 1 jfyfz in 63 .N V, . 1125935 ,1 7 ,Y 1 an Xf7Zs'ff f , QE? M 9 X 14 Homecoming or senior prince and princess, we had Romeo Mendoza and Kapio Donovan. Finally, what seemed like forever we heard the winner's names . . . aul Sanburn and Susan Benny! Cannons roared s Paul and Susan took their places. After the parade procession had left the Condors roudly came back onto the field. Nothing could stop his awesome team now, not even a measly Cardinal. anta Cruz sucked it up and tried, but they just louldn t seem to stop us from scoring. Condors scored gain and again. This brought the score finally to 34-6. t surely was a sad day in Santa Cruz, for the Cardinals were crushed flat. To conclude the homecoming events was the tradi- lonal homecoming dance. This was a time for the lumni to return and relive the highschool dance life ne last time. It was a time for old loves and new music. .veryone s favorite tunes were played by the Shreds nd MJ the DJ. Everyone danced until that last song. fter that, no one wanted to leave, but all good things lust end, and this ended Homecoming 84. Homecoming, a time for reuniting old friendships nd making new ones-a time for dreams being ful- lled. A week long event that lasts a lifetime in mem- ry. Now that it has come to an end, everyone goes ack to their busy schedules and put the week's events ehind them. This year was fun, and hopefully next ear will be even better. is . ', .fs " fr? i Q - .. mg, -, if we sf..-if , - 5 Qwvgfzi '34 ,L . :Ewa a n lg Q 1 .ini 1:4 . v :rf gg., 'A if "f Y , r W If . '74 i v 7 . Q 3 f Y 4 il ll ' iz l f sl. lf in-fe W s. ,px I . J is www W - 1 1 3 ' i- Liqi ' ,, 5:1 155,45 'fi il 12.11 :SHN ' ' "t'7,A's'?fiQ':2-.1 ,'Q'xf3fl 'W' '?ig1g',Vl x'-iifq' gi ' l P ri iff' iff " Fifi "Va" 5 1f?f5w'. :ai.5 r3' 5 ' :'f5lf:?f5T.fsr2f-. 531' A Lf? V e- . ,... . 330-E Fiif 5' f'5f:IX '," ' ,FS 'Stiff' 'iw 32- 'iii-5 1' 'V .Y ' ' . C111 - asf ,.., V , . wel,-2f1:.QZii?i'gi "7gf1"f.'li1':11f r: ' ' ivffiiiiiiriixebomng Ju fkalorsismzi ami W . 3 4 f,-5. .gg f 'S K 1' . P3102 , .day cro V Qin if 'f xiii be Xlfwhsis the leuderdof thefbzmd?! Davidfllahe T fr R .- V . 1 2 1. ir- xxx. shswsggverfybody aspire cu- K '-X4 cles'u1Q0undthe.5eId. W-ii t ' 5. Sophomore. royalty Rochelle Domauandj ' Troy by theespectatorslas they ' e look at theixupcbinilig float. X' V 6. Condor quarterback, Mitch Speirs hadiqn outstanding day-.with a crushing victory over-.Y the Santa Cruz Cydinals. K N Homecoming 15 1. Condor Jose MJ the DJJ rocked Forum Homecoming Danceg sounds, heavier speak- ers, and show. 2. Candidate Debbie Soper andher date:Brian Flores cut the rug while The Shreds Cwho alternated with MJD rip through some tunes. 3. In between dances, Jennifer Dawson, Becky Jimenez and friends establish sopho- more territory in the Foruni? 4. Full of homecoming spirithparrel Hutchi- son gives a demonstration ofthe North County Shuffle. 5. A homecoming hugtfiisi Scott Perefs pre- scription for good - 16 Homecoming I W - ff: i XX 1 fr . - - . f N- .. , f . r. -.-as---W -ms-.4 ...-Y. ...M ..-in -iw rm . --. .Mi 1 .4--mr.. -is-ta Mm .ms-W. .f he following interview was con- ducted by Gary Scoggins on irector of Student Activities Ron everson. The interview was held a Juple of weeks after Homecoming to ve Mr. Severson some time to calm own. : How are the Homecoming candi- ates selected? : The way we have done the selection ir the last ten years is that we go to ie students. All the classes in the :hool at one time or another during ie day get to vote. Kids can nominate nyone out of the class they Want to. fe compile the votes, and take the up five for the seniors. The under- lassmen can nominate three. Our Elnstitution outlines some basic re- irements for candidates. Never has mere been any students who . . . well, rst you have to define what a low chiever is. But, the candidates have have at least a 2.0 grade average d be eligible athletically. I know the ' " ' ' ' " i' i ' ' ' i .az sg' x -W," . ' L. S1 -.Ja .Q Man. nf: -ks :ei . . ., -, . , . ., . A A. me .. M W M- J-,, . , . ,fs 1... K.. me sa., mu Q- .aa-...N . , f X . - , ,..- ...dy ,. is. N- Wm- Y., M it.-U., -.U--W, -.P W- is .., as .W -se an m,,s.t.- me mmm .,. is U -. 1, s fy .. m,,.i.M.,.r- sunt.. ia.. .M .rr-A. I . . .. W W. W. M. rm Wm--, mf num... , .M W, .. .- .ss af.-.Nam W W sa W .ai . - W sf-1 .1-.1 M .... -am-1 Q M - 1. ,.-.. a -.. M Us .ms W 1 ...ii F... i.. Q . .. . f- M. .... -.1 .... an .I mi .1 ru- . ' ff. , 1.12.5 ,L .315 -f.,-..-W Zilla- 5- 111- im. rw constitution was designed, and the school in general is run in such a way so that a kid will not be denied just because they are not an honor stu- dent. Deciding who is eligible and who isn't is a tough question. Q: Whose idea was it to use the howit- zer? A: I'm not sure whose idea it was ori- ginally. We talked about doing the 1812 Overture last spring, with can- non. Mr. Byker, Lonce Bailey, and Ken Smith for a while, and I think Ken Smith was the one who first brought up the idea. I know Ken and Lonce coordinated it with Fort Ord. We learned that you had to have an official request from the high schoolg so, Dr. Davis wrote a very nice letter to the people at Fort Ord. It was shuffled through the chain of command there-until I got a call from a Colnel at Fort Ord asking exactly what our requirements were. We went through an exchange of about four or five phone calls through different levels of command, a variety of differentgffii? cers. With each phone call the process got whittled down a little more. Each person we talked to had less and less for us to do. By the end, it seemed like we would get a couple of cannons, which would each fire a couple of reounds for us. The sergeant who is in command of the cannons, and an offi- cer in charge are both musicians, and ex band members from their high school days. They were both really into doing the 1812 Overture here. They were really excited about our idea, and got us the extra four can- nons, and the twenty-eight rounds of ammunition. Q: What is the purpose of Homecom- ing? We invite the graduates from pre- vious years to come back, and provide a real exciting experience for them. We have the halftime festivities, and the crowning of the king and queen, which is traditional. That's what Homecoming is about. Homecoming 17 ws im ih .11 sv' P- Szef-fxw.. N524-5"M-L-:-w l Q .F 4:"Q' xs ,. fx e AX , NX maxi W'-fm 9 in .QW . - Ny X if Q . ff 40 .nun nn me ,. 7 I' f ff- if"'7"A '- '.LL LTM ,, . W, fv . Ll, mx . PUT VIE IW C0 CII I M RI Ill I0 IIANCI. Once upon a time in Condor Coun try when you gave a dance nobody cared and nobody came either The security was as tight as a cruise missle launch and if you sneezed you were searched Times have changed have had some great bands Chaser The Shreds and also we had some hot DJ s which means better music and more people dancing They re fun but the best is saved for after was a quote from senior Michelle Mar tlnez who does agree that dances have changed tremendously Now all we need is some more upperclassmen to attend and we ll have it made Some advice to the next senior and Junior classes go to all your high school dances they only come once in a life time quoted Romeo Mendoza Dances are so orlginal and differ ent that everyone can express their own style stated another senior Jay ing to tease or make fun of you be cause you dance punk new wave or just plain dance Dances are made so that people can let themselves go and have a great time So all of you there saying dances are dumb come on out to a North County Dance and see what having fun IS all about' Remem ber you have as much fun as you ex pect to 9 3 r r 1 J 1 4 and so have our dances. This year we Tracy. That's the truth. No one is go- : , ' - L 66 ' ' 20 Dances all K K T11 1. "Hey, wait a minute!" Kim Nuki and Ro- chelle Doman share a couple of laughs be- tween dances. 2. Some of these shy ones, like Carrie Bam- baugh, can't even be pried from their chairs Z if W '13 if Sz Q mf 3. When you try and talk while you're dancing, sometimes you have to yell. 4. Bay Area band Chaser gave us some hot tunes at the Chirstmas Ball. 4 5. Up, up, and away at the Homecoming Dance with Robin Boyn and her partner. 5 4 4 6. The Shreds jammed for the Homecoming dance. Dances 21 K 1 Q i E E .. 5 S 4 5-: , -. -5,4-9 . gi 1 2 55 5. le 35, 3 3 i sg, 355 . ix E! Ps gif 5 ,F 5. 515 52 5 ' f' .- A,,, . 3 5, isu SE E 5 iin.. .L 2 E E Zig is 5 5 xg 5 52, 5 5 gi l E i g 'ei I 5 3 la E 5. .E .VS 55' ig ji E 2 is .gg 555.5 .5 H 2? 5 T, . 3 3 3 5 E F 55 Q gig? gig gg? 5 5 EY :Z gg 3 1 .525 jf? E W EE :EE 22 .gif . EK I .Ev X5 M QM3? EE ,' f'4j.a 5? f 'Mi ii f SE j fs? ! H 5 ....,.,,...,V. 2 3 5 uf? E gi 5 z I 5 3, me T f S 5 E Z 5 ,f 5 EE NE E2 122 55.5 Em 2 4 22 :ig Ea. 5 if S 2 gf. 5? iff SE Q' 1 if Q E .5 L E 5 g Y 5 ,E 5 S. Z! iz Ei 5 E S 55: 55 I fx z .E5 E5 55 555, ii egg? E5 Si s a 2 E' I . .gg Ei , 5. bi E 55 Qs ? Yi 5 53 Q25 E -,5:5: ' :gf Q, 8 15 2 , , if E 135 5 5 w if is ' 133 22 is 5 if i s 6 2 5 s. 2 2 3 . is 2 Q. 1 5, y n is E E 2 ,Q 1 is E23 E522 if E 5 E 533555, gf 5 gi.: A EEZ1 si? fi . 5 .,., 5. gig 4- --555 ...,... . 5 :iksi 5 ,....,.., , 5 .ag in 5 555,55 .. f Q5 5 .5 I ,.,.4. E 52 . gi 1' .... . 5 E .E E ... ., .,,-, 55535, :.::y .. 4. :: :w -5.5. -5,5 :fag 5 -5: ..5 5 ., . 55-'-.fl 3 3. 5. 5, Q Q ., 5 . 5 3 as aug? 5? 2? Z S2 555 5 52 if ii 1 ge? EEE 525525 ga 1. say , , is s li iz' 5 2 1 X 5233555 gi 55 5 I Eg QW ' N f E ' E3 , K 3 5? ff J 5? 1 255 is 5 ,..- lg 5 4 gg F 2 E 3 ,Ht 3153 1 5 EEL? f 55 ig 5 1555: 555159 555 5 g E S3 l 1 f :,' m . gg i 33 2 EE 5 3 s 5? Egg 3155 is E . 5, W gl z iff is 3? : ES 5? ..5. . 5 5 if is gif, S 55 ii 5? sy 5.4. is 52 2255 iss, II in Lg . Eg it , Z. QE? ii? 5 Q5 Ss: 335 1 2:2a 5 we .H E5 2 EE , Zh 'x Eiga IE 3? 5? 5 , 5... 2 2. 3 5 L .qs 5 5 ,..,,:Q.. ..- ' 5 555, .. 5. +5 .35 Q. W ..l..i.5.3 E 5 2 : ""-' Q ' '.:.-55:54:21 ' '- ? Z, E . 25 . E, 5 gf? s E. it 35 ii? 5 5 E z5.:?gYE '3 5 5 ., , fi, fir 4 E ' 1 2 52 1? "xii .,y 5 2 ii E 5 ii fy as gg Ei fe fs, E i Ki z, in . .wa 5 ' z lg 5 51 EE E ,5n lvag Sag? fee i g Q15 .., .... 5 vw .:J5,5.h.. W if f 5 Y is ,gi 5-it .... . .. .53 as F iii ? ew 2,.. ,...... .,,. ' Ss: 2 En 5.5 5 ..,.,,.. s f XX XXXX Fr '. '1 :"l 5' W E 35, ,Qi I .-.,X, ,'X,,,- I 5. .. 2 . 5 52.5 1 z gi EE E 25? 11' 52? F 5 r gi A IIXI is f. 3 , 25855 Q w g 5 5 was E' 5355 E 235 'E H H gg E i I gf :" E 5252 is 5 H ? 5 5 5 f XXXX 2 1 5. Q 5 51 .L jT .,,. 53.2 5 if E2 2 . XX 2 322 Q Wg XXX z. '12 :,. :,,: in it. me W XXXX . 5 X X XXX 5 f M -..-::-,:- 35 - 55 X.X,. 22 Q . 5 is 2 2 W52 is 'Sir ii 1 5 Q M2 S EE Q 1 if Qi fig 55.5 , 9255 is 5255 sf ? 5. SE. 5 5 . 1? :iz QQ 2? UE 2 .5 , ......... :- m g- 22' .. -. gi S1 if 5 '33" M.-I ,X.,,,,,.,.,. ..,. . .,,..,,X, . . Y? 351 5 1 2 1 ' . ,,..., . .- E .,.. 5, E XXXX 59' 51, 5355 5 :E E 5 E ii 2 is Q g ig ggi? aw ..... 23? 225 EE I 1 522. if 52. sf E55 f If v 5 .E L Q 5 X55 EW My SEE 5 F53 iii? Wm, 3 5 ,gi :, , .. .A ..,.g.. . 555:2- 5 5? :-:.- .55.,.,5... EW.. .: 5 -.555 55 K g E5 z E! 5 K .,.,,.,...., """"' ' E """"u""' "-' 555: ',j:3Wg' 5W 'W' ' g E 5 ?' f' 2g 2?.i 1:-- X g a :-- 2555. 5 5 N4 Q 52 55 5255 2 2555 3 ii 55 wig fm 5 14 5: xx 1 ggi QE? gigs E! Q Es ! fi ,. if QL gm Es is X .X..... f 5 ...... 5 ..5 S i ffiigii LZ1if gE 2 J f 5555 535 ij! K Et Hi fi , ge 1. . 5 5 515 -55 52 xii , 555. 5 Q55 .. .55 5.53555 .I 5. E -:-- .-...:, 5, .,..., .,..,..... 5 5,5 , 5. 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Si .25 5 2555 XL XXXX ,-.V .... S -------- 1 2 5. .EX . 5 ,A 5 11122 2 Q SE 22 5 5 Eg XX . Leii e 1, I W3 0 .Hg , ...iv aigbgggggq ,. gksiigiiggigl g Q552igi wfw fffmm W We X X Q EW 25 , XXXXXXXXX 5 M XXXXXXX .KXXX XXXXXX if XX.XXX if ,x ,fi 5, 5 3 5? Eif 4 5 5 XXXX Vg :X-X : ei 5 i i i .g g v Y Sb 1 X 4 .5 EE, .5 .55 5 M5-H ...X 5 fg.5,5.5xg.5g.-g. 2 E E X I 2222. S egg , ESS? SE 5 5 Q55 ....... 5 1 . H. 2 in 2222 2555: :E -1 sf- .5555 5. Q M 3 5 Q s 5 2 i v g,E:::E::: Z ,, ' :::. Q 1 x 2 5:5 5 2 5 25 25 X .2 X k? fs 1 'Q' 1.255155 g ' I.II':II'I 1 3 W Q22 K gs, 5 fax X 5:5?i:i 2 '51 X 525515: Y ww. , J' ' 1. if .. 5122. :- 5, f 55 5, K 1 .23 of A 5 E3 i s 5 .5 '1 2' 'Q - 5 f Z:5:5::5: 5 , if .,.,.X 5. S T . X.X. , hu, A W3 J 5 -..- s ' .:E:EE' E wgvzzw ff A525 img xg Agia sigma? M 225 25' -253QZ:52:5E'.E5'i5f W . v .2.2LgQ2: "" 56' ., WWTH ' "II' S i II':' 1 af "' ' " 'fs55:.ff2 "". ii iiilifif ----------' ' 3 5. 2 1? 52 Q3 35 5 ffi 5552? XE lg Si m i. . gif' ii' Eg iggzii gi Egg QE? I ii E2 42 "':1 FSE a i 1 0 51 Q Nga , ww 235 225222 : fi . fa 55 in 5 ' g g? ,mmf .Egg 525 235 5 5 3 1:5 Eggs f W Q W5 Q.21E:E:.E-':5Ef55.'52 2255 5 "'H': i m?-a 'W' E5 g M NE S S .,.......,.,. i w 5, 5 M ,jg oz .,,,. ,, ......,, 5 by M W 25 F22 . Sim s W H if ff "f' ff 3:5 5512 ww 5 m fs ' A . E Lkfaui! .ak- PEER: 5 Nlwlamm.. 'Q E:-E- :,wg:g5- Eg L Hs!as5?s'es11l1uQ5 Q Ei '7 ' 5553? E'i,?i?Q'l7':'i???s 1 5, I l5L5l555555sa1al1155555 zxz EEEIX :g .::F:5e25. ,jx W 'MH Hp ? 1as21521ewE1,E1asse2si5'1lMay???ai3l M . ..,,, . 5.5.59 nf :if 1 5 A 'FEEQLEE' " 1 5.1151 ww 1.- 55-i wsfis '-'- 2 -+25 'E mu. Q5 W: 7 , .,., . 5 """"' 2 Eg ::. 2 2125 5 '-"'- , iigig' W HU Ei P .., .:.'.' : : VL -51+ Fif i ' X 5 fm g L ...... gm ue- 5. .2 T s 5 g ,... 2 W i ,..,..,. . 5 - 22212. 5. :ae ? 5:5 3 3 25 - ::::.:f:'-:: 5 -52'-If '--'- 1 ::2::' .ss 5 "" , , X 5.... .5 5 Sm xv 5 . 3 55 5 if E5 ,......, . f,,. 5 ,wa f'- 2 M-Ns if . K ? 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'ixgy dgsw r5gQe ' E552 Q32 Q? 2 is 255522 s g? i g 555. ifwm igsiiz New as 3225 555 5555552 5 iw gg E22 5 ww f 555. gg. ai 355255.55 ji? ig Q25 iw .. f ag i w m g, Q35 533522555325 QQ E535 . a: , 3a s '5 se .5i2 iQ2 Vi W K H :W 55 W 'W 5 .. , Q 2555? 52555.52 125 .eSS5EES5eg es 5 wi E s K iwi fx F b fiipfxf f sgw 3325? 2' gg is? 2??f ?Egwifg5ii 5 gg 5ffgW ??3i5V 5 Mig igigiii i fxgg Ei 'K s 55.2. 55? ? .f Eg5f2f E? g EF 5 Y? 1 "gsisf El sasg z' 212.25 my fgg5'55 ig? . 35 Rig? . m E. m 5555? E 5i5g5..s.EE.2i. 2353525 2525 : 5e5EE .5 SE eQiQ2EQ 5E5s 2 E S I ,la ,M " x FMS? pf , 'f ' f 1 ,,,L ,,. V - ggvvgf . y1f1:,, ,f , , ' t ' Q 5 Q- , 4. W V6 4 Ii ,, X" f .- ,ii "V ,1 . Q , if f ' 53,2 , 4 T " mfs ' fe 41 ,. ,W Vw , W3 fi V s L Q u uwQ x W Q N' E ,Q N 4, 5 N, nkw , w ,mu w 1 Nww'v "Www ' Q 'WW WW W V , l Q 5 mf Eff-5 Q M S + i 5 1 Q wwww ' Hx wwwww 5 W. "' Ei! n ' 5 fb f s 4' W W W Q Q. mf , ., 1 ' ' ' .1 2 xv Hr 'S' M one safe' nil WX N 3 gg lA i w 1 -S L A fmd-if sg, S ,bo M Ni' 'qiadog HEP? uEl"ZI 'CJQIIUSIQI AIUEEU CFU V910 UBSUSD F"OI 'CSPIUIO fI9!U1919I'5 I"8 'WPI-WW 9H9II9!IAU V"L 'fU0SF1I91UH H9-HBCU EI"9 'fU!91SI9q9!O PIABCU V"T7 'CSWUFIHAA POOMKED H"9 192199 9?-IUIAU 'D"Z 'KUSZBH AUBJJRLD O"I 30 Activities 1 If I ly , 7 , P11 J AM -,-, 1 L, V," W 1 im," 5, N f ,V , Nr I X I aw iw' 5' ff' W f W W X .mf 'NV Wm A A ' M ,- M 'ff M A I f , 4 I H I f ff" , Xwp, gy W ' W my-, '. . Q I ' W 'M ' lil' 2 ff mf J f, my H , , if ya wfffwlii fe 1. Ready to go back to class, after a short lunch periodg it's Carlos Perez, John Tracy, Rob Torculas, and Martin Sandoval. 2. Nicotine fits are notorious on the NMC cam- pus, Ed Moore, Julie Lamb, Sheri Aunch- man, Elizabeth Frank and "Buggs" Pratt utilize the smoking section, while investigating reporter Susan Oler takes notes for Yearbook. IDS 3. As the bell rings, these Freshrnang Prinance, Genevieve Silva, Mike lace, Newell Barger, and Donald have their last laugh before classes star again. 32 Cliques I John Wal- Carl t once 5 C l lWho's who? where are they? and o are they with? Well, around the QC. campus, brunch and lunch time lthe whole purpose for finding this lt. Many of us found our own little che. It was in the Forum, not in the Jrum or for those who can brave the ements: Outdoors. "Waiting for the ext riot," was Darci Allen's reason r hanging in our only lunchroom. June Cain spends her time in the Forum with Yvonne, Cheryl, and Kaniu. "Only cool Snausages can hang there." For other students, the hustle and bustle of the Forum is a little too much. The kick-back atmosphere of the band room works as a great ten- sion releaser and dining room. "The reason I like the band room is 'cause nobody has hang-ups about popularity," says Elaine Bullock. "It's a really care-free place." As for the "Castro Locos" the wall seems to be a good munching spot. When asked why he hangs out where he does, Enrique Castenada re- plied, "It's not 'cuz I like to hold up the wall, it's cuz it's skitz to hang out with my homies Godfrey and Ted." ll ar 4. Aggies Steve Sustaita, Jeff Banuelos, and Jeff Russum show togetherness. 5. For many, brunch is a time to associate with others, but for Deena Martinez, Melissa Anu- lao, Christina Martinez, Chris Beck, and Lisa Nouchi, it's a time to make arrangements for a party. Cliques 33 1. Who are you trying to impress chickadees? 2. '4No fagging off guys, the camera's on us." 3. Smile Gary, you're on camera with your camera! 4. K'Hey folks, where's the visine'?" says Tiffa- ny Hazen. 5. These ties prove that girls can't resist talking to the famous Jamie Jones. 6. In search of the mythical "A" crowders, An- gie Krzyiak looks about. 34 Activities Who's where, who cares and we d0n't I don't know, well, to find this out is the purpose of school itself. Most of the cliques that consist of the school are the Jocks, "A Crowders", Castro Locos, Ag- gies, Rockers and Band Members. As for the Jocks, they all seem to like eating and goofing off in the forum. 'KThe forum is a great place for questionable encounters of the mysterious kindn said senior Mike Magee. He really meant what he said, if you've been through the forum, you'll know why. Activities 35 "Doesn't anybody know who Sadie Haw- kins is?" "My parents have a Beatle's son about her." "Naw - no way." For those of you who don't know, Sa- die was that sweet thing from the comic strips a few years back Cyour parents would knowl. She sorta looked like Bar- bara Bach, but with a lot more curves. She was always after this guy named Lil' Abner. She finally got him and now we have a national fat least locall holiday to celebrate that national fat least locall heroine of role reversal. First, y'know, you've got your tie, where the girls arenlt allowed to talk with guys, and that's quite a switch. After that comes a big favorite, Slave Day. The girl who always wanted to dress up her favorite hunk like a playboy bunnie must have gotten a kick out of seeing Steve Byrd and Paul Sanburn struttin' down the hall under command. The last big activity of the week, but definitely the most loudly received is the famous finfamousll Ms. North County Pageant. There are some who carry this dress to some outrageous x-rated ex- tremes. For the second year in a row, Tom Henderson teetered on the outer limits of decency. But, Arthur Whitney was deemed the most perfect of all the contestants. As Art was heard to say after his victory: "Some of us are perfect, others were born with hair." . ,WA ,. . 1. A statement of interest at the slave auction by Hilton Metzner and Dan Kaminskis. 2. What a line up. Who's your friend Ms. Byrd? 3. No Comment. 36 Activities TRANSVlEC'l'I'l'lEC 1 ND C01 'BUYS 4. A day to buy the slave of your dreams, as you can see this crowd is hot with lust. 5. It's just Paul Sanburn and Steve Byrd about ready to take it all off. 6. Just exchanging a few remarks, is Philip Jackson and Mike Deetz. Activities 37 .41 LE'l".' llll llll' ll ll "Should I ask him? What if he says no? Omigod, I couldn't handle rejec- tion. How do guys deal with it?" Well girls, the Sadie Hawkins Dance gives you the chance to ask the man of your dreams out to a night of dancing to country music and "Off the Wall" tunes. Do you dare ask? At the dance, there were lots of cou- ples dancing, but thanks to Lonce, "Make it Happen," Bailey, every- one got into the country atmosphere. "It was the best time I've had all yearg with the girl of my dreams," said Lonce. As for the people getting down, Kenny Horner and his date were the famous two-stepping partners of the evening. All together, Sadie Haw- kins was pure delight! -PW e A Lg 6 38 Activities 1. Waiting in anticipation Scott Schumacher waits for Stacie Marikas to ask him to dance. 2. Getting into the great sounds of country mu- sic, Kapio Donovan and an alumni boyfriend dance while Romeo Mendoza chaperones. ry! ,7 3. Dancing the night away, Steve Stapelton and Wendy Zimmerman do the two-step. 4. Stompiug, and romping, Jeff Banuelos leads the way. 5. Doing the two-step really wore out Oliver Bohme, Morokat Yipinsoi, Jan Fisher, Kirsten Loveless, Trankie Tiscareno, Patty Ridge, and Mike Dunston. S E Activities 39 Wll YI' 1 FEELIYG 1. Long hours and long days show how hard year at NC: Linda Hoey, Diane Funk and Linda Hoey practiced to make the Dance Co. Jennifer Tonkin. a success. 3. The cast of 'tWe're So Excited" take a well 2. Dancin' was never a bigger success than this deserved encore. "Where is my make-up?" "How's my hair?" "Has anybody seen Where I left my leotards? . . . Mrs. Andrews, I need your help." This is what you would hear back stage before a dance company production. There are many hours put in by many students to present a spec- tacular production of dance. Mrs. Andrews is the one responsible for the production, and de- velopment of Dance Company, featuring the dance class she instructs. The first successful presentation of the Dance Company was Dracula featuring Thriller, the second presentation was We're So Excited, fea- turing the first dance show ever here at NMCHS, Harvey was another one of Mrs. Andrews work- ings. All that can be said is, Mrs. Kelly Andrews and her production is a huge success here at NMCHS and we all hope it remains that way. Good luck to the Dance Company! . 40 Dance Company . ' Q s s "'Oq ' - n an ' " ' . . .1 an-'. " ,, A , W .., 1 'gif rg xv. YJ' - ,, Wa, Y A Q KS' ., air, 1 V, ii ,, ,. . -, W.. f,, How come this trend never wears out? It's a trend isn't it? Here at NMCHS there are so many social groups, this means that there are many different styles of cars. Stu- dents here at Condor Country don't only go for looks, they go for interior sounds also, so when they head out to cruise the attention is focused on them. 1. Smile, its Candid Camera! It's just Tammy Lee and a friend cruising the scene. 2. Just hanging out is what it's all about on Main Street. 3. 'tCheck out this action" says Danny Evans, "Too bad it's not my car. 4. Auto Shop students, Godfrey Musones and Pepe Jimenez, just about ready for a night out on the strip. 5. Cruising has got Tammy McGough and Tammie Silva a bad case of the munchies. 6. The Corvette, there is no substitute, that's why Theresa Deaton has one. 42 Cruising WFIIUM SPEED BUMPC T0 . . . .. . 'l'llE MAIN ."l'lllP" it CML Friday, Saturday and Sunday are ever popular cruising days for NC stu- dents, for some it's seven days a week. On Friday and Saturday nights the cruise is centered on Main Street, on Sundays the attention is out on Alisal Street. Who knows, maybe Castroville Blvd. will become the cruising spot someday, with NC high as the high- light of the drive. Cruising 43 xv PS 1" ,. 599 x9 1. On the ramp, off the wall, and out of spaceg Chris Hansen in an ex- pression session. 2. A hot, sunny solarized afternoon M at Moss Landing. Louis 'sw Compaginis was out and en- joyed the view of this glassy grinder ridden by t.j.0.c. 3. Over-under-side-ways-downg y,1r, 2,3 .mx -fi- 1. wr with Josh not quite at the con- e .Y "" 1-.---i f -A -- -- trols. 3 A . . A . I A' 'H' Q I, 1 - 1 w'e-- K A W y ,L - ' Q - L if - H ' L ' s 3 sw ,W 1 --'fdfv nrww-z:v4S?f:. -'ew' A .... X ego, ..., if!e,o.,, . My M, - . , e 4 r . iw vi XI: ""-f f 61'Il. ew moves with wheels, tube rides on aves, and spinning out in search of me heavy road rash Wow' Pizza Sl ith sauce . . . mmm, pepperoni!" Ramp riding and tube riding both share the same exhilarating feeling of the deep drop-and a solid snap off the top . . . maybe grabbing some air! is ..,,. ss...-,.cN X X 4 .,,.. .r..,. ,....r , 5 r 4. Notorious tu- beseeker John Seltzer cruises in a windblown jetty cav- 5. It's the elevator drop for Brian Simpson. 6. The camera gets a look from a fully commit- ted Mike Deetz-rampriding at Chris Han- sen's. New Wa ve Riders 45 S F' X k x v S 1 f 'I " I kASMN.N.k.3,,wx1 ,xawwimy - s-1 Q ., as Q..-ef"""'4N ,fx wxwmwxn w'SW xxx? we X A Q wan- -my - W R Amy.. xN,,m,,,,: ,,.,.Qw. ,A H ' 1: - f . -, WM NN jj M ' A 3' U a Q , A 5 W, k . M Qj1. , w L5 L -V -- --,. f- A A . 3 S.. W ww ' X M x,,, missy! AW WMM AW 3 2 3 'W M 4'-'M V X .M wus!! aims V ' ' H fg 1 z- ag.. 55, 1 k x Ln, 5 A g xi-mg ave. ' Q .X ' r si N 3- f ,J ws' M my f ' Q rf was X... M A f 5 swag' ' HW . -.wxii www -:Q aug su' g ff? A 5 f ,Q If S J iii Q4 . S rf 2 f i W., ,L k 'K Q F fi f h..h f . In I K . K. Q A . A Q6 www K+' ii... .. A ,, L,"Q 1W,i ,. L 'W' is V L, ,, , A Q 4. W, ...,X...Q. ..Q,,,,,.,, ..x. . ,.x. ...N.,.Q.k, ,...f.w-M .. ..q.Mw.-....,,wN ww 4 Q ..- an vi if 101 .,:. R a VNJDA.Qg M, . Qlixtgy Wing j in S 'S .N . i KS: Q ' x 1. Everyonesggmarvelg at The great ac4 tivities program at NC. Fewer of them give R011 Severson theeredit he de- serves for it lall happen as heed of 2.'-The Program helps some while others continue through evening and 4 after school courses. Riqh l Caestellotookovgrthisyear b work rings a smile to l 1 , . r Q ' Q K no e l M iw Y will X r-.r x X hgs been a financfal miram CMQM most spor as presidefhtglofe helped make if all - T-'-r n 'f .K v i , rt . Q H . Y 9 I Pl - ' ei . Q ? Q - . ,,,V..5i3' 3 , ' 4'U'W kxxxw. 3.4. in Q. - i 4. Speaiiingbof taking credifi, not Q0 many yealize what a tremendogs job Marlme Ddvfis and Mr.'Den- nie Carocci' R. Ibiprith Qounty has few problems, nsfibts and is wnsid- ered by many? te bg the fineiiz public higligschool fog a longpway ini-any di- reition yougchoose. ! Directing thefwhole ,digtricti is the superint6ndanf's j.fb.,pr. Lf.Dongld Gauyin asgimed coinmanafrom the contrq .ersial R'ay.gSmith1 We edoxfkie 6 make! eadiines daily with Drweau-ii ggvip, but that'sA6kaiy, , W 1 i Q 1 O ei . I - Q . 4 ' 9 n Q- . Q , if if 5 W . 41 4 E .9 is r 1" 1? o 4 9 Q 'H 'S W , 5 U W . ax . I Y? Q , . ' . . 4 . he Q.. WA . - Q X mv Q 'S' S9525 Q . Q. . .riff 6 , 3. .. Ng .Qs . Q ., Q Q, f 'Bw gg V G -S5 d i s., - Q! S my L me . . x ,-.. . fs. K ,,...e. : '- - v O o 33 X Q' " m Q Sv ' Q 5 i ' ' ' 'Il0i WlAKl"l'l' . f e , Q iif 3 i A' i J i M 'we i Q 'ni Fon ' ' Y L . . . ' ' . . , Q . f Q S Anim. C Q .' b av, iw Q +5 l x 1 Ns , N ees. V . 5 ix. 2. "Being the sclgool ixpproveme goordipator, Collips algo r fhe college Career Center andfenj helpingstudentsstake a look at tl fut31reQ 'explains Jill Soper who received ihelp fromfMs. Collini choosing a college to? lee attend, "I f working with Ms. Sovllins becg she's3always,friendly, a, easy to kknowbajx V f . QR gi W or 4' . , . L 4. A s , fs 4- i"' 3 Q ' s.WfY.' 'L -.r .X , ss' X N' ' Q s ii L K L L K 0' , ' Q as 'L L 0 L 1 L L ' L .fu at c. fs, .L , , 5 L ,, L: s Q Q - T U - ' Q A W -H 'Se' X s A ' is .I if L L . lsr it ..,. fa c lil' Q 0 ' 'ii it .V Q t L , , L . .X ,L.g , '- ,, - 0 'i , Q A 'f W it , S L .. ,. , i L L ,,,. 29 , . L I t , . k ess:-A 'C ., r -fix' i k . k , Q k X 1 X ' va K , . Y he L - ,, 4 H L R s - Q L t. 5, 0 i 'f 9 . i lfl . u in 6 ' Q F Q is sl K 9 A . isa H Q in .r y L ,WWW if fa., LW, 4 ,, L 5: "Even whgn you have to sit and waitin a couiiselorsfs office, Mrs. OIS- Waystries her best to keep you from Q L svileatinlgabout your call slip," poingl ' ed out Mqrk M0t0yll. t, is N Q W ' Q l " L, nf , tc -",9 .4 ,, m . . f Q . v . 9 , - L L - .. L R Q ' sv S r. ,Q- Q ev: L 3 2 -f.L 1 ' wwf 1 'if S. , , X H i sl ,Q . 6 1 K" vw i W x f -,L 'N , M. XR, a ie high stuff and stuw f4. W11o's' the new kid in town? Susan iareonly one of thelregsorgs Mr. o'isgigtracted to County, 1 seys, J'As a counselor, 3 Iagio is helpful in solving prob- but he's more like g,friend." ' . A, . . L is A -- 1 Q . ' - Phillips feels that her new counselorj .Mrs. Hatclf, has adjusted yvell to her first year at NC. "lt seems appareg to me that MIZS. Hatch enays being at NC," commented LSuQn, 'fEveryone 'Ii that she's .real friendly? 6. "I communicate ieellwith' M1351 Avey, because she understands school problemis from a fss studeiht's 'view- point." Kelly Fortney pointed ouga good relationshipgbetween a-student and counselor: "She's got a personal- ityithat nobody could dislike." 5 ss- " - 9 - . ' .A V' ' A w X X . 5 ' as L LQ Q c , . SSX . LLL F A gs: L .sbs t A N . Q fc s sss L Faculty 51 ,t - d V O Q .Y X.. - S Y G- Qs .Q ,- is b b .. H . .IIRQIIIRNXYRISNCIIQI' + is Q Q , ' Sal' Q Nfg ir X - his ..B " Q f Q' A The Drafting Qfisgram mainspaysofthe N Vooat al arts prog-'reign ahfi Miko Capnetti ' gs Q ard has the head ofothis departmengv f . A s Q G ss ' S V ' ,, , , V R . N Q Q S ' 8 V W, . S 1 .- - - cli Ndw Home Enofgy. ss Ts o 0 , 5 CEIIIG Baniaugll oame to lfepl enda GL35 wholefigfor Qific e. pei' smile ands good na elechve turejhaves thade Home E6 an over-ST 4. participation . whelfninfggvorite onggampusg 9 Q Berrgligeg popdefs . . i W5 Q iw S ff ' R' J arly showsghd is no more . . S" 1'i X A -, is N ss 3 ss y' ... ' o ff'- .L . . i ef Q - f 9 Fw , ,gg .1 Q slffs if . F ' 'rs we ..:.....1 Q Q .. B Q ., 0 Q Q NE S .9 Q Fgcultys Q 7 . ' , K Q ji G JT f Q 4 ,.h- - as Q ass -Q S W x :iss ' Q. tQ6 9 fs K f s WJ SN. -N . Auto teacher Drew Milam rovides his students withfa pro qdal- Qy education. 'She car show in the pring always impresses. W 1. S9 'vm 8 .:. Q s ., - Q . fr as 6. Home Ec teachef Jane Sciuza dj! vides hes? time between work, a family, ' ' J V X' uf? eh 55? aghd teagming assignments, to t s sf N 31? s Faculty 53 G G on Y Faculty Q. 1. The departments North Monterey County? High is biggest thaiil success of Nannieiifiwmas' typing classes is one reason why. , K ':""' zz .iff . "mi Q , '-,,,, 'F JV xxx ' Q 1 s e l , u -' f n Q if l' X X N if Xb ix X - 5. ,:iQi..gNxm, 3 ' "Ek - ff- . 'Rf if ,iss f 2. Sorne people think you ha'VeE be a genius to succeed in Eieecu-OT icss Mr. Charlie QsoodspfeQ works hard to make iihe fdifficeu material accessible to all student fi?-sz, , Ks- E - A K . Q " f X W , b - 1 f v is 0 ' it , f " U X' aw. ' A , v 5 :Q ve . Q 0 Q S' 5 s ' Q 8 e . .S Asc, , a ' -s 5+ , .J ' M 4' .. 9 Q U C x- 5 . r - 0 19 I Q r lllffmcn 'Bill SU 1, ni jill!! ' f r. . it A - . - - is , .. 4. The auto progrern cfafns skids to Aundsefstandthdir cars.KenJorda1pg has kept K5 lot of,Q'lunkers on the lroad. Mcistly to get themlput Qffthe school ggreger, Q M 4 ' A ' L, . 5 'Q Q , , -f .. Q f N iw" -K 9 fe. ' Q. W G is .,,5,,,,- y " r sf K' r , Q 2 ei W new s frm w msn GN Ar F41 Y . K va ii V ff 'U 4- , 5 9 ., W 4' ' - - ,f , 41. if 1 ' 1 ' ,M , M, 'x 5 " Q ,QE A Q s 0 STS . . 0 3. working and apfunw taffisiwhz-it Trliudy Wilsonpenjoys ost about working at NC i 1? 9 . Q, is 6.'As of our deadline, 'I.l,edpMeyen- 1 x berg was preparing to lebve NC, to pursue other interests in th? ag :Qg - .mn I t . Q 'P 'nfs fps- r ' l I 8 5. A professidnal in the computer buslwesfs' Q Q, S ' industry, Ty Williams' under- se Q' . A standing of software takes thdmyte . p f studyingg Q SQ 9' nw Q it 4 U M ' ' X up : my A 5 W X ' Q, ., ,. I -' 1 r N .Ne Q pp s i Faculty 55A sk Q J.. is 'W . M IDII G. P CCESQ lil -9 fs, x9 Q R 8 0 S f, '15 5 67? 1 , - Q We 6. AH 41. C- , e Q K Jr V e ess art istg Stu- of this years Cross Q-g": eam. Ms. u i- S 'feSld's mter also mclude ceramics askgdl' - . 1 -r .. N , G .. Q . W... X x , V - cal Poly s 'J' ' 'vpngovides a stgenuous Q lege Quhd students haxws sfiowl at Bea? Valley shake and kriees quivei. SQ is ller' professwn: II13l1h6II1HlL1CS.l . N 4. A reggnal repgietsentative ,to QIAACPQ W b , y ' ll ll 5 Mgs. Akimsstrdneg is Q11-: ead of the X l Q S9 + l fss math science depart t. s,, X s as 5. Soccei coacxln, Ray Ga1fcja+prides , himself in being involsged with minorigcy l students. is X 8 s slll' S Q. I DNISE, 0. . . A , L Q Xe P .. l S S B A K 55 X Eacplty . 9 .. ,ff c x ' K 5 s 4 6,,, A veteran f X was of 3 4 , ,,,. . grade matlr at fhja McGee comes e through Sth Prunedale, So- to us for her first year QS + at to orth County. t 7. imits is a keyword to Mr. Smith. He believes ev- eryone hasn't reachegfl theirs yet. He also teaches mathemat- icsgsandh leads an astonishing Fresh- man siootball team. as - ee 8. When in needggxof a new equation, Mr. Jackson gives special attention to students in his math pull-out 4 ,y course. V iii . T - Q' -:sa zzzfc. 'GTI fi? -s w: n 9 at Faculty 57 Z 2' ,1. iecond year? Condor Brlan Wall taught a little science and tried to get the mysterles of phySlCS through to us. ' aa 34 A er you've had lNir.Carroll for sci , you have efinitely straigfed S5your braih. He als oaches the Aca- demic DecathalomTeam. l ' l Q h K Q4 I . I S- 3 . . 4 sw . J , 0 , Q Q- Q 49 0 6 sas Q S ef. 5 Q Q, as 1 Y1 7 Q. 4 1- - 0 QV' f .. af v . 9 Q " , Q . if sn 9' Q Q sf .. at , is , Qs 'wsu- . i ..'. fe X I G ,. is so tw . . Q, N . sms ,f 8. ,, V 6 I sv . s . f No teacher is more respectgedilahan Mr. Rd'g5rnSugim'gto. 'Qhough riot anfacadernic suhject, Driver Training may ie' be the TI1OS?i'IT1ROItkt ciass you ever passed. 5, 4 ei . The wsorld of Science is tough fto undefstand. Dasvigl Jo'huson did hisv best toxgmake it comoifehehsible. ' Q Q , f a N . K .S years ggo. , - Q , .sg edsd lt , ,f K V Q : S 4' - . N 'M 1 s L Q . A' k . A 3 -d 9 dw K 'Facult 59 .: K fl,..., 2' S sm' is tovpics thats many 'ofus thought were kind of like, y'knoWi'i . .Taboo 8.-Terry Eckheardt cam? go North Qounty frogm Marello P,,rep a couple of ye 53 . .16 ' 1,0110 svugrw' h.."n 'ga . ,K ' 4"W'3 A Q e gf 'W' LAW:- .,..........--W T, ,, 4. -1 . ru J' ii 4, 5.--f 2. The epeningijf a new hedlticlubg a weignft program, and exer- ti lped PE " Qepartm5i3iEEgGhair+ gnaiq-? 55eWQiiyne Rdb ts shedesome' Y fpounedsliand get ingvs pe. A m rg.. K Q S Q as , 4? 4' Q K s 'Q . is as YQ 6 G f Q 3 9' 9 C , Q fm.. ,,w ,, ,, . 4- U 1: if ,f 1 525' , 8 6, , .. fi gf e Sa ' la W e J Q , , Q, 9 W 6 'w wh' Q nf , o Q' if 5 ' ' 0 l , M 9 e Y O 0 gs sm , W? X, ,W . e P 'Q is' M ' 1' as sz -K Q' 4 1 - 6 +19 4 9 ' Q XR' is wr . Q fe es ill, in a dltl0Il to her regular teach e 3 4: QQ' H X de Q 4 Q it Q 41 ls -' me if A, ' 4. All little wetkout under la chilly No- vember skyf, with a few Wandering' tllsunderheads alwayi got'ithe Y'Qlo,Qd fldwing. Al Fereilira flafshedllta sh1ilei viihile tutoring. some 5-ghooting: ' -e .e L L. 9 W 1 ai if N, 0 A - sz- , Q: X? Q . ' ll Q Y U C Q ff 5 9, W if ggi' ' X X + H. u 4 5. awe 8 0 Q X W. X W: W- .4 K A 0 54? Q e e I ' 1 u W n 0' ' sz - R Q 0 5. Une ofthe original staff memiers, Maryvlvlatks spent much of her free ' time researchmg heripost graduate worlo ' if in icurriculufn , as Q u I at lz.jl2C'r: l.IQ'l"l'lZR.ft..e Q R is f i K ka S .. if . ' It if 'K tx x .. ., , - Q -- Q5 . 1- F an In additiofl to teaehirQEnglish d dreaded preficiiefcy lab, t. Co Codfdqh guided The Crt to another league et' L g. papers their str meet dvictoriest fbw 2 E Q .D K YQ Nuys . xg ' fiwf. r B Q. .B is S, Q, A of I A- , J U ,. AJ , M 1 my law 9 QA, V '. I Ili has A. W3 A ' VIPL A., S ' fowl: 1 i'I"l' as V1 ll.Il'1,1 f , u 't Paying G'fieSt?t t fi ' Q TryfFinishing WQIYS ' N .. - V is , ' Englishgteacher and play buff arylou Alexander enjoyed get- g the kids to SF for S0518 playgdifng. Hilton Metigner thought it would funny if it looked like was pay f of Mr. tGriest.fFinished home- - Y-s,v" e t JK!! xx X 3 N Q sau Q n if-that ' X ' Nerves Q. e t S-kxfffa-gffftt a t A ' K' A A ,.., ,M as - 'fe s ss W as we el' .. , Q so il so - S 1, s . l , 4. "lt's sfiice to have a teacherlike Mrs. J. around," said Jgickie Funk. f'She's a great friend who's always -,willing to help you out." 'fs' " i 5. Freshmen soon learned the diffeif ence in beipg in highschool when they s s ms ,walked intot M'cNeese's room, Q 6. A transfer from the teaching staff at Gonzales iHigh,fTim Barnes t taught the AP Englishtclass with a feri vor that showed his xave Lit. 9 ., O if sa: S G' sf . s l is L 2 Q Q . 3' ' .Q ' rk is a better way. V K 1 0 Q G' ' K , . V 3 so . R Q x O Q- 1 , Q i y . .a at ' ig, ' .gg . Fa lty 63 si Q K , Q Q 'R f? is .. S ks 4. Q S X fb- ' .v k ' ri- - , x w llll WELL llll ' Q, ,. N lr , S U. A .. WELL Wlll 1 'u 1 Q q ,, K .. sw, sag Q fha s - W . ,Q 1, N sN5 xiafbigan her' seventh yeargas oug' Spanish teacherfandend- ed,,,it up motheg. P3!'6I'i?l'IbQd was pbpulliii this Xear xiifith the staff 2. Th fsMent5r Hteac Qsser prografh picked Q lie High as Ve repawat NCQ IQLQT' wark in stress reduction resu-lted he M ' Q S - , s , . V? , ss E Q 4, Q i : t , , . sse s Q Q ' NW N 1 QM s f . W 3 e if' f ., . ne of the true defenders of the faithg Pam ghn believes in Literature and believes that should believe in it too! is , 4. Coach, teacher, frlend one of North County's trueenice guys: Larry Souza. S e ff 5. GeorgelWright resurreceted the Talon, and won Condor of the Month for his efforts. ll r Faeulfty 65a Sf e tlflumll xluvmlilu is 'l'0llETERMINI.'N , J4 .9 . W up e Trying hard to bestow Worldly knowledge on undiirclassmen might not be as tough as coaching champii ons. Bill Peiper tries to get through to Peter Moore. 3. We all thought Angel Rivera went to USC. Here, Brandon Reyes finds out his quar- 2. Longtime Condor Bill O'L9ry has been guidepost for students andrtstaff through NC 7 year history. Steering committees, baske ball, newspaper ana numerousother aspect have behefited from his elfort. i 'r as grade. Q Q7 5 wmggyf' ferr. ii ,ir 1 b A, J Q' Q h .9 s J X . . 0 xt av L Q A s 1. if ,pf Q M 5, n mm .M ' 1 ' 1 v li x .,wHlQ+W ,, rt Q . L Q 0 ey ' 3, Q s - U , ok A s 3 0 mf x if 9 , , W K . ,H . N s Q.. ,J Sv 3 te . Qv Q .S s 6 S ..:x. , t Q' 2315 Y 'R Q .A W Q Q f' K ' 9 Q 4, . . 9 0 Q e'4. North County staff mexfhber Jane'Thomas workegil hard tqefiglsulfge thefsugcess and recognition of the ace- demictdecathalon team. " to p ' 5i After yarious jaunts arourld due world and' across the couptry, Neilxfkirqn chaperoned a trip to Ehrope inthe su1f1mer oft'85. tgp ' xp A A Q' W S e ' ' 6. Aftersix interruptions by yearbook staffers for pic? W Q tlirep, Roger G'SullivanF stiffhaci, thesgooifl gredcesw to if pose for one more shotgw 6 ., t e Jefe Y " 7. Steve Hirt becaihe awrepeat, father fn 1984. At least a ' in dozen teaehers -1Ave becorfme new parefits during the past o twfifyears. ' Q A f Q Q T pp N M S Q Q N. K . W 4 5 F4 S ,,"'fff?1i1iiLl. , a M U 2'h+ ' A .., . :xx 9 1 Q . G k.,k. G S L xr v l Q .n 1 . 9 . 1 K 0 v wx x Facuity 67 Y -v . Q K Q T K :W 6 I K Q Q l Q ,V ala tik if u"rm' 0Il '1' XRTI "rw I I' Q i y, Q 1.4Cha1rn1an of :the most Yllverae de- ?,,3l.The Dranfa department achlev an , Q 5 ,K , 'V parllmqrlt on CaII1puS?KeVi,g1 fgresgrgeggcesunder tbeggqidang. ' W S N an new fb tiled to keep the arts and social sci- fielly Andrews,d1oSvong'Cond. ' 42 " e ff wawzu 3 K ' A " Q K 9 Q i we K+ 21 as V. 5 A . V og- .ln . S W Q s ' an tfjfear ShgQQQi,it9?Ch9T Stevief, ,P anothe11 transfer'fr31n Q f'f 'Hel c to ui , W l, t , l e from enees Guan even keel, l W l ,. l 4 thelMontH for herivbrlg5QtkDFac 1, , 4 K .Q fx kg. 'v' Y :W K 10 N- K an S ti X A - .,,, M A 'K 'ff' ,n,,, ,,.. M 1, A Q, w,,,,,,Q , ,, f. Q, . a el O . Q , A Q gp ll Q 4?5"irStlHter first get d S tlle K flaw A Xl R 9 v ' e'ee is - , recgoxjds of lXlor1gh Cou'nty'sfBandg alle 9 ,Q . e 'Q W l l iunder tame direction of Byiierf. ' e . K , J A , ' f ' l . 5 l Q 'A ' Q ' " QQ L 8 D QGQ Faculty AM 1 l 3 V Q QQ.e ' e. W ff , l . X ' ls is Q1 Q ,Q Q . -5 V Q ,f-E., 4. . 9 as 5 - Q W. Dawn.Golden got a pointer from Qean Linesg proud coach of our championship wrestling program. the new Cigramics program, under his di-ll rection, bogsts a phenomenal facilltyi 'he new photography plo Rpro- 1 jignped out ofthe blocks went well, except for a few in the tratk. Photo, crafts, Yearbool?3fegcherfPat Wait- if tried to key it all organized. X :lf Faculty 69 SQ F 6 11 ,FS S V QW so QI M ee d f Q a . in e ,Q ,, V 1 +4 t u e L51 ,e we-4feL+J M' E,! 4' N We S . . A ' sky 9 ,t 9 QW bg ef 6 N kk as .1 ' gif e s - ' S ., e .. 5 1.wOne of the resource sgegialists that help lliidsfllieep up with a full C15 load, Melissa Matlow worked olut of aerbpm that at ohe time Wagsssup-it posed td be a luxuiiye restaurant for tthe staffq Q W Q -If-fzfef . 5 . es Q i wi tiply Baylis dh l k h them throeggll atheif nt Coo tolfguizs lyk-Q r fgom y 1'a Lbpez, who u at Q ent to work for the Cognfy Office of fs , Edueatlong bn J . Gs d ' N 5 Q t S' . 5 Q e , T.. Q , . , ., 5 .. ,es S 4 . ze, X vw y- 'umm mf e ped seep ery students ' 4 4 . t . ii, H A , 4 V L ,lf 1, ' fL""5M"wh--...' , as S ' 1 ' 4 t as Q " Q " e . Q ee Ffaculty and Staff-MQ-A ' ff it ' we xy 3 . .P X I . I ,Q ., K S 0 K ' 'S+ k " A . as 4. ' x ww 5 k A if gp 4. Although she insistedihat she was a teirribFe?intervieW, we persisted any- way, finally finding out from hers stu- dents that .Deborah 1Benngl1gsHall brings a kind and human gouch with her sense of humor when working with them. Here she and aide Emma Rash? work onli getting a ,shy one to give! the camera a smile. cg i 5. Social Studies teacher, soccer coach, Bilingual Coordinator and at least a coupile of other calls of learn- ing, Carlos Vega was a busy man. 6. Louis Compoginis inherited the Greenhouse, Which gave great light- ing, buit the ventilation was sti- fling. Q fe .. N, Q 6 x Q 0 Q Wiiculty and Staff 71 X K: ef Q S' SK ' X4 Q wx Qw- S+ Q' V V Q ef V 1 Q eq X , g i 5 If I -ff- , 5 E ' K' vis Q V me .Si 3? x- 2' ,Q 1 -1 "N 1 - 1. Kgren er, hbrary a1de.e V F A . . f V V V ff Q 2. Dorothy Pfannes, llbragy aldg, V gk e hh xx fp Vy f 4. N e M K kk .- M, K . ihh X Q i e V: Q it W' A F5 ,, sV 'Q 8 e V We A A ,A5., Q' . ' ' ,N A S W. Vzgisi f E J e .f 'B P J g be V V ,..,,. L V e 5 6 ea - Q A S e A ,. , e, e X QQ, e . ,Q . 3. Jeanne Duncan, nurse X M is .ii :P Q , Q gk KG ' in . K I . 5 P"-2 . S . K K Q - if Q VV X QQ Q F 0 1 H ., ' , S' ,, 9 Q . at ii ig K 5 is Q V . e V f Q ' Q S , ' 8 VV D Q, , M 72 Faculty and Staff Q Q N e . L ' 1, L Q N X A . ,H 53' Q SV 0 My M, , , ,Wh , Q W 0 9 5 x :... .Q .vias . '- -sa .- xv Q 3 h xx W h A x . . mi :V ,. N Vg Q ' V S Q ' e kk , is .X C 1 . . , WX , W Y 1 1 1 Wy Y 1 W ' 1 w Q 4: N- , 4 W '+V v l . A A N A , h A L J My ,S , Q . ,f X: V , , ' N' u X fp M V A ss 0 Q .. -s -Q sz Rf i A 4. The woman who hasgifun the lamrfhry if 1 ' M., 11 QM 'H 4 We iff k 'i , ,,...-4 M, if ff ? W f Q , X ' . ',f'1Wf., , vm 'Z fff'.D:?EWW r. . A W ,, has lla Ki so syeg past few yearsfis Shary N' ukuhara. Her dgedication to a top fiu ,Q " jfhotclg fa'cf1ity is matched by her ex- ' tensive knogdedge of her craft. 0i.,.', yn 623. 'Charldne Si1l1gvHn, lnurse.'y Q S 4 6. Barbara Byker, Career fCenterQ , A Q 3, Q.. v' aide. 0 ,..-af" V Q.. Q Q J a f W is .. Q if R' N' 1 Q , Q Q 4' X k " X fr' :Q v Q r 5- Q ,rv . 1, ' Q , A '41, K L. i wis - Q . D gg lg E . . . KS A 7. Glorizf Rejasgbilingual alde. ' l if Q va 4' ' 5 gifs , ix Q I W 5 Af Q . u' . A. "4 9 F5Eu1ty '5.nd,StQff 73 Q usa, ' 1 We Know Who's Really 1. "I getgalong with all the secre- tariesf, commented JoAnn Meza, "but, Dolores Torrecillas is the one I like to talk to most." Jl 2. 'Tve learned all lot from Carol K S K V I! Westfallfe' said Terry Lynn Jack- son. "Most ofiwhat I've learlnedgfll be able to use when go to loolr fo? a ful time job. l 3 0 4-1 3. Whenever you were ln doubt about where .to go, or what room was Where,- or your bus schedule, Rlta Reynolds always had the answer. Faculty and Staff W , K Ei we ' Q 1 1 7-f Y--Y,- V V v, Y .1 ikik , . ' 7 ' -,Q fi- i ,, ..... H" K '. 5 . ., .. Q- A M., ' M- +, Q gl A , , 4 ' U ' 8 :fr , . .8 O , , ,Q , ' of ' e Q Y L, J J' I Q 41, ' o se Y eigwgs, k M'iK 0 k 0 ' 56 MW . X v ' 33' A is 3 Q w A-1 J- , if we sl- f 1. . - ,:i' . k ivy 'H 4' 1 3 ' 8 . Q . QS " L . sf' , " 4 A , .. gr W O Q W . . my , 4 51. , , o , , ... 5 , Q , ' . 4 . x L ' + , Ap. e F 1 C' 6 iv ip QC S I 'si 6 xr 0 ig 1, 0 i ow ., " K Q4 .. . 4,1 Q Q, F M. A Q ' 'A ' . 41 AE1Fing1QQia1e'Secygetary for the As: I ' Q Q ,-s5civated'St11dent Bodyyand all the V,- -.. f Q A ., -f A clubsethat are pad oi' it, Blgqche ee s o LCrabbe watchedbver abcountgtothl-e ' - sf ing tens of thoigscands' of Hollarsg and , zQ,1,withaes1t1i1e, tool X' 3, J S Q 3 ee e 6. As an aide for MarylouFA1exaQde3', f Q- . l e f Maria Salas helped get aerossjzhe Q finer pointsiof-the Engligh Language? ' .Q 8 J A .X ix .- W . f K n I Q , po 5 v' N 'ff ,vw O x e , , K 4 1 he . h is M f ' . , ' ' ,Q 5.' Asmsecgeggryfefgg Adu1g:I?.dui:ati0n , 7. Aetrarfiifwfer moved NMS? Paredes ef Pfincipallgich cgaste110,v,ic1givi13e Ovq to thegfgttendance Gfficef lanuevgiizoordinates schooligg br L we SISWHY to Mar5L'S fQ1'1?91'j0b' thoge beyongi lgigh schbol. e , ' Qu the Qounselinsg Oiificeg 5' ' X ee b ' m H ' ' ' e. S W5 Q Q , , W .Q e .Q ' A " ' , A 7 Q 1. . m ' Q A Q N . ' ' , i u 1' ' f as 0. K 9 5 A a ' 4, Q e ,. B 1 e V df , s "' if Q W, ' 'avg s Q k X F. M-ml A ,, A Q5 A , ' Q . X My ' -""'- ' Facultyand Staff 4 A A A, 1 .' . . Q K ' J: Q In " ., Q ,N ' . S , jil l!! 'ro F1uN'l' I Q 1 n ' 1: t 4 t 1.Gate Guard'Sadm Samples took a t s thankless jobwand has .sheen a lands 6 mark at NC. , t' r y 24 Taking aubreakg instnnctiongdeszi JoAnn Qavnadygd Leslie Archers v Lana Corson,pand Lois Roach, Q 3. Though sognetirnes called Inspec- 'tor Gadget Cfor her diligent pufsuit of hallway wanderefsdld, Eioiraine 5 Lerma dsuoervised the campns with good cheerj and kept tlfbtbf in t at e s class, t no .Mt s so so l ' f l , 9 A W 1 tt I , :- X 2 .14 l, cg :YQ ' 4 g ot .K 4 o e Y if Q we 4. Th t essentlabpeople to a camp - ' teiie 'Sa1divar, Konrad Q? Q XG,ra.bherr, DeLi11da ReQedergB9n Q TQledo,a Frank Maifquesj Gus-' Q Q. 0 P todlans. sg AQ 8 ew my it f , s Sk 1 s V 5. A1g,nusda1fIcl'i-Ieagg Custodian: e David ilam. Q' -we t d ' f V A ' ' 4 A J.,, ' " l A w , t,,. , .v16QFaculty and Staff ' g tj Q Q W E . A Q on e f l L s w- Q Q 4 alike , eae Hmaggim , """'1' I , , ,q I' Q' , l Wi, M i 7 YY M t V , . " 'u""'-1 ' I 3 M , ,f fg,, . me an pe 12' ff-3 ' ' . . t S I' Q- 5 f 1 .3 The Cafeteria Staff: Ila Puska- c, Sharon Jones, Solomon ing, Betty Gillespie, Hivoro ughtry, Cindy Brown, Sheila esler, Sue King. Chief Condor Cook and champion Jney maker for the cafeteria: getty 1 sf- f f 635 6. These two gentlemen maintained the facility, so that the least amount of breakdowlfs and weedy swamps be- fuddled us: Sam Perez and Hector Martinez y i,et , C t N K -ww .. QR CQN CQQ GCR ff iifr zrwsfivy Faculty and Staff 77 iff ij A Q. ? f, ,K al .,k.' Lf ' 1 t Q X 1 f Q 1 f f f f I , W A 1 , -' 4 1 -'52, , . M -,-,wif f S' -K, 1 'fv . , ' f in J .V if fig, , , V ffl X , 4 J 1 - A ' 1 -1, f 'ia 'f., .., Q 1, 'ip ffjk, fi? 4 ' ff- ff ' 1 , ' J , -v 1 f f , wig., In , , -ff, - . , r ' 'fu 5 .ix . 1 f fr., 'fm 1, ' 1 'fm .1 V v f ' Q2 'f ,,. V ,EQ .U . 1, , Jin .y - Y' ofthe 19aaea4..f '51 ak - 'J' X f it 0.10 Simi xb 'ip --"' Ur Q X3 1 1' ff . , 'S 1 lv,, grill 5513 ' f f ' rd, 1 ' 1 HA X, 1 1 K lp7z!'WAv in fc 4 . f . 2 , 'Q 1 , ,:.k , If ,f f Q. I-H ' k ' ff 1- A f., f ' 3 fl 1 X W Q gs, , -' iv ,Q f 4' Q fy .lY , AJELL fi . v N A ' 1 T41 x M 1 F' vm? ww 6, M99 ,eww wen Qixvy 96.pwk,,4a vs W 'X il? 'ik sf Q M QE j 'm J E rs 'Q -1 'l-fff J. 383 4' iff -f' A-'ff Seniors On Top And On The Mov We first came to North County frightened and intimidated by it's size and what it would hold for us. We knew that we were entering a time and world that would later be considered one of the richest parts of our lives. A world where we would learn to grow and share, and to love. A world that would show us and teach us to cope with the ugliness and unfairness as well as the beauty and joy of the outside world. A world that mold us into who we would eventually become. The most important part of our high school years is belonging, know- ing who we are and where we standg cheering the football team on, striving for that goal line out of sheer will, leading the crowd in a unifying cheer, 80 Seniors pointing to the sky and shouting, "We,re number one!" in this world of our own. Here at North County we've learned to be the best of this: The best sports teams-the best teachers-the best clubs-and of course, the best stu- dents! Seniors are the finished prod- uct of four years of hard work here at North County. It is the end for some and a begin- ning for others, though we know we shall always be together in our hearts. The memories will always be with us for our time at North County High School. Your Loving President, Victor Ramirez EUNDUR 1. Officersg Class of 1984: Angie Sullivan, taryg Maria Garza, Vice-President, Victor Ra Presidentg Kendra Pfannes, Treasurer. 2. With some clowning and creativity, Alex pos and John Green blow off steam while Mi Martinez slaves away on the senior homec float. What is your biggest turnoff? Bryn Byker-Stuck up people who refuse to ac- cept newcomers. Enrique Castaneda-Teachers who lecture the whole period. Pepe Jimenez-Kissing a girl that smokes. Amy Hoskins-People who try to be something they are not. Alex Campos-A good looking girl with no per- sonality. Maria Torculas-Guyls who think they are just l to studdly. 4 in . ' 1 tha Tracy Aboytes Martha Aguayo Lupe Aguillon ' A 4 Darcie Allen Melissa Alonzo Sandra Araguz Amy Archer Elena Arroyo Elisa Arroyo Loida Aruiza Milagros Aruiza Tracy Aschebrock James Ausmus Kym Aylworth Brian Bacon Lonce Bailey Seniors 81 Rick Balducci Jeff Banuelos Michelle Bartell Ramona Barth William Beadell Jacqueline Beck Gary Behrens Susan Benny Dale Benson Amy Berg Brian Bigham Oliver Bohme Malinda Bollinger Jorge Borden Michael Borre Brenden Bowling 82 Seniors Y-w r we ff is 'f .Q . .qi 1 i . A w if, L What is the best advice you can give a freshman to succeed at NMCHS? Amy Archer-Don't get on Caroccis bad side. Brian Mowbray-When in trouble, hide in the trash can. Katrin Anderson-Donit look so eager you've got three more years. Clint Verwolf-Don't start smoking, and get the teachers on your side. Phil Salacup-Don't drink the water. Arthur Richardson-Be mellow, and do your homework. Toni Brooks-Give the teachers a chance and work hard. Tiffany Cooper-Participate in school activi- ties. 29 s i IQ' 'N xi r QT? i miata' x X " 5 45- M tis ,Q '+-.., YM? -gl 1 Kim Braley Martha Bravo Nancy Brazington ff. .00 Frederick Brown Kurt Brux Lance Bryson Evalia Bugarin Mary Ellen Bugarin Christyn Byers Bryn Byker Chona Cabreros Danilo Cabreros Lou Ann Caldera Benito Calderon Rufino Calderon Tracy Campbell Alex Campos Matt Carns Michelle Carmona Tammy Carpenter Enrique Castenada Sal Castro Seniors 83 Tammi Cate Ted Ceralde Irma Cervantes Robert Church Kelly Clark Troy Clausen Tiffany Cloud Philip Cobarruvias Kenneth Conner Chris Contreras Tiffany Cooper Evelyn Corpuz Jennifer Corrigan Maria Sylvia Cortez Dena Covington Rodney Creel Cathy Falanga Mike Deetz Kapiolani Donovan Dean Duey 84 Seniors , W W 'f s .V , gyjkg K 4' QV 3 D X 1 'U-wwf ,,..-v -gues- 3 is ff ia' Rr Rick Elliott Robert Ellis Jesse Escobedo l , if - y ,fasts T 1 wt" ,r I ,- ,Ling Q35 6 1 - fs - we is , Tw 1' , Q ' W.. C, E' ,f G5 ix .1 1,,..-f Y. ...I X What is your favorite saying? Arthur Gabudao-"Don't despise it, challenge it." Angie Sullivan-"Like y, know, he's really the geek of the week." Loida Aruiza-"I'll blow up that bridge when I come to it." Jeff Nelms-"I'm really stoked." Holly Steiber-"Go to hell world, I'm a senior!" Mike Roeseler-"Party hardy," and my other is, "That's what she said." Tiffany Cloud-"Oh, give me a break!" Joey Ramirez-"Where'd you get your brains, at a blue light special?" Louis Kyzivat-"What does it say on the inside of your ear, inflate to fifty pounds or what?" Jacqueline Beck-"Whatever blows your hair back? if r www.. iiiiii W-rV"" K , L.. Darrell Fisher Brian Flores Ruben Flores Mark Foxworthy Ken Franklin Anthony Wayne Frederick Lisa Lorraine Freese Yvonne French Diane Funk Brenda Gabbard Arthur Gabudao Maria Garcia Jose Garcia Maria Garza Seniors 85 Nicholas Gee David Gieblestein Gracie Gill Robin Gillingham Damon Glysson Jose Godinez Dawn Golden John Green Kenny Gregg Mary Grigsby Karen Hardy Mathew Hare Pamela Hamill Lisa Heiser Tommy Henderson Juan Hernandez Teodosa Herrera John Hickox Bill Hija Laurie Hill 86 Seniors i MG? I' aff' gff Mathew Hooton Amy Hoskins Lisa Huckabay 42T"" V, to 3334! -1, Wm., 1 V i - ,M 1' P ,fa-"L u ' Darrel Hutchinson Miguel Ibarra Kerri Lynn Jackson 4 I1 nu What's your favorite line for meeting a guy or girl? Patti Reynolds-So, where have you been all my life? Chona Cabreros-Hi! What are you doing tonight? Eric Farrell-Haven't I seen you before? Tracy Cambell-Hey dude! What's Up? Dan Cabreros-Oh! Not Again! John Lines-Hey sexy. Greg Pratillo-Hey, let's party! ' Scott Johnson-Hi, your beautiful. ' I Jeff Jacobson Albert Jarschke Jose J iminez Chris Joachim Joel Johnson Scott Johnson Tammy Johnson Dan Kaminskis Noel Kaysinger Steve Kellogg Paula King Seniors 87 Julie Klos Kathy Kubas Louis Kyzivat Charles Lampredo Kerry Langley Delia Leal Shawn Lee David Lettrick Roy Linnares John Lines Carenn Lonero Ted Love Antonio Lozano Lea Lucero Kara Lyman Micheal Mage 88 Seniors What type of car best describes you and Why? Arthur Whitney-70 Mustang. Smooth, fast, normal, and ordinary. Mary Ellen Bugarin-Mercury Cougar, ' ' E Q 'Q for 'ki 4? ' X ti cause it's luxurious like me. Godfrey Musones-A Desoto, because it's very rare and hard to find. Amy Berg-A Datsun Pulsar, because it can be mellow and Wild at the same time. Susan Benny-A VW Bug. Short and tub- by. Damon Glyson-Porsche 924 Turbo be- cause it has style like me. Tracy Aboytes-A Delorian, because it's fast and unique. Ted Ceralde-A Ferrari because it's ex- pensive, get's alot of attention, and hard to get. 1 . .I xx Q .Q Kaj Mailo Shawn Marikas Maria Luz Marquez Michelle Martinez Oscar Martinez Monica Martin Sarah Martin Stacy Martin Veronica Martin Shawn Mason Bill McCreary Ruben Medina Jose Melcher Elizabeth Mendoza Margaret Mendoza Romeo Mendoza Hilton Metzner Seniors 89 Joann Meza Fischer Moller Sally Montgomery Brian Mowbray Godfrey Musones Martin Munoz Stephanie Munoz Jeff Nelms John Nibbelin Paul Noel Gustavo Nunez Robert Nunez Tove Nylund Roselle Ocampo Augie Ochoa Rafeal Ojeda Tiffany Olsen 90 Seniors What is something you did because someone dared you? Eric Brestears-Put a coaches car in the gym. Liz Mendoza-Yelled in a class that was very quiet. Jamie Crouse-Chugged a bottle of rum and got wasted. Yeah! Angie Pochop-Streaked at a party in Salinas. Evelyn Corpuz-Told a hunk his pants were ripped and they were. Romeo Mendoza-Asked a chubby girl to dance at Penny Lane. Kelly Clark-Ran from the basketball courts to the locker room with no shirt on. ,E I' 1 - . Damien Olah Dennis Ott Teresa Parades J efferey Pestana Scott Pere Kendra Pfannes Susan Phillips Sandra Pierre Melanie Pisetti Angela Pochop Greg Pratillo Audra Price Kenneth Quisenberry David Rabe Seniors 91 Joey Ramirez Victor Ramirez Martha Ramos Dana Ray James Reynolds Pattie Reynolds Arthur Richardson Bill Riddle Alex Rivas Maria Rocha Sabrina Rodriquez Mike Roeseler Bertha Rubio Patrick Ruiz Jeff Russum Steve Sala 92 Seniors K -.arf W' . N! Ag' Q if r Y. ,amy Qu , r If g u " Q, V Q MER M 5. S' 1 A, '40..:..,,,, . ,, f ,if , ,gf Afro 'wi arf' xx' YE? Q 2 Phillip Salacup Ivan Salkin Ruthie Samudio r 5 Paul Sanburn Micheal Sanchez Maribel Santua What do you plan to be doing five years from now? Robert Nunez-I should be finishing my last year in Anopolis. Theresa Zwarts-Probably traveling. Marina Vargas-Have a good job. Micheal Black-Having my own adver- tisement company. Mike Borre-Not getting up at six o'clock in the morning. John Nibbelin-I hope to be an officer in the U.S. Army. Teresa Terango-Teaching dance in a high school. Lisa Freeze-Living it up in Santa Cruz. Ruben Medina-Getting out of college and having a good job. In the middle of a heavy test, Nestor Tavarez takes a look around. Anney Schumacher Gary Scoggins Lena Scott Steve Searson Steven Searson John Seltzer Randy Senitz Pam Shannon Andrea Silva William Sincerbox Kevin Sitko Seniors 93 Ken Smith Paula Smith Jody Solano Mitch Spiers Jason Staley Holly Steiber Angie Sullivan Teresa Tarango Brian Tatum Nester Tavarez Maria Torculas Jay Tracy Teresa Ana Valderama Anna Valdez Rosemary Valdivia Marina Vargas Teodosa Vasquez 94 Seniors Who was your first high school crush and what happened? Ken Smith-Garrie Wenig, still going out with her. Mitch Spiers-Teresa Valderamag nothing hap- pened . . . I choked. Roselle Ocampo-Mike Schneider, we're now engaged to be married. Ted Love-Kari, we're still together, C4 yearsj Mike Deetz-Angie Pochop, nothing we just teased each other. Amy Young-Hilton Metzner, nothing, I was only a freshman. Jennifer Corrigan-Wayne Martin, he asked me out three years later. 4 ' 'riff fi ll. ,. if V ' i fair ,f.,f: 3 fine Gx "f iz , , .af th avi- r f 'Q'- L Bertha Vega Paul Venturacci Clint Verwolf Heraclio Jr. Virgen Robert Wagner Carrie Wenig Heath Westphal Tim Wheeler Authur Whitney Kelly Wilson Anthony Wright Amy Young Tara Young Marokot Yipintsol John Zamorano Theresa Zwarts L' Seniors 90 1. Giggles on a mattress, Tara Young on a chaise lounge magic carpet, with help from Jeff Nelms, Brad Beadell, and Martin Munoz. 2. Roger O'Sullivan, US Government. 3. Maryou Alexander, English. 4. Jane Thomas, World Cultures and US Gov- ernment. .,,,.: 5 96 Seniors 21? u,,,.......r-I f-gg ,f 4 .40 Wgll 1 " 112 ,ur 7, nn, .ll . .. ,...2Ng. D' ...dr Qs-, I 'fr rf ff ,ff g 1 X. , --xg OU ix Q x x 9 vv VW lngxx X 1 'ls Q Q 'ur' , I '.1:!,,'-fs X .,, fy Y 'Q Q I . Q . f U C., ' Q Q :Xl G, ' J - v I w V .3 6, 9. G, V , ' lush-X 1. "Boo!" The Dancers of Dracula stop their nightly stalk for a quick pose to ham it up. 2. Captured in Lonce Bailey's mesmerizing spell, Tracy Abboytes listens to him speak of eternal life. Ghostbusters were seen dancing in the night as the creepy ghouls lurched their way to their graves. Blood oozed from their decaying bodies as masses of skin hung from ears, noses, and arms. Gasps of terror arose from the audience when eerie creatures dragged themselves around tables of innocent bystanders. All these spooky and creepy hap- penings began way back in September when the director, Kelly Andrews, held tryouts of dancers, singers, and cast. Practices were held after school and in her dance productions class- the first professional dance class at North County. The leading role, Dracula, went to the funny and motivated Lonce Bai- ley, who portrayed an undying abun- dance of energy. Lead dancers, Mar- cus Knight, Teresa Tarango, Phillip Jackson, and Diane Funk led the freaky cast of dancers in a hyp- notizing trance throughout the show. Hard work and hundreds of head- aches are what made a good show, and the behind the scenes crew proved this once again. Drac 100 Clubs Immeasureable Effects" 3. Drama Club: Top Row: Joy Smith, Renee Pedroza, Kim Galper, Ellice Angelucci, Tanya Pedroza. Second and Top: Mike Borre, Tiffany Poare, Doug Parks, Nikke French, Alex Campos, Terri-Lynn Jackson, Ken Smith, Carrie Wenig, Lonce Bailey, Jennifer Corrigan. Middle Row: Joy Pratillo, Marcus Knight, Leslie Parks, Drew Mason, Dawn Westphal, John Hickox, James Reynolds, Tiffany Olsen, Robbie Church, Tracy Aboytes, James Pennington, Shelly French. Bot- tom Row: Jennifer Church, Sharon Ca- brera, Jennifer Work, Nancy Hunter, Elise Hull, and Denise Carmichael. Flying high can be done without drugs or alcohol-at least it can be done for our first and finest Dance Company. The thirteen talented members became buddies fast when they found out they would lead all the dancers in the school in leaps and bounds. Dance Com- pany's first few trying experiences were to be featured in "We,re So Excited," a winter dance produc- tion, and the "Footloose Concert." To their great surprise, they actu- ally did fly high as the applause grew louder and they perfected their abilities with their president, Becky Pringle, Vice President Teresa Tarango, secretary-Lin- da Hoey, and treasurer-Diane Funk, the small group performed for school's around the Monterey Bay Area and attended "Dancin' Between The Lines," a musical dance production in San Francisco. We hope Kelly Andrews and her Dance Co. keep the tradition of the beautiful art of dancing around, be- cause the energy and inspiration you feel from dancing can not be experienced by this select group, but by anyone, with a love of danc- ing. We'll be "so excited" to see what their plans for the future are! 4. Dance Company: Back Row: Becky Prin- gle, Nicole Carter, Marcus Knight, Mi- chelle Taft, Diane Funk, Phillip Jackson. Middle Row: Teresa Tarango, Jackie Funk, Jennifer Tonkin, Angela Winter. Front Row: Linda Hoey, Joy Pratillo, Ka- ren Lee, Robbie Church-Drummer. 5. During Night Of The Condor, Dance Company gave a great performance. Here, Nicole Carter waits for instructions between numbers. Clubs 101 Enthusiasm and stick to it: These are the two main ingredients a person must have to be a cheerleader repre- senting the silver and black. "Even though I was a cheerleader last year, I still had a lot to learn," comments JV Cheerleader Susan Oler. For a lot of these girls, they already knew about the strain and sacrifice that comes from being on a spirit squad. Since they tried out again and again after already knowing the ex- perience, it just proves that girls just wanna have fun! "Try outs weren't as bad as I ex- pected," says JoAnne Jancich. "Once my partner and I got out there to be judged, all the tension seemed to just vanish." Yes, being a cheerleader is great fun, and allows you to meet a lot of new people, but just remember, a lot of time, hard work, and extra prac- tices go into all of these girls lives. Cheers H yffi, Y .- o An "Unforgettable Year" 4 l N 6 -H-fr I 'I ! I Y K, 1 I1 CO Wu 'w T 1 1 1 ,iV'01'Y"Lf1I,,, 1,11 LT 1 , 1 I I v I I L, if I . I ,Ill ITLTA 1 1, Sli 1. Waiting in anticipation, JV Cheerleader, Jennifer Dawson, watches the Condors de- feat Watsonville. 2. The 1984-85 Varsity Spiritleaders, ttop to bottomj Kelly Clark, Diane Funk, Tami Johnson, JoAnne Jancich, Bonnie Brady, Nicole Carter, Tracey Lee, Lori Fer- reira, Gina Rondez, Mascot: Angie Po- chop, Michelle Martinez, Amy Archer, and Kapio Donovan. 3. The 1984-85 Junior Varsity Cheerleaders ttop to bottoml Joy Pratillo, Tami Coelho, Jennifer Dawson, Susan Oler, Jennifer Tonkin, and Yvonne Butler. 4. Glamorous Kelly Clark showed us some unorthodox moves. 5. At the 1984 Homecoming, the Varsity cheer- leaders hold the banner that describes their bubbly attitudes: up, up, and away! Cheerleaders 103 104 Band 0V 'l'llE N 1 RCI! di. I J 1. Halftime, with a victory over Gonzales, Ken Smith leads the band. 2. Rifiesg Top: Melanie Sawyer, Tommie Jo McGough. Bottom: Tanya Schaffer, Sandy Johnson, Joanna Gee. 3. Majorettesg Lyneth Castleberry and Ka- ren Lee. 4. Band Members, Top: Cathy Falanga, Bryna Byker, Jeff Jacobsen, Lonce Bailey, Roy Butler, Ken Smith, David Beebe, Michael Hooton, Al- lan Trammel, Sandee Nall. 2nd: Denise Char- michael, Carrie Wenig, Melissa Grimsley, Dawn Westphal, David Searson, Matt Brady, Art Whitney, Ron Welts, Ann Buvia, Sally Montgomery, Robbie Cook, Letica Rocha. 3rd: Cindy Gailey, Jennifer Bridler, Joyce Olivas, Tiffany Oksen, Tini Martinez, Theresa Russel, Delia Leal, Michelle Taft, Phyllis Small, Carrie Luch, Angie Pochop, Tina Cook. 4th: David Rabe, Denise Padin, Andi Venturacci, Tina Garza, John Ervin, Charles Rentar, Jenny Church, Darlene Rhine, Tonya Westphal, Ka- ren Lee, Lyneth Castleberry. 5th: Marcus Knight, Mike Borre, David Hardy, Curtis Bris- ter, Sam Monroe, John Hickox, Robbie Church, Eric Kohman, Tina Baldwin, Tony Lopez. Bot- tom: Joanna Gee, Michelle Sawyer, Tracy Hol- ley, TJ McGough, Tanya Shaffer, Darlene Kel- sey, Mary Dunkelberger. 5. Flagsg Top: Chandra Ash, Cindy Gailey, Den- ise Charmichael, Leticia Rocha, Jennifer Bridler. Bottom: Cathy Falanga, Sandee Nall. 6. Award winners all: The NC band at Home- coming. They had to duck when they went by the cannons. every parade and competition they've entered, says band director, Mr. James Byker. The band has repeated- ly taken first place ratings in parades they've entered. The biggest thrill for Mr. Byker and the band was receiving first place in the Pacific Grove Re- view. It was the first every first place in a major band competition for North County's band. The key to this year's success states Mr. Byker, was hard work, dedication, and a committment to excellence. With hours of practice after school and on weekends, this key has opened the doors to superior ratings and first place awards. Band 105 Come Wallo W1th Me 1. As president of FFA, Mike Roeseler ex- plains some important information to member Gary Scoggins. 2. FFA member, Jeff Banuelos looks through an FFA magazine before class starts. 3. 1984-85 FFA, Top: Matt Hooten, Wes Ausmus, Darci Allen, Bev Stackhouse, Greg Pratillo, Patty Reynolds. Middle: Tanda Zabo, Dennis Ott, Kelly Clark, Scott Pere, Kerry Langley, Mide Dun- can, Dawn Reeder, Scott Johnson, Kim Braley. Front: Robert Ellis, Joel Johnson, Steve Alvarez, Jeff Russum, Mike Roe- seler, Jeff Banuelos, Steve Stapleton. 106 Clubs 4. Staff photog Gary Castronova catches Gary Scoggins with a gripe in his mouth. 5. Notorious Poet Hank Jones caught in mid- stanza. 7. George Wright, Elyse Deckert, Jesse Ortega, Hank Jones, Marchelle Graves, Brian Mowbray, Tina Bates, Gary Cas- tronova, Tony Wright. 5, "lf you enjoy sharing your opinions . . . newspaper is opinions . . . newspa- per is definitely the class to ger intoll' Marchelle Graves wrote us a nice little piece about the paper, but we needed to focus on the newsworthy events of the year. The Talon was nearly extinct after last year. New Advisor George Wright brought a new concept, new energy, and a new staff. The first change was to make the Talon a week- ly. The small budget was augmented by sponsors from the community to help solve the money problems. The staff wanted to make the paper more controversial - and they succeeded. The letter from the girl who thought she should have been nominated at Homecoming caused quite a stir. Then, there was the back and forth exchange about what girls expect and so forth and so on. Jabber Jaws always had amazing letters and the com- ments-were those for real? The controversy got heated when the paper got feedback about the neg- ative comments regarding Open House. After that calmed down, there was another financial crisis, then a staff crisis. After that, of course, there was a crisis about which crisis was the most critical. We're GonnaTalon You Clubs 107 South f The Border "Club Amistad serves as a forum to meet the needs of migrant and Span- ish speaking students on North Coun- ty's campus." says Club Advisor, Liz Modena. Led by officers, Maria Ro- cha, Mary Ellen Bugarin, Gloria Macias, Rafael Martinez, with the help of advisors Liz Modena and Louis Compoginis the club or- ganizes field trips to explore career and educational opportunities that promote cultural awareness. Aside from taking field trips, the club meets at least twice a month to discuss fund raisers, such as the Cinco De Mayo Dance, to provide scholarships for de- serving seniors in the club. 108 Clubs 1. Club Amistad, Top: Jaime Alonzo, Silvia Cortez, Juan Hernandez, Miguel Rome- ro, Leticia Zamora, Norma Gaona, Rosa Vega, Christina Torres, Alberto Valdez. 2nd: Antonio Lozano, Bertha Vega, Leo Cortez, Rafael Ojeda, Daniel Macias, Rufino Calderon, Gloria Arias, Martha Moreno, Margarita Romero. Bottom: Jose Martinez, Mary Ellen Bugarin, Lupe Rocha, Rafael Martinez, Gloria Macias, Maria Zamora, Maria Luisa Gu- tierrez, Guillermina Valdez, Jose Mar- roquin, Mr. Compoginis. 2. After a club meeting with Mr. Compoginis, Antonio Loyano and Alberto Vladez make their way to the forum. 3. In the greenhouse, Berta Carlos, Aide Ca- macho, and Margarita Romero relax and chow down at lunch. verve, x...Q7'! l V, aa, 5 r ,w l X ,- vs -f.. r .T lcross The Sea k . ,,..,4.0"""' 4. The 5th column of the French Club: The famous Croissants. 5. French Club, Top: James Reynolds, Sa- mantha McLoughlin, Roger Riley, John Preinitz, Melissa Grimsley, Dana Fer- reira, Michelle Taft, Jenny Church, Hil- ton Metzner, Dolores Lopez, Sharon Ba- brera, Kris Smith, Paul Chiguina, Paul Torrecillas, John Carmona, Konrad Hammerschmidt, Armando Vargas. 2nd: Oliver Bohme, Audrey Chung, Cindy Clark, Kara Lyman, Wade Korzan, Heath Westphal, Theresa Zwarts, Ken Smith, Amy Dunkelberger, Wendy Fair- cloth, Stacey Pullen, Mary Dunkel- berger, Kandi Neskitt, Susan Emery, Marlo Moura, Allen Trammell. 3rd: Drew Mason, Doug Parks, Mike Borre, Robert Heater, Jeremiah Childs, Cindy Young, Melinda Banta, Jackie Tran- quch, Rachelle Doman, Jenny Williams, Cindy Gailey, Rosa Canaday, Pat Garthner, Eliot Smithson. Bottom: Mme. High, Allyson Mowbray, Ramona Barth, Jennifer Corrigan, Tara Young, Lonce Bailey. 6. In the attendance office, French club member, Jennifer Corrigan waits for her pass. Clubs 109 1. Varsity, Top: Sergio Parra, Bill Dun- ston, Jim Pullen, Julio Quintero, Glen Kaminskis, Jeff Nelms, Bill McCreary, Andy Wilcox. 2nd: Dan Swain, Arthur Gabudao, Brian Flores, Lonce Bailey, Roger O'Sullivan, 3rd: Steve Olvera, Ron Candiloro, Mitch Speirs, Romeo Mendo- za, Nicole Carter, Mona Carnero, Tina Autry. Bottom: Sonny Stupek, Kathleen Walker, Cathy Crume, Tara Young, An- gie Kryziak, Traci Williams, Kris Turn- er, Teresa Tarango, Joey Ramirez. 2. CSF Club 1984-85. 3. CSF officer, Paul Noel can't handle photog- raphy so he cracks the books instead. 110 Clubs . ...M W f 1. Men And Women Letters Speaking Of Homemaking 4. FHA-HEROg Top: Amy Berg, Tammy Carpenter, Jane Souza, Carrie Bam- bauer, Sabrina Rodriguez. Bottom: Ro- chelle Doman, Jennifer Lenker. 5. Forensicsg Rop: Mike Borre, Doug Parks, Brian Bigham, Marcus Knight, Lonce Bailey. Bottom: Audry Chung, The- resa Favela, Jennifer Corrigan, Denise Padin, Tanya Pedroza, Becky Pringle. Clubs 1 1 1 n The Slopes "Hey, I know where the beef isg but my question is, Where's the snow?" asks Shawn Mason, Ski Club Presi- dent. Forever contemplating new ski locations and the best possible weath- er conditions, the North County Ski Club scanned condition reports and devised plans to carry the club's ski- ers, advisors, skis, baggage, and as- sorted junk food up to the slopes. "Fm really excited about Kirk- wood," said junior, Kris Turner. But as fate and landslides allowed, the skiers first trip ended up at Iron Mountain. "It was fun, but I needed more challenge, explained advanced skier Jenny Williams. The season's plans included trips to North Shore Tahoe and areas of Squaw and Alpine Meadows for the Easter trip. Advisor Mrs. Clark looked forward to "pos- sibly a day-trip to Bear, and maybe a visit to Sierra Ski Ranch too." Clad in assorted blue jeans, tight racing pants, baggy leggings, and cam- ouflage, the club members braved sleepless rides, exasperating lift lines, "nippy" lift rides, crowded restau- rants, even more crowded rest rooms, and worst of all, "beginning skiers" to have some "raging times" on the slopes, as Paul Sanburn expressed his view of the year's ski season with North County's Ski Club. 112 Clubs 11 I 1 . Getting a lift at Iron Mountain, Paul D erney and Billy Gilfillan. 2. First outing of the year to Iron Mountain fKirkwood was closed by avalanchel. 3. Ski Club '84-'85: Top: John Hickcox, Rob- ert Kelly, Paul Derney, Adrian Urqui- dez, Greg Alex. 2nd row: Jan Fischer- Moller, Glenn Kaminskis, Mrs. Clark, Mary Lee Hanna, Heather O'Donnell, Billy Gilfillan, Oliver Boehme, Nikki Pugmire. 3rd row: Tracy Williams, Mrs. Stuart, Cindy Young, Brigid McGinn, Jessica Alonso. Bottom: Laura Whitmire, Mindy Banta, Kris Turner, Lisa Ono- moto Q, 4. During a central California FBLA confer- ence, President Steven Searson received an award. 5. These FBLA officers are obviously the main attraction at Blackbeard's. 6. FBLA l84-'85: Top: Wendy Faircloth, Irma Guzman, Michelle Melveso, Kristy Gayman, Sandra Araguze, Maria Gar- cia, Tara Young, Hilton Metzner, Maria Torcules, Tanya Schaffer, Angie Sulli- van, Morakot Yipintsoi, Oliver Boehme, Ray Okomoto, Wade Korzan. 2nd row: Mrs. Wilson, Mrs. Thomas, Jennifer Lenker, Tami Deaver, Lisa Fowler, Sal- ly Montgomery, Killer Wilson, Jeff Rus- sum, John Nibbelin, Brian Mowbry, Mike Borre, James Dickinson, Peter Moore, Jan Fischer-Moller. 3rd row: Joy Pratillo, Denise Carmichael, Teresa Tarango, Trankie Tiscerano, Angie Kryziak, Julie Klos, David Searson, Sandee Nall, Joanne Gee, Kim Ames, Eva Moore, Tami Lee, Yvonne Butler. Bottom: Bonnie, Treasurer, Margret Men- doza, Secretaryg Valerie Villanueva, Vice- President, Steve Searson, President, Bren- da Terherst, Parliamentarian. Business Clubs 113 'l'0I Gll lll?.Cl..'ION ' 1. Over Dan Kaminskis' shoulder, ASB Di- rector Ron Severson wonders about a point N of order. l 2. To look innocent and to be sincere is what it takes to become a true blue ASB member. 3. "Gimme a minute, and I'11 think of some- thing" says senior President Maria Garza, in slight amazement. 4. Intent on a crucial issueg James Reynolds caught in thought. 5. A few laughs never hurt anybody, especially Kelly Wilson, and Tage Wolters. 114 ASB you could ask an ASB member question they hate the most, reply would most definitely be t does ASB stand for?" Well, for e people who don't know, it means Associated Student Body. This title refers to all of the hardworking reliable individuals that give of them- selves for student and school benefit. The top job in ASB is definitely . rss Qllyy J ,, K M ...4 may v--f sg 2, President. In the '85 elections stu- dents voted Tage Wolters to fulfill this title. Good luck ASB, you'll need it. 1984 ASB: Top: Maria Kocha, Maria f .ff I4 1 CB Garza, Kapio Donovan, Lisa Huckabay, Morakot Yipintoi. Second Row: Becky Ji- menez, Tara Young, Roselle Ocampo, Mary Lee Hanna. Third Row: Maria Tor- culas, Tuve Nyland, James Reynolds, Trankie Tiscuerano, Hilton Metzner, Kelly Wilson, Tage Wolters, Jennifer Corrigan. Bottom Row: Steven Searson, Jan Fisher, Qliver Bohme, Lonce Bailey, Ken Smith, Dan Kaminshis. ASB 115 Lots 1 was-. ,E 'SV i 1. Apes, Top: Rosendo Perez, Christine Simpson, Kim Kotolup, Ishmael Sonico, Steve Byrd, Scott Kindred, Dawn West- phal, David Beebe, Wendy Faircloth, Jeff Jacobson, Dan Kaminskis, Steve Searson, Jeremiah Childs. 3rd Row, Mary Ellen Bugerine, Rob 0'Brian, Ken Hunt- er, Chris Turner, Tracey Williams, Lori Ferrera, Jodie Richards, Denise Padine, Mary Foxworthy. 2nd Row, Sophia Lopez, Wade Korzan, Cindy Young, Billy Gilfil- lan, Theresa Russell, Michelle Love, Mi- chele Swain, Doris Estiban, Desiree Ca- brera, Jennifer Linker, Mr. O'Leary. Front Rowg Lori Brooks, Katrin Ander- son, Kendra Pfannes, Paul Noel, Mary Grigsby, Paula King. 2. Academic Decathalong Top, Jane Thomas, James Reynolds, Heath Westphal, Ar- thur Whitney, Mr. Carroll. Bottom, Jody Solano, Steve Searson, Kelly Wilson, John Nibbelin. 3. The Academic Decathalon season never stressed Art Whitney. X J 116 Clubs 4. AFS, Top: Tage Wolters, Ingrid Fenkl, James Pennington, Jenni Ward, Steve Searson. 2nd: Normita Reyes, Angie Es- coto, Kim Kotolup, Lulu Fichter, Jody Richards, Lorri Brooks, David Beebe, Theresa Russell, John Nibblin. 3rd: Shary Fukuhara, Kirsten Loveless, De- siree Cabrera, Irma Guzman, Sharon Cabrera, Mary Hanna, Cindy Young, Mi- chelle Love. 4thg Tove Nylund, Marakot Yipintsio, Doris Esteban, Wade Korzan, OliverBohme, Jan Fischer-Moller. 5. Foreign Travelg Top: Tara Larson, Drew Mason, Heidi Martin, James Penning- ton, Erika Culp, Paul Torracillas, Keith Tienken. Bottom: Jennifer Ward, Mr. Agron, Michelle Taft, Ingrid Fenkl, So- nia Morino. 6. MACH, Top Gary Scoggins, Alex Kel- log, William Hendricks, Darrin Jones, Ron Wilkghem, Fred Smith, David Wall, Moses Ramirez, Brian Mowbray, Mike Borre, James Hardwick, Mike Rophone, Mr. Goodspeed. ome Travellers, Too. L4 vu 6 , . QM Q. SQNNQ? ,, 'xy Q:-w if if-lg We MW 'N ., RTM' .ff O if vs VY' 2,0 x ,sf 9 S cg' 6 4' 'Pa' 'SQ' Q'-me 'N x..'i. Qu-Ili' Q8 :ii uni? fm. Wu X a, XF. Qu ceq AL g,-S' iff. A' ff? .X X . X .il N4 T3 'K av . L I Q 'xx sk .N mm. x .. wk 1. Therels something moving in there. Alfonzo Cruz, Mark Moton and Mike Wallace try to get a roll of film into a steel reel in a small black bag. 2. When you have to chug the last lug, it has to be for class competition. iYvonne Martinez at the RootBeer Chugb , 2. It s casual . . Swell at least Troy Horn IS casual. 4. '4Hi, I'm doing a story on gorilla War- fare, pleasg speak into the lee cream cgne. 8? Q s i 0 Q Q Q . Q if .. M9 V. 5 in N S -f , , . 120 Juniors A.-is if . , BE TIYG THE IlEC'l' Q Giggles, glubs, slurps, and slips were all essential ingredients to class competitions. Pushing a beach ball, screaming your lungs out, or poking a lump of kleenex through chicken wire is Where it was at to make your class the best. Ask any eyewitness to last year's class competition and you'll hear the saga of strain, pain, and self-sacrifice. "lt was a lot of fun, but sometimes I got really bummed by people who didn't show up to help work on the float," remarked Lori Ferreira. The juniors almost had a heart attack when the judges picked their float as a less then first place finish. "It was the best!" said Brenda Terherst. Senioritis traditionally grips the graduating class, but this year, was es. different. The class of 86 had it's work cut out for them from the begining. "I thought we were gonna take it from the start," said junior Spiritleader Joanne J ancich. But, with the past competitions, the classes seemed to forget the reward at the end of the year. This year was different. The ju- "The seniors might as well give up." niors traditionally take the comps in a breeze, but this year they were in a neck and neck race for the free picnic in the park at the end of the year. "If we can get everyone together to each competition, the seniors might as well give up now." The end of the year told the tale as to who was the best. if 9 v and K f . .. . Q f , ..., .iii 5. Amber Mclarney and Mark Therezo take a dip into a banana split during class com- petition. Q s6. It's easy to ride, just hop on says Steve Q Byrd, Brian Ensley, andiferome Pennilgi ton to Joanne Jancichsy X m o A me Q' . 6 S O . Plan Are ade .eras ' N ..,:, l, r Q Sf LL.. J ' As President of the Junior Class, Lori Ferreira has nothing but praise for her fellow officers. "We nev- er argue, even if we have different opinions" says Lori. She seems really glad that the class of '86 has such co- perative people working together this year. Tage Wolters, the Vice President who is also in ASB, has his hands full with everything that involves any- thing around this campus. "I have plenty of things to do with my spare time," says Tage, "but with being Vice President, being in ASB, and some- thing that's known as homework, I don't have much of it!" "Being a class officer isn't as glam- orous as is seems to be," says Jodi Richards. Even though we put in long hours, it's worth itg when things work out? Q. it 1. December mornings blew cold through the hallwaysg Greg Medley, Rob O'Brien, and Scott Kelly on the way to second period Elec tronics. 2. At a lunch time meeting of class officers, Lori Ferreira checks out a class competition schedule, 3. By the third take, the officers had this pose masteredg Jodie Richards, Secretaryg Tage Walters, Vice-President, Denise Padin, Treasurerg Lori Ferreira, President. 1 22 Juniors W' . 4' """ X if A .Q 0 V 4. When thererweren't Junior meetiggg, Tage gspent .afew minutes working out a pr6T3lem in Engfish. 5. The room of Mrs. Polly: Jimenez was Swhere the clfiss officers met last year., 9 . .625 'If' Q . 9 , ex G' Q .0 Juniors 123 Aguilar, Leticia Aguilar, Tony Aguillon, Henry Aguillon, Sylvia Almanza, Gema Alonzo, Robert Alvarez, Steve Ames, Kim Arias, Gloria Arrnbrister, Curtis Aylworth, Brian Bales, Robert Beaumont, Barbara Beaver, Aaron Bender, Jill Benson, Scott Bishop, Robert Blankenbecler, Kirsten Borrero, Frankie Bouder, Tim Bowers, Sheila Brown, Sherry Bruhn, William Bugarin, Marie Bullock, Brian Burl, Sabrina Butler, Roy Byrd, Steve Cabrera, Desiree Cabveros, Liberty Cabutage, Sam Cadle, Linda Cain, Ed Cain, June Calderon, Art Calderon, Lupe Campos, Ricardo Carter, Nicole Castellanos, Alma Castillo, Thelma Castrejon, Arturo Chambers, Mike Childs, Jeremiah Ching, Solomon Choi, Hajun Crow, Jason If . Crume, Cathy Curtis, Amy Deaton, Teresa Deaver, Tammy Deckert, Elyse Detorre, Theresa Doerfler, Dionetta Dolan, David Dominquez, Pasqual Downing, Bob Dunkelberger, Amy Dunkin, Sandy Dunston, Bill Eala, Lucrimer Edgecomb, Linda Edwards, Jeff Ensley, Brian Enyart, Kellie Escoto, Angie Esteban, Doris Evans, Danny Fairclath, Wendy Eavela, Theresa Ferreira, Lori ii i High Spirits' As freshmen, the class of ,86 was a strong rival for the seniors. Their comraderie far outshone the other classes. As sophomores, and now, ju- niors, the eighty sixers continue their struggle to dominate the rallies with school spirit and enthusiasm. Eager to be involved, it's not hard to find a ju- nior to stand up and lead their class in a cheer. The friendly rivalry between the classes opens the shyest mouth to shout cheers louder than the competi- tors. Aside from the class competi- tions, the juniors dismaying depiction of the opposing teams during the Homecoming rally was the comic re- lief for all weary float builders. With the support of the '86 cheerleaders, the juniors are audible at any North County pep rally. Next year, the un- derclasses will have to be tough com- petitors to dethrone this class. Juniors Flores, Kim Ford, Eugene Ford, Jennifer Fortney, Kelley Fossett, Chris Fowler, Lisa Foxworthy, Mary Fudge, Sheryl Gamez, Robert Garcia, Elena Garcia, Maria Gayman, Kristy Geisler, Rich George, Juliene Giliillan, Billy Gillogy, Shawn Gomez, David Gomez, Esperanza Gonzalez, Elena Gonzales, Hope Gonzales, Gerald Gouldy, Laura Gumke, Anna Gutierrez, George Guy, Carrie Guzman, Irma Haley, Ken Haney, Matt Hansston, Tami Hazen, Tiffany Heater, Robert Hernandez, Angel Hernandez, Ruby Hertzog, Regina Hess, Theola Hintsala, Darren Holladay, Cheryl Holley, Tracy Hooton, Brandie Horner, Ken Hoskins, Heidi Hunter, Ken Banding Together Music affects the lives of all of us. There isn't a member of the campus who doesn't have a tune in their head at some time during the day. Most of us only fantasized about being lead singer for some heavy metal manaics, or rappin' through some good riffs. Dedication to music is what Wel- don Rooney epitomized. He played instuments for years before enrolling at NC. Piano, guitar, and trumpet, marked time in his day. "Trumpet is what I'rn best at." His family always approved of his interest in music, but grades always came first. "When my grades aren't good enough, my par- ents threaten to take away my horn, and then my grades come right up." Mr. Byker, helped Weldon with music theory, an important aspect of tunes that has escaped most of us. He hangs out in the band room during lunch. "Band Fags'?" Mr. Byker said: "Patently offensive. Kids have used the term and don't know the band students . . . a put down coming from ignorance, just like any form of bigotry? Weldon's attitude was a bit more laid back. "It doesn't bother me. I choose music, and I enjoy it. If others don't accept that, then they don't mean anything to me? "Give music a chance. You may benefit from itf' Hurd, Tom Hurley, Richard Ingram, Les Jackson, Kathy Jancich, Joanne Jenkins, Everett Jimenez, Tina Johnson, Craig Johnson, Pam Johnson, Sandy Jones, Sheryl Jones, Tim Juarez, Rick Karninskis, Glenn Kealoha, Lionel Kellogg, Scott Kelsey, Darlene Kindred, Scott Korzan, Wade Kosobud, Becky Kotolup, Kim Lee, Tammy Lee, Tracey Lenker, Jennifer Lettrick, Cathy Lococo, Heather Lopez, Perry Lopez, Raymond Love, Michelle Loveless, Karsten Mabalot, Isabel Macias, Gloria Mahon, Tabitha Mahoney, David Marques, Maria Martinez, Jose Martinez, Robert Martinez, Yvonne McCough, Tarnmie McGuire, Nancy McKie, David McLarney, Amber McKinney, Connie Medley, Greg Megoloff, James Meyer, Lisa Monroe, Roger Moore, Eva Miguel, Berthal Morales, Pat Making Points The academic tradition at NC High isn't as strong as many would like it to be. Traci Williams worked hard to make and adadernic impression this year. "I expect myself to do well, and if I don't, I agonize over it." She gives her teachers a great deal of respect, feeling especially tested by Ms. McNeese, Mr. Albright, and Mr. O'Leary who " . . . challenges every- oneg a perfectionist." These teachers pushed her to do better work, but, she pushed herself even more. She has worked hard to maintain a 4.0 grade point average, and she does those things on time that we always seem to put off until the last night. With a work load that included three varsity sports, Traci took on work that causes many to wonder. 128 Juniors 'pf' Morgan, Georgena Moser, Lisa Moton, Mark Mowbray, Allison Moya, Jose Munquia, Fernando Musones, Angel Myers, Jodie Nibbelin, James Nieto, John Norwood, Dave 0'Brien, Rob Oksen, Jim Pablo, Jan Padin, Denise Pak, Cha Yong Pak, So Yong Parker, Keith Parks, Doug Parra, Sergio Paz, Ignacio Pedrorna, Colleen Pedroza, Tanya Pennington, Jerome Peppin, James Perales, Veronica Perez, Martha Perez, Mona Perez, Rafael Perales, Arlene Perkins, Kari Perey, Penny Pringle, Becky Pullen, Jim Quintero, Julio Ramirez, Jesse Ramirez, Moses Ramos, Leigh Ramos, Maria Reynolds, Danny Richards, Jodie Ridge, Patty Rochester, Vicki Roland, Matt Rondez, Gina Rooney, Weldon Ruiz, Cheryl Russell, Theresa Saldivar, Sonja Samudio, John Sandberg, Danny Sandoval, Martin Schultz, Clyde Seagraves, Donna 1. Harnmin it up at break is Kellie Enyart Kim Flores, and Lindsay Martin. 2. Grinning hard, Robert Alonzo shows Yvonne Butler a hot centerfold. k 130 Juniors Siaz, Mellisa Simpson, Christine Smith, Janice Smith, Wendy Sonico, Ishmael Soper, Jill Sicley, John Sifuentes, Antonio Silva, Tammie Spangler, Desiree Stackhouse, Beverly Stanton, Madeleine Stapleton, Steve Steiger, Ron Suarez, Martin Swain, Michelle Syx, Tory Szabo, Tanda Terherst, Brenda Therezo, Mark Thompson, Charles Tidwell, Susan Tolonon, Marci Tomlinson, Rodney Torulas, Mike Torres, Rachel Tovey, Gail Treadway, Tony Tucker, Thomas Turner, Kris Urquidez, Adrian Valdez, Alberto Valdez, Guillermine Valenzuela, Tom Valrerde, Yvette Villalobos, Jaime X F Q- 5 x is 'E -f f ' ' if M WX 5 , rin -VX i ,vhs Jw ,A 3. A typical windy day at North County finds Robert Schlafli trying to meet new friends. 4. A day at Marriotts seems to be a perfect ending for Sherry and Patty's summer. Villareal, Ed Walker, Kathleen Walker, Sean Wall, David Westphal, Dawn White, Diana White, William Wilcox, Andy Williams, Traci Willingham, Ron Wolfe, Oliver Wolters, Tage Wright, Stasia Yanez, Jerardo Yoshimaru, Russ Young, Cindy Young, Paul Young, Robert Zamora, Maria Zimmerman, Margaret ,1,,,.u-nl""-' M 4 Juniors 131 ,, Q i fi' fi E HL LJ +'x 5 x -4 xiii , 5 if KO' KRA5 199.55 Y LQNQ Publi lf? ul-I fi . av.-..vw-w1S,f gf -Ora NA 1-ev 0 0 gp if wen g ,MQ phggg -gp' -wa .LX ,,, ww ,f-aw' -3n+ ,af fix s e .--f ' ' "" ,I'. if.. .. .. .,. .- ,.slnuxvkm-AA.: J.....f,t ..., .,.. GE' A SNOVEL UF SVQC sv l nn V7 LQ!! :sf V7 Vai Eg., arc an E..L..,,,, xLLLL vw -' Ad, .ALA-Y' Q5-fs S.. am ff W QLm.L . Q Us S ,-ff 1 ,Z L ' M... Becky Jimenez goes over the cliiiss finances before the Christmas Ball. 3. Qeauty and brains work together toinake thiiiyeafs Sophmoie class the best ever. A es 'I gt an i 1 S A K K' K s .,.. g V Ei . e Q, . ' , . A 'ar' lm wr' cw 43 1 T 1 I . Once again, grades have gotten to a student body rep. before the yearbook could. A class president was removed for poor classroom performance. This isn't the first time a class officer has been yanked, and we have no reason to believe it will be the last. "Some times I can't believe people's atti- tudes," said Nancy McGuire. "They think that they don't have to do any school work after they've been elected." "What irks teachers is that failing students are class officers . . . sup- posedly leaders of student body," re- marked one staff member. "To think that class officers are immune from failure is a narrow minded attitude," commented junior Rick Megaloff. "We all make a few mistakes along the way, it's not that big of a deal." One year, this problem was aggra- vated by the fact that the departing officer ran again and won. "That is a problem that has been solved and won't happen again," said member Maria Garza. L .. ' . ' 0 , .a F K Q QS l . ,V t , The real issue is whether the class . , officers are expected to be perfect. For raes -9 , that matter, should all ASB members 9 W it ' sf 4' i ,. A ' be a CSF member. "That's not a real- S r. ', as ' Q' ' istic attitude," was heard more than ' '. ,,' f I 'W is once when we casually surveyed the t Q . . EWS' student body. There were alsoanum- . . S if ,'. 'H is fl 9 if ' A , A . . 0 Q 1 or the other, those who don't think the f. Q . ber of people who didn't care one way r . eg A A S' f , f fr -M . Q ASB comission counts for anything. . "I don't really know exactly what the 5 i ,BI ASB comission does," replied fresh- - g , man Ben Gallegos, when asked x . A fs about the group. How seriously does this issue affect the students or school A ' , c ' s . sk g.. 4. is policy? "If the ASB commission - , A .. doesn't really do anything, why does it g ' , . g Q A matter what their grades are? re- 1' J- - ' as ' ' c .- S ww. . , - . ' D sponded Mark Therezo. Politics are a real issue at NC and the ASB . N , ,. , k Y . . ,i wk , ,. comission faced some of the toughest K, - , a - -f I ,BH f ' s ones this year. Non-student visitors, 4 :as is A .s A lockers, parking, smoking, are some of . g S' Q the issues that ASB confronted this il iiii 5 if .1 Q G ' ' -1 'A 'K year, and if you didn't know that, it's because you weren't involved. . . . - ,I Ii i i . ' as . - . k, ,X .za 2' ' f . . l. X, K .,., . ,E is as . as . ' 2. Soph. class offiqers Becky Jimenez, ff W 'K ' ' Shannoliimillogly, Mindy Banta and Rolf gg.. gf' chelle lbom an prove thagomenin office'can - g 1 " Q do a ter.-rific job. fe 5 V -,' A . uf . -. 5 4. ,These two Sophihore lagdiels, C: S if Q Graves and Rachelle Dqrnain are fenjqying J J -the sights of some ot the "finer" upperclfiss- ' T . men. . it S . A g N 1 ,L . K s s W f. M Q Q X if f 0 1 1 f Isi ' Q, ' . X 9 , i ' t s , as .. . ' i . we . ,. a ' . A . gf 2 x ' N 1 f' S 0 Q is v' i . it is 0 ll ll ' " S. Q H ii . ,rub . . ' H ' .. - 5 ' Q . . i.,Q"' ,. g .4 .Kas 0 ,, 1 X ' ss e if A, gsophqmqrgs .c .'. 1 Q O 1. He-man Keith Tienken devoures his mug of rootbeer for the class of '87, 2. Sophomores prepare for take-off into the Homecoming Parade. 3. Letls take a ride says the sophomore guys to Malinda Banta. 136 Sophomores Abila, Paulette Adair, Kim Aden, Dessie Alex, Greg Alonso, Jessica Alvarez, Brian Aruiza, Rick Autry, Tina Babauta, Joseph Baldwin, Michael Baldwin, Niki Banta, Melinda Beauchaine, Nicole Beck, Dan Benin, Deana Benson, Shawn Berg, Alan Bettencourt, Lucy Bettencouxt, Paul Bigham, Jason Blackman, J anene Boaz, Dave Bologa, John Bowling, Bruce Bowling, Leslie Boyd, Tyra Boyd, Robin Braley, Sandy Bravo, Ernesto Bravo, Gabby Bristol, Jodi Bryson, Scott Bulloch, Elaine Burns, Kelly Burtons, Paul Buss, Chris Butler, Louie Butler, Yvonne 3: '4 Q J.: K v. f, s O , - s I , e ,bi , X Ar., , " af r w? A 'A Y v Glor Points "This is truly disgustinglv said Da- vid White. It was the first time he had paid attention to a class competi- tion. Rootbeer guzzling became a splashing, choking, and belching ex- perience. As David found out, the dedicated sophomores gave up their dignity and honor to do justice for the class of 87. "Who thinks of all these competi- tions?" was a curious question from Gary Castronova. Well, the reason our school has such interesting ways of determining the class of the year because of our reliable ASB. This year, there have been quite a few hair raising competitions. Our very first yell-out occured on day one of the 1984-85 school year, followed by Rootbeer guzzling, ice cream fren- zies, mattress carries, . . . you name it. r s e 4- .fs 'R T ' T gg S 4 gil! ik Butterfield, Jason Cabaluna, Tony Cabverds, Alice Cain, Chris Calderon, Erendira Calderon, Santos Calendar, Simone Calvillo, Madida Camancho, Carmen Cambria, Stephanie Campa, Marianne Campbell, Steve Campos, Manolito Caraballo, Michelle Chung, Audrey Church, Jennifer Clark, Cindy Clark, Wayne Coelho, Tami Coelho, Todd Coghill, Deana Conlan, Sholly Contreras, Annette Carpas, Paulino Carmichael, Denise Carnero, Mona Sophomores 137 Castaneda, Bernadino Castleberry, Lyneth Castro, Martin Cedillo, Frank Cervantes, Patty Chamberlain, Shawn Chladek, Linda Chladek, Lisa Cortez, Leobardo Crow, Chuck Crumpton, Debbie Cruz, Alfonso Darin, Rogers Davidson, Rick Davidson, Wendy Davis, Johnny Dawson, Jennifer DeAmara1, Denise Dean, Eric Dean, Scott Debelle, Darin Delgoda, Araceli Dickinson, James Dilbeck, Erick v f - .v w v -. r,,,,, x QP X sg ,,, v J A it Do The Stomp Where could you find lots of hyped out kids, hear hoards of screaming voices, and get into some good hand clapping, foot pounding competition? Of course, we all know it was a rally! The class of '87 is a rally good example! Last year as freshmen, the class of '87 finished out of the money. This year, the sophomores are trying to improve on that record. They racked up points, and tried especially hard at the rallies. Rallies are fun. The rallies this year were the best ever. Not only did the rallies get us out of boring classes Knot all of theml they got everyone's spirits up. Most people forget how the team members feel when a thousand Condor fans scream for them and stomp for them. "The yelling for the playoff rally really made me proud," said sophomore Hank Jones. The cheering competition at the Homecoming rally made everyone work together as a member of the class of '87 . That was when everybody first began to believe that being a sophomore was spectacular. And best of all-we're Condors for two more years. 138 Sophomores s - rrsp 'N is iiii 1 C ' iii s s it i L TX? . - if s i ii, as get ' - x . ' iffif t t if 5 ?-is E ' 1 - lr, 1. - is ii slfgisi '- .- sissssi... Doman, Rachelle Dorney, Paul Duneanson, David Durazo, Lisa Edwards, Kelly Ellis, Jessica Ellis, Karen Emerson, Katie Ervin, Bret Estingoy, Santos Falanga, Glen Farmer, Libby Favela, Eva Fear, Jack Fenkl, Ingrid Fernandez, Arnuleo Ferreira, Dana Figueroa, Marcos Flores, Danny Fowler, Mike Freese, Ingrid Fulks, Angela Gabudao, Andrew Gallego, Aaron Garavello, Angela Garcia, Angel Garcia, Dorio Garthner, Pat Gee, Joanna Gillogly, Shannon Godinez, Robert Golden, Marty Gomez, Jaime Gomez, Stephanie Graves, Marchelle Grigsby, Lisa Grimsley, Melissa Hagen, Sherrie Hanly, Russ Hardwick, James Hastey, Paul Hawk, Petra Haynes, Lisa Hernandez, Alvino Hernandez, Rob Herrera, Kellie Hill, Denise Hoey, Lynda Holcomb, Lisa Hollibaugh, Bud Sophomores 139 140 Sophomores Holmes, Marc Hooten, Michael Hoskins, Brian Howell, Teresa Huebner, Lynn Hull, Elise Jackson, Patrick Jaurequi, Pat Jimenez, Anna Jimenez, Becky Jimenez, Eric Jimenez, Sal Johnson, Marc Johnson, Rosie Jones, Jamie Juarez, Kristi Kalinowski, Keith Kane, David Kaysinger, Chris Kellogg, A1 Kelly, Robert Kilmister, Edward Kilrnister, Tabatha Kiner, Kathleen King, Denise Kinney, Ron Knavft, Donald Kohman, Eric Kossart, Ron Lacy, Ron Laird, Todd Lamb, Julie Latham, Cindy Laughlin, John Layton, Casey Lee, Marc Lee, Song Lewis, Joey Lines, Chris Lopez, Carolyn Lopez, Irma Luck, Carrie 'E Q -was J vlwumui w a Speaking Of Success "Miguel is an outstanding student because he is a pleasure for a teacher to work with," stated staff member Louis Compaginis. "He is easy to relate to and has been a leader for his friends and fellow students." Miguel was enrolled in all bilingual classes this year. By his senior year, Miguel will be in mainstream classes and will pass the proficiency test, as everyone else who wants a diploma has to. Mr. Carlos Vega taught two of Miguel's bilingual classes. Bilingual Ed. is a program that most of the school wasn't aware of. It has been misunderstood for a long time. Mr. Campaginis and Mr. Vega guided a lot of new students through school, while the poor kids had to learn Eng- lish cold turkey. Miguel moved to Castroville from Michocan, Mexico. From his village school, he went to the regional Es- cuela Secondaria. After one year there, his family moved to California, echoing the heritage of many Califor- nians. At fifteen this year, Miguel had plans to be an accountant after gradu- ation. Was he nervous about the profi- ciencies? With a grin he shook his head-obviously not. Sports were not of importance to Miguel, studying was a higher priority, as was his job at the Castroville Community Center. The Bilingual and ESL programs were designed to help students like Miguel achieve, and he has achieved a lot in a short time. Mabanot, Sam Magallan, Delia Magdaleno, Stella Mallow, Steve Marquez, Jesse Martin, Michelle Martin, Wes Martinez, Christina Martinez, Rafael Martinez, Rosie Mason, Drew Mata, Albert McAllister, Dan Mendoza, Regina Mendoza, Alfred Medrano, Merlo Medrano, Jimmy Medina, Lorena Medina, Jose Mills, Tammy Sophomores 141 ot Trend After a round about trip through the Western States, Marchelle Graves and her family settled here at North County. Marchelle made quite p 5 a splash on campus, being one of the A s gg e A few punk stylists among the student A dddd . body. , . ,Zit gpypu North County High was a big ,N iiri change from Lodi High School, where :Qq ee e "1 lese she spent her freshman year. After g brief stays in Arizona, Nevada and gp iii i Texas C"My mom likes moving."J. She A A A il f lpin ieii settled here with her morn and step- J dad fa butcherl, brother and sister. NSEEIL-iff? . - 'ir She hoped the teachers at NC would 142 Sophomores be tougher than they turned out to be. However, she really appreciated meeting Mme. Julie High "She's the sweetest person who teaches fx here." Marchelle felt Mr. Peiper Moore, Peter Moore, Ed Morgan, Candy Morales, Sondra Morgan, Troy Moya, Estella Munoz, Rusty Myers, Ctitsy Myles Robert Nall, Sandee Nuki, Kim O,Brien, Donald O'Donnell, Heather Ojeda, Maria Okamoto, Ray Okamura, Ayako Oler, Susan Olivas, Joyce Y Olsen, Den Olvera, Steve Oney, Charlie Onomoto, Lisa Orozco, Lidia Ott, Debbie Pablo, Vickie Pack, Brian 2 really pushed her to do a lot better . . . especially to write neaterfi Who bummed her the most was one teacher who she felt was too critical. "He gave me C's When I know I de- served B's" The fashion styles in this area where really behind the fashions in the Central Valley. The kids were a lot more conscious of fashion in Lodi. Looking like an Aggie was definitely out. "If you were an Aggie, you stayed on the farm." She ran for President of the Sopho- more Class, but lost. She planned on running for office in the Spring Elec- tions. K ., I 5 'C 4 , 5- K 1.1 Q if :hi Jw E? Wk 1 1 ,J r it ti, -J if 1. It didnt take Marchelle long to get involved in campus life. This interview was done after she had just finished a Newspaper deadline. 2. Proofsheets spread in front of her, Mar- chelle answered questions next to the Journal- ism room. 3. Another new student who sports styles not familiar was Jessica Alonso f"Not with a 'zf"J, perched next to Marchelle. Vt:-af' ,aux Parra, Martha Paxton, Pina Penrose, Tony Perdue, Mike Perez, Michael Pestoni, Braedy i Pew, Barry Philpot, Kelly Pierre, Duane Poare, Tiffany Porraz, Ramon Powers, Lisa Pratillo, Jay Pratt, Aaron Pugmire, Nikki Quezada, Norma Quinn, Cathey 3 1... 3 fr f g . Quintero, Jesse Quintero, Suzette Ra rnirez, Carlos Ramirez, Gin Ramos, Lupe Rashe, Mike Rhine, Darienne Rhodes, James Richards, Lori Ridge, Robert Riley, Roger Rios, Alicia Rivas, Steve Roberson, Dawn Rocha, Jorge Rodrigues, Hilda Rodriguez, Jennifer Rodriguez, Felix Romero, Miguel Rule, Colleen Ruvacalba, Irene Sala, Mark Sarnudio, Adeline Sanchez, Jose Sophomores 143 l The drivers training teacher Roger Sugi- moto waits until Dionetta Doerfler calms down before he hands her the keys. 5 L D or -, ,,,1.,..,. 4- IIIIlllllllllllllllIllIIllllllllllllllllllllllll 144 Sophomores Sanchez, Mary Sanderson, Serena Sandoval, Jerry San Nicolas, Selina Scheffer, Tanya Scheff, Jeff Scherr, Heidi Sheck, Cindy Searson, David Sifuentes, Martha Silva, Genevieve , Simas, Kris Small, Phyllis Smith, Gary Smith, John D Smith, Shawn Smithson, Eliot Solis, David Soper, Debbie Soto, Paul Spears, John Stevens, Doug Stover, Lea V Strader, Andy f Suarez, Anabel Suerte, Donna Swain, Damiel Tafoya, Jana Taft, Michelle Thompson, Mark Thurber, Chester Tienken, Keith Tiscareno, 'Trankie Tobias, Debbie Tonkin, Jenniff DRIVING I C' CR l'..Y "Shut and lock all doors, adjust seat, adjust mirror, fasten your seat belt, and check passengers." That quote was familiar to anyone who went for a spin as part of the driver training program. After suc careful instructions, someone Cno namesl would put it in gear and head straight for Sam Sample Shack. No wonder Mr. Sugimotds hair is turning gray. Driver's Ed is the class before you get behind the wheel. It's a required subject for graduation, but it's more important for the safety of the Driv- er's Training teacher, and his sanity. You learn rules, and take note, study laws imprint safety precautions in your subconscious, and take more notes. If you aren't taking notes, than the next best thing is a gory film. -wp! Following football season, Driver's Training sign-ups begin, as does the excitement, the tension, relief for some, and nightmares for many. The first step involves going down to DMV to take the Driver's test, and nobody ever fails this, right!! If you do manage to miss less than 7 questions you get a When you've missed hitting mailboxes for five days in a row. permit. Okay, now you practice with Mom and Dad, and you develop this wonderful virtue they call patience. When you've missed hitting the mail- box for 5 days in a row, and you sit through Dad's lecture without shout- Trammel, Allen Tranquch, Jackie Valdivia, Linda Valencia, Fabian Vasquez, Lupe Vega, Rosemary Venosdel, Paul Venturacci, Andrea W , 2 E X rs Q ing or crying, you're then ready for Castroville and Salinas. The question is, are they ready for you? Mr. Sugi- moto and Mr. Smith bravely instruct you through all the ins and outs of driving conditions, precautions, situa- tions, and then, finally, you reach the last day. This is the day they say "you pass," or "you fail, go home and we'll try again." They watch your every move, sctatching down little notes as you begin to perspire. Finally, they say, "you pass, congradulationsln Ready for the big time, you're now fully prepared to test for a licence. For many, the licinse means spending lots of money, and having more fun. Driv- er's Ed is the class, it's important, and sometimes worrisome, but it's never boring! Veter, Andrew Villanueva, Joe Virgea, Silvia Welch, Ji Welts, Ron White, Curt White, David White, Lia Williams, Jenny Williamson, Julie Wilson, Renee Withrow, Sherry Woltman, Mark Woolem, Marty Yeargin, Alussa Zamora, Jose Zamora, Leticia Zellers, Kim Sophomores 145 QM ww QM wr- sash ,Sim 'S' NWA 9 as N S' fff ' f SM t ggzjj . pf? f, Rug if gif ' fs! L 33, Qfipf' ,L A Y. f ff . 5 fgljiggqkx 'ff' K , QFD ik ai f Ti 3 2 an Q 2 o HQ 2 ff.: Ev Q 21 5 1 I1 1 as if I ' ' I Q li 3 LL u xL..A Q :Z ' Y Q- E x 21 2 B: 2 Q - ! f' ' ii 21 si 3,. E 2 gwah b Y LA M.. W www AS x b Q i if e Y Q 4 6 G i ag 1. Freshman class officers Melissa Anaulao fPres.Jg Mary Lee Hanna iV.P.Jg Dana ReedJTreas.Jg Lori Hazen fSec.Jg admiring the picture portfolio, 2. There wasn't enough time for us to wait for an all-time smile from Vice-President Mary Lee Hanna. W I 'Pi I , so in K: Q! Q , Q V R X 1 K JZW .. is 5 'F ., 9 X, X -11 " , it no ' r is Q . 4. Tryingsto look important' for her big speech, 9 0 . 1 Melissa Anagilaoggasi: us her best shot. A if ICIH .N ' s Q Work Coming into high school as a class officer is exciting and challenging for these four young freshman ladies. As president ofthe class, Melissa Anau- lao has much ofthe responsibility that is thrown to them. However, the Vice President Mary Hanna takes on an even bigger challenge by being an ac- tive person in ASB. "As a vice-presi- dent, I don't have much time to go after school and just hang around, even though I'm busy a lot, I really love the way things are going. I wouldn't give it up for anything." People just coming into high school don't realize that being active in the school's affairs makes you more eager to participate in everything. "Since the first day of school, I knew that I wanted to make the most out of the year by running for President of my class," said Melissa Anaulaof' She's really done a good job. The offi- cers were great this year. A 2 3. Another shot of the pretty ladies before an important meeting. 5. Discussing the freshman class float, the offi- cers resort to a JC Penney's catalog for ready made ideas. -S315 Qs 'AU 'sg ..- O if I if as P New sr ,, g is N' N 6 1' R Freshman 149 Aguillar, Ana Rose Aguirre, Monica Alexander, Buck Almanza, Rose Amador, Laura Angelucci, David Angelucci, Ellice Anton, Lisa Anulao, Melissa Arellana, Abelardo Arista, Genero Arroyo, Angela Ash, Chandra Ash, Staci Ash, Stephanie Asher, Luis Atlista, Genaro Babauta, Christine Bailey, Dean Balding, John Balducci, Rob Baldwin, Justine Balesteri, Greg Bavaer, Newell Bates, Tina Bauer, Kristine Beaumont, Dave Beck, Chris Benson, Wade Bethany, Saundra Blackwell, Jason Blair, Robert Blanco, Yvetter Boehrns, Audry Bond, Ron Brady, Matt Brandon, Anthony Bravo, Christo Brett, Donna Bridler, Jennifer Brooks, Sean Brown, Julie Brown, Patty Burden, Theresa Burnett, Melissa Butterfield, Jennifer Buvia, Anne Byrd, Jim Cabrera, Sharon Calderon, Rolando W' L ' Q , X as 5 Q Xx X XX N X K r r r r A Q ' I K LL 1: -"' Nr A li X 54' A Callaghan, Michele Camancho, Ayde Campbell, Carbett Campbell, Eric Campbell, John Canaday, Rose Candiloro, John Cardenas, Victor Carl, Donald Carmona, John Carroll, John Cassell, Karen Castro, Maria Cavasuela, Olga Cepucho, Sarah Chambers, Lloyd Chapman, Ron Chedder, Mike Chinguina, Paul Clark, Cheryl Clover, David Contreras, Rosemary Cook, Teresa Correa, Michelle Here Come The Frosh. Nobody ever thought it would be done-but this year's freshmen didn't finish fourth in all the class competi- tion. It has taken all the other classes a while to realize they were here in the big time Csort ofl, and they had to work together to make things happen. The first day rally came as a shock to alot of the fresh. Hey! You know it was tough to get into the gym, with all the milling about and the pushing and shoving. 'tEven though I knew what to expect, it was still a big deal .. . all those people and no where to sit!" said Vice President Mary Lee Hanna. "But, we still did well at the yelling competition. I thought we wong but, the decision went to the Sopho- moresf' Soon after that, the freshmen got a third in the mattress carry. Maybe that was the first step up the ladder to a record breaking finish for frosh in class competition. Well, the hopes were a little premature. Some dismal showings in the next few class compe- titions, with a couple of DN F's really wrecked the class of '88's chances. "When there's a competition-every one's got to show up," said Lori Ha- zen. The Homecoming Float competi- tion proved that if it's not one thing, it's another. A good idea came to flow- er, and a lot of the frosh showed up, and all the tissue flowers were put into the chicken wire-but then came the big wind, and to the four corners went the float. "lt was a tremendous disap- pointment," said one disgruntled worker. All was not lost. From that exper- ience, the class found out that there were a lot of frosh with class. "We had a lot of people who show up to work,'l said Vice President Mary Lee. Spe- cial recognition went to helpers Christine Lucero, Marcus Knight,ChrisBeck,BillyFischer, and Ricky Ray. Freshmen 151 ll I 5 l Cottam, Rex 4 Coulins, Angela Coyne, Billy Crouthamel, Mereme Crow, Cheryl Cruz, Jesse Cruz, Miriam Cabreros, Ronald Culp, Erica Curtis, Glen Dames, Mike Davis, Carlotta Degroodt, Brian Devins, Anne Diaz, Manuela Diaz, Raymond Dixon, Shawna Dorado, Mike Doubek, Nick Downing, Stacey Dunkelberger, Mary Fala, Juliet Emery, Susan Ervin, John Escobedo, Nellie Espinosa, Daniel Esteban, Ellen Estigoy, Shawn Fernandez, Jesse Fernandez, Roberts Fichter, Lulu Fisher, Bianca Francini, Carrnela Francis, Cara French, Shelley Funk, Jackie ' 4 cc C?77 "Like, Wow! So . . . this is what a High School rally is like. Hey! check out all the people in this gym. I guess We better get shreddinm said Fresh- man Class Vice-President MaryLee Hanna. Freshmen. The name said it all. Starting fresh into their high school years, the class of '88 discovered what an overcrowded gym with screaming students rnenat. It meant rallies! "At the rally the first day of school,, I was a little nervous and confused," said Jon Tracy. "I know our class had choked on the competition, and it made me want to go back to my safe junior high. After that rally was over though, things started looking up." "The class of '88 must have some- thing up their sleeves, if they're plan- ning to made any impact. Good luck to all the struggling '88ers," said Sen- ior Damon Glysson. With better rallies this year, and all the spirit and enthusiasm in the air, the frosh got together and pounded the stands with all their tiny feet. W Lib 'Sn , X ,Nh Gailey, Cindy Gallegos, Ben Galper, Kim Gander, Kevin Gaona, Norma Garcia, Gavino Garcia, Pete Garcia, Sandra Gracia, Sonia Garza, Tina Geisler, Amy Giggi, Heather Gillson, Nadine Godinez, Sandra Godinez, Victor Gomez, Raul Gonzales, Francisco Gonlarte, Jaime Grady, Debbie Graham, Chris Greene, Christy Grossen, Matt Gutierrez, Ester Gutierrez, Orlando Gutierrez, Roberto Halkyeard, Sheri I-Iammerschmidt, Konrad Hancock, Melanie Hanna, Mary Lee Hansen, Chris Harwood, Dee Hastey, Phil Hatfield, Amy Hazen, Lori Henderson, Ronnie Henderson, Scott Henson, Teresa Heredia, James Hernandez, Manuel Hernandez, Maria Herrera, Melchor Herzog, Richard Holladay, Jackie Holland, Chuck Horner, Marty Horner, Tammy Hoskins, Stepen Howard, Shane Huebner, Brenda Hunter, Nancy Houck, Lisa Hurris, Billy Jackson, Jeff Jackson, Phillip Jaramille, Daniella Jensen, David Joachim, Jason Johnson, Mary Johnson, Robert Jones, Billy Jones, Hank Jones, Peter Kattenbach, Lorri Kern, Linda Killebren, Mike King, Allen Kinkead, Tara Klauk, Steven Knight, Marcus Lacy, Susan Lalali, Karim Lalata, lson Larson, Tara Latham, Rance Lavender, Tby Lee, Karen Lee, Tammy Leigh, Rebecca Leonardini, Sean Lope, Alicia Lerma, Stephanie Levy, Gayle Lewis, Christy Lizaola, Ia Lococo, Kevin Long, Kim Long, Shelley Lopez, Eddie Lopez, Jamie Lopez, Dolores Love, Stacey Lucero, Christine Lykins, Janice Madriaga, Charlie Mageleno, Lydia Maldonado, Elaine Mallory, Sonny Malvoso, Michelle Mangione, Stacie Marikos, Stacie Marquez, Rick Marquez, Valerie L, rel! 2 2 f--vs , lr-f Marroquin, Jose Martin, Adriana Martin, Carlos Martin, Lee Martin, Eric Martin, Sandra Martin, Scott Martin, Wade Martinez, Daniel Martinez, Lupe Mike Martinez, Martinez, Toni Mata, Annelte Mata, Ignacio Mata, Tammi Mausen, Tina McClintock, Stephanie McDonald, Marie My Life Stor 'I've lived in many different places during my short life. From the desert regions of Texas and New Mexico to the blizzards of North Dakota-from the grassy plains of Kansas to the sun- ny beaches of California. I've also lived in Germany twice. All this travel is due to the fact that my father is in the Army. My family and I are moving to the American Embassy in Tokyo, Japan this summer. My father is learning to speak Japanese at the Defense Lan- guage Institute, which explains why I'm living here. It's not much fun moving so often, but I enjoy the change. I make new friends pretty easily, which makes moving more bearable. I have a "corny sense of humor," or so Pm told. I enjoy writing stories that only make sense to mentally deranged people. I like cracking jokes whenever I can fgood ones of coursell, and hearing a good joke. But I believe the joking stops when it comes to putting-down people. I'd much rather make them laugh. I like any kind of mellow music, or music with a good beat. I think the Dr. Demento songs are great. I'll listen to any music which is understandable. My favorite TV show is "The Cosby Show." I also enjoy "Family Ties" and "Cheers," I like comedies that lift the spirits. My favorite re-run is the "Twlight Zone," I love the ironic end- ings. My favorite movie of this year was "The Muppets Take Manhattan? I think the muppets are great, and their songs are even better. I enjoy reading. Lately, I've been reading fantasies. iTI16 Lord of the Rings, etc.l But, my favorite book is Red Sky At Morning by Richard Bradford. It combines humor and sadness to make an excellent book. My favorite subject is English. I've always made good grades in it. That's probably because I love to write, and I write pretty good, too. I've got a good imagination, and I can put my thoughts into words, and that's all it takes. I think it will be fun to write a book someday. My future goal is to be a doctor with strong political ties, so that someday, I can be President of the USA. Watch out America!! I'm a unique person, and easy to like. My humor may be wierd, but it will grow on you, and then you're in trouble. By Hank Jones 155 McGinn, Brigid McLarney, Tina McLoughin, Samantha Medina, Jesse Mendez, Marian Mendoza, Cara Mendoza, Rowena Mercado, Alberto Merrihew, Lance Michel, Erica Miranda, Laura Miranda, Letia Meclzewski, Shelly Montgomery, Tommy Moreno, Marsha Moreno, Sonia Mosley, Buffy Moura, Marlo Munoz, Yndalesio Nehns, Julie Nelson, Jason Nerwolf, Jerry Nesbitt, Kandi Nicolaides, Jerald Norton, Kari Nouchi, Lisa Nowicki, Chris Nunez, Melissa 0'Brian, David O'Lary, Travis Orozco, Veronica Ortega, Adisla Padgett, Danny Padilla, Julio Padilla, Veronica Pak, UnKyong Pantoja, Patricia Parks, Leslie 1 UnKyong Pak hard at work, trying to master the me is Parra, Jose Pennington, James Perez, Alex Perez, Karla Perez, Time Peterson, Frank Phillies, Michale Placenia, Olga Plagowski, Paula Preinilsz, John Pervatke, Charlie Price, Brian Pullen, Stacey Quintero, Allie Rabulcava, Raul Ram, Tony Ramirez, Jesse Ramirez, Sonia Ramos, Arnesto Ramos, Enrigue Ramos, Francisco Randalls, Jeff Rashe, Andrea Rauch, Edward Ray, Rick Razo, Darina Korea Calling From a small suburb outside Seoul, South Korea, Miss Pak had only been in California 9 months and was able to commumicate well in English with interviewer Rick Megaloff. Going to school in Korea was a much different experience for her. Korean schools are open six days a week, and the students have classes eight hours a day. Un Kyong thinks Korean schools are much tougher and the American students have an easy time. The Korean Teachers change classrooms, but the students don't. The students stay in the same room all day. In such a small country, every- one walks to school. If you don't think Korean classes were all that tough, check this: just the question of how tough Korean Math was gave her a headache. Math was her favorite class this year. Mr. Albright was a great help. She enjoyed math in Korea and mar- veled at the difference at how it's taught here. The Koreans teach mul- tipication to what we would call first graders. She loved Korea a lot and might go back there to live after she graduates. She's certain that she'll go back to vis- it at least once to decide whether the US is her new home. Her family moved to Castroville in April, and they still maintain their Korean tradi- tions. She never did eat a Cafeteria lunch, preferring instead a traditional Korean lunch of Kim Pap. QQ Qi Freshmen 157 Rede, Laura Reed, Dana Rentar, Charles Reyes, Brandon Reyna, Ramos Reynolds, Sherry Richwine, Beau Ricketson, Kim Rios, Adrian Rioux, Tina Robasciotti, James Rodriques, Albert Rodriques, Amanda Rodriquez, Carlos Rodriquez, Ricky Rogers, Martin Roland, Stacy Romero, Margarita Rubalcava, Juan Russum, John Salazar, Gullernina Sanchez, Frank Sawyer, Melanie Sawyer, Michele Schell, Tammy Schumacher, Scott Scott, Earl Searson, Chris Serrano, Yonson Serrano, Ruben Settnison, Veronica Shaxt, Matthew Sifuentes, Maria Silva, Anthony Silva, Virgina Simon, Alice Simpson, Brian Simpson, Stephanie Sincerbox, Carrie Sinclair, Shawn Smith, Joy Smith, Kristine Smith, Sheila Snaifer, Patty Snow, Donald Sollid, Ed Soto, Brian Stanton, Abe Stetz, April Steven Stephanie Stoddard, Luanne Strader, Matt Stubbs, Matt Stuckey, Charles 43- Suarez, Patty Sumter, Casee Sumter, Dixie Tannahill, Tosha Terry, Anthony Therezo, Kim Tomblinson, Heidi Torculas, Rob Torrecillas, Paul Torres, Juan Torres, Rene Torres, Roxanne Torrice, Scott Tracy, Jon Trevino, Lisa Tucker, Jacquie Vargus, Armando Vargus, Kathy Vasquez, Efrain Vasquez, Maria Vasquez, Teresa Vaughn, Tara Vergara, Marie Verwolf, Jerry Vinent, Diana Wagner, Matt Wallace, Michael Ward, Jennifer Warner, Steve Waters, Dina West, Chris Westphal, Jon White, Billy White, Wendy Whitmire, Laura Wheeler, Rebecca Willimas, Elwwod Williams, Janine Williams, Jeff Williams, Michelle Wilson, Christine Winter, Angela Wohlgemoth, Janet Wolfenbarger, Jeri Woltman, Shawna Woolen, Barbara Wyatt, Jim Wyatt, Tina Yniquez, Carlos Young, Eugene Young, Robin Zeman, Richard Zimmerman, Wendy Freshmen 159 45 af' 143 t I 32 ' v- 4. iw That Special Signature Q .IQ 35 1 v - 5 in 5 Q, 5 S P lima Vf QW si l " Q, 1 f 2 if it 3 1.3. am, . , X ,, Q 1 'MS x. ' iw Q... , K. , , . .AJ 1 .gn wk ,, x L 1 .2535 ky , ' '." F.: .df '!'-,-,6g,, - ,Q in 1: vifkifv, ff ff ., ',' ," ' -'Z 1 . in 4 , 'avi K. . - fuk ,yeah Q . ' fi 1 P4-may W".-fgarf. "1 ' Q' 'M- ....v',S., Anf ,.7,c "l Q ,qt J, ,A ,,.,Mf ,, x, -' ' ' 1. ' 1. ."' V W' fr' - 3 ' Q ' 4 , .,:.1f..,,5,,., ,,,,!..1 .,..,,,,A'1, t: Aa ,fl U, I gg' Q3 A 'V 4 f J " at K 1 1 .J . U. 4 A .. 1 ' v , ,1 fifx,f22f!' ,A 11.3 - " ff m'. , .....:A2.-44-,L Running Down Destin North County Cross Country 84 was dominant once again! Coach Condon very delighted by the out- come of the Varsity, JV, and Fresh Soph teams. For the Varsity runners it was a tremendous running season. The members of this triumphant force were Sergio Para, Most Valu- able Runner, he also took 7th place in Region IV. Arthur Gabudau re- ceived the Coaches Award and was 6th in Region IVQ Dan Kaminskis, his greatest honor was in the Region IV-out of 120 runners, Dan placed Mthiit was his best run even! John Samudio placed 11th in Region IV, and Bill Dunston contributed great- ly to the varsity team and won an abundant amount of awards at invita- tionals. The Condor Junior Varsity team was also dominant as they won the J V league championships. The JV team was highlighted by Rick Brown, Al- berto Valdez, and Tage Woltrs. Coach Condon said, "Though I've always had great teams, this is the greatest team I've ever coached, and I was very pleased with Arthur Gabu- dau's massive improvement in his senior yearg also, the sincere senior leadership of Dan Kaminskis and Joe Ramirez. My highlight of the year was the Harbor Dul Meet, which showed overwhelming team effort." The team may look even better next year because there are already quite a few dedicated runners preparing for next year. Coach Condon looks for- ward to another successful year to add to our record. For the Frosh-Soph runners, there was another winning position for the Condor Cross Country record look. WWW SR ss 164 Sports r I P 1. If you think she's lost, itls just Julie Klos, showing them who's boss! 3. Every stride achieved by Sergio Para, puts him a step ahead of his exhausted Harbor oppo- nent. 4. Encouragement from Coach Condon is what Beau Richwine needs to place in the Soquel Invitationals. Bo Le R agile 18 CQ? Coach Condon, Anthony Brandon, Ston, Sergio Parra, John Samudio, and .YS Cross C Ountr P1984 Pigs Q ick Brown, Jose Contrereas, Bill Dun- Marty Woolem. The girls Cross-Country Team had an outstanding season this year. With only 1 loss in their lst meet against Aptos, they've had their best season ever. According to the Soquel and Harbor coaches this was just "luck". The girls proved that hardwork and dedication pays off, by being frst in the SCCAL league championrnanships. This was also classified as "luck". How- ever, when the N.C. girls beat every single one of these team again in Region IV, losing only to Live Oak. the other teams realized NC really deserved it. The girls team this year was young. With one senior, Julie Klos and one junior, Kris Turner, the rest consisted of mainly sopho- mores and freshman. 166 Sports aw ,J NC Gzrl? 0,088 O NC .flptos 0l11Jl'1'J,I!984 NC ...SLV 35-s17WO No., 'Sam 0,02 1550 L08 0 NC. , i Sagas! 2041108 t NC... Flvliarbor 26130 Jost t atsolzrqyje I 15150 lost 5.501 035. .N M li si q. A510 Nl 1-q WY Ng 44 1 My A..",f.A. 1. Andrew Gabudao, Dan Kaminskis and Robert Miles start to move away from the San Lorenzo Valley Runners. 2. It's all about making moves, and coaching as a team, shown by Coach Condon and well done by Mona Carnero. 3. Team: David Searson, Anthony Bran- don, Elliot Smithson, Beau Richwine, John Coemona, Roberto Guteirrez, and Jose Contreras. 4. Just following the arrows, to a first place finishg its Irene Ruvalcaba, and Lyneth Castleberry. 5. Transfer, Marty Woolen his way to a sec- ond place finish in the Sophmore race of the League meet. 6. Elliot Smithson helps the Frosh-Soph ef- fort at League competition. 7. Team: Girls Cross Country Melinda Banta, Ramona Carnero, Katie Emer- son, Sheri Halkyard, Pat Jaurequi, Taura Kinkead, Julie Kloss, Samantha Mclaughlin, Kim Nuki, LORI Richards, Louanne Stoddard, Lyneth Castleberry, Lesle Bowling, Rose Johnson, Irene Ruualcaba, and Kris Turner NC-19 G011 Zales-0 Seq U61-7 NC-27 Apt0s,10 NC-14 NC-27 NC-46 NC. S 3-Illia Cruz-6 Harbor-23 Wa tson ,memo S.L, yho HO11fSterN35 itle At Hand It's our 1984 Varsity Football Team, SCCAL champs! With a bad start at the Cabrillo jamboree, our tough athletes made a definite com- back during all pre-league and league games. Their only league loss went to the half-hearted Harbor Pirates who defeated the mighty Condors at Santa Cruz High. After the shocking loss we knocked off the rest of the league to win the championships. Some players played so outstandinly well that they were named to the ffamousl CCS team. Seniors Bill McCreary, the teams most valuable player, John Seltzer, MVP lineman of the year, Jeff Nelms, all Central Coast Sec- tion, and junior Frankie Borrero, named to the CCS team, were all the honorable athletes this year. The only sophomores on the NC Varsity team, Ron Candiloro and Mike Fowler, proved that they were tough as nails. Coaches Stupek, Roberts, Sugi- moto, Souza, and Marquez, were proud of the SCCAL Champions as they made their way into the CCS playoffs. 168 Sports 3. The old saying, 'tDefense Wins Games," has been a long term tradition, and it's easily prov' en in a devastating Condor Crash. 4. Well, nobody is perfect. Jeff Nelms tries to break out of the grip of the Aptos defense, but it just wasn't possible. 2 1. Four on one, this is the only possible way to take down NC's number one rusher, Hung Pak. 6. In strong pursuit, Tom Henderson shows them who's brut, how does he do that? 'F fi fi 9 SP A as ff GQFQQQSPSSQHS ra ,vw W R ,iss , , , ' S155 --642s-9535953 o i n 1 'miie' ,Q it. ' Ula A4 milpa ,W Xi- Sinks ,--M if il up N EU S mIb , s 9 ' Q A ia i 'nikki e fl i.,s A iie e N Tommy Henderson, Mark Moten, John Seltzer, Glenn Kaminskiks, Jeff Nelms, Bill McCreary, Brad Beadell, Jessie Ramirez, Lee Qui- senberry, Keith Parker, Martin Munoz, Henry Aguillon, Rick Me- galloff, Mike Fowler, Alex Rivas, Jim Pullen, John Nieto, Kip Jo- achim, Pat Ruiz, Soloman Ching, Larry Souza, Rodger Sugimot, Sonny Stupek, Wayne Roberts, Alex Cammos, James Nibbelin, Hung Pak, Andy Wilcox, Scott Pere, Julio Quintero, Phil Cobbaru- vias, Rodger Monroe, Victor Ramirez, Hilton Metzner, Ron Candi- loro, Frankie Borrero, Mitch Spiers, Romeo Mendoza, and Ignacio Paz. 169 Great Strides Being winners comes naturally. The junior varsity boys were always champs in one way or another. Coaches Pieper and Caraveo put the potentially dangerous players on the field with high expectations. They were not to be disappointed as the guys beat SCCAL teams with scores like a 46-7 pounding of SLV. The awe- some number 24 Steve Olvera could always be seen sprinting from one end zone to the other, and con- vincingly rushed for 2,000 yards. He was then moved up to the varsity team for the CCS playoffs. Jamie Jones made the game saving tackle against Soquel, stopping them on a 4th down do-or-die play. He and 4 - Ah Merlo Medrano rushed for over 1 100 yards between them. Overall, the "awesome teams" as Coach Pieper put it, had over 3800 yards of total offense and out cored their opponents with an average score of 35-4. After a rather disappointing season from last years JV team, this years exceptional team was a pleasant suprise to the Condor fans. The JV 's drew impres- sive crowds to each of their games. Frank Knappe said that he thought football was great because of . . . "All the friends he made on by being on the team." The entire JV football team deserves admirable credit for their style and smoothness. A A 1. Sal Jimenez, Jami Jones, Angel Gar- cia, Anrew Strader, Aaron Gallego, Jes- se Diaz, James Rhodes, Chris Buss, Frank Knappe, John Baloga, Steve Campbell, Brian Hoskins, Bud Holli- baugh. Coach Careveo, Merlo Medrano, Joseph Babauta, Daniel Swain, Troy Morgan, Coach Pieper, Joseph Villan- 170 Sports ueva, Trankie Tiscareno, Steve Rivas, Steve Olvera, Chris Kaysinger 2. No, it is not Superman, it's Jamie Jones showing how it feels to put a stick on the oppos- ing team. 3. lt's all about manueverability, when Merlo Medrano is taking stride with the J.V offensive team. I we few ' 5 f ' fr' f W . ,,,' vrv,,', f we , f V, g-ff - .ff 1 'mt . ' 2 F if. M ,img sqikf 1. l ai 'Ji' l l O' . A A. 'AA af- . - e ,r f . 5 , e V 7 'x "fl K 'W ,f af. Nw.. .,..M-ew: A v! r time ,man 45 M ,. , .M ff V. WMM . "' H . WM f 7' ' V , M aww, , Q " A. , o. . e at k . , f ' A , ' ' , f ' Wf',n . laps 'N s my - 'ff' . , 1 . A 5 y LMI' gwfw M K., .. ,, ' "J V . . ,, I W Q A w ,vaiiwff my ' ,, , VA tryi N In I V M I I ,M ,,V, . .A V , 4 ,,,, . 9 cfwele , 0 P3 QNX QW Q , QD W 'S 509 o bg' 4. Yup! Steve Olivera waltzes to another well deserved J .V. touchdown. 5. The handoff from quarterback Frank Knappe was the first stage of an offense that really took off. me Sports 171 172 Sports 1. It's just Rick Marquez putting on his su- perb juke moves. 2. This isn't a candy bar, it's the Condor Crunch, executed by Jason Blackwell and Chris Hansen. 3. Freshman football stud, Elwood Williams, makes a break for the hole. l'llI?. BE."l' 1 ND IlE'l"l'lYG llE'l"l'llll Full contact inter-scholastic foot- all can be a jolting experience for a eshman boys Hbodyf' complains hillip Jackson. Since they were so aedto flag football in their junior gh, very few of these young men new what to expect from high school iotball. :When I knew my nother was in the tands . . . " "Pm glad that I was on the Bull- Fgs, it prepared me for the stress and rain that I knew were expected from loach Smith? exclaimed Mike Mar- inez. After the first few games, it was evi- ent to the fans and spectator's that is year's frosh team was champion- ip material. More parents and iends began coming to the games to support this special bunch of guys. "That's what really made we want to play my very best," says Eric Camp- bell "When I knew that my mother was in the stands watching me, I wanted to do good for her." All the teams members were stars, but the ones who shone the brightest were Phillip Jackson, Elwood Williarns,andRickMarquez.Most valuable player, Phillip gave his all in every game from the start to the fin- ish. The coaches award, which was achieved by Elwood Williams shows that he is great on the game field practice field, and the campus. As for Rick Marquez, he showed his Condor spirit by earning the most inspirational award. It's true that the three outstanding players gave a lot to this deserving team. but without all the rest of the guys, these freshmen could never have been the Frosh Champions of 1984. fi .n..,4-4 ...ff 8 .9S4.ge4s,5t82,g2. 8,551 73156562 fa 13G34?'51fF535e?f f .ss '5'.?Lx'? mkf nl. 1 . rlgafzirgsd-53'i63A' 9.259 3 if 6 3 lg ei to -is .Ei ..o- 5. 1 i . is-EET 4. Team Picture: Mike Martinez, Jason Blackwell, Elwood Williams, Tim McLarney, Lance Merrihew, Brian Price, Eric Campbell, Chuck Stuckey, Sean Leonardini, Armando Ceremeno, Shawn Sinclare, David Hernandez, Phil- lip Jackson, Mario Gastulum, Scott Shoemaker, Chris Hansen, Mark Talan, Glenn Curtis, David Beaumont, Brian Simpson, Sonny Mallory, Kevin Lococo, David Angelucci, Rick Marquez, Antho- ny Silva, Jeremy Heule, Eddie Solid, Scott Torse, Matt Grossen, Eddie Lopez, Carlos Inyquez, Ramon Diaz, Jessie Ra- mirez, Eric Martin, Gabriel Chavez, and Shawn Estigoy. 5. Coaches are candids too. Freshman football coach, Ed Smith is proud to show his look. Sports 178 58: U O I Servmg U "I didn't expect volleyball to be so much fun because it was my first yearffsaid Angie Kryziak about this year on the team. But it was great!" Playing Varsity Volleyball is not just fun and games: there's alot of work involved and an enormous amount of pressurellfhe winning tra- ditioniof ,North County High School weighs heavily on athletes in all pro- grams, especially on volleyball play- ers. NC are traditional heavyweights in league play and have added cham- pionship banners tothe impressive display in the gym. The pressure to succeed in such an atmosphere is heavy and even a competent finish is not enough for many fans. Thisgyeafs team was laden with tal- ent but never quite jelled as a unit. The ball bounces in a lot of directions and some years it doesn't bounce in 1ctor1es your direction at all. A number of close matches were decided in crucial moments when a spike or block by all league players just landed out of bounds. Even with the talent on the team, the Condor spikers still finished the league with a .500 record K6-61 a disappointment to some. An early season loss to Harbor at the Alisal Tournament was credited to exhasution on our part, but it prooved to be an ornen of things to come. We opened the league with a loss to Sequel, but then rebounded with victories over SLV, Marello, and Watsonville. Double losses to Harbor, Santa Cruz, and Soquel put us out of the money in a fourth place league finish. This year we had the talent, next year we'll have the team work to go with it. QM' il, .fe ev. 0 ong,,,Qn .W sv sew 174 Sports on sl K9 1. A challenge is exactly what Kathleen Walk- er needs. ln this face-off it's a disappointment to the Sequel Knight's Volleyball squad. 4 f YN- X 'rw 2. Red Alert! Red Alert! Ball coming through! Bryn Byker thrashes the opposing team. 3. Stretched to the limit, Cathy Crime blocks a shot at the Alisal Tourney. 4. If it's not a spike, it's not Condor Volleyball. It's Angie Kryziak and Linda Cadle to prove this as a fact. 5. Team players: Tina Autry, Bryn Byker, Linda Cadle, Cathy Crume, Dionetta Doerfler, Ingrid Freese, Angie Krvziak, Jill Soper, Teresa Tarango, Kathleen Walker, and Traci Williams. 'W WF Sports 17 5 We Beat The Best Team leaders are hard to find said JV coach Kathy Clark, our for mer varsity coach who has taken the younger girls to a formidable second place in league LISR Trevlno pro vided us with a consistently good atti tude A good attitude IS essential for success in a tough league but having talent doesn t hurt Although the sophomores were the experienced and active players continued Ms Clark the freshmen gave notice that next year s JV team might be unstoppable This year JV Volleyball team al though placing 2nd in league can proudly claim they beat the best Harbor JV s team who won the league TITLE lost both times they played the Condors It was through sheer de sire a lot of guts and great team sup port that the North County Team conquered We showed the style of champions' stated Rachelle Do man Q3 80040 St C0014 1- fa as 1 ze We Sri -My PSX 1. Team picture: Cathy Clark, Laura Whitmire, Julie Nelms, Rachelle Do- man, Stephanie Simpson, Brigid McGinn, Michale Phillips, Alice Si- mon, Jennifer Williams, Shannon Gil- logly, Dawn Robertson, Jana Jafova, Dee Harwood, Lisa Trevino, and 176 Sports Avako Okamura. 2. This blocked shot by Jennie Williams gave NC another point for their victory over Santa Cruz. 3. Team work is a virtue. Used by H16 Dee Harwood, H21 Jennie Williams, and 1120 Stephanie Simpson. X X 3 gs EX QS X RQ, .LL : ' 5 . -K" -- x X R 5 ie. .X 5 i f 4. In a crucial match against Santa Cruz, Lisa Trevino scores on this spike. 5. JV Team looks at Shannon Gilloly to block the spike being set up by Santa Cruz. form I F lil 5 if 0 fr Q Q i I. D- 2 N5 S09 SL p"f'l.,,. JV VO! . feyb - aff 6258 0111- " lr SQ 601. 1716. eb! 4.0 ata O 4 Lp Ss S 506' 'll . 56 1' O Zu. D 12 Sc Keel.. ..... lace 19523580 a 12 - . . 190,601 Wfe F920 4 lea 10 050 Q' ' -. 'Lo 4291, S. UZ, '- WSG A131-65003 ' "logo fo. "-. ". W' S V., . L '22 '-,Hi WOSS 12, . PB' S LKQJQ Qnnrfn 177 61- O12 7, 125132 f 0l ll Bla. Ll 1 1 5 ' "l' TI' UI l'Vl'll As we all know, this season of Varsi- thing is possible. - ty Basketball was a great surprise for everyone. By using dedication com- mitment and a great desire to win these superior athletes took them- selves as far as possible. Since NC has never been to famous for their basketball talents this year s team proved that with the right frame of mind and hunger for success any- 5'-. Q' 1 1. When there's ever trouble, Ha Jun Choi will always come through, to make his team that much stronger. 2. Fast break? For Brian Flores, it's always a fast break, because of his quick and responsive movement with the ball. 3. As you can see, Jeff Nelms has determina- tion and the ability to sky. The Watsonville Wildcats never stood a chance during this face off. 178 Sports For the first time in Condor history NC made the playoffs in the SCCAL. Leading the pack to the front was Jeff Nelms, Ha Jun Choi CBest guard in SCCALJ Everet Jenkins CThe pure shooterl Jerome Pen- nington fMost improved Condorl and Brian Flores KThe jetl. Q if fe 5 E is ..,,., if - .. ti '1 Q it A70 0 IV S49 0,9 IV r A700 70 6056 4,0 7 6050! A70 65? 9091 5? 1 .9 JVC 7 0 S18 JV 29 -'lf 508 06, 31- IVQ5 IV N 9 Q5 S C 3 O N N 5 S80 , 1.02151 e 4 N? , N i6'0 JVAIQ6 2 Shfifs 60061 O J Q0 OOP- fv 5 If fa 10 O I 131- O 915' 4105? 485 20614 0 Os, I if 6 .9 . 6, 6 1060 12 4 N5 5 SVS s Afbg 56' I 61-6 7 '91- PIG 0: O' s6. 0 -9 Os 4. The NMC Basketball Team was known for taking charge, a little help from Jerome Pennington was always a help. 5. Boys Varsity Basketball Team: Topg David Nor- wood, Jeff Nelms, Jerome Pennington, Kelly Davidson, Kym Aylworth, and Coach Al Gard- ner. Middleg Everet Jenkins, Lonce Bailey, Da- mon Glysson, Alex Campos, Rick Mecaloff. Bottom, Hilton Metzner, Mitch Spiers, Brian Bigham, Ha Jun Choi, Brian Flores. Sports 179 PIY ' AND YIIIIIILII. Here they are the starting line-up for NC JV s. Cassy Layton CMVPJ Mike Fowler, Jason Bigham, Eric Dean, and Todd Coehlo These five outstanding guys plus the rest of the mighty Condors is whatcoachJon-Amount Van Bens- choten is so very proud of. Pride was a main factor in the JV s mind this season. Every game they at- tended these young gentlemen dressed with style and class. They were good but needed some experience says fellow basketball player Damon Clysson Like Da- mon other people really felt that this JV team showed a lot of promise and O WO 1539 O 961 09:9 O Yo 009.9629 egg. Q 0 Q? 04 dy :P 9 0:90 643101519 -9 OYJ 'VW 090 066, 1154296 J 0 JJ 4 4 OYJJ6 . 0 '29 4 9 O40 ' 0 'fy Q9 19 Zoos! 0:9021 QQ '35 if J O9 'ff' "2 +05 Q67j 02-Qq9o0Y0 C9 Q? Q D- 63 'Q 1. It s not Superman get- Qf YY ting ready for flight its 196, Captain Armando Cermeno lookin for two. 2 JV Boys Basket- ball Team: Back' Rick Ray Lance Merrihew Tim McLarney Sergio hope for the Varsity team next year. MVP Casey Layton really made a great contribution to the team with his great talent and attitude. Casey s the type of person that al- ways keeps a positive outlook even when things are down says Mitch Splers That s why he can play so well all the time. Besides the JV s success the Frosh team did a great job also. They won the SCCAL league championship be- ing led by Phillip Jackson and Tim McLarney Jackson averaged 12 points and McLarney averaged 7 re- bounds per game. Good job Frosh! 'I 4 4 4 ,99 cc 9 flf 4, , . 4j1f"U X' ' 4, , J 'S' ' i JV!!! N G 621 X o 4 4, . 44 X S 424,62 .6 Y 4654. 4319689 flfflfss 'fi 'px 306' 42,12 x ip QY9 Y 4, . 'S' Oo ', 'lf ' 0 4 6,00 flf N ,900 x ' , 0 290 t 6' ot 19 'Y of flfp 0, 9 , 1519 , 'fb o J 1 J , ' Teran Matt Strader Coach Steve Maunder. Frontg Eddie Lopez, David Beaumont, Armanod Cermeno, Scott Schumacher, Mark Taylan, John Candi- loro. 180 Basketball YN f. Q. 5 i for ' all ,N ns U 'IK 'ill f 1 1 fm'-Q 3. Going for the kill, Mike Fowler against the Holister Haybalers. 4. A lay-up for Laytong Casey drives for two 5. Hollister's half hearted hopes are dashed by Bernie Casteneda's outstanding block. 6. Frosh rebounder Mark Taylan snags un- der the boards Sports 81 CDME 120011 . . . .TIME BAD A strong start for the Varsity Girls was halted by a stunning loss to Gil- roy and the morale never seemed to stabilize as the team fluctuated from game to game. When we play as well as We did tonight we can beat any team in the league said Kevln Mar- tln, after a big win. But there were other nights when the team just didn t have that undefinable whatever it takes to win. Even with the problems that varsity team had there was still a chance at making the playoffs, right down to the end of the season. The right combination of who won and who lost wasn t there and the Con- dors were out of the playoffs. The never ending hustle of Angle Kryzlak and Julie Kloss Was com- plimented by the talent of Linda Ca- dle Kaniu Young, and Tami Han- ston Coach Martin had praise for his two foreign exchange players: Mora- kot Y1p1ntso1 and Tove Nylund Oligo at 25 t9 fb 'fo , Q, V oi, :gb so Q'-gt O 9 C9-Aqufgwc' N, 1. Girl's Varsityg top: Assistant Coach Charlie Dawson, Linda Cadle, Traci Williams, Angie Kryziak, Tami Hansstong Coach Marting bottom: Margaret Mendoza, Alma Castellanos, Julie Kloss, Morakot Yipintsoi, Kaniu Young. 2. All eyes on the basket! Tami Hansston eq, Q Ox gb . . . Qj ,049 QW Q66 ebb ,bbt waits for this layup by K1m .Flores to Cf fb Cbq QW. Qi' A' Q, become two more Condor pomts. Q 99 O 9 'XF' 50 S32 , QQ ,Qi C9 Q? CJ .KS xg fx 3. You know you re coach when ev- ecf ez R940 Cf' gb erybody expects you to call the QQ fotb I+' -49160 OQCJSO' right play to turn the game CJ ak' 19? Q? C1 Q Sex A 3,0 OS, bg, aroun . Qgqfoble Q'Q,'25Q Q5 65 055 fb Of Af 'b ,XWZT 'X Regan agp- as 9 gb' to QN 20 or Ca 9 Sv Y' :ir K, fb A ywoi ,Q if as 39 ei 52, Cf OJ QP . ' ,bf 9 gb' by 'Y og' fb fb N 9 Q50 ft 9 Q50 fb 9 QP so 9 gb 9 182 Sports 6 X i 4 5, uf ,. ,K . J' - . riff! X re e e iff.: ik. I f , gf W! s.---- F9 9' S ,E ' 23264 is ' Q ...., . if W M54 Q T t o Q,1, QQZ- f . :ti A 'f' V,kLV ff, 5 , N . W , N , - 1' r , 4 , ' 5 I' if 'Q "These girls are awesome!"That'sa ff e 'ill - 1.. - , . , ' LL-" L - , l f , Q- i ' :"' ":L ' T T 1 Statement you don t hear very often, 1 especially in JV Girl's Basketball, s 'f2. .:H"f'- ,, ,.,k 6 .. 1 ,:.. A f --1 ' -E :f il-n X rs S . 1. 1 1 H . of , l Y M k , ,- ,M .. M 5, Q' 3 W , ax A W ffm X5 , zzz ...:..s: 1 .Q-:Ef.e.-:y W H annoy, minus., QSKDUHQ sunny 5:3 G n . ' Wham XMHUIA std H0101 known for low-scoring, slow moving games. Well, you missed some dandy North County shoot-outs at the Con- dor Gym. The best thing was the scor- ing was decidedly lop-sided. Coach Dave King was extremely proud of his league champions as they mowed down one opponent after an- other. Holding the opposition to two or four points a quarter was done on more than one occasion. Sophomore Tina Autry was noted for her spirit and athletic ability. There were other girls who also con- tributed heavily to the team's success: Mona Carnero, Lori Hazen, and Tina Garza, just to name a few. 4. On the move, Traci Williams sets up the fast break. 5. Hopscotch isn't Kim Nuki's game, here she drives the lane for two points. 6. JV Girl'sg top: Leslie Bowling, Jenni- fer Butterfield, Julie Nelms, Laura Whitmire, Coach Dave Kingg middle: Vicki Pablo, Ingrid Freese, Lori Ha- zen, Alice Simong bottom: Tina Graza, Kim Galper, Tina Autry, Kim Nuki, Mona Carnero. 7. A pass down the lane from Lori Hazen sets up a basket against Soquel. Sports 183 7 Bodyslam Danc1ng Struggling to earn their success the Carsity wrestlers go to great lengths to prove their determination. Since this of stick to it Coach L1nes found himself with a rather small but strong group of wrestlers in the end. The ones who remained on the team found great satisfaction in keeping the schools name in a 2nd place to Soquel in SCCAL. Some of the greatest assets to the team were exceptional athletes Martin Sandoval, Rob Torculas, Perez All of these members are CCS qualifiers and tremendous wrestlers. All in all the Varsity Wrestlers took what they had to work with and did their very best. Congratulations on an awesome season! O hard sport of wrestling requires a lot Benito Calderon, and Carlos 184 Wrestling 1. Varsity Wrestling Team: Topg Coach Dean Lines, John Lines, Nick Gee, Bill McCreary, Steve Byrd, Paul San- burn, Dale Searson, Coach Ken Ber- ridge. -Bottomg Shawn Mason, Chris Lines, Romeo Mendoza, Mike Torcu- las, Jason Rose, Rob Torculas. 2. With a little effort, Jose Moya takes his opponent down for the pin. 3. No matter what it takes, Romeo Mendo- za will always work for a pin. JV WQQSJ -'lf N91 JVQQJQQ S A70 N6? S 1917! AIO X361 09 Q O QJIQ' 462 V QeASf611iQeiJ5 i2 Qaftosszi pple 60A fflffroe f CQ 1900 44 . JB' 4. "He will never beat me!" With this attitude 1 Chris Lines increases his chances of winning. 5. Apparently Jason Rose has total control of this match. 6. Another Condor wrestler doing his stuff on ' the mats. Wrestling 185 Troplues, And ore 1. THE NC WOWSg Top: Kendra Pfannes, Angela Garavella, Paula King, Lea Lu- cero, Bottom: Sarah Martin, Coach Dean Lines, Candy Morgan. 2. Application of some leverage, leading to a pin scores points by Chris Lines, for the Condors. 3. JV Wresltingg Top: Coach Lines, Carlos Perez, Kevin Lococco, Ron Tracy, Dan Swain, John Laughlin, Jim Byrd, Coach Ken Berridge. Bottom: John Smith, Duane Pierre, Carlos Martin, Rick Mar- quez, Jason Butterfield, John Tracy, Lee Martin. 4. Points, points, points, Duane Pierre get- ting some more against Santa Cruz. 186 Sports E . Troph1es Bruised shms, headaches and the loss of breath is what comes from th1s exaustlng game called soccer, howev er, the sweet sensation of success is enough to keep the NC JV s on thelr toes at all moments of the game As for the real assets to the team, Rafael Martinez has a lot of the credits to take for his tremendous ef ly showed a considerable amount of improvement throughout the season along with the rest of the team Improvement was our mam factor of success this year said Coach Barnes The JV s have come a long way forts as a supreme goalie. Ralph real- 5. JV Soccer, Top: Tim Barnes, Andrew Veter, Scott Dean, Chuck Crow, Ernesto Ramos, Geraro Anista. Middle: Jamie Gu- larte, Jose Marroquin, Efrain Vasquez, Ragael Martinez, Erick Dillbeck. Bot- tom: Eric Martin, Paster Marquez, Shawn Chamberlain, Francisco Rubal- caba, Jana Tafoya, Gabriel Chavez. 6. Not being afraid of his opponent, Geraro Anista shows his disguised soccer talents. Sports 187 - Q? 'ie Y. A WRX wzfg-,EM 1"'X f K, M 3 cf' 52 'Q b 1 Wg I . :ik ,gf , 5 wf Qiixgff 13 2 - TR 1 Wx Q 2 S H K , A f N - sm ii- iii ll Q -fri, . K -'lf 42 C29 Qz flf VGC? fW0Q6'9 flf Q U 42 Q U9 5 flf 9,9 fb WJVQQJ 'ZJQOJGQSI Q 6 19 f 0 ff, -fl! sy 67 196. Q9 fp J O .9 Q 61? JV R9 o Q if OQ0 1521050 as 0? flf flf x 0, 0 42 53,9 47'Sf9,69QeK 9 QQ Q .f W QL? 15363. O Y-9 Q? Inch 80 iv 6, Q! s? 0,0 1910 6063 0091, '53 09050611 Qb Qi Qdgc ,601-GK'5s Q9 L GQ 'J ,M 4. It's Jamie Alonso doing the 'KPele Shuffle." 5. Varsity Soccer Team: First Row-left to right, Roberto Hernandez, Billy Gilfillan, Adrian Urquidez, Lance Bryson, Paul Dorney, Gregorio Avila, Ignacio Paz. Zndg Oliver Bohme, Sergio Parra, Jaime Alonso, Tony Lozano, Marcos Corona, Arturo Castrejon. 3rdg Coach Carlos Vega, James Hard- wick, Scott Bryson, Curtis Ambrister, Jesus Ramirez, Toby Halstead, Assis- tant Coach Gene Bryson. 6. Ahead of the pack, giving the ball a whack, it's Paul Dorney going for a goal. Soccer 189 9-1 . . his 1ii ,Ai Sports 190 1 'HUT UW FIll."l'? Foul balls, home runs and line drives, these are the signs of spring on the windy NC field. The winds blow cold across the notorious Salt Flats at NC. More than a few right fielders have felt frostbite after a long inning during a cold March afternoon. With an unexpectedly good pitch- ing staff, this year's Varsity diamond cutters showed great improvement during the early season games. The 1. To give signals is one thing, to successfully transmit them is another. Coach Roberts knows his are easily understood. 2. Top Row: Coach Roberts, Glen Kamins- kis, Jeff Nelms, Jason Bigham, Lee Qui- senberry, Coach Souza, Middle: Paul Venosdel, John Samudio, Keith Parker, John Nieto, Andy Wilcox, Matt Haney. Bottom: Phil Salacup, Bernie Castenada, Mitch Spiers, John Green, Shawn Mari- kas. 3. Across the plate comes John Nieto for an other Condor point. s... xr record breaking cold winter snapper in late February, bringing spring rite of practice. Coaches Roberts am Souza felt their best player of th' early season were Mitch Spiers John Nieto, Johnny Sammvdio and Lee Quisenberry. These are not the only good peopli on the team, but they're the stars tha shined. .Rn r"""m I ,wr ,,,.. . G av. " X 'E V 3 mm we W M. Q My . 'f"w?" be M ' 5 1 5 F8 'fi 5 W M . .r . he ..-.. i,,f,N ,vis X " Aw 4.-, M . H. v' nw, . K at E f. sr H. i :WA X , W V x , 'ri' kg 3 e gk! ' J me ' fwiT,11,'ia.. ,EM at 62 U". "" 'V 2 a" ,f"'-1-3"-M", f. t ' Q 4 r t t t ' i' 1 , Q .A-V' i - --'f -, as -. XX 0 M W--.-an 1.4. A . 1- , 4. No it's not the bionic man, but it is John Green. 5. Another strike thrown by Jeff Nelms. 6. Look at Lee stretch. 7. "I wonder if he can see me?" thinks Shawn QCourtneyJ Marikas. F " H I ,,, S 1 7 L. Sports ."l'llIKE TIIIXEE, Ylll 'RE III 'l' Having an awesome season is not surprising for the '85 JV's, but it doesnlt just come naturally. Lots of hard work is involved in the prepara- tion for their games. "One thing that I've really noticed is how much our hitting power has in- creased since the beginning of the sea- son said Tlna Garza, Lori Hazen hit a homerun at the game against Sa- linas High' a first for her. As for the coaching Mr Pleper is in his lst year as the J.V. coach but is doing extremely well. At practices it s quite obvious that he's used to coaching boys football rather than girls soft- ball. As for the Condor boys Steve Ol- vera is leading the way with a .500 batting average. Not only is Steve a slugger but he is accompanied by star players such as Bud Holllbaugh Elwood Williams, John Baloga and Bret Ervin Coach Ferrara knows that next years varsity team will be better than ever. Good job J .V. . .9 p E a t - sv sw Ns, .. as P Msg f ' . .. - i L ii.... AJ M ff s. M --was 5 ' rl-A, ' " " X ., ev 1 fs ntfzn,-...ruffwas-f 'L .,. W 5 miiit- , f ,,,, V21 QXXUDH MQQ 1. Top Row: Coach Marikas, Michael Phil- lips, Lori Hazen, Lara Whitimre, Dawn Roberson, Lisa Chaldek, Coach Pieper Middle: Becky Jimenez, Linda Chaldek, Annette Contreras, Rose Mary Con- treras, Lisa Trevino, Tina Wyatt Bottom: 192 Sports Dolore Lopez, Tina Garza, Cheryl Clark, Christine Lucero, Lorena Medina 2. Laying down the Bunt is no problem for Lor- ena Medina. 3. Ultis all mine!" thinks Buck Alexander. ,,.. .,.., . a. , ,,,,,, l 1 I 9, Q' 5 Y X 3,5 K me 'Qi ' IA' ' 2 fir fb f 4' I -.v f if if , wg' Y ly 1' ,J 7 ,iw ng a . ai, L M-M 3 W , aflg f Jef 4. Taking a dive, Bret Irvin knows the ball li A has safely arrived. i 5. There goes a strike thrown by Linda Chal- dek 6. Top: Shawn Sinclair, John Baloga, Bri- , Q2 an Price, Elwood Williams, Tim McClar- i U , ney,Coach Ferreira, Ray Diaz, Chris Kay- ' singer, Bud Hollibaugh, Bret Irbin, Aar- on Knox, Lance Merrihew, Matt f'ii ,i Grosses, Ed Sollio, Steve Olvera, Antho- N 5 " ' ny Silva, Buck Alexander. ' f' 5 , 5 ,f if f , if ef ,f if Sports 193 A I IDI 1011 I I LLSS Coming on strong with power hit- ting expertise the Varsity Lady Con- dors are earning their well deserved perfection. On the mound Teresa Hanston use their talent to strike out all the enemies meager attempts of a 1 . In the infield, Hledl Hoskins and Stepahnle Simpson can take care of all the throws to first base for the easyout. On second Vicki Rochester and Teresa Tarango always go for the tag on the steal. And at third, Jana Tafoya can make the catch which will stop a run. At home plate we have Tina Autry and Tammy Silva, who never give up without a fight. But if a ball man- out expert outfielders are there to the rescue. In left we have the crazy Ha- waiian Kanlu Young and Vickie Pablo, in center Cheryl Motley ' RUIZ and Kim Adair, in right Stephanie Gomez and Tiffany Hazen Coach Johnny Deaton ex- pects great performances from a players. 'I T T 'I 'I 'I T 1 L J A L J L Deaton, Jana Tafoya, and Tami ages to get past our expert infielders, h t . . . l 11 'SALAA .L .Ki i .. V ' ' R ,ff f f W' K em, 1. Looks like a home run for the Varsity Girls Softball. 2. From home runs to base hits Jana Ta- foya goes for a triple. 3. Like a numerous amount of her pitches, Teresa Deaton throws another strike. 194 Sports , .W-..-. W im f Mr., l W Q SQQSRQW ,, -4 hm F saw. 4' ,Ja eg, . gg- . '04Wl1. .c . MQYNV ,, .. -. A Qa-. ' as aff' Q , n. . ,h ,,A.35 F 'Q -If-. is-5 a. . .. ' - f. ,. , 4 . '7' away.. K an ,,. .. 1. , . , 14:,m,.r+ fu- , K ws.s1lkJ-- 3514, A NLE LQ, 3 I 'H 1 , r , UL ,J ,, . 8 Q :qw if 'xx ' 'wwf W i W W va in fix W Q if IC X ,l , ,Wm 6 W" 1 K MxNA,.,j,f 1 WMM, 4 fy 'S V if wg: Ufqim Wil J' 4. Top: Tammy Silva, Susan Tidwell, Hei- di Hoskins, Stephanie Simpson, Vickie Pablo, Coach Deaton. Middle: Stephanie Gomez, Teresa Terango, Tiffany Hazen, Vicki Rochester, Kaniu Young. Bottom: Teresa Deaton, Cheryl Ruiz, Tina Aurty, Y. A W A i iwwmmmmawrs I f -..'ffP'g ,g Kim Adair, Jana Tafoya. 5. Condor Varsity Softball means giving no slack, Tina Autry tags her opponent on the back, for an out. 6. Running to second, down for a slide, Jana Tafoya shows her Condor pride. Sports 195 TR XFK C l'llILll Waiting anxlously at the blocks ea ger Condors are ready for another championship season that has so far come naturally in the past seasons Starting off with two winning meets N C left Los Gatos and So quel in a trail of cinders Great results are the expectations of the coaches of We ve Won 21 meets in a row said Coach Steven L Hlrt to his sixth period class Slnce we haven t lost a meet yet I don t expect any dlfference this year at least that s what I hope Some of the exceptlonal runners on track are 1n different categories In distance Dan Kammskls and Ar thur Gabudao are the leaders of the N C pack Out of all the members Coach Simpson praised h1s stud sopho mores Jamie Jones, Robert Miles, Mike Fowler, Marty Woolen, Merlo Medrano, Troy Morgan, and Peter Moore The team strength is the Sophomores continued Coach Simpson They are giving us great potential for the coming years if 196 Sports 1. Up and over goes Julie Kloss. 2. A blast from the starting line gives Eric Dean the jump after this handoff from Dan Kaminskis. 3. With the team rooting him on, Dan Kamins- kis strides through the last turn. 4. Up, up, and away! Hajun Choi on the fly. 5. A hand on the baton, a foot closer to victoryg Tina Carnero in the lead for NC. 4 A g ' ,.: f YH Var ,,. .. ,,..,3i'-E: .,,..., ,.1::,,, . Ni A, 2 6. Coach Condon, Coach Stuart, Coach Hirt, Moises Ramirez, Robert Wagner, Bill McCreary, Jerome Pennington, Jesse Ramirez, Rick Megaloff, Eric Dean, Coach O'Sullivan, Coach Wall, Coach Simspson. Second row: Tage Wolters, Robert Myles, Dan Kaminskis, Darren Hintsala, Jamie Jones, James Nibbelin, HajunChoi,Frankie Borrero,Jose Moya. Front row: Tony Hernandez, Art Gabudao, Bill Dunston, Benito Calderon, Oliver Boehme, Andrew Gabudao, Perry Lo- pez, Hilton Metzner, Joey Ramirez. A R , - .3 Sports 197 CPIKEBI ."l'EllS. "Hurdling is a brutal sport!" was heard from more than one spectator after three Condor girls bit the grit during the first home meet of the sea- son. A taste of road rash only showed the determination of the girls as they blew Watsonville out of the saddle. Next on the hit list was Soquel. The girls turned out the lights on the Knights and were on the hunt for more league victims of the black and silver wave. Mona Carnero, Julie Klos, and Colleen Rule dominated in the relay and sprints with Llnda Cadle helping with big points in the jumps. Angle Kryziak gave us a big boost in the field events. Lyneth Castleberry led the girls in a tradi- tionally strong distance-the two mi e. Q -P .A .. A ' swf ri ""' C "W c 'im 'L NM? A . l Q vc Q Exit! i as is . f ' ' K Q. ' 1 . , , s f .11 .. .L K I 3, . E M - Q' Q, XX gfmws"lsYKQ'Q xg g Q 5 :hw si. -tm . msn K sux K SMC js. , :S X s as 9 . . .-. S 'S-U X. ' it 3 . A .1 QE, .L r H X , , It Q 8 is ' f x . + .. - w we t 1 X disk - 11'-K' xr " i5f". 5f.i9Es'if -it Q ,,.. ru . - X- , N . A ,. 2 g-- or so - ' W e . A s . as 1 A , -df lv fu . . . if J as ' . Q A A . - ri - - .... " f- ' - .. Top: Coach Condon, Coach Stuart, Coach Hirt, Lyneth Castleberry, Jennifer Ward, Holly Thomas, Julie Nelms, Traci Williams, Kara Lyman, Rochelle Doman, Christi Myers, Coach Simpson, Coach Wall, Coach O'Sullivan Middle: Nadine Gillison, Kristine Baur, Stacy Pullen, Alice Simon, Angie Krzysiak, Julie Klos, Colleen Rule, Malinda Banta, Ingrid Fenkl, Pat Jaurequi, Shannon Gil- logly, Nikki Pugmire, Audra Boehrns, Pat MoralesBottom:PaulaPlagowski,GinaRon- dez, Cathy Crume, Mona Carnero, Kim Nuki, Stephanie Ash, Paulette Abila, Katie Emerson, Allie Quintero, Tina Carnero. 2. lt's another devastating NMC start, Oliver Bohme and Tony Hernandez are offto the races. 3. Athletic director and team supporter, Ron Se- verson supervises the startof the girls twomile run. .-as. -- eww -f - J , y - , sf N . , . si., sail. - ,gm fs . ' -+- ,Q -1 . .. sv A .fins . ei? f:,sls+,f:s?vs,.r,. -ks N,-. , g. W1 5 F524 --.57 - T - fs .. .--fQ.,g53,K .,,5,.3..,,.- V , ,X WR 5. , .5 . - .. as XV -9554" R f 'L ' " iff-. XJ' an -iii: V.. ' ' ttf A fs .wig N , .' - Esta, . :ls ,-1 1- jg.g,13. X43 Qu- . J '.e ii- Q K' rr X 'imfrif Vwgsir -izftwipf .. ff- -f g ' .. -..i. V- - . .3939 i Q - YRS Q .-:. .,:.. -,-i :Ms ..'.. bw. I. J,i- s -,P '. fi -, ATE? 'Nl Fifi, ..-Q i 'lg-l..'Q' ' 1 .4 fi ..5'fYj,1, rev Q, .. iii? 4 . K ... M 'Q,Hj,.g. A, .- M W 'X-xp if we-'wr if s 5, 5 K fc.. C . .-QW' Q ...XV .... tt ,Q 5 M , is 198 Sports f s -hnwkniod can - ,- . srfgssw- A mf lm- . El 1 ge-we Av .f JA' .'-f 1 . rv Riffs ,, 'Lk .. A Au wrt, .MV ..... v,,.x , X. , Wi' . 4. With the last hurdle in sight, Phillip Jack- son senses victory. 5. Frosh-Soph: Top row: Coach Stuart, Coach 0'Sullivan, Peter Moore, James Rhodes, Ron Bond, Jason Blackwell, Jess Lopez, Brian Degroot, Mike Fowler, Robert Myles, James Pennington, Toby Hal- stead, Mike Martinez, Coach Hirt, Coach Simpson. Middle: Jamie Jones, Erick Campbell, Sean Leonardini, Troy Mor- im , s Rf L - 4 ' Q gan, Steve Campbell, Chester Thurber, Armando Cermeno, Merlo Medrano, Dave Ramirez, Abel Arellano, Jason Nelson, Dan Bech, Melchor Hererra, Erie Dean. Bottom row: Mark Talon, Mike Dames, Chris Bass, Scott Toves, Antho- ny Brandon, Rob Balducci, Mike Dun- son, Patrick, Andrew Gabudao, Roberto Gutierrez, Tim Prez, Eric Martin, Charles Rentar. Sports 199 g '- . AS 46?0Q v xv Us 'Q W3-19x . X 95, 9' A ,,,..Nq.-nf 1' Q X -eww ,Q Q ' 7 .f,-::' W I f ,5:, .,,, WMM -I M ,-,-9-iI X , 'vs - anus- xt "', ' 6 A A is - . ,l W 1q"'5 A ., Xl 2 'amp :P LL.. fi: xx-2' arg sg! S A.-uf Q Q A, W K QQ, 4' Q Q - Ll:LL . Q .i -Q Em :signs , g 4f if'Q!gg!f 2 E I lgnhlraw I 1 Pht Rb0B 15,1 X- N -Q Q , 6 fm' " ' ik? ? Q ' b x. f W gf' uv-""' NA W yx Qx hiss! L mf 'W Q wwf , N X s 1 V its il ' ,- V . 3 Jsiiglgff -4 ,SWL . kg fx X . 3 -s ff ff? NQlfUi'llWiUNULllMS 'Q SRM QD mmf? Phot Team 31106 r-I l-4 408-727-6091 3 Vx .-CI Q- cvs 'Sn o 41 U 6 S-I CU U CU -JJ CI CES QCD 2- 4-EGJ 415 CI GJ P 41 .-C1 Qcn S ,C ELG :LCN CDCN 'U CI cs C0 9 Sponsors 203 C ' 3 s 3, Ei tins gar, Zi 'be the best N? N 83 we wives M- f QW -V .aaaw f+ K 204 Sponsors Q Sponsors 205 ik '15 M Ynwnf wamw1ksm,wamup as-um.. N www N31 J vfwwnwgaim.. N J 206 Sponsors wmw M-. WMM 'wk Sponsors 207 Hey Killer's, you've been the greatest friend anyone could ask for through the years. Always remember the mix- tures, orange juice and 'Yup Cstraightj. Have fun at Ccowj poly!! Have you seen the jerk? QSmileyJ Remember the friend poem? Every word was wrote just for you. Let's party Ckj. Donlt worry about the Blob, it'll come around. Don't forget to keep in touch when you jet from here. Well bud, Qcatchl ya on the rebound. Love ya and bestfriends always, Awesome. P.S. Nightmare On Elm Street Cmovie time! CYour My Bestfriendl Steph: Green M 8x M's forever: Tim T.D. Lewis: Careless Whisper forever- :Tim Eva Sz Lisa, I'm glad we're friends. Berly Dude, we'll be great bud's forever. So keep on Slurpen those Slurpee's ik! Coke-Cola, 7up, Cmixturesl Smile al- ways my friend. Love Ki Frenz, Thrasher Dude 111 Angela: Want to be your loverboy "Who's Bart?! J.R. From your baby. I love you, Swish Angie! fRush between your legs! Julie and iTubzD Joy: Love you always, Swishlz Tim RON CANDILORO- The guy who paid the price for my flaups. You stood in there like a pro. I owe you. PHIL COBARRUVIAS Hey Baby, things are only gonna get college lets Double Date! If you pa for dinner, I'll pay for Gigoios!!!J JeffP. Hey Eugene!! Kim, Tam, Ki lk Mom 8: Dad, your the greates Thanxs for everything but, I'm st: dreaming about my blackfgol Porsche, I still have faith. Love yoi only baby, Tam "85" Melanie, Sarah, Lisa, and Lea: Yo1 the best buddies ever, let's go to Peni sylvania all you SNOWBIRDS! 95 Porsche' forever. Have a whith futu and don't forget to keep "Schmegn Keep in touch all of you Barnies! Lo' ya all, Tammy "85" Mitch - "What!?" - J.R. Andy Wilcox: I'll love you forever ar ever. Love Kim Therezo Julie, It's been great having you as my best: friend. Thanks for everything. 1We have had some good times. I hope they don't end. I wish you the best of luck in the years to come cause you deserve it. Mona Ingy, B.B.B .F. Dawn wk ,R ---We... my teddy bear you. Qjygjlhialways love come to-you. is- Thrasher Diide, remem- Dudes?" What laughs. watch out, the dudes are comin. Dancin In Berlin!! Cruisin, fine in fwhitel B.M.W. Let's always the great times in S.C. Camp SO et on an S d better now. I love you!!! Kim To: Carmen Gil. Ded: Time Will Tell, I'll be there. From: Jesse Esco- bedo Kendra, To my best friend! Good Luck! Let the good times get you through the bad, remember prison letters, Four Stars, Purple Rain, March Third, Flower Men, Volun- teering Senioritus, "Ben", and my "Fishing Trip" wear your Best Shoes! Got the Memphis Blues. O Boy! Ka- trin Paula-Missing you already I'm proud of La Fille Nick - I love you - Nice Boy: More Thanks to 3f' f A- ,,- . - ,L v -. uw .hm S FKA' 3 S ,.,L , km. - k 'Q "mf ' -. k X ESPN' :i5.,i ,ff Qf- 'JY .- ikwirw xeiihhwmk , A . Q ' Qgsaw' Q Y f Q - L iff X 5 K'-: if '4 ?w 154 H .ff . Q 4- ' S .. kv 5-"2 sw :n .s,, 1 , Jw-:A ,i 1- V sb v' . n f' n I 4. .. , R' V o J, G ou ll Love Our Chips PHILE COMPUTERS SOFTWARE PERIPHERALS Ty Wllllams 408 o 724 o 3322 1504 Freedom Blvd Watsonvllle CA 95076 W6dd1HgS Portrauts School Photography Dor1 s Photography 160 Pajaro St Sahnas 422 4752 9 7 J o Q E of , 1 P W Mp ,932 O . mp Q , p . . -4 36 ' I P... 1. 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CASTROVILLE LIQUORS 11250 MERRITT sr. CASTROVILLE, CA 95012 ovuwoiesof W TELEPHONE 10694 MERRITT' STREET 375395 days 14-OBJ 633-2053 cAsTRovu.1.E. cAi.iF. 95012 Hrs.. 11 a.m,,12 am. Courtesy Union Service Telephone 633-2431 11400 Merritt Street Castrovilie, California 95012 Telephone 14081 633-4844 Guaranteed Automotive Services Free Pick-u 5 De Iver Towing D ' Y PE'rTiGREw AND Foi.ETTA AUTO PARTS AUTOMOTIVE PARTS JOBBER 81 MACHINE SHOP iii? Scoggins 10866 Merrit Street Independent Dealer Marketing Union 76 Products Castrovllle' CA 95012 A Bud's RV Specialties p if ' l 10999 Merritt Street 5 E A Castroville, CA 95012 3 633-6365 TS A A as riii' i 1. THE SKI CONNECTION owned and operated 1 by active skiers l Complete Rental Service 422-7831 847 South Main Street Salinas, 93901 C U Sponsors 215 3 J CENTER ANIMAL HOSPITAL DR MARTY FIELD uzss Mm-in Sa. 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Whose aide were you? Somehow you always find a way to make me smile! I hope you know how much your friendship means to me but just in case you don t . . . it means more than I could ever say. Thanks for all the good times and funny moments! Happy graduation and congratulations! I love ya! Always Lori J Q K N 4 YglQgQ1.' 1' NZ I, ' ,,i3',,! I , X f . -. N . , V A E 9 rtttr ' it K ff' N ffffff GRAND CENTRAL COMPUTER Sz SOFTWARE 1110 Main Street No. 8 Watsonville, 722-9278 Monday-Saturday, 10-7. y J Advertisements 2 1 7 Excedrin Headache 1185 A ries, caught forever on paper, and in our hearts. Advisor Pat Watson took some chances this year to produce the most unique cover and theme ever at our school. He says, "This much work should be against the law!" With the yearbook and all of his new photogra- phy classes, he was in constant mo- tion. Students were calling him from all corners of the classroom as dead- Wtlutsx Ng inst The Lawlv line dates came closer and closer. Many classes were interrupted, and you could always manage to see at least a few members of the Rookery Staff wandering the campus looking for quotes and candid subjects. Much of the work was done out of class and at the regular Wednesday night meet- ings. Through doughnuts and hot chocolate, our energizing, sometimes hyper staff managed to put out this spectacular book. The 1984-85 Rookery is dedicated to the 1500 sets of eyes from the staff at NMCHS - For Their Eyes Only. 1. "I developed my first picturel' says Susan Oler, youngest member on the Rookery Staff. 2. Hardworking Godfrey Musones whites out another mistake on his layout. 3. When you're on yearbook staff, everything is just dan-dan-dandy! Here we have junior, Jill Soper smiling for the camera. 4. The 1984-85 Rookery Staff, from left to right: Gary Castronova, Godfrey Musones, Mike Magee, Kelly Clark, Susan Oler, Jill Soper, Ted Ceralde, Vicki Rochester, Advisor Pat Watson, Enrique Castan- eda, Gary Scoggins, and Maria Garza. 5. Trying to bend the L'rules" of layout is staff member Vicki Rochester. 6. Busy at work, as usual on his 24 hour a day job, is yearbook advisor Pat Watson Yearbook 219 , In V , 6 , ,, S 33' L . A. 55 p-0 ,et ff' . vin. ' .Tx Re .Ln Vis!! ax vuifg,r a,-f 43 ., in 1 . J - 1 a 9: f V .nuff MM J -3 'sf' .1 15. I . Q , 4 ar- 1 I -haf 5 4' fir I 'if an a I Y WM We!! Ms .fell war new Md WQ M116 Amy ? gf fum ffgflkg ldv' I ef46f Qns KKMZM7 nflzfzfl ,foyC7!!L0Q 706 1 D- xofdg Mfg woman 1 Wai now ,5 feifaon Cfbfiyyf 'fljfdhf' fig! I, IZQ 4.5 CCQAQ gf poqp Staff? C3401 -6MQ,V Pda. A06 fo Z6 gal 5fO! khan LW!! ! fdffdfkf 70764 554 f ywsims ZgfL j 71'Q 50 55 my Qfjffzffef

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North Monterey County High School - Rookery Yearbook (Castorville, CA) online yearbook collection, 1985 Edition, Page 89

1985, pg 89

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1985, pg 9

North Monterey County High School - Rookery Yearbook (Castorville, CA) online yearbook collection, 1985 Edition, Page 118

1985, pg 118

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