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-C'Z'."'5?5L-?fl' I ' 1925! fi 'Li'5?7:f.1kii1l ullln mmng ombination 1 1- .xl 7- ......1 ---'- ,... --- --N-. i,.., .,., ..... .,.., :atv-,..-,-5. ---,-in i ,K- Man with the golden horn. Paul Janecka performs his solo in Firedance at the halftime of an NM football game. Accomplishing something worthwhile seldom comes easy. Often obstacles keep one person alone from completing tasks. But by Pulling Together with others there is no limit to what may be accomplished. lt is the combined effort and support that enable us to succeed. lt takes everyone helping, encouraging and pushing toward goals showing that Pulling Together cannot help but produce a Winning Combination. ' A- 5 I sus CONTENTS 'ar y Opening. .. ...2 Q 3. " A Organizations. . . . . . . 10 People . . , . 70 Athletes .... 168 Student Life . . . . . . . 226 BUSll'l6SS . . . 282 i""" Index. . . 314 VK! Jwf 'Avg' A 1 dim ..r,. 2 t I y Closing . . . 322 W n - One. two. three: Pu-ll Together. Coach James Brinkley's Outdoor Ed. class takes part in a Tugof-war contest in back of North Mesquite. Scene of the crime. Sandy White, Dot Lebrun, and Sandi Arthur enjoy an autumn afternoon decorating a friend's car. . i . ..-,qv 3 ..'11 -axttgfk V' "' T32 sn, . Q e 5? E W - E 'Q .6 A , Q? 'JL-at X , f' WI, QA ,' ,x Q , 3 1-. ,S .' X Ng!! 1 sal? ' ' ' I I Q V , fs, xx ig ,l. , , b V, N53 ' ck,-'Riff ur as 1 . ,,.,.z.,...-W--4 .us.7v! . 'Al ,,. WV ,v.f,, ,. A ,WM-V ,f ,i ,,,, ,, ---Q.. ,.,.,,,w ,,, ,, M. K Q 1 K x L A-.A.....,,W.,.-v-v-.,.,,,,, ,I 'wg' Jnwyfi QI- mg .WN I W I my ,wa 5 x . W , ,,,, , 1 Al,.,.T,,m H, .,-,, A 7 n Snr. A ,A 1 - Q! Z X ff .M-1 1:4 f- J F 1 'rim .r N 4 1 xy, :ffm Q ., Aj Q , Q . xllfg Y, . ll. M QQ..-V af - -, ' ' 3 K :A ' im-af X 44?- 'F W W v -B Wheels ln motion r -fd ..-I gi - Under constant pressure to win, Q who gave us such excitement in whether consciously or T T 1982. The preparations were long subconsciously, we are taught to and hard, however, they would win, to hold our heads up high and ' pay off in the long run. give it all we have academically, The Pacesetters planned their athletically, and socially. When we heart-stopping routines at their first entered high school, we were summer camp at Kilgore College. taught it was not if you won or Meanwhile back in Mesquite, the lost, it was how you played the Big Blue and their directors were game. We soon learned that setting the wheels in motion for winning was everything. It was the upcoming marching season. everything if you had fun doing it, Their hard work is what makes and someone to do it with. We g them, 'The Pride of North wan victory after victory in 1983. f Mesquite. 'As summer was The victories didn 't just come ever ' winding down, the Stallion football y night. Many hours of practice and j teom.was putting the Hnishing preparations went into routines jf j touches on their game plan. For and game plans. Thepreparationsr the players that made it through l began early in the summenoff ,iie g gftheigrueling workouts, it would be 1982, just on the heels of the ,eil T .iq very rewarding season. T'state-renowned'roundballers g f . 2 Opening L gfffgs- X ,,,' " .R .. 4 .mf '49 - ' ,.,-wg .+5..:'- X, i A sag, ,F.'2-3frs,.f"ffr' fag! .lj " w1'F.f:1:'L ff. 'g.i,.1jggk'.Q is ' , Q W .1 W . ..e..'a3f25Q.,f-.'f'f' as-5 . F .Q 'rtm.fQLt4-5 2' . ,arm-1 n V P pi - kv. L . A I r 2 ff- . 1 ffm MU " ,df Q 9 , E' f -' - , ., W 5'tlWQ3? 1 . " V Z , - 4: K K ""3. M. 4 - ,41'h Kr K Y " ,fuk H , , 1'...: E, JY' IW "l a2' -J-1 X -Q-:Lb 'fl '2 V JY" f I s7"f"V'MKf?A , 1' ' K K K K , if . , ,, ww.. '1,1-u-m,y.....- K QKKKK ,Q i5':1Gf?f?P ., K A fx M' K' , 4 1' - 2 f i M. 1 1 . ,- K -- Y , ' I X ,Q ' 4' V 5, ,..11--ww F 3. ' q Kliialxiiflffiiffiiy - 2- TE ,E :.-,,.,F H' Q 4, , . -n H 5,445 ,A - 5 -5-:f-H,-1 ,K ' W S.. - K- J' - K .44:f553z:?zcs:m!:Kr'2-fx, ggfswzf2W?afQ , Y Y -V . - e 111: . v , , , ' F . 1,'1:S:,a,,,ffs4:'m5vJef? K' -5- - K' Ta 5 - ? ' S' f u if ' X Mrs 'ea E K K V " ' .V - K: iw x 53, - K 1 n eg' V FYaQThQ!U35f'?QacheQ ,V-.M-M,.1g:zgfg,q49fm ,Qlgi Kgmqgg ,lj ,fggggw :K 137357 brf'1'f5nI'g9pmmggwwhna 595 ,,, Li V V ' i K ' " ,S ' ,"'F'?5F' X932 HS-ff"+-h--h- L" I " ' K K ' , y- Y . 'W mqrlwzfkgs -Pm. :QA rgrlrwimmf-JQMEM V f . ,Q H K 1 ' X Y, . . A , 0 X iw ,,..:,.,,. WU . , .S , Y - L xixn H ug 14' yd' - 51 IW, KK f ,Jn-K, , 5 , A .-.,. . 0- ' " ,L ' Sgr KK fi' A WM' Kg ' 1' ' I' 1.,4 f '4 sly 'a -1- , 'K-K WjE5QAi3?', .K P 'ik' ' ,. ,Y ,- Q ,f- w Q K M 3' . 'K M -' .wi Ffa '--ww Y , . 'K M' W 4 . : ' ' if KT pf' K' F' ' ' V 4 3 f -K1-K Sf Q! '- Q wa3wv,,,, 1,28 5 ,f-P fix-1 K K w. K A g "ww , fy K1 we K - ' Yi ' , Eill fm' S . xii. ' ew? ff? 3' K , ff' gt 2 ' .gm f"K A' Q 'EM 1 ji S H: V - -1 ff' Q pl K ' 1 ' LV x .4 ' l kgwwql ww ' L x by 'Ku V Y ah X M X . Q +245 ' , ' M Ei + i m 3F"""" K 43 F7 f. , , ! -Q -Q - 1 1 1 , f-Q Jill , M ' V15 A32-HK KK - K K1-rf' 1 Y v k , +V ff yr 3 ,, Q , , ., V R ,V V ji ,L 9 t Eimi 5315:- Q. ,,..,, 1 K 1 F , K -dm " X ' 5T1S7:'a' 1fi.,,uv - V. - . , I, 5, Mi I ,M ' A 'U I E k ..-42 f ' . L- 2 all i :AQ 4 ,Ll V ' 'Ri 'FM Q s fwf X Sm? ., AJ' xg q , - y pf . gm wfw 3X E Emmy I E a, . 9.51: B.-,vw 5 av- ' f W .. h, :- Q 4 1 .,x vi f, - -:1 .B , '3 ' 5 ,' I ,, .df Y E! . !g!pY X ' 1 L f f ' ff , A wal C11- i 1 , , .V L ., A,. , ,,, Q11 142 x Q f ,,.. ,,,,,, . ,- S M ix I R t I A ' ,M , E a . , 1 -ff...,3 V X ,gtg Y 5 w ? xA 861! A . .-'Iii T in if X 'nj S yr . ,.,,. Q, 9 yx ' Q ? 4 ef: :f'2:i5i Afl ' M .-nff. . fy. 1 Q? .A V . X. :ffl , 'JL xx Ibn? , L , gr, f Eff? R 4. W 2' .ffltw , ..1 4. 1 fwmw , X , ,K , K, sf Mmm, . f. -490- 1 . , f . A .. , ,M . gs v b' 5,5 '. A A, ,W 4 '. f "" ' Q ff Q ' "0-'W 4- R' em- 1 " ' . iii ff N291 f u 9 .a V.,b, 9 . . . M , vw l 4 xx " -mx NZ ug 5 ' 3.3713 5 91- N '31 A W . X' '- f'f' ' X. 1' I--f :ff .x yf, L Vvfk F if Q -.Q ,Q '-Ve . .- V' u 5 Q 4 V if if 4 1 -' 1' V -.Q-1 - ' 5' + -.' 5.5. 'Wy as -x-- - ng fb- " , -'A. ' ,Q - ' , , ' Q .-,5 ku 6 L -:A V . Y fl , 1 Q if v.-k M ,, . .G Ji' N 1- gn ' N f - V ' 5' h: J " ' , f-V M , H x QW! .,"". R 3 ik Ax! Hu 5' 5 . ' in-S Nigf' it -.. 'f X fff., 3 ' 3' ' ,Q A ' . L i V. 5 ' I MQ is ei L 4 w 'fx -if ' 71:5 Y , gfl 'f me I . Q ,4-Sf: X N f I f gVg1g,W,, Th9y'r9,lhe he Varsity football team joins ' meuother st b 'sirpgingxhe school song K' - " P' l ' 'Q' 'Ez 1 P A V , 1 ks 'L , X g,. ?r' 'Q I-0,1 1 K kkrr YK K , K K, .,kV. L, ,. ,. -x .1 ,, . ,f . 1, if . . 5 4 1 R xl 'X A f N 'ir I , K t' A " 2 fL,-ff" ," ""' 1 "'T"' ,g' r-- I mi M' Li ' J? -' A Q ' ELS' 1Zvg.w-ff- , il ' ,K I f X , A, if , ' fy Q m .ffm 1 ww 151 'aww ,Q s QQ, Wm! ffurlqq X li . 0 , nfvplff , ,i'.,af:uu'gaa ,'s'l1l,'s'l1Qg, .6-""'K"lli4 377' "f.1u.,Iz-5 ur' V VN ,,1-,,3 QW 4 ii- wk :J to-'Q xi Bound and determined. The varsity soccer team pledges their dedication to each other during a huddle at the beginning of the Mesquite game. NM won 4-0. t - i .-ns. CJ' M" 'l ...-1-RU K, , ,Q E , W, , K -, . -,,A3.,:5m55f 4.,.f -few ' Y- , .I"' ,mgwy ,YL- Q'-a Seq-JN Vi' 23 ll 5 Q ,.,. . ,W 'fi 5 I :ji my fi Xia! , .1 Q DJJ, 1 v A fs 'A .,7"i . ,i 3 I ' :J f' Ig 7 A ,ig O. 1- , P . ' 3 p' I L! 'V lx 44 . '01 ff - :Liv I I , ,sy ,,,, U . Y ., .mai Ffirf Y, .,.',. , V ,V Z".-.I?,,. I Q v 'F a E 5 fr f ,, .4 gf vf My f I 2 I ,A Y..A,,,- T v . w H, . ' Y ' Qllgx i Q nip Fug lx, , 14.34. 'Q 3' I ltsf uf' ,qi -fx - E .J ,.w "nf if I -1 H 1 -all-QQ. 4 ., M Qu' ag. N A L? 1 4 N5 -3 xiii 4' 39? 5563512 Y fQKf?Q35'?F2t-Q ' N 1:5-1, - As '- Q!! wwuwtmgggw K,i.Ai?4g,7g z,,,57,:1, fn K -., 1 4 mf , ' n 'Vv 121 ,-1 gf- ,1 ALIWQ 1 M ,, Aww 1, 4 4 5 Ay 'f '31, xii gguuuvm w ' .-51 km xv xx S, r . 12- .W ww-HK Ninn.- Talent and Imagination During football season the atmosphere was filled with an enormous amount of enthusiasm and school spirit among almost everyone that stepped foot into any of the classrooms. Students were always anxious to see what was going on in one room on C-floor in particular. On a wall in the room, each week, hung a 'masterpiece' which the Art Club created. Many outsiders couldn't believe that the artists would spend so much time on the run- thrus only to see them torn to pieces in a matter of seconds. The Art Club's Members of the Art Club are: Amy McCarter, Stacy Zimmerman, Linda Gray, Sandy Maxwell, Lisa Van Brig- gle, Michelle Patrick - Treasurer, Carole Kallaus - Historian, Jana Kennedy - Vice President, Monica Brown - Secretary, Leanne Goolsby, Kari Ryle, Connie Knox, Debbie Burchfield, Vonna Thorn- burgh, Andrea Hall, Teresa Morones, Michelle Sebright, Lou Ann Starnes, Ms. Bradley, Paul Wade - President, Bill Floberts, Laura Diaz, Christine Edwards, Al Aleman, Rodney Nanez, Eddie Draganski, Betty Wesson, Edward Abarquez, Juha Riihimaki, Tom Lawson, Starla Anderson, Shelly McKinney. philosophy was that by painting these giant, much detailed posters, they were showing the team that they were behind them 100"!u. At one point while one group worked on the run-thru, another group ventured out to the weight room to paint the Stallion Strength insignia on the wall. Over 1,000 spirit buttons were also printed by the Club for the Mesquite and bi-district game. After a busy first semester, the members got a chance to relax at the Ft. Worth Art Museum. As a finishing touch for the year, the Art Club had a special banquet at Baby Doe's. Another organization which has a lot of talent and imagination is the Literary Magazine. Under the guidance of Mrs. Lavonne Dennis and Mr. Fion Taylor, the staff composes a book of the best original works by students at North Mesquite. Students of all grade levels submitted over 350 entries to the magazine, including poetry, stories, and essays. Staff members would then rate the writings on a scale of one to ten. The staff went tl Denton in December to left the new techniques of putting together a magazin Many new ideas were learned and many old one: were improved. Senior stat member Jill Johnson said, enjoy being on the Literary staff because it gives me al idea of how the people in o school feel about life, love, and many other things." With organizations like Art Club and Literary Magazinl it's obvious that creativity i one thing North Mesquite il not lacking. Open wide. Literary staffer Kendal Smith takes a break from the workshops in Denton to enjoy some food for thought. id1tl'I'tm Baca T T Smit fs T. illustrating a point. These are only three of the fourteen run-thrus which Art Club members painstakingly 16 Art U b produced for all the football games. .CUUNTR I l, 2 I l 5 l ,. Bk Q'-ls A un, A P! 1 .gi 55 TS ' .Ai . : ji , it .AV, ., Y A r A 5 s ' ' gg., 'Wi M. N., fl ,. if A 6 QWM Literary staff is: Kendal Smith, Jeff Boulware, Ken Anderson, Max Whaley, Don Garrison, MyVan Tran, Michelle Mehegan, Christene Kelley, Lisa Golding, Lori Clark, Jill Johnson, Kari Flyle, Jana Ken- nedy, Kayla Price, Melissa Cohen, Kelly Flattan, Stacy Henderson, Shelly Ellis, Laura Swank, Karla Payne, Mrs. Lavonne Dennis, sponsor, Becky Wells, Marives Catun- can, Becky Stuard, Chalese Stachowiak, Cheree Allen, and Lori Johnson. lt's Paul in a day's work. Art Club President Paul Wade works to get the colors on the Mesquite run-thru just right. Eating in. After a cold, wet day in Denton, Mrs. Dennis and Christine Kelley discuss what they learned while they eat. Out on a limb. Leslie Langford, Linda Boroughs, Debbie Burchfield, Rodney Nanez, and Jana Kennedy take a natural break from the Fort Worth museums. Literary Magazine 17 Foreign Flare lt was Christmas time and the Spanish Club was having its Christmas party at the El Torrito Mexican restaurant as the wonderful smell of Mexican food filled the room, the enthusiasm of the Spanish Club grew. Then all the fun began. These were pinatas to break and games to play for all of the members that attended. Not all of the two hundred and fifteen members came, however. Spanish Club officers are Robert Granado tpresidentl, Chalese Stachowiak tvice presidentl, Kevin Sledge tSecretaryl, Lori Kilpatrick ttreasurerl, Teresa Trail tsocial chairmanl, and Bill Kula tprogram chairmanl. It is not just the officers that make a club work though. The club members have to be interested in activities and make them successful. Mrs. Benavides and some advanced students feel there are many reasons why the Spanish Club is important, "There are many activities available in the area that could be used to further expose students to the Hispanic culture, but time definitely sets limits." Chalese Stachoviak lseniorl says, "I enjoyed being in the Spanish Club because the students who are in the club have fun and share a common interest in the Hispanic culture. When we are together we have a great time and l'll always treasure those memories." Annette Reid tseniorl explains, "I have participated in the Spanish Club for the past four years. lt has been an enlightening experience for me. Together we share great memories." 1-r""L 18 Foreign Languages rase course. Sylvia Perez, Cheri imunson, Patty Rodriguez, and alda Benavidez study hard in Danish. 11 I Y E 43535 Phoning home. Mrs. Perry attempts to help Bart Adams. ls anybody out there? Chris Dulaney tries to lead Spanish class. Mrs. Bonnvides' Spanish group. Foreign Languages 19 When Carrie talks, everyone listens. Kelly Rattan, Carrie Flowers anyone? Steve Lancaster Laughlin, and Angie Garrison and Tracy Washburn deliver floweu discuss French pastries. on Valentines day. ' w Kiss f Q A Lalin Ch 20 Foreign Languages 5, 4 I 'KX iz .. . "' f x-.9 , Aga, PT F ,Q L ' R, , l Va 1 W ' 1 ?li ?f2? , A 2 2' , 5' 5. 'f , ' i " li 1 V' -8322515-t41 k""' 1-A V nj?-M , 1 an . - Ag,-fi Q 9 gg., ,, - L ,ff if ' w .14 5, 5 - Li i , if "' - ' " ' 1 af: 'lr 3 ry N fvfix '57 Wm fl" s' 9 F 'P . Q?yfYy.-v-113 Z5 W-J' ' .fs K' 3 A .r 'L , X. L -X 3 W Mi. 3 A lv, " 345' - .1 K , 5 T ggi, I -g'- ni' K .V 'FF :QQ 3 , ' ' f1!f 3 'W 513 3 ' f Zfff "' A '53 x-t 'Q -4'+- A' 2'x'517 QQ 'H' . 1 41 21' ' K , t z 2 'g Q Q? 0- Q ff' 6 ' -, I A h , K f t x - A ,,, AM5- V at A gh, ,,.,, H 1. L KI li .M 1 Q ll , l, if 4 W 5532 5 m 5,-,'-fs 112121 f " 'Vx.w, fg!'TJ Q X. E"'fmrF. lf A -r "" Am ? 'tffgyg 3? X . wi 'N lfqlei l ruth Advisory Council: seated - Carol Cooley - sponsor, Chalese ielly Ellis, Debbie Morrow, Janet Stachowiak, David Kaun and Mrs. oan, Flobin Reynolds. standing - Wood. At Your Service Serving as the student body voice is the main responsibility of the Student Council and Youth Advisory Council. YAC members work closely with the cafeteria personal to improve the quality of the school food. Senior Chalese Stachowiak says, "It's a great way for students to become more aware of the cafeteria and more responsive to the needs of fellow classmates." At Christmas, YAC sells baked goods from the cafeteria to faculty members. The proceeds from these sales go for cafeteria improvement and to send members to conventions. The blood drive is only one of the many projects which student council members took part in this year. In an attempt to increase school spirit and the student council's budget at the same time, bumperstickers which read "Hove NMHS" were successfully sold. The slide show assembly in the auditorium went on as planned and the teachers enjoyed two luncheons during the year. These organizations have always been an asset to the school and continue to help keep the wheels running smoothly. Youth Advisory Council 23 Annual Memories Every morning at 7:30, the annual room is suddenly filled with noise. Eleven annual staff members sit in a cramped room waiting for another eventful day. Would it be full of staff meetings, or Rodney giving orders, or Paul screaming through the walls at teachers. Or would it be full of Debbie snorting her laughter through the halls? Yesterday's quad-paks lying on the floor and everywhere else cause Mr. Taylor to insist on getting more organized. Steve sits at his desk looking over the current events, most of course, of Lady Diana. Leigh Ann talks so softly that she is hardly ever heard and sometimes never seen. Linda sits at her desk writing her award- winning copy and preparing next year's book as editor. Claire is busy with drama photos and modeling books, while Kari sits feverishly typing. Edward sits fumbling through fashion magazines to find photos for the fad section. Leanne quietly sits at her desk and reads the latest best seller. And the last person is Jill who fights with the coaches trying to come up with heads - goodness - those heads!! These eleven hard- Welcome mats. Debbie, Linda, and Kari hide from the wind. 24 Trailblazer Staff working students dedicate themselves night and day to produce an award-winning yearbook. Memories happen throughout the year that must be taken down and photographed for the yearbook. The annual staff's responsibility is to make sure that these memories remain vivid ten or twenty years from now. Through months of Rodney and PauI's antics and Debbie and Linda's rivalries between Pacesetters and Band, the annual staff seemed to get the work done. The deadlines were met and Mr. Taylor even bought desk organizers and wire baskets and - of course - our very own tubs. The arrival of the new oak cabinet only made things that much more crowded. As the end of the year approached, the tensions broke and the parties began. One last final trip to Malibu Grand Prix made the work seem less monotonous and all the staff, remembering the good times and the bad, realized that pulling together made a winning combination. "s One Last Dance. Editor Rodney dances with his idol, at a Restaurant in Denton. .fe-Wiki, Annual Staff members are: Leanne Glenn Phillips, Debbie Burchfield, Goolsby, Edward Abarquez, Steve Linda Boroughs, Leigh Ann Lacy, Reed, Paul Wade, Rodney Nanez, Johnson, Kari Ryle, and Claire Taylor Div? Vlfitl-iii Posing Time. Linda and Leigh Ann show off as Pacesetters. Upside down. Debbie shows her best side for the camera. be f., N-,...,,N Xie Video Freak. Claire Taylor is caught by surprise at the Malibu Raceway. Now, now you guysll Pausing only for a moment, Mr. Flon Taylor continues with his orders. Trailblazer Staff 25 Between Lines The door to the journalism room opened to seventeen students feverishly working on the Pony Express. One immediately senses the anxiety of the approaching deadline. As Ms. Janet Jones stated, "Deadlines can best be described as World War Ill, As the World Turns, and Nightmare Alley rolled into a one week period. The interesting phenomenon about the day after deadline is that everyone turns back from Hyde to Jekyl again, and the cycle repeats itself for every issue." No matter how chaotic the staff seemed, they always produced an award winning paper. During the summer, staffers attended a workshop at Mountain View College. Gwen Meazell won Best the Newspaper Design and the staff received Best Overall. In District UIL, Gwen Meazell placed first in News and second in Features, while Becky Stuard received first place for headlines and third for Editorials. ln the ILPC state competition, Paul Wade received a second place metal for one of his feature photos. The paper also received the best of Dallas from the Dallas Time Herald In summing up the year, editor Gwen Meazell explained, "The staff has been a conglomeratlon of seventeen very different people into a corporation that produced nine spectacular issues of the paper. I loved every minute of it! Photographers. Steve Trew and Paul Wade. IW! 26 Pony Express Sports. Stephen Collins and Tony McGary. Features. Maleah Shero, Robyne Fteynolds, editor, Lena Carroll, asst. ed., and Becky Wells. ' QQEAYS ,,f" 'J CD ff! -l lg hifi News and Editorials. Carroll Brown, editor, Melanie Johnson, asst. ed., and Gina Bailey. Becky Stuard, editor and DeLeigh Bardwell, asst. ed Ads. Joy Purvis, Bus. Mgr., and Roe England. Pony Express 27 Scholarship, Leadershi Scholarship, leadership, service, and character are all important to be successful in lifeg they are also important in determining who will be in- ducted into the National Honor Society. Selection is made not only on scholarship as in past years, but also on each persons leadership, ser- vice and character, both at school and in the community. The major activity of the Honor Society was once again the Food Drive. All the students and teachers were asked to bring canned foods. The Honor Society gathered the food and took it to a needy family, so that they would have a nice holiday meal. The year began by se- lecting and inducting forty new members. The induction ceremony was held Novem- ber 1, in the auditorium. Several present members spoke on the importance of the NHS, and afterward a reception was held in honor of the new members. For most students to speak in front of a large group such as the NHS induction it takes practice and stuttering and stammering. To help students be more at ease when speaking they are of- fered the chance to take Speech. This class helps students relax and speak clearly when making a presentation or giving a speech. Clair Taylor, a member of the Speech Club commented, "The field that I plan to go into will have a lot of speaking opportunities. Speech has taught me to be able to stand before a group and make a presentation without being nervous or uptight." P .t 'V Gu A V gr, 5 A, 'A , inc -I.: ' Q l remember when . . . Mrs. Bowdoin gives motherly advice to NHS spon- sor Mrs. Griffin. Speech Club members are: Row 15 Sandra Young, Christine Chambers, Pres., Russell Daniels. V. Pres.g Kathy Stewart, Hist.g Victoria Payne, Melissa Dean, Eric Addington, Mark Jasek, Brian Mayes, Debbie Donaldson, and Connie Hetzer, sponsor. Row 25 Virginia Page, Diane Eubanks, Denise Guerra, Ver- na Jordan, Kristi Kath, Kim Shutt, Darrell Willis, Jeff Dillon, Robert Morris, and Greg Hall. Row 3, Terry Hodnett, Tara Davis, Chuck McRae, Laura Talmage, Dianne Goodman, Delynne Lucas, Larry Musick, Michelle Mehegan, Clair Taylor, Sandi Smith, Jeff Thorp, Julie Tram- mell, and Andrew Brown. F-tow 4, Joey Wilson, Michael Johnson, Mark Bowman, David Farris, Matt Carter, Matt Foster, Dan DeGroot, Barry Denton, Erich Hurst, and Barbara Morris. 28 NHS, speech NHS 2-Year members are: Row 1, Stephen Walker, Pres.g Chalese Stachowick, V. Pres., Cathy Henry, Sec., and Don Garrison, Treas.g Row 23 Cecilia Baptista, Gwen Meazell, Kelly Rattan, Toni Smith, and Jill Johnson. Row 35 Stacey Dunford, Tina Carroll, Connie Oliver, Hoang Nguyen, and Lisa Allen. Row 45 Steve Wohlschlaeger, Sammy Fischer, Lori Jones, Steven Reed, and Ron Gentry. And now a word from our sponsor. Chuck McRay and Barry Denton practice a commercial for Barry's product. Tia better to gilt than to receive. Tina Carroll, Don Garrison, Kelley Rattan, Cathy Henry and Steve Walker deliver the food given by the NM students and teachers to the family selected by the NHS. NHS 1-Year members are: Lt. side, Row 1, Annette Reid, Becky Wells, Julie Schnurr, Becky Stuard, and Beth Kilpatrick. Row 25 Loretta Schnurr, Patsy Doane, Scott Louder, Sandy Hetzel, Tanis Thomp- son, and Kim Smith. Row 35 Mike Hubik, Terry Shuftler, Brian Cain, Jennifer Cowan, Cheryl Wenz, Michael Carter, and Steve Lan- caster. Rt. side, Row 1, Mong Dayen Tran, Kathy Owen, Lisa Golding, Regina Mills, Bobby Brady, and Todd Thompson. Row 2, Lena Car- roll, Janet Sloan, Dawn Naberhaus, Shann Barton, and Teresa Trail. Row 35 Joanne Kirkland, Melanie Johnson and Monica Brown. Row 4, Diane Linker, Gayla Paulson, Karla Perry, Lori Kirkpatrick, and Lisa Anderson. Row 5, Alan Cortez, Bill Kula, and Brian Calmes. NHS, Speech 29 Add, Subtract Cook and Pla North Mesquite has activities to appeal to varied interests. For the intellectually curious, there is the Math and Science Clubs. For the more laid back, casual student, there is the Woods and Water Club. The Math Club went to meets competing in Number Sense, which is mental math, Calculator, and other math categories. They have attended meets at Austin College and also Dangerfield. The Science Club went on several field trips to broaden the knowledge of the world I of science. They Traveled to Glenrose to visit the Commanche Peak Nuclear Fleactor and the Glenrose Dinosaur tracks. They were taken in style in a Dallas city bus. Glenn Phillips commented, "I was so shocked to have comfortable transportation. I wonder who paid for it?" While exploring the dinosaur tracks, the Science Club decided to A'research" the water in the river. Although their purpose was strictly "scientific," their activities looked more like a swimming party. Even though their purpose I is strictly unscientific, the Woods and Water Club, or Outdoor Ed, has learned to really enjoy exploring the great outdoors. Many students, especially seniors, like to take Outdoor Ed to get away from the ordinary class set-up. The students play games like horse-shoes, washers, and have cook-outs on Fridays. The purpose of Outdoor Ed is to learn to enjoy being outside and appreciate nature. Pam Hubner, senior, said, "I think it's a super class to take. The thing I enjoyed the most was the cook outs." about I I I Together we stand. Cindy Davis, The msn with the dark sunglasses. Mr. Tracy Washburn, and Shelly Boling Cross shows off on the trip to Glenrose. provide support after a long day at Glenrose. 30 Math, Science and Woods and Water rt-'I 1 ., ,H J i, I ,ff n J fa 1 , if Myst, 9 t mp. l I Up in atoms. Kendall Goodr tries to protect himself from monsters at Glenrose Dinos Park. t 1-gg I ,gh 3X El ills 1983 Math Team is trow 13 Melanie Johnson, Steve Walker, Beth Kilpatrick, Lena Carroll, Cindy Ina Carroll, Cathy Henry, trow 23 Hoang Ngyen, Riley, trow 43 Hon Gentry, Allen Cortez, and John anet Sloan, Kelly Rattan, Ellen Carroll lrow 33 Futrell. Who gives a tug? Marty Crawford, D'Anna Saftle, John Brown, Coach Brinkley, Mike Wilson, Troy Morton and Kelly Dunn play tug-of-war in Outdoor Ed. It's a card-knock lite. Trey Morton, Mike Wilson, Tracey Wright, Marty Crawford, Jan Calloway, and Mark Draper enjoy playing UNO while indoors. vs The 1983 Science is trow 13 Kelly Ftattan tpres,3, Steve Walker tv, pres,3, Cathy Henry fsec.3, trow 23 Amy Kilpatrick, Cecila Baptista. Tina Carrol, Shana Sheppard, Kristy Koerner, Janet Sloan, Beth Kilpatrick, lrow 33 Mark Draper, Shelley Bclino. Beckv Wells. Scott Loudder, Glenn Phillips, Wendall Hooker, David Kear, Lena Carroll, Ellen Carroll, irow 43, Hoang Nguyen, Terry Shuftler, Ron Gentry. Allen Cortez, Brian Harvey, Don Garrison, and Ben Cross, The 1983 Woods and Water Club. Math, Science, and Woods and Water 31 Practice makes perfect. Many long hours were spent during the summer perfecting difficult stunts. Silent Spirit. Junior Keri Baird meditates before the big bi-district game. Spirit Squads Jump, Shout, and Flip Out! The Pep-Richter scale went off the charts every time a group of cheerleaders got together as they did what they did best - cheer. But forget the old standards - Rah, Rah, sis boom bah, Yea Team! Cheerleading has changed. After watching for five minutes, it is amazing that anybody actually watches football or basketball when these squads are on the same field. Cheerleaders are not only entertainers but also athletes. They talk about extension flips, roundoffs, back flips, pyramiding and 'locking in' - what you have to do when three people are standing on your shoulders. The cheerleaders learned all these things at summer camp. The Freshman and JV squads went to TCU in Ft. Worth. The JV cheerleaders received a trophy for Award of Excellence runner up. Both squads also brought home spirit sticks for their outstanding work. The Varsity cheerleaders went to camp at Stephen F. Austin. In competition with approximately 80 of the best squads our cheerleaders took home a trophy for the Award of Excellence runner up. Also, senior Patty Ftamsey won the coveted tit of all-American cheerleadei and for their undying spirit the squad brought home a spirit stick. The cheerleadei make it look so easy! That's because they're good and they know what they are doing - they train for it. lt': not iust a popularity or beauty contest anymore. lt' a sport! r. . 1 w . J' . f, t -.. . T ,,'T'fff?s The Freshman Cheerleaders. Front Ftow: Kim Little, Angie Schnurr, Kris- ty Sumner, Cindy Raitt, Misty Mar- tin. Second Ftow: Janeen Doolin, 32 Cheerleaders Angelia Denny, Karen Lynch, Paige Flich. Last Row: Debbie Parker, Christi Hart, Kris Pyle. t r 9 A I The JV Cheerleaders Front Row: thla Goode, Tracey Way, Tam Prissy Halbert, Rhonda Hartman, Taber. Back Ftow: Barrett Haber Nanny Stutts, De Lynne Lucus, Cyn- Dee Dee Deets. i, Nr -.. T i Y 5 , , Q .,.. QF ck L' 1 9' Y. Y 2: 91 if I .r v 5 .gx ,fry zf"' N X . 'C :E A 2 .ok nr , wb ,, Q. 52. L- ,, 4 ff'I.'.i1 f 3 ' V? 3 S-1 if 4 Ill rs . . '-: as 1 , 355 . i 1 i 'Yi e wx! 21 , ' Z' X s -. A 'IH 1 XA! wi' F ,.,,...x.q 'f 3 3 XA 1 ! 3 1, I 4 . vi 1 ,' V- . W4 ' , A 1 '. ,1,.,....4- Af' , ' , 1 , M ' : ,W A wm 'Q r K ,X sh X -. f?"""""" ,.,.,..... - ' " ' x S1 -si 3 - N, ' Q M Ex Y 3 L ' ' ' 7 Q, F" . r An? ,Q ' U e ng '- ' ' I, "I ,a Z ,law .,,. - Y , z ' 'V'- , -Q I Y -' , x V QW' 'GMX' g,f.,5v K 1 . ,- M, 25. ' I 1. I ' f "Q , .. N H a , ,f .K 1. - -Fls.1,aqw,,:' 1 2' , - ,Q K- , -Y.. X E r 1 -- A A gJyn!n,f!ngf y x .WI I ' X Q, it J 6 Q, . , f Y? ,I ,, - is P V I 1 :. A If L v 3 ww , - 4 "'-A ' y n : VLH Y 1 , A fx 3 V y V ,"-'E 'ff M Hu C ' Y 2' ' 1 i 1 5 U Q. n jg? fix 'ff il! L : if w A , K rf... -g ,I , , ,,. ' 1.1 5 X 1' ' Q t - Q - tv! 'U 1 'L X, 5 f X . an Y:, wr- " A 7'fQ i he Spirit Never Stopped! l'he Stallion football team ever, the Stallion Battalion at everyone on their toes, tried their hand at some t probably kept the StUl'ltS with the Cheel'leadef'S. tllion Battalion the busiest. Since there're no male ary time the team scored ire points against the oosing side, nine rhusiastic battalion mbers made sure that pirit," the school Mascot 5 proudly in the spotlight len they weren't running t mascot around the end le, the members were ping the cheerleaders to the people in the stands td up. For the first time members of the cheerleaders, it gave the Battalion a chance to help out. "They asked us at one of the games if we would do a stunt during one of the pep rallies, we were more than happy to lend a helping hand. We met with them one afternoon and the cheerleaders started teaching us the different stunts," explained Paul Wade. The guys found out that being a cheerleader wasn't as easy as it looked. At first the battalion members couldn't quite get the hang of it and often one of them would drop a cheerleader or forget to yell at the right time, but after a little practice, they got better. The guys will agree that much of the success of the 1983 Stallion Battalion was due largely to Becky Stuard, the organization's Day of Smiles and Roses. 1982 Stallion Battalion Sweetheart Vicki Hodnett crowns Becky Stuard at the Homecoming pep rally. sweetheart. Becky's responsibilities were to keep a scrapbook of the year's events and to plan extra activities for the group. One activity was a hayride in Seagoville during the Christmas break. It was a big success. It gave everyone a chance to all be together, enjoy themselves and get to know each other better. "I feel like I belongg l'm close to all the guys, we're like one big famiIy," commented Becky. Demanding more audience. Members of the Stallion Battalion get together with the cheerleaders to help build a pyramid. Stallion Battalion From left: Mark Wood, Sam Bailey, Mark Robinson, Paul Wade: Sec- Treas, Steve Pilandg Pres., Becky Stuard, Sweetheart and her bear for good luck, Brent Ganzeg Vice Pres, Kevin Perkins, Steve Trew, and Ronnie Daniels: sponsor. Stallion Battalion You Bet Your Boot I. V. Drillers Show Winning Smiles With the direction of J.V. Drill instructors Carol Abarquez, Pam Hubner, Denise Ishmael, and Shelley Rosebrock, the J.V. Drill members learned basic skills in their first year as drill team members. The J.V. Drill performed at a football game, four basketball games, and attended the pep rallies and home football games. "l've really enjoyed J.V. Drill," quotes Leslie Langford, "l've learned a lot of basic skills and made a lot of new friends." Jump to it. Christi Hill performs the "Military Routine" at the football performance. Hand jive. The fifth period J.V. Drill members perform their hand routine at a basketball performance. Stuck in the middle again. Part of the second period J.V. Drill members form a circle in their football routine to 'DalIas.' The second period J.V. Drill members are: Uirst rowi Melissa Skaggs, Michaela Hall, Melissa Molina, Hope Phillips, Lori Clark, tsecond rowi Vicki Briggs, Jamie Shipman, Susie Harmon, Kristen Crockett, Sherry Blue, Shelly Bannister, Kathy Henderson, Eryn McSpadden, lthird rowi Janet Bryant, Kerri Hallman, Tammy Oakley, 36 J V. Drill Priscilla Martin, Christi Hill, Cindy Walker, Kim Oliver, Suzanne Wright, Shannon Turner, Sheri Thompson, flourlh rowj Dee Richards, Melissa Scott, Kim Varner, Leslie Langford, Krysla Threlkeld, Raquel Allen, Priscilla Miller, Janna Pruatt, Robin Hosek, Andrea Harris, and Judy Hobbs. Yhe fifth period J.V. Drill members are: ttirst rowl Christine Lagadinos, Carla Chapman, Don- na Armstrong, Darla Stark, Penni Tankerslay, Beth Hartsfield, Donna Baker, Laveta Morris, Melissa Logan, tsecond rowj Tracey Flatlift, Dena Farnsworth, Pam Rhodes, Dianna Heath, Gina Oakley, Lynette Conely, Jennifer Leggett, Michelle McLeaster, Kristi Malone, tthird rowl v Meleny Guy, Aprll McLemore, Renee Jezli Lisa Reed, Kim McAfee, Clalre Elsey, Denal thony, Heidi Alexander, Pamela Lewls, C Housar, Mary Darnell, iiourth rowt Kelly Bur Karen Kovar, Suzan Merryman, Leah Patten Sandra Walker, DeAnn Holloway, Michelle patrick, Kim Cowan, Sherry Hanus, Llsa 4 Belinda Garza, and Kim Davis, ,,, ,,,.. KX, ,Vi ,. t ,, , gb y awww AMW? ,Mx ' V Q,,' fl 1 ' , , Wfjkf. U A i ,at A1- W"K'W l , 1,- Hfwe ,, jew, 'A' V M ,, KN A .f if if 53? ,Y , me ' y .,, ., J H339 fam, 4 f W bf -, dkvkn Maggggiixqgh . 'W 'b ft ax wg, ,1,J K mf X in-eel Throe'l company. Leigh Ann Lacy, Ramie Lay, and Sandi Whlte, pose for the camera at the Skyline football game. Junior Ieagie. Waiting to go on the field at halftime, Kami Aylor stands at attention. E V-.., :Ju make me feel like dancing. hristie McAfee performs a jazz vuline to 'Angel in the Centerfold' a basketball game. Split decision. Lieutenants Rhonda Taylor and Sherry Prater wait for the next song to begin. Flamingo stroll. Sandra Monroy, Jill Delaney, Robyn Walker, and Kim Smith perform to 'American Music.' Pacesetters 37 You Bet Your Boots Pacesetters Perform At Texas Stadium "Pacesetters is a great chance to meet people and a fun way of learning how to work together in a group," comments Karen Anderson, a Junior Pacesetter. Though the Pacesetters work hard at everything they do, it is still an enjoyable organization. A Pacesetters first glimpse of hard work begins at summer camp: a week of learning routines, pranks in the dorm, and sweaty gyms, all taking place at Kilgore Junior College. This year was no exception, with the Pacesetters winning a Sweepstakes award, signifying the collection of more points than any other drill team present. Points were given for spirit, performing ability, and an essay contest which was won by Linda Boroughs. Kim Fillmon, Sharra Mattingly, Sherry Prater, Shelley Rosebrock and Rhonda Taylor were chosen as outstanding girls for each routine learned. When the summer ended, School and football season began, bringing in football performances with the band during halftime. When the band was invited to perform at a Dallas Cowboys game, the Pacesetters joined them at Texas Stadium. The spring brought the Maverick game and the Stage Show. Then the Pacesetters were allowed to relax, as Seniors graduated and moved on to other things, while the juniors stayed behind to prepare for their senior year. Dance the night away. Christie McAfee, Leigh Ann Lacy, Sandi White, Stephanie Robertson, Rhonda Leggett, and Ramie Lay form a pyramid with their chairs. tt . ll., In the beat ofthe night. Captain Kim Fillmon prepares to perform a routine to 'Chattanooga Choo-Choo.' Dance fever. Sandy Hetzel, the social chairman, poses on her suitcase. CT? 38 Pacesetters They got the beat. Shari Wilson and Lisa Stiles perform a 50's routine to 'Chantilly Lace' at the Garland!North Mesquite pep rally. Leapin' Leotards. Lieutenant Sherry Prater performs to 'Eye ofthe Tiger' at the North MesquitelSouth Garland pep rally. Girls will be girls. Cindy Sanchez, Kim McLain, and Pam Hubner perform with their suitcases. C5517 VILVI1 Managers and director. The Managers for 1983 are Shelly Boling and Karen Fox. The director is Mrs. Barbara Thomas. he 1983 Paceaotters are: lfirst fowl June lodriquez, Lieutenant Rhonda Taylor. ieutenant Sherry Prater, Captain Kim illmon, Lieutenant Debbie Duggins, Lieute- ant Sharra Mattingly, Lori Yniquez, Kamy .ylor, tsecond rowl Christi Callan, Cecilia Laptista, Regina Watkins, Shann Barton, tenise Todd, Denise Ishmael, Juli Q , v 4' 1 Mangham, Carrie Prater, Laura Kellehan, Debbie Morrow, Christi Jones, lthird rowj Ramia Lay, Sherrie Green, Sammie Moore, Donna Browning, Linda Boroughs. Carol Abarquez, Dawn Webb, Vicki Martin, Dot LeBrun, Sandra Arthur, Rhonda Leggett, llourlh rowl Carla Calvert, Sandra Monroy, Lisa Anderson, Pam Hubner, Stacey Dun- lord, Tracy Limmer, Leigh Ann Lacy, Kim McLain, Cindy Sanchez, Sharon Hadley, Patty Rodriquez, llllth rowl Lori Goldsberry, Davy Winnltord, Theresa Deal, Robyn Walker, Sandi White, Cheryl Wanz, Karla Perry, Stephanie Robertson, Jill Delaney, Gaylnn Bailey, Amy Fletcher, Natalie Plnson, Shari Wilson, lsixth rowl Gwen Meazell, Christie McAlee, Shannon McKinney, Cethy Hill, Karen Anderson, Lise Sllles, Deana Delay, Shelly Porter, Kim Smlth, Terrle Brewer, Sandy Helzel, Patsy Doane, and Shelley Rosebrock. Pacesetters 39 Under Pressure - MonCharles Tipay concentrates as he conducts the band at the Skyline-North Mesquite game. Three lo get Ready - Senior, Lisa Barton and sophomore, Debbie Burchfield prepare for the Mesquite game with their little friend made by Stacy Johnson's mother. l 40 Band Flute Cocktail - Kerri Lawbaugh, Linda Muldoon, and Kayla Price get their trills during a pep-rally. and ff' 1 4 v The Morning, The Merrier The clock strikes 6:00 AM! More than 200 band students, still recovering from the practice the day before, wake-up to get ready for the day's early morning practice. "lt's very hard work! - but well worth it in the long run," comments Lynda Taylor, sophomore flute player. The Big Blue Marching Band, although giving award-winning performances, must first go through time-consuming rehearsals in order to be finely-tuned. The first practices began in the hot month of August. After three to four hours of marching and playing music each day, there were still separate Tuba or not Tuba - The Big Blue Tubas "oompa" their way to the stands in one of their outstanding performances. Horn in on this - The French Horn section plays through the show "just one more time." rehearsals scheduled. While a section of brass players practiced its music, a group of woodwind players concentrated on its notes. As the majorettes practiced on their special routines, the flag corps could be seen perfecting its colorful features. Meanwhile, the drum line added the finishing touches on its percussion feature, some of which were performed at pep rallies. As the weather cooled throughout marching season, the sweat turned to shivers. With practices beginning between 7:00 and 7:30 in the morning, repetitions of the halftime show could be seen and heard at Memorial Stadium. Practices were also held at the school parking lot where the music weaved its way into the classrooms every morning during 1st period. Batons and Bows - Donna Person performs the colorful opening to "Ride Like The Wind." No absence ot Mallets - The Drum Line performs "Fire Dance" as the band marches into formation. Band 41 Pride of the orth As the sun rises over Memorial Stadium, the Big Blue Marching Band could be seen putting the final touches on formations during marching season. The Drum Majors are MonCharles Tipay, Mark Mullino, and Craig Murphy. The drum majors attended East Texas State University during the summer and studied corps-style drum major techniques. The 1982-83 Majorettes are Lori Jones, head, Regina Mills, Donna Person, Lisa Reed, and Wendy Davis. The twirlers attended ETSU and received numerous awards. They performed their ensemble at UIL Solo and Ensemble and received a superior rating. The Flag Corps received superior ratings at Parade of Champions and attended ETSU summer camp where they were awarded superior ratings in Manuel of Arms, School Routine, and Learned Routine. Rick Davis is the instructor with Connie Oliver and Laurel Pannoni as captains. The Drum Line is instructed by Mike Lipe from ETSU and Ricky Fitzgerald is the section leader. The drum line often held practices at 6:30 AM during marching season. The Jazz Band, instructed by Rick Davis, performed at home basketball games among various other concerts. In December, the stage band performed at Town East Mall with Unity. The stage band also played at Junior High Schools for recruiting new members. The officers of the band are Ricky Fitzgerald, Bryan Knowles, Melanie Hood, and Melissa Dean. When asked how the quality of the band was, Mr. Kline replied, "The quality of the band was in direct relation to their dalliance at any given moment." 42 Band Drum Line - Front Row, Salisa Allen, Cheryl Kirkpatrick, Edward Abarquez, Rusty Jacks, Jeff Webb, Clark Giddens, Scott McGee, Mark Hill. Back Row - Audrey Monroy, Leticia Martinez, Sandy Johnson, Ricky Fitzgerald, Steve Sillman, Gary Caronna, Kernie Brashier, Kris Kath, and not pictured, Richard Harwell. Majorettes - Lisa Reed, Regina Mills, Wendy Davis, Lori Jones, and not pictured, Donna Person. DRUM MAJORS - MonCharIes Tipay, Mark Mullino, and Craig Murphy. STAGE BAND - Front row, Wendy Rice, Debbie Heurtin, Karen Byrum, Ruth Moore, Carolyn Johnson, Gary Corona, second row, Scott Coulson, Paul Griffin, James Talton, Dottie Spalding, Pam Bright, Arnold Chambers, Jim King, third row, Lori Lane, Rick Davis, Dana Blair, and James Williams. FLAG CORPS - Front row, Lisa Vestal, Dena Stewart, Cindy Killian, Jana Gamble, second row, Sharon Carter, Ginger Blackstone, Kathy Owens, Debbie Heurtin, Carolyn Johnson, Kristene McAda, Lisa Allen, Laura Whisman, Lisa Barton, third row, Connie Oliver, Kathy Tucker, Kelly Lemmons, Brenda Stovall, Melanie Hood, Kim Nottingham, Kim McAfee, Debbie Burchfield, and Laurel Pannoni. BAND OFFICERS - Ricky Fitzgerald, Melanie Hood, Bryan Knowles, Dottie Spalding, and Melissa Dean. WHAT A FOX! - Laurel Pannoni takes time-out after being crowned band sweetheart to watch the football game. Band 43 Work Out And Glow As the mud splashed from beneath the once-white shoes of band members, the Big Blue warmed up in the parking lot of West Mesquite High School. Throughout the year, the band performed at many contests. On November 2, the band participated in the most important contest of marching season. The band walked away with sweepstakes - straight "ones." When asked about the attitude of the band during marching season, Mr. Coulson replied, "The attitude of the band was very good even though there were a few students on the periphery." Most people think that drawing up the formations is easy, in fact, it is quite difficult. "We all sat around Mr. Kline's table on Sunday afternoon with our protractors, retractors, and Mr. Kline's son's John Deer tractor," replied the band directors. On January 7 and 8, students in grades 10 through 12 auditioned for High School All-Region. Lynda Taylor, sophomore, Richard Getso, sophomore, and James Talton, junior, were the outstanding students chosen for All- Ftegion on January 21 and 22. Steve Weger and Bryan Tomes also gained recognition for Jr. High All- Ftegion. On February 5, solo and ensemble took place in Van, Texas. Students who participated played a solo or an ensemble for a judge and were graded on a score of 1 to 5, 1 being superior. After the recuperation from marching season, the Big Blue divided into three separate bands, the Honors band, Symphonic band, and Concert band. On March 3, each band performed a pre- UIL Concert to prepare members for the UIL Sight Fleading and Concert Contest on March 9 and 10. The bands played three pieces of music and were asked to play a piece of music never played or seen before. "ln order for a band to be great, at some point 44 Band there has to occur a concentration of mind spirit," states Mr. Kline. In April, the Bi Blue traveled to Q Houston to perform at the music festival which enabled them to gain recognition all over the state of Texas. On Tuesday, May 10, the bands performed their final concert of the year. At the end of the year, the band reviewed the year by playing at graduation. "The band was the best in the history of North Mesquite, ever!" summed up Mr. Davis. Ready Set Go - Edward Abarquez gets ready for the Percussion feature. Deck the hall- Spirited band members decorate the band hall for Parade of Champions. Horn O' plenty - The trumpets fill the air with excitement at the opening of "Fire Dance." The Lone Arranger - An appropriate title as Mr. Kline lines up with junior, Karla Perry, during a band-drill rehearsal. The Cymbol Life - Ricky Fitzgerald keeps the beat as the band marches to "Brazilian Fire," the percussion feature. 53' Qu! '9' Get on the big band wagon - A rare scene as the band gathers around Mr. Kline as he gives "directions" Pick up the tempo - The Flag Corps shows spirit at a pep rally as they clap to the fight song. Jazz it up -- Mr. Davis, the stage band director, performs at the Christmas concert with Unity at Town East Mall. Band 45 Designs of The Times Put 144, 12x12 inch colorful card board cards together and what does it add up to? If you attended one of the home football games the answer is apparent - a colorful design performed by the Blue Brigade. The Blue Brigade is composed of approximately 145 J.V. Drill students, freshman and J.V. cheerleaders, and other interested students. The Brigade consists of two short practices per week to prepare them for the game. These practices enable them to perfect the designs for the upcoming game. These designs welcomed the home crowd as well as the visiting 46 Blue Brigade crowd. They also performed a salute to the Big Blue, the Pacesetters, and a message to the football team. "The card section is beneficial to a school because it enables more people to participate in an organizational showing of spirit, it also provides a cheering section for the cheerleaders," replied Mrs. Muhl. Some of the formations consisted of a 'B-B' for the Big Blue, a 'Smiling Face', a 'Pacesetter boot', a 'Field Goal Post', and a 'traffic light' that said "GO," were just a few. "lt's a fun and interesting way to show school spirit," comments Janet Bryant, sophomore. Blue Brigade officers - Jana Kennedy, president, Mrs. Muhl sponsor, and Tom Lawson, vice-president. Blue Brigade Memben - iFlow 13 Jana Kennedy, Darla Stark. Dee Dee Deets', DeLynne Lucus', Prlscllla Martin, Nanny Stutta', Tammy watklns', Barrett Haberer', Klm Cowam, Jana Odom, Melissa Scott, Kathy Henderson, Shelley Bannister, Dena Farn- sworth. iFlow 23 Missy Logan, 'Chelle Mauldln, Dhrlstl Han+, Cindy FlaItt+, Llsa Plunk, Paige RIch+, Kelly VanLehn, Klm Russell, Stephanie Davis, Dottie Forman, Phyllis MIller+, Krlstl Malone, Mary Darnell, Lella Ghalur. iRow 3l Ftobbln Hoaek, Karen Smith, Janeen Doollm, Krls Pyle+. Kristy Summer+, Renee Hobbaw, Amy Parker. Stephanie Wade, Stacy Zimmerman, Cheri Clutter, Stephanie Powers, Missy Morrlso, DeAnn HolIoway+, Cheryl Houser, lRow 45 Path Beth, Pam Watkins, Klm Little-v, Debbie Parker+, Angela Schnurr+, Melody Ftackley, Christi Hlll, Raquel Allen, Suzla Merryman, Sandy Walker, Leah Patterson, Michelle Kirkpatrick, Cathy Morgan, Melany Guy+. tRow Sl Carolyn Reed, Kerri Hallman, Tammy Oakley, Karen Kovar, Tracey Way', Kryala ThreIkeId+, Eryn McSpadden, Janet Bryant, Lisa Carr, Kimberly Davis, Renee Jezlerski, Pam Lewis, Carla Chapman, Donna Arm- strong, lFlo'w 6l Debra Decker, Angella Denny+, Klm Cason, Missy Skaggs, Beth WrIght+, Susie Harmon, Kristen Crockett, Sherry Bluev, Klm OlIver+, Cindy Walker, Michelle McLeaster, Kelly Bur- lleld, Michaela HaIl+, Beth Hartsfield. tFtow 7l Clalre Elsey, Trloe Wllbanks. Tracy Flatlltl, Shannon Turner, Danah Anthony, Pennl TankersIey+. Karen Lynch+, Misty MartIn+, Denlse Heath, Sue Skelton, Angl Stegall, Tracey Greer, Lynnette Conely, Sheri Thompsom-. lRow BJ Janice Kearney, Tammy Taber', Prlssy HaIbert', Rhonda Hartman', Cynthia Goode', Jenny Leggett, Aprll McLemore, Andrea Harris, Vlckl Briggs, Heldl Alexander, Jamie Shipman, Leslie Langford, Klm Varner and Ms. Linda Muhl, YHBVIDSUUCIOF. +Row Captains Picture this -- The Blue Brigade forms a number one at the MesquitelNorth Mesquite game. All together now - Blue Brigade members point the way to victory. ltr A .-1 fx Pl.. lid I , X , . s rs P' a Spirit is Willing - Blue Brigade mbers prepare for another hand ltine at the Lakeview-North squite game. A skill a minute - Priscilla Martin, Blue Brigade member, prepares for a different routine. Blue Brigade 47 ' w . ff L 6- " 13 3 fy' fvfwfi fffxw' W qi' e Lf, g,,+J?g W 'fini Y S . ,m' fr , . -K. lun.-mn. Y Vi 'fr' f f'z'1Hm W W 3 'i Y" + 'F Shi if - 3 -.. 2 ',5,,, L, mT ,Y 1 -IN ga . iw L Y V. ,, ,nf 19 , junior C As the tardy bell rang, forty-seven freshman girls settled down and prepared to warm up. These girls worked hard to live up to the reputation NM has for its excellent music department. Being a member of concert choir was no easy task, as they completed an apprenticeship to the older, more experienced choirs such as Chorale. Kim Russell stated, "Being in choir as a freshman has helped me a whole lot because it prepares me for the bigger choirs and gives me experience to learn something new everyday." Another partner in the apprenticeship were the thirty-seven freshmen, sophomores, and juniors that made up the a capella choir. The two choirs performed three concerts during the year: the Fall Concert, the Christmas I'O0I1E1'S Concert, and the Spring Concert, and entered two contests: UIL Solo and Ensemble, and UIL Concert and Sightreading. The choirs fared well at Solo and Ensemble with seventeen entries from concert choir, and eighteen entries from a capella choir. Sixteen of the thirty-five entries earned superior or excellent ratings. Mr. Council recognized the talent in his junior crooners. He commented, "Concert choir has good sound this year. They have worked hard. A capella is capable of doing some difficult music. They are one of the best a capella choirs around." Sound Waves. Floger Cave, Randy Laxon, Tommy Malin, Will Hall, Kelly Smith, Becky Watkins, Tammy Malson, Cindy Walker, Jodella King, and Mindy Ftenner create beautiful music. 83 a capella choir Flow 1 Helen Janeka Threlkeld Miriam Castile Stephanie Wade rega, gharles lgaydnewliilogcer Carve, Ray 'K1a1nps, Ngw mugic lg fha gaps, Cindy McSpadden Robin Hoseck Tammy West Deanna Hlpp Troy Jordan Tommy Malin Will Kelly mith, in y a er, ammy ason, - - g Kuykendall Brad Merrit Kirk Sipes Hall Donald Coit Mindy Flenner Ginny Dunne Stacey Zimmerman. Walker feheafses new musm durmg a choir rehearsal. Choir 49 1982 Chorale officers: John McDaniel, Todd Thompson, Mike Carter Larry Mead Lisa Hefner Tracy Hookings Robin Shugart Diane Wagner Missy Burgess Mimi H Laura Tracy Mckenzie. A lunch time stroll in the area of the choir room revealed some of the exceptional talent posessed by the fifty-three members of Chorale. Knowledge of this talented group reached far beyond the walls of North Mesquite. The chorales of Mesquite and North Mesquite combined to perform in the invitational concert at the annual TMEA convention in San Antonio. The pieces performed were taken from their yearly Christmas concert at St. Stephen's United Methodist Church. "Music is the universal language and we proved it with this concert. When we start singing, the rivalry disappears. We all - have one purpose - to entertain," said senior Cathy Henry. Choir director Tom Council has a great amount of respect for his students. "The kids in Chorale are a mature group of young people. They have worked hard and accomplished much," Mr. Council said. Chorale president Larry Mead said, "Mr. Council tries to do everything he can to My musiclmy self. Senior Mike Carter expresses himself with his music. 50 Chorale make sure we enjoy choir. He doesn't force music on us. If we really don't want to do a piece of music he doesn't make us do it. So far this has been a better year for me than last year. We're all real close, and musically l think we're better." Junior Todd Thompson felt that part of the closeness was a result of Mr. CounciI's influence. "Mr. Council is good about pulling us all together. There are a lot of different types of people in Chorale, but the personal problems and fights can be put aside while we rehearse," Todd commented. As usual, Unity reached it's mark of excellence. Unity mem ber Scott Magee said, "Unity is fun because it's so different from any other music group in the school. No one has to push us to work hard. We do it ourselves because we have to set an example for the rest of the choral department." That's a role that shows on stage as Chorale and Unity strive for the perfection expected of them. Hendrix High calibre music. Tracy Hookings, Lisa Hefner, Rhonda Taylor, Karla Perry, Juli Manghar Neely Boyd, and Sheila Allan blei their voices to sing Alma Mater a the Homecoming pep rally. L 1982-83 Chorale: Sheila Allen, Can- dy Allison, Julie Bankaert, Neely Boyd, Missy Burgess, David Burkhart, Bryan Calmes, Mike Carter, Sharon Carter, KJ Cave, Gary Colwill, Steve Colwill, Chris Coursey, Jennifer Cowan, Michelle Davidson, Robert Doleshal, Gena Goff, Michelle Hartin, Lisa Hefner, Mimi Hendrix, Cathy Henry, Tracy Hookings, Regina Hopkins, John Hunstable, Paul Janeka, Laura Kauf- fman, Steve Kauitzsch, Jo Anna Kirkland, Steve Lancaster, Scott Loudder, Scott Magee, Juli Mangahm, John McDaniel, Shawna McGuffey, Tracy McKenzie, Larry Mead, Lisa Moore, Cheryl Morris, i I Q l l n E f I i L I T ll 4 1 l l i H I Mark Mullino, Bonnie Perkins, K Perry, Leah Posey, Paul Proven Anthony Rizzotto, Russell F tenberry, Dona Shaw, Ro Shugart, Karen Stachowiak, Rho Taylor, Todd Thompson, D: Tolbert, Cathy Tucker, Di. Wagner 10114 WM' uncil meeting. Mr. Council ects Sheila Allan and JoAnna kland in the Alma Mater at the mecoming pep rally. Santa'e helpers? Unity gals Dona Shaw, Tracy Hookings, Ftobin Shugart, Mimi Hendrix, Cathy Henry, Diane Wagner and Laura Kauffman help Santa Claus take Christmas requests from hopeful children. Quintet notes. Robin Shugart, Cathy Tucker, Russel Flottenberry, Cathy Henry, and Diane Wagner sing their hearts out at the Unity concert at Town East Mall. if i 1982-83 Unity members, front row: Cathy Tucker, Dona Shaw, Mimi Hendrix, Diane Wagner, Robin Shugart. Middle row: Scott Magee, Steve Colwill, Russel Flotenberry, Laura Kauffman, John Hunstable, Cathy Henry, Larry Mead. Back row Steve Lancaster, Chad Lovell, Chris Coursey, Bonnie Perkins, Anthony Rizzotto, Gena Goff, John McDaniel Making music for the people. With Dottie Spalding and Fluth Moore looking on, Gena Goff and Dana Blair accompany Unity at the Unity!Jazz Band concert. Unity 51 A smile a day. Jeff Boulware and Tracey Hookings pose proudly during Brigadoon. Thespians. Mrs. Clark, Paulette Thomasson, Sandy McCrummen, Debbie Morrow Chris Herra e Lori , Q i Johnson, Jeff Boulware, Kelly Smith, Tracey Hookings, Laura Swank, Melissa Dean, David Kear, Amy Chambers, Gloria Pena, Paul Gandy, Danny Bradly, Victoria Payne, Lisa Stiles, Ginny Martin, Brent Ganze, Jamie Huthinson, Gilbert Olson, Shelly Ellis. Acting U The next dramatic challenge was the selection for UIL competition. Drama students once again started one month of rehearsals for the competition. The UIL is a competition with strict rules that apply to time, sets, and choice of plays. The play performed was titled "infancy" by Thorton Wilder "infancy" is a play dealing with how babies act like grown ups and grown ups act like babies. The characters were officer Avonzino fKris Cumnuckl, 52 Drama P Tommy fChris Herragei, Mrs. Baker iKristene McAdaJ, Miss Millie fSandy McCrummenl, and Moe iMike Davist. Many awards were given after the performance. Mike Davis won best actor, and he says "I truly enjoyed this experience. This was a fine group of people. l'm honored." Other award winners included Chris Herrage and Sandy McCrummen chosen for the all star cast. Jazz it up. Debbie Morrow dancing in "lnfancy." 'f Fish talk. Chris Herrage and Scc Lawson in "Junie Moon." v I .5445 Cross swords. Kelly Smith portrays Harry in Brigadoon. Good ship Iollypop. Gena Goff and Tracey Hookings battle over a lollypop in "lnfancy." Not bad. Kirk Luttrell and Todd Boatwright act out a scene in "Junie MOOD." Drama 53 Acting It was the evening of November 18 and after six weeks of rehearsals and eight weeks of set building by the thirty cast and crew members, the first performance of Tell Me That You Love Me Junie Moon was about to begin and the nervousness was building back stage. The plot of the play is about three people with handicaps, who learn to accept each other's faults and end up living together to avoid being lonely. The five main characters were Junie Moon tLori Johnsonl, Arthur tJeff Boulwaret, Warren tKelly Smithy, Mario fChris 54 Drama at Herragej, and Minnie tLana Browningj. Mrs. Clark, drama instructor, felt that the play turned out well, but that it was challenging. "Junie Moon was a very different play. It was more serious, and had more complex characters than are usually done. As a result, the audience tespecially the student matineej had trouble accepting this play. I look for material that is new and challenging for my students." The drama departments next production, Brigadoon, was performed on February 17 and 18. The play had sixty cast and crew members. The story is about two Americans who visited Scotland and stumbled on a make-believe village. An American tplayed by Jeff Boulwarej fell in love with a girl fplayed by Tracy Hookingst from Brigadoon, he ended up staying in the imaginary town to be with her. The main characters were Tommy fJeff Boulwaret, Fiona tTracy Hookingsj, Jeff tTodd Boatwrightj, Meg tGena Goffj, Charlie tMark Mullinoj, Jean tBonnie Perkinsj, and Harry tKelly Smitht. d men do wear plaid. Amy istrong, Lori Gregory, Laurie nson, Cecelia Hookings, Chris ircy, Shelia Lucas, Lea Posey, ibie Fienner. Tracy Way.S1eve Gel in line. Debbie Morrow, Bonnie caster, Laura Kauffman, and Arif Perkins, Deann Holloway, Donna er mourn Over Harry fK9llY Persons, and Tammy Tabor perform thy. in Brigadoon. 1-Wfn iying respects. Paul Janecka, iris Coursey, Keith Kuykendal, Afif ffer, Scott Jawson mourn over irry lplayed by Kelly Smithi in igadoon. The sitting edge. Jeff Boulware and Tracey Hookings sit Nursing around. Amy Chambers, Mike Davis and Laura Swank, consult about Lana Browning in "Junie Moon." Raising cane. Melissa Dean and Todd Boatwright comfort each other during "Junie Moon." Drama 55 ' X W. g I 4: :E 'fx ix.,,,l XX if ,, ' f 963 X: A o unlimin5d br2u.i'!c ha iso, ' fe A --' Jim Kmgmunnk A , , V -44 ,t T of "Blair,Cj1arIes Mayne,St r xt! x 4 Newsome, Johfi Hart, a old Mx " 1 f A hgmbersshow howifsdone- , M Vx unng orchestra. . L , ake an overture to go. Paul unter moves in on a fellow cellist at orchestra rehearsal. Concerts, Contests, and Calluses Concerts, contests, and calluses are all a part of being a mem ber of an orchestra. In the course of one school year, a member of the NM orchestra will have participated in six concerts, entered five contests, and suffered with innumerable callused fingertips. The symphony orchestra competed in the TM EA honor orchestra contest where it placed fourth in the full orchestra division and second in the string orchestra division. Members of the group also auditioned for chairs in the all region and all-state orchestras. NM was well represented by orchestra students at UIL solo and ensemble contest with sixty-three entriesg thirty-one of which received superior ratings while thirty- two received excellent ratings. Both the symphony and intermediate groups performed concerts throughout the school year. Director Weldon Minnick stated, "l am blessed with some of the best strings in the state." Donna Person added, "We are certainly among the best orchestras in Texas. Handel with care. Cheryl Kirkpatrick handles the keys with ease as she plays for an orchestra rehearsal. Minnick at work. Director Weldon Minnick checks out the tone quality of the orchestra. Orchestra 57 Sound Chamber Amidst the clattering of chairs and scraping of - stands, nine people could be seen eagerly arranging the stage for the concert later on that evening. The stage crew orchestra and generally kept everything rolling. The most important and demanding job of all is the president. Cheryl Kirkpatrick filled this role well. She was in charge had to arrive at every concert of the officers as a whole and a hour and a half before the concert was scheduled to begin. The chairs had to be set, the lights had to be focused, and the stage finely tuned. The stage crew made up a very important part of the North Mesquite Symphony Orchestra. Planning ahead, last minute phone calls, and Winchell's Donut House meetings were all a part of the 1982-83 NMSO officers. The librarians, Danny Macey and Becky Murdock copied music for the orchestra and filed music whenever necessary. The treasurer, Rusty Lloyd, kept up with the money and bank accounts, a very demanding job. Ruth Moore, secretary, collected all information of each meeting and wrote down suggestions that were discussed during meetings. The public relations job dealt with advertisement and social interest forthe orchestra. This job was carried out by Donna Person and Debbie Burchfield. The role of vice president was filled by Dana McKeithan. She took roll during kept the orchestra in line especially in the absence of Mr. Minnick. "As president of NMSO the acknowledgement has been superb. This years music has been quite a challenge, we have played music in which any other High School wouldn't try to achieve," commented Cheryl. Every fiddle bit counts - Mr. Minnick warms up before the Christmas concert at Town East Mall. Stringing Along - Tammy Tal makes the strings hum at an orchestra rehearsal. 1st Violins - Leann Chapman, Ronda Cuff, Tony Pacho, Sandra Parchem, Adrienne Rogers, 'Troy McQueen, Howard Sauceman, Paul Bryan King, Teresa Lester, ' Kim Morris, Dana Rita Shelton, Sheila Wood. Violas - Stephanie Snodgrass, Jeff Stover. Basses - Bobby Booth, Pruitt, Ted Tutor, Laura Whisman. 2nd Violins - Davis, Clarissa Friddle, Ronnie Glover, 'Debbie 'Craig Smethie. Flutes - Connie Knox, Cathy Tracey Cornve. Melody Johnson. Cheryl Mcllroy, Watkins. Callos - 'Melissa Clark, Isaac Deltoro, McGee, Carolyn Johnson, Clarinets - Debbie 'All-region Orchestra Burchlleld, MonCharIes Tipsy. Besson - Jen Gamble. Trumpets - Dlana Llnker, Steve Wleger. French Horns - Donna Person, Kath Norfleet, Brad Merritt. Trombone: - Dottie Spalding. Bllly Vaughn. 3 3 - 3 . ', M 9 I' ju- Y V 0 , , - ' lf 1 3 - ' ' if 1 if - - ' Q-, 5 ,MM 5 ,Q ' ' . H H 1' "' ' A ff QQ, L f ' , f flf .,wQ Y e fag I - . 1' 'A 1' AX Q X , A 1 J I' s A ' . .9 N Y Qi 'J' 1 ' K i , J .N ' 4' X .X X ' hx I I - I A . 3 '. , 1 . .im ' 1 3 XX . + YR-,ix , D ' , . X If L 5 , .Q ' ' 2 ' Q -- 9' N ' ' " fe: ,.. 'gk .L V J T'-'YQ Ss.. r?W'a'1Iw:' '-M A' 1 ,Q ,ts,if,M B 'X-,Ti f A 1, 'A -' ' 1' F .5 w- .. I, , V I Q, K, 'G , I, f 'Q-. kg' , ', ..j,,.'X' sqm -" ' ', 1 'F , 4,- IA.. od? ' s if I Q fr A 1. y, . ,A M x X I , I . , , A , X f s r. ' ,f - Rf' gn P 4 0 yi W fr W ,X JV, .., , X X' X 'lg X x fx! ff . I , 5 1 1 ,- .. , 3 .,.-- - A f , , ,w , I , v 1 we al!! Q Color my world. Carrying the symbols ol our patriotism, the Color Guard stands proudly before the football game begins, The Zero Period Cadets are: Frank Eric Stovall 191, Stacey Green 1101, Cason, 1121, Monette Kovar 1101, James Echols 1101, Scott Adams Kim Cason 191, Darren Cranford, 1121, Joseph Ewton1121. The First Period Cadets are: David 1111, Greg Johnson 191, Mike Van Sheick 1121, Stacy Zimmerman Schmidt 191, Jeff Thorp 1101, and 1101, Lynn Olson 1121, Greg Stehn Clint Harris1101. The Second Period Cadets are: Mitch Laymen 1101, William Lowden 1121, Rhonda Coker 1101, Becky Bradford 191 Andrew Brown 9 191, Mike Green 191, Lance Key 191, David Myer 191, Glenn Farley 191, Frank Kassela 191, Joe Cosby 191, , 1 1, Randy Laxson 191, Beverly White Tammy Boswell 191, Scott Sorrell 191, 1101, Gary Dillingham 191, Sammy Dayla Long 1101, David Gustof1101, , ' ' , Darrel Yarbrough 191, Dale Wilkins Carter 191 David Austin 191 5 11 i I i u The Third Period Cadets are: Rowland191, Brent Ferguson191, Richard Cross1121,Jonathan BiIl191, Bennett 1101, Greg Napier Marcy Wojtkowic 191, Eric Stovall Michael Stroney 1111, Eric C 1101, Thomas Kirchmeyer 191, Larry 1101, James Ward1111. 60 ROTC I crazy after all these years. Lt. Spann and his wife dance the it away at the Military Ball. 1 Filth Period Cadets are: Tabby 'dner 191, Paul McColgan 1111, 1 Ezelle1101, Tammy Wilkins 1111, i Davis 1101, Jeremiah Madkins Craig Allen1101, Curtis Green 191, John Carroll 1101, Danny Barrett 191, Larry Kaulaity, Darren Smith 1101, Bobby Dallmann, Raymond Koger 191, Carl Flores 191, David Mikesell 1121. bout Face With the ROTC numbering eighty-three, it is one of the larger organizations here at North Mesquite. SFC Doyle Couch and Lt. Col. James Spann directed the cadets to perfection throughout the school year. The Orienteering Team came in at first place in the Ninth Annual Southeastern Orienteering Meet at Monroe, Louisiana. The Physical Training Team came in at second place in the 1982 State Fair of Texas Physical Fitness Competition. 1cont.1 Puppy love. Dale Wilkins and Sandra Burkheimer enjoy the meal at the Military Ball. The Sixth Period Cadets are: Michell Handeland 191, Howard Sauceman 1121, Sonya Reese 1111, Sandra Burkheimer 191, Frank Hogan 191, Frankey Abbott 191, Dar- ren Cranford 1111, Renaie Sawyer 1111, Donald Cott 191, Sherry Patton 1101, Jill Nicholson 191, Alfred Aleman 1101, Michael Reyes 191, Scott Wo- jtkowiak 191, Christopher Jackson 191, and John Clevenger 191. ROTC 61 SAW-X .1 'Wu .4 5 Q45 x, 1V 4 K N 'NAL' VIN.: -g Ex The ROTC officers are Howard Sauceman Lynn Olson Scott Adams, Frank Cason Richard Cross David Vanshaick Rodger McCoIgan James Ward and Billy Lowden The 1983 ROTC queen is Monette Kovar, who was elected by the entire ROTC Battalion si TIONA 4, nh ng , ,i.-1 i r r l l Spann, Cason. Koger, Stacey Green, Lance Key, Scott Sorrell, lthird rowl Danny Barrett, Kim Cason, John Car- roll, Andrew Brown, Mike Green, Scott Wo- jtkowiak, David Myer, Scott Jackson, Joe Cozby, James Echols, Marcy Wojiowiak, Michael Sim- mons, Thomas Kirchmeyer, Jefl Davis, Randy Laxson, Darren Varbrough, llourth rowl Andy Bill, Michelle Handeland, Carl Flores, Edward Schmidt, Larry Kaulaity, Frank Kassela, Clinton Harris, Craig Allen, Jerimiah Madkins, Eric Stovall, Rhonda Coker, Mike Stroney, Glenn Farley, illfth rowl Dale Wilkins, Sammy Carter, David Gustol, David Mikesell, Ted Bennett, Sonya Reese, Donald Cott, Sean Hobbs, Curtis Green, Robert Dallman, Gary Dillingham, Stacy Zimmerman, Tammy Wilkins, Mitch Laman, Erik O'NeaI, isixth rowl Tammy Ewton, Monette Kovar, Jill Nicholson, Renaie Sawyer, Darren Smith, Tabitha Gardner, Darren Crawford, Michael Reyes, Greg Stehn, Greg Napier, Brent Ferguson, Sandra Burkheimer, and Sherry Patton. ROTC 63 Double Shift Designing and building houses, fixing a bent fender, or repairing televisions sounds more like a vocational career college than a high school class. However each year students in North Mesquite's vocational classes learn these and other trades and skills while still in school, more or less pulling a double shift. The classes range from PELE, designed to teach students technical instruction and practical experience in a child care center, to Auto Paint and Body, where students not only learn basic terminology and skills required in that indus- VICA try. Students not only learn basic terminology and skills but also have lab time where they get to use the skills that they have learned in a real situation. To get credit for these classes the students must accumulate over a hundred hours of class time plus some must also work at a job dealing with what they are studying. Most of these classes are spread out over two years, and at the end of the second year the students are able to get a job in their field or continue their education in college with classes in the same area. VOCT VICA is designed to train students for careers in the various industrial and industry-related occupations by combining approved work experiences with related classroom studies. This program is able to operate due to a cooperative relationship between employers of the community and the public schools. VICA participates in Skill Contests throughout the year competing against other area high schools. VOCT is made up of all the members of the CVAE Cooperation. These students participate in a dual education program where they learn a saleable vocational skill while also acquiring basic knowledge in the fields of math, science, English and social studies. This dual approach enables students enrolled, to reach maximum personal development including employment potential, within their ability in the shortest possible time. Mr. WiIuon'a DE mlmborl are: Row 1: Mindy Moore, Lisa Carlton, Dana Jones, Maleah Shero. Susan Gibson, and Ftobln Reynolds. How 2: Carle Hanson, Stephanie Power. Shelley Gerdes, S d M C J W h I d R an ra c rummen, eenne estp a,an ay Wilson, Sponsor. Ftow 33 James Shillet, Jeffrey Rodeo Round-up. Kathy Wade, Mike McGee, Linda Lankford, and Brett Beavers decide on what event to see next. 64 DE,FFA Harris, Joan Johnson, Vonda Krueger, Theresa Holmes, John Cochran, and Michael Sheets. Row 43 Scott Pinckard, James Molencutf, Steven Mills, Rex Curry, Scott Adams, Scott Titzer, and Barry Pennington. And the winner is . . . Stephanie Pierce, Mr. Allen and Susan Leathers congratulate Kim Eckols who won first place in the area DECA competition in March. DE FFA DE or distributive education is a program that enables the student to learn and study the job duties and positions in a retail selling occupation. This is accomplished by instruction, role playing, and simulated activities in a classroom laboratory setting with actual store fixtures and equipment. FFA provides a basic agricultural knowledge through classroom instruction and work experience. It provides a high school vocational agricultural student with th preparation needed to entt the field of AgriBusiness in an off-farm agricultural occupation. Students usua work in jobs ranging from seed sales and service to a veterinarian assistant. 5512115135 Sanders, and Todd Hall. Row 3, Lisa Alexander, Paulette Thomason, Dana Martin, Steve Winilord, Kelly Smith, David Brown, and Steve McCollum. VOCT members arc: Row 1: Nancy Terry. Jessica Gentry. Stacy Stephenson, and Jerry Harmon. Row 21 Julie Franklin, Tina Rorie, Misty Shields, Sheila Richardson, Doug Drumm, Jerry Nolan, Glorie Garza, Melissa Grenshew, and Darrell Reid. Flow 35 David Standberry, Sheryl Tureck, Kim Trittschult, Greg Melton, Steven Bulner, Gary Ferguson, James Broiles, Glen LaCoste, and Wes Wyatt, Sponsor, Row 4, David Wheeler, Tommy Gray, William Boaz, Barry FFA members are: Flow 1, Brent Ganze, Pres., Greg Lee, V,Pres.g Donna Morrison, Sec., Juanita McPahlI, Reporter, Jefl Partridge, Treas.3 and Mike McGee, Sentinal. Row 23 Kathy Wade, Craig Fleming, Jerry Wood, Wes Elder. Tod Chance, Kim Fleming, and Chris Lobban. Row 3, Steven Fudge, Ronnie Essman, Glenn Gurecky, John McDaniels, and Charles Potter. Row 4, Karl Wilson, John Willis, Chuck Kinney, Brett Beavers, Scott Schepers, and Glenn Frazier, Sponsor. VICA members are: Row 1, Sam Farrell, Tommy Medlin, Christine Kendall, Stephanie Alsup, Lori Johnson, David Vanschaick, Glenn Floepke, and Paul Watkins. Flow 2, Tony Cox, Scott Thompson, Jerry Lancaster, John Banno, Damon Arthur, Gerald Morgan, James Easthom, and David Terry. Flow 3, Blake Combs, Jeff Miller, Mark Miller, Paul Dilodovico, Jeff Barker, Lance Smith, Gary Sapp, Steve Piland, and Greg Melvin. Flow 45 John Avon, Paul Janicek, Michael Bullock, Clellan Foster, James Roden, Daniel Settle, Anthony Fox, Mike Biggs, and Norman McLaren, Sponsor. Moore, Stanley Johnson, Paul Adley, Lecy Killian, Bryan Hanes, Mlke Cole, and James Harrls. VICA VOCT 65 Double Shift Drafting Drafting Trades is a two year course that prepares students for an advantageous entry into employment. The course includes technical instruction important to the fields of mechanical, structural, topographical, architectural, illustration, and general drafting. Students taking drafting must be 16 or older and either a junior or senior. Each student must also take two consecutive semesters to receive credit. Auto Mechanics Auto Mechanics is designed to provide classroom instruction on the basic problems of the modern car. Shop instruction includes instruction in safety and familiarization with common car repair tools. Experience is gained through diagnosis and repair of the modern car. Students become experienced in using diagnostic equipment, advanced automobile repair work and general shop management. Handcrafted Excitement. Loren Carlson pounds the dents out of the side of a car panel. Building for the future. Todd Nichols and Marty Crawford put the finishing touches on the ceiling of the house being constructed by the Building Trades class. 66 Organizations Building Trades Building Trades is a two year program designed to include skills and technical knowledge necessary for employment in the building trades industry. The student learns by means of both group and individual instruction as well as participating in the construction of a residential building. The students are encouraged to become members of VICA and compete in district and state wide competition. Auto Paint! Body Auto Paint and Body develops the basic skills required in the industry through lectures and in the shop training. Areas involved include tools and tool usage, basic sheet metal repair, painting and minor panel replacement. In addition skills are added in the areas of estimating, frame strengthening, major panel replacement and financial matters concerning the auto paint and body industry. Metal Trades Metal Trades is a pre- employment lab course in welding and machine operations. Classes meet for three hours of instruction per day. Students perform basic skills involved in welding and sheet metal operations. In machine operations students learn to use many machines including presses and lathes. Heat treatment of metal is also included as a part of the two year course. Radio I TV Repair Radio and TV Repair is a two year course that is designed to provide students with a basic knowledge of radio and TV repair. ln the second year the students receive training in repairing color TV's, record players, tape decks, stereo equipment, and CB's. Many of the students will pursue studies in this field after high school. Others will seek employment in the field of electronics. iv- WJ W , we ' wx 9. 4, D6 " : km . M Aft 5 sv! .ef Q I fuQ xx fir. K 5 8 Q 5. IL XQ 5 .fe-'sa A U 'i . lffiifx -' ft m ,-.- - 11 ,: T - 2:1 Q 2 7 L Nl . , ,5 . . f. jig' I . 9 X W bf ff A Double Shift PELE PELE is designed to provide technical instruction and practical experience for students preparing to enter employment as a Child Care aide or in other related occupations. Instruction takes place in the student's own class and in a lab situation away from the high school campus. Generally the lab phase includes experiences in a day care center or in a public or private school kindergarten. VOE VOE is designed to give students interested in gaining an office related position, experience in that field. The students who have a specific area that they would like to specialize in, must either have completed or be currently enrolled in the business course related to that occupation or interest. Students gain credit for the course by accumulating hours in class as well as on the job. HECE HECE provides the job training and work experience for students preparing to enter the job market in a homemaking related area. Class period time explores the subject of how to get a job and how to keep it. Individual study is performed by each student in the occupation directly related to their future employment. Group instruction includes career objectives and methods to obtain them. Longer Lasting Lashes. Karen Cooper applies the finishing touches to Robin Rich and her eye lashes. The vital signs are . . . Teri Elliott, Nicole Posing, and Miriam Ghafur discuss with Mrs. Young the different categories in the District HOCT competition. 68 Organizations Cosmetology Cosmetology provides students with the knowledge of technical information and skill needed to become a licensed beautician. Cosmetology provides personal beauty service to customers in hair styling, bleaching, tinting, permanent waving, scalp and hair conditioning, hair cutting, facials and manicures. The students participating must be 16 or older and either a junior or HOCT HOCT offers high school students the opportunity to learn about the many health service careers available to them. Emphasis is placed upon personal adjustment of health and their relationship to a satisfying and productive life. Students are provided with instruction aimed at developing a basic medical knowledge and vocabulary applicable to the health field they choose to enter. senior. cf-xx if M, i HECE members are: Row 1, Cheryl Taylor, sponsor, Jody Coker, Carol Kufner, Kim Kuptz, Stacye Boler, Belinda Hernandez, Devy Winniford, Serena Ruff, and Rhonda Rowan. Row 25 Darla Shelton, Gerri Peters, Christi Sipe, Jennifer Martin, Julie Walker, Christie McAfee, Staci Henderson, and Laura Stone, Row 33 Holly Lee, J. C. Foster, Susan Hogan, Ruth Lee, Barry Oliver, James Grigar, Delynda Powell, PELE members are: Row 1, Lisa Bailey, Rhonda Skaggs, Robin Grant, and Gina Bailey. Row 23 Shari Smith, Lori Sawyer, Laura Beau- mont, Brenda Lowery, and Lori Porter. Row 33 Mrs. Marshall, spon- sor, Danica Dial, Becky Doss, Susan Klutts, and Teresa Jackson. HOCT members are: Row 13 Karen Easley, Betty Baber, Cindy Morton, Gwen Hanson, Teresa Rios, and Vickie Maples. Row 23 Brenda Young, sponsor, June Randall, Lori Raymond, Marcia Telker, and Jeanette Scott. Row 35 Crystal Or- ren, Farella Carey, Samantha Totherow, Sheila Allen, Deborah Croxton, and Debra Donaldson. Row 43 Lynette Lamb, Michele Hopkins, Laurie Owens, and Cathy Settle. Not Shown, Kelly Johnston, Miriam Ghafur, Teri Elliot, Julie Hicks, Adina Jacobs, DeShannon Lawrence, Nicole Posing, and Priscilla Rhett. VOE members are: Row 13 Anita Patterson, Sherri Mercer, Jana Allen, Belinda Lyons, Lisa Johnson, Deanne Cain, and Janet Williams. Row 25 Jorge Perez, Sondra Jackson, Laurie Van Lehn, Cindy Brooks, Gayle Wolf, Alisa Cooper, and Donna Hayes. Row 3, Robbie Lock, sponsor, Kim Rattan, Lorie Killian, Perri Boyer, Delaina White, Tammy Kraps, Christi Hitt, and Kay Edwards. Row 43 Tiffany Seabolt, Shari Wilson, Johnna Tigert, Deanna Crim, Stephanie Shurtleff, Sheri Harrelson, Donna Mikuda and Renee Peterson. Natalie Pinson, and Julio Marcos. Row 45 Cindy Davis, Mark Rector, Chris Cooper, Danny Kovar, Brent Gent, Lowell Passons, Terry Har- mon, Phil Bennett, and Lori Felton. Organizations 69 ,af- ,A mum '34 it-x , A.1 . it ,,t,,,gy. - ,WW- ' -'iz-t , 1 ,Still-jxjns aim' wx 1 ft K liiiei l tfirraiffrri cf Becky Stuard Looking out on the football field after a touchdown spectators see a group of crazy guys pulling a large blue and white stallion around the end zone in a trailer lt has been a tradition of the Stallion Battalion for thirteen years Another tradition which the Stallion Battalion takes pride in is choosing its sweetheart each year. Becky Stuard took on the job this year and all the guys think she's great. "She has so much school spirit, and she really cares," commented senior battalion member Kevin Perkins. Becky Stuard does care about schoolg that's obvious when you look at what she has been involved in. Becky has been active for three years on the student council and served as secretary her junior year. The National Honor Society, youth advisory council, and Distributive Education are also important organizations in which Becky participates. The ambitious senior is also the Editorial Editor for the Pony Express. Journalism is what interests Becky most and she hopes to pursue it in college at the University of Texas at Austin. Becky's journalism skills have won her many awards, and she hopes to go on to work for a college newspaper and later study for Broadcasting journalism. My main goal is to become a successful news commentator. lt is not hard to see why the highly qualified sweetheart was a unanimous choice of the Stallion Battalion because Becky really puts her heart into everything she does. 72 Seniors l Dr ng reg: age, .etfwwfeatiwtwkl ,, 'T if X l A w.,wt it ei 1 it I 2 , ll:1f:se3a:1ii::'las?9l Jiif . r feiljrmetiirsftzl 21241, ,A fiQxixf"feel.:ii.iff1iw'ri'riifw.'tfi , "V fe 1 l' . 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Q R, JH K i mpg 3:43 if K , My 1+ 4 iv ififtzw aw 6 if ,CFZWJ I 13? fy A6 K fam , , Q, if 53 livwfigf 12:3 f Ma L ffmvW,H'1M J rkMq,qy14 5 Nr Q4 5 J I + A ,g M xyhy 1, if xi ' ,fx 1 if ,V 2 fi Q:mem''J-1,Waw"mfgfX,f:A1,1mrw-gy':Q-"eww:-ff -1' 1 A f - fy, V, W,,,.WW,,, X , . , . , , ifsylvzmwfx'xafgmaqWy-mimeQ:-av may w mfr. 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'an ffifw-'mm ,- f' ,Qxfaghifgsfvgfi , Q ' YW W ,K V 3 E513 W wazgg owf Hgfgw W J M' I ' ,view M. v , GLN' 'V " ' ai ' f K an , 4 , , , , v- " X ' iff f, Q 3hbmT2i1f , WT: 1 . ,F ' ' 'X A N Rex Curry Randal Davidson Lynda Davis Melissa Dean Bobby Deels Dan Degrool Ronald Delay Barry Denton Jorge Diaz Jeff Dillon Paul Dilodovico Damon Dobson Dee Anna Donaldson Beverly Dotson James Douglas Charles Downs Mark Draper Debbie Duggins Stacey Dunlord Kelly Dunn Andrew Dwight Slacey Earnhart Lisa Easley Chris Edwards Wendy Edwards Rhonda Elder Teri Elliol Shelly Ellis Roe England Dominic Enriquez Seniors 79 80 Seniors A ff., mx A Wggw ,.HgE,5MggifQwl,w.wM,W,kmEig.,ggKffQf,g3g Q Jw YWQJW5 f3"fq5f ,:f!g1f'3HE5 , . , M'i75WWW11fcGfif3555Q ww , 1 J is v , W N 4.f,Qfff3pfg,iQzfz. ci NAV. wx ,W Wixamj-f 1' -' -1 'Q 'xi y e. N ,n'1,m Wa' K 5533?'Za''W?Q333Y7?2ff????'Z , ,Q1 if L . 1 N, AUM my F, Mg mm wx M H ,A ,V 13,25 FW fe w , M, W iiffmgw M ,ww f Q A W uw - f' -6 MEX A wsfgff 1 AQ B Q Q 255322535 i K XX, , Q 'f "ww, M ' .2 fx ' - , fm MQW? 55 mm Hawk ,MQ ' Susan Espinoza Bobby Eubanks Brian Evans Joseph Ewton Richard Fagala Anson Farr Sam Farrell James Feemster Lori Felton Bruce Fenner Gary Ferguson Kim Fillmon Kim Finkenbinder Sammy Fischer Ricky Fitzgerald Kim Fleming Valerie Flesher Amy Fletcher Peggy Foster Tina Foster Richard Fowler Anthony Fox Tim Free David Fudge Steven Fudge John Futrell Brent Ganze John Garner Don Garrison David Garza an for All Seasons Check these out: Spanish Club, Young Life, FCA, Student Council, Soccer Team Do ... . .' 'fi n.'f -B'llhl iessme all these activities remind you of a certain fnfgglanze gfihe Sfudgnaigiancil Blood person? lf not, try this: Senior Class Drive. President. All these add up to senior Bill Kula, who believes that being involved in school activities can make the year more enjoyable. He believes upper-classmen who show pride in North Mesquite provide leadership to the under-classmen. After graduation, he plans to attend Eastfield and then maybe a Southwest Conference school, where he plans to major in politics or government. One of Bill's philosophies is: "ln everyone's life, you should strive to become a better Christian and be willing to serve others." 82 S9l'1lOl'S Gloria Garza Carrie Gatlin Ron Gentry Shelly Gerdes Miriam Ghalur Tierne Gibbons Micheal Gibson Susan Gibson James Gilbert Vance Gilley Anthony Glodsn Michael Goekler Gena Gott Kendall Goodman Richard Goodwin Todd Graham Richard Gray Brenda Green Sherri Green Robert Grego Eydie Guevara Greg Hall Susan Hamideh Tracey Hammons Debbie Harmon Johnette Harper Sheri Harrelson Jeff Harris John Hart Melinda Hartsfield Seniors 83 84 Seniors M M U ww ,fggffgggi igiiiig . 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K V. 5 eff K , f f f ny fm 1 6 ' . . f Q X 'iAAh2.4:f' ' N -X W 4 W W1'fMWWf.fL+:5F'sWZ X Q 1 E 'M W WN 'HW 5 QYMWSE ifflfiff FTM f Y L if ew? an MSKWWQ M ww ,Aw W , fifsf"'L1a:z-H1w?'1n:a',wU.s V mm- W, 1wwig3wx.11b"'vQFWM- 1511326 . v-'6'f?YQggWiYfWMx- Q N M'WMNf?4? ' N W9 1: ug 4 14 4: ,His-,ga-wf',iZQ3.M-JE. N 6 wf w-'. an Nx' wfWQ-Wwlih ' Q Q Brian Harvey Donna Hayes Lisa Hefner Stacey Henderson Kristine Hennard Cathy Henry Belinda Hernandez Chris Herrage Sandy Helzel Julie Hicks Kenny Hicks Christi Hitt Quynh Hoang Tri Hoang Terry Hodnett Susan Hogan Lisa Holcomb David Hollilield Tom Holman Theresa Holmes Noboo Hong Melani Hood Wendell Hooker Jonathan Hooper Kim Hopkins Joanna Howard Pam Hubner Keith Humphries Michael Hunter Jami Hutchinson Oh Dad can I Jeff Boulware asks to borrowthe keys in a lf someone were to ask you the question, 'Who is the most off- beat and creative guy at NM?', the name Jeff Boulware always comes up." Drama has always played an important role in Jeff's life. During 1983, he served as the vice president of the Thespian society. While at NM, he played roles in plays such as "Harvey," "Once Upon A Mattress," "The Crucible," "The House at Pooh Corner," and "Tell Me You Love Me, Junie Moon." Jeff said that during his years at North Mesquite, he tried to be someone that everyone could look up to. He does wish that he could have put more into making people believe that being authentic is "where it's at." Jeff says, "lt all revolves around the fact that anyone can be a conformist, but you've gotta work to be a non-conformistf' He also feels that one of the main problems in the school is the lack of respect for the teachers. After high school, Jeff is planning to go to college and study theater arts. He would also like to become an actor or drama teacher. Jeff Boulware will be remembered as the guy who was never afraid to say or do what he believes in. ,f performance of Junie Moon." Class Act. Jeff and Lori Johnson embrace in a scene ot "Junie Moon." Your Move. Kelly Smith studies the rules as Jeff makes a move. M l 86 Seniors Denise Ishmael Fayza Ishmael Rusty Jacks Sondra Jackson Tersa Jackson Pam James Patricia Jarvill Jill Johnson Joan Johnson Lisa Johnson Lori Johnson Rhonda Johnson Stanley Johnson Dana Jones Kevin Jones Lori Jones Bill Kapitan Susan Kath David Kear Jon Kearney Carolyn Keefner Laura Kellehan Christine Kelly Kevin Kelly Becky Kelly Lisa Kelly Christine Kendall Jana Kennedy James Kenney Kathy Kannon Seniors 87 QJKQ af Y f.. rki up 3 Ag?,A 7.47 ix Q M 6 kffg X 1' is up figs? , v , . cj, Wax: Kathy Kesler Lorie Killian Bethany Kilpatrick Kay Kilstrom Cheryl Kirkpatrick Lori Kirkpatrick Bryan Knowles Kristy Koerner Tammy Kraps Vonda Krueger Bill Kula Kim Kuptz William Kurtz Lynette Lamb Steven Lancaster Laurie Lane Lori Larsen Ramie Lay Steve Layer Joe LeBrun Gregory Lee Holly Lee David Leerson Rhonda Leggett Jett Leslie Tracy Limmer .lerrell Little Russell Lloyd Chris Lobban Eddie Lock Whose Turf. Eighteen thousand of eyes were on one young man standing in the end zone, arms reaching for the sky, football held as the tight end for the Stallion football team, Damon Dobson, began what was to be victory against the Highland Scots. Fteacting to a great season played by the Stallions, Damon said, "The football S68SOl'l the best part of the year for me, beating everyone but S.O.C. The players are friends and we all played well together." When he's not working out or playing football, Damon is active in F.H.A. and the Woods and Water Club. In the past, Damon has served as F.H.A. vice-president and has actively participated in the Spanish Club. Thinking back on his years at North Mesquite, Damon said, "I wish everyone could experience the fun l've had, and have great friends like l've had." To each his zone. Damon Dobson finds his zone against the Garland Owls. pairs high, Park WES Huddle together. Damon Dobson and his teammates prepare to ,,4-'W' celebrate as the clock runs out mini it on' Damon Dobson pracuces against the Highland Park Scots. hard 'n 3 da"Y wo' out- 9O Seniors Linda Lock William Lowden Belinda Lyons John Madden Suzanne Magee Doug Mallon Vickie Maples Julio Marcos Gary Marks Ronny Marriott David Marshall Carla Manson Angie Martin David Martin Jennifer Martin Kyle Martin Sherry Martin Teresa Martinez Sharra Mattingly William Maxey Christie McAfee Thomas McAllister Sabrina McBroom Sandra McCrommen John McDanieIs Mike McGee David McHargue Dana McKeithan Tracey McKenzie Juanita McPhall Seniors 91 92 Seniors fs ,f .. N1 1, sim M ug, , ,ww ,w.:1M Mu' ,fy fi- '11, '1 1 M -W ww-QAM Q- iw .Q ,115 yr "ff -X N XLFV, A if fE1,,:,, ' L V' ff f 5 V Pfaiufaai wx W: QQ: , Wig- NL- , m.w,g,1-,wngwwx S .,,, Q. WM, Yum, rg, , Q , M24-Q: 95 f ' Y,an5ww2x9a,.f1, V V fr 2. 4 ' y fl' wi 1' :lH'V' J, 'fa Q, wffmxrfwx , fmxmm --W, .gm QV' ff - f 'V 1 M f Mfwfacwwlwx:vw.f,'1,.WmAfx ,if :F '12 ,1-,xwww W1 ' PHWXWMRQ WE! mx L .,.,J,,.x W1 A w ,, .,,, J, -1 1 wi.-av. Xkffmi-mf. mam ww, -fx ' u 11- ,LX u x:.q32ef Larry Mead Gwen Meazell Greg Melvin Sherri Mercer Laura Merryman Donna Mikuda Kyle Miller Steve Mills John Monaco Sandra Monroy Travis Montgomery Susan Moody Mindy Moore Sammie Moore David Morgan Teresa Morones Barbara Morris Robert Morris Donna Morrison Debbie Morrow Cindy Morton Lorrie Mosher Kathy Moss Rebecca Murdock Rodney Nanez Stacey Nelson David Newman Hoang Nguyen Sheree 0'Connor Connie Oliver Brains -n- Brawn Kevin jones Students at North Mesquite find their own special way to show their support for their school. Some run for class officer, some strut their stuff on the gridiron, but Kevin Jones has found his own unique way to show enthusiasm for school - academics. Rather than be 'Mr. Involvement,' Kevin has loaded his schedule with 'brain classes.' Kevin feels, "I think by taking all my hard courses now, l'll save myself a lot of trouble when I get to college." There is more to Kevin than just books. He is also involved with activities at the church he attends. Another side of Kevin is athletics. He ran cross-country for three years, track for one year, and played soccer one year. Kevin also played club soccer for the Chargers for six years, and several years before that he played for the King Cobras and the Wildcats. After graduation, Kevin plans to attend Eastfield and then maybe Texas Tech. He intends to go into some branch of medicine, probably diagnostic or neurosurgery. He advises freshmen, "Get involved! There is so much I missed out on my first three years at NM, but l'm glad I finally got invoIved." 'I can't movel' Kevin Jones prepares for a rough game with South Garland. . ff -M "',' L .J 94 Seniors Jqnesgetsfllttl f way with Gilbert Olson Lynn Olson Crystal Orren Laurie Owens Laurel Pannoni ln Park Billy Parks Jetl Partridge Jett Patrick Anita Patterson Kenneth Patterson Michael Pearson Barry Pennington Jorge Perez Kevin Perkins Donna Perry Harmon Perryman Gerri Peters Mary Peters Renee Peterson Floyd Phelps Steve Piland Natalie Pinson Greg Pogue Lisa Pogue Lenny Pollard Shelly Poor Lori Porter Charles Potter Delynda Powell Seniors 95 A fx,-f.m2 Mikie. ,, L',:,UwX.L4 .,,, 9- ppm effffg X li' Stephanie Power Carrie Prater Sherry Prater Dale Price Jeff Price Joy Purvis Patty Ramsey Stacie Rasnic Kelly Rattan Kim Rattan Steven Reed Annette Reid Darrel Reid Billy Reneau Deborah Renner Sherrie Reville Robyne Reynolds Jon Richerson Lori Rinne Angela Rios Teresa Rios Scott Ritzer Dan Roach Richard Robertson Ken Robinson Steve Rodgers Lisa Rodriquez Christine Rodgers Shelley Rosebrock Serena Rutt Seniors 97 98 Seniors Vww, U i I rf ,,f ,ww 1,,wmw,,,L,M,'.5g- Q , ,V ' ,Vim V Y. if .- 1 f' - I mf- K , xr ww -,4,XgQ,,1,,M ,QM , fl "FH 'Fw Je' xy: ., ,, , l ,,, , 12 , f 1' Hr: ' if ' " 'X ' X -M AiivlJvHEfiQv2:., 'iw ,. V 4 5 ,y,xQ1fr,gw:. f f wf' 1 x:..1: V wx 1 Q, .,X,,,1,w,X..,,, Dana Russell Kari Ryle D'Anna Saffle Elizabeth Sanders Gary Sapp Howard Sauceman Julianne Schnurr Tiffany Seabolt Billy Seitzler Shana Shappard David Shaver Dona Shaw Michael Sheets Casey Sheffield Darla Shelton Bernadette Shidid Terry Shuffler Robin Shugart David Shupe Kimberly Shutt Christi Sipe Kevin Sledge Janet Sloan Casey Smith Kendal Smith Toni Smith Keasha Solis Peggy Southern Chalese Stachovliak Amber Steedman Seniors 99 100 Seniors 'www avr fa N-gc f-rv X mga gg, 94 g'Hg"iif5vf' 'Rf hxxw 1v'qfJ1X N4WxAf4f5Egs'H' af 9? 1' wan ,EM vii r-Eyvgfglil wg W nfs ,,,5j1g,,:,W,WsR -fif,Sfi afiifgfj Q 'QL"x,.w'E4Ygf -1'W3W'5-wmfww wg 'mm an ,eifsyglm gi-Q iw HW Q H Ti? 35 egvkfh M0 at M9 w vwmxnv 'U , A , g 1,535 if W N53 qixailvwpqxgfiggl W 5132? g 1. 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If 1 f Vi, Ugg n:,,.g.f. tigwi,-,Q ' 5 3 Mix if fgf' '2vf,w:f-,5,:' na, f 4 ,.,W,,x f,w,f,w-X Y 1 'Q f: :Q ,3,,':2N.XgLy 102 Seniors Alan VanHoozer Laurie Van Lehn David Vanschaick Richard Vanschaick John Venrick Paul Wade Kathy Wade Kevin Wadsworth Lisa Wagner Julie Walker Robyn Walker Stephen Walker Paul Watkins Rodney Watson Sharon Watters Jeanne Westphsl Danny Wheeler Delaina White Jason White Jerald White Sandra White Candace Wicks Tammy Wilbanka Jean Willard Gayle Williams Darrell Willis Michael Wilson Shari Wilson Davy Winnitord Steve Winniford 4 104 Seniors . QW- B!!-FE!!-'5'E3UFeI93i1!'9 f9c'95'9S4 x W x X-v'1fs,w,::C., aww Xin' 'X'-1 ::' ffft .WM 1 ,q.,,',, , , :fi X ,mwfz x,W, . .gf ,zf fl SH: :feel fi V- f L +9-' X-fflvlwwfigxg fe, L1, Mit!h4f3d'f6'Wf2if'?'5dwQ1QaQ!iHfQQ6bil9SQe!i9f21i E 10999539 a 'TWP QWQ9 SP9Qia555?5f'9nd'aq! Wil UQfiH5!S1GY50S?HbQi3i Hs:ic1tmt11asfmpBe9! anQ!4ih'21fased i9S 0fMaQbem,' ' if MrQSnitlQ!?9JPf1f4live afiiwde- fff MH- Thumbs' ',iCbffdiiIf5rfinsE?Lff MrQTax1v!!s i'.Mf-5B99QfirS'f3nfPffR8dHfi? Impressum: MffDukvJindfMr+ Q!nn'4?Ini!gde!Qhi5QH ifQ8l,' Mr: Wegierdnis cdmb115r6HiarfiGs . 33 Couch? ' appEQf131lnnin 1 nilsesosiiiy dszefminewonfdeqivaffighzhawdasssrbffmJf : Q CggchjWglfalgilljibidlggicglQjqlfesziix ,X lBlfBlm9il Hndv!mi5m99Sfwfr!!!MQSSWHBQ may l5beley0wT' A if A Mf:Gvmnbsil2slye1lovesQeks,,,H J Ugg. gilgqja fgccouniixjg U W 'X H HmQ2fAliawayN Ef9QEh 55595119- W fig. J 151. Kggaarfwes'imggslv15hwsclas2i 'f c 3"536V!dW!!" F-f945GEf'QQ3FXi!2?Fi9QFNSB5 f3FE9 2 ' QSUPRPUQ: 1 !!"fGib!'H2iHfKl99 W51Q,2!1?r?!!s!1F!5mAaQ , ,Li ,, ,K , ,X Wg, , ,, f, ' -1 19 'www w4w:'w:-1, fa , 1 uf , ,, V, X in. fum My A ww ,,,,.,, gg, : L, ,ff ,QR ' M ww: , WN YR X 5331A ,iff :r ,iw nfs 3 :Mm ,if gg Q ,N bw NEQQW Q M, A V, K ,, P 6 Q "9 urns VOLLEYBALL CHAMPIONS 1982 Valedictorian Kelly Rattan Along with being Valedictorian for the class of '83, Kelly Rattan participated in many activities in and outside of school. While at North Mesquite, Kelly was a member of the Literary Magazine Staff, the Math Team, the French Club, Student Council, National Honor Society, and the National Junior Honor Society. Kelly served as President for the Science Club, played volleyball and assisted in taking the girl's soccer team to the UIL state tournament. After school hours, Kelly enjoys playing softball, and she is also Campaigners and Explorer Post 1232. In her small amount of spare time, Kelly enjoys writing poetry, reading, being outdoors, listening to music, and adding to her penguin collection. Kelly received much acclaim for her academic records. She was named Teenager of the Month. She received second and third place science fair awards, perfect attendance awards, the National English Merit Award, and in addition Kelly was named All-District goalie for her performance on the Varsity Soccer team. Kelly has received over five thousand dollars in scholarships from various groups, including Austin College, where she plans to major in engineering. 106 Valedictorian!Salutatorian Salutatorian Steve Walker Kelly's counterpart, Steve Walker, is also very active. During his high school years, Steve served as President of the National Honor Society, Vice-President of the Science Club, and was a member of the Math Team, French Club, and Campaigners. Outside of school Steve held down a summer roofing job and participated in Explorer Post 1232. In his spare time, Steve plays softball in his church league and also enjoys skiing and backpacking. Like Kelly Steve has received 5 i numerous awards for his academic achievements. These awards include the National English Merit Award, the National Frenc Merit Award, all-year hon' roll and perfect attendanc awards. Steve was also named National Merit Scholar for his excellent E score. Steve has received over ten thousand dollars scholarships from Nation: Merit Scholarship Corporation, Circle 10 Explorers, and Texas A8tl University where he plans major in engineering. J ff . f 2 t Beth Kilpatrick Hoang Nguyen Monica Brown Shelly Ellis Cathy Henry Kim Rattan Cecelia Baptiste Chalese Stachowiak Terry Shultler Julie Hicks GWGI1 Meazell Tina Carroll Allen Cortez Lori Johnson Don Garrison Lisa Allen Becky Stuard Lori Kirkpatrick Connie Oliver Jennifer Cowan Barry Pennington High Honors 107 Lori Jones Lori Larsen Lisa Anderson Kristy Koerner Annette Reid Tanis Thompson Brian Evans Johna Tigert Shelly Gerdes Mark Blackwell Janet Sloan Steven Reed Toni Smith Deanne Cain Kristine Hennard David Kear Sammy Fischer Deborah Morrow Gary Berch Sandy Hetzel Thomas Holman Matt Brown Teresa Trail Debbie Duggins Anson Farr 108 Honors Honor Graduates Kevin Jones Jill Johnson ea. M-MMM My ...-1,..., -, who ma... .4-ww Q5 5 t wa. NM W., we . N-W S. 5' Cholarships Anderson - Presidential Award Ouachita Baptist a Arey - 8600 Mesquite Education Association ael Carter - All-tuition Oklahoma Baptist University 8300 Mesquite Music Study Club ik Case - 4 yrs. A8tM ifer Cowan - 82,000 academics 8200 Texas Beta Zeta Chapter Honorary Sorority for Women Educators 81,300 Christian Education Scholarship Edwards - 8500 PTA ' Don Garrison - 82,700 SMU l 81,300 State Incentive Grant ' 81,000 EIk's Club T 81,000 Texas Equalization Grant a Goff - 83,200 Hardin-Simmons University ohnson - 8500 Oklahoma Christian College Kirkpatrick - 81,000 Angelo State University yi Kirkpatrick - 81,600 Sam Houston State University ' Gwen Meazell - 8500 Entering Student Scholarship , S970 Housing Assistance Award S500 UTA Presidential Leadership Award 8500 Alumni - University ot Texas ina Shockley - 8300 Mesa ' 8500 Veterans of Foreign Wars and Women's Auxiliary Club lt Sloan - 8150 Elk's Club -ese Stachowiak - 82,800 SMU 81,200 Texas lization Grant 81,500 State tive Grant y Stuard - 81,000 Texas Exes and uite Junior Women's Study Club Timms 8600 Mesquite Education mciation Wade - 81,000 Golden Herald Award -e Wohlschlager - 4 yrs. A8tM Departmental Awards Business - Sandra Hetzel Speech - Michelle Mehegan Dramatics - Debbie Morrow Band - Connie Oliver Choir - Gena Goff Chemistry - Allen Cortez Physics - Stephen Walker Home Economics - Kim Calverly Mathematics - Kelly Rattan Orchestra - Cheryl Kirkpatrick Industrial Arts - Rodney Nanez Social Studies - Beth Kilpatrick Annual Staff - Rodney Nanez and Paul Wade Art - Paul Wade Journalism - Gwen Meazell and Toni Smith Girls Athletics - Kelly Dunn Boys Athletics - Frank Case German - David Meyer Spanish - Chalese Stachowiak Latin - Tina Carroll French - Kelly Rattan English - Lisa Allen 1 L S i E ,Q m-siiiit Award Winners - Beth Kilpatrick, Kelly Rattan and Stove Walker Gwen Meazell, Brian Caln, Bobby proudly show their awards for Deets, Jill Johnson, Kelly Dunn, academics. Kelth Adams, Lori Kirkpatrick, Chalese Stachowiak, receive recognition for earning scholarships. Awards 109 Richard Abbott Jill Achziger Roger Acy Bart Adams Don Adams Shelia Allen Rosie Amador Karen Anderson Amy Armstrong Mike Arnold Terry Arnold Pennie Arthur Sandy Arthur Robert Austin John Avon Kamy Aylos Tim Ayo Mike Bacon Gaylynn Baily Keri Baird Shelia Baird Rex Baladad William Ball DeLeigh Bardwell Kevin Bartlett Shann Barton Helen Bali Kellie Beathe Teresa Beaty Randy Benoit Mary Beshers Bobby Bilyeu Kevin Black Cindi Lou Blackwell Kellie Blain Dana Blair David Blackeney Todd Boatwrighl Shelly Boling Jeff Booker Linda Boroughs Cindy Bowman r"' rl T , 1 . . if vix 3 X Q J if - .S gr 2 5 I sis , IT J-1 5? 3 ft? ' L ' Q . E-a .,.. 3 A f- :. '.,t ,f . : 1 x ig - IWC W' X - ls. l I 110 Juniors Nancy Box Mike Boykin Mark Braddock Danny Bradley Bobby Brady Kelly Brennan Missy Brisendine David Brown Jimmy Brown Mike Brown Lana Browning Mike Bullock Gary Burch David Burkhart Jon Burnett Debbie Burross Jean Burrows Darrell Busby Micheal Butler Craig Cain Scott Cairnes Christi Callan Bryan Calmes Kim Calverly Karla Calvert Loren Carlson Lena Carroll Carece Carter Cindy Carter Miriam Castile Mariues Catuncan Christine Chambers Beth Champion David Chapin James Chapman Brian Chappell Scarlett Clay Wina Clayton Barry Clemmons Johnny Cochran Jody Coker Karl Cole Mike Cole Samantha Coleman Wesley Coleman Phyllis Collins Steve Colwill Randy Cook Chris Cooper Karen Cooper Matt Cooper Kristi Coopender Melissa Crenshaw Kyle Crowley Deborah Croxton Daryl Crumley John Crumpley Milton Crutchfield Kris Cumnock Rhonda Daniel Frankie Darnell Michelle Davidson Brad Davis Cindy Davis Cindy Davis Drew Davis Kerry Davis Mike Davis Theresa Deal Susan Deason Gretchen Deininger Jill Delaney Deena Delay Patsy Doane Casey Dodds John Dollarhide Don Dona Ed Draganski Doug Drumm Cheryl Duckworth Jeanna Duff Susan Dunivan David Dupris Kim Echols 112 Juniors Kevin Edgmon Randy Edwards David Elder Gary England Kristie England Dante Enriquez Michael Enriquez Minerva Espinoza Ronnie Essman Karen Ethington Diane Eubanks Shelly Feemster Terry Ferguson James Fernandez Carey Ferrella Breack Fitz Randy Fitz Brenda Flesher Lisa Forman Graham Fortenberry Christi Foster Tony Foster Jeff Fothergill Karen Fox Damon Fudge Steven Fudge Robert Fulton Chris Fultz Mike Furr Jana Gamble Paul Gandy Priscilla Garcia Terry Garrison Vince Garza Mike Gass Brent Gent John Gentry Jean Gibboney Tania Glermann Steve Giles Janet Glaser Gary Goforth Lisa Golding Lori Goldsberry John Gomez Joe Gonzales Lisa Gooch Darien Goode K. C. Goodman Leanne Goolsby Debbie Gotthart Thomas Grafton Bryan Graham Robin Grant Kevin Gray Mitch Gray Scarlett Gray Lloyd Green Lisa Gregory Lori Gregory Toni Greske James Grigar Denise Guerra Dana Gumpert Sharon Hadley Cameron Hagins Angie Hale Doug Hall Kathy Hall Todd Hall Sam Hamilton Scott Hardison Lisa Harmon Terry Harmon Vicki Harrelson Michelle Hartin Bruce Harvey Kristi Hearne Becky Heath Rita Hendrickson Mini Hendrix Ricky Hendrix Kevin Hendrickson ,,-i T :iiir ka 114 Juniors kan .av ffm. gfirijf X14 1472... gl" .gr Cathy Hill Mark Hill Brian Hilz Rodney Hinton Jeff Hoff Matt Holcombe Gary Holland Keith Holman Kenny Hood Michelle Hopkins Regina Hopkins Stacy Hopper Dyan Howell Lisa Hoyt Mike Hubik Bryan Hudson John Hunstable Trent Hunt Jon Hunter Sheri Hutchins Rhonda Hutto Kent Irvin Beth Jackson Adina Jacobs Paul Janecka Paul Janicek Penny Janosike Bobby Jette Bill Johnson Carolyn Johnson Kerri Johnson Melanie Johnson Robert Johnson Sandy Johnson Devin Johnstone Christi Jones Michelle Jones Jackie Jordon Ray Kamps Laura Kauffman David Kaun Kevin Keel Q. Yu. av Juniors 115 Richard Kelly Katherine King Michele Kirk JoAnna Kirkland Susan Klutts Danny Kovar Monette Kovar Leigh Ann Lacy Dale Lafon Jerry Lancaster David Lance James Landis Robert Langford Gary Larkin DeShannon Lawrence Wanda Lawson Susan Leathers Dot LeBren Kellee Lemons Stu Lentz Bryan Lewis Debra Lewis Diana Linker David Lipsett Rocky Lloyd Janice Lodan Scott Lopez Jeff Lott Scott Loudder Tom Loughney Chad Lovell Sheila Lucas Teresa Luter Kirk Luttrell Laura Lynd Jeff Lyon Daniel Macey Donna Macey Brian Maddox Scott Magee Shannon Magee Tammy Maison 116 Juniors Juli Mangham Phillip Manicchia Wendy Marshburn Dana Martin Ginny Martin Jennifer Martin John Martin Vicki Martin Tim Masters Mike Mccaig Susan McClinton Karen McClure Paul McColgan Steve McCollum John McDaniel Ellie McGahan Tony McGary Scott McGowan Shawna McGuffey Cheryl Mcllroy Shannon McKinney Debbie McKnight Kim McLain Charles McLean Melissa McPhall Kim McRae Jesse Mendez Mike Mercer Shellie Messick Chris Miller Darlene Miller Debbie Miller Jeff Miller Frank Mills Regina Mills Lori Minnick Robert Minsky Jeff Mitchell Sherry Mitchell Jim Molencupp David Montgomery Penny Moody Juniors 117 Lisa Moore Ruth Moore Tracy Moore Gerald Morgan Bobbie Morris Cheryl Morris Susan Morris Troy Morton Linda Muldoon Mary Mullen Mark Mullino Katrina Murphy Sue Murdahl Dawn Naberhaus Angie Nading Robert Nersesian Starr Newsome Todd Nichols Fermin Nigo Lee Ann Nyvold Barry Oliver Kathy Owen Julio Pacho Leslie Pamplin Lowell Passons David Patrick Steve Paulov Gayla Paulson Cliff Payne Victoria Payne Gloria Pena Shaun Penn Bobby Perritt Justin Perry Karla Perry Glenn Phillips Steve Phillips Jo Ann Piccola Stephanie Pierce John Polvado Shelly Porter Leah Posey 118 Juniors I Nicole Posing Andrea Power Angela Power Diane Prater Billy Primm Paul Provence Kelly Pyle Michael Ramsey Chris Randle Carla Ray Genene Ray Larry Ray Mark Ray Lori Raymond Mark Rector Michael Rector Jimmy Reed Randy Reed Sonya Reese Dennis Reichert Kristi Rial Robin Rich Jennifer Richardson Curtis Rigdon Trevor Riley Anthony Rizzoto Mark Robertson Stephanie Robertson Pam Rochester Melissa Rodgers June Rodriguez Patti Rodriguez Tim Rogers Mark Ronscavage Louis Rosales Russell Rottenberry Susan Roush Erik Rude Annette Runk James Sammam John Sammam Cindy Sanchez ,,,,,,,,,,-,,...,..,,,- Juniors 119 Dana Sanders Tommy Sanford Lori Sawyer Renaie Sawyer Loretta Schnurr LuAnn Schwartz Jeanette Scott Robert Sellers Cathy Settle Jeff Shaver Warren Sheffield Maleah Shero Jimmy Shiflet Stephanie Shirel Steve Shivers Kellye Simmons Kim Simmons Marty Sitzman Rhonda Skaggs Janet Slaton Sherie Slayden Theresa Sleeper Marcus Smedley Darren Smith Kim Smith Lance Smith Leslie Smith Maralena Smith Mike Smith Shari Smith Mel Solana Kevin Souther Dottie Spalding Althron Starling LouAnn Starnes James Steele Gregg Stehn Matt Stephens Michael Stephenson Lisa Stiles Donny Stout Renae Sulliven 120 Juniors David Summers Tim Tafoya Ruth Tafur Rich Talley Laura Talmage James Talton Clair Taylor Kim Taylor Chris Teague Patrick Teems Marcia Telker Janet Thomas Scott Thompson Todd Thompson Thinh Tieu Barbara Tobias Trisha Toole Tawana Toothman Christina Toney Cindy Tramel Mong Duyen Tran Myvon Tran Fariel Trespeces Trina True Cathy Tucker Steve Tucker Yvette Tucker Robin Tyler Gipsy Umbarger Harold Varner Diane Wagner Brenda Walker Joey Wallace Wade Wallace Kevin Walton Michelle Warren Kelly Warton Tracy Washburn Sandra Washington Regina Watkins Tony Watson Dawn Webb Jacquelyn Webb Jett Webb Becky Wells Cheryl Wenz Missy Westmoreland Max Whaley Bethanne Whitaker Cassey White Penny Whiteside Kyle Whitton Sherry Wiggins Kylynnedra Wilcots Tammy Wilkins Debi Williams Still the one. Kellie Beathe and Debi Williams show that the Stallions are Going in sms- Lisa Stiles performs to number one' Chattanooga Choo-Choo at the pep rally. 2 James Williams Q V V ff 4 The Blues' brothers. Junior football players Kevin Black a Kevin Edgeman enter the gyn forthe Homecoming pep rally 122 Juniors Tonya Zimmerman Keri Baird and Barbara catch up on all the latest during halftime of the B.A. game. A -ev A 4 Booking good. Kevin Zacek and Donnie Adams look for a book at the El Greco exhibit. Joe Williams Chris Willis LouAnn Willis Wesley Wills Karl Wilson Scott Wolf Donna Woolen Amy Carter Lisa Wooley Kevin Wortham Laura Wycoff Jeff York Robert York Kevin Zacek 5- ' Mig i i' E9 Juniors 123 Edward Abarquez Josephine Abdalla Rhonda Adams Scott Aldrich Al Aleman Heidi Alexander Craig Allen Jeff Allen Raquel Allen Stephen Almond Kay Alton Abel Alvarez Felecia Anderson Leland Anderson Robert Anderson Starla Anderson Dean Andrews Danah Anthony Donna Armstrong Dennis Arnold Curtis Arthur Amy Ashmore Vannah Attaway David Austin Scott Austin Carol Ayers Robbie Babb Dwain Baber Sam Baily David Baker Donna Baker Matt Baker Kelly Ball Shelley Bannister Tommy Barham Steve Barker Kenneth Barnes Milton Barnes Danny Barrett Tim Barron Margie Barrow Richard Beach 124 Sophomores Jimmy Beeson Johnny Benavidez Nelda Benavidez Ted Bennett James Blackshear Tim Blackwell Lisa Blevins Sherry Blue Larry Blunt William Boaz Heath Bobo Tim Bogan Rhonda Boles Greg Bollng Bobby Booth Diane Borrego Neely Boyd Paul Bradbury Kernie Brashier Elizabeth Breed Kelli Brents Rodney Brewer Kevin Briggs Vlckl Briggs Pam Bright Kurt Brockman Julie Brooks Mike Brooks Greg Broome Chris Brown Lorie Brown Mark Brown Randy Brown Janet Bryant William Buckley Cheryl Buckner Debbie Burchfield Kelly Burfield Loward Burkham Carrie Burkhart Kelly Burns John Buss Sophomores 125 Julie Butler Steven Butnor James Cain Mark Cain Linda Campbell Jaime Cangas Paul Cannaday Terrie Carey Lisa Carr John Carroll Kim Carter Sharon Carter Wendi Carver John Caton Roger Cave Kim Cavender David Chaffee Carla Chapman Leann Chapman Beth Chapman Todd Chapman Tracy Chappell Tanya Cheek John Cheng Kim Christianson Craig Clark Jimmy Clark Lori Clark John Clevenger David Coffman Melissa Cohen Rhonda Coker Clay Cole Dawn Coles Keith Collins Mike Collins Gary Colwill Lynette Conely Marc Cook Denise Cooksey Julie Cornelius Brian Costa 126 Sophomores l v f FIMW Randy Cott Chris Coursey Kim Cowan Ken Craft Rhonda Crocker Tracy Crocker Keith Crockett Kristen Crockett Trey Curry Matthew Curtis Daniel Dalrymple Kristy Dalton Russell Daniels Mary Darnell Kevin Davidson Greg Davis Kimberly Davis Rudy Davis Steve Davis Larry Day Dee Dee Deets Issac Deltoro Jim Dennis Greg Dennis John Denny Barry Denton Danica Dial David Dial Laura Diaz Mark Dilodovico Robert Poleshal Debbie Donaldson Philip Donato Valerie Dotson Lisa Dotterer Laura Dressel Chris Dulaney Scott Dunford Lorrie Dumm Ginny Dunne Cyndi Early Timmy Easley Sophomores 127 James Echols Christine Edwards John Edwards Kevin Edwards Robert Edwards Jerry Elliott Sharon Ellis Claire Elsey Mike Embrey Lora Engle Ray Everett Tim Ezelle Kevin Facian Dena Farnsworth Jeff Farr David Farris Wendy Faulkner Todd Ferrara Ben Finklea Brent Fisher Carmela Fisher Kevin Fisher Brian Fitzgerld Kellye Flanagan Todd Flentje Cydney Forman Dottie Forman Ronda Fortenberry Dana Foster Felix Foster Kelly Foster Matt Foster Carl Frazier Damon French Christi Frier Lisa Frier Kenny Furr Clint Gagliardo Raffael Gaines Jim Gancasz Cesar Garclenas Jeff Garnett R A4 128 Sophomores Belinda Garza Cindy Gensler Brian Gentry Steve Gentry Stewart Gerald Richard Getso Leila Ghafur Erin Gibbens John Gilbert Chris Gist Jeff Carl Gloden Ron Glover John Goins Mechelle Gonzalez Cynthia Goode Dianna Goodman Richard Gotthardt Bart Graham Karen Graham Ken Grant Janie Gray Jamie Gray Linda Gray Tom Gray Jimmy Green Stacy Green Lewis Grittin David Grigor David Gristol Vincent Guerra Tony Gustin David Gustof Melanie Guy Jason Haas Barrett Haberer Miles Haberer Kevin Haft Nancy Hagar Tracy Hagar Prissy Halbert Elizabeth Haley Scott Russell Sophomores 129 Alison Hall Michaela Hall Kerri Hallman Chris Hamilton Chad Hampton Sherry Hanus Pete Hanvey Kelley Hargis Lee Hargis Susie Harmon Andrea Harris Christie Harris Clinton Harris Ted Harris Rhonda Hartman Beth Hartsfield Hope Hazle Mellody Hearn Diana Heath Greg Heidle Kathy Henderson Teresa Henderson Randy Hendricks Lora Henning Tracey Hernandez Hunter Hertz Debbie Heurtin Melanie Hickman Keith Higginbotham Christi Hill Christie Hill Pamela Hill Pam Hiller Deanna Hipp Diron Hitt Sandy Hitt Renee Hobbs Heath Hodnett Howard Hogan Larry Holland De Ann Holloway Ftobbin Hosek 130 Sophomores 'E' 12Lk ' , , X ,ffl xi 3' ' ' iig,,, ,.. . - H .W St FCE 7 X1 M Q: ' f , '. '13 1 k i gig. it h S 1 I 5 I' A T C' is . ' f 5 K, Q l ff X I tj if I . X f' 1 fy' ff ' we 1 J 5 1 1 . Wav. Q I-f":f ' , . if 1 5 pi if , ' dz, . N, a i iz 1, Q R Q 1. ., 2:15 1 Q f his s fx' -K ASSE up tl i gi . , X 1 K 5 5, ' ., 0 1 P 5 Q I ., . fe " ifgigiggi 4 -Q ' 'Y' ,, , 5 ,gigs 53.5, W . f., , f iv, R V 'X ff ga, 1 1 .7 4 A i l f' 1.14. T . 'tw' . 1111 . '-,eff ,, l'. -S' 5 I-lf' Sei' bf, . , Ag , 1 53, Hg - '26, ef? it - 2 , A 41.1 iw . W J fbi l . u-. tif - f 'Q li ff!! C J rA '1' ! Chuck Houpt Eddie House Cheryl Haoserx Mike Hoyt Tommy Hubacek Flobin Humphrey Mary Huntress Christine Jackson Renee James Helen Janecka Melissa Jensen Renee Jezieroski Michael Johnson Stacey Johnson Kelly Johnston Kevin Jones Lois Jones Mark Jordon Verna Jordon David Justiss Carole Kallaus Krist'en Kath Steve Kauitzsch Larry Kaulaity Randy Kelly Julie Kendall Denise Kennedy Suzanne Kennedy Shawn Kesler Cindy Killian Weldon Killingsworth Jo Della King Kelly King Matt Kin Keade Gary Joe Kinne Stacey Kinney Keith Kirby Riikina Kirkland Michelle Kirkpatrick Mark Kitts Karen Kovar Christie Lagodinos BEST BEST BEST BEST CLASS SQUAT BENCH D. LIFT TOTAL Phil Maniccha 132 Ib. 355 245 400 1000 James Giddens 165 Ib. 400 250 435 1085 Jeff Feinglass 165 lb. 250 200 315 785 John Crumpley 165 lb. 285 160 345 790 Rodney Watson 181 Ib. 395 245 370 1010 Gary Larkin 181 in. 290 zoo 315 eos Tim Ayo 181 Ib. 300 200 330 830 Doug Hall 198 Ib. 320 205 380 905 Kevin Edgmon 198 Ib, 320 215 355 890 Jimmy Reed 198 Ib. 325 225 400 950 Troy Morton 198 Ib. 350 220 400 970 charlie McLean 220 lb. sso 225 aes sso Anthony Flizzotto SHW 505 335 475 1315 l 1 1 1 Sophomores Mitch Laman David Lamb Leslie Langford Kerri Lawbaugh Chris Lawrence Tom Lawson Karla Layne Carl Leatherman Lloyd Lee Thomas Leeds Eric Leersson Jenny Leggett Sharon Leonard Lanette Leonardo Claudia Lewis Pam Lewls Robert Lewis Byron Llnsteadt Cindy Linthicum Jeff Lisle Tommy Livingston Jena Locust Missy Logan Dayla Long Stacie Loomis Ky Lowe Brenda Lowery DeLynne Lucas Dan Lyons Karla Mabry Michelle Malone Kristi Malone Malik Mamdanl Laura Manley Jennifer Martln Jerry Martin Priscilla Martin Suzanna Marx Michelle Mauldln Sandy Maxvllle Steve May Brian Mays a l 132 Sophomores Charles Mayne Jason Mays Kim McAfee Bobbie McBride Amy McCarter Kim McCarter Nona McCarter Tammy McDaniel Tina McDaniel Mike McGehee Rob Mclntosh Kyle Mclntyre Wayne McKee LouAnn McKensie John McKinny Michelle McLeaster April McLemore Kelly McPherson Shaun McQuistior Eryn McSpadden Michelle Mehegan Mike Melton Suzie Merryman John Michael Dan Miller Paula Miller Phillip Miller Phyllis Miller Rhonda Miller Roger Mlller Laura Mitchell Nicole Mitchell Jimmy Mohr Mellssa Molina Audrey Monroy Bobby Montes Crystal Montgomery Monica Montoya Daron Moore Cathy Moreno Karen Morgan Paul Morones ,. -fy Sophomores 133 Missy Morris Pam Morrow Cindy Murdock Craig Murphy Kaleen Murphy Larry Musick Paul Myers Michael Nash Brian Neece Kristi Nelson Trevor Nelson Mark Nester Darin Nettles Sloan Newman Hung Nguyen Ythu Nguyen Julie Nichols Jill Nicholson Tonja Nightingale Patrick Nixon Jerry Nolen Kim Nottingham Steve Novakovich Sherry O'NeaI Gina Oakley Tammy Oakley Timothy Ocnaschek Jana Odom Chuck Oliver Klm Oliver Kenneth O'NeaI Doug Padon Cindy Page Amy Parker Katy Parker Ronda Paschal Michelle Patrick Leah Patterson Sherrey Patton Veronica Perez Bonnie Perkins Donna Person 134 Sophomores ,g Richard Petesch Darrell Petter Chris Phelps David Phillips Hope Phillips Terri Phillips Tysha Pipkin Steve Pittman Cliff Pogue Dean Poor John Porter Tony Potter Stephanie Powers Troy Pree Kayla Price Mike Price Tracy Prigmoy Angela Pritchard Janna Pruett Mark Puckett Doug Putnam Melody Rackley Kelly Rader Bryan Ranes Brian Ransom Tracey Ratlift Lisa Reed Mike Reed Delia Regalado Dwight Reid Lisa Reneau Melinda Renner Daniel Resgles Larry Reville Stephanie Reynal Chris Rhett Pam Rhodes Wendi Rice Dee Richards Grant Richardson Julie Rios Chris Rittmuller Sophomores 135 Gabby Rivers Sheila Roberts Bill Roberts William Robertson Eva Robles Michelle Rodgers Adrienne Rodgers Chuck Rose Brian Rowell Victor Salas Rocky Sandlin Pat Santos Teri Sarrett Andy Sattler Donna Schindler Rhonda Schrieber Kirk Scott Melissa Scott Sean Self Debbie Selling Jill Semento Jamie Shipman Glenn Shugart Christina Sides Steve Sillman John Simmons Connie Sims Darrell Sims Kim Sims Missy Skaggs Steve Skinner Brian Sledge Jeffrey Smith Kelly Smith Dale Smith Rosemary Smith Sandi Smith Toni Smith Paul Snodgrass Kelly Snorgrass Bruce Snover Robert Speir 1 136 Sophomores Heath Spell Candace Spragan Karen Stachowiak Deana Stanglin Darla Stark Chris Starr Kathy Starr Donnie Stephens Stacy Jo Stevenson Kathy Stewart Bart Stiles Gene Stokes Eric Stone Brenda Stovall Jeff Stover Michael Stroney Shannon Stryjak Nanny Stutts Tammy Taber Sandra Tafur Penni Tankersley Teresa Tanner Greg Tapp Suzanne Tate Danny Taylor Dardy Taylor Lynda Taylor Paul Teagle Sherri Teer Kristy Thompson Sheri Thompson Jeff Thorp Kelly Thorp Tim Thrasher Krysla Threllkeld Dat Tieu MonCharles Tipay David Tolbert James Townsend Julie Trammell Mary Trespeces Kyle Tribble Sophomores 137 Randy Trosper Robert Turner Shannon Turner Lisa Tyree Kim Varner Billy Vaugham Mike Vestal Stephanie Wade Cindy Walker Sandra Walker Teresa Walters Joe Ward Tammie Warren Alan Warta Gwynette Washington Becky Watkins Tammy Watkins Chris Watson Tod Watson Larry Watwood Tracey Way Sophomore: 1. wise fool: 2. second year student in high school or college. Heave-ho. Dianna Heath warms up before cheerleader try-outs. 138 Sophomores This one'a tor you, Cheri Edmundson auditions for the pop show. - by QQ , .W ,, , .V W,,. A ' 5' 'A ' y ' A A . f ,' fr -4 W K . f 1 V -is ' .iffy Q, i .L Q A ZPL ' A. , 5 i , if V-we r .,, fs J 322: 1- 1 " F -I . i ' if-' .1. 4. s, X . 2 K ,.' A " , i ,V I. i A in rf' - , , i Marty Zumbrum Three musketeers. DeLyn Lucas, Fowl or lair? Brian Sledge shows off Tracey Way, and Tammy Taber relax his fair-feathered friend. in the park. gs S--r Amy Weatherby Christine Weaver Bryan Webb Christie Webb Joe Weeks Dana Welker Bettie Wesson Tammy West Donald Wilcox Angie Williams Anita Williams Kristy Williams Michelle Williams Karen Wilson Scott Wojtkowiak Mark Wood Chris Woolheater Richie Wray Beth Wright Chris Youman Stacy Zimmerman e men? Glenn Fieasor tries to V ,, t- v 1 1 1 so ig if 4 Fan-tara. These fans pause to reflect on the evening's game. 1 Sophomores 139 Frankey Abbott Robert Adams Christy Adcock Eric Addington Donnie Aga Ronnie Aga Kimberly Alexander Salisa Allen Kyle Almand Karryl Alvarado Jennifer Anlaw Dena Angell Carlos Arevalo Dorinda Armstrong Penny Armstrong Doug Arnold Kim Arriaga Perry Ashworth Brad Aston Dondi Atkins Dennis Atkins Mike Austin Jennifer Avery Sherry Baldwin Pat Bandy Jeff Bangs Mike Banks James Barboza Shannon Barnes Andy Barton Roldan Bati Raymond Becerra Pat Belk Andre Bell Todd Bell Stephen Bellew Diana Benavidez Lori Bennett Michelle Bentley Andy Bill Laur Blackshear Ginger Blackstone A ' V , . A ,, ry' .-.. ,- -1 V- 'Alt J A Jii A 71f'ffi3 H ' " sv -' - 'kk A ' A . "'XiV4?4i X ',- i "tt A 1 'Q A J is M . 'B g ' 5 ,Q G J " 1 J ff- g 4' uv- .. V 1 Y v , KV A E I t' 5 X 4 x . J-be -A , ,ff n ,.-.., . f or l'fr ,L f' 'RH -'1 5 -' i n f 5, A lttr t f Q ' ' 1- ,- ,lf 1'?!f"t" , -ss. . 1 I2 ws'w -- ' " ' Ji, - rf ki? A x J M V ' Q K - Q M 41 ' ' 555 'fi iff 5, V 2 W ,i 2 N ,Aa ,, ' ' A fi A A V fig J A 4' U Ji ' if ,, w, K '.k 3: W A x - of J B A: Q. N- r J: 3 + 1439 4. . W J ' l',- J 1 it A r ' ' QW! ' ' 31 is S3 02,0 EL ,D gf' -113, , ,i My X M Z of f l W A l fe A l X t t slime, r J Y . " 1 rg' . 5 , is Pg 7 ix? h 5 5 C L if , , I get mil l , 5 l it , ..,, . I, 6 5' - , 0' ' . v,,k 1 W ' Q, M ,Q ,. V 5 , , , f. , f 1. 0 A p ,g , ? - A x A, J , . Q J' 5 . , S r 1, 447. 'N , X , , 0 ,f 54' m. . nQ"", .cyf 'X .25 fa 3 E I , 1 2 'N-1 ' L 1 .Jimmy Blair 'Q " QE' Susan Blaylock X ' I Mike Bohn 1 3 ' 3 y Steven Bottom 'Q -gr Marlin Booker A " X ' Jim Booth K - John Boros 1" ' , , . Tammy Boswell ,, , 1, " . -11 ' Mark Bowman 5, ' C f 4' ' b A 1 Dana Boyd ie' Y f ' tw-1 .1 ' Lauren Bradbury 0, , ' - ' 'e-s Becky Bradford r J Je, 19' 4 A Jerry Brest 2 ' V ,Gp Va, Robby Brewer X1 B ""..ZIZ.T1."-miie. 5 X H A ,..,,Q,., .s , ., I ' wi a -F J K-In 1 f ' 1 , c ' ' ,, , 4 K K N bw- -, C .' nl 1 ? Q 4 ... K ,175 rv- 's 3 , in C ' "' f 'Q Q, " 3' W 21,jipl.s " ' fd 'F' i H fp is 3: ' ' W-'w.'fj,g -.V Y X , a 4 tl, " '-Q : ' . z 1 W 19, ' f B lt,-Pi 'f ' Trisha Brink Jeff Brisendine Lisa Broome Andrew Brown Monti Brown Correll Brunson David Bunger David Burgan Sandra Burkheimer Sherry Busby Debbie Bush Dwayne Butler Pam Butler Lisa Byrd Sherrie Byrun Mark Campbell Angie Capps Ellen Carroll Sammy Carter Wendy Casey Kim Cason Elizabeth Castile Mark Chambers Rodney Chapin Danette Charlsa Mike Chenault Mark Chennault Damon Chisenhall Freshman 141 Melissa Clark Janet Clements Leigh Anne Clements Robert Clouse Cheri Clutter Mike Cohen John Cole Stephanie Collins Shelly Combs Candice Congleton Geof Cook Peter Copin Tracy Cornve Carrie Cortez Theresa Cothran Donald Cott Joe Cozby Troy Crawford Susan Crowley Gail Crumpton Rhonda Cuff Lisa Culley Cindy Culpepper Sammy Cummings Robert Dallmom Billy Daniel Tracey Daniel Tara Daves Scott Davis Jeff Davis Kelly Davis Stephanie Davis Tara Davis Tommy Davis Wendy Davis Sherry Day Courtney Deal Ruby Deaton Debra Decker James DeLay Cynthia Dennis Angelia Denny I' X Freshmen Sandra Derrick Antonio Dioz Gary Dillingham Brandon Dismore Richard Dobson Delayne Dona Wanda Donaldson Tami Dooley Janeen Doolin Dianne Dorries Albert Doty Suzanne Dought Richard Scott Dove Dawn Drasuy Charles Dubose Harold Duke Kay Duncan Susan Duncan Sherri Dunne Victorla Eager Vicki Eardley Danny Easley Shelley Easley Terry Easley Andy Eastus Michelle Eddy Cheri Edmundson Lisa Edwards Betsy Elder Kevin Elliott Darrin Ellis Kevin Elwell Melva Espinosa James Essary Tracie Estill George Evanko Bo Evans Darrel Evans Kim Evans Debbie Everett Doug Everett Timmy Ewton ll Ff9ShIT'lefl 143 Brian Fahey Glenn Farley Jan Farmer Shelley Farris Shirley Farris Tammy Farris Jett Feinglas Brent Ferguson Cindy Ferguson Ryan Finch John Fleming Perry Fletcher Belinda Flores Carl Flores Kim Floyd Floss Foster Scott Foster Christina Fowler Erica Free Classie Friddle Julie Fuller Robin Fultz Debbie Fyffe Cathy Garcia Dina Garcia David Gardner Tabby Gardner Donna Garrison Angie Garrison Johnny Garza Sean Gassman Melinda Gatlin Grant Gaultney Scott Gentry Scott Gentry Clark Glddens James Giddens Olivo Gilbert Karen Gillock Timmy Glenn Gilbert Gomez Chris Gonzales 144 Freshmen Cito Gonzales Cindy Goode Jeff Gouge Ronnie Gottsehalk Sheree Graham Michael Graham Shannon Graham Dawn Grato Curtis Green Mike Green Richard Green Tracey Greer John Griffin Becky Griffith Sean Grigar Greg Grubb Amy Haeussler Jon Haft David Hagar Billy Hagler Andrea Hall William Hall Chris Hallman Michelle Handeland Lannette Harbour Debbie Hardin Stefanie Hargraves Les Harmon Cherry Haper Kelli Harris Missy Harris Tammy Harris Christi Hart Cheryl Hartman Richard Harwell Vickie Harwerth Annette Hawkins Joe Hawkins Chana Haynes Phillip Hearn Denise Heath Mike Heddin Freshmen 145 Bill Hefner Kenny Hembey Greg Hernandez Kimberly Hicks Lisa Hillin Lisa Hiser Randy Hitt Frank Hogan Kim Hogan Sybee Holland Jim Bob Holly Stacy Holt Cecelia Hookings George Hoover Wayne Hopkins Katy Horton Kyle Houpt Donaven Hudson Becky Hughes Mark Hunstable Paul Hunter Erick Hurst Johnny Hutchins David Jackson Scott Jackson Terri Jakubowski Mark Jasek Andy Jeffers Chuck Jenkins Jimmy Jenkins Greg Johnson Jennifer Johnson Melody Johnson Scott Johnson Tammy Johnson Will Johnson Christie Johnston Angela Jones Brad Jones Cheryl Jones Donna Jones Donna Jones -AC. ff 146 Freshmen v l- -l 4 ,. Q . H J 516 Ji' f' f IF 4? . KE, , . Qs R... ,L 'af 3 Troy Jordan Joey Kane Kristi Karr Frank Kassela Janice Kearney Mike Keefner Lisa Kellehan Brad Kelly Lance Key Karla Killion Amy Kilpatrick Bryan King Jeff King Steve King Kandi Kingrey Carolyn Kinman Marcie Kinney Tom Kirchmeyer Carol Kirk Paul Kirk Sunny Kirkland Connie Knox Scott Koger Susan Kraps Angela Kuykendall Craig Kuykendall Glen Lacoste Cindy Lamb Donnie Lancaster Ronny Landis Carrie Laughlin Kimberly Laurence Matt Lawrence Scott Lawson Randy Laxson Doug Lee Ricky Lee Rhonda Lemons Rodney Lemons Linda Leonard Matt Leslie Teresa Lester FFGSHITIGFI 147 Michelle Lewis Kim Little Deeana Long Rhonda Long Lisa Lott Mike Loven Karen Lynch Charlotte Manler Jenni Maiocco Tommy Malin Johnny Malmquist Pete Manicchia Devan Manvel Marty Maples Kevin Margerum David Marrel Mechelle Marshall Pat Marshall Jason Martin Lisa Martin Misty Martin Leticia Martinez Michelle Martinez David McAllister Sherry McAnally Ryan McBride Ron McCarty Lynda McCollom Randy McCormick David McCoy Kendra McCurry Becky McEIyea Melissa McFadden Cathy McGee Valerie McKee Troy McKenzie Desiree McNamee Troy McQeen Chuck McRae Felicia Means Sandra Mendoza Brad Merritt - 10 eo 148 Freshmen fv fi? "7 Loretta Messick Kirk Mexia Jason Middlebrook Mike Middlebrooks Debbie Miller Mark Miller Ronnie Miller Tina Miller Tomarie Miller Jon Mills Kellie Molina Pat Molina Cathy Morgon Lisa Morgan Anne Morris Bill Morris Dana Morris Kim Morris Tommy Morton Mike Moscrey Luann Mullis Andy Murdock Andy Murray David Myers Davy Myer Tanya Myers Cynthia McCollum Bill Myrdahl Gregg Napier Dan Neihardt Shaun Nelson Lisa Nicely Kathy Niles Kathy Norfleet Lynice Norlock Gregg Norton Roy Ontiveros Cathy Oper Adam Otero Tony Pacho Jan Packer Kelly Packer Freshmen 149 Sandra Parchem Debbie Parker Wendie Pate Ladonna Patterson Lisa Patterson Susie Patterson Yvonne Patillo Vickie Paugh Shannon Paul Chad Pearson Pat Pearson Richard Pearson Joe Pedraza Russell Pedri Sylvia Perez Melissa Perkins Daniel Peters Shawn Peterson Ed Petty Cassie Phillips Kristil Phillips Lisa Phillips Ciro Piccola Steven Pinchkard Tracy Pitts Kenneth Plant Shirley Platt Danny Plumer Wendy Plumer Lisa Plunk Lonnie Pollard Kerri Porter Melinda Porter Terri Porter Cindy Power Mike Prange Debbie Prater Klent Preitt Robert Prewitt Dewayne Prime Dana Pruitt Tommy Pruitt f X A7 Kris Pyle Krystal Rabe Mabel Raburn Brian Rains Cindy Raitte Kim Ranyte Danny Ray Bryan Reasor Glenn Reasor Carolyn Reed David Reed Rodney Reese Mike Reyes Sean Reyes Misty Rhodes Tracey Rhodes Amy Rice Lisa Rich Paige Rich Tracy Rickerson Stephanie Riedner Emanuel Rios Mike Rios Maria Rittmuller Steven Ritzer Shana Roark John Robbins Greg Roberts Patcharee Roberts Melody Roberts Vincent Roberts Marye Robertson Aaron Robinson Doug Rogers Chuck Rooney Jeana Roussel Mike Rosa Keith Rowan Larry Rowland Michele Rubio Kim Russell Kim Russell Freshmen 151 David Sampson Cindy Sanders Eddie Schmidt Angela Schnurr Jack Scott John Scott Mark Scott Jarrod Sebastian Michelle Sebright Walley Selman Steve Sharp Kirk Shaw Rita Shelton Michelle Shero Butchie Leigh Shipley Mike Shirah David Simmons Michelle Simmons Mike Simmons Todd Simmons Kirk Sipes Scotty Sitzmann Sue Skelton Joey Sloan Craig Smethie Audra Smith Karen Smith Marvin Smith Shawn Smith Wade Smith Scott Sorrey Kay Southern Barton Spivey Kelley Spraogan Diane Spruill Joey Srader Lisa St. John Deana Starkey Angie Stegall Chad Stelly Todd Stephens Roger Stephenson M75 "-fm Xl YQ mf? 1' X 2' 'SIQZL Brent Stewart Chrlsta Stewart Jamle Stone Wllllan Stone Eruc Stovall Doug Stuart Andrew Suder Krlsty Sumner Jan Susko Kenny Swlndle Scott Talmage Alice Tanner Sherrl Tent Chrls Taylor Sherry Taylor Tlm Taylor Jamle Teems Marlan Temple Chrls Terry Sharon Thomas Karen Thompson Vonna Thornburgh Long Tleu John Tilllson Bryan Tomes Nhan Tran Steven Trevino Sandy Truesdale Stacey Tucker Came Turner John Turner Ted Tutor Debbie Valera Llsa Van Briggle Kelly Vanlehn Danlel Vasquez Dottie Vaughn Llsa Vestal Bud Vldean Vickle Vogt Chrls Wade Charlie Torres Charlene Waggoner Steve Wagner Kenneth Waits Carmel Walker Jeff Walker Flaenell Walker Jim Ward Ben Warner Michael Wasserman Marvin Waters Pam Watkins Angela Watson Sheila Webb Steve Weger Linda Wells Steve Welsh Allen Wennberg Bruce Wheeler David Wheeler Laura Whisman Beverly White Jimmy White Lavenda White Stacy Whitton Larry Whitworth Trice Wilbanks Dale Wilkins Ann Williams ref - "f. a . 1 ' We ,Q 1 A QQ E . ,,., ,.-, , aggui,:"'g1 '. if z' 9. I ii ,Q 4 e iv -' ,. , y I Q, ,Q Wg, '. . .,t,, h w- K V, ,f L , F J 1 k g 5' . .W Hr- - , ,I ,.,.A K 1 1' aft! 'Ln' K K W oyx 34.5 X- X fs, ,, 'Pi -- 1, 1, .A , ., ., W W i - .. gt I D fa fg , 'lex lliyit gn ' a 2, V S it y g e it W i ,f it ix W QV as We Lil' fx 'f Q21 .. 'Y g? '32 iiiafgfgiii . ffl' Yfuwiz- ' we hw ,.,. 'awe z ,. 'vs A-. H Q gr . 4 1 " is . M' . fps ,Q , ' I E ax ,,P 4 f , f 3 Ag.. Q l ' ' q WM, f., "fn at 4, , my ayiii t Q it gr I gy. , , ,l a 'ga , - , f, in K ..i, W l gf 1 4, ' 1-0 wx' X V' ,S ,, A - ,. 3 'i 4 y. i - ' i ., Q W 1 , 'af 4, 154 Freshmen i l it - fs V i 'f f n N V g kzlq OGG! mg V 4 I L si 4, N' J 'W Y ' ,fri 1 gil W Q f I 2 all at ' I ij? Y A 1' Z fag' 1 1 X A H . ' l I " git, A A I if f it X W .Yi fs y : 'K V1 - ., Aw' V :H Q .A Il 0 ir . K 4 , A ,W , L' Av '55 " , A 11 ntr , .V I Q, I I aryl x v I , fn? vlr kx, f,, iq- , gy V 4' gm i . f 1 K Q " M - ' ,L Q, , "H, Q' I Y ' Q ' " . ,,., , as , ., ff? T V, - ' Q' I Wk 71' 'UK .1 :A . f fsrfrl. is T Y fl ' V if h Donna York , ' ' Craig Zackary 'T ' - L , " 'fri - KathyZamora t Q 0 ' il Stephanie Zimmerman -4 'T + , 'T fs V S V . f E, x ,J . V ,L y My ai' i Billie Jo Williams Joe Williams Lance Williams LeeAnn Williams LeAnn Williamson Wendy Wills Joey Wilson Steve Wilson Tommy Wilson Elizabeth Wingler Russell Winslow Marcy Wojlkowiak Crystal Wolf Timothy Wolf Sheila Wood Tracy Worrell Tracey Wren Billy Wright Marla Wycoff Tony Yarbrough Bill Yates Put on a happy face. Rhonda Hanman freshens up after a work-out. Freshmen 155 Pride Starts at the Top Meeting monthly on Mackey serves as School Mondays at 7:30 in the Board President and Administration Building, the oversees the School Board, School Board and the which hears inquiries from Administration help keep the patrons and makes policy school district running changes for the school smoothly. The district. Together, the Administration, headed by Administration and the Dr. Ralph Poteet, handles the School Board help keep business side of the school North Mesquite High School district, especially the one of the best high schools various budgets. Mrs. in the area. WSU School BOBN1- Porterg Standing: Jerry Stroud, Seated: E.J. Larsen, Secretaryg Sue President, Reba Jonesg Cary Ann Mackey, Vice Presidentg James Tanamachi, M.D.g H.E. Finley MISD Superintendent, Dr. Ralph Poteet will 17" Mr. Jack Hicks - Business Dr. Don Wooley - Personnel Dr. James Terry - Instruction ee L qwix w,gf1y,fi ,Y . me ,,.. Y, , me, , N .iwxfeiw,wmgwwiawf . , ,LH .weeie .es Wie -ea ffvfff- i X .wii.wifsfawfixswifiv,iaV+i'i'MaWvw.m rwiffssli iwfasfiw feffff ,ffm 32:51 . 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"l enjoy my job as much as anyone possibly couldg otherwise l wouldn't spend such long hours at it." Being principal of a student body of over two thousand demands large amounts of time, love, and patience, all of which Mr. Campbell has. He tries to hear what students have to say and does his best to make them happy. "I feel that the most beneficial asset l have obtained by being pricipal is my association with kids. It keeps my belief that there is a good future for our nation because of the nature of our kids." Mr. Campbell enjoys his time off as much as his time at work. His farm in Winnesboro, Texas keeps him busy during his spare time. "There are always things to do. Fences to build, hay to bail, pastures to tend, and many other things seem to always keep me busy!" When asked if he ever found hisjob boring, Mr. Campbell exclaims, "No way! A principal's job is different every day and there is so much to learn every day!" Step up to the mike. Mr. Campbell prepares to make a speech. Ol' Blue Eyes. Working hard is just one of Mr. Campbell's jobs of the day. an ,Q ,. tif? Aa. YI? YNY Five Alive. Mr. Campbell observes a basketball game with coaches R. Barnes, Swann, Wolfskill and Mr. James McCoy. Songs ot Woe. A discussion of morning activities are shared between Ms. Jones, newspaper sponsor and Mr. Campbell. x my 'fp' I' rg il 'Nm X, A fa .Q lb !""" XXX 533 ,-if -X rig? qv NMH it K Topping ii oft. Mrs. Wood helps Sandy Hetzel with her mortarboard before graduation Take this job and love it. Mrs. Wood is always willing to take time out from her job to help a concerned student. ., 132' fm. ,,.,,,4U' 164 Teacher of the Year 4 .fi H' qgfixf MPV' 5 -ci! . r rn gn-N X - eff' I V 4 ,"e ' i ' V, Halftime Heroes - The Blg Blue performs its award-winning halfti show. 1 V It I a V 1 'Q ' -Tit .'-, 5' 'tin Teach er of the Year The Leader of the Band Q. How long have you taught at North Mesquite? A. For about five years. Q. Where else have you taught? A. Well, I taught at McDonald Middle School for three years and at Mesquite High School for two years, where I was the assistant band director. Q. How long have you been interested in music? A. fChuckIesl As soon as I was born, I already started singing the Star-Spangled Banner! Q. What degrees did you earn in college? A. I got a Bachelor of Music Education at Abilene Christian University and a Master's of Music at East Texas State University. Q. Where were you born? A. In Abilene Texas. Yeah, I was born in a hospital in order to be near my mother. fLaughsl Q. What do you enjoy most about teaching? A. I have the advantage of seeing students mature HS you teach them. You see, most teachers get a Direct Approach - More marching drill directions are given by Mr. Kline. student for one year, while I have them for four. Q. What are your hobbies? A. Photography and computers: I have my own computer at home. Q. What do you like more - concert or marching season? A. tDeciding for a long timel Both are equal. In marching, we need more discipline and cooperation with others on a huge massive scale. In concert season, we do more things musically. Q. Would you rather direct a smaller marching band? A. I don't know. We could do harder things with fewer people. If we did that, we'd be cheating a lot of people out of experience. Q. Who influenced you to become a band director? A. Tony Anderson. He was my band director my senior year in 1969 at Abilene High School. Q. If you could describe this whole year in one phrase, what would it be? A. Very satisfying! Prince Among Men - Mr. Kline proudly shows his much-deserved Teacher of the Year Award. X X Teacher of the Year 165 Mr. McCoy Retires Closing Up Shop 0. What is the most important part of your job? A. flaughingl Trying to get every senior across the stage at graduations. Q. ls it really hard being the "bad guy" that principals have to be? A. Yes! I don't like that part at all. Q. Have you ever regretted punishing someone? A. Yes. When I found out that another student made the problem, I have to call the first student down and apologize to him. I never like to punish a student, but I was taught from day one to correct the mistakes as they come up. Q. How do your kids feel about your being a principal? A. I have a 24 year old son who graduated from NM who told me he wouldn't want to be in my shoes. My 26 year old daughter thought I used NM students too much when she was at Mesquite High. Q. What are some memorable things about your job? A. Working with young people and seeing them happy in what they are doing. I enjoy trying to help a boy or girl with their goal and I don't like to see anyone that is not enjoying life. Q. What do you do when you leave this school? A. I go work in my garden, fish, hunt and play with my granddaughter. I also work at the Fellowship of Christian AthIete's retreat center. Q. When you were in high school, how did you feel about your high school principal and vice principal? A. I loved them. Q. Did you ever get sent to the office? A. Yes! They did what they had to do to get me going the way I should. The talking board, keeping me in detention hall, etc . . . Q. Rumor has it that at one of the past graduations you literally gave the shirt off your back to a young man who showed up without one. Is this true? A. Yes, it's true. He showed up with a shirt that he couldn't wear a tie with, so we just switched shirts. A lot of parents were upset that I wasn't wearing a tie too! Well, Mr. McCoy, good luck in all that you do. North Mesquite will never forget you. Rifleman. Proudly examining his new gun presented by the teaching staff. F . if 1 . X A t il gi f sl i I 1 , f ft: Closing his door for the last time, Mr. James McCoy starts a new life A 5, rw'-.',?f-.:ff'af. i 3 ' 'J H , I I Q: V I 5. Q fI.L.L.Q,....,f.lf:.1 I W Mm' I ' VV L ,.,. gf V . if ,I v I A U, VVV, L l ,, R 6 .. Q 2 fi . X, ,, , ' kr 1 I fy fx ,A ,ny g f, V. 4 5, X , , I ,ns 'L ,H ' ,V V7 I K' -. - l ' V 1 '- M ' ' .iw Q-' ' 155.4 I N 166 Dedication '17 Morals of the Story. Mr. McCoy enjoys telling his favorite story. Rare Jim. A small glimpse of the "Real McCoy." Lel's hear it. Cindy Bowman and Jim McCoy share a laugh together. I -v-v I 'W Year? Standing on the Mr. McCoy enjoys a track the coaches. f C f y , xnxx M yg Q ' I ff , ,fig x 1 wi I v G ff! 5' Dedication 167 an f Q!! 5 .1 Q -"' 'Qfff W' ,I mf , - A 2 W, ,A f My . , Q T',,'4 v.: f',1. ff f' , 'ij 'fi' "' 'f11X4l.3,j3i K. ,E ' 4 Y , ,- ' 2 at ,L3,.AV,fJ?. Qrgf K, .V , W Q b "' , 4154-w.-,wfflv Q Y IAM 1 ,.ff, w,.7...f.f,.,'v3 llilllf ' - W R Q 1 Q 1 V 1 1 1 J F Pigskin Pups I V and Frosh Look Ahead At one time or another in most little boys' lives, the dream of being a great football player filled many an imagination. But where does it all begin? The elementary and junior high years are important, but high school is a different ball game. Adjustments must be made to high school rules and coaching. That is why the Pigskin Pups, JV and frosh football teams, are an important step in becoming a Varsity Letterman. In preparing for the dream, the Frosh Blue team began right with a 6-3-1 record. The coaches who stressed mental preparation and hard coaches taught them more than footballg they taught them discipline and how to care for other people. The frosh players will never forget Coach Barnes' stories about his high school girlfriends, Coach Morris' baggy shorts and sexy legs, or Coach Weeks' signals that no one could understand. One step higher on the ladder to Varsity football is JV football. The team began the season by devastating their opponents in District and winning eight out of ten games. Their only losses came from Lakeview 13-Oj and N. Garland Q18-14l. The high points of the season 'Man y of the teams we beat had better athletes, . . . but we had better coaches' - Matt Baker work were pleased with the team's progress. Coach Swann commented, "Each week, I could see improvement. That's what counts. Adjusting to high school can be hard, but it's easier when a player is not alone." "I know the coaches care. They may gripe a lot, but it doesn't bother me. It helps us to do better. lf they didn't gripe, I would worry," commented Adam Otero. The Frosh White started the season slowly, but ended the season by winning their last four games. "They're a good bunch of guys to work with. I know they will make sturdy Varsity players," remarked Coach Swann. When asked about the slow start, Bill Morris commented, "We had the big head, but half way through the season we realized we needed to pull together. The coaches cared enough to keep on us and finally we pulled out of the slump." The frosh players will always remember their first year of high school ball. The 170 Frosh Football were triumphs over HP Q27-Sj and Mesquite Q31-6j. Like the frosh, JV owes everything to their coaches. "Many of the teams we beat had better athletes, but we won because we had more discipline and better coaches," commented Matt Baker. The coaches' demand for discipline created a very humorous situation for one daring player. One Friday, when the team was working out in shorts and helmets, one player came out with his shorts on backwards so that the number was in back. When the coaches found out, they made him take them off and put them on right, and the player had to do it on the field! Outstanding JV player of the Year was Mike Collins. Outstanding defensive players were Diron Hitt, Heath Bobo, Randy Hendricks, and Vince Guerra. Outstanding Offensive Players were Mike Collins, Paul Canaday, and Chris Youman. Just the three of us. The JV coaches are Price Clifford, John Hicks, and Mark White. v,3f ,ff 1 st.' it ....m.i- as L ..'k Power Play. Mike pass with K x 1 if , X 'A f if , Q Q V 1 Leaders ofthe pack. The coaches are Mike Morris, Weeks, Ftandy Barnes, and Swann. Williams It's my turn. Mark Nester warms up for action against Garland. man, John Porter, Mlke Nash, Larry Holland, Dennls Arnold, Kelth Crockett, AI Starling, Chuck Houpt, Pete Hanvay, lrow 31 Coach Whlte, Kevln Fisher, Mlchael Johnson, Randy Hendrix, Darrell Petter, Jim Caln, Brian Sledge, Mark Nester, Tony Gustln, Kevln Haft, Jlm Dennis. lt's a treo country for John Boros as he breaks loose against N. Garland. Davld Farrls, Brent Isaac Deltoro, lrow 43 Coach Hlcks, Chrls Youmen, Damnon French, Todd Ferrara. Heath Bobo, Randy Kelly, Paul Canna- dey, Trevor Nelson, Curtls Arthur. John Gilbert. Greg Tapp, Lewls Grltfln, Coach Cllllord, and Denny Taylor. 982 Frolh teuml are lrow tl Bobby Prultt, el Rlos, Greg Hernandez, Lance Williams, elnglas, Mlke Bohn, Delayne Dona, Marvin ,Trent Speaker, Will Johnson, Donnie Lan- , Kenny Swindle, Joey Wilson, Kyle AI' . Chris Taylor, lrow 2l Kirk Mexla, Scott , Klrk Shaw, Craig Zachary, Roland Batl, y Dubose, Medium Bod Burgan, Steve Klng, Mlke Austln, Creg Norton, Zell Yates, Pete Manlcchla, Troy Crawford, Greg Grubb, Todd Simmons, lrow SJ Grant Gaultney, Roy On- tiveros, Bllly Wrlghl, Keith Bowan, Kyle Houpt, Davld Sampson, James Glddens, John Tllllson. Jlm Bob Holley, Bryant Ferguson, Sean Gassman, Chuck Jenklns. lrow 41 Scott Foster, Carlos Torres, Blll Morris, Gilbert Gomez, Jlmmy Blalr, Tommy Prultt, Aaron Floblnson, Dale Wllklns, Matt Leslie, John Boros, Scott Russell, Adam Otero, lrow 5l John Scott, DeWayne Prlne, Glen Farley, Brad Jones, Dan Nlehardt, Edward Betty, Jell Gouge, Ronnie Landis, and Shaun e son. JV Football 171 The Team of '82 Was the Recharging of the Blues Picture a dream: Time - Spring Training 1982 - Place - North Mesquite High School - Who - The Varsity Football team - How - grueling workouts, teamwork, determined seniors, eager juniors, dedicated coaches, and a vision of the District 9-5A title. "The Team of 82" had one thing in mind - winning. No more second and third place. They wanted it all, and they had what it took to get it. The Stallions cruised through District play untainted. Brian Cain added three out of four extra points to make a total of 27 Stallion points. The defense, led by Gerald White, Andy Braddock, Kevin Edgmon, and Don Dona held the Spartans to 6 points and a total of only 259 compared to North Mesquite's 385. Brian Cain had 116 yards passing and Dan Roach had 152 yards rushing. There were, however, three fumbles. The next stepping stone was the Skyline Raiders. The Stallions offense was unable "We had a lot of team spirit and unity. lt helped us achieve the goals we had set earlier. " - Brian Cain commented, "We had a lot of team spirit and unity. lt helped us achieve the goals we had set earlier." The team of '82 was most assuredly the RECHARGING OF THE BLUES! The season was often compared to a ladder, each game one rung to be climbed one at a time. The Stallions began climbing their ladder in fine fashion, the victims were the Samuell Spartans. The Stallion offense was up for the game, but before many fans had found a place to sit, NM had scored its first touchdown. With the game less than three minutes old, on the first offensive play of the 1982 season, Brian Cain connected with Todd Graham for an 89 yard scoring pass. Later touchdowns included a 28- yard run and a 77-yard run by Dan Roach. ln the final period, Frank Mills put the icing on the cake with a 10- yard run for six. Billy Parks 172 Varsity Football to put together any successive scoring drives until the last few minutes of the first quarter. Down by seven points due to an interception, the Stallions perked up after Dan Roach's 64-yard run for a necessary touchdown. The extra point by Billy Parks tied the game, 7-7. The game ebbed on until the remaining minutes of the third quarter. Kevin Black ended a 47-yard drive with a 9-yard touchdown run. Billy Parks put NM ahead by seven with his extra point. Even though there was no more scoring, there was still a lot of action. David Hollifield tipped a crucial Skyline pass and Matt Brown and Andy Braddock each got their hands on the quarterback. There were, however, plenty of fumbles and penalties. The Bryan Adams Cougars had always been a thorn in the side of North Mesquite. The Stallions were almost COFIL an Jr ... wage i fig.. rg' "' "f f""' ' . . , . Q, , .Z W.. .. 1 1 A sweetheart of a girl. R Johnson, the 1982 F Sweetheart poses w .1 .me M 1 Bringing the blues back. Brian Cain plays catch-up against BA. AIl's well that light end's well. Troy Morton holds on io a slippery ball against SOC. charge. Dan Roach Sizing up lhe enemy. The powerful in the endzone defensive line prepares for another Mesquite. SOC move. Varsity Football 173 Stallion Stats Points per Game - 23 Average 1st downs per game - 16 Average yards per game - 313 Points given up per game 10.2 Total Interception rushing - 219 25 passing - 94 Leading Rusher -- Dan Floach 1243 yards 16.2 averagel Leading passer - Brian Cain 994 yards Leader - Todd Geraham Q83 Leader in QB sacks - Andy Braddock Ui All-District Brian Cain - All. Dist., Offensive Back of the Year, Dan Ftoacl-t - All Dist,g Todd Graham - All Dist., All-Metro, All Greater Dallas, Defensive Back of the Year Jeff Dinan - All-Dist., stanton Aware, Rodney Scoreboard Watson - All Dist., Defensive Lineman of Season Regard 10-1 the Year, Frank Case - All Dist., All Metro, All State: Damon Dobson - All Dist.: David Leerssen - All Dist., Offensive Lineman of NM the Year: David Marshall - All Dist.g John Samuell G 27 Garner - All Dist. 12nd teamyg Andy Brad- - dock - All Dist. 12nd teamjg Steve Skyhne 7 14 wontscnsagst - All Dist. tzna tearing Matt BA 7 20 Stephens - All Dist. fHMlg Matt Brown - S, Garland 23 34 All Dist. iHMl3 Jeff Leslie A All Dist. QHMJQ ' David Hollifield - All Dist. tHMl: Doug Wllmer 0 7 Mallon - All Dist. qt-tw. Troy Morton - All Gafland 0 34 Dist. mmf, Mike Furr W All Dist. QHMI Jeff H. Park 13 20 Dillon - All Dist., Stallion Awardg Flodney - Watson - All Dist., Defensive Lineman of Lakewew 7 34 the Yearg Frank Case - All Dist., All Metro, N- GBHFHU 14 35 All Stateg Damon Dobson - All Dist., David Mesquite 0 17 Leerssen - All Dist., Offensive Lineman of SOC 36 13 the yearg David Marshall - All Dist., John Garner - All Dist i2nd teamtg Andy Brad- dock - All Dist 12nd teamjg Steve Wohlschaeger - All Dist. f2nd teamli Matt Stephens f All Dist. QHMJ, Matt Brown - All Dist. QHMIL Jeff Leslie - All Dist. QHMJ, David Hollifield - All Dist. fHMJ3 Doug Mallon - All Dist. iHMlg Troy Morton - All Dist. it-livilg Mike Furr - All Dist. it-ttvly Punt tt there, guys. Andy Braddock Getting even. Matt Brown blocks a pulls off a successful punt against HP. field goal attempt by SOC. seaf- 'Km ,,,-I s, . 1 Royal Blue Guards. Frank Case and David Leerson clear the way for Roach against Mesquite. Black in action. Kevin Blat for six against Skyline. 'i I I Recharging of the Blues always the uncontested victors, but the rivalry persisted. The Stallions had a very sloppy first half. BA scored on the first play from scrimmage on a 70-yard run. The Stallions also gave up three fumbles and two interceptions. Some thought that without the power of Frank Case, Don Donna, and Dale Price, all three of which did not play, North Mesquite would have serious problems. Not so. The Stallions raced out of the locker room for the second half ready to settle a score. After some solid runs by John Garner and a timely catch by Troy Norton, Garner ran into the endzone. run by Mills, an interesting run by Black, a sneak by Cain, and a reception by Norton. The NM defense gave 23 points. The jinx was broken and North Mesquite was on its way to District. When it came to Wilmer, North Mesquite loved to win. Determined to make up for the embarrassing defeat in the previous season, the Stallions shut Wilmer down. The only score came from Kevin Black in the first half. Wilmer suffered from a bad case of slippery hands and bad throws which NM capitalized on. They gave up two timely interceptions. Wilmer couldn't recover the loss as NM finished with a 7- "The H. P. game was our highlight." Billy Parks evened the score, 7-7. BA had to forfeit the ball after Andy Braddock sacked the quarterback on the BA 11. After some good runs by Mills, Brian Cain sneaked into the endzone. The extra point was no good, making the score 13-7. Midway through the final period, John Garner ran for six and Parks made it even. The final score was 20-7. The previous three wins were nothing unless the Stallions could win their District games. Their first, against South Garland was a heart-stopper, NM had not beaten SG since 1975 and they felt enough was enough. The very physical game saw NM claim five SG fumbles and three SG interceptions opposed to four NM fumbles. Penalties were frequent in this offensive match. Scoring included a run by Roach, a 0 victory. - Mike Smith The next rung on the ladder to success was the Garland Owls. The Owls were obviously outclassed in their bout with the Stallions. The game had the Stallions' name on it from the word go. On Garland's first possession, they fumbled and it was recovered by Kevin Black. The Stallions capitalized immediately in four plays with a Cain run. The next scores came from a Dobson reception, a Roach run, a Cain run, and a run by Matt Stephens. Parks added four extra points. The Stallions defense held the Owls to a no-score game, making the final score 34-0. But the best was yet to come. It all came down to one game. "The HP game was our highlight. We all felt good about ourselves because we knew all the Cont. Varsity Football 175 We've only just begun to party. Jay Trusseii and Wade Wallace lead the celebration after the HP game. Caught in the squeeze. Brian Cain and Jeff Leslie get caught by a SOC defender. 176 Varsity Football 'QR Touch of clash. Andy Braddock gets ahead ofthe HP quarterback. ing the herd. Bobby Brady the Stallions cool-off during e. Recharging the Blues preparation was well-worth it." commented Mike Smith. The rivalry between NM and HP is understandable. NM was always getting beat and they were tired of it. North Mesquite waisted no time in proving who was more spirited, more talented, more capable of the two to win the grudge match. On the Stallions first possession, Cain unleashed a pass to Graham, all alone at the Scotties 30, for a 68- yard touchdown. Billy Parks put NM ahead by a score of 7-0. Cain however, wasn't through with his crowd- stopper plays. The very next offensive play for the Stallions, he found "lt was exciting to rivals" Dobson for a 57-yard score - 13-O! Two plays, two passes, two touchdowns! The HP Scots made a feeble attempt to catch up with two field goals. In the third quarter, Garner ran four yards for another touchdown. With the extra point, the Stallions led 20-6. Highland Park was determined to make the game 20-13. With less than two minutes to play, Highland Park made one last attempt to win, but Graham and Marshall took care of any threat. It was over. North Mesquite had beaten Highland Park. Dreams do come true. Coach Tyler during his pre-game talk, decided to add some spice to the locker room. He walked in wearing a HP hat. He asked the guys if they wanted to remember the game that way, they all yelled "NO!" Then Coach Barnes tore the hat off, ripped it up, jumped on it, and threw it in the garbage. After the game, HP coach, Frank Beavers commented, "They just whipped us. They whipped us on offense and defense. They were well- prepared. They had great enthusiasm and hustle. Our players didn't have that kind of intensity." There ain't nothin' like sweet revenge. The next obstacle, Lakeview, was an easy one. Scores came easily as the Stallions picked off tive passes and forced two fumbles. The first two scores were credited to Dobson. One on a 37-yard run and the beat our CrOSS-town -- Frank Case other on a 47-yard pass from Cain. Other scores came from a Cain run, a Roach fumble-recovery in the endzone, and another Cain run. Parks added four extra points. Lakeview made one touchdown early, but Stallion defense held them. The final score for NM's 12th homecoming was 34-7. The dream was becoming bright. North Mesquite cruised over North Garland easily on their way to District. Teamwork was the key. Cain connected with Graham for a 71-yard pass-play for six. Cain made two touchdown runs of 10-yards and 2-yards respectively. Garner scored on a 1-yard run and Stephens finished the scorings with a 2-yard run. Parks added five extra points. N. Garland attempted a comeback with two touchdowns, but the final COM. Varsity Football 177 Recharging Of the Blues score was 35-14. Nine down and one to go. The week before the Mesquite game was a tense one. Both Mesquite and Highland Park had only one District Iossg the Stallions had none. A Stallion loss to Mesquite would create a three-way tie between the three, a Stallion win would place them in first and HP in second, right where NM wanted them. The first touchdown was set up by a Graham interception. Five plays later, including a 55-yard catch by Dobson, Garner burst over the center for six. Parks put NM ahead by 7. A personal foul dampened NM's hope and another touchdown, "I am proud of our team and l'm proud to be a part of it. " - Todd Graham Jimmy Mohr, however, kicked a 26-yard field goal to further the Stallions, 10-0. Early in the fourth quarter, Floach, who finished the game with 121 yards on 25 carries, carried in the last score on a 1-yard run set up by the crushing defense. The final score was 17-0. The bragging rights of Football rivalry in Mesquite, Texas were back in the hands of the Stallions after two long years. "This has to be the greatest," commented Childress, "It's our first perfect season and that's what you work for." The Stallions were paired off against the contenders from District 10-5A, South Oak Cliff Golden Bears. The game was rough from the beginning. Roach scored both touchdowns for NM and Parks added one extra point. There were , however, many 178 Varsity Football fumbles. That and lack of mental preparation took their toll as SOC piled up 36 points. The final score was 36-13. "I feel like we did not mentally prepare for the game like we should have," commented Todd Graham. Despite the loss to SOC, North Mesquite had its most successful and exciting game ever. A type of school unity was formed because nearly everyone was excited about their Stallions. "I am proud of our team and I am proud to have been a part of it," commented Todd Graham. Dreaming pays off. t.ob'sm and Ioave'em. Brlan Cain gets a pass off In the threat of a SOC defender. A beastly affair. Dan Roach races for yards as he is being chased by a Rising to the occasion. T-odd Graham interrupts a Patriot's Bobby Brady, Doug Hall, John Crumply, Mike Enriquez, Wade Wallace, Dan Roach, Louis Ftosales, Doug Mellon, Kris Cummock, Mike Furr, Rodney Watson, Frank Mills, Anthony Riz- zotto, Gerald White, Jimmy Landis. tRow 33 Dale Price, Chuck Llpsett, Jelf Leslie, Matt Brown, 330-lb. SOC defender. intention for a reception. 2 Q 1 'if 7 1 I 1 i - i 1 Ki' f , Close encounters ol the turf kind. Frank Mills hits the turf for warm-ups. I. Bobby Jette, Todd Graham, Brad Davis, Mike Collins, Jon Richerson, James Fernandez, Gary Larkin, Gary Joe Kinne, Brian Cain, Damon Dob- son, Jay Trussell, David Lamb. fFlow Al Jim Gilbert, David Leerson, Don Dona, Charles McLean, Troy Morton, Tim Ayo, Kevin Edgman, David Marshall, Frank Case, Andy Braddock, David Hollifield, Kyle Trlbble, David Burkhart, Scott Austin. lFlow 5i Coaches Kenrg Barnes, Gena Tutle, Claude Tarver, Ben Tyler, ary Blair, Ben Robertson, Dennis Hart, Bill Taylor, and Gary Childress. Varsity Football 179 One on One lnexperience, lack of school support, small injuries, and the frustration that comes with all these were the problems the 1983 Roundballers had to overcome - not the point spread. They were a better team than the 16-14 record indicated - games were usually lost by three or four points. The 1983 Varsity Basketball team approached their problems One on One. No one expected great things from the roundballers. They were a young, inexperienced team with only commented John Brown. No one thing affected the Stallions' performance. lt was the little injuries that kept piling up. John Brown, however, did have one serious leg injury midway through the season. Unlike years past, there was no one outstanding player. The team consisted of ten balanced players. The team, however, was very young, there were quite a few sophomores on Varsity, some of which were Miles Haberer, Larry Blunt, Felix Foster, and Tim Tafoya. "Our main problem was inconsistency." one returning starter - Keith Adams. The other seniors, John Brown and David Fudge tried to provide leadership, but it was not until the end of the season that they felt comfortable with their new roles. The team surprised even themselves by winning more than half their games. The games lost were due more to bad breaks than bad playing. "The Stallions' main problem was inconsistency. One game we'd be up, but the next we would be sloppy," - John Brown Other players included Milton Crutchfield, Jimmy Brown, Rodney Hinton, David Fudge, Keith Adams, and John Brown. As did everything else, team unity varied. The players were just learning that they needed to pull together to have that winning combination. For most of the players, this season was an educational one. As far as effort was concerned, the roundballers scored A+. Every member gave 10006 and Coach com. 182 I get a roundball. Rodney Hinton goes Keep the ball rolling. David for a shot against SG while Miles Fudge looks for a possible pass Haberer backs him up. against HP. 180 Varsity Boys Basketball Shootout. Larry Blunt goes Owl f0I' two over the head of a Garland Pass you like it. Rodney Hinton tries to clear himself for a pass against Lakeview. Basket case. Miles Haberer shoots for two against SG. Prepped lor victory. Felix Foster stalls time in the victory over Highland Park. Il it fields good, do it. David Fudge looks for an opening against Mesquite. District Record 8 L 6 8 NM H. Park 41 38 N. Garland 45 69 S. Garland 61 46 ' Garland 38 36 Wilmer i 67 38 Mesquite 26' 29 Lakeview 35 52 H. Park 41 52 N. Garland - g iii.- 50 47 S. Garland 1 38 28 Garland 42 46 Wilmer 58 49 Mesquite 3 33 31 Lakeview A 40 52 Varsity Boys Basketball 181 One on Une Powell would settle for no less. 'tWhat the team lacked in talent," commented David Fudge, "we made up for it in hustle." As always, Coach Powell demanded discipline on his team. The players knew what needed to be done and they worked diligently to accomplish it. Of the fourteen District games, NM won six. A majority of the ones they lost in District were by under five points: Highland Park t41- 38J, Garland 138-363, North Garland t50-471, and Mesquite 133-315. The Coach Powell said, "The way they fthe Varsity teamt looked in preseason, l didn't think we would win more than five games. The guys showed a lot of character and really hustled for what they got." The 1983 season will be remembered by all those who are involved. The North Garland and the Mesquite game will always hold poignant reminders of their close scores. The team will never forget Coach PoweIl's "unique" phrasiology during practice and warm-ups. "What we lacked in talent, we made up for in hustle. " Stallions, however, did have a few bad breaks against - David Fudge Despite all odds, the North Mesquite Vat sity Basketball South Garland 161-48, 38-281 team survived only to and Wilmer C67-38, 58-49t. emerge stronger. The Stallions used the Season honors went to games they won as confidence builders. They Keith Adams tALL Dist.J and Miles HaberertAll Dist. - defeated North Garland 169- NMJ. 455 and Mesquite C29-261, Special recognition goes Lakeview Q52-35, 52-403, to Keith Adams who Highland Park Q52-413 and completes his fourth year on Garland t46-425. Varsity. Hot potatoes. Miles Haberer ai Keith Adams set up a passing I the Stallions victory over Lakex Tight Spot. Keith Adams looks for a Scots onthe Strings 182 Varsity Boys Basketball way out against HP. Brown and David Fudge se stall play in their victory ov I. 'X v JI K ' The a e Christine yy n E Q' -ff Jalnna 1 I Fosfer, Lu I V I K war Liv UWU Rdlllwh V I E , , I V n ' X' as , I. 1 5 Q X l XV, 7.3 N! --IV! Jx Aww: 41 2 U r . 4 4 H -J U Q L Lai Y Q Q-Z n 5 M H f 1 X N 5, " ' -1 S, s. i t V -, -m A my 1 W mr . ,QL 4 . ' " .N ..W,. A.., , ., as y giketbalhgam is Keith Adams. Felix Foster, Milton Crutchileld, Iibhn Brown, 'Mies Hitierer. Heiney HlQbn, Larry'QIhn1, my .DHVI -IUGQG. v' R 75 N f 4... 5,-if tt F Wd, A-mf, my , ' ' fwl, Y M., ' , , ,LJ 'AL Little Dribblers Since the NBSA extention team, the Dallas Mavericks, came town, interest in FBSKOTDBII h8S faken on new ife at North Mesquite. But as with every other sport, players start at the bottom and work their way up. Freshmen and most sophomores play on the Frosh and JV teams to gain experience for Varsity. The LITTLE DRIBBLERS worked hard but they had fun doing it. The JV team cruised through pre-districtwith a 11-5 record. Their few losses were close ones, losing only by a few points. Their eleven victories satisfying. Most of their wins were large, the biggest being over Bishop Dunne, 63-31. The Stallions had tougher competition in District. They held their own with a record of 7-7. The record, however, play, Coach Barnes would get out on the court and explain it to us." Funny things will always be remembered by the freshman basketball team such as Coach Barnes singing during practice and yelling "Hey guys - lt's the round orange thing with a net hanging off it!" One game no one will forget is the Irving High School game. The Stallions were leading by 17 in the 3rd quarter when Coach Barnes got excited and jumped up. As he did, he ripped the seat of his pants. He couldn't very well stand and yell at the team, so he sat down the rest of the game. The Stallions ended up losing by two. The most memorable game of the year .was the last: the opponent was North Garland. At the end of a low-scoring, high fouling first "He really did his very best to prepare us for varsity." ' - .Jeff Gloden does not truly portray the ability of the team. Coach Harris emphasized discipline and teamwork more than anything. Jeff Gloden commented, "Coach Harris helped us so much. He really did his very best to prepare us for Varsity. He's a great coach." The Frosh Blue had a difficult time getting their act together at first, but as the season matured, so did the team. They needed to use their first year learning the ropes, or else they would hang by them. Donnell Hayden reflected, "We performed okay for the first year, but we could have done better. We gave about 88'Ml when we could have given 100'Mw. We found out we could do more with fewer people." The Frosh White had a different type of season. They moved through pre- district play 8-4 and District play 10-4. They worked hard, but the team learned much about unity and teamwork from Coach Randy Barnes. Scott Johnson commented, "lf we didn't understand a 184 Frosh Boys Basketball half, North Garland led 24- 23. At the end of the first haIf,.NM had nine personal fouls. Neither team could connect with the basket for love or money. With 1:13 left in the game, Delayne Dona fouled out. With :28 left, NM was down by six. Fancy moves and excellent coaching tied the game with no time left on the clock. The game was a stalemate 46-46. In the first OT, another solid player, Rodney Chapin, fouled out. In the first overtime, with NM down by two, Scott Johnson tied the score. He later fouled out and NG scored a basket. The second OT was a sizzler. The game was close at 48-50. With three out of five starters benched due to fouls and a fourth injured, Coach Barnes put in his third string. Rodney Reese hadn't played 30 minutes all year, yet played excellently under pressure. He tied the game with a layup and drew a foul. Rodney shot his first free throw and SWOOSH - NM was up by one. After missing the second shot, NM stalled the rest of the time, winning a .fr I I I 1 C , y 1 NYJQQV. 55. ,I M is .tp . . ' tive rea l?nuteago.Delayne Db 'Nj' - I on, iani:l3Bart Spivey look for :ground against Lakev ' I .. 'Illlllllll close one 51-50. When asked about his performance, Rodney Reese commented, "I was dizzyg l knew I had to make the shot or else. I felt weird when it went in. I didn't even hear the final buzzer." . J I e X I . . l . I I 1 I I Fancy footwork. Greg Davis down the court against HP. E we XIX 5? Fhebest free thro lohnson K i in lilegh ti 4 r one. ,points lor experience. Jeff shoots for two against Bhd. No thank you, l'm driving. Gary Kinne breaks down the court against Garland. The -l.V. blaketbell team: Row 1: Greg Boling, Darrlen Goode, Lloyd Lea. Jeff Gloden, Gary Kinne.'Louis Gril- lin, and Chrls Phelps. Row 2, Coach Harris, Christine Lovey, Keith Higginbotham, Bobby Anderson, Jefl Farr, Steve Barker, Greg Davis, Danny Taylor, and Lou Ann Schwartz. W . The Freshman while team: Row 1: Stacy Houll, Timmy Blair, Barton Spivey, Scott Johnson, Larry Whitworth. Ross Foster, and Joey Wilson. Row 23 Cero Piccola, James DeLay, Rodney Reese, Phillip Hearn, Rodney Chapin, Tlmmy Jenkins, Dolayne Dona, Chris Taylor and Coach Barnes. The Freshman blue team: Flow 1: Andy Murray. Scott Russell, Andy Murdock. John Galt, Raymond Beccera, ang goddhS:vmmons. Row 2: Bobby Prultt, Mark Scott. Chris Terry, Kevin Elliot, Donnell Hayden, Chris Taylor an oat: eeks. District Record e-a NM H. Park 55 47 N. Garland 45 33 S. Garland 56 50 eariana so sa wnmer 57 49 Mesquite 35 42 Lakeview 49 52 H. Park sa 39 N. Garland 34 41 S. Garland 37 51 Garland 55 49 Wilmer 58 54 Mesquite 46 45 Lakeview 47 66 District Record 6-a NM S. Garland 41 43 Garland 39 46 Wilmer 71 49 Mesquite 26 56 Lakeview 50 43 H. Park 1 41 40 N. Garland 32 71 S. Garland 58 57 Garland 77 57 Wilmer 64 53 Mesquite 4B 70 Lakeview 63 54 H. Park 63 46 N. Garland 49 55 District Record 11-3 NM S. Garland 38 50 Garland 57 67 Wilmer 63 57 Mesquite 38 60 Lakeview 34 64 H. Park 49 62 N. Garland 37 57 S. Garland 49 58 Garland 53 59 Wilmer 69 65 Mesquite 21 67 Lakeview 55 65 H. Park 57 50 N. Garland 50 51 Frosh Boys Basketball 185 l N Rebound for Glor "l didn't realize how much potential we hadg l really think we deserved what we got because we worked for it." commented Michelle Steele on the girls' brilliant basketball season. As the Stallions raced undefeated through District, the 1983 Girls Varsity Basketball was Rebound for Glory. The girls had an incredible preseason as well losing only to Duncanville 138-20, 38-31, 44-215, Lewisville Q52-43, 68-565, and Caldwell Parish Q44-395. The District games were not easy knock-offs. nf didn't realize hOW much potential we had" - Michelle Steele The fifth game of the District season was against the Lakeview Patriots. The Patriots fought hard before succumbing the powerful Stallions. The round ballers led by ten after the first quarter 10-20, and led 32-18 at half. However, the third quarter was more difficult as the Stallions scored only nine points to Lakeview's eight, making the score 41-26. The final stanza saw the Patriots go into a full court press that enabled them to several steals, but as the slogan indicated, the Stallions were "second to none." They held the Patriots off and finally defeated them 53-44. Lori Porter was the high scorer with twelve points. Several factors added to the Stallions' success. Some of these were their rugged 186 Varsity Girls Basketball full court press, their aggressiveness, and accurate shooting. All of these factors added up to carry the Stallions from victory to victory. When it became evident that the Stallions would sweep District, their popularity peaked. The roundballers were paired up with District 11- 5A's Bryan Adams for the Bi-District playoffs. Even though Jackson and Hearne got into foul trouble early, COD Up, up, and away. Lori Porter battles for the tip-off against Mesquite. ai X n ---mm A I' , j l x x ' I ii O f ...ff ,,:1wf:' 1 '-. ,. - W NW' F " . ' ,,5,s,.g ..,, , E2 , 5 A 5' ' if A Q ails l .mf . xy . .JH MB 1.-Q ' ' hw, 5 Xi ...J K'XW w fu .fn -1, we X - 4 fn- WW' 1- 'L :ELL 'Lx' ' 'A J-A 1 , wY,9fSf YL fy . 5. Q, ,QQ b an 4' v w W2 ll Ex i 3 E X 1 an 4 I ' i' .., QQ 4 5 v" 'lY Y W ,' ' f A, ' 9 t ' N ' H Q l ' if f QA if ' mum ml'-In lb g . gig E x 1 mm mum A I , A A if f +""",aY 40 5? M .44 42 ' Q X J X A J r N5 ku 24 ...I 'P--J 3--4 1 6 6.4! ' , sd L -I 54 sv 5-a mi 1 "' F rl B E g 5 55 e 5 s -.5 5' 5 S E E V . ' 'ifqa fx I 1 YU 1 rig ' Wim!-Avfg.M'n.v. n unc! wav .:p .Vy I .w 'un -,4,.,g ' ' . X .' - , ,. t ,pq E N' v' -A ,. , ...-1-:an-auf:-'.fgm,.JuN Rebound for Glory the Stallions took a halftime lead of 28-22. With Lori Porter scoring a total of eighteen points, the Stallions romped 48-34. Scores can be deceptive. Such was the case in the Area play-off game against Dallas Carter. The final score 43-39 does not give an accurate picture. Falling behind early forced the Stallions to settle down and concentrate. Coach Capps, anyone the Stallions had met before. Longview wore NM out and finally won 78-55. Even with the loss to Longview and the season ended, it was the most exciting girls basketball season ever. Coach Capps commented, "This season has been the most rewarding, exciting one of my career. Seldom do such strong, positive leaders come along. They are "Winning District was the fulfillment of OUI' df63lTlS', or "mom" as she was called, demanded strict discipline and this time it payed off. Shooting by Hearne, Jackson, Dunn, Steele, and Porter enabled the round ballers to snap out of it and become the Area champions. They were play-off bound and running. Waco was the next and final stop for the girls. Their opponents, Longview, were tougher than Courts ot action. Michelle Steele contemplates her next move against North Garland. 188 Varsity Girls Basketball - Kelly Dunn wonderful, unselfish athletes who perform as a team." The girls worked hard and it all payed off. When asked about their Area championship, Kelly Dunn commented, "lt felt fantastic! After the four years l've spent playing basketball, all the work paid off. Winning District was the fulfillment of our dreams. Bi-District and Area were the extra rewards." On her toes. Kristi Hearne gets off a shot against Lakeview, lt's my turn. Kelly Dunn prepares for a pass against Wilmer The 1983 Managers are Karen Wilson, Leighla Bardwell and Casey White. Where do we go from here? Michelle Steele looks for a way out of a tough situation against Wilmer. One, two, three, turnl Lori Porter uses unique posture to work around BA. District Board 12 0 Playoffs N Garland S Garland Garland Wilmer Mesquite Lakeview N. Garland S. Garland Garland Wilmer l Mesquite' 1. Lakeview ' Bryan Adams Carter Longview Varsity Girls Basketball 189 Roundball Rall Growing can be hard and fun at the same time. While the JV tied with Mesquite for the District title, the Frosh took their time adjusting to new rules, a new school, and a new way of life. The team . learned much about teamwork, discipline, and character. They certainly had a Roundball Rally: - Freshmen have to learn A and basketball is no exception. The adjustment to high school ball is a big one. "We played hard, but we had a lot sickness and in'uries Mesquite Q34-33l. The Stallions placed 1st place in the Arlington Tournament, and won consolation in the Arlington Sam Houston Tournament. ' The team gave 100'Mt and earned their success. Their new coach really added to their success and taught them unity. "This year has been great," commented V Debbie Prater, "We made it over many obstacles. We really learned to get along. We also had a lot of respect for Coach Reed." I-loopin' for the best. Debbie Prater backs up her teammate against Mesquite. - S I throughout the season. We . "We made it over many obstacles." T - Debbie Prater just couldn't seem to get I ii everyone going at the same i time," commented Deana Starkey. The team ended with a record of 5-7. JV had an amazing season for such a young team. Their ' season record was 20-5 and their District record was almost Hunblemished, 11-1. V "This was a terrific season. The athletes really learned how to pull together and play as a team," reflected Coach Fteed. The highpoints of the ' season were the defeats of Wilmer Q55-46, 56-27l and Q 0 f . K ,L '-war' i 41251 f .S if ff gym, . 33 gag.. If Q. 1 N 24, 190 Cirls J.V. Basketball It was rebound to happen. Terri Th' 1903 FHM Bllkltblll mm is vow -11 Annette Hawkins, jrow 33 Gary Blair, K - Lisa Ksllehan, Shelly Farris, Shirley Farris, Harper. Card Fluk, Cindy Goode. Ch porter puns 3 smooth moVe agamst Chalette Mahler jrow 2l Shannon Paul Dondi Mesquite. Asians, usa e6ya, Sheree cmnamfeecny McGlea, Wagoner, Carmel Walker, Kim Hicks, Su Daughty, and Cindy Ferguson. 'Ty' l X District Record 4-8 ' M . . 99 44 Mesquite 1 '5 8 Lakeview 1 l4 29 N. Garlanq l3 24 Garland 3 '4 19 S. Garland' 8 22 , Wilmer '3 27 Mesquite 1 I6 25 Lakeview '1 23 N. Garland '0 30 Garland 1 '9 20 S. Garland 9 30 Wilmer l l l On the rebound. Terri Porter passes A? around a Skeeter. i , 1. LW 7 U lu' A 1 . , F , x ' Sf ll sz 1 fx A . ,. . I . . . . vs . l 4' Qy Ne . I ' aw 191 . N U 30.33 N45 34.41 sl The 1883 JV loam ls irow 11 Pam Morrow, Kerrl Coach Reed, Suzie Merryman, Kelli Revenneugh. Hallman, Marla Wycoft, Tonl Smllh, Dlna Gercla, Pam Miller, Michelle Malone, Belinda Garzea, Debbie Terrl Porter, Cathy Garcls, Montl Brown, lrow 2l Prater, Lora Hennlg, and Sherri Baldwin. t Set. Marla Wycoff takes the ball A ay from a Skeeter. Dlstrlct Record 4 11-1 ' NM . 51 41 N. Garland 79 47 S. Garland 37 30 Garland 55 46 Wilmer 41 63 Mesquite 41 19 Lakeview 42 30 N. Garland 31 28 S. Garland 34 32 Garland . 56 27 Wilmer 34 33 Mesquite 62 19 Lakeview Girls Frssn Basketball 191 Take to Court The North Mesquite Volleyball team began the season on fire, wanting the District title fiercely. The decided to take 9-5A to court, and them guilty. The handed courts District a loss to "The highpoint of ting recognition fro turned to catch a glimpse of a fast-rising sport, Lea Ann Stephens commented. "The high point of the season was getting recognition from the school." She stepped out on the court to begin the game. She served first, last, and only. Never before had a student at North UUE the two ea GT- t2nd fifteen straight SOC one The 68 Volleyball t 2 Gartand Wllmer N Garlawd Lakevtew Garland Mesqulte H Park S Garland Wilmer N Garland Lakevtew Gartand Mesquute H Park SOC Pearce Cypress S Garland Wwlmer N Garland Lakeview Garland Mesqunte H Park S Garland Wilmer N Garland Lakevuew Lancaster Duncanvxlte Irvtrvg Nrmnz Lancaster Duncanvulle Kicking the Habit From the beginning of NM soccer, there has been one problem. Because the sport wasn't big enough, it was not UIL sponsored. That meant that even though the Stallions brought home the District Title several times, that was the end of the road. With a new coach, Weldon Swann, and new UIL sponsorship, the Stallions were kicking the habit of years past. The Stallions had to work hard to win the District Title. "lt seems like this year, our team worked more as a unit than ever before," commented Kevin Sledge. The season opener was Though the Stallions gave their all, the game was a stalemate, 0-0. The last game of the first half of District play was a close one. The first point scored on the Stallions in District play was scored by North Garland. The Stallions won by a closer margin, 2-1. The second half of District play was not as high scoring as the first, but just as successful. The boys defeated South Garland 3-0. The Stallions also beat Mesquite, 1-0. North Mesquite made a repeat performance, beating Lakeview also 1-0. The Stallions cut loose against "It seems like our team worked more as a unit" ironic. The Stallions lost to Pearce, 1-2, but that was the end of a short losing streak. The Stallions began to get serious about their game when they played BA. NM won 2-0. The last pre-District game, against Greenhill, was won by NM, 2-1. The District games were what it was all about. Winning here meant everything. The Stallions blazed by South Garland, 8- 0. NM kept their winning ways rolling by whipping Mesquite, 4-0. Playing two games a week can be draining, but the North Mesquite Stallions didn't look tired at all as they beat Lakeview, 6-0. The Stallions had always been a high scoring team and the game against the Garland Owls was no exception. The final score, as NM clipped Garland's wings, was 11-0. 194 Boys Soccer - Kevin Sledge Highland Park, as always, was tougher than anyone else NM had encountered. the Garland Owls. The final score of the onslaught was 10-0. NM again met their rivals, the HP Scotties. The outcome was the same as the previous meeting. The final score was 0-0. History has a way of repeating itself and the last game of the regular season was no exception. The Stallions and the NG Raiders were tied, 1- 1. In the wining seconds of the game, Steve Kinney got off a Once-ln-A-Lifetime goal, and beat NG 2-1. Enter the 1983 District 9-5A Champions. The Stallions had set their goals high - the State Championship. However, the soccer team got a little ahead of themselves in the Bi-District bout with Ft.L. Turner. The cont. Glory bound. Billy Parks himself out of a pack of Sc Goalie for it. Robert Granado stops a close one against Mesquite. Fancy Footwork. Billy Parks gets off a quick kick against Lakeview. Blue and White lor night. Joey York makes a solo shot against Lakeview. .1 Avg Dynamic Duo. Steve Layer and Kevin Sledge pair upto outsmart a Garland Owl. Boys Soccer 195 Agony of the Cleats. Billy Parks uses skill and quick maneuvers to work around an opponent. Once-In-A-Lifetime. Steve Kinney prepares for his shot that beat N. Garland. NM 5 S. Garland 0 2 Mesquite 2 9 Lakeview 0 5 H. Parlk 0 2 N. Garland O 5 S. Garland 1 2 Mesquite 1 6 Lakeview 1 0 H. Park 0 1 N. Garland 1 The 1983 JV Soccer tum ls irow 11 Karl Peters, Donnie Adams, Scott Hardlson, Scott McGowan, Kevin Feclane, Johnny Jot Cole, Mike Bacon, Chris Lawrence. Todd Bruce Snover, Break Fltz, Brian Sledge, Garza.end Coach Swann. , Nichols, Richard Kelly, Tony McGary, Daniel I NM 8 S. Garland 0 4 Mesquite 0 6 Lakeview 0 11 Garland 0 0 H. Parlk 0 2 N. Garland 1 3 S. Garland 0 1 Mesquite 0 1 Lakeview 0 10 Garland 0 0 H. Park 0 2 N. Garland 1 196 Boys Soccer The 1983 Varsity Soccer team is irow ll Mile Pearson, Kevin Sledge, Gereg Hall, Woody Kinney, Greg Puckett, Steve Kevin Kelly, Kevln Jones, Robert Granada, Mike Hunter, Richard Fowler, Bobby Deets, Mark Ray, Casey Sheffield, Daniel Jett Fothergill, Blll Kula Crow 25 Billy Parks, irow 35 Johnny Joe Garza, Joey York, Steve and Coach Swann. .el .4 . 7' 633 Kicking the Habit team's mental attitude was not as positive and disciplined as in games before. In an extremely tight game that ended in a shootout, North Mesquite lost the Bi-District title by one goal, 4-3. Though the season ended in a different manner than most hoped, the soccer team and its coach considered the season a success. The Stallions and their new coach, Weldon Swann, had to get used to each other. Coach Swann stressed discipline on and off the field. He worked to keep his team in shape. He said, "I wanted our team to be the best conditioned team themselves playing benchwarmer during their game. At the time they didn't think it was funny, but it was good for a few laughs later on. The JV boys continued winning by taking the District title again. They won eight games and tied three games. Many awards were won by the soccer team. The district players were: fist teamj Kevin Sledge, Casey Sheffield, Bobby Deets, Robert Granado, 12nd teamt Billy Parks, Mike Pearson, Kevin Kelly, QH. M.l Greg Puckett, Joey York, and Steve Layer. Casey Sheffield was "Coach Swann taught us discipline and kept us in shape" in the district." Once the team began winning, the guys understood his motives. "Coach Swann taught us discipline, and kept us in excellent shape. He's a good coach" commented Billy Parks. Coach Swann's emphasis on discipline created a funny situation for Billy Parks, Bill Kula and Robert Granado. They were singing on the sideline during a JV game and found Unrivaled. The Stallions celebrate after beating NG and winning the District title - Billy Parks awarded Defensive Player of the Yearg Joey York was awarded Offensive Player of the Year, Steve Kinney was awarded Most Improved, and Mike Hunter was awarded Sub of the Year. Break Fitz was JV Defensive Player of the Year, and Scott McGowan was JV Offensive Player of the Year. Coach Swann received Coach of the Year. King of the Road. Steve Kinney prepares to complete a pass against Lakeview. Stallions stride in pride. Richard Fowler outpasses a NG Raider. Boys Soccer 197 "' ' '--....,.....jy" ,A ,I :. .W . . . ai ,. k WE? ..,......-2' ...ff , uw Era of Success Enter freshman class 1979. Sixteen girls who loved soccer and each other. Most of these girls played Varsity their first year and continued winning District. Though they were young and in four years they had four different coaches, the girls soccer ended an Era Of Success by winning Regional Championship their senior year. Unity was necessary to be one of the top four teams in the state. "Unity was one of our strong points. All of us got along very well. We love and respect each other as individuals as well as players" commented Robyn Walker. Since only four schools in the District have girls soccer teams, North Mesquite has to play each team three times. The second round of District play was more successful than the first. Also during this time, the Stallions were pitted against non- District teams. Lakeview was again pounded 12-0. Lewisville fell prey to North Mesquite, 2-1. Mesquite was beaten by the well- coordinated team 4-0. The game everyone was waiting for was here - Highland Park. This time, the Scotties did not get away so easily. The Stallions were the victors, 2-1. Plano ended this "Unity was one of our strong points" The season began in fine fashion as North Mesquite took on John Martin. They emerged unscathed as they won 8-0. Their next game, against Plano, was a close one as NM beat them, 1-0. The first goal scored against the Stallions was by Duncanville, but the Stallions remained undefeated as they won, 4-1. Lake Highlands were the next victims as they fell to North Mesquite, 2-0. The first game of District play was a slaughter as North Mesquite romped over Lakeview, 8-0. The Stallions later beat Hillcrest, 3-1. North Mesquite always likes to beat Mesquite. They did worse than just beat Mesquite, as they roared 8-0. Highland Park always provides plenty of trouble for North Mesquite. Despite solid playing by the Stallions, the game ended in a tie, 1-1. third ofthe season by losing - Robyn Walker to North Mesquite, 2-1. The last third of regular season play was more challenging than the previous two. Lakeview started by succumbing to the Stallions, 2-0. North Mesquite had trouble with Kimball as they lost 2-1. But the Stallions bounced back stronger than ever to beat Mesquite, 5-0. The regular season ended on a sad note as North Mesquite lost to Highland Park 1-0. Enter Senior Class 1983 - District Champions!! In years past, this was the end, but with new UIL sponsorship, the Girls were now eligible to continue on to bigger and better things. And continue they did. Newman Smith was no obstacle as North Mesquite won 4-1. North Mesquite home of the 1983 Girls Bi-District Champions. The next rung on the Girls Soccer 199 Make your mark. Lorrie Mosher and Stacy Duntord are in the clear Walker this way. Robyn Walker gets against Mesquite. School ol hard knocks. Cathy Garcia works around a HP Scottie. ahead of a Mesquite Skeeter. The 1983 Glrls JV soccer team ls frow 11KeI- Monica Montoya Cathy Moreno, Christi Cathy Garcia Tracy Wren, JoAnn Plccol . . a. ly Van Lehn, Jean Burrows, Lannette Har- Foster, Lon Clark, Sa'Lisa Allen, lrow 21 Amy Weatherby, Jena Locust, Jenny Leg- bour, Donna Armstrong, Eva Robles, Coach White, Karen Stachowiak, Kelly Ball, gett,and Beth Wright. NM 2 H. Park 4 Plano East 2 Lewisville 0 H. Park 1 Plano 3 H. Park 4 A. Martin 2 Plano 3 Duncanville 2 L. Highlands NM 8 John Martin 1 Plano 4 Duncanville 2 L. Highlands 8 Lakeview 3 Hillcrest 8 Mesquite 1 H. Park 12 Lakeview 2 Lewisville 4 Mesquite 2 H. Park 2 Plano 2 Lakeview 1 Kimball 5 Mesquite 0 H. Park 4 Newman 2 Lamar 3 MacArthur 0 Kimball 200 Gll'IS Soccer . Q. .,,c....4:t g The 1983 Girls Vanity Soccer team is lrow Tracy Limmer, Lori Kirkpatrick, Linda Chambers, Robyn Walker, Amy Fletcher, 11, Angela Rios, Donna Armstrong, Kim Flat- Underwood, Barbara Morris, Karen Chalese Stachowlak, Stacey Dunlord, Julle tan, Kelly Flattan, Stacye Boler, Belinda Har- Stachowiak, frow 31 Coach White, Christine Rios, and Stacy Nelson. nandez, lrow 21 Teresa Rlos, Lorrie Mosher, Era of Success ladder to the top was Regional Playoffs. North Mesquite had a little trouble against Arlington Lamar in the semi-finals playoffs, as they won 2-0. The finals of the Regional Championship set Irving MacArthur against North Mesquite. The game ended in a shootout that no one could ever forget. Separated by one goal, North Mesquite grasped the Regional Championship title by winning 3-2. The state semi-finals were rougher than any other game went. We set our goals to go to state at the first of the season and we got there," commented Stacey Dunford. The JV Girls team had a season record of 6-2-1. Their high-point was beating Highland Park Q2-19 and Q3-U. These girls will be stepping into some big shoes in 1984. They hope to continue the tradition set by the varsity. A team of the Varsity's caliber deserved many awards. All District players were Ust teaml Tracy "I feel terrific about how far we went. " before. Kimball got the best of the Stallions, sliding by them 2-O. Coach White said, "Kimball played a different style of game than we did. They play a 'ball in the air' type of game. We weren't ready for that." The Stallions acquired a success unrivaled in '83. "The Best of 83" brought excitement to NM and respect to girls athletics. "I feel terrific about how far we Growing Pains. Belinda Hernandez plays any way she can against Plano Stacey Dunford Limmer, Stacye Boler, Stacy Dunford, Lori Kirkpatrick, Cathy Henry, Kelly Rattan, 42nd teaml Robyn Walker, Lorrie Mosher, Belinda Hernandez, fHMlAmy Fletcher, Teresa Rios, Chalese Stachowiak, and Angela Rios. Tracy Limmer received Offensive Player of the Yearg Lori Kirkpatrick received Defensive Player of the Yearg Stacey Dunford received the US Army MVP. Oh Henryl Cathy Henry takes an oncoming ball against Kimball. Girls SOCCGI' 201 The Best the game offers. Phillip Manicchia slides into second against Mesquite. The pitch's the thing. Sammy Fischer delivers a perfect pitch against T. Jefferson. f ,V 'YQ' W ,s q 3. K Yydvy BQQJeff,Pri?:e pitting i , ,, . 4 , 4, 1' VFW L, ' '. A ' 9' E W I '. gl nf -f1:w::viW"' . 1. ,, ,.'M1R'H"I 5' 5a,mf'1Qg3f 1 7Lrf'2 M ,7 4 . . . A 5 Af if 1 fl! . ,,,, . .f , ., aww . I Xi' 202 Baseball Coming home. Bill Hefner rounds Laid to waste. Jeff Price smashes the dreams ofa Mesquite Skeeter the bases against Mesquite. pick off. AA LYQU' Lf ., .tx A. :li C S 1 .12 ' :Q N se? '9 'sift 'F Q 'I 'ri it fig how to make it to 1st base. Darnell leisurely rounds the Battle of the Bases Success is usually measured by points, but some successes are measured in character, discipline, unity, and improvements. The 1983 Baseball team improved its defense, but had a little trouble with its hitting. For the Baseball team, the '83 season was a Battle of the Bases. "l'm pleased with the Spruce, in a tie 6-6. The Stallions, however, returned the win column by beating Bishop Lynch, 3-0. The Stallions participated in the Carrolton Invitational Tournament. They lost the first game to Newman Smith i4-5l, but went on to beat Lewisville 19-1l and Highland Park Q5-OJ. The Stallions won the Consolation Championship. "I 'm pleased with the team 's performance, but I think we had the potential to win District." - Hank Dixon team's performance, but I think we had the potential to win District," reflected Hank Dixon. The season began on a good note as the Stallions beat Bryan Adams 4-3. The Stallions continued their winning ways against Hillcrest i1 1-101 and Plano 115-14l. The Stallions, however, ran into alittle trouble against L.D. Bell 14- 14l and Irving MacArthur Q7-8l. North Mesquite, coming off two tough losses, ended the next game, against The Stallions began District play against South Garland. NM won 5-1. Other wins were Wilmer Q11-11, Garland Q10-65, and Highland Park 12-15. The first loss in District play came when North Mesquite played Lakeview. The final score was 0-7. The next game provided little hope as the Stallions lost to North Garland 2-4. Losses seem to come in groups of three. NM fell prey to Mesquite, 1-4. Slugger up. JV Player, Jimmy Jenkins prepares to bat against HP. Baseball 203 Battle of the Bases The second half of District play did not bring much different action from the previous half. The Stallions defeated South Garland, 9-1. They also defeated Thomas Jefferson, 5-0. This win was a very rewarding one because Thomas Jefferson always seemed to be perennial champions. The Stallions romped over Wilmer, 14-O. The next victims were the Garland Owls. They fell prey, 9-2. The next two games were rough ones for the Stallions. They lost to Highland Park 13-93 and to Lakeview again Q0-73. improved over the course of the season in the defense department, but their hitting dropped off late in the year during the competitive games for first and second place. Coach Hicks was well- respected by the Baseball team. "He's a neat coach who really knows his game. He's really easy to get along with," commented Sammy Fischer. The JV Baseball team had an overall successful season. They placed second in District with a season record of 8-5. All-District players were "We should have been in the playoffs" The last game of the season was the high point. For North Mesquite, beating Mesquite is priority one. In the season finale, the Stallions beat Mesquite, 4-2. The Stallions placed fourth in the District. "We lost a few games that we should have won. We should have been in the playoffs, but we didn't always play up to our full potential," commented Sammy Fischer. The team - Sammy Fischer 11st teamj Frank Darnell, QOFJ, 12nd teamj Sammy Fischer QPJ, Hank Dixon QOF5, Diron Hitt QCJ, QHMJ Kerry Davis tSSl, Kevin Black t2Bj, Jeff Price t1Bl, Phillip Manicchia QOF5, and Brian Cain CPL MVP for 1983 was Jeff Priceg Outstanding Defensive player was Diron Hitt, Outstanding Offensive player was Jeff Price, and Pete Manicchia was Freshman of the year. . H O9 iq . N gd 'L If ff. W7-w I s ' . 1 . A 4 ,fx fi Practice Makes Perfect. Mike Embrey, the JV pitcher, warms up against Mesquite. 204 Baseball The 1983 JV Baseball Team ls: tflrst YOWJ Stacy Snover, Kelly McPherso Coach Mo s M ke ara Chris Ha llto Holt Blll Hetner,Mlke Embry. David Baker, Mark Graham, Jlm Cain Tracy Hagar E c Stone Kltts Chls T gue, Jimmy Jenkins, Bruce Jason Haas, Waldo Kllll gs orth Todd Fer Bat Masters. Bill Hefner hits a single against Lakeview. Year of the Shortstop. Kerry Daivis spears a pop fly against Lakeview. ln... .. Garland N. Garland Mesquite S. Garland Wilmer Wilmer Lakeview S. Garland Lakeview Mesquite S. Garland 0 Wilmer 1 Garland 1 H. Park 6 Lakeview 1 N. Garland 7 Mesquite 4 S. Garland 4 T. Jefferson 1 Wilmer 0 Garland 0 H. Park 2 Lakeview 9 N. Garland 7 Mesquite 3 The 1983 Varllty Baseball tum Is lrqw ll Kyle Black, Steve Shlvers frow 31 John Hicks, Kerry Davls, Crowley, Joey Wallace, Randy Cook, Phillip Manic- Sammy Fischer, Steve Barker, Jeff Prlca, and Brelan chla, Pets Manlcchln, Chuck Llpsett, frow 21 John Ed- Cain. wards, Frank Darnell, Hank Dixon, Dlron Hitt, Kevln Baseball 205 G whh they I' est wnh TS ve- 'Qan- ,W .f Touch two, three, tour. Stepanie Zimmerman stretches for the Lancaster Meet where the Stallions took 1st place. Getting owhere Fast The 1982 Girls Cross Country team began their season full of hopes and dreams set on District, but as the season wore on, it appeared that they were getting nowhere fast. Like most athletes, the CC runners are highly devoted to their sport, but the team as a whole did not have the unity, desire, and persistence to take District. They did, however, have the leadership and coaching. Coach Robertson commented, "Our team was a combination of experienced and young runners." Julie Timms reflected, "Coach Flobertson is great. He spoils Oak Cliff, the Stallions were in for a big challenge and came out in 6th place. The rest of the season was more rewarding for the Stallions as they ranked higher in meets. ln the Lancaster Meet, NM placed 1st, 2nd place in the Jesuit and St. Mark's Meets, and first in the UD Meet. In contrast, however, they placed 3rd in the District Meet. The CC runners have valuable memories for the 1982 season. Some of these are "Donut Day" on which Coach Robertson brought them doughnuts and orange juice after the Thursday 'He spoils us like babies, but it sure is fliC9. ' - Julie Timms us like babies, but it sure is nice!" The first meet at Bishop Lynch, the team was geared up for a big meet, but the girls were a little surprised at their competition, or lack of it. No one else showed up for the meet. This gave NM an opportunity to gain valuable meet experience by being able to run with ut the threat of competition. The following meet, at South .il Make a run for it. Lori Larsen, who consistently placed in the top ten, runs the last few yards of her race in morning workouts, the UD Meet where several runners lost their shoes in the mud, and the District Meet when they spent most of their time under a bridge waiting for a break in the rain. Despite the outcome of the meets, the runners gathered memories for what turned out -to be a building season. Season honors were awarded to Lori Larsen and Gina Oakley. Hm, who wrote this? Coach Robertson checks his stat sheet before practice. What d'ya say? Sheri Teer concentrates on nothing but the upcoming Jesuit Meet. District. 208 Girls Cross Country Picking up speed. Gina Oakley gains ground on her opponent in the UD Meet where NM placed mm first. L'eggs onthe run. Kim Cavender finishes her race in style in the District Meet where NM took 3rd place. ff fi 5. Bishop Lynch 1st SOC Sth Lancaster 1st Jesuit 2nd St. Marks 2nd UD 1st District 3rd . Girlgcrggscgunlryigamis Stacy Bullard, Gina Oakley, Kim rlson,DebbieSelling,OutiUusitalo,Jill Cheryl guckrler' Sllerl -l-eer, Cavender, Wendi Pate, Ruth Tafur, Delaney, Stephanie Robertson, Lisa Zlmrrlerrrlarry Kelly pyle' Ben Flobertson, lrow 23 Tammy Carlton, Julie Timms, Lori Larsen, ks' Barbara Morrlsy McDaniel, Tammy Oakley, Angie Gar- TanisThompson, and Donna Arey. Girls Cross Country On the Right Track "The athletes on the track team produced to their maximum efficiency and capabilities. None of them can be said to have not given 1000!0 this season," commented Coach Brent Thorne. Although the tracksters gave 100170, they couldn't manage to pool their talents into one particular meet. The 1983 Track season was another stepping stone to their ultimate goal. The tracksters may not have won District, but they were on the right track. The track team's first meet meet. For the first time, NM hosted its own track meet. ln the NMHS Invitational, Dwain Baber placed first in the two mile run, Mike Kurtz placed first in the one mile run, and Frank Case placed first in the Discus. North Mesquite placed second in this meet, overall. North Mesquite attended the Mesquite Relays the next week. No one placed first in any events, but some very important personal goals were set by Frank Case, Kyle Tribble, Grant Gaultney, Darron Moore, Lonnie "There is no wayl could have gone as far as I did without Coach Thorne's help." was at Jesuit. Mike Kurtz placed first in the one mile run and two mile run, Mike Ramsey placed first in the 880 dash and Chris Youman placed first in the 120 high hurdles. North Mesquite placed second overall. The next meet was the Carl Norris Track Meet. Mike Kurtz again placed first in the one and two mile run and Frank Case placed first in the Shot Putt with a throw of 532 - Mike Ramsey Pollard, Mike Ramsey, and Ronnie Aga. NM placed fourth in this competition. ln the second Jesuit Meet, Frank Case placed first in the Shot Putt with a P.Ft. of 54'3", and first in Discus with 149'7". NM placed fourth in that meet. The meet that everyone was waiting for was District. Frank Case placed first in the Shot Putt, Dwain Baber placed first in the two mile run, and NM placed second in the Vaulting circumstance. Casey Sheffield clears the bar with no trouble. 210 Boys Track Venture Forth. Casey Sheffield pole vaults with ease in the District Meet. Out of the blue. Frank Case throws the Shot Putt 52' in the District Meet. Sand's in. Raphael Gaines demonstrates his long jump at the Carl Norris Meet. , ' M... in f 5' N af up a-M, sf' t. Q . Pk 3-f Y' if 'x 9, ' 1 ia a crowd. Dwain Baber is and ready for the race in he placed first in District. Majestic Moves. Frank Case prepares to hurl the shot putt, an event in which he won first place at th Jes 't Meet. 9 U' Boys Track 211 On the Right Track Mike Ramsey placed first in the one mile run. Overall the team ranked fourth in the meet. Coach Thorne worked real hard with the tracksters so that they could be successful. "There is no way I could have gone as far as l did without Coach Thorne's help," commented Mike Ramsey. Although, the numbers downplayed NM's success, the 1983 tracksters were successful in their own personal ways. "l've improved slowly, but I know next year will be my year," reflected Mike Ramsey, "l'm really looking forward to it." "l've not only improved physically, but l've learned to try harder and be more sixth in the District, they were on the right track. The girls began the season with the Carl Norris Memorial Meet where they put forth a good effort and placed fourth. The other meets they participated in were the NMHS Invitational placing second, and HEB placing twelfth in which Kerri Porter received out-standing performer. Other meets the team participated in were the Richardson Meet placing twelfth, Keller placing fourth, District placing fourth, in which Sandra Washington placed second, and the Regional Qualifiers, placing third in which Sandra Washington also placed third. Results of the District Meet were as follows: 3200 "l've not only improved physically, but l've learned to try harder and be more prepared to run." prepared to run. The only problem is everyone in the district keeps improving - Tanis Thompson meters, Stephanie Zimmerman, 13.48.83, 6th place, 400 relay, Cindy also," commented Tanis Lamb, Sandra Washington, Thompson. The girls varsity track team made great improvements and were very competitive in each of their meets. The track team is composed of over sixty dedicated girls willing to work durin theirs aretime Teresa Jackson, Kerri Porter, 5O.1'School Record', 5th placeg 800 meters, Angie Garrison 2.28.04 and 2.29.15, 4th place, 100 hurdles, Sandra Washington 15.30, 15.45, 2nd lace 800 rela Sandra 9 D - P 2 Y, Though they placed only Washington 27.58, Sandy ins Sn L1 Jesuit 2nd Carl Norris 2nd NMHS lnvit. 2nd Mes. Relays 4th Jesuit 4th District 4th FTW Running to the top. Dwain Baber places first in the two mile run at the NMHS Invitational. 212 Boys Track Tho 1803 Boys Track team is trow 13 Donnie Aga, Tlm Ewton, Pete Copin, Lonnie Pollard, Mike Prange, Ronnie Aga, David Dobson, lrow 23 Jeff Walker, Jerry Sebastian, Gilbert Gomez, Dan Batl, John Robbins, Todd Bell, Daivd Gardener, Sony Yarbrough, Brian King. irow 31 Mike Ramsey, Steve Skinner, Keith Collins, Kevin Jones, Dwain Baber. Ceasar Donald Wilcox, Todd Flentie, Casey 4 Fl h I G Mk H lrow J ap as a i e oy! McKee, Randy Colt Mike Kurt , Dara I1 trow 53 Coach Thorne Coach Barnes Clifford, and Coach Tutle 1 ,tw Spin and bear it. Frank Case sends the Discus 159'1O" at the Mesquite Relays. Look ol Life. Sheila Lucas places sixth in the District Meet with her solid throwing. gh . .. s .. J"-5' 3153 5, il li Carl Norris NMHS lnvil HEB Richardson Keller District Regional Qual. Regionals 4th 2nd 12th 12th 4th 6th 3rd 7th u:kteamisfrow1lLinda eLinda Garza, Sandy Truesdale. M., Stephanie Zimmerman, Marla Larsen, Outi Tanis Thompson, son. Sandra Washington, Debra Louis, lrow 2j Helena Walthall, Kelly Thorp, Sherry Baldwin, Cindy Lamb, Lisa Patterson, Kerri Porter, Nona McCarler, Debbie Selling. Tracy Moore, Michelle Warren, frow 31 Donna Arey, Kelly Pyle, Gina Oakley, Kim Cavender, Wendi Pate, Vicki Paugh, Hope Hazel, Sharon Leonard. Jean Gibboni, Julie Timms and Coach Robertson. Girls Track 213 On the Right Track Truesdale, 27.63, Teresa Jackson, 27.45, Gina Oakley, 4th place, Triple Jump, Kerrie Porter 33.3, 6th place, High Jump, Lori Larsen, 5'0", 3rd place, and Discus, Sheila Lucas, 91'1", 6th place. Coach Robertson's dedication to track has been astonishing. Not only has he worked diligently with the girls he has now, but also with junior high school girls to prepare them for high school track. The track program has grown to over sixty girls, over half of whom are freshmen. ln two years, the program has grown from nine fulltime and twelve part time athletes to sixty-nine fulltime athletes and twenty- one part-time athletes. Beginning next year Coach Robertson will be directing "lf it's going to work, you have to work at it. " - Coach Robertson the girls and boys track program at NM. The one hundred and thirty runners will be the largest group of student athletes except for those in the football program. It is a big job for one man. Coach Robertson, however, sees it as a great challenge and opportunity fo put NM on the map where track is concerned. He has gone to the state meet and talked with the best track coaches in Texas to learn how their programs are handled. "I would like to see what I can do with track in Mesquite in the next few years. It will be a lot of work, but l am looking forward to being in charge of the program myself. Students at NM will see a greater emphasis on track while l'm the coach. I look at it this way- If it's going to work, you have to work at it, " commented Coach Robertson. To further the interest in 214 Girls Track K " if Map, M ' MJ. A . 1 rtl X Q wa., . 5 tg, . V , A, Kwan Y V7 Q J F . M m., ,,, .,:.. f V , - l ,, , . . ., ' "" f-..,, my A M 9 fb' t ,,, 6 4 .. M. 'W gy Q 4' 4 ..., WMI, . ze t it F1 -. 'C 4' " ffj 5 M , ,,Eg?f,.QN me l Track and Field, NM hosted T three of these track meets in i I 1983, each having twelve 1 teams competing. In addition HF , to this, the track girls hosted V- ,,s. ,N i and officiated the Middle A M, l Schools Track Meets. All of N ,,. T , y 7 ' this helped call attention to fv g QEVMW' ,, , -- the girls track program as an . gngn ,...,- T W rr'ri """ alternative to other 2 ,I t .,V 4 ' . - ,gg g programs- .Ti , 1 A ' Q .,, l Sandra Washington xzfff N ' it placed second in District, 3 P' 2 -""i' third in Regionals, and had - . ,QA , W-' I the seventh best time in the g ' ' t state in the hurdles. 5 lr',ll , ' Sandra Washington, Gina I 1,3 Oakley, and Kerri Porter l 4 y were outstanding track 4 lf' 'i 'J q 4 performers and Tanis ir 4 ',i.. W I Thompson was given the EQ? . j leadership and spirit award. -' 'it f lgl, 4 Gimme that. Kerri Porter and Sandra Washington complete a smooth ex change in their relay. Milestones. Sandra Washington clears the hurdles with ease as she places second in District with the seventh best time in the state. Pushstart. Kerri Porter begins the 100 yd dash. ',z. I -.W G 1-. Yaf- Mi' s m ,, 'S' , '-fl., 4 t A .,,... J " ' 2- 'ff "' Mg , l W' ' fm - "" by W- ' W . sf.. ,g, -,, W, QQ. h A1 'Ganga-M .,., .. Vnjsggf Vt., V. ...a-sa, My W4 fy rm, wk 'W . ,, l ,,,5,,, J ' if' 'W lf, , ' -mr ' .six-.. W ye. ""':7-,5w.mLt, f , 1. ...s fu... k K , iiis, sl- " .l , .f,, . f V , , - x, 1 5 k X J V I . V .yi V 1 . ' 'i ' r iiif l I lf. .,,--'. , 4, it X i x l . X f Aa M W' W Q , ' " , i,,, l l i 5 M53 ff.v,' I n g M " A 5 , -if-Q,gf 1 Q, - , -"' 7 , " ff ,s 1' . I My 'V 4 Q51 I , ' ' 41-ff mgyv va My ,J A A.. an . ,,, ,,, t V .Wien .., " I f ' N K, Q t W.-4!"5,w' . Y -"T rd -r ,, , , , L- f , , ning with the pack. The Girls Track team enioys a rely stroll. Run tor the money. Lori Larsen keeps her pace in the one mile run. Girls track 215 Making a Splash Swimming is one of the less publicized sports, but that does not make it less important. The swimmers had to overcome obstacles, but they succeeded in placing third in District as well as accomplishing many personal goals. ln a sport that is highly individualized, the team managed to be fairly unified. They worked hard, but they had fun. "We worked out all summer, but it was worth it," commented Kendall Goodman. The 1983 Swim team really had fun Making a Splash. The swim team has been in existence for seven years and all those years they've had only one coach. Herry Gooding worked hard with tGlenn Shugart, Gray, Brian Cross, McQuistonl, 4th, Jan Calloway -- 100 yd Breaststroke, 3rd, 100 yd Freestyle, Sth, Shana Roark - 200 yd Freestyle, 5th, 500 yd Freestyle, 5thg Leann Chapman - 100 yd Backstroke, 4th, 200 yd Ind. Medley, Gthg Janet Bryant - 200 yd lnd. Medley, 5thg Kellie Brents - 100 yd Backstroke, Sthg Lannette Harbour - 200 yd Freestyle, 6th 500 d Freest le 6th . Y Y , 2 200 yd Medley RelaylBrents, Callaway, Chapman, S. Bannisterl, 3rdg and 400 yd Free Relay tRoark, Harbour, Bryant, L. A. Clemtsl, 4th. Don Garrison set a new school record in the 100 yd Butterfly with a time of: "We worked out all summer, but it was worth it his swimmers and the work paid off in the District Meet. Although they placed third, the meet was a good one. The swimmers swam faster in the District Meet than ever before. Results of the meet are as follows: Don Garrison - 200 yd Freestyle, 1st, 100 yd Butterfly, 2ndg Kendall Goodman - 100 yd Backstroke, 1st, 100 yd Freestyle, 2ndg Mark Draper - 500 yd Freestyle, 3rd, 200 yd Freestyle, 4thg Kevin Gray - 100 yd Breaststroke, 3rd, 200 yd individual Medley, 4thg Craig Smethie -- 500 yd Freestyle, 5thg Shaun McQuiston - 100 yd Freestyle, 6thg 400 yd Freestyle lGoodman, Garrison, Smethie, Drapery, 2ndg 200 yd Medley Relay 216 Swimming - Kendall Goodman 59-70. North Texas is in one of the fastest regions in Texas. The boys 200 yd Medley Relay consisting of Goodman, Gray, Garrison, and Draper placed 9th and Don Garrison placed 9th in the 200 yd Freestyle. Don Garrison and Kendall Goodman were All-District swimmers. Don Garrison and Jan Calloway were voted Scholastic Swimmers. Kendall Goodman and Jan Calloway were chosen as Most inspirational Swimmers. Special recognition goes to Coach Harry Gooding from the swim team as this was his last year as coach of the team. Coming up short. Kelli Brents and Becky Watkins console each other after the District meet. .ggi s qSMg,,,,,Q 3 vs ,r Kellie The 1983 Swlm Team is qrow 11 Brian Cross, Don Swim mam Garrison, Jan Callaway, Llsa Barton, Kendall , , Goodman, Mark Draper, trow 23 Kellie Brents, the DISli'lC'l Meat. Becky Watkins, Deryl Crumley, Kevin Gray, Stroke towards victory. Kendall Goodman placed 2nd in the 100 yd Freestyle. Going lor placed fifth In Brian at hls best in the 200 yd mmm W A wr. SUITE L Nunn: Macallan SNXNNHNG Janet Bryant. Crow 31 Scart Wagner, Shaun McQulston, Clay Cole, Bart Graham, Craig X t l ,- 1 NOnTH NUHTH Swimming 217 Stroke of Genius Dedication, determination, and ability. These three qualities were dominant in the 1983 North Mesquite Golfers. Coming off a disappointing 1982 season, the Stallions amazed even themselves by winning first place in two important tournaments. They came back with a stroke of genius. The Stallion golfers had set their goals high. They wanted to win Regionals, but realized there was much improvement needed. The change in the golfers was definitely noticeable. They golfed with "Our team was really close this year" - David Morgan more concentration and unity. "Our team was really close this year. We really supported each other," commented David Morgan. The golf team suffered a disappointment when the team did not reach reglonals. "We really set our goals on the state tournament. Regionals seemed almost something we took for granted," remarked David Morgan, senior. The golfers did a superb job, winning the Mesquite Invitational Golf Tournament and also the South Garland Invitational Golf Tournament. However, they fell short of their ultimate goal by placing third in the District Tournament. The golfers seemed to play very well, especially Vance Gilley and Matt Holcomb, inthe fall, but tended to slack off in the spring. Coach Tabor, funny clothes and all, was very supportive as a coach. "He always helped us whenever it was necessary. I've never heard any player say he didn't like Coach Tabor," reflected David Morgan. Golf I 'Til a par, par better thing. Tim Free follows through with a perfect putt. New ways to play it. . 4,1 ,,..:5 V' . .-aeif.,f,- ., , awk., 4 -a ltksmw .-v 2 - . XA4, U Alf!-+P I , Teed off. Bill Kula tries new math at the District Meet. Go For lob or money. John A demonstrates an Julie Schnurr b-.......a.....,. ag . J- .. M4-Q., - Court gestures. Teresa Martinez and Julie Schnurr display iheir unique style of doubles. wr- 'RX rf J., -43-H1 W-- V .. f ....-,.w.,l " g , if 'aff .1., -,M i . . - , , in i 5 n 1,32 jams. ,k,'- bien ww 5 1 55 ' - ' ' ' " ...t. . 2 , , l., ' i , it 1 L , YL, J A , . QA . , fhx. 1. 1 i- W .. ,ic ,ip t. in A 2 L g ff M A J Q' - 1. , .. A ' A F Q ilir . . ' i- it LLM V .F A . f- ir '1 X my ' 3 X Hx . 'E K A ' 'Q an .tix 'ist ' ,' sei f we Y 1' is V ' it 4' 'K . 4 1 ' 3 ' -2 i A f K - infix fi" - ' T' i t , .15 , , Y .' 'gf J as, T i n 2 gt, J . :gi t-1' : 1, 4' by A fiat ai 'ri g of '. . '1fil:fIl5'U"' ' lt , .is . V am. trow ti Lori Clark, Amanda ecky Griltith, Kim Morris, Melody Eryn Gibbons, Michelle Bentley. Julle Teresa Martinez, Kristen Crockett, Rogers Kerri Lawbaugh. Lisa Golding. lrow 23 Paul Hunter, Pat Pearson, Tommy Morton, Barry De M S' M'k V I K ' nton, arty itzman, I6 este, evm Walton, Bill Parmer, John McDaniel, Steve Kavitsch, Dwight Reid, Scotty Sitzman, Joey Sloan, John Mills, Brian Costa. Kevin Briggs, and Coach Brinkley. Raising a Raquet ln all the hurry and scurry of all the highly organized sports, the smaller, yet just as important sports, such as tennis are often overlooked. Though they aren't given enormous recognition, they still press on and succeed. The North Mesquite Tennis team had a good solid season, but better yet, they had fun raising a raquet. The tennis team placed second in the Fall tournament and second in the Spring tournament. Julie Schnurr and Teresa Martinez defeated North Garland and placed third in District girls doubles. John McDaniel and Marty Sitzman defeated North Garland putting them in third place in District boys doubles. 'The support of the other tennis players on the team was tremendous ' -- Julie Schnurr Highland Park seemed to be the undefeated obstacle in the Stallions' way to District. The North Mesquite Tennis team was considerably young. Becky Griffith, Melody Roberts, and Scotty Sitzman, all freshmen, did a good job and added to the program. Other players doing an outstanding job were John McDaniel, Rudy Davis, Dwight Reed, Marty Sitzman, Lisa Golding, Teresa Martinez, Julie Schnurr, and Kerri Lawbaugh. Teresa Martinez and Julie Schnurr provided excellent leadership. "The support of the other tennis players on the team was tremendous. We'd help motivate each other. We all played our own game of tennis, yet we helped each other out," commented Julie Schnurr, senior. The unity of the tennis team was one factor that allowed North Mesquite to place second in the District meet. Coach Brinkley did an excellent job of coaching and played an enormous role in motivating the tennis players. "He can get us fired better than anyone can. He helps our tennis and at the same time our attitudes," commented Julie Schnurr. Tennis 221 M Sports Extra A new wave of individualism hits society every day. Students at North Mesquite have always found ways to be unique and different. Two people in particular have found ways to be different in athletics. Diane Spruill and her gymnastics and Mike Price and his motorcross racing have earned a spot in NM'S Sports Extra. Diane Spruill first became involved in gymnastics when she was five years old. Her mother got tired of her jumping on beds and turning flips in the grocery store aisles. To prevent injury and to channel all the energy Diane had, she was enrolled into the Mesquite "I love my sport. It is really love it. " Recreational Center gymnastics program so that she could learn to flip properly. She progressed very quickly and at age six she was placed on a team which eventually moved to a private club, The Metroplex Gymnastics. Diane then began competing in a team situation at seven years of age. Diane's awards include USGF Class I Texas State Bar and Vaulting Championship, USGF Class l Regionals, USAIGC 1st Bars tfinalistj and Regional Qualifier in USGF Class I. Diane sustained a serious injury in late spring of 1982, so she has been out of competition for awhile. She will begin training lightly for a until she gains some 222 Individual Sports strenght. Diane hopes to get a college scholarship her senior year and become a Sports Therapist. "Hove my sport. It is different, but I really love it," commented Diane Spruill. Besides being a top notch gymnast, Diane is a Piano Guild student and has studied modern jazz and ballet. she has earned the reputation from her peers as being a good loser as well as a good winnerg she respects her competition. Mike Price is involved in one of the most physically demanding sports in the world - motorcross. Mike likes his sport because he is constantly moving really moving! Anywhere from different, butl - Diane Spruill fifteen to thirty guys compete in a race and Mike is one of the best. He first became involved in Motorcross because his dad and brother had bikes and at age six Mike got his first bike. In 1981, Mike won the state championship in his class. In 1982, he rode an 125 expert, but he received an early injuryg so now Mike races on a 250. Mike Price and Diane Spruill are good examples of people who pioneered new things in tradition bound situations. Sometimes it is tough to do something that is not 'in,' but Mike and Diane are individuals and are interested in realizing personal goals. Same bike it hot. Jeff Price races his US Expert bike as wins the 1981 state finals Sterling performance. Diane Spruill won the USGF Class I Texas State Bar and Vaulting Championship. Big battles over small machines. Jeff Price shows off his bike in his regular races. X V,pJ 'Sk X 'Q Jump to it. Diane Spruill warms up before a gymnastic meet. Individual Sports 223 Saints and Winners Athletes come and go, graduate go off to college, but who helps them achieve their goals? Who binds their wounds, both physical and mental? Who - the coaches and trainers. Some athletes will spend more time with their coaches and trainers than they will with their parents. This close association between the athletes and the trainers and coaches produces respect, friendship, and admiration. When an athlete is injured, the first thing a spectator sees is a trainer run out and help the player off, but the story doesn't end there. Many people have a misconception about the role of a trainer. Dennis Hart and Sarah Wolfskill are the scenes and that is where we want to stay," reflected Dennis Hart. Because the coaches and trainers work so close together, funny things do happen. Coach Wolfskill helped quite a bit with the Varsity football and an interesting thing happened in the endzone after the H.P. game. Everyone ran down to celebrate in the endzone and Coach Childress grabbed Coach Wolfskill and planted a kiss on her. Leave it to Cable to get the whole picture. Good coaches are essential for a successful sports program. NM has been very fortunate to have such a crop of winning coaches. "We keep 'em playing" both licensed by the state of Texas as certified Athletic Trainers. They must keep up-to-date on every type of sports medicine in order to be efficient. The trainers can't be everywhere at once, that is where the student trainers come in. They are instructed in basic first aid, CPR, care of injuries and many more necessary skills. When an athlete becomes injured, the trainer's job is to get him back to full playing capacity. "We keep 'em playing," commented Dennis Hart. They must work with the player to rehabilitate him so that he will be able to play again without risking further injuries. "The coaches decide who plays, but they work with us and won't play anyone we think is still unfit to play. We belong behind 224 Coaches and Trainers - Dennis Hart The relationship between an athlete and a coach is much different than a student-teacher relationship. Coach Randy Barnes commented, "Coaches and athletes are much closer. lt's almost a friendship. There is still respect, but there is also a strong bond." Coaches not only teach athletics skills, but also teach sportsmanship, discipline, goal-setting, and the acceptance of the judgements of others. These will help them more in life than athletic ability. The athletes, who comprise approximately one-fourth of the school, owe alot to their coaches - and they know it. Frank Case commented, "They are special men. They want us to be first - in athletics and life!" 'fl , , 3. 1 4 ?,,,,Aj lifl 'N W fi C a , A - 4 ' 'f Z:-1334: :rig-sf. . ' we-tt. . A , .U ,. , ,,.xxp-1s,.,,f.. 1 fi D 1 Sif ,'WifL.i"i1fSgs Jr :widen-" ff .- ig - . miffegg hm.- + fly , .T ,.+i.,,,.-lm A coke and a mile. Coach Thorne prepares for a vigorous workout wlth America's 31 soft drink. . .,, 1 -ncbi , ff Q .. Anticipation, Coach Swann for the final outcome of the game Dressed to chill. Donna Arey and Monti Brown ice down Lannette Harbour's sore knee. I read you LOUD and CLEAR. Claude Tarver keeps in touch with the men upstairs. Look-Outl Gary Childress gives All dressed up and no place to go. an eye-catching look during the Trainer Dennis Hart bandages the ankle Stallions battle with HP. of an injured athlete after practice. P Scapel, please. Sarah Wolfskill Stachowiak. Monti Brown, Donna Arey, chuck Kevin Fisher, :sac oenora, Damon Fudge, James and Karen Stachowiak to a patch- Lipsett, Sarah Wolfskill, lrow 21 David Kaun, Landus, and Bobby Brady. up job on Tracy Limmefs knee. rruzirzrgf xavgerlfs, hfgairrdwhgglrgg 2?lC':1arIf's 'LaboEIMiZe gliltord' Jargtes Bgnklen agdD Vggldcgi iwann, Afhlgfg in training, Donna ru , y rn , o n IC s, au e o pic ure 3 on owe an e ue ea on, Charles Tarver, Gary Childress, Ben Robertson, Price Capps and her son' Chad' relax after the Garland Owls downfall to NM. Coaches and Trainers 225 denjs Energetic studen day five days a at scho hours of study, t omg to busy Blawg B 4 I 413' if Optim Jon Y 4 1 . I Q K , ,xt rd fbgbloo , Carr f jzer C117 C7 ! 1 dk 'sf fl? Sophomore A Classflzff ii e 0ffiCEi'Sf President: Gary joe Kinne rf Sophomore Favorites 3 ww A Vice President: Todd Ferrara r r . rr ,,a . , Segrgfaryg J o Tracey Way 'K A J' R ' 'i 232 Favorites wifi , V M .tif ig, f Ms- Q , Yr 3 ,v1i,,. Va x 5 i - 'f?',.,ff.sf,A B5 I 1 e1 Q1 C5 if 1 N , N a , , x 1 'I 5 C.: wp . YU n, w Sq 0 was- 1 . W f if' . V sf - f l M E . 12 ,ay ss 1? fy '3 Q: tt , ,,. ,. :Q Q, Aki, 'Li J i W.-G G - 1-fr'-, 1 'J'-'C Uv 'wtf-, G ' ff, f . 0 Q The Homecoming Queen of 1883, Sherrie Reville and her proud father, Robbie Flevllle, are both surprlsed. Eydie Guevara ls escorted by Louis Guevara. "r-, 1 X ., - . ,"s:fQ' aaifl' x 4522" LQS G-gf -Q' 1 1 Q 'E 5 S f , ,. E' fa "Wg: . 'nf' fsf- " ,Q -, 1 V4-M. ,1 4- A Tip' 5- 9 S 1 F94 .ff 1 V l x azizgig, 14,3455 ww 4 ,. W wr 5 -s 5 57.2395 ' V 4- Q, I was ' fm ' 'vii' Q, :,t QQ nf at .. V Q 2 'orter is escorted by her father, Sherri Green is escorted by her ce Porter. father, Billy Wayne Green. Homecoming 235 'YU Freak FRID YS! very Friday afternoon during football season NM students could be guaranteed one thing for sure - plenty of school spirit. The Varsity Cheerleaders planned the pep rallies right down to the last detail. Posters were hung in every corner of the gym as Stallion Battalion members wheeled in the school mascot. Band members tuned their instruments as Pacesetters and J.V. Drill members found their places in the bleachers. The pep rallies which the students and faculty participated in each week was different, but the spirit was always overflowing. One week a rock band performed and electrified the audience. At the Highland Park pep rally ex-coach Terry Kinard made a surprise visit and predicted the victorious outcome of the game against the Scots. Then towards the end of the season Coach Childress and his football team received a trophy from K104 for being the Team of the Week. The cheerleaders encouraged students to show their spirit by dressing differently each week. This gave everyone a chance to break the old routine of school life and let it all hang out. There was a sense of unity and togetherness that was shown at the pep rallies. The Mesquite pep rally is usually the last one, but not this yearg at the time of the bi-district game no one knew it would be the last game. Some felt this was the year we would go all the way to state. As we sang the school song and gathered around 'Spirit,' students felt a growing pride within themselves. But as the song ended so did the football season as NM fell victims to the SOC Golden Bears by a score of 36-13. Disappointment pervaded but nothing could stop the pride and spirit which was sparked by a dream of becoming winners at all the pep rallies. Horsing around. Tiffany Seabol and Janet Williams show their support for the Stallions at the Mesquite pep rally. hild-ren play. The Varsity heerleaders honored Coach hildress and the football team with singing Balloon-a-Gram pep rally. 63. Q . Q i W 2 y X I .. . K W", 45 XM' AM 1I?IJ"Q .J' ' ,M ,L ' , " S21 , .1-,M Az' it! ii .. .,,. ., fi ,Kuna , .z::::, 4 :Min I li' J J. :ua - fa 1' I-f A.. M, 4 n 14 ,., , W- W I -'stir . . ..:::::' 'f ::::f-- -2, iii 4 ll Getting Casual Being casual has been a trend for years and being casual often comes from wearing t-shirts. When walking through Town East Mall with friends, it is always fun to stop in T-shirts Unlimited or Spencers Gifts to see all the latest decals and t-shirts that are available. T-shirts are a way of expressing feelings that are otherwise unexpressed. Almost anything can be placed on at- shirt and they are therefore a good source of student expression. Rock concert Stars, school emblems, senior graduation years, friends signatures, school club emblems and activities, are just a few of the many things that are seen at school everyday. It was made clear by NM students that the number one reason that t-shirts are worn, is comfort. Rosemary Smith, a sophomore, says "I like wearing t-shirts because they look a lot more casual with jeans and tennis shoes. They are a lot more comfortable than some long sleeve shirts and look more easy going." Christina Tovey, a junior, comments, "I buy most of my t- shirts at T-shirts Plus. I wear them because they are comfortable and easy to move around in." Not only do students like t-shirts, but MS Attaway, French teacher, says, "Esput de corps - English - translation: A feeling of unity." She feels that French club t-shirts are a big must to kids who want to be a member of the French club. Remember how many times this Scene happened at NM. lt is the April Wine-Song. Karen Ethington Shows off her t-shirt after the concert. day after a rock concert, possibly Flush. The GO-GO's, or Aerosmith. Fighting the usual crowds through the halls, almost all that can be seen are concert t- shirts. AII those who were lucky enough to get tickets, wanted to show it, by wearing the t-shirt that represented the group. There are many places in Mesquite to get t- shirts. T-shirts Plus, T-shirts Unlimited, and Spencers Gifts are just a few of the shops where t- shirts and decals can be purchased. The t-shirts range from 53.00 to S13.00. Decals range from 81.50 to 33.00. T- shirts are definitely "in" as many NM students take advantage of the casual look and start 'Getting Casual.' Area champs. Lori Porter, Teresa Jackson, Kelly Dunn and Michelle Steele, proudly pose with B-ball t-shirts. Fashion NMHS. Stephanie Pierce displays the latest trend in t-shirts - Ocean Pacific. 238 T-Shirts f unmu Miasuums F E A Weight to go. Cliffton Paine shows un A J 0 N. 'Vi-L mining 'Felix xx srl? great enthusiasm for weight lifting. Pep power. Richard Abbott, George Hoover, and Perry Fletcher cheer at pep rally. J-0" Lag Pep talk. Keith Rowan, Kirk Shaw, and Ricky Lee, converse about cheerleaders. Always in a Rush. Debra Lewis models the latest in Rush t-shirts. T-Shirts 239 The bucks stop here. Money seemed hard to handle for seniors. Try alittle barter. Some seniors, such as Christie Carter, resort to barter to meet their debts. 240 Senior Expense th Picture this. Stacey Dunford Picture perfect. Rhonda Taylor captures her senior prom on film. poses for her senior portraits. X aying the Price "Seniors, you need to bring a S10 deposit for . . "Seniors you need to be in front of the auditorium at 7:30 tomorrow morning with your S25 deposit for "Seniors, your invitations will be here Monday. You need to bring These an- nouncements haunt the pocketbooks of most seniors - and with good reason. For most seniors, the expenses start during their junior year with the purchase of their class ring. During their senior year, a student may spend a thousand dollars. Senior por- traits can cost anywhere from fifty to a hundred and fifty dollars. The prom, of course, is a big part of every senior's life. To make this event memorable, some seniors spend hundreds of dollars. In preparation for Enchanted evening. Vance Gilley and Amy Fletcher experience one of the most expensive evenings of their senior year, the prom. Poor, poor me. Ronny Marriott looks for sympathy as he shells his last remaining dollar for invitations. graduation, seniors must order caps and gowns, buy tassles, and order an- nouncements. Janet Sloan commented, "We are being forced to face the real world by being stripped of our life's savings." Many seniors felt the same as they opened their pocketbooks time after time to pay the price of finally becoming a senior. Senior Expense 241 A Christmas Caroling. Julie Timms, f' Teresa Holmes, Lori Kirkpatrick, Kevin Sledge, Lee Tillery, and Karla Perry sing loud and strong the second verse of 'Silent Night.' Home tor the Holidays. Mrs. Betty , Wohlschlaeger and her mother receive an unexpected surprise when some students sing a few carols at the doorstep of her home. Y ii -A --Q 3 IQ. r fff Efgfie gf How the Grinch stole English 3. Mr. Tickling the old Ivories. Janeen Flon TayIor's traditional reading of Doolin entertains some ofthe the Dr. Suess masterpiece will be residents at the Big Town Nursing Christmas long remembered by his students. Home Christmas Party. Good Tidings Look past all the gift wrapped boxes and commercialized Christmas displays and a geniune feeling of the holiday season could be found at North Mesquite. In a time where the world was faced with inflation and unemployment the spirit of students were not dampened during the month of December. Some seniors gathered one winter night to spread a little Christmas cheer by singing carols door to door. Afterwards they enjoyed a get-together at FarreIl's. Many student's spent time with their special adopted grandparents at the Big Town Nursing Home. For many of the residents at the home, the students were the only family they had, and without them their Christmas would have been a lonely one. The year of 1982 ended with a very special season, not because of gifts exchanged, but because we learned that the giving of ourselves is what Christmas is all about. Trim a tree. Tracey McKenzie and Amy Wright put the finishing touches on the Nursing Home tree. 'X xg Y litiii 1 ' Sk, .- . ix . x 21 3212. f i . X -et? Q 5 4 ,.g5?.:1 ' K Q t s., , , im! I . ,,.!,. 2 Q4 b ' F f- " 1-Q: I ' f 1'-1 ,' " S S .' ' " M. QMS. fl t qt, ., , ,. , ,N assess... - X , M.. if Q .. K, - 'Zu . ,Q , C .- tr., 'l I lf.. fe" Jill' f- " .r 5. .ya-i A "f,s?""4g"s.4'-1' V. hui' jg I ,Ja 1, , is ' Q' .Lf-'V xiiiff' fs V " I gf.: 4 3' f , K f, ff r -'ff ! f ., Q' My ff - . i Y Lu: .. f,., A Saba' , Jon't rein on my parade. Eydie Euevara was chosen to ride on lhe Joskes float in the New !ear's Day Cotton Bowl Parade. I 219 .6-fa How lovely are thy branches. Kristi Rial searches long and hard for the perfect tree. . .fy i. . , , tr f 1. -U Bah - Hum Bugl Laurie Owens isn't a scrooge, she just didn't want her picture taken. A l 6? ,ga .Q Y s, K ae, Christmas 243 Raise your hands, stomp your Ieet. The spiriied fans crowd the bleachers to show that the Volleyball Team just can't be beat. Get the point? The J.V. Drill crowds onto the bleachers ata pep rally on Fifties Day. A , wi lit? When Push Comes to Shove Keeping its reputation of "Home of the crowd one of the most spirited high schools in Texas." The North Mesquite High School students and parents flocked to most all sporting and extra curricular activities that involved their NM peersg giving them their undisputed support. This support worked out favorably for NM as it gave the football team, cross country team, volleyball team, girls soccer team, and boys soccer team the desire to take district championships. As the trophy case filled to capacity, one would wonder if there would have been some true support for the boys basketball team and baseball team, would our trophy case have been boasting with even more awards. What's all the excitement about? A somewhat smaller crowd watches the basketball team excite the students. W 4 f'J Looks like we made it. The Highland Park game ends with a crowd around the school mascot to celebrate our victory. Home of the crowd. The fans crowd onto the bleachers to watch the football team massacre yet another team. Student Life 245 The Downbeat Goes On "Where's my hatbox? . . . You sat on my lunch! . . . That's my suitbag! . . .Wait for mel" Confusion, as it seemed, was the mood that described the Parade of Champions Contest on October 11 in the Cotton Bowl at the State Fair of Texas. High School bands from all over the state of Texas and Arkansas competed in this prestigious event. The Big Blue was rated by three judges on precision, perfection, and performance. The Big Blue waited nervously on the sidelines for the judges signal to begin. The flag was waved and the Big Blue took 246 Parade of Champions to the field as they played "Ride Like the Wind." The Stallionaires Drum Line performed their feature "Brazilian Fire," and the Flag Corps knocked them off their seats to the song "Fire Dance." As the finale, the Big Blue gracefully played the beautiful ballad "Something" After eleven other 9-5A bands performed, the bands were eliminated down to the top three. The Big Blue qualified for the preliminaries and was called back to perform and compete for the final placements. The band once more exercised its halftime show and the final decision Andthehandplayodon-The Big Blue proved its hard-work as they received second place. HERB' - This was the theme that kept the band members splrlt and energy going. was made. Out of twelve 9- 5A class bands, the Big Blue marched away with a second place trophy. When asked if there was . any difficulty telling over 200 band students what to do, Mr. Kline replied, "lt depended on the cognizance of the students at the time. Many times it was as if some of them had an acute case of Avitaminosis, compounded by a condition similar to Somno 0pressus."' ln 1982 the band placed third in competition, in 1983 they placed second, and hgggs are for placing first in . A faxipwfcfzv-vzfxi' if 'EW Q X' fswyimz fx MN ' 1 -ff ,., W ,mgf- 5 w, . U ,xxmms f Jawksfagwgfaka 33' 50 -V ff S55 Eff fn- '-xii Tyfiif Yrizsf r ' A ' , Q lx ,1 4. 'Inf la x V 1, ' .F ' I ' Q 'A ,A -dv A ia. F "' W ' 'g' ze iff? 152535 zu 4- N . x ' fa A Q k 0 :R S f . S a 1 W ' , s - ,, -A ali M W kv 4 WV' 'gl , ' W ay F 3 M av W ,f 'W ' . s' '5 "nv M in 'nn I ' 9: ' , " - 5 ff M 1 Q fy- I 9' - . Jig ., , , A, ,, , ggi, 3, 1 is U U t "nt-wjw?'TZ?j?15 '7 A. ff Ai' asia' vw 1' y ' 2,5 tn- F :Y sg M 5 ff ' V- r ..-A .36 -W wwf' W7 3 am ' Q, 5 S' if we 3 f 1 M ,. , J , L , . 4 Y 5 f fl fly? mia, .f .4 : 4 , QV ,S fy ' 47:7 nv? ' df? Q, v ,f 52,323 if 3514 ,v , ,Eg s . 3 if 1- lah' " NJA F255 fgfwafifwg ' gf IJ :Z 1 fwyjk, A , . Y V A V -1 my M, a WW '51 MQ' 4 ,Y A. f A' gf' i A f 17 Q fw .f ff ww f 1 F .iffy 'QW "'4"?hw M ' 7 A L M ., fbfmyff' J. ,1 Q f W ' W 7 N 4, gl W., gg, ,cr R, M041 ff in W' Z 'I Q52 - 4 F W 1 wi f ' ,,. . K 'Q X71 j, ' .1 'ff " Q 45 gd l, A 12 My 'WW ,gp P " wa W 4 V- fl 4 QM SQAV 1 3 .v-, 1 W 1 -' -' 'f x ,A ,u w k . gsm' .'v, ' sr - f-- -f 1 - 1. fs K .vcizzfw 54. 1 . ,Q2ff lx, Muffin? as 1 1 W, ,X f. ' , 4'- lm, X if , fi ff! 1 1 'iii 1 ' w Qf, ' JM-3 3 4 . ' , , 1 F' Qgzwsgg W X ' ' W yjefrg -, 'T A 1 Q - Q -' 'sy' K 'xl k , .W ' ' QQ, f " -'ff 1 Af 1, 'I m 4 fi , ,W 3 IQ, gk "li, , N , L 1 I A E715 msg? h .f I J A ,gfgwmf - 4 . em? -. W 3.1 :swf .A , 5 .V W , new K f..- Mk -Q. kk W L ,M Wm 'Wi 9 fo ,if , . ,Mi V, Q. ,QQ 4- gm-.-., gg' 54 5:31, - -,W N, Q 0 A 1 " K .. I.. , ., 34 v-gs.:-.w::Qs-wwg-.ww ,,. ,, ., . ,ggsggwsr mg:M'1ej,' . , A .- M-fig ,V ,1-,ASW ', ' 'W wfzgy- fw Q mf 5532329 zmm y Y M29 X. Lys ASM '41 ,wiv E x V51 ry Q5 fliilfylg -Y. f ag X l R, W e L - 3 gf- 9 e 0 I1 . ' Q 'Z' ' XA S , , e s ,Q .1 ,' 'R I . ig, - 6 ,'C1 L'1, "gt" rl 1 A M i X 4 , x5. 2- S ' o Wim 4 ki cu! 1, -1 If 1 Top Ten MOVIES and .,'V , W 1. E.T. 2. Offlcer and a Gentleman 3. Rocky III 4. Tootsie 5. The Toy 6. 48 Hours 7. Best Llttle Whorehouse 8. Flashdance 9. Poltergelst 10. Annie WSW fn 'X ,A . -. Vi if AGJLE ,4,.4. 3 .,fw1l ,' . NPA M f ff K 31 A ., ' ,1wf, X N' ' EK? ,J nw-W' S 2 3 3 Q 3 i Dancers Show Mavericks How to Step to It On the morning of February 4, the North Mesquite Pacesetters set foot into Reunion Arena to practice for the Dallas Maverick game that night. The Pacesetters were practicing for their performance of a kick routine to 'Yankee Doodle Dandy' while the Educational Television was filming the practice to show it to the schools later. The practice was grueling, but the big Hang in there, baby. Lori Yniquez practices a new relaxation technique after a hard morning practice. night finally arrived. As the Mavericks lost to the New York Knicks, the Pacesetters put all they had into their performance. As Patsy Doane, junior Pacesetter, explains, "lt was an exciting experience performing for people other than our home crowd. The large crowds made it really thrilling!" Even though the Mavericks disappointed the many spectators, they were still won over by the Pacesetters. Their name in lights. The North Mesquite High Pacesetters hit the big time as their name is displayed on the score board. Greatest story ever toed. Jill Delaney, Flhonda Leggett, Natalie Pinson, Terrie Brewer, Shari Wilson, and Sandra Monroy warm up before practice. 252 Maverick Game When the splits come down. As the routine ends, Linda Boroughs sighs with relief. as K B? 1 A ' 'lfftlt N , K , awe gg .4 fgpayw s at ' i 4 ,aw wfqz -1 , --j K F L1 V 1 ,,...J.. 4 IQ: A gf, Y la? I ,,,s..1 Q Qi K-.- Q' Qi, "TW ' t , ,.f,:..l. f as Q-RDF' ' gf. 'B jj ' i f f- E -' if -f if ti -,c.' -,few .1 . is .nf . fp - my is , B:- w., .a-..4 iii I --.1-. I can lee for smiles and smiles. The Pacesetters begin their kick routine to 'Yankee Doodle Dandy' to the applause of the crowd. Hoop it up. Sharra Mattingly perches atop a basket to show her support tor the Stallions. A star in born. An excited admirer receives an autograph from Debbie Morrow and her little sister, Theresa Deal. Stairway to the top. As the Mavericks play behind her, Jill Delaney climbs back to her seat. Maverick Game 253 Top of the Charts "What's your favorite . . .?" was in question as the yearly North Mesquite poll was taken among the students from all four grades. One of the categories asked about was the "favorite jeans brand." The guess would be Jordache or Calvin Klein? Wrong, Lee's was the unexpected winner. As for the favorite motion picture, there were entries from "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" to "Best Little Whorehouse in Texas." Steven Spielberg scored big with "Poltergeist" but scored even bigger as his "E.T.: the Extra Terrestrial" was expectedly the hands- "Three's Company" was their favorite television show. "lt's the only show on television that can make me laugh!" comments senior Carol Abarquez. A surprising Second place winner was "Fame", a critically- acclaimed, but low-rated show. Under the "favorite vocal group" category, numerous, different types of New-Wave bands were entered including Duran Duran and The Clash. At the final count, the rock group, Journey, still proved to be the favorite as it slightly edged-out the New- Wave!Reggae group, Men At Work. When asked what the favorite radio station was, down winner. Although many the majority of the students students watch cable- television, the majority agreed that the "Eagle from KEGL" does not surpass believed that the highly-rated "Q102 - NM's Best Rockli' 1 Poll Results Motion Picture E.T. Television Show Three's Company Current Song Eye of the Tiger Musical Vocal Group Journey Radio Station Q102 Blue Jeans Brand Lee's Restaurant Chili's 254 Polls 1 ,I .T Reach Out and Touch - E.T. was voted North Mesquite's favorite movie. Exceptions-Lee - Teresa Martinez models her Lee's, NM's favorite jeans. HAMBURGER ' Hot Slufi - ChiIi's remains as NM's favorite restaurant Hard as Rock -0102 was proclaimed "NM's Best Rock." POIIS 255 New Arrivals "See ya' later, Alligator!" was one of the fashion quotes of the year as the Izod alligator found itself left out in the cold. Along with the Fox, tiger, and dragon, the alligator was chased away by Ralph Lauren's Polo horse and by the new rival Hunter's Fiun. For the numerous female students of North Mesquite, the favorite was the tuxedo-style blouses. Along with the popular ballet shoes, these two, added with the revival of the baggie pants, all combined and created the "in" look. On the men's section, the crew-neck checkered sweater, buttoned-down collar shirt, and the topsiders created the preppy image, which many often denied having. As the climate turned colder "Mem bers Only" jackets appeared on both boys and girls. With the coming of spring, the only two important letters that mattered were "Op," Ocean same can be said to the many fads that hit North Mesquite. Last year's rainbows, Rubik's Cubes, and punk-rock sunglasses were replaced this year by friendship pins, rock pins, and unicorns. The phenomenial Pac-Man gave way to its successor, Donkey Kong, as the leading video game. Another new arrival is the Walk-man miniature radio. Its tiny size became handy when having the urge for music during those boring geometry and history classes. Also experiencing a shift in popularity is the music scene, ln the late seventies, disco was "the thing" to listen to. Last year, punk-rock or New Wave Music was the "in thing." Although New-Wave is still popular, many medium-rock groups have emerged into the billboard charts. Equally as popular as Men At Work and Adam Ant were Toto and Asia. 12, Pacific, whose line of fashion wardrobes include T-shirts and pants, were seen on the male and female students who preferred to have the easy going, casual look. With the coming and going of many styles of fashions, the :Q .! I 7 lla! .,,. Ji 256 Fashions, Fads Tennis Anyone - Patrick Pearson leisurely plays tennis in his Nike shoes and Op shirt. Stick It - Stickers remain popular among the young crowd. T , I MJ' L i'- fi J l 1' Q 'Ss Uniquely Unicorn - The beau and grace ofthe unicorn fancie many NM students. ' eng., 0 Bits and Pieces - Garfield's popularity steadily grows giving competition to Snoopy and Mickey Mouse. Goody Two-shoes - Mlke Pearson sporis his checkered shoes, while Brad Davis absorbs the sounds of his Walkman radio. Friend or Fad - E.T. dolls were just a part of the nationwide "E.T. Mania." Fashions, Fads 257 Looking ahead. Beverly White paints roses in "Alice In Wonderland." Feline groovy. Laura Swank portrays a line in "Alice in WonderIand." Kidding Around "The bus is here," exclaims a drama student. A certain panic hits Mrs. Clark, drama instructor. "The kids are here almost an hour early," says Mrs. Clark. "Round up the rest of the cast and lets get the show on the road." The first childrens performance put on by the drama students was "Alice in WonderIand." Grades one through three from Lawrence, Price, Florence, Shands, Porter, Range, Tosch, Beasley, Flugel, and McKenzie attended. Mrs. Clark commented that "the first through third graders really enjoyed it. One first grade class sent us a book of drawings of their favorite characters. The drawings were very cute. Alice and the White Rabbit were the favorites." "The next production was "Androcles and the Lion." Forth through sixth grades from the previously mentioned schools attended this production. Mrs. Clark said that her students enjoyed putting on these 258 Drama productions because of the colorful costumes and the make-up. She also said it was fun to do. Many of the drama students themselves attended childrens theatre here at NMHS when they were in first through sixth grades. "I enjoyed doing these plays. They gave my students a chance to do a different type of play than any of our others," says Mrs. Clark. She said that she wished that her students could have had more contact with the elementary school children. The drama students really wanted to come out in their costumes and make up and to have the chance to meet the children. Christina Tovey, junior drama student, says, "I think everyone enjoyed themselves. The best part was hearing the laughs from the little kids in the audience. The actors started rehearsing right after "Brigadoon" and we really cut it close when it came to learning our lines. All in all it took a lot of work but it was worth it." Qt? 'X 1' E?- ChiId's play. Lana Browning, Amy Gotthardt, and Ginny Martin, perform a scene in "Alice." Playing around. Lisa Stiles, Eddie Lock, Beverly White, Dan Degroot, Amy Weatherby, and Carrie Gatlin get into action in "Alice," Simply enchanting. Victoria Payne portrays a caterpillar in "Alice." 6 2 W , 4 A i' -,Q ,Q 2' up again? Amy Weatherby, Chris Gist and Trent Hunt in Drama 259 Some Gotta Win, Some Got If you're going to be good at something in life you have to overcome obstacles along the way. One of the most difficult obstacles is competition. The competition is not limited to such areas as sports, but covers a wide range of different organizations and individuals. The cheerleaders and drill team members are all familiar with try-outs and all the hard work that goes along with the title. Sore muscles don't stop the smiling girls from doing their best for the judges. lt's sad that everyone who puts his heart into it doesn't always come out a winner. "Try-outs are the thing I like least about my job. You want all the girls to win because they are all such a super bunch. Unfortunately, life just isn't that way," commented cheerleader sponsor, Linda Muhl. Music is another area where students are constantly struggling to be the best. The the Blues orchestra which is ranked second in the state is made up of a conscientious bunch of students who all battle for the first chair of their sections and the Big Blue members have try outs for such things as drum major, majorettes and the flag corps. The drama dept. holds auditions for parts in plays, and for most amateur actors and actresses this proved to be a nerve racking experience. The leaders of our school, known as officers, had to overcome their opponents in elections. Popularity often proved a plus for many of the students running, but many worked extra hard to get the votes they so desperately needed. Whether we won or lost at our goals in high school, students who competed gained a valuable lesson about life. We can't all be winners, we have to learn from our mistakes and disappoint- ments. Production line. Amy Weatherby, Karen Ethington, Connie Oliver, Jean Gibboney, Becky Kelly, and Mimi Hendrix prepare to perform "Alice in Wonderland." Pulling rank. Rhonda Taylor congratulates Kim Smith as they learn the results of officer tryouts. The shape of strings to come. Jana Gamble struggles to keep her coveted 1st chair. 260 Try-Outs Rah-Rah deal. Prissy Halbert Divine Inspiration Mrs Muhl tries limbers up for cheerleader tryouts. to inspire cheerleader hopefuls Street talk. Donna Baker catches up on the gossip with her friend before Pacesetter tryouts. Stage tright. Debbie Burchfield fights pre-try-out jitters before flag corps try-outs. 419' --.5 .f V.. lift of s 'tx ,u.-M. Picking and grinning. Monica Brown flashes a winning smile as she picks her favorites for student T gov't day. tamper with perfection. With and Keri Baird looking Goode jumps for the in cheerleader tryouts. Try-Outs 1 ,Q A court case Tracy Case Sammy Fischer and Lori Kirkpatrick decide of a zone change Annu ,.-q-gg. s.,, f H W.,-f , ' ff.. gut A 'tr i HJR 5 is I 'W C iicGAllGiii li0RliA , 1 V S . Ffh 7 Seniors Take Control Frank Case Mayor Sammy Fischer city manager Tracy Limmer city secretary Bill Kula Place one Stacey Dunford Place two Matt Brown Place three Sherrie Fteville Place tour Lori Kirkpatrick - Place five J ff Dill S ' e i on Place six Kevin Sledge - Municipal judge Theresa Trail - City attorney Ron Delay - City Health oftic Carrie Prater - Asst. City Mgr. Don Garrison - Director of Comm. Dev. Annette Reid - Director of Finance Jon Youngblood - Fire Chief Amy Fletcher - Director of Library services John Garner - Director of parks and recreation Patty Ramsey f Director of personnel Dale Price S Police Chiel Lea Ann Stephens - Director of public services Lisa Anderson - Asst. to city Mgr. Allen Cortez - Data processing supervisor Damon Dobson - Chief health inspector Steve Wohlschlaeger - Chief building inspector 262 City overnmen ay Paul Wade Housing administrator Sndiwhite Cit I a y p anner Staci Henderson City engineer Jeff Leslie Traffic engineer Tanis Thompson tax assessorlcollector Sandy Hetzel purchasing agent Gwen Meazell internal auditor Michelle Steele - chief accountant Julie Timrns f asst, tire chief Lori Larson - supervisor ot branch library services Toni Smith - Supervisor ottechnical library SBFV. Kristy Koerner - Supervisor of public library serv. Brian Harvey f park superintendant Sherry Prater - recreation superintendant Becky Stuard i park planner Kathy Kessler - training and safety supervisor Andy Braddock - asst, police chief Chalese Stachowiak - sanitation superintendant Robert Granada - utilities superintendant Keith Adams i street superintendant Mike Pearson - service center superintendant Future Leaders Mesquite City Hall was home for forty six seniors on March 11 as they took control of the city for a day ln a special election held in the NM auditorium February 2 students were elected to fill the mayor and city council positions and others were appointed to fill the remaining positions. Soon after the elections the student officials traveled to City Hall to meet their counterparts and learn how the city functions. During a mock trial, Teresa Trail convinced the jury that defendant Jeff Leslie was guilty of speeding through a school zone, and he was fined S199. After being treated to a luncheon at the Dallas Athletic Club, the student city personnel returned to City Hall where a city council meeting was held This provided the students with a taste of ci government procedures Sitting through the city council meeting made me realize what these people really do lt gave me a lot c respect for them commented Brian Harveyi The first application heart' was for a multifamily i development in an alread crowded area of Mesquit After hearing arguments both sides of the issue, student city council voted table the issue until the n meeting in 1984. ln anoth hearing, a restaurant own asked for permission to bi three more video games i an attempt to get more business. At the end of th eventful day, the student returned to reality with a respect for city officials. , A V ,Mg 5 -r 'lk ei' :W ,4 Y., ,. ,G I r MU I 4 1 A A 'm'?? "i3 minding, 5 1 f. if' gf' Q ,yfff I 'wg iq if 3 , i i W AT 1 ' l 1:21 1 i i :1 1 : 1 - 4 4M 5!m iw... ., .. lv F' 3 at QQ , NN 1 Ns., C v Fi 1. Q. ' 2 ' 2 Q , 9 3537 i I Q 2 f 5 espn H Annum Anaxng. M 1 gqvf , A .w ,.r , ,..., .,,X Lf. ,M .... 4 A X na v: Q its 4 Q Q X if W v 3 x -'ht ff x I Tim I fl. .' C WX ,., . v i , 7 fm s ' SSX P f Q 'Q' .ffl ' s ' , , .. ' - .I W. ,fx fl' U 4 Y ...,, 1 A x ' wwwh '-'wlwl 1 2 1 5 1 1 As the school year progressed, numerous organizations, including the sports teams, Pacesetter drill team cheerleading B sqluad-s, foreign language to clubs and S6V6I'al fT'lLlSIC organizations, held banquets for their members to round off the year's activities. lt was also the time to bid farewell to the graduating seniors and to honor those individuals who had contributed greatly to each organization with various awards. At the Pacesette Banquet, held May 3 at th Dunfey Hotel, awards suc as "Most Outstanding" a "Best All-Around" were given out to a Junior and Senior girl. One of the highlights of the evening t the announcement of the co-captains of next year'e drill team. At the end of tl banquet, Mr. Kline, the bz director, was presented v A Little Romance - Jeff Farr and Kelly Foster discuss their evening plans at the Basketball Banquet. Step By Step - At the ROTC Ball, Craig Allen and Kellie Brents dance the night away. Eye Contact - Suzie Merryman and Gary Klnne enjoy the festivities of the Basketball Banquet, while Debbie Prater looks on. 266 Banquets gf , I fs., v i i 1, a. -4' xg l i ertificate naming him an onorary Pacesetter." 'We were impressed with ach Deaton's speech!" 'nmented Sophomores ly Ashmore and Nanny ltts when asked about the Ileyball Banquet. The ent took place at K-Bob's :ak House on January 22. a emcee was Carece with Amy Ashmore, Stephens, and Deaton speakers. Senior LeaAnn Stephens was Among the items on the awarded the "Best Defensive menu was Caesar's Salad Player" while the "Best and a delicious peach melba. Offensive Player" award The main speaker was the went to Junior Kellie Beathe. famous French chef, Two music organizations held banquets in early May. On May 6, the Chorale held their banquet at the Dunfey Hotel, while the Orchestra held their banquet at Baby Doe's Matchless Mine on May 13. The French Banquet was held at St. Tropez on May 9 Jean-Claude. The Texas Tumbleweed on Midway Road was the place of the Speech Banquet. On May 10 at S16 per person, sirloin steaks were in order. Music and dancing were available downstairs. The Art Club Banquet -ns., X - x -l ,rw was held on March 5 at Baby Doe's Matchless Mine. ln addition to the annoucement of next year's officers, special awards were given out to individual club members. Each award highlighted a trait or habit of that person receiving it. Among the winners were Debbie Burchfield with the "Laugh Award" and Leanne Goolsby, winning the "Bookworm" award. Magical Moments - Miles Haberer, Tim Tafoya, and Casey Whlte await further events at the Basketball Banquet. Festive Folks - Mark Braddock, Cindy Goode, Chuck Llpsett, Christy Summer, Damon Fudge, and Dot LeBrun enjoy the Western theme of the Football Banquet. In Their Crovlning Glory - The Girls Basketball Team proudly show Mm T ,, ,, -B' ji-A their District Tmeanneir banquet. til, an """ 2" Se Sf , 2 fa K-, .',7 Y .49 Q. -9' 0' at T ,. 5 ix: " fr Q ff., A Q CUYCIIIPIU ' ..bgf'i,s,vw:l J!i'. .'.-le, .1-fri--- 1 . J' Banquets 267 Girl-watching. Mike Furr and James Fernandez enjoy the sights while strengthening their suntans. White water follies. People of all ages enjoy the large simulated OCGBFI. fa.. 43,0 t fix " '-G1-A 6 -l f e, , Q D ,G H . Surf's up. Joey York recovers his raft after skidding down one of the many water slides. 1-We -si 268 White Water 31,0 YTTXW. ig . , Tanning anyone? Marla Nycoff catches some sun before returning to the water for some more fun. an i " fi 5 ' -Sift. E , , . White Water Red Skin "So what do you want to do this summer?" "I don't know. What do you want to do?" The age-old principle of boredom strikes again. With three months of hundred- degree weather stretching ahead, North Mesquite students can only look for- ward to hot, sweaty expedi- tions or an air-conditioned house with nothing in- teresting to do. But a new amusement park has provid- ed a fun alternative to this: White Water. For 38.95, customers are admitted to 2,500,000 gal- lons of water used in more than forty activities. The park boasts of two pools, one with "manufactured" waves fif- teen feet tall, and the other with twenty different ac- tivities, such as slides of all shapes and sizes, and two in- ner tube courses. The park has eight water slides, and three are the tallest in Texas. White Lightning is the fas' in America, and riders are almost airborne on Wild E Yonder, two of the other water slides. An 18,000 l square foot playground is available for children, witl the main attraction being life-size pirate ship. Eight five lifeguards are availat: to help, and two tons of chlorine a week keep the' water sparkling clean. The park is open twelvt hours a day, and after fivt o'cIock a two-dollar discs is available. A limited nur ber of season passes are available for S39.95. The park is located at Northw Highway and LBJ, real cl: to good old Mesquite, so not grab a few friends an try it out? "White Water's really a lot of fun," com- mented Cindy Bowman, "and I plan to go there ep chance I get this summe Sweet summer sun. Steve Phillips relaxes from the daily grind of his job at White Vlmlbr. gg. if i, fl 1 1. s '54 , -9,552.0 all nigger iv. h-spleshkSljiaron Leonard herself foflthe cold water a water slide. 4 sea-on QW 5 .-. -wr- wl. 56552 I I 'gd T L1 .- LV' ae. . A .,.. 336 g those winter blues. Deena Hot run in the summertime. David Wet and wild. Karl Cole splashes jumps for joy over the Baker and Sean Self explore the around in the water to beat the ment of school finally ending park for themselves. summer heat. summer. White Water 269 They're Playoff and Runnmg The Junior class of 1982 wanted a memorable senior year. Plans were made for get-togethers, parties, and any activities that would unify North Mesquite. However, a spirit of unity came over NM that was totally unplanned. When the trophy case began filling up with athletic awards, it became apparent that North Mesquite was undoubtedly the home of the proud. Football, Boys Cross Country, Volleyball, Girls Basketball, Boys Soccer, and Girls Soccer were all Playoff and Running. Boys Cross Country led the way by outrunning the District and acquired the District Title. The volleyball team had great success and made North Mesquite realize that girls athletics were something to reckon with. Defeating JJ Pearce they snatched the Area Championship title. The two new UIL sponsored sports brought success to the spring of 1983. Amidst excitement of graduation, boys soccer cruised along, and under a new coach, grabbed the District Title. Perhaps the most heartwarming success, however, was yet to come. One ofthe closest groups of girls at NM had a dream. "I think the secret to our success, and to any success is setting goals and having teamwork. We had a lot of both," commented Stacey Dunford. Taking their dream all the way to Austin for the state championship, the girls soccer team proved what hard work can accomplish. After losing a heartbreaker to Kimball, the girls came home proud with heads held high. Success came easy for North Mesquite in 1983. "I think the secret to our success is setting goals and having teamwork." - Stacey Dunford Perhaps the most publicized success was that of the football team. By going undefeated in regular season play, they grasped a dream in the form of a District Title. Fall sports did well, but what about winter sports? Coach Capps and her girls answered that question by aggressively taking the Area Championship. 270 District Winners There were multitudes of All-District players, awards, and recognition from the community. For all involved, the recognition has been long overdue. All the dedicated players, coaches, fans, teachers, and administrators pitched in to make 1983 the Year of the Stallion. One strong tinish alter another. Stacey Dunford cuts off a Mesquite Skeeter. The valley ot the volley. The North Mesquite volleyball team defeats another opponent. 'M 'Y-4 A: v ff: ii , T if? N A y t t - the turf. Dan Roach races The CC Combo. Dwain Baber warms The tloor is my domain. Lori Porter dage against HP up for the District meet. shoots for two in NM's Bi-District bout with BA. District Winners 271 Never Forget World events from as far away as Russia to as close as our own state effect our lives seemingly each day. 1982-83 was a year of triumphs and defeats, times of joy and what seemed like V hours of , sadness and .. grief. It was a year of monuments in honor and moments of horror. 1982-83 fits the mold of years past and assuredly of years to come. Some of these events you will remember, others you will not, and some you will wish you could forget. In 1983 we saw unemployment hit 11Mthe first time since 1941 for double digit unemployment. In Dallas, Braniff Airlines folded its wings and headed for the hanger ln May of 1982 only to be revived by Hyatt in 1983. A chill ran up our spines in the fall when tampered Tylenol killed seven. Shelves were cleared and policies changed fs 5" 5.44, wi' fc fi 1 ii 1 4- 3 3 P Q Honor Wall. A tribute to the Vietnam soldiers is a welcome site in Washington. Defletion. The fans of football suffered through an 8 week strike as the players took an early vacation for more money. 272 National Events regarding packaging. Charles and Di made news again, this time they had to share the spotlight as William Arthur Phillip Louis made his debut in the summer of '82. He is the next in line to the British throne after Prince Charles. An overdue tribute to the men who fought in Vietnam finally arrived in the fall of '82. Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev died in early winter. The British fought the Argentines over the Falklands or Malbinas de endin on whose side P Q you were on. The British won, by the way, after 74 days of fighting. Some of the most shocking news came from the football stadiums on September 21 when the NFL players began their eight week strike. The following weeks would be filled with Canadian and college football, car races, happy wives, and a lot more people outside on Sunday afternoons. It was a typical year in many aspects. However in many aspects it was very untypical. To some this was a year of grief, to others a year of victory and joy, but to all it was a year that we will never forget. Long Live the Queen. The British celebrate the arrival of their victorious soldiers. Dying Colors. Dallas based Bran Airlines folds its wings but as of has refused to fall. ...Ecu x f' Rs 5. 91 math Et X -'l !K !3l6-81.32-3.-u M,g,- Uh It r 3 f ei-'i'e"-H e t '- Programmed for success. The com- of being Time's Man of the Year. All puter's popularity continues to rise, pictures courtesy of Time Inc. including the honor National Events 273 L ,KN . Q ' M Xa fir gi Z E A , . 1 Wm. Y I, I Uptown, Downtown The big night, April 29, actually began early that afternoon, when 492 students left North Mesquite to visit florists, hairdressers, and rental shops. The students all had the same thing on their mind: the prom at the Hyatt-Regency Hotel that night. Arranged and planned by the three Junior Class officers, President Mike Smith, Vice-President Keri Baird, and Secretary Karen Anderson, the prom began at 7:30, but some couples came early to pose for pictures outside the ballroom. The students were then admitted to a spacious ballroom with a dance floor and tables seating five couples each. The guys received engraved glasses while their dates received silk roses in vases, and each received a program designed by Paul Wade. Dinner was served after Mike Smith and Billy Kula, Senior Class President, welcomed the students and asked David Morgan to say the blessing for the meal. After dinner, counselor Mr. Bill Scott announced eacl' the seniors for the senior walk and the dancing begi Denise Todd highlighted t evening by announcing he engagement to Kevin Hall and the dancing continuei until 11:30. Some couples left early to visit other parties, go bowling, or get something else to eat. Doi Carter's bowling lanes wel frequented by many NM Seniors. "The prom was o of the biggest times of my life," says Linda Boroughs "and I can't wait until next year to go again." Moonli hi Ili hi. E die Guevara and 9 9 Y her date dance the night away after dinner and the senior walk. ff Ji- Fashion, Hyatt. Loretta Schnurr and David Marshall wait for the - - . - S I K ldf . M . K d ggggggggghggfg take 'hai' PWS M'lZ2fZt1.3.Zy Jiffo thi. .JSL'?f" P ' while chaperoning the students at 276 JUl1l0l'-Sel'llOl' PYOITI the same time. Dated affair. Steve Kenney, Deanna Donaldson, Teresa Martinez, Casey Snetfield, Jerald Little, and Priscilla Martin enjoy each other's company during dinner. Berry dinner, t b s raw erry is served. . AC: Getting and her before SX SX, -S-JON-,W , ar' K alk 14.1 2' Ritzy Matt Brown K racy Ljhjmer, a off the . I Sr. Prom 277 278 Graduation S 1 F. 9, Z 1 E Q . E . i 3 NY, A ,,,,, if if if . Pl 14 ' Q My Ng x v AJS' ,X , i Vvk, ,, . K 31:4 ,gil l LM . , , Q ,gg , 5 , ,nk Y . .cn en- z I I E ,. ff 1 ,, K M, v Q , fi X ij ,f ry - ' ,. v "is 280 Graduation .341 yi' 3-Q: fi. ... , ff :gg Af f P55 ,pl Q"x-If 'A M I' JE I' f Graduation 281 NlGSC1 uite ggi? MBMQZH F College and Locust St. Mesquite, Texas 214l288-7637 dolphs yo th g o p. Pct red a Keith Finley, Barry Kratz, Kevin Joy Bus. Standing by a church bus is ' u r u i u re' D avad 5 e , edhkxx to offset the would cost have h urch of , o, o 1 Orrick. Kerr Walker, Glen Gilmore, Jason Johnson, Diana Goodman, Leah Cash, Damon Belt, Diane Johnston, Deidre Bently, and William .Jimmy Massey, Gaytral Moore, Ginger Benny, Becky Sewell, Shane Randolph, Liz Ran-A ,Thomnlll. L , Angie Luiano, Connie Shamblin, Tracy dolph, Keith Hilderbram, Annette GonzaIes,,Larry. . M Rodeo Team In Action The North Mesquite Rodeo Team is a member of the Lone Star High School Rodeo Association. The team was organized in 1973, and this year's members meet every Monday night from September to May at 7:00 p.m. at the EIk's Lodge on Gus Thomasson. In LSHSRA there are thirteen events. These events include bulls, bareback, barrels, poles, saddle bronc, calf roping, breakaway roping, team roping, goat tying, steer undecorating, steer wrestling, ribbon roping, and chute dogging. Entry fees for each of these events range from S12 to 315. Trophies or plaques are awarded for first through sixth place winners, and points for each event in a rodeo are given and tallied and work toward finals. The North Mesquite Rodeo Team is proudly sending three members to the LSHSRA finals. They are Sherri Mercer in barrels and poles, Melissa McPhalI in steer undecorating, and David Izzo in bulls and bareback. The 1982-83 LSHSRA Queen is Miss Sherri Mercer. Sherri Mercer - Barrel Racing Jason Mays - Bull Riding . i Juanita MCPhaII - E Carroll Brown - Pole Bending n. E lf 3 ..t..,,.. if kwa. mi' A, 5, -V '14 in 1 X5 ,Q "Y 4 wi -'S Yin - fwziswi -9,1-A y jf A M gf s 'in ,J 2 , -9122 iw -1- K , im 5 1 ,,f,.,? V. A k -QW sf 'Y , , 'tv W .-- 'typ Pun. x 1- R " .,'5I1 , , , 3 gf- U "1" K 3 -A 'Y K I M wgxi. if ...E K fri, lk- ,I I ,wana-sa' ' .2v.:.f X xi H M A k .QAWW Q , . . ,xi ' f its vff gm -L Q 15" . 'A 1 , 51 -.3352 K ,k.t, , A V m wh ,ab .f i , :'--MEET: -Agn .. - g ff- 3.5 -,f,,4,y.5.f:f1.z -1-:AA 5 ., .- - "1 :- J-zfliw Q . .M v. Srb'x?F:i-. .,' , . fiss- fg ,, riff ' 'z - J J- ,gv.v't:1, 3 , . ,jf 'A W 3? gp' Nj' - as I 1 . 1. ww - -mi., M , a..:.-.X ,L W.-f -51? f. L ' lui, !!ll'l I gy, p. fin., l'f'8hSi.! us, 41 A"F-r 3 Q fi , . L dvertlselfs ndex I Q 287 Mesquite Chamber of Commerce 288 Anderson Clayton Funeral Homes 289 Carpet Design, lnc., Town East Trophies, 0swalt's Foreign Car, Pioneer National Title 290 Commonwealth Land, Allied First National Bank of Mesquite 291 World Wide Litho Service A 292 UA Town East Six, First State Bank of Balch Springs 293 Southwest Bank, State Farm insurance, 2 The Mesquite News, Empire Savings, Landers Mercantile, Award Beal Estate 294 Lone Star High School Rodeo Association 295 Shamrock Florist, First State Bank of Mesquite 296 NMHS Booster Club ' Telephone Services, lnc., Clothes Corral Personals 299 Personals 300 Texas Power and Light 297 298 301 Blue Bell Creameries, Personals 302 Personals 303 Personals 304 A Doyle Underwood, Horn's Family Pharmacy, Lone Star Gas 305 Metzger Trophies, Mesquite Savings and Loan Association, Mesquite Office Supply Personals 306 Personals 307 Personals 308 Catfish Cove, Personals 309 Flowers By Cheryl, Personals 310 Student Council 311 Student Council 312 Personals 313 Personals fig ,A x P -'L . 286 Community LIFE IS BETTER THAN EVER IN uf! In Mesqurte a wmnmg attltude IS paylng dmvxdends durmg thus lmportant tnme In our cnty s hlstory Important because It s a tlme of growth In Mesqulte And new busmesses and f3mlll65 are mvestmg therr futures 1n our communlty at a record pace Famxlres hke the amemtues of l1fe Mesqulte offers outstandlng schools excellent recreatmonal facnlltles a wlde var1ety of houslng and convenlent shopplng Busmesses hke the advantages of a Mesquxte locatnon easy access throughout the Metroplex and beyond a top notch work force favorable land prices and a cooperatlve attltude from clty leaders IH 635 DOWNTOWN Dfl:VV DALLAS AIRPORT ISO CHAMBER OF commence IH 20 617 EBFIITE 121111 285 0211 MESOUITE TEXAS 75149 The Chamber of Commerce n cooperatlon wnth the Cnty of Mesqulte IS gettmg the word out on our com mumty We want everyone to know what all of us are very much aware of that Llfe In Mesqulte IS Better Than Ever and the Future IS Bnghter Than Ever ,-, , . ,X I - . . ..... . . . . . . . , . 1 Y s 4 . I . . 1 - - . - , I . Y . . . . I 3 1 , . ' I I ' ' - Ads 287 ...W . Gena Goff Congratulations! You have brought so much joy and happiness into our lives. Mom and Dad ,J D011 Mallon Congratulations! We're proud of you and love you very much. Mom, Dad, and Debbie 1 1 i5149fg?i Greg Hall Congratulations, Greg! We are very proud of you. Hank and Vera Hall ' tl N , 5 . jig. if - - 'oss-me Q-1 515, -. C Q:-s-, -il -... . - . l i l s l Stacy Earnhart Congratulations! We're proud of you and love you very much. Mom and Dad 'Qs Robyn Reynolds Congratulations! You are a real joy to us. Best wishes for a beautiful future. Mumma and the family lc ,A . .lal ' ,ai ' 4' :n ,gf-3 rw . of-ft-'7 ! rrlyr i or 't'r 'i we-g --.. . .... .l ,lr is, :- lc 4 'M ir ... 'sf'-4' 3 we .... . My X . , ii- . 1: ff.:-5l', Q, xxx, M-In lx. - ' .ly , , ,Q Q " .'., :j:. A ,.,. , --,,......-...,, ....., . ' '- :' 1 LDS f , f' - F- 43-if , C. fl 21121 l i' M1.M,l.' I, 3. kdm . --Q-,ggrw-s.x - C... . Q... A ..., . . Qflftlrflgllfl-.r,... , 1' 'N ' Y f , , :af ' ' , "Civil r' 'l"lfiQ51:ji :ll ',l.iEff,,ll 1 QL .. l 4.55.15 1 if Patty Ramsey Congratulations! We're proud of you and love you very much. Best wishes for a beautiful future. Love, Mom and Dad David Lori Martin Jones Congratulations! We're proud of you and love you very much. Mom and Dad "By humility and the fear of the Lord are riches, and honor, and life." Prov. 22:4 Congratulations! You are a joy to us. We love you very much. Mom and Dad Joe Le Brun Congratulations! You have completed your first step God bless and keep yor always. Mom and Dac Damon Dobson Congratulations! We're proud of you and love you very much. Mom, Dad, and Richard Sandy Young Congratulations! With of our love and wishes. Mom and 70ofz!d70cde fda 10679 KING WILLIAM DRIVE DALLAS, TEXAS 75220 DA LLAS 2141556-2100 V HOUSTON 7131523-1772 TIVE FOR HARRIS CC Bert Cox TULA 770 Q9 Y""'y Donna Person 1'--v 'Q'-'-TIL' Andy Valerie Flesher Congratulations! We're proud of you and love you very much. Mom and Dad Scott D Braddock White We are so proud of you and we are glad the Lord gave you to us to love. Honor Him and have a full and beautiful life. Mom and Dad Jon Congratulations! We're proud of you and love you. You are a wonderful son and real joy to us. Our best wishes for a beautiful future. Love Mother and Dad Rieherson Congratulations! With all of our love and best wishes, Mom and Dad 292 Ads SAVE EOR THE FUTURE AT SOUTHWEST AN 3300 Gus Tlzonmsson 270-5481 The bank just around the corner. STATE FARM INSURANCE 0 MEMBER FDIC DAN ZENOR - CPCU, Agent Auto Life - Health Home and Business CLU - 200 E. Main at Belt Line - Mesquite, TX 75149 Daily 9-5:30 and Saturday 9-12 Ph. 285-8895 or 288-5312 Kim Finkinbinder Congratulations! We're proud of you. Treasure your memories and cherish your friends as you lay to rest your youth. Our love and best wishes go with you as the next chapter of your life unfolds. Mom and Dad LlANDER'S IYIEIRCIAHTILE 226-1828 Belt Line and Town East ,L JE:- ,mlb 1. T I 4 I ogg: 4 525 Tl" 'T lag: 1 A: . 14145 . . , rf'-ew. .QB -e f ,, 35 N X f vw Vis mf T an TY ' if Q1 Shamrock Florist W' l Travers Florist J R 0 h h 0 ll ll S d 0 il ll Congratulations! We're proud of you and love you very much. Love Mom Dad and Rod K ... K a 2 S t 1 h G y r 4315 416 S. Galloway Gus Thomassan Congratulations! We're proud of you - dl h. an Lglfeyndfrzyj and Dianne E555 The Friendly First Yi "T T ,- at lllllllll wl I N ' T in if- H rr. il rl. Mr H+ W 1'lfrl"QlrM ' ' ld- is - i . 2 1 1 Xl-13 mm. r X fy 5 I l - Egfr or J, , rf A 5 ,Q-iL1 ' 7 'lTf.f"1 Ti i7 7 1, ' ' "' ' 'W FIRST STATE BANK 917 Military Parkway 285-6311 Mesquite, Texas BANK LOBBY HouBs DRIVE THRU WHVDOW HOURS Member Monday thru Friday MOHUHV WU Fffdav F.o.r.c. 9 am till 2 pm 7am til! 7pm - Fridays 9am to 7pm Ads 295 PRESENTING THE 1982-1983 ALL DISTRICT STALLIONS "The winning tradition" Five "team" district championships. Three "individual" district champions. Thirty "first team" all district athletes. x Q M". if Brian Cain - Football offense. Frank Case - Football offense. Jeff Dillon - Football offense Damon Dobson - Football offense David Marshall - Football defense Kelly Dunn - Girls Basketball Michelle Steele - Girls Basketball Frank Darnell- Baseball Mike Kurtz - Cross Country Champion Dwain Baber - Track 2 mile Champion Frank Case - Track shotput Champion Kelly Rattan - Girls Soccer Lori Kirkpatrick - Girls Soccer Cathy Henry - Girls Soccer Robert Deets - Boys Soccer Robert Granado - Boys Soccer Kevin Sledge - Boys Soccer Teresa Martinez - Tennis Julie Schnurr - Tennis Congratulations! Keith Adams - Basketball 4 year starter. All District 2 years. 1983 Metro all Star Game. ALL METRO TEAM Frank Case - Football!Track 3 years. Dist. Track Shotput Champ '83. Dist. Track Discus Champ '82. Football all Dist. All Metro-First Team. All State-NMHS. First All State Football Player 296 Community -ef Lea Ann Stephens - Volleyball 3 year starter. All District 2 years. ALL METRO TEAM Outstanding defen- sive player in metroplex. Michelle Steele - Basketball All District. East!West all star team. John McDaniel - Tennis Marty Sitzman - Tennis Not Pictured Are: Lea Ann Stephens - Volleyball David Leerssen - Football offense Todd Graham - Football defense Rodney Watson - Football defense Tracy Limmer - Girls Soccer Stacye Boler - Girls Soccer Stacy Dunford - Girls Soccer l . Todd Graham - Football 3 years. All District 2 years. All Dallas. All Metro. Outstanding defensive athlete Kelly Dunn - Basketball All District. T.A.B.C. All Regional Team. Steve i Trew mgratulations! With all of our love d best wishes. ble. Believe and Achieve! Mom and Dad IZ! X , , I 1 4' I al !- R ll! 1 il! i v 2Il qibfon fi. " mefquite, texos 75I-19 285--19I5 11 7 ' ff. . 1 , ' U V ' - is 1 iiiiilii TELEPHONE Ci S C SERVICES! W f Adeje z- D ! -deg' vw X. QQ '6 ei- ' t awash! Shana Shappard Remember, Shana, all things are possi- Catherine and Charles Shappard i isillv f ij,!,,,:,' . -- -Qiissieala-Q 5 -N ,iii-, gg, so 5 o J I ef: !t!f"ff-'- Q4 V :fo . i i 1 ,JT-er-i S iw. , ' , if" ' J 'S ' 1 'S 1 "" V :1'E'f:ff ' ! tllfvf J' f ii af N - J "if , 'way " ii in t K " ' -- -' if -: 1' G i 1-75157 V - ' K' 1123? J?-f it ini, A' ,"".j5a-lil if V ? 1 ' ' - 5 .- i K ...Q-if'3,dol1 L v 4 L J f,, , ,, ,J L 1 dl N Q J , ++ QQ. Q t i 4 f Hx V A , 7 iii i 13 A ' C ,f-f,s:'3f1:!i-If 1 ' 1''?t,,Ji-igfggljcgiff1, .5 - ' i . . . ,' ,t,-ifg1,gw5q:ff1iaf.w. V- f " f' ' t .- A '1 , . 1- will,-'L ' i , 1 A,.,tf,e. f .- .A.w, " f it If 'f2,!L,,, :df-we V. wilffi l-V f '11 ii' 4 , K . i , ,ff4.12,eff1:ief.:. 5 in V , X ' x fm, I-W f' w 9. 1 I . ' 3, X '3it.37" if' Q ' ' '5 V, U 1 J 4 f -f . ' I I T. ' ? ' y , N 'I i Q ...sen "ll r V41 Melanie Burton Congratulations! We're proud of you and love you very much, Dad, Mom and Rhonda Blake Combs made it!! We're all very proud of you - Congratulations! . Love Mom, Jerry and family You Lisa Bloodworth Congratulations! We love you very much. Best wishes for a beautiful future. Love Mom and Dad Susan Kath Congratulations! With all of our love and best wishes. ' Mom, Dad, Kris, and Steven 41 '-me Frank Cason Congratulations! With all our love and best wishes. I Dad, Mom, and Kim AdS i Gay e Cheryl Rodney Kirk- Watson ' l Love Dad Best Wishes for all of the good things in life. We are very proud of you. 298 Personals Love Mom and Dad Congratulations' to a wonderful son Williams Congratulations Granddaughter! With love and best wishes for a beautiful future. Mrs. Winnie Newton Lori Kirk- patrick Congratulations! We're proud of your achievements in high school. With all our love and best wishes for the future. M nd Dad -T Natalie inson Congratulations! You are a real joy to us, Best wishes for a beautiful future. Mom and Dad Omd Michelle Stee e Congratulations! You are a real joy to us. Best wishes for a beautiful future. We love you! Mom, Dad, Kathy, and joy. 'Yr . Laura Swank l'm so proud of you, Laura, l somewhere, Daddy is too. Carroll Brown May God bless you always. Mother, Daddy and Christopher Love, avid Shaver Congratulations! We love you a proud of you. Best wishes for a and successful future. fVlOfT'l al il Lori Larsen ft your goals. Think positively and itch your goals become a reality. Mr. and Mrs. E. 1. Larsen JS' ll Dunn Congratulations! l'm proud of you and love you very much. 0 Rodney Nanez gratulations Rodney, We're proud ou and love you very much. Mom and Dad fir? avid eerssen We are proud to call you our son and we love you very much. Love Mom and Dad Barry enton Congratulations! You are a real joy to us. Best wishes for a beautiful future, Love Mom Dad and Mother Sand Hetze Congratulations to a great daughter. We're very proud of you. avid Marshall Congratulations! We're proud of you and love you very much. Love Mom and Dad Willard, Panzy, johnny, and Mechelle Carol Abarquez Congratulations! We're proud of you and love you very much. Mom and Dad Paul Wade We are so proud of you, our talented son, and will be behind you in the future. Keep on drawing! Love, Mom and Dad Personals 299 300 Ads ou can help . Youve heard o loT oboud' The need To conserve e.Xec.Trkc.iTy and okl Forms . of energy. Noi' only does conoservofxon help :save our nohona pr-ecnous " """sff-'Z energy resources .if helps you ond Qi your fomuy Save money exnee 'r e cost' of energy ss oybva C.YxunK OUIY of FKNDSJX' fomxhei budcgeis. You con hekp your fomu hyd? doing your porT...mgKe Sure A Ax? 5 you close doore ond wxndows 1 iwwif M., I, hen ine negmncgv or oir coyxxdwrmomng ci " '. uni so ony onT o-Le" w en you mi If The refrigeroTor?i know whoft you - of M wonT before you open rhe doom W' ...iw-rg Hoi' waTer Tones energy - Try o shorier shower, f7fQ.Z1y'QK,,3h 5,9 an molie sure The Televxsxon or Sfereo 'T' L'-Ji , with G' Work wrrh your Famuy To Save. energy now you'XX heip make sure There will be , enough fvorneveryone when you , 5'rarT a formiy of' your own. 1 5 off when yourevthrough -4' A A A I' . ' . Cf e, ,fr I'laX.fXS Pt JWIQR K 1.16 LH! C11 JMIEXNY A tax-paymg, rnvestor-owned electrcc utilmty l r r l Matt Tam Brian eggy Brown raps Cain Foster hgratulationsl We're proud of you Congratulations to a very special Congratulations! With love and best Congratulations! We're proud of you pl love you very much. daughter! We're proud of you and love wishes. and love you very much. you very much! V Love Mom and Dad Mom and Dad Mom Mother and Daddy Melvin Ziegenbeinjr. V C rlr, if5i'V2- ' 1 , ' Distric: Manager V V 1 - 1 fifgf ' - . ' 1 Maia V , I . V V V , VV, A ti .1 H , """ f"'fr 'f'Qt1:1 ,,s,,, t, V , 'i "'i' - - ,,,,t . 2? 53? t , , ,C ,, t , ,,.,, ,. ' VV,-- , fr 1 - , 1'f'fe1tm:" " fziW"" ,,,o, Maw Ag ..,',,,.,, ,..4.,,,.w, 1 1 1 'Wt 1 1' by - A ' to-. 'w"1,.'K , '1",,, 2 1' V- f' 1.. .-,., , Lnlyfqf: .lu f ,,,,n,.i - A - , K. , " ,.. M 17,41 en J 3 .f.f,':a',-av -. , w:'f-,'rf"f ff ,1-,, ',f.,1,'ff::--:wr 5 . ,f 1 fem f? , ,, .- jf ,Mfr-:gww :sq fzrfgffgf, --fr'-'M " f J 2 ,W ' f -,u ,f 'f 11 :fm a 1 f .'taEwJf'f' f ,ft:'1f,f q,r':m -Y 11' ia: 1 - , K sql,:fev.xtg,fEa1nmf2 L. ,, k' V3 .-6915.3 iiwirgsrwilryii , -.ff , ft -1. VV V V 19 Z M ' 1 H 1 , V ,, J.-, X " s fu sr., . , f - .,. , Wf,--f' if-fV--mm.WswAM1mi.,M,,.,WM,, ,,':,.-.,,,z4mr,t-. 1 I f .1 . W sfgpqggygrat , fx: 5. ' -1, ji, f'-"'l 1' X '- -1 - , f- u w -t,. I , '. V' "N I Zin., VV VV VV f3tf.VE3,.g:,,3V5,f.l- ,qo- A rvrf ' -r 'A ,- V V V - 'Wise' A V V V V VV , i t ,i,,t , VV " ,Q 31717, I H M " Vi 265-3565 or "M 'Q' ' ' N4 , , , ,945 ' 1' ' or ,.,, 4 '1 .t,,, t , , 1.4, ,, 1125 Military Parkway ' Mesquiteg TX 75150 Ads 301 Laurie Bryan Lane Knowles Congratulations! We're proud of you and love you very much. Love Mom and Dad Amy Wright Congratulations! With all of our love and best wishes. Mom, Dad, and Rusty Steve Wohl- schlager Congratulations! Aim high and shoot straight With God's help, everything is possible. Mom and Dad Congratulations to a wonderful son. Mama and Daddy l Susan Moody 'val' Qi E L3 ,W Congratulations! We're proud of you and love you very much. Mom and Dad Donna Arey Congratulations! You are a real joy to us. Best wishes for a beautiful future. Love, Jane Wait Stephen Walker WWC, S Congratulations! We' proud of you and love y very much. Mother, Daddy, ai jennifer Lisa Andersol God gave you to especially and you ma us proud because y honor Him with yc achievements. Dad, Mother, and Karen! l Carrie Laurie l Gatlin 0wens " l itil! l"i 'T L F 11 "?" ' "'f" " sl, , f . 1 WL., T ,J ' , -1, ' 2 , . ,,,..,, I D , Y' L' 1 Q , izgjjfw L I L 3 124 3 ,V - n i lf A A if t' ffl L gf l J You are a very special daughter. We love you. Patricia Laurie, Babe! lt has been a tastic experience and ju whole lot of fun watching become the fine young that you have. Love, Mom and Dad Kim Fillmon our special little girl, you ve brought so much asure into our lives. Thank yi for being you. e, Mom and Dad V Gina Bailey ongratulations! You re a real joy to me. est wishes for a eautiful future. uch love, Mother Claudia l Youli Tim Free Rhonda Elder Congratulations! We're so pro- ud of you and love you very much. Mom and Dad Bill Kula 4' " i t tv J, QA!! fgf ',', .. tl -K s.. -. - 1 K .R "M ,ll Q , ai, '. . 1 . t ' E ' "rm gratulations! We're proud ou and love you very h. , Paul, and Ben May God be with you in your continuing search for a better tomorrow. Your proud Mom and Dad David Fud e V, ,gnu A! ' er- .se -lx .A L, F ti N' I Q o 'li .. dxf Q 4' 1 e ' ' I Q ' You light up our lives. Congratulations! We're proud Congratulations! of you and love you very Love, Mom, Dad, and Eric much. Laura Merryman Mom and Dad Jerald White Congratulations, Jerald! We're proud of you and love you. You are a wonderful son and a real joy to us. Congratulations for a five year perfect attendance. Love Mother and Dad Teresa Trail .,,,. . ,.,,.. ,V Wg!! ., ,,,, f ' V-1j1"4j1: . C ' mf D LMI, .rn a' vi QA Xxx A.. K! ml . i X' J Congratulations! You are a real joy to me. Best wishes for a beautiful future. Mom Congratulations! We're proud of you and love you very much. Mother, Daddy, and Justin 1 2-'F11 1 11111 1 1 711111111 1 1 1 f 1 '1 W-11112111 , 1 1" 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 1423111111 Q 111111111111 -7 1 1 'Y ' 1 1 I 117.11 'N1 1 . . -, , ..l1w'ifall is ag? 1 a , -.qw ,..- S 1 5 s Ron Gentry ngratulations! We're ud of you and love you ry much. m and Dad John Willis Congratulations, John! Love, Mom and Dad Mesquite Office Supply FREE DELIVERY 288-1067 203 W. Main Mesquite, Texas 75149 r 5 -a n Q in WV Cindy Morton Grow older and wiser. Change if you must, but always be your beautiful self Mom and Dad Eydie l Guevera Congratulations! To a wonderful daughter. We're proud of you and love you very much. Dad, Mom, Ricky, Joey, and Charles Melissa Dean Congratulations! We're proud of you and love you very much. Mom and Dad Community 305 Y fi 1, is Robin Hoan Shugart Nguyen Congratulations! We're proud Congratulations! With all of our of you and love you very love and best wishes. much. Bo Me Ha Hai Mom, Dad, and Glenn Steve Jana Collins Kennedy Congratulations! We couldn't Congratulations! We're pi be more proud and couldn't of you and love you love you more. much. Mom, Dad, and Ricky Mom and Dad Staci Tierne Henderson Gibbgng Congratulations! We're proud Congratulations to our terrific of you. Best wishes for a Tierne!Weloveyou! beautiful future. Mother and Larry Mom and Dad J? , J ohnna Tigert Congratulations! We're proud of you and love you very l J ohnette Harper Congratulations! With all of our love and best wishes. Love always and Forever - Daddy and Mother t,-,,-1 ff much. John and Linda Tigert s o Clndy -.. Brooks Congratulations! W' proud of you and love very much. L Love Mom and Dad ,, J t D by 4' ' -E at rr Y, l o o 0 o o , Chrlstl V lckl Jeffrey J ulle l I O Slpe Maples Leslie Bankert ngratulations! With all of our Congratulations! We're proud Congratulations! You are a real Congratulations! Thanks to le and best wishes. of you and love you very joy to us. Best wishes for a God for allowing us to be your 'ther and Daddy much. beautiful future. parents. We love you. Mimi Mom and Dad Mom and Dad Evelyn Randall Deanna I I Abbott Davidson Crlm Congratulations! With all of our Congratulations! We're proud Congratulations! Best Wishes! love and best wishes. of you and love you very Love Mom Mom, Dad, and Mike much. Mom and Dad 0 Cheree Richard Allen ongratulations! We're roud of you and love u very much. ad and Mom Gray Congratulations to a wonderful son. May all your dreams for the future come true. Love Mom 1 1 Mark Draper Congratulations! We're proud of you and love you very much. Mom and Dad Darrell Willis Congratulations! We're proud of you and love you very much. lohn and Frankie Richard 308 Community John Hart Congratulations! You are a real joy to us. Best wishes for a beautiful future. Mr. and Mrs. Simette Hart Connie 0liver Congratulations! We're proud of you and love you very much. Daddy and Mother 'ax , Larry Mead Congratulations! We're proud and love you very much. Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Mead isa W Congratulations! You are joy to us. Best wishes beautiful future. Love, Mother and Dad Kelly John Donna Becky Dunn Futrell Morrison Murdock 'QQ' love Flowers by Cheryl ul O C I tlne Tiffany Denise Robert endall Seabolt Todd Granado ns! We're proud of you Congratulations! We're proud of you C gratulations! You are a real 'oy Congratulations! With all of our love very much. d love you very much. Best wishes s. and best wishes. and Dad for a beautiful future. Best wishes for a beautiful future. Bill, Mom, Darrel, Teresa, and Tabitha Love, Mom Angela Congrat l t Y and both 'J Y t Best h f beautiful future. Rigs Mom and Dad Community 309 Congratulations Seniors Y From The Student Council ff t Q C ,.!...., '9 Bruce Fenner Congratulations! We're proud of you and love you very much. Mom and Dad Amber Steedman Congratulations! We're proud of you and love you very much. Mom and Dad ana Allen Melina artsfield Congratulations! We're proud of you and love you very much. Mother and Dad Linda eel' f- w w is C Q if 4-xt, mi' KKQ K .L W , XJ! 'gi ' ' 3, th, .f , f :fl , 'Q Julie Tinuns Congratulations! With all of our love and best wishes. Mother and Dad Rusty nderwood J aeks Holly ee Congratulations! We're proud ol and love you very much. linmy and Sue Lee Jill J ohnsol Best always as you follow dream. Love Dad, Mom, Holiday Paul 5 Watkins Congratulations! to a beautiful daughter. Now, Blaze your trail to the top! We love you Mother, Daddy, and Cathy 312 Personals Congratulations! We're proud of you and love you very much. Mom, Dad, and Brett i wx , I nn- W - Congratulations! With all of our love and best wishes. Mom and Dad Congratulations! We're proud g and love you very much. ! Your Mom, Becky, Debbie, and Watkins Kari Ryle pride is a mere shadow to our love ou. May you have a life full of hap- ss, and wonderful memories. !'lEf and Daddy 'llr. "Nance!" lt has been a 'ast working with you the st two years. Thanks for all e hard work and fun. Good lck in College and in what all te holds for you. The Senior Staff MEMBERS Steve odgers ons! We're proud of you you very much. and Dad ,,.,' avid Garza Son, Congratulations! We're proud of you and love you very much. May God bless you and be with you always. Love Mom and Dad "T L t fzf ,,. ff u xi .gy I M g I. s - H ex Curr Congratulations! We're proud of you and love you very much. Mom and Dad -1 xi Steve eed Congratulations! With all of our love and best wishes. Mom and Dad 41--,... Julie Hicks Congratulations! We're proud and love you very much. loe and loyce Hicks 285577 ew Mary eters Congratulations! You are a real joy to us. Best Wishes for a beautiful future, Mr. and Mrs. lohn C. Peters ana Jones Congratulations! We're proud of you and love you very much. Love Dad and Mom 313 Personals Index I A aaa Atkins, Madonna 110, 140 Bef1f'e"1M,e'vin 125 509951 Vicki 1136. 47, 125 Atkins, Paul 140,217,227 Bennet" NW? 75 B"f9"l- Pamela 43. 125 Abarquez, Carolina 14, 39, 72, 167, Attaway, Linda 156, 276 Benmm' Pmhp 69 Bnnki T'5hB 43- 141 299 Abarquez, Eduardo 24, 25, 42, 124 Abbott, Amanda 212 Abbott, Evelyn 72, 307, 327 Abbott, Frankey 61, 140 Abbott, Richard 110, 239 Abdalla, Josephine 124 Abernathy, Danny 73 Achziger, Jlll 110, 186, 219 Acy, Jerrod 110 Adams, Bart 19, 110 Adams, Don 110, 123, 196 Adams, Paula 72 Adams, Phillip 72, 74, 109, 137, 182. 183, 263, 296 f V V Adams, Rhonda 124, 186 Adams, Robert 140,219 Adams, Scott 60, 63, 64, 72 Adcock, Christy 140 Adcock, Martha 152, 156,243 Addington, Eric 28, 140 Adkins, Tracy 72 Adley, Paul 65 Aga, Donald 140, 207, 212 Aga, Ronald 140, 206, 207, 212 Aldrich, Scott 124 Aleman, Alfred 61, 63, 124 Alexander, Heidi 36, 47, 59, 124 Alexander, Kimberly 140 Alexander, Lisa 65, 72 Alexander, William 72 Allen, Ada 156 Allen, Craig 61, 63, 124, 266' Allen, Dana 36, 47, 124 Allen, Donna 17, 72, 307 Allen, Jana 8, 69, 145, 312 Alien, Jeffrey 124 Allen, Karen 30, 156 Allen, Lisa 29, 43, 73, 107 Allen, Mike 64, 65, 156,200 Allen, Saliea 42, 140 Allen, Sheila 50, 51, 69, 110 Allison, Candyce 50, 73 Allred, Sandi 156 Almand, Kyle 140, 1 71 Almand, Mark 72 N Almand, Stephen 124 Alsup, Stephanie 65, 72, 144 Alton, Alena 124 Alvarado, Karryl 140 Alvarez, Abel 124 Amador, Rose 110 Amlaw, Jennifer 140 Anderson , Dwayne 17, 73 Anderson, Felicia 124 Anderson 237 Anderson Anderson ,Karen 22. 39, 110, 231, , Leleand 124 , Lisa 15, 29, 39, 73, 80,108, 263, 302 Anderson, Paul 73 Anderson, Ftobert 124, 185 Anderson, Starla 124 Anderson, Tracey 65, 73 Andrews, Roger 124 Angell, Dena 140 Annual Staff 24-25 Anthony, Danah 36, 47. 124 Arevalo, Carlos 140 Arey, Donna 15, 73, 209, 213, 224. 225, 229, 302 Armstrong, Amy 55, 110, 259 , ' Armstrong, Donna 36, 47, 124, 200 Armstrong, Dorinda 15, 140, 193 Armstrong, Penny 15, 48, 140, 193 Arnold, Dennis 124, 171 Arnold, Douglas 140, 217 f Amold, Michael 110 Arnold, Terry 67, 110 ' Arriaga, Kimberly 140 Art Club 17 Arthur, Curtis 124, 171 Arthur, Damon 65 Arthur. Pennie 110 , Arthur. Sandra 39, 1110 Ashmore, Amy 15, 124, 193 Ashworth, Perry 140, 202 Aston, Brad 140 Attaway, Vannah 124 Austin, David 60, 63, 124 ' Austin, Lester 124, 179 Austin, Michael 140, 171 Auston, Robert 110 Auto Mechanics 66 Auto Paint and Body 66 Avery, Jennifer 21, 140 Avon, John 65, 110 Ayers, Carol 124 Aylor, Kamberly 37, 39, 110, 249, 325 Ayo, Timothy 110, 131, 179 Bbbb Babb, Robert 124 Baber.'Betty 14, 69, 73 Baber, Dwaln 124, 206, 207, 211, 212, 271, 296 Bacon, Michael 110, 196 Bailey, Gaylynn 22, 39, 84, 110, 265 Bailey. Lisa 69, 73 , Bailey, Samuel 35, 124 Bailey, Virginia 27, 69, 73, 303 Baird, Keri 15, 22, 32, 34, 110, 123, 229, 23 1, 261 Baird, Sheila 110 - Baker, David 15, 124, 171, 204, 269 Baker, Donna 36, 124, 261 A Baker, Matthew 59. 124, 171 Baladad, Rex 110 Baldwin, Sherry 15, 111, 140, 213 Ball, Kelly 124,200 Ball, William 110 Bandy, Patrick 140 Bangs, Jeffrey 140 Bankert, Julie 50, 73, 279, 307 Banks, Michael 140, 207 Bannister, Doug 73, 279 Bannister, Shelly 36, 47, 124 Banno, John 65, 73, 279 Baptiste, Cecilia 29, 31, 39, 73, 107 Barboza, James 140 Bardwell, Delelgh 27, 110, 124, 189 Barham, Tommy 124 Barker, Jeffrey 65, 73 Barker, Steven 124, 185, 205 Barnes, Kenneth 124 Barnes, KenlTeacherl131, 156, 167, 175, 179, 212, 225 Barnes, Milton 49, 124 Barnes, Randy 156, 159, 170, 171, 185, 225 Barnes, Shannon 140 Barnett, Peggy 156, 161, 326 Barrett, Danny 61, 63, 124 Barrett, Eddie 73 Barron, Timothy 124, 171 Barrow, Mariorie 124 Bartlett, Kevin 59, 67, 110 Barton, Andy, 140 Barton, Lisa 40, 43. 73, 216 Barton, Shann 29, 39, 110, 245, 274 Baseball 2024205 'Basketball 180-191 Batt, Helen 110 Batt, Roldan140, 171, 212 Beach, Richard '124 Beeson, Brad 73 r Bsathe. Kellie 110, 122, 193 Beaty, Teresa 110 Beaumont, Laura 69, 74 Beavers, Brett 64, 65, 74 Becerra, Raymond 140, 185 Becerra, Teresa 15,75 Bedingileld, Sharon 75 Beeson,James 125 Belk, Patricia 47, 140 Bell, Andre 140 , Bell, Todd'140, 207, 212 Bellew. Stephen 140 Benavldez, Diana 140 Benavldez, Gloria 19, 156 Benavidez, Johnny 125 Benavldez, Nelda 19, 125 Bennett, Lori 140 ' Bennett, Ted 60, 63 Benoit, Randy 110 Bentley, Michelle 140, 212 Berch, Gary 75, 108 Beshers, Mary 110 Big Blue 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45 Biggerstall, Hilda 140 Biggs, Mike 65, 74 Bill, Jonathan 21, 60, 63, 140 Bilyeu, Bobby 110 Birdsong, Maggie 156 Biggs Kevin 14, 110, 122, 174, 179, Blackshear, James 125 Blackshear, Laura 140 Blackstone, Ginger 43, 140 Blackwell, Cindy 110 Blackwell, Mark 74, 108 Blackwell, Tim 125, 185 Blain, Kellie 110 Blair, Dana 43, 51, 56, 59, 110 Blair, Gary 110, 156, 175, 179,225 Blair, Jeffrey 141, 171 Blakeney, David 110 Blaylock, Susan 15, 141, 193 Blevins, Lisa 125 Bloodsworth, Lisa 297 Bloodworth, Denaune 156 Blue Brigade 46, 47 Blue, Sherry 36, 47, 111, 125 Blunt, Larry 125, 180, 183 V Bggrlght, Todd 53, 55, 110, 258, Boaz, William 65, 125 Bobo, Heath 125, 171 Bogan, Timothy 125 Bohn, Michael 141, 171 Bolan, Dan 75 Boler. Stacye 69, 75, 98, 200,295 Boles, Rhonda 125 Boling, Gregory 125, 185 Boling, Shelley 30, 31, 110 Bolton, Steven 141, 171 Booker, Jeffrey 110 Booker, Marlin 141 Booth, James 141 Booth. Robert 58, 125 Boren, Renae 75 Boros, John 141, 171 Borou hs, Linda 17, 24, 25, 39, 56, 59, ?10, 252 Borrego, Patricia 49, 125 Boswell, Tammy 60, 63, 141 Boulware, Bait 75 Boulware, Jeffrey 2, 17, 52, 53, 55, 74, 86, 144, 258, 259, 280 Bowdoin, Peggy 26, 156, 234 Bowers, John 74 Bowman, Cindy 110, 167 Bowman, Mark 28, 141 Box, Nancy 111 Boyd, Dana 141 Boyd, Lisa 110 Boyd, Neely 50, 59, 125 Boyer, Perri 69, 75 Boykin, Michael 1 1 1 Bozeman, Nancy 75 Bradbury, Lauren 48, 141 Bradbury, Paul 125 Braddock, Andy 14, 75, 174, 176. 179, 292 Braddock, Mark 111, 179,267 Bradtord, Rebecca 60, 63, 141 Bradley, Cathy 158, 226 Bradley, Daniel 52, 111, 259 Bradley, Sharon 75 X Brady, Robert 29, 111,.177, 179. 225 Bramhall, Mary 140, 141 Brashler, Colonel 42, 125 Breed, Elizabeth 125 Brennan. Kelly 70, 111 Brents, Kelli 125, 216, 217, 266 Brest, Jerald 141 Brewer, Bobby 49, 141 ' Brewer, Rodney 125, 171 Brewer, Terrie 14, 39, 74, 252, 326 Brezhnev, Leonid 273 Briggs, Kevin 125, 212 Brinkley, James 31, 157, 212, 225 Brlsendine, Amber 111 Brisendine, Jeff 141 Brockman. Kurt 125 Broiles, James 65 Brooks, Cindy 69, 75, 307 Brooks, Julie 125, 209 Brooks, Michael 125,285 Broome. Gregory 125 Broome, Lisa 141 Brown, Andrew 28, 60, 63, 141 Brown, Carroll 75, 284, 285, 298 Brown, Christopher 125 Brown. David 65, 75 Brown, David 1 11 Brown, Jimmy 111, 183 Brown, John 30, 31, 75, 107, 182. ' Brown, Lorie 125 Brown, Mark 125 Brown, Matt 75, 108, 174, 179, 262 277, 301 Brown, Micheal 111 Brown. Monica 11, 29, 75, 107, 261 Brown, Monti 111, 141, 225 Brown, Randall 125 Browning, Donna 9, 39, 75. 245, 27 Browning, Lana 55, 59, 111, 258 Brunson, Correll 141 Bryant, Janet 36, 47, 125, 217 Buckley, William 125 Buckner, Cheryl 15, 125, 209 Buckner, Doris 140 Building Trades 67 Bullard, Stacy 75, 209, 264 Bullock, Michael 65, 111 Bunger, David 141 Burch, Gary 111 Burchett, Danny 157 Burchtield, Deborah 17, 24, 25, 40, 43, 58, 59, 125. 261' Burlield, Kelly 36, 47, 125 Buren, David 141, 171 Burgess, Melissa 50, 75 Burkharn, Howard 125 Burkhart, Carrie 125 Burkhart, David 50, 111, 179 Burkheimer, Sandra61,'63, 141 Burnett, Deborah 751 1 Burnett, Jon 111 W Burns, Kelly 125 , Burross, Deborah 111 l Burrows, Jean 111. 200 ' Burton, Melanie 75, 297 Busby, Darrell 111 Busby, Sherri 141 Bush, Debbie 141 Buss, John 125 Butler, Dwayne 141 Butler, Julie 59, 126, 155, 227 i Butler, Michael, 11 1 Butler, Pamela 141 Butner, Steven 65, 126 Byrd, Lisa 141J43 4 Byrum, Karen 43, 76 Byrum, Sherrie 141 Cece , Cain, Brian 9, 29, 76, 78, 109, 169, A 173, 176, 178, 179, 205, 296, 301 Cain, Craig 111 , Cain, Deanna 69, 77,0108 Cain, James 126. 171, 204 Cain, Mark 56, 59, 126 Cairnes. Michael 111 Callan, Christi 39, 111 Callaway, Scarlet 13, 31, 76, 217, 21 Calmes, David 29, 50, 111, Calverley. Jerry 76 ' Calverley, Kim 111 Calvert, Karla 39, 111 1 Campbellalohn 158, 159,278 Campbell, Linda 126. 213 f Campbell, Mark 141 Ganges, Jaime 126 ' Cannady. Jay 126, 171 314 index 1 - Q 1 , 30149,-7 ,305 111 Dona, Delayne 143, 171, 184, 185 fapps' Angela 141 Coker,RhoZ1da 15, 60, 63, 126 Dona, Donald 112, 179 6555. Donna 4, 157. 161, 186, 225, Cole, Jan 77 Donaldson' Debra 28' 69' 127 Vgogel Jghn 126, 217 Daumann' R0b?"i 511 531 142 Donaldson, Dee 78, 234. 276, 278 BFGGHBS, CSSSY 207, 212 C079 John 142 Daly-ymplg, Daniel 127 Donawson, Wanda 143 amy' Fe"?"a 59 cms, Kari 111, 196, 269 D3"0"- K"S'Y '27 Donato. Philip 127 Hwy. Teffl 125 C076 Mme 65 172 Daniel, Rhonda 112 Domey' Tami 43' 143 af'S0f11L0fe'166111i Caleinan 3afQ1anma112 Dania'-TWCBY142 Doolin Janeen 22 32 47 143 242 arlton, Lisa 64, 76, 209 Coleman' westey 112 DanieI,Wi1I1am 142 Domegl Dianne 143 ' ' ' BYDNYH- GHG' 42- 43- 59- 76. 304 C0765 Kristi 125 Daniels, Ronnie 35. 157 Doss' Rebecca 69' 325 W' Usa 36' 47' 125 Coliinzs, 1:61111 126, 207, 212 Da"'e'Sf Fussen 25? '27 DUISOH. Beverly 15. 75 a"U"' Eve" 31' 141 comns, Micnaei 126, 170, 171, 179 Dame", Ffank 112- 2031 205' 2311296 Dotson, vaierie 127 a"o"' Jam' 61' 53' 126 cmiins, Pny111s 59, 112, 196 Da"f'9"- WW 36-41 127 oonerer, usa 127 B"""' "?"'a 25121 29' 31' 1 U co111ns,s1ep11anae 22, 142 DHUQNY- Susanne 110 Doty, Albert 143 a"""' Tm 29' 31' 76' '07 Collins, scepnen 26, 27, 77, 607 Daves- TM '52 Dougmy, Suzanne 143 me" C5'ef:e H" 193 coawm, David 50,77 UaV'dSGf'1KeV"1 127 oougms, James 13, 79 after, CYISYIQ 77, 240 Comm Gary 126 Davidson, Mary 50, 112 Dove, Richard 143 Me" CY"""a m Colwillz szepnen 50, 51, 112 Davldson' Ra'1da'78f 307 Dowr1s,Charles 79 after' Kmbeney 126 Combs Blake 65. 77 297 7 DNS, Bfacuey 14' 151 22' 112' 1791 Drafting Trades 67 anef' Maffhew 28177 Combs' sneuy 22 142 257 . Draganski, Edward 112 ana" Mmhae' 59' gg 141 c6ne1y,' Lynneite 56, 47, 126 DWF' C""'f1 59' 69112 Drama 52, sa. 54, 55 , after' Sammy 0'5 '126 326 Congleton, Candice 142 ' DBWS' Cvn' 16 30' 1 2 Draper, Mark 31, 79, 217, 308 adm- S"?"'n 43' 0' ' cook, Geoffrey 142, 207 7 'mfs' DWG' '41 nmsny, Dawn 143 me" VV'G"'ag'11Qg cook, Marc 126 7' Davfs- Dan" If oressex, Gaiherine 49, 127 awe" en ' cook, Randall 112, 2115 DMS- Dfew 2 ummm, Dougias 112 a5e'FTank77'10O"74'176'179' c n G 77 DaWS'G'e90'V127-'85 uubase cnanes14a 171 211, 213, 223. 262. 296 C00 6- wen. navss, 461161, aa, 142 ' 6 ' ooksey, Janie 126 D 7 K H 142 Duckworth. Cheryl 112 asev-W1-M141 c061ey,caf6126, 151, 151 M' 9 Y Duff. Jeanna 14. 112. 193 gzson, Frank 60, 63, 77, 297 Cooper, A7758 77 gavgs, llzfrry 13253057 127 Dugan, Com 158 iason- K'mb9"Y 47- 60' 63' '41 Casper, Chris 69, 112 av 51 mba' Y f - ougglns, Debbie 15, 69, 79, 84, 108, Egtiia, Eiizabefh 48, 141 Cooper Karen 68' H2 Davis, Lynda 14, 78, 304 167 me, Miriam 49, 111 Gower' Matthew H2 Davis, Mlchael 55. 112 Duke, Dm, 158 mn- John 125 1 Cnoperic1er,Kr1s11112 Davis' md' 43' 45- '58 Duke. Harold 143 1uncan,Marives 17, 111 Comm Pate' 142' 207, 212 Davfs, Rudy 127 g , Duke, F7873 140 'ef Km" 50' 75 Copeiin James 141 Uivfs-Si9Phan'B47-531142 - , - 'Duianey, cms 19, 127, 285 V91 R099' 49- 126 Comeli11s, Julie 126 Davgs. SUGPW' 127 7' Duncan. KHY143 vender, Kimberly 126. 209, 213 Comue, Tracy 58, 142 Dav1s, Tara 28, 142 N 5 ,V Duncan' Susan 143 wley, Tami 34, 76, 117, 137, 236 Cortez' Aman 29,317 77,' 107 Dav1s, Tommy 142 I 17 Dunfmd' Scan 127 'mee' Dam '26 Cortez Carrie 142 Da"'S-We"dY42-142139 -, Dun!ord,Stacey 29, 39, 71, 16, az, mmbers, Amy 52. 55, 259 Cosey 'Joe 60 Day, Martha 141' 198. 200' 240' 210' 211' 295 wambers, Arnold 43, 56, 59 cmmamlogy 68 DBY1 Laffy 127 , ' f Dunivan, Susan 112 mmbers, Catherine 28, 111, 117, Costa Brian 126 212 Day, Sherrie ffsacherj 158 Dunn, Keny 3, 15' 31' 78, 109' 169' 1200 C ' ' Da1f,Shefry142, 16s, 189, 236, 287, 296, 299, aus othran, Theresa 142 D E 54 D P H 158 761 248 Ywmbefs. Mark 141 co11,o0na1a 49, 61, 63, 142 DQ Comm 7,42 """1 ff Y 1 1 1HmP10n.Be1h 111 comnandy 127,207,212 Dem' Th is 112 253 D"""-'1'9ba'?7 mmmmw WWWMMWW m'mlQw9xnm WWWWN1 nandler, Andrea 14, 77 Cougsoni 50011431 157 Sgt! 1 1 ' - ' ' Dunne- V'fQ5ma 49- 127 1a12ir1.David 111 Coursey, Joe so, 51, ss, 111, 127 ,Daman Susan 7,2 DUPU'S-WM02112 1apm, Rodney 141, 184, 165 Councn, -rom 51 , Deamnfoeborah 96 158 193 Dw19hf,Andfew79 HPNHU. C313 35- 47- 125 Cowan, Jennifer 29, 30, 50, 77, 107 Damon' Ruby 742 ' ' , , 'lapman-James 111 coums, Michael 117 1 1' Deckefoebra 47 742 E 16nmHn.Leann 58.126217 cowan, Kimberly a6,47, 127, 126 7 new bianna 7 52 32 33 47 127 7 7 ee-E 'a"ma"""sa126 Cowanievefa 77 1 Deetsl Roberi 711 169 196,272 296 Ea Sf Viq!Q7ia14S4 ' appen, Tracy 126 Cozhy, Joe sa, 142 , g'f:2ffgef3,ffQ3'cQSn,ig' gf, 252 253 79 288 Nba' Da"e"e W C'a"1Ke""e'h '27 Daisy Dzaena ab 112 2336 259 ' Basie Ifann 143 ' ' 19'-'Vin' R00 157 Cranford, Darren 60, 61. 63 Bday' James .mb .lag ' Easwy' Dany? 727 1eak,Tanya 126 Crawford, Marty 31, 66, 77, 179 Damy' Ronan, 78 ' Easkyf usa 69 79 107 naw' Mmhae' 141 Cfawfwd-Tfoy 142' 171 13611016 Isaac 58 127 171 225 5 1 Y' Sh ll '145 ng' John '26 Cfeekmofe- Donna 1401 '41 Dennis 'c l'l1hiB'i42 ' ' EZZIBYITQ1? 61,43 nna'm'M8'k141 Cmnshaw' Melissa 112 Dennis' Jgmes 127 171 E' ay' JW 9 55 -ldress, Gary 175, 179, 225 grim, pea,-me 69' 71,307 Dennis' Lavonne 17 158 EZSSIUZHLISEWS1 43 senhall, Damon 141 gmcke,-I gnc,-,da 121 Dennis' Michael 127 ' E 1 b is 158 senhall, Darin 111 Cfocken 1-,acy 127 De 'An ana 32 47 M2 Ears- Ja' 60 63 1 8 Igtiansen, Kimber! 126 gmckegg, June 157 Josh 127 ' ' ' Ech IZ' Knit' 6521 12 "48'49 C"0cke"'Ke"h127- 17' 06111511 Barry 28 29 vs 2122202 Egdo Michelle 343 ' ' 'll' 50 Grocke1t,Kr1s1en a6,47,111,127, 299 ' ' ' ' ' 'f Edgfgon Kevin 1,3 122 131 179 tron Felix 77 212 ' ' ' ' , ' D6nI0fl,BHffy127' Edmundson, cheryi 19, 48, 136, 146 k, James 126 Cross, Ben 30, 31, 157 Derrick Sandra 743 Edwafds Christine 128 rk, Lori 17, 36, 126, 200, 212 Cross Country 206-209 D787 Dgnica 69 727 Edwards' Christo her 59 79 11, Melissa sa, 142 cross, Richard eo, ea, 77 Dm' Dam 127' Edwards- John 1298 171 -295 Yk, Renee 157 Cross, Robert 77, 211 mai Jorge 78' Edwards' Kevin 128 ' k, Flonaid 126 Cross, Cindy 49 Diaz' Jose 143 Edwards' Usa 143 y,Scariet1 111 Crowley,Ky1e 112, 179, 205, 225 Diazmaura 727 Edwards' Randall 113 yton, Nina 111 Crowley, Susan 142 Dimrigham Gary 50, 63' 143 Edwards' Robert 128 , Harmon 141 Croxton, Deborah 69, 112 Dinan JeH'74 15 25 78 17972297 Ed d 'W 9 61115, 121161 142 cfummy, Deryl 112, 217 296: ' ' ' ' Enviarng' maya '78 1161112 Leigh 142, 217 cmmp1ey,.1o11n 112,131,179 Dnodovico, Mm 1277205207 E YQ- Dwhafd 156 - mans, Barry 11 1 Crumpton, Gail 142 Dnodovicoy pau, 65, 79 'den amd 113 feng6f,.1o11n 61, sa, 126 Crutchfield, Mahon 112, 183 D,Smo,e, B,a,,d,,,, 143 Eff- xmas 65 ard, Price 157, 170, 171, 212, 225 Cuff, Rgnda 55, 142 Dixon' Henry 74, 205 Em9f1R:YY 143 , 135130593 142 CUIIGLUSH142 o6ane,Pa1sy 14, 29, 69, 112, 123, Emeff J 'mf 28' 303, f S, 6041218 Culpepper, Cynthia 48, 142 227 mon' KW? 573 7 fSef-Cf1Hfi47- 142 Cumby. Susan 157 7 Dobson, Damon 79, so, 145, 179, Emgn' T328 65' if has 224 Cummings, Sammy 142 2 290, 296 Ems meme, 43' VWHTI. JOUR 54. 111 Cumnock,Kris1opher 112, 179 Dobson, Richard 143, 212 E , ' man, David 126 Curry 111, Mmm 127 nodes. Casey 112 fig' Shafon 59- '23 en, Melissa 17, 126 Curry, Rex 64, 78, 313 Doieshai, Robert 50, 127 El1s.She11y 17, 23, 52, 79, 107 en, Michael 142 cunis, Mfmhew 127 Do11ar111a6, John 112 ENV- mane 36-471 125 , is- I Q 1 ! Q i Q 1 1 I Index 315 Elwell, Kevin 143 Embrey. James 128, 171, 204 England, Gary 113 England, Kristie 113 England, Roe 27, 79 Engle, Lora 128 Enriquez, Dante 113 Enriquez, Dominic 79 Enriquez, Michael 113, 179 Espinoza, Melva 143 Espinoza, Minerva 15, 113 Espinoza, Susan 81 Essary, James 143 Essman, Ronald 65, 113 Estill, Tracie 48, 143 Ethington, Karen 113,239,260 Eubanks, April 28, 113 Eubanks, Bobby 13, 81 Evanko, George 143 Evans, Bo 143 Evans, Brian 81, 108 Evans, Darrel 143 Evans, Kim 143 Everett, Debra 143 Everett, Douglas 143 Everett, Raymond 128 Ewton, John 143 Ewton, Joseph 60, 81, 207 Ewton, Tammy 63 Ezelle, Tim 61,63, 128,212 Ffff Faciane, Kevin 128, 196 Faculty 156-163 Fagala, Richard 82, 304 Fahey, Brian 144, 219 Falk, Avery 48 Farley, Glenn 60, 63, 144, 171 Farmer, Jan 144 Farnsworth, Dena 15, 36, 47, 128 Farr, Anson 28, 81, 108 Farr, Jeff 128, 185, 266 Farrell, Samuel 65, 81 Farris, Davis 28, 128, 171 Farris, Shelley 110, 144 Farris, Shirley 110, 144 Farris, Tammy 144 Faulkner, Wendy 128 Featherston, Saundra 140, 141 Feemster, James 81 Feemster, Shelly 113 Feinglas, Jeffrey 131, 144, 171 Felton, Lori 69, 81 Fenner, Bruce 81,312 Fenner, Marie 140 Ferguson, Brent 60, 63, 144 Ferguson, Bryant 171 Ferguson, Cynthia 110, 144 Ferguson, Gary 65, 81 Ferguson, Terry 65, 113 Fernandez, James 113, 179, 268 Ferris, Shirley 15, 143 Ferris, Shelly 15 Ferrara, Franklin 15, 22, 128, 17 204,232 Ferrella, Carey 113 FFA 65 FHA 13-14 Fillmon, Kimberly 38, 39, 81, 303 Finch, Ryan 144 Finkenbinder, Kim 81, 293 Finklea, Ben 128 Fischer, Sammy 29, 81, 108, 123, 202, 205, 262 Fisher, Fisher Fisher Brent 128 Carmela 128 Kevin 128 171 225 Fitz,James113, i22, iss Fitz, Randy 113 1. Fitzgerald, Brian 128, 171 Fitzgerald, Judy 158 Fitzgerald, Richard 42, 43, 44, 81 Flanagan, Kellye 128 Fleming, John 65, 144 Fleming, Kimberlea 65,81 Flentje, Todd 128, 207, 212 Flesher, Brenda 113 Flesher, Valerie 81, 292 168. Fletcher, Amala 14, 39, 80, 81, 199, 200, 241 Fletcher, Perry 144,239 Flores, Belinda 144 Flores, Cari 61, 63, 144 Floyd, Kimberly 48, 144 Football 170-179 Forman, Cydney 128 Forman, Dorothy 15, 47, 128 Forman, Lisa 113 Fortenberry, Graham 113 Fortenberry, Mary 158 Fortenberry, Ronda 128 Foster Foster Foster Foster ,Anthony 113 ,Clellan 65 , Becky 140 ,Cristi 113,200 Foster, Dana 128 Foster, Felix 128, 169, 181, 183 Foster Foster Foster Foster ,Jerry 69 ,Kelly 128, 183,266 ,Matthew 28, 128 , Peggy 81, 301 Foster, Ross 144, 185 Foster, Scott 144, 171 Foster, Tina 81 Fotherglll, Jeff 113, 196 Fowler, Christina 144 Fowler, Richard 81, 196, 197 Fox, Anthony 65, 81 Fox, Karen 14, 113 Franklin, Julie 65 Frazier, Glenn 65, 158 Frazier, Shanon 128 Free, Erica 144 Free, Timothy 81, 218, 219, 303 Freeman, Mike 285 French Club 20 French, Damon 128, 171 Freshman Cheerleaders 32 Freshmen 140-155 Friddle, Clarissa 58, 144 Frier, Christi 128 Frier, Lisa 128 Fudge, David 81, 169, 179, 180, 181, 182, 183, 303 Fudge, Roben 113, 225, 267 Fudge, Steven 65, 81, 113 Fuller, Julie 144 Fulton, Robert 113 Fultz, Chrls 113 Flutz, Robin 144 Furr, Freddie 113, 179, 268 Furr, Kenny 128 Futrell, John 9, 30, 31, 81 Fyffe, Deborah 144 C888 Gaft, John 185 Gagliardo, Clinton 128 Gaines, Ftaffaele 128, 211,212 Gamble, Jana 43, 58, 59, 113,260 Gancasz, James 128 Gandy, John 52, 113, 117, 237, 259 Ganze, Brent 35, 52, 65, 81, 113 Garcia, Cathy 111, 144,200 Garcla, Dina 111, 144 Garcia, Priscilla 113 Gardenas, Cear 128 Gardner, David 144, 207,212 Gardner, Tabitha 48, 61, 63, 144 Garfield, Gene 257 Garner, John 81, 179, 263 Garnett, Jeffrey 128 Garrison, Donna 144 Garrison, Mary 15, 20, 144, 168, 209, 213 Garrison, Stacy 15, 17, 29, 31, 81, 107, 217, 243 Garrison, Terry 113 Garza, Belinda 15, 22, 36, 111, 129, 213, 232 Garza, David 81,313 Garza, Glorie 65,83 Garza, Johnny 144, 196 Garza, Vincent 113 Gass, Michael 113 Gassman, Sean 144, 171 Gatlin, Carrie 83, 259, 302 Gatlin, Melinda 48, 144,237,249 Gattis, Mr, 132 Gaultney, Grant 144, 171,249 Gensler, Cindy 129 Gent, Brent 69, 113 Gentry, Brian 129 Gentry, Jessica 65 Gentry, John 113 Gentry, Ron 29, 31, 83, 107 Gentry, Scott 144 Gentry, Scott 144 Gentry, Steven 129 Gerdes, Shelly 64, 83, 108 Gerold, Stewart 129 Getso, Richard 56, 59, 129, 247 Ghafur, Leila 47, 69, 129 Ghafur, Miriam 68, 83 Gibbens, Erin 129 Gibbens, Tierne 83,307 Gibboney, Jean 113, 213, 260, 285 Gibbons, Becky 212 Gibson, Micheal 83, 147 Gibson, Raye 158 Gibson, Susan 64, 83 Giddens, James 131, 144, 171 Giddens, Willlam 42, 144, 247 Giermann, Tania 113 Gllben, James 83, 179 Gilbert,John 129, 171 Gilbert, Olivo 144 Giles, Steve 113 Gilley, Vance 83, 219, 241 Gillock, Karen 144 Gist, Chris 129,259 Glaser, Janet 113 Glenn, Timothy 144 Glenn, Vickie 158 Gloden, Anthony 83 Gloden, Jeffrey 129, 185 Glover, Ronald 58, 129 Goekler, Michael 59, 83 Goff, Gena 10, 50, 51, 53, 83, 288 Goforth, Gary 114 Goins, John 129 Golding, Lisa 17, 29, 114, 212, 220 Goldsberry, Lori39, 114 Golf 218-219 Gomez, Gilbert 144, 171, 212 Gomez, John 114 Gonzales, Daniel 144 Gonzales, Glinda 129 Gonzales, Ignacio 145 Gonzales, Joe 67, 114 Gooch, Lisa 15, 114 Goode, Cynthia 145, 267 Gocgcle, Cynthia 22, 32, 47, 129, 147, 2 Goode, Darien 114, 185 Gooding, Harry 217 Goodman, Dianna 28, 129 Goodman, Keenan 114 Goodman, Kendall 30, 83, 217 Goodwin, Richard 83 Goolsby, Leanne 24, 59, 114 Gray, Scarlett 114 Gray, Thomas 65, 129 Green, Green, Green Green Green Green Green Green Brenda 83 Curtis 61.63, 145 Jimmy 129 Lloyd 114 Michael 60, 63, 145, 285 Richard 145 Sherri 39, 80, 83, 230, 235 f Stacy eo, sa, 129 Greer, Tracey 47, 145 Grego, Robert 83 Gregory, Llsa 14, 114 Gregory, Lori 55, 114 Grenshaw, Melissa 65 Greske, Anthony 114 Griffin, Helen 28, 159 Griffln, John 145 Griffin, Lewls 129, 171, 185 Griffin, Paul 43, 59 Griffith, Rebecca 145, 212, 220 Grigar, James 69, 114 Grigar, Sean 145 Grigor, David 129 Gristol, David 129 Grubb, Greg 145, 171 Guerra, Denise 28, 114 Guerra, Vincent 129, 171 Guevara, Eydie 14, 83, 230, 234, 2 243, 276, 305 Gullock, Karen 48 Gumpert, Dana 114 Gurecky, Glenn 65 Gustln, Charles 129, 171 Gustof, David 60, 63, 129 Guy, Melany 13, 36, 47, 129 Hhhh Haas, Jason 129, 204 Haberer, Mary 22, 32, 47, 129 Haberer, Miles 129, 180, 181, 182, 183, 232,267 Hadley, Sharon 39, 114 Haeussler, Amy 145 Haft, Jonathan 145 Haft, Kevin 129, 171 Hagan, Nancy 129 Hagar, David 145 Hagar, Tracy 129,204 Hagins, Cameron 114 Hagler, Joseph 145 Halbert, Priscilla 32, 47, 129,260 Hale, Angela 15, 114 Haley, Elizabeth 129 Hall, Alison 121, 130 Hall, Andrea 145 Hall, Douglas 114, 131, 134, 179 , Hall, Gregory 20, 28, 83, 196,288 Hall, Kathy 114 1 Hall, Michaela 36, 47, 130 Hall, Vernon 65, 114 Hall, William 49, 145 ' Hallman, Kerri 36, 47, 130, 191 Hallman, Michael 145 Gotthardt, Debrah 114,258 Gotthardt, John 129 Gottschalk, Ronnie 145 Gouge, Jeff 145, 171 Grafton, Graham, Graham Graham Graham Graham Graham Graham Thomas .14 Bart 129, 217 Bryan 114 ,Deanna110, 145 , Karen 129 . Michael 145,205 ,Michael 83, 176, 179, 296 , Pat 159, 160 Graham, Shannon 145 Granado, Robert 15, 18, 22, 195, 196, 207, 263, 296, 309 Grant, Kenneth 110, 129, 171 Grant, Robin 114 Grato, Dawn 145 Gray, Deanna 129 Gray, Richard 83,307 Gray, Jamie 129 Gray, Kevin 114,217 Gray, Linda 13, 16, 129 Gray, Mitchell 114 Gray, Sandra 22, 159 Hamideh, Susan 83 I Hamilton, Christopher 130, 204 Hamilton, John 114 Hammons, Tracey 83 Hammonds, Gene 141 1 Hampton, Chad 130 I Hammonds, Clyde 141 Handeland, Michelle 61, 63, 145 i Hanson, Carla 64 Hanson, Gwendolyn 69 Hanus, Sherry 36, 130 Hanvey, Davis 130, 171 3 Harbour, Deena 145, 200, 217, 22 Hardin, Debbie 145 Hardison, Scott 114, 196 i Hargls, Kelley 130 Hargls, Wilbert 130 Hargrave, Stefanie 145 Harmon, Deborah 83 Harmon, Jerry 65 Harmon, Leslie 145 Harmon, Lisa 114 Harmon, Susie 26, 47, 130 Harmon, Terry 69, 114,28 5 , Klutts, Susan 69, 116 1rper,Cheryl 48, 145, 190 irper, Johnnette 83, 307 irrelson, Sheri 69, 83 lrrelson, Vicki 114 arris, Andrea 36, 47, 59, 130 arris, Christi 130 arris, Clinton 60, 63, 130 irris, James 65 irris, Jeftrey 64, 83 lrris, Kelli 145 arris, Melissa 145 arris, Tammy 145 arris, Ted 130 arris, Tim 159, 225 art, Christi 22, 32, 47, 145 irt, Dennis 159, 167, 175, 179, 225, 322 art, John 56. 59, 83, 308 artin, Michelle 50, 114 artman, Cheryl 145 artman, Rhonda 32, 33, 47, 130, 155 artstield, Beth 13, 36, 47, 130 artstield, Melina 83, 312 arvey, Brian 31, 85 arvey, Bruce 114 arwall, Richard 145, 219 arwarth, Victoria 145 iwklns, Annette 145, 190 'wkins, Joe 145 yes, Donna 69,85 yden, Donnell 185 ynes, Chana 145 le Hope 130,213 Mellody 49, 130 Phillip 145, 185 Kristi 15, 114, 186, 188 Denlce 47, 145 Dianna 36,13O, 138 Michael 145 Lisa 50, 65, 85, 268 William 146, 202, 204, 205 Greg 130 Kenneth 146 tnastasia 17, 69, 85, 307 Edna 130 Kathy 36, 47, 111, 130 Randall 130 Rita 114 Glenn 114, 117 Mimi 50, 51, 114, 260 Kristine 85, 108 Lora 130, 191 Kevin 114 Cathy 29, 30, 31, 50, 51, 65, 198, 201, 296, 325 Belinda 69, 85, 198, 199, Louis 146, 171 Tracey 130, 219 rage, Joseph 22, 52, 85 tz, Hunter 130 el, Carolyn 159, 161 el, Sandra 29. 38. 39, 85, 88, 108, 63, 227, er, Connie 159, 161 rtin, Deborah 43, 43, 59, 130 ick, Mildred 140 man, Melanie 130 Hitt, Christi 69, 85 Hltt,Diron15, 130, 171,205 Hltt, Randall 146 Hitt, Sandra 130 Hoang, Quynh 85 Hoang,Tri 85 Hobbs, Judy 36, 47, 130 Hobbs, Sean 63 HOCT 69 Hodnett, Heath 130 Hodnett, Terry 28,85 Hoff, Jeff 115 Hoffman, Richard 159 Hogan, Franklin 61, 146 Hogan, Howard 130 Hogan, Jennifer 69,85 Hogan, Kimberly 146 Holcomb, Lisa 85 Holcombe, Matthew 115, 219 Holland, Gary 115 Holland, Larry 130, 171 Holland, Sybee 48, 146 Holley, Jim 146, 171 Hollifleld, David 85, 179 Hollingsworth, Beth 159 Holloway, Darla 36, 47, 55, 130 Holman, Keith 115 Holman, Thomas 85, 108 Holmes, Theresa 64, 85, 242 Holt, Francis 159 Holt, Stacy 146, 204 Hong, Noboo 85 Honore 108-109 Hood, Kenny 115 Hood, Melani 43, 85 Hooker, Wendell 31, 85 Hookings, Cecelia 48, 55, 146 Hookings, Tracy 50, 52, 53, 55 Hooper, Johnathan 85 Hoover, George 146, 239 Hopkins, Kimberly 14, ss Hopkins, Regina 50, 115 Hopkins, Michele 69, 115 Hopkins, Wayne 146 Hopper, Stacey 115 Horton, Katherina 2, 146 Horton, Oleta 140 Hosek, Robbin 36, 47, 49, 130 Houpt, Charlton 15, 131, 171 Houpt, Kyle 146, 171, 249 House, Eddy 131 Houser, Cheryl 36, 47, 131 Howard, Joanna 85 Howell, Diana 115 Hoyt, Lisa 14, 115 Hoyt, Michael 131, 207, 212 Hubacek, Thomas 131 Hubik, Michael 29, 115 Hubner, Pamela 39,65 Hudson, Bryan 115 Hudson, Donaven 146 Hughes, Rebecca 48, 146 Humphreys, Robin 131 Humphries, Keith 85 Jackson Jackson Jackson Beth 115 Christina 131 Jackson, Jackson, ,Christopher 61, 63, 146 Jackson, Jackson, ,Sondra 69,87 ,Teresa 8, 69, 87, 117, 169, David 146 Dick 159 186, 213, 238, 287 Jacobs, Adina 69, 115 Jafter, Arif 55 Jakubowski, Therese 48, 146 James, Pamela 87 James, Paula 131 Janecka, Helen 49, 129, 131 Janecka, Paul 50, 55, 59, 115 Janicek, Paul 65, 115 Janosik, Penny 115 Jarvill, Patricia 87 Jasek, Mark 28, 146 Jeffers, Andy 146,219 Jenkins, Charles 146, 171 Jenkins, Jimmy 146, 185,203,204 Jensen, Melissa 131 Jette, Bobby 115, 179 Jezierski, Renee 36, 47, 131 Johnson, Carolyn 43. 43, 58, 59, 115 Johnson, Greg 60, 63, 146 Johnson, Jennifer 48, 146 Johnson, Jill 17, 24, 25, 29, 87, 108, 109,312 Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, 86, 87, Johnson, Joan 64, B7 Kerri 115 Lisa 69, 87 Lori 17, 52, 53, 54, 55, 65, 107 Melanie 27, 29, 31, 115 Johnson, Melody 58, 146 Johnson, Michael 15, 28, 131, 171 Johnson, Rhonda 6, 22, 87, 172, 295 Johnson, Robert 115 Johnson, Sandy 42, 115 Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson, ,Stacey 65, 131 ,Tammy 146 ,Tommy 159 Johnson, Johnson, Scott 146, 184, 185 William 115 William 146, 171 Johnston, Christie 146 Johnston, Kelly 69, 131 Johnston, Stanley 87 Johnstone, Devin 115 Jones, Angela 146 Jones, Cheryl 146 Jones, Christi 39, 115, 327 Jones, Dana 64, 87, 313 Jones, Donna 146 Jones, Donna 146, 285 Jones, Janet 159, 160 Josie? Kevin 87, 94, 108, 196, 207, Jones, Kevln 108, 131,207 Jones, Lois 12, 131 Jones, Lori 6, 29, 42, 87, 108, 290, 291 Jones, Michelle 115 Hunstable, John 50, 51, 115 Hunstable, Mark 146 Hunt,Trent115, 121,259 Hunter, Hunter, Hunter, Hunter, Diane 113 Jon 115 Michael 85, 94, 196 Paul 57, 59, 146, 212 S, John 107, 159, 170, 171, 205, 5 s, Julie 69, 85, 313 s, Kenny 85 s, Kimberly 146, 190 inbotham, Steven 130, 171, 185, 5 Honors 106-107 Cathy 39, 115, 149 Christi 36, 47, 130 hristie130, 192, 193 ark 42,115,148 amela 130 , Pamela 130 , Lisa 146 Brian 115 n, Rodney 115, 180, 181, 183 , Deanna 49, 62, 130 Huntress, Mary 131 Hurst, David 28, 146 Hutchins, Johnny 146 Hutchins, Sheril 115 Hutchinson, Jaml 52, 85, 259 Hutto, Rhonda 115 Iiii Individual Sports 222-223 Irvin, Kent 115 Ishmael, Denise 39, 87, 167 lsmall, Fayza 87 Iiii Jones, Robert 146 Jones, Theresia 159 Jordan, Jacquelin 115 Jordan, Linda 140 Jordan, Mark 131 Jordan, Troy 49, 147 Jordan, Verna 28, 128, 129, 131 Juniors 110-123 Justiss, David 131 J.V. Cheerleaders 32 J.V. Drill 36 Kkkk Kallaus, Carole 131 Kamps, Ray 49, 115 Kane, Joey 147 Kapltan, William 87 Karr, Kristi 147 Kassela, Frank 60, 63, 147 Kath, Kristi 28, 42, 129, 131 Kath, Susan 87,297 ,V No,-na 140 gghittman, Laura 50, 51, 55, 115 ' J k ,R 1 42,237,312 ' use 48' 146 ac 5 Us y Kaultzscn, Steve so, 131, 212 Kaulaity, Larry 61, 63, 131 Kaun, David 23, 115, 183,225 Kear, David 22, 31, 52, 87, 108 Kearney, Janice 47, 147 Kearney, Jonathan 13,87 Keeiner, Carolyn 87 Keelner, Michael 147 Keel, Kevin 115 Kellehan, Laura 39, 87, 110, 289 Kellehan, Lisa 147 Kelley, Jane 160 Kelly, Christine 15, 17, 87, 265 Kelly, Kevin 147 Kelly, Kevin 87, 196 Kelly, Lisa 87 Kelly, Randy 131, 171 Kelly, Rebecca 87, 260 Kelly, Richard 116, 196 Kendall, Christine 65, 87, 309 Kendall, Julie 131 Kennedy, Denise 131 Kegttgdy, Jana 11, 17, 46, 47, 87, 265, Kennedy, Suzanne 131 Kenney, James 87,276 Kennon, Kathy 87 Kesler, Kathryn 6, 89, 295 Kesler, Shawn 131, 285 Key, Lance 60, 63, 147 Killian, Cindy 43,131 Killian, Lacy 65 Killlan, Lorle 69, 89 Killlngsworth, Weldon 131,204 Killion, Karla 147 Kilpatrick, Amy 31, 147 Kilpatrick, Bethany 29, 31, 89, 107, 109, 238 Kilstrom, Kay 89 King, Bryan 5a, 147,207,212 King, James 6, 43, 56, 59 King, Jeffrey 120, 147 King, Jodella 13, 49,59 King, Katherine 116 King, Kelly 131 Klng, Steven 147, 171 Klngrey, Kandi 147 Kinkeade, Matthew 15, 131 Kinman, Carolyn 147 Kinne, Gary 15, 22, 131, 179, 185, 232, 266 Kinney, Charles 65, 142, 196 Kinney, Marcie 48, 147 Kinney, Stacy 15, 131 Kinney, Steve 196, 197 Kirby, Keith 131 Kirchmeyer, Thomas 60, 63, 147 Kirk, Carol 147 Kirk, Kimberly 116 Kirk, Paul 147 Kirkland, Jo 29, 50, 51, 116 Kirkland, Rilkina131 Kirkland, Sunny 147 Kirkpatrick, Cheryl 42, 57, 59, 89,298 Kirkpatrick, Lori 2, 11, 22, 29, 34, 82, 89, 107, 109, 199, 200, 228, 230, 235, 242, 262, 296, 298 Kirkpatrick, Michelle 36, 47, 131 Kitts, William 131, 204 Klin?6John 44, 45, 164, 165, 247, 250 2 Knowles, Bryan 43, 89, 264, 265, 302 Knox, Connie 58, 147 Koerner, Kristy 31, 89, 108 Koger, Raymond 61, 63, 147 Kovar, Danny 69, 116 Kovar, Karen 36, 47, 131 Kovar, Monette 60, 63, 116 Kraps, Susan 48, 147 Kraps, Tammy 69, 89, 301 Krueger, Vonda 64,89 Kula, William 7, 22, 29, 82, 89, 196, 219, 230, 303 Kupner, Carol 69 Kuptz, Kimberly 69, 89 Kunz, William 89, 207, 212, 296 Kuykendall, Angela 48, 147 Kuykendall, James 49, 55, 147 Index i I l 1 I I Livingsgonr Tommy 132 Martin, Virginia 52, 117 Means, Feiirbia 149 Lloyd, Rocky 116 Martinez, Leticia 42, 148 Meazell, Gwendolyn 23, 26. 27, 2 Lloyd, Rugsgll 59, gg Maninez, Michelle 148 39, 92, 935107. 109 Lacoste. Glen 65, 147 Labbanl Chylsfgphgr 55, gg Martinez, Teresa 91, 212. 220, 255, Meaue, Janei 141 Lacy, Leigh 24, 25, 37, 38, 39, 116 Lock' Eddie 89' 259 275, 296 Medlifh T0mmY 55 Lady Diana 273 Lock. Linda 91 Marx, Suzanna 132 Mehegan, Sh:-:Ha 17, 28, 133 Lafon, Dale 116 Lock' gobbi 69' 160 Masters, Tim 117 Melton. Mike 133 Lagadlnos, Christine 36, 131 Locust' Jena 132' 200 Matatau, Deloyce 141 Melvin, Gregory 65, 93 Lainhart, Stanley 141 Laman, Mitchell 63, 132 Lamb, David 132, 179 Lamb, Luclndy 147, 213 Lamb, Lynda 69, 89 Lancaster, Donald 147 Lancaster, Jerry 65, 116, 171 Laggaster, Steven 20, 29, 50, 51, 55, Lance, David 116 Landis, James 116, 179, 225 Landis, Ronald 147 Lane, Kathy 160 Lane, Laurie 43, 59, 89, 302 Langford, Leslie 17, 36, 47, 59, 132 Langford, Robert 116 Lankford, Linda 64 Larkin, Gary 116, 179 Larsen. Lori 15, 89, 108, 208, 209, 213, 215, 299 Latin Club 21 Laughlin, Carrie 20, 147 Lawbaugh, Kerri 40, 132, 212, 220 Lawrence, Deshannon 69. 1 16 Lawrence, James 132, 196 Lawrence, Kimberly 147 Lawrence, Mahhew 147 Lawson, Soon 52, 55, 147, 217 Lawson, Thomas 46. 132 Lawson, Wanda 116 Laxson, Randy 49, 60, 63, 147 Lay, Ramie 37, 38, 39, 89, 280 Layer, Steven 89, 194, 195, 196 Layman, Mitch 60 Layne. Karla 132 Leatherman, Carl 132 Leathers, Susan 64, 65, 116 Lebrun, Dot 39, 116, 267 Lebrun, Joseph 89, 290 Lee, Douglas 147 Lee, Gregory 65, 89 Lee, Holly 69, 89, 312 Lee, Lloyd 132, 185 Lee, Patrice 15, 69 Lee, Richard 147, 238 Leeds, Thomas 132 Laerssen, David 87, 174, 179. 299 Leerssen, Eric 132 Leggett, Jenniier 36, 47, 132. 200 Leggett, Rhonda 38. 39, 89, 252 Lemons, Kellee 43, 116 Lemons, Rhonda 147 Lemons, Rodney 147 Lentz, Stuart 116 ' Leonard, Linda 147 Leonard, Sharon 132, 213. 269 Leonard, Sugar Ray 272 Leonardo, Lanette 132 Legg? Jeffrey 15, 89, 176, 179, 263, Leslie, Mahhew 147 Lester, Teresa 58, 147 Lewis, Bryan 116, 207 Lewis, Claudia 132 Lewis. Debra 116. 213, 239 V Lewis, Michelle 22, 48, 138, 148, 155, 233 Lewis, Pamela 36, 47, 132 Lewis, Robert 132 Library Workers 15 Limmer, Tracy 14. 39, 80, 89, 198, 200, 225. 262, 277, 296 Linksr. Diana 29, 58, 116 Linsteadt, Byron 132 Linthicum, Cynthia 132, 186 Lippsetl, Don 141 Lipseh, David 14, 116, 179, 205, 225, 267 ' Llsle, Jeff 132 Laden. Janice 14, 22, 116 Logan, Meilssa 36, 47, 132 Long, Dayla 60. 132 Long, Deeana 148 Long, Rhonda 148 Loomis. Stacie 132 Lopez, Scotty 116, 285 Lott, Jeffery 1 16 Lon, Lisa 15, 48. 148, 233 Loudder, Kevln 29, 31, 50, 116 Loughney IV, John 116, 179 Lovell, Chad 51. 116 Luven, Mike 148 Lovey, Christene 185 Lowden, William 60, 63, 146, 91 Lowe, Ky 132 Lowery, Brenda 69, 132 Lucas. Sheila 55, 59, 116. 213, 259 Lucus, Rhonda 28, 32. 47, 132, 138 Luter, Teresa 15, 116 Luttrell, Kirk 53, 116 Lynch, Karen 32, 47, 148 Lynd, Laura 7, 22, 116, 121, 261 Lyon, Jeffrey 116 Lyons, Belinda 69, 91, 111, 117 Lyons. Dan 132 Mmmm' Mabry, Karla 132 Macey, Daniel 59, 116 Macey, Donna 59, 116 Machine Shop and Electronics 66 Madden, John 91 Maddox, Brian 116, 179 Madkins, Jeremiah 61, 63 Magee, Randall 10, 42, 50, 51, 116 Magee. Shannon 15, 22, 33, 34, 116 Magee, Suzanne 91 Mahler, Charlotte 110, 148 Maiooco. Jennie 148 Mann, Thomas 49, 148 Mellon, Douglas 14,91, 146, 179.268 Malmquish Johnny 148 Malone, Dawn 111, 132 Malone, Kristi 36, 47, 132 Maison, Tammy 49, 116 Mamdani, Malik 132 Mangham, Juli 39, 50, 117 Manlcchia, Peter 148, 171, 205, 233 Manicchia, Phillip 117, 131, 202, 205 Manley, Laura 132, 153 Manuel, Devan 146,219 Maples, Marty 148 Maples, Vickie 69, 91, 307 Marcos. Julio 69, 91 Margerum, Kevin 148 Marks, Gary 91, 265 Marrel, David 148 Marriott, Ronny 91, 241 Marshall, David 14, 91, 125, 146, 179, 276, 296, 299, 325 Marshall, Linda 69, 160 Marshall, Myra 148 Marshall, Patrick, 148 Marshburn, Wendy 117 Martin. Angie 91 Martin, Amhony 7 Martin, Dana 65. 117 Martin, David 91, 290 Martin, Jason 148 Martin, Jennifer 69,91, 117, 258 Martin, Jerry 132 Manlnfdohn 117, 120 MartingKaren 132 ' Martin, ,Kyla 91 Martin, Lisa 148 Nalh Club 30 Mattingly, Sharra 15, 39, 91, 167,' 234, 253 Mauldin, Michelle 47, 132 Maxey, William 91 Maxvili, Sandra 132 May, Steven 132 Mayes, Brian 28, 132, 219 Mayne, Charles 49, 56. 59, 133 Mays, Jason 133, 284, 285 McAda, Kristene 43, 59 McAfee, Christie 37, 38, 39, 69, 91 McAfee, Kimberly 36, 43, 133 McAllister, John 148 McAI!ister, Thomas 91 McAnally, Sherry 148 McBride, Bobble 133 McBride, Ryan 148 McBroom, Sabrina 91 McCaig, Michael 117 McCar1er,,Amy 16, 133 McCarter, Kimberly 133 McCar1er, Nona 133, 213 McCarty, Robert 160 McCarty, Ronald 148 McClin!on, Susan 117 McClure, Karen 14, 117 McCuIgan, Rodger 61, 63, 117 McCollum, Lynda 48. 148 McCollum, Cynthia 148, 193 McCollum, Steven 65, 117 McCormick, Randy 145 McCoy. David 148 McCoy, James 106, 109, 159, 166. 167, 278 McCrummen, Sandra 52, 64, 91 McCurry, Kendra 148, 285 Mcggzniel, John 50, 51, 117, 212, 220 McDaniel, Tammy 133, 209 MCD8!1i6I,TinB 133 McDaniels, John 65, 91 McEIyea, Rebecca 148 McFadden, Melissa 148 McFaul, Ray 160 McGahan, Eleanor 117 McGary, Anthony 26, 27, 117, 196 McGee, Cathryn 58, 148 McGee, Michael 64. 65, 91, 285 McGehee, Michael 133 McGIea, Becky 110 McGowan, Jeffrey 117, 196 McGuffey, Shawna 50, 117 McHargua, David 91 Mcllroy, Cheryl 58, 117 Mclntosh, Robert 133 Mclntyre. Gordon 133. 285 McKee, Valerie 148 McKee. Wayne 133, 207, 212 McKelthan, Dana 59, 91 McKenzie, Louann 133 McKenzie, Tracey 50, 91, 243. 260 McKenzie, Troy 148 McKinney, John 133 McKinney, Shannon 39, 117 McKinney, Shelley 12 McKnight. Deberia 117 McLain, Kimberly 39, 117, 227 McLaren, Norman 65, 160 McLean, Charles 117, 131, 179 V McLeaster, Michelle 36, 47, 133 McLemore. April 36. 47, 133 McNamee, Desiree 48, 148 McPhaH, Juanita 65, 91, 284, 285 McPhall, Melissa 117, 285 McPherson, Kelly 133, 204 McQueen, Troy 58, 148 McQuis!ion,Shaun 133, 217 McRae, Charles 28. 29, 148 Mendez, Jesse 117 Mendoza, Sandra 149 Mercer, Mlchae! 14, 117, 219 Mercer, Sherri 69, 93, 284. 285, 2 Merritt, Bradley 49, 58, 149 Merryman, Laura 93, 303 Mggrgrnan, Suzan 36, 47, 111, 13 Messick, Loretta 149 Messick, Sheilie 117 Mexla, Anthony 149, '171 Michaei, John 133 Mlddlebrook, Jason 149 Mlddlebrooks, Billy 149 Mlkeself, David 61, 63 Mikuda, Donna 69, 93 1 Miller, Christopher 14, 117 Milier. Dan 133 Miller. Darlene 117, 135 Miller, Deborah 117 Millar, Debra 149 Miller, Jeffrey 65, 117, 134 Miller, Larry 30, 93 Miller, Mark 55, 149, 219 Miller, Pat 140 Miiler, Paula 111, 133 Miller. Phillip 133 Miller, Phyllis 22, 36, 47, 133 Miller, Rhonda 133 Miller, Roger 133 Miller, Ronald 149 Miller, Tina 149 Miller, Tomarle 48, 149 Mitts, Franklin 14, 117, 179 Mins, Jonathan MQ, 212 Mills, Regina 42, 117, 129, 291 Mitts, Steven' 64, 93 Mililcan, Fay 140 Minnick, Lori 14, 59, 117 Mlnnick, Weldon 56, 57, 58, 160 Minsky, Robert 59, U7 Mitchell, Jeffrey 117 Mitchell, Laura 133 Mitcheli. Lorraine 160 Mitcheil, Nicole 133 Mitcheil, Sherry 117 Mohr, James 133, 179 Molencupp, James 64, 117 Molina, Kellie 149 ' Molina, Meilssa 36, 133 Molina, Patrick 149 I Monaco, John 93 Monroy, Audrey 42, 133 Monroy, Sandra 37, 39, 56, 59, 9 119, 244, 252, 274 ' Monteil, Cecelia 59 Montes, Robert 133 Montgomery Crystal 133 Montgomery, David 117 Montoya, Monica 133, 200 Moody, Penny 59, 117 Moody, Susan 93, 302 Moore, Daron 133. 212 Moore, Mindy 64, 93 Moore, Ruth 43, 51, 56, 59, 118 Moore, Sammie 14.39, 93 Moore, Tina 50, 118, 120 Moore, Tracey 15, 118, 213 Moreno, Oatherine133, 200 Morgan, Cathy 15, 20, 47, 149, 1 Morgan, Davld 93. 219 Morgan, Gerald 65, 118 Morgan. Mary 160 ' Morgan, Lisa 149 Morgan, Reba 160, 161 Morones, Paul 133 Morones, Teresa 93 Morris. Anne 48, 149 - ' 74,9 Martin, Misty 32, 47, 148, 233 Morris. Barbara 28. 93. 200.209 tf:ff,f,'f,1,,9,, gghgghn 16 Mmm, Priscsua 36. 47, 49, 132, 276 MORSE- Kfmbefiv 1 17 Morris. Bobbie 15, 113. 493 Uma. Kim 32 All 148 Mmm, Sherry 91 Mcspaaaen, Eryn ae, 47, 49, 133 M0fr1s,chery150, 118 Lm,e'Lo,,,,11,0 ' ' Manm.vmki 39,117 Mead. Larry 50. 51. 92. 308 Morris,Dana149 lin In-U11-nu-1 nan--u Y n 1- mn uni ' :Luis :uni 3 1 I l Z 1 Z 1 318 Index l l I Morris Morris Morris Morris, ,Missy 36, 47, 59, 113, 134 ,Mike 170, 171, 204, 225 ,Robert 93, 113, 128 Kimberlee 58, 149,212 Morris, Susan 118 Morris, William 149, 171 Morrison, Donna 65, 93, 309 Morrow, Deborah 23, 39, 52, 55, 93, 108, 253, 325 Morrow, Pamela 39, 111, 134 Morton, Charles 15, 31, 118, 131, 173, 179 Morton, Clndy 69, 93, 135,305 Morton, Thomas 149, 212 vloscrey, Mike 149 Mosher, Lorraine 22, 93, 98, 200 Moss, Kathy 93 Vloult, Stacy 185 lituhl, Linda 33, 46, 47, 160, 260 Vluldoon, Linda 40, 118 Mullen. Mary 1 18 Vlullino, Mark 43, 50, 55, 118, 291 Mullis, Luann 149 Murdock, Charles 149, 185 Vlurdock, Cindy 13, 134 Murdock, Rebecca 14, 59, 93, 309 Vlurphy, Craig 43, 134, 250, 291 Vlurphy, Ester 134 Murphy, Katrina 118, 145 Murray, Thomas 149, 185 lwusick, Larry 28, 134 Myer, David 60, 63, 149 yers, David 149 yers, Paul 134 yers, Tanya 149 yrdahl, Susanne 118 yrdahl, William 149 Nhnn berhaus, Dawn 22, 29, 34, 118, 236 ding, Angela 118 nez, Rodney 17, 24, 25, 93, 124, 125, 279, 299, 313, 328 ler. Greg 60, 63, 149 sh, Michael 134, 171 e, Brian 134 ihardt, Dan 149 lson,Jet1rey 149, 171 lson, Kathryn 160 lson, Kristl 134 lson, Stacey 93, 200, 234, 277, 282 lson, Trevor 134, 171 rsesian, Robert 118 ster, Mark 134, 143, 171 ttles, Darin 134 wman, David 93 wman, Sloan 134, 171 wsome, Starr 56, 59, 118 uyen, Hoang 29, 31.93, 107, 307 uyen, Hung 134 uyen, Y-Thu 134 S, NJ!-IS 28 ely, Lisa 149 .hols, Julie 59, 134 hols, Todd 66, 118, 196 kens, Dennis 141 holsorx, Jill 61. 63, 134 hardt, Dan 171 htingale, Tonya 14, 134 o, Fermin 118 , Katharine 149 on, Patrick 134 en, Jerry 65, 134 leet, Kathy 58, 149 lock, Lynice 149 on, Cregg 149, 171 tingham, Kim 43, 134 kovlch, Stephen 134 old, Lea 33, 34, 118 eel, Sherry 134 ley, Gina 36, 134, 209, 213 ley, Tammy 36, 47, 134, 209 aschek, Timothy 134 nnor, Sheree 93 m, Jana 47, 134 68 ce Workers 15 er. Barry 69, 118 Oliver, Charles 134 Oliver, Connie 29, 43, 93, 107.260, 308 Oliver. Kimberly 36, 47, 134 Olson, Gilbert 52,95 Olson, Lynn 60, 63, 95 Oneal, Erik, 60, 63 Oneal, Kenneth 134 Ontiveros, Roy 149, 171 Oper, Cathy 2, 149 Orchestra 56, 57.58, 59 Orren, Crystal 69, 95 Otero, Adam 149 Owen, Kathy 29, 43, 118 Owens, Laurie 69, 243, 302 PPPP Pacesetters 37, 38, 39 Pacho, Anthony 58, 149 Pacho, Julio 118 Packer, Janet 149 Padon, Douglas 134 Page, Cindy 121, 134 Page, Virginia 28 Pamplin, Leslie 118 Pannoni, Laurel 43, 76, 95, 119, 280 Parchem, Sandra 58, 150 Pardon, Doug 207 Pardon, Ron 160 Park lri Song 95 Paris, Rebecca 160 Parker, Amy 47, 134 Parker, Deborah 32, 47, 150 Parker, Mary 134 Pailgsg, William 15, 95, 179, 194, 195. Parmer, William 212 Partridge, Jett 65, 95 Paschal, Ronda 134 Passons, Lowell 69, 118 Pate, Wendie 150, 209, 213 Patrick, David 118 Patrick, Jett 95 Patrick, Wendy 134 Patterson, Anita 69, 95. 285 Patterson, Glenda 150 Patterson, LaDonna 48, 150 Patterson, Leah 14, 36, 47, 134 Patterson, Lisa 150, 213 Pattlllo, Yvonne 150 Patton, Sherry 61, 63, 134 Paugh, Vickie 150,213 Paul, Shannon 110, 150 Paulov, Stephen 1 18 Paulsen, Gayle 29, 118 Payne, Clilton 15, 118. 239 Payne, Karla 17 Payne, Victoria 28, 52, 118, 259 Pearson, Chad 150 Pearson, Michael 11.95, 196 Pearson, Patrick 150, 212, 256, 257 Pearson, Richard 150 Pedraza, Joe 150 Pedri, Russell 150 Pele GB Pena, Gloria 13, 52, 118, 285 Penn. Daniel 118 Pennington, Barry 64.95, 107 Perez, Jorge 69, 95 f ' Perez, Sylvia 19, 150 Perez, Veronica 15, 134 Perkins, Bonnie 50, 51, 55, 111, 134, 324 Perkins, Kevin 13, 35. 72, 95, 113, 226 Perkins, Melissa 150 1 Perritt, Bobby 118 N Perry, Bobbie 161 Perry, Donna 95 Perry, Justin 118 Perry, Karla 29, 39, 44, 50, 118, 242 Perryman, Harmon 95 Pegon, Donna 41, 55, 58, 59, 134, Peters, Daniels 150, 196 Peters. Gerri 69, 95 Peters. Mary 95,313 Peterson, Rene 14, 69 Peterson, Shawn 150 Petesch, Richard 135 Petter, Darrell 135, 171 Petty, Edward 150, 171 Ploh, Brenda 140 Phelps, Chris 135, 185 Phelps, Everett 95 Phillips, Cassie 48, 150 Phillips, David 135 Phillips, Glenn 21, 24, 31, 118 Phillips, Hope 135, 136 Phillips, Kristal 150 Phillips, Lisa 150 Phillips, Steve 118, 269 Phillips, Terri 135 Plccola,Ciro 150, 185 Piccola, Joann 118, 200 Pierce, Stephanie 64, 65, 118, 23B Piland, Stephen 13, 35, 65, 95, 112, 148, 277,289 Pinckard, Scott 64 Pinckard, Steven 150 Pinkston, Glenda 161, 323 Pinson. Natalie 39, 69, 95, 252, 298 Pipkin, Tysha 135 Pittman, Steve 135 Pitts, Tracy 150 Plant, Kenneth 150 Platt, Shirley 150 Plumer, Daniel 150 Plumer, Wendy 150 Plunk. Lisa 47, 48, 150 Pogue, Clifford 135 Pogue, Gregory 95 Pogue, Lisa 95 Pollard, Lenny 14, 80, 95, 100, 145, 147, 179 Pollard, Lonnie 150,212 Polvado, John 118 Pony Express 26-27 Poor, Hollle 135 Poor, Shelly 95 Porter, John 135, 171 PUYYBY, Kerri 150, 213, 214. 215 Porter, Lori 8, 69, 95, 117, 186, 235, 238, 271 Porter, Melinda 150 Porter, Shelly 39, 118, 120 Porter, Posey, Terri 110, 111, 150 Leah 50, 55, 118 Posing, Nicole 68, 69, 119 Poteet, Ralph 156, 159 Potter, Charles 65, 95 Potter, Pouge, Samuel 135 Cliff 20? Powell, Delynda 69, 95 Powell, Ron161 Power, Andrea 70, 119 Power, Angela 119 Power, Cynthia 150 Power, Stephanie 64, 96 Powers, Stephanie 47, 112, 135 Prange, Michael 150, 212 Prater, Carrie 14, 39, 96, 167,'229, 244, 263, 274 Prater, Debbie 110, 111, 150, 266 Prater, Diane 13, 14, 119 Pl' 61612 Lynnell 161 Prater, Sherry 37, 39, 97 Pree, Troy 135 Prewitt, Klent 150 Prewitt, Robert 150, 171 Price, Bobby 15, 97, 179 Prgcgg Jeffrey 97, 123, 202, 205, 222, Price, Kayla 17. 40, 135 Price, Mark 207 Price, Michael 135 Prigmore, Tracy 135 Primm, Biily 119 Prince Charles 273 Prine, Johnny 150, 171 Pritchard, Angela 135 Provence, Paul 50, 59, 119 Pruett, Janna 36, 135, 183 Pruitt, Dana 58, 150 Pruitt, Tommy 151, 171, 185 Puckett. Gregory 196 Puckett, Mark 121, 135 Purvis, Joy 27, 97, 126, 289 Putnam, James 135 Pyle, Kelly 119, 209, 213 Pyle, Kristen 32, 47, 48, 151 Ilrrr Raba, Krystal 151 Raburn, Mabel 151 Rackley, Melody 47, 135 Rader, Kelly 135 Radio and T.V. Repair 67 Rains, Brian 151 Raitt, Cindy 32, 47, 151 Ramsey, Michael 119, 206, 207, 212 Ramsey, Patty 11, 14. 34, 96, 290. 326 Randeil, Leia 69 Randle, Christopher 119 Ranes, Bryan 65, 135 Ransom, Brian 135 Rante, Kimberly 151 Rasnic, Stacie 96 Ratlift, Tracey 36, 47, 135 Rattan, Kelly 17, 20, 22.29, 31, 97, 106, 109, 200,296,327 Rattan, Kim 69, 97, 107, 111,200,277 Ray, Carla 14, 1 19 Ray, Danny 151 Ray, Genene 119 Ray, Lawrence 119 Ray, Mark 12, 119, 196 Raymond, Virginia 69, 119 Fleasor, Bryan 151 Reasor, Glenn 139, 151 Rector, Mark 69, 119 Rector, Michael 119 Reed, Carolyn 47, 151 Reed. David 151 Reed,Jimmy119,131, 179 Reed, Lisa 36, 42, 135,291 Reed, Mike 135 Reed, Phyllis 161, 225 Reed, Randy 67, 119 Reed, Steven 24, 29, 97. 108, 313 Reese, Rodney 151, 185 Reese, Sonya 61, 63, 119, 193 Regalado, Delia 135 Reichert, Dennis 119 Reid, Annette 29, 97, 108 Reid, Darrel 65, 96 Reid, Dwight 135, 212, 220 Reneau, Billy 96 Reneau, Elizabeth 135 Renner, Deborah 55, 97 Renner, Melinda 49. 135 Resgles, Daniel 135 Reville. Larry 135 Revennaugh, Kelli 111 Reville, Sherrie 4, 34, 97, 235 Reyes, Michael61, 63, 151 Reyes, Sean 151 Reynal, Stephanie 135 Reynolds, Julia 161 Reggigmlds, Robin 23, 26. 27, 64, 97. Reynolds, Uennie 140 Rhett, Charles 135 Rhett, Prisoella 13,69 Rhodes, Misty 151 Rhodes, Pam 36, 135 Rhodes, Tracy 151 Rial, Kristi 119, 243 Rice, Amy 151 Rice, Wendi 43, 135 Rich, Lisa 151 Rich, Paige 10. 32, 47, 151 Rich, Robin 68, 119 Richards, Dee 36, 135 Richardson, Gloria 161 Richardson, Jennifer 119 Richardson, Jan 161 Richardson, Ken 135 Richardson. Sheila 65 Fticherson, Jon 97, 179, 295 Rickerson, Tracy 151 Riedner, Stephanie 151 Rigdon, Curtis 119 Riley, Cynthia 31, 161 Riley, Trevor 119, 219 Rinne, Deanna 96 Rios, Angela 96, 200, 280, 309, 323 , index 319 glos' we 9T'1g5'1520 ggmozpa' 3365371 Skinner, steven 136, 207, 212 Stevenson, Stacy 65. 137 los' fmue ' pp' aw. ' Staten, Janet 120 Stewart. Brent 153 Rios, Michael 151 Sarrett,Terl 136 Swwan Christa 153 Rios, Teresa 69, 200, 259, 309 Rittmuller, Christoph 135 Rittmuller, Maria 22, 151 Rltzer, Scott 97 Ritzer, Steven 151 Rivers, Gabby 136 Sattler, Andrew 136 Sauceman, Howard 58, 61, 63, 99 Sawyer, Renaie 63, 120 Sawyer, Lori 61, 69, 120 Schepers, Scott 65 Schindler, Donna 136 Slayden, Sherie 120 Sledge, Brian 15, 136, 139, 171,196 Sledge, Kevin 11, 15, 22, 99, 195, 196, 242, 263, 270, 289, 296 Sleeper, Teresa 120 Sloan, Janet 11, 22, 23, 29, 31, 59, 99, 108 Rizzotto, Anthony 50, 51, 119, 131, 179 Roach, Jonathan 97, 173, 177, 179, 271 Roark, Shana 151, 217 Robbins, John 151,207,212 Roberts, Greg 151 Roberts, Melody 59, 151, 212, 220 Roberts, Patcharee 151 Roberts, Sheila 136 Roberts, Vincent 151 Roberts, William 136 Robertson, Ben 161, 167, 175, 179 208, 209,213,225 Robertson, Mark 119 Robertson, Marye 151 Robertson, Richard 97 Robertson, Stephanie 38, 39, 119, 209, 224, 245 Robertson, William 136 Robinson, Aaron 151 Robinson, Kenneth 96 Robles, Eva 136, 153, 193, 200 Rochester, Pamela 119 Roden, James 65 Rodgers, Kathryn 136 Rodgers, Melissa 119 Rodgers, Steven 96, 313 Rodriguez, Linda 38, 119 Rodriguez, Lisa 97 Rodriguez, Patricia 19, 38, 119 Roephe, Glenn 65 Rogers, Adrienne 58, 136 Rogers, Chrlstlne 97, 212 Rogers, Douglas 151 Rogers, Timothy 119 Ronscavage, Mark 119 Rooney, Charles 151 Rorie, Tina 65 Rosa, Mlchael 151 Rosales, Louis 119, 179 Rose Jr., Charles 136 Rosebrock, Shelley 39, 97, 167 R.0.T.C. 60, 61, 62,63 Rotenberry, Russell 50, 51, 119 Roush, Susan 119 Roussel, Jeana 151 Rowan, Larry 151, 171, 238 Rowan, Rhonda 69 Rowell, Brian 136 Rowland, Lawrence 60, 63, 151 Rubio, Michele 15, 151, 193 Rude, Erik 119 Ruft, Serena 69, 97 Ruk, Card 110 Runk, Annette 119 Rusk, Sammy 161 Russell, Dana 99 Russell, Kim 151 Russell, Kimberly 47, 48, 151 Russell, Scott 151, 185 Ryan Ill, William 151 Ryle, Kari 17, 24, 99, 313 Ssss Saffle, D'Anna 14,30, 31,99 Salas, Victor 136 Sales, Connie 151 Salley, Kelly 48, 151 Sammann, James 119 Sammann, John 119 Sampson, Davld 152, 171 Sanchez, Cindy 39, 117, 119, 227 Sanders, Cynthia 152 Sanders, Dana 120 Sanders, Elizabeth 65, 99 Sanders, Jerry 171 Sandlin, Rocky 136 Sanford, Tommy 120 Schmidt, Edward 63, 152 Schmidt, Mike 60 Schnurr, Angela 32, 47, 152 Sc51glg1rr,Julianne 29, 99, 212, 220, Schnurr, Loretta 6, 29, 34, 120, 276 Schreiber, Rhonda 15, 136 Schmidt, Marita 161 Schwartz, Lu 120, 183, 185 Science Club 30 Scott, Bill 161 Scott, Jack 152 Scott, Jeanette 120 Scott, John 152, 171 Scott, Kirk 136 Scott, Mark 152, 185 Scott ,Melissa 36, 47, 59, 136 Seabolt, Tiffany 69, 99, 236, 309 Sebastian, Jarrod 152, 207, 212 Sebright, Michelle 152, 249 Seitzler, Billy 15, 99, 179 sen, Sean 136, 269 Sellers, Robert 120 Selllng, Debbie 120, 136, 209, 213 Selman, Walter 152 Semento,Jill 136 Seniors 72-105 Serwin, Chris 285 Settle, Catherine 69, 120 Settle, Daniel 65 Sheppard, Shana 31, 99, 297 Sharp. Steven 152 Shaver, David 99,298 Shaver, Jeffrey 120 Shaw, Dona 10, 14, 50, 51, 99 Shaw, Kirk 152, 171, 238 Sheets, Michael 64, 99 Sheffield, Casey 99, 142, 196, 210, 212, 276 Sheffield, Warren 120 Shelton, Darla 69,99 Shelton, Rita 58, 152 Shero, Maleah 22, 26, 27, 64, 120 Shero, Michelle 152, 193 Shldid, Bernadette 99 Shields, Misty 65 Shlflet, Robert 161 Shiflet, James 64, 120 Shipley, Marah 152 Shipman, Jamie 36, 47, 49, 136 Shlrah, Mike 152 Shlrel, Stephanie 120 Shlvers, James 120, 205 Shtlmer, Terry 29, 31, 99, 107, 118, Shugart, Robert 136, 217 Shugart, Robin 14, 50, 51, 99, 307 Shupe, David 30, 99, 265 Shurtleff, Stephanie 69 Shutt, Kimberly 28, 99 Sides, Christina 136 Slllman, Steven 42, 136 Simmons, David 152 Simmons, John 136 Simmons, Kellye 59, 120 Slmmons, Kim 14, 120 Simmons, Michael 63, 152 Simmons, Michelle 152 Simmons, Todd 152, 171, 185 Simpson, Velma 141 Sims, Connie 136 Simpson, Tom 141 Sims, Darrell 136 Sims, Kim 136 Sipe, Christi 69, 99, 307 Sipes, Kirk 49, 152, 155 Sltzmann, John 152, 212,220 Sltzmann, Martin 120, 212, 220, 296 Skaggs, Melissa 47, 136 Skaggs, Rhonda 36, 69, 120 Skelton, Sabrina 47, 152 Sloan, Robert 59, 152,212 Smedley, Marcus 120 Smethie, Craig 58, 152, 217 Smith, Audra 152 Smith, Casey 99 Smith, Darren 61, 63, 120 Smith, Jeffrey 136, 171 Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith zsof Smith Smith Smith Smith Karen 47, 152 Kelly 53, 55, 65, 86, 136,285 Kelly 49, 52, 136,259 Kendal 16, 17,99 Kimberly 29, 37, 39, 120, 244, 274 Lance 65, 120 Leslie 14, 15, 120,219 :Linda161 Maralena 120 Smith Marvin 152, 171 Smith Michael 4, 15, 22, 120, 179 231 234 Smith, Rosemary 136 Smith, Sandi 28, 136 Smith, Shari 120 Smith, Shawn 152 Smith, Toni 26, 27, 29, 92, 99,108 Smith, Toni 111, 136 Smith, Wade 152 Snauffer, Norman 141 Snodgrass, Paul 58, 136 Snorgrass, Kelly 136 Snover, Bruce 136, 196, 204 Snyder, Lee 162 Soccer 194-201 Solana, Mel 120 Solis, Keasha 99 Sophomore! 124-139 Sorrell, Scott 60, 63, 152 Souther, Kevin 120 Southern, Belinda 152 Southern, Peggy 14,99 Spalding, Dorothy 43, 51, 58, 59, 120 Spann, James 61, 62, 63, 162 Spanish Club 18 Speaker, Trent 152, 171 Speech Club 29 Speir, Robert 136 Spell, William 137 Spivey, Barton 152, 184, 185 Spragan, Candace 137 Spragan, Kelley 152 Spgggl, Grace 15, 22, 147, 152, 222, Srader, Joey 152 St. John, Lisa 152 Stachowiak, Chalese 15, 17, 23, 29, 99, 107, 109, 200 Stachowiak, Karen 50, 137, 200, 225 Stanbery, David 65 Stanglin,Deeana137 Stark, Darla 14, 36, 47, 137 Starkey, Deana 152 Starling, Althron 120, 171 Starnes, Lou 120 Starr, Christopher 137 Starr, Mary 137 Steedman, Amber 99,312 Steele, James 120 Steele, Michelle 8, 100, 186, 188, 189, 238, 263, 298 Stegall, Angela 47, 152 Stehn, Greg 60, 63, 120 Stelly, Chad 152 Stephens, Donald 137 Stgggens, Lea 15, 65, 96, 100, 193, Stephens, Matthew 120, 179 Stephens, Maudie 140 Stephens, Shannon 152 Stephenson, Mike 120 Stephenson, Paula 101 Stephenson, Roger 152 Stewart, Dina 14, 43, 101, 193 Stewart, Donna 28, 49, 137 Stidham, Deanna 101 Stiles, Carl 137 Stiles, Lisa 38, 39, 52, 119, 120, 12 259 Stokes, Gene 137 Stone, Eric 137, 204 Stone, Jamie 153 Stone, Laura 69 Stone, William 153 Stout, Donald 120 Stovall, Brenda 43, 137 Stovall, Eric 60, 63, 153 Stover, Jeffrey 58, 137 Stroney, Michael 60, 63, 137 Stryjak, Shannon 137 Stuard, Rebecca 17, 22, 29, 35, 70 72, 101, 107 Stuart, Douglas 153 Stubble1'ield,Steven 100 Student Council 22 Student Life 226-281 Stutts, Nandina 32, 47, 137, 193 Suder, Andrew 153 Sullivan, Renae 120 Summers, David 121 Sumner, Kristy 32, 47, 153,267 Susko, Jan 153 Swank, Laura 17, 52, 55, 63, 100, ' 258, 298 Swann, Weldon 159, 162, 170, 171 196, 224, 225 Swieter, Richard 101 Swimming 216-217 Swindel, Kenneth 153, 171 Tilt Taber, Tammy 32, 47, 55, 59, 110, 137, 139 Tabor, Charles 162,225 Tafoya, Timothy 121, 183,267 Tafur, Ruth 121,209 Tafur, Sandra 137 Talley, Ritchie 121 Talmage, Laura 28, 121,265 ' Talmage, Robert 153 Talton, James 43, 121 Tankersley, Penni 36, 47, 113, 13 Tanner, Alice 153 Tanner, Teresa 137 Tant, Sherri 153 Tapp, Gregory 15, 137, 171 Tarver, Claude 162, 175, 179,225 Tate, Suzanne 137 Taylor, Bill 162, 175, 179, 225 Taylor, Cheryl 69, 162 Taylor, Christopher 153, 171, 185 Taylor, Clair 24, 28, 121 Taylor, Daniel 137, 171, 185 Taylor, Dardy 137 Taylor, Kim 121 Taylor, Lynda 59, 137 Taggojr, Rhonda 37, 39, 50, 101, 2 Taylor, Robert 101 Taylor, Ron 25, 162,242 Taylor, Sherrl 101 Taylor, Sherry 153 Taylor, Timothy 153 Teagle, Carolyn 161, 162 Teagle, Paul 14, 15, 137, 143, 17 Teague, Christopher 14, 15, 121, Tedlock, Sue 59, 100 Teems, Jamie 153 Teems, Patrick 121 Teer, Sheri 137, 208, 209 Telker, Marcia 69, 121 Temple, Marian 153 Tennis 220-221 Terrestrial, Extra 248, 255, 257, Terry, Christopher 153, 185 Terry, David 65, 100 Terry, Nancy 65 Tex, Big 136 Thomas, Barbara 2, 8, 161, 162 Thomas, Sharon 153 Thomason, Janet 121, 186 Thomason, Paulette 52.65, 101 Thompson, Joel 29, 50, 121 Thompson, Karen 153 Thompson, Kristy 137 Thompson, Scott 65, 121, 285 Thompson, Sheri 36, 47, 137 Thompson, Susan 153 Thompson, Tanis 15, 29, 101, 108, 209, 213, 224 Thornburgh, Vonna 59, 153 Thorne, Brent 162, 207, 212, 224, 225 Thorp, Jeffrey 28, 60, 63, 137 Thorp, Kelly 137, 213 Thrasher, Timothy 137 Threadgill, Kay 162 Threlkeld, Krysla 36, 47, 49, 137, 265 Tieu, Dat 137 Tieu, Long 153 Tieu, Thinh 67, 121 Tigert, Johnna 69, 101, 108,307 Tillery, Leeman 101,242 TiIIis0n,J0hn 153, 171 Tillman, Randall 100 Timms, Julie 15, 100, 208, 209, 213, l 242,312 Kinney, Evan 101 charles 40, 43, 58, 137, Sheryl 101 Barbara 6, 34, 121, 123, 137, Denise 39, 101, 177, 309, 323 Robert 50, 137 Bryan 153 Janice 162 Tawana 121 Carlos 153, 171 Samantha 69, 101 ristina121, 183, 259 l, James 137 210-215 Teresa 29, 100, 108, 303 25 Cynthia 121 Julie 28, 137 Mongduyen 29, 121 Myvan 17, 121 Thenhan 59, 153 Gary 100 Fariel 121 Mary 137 Michelle 285 n 153 ddie 163 eve 26, 27, 35, 101, 297 Kim 65 Kyle 137, 179 Jeffrey 138 121, 265 Sandra 153,213 Lewis 15, 101, 176, 179 Catherine 43, 50, 51, 121 Stacey 153 Steven 121 Yvette 121 Sheryl 65 Cami 153 John 153 Robert 138 Shannon 36, 47, 133, 138 163, 179, 212,225 Theodore 58, 153 Ben 175, 179,324 er, Fiobin 121 ee, Lisa 138 Uuuu barger, Gipsy 59, 121 enuood, Linda 101,200,312 y 51 italo, Owti 209 Vvvv Valera, Celest 101 Valera, Debbie 153 Van Hoozer, Alan 102 Van Lehn, Laurie 69, 102, 200 VanBriggle, Lisa 153 VanLehn, Kelly 47, 153 VanSchaick, David 60, 63, 65, 103 VanShaick, Richard 103 Varner, Harold 121 Varner, Kimberly 36, 47, 138 Varsity Cheerleaders 33, 34, 35 Vasquez, Daniel 153 Vaughan, Billy 56, 58, 59, 131 Vaughn, Dottie 153 Vaughn, Kristal 193 Venrick, John 103 Vestal, Lisa 43, 153, 251 Vestal, Michael 138,212 VICA 65 Videan, Nap 153 VOCT 65 Vogt, Victoria 153 Volleyball 192-193 Wwww Wade, Christopher 153 Wade, Gene 11, 17, 22, 24, 25, 26, 27 35, 103, 279, 299, 328 Wade, Stephanie 47, 49, 138 Wade, Tommie 64, 65, 102, 102 Wadsworth, Kevin 102 Waggoner, Charlene 110, 154 Wagllardo, Loren 163 Wagner, Linda 50, 51, 121 Wagner, Lisa 103,308 Wagner, Stephen 154, 217 Wait, Jane 22, 163 Waits, Kenneth 154 Walker, Brenda 121 Walker, Carmel 15, 110, 154 Walker, Cindy 36, 47, 49, 138 Walker, David 207 Walker, Jeffrey 154,212 Walker, Julie 69, 103 Walker, Raenell 154 Wgcgr, Robyn 37, 39, 103, 200, 250, Walker, Sandra 36, 47, 138 Walker, Stephen 29, 31, 103, 106, 109, 238, 278, 302 Wallace, Joey 121,205 Wallace, Wade 121, 176, 179 Walters, Teresa 138 Walthall, Helena 213 Walton, Kevin 121, 212 Ward, James 60, 63, 154 Ward, Phillip 138, 171 Warner, Ben 154 Warren, Janice 7, 15,34, 121,213 Warren, Tammie 138 Wana, Kelly 121 Warta,Sammy138, 171 Washburn, Tracy 20, 30, 121 Washington, Gwynette 138 Wgifgngton, Sandra 121, 213, 214, Wasserman, Michael 154 Waters, Marvin 154 Watkins, Becky 138, 149,216,217 Watkins, Deborah 58 Watkins, Pamela 47, 154 Watkins, Paul 65, 102,312 Watkins, Regina 14, 39, 121, 245, 274, 327 Watkins, Tammy 32, 47, 138 Watson, Angela 48, 154 Watson, Anthony 121 Watson, James 138 Wigan, Rodney 102, 131, 179, 296, Watson, Tod 138 Watters, Sharon 103 Watwood, Larry 138 Way, Tracey 22, 32, 47, 49, 55, 138. 139, 232 Weatherby, Amy 139, 200, 259, 260 Weaver, Christine 139 Webb, Bryan 139 Webb, Cristle 59, 139 webb, .lacqueiyn 122, 193 Webb, Jeffrey 42, 122 Webb, Jim 163 Webb, Regina 15, 39, 121, 227 Webb, Shirley 140 Webb, Sheila 154 Weeks, Charles 170, 171, 185,225 Weeks, Joel 139 Weger, Stephen 58, 154 Welker, Dana 139 Wells, Dottie 163 Wells, Linda 154 Wells, Rebecca 17, 26, 27, 29, 31, 122 Welsh, Stephen 154,217 Wennberg, Allen 154 Wenz, Cheryl 29, 39, 122, 237 Wesson, Bettie 139 West, Tammy 49, 139 Westmoreland, Melissa B, 122 Westphal, Jeanne 64, 103 Whaley, Floyd 17, 122 Wheeler, Bruce 154 Wheeler, Danny 103 Wheeler, David 65, 154 Whisman, Laura 43, 58, 154 Whitaker, Bethanne 122 White, Beverly 60, 63, 154, 258 White, Casandra 122, 189, 267 White, Delaina 69, 103 White, James 154 White, Jason 102,219,292 White, Jerald 102, 179, 303 White, Lavenda 154 White, Mark 163, 170, 171, 200, 225 White, Sandra 37, 38, 39, 103,263 Whiteside, Penny 122 Whitton, Kyle 122 Whitton, Stacy 154 Whitworth, Larry 154, 185 Wicks, Candace 103 Wiggins, Sherry 122 Wllbanks, Patrice 47, 154 Wllbanks, Tammy 103 Wllcots, Kylynnedra 122, 186 Wilcox, Donald 139, 212 Wilkins, Dale 60, 61, 63,154,171 Wilkins, Tammy 61, 63, 122 Willard, Lois 103 William Arthur Phillip Louis 273 Williams, Angela 139 Williams, Anita 15, 139 Williams, Billy 155 Williams, Deborah 7, 34, 122 Williams, Gayle 102,298 Williams, James 43, 123 Williams, Janet 69, 236 Williams, Joe 122 Williams, Joe 155 Williams, Kristy 15, 139, 193 Williams, Lance 155, 171 Williams, Lee 155 Williams, Michelle 139 Williams, Patricia 155 Wllllamson, Leann 155 Willis, Christopher 122 Willis, Darrell 28, 102,308 Wlllls, John 65, 305 Willis, Lou 122 Wills, Wendy 155 Wills, Wesley 122 Wilson, Gary 155 Wilson,Joseph 28, 155, 171, 185 Wilson, Karen 121, 139, 189 Wilson, Karl 65, 122 Wilson, Marjorie 160, 163 Wilson, Michael 31, 103 Wilson, Raftord 64, 163 Wilson, Shari 38, 39, 69, 103,252 Wilson, Thomas 155 Wingler, Elizabeth 155 Winniford, Devy 39, 69, 103, 227, 245, 274, 276 Winnitord, Steve 65, 103 Winslow, Russell 155 Wohlschlaeger, Betty 163, 242 Wohlschlaeger, Steven 4, 22, 29, 104, 105, 107, 229,302 Wojtkowiak, Marcy 60, 63, 155 ... Wojtkowiak, Scott 61, 63, 139 Wolf, Beth 140 Wolf, Crystal 155 Wolf, Scott 122 Wolf, Sonya 69, 105 Wolf, Timothy 155 Wolfgang, Russell 105 Wolfskill, Sarah 159, 163, 225 Wood, Jerry 65, 105 Wood, Carolyn 23, 162, 163 Wood, Mark 35, 139 Wood, Doris 140 Wood, Sheila 58, 155 Woodard, Vestal 140, 141 Woods and Water Club 31 Woolen, Donna 122 Wooley, Lisa 122 Woolheather, Chris 139 Worrell, Tracy 155 Wortham, Kevin 14, 122, 179 Wray, Richie 139 Wren, Tracey 155,200 Wright, Amy 59, 105,243,302 Wright, Billy 155, 171 Wright, Suzanne 36, 47, 139, 200 Wright, Tracey 31,67 Wyatt, Wes 65, 163 Wycoff, Laura 122, 186 Wycof1,Marla 111, 155,213,268 YYYY Yarbrough, Darrell 60, 63, 155, 207, 212 Yates, Michael 155, 171 Yniguez, Lori 39, 71, 105, 252 York, Donna 155 York, Jeffrey 122 York, Robert 122 York, Ronald 105, 195, 196, 268 Youman, Christopher 139, 171 Young, Brenda 68, 69, 163 Young, Claudia 105,303 Young, Sandra 28, 105, 290 Youngblood, Jon 105, 229 Youth Advisory Council 23 Zzzz Zacer, Kevin 123 Zackary, Craig 155, 171 Zamora, Merry 46, 155 Zimggerman, Stacy 16, 47, 49, 60, 63, Zimmerman, Stephanie 155, 208, 209 213 Zimmermann, Tonya 122 Zingler, Martin 105 Zumbrun, James 138 4 Q 'A s... K . M l V if , M' A f .., m I, .-ii, gn nf. Q J SW' 51G 4 I 3 AE R . gh, .. 4 git' .wg Y. ,, , , , JJ I a B 1 . L . e ' .J 5 x 3 A, ,. , J naw ' 00 . 3 Y fT,N-MW kr K .X .JK k .Af "V V, Z: A X, ,W 's f ,L ,-.. M-..., x. W., V, ,L . kxlgmgk. +gij5,ff1- ,W ,.,.,,,.W, L ..m-W-'ffvffgf 'L " A f A.,--f-Lx? T1 ,bl 5 .4 ,BV inf-wv inf, ' L ,. ,A N fwf. ! A 4 E if . ini!! V . ff ' -if , 455 x . i J ' I fi if 3 w 1 ' W 5 F , Q , W 5 . xxx L n fix ug E ' Amex wk K ' K wht U . v Q Q 3- EQ W ! i i21 ,,i 4, . -W-QW 1 H L +L was Q T ,Umm DQS .qw-1 A ' B4 . , I -. . f, ' x . 1 W-U.,,L1,..A. ,L ,. ..,. ,W l2f?ffffZf335?5S53f5L'YikK, J, 'PW L ' H- 5 ,4 k YIM? 1 .1-Q ggi: y n A" 5 -sm- , 1 ,,, A rg ,- , .. rtfff' 5141- -1'-' ffiqvff x"' ,u,Jl21i4Q4 2 U W 1'vi'i2,fj 'yjgfff l .XD ,,.,. QM.. . , 251' mx? yqll' ,fm qw A ixnggey z"aw5W:x3f1g1:m , J.. QL 1-f .N4g,:'m,: ,f . 4 M.w,1 Q, N- mmm. . in mmfv ,ff X .f. M f .dv w,W.N, q,,4 K, A. f 1.X,,.w,.,-,.1,,,,W,Mmw,, . w ' .f -wfxesgxggzwfw A c. ,,'.E1:lE,i2, 21' ixwziwizfx-' F' , ,.., f pf if 'EEHL r , 'ACJQTM " Q QW 1 , A I -9 ' ' X ., '-1 :f.:L,- gg. ' C ' W T 2 : '!-' 1 7g3Y"'?'q 4 NH 2 X I ., 3 l ,EH y i 33,535 K 3 + , K H in Q N M X V 1 , W""' ,Q I , ,A ,A 'ff ff .' f qu , . N k ff' ' " + Nj W, ' fjxlfzl , 221' 5-img Q Q A t Y "' E5 A ,,,, ' 472 ' ' YW , 4. , ' , f:v'1z1 1'-sf 95 '- gy." X "'7p.v- . if Q f my fn . V - I . fffi 'rw A-adkgfiizl, D0 ii -- - , , , R A W V A V .Nw ,,, V N V U ,U is E , I 1- I My .M , M W ' ' ,wwwr I .gg-Q, , - , f, 5 . , mf: X 1 A Lx W .x,4'iiL,'4 I V . 1 4 7 v x x 4 s S I 1 I . L 1 V 1 N A w J X ,,,.f.e.21k,, M, me . ' A f --.....,..:... ,, Y, Y, 'Mflma . ., Na'-vw-3, Pygf ,ww iw, .,,,,1,,f,1a, ,ww . J az: ffifik The Best I would like to start off by saying that being editor ofa yearbook is not an easy job. but I guess everything has its own rewards. The best reward would be that this yearbook adequately captured the memories and events that occurred in the year 1983, and that it would be accepted and enjoyed by everyone now and for years to come. lf there was one thing l wish everyonecould learn from this yearbook, it would be that in order for NM to thriveandbecome even greater thanwhat it is, administrators and students will have to pulltogether and work closer with each other. Students and teachers need to remember the good times, athletic events, watching the Big Blue and Pacesetters, and field trips with our own organizations. We need to remember the good things in life and not dwell on our misfortunes or dislikes. We should start off each day with a clear conscience and a positive feeling toward everyone. As the editor of this yearbook I tried to do my best, whether it was taking pictures, designing a layout, organizing a favorites field trip, or iust dealing with the people. We hope that this edition of the Trailblazer is the best book that NM has ever had, and one otthebest in the state of Texas. l can only hope that when this yearbook comes out students and administrators alike will understand and overlook our Reward inconveniences, straight- forwardness, and insistent attitudes. This is the only way it could be done. There are many people who I need to thank especially Mr. Taylor and the staff l worked with. I would especially like to thank my assistant editor, Paul Wade. Paul did an enormous amount of work on this publication, including designing the cover, functioning as the head photographer, and overseeing all of the Student Life Section. I would also like to express my appreciation to two very special people, Kari Flyle who did a fantastic job on the Advertising and Faculty Sections, and to' Steve Fleed who was in charge of the Organizations Section and kept us on top of all national events. Two very special people whom I owe a lot are Linda Boroughs and Debbie Burchiield. Although l was the editor, they taught me many things, including the meaning of friendship. More quality yearbooks will come from NM as Linda will be in charge of the 1984 Trailblazer. Linda did a great job as the asst. editor of Student Life, she often found herself picking up the slack of many people. l can not express how much Debbie did for this book, she had a hand in many sections, a big part coming in Sports and Organizations. I would also like to thank the rest of my staff: Edward Abarquez, Leanne Goolsby, Jill Johnson, Leigh Ann Lacy, and Claire Taylor. The list of teachers l need to thank goes on forever, but you know who you are. l would especially like to thank Martha Adcock lyou characteri, Miss Gray, Johnson, Mr. Hoffman, and the Richardsons - Jan and Gloria. I would also like to express my appreciation to the entire office staff for their assistance, especially to my bud, Mr. John.CampbeIl, who was there to bail us out and to giverus that much needed pat on the back. l would also like to thank the 1982 Trailblazer Editor Susan Purcell whom l worked under for the past two years. Susan was a good friend and helped to make our Q transition a very smooth one. Above all l would like to thank my family for their constant support and understanding. . .764?7Z?7 Th Photographers -- . Student Life - l E H Paul wade Paul wade l Rodney Nanez Linda Boroughs L Organizations - Advertising - Editor - Rodney Nariez Steve Reed kan Fiyle Leigh Ann Lacy Edward Abarquez Asst. Editor - Paul Wade Sports - Class Pages - Jill Johnson Leanne Goolsby Debbie Burchfield Claire Taylor 328 Editors Page A W Combination Qing Iogether... inning When Shovr, - Some say that high school isgsst slice of lite arid that each year Le full of memories, events, faces, victories, deteats and trends. We laugh, cry, dream and ioveg yet our winning ways throughout the year are probably what will remain in our minds the longest. Sometimes it may be a sports team that stood out in greatness, while other times an organization will gain recognition. Those are the best times in high school for most of us. Our goals may have differed, but we all basically went through the same routine day after day. The most important thing learned was that by Pulling Together we were and will always be a Winning Combination. Look Ma. All Hands. The excitement H ofthe Rock and Roll pep rally brings students to their feet at the singing of the school song. All Good Things Must Come to an End The football season ended as everyone gathered around Spirit one last time The Sound of Music Cathy Her-ry John Hunstable and D arte vlfagne s ng at the Un y Chr s mas conre East Nlall LM., -1 -f--4: iff- -'Y--'ve--12-'-2f:1::.:" H ..- - ..1..:4:.z::,agL..x...',:..::s :ff V l A, vc.,-T wr r..v.,5:.:-' l . v .v ,27I5!:-?'lil ,,,, , , , .. , ,,, .

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