North Mesquite High School - Trailblazer Yearbook (Mesquite, TX)

 - Class of 1981

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North Mesquite High School - Trailblazer Yearbook (Mesquite, TX) online yearbook collection, 1981 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 326 of the 1981 volume:

North Mesquite High School Mesquite, Texas 75150 Volume XII .-- -.....1, Ii, Ever since movies started, the world has been greatly attracted by them and influenced by them. Everything from "Popeye" to "Ordinary People" has been given to us for either sheer pleasure or to teach us something. But among those movies, there was no movie made on the life of the high school students here at North Mesquite High School. The different things that happened during the year and the people that were involved may never be told on the silver screen of Hollywood. Therefore, this book has been made for you, the students at NMHS. The people of this story are not right off Broadway, in fact, they are just normal everyday people. Or are they? Anyway, we know that your story is important and should be told. So we have tried to catch a glimpse of that story and set it to a movie theme. We now present to you 1981: NORTH MESQUITE HIGH SCHOOL. 2 e W 59+ H., 1 , 'ms if l " Page 2 - Top left: Head majorette Ann Cuello shows her expertise with two batons. Top right: Filled with excitement and smiles, Pam Saam, Dena Booker, and Carol Culpepper can hardly wait until they start marching. Middle: Art Club poster assures fans that the Stallions can beat the Skeeters. Bottom: Jody Schafer, Eddie Schnurr, and David Covington dance around the casket of a dead Skeeter to arouse spirit before the big game. Page 3 - Top left: As President of the Stallion Battalion, David Hargrove tucks Spirit, the school mascot, in for the night. Top right: Tonya Rich shows one of the many wild outfits worn for Punk Rock Day. Bottom: On the brink of victory, Billy Edwards shakes team manager Doug Prater's hand. 3 Teachers were an important part of the production in which they played a major role. Like most jobs, it wasn't easy to be a teacherg and there were other days when teaching a class took incredible effort. But there were other days when teaching was full of surprises, joys, and good learning experiences. The other important role was played by the students. Together with the teachers, they completed the process of learning inside the classroom. lt took both the teacher and the student to create the story of the year's events. Working whether in class or out, seemed to occupy most of the student's time. Many students had after- school jobs, while others tended to stay at home and concentrate on their studies. Some students attempted both and found little time to spend with friends or extra activities. 4 Some students attempted both and found little time to spend with friends or extra activities. Working seemed a little easier if a student could find someone to share it with. Whether it was studying for a test, or just doing homework, together students enjoyed the presence of a friend. Page 4 - Top left: Dan Miller, Larry Musick, and Bobby Eubanks take advantage of the new tradition ofthe Book Fair. Top right: Secretary Peggy Barnett keeps the spirit shining through while recording absentees. Bottom: The lady teachers of the faculty provide a "cheer" at the pep rally. Page 5 - Top left: Eddie Powers enjoys dressing up for Punk Ftock Day. Top right: George Mathews keeps his concentration while improving his skill on the cello. Bottom: Brent Ganze gets into 50's day by wearing his "shades" and his "chains" 5 f QISCK E iw 77" Page 6 - Top left: Marci lngram concentrates hard on her final performance of "Rock Around the Clock." Top right: Janice Tonroy didn't want to get left out of the trick-or- treats. Bottom: Pacesetters perform to "Splish-Splash" with "style." Page 7 - Top left: United in one spirit, all give the victory sign to Spirit, the school mascot. Top right: Jill Johnson catches the spirit of fun with a "friend" Middle: Pregame jitters are over as the mighty Stallions demolish the run-through. Bottom: Jubilant Stallion crowd yells to their heart's delight. 6 if '1- i ,il,. I x ff' Amidst all the work, students found a little time to relax and enjoy W themselves. This was important in making the production and gave everyone a chance to make new friends and try new things. Perhaps the most dramatic and spectacular time of the year were those moments when NM students were united in one spirit. These moments did not occur ofteng but when they did, they left beautiful memories. Some of these memories will fade, while others will survive and continue to be recalled from time to time. Here are some moments of that eventful year. 7 L.. I ww LJ Q .L L ,Nw sv: 1' Q-., L .QL 'L ai SQ L XL L ,gif L fi lil in ai. aww Ln Ln, ,,,,.-,..-L,.,...L.L,W...LLL-..LLL- .. ..-.... Um MLW. K K 7 K , . . ,, .L L, T L, .L L, , L L L .LL L - 1 LL L S L L L 2, L L .Lip Lf? L L , L Lf L L z.,f,f2?LP L L L L L L LLL. LLL- L- L- LL. L S L L , L L L , , L LL L L L- L L L L L S LL LL L L L Wi, ,L L L L L L L ,, ,, L LL L L S L L , L, V.,, L , L L LLL, LA,k TL ,E AkL,,, L, L K W., K L L L L L L L L -LLL L LLLLL LL L L L S L L S L ff QL S L 'K L L L L, 5 1 5 x 1 L L L L L L L L L L LL L LL L L L L L L GSM fe,-' ' V' fa X .Lg Y Q , ..f,L,gL,-5, LL, , 4w,.4f-mi' wif W,L.s,' H L W, , - , vii" L,,, ,,..,,-, W, , 4. - ,,,..f ,gy ..L, .,,,L, ,M ,,.L,f ig, ,K vf., ,W LLL,1',g'L41,,, .L . 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'- - H ' H ,, ,, ,,- ,7 ' "I :, , A f 3, LL ff K ",L,w,'4Lf,,':V,-W -' H f '- ig uni All " ' wav ,,,,,' ,, , , L wwf, Daniel Hargrove Eydie Guevara an 2 4 . 5 5, -- lp Y: 1 YJ: , , , M Teresa Axt L 4 Mirxfi O X22 9 nigga X -54' 'wx , ,, M 4 1 I '--sf' 5 A Q ' Kyle Baird I ke iff 'Q rlc Purcell ,xv , . E if W x A 1. Ae Sfephanwvffofd , ., Y I I' ' I 'I Q mx ,QJQF M sf 'X A , rf , Aff i A fx M M- Q W Q ' Mb , gk . I A' x HL if P' Tw, 'M ., U2 'Qui ,FF ' WL' :W I .Y Z .T Y V L: ,gi hz X gy f L 1 11 , r Q ' --, -l c: S. , ' 15 ' 5 :1 JY' -e'e,,WN,i,. ' 512 U... N-fi 5 L A qi. , ' V " -!-,. 1 :Mm N w gf 11 ,... ,,v,M,..Q-vw Homecoming Court Homecoming court: Sherri Jenkins, Teresa Axton, Davina McCarty, Laura White fQueenj, and Lori Bannister. Sweethearts Sweethearts: Ann Cuello fBand Sweetheartj, Dawn Simmons fStallion Battalion Sweetheart Cindy Gideon fFootball Sweetheartj . svi--, : 0 fsfe, kr., Z zif, H 'Neff - 1kMnfgf5,fg5fi5?2: 4-F ,A H5 T31 ffm +5 -ff. 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"""1 Cosmetology students are: Front row: Paula Atkins, Lisa Fox, Melissa Woody, Donna Avant Second row: April Anderson, Gigi Glancey, Lisa Hichman, Teri Hammons, Back row: Kathy Morris, Annette Kellym, Marilyn Hammons, Janice Huff, Deleen Sinclair salem: 5, g A Tat t 5 it Cool k OEA members are: front row Sarah Hohertz, President, Charlotte Ransom, Secretary, Mary Synder, Vice-Pres., Sue Majkszak, Treasurer, Terri Cain, Historian, Marci Ingram, Historian, Shelly Northwood, Reporter, Second Row: Ramona Pruitt, Agnes Fer- nandez, Jeanna Mullins, Tina McMillian, Jan Wood, Mrs. Robbie Lock, Sponsor, Third Row: Sheila Shirel, Brenda Sapp, Tari Sanchez, Cara Meeks, Renae Halbert, Tammy Smith. Back Row: Barbara Leonard, Sherry Williams, Jeannine Bale, Candy Moore, Cindy Han- cock, Patricia Barham.Not Pictured: Karla Stubbs, Parliamentarian, Keli West, Dawn Schooley, Judy Hooper. Wl1a't'S Up DOC? HECE, HOCT 1 41 , fit! il K HECE members are: Front row Cheryl Wolf, Darlene Alexander, Glenda Green, Larry Cott, Lisa Huffman, Debbie Bohn, Karen Wisdom, Jamie Culverhouse, Twilia Ferguson Second row: Teresa McBride, Shelly Sevin, Stephanie Wright, Teresa Baldwin, Paula Bryant, Marie Hornsby, Janice Eoff. Back row: Dinah Spell, Kathy lacovelli, Kendal Davis, Kathy Wright, Patti Duckworth, Lisa Smith. HECE Sponsor - Cheryl Taylor. 0 is it 1- Q HOCT members are: Front row, Steve Luke, McGraw Smith, Kim Wilson, Karen Easley Second row Donna Perry, Gayle Parker, Sonya Pipkin, Greg Hess, Sondra Craig, Miriam Ghafur. Back row: David Holloman, Pam Hubner, Janet Adams, Laurie Tulley, Spon- sor - Brenda Young. Y ' FHAer's Cook Up Some R 2. A ii' l Q 5.4 fl - FHA is a service and social organization comprised of students enrolled in any Homemaking course. There are nine chapters at North Mesquite with about 350 members. The club participated in many ac- tivities during the year including a fall picnic, a Christmas banquet at the Country Dinner Playhouse, and Good Times This Year ill W 5.11: Y . . 5, . ,. . ...W , many state and area meetings. Sponsors are: Sandi Allred, Lea Ann Babbitt, Maggie Birdsong, Linda Marshall, Lynnell Prater, Keri Reynolds, Janice Tonroy, Susan White VICA and VOCT Combine Work and School Sillllilillllillii ge, S23 Q A 'N VOCT members are: Front row: Jeff Partridge, Mark Edwards, Roger Stephens, Joe Jesse Castillo, Bryan Duckworth, James Feubacher Second row: Tal Thompson, Dwayne Edwards, Dwayne Byersm, David Gray, Greg Allen, Jeff Bradbury, David Cagle, Third row: Charles Hickman, Pat Bowers, Tami Neal, Michelle Clemmons, Tina Warren, Danny Kovar, James Johnson, Jerry Duckworth Back row: David Williams, Mike Sudderth, Randy Rabe, Roger Johnson , e....,.,3 ' VICA members are First row: Larry McFatridge, reporter, Mark Keith, Treasurer: Tony Welgorn, Parliamentariang Kim Osgorn, Presi- dent, Mike Flowe, Sergeant of Armsg Walter Hughey, Vice-Pres., Darrell Putnam, Secretary, Norman McLaren: Second row: Mark Janicek, Kelly Phlps, Brent McDonald, Charles Blake, Alan Keith, Steve Wooley, Brlyan Norlie, Duane Smith, Scott Hamiter, Stevee Everette, Kent Pennington, Paul Brown, Steve Wilson, Roonie Green Back row: Chris Essman, Brian Fulenwider, David Howard, Ricky Yarber, Stacy Ferguson, Benny McCaig, Richard Barrown, James Foy, Kevin Lovejoy Einsteihs ofthe Eighties? wil will -':-'if' - 1 ' f i r Kilag Foster Dena Booker Becky Wells Third row Sherri Hosek Stewart Gallas David Hargrove Linda Brown, Karen Stratman, Gina Goodman, Deidre Miller Back row: Ron Pardun - Sponsor, Kenny Mansfield, Shannon Langfor , Doug Starkey, Greg Graham, Mike Sanders, Ricky Utley, Karla Hughes, Karin Hampton, Janet Glaser, and Scott Clark - Sponsor The Science club members are: Front row: Eric Albers, Carol Glaser, Dianne Horton, Second row: Joel York, Paul LaTores, Ray , , . , , d WPS, on-s 4 -wig! 5,fgm'a,.y,,q 4, The Woods and Water Club had activities including a weekend campout and many cookouts. Members are: Front row: Bud Champion, President, Stephanie Crofford, Vice-President, Kyle Baird, Treasurer: Dawn Simmons, Secretary, Second row: Kim Ledgerwood. Leslie Cosper, Toni Wesley, Sherri Jenkins, Randy Williams, Robin Wolfgang, Connie Holland, Martha McKinney, LeAnne Lindquist, Cheryl Mulholland, Andrea Stalcup, Third row: Darlene Owens, Polly Johnson, Ronal Norris, Brad Hearn, Teresa Axton, Brian Gumm, Billy Edwards, Sheri Ewing, Cindi Gideon, Kim Gaar, Rickie McKee, Howard McGinnis, Lori Bannister, Carol Culpepper Back row: Donna Willis, Keith Jeffers, Phil Rochester, Rudy Hathcock. Mark Holloway, Julia Thornburg. Debbie Marion. Barry Jenkins. Scott Davis, Kirby Almond, and Scott Brents DE Perfect Selling Skills Ls- ks, l l 5 The Distributive Education class is one of the vocational classes that has given the students a great oppor- tunity to combine school and a career. Members are Front row: Cary Edwards, Kim Avon, Cari Burch, Craig Kirk Second Flow: Becky Moore, Sandy Hubbs, Linda Holdridge, Beth Hughes, Donna Costner, Judy Gonyaw, Laura Bartmess, Jo Ann Collier, Debbie Walker, Jana Cagle, Shellie Agee, Dianne Kile, Saundra Measles, David Phillips, Ray Mullen, Larry Molencupp, David Jackson, Back Row: Ray Wilson - Sponsor, John Nekusa, Keith Youman, Brad Ritchie, Jerry Wellborn DE is to develop leadership and to promote involvement among its members. The group had many competitions this year including a Leadership Training School, District IX Area VICA Skill Contest and Convention, the State Contest and Convention and they held a banquet to honor their bosses. Distributive Education is a two-year program designed to train students for careers in distribution, merchandising and marketing. This program is a cooperative effort between the school and the distributive businesses, The school provides work-related instruction in an academic setting -l'?5??'m-nest , while the individual business provides the part-time employment where the student receives supervised ' fulfffjff' . ' actual on-the-job training for a career in distribution. Officers are: Kim Osborn, Presidentg Walter Hughey, Vice-President, Darrell Putnam, Secretaryg Mark Keith, Treasurer: Larry McFatridge, Fleporterg Tony Welborn, Parliamentariang Mike Flowe, Sergeant-at-Arms. Caroline Taylor and Marie Fleming, right, proudly display their new award and first place ribbon, 'W' 3 'Iris ?fr'f?t-5 , , , NHS Makes Grade "A" .. ,Mc . The National Honor Society is an honor society based on scholarship, achievement, leadership, and conduct. Members are: Front row: Laura While, President, Becky Seitzler, Vice-P., Becky Perkins, Secretary, Stewart Gallas, Treasurer, Second Row: Janice Eoft, Markeda Price, Ginger Thornburgh, Kim Carroll, Joel Vork, Diane Horton, Eric Albers, Tina Robertsd, Karen Broadnax, Linda Hauge, Deborah Guinn, Keith Williams, Susand Pucell, Sharon McGowan, Dena Crawford, Donise Adams, Third Flow: Monica Johnson, Libby Kilgore, Darla Dawn, Lynn Simms, Greg Young, Kevin Thompson, Sherrie Keylon, Ricky Utley, Penny Saulsman, Amy Hinton, Ron Simmons, Mike Nabors, Jill Gouge, Mindy Marshall, Kim Truesdell, Sharon O'Neil Back Row, Lisa Brown, Brenda Sapp, Sue Majkszak, Dawn Kelly, Karla Hughes, Jefl Perryman, Rick Faling, Larry McFatridge, Greg Stovall, Mitchell Lenz, Steve Whitworth, Russell Neely, Robert Fitzgerald, David Hargrove, McGraw Smith, Bud Champion, Cheryl McCIinton, Susan Whitt , t... , .... ts. M. --i"rr4M:"' mfs' . . ,.,L.. mt. ,,. .bw 2 ,Z .f ii 1 Rm . i . " ,L The NJHS members are made up of Sophomore and Freshman Honor Students. Members are: Front row: Toni Smith, Kathy Owens, Ruth Moore, Jill Johnson, Kim Rattan, Kelly Rattan, Cathy Henry, Karen Easley, Second row: Tina Carroll, Donna lsenman, Diana Linker, Cheryl Morris, Lisa Allen, Chalese Stachowiak, Connie Oliver, Julie Schnurr, Beth Kilpatrick, Back row: Karen Anderson, Paula Provonce, Steve Walker, Ron Gentry, Lori Jones, Jana Sauter, Hoang, Ngyuen, John Hunstable, Cheryl Wenz, Tracey Wahburn Trailblazer Staff ' 33 30 sv if ma E. Q .. - I Inu, 4, l . ' Z H7 . l'22.........,. 5 g if . , all llrlhflli ix B. 35, . ' I ...g'vj,n',., fl' -1' . ,...1 4' 'ff !!::zf..... " T 'ff 4 1. Saleem. - ul -I nb It ' , t 1? bi I ,A 1 Qi? 9 w iw-i. kwa 4... .I T, , fr ' Mam a 1 ..,, qt., W, 1 f r f ' Page 30 - Top Right: Gretchen Springfield takes it easy in a big cozy chair while waiting to enter Baby Does. Top Middle: Editor, Sharon McGowan, tests her love skills. Top Right: Rodney Nanez pro- tests child labor laws. , Middle: Teresa Baptista proudly displays her "Ding-a-Ling Award." Bottom Right: While the rest of the staff goes in to eat, David Ausley stays outside to guard the staff's Landcruiser. Bottom: Christy Alfertlg patiently awaits the arrivals of her Perrier and date in Baby Does. Page 31 - Top Left: Susan Purcell contemplates taking a dip in the Mini Niagara Falls at Malibu Grand Prix. Top Right: Diane Nolley relaxes in front of the fireplace downstairs in Baby Does lounge. Bottom Left: The Annual Staff awaits to enter Baby Does Mat- chless Mine. Bottom Right: Mr. Ron Taylor awaits the next steamboat on the Grand Prix River. t 117 3 1 -- L '1'1.i1fi 1 .. :gf " f 'ij fa f, '. Th Pon Expr ss 'WW , gg aQr'!Q,jaQm3iefI5wCQQi , . iv wif 55? ' If ' ' wiv, 1' ar ii 1 an 4 T-l fggnv ,, at rg-5 at S, X N L f f , ltr if ' .df xx- X4 K X Y V Y . 1, K tk A x The Pony Express walked away with five awards at the Dallas Times Herald Journalism Day held May 14. The staff won third place in the Best Newspaper category. Individual awards went to Paul Kaun, first in sportswriting, Mary Batchellor, third in column writing, Dianne Johnston, third in feature writing, and Rhonda Ballard, third in advertising. 5'--fa Earlier inthe year, The Pony Express won an All Texas-First Division Rating at Texas High School Press Association. Other awards were given to Rhonda Ballard, fourth in advertising, and Paul Kaun, fourth in sports feature. On April 12, the staff participated in the UlL district meet at Garland High School. In this competition, Paul Kaun won first in feature writing and third in headline writing while Mary Batchellor finished third . in news writing. At the interscholastic Press aff! Conference the paper won a second division Award of Achievement. I R I '19 A Ng his sqm, ll f W The Pony Express EDITOR IN CHIEF-Mary Batchellor NEWS DEPARTMENT Editor-Lisa Raumgartner, Staff Writers-John Lan- trip, and Kim Smith. EDITORIAL DEPARTMENT Editor-Rick Ealing FEATURES DEPARTMENT Editor-Debbie Bohn, News Interpretive-Dianne John- ston, and Staff Writer-Ed Albers, ENTERTAINMENT DEPARTMENT Editor-Jimmy Holcomb SPORTS DEPARTMENT Editor-Paul Kaun. Staff Writers-Blake Edmondson and Randy Ramsey. PRODUCTION DEPARTMENT l,hOtographi"'l'animi Ilush. Scott Wilson, and Nlorgan Gihbens: Artists-lleainer tuzi-ii anti lion Ts-dlock Typesetter-Dawn Schooleylohannsen BUSINESS MANAGER Jeanne Woodruff ADVERTISING DEPARTEMENT Editor-Rhonda Ballard Sales Rep.-Jim Wright i- , I- ,UUA North xiegqun.-iiagr. sfhmii llr Ralph im.-.-if-upmfii.-mi.-ni 1'l30l."'U F"""'Y K .mm mmpiii-ii, print-ipfii M"f'q"""- THIS 75150 i Jann ,I-one Page 32 - Top: Debbie Bohn and Dawn Schooley try to wait each other out as to who will l X play Asteroids first. Bottom Left: Rhon- da Ballard, Jim Wright, and Tammi Bush watch Ed Alber's attempts to master the elec- tronic games at Putt Putt. Bottom Right: Kim Smith, John Lan- trip, and Lisa Baumgartner put their best putter forward. Page 33 -- Top: Rick Faling tries to figure out what Dianne Johnston f' a n d J i m m y Holcomb are smil- ing about. Bottom Left: Paul Kaun attempts a most difficult shot l while Blake Ed- mondson and Ran- dy Ramsey give their professional advice. Bottom Right: Sponsor Janet Jones pats Marry Batchellor on the head for a job well done while Jeanne Woodruff just dreams of her knight in shining armor. 33 Art Club Colors Our World The art club added much spirit at the pep rallies and football games this year with their colorful posters. Members are: Front Row: Jana Kennedy, Nancy Usrey, Gloria Pena, Janet Glaser Second Row: Susan Townsend, Monica Brown fTreas.l Mary Snyder lSec.l Renee Cooksey lPres.l Jamie Culverhouse lVice-Pres.l Jean Gibboney, Beth Phelps Back Row: Vince Perry, Kim Aaron, Kathy Elrod, Lisa Carlton, Paul Wad, and Steve Piland. Sponsor - Kathy Bradly ortec ol't'l'i9 "f-f ,E--X S The Homecoming poster was a colorful welcome for David Phillips puts some finishing touches on a backdrop for ex-students. the play. T M W D h Sc Thespians Create a World of lVlake Believe A-mt-.-....,.. -----......,... awfexissseswzpeqwg I gi, A..... S 35" avis Re -Ga. ,WM 1 . N, . e North Mesquite Thespians include: Front row Lisa York iPres.l Doug Starkey Nice Presi, Diane Hunter iRec. Secl Karen hellenburg tCoor. Sec.l Diane Nolley tTreas.l John Carter fHist.l Row 2: Sue Sloan, Shelly Ellis, Dee Ann Muldoon, Dena Booker, elissa Dean, Michelle Bealmer, Row 3: David Fletcher, Kathy Leach, Gilbert Olsen, Becky Perkins, Kelli Porter, Pam Wright, Ken alker, Deidre Miller, Robert Mayne Back Row: Rhonda Robertson, Greg Smith, David Aldrich, Jeff Kear, Diane Horton, Brandi , gina Vella, Gina Carpenter, Sponsor. Carl Bell, Doug Starkey, Robert Mayne, Shelly Ellis, and Mike Myer go over their parts before a tryout. i iii I - i ,, Stephanie Girran and Brice O'DelI audition for the play with an audience of onlookers. 35 Literary Magazine Shows Creativity B 1411.95 .. ..,w--4-,.,,, f ,Ma-xvmwaka. is x X Liky N MT, . CZ? Q L .. The Literary Magazine Staff works hard all year producing the student body's many creative essays, poetry, photography, and sketches. Members are: Front row: Sponsor Ron Taylor, Pam James, Kelly Rattan, Jill Johnson, Dena Booker, Markeda Price, Spon- sor Lavonne Dennis Second row: Lisa Baumgartner, Beatrice Arevalo, Jana Ken- nedy, Darlynn Holland, Ed Albers, Back row: Chalese Stachowiak, Jeanne Woodruff, Kari Ftyle, Ted Eastus, Stewart Gallas. f a s ii: stew L ws Li E ,iz yrtt ,Q 1 at it , at Q -ir- Q f , , J, 1 tto,,, T i oo L g Eric Sides looks through the selections A reminder to the students to pick at the Book Fiar to find the right book. out a book in the cafeteria. Vocal Arts Make A Point ' if .i q'ff' l NMFL Speech students filled the year with competition at area schools. The competition consisted of interpretive reading, persuasive speaking, improvisational acting and debate. NMFL officers this year are: Donise Adams, Presidentg Brenda Collins Vice Presidentg Diane Nolley secretaryg Brent Ganze treasurer, Ken Walker, Historian. Second row: Lisa Golding, Michelle Bealmear, David Kear, Diane Hunter, Chris Herrage, Jeff Kear, Karen Anderson Back row: Mike Riggins, Sharon O'Neal, Melissa Dean, Regina Vella, Doug Starkey, Lyn Simms, and Greg Smith. David Kear and Melissa Dean entertain grade school children Diane Nolley and Diane Hunter give their impressions of a bird. with a make believe story. PELE Teaches Children Basics PELE members are Front row: Donna Willis, Cristal Thompson, Gwen Creekmore Sonya McDaniel, Jodie Patterson Second row Vickie Hodnett, Susan Hughes, Rhonda Ferguson, Nita Bradbury Back Row: Toni Wesley, Paula Atkins and Sponsor - Mrs. Marshall lVlath Club Competes in Area Meets Math Club Members are: Front row: Hoang Nguyen, Eric Albers, Steve Walker, Ray Foster, Tina Carroll Second row: Kelly Rattan C th H ' ' ' ' a y enty, Jennifer Cowan, Chalese Stachowiak, Kim Carroll Back row: Connie Vinson lSponsorl, Jill Johnson, Ricky Utley, Mark Allen, Chad Fenner, Melanie Johnson and Lena Carroll Council Represents Students The Student Council is made up of energetic individuals who represent the student body and the school. They sponsored the Homecoming Court, the annual Blood Drive, and a Teacher's Luncheon. Front row: Vice President David Hargrove, Judy Sipe, President: and Laura White, Secretary, Second row: Shannon Magee, Gretchen Springfield, Keri Baird, Lori Kirkpatrick, Dawn Naberhaus, Lori Ewton, DeeAnn Muldoon Third Row: Debbie Williams, Laura Lynd, Kevin Thompson, Becky Shoud, Kim Ftatton, Kelly Halton, Cindy Gideon, Lori Bannister, Susan Baer, Teresa Trail Back row: Amy Hinton, Melanie Hall, Heather Ezell, Ricky Utley, Paul Johnston, Mike Browning, Howard McGinnis, Becky Perkins, Lisa Anderson and Shelly Ellis 'll- 'X . .tm :fr hll ' tt... L Miss Sandra Gray, Student Council sponsor, puts out a few This donator soon found out that all the attention was worth a more doughnuts for the teachers' luncheon. little blood. Girls and Boys FCA Gulf 3 ilk ftjfixj - rr- v V Ze ., , ,NW A welt, ,ta 'xx' A WYVP X- FCA is a nondenominational organization where all athletes can share in fellowship. Row Front: Sherri T Ewing, Reporter, Kim Truesdell, President, Melanie Hall, Secretary. Second Row: Jill Delaney, Stephanie Robertson, Dawn Webb, Connie Holland, Melanie Vestal, Sherri Green, Sonya Stafford, Denise Ismail, Cin- dy Bunyard, Elisa Turner, Kelly Dunn, Dana Moss, Terri Brewer, Kim Fimlan, Linda Brown, Andrea An- thony, Lori Kirkpatrick, Leslie Smith, Third Row: Dawn Naberhaus, Shanon Barton, Jennifer Martin, Phyllis Collins, Shelly Porter, Amy Hinton, Kim Gaar, 1' Debbie Marion, Sammi Moore, Shelly Boling, Andrea rtt, McLemore, Teresa Martinez, Annette Reid, Tracy Hooking, Paula Bunyard, Dena Crawford, Allison 'N Balch, Cindy Black. Back Row: Melody Cogswell, ii Donna Norwood, Jeanna Duff, Carece Carter, Debi 1 vtr- f' lil A Williams, Nancy Collins, Sherri Blankenship, Bobbie g F' Morris, Laura Wycliff, Jeanne Woodruff, Teri Tyler, 5 Lisa Anderson, Lori Porter, Sandra Washington, r Crystal Beasley, Karla Hughes, Terri McCain, Jody U Y, f Coker, Jody CopeIand,Gloria Valadez. g QQ, ta A FCA held a Bass Tournament at the Lavon Lake C L J East Fork on March 14. Money raised went for an y, FCA new room for the retreat center in Crandall. Q ' ,Q FCA sponsored various Bible studies and meetings ,i'i4'?w"g with speakers such as Tom Landry and Roger ,jf"r" ?g.1' "i Staubach. Other activities included Dog Patch Sports Q and an Annual golf tournament. The girls FCA officers are: Melanie Hall secretary, Kim Truesdell president, Donna Arey Vice President, Sherrie Ewing, Reporter. Unite in Fellowship K-law, 1 if. A The Boys FCA members are: Front row: Billy Edwards - President, Bubba Newman, Vice Pres., Blake Foster, Sec., Robert Fitzgerald. Second row: Chris Teague, Robbie Lyons, Ricky Raitt, Kevin Sledge, John Richardson, Doug Mallon, Damon Fudge, Steve Stone, Jimmy Reed, Billy Seitzler, David Caldwell, Doug Prater. Third Row: Vance Gilley, Mike Davis, Billy Kula, Jerald White, Kyle Baird, Jeff Dillion, Johan Bardner, Lenny Pollard, Scott White, David Garrza, A. J. Becvar. Back Row: Stan Boler, Steve Wolschlaeger, Damon Harmon, Brian Epps, Ricky Utley, Mark Halloway, Mike Sanders, Ronnie Essman, Kevin Balck, Ernie Floor. Back Row: David Marshall, Jay Trussel, Frank Case, Russell Neely, Bill Parlett, Jim Gilbert, Paul Johnston. Iffw XX X ff X ! X X xx Md ,,., . 2 Dfw if 5 5 l V- T fwv ,,,, Aft? Q 'Wg 7 2,2-we ...fl 1 4 J lf E The boys FCA officers are: Robert Fitzgerald, Reporter, Blake Foster Secretary, Bubba Newman Vice-President, Billy Ed- wards, President. Presidents Billy Edwards and Kim Truesdell try to reel in Mr. Mc advertise the FCA Bass tournament. Coy to 41 Language ls Vital Communication Language has always been a vital part of any society. Americans are soon realizing that more than one language is necessary to know in order to communicate with others. For this reason and others, the language department at NM is growing every year. North Mesquite offers four dif- ferent Ianguages. They are French, Ger- man, Latin and Spanish. All these have four levels in which a student can advance to. The last two years of these subjects are considered as honor courses, thus receiv- ing double credits. The next five pages show the members of the language clubs and their varied activities. Top: Diane Horton and Latin Sponsor, Mrs. Wilson, organize other club members in their duties in distributing carnations. Bottom Left: Tony Woodard shows how he feels about coming early to pass out Valentine carnations. Bottom Right: Yet another Spanish student listens to an Espanol tape. ' .f-ff .. ...Aff A ,A French Club Has A Cultured Taste i i.'Kp.f,f . iii... . ,ii 71 l . l Q we French Club members are Front row: Mrs. Attaway - sponsor, Dean Brown, Toni Smith, Rose Marie Curry, Lisa Bloodsworth, David Brown, Kim Richards, Rhonda Ballard, Regina Gatlin, Paul La Torres, Nancy Usrey, A. J. Becvar, Beatriz Arevalo, Kristin Madsen, Tammy Wilbands, Rebecca Plumlee, Kaylynne Phillips, Carla Tanson, Steve Wilson, Second Row: Mindy Marshall, Lesley Thompson, Theresa Davis, Helen Bati, Gina Riley, Kelli Hopper, Cindy Bunyard, Sonja McDaniel, Lana Banks, Darla Shelton, Cindy Gideon, Sherri Jenkins, Tonya Rich, Steve Stone, Kelly Rattan, Stewart Gallas, Steve Jesse, Albert Machado, Deborah Monroy, Randy Foster, Tammi Greer, Lisa Baumgarterm, Third Row: Tracy Robertson, Darla Mollett, Donna Norwood, Lisa Barton, Jonnette Harper, Shelly Boling, Dina Stewart, Maria McDaniel, Tressia Anderson, Kathy Elrod, Mark Borne, Deborah Guinn, Dewayne Townsend, Staci Henderson, Daniel Nelson, Mike Hunter, Kim Rattan, Randy Cook, Jill Johnson, Julie Hicks, Donna Temple, Jaletta Wells, Mel Gray, Joseph Powers, Kristie Rial, Back Row: Mike Gibson, Stephanie Pierce, Rhonda Taylor, Tommy Willard, Eddie Chevalier, Jayneen Kyper, Jay Trussell, Lori Jones, Paul Griffith, Rick Faling, Ted Eastus, Denise Caan, Steve Whitworth, Jon Youngblood, Lorrie Mosher, Johm Monaco, Don Garrison, David Shaves, Cahp Fenner, Pat Tilley, Tim Ayo, David Fyffe, Mark Allen, Steve Walker, David Eisley, David Nanez Tonya Rich and Sandra Beard enjoy the early morning delights These are just a few of the many delicasies served at breakfast. at the French breakfast. 43 .L 4 ,l ,..., ., , 'ff f- l f Spanish Club Enjoys 'ri' We . N,,, ,. N Y ' ' ' DW.. I, 2.3 Y,.Q"'I ...Wd .. M., 1, . L ,r,1..W.N. sr. NA.. . JZZM., ..x. M... A, W.. V ,Q 1f3..'r.g1'f-153:33 i N 'f Vlvii A 'r , ff Y T I 1211, I f'T"'f1f2 MN.. ...,,N.,,L: ZE1"t:f1fs.j'f's The Spanish Club had lots of fun activities during the year. Students enjoyed a Christmas party on December 19, 1980 with an authentic Mexican dinner, pinata and many games. The spring banquet was held at the Country Dinner Playhouse. Officers are: Jorge Martin, President, Becky Seitzler, Vice Pres., Laura Odom, Secretary, Stan Boler, Treasurer, Teresa Trail, Social Chairman, Dee Ann Muldoon, Program Chairman. Mrs. Perry's Spanish classes. ,,,g gg gygg.. , as .sl his ti, 1 V iii 2 T S i if 'll' . , .rf 1 "',-.' A K bfi 117. V P5 '," Members of first period Spanish II pose to show off their new Spanish club t-shirts designed by the Art club. Fiestas During the Year sl l Mrs. Benavides Spanish class. V 2 Mrs. Perry is caught in the middle ofa very important lesson. wg: ru , ,sf Jesse Fleynoso is busy thinking about lunch during a laboratory lesson. Et Tu Brute? The Latin Club had an adtive time this year. They had a Halloween Costume Party, a covered dish Christmas dinner, and the annual Spring Banquet, To attend the many activities during the year, the club raised money from a car wash, paper drive, aluminum can drive, and the Valentine carnation sales. Members attended Academic Contests in Sherman, the State Conventiouin Bosenhurgand the National Convention was held in Knoxville. Officers are Larry McFatridge, President, Kim Carroll, Vice-Presidentg Secretary, Melanie Hall, Sarita Rossi, Treasurer: Ricky Utley and Dawn Kelly, Social Chairman: Ginger Thornburg and Coiinle Porter, Historian: Members Hee Soeondrowe Teresa-Baptista, David Shupe, Joel York, Scott Brents, Eric Albers, Tony Woodard, Lita Munniz, Mark Drummond, Sharon McGowan, Daine Horton, Cecilia Baptista, Pam Temple, Third row: Monica Johnson, Sherrie Keylon, Jimmy Holcomb, Bryan Harvey, Rodney Watson, Dan DeRoot, Stephanie Wells, Tim Criswell, Diana Linker, Ralph Porter, Bruce Harvey, Tommy Eisenman, Ginny Poitenberger Back row: Laura Morris, Donna Arey, Brend Green, Ron Gentry, Larry Hampton, Ken Lynch, Stewart Gallas, Denise Sawyer, Mike Lieswe, David Edwards, Jamie Bell, Lena Carroll, Kathy Owen , ,l J. or Q, T' I 4 " V, C 1 QI, , . la Kay White gives an order during the Car Wash. The Halloween Costume party brought in some interesting look- ing guest. The carnations are ready on Valentine's Day. German Club Learns Cultures A ......, A .YJ ,. - if 1 f---New s-....-s..,, ...,. 1.-M 4.4 ' 1 "1 as -Wt W' -M........-..,.......4,.,.4,,, l L, . The German Club continued learning about German culture and language through activities, and school. Members are Pamela Wright, Kelli Porter, Michelle Bealmer, Victor Krieger, Wesley Wills, Bill Ftamsery. Second Ftow: Richard Ehrig - Sponsor, Gerald Preas, Kevin Cowan, Charles McClaen, Robert Stoeber, and Max Whaley. Germany's mountains and castles made a very suc- ,swim-we ieei'r' cessful spring break tour for the North Mesquite students and teachers involved. Teachers, Sandra Gray and Cathy Bradley, and students Ken Walker, Michelle Bealmear, Shannon Langford, Irma Sanchez, and Tari Sanchez, are those who went to Germany. While there, ,S S eefn the tourists had to adjust to a lack of ice and water in Q restaurants. Among one's favorite tourist spots were the Ftingstrasse, Dachau concentration camps, and Salizburg, where the "Sound of Music" was filmed. Most prices were also different from those at home. Most were lower than ours. Miss Bradley said, "Jeans bought in Germany from a second hand shop, cost more than what we would pay for a brand new pair here, simply because jeans are imported." The students all seemed to enjoy German food. Everyone especially lik- ed the German bakeries. They also liked the sauerkraut. Right: One of the many beautiful and interesting sights Y 1 'T T ' found in Germany. 47 Librarians "Check Out" Students These helpful girls are library aides. They help in shelving books, and in helping people with research matter. They are: Lynne Boldt, Cheryl Giddens, Teresa LeMasters, Sherry Prater, Stacy Nelson, Catherine Ryan, Debbie Charles Back row: Mrs. Peace - Librarian, Sarita Flossi, Shelly Poor, Ann Stark, and Miss Morgan, Librarian. W i Sherrie Jenkins and Eric Purcell read poetry to Doug Prater reads up on one of hisl each other. favorite subjects. Jazz and Frosh Bands Tune Up for Concerts The Freshman Band lLittle Bluei performed for many of the freshman football games and gave several concerts in 1981. The highlights in- luded UIL Concert, Sightreading Contest where they received a First Division rating and a Second Division rating, in April the Little Blue march- d in the Rodeo Parade. The drum majors for this year's Freshman Band are: Ruth Moore and Kristine McAda. The Freshman Majorette was egina Mills. The N.M. Jazz Band members had a busy year. They gave concerts and provided the entertainment at all of the home basketball games. The Tiembers are: bottom row - Teresa Davis, Don Tedlock, Kim Carroll, Bryce Odell, Daniel Nelson, Mike Carter, and Bruce Covington. Middle 'ow - Todd Rhode, Gary Carona, Eddy Pena, Danny Tolbert, Mike Scarborough, Mike Dean, Paul Pedri lmgr.J, Ricky Davis lDirectori. Top row - Kathy Mulheron, Jimmy Krause, Jeff Scott, Rick Faling, John Nolan, Joey Ellis, Blake Edmondson, Doug Herndon, Patrick Schaffer. C , q Z I 4340 Ji, T C Nm A 'TX'Ql'x i . ff' AA' b ' is K ' if-f-f..-y.- . f W r1,-s-,,f.. J J .. PL v--.r fl iihii ee s r , 'ii ..g- as :Az x 4 :IQ 21. fb ku! . Q i T. .. I f -.-' lm 'i"'Y VW . A 5' in " xm-ffME+ R- ' X ' if 1 'sf T f is iff + -'srl' 'r J if 4 s 'sfssivihf T 'I C A' 7'kEtL J' 'R i-1:3 ' ' , ' tif. '55 'N ' ' in 1- , 'V gf . cgi' t . .tt , . E .. . . I J .,,. Q' is' ' ' T Q 2 Q T E f s . ft? m W ' - . -1 . sy' c S X X . . i Qs A yn Y 1,1 .Nz 3. V ,,, K X D '4 it . ' Ji . .. K -bk. . s s it -. if T- -M.. t ' i A X - F its . if , Q 5 kxxkk Q bunh P Q lf, :Qg .L ,fr fs.-.,.ime1iei2gtt,.. . AVL.. , A .hui l x j jjig LVKKVV: ghl Z t ggmxygk g izg iiWklSY,.3:ALfw MA H g. v ,ti Ll iw . K 3.11 . :wr- n I Ant' K-so -' ln combining their talents, the North Mesquite Big Blue Marching Band, majorettes, and drum ma- jors aided the cheerleaders in pro- moting school spirit at the pep rallies and at each of the football games. Dedicated and energetic students spend hours working with several directors to make the award winning Big Blue what it is. When representing the school in competition, the hard work and dedication pay off. The Big Blue competed at UIL Marching Con- test receiving straight first division ratings. The Big Blue is under the The Big Blue Play direction of Mr. John Kline and Mr. W Mi - T Tony Anderson. The Drum Majors who led the Big Blue during this football season are: Cheryl Sillman, Head Drum Major Paul Bright, and Sharon O'Neal. 50 wg t W r Y i 'LE 3 I K ,gg if: ,W . t H- "fic, ti., ity T H T seit .13 T I ' if ' P , i f r , 'Witt A txt-MTF' y - f 1' -' f A X f i ' li' M V ' . .ei fun.-"3 ' V .V Q , L' , , - A-ll emi X its! Above: The Honors Band is seen preparing for the upcoming UIL Contest. Below: The Big Blue performs for the halftime of the NM!Wilmer Hutchins ishilkfv-w.a.4n-mis., ,.. Um. M. W Many Tunes Cf Success ,,.i ,J 1. ll I Q 4, if , K . ,' ., . Ar .F xr A E ' ' --' 5 7 Q., . an ,...e.iwif ifi 12 a Above: The Mighty Big Blue performs one of their award winning formations. Below: The Stallionaires add excitement to the North Mesquite!Mesquite pep rally. Flags and Drums Excite Crowds av-up rt was W an-an than 'fl' W is l 5 AE The members of the Flag Corps are, bottom row: Mary Batchellor, Maria McDaniels, Captain Amy Abercrombie, Sherry Williams, Marci Ingram, back row: Robyne Reynolds, Sharon Waters, Melanie Hood, Mindy Marshall, Laurel Pannoni, Connie Oliver, Mar- shan Kidd. 5 l .. fem, .. XX, .. . . , .. Y 4 , C sy. - - ' , . w'r,i The Big Blue is seen here performing at the Skyline game. Below are the members of the Stallionaire Drum Line, they are, bottom row: Deanne Cain and Rusty Jacks, middle row: Ronnie Combs, Mike Scarborough, David Ausley, Brent Jorden, Gary Carona, back row: Ricky Fitzgerald, Joey Ellis, Tammy Smith, Scott McGee, Steve Giles, Daryll Cooley, Jeft Webb, Stacy Bullard, Cyndi Downs. ww Cl 6- gg.-f I '14 fm., l 1 us? fx 129 .Q M K mi' iff 24 f 3 M, Newlyweds Paul and Corie Bratter discuss plans for the evening. Forest Rangers are Ken Walker, John Carter, Eddie Power, Keith Kuykendall, Jimmy Ballard, David Hassley, Kent Miller, Paul Bright, Paul Burnam, David Burkhart, Steve Lancaster, Chris Herrage, Robert Mayne, Danny Bradley, and David Kear. Melissa Dean, Nancy Usrey, Dawna Isenman, Kathy Alexander, Kelli Porter, Janet Werry, Laura Kauffman, Becky Perkins, Leslie Barnes, Lynn Simms, Raylene Brown, and Kathy Henry watch as Naughty Nancy, Patti Chaffin, tells the adventures of Mata Hari. 54 an Me "Barefoot in the Park," is the story of newlyweds Paul and Corie Bratter and the adjustments they make to married life. The cast included Dee Ann Muldoon as Corie Bratter, Ken Walker as Paul Bratter, Jeff Kear as Victor Velasco, the extravagant neighbor, Shelly Ellis as Corie's mother, Ethel Banks, John Carter as the telephone serviceman and Chris Herrage as the deliveryman. After an evening of eating, drinking, and merry-making, Paul sits in a stupor while Corie tests her mother for signs of life. Meanwhile, Victor Velasco takes delight in the situation. , 4' as I I7 '? Musical ignites Stage New York Colorado Setting For Comedies Yellow Feather returns for revenge against Little Mary Billy finds his 'ndiafl WHYS dlffiwll to SWHHOWV dlffe Wang The major stage production of the Fine Arts department was an old-fashioned melodrama named "Little Mary Sunshine." The hero, Captain Jim fPaul Brightl and the damsel tSue Sloany struggled through the trials of true love to be united at last, despite the efforts of the villain, Yellow Feather tGreg Smithl. The cast included Sue Sloan as the fair Mary Sunshine, Paul Bright as the valiant Captain Jim Warington, Ken Walker as the timid Billy Jester, Patty Chaffin as Naughty Nancy Twinkle, Doug Starkey and Pam Wright as General Oscar Fairfax and Ernestine, two middle-aged friends of Little Mary, Kenny Martin played Little Mary's indian father, Big Chief Brown Bear, Damon Ericson was the elderly Indian guide, Fleetfoot, and Greg Smith was the villainous Yellow Feather. Little Mary and Captain Jim contemplate their future together 55 Girls Choir Works For Success Bottom Row Deborah Burross, Sandy McCrummen, Kathy Hall, Juli Mangham, Tonya Zimmerman, Dana Gumpert, Kim Taylor, Moore, Genene Ray, Vickie Harrelson, Beth Focht, Row 3: Elaine Swann, Karen McLure, Michelle Davidson, Cindy Davis, Sandi mant, Beth Jackson, Joanna Kirkland, Miriam Castile, Lisa Frier, Dona Adair, Row 3 Shawna McGuffey, Ginny Martin, Mimi Cathy Tucker, Kelly Brennan, Cindy Carter, Patti Rodriguez, Tammy Malson, Leslie Pamplin, Andrea Power, Back Row: Laura Kauffman, Laurel Pannonl, Dana Sanders, Casey White, Shelley Boling, Karla Perry, Sheree O'Connor, Misty Shields, Carrie Gatlin, Leah Posey i The Choral Department at North Mesquite works hard to uphold its reputation of being one of the best in its field. The department consists of three choirs and one jazz ensemble: the concert choir, A Cappella, , , Wg Concert Chorale and Unity. In addition to the Qg ri jgi EL sig fqsw-L concerts, they perform at North Mesquite, gk '52, .---, L sf' A "si!':is""g. v the concert chorale performs in a traditional , L L L L style. Right: Officers of the Girls choir are: Laura Kauffman, Karla Perry, Dana Sanders, Shelley Boling, Andrea Dower my S L , - :L ,rig , . as ,, . in-j-L Q fs' , ,L L, ,gg- .L i 56 it t l 4 5 l A Cappella Gains Experience 3 ff, , : .p , ,. 'f ' i , . . . if ' " .' X' ' W A , . N 3 ., .A ,, J t. ,.:h K.. I I Q,, A . -A at ' The Jazz Ensemble, "Unity" performs at various i . .,i,-fx., ., my Christmas Concert with the Mesquite Chorale. J social, and community activities including i A C iiir 1 seti A' concerts at Medical City and Union Station. S S Sw Although there are four different performing groups in the North Mesquite Chorale . t,ltllllt . Department, they all work together to represent W' "' ' their school in the highest form of excellence. Left: Officers of the A Cappella choir are: Robin Shugart, Rhon da Taylor. 2nd Row Patricia Self, Sandy Hetzel jf jx if ttt t sig, W Et,, atfssjgnyvr, N S K I K kiig ,. 3 5. K ,gf t g ft 2 jiri eel I x x 9- , asf K so W--- fa i .i g y f I , 'ca A . .trait : "' 5 is - 1 , J dl' ,,. ' f Q .. an-'A V fi , H f, ' .ff Q r-sl ' Q .iff '-, i Mig, .t.l,, , , S' I X K i if if X P- if I i A gf Q an . W - A YN " lf. Q Bottom Row: Julie Bankert, Christy Blackman, Scott Loudder, David Kaun, Jeff Mitchell, Paul Janecka, Cheryl Morris, Regina Hopkins. Row 2: Robin Shugart, Susan Townsend, Shelly Giatrakis, Roger Coker, Steve Colwill, Jon Burnett, Ronnie Essman, Scott Magee, Missy Burgess, Dawna lsenman, Gena Goff. Row 3: Patty Wood, Tracy McKenzie, Lisa Stiles, Paul Province, Brian Calmes, Anthony Bizzotto, Russell Rotenberry, Chuck Lissett, Sandy Hetzel, Donna Hayes, Sheila Allen, Lisa Anderson. Back Row: Christi Sipe, Patricia Self, William Young, John Futrell, Carl Arrington, James Mowell, Stephanie Pieree, Diane Wagner, Rhonda Taylor 57 ' X11 54:--1 v.. r 4 4 if .. ,ru w ya ,aj -A 3 Wh Vi 2. . -321 ef . . "L I'. ug . .L ,M rd, rg 'ul iii N A,--.I " ,' ' " . - ,gf ,L ' E ff". ' V3 "" ' 1 ' -Y T' -AV - T ' '-1 xx N ' I ,win if if gray ' I S ,- V Tu ,fglqwge " i .gpg 'M L QQ 1 A .,-' Y 3 2 - ' .--msg gg NNNNN rl 3 ' '-, . fx I wwf I 5 ani 3 , 1 H xx-H If Lf, I' Ate. l , i 5 1 , , - e , ' ' -' 'G 4 h 73,44-1-fx S- 2 1 Q 'lv' Ig VV , -faq I X ' 3532 ' , V V n 7 il , 2 'ifgffi 5"Ls'!'4 , A J. 'f nu 1 L r Q.: at E951 'H I ' silk ,Wi , fiagifffk 4 ,,, 'A S F1 Q Q , rf- 41 '35 iw ,sf 'Q-1 'Q' 5 I 55' ,H ilnn -li 6" miiawa ff O fp li Q- W EV Amvl' H null ww "1 ' Q 'l u. 7- 11' , b 1 ' ' ' N!!! Nf,, l fw V " mug ,Y W, ,. ,, .9 ,L WW95!l"5r3Hw ffl' , gg, A am 1 'Wu ' ,, 1511 N JJWAHMM5'-'v' IEN A f ' L ' f 3 Cadets Shoot for a Under the command of Lt. Col. James Spann and SFC Doyle Couch the ROTC attended many meets and com- petitions. The ROTC competes with 256 other units in an eight state area. Among the meets the orienteering team attended were the University of Houston, Southern Arkansas, and the UTA Meet. They also visited Ft. Walters. The drill team attended the 5th Annual Metroplex Drill Meet, and the summer drill clinic held at the UTA campus. Among the drill team's accomplishments was marching in the Balch Springs Parade for the homecoming of Johnny McKeel, an Iranian hostage. The rifle team attended meets at Texas A8tM, McArthur High School, Wichita Falls, Louisianna and North Carolina. In the McArthur Meet the rifle team won third place for their excellent marksman- ship. ROTC sponsored the Turkey Shoot in which twenty-one turkeys were awarded. 750 students paid their one dollar for four shots with a .22 caliber rifle. The cadets also attended a presentation by the U.S. Army showing the differences between the U.S. Army and the Russian Army. They were shown the difference in weapons, life styles, and the means of operation. The annual highlight of the cadets was the 1980-81 Military Ball held on February 27. Outstanding cadets include Brad Benford, Jerry Scoggins, Scott Adams, Greg Edwards, Troy Cunningham, and Paul Sullivan. The outstanding girl cadets were Crystal McClammy, Dawn Cox, Melanie Montgomery, Vickie Price, Karen Vowell, and Colleen King. Troy Cunningham was crowned Honorary Colonel and Karen Vowell was crowned Queen ofthe Ball. Girls Drill Team Bottom: Rhonda Rowan, Denise Bradley, Crystal Mc- Clammy, Alisa Rios, Lisa Foreman. Top: Mary Zieseness, Sonya Reese, Laura Swank, Lori Rinne, Monette Kovar. Boys Drill Team 1st Row: Jerry Scog- gins, James Irvin, James Thorton, Daniel Stewart, Edward Vaughan, Skip Irvin. 2nd Row: Billy Camp- bell, Charles Weaver, Ronald Starrett, David VanSchaick. 3rd Row: John Monaco, Rodger McClogan, Gregg Stehn, Robbie York. 4th Row: Bryce Ray- mond, Eric Alred, Steve Cantrell. 64 Good Year -1981 l v an h, 1 ? .E if 5, . ' if 1 J- A. ,, ,,, ,Mar . ' y I i M5 .av M kf.s5,'w -V " ...rfiifli ajf . '-' ,,, ., 4 'L5kiLQ1'g,-'V-I Jw ,?.a'i'.?P"'1'a Q U, 'i 'E A ' N 'J l .. ' 'f n r 'K M 2 ...uw .. , I H ,4 vw Je-. ,V ' a J i 'fir' L I 5 v L... .flfif .uv Y 'ree , aff Maas WM, fl, ., my ,w. bv i 1 LYDKQQM a of 1 2A f , , . . 5 fl . . 5 ,,..,,, ,, M F ss- ' -1 ii- " V ' ,,,, Q H 3 Officers and Col- or Guard Bottom Row: Frank Cason, Karin McGowan, Col- leen King, David Flet- cher, Curt Koger, Crystal McClammy, Greg Edwards, Lisa Foreman, Hoang Nguyen. Top Row: Mike Flowe, Jerry Scoggins, Scott Adams, Steve Cantrell, JohnGrandy. Orienteering Team Bottom Row: Lisa Foreman, Crystal McClammy, Alisa Rios, Lori Rinne. Top Row: Jerry Scoggins, Ronald Reynolds, David Aldrich, Robbie York. Rifle Team 151 Row: Colleen King, Crystal McClammy, Karin McGowan, Tina Zollin. 2nd Row: Frank Cason, Deryl Crumly, James Varner, Paul Sullivan. 3rd Flow: Robert Burross, Mike Smith, Rocky Lloyd, John Dollarhide. 65 Military Ball Highlights -uni i Sonya Reese accepts the Marine Physical Fitness Award. Military casualty, Dennis Lauderdale. 1980-81 ROTC Lt. Col. James Span .,,,.....-,-- 5 7, HW. il x, SFC Doyle Couch Karen Vowell, Queen - Military Ball A, ,H Karin McGowan and Brad Benford participating in U.S. Army exhibition RCTC Year 1 ff' fer' Q A- 1 'if i--,-- 1 jig . , 4 I Q, F va.. - - " b l K, ' ' 'Wm-may V V - n- 4 1 , -4 We-e-M-'-W---ee ef n o P r r r e -1 1 - V '- I -t 1 1 ' c I V. MA W 1 A ,, ff- 2 . , ..,. , ,.:g,,., L. , y'r.4:e-,Q-, , , -is ' n rli I 1,L:rl?'i'F421f'e:ii"'1?9"Wa 34 ' , ' f , f 1 ' -".J'3!tgyyHM6-" ,1 r f 4 -ve 4' f lux, 1 " , ' ' 1. -1-"f f-l-"M mv- - ,eww 1 fe, .V , 1 U. , ,,..1Lw- , - H , jj ,MW ,i, v wt, V I - 1 . Q, 1 1, , W, , ,. . ,Ng A ,,, i:'j,LMl,,3,- 1 , ,,g, dv- M ,Y , -, .. ,. ., . W . v -,ww lv, . . f..- . . . 4 ' t "" ' M.. A . , 'ir ' "V ' --we -- M f :W-A rw -- 'Y ' 'Y The 1980-81 ROTC officers are Batallion Commander Major Curt Koger, Executive Officer Captain David Fletcher, 1 Lt. Crystal McClammy, 1 Lt, Bryce Raymond, 1 Lt, John Grandy, 2 Lt. Troy Cunningham, 2 Lt. Mike Smith, 2 Lt. Greg Edwards, 2 Lt. Scott Adams, 2 Lt. Jerry Scoggins, 2 Lt. Steve Cantrell. N IVI Groups Provide Spirit l Stallion Batallion's Kenny Martin yells in the 50's pep rally The Varsity football team sings along with the National Anthem during the Homecoming pep rally, The J.V. Drill teachers devote time and effort to their ' 2nd period teachers are Andrea Stalcu and Terri Pool. period instructors are Martha McKinney and Judy Sipe. The Varsity cheerleaders yell the team on to victory. he H-q .V. Drill Find 1stYear Exciting 5 in an 4 fa 'V .Q?1T?..?Q....Z , . , 1 if if These 80 energetic girls make up the Junior Varsity drill team this year. They have worked very hard to prepare routines for football and basketball games. In J.V. Drill the Sophomores learn the basics of drill including stretching, marching, and dancing, The student instructors have put in long hours for the groups. They are Martha McKinney, Terri Pool, Andrea Stalcup and Judy Sipe. 2nd Period members are: front row: Sherri Taylor, Sherry Blankenship, Gwen Meazell, Devy Winniford, Terrie Starnes, Melanie Burton, Lori Porter, Sherri Mercer, Sherri Green, Lisa York, Second row: Lori Yniguez, Laura Kellerham, Gwen Cooke, Belinda Lyons, Donna Browning, Debbie Ellis, Pam James, Sonja Stafford, Sherry Prater, Ramie Lay, Lisa Anderson, Theresa Holmes, Kim Fleming, Deanna Shockley, Denise Todd Third row: Jeanne Willard, Amy Wright, Cristie Carter, Delynda Powell, Sandra Monroy, Julie Franklin, Lisa Kelly, Shari Wilson, Deanna Dial, Theresa Jackson, Deanna Crim Back row: Candy Allson, Terrie Brewer, Dawn Northcutt, Becky Wat- son, Flhonda Leggett, Christie McAfee, and Sandi White 3rd Period J.V. Drill members are Candy Wicks, Keasha Solis, Dee Anna Dunaldson, Tracey Hookings, Denise Ishmael, Mindy Moore, Tracey Anderson, Cecilia Baptista, Robin Shugart, Marshan Kidd, Second row: Dana Jones, Rhonda Taylor, Sandy Hetzel, Cheri Agee, D'Anna Saffle, Denna Taylor, Tracey Limmer, Amy Fletcher, Carolina Abarquez, Debbie Morrow, Sharra Mattingly, Third row: Pam Hubner, Julie Schnurr, Sammie Mooke, Lorrie Mosher, Robyn' Walker, Angie Freshner, Shelly Bosebrock, Laurie Owens, Stephanie Alsup, Kim Hopkins, Cindy Morton, Debbie Duggins, Natalie Pinson, Tracey McKensie, Atacy Dunford, Sherry Martin 69 '81 PACESETTERS Varsity Drill Team Takes Sweepstakes MM l we ...nw ,, , ii -if 2, fa J-x iw I X LA h fix f L 2 ly, Machine And Electronics Members Study Technology l I 1 , , Machine Shop and Electronics members are: Front row: Mike Scott, Dewayne Cooley, Joe Duncan Back row: Ken Musick, Steve Wade, John Shack l , l ' fb 1 2 Q- miwvwcivlf -. -gunner FFA members are: Front Flow: Melinda Spell, Jeff Davis, Lisa Hancock, Donald Hardin, Eddie Kilgore, Jerry McClure, Ben Cross - Sponsor, Second Flow: Eddie Hough, Mike Hopson, Steve Taylor, Greg Ingram, Rodney Draper, Third row: Jya Long, Allen Flupared, Robert Slaton, Randy Nelson, Back row: Greg Green, Jeff Powers, Bill Bassenger, Jeff Byers, Jeff Lester Drafting And Building Trades Learn Skills f-s Members of the Building and Drafting Trades are: Front row: Sam Harrison, Kevin Archer, Kirk Wohlheater, Mike Thomas, James Erivin, Second row: Stephen Crowly, David Jones, Butch Hutchinson, Dean Riley, Third row: Mr. Robert Bailey, Doug Kennedy M 4-Amie A auu Auto Paint and Body and Auto Mechanics members are: Front row: Eric Harris, Frank Skireng, Quinton McDaniel, Scott Danley, Mike Tachett Second row: Danny McKnight, Leo Schack, Joe Haskett, Joe Stewart, Mike Mills, Back row: Chris Anderson, Chuck Darnell, Tom Zook, Jose Genack Blue Brigade Card Section Adds rr-. 1 ' 1 -ln -I 1 1981 Blue Brigade members bottom row: Sherry Harrelson, Kimberly Fleming, Kerri Baird, Barbara Morris, Toni Smith, Sheila Lucas, Dawna lsenman, Leanne Goolsby, Christi Callan, Adena Jacobs, Libby Kilgore, Linda Boroughs, Loretta Schnurr, Rhonda Legget, 2nd row, Sherry Blankenship, Terri Starnes, Debbie Ellis, Theresa Holmes, Debbie Trammel, Delynda Powell, Andrea Power, Theresa Dial, Cindy Davis, Tracey Washburn, ReNae Horton, Mimi Hendrix, Patsy Doane, Ramie Lay, 3rd row, Amy Fletcher, Lisa York, Melanie Burton, Sammie Moore, Kesha Solis, Sherri Green, Pam Rochester, Susie Murray, Karla Calvert, Dana Sanders, Susan Klutz, Laura Wycoff, Janet Thomason, Sandra Monroy, 4th row, Sherri Mercer, June Rodriques, Barbara Tobias, Denise Ismail, Lauri Owens, Deeanna Donalson, Terri Brewer, Christi Carter, Shari Wilson, Wesly Wills, Kathy Hall, Janet Sloan, Sherrie Prater, Deanna Crim, Deanna Shockley, 5th row, Mindy Moore, Kimberly Hopkins, Devy Winniford, Lori Yniquez, Tracey Lim- mer, Candi Wicks, Renny Arthur, Susan Ruosh, Diane Eubanks, Julie Mangham, Michelle Davidson, Cathy Tucker, Kelly Warta, Sharra Mattingley, 6th row, Jennifer Martin, Tracy Anderson, Lori Porter, Christie McAfee, Donna Browning, Tracey Hook- ings, Gwen Meazell, Cayma Aylor, Jackie Webb, Lisa Goach, Katrina Murphy, Jody Coker, Candice Wicks, Brenda Walker, Dawn Northcut, 7th row, Lorri Mosher, Lisa Anderson, Leann Nyvold, Becki Watson, Missy Burgess, Debbie Williams, Natalie Pupo, Susan Hogan, Kathy Moreno, Christi Cooperider, Carrie Prater, D'Anna Saftle, Sherry Taylor, Pam James, 8th row, Susie Rector, Stacy Dunford, Deanna Dial, Sherri Agee, Robin Roe, Michelle Warren, Jo Anna Kirkland, Andrea Maclemore, Dena Deloy, Samantha Coleman, Shawna McGuffy, Sheree O'Conner, Ruth Moore, Jeanne Willard, 9th row, Sandy White, Stacy Dunford, Dana Jones, Julie Frankland, Lisa Harmon, Shannon Magee, Ginny Martin, Kimberly McRae, Andrea McLemore, Stacey Hopper, Diane Prater, Regina Mills, Jana Gamble, Debbie Dugans, top row, Rhonda Taylor, Laura Lynd, Dawn Naberhause, Stephanie Alsup, Shelly Rosenbrock, Cindy Morton, Denise Todd, Candy Allison, Amy Wright, Tracey McKenzie, Deanna Toylor, Carol Arbarquez, Cecilia Baptista, Pam Hubner I -' g g y yli at F ' ' - ' f- A if ir RE. A A 1' , f limi A Q I I 1 , if , 1!5" 'Y - W- '- ri '- input 11 ffxjlp 3 bi if ,Z ii. P 1 0-rn ,'g.,,---- 'TT 4 '91 1 'ff-'til' ,L - A J .1-fY A il' ,I-lf' 4 te.: 5,2 N A , T' - 3 61: K, W, , l I A , rm E-'Il if .L Mt - 7 3 f 1 1 " s 45 ' .dl 1- ,sl T 6 x , W , - M fl .. - - .L . .. '- 1-A - 7 - 1- - ' Q ' ' i -f li. pf , .V "N 4 I J- - ' ' - V sl The Blue Brigade card section displays a hand drawn replica of Spirit at the Mesquite game. A S irit and Color to Stands Organized as the spirit booster, the North Mesquite Blue Brigade spent the 1980-81 football season cheering the mighty Stallions. President Dawna lsenman along with Debbie Trammel, vice-president, and directors, Dawn Wells and Barbara Morris assisted Ms. Julia Fieynolds, sponsor, in creating a quality card section that the North Mesquite fans could be proud of. As special effects the Blue Brigade presented a hand- drawn replica of Spirit, prepared by the FHA, and members of the Art Club at homecoming and again at the Mesquite game. The Blue Brigade, composed of freshmen, the J.V. Drill, and all other spirit-minded students provided a colorful addition to each half-time performance, and many cheers at pep rallies and games. The 1980-81 Blue Brigade officers are Dawna lsenman, president Barbara Morris, director, and Debbie Trammel, vice president. YAC Members Taste Foods nf we if N4-'hir if -aa ,rf aw. -t 1. , YAC stands for Youth Advisory Council. The members work with the cafeteria ladies to find out what the students would like to eat, and more ways to make the cafeteria a pleasant place to be. Members are Front Row: Paul Burnam, Becky Perkins, Kevin Thompson, Marsha Anne Kidd. Second Row: Becky Stewart, Greg Stovall, De Ann Muldoon, Kim Rattan, Dawn Naberhaus, Lori Ewton, Kelly Rattan, Shelly Ellis and Lisa Anderson. i L Q T. ,, iM, H, 15x he The Oftice Workers work to help out in the office areas, picking up absentee slips, and helping students to check in and out of school. Members are: Front Row: Dana Russell, Marianna Molina, Sarita Rossi, Karen Beaumont, Mary Synder, Jeannine Bale, Marc Coffman, Stan Boler, Gary Armstrong, Keith Adams, Amber Sleedman, Vickie Hodnett, Sally Muhl, Doug Prater. Second Row: Sherry Taylor, Kay White, Misty Boling, David Jackson, Stacy Morris, Martha McKinney, Daniel Hargrove, Julia Thornburg, Robin Wolfgang, Amy Ambercrombie, Stormie Duckworth, Russell Neeley, Kathy Gage, Cari Hipp, Reagan Gatlin, Shelia Shirel, Kim Carroll, Third Row: Linda Sharp, Julie Brewster, Gina Thornberry, Jill Wood, Robert Hardin, Mark Gillispie, Jeff Tanton, Robby Lyons, Melanie Hall, Dana Moss, Joan Cox, Rita Walker, Kim Ledgerwood, Dawn Northcutt, Debbie Dougins, Pam James, Alice Wilcoxson, Teresa Guyton, Charlotte Ransom. Back Row: Tari Tyler, Johnette Harper, Leslie Mays, Stephanie Alsup, Paul Pedre, Janee Wise, David Hargrove, Jeff Powers, Bobby Sherrard, Tracy Calverley, Phil Conteras, Keith Mclntyre, Frank Case, Billy Edwards, Don Wilson, Tony Gloden, Sarah Ballenger, Cindy Bunyard, and Elesia Turner. X , . in flrt ll 1 . if , s , gggg - z ' l ,, 15: Q Q, . Q g -. , M . . ,, .. ll .. ,g V Q 'i ' , Q: c ,, , , ' ' 'N A ' A K .. , ,Q ' cgcl "l" , - 1 'E 5 wh at , I H if s ,, Q t , in ,,.' X' - i-,,L! ig Vi ,':,.V "'1' V QJNA .. -if i"' A 7.1: ' : ,, ,.-:.. f 5 Top Left: Duane Wilson, Kellie Hopper, Leslie Barnes, and Mary Futrell practice hard during a band rehearsal. Top Right: Billy Seitzler is seen during an orchestra rehearsal playing his bass. Middle Left: David Aldrich and George Mathews along with the rest of the Symphony Orchestra during a rehearsal. Middle Right: Markeda Price and Donna Hancock are seen playing a song inthe stands during a football game. Bottom Left: Bass Clarinets seem tc be enjoying themselves at a football game. 77 VW mjiiiiii, lil 5 was W!! The success of NM 1981 Orchestras is at- tributed to hard work and time consuming rehearsals. The Symphony and intermediate Orchestras presented several concerts for the student body. Both orchestras attended UIL Concert and Sightreading Contest in April. One of the highlights of the year was competing in the Sandy Lake Music Festival in May. The Of- ficers for the Symphony and Intermediate Or- chestras are, Bottom row: Lou Ann Taber - Public Relations, Phyllis Collins - Freshman Representative, Renee McDonald - Secretary, Middle row: Dean Brown - Stage Manager, Cheryl Kirkpatrick - Treasurer, Faye Tucker - Secretary, Julie Harwerth - President, Vense Everett - Sound Manager, Top row: Mark Rec- tor - Freshman Representative, Scott Ashmore - Treasurer, Brad Bibbs - Vice President, and Blake Edmondson - Band Representative 78 Orchestras Earn Awards The members of the Symphony Orchestra are, first Violins: '+Jana Gamble, 'Danny Barefield, Kerry Wilson, 'Julie Harwerth, 'Dean Brown, Cheryl Kirkpatrick tHarpl, 'Sandra Monroy, Ruth Moore, 'Brad Bibbs, Amy Wright, Sharra Aattingly, 'Vense Everett, Second Violins: 'Lou tnn Tabor, Jeff Harris, Scott Ashmore, Renee AcDonald, Becky Murdock, Dana McKeithan, Zarolyn Johnson, Mike Goekler, Betty Baber, ireg Hall, John Hart, Rusty Lloyd, Mary Kelly, Dandy Allison, Viola Section: +'Mindy Marshall, David Burkhart, 'Elizabeth Moore, 'Danny ilacey, Mark Hall, Sue Tedlock, Cello section: Janet Sloan, 'Faye Tucker, 'Robert Anguiano, George Mathews, David Aldrich, Alisa Rios, Dou- lle Bass: 'Dottie Spalding, 'Steve Harwerth, Sheila Lucas, 'Bill Seitzler, Flutes: Maria tlcDaniel, Melissa Dean, Donna Hancock, :larinets: Mike Dean, Aaron Richardson, French lorns: Duane Wilson, Greg Graham, Mary Futrell, leith Long, Saxophone: Pat Shaffer, Trumpets: llake Edmondson, Theresa Davis, Carl Critten- on, Trombones: +'Jim Krause, Jeff Scott, John Iolan, Don Tedlock, Tubas: Doug Herndon, Jeff Iutchinson, Percussion: David Ausley, Ronnie iombs, Chad Lovel, Timpani: 'Paul Bright. y The members of the Intermediate Orchestra are, irst Violins: Robert Minsky, 'Lori Minnick, Kellye Simmons, 'Gipsy Umbarger, Paul Mc- plgan, Rocky Lloyd, Second Violins: Leanne loolsby, Linda Bouroughs, David Chapin, Kelly larta, Cheryl Mcllroy, Penny Whiteside, Trevor iley, Loren Carlson, Viola section: 'Mark Rector, Penny Moody, 'Phyllis Collins, Lana Browning, asey Dodds, Cello section: Melanie Montgomery, evin Bartlett, Howard Sauceman, Double Bass: ngela Power, Tony McGary, Flutes: Carolyn Jhnson, Elizabeth Moore, Oboe: Mindy Marshall, larinets: Tressia Anderson, Gaylynn Bailey, Jana amble, Saxophone: Tracey Washburn, French orns: Paul Janeka, Cindy Davis, Sue Tedlock, rumpets: Kyle Irvin, Dianne Linker, Mark Aerts, rombones: Ruth Moore, Dottie Spalding, Paul rovence, Tuba: John Barnett, Percussion: eanne Cain, Sandi Johnson, Scott McGee, Jeff lebb. AIlState All Region Mr. Minnick is shown giving his annual after school rehearsal to Janet Sloan Senior Brad Bibbs is seen concen- Dottie Spalding is working hard trating during a rehearsal. for upcoming UIL contest. ting their skills during a rehearsal. I I Y 'V 7 H Zi? , K S 2. i Aspects of the well rounded student in clude physscal fitness Fitness can be acquired through several methods Weightlifting dancing and competltuve sports are ways to achieve excellence in addition to the classroom Performance is not only judged on the stu dents ability to perform in a sport, but also by the rules and concepts of the activity. Through this basic program of fitness, students obtain the idea that physacal activity is an impor tant phase of education . Z - " ' n n 1 ,ff ,V ' . N N - 1 1 .l V' l I n I I U I N, . . , . . . Mighty Men In Blue K I 1981 Stallions Stallions Kick Off to , fj,,..,.--M . k 5 , -N ' ,.......-Q -lt.. L. , 1 '21 Ms.-,,.t ..i,, .5 ,ss gi -L -,.. , st v 9 sn? .5 if, V , .. .l l 'Nfl . Good Season Coach Gary Childress believes that becoming a champion is the goal of all athletic teams and individual athletes. He added, "We fell short of becoming district champions as a team, but l feel the young men that made up this team learned many lessons that will help them be champions in life." Selected for 1st team All-District was running back Billy Edwards. Named to the 2nd team All-District were: receiver Robert Fitzgerald, tight end Russell Neeley, center Don Wilson, kicker Kevin lund, and linebacker Kyle Baird. Page 82: top left: Robert Fitzgerald out jumps three Highland Park Scots: however, the pass was incomplete Middle left: James Provence gets hold of a Scot as Jorge Martin comes to assist. Top right: Russell Neeley and Robert Fitzgerald discuss strategies while awaiting their call. Middle right: Quarterback John Mackey con fuses Highland Park with his scrambling as Blake Foster comes around to block. Bottom: The Varsity Football team members are: first row, Doug Prater, AJ Becvar, Bubba Newman, Ronal Norris, James Provence, Kyle Fisher, Kevin lund, Todd Kingrey, Keith Malone, Mac Salono, Daniel Hargrove and David Fletcher. Second row, Jay Fuller, Todd Graham, John David Cook, Brad Wright, Steven Crowley, Randy Pippen, Brad Dunn, Matt Chadwick Mace Metcalf, Jorge Martin, Tim Johnson, and Gordon Porter. Third row, Bobby Rawls, Billy Edwards, Robert Fitzgerald, Howard McGinnis, Phil Rochester, Jimmy Darnell, David Chance, Bud Champion, Kyle Baird, Steve Whitworth, and Ted Eastus. Fourth row, Bill Muth, Brian Cain, Robert Kennedy, Mike Guzy, Jon Youngblood Brad Adams, Doug Smith, Pat Daniel, Barry Jenkins Scot Davis, and Mike Sanders. Fifth row, Brian Epps Mark Holloway, Greg Attaway, Russell Neeley, Blake Foster, Frank Case, John Mackey, David Hasley, Don Wilson, and Scott Foster. Page 83: top, Kevin lund connects on a 38-yard field goal attempt against Wilmer Hutchins. Middle: Kyle Fisher communicates with coaches in pressbox. Bot tom: With the help of Steve Whitworth, Billy Edwards heads down field. 83 Stallions Stunned by Skeeters ln a first-class performance for a season opener, the Stallions defeated the Bryan Adams Cougars 24-7. The Stallion defense, led by linebacker Jorge Martin, totaled six quarterback sacks. Martin also recovered a fumble which set the Stallions up for the second touchdown. Quarterback John Mackey, along with running back Billy Edwards both had impressive performances. ln the second game of pre-season the pitch-and-run combination of Mackey and Edwards led the Stallions to a solid 27-14 victory over the Skyline Raiders. Free safety, James Provence had an outstanding defensive performance. He recovered one fumble and made two interceptions, including a pivotal steal with less than a minute left in the first half. Edwards ended the game with a total of 173 on yards on 25 carries, and scored two of the three TD's. The next contest turned out to be disappointing as the Samuell Spartans defeated the Stallions 24-14. The Stallions led in offensive yardage, but totaled 70 yards in penalties at inappropriate times. The Stallions had completed their non-district season. With a rousing 31-14 victory, the Stallions defeated the North Garland Raiders in the District opener. Steve Whitworth finished with 126 yards on 18 carries and Edwards had 120 on 19 carries. Mike Guzy amassed 10 unassisted tackles and recovered a fumble which set up the fourth TD for the Stallions. Cornerback Todd Kingrey intercepted two Raider passes. With a successful start, the Stallions traveled to Garland Memorial Stadium to take on the Lakeview Patriots. 84 Jw wit A9 My 9? Wt, f The Stallions sprinted to a large halftime lead and coasted in for a 34-9 victory. Edwards finished with 112 yards on 13 carries and Mackey with 105 yards on 9 carries and Jimmy Darnell recovered a Stallion fumble in the end zone for the third Stallion touchdown. Robert Fitzgerald scored on a beautiful 49 yard pass from Mackey. interceptions were made by Kyle Baird and James Provence. Defensively, Todd Kingrey was the standout for the Stallions, making four tackles and six assists as well as picking off an interception. Guzy contributed 3 tackles and 6 assists. Following Lakeview on the schedule was the Homecoming game against the dreaded Highland Park Scots. The team had the Stallion fans behind them and more spirit than ever before, but the Scots dominated the contest with a 42-20 victory over the Stallions. Billy Edwards led all ball carriers with 101 yards on 17 carries. The Scots led 28-O before Mackey scored on a nineyard touchdown. Mackey then brought the Stallions 87 yards on six plays before scoring from four yards out. The last touchdown was made by Bud Champion from 16 yards out. After this disappointing loss, the Stallions took on the Wilmer Hutchins Eagles. The swarming Stallion defense held back the Eagles with a final score of 16-6. Page 84 - top: Quarterback John Mackey slips out of the pack as he gains yardage for the Stallions. Mid- dle: Brian Cain takes a break from the grueling hours of work-out. Bot- tom: Jorge Martin goes after a loose ball as Kyle Baird comes in to assist. Page 85 - top: Jimmy Darnell is hit low as a Highland Park Scot ruins the opportuni- ty of a beautiful catch. Bottom: Tim Johnson, Steve Whitworth, Robert Kennedy, and Robert Fitzgerald get ready for next play. 85 Ponies Provide Gridiron Heart-Stopper At halftime the Eagles had acquired only 14 yards and no first downs. Jorge Martin registered eight tackles and five assists while Mike Guzy had six tackles and five assists. Kyle Baird also performed superbly, making four tackles and four assists. Edwards totalled 96 yards on 25 carries and Bud Champion produced 52 yards on 13 carries. Place kicker Kevin lund's 3 field goals are what pulled the Stallions through. Halfway through the season, the Stallions traveled to Garland Memorial where they were defeated by the South Garland Colonels 17-13. John Mackey scored the only two touchdowns. Guzy led the defense as he made 10 tackles and was credited with 3 assists. James Provence collected 9 tackles and one assist, while Kyle Baird had 7 tackles and 2 assists. Neaing the end of the season, the Stallions visited Williams Stadium where they defeated the Garland Owls 28-27. It was to be the most exciting game of the season. At halftime the Stallions were losing 21-7, but they came roaring out to start the second half and marched 81 yards on 13 plays. Billy Edwards scored from 5 yards out for the touchdown. Then the Stallions alertly took advantage of a Garland fumble on the ensuing kickoff to pull even with the Owls. Edward's two yard thrust with 3:37 left in the third quarter gave the Stallions a 21-21 tie. It was the Owl's turn to put points on the board as they got a touchdown by running 89 yards in 2 plays. The extra point attempt was no good leaving Garland with a 6-point margin. Above: John Mackey ready to throw the ball over the head of a Skyline Riader - that is, if the Raider doesn't get him first. Right: Steve Whitworth scrambles with the ball against the Skyline Raiders. 4. E. Exciting Friday Night Football Action The Stallions set out from its own 40 after that and marched to its winning points when Mackey fired a fourth-down, seven yard touchdown pass to Bud Champion and Kevin lund kicked the extra point with 1:32 remaining. With the usual amount of momentum behind them, the Stallions were set to take on the crosstown rival - the Mesquite Skeeters. The spirit of "Stallion-Skeeter Week" didn't do much for the Stallions as they were defeated, for the first time in 2 years, 24-13. Edwards, easily the best rusher in the district, netted only 42 yards so the Stallions had to resort to an air attack in the third quarter. Mackey threw for 158 yards and a beautiful touchdown pass to Robert Fitzgerald. They finally got their afikr... M 'wwf offense rolling in the fourth quarter as Mackey came out passing. He hit Jimmy Darnell and Daniel Hargrove with big passes as he moved his team down the field and Edwards found the last two yards of a 68-yard drive. They put together another drive, this time a 91-yarder. The play of the game came to as Mackey lofted a high bomb toward the endzone and Fitzgerald hauled it down for the score. It was a perfect pass and a perfect catch. The series of wins and losses over the past 11 years is now 6-5 with the Stallions holding the advantage. The Stallions had won the last two games played easily 48-0 and 28- 7, dominating play. The tide simply turned in this one. Above: Steve Whitworth is caught off guard on the sideline f something that would never happen on the field. Bot- tom: John Mackey scrambles around a North Garland Raider in the district opener. 87 Young Stallions Strive For Goals " o o Az? 35 . , 5 gsm The "B" team members are: 1st row Steve Nichols, Mark Costs, Bruce Reeves, Jeff Dillon, Billy Day, Bill Seitzler, Steve Jessee, Terry Shuf- fler. 2nd row, Andy Downs, Rodney Watson, Leo Peat, Len Pollard, Matt Brown, Jerald Little, David Phillips, Steve Stone, and Jeff Harris. 3rd row, David Marshall, Toll Chance, David Garza, John Garner, Jon Richerson, Jerald White, Doug Mallon, and Paul Pintor. 4th row, Steve Hester, Damon Ericson, Dale Price, Randy Fester, Scott White, Marty Crawford, and David Jackson. 5th row, David Hollifield, Kanny English, Joe Coker, Damon Dobson, Jimmy Ballard, Troy Palmer, Jeff Leslie, and Albert Machado. 6th row, Stacy Moran, Jim Gilbery, Kyle Martin, Sammy Fischer, Mike Lind- quist, James Douglas, and Jay Trussell. 7th row, Paul Burnam, An- dy Braddock, David Leerssen, Mark Blackwell, Greg Clary, and Paul Johnston. Right: football manager David Fletcher hard at work as he strings cleets. - i 'V , i i , I , fy lg 'Si f . l , A 'Q ji ie Lia. T , Y 'Qi gg 5 , . . ,A , , ' r 3 J , 1 af' 9? 'fffvi - f . ig . . . . - - , v -ff ' 3 1 ts. P' , Q K Q is A Asif? bfyy. hz 4 , -r ' 93253. . -i 3 31 aiu' 'X Q . " uv ,K Q if V ' is in ,M M. l L H 4, ee. , , ,N 4 eff F t . . 3 A ' ,g A sg, Gi x X1 5 s l I 1 X K s L . X x E x V y gf M I K A KL. : VIW N K I K .,,lV'Y. t .. 1 rbi T' + . or . s J B 1 we W . ' T 5 T it 5 ' Q " he A g l lk' x :im i l 5 K S Q K E iii s 3 . W F l f X , M A Q, f 1 X i A ff- P5 ! ' X ' 1 5 W , x A K L I ' f - 1 K , H 'V im I If 3 H s, 'S I ix :gg QQUI, I 'ru as P' E 4 V S' K QI f' . ' f ' sz. , T . L L as ' . 'lf' . ' Q . J. Sup.. . i. 11 . -.W is . ----...J A fs- , in .' 1. .0-iw V . The Freshman Blue football team members are: 1st row, Kyle Crowley, Phil Manicchia, David Chaffee, Jeff York, Anthony Rizzatto, Vince Garza, Jerry Lancaster, Brian Lewis, Damon Fudge, and James Landis. 2nd row, Chris Miller, Matt Stephens, Scott Earp, Doug Hail, Mike Furr, Brad Davis, Larry Dag, Tim Masters, Kevin Black, and Chuck Lipsitt. 3rd row, Coach Blair, Kevin Edgemon, Bobby Jette, James Fernandez, Frank Darnell, David Burkhart, Randy McCulley, Gary Larkin, and Coach Rylander. 4th row, Don Dona, Chuck McLean, Rodney Hinton, Linny Collins, Phil Graham, and Bill Bob Morton. -F 1' A ,lg f QV: -iff f- a l? A saga F43 Ziffwf Freshman White team members are: ist row, Chris Miller, Bobby Brady, Kyle Crowley, Jimmy Reed, Mike Smith, Mark Ray, Jim- Mohr Kevin Walton, John Sammann, James Landis, Chuck Lipsitt, and Damien Fudge. 2nd row, Danny Bradley, Jeff Lyon, John Mike Pope, Rick Abbott, Wade Wallace, Mark Hill, Gary Holland, Mel Solana, Kirk Luttrell. 3rd row, Lloyd Green, Dante Brian Maddox, Kevin Wortham, Kevin Keel, Breack Fitz, Larry Flay, Dat Nuguyen, Terry Harmon. 4th row, Vince Perry, Brett rice, Mike Puyear, Louis Rosales, Robert Landford, Ronnie Essman, Jeff Miller, Mike Arnold, and John Avon. 5th row, James Francis, vlark Miller, Bill Marshall, Scott Lopez, John McKinney, Tim Bogan, Todd Denton, Justin Perry, and Chris Cumknock. 6th row, Mike lawkins, Joe Gonzales, Steve Shivers, James Sammann, Randy Benoit, Mike Muehl, Joe Williams, Cliff Payne, Tim Ayo. Roundballers Remain on Top The Varsity Basketball team members are: Keith Adams, Dale Patterason, Matt Nelson, Steve Harwerth, Brian Essary, Scott Brown, Mitch Nelson, Mike Malone, Mike Browning, Dan Mauer, and Mark Powell. ' ' 5 3 90 Under Coach Bon Powell the Varsity Basketball team started the season on the right foot as they defeated Thomas Jefferson 47-30 in the season opener and following that victory, Bryan Adams 70-39. The Stallion -Bl. Turner contest was one of the most exciting games of the season as the Stallions used two late free throws by Keith Adams to defeat Turner 50-47. Mike Browning paced Stallion scorers as he tallied 12 points. The Stallions continued their strong start by winning the next 7 out of 9 games, losing only to Lake Highlands, 52-47, and Hillcrest, 63- 59. By this time the Pepsi Challenge Tournament had gotten under way. Staving off a furious Eagle rally, the Stallions managed to escape with a narrow 55-53 decision in the second round of the tournmanet. Mitch Nelson paced NM in scoring, hitting for 21 points and Browning canning 17. Before taking on the Hillcrest Panthers the Stallions defeated North Dallas 71-62. The Hillcrest Panthers came from behind to defeat the Stallions, 56-52, and captured the Pepsi Challenge Tournament. Nelson had 26 points in both the North Dallas and the Hillcrest games. In the South Grand Prairie game the Stallions won a "squeaker" over the Warriors, 61-59. Keith Adams hit 2 crucial freethrows with 14 seconds showing on the clock to ice the victory. ln the following four games the Stallions were victorious in all but one, which they lost against Fort Worth Dunbar, 57-47. In the next game against the Arlington Bowie Volunteers, Brian Essary paced the Stallion scorers hitting 26 points to claim a victory over the Volunteers, 76-32. Page 90 - bottom left: Mike Browning pumps a jump shot over the hands of a North Garland Raider. Middle: Mitch Nelson brings in a quick two points on a layup. Bottom right: Scott Brown attempts to get his fingertips on the ball as he goes high for the jump. Page 91: Junior Brian Essary shows his ability at mak- ing an easy lay-up and two points to go with it. 91 Coaches Pleased With Performances ln the following game against the Richardson-Berkner Rams Browning proved to be the star of the game. With only 12 seconds left to play and trailing 45-44, Browning connected on a turn-around jumper lifting the Stallions to a 46-45 victory over the Rams. Browning was named by the Texas Sports Magazine as one of the top basketball players in the metroplex. The Stallions wrapped up pre-district play with a 44-36 win over Skyline. Against the Garland Owls, NM dropped their district opener 53- 48. In the next game, they edged past Highland Park 65-58. Browning hit 20 points, as which gave him a 21 point average in district. The Stallions won the next 5 out of 6 games, losing to South Garland 75-55, before they again tock on Highland Park. Against the Scots NM lost a very crucial contest 54-49. Hopes of a district championship all but died as the South Garland Colonels defeated NM 49-35. Mitch Nelson led the scoring with 17 points. The last half of district consisted of 4 wins and 2 losses, which was the last game of the season. Wilmer Hutchins defeated the Stallions 62-60. The overall season record for the team was 28 wins and 9 losses. Named to the All-Metro team by the Dallas Times Herald was Mitch Nelson. A nf-.nm , - f f '-.... - - ' ' - L" I "ff ,, . .-QF' "' "" " The Junior Varsity basketball team members are: Kneeling, Billy Kula, David Morgan, Kyle Miller, Robert Morris, Steve Kilgore, David Fudge, Hohn Brown, and Floyd Felts. Standing, Jerry Wood, Mike Davis, Mark Trumble, Frank Case, Steve Wohlschlaeger, Paul Burnham, John Mad- den, Russell Wolfgang, and Coach Jim Murphy. 93 Freshman Boys The JV team finished their season with a record of 21-15. The Freshman Blue team finished with 12-12 and the white team with 19-7. Top left: Randy Cook moves around a Garland Owl. Top right: Todd Denton shoots for two. Below: Don Dona goes in for a lay-up. Right: the Freshman white team members are: kneeling, Rex Baladad, Bill Parmer, Jimmy Brown, Tim Ayo, Joey Wallace, and Chris Teague. Stan- ding, Steve Phillips, Marty Sitzman, Kerry Davis, Brian Ranes, Rodney Hin- ton, Randy Fitz, Kevin Cowan, and Brian Graham. Bottom right: the Freshman blue team members are: kneeling, Darien Goode, Rich Kelley, Randy Cook, Anthony Mitchell, Tim Tafoya, Chris Randle. Standing, Frankie Darnell, Don Dona, Cameron Hagen, Chris Fultz, Todd Denton, and Mike Gass. ifiiw ,Z ..,, pu A "' L..- Qi, 'Y p eh: 4 9 . 325 5-3 . 94 STALLIDNS XJ I NSTALUM-X xii ll TA ,, '- Y grluxuug Girls Finish 3rd ln Pepsi Tournamen STM-1-IHS gm 'mug P5 JE 40 ae ity basketball team members are kneeling Karen Bennett Teresa Barr, Anne Floyd, Susan Baer, Karen Stratman Patti and Sally Muhl Standing Michelle Ayers Jill Gouge Jody Straughan, Julie Callaway, Dee Ann Stewart, Penny Saulsman Gage Tammy Pierce Linda Musick Cristal Thompson and Coach Donna Capps. Left: Jody Straughan uses finesse at getting around her opponent. Jody is the leading offen- sive player for the Stallions. Below: Guarded heavily, Julie Callaway beats Mesquite to the basket for two points. 96 Under Coach Donna Capps, the Girls Varsity basketball team opened the season by winning their first three games. ln the third game against South Garland, Jody Straughan paced the scorers as she totalled 14 points. The next game was a disappointment as the girls were defeated by Skyline, 54-41. The Stallions went on to win only 2 of the next 5 games. The game against DeSoto proved to be one full of non-stop action, as the girls picked up a 46-44 win over the Eagles. The girls couldn't seem to manage a steady record of wins and losses as they defeated Halton, 32-22, and were beaten by Denton, 37-36. Mesquite was to be the next match for the Stallions in the Pepsi Challenge Tournament. Both teams were playing for 3rd place, but the Stallions totally dominated the contest as they beat the Skeeters 36-18. Julie Callaway, Patti Duckworth, and Jody Straughan all had 8 points for the Stallions. The count of wins and losses was again split down the middle as they beat Richardson, 33-21, and Granberry, 45-38, but were defeated by Sam Houston 32-27, and Hirshi, 37-35. With the district opening, the Stallions defeated the Lakeview Patriots 57-24. ln the following contest the girls defeated North Garland 38- 37. Jody Straughan hit 14 points, as Kathy Gage canned 10. After then getting beat by a 3 point loss against Wilmer Hutchins, 37-34, the Stallions then defeated the Garland Owls 53-44. Jody Straughan provided much ofthe offensive impetus for NM, finishing the night with 27 points. The South Garland Owls were next on the schedule. Surviving a second half onslaught by the Colonels, the Stallions kept their hopes of a first half championship alive as they knocked off the colonels, 44-39. Stallions Fall Short ot District Susan Baer and Kathy Gage were the scoring heroes for the Stallions, as Susan hit 12 and Kathy canned 10. The Skeeters collected a big win over the Stallions as they defeated their arch-rival, 44-28. ln the following two games against Lakeview and North Garland, the girls kept on top, winning both games, 74-14 over Lakeview and 37-22 over North Garland. ln the following game, the Stallions avenged an earlier loss in the season against Wilmer Hutchins by outlasting the Eagles 53-51. Stallions rode the hot shooting hand of Susan Baer, who collected a consistent 8 points her 2 quarters, to finish the game with a total of 16 points. Straughan tallied 13 points and Callaway canned an even 12. The girls went on to defeat Garland, 56- 47, and South Garland, 54-42. Straughan finished with 20 points and Patti Duckworth with 19. ln the last game of the year the girls saw their season come to an abrupt halt as the Skeeters got a clutch free throw to knock off the Stallions, 46- 45, and so went the hopes for the district title. Susan Baer was leading scorer with 14 points. Page 96 - top: Kathy Gage shoots over the heads of Wilmer Hutchins. Bottom leftg Sally Muhl takes the ball down court. Middle: Susan Baer goes in for a lay-up against Wilmer. Right: Julie Callaway concentrates on a free throw. Page 97: Susan Baer exhibits perfect jump-shot form. 97 ' I ' J V ll' S . . The team finished with an overall season record of 19 wins and 10 losses. "Although we were unable to defend our district title," quoted Coach Donna Capps, "l consider this a successful season. Many of our young women gained knowledge and maturity as athletes. Next year should prove to be one of the best years for girls' basketball at North Mesquite." Receiving offensive player of the year award was Jody Straughan. Defensive player of the year went to Sally Muhl and the Stallion award to Patti Duckworth. Jody Straughan was also named to the East All-Star team and the 'lst team All-District. Patti Duckworth made the 2nd team All-District. The Junior Varsity team finished with an overall season record of 20 wins and 4 losses. JV player of the year went to Kelly Dunn. The Junior Varsity team members are: kneeling, Kelly Dunn Amy Peyton Michele Steele Lori Porter and Laura Merryman Stand ing, Lisa Hefner, Jackie Aleman, Terry Brewer, Holly Lee Teresa Jackson Brenda Green Ge lin Lee Tanis Thompson Donna Arey and Coach Patricia Lane. Freshman Team Takes District The girls' freshman basketball team finished the season with a 12-0 mark and a district championship. They outscored their opponents by 20 points per game in the process. Kristi Hearne finished as the team's leading scorer as she contributed 110 points, Janet Thompson with 87, Cathy Hill with 72, and Kristie England with 63. Jill Achzeiger was the leader of the Stallions' defense. Coach Patricia Lane felt that overall, her JV team had a very good season. "We played in a tough tournament in Arlington and, though we didn't win, we played hard and we placed one player on the All-tournament team. I feel like our pre-season games helped us during district because we played some strong teams. Our big disappointment came in not being able to win the one that counted - the last game against Mesquite. By losing it we finished 2nd to them in District Competition. I personally have never enjoyed coaching a group more and l look to see great things from them as varsity players." Page 98 - top: Even a player as big in size as this Wilmer Hutchins player finds it hard to stop Jody Straughan. Page 99 - top: the Freshman team members are: sitting, Cindy Blackwell, Dawn Webb, Cheryl Morris, Cheryl Duckworth, Tracey Moore, Kylynnedra Wilcots. Kneeling, Janet Thomason, Bobbie Morris, Jill Achziger, Sandre Washington, Angie Hale, Joann Piccola, Kristi England. Standing, Cassey White, Carrie Gatlin, Loretta Schnurr, Laura Wycoff, Kristi Hearne, Kathy Hill, Rhonda Agpalza, Terri Martin, Jackie Aleman, and Coach Patricia Lane. To the lefty Jody Straughan goes for two points. The Varsity Volleyball team members are: front row, Darlene Owen, Lana McMillan, De'An Olson, Julie Harwerth, and Micky Puckett. Back row, Janay Harper, Kay Edwards, Lee Ann Stephens, Dee Ann Stewart, Cheryl Powell, and Chalese Stachowiak, J.. .f :..s.....t.qta,,.t..-.wffxs-se-i- a. . ..s..s..N. Page 100 - right: Kay Edwards returns a serve in one of the volleyball team's many crucial games. Above: Kay Edwards saves a point as she hits the floor. Page 101 - top: Darlene Owen works on form during a workout. Bottom: the Junior Var- sity team members are: front row, Marianna Molina, Bobbie Morris, Sarese Carter, Phyllis Collins, Cheryl Morris, Middle row, Donna Macey, Kellie Beathe, Krystal Vaughn, Jeanna Duff, and Amy Peyton. Back row, Cheryl Powell, Coach Ruth Copeland, Sonya Reese, Jill Price, Belinda Hill, Susan Deason, Chalese Stachowiak, and Janay Harper. 100 Netters Spike District 0 I 4 . "The season was most rewarding in all aspects," commented coach Ruth Copeland, "Being my final year to coach, I was anticipating a good year and had hopes of winning early in the season." The volleyball team competed in various tournaments where they received two trophies. As round I of District play got under way, the Stallions proved themselves superior by remaining on top of Wilmer Hutchins and claiming the first half title of District. After round ll came to an end, the team still remained on top. Combining the record of the first round with the second round, the Stallions were off to play South Garland for the District Championship. With a strong performance in the third set, the Stallions knocked off the Colonels to claim the District Championship in 10-5A competition. Lana McMillan, Kay Edwards, and Dee Ann Stewart all played an excellent game, but the District Championship wasn't one for just three girls as the entire team proved to be in top form for the crucial match. Obviously pleased with the team's performance, Coach Copeland said, "The girls seemed to work extra hard this year A and they wanted to win. I think by being mainly seniors on the team, they wanted to end their last year with a district title - and they did tooll' The Varsity volleyball team completed their season with an excellent record of 12 wins and 3 losses. The Junior Varsity team compiled a record of 6 wins and 3 losses. Named tothe 1st All District team were Lana McMillan and Julie Harwerth. Picked for the 2nd team All-District were Lee Ann Stephens and Kay Edwards. Voted the Most Valuable Spiker in the district by coaches was Lana McMillan. 1 V l 1 4 , 1 3 .. ,, .AM i A ,WW-fit -if ,gh , f,,- sr . . I it f. r ,W . .. . , . J I 4, !,,,,W K VV 1 4 A '4 V H. P l ,,.' Q H4 w A, I I , ' , ' 7 , f , .... "' . .,,, AZ, 'I ,f ,V ' 4 2 Z' rrf- 11-W 'ZA Q' mam " ' ai . 101 Duncanville Holds Back Hartwlcks Under new head coach Leo Johnson, the Varsity soccer team completed their non-district season with a record of 5-1-1. The district season began with the Stallions playing Highland Park at Highlander Stadium. Dwayne Thrasher played a good game at fullback and Eric Purcell was instrumental in the victory as he scored the only goal in the first half and the second goal in the second half, which was shot from 20 yards out and caught the upper left-hand corner of the net. Next the Stallions traveled to Garland to defeat the Raiders 5-1. Goals were made by Eric Purcell, David Covington, Brad Dunn, and Bobby Deets. The Stallions lost their first district contest as Duncanville handed them a 4-1 loss. Purcell scored the lone goal for the Stallions while another was called back for offsides. After a disappointing loss, the Stallions went to Wilkinson field to beat Mesquite 2-0. Kevin Sledge scored both goals in the first half. One other goal was called back. Richard Lopez, Stan Boler and David Covington all had an excellent game. After defeating Lakeview 6-1 and Rockwell 13-0, the Stallions were beaten by South Garland 1-0. Ending their season in 3rd place, the Stallions traveled to Duncanville for the District Championship semi-finals. i 102 Page 102 - top: Robby Lyon prepares to boot the ball down the line. Bottom left: The Hartwicks say a quick prayer before the South Garland game. Bottom right: Richard Lopez sets up for an assist. Page 103 - top: Dwayne Thrasher shows his finesse at tackling a Skeeter for the ball. Middle left: Stan Boler keeps control ofthe ball. Middle right: David Covington steals the ball - something the Hartwicks are known for. Bottom: The Varsity Soccer team members are: front row: Bruce Gleason, Gary Armstrong, Jorge Martin, Bobby Johnson, Stan Boler, and Robby Lyon. Middle row: Jay Fuller, Bobby Deets, Richard Lopez, Brad Dunn, David Cov- ington, Ricky Raitt, and Dwayne Thrasher. Back row: Monty Scott, Eric Purcell, Steve Layer, Keith Jeffers, Randy Miller, Bryan Telker, Coach Leo Johnson, and Richard Robertson. , :-- s-. gi. I I J ,, VM. r'rr'sr twill Y l The Stallions dominated the whole game, however, the win was not meant to be. The Panthers won the game 2-1, scoring both goals in the second half. Jorge Martin, who was out most of the season with a knee injury, scored the one and only goal in the first half. Three goals made by the Stallions were called back for offsides. lt was a big disappointment for the team, but they played excellent and the game was theirs. Named to the 1st team All-District were Richard Lopez and David Covington. Named to the 2nd team were Jorge Martin and Bobby Deets. Offensive Player of the Year went to Richard Lopez and Defensive Player of the Year went to Keith Jeffers, who was the strongest defensive key all season for the Stallions. Page 105 - top left: Eric Purcell controls the ball with ease as he moves downfield. Top right: Coach Leo Johnson conducts a halftime coaching session. Bottom: The junior varsity soccer team members are: front row, Mike Pearson, Greg Hall, Todd Nichols, Ronnie Marriot, Robert Granado, Tony Woodard, and Scott McGowin. Middle row: Carl Cole, Robert Nersesian, Steve Kinny, Tony Mar- tin, Brian Harvey, Sammy Gardner, Paul Dilodovico, Richard Fowler, and Scott Hardison. Back row: Steve Colwill, David Colwill, Billy Parks, Greg Puckett, David Shavers, Bart Bouleware, Kevin Sledge, Kevin Kelly, Coach Leo Johnson, and Bob- by Brady. Page 104 - top: Brad Dunn takes posses- sion of the ball as a Duncanville Panther comes in for the attack. Bottom: Bobby Deets races for the goal in the game against the Lakeview Patriots. 104 JV Soccer Wins Fifth Title M ,,, 1' 45 , Once again the Junior Varsity soccer team had an excellent season. For the fifth year in a row the JV team has won the District Championship title and still remains undefeated. Their record at the end of the season was 6-0. fm 'H ,, fi. 1 c ' -6 l lllll r r22"' sf l ' M A: I,.,,, I I , r 3 ,W ,,, V "-2 if r l l l H ,ffl if 11 ffff ' ' i if -1' r N l , l i' ii i t i,, i' 'M V rrr 1, f V MN V ff' MVA? Under new soccer coach Chuck Ftylander the girls Varsity soccer team began their season with a loss to Highland Park 4 3 in a very physical contest The Stallions lost three key players due to injuries in the contest NM scored twice before the made by Stacye Boler and Stacy Dunford Tracy Limmer scored the third goal but the Scots scored one on a penalty kick and another minutes later. After defeating Garland 7-0 and North Garland 3-1 the girls lost their second game of the season to Duncanville 3-1. The girls then went on WNW! is ltt Scots were able to even up the score. They were -- -e sfe, see g . e ' mg 3 y 'gg :.f -.'. . .kv T. g - U 1. 'E f ,MW :HQ . ,,.. .,,,,, . ,Q . N ' A H ici.. L 1 rag. 0 '-.ef tt 1 tr i Q X still Sf-awk-2 Sta- Wrwtm A E 1 5 ? 5 rf- Y 1-sw J in n W 5 it if if ' M tif, to defeat Mesquite 2-1. An easy game was played as the girls then defeated Garland 9-0 and South Garland 5-1. That was all the girls needed to qualify for the district playoffs. The girls knocked out North Garland 2-0 to advance to the finals of the district cup soccer finals. Belinda Hernandez and Tracy Limmer got the two goals needed to beat the Raiders. The Stallions traveled to Highlander Field to take on the Highland Park Scots. They put together a strong defensive and intimidating offensive to beat the Scotties 2-1 and claim the district championship. Two goals by Robyn Walker was all the scoring the Stallions needed to clinch the title, but it took two overtime periods plus regulation time to get it done. With 51 seconds remaining in the first 10 minute overtime period, Walker took a rebound off Tracy Limmer's shot on goal and put it in. Page 106 - Top: Penny Saulsman battles for the ball. Top left: Stacye Boler keeps the ball in bounds in the District championship game against Highland Park. The Stallions won the game 2-1 in overtime, Middle: Penny Saulsman waits for a throw-in from Brenda Miller. Bottom: Penny Saulsman sends the ball infield. Page 107 - Top: Carece Carter dribbles the ball around a Mesquite Skeeter. Middle Right: Amy Fletcher traps the ball in the championship game. Bottom: The Varsity soccer team members are: Front row: Michele Ballard, Stacye Boler, Cathy Henry, Kelly Rattan, Belinda Hernandez, Laurie Ban Lehn, Teresa Rios, and Amy Fletcher. Middle row - Tracy Limmer, Robyn Walker, Janay Harper, Darla Shelton, Lorrie Mosher, Linda Underwood, Terre Heath, and Stacey Dunford. Back Row - Coach Chuck Rylander, Kelley Dunn, Karen Stratman, Chalese Stachowiak, Pen- ny Saulsman, Denise Cann, Kae Wilson, Dawn Kelly, Brenda Miller, and Kim Sawyer. From that point on the Stallions played keep-away from the Scots. Coach Ftylander was beside himself with pride as he quoted, "These girls set their goals at the first of the year and they went out and achieved them, That makes them champions all the way, and they did it on their own, they deserve all the credit. They were playing to win all the way. They fought all the way to the end and never gave Highland Park a chance to come back, l'm very proud of all of them." Junior Varsity Gains Experience Named to the first team All District were Kelly Rattan, Penny Saulsman and Robyn Walker. On the second team were Amy Fletcher and Kelly Dunn, and on the Honorable Mention squad were Tracy Limmer and Brenda Miller. Offensive player of the year went to Robyn Walker and Defensive player of the year went to Kelly Rattan. The All-Around award was given to Penny Saulsman and the Heart Award to Dawn Kelly. Page 108 - top: Lorrie Mosher clears the ball as a Highland Park Scot comes in for the attack. Bottom left: Terre Heath and Stacey Dunford run ex- uberantly off the field after defeating the Scots in the District Championship. Bottom right: Robyn Walker works the ball toward the goal. Page 109 - top: Robyn Walker and Kelly Dunn embrace joyfully after winning the Championship title. Bottom: The Junior Varsity Soccer team members are: Kneeling, Lisa Rodriguez, Carece Carter, Barbara Morris, Teresa Morones, and Marcia Telker. Standing, Coach Chuck Rylander, Rhonda Daniel, Stacey Nelson, Vikki Payne, Donna Morrison, and Kay Kilstrom. l 2 Q Baseball Team Wins Tourney The Varsity baseball team was held up for the first two games by rain. In following tournament games the Stallions were beat by Plano 5-1 and O.D. Dryatt 11-8 and they defeated Waxahachie 3- 2. In the district opener the game with North Garland was brought to a halt in the middle of the fourth inning due to a lack of light. The Stallions left on and the Stallions were beat 13-12. Three more tournament games followed. The Stallions were beating the Skyline Raiders 17-0 after the second inning. By the end of the game they had to fight to win it as the Raiders came back to make it 17- 11. Next they took on and beat the Lewisville Farmers 11-10. Following this defeat came a win against Waxahachie 8-7. The Stallions had three players named to the All-Tournament team. They were Russell Neely, Jimmy Darnell, and Daniel Hargrove. The Stallions ended their three-game winning streak as they dropped their 2nd straight district contest to Highland Park 8-6. -.t 1 3 ,,,, L3 5 Q ii'-I-"J:--"' ,f y xt , --1--.Y.. M, .,.,, .,, .. . .t My -,, .. -wr--Q .5n--,M " ash , ---Ak I I .. M, Q., awww-- Tb! K Page 110 - lop: Ralph Porter warms up at Tillery Field. Bottom: the Varsity Baseball team members are: front row, Sammy Fischer, Daniel Akins, George Mathews, Jeff Herrington, Jimmy Darnell, and Phil Rochester. Middle row: Daniel Hargrove, Ralph Porter, Mike Buchanan, Kevin Black, Russell Neeley, David Lancaster, Owen ln- mon, and David Fyffe. Back row: Chris Miller, Coach Trepagnier, Brad Forman, Steve Wright, Coach Snyder, and Chuck Lipsett. Page 111 - Top: Ralph Porter sends another ball to the outfield. Bottom left: Russell Neeley enjoys working out with his teammates. Bottom right: Jimmy Darnell sprints toward first base. Next against the Wilmer Hutchins Eagles, the Stallions had a big win with a score of 10-0. In the fourth district contest the South Garland Colonels managed to hang on as they came away with a 4-3 victory over the Stallions. After beating Garland 13-3 and Mesquite 5-4, the Stallions were defeated by Lakeview 8-5 and North Garland 8-7. The Stallions then came through with a victory over Lakeview 4-1 and another loss to Highland Park 2-1. The last four games of the season were nothing but big W wins for the Stallions as they defeated Wilmer Hutchins 14-4, L.f,,,, , y, South Garland 5-4, Garland 8- 3, and Mesquite 3-1. 112 Jv Baseball Have Building l l 3 G 21 S 0 H F KV KX, N ERE: V,:YV . gf, jf!! if V lf! in .ff ,,fj,yf'f'3 ff f kg V, L , .f ,ff X f ?,Fsl'r, ' ,gil ' if gf ff if rj fl ,. fi .J 6 lgfzi. 1,1 ,Q A-,rg A!! sy' , . - l.L .. , b . its Y x . . , X X I At the annual spring sports banquet the MVP award went to Daniel Hargrove the Defensive Award to Phil Rochester, and the Offensive Award went to Ralph Porter and Jimmy Darnell. Recognition was also given to Owen lnmon who had 13 strikeouts on a win against Lakeview. Top: The Varsity Baseball Team discuss a game at Tillery Field. Bottom: Russell Neeley keeps the outfielders busy. . i..s1 ssss ill g g an We if 4 1 Ei J.V. Baseball Players. Front row: Tim Master, Kevin Cowan, Jeff Price, Charles McLain. Back row: Hank Dixon, Michael Furr, Frankie Darnell, Jeff York, Mike Gibson. Boys Varsity Track . S -mf uhll ilu-nun-TAM The Boys Varsity Track team fell a little behind in district competition as they finished in seventh place. The Stallions got some expected points out of the high jump as defending district champion, Mitch Nelson, finished in a tie for fourth at 11'6". Page 114: Ronald Norris and Mark Hall exchange handoffs on the mile relay. 1 IVA Y M l My at 2 uf K at wr K il L I A Q: K c D A ld., .AAA c 1,..e:.iiu-,NI x ' -, .- LS 1- . v i .f . lk X .rmw "f'l . fn' 'r"1i' . .T The Boys Track team members are: Front row: Richard Gray, Mike Bacon, Scott Perry, David Nanez, James Provence, Steve Nelson, Darren Myers, Tom Castillo, Mike Ramsey, and Tracy Calverley. Second row: David Chaffee, Jeff Raitz, Mike Kurtz, Marty Crawford, Phil Contreras, Andy Braddock, Mitch Nelson, Kevin Jones, Robert Cron, Frank Case, Ronal Norris, Mark Hall, and Billy Day. Third row: David Holman, David Harvey, Marcus Smedley, Tracy Gore, Pat Gweyn, Louis Rosales, Mark Gillispie, Damon Harmon, John Monaco, Troy Gore, Casey Sheffield. Fourth row: Don Adams, James Mowell, Barry Oliver, Lance Smith, Vince Garza, Steve Rodgers, Gerald Rowell, Larry Mead, Steve Payne, John Macey, Jerry Calverley, 114 Devin Johnstone, and Vense Evertt. EE V A f , ,,,' ,QM ,,,v a'efwa,.i,4',,a,.waz:M,,v,, ::.::mwg:: -f7'M?,f' - --lf . I - -- W ii ix? .,,, - in li 3 um Page 115: High Jumper Brian Essary clears the high bar with ease. 4 w Y eff 5 Q if 'Q qmqunaaavw, A 'im Nw' W :f 2 Y 'f' " ff-- Mfww 4-,.-mmm-..W,,,. M ,W W AAA, e W f 4 k .4...W,,,W,,W, .I W! I A A gg ' ee 4' , , W V,4 ,,,, , W ,MAVMV VWWWMW , Grmr EV 7, , ,, , MM, """""""' 1 me ee e ,Q ,,h, " an ,,,, W . v,,, M -.,.y.,.,.,,w,,.,,. M, e ,Q WW,.,,,, .,, V qununnuaun e fhk ,MW ,, , , if , i hns , ana harimau' e WVR W, ,, A me M., M. ..,..,,,,,--.4-M.,,...m Casey Sheffield gracefully pole vaults over the bar. , fn- 5-f Z Q ? 1 1 mfwiiww ww ill if K w.s,"3lM5,4oa 1---v M do-muon-annum .. .- L, 1 xv- , , W, 'Z V V , i ,, M I A ,AVV My f ,I , M V94 , . J . M. , P 2.-P - Y' 'z"fm:e,1, QfJ54nf::f',+ A f V . I fl' ' . 1 ' ' V . me J w -1 H If , , if ' Page 118: James Provence leaps over the pit of sand. Page 119: Ramie Lay stretches skillfully over the hurdle. Tracksters Qualify for Regionals The Girls Track team remained in the standings of district competition as they finished in 4th. Denise Cann if X had North Mesquite's ' highest finish in the field events as she finished second in the discus. Suzanne Magee was fifth in the eventh. Lori Larsen finished 5th in the high jump. Two long distance runners qualified for regionals. They 1 were Kay Garrett in the one I mile with a time of 5:33.6. Denise Cann also qualified to L sss ssstt as for regional in discus. Coach sss T of A Anna Ezzell said, "The team was young this year. It took hard work and dedication to compete and to qualify for the Regional meet." Outstanding athlete in Cross-Country went to . . avi I V 9 . L , Q tttt Regina Bridgers and . . .LL' - - .tts s S Outstanding Athlete in Track I ' o " L S T T S L went to Kay Garrett. The girls track team members are: first row, Ramie Lay, Janet Thomason, Kristi Hennard, Kim Fillmon, Kathy Hill. Second row: Lisa Carlton, Regina Bridger, Kay Garrett, Kathy Conine, Sandra Washington, Stephanie Robertson, and Tari Tyler. Third row: Coach Anna Ezzell, Lori Larsin, Shelia Lucas, Suzanne Magee, Teresa Jackson, and Lori Porter. Two Finish in Top Ten ' Q. 1- V x 5-' u 9 The boys cross country team captured the team championship at the South Oak Cliff cross country meet held at Mountain View College. The boys swamped the competition coming up with 26 points to second place finisher, South Oak Cliff's 46 over the three mile course. The Stallions had five finishers in the top ten with Scott Perry finishing second overall with a time of 17:11, Darren Myers was fifth at 17:35, David Nanez was seventh at 17:50, and Tom Castillo was ninth with a time of 18:03. Robert Granado was sixth for the Stallions and 11th overall with a time of 18:45 for the three miles. The Stallion's JV also won their competition as they totaled 20 points for the championship. Mike Kurtz finished first in the meet with a time of 17:25, while Mike Ramsey was third at 17:38, Tracy Gore was fourth at 18:04, Kevin Jones was ji ff -- 2- 5 t igkgitf ' Q.. ,Q wg 5 ..- f ' 'V ' is 3 3 spacers sew: 1 A X 2 iluq H g ., - t SQ. :., M.. sf +- 1 3 ,.., ,X.. 2 3 m..v:..fJ- v Nia:-1' ' :'R.'1f'L: ,X ,Jr sixth at 18:43, Russell Grubbs was eighth at 19:20, and Troy Gore was thirteenth at 19:45. The boys also won the University of Dallas Cross Country meet, but finished 3rd in the district meet. Darren Myers finished in 6th and Scott Perry finished in 5th. Scott Perry also finished 21st out of 200 runners in the regional meet. Page 120 - top: The Cross Country team members are: front row: Robert Granado, Darren Myers, Kevin Jones, Tracy Gore, and Steve Nelson. Back row: Tom Castillo, Russell Grubbs, James Mowell, Mike Kurtz, Mike Ramsey, and David Nanez. Bottom: Kevin Jones, Mike Kurtz, and Robert Granado at the University of Dallas cross country meet. Page 121 - top: Coach Thorne gets the team ready for the South Oak Cliff meet. Bottom left: Steve Nelson at the star- tingline. Bottom right: Scott Perry comes in se- cond at the South.Oak Cliff cross coun- try meet. but .. ""if' 3 ,N 121 A , Runners IVliss State By 2 Points Page 122 - right: Prepar- ing for the South Oak Cliff meet at Mountain View College, the cross-country team receives last minute coaching from Miss Ezzell and Coach Blair. Page 123 - top: The Cross- Country team members are: sitting, Regina Ftailey, Kay Garrett, and Jill Delaney. Standing, Stephanie Robertson, Lori Larsen, Julie Timms, and Kathy Conine. Bottom: Kay Garrett finishes in 3rd place with a time of 12:59 at the South Oak Cliff meet. ag, ,g ., se S 1 sf , K, X if re -,, ,,,,,.,.., ..,,,,.,,,,,,,.,.,. ,M ,,,. , .,,, , a,-.W,.-,.,a,,W, 14' ' ,aw , , gf Under Coach Anna Ezzel, the girls Cross-Cour.try team opened their season with the Richardson High meet, where the Stallions finished in 5th place. It was a slow start, but the girls moved up in team standings by the next meet, which was the South Oak Cliff meet. The Stallions finished with 1st place after the points were added up. Kay Garrett crossed the line in 3rd place with a time of 12:59. Next, the girls travelled to Vandergrlff Park for the Arlington meet where they came in 3rd. Kathy Conine and Garrett finished in the top ten. Following this, the Stallions competed in the Rich Gaffney meet, finishing with 2nd place. Once again the Stallions had girls finish in the top ten. They were Regina Bridgers, Conine, and Garrett. Lori Larsen was unable to compete because of an injury. Next on the schedule was the District Cross-Country meet held at Nor- buck Park. The team again finished in 2nd place, with Garrett, Conine, and Larsen included in the top ten. Regional competi- tion was held at Vandergrlff Park in Arlington, where the girls ran a superior race. The qualifiers for State were the first three teams in each division and the top ten individuals. The Stallions missed qualifying for State competition by two points, but placed 4th in their division. 123 Tennis Team Qualifies for Regionals The tennis team did an excellent job as far as working and competing in district competition. The girls tied for 2nd and the boys tied for 3rd. "Several young players gained valuable experience for next season," commented Coach James Brinkley. He then added, "A special thanks to our seniors for their leadership and dedication." Playing strong all season were seniors Becky Seitzler, Susan Witt, Ron Simmons and Mike Nabors. John McDaniel, Lisa Golding and Loretta Schnurr did an excellent job for the freshman players. ll QE z- 124 is rl.-N lf l .I ' ' '4 ' Y he 1tI A !n4 ... , Page 124 - top left. Mike Pearson takes a breather before hitting the courts. Top righti Loretta Schnurr and Karen Anderson joke around with Coach Brinkley before getting down to business. Middle: Regional qualifiers are Mike Nabors. Bon Simmons, Susan Witt. and Julie Schnurr. Bottom: The tennis team members are: sitting. Loretta Schnurr. Karen Anderson. and Lisa Golding. Kneeling are: Teresa Martinez, Julie Schnurr, Susan Witt, Tammy Pierce, Becky Seitzler. and Angela Martinez. Standing are: Barry Denton. Larry Gilbert, Mike Nabors, Flon Simmons. Stewart Gallas, Curtis Kaloi, Brad Bibbs. John McDaniel, and Coach James Brinkley. Page 125 - top left: Stewart Gallas leaps to return a volley. Top right: Mike Nabors slams a return serve. Bottom right: Susan Witt strains to reach the ball. Nineteen Swimmers Qualify for l Both the boys and the girls swim team placed second in eee +G W u, G ,- district. There were nineteen swimmers who qualified for i yjfff " the regional meet. They were Glenn Ezell in the 100 yard l 1 , freestyle, Kirt Tillman inthe 200 yard freestyle, and in the - A 1 -A X 400 yard freestyle relay were Glenn Ezell, Kirt Tillman, N A f V ., if , 2 x in Leeman Tillery, Kendall Goodman, and Mark Wild. if W Many school records were broken. Glenn Ezell broke the y yyt gg it 100 yard freestyle and tied the 50 yard freestyle. Kirt A i G . . . T . i Tillman broke the 200 yard freestyle, and the 400 yard it ' relay was broken by Tillman, Tillery, Wild, and Ezell. Coach Harry Gooding feels that the future looks bright. "This is the best North Mesquite team ever. With only one senior leaving we should be even better next year." 1 . . I 5 126 H ...,.1. mmf A ..W, Page 126 - top: Jan Callaway races the clock as she swims her last lap. Bottom: The girls Swim Team members are: clockwise, Kim Kuptz, Debbie Sheets, Anita Patterson, Shellye Simmons, Cristi Foster, Susan Moody, Gerri Peters, Mary Mullen, Lisa Barton, Jan Callaway, Penny Moody, and Coach Harry Gooding. Middle: The gun sounds and Glen Ezell ton the rightl is off to a good start. Bottom right: The boys Swim team members are: front row, Steve Mills, Wendell Hooker, Leeman Tillery, and Kevin Gray. Back row: Don Garrison, Glenn Ezell, Gary Goforth, Max Whaley, Kirt Tillman, Robert Stoeber, Kendall Goodman, Mark Draper, Brian Cross, and Coach Gooding. Page 127 - top: Coach Harry Gooding begins an early morning workout at the Eastfield swimming pool. Right: Glenn Ezell going into the 200 yard freestyle. Bottom: Regional finalists are: Kirt Tillman, Leeman Tillery, Glenn Ezell, and Kendall Goodman. Also pictured are Coach Gooding and manager Lisa Barton. Golfers Dampeneol by Rainy Weather Golf is a game of precise accuracy that requires a great deal of concentration. The condition of the course and the weather can make all the difference in a round. Coach Charles Tabor had high expectations for the team at the beginning of the season, but these hopes were soon dampened by the rainy weather. The golf team finished third in the district tournament. Kevin Schwartz was a medalist in the South Garland tournament and Eddie Schnurr was named Outstanding Golfer of the year. we Q is f Sify li! ilk A J Page 128 - top left: Jill Achziger in full swing. Top right: Eddie Schnurr perfects his putting skills. Bottom: The Golf team members are: front row, Leslie Smith, Toni Smith, and Jill Achziger. Kneeling, Tim Free, Robert Austin, Vance Gilley, Trivor Riley, Dominic Enriquez, Matt Holcombe, and Mike Mercer. Standing: Frank Dailey, Byron Edgmon, Scott Blackwood, Russell Dalton, Eddie Schnurr, Brett Patterson, Jerry Lopez, and Kevin Schwartz. Page 129 - top: The boys golf team finds a solution to get- ting across the course faster and easier. Bottom left: Leslie Smith gets down on her knees as she lines up for a putt. Above: Leslie Smith and Jill Achziger pose on the 18th hole. Trainers Relieve Aches and Pains There is a special group of students at North Mesquite whose presence is taken for granted as they wrap and bandage injuries of athletes. Around the fieldhouse they are known as the trainers, and they are directed by a very gifted man known as Coach Dennis Hart. The work they do is most appreciated by the athletes who come to the trainers with their various aches and pains. The trainers in turn do what is in their ability to relieve the pain and make it possible for the athlete to participate in workouts and during competition. Thus the player, his coach, and his fans are grateful for the valuable time and work that is contributed by the trainers. Right: Trainer Jay Fuller and his T Kg fiii " training instructor Dennis Hart g T lend Bryan Telker a shoulder as they assist him off the soccer field. K -W5 ,ft Q Q The training students are: Front row: Jay Fuller, Casey White, Donna Arey, Cindi White, Ted Eastus, Damon Fudge, and Coach Hart. Second row: Coach Sarah Wolfskill, Karen Wisdom, Jimmy Landis, Gary Marks, and Gordon Porter. Third row: Bobby Brady, Chris Miller, Lisa Heffner, Chuck Lipsett, Joe LeBrun. Not Pictured: Kyle Crowley. 130 Coaches Inspire Athletes 1 WK 'PEN r-sei X it ... f 1' ' " as 1 sr a X asm. 99 . 2 Q "fmt S. ssw"fsw1,fe..e A5 fi ' A ' ' 3 sg,-A-fs" ny .K ti' -at K Qi -531' 8 Q Q ., I F .aa-.1 ,E T gs H. " l l 4 1 C 2 L I! :fl I 1 Q1: A " K ""7:: 2, 'Tm I' if Y e gli .V 6 s.:1. J U - ,,LL 1 W , A L, V LL,' h,, . . V A ,V A " ' A. 5 fi it .. , L,'L F i A ,V K I H. is . 'M .2 is , .- .. . f .. -fif - - . ' - . . -S . "' H . fi- fl!! . ' RQ ,ti Top: The football coaches are: Kneeling: Bon Chauvin, Claude Tarver, and Ben Tyler, Standing: Weldon Swann, Roger Smith, Terry Kinard, and Gary Childress. Bottom left: Head football coach Gary Childress takes a break before getting back to calling plays. Bottom center: Coaches Ben Tyler and Ron Chauvin clown around during a workout. Bottom right: Coach Terry Kinard gives lessons on high kicking to Coach Roger Smith. 131 The Thrill of Victory With the late afternoon sun beating down upon them, the North Mesquite varsity baseballers nipped the Skeeters to put an end to a less than sensational but nevertheless exciting sports year. In football, the Stallions once again fell victim to the new team in the league. Last year it was Corsicana - this year it was Highland Park who escaped with the district title. The Scots once again proved to be a spoiler as they dunked the Stallions in their second half basketball meeting, nullifying the Stallion's district chances. Hignland Park cruised through baseball in much the same fashion, downing NM twice and walking away with the district title. In soccer, however, it was Duncanville who ruined all chances for the boys district title. All other boys sports seemed to be a carbon copy as title bids slipped away. The girls' seasons were a much different story. The girls winning ways got started early as NM courted a fine volleyball team. The girls played excellent ball throughout their season, the kind of play that all but handed the girls the district championship on a silver platter. Next came basketball. Although the varsity girls team fell short of district championship in a one-point loss to Mesquite in the season finale, the freshman team cruised to a perfect record and brought home NM's second district trophy. and the Agony of Defeat i fu .,.f - we l- 'K -vliuwf M K . M... kt gy A ' ff-ev. .- -.5 Q L et K me 'U' 1 ff! 1 . . .jif ff .X .W ,. as 'kia i X 'N as '.. 'FK sg , .. , RM,,..i ,,... . . jgigsfzi S: .F . - Q if . 2. 1 ff l I f 5:12. it eff . d git 1.. Qf w . L i - -' 'ff I - ufffgtx -Q fi sxsiflifs s With a new coach, the girls soccer team avenged last season's 2-0 championship loss to North Garland in the playoffs, the Stallions edged Highland Park 2-1 in overtime for the district title. So there it is. Among the many sports here at North Mesquite, Stallion teams were able to salvage only three championships. Many teams made valiant efforts but fell short in the waning moments of a crucial contest. Some, well, were merely outclassed. 'F . - ..... . W .- f ff-- :V ,. . . i ' 9 V . M, V 1 , xx ,Q if K 5' fi.. K ,- , if--r. Lf I-xv - H-ff, .--:H f --.Elf --Sv -fs-M mi, 1, --ffl- ,Leia f , ffl- ..::-in ,, ff?-sz,.,.sff -H-si.. fi-,V M- sm- -'W -3-1 W-W gi-1,-V -W-f-A1 -Mi .w-- - -f--w,..- -Wm .wx :,,e,- ,ky If --ir, W W isis, , - 5 Ugll I In , " K if wk' ' 35233--f 'M' -'H-W" lfixa' :Milf ff,-sew 'L fvgisqgvf- vgsssif- 5522511 viii: 1:12222-2 f -?z.s1"'ii'-gg-g1- ,-S, ' 'v 'iffeggfff -ages? -ff-wel- gfzgslf if. rw- ZLL- ii. .fa-f ,gf-1, 551, ,Nm Q-ig-f ,,gzi:, ,ply 51, f-- sap, 135 K,-iss: Mg, --pg ggi --2, ' Jig, ,gi-,K V H f 4 fem., H f-S, f wa- -- ',. 5,-liz" -ami :fl-V fix: K -Qi, :sim K 3 'Lf E ii- f--gg-, lf'vf--V345 1222421 2 sei? f fisfl' gin- . -mf -1-3253-ff - mpg-11115-g -:gig-W - -gy ., wg-gg: 'ffg15--- -- f,-5Q:kg:- M,-V, .-fig 53. , ,f,.gggg- H fm -1 -ffgggg aww +L--f - f '-57'-51Lf--17fi55- - 9125 Hgh W' -QS, K ', , ,-W, .aiu liz.. --if H' kg, fm., TSW- 5,255-.1 -F., VW, 5. ,kk,, WM , , ,, ,. .WWI V,L. ,, rf, ,. His ..,,, ,A. , ff--S - S H ' .xi fm. H5-, W- --za, W HY" -52:47 V-f3::f fls-V uf,-V, xjglf . '52 xg- --is ., 5 , ,, 5 Ti-Qi' 1151: ,J , QTL,-f f,-0, W xiii' ,Agn ,1 if --iz. 125. f, .Qf if "'-55 - - fa. -5+ 0 15- - cflw. f ,1 J 31 fr f-if ,521 fy- rg-g, K .V V 1- -,. 'IM Q f mein, Q W. ,. aff E? vm 211. U- -mm... .,i?L.-.p,,.w - ' 15- W, ,,..,-, S W ' 5 ' zqgiik- 1 ,H f,- , , ' 'A .ifi95?55i he '-iam., Wifi" A .,,. ,, 'Q--S , ., ,,,fW.'.f X Q 'sg' -W M, 'W M5 xl, :ww 'L 'E ji-5 JY' --sp... ,f ,... 'Q' ,..'.,,1'1, f, ,-' , -,,.. - .W ' ,-,-'ii--.,' 'Liga-'k,.Qs?'-.5 ,gui -fS?2:"""',WJP?LxSs2f''f.'L1Pf?2mQ':s'eir lgsfll' .. -J,5?'L1':z- V " 123 igg::i'u,::1fhj.. --2' 'aw -'wefu'.gssgsi,:'..Q-fag? 1-aaigffN-esfpgsw'4--, --W, ',-. M., .-,,- L, M.. ,W .'. A lLfE2?lf2f35?'i5-F531355511-',l445'-fikiilfk-Wil'-bil' xiii!"-J..'Aii1fL.':7i'555- ,-113697 9:5559 , . ,-,LL ,.-gL .,-L L . M., , w ' ' -, ,.,." my ww MM ..,fm,.S.g-1' .'. ,,,",, '.. .q',',, w,"...s, .,. .,1, ...- 'wi?'.Q'.Q- 'gr' Q-il---f-gf:-f'-'zi5.,',,.f.s3,?' ,, . 3232-:aw f' Jr, 'z-Zara IL'--if L1kf?,.' '--JW' '-WV-"V.'s12 IV-J'-17-27 Uffilf 51215: 'T Q.:--'s"..'.,, -f'. f ,-,-. ..f.. Q .f.. Q, .-, - ,.-. f., , M., .,,,ggQ..-ix,.f5..,gf.,3..,.'-,ub,,-,WM,.'s.vN'..,.K.:.,,--W...--,,f ...hy m,ms,,--fe,,,n Q9 -2-a'.,-v-'-:,1w,'. ':'-5-:L 'LMS'.'l1x2'.':'w:-"' - s .gee-1, :.'-- ' M'-wb-Q,.', QW ,.,, ,A,,..w. ,L... . , f QQ,-.'2:ggQ'5.'..2315...51...-553.2--amiga-fggg. ...'f-Hr .445 W M.:-k",QQ-K, ,rw K 225551,wsiil...',-Wf5.:,...fQfz.',sv ,,-wk.,-w-'va--'-, wg, f,w5'V'll'fWE7.f'1b52??V1Llf:i597V5fL15 "kiwi-1i"',i?1 Tri' .L-535?'AS5fE',l"5L', ' W' ' .'-as',f5,',si"..4Q,.5'.g,.Q . ., S5 4.ess?g4z.f.2s1fzw,x k wif' -gym'.g-s'fg.:wifg4g'gps sw S gn S S5 M Nw E ' 2325 'f fwfiv '- if,g-sgzg2,fj"""w'Z ' ,iv 9 EJ " '-'f1,Q . , 5375593 74' Vi ,, , -'uw M M ' -... , N.-, ' mi ua ' Aw- as , .3 1 i"fw .1eg,L...i-, M as H wi A M -f, ,, , ,Z S '93 S swf! 9? fm 9,15 S a fy 9 vs 'ix S ax Q sm S 'L fs Y mfs. 'Hs-,,-eff' " .raw will .nm , ,, Win"-55-11 -gm' '- ??31g.'-5, '??1'A'3:m , w':.',.w . - 'gf Wg., ,- MQ, fffi, ' ,-,M -,,L ...,,. , M -S+-ww' f-QQZQL---avi fw kjg.5,.',-' Lsaweix-,.'gs9' 'A mgfs ' .ku "' wi" '. '25s:H2?1" ' -iff' -- 'Ls--, ,.'.s'--' -,FF 'L , ,,,, 7 ,, My 'gym .. ,, 'rl w f1,m',,- ,".,.,., , . 7 km A W, M, K - " "25?fY:"',-'af' , '- '97' "-52-"2 '.1..a22z,- , mi 'Q-,, M.,-W' ,, L " ff' .. W, M., W- 41-z' ,,,,. .,:.-, yyrk , ' . A,,ffk. 5.3 ' . , . ',,:., ,:,Z. df, V-F". ,:.',',Lj-VI, .Jil ,, 'Fiji W- ,.m,,,1, ..,. ,.,,- W, ., ,, UV... , ii.. ,,,, K .,,,,',,,, ,ggiigr 55.5, '.. , -1' . f .f:!2'? .,., fE7L:i!1"ii's-s sf.f:'1'1s2iL?i''z935h977".''SWQILSL-52" MEM, 4, T "gave 'Wiz--,,z5.:q1', ', ,," ,"'.., ' ' 'ww ,,,, ". . r ' "'-ff" " "" , ' ' , f S , f -qv' 'G '-W" ,,' LQ ' qmffw' "4svf".y,g2z,, .M 7 ". L., U ' , K, ,,'.1.1,,'Hass-2,."v,,,"',.'.,,,,,., , 1, " "Q, "1..2f+' ','z.m.,,,,:, ' ,M .Am ,,,f, .f' , , ' , -a'v,",'W,,,,, gp, ,-"J,-,"f-,, '5' ,',:- '- " ' " ff ,," ' ,,, , ,,wy,,',', ,Q"..-'-,W,,-,,",-,,,,,-, .Q,,'. ea' ,,z. ,, , ' , ,, v, ,, , ,A ' --', ,, . f' 5..5".w',,,,,,,,,'y,,,y,,,,'.,M. V. , ,,,', ',' ",, ",, . Q", ', ', ' -,'-1' H -"-' ,, " ,,"',.- , M.,.,,'w ,..,,,,',,3,,,,M.,,fem,,'.'-.. ,M , W' ,, , ,-, ' ' ,.' ' ' , H V, . ,, f , , -":Lgv,','.A if ,,,"w,.z,,.1I.,,',..ff',, ,A, W ' H ' "gr '-',.',- gm-,:' ' ',-,,:g, 'gm' ' --'wr "viii,-,,L-ml," , "W , 'pf ' c ' ,Ls f-ggi 'wif' ,MEM ' 'mfr' I-yy " 'U.,,',yf.. .L ,-ffm, gn., ,,, I , '- ,, ,,: , ww' W W , .,- '.,,,,,,m,..,, ,. U, , , ..., ,,,,, ,, . . ,., , ,, ,, ,,. ., , , f ,, ,, , M., W J" W W, , M ,UL .,,',, ',,,,,,,..,,, ., ,-W., ,, ,,,,,, , , .,, ' ' , . , 'ff ' ,, ,' ', ' - ' " f,,.m- iw:-1 M.:-g1"1+J.' ,uw '.w,"".m."' fm''t,'.w',,.m'1-1q,""' S swf' 'fp''yw-:-','.h:w',:f,9,,,k,',,w,',' yu' , . 'g,',, yy' ,L K f a ,,,A ,Was-W-,'fw,w"f'MfQ'f" ,,,"4u.vf".S'5f'xy 'V'-U" .sm z.wy.','u:x- wixsv- ,.,..f- .--. 4-"in ,:'g,',',,",Lf f f ,gee'gn'3qw,,,'1fs,f,',,,,.3--,,,gg4,cv,','f5g,,,f,'A,,V , H ,,,,,,,' , ,m , '.y,g,, A ,,,f'5, A , ,, ,, ,, mlm fL,?Xv"'y?22ki-,QW W''39'ii59?:991"z5551W',:77g,,3.'gm.s:1-,,.,,7,j, QS,L:Afpp,:v,::N-,LU --" 'ffl jf" f"'f'f "4" T"I,' 'J "U "F, , 'K' "if" if 5 S " " "4" , f 5fW.s,7g2,,.,,,gs'q,.',-,,w,,, '.Q:,',,, wav ,,','g.,, ,, ,. , 5 W, , ,,M.A,w',,',,a,w',', fls-say-'-, ,,'...., , In W' -3 ,,., Mi., , M, Senior Class -65 'C-W3 My Three Seniors excelling in many school activities were elected to head the 12th graduating class of North Mesquite. These well-known and admired Seniors are Blake Foster - Presi- dent, Laura White - Vice President, and Lori Bannister - Secretary. 136 in wi - ly A -t . ' L - ffl'T. ' Remedios Abarquez Amy Abercrombie Janet Adams m A Julie Adams Penny Adams Shellie Agee Becky Aguirre Marty Aills Larry Akin Nw? Remedies Abarquez 7 27 62 Paceselters Amy Abercrombie 1 18 63 Flag Corps QCaptl Honors Band FCA Young Life Latin Club Janet Adams 2 17 63 HOCT Choir Julie Adams 4 15 63 Pacesetters JV Drlll Blue Brigade FHA Penny Adams 11 25 62 Blue Brigade Latin Club FHA FCA Shellie Agee 12 7 62 Becky Aguirre 2 22 63 FHA DE Spanish Club Marty Allls 11 2 62 Larry Akin 5 29 62 Edwin Albers 9 23 62 Newspaper Staff Literary Magazine Darlene Alexander 2 5 63 HECElPresl FHA HERO Gregory Allen 3 4 63 French Club 1 5 1 if A , 0? - - lg Chorale, A Capella, Frosh Choir, JV Drill Edwin Albers Darlene Alexander Gregory Allen 137 At Lakeland Hills Baptist Church Teresa Lemas ter plays the piano full time in Sunday School for the youth and part time ln regular worship services She also has played the piano for Town East Bap tist Church Not only does Teresa play the piano she also sings She sang You Light Up My Life in a duet for a wedding of one hundred people ln her spare time she likes to ride horses and she loves she started working for a travel agency Teresa enjoys meeting people and getting to know them Teresa says I enjoy working because it gives me self satisfaction and I like working with people Teresa plans on working full time and going to Eastfield part time all sports. Her love for traveling has grown since 1 X tx H 4 J. ' ' A . - Steve Allen Kirby Almond Debbie Ansley Andrea Anthony Gary Armstrong Susan Arthur Scott Ashmore Paula Atkins Lisa Atwood 'Sf-'af "Vt 'tl . Nu-J YH? .,.- , Kim Avon Teresa Axton Joni Bailey Scott Bailey Keith Bain A113 555' gf? A we 5. wr lf nt. . Kyle Baird Teresa Baldwin Jeannine Bale YT? Steve Allen 8-11- 3 Kirby Almond 3 12 63 Debbie Ansley 12 4 62 Varsity Soccer Newspaper Staff FHA Blue Brigade PEL Andrea Anthony 5 8 63 Young Llfe Campalgners FCA FHA Blue Brigade JV Drill Spanish Club Office Worker Woods and Water Club Gary Armstrong 12 16 62 Soccer FCA Susan Arthur 1 5 63 French Club FHA NMFL Scott Ashmore 8 11 63 Orchestra lTreasl Paula Atkins 1 23 63 Blue Brigade Cosmetology VICA FHA PELE Llsa Atwood 12 31 62 Kim Avon 1 10 63 Young Life FCA FHA Track DE Woods and Waters Club Teresa Axton 4 29 63 Varsity JV Frosh Cheerleader Student Council Young Life FHA FCA Woods and Water Club Blue Brigade FHA French Club Scott Barley 2 11 63 Frosh and JV Basketball Spanish Club Keith Bam 2 28 63 Kyle Baird 2 13 63 Varsity Frosh JV Football Frosh Basket ball and Track NHS NJHS FCA Chorale Spanish Club Woods and Water Club Stu dent Council Teresa Baldwin 3 7 63 Orchestra Blue Brigade FHAIHERO HECE Jeannine Bale 6 19 63 OEA Latin Club FHA Michele Ballard 11 29 62 Varsity Soccer JV Soccer Frosh Basket ball Woods and Water Club Rhonda Ballard 12 3 62 Pony Express French Club FHA Art Club Kristy Bandy 5 10 63 Blue Brigade JV Drill French Club FHA Art Club 6 Joni Bailey 12-8-62 Y f - - - 0 ' , . ' f' ' - - L 1 Michele Ballard Rhonda Ballard Kristy Bandy 139 1. i.. v,:5,1iQ E. !?3!r'sfM-was ' wa ' radii , . ts:.S2E':. xi ,,,Rg,X.. . -, it X 1 cn Q m Q 'iw t O x Q i s A s ' Lisa York Senior started in drama because she had always admired the actors on stage After her first year in drama she became involved and found out that directing was the profession that she wanted to pursue Lisa is President of the Thespi ans tDrama Clubl and she has been Student Director of Anything Goes and Barefoot in the Park two of the drama departments produc tions Drama has done much for Lisa and she says Being on stage in front of an audience is one of the best experiences l have been through Drama brought me out of my shyness and helped me through difficult times. She plans to attend Eastfield first then transfer to East Texas State University and major in DirectingfDrama. Lisa plans to get a "taste of everything." When she gets out of college, she plans to start out in a small community theater and work her way upto. . .who know's what? f"""'7 Lori Bannister Patricia Barham Leslie Barnes Steve Barron 'ZIP' tiil, Todd Barnes Richard Barrow Justine Basham Bill Bassinger ta- 1 "' I .117 , - ,N ,rr t ' S Mary Batchellor Lisa Baumgartner Chrystal Beasley 1 -L:L: L 1 V J Karen Beaumont A. J. Becvar Terrie Beeson -af Johnny Bennett Brad Bibbs Danny Blankenship 'Q Teresa Bishop Debbie Bohn Stan Boler Lori Bannister 2 13 63 Pacesetters fCaptl Homecoming Court Soph Junlor Sensor Class Sec Student Council Soph Favorite FHA JV Drlll Blue Brigade 1Presl Woods and Water Club French Club Young Life PatrlclaBarham 41 2 Honors Marching Frosh Band VOE Blue Brigade Symphonic Band Spanish Club Woods and Water Club Leslie Barnes 10 30 62 Honors Band Chorale Frosh Mixed Choir Bug Blue lSecl Symphonic Frosh Band French Club Young Life A Capella FV ' n 11 1 2 JVL tball FCA Todd Barnes 2 21 63 Richard Barrow 10 1 62 Justine Basham 11 2 Bill Basslnger 11 27 62 FFA Mary Batchellor 11 19 62 Pony Express lEd1torl Bug Blue Marching Band and Flag Corps Stallion Roundup All Region Band Lisa Baumgartner 12 8 62 Pony Express Literary Magazine French Club Blue Brigade Chrystal Beasley 6 12 63 Frosh Band fVPl Varsity Soccer Honors Band HOCT HOSA Karen Beaumont 6 15 63 FHA A J Becvar 4 9 63 Varsity Football FCA Young Life French Club B Frosh Football Terrie Beeson 5 19 63 Llbrary Worker Spanish Club Blue Bri gade Johnny Bennett 9 19 62 Brad Blbbs 9 22 62 Tennis Orchestra Danny Blankenship 12 15 62 Teresa Bishop 5 24 63 Spanish Club Latin Club Debbie Bohn 4 19 63 Pony Express FHA JV Drill HECE Stan Boler 7 1 3 Soccer lJV Captl Young Life FCA New Life Spanish Club lTreasl, Frosh JV Foot ball ' ' - 1-6 St N ,"' 0 - 9-6 ' -B-6 - 1-6 141 Jeanne Woodruff, Senior, is Business Manager of the "Pony Express? She has been in journalism for three years and was Editorial Editor of the newspaper last year. Jeanne's main goal is to become a journalist in public relations, and plans to attend Baylor University and major in Journal- ism and minor in Vocal Performance. Jeanne is also active in other areas such as Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Young Life. "These two things are very important since God is a big part of my life she says Jeannes hobbies are piano voice lessons photography and reading She loves singing because she is sharing a talent God gave her Jeanne s outlook on life is It seems like life gets harder as we get older and more mature but I feel that with God s help He and I can tackle anything together -xr an as me E Dena Booker Shannon Bouska David Bowers Steve Boyle . .St . if S' if I Scott Brents Julie Brewster Paul Bright Sharon Bristow mLJ, ' it Richard Brock Celeste Brooks Dean Brown Linda Brown Paul Brown Tracie Brown Mike Browning Russell Browning Nancy Buetel Dena Booker 6 6 63 Big Blue Marching Honors Bands Bug Blue Flag Corps Frosh Band Thesplans Sci ence Club Literary Magazine UIL State Soloist Shannon Bouska 8 25 63 David Bowers 4 7 63 A Cappella Choir Spanish Club Steve Boyle 1 8 63 Frosh Football JV Football Spanish Club Frosh Track FHA Scott Brents 12 12 62 Latin Club Julie Brewster 3 13 63 Blue Brigade JV Drill FHA Thesplans lSecJ Spanish Club Office Worker Library Worker Paul Bright 9 24 63 Big Blue Band lHD Drum Majorl Honors Band Chorale lPresl All Region Band Choir Orchestra Frosh Band lDrum Majorl Frosh Basketball Spanish Club Sharon Bristow 2 18 63 Frosh Band Big Blue Marching Band Richard Brock 1 3 TIASA FHA Celeste Brooks 4 12 63 NJHS Dean Brown 12 13 62 Orchestra French Club NHS Linda Brown 4 7 63 UIL State Outstanding Twurler NBTA Texas State Solo Champion Twnrler FCA Band Science Club Paul Brown 8 9 63 Woods and Waters Club Industrial Arts Club VICA ICT FHA Tracie Brown 7 4 63 Blue Brigade JV Drill Pacesetters Mike Browning 9 22 62 Russell Browning 4 24 63 Orchestra FHA Nancy Bueltel 7 18 63 Mark Bunch 6 24 63 Band FFA HOCT HOSA Cindy Bunyard 1 21 63 Carl Burch B 21 63 Chorale A Cappella Concert Choir JV Drill Blue Brigade lBoard Oflrcerl FCA Young Life, French Club, FHA -J. 1 t' Y Y I 1 4 Y W 1' v. Qmni ' T . - ' . 5 : I - - 3 r - L ,ygil Frosh Mixed Choir, FHA, Blue Brigade ,ki Q. -1 71,7 Ve AA,, A ii ' -1-6 NF NL 1 l 1 - - . Mark Bunch Cindy Bunyard Cari Burch 143 N2Q5 ,gif aww ,gps 'ululawsrwnqmm lsiifsdif 1g Sensor Matt Chadwlck llkes to work on cars and trles to thunk of new thlngs that could be added to them to Improve thelr looks Matt does thus because he feels that many of the cars out are boxed off and square looking When not working on cars Matt works at Schepps Dalry He works lnslde the plant and runs various machlnes that pack cartons of mnlk and case them When his schedule permits Matt says I also luke to go out Into the country and spend some tlme by myself thmklng things over and getting away from all the noise and congestlon In the cltles Matt s favorlte hobbies are water sknng football flshlng swlm mlng and huntlng He IS not sure whether he wlll attend Eastfield before he starts college at North Texas State Umverslty He plans to major In Com puter Technology I. . 1. K ggi... -fit s. 1 1 . . ' , If MAJ fl. W ..,.,c,t -.1215- - ff l. I K A u 11 11 ' 11 , . O, - . . A 'jr .j - V535 ' rr ' 1 5 1- -. , , . . . . . ,, , . 1 1 1 ' , . sr wap ' ,iv A f" 1 Buddy Burgess Tammi Bush Jeff Byers Matt Caballero as Q . , Jana Cagle Teresa Cain Tracy Calverley Danyelle Cann 1 -ff -7 L -f 4 7' - - its Qi Denise Cann Kim Carroll John Carter J Steve Carter Darrell Cassady Tom Castillo .wi Miles Caton Matt Chadwick Patti Chattin Bud Champion David Chance Debbie Charles l ,i Y ,Qt Buddy Burgess 1-1-62 Tammi Bush 7-2-63 Newspaper Staff Photographer Jett Byers 2- 1-63 FFA Matt Caballero 2-12-63 Jana Cagle 12-8-62 JV Drill, Blue Brigade lBoard Offlcerl, FHA, French Club, DECA Teresa Cain 6-14-63 VOE fHistl Tracy Calverly 6-9-62 Track, Young Life, JV Basketball, Office Worker Danyelle Cann 12-25-62 Varsity Soccer, Track, FHA, Woods and Water Club, PEL, Blue Brigade Denise Cann 12-25-62 Varsity Soccer, Basketball, Track, Woods and Water Club, French Club, A Capella Choir, FHA, Blue Brigade Kim Carroll 5-24-63 Number Sense, Calculator and Math Team, Latin Club QVPJ, NHS, Stage Band John Carter 1-19-63 Frosh Choir, A Cappella, Chorale, Unity, FHA, Spanish Club, Thespians Steve Carter 6-8-63 Football, Young Life, FCA, Woods and Water Club, Spanish Club Darrell Cassady 6-2-62 Tom Castillo 7-10-63 Cross Country, Track, Spanish Club Miles Caton 2-13-63 Matt Chadwick 10-28-62 FCA, Varsity, B Team, JV, Frosh Football, Latin Club Patti Chattin 3-23-63 Unity, Chorale, A Cappella Choir, FHA Bud Champion 9-14-62 NHS, Football, Woods and Water Club lPresl David Chance 9-10-62 Varsity Football, Spanish Club, Fl-IA, FCA Debbie Charles 7-15-63 DECA, FHA, Blue Brigade, Library Worker 145 Renae Halbert has a very promising future, she plans her future in the modeling industry. Renae says, "There is a good future in modeling, both financial and as a career because it is such a big industry." She has prepared herself for this career by attending the John Robert Powers school of modeling. Renae has taken both the preparatory and the professional courses. She has been involved in modeling for two years. You can tell how hard she works at it when she says, "Modeling is like a hobby because you have to work at it to be good." Renae is involved in the work program, VOE. After graduating, Renae plans to attend SMU and major in fashion merchandising. Presently Renae is taking make-up artistry classes and mod- eling clothes at modeling shows and different places of business. Paula Claybrook Mechelle Clemons Angela Cockrell Marc Coffman Priscilla Collins Daryll Cooley Duwayne Cooley Leslie Cosper , 5 F- X - A ' Wu. A . . ' : , ki atis g F' ' ' Q Q . is -is F , . 4 Donna Costner Larry Cott David Covington LM" 'cv . I H , ls- ' ' ,A- ' A-:" if ":kk films is - ,ui Joan Cox Stephanie Crofford Ann Cuello 1 1 -0' M , ji ,A 2, - Carol Culpepper Jamie Culverhouse Russell Dalton l Scott Danley Vernon Davidson Jeff Davis Paula Claybrook 1-31-63 Honors, Big Blue, Symphonic, Frosh Band, FHA Mechelle Clemons 1-24-63 Band, FHA Angela Cockrell 8-8-63 Marc Coffman 3-31-63 Priscilla Collins 6-7-63 Daryll Cooley 3-19-63 Band, Stallionaire Duwayne Cooley 1-4-63 Leslie Cosper 8-29-63 JV Cheerleader, FHA, Young Life, Woods and Water, Blue Brigade, FCA Donna Costner 12-31-62 Pacesetters, JV Drill, Student Council, FCA, FHA Larry Cott 7-28-63 Math Team, FHAXHERO, HECE, Band David Covington 11-29-62 JV, Var Soccer, Young Life, Spanish Club Joan Cox 10-17-62 FHA, French Club Stephanie Crofford 7-19-63 Young Life, FHA, Woods and Water, Span- ish Club, Student Council Ann Cuello 1-12-64 Honors Band, Band Sweetheart, Head Majorette, Frosh and Varsity Twirler, Span- ish Club, All-Fiegion Band, UIL Flegion and State, Frosh Band Carol Culpepper 8-24-63 Varsity and Frosh Band, FHA, Spanish Club, Woods and Water Club Jamie Culverhouse 7-21-63 FHAfHero, Art Club, Latin Club, Blue Bn- gade Russell Dalton 8-15-63 Golf, Trainer llfootballl, Basketball, Track, FCA, Office Asst Scott Danley 7-6-63 Industrial Art Club, VICA, FHA, Spanish Club, Woods and Water Club Vernon Davidson 9-9-63 Spanish Club, Woods and Water Club, Industrial Arts Club Jeff Davis 11-19-62 FFA, Frosh Football 147 'tn -E. V, Some people are only good in one area, but Sen- ior Mary Batchellor is the exception to the rule. Not only is she talented in her journalism endeavors, but also in her band participation. Mary has been involved with the production of the "Pony Express" for three years. On her Senior year she was chosen Editor of the paper after being News Editor her Junior year. Mary proves she is doubly talented by being in the Honors Band for three years. She has played the flute since sixth grade. Mary has also twirled flags for the Big Blue Band. With all this good experience behind her, Mary plans to go to college and major in broadcast jour- nalism and minor in music education. She would like to intern at a television station this summer. Mary has high hopes and would someday like to take over lola Johnson's job. ff 2 Lisa Davis Scott Davis Michael Dean Winston DeFord Darla Denton Jeff Devenport Greta Dewolte Mike Dotson Dennis Drake Rodney Draper Mark Drummond .rf' 1. ---- M' Patti Duckworth Janice Dumas Joe Duncan J. f x l Brad Dunn Scott Dyer Ted Eastus -1 xc" ' Byron Edgmon Blake Edmondson Billy Edwards Lisa Davis 11 5 62 JV Drill Blue Brigade lBoard OffIC6fl FHA Scott Davis 3 17 63 Frosh JV Varslty Football FHA Woods and Water Club Michael Dean 6 10 63 Honors Jazz Band Symphonic Orchestra Winston DeFord 9 9 62 VICA Darla Denton 4 15 63 NHS Honors Frosh Band Spanish Club NJHS Jeff Devenport 6 5 63 JV Football Greta Dewolte 3 30 62 Freshman JV Varsity Cheerleader FCA FHA Young Life Pony Express Staff Blue Brigade Mike Dotson 4 16 63 Dennis Drake Basketball Rodney Draper 3 30 63 FFA fChapter Farmerj Mark Drummond 7 11 3 Patti Duckworth 10 13 63 Brigade Janice Dumas 2 24 62 Joe Duncan 9 27 62 Brad Dunn 2 18 63 Football Frosh Basketball FCA Young Life New Life FHA Varsity Soccer Scott Dyer 3 26 63 Ted Eastus 6 6 63 Basketball Trainer Football Trainer FHA French Club Literary Magazine Staff Byron Edgmon 9 29 62 Golf Team Blake Edmondson 7 4 63 Frosh Honors Band Symphonlc Orchestra lBand Bepresentatlvel Bug Blue lVPl Newspaper Staff Stage Band Billy Edwards 4 8 63 Frosh B Team Varsity Football lCaptalnl All District 10 AAAA Flunnnng Back FCA lPresl Young Lxfe Optumlst Award Woods and Water Club Latun Club ' 1-2-63 - -6 Frosh, JV, Varsity Basketball, FHA, Blue 149 Kay Garrett, a Senior, has been an active member of the track and cross country team for the last four years. ln the Pony Express she was quoted as saying, "l've really enjoyed being associated with the Stallion's cross country team. lt's a great feeling to be able to feel that your body is getting into the best shape as possible." Not only does Kay run, she also is active in her church, First Baptist Church, Mes- quite. At church she is on the Youth Council, and she is on the puppet team. In addition to running track at school, Kay plays basketball and softball for her church team. This summer Kay is planning to take a couple of basic classes at Eastfield before attending North Texas State University in Denton this fall. Kay plans to major in Theraputic Recreation. Kay says, "l love working with children and think being able to help ones that are mentally or physically handicap- ped would be very rewarding." Cary Edwards Janice Eoff James Erwin Chris Essman Sheri Ewing Glen Ezell Stephen Fagerstrom Rick Faling Xt 1 Q1 S1 0 -J w,f, Chad Fenner Rhonda Fergason Stacy Ferguson 0-if 11s1iw1t Twilia Ferguson Agnes Fernandez Robert Fitzgerald -rf-.,e.1, Marie Fleming Michael Flowe E 5 I 5' 1' David Fletcher Vickie Flores -,L 'v---nv Cary Edwards 1-24-63 DECA1Pres and VPJ, FHA Janice Eoft 8-11-63 NHS, Orchestra, HECE, FHA-HERO James Ervin 2-5-63 Chris Essman 5-4-63 Sheri Ewing 5-28-63 Pacesetters JV Drill JV and Varsity Bas ketball FCA Olticer Young Life Woods and Water Club FHA Blue Brigade Glenn Ezell 7 16 63 VarsrtySw1mming1CaptJ Unity Chorale A Cappella Spanish Club Stephen Fagerstrom 9 11 2 Rick Fallng 7 27 63 NHS Honor Band Pony Express French Club Frosh Band Chad Fenner 3 30 63 French Club Math Team Rhonda Fergason 9 6 62 JV Drill FCA FHA Woods and Water Club PELE Stacy Ferguson 10 30 62 Twila Ferguson 8 16 62 VICA Sweetheart HECE1RepJ VlCAfRepJ Agnes Fernandez 10 18 63 FHA VOE Blue Brigade Robert Fitzgerald 12 27 62 Varsity and Frosh Football Frosh Basket ball JV Baseball NHS Jr Class Pres FCA fTreasl Student Council French Club Youth Advisory Council Mane Fleming 4 13 64 DEfSecl FHA FCA Blue Brigade David Fletcher 3 8 63 Varsity Football fTra1nerl Unity Chorale Thespians ROTC Battalion Executive Off: cer Vickie Flores 1 16 63 Blue Brigade HECE FHAXHERO Spanish Club Frosh Band Bug Blue Mike Flowe 10 31 63 Anne Floyd 12 14 62 Varsity JV and Frosh Basketball Latin Club Young Life FHA Blake Foster 10 27 62 Frosh B Team and Varsity Football fCaptl 10AAAA All District Defensive Tackle FCA Young Life Sr Class Pres French Club FHA 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Y - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Y - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 V 1 1 1 Anne Floyd Blake Foster 151 faklfefi Deidre Miller has played the drums since she was fourteen. She takes lessons from Norris Family Music. Besides private lessons, there are combos that the students get to play in. The combos play in benefits for charities such as muscular dystrophy. They also play in contests and recitals all during the year. Deidre plays the rhythm and lead guitar. The combo plays such country hits as "Country Roads." Deidre's music means a lot to her because she says, "Learning to play the guitar and the drums has been fun and a great experience." When Deidre is not playing in her combo, she writes letters to her various penpals from all over the world. After graduation, Deidre wants to go to SMU and maybe major in either business or special education. Ray Foster Lisa Fox James Foy Brian Fulenwider 152 Mary Futrell Kim Gaar Stewart Gallas Kay Garrett ,,, Julie Garza Gina Gerron Cmdy Gideon Mark Gillispie Carol Glaser Craig Glaze Bruce Gleason Frankie Goins Kevin Goldsberry Ray Foster 9-1-63 Math Team, President of Texas State Jun- ior Classical League, Science Club, Latin Club NJHS JV Freshman Football FCA Lisa Fox 10 3 63 Cosmetology VICA FHA James Foy lll 10 25 62 Brian Fulenwlder 9 21 62 Woods and Water Club Frosh Basketball ICT VICA Mary Futrell 5 9 63 Var Maiorette Honors Band Society of Distinguished American High School Stu dents Young Life French Club Orchestra Frosh Band Frosh Majorette JV Drill Big Blue Marching Band Kimberly Ann Gaar 8 3 63 Young Life FHA FCA Woods and Water Club New Life Stewart Gallas 10 24 62 NHS lTreasurerl Science Club Latin Club NJHS Literary Magazine Kay Garrett 6 16 63 Cross Country iCaptainl Track Spanish Club FHA Julie Garza 7 21 63 Gina Gerron 6 9 62 Cmdy Gideon 12 2 62 Frosh JV and Varsity Cheerleader Foot ball Sweetheart Young Life Frosh VP French Club New Life Junior Favorite FHA Student Council Woods and Water Club Mark Gillrsple 12 8 62 Football Track Varsity FCA Latin Club Woods and Water Club Office Worker Carol Glaser 12 29 62 Science Club lPresl NJHS Spanish Club Blue Brigade lMgrl Freshman Band Craig Glaze 5 1 63 Bruce Gleason 5 14 63 Frankue Goins 4 1 62 Band DECA Industrial Arts Club Kevin Goldsberry 6 29 62 Basketball Choir James Gonnet 11 17 2 Judy Gonyaw 6 2 63 Gina Goodman 7 19 63 Var Majorette Honors Band FCA Science Club NHS Young Life Flag Corps Frosh Twirler 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 A- ' Ki" 591 f - - . . . V y 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - I I A 1 -1 . h " . --W - - 1 r - 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 A 1 1 , fs -144 V ' Q 47, W, 1 1 1 1 1 1 i. 1 . . X , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 L. . . . -. X , . 4 - I ' A 1 V V , , 1 1 1 1 gg X 1 he 11' ' A James Gonnet Judy Gonyaw Gina Goodman 153 Senior Charlotte Ransom is taking advantage of the skills she has learned in VOE. Charlotte plans to major in Business Administration at Jacksonville Baptist Col- lege. In VOE she has learned how to use office machines, such as typewriters, adding machines, and duplicating machines. She has also learned to make and use office forms, improve typing, shorthand, and accounting skills, answer the phone in the businesslike manner, and learned the proper office etiquette and the J proper way to dress for an office. By taking VOE, its tiii , students get credit for working a half of a day and going EH x 'ff to school a half a day. Charlotte says, "I took the class N, W' 1' so I could get this benefit and get office experience at is Mi the same time." 1. f s t ,f Noi vm Sheryl Goodwin Alan Goss Debbie Gragg Greg Graham VN? John Gradey Carrie Green Edward Green Glenda Green U r ., ' 2 Ronnie Green Terri Griffith Herman Groller Eric Grundelman Mark Guzy Vicki Halbert I 41 i M, is ,.-in 714435, ' Melanie Hall Cynthia Hammon Karin Hampton 1 1 .2 1 Cindy Hancock Lisa Hancock Don Hardin Sheryl Goodwin 121 3 Cross Country Track NJHS Spanish Club JV Drlll Alan Goss 1 16 63 Track DE lTreasl German Club Debbie Gragg 10 22 62 Gregory Graham 9 27 62 National Merit Scholarshnp Semufunalust Science Club Math Club Frosh Sym phonlc Band Who s Who Among American Hugh School Students John Gradey 1 24 63 Carrie Green 11 7 63 Frosh Bug Blue Honors All REQIOFI Bands French Club Latin Club Orchestra Edward Green 12 27 62 Chorale Spanish Club Industrial Arts Club Glenda Green 7 13 62 HERO Woods and Water Club FHA Office Worker Ronald Green 4 16 63 VICA TerrlGrlfflth 2 17 63 Honors Symphonic Frosh Band French Herman Groller 6 27 63 Regional Qualifier Cross Country Cross Country Eric Grundelman 5 29 63 Mark Guzy 1 25 63 Vicki Halbert 1 13 63 VOE OEA Office Worker FHA Blue gade Melanie Hall 3 14 63 FCA fSecb Young Life fSecl Latin Club Golf Team JV Drlll Student Council FHA Blue Brigade Cynthia Hammond 7 2 62 Office Asst Cllnlc Asst Karen Hampton 1 16 63 Science Club Spanish Club Volleyball NMFL Cindy Hancock 1 6 63 Varsity Swim Team tCap0 OEA VOE FHA Lisa Hancock 9 15 62 Volleyball FFA fSec and Sweetheartl Woods and Water Club Don Hardin 12 5 62 FFA lChapter Farmerl Cross Country Track , , , r H v - , , , , , , , , , , Brl- , , , , , 155 Jeff Raitz, a senior, attended Columbian High School in Tiffin, Ohio where he was a member of the football, baseball, track, and wrestling teams before coming to North Mesquite in February. Jeff has found time to participate in track at NM. He placed 2nd in the discus throw at the District Meet. Jeff's biggest shock was the "hot Texas weather." When his family left Ohio there was three and a half feet of snow on the ground with below zero temperature. They arriv- ed in Dallas when it was 65 and sunny. There was no dress code in Ohio so he had quite an adjustment to make to Mesquite's policies. For hobbies he enjoys playing pool, water skiing, camping lespecially around Lake Eriel, and listening to his favorite rock groups, the Eagles, Journey and Jay Giles. Jeff, who is still a big Ohio State fan, has begun to adopt the Cowboys as his favorite football team instead of the Cleveland Indians. When asked what the best advan- tage was by moving to Texas, Jeff replied, "The girls are a lot prettier and friendlier down here." Danna Hardison Daniel Hargrove David Hargrove Damon Harmon R in 6 Eric Harris Kevin Harris Lennisa Harrison Sam Harrison Vickie Hart Julie Harwerth Rudy Hathcock Linda Hauge Billie Hawkins Greg Hawkins Brad Hearne Donna Heath Terre Heath Kenneth Hetzel Bobby Hilbert Ray Hill Danna Hardleon 1 22 63 Blue Brigade FCA FHA Young Life JV Dre Daniel Hargrove 3 16 63 Var Baseball Var Football Student Coun cnl FHA French Club David Hargrove 3 16 63 NHS Student Council lSec and VPJ Stal lion Battalion lSec and Presj Science Club NJHS Spanish Club Damon Harmon 3 29 63 Erlc Harris 4 13 63 Kevln Harris 12 62 Lennlsa Harrison 4 3 63 DE FHA Sam Harrison 9 11 62 Vickie Hart 10 2 62 Julie Harwerth 3 7 63 Var Volleyball Team 11st Team All Dlstrlct Playerl Symphony Orchestra Orchestra tPres and Treast JV Drill Blue Brigade tBoard Memberl JV Volleyball Team Rudy Hathcock 11 7 62 Linda Hauge 4 23 63 NHS JHS Chorale lHlstl A Cappella Frosh Mixed Choir JV Drill Blue Brigade fBoard Officer! Billie Hawkins 12 62 FHA Band Greg Hawkins 4 24 63 Bug Blue Band Spanish Club FHA Brad Hearne 5 1 63 FHA Donna Heath 11 14 62 Terre Heath 3 16 63 1Kenneth Hetzel 9 1 63 Frosh Choir lVPJ Chorale Umty Frosh Basketball Bobby Hilbert 2 27 63 Frosh BTeam JV Football FHA Ray Hlll 10 26 62 FHA .H 1 1 1 1 ' ' 12- - . . . 4- - 157 it U,-anim Y' 2 saggy Aiwa: sm Senior Larry Mclfatndge would luke to make a career out of Bro MeducalSclence Allhlsllfe Larry has been Interested in both science and medicine Majorlng ln Bao Medical Science would satisfy both Interests Larry would luke to attend college at Texas A8tM and work toward becomlng a doctor or some type of biologist or sclentlst concerned with the elements of biology lf time and money permit Larry would like to try to get a medical degree so that he could practice medlclne Larry says I want to achleve a goal in the medlcal field so that l might be able to help others to the highest degree of my ablllty In his spare tlme Larry works for Demert Flay Productlons where he has recently been promoted to nlght shaft foreman When not on the job Larry llkes to hunt deer duck and all types of blrds The outdoors really fascl nates hlm and he trys to go out to hrs grandpar ents farm ln NE Texas every chance he gets at A Q 2 f' -ta . Amy Hinton Sarah Hohertz Jimmy Holcomb Linda Holdridge .QAM T T Carrie Holland Connie Holland Mark Holloway Vickie Holman f y, 13' AZ. li-.,l 1 41 -0' ...-4 tw? Terry Holt Judy Hooper Diane Horton ,K day A i 3 N, .S David Howard Donna Houser Kenneth Hough ,grii Sandra Hubbs Ronwyn Hubner Karla Hughes Susan Hughes Walter Hughey Marci Ingram H- td Amy Hinton 6-19-63 Varsity Cheerleader, JV Drill. Student Council. Blue Brigade lBoard Officerj, FCA, NHS, FHA, Young Life, Who's Who Among American High School Students, Americas Outstanding Names and Faces Sarah Hohertz 10-25-62 OEA fPresl. VOE, French Club Jimmy Holcomb 6-28-63 Linda Holdridge 5-21-63 Honors Band Carrie Holland 7-15-63 Connie Holland 6-21-63 Pacesetters, JV Drill, Blue Brigade, FCA, Young Life, Woods and Water Club, FHA Mark Holloway 7-23-63 Varsity, B Team, Freshman Football. Woods and Water Club, FCA, French Club Vickie Holman 10-9-62 Terry Holt 8-8-63 Judy Hooper 12-23-62 Diane Horton 4-23-63 Science Club fSecl. Latin Club, Thespians, JV Drill, Blue Brigade, NHS Kenneth Hough 10-22-62 FFA, FHA Donna Houser 6-15-63 Latin Club, Choir, Young Life David Howard 5-14-63 ICT, Woods and Water Club, Basketball. Track, FFA Sandra Hubbs 1-29-63 Ronwyn Hubner 12-20-62 Soccer, Frosh Basketball, FHA Karla Hughes 4-2-63 FCA, NHS, Band, Science Club, Young Life, Slide Rule Susan Hughes 10-26-62 Frosh Cheerleader, Blue Brigade. JV Drill. FCA, FHA, PELE Walter Hughey 11-19-62 ICT lVPJ, Flodeo Team, Spanish Club Marci Ingram 4-23-63 VOE, Frosh, Symphonic Band, Flag Corp 159 1 335 :- , sl 5 f.-if! -. .5 -, Mike Myer s hard work throughout high school has made him Valedictorian 1981. He has been a ei t , 5 valuable addition to the Drama department since his is 'IN xl v freshman year when he had roles in both Its a Dungaree World" and "The Music Man." ln his sophomore year, Mike brought the school several trophies from Speech and Drama contests and debates. He was also in "The Slave With Two Faces" and portrayed Ali Hakim in "Oklahoma.'l As a junior, Mike worked the lights for numerous stage produc- tions and received Most Valuable Speaker Award from the Speech Department. As a senior, at UIL zone competition at Garland High School, Mike was named Best Actor for his portrayal of an American pacifist sent to Vietnam in the play "Summertree." When not participating in school activities, Mike practices fencing, or the "athletic form of chess," as he says. Mike is not yet sure of his career, but he knows that he wants to help people. He is consider- ing missionary work or counseling. Mike says, "I like spending time with people, I like to see them smile." Owen lnmon Kevin lund Jay Jackson Keith Jeffers H at A Barry Jenkins Sherri Jenkins Michael Johnson Monica Johnson ur rv .adn Sharon Johnson Theresa Johnson Tim Johnson so' 'E-gf Dianne Johnston Melissa Jones Brent Jordan Terry Jordan Mark Keith Suzanne Kelleher . -A. 'ldv Q-,A as Owen Inmon 9 2 62 Varsity Baseball Varsity Football Kevin Iund 8 10 62 Varsity Football Soccer Jay Jackson 10 11 62 Keith Jeffers 4 20 63 Varsity Soccer JV Soccer Spanish Club Woods and Water Club FHA Young Life Barry Jenkins 8 15 63 Football Woods and Water Club Spanish Club Sherri Jenkins 12 28 62 Woods and Water Club Student Council FHA FCA Michael Johnson 8 1 63 FCA Freshman Football Swim Team Monica Johnson 3 1 63 NHS Latin Club Art Club Sharon Johnson 7 25 63 Theresa Johnson 6 20 63 Spanish Club Art Club FHA DECA Woods and Water Club Tim Johnson 7 24 62 Football FCA Dianne Johnston 1 27 63 Newspaper Staff Tennis Team Annual Staff Melissa Jones 8 15 60 FHA Brent Jordan 8 9 63 Stalllonaires Honors Big Blue Marching Symphonic Frosh Band TIASA Terry Jordan 1 14 63 Mark Keith 10 30 62 VICAfTreasl Suzanne Kelleher 8 25 63 Blue Brigade, JV Drill, French Club, FHA, Woods and Water Club David Keller 8 20 62 Dawn Kelly 9 15 62 Soccer, NHS, Latin Club, FHA, Blue Bn gade, Frosh Choir, NJHS Doug Kennedy 10 24 62 J 1 at ' , , K, ,L ' - ' ' .. . , X 'c I 7 A . Y y . y 1 1 1 I JV, Varsity Cheerleader, Young Life, av 1 I ' ' 8 1. X - - QS David Keller Dawn Kelly Doug Kennedy 161 S if A1 Athletic is a good way to describe Senior Darren Myers. Darren has been running for four years now on NlVl's Cross Country and Track teams. He plans to continue running in college. Darren is very seri- ous about his training and tries to eat nutritious foods along with getting enough sleep so that he will be in good shape to run. He would like to attend the University of Texas at Arlington and major in health and or physical education. Darren says I think that I could handle running track in college but I don t know about some of the classes I d have to take Darren likes to set goals for him self and work hard to reach them One of his goals is to run in the Boston Marathon in either 1982 or 83 if he could afford the expenses of getting to Boston He would like to run this marathon under two hours and thirty minutes When not actually running Darren likes to play tennis water ski go motorcycle riding to swim and listen to music .f SS? Pam Kessinger Elizabeth Kilgore Eddie Killion Colleen King Craig Kirk Jay Kline Robert Koger Victor Kreeger A Paul La Torres David Lancaster John Lantrip . x : 2 .. as ., Kathy Leach Kim Ledgerwood Mitch Lehr " 1 , 1 si' Denise Lee Teresa Lemaster Barbara Leonard LeAnne Lindquist Trey Linville Gary Logan Pamela Kessinger 8-12-63 FHA, Orchestra Elizabeth Kilgore 6-7-63 NHS, Spanish Club, FHA. HOSA, Blue Bri- gade, HOE Eddie Killian 1-21-63 FFA ipresp Colleen King 1-22-63 Frosh Basketball, FHA, Frosh Choir, Rifle Texan, ROTC, Woods and Water Club Craig Kirk 3-3-63 Jay Kline 10-14-63 Thespian, Chorale Robert Koger 6-1-63 Victor Kreeger 4-29-63 German Club Paul La Torres 7-26-63 French Club iOfficerl, Spanish Club, Sci- ence Club David Lancaster 6-21-63 Varsity Baseball, Spanish Club, B Team Football, Frosh Football and Basketball John Lantrip 6-8-63 Honors, Symphonic, Frosh Band, Pony Express, French Club Kathy Leach 7-18-63 Honors, Symphonic, Freshman Band, FHA, Spanish Club, Thespians Kim Ledgerwood 5-28-63 Mitch Lehr 11-29-62 NHS Denise Lee 11-4-62 Teresa Lemaster 8-27-63 JV Drill, Blue Brigade, Spanish Club, Library Assistant Barbara Leonard 4-23-63 German Club, VOE, FHA, Young Life LeAnne Lindquist 2-25-63 Pacesetters iLieutl, FCA, JV Driil, Blue Bri- gade, FHA, Young Life, Woods and Water Club, Spanish Club Trey Linville 3-26-63 JV Basketball, FCA, Young Life, Frosh Bas- ketball, Spanish Club Gary Logan 9-15-63 Tennis Team, Stallion Battalion, Spanish Club 163 4 if , Q 71"f7Zft 1'f"-JI ses! iw' J, ,ic Q 41110 Greg Stovall, Senior, is one of the two North Mes- quite students who has won the college sponsored four-year Merit Scholarship. Greg has the honor of being the Salutatorian of the 1981 NM graduating class. He plans to major in physics at Texas ASM. He has held such honors as being the Texas A8tM Presi- dentls Scholar, and receiving the James C. Potter Scholarship from A8tM. He is Vice President of Finance in his JA Club, and is a member of the Na- tional Honor Society, Youth Advisory Committee, Stallion Battalion, Computer Team and German Club. Greg attended high school in illinois before coming to NM where he was voted "Class Einstein" two years. Greg is also one of the 141 American students to become one of the 1981 Finalists in the Presidential Scholars Program. The final selection is made by the members of the Commission on Presidential Scholars and the President of the United States. NM is proud to have such an achiever. ah I I Kevin Lovejoy Steve Luke Maria Lundstrom Kenneth Lynch 4 Robert Lyon Kyle Mabry Marc Maedgen Thad Magee Sue Malkszak Keith Malone Kenny Mansfield 'Rai ve...-7 Debbie Marion Bruce Mark Robert Marshall 'Kiwi Kendall Martin Robert Mayne Leslie Mays Kevin Lovejoy 4 13 63 Industrral Arts Club VICA Steven Luke 1 18 63 HOSA 1Pres and Sentmell HOCT Thespr ans Maria Lundstrom 11 12 63 Kenneth Lynch 9 12 62 Stallron Battalnon Latin Club Robert Lyon 3 5 63 Varsity Soccer JV Soccer FCA Spanish Club Young Life Kyle Mabry 4 11 62 Marc Maedgen 9 25 62 Baseball Frosh and JV Football Spanish Club Latm Club Woods and Water Club FCA Thad Magee 11 5 62 Frosh Football Varsity Swimming Spanish Club Sue Majkszak 10 11 62 NHS NJHS OEA FHA Keith Malone 6 12 63 Kenny Mansfield 11 24 62 Debbie Marlon 2 1 63 Pacesetters tLreutl JV Drill Blue Brigade fBoard OffIC6fl Varsity Volleyball Girls Track Young Life FCA Woods and Water Club Office Asst New Life Bruce Mark 4 2 63 Track Spanish Club FHA Kyle Marshall 2 16 63 Kendall Martin 7 20 63 Chorale Unity Stallnon BattalrontVPl Robert Mayne 1 26 63 Leslie Mays 9 19 63 Pacesetters JV Drrll FHA Woods and Water Club Office Worker Frosh Band Blue Brigade Teresa McBride 9 16 63 HECE FHAIHERO Benny McCaig 3 28 63 VICA Micheal McCarfer 5 9 63 JV Track JV Cross Country Thesplan Wood and Water Club French Club FHA FCA V I - . rf , i ' .I - - 1 , , . , A . . ' - - may ti' f 1 N . , l . . . r 1 1 , . , 'I 1 1 my r ,N 'VY . . . 1 1 . Teresa McBride A Benny McCaig Michael McCarfer 165 David Hargrove, Senior, has a wide variety of hob- bies and interests. His main hobbies are photography, visiting amusement parks, and going to see movies. David takes his camera to most of the events he attends including his trips to Six Flags. David goes to Six Flags whenever he gets a chance. He has used his season passes to go to Six Flags more than 40 times in the past three years. On almost every-weekend, David can be found at a local theater seeing the week's newest movie. He especially likes to see horror movies and those which appeal to the inner person. One of his favorites is "The Rocky Hor- ror Picture Show," which he sees at least once a month. David likes the movies because they are both entertaining, and they give him a chance to get rid of a few frustrations. After graduation, in the fall, David will attend Eastfield for two years and then move to a major university. He would like to major in business with a degree in bookkeeping. Since David was first introduced to the field of business, he has known that's what he wanted to study the most. David likes bookkeeping because he likes to see things in a set order. Davma McCarty Crystal McCIammy Cheryl McCIinton Jerry McClure ' , , 6 ' Terri McClure Allen McCurdy Joey McCutchen Maria McDaniel Sonja McDaniel Larry McFatridge Howard McGinnis Sharon McGowan Marcus McKee Rickie McKee 'T' ,EY M S Ronnie McKee Martha McKinney Lana McMillan N!! 'mr , 'f .1- 4 X s f ,1- - . f' ' ' ' Davina McCarty 12-8-62 Cheerleader Homecoming Court Young Life FCA FHA, Latin Club Blue Brigade Crystal McCIammy 9 5 63 ROTC Fllfle Team Drlll Team Commander Orienteering Team Color Guard Com mander Cheryl McCIunton 9 10 62 NHS NJHS ACapella Frosh Cholr Span :sh Club Jerry McClure 6 26 63 Agribusiness lChapter Farmerj FFA QVPJ Woods and Water Club Tern McClure 11 16 62 Chorale A Capella lSecl Concert lTreasl Frosh Choir JV Drlll Blue Brigade FHA Allen McCurdy 4 25 63 Joey McCutchen 5 30 63 Marla McDaniel 12 3 62 Frosh Honors Marching Band Orchestra Flag Corps French Club Young Life Sonja McDaniel 4 30 63 PELE French Club FHA Art Club Larry McFatrldge 2 22 63 NHS NJHS Latin Club lPresl VlCA lRepJ Student Council Howard McGinnis 5 4 63 Woods and Water Club Sharon McGowan 7 5 63 Annual Staff lEdltorl Latln Club NHS NJHS Thesplans FHA Young Llfe Whos Who Among Hugh School Students Marcus McKee 1 16 63 JV Baseball Latin Club Rickie McKee 5 7 63 Ronnie McKee 5 7 63 Football Latin Club Woods and Water Club Martha McKinney 7 5 63 Pacesetters JV Drlll llnslructorl Young Life Woods and Water Club FHA Blue Brl gade lBoard Offlcerl FCA Varsity Tennls Spanish Club Lana McMillan 8 9 63 Tina McMillan 10 16 63 Varsity Volleyball VOE Laura McQueen B 10 63 Choir Young Life Cara Meeks 311 3 OEA FHA Blue Brigade Varsity Football, Student Council, FHA, . A , ' , , - -6 Tina McMillan Laura McQueen Cara Meeks 167 Greg Graham, Senior, is one of the two North Mes- quite students who won college-sponsored Merit Scholarships. Greg plans to major in mechanical engineering while at Texas A8tM. He is a member of the Honors Band, Science Club, Latin Club and Math Club. Greg has also worked as a lighting technician for the school for three years. He is also a member of the Dallas Amateur Radio Club and the Dallas Apple Corp. Greg was also named to Who's Who Among American High School Students. Greg won the scholarship on an academic test. Scholarships are won on the basis of scores made on the PSAT- NMSQT. Over one million high school students took this test and North Mesquite is proud to have Greg as a Merit Scholar finalist. Greg's scholarship is for four years and is not transferable to another college or university other than the one financing the award. an ' .il .Mg t ,Q IV' r I ' aavffr K r 2' " Dorothy Mendez Brenda Miller Christie Miller Deidre Miller 1-mi' Jann - ' Larry Molencupp Marianna Molina Darla Mollett Candy Moore Y? ,gg Tracy Moore Jena Morgan Kathy Morris X-ers' Pam Morris Stacy Morris Dana Moss .ini sg-' Sv 1 1 siii 1, Kathy Mulheron Cheryl Mulholland Lita Muniz . Dorothy Mendez 1 30 63 Spanish Club Volleyball Brenda Miller 12 17 62 Varsity Soccer NHS French Club FHA Frosh Choir Blue Brigade ChrlstleMllIer 511 3 HOCTfTreasl Frosh A Capella Choir Deidre Mlller 8 17 63 Thesplans Science Club FHA Spanish Club Larry Molencupp 9 3 63 Marianna Molina 7 14 63 Volleyball FHA Darla Mollett 2 18 63 Candy Moore 16 63 Tracy Moore 10 8 62 FHA Jena Morgan 4 30 63 Kathy Morris 5 24 63 Pam Morris 5 24 63 Pacesetters JV Drill Blue Brigade FHA PELE Woods and Water Club Stacy Morris 4 11 63 Varsity Baseball Varsity JV Basketball JV Golf Young Life FHA FCA Spanish Club Woods and Water Club Dana Moss 7 5 63 FCA Young Life FHA Office Worker New Life Optimist Award Winner Kathy Mulheron 12 28 62 Honors Big Blue lPresl Freshman Band JV Drill NHS French Club Stage Band Orchestra Cheryl Mulholland 1 23 63 Pacesetters JV Drill Blue Brigade Young Life Woods and Water Club FHA FCA Lita Muniz 5 16 63 Danny Murry 3 16 63 Football, FCA, Young Life FHA Linda Musick 10 4 62 Basketball, JV Drill Track, FCA FHA Darren Myers 7 8 62 Varsity Track Varsity Cross Country Frosh Band 1 Y'-fy if---. I - - 1 1 1 1 1 ' ' ' - -6 1 1 . .13 we 1 Q - . . - - . ty J I , , , 1 vo' 6- - sa! 93 - - 1 if 4 -..rl - - , 1 .1 l I 1 1 U 1 I 5 1 1 1 1 1 1 7 l l 1 A 1 1 ,N NX 0 , , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 E . .1 X . 5 F A ' ' aw . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Danny Murray Linda Musick Darren Myers 169 A Drill Team plays a very important part in LeAnne Lindquist's life. She is a Pacesetter lieutenant. LeAnne enjoys being an officer because she likes choreographing and teaching the routines. At Officer camp at Southwest Texas State, LeAnne received the award of "Miss Half Time USA." This is a high honor because only one outstanding girl forthe week can be chosen. If LeAnne is not working out in drill or going to a dance class at Texie Waterman's dance studio, she is collecting her favorite things - rain- bows. She has quite a collection: glasses, candles, books, and even a gumdrop rainbow. After it rains she always goes outside to see if there is a rainbow to take a picture of. Her other hobbies include reading and listening to music. She says she likes all music from Rock to New Wave. After graduating from NM, LeAnne wants to attend Kilgore College and continue her drill team participation as a Kilgore Fiangerette. After college LeAnne would very much like to come back to NM and be what else but a Drill Instructor. Tod Myers Debi Naberhaus Mike Nabors Claudia Neel Russell Neeley John Nekuza Mitch Nelson Steve Nelson 170 .JP 1' 3, tif, ,L.L Buiigtlar j in... or as 11 .J ,sw 3' ' ' ,nu Bubba Newman Tracy Nolan Shelley Norwood T37 it was Kimberly Osborn Gayle Parker Monica Parks Tracy Paulsen Brett Patterson Bill Pearson , .,.,, xi Eddie Pena Kelly Pennington Jose Perez Tod Myers 1 3 63 Debra Naberhaus 3 20 63 FHA Blue Brlgade JV Drlll Student Coun CII NJHS Mike Nabors 7 24 63 NHS Varsity Tennis Team Spanish Club NJHS Claudia Neel 4 24 63 Russell Neeley 8 28 63 Varsity Football NHS FCA Young Life NJHS JV Football JV Baseball Frosh Football Frosh Basketball New Life John Nekuza 4 23 62 Mitch Nelson 10 2 63 Frosh JV Varsity Basketball Varsity lCounsell Frosh Football Steve Nelson 11 8 62 Cross Country Track FHA Spanish Club Woods and Water Club Lowell Newman 6 30 63 FCA lVPl Varsity Football JV Football Award FHA Young Life Latin Club Tracy Nolen 1 9 63 Pacesetters JV Drill Blue Brigade French Club FHA Shelley Norwood 6 13 63 Frosh Symphonic Band Honors Band FHA French Club VOE OEA Blue Brigade Kimberly Osborn 13 63 Gayle Parker 9 25 63 HOCT HOSA Latin Club Monica Parks Tracy Paulsen 8 26 63 Art Club Band Brett Patterson 7 30 63 Golf Team Bill Pearson 6 23 63 Eddie Pena 6 29 63 Kelly Pennington 8 25 63 FHA Jose Perez 7 15 63 Track, B Team Football, French Club . 2- - 171 Standing 6'2" and wearing number 32 on the Var- sity Basketball team is Mike Browning, who has been playing since he was nine years old. Although Mike may not have been born an all-star, he now averages fourteen points a game for the Stallions. Most athletes tend to have a favorite player, or "idol"g Mike's is the famous pro-player Julius Irving and his favorite college player is Mark Aguire from Depaul. Mike likes the close competition and the fast pace of basketball, but that's not the only reason he chose to play basketball over all other sports. Mike has played other sports since he was young, but after breaking his arm in ninth grade during a football game, Mike decided to get involved in a sport not as rough. He thought basketball was the answer, however, the following year Mike broke his ankle during a- basket- ball game. Becky Perkins Beth Phe ps' Kelly Phelps David Phillips YM, Patrick Piland Anthony Pina Randy Pippin Virginia Poftenberger 'No' 17 . mails-4' -ffv A f. .5 Terri Pool Connie Porter Gordon Porter Kelli Porter Mark Powell Vicky Powell fr, L . tg L V .Q --if sf tad Doug Prater Markeda Price Stacye Prosser Ramona Pruitt Chris Puckett Micky Puckett Becky Perkins 5-16-63 NHS lSecl, Student Council, Youth Advi- sory Council lChairmanl, Thespian, French Club, Frosh Cheerleader, Blue Brigade Beth Phelps 11-12-62 Thespian, Art Club Kelly Phelps 3-17-63 David Phillips 9-1- 3 Freshman, Varsity Band DE Patrick Piland 4-2-63 Anthony Pina 9-26-62 Football Spanish Club FHA Randy Pippin 3-25-63 Varsity Football B Team Award Football Track Letterman Woods and Water Club Spanish Club FHA Virginia Pottenberger 10-20-62 Latin Club Terri Pool 9-4-62 Connie Porter 9-11- 3 Latin Club lHistorianl Gordon Porter 8-19-63 Varsity Football Tr Varsity Track Tr FHA French Club Kelli Porter 2-10-63 Thespians Chorale lLibrarianJ All-Flegion Choir German Club lVPl Frosh Choir A Cappella Choir FHA Mark Powell 5-3-63 Varsity Basketball Chorale Unity JV Bas- Vicky Powell 8-28-63 Doug Prater 9-14-62 Varsity Football Manager Soph and Jr Class QVPJ FCA FHA Student Council Office Staff Young Life Markeda Price 6-1-63 Honors Symphonic Frosh Band NHS NJHS Literary Magazine Spanish Club Stacye Prosser 4-20-63 Honors Frosh Band Ramona Pruitt 9-7-62 Frosh Basketball JV Basketball Varsity Manager OEA VOE Woods and Waters Club Chris Puckett 4-5-63 Micky Puckett 5-21-63 JV and Varsity Volleyball Spanish Club FHA FCA PELE , DE 6 6 ketbaii, Frosh choir lPresJ y ' 173 Athletic Eric Purcell has been playing soccer for North Mesquite for four years. He currently wears number 13. Eric played soccer for three years in Baltimore, Maryland and then moved here in Mes- quite where he has continued to play for eight years. Although Eric plays every position, including goalie, his favorite position is center forward. Soccer is his favorite sport, not only because it is a non-stop, physical sport, but also because he enjoys playing it so much. In Maryland, soccer is a main sport, like football is to Texas. At a young age, Eric picked it up "just like everyone else." He has particiapted in numerous tournaments including two in Mexico City. Eric is undecided about playing soccer in college. lf he does however, he'd like to play at either the University of Texas in Austin or Sam Houston State. Eric Purcell Darrell Putman Ricky Raitt Patti Randle Charlotte Ransom Bobby Rawls Michelle Rich Jodie Rinne pl ey 1., ,I 5 Y . ,fa X Dana Roberts Jan Roberts Kim Roberts fwl Tina Roberts Phil Rochester Cynthia Rodriguez Todd Rohde Sarita Rossi Lisa Rotenberry .Eli Eric Purcell 2 26 63 JV and Varslty Soccer FHA FCA NJHS Woods and Waters Club Spanish Club Young Llfe Student Council Senior Favor Darrell Putman 5 2 63 Ricky Raitt 12 2 62 JV and Varsity Soccer FCA Woods and Waters Club Spanish Club Patti Randle 11 23 62 Spanish Club FHA Charlotte Ransom 9 20 62 Chorale A Cappella Frosh Mixed Choir OEAfSecJ VOE FHA Office Asst Bobby Rawls 5 28 63 Varsity JV and Frosh Football Varsity Track Trainer FHA Michelle Rich 9 25 63 FHA FCA Jodie Rlnne 7 19 63 Dana Roberts 12 9 61 Jan Roberts 4 5 63 FHA Kim Roberts 10 18 62 PELE FHA Tina Roberts 9 30 62 Phil Rochester 1 26 63 Frosh JV B Varsity Football JV and Var sity Baseball Spanish Club French Club Woods and Water Club FHA Cynthia Rodriguez 12 18 62 FHA Woods and Water Club Todd Rohde 8 20 63 Frosh Symphonic lPresl Jazz Big Blue Marching Band Swim Team Spanish Club Santa Rossi 5 13 63 Latin Club lTreas Hlstl Office and Library Worker Lisa Rotenberry 1 15 63 Chorale A Cappella lTreasl Frosh Mixed Choir FHA Young Llfe Spanlsh Club JV Drill Blue Brigade Bretta Rude 3 31 63 JV Drill Blue Brigade FHA Donna Runnels 6 16 63 Frosh Symphonic Bug Blue Band French Club FHA Allen Rupard 26 63 FFA , . 1 I ' Ile . , ,,g 1 Q . ., sg ,. , - , l , . . , , I 1 1 Y - , , . , 1. K s ' - - , , , , , , , A , .ff 7' ' ,il Bretta Rude Donna Runnels Allen Rupard 175 Participating in a sport can be hard work, but sometimes it is well worth the effort, especially if your team wins the district championship. Dawn Kelly has played soccer at North Mesquite since she was a freshman and has lettered each year. Soccer took up quite a bit of Dawn's time, but she still managed to stay in the top ten percent of her graduating class, which is a big honor. Her involvement in school organizations includes National Junior Honor Socie- ty, National Honor Society, FHA, and the Latin Club. Dawn enjoys all outdoor activities - especially those spent with friends. After graduation she will travel to New Orleans where she has been accepted at Tulane University on a 83,100 scholarship. Her plans are to major in engineering or computer science. When ask- ed how she felt about leaving NM, Dawn said, "There are bigger and better things out there for us all and l wish everyone the best of luck." 'TSP' if,,g 1 ,Q ,,,,,,, 'iff - , S ,,,,f , it , it ..,, g r 5, g y W J 1 ,t sttttsiri 1 , Lori Russ Cathy Ryan Pam Saam Tari Sanchez 'c g K ,,,, V Lori Sanders Mike Sanders Cheri Sandlin Renee Sanford NO J Y' Vg? was ., I 1- Y, . . - Brenda Sapp Linda Saragusa Dennis Sawyer Michael Scarborough Leo Schack Jody Schafer M. A, fl at Eddie Schnurr Pat Scott Becky Seitzler v--A-'O' Patricia Self Tim Shappard Lowell Sheets Lon Russ 10 13 62 JV Drill Pacesetters FHA Cathy Ryan 10 21 62 FHA Spanish Club Science Club Pam Saam 4 9 63 Frosh Bug Blue Honors Band Orchestra French Club Tan Sanchez 6 14 63 OEA VOE Honors Frosh Band Marching Band lSquad Leaderl Lori Sanders 6 23 63 Chorale fVPl Unity All Region ACappella Concert Chour Spanush Club Frosh Track Mike Sanders 4 30 63 Football FCA Young Life Swim Team c ence Club Spanish Club Cheri Sandlln 12 24 63 Bug Blue Frosh Band NJHS Brenda Sapp 10 15 62 NHS NJHS OEA FHA French Clu Blue Brigade Linda Saragusa 10 2 63 FHA FCA Young Llfe Dennis Sawyer 3 2 63 JV Football Latin Club Michael Scarborough 5 22 63 Leo Schack 8 26 62 FHA Jody Schafer 4 17 63 Frosh JV Basketball Track FHA Eddie Schnurr 5 4 63 Varsity Golf Frosh JV Varsity Basketball Young Life Spanish Club Pat Scott 12 63 Becky Seitzler 9 18 63 Varsity Tennis NHS QVPJ Spanish Club FCA NJHS Patrlcla Self 10 7 62 Tum Shappard 8 11 3 Lowell Sheets 1 20 63 y y . Y , Y S i- ' , , , DE Renee Sanford 2-23-62 , , , , b, 5- . ' - -6 177 Brad Dunn is a very active Senior. Besides playing center on the Varsity Football team, he is also a for- ward on the Soccer team as well. Brad said he likes 178 ff i',W S, Q X xww wt. tr S .t to play soccer more than football because of the fast action. Music is a hobby as well as a job for Brad. He is involved in two bands, one is a rock and roll group and the other is a contemporary. He likes to write and perform songs for both of his groups. Brad plays the v 'S guitar and bass guitar. Performing has made Brad .. want to make communications a life time career. He .f-fs would like to be a Disc Jockey or maybe a television anchorman. Sam Houston State of TWU are Brad's S- college choices after graduation. NX fy -v-........... r s Q as W ,v 5 -X ...VV Sheila Shirel Cheryl Sillman Dawn Simmons Ron Simmons , . K.. Lynn Sims Lori Sink Judy Sipe Robert Slaton 5 V wil Y-"7 Sue Sloan Tim Smart Duane Smith it ,, 5, 1111.11 A . 'mmm mmmm 7 - JoAnne Smith Kayla Smith McGraw Smith 1..7'Lf , ,. , Vg H Tammy Smith Mary Snyder Melinda Spell 104 'V H'-v A Andrea Stalcup Doug Starkey Rhonda Stephens Sheila Shirel 3-2-63 VOE, OEA, FHA, PEL lDEJ, Spanish Club, Office Worker Cheryl Sillman 12 27 62 Varsity Drum Major Honors Band Honors Orchestra State Solo and Ensemble Frosh Drum Major Frosh Band Dawn Simmons 10 20 63 Stallion Battalion Sweetheart Woods and Water Club lSecJ Young Life FHA Youth Advisory Council Ron Simmons 9 3 63 Varsity Tennis NHS NJHS Golf Team Spanish Club Lynn Sims 10 12 63 Unity All Region PNOIF NHS Chorale NMFL NJHS Frosh Band and Choir Lori Sink 6 15 63 French Club JV Drlll FCA Judy Sipe 11 19 62 Robert Slaton 7 3 62 FFA Sue Sloan 12 7 62 Unity Chorale Thesplans A Region Choir Frosh Choir Tim Smart 5 5 63 Duane Smith 12 27 62 VICA TISA Frosh Football JoAnne Smith 6 16 63 FCA Young Llfe JV Drlll Blue Brigade Pacesetters HECE French Club FHA! HERO Kayla Smith 5 10 63 McGraw Smith 11 23 62 NHS HOSAQVPQ Tammy Smith 8 22 63 Frosh Symphonic Band VOE FHA Woods and Water Club Marching Band Mary Snyder 12 12 62 OEA VOE ArtClub FHA Blue Brigade Melinda Spell 3 22 63 FFA Woods and Water Club FHA Andrea Stalcup 5 22 63 Pacesetters JV Drill Blue Brigade lSecl FCA Woods and Water Club Young Llfe Doug Starkey 7 8 63 National Merit Scholarship SemlFlnal1st NHS Thesplan Who s Who Among Amer: can Hugh School Students Science Club NMFL Latln Club Rhonda Stephens 11 23 62 Pacesetters FCA Young Llle JV Drill Blue Brigade FHA French Club 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' ' '-J 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , . ll 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 5 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 . , , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 179 Senior Kim Carroll has played the piano since she was three years old, and now is a member of the Jazz Band. Besides playing the piano, songwriting has recently caught Kim's interest and now takes up much of her spare time along with writing poetry. She is a qualified Fled Cross lifeguard and swimming in- structor and enjoys participating in water ballet shows. Her other hobbies include ice skating, playing tennis, and studying dance, which she had done for seven years. Kim is the Latin Club Vice President and has been a member of the math team for three years. When asked why she had such an interest in the math team, she stated, "I really enjoy the competition." Following graduation, Kim plans to attend the Univer- sity of Texas at Arlington and major in either civil engineering or architecture. Roger Stephens Lisa Stephaon Greg Stovall Mary Jo Straughan James Stuard Karla Stubbs LouAnn Taber Jeff Tanton twig Caroline Taylor Marla Taylor Steve Taylor Don Tedlock Penny Tekell Pam Temple Mike Terry Kathy Thomas Barry Thompson .. 9? ' ' A Roger Stephens 6 12 62 Lisa Stephson 2 3 63 Bug Blue Marching Honors Symphonic Frosh Band HOCT HOSA lSentlnell UIL State Solo and Ensemble French Club Greg Stovall 6 8 63 National Merit Scholarship Semi Flnallst Stallion Battalion Student Council Ger man Club NHS Mary Jo Straughan 3 10 63 Varsity Basketball 2nd Team All District PELE FHA James Stuard 6 26 63 Karla Stubbs 3 27 63 VOE VICA Cosmetology OEA LouAnn Taber 6 17 63 Big Blue Orchestra All Region Orchestra Honors Symphomc Band Little Blue rrench Club FTA FHA Jeff Tanton 5 15 63 Football FHA Track Caroline Taylor 4 9 63 Pacesetters JV Drill Young Life FCA FHA Spanish Club Woods and Water Club Steve Taylor 9 13 63 FFA Don Tedlock 12 10 62 Honor Marching Frosh Band Orchestra Art Club Stage Band Penny Tekell 2 28 63 Band FHA Pam Temple 10 13 62 Latm Club FHA Freshman Choir Young Ll e Mike Terry 2 22 63 Football FHA Kathy Thomas 3 15 63 Barry Thompson 1 15 63 Basketball FHA Science Club Cristal Thompson 11 17 62 Varsity Basketball lMgrl PELE Volleyball FHA JuIlaThornburg 112 2 Pacesetters lLleutl Principal s Award NHS FHA Young Llfe Woods and Water Club French Club FCA JV Drill Ginger Thornburgh 4 22 63 NHS Latln Club FHA 2 DE Marla Taylor 8-9-63 if ' - -6 , . Fiqh, ' 2 I 4' i ,.,f Cristal Thompson Julia Thornburg Ginger Thornburgh 181 ll 'W-'V . 182 Ann Cuello has been twirling a baton for nine years and has been a majorette for our bands since she was a freshman including being Head Majorette during her senior year. With all this experience she has received many 1 ratings at UIL Contest including a Superior rating at UIL State Contest. Besides twirling Ann is a very tal- ented pianist and flute player and has won numer- ous awards in both of these activities. Ann was selected as this year s Band Sweetheart and said I felt very honored to be selected and l will always remember it. After graduation Ann hopes to attend SMU and plans to major in either psychol- ogy or business. When asked what her thoughts are on North Mesquite she said Ive enjoyed all my years at North Mesquite and I hope the spirit and the atmosphere will always stay the same. vf Lk.. A k X ,.EEE is ff , t f i f -i f1., l 1 :.- 'ws X S Dwayne Thrasher Lisa Timms Sheri Tolle Susan Townsend sslt 1 lsiess t ...,' . it Laurie Tully Roger Tunnell Elesia Turner Mary Tyndall Dwayne Thrasher 5-25-63 Frosh, B Team, Varsity Football, FCA, JV V and Varsity Soccer, FHA Lisa Timms 6-25-63 NHS, Science Club, Art Club ' Sheri Tolle 10-19-62 JV Drill, Blue Brigade, FHA, French Club Susan Townsend 4-13-63 A Capella Concert Choir Art Club Blue Brigade FHA Spanish Club Nancy Usrey Ricky Utley Jose Valadez Laurie Tully 5 31 63 Roger Tunnell 8 27 63 Latin Club Elesia Turner 11 21 62 Pacesetter Young Life New Life FCA Spanish Club Mary Tyndall 11 29 61 Nancy Usrey 3 25 63 Concert ACappella Chorale FHA French ClublCouncill Art Club Rickey Utley 10 19 62 NHS Young Life FCA Student Council Greg VanLehn Melanie Vestal Anthony Vigil Latin Club Math Club Science Club Jose Valadez 7 7 63 Spanish Club Greg VanLehn 12 12 61 Soccer FHA Melanie Vestal 3 21 63 Pacesetters Young Life Trac FCA FHA JV Drill Blue Brigade Anthony Vigil 7 18 63 Bill Villalana 9 7 62 Football Spanish Club German Club Chau Vu 1 10 61 . . F noi b s hcl b Bill Vlllatana Chau Vu Karyn Wadsworth rem U Dams U Karyn Wadsworth 11 3 62 FHA Rita Walker 7 31 63 FHA FCA Spanish Club Lisa Watkins 9 20 62 Rodeo Team Woods and Water Club FHA Sandra Watson 8 10 63 FHA Woods and Water Club Office Worker Spanish Club Yuan sy ,, , 'ff' N 'f' ,S i i Y ' y Y 1 I l I 3 1 1 , , . 1 11 Y I 1 - -I - 1 1 . , If . y . 3 I A - - 3. .. Qt V ' ' - - 1 V ' ,ii , , f ik 1 1.511 A 1 1 I Rita Walker Lisa Watkins Sandra Watson 183 As inflation is hitting harder and harder Seniors feel the crunch of Senior expenses. First in your Junior year you bought your class ring. Then Sen- iors are loaded down with the expenses of such things as a cap and gown not to mention an extra tassel that some Seniors buy. Senior John Carter is shown getting measured for his cap for gradua- tion. There are pictures to be bought first you could buy all those great Senior pictures to send to Class of 81 class picture. Then don tforget to buy your annual and your Senior announcements and thank you cards. There is also the expense of buy- ing a Senior T-shirt with the Senior motto on it. Dont forget all the money spent on flowers and assemblies and Friday nights. Near the end of the year a Senior has to buy all the things that will be needed for the Prom like either renting tuxedos or buying a new long dress. Aren t you glad that you are only a Senior once? your relatives and then you could buy a 'Senior Jerry Watters Clark Webb Doug Webb Tony Welborn 1 t e 5 i it y ,. . t ms .su i.. A 4, 'iir X f T Edie Wells Toni Wesley Keli West Cindy White Q ,Q Q, A . . -- ,sk -A ""'?' s- 4 ' M l sz .t an f . as .2 A W is Kay White Laura White Steve Whitworth f, , ' .,, .. 5. J, Alice Wilcoxson Royce Wilkinson Keith Williams S lm. 1 A S Randy Williams Sherry Williams Donna Willis QI . JY' N--4 I ff' A 17 ' ,F , ' l, Ni: .,, Jerry Watters 3-21-63 Clark Webb 7-31-63 Art Club, Spanish Club, Frosh Football lManagerl Doug Webb 8-31-62 Tony Welborn 3-26-62 ICT FHA Edie Wells 5 6 63 Young Life Spanish Club FHA TonlWesley 11 1 2 PELE FHA JV Cheerleader Blue Brigade FCA Young Life Woods and Water Club Kell West 6 7 63 OEA Young Life Cindy White 11 21 2 FHA Tralnerfvarslty Sportsl Kay whne 9 9 63 Laura White 12 8 62 Cheerleader lFrosh JV Varsltyl Sr Class VP Student Council lSecJ NHS lPresl Young Life Frosh Class Sec FCA SteveWhltworth 1119 2 NJHS NHS Varsity Football FCA Young Life FHA French Club Woods and Water Club Track Alice Wllcoxson 2 22 63 Spanish Club RoyceWllklnson 113 2 FFA NHS Spanish Club Randy Williams 3 22 63 Woods and Water Club FHA Diving Team Sherry Williams 5 .23 63 Honors Symphonic Frosh Band Flag Corps Spanlsh Club VOE OEA Blue Bn gade Donna Willis 12 5 62 JV Dnll Blue Brigade FHA PELE Woods and Water Club Young Lnfe Don Wilson 11 2 Frosh Football B Team Letterman Varsity Football All Dust Honorable Mention JV Soccer JV Soccer QCaptannl Kerry Wilson 12 27 62 Orchestra Latin Club Kim Wilson 7 16 63 Varsity Soccer HOCT lCo op Fleporterl FHA Woods and Water Club HOSA ' - 7-6 ' ' - -6 ' - -6 ' ' - -6 Keith Williams 2-24-63 ' -2-6 E .I Don Wilson Kerry Wilson Kim Wilson 185 Tennis seems to be the specialty of Susan Witt. Susan has been involved in tennis for 4 years. She has won numerous matches, both singles and dou- bles. lt has been tough for her the past 2 seasons as she has been defeated in the semi-finals of district play. Susan says, "Coach Brinkley has really helped me learn about tennis and about life. My partner, Julie Schnurr is a good tennis player and a good friend." Susan is also a member of the Big Blue in which she plays the trombone. ln the four years she has been in band she has won many district and state ensemble and solo awards. She is also in the National Honor Society. ln her spare time she likes to swim watch the Dallas Cowboys and play with her two dogs Gretchen and Heather. After Susan graduates she plans to go to ETSU and major in business. Mark Wilson Steve Wilson Steve Wilson Karen Wisdom 1? ,,,, - . at Tricia Wise Susan Witt Cheryl Wolf Robin Wolfgang N04 'SJ " , -r . .:z' Jill Wood l Jeanne Woodrutt 2 Steve Wooley 'fa v N, Kirk Woolheater Jim Wright Pam Wright Stephanie Wright Steve Wright Rick Yarber Lisa York Mike York Greg Young Mark Wilson 2 23 63 Frosh B Team Football JV Baseball French Club FHA Frosh Track Steve Wilson 7 15 63 Baseball Student Council French Club FHA Woods and Water Club Steve Wilson 3 22 63 VICA Art Club Spanish Club Karen Wisdom 8 2 63 Trainer HECE FHA fTreasJ Frosh Basket ball Young Life Office Worker Tricia Wise 11 7 62 Susan Wltt 10 15 62 NJHS NHS Honors Band Tennis Team Stage Band Spanish Club Cheryl Wolt 9 14 62 HERO fPresJ Woods and Water Club Robin Wolfgang 4 2:1 bd Pacesetters fLleutJ JV Drill Blue Brigade fBoard Offlcerl FHA Woods and Water Jlll Wood 2 1 63 Spanish Club JV Drill Blue Brigade Thes plan fTreasl FHA Jeanne Woodruff 11 22 62 Pony Express Annual Staff Swim Team Frosh Mixed Choir FCA Young Life French Club Steve Wooley 12 17 62 Track Cross Country VICA French Club Kirk Woolheater 4 16 63 VICA Spanish Club Woods and Water Club Jim Wright 11 9 62 Frosh JV B Team Football JV Varsity Baseball Spanish Club FCA Newspaper Staff Pam Wright 5 25 63 Stephanie Wright 11 27 62 HECE FHAfHERO PELE Steve Wright 8 17 63 Baseball Rick Yarber 12 8 62 Llsa York 3 8 63 ThesplanfPresJ NHS NMFL Latin Club Mike York 10 16 62 Football FCA Greg Young 2 23 63 NHS Club, Office Worker 187 Valedictorian and Salutatorian Mike Myer Greg Stovall Highest Honors Scholarships Blake Foster - Full 4 year fathleticl SMU Julie Harwerth - 31,500 Angelo State University Sue Majkszak - 32,000 First Ntl. Bank of Mesquite Dawn Kelly - S3, 100 Tulane University Charlotte Ransom - Half tuition to Jacksonville College Marci Ingram - S350 Mesquite Educational Secretarial Association Becky Seitzler - S500 Baylor University Lori Bannister - S200 Alpha Delta Kappa-Gamma Theta Chapter Dou Starkey - 4 year tacademicl Trinity University and 31,000 Merit Scholarship from Kaman Corporation Ann Cuello - S500 SMU Carol Glaser - 81,200 Texas A8tM and S300 Mesquite City Council PTA Julia Thornburgh - One year tuition Henderson Co. Jr. College Robin Wolfgang - One year tuition Henderson Co. Jr. College Eddie Schnurr - 4 year tathleticl Texas Tech University Mitchell Lehr - S400 Texas A8tM Lary McFatridge - S300 City Council PTA Karin Hampton - S300 City Council PTA Sharon McGowan - S200 Lions Club tNorthl Lisa Timms - S600 Mesquite Education Ginger Thornburgh - S150 Mesquite City Council PTA and S875 Mesquite Host Lions Club Victor Kreeger Becky Perkins Kim Carroll Mitchell Lehr Brenda Miller - S150 Mesquite City Council PTA and S100 Eastfield College and S625 Mesquite Host Lions Club Amy Abercrombie - S100 El Centro Markeda Price - 4 year academic East Texas State University Kelli Porter - S600 Mesquite Education Association Ray Foster - Congressional Appointment United States Military Academy fWest Pointl Greg Stovall - 88,00 Presidential's to Texas A8tM and a S100 James Potter Scholarship and a 31,400 National Merit Gina Goodman - S500 Mesquite Elk's Lodge Cheryl McClinton - S200 Alpha Delta Kappa-Beta Zeta Chapter Becky Perkins - Alumni Association, a TEG Grant, a SEOG Grant, and S400 Texas Council of Church related Colleges to SMU Kim Carroii - 515350 American Veterans Assoc. Mike Myer - S400 Texas Council of Church Related Colleges Mike Dean - S250 NMHS PTA Mary Futrell - S200 Kiwanis Club Lisa Stephenson - S300 American Legion Aux. Victor Kreeger - 4 year ROTC Scholarship to Rice University Brad Bibbs - S200 American Veterans Aux. .410 Sheri Williams - S150 City Council PTA Glenn Ezell -- S150 City Council PTA Doug Starkey Carol Glaser Larry McFatridge Monica Johnson 189 ,4- Honor Graduates These seniors who are graduating in the top tive percent of their class, should be highly commended for their effort. Their position has been gained by a great deal of dedication and persistence. Most of the high scholastic students were invited to the annual Rotary Ban- quet that honors the outstanding seniors of the city. The banquet was held May 9 at the Eastfield Community College Campus Center. Din- ner was served buffet style and honored students and parents dined to piano music. Rotary certificates were presented to each of the honorees. lt is also a great achievement to be named with honors. The Honor graduates represent the top ten percent of their graduating class. It is no small accomplishment to be in this group of high academic students. Both the High Honor and Honor graduates are shown in the order that they graduated. Some students did not have their picture made, yet should be recognized for their position. In the Honors group Frank Dailey, Jeff Perryman, Lisa Timms, Laura White, Patricia Wilcoxson and Susan Witt are not shown. NM is proud to have so many exceptional students in their midst. db I T Ray Foster Linda Hauge Byron Edgmon Amy Hinton Virginia Pottenberger '-...r Lisa York Danyelle Cann Connie Porter Deidre Miller What ls NIVI Going to Do Without. . .? Robert Fitzgerald'a Rod Stewart hair cut? Kirk Berry's Punk Rock hairdo? David Covington dressing up like Dolly Parton? Brad Dunn's Hawaiian shirts? Rhonda Stevens' giggles? Eddie Schnurr's baby bottle and diapers? Winston DeFord'a car of the future? Jonny Bennett's glasses which were cracked by a mad German Shephard? 5feW8ff GHNH8' Baffy Manilow H0597 David Hargrove's love for "Rocky Horror Picture Show?" Russell N99'9Y flPDifl9 his Paflfs while doing 3lUmD7 Joyce Warren and Cary Davis' "Rapture?" JQdY 5h8'9l"3 COW-97 Duwayne Thrasher showing oil his scar on his stomach? M'k9 MYGYS' Unique Way 07 UVSSSVFQ7 Brad Hearne's ballet style of dancing? Bubba N9Wm9n'9 Sexy 19957 Rhonda Fergason's racing stripe? Frankie Goins and his wild hair color? Randy Williams' Corvette getting crushed by a flying Skaggs grocery cart? Pam Jam Seam Spfalfllflg hef Heck lammfng '00 hard? Eddie Killion and his cowbell he made in Art class for his cow? Mark Drummond'a magazines in Mrs. Dennis' 4th period class? sarah Hohenz and her disappearing ink? Ed Albers, alias "Pizzazz"shooting his rocket past Treasury? Bren, Ruder, Ted Nugenf hairdo? Ketfm Haffls 3fQUl'lQ about everything? Joss Streetman's love for the Nazis? Karla Hughes ignorant rernarks? A Bobby Rawls' Jack otanrem smile? Judy Sipe s barbara Streisand hair style? Shannon Bouska's blinding silver shoes? Tracy Nolen s funny way of ranting? Bruce Gleason singing the blues? 192 Departmental Awards Awards Assembly Honors Merit Students Honored An Award's Assembly was held honoring various students and faculty members on May 20. First ROTC cadets were honored with medals and a presentation from a DAR member was made. Principal's and Optimist Award winners were also recognized. Student Council officers for both this year and next year were announced by Judy Sipe. Several school personnel received a plant in honor of their appreciation by the Student Council. Also at this assembly Teacher of the Year was named to Miss Martha Adcock, who received a plaque. Departmental awards were then announced by Principal John Campbell. Those receiving departmental awards are listed below. Each of these students were given a copper medal depicting the nature of their award. Certificates were given to all year honor roll students and to the top 50!o and 1005 of the graduating class. Perfect Attendance Awards were also given for those who had not missed one day or period of school. The assembly ended with Mr. Campbell expressing praise to those honored with an award. Sportsmanship - Mark Powell Girls' Athletics - Penny Saulsman Boys' Athletics - Billy Edwards Typing -- Lesley Doss Bookkeeping - Markeda Price Business Law - Bud Champion Shorthand - Brenda Sapp Business Machines - Judy Sipe Speech - Diane Hunter Dramatics - Doug Starkey Band - Mike Dean Choir - Lori Sanders Orchestra - Julie Harwerth Chemistry - Carol Glaser Biology - Mike Myer Physics - Greg Stovall Home Economics - Dana Moss Library - Sarita Rossi Mathematics - Kim Carroll Social Studies - Laura White History - Rick Faling Journalism - Mary Batchellor Annual Staff- Sharon McGowan Darla Denton receives an honor award from Mr. McCoy. Vocational QHOCTJ - Steve Luke DE I - Vicky Deininger DE Il - John Nekuza ICT - David Howard HECE - Darlene Alexander Ag. Business - Eddie Killion VOE - Sue Waikszak German - Greg Stovall Spanish - Sheryl Goodwin French - Becky Perkins English - Kim Carroll Art - Monica Johnson Phys Ed tGirlsl - Dana McKeithan Phys Ed tBoysl - Thomas Holman lnd. Arts lDraftingl - Brent Jordan General Metal - Winston DeFord Power Mechanics - Winston DeFord Electricity - Jody Schafer Wood - Steve Allen Plastics - Steve Carter Photography - Stewart Gallas Graphic Arts - Scott Davis Several senior boys are honored with a vocational award. 193 Junior Class ,,V,,,: After being elected to head the Junior class of '81, Jimmy Darnell - President, Susan Baer - Vice President, and Karen Stratman - Secretary look forward to help plan the Junior- Senior Prom. 194 Kim Aaron Nate Abbott Cara Abercombie Russell Acker Brad Adams Donise Adams Scott Adams David Addington Mark Aerls Daniel Akin Eric Albers David Aldrich Jackie Aleman Christy Alfertig Brian Allen Cindie Allen Greg Allen Eric Allred Monica Alvey April Anderson Chris Anderson Tressia Anderson Donald Andrews Jim Arbogast Beatriz Arevalo Greg Attaway David Ausley Michelle Ayers Dana Ayo Susan Baer Allison Balch Jimmy Ballard Sarah Ballenger Lana Banks Teresa Baptista Danny Barefield Jackie Barker John Barnett Teresa Barr Tom Barron Laurie Bartmess Sandi Basden Michelle Bealmear Sandra Beard Carl Bell Mary Bell Brad Benford Karen Bennett 195 Future Leaders Prepare for the Big Year Cecilia Baptista believes that studying is the key to success. She is the first Sopho- more to take up Trigonometry. Next year she will be the first Junior to take Calculus at North Mesquite, in addition to two or three more honor courses. She has made straight A's all her life and plans to keep it up. She has been a member of the National Junior Honor Society for the last two years, and is a mem- ber of Young Life, J.V. Drill, Latin Club. Her hobbies include Jazz, Disco, Hawaiian Danc- ing, and reading. Her greatest goal is to grad- uate in the top five percent of her class. She is working hard on her grades, hoping to get a scholarship. Her future plans are attending Southern Methodist University, Austin Col- lege and Ohio State University where she will pursue a career in Engineering. Carolyn Berry I g Donna Berry Paul Bibbs -. L Cynthia Black , '- Linda Black Christy Blackman -Q- f. si . , . , - ri' Scott Blackwood Charles Blake ' . Danny Bogan Lynne Boldt ' e My it Misty Boling -ff' , ' ' D 5.- David Boyle ifgg , Tim Bracy Jeff Bradbury Nita Bradbury Regina Bridgers Susan Briggs Scott Britt Karen Broadnax Cynthia Brown Freddy Brown Jerry Brown Lisa Brown Tom Brown . J Lam wma, -sl l 7130" ff? Daena Bruce Dawn Bubach Mike Buchanan Quinton Bullard Paula Bunyard Travis Burgess Becky Burkhardt Eric Burleson Robert Burross Suzanne Butler Greg Byrd James Cagle Tim Caldwell Teri Calhoun Julie Calloway Terry Campbell William Campbell Steve Cantrell Christy Carson Warren Carter Leah Cash Beverly Cassady lrene Castillo Steve Catterton David Cavender Shirley Cavin Eddie Chevalier Sandy Claybrook Christina Clemmons Shannon Clouts David Cockerham Wade Coffman Melody Cogswell Vicki Coleman Julie Collett Brenda Collins Gary Collins Nancy Collins Pat Collis Ftonnie Combs Ricky Condra Kathy Conine Phillip Contreas John David Cook Georgia Cooksey Renee Cooksey Teri Coplin James Cooley 197 Juniors Anticipate Senior Year Leslie Barnes has played an active part in the Music Department since her freshman year. She is secretary of Chorale and sings soprano. ln choir Leslie has had much success at UIL Solo and Ensemble Contest by receiving several First Division ratings. Band also is a major part of Leslie's school activitiesg she is secre- tary of the Big Blue and plays the french horn. She is a three year member of the Honors Band and also has received several First Division ratings for solos and ensembles. In both band and choir, Leslie has been to UIL State Solo and Ensemble Contest in Aus- tin. Besides being involved in music, she is an active member of Young Life, likes to swim, snow ski, and play softball. Following graduation, she plans to attend Stephen F. Austin in the Fall and major in Political Science. Mark Costa Bruce Covington Paige Cowling Cindy Craig Dena Crawford Gwen Creekmore Tim Criswell Carl Crittendin Michelle Crooks Stephanie Cross Stephen Crowley Troy Cunningham Rose Marie Curry Steve Curry Flonny Dale Pat Daniel James Darnell Brandi Davis Kendall Davis Theresa Davis David Dennis Steve Denny Kenneth Dillard James Dittman 198 Y? , ,auf 'cw-if f- -,,M Kimberly Hall Mark Hall Cindy Halliday Allison Halpin Scott Hamiter Sidney Hammond Jane Hampton Larry Hampton Teri Hampton Donna Hancock Robert Hardin John Hargis Ricky Harmon Joan Harper Michael Hart Brian Hartsfield Steve Harwerth Joe Haskitt David Hasley Debbie Haynes Wendy Hearn Shelly Heath Danny Heflln Doug Herndon Greg Hess Steven Hester Lisa Hickman Belinda Hill Carilyn Hipp Laure Hodges Vickie Hodnett James Holloman Margaret Hons Kellie Hopper Cindy Hopson Mike Hopson Sherrie Hosek Lisa Huffman Jimmy Hughes Diane Hunter Kim Hunter Kathy Iacovelli Greg Ingram Michele Ingram Kyle lrvin David Ivins David Jackson David Jackson 201 One More Year of Fun and Work Junior Kathy Alexander is involved with the music department. She played the flute in the band during her freshman and sophomore year and has been a member of Chorale every year. She sings second alto and is a two year member of Unity. ln choir she has made All-Region, All-Area, and has gone to All-State every year. Kathy has been real active in the musicals. She was in "Oklahoma" as a freshman and had a part in "Anything Goes" as a sophomore. She is a mem- ber of Lakeview Christian Church where she is in the church choir and has been president of the youth group for two years. Her college plans include attend- ing North Texas State University and majoring in Voice Entertainment and minoring in working with the mentally disturbed and handicapped children. Maridean Jackson Mark Janicek Roy Jenkins Steve Jessee Bobby Johnson Debbie Johnson Gary Johnson Jay Johnson Richard Johnson Paul Johnston Janet Jones Ronny Jones Teresa Jones Donnie Kahlig Curtis Kaloi Paul Kaun Jeff Kear Pam Keel Angela Kelley Mary Kelly Cindy Kennedy Robert Kennedy Sherrie Keylon Dawn King l "IP .QR Jimmy King Todd Kingrey Karla Kinne Kerry Koerner Jimmy Krause Keith Kuykendall Dianne Kile Jayneen Kyser Shannon Langford Dennis Lauderdale Denise Leavitt Ruth Lee Mack Lehew Jeffrey Lester Mike Lieser Brent Linsteadt Kim Littwin Judy Loden Keith Long Jerry Lopez Richard Lopez Gary Lowrey Stephen Lunsford Scott Luttrell Pam Lynch John Mackey Sherry Mahler Mike Malone Melayne Margerum Mindy Marshall Cathy Martin David Martin George Martin Max Martin Terri Martin Angela Martinez Philip Martinez Rosie Martinez George Mathew Michelle Mathews Larry May Terri McCain Joey McCown Jeff McCullough Brent McDonald Renee McDonald Tracy McGibboney Karin McGowan 203 Juniors Qualify for Honors Classes Blake Edmondson is a member of the Honors Band, Symphonic Orchestra and the Jazz Band and is Vice President of the Big Blue. He has earned several First Division ratings at Solo and Ensemble and went to State Solo and Ensemble Contest. In July of 1980, he toured through Europe with the American Musical Ambassadors, He was seated third out of eleven trumpets. He said, "The thing I liked most about the trip was getting to know the other musicians in the group." Besides music, Blake is a member of the newspaper staff. His hobbies include listening to Jazz and Classical music and studying ships and ancient history. After graduation, Blake plans to attend either North Texas, TCU, or East Texas State and double major in Music Teaching and Political Science, Angela McGuftey Robert McGuire Rodney Mclntosh James Mclntyre Danny McKnight Glenda McMillan Angela McMillo Robert Reynolds Saundra Measles David Menzdort Benny Merritt Mace Metcalf David Meyers Alicia Middlebrooks Jeff Miller Stephen Miller Melanie Miller Randy Miller Mike Mills Deborah Monroy Diana Montgomery Elizabeth Moore Stacy Moran Shelly Morgan 204 Paula Morningstar Sylvia Morones Cylena Morris Laura Morris Sally Muhl Dee Ann Muldoon Ray Mullins Marty Murdock Carol Murphy Kenneth Musick David Nanez Matt Nelson Dana Newsome Jesse Niles John Nolan Diane Nolley Bryan Norlie Doug Norman Vickie Norman Ronal Norris Donna Norwood Jimmy Noster Dawn Novakovich Brice Odell Laura Odom Chris O'Handley Gerald Oliver Sharon O'Neal Troy Palmer Ronnie Parrish Dale Patterson Stephanie Patterson Lois Paugh Cyndi Pavlov Paul Pedric Mike Peeples Debbie Pena Kent Pennington Gerri Peters David Phillips Kaylynne Phillips Tammy Pierce Sonya Pipkin Rebecca Plumler Karen Poe Ralph Porter Eddie Power Jeff Powers 205 Juniors Prepare for Their Senior Year Cary Fisher, a sophomore, has a fascinating pas- time. He is interested in every aspect of horses. He enjoys both horse breeding and training. For the last eight years Cary has spent his spare time learning about horses. Cary's parents really encourage him with horses. He has two favorite horses. One is called Sonny, a four year old Arabian. The other horse is Port, a one and a half year old Arabian Stallion. Cary had a proud moment when his horse Port placed fifth out of seventeen top show horses at the 1980 Texas State Fair. He owns and operates "The Royal Arabi- ans," his own farm for Arabian horses, which is located on Chandlers Landing in Rockwall. Anyone can tell Cary really enjoys horses when he says, "lf it weren't for the horses, I don't know what l would do with my spare timef' Allen Preas James Province Teresa Pruitt Mario Puente Kendall Pulley Susan Purcell Shawn Purkey Kim Pyle Randy Rabe Billy Raburn Randy Ramsey Bryce Raymond Shari Reich Ronnie Reynolds Jesse Reynoso Yvette Rhett Tonya Rich Kim Richards Aaron Richardson Gina Richardson Robert Riggins Philip Riggs Gina Riley Sean Riley 206 nit? j Brad Richie Kim Rivers John Roberson Rhonda Robertson Tracey Robertson Delia Robles Diana Rocha Iliana Rodrignez Anne Rome Beverly Russell Michelle Sanders Penny Saulsman John Schack Karen Schellenberg Debbie Schweng Jeff Scott Mike Scott Monte Scott Jeff Sebastian Patrick Shaffer Linda Sharp Debbie Sheets Kim Sherman Eric Sides Maria Simmons Rebecca Sinclair Mike Sisk Frank Skwirz Shelly Sleeper Alvin Smith Doug Smith Greg Smith James Smith Kim Smith Mike Smith Mac Solana Dinah Spell Gretchen Springfield Ann Starks Sharry Starnes David Stevens Chad Stewart Tim Stooksberry Joe Stover Karen Stratman James Strickland Beth Sweeney Paul Sullivan 207 Juniors Strive for a Successful Year Chau Vu is nineteen years old and a Senior. She was born in South Vietnam where she lived for four- teen years. Chau and her family had to flee their native homeland on April 30, 1975 because the North Vietnamese Communists had finally invaded their ter- ritory. "We lived worried and in fear of the North Viet- namese invading our home," she said. Chau and her family lived in many countries during the following six months. After leaving Vietnam: Malasis, Hong Kong, and Singapore. She then came to the U.S., and ended up in Mesquite three years ago. Chau said classes were different in Vietnamg they were extremely over- crowded with maybe a hundred students to a class. They learned French and English - the essential lan- guages. Chau's hobbies are dancing, bowling, and camping. "I really like it here in Mesquite, l am glad we came," she said. Mike Tackett Carlos Tafur Marcus Taylor Sherrie Taylor Bryan Teller Donna Temple Mike Thomas Cathy Thomason Leslie Thomason Kevin Thompson Gina Throneberry Linda Tobias Danny Tolbert Michelle Tolle Sandy Tomes Kim Truesdell Arminda Truet Laye Tucker Ronald Tucker Misty Turner Vickie Turner Chris Tutt Paul Tyler Tari Tyler 208 James Tyson Cindy Underwood Gloria Valadez David Van Schaick Karen Vowell Steve Wade Lisa Wagner Deborah Walker Kenneth Walker Teresa Walker Wendy Walker Andrea Wallace Vickie Ward Paul Warren Janice Watson Shelley Watson Cory Weatherby Mark Weathersby Linda Weaver David Weeks Stephanie Welch Jerry Wellborn Jaletta Wells Pam Wenz Janet Werry Kelly Wilks Tommy Willard David Williams Duane Wilson Lorraine Wilson Scott Wilson Janee Wise Deanne Witherspoon Joe Wood Patty Wood Tony Woodard Brad Wright David Wright Greg Wright Kathy Wright Kim Wynn Donna Yancey Keith Yeoman Joel York Susan Youngblood Jay Zorn 209 Sophomore Class , la. After many campaign promises, speeches over the PA system, and construction paper but- tons, sophomores decided on their class officers. The hardworking officers are Lori Mosher - President, Sherrie Reville - Vice President, and Rhonda Johnson - Secretary. 210 n g -. 29" ,N-M 1 at . ff-ga A , ris- s .f -' s , R 7 G X F7 K 1 2' 4? -4 at JW 'V Janice Aaron Carolina Abarquez Evelyn Abbott Keith Adams Paula Adams Tracy Adkins Lisa Alexander Cheree Allen Lisa Allen Candy Allison Stephanie Alsup Ken Anderson Lisa Anderson Paul Anderson Tracey Anderson Donna Arey Daniel Arriaga Damon Arthur Betty Baber Gina Bailey Lisa Bailey Betty Baleer Mark Ballas Julie Bankert Doug Bannister Greg Banno Cecilia Baptista Jeff Barker Lisa Barton Brett Beavers Teresa Becerra Tom Bender Lorri Berg Mike Biggs Mark Blackwell Sherry Blankenship Missy Boggs Dan Bolan Stacy Boler Donna Bonham Renae Boren Bart Boulware Jeff Boulware John Bowers Pat Bowers David Box Perri Boyer Nancy Bozeman 211 Sophomores Enjoy Second Year Paul Wade, a sophomore has many talents. Among them are art and photography. Paul's main interest in art is painting portraits. He got started at the age of twelve when he entered the Mesquite Art Show. Paul's painting earned over thirty ribbons. Since then he has entered many art shows and won numerous awards. Paul got involved with photography about four years ago. He has his own darkroom at home and develops his own pictures. His accomplishments include a photograph of Becky Stuard that won her Miss Photogenic of Dallas. He has also won many photography awards. He is also a member of the Spanish Club, Art Club, and is a photographer for the Annual Staff. "l enjoy art and photography, and I always want to learn more." Andy Braddock Sherry Bradley Sonya Brest Terrie Brewer Cindy Brooks Carvell Brown K X as r David Brown John Brown Matt Brown Monica Brown Scott Brown Donna Browning Tammy Buckles E Stacy Bullard Missy Burgess Paul Burnam Melanie Burton Richard Butler Dwayne Byers Karen Byrum Brian Cain Deanne Cain Jan Calloway Jerry Calverley fc. in 212 Lisa Carlton Gary Caronna Tina Carroll Christie Carter Greg Carter Mike Carter John Casali Frank Case Frank Cason Jesse Castillo Tamie Cawley Miriam Chafer Todd Chance Darin Chisenhall Felix Cintron Mary Christy Jimmy Clark Greg Clary Joe Coker Jan Cole Mike Cole Stephen Collins David Colwill Julie Cook Gwen Cooke Alisa Cooper Matt Cooper Jennifer Cowan Leveta Cowan Richard Cravey Marty Crawford Deanna Crim Brian Cross Richard Cross Charles Crumple Rex Curry John Davis Mike Davis Kenya Davis Melissa Dean Bobby Deets Dan DeGroot Ron Delay Barry Denton Deanne Dial Jeff Dillon Jorge Diaz Paul Dilodovico 213 l Hank Dixon Damon Dobson Dee Anna Donaldson Rebecca Doss Beverly Dotson James Douglas Andy Downs Mark Draper Debbie Duggins Stacey Dunford Kelly Dunn David Dupuis Melinda Durrett Andrew Dwight Stacy Earnhart Karen Easley Jim Easthom Chris Edwards Kay Edwards Tammy Eisenman Rhonda Elder Wes Elder Bryan Elkins Sandra Elliott Teri Elliott Debbie Ellis Joey Ellis Shelly Ellis Danny English Domenic Enriquez Susan Espinoza Bobby Eubanks Brian Evans Richard Fagala Karla Farmer Sam Farrell Dean Feemster Bruce Fehner Lori Felton Kim Ferguson Kim Fillmon Kim Finkenbinder Sammy Fischer Cary Fisher Ricky Fitzgerald Kim Fleming Amy Fletcher Nancy Ford 214 'W S, Drama Open to industrious Sophomores i --- . it K V: . - ....-I-si" , . , -J Qf i The new director ofthe Theatre Arts Department is Mrs. Gina Carpenter. Although she taught Eng- lish at Atwell Fundamental Academy in Dallas last year, this is her first year of teaching drama. Mrs. Carpenter is enthusiastic about her new job, say- ing that she wants this to be a great year, theatri- cally at N.M. Mrs. Carpenter first became inter- ested in drama in the eighth grade at Agnew Mid- dle School. After graduating from Mesquite High School, with four years of cheerleading behind her, Mrs. Carpenter attended East Texas State Univer- sity triple majoring in Drama, English, and Psychol- ogy. Her first year of directing at N.M. included "Barefoot in the Park" as the fall production, "Lit- tle Mary Sunshine" as the musical and "Summer- tree" as the UIL contest play. Mrs. Carpenter also directed two children's productions as a service to the area elementary schools. Dee Ann Foster J. L. Foster Richard Fowler Tony Fox Julie Franklin Tim Free Angela Frehner David Fudge Steve Fudge Loren Furmen John Futrell William Ganze Ricky Gardner John Garma Don Garrison A I AN At David Garza Gary Garza Glorie Garza Ron Gentry Tierne Gibben Michael Gibson Susan Gibson Tania Giermann Jim Gilbert 215 Vance Gilley Gigi Glancy Tony Gloden Michael Goekler Gena Goff Kendall Goodman Ricky Goodwin Troy Gore Kelly Gourlay Michael Graham Robert Granada David Gray Richard Gray Brenda Green Sherri Green Robert Grego Tonya Grimes Debbie Guerra Eydie Guevara Glen Gurecky Greg Hall Susan Hamideh Marilyn Hammons Teri Hammons Tracey Hammons Terry Hampton Carla Hanson Debbie Harmon Johnnette Harper Sheri Harrelson Leslie Harris Jeff Harris Traci Harris John Hart Melinda Hartsfield Brian Harvey Donna Hayes Lisa Hefner Staci Henderson Kristi Hennard Cathy Henry Belinda Hernandez Chris Herrage Jeff Herrington Sandy Hetzel Julie Hicks Kenny Hicks Christi Hitt 216 Sophomores Anticipate Next Year 'iw it ' wr A .5 'x Among the many specialized classes at N.M. one of the most interesting is General Electrics taught by Mr. David Armstrong. The first year of General Electrics is a broad survey of the electric world including practi- cal electronics and housewiring. lt is designed to develop an awareness of how diversified the field of electrics-electronics is. General Electronics ll is a more in depth study of the field. lt includes projects with ohm meters, power supplies, amplifiers, and speed controls. The class is designed to prepare a student for a career or trade school. Mr. Armstrong expresses the importance of his class by saying "Ours is very much an electronic world. It is one of the fastest growing fields because it touches all other fields." Terry Hodnett Susan Hogan David Hollifield Thomas Holman Theresa Holmes Noboo Hong Melanie Hood Wendell Hooker Tracey Hookings Kim Hopkins JoAnna Howard Pam Hubner Tonya Huckaby Jeff Hughes Keith Humphries Karen Hunt Jon Hunter Mike Hunter i zl Jami Hutchinson ' Denise Ismael f Dawna lsenman 49? . ' Rusty Jacks Sondra Jackson ' . TeresaJackson 1X ss News 217 Dale James Pamela James Patricia Jarvill Jill Johnson Joan Johnson Lori Johnson Lisa Johnson Rhonda Johnson Stanley Johnston Dana Jones Jeannie Jones Kevin Jones Lori Jones William Kapitan Susan Kath David Keau Jon Kearney Laura Kellehan Kevin Kelly Lisa Kelly Jana Kennedy Steve Kenney Benjamin Kernon Kathy Kesler Marshan Kidd Stephen Kilgore Lacy Killian Lorie Killian Beth Kilpatrick Kay Kilstrom Chuck Kinney Cheryl Kirkpatrick Lori Kilpatrick Bryan Knowles Kristy Koerner Danny Kovar Tracy Krueger Bill Kula Kim Kuptz Michael Kurt Lynette Lamb Steve Lancaster Laurie Lane Leanna Lane Linda Lankford Lori Larsen Ftamie Lay Steve Layer 218 Sophomores Start the Year With Spirit Terri McCain, a junior has been involved in many organizations. She has been a member of the band for three years in which she plays the alto saxophone, and has also been a majorette for three years. She competed at the Southwest regions and state compe- titions and placed in the top 10 as a twirler. Terri is also involved in FCA and the French Club. Her hob- bies include horseback riding and modelingg but her main interest is participating in beauty pageants. She won the Mini Mesquite Pageant in 1980 and hopes to some day compete in the Miss Texas Pageant. "lt was an experience I have always hoped for," she said. After graduating, Terri plans to attend college at either SMU or the University of Texas, where she wants to major in Psychology. After college, Terri would like to be an actress. Joe Le Brun Ge'lin Lee Greg Lee Holly Lee David Leerson Rhonda Legget 'WW Jeff Leslie Jim Lewis Tracy Limmer Mike Lindquist Leslie Lindstrom Jerrell Little Rusty Lloyd Chris Lobban Eddie Lock Linda Lock Jamie Lockey Bill Lowden 5 . Albert Machado ' " T John Madden - ' ,J ff ' ' Suzanne Magee - ' Doug Maiion X ,V John Marcos 4' -all M7 ff! 5 'fb 1. 43 8 f W f Gary Marks 219 Ronny Marriott David Marshall Angie Martin David Martin Kyle Martin Sherry Martin Tony Martin Teresa Martinez Melissa Mathison Sharra Mattingly Eddy Maxey Christie McAfee Eddie McAllister Sandy McCrummen Quinton McDaniel Mike McGee David McHargue Dana McKeithen Tracey McKenzie Juanita McPhall Larry Mead Gwen Meazell Angie Medford Greg Melvin Sherri Mereer Laura Merryman Donna Mikuda Kyle Miller Pam Miller Steven Miller Suzie Mitcham John Monaco Sondra Morray Travis Montgomery Susan Moody Mindy Moore Sammie Moore David Morgan Roy Morgan Teresa Morones Barbara Morris Robert Morris Donna Morrison Debbie Morrow Cindy Morton Julie Moses Lorrie Mosher Greg Mulholland 220 fn if ad' 'N 'V 2 'Y 9' f 'ff 4. ' T ff' f , ., .ag wr ,qw 5 r? Sophomores Adjust to High School Life Bill Parlett is involved in many extracurricular activ- ities at North Mesquite. He is a member of the Span- ish Club, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Future Homemakers of America, Young Life, and the Woods and Water Club. Some of his hobbies are playing pool and riding horses on a friend's farm. He likes partici- pating in all sports, but he especially likes basketball. He plays on a men's league for his church. Bill also enjoys hunting all kinds of game and fishing, which he does in Palestine, Texas. He is an active member of Ferguson Road Baptist Church and belongs to its Youth Department. They plan to go to Washington this summer on a mission trip. He also enjoys listen- ing to rock music, and his favorite movies are scary ones. After finishing high school, Bill plans to attend college at either the University of Texas at Arlington or North Texas State University and major in busi- ness. Becky Murdock Brenda Mygatt Rodney Nanez Stacy Nelson David Newman Nguyen Hoang Steven Nichols Dawn Northcut Connie Oliver Gilber Olson Lynn Olson Jerry O'Neal Laurie Owens Billy Parks Laurel Pannoni Jeff Partridge Jeff Patrick Anita Patterson Kenneth Patterson Shelley Patton Mike Pearson Barry Pennington Jorge Perez Trey Perryman 221 Sophomores Keep N M Spirit Alive Mark Brunson was a foreign exchange student in Denmark last year for one year. He first wanted to be an exchange student just for the fun of it, but later learned the importance in dealing and being with people of different cultures and societies. He also learned very quickly to be independent. According to him, the lifestyle in Denmark is extremely different from that in the U.S. The school he attended was equivalent to a college-prep and was totally volun- tary. In one year he learned how to speak Danish fluently. He enjoys water skiing, ice skating and other winter sports. ln Denmark, he was taught how to knit and make things with his hands. After graduation he plans to attend a junior college for the first two years, and then the University of Maryland for the last two years where he will major in languages. He intends to go back to Denmark. Mary Peters Renee Peterson Amy Peyton Floyd Phelps Steve Piland Natalie Pinson Paul Pintor Greg Pogue Lenny Pollard Shelly Poor Lori Porter Charels Potter Delynda Powell Stephanie Power Sherry Prater Carrie Prater Jackie Prestridge Dale Price Jeff Price Gregory Puckett Judy Purvis Patty Ramsey Kelly Rattan Kim Rattan 222 Brad Reason Steve Reed Annette Reid Darrel Reid Billy Joe Reneau Debbie Renner Sherry Reville Robyne Renolds Sheila Richardson Jon Richardson Curtis Rigdon Alisa Rios Angela Rios Teresa Rios Lori River Laura Roberts Richard Robertson Ken Robinson Trey Roden Steve Rodgers Lisa Rodriguez Chris Rogers Pam Rogers Shelly Rosebrock Rhonda Rowan Gerald Rowell Serena Ruff Dana Russell Kari Ryle D'Anna Saffle Audrey Salley Beth Sanders Mark Sanders Gary Sapp Pat Saucedo Howard Sauceman Dana Sauter Julie Schnurr Tiffany Seabolt Billy Seitzler Catherine Settle Danny Settle David Shaver Michael Sheets Casey Sheffield Darla Shelton Deanna Shockley Terry Shuffler 223 Robin Shugart David Shupe Kim Shutt Julie Simmons Shellye Simmons Kevin Sledge Janet Sloan Casey Smith Darren Smith Kendall Smith Philip Smith Tommy Smith Toni Smith Keasha Solis Peggy Southern Lori Springer Chalese Stachowiak Sonja Stafford Bill Stanley Terri Starnes Amber Steedman Michelle Steele Lee Ann Stephens Paula Stephenson Dina Stewart DeAnna Stidham Robert Stoeber Laura Stone Steve Stone Becky Stuard Steve Stubblefield Laura Swank Lisa Swann Richard Swieter Deana Taylor Neille Taylor Rhonda Taylor Sherri Taylor Sue Tedlock Rhonda Temple Gerald Terry David Terry Nancy Terry Paulette Thomason Tanis Thompson Johnna Tigert Lee Tillery Kirt Tillman 224 RWE? l 'Y r-,Q at -ev 'W i eff- V wi 1 gif M . T59 if mx 4,, f Y T a-eg X . ! it 'wt' Sophomores Work Toward Future Goals Kizfzfzitt QQQQQOQQ ?Z'!'Z'X'3 p,4,4444 444'4" 59,000.5 ' 4 4:4:4:Q 934' Yds qi Stephen Kilgore has a very interesting and traveled past. He has lived in Coasta Rica and Guatemala for eleven years. He moved to Coasta Rica at the age of two before moving to Chemaltenango at the age of three. Stephen lived in Central America because his parents were missionaries there. He said school was different inthe way that there were small classes and a four hour school day. He said in Guatemala the peo- ple were nice and although the standard of living was not high, he liked living there. "I would like to return and do missionary work like my parents did," said Stephen. Stephen's hobbies are playing all sports, especially basketball. He also collects key chains from all over the world. After Stephen graduates, he plans to attend Philadelphia Bible College. Evan Tinney Denise Todd Scott Toles Teresa Trail Debbie Tramel Gary Travis Mark Trumble Jay Trussell Linda Underwood Alan Vanhoozer Laurie Van Lehn Richard VanSchaick John Venrick Regina Vella Robert Vigil Eddie Villareal Paul Wade Kevin Wadsworth Bobie Walker Robyne Walker Stephen Walker Winona Walker P IW tk' 5 au a ins ' A A Becky Watson 225 Sophomores Set Goals for the Future Rodney Watson Sharon Watters Charlie Weaver Rhonda Weaver Stephanie Wells Jeanne Westphal Max Whaley Danny Wheeler Delaine White Jerald White Sandra White Scott White Candy Wicks Tammy Wilbanks Mark Wild Jean Willard Debbie Williams Gayle Williams Darrell Willis John Willis Karl Wilson Kimberly Wilson Mike Wilson Shari Wilson Devy Winniford Steve Winniford David Wisk Steve Wohlschlaeger Sonya Wolf Flussell Wolfgang Jerry Wood Amy Wright Denise Wright Tracey Wright Teri Yniguez Lisa York Ronald York Claudia Young Randy Young Jon Youngblood Tina Zollin 226 59" 'N Af? ,nu Business Law Offers Field Trip Zero Period Has Many Advant There are several things that a person looks forward to when taking the course called Business Law. The first thing is the annual visit to the Dallas County Courthouse. Students had a choice of hearing cases or going through the jails, Of those who heard cases, many felt like they were watching an old Perry Mason re-run. The different cases ranged from arsony to theft. Those who went through the jail got to see how criminals were finger- printed when they were brought in, This visit to the courthouse was all in prepara- tion for each Business Law class to hold a Mock Trial. The lawyers and the witnesses were appointed and the case began. Each side spent several days preparing to give their side of the case. Whether the accused was found inno- cent or guilty by the jury, all learned more about court pro- ceedings. Pictured are three lawyers who have mixed emo- tions over their trial. They are Russell Dalton, Daniel Hargrove, and Bill Parlett. ages How many of you brave souls have experienced hav- ing a zero period class? Well, you haven't really lived till you have. All you have to do is to get up and race to school before the 7:30 tardy bell rings. Now is that too much to ask of someone? There are several advantages to having a zero period. First, you'Il always get a parking sticker because you are already at school early. Also, if there is any kind of assembly, you are sure to get a ticket to that. Another good thing about zero period is that you get to go home an hour early. lf you're really lucky and have some vocational class or a work permit, you might get to leave two hours early. Zero period is open to any Junior or Senior who is willing to drag himself out of bed an extra hour early. Don't worry about being bored in zero period, you have a choice of taking anything from English to typ- ing. Pictured is Mrs. Watson's dedicated zero period Typing ll class. The Annual Staff would like to give them a special thank you for all their help typing pages for the annual. 227 Freshman Class LW ' '-J" A X4 2 .i Cf 31 5 S wg 3 "High school at last" is the phrase that's on the minds of most freshmen when they enter North Mesquite. The new phase of life is shared by the Freshman Ciass Officers. They are Keri Baird - President, Shann Barton - Vice President, and Dawn Naberhaus - Secretary. 228 Richard Abbot Jill Achziger Dona Adair Bart Adams Don Adams Terry Aills Cheryl Alexander Sheila Allen Mark Almond Rosie Amador Karen Anderson Calvin Arnett Mike Arnold Terry Arnold Carl Arrington Pennie Arthur Sandy Arthur Robert Auston Twilla Aycook Kamy Aylorg Tim Ayo Mike Bacon Gaylynn Bailey Keri Baird Sheila Baird Rex Baladad Katherine Banner Deleign Bardwell Kevin Bartlett ShannBarton Helen Bati Scott Bayer Kellie Beathe Teresa Beaty Laura Beaumont Nelda Benavidez Randy Benoit Mary Beshers Bobby Bilyeu Kevin Black Cindy Blackwell Kellie Blain Dana Blair David Blakeney Lisa Bloodsworth Todd Boatwright William Boaz Tim Bogan 229 Shelly Boling Joy Booth Linda Boroughs Cindy Bowman Nancy Box Jill Boyd Mike Boykin Mark Braddock Danny Bradley Denise Bradley Robert Brady Jamie Brandon Gent Brent Missy Brisendine James Broiles Chris Brown Jimmy Brown Lori Brown Mark Brown Mike Brown Lana Browning Gary Burch Howard Burkham Carrie Burkhart David Burkhart Jon Burnett Deborah Burross John Buss Steven Butner Michael Cairnes Christi Callan David Calmes Kim Calverley Karla Calvert Christina Card Teresa Cargill Loren Carlson Lena Carroll Carece Carter Cindy Carter Wayne Chadwick David Chaffee Christine Chamber Beth Champion David Chapin James Chapman Sherry Clark Barry Clemmons 230 fx we 11' an L! ed Freshmen Adjust to High School Lifestyle. XX mmf Power Mechanics is offered to any Junior or Senior at North Mesquite. During one half of the year the stu- dents learn about Power Mechanics. There are vari- ous projects to be made over the year. Some are Machettes or motor supports. By the end of the year, a student would have a general idea of how machines work. Taking apart a lawnmower or car engine and being able to put it back together would be skills learned through Power Mechanics. Most of his classes average twelve to thirteen people and are taught by Mr. Robert Carter. Donnie Kahlig gave his reasons for taking Power Mechanics: "l'm planning on going into Welding Technology after I graduate and thought this course would help me." 4 Jody Coker my . ,J . ' 1:-'La f f V CurtisCoats we I Karl Cole Samantha Coleman f-r Wesley Coleman Linny Collins if A 141 af Phyllis Collins Stephen Colwill Blake Combs Randy Cook Chris Cooper Karen Cooper Kristi Cooperider Mia Coram Jan Costlow Kevin Cowan Tony Cox Mike Crawford Kyle Crowley Deryl Crumley John Crumpley Jerry Cummings Kris Cumnock M, Rhonda Daniel 9 1 48,1 Zi a 5 ft A -ge 4 W 1 ,... J' ' .fr A V il"lr ' ' -, '-" li W Q T 231 Frankie Darnell Michelle Davidson Brad Davis Cindy Davis Cindy Davis Deborah Davis Drew Davis Kerry Davis Mary Davis Michael Davis Billy Day Larry Day Susan Deason Gretchen Deininger Jill Delaney Deena Delay Paul Dempsey Tracy Dempsey Barry Denton Todd Denton Laurena DeShannon David Dial Kim Dixon Patsy Doane Casey Dodds John Dollarhide Don Dona Eddie Draganski Doug Drumm Bryan Duckworth Cheryl Duckworth Jeanna Dutt Erin Dunegan Susan Dunivan Scott Earp Kevin Edgmon Kevin Edwards Randy Edwards David Elder Gary England Kristie England Dante Enriquez Don Enriquez Minerva Espinoza Ronnie Essman Karen Ethington Diane Eubanks Heather Ezell 232 Frosh Begin New Way of Life 'Qin What is a Senior's memory, a Freshman and Soph- omore's dread, and a Junior's nightmare? Give up? lt is also black and white and red all over. Of course, it is the Junior Term Paper. At almost any time during the year Juniors can be spotted in the halls with stacks of library books, dictionaries, 4x6 index cards and a worried look. A Junior who is in the middle of his term paper can be readily spotted by the bags under the eyes due to a lack of sleep occurring from an all night typing session, or trying to get the foot- notes to end exactly one inch from the bottom of the page, or from the reoccurring nightmare of losing his First Draft. These memories will live in Keith Yeo- man's mind long after the Final Draft has been graded. 4' Kenny Ezelle Gayla Farrell Shelly Feemster Terry Ferguson James Fernandez Denise Field Breach Fitz Randy Fitz Kellye Flanagan Beth Focht Laura Folks Lisa Forman Weldon Forest Brian Foster Cellam Foster Cristi Foster Karen Fox Kenny Fox Jimmy Francis Robert Fudge Robert Fulton Chris Fultz Mike Furr Sylvia Gaeva 233 Jana Gamble Cynthia Gammons Paul Gandy Steve Gardner Stephanie Garvin Mitch Gary Vincent Garza Tina Gaskey Michael Gass Carrie Gatlin Jessica Gentry John Gentry Donny Gerber Shelly Gerdes Jean Gibboney Steve Giles Mike Gilmore Janey Glaser Tracie Glassock Gary Goforth Lisa Golding Lori Goldsberry John Gomez Joe Gonzales Lisa Gooch Darien Goode K. C. Goodman L. C. Goodwin Leanne Goolsby Tracy Gore Glenn Goree Debbie Gotthardt Bryan Graham Kim Graham Robin Grant Leanne Graves Kevin Gray Thomas Gray Lloyd Green Lisa Gregory Lori Gregory James Grigar Denise Guerra Dana Gumpert Sharon Hadley Cameron Hagins Angela Hale Doug Hall 234 ffgi Freshm " an Future in School Music plays a very important part in the life of Jun- ior Doug Herndon. He has been a tuba player in the Big Blue Band since his freshman year. Currently Doug is active in the Jazz Band, Honors Band, and Orchestra. Besides music, Doug is involved in Scout- ing. He has been a Boy Scout for the past nine years, and recently became an Eagle Scout. Doug enjoys scouting because of the feeling of self accomplish- ment and self reliance he has learned on the many camping and hiking trips he often takes. Doug enjoys raquetball, waterskiing, and mountain climbing in his spare time. Playing the bass guitar, watching old movies, tespecially Bob and Bingj are some of his other hobbies. Brian Hilz Mark Hill Cathy Hill Kevin Henrichson Ricky Hendrix Mimi Hendrix Rita Hendrickson Becky Heath Kristie Hearne Mike Haworth Mike Hawkins Bruce Harvey Charlotte Harrison James Harris Bryan Harris Vicki Harrelson Terry Harmon Lisa Harmon Scott Hardison Gwen Hanson Andrea Hancock Sam Hamilton Vernon Hall Kathy Hall fix: 235 Rodney Hinton Jeff Hoff Lisa Holcomb Matt Holcombe Gary Holland Charles Holley Keith Holman Kenny Hood Michelle Hopkins Regina Hopkins Stacey Hopper Renae Horton Lisa Hoyt Micheal Hubik C. C. Humphus John Hunstable Sheri Hutchins Rhonda Hutto Brett lnce Kent Irvin Fayza lsmail Jenny Jackson Adina Jacobs Kelly James Paul Janecka Paul Janicek Penny Janosik Bobby Jette Beth Johnson Bill Johnson Carolyn Johnson Melanie Johnson Robert Johnson Roger Johnson Sandy Johnson Stashia Johnson Mel Jolana Christi Jones Michelle Jones Jackie Jordon Ray Kamps Laura Kauffman David Kaun Kevin Keel Richard Kelly Michelle Kirk Joanna Kirkland Tracie Kleinholz 236 if M-nr 'U' fr fn.. 9? 17' l.l ll Frosh Manage Struggle lst Year W ,P-vw ff QM Remedios Abarquez was born in the Philippine Islands in the city of Manila. She and her family moved from the tropics to Michigan when she was eleven. From Michigan the Abarquez family moved to Florida and then to Texas. Speaking the English lan- guage was not difficult for her since English is a required subject in the Islands. Remedios thinks America has more freedom and chances for opportu- nity, but she misses the parties and customs of the Philippine holidays. After attending Eastfield, she plans to go to the University of Southern Florida and major in Business Administration, ultimately owning a dress shop or a disco. Remedios is active in Paceset- ters, dance, and loves to play basketball. Susan Klutts xx nl Monette Kovar Damon Kujawa Glen Lacoste Leigh Ann Lacey Dale Lafon Jerry Lancaster David Lance Robert Langford Susan Leathers Dot LeBrun Marci Ledgerwood Kellee Lemons Stuart Lenlz Bryan Lewis Debra Lewis Greg Lewis l Jeanene Lewis Flon Lewis Diana Linker Chuck Lipsett Rocky Lloyd Janice Loden Scott Lopez 237 Freshmen Fall Into the Stallion Spirit Few employed students consider the work they do a hobby, but DeeAnn Muldoon is an exception. A friend of DeeAnn's introduced her into a four-year- old jewelry company known as Classique Creations. After being introduced, she decided she liked it so much she wanted to get involved. When asked why she considered her job a hobby, DeeAnn answered, "Because in the process of working you are given the opportunity to meet different kinds of people." The jewelry, which DeeAnn sells in her own home, is 18 karat gold electroplated, and it has a life-time guar- antee. The showcase includes bracelets, rings, neck- laces, and earrings. She commented, "The best part of all this jewelry is the prices, which range from four to fifty dollars." DeeAnn then added, "Astar as work- ing goes, it has been a great learning experience." Jeff Lott Scott Loudder Chad Lovell Michelle Lovell Ky Lowe Sheila Lucas Chris Luttrell Kirk Luttrell 2 Jeff Lyon if uhm Laura Lynd V ,JZ Danny Macey S , Donna Macey A I' ,, Brian Maddox Bambi Madsen Randall Magee Shannon Magee Mark Mallino Tammy Malson Julia Mangham Philip Manicchia Wendy Marshburn Ginny Martin Dana Martin Jennifer Martin 238 NS John Martin Sherri Martin Vicki Martin Cindy Martinez Tim Masters Kristene McAda Michael McCaig Susan McClinton Karen McClure Paul McCoIgan Steve McCollum Randy McCully John McDaniel John McDaniels Tony McGary Scott McGowan Shanna McGuffey Cheryl Mcllroy John McKinney Shannon McKinney Debbie McKnight Kim McLain Charles McLean Andrea McLemoie Melissa McPhall Tessy McQuain Kim McRae Tommy Medlin Mike Melton Jesse Mendez Mike Mercer Shelly Messick John Michael Carla Miller Chris Miller Dan Miller Darlene Miller Jeff Miller Mark Miller Franklin Mills Regina Mills Lori Minnick Robert Minsky Anthony Mitchell Jeff Mitchell Laura Mitchell Sherry Mitchell Jimmy Mohr 239 New York, New York Comes to North Mesquite Timothy Bracey went to school last year in Brook- lyn, New York. The name of the school he attended was Sarah Jay Hale and Timothy says it was more of a place to hang out than a place to learn. ln New York public schools there are no air conditioners and stu- dents don't have their choice of classes. Timothy feels the education at North Mesquite is much better. According to Timothy, the people of Mesquite are much friendlier than New Yorkers. "People in Mes- quite will come up and introduce themselves to me, but in New York you would be considered crazy if you said hello to someone you didn't know," he said. But Timothy would still like to go back to New York. He was employed as a model while still living there. Timothy also has a great collection of hats, and is fre- quently seen about campus wearing one. David Montgomery Melanie Montgomery Penny Moody Barry Moore Fluth Moore Tina Moore Tracey Moore Cathy Moreno Rita Moreno Gerald Morgan Bobbie Morris Cheryl Morris Troy Morton Randy Moss James Mowell Micheal Muehl Linda Muldoon Mary Mullen James Murphy Katrina Murphy Susie Murray Larry Musick Sam Myer Sue Myrdall fy' X 240 Dawn Naberhaus Angie Nading Brian Neece David Nettles Shannon Newman Starr Lynn Newsome Dat Nguyen Todd Nichols Fermin Nigo Sybrena Nobles Jerry Nolen LeaAnn Nyvold Sheree O'Conner Barry Oliver Kathy Owen Julio Pacho Nathan Palmer Leslie Pamplin Bill Parmer David Patrick Hemry Patters Steve Paulov Gayla Paulsen Clifton Payne Victoria Payne Gene Peepler Gloria Pena Shaun Penn Bobby Perritt Justin Perry Karla Perry Vince Perry Leo Pete Clifton Petree Fred Phillips Steve Phillips JoAnn Piccola Stephanie Pierce John Polvado Mike Pope Shelly Porter Leah Posing Nicole Posing Cheryl Powell Andrea Power Angela Power Diane Prater Vicki Price 241 Freshmen See Changes in Life Style The preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test was given to seventy Juniors and Seniors. The test which was given in the library by Mr. Scott and Mrs. Wood, cost 83.75. This amount covered expenses for administer- ing the test. The PSAT was given on Tuesday, Octo- ber 21. Students taking the PSAT got out of their 1st, 2nd, and 3rd period classes. The test consisted of a fifty minute test on verbal skills which contained sixty- five questions and a fifty minute mathematics test which contained fifty questions. The test is very hard and challenging. By taking this test, students can find out how they rank among Juniors and Seniors across the country and also get experience for taking the actual SAT. Very high scores on the PSAT may qualify exceptional students for a National Merit Scholar- ship. Students such as Kim Smith often get advice from counselor Bill Scott. Billy Primm Richard Primm Paul Provence Lesia Pruitt Natalie Pupo Mike Puyear Kelly Pyle Bill Ramsey Michael Ramsey June Randell Chris Randle Bryan Ranes Jimmy Rasco Carla Ray Genene Ray Larry Ray Mark Ray Lori Raymond Xx XX -KXQX 73 - 4 V77 Linda Read Mark Rector Jimmy Reed Randy Reed Shane Reese Sonya Reese 242 All Bruce Reeves Dennis Reichert Jerry Reisinger Priscilla Rhett Kristie Rial Robin Rich John Rigsby Trevor Riley Amy Ritchie Anthony Rizzotto Mark Robertson Stephanie Robertson Pam Rochester John Rock Melissa Rodgers Shannon Rodgers June Rodriguez Patti Rodriguez Robyne Roe Tim Rogers Mark Ronscavage Louis Rosales Russell Rotenberry Jim Rountree Susan Roush Erik Rude Cam Rudolph Tommy Samford James Sammann John Sammann Cindy Sanchez Dana Sanders Jana Sauter Lori Sawyer Renaie Sawyer Loretta Schnurr Luanne Schwartz Robert Sellers Shanna Shappard Jeff Shaver Warren Sheffield Mallah Shero Ann Shields Misty Shields Lisa Shies Jimmy Shiflet Stephanie Shirel Michelle Shriver 243 Steve Shivers Christina Sibbach Kelly Simmons Kim Simmons Kim Sims Marty Sitzmann Rhonda Skaggs Janet Slaton Sherrie Slayden Teresa Sleeper Marc Smedley Kim Smith Lance Smith Leslie Smith Maralena Smith Mike Smith Shari Smith Kevin Souther Bill Space Dottie Spalding Lou Ann Starnes Ronnie Starrett Greg Stehn Matt Stephens Ronnie Stephens Michall Stephenson Daniel Stewart Julie Stewart Donny Stout Davis Strom Elaine Swann Tim Tafoya Ruth Taltur James Talton Mike Tanner Clair Taylor Kim Taylor Chris Teague Patrick Teems Marcia Telker Janet Thomason Joel Thompson Scott Thompson Jimmy Thornton Coretta Tipkon Barbara Tobias Tawana Toothman Cindy Tramel 244 ...sf . 'S' Mft NJ' Freshmen Look to Senior Leaders Ray Hill has an interesting hobby. He likes to shoot off rockets. No, he is not an employee of NASA, the rockets Ray fires are small rockets made out of balsa wood. He started this hobby when he was in the 7th grade tRay is now a Seniort. He saw a kit and just thought it would be an interesting pastime. Since that time Ray has built and fired over twenty rockets. The packages are sold at hobby shops and the engines are sold separately. The price ranges from a meager SL05 to 32000. First Ray assembles the actual rocket and then he paints it. The engine has to be put in and then hopefully the rocket is ready to be fired. He does this in an open field close to his house. The rockets can reach heights of up to 2,000 feet. Another of Ray's hobbies is motorcycles. But he doesn't have to build his own motorcycles, just ride them. Mongduyen Tran Debi Trumble Cathy Tucker Yvette Tucker Robin Tyler -ev Gipsy Umbarger Jeanetta Underwood Phillip Villareal Kristal Vaughn Ed Vaughn Harold Varner Diane Wagner Brenda Walker Joey Wallace Wade Wallace Todd Walls Kevin Walton Jim Ward Michelle Warren Kelly Warta Tracy Washburn Sandra Washington Regina Watkins Y My Chris Watson 245 Tony Watson Larry Watwood Dawn Webb Jackie Webb Jeff Webb Robert Weber Becky Wells Cheryl Wenz Missy Westmoreland David Wheeler Bethanne Whitaker Cassey White Pam White Penny Whiteside Kyle Whitton Sherry Wiggins Kylynnedra Wilcots Tammy Wilkins Edwin Wilkinson Carl Williams Debi Williams James Williams Jane Williams Joe Williams Chris Willis LouAnn Willis Wesley Wills Lisa Wooley Chris Woolheater Kevin Wortham Laura Wycoff Jeff York Robert York Shanon Zavadil Tonya Zimmerman 246 '1l Frosh Look Forward to Sophomore Year ff Working at the KNUS radio station, Kevin Sledge learned the steps to becoming a radio announcer. The station is located on the tenth floor of the Mer- chant's State Bank Building in East Dallas. "On a clear night," says Kevin, "you can see the lights of Town East Mall - a distance of 15 miles." His vari- ous jobs at the station included filing tapes, checking the newsline, and running errands for DJ Ray Zoler. Kevin noted that his favorite job was answering the request lines. He wasn't ever paid for the work he did there because it was only for the fun and the experi- ence. "The reason I want to be a DJ," says Kevin, "is because I love to entertain for people, usually in stu- pid, crazy ways, but it's something I can do and I think it would be a great job." He then added, "I think peo- ple will be hearing my voice on the radio within five years if everything works out." Jeff Hughes, a sophomore, has accomplished more in his life than most people will ever accomplish. Jeff's hobbies include skydiving, scubadiving, flying air- planes and hot air balloons. Jeff and his father train people to scubadive and skydive. Jeff skydives from the Seagoville Airport with a skydiving team called Outlaw. They have performed at different events, one was diving at a Dallas Tornado soccer game. Jeff also scubadives, he has been to the Bahamas and throughout the Caribbean Sea. He is looking forward to a trip to Jamaica. Jeff's other hobbies include rid- ing Harley Davidson motorcycles, listening to music, and playing the guitar with friends, whom he would someday like to form a band with. After graduating, Jeff says, "I want to have fun and be a rock star." 247 48 Dr. Ralph Poteet x ff 3 in ..k,, K 'wr MISD School Board The School Board members are, bottom row: H. E. Finley - Vice President, Mrs. Reba Jones - President, Mr. Jerry Stroud - Secretary, top row: W. Fl. Ewing, James Copeland, E. J. Larsen, Mrs. Sue Ann Mackey. Dr. Don Wooley Mr. Jack Hicks Dr. J. C- Cannaday Personnel Business Secondary Education 24 W , ,, 7, Principal Jonn Campbell Mr. Campbell is seen instructing the seniors during the graduation rehearsal. N-.-...,fv"'l MH . 'Hem Q- , M. Mr. Campbell takes a break to read the classified ads. Assistant Principal James lVloCoy ' Mr. McCoy is seen doing one of the last minute tasks to help get X the graduation ceremonies underway. if Amianne Hart lDennis Hart's daughterl visits Jim McCoy on the last day of school. L: t ,.... I Administration Keeps Day Going if N KK X we fi. .W ,av K t s X 3 J Don Duke Homer Gray Dean Visiting Teacher Carol Cooley Brad Chilton Dean of Instruction Registrar Counselors Offer Career Ideas "im M S C A 'L---'WN Bill Scott Carol Wood Senior Counselor JUI1iOr Counselor Helen Griffin Celia Fletcher Sophomore Counselor Freshman Counselor Secretaries Help Faculty and Students ., 1gt',,s,,,W,t-7 , '--F Carolyn Hetzel Dottie Wells Principal's Secretary Registrar's Secretary V 'L .fxlatt .V f .ff ,, ' ' . . f ,,,... i n, 1 ni it -'...,'k 1 Peggy Barnett Reba Morgan ADA Secretary ADA Secretary ' D 4? YJ' fs A aff 1 ,. W g,,'f"' H , l ,tact , Carolyn Teagle Patty Dunn Bonded Secretary Teachers Secretary 253 Aides Lend a Helping Hand Francis Holt Aide Janice Bevill Aide Doris Eaton Nurse Pat Graham Aide Mary Fortenberry Aide Mary Ann Morgan Librarian Faculty Teaches Respon 'E' Martha Adcock Ada K. Allen 20th Cent. Eur. Business Math Govt., W. Geog. Acct. 1, 2 I f' it fk 'A Sandi Allred David Armstrong Hm. Mngmt. Gen. Elect. 1, 2 Hmkg. 2 Plastics Q Gloria Benavides Da Naune Bloodworth Spanish 1, 2, 3, 4 Fund. Math lnt. Alga. James Brinkley Donna Capps PE, Biology 1, PE, Tennis Coach Basketball sibility lny Karen Allen Mike Allen Biology 1 DE iPELl Linda Attaway LeeAnn Babbitts French 1, 2, 3, 4 Hmkg. 1 Peggy Bowdoin Cathy Bradley English 1, 2 Art 1, 2, 3, 4 13 1-gv Wm Gina Carpenter Robert Carter Drama 1, 2, 3 Power Mechanics Mr. Fiobert McCarty has been a teacher in the MISD for twelve years. He taught at Agnew Middle School for four years before coming to North Mesquite in 1973. Mr. Mc- Carty grew up in Dallas and went to college at NTSU, ETSU, and the University of Maryland. Mr. McCarty teaches history, and he really loves it. He is a very good and highly respected teacher. Before teaching, Mr. Mc- Carty was inthe Air Force. He was an instruc- tor of aircraft maintenance. He was stationed in Japan, Alaska, and Texas. His hobbies are wood-working, and writing in his spare time. Asked about his philosophy on teaching, he said, "People who do not have self-discipline cannot learn, therefore, they do not have 1 -i right to pass, and can't contribute much i society." Ron Chauvin Gary Childress Ruth Copeland Tom Council l Alg 1, Sports Alg 1, Football Volleyball, Choir English 1, 2 'W if S 5 I . . -,J , 1 i . l. Ben Cross Susan Cumby Agri. Bus. 1, 2 Fles. English l W3 'ESQ' if ,QF ,fri , x X g Flon Daniels Rick Davis Plastics, Band, Jazz Band Gan Wnm-1 QW! Tommy Davis Sherrie Day Lavonne Dennis Susan Dorsey 256 Chem. 1, 2, Phys. Sci. English 1 English 2, 4 Res, English Aero!Avia. Typing 1 Nostra Creatio Sponsor Fles. Math Teachers Show Enthusiasm Marita Drake Algebra 2 Geometry Lou Faling W. Hist., Med. Hist, Govt., Soc. Connie Hetzer Eng. 1, Speech 1, 2, 3 Drama 1 1.3 Dick Jackson W. Hist., Am. Hist. Cora Dugan English 3, 4 French 1 Judy Fitzgerald Pre.-Voc. Sci. VAC fm , , , Richard Hoffman Photography Graph. Arts J rrts l , ,, .rr . 1 .rrtr iii 'VV'. Q ,,.. if . .. ,.. ' it if Leo Jackson Int. Alg. 1, Fund Math 1, Sports Richard Ehrig Anna Ezzell German 1, 2, 3, 4 Am. Hist., Track Am. History Health Raye Gibson Sandra Gray Adv. Reading Govt., Tex. Hist. Dev. Reading W. Hist., Am. Cult. Stu. , K Jill Humphrey Carol Hunter Driver Ed. Shorthand 1, 2 Typing 1 ..... Tommy Johnson Janet Jones Gen. Draft Journalism 1, 2 257 Arch. Draft Newspaper Sponsor, Photo Journalism yr Mrs. Dennis tries to figure out how to keep her flowers from dying and Mr. Wagliardo stands in amazement of the "beauty" of a North Mes her milk from spoiling at the same time. quite Hallway. fl' Jane Kelley Terry Kinard John Kline Kathy Lane Algebra 1, 2 Biology 1, CVAE "A" Band, Freshman Pre. Voc. Math Sports Band Eng., Hist., Sci f Patricia Lane Robby Lock Robert McCarty Linda Marshall Am. Hist., PE, VOE W. History PELE, Hmkg1 Sports Norman McLaren 258 ICT British History Lorraine Mitchell Jerry Moynihan Trig, Anal. Geom., Am. History Calculus, Physics 1, 2 Sports is A! Jim Murphy Am. History Sports Teaching Staff Enrienes Students Kathryn Nelson Patricia Owens Res. English Res. Math Res. Math Res. English Sue Pfeil Bobbie Perry PE, Biology 1 Spanish 1 Cheerleader Sponsor Becky Paris English 2,3 Ron Pardun Biology 1, 2, Adv. Sci. Chem. l 4 ' , ,,, Ron Powell PE, Basketball 3 Lynnell Prater Hmkg. 1, 3 "'S' .Cl , . ff, It F " I Julia Reynolds Keri Reynolds Gloria Richardson Cindy Riley English1, 3 Hmkg. 1 Accounting 1 Math Typing 1 1 5 X'- X Ben Robertson Judy Rollins Sammy Rusk James Spann Govt., Psychology Bus. Math, English 3, SQHJ ROTC Football Typing 2 is . Q2 Finding a teacher to do a special feature on might be hard, not knowing their hobbies. However, Mrs. Bow- doin shows her hobbies through her school spirit. Mrs. Bowdoin has been teaching for seventeen years, nine ofi which have been at North Mesquite. Her teaching. abilities include Freshman English and World History. Along with English I she also teaches CVAE. When wel asked Mrs. Bowdoin if she thought school spirit is im-i portant, she said, "If the school can't be united in onei thing, then it won't be at all." After not missing a varsity football game since she has been teaching here, she also likes to attend baseball, basketball, and volleyball games. Bill Stanglin Fund. Math, CVAE, Int. Alg. 1 ' X 1 4. 5 Weldon Swann Claude Tarver Ron Taylor Health, Sports Alg. 1 English 3 Int. Alg. 2 Annual Staff ix 2. f it K . '73 ,QA 35 ,i 1 5 Barbara Thomas Brent Thorne Kay Threadgill Joan Timms Pacesetters, J.V. Drill Am. History English 2iHl, 3 Dev. Reading PE, Health Track English 4iHi Janice Tonroy Ken Trepagnier Connie Vinson Larry Wagliardo O Hm Mn mt Ph s Sci Al 2 Tri Anal Geom Com .Matht 2 - Q -4 Y - -- - i - - D i Hm Furnish., Hm. Fam. Liv. Baseball 9 Q , ,, Ruth Watkins Jane Wait Mary Ann Webb Majorie Wilson W. History Typing 1 Adv. VAC Latin 1, 2, 3, 4 English 1 275 L0 Ray Wilson Betty Wohlschlaeger Heather Wolford Sarah Wolfeskill DE 1, 2 English 1 Eng. 2 Biology 1, Art 1 Phys. Sci. Wesley Wyatt Brenda Young CVAE 1, 2 Health, Sci. tPELl, HOCT 1, 2 - Tom Council is seen trying to figure out how to run a tape recorder. Mr. Kline gives a big smile to the photographer during a pep rally 261 3 DEDICATION Mr. Tony Anderson The North Mesquite Annual Staff is honored to dedicate the 1980-81 Trailblazer to Mr. Tony Anderson, band director of the Big Blue for 10 years. Mr. Anderson is retiring at the end of this year, but will continue his music by judging band contests. He has been directing bands for 39 years and said, "l'm 65 years old and I've been here long enough." Mr. Anderson has a reputation for having award winning bands and has kept that tradition going ever since he came to North Mesquite High. During his years at North Mesquite, the Big Blue has consistently been a sweepstakes winner in UIL contests and he has directed numerous all-state band members. Mr. Anderson was awarded the highest honor a band director can obtain in a year by receiving the 1981 Bandmaster of the Year by the Texas Bandmasters Association. Mr. Anderson has helped many students to obtain scholarships and to work to further advance their career in the field of music. Mxx Y 262 ...ggi .., for 4' 121 Martha Adcock inspires Students t li Government and Twentieth Century Europe teacher Martha Adcock was chosen by her students as The Teacher of the Year. Along with the honor she received an engraved plaque presented to her by the Student Council. She is well known for her ability to give notes after notes after notes every day. Her teaching is always filled with lots of creativity and she said, "I enjoy teaching and l love to put my personality into it." Ms. Adcock has become a very close friend of many students at North Mesquite. Her teaching career spans thirteen years, and she plans to continue it for the rest of her life. One of Ms. Adcock's favorite pastimes is reading. Another one is visiting her parents' farm in Oklahoma. She said, 'tl am always getting homesick for farmlifef' and visits her home in Antlers as often as she can. She attended Southeastern University and obtained a masters in Liberal Arts from Southern Methodist University. .V 2 MMR of lVlovie Mania Hits NIVI The intent of an annual is to recount the school year. What could be a better way than to have all 2,500 students and teachers be the main stars of the show? That's the reason for a movie theme. Whether you are the urban cowboy type or the "Star Wars" type, you are a vital and important part of this school. Without each person in this school the story wouldn't be complete. Therefore, you are the stars of this show! DOORS OPEN k ...t.. , R aw K kg. ,gt 'M Q M ' 1 , . .. iv-S. , JCI7' Page 266 - Top Right: North Mesquite High School gets its name in lights at the Lakewood Theatre. Top Left: Box office prices are a reminder that inflation has hit. Bottom Left: Ticket stubs are often saved to remember a special night. Bottom Right: Now here is your chance to get any seat in the house. Page 267 - Top: The curtains cover the screen now. but in a moment, this will be the center of attention for all. Middle: Everyone usually gets hungry for a bag of golden flavored popcorn. Bottom: Here is a chance to escape all those long lines to enter the theatre. x ak f 6 O B J 1. gg 'Alt 3 2 i Q . - '. -- l 15- . ' 4 l fa-:.Q"f.. . Q - 2':'7ff-3 . . ' l s P0llS,PonlS,P0uls North Mesquitds Favorite... l Movie .r ...,. o ,.,.. g . . .o .....,. Friday 13th Part!! t TV Show .Q ............. ...... g ..M"At'S"H Actor ..... o . . . .r . Burt Reynolds Actress .r ....., 4 .,.., Sally Fields Male Vocai . Q . og 4 . . . Kenny Ftogersf Female VQCH1 . . L 4 - .Pat Benataf Q Restaurant . , r. . . Magic Time Machine Group rolr . - Comediang. .roo1. Song. rrr . ,. , -, , 268, L t , , , , .f,f-" 5 ' - -w ,N 4 . Q , P' ,EA - In Q , 'S N. ' ' ,l vi haf vl ' X 1- f l '-' A, f NN 1 Ji' ' . - ' ' 1 Ni' . ' , A N K 'E - ' ' Q K NXNM. KN' ax - ngy, . QQLQEM ' V 2 . I 'xx ' W-9 'f "w 1 ' . ' ' I'-'55, n-'WST -4" 'XKNKVU - ,4, it 5 ,l W, .4 Nz, N, Nh 'Q' X V ar M-1' A M , m f H00 X ' 'A M 1 f 9 , . J Q ,4 K 'U MA' , - . f 5' kiwi- K- - .--hq- qu,- ffk , ye A - ,'-' ' "" ' Y- WK- -' "' Y-"-W' -- ,ff was , I A 4 "' i 4 i W WY, wi- 'V y W ,:-h"t-.-'-- ffff! Y ,,.----""- A 1.-4 ,, -Q11 , .. , M 'N , ...M ,agp .,, ,412 ,, 13355, 1 - 2 Annual-Signing Party For several years, the annual staff has sponsored the "Annual-Signing Party" on the evening of the first day of the new school year. At the party students receive their annuals from the preceding year, reminisce with summer's lost friends, have a coke, and write their feelings in each others' books. Page 270 - Top Right: Annual Staff members devote their Saturday morning preparing for the big party. Top Left: Gretchen Springfield looks up to find herself all alone and waist-high in newly arrived annuals. Bottom: David Ausley seems to have a knack for painting posters. Page 271 - Top Left: Becky Wallace returns to pick up her annual and see old friends. Top Right: Staff member Dee Ann Muldoon takes a break from her duties to sign a friend's . annual. f N, Middle: The annual-signing party -- . gives past and current students a chance to write in each other's annuals. Bottom: The North Mesquite Trailblazer proudly stands alone. ii... t Q as an i I .,-1avw1W' ,V I Provides Annuals and Excitement ,.,....-anus-I-4 The teachers assisted with the distribution of the annuals while the Stallion Battalion members took care of the refreshments. Plastic covers and extra annuals were also sold. A free-play jukebox and lots of peopIe's excited shouts combined to create a noisy and active, but fun atmosphere. But, before any of these festivities began, there was over 1800 books to be sorted, checked, and alphabetized. A few days before school started, the annual staff had to perform these various duties before the annuals could be given out. Staff members also had to get the cafeteria ready for the big party by making posters. Finally, the night arrived and amid the noise, book signing, and confusion, wonderful memories were made on this first social event of the school year. 271 One of the most unforgettable events that affected all NM students was a plumbing mishap that affectionately cametobeknownasHHoodDayHOn September 12, 1980, just before 3rd period ended, a pipe in the girl's D floor banwoonwburm,sendmgthousandsof gallons of rushing water in to D floor and down the stalrwells to C, B, and A floors. Several students who were on a floor other than D floor said the water coming down the stairs looked like a waterfall. During the rest of 3rd period, which was extended for 2V2 hours, students, teachers, and even Principal Mr. Campbell rolled up pants legs and with ,mops and brooms in hand, worked together to clean up the water. Not only were school personnel cleaning up, the localHredeparnnentwascahed.They broughtrnachinesresenwbhng"R-2-D- 2" that helped suck up the water. Flood Day will remain in the minds of students as one of the most chaotic days of the Flood Day Brings school year. 4 -v t i I X . ll 77 Water, Water Everywhere X, Page 272 - Top: Coach Ron Chauvin sweeps up water that floated to B floor as Mrs. Schmidt offers advice. Bottom Right: its lonely at the top, but this helper keeps on working. Bottom Left: Mr. Campbell shows how well his new tennis shoes stand up to the water. Page 273 - Top Left: Ready to lend a helping hand, or should we say mop, Ed Green and Donald Andrews good-naturedly mop up the remaining water on D floor. Top Right: Local firemen are ready with the vacuum in hand to mop up the water. Top Bottom: Mrs. Bowdoin supervises the mop strainer outside her D floor room which is directly across from the girl's bathroom. 273 Homecoming Brings Both Page 274 - F-light: Run-through poster created by the Art Club portrays a Stallion swallowing Highland Park's bagpipes, however the Stallions were beaten by the Scots, Below: Stallion Battalion Sweetheart Dawn Simmons, escorted by David Hargrove, is surrounded by Kenny Martin, Steve Piland, and Kenneth Lynch. Below left: Christy Alfertig performs a pacesetter homecoming ritual as she pins a carnation on football player Barry Jenkins. Below right: Ann Cuello poses proudly beside her father after she is crowned Band Sweetheart. Page 275 e Top Right: The Homecoming Court is: Davina McCarty, Lori Bannister, Teresa Axton. and Sherri Jenkins. Page 269 f Bottom: Laci Folks, reigning Queen of 1980, crowns Laura White as the Homecoming Queen of '81, ' 4 to 525 - X If . 4365 Q. Q 2 V Ni . 3- 855 X 't Y wx xc X, wie X i :i f+'n3WiiSS1Qnw! Tears and Happiness X 4, . 1 Q - . '.' vt Jingling bells fill the air with spirit as girls weighted down with mums prance through the crowded NM halls laden with blue-and-white streamers and multi-color painted posters. Excitement and anticipation builds up as the stage is set for that long awaited day - Homecoming. Once again the pep rally is a huge success. There has never been as much spirit in the gym as on this day. From the moment of the first cheer to the last note played by the band there is noise echoing from every corner in the gym. There is not a student present who isn't expressing spirit in one way or another. One Homecoming honor is announced, "the Stallion Battalion Sweetheart is Dawn Simmons." The other honors must wait. As Stallion fans rush home to get ready for the football game, the five nominees for Homecoming Queen await anxiously for the outcome of the evening. The band and pacesetters it i ,ft -Q fi 1 N gy M. ffl. i 1 . march on to the field as pregame activities begin. Homecoming nominees are escorted by their fathers to the center of the field. The plot is the same, but the cast of characters is different. The stands are hushed as the enthusiastic announcer opens the Homecoming ceremonies. "The Band Sweetheart is Ann Cuello and the Football Sweetheart is Cindy Gideon. The Homecoming Queen runners-up are Davina McCarty, Teresa Axton, Sherri Jenkins and Lori Bannister. And now, the 1981 Homecoming Queen is. . . Laura White!" The band plays energetically as the fans jump out of their seats cheering. As tears stream down her face, Laura White is crowned by Laci Folks, reigning Queen of 1980. After the tension has passed, the Homecoming Court and Sweethearts settle down to enjoy the game. The excitement is past, but the spirit of the day still remainsg a new reign has begun. 275 Boots, Hats, and Jeans The movie "Urban Cowboy" has had a big effect on fashion. Most students own at least one pair of Western jeans and boots. There are two days where everyone is encouraged to dress like cowboys and cowgirls. The first is Western Dayg on this day, urban cowboys and girls emerged in everything from straw hats to customized felts with elaborate feather bands. Faded out Levis to expensive designer jeans were worn in honor of Western Day. The other day is called Boot Day. To promote spirit for the North Mesquite!North Garland game everyone was asked to wear their cowboy boots. Some people had lizard and alligator "customs" The Stallion Battalion sold boutonnieres in honor of the day. These two days seem to have let the urban cowboy in all of us out. N .. 2 76 1 4 1 1 9 1 ff-walt? sp' ' I ' ' I I Dominate Western Days Page 276 f Top: Keith Malone dreams about his ranch in North Dallas. Middle: A lone buckeroo checks for bandits behind him. Bottom Left: Paul Pedri receives a cowgirl welcome from Sandy Hubbs and Brenda Bond. Bottom Bight: Blake Foster con- templates heading out to the Corral early. Page 277 - Top: Miss Carpenter flaunts her urban flair. Bottom Left: Stephanie Alsup and Steve Piland pose in front of the famous hanging tree of North Mesquite. Bottom Ftight: Shorty Robertson finds a desk easier to ride than a bull, 277 Blood-Drive Provides Needed Blood The blood drive turned out to be a great success. Students and teachers together donated a total of 102 pints of blood. Of course the usual side effects occurred again. Wadley Blood Bank was prepared for these misfortunes by supplying orange juice, crackers, and Oreo's to weak feeling students. The Student Council once again sponsored this annual event. Only the students who were 17 or 18 were able to give their donation and those that were 17 had to have their parents' permission. All those who gave blood received a Heart shaped sticker to wear that said, t'Be nice to me, l gave blood today." 'ini ,, mr ,. ' - W., 278 Page 278 - Top: Ray Foster tries to regain his blood circulation. Bottom: Teresa Davis shows her bravery dur- ing the blood drive. Page 279 - Top: Jeff Perryman shares a pint with Wadley. Middle: Keri Baird, Damon Harman, and Shan- non McGee line up to watch the bloodshed- ding event occur. Bottom: A faithful donor returns once again to donate. QQT RAL B 1 fa N. BM!!! 279 Book Fair - a New Tradition If you saw your friends reading a new book, most likely they were purchased at the North Mesquite Book Fairs held December 3-9 and March 3-5. The book fair was sponsored by Mrs. Lavonne Dennis, Mr. Ron Taylor, and the English Department. The event was held in the cafeteria during the lunch periods. Over five hundred books, supplied by B. Dalton Bookseller, were sold. Along with paperback and hardback books, magazines were also sold. The English Department sponsored the book fairs to emphasize the importance of books and reading. The profit made from the book fairs went to furnish the English Department with materials and equipment. 5 l' t . tg 7219 if , 3 3 5 .J . FEELING QGOODQ H ll i 3Uc'Lf9!S'5351'7fCQ7'?6i 5 ffsgafss is is fox :Lk 4 A it STERY SUSPENSE 'V' 3'5- W'9' F113 IJUJJ HEX it Q ' KJ l Rf 514. J S ,Eg i W " f "jg f :rm VI- - i MJF' nan' if fa' t , 1 'I V ,M ww' I wr ,IM , - y lvl qw. Fr L 4.f -A fp 4 'fc 3, I Page 280 - Top: Bobby Deets and Juanita McPhalI enjoy looking at the bestsellers. Bottom Left: John Davis catches a tew hints from his weight train- ing book. Bottom Flight: Juanita McPhall thinks Garfield has good advice on gaining weight. Page 281 K Top: Four eager students try to decide whether to read mystery or fiction. Bottom Left: Bobby Deets recounts the influence of the Beatles. Bottom Ftight: Brian Cain looks for a fast and sizzling novel. 281 Reading Day Interests Students Reading Day was such a success last year it was expanded. For 1980-81 there were two Reading Days. They occurred on December 16 and March 11 The Reading Days were also changed from one period to an all day event. The entire school was required to read during the designated third period. Students and teachers read all kinds of books and magazines from mysteries to romances to Sports Illustrated and Time. The Reading Days were sponsored by the English Department in an effort to encourage people to read more and see the benefits of reading. The Reading Days were considered a success by both the English Department and the students who took the time to catch up on their reading. 282 3 1'-.M ,auf .gui ,V N zz J,! Page 282 4 Top: Karen Allen also feels that teachers should par- ticipate in Reading Day. Middle: David Van Schaick, Becky Murdock, Laura Stone, and Brad Ritchie take time to catch up on their reading, Bottom Leftt Jon Bender concentrates on a mystery novel. Bottom Bight: Tami Cawley continues the tradition of Beading Day. Page 283 - Top Left: Fthonda Robertson can't wait for the next page. Top Bight: Mike Peoples is interested in not only Sports Illustrated but a comic book too. Bottom Leftt Laurie Bartmess curls up with a good book. Bottom Bight: Cindy Morton prefers a romantic novel to an or- dinary textbook. 283 Jump-Rope-A-Thon Gets Things Students from Mesquite independent School District participated in the annual Jump-Ftope-A- Thon sponsored by the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance. The purpose of this national event is for students to promote Physical Education and cardiovascular health while raising funds to help local Heart Associations fight heart disease and stroke victims. On March 13 North Mesquite held the Jump- Ftope-A-Thon at the back tennis courts. Each group consisted of six people, who jumped three hours at the most. They received money from their sponsors based on the length of time they skipped rope. North Mesquite raised 36,547.38 The Jump-Rope-A-Thon was a great success for the it Mesquite independent School District because it raised a total of S84,334.00 for the American Heart Association which is over 827,000 more than last year. Y 284 ut. Gff to a Flying Leap .tanw,. , 5 xx-..,.,,, ' ,mwwwett ,,.- a WM- at .,..4 1 nik, , L y Page 284 - Top: Donna Yancey encourages others to keep on jumping. Bottom: A team captain keeps her concentration going while team members look on. Page 285 - Top: An energetic group shows how its really done. Bottom Left: A jumper attempts a rather tricky move. Bottom Right: Coach Murphy watches the jumpers as they raise over 356,500 The North Mesquite Chapter of the National Honor Society held their formal Induction Ceremony on March 10, at 7:30 p.m. After the many parents and friends were seated, Laura White, President, welcomed the guests and started the ceremony. Mr. Campbell gave a brief speech on scholarship and leadership before Mr. Council led Unity in the singing of some special songs. Each officer then gave a speech on such qualities as Leadership, Scholarship, Service, and Character. These are some of the necessary qualifications to be inthe Honor Society. Each officer then lit a candle which signified unity. The presentation of new members followed. As each new member's name was called they walked across the stage to be presented either a Carnation or boutonniere by Bud Champion or Darla Denton. A brief profile on each person was read as they crossed the stage. The new members then took the NHS pledge given by MCG-raw Smith. Current members were then acknowledged and the ceremony ended by Keith Williams giving the Benediction. . H .... 1 286 Honor Society Induction vi f .f Recognizes Excellent Students Page 286 - Top: initiates proud- ly repeat the NHS pledge as they officially become members. Bottom Left: Karla Hughes, Kim Carrol, Larry McFatridge and Doug Starkey reaffirm their membership by saying the pledge. Bottom Right: Secretary Becky Perkins receives her long- stemmed carnation in honor of her academic achievements, Page 287 - Top Flight: Linda Hauge is given a handshake and certificate from NHS sponsor Mrs. Helen Griffin. Top Left: President Laura White welcomes everyone who came to the Induction Ceremony. Bottom: Bud Champion tries to decide which carnation he should pick as Darla Denton looks on. 287 Prom Night Creates The Junior-Senior Prom is a very special occasion in everyone's life. The many who attended the Prom will never forget the night as they went home with fond and precious memories. The memories of the dance and being with friends will live long after the corsages have dried up and been put away. Page 288 - Right: Greg Graham, Dena Booker, Leanne Lindquist and Randy Pippin slowly make their way through the tempting buffet line. Bottom: Tommie Davidson, Connie Holland, Andrea Staloup, Lonnie Smith, Sheri Ewing and Keith Kirkpatrick enjoy the company of each other while waiting for the music to begin. Page 289 - Top: Todd Barnes, Lisa Atwood, Lori Kirkpatrick, Kyle Baird, Lisa Anderson and Billy Edwards take delight in just being together on this special night. Bottom: Two tired couples, Ricky Raitt, Laura White, Eddie Schnurr, and Dee Ann Stewart, take a minute to rest their feet from dancing. "L .ie .V f mf l V: ' 'fa MW 1 'lf ,M B i.. L I u."W 3- 4 N11 v it 'U' E E M m. l Special, Lasting Memories . Q . ,fn.' s,f -dh-'G , as 5 l i .3 'r i , A ff K9 iff' Pl . -J PL The annual Junior-Senior Prom was held at the Dallas Hilton lnn on April 10. The theme, "Sayonara," was carried out by having Chinese fans and bells on the tables and chopsticks for favors. Jimmy Darnell gave the welcome address and thanked the many people who helped the Junior Class Officers with the arrangements for the Prom. Blake Foster gave the response, followed by Kyle Baird giving the blessing. The buffet was then served. lt consisted of beef stroganoff, chicken, vegetables, rolls, and small cakes for dessert. After everyone had finished their dinner the long lines for picture- taking soon began. The dance started off with the Senior Walk and for the rest of the evening couples danced to "Disco Delight." Every variety of music from country to rock was heard. After the Prom, many post-prom activities were planned. Some went to see a movie, while others went off to quiet places to talk. As these activities went on until the early hours of the morning, some students went home to catch up on sleep while others went with friends for an early morning breakfast. 289 71. Pacesetters Put on 552' J. Page 290 - Top Left: Senior Pacesetters boogie-woogie for the 40's. Top Right: Cindy Bunyard and Robin Wolfgang give their impres- sion of the "roaring twenties." Above: The officers and J.V. Drill Instructors prepare to do the splits in their routine "Celebration" Right: Debbie Johnson ends "Deep in the Heart of Texas" in the splits. Page 291 - Gretchen Springfield, Pam Lynch, and Shelly Giatrakis encourage all to join the Mickey Mouse Club. Bottom Left: Kim Truesdell fans her way through the "Eastern Trip" routine. Bottom Right: The cast of the stage show gets together for a group picture proving that "These are the Best of Times." 290 X Cutstanding Stage Show A 'lb ""'N 5' iw' A 1 WI . V, ig.. Tl .. -sw-dm - E. -u...,,, After many hours of practicing, the Pacesetters had their last performance at the Pacesetter Stage Show held April 28. The theme of the show was "The Best of Times," All the routines were choreographed by members of the drill team. The show included both dances and comedy skits. Pacesetters were not the only ones who performed. Several senior guys did their version of "9 to 5" and "Star Wars." The show began with the introduction of Senior Pacesetters by the Master of Ceremonies Robert Fitzgerald and Marc Coffman. The Seniors then did a country and western routine to "Orange Blossom Special' and "Hello Texas" and the time change routines of "Charleston," "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy,'l "At the Hop," "Let's Twist Again," "Get Off" and "Whip lt." The Juniors performed routines to "The Wanderer," "I Could Have Danced All Night," and the punk "Flock Lobster." The officers did an energetic routine to "Fame" It was followed by a slide presentation showing the Pacesetters during camp and football season. The 1980-81 Pacesetters then performed their last routine with a kick finale to the traditional "Day Break." Big sisters then presented their little sisters and 81-82 officers were announced along with next year's JV Drill instructors. 1 f .. 1 Q' H ":,,1tq1tg ,-.- vunq,.q,A,,,,,.,m,q..,,.p-P' ...,...w"v..,,,,,a-m,,.,,...s-ve'-'-"' ""'W 1-we .. .....ts X ,V .. - 1 r- , .ft ff.t-v-W---1-v- lumix-pl' tt...-Wtvwi-wwewwmt ,.t,w. i- -A--. r -0'-vulllnnullh 291 Big Blue Goes to Corpus Christi On April 24th, the Honors and Symphonic Bands loaded four Greyhounds and headed for Corpus Christi for the annual Buccaneer Music Festival. The trip was an overall success except for a few minor mishaps. One of the buses had to be returned to Austin in the middle of the five o'clock traffic amongst a seven car pileup with 44 impatient students because of the loss of the air conditioning. One of the major events of the trip was t'waiting", such as waiting for the room keys for forty-five minutes, going to Ship Ahoy restaurant and saying "party of 160, how long will it be?" Then waiting for about an hour to get seated. Another experience was waiting in the Kentucky Fried Chicken parking lot for an hour and then finally getting the chicken but not getting to eat it for another hour, until reaching Padre Island. Finally the biggest mishap of them all happened to be a judge, the eldest of the three, which was 83. He happed to be an old rival of Mr. Anderson's, and he was still holding a grudge. But all in all the trip was a real success. Mr. Anderson received a "Good Luck" cake at Ship Ahoy from the band and responded by saying, "This was the best group of kids that I have ever been with on a Corpus trip." wilt are FQ 1 I' 4 W nw' V 4 his gqgprlllvllll . ewwww -gg Qi' aww' rim? ,iw-, 2,, ,W wir' 'W' ' 351 , -: 'l - , H ff. :Lu W , irii c T , Wu ,, , .. , l, Page 292 - Top: Kelli Hopper, Mary Futrell, Mr. Ander- son, and Kathy Mulheron pose on Padre Island. Middle Left: The Hilton Courtyard was a welcoming sight for many band members after along bus ride. Middle Right: Paula Claybrook has just been told that her luggage will not fit there and she will have to put it somewhere else Bottom Left: Cyndi Downs is comforted by Kelli Hopper. Gina Riley. and Sylvia Morones for the fear of Hhomesickness " Bottom Flight: Kathy Mulheron shows her very much practiced skill of checking roll, Page 293 f Top Left: Paul Bright hauls Jimmy Krause back to the bus alter fainting from the sight of JAWS, Top Middle: Linda Holdridge says, "Thats my camera you took my picture with!" Top Flight: Mr. Kline models his new "John Klein"1eans Middle Left: David Ausley and Kathy Mulheron show a new way of traveling on a Greyhound. Middle Right: The Big Blue is seen doing what they did most of the trip 1 "Wait" - This time they were waiting forfood! Bottom: Paul Bright shows his expertise skill at the wheel. 293 BALCONY CLOSED Q'rx1"". hu? Huw "' L, Vx-A 55--W nn rug-'.rw,ff4 ,X 'asm-xxx, wa? nfrfv wr new n tiixm ef Wx'-v Q. 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Stop and Bowl at BIG TOWN BOWLANES 328-41 15 ., OPGI1 9lo Midnight Daily BIG TOWN BOWLANES 1500 Big Town Route 80 East and Loop 12 Say llello To Firsl' Class Banking J8mL AUTO PARTS 111730 Gross Rd. 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SENIORS! FROM THE STUDENT COUNCIL Rodeo Team Takes First The Rodeo Team members are: Front Row - Fred Thompson, Mike Frazier, Juanita McPhall, Dona Adair, Judy Gonyaw, Melanie Miller Sherri Mercer. Shorty Robertson, Greg Ingram, and Marty Kueklahan. Back Row W Robert McReynolds, Mark Eaton, Mike McGee Bobby Duke Cody Mires. Brett Beavers, Walter Hughey, an The North Mesquite Rodeo Team was organized in 1973 and was originally a club with North Texas High School Rodeo Association. When Lone Star High School was organized, their membership was moved there. The Rodeo Team has entered every Lone Star Rodeo that has been held. They entered the 1981 Mesquite Rodeo Parade and won first place. The Rodeo Team now has twenty-two members. They meet each Monday night at 7:00 pm at the Elk's Lodge on Gus Thomasson. In rodeo competition there are thirteen different events for girls and guys. The events include Bulls, Barrels, Poles, Saddle Bronc, Bareback, Goat Tying, Team Roping, Breakaway Roping, Calf Roping, Steer Undecorating, Steer Wrestling, Chute Dogging, and Ribbon Roping. Prizes for first place in a certain event are money ranging from 330.00 and lower. Trophies and plaques are also awarded for a win. Points for each event in a rodeo are given and tallied and work toward finals. Winners at finals usually get a 306 Ad d Bruce Gleason. Shorty Robertson buckle and a saddle. Entry fees are required and are about 310.00 and lower. ,rw Sherri Mercer Duke Bruce Gleason is Robertson A 'W' ' ,: , We il Walter Dona Adair W ' 'A 15' ' '43 X fa , , H . ,? iQfff'f"'1i'W!U'4"lf"'ff' e'1. I .. . L Fil' .iefvn 5 Judy .. 'M A it V, if er, nn .N .-. -- Q . x V fx I 'K M f I' ': and Brad Walker we gwgg K it E S., an ,ef ii Mike McGee Robert McReynoIds A I Melanie Miller V i Sherri Mercer Brett Beavers AU 307 Baird, Shella 229 Aaron, Janice 211 Aaron, Klmberly 34 Abarquez, Carolina 74, 69, 217, 195 Abarquez, Remedlos 236 Abbott, Evelyn 71, 137, 211 Abbott, Nate 195 Abbott. Rlchard 89, 229 Abercrombie, Amy 52, 137, 76 Abercrombie, Cara 71, 195 Achzlger, Jlll 99, 229, 128 Acker, John 195 Adair, Dona 56, 229, 307, 306 Adams, Bart 229 Adams, Brad 82, 195 Adams, Don 27, 229, 114 Adams, Janet 23, 137 Adams, Julle 71, 137 Adams, Paula 211 Adams. Penny 58, 137 Adams, Phllllp 78, 90,211 Adams, Scott 64, 65, 67, 195 Adams, Sharla 37, 195 Adcock, Martha 263, 255 Addington, Davld 195 Adkins, Tracy 211 Aerts, Mark 195 Agee, Shellle 74, 69, 137. 96 Aguirre, Rebecca 137, 99 Allis, Manln 137 Allis, Terry 229 Akin, Daniel 195 Akln, Larry 137 Albers, Edwin 36, 137, 33 Albers, Eric 29, 38, 46, 195, 27 Aldrich, Davld 35, 65, 77, 195 Aleman, Jackie 98, 99, 195 Alexander, Cheryl 229 Alexander, Darlene 23, 137 Alexander, Kathleen 54, 58, 59, 202 Alexander, Llsa 211 Allertlg, Christina 71, 195, 274, 285, 31 Allen, Ada 255 Allen, Brian 195 Allen, Cynthia 71, 195 Allen, Donna 211 Allen, James 195, 191 Allen, Karen 282, 255 Allen, Llsa 29,211 Allen, Mark 26, 38, 43, 137 Allen, Mike 255 Allen, Sheila 57, 229 Allen, Steven 138 Alllson, Candyoe 74, 211 Allred, Ronald 195 Allred, Sandl 24, 255 Almand, Mark 229, 27 Almond, Klrby 138 Alsup, Stephanie 74, 69, 76, 211, 277 Alvey, Monica 195 Amador, Rose 229 Anderson, April 22, 195 Anderson, Christopher 73 Anderson, Dwayne 21 1 Anderson, Karen 37, 29, 229, 124 Anderson, Llsa 39, 57, 74, 76, 211, 289, 40 Anderson, Paul 211 Anderson, Tony 50, 262 Anderson, Tracey 74, 69,211 Anderson, Tressla 43, 195 Andrews, Donald 195, 275 Ansley, Debra 138 Anthony, Andrea 138, 40 Arbogast, James 195 Archer, Kevln 73 Arevalo, Baatrlz 36, 43, 195 Arey, Donna 46. 98, 21 1, 40, 130 Armstrong, Davld 217, 255 Armstrong, Gary 138, 76, 203 Arnett, Calvln 229 Arnold, Mlchael Jr. 89, 229 Arnold, Terry 229 Arrlaga, Danlel 211 Arrington, Carl 57, 229 Arthur, Damon 211 Arthur, Pennle 74, 229 Arthur, Sandra 229 Index Arthur, Susan 138 Ashmore, Darryl 138,76 Atkins, Danlel 110 Atkins, Paula 22, 38, 138 Attaway, Gregory 82, 195 Attaway, Llnda 43, 255 Atwood, Llsa 71,139,269 Ausley, Davld 52, 195, 270, 243, 31 Auston, Robert 229, 128 Avant, Donna 22 Avon, John 89 Avon, Kim 139, 28 Axton, Teresa 11, 18, 64, 139, 27,274 Aycock, Twllla 229 Ayers, Mlchelle 95, 195 Aylor, Kamberly 74, 229 Ayo, Dana 195 Ayo, Tlmothy 43, 89, 94, 229 Babbitt, Lea 24, 255 Baber, Betty 21 1 Bacon, Mlchael 229, 114 Baer, Susan 39, 95, 96, 97, 194, 195 Balley, Gaylynn 211, 229 Balley, Jonl 139 Balley, Llsa 21 1 Balley, Scott 139 Balley, Robert 73 Balley, Vlrglnla 211 Bain, Keith 139 Baird, Keri 39, 60, 74, 228, 229, 279 Baird, Kyle 11. 139, 82, 84, 289, 41, 27 Baladad, Rex 94, 229 Balch, Allison 206, 40 Baldwln, Teresa 23, 139 Bale, Jeannine 22, 139, 76 Baleer, Betty 211 Ballard, James 54. 88, 195 Ballard, Mlchele 139, 107 Ballard, Rhonda 43, 139, 33 Ballas, Mark 211 Ballenger, Sarah 71, 76, 195 Bandy, Kristy 139 Bankert, Julle 57,211 Banks, Lana 43, 62, 195 Banner, Katherlne 229 Bannister, Doug 21 1 Bannister, Lorl 18, 39, 71, 136, 140, 27, 274 Banno, John 211 Baptlsta, Cecllla 46, 74, 69, 196,211 Baptlsta, Teresa 46. 195, 31 Bardner, Johan 41 Bardwell, Delelgh 229 Barelleld, Danny 195 Barham, Patrlcla 22, 140 Barker, Jackie 195 Barker, Jeflrey 211 Barnes, Leslie 54, 58, 77, 140, 198 Barnes, Todd 140,289 Barnett, John 195 Barnett, Peggy 4, 253 Barr, Teresa 95, 195 Barron, Steve 140 Barron, Thomas 195 Barrow, Richard 26, 140 Bartlett, Kevln 229 Bartmess, Laurie 195, 283, 88 Bar1on,Llsa 43, 211, 127 Barton, Shann 228, 229, 40 Basden, Sandl 195 Basham, Justine 140,317 Basslnger, Bllly 72, 140 Batchellor, Mary 52, 141, 148, 33 Batl, Helen 43, 229 Baumgartner, Llsa 36, 43, 141, 317, 33 Baurd, Jlmmy 58 Bayer, Richard 229 Bealmear, Mlchelle 35, 37, 195,47 Beard, Sandra 43, 195 Beasley, Chrystal 141, 316, 40 Beathe, Kellle 229 Beaty, Teresa 229 Beaumont, Karen 141, 76, 316,317 Beaumont, Laura 229 Beavers, Brett 211, 307, 306 Becerra, Teresa 211 Becvar, Albert 43, 141, 82, 316, Beeson, Terrie 141 Bell, Carl 35, 195 Bell, Mary 46, 195 Bellows, John 63 Benavldez, Nelda 229 Benavldez, Gloria 45,255 Bender, Jonathan 211, 282 Benford, John 64, 66, 195 Bennett, Johnny 141 Bennett, Karen 95, 195 Benoit, Randy 89, 229 Berg, Lorri 211 Berry, Carolyn 196 Berry, Donna 196 Beshers, Mary 229 Bevlll, Janice 254 Blbbs, Brad 141, 76, 124 Blbbs, Paul 196 Biggs, Mlka 211 Bllyeu, Bobby 229 Blrdsong, Maggie 24 Bishop, Teresa 24, 141 Blzzotto, Anthony 57 Black, Cynthia 196,40 Black, Kevin 89. 229, 41, 110 Black, Linda 196 Blackman, Christy 57, 196 Blackwell, Cindy 99, 229 Blackwell, Mark 88, 211 Blackwood, Scott 196, 128 Blain, Kellie 229 Brewster, Julie 142, 76 Bridgers, Regina 196, 119 Briggs, Bright, Susan 196 Paul 50, 54, 55, 58, 142,200 Brinkley, James 124 Brisendlne, Amber 230 Bristow, Sharon 142 Britt, Scott 196 Brock, Richard 143, 316 Brodnax, Karen 27, 196 Broiles, James 230 Brooks, Cari 143 Brooks, Cindy 212 Brown. Brown, Brown. Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Christopher 230 Dean 143, 76 Cynthia 196 Davld 43, 212 Frederick 196 Jerry 196 Jimmy 94, 230 John 93, 212 Linda 51, 143, 40, 27 Lisa 27, 58, 196 Lorie 230 Mark 230 Matt 88, 212 Micheal 230 Monica 34, 212 Paul 26, 143 Scott 90, 91, 92, 212 Raylene 54, 58 Thomas 196 Tracie 143 Blair, Dana 89, 229 Blake, Charles 196 Blakeney, David 229 Blankenship, Daniel 141 Blankenship, Sherry 74, 75, 211, 40 Bloodworth, Lisa 43, 229 Boatwrlght, Eric 229 Boaz, William 229 Bogan, Danny 196 Bogan Timothy 89, 229 Boggs, Jocatherine 211 Bohn, Debbie 23, 141,33 Bolan, Dan 211 Boldt, Carol 48, 196 Boler, Stacye211, 106, 107 Boler, Stanton 141, 76, 124, 103, 41 Bollng, Misty 58, 59, 76, 196 Bollng, Shelley 43, 56, 330, 40 Bonham, Donna 211 Booker, Dena 2, 35, 36, 137, 142, 288, 27, 191 Booth, Joy 230 Boroughs, Linda 74,230 Boulware, Bart211, 105 Boulware, Jeflrey 211 Bouska, Shannon 142 Bowdoin, Peggy 275, 255, 260 Bowers, David 142 Bowers, John 211 Bowers, Pat 26, 211 Bowman, Cindy 230 Box, David 211 Box, Nancy 230 Boyd, Jill 230 Boyer, Perri 211 Boykin, Michael 230 Boyle, David 196 Boyle, Steve 142 Bozeman, Nancy 211 Bracey, Tim 196, 240 Bradbury, Jelt 26, 196 Bradbury, Nita 38, 196 Braddock, Andy 88, 212, 114 Braddock, Mark 230 Bradley, Daniel 54, 89,230 Bradley, Denise 230 Bradley, Sharon 212 Bradly, Kathy 34,255 Brady, Robert 89, 230, 105, 130 Brandon, Jamie 230 Brennan, Kelly 56 Brent, Gent 230 Brents, Scott 46, 142, 27 Brest, Sonya 211 Brewer, Terrie 74, 69, 98, 212, 40 Browning, Donna 74, 69, 212 Browning, Lana 230 Browning, Mike 39, 143, 172, 90,91 Browning, Russell 143 Bruce, Dana 197 Brunson, Mark 222 Bryant, Paula 197 Bubach, Dawn 197 Buchanan, Mlchael 197, 110 Buckles, Tammy 212 Bueltel, Nancy 143 Bullard. Quinton 196 Bullard, Stacy 52,212 Bunch, Mark 143 Bunyard, Cynthia 43, 71, 143, 76, 40 290 Bunyard, Paula 62, 197,40 Burch, Carlana 58, 143, 28 Burch, Gary 230 Burgess, Melissa 57, 74, 212 Burgess, Roland 144 Burgess, Travis 197 Burkham, Howard 230 Burkhart, Carrie 230 Burkhart, David 54, 89, 230 Burkhart, Rebecca 197 Burleson, Eric 197 Burnam, Paul 54, 58, 59, 76, 88, 93, 212 Burnett, Jon 57,230 Burross, Deborah 56, 230 Burross, Robert 65, 197 Burton, Melanie 74, 75, 212 Bush, Tammy 144, 33 Buss, John 230 Butler, Karen 197 Butler, Richard 212 Butner, Steven 230 Byers, Dwayne 26, 212 Byers, Jeff 72, 144 Byrd, Greg 197 Byrum, Karen 212 Caan, Denise 43 Caballero, Matt 144 Cagle, James 26 Cagle, Jana 144, 197, 28 Cain, Brian 82, 84, 212, 280 Cain, Deanne 52,212 Cain, Teresa 22, 144 Cairnes, Michael 230 Caldwell, Timothy 197,41 Calhoun, Teri 197 Callan, Christi 74, 230 Callaway, Julie 95, 96, 197 Callaway, Scarlet 212, 127 Calmes, Davld 57,230 Calverley, Jerry 212, 114 Calverley, Klm 76, 230 Calverley, Tracy 144, 114 Calvert, Karla 74, 230 Campbell, John 275, 250 Campbell, Terry 197 Campbell, Wllllam 197 Cann, Denyelle 144, 192 Cann, Denlse 145, 107 Cantrell, Steven 65, 67, 197 Capps, Donna 95 Card, Chrlstlne 230 Carglll, Teresa 230 Carlson, Loren 230 Carlton, Lisa 34, 213, 119 Carcnna, Gary 49, 52, 213 Carpenter, Gina 35. 215 Carroll, Klm 29, 38, 46, 49, 145, 1 76, 286, 189 Carroll, Lena 38, 48, 230 Carroll, Tlna 38, 29, 213 Carson, Christy 197 Carter, Carece 230, 40 Caner, Crlstle 74, 69, 213 Carter, Cynthia 56, 230 Caner, Gregory 212 80. Carier, John 35, 54, 58, 59, 145, 184 Carter, Michael 49, 58,213 Carter, Steve 145 Carter, Warren 197 Casall, John 213 Case, Frank 76, 82, 93, 213, 41,114 Cash, Leah 197 Cason, Frank 65, 213 Cassady, Beverly 197 Cassady, Darrell 145 Castile, Mlrlam 56 Castillo, Ernest 145, 114 Castillo, Irene 197 Castillo, Joe 26,213 Caton, Miles 145 Catterton, Stephen 197 Cavender, David 197 Cavln, Shlrley 58, 197 Cawley, Taml 81, 213, 282 Chadwick, Matt 144, 145, 82 Chadwick, Wayne 230 Chaffee, Davld 89, 230, 114 Chatlln, Pattl 54, 55, 58, 59, 145 Chaler, Mlrlam 213 ' Chambers, Catherine 230 Champion, Beth 230 Champion, Bud 29, 145, 82, 27, 287, 191 ' Chance, David 145, 82 Chance, Tod 88, 213 1 Chapin, David 230 Chapman, James 230 Charles, Debbie 48, 145 Chauvin, Flon 275, 256, 131 Chevalier, Edwln 43, 63, 197 - Childress, Gary 256, 131 l Chilton area 251 Chlsenhall, Darin 213 Christy, Mary 213 Cintron, Fellx 213 Clark, James 213 Clark, Scott 27 ' Clark, Sherry 230 , Clary, Greg 88,213 1 Claybrook, Paula 146 Claybrook, Sandra 197, 243 Clemmons, Barry 230 Clemmons, Chrlstlna 197 Clemons, Michelle 26, 146 , Clounts, Shannon 197 Coats, Curtls 230 Cockerham, Davld 197 Cockrell, Angela 146 Coffman, Marc 146, 76 Coffman, Wade 197 Cogswell, Melody 71, 197, 40 Coker, Jody 74, 230, 40 Coker, Joe 88,213 Coker. Roger 57 Cole, George 213 Cole, Jan 213 Cole, Karl 230, 105 Coleman, Samantha 74, 230 Coleman, Vlckl 197 Coleman, Wesley 230 Collett, Julle 71, 197 Colller, Jo 28 Colllns, Brenda 37, 197 Colllns, Gary 197 Collins, Llnny 89, 230 Collins, Nancy 197,40 Collins, Phyllls 78, 230, 40 Collins, Prlscllla 146 Collins, Stephen 213 Collis, Patrick 197 Colwlll, David 213, 105 Colwlll, Stephen 57, 230, 105 Combs, Blake 230 Combs, Ronald 52, 53, 197 Condra, Rlcky 197 Conlne, Kathy 122, 197, 119 Contreras, Phllllp 76, 197, 114 Cook, John 82, 197 Cook, Julle 213 Cook, Randall 43, 94, 230 Cooke, Gwendolyn 69, 74, 213 Cooksey, Dana 34, 197 Cooksey, Georgia 197 Cooley, Carol 251 Cooley, Daryl: 52, 146 Cooley, Duwayne 72, 146 Cooley, James 197 Cooper, Allsa 213 Cooper, Chris 230 Cooper, Karen 230 Cooper, Matthew 213 Cooperlder, Krlsti 74, 230 Copeland, Jody 40 Copeland, Ruth 256 Coplln, Terrl 197 Coran, Mia 230 Cosper, Leslle 146,27 Costa, Mark 88, 198 Costlow, Janet 230 Costner, Donna 71, 147, 28 Cott, Lawrence 23, 147 Couch, Doyle 64, 66 Council, Tom 256 Covington, Bruce 49, 196 Covington, Davld 2, 147, 103 Cowan, Jennller 38, 58, 213 Cowan, Kevln 94, 230, 47, 113 Cowan, Leveta 213 Cowllng, Paige 198 Cox, Carolyn 147, 76, 230 Cox, Daphanne 64 Cox, Tony 231 Craig, Sondra 198 Cravey, Richard 213 Crawlord, Dena 29, 82, 198, 40 Crawford, Howard 88, 213, 114 Crawford, Mlke 230 Creekmore, Gwenna 38, 198 Crlm, Deana 74, 69, 213 Crlswell, Tlmctny 46, 198 Crittenden, Carl 198 Croflord, Stephanie 14, 147, 27 Crow, Robert 114 Crooks, Sharon 198 Cross, Ben 72,256 Cross, Richard 213 Cross, Robert 213, 127 Cross, Stephanie 198 Crowley, Kyle 89, 230 Crowley, Stephen 73.82, 198 Crumley, Deryl 65, 230 Crumpley, Charles 7,213 Crumpley, John 89, 230 Cuello, Ann 2, 19, 51, 147, 182. 274 Culpepper, Carol 2, 147,27 Culverhouse, Jamie 23, 34, 147 Cumby, Susan 258 Cummings, Jerry 230 Cumnock, Kristopher 89, 230 Cunningham, William 64, 67, 198 Curry, Rex 213 Curry, Rose 43, 58, 198 Curry, Steven R. 198 Dailey, Frank 128 Dale, Ronald 198 Dalton, Russell 147, 227, 128 Danlel, Pat 82, 198 Danlel, Rhonda 230 Daniels, Ron 256 Danley, Scott 73, 147 Darnell, Chuck 73 Darnell, Frank 17, 89, 94, 232, 113 Darnell, James 82, 85, 194, 198, 110, 1 1 1 Davidson, Mary 56, 74,232 Davidson, Vernon 147 Davis, Bradley 232 Davis, Brandi 35, 198 Davls, Cindy 56, 74, 232 Davis, Cynthia 232 Davis, Deborah 232 Davis, Drew 232 Davls, Jeffrey 72, 147 Davls, John 213, 280 Davis, Kendal 23, 198 Davis, Kenya 213 Davis, Kerry 94, 232 Davis, Lisa 148, 191 Davis, Michael 93, 213, 232, 41 Davis, Rick 256 Davis, Rlcky 49 Davls, Theresa 43, 49, 198, 279 Davis, Tommy 256 Davis, William 148, 82, 27 Day, Billy ae, 232, 114 Day, Larry 232 Day, Sherrie 256 Dean, Melissa 35, 37, 54, 213 Dean, Mike 49, 148 Deason, Susan 232 Deets, Robert 213, 104, 103, 280 Deford, Winston 148 Degroot, Daniel 213 Deininger, Gretchen 232 Delaney, Jill 122, 232,40 Delay, Deena 232 Delay, Ronald 213 Dempsey, Paul 232 Dempsey, Tracy 232 Dennis, David 198 Dennls, Levonne 36,256,258 Denny, Steven 198 Denton, Barry 213, 232, 124 Demon, Darla 29, 148, 287, 193, 190 Denton, Todd 89.94, 232 DeShannon, Lawrena 232 Devenport, Jeff 148 Dewolf, Greta 62, 148 Dlal, David 232 Dial, Deanna 74, 69, 213 Dlaz, Jorge 213 Dillard, Kenneth 198 Dillon, Jeff 88, 213, 41 Dilodovico, Paul 213, 105 Dittman, James 198 Dixon, Henry 214,113 Dixon, Kimberly 232 Doane, Patsy 74, 232 Dobson, Damon 88, 214 Dodds, Casey 232 Dollarhide, John 65, 232 Dona, Donald 89, 94, 232 Donaldson, Dee 74, 69, 214 Donehoo, Terry 198 Dorsey, Susan 256 Doss, Lesley 11, 198 Doss, Rebecca 60, 61, 214 Dotson, Beverly 214 Dotson, Mike 148 Douglas, James 88, 214 Downs, Charles 88, 214 Downs, Cindi 52, 198,243 Draganski, Edward 232 Drake, Dennis 149 Drake, Marita 257 Draper, Mark 214, 127 Draper, Rodney 72, 149 Drumm, Douglas 232 Drummond, Julie 71, 198 Drummond, Mark 46, 149 Dubach, Dawn 198 Duckworth, Bryan 26, 232 Duckworth, Cheryl 99, 232 Duckworth, Jerry 26, 198 Duckworth, Patti 23, 149, 95 Duckworth, Stormi 76 Duff, Jeanna 232, 40 Dugan, Cora 257 Duggins, Debbie 74, 69, 76, 214 Duke, Bobby 198,307,306 Duke, Don 251 Duke,Mary 198 Dumas, Janice 149 Duncan, Joe 72, 149 Dunegan, Erin 232 Dunlord, Stacey 74, 69, 214, 107, 109 Dunivan, Susan 232 Dunn, Brad 149, 178, 82, 104, 103 Dunn, Kelly 98, 214, 40, 107, 109 Dunne, Deborah 198,214 Dunn, Patty 253 Durrett, Melinda 214 Dwight, Andrew 214 Dyer, Scott 149 Earnhart, Stacey 214 Earp, Scott 89, 232 Easley, Lisa 23, 29, 214 Easthom, James 214 Eastus, Theodore 36, 43, 149, 82, 130 Eaton, Doris 254 Eaton, John 198,306 Edgmon, Byron 149, 128, 192 Edgmon, Kevin 89,232 Edmondson, John 49, 149, 76, 204 Edwards, Billy 2, 13, 149, 76, 82, 289, 41, 27 Edwards, Cary 28, 150 Edwards, Christopher 214 Edwards, D. Dwayne 26, 198 Edwards, David 46, 196 Edwards, Gregory 64, 65, 67, 198 Edwards, Kevin 232 Edwards, Mark 26 Edwards, Wendy 100, 214, 232 Ehrig, Richard 257, 47 Eisenman, Tammy 46,214 Elder, David 232 Elder, James 214 Elder, Rhonda 214 Elkins, Bryan 214 Elliott, Sandra 214 Elliott, Teri 214 Ellis, Deborah 74, 69, 214 Ellis, Joey 49, 52,214 Ellis, Shelly 35, 39, 54, 76, 214 Elrod, Jacquelyn 198 Elrod, Kathrlne 34, 43, 198 England, Gary 232 England, Kristie 99,232 English, Daniel 88, 214 Enriquez, Dante 89,232 Enriquez, Dominic 214, 128 Eoff, Janice 23, 27, 150 Epps. Bryan 82, 199,41 Ericson, Damon 55, 88, 199 Ervin, Gerald 198 Ervin, James 73, 150 Espinoza, Minerva 232 Espinoza, Susan 214 Essary, Brian 90, 91, 92, 199, 115 Essman, Chris 26, 150 Essman, Ronald 57, 69, 232, 41 Ethington, Cynthia 198 Ethington, Karen 232 Eubanks, April 74, 232 Eubanks, Bobby 4,214 Evans, Brian 214 Everett, Stephen 26, 199 Everett, William 78, 199, 114 Ewing, Sheri 71, 288, 40, 27, 150 Ewton, Lori 39, 71, 76, 199 Ezell, Anna 257,119 Ezell, Glenn 5B,59, 127, 150 Ezell, Heather 39, 232 Ezelle, Kenny 233 Fagala, Richard 214 Fagerstrom, Stephen 150 Faling, Lou 257 Faling, Flick 24, 43, 49, 33, 150 Farmer, Karla 214 Farrell, Gayla 233 Farrell, Samuel 214 Feemster, James 214 Feemster, sneny 233 Felton, Lori 214 Fenner, Bruce 214 Fenner, Chad 38, 43, 151 Fergason, Rhonda 38, 151, 198 Ferguson, Kimberly 214 Sherrl 51, 74, 69, 216, 40 Ferguson, Stacy 26, 151 Ferguson, Terry 233 Ferguson, Twlla 23, 151 Fernandez, Anges 22, 151 Fernandez, James 89, 233 Feuerbacher, James 26, 199 Field, Denise 233 Flllmon, Kimberly 61, 214, 40, 119 Finkenbinder, Kim 214 Fischer, Sammy 88, 214, 110 Fischer, Steven 199 Fisher, Cary 206, 214 Fisher, Kyla 82, 199 Fitz, James 89, 233 Fltz, Randy 94, 233 Fitzgerald, Judy 257 Fitzgerald, Kim 199 Fitzgerald, Richard 52, 214 Fitzgerald, Robert 29, 151, 82, 85, Flanagan, Kellye 233 Flaming, Kimberlea 74, 69, 214 Fleming, Marle 151, 28 Fletcher, Amala 74, 69, 214, 107 Fletcher, Ceclla 252 Fletcher, Davld 35, 58, 59, 65, 67, 151, B8 Floor, Ernest 199, 41 Fytfe, David 43, 199, 110 Gaar, Kimberly 152, 40, 27 Gaeva, Sylvia 233 Gage, Kathryn 76, 95, 96, 96, 199 Gallaa, Stewart 29, 36, 43, 46, 152, 27,124,125,191 Gamble, Jana 74, 234 Gammons, Cynthla 233 Gandy, John 233 Ganze, Wllllam 5, 37, 63, 215 Garcia, Julla 199 Gardner, Samuel 199 Gardner, Steven 234 Gardner, Rlcky 212 Garllngton, Sherry 199 Garner, John 88, 215 Garrett, Kay 152, 122, 119, 150 Garrlson, Stacy 43, 215, 127 Garvin, Stephanie 234 Gary, Mltch 234 Garza, , Gary 89, 215 Garza, Garza, Garza, Garza Davld 88, 215, 41 Glorle 215 Julle 153 Vincent 234, 114 Gaskey, Tlna 234 Gass, Michael 94, 234 Flores, Tamara 71, 199 Flores, Vlckle 151 Flores, Vlrglnla 199 Flowe, Floyd, Focht, Folks, Michael 26, 65, 151,28 Anne 151,95 Beth 56, 233 Laura 233 Foos, Becky 199 Ford, Nancy 214 Forman, Brad 199, 110 Forman, Lisa 65, 233 Forman, Mary 199 Forrest, Weldon 233 Fortenberry, Mary 254 Foster, Anthony 199 Foster, Blake 136, 151, 82, 41, 277 Foster, Brian 233 Famer, Clellan 233 Foster. Crlstl 233, 127 Foster, Randy 43, 88, 199, 215 Foster, Ray 38, 152, 27, 279, 192 Foster, Scott 82, 199 Fowler , Richard 215, 105 Fox, Anthony 215 Fox, Bobble 199 Fox. Karen 233 Fox, Kenny 233 Fox, Llsa 22, 152 Foy, James 26, 152 Francis, James 89, 233 Franklin, Julle 74, 69, 215 Frankum, Royoe 199 Frantz, Mltchell 199 Free, Timothy 215, 128 Frehner, Angela 69, 74, 215 Frler, Llsa 56 Fudge, David 93, 215 Fudge, Robert 89, 233, 41, 130 Fudge. Steven 215 Fulenwlder, Brian 26, 152 Fuller, Jacob 58, 82, 199, 103, 130 Fulton, Robert 233 Fultz. Chris 94, 233 Furman, Loren 215 Furr, Freddie 89, 233, 113 Futrell, John 57, 215 Futrell, Mary 51, 77, 152,243 Gatlln, Carrie 56, 99, 234 Gatlln, Regan 43, 76, 199 Genack, Jose 73 Gentry, Jessica 234 Gentry, John 2, 234 Gentry, Ron 29, 46, 215 Gerber, Donny 234 Gerdes, Shelly 234 Germer, John 199 Gerron, Gina 153 Ghatur, Mlrlam 23 Glatrakls, Shelly 57, 71, 200, 291 Glbbens, Tlerne 215 Glbboney, Jean 34, 234 Glbboney, Vlrglnla 71, 200 Gibson, Annette 71,200 Gibson, Micheal 43, 215, 113 Gibson, Ray 257 Glbson, Susan 215 Glddens, Cheryl 48 Gideon, Clndy 19, 39, 43, 62, 153, Glermann, Tanla 215 Gilbert, James 88, 215, 41 Gllbert, Larry 200, 124 Glles, Steve 52, 234 Glllely, Vance 26,41,128 Gllllsple, Mark 153, 76, 114 Gilmore, Michael 234 Glrram, Stephanie 35 Glst, Cassandra 200 Glancy, Glgl 22, 216 Glaser, Carol 153, 27, 189 Glaser, Janet 34, 234, 27 Glasscock, Tracle 234 Glaze, Norman 153 27 Gleason, Bruce 153, 103, 307, 306 Gloden, Anthony 76, 216 Gober, Kathy 200 Goekler, Michael 216 Goff, Gena 57, 216 Goforth, Gary 234, 127 Goins, Frankie 153 Golding, Llsa 37, 234, 124 Goldsberry, Kevin 153 Goldsberry, Lorl 234 Gomez, Debbie 200 Gomez, John 234 Gonnet, James 153 Gonnet, John 200 Gonyaw, Judy 153, 28, 306 Gonzales, Bobby 200 Gonzales, Joe 89, 234 Gooch, Lisa 234 Goode, Darien 94, 234 Gooding, Harry 127 Goodman, Gina 51,153,27,191 Goodman, Keenan 234 Goodman, Kendall 216, 127 Goodwin, i..c. 234 Goodwln, Ricky 216 Goodwln, Sheryl 154, 190 Goolsby, Leanne 74, 234 Gordon, Howard 58, 200 Gordon, Rene 200 Gore, Tracy 234, 120, 114 Gore, Troy 216, 114 Goree, Glenn 234 Goss, Alan 154 Goss, Cathy 200 Gotthardt, Debrah 234 Gouge, Sharon 27, 200 Gourlay, Kelly 216 Gragg, Deborah 154 Gregg, Gary 200, 168 Graham, Bryan 94, 234 Graham, Greg 154, 82, 288, 27 Graham, Kimberly 234 Graham, Michael 216 Graham, Pat 254 Granado, Robert 216, 105, 120 Grandey, Johnle 65, 67,154 Grant, Robin 234 Graves, Leanne 60, 234 Gray, David 26, 216 Gray, Homer 251 Gray, Richard 216 Gray, Kevin 234, 127, 114 Gray, Mel 43 Gray, Sandra 39, 257 Gray, Thomas 234 Green, Brenda 46, 98, 216 Green, Carrie 154 Green, Edward 58, 154,275 Green Green GTBBD, Glenda 23, 154 Gregory 12, 2oo Green, Green, , Lloyd 89, 234 , Ronnle 26, 155 Greer, Tamml 43, 200, 234 Grego, Robert 216 Gregory, Llsa 234 Gregory, Lorl 234 Grlce, Sherry 200 Grier, Kimberly 200 Grlttln, Helen 252 Grlftlth, Paul 43, 200 Grlftlth, Terri 155 Grlgar, James 234 Grimes, Tonya 216 Groller, Herman 155 Grubbs, Russell 200, 120 Grundelman, Erlc 155 Guerra, Debbie 216 Guerra, Denise 234 Guevara, Eydla 10, 60, 61, 216 Guin Gum Gum n, Deborah 29, 43, 200 m, Brian 27 pert, Dana 56, 234 Gurecky, Glenn 216 Guyton, Teresa 58, 74, 200 Guzy, Mark 155, 82 Guzy, Michael 200 Gweyn, Pat 114 Haddock, Rocky 200 Hadley, Sharon 234 Hagins, Cameron 94, 234 Halbert, Vicki 22, 146, 155 Hale, Angela 99, 234 Hall Doug 234 Hall, Gregory 215, 105 Hall, Hall, Hall Kathy 56, 74, 235 Kimberly 201 Mark 201 114 Hall, Melanie 39, 46, 155, 76, 40 Hall, Vernon 235 Halliday, Cynthia 71, 201 Halpin, Alllson 201 Hamideh, Susan 216 Hamilton, John 201,235 Hamiter, Michael 261 Hammond, Cynthia 155 Hammond, Sidney 201 Hammons, Marilyn 22, 216 Hammons, Teri 22, 216 Hammons, Tracey 216 Hampton, Jane 201 Hampton, Karin 155, 27, 190 Hampton, Larry 46, 63, 201 Hampton, Terri 201, 216 Hancock, Andrea 201, 235 Hancock, Cindy 22, 155 Hancock, Donna 77 Hancock, Lisa 72, 155 Hanson, Carla 215 Hanson, Gwendolyn 235 Hardin, Don 155 Hardin, Robert 72, 76,201 Hardison, Danna 156 Hardison, Scott 235, 105 Hargls, John 201 Hargrove, Daniel 10, 76, 82, 227, 156, 110 Hargrove, David 2, 29, 39, 63, 76, 27, 156, 166, 274, 190 Harmon, Damon 41, 156, 279, 114 Harmon, Deborah 215 Harmon, James 201 Harmon, Lisa 60, 74, 235 Harmon, Terry 89, 235 Harper, Joan 201 Harper, Johnnette 43, 76, 100, 216, 107 Harrelson, Sheri 74, 216 Harrelson, Vicki 56, 235 Harris, Erlc 73, 156 Harris, James 215,235 Harris, Jeffrey 88, 216 Harris, Kevin 156 Harrls, Robert 235 Harris, Traci 216 Harrison, Charlotte 234 Harrison, Lennisa 156 Harrison, Sammy 73, 156 Hart, Amianne 250 Hart, Dennis 130 Hart, John 77,216 Hart, Michael 201 Hart, Vickle 157 Hartsfield, Brian 201 Hartsfield, Melina 216 Harvey, Brian 46, 216, 105, 114 Harvey, Bruce 46, 234 Harwerth, Julie 157, 78, 100 Harwerth, Steven 90, 201 Haskett, Joseph 73,201 Hasley, David 54, 82,201 Hathcock, Rudy 157,27 Hauge, Linda 29, 58, 157, 287, 192 Hawkins, Billie 157 Hawkins, Greg 157 Hawkins, Michael 89, 234 Haworth, Michael 234 Hayes, Donna 57, 216 Haynes, Deborah 201 Hearn, Wendy 99,201 Hearne, Charles 157, 27 Hearne, Kristi 234 Heath, Becky 234 Heath, Donna 157 Heath, Shelly 71,201 Heath, Terri 157, 109 Heflin, Danny 201 Hefner, Lisa 98, 216, 130 Henderson, Anastasia 43,216 Hendrickson, Rita 234 Hendrix, Glann 234 Hendrix, Mimi 56, 74, 234 Hennard, Kristine 216, 119 Henrichson, Kevln 234 Henry, Cathy 29, 54, 58, 216, 107 Henty, Cathy 38 Hernandez, Belinda 215, 107 Herndon, Douglas 49,201,234 Herrage, Joseph 37, 54, 216 Herrington, Jeff 215, 110 Hess, Gregory 23,201 Hester, Steven 88, 201 Hetzel, Carolyn 253 Hetzel, Kenneth 58, 59, 157 Hetzel, Sandra 57, 74, 69, 216 Hetzer, Connie 257 Hickman, Charles 26 Hickman, Lisa 22,201 Hicks, Julie 43,216 Hicks, Kenny 216 Hilbert, Bobby 157 Hill, Belinda 201 Hlll, Cathy 99, 234, 119 Hill, Marion 157,245 Hill, Mark 89,234 Hilz, Brian 234 Hinton, Amy 29, 39, 62, 158, 40, 192 Hinton, Rodney 89, 94, 236 Hipp, Carilyn 76, 201 Hitt, Christi 216 Hodges, Laure 201 Hodnett, Terry 217 Hodnett, Vickie 38, 76, 201 Hott, Jeff 235 Hoffman, Richard 257 Hogan, Susan 74,217 Hohertz, Sarah 22, 158 Holcomb, Jimmy 46, 158,33 Holcomb, Llsa 235 Holcombe, Matthew 236, 128 Holdridge, Linda 158, 28, 243 Holland, Carrie 158 Holland, Connie 71, 158, 288, 40, 27 Holland, Gary 36, 89, 236 Holley, Charles 236 Holllllld, Davld 88,217 Holloman, James 23, 201, 114 Holloway, Mark 158, 82, 41, 27 Holman, Donald 236 Holman, Thomas 217 Holman, Vicki 158 Holmes, Theresa 74, 69, 217 Holt, Fra Holt, Ter ncis 254 ry 159 Hong, Noboo 217 Hons, Margaret 201 Hood, Kenny 236 Hood, Melani 52, 217 Hooker, Wendell 217, 127 Hookings, Tracy 58, 74, 69, 217,40 Hooper, Judy 159 Hopkins, Kimberly 74, 69, 217 Hopkins, Regina 57,236 Hopkins, Michele 236 Hopper, Hopper, Hopson, Hopson, Kellie 43, 77, 201, 243 Stacey 74, 236 Cynthia 201 Mike 72, 201 Hornsby, Evelyn 23 Horton, Diane 29, 35, 46, 159, 27, 42 Horton, Renae 74, 236 Hosek, Sherri 201, 27 Hough, Kenneth 72, 159 Houser, Donna 26, 159 Howard, David 159 Howard, Joanna 217 Hoyt, Lisa 236 Hubbs, Sandra 159, 28, 277 Hubik, Michael 236 Hubner, Pamela 23,69, 74,217 Hubnar, Ronwyn 159 Huckaby, Tonya 215 Huff, Janice 22 Huffman, Lisa 23, 201 Hughes, Beth 28 Martin, A Hughes, Hughes, Howard 247 Jimmy 201,215 Johnson, James 26 Johnson, Jay 202 Johnson, Jill 7, 36, 38, 29, 43, 218 Johnson, Joan 218 Johnson, Leo 105, 103 Johnson, Lisa 218 Johnson, Lorl 218 Johnson, Melanie 38, 236 Johnson, Michael 160 Johnson, Monica 29, 46, 189, 160 Johnson, Rhonda 15, 61, 210, 218 Johnson, Richard 202 Johnson, Robert 202, 103 Johnson, Robert 236 Johnson, Roger 26,236 Johnson, Sandy 236 Johnson, Sharon 161 Johnson, Stashia 236 Johnson, Teresa 161, 27 Johnson, Tim 161, 82, 85 Johnson, Tommy 257 Johnson, William 236 Johnston, Dianne 161, 33 Johnston, Paul 39, 88, 202, 41 Johnston, Stanley 218 Johnstone, Devin 236, 114 Jones, Christi 236 Jones, Dana 74, 69, 218 Jones, Davld 73 Jonas, Janet 202, 285 Jones, Janet 257 Jones, Jeannette 218 Jones, Joe 202 Jones, Kevin 218, 120, 114 Jones, Lori 43, 51, 29,218 Jones. M Jones. M elissa 161 ichelle 236 Jones, Teresa 202 Jordan, Brent 52, 161 Hughes, Karla 24, 159, 40, 27, 288, 190 Hughes, Susan 38, 159 Hughey, Walter 26, 159, 28,307,306 Humphrey, Jill 257 Humphries, Keith 211 Humphus, Cecilia 236 Hunstable, John 29, 58, 236 Hunt, Karen 217 Hunter, Carol 257 Hunter, Diane 35, 37, 201 Hunter, Jon 43 Hunter, Kimberly 201 Hunter, Michael 217 Hutchins, Sheri 236 Hutchinson, Butch 73 Hutchinson, Jami 217 Hutto, Rhonda 236 lacovelli, Kathleen 201 Inca, Brett 236 Ingram, Greg 72,201,307 Ingram, Marci 6, 22, 52, 159 Ingrahm, Michele 201 lnmon, Owen 160, 110 Irvin, Kent 236 Irvin, Kyle 201 lsenman, Dawna 29, 54, 57, 74, 75, 217 Ishmael, Denise 74, 69, 217,40 Ismail, Fayza 236 lund, Kevin 82, 160 Ivins, David 201 Jacks, R Usty 52, 217 Jackson, Beth 56 Jackson, David 76, 201, 28 Jackson, David 88,201 Jackson, Dick 257 Jackson J ackson , Jay 160 , Jennifer 236 JBCKSOR, Leo 257 Jackson Jackson . Maridean 58, 202 , Sondra 217 Jackson, Teresa 69, 74, 98, 217, 119 Jacobs, Adina 74, 236 James, Dale 218 James, Kelly 236 James, Pamela 36, 74, 69, 76,218 Janecka, Paul 57, 236 Janicek, Mark 26,202 Janicek, Paul 236 Janosik, Penny 236 Jarvill, Patricia 218 Jetters, Keith 103, 27, 160 Jenkins, Barry 82, 27, 274, 160 Jenkins, Roy 202 Jenkins, Sherri 18, 43, 48, 62, 27, 274 160 Jessee, James 43, 88, 202 Jette, Bobby 89, 236 Johnson, Beth 236 Johnson, Carolyn 236 Johnson, Debora 71, 202, 290 Johnson, Gary 202 Jordan, Jacquelln 236 Jordan, Terry 161 Kahllg, Donnle 202 Kalol, Curtis 202, 124 Kamps, Ray 236 Kapltan, Wllllam 218 Kath, Susan 218 Kauffman, Laura 54, 56 Kaun, Davld 57,236 Kaun, Paul 202 Kear, David 37, 54, 218 Kear, Jettrey 35, 37, 54, 202 Kearney, Jonathan 218 Keel, Kevln 236 Keel, Pamela 202 Keith, Mark 26, 161,28 Kellehan, Laura 218 Kelleher, Suzanne 161 Keller, Davld 161 Kelley, Angela 202 Kelly, Dawn 29, 46, 161, 176, 191, 107 Kelly, Jane 258 Kelly, Kevin 218, 105 Kelly, Lisa 69, 74, 218 Kelly, Mary 202 Kelly, Richard 236 Kellyman, Annette 22, 94 Kennedy, Cindy 202 Kennedy, Doug 73, 161 Kennedy, Jana 34, 36, 28 Kennedy, Robert 85, 202 Kenney, James 218 Kennon, Benjamin 216 Kesler, Kathryn 218 Keylon, Sherrie 29, 46, 202 Kldd, Marshan 52, 69, 74, 76, 89, 218 Klle, Jeana 28 Kllgore, Eddie 72 Kilgore, Elizabeth 29, 74, 192 Kilgore, Stephen 93, 218, 225 Killian, Lorie 218 Kllpatrlck, Bethany 29,218 Kllstrom, Kay 218, 109 Klnard, Terry 258, 131 King, Colleen 46,65 King, Dawn 202 Klng, James 203 Kingrey, Todd 82,203 Klnne, Karla 71,203 Kinney, Charles 218, 105 Klrk, Craig 28 Klrk, Klm berly 236 Klrkland, Jo 56, 236 Klrkpatrlck, Cheryl 77, 218 Kirkpatrick, Lori 39, 61, 218, 289, 40 Klelnholz, Tracle 236 Kllne, Jay 58 Kllne, John 50,258 Klutts, Susan 74,236 Knowles, Bryan 210 Koerner, Kerry 203 Koerner, Kristy 218 Koger, Robert 65, 67 Kovar, Danny 26, 218 Kovar, Monette 236 Krause, James 49, 203 Kreeger, Victor 189, 47 Krueger, Vonda 218 Kulawa, Damon 236 Kula, Wllliam 93.218, 41 Kuptz, Kimberly 218, 127 Kunz, William 218, 120, 114 kuykanaall, Randall 54, sa, 59, Kyser, Jayneen 43, 203 LaTorres, Arsenic 163 Lacoste, Glen 237 Lamb, Lynda 218 Lancaster, David 163, 110 Lancaster, Jerry 89 Lancaster, Stevan 54, 58, 218 Lance, David 237 Landis, James 89, 130 Lane, Kathy 258 Lane, Laurie 218 Lane, Leanna 98, 218 Lane, Patrlcla 258 Langford, Robert 237 Langford, Shannon 203, 27 Lanktord, Linda 218 Lantrlp, John 163, 89, 33 Larkln, Gary 89 Larsen, Lori 122, 218, 119 LaTorres, Paul 43, 27 Lauderdale, Dennis 65,203 Lay, Ramle 74, 69, 218, 119 Layer, Steven 218, 103 Leach, Kathryn 35, 163 Leathers, Susan 237 Leavitt, Mable 203 Lebrun, Dot 237 Lebrun, Joseph 130 Ledgerwood, Kimberly 163, 76, Ledgerwood, Marci 237 Lee, Denise 163 Lee, Holly 98, 203 Lee, Lla 98 Leerssen, David 88 203 27 Lynch, Pam 71, 203. 291 Lynd, Laura 39, 60, 74 Lyon, Jeffrey 76, 89, 238 Lyon, Robby 102, 103, 41, 164 Mabry, Kyle 164 Macey, Daniel 238, 114 Macey, Donna 238 Machado, Albert 43, 88 Mackey, John 82, 84, 86, 87,203 Madden, Maddox, Madsen. John 93 Brian 238 Christine 43,238 Maedgen, Marc 164 Magee, Randall 57, 238 Magee, Shannon 17, 39, 60, 74, 238, 279 Magee, Suzanne 119 Magee, Thad 164 Mahler, Sherry 203 Malkszak, Wanda 22, 27, 165, 190 Mallon, Douglas 88, 238,41 Malone, Keith 165, 82, 277 Malone, Michael 90, 203 Maison, Tammy 56, 238 Mangham, Juli 56, 74, 238 Manicchia, Phillip 89,238 Mansfield, Kenny 165, 27 Margerum, Malayne 71, 203 Marlon, Debbie 71, 165, 40, 27 Mark, Bruce 165 Marks, Gary 130 Marriott, Ronny 220, 105 Marshall, Willard 88, 220, 41 Leggett, Rhonda 74,69 Lehew, Michael 203 Lehr, Mitchell 163, 189 Lemaster, Teresa 48, 138, 163 Lemons, Kellee 237 Lentz, Stuart 237 Lenz, Mitchell 29 Leonard, Barbara 22, 163 Leslie, Jeffrey 88 Lester, Jettrey 72, 203 Lewis, Bryan 89, 237 Lewis, Debra 237 Lewis, James 237 Lewis, Jeanene 237 Lewis, Ron 237 Lieser, Michael 46, 203 Limmer, Tracy 74, 69, 107 Lindquist, Leanne 71, 163, 170, 288, 27 Lindquist, Michael 88 Linker, Diana 29, 46, 237 Linsteadt, Brent 203 Llnville, William 163 Lipsett, David 57, 89, 237, 130, 110 Little, Jerrell 88 Littwin, Kim 203 Lloyd, Rocky 65,237 Lock, Robby 258 Loden, Janice 237 Loden, Judy 203 Logan, Gary 163 Long, Jay 72 Long, Keith 203 Lopez, Jerry 203, 128 Lopez, Richard 203, 102, 103 Lopez, Scotty 89, 237 Lott, Jeffery 238 Loudder, Kevin 57,238 Lovejoy, Kevin 261, 164 Lovell, Chad 238 Lovell, Michelle 238 Lowe, Ky 237 Lowrey, Gary 203 Lucas, Sheila 74, 238, 119 Luke, Steve 12, 164 Lundstord, Stephen 203 Lundstrom, Eva 164 Luttrell, Chris 203, 237 Luttrell, Kirk 238 Lynch, Kenneth 46, 63, 164, 274 Marshall, Linda 24, 38, 258 Marshall, Melinda 29, 43, 52, 53, 203 Marshall, Robert 165, 89 Marsh bu fn. wendy 238 Martin, Angie 220 Martin Martin Martin Martin Martin Martin Martin 103 Martin Martin, K nthony 220, 105 ,Cathy 203 Darla 238 David 203 220 ,Ginny 56, 74,238 ,Jennifer 60, 74, 238,40 ,John 239,274 , Jorge 15, 82, 84, 203, 124, ,Kendall 55, 58, 59.63, 68, 165 yle 88, 93,220 Martin, Max 203 Martin, S Martin, S herri 220 harry 69, 74, 238 Martin, Terri 71, 99, 203 Martin, V icki 238 Martinez, Angela 203, 124 Martinez, Cynthia 239 Martinez, Phillip 203 Martinez, Rosie 203 Martinez, Teresa 220, 40, 124 MSSIBYS, Tim 89,239,113 Matheus, George 5, 77, 203, 110 Mathews, Michelle 71, 203 Mathison, Melissa 220 Mattingly, Sharra 74, 69, 220 Maurer, Dan 90 Maxey, William 220 May, Larry 203 Mayne, R obert35,54,165 Mays, Leslie 71, 165,76 McAda, Kristene 49, 239 McAfee, Christie 74, 69, 220 McAlliste McBride, r, Thomas 220 Teresa 23, 165 McCaig, Benny 26, 165 McCaig, Michael 239 McCain, Theresa 51, 203, 219, 40 McCarter, Michael 165 McCarty, McCarty, Davina 18, 62, 166,274 Robert 256, 258 McClammy, Crystal 64, 65, 67, 166 McCIaren, Norman 26 McClinton, Cheryl 29, 239, 166, 191 McClure, Jerry 72, 166 McClure, McClure, Karen 56, 239 Terri 58, 166 McColgan, Rodger 239 McCollum, Steven 23, 239 McCown, Joey 203 McCoy, J ames 41, 250 McCrummen, Sandra 56, 220 McCulIou McCully, gh, Jeffrey 203 Randy 89, 239 McCurdy, Allen 166 McCutchen, Joey 166 McDaniel, John 58, 239, 124 McDaniel, Maria 43, 52, 78, 166 McDaniel, Quinton 73,220 McDaniel ,Sonja 38, 43, 167 McDonald, Brent 203 McDonald, Renee 71,203 McFatridge, Larry 26, 29, 46, 158, 167, 286, 28, 189 McGary, Anthony 239 McGee, Michael 52, 220,307,306 McGibboney, Tracey 203 McGinnis, Howard 39, 167, 82, 27 McGowan, Karin 65, 66, 203 McGowan, Scott 105 McGowan, Sharon 29, 46, 167, 316, 31, 190, 320 McGuffey, Angela 58, 204 McGulfey, Shawna 56, 74, 239 McGuire, Robert 204 McHargue, David 220 Mcllroy, Cheryl 239 Mclntosh, Rodney 204 Mclntyre, James 76, 204 McKee, Marcus 167 McKee, Rickie 167,27 McKee, Ronnie 167 McKeithan, Dana 220 McKenzie, Tracey 57, 74, 69,220 McKinney, John 89,239 McKinney, Martha 68, 69, 71, 167, 76, 27 McKinney, Shannon 239 McKnight, Deberia 239 McKnight, James 73, 204 McLain, Kimberly 239 McLaren, Norman 258 McLean, Charles 239, 113 McLemore, Andrea 74, 239, 40 McMillan, Glenda 204 McMillan, Lana 167, 100 McMillan, Tina 22, 167 McMlllon, Angela 204 McPhall, Juanita 220, 280, 306 McPhall, Melissa 239 McQualn, Theresa 239 McQueen, Laura 58, 167 McRae, Kimberly 74, 239 McReynolds, Robert 204, 307, 306 Mead, Larry 58, 220, 114 Measles, Saundra 204, 28 Meazell, Gwendolyn 74, 75, 220 Medford, Angela 220 Medlln, Tommy 239 Meeks, Cara 22, 167, 191 Melton, Mike 239 Melvin, Gregory 220 Mendez, Dorothy 168 Mendez, Jesse 239 Mensdort, David 204 Mercer, Michael 239, 128 Mercer, Sherri 74, 69, 220.307, 306 Merritt, Benny 58, 204 Merryman, Laura 98, 220 Messick, Andrea 239 Metcalf, Truett 82, 204 Meyers, David 204 Michael, John 239 Middlebrooks, Allcla 71, 204 Mikuda, Donna 220 Miller, Brenda 168, 191, 106, 107 Miller, Carla 239 Miller, Christie 168 Miller, Christopher 89, 239, 130, 110 Miller, Dan 4,239 Miller, Darlene 239 Miller, Deidre 35, 152, 27, 168, 192 Miller, Jeffrey 89, 204, 239 Millar, Larry 58,220 Miller, Mark 89, 239 Miller, Melanle 204,307,307 Miller, Pamela 220 Miller, Randall 204, 103 Miller, Stephan 54, 204,220 Mills, Franklin 239 Mills, Michael 73, 204 Mills, Regina 49, 74, 239 Mills, Steven 127 Minnick, Lori 239 Minsky, Robert 239 Mitcham, Suzanne 220 Mitchell, Anthony 94, 239 Mitchell, Jeffrey 57,239 Mitchell, Laura 239 Mitchell, Lorraine 258 Mitchell, Sherry 239 Mohr, James 89, 239 Molencupp, Larry 28, 168 Molina, Marianna 76, 168 Mollett, Darla 43, 71, 168 Monaco, John 43, 220, 114 Monroy, Deborah 43, 204 Monroy, Sandra 74, 69, 220 Montgo Montgo Moody, Moody, Moore, mery, David 204, 220, 240 mery, Melanie 64, 240 Penny 240, 127 Susan 220, 127 Barry 240 Moore, Becky 28 Moore, Candy 22, 168 Moore. Elizabeth 204 Moore, Mlndy 56, 74, 69, 220 Moore, Ruth 29, 49, 74, 240 Moore, Sammle 74, 220,40 Moore, Tlna 249 Moore, Tracey 240 Moore, Tracy 169, 99 Moran, Stacy 88, 204 MOYBNO , Catherine 74, 240 Moreno, Rita 240 Morgan, Reba 253 Morgan Morgan Morgan Morgan Morgan Morgan . David 93, 220 , Gerald 240 , Jena 169 , Maryann 254 , Roy 220 , Shelly 204 Morningstar, Paula 71, 205 Morone s, Sylvia 58. 205 Morones, Teresa 220, 109 Morrls, Barbara 74, 75. 99, 220, 109 Morris, Bobble 240, 40 Morris, Cylena 205 Morris, Cheryl 29, 57, 99, 240 Morris, Kathy 22, 169 Morris, Laura 46, 58,205 Morris, Pam 71, 169 Morris, Robert 93, 220 Morris, Stacy 169, 76 Morrison, Donna 220, 109 Morrow, Deborah 69, 74, 220 Morton, Charles 240 Morton, Cindy 74, 69, 220. 283 Moseley, Bobby 89 Moses, Julie 220 Mosher, Lorraine 43, 74, 69, 210, 220, 107, 109 Moss, Dana 13, 169, 76,40 Moss, Randy 240 Mowell, James 57, 240, 120, 114 Moynlhan, Jerry 92, 258 Muehl, Michael 89, 240 Muhl, Sally 76, 95, 96,205 Muldoon, Deeann 35, 39, 54, 76, 205, 124, 270 Muldoon, Llnda 240 Mulheron, Kathy 49, 53, 169, 243 Mulholland, Cheryl 71, 169, 27 Mulholland, Gregory 220 Mullen, Mary 240, 127 Mullen, Raymond 205. 28 Mullins, Munnlz, Jeana 22 Lita 46, 169 Murdock, Marty 205 Murdock, Rebecca 221, 282 Murphy. Carol 205 Murphy, James 240 Murphy, Katrina 74, 240 Murphy, Jlm 92, 93, 258 Murray, Susan 74, 240 Muffy, Danny 169 Musick, Kenneth 72, 205 Musick, Larry 4, 240 Musick, Llnda 169,95 Muth, William 82 Myer, Mike 35, 188, 160 Myer, Samuel 240 Myers, Darren 169, 120, 114 Myers, Tod 170 Mygatt. Bf6l1d8 221 Myrdahl, Susanne 240 Naberhaus, Dawn 39, 60, 74, 76, 228, 241, 40 Naberhaus, Debra 170, 191 Nabors, Mike 29, 170, 124, 125, 190 Nadlng, Angela 241 Nenez, David 43,205,221,120, 114 Nanez, Rodney 31 Neal, Taml 26 Neece, Brian 241 Neel,Claudla170 Neeley, Russell 29, 170, 76, 82, 41, 110, 111, 112 Nekuza, John 170. 28 Nelson, Daniel 43, 49 Nelson, Kathryn 289 Nelson, Matthew 90, 205 Nelson, Mltch 170, 91, 92, 114 Nelson, Randy 72 Nelson, Stacey 48, 221, 109, 114 Nelson, Steven 170, 120 Nerseslan, Robert 105 Nettles, David 214 Newman, Davld 221 Newman, Lowell 171, 82, 41 Newman, Shannon 241 Newsome, Dana 205 Newsome, Starr 241 Nguyen, Dat 89, 241 Nguyen, Hoang 38, 29, 65, 221 Nichols, Steven 82, 221 Nichols, Todd 241, 105 Nlgo, Fermln 241 Nlles, Jesse 205 Nobles, Sybrena 241 Nolan, John 49, 205 Nolen, Jerry 241 Nolen, Tracy 71, 171 Nolley, Diane 35, 37, 205, 31 Norlle, Bryan 205 Norman, Douglas 205 Norman, Vlckle 205 Norris, Ronal 82, 205, 27, 114 Northcutt, Dawn 74, 69, 76, 221 Norwood, Donna 43, 71, 205, 40 Norwood, Shelley 22, 171 Noster, Jlmmy 205 Novakovlch, Dawn 205 Nyvold, Lea 60, 74,241 O'Connor, Sheree 56, 74, 241 O'Dell, Brice 35,159,205 Odom, Laura 15, 62, 205, 124 O'Handley, Christopher 205 Oliver, Barry 241, 114 Oliver, Connie 29, 52, 221 Oliver, Gerald 205 Olson, De An 100 Olson, Gilbert 35,221 Olson, Lynn 221 0'Neal, Jerry 221 O'NeaI, Sharon 29, 37, 50, 205 Osborn, Kimberly 26, 171, 28 Owen, Darlene 100, 101, 27 Owen, Kathy 29, 46, 241 Owens, Laurie 74, 69, 221 Owens, Patricia 289 Pacho, Jullo 241 Palmer, Nathan 241 Palmer, Troy 88, 205 Pamplin, Leslie 56, 241 Pannoni, Laurel 52, 56, 221 Pardun, Ron 27, 289 Paris, Becky 27, 289 Parker, Elizabeth 23, 171, 289 Parks, Monica 171 Parks, William 221, 105 Parlett, William 221, 41, 227 Parmer, William 94 Parrish, Ronnie 205 Partridge, Jeff 26,221 Patrick, Jeff 221 Patrick, Randy 241 Patterson, Steve 241 Patterson, Anita 221, 127 Patterson, Brett 171, 128 Patterson, Stephani 205 Patterson, Dale 90, 205 Patton, Shelley 221 Paugh, Lois 205,241 Paulov, Cynthia 205 Paulsen, Gayla 241 Paulsen, Tracy 171 Payne, Clifton 89,241 Payne, Steve 114 Payne, Victoria 241, 109 Peace, Martha 4B Pearson, Michael 105, 124 Pearson, William 171 Peat, Leo 83 Pedri, Paul 49, 76, 205, 277 Peeples, Michael 205, 283 Peeples, Oscar 241 Pena, Deborah 205 Pena, Edward 49, 171 Pena, Gloria 34, 241 Penn, Daniel 241 Pennington, Barry 221 Pennington, Kelly 171 Pennington, Kent 26, 205 Perez, Jorge 221 Perez, Jose 171 Perkins, Rebecca 29, 35, 39, 54, 172, 76, 286, 189 Perritt, Bobby 241 Perry, Donna 23 Perry, Bobbie 45,289 Perry, John 34, 89, 241 Perry, Justin 89, 241 Perry, Karla 56, 241 Perry, Keellng 114 Perryman, Harmon 221 Perryman, Jeff 29, 279 Pete, Leo 241 Peters, Gerri 205, 127 Peters, Mary 222 Peterson, Rene 222 Petree, Clifton 241 Peyton, Amy 98, 222 Pfell, Sue 60, 289 Phelps, Elizabeth 34, 172 Phelps, Everett 222 Phelps, Kelly 172 Phillips, David 34, 172, 205 Phillips, David 88, 28 Phillips, Frederick 241 Phillips, Kaylynne 43, 205 Phllllps, Steve 94,241 Plccola, Joann 99,241 Pierce, Stephanie 43, 57, 241 Pierce, Tammy 95, 205, 124 Piland, Patrick 172 Piland, Stephen 34, 222, 274 Pina, Anthony 172 Pinson, Natalie 69, 74, 222 Plntor, Paul 88, 222 Pipkin, Sonya 23,205 Pippin, Wm. 172, 82, 288 Plumlee, Rebecca 43, 205 Poe, Karen 205 Poffenberger, Vlrginl 46, 172, 192 Pogue, Gregory 222 Pollard, Lenny 88, 222, 41 Polvado, John 241 Pool, Terrl 68, 71, 173 Poor, Shelly 48,222 Pope, James 241 Porter, Connie 46, 173, 192 Porter, Gordon 173, 82. 130 Porter, Kelli 35, 54, 58, 173,47 Porter, Lori 74, 69, 98, 222, 40, 119 Porter, Ralph 46, 205, 110, 111 Porter, Shelly 241,40 Posey, Leah 56, 241 Posing, Nicole 241 Potter, Charles 222, 241 Powell, Delynda 51, 74, 69, 222 Powell, Mark 58, 59, 173, 90, 92 Powell, Ron 173, 289, 92 Power, Andrea 56, 74, 241 Power, Angela 100,241 Power, Joseph 5, 43, 54, 58,205 Power, Stephanie 222 Powers, Jaffray 72, 76, 205 Prater, Carrie 74,222 Prater, Diane 74, 241 Prater, Doug 3, 48, 173, 76, 82,41 Prater, Lynnell 24, 289 Prater, Sherry 48, 74, 69, 222 Preas, Gerald 206, 47 Prestridge, Jackie 222 Price, Bobby 88,222 Price, Jeftrey 222, 113 Price, Markeda 29, 36. 77, 173, 191 Price, Vicki 64, 241 Primm, Billy 241 Primm, Richard 241 Prosser, Stacya 173 Provence, James 82, 206, 118, 114 Provence, Paul 29, 57,241 Pruitt, Lesia 241 Pruitt, Ramona 22, 173 Pruitt, Teresa 206 Puckett, Charles 173 Puckett, Gregory 222, 105 Puckett, Micky 73, 100 Puente, Mario 206 Pulley, Kendall 206 Pupo, Natalia 74, 241 Purcell, Eric 14, 48, 174, 105, 103 Purcell, Susan 29, 206, 31 Purkey, Shawn 206 Purvis, Joy 222 Putnam, Darrell 26, 174, 28 Puyear, Mike 89, 241 Pyle, Kelly 241 Pyle, Kim 206 Pylon, Steve 63 Rabe, Randy 206 Raburn, Billy 206 Raitt, Ricky 26, 174, 289, 103, 41 Raitz, Jeff 156, 114 Ramsey, Michael 241, 114 Ramsey, Patty 61, 222 Ramsey, Randy 206 Ramsey, William 241,47 Randell, Lela 241 Randle, Christopher 94,241 Renale, Patti 174 Ranes, Bryan 94, 241 Ransom, Charlotte 22, 58, 154, 174, 76 Flascoe, Jimmy 241 Rattan, Kelly 36, 38, 29, 39, 43, 76, 222, 107 Rattan, Kim 29, 39, 43, 76, 222, 107 Rawls, Bobby 174, 82 Ray, Carla 241 Ray, Genene 56,241 Rey, Lawrence 89, 241 Ray, Mark 89,241 Raymond, Bryce 67, 206 Raymond, Virginia 241 Read, Linda 241 Reasor, Bradley 223 Rector, Mark 76, 241 Reed, Jimmy 89, 241, 41 Reed, Randy 241 Reed, Steven 223 Reese, Shane 241 Reese, Sonya 65, 242 Reeves, Bruce 88, 243 Reich, Sharon 71, 206 Reichert, Dennis 243 Reid, Darrell 223 Relslnger, Jerry 243 Reneau, Billy 223 Renner, Deborah 223 Revllle, Sherrle 61, 210,223 Reynolds, Julla 289 Reynolds, Keri 24, 289 Reynolds, Robln 52, 223 Robertson, Stephanie 122, 243, 40, 119 Robertson, Tony 63 Robertson, Tracy 43, 71, 207, 285 Robinson, Kenneth 223 Robles, Della 207 Rochester, Pamela 74, 243 Rochester, Phll 175, 82, 27, 110 Rock, John 243 Roden, James 223 Rodgers, Melissa 243 Rodgers, Shannon 243 Rodgers, Steven 223, 114 Rodriguez, Cynthia 175 Rodriguez, lllana 207 Rodriguez, Llnda 60, 74, 243 Rodriguez, Llsa 223, 109 Rodriguez, Patricia 56,243 Roe, Robyn 74,243 Rogers, Christine, 223 Rogers, Pamela 223 Rogers, Tlmothy 243 Rohde, Todd 175 Settle, Daniel 223 Sevln, Shelley 23 Shelter, Petrlck 207 Sheppard, Shana 243 Sheppard, Tlmothy 177 Sharp. Llnda 76, 207 Shaver, David 43, 223, 105 Shaver Sheets Sheets , Jeffrey 243 , Debbie 207,127 , Lowell 177 Sheets, Mlchael 223 Sheffield, Casey 223, 117, 114 Sheffield, Warren 243 Shelton, Darla 43, 223, 107 Sherman, Klm 207 Shero. Maleah 243 Sherrerd, Robert 76 Shields, Ann 243 Shields, Misty 56, 243 Shles, Llsa 243 Shlflet, James 243 Shlrel, Sheila 22, 178, 76 Shlrel, Stephanie 243 Stachowlak, Chalese 36, 38, 29, 100, 224, 107 Stafford,Son1a 69, 74, 224, 40 Stalcup, Andrea 68, 71, 179, 288, 27 Stanglln, Blll 260 Stanley, Scott 224 Starkes, Llllle 48. 207 Starkey, Doug 35.37, 54, 179, 27, 286, 189 Starnes, Lou 244 Starnes, Sharry 207 Starnes, Terrle 74, 75, 224 Starrett, Ronald 244 Steedman, Amber 224 Steele, Mlchelle 98, 224 Stephens, Lea 224 Stephens, Matthew 244 Stephens, Rhonda 71 , 179 Stephens, Roger 26, 180 Stephens. Ronald 244 Stephenson, Llsa 180, 100 Stephenson, Mlke 244 Stephenson, Paula 224 Reynolds, Ronald 63, 65, 206 Reynoso, Jesus 206, 45 Rhett, Prlscella 243 Rhett, Yvette 206 Rhode, Todd 49 Rial, Kristi 43, 243 Rich, Mlchelle 174 Rich, Robln 243 Rich, Tonya 3, 43, 62, 206 Rolllns, Judy 289 Ronscavage, Mark 243 Resales, Louis 89, 243, 114 Rosebrock, Shelley 74, 69, 223 Rossi, Sarlta 46, 48, 175,76 Rotenberry, Llsa 58, 175 Rotenberry, Russell 57, 243 Rountree, James 243 Roush, Susan 74, 243 Rowan, Rhonda 223 Rowell, Gerald 223, 114 Rude, Bretta 175 Rude, Erik 243 Rudolph, Cam 243 Runnels, Donna 175 Rupard, Allen 72, 175 Rusk, Sammy 289 Russ, Lorl 71, 176 Russell, Beverly 207 Russell, Dana 76, 223 Ryan, Catherine 48, 176 Shlver, Patricia 243 Shlvers, James 89, 244 Shockley, Deanna 74, 69, 223 Shoud, Becky 39,223 Shuffler, Terry 88 Shugart, Robln 57, 69, 224 Shupe, David 46, 224 Shutt, Klmberly 224 Slbbach, Chrlstlna 244 Sides, Erlc 36, 207 Slllman, Cheryl 50, 178 Stevens, Stewart, Stewart, Stewart, Stewart, David 58, 89, 207 Chad 207 Daniel 244 Dee 100, 289 Dina 43, 224 Stewart, Joseph 73 Stewart, Stldham, Julie 244 D68l'lfl8 224 Stiles, Llsa 57 Stoeber, Robert 224, 127, 47 Stone, Laura 224, 282 Simmons, Dawn 19, 63, 178, 27, 274 Simmons, Julie 224 Simmons, Kellye 244 Simmons, Klm 244 Simmons, Marla 207 Simmons, Ron 27, 178, 124, 191 Simmons, Shellye 224, 127 Sims, Klm 244 Sims, Vlrglnla 29, 37, 54, 58, 59, 17B Slnclalr, Rebecca 22, 207 Stone, Steven 43, 88, 224, 41 Stooksberry, Tlmothy 207 Stout, Donald 244 Stovall, Gregory 29, 63. 180, 76, 188, 164 Stover, Delmar 201 Stratman, Karen 94, 194, 207, 27, 107 Straughan, Mary 180, 95, 98, 99 Strickland, James 207 Strom, David 244 Rlchards, Klmberly 43, 206 Richardson, Aaron 206 Richardson, Glna 206 Richardson, Glorla 289 Richardson, Sheila 223 Rlcherson, Jon 88, 223, 41 Rigdon, Curtis 223 Rlgglns, Robert 37, 206 Riggs, Philip 206 Rigsby, John 243 Rlley, Glna 43, 206 Rlley, Sean 73, 206 Rlley, Trevor 243, 128 Rlnne, Deanna 65 Rlnnle, Jodie 174 Rlos, Alisa 65, 223 Rlos, Angela 223 Rlos, Teresa 223, 107 Ritchie, Bradley 207, 243, 282, 28 River, Lori 223 Rivers, Klmberly 71, 207 Rlzzotto, Anthony 89, 243 Roberson, John 58, 207 Roberts, Dana 175 Roberts, Jan 175 Roberts, Klmberly 175 Roberts, Laura 223 Roberts, Tina 29, 58, 175 Robertson, Ben 289 Robertson, Rhonda 35. 207, 283 Robertson, Rlchard 223, 103 Rylander 89 Ryle, Karl 36, 223 Saam, Pam 2, 176 Saffle, D'Anna 74, 69, 223 Sallay, Audrey 223 Samford, Thomas 243 Sammann, James 89,243 Sammann, John 89, 243 Sanchez, Cindy 243 Sanchez, Teri 22, 176 Sanders, Dana 56, 74, 243 Sanders, Ellzabeth 223 Sanders, Lorl 58, 59, 176 Sanders, Mark 82, 223, 41 Sanders, Mlchelle 207 Sanders, Mlke 27, 176 Sandlln, Cherl 176 Slnk,Lorl178 Slpe, Christi 57 Slpe, Judy 39, ea, 71, 178 Slsk, Mlchael 207 Sltzmann, Martin 94, 244 Skaggs, Rhonda 244 Skwlrz, Frank 73,207 Slaton, Janet 244 Slaton, Robert 72, 178 Slayden, Sherle 244 Sledge, Kevin 16, 224, 247, 105, 41 Sleeper, Shelly 207 Sleeper, Teresa 244 Sloan, Janet 74, 224 Sloan, Suzanne 35.55, 58, 59, 179 Smart, Timothy '179, 317 Smedley, Marcus 244, 114 Stuard, James 180 Stuard, Rebecca 76, 224 Stubblefleld, Steven 224 Stubbs, Karla 180 Sudderth, Michael 26 Sullivan, Paul 64, 65 Swank, Laura 224 Swann, Elaine 56,244 Swann, Llsa 161,224 Swann, Weldon 260, 131 Sweeney, Ellzabeth 207 Swieter, Rlchard 224 Swlndler, Teresa 482,207 Snyder, Coach 110 Taber, Louann 180, 78 Tackett, Mike 73,205 Tafoya, Timothy 94, 244 Sanford, Renee 176 Sapp, Brenda 22, 29, 177, 190 Sapp, Gary 223 Saragusa, Llnda 177 Saucedo, Patrick Jr. 223 Sauceman, Howard 223 Saulsman, Penny 29, 207, 106, 107 Sauter, Dana 223 Sauter, Jana 29, 243 Sawyer, Renale 46, 243 Sawyer, Dennis 177 Sawyer, Lorl 243 Scarborough, Mlchael 49, 52, 177 Shack, John 207 Shack, Leo 72, 73, 177 Schafer, Jody 3, 177 Schaffer, Patrick 49 Schellenberg, Karen 35, 207 Schmidt 275 Schnurr, Eddie 3, 12, 177, 289, 128 Schnurr, Julianne 29, 69, 223, 124 Schnurr, Loretta 74, 99, 243, 124 Schwartz, Kevin 243, 128 Smlth, Alvin 207 Smlth, Casey 224 Smlth, Smlth, Smlth, Darren 224 Douglas 82,207 Duane 179 Smlth, Gregory 35, 37, 54, 207 Smlth, James 207 Smlth, Jo Ann 71,179 Smlth, Smlth, Smlth, Smlth, Smlth, Smlth, Smlth, Kayla 179 Kendal 224 Kimberly 207, 244,33 Lance 244, 114 Leslie 244, 40, 128, 129 Maralena 244 McGraw 23, 29, 179, 191 Smlth, Mlchael 244 Smlth, Mlke 65.67, 89,207 Smlth, Philip 224 Smlth, Roger 131 Smlth, Shari 244 Smlth, Tami 22, 52, 179 Smlth, Thomas 224 Smlth, Toni 29, 43, 74, 224, 128 Telur, Carlos 244 Tefur, Ruth 200 Talton, James 244 Tanson, Carla 43 Tanton,Jeff180, 76 Tarver, Claude 60, 131 Taylor, Caroline 181, 28 Taylor, Clair 244 Taylor, Deana 74, 69, 224 Taylor, Kim 56, 244 Taylor, Marcus 203 Taylor, Marla 71, 181 Taylor, Neille 224 Taylor, Rhonda 43, 57, 74, 69, 224 Taylor, Ron 36, 260 Taylor, Sherri 71, 224 Taylor, Sherry 74, 75, 76, 205 Taylor, Steve 72, 181 Teagle, Carolyn 253 Teague, Christopher 94, 244, 41 Tedlock, Donald 49, 181 Tedlock, Sue 224 Teems, Patrick 244 Schweng, Debra 71,207 Scogglns, Gerald 64, 65, 67 Scott, Blll 252 Scott, Jeffrey 49, 207 Scott, Mlke 72,207 Scott, Monte 207, 103 Scott, Pat 177 Seabolt, Tiffany 223 Sebastian, Marvin 207 Seltzler, Becky 177, 124, 190 Snyder, Mary 22, 34, 179,76 Solana, Macven 82, 207 Solana, Mel 89 Soils, Keasha 74, 69, 224 Souther, Kevin 244 Southern, Peggy 224 Space, William 244 Spalding, Dorothy 244 Spann, James 64, 66, 289 Spell, Dinah 23,207 Tekell, Penny 181 Telker, Bryan 207, 103 Telker, Marcia 244, 109 Temple, Donna 43, 207 Temple, Pamela 46, 181, 190 Temple, Rhonda 224 Terry, David 224 Terry, Gerald 224 Terry, Mike 181 Terry, Nancy 224 Seltzler, Billy 29, 77, 88, 223, 41 Self, Patricia 57, 177 Sellers, Robert 243 Settle, Catherine 223 Spell, Melinda 72, 179 Springer, Lori 224 Springfield, Gretchen 29, 39, 71, 207, 291, 270, 285, 31 Thomas, Barbara 71, 260 Thomas, Kathy 181,207 Thomas, Mlke 73 Thomason, Janet 74, 99, 244, 119 Thomason, Paulette 224 Thompson, Barry 181 Thompson, Cristal 38, 181,95 Thompson, Joel 58, 244 Thompson, John 29, 39, 76, 207 Thompson, Leslie 43 Thompson, Scott 244 Thompson, Tal 26, 306 Thompson, Tanis 98, 224 Thornburg, Julia 12, 71, 181, 76, 27 Thornburgh, Ginger 29, 46, 181, 208 190 Thorne, Brent 260 Thornton, Jimmy 244 Thrasher, Dwayne 182, 103 Threadgill, Kay 260 Throneberry, Gina 76 Tlgert, Johnna 224 Tillery, Leeman 224 Tilley, Pat 43 Tillman, Randall 224, 127 Timms, Joan 260 Timms, Julie 122 Timms, Lisa 182 Tinney, Evan 225 Tipton, Coretta 244 Tobias, Barbara 60, 74, 244 Tobias, Linda 71,207 Todd, Denise 74, 69,225 Tolbert, Daniel 49, 207 Toles, Scott 225 Tolle, Michele 58, 207 Tolle, Sheri 182, 191 Tonroy, Janice 6, 24, 207,260 Toothman, Tawana 244 Townsend, Dwayne 43 Townsend, Susan 34, 57, 182 Trail, Teresa 39, 61, 225, 124 Tramel, Cynthia 244 Tramel, Deborah 74, 75, 225 Tran, Mongduyen 245 Travls, Gary 225 Trepagnler, Ken 260, 110 Truesdell, Kimberly 29, 71, 207, 40, 291 Truett, Arminda 207 Trumbie, Debra 245 Trumbie, Mark 93, 225 Trussell, Lewis 43, 88, 225,41 Tucker, Catherine 56, 74, 245 Tucker, Faye 207 Tucker, Ronald 208 Tucker, Yvette 245 Tully, Laurie 23, 182 Tunnell, Roger 182 Turner, Elesia 71, 182, 76, 40 Turner, Misty 71, 208 Turner, Vickle 71, 208 Tutt, Chrls 208 Tyler, Ben 131 Tyler, Paul 208 Tyler, Robin 245, 594 Tyler, Tari 76, 208, 40, 119 Tyndall, Mary 182 Tyson, Jimmy 507, 209 Umbarger, Gipsy 245 Underwood, Cindy 508, 209 Underwood, Jeanetta 596, 245 Underwood, Linda 225, 107 Usrey, Nancy 34, 43, 54, 58, 183 Utley, Ricky 29, 38, 39, 46, 183, 40, 27, 190 Valadez, Gloria 209, 40 Valadez, Jose 183 Van Hoozer, Alan 225 Van Lehn, Laurie 225 Vanlehn, Greg 183 Vanschaick, David 209, 282 Vanshaick, Richard 225 Varner, Harold 65,245 Vaughn, Edward 245 Vaughn, Krlstal 245 Vella, Regina 35, 37, 225 Venrick, John 225 Vestal, Melanie 71, 183, 40 Vigil, Anthony 183 Vigil, Robert 225 Villafana, Bill 183 Villareal, Edward 225 Villareal, Phlllip 245 Vinson, Connie 38,260 Vowell, Karen 64, 66, 209 Vu Chau, Thiminh 183,208 Wade, Gene 34, 212,225 Wade, Steven 72, 209 Wadsworth, Karyn 183 Wadsworth, Kevin 225 Wagliardo, Larry 260, 258 Wagner, Linda 57, 245 Wagner. Lisa 209 Wahburn, Tracey 29 Waits, Jane 261 Walker, Bobie 225 Walker, Brenda 74, 245 Walker, Debra 209, 28 Walker, Kenneth 35, 37, 54, 55, 58, 209 Weatherby, Cory 209 Weathersby, Wllllam 209 Weaver, Charlie 226 Weaver, Llnda 209 Weaver, Rhonda 226 Webb, Clark 184 Webb, Jacquelyn 74, 246 Webb, Jeffrey 52, 246 Webb, Mary 261 Webb, Regina 99, 246, 40 Webb, Teddy 184 Wilson, Kimberly 23, 185 Wilson , Kimberly 226 Wllson, Lorraine 209 Wilson, Marcia 107 Wilson , Margery 261 Wilson, Mark 186 Wilson, Melvin 209 Wilson, Michael 226 Wilson, Ray 28, 261 Wilson, Shari 74, 69, 226 Wilson , Stephen 186 Weber, Robert 246 Weeks, Davld 209 Welborn, Tony 26, 184, 28 Welch, Stephanie 209 Wellborn, Jerry 209, 28 Wells, Wells, Walls, Wells. Wells, Wanz, Wenz, werry. Dottie 253 Edith 184 Jaletta 43, 209 Rebecca 246, 27 Stephanie 46, 226 Cheryl 29, 246 Pamela 71, 209 Janet 54, 58, 59, 209 Wesley, T0nl 38, 184, 27 West, Kell 184, 209 Walker, Rita 183, 76 Walker, Robyn 69, 74, 225, 107, 109 Walker, Stephen 38, 29, 43,225 Walker, Teresa 209 Walker, Wendy 209 Walker, Winona 225 Wallace, Andrea 209 Wallace, Joey 94, 245 Wallace, Wade 89, 245 Walls, Damon 245 Walton, Kevin 89, 245 Ward, James 245 Ward, Vickie 209 Warren, Janice 245 Warren, Paul 209 Warren, Tina 26 Warta, Kelly 74, 245 Washburn, Tracy 74, 245 Washington, Sandra 99, 245, 40, 119 Watkins, Lisa 183 Watkins, Regina 245 Wetklns, Ruth 261 Watson, Anthony 246 Watson, Becky 74, 69, 225 Westmoreland, Melissa 246 Westphal, Jeanne 226 Whaley, Floyd 226, 127, 47 Wheeler, Danny 226 Wheeler, David 246 Whisamant, Sandi 56 Whitaker, Bethanne 246 White, Casandra 56, 99, 246, 130 Wilson, Steve 26, 43, 186 Winniford, Devy 74, 75,226 Winniford, Steve 226 Wisdom, Karen 23, 186, 130 Wise, Janee 76 Wise, Patricia 186, 209 Wisk, David 226 Witherspoon, Deanne 71, 209, 285 Witt, Susan 29, 186, 124, 125 Wohlheater, Kirk 73 Wohlsclaeger, Betty 200 Wohlschlaeger, Steven 93, 226, 41 Wolf, Cheryl 23, 186 Wolf, Sonya 226 Wolfgang, Robin 71, 186, 76, 290, 27 Wolfgang, Russell 93, 226 Wolford, Heather 261, 130 Wolfeskill, Sarah 22,261 Wood, Carol 252 Wood, .lorry 226 Wood, .nn 187, 76 Wood, Joseph 93, 209 Wood, Patricia 57,209 Woodard, Tony 46, 209, 105, 42 White, Cindy 184, 130 White, Delaina 226 White, Jerald 88, 226, 41 White, Kay 71, 185 White, Laura 29, 39, 61, 62, 136, 185, 289, 287, 274 White, Pamela 246 Whlte, Sandra 74, 69, 226 White, Scott 88, 226, 41 White, Susan 24 Woodruff, Jeanne 137, 142, 187, 40, 33 Woody, Melissa 22, 36 Wooley, Lisa 246 Wooley, Steve 167 Woolheater, Kirk 187 Woolheather, Chris 246 Wortham, Kevin 89, 246 Wright, Amy 74, 69, 226 Whiteside, Penny 246 Whitton, Kyle 246 Whitworth, Steve 29, 43, 185, 82, 85, 86, 87 Wlcks, Candace 74, 69, 226 Wiggins, Sherry 246 Wilbanks, Tammy 43,226 Wright, Wright, Wright, Wright, Wright, Wright, Wright, Bradley 82, 209 David 209 Greg 209 Jim 187,33 Kathryn 209 Pamela 35, 54, 58, 187,47 Stephanie 23, 187 Wilcots, Kylynnedra 99, 246 Wilcoxson, Alice 185, 76 Wild, Mark 226 Wilkins, Tammy 246 Wilkinson, Edwin 246 Wilkinson, Royce 185 Willard, Lois 74, 69, 226 Willard, Tommy 43, 209 Williams, Williams, Willlams, Williams, , Gayle 226 Williams, Williams, Williams, Williams. Williams, ,Sherry 22, 52, 185 Williams Williams Carl 246 David 26, 209 Deborah 39. 226, 40 Deborah 60, 74, 246 James 246 Janet 246 Joe 89, 246 Keith 29, 185, 190 Randy 185, 27 Willis, Christopher 246 Watson, Watson, Watson, Watson, Watson, James 245 Janice 209 Rodney 46, 88, 226 Sandra 183 Shelly 71,209 Watters, Jerry 184 Watters, Sharon 52, 226 Watwood, Larry 246 Willis, Darrell 226 Willis, Donna 38, 185,27 Willis, John 226 Willis, Lou 246 Wills, Wesley 74, 246,47 Wilson, Bobby 185, 76, 77, 82 Wilson, Karl 77, 209,226 Wilson, Kerry 185 Wright, Steve 187, 110 Wright, Tracey 226 Wyatt, Wesley 261 Wycoff, Laura 74, 99, 246, 40 Wynn, Kim 209 Yancey, Donna 209,284 Yarber, Ricky 26, 187 Yniguez, Lori 74, 69, 226 York, Jeffrey 246, 113 York, Joel 46, 89, 209, 27 York, Lisa 74, 137, 140, 187, 226, 192 York, Lisa 35 York, Michael 187 York, Robert 65,246 York, Ronald 29, 226 Youman, Keith 209, 28 Young, Brenda 261 Young, Claudia 226 Young, Greg 29, 187, 190 Young. Randy 226 Young, William 57 Youngblood, Jon 43, 82, 226 Youngblood, Susan 209 Zavadil, Shanon 246 Zimmerman, Tonya 56,246 Zollin, Tina 65,226 Zook, Tom 73 Zorn, Jay 209 Administrators ! Teachers 1 Administration1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Annual Staff 1 Art Club 1 1' 1 Baseball Basketball Big Blue 1 Blue Brigade Cheerleaders Choir 1 1 1 1 Classes 1 Cosmetology 1 Cross Country DE1 1 1 Drama 1 1 Editor Page. 1 1 Favorites 1 FCA 1 1 FHA 1 1 1 Flag Corps 1 Football 1 French Club 1 1 Freshman 1 1 1 German Club Golf 1 1 HECE 1 1 1 HOCT 11 Index 11 Industrial 1 1 Juniors JV Drill 1 11 Latin Club 1 Librarian 1 1 DIRECTORY rum Major 1 248-261 Little Blue 1 1 1 296-305 Majorettes and D 1 30-31 Memory1 1 1 34 NJHS 110-113 NHS11 11 1 1 1 190-99 Nostra Creatio 1 1 50-53 OEA 1 1 1 74-75 Office Workers 1 1 1 1 60-62 Opening 1 56-59 Orchestra 1 1 136-259 Organization 1 1 1 1 22 Pacesetters 1 122-123 PELE 1 1 1 1 1 28 Pony Express 1 1 1 54-55 ROTC 1 1 1 1 1320 Science Club 1 1 1 10-19 Senior 1 1 1 40-41 Slide Rule 1 1 1 24-25 Soccer 1 1 1 1 1 52 Sophomore 1 1 82-89 Spanish Club 1 11111 43 Speech Club 1 11 228-246 Sports 11 1 1 1 1 45 Stage Band 128-129 Stallion Batallion 23 Student Council 11111 123 Swimming Team 1 1 1309-314 Tennis 1 72-73 Thespian11111 1 1 1 196-206 Track 1 1 1 169 VICTXVOCT 1 1 1 1 46 Volleyball 1 1 1 1 1 1 11111 11111 1 48 Woods and Water Club 1 1 1 1 1 149 50-51 318-319 111129 11129 136 1 22 76 2-7 78-79 121-79 70-71 111 138 32-33 64-67 111121 136-195 111 38 102-109 210-226 1144-45 1111137 82 1111149 1 63 1111139 126-127 134-135 1111135 114-119 111126 100-101 1 1 27 A long lonely, hall awaits viewers at the Loews Quad Central. A New Beginning The show is over. The movie is done. The lights come back on, and We leave the theater. But Somehow we are different We are changed. For we Leave with the story in our Minds. We remember The funny parts, the sad Scenes, how we felt when The hero succeeded, or How we fought to keep back The tears when he died. We Watched the movie, and In a way we lived the movie. But the movie is over, And the curtains are closed. All we have left now are The memories. suNoAv i zoo BACCALAUREATE Your friends say they II keep in touch. And you know they won t Your teachers say come back and visit sometime And you know that you won t Maybe it won t matter then. But right ft. Page 316 - Top: Bac- calaureate services, in which Rev. Wells gave Seniors the ad- dress, were held in the NM auditorium. Middle: Reunion Arena was the new graduation site for the Class of '81, Bottom Right: Sharon McGowan smiles as she recalls many unforgettable memories of her high school days. Bottom Left: Karen Beaumont, Chrystal Beasley, Richard Brock, and A. J. Becvar proudly show off their graduation attire. Page 317 - Top Right: Over- come with mixed emotions of sadness and happiness, Tim Smart hugs a fellow graduate. Top Left: The NMHS Class of '81 sign reigns above all. Middle: Lisa Baumgartner, Justine Basham and Karen Beaumont try to calm the but- terflies in their stomachs as the time to march in gets closer. Bottom: Day rehearsal prepares Seniors for one of the biggest nights in their lives, graduation. 317 .wwf .L-- WW Y,,. W -ff, 7-muh,-wxwfwQmM.wm QEHMLZHEMWE552z7llfUfEs1iVE?fZZfHWZWJWBJHkf5MHlflA4WSWAWMWREFMNMWMWEMAEQWQWHIWMWMMJMWWWMWPHIAMwwaawmwwqmmmnurflffm'mmWMwmmumimwmmmawmlfnmfwuwvwmmwmuwwmwmwwdmuwwmuwwamwwwlulffmwwfwmmrwfrmmvwwlmemrallmm-awwmvuxwflmwmvfmmwaW wmwmfwwwmzswzvuwmzwwwwnwgw m...q From the Editor... It isn't easy to be the editor of the Trailblazer. Yet, I have to say that being editor is and will remain an unforgettable experience. No one really knows all that there is to know about being an editor until he is put in that position. One thing I learned was to control my temper, to expect the worst thing to happen at the worst possible moment, to have patience at the end of a very bad day, to plead and beg with the staff to turn in their pages, and just to be able to get along with the staff. Although I might have learned all that, there were many times when it failed to show. When the year first started, I had many ideas for the 1981 Trailblazer. The only problem was that some were unrealistic. After many changes and alterations, the book started taking form and emerged as an outstanding and excellent yearbook. When you sign up for the yearbook staff, you have to realize that only about one-tenth of the book is actually put together during class time. The rest of the book was done outside of class, during weekends, evenings, on dates, during classes, in the shower, and whenever there was an extra time. You can't take pictures and just throw them on the page in any order you want, I know. I tried enough times and had to do them over again. Most of the time spent on the book was spent planning, designing, and writing. Most of the copy that appears throughout the book had to be rewritten and corrected two or three times. My thanks goes out to the members on the staff who really put forth the time and effort to create this book. No one really knows how much I appreciated the extra help when it came to deadlines. The staff members and their major duties are listed below. I want to thank Mr. Ron Taylor, who not only advised as his title indicated, but went beyond the call of duty to make sure that the 1981 Trailblazer would be a book that all would be proud of. My thanks to Mr. Don Griffin, our Taylor Publishing Representative. Also I want to thank the many places and individuals who helped with pictures in one way or the other. A special thanks to Sherrye Steen, Marketing Director of Plaza of Americas, Mike Garcia, Manager of Lakewood Theatre, Bob Swafford, Texas State Designer, Petals and Stems Florist, C. W. Cassidy, Jr. Chairman of the Board at Richardson Savings, Alphonse and Sandy Leogite, owners of L'Art De Chine, Hyatt Regency, Town East Mall, Mrs. Watson's zero period typing class, Rein Rabakukk and Ron Sterling at Loews Quad Theatre and Paramount Pictures Corp, and these photographers: Paul Wade, Scott Wilson, Ed Albers, Morgan Gibbens, John Kline, Paula Claybrook, Kelli Hopper, Linda Holdridge, and Sylvia Morones. I hope that this book will uphold the Trailblazer tradition of being an outstanding book. I know that the time and work was worth it to try to preserve memories and moments for everyone at North Mesquite High School. You were the material from which this book came. You were the actors and actresses that starred in A' 1981: NORTH MESQUITE HIGH SCHOOL." You were the ones for whom it was created. OJLQM Annual Staff 81 Sharon IVlcGowan . Editor Susan Purcell . . . Sports Teresa Baptista . . Advertising Christy Alfertig ..... Index Favorites Gretchen Springfield . . Index Organizations Diane Nolley . . . Student Life David Ausley. . Faculty 320 Rodney Nanez . Sports Photographer ..

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