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- v Q a 6 0 , . . Q , ..- I I ' I Q g.,Q 'fm k- . 9 ' - 7 ' S ,A . ,J '. 'V' r- - -. - f: 1- '-Qs'-ff-e '2g' f,b f o 9 Q b -x Q. A v . .5 Q., v' r lla I ' Q - . ,.' .',. .t' ' K 5 -'x gl : ' am- :'fvif'f'f':-- 'qi . . Cz-2 ',.'.-'Ix""4v, Lv ' . .N Q . , . t s. .Q .ydtickzf A V 1 H S4 A . 'W "f"'?. PSY .9 up A :Q .IIN 21-f!1 Q -Q, h. .Q 0 ..x ' Y. ' -,4.. '--.,1. ,,-, -gjgvf . ' 4 in , f l-4...-,-.. Q. D '.u .I .-.4 .4 5,-' A' ,- ' v .P - xf F 'K ' xt, ,fp A xgl, -11 . 1:5 fsvi 1 - -tg.-3 'Q K '. L. i. ' Q 6 i-.' '55 6 1 H 4 L. 1 l dn' , I 3 'I Q lk V av-1 . 6 I.. 1 V 1 gjng , ' X - r- ' ' B gag ,W . .Q ' t1Q"' if '+I 9 gx A'- ,4 f 55.1 ,, 'f f .2-'k'f 1 ",v' Y, ,,--.AAA ish .gli '...-0 - A-, 1 '. --.-'ff ,r V ..,-J........4.. , ,Hami- f :,f,fm,.1,'A, 0. rw- W' I v 'M . U U 5 o , 'Y " f ' . M + ,g . 4 U ., E , in V W, . .I . 1 , I R s 1 ' ' 1+ d 9 ' 6 A I .' will N! v., ' F 3 ,gf 3' 'ITT .f NF 1 'A ,Wt 0 W ' A 4 xr , 1 'ff' .1 ,fi 5 ' 7. T41 ., 'Cf' -Q4 Q. . ' Y " F YEL ' W, A ,, f ' -45" 3' me 'H if , A, , " ,,:qv,,Zf,-if' ? gi ... E: 1 3 .U , 3' Af ,,, , 5 ik . .Ib ? . 44 xl, ww gs 'f 1 I ' fw was 'sip . ,- Q4 lug, Q . i' 4 ,, I w I. , N rg Vi, 'r""- 5 ' , , , -' ,. Wi. 'A ff I ' ' la' f A ' - 41 ' ' Y I 5' P , ,h w 4 A r A ,414 wggyv H XI . ' 4,57 Mb ' Y it ' ' " : "ik: ' ' O ,wx .L .. 3 v 1, ,, 1 vs - Q 1 5' . 1, . 4 U V .Nu wiv, Q 8 'M Q " 5. "., ' Q , : ' ,, W ,i . . . U :iq 1, f ff? ", , J M' fi J . ' I rv f wah M J .- '44 I' 3 A M 4 . gy " , I V M ' ' f " ' 4? A 4 ll. 'g , ' I ri ' , 'W A 4 fg h f Yi , D .lf ,V J I' mug, A 1' Q my pr . 1- V T-'iff' ' ' o ' ' Q11 ,LM , fx ag. lf' 4' ""F'.. , as! -1-Ae.-Q fe' kfef OL gidffwx fp 'W LXW L C 5 5 Q, ww- mpg? W1 Wagyu? 5 KL 'WT fmmlgr. , K0ufvxwL5M,!, NM S pi 5 5 ,QQSQQQSQTU My -E? fs Qmkou 31534355 wh M Q R LQ W QLQNVEW ailijjigfilffifg 2 55 523 3?4?SDQQ Q Q22 WEEKS? gk A A 'V w I I I i I . 1 I L ff ,I f I v i , ,,,. , , Hf'Y'X4'-fxfez-1' ', ,i e '- H w,tn3tgA1'if, A W, ,, ,rg wr, -L 1 fu-M. V X, 5, ,, " f x ,SN xx x g , 1 N x f , N P X 2, I X , wh 434, LL 1 x 1 gt ,H T mf, A I ' V, i KA 'T I 5?'.'yX'1'FP! ?Jrl' New H W Y ,V M X, I , N U if Y it 2l'I1'i"' " L9 L! " A I.. E U H We , I ' t Z , Qi , 'V .ygiryg "" " wi Q. Y . 1' . it , . '- , . J , 5 ' , 1 tee iw V W avfswas fewmpkry, V J Y 'i 'N , 4 3 , 1 f f Ve .V 4, ,fr V ,M gt, 3, M5-Qg1,f"' Yxxi , F AlN.IN', H. V , on by J 'I ii 1 ef'-ft , ff I ggwigml WY77'r ,Qfmwf 'iif. f?e-a,w,fsff?fQ,a4-11 ,p V v Elm, V - , ,iam M was 5, Ta: , X A ,xx 1 N, M J U ' X , X uw ' , W W, Vw H A J an H . W ,, J wm,"W,,q.rlW W ,, . 'lm V Z . V V Il. gt J V K ae e I. e at aff: fW"fr - P I IW W'gVwwmn Iqmtm fffNm+WWWJ'Wrww1 Q W Mlwftifw Tvrrgg f of ir44u'Ig :W ,, , XT W A Y L ,I , ' ' T ,Q I ' rl M f. H lx ,. if J , -, Y f . , N. in as 4. , Y .3 wifi, Y ,L , Q4 X V -5' ' , , fa ,fe iq 4 I 'xwzwfxkgln , l i ' W U N V N , V L J 1 ' 4 e- fi." ' , "i Q e Q' , I F'J1'lY f " I ' H , W .F V , ,,A, fy WWE if. ly vJw,i AY 1 2 j V - xc' if N 9 e V 1 ' , 1 M W, J- Y V Y wr Y f Y V Y I I A , 'f W , , ' - my --V I ' V, ,QQ 'Q K A 1 - Q , " 5 , The Trailblazer Turns Countr y North Mesquite I'I.S. Cover by Randy Gilbert Mesquite, Texas Cartoons by Valerie Gragg Volume VIII .1 f-Q -fa' :af Sf, Ex K- " Q' Ti H 'i" Lffi. .f.W i KVVV ,w V "kk . ' A I, in ' is P 1 ' X A... ' x f i -' , , 3 if fgggq 5 . W Ev SN xl ,EEl, Q' Left: Students Pat Patterson and Henry Demers show that denim never goes out of style. Right below: The longest running of the cowboys is Big Tex at the State Fair of Texas. ' Bottom: Horses abound in the city limits and remind us of our mascot, the Stallion. W-1. ,Ai ag , Country Fun Right: Adena Collard and Karis Gibson enjoy the company of some country neighbors. Below left: Sandy Malone, Kris Bruck, Kim Boyd and Pam Russell are ready for a day of fishing at a local pier. Below right: Kathy Roe and Jay Glover relax after school. 'S 1, F- 3--. j-v -Q- vf- as i FTF' ,A '4 l in X .Ai Hmm A-'lmwgp . t. " -M... -t. . , fm - '-.J a- . - .A. -. K . .1 se '.:.,1 . ry. Ji, 1 iwsmat-e:'+l'g5". 9 f?f1jf5',5- A wg,-gif'53sg ? 3- ,iff b . ! "nw Q ' , Y fl, ill- i' lg . . -1 ya' ' -ff , TKFE' 3.3, hi. t . JJ.,-..a . 'Q 5965 fe 0 o 0 v 0 SECTION Superlatives Organizations Sports Student Life Classes ,J SSSSS Faeiiiiifj Advertising Below: This year's theme symbol, the Trailblazer, created by student Valerie Gragg, is shown relaxing on a fence post. nd imple Joys. 'f,, PAGE '7 25 69 J ttttt ,, ,115-ff""" iiiii S 139 249 , 267 O an uperlatives Superlatives are considered best all around in academics and personality. The Honor students are our greatest minds and the favorites have the best personali- ties. Both are honored and respected by the student body . iQ X fee 'VM Favorites See the Countr Above: The favorites go outdoors to take a look at coun- try scene. Miss N.M.H.S. went to Kathy Patton, and Mr. N.M.H.S. went to Warren Lee. All School favor- ites were named Kathy Roe and Jay Glover. At left: Kathy Roe was elected by the student body to be the all School favorite. She has been a cheerleader for 4 years, and is now a head-cheerleader. She was a mem- ber of the Blue Brigade for 2 years. Kathy is a member of the N.M. choirs. The Old-Fashioned Wa Jay Glover was chosen by all the students of North Mesquite to be all School Favorite. Jay played both basketball and football his freshman year, he played on the varsity team for three years. Jay played halfback and wore the number 44 on the team. Iay also enjoyed running on the track team. lay was a member of the Boys F.C.A. Kathy Patton received one of the highest honors of North Mesquite, which she well deserved. Kathy was a very active student, she was a class officer her freshman year and an offi- cer of the Blue Brigade. Her sophomore year she was the captain of the J.V. Drill and class secretary. On Kathy's busy schedule she found time to hold the Pres- ident of the girls F.C.A. , and vice-president of the senior class. Kathy is a member of the golf team, and sings in the choir. we-'Q a ' 5 2, it.,f'w, F Warren Lee was elected to hold the title of Mr. N.M.H.S., for 1976. Warren is very active and enjoys sports, his favorite is foot- ball, he played freshman foot- ball, and I.V. Football, then played Varsity for 2 years, and wore the number 85, and played the position as an end. Warren was known as "Doctor Death" by all the guys on the team, and coaches. Warren hopes to play college football after he gradu- ates from high school. Warren received many district awards. Freshmen Favor Dom othm Sophomores Enjo Hobbies Above: Freshman Favorites are seen in the park doing nothing, which many do. Randy Davis was named as the freshman favorite because of his friendly personality. He plays on the Fresh. Football team. Traci Sharp was chosen by her friends, she enjoys many sports and because of this she is a cheerleader. At right and left: Sophomores found many new hobbies for after their first year. A girl who thinks of others before herself is Carrie West. Carrie has been cheerleader for 2 years and enjoys being with her friends. Matt Marion stays very active in sports around N.M. , he has played football for his second year and track. He is said to stay very busy, and enjoys it. Favorites Find Time for Fun Above: Favorites take time out to have some fun before return- ing to their classes. Randy Trussell was chosen as junior favorite. Randy is an active member of the Varsity football team. He was Defensive Player and All-District Player chosen by the District's coaches. Julie Kula was also named junior favorite, she was a cheerleader for 2 years. Julie is a member of the N.H.S. and a member of the N.H.S. and a member of the F. C.A. At right: The senior favorites enjoy time away from school. They are Kevin Ray and Belinda Turner. fl A fi I ,f ,, wig , a 42352 1' X ,H 5 , . 1 " is? ' X' -4 , r, V, ' 7, A Ai i ,J -1"'s -," -Q 5' X ix , ,fzfeggiigtf Q. , ,z 1 -R 'SQ Q75 'YJ '37 Q z.. 4 ,p ,, '3' xi, -N .egg QR 'hm M An- 6 ':1-- t..' fin :'i, g, .,rs' .A , - ess t 'f. 21 .- - ,- 1. ,' fi,,.,,'s3:,gssw,e l A..'s. i' 'i'!frf3G'ii , fa ! ' --sis ' .f,E53fsi545?If?11i-059' ,S x 1- ,f1+5fa,i,:sf,4gQ,- bi-W,,-MH' ."'. 3' i s 't -, if-gf? 121.1 ' ' -' K . 1 A sq- Q 'iff' , ,MM s ,, , . . iwar'A'1-mafftitefyimrvs ww as t :fs g-,gs ,ay gg. ,,,", 'gg X yy 3,3 ,, 31. gg 'ge gag, - as f Y . N ty! 31 M ix ig, N , ....A ima? 3 FX Y- .1 , w x , K 8 nr , mrs X. X, fa .,Mr,i,35,,3 , :ef V if 41591 .sn ,. If , ,5 .f 'Q Ms? K .. V, X??pggE:iei.5E:7 L kg? . . I ,ti M- as .R rw, ,, is My If s f ,M ,f 1. f f xt A -ss A S 'N xl if " is ttss Election Names Best Personalities Below are class favorites: Freshman favorites are Traci Sharp, and Randy Davis. Sophomores named Carrie West and Matt Marion. The juniors chose Julie Kula, and Randy Trussell. Below: The Senior favorites named were Belinda Turner, and Kevin Ray. Above: Belinda Turner was chosen by all the seniors to be the senior favorite. Everyone has seen Belinda in many school plays and musicals, she spent many school hours working hard for the Drama Depart- ment. Belinda also enjoyed singing in the Acappella choir. You could find Kevin Ray out on the baseball field, where he spent most of his time. Kevin enjoys many sports, he played on the freshman and sophomore football teams and basketball teams. His junior and senior year he has enjoyed playing on the baseball team and running on the track team. Outside of school he likes to water ski and coach pee-wee bas- ketball and softball. Kevin has been a active mem- ber ofthe F.C.A. ueens Hi hli ht the Season One of the biggest highlights of North Mes- quite during football and basketball season is the election of the queens. Being selected a Queen holds a special meaning to each girl, this also means the entire student body has cho- sen each girl to represent the school in many activities. At right: Football Sweetheart was named, Kris Bruck. The Homecoming Queen of the 1976 was Sandy Malone. Below left: The Basketball Sweetheart was Jennifer Truesdell. Below: The Stallion Battalion Sweetheart was Pam Russel. The Band Sweet heart was Kim Boyd. Paula Griffin is always involved in some- thing. She performed in IV Drill. Paula has participated in the Slide Rule Class and traveled to many tournaments. She has been playing Varsity Tennis this past year. Paula was President of the National Honor Society and the Spanish Club. For her efforts we, the Trailblazer Staff, have decided she deserves this honor. Steve Elwonger has been an active mem- ber of FCA for four years. He is in the French Club and FHA. What he is really known for is his running ability. Steve has participated in many district and state Cross-Country meets and won quite a few awards. We on the Staff found Steve deserved this honor. Trailblazer Award Given to Dedicated eniors Robin Root has dedicated much of her time in the choir department. She has been involved in Choir since her fresh- man year. Robin has been honored in most contests she has entered. She has been to State for the past three years. She was the Student director for the Freshman choir. Robin was also the Secretary for the National Honor Soci- ety. X N63 V "' 'MTV 'xy Brian Colwill when you hear something about Brian Colwill it is usually about his friendly personality or his grades. Brian has been the President of the Latin and Science Clubs. He was also in the National Honor Society for three years. Brian is interested in soccer and was on the Varsity team. We feel he worked hard and put a lot of time in for this honor. Sandi lzzarelli is a devoted girl. She has dedicated a lot of work to the Drill Teams. She was in l.V. Drill and Paces- etters. Sandi was the Captain of Paceset- ters her Senior year. She was class Vice President both her Sophomore and Junior years. We believe she earned this honor. Scott Johnson played basketball during his Freshman year. He has spent three years on the Varsity Baseball team. He was also a member of FHA. Anyone who knows Scott also knows he would never miss out on deer season. For Scott's enthusiasm we feel he best deserves this honor. Vwgzty fficers See i New Goals Right: Freshman officers find new experiences in the first year at North Mesquite. The President of the Freshman Class was Traci Sharp, Vice- President, Laci Folks, and Secretary, Sandi Wilson. Left: After one year at North Mesquite, the soph- omores found more goals to make the year more enjoyable for their classmates. The President of the Sophomore Class was Kim Langston, the Vice-President was Pam Brunet, and Secretary was Penny Peyton. QS. 'ir -'H9'5Xf ml" ffieers Lead the Classes, Rrht: Byron McCoy was elected President Junior Class, the Vice-President, Kim Sipe, and Secretary Lisa Iudd. They have worked hard to prepare the juniors for activities during the year. Earn oney for Activities. Left: The Senior Class Officers were elected to lead the fun activi- ties that all seniors enjoy. The President was Russell Floyd, and Secretary Kris Bruck. The Vice-President was Kathy Patton. Mrs. Pseneik Named Teacher of English Teacher Mrs. Nancy Psencik was honored this year by her students, who voted her Teacher of the Year. She is well known for her innovative and enthusiastic teaching, which has included several unique bicentennial projects and a book writing assignment. She has taught English I, II, III and C.V.A.E. classes and managed to create interest in them all. Nancy is busy outside of school with her husband and young son, and is an accomplished seamstress. She is looking forward to a new chal- lenge next year when she takes on the Speech and Debate programs at North Mesquite . the Year b tudent Bod Left: Mrs. Nancy Psencik is shown at North Mesquite minutes after receiving her award at the special awards assembly on May 18, 1977. Below: Mrs. Psencik is shown in one of her variety of rooms, including the barracks. Here an English teacher seems a little out of element in a Math classroom. Brian Ranks First in Class The top graduate in the Class of 1977 was not much of a surprise since Brian Colwill and Keith McClellen had large leads for quite a while. When the duel ended the top two emerged. Brian served as President of the Latin and Sci- ence Clubs. He completed four years of Latin and became an active competitor in Latin meets. Brian played on the District winning Soccer team and was named Top Soccer Player in the district for 1977. Brian also displayed his multiple talents by acting as yearbook photographer. He completed his year with an excellent commencement address and a scholarship granted by Southern Methodist University. He also received the Elks Lodge Grant in Mes- quite. Left: Brian Colwill poses for his Senior picture in the fall of 1976. Below: An early photo of a very bright and happy child provided by Mr. and Mrs. Colwill. Bottom: Brian at 116 years of age and already looking promising. .V pp 'P , r, E In -V 1: if .tj - K, XV' " X 7 -M, Q3 I K Keith Receives ational V . Merit Scholarship Below: Keith at the age of 3 reading to his 3 month old sister Dawn McClellen. Below: Keith at the age of 5 and 13 years old. fi Above: Keith seen in his graduation picture. Keith McClellen has spent many hours working in the fields of Number Sense and Science. He was a member of both the Math Club and Science Club. His Junior year he won Districtlfirst place in Number Sense. He won the Math Department Award as a Jun- ior also. Keith has been a member of the N.H.S. for 3 years. This past year Keith attended many con- tests, he won lst in Number Sense, 2nd in Regionals, and 3rd in Science. Keith received many Scholar- ships, he won the National Merit Scholarshipg and this is a first for a North Mesquite student. He also received scholarships from Dallas Association of C.P.A. , and Baylor University. He will be entering as a sophomore at Baylor. 19 Top 5'7o of the Class of H7799 Yolanda Benavidez Kim Boyd Shari Brock Gary Carter Brian Colwill Frank Donovan Paula Griffin Ra mend Mclnainel Tony Kingrey Micheal Leslie Robert Little Keith McC1e11en Y Diane O'Brien Bruce Parker Terry Perryman Terry Roe Janet Wilcoxen Bret Schuch Keith Shuffler Sherry Strauser Denise Tatsch Jeff Wright Dana Zivney Top Ten W of Graduates Honored Iii .V '24 . 21,1 : Vi Q ' ,M ii elf? " ' . ' :si Lf Z' -a fwfr M "fi-'Yuan 'Ba Desiree Albert Charles Amold Lisa Azneran Alan Bailey Karen Ballas Steve Beshear Carol Cheek Sylivia Clouse David Collins Leslie Day Marsha England Doug Foster David Holley Randy Johnson Theresa Kelly L . W bb Cathy McC1inton Annette Nichols David Pillow Anne Rizzotto mama e Nancy Werry Leslie Withrow 21 ,Y . L 1 DQ may Individual Achievements Receive Honor From Facult Above: The students are being honored for their individual achievements in different departments and clubs in school. Front row: Charla Davis, Teresa Perryman, Karis Gib- son, Jeff Ayers, Kay Cumnock. Second row: Eddie Mikuda, Eddie Cantrell, Charles Arnold, lim Switzer. Back row: Tina Floyd, Belinda Turner, Mark Swann, George Brian, David Walls, and Jimmy l-licks. Left: Seated are Kim Brown, Karen Cowen, Julie Dickey, Steve Elwonger, Keith Davis, Donald Spra- dling. Standing are Suzie Miller, Anne Rizzotto, Kim Martin, Karl Langston, Mike Atkins, Mark Lynd, Brad MA Beathe, Robert Browning. Seniors Earn Scholarships Pictured are students who received scholar- ships frorn as close to home as S.M.U. , to as far away as Kansas State. Seated: Denise Tatsch, Mike Lindsey, and Kay Cumnock. Standing: Kathy Patton, Robin Root, Carol Kamps, Theresa Kelly. Back row: Brian Clo- will, Steve Elwonger, Carlton Odom. Terry Roe, Hershell Hamiter. Robert Browning, Bill Tobias, Mike Atkins, and Keith McClel1en. Vocational Students Honored These students seated above were honored in the field where they spent after school hours studying. Front row: Janet Wilcoxen, Dean Dwight, Donna Byers, Patti Parker, Brenda Bradley, Denise Tatsch. Back row: Sulvia Clouse, Betty Johnson, Paula Griffin, Terry Roe, Jerry Moore. I 216 rganizations Organizations naturally get the most attention from the students because they are the most fun. Conventions, workshops, parties and working together are all part of organizations. The time spent after school and on weekends with your favorite club is always the source of great memories. 53 5 U W, W .Mrk .0 k S U - B . 0 0 tudent Council Holds Blood Drive --is ,...QW. , .. ,. -N. . , a,............Ma...... r t K vfwvwwmwumo-wrkvwm r 1'-6 5-Wd ES p.. 5 Sita-ef ,Wu ,.sf1u,, ff .zlzghgeii . f' Representing the student body are: From: Bryan McCoy, Trent Wohlschlaeger. Sec- ond row: Tina Simmons, Kay Tumer, Susie Miller, Debbie Sigler and Victor Mullino. Third row: Karen Maynes, Den- ise McCain, Debbie Allen, Cindy Land- caster, Winki Hargrove. Fourth row: Penny Peyton. Larry Allen, Becky Pruitt, Patsy Johnson, Belinda Griffin, Nancy Miller, and Kay Cumnock. Sponsoring many activities is our energetic Student Council. Among the diverse activities they have sponsored is: arranging for slave sales, selling N.M. stickers, holding a blood drive and providing boutonnieres and corsages for the teachers on Open House Day. Sitting: Susie Miller, Pres. and Mrs. Ada Allen, spon- sor. Standing: Bryan McCoy, V. Pres. , Trent Wohlschlaegrer, Sec. " ath Club Calculates Winners The Math Club is a very active group. They spent many hours studying for which they are rewarded when they come home from contests with many trophies. lst row: Donna Moore, Paula Griffin, Jimmy Torres, David Brown, Trent Wohlschlaeger, Mrs. Galindo, Keith McClel1en. Sandra Slayton. 2nd row: Wanda York, Steve Taylor, Carol Kamps, Leslie Day, Tiana Kouns, Pat Kamps, Jason Dulaney. 3rd row: Mr. Sanchez, Rusty Garner, Jimmy Hefer, Scott Herrington, Denise Tatsch, Ed Mikuda. Science Visit adley Center The Science Club has spent many hours at the Wadley Center where they donated blood. This blood was donated especially for our school. lst row: Terri Davis, Karen Wright, Theresa Kelly, Kim Hughes, Susan Buetel, Winky Hargrove. 2nd row: Annette Nichols. Mike Fox, Brian Colwill CPres.J, Mr. Cross. 3rd row: Kevin Colwill, John Kula, Frank Donavan, Jesse Col- lard, Keith McClellan. Julie Gibbens, Jill Fletcher. 4th row: Pat Seaman, Terry Roe, Kevin Wood, Trent Wohlsclaeget. Sherry Hammond. "Trailblazer" Gallops Above: Senior annual staff members taking a lazy moment out of their busy schedules in the fall: they are: Nancy Werry, Organizations: Desiree Albert, Student Life: Karis Gibson, Co-Editor. Side: Senior members of the Trailblazer staff are shown after a day of taking club pictures. Shown are Sports Editor, Ronald Stivers and Editor, Jesse Collard. Below: The entire staff finally gets together after many hectic weeks in seventh period annual staff. Most observers on C floor would not believe the staff could ever be so calm. The group is pictured with the sponsor, Judi Baggett. Laughter, work and confusion seem to be the every day affairs in the annual room. The staff worked hard this year in getting deadlines met and making sure everything is just right for the annual. Traveling to Austin to broaden their knowledge of the annual work was one of the exciting adventures of the annual staff. Into Western Theme l an K Above: These guys seem to always be hanging around. They are Brian Colwill, Photo.g Buddy Mackey, Classes: Greg Jeffers, Photo. Side: Captivated by the trees and scenery at Tenison Park are top: Cheri Cordet, Faculty: Lisa Chaffin, Classesg Robin Pulley, Classes. Bottom: Carla Conover, Organizations: and Adena Collard, Honors. The staff especially wants to thank several persons who donated excellent pictures to give the annual that special touch. These people include Richard Hoffman for football pictures, Linda Attaway for prom pictures and student Jerry Moore for many snapshots and Glen Leo- nard for the Military Ball - Last but not least are all the students of North Mesquite . f , ff ., 5 f K ,J German Club Shares Festivities The German Club officers are: Cheryl Larkin, President: Terry Clower, Vice-President: and Amy Turner, Secretary. The German Club is a small but very important part to the language department of North Mesquite. They spent a lot of time studying about the German coun- tries and trying new and different German dishes. Mr. Richard Ehrig is the sponsor. Latin Club Journeys to Amarillo The Latin Club is a very active organiza- tion. During their busy year they attended the Area Latin Convention in Sherman, continuing their journey to the State Latin Convention in Amarillo. Deserving contest ribbons and cer- tificates were among the many awards they car- ried home. The sponsor is Mrs. Marjorie Wilson. The Latin Club officers are: Brian Colwill, President: Paula Hasley, Vice-President: Ieanette Hernandez Secretary: and Trent Wohlschaeger, Treasurer. Spanish Club Challen es the French Club in Softball The officers for the 1976-'77 French Club are: Barry Gumm, President: Iay Morris, Vice-President: Gayla Attaway, Secretaryg and Debbie Saffle, Historian. "Uno-dos-tres strikes you're out" are the common words heard the afternoon the Spanish Club challenged the French Club to a soft- ball game. The Spanish club and the French club are two organizations that are very involved. They are always busy doing things and learning new and different things about their languages and countries. The outcome of the game was the French club as the "La Premi- ere Place." The officers for the Spanish Club are: Paula Griffin, President: Teresa Lopez, Vice-President: Gema Martin, Secretary: Belinda Grif- fin. Treasurer: Social Committee, Byron McCoy and Jimmy Torres. F.C.A. Girls Visit Sky Ranch Above: A renewed interest in fellowship prompted the personal experiences. The officers are Kathy Patton Girls' F.C.A. to have more personal meetings with spirit- Pres.: Tracey Dalton, V. Pres.: Diana Truedell, Sec. ual songs and guest speakers along with sharing their own Treas. .C.A. Boys Grow in Fellowship Below: The Boys' F.C.A. is involved in many fund raising pro- jects to enable them to go to conference this summer. They have had many guest speakers at their meetings and aside from these activities they have traveled to Colorado to visit an Air Force Base. The officers are Steve Roushey. Pres.: David H01 ley, V. Pres.: Bryan McCoy, Sec.: Mark Scudder. Parliamen tary. vw .H.S. Present the New . . . The New N.H. S. has honored many students, for their hard work and fine upholdings. lst row: Jill Fletcher, Katrina Beeler, Paula Pruitt, Julie Kula, Geri Harber, Cinda Baer, Dana Shelton, Valerie Gregg, Theresa Kelly. 2nd row: Sandra Slaton, Karis Gibson, Gema Martin, Annette Harrelson, Jeri Browning, Belinda Griffin, Jenny Mosely, Belinda Turner, Diane Truesdell, Julie Gibbons, Danette Warren, Sheri Brock, Donna Roger, Winki Hargrove. 3rd row: Cheryl Andrews, Susie Miller, Laura Water, Cindy Mulheron, Theresa Perryman, Donna Moore, Wanda York. Tiana Kouns. 4th row: Tina Peavy, Cheri Cordet, Mary Barnes, Patty Neely, Kim Sipe, Debbie Fox, Kim Hughes, Gale McClinton, Cheryl Larkin. 5th row: Mark Brunet, David Brown, Greg Ewing, Robert Heriage, Trent Wohlsch- calger, Roger Brown, Gary Hodges, Greg Peeples, Gary Krager. The ld. The Old N.H.S. carries on their tradition in hopes of receiving very high honors. lst row: Robin Root, Steve Breshear, Mike Les ley, Gary Carter, Keith Shuffler, Bret Schuck, Terry Roe. 2nd row: Debi Harville, Paula Griffin, Carlo Cheek, lanet Wilcoxen Gwen Pape, Sylvia Clouse, Kelly Hamilton. Anne Rizzotto, Brian Colwill. 3rd row: Kathy Patton, Dana Zinvey, Sherry Strauser Tony Kingrey. Jeff Wright, Mike Heath, Frand Donovan, Keith McClellen. Pon Express Doin What They D0 Bes . . . Left: Left to right are: Kathy Bradbury, Wendy Berry, Kerri Fain, Cyndi Cook. Top: Kim Brown, Debbie Chambers enjoying a meal at the Railhead . Below: Having a lazy day at Fair Park are, Left to A right: Karen Warren, Sandy Kirkpatrick, Kym 'r liiiyr Brown, Lisa Aznaran. Right: Pony Express have put out several outstand- ing papers. The staff has also received several awards such as at UIL contest were Darrel Dumis placing 2nd in editorial writings and Russ Roden placed 4th in news writings. But the favorite past time of the newspaper staff is eating as shown here at several extravagant eating places in Dallas. Below: The 1976-77 Pony Express Representatives posing before they stan on their busy days. . . ."Eati11 ut" wma Q ' if 5' Q ,fl'f'ii5?f 4 15 Q K Right Not at all Oriental but still enjoying the oriental culture and food at the Royal Tokyeo are Front David Asher Karen Warren Jimmy How ard Back Rusty Willard Chris Miller Adrian Booker Left: The males seem to enjoy Randy Tarrs the best. They are, L. to r.: Matthew George, Tony Kingrey, Victor Rizzo, Russ Roden, Steve Mokszyck, Chris Miller. Left: Taking a relaxing moment before leaving Don the Beach Combers. Left to right: Lisa Aznaran, Sharon Baldwin, Susie Miller, Darrel Dumis, lane Hooper. tudents Ease Dail Chores The group above may be a small group but they play a very big role. These girls are the Nurses Aides. They help Mrs. Eaton keep North Mesquite in tip- top shape. Front: Mrs. Eaton, sponsor. Back row: Cindy Full, mer. , Cathy Holman, Janet Miller, Debbie Daniels, Marsha England, Lisa Couse, and Donna Vasque . Office Worliers Stay Busy This group also does a large job. They are the office workers. Among the many daily chores they do are picking up slips, running errands for the secretaries, goofing off in the halls, rounding up people for Mr McCoy , and especially disturbing their favorite teachers class. Clio Research Past Events The Clio Club is known for their interest in history. They enjoy learning about all the historic times events, and they especially love to visit the historyic laces and monuments. Above: The Clio Club members are pictured with sponsor Mr. Dick Jackson. ' Librarians Help Researchers The library assistants are among the many stu- dents who give their free periods to help keep things going. They help guide the students to find all different kinds of books and all kinds of needed information. Above: Library Assistants, Seated: Alice Boyle, Trish Franklin, Susan Franks, Jeanne Milliagn, Rhonda Villarreal. Standing: Alyane Meadows, Jennifer Truesdell, Lacy Williams, Rick McCullough, Kathy Phillips, Cindy Boscawen, and Tracy Ross. 37 Teachers Share Experience With wiki' 'A E1 f , F.T.A. .22 H.E.C.E. Worlis and tudies The many students of H.E.C.E. enjoy all aspects of Home Economics. Cooking, sewing, learning to care for oth- ers and themselves, and planning meetings with all types of enter- tainment. Officers for H.E.C.E. I are: President, Joni Shaferg Vice-President, Bubba Davis. Officers for H.E.C.E. ll are: President, Tracy Whitteng Vice- President , Teresa Mashburn . bait X. -me U JD' S. J 9 YA! "'f ,..,wi '33 9 ' 1 f 'I Future Teachers of America is a group with interests of becoming teachers. They assist the teachers in many ways. Grading daily papers, running errands in the building and sometimes taking care of their classes. The teachers really benefit from these students and enjoy having them around for pastime. The Officers are: Presi- dent, Alice Wiseg Vice-President, Karen Wrightg Secretary, Scott Meierg Treasurer, Nancy McCarleyg Parlia- mentarian, Adena Collard, and Histo- rian, Lee Allison Mackey. D.E.C.A. Enters Sales World D.E.C.A. I is under the supervision of Mr. Mike Allen. The Officers are: Presi- dent, Donna Byersg Vice-President, Kay Poleyg Secretary, Laurie Waters: Trea- surer, Kathy Hallg Parliamenrarian, Ronnie Yaberg Historians, Barbara Werry and Donna Lankfordg Reporter, Pat Hogan. -JN D.E. C. A. II advance farther in sales under Mr. Ray Wi1son's supervision. The Offi- cers are: President, Jim Switzerg Vice-President, Mark Powell: Secretary-Trea- surer, Debra Williams. F.H.A. Cook U New Ideas Future Homemakers of America is a very well known and active organization. They are always planning something. If it's not banquets or important meetings it's preparing for the Area Conven- tion. This years Area Convention was a very rewarding one. Keith Lowery came home upon being elected First Vice-President for the District Area. This will enable him to continue on to the State Convention along with many other F.H.A. members. The fine and dedicated sponsors are: Mrs. Tonroy, Mrs. Zappfe, Mrs. Bishop, Mrs. Stine, Mrs. Prater, Mrs. Lander, Mrs. White, and Mrs. Birdsong. F.F.A. Plants Seed of Tomorrow The North Mesquite Chapter of FFA studies such items as Agricultural business, and actual farming techni- ques. They render their services throughout the state getting the experience they need to be successful farmers of the future. p im? Officers this year are, Top: Reporter Shane Lee, President Ronnie Anderson, Sentinel Chet Cumstead. Secretary Pam Coapwell, Sponsor Mr. Gordon Bench, Vice-President Bill Newby. Bottom: FFA members are shown. O.E.A. See is pportumt Right: OEA other than learning useful skills for the future they brought many awards home to N.M. They travel to several area and state competitions. In their awards we congratulate you! Above: Pres. Kelly Hamilton, and Dylinda Rabb, Vice-Pres. Anne Rizzotto. Kim Martin, Linda Nebbing, Sec. Susie Miller, Renae Dunn, Treas. Carol Cheek, Sharon Baldwin, His. Denise Bishop, Sandra Williams, Dana Zevney. .0.C.T. Enters World of Busmess 1 Above: Shown are the members of VOCT OEA and their officers The officers are Pres Kim Ross Vice Pres Neva Estes Sec Terry Jones, Treas. Cheryl Jones, Rep. Tim McKay, Sgt. David Sanford Par Howard Hampton areers in Medicine Gain is B 1' i af e . as we . s LQ" H , Q -Ami 55.51, ,,.jj',.e. i' ' 'Simi' 75' ' TL -f-'H.J:. T , W W . . ' ' ir Above: Helping in such places as a dentist office and a doctors office are a few places that HOCT works. They leam helpful and interesting skills needed to help them in the complicated work world. The sponsor is Mrs. Betty Waddill. 1 M .004 L V 'J so V Jw. , K v 3- fp t X Q 5 1. ' A s A .gg - ka. Q rl S 'Ulf ' ' F-,Y . T Ku? 5.1, - . f r tow- ,gm Y , g W1 Q. za X .Q iw M ,ff 'N L' 'Q Jos N , Above: Officers are: Randy Johnson - Pres.: George Harmon - Vice Pres.: Shane Franc - Sec.: Tony Becker - Treas.: Churck Gunn - Sgt.: Kevin Moran - Par.: Mike Melina - Rep.: Sponsor - Noram McLaren. Art lub dds Finishin Touch E '54 'S 51 F' i y -'-. 1 K 1 K K and Q X GN ' of s, Above: The talented and creative art club has put their finishing touches to pep rallies, scenery in the play productions, and printing Stallions on T-shirts. The officers are Pres. - Doug Chisinhall. Vice Pres. - June Champion, Sec. - Kim Langston, Treas. - Janice Bynam, His. - Cindy Nanderorf. Drama ains Popularit Above: The increasing interest in drama this year has caused a large increase in student participation in these courses. The sponsors are Mike Wolfe and Judy Truesdall, teacher in training. Thesplans Salute Talent x if -.,, 'ar qv The officers are pictured to the left. They are a very busy group. Planning trips to see other plays, keeping up with Thespian points, planning the spring banquet and participating in the rewarding plays and the many contests. They are: Left to right: Danny Lautenslauger, V. Pres.g Rusty King, His.: Belinda Turner, Treas.g Gary Carter, Pres.g Michelle Darling, Sec. The Thespian is a group of Honor Students. They are a very dedicated group and because of their hard work and fine direction, they were rewarded First Place at the U.l.L. Contest with the play "Of Mice and Men" by John Steinbeck. Among the many other fine plays performed are: "The Diary of Anne Frank", the fall presentationg "Carni- val", the musical presentation: and "Cinderella" the childrens presentation. "Cinderella" wasn't presented as we all know it. The student teacher, Miss Judy Truesdell, wrote her own version of it and spiced it up a great deal. She also chose the cast and directed it. Miss Truesdell graduated from North Mesquite High four years ago and is now fin- ishing college. Mr. Mike Wolfe, Drama teacher and club sponsor has directed the students through a very memorable year. Above: Seated: Mike Crow, Julie Dickey, Tina Floyd, Cindy Cook, Tammy Daniels, Gary Carter, Annette Nichols, Norris Harrington. D'Awn Jordan. Kneeling: Carla McGee, Danny Launtenslaugh, James Coffman, Rusty King, Kevin Woods, Gaylord Washington, Belinda Tumer, Kerry Fain, Nancy Werry. Standing: Steve White, Doona Powell, Donna Moore, David Walls, Cyndia McGowen, Alice Wise, Ellen Hasley, Scott Bardin, Michelle Darling, Debbie Dempsy. " 9' and "B" Companies Take Aim "B" Company Members consist of, Sitting: Pvt. Heidi Wilson, Pvt. Alan Hulen, Cpt. Mike Swadley, S. Sgt. Sandra Roush, Pvt. Susan Stew- art, Pvt. Norma Johnson, Pvt. Tracy Martin. Standing: Pvt. Dennis Johnson, Pvt. James Smith, Pvt. Joy Sherill, lst Sgt. Gina Murphree, lst Sgt. Donna Zook, Sgt. Maj. Becky Morgan, S. Sgt. Greg York, Pvt. Paula McGibboney, Pvt. Michael Aulds, S. Sgt. Ann Rabb, Pvt. Danny Pool, Pvt. Steve Luttrell, Pvt. Ricky Browning, Sgt. Jimmy Lee, and Pvt. Bobby Wilbanks. "A" Company Members consist of, lst row: Pvt. Cathy Cox, Cpt. James Coffman, Cpt. Linda Zaeske, Cpt. David Ashwood, Pvt. Floyd Osteen, Cpt. Carlton Odom, Pvt. Jeff Mol-largue. 2nd row: Pvt. David Evans, Pvt. David Hardin, Pvt. Bryan Lynch, Pvt. Marcus Taylor. 3rd row: Sgt. Karl West, Pvt. Edward Stunkard, S. Sgt. Brenda Pate, Sgt. Nanette Campbell, Pvt. Charles Stucker. 4th row: lst Sgt. Buddy Maples, Sgt. Steve Freeman, S. Sgt. Leonard, Sgt. John l-Iigdon, and Pvt. Steve Zook. "C" and " " Companies Prepare for Right: "D" Company, Kneeling: Pvt. Karen Ste- phenson, Pvt. Mary Butcher. Standing: Sgt. Donna Smith, Pvt. Debbie Tyler, Pvt. John Wood, Pvt. Floyd Osteen, Pvt. Mark Lewellen, Pvt. Ara Jones, Pvt. Jacky Frederick. 2nd row: Cpt. Kathy Whitly, Mas. Sgt. Chris Floyd, S. Sgt. Billy Goree, S. Sgt. Scott Harrington, S. Sgt. Jay Norwood, S. Sgt. Sammy Barr. 3rd row: Pvt. Lorraine Williams, Mas. Sgt. Gilbert Sil- ler, Pvt. Sam Johnson, Pvt. Mike Miller. Inspection Left: "C" Company: Pvt. Tommy Paine, Sgt. John Hugdan, Pvt. Deric Tollesony, Cpt. David Greene, Sgt. Mike Burkhart, Sgt. Kevin Lind- sey, Mas. Sgt. Diana Smith, Pvt. Jimmy Jones, Maj. Chuck Tumes, Lt. Jimmy Oldham, Sgt. Ronnie DeGroot. Not pictured: Susan Steele, lst Sgt. "E" Compan Gains Experience "E" Company Members consist of, Kneeling: Sgt Annette Robinson, Sgt. Lori Coffman, Pvt. John Taylor Pvt. Alan Bostick. 2nd row: Cpt. Jane Huddleston, Pvt Bill Johnson, Sgt. Ronnie DeGroot, Pvt. Tim Smith Cpt. Robert Browning, Mas. Sgt. Chip Fulton, lst Sgt Edidie Cantrell. 3rd row: Pvt. Mark Martin, Pvt. Don nie Belk, Pvt. Donnie Floyd, Pvt. Jimmy Liles. Right: The Color Guard is well known this year. At each home game they have been with us to help salute the American Flag during the National Anthem. They are: S.F.C. Steve Taylor, Mas. Sgt. Chip Fulton, lst Sgt. Eddie Cantrell, and P.F.C. John Taylor. V Left: Inspection days are very important to our drill-teams Lt. Col. Spann talks to one of the inspectors, Lt. Col. Rob- ert Meeks. Drill Teams Practice Precision l l ' Left: Members of the Drill Team are, Top row: Sgt. F. C. Lacy, P.F.C. Miller, Staff Sgt. Nor- wood, First Sgt. Miller, Cadet Maj. Turner, Sgt. F. C. York, and staff Sgt. Keys. Middle row: Staff Sgt. West, P.F.C. Futrell, P.F.C. Evans, P.F.C. Hulen, P.F.C. Wood, Sgt. F. C. Taylor, and Cadet Capt. Swadley. Front row: P.F.C. Payne, P.F.C. Mar- tin, Sgt. F. C. Herrington, P.F.C. James and P.F.C. Taylor. The Drill Team Commander is Cadet Major Charles Turner. Above: The Girl's Drill Team is shown in an Armory classroom. They are standing: Sgt. Debbie Tyler, Sgt. Danna Smith, P.F.C. Liz Myers, Msgt. Diane Smith, Capt. Linda Zaeske, Capt. Jane Huddle- ston, P.F.C. Loraine Williams, P.F.C. Paula McGibbaney, P.F.C. Nasma Johnson, Capt. Kathy Whatley, Sgt. Gina Murphree P.F.C. Kathy Cox, Sgt. Nanette Campell, Sgt. Lori Coffman, Sgt. San- dra Roush, Sgt. Brenda Pate, Sr. Mgr. Becky Morgan. R.O.T.C. Visits Armor for Middle below: Corps Officers are shown on a tank and include: Cadet Captain David Greene. 4th row: Cadet Major Chuck Turner, Cadet Captain Robert Browning, Cadet Captain James Coffman, Cadet Captain Carlton Odom, Cadet Lt. Colonel Jimmy Lidham, Battalion Com- mander. 3rd row: Cadet Captain Mike Swadley, Cadet Captain Kevin Hackett and standing: Cadet Captain Kathy Whatley, Cadet Captain lane Huddleston, Cadet Captain Dave Ashwood, Sgt. Major Becky Morgan and Cadet Cap- tain Linda Zaeske. ,t 9- ,. t llfa I ttlt .Y , V .. . 3 . , , . 1 , ' , ,X W, ,Q a me " 1 I . - - - ,., V 5 :Q Ii' Ti iw? l i f Z it The Reserve Officer Training Corps offers a uni- que program for students interested in citizenship, patriotism, self reliance and basic military skills. The North Mesquite R.O.T.C. also provides a number of services to the school, like presenting the colors at functions, ushering at football games, representing the school at military meets and hosting conventions in the building. They prepare each year for a major federal inspection and have for the last four years received an honor rating with distinction. Right: Tactics Team members demonstrate the tactical train- ing of an infantry squadrong part of their overall military train- ing. .1-. Detailed Instruction and Training The R.O.T.C. program includes many annual activities besides in class instruction. They travel to military centers to see equipment first hand. Their social activities include several picnics, a trip to Six Flags, a college football game and the annual Mili- tary Ball, a formal event where the Military Queen is named and honored. at y, QI. GT In U -mr F-sq ul: sv N is S' 5 S Top: The full Battalion is shown at the National Guard Armory with ' 1'-.1 I1 their directors Lt. Colonel James H. Spann and Sgt. First Class -IEE Doyle W. Couch. Above: Rifle Team members Bostick, Jimenez, Oldham, Taylor and Taylor are led by Cadet Sgt. F. C. Brenda Pate and are here n a displaying some sophisticated weapons. D M .V. Drill Steps Into Action Eighty-five enthusiastic sophomore girls compose the 1976-'77 Junior Var- sity Drill Team. These hard working girls perform at Junior Varsity football games and basketball games. They are also effective in promoting school spirit all year long . Right: The leaders of J.V. Drill are four patient and diligent Senior Pacesetters. They are left to right: Gayla Attaway, Kay Turner, Debbie Beane, and Tina Simmons. W 'MJ T ' , 1' T f 5 ' 1 U ,gf ' 4 1113 A d" V '?ft w t igiv-Q-,t U 1' 1 , . ,M ponsor and anagers Pave the Way Above left: This y6a1"S 1976-1977 Paces- etters are being sponsored by Mrs. Thomas, pictured at Tenison Park. Above right: The Pacesetter managers are front: Sarah Stewart, back Robbin Nesbitt. Below left: The 1976-1977 Pacesetters are shown at attention waiting to give a dazz- ling pre-game performance. Pacesetters Polish Talent Talent at North Mes- quite is widely distrib- uted and when speaking of talent we have to include the 1976-1977 Pacesetters. During football season these energetic girls work from early morning to evening to perfect routines which will bring pride to the students of North Mes- quite when present at sport gatherings. The Pacesetters also take it upon themselves to reward the football players with spirit boxes and to help promote school spirit among the students. The Paceset- ters are a very special group of girls which rep- resent our school proudly. J l V l J Blue Brigade Flashes Color The 1976-1977 officers, Top from l. to r., Top row: Deanna David, Cindy Phillips, Reyna lnce, Michele Peoples, Hiija Gale, Julie Adams, Micki Baugh, Vicki Car, Leslie Telker, Patsy Johnson, Ms. Murray. Middle row: Donna Lankford, Ann Enriguez, Ronna Heard, Tammy Riggs, Debra Fielden, Kathy Ramsy, Lisa Campell, Trisa Johnson, Stephine Newman. Bottom row: Sue Schulgen, Tonya Morris, Kim Nolen, Sharon Smitten, Katrina Podney, Melissa Maed- gen, Barbara Werry, Christy Jones, Susan Vanhouer. ' The 1976-1977 Blue Brigade had an outstanding year they helped to make half time both colorful and exciting. Blue Brigade consists of freshmen and J.V. Drill members thus making the total number of girls approximately 200 . 55 N.M.F.L. Trave s ms Awards 'S Verbally inclined speech students make up the North Mesquite Forensic League. During the year they prepare and send many contestants to contest all over the area in events such as oratory, poetry, interpretation, and debate. The goal of these students is to qualify for the State Speech and Drama Tournament which is held in Austin. Above: Club members pose with Ms. Chapman, sponsor. Right: Seated: Lisa Azanaran, President, Tammy Daniels, Trca surerg Julie Dickey, Vice President. Standing: Chuck Mansfield Publicity Historian: Jeanette Hernandez, Secretary. .wev- mm. .V. and Frosh C eerleaders Jump Into Action Pep, enthusiasm and spirit is not lacking in the J. V . and Freshman cheerleaders. They are very active at the pep rallies and they support all the Freshman and I.V. activities. At top are the J.V. cheerleaders Kim The energetic Freshmen are pictured at Langston, Janet Holley, Rhonda Denton, bottom: Liz Nash, Kim Laning, Nancy Jeanine Day, Carrie West, Pam Bnunet, Miller, Lori West, Tracy Sharp, Christy Cindy McKinney, Robin Cheek. Burnet, Kim Birdsong, Karen Green. Varsity Projects Enthusiasm This year's Varsity Cheerleaders are pic- tured at the State Fair. These active, spirited students are Left: Karen Curtis, Terri Rhea, Sandi Green, Pam DeWo1fe, Terri Malone, Julie Kula, Tina Cole, Kathy Roe, Sandy Mal- one, and Debi Harville. talllon Battallon Corrals One of the most spirited groups at North Mesquite is the Stallion Battalion. They work very hard at promoting spirit at pep rallies and at football games. The reigning queen of the Stallion Battalion is Pam Russell. Choirs Gain Experience Above: The North Mesquite Acappella Choir consists of about 60 students who work hard to prepare for region and state contests. The officers were President Hershel Hamiter, Vice-President Steffi Goldsberry, and Secretary Sonya Brooks. The section leaders are Sue Schulgen, Steffi Goldsberry, Tina Floyd, Mark Ross, and David Bolt. Below: The Freshman Mixed Choir participated in many concerts and programs, the members gain the experience necessary to exel in the Music Department. The officers of the Choir were President Lance Cowley, and vice-president Susan Rizzotto, Sec.-Treasurer Mike Phillips. ,, W. , ...L ,, w -we-v im ww www- W 7, we , iw. it s - 4' ' W are if r 'f'1 . fig isp' aeu..t.w.s,i ,- , "' .. , tudent Directors Provide Choir 14 xii H5273 The idea of choir Student Directors is new. Their main purpose is to direct the Fresh- man Mixed Choir. They have other jobs which include put- ting programs together and sometime directing them. The Directors are Robin Root, Dennis Devenport, Jenifer Truesdell, and Belinda Lipe. lngmg 1th the Old and New A small select group of the most beautiful voices are the members of the Chamber Singers. The members are chosen by special tryout and must exhibit outstanding singing ability. The Chamber Singers do most of the entertainment programs for the school district . This year's outstanding choir at North Mesquite is the Chorale. They give many concerts for Organi- zations. They are featured at Christmas time in con- cert. Mr. Jim Casey should be commended for his expert direction of the choirs. Below The Chorale is shown with officers Chairman Dennis Devenport Vice Chairman Robin Root and Secretary - Belinda Lipe. Feelm tronger Everyda This year's orchestra is being directed by Mr. Weldon Minnick. a great variety of music. The talented group has permitted They are pictured above in the N.M.H.S. auditorium perform- young people to extend their cultural horizons by sharing in ing an outstanding concert for the Christmas season. The several concerts. orchestra has expanded this year and has exposed the students to Above left: Mr. Minnick is shown directing his orchestra. Above right: The orchestra performs many arrangements. Below left: Members of the violin section. Off to a New tart Above: Freshmen march in a wedge behind able majorettes at halftime. Middle: The band performs at McDonald Stadium for game fans. Mr. Paul Davis is director. Bottom: Freshmen show the results of hard work. L Looking forward to Big Blue is the 1976-1977 Freshman Band. Here the Freshman Band display their marching abilities. They performed at UIL contests giving them the experience they needed. Big Blue Marches on to Victor g V 5 . -, .W,fq., ' we-fa Wifi' ' V ey vi ,K . -1- r. - f Dedicated and energetic students spend many extra hours working with several directors to make the award winning Big Blue Band what it is. When representing the school in competition the hard work and dedication pays off. The big event of the year is representing N.M.H.S. at the Buckner Music Festival in Corpus Christi. gi- ff? 1 rf sis iii Left: Leading the Big Blue this year are Ioan Hooper and Head Drum Major Belinda Griffin. Above: The Pride of North Mesquite forms the mighty N.M. during a victorious half-time. ff Majorettes Thrill Crowds and fEnhanceIhuu1 Shows Above: Senior Donna Miller was head majorette and carried out her leadership at many games and pep rallies. She also received a "1" rating in solo at UIL contest. Left: Varsity majorettes Donna Miller. Pam Morris, Silvia Clouse, Debbie Birdsong. Below: Freshman Majorettes, Front row: Denise McCain, Head Sabrina Campbell, Denita Adams. , Bottom row: Debbie Boren, Lloydann Adair, Jill len- ' fy" ' kins. ,, T . 6 xi The Varsity majorettes brought M many football audiences to their o W feet as they twirled and danced . to music ranging from jazz to country and western. The majorettes started their workout during the summer. They attended Kilgore Jr. Col- " 'W' lege camp for twirling. While at camp, they received a first place award in the military division. As the year progressed, the UIL solo and Ensemble twirling con- test was held here at North Mes- quite. This summer they will attend State UIL Solo and Ensem- ble Twirling Contest at Austin. Sta e Band dds Special Touch l The Stage Band is a group composed of selected students , from the Varsity Band. They perform at basketball games, are the Pit Orchestra for the musical, and plan to attend several music festivals this year. Our Stage Band is under the direction of Mr. Paul Davis. f f 00 cha D 9 0 ll 0 0 Standing: Mr. Tony Anderson is a very well known member of our faculty. He directs our Big Blue Marching Band. He has led many stu- dents to very rewarding contests. Seated: Mr. Bob Archer is a new member to our faculty this year. During marching season he is assistant director to Mr. Anderson and during concert season he leads the symphonic band. Mr. Paul Davis is also well known. He is a very talented person. He writes many arrangements for all the bands and along with that he leads and directs both the freshman band and the stage band. ,Q C1603 ports Sports-minded young men and women became a dominant force in school this year. The addition of several new sports called the talents of m-any students 'who have never been so involved pre- viously. Their discipline, endur- ance and strength are praised by their classmates and rightly should be. 00 U, lu rd U Pre-District Foretells Season The Stallions faced a new District this year with a large quantity of talent and competition. Their strong efforts kept thern in the District race throughout mucy of the season. NM began the year with a heartbreaking loss to BA. But the Stallions pride showed up once again as they came alive to defeat Mesquite for a fine 5-5 sea- son record. sa 4 flu f-YM, . Top: Jay Glover C441 follows the blocking of Steve Williams C645 and Bernard Schack C635 for a good gain against the Cougars. Above left: Ricky Easthom C843 makes a fine reception near the NM goal line. Adams held on to win 21-17 . Above right: Charles Arnold C311 gets set to try and stop this Viking. Right: The kicking team giving their all on the kickoff. North Mesquite put it all together to defeat lrving Nimitz 31-20 . Bryan - W ,1 ,f1- :Wil ffense Stalls A ainst Wilmer I if 'A mmsfw J, f W my , is Above left: Mike Atkins C883 hauls in at pass for a much needed first down. Above right: Tim Spillman C743 reaches out to stop this Eagle while Scott Dailey C223 comes down the line in pursuit. Left: Andy Muhl C703 and Steve Essary 1423 shut off the open holes before closing in. Below: Rickey Carter C853 holds on as Tim Spillman C743 and Randy Trussell C733 move in. The Stallions lost to Wilmer- Hutchins 17-0. Late Surge Defeats Garland Right: Randy Johnson C623 and Phil Rogers C777 come out of their stance to try and stop the upcoming play. Below left: Terry Smith C829 tackles this Owl for a loss in the backfield. Below right: Scott Cooper C345 drives for more yardage as Mark Hunt C725 and Berna Bernard Schack C633 con- tinue to block. Bottom: Scott Cooper C343 goes over for another Stallion socre as signs of joy are shown by his teammates. The Varsity won narrowly 15-14. N.M. Explodes A ainst Raiders 3 W . N w ia f f Y in I LQ1 5 Left: Richard Coffman 4213 heads for the sideline in hopes of avoid- ing a North Garland pursuer. Above: Britt Moore 1103 and Tony Hollifield C113 show good con- centration during a PAT attempt. Below: Derrick Albert C833 and Frank Molock 4603 combine to stop this play for no yardage. NM defeated the Raiders 31-0. Varsity lips S see ers Above: Mark Scudder C133 follows an excellent block by Danny Rich C433 for a big gain. Right: David Holley C143 goes high for a clutch reception to keep a Stallion drive alive. Below: Derrick Albert C833 brings down this Mesquite back as Terry Smith C823 and Randy Trussell C733 move in to help. With a spirited offense and a stout defense the Stallions again brought victory to North Mesquite, with a decisive win over our arch-rival. Thus ending a season that had its high points as well as its low points. .QQ br -nn.. L- -fiff1.M4.9,t1swmsmwsr14,W- ..,,,....-- ' Trainers Play Active Role A L My -5 ,1-,, s,.,M'1ff - f ,T W6 ,H+ sf Q , M Above: The Freshman, J.V. and Varsity Trainers are, Front row: Steve Chittenden, Kevin Jenkins, Coach Dennis Hart, David Grsh Dale Drumm. Back row: Steve Tullos, Mark Swann, Jeff Buetel, Greg DeWitt, Greg Downs, Russell Floyd. Below: The Varsity Trainers are left to right: Dale Drumm, Russell Floyd, Coach Dennis Hart, Mark Swann. 0-. Mu' J Stallions Take City Title 5 , .,,4 ' V ,,.sr Y, xi ii ll a J ll ', 'aa 'J' , :f7"f"'657 I 6 nt f lu? -'.li,'i'i3':A Q 7 - J Q ., 1 J , , A 'K' !""V 7 yeh , iii " 'M f 20 ,8?' in ,,5-,,,', .3-.ip we -,S wie'-.-3671-Q gg J at a , , A J. J f A f th U," ' " A it 'S ..- .J a e. 223"aaf' 1 JGVHSU 42 44 AW ' ,H f ' If . V ' 5 . V4 .f , ' Q21 Y- .erif , t,,t I tttt -, J Varsity Football members are, Seated left to right: Dale Drumm, Russell Floyd, Hershel Dykema, Scott Dailey, Shannon Doggett, David Adams, Scott Bailey, Mark Sanderson, Frank Molock, Jimmy Gideon, Steve Essary, Jay Glover, Steve Tullos, Mark Swann. Kneeling: Rusty Cook, Greg Duckworth, Terry Smith, Mike Winslow, Charles Arnold, Danny Rich, Richard Coffman, Steve Elkins, Stanley Howell, Dennis Kingrey, Gaylord Furman, Taylor Rose, Derrick Albert, Troy Nelson. Standing: Larry Hillin, Bernard Schack, Jeff Huffman, Randy Trussell, Ricky Carter, Ricky Easthom, Jimmy Torres, David Ballard, Tony Hollifield, Warren Lee, Wayne Green, Mark Scudder, Scott Cooper, David Holley. Back row standing: Brady Furrh, Mike Atkins, Johnny Jordan, Joe Sudderth, Britt Moore, Rodney Robertson, Phil Rogers, Andy Muhl, Randy Johnson, Tim Spillman, Mark Hunt, David Asher, Steve Williams. Right: Varsity Coaches are kneeling: Ron Chauvin, 'Head Coach Charles Qualls, Dwight Burns. Standing: Ronnie Pardun, Don Duke, Gus Hernandez, Jerry Bomar. , ,. 1 it U W E wilt' K Y ' l ee: , ,f , M ,a.,,.,,,,,:..,lt...., A W is Q57 LJ 5-115'-w iv gh! H0 0 A Roundballers Give 100070 ' 3 Above: The Varsity Basketball Team members are left to right: V Keith Lowery, Van Halbert, Clad Watson, David Ballard, Richard Whitehead, Kerry Baldwin, Bill Tobias, Andy Qualls, Steve Roushey, Larry Blair. Left: Varsity Coach Ron Powell and J.V. Coach Larry Brooks are shown with Basketball Sweetheart runner-ups. Below: Senior team members are pictured with Basketball Sweet- heart Ienifer Truesdell. Above left: Clad Watson 4553 lays it in for a sure two. Above right: Steve Roushey C113 puts up a short jump-shot. Right: Clad Watson 1559 dem- onstrates his form at the free throw line. Stallion Rall Falls Short 9' ' if' ww is . X,,. Above left: Bill Tobias C345 goes high for a clutch tip-in. Above right: Steve Roushey C109 drives to the hoop despite good defense. Below left: Steve Roushey C103 shoots from the corner as Andy Qualls C303 looks on. Below right: Richard Whitehead C323 uses a soft touch on this jumper. C """'A i ss Mb V , -f w....,s,.,,, Roundballers Give Full Effort 1 W 499 Above left: Keith Lowery C225 pushes up a shot between three Owl defend- ers. Above tight: Keith Lowery C223 shows good concentration during his free throw attempt. Below left: Clad Watson C545 battles for an offensive rebound while Keith Lowery C223 hustles in to help. Below right: Bill Tobias 4343 goes up for a much needed two points. M Struggles Against Ea es V ,,a,,,.,44gir :I J- V Above left: Keith Lowery C223 puts one up against the Eagles. Above right: David Ballard C405 and Keith Lowery C223 watch as the ball goes through the hoop. Left: Van Halbert C145 leads the fast break through the defense. Baseball Takes DlStPlCt Title Above: Team members are: Bottom row: Keith Lowery. Richard Coffman, Barry Gumm, Terry Brisendine, Steve Roushey, Shannon Doggett. Middle row: Steve Elkins, Mark Scudder, Brian Aube, Larry Ellington, Taylor Rose, Tony Fisher. Back row: Mike Townsend, Tim Banks, Jay Morris, Chris Campbell. Jeff Simmons, Kevin Ray, Coach Ken Trepagnier. Right: Coach Trepagnier doing what earned him Coach of the Year. The Stallions brought to North Mes- quite its first ever Baseball District title. Their success can be attributed to their experience as ten seniors were a part of the team. The team also brought home other honors as Terry Brisendine, Taylor Rose, Shannon Doggett, and Chris Campbell were voted to the A11- District team. Other awards were Ken Trepagnier earning Coach of the Year and Chris Campbell Player of the Year for his outstanding .520 batting aver- age. tallions verpower Mesquite - . . - ' Left: Shannon Doggett hurls another pitch to the plate. V. L- it 5 t Below right: Terry Brisendine steams into third ahead of the throw. A 5 M g V - Bottom: Chris Campbell makes good contact on a well placed pitch t, , ,,., ..,,....,.,att...,tdt,..ti,a.t,,, , ' """', ' at of r N, at ,M f f . . -- , aw- r ,,,m.,.. E7 f . ,Q rg r I -we Varsity Stays on innin Track ,Q-"E: ,gd 54 Y., st . v 'HJ'-nd --...N-qswmmmm ., f or 5 J 1 ,, .1 ,fir 7, ti. -- .,,' 1 .V ,+ L f-f' f, ww- 9, , ,1:,-- ,Q A .3 wwe. 'V -. 14- -.-W ' v '?f:,1wn'w Nm , V ,. ,nf w , , M wr ,uw - ,mat , ,, effcfgtfQae1Mfvm.:,ffif gz,C,.g,,,., s f' X: s ff yyzez fm 1-ff .1 x Q 1- ,, A , 1 Lf1'XefW!1f?'l 'aa wwf:e-t?,t'e'lg1"-iyivzffiiiibefgweleqfe .fe .f gr ,tw tqftwwzoi, ,V , R ,, i -. n, - 3 T .- V L fflvtiiff Top: Two Stallion players concentrate on the pitcher while trying to push another run across. Above left: A Stallion player executes a good slide on a high throw. Above right: Kevin Ray stretches to beat out an infield grounder, 84 .. , N - 'Wg eggs' eg 1 2 . ' states xt ,. .. 1 " ' i " ,. " 'wwswtfie,e1fQ.,,wn2:.f. it as . is ,l i ' is M? fs .f Season Ends A alnst Panthers Y H' Above: Kevin Ray takes the throw after a swing and a miss by a Dun- canville batter. Left: Brian Aube goes over to Mark Scudder for a routine groundout. The fine success of the Baseball team came to an end by the hands of the Dun- canville Panthers. The oppo- nents state playoff experi- ence and the presence of All-State pitcher Keith Creel took its toll on the Stallions. Thus North Mes- quite ended the season with a fine record and a 10-AAAA District title. JV Gains Valuable Playin Time Managers Willing to Assist Above: Junior Varsity play- h w ers are s o n. Right: Baseball Trainers and Managers are: Bottom row: Debbie Sigler, Steve Chit- tenden, Karhy Roe. Back row: Mitch Hancock, Mike Karasek. Ricky Scou. f' 135 da Experience Shows A ainst W s t vtvv Above left: Stephanie Roberts 4203 drives around the defender for an easy two points. Above right: Kellye Newman C237 uses the pick set by Kim Costlow C353 . . Right: Sue Platt C223 puts in a short jumper while other Stal- lion players get into position. , "3 ,..ff"""?i ,yd ss M Faces Mesquite for Title l r I l I 5 l l Above left: Sue Platt C223 gets ff a good pass despite the ood defense. bove right: Cinda Baer C127 oes up for a clutch basket. eft: Tina Fugitt C423 takes a Whot from the foul line while inda Baer C125 looks on. The Girls' Varsity asketball team ccornplished many oals this year. They ere in contention for :he District title :hroughout the season Enly to lose the crown t the last game to Mesquite. The girls should be congratulated For their great success in only their second year of district play. ""-vN.,,,hM 'V Q A,.,,s,....u.,,., C GUNTR Y . Cross Country Sets High Goals Right: Steve Elwonger sets another record breaking pace on a damp morning. Below right: Steve Wright challenges another runner for second place. Below left: Steve Elwonger relaxes after running a. good race. ,, f 4, Ma, . ,H K, x nf Glrls Contlnuall Place Well Left: The Girls' Cross Country team is shown with Coach Io Self. Below: North Mesquite runners start strong among a group of other high school runners. ' A k.1-Mft, Track Team Stresses Discipline . . , , -,," -, . , , M ,f . T -- ' '- z ,- - . .t am l ,Y .f ,ff . ,, 1,1 . z , T -xx W rf ffwf-fssf.,wwfaf:4,a:ms,W -if r 11 -1 1- a- Q3fa:fN,mi1.,n M .sqswraw-e -:wifwulfcfmqzfwlMw.rwfw.fygw-mae.-uaim-:sr-.wsgaA,.pzzs.v.wsn,e-.1 f .mega 1 PL, g,,h",,f1f', :f,5'-45 ,Eg 5 l ' T is " ,293 . ' '- .'F ' ," 2", am m fa f ff" .. . My-,,, ft ,Ng 5 " :LTI Li, 4 5,513-: 1, r, ,, 1 ., 11 ,QL r -f 1- 5 g.ff,,,s, . . sv:-s-- . ..if W,f ,.af,,1:,-:W ,, ., - ws fmffvf-wawa,,.wM, w., s .1 tl Tj? ' J-V' .13--1 L .1-L. fx L 1 1 1 ' r fx '1- "rf, z f x 15.71. 't f'j"!'-1 mnnvgasff-mLf,,fl.,.,, we me-f fw 'f,:f.,1, f ' f ,ws ,, 2,,5...grr..Q1.,.z....L,.l....s..,,,,.,mis.,l.,a,.,.v-..f'11:f:r 51,,,...,,,,..s,.,s,,.4.z,,s4:ff,, 1 gf 2'-' f...faf,,,,f.,,, Elf rl -Q' ,..,,...,,.,, ,,,, ,, ,Q .r ., ,.,,,, ,,t,,,,,..g.,. 4 ,x . .. s,,M,es,,,,,,.s,..,,.., ,,,.,.,,1,.,44..,:.,.s.: ' - gf L-N, 1 if fm' ,, , .,-... ., . i,.W.,,.,.,,.,,,.,l,s. ,, ., ., -.. ,. ...,..., Ml... W, ..,,l,,e,.N ,.,, ,,,, ,,,a,.s,..W. owl-ln, ,, . , so W., K .M , . 4,,,W,,,,, , Q .. ., . . f ,, ,, ,.,,, ,,,, LW., ,.,, Q. Y , 1' .. ! , ,,i,.,..Q . ,,,,,,,., ,, wc... .5 .Z ,, :xl ,X , ,, fx. I ,,.. -,, .,,,., M, gl , .2 ,' -' L, ,:f,,.. ff ,,,-s,,,ig - ' " 1 1 ' - g,Wa,I:t,,a V. 31, ,. . V1 ...:,l..3.. , 4 Q W ss ., R. We ,g , .Wilkie -' 'M ,,,, 'M ' - E f t ' ' ' ' . Q ' ' A effing ,"'tii 3 ,Q ' V yi ,, ,, ,' jg jr QQ? 4- .x ,,,,, . , ,..t , , If f ,J W, , , , ' ,. V - .:-,NL - ,W . ' , , ,W 5 if , I - L , We " ,. ' W -Y ,Q . '- . fist? ' ' - f - - . f wt " -A ,T . - " " f S - f' " 1 9 11 ' , , l 4-. 53,51 5 x 79'-4"?' -- If if W H . .. 1' I H ' I . K ' H - 5 5,lf . N - A M ' P U Z L 4.,..1 VL E, A ,wk I 1 w- - 2 A I H Y , . Y' bww- ' J , ,V M? ' as if , is . , ' t ' " , 4 5 Q , Qr ' .. 5 , .,: ,. ,H gf., Vg f' - ., ' .,,A1. , 1 I ' 7" ' , f f, ' I' , ' A. X. . ,,- j. f 4 if . A. ,.t :yr , . k g fy K 4 ' 3 , , ,H L - I cf - 1 H' 5 f ' A i ' V. ' Y ' 3' " ' 'i ! 5 H ' '.w 'i ' Q. ff if , 3 I ' , ' , E t ' 1 . ' ' im -1 K ' 4,f"" A , k - - ,V .4 ,, H g' W- ' M ' - f . .1 Na. f 4, I - , , K 3,4 1 ,, I V , ,Y y , . P e 'f . N f 4 , . .. ,t , l g.. , ,. 1- .f m ' V ' , . , wt, ,V I N ,- il ' ' 2, i . 1 . ,W . 1 If uf? b cu A., In f ' f--' . ' ' ' 5 - f A A " f , ' we ,, Q 1, Q ' , . , -1 J ' , -9 , . .- ., . A .ff 'X ' - X , ,, , . xiii: 2. 4 , . " Q nm fvi L. - - A. . - ,. as , e , . , M- -: gs ' - , f, 5 "sw .- 1 'fl A.. ' X ' Z' if 'M " ww . ' 'I' " va. . F' '- wwe . '- nf -,,,.' . . ff 1' .1 rf, If ' Q Q , ,, .. ,, V I . , ,--,I an ' g " -"i ' y M - f '- 4 "W 'T IZ - . v ' 5991 l . 'Q " fy -,'g:efgsz-- -,slzwes .'..,f-'Jw - ,. -32-Val 'wx f ptr , Ms w if - f :gp .5 we . wwf .ssfa?,f1"'- l'Y:"mga:J-10+f'iiZwf.9w.-, wwf.--l'." :?45fff:fi'. .aaelfw-m4,w., ,wsmemsgh-'Sie f t KTVMI5 ':.,..3, v-gavfig ..5.f.,fe35..,s-1 'r,wQ:gg.,,1,, g,,. 5,, " 1, 3!f,4 'f 'fr ,C " 'W -.L--""13i7F wg'u',: Q54 N' it 5 ,pf - ' , i af .ew-4 . W filffv- - . .1 1,i..,- ,, mf .ygp,!"'?5'7.,vf,,"pL:f.'1G.1- . 5. , fffi 'WS ',g 5 gtg, , THQ mt veigkif 511 , W '?a1g'fQ.7f'9'g.ehf , A' ey U. ' ,flifk ?"'i'15f? A ,.,"f.-ffixi,7 fn' vlf 7' AXA. Jigs-f" 5' f" ,--ggqzggslfxqisglffflviai ,fj"'K1' "5f5f,Qvg,gL.WA 1l'z' jQg "rifle ' '1-'Af ' 'Wien ' ' . r 1 , f: ,Q ' ':..,a.v A . . -.Q-...Y '- - . ' - ff 4' - X .- -. W' lf.: 'X egfribf Hg H Q A ff' ..Jt:ff. l . A M - -' -V -. ,..,5.y J i f , Liv .,g,.,,,g.-U ,,,,. 'W ef T,,y1,d,1,.? - 5 V ,?,.t.:5.,,5.5g,, . , , , .'A"'3'Wm7 LW' f 'f f- .Alwfiii -lik f?..d"3 """1 ' ff 5 5-if I ' ai 'iiiEfg.:-"'.5'f'f'i2i..'k'?-:'5f'w'f5f2,ar2iIF-if ' ' "W 3 :35. l V - ' Above: The Varsity Track team is shown with Coach Brent Thorne. A Right: Steve Miller clears the bar on his pole vault attempt. 3 K I we The Stallion Track team fought hard all year try- some of their goals. The season had its brightest ing to reach the early goals they had set. Despite moment when Steve Elwonger went to the State meet their inexperience they continually did well and in the 880 and finished seventh. always gave 100070 while managing to accomplish ,.... E, Tracksters Train Lon and Hard .. .ix ' 4 , su. iw Above: Ricky Zivney grabs the lead right out of the starting blocks. Left: Randy Trussell puts everything behind his throw. Below: Chris Nyvold long jumps for good distance. E i ,, ,,,,, V - y W ' l an ' 1 'i fm, . , f. I V J., 7 F iw, QQ' om N w .sg as w--'W 3 Em 3-' WE. --...Q V .,,. V , ,.,.,,,, A ,M H Vryk K , .." , f A I Yr V N V K, , t , u . 1 N' ,W f.,,m,,m ,gm-mtg. fm . 1 ff ' ' Track Team Strives for the Top T ftt T' .wx-I J ,rx 'O 1 ,,..,,,,g,,.r .M 4- ' .uf Q N., ,vga-ie' .N ,, wx, . ,t,:rf?1' f vw KM, , ,rfggjliykg ffm 7, QgVl'g5L"f"!,e 1' Above: The more experienced Varsity Track team is shown. Below: The Girls Freshman Track team is pictured. 2. Q X aww 1 X i Freshman Track Teaches Skill Above: The Freshman Track team is shown. Below: The remaining part of the Freshman Track team is shown in from of the building. fewy.-1 I A olleyball Be ins First Season Quate, Marcella Houghe, Lisa Moore, Penny Peyton, Gale McCllnton, Pam Peyton, Jo Huntress, Beverly Williams, Vicki Davis, Becky Pruitt. Right: Io Huntress C223 follows through on her serve . Below: Carla Conover i143 keeps the ball alive with a good save . Above: Volleyballers are: Left to right: Carla Conover, Kim Vaughn, Tammy v if I P P l 4 1 2 git 5 Volleyball dds Varlet Above: The Junior Varsity volleyball team is shown. Below left: Below right: The Volleyball Manager and Trainer are pictured. Volleyball Coach Ruth Moreland Soccer Rei ns as Champion k:.smmwz we vw 'YQ 'tr sm mam an -me as w me an me sa av an-mmf' smmgf are 4 can we X sm-mum vb. awmssenesm amwravesaasat :Q -Qmwmlxmmwv Al, K some-sfwsxwm sheiivi-'WWQS emsmsm .x Slialiasmiulwazw warm eatxmmmsa fr mwsem assets as sm H'-:sawn 1 s-'asm am 45 BEK3r Ni QVQQYYQY' f - fs:-A .. s - : -' ' 'Eff TEES J 15525 A :K 'Wi 'eW""'ffL XLS. Di: . '- res i 'sas ss- A tw Sm. x fs. -H. g Sl .11'Si2??f t :ta . 1 rg Y .if "ga-g b 5,-., S aza, Q.. .. t :ara as is W " sa ' .. -2 .gem gli HJ' My X Above: Members are, Front row: David Gishg Trainer, David Hughes, George Giatrakis, Guy Allen, Brad McCullough, Kevin Col Manager. Second row: Ricky Grego, Rock Gibbens, Lupe Lopez, Brian Colwill. Danny Heath, Tony Walker. Back row: Chris Miller, Greg Jeffers, Lee Saint, Sammy Mendez, Fawaz Ismail, Coach Ed Toogood. Bottom right: Sammy Mendez C225 concentrates on control. ff fy ff 1 .. ,ff- In the first year of organization the Stallion 4 ' Soccer team brought home the District 10- AAAA title. They did not suffer one setback throughout the season and wrapped up the title with a decisive 7-1 win over Highland Park. ima L., Will: Varsity Defeats Colonels 5- Above left: Brian Colwill C173 takes a difficult shot. Above: Greg Jeffers Q55 throws the ball in from the sideline. Left: Brian Colwill C173 gets rough treatment near the South Garland goal. Stallions I nite, Rip W s - E 2 9 zz Above left: Chris Miller 4165 takes a nose dive while heading the ball. Above: Tony Walker C155 clears the ball with a volley. Left: Greg Jeffers C53 heads one past the goalie. Team Runs b Scotties Left: Brian Colwill 1175 controls the ball through two Highland Park defenders. Below left: Guy Allen C45 goes high to head the ball away . Below: George Giatrakis C23 along with Lee Saint fly reflect the joy of winning a District Championship . Q Glrls Soccer Takes DISIPICI .V Faces Tou h Competltlon Above: Members of the Girl's Soccer Team are. Front row: Tammy Reese, Lynn Bailey, Kim Mabry, Glenda Baldwin, Jenny Penix, Debra May, Karen Manes, Mitzi Clark. Second row: Carla Conover: Trainer, Debra Wilder, Melinda Key- lon, Theresa Pintor, Marcella Huey, Kim Laning, Sherry Anthony, Margaret Browning, Coach Ruth Moreland. Right: J.V. Team Members are, Front row: David Gish: Trainer, Chi Chi Mar- tin, Greg Vanlehn, Jerry Martinez, Kevin Colwillg Manager. Second row: Bobby Shaw, Darrel Burns, Buzz Pintor, Steve Sledge, Scott Thomp- son. Back row: Neil Stephens, Jeff Law- rence, Jay Vander- griff, Mark Caldwell, Randy Davis, Coach Ed Toogood. Coachin Staff olds Four Teams . ,F ..C......,.,,rWw,.....-w,....W........Ms-Q.... Above: The Freshman football Coaches kneeling are Leo Johnson and Clell Tarbet and those standing are George Childress and Jack Anderson. Left: The J.V. and "B" team Coaches are Gary Halliday, Ben Robertson, Ken Tre- pagnier. Swim Team Reach Hi h Goals in First Year of Competition N avi: 'fs rs.. Above: Members of the Swim Team are, Front row: Brad Hearndon, Randy Runnells, Kevin Sellers, Penny Huddleston, Brian Alfertig, Corey Lankford. Second row: Coach Harry Gooding, Carol Langston, Jeff Moody, Lavonda Clemens, Raymond McDaniels, Suzie Parkerson. Back row: Nathan Graham, Darrell DeRusha, Wayne Morris, Kenneth Moore, Charlie Stucker. The newly established Swim team provided another sport for students to take interest in. The result was many students taking part. This year's team accomplished many goals by sending eleven to the Regional Swim meet. Their Coach is Harry Gooding who also coaches the Skeeter team. 1 Eleven G0 to Regional Mee Z Y N Above: The Regional Team includes, Front row: Brian Alfertig, Penny Huddleston, Carol Langston, Lavonda Clemens, Suzie Parkerson. Back row: Randy Runnells, Nathan Graham, Charlie Stucker, Jeff Moody, Kenneth Moore, Wayne Morris. Left: Shown are Captains Jeff Moody and Lavonda Cle- mens along with Coach Harry Gooding. Netters Gam Valuable Experlence ,X uyt , Above: The Boy's Tennis Team Members are: Carlton Odom, Tony Kingrey, Keith Wheeler, Russell Warner, Barry Davis, Jay Tyree. Jeff Bibbs. Below: The Gir1's Tennis team consists of Winkie Hargrove, Paula Griffin, Kelly Campbell, Pat McCleya, Laura White, Janet Hawlick, Ann Russell, Maury Martin. The Coach for both teams is James Brinkley. "W Y swx I A I - ,.x Both Teams D0 Well in District x1:sgmfL , J' Mqvw 6i "Wi . Above: Maury Marun concentrates as she goes low to return the shot. Above right: Winkie Hargrove follows through on her forehand. Right: Barry Davis reaches out for a backhand. 107 Golfers Place in Final 3 'ef , V , is -Q K ds Q, rf 2 2,2 if . , nxhlip t X N ' 4 - '-u if 4 . I Y , 4 ,l If 'Wi S 5.6.1 ,w l G Above: Varsity Golfers are, Front row: Bobby Wilson, Steve Hei- delberg, Mike McDanie1s, Edward Choate, Kent Patterson. Second row: Glen Dietel, Gary Dennis, Jay Marshall, Dent Moore. Left: The Freshman Golfers are shown. ang Girls Improve verall Scores :QE Xi' f53?F:...1 54 f .5251 I F.,i f:P'1? 3 Above: Girl s Golf Team Mem bers are. From row: Vicki Mor- ris, Carol Dennis, Terry Mar- shall, Becky Santos, Angela Cox. Second row: Kathy Pat- ton, Carrie Harris, Penny Stembridge. Right: Coach Moore and Coach Tabor are shown. .V. Has Productive Year The Junior Varsity captured the District crown once again this year. Their success was due to an abundance of talent, hard work and good coaching. Right: The Junior Varsity Roundbailers are pictured. Below: The Basketball Trainers and Man-- agers are shown . Frosh Basketball Improves Skills Above: The Freshman Blue team is shown. Right: The Freshman White basketball team is pictured . ,J is The lack of size was apparent on both Fresh- man teams this year. However, this disadvan- tage didn't bother the determination and hustle of either. For each team played every game with great intensity. k! sf . ., " " Teams Have Winnin Record ' v. W .. , fr 1212 :W M ku , .. L ,es ,,,,.g'k . L- J, 'W yo me !, Q4 Above: The J .V. Team Members are, Front row: Tony Henery, Steve Mokscyski, Ricky Fox, Mark Gideon, G. Allen, Grady Bennett, Bruce Knight, Jim Sleeper, Mike Hervey, John Hollingsworth. Second row: Robert Saucedo, Jeff Morris, Tim Storz. Mark Layton, Greg Phelps, David Hardin, Steve Reich. Phil Teagle, Steve Bragg. Houston Morris, Steve Gentry. Third row: Doug Johnston, Alan Dailey, David Cook, Gary Qxalls, Brad Dalton, Chris Boyd. Randall Howard, Jerry Hadeway, Rodney Richardson, Doug Moore, Wayne Green, Barry Hill. Fourth row: Randy Gilbert, John Bauer, Otis Bunger, Dwight Lawrence, Byron McCoy, Hal Gouge, Eddie Watson, Andy Wise, Wayne Morris, Steve Coursey, Peter Muhl. ' A xx-lrfmw """' si 5,-1'-'H' A Y ,-if Tffi A nas aw, 9 l - .mms Above: The "B" Team Members are, Front row: Buba Martin, Frank Rodriguez, Lynn Storey, Andy Barefield, Rocky Simpson, Don Scroggins, Ronnie Fox, Greg Rial, Al Lultrell. Second row: Mike Bowers, Terry Sudderth, Toby Patterson, Sam Barr, Mike Pina, Jay Robertson, Mitch Puckett, Willie Jones. Alan Murray, David Hughes, Brian Stroud. Keith Adams, Steve Chittenden. Third row: Jeff Buetel, Alex Thornburg, Ben Carr. Rico Rossi, Russ Roden, Mark Stoldt, Mark Thompson, Morris Ferguson. David With- row, Mike Barnes, Ricky Campbell, Bobby Beard, Gilbert Saucedo, Gary Spradling, Gary Temple. Fourth row: Gordon Gammons, Curtis Earheart, David Adams, Keith Wagner, Tommy Blunt, Clay Old, Kelton Casey, John Nicholson, Matt Marion, David Krause, Ricky Zivney, Troy Gray, Mark Franklin. Freshmen Battle to Good Finish F . 'f ,. :alfa sl 1 s B' , . ya- J B, 1 ., ' 1 via ky ix f ,V f W A A M 5 A :-we rf- Q . .. H- J 40 ...z pp 4 W A QQQNH as la., A PT , S Q y -5 i gy A vw! A Lb 3 I J-4,..v gd Above: The Freshman White Team Members are, Front row: B. Spradlin, R. Box, S. Gandy, B. Fox, A. Moreno, G. Shuttleworth, Layton, J. Vandergriff, L. Stevenson. Second row: M. Cornelius, B. England, Torrence, F. Curry. Third row: R. Darnell, R. Reese, D. Moon, D. Tanco Collard. Fourth row: B. Poteet, J. Grimstead. R. Paddock, R. Campbell, C. Fullmer, T. Qualls, T. Mackey, S. Sledge. D. Shipman, H. Poe, E. Hughes. Floyd, M. Harwerth. J. Johannsen. P. Parks, D. Wilson, B. Mills, M. Cockrill. The Freshman Blue Team Members are, Front row: J. Sims, J. Watson B. Walker, P. Gore, R. Ashmore, S. Ganze. Second row: R. Willard T. Moseley, M. lnbban, D. James, M. Pruitt. Third row: C. Collyer K. Lankford, L. Moore, O. Myrold, D. Clounts, K. Kovon. fi S. Kimbrough, M. Phillips, D. Villaneva, T. Cook, S , R. Huffman, R. Davis, T. Spradling, R. Hendley, B Balch, B. Cain, D. Wilcoxen, B. Boys. Fifth row: J T. Colburn, D. Gish. Back row: C. Downs, C. Earp, K . S. Norris, T. Bonham, D. Emmons, M. Mikulenka, P . S. Duckworth, J. Doolin, E. Wafford, R. Crowley, S . J. Torres, S. West, L. Perry, M. Hays, L. Cawley, P . Barron. J. Balentine, D Grant, K Jenkins Fourth row. C Smith, M. Sinclair, J. Hohenberger, J. Chapman. Back row: E. Bunger, v XX 'N ijt. G V. Baliew, V. Lee, G. Bishop, F. Ishmail, P. Powers, L. Morrow, R. Stone, D. Morris, J. Wacthendorf, K. li NT. fr " sv-wzqrv 'ii se aff, 1 1 5 ri vi 1. Sf! di .H 32 1? 9 52 'x :Q Q A 4 Q 1 P, 1 P l I r 1 3 2 1 I I I 4, i I It f W ,, w ! 4 2 i i 1 1 w w Y I I i i tudent Life High School Students' lives are dominated by homework, new jobs, sports, and eating out. No one ever has enough' time. Learning to do so many things successfully is part of the High School experience . S JP' mf' -5: 211 M uzi: t 9 an Acting Achievement Accomplished Dedicated actors are neces- sary for the success of an out- standing dramatics play like the Diary of Anne Frank. The stu- dent actors who presented the Drama were of the finest qual- ity. They had the talent, dedi- cation, and persistence which made the fall Dramatic produc- tion of the Diary of Anne Frank the success it was. Students showed their talent abilities in the performance of Carnival. Singing, dancing, and tumbling were require- ments for this production, not to mention acting. Without the help of students in art, drill, and band, the play would not have had the realis- tic Carnival atmosphere it did. Top: Belinda Turner fAnne Frankj and Danny Lautenslagen CPeter Van Daanj try to make Peter's pet feel at home as they settle rn their hiding place . Middle: David Walls CMI. Frankj and Annette Harleson CMiepJ read Annes diary in an opening scene of the play. Left: Gary Carter CMI. Van Daanb tries to ease his wife's fears CA1ice Wisej after hearing Nazi troops pass by where they were staying CQ 99 une Frank Above left: Michelle Tusa, acrobat in Carnival, does a tumbling stunt. Directly above: Cast singing "Direct from Vienna." Left: Julie Dickey QLilyJ and Norris Harrington CMarcoJ perform a Spanish "Sword Rose and Cape." Below right: Julie Dickey sings about her hometown CMiraJ to Gary Carter flockoy . Below left: Keith Burnam, Alice Wise, and Scott Myer begin the parade. Announcements Start Days ws..,, Above: Mr. McCoy is making his regular morning announcement. Right: Football players Tony I-lollifield, Steve Wil- liams, Tim Spillman, Mike Barnes, Grady Bennet and Iay Glover display awards received at Football Banquet. Below: North Mesquite Blood Donor bravely looks on as Parkland Hospital worker checks her arm. Below right: Derrick Albert, Bubba Martin, and Hershel Dykema look on as Randy Johnson gives blood. "Let's get quiet for the morning announcements" is a famil- iar line heard by everyone at 8:30 in the morning. Many impor- tant items are discussed such as when to buy annuals, winners of awards, club meetings and blood drives. Wednesday, Ian. 19, Parkland Hospital had a very successful Blood Drive. Students 17 and 18 got out of class to give blood - most of them for the first time. The day ended with a total of 90 pints. 1 Q-f MN i f ' ,Q fff-'yes L: . -- Q N ,t 5 at ltat X N usp-N an-www Blood Drives Involve Us "B" could stand for alot of different things but what really fits in with school are books and bubble gum. ls rick, .:. A 2 'Wil . wJ5gg"?fi Above: This is the usual amount of books carried through the day to get everyone through school. K if ogg. - Above: Rick Greggo is amazed at Chuck Lacey's fine talent in blowing bubbles with his super blow bubble gum. Right: Angie Brooks practices on her gum while others watch closely on how it is done. Concentrating or Da dreamin . 1 Above: Gary Longley demonstrates severe concentration. Above right: Senior Valerie Robertson absorbs Hamlet. Below: Co-editor Karis Gibson honors Mrs. Hooper with the first copy of the Trailblazer. Below right: Silas Bryan exhibits daydreaming in rare form. I 2 3 ,Al :Ihr ff' 'v fi W ... Q g as That rare phenomenon of concentration seems to mysteriously emerge an hour before a test. In appreciation of Mrs. Hooper's devotion to jour- nalistic excellence, she was awarded the 1976 yearbook dedication . Students who are exhausted with their studies turn to daydreaming as a supplement to their nor- mal classroom activities. But then there is the school of thought that follows the premise of when students are exhausted with daydreaming, they will occasionally turn to their studies. FW ttte, .M,,,i,-.,, A Break With Entertainment Above Rick Presley and Texas Rose entertain at one of the assemblies. a Below John Kula and Ie n Hooper consume a sample of the lunchroom tasues Below right: Susan Mullis is examining for exams. YT - Entertainment is a fine break from the regular day full of exams and classes. Two entertaining programs which the Senior class presented were Rick Presley and Texas Rose. Both were well-liked by all the classes. All students enjoy the time of day when lu they can be with their friends and talk about the day's events. Eating in the lunchroom is sometimes the only time of the day that is enjoyed. Exams are the less popular events of a day. Sometimes when they are all on one day, studying for hours is not unusual. it 1 1' I 5 HSI? sk -ix 1 Fun Tin ed With a Little Fear y tt..h W -,,. 5. ,.g:. if , -it ,N if-fs . .- .gi 5 tttt y 1 'P J' . ttt, t y , ttt liiltmt l W t N. . J -1..zQ,y, .4 s age Wh J Directly above: Two friendly skeletons show Biology students that everyone needs a friend. Top right: Leslie Chambers and friends take time out from a busy day to have fun in the snow. Above right: Curtis Smith and Kelly Kidd show the proper way to have a snowball fight. Below: Chuck Lacy, Felicia Collier, and Ricky Grego are having fun in class. Below right: Mark Warren finds out the meaning of fear in Mr. Hurst's office . ,ads .ss N Students experience different feel- ings in school. Most of their time is spent with friends and usually they are having a good time and lots of fun. But sometimes the feeling of fear comest along when being faced with the con- sequences of getting into trouble . , - ' , --g, 11f, ,lgg,fy-2:,,i- Graffiti preads the "Word" Graffiti is that rare art form that tends to surface in homerooms and bathroom walls where a lack of interest in schoolwork is overtaken by an intense desire to express oneself in unusual ways. Examples of graffiti include a collage of Elton John tunes and other assorted expressions. Trailblazer staff opted to exclude bathroom graffiti from printing. Homecoming I-lei htens I-Ialftime Above: Band Sweetheart Kim Boyd, Miss NMHS Kathy Patton, Football Sweetheart Kris Bruck and Homecoming Queen Sandi Malone preside in the homecoming activities. Left: Stallion Battalion Sweetheart, Pame Russell stands near school mas- cot. Below: Being escorted by her father, Sandy Malone reigns over the Home- coming events. and Football Season -,rr Above: Kathy Patton presides as Miss NMHS . Above right: Kris Bruck, Football Sweetheart, being escorted by her father. Below: Sandy Malone, Homecoming Queen, receives her flow- ers from her sister, Terri. Below right: Kim Boyd reigns as Band Sweetheart. Homecoming was the highlight of the football sea- son. Many events took place in preparation for this occasion. Elections were held, mums were sold. Then the big day came. The smell of mums and jingle of bells filled the halls. The band and Drill and football teams practiced extra hard to make the whole night a great success . Interestm Days With Jeans, Q i QQ P A Above: Randy Templeton shows an interest in plas- tics. Above right: Insult to injury. Below: Jeans are joyous. Below right: I .V. Drill in one of their more graceful moments. Many diverse interests of student include the wood, metal, and plastics workshop in the new industrial arts building. A broken arm is painful enough, but added an awkward plaster cast to the predicament and it becomes a real drag. This is the first year that the dress code reflected the more casual form of attire by permitting girls to wear blue jeans. When not performing at a football game or pep rallies the J.V. Drill-Team can usually be found by the tennis courts practicing extremely regimented cal- isthenics. . , i 1 . tr-rf. 1- ...., Q, ' Q ,,.' ,. 'Q i ..., l H . f we 2 . K as fi A . . 1 W: ,V it p I Q 2 i K J f, ,A 5 , .ig A S 5 . :' JS' i-iii W' . uf V. . 2. F' 5 A feee X 1 et 1 .iQ-.fl7E.iiif?2S'i'slQ' if s s ' f. 's.. at y "ie, H w A eg I -W - i" 1 t ' i ' -.iffy 'M . l .-f 5' is . 955 1 A K .' ,, ,,. 4 , ',,4..,.., . A A I . Q - A ' A f ' ss wa" :mf-.s...oemm-.asa ic-sf 4 163 . . f l Lau hter, Lockers in Colnmon Above: In the halls between classes a uni- que form of studying is discovered. Above: Vicki and Alicia Southall proudly display their neat locker, one of very few found during a busy day. Below: Cindy Hughes and Nancy Jones enjoy Greg Washington's joke of the day. Below right: Randy Johnson and James Wantland do their part to keep the laugh- ter up in school. Lockers are a significant part of school because they supply the main excuse for being late to class. Forgetting a combination or getting it jam- med are common problems they present. Laughter is and always will be the best medicine for a hectic day at school. It always brightens the day and helps a long one go by faster. With- out the class clowns and cut-ups school would not be the same. 128 F 4 Musical otes Join Note-Takin Above: Mr. Dash lectures to his many followers. Above right: Band members are known to occasionally blow their own horns. 1 Below: Mr. Hurst issues a note or two of his own. Below right: Choir prepares for a concert at one of many practices. The band and choir did a great job on their musical con- certs. Both of these groups are very dedicated because they do extra hard work which is time consuming in order to prepare for concerts. There are basically two kinds of notes. One that is taken in class is helpful and good. The other kind that can be hazardous to your health. 1' ' im... fflce a Popular f??j Place Above left: Mr. McCoy represents what most people think of when the word office is said. Above: The Symphonic Orchestra is performing at a concert . Below: Keith Lowery shown with campaign sup- porters Lisa Rodgers, Linda Holt. Sherry Wisdom, and Terri Malone. Q' Posters and Pep Rallies Promote School Participation Right: One of many posters seen in the cafeteria at the beginning of the year. Middle right: Spirit, North Mesquite's mascot, 'shown by Stallion Battalion. Middle left: Football play- ers as they were introduced at first pep rally. Below: Football coaches Bomar, Hernandez, Duke, Burns, Pardon, and Chau- vin. fi r M l Pep Rallies wer! an event that stu dents looked for ward to on Friday during Footbal season. Poste decorated ha s, gym, the cafeteria Many people par ticipated to mak the pep rallies suc cessful. Paris Is Mood for Prom M' t W .,1.., ' s-fm ff , i I Above left: Sponsor Mrs. Attaway is shown at the Prom with her husband, Jerry. Directly above: Susie Miller and date are eagerly waiting for the dinner in the Grand Ball Room of the Hotel Adolfus. To the left: Debbie Saffle and Mark Swan are enjoying their awards given by the Juniors. Below left: George Brian and Karen Warren are keeping entertained with their own conversation while other couples are dancing the night away. Directly below: Kathy Patton and Mark Davis demonstrate the newest dances. ueens. uarter Exams and Rings Directly above: Sally Zaeske being escorted by Charles Tumer and crowned ROTC Queen by James Oldham at Military Ball. Above right: One of many cars zooming out of the parking lot at the end of the school day. Directly right: A class ring proudly displayed by new owner. Directly below: Several students cramming for quarter exams. Below right and bottom: The normal push at the back parking lot, full of race cars. l ,gf :Q . 'S yr Quarter Exams fortunately happened only three times. These tests required time consuming study- ing. but for some, it was a day of rest if they were exempt. The Queen for the ROTC was crowned at the Military Ball. Class Rings are symbols of memories of high school. When it was time to order them decisions had to be made about which stone or medal or design. After ordering then it was waiting. But when they finally came, it was all worth it. emorable Day remembered . four years of high school. long waited for. f ., ' ..,. ig There are so many mixed feelings about getting out of hlgh school Many people miss it lmmediately and think that the four years went much too rapidly But at the same time they are glad to get out so they can be on their own The day of graduation is one that w1ll always be Above: Mr. McCoy congratulates highest graduate Brian Caldwell To the left: Mr. Campbell congratulates Andy Muhl on getting through Below: Shannon Doggett and Tony Hollrfield agree that this day has been Weeli of Graduation Exciting The week of graduation is filled with many exciting activities. Seniors enjoyed the special night set aside for them at Six Flags and after- noon at Sandy Lake. All of the luncheons and parties helped the Seniors to get together with their friends for the last time as a group. There was also of course, graduation and Baccalaureate practice which made the week seem even more full. Above: Raymond McDaniel and Mike Lindsey share thoughts about their future Below left: Debbie Beane, Kathy Holman and Belinda Turner enjoy pleasant memories of the past Just before the May 26th commencement exercises. Below right: Senior Counselor Bob Sego wishes Brian luck on his valedictorian address p Talent Abounds at .M.I-LS. To the right: Doug Chisinhall demon- strates one of the talents that students in Art have developed. Below: A crowded cafeteria of students mid' and graduates trying to get their yearbooks signed. ottom: Annual Workers Karis Gibson, onald Stivers, Nancy Werry, and Spon- or, Mrs. Baggett. work diligently distrib- ting yearbooks. K "T" is for Talent because there is such a wide variety of talent that is very wide spread. Ranging from athlet- ics, acting, dancing, music, painting, and drawing. All of these are quite time consum- ing and require a great deal of practice. "T" is also for Tra- ilblazer The first day that the Trailblas. rs are given out is the day of the Annual Signing Party. This day is always a great time for everyone to see old friends and catch up on what happened during the summer. Ev . ',,' - Ti133fii3l" '1'.ii?iii5ih I ,,. .,,,. ,,E,,,,, . ,,,,. , 2 " ag? if 1262 A" if g A "gli 5 A , ,- ' - 1. 1 , Q 9 , .Q f e' f J 5 2 , X '.- 2 ,Q K 1 y 5 5 3 Sf I Aw! E 1 ff i ' V -, -fqfgaye 5 2 R 1 s nderclassmen Have Unusual Day Slave day was one day that all upper- classmen looked for- ward to because of all the fun and laughter. There were two days of slave auctioning at the beginning of the week. Then the slaves received their duties which were carried out on Slave Day. To the left: Right: Slaves enjoy wearing fashionable attire such as Mickey Mouse ears and motorcycle hel- IHCIS. Below left: Two faithful slaves follow behind their master on the Student Council sponsored day. Below right: Just one of many different types of Races slaves competed in. 'KP' The Thrill of Victor w ity i I i V F I V "V" is for victory and "W" is for Winning. Both victory and winning were N experienced by the Soccer teams, who made it to district. Other groups who enjoyed the thrill of victory were the Baseball team who went to bi-district and our Band and Choir who won Sweep- stakes in UIL competition. Q fl .- Classes Class unity is a fairly new phe- nomenon at this high school, but it was much enjoyed by the Stu- dent Body this year. The large freshman class worked together this year and got more accom- plished as a result. The Junior and Senior classes had more activities than usual and the per- sonality of the school benefitted from it. It was a nice change. 1 Q11 i U f - I I 0 0. is a .0 Seniors Prepare For Colle Dallas and Away Above: Seniors Karis Gibson, Jesse Collard. and Nancy Werry discuss plans for college while remembering their past years at North Mesquite. Kim Lee Allen Don Armstrong Charles Arnold David Asher David Ashwood Michael Atkins Gayla Attaway Lisa Aznaran Bailey Scott Bailey Kerry Baldwin Sharon Baldwin Ballas Rickey Barnes Chris Barry Carol Barton -X-.wa Snow Delays School .AL Anila Bassinger Trudie Baly Brad Beathe Becky Belshe Left: There were delayed days am even cancelled days during the school year at Mesquite schools due IO bad weather, namingly, SNOW. Vicki Bashear 'I Debi Beane Yolanda Benavidez Joel Berry Wendy Berry Stephen Beshear Rodney Bevill FQ' Vx NI' vm,-yy Denise Bishop Patricia Blanks Don Blaylock Laurie Boley Kim Boyd Alice Boyle Glynn Braddock Brenda Bradlye Cheryl Brest George Brian Emily Bright Terry Brizendine I4 44 gui Brock W zAngie Brooks Brown Kymberly Brown Linda Browning Robert Browning Kris Bruck Silas Bryan Mark Burchett Keith Burnam James Burnett Robert Byrd Jana Chaffey Terri Cain Chris Campbell Penny Campbell .,., ' -A V9 .wr , 'Vx 49 1, .5 - ya lam Campos Celita Cantrell Joyce Carlton Mark Carlton Sary Carter Rickey Carter Carol Cheek Debbie Chambers ,eslie Chambers June Champion Denise Charles Doug Chisenhall l ltavia Cloud Sylvia Clouse James Coffman David Coleman mf 'WW' Ei? ' Jesse Collard David Collins Debbie Collins Kathie Collins Bill Collins Brian Colwill Bret Combs Brenda Conover 'UN Ny Sandra Covington Karen Cowan Steven Craighead Carolyn Crain Jeff Crumley Kay Cumnock Kim Curl Scott Dailey Graduation Gains Appeal N,-.4 fafj' Larry Davault James Davenport Tracey Dalton Charla Davis Above: Senior John Kula shows his talents at the chalk- Gregory Davidson David Davis board. Pamaia Davis Leslie Day l'.l'i 5 . Keith Davis Henry Demers Seniors Achieve Goals Above: Keith Shuffler shows that anything tastes good when your mind is elsewhere. David Denton Shannon Doggett Dennis Davenport Frank Donover Dennis Doremus Becky Dorman Chris Dove Dale Drumm Billy Duckworth Carolyn Dunn Linda Dunn 148 W f NVQ Celisa Durdin Tammy Dykema Ricky Easthom Donna Eaton Sharon Edwards Steve Elkins Larry Ellington Steve Elwonger l Marsha England Stephen Essary David Evans Kerry Pain Susan Fick William Finklea Russell Floyd Tina Floyd Michael Fox Seniors Look Ahead to May .X 5 1 f,,.. y -14 .Q X fyiij tiq V Teresa Fox Brady Furrh Karen Garrett Above: In Biology class, senior Steve Essary attempts to break the wor1d's rat race record. Ar 'Vx Paula Galyon Fallon Garner -vb-' Larry Garza Leigh Ann Gaskin ilk ,PWS Vicki Garner Sandra Gay Matthew George Lynn Gerold Jo Gibboney David Gibbons Cindy Gibbs Karis Gibson James Gideon Cindee Gilfoy Scott Gleason Laura Glenn Jay Glover Stephanie Goldsberry Julie Goldston David Gonyaw Alex Gonzalez Tim Gentry David Greene James Greer Paula Griffin Barry Gumm Chuck Gunn Kenneth Gurecky Eddie Guzman Kevin Hackeu Lloyd Hadley Debra Hall Mackie Ham Tim Hamil Kelly Hamilton Paul Hamirer Mitch Hancock Jeanie Hammons 31 'Wx U ,, , ,, David Harper Norris Harrington Debbie Harris Tony Hart Debi Harville Paula Hasley Leah Hawlik Nita Hearn Mike Heath Meleah Hendrix Jeanette Hernandez George Hickey Jimmy Hicks Brenda Hill Ty Hill Seniors Ponder Future Garry Hodges Nikki Hodges Guy Holder David Holley James Hollifield Cathie Holman Joan Hooper Kenneth Hoskiss Stanley Howell Jane Huddleston Judy Huddleston Cluis Hudson Right: Senior Belinda Turner seems to prefer her own home-made meals to what the cafeteria has to offer. Humphus Mark Hunt Erin Hunter Rose lacovelli Inman Sandi Izzarelli Sandra Jones Scott Johnson Jones Betty Johnson Dennis Johnson Jeff Johnson enneth Johnson Randy Johnson Vivian Johnson Monte Judd J Seniors Realize Value of School A sci ww Tom Justice Peggy Kazmir 419 Theresa Kelly Karen Kennon Kathy King Tony Kingrey V -n sl Earnest Kearney Janice Keel Mike Kennedy Tamara Kettering Gregg Kirkpatrick Sandra Kirkpatrick Left: Senior Larry Garza and Junior Connie Holland are seen here chatting between classes. X 7 honda Kissinger Russell Krause John Kula Roy LaFon avid Laird Susan Lambright Karl Langston Donna Lankford 'oseph Lamrip Mikal Lee Warren Lee Mike Leslie Carma Lilly Mike Lindsey Belinda Lipe James Lippincott A 1 Robert Little Roger Littrell Cary Long Linda Long .a :gf 5 if Q , W 2 Gary Longley Elizabeth Luke Mark Lynd Ruth Lyons Sandy Malone Danny Mallard Cindy Maples Renee Marek Eva Martin Kim Martin Tony Mahaw Teresa Mashburn K 'renew , H "" NAV Lisa Maynard Christine McCall James McC1el1en Catharine McC1inton Richard McCullough Raymond McDaniel Gerry McGahan Beth McGowan Tina McKenzie Dennis McKethan Patti Mercer Bret Miller Donna Miller Janet Miller Pam Miller Suzie Miller ,A A w.,,.,, 15 Seniors Plan Colle e and Work Brenda Milligan Mike Molina Frank Molock Sian Moffatt ics l Jeff Moody Cecil Moore Jerry Moore Leasa Moore Terri Moore Becky Moreno Billy Morris Jay Morris Left: Senior Henry Demers poses demurely for our staff photographer. This is one of Henry's most eye-catching stances. .aw 'vw-'fave' .Q-a ram! Catherine Morrow Karen Moses Andrew Muhl Judy Mulheron Victor Mulino Brenda Murray William Neal Linda Nebling Chris Nelson David Nelson Denise Nelson Laurie Nelson O S emors Complete Twe ve Years Robin Nesbitt G'I'lx EMT! Qwjg J, 6 'L r N .E , S G 3' s , L. " ' I V1 N13 ' It's ver!! Sharon Nowell Diane O'Brien Carlton Odom George Ortiz Stephen Otts Mike Owen Donna Owens Stephen Pace Allen Palmer John Pannell Gwen Pape Bruce Parker f " - O .O Above: Students can get bored . . . especially when they have work to do . I Micky Parker Patti Parker Patrick Paterson Virginia Patterson Kathryn Patton John Neal Penix Teresa Perryman Anthony Peterson S ' D C d G David Pillow Daniel Pina Ricky Priddy Roger Pryor John Purcell III Kevin Raye Linda Reed Rhonda Reeves ' . I -jf? tl , N.-J Cynthia Rice Darrel Rigdon John Riley Rebecca Rizzotto Valerie Robertson Kathy Roe Terry Roe Debbie Rogers bl ,..M,,, A , Sf' Yay' Robin Root Becky Rose Kirnmy Ross Shan Elaine Ross Steve Roushey Darren Runnels Pam Russell Lee Saint ' 1 is.. Seniors Worli Patrick Sampeck Mark Snaderson Robert Sanford n,,,, A I Above: Mayor Bob Beard shakes the hand of the newly elected student mayor Kevin Ray, as Tony Hollifield, Councilman. looks on. Bernard Schack Ross Schwend Bret Schuch Dennis Sherrard W W Colleen Shipp Lloyd Shuffler Alan Shuttleworth Debbie Sigler Tina Simmons Vicky Skidmore Trena Slavens Cynthia Smith Debra Smith Diane Smith Keely Smith Kimberly Smith Larry Smith Rhonda Smith Vincent Smith Cindy Snider Anna Snyder Tim Spillman Donald Spradling Robert Stephens Sarah Stewart Ronald Stivers Dan Stoldt Sherry Strauser :YW . ,ri 'vg- W ' 'Vx Joe Sudderth Michael Swadley Mark Swan Denise Tatsch David Taylor Terry Taylor Randy Templeton Vikki Thomas N 'Q rx' als. xx' K if - ,. . 1 im 1. , Rf " me X , ,. Above: Jeff Moody "attempts" to be hard at work. H seems to have gotten a case of "Senioritis. " Nita Thxoneberry Charles Tillison William Tobias Mike Townsend Jenifer Truesdell Belinda Turner Charles Turner Janet Kay Turner Michael Tumer Mark Tusa Stephen Tyndall DeWayne Ursery Charloue Ursey Donna Vasquez Brenda Vessells Lynn Wafford Tammy Wagner Jeff Waden David Walls S ' I ' S ' 't Greg Washington Mike Waters Diane Webb Loraine Webb Dian Wells Clad Watson Nancy Werry Kelly Wesley x -461' ,vw 'fi 1 KI' .ff 'Vw ,seg 1 'fwfr Kathy Whatley Tracy Whitten Charlotte Wicks Janet Wilcoxen James Wiles Tian Wilkins Annette Williams Claudia Williams Laura Williams Mark Williams Paul Williams Robert Williams Sandy Williams Steve Williams Phyllis Willis Bob Wilson i P 5ana Wilson Days Come to Close in I ef frey Wingard Wise Wreyford Yniquez U .x . ,2 ,,,, Leslie Withrow Jeffrey Wood Jeffrey Wright Steve Wright Brenda Young Linda Zaeske of Terry Woodard Tammy Wright Dana Zivney W L37 Debbie Abernathy Dianne Adams Derrick Albert Sherri Alexander Steve Alexander Yvonne Allsup Guy Allen Gwen Allen Larry Allen Dean Allford fliydia Amador H lanet Anderson Ronnie Anderson Cheryl Andrews Debbie Anna Rhonda Arden Vicki Arey Chet Armsread David Arenwine Brian Aube Pam Ausley Craig Ayers Cinda Baier Donna Baldwin David Ballard 'I If it .B Q fr 1l Above: Coleen Shipp is shown here showing her "pictures" to Rodney Beville Trmmy Banks Scott Bardin J qnliyfakef B I31'1iC6B3iiilbl1i'g uniors Are Ready Michelle Bardwell Jenny Barker Mary Barnes Chuck Barnett Peri Basden Tiny Baugh a Baughamn Kayla Beard Toni Beavers Tony Beckler Katrina Beeler Sheri Beeson Deidra Bell Steve Benbrook Grady Bennett Jean Bennett Lanita Blackbum Alice Boughner George Brian ,Q f""" Juniors Laurie Blankenship Mary Bonser Kim Boyd ,..Af,, Kamie Birdwell Sonja Boatwright Laura Braddock David Brown 'Fi Bob Berg Larry Blair Kristi Bobo Karla Bowen Mark Brickhouse Tony Berg Toni Blanton Cindy Bosscawen Sherry Boyd Mike Bristow Kelley Brown Melinda Brown Roger Brown Jeri Browning Mark Burnet Susan Buetel Scottie Bunger Lynne Bunyard Mike Burkhart Howie Burkhalter Kim XM A--nf Seniors of Don Brown Randy Browning Mike Burch Kenneth Burley John Byer Robbie Burton Shannon Burton Donna Byers Beverly Burton Lynda Cain Kelly Campbell Tomorrow Plan -2 I, .1 A, ,il , , L 175 1 yew xy Kathy Davis Vicky Davis Darrell DeRusha Jumors 1977 Gary Covington Deborah Daniels lerry Davis Laura Davis Ramona Davis Sally Davis Terri Davis Deborah Dempsey Gary Dennis Martha Denson Karla Denton ,f :af IK' xl l ls' Joe Coyle Mike Crow Karla Cumnock Karen Curtis Michelle Darling Don Davidson Bret Davis Bubba Davis Eddie Cantrell Mark Carlton Scott Carter Kelton Casey Theresa Causey Glenda Chapman Kathy Chambers David Charles David Cheyne Ray Childress Warren Choate Janet Christiana Steve Cigelske Jerry Cipallone Mitzi Clark Chris Clary Cheryl Claybrook Lisa Clouse Terry Clower Bill Cochran Mike Cockrell Laning Cody Richard Coffman Pam Cogswell Tina Cole Adena Collard Felicia Collier Tami Combs Bobby Cook Rusty Cook Juniors Anticipate the i v Janice Cooper Jeff Cooper Scott Cooper Cheri Cordet Blair Corly Steve Coursey Chris De Shazo Greg Dewitt Pam Dewolfe Julie Dickey Glenn Dietel Jimmy Dillard Billy Dobson Linda DoRemus Diana Douglas k if L 2 2 N Tammy Dowdy Brenda Drumm David Duckworth James Duffer Darrell Dumas Greatest III '78 Doug Duncan Dean Dwight Connie Dyer Dennis Dyer Hershel Dykema Dana Eaton Cindy Edwards Mark Edwards Sharon Edwards Tina Ekhols Cindi Ellis Anne Enriquez Debbie Eoff Ed Evans Philip Evans Juniors Read for Next Year aih?2la, Gregg Ewing Steve Fallwell Teresa Farrell Greg Fickel Debra Fielden Wes Fields Alan Everett Mike Everett , June Faulkner Diane Ferguson t Tony Fisher Steve Fitzgerald unseat nuns? X Right: Junior Mark Warren displays a new J A .,,. " title. ,f Connie Flanegan Gilbert Flores Jill Fletcher Chris Floyd Barry Flinn Future Seniors Are Enthusiastic Kay Foley Gene Ford Sherri Forsythe Debbie Fox Kathy Fox Shane Frame Trish Franklin Kim Frederick Stephen Freeman Jeff Fudge Allan Fullmer Cindy Fullmer Chip Fulton Gaylord Furman Donna Garner Rusty Garner Randy Gerdes Lisa Germer Bridgett Giatrakis Julie Gibbens Rock Gibbens Io Ann G1bboney Larry G1bbs Par Glbson Randy Gllbert Jav Gillian Lana G11more Lana Gwens Laura Glenn Ian Glover .41 Eric Gore Bruce Grave Gofonh - fi Wayne Green Robert Greene Diane Gregg Rodney Gregg Pam Grego Ricky Grego Belinda Griffin Cindy Griffing Jeff Griaard Debi Guzy Jakcie Gurecky Jerry Hadaway Van Halbert Britton Hall Bryan Hall Sherry'Hammone - James Harrison Monty Harris Annette Harrelson Kathey Harrell Robert Harris Steve Harmon Winki Hargrove Geri Harbor Steve Harvey 4 , X 5 -'rf' i 'ie 1 1 .fr-... Nadine Hawlick Chuck Hsynes Jacky Heard Lisa Hearn George Heath Mike Hemphill Cynthia Hernandez Scott Herndon Robert Herrage Carol Hetzel Juniors Have Difficult tudies ww "NE 49-.M , uv I Paul Hicks Jimmy Hilbert Willy Hilburn Brenda Hill Rocky Hill Larry Hillan Mac Hohenberger Pat Holderman Cheryl Holland Connie Holland Some Juniors Graduate Earl 4 fx, JI' -f-4 John Hollingsworth Linda Holt Beth Houston Jeff Howard Kenny Howard Paul Howell Letha Hubbs Lisa Huckabyee Rhonda Huckabee Jeff Huffman Cindy Hughes David Hughes Kim Hughes Matt Hunt Henry Hunter Jo Alyce Huntress Donna Inmon Dale Jackson Donna Jackson Kelly Jackson xt IW Teresa Janecka Greg Jeffers Lori Jeffers David Johnson Gina Johnson Randy Johnson Karen Jones Michael Jones Nancy Jones Carol Kamps Gail Kannada Mike Karasek Danny Kennedy Tim Kerby Kathy Kidd Pam Jenkins Doug Johnston Johnnie Jordan Bobby Keith Glen Kimmel Troy Jenkins Cheryl Jones Lisa Judd Carolyn Kelly Rusty King Juniors Await ummer Dennis Kingrey Gary Kirkpatrick Lauri Klein Karen Koerner Tiana Kouns Kelly Kovar Andy Krause Gary Kreeger Julie Kula Ronda Kuykendall Jennifer Kyser Linda Lake Terry Lamb Cody Laning Cory Lankford Cheryl Larkin Dwight Lawrence Mark Layton Tina Leavitt Ester Lee Jennifer Lemmer Jeff Lenz Jo Leonard Sandra Leonard Connie Lewis Jodi Lewis Mark Lewis Ralph Liebel Rhonda Lieber Jeannette Lindsey Debbie Long V Y Linda Long Lisa Long Theresa Lopez Mickey Loveless .. .. . - .. 1 1 .. 11 1. 1 1 1., 1, ,, 1- ..,. -n.--..:-- Jerri Malone Terrie Malone Buddy Maples Mike Marin Jay Marshall dn Tina Marshall Gema Martin Jerrold Martin Jeff Mashburn Max Massey Roy May Julie McClung Byron McCoy Susan McCullough Juniors Help in Odd Jobs the library . X227 Joni Martin Rhonda Martin Nancy McCar1ey Chris McCarty Chip McDaniel Cheryl McDonald Carla McGee Beth McGowan Left: Shown here is the faithful projector crew making yet another delivery from bf 1 S S S Y1l , 2 V I A, K J , 1 N5 K I , . . -r . . r Glen McHenry Wanda Morgan Michael McKee Bryan McMullen Jamie McMullen Alayne Meadows Frank Medina Scott Meier Mitch Melton Mike Melvin so 'TY x I xy 4 Z? ? 5 4 Jx Ranell Merell Alan Miller Chris Miller James Miller Pam Miller Diana Miller Susan Moehle Steve Mokszycki Debbie Moody Britt Moore Donna Moore Doug Moore Sabrina Moore Keith Moran Tim McKay Houston Morris Jeff Morris Wayne Morris Jenny Mosely Peter Muhl Cindy Mulheron Gina Murphree Left: Juniors Karen Warren and David Hughes show their version of "Everything You Always Wanted to Get Rid Of" ibut didn't know howj. Lynn Murray Debbie Myers Wanda NSPP Patty Neeley Troy Nelson Bambi-Lynn Nersesian Bill Newman Cindy Nicks Alan Noll Kim Northcutt Debbie Nottingham Charlton Offutt I 'itil . , ., is 13 I 1 5' li. Becky Ortiz Kenneth Pace Debra Parks Barbara Oldham Billy O'Reilly Kent Patterson Penni Patterson Right: Junior Steve White is shown here playing the part of Paul in this year's musical production, "Carnival." In this scene, Steve is serenading his "leading lady." ggggggggn Xi3:PZ1tg?3S Henry Perez Mark Perkins Terri Perritt Greg Phelps Barry Phillips James Phillips Rocky Pierson Alicia Pilgrim Dale Plant Wesley Plunk Kevan Porter Beth Powell Dawn Powell Donna Powell lean Ann Powell Jeff Prater Paula Pruitt Linda Puente Ti 1- Vance Purkey Andy Qualls Tammy Quate Dylinda Rabb Pam Raines Chuck Ray Ron Reed Sharon Reed Steve Reich Belinda Reynoso Terri Rhea Danny Rich Kathy Richardson Rodney Richardson Steve Ries Penny Ritchie Victor Rizzo Rodney Roberson Stephani Roberts Rodney Robertson Donna Rodgers Lisa Rogers Phil Rogers Derek Rohde Linda Ronscavage A 'fm' ff' Glen Rose Patricia Rose Ricky Rose Taylor Rose Eric Rosner 5 w Juniors Help Contribute to , . David Russell Marty Russell Shawn Rutter Debbie Saffle David Samuels Theresa Sanford V Robert Saucedo W- H PMicki Schack I Dori Schneider I Karen'Schweng W.-1' gf b 14" l'll " ' ' A . V ..,, 4 .VVS Eric Scott Dalinda Scott Ricky Scott Mark Scudder Kevin Sellars Life-Savin Blood Drive Gilben Siller Jimmv Settles Joni Shafer Scott Shaver Dana Shelton 115 ' 1, f fm J Juniors Have Interestin Year MAJ" ,.., .rf V A? 4' 5' xg, K V5 ful YM , yew .V . , l, 'gk f ' Jr' A Tommy Sherrill Cindy Shiflet Jim Schulgen Jeff Simmons Kim Sipe Sandra Slaton Ken Smith John Smith ,f V1 L? it , x I W Robby Shine Craig Shipp Jan Shirly Tommy Simpson Teri Sims Victor Skinner Debbie Smith Diana Smith Don Smith Right: Karen Ballas, Henry Miller, and Judy Mulheron demonstrate the exciting effects of an interesting class. 'HJC' Terry Smith Gylum Snell Teresa Snyder Sandra Spates Tommy Speed Charles Spencer Rusty Spoerl Doug Spruill Debra Spurger Susan Steele Neil Stephens Becky Stevenson Kenneth Steart Terri Stewart Lisa Stockton Jerry Stone Tim Storz Kathi Strader Kelly Strickland Donna Stringer Lorraine Stuard Kevin Stubbs Mary Ann Stubbs Nathan Swindle Steve Tanco -we wr' 1- 1515 --'W s 1 N, Juniors Enjo ports of '7 7 Chris Tanner Liz Taylor Steven Taylor Bruce Teague Zach Teer Terry Teuleton Kris Thomas Tonya Thorp Pam Thraser Frank Tillery Grady Timms Bob Tobias Craig Tooker Jimmy Torres Diane Truesdell Randy Trussell David Tucker Billy Tuerck Steve Tullos Connie Tully Juniors Look to Senior Leaders ,..J' Michele Tusa Charles Upchurch Doug Utley Lynda Van Lehn Femando Villafan Georgia Ann Vincent Debbie Wagner Tony Walker Cheryl Walters James Wantland Mark Ward Karen Warren Teri Warren Laurie Waters Randy Waters Connie Watson Eddy Watson Nita Weatherby Scott West David Westmoreland Juniors Take Pleasure in Tommy Westmoreland Susan White Terri Wicks Cindy Wieding Rusty' Willard Beverly Williams Bill Williams Debra Williams Gary Williams l W l l John-Williams , M Maree Lou Williams Ronny Williams W ii Chip Williamson Karen Williford Left: Was it really worth it? nusual Snow-Cast Winter Alan Willis Mike Winslow Trem Wohlschlaeger Layne Womble Brett Woodard Barry Woodrow Billy Wooley Craig Woolheater Vicki Wren Karen Wright ..,-J Kathy Wrigln Marty Wright Herb Wurderman Darren Yarborough Debbie Yarborough Melody York RobinfYork Wanda York Vince Youngblood Donna Zook S x 3 ,,.:. David Adams Jennifer Adams Julie Adams Julie Adams Keith Adams Veronica Adams Bobby Alexander Gary Allen Gary Allen James A . Allen Donna Allsup Melinda Anderson Kevin Ashmore Rusty Ashmore Kenneth Ayers Lisa Bailey Debbie Baty Donna Bare Andy Barefield Mike Barnes Thomas Barnes Sophomores 4: div Sammy Barr Evelyn Bauer Micki Baugh Bobby Beard Goerge Beavers Jeff Benford Denise Bennett Teri Berg Camille Biggerstaff Cindy Biles Debbie Birdsong Green Bishop Jennie Blackwood Barry Blair Rosanne Blankenship Tommy Blunt David Boldt Adrian Booker Roxanne Bordelon Mike Bowers Chris Boyd Judy Boyle David Bradley Steve Bragg I Laurie Bright Karen Britton Sonya Brooks Cindy Brewer Mark Brickhouse Jimmy Bright Kenneth Bright Gena Brown Glen Brown Mark Brown Michael Brown Pam Brunet Angela Bryan Dorothy Buchanan Jeff Buetel Shelley Bukoshe Joel Burchett Cindy Burkett Sophomores Wayne Burnham Edie Burgess Barbara Cagle Lisa Campbell Nanette Campbell Richard Campbell James Carter Ronald Carter Mike Cassaday Cindy Cain Jamye Cain Tamara Calhain Chad Campbell Tommy Campos Paula Carlton Ben Carr Cheryl Carter Teresa Cavitt Karen Chadwich Kevin Chambers Irvin Chapman 203 20 Sophomores 4 ff-"Y r I David Charba Robin Cheek Deann Chisenhall Steve Chittenden Ed Choate Laura Clay Scott Climer is is V 'W . Glenn Cochran Clint Cockrell Steve Cockrell Lori Coffman Tim Coffman Jay Cogswell Sheila Cole Doug Collier Carla Combs Roger Comstock Liz Conner Carla Conover Chuck Cook Cyndi Cook 4 ,. K. .55 David Cook Barry Cooper Pamela Cooper Rodney Corley Cathy Covington Angie Cox Joy Cox or x Julie Coyle Janet Crawford Marla Crecelius Crystal Crittenden Terri Cron Joseph Cross Joyce Crow Judy Crow Donna Crumley Tim Culver Jerry Cutright Alan Dailey Brad Dalton Tammy Daniels Teri Daniels Ken Davis Sherie Dilly Curtis Earheart Tommy Essary Jesse Davenport Ken Davis Debbie Douglas Steve Eason Neva Estes Deanna David James DeFate Alann Drake Donna Elder Wesley Evans 4, X! Carol Davis Barry Davis Brenda Davis Chris Davis Ronnie DeGroot Carol Dennis Rhonda Denton Merry Dillingham Vanessa DuBois Randy Duckworth Iason Dulaney Alesia Dye Gay Elkins Perry Elliott Kathy Ellis Carol CaEoff Randy Fallwell Karen Farmer James Farrar Angie Farrell ophomores Seek First Jobs Morris Fitzgerald Lori Feuerbacher David Fischer Candi Fitzgerald Tammy Fleming Teresa Floyd Dennis Foley 205 , X , T , Mark Forest Sue Forte Charlene Foster Betsy Fox Charles Fox Kim Fox Ronnie Fox Brad Frame Tim Francis Mark Franklin Angela Frankum Cindy Frantz David Franzing Tina Fugitt ...., I -fs ,Iv ,xssifc X 2? lm Tim Furrh Hiija Gale Tim Galyon Donna Gammons Gordon Gammons Eddie Garretson Sheila Gay Sophomores Y 7' Joey Geer Glenn Gent Steve Gentry Dennis Gerdes Donald Gereds George Giatrakis Dave Gibbons Nancy Gibson Mark Gideon Jeff Gilbert Lee Giles Susan Gilfillan Gina Gish David Gleason -.-, 3 G t,,Xl Lisa Godfrey Anna Goins Lynn Golding Billy Goree Kenneth Goree Joe Gouge Nathan Graham 1 -1-e . - . .. ,.., Y ,, Carri Grant Kathy Graves Cindy Groy Troy Gray Cheryl Grayson Bryan Grenuall Deborah Gresham Larry Groves Kenneth Guffey Cathi Gumpert Jeff Guyton Tina Hackett Mark Haynes Lisa Hall Gina Hambright Kyle Hampton Glenda Hanbar Dan Hancock Deanna Harbough Dale Harden David Hardin Chris Harris Kerrie Harris Jenny Harrison Randy Harrison Don Hart Ronova Hartness Nancy Hauge Ellen Hasley Mike Hawkins Debora Heard Ronna Heard Steve Heard Steve Heidelberg William Henderson L A Tony Henery Carla Henson Bradley Herndon Melissa Herndon Scott Herrington Mike Hervey Barry Hill 207 Two Down . . . Two to Go! 1 Lisa Hill Stephanie Hill Terri Hill Tony Hilton Lisa Hobbs Denise Hipp Cathy Hohertz ,X N Star Holland V Jarnes Holley? Janet Holley Duane Holltzieldr V Brenda Holt Glenda Holt John Hooper fr iq-a.,fxf"51f' A " Richard Hopkins Eugene Hough Randy Howard Reyna Ince Marcella Hughey Donna Ingram Penny Huddleston Kathy Hunt Marietta Inmon X Cmdy House Adam Husdon James Hunter Hala Ismail David Hughes Shelli Hunter Brenda Jackson Jun pix Doug House Jimmy Howard .fun .ww 'Y B111 lacovelli Jeff Jackson Kenneth Howtnn .fi ' 57 Rebecca Jackson Enthusiasm Creates Spirit .1 fs, Ji LK all, L Mike Janacek Cathleen Janacka Steve Iaynes Albert Jiminez Jay Johnson Jimmy Johnson Judy Johnson Karen Johnson 45 I I Patsy Johnson Tricia Johnson William Johnson Sharon Johnston william Johnston Jill Johannsen Calvin Jones Christy Jones Jimmy Jones Kimberly Jones Malia Jones Merilee Jones ,4"' ,, fyf . V1 . Susan Jones Willy Jones Gary Jordan Mme QQL ' 209 Y 59 QQ. 44. 1:11 Underclassmen Challenged by 1 i fx. shy i 1 i i 1 I V w 5 Christi Langford Donna Langford Roberta Langmacher Kim Langston Danny Lautenslager Mini-Courses in Histor Steve Leach Jimmy Lee Carl Leonard I i v Donna Lewis Jim Lewis K or Sandra Lewis N i Carrie Lilly Kevin Lindsey Rhonda Lindsey W i N N i i Kirby Lowe A 'x '49 Randy Lowery Joe Lovelace Mike Lucas Connie Little Margaret-Mary Lock Lupe Lopez A1 Luttrell 2 ' ' af Robbye Lynch Jeff Lynd Paula Lyons Kim Marby Melissa Maedgeh Academics And Sports Lila Maldonado Karen Manes Donna Mann fix Terry Marshall Brian Martin Buba Martin Bobby Massey Chuck Mansfield Edith Marcos ,ff-, ' Matt Marion f ,lrr A K A ,,'- 'ff A I I If .,. rv., . .4 W e 1 y .aj J mg f , x Rx 15:2 Doug Martin N' Jerry Martinez ' , Kathy Martinez If .15 I f ff I v 'xl Jeff Massey Robert Mason John Mathis Debra May Carla Mayhaw Sharon Mayhaw Richard McCallum Brad McCullough Lori McCullough Interest Sophomores Cynthia McGowen Kay Mcllroy David McKanna Mike McDanie1s Brenda McFatridge Renee McGee "'- "' :Tiff '2'.:2I r f 5 -f 'Kv,:.':'4'i5 A ' ' Angela McCulchen Susan McCutchen Cindy McDaniel ,W-3' Pamela McKee Cyndi McKinney Greg McLaughlin Linda McMullen Lori McMillan Terri Meadows Lisa Means Jerold Medina 5. f i -J X ri 213 4 Tammy Mephelrige Keri Metcalf Eric Metheney Ed Mikuda Debbie Miles r' .,- 1 K fire-. ,. .., 5 , ,, T' iii' Q ,. ' '1- f ' V1 we 41' M if r 2 , ' ji g H"-1. ,,,. 5 2, . 6 :"i"1 ,,,g,f .l 1 . v ifzwff' , a Q," Q Career TPHIHIH Lisa Miller .--I Michelle Miller Daryl Milligan Teresa Mims Connie Mitchell Francie Mitchell Michele Molina Carla Monk Kay Moore Reid Moore xml' ' 1 iff -K' wr B or A Vickie Moore Britt Moreland Cindy Morris Pam Morris Tammy Morris Tonya Morris .... 1 K hwy wg , ,, I 1 i ii r Patty Morrow Deelyn Moss Donna Morse Kip Mulh Carl Mullanix lil xx a 'k:"-lu. l.. V .V t , , ,ri 'Q' . . ., ,f ' f- Becomes a Ma or Concern Greg Mullanix Mitch Mullino Amanda Mullins Kirk Mullis Andy Munoz Jeff Murphey Q Terri Murray Travis Muzell Juana Nelson Subreana Nelson Kellye Newman Stephanie Newman Alan Murray Lisa Myers Tonia Neubauer Chris Nichols Paul Murray ff'-:X Michael Neely Philip Newby Paul Nichols 215 'S 11' E ' S d Y op nj oy econ ear John Nicholson Kerry Nightingale Kim Nolen Jay Norwood David Nunn Suzanne O'Connor Scott O'Dell ,.. Cheryl Offutt David Old Darrel Oliver James Orr Donna Owens Cindy Pannell Trisha Paris Becky Parker Steve Parker Mitzi Partidge Brenda Pate Kerry Patrick Bobby Patterson Toby Patterson V' X gt J 1, + ii "J A l J J A V. f" , V' Sandi Patton Lorrie Paugh Chris Payne Dianna Pearce Gary Peeples Jaton Pendergrass Terry Penn La-1 2 Pat Pennington Kelley Penny Michelle Peoples Lyndon Perry Linda Peterson Janice Peter Tammy Petty Pam Pevton Penny Peyton Cathy Phillips Vicki Phillips Michael Pina Sue Platt Katrina Podany 216 tt ww Half-Way Mark Approaches 0' ft. 1 . Lanette Porter Trisha Porter Brenda Powell Cheryl Powell John Prater Russell Pressley David Price James Price Tina Price Teresa Priddy Rebecca Pruitt any Danny Puckett Mitch Puckett Chris Purrell Gary Qualls Deborah Rabb Ray Rabe '41 Jane Radar Tracy Rader Danette Rector Tammy Reese Margie Reynoso Greg Rial 1 Vickie Ragsdale Kathy Ramsey Bill Reaves David Renfro Ken Reed Carol Reid Sandra Richly Mark Ries Janice Richerson 217 f 'fjfwsn ' A' Zfigf ' fl ', , H 7' x , 'swan Jay Robertson Molly Robertson Tammy Robertson Karen Rodgers Kim Rodgers Frank Rodriguez Mark Ross Rico Ross Sharon Roushey 'Se' N Kay Rigdon Tammy Riggs Laurie Riley Vickey Riley Annete Robinson Jesse Rocha Ray Rocha Russ Roden Joey Rodriguez Chris Rosebrock George Rogers Lisa Ross 'K' K iff: ri 5' Q 1 +2 Randy Runnels Carla Russell Dana Russell John Russell Cindy Ryclens Cheryl Sammann Vicki Sampson is ai' W was Vicki Sanborn Jerry Sanchez David Sanford Becky Santos Gilbert Saucedo Pat Saunders Debra Savage hat Is 3 SOPIIOIIIOPC . Mike Schafer Julie Schuch Shannon Schwartz Sue Schulgen Don Scoggins Rosemary Shaffer Shannon Sharp as if . 218 , X . 'fo- -Q g l. ' V t :rift - 1 ,L 1,9 , X S14 ' - .I fa" l ' ,..s nf- . 7, s...- -'fr lzgf 'Tr lu Sh ds ar oy Shreves on Smith on Smotherman Cl 1-Y Di aire Squirz nn Storey ane Swim Connie Simpson Rocky Simpson Mike Sinclair Joe Smith Kevin Smith Kim Smith Gylum Snell Victoria Southall Ginger Snyder Kent Sipes Jim Sleeper Sheridan Sloan Kim Smith Lori Smith Mark Smith Terri Souther Paul Spann Gary Spradling Sophomores Try Skipping Donna Staddler Charles Stark Debbie Stark Anna Story Sally Stovall Bryan Stroud Connie Talbert Ianah Talley Darlene Tatsch , if- 'rr J, X Wir? Ap' 1 Penny Stembridge Walter Stewe Roberta Taylor Mark Stoldt Terry Sudderth Teresa Taylor Kathy Stone Diane Swinney Phil Teagle .' s , faq? X Ji, I X . All W' , -. W 2 1 VV.. 1 , " 219 220 Leslie Telker Frank Terry Kevin Terry I in . f7 .Lx M s fr V L Y' T - L, if f Q T ' W Lisa Tettleton Becki Thomas Steve Thomas Tony Thomas Devona Thomason Susan Thomason Mark Thompson Melody Thompson Ramma Thompson Perry Thornburg Terri Travis Tony Threau Ioe Tilger Mark Tillery Leslie Tinney Patricia Torres shud T Son Barbara Tunnell Gina Tucker Amy Turner Monti Turner Wilson Tyree Kelb Y David Umphress Brenda Underwood Mike Ussery Cindy Vandergrifl Susan Van!-Ioozer Y ,... ' ophs' Enjoy S ave D ar? Y l 4 x if Z Felix Vasquez Robert Wagner Steve Walls Q f V SQ-Wx 6 at , 1 ' , IW V , 2 5,11 " .A,q . .1 in Q , yi J We if Deborah Wantland Glenn Watson Kevin Werry , ' ' - ' 3, J! rv 4 LX ff gig ,WW 4 23141 dy 9 4 15 age- , Martha Villafana Wanda Villarreal Yolanda Villarreal Kim Voss Cindy Wa Frank Warrusa Gaylord Gwynita Eagwgvward Qjmes Vxilamer Lawrence Washington Washington ra . aumsa anna ay Weatherman Keith Weeler Barbara Werry ggerd Carne West Pamela west Rick Westfall Barry Wheeler Marc Wiethorn 5 ,1,. , Sophomores Terri Wicks Bobby Wiertz Above: Tires and tread suffer when the end of another school day prompts a quick getaway from the back parking lot. Mark Wilkerson Sheri Wild 15" - . "' sfwiaz If vliggaiaw t fi .. I' 3 " Q, 7 V"' 3 '14, ' LV , Q 1 - Y uvfrk 'X I 11' .fw MX ' f- 2 Debra Wilder James Wilkerson Paula Willard Karen Williams Kayle Williams Lacey Williams Nathan Williams Rebekah Williams Dale Wilson Heidi Wilson "". .. X ,ff Tammy Wilson Wilma Wilson Sherry Wilson 95 .4 Q ., J ,, , , 1 X 1' Donna Wirmiford Andy Wise Steve Wise David Withrow Michell Woerner Gail Wohlschlaeger Pam Wood Deneice Woodard Becky Worth Kenneth Wright Kenneth Wright Tony Wright Ronnl' Yafbef Mclaflie YIUQUSZ Greg YOIR Linda Zaeske lames Zalionik Ricky Zivney Left: On such a dreary day, one might expect spirits to be low. On the contrary, though. because school was dismissed during a sudden snowfall in January. 22 4 Q 9 JY' Frosh En 0 FlPSt Year W 5 fr Charlotte Ables Lloyd Ann Adair Benita Adams Jill Adams Geert Aerts Troy Airheart Brian Alfertig Carl Allen Debbie Allen John Allen Pam Allen Diane Amador Carla Anderson Robin Anderson Ronna Andrews Paul Anna Sherry Anthony Phillip Arden Rhonda Arnwine Rusty Ashmore T00 Busy to Look U 'QS Michael Aulds Gene Axtell Lynn Bailey William Baird Glenda Baldwin Brenda Baldwin Jack Balentine Bryan Balch Vance Ballow Kelly Barber Joe Barker James Barron Lauri Bauker Kim Bealmear Kara Beary Tracy Beckler Debby Belcher Don Belk Christie Bell Gary Bench 226 Freddy Bennett Teri Berg Marvin Berry Tracy Berry David Beshear Freshmen Adapt to Hlgh f 1 ,ml . f , nl at ., 5- ' xi ff bmi an X - -. 'f -. W 9 r if 5' f ,, A 1' ' Y Jeff Bibbs Holbert Biles Michele Roberta Blackenship Blackerby Dusty Blanton Greg Boatright Robin Bobo Tony Bonham Debbie Boren lm Terry Biles Tawnee Blackenship Phil Boatright Kelly Bond Toni Booker Alan Bostick Kim Birdsong Ramona Bonham Cindy Bowen Richard Box Kelly Boyd Brad Boys Valerie Braddock J -' .- , Q-1: , 2' QA 5 Q 45 1 Q ir, l ru- M 2 5 ' r 1 K W A ,w g-L -. 'ix' School Earl in Year i' Q ,., iffi .- i f ,, David Bravo Nancy Brown Ricardo Bravo Pam Bridges Harry Brodnax Steve Brown Ricky Browning Isaac Buchanan Ron Brest Frances Bright Kellie Brown Debbie Browning Tammy Bruce Gorman Bunch Sara Brewster Connie Brin Laurie Brown 227 2 Freshmen Are Teachin Hazard f' X gf ' U C C Q R 4-1 1. P C Ll 'M' -ti: .. Z:-'DS C' '1- Eddie Bunger Jeff Bunow Terri Burk Brenda Burkhart Christi Burnett Darrell Burns Cerrie Burton Mary Butcher David Butler Doug Byers ,rf Janie Bynum Debbie Byrd Chris Caballero Brian Bobby Cain Debra Cain Caddenhesy , , Mark Caldwell Dena Calhown Mark Callaway Ronny Camel Lori Campa Clay Campbell Cindy Sabrina Ana Cangas Campbell Campbell Freshmen Class Wm wr., K , N Mari Cangas Cheryl Carlson Kevin Cawill Lance Cawley Cheryl Carson Greg Carter Jimmy Carter James Jill Champion Mark Chaney Chambers Becky Chapman Pam Clark Mark Collis Vicki Coplin Mark Cornelius Larry Cosper Kim Costlow Karey Costner Andy Cowley Kimmy Costner Mark Cowan Barbara Cowen Iohn Chapman Peggy Chapman Pat Chark Mark Cheyne Sondra Chappell 2 230 Freshmen Learn the Ropes r,,,, -fm. egv A M , .L f aw. ' li" if : F I ,,., ,V 355, ' ' ' ' ai ' ,T , K, 'Ee ' , fl r .iE21?"'-e'f4!:f?3iCj'fZ 9? - Z,ie Y' ff Q 3 QQ Y 1 ' f. ,, flfl ' ,iv ' 'x :Y ' ' K ' J ea "' r R 4. I ,T 4 kr 4 -4 4 '9 -1? 'xiii ,L , ,. ,S H . ,L 2 f' v 1 ,X 2 T17 V- , as M Q "le .sf 4 IQ' if .C ir . .QA , in Kelby Clay David Clounts Allen Cross Teresa Clyburn Hugh Curry Glen Cogswell Terry Colburn Brad Collard Francis Collins Clint Collyer Laurie Condra Glenn Cook Rhonda Cook Scou Cook Tim Cook Tina Cook Greg Cooper Robert Cope Carol Copeland Kathy Cox Kathi Darlene Jeff Criswell Darlene Crooks Fred Curry Craighead Crandall John Curry Charlie Daniels y,arnn 1 :KI , . ,K x ' a 2 A J ffrxx A if Tracy Danley Ralph Darnell Tommy Randy Davis Tina Debson Suzanne Deckel Tammy Davidson DeGroot ,J .L 'P-,f -L J - jf i I X C T Jimmy Jennifer Jenifer Dillon William Dilly Rocky Dodds Jay Doolin Linda Dove DeLaRosa Devenport Left: The intricacies of the common locker are beyond the newly-initiated freshman. A 3, K f 45? l fx li Q 1 James Dowdy Gregg Downs Trueu Dureu Allen Dyer Eric Eames Calvin Earp Dawn Edwards Shannon Betsy Duffie Duckworth Dawn DuLaney Tracy Duffin Doug Dunn Keith Duncan Glenn Durdin Donald Dupuis ',,1 gg. f .ff 'Lf' P ' ' "" rrrr 5 -' as f 0 if is X is 1 sg X123 xx W! 5 ,..v Randy Edwards Sherry Elliott Karen Elkins Mike Elkins Lisha Elmore Teresa Essary Mike Elwell A . l - Deanna Embrey Derek Emmons Bobby England Tresa Eppers Belinda Epps Melinda Epps Greg Essler .4 Y nderclassmen Learn to EAM Keith Floyd David Grant Leighea Farrell David Evans Alan Evans Laci Folks Clarissa Mary Evans Dave Gray Ferguson Ladonna Jeanie Richard Folks Flanery Greenway Steve Gray Robert Forsythe Ruth Greeson David Green John Grinstead Karen Gregg Terry Gumm Tim Everett Melinda Fleming Sue Forte Karren Green Tony Grego Gary Gunn Donnie Floyd Kim Foster Penny Green Betsy Griger Susan Franks Sandi Green Distrust Directions From Seniors Lana Hanson Elizabeth Harrington Kathy Hamilton Lori Hampton Kevin Harris Janet Hawlik Lisa Hall Mark Hamilton Renee Hanson Jeff Harrison Nadine Hawlik Jimmy Heflin Mark Gurecky Liz Halliday Bill Hamiter Scott Hardin Melissa Hartfield Mack Hayes Mike Heflin Tina Hamil , Howard Dennis Harper Todd Hammond Hampton Mike Harwerth Jeff Hargere Ralph Harmon Clif Harty Penney Harwell Mike Hearn Robert Heath Leigh Anne Henderson 4 J , , 2' V 25 if gg T a az me -'r Donnie Hipp James Hohenberger Debbie Helman Tammy Hopkins Ronald Howle Diana Highes '63 . f' E Q in K in C di 1 1 , -O-n Kathy Hilburn Mark Hillen Christi Hillin Strong Education Proves f , w ,. 4 ff Q at . Y 5 F -'J 2 a if - ,, J 'AJYIVI' Ronnie Hipp Tammi Holderman Cindy Hood James Hordin Jill Huddleston Donna Hughes J, nl ri Z sg, 4, , t ., w ' , f if , 1 ' J ' ax n n 1 , f . L 1 4: , .1 Terry Hodges Lori Holland Keith Hopkins Bryan Horn Laura Hudson Mark Hughes ,f , l,'f1 5 d ea f ? Patrick Hogan Vicki Holland Kraig Hopkins Gina Hoskins Robert Huffman Eddie Hughes B .4733 Alan Hulen Kathy Hunk Kristi Hunter Chris I-lykell Debbie Ingram Gena Ingram Fawaz Ismail O I I O eneflclal 111 Upcomln Years JoAnn Izzarelli Tina Jackson Kevin James Kevin Jenkins Melissa Jameson Joel Johannsen 10 ff M 5 ,si 5 as 2, 5536 fr i W 5 Q s xvngrf 0 I it 7 W v WL Q sg a 2 Q sf as 5 N r 1' we A 1 if a for Ja,i Keith Jackson Pam Jackson Lorie Jacob Barry Jaggers Tina James Susan Jett Jill Jenkins Victor Jayroe William Johnson Norma Johnson Ara Jones Donna Jones x Q Pam Jackson Dale James Jenise lessee Mike Janicek John Johnson Edwin Jones 5 6 Freshmen Introduced to Jimmy Jones Lisa Jones Marvin Jones Susan Jones Wendy Jones Tracy Jordan Leslie Judd , . Q I VIVV l,, W E , F H Kevin Kannada Robert Keause Ted Kehrer David Keller Sherry Kennedy Mary Keyes 'T X if Kelly Kidd Steve Angie King Carol King Keith Kimbrough Kirkpauick sf- ,..- f 'L 1, ,L 2 ,, J' YQ? , James Kitchens Greg Kleinfall Robin Koonze Kenneth Koval Terry Kruger Jayne Kyser Teresa LaGrone William Laird Above: If the roll fits - cram it. Daily Cafeteria Deli hts F J' Q Belinda Lamb Lori Lamonte Cindy Lancaster David Lancaster Valerie Lance Tonya Land Kevin Langford 41 Carol Langston Kim Laning Bruce Lankford Brett Larson Debra Larson Jeff Lawrence Belinda Lawson Marcus Layer Gregg Layton Darla Learned Shari Leathers Diana Leavitt Jeff Lice 4' fel Phillip Lewis Marla John Lippincott Lichnousky Ricky Lloyd f "yy V, fi J t'-' L ' if Qffffi --' ' 'fi . A Van Lee Mark Lewellen Jim Liles Vickie Limmer Mike Lipe Marvin Lobban Johnny Locke Jackie Lockey 237 8 Freshmen Enjoy Chan e From mi f 'A- 1 5 :gif 1 165 5U 59 J -M ' Diana Loftis David Lynd Jim Mark Joe Massey Dawn McClellan Mike McDaniel NEI Tommy Long Elia Machado Cindy Marshall Sammy Massey Carol McC1ung Terri McDaniel v' Rudy Lopez Trent Mackey Dolly Marshall David Maurer Edie McC1ung Mike McDevitt fi , , Paula Tammie Ian McGraw McGibboney McGahan Salvador Lopez Angel Magill Cory Martin Tracy Martin Phil McClure Deana McDonald , 15 2 L 1 1.2, RQ' 1 -vc v I W 'P ' . J' ' fa 1 "' ' R, .A , L: 13 4 32: K Steven Luttrell Sondra Mallard Mauri Martin Bryan McCarty Delaina McCall Kim Robin McCrummen McConathy Pat McElyea Mark McDoanld Carl McGehre Lori Luttrell Ruben Maldinado Mark Martin 1 xr Bryan Lynch Lori Mangham Ricky Mar Jeff McCarty Edith McCutchen Michele Robert McIntosh Denise McKain Rhonda McKay McGuffey iddle School ZW? as-of ' ff' -if-.5 4 - n. -A, 2777 ,zflfin I1 Donna McKee Pam McKee Tim McLain Leigh McLarry Bubba Darren Carmen Medlin Philip Mendez Sam Mendez McMullen McWhorter Michael Brett Miller Diane Miller DeAnn Scott Meyer Mikulenka Sara Mims Judy Minchew Menzdorf Steve Miller Randy Mills James Moore Jesse Moore Marty Miller Brad Moore Darryl Moore Carol Morse Sammy Moses Mike Molancles Scott Morris Tammy Morris Terry Moore Susan Mosely vo Lisa McNatt Doug Merrill Mike Miller Margaret Monroe Andy Morena Tim Moseley rv.:Q' gl I ,, Ji" . ig iiblvg-54:6 . -i, , a ,112 .wail K , y '-3 9 X, ,yr, f r 5 .- A or as' f V Q., . Vrh : tw Michail McWhirter Stephanie Metheney Nancy Miller David Moon Roy Morgan Vicki Moseley 'wc' Stewart Moss Martha Motley Beth Mottwiler Marcia Kim Mullens Darren Myers Liz Myers Mozelewski 239 40 Freshmen Find Hi h School ., H ' rum fa X .5 1-2 , 1 ' 5 ' 5, Steven Myers Danny Liz Nash Debbie Nations Cherrie Nelson Karen Nelson Todd Nelson Melanie Nester Naborhaus Kevin James Newman Cathy Newsome Mark Nicholson Chris Nivholt Lori Newbauer Newberry 0 A EV "': , xwi, , JV V i . f E I I J N V vi ' wr ,flaw - H.. Danny Nolan Kathy Nolan Val Noll Greg Nolen Cindy Nolley David Norlie Danny Norris Kim Norris Scott Norris John Ogden Tommy Oliver Pat Olson XJ I John O'Rei11y James Ortiz Diane Osborne Steve Oslum Floyd Osteen Overba Brian Pace David Paddock Randy Paddock Tommy Paine Ronnie Palmer 114213 wr 'vm iy yi 29. i f 'ie Qi 1 A an Preston Parks Mike Parsons Scott Payne Matt Peeples Anna Pena Ricky Penn Jay Pennington Courses 'Tough' ffl Jenny Pennix Clint Perry Landon Perry Mark Peters Randy Phelps Scott Phelps David Phillip Mike Phillips Leslie Pierson Pat Pilgrim John Pina Janine Pinnell Harold Poe Alfred Pintor tgygz Q 1 sm E J W lk L K , ' an ,A w. , ,Q . Mark Pogue Danny Pool Steve Poole Theresa Porter Sherry Poswak Charles Potts Curtis Powell Pat Power Randy Praitt Lori Preas Tammy Teresa Prlddy Prichett Mark Pruitt Richard Pryor Arm Elesa Purkey Terry Quall Judy Quinn Rhonda Quinn Jimmy Raines y . Damarls Ravelo Shelly Rawls Terrie Rea Phyllis Rankm , ir 5 v"' - F f x 45 K I' 1 - ' 2- , ' 'S ""'i ' i ' A ' , .X ,grin K N, W ., '. , 'TN X Gina Rector Stacy Rector Debbie Pam Reece Doug Reed Lori Reed Rusty Reese Redwine A 3 gm K is is 42 .tw . G Lfb . 4 "fr , ea gg, 5 H A .- if fi , Above: The trials and tribulations of being a freshman can be extremely painful to some . E ei 7 'gf ty X raffle , wg: -aa., Donna Reid Denise Renfro Penney Rey Cindy Rich Deanna Ken Rimmer Sherrie Riley Pam Ross John Runo Lelis Rush Richardson Margaret Rutter Teresa Rimmer Tim Sampeck Irma Sanchez Joe Sanders Jim Rutledge Benny Sandlin Carla Roberts Debbie Sandra Roloff Sanderson Joanna Rose Chris Rosebrock Vic Saffle Sharron Richey Kyle Riley Leah Rizzotto Deb Rodriquez Jerri Rose Kathy Rose Mike Saam Anita Sansing ' Q f at 'W ' s Deborah Dwain Mary Debbie Schmidt Teri Schriewer Marty Sehman Bruce Senn Saucedo Sauceman Schellenberg 'Froshes' Have Year of Growth ' If-:Q . "" if 31 S , Johnathan Senn Scott Settle Jayne Seymour Tracy Sharp Bobby Shaw Scotty Sherbert Joy Sherrill f,tt f A ,ffl t, fl Paula Sherrian Billie Sherry Donnie Laura Shipley Mararet Shupe Gary Pat Siemaon Shipman Shuttleworth Laura Simmons Penny Simmons David Sims Aaron Sinclair Doug Singleton Mike Sinyard Dana Smith Robin Skidmore Rebecca Slakey Steve Sledge Mark Sleeper Curtis Smith Cindy Siak James Smith 24 Jimmy Smith , , Q- K' ., r Q zny L . , Q p k':z g Freshmen Shiver Through Snow, gap . ,, , ' .o..1rt.t,-r,.5t.,,rtm.. X Q- s 1 ,S 4, Z Q 7? is Kathy Smith Mitzi Smith Robert Smith Tim Smith Bobby Smithson Above: Snow and slush transforms an otherwise pretty court- yard into one wet mess. Roger Solomon Alicia Southall Charlotte Shelly Spence Souther f f k ' , ..,b , -J ,,', ' Q fillgi ' -. V--- A Q 1 J W1 ig' ' M4 It , A . - A ' l Billy Spradling Tim Spradling Rhonda Teresa David Sprinkle Springer Springman .xr W James Spruill Carla Stanberry Kim Stark Robert Stidham Don Stockton Lois Stoldt Ricky Stone Snow, and ore Snow E E 5 E Angie David Stovall 1 I 1 , 2 X Stooksberry 55 V S1 i i we g,.' t o f M. .... A , , " . .. ...en - 553 1 . fr -f j' , .:, r. ' tg - . J -h ,f,... -K ,.., o ?,,a. Q, ' t, f ' ,V -if r bf', if ,i ,ki , ,A ' ful' . 'TTL X4 ' L-" 1-JA ' ' ' ' it N - 'vi'-' 1,.+fw":? 'T ' , K ' Li, "', ' A ' S -TA V' ' N " 'M it 7 V if J LA V' , . Vi" ,' Y -S Lisa Stepp Karen Larry Above: This year's change in winter weather offered fresh- Stephenson Stephenson nen time out for snow holidays. Sharon Sheri Stewart Susan Stewart Tina Stewart Stephenson 57' 'J warren Stewart Barbara Larry Stroope Katherine Kurt Stubbs Stroman Stuard X ' sir, ' Charles Stucker John Stuert James Stunkard Michael Noel Sweeney Dave Tanco Sudderth 245 46 Patti Tankersly John Taylor Debra Teague Tracey Terry Kelli Tettleton Scott Thompson Donna Tillison Barry Timms Gayla Truett Shevann Tuerck Tammy Turner Jerry Umphress lay Vandergriff Greg VanLain Kenny Taylor Kim Thomas MaryAnn Tobias Terri Tutle David Vaughn Marie Taylor Clifton Thomason Deric Tollison Debbie Tyler Beth Vaughn in I lx Q Mark Taylor Paul Taylor Gary Thompson Suzi Thompson Johnny Torres Scott Trosper Stacy Tyler Steve Tyler Kelly Vaughn Mindy Veasey I' is .4 1 ,, 5, ,, 2 F Danny Kim VU131716 Liz Vercher Cheryl Vessels Chuck Vick Villanueava Jack Wachtendorf lames Wade Eddie Wafford BSFIY Walker Cindy Walker Tammy Walker Paula Wall Becky Wallace Wayland Walls Sherri Warren Gary Watkins 4? W' 'M' ' ltr VN M19 'Y Delane Watson Steve West Renae White David Williams Ruth Williams W, Hope Weatherly Greg Rob Webb Wesley Wells Jim Watson Westmoreland Carol White Debbie White Sherry West Steve Westlake Ricky Wiertz Cindy Wilburn Duane Laura White Rhonda Whitten Kristal Margaret Wilcoxen Tim Wilkins Kay Williams Williams Williams Mark Williams Paula Williams Alinda Willis Angel Willis Warren Willis David Wilson Diann Wilson Michele White Ray Willard Ronald Willaims Melanie Wilson ft. , Q .9 , ,tt, ,V, , 1 2. 3 J 1 'V V11 , 4 X ,. a Q M , ' 5 f 3 N. 'S J' ' " S il r 'B SK , K 5 we ' B B V Q ,Q W fa "' 2 ,,.., 'NL 4' x Q A4539 ,ffl 1 any S 4. Q5-Va a R. I E 1 N1 4- 4 f , L -.1 fis Y 7' I i Y " 1 . Wg. 1 f 8, 4 L f r' ' 2 J s X X ff' f x l I '48 i HQ' ew'-r 'L M X was , WE X, , .fra My i t gg K, 3 Q an f::.,1f?: ,g,w ,. lf, 117' ,K ,L , Q ua ff t 7 fi? , - .A Q itfwthl :LQ I-it A' ' 1 if . 4--H+' 2 ez, f ' Q1"Q1?El ft H' I ' ' , if K ' S ' f ., Q. 1 W1-Q ,- ,: 'l f. ., ' Wy ' " M K K ,K . gf' ,fc "-3,1. 1' .3 W" ' . f - 2 5 Z ,,- 2,112 '-" i 1' ' ' ff' ' , ,,,,. ,.' 'i ' fi ,x if , V, ' - if P Nl. A -" ggi il' Z-d ' X Casey Winn Linda Winner Brad Wood Rhonda Wood Roberta Wilson Sandi Wilson Byron Karla Suzanne Jane Wood Rolando Karole Wright Bob Wilbanks Wurdeman Yarborough Yarborough Jerry Young Zbikowski Buddy Wrne M we' if IQ A Q F acult The Faculty at N.M.H.S. has many Trailblazers and they look less like old fashionedteachers than the "Trail- blazer" below. That doesn't prevent them however from making everyone set goals and strive to improve. The enthusiasm and interest this faculty shows is much appreciated by the stu- dents Cbut generally not until the stu- dents are out of school.D E Ml 'J rdf e 0 o , iii- V. i VU o n as aaaa 249 Dr. Poteet Provides Leadership Above: Dr. Ralph Poteet, Superintendent of Mesquite Schools. Below: Dr. Poteet receives a rifle as a gift at a reception given in his honor. Right: Dr. Poteet at the reception with his wife and daughter. .1. - rr t Q 1 5 . ji , S 250 Dr. Ralph Poteet is a warm, receptive man who works hard to provide leadership for 23 schools with over 20 , O00 students in the Mesquite School district. Dr. Poteet's main objective is the constant improve- ment of the school district. This year many improve- ments are being made, including the construction of l West Mesquite High School, planetarium, and music 1 rooms and gyms for the elementary schools. T Dr. Poteet is also concerned with the improvement of 1 course selections to better meet the needs of today's students. These improvements include co-op programs, l the introduction of a variety of Mini-courses and the l introduction of industrial courses in the schools. Though his job monopolizes most of his time Dr. ' Poteet does find time to be active in his church and teach a course on Organization and Finance at a local 1 university. l When asked about the students of the Mesquite schools Dr. Poteet stated that after traveling all over N the United States and, in fact, the world and visiting many schools he finds the quality and attitude of the students in Mesquite some of the best he has ever seen. -' W e A 1 . Pictured above: Mr Personnel: Dr. 1. C. ondary Schools: Mr. ness: Dr. John Horn, ent: Dr. Ralph Kerr, Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Schools. Pictured below are the Board of Education. Front row: Harold Jor- dan, Richard R. Russell, M. D., Mrs. Georgia Kimball. Back row: W. R. Ewing, Mrs. Reba Jones, Clelon Houpt, Buddy R. Roberts. CS rw.. W.: , DlStPlCt Leaders Ma ie Chan X M bf: ing!! 1 9 Q W , g, A 5 J by Mk -if 1 ff x fi ei nj Xt V fi 3 u' N Q .fp ff.-ef' 71- QM fb 'X 1 5 nj I gk r 'id' f S. J I ., N 'hhq V! V in E . Wi 0 K Tn V- Campbell Expands Career ,nn ,Q Q, ' in 4 4 rf, b f"'i 5 If-ti' 'Y' dr K r f 1 'M' ,, Q' 'Y' 1 s ""vs""w 'f 3 " .1 ,ru 0 1 'gr .l1.u,..2"'t ri s Above: MR. JOHN CAMPBELL Right: Mr. Campbell is caught on his way out. Mr. John Campbell is the soft-spo- ken hard-working principal of NMHS. He received his Bachelor's degree from Texas Christian University, where he was a member of two South- west Conference Championship bas- ketball teams. He received his mas- ter's degree in Administrative Educa- tion from North Texas State Univer- sity. Mr. Campbell dedicates as many as twelve hours a day to his job of keeping the students and teachers of NMHS happily working together. He seems to enjoy it and says, "Working with young people keeps you young." When Mr. Campbell is not on campus, he is usually on one of the many speaking tours he takes each year. He speaks about life and education, in his witty manner, to youth groups, cham- bers of commerce, and schools' facul- ties, all over Texas. Mr. Campbell stated that the most rewarding part of his job is "to see some 3000 people involved in an interrelated atmosphere with very little strife between them. " McCoy Manages Dail Worlc wg: sb W, g - r - 1 ff - . C L , . " f - is 5,,,,,.,,,,, , gr .V I, . , H I :V If J, 21, ff' , -- ,. V .. ,, ' ' " Y' ' 1' f 1 I .f Y ' ' ' s' ,j H f- - 1 f I ' K' .,,1f5,, i K , . ,g 5555 ' .ft . . f f W' ,,, H " T fq iij JM I , r 'Y if' t ' ' L ' 1 r . ' V 355' ' " a 1? S ' - ,., . , ' ' 'L--n' , J 'M' ' " if W iw? XF f " ',fr"i il .M , an Mr. James McCoy is the efficient assistant principal of Nortn Mes- quite High School. He enjoys working with young people and, though it is often necessary, he is not fond of the discipline he sometimes has to administer. Mr. McCoy's main objective is to make NMHS the best school with the best student body in Dallas County and he feels this goal has been accomplished . In his spare time Mr. McCoy hunts, fishes, and works in the vege- table garden. Left MR. JAMES MCCOY , Right Mr. McCoy relaxes at a track l ll ' ,lg . f z HICCY.. Admlnlstrators Plan Future Years MR. HOMER GRAY Visiting Teacher MR. BOB HURST Dean of Students DR. WAYNE SHAMBLIN Registrar MR. WELDON STRAIN Teacher Supervisor Above: Even in the midst of confusion Dr. Shamblin is relaxed. Counselors Advise Students Below: Mr. Sego offers advice to his students. MRS. CELIA FLETCHER Freshman Counselor MS. SHEILA PAYNE Sophomore Counselor MR. BILL SCOTT Junior Counselor MR. BOB SEGO Senior Counselor S ec1alA1ds Help tudents MRS. PEGGY BARNETT ADA Secretary MRS. PEGGY COFFMAN Registrar Secretary MRS. CAROLYN HETZEL Principals Secretary MRS. REBA MORGAN ADA Secretary MRS. VERNELL PARKERSON Teache1"s Secretary MRS. CAROLYN TEAGLE Bonded Secretary MRS. PEGGY WADSWORTH ADA Secretary Below: Mrs. Wadsworth is only slightly camera shy En lish Improves Communication '-:fs-Wxm. rwfmw Jn'-N .. .. ' X, X ig 2 gh S . if 'SWT gig X - 1 :QMS .gr N5 .. .QNX A W MRS. KAY BELLAMY El 4 English II, III 'L' MRS. PEGGY BOWDIN ,,.. , . g W SEE f or SS .5 R l 1 English l l Q N MRS. LAVONNE DENNIS i sg rf? M S English iv I .H MISS c:oRA DUGAN 1 S English ll, tv V i Maw! E MRS. BETH l-IOLLINGSWORTH N English In G MRS. RAMONA MILLER L English II MRS. HELEN MISE I English I, ll 5 MRS. NANCY PSENCIK H CVAE, English I, II, lll MRS JUDY REYNOLDS 'W English I MRS. SAMMY RUSK English III MRS. LINDA STEPHENS English II, American History Below: Mrs. Wilson wades through long translation papers. Below: Mrs. Dennis shares a joke with her class. 255 E N G L I S H L A N G U A G E S Below: Languages Spread Culture MR. RON TAYLOR English III MRS. JOAN TIMMS English II, III MRS. IANICE TURNER English I, Art MRS. BETTY WOHLSCHAEGER English III MRS. LINDA ATTAWAY French I-IV MRS. GLORIA BENAVIDES Spanish I-IV MR. RICHARD EHRIG German I-IV MRS. BOBBIE PERRY Spanish I-IV, English I Mrs . S K MRS. MARIORIE WILSON A gm Latin I-IV, English II I MRS. RAYE GIBSON L Advanced Reading I, II L MRS. JANET HOOPER S Journalism I, II, Newspaper Sponsor I ' A I l 4 I i Rusk gets caught reading a magazine during class. Below: Mrs. Hooper is presented with 1976 Trailblazer award ath Builds Figures . . . MRS. DANAUNE BLOODWORTI-I Fundamentals II, Introduction to Algebra I MR. BRAD CHILTON Introduction to Algebra I, Algebra I MR. RON CHAUVIN Algebra I, Fundamentals II MRS. MARITA GALINDO Fundamentals I, Algebra I MISS NANCY HENDERSON Algebra I, Fundamentals I MRS. JUDY HOPKINS Algebra II, Introduction to Algebra Il MR. LEO JOHNSON Fundamentals I, II, Introduction to Algebra I Left: Mr. Wagliardo takes a break to call a friend. Below: Mr. McFaul destroys a test with his red pen. N 257 umbers, A wa-9? ma ? Ii' r -l f x " x kay 1 2 as K f iw? Ge wggigssisffg History Provides Retrospee MISS MARTHA ADCOCK Government, 20th Century History MRS. IUDI BAGGETT H Government, Annual Sponsor MR. JERRY BOMAR , American History, Basketball 1 MR. LARRY BROOKS S t 0 MRS. LOU FALING I, American History MR. ROGER FRITH American History y MRS. BARBARA GOODNER Texas History, Medieval History MR. GUS HERNANDEZ American History, Football -f' f ' A V s " xx ..,,. R as 1 With S eeial Touches h Teachers Government, Africa and Middle East History 5 Above: Mr. Robertson explains a chapter. Left: Mrs. Baggett gets caught in the hall without a pass. 259 Histor Makes Us Look Back H i s I o r y wwf . History looks back , History looks ahead, History tells what has been , And what is to come. History tells of war, History tells of hate, But History also tells Of peace and love . History is our past And our future , And it should be treasured . X! M' sa iq-.2 MR. DICK JACKSON Advanced Social Problems, Asian History MR. TIM MOORE 20th Century, American, Histories MR. BOB PARKER American History MR. BEN ROBERTSON Government, Sociology MR. BILL STANGLIN World Geography, Ameri MR. CLELL TARBET American History, Sports MR. BRENT THORNE American History MR. CHARLES VENTURA Medieval can History Sociology, Africa, Middle East Histories Above: Mr. Bob McCarty relaxes as his class takes a test. Science Builds Minds 1 V 1, HK, thin if ,, wx-5' MISS KAREN ALLEN Biology I MR. DWIGHT BURNS Biology I MR. BEN CROSS Biology I, II, Advanced Science MR. DON DUKE Biology I MR. RONNIE PARDUN Biology I, Sports MR. KENNETH TREPAGNIER Biology I, Basketball MR. GEORGE MR. JEFF ADAMS CHILDRESS Chemistry I, II, Sports MRS. IO ANN VOSKAMP Chemistry I. Physical Science Physical Science MR. TIM DASCH Physical Science Above: Mr. Cross explains the complexities of Biology to his students Preparation for Life - as sy :1"r'e ' Whether you are going into business or plan to be a homemaker these subjects help prepare you for life. Business and homemaking skills are invaluable in everyday life. The teachers of these subjects at North Mesquite are skilled individuals who make these subjects come alive for their students. MRS. MAGGIE BIRDSONG Home and Family Living, Child Development, HECE I, II MRS. MARGARET BISHOP Child Development, Home Management MRS. SARAH LANDER Homemaking Home and Family Living MRS. LYNNELL PRATER Consumer Ed. , Home Management MISS STEPHENIE STINE Consumer Ed. , Home Furnishings Homemaking I MRS. .IANICE TONROY Home Furnishings, Home and Family Living MISS SUSAN WHITE Home Nursing, Home and Family Living MRS. PAM ZAPFEE Homemaking I, li MRS. ADA ALLEN Bookkeeping I, II MRS . JANE AREY Bookkeeping I, Typing I MRS. IOE DUNCAN - General Business, Business Math MRS . JOYCE IAMISON Shorthand I, II MRS. LINDA LEWIS Introduction Algebra I, Typing II MRS. ROBBIE LOCK Business Machines, Typing I MRS. IAN RICHARDSON Typing I, Business Math MISS JAN ROBERTS Typing I, Business Math tudents Prepared for Jobs MISS JUDY ROLLINS Typing I MRS. ANN WATSON Business Law, Typing I MR. ROBERT SHIFLET Business Law, Typing I, II Special Programs Aid Students MRS. JUDY FITZJERALD PSC English, PSC Math, PSC Social Studies, PSC Science MISS PATRISH OWENS VAC, Math MRS. MARY ANN WEBB VAC A. Fine Arts Instill Talents MISS CATHY MRS. DEBBY MR. PAUL DAVIS MR. WELDEN MR. MIKE WOLFE BRADLEY CHAPMAN Fr. Band. and Stage MINNICK Drama I - III, An English II , Speech I, Band Orchestra Speech I II 26 P.E. - R.O.T.C. Builds Strength 1 R 0 T C I FW ,ey fy AFFN Q. sf' MR. JACKIE ANDERSON P.E. II, Health I, II MR. JAMES BRINKLY P.E. - Health, Tennis MISS RUTH MORELAND P.E. - Health, Volleyball MRS. SUE MURREY P.E. II, Cheerleaders MRS. MARGIE POLLARD P.E. - Health, Basketball MR. RON POWELL P.E. II, Basketball MISS JO SELF Health I, II, Track MRS. BARBARA THOMAS P.E. - Health, Drill Teams COL. JAMES SPANN R.O.T.C. COL. DOYLE COUCH R.O.T.C. Above: Mr. Brinkly poses for the camera. Left: Miss Self receives an award. New Programs ffer Experience V 0 C 3 t i 0 Il H l MR. MIKE ALLEN MR. GORDON MR. NORMAN MRS. IILL SLOAN MR. RAY WILSON P.E. I, DEI BENCH MCLAREN D.E. I, II Agriculture Business I.C.T. I, II I Il d MR. DAVID ARMSTRONG Plastics, General Wood I U ' MR. RICHARD HOFFMAN S Photography, Graphic Arts 1 MR. TOMMY JOHNSON l. Drafting I, II . MR. PAT YANCEY L Power Mechanics, Metal l Below: Mr. Armstrong instructs the safety of the machines in the wood shop. Below: Mr. Hoffman teaches the class good techniques in better photography. 1 ff I, J Q r f .,.,,..--"' X, of .nn 265 u 266 A xxx I 'V J Q4 A vertisin Many community businesses show support for the school by buying ads in sports programs, concert and play programs, the newspaper and the annual. These supporters, therefore, make many special programs possible. Community supports for the school is much appreciated by the district. .1 N Q X ' . 5,5 so i A 2.59: A 'wr V 'N 68 X ,. -,A, "" 1 1' E ' L. f I - :::-eo-7o-a0-9o - on e ectrlc i O I C O alr conditioning i s Air conditioning provides lots of comfort during the summer months, but for many thousands of homeowners it is also the biggest factor in the cost of electricity. On the average, air conditioning accounts for about half of summertime electric bills. Here are ways you can hold down the cost of air conditioning and still enjoy its comfort. Central Systems 1. Set thermostat on 780, or higher, during the summer. Turn unit off if you'll be away from home several days. 2. Keep equipment at top operating efficiency. Have it checked seasonally by qualified senficeman. 3. Check filter every 30 days. Dirty filters cause equipment to use excessive electricity. lf filter is permanent, clean by manufacturers directionsg if it's disposable, it should be replaced when dirty. 4. Keep furniture, draperies away from air outlets and returns. Clean grills often. 5. Close draperies and blinds to keep out direct sunlight. 6. Keep fireplace damper closed. 7. Proper home insulation keeps the heat out, cuts energy use. Insulation questions? Call TP8tL. 8. Shade on roof and walls can reduce energy needed to cool. But trim trees, shrubs away from outside compressor unit. Keep it free of leaves, debris. lf air flow is blocked, unit uses more energy. 9. Weatherstrip doors and windows, caulk cracks to prevent drafts and cool air loss. 10. Keep windows closed. Open outside doors as little as possible. Window Units Follow above suggestions, plus these: 11. Buy units with highest Henergy efficiency ratio" KEERJ. Uses less electricity to cool. lf EER is not on sales tag, ask for it or figure it yourself. Divide Hwattage" into 'fBTU" capacity. Both figures are on unit. 12. Place unit where it'll get as little direct sun as possible. 13. Aim air outlets at lower half of doonivay to next room to allow warm air from that room to enter at the doortop for recooling, recirculation. 14. Never vent air conditioner into garage. Ventilation is usually too poor for top performance of your unit. Conserve electricity and you help conserve one or more of the fuels needed to produce it. Conserve fuels and you help assure that there will be enough to meet essential needs for electricity in the future. When you pass a TP8tL office, warehouse, generating plant or other facility, you'll see that we've turned off all non-essential lighting. And, in as many other ways as possible, TP8tL is reducing its own uses of electricity.. lf you would like additional information on conserving electricity, call the Customer Service Representative in the TP8tl. Office. TEXAS POWER 8c LIGHT COMPANY A tax-paying, investor-owned electric utility if , , Because "your" weddlng ls Speclal--- ' you should have"WEDl!NG -SPECIALIST" .- Qrtowsns nv cnEnvL'f-- 5 s"ffx 3 generations Of servlce, to better serve you.-- ' 16 years of experlence with most area churches--. I . ALL PHASES OF YOUR WEDDING ' 5 zif Igiff -K-FLOWERS deslg ned by "us"wlth "you" in mind --- ' iiuy, b :: VA -KALTER DECORATION-- three warehouses of candlelabra f -Kms Reception of your areamsnncluamg :able clothes an cakes ge-gjqne-gn especlally for"you". SILVER HOLLOW ' BRASS and CRYSTAL also avalIabIe--- U Illig ::ff:f ttA1 . 46ExPER1 PHoToeRAPHY.--mvlrArloN needs--. Ii- ' and FORMAL WEAR--- at your request..- lrg in ,VII Q' ---We Serve You With Personal Pride-H bbzi bbzri :H4 ' 279-7709 yy--s-af7aaea1 aaaf- 7 laaaa aenr tlaaa to y ty yyy atf aea A 5 Town East at Motley Kt"Ts1'ass..,jfi7fQ .,---,, - -,., 5El'l- :"' 'f 'M ' ' X ' Bowl for Fun! Stop and Bowl at BIG TOWN -ff"'2f BOWLAN ES 328-4115 num Open 9 to Midnight ' '4's BIG TCDWN BCDWLANES 1500 Big Town Route 80 East and Loop 12 26 70 HORN'S FAMILY PHARMACY im jfovn, 51.95. We De1iveI Towneast at Motley Phone: 270-8855 nu-.nn--nnu4l 5' Usxiz fwabsmnan Q 2 S Ca a i w E gcgoofoffgs mana: 1 Sh Vg I C , E Opplflg SD CI' 5101 I3 m.,l.:z:z::::.::c.::f::::c....,..w : o IAIIET - IAP - IU! E Gus TI'10m3SS0H E W IBDEIIIAZZ-ABRIIIHIIZS 3 5 I mn uf nm 5 0 nm ,uurwuxnc I won N' n u Lnssss - SIOIC Hours NQENRQLLMENTFE - I I s N E 821-1310 ' 'Z ssnvwsns wr 5 Pnofsss Z 9 to 9 Monday Thru F1-lday B snmfemmemaImmsywwnge S 2568 Gus Th0m3SS0H 10 IO 8 Sllflday E neclsmnlon rrsrunlo E fNeaI Penne vsj I2 w....1.y,Au,m sm mm s-mm-y, Aupu um I y lg cmssss sum Menon, Aucusr asm 3 Is sham VIEW! : d -O Home ' swmo Z ,g Q g In gn gf : Home Stu 10 x'A5?3 nm" 1 361-6568 321 5327 In nu--HIm-mem-'umm-In. rg Ductwork Remodeling Add On Change Outs HOPPY'S HEATING 84 AIR CONDITIONING C. E. CHoppyj Cantrell 2431 Mark Dr. Ph.: 270-2833 Mesquite, Texas 75149 muff S' oqrim .Qoocfle Safon PROFESSIONAL GROOMING ALL BREEDS 108 WALNUT PLAZA IwAn.nur AT Jupn-:nj Fon APPOINTMENT GARLAND 272-9769 PIZZA 'N SUBS Town East Mall WE SUPPORT THE STALLIONS RON'S TOWN EAST TV 2218 Town East Blvd. Mesquite, Texas 75150 279-6430 270-5450 tt T 1 "1LT1VT'Tf"+15jffl" 1 WINI Fl FZ,A 'INI K LU I ,N RCA and Zenith Sales ll 'Mel L X" hrl lL'JL 'Jn "H ' Sales and Service on All Brands Res. 279-4258 Wilks E. Patterson ATTERSUN 2641 Zum Realtor E 279-6731 132 Town East Shopping Center Mesquite, Texas 75150 EVE -I' Your Locally Owned Variety Stores - 40 Broadway Square Gus Thomasson at Karla Bruce W. Ward Owner Redken Scientific Approach To Hair and Skin Care SA'BEL SALON AND BOUTIQUE 34 Driftwood Village fA!C 2141 279-6117 Alta Dagate, Owner Gus Thomasson and Town East Hair and Skin Consultant Mesquite , Texas "We Handle With Care The Clothes You Wear" THE CLEANING SHOP 4331 Gus Thomasson Road 279-2000 W. T. "Bill" Guzy 2728 Motley Dr. Mesquite, Texas Phone BR9-7646 FIYSI MHRK 270-5433 7801 Gus TEIOMASSON ALARM SYSTEMS TELEVISION REPAIR TRIP-TEX C.B. RADIO SALES B4 SERVICE 3225 HWY. 67 EAST SUITE A TVIESQUITE, TEXAS 75150 JERRY SHARP PHONE A. J. DAILEY 270-B767 - 270-2560 Full Line Pet Supplies Professional Grooming ARIv1AND'S PET SUPPLY 57 Driftwood Village Mesquite, Texas 75150 CTown East and Gus Thomassonj Mesouh-E TEXAS 7 51 Armand Hall Tel. 214-279-1496 I ' , I Shlrley S 1, L PLANTS "POTS 11167 Drift Wood Village lf' GIFTS Mesquite, Texas 75150 1' ACCESSORES 279-0643 2 X 2 17, tw TH E PLANT CENTER Ladies, Jr. and Misses Apparel I4O TOWN EAST SHOPPING CTR Levi Shop in Back Mesoum: BOB MILLER EXECUTIVE SUPPLY OFFICE OFFICE OUTFITTERS: Office Supplies - Furniture Printing - Free Delivery 3707 Gus Thomasson Mesquite, Texas 75150 270-6565 279-1676 772 ci 771 Qzacezg Tom and Louise Maury Owners 3802 Town East Blvd. Mesquite , Texas 75150 Hey Students FREE Checking Accounis No Minimum Balance Required There's no service charge for students in Mesquite CALL for Service schools. 'KI ' ' I wif I . WIIIII "' i i II' I' , gl .IIIIIIIP I ,.,,, I 8 'QI!I A 1. A III II" 'II Ill! ---t .IS .1 . IIQLJLI L-,,, ' I'---'--'IL,FZf"'f'-' . CONOVER I-II5ATINe 8. . AIR COND. INC. Bank of MCSQUIKC 3300 Gus Thomasson ' 24 Hour Sei-Vlce 6935 Greenville Ave. Dallas, Tex. 75231 Phone 361-9630 COLVERT MUSIC CO., INC. Hours 10-6 327-4272 Band Instruments 720 Gross Rd. Mesquite, Texas 75149 I 0 B.A.B. S Bouhque HMSINKULE Conn King Fashions for Misses and Junior Sizes Selmer Buffer Leblanc Bach fg X BARBARA ADAMS ANN TANCO QQ? Lglgsfgg . Oates Drive and Ferguson Gemeinhardt 2332 Oates Plaza Dallas, rx 75228 C2145 288-0168 suzqf Happ an ' I Ia ff' 5. Boot Town NAMBURGCHSI ll 'I ' xgx FAMOUS BRANDS - DISCOUNT PRICE I q, Y 4 ALWAYS FIRST QUALITY I 1900 GHS-Ti'lOl'I13SSO1'1 27049788 272-7442 -if 1, ,,.,, F Mesquite' Tex' 62 Broadway Sq. 3518 W. Walnut L 288-5033 Shopping Center Walnut and Jupiter ' 'H Mesquite, TX 75150 Garland, TX 75042 27 DeRUSHA 81 CO. Real Es+a+e ' lnves+men+s 214!2'79-4400 Mesquite, 75149 FU N ERAL HCM E DARRELL H. DeRUSHA 4126 Gus Thornasson Rd T Fas F D 1 y 1111 Military Pa 14 y hm" Q'-" Q ' 279 6521 Mesquite, T A 81 G AUTO SUPPLY CO. 285 5489 126 Town East Shopping Center Off Motley PAUL ADLEY Spe d Eq 'pment Parts Machine Sh p MESQUITE BUILDING SUPPLY INCGRPORATED Paint Lumber Hardware N B It Line Road 285 5458 4,.f 2:5555 We'll Help You Gel Where Phone Phone YOU Want T0 B6 279-6131 328-2283 EOU ITABLE SAVINGS 3333 Gus Thornasson D I U N T Mesquite 270-6545 CARPETS INC. Stereo, Vacuum Cleaner, Sewing Machines and Television, CB's ACTION STEREO AND Drapes- APPLIANCE Tue' Vinyl Sales - Service - Supplies Mesquite, Texas Kearney and Galloway it 102 Broadmoor Plaza Phone: Mesquite, Texas 288-7611 jp' 0 AUTU SUPPLKINC Thomm 81 E N G RAVI N G Mesquite, Texas 75149 V Complete Car Care Center 130 Town East Shopping Center Speed Equipment Town East Blvd. at Motley Dr. Mesquite, Texas 270-6993 CHUCK FARLEY, Mgr. 279-6111 19 Years in the Trophy Manufacturing and Engraving Business TV'5 STEREOS 3' Prompt Delivery " Courteous Service 1 I H ' 1 4 F AL DEATON, Mgr. :X THE ANTENNA SHOP IE i E Electronic Repair ISO 3x 1 47 Broadway Square : ,WWKXQ US? Mesquite 270-2233 - -L L au H E..-Hgwd 6 Don Bartlett 130 : Q 27 76 FIRST STATE BANK FIRST STATE BANK "The Friendly Bank" W I I I I I III IIIIII by Helping Others Grow GROWING Bank Lobb Hours Drive-In Window Hours y Monday thru Friday Monday thru Thursday , 7 am till 7 pm 9 am to 2 pm Friday 9 am to 7 pm Kath dvposllnr lnlaured to 'IHLIXNI A U - S - Government DSPOSILOIY umt mvtn mn nun must comm 285-6311 master charge W me mrsnamx cAnn 917 Military Parkway X ,i FEDERAL DEPOSII INSJPANCE COIPOIA' CN E. H. HANBY INSURANCE AGENCY 309 W . Main 285-0381 nlrporlnrl lruuranfz IAGfNT 'lllVli VCU gif' for All Your Insurance Needs Guitars Band Instruments Drums Lessons on All Instruments Ask About Our Rental Plan NORRIS FAMILY MUSIC 64 Broadmoor Plaza Mesquite, Texas AT5-1251 MR. AND MRS. Cl-IARLEY NORRIS Residence Place 552-3598 KARLA BARBER SHOP We Do Regular Boys' and Men's Hair Cutting Also Professional Styling and Razor Cutting Phone BR9-2921 3259 Karb St. Open 8 AM to 6 PM Mesquite, Texas Sat. 8 AM to 6 PM Z ' vfffgfc 2 3 f rg G5 lil?-lily "Beauty chool ire w gf X. on -J sz' Xl. Riff' Open 9 to 5:30 9 to 2 Wednesday Nationally Accredited 1801 Closed Sunday Cosmetology School Gus Thomasson Closed Sunday 285-8736 and Monday Start a New Career as a Beautician if A Profession with unlimited opportunities - f Increase your income if A Profession with unlimited Opportunities - if Complete training in all phases of cosmetology 462I Gus Thomasson Rd Featuring Sportswear , ' Lingerie Foundations Mesqugsigbegsg -Y and Dresses 0 ' LADIES SHOP 8. RUSH. mc. 1807 Gus Thomasson Building Marerial Cen+ers Mesquite, 75149 . Check Our Lumber Pam? Hardware Prices 6:3 George Herriage - ' SPORT Q MMM CENTER Residential J Specialist O' 5 ' 2 E 503 G ll it 3 may N d 4126 Gus 'rhomasson 'Serving Your Every Athletic Need" 285-6666 Phone: 279-6781 REALTY WORLD Casa View Lake Highlands Mesquite 277 T- Come Dance With Us Ages 3 - High School Ballev Baton Jazz Tap Tumbling S STUDIO PHARMACI ES Anything for a Car WE DELIVER MORE PRESCRIPTIONS J 8' I- THAN ANYONE 730 Gross Rd . Mesquite, Texas 288-1003 288-1004 EAST DALLAS - MESIIUITE - BALCH SPRINGS JOHN BELSHE LEOTA BELSHE SING-HAM GIRL DANCE IN . All Stores Open 24 Hours Eleven Convenience ' S+ores In MesquI+e SAVINGS LOANASSOCIATION Au Read to 410 Main Street Y . Serve You on Mesquite, Texas Workdays and Holidays 214-285-6355 Town East Mall 270-6368 The Trailblazer Staff Wishes to Acknowledge All the Advertisers in the 1977 Yearbook Auto FIIQ Life Health GQ Firevr G0 INSURANCE BILL BUSBEE AGENT Bank of Mesquite Town East and Gus Thomasson Rd . Mesquite, Texas Phone 279-6422 Hardware Fertilizers Clay and Ceramic Pots JB'S HARDWARE, INC. Garden Center and Feed 4415 Gus Thomasson Mesquite , Texas 279-2934 Where you come first! House Plants Metric Hardware Power Tools Color Photographer for North Mesquite Trailblazer GENE WCOD 12909 Jupiter Rd . 348-0750 Mon. -Fri. 9:30-6:00 Weddings Saturday 9:30-1:30 Portraits 279 280 ABLES, BILL '7!22!59 FHA, VICA ADAMS, DAVID l!18!59 Football, FCA, FHA, Art Club, Track, Spanish Club, NHS ALBERT. DESIREE 12!29!58 FHA, Cleo Club, Spanish Club, Annual Staff, NHS ALDAS, MICHAEL 4f13!58 FHA ALLEN, KIM LEE 9f13!58 Tennis, Spanish Club, FHA ARNOLD, CHARLES '7!l6f59 FHA, FCA, Football, Track, Math Club, NHS ASHER, DAVID 2!l1!59 Football, Newspaper Staff, Office Assistant ASHWOOD, DAVID 8!6!59 ROTC, VICA ATKINS, MIKE Football, FCA ATTAWAY, GAYLA 6!'7!59 FHA, IV Drill, Blue Brigade, Pacesetters, French Club, FHS BAILEY, ALLAN 9!23!58 NHS BAILEY, SCOTT 1!23!59 Football, FCA, Industrial Arts, FHA, NHS BALDWIN, KERRY Varsity Basketball BALDWIN, SHARON 10!14!58 OEA, Blue Brigade, Newspaper Staff, NMFL BALLAS, KAREN 1O!6!59 Blue Brigade, FHA, French Club, NHS BARNES, RICKY M. 4!15!59 FHA Senior Credits BARKER, JENNY BARRY, CHRIS 4!23!58 FHA, Art Club, Band BASSINGER, ANITA 3!25!59 French Club, Band, FHA, Swim Team, Industrial Arts, Office Worker, NHS BATY, TRUDIE Band BEANE. DEBBIE Pacesetters, FCA, Taught JV Drill BEATHE, BRAD 11f30!58 Industrial Arts BELSHE, BECKY 5!6!59 Band, FHA, HECE II, HERO, Rodeo Team BENAVIDEZ, YOLANDA 8!26!59 Spanish Club - Treasurer, Office Worker, NHS BERRY , IOEL 11!22!58 VICA BERRY, WENDY 9!18!58 Newspaper Staff, Blue Brigade, NHS BESHEAR, STEPHEN EDWARD '7!1'7!59 Art Club, FHA, Football, Track, NHS BEVILL, RODNEY 1O!26!59 Football, FCA BISHOP, DENISE IAN lO!3O!58 Choir, FHA, OEA - Historian, Office Worker BLACKMAN , CHRIS 9!27!59 BLANKS, PATRICIA 1O!3!58 French Club, FHA, OEA BLAYLOCK, DONALD BOLEY, LAURIE BOYD, KIM 12!25!58 Band, French Club, NMFL, Band Sweetheart, NHS BOYLE, ALICE 12!2'7!58 Basketball, FCA, FHA BRADDOCK, GLYNN 12!31!57 Football, Track, Photography Club BRADLEY, BRENDA 8f15!59 IV Drill, HECE, FHA, HERO, FHA BRASHEAR, VICKY 12!2!58 BRASHEAR, VICKY LYNN 12!2!58 BREST, CHERYL 6f8!59 BRIGHT, EMILY 7!31!59 FHA, Office Worker, OEA, NHS BRIZENDINE, TERRY 2!6!59 Football, FCA, FHA, Baseball BRIAN, GEORGE 1l!22!59 Football, Soph. Manager, NHS BROWN, KIM 4!26!59 Band BROWN, KYM 5!26!60 Student Council, Spanish Club, IV Drill, Newspaper Staff, FTA, Speech Club BROWNING, LINDA 8!2'7!59 Bel Canto Choir, Acappella, Chorale, NMHS Singers, Paces- etters, IV Drill, All-Region Choir, NHS BROWNING, ROBERT S. 9!lO!58 All-Region Orchestra, All- Region Choir, ROTC, Latin Club BRUCK, KRIS 9!l7!58 Vice-President of Senior Class, FCA, Football Sweetheart, Blue I 1 1 I I Senior Credits Brigade BURNAM, KEITH 9!1!59 Chamber Singers, Football, Swim Team, Acappella, Cho- rale BYRD. ROBERT 8!5!59 CAFFEY, JANE 10!1!58 DE CAMPBELL, CHRIS 6!13!59 Basketball, All District - Most Valuable Player - Baseball CAMPBELL, PENNY 3!1O!59 Art Club CAMPOS, SAM 1!26!58 CANTRELL, CELITA l1!25!58 Blue Brigade, JV Drill, Paceset- ter, NMFL CARLTON, JOYCE 8!2O!59 Blue Brigade, JV Drill, FHA CARLTON , MARK CARTER, GARY Drama - Diary of Anne Frank, Dark in the Moon, The Glass Menagerie, Hello Dolly, Foot- ball, NHS CHAMBERS, DEBBIE 1!24!59 Pacesetter, Student Council, Newspaper Staff, JV Drill, Blue Brigade CHAMBERS, LESLIE 2!4!59 FHA CHAMPION, JUNE 9!4!59 Art Club, Drama Club, FHA, French Club CHARLES, KAREN CHEEK, CAROL LYNN 12!13!58 Cheerleader, Track, OEA, FCA, Choir, NHS CLEMONS, LAVONDA 6!16!58 Swim Team CLOUD, ATAVIA 3!7!59 French Club, Band, NHS CLOUSE, SYLVIA 4!14!59 Band, Varsity Majorette, NHS COFFMAN, JAMES L. 4!2O!59 ROTC, Drama, German Club, NMFL, NFL, Tactics Team, UIL Debate COLLARD, JESSE 7!2O!59 Latin Club, Yearbook Editor, Science Club, Yearbook Dept. Award, NHS COLLINS, WILLIAM 8!1O!59 Band COLLINS, DAVID 7!i9,"59 NHS COLLINS, DEBBIE 5!2O!59 Blue Brigade, VICA COLLINS, KA'I IE ANNETTE 8!2!59 FHA, Blue Brigade, Newspaper Representative COLWILL, BRIAN 1!26!59 Latin Club, Annual Staff, Sci- ence Club, Industrial Arts Club, Soccer Team, NHS, Valedicto- rian, Teenager of the Month for September, Representative for the 16th Annual Nuclear Science Symposium COMBS, BRET L. 3!25!59 VICA COVINGTON, SANDRA l0!28f58 COWAN, KAREN 8!24!59 Orchestra, Band - Vice-Presi- dent, Stage Band CRAIGHEAD, STEVEN LEWIS 9118158 Basketball CRAIN , CAROLYN 1O!4!59 CURL, KIM 1!2!59 FHA, HERO, FHA, FTA, FCA, French Club, Choir, Track, JV Drill, HECE, Blue Brigade DAILEY, SCOTT 4!24!59 Football, French Club, FHA, FCA DALTON, TRACEY 5f2O!59 Pacesetters, Blue Brigade, JV Drill, Office Assistant, FCA - Vice President DAVENPORT, JAMES 11!6!58 Spanish Club, Industrial Arts Club DAVIS, KEITH 6!16!59 FHA, HERO, TIASA Club DAVIS, PAMALA JEAN 1O!7f53 FCA, Blue Brigade, Cheerleader DAY, LESLIE ANNETTE 5!21f59 Slide Rule, Bel Canto, Belle Ensemble, Library Assistant, Spanish Club, NHS, FTA DEMERS , HENRY 2!15!58 FHA , Track, Swim Team, French Club, Cross Country DENTON, DAVID 9!8!59 FHA DEVENPORT, DENNIS 11!24!58 Chorale, Chamber Singers, Symphonic Band, All State Can- didate DOGGETT, SHANNON 11!2O!58 Football, Baseball DONAVAN, FRANK 5!11!59 Science Club, NHS DOREMUS, DENNIS 4!22!58 Track, TIAA, German Club, Football, Cross Country DUCKWORTH, BILLY EUGENE 10!'24!58 HECE, FHA DUNN, RENAE 8!22!59 OEA, NHS DUNN, LINDA 3!2!59 FCA, Pacesetter - Lieutenant, French Club - Treasurer, IV Drill - Lieutenant, FHA, Track DURDIN, CELISA 8!3!59 Chorale, Chamber Singers, All- Region Choir, Band - Secretary, Acappella DYKEMA, TAMMY 1f8!58 FHA, FTA, French Club, Blue Brigade, IV Drill EATON, DONNA ELAINE 1!19!59 Bel Canto Choir, Tennis Team, Bel Ensemble EDWARDS, SHARON 1Of14f59 OEA, FHA ELKINS, STEVE 9!7!58 Football, Industrial Club, Base- ball ELLINGTON, LARRY 12!21!58 Baseball, French Club, FCA ELWONGER, STEVE l2!18!58 FCA, French Club, FHA, Cross- Country - Captain ENGLAND, MARSHA 1Of22!58 OEA, NHS ESSARY, STEPHEN 1!2!59 Football, FCA, French Club, FHA FINKLEA, RANDY 3!16f59 FLOYD, RUSSELL S. 1!3O!59 Athletic Trainer, Senior Class President FLOYD, TINA 9!1!59 Band, Choir, Thespian, Drama Senior Credits FOSTER, DOUG 11!17!58 NHS FOX, TERESA 10!29!58 Band, FHA, French Club, NHS FURRH, BRADY 6!28!59 Football, NHS GARNER, FALLON 7f23!58 VICA GARNER, VICTORIA GARRETT, KAREN GARZA, LARRY Basketball, Football GASKIN, LEIGH ANN 3!1!59 Choir, French Club, Band, Bye- Bye Birdie, Dark of the Moon, All Region Band, Honors Band GAY, SANDRA LYNN 6!3!59 FHA, FCA, Blue Brigade, Office Worker, OEA, NHS GEORGE, MATTHEW 6f8!59 Pony Express, FHA GEROLD , LYNN "I!lf59 FHA GIBBONS, DAVID 11!22f59 Cleo Club, FHA GIBBS, CINDY 10!22!58 Band GIBSON, KARIS LYN 11!19f59 Annual Staff - Co-Editor, French Club, Latin Club, Band, NHS GLEASON, SCOTT 4!"I!59 Band, Science Club, TIASA, Art Club, Stage Band GIDEON, JIMMY 8!1!59 FCA, Football, Track GLOVER, IAY ALAN 9117158 FCA, FHA, Football, Basket- ball, Track, All School Favor- ite, Broke School Record in 100 Dash GOLDSBERRY, STEPHANIE 5fl3!59 Choir, FHA, FTA GONYAW, DAVID 4f16!76 Football, Track, TIASA, Span- ish Club GREENE, DAVID W. 11!7!58 ROTC, Band, Best MT-II Drum and Bugle, Drum Major GRIFFIN, PAULA D. 12!31f58 Tennis Team, Spanish Club, Slide Rule, JV Drill, Blue Bri- gade, NHS - President GUMM, BARRY 9!13!58 FHA, French Club - President, Basketball, Golf, Baseball GUNN, CHARLES FHA GURECKY , KENNETH FHA HADLEY, LLOYD HAM, DON 8f6!59 FHA, General Graphic Arts Club HAMIL, TIM 12!13!58 NMHS Auto Racing Team HAMILTON, KELLY 9!l3f59 Pacesetter, OEA, NHS HAMITER, PAUL 12!24!58 Choir HANCOCK , MITCHEL L. 2f18!59 Football HARPER, SCOTT '7f10!59 VICA, Industrial Arts HARRINGTON, NORRIS 10f2'I!59 Drama, Thespians, Journalism, TIASA HARRIS , DEBBIE 12!26!58 HART, TONY 1!7!59 VICA - Secretary, FHA - Parlia- mentarian, Golf HARTLINE, VICKI 6!4!59 FHA HARVILLE,DEBI 1O!6!58 Accappella, Chorale, Chamber Singers, All Region Choir, Cheerleader HASLEY, PAULA 6!2O!59 Band, Latin Club HAWLIK , LEAH HEARN, NITA 6!fl1f59 Blue Brigade, FHA, HERO, HECE HEATH, MIKE 12!26!58 Spanish Club, NHS HENDRIX, MELEAH 2!16!59 Band, NHS HERNANDEZ, JEANETTE 9!20!58 NMFL - Secretary, Slide Rule, French Club, Latin Club, Drama Club, Thespian, Belle Ensem- ble, Blue Brigade, Debate, NFL HIGKEY, DEAN 2!19!59 Golf, NHS HICKS, JIMMY 6!1!59 Debate, NMFL HILL , BRENDA HILL , MIKE 5!3O!58 Track HODGES, CHERYLL 13!1!58 FHA, Basketball HODGES, GARRY 4!6!59 Spanish Club, NHS HODGES, NIKKI 6!l!59 HECE, FHA, HERO Senior Credits HOOPER, JOAN l!28!59 Drum Major - Varsity Band, Orchestra, All-Region Band, Stage Band, Lions Club and MEA Scholarships HOLLEY, DAVID 1O!8!58 FCA - Vice-President, Football HOLLIFIELD, TONY 2!26!59 FCA, Football, Track, Basket- ball, Junior - Favorite, Soph. - Favorite HOSKINS, KEN l1!8!58 HOWELL, STANLEY 1O!2'7!58 Football, FCA, FHA HUDDLESTON, JANE 4!23!58 ROTC, FHA, Drama, ROTC - Drill Team Drum and Bugle Corps HUDDLESTON, JUDY 6!15!59 FHA, JV Drill, FHA - Treasurer HUDSON, MANA CRYSTAL 8!2!58 NMFL, Belle Ensemble HUMPHUS , DANA 2!3!59 HUNT, MARK 4!19!59 FCA, Football IACOVELLI, ROSE 11!28!58 FHA, HERO, FHA, HECE INMAN, MARK 1O!22!58 FHA, Stallion Battalion IZZARELLI, SANDI 11!25!59 Pacesetter - Captain, Junior, Soph. Class Vice President, Blue Brigade, JV Drill Lieutenant, FCA, Trailblazer Award JOHNSON, JEFF 1O!23!58 ICT, VICA, Football, Track, French Club, FTA JOHNSON, KENNY 1!6!59 JOHNSON , SCOTT l!26!59 Baseball, FHA, Basketball, NHS Teen Personalities JOHNSON, VIVIAN 12!3!58 FHA, Blue Brigade JONES, CONNIE SHERLL 9!29!58 HECE - HERO, FHA, Office Assistant JONES, JULIE DAWN 6!26!59 Blue Brigade, OEA, JV Drill, FTA JONES, SANDRA 1!2'1!59 Blue Brigade, JV Drill, Paceset- ter, Basketball KANASICK, JOSEPH 12!21!5S KAZMIR, PEGGY 6!l6!58 FTA, FHA, DECA KEEL, KAY ll!1'7!58 Spanish Club, TIASA KELLY, THERESA '7!1O!59 Latin Club, Science Club, Orchestra - Vice-President, NHS Mesquite All City Orchestra KENNON, KAREN 12f27!57 French Club, German Club, Band. at UIL Received a I KETTERING, TAMMY 6!11!59 VOE, OEA KINGREY, TONY 1O!19!58 NHS Honor Graduate, Honor Roll KIRKPATRICK, GREGG 4!13!59 Band, FCA, FHA, TIASA, French Club, Orchestra, Sym- phonic Band - Vice President LAFON , ROY 8!3O!5'7 Football LAIRD, DAVID 9!25!58 Spanish Club, Track, Football, Cross Country, TIAA 4 LAMBRIGHT, SUSAN 12!13!58 IV Drill, Blue Brigade, Honor Roll LANGSTON, KARL 11!1O!58 Art Club - President, FHA LANKFORD, DONNA 12!2!58 Blue Brigade, IV Drill, Art Club - Vice President, OEA LANTRIP, JOE 1!9!58 French Club, Cleo Club, Band LESLIE, MICHAEL 1!14!59 Industrial Arts Club, NHS, Honor Roll LINDSEY, MIKE 3!22!59 Honors Band, Stage Band, Orchestra, All-Region Band LIPE, BELINDA 2!1'7!59 Blue Brigade, JV Drill - Lieuten- ant, Choir, Chamber Singers, All-Region Choir, All-State Choir, All Area Choir LIPPINCOTT, JAMES 1!2O!59 German Club LITTLE, ROBERT 2!1'7!59 Latin Club, NHS LITTRELL, ROGER 8!4!59 Football, FCA, FHA LONG, CARY 2!15!59 NMFL, FHA, TMEA, Choir. Light Crew, Recreation Board, Physical Fitness Award, 2 Yrs. Perfect Attendance MALLARD, DANNY 9!12!59 Track, FHA MALONE, SANDY 1O!14!58 FCA, Cheerleader, Homecoming Queen, Miss NMHS, Freshman Favorite and Vice-President, NCA Instructor MAPLES, CINDY 7!6!58 Blue Brigade, OEA Senior Credits MARK, RENEE 6!l8!59 Latin Club, Volleyball, Orches- tra MARTIN, EVA LYNNETTE 5!9!59 Art Club, Cleo Club, Pony Express Representative Track and Cross Country, TIA MARTIN, KIM 3!6!59 FHA, JV Drill, Blue Brigade, Student Council - Vice-Presi- dent, Pacesetters, VOE - Vice- President, NHS MASHBURN, TERESA 4!l3!59 Track, FCA, HECE, FCA, HERO MAYHAW, TONY '7!8!58 ICT, Art Club MAYNARD, ELIZABETH 5!28f58 HECE, HERO, FHA, Choir MCCLELLEN, KEITH 7!21!59 Science Club, Math Club, Band, Number Sense, NHS, Math Department Award, Honor Roll, National Merit Semi Finalist, Who's Who, Salutatorian MCCLINTON, GALE 1!14!59 Track, Cross Country, Volley- ball, NHS MCCLURE, MIKE ll!21!58 VICA MCCULLOUGI-I, RICK 4!9!59 TIASA, Cleo Club, Acappella Choir, Newspaper Staff, Debate McDANlEL, RAYMOND G. JR. NHS, Swim Team MERCER, PATTI Acappella, Bel Canto, Belle Ensemble, FHA, Spanish Club, Young Life, FTA, NHS 8!1'7!59 MILLER, DONNA Majorette, All-Region Band, FHA 4!9!59 MILLER, HENRY 6!1'7!59 Football, HERO, FHA, HECE, FHA, FCA MILLER, .IANET 7!8!59 FHA, Spanish Club MILLER, SUZIE 10!19!58 FCA, Assistant Editor - Pony Express, OEA - Secretary, Stu- dent Council - Secretary - Presi- dent MILLIGAN, BRENDA 9!'29!58 Bel Canto Choir, Acappella Choir, JV Drill, French Club, Latin Club , Library Assistant MOFFATT, STAN 6!9!59 Track, Art Club, FHA MOLANDES, ROSE 3!1O!59 FHA, HECE MOLINA,MIKE '7!30!59 VICA, Industrial Arts, ICT Reporter MOLOCK, FRANK 7!28!59 FHA, Football MOODY, IEFF 9!22f59 Latin Club, Swim Team, Band MOORE , DENT 618158 Golf MOORE, LEASA 6!l'7!59 FHA, FCA, Acappela, Spanish Club, Volleyball, Drama Club MOORE, TERRI 9!4!58 Pacesetters, IV Drill, Annual Staff, Blue Brigade, FCA, Young Life MORENO, BECKY ll!6!59 FHA, Spanish Club MORRIS, JAY 9!28!-59 Basketball, Baseball, French Club, FCA, FHA MORROW, CATHY Girls Track, Cleo Club, Spanish Club, FHA MOSES, KAREN SUE 1O!30!58 Band, Big Blue, Honors Band, Stage Band, Chorale, Spanish Club MUHL, ANDY lO!19!5'7 Football, FCA, Office Assistant, Spanish Club, TIASA - President MULHERON, JUDY 4!28!59 Honors Band, Stage Band, French Club, NHS MULLINO, VICTOR 5f4f59 Band, Newspaper Staff, Student Council, Band President MURRAY, BRENDA 4!21!59 NFL, French Club NEAL, RANDY NEBLING, LINDA 1O!16!58 French Club, JV Drill, Blue Bri- gade NELSON, CHRISTINE 7!21!59 Pacesetters, JV Drill, FCA, Young Life, Annual Staff, Blue Brigade, FHA - President NELSON, DENISE 9!25!58 Art Club, FHA, DECA Club NELSON, LAURIE ANN 4!28f58 Basketball, FHA NESBITT, ROBBIN 4!9!59 FHA, FTA, HECE, Pacesetters Manager, HERO NEWBY, BILLY W. JR. 10!15f58 Rodeo Team, FFA NICHOLS, DEBORAH A. 12!5!58 Science Club, Drama Club, French Club, Thespians, Bel Canto Choir, Acappella Choir, Chorale, National Honor Society NOWELL, SHARON 615159 Senior Credits FCA, FHA, Blue Brigade, French Club ODOM, CARLTON 12!13f58 Cleo Club, French Club, ROTC, Tennis - Captain OLDHAM, JAMES CECIL 2f27!58 Stage Band, Band, ROTC - Bat- talion Commander, Drum Major, Rifle Team OTTIS, STEPHEN 10!4!58 VICA, Industrial Arts OWEN, MICHAEL A. 8!'7!59 FHA, Basketball, TIASA SAMPECK, PAT 12!1O!58 FHA, French Club PACE, STEPHEN L. 12!6!58 Track, Cleo Club, Spanish Club PALMER, KIRK 12!5!58 PAPE, GWENDOLYN 1!8!59 Blue Brigade, JV Drill, Paceset- ters, Choir, Acappella Choir, Chorale PARKER, BRUCE 1!9!59 French Club, NHS PATTERSON, PAT 8!1'7!59 Cross Country, Track, Swim Team, French Club PATTERSON, VIRGINIA 12!9!58 FHA - Treasurer POWELL, MARK PATRICK Band, DE - Vice-President PATTON, KATHRYN 11!1O!58 Freshman - Vice-President, French Club, FCA, Golf Team, JV Drill - Captain, Soph. Class - Secretary, Senior Class - Secre- tary, Bel Canto - Vice-Presi- dent, Blue Brigade - Vice Presi- dent, Acappella Choir, NHS, Miss NMHS, Outstanding Female Golfer 1976 PENTOR, KRISTE Pony Express - Representative PERRYMAN, TERESA 3!1!59 Band, Latin Club, NHS PILLOW, DAIVD 6!16!'76 Latin Club PRIDDY, RICKY 8!26!'76 NMHS Racing Team PRYOR, ROGER 7!13!59 PURCELL, JOHN 12!31!58 French Club RABB, DYLINDA 3!10!6O VOE, OEA, OEA - President, Office Asst. RAY, KEVIN 2!23!59 FCA, FHA, Football, Baseball, Track, Senior Favorite REED, LINDA ELAINE 10!l9!59 FTA, OEA, Office Worker, A Band RICE. CYNTHIA 1!12!59 RIZZOTTO, ANNE 1O!1O!58 Blue Brigade Board Member, IV Drill, Spanish Club, FHA, OEA - Vice-President, Recreation Board, Office Worker, NHS ROBERTSON, VALERIE 8!31!59 Pacesetters, Band, Majorette, FHA, FCA, French Club, Office Worker, NHS ROE, KATHY IEANINE 4!22f59 Head Cheerleader, Blue Brigade, French Club, FCA, FHA - Vice- President, Bel Canto Choir, Acappella, Chorale ROE, TERRY 4!1!59 Science Club, Band, Spanish Club, NHS ROGERS, DEBBIE 9!29!58 2 2 Band, FHA, Majorette ROOT, ROBIN 2118159 Blue Brigade, IV Drill - Co-Cap- tain, Choir, Chamber Singers, Student Director, All-Region Choir, All-Area Choir, All- State Choir, Stage Band Vocal- ist, NHS - Sec. ROUSHEY, STEVE 3125159 FCA - President, Football, Bas- ketball, French Club, FHA, Freshman Favorite, Soph. Class President RUSSELL, PAM 6117158 FHA, ROTC, Rodeo Team, ROTC Queen, Stallion Battalion Sweetheart SAINT, LEE 10128158 Soccer, ICT, VICA SANDERSON , MARK 218159 Football SANFORD, BEN 6116159 FCA, VICA, Basketball, Honor Roll SAUCEDO, RAYMOND 5120159 SCHWEND, ROSS 7123159 VICA, ICT SHACK, BERNARD 12130158 Spanish Club, Basketball, Foot- ball SHERRARD, DENNIS 6127158 Basketball, FCA, Photography Club SHIPP, COLLEEN 915158 IV Drill Pacesetters, Blue Bri- gade, Spanish Club, Young Life, FCA, FHA - President, Choir, Bel Canto, Ensemble, Acappella SHUFFLER, LLOYD KEITH 4113159 Latin Club SHUTTLEWORTH, ALAN Senior Credits 4120159 FHA, FCA, Latin Club SIGLER, DEBBIE 513159 JV Drill, Art Club, FHA, FCA. TIASA, Blue Brigade, Paceset- ters, Student Council, NHS SIMMONS, TINA 612158 Track, FCA, IV Drill, Paceset- ters, FTA, Blue Brigade, Drill - Instructor, Student Council SKIDMORE, VICKY 9110159 FHA, HECE, HERO SLAVENS, TRENA 10124159 Honors Band, French Club, FHA SMITH, DEBRA 516160 OEA, IV Drill SMITH, DIANE 7123159 Band, French Club, FHA, NHS SMITH , KEELY 12124158 FHA SMITH, KIM 10130158 FHA, JV Drill, Pacesetters, French Club SMITH, RHONDA 1219157 HERO, FHA, HECE SNYDER, ANNA 911158 DE, ROTC SPRADLING, DON 10121158 Industrial Club, VICA SPILLMAN, TIM 814159 Football, Office Worker STEPHENS, ROBBIE 817158 VICA, FHA STEWART, SARAH 315159 Blue Brigade, FHA, FTA, Cleo Club, FTA, Blue Brigade Mgr., Pacesetter Mgr., HERO1FHA, HECE STIVERS, RONALD L. 9116159 Spanish Club, Annual Staff - Sports Editor, Honor Roll STRAUSER, SHERRY 4116159 OEA, FHA, NHS SURTZER, JIM 5131159 DEI - Sales Demonstration, DEII - President of Chapter, Class, DEII - Sales Demonstration SWADLEY, MICHAEL 9111158 ROTC - Drum and Bugle Corps, Outstanding Member of Drum and Bugle Corps TATSCH, DENISE 2113159 Number Sense Club, Math Club, Latin Club, Band, NHS, Placed 2nd at District in Number Sense TAYLOR, DAVID 1213158 Chamber Singers Choir, HOCT TAYLOR, TERRY 9115159 French Club, HOCT - President THOMAS, VIKKI 817159 HECE, FHA, HERO, FHA, Track THRONEBERRY, NITA 12122158 Blue Brigade, JV Drill, Paceset- ter, Belle Ensemble, Choir TOWNSEND, MIKE 919158 Football, Baseball, FCA, FHA TRUESDELL, JENIFER 518159 Cheerleader, Choir, Chamber Singers, Student Director, Blue Brigade, All-Region, All-Area, All-State, Stage Band Vocalist, NHS TUTLE, DANNY 8114159 FHA, Tennis, Spanish Club, Honor Graduate, Most Valuable Player, NHS Honor Roll, All- District TURNER, BELINDA 216159 Thespian, Latin Club, Science Club, Bel Canto, Acappella, Chorale, NHS, Senior Class Favorite TURNER, CHARLES R. 4!2O!59 German Club, Cleo Club, ROTC Drill Team Commander, Battal- ion Executive, ROTC Superior Cadet TURNER, KAY 2!18!59 Cheerleader, IV Drill, Paceset- ters, FCA, FHA, Nurse Aide, IV Drill Instructor, Student Coun- cil, Blue Brigade - President, Spanish Club TURNER, MICHAEL R. lO!8!5'7 Football, VICA, Track USREY. CHARLOTTE 8!28!59 Blue Brigade, Choir, FHA, Span- ish Club, HECE, HEROXFHA URSERY, DEWAYNE 8!27!59 VICA, Industrial Arts VASQUEZ, DONNA 10!3O!59 Cleo Club, Band, Nurses Aid, French Club, FHA, OEA, Honors Band, Symphonic Band WAFFORD, LYNN 2!2'7!59 Blue Brigade, JV Drill, Belle Ensemble, VOE, FHA, UIL Place 2 WAGHER, TAMMY 12!3!58 Art Club WALLS, DAVID A. 1O!13!58 Debate, Thespian, Latin Club, National Forensic League, Sym- phonic Band WARDEN, JEFF 8!13f5'7 French Club, FHA, Baseball, Football WASHINGTON, GREGORY 1!5!59 FHA WATSON, CLAD '7!13!58 Basketball, FHA WEBB, LORAINE 1!31!59 Blue Brigade, JV Drill, Paceset- ter - Co-Captain Senior Credits WELLS, DIAN 11!24!58 Pacesetter, FHA - Vice Presi- dent, JV Drill, Blue Brigade, FCA WERRY, NANCY 2!21!59 Pacesetters, FCA, Thespians, Drama Club, Annual Staff, Honor Roll, NHS WHATLEY, KATHY 8!4!59 ROTC - Company Commander, FHA, Blue Brigade WHITTEN, TRACY 2!25!59 FHA, HEROXFI-IA, HECEII , AII Club, French Club WICKS, CHARLOTTE 11!21!58 French Club, Band, OEA, FHA, NHS WILCOXEN , JANET 8!9!59 WILES, MARCO l2!3!58 FHA WILKINS, TINA 2f9f59 FHA, Band, FTA, Junior Achiever WILLIS, PHYLLIS 8!26!58 Art Club, Office Worker WILLIAMS, CLAUDIA 6!28!59 FHA WILLIAMS, PAUL 4!3!59 Art Club, Band, Choir, Orchestra WILLIAMS, ROBERT l!4!59 WILLIAMS, SANDRA l!27f59 OEA, Art Club, FHA WILLIAMS, STEVE 6!19!58 Football, FHA, FCA, TIASA WILSON, SANNA 5!'7!59 Belle Canto, Belle Ensemble, FHA, Drama Club WISE, ALICE Thespians, Drama Club, NMFL, Belle Ensemble, FTA - Presi- dent, Spanish Club, Art Club, Track, Band, Basketball, "Dark of the Moon", "Great Cross Country Race", "All the Way Home", "Carnival" WOOD, JEFFREY K. 4!25!59 Drama Club, Band, Stage Band, Science Club, NMFL, Swim Club, Medical Explorers, Elec- tronics Explorers, NHS Thespian WREYFORD , BRYAN W . 12f22!58 Football, Spanish Club WRIGHT, JEFF 8!5!59 Spanish Club, Honor Roll, NHS, Honor Graduate WRIGHT, STEVE 2!15!59 French Club, Cross Country Team, Track YNIQUEZ, KRISTIE G. 6!24!59 Drama I and II, JV Drill, Art Club, Pacesetters, FHA YOUNG, BRENDA 8!26!59 Band, Rodeo Team, FTA, FHA ZIVNEY, DANA 6!'7!59 French Club, Historian - OEA, Golf Team, Basketball, NHS Casual Country Days End L The casual country living of Mesquite and this high school honored in this book will con- tinue after the seniors leave . It was a good year with successful new sports and a new vocational building. The year ended with much celebra- tion, banquets and an exceptional prom. We hope that the Trailblazer captures your favorite moments. Jesse Collard - Editor Karis Gibson - Co-Editor wx. f , x 1 . K . V Li, ,V , M., AWWS ww Top: The School mascot as it appears on the renovated Field House. Above: Students try to finish end of school work. Left: The new vocational building being put to good use. Taylor Publishing Company lnsvlco ZW , , xiii Q T if in Qvikffggw y X V 43+ QW kwgbff Wwfsfw 98ijm3WiEfJWh W wg W'gdfQF1 UMQEWW ,UUQVQI wtf 845 Wfi'?OQ'5W'37' bmwmzjgixa 5 33912 T8 QQ' Lwtf 55 5 Wm JVM M15 955 u,g, gfff2'2M 'Cul .l kgilgw ,B WHL ww wwwxugjvyoicizxbwx ' 'ny wi . H W A gf, - Sf , I . E53 ,tv i?g--3-UW-'V-in N www- W wx jg an xi . i h Q 1l3.:x,y,.w w - t -4 5.4 6 .X In lL iw ' H .f5'!r'1 X' Sf 'A -, Q3 - 54. 'N 'V 13? ' 4 A Hx' , 'wx 'M Yxv' - ,l-mkl,,..w- f"'l-TWIYPNQ5, In K Y V Q ,A by M' ggi", Kg' j,P' ! ' V?'?A:5'L'.gr.', ff ' ff f 2 W - , 'Q fe if ,., f as . ' f - . , H A ww: Af . . . . V f -A . .Q , - A " Q 'V 5 - in 'Wk Mr "Mft B -, Wk a 'T '-1, ' , m W ' 54 A - ' 4.1 Q f at .V H 5. M n , ,bv Q- .,A. M , Q , 4 EQ 0' W " , ' 1 5 .5 , Q 1 gat? - 'E . , ., Wm, Aww "" 4' M, an 'f ?3,!'44- ' " "V f'5Wn'W VW tg- wr ' ' I -wwsfyx X QQ Ji Hia W fi s rf - - . ' .M M ii 'ji J, Vg F,-, Wir' .lfqlj 4, it n -. ,, AWWA V 21' 'P,.'T V3 Q " 'W Q J " it i . fs-'Y if m AM x X . W 4- 1- f W ff-1, Y Y F erjg, Y ww ,Nix 'J h M96 , 3 'ff mr. , N GQ . -ww w' 4,,, Wy N . L M A4 , 1 W , fe . Q X W ,- '." ',.1 - Q rw ' V mf 1 '- .9 'wi' ' QQd5Q,:,' ' FV on ' ' gf ' ' gn. 'Wa ir Y -v-jk Eli?" 3, i'-.C W i . - is A Vx 5 Q ul ' A I ' gig 'WMWMW WET- Q . JVM .V fi ..w- 'W 5 4 ' f! fy -- .' . I f 5. .,,, ' Qi X Q 'N ' my M. 1 gk, av mm Aw M , V Q Q- Q ' wwf! h ' jatfk " Q lr s 'Q X' QE.. F A K, ' 1 K Q 'iii' 'vo Q ' "DLA g,,QQ 434 455 . f, , N 1 'NR,M'W3 it X . "1 1 M r,P.N24f'w:'A 0' ' .H ,, , ,V 1 W 3. su Vi W Us Q' - L.. 1 H W Nw- Y, Wang., J V A r fsf axfga Q. - ,Y V-am "' 'WS mnwu. , A nv- ' - - Fig- zvuinlh 1 M, k amvwv ,4 qi A if j ' J' f ,Q-H ,- . ww-v aww mmm-vias as-fwgwfww 'P ' '-5.331 -V -1- ' fr 31 b ., 1 fr c ' -A' ,fvmwa wwf "X -f M-M ,W , ' 1 9 W, A' Q 1' A H .321 N' ,, fp K , ,M 'ff- f T f lf" , V n N 'v ' A, , M v'Q'3f1.."JJ V 1 V ,'v,," 'I , . 'w',KJf1', VT ', t ... f-W w'i'f'f"m WWW -' .w ' 'T ' Jw - m2M5WQSW''XYW-'fAi"?., . , nfff - M- yu ., X A: ' 4DfgTai5?fWj'?xiflfwlxli J my , - -. 52 - 135W-9",, W 1 if- 4 Q hw' 4' .5 ' 2 '5. 'n , , .s 'Y -".fa.!- .- an 1 Y r .. '1 " lf' ' ', ,Z if 1 ' 'at 0 , .I I 1 ' 9 lp. A . '.' f 7. a 1 f I 0 . 4 ' " 4 'Y ' L 4 1 Q 1 , - . , . ul' . 4 ' 4 V " ' ,a'. F' 'K' .,. -. va ' ' lj . . 3' f ' 3 I, ,' , ..-I 4 " " .. ' 92' I I .' 'v p J V' . 'Q' " .. ' - " ' 1' A . F 41. ' ' 'O L i , , in ' 'il 'Q ' 'V' 0. 0 7 ' 1 I I D .M ' 4 ' n .P . fy 'O P. . 4 ' ' D' I 'ar 1'4- Y I '41 ., I 'Q S u l'l 1 0 0 0 N , if ' ui .. "1 pri--

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